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Synopsis: The girl next door becomes a dominatrix


This was turning into a very awkward conversation. The girl in the next door apartment had as good as invited herself in for coffee. Normally that would have been fine, in fact more than fine. Hannah was single, in her mid twenties and good looking. She was slim with a nice figure and shoulder length brown hair.

But as he was making the coffee, shed seen a print out from a local mistress that hed accidentally left on the coffee table. And to make it worse hed annotated it with possible times and dates. Hannah was holding the paper in her hands as he walked in with the coffees.

“She looks like fun,” Hannah giggled.

He paused and composed himself. He had only seen the dominatrix once and had only tried very tame stuff. He was between girlfriends and it seemed like it might be fun. What was wrong with that, what was wrong with trying new things? However, that didnt stop him feeling very awkward right then.

“Let me tidy up,” Tom replied as he reached for the paper.

“No, Im interested in this,” Hannah smiled as she moved it out of his reach.

This was bad, he really didnt want to make a big deal out of it.

“Do you like being tied up then Tom?” she asked.

“Ill try anything once,” Tom smiled back.

Tom started to drink his coffee and tried to change the conversation.

“Wow are these her prices?” Hannah explained as she read on.

Tom shrugged as casually as he could and quickly changed the conversation.

Later that evening Hannah sat in her flat looking at bills that she couldnt afford to pay. She temped for various advertising agencies and the recession had meant that she hadnt worked in over six months. She was close to being evicted from her apartment.

She poured a glass of wine and looked out of the window. How could that mistress earn so much, all she did was tie people up. The mistress looked about 40, she was almost 10 years younger and much better looking. Why would Tom want to see her? He was a great looking guy who could get any girl he wanted.

Perhaps I could undercut her prices, Hannah thought to herself with a nervous smile. It might be fun and anyway it would be a way to get to know him, plus earn money! She finished her glass and jumped up to change.

Tom put down his report and opened the door for the second time that night. Hannah stood there wearing a yellow summer dress that only reached halfway to her knees. Hannah smiled as she saw him glance down at her legs.

“Perhaps I can undercut her price,” she opened nervously.

“Sorry?” Tom replied.

“Your mistress, I will do what she does for only a third of her price.”

Tom watched as she blushed. Shed obviously been drinking and was fidgeting as she spoke. Being tied up had been fun and Hannah was certainly a sexy woman, but he liked the anonymity of seeing a stranger and letting a neighbour tie him up didnt feel right. But then she really did look good in that dress.

“But Im not sure Ill go again,” he replied, “it really was just to try.”

She crossed her arms and started to look embarrassed. “Im sorry,” she stuttered.

He smiled as he watched her reaction, “OK, why not, that would be great.”

“Really?” she asked wiping a few tears from her eyes.

As arranged, Tom knocked on her door at 7pm the next evening.

“You look great,” he smiled as he again admired the yellow dress.

“I bought these,” she smiled as she pulled out a pair of hinged handcuffs and a pair of foot cuffs. Both restraints were high security and could only be opened with a unique key, “I hope you like them.”

Tom looked at the cuffs with slight fear. The dominatrix had mainly used rope which on the whole hed managed to wriggle out of. There would be no way to wriggle out of Hannahs cuffs.

“They look good to me,” he smiled, “assuming you let me out again.”

Hannah giggled, “Please take off your shirt and lie on the floor with your hands behind your back, please,”

Tom was amused by the politeness of her request and by the way she struggled to lock the cuffs around his wrists. Although by the time shes finished shed locked and double locked the cuffs very tightly around his wrists. She then secured one foot cuff before passing the chain around the handcuffs and back on to his second ankle. Within a few seconds Tom was securely hog cuffed.

“Not bad,” he said as he tested the cuffs and soon realised that there was no way that hed ever be able to escape.

Hannah watched him struggle in the chains, “Would you prefer it if you had the keys?”

He smiled, “Hannah, I think that would defeat the point”

“OK, Ill keep them.”

He watched as Hannah perched on the edge of the sofa with her knees together and her ankles crossed and placed the keys into a pocket in her dress. She certainly was a unique dominatrix.

“Let me know if you want me to unlock you,” she smiled as she brushed her dark hair behind her shoulders.

He smiled, “Hannah, remember its you thats in control here, I should stay locked up until you decide to let me go.”

“Oh OK, sorry.”

He smiled.

“So what do we do now?” she asked innocently, “what did that other woman do?”

“Im not sure youre up to what she did,” he smiled.

“Why, what sort of things?”

Tom paused, wondering whether to go on. “OK, well after she tied me up she left me for a while and I had no idea when shed return. When she did, she gagged me with her panties and sat on my face. She then locked me in a chastity belt and then locked me in a steel cage.

Tom smiled as he watched her reaction.


“But dont worry you dont have to do that, not at the first session at least,” he smiled.

“I want to.”

“No this is good for today.”

“I thought you said that I was in charge?” she persisted.

“Well yes....”

Hannah jumped up and stood above him, one foot either side of his head.

“Any final words?” she asked.

Tom looked up as she reached up inside her dress and slowly pulled down her knickers, letting the silk rub along her long tanned legs.

“Wow, youre....” were the final words he said before she stuffed her panties completely into his mouth. She made sure that his mouth was completely closed before wrapping duct tape tightly around his head.

She then sat back down on the sofa with her ankles crossed.

“Like that?” she smiled as she looked down at her manacled, gagged prisoner.

Tom looked backed completely amazed. That had been so sexy. He wanted to get up and kiss her, but of course he couldnt.

Hannah caught the look in his eye which only turned her on even more. F**k he was sexy. But hey, so was she, shed just stuffed her panties into a guys mouth!

Hannah stood up, took the keys from her pocket and dropped them between her breasts.

“Try to get out of that,” she purred as she rubbed her hands down her dress and back up her legs and under her dress.

She saw that she was trembling and very turned on. Only yesterday she had been afraid to talk to this great guy, now he was her prisoner and she could do anything she liked to him.

Tom watched as she blew him a kiss and walked out of the front door with nothing on under her short dress. She closed the door and Tom heard her lock it behind her. He had no idea where she was going or how long shed be.

She had left him completely helpless, he couldnt move and couldnt call for help. He imagined her walking down the street, her long legs striding out, her short dress blowing up as she walked.


Toms image of Hannah confidently striding down the road, giving lucky passers by glimpses of her tanned thighs, and possibly even more, as her short summery dress moved with her body, were completely wrong.

Unknown to Tom, Hannah was sitting on the step outside her door with her legs crossed, nervously sliding one high heeled shoe on and off her foot, trying to manage all of her nervous excitement. She felt the keys between her breasts. She had chained up a sexy guy in her apartment and he was now her helpless prisoner. Shed even gagged him with her panties! She took some deep breaths.

What else had the other mistress done to him? Sit on his face? That would be fun, she could certainly do that. Lock him in a cage? That might be harder. Lock him in Chastity? She liked the idea of that, but how would she do it? Hannah stood up, pulled her dress as far down her legs as it would go and walked down the steps to the street and headed for the nearest adult shop.

Tom heard her footsteps fade into the distance. This wasnt how hed expected things to turn out, but it was certainly fun. Hed never really noticed Hannah before, but now the image of her in her yellow dress standing above him was all he could think about.  The only slight problem was that Hannah had locked the cuffs too tightly. In her innocence she had squeezed the cuffs until they would go no further. Although she had made no mistake in double locking them securely in place. There was no way he was going to escape without the key. Blood was still flowing, but his wrists and ankles were starting to ache.

Tom tried to bring his cuffed hands from the back to the front, but couldnt get them around his butt. Still, after much effort he was able to get to his knees and start edging his way across the lounge. He had seen Hannah take the cuffs from a drawer in her bedroom, perhaps she had left a spare key there.

He peered into the open drawer only to see Hannahs underwear. He smiled as he saw various panties and bras, mainly in whites, flowery pattern and pastel colours. Not the wardrobe of a typical dominatrix. He couldnt see a spare key and with hands cuffed behind his back could only use his face to search the drawer. Her scent was beautiful and he lost himself for a few moments with his face buried in material. However there was no spare key, Hannah must have taken them all with her. Knowing that there was no way to get free from the overly tight cuffs, he crawled back to where Hannah had left him, laid down and waited for her return.

Hannah checked the street and quickly ducked into the sex shop. Heart pounding, she started to search the shelves.

“Can I help you love,” the guy asked, wondering what this woman, who wouldnt have looked out of place in an English summers day picture postcard, was doing in his shop.

“I want to buy a chastity thing,” she replied while avoiding his gaze

“For you?” he asked.

“No! For a guy.”

“OK... what about this chastity cage?”

“Yes, Ill take it.” she quickly replied.

After a few more questions, Hannah left the shop as quickly as she could with her eyes fixed securely on the pavement. She reached her apartment and waited by the door composing herself. She checked that the key was still in her bra and ruffled her long brown hair out around her face. Hed told her that she had to be in charge, she was going to try her best.

Hannah unlocked the door and walked in with her sexiest walk.

“I see you havent managed to escape from my handcuffs,” she smiled as she knelt down on the floor next to him and tucked her skirt in modestly around her.

Tom turned over on to his side and looked up at her beautiful, but uncertain face.

“Im going to put you in a chastity, umm, thing now,” Hannah announced without much authority. She then held up the heavy steel chastity cage.

Shit, if the cuffs were anything to go by, this was going to be painful, Tom thought as she started to undo his jeans and slide them down over his hips. Hannah touched his penis very gently and smiled to herself.

Tom studied her face intently as she spent the next ten minutes fitting the chastity tube on his dick. The cage fitted him tightly, but she was so gentle that he hardly felt any discomfort. He finally heard a small click which was immediately followed by a more confident smile across Hannahs face. Only then did she look at him.

“How does it feel?” she asked as she peeled off the duct tape and pulled her wet panties from his mouth.

“I wasnt expecting a steel chastity cage,” he replied.

“Too late now,” she smiled.

The dominatrix had locked him in a plastic chastity device, but whether it was because this was steel, or because it was an amateur locking him inside, this time it all felt scarier.

“Perhaps I should hold the key this first time,” Tom suggested.

Hannah smiled and shook her head, he was obviously just testing her again. “This key belongs to me,” she purred. She sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs.

“How does it feel?” she asked as she played with the padlock key.

“Tight, particularly when Im watching you in that dress.” he replied

“Go on, see if can get an erection.” she smiled.

He laughed, “Hannah, I would have one right now if it wasnt for your cage!”

“Wow, you really cant use it, can you?” she purred as she ran the key between her lips. She recrossed her legs.

“Hannah, thats not helping!”

This was starting to get frustrating for Tom, “Hannah, this has been fantastic, thank you. I hope we can do it again some time.”

“We havent finished yet,” she smiled, “Ive got two things left to do.”

Tom looked confused.

“Sit on your face and lock you in a cage.”

Shit, hed only said those things to get a reaction from Hannah. He hadnt done all of them with the dominatrix and certainly didnt expect Hannah to do them all to him right then.

“Maybe its time to sit on your face,” she purred as she knelt down with her knees either side of his head.

He looked up between her legs. She still wasnt wearing any knickers, had she forgotten? Surely she wasnt going to sit on him naked?

Tom was about to remind her when she lowered her naked butt straight on to his face, but with so little pressure that she barely touched.

“Tell me if you get squashed.” she said.

Tom laughed, “I will, but so far no problem.”

“Oh right,” she smiled, “you want a little harder?”

“Try your whole weight.” he advised.

Hannah felt embarrassed, she was supposed to be in charge here. Try this, she thought as she sat on him with all of her weight and waited for inevitable reaction. As he started to struggle, Hannah reacted by tightening her thighs to hold him in place. Tom was starting to get desperate by the time Hannah finally lifted up.

“How was it?” she asked politely, “Do you want to go back inside my skirt?”

“Wait.” Tom gasped as he caught his breath.

“Too bad, Im in charge.” she smiled as she pulled out her cheeks and sat back down on his face.

Finally, she felt like she was in control. She could feel him struggling beneath her which only increased her sense of power and turned her on even more. She finally climbed off him and knelt back down next to his head. All he could taste and smell was her scent. His wrists and ankles were now red and his dick ached like hell.

“How was that?” she asked innocently as she pulled her skirt around her legs and brushed her hand back over her shoulders.

“Youre a natural at this,” Tom gasped.

“Thanks,” Hannah smiled, looking genuinely pleased.

Tom looked up at her big brown eyes which were now starting to obsess him. Why hadnt he noticed her before, she was an incredibly sexy woman.

“Im afraid I dont have a cage, Ill have to buy one for next time,” Hannah purred.

“Ill look forward to it,” Tom answered honestly.

Hannah pulled the cuff keys from her bra and rattled them above Toms head.

“Shall I unlock you?” she asked.

“Its up to you.” he smiled back.

Hannah looked at his cuffed wrists, “Theyre all red!”

“You did make them very tight.”

“Oh, Im sorry,” she replied, putting her hand to her mouth.

Tom smiled, she was unique.

“You should have said something.”

“I had your panties in my mouth.”

Hannah looked a little embarrassed.

Tom kissed her thigh which was only an inch from where he lay, “You were great


Once Hannah had worked out which way the key went in and which way it turned, she unlocked the hand and foot cuffs.

“Youve been chained up for over two hours.” Hannah observed as she folded up the restraints.

“It feels like it.” Tom smiled as he climbed to his feet and pulled up his jeans.

“I havent unlocked your chastity cage,” Hannah said holding out the key.

Tom took the key and placed it in the middle of the coffee table and poured two glasses of red wine from the bottle hed brought. They sat opposite each other across the table drinking and talking and both occasionally glancing at the key.

Finally Tom picked up the key and stood up to leave. “Can I keep the chastity cage as a souvenir until next time?”

Hannah smiled, “Of course, that way Im guaranteed of repeat business.”

With that he dropped the key into her dress pocket, kissed her the cheek and left her apartment with his penis still securely under her lock and key. He returned to his flat, poured half a glass of whiskey, downed half with the first gulp and closed his eyes.


The next morning Tom woke, remembered the night before and smiled to himself. Yesterday had been fun, even if he had had to induct his own dominatrix. He felt a slight ache between his legs and reached down to feel the steel chastity cage tightly encasing his cock. Shit, thats right, he had left the key to the cage with Hannah. What had he been thinking?

In the next door apartment, Hannah woke, with the padlock key still in her hand. She took it and rubbed it gently between her legs. Wow, had she really done all those things to her sexy neighbour? She must be some sort of sex goddess! And she still had his cock locked up. For once she wouldnt have to feel lonely and jealous when his multiple girlfriends knocked on his door. He may not be her boyfriend, but having him locked in chastity had to be the next best thing.

It didnt take Tom long to realise that he couldnt go to work that day, his wrists were still red from Hannahs handcuffs. So if he couldnt work, there was only one other thing to do, go and see his neighbour.

Hannah opened the door, casually dressed in blue jeans and tight fitting t-shirt with her hair in a ponytail.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” he asked.

“Are you asking me or this key out for coffee?” Hannah smiled back as she produced the key to the chastity cage from the back pocket of her jeans.

“You, but the key can come too.”

“OK, wed both love to come.”

He watched intently as she slid the key back into her pocket, where it lay safely pinned against her butt. He could have wrestled the key from her if hed wanted, but right then he was loving the power that she had over him and loving how excited she seemed with their arrangement.

They sat on stools in the window of the local coffee shop.

“Does it hurt?” Hannah asked.

“Its fine,” Tom smiled at his beautiful and most considerate dominatrix.

“Let me know if you want me to let you out, I have the key right here.” she said tapping her jeans.

“Yes mistress,” he joked.

As if remembering her role Hannah said, “Im still going to lock you inside a cage, like that other woman.” And then after a short pause, “Where do you think I can get a cage?”

They left the cafe and Tom watched Hannah walk up the street, wondering how she might tackle the next challenge. As he watched her butt, his cock started to ache. She was certainly doing something right.

Two hours later Hannah knocked on his door, took his hand and led him into her apartment.

“Its a tool trunk,” Tom remarked as he examined the steel box in the middle of Hannahs lounge.

“It was all I could find.” she replied somewhat disappointed by his reaction.

“Its thick metal, you wont be able to escape.”

“I know, thats what Im worried about.”

“Oh but thats the fun part isnt it?”

“OK lets give it a try.” he smiled.

“Cuffs first,” Hannah said as she held up the heavy restraints.

“Hannah, my wrists are still red from where you cuffed me up yesterday.”

“Thats only because you tried to struggle,” she purred, “just accept that theres no way out without my keys and youll be fine.”

“And maybe dont lock them as tightly?”

“But you werent able to escape were you?”

“Well, no...”

“So I must have done it right.” she giggled.

Hannah found herself getting more and more confident. This was partly as a result of becoming familiar with the restraints, but also because chaining Tom up was such a huge turn on for her.

However she still lacked the real mean dominatrix instinct and so went to find one of her old silk scarfs and with scissors cut it into two. She then gently wrapped one half around Toms left wrist and tied it in place with a small knot. She then took the heavy steel cuff and slowly ratcheted it closed around his wrist.

“OK, thats good.” Tom smiled as she squeezed the cuff tighter around his wrist.

“Just one more click, for me?” she purred and she continued to tighten.

“Hannah, there is no way Im slipping out of that!”

“I know,” she giggled as she tightened another three clicks and engaged the double lock.

Tom watched as she locked the other cuff equally tightly around his right wrist and then did the same with his ankles. Tom stood there chained hand and foot as Hannah lifted the trunks steel lid.

Inside she had already placed a mat. He kicked off his shoes and climbed in and lay down on his back with his knees drawn up to his chest. Hannah placed a few cushions around to fill any gaps.

“I had the shop drill some small holes in this end of the lid so that you can see out a little and of course breathe.” the brunette explained as she looked down at him.

“Hannah youre too kind.”

“Dont speak too soon.” she giggled.

“This is tight fit, Im not sure the lid will close.”

“Lets find out.” she smiled as she gently lowered it in place.

With an inch left to go, the lid was resting on Toms legs. Determined for this to work, Hannah placed a knee on the lid and forced it closed. She then flicked the two padlock hasps in place to hold the lid shut.

“I cant move a muscle. My nose is even touching the lid!” Tom complained as he looked up at Hannah through the small drill holes.

Hannah almost didnt hear him as she pulled out two large padlocks and in her excitement fumbled as she tried to unlock them.

“Hannah, I really cant move at all!”

But Hannahs focus was only on the padlocks as she slipped them through the hasps and locked them in place. Her excitement mounted as the second lock clicked shut. She then held up her key ring above the trunk so that he could see it through the drill holes and counted out the keys.

“This one is for your hands, this one for your feet, this one for the box and this one... for your cock,” she smiled as she slowly and deliberately slipped all the keys into the back pocket of her jeans. She then ran into her room and lay down on her bed. She unbuttoned her jeans and ran her hands up and down between her legs.

She was buzzing with excitement. A few days earlier, she had been too shy to talk to him, now she had him locked in her trunk. He was quite literally her property, she had the only keys to release him. She had to get some air. She changed into a white top and bright pink running shorts and walked back into the lounge.

The tight confines of the steel box were starting to freak Tom out. He was just about to call out to Hannah to ask her to release him when she walked back into view and dropped the keys into the pocket of the sexiest little running shorts hed ever seen. Seeing her butt in those shorts swung his emotions the other way and he said nothing and just lay there and watched her stretch.

“Nice shorts,” Tom finally remarked from inside the trunk.

“What about now?” Hannah smiled as she faced away from him and touched her toes.

“And what about now?” Hannah purred as she sat on the box just above his head and in so doing took away Toms only light and fresh air.

“Anyway, Im going to for a run to let you enjoy the trunk in peace.” Hannah smiled as she jumped up and once again left Tom alone unable to do anything other than await her return.

She returned half an hour later , out of breathe and glowing with perspiration. She walked over to the trunk and without saying a word, stripped off her damp top and bra. She then pulled off her shorts and knickers.

“Wow, you look amazing.” Tom said through the steel lid.

“Thank you,” Hannah smiled as she held out her dirty running kit and dropped in on to the air holes, plunging Tom once again in to darkness. Tom could only lie there and smell her scent as he listened to her shower.

Ten minutes later she returned to the lounge wearing her yellow dress. “What do you think,” she smiled as she gave him a twirl.

After giving him only a few seconds to admire her outfit, Hannah pulled out her dress and sat her knicker clad butt down over the air holes and placed the keys to the trunk in her lap. She giggled as she heard the heard the inevitable coughing from her prisoner below. She had sprayed perfume on her butt which was now only half an inch from Toms face, he was now breathing in almost pure D&G. Her initial coyness was fading fast.

“So do you think you can get out of there?” Hannah purred.

Tom was starting to realise how much his imprisonment was turning her on.

“No way, Im completely at your mercy Hannah.”

He heard her giggle and felt her butt wriggle above him.

“You know youre going to have to make it worth my while to let you out.”

Tom smiled, “What about dinner tonight at Annisa?”

“Mmm, Id love to!”

“And if I buy you champagne will you also unlock the cock cage?”

Hannah thought for a moment and then replied, “Not a chance, that key stays with me.”

While still sitting on the trunk, Hannah picked up her book from the coffee table, crossed her legs and started to read. Her underwear was still blocking all of the air holes. The little air that Tom had was thick with perfume and was starting to heat up.

“Hey, arent you going to unlock me?”

“Yes....but not yet.....never rush a girl when shes getting ready for a big night out...”


Later that night they arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a table at the back. Tom had obviously been there before and seemed to know most of the waiting staff.

Hannah looked at the attractive guy sitting opposite her.

“Did you really like what I did earlier, I mean was I OK?”

“It was great, you were great,” Tom smiled.

“Wasnt it a bit scary for you, you were completely helpless?”

“Completely at your mercy, I know, thats what made it so much fun.” he replied.

Hannah looked a little embarrassed, “It feels strange, Ive locked you up, put my underwear in your mouth and sat on your face, and now were just sitting together in a restaurant.”

“And you still have me locked in chastity.” Tom reminded her.

Hannah had forgotten and checked that she still had the key in her dress pocket.

“You still have it?” he asked.

“Maybe,” she giggled.

Tom watched her carefully, “It seemed as though you were enjoying yourself too.”

Hannah looked down at the table, breaking their eye contact. “It was amazing, I mean, err yeah.”

“So what did it feel like when I was chained up in the trunk and you were practically sitting on my face?” Tom asked.

Hannah blushed and tried to compose herself.

“Hey, Im the dominatrix, I ask the questions here.”

Tom held his finger to his lips.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

They paused the conversation as the drinks arrived, this time carried by another waitress that Tom seemed to know. Although after giving her a quick smile, he returned his full attention to Hannah. Her dark hair was hanging around her cute face and she had an entrancing expression, a mix of excitement, embarrassment and arousal.


“You look great,” Tom said, “I love the way you look in that dress, you have no idea what effect youre having on my locked up cock right now.

Hannah smiled coyly.

“And I love the way you giggle with excitement when you lock a padlock or cuffs on me. And I even love the way that you lock the cuffs far too tightly.” he continued as he pulled up a shirt sleeve to reveal his red and sightly bruised wrist.

“It serves you right for trying to escape,” she replied

“Escape? No one could ever escape from your cuffs Hannah.”

“Well then, do as youre told.” she smiled.

As they walked home, Hannah was desperately thinking through her next move. She would love to invite him back to her place and make out with him. But he hadnt shown any interest in her before shed become his dominatrix and so if she dropped that act now, then he was bound to lose interest in her again.

Also, while she would have loved to sleep with him and start dating, she was also excited about the prospect of continuing to dominate him. He seemed to be so besotted with her as a dominatrix, she really could whatever she wanted to him. At her whim, he could spend the night in cuffs, or locked in the trunk, or with the panties that she was wearing right then stuffed in his mouth. Her mind started to play through the various scenarios, which unconsciously brought a smile to her face.

When they reached their apartment block, Hannah had made up her mind and took Tom by the hand and led him down in the buildings underground parking area. Here each apartment had a car parking space, although Hannah didnt have a car, and a small secure storage room. She opened the padlock, slid back the bolt to open the barred door to her storage room. Inside there was her bike and a few suitcases.

“Sit here,” Hannah ordered as confidently as her nerves would let her.

Tom had no idea where this was going, but so far he had enjoyed everything Hannah had done to him, so he played along.

She then unwrapped the old chain that she used to lock her bike from around her saddle. She then looped the chain around one of the buildings steel columns and Toms neck. Finally she took the combination padlock that was hanging on the end of the chain and used it to lock the chain in place. By the time she had finished, Tom was securely chained up and Hannah was shaking again from nervous energy.

“A combination lock, do I have to guess the number?” Tom asked.

“Youll never guess.”

“Its your bra size, isnt it?” he joked.

Hannah responded by using the toe of her shoe to press down on his balls.

“Ouch! Sorry.”

“Bad boy! For your punishment, you can massage my legs,” she said as she lifted her dress up and over his head so that he was inside her dress.

It felt nice to have his head rubbing up against her thighs, but just as importantly, it made sure that he couldnt look at her in that sexy way that made her almost fall apart.

Tom wasnt complaining though, he had had worse punishments. Inside her dress it was warm, soft and fragranced, in fact everything that the storage room wasnt. He started to massage her legs using both his hands and his face. When he reached her butt, he ran his fingertips up inside her black silk underwear.

Tom slowly rubbed his mouth against the front of Hannahs panties and smiled to himself as he heard the inevitable response. He teased her by stopping and starting a few times before gently pulling the material aside and using his lips and tongue on her. He knew exactly what he was doing and by the time he had finished thirty minutes had passed and Hannah was panting.

She stepped backwards so she could see him again and sat down on one of her suitcases. “Wow,” she mouthed breathlessly.”

“Does that earn me the key to the chastity cage?” he asked hopefully.

She smiled. “Why, is it getting a little tight in there?”

“Hannah, you rub your butt over my face and ask if my chastity cage is tight?”

Hannah giggled, “Good its supposed to be tight.”

Tom looked up at her in the half light of the storage room. She looked different to yesterday, the innocence was fading and her eyes now had a mischievous, teasing look. She was increasingly enjoying the power she had over him. Her confidence was adding to her control, with Tom now having less and less influence over what she did to him.

He watched her take the key from her pocket and hang it on a hook on the far wall, well out of his reach.

“Its just over here,” she purred as she returned and sat down on his lap with one leg either side of his body.

“Whats the combination?” he asked.

“Im not telling,” she whispered into his ear.

“Just the first number?”

“69.” she giggled and rubbed herself over his locked up cock.

In a moment of weakness Tom tried to kiss her, but she leant back and out of reach.

She whispered into his ear again. “Ill do you a deal. Its 11pm, if you can escape and get to my apartment by midnight, then you can kiss me.”

With that, Hannah stood up and walked over to the storage room door. She closed it behind her and blew him a kiss through the bars. She then strode confidently away, trying hard to hide her excitement.

Tom watched her long legs and swaying hips disappear out of sight before turning his attention to the combination lock around his neck. Only three dials, Hannah would be able to open it in seconds, he hoped to crack it within the hour. Although after only a few tries Hannah turned off the lights and he was plunged into almost total darkness.

It was starting to get cold, when at 11.30pm, the lock clicked open. 7-4-5, easy he smiled as he jumped up and grabbed the key to the chastity cage. He pulled down his trousers, unlocked the padlock and finally freed his cock, over 24 hours after Hannah had first locked him in.

He then pushed the storage room door, but it was stuck and so he tried to slide the bolt back. Only then did he see the second combination lock, this time with 4 dials. He kicked at the heavy barred door and reached his hands pathetically through the bars. Hed totally fallen for her trick. He picked up his phone and dialled.

“Im waiting for you.” Hannah purred as she answered.

“Oh youre good,” he smiled as he lay back against the cold, hard bars.

“Dont tell me youre giving up already.”

“A second lock, thats not fair.”

“Please, Hannah whats the number?” he openly begged as he randomly turned the dials with his free hand.

“Have you tried my bra size?”

Hannah then hung up but two minutes later walked back into the underground parking area. She was wearing high heels and black leather jacket underneath which she wore a very short black silk nightie. The jacket was unzipped, but she held it closed with her hands in her pockets. She walked up to the bars and looked down at where Tom was slumped on the floor.

“God, you look fantastic,” Tom said.

“I see youve removed the chastity cage without my permission.” Hannah replied.


Hannah smiled, she was feeling more confident. She felt that she finally had some real power over him, over and above that afforded by cuffs and padlocks.

“Please Hannah, whats the number?” he begged as he automatically kissed her shoe that shed just pushed though the bars.

“Put your chastity cage back on.” she ordered.

Tom tried to clear his mind, but the bars, her figure standing above him, and the smell of her leather shoe that he was kissing were overpowering. He pick up the chastity cage and slowly and as gently as he could, locked his cock back inside.

“Put the key in my panties.” Hannah ordered as she opened her leather jacket a little.

Slowly Tom reached through the bars and slipped his slightly numb fingers into her black silk underwear. It was warm and right then he wished his whole body could slip inside. Reluctantly, he let go of the small key which dropped down into her crotch. He removed his hand and she quickly reclosed her leather jacket.

“Goodnight,” Hannah smiled as she turned to leave.

“Hannah, I thought we had a deal?”

She smiled and walked up to the bars. “I didnt say I was going to let you out.”

Tom was close enough to reach the key he needed to free his cock, but he didnt. Although this was way past anything hed done before, he realised that her power was intoxicated him. Right then, looking at her semi naked body through the bars, she could have done anything she wanted to him.

“There are blankets and some of my old clothes in that suitcase.”

Tom looked up and smiled resignedly.

“Youre enjoying this, arent you.” he breathed.

Hannah started to smile, but stopped herself. “Enjoy your night behind bars,” she replied as seriously as she could manage.

He watched her silhouetted shape walk away as his numb fingers started to turn the padlock dials.

Hannah had given Tom the benefit of her sexiest walk as shed left the basement, although once back in the warmth of her apartment she immediately questioned whether shed done the right thing. She removed her leather jacket and looked at herself in the full length mirror.

It had seemed sexy at the time, but surely Tom couldnt be happy spending the night locked in that cold storage room. As she put her fingers into the front of her knickers and pulled out the chastity key she felt embarrassed, why had she made him do that? Why had she locked him back into chastity? She put the key down on her bedside table and sat on the edge of her bed.

She sat there playing with her high heeled shoe, slipping her foot in and out. She had to go and free him. But maybe she shouldnt, and anyway maybe hed already cracked the combination. Wearing only her very short black nightie, she sat on her kitchen bench top and poured herself a glass of wine. And then another. After the second glass, Toms fate was sealed.


Tom was woken at 10am the next morning by a knock on his front door. He wrapped a towel around him, walked to the door and found his neighbour standing there in a short black flared skirt and low cut stripy top. She looked slightly uncertain and was staring at the floor.

“I brought you some coffee?” Hannah said hesitantly, holding up two takeaway coffees. She studied his reaction eagerly, but his smile told her that maybe she hadnt gone too far the night before. They sat down on the bar stool in the kitchen and started to drink.

“I dont think Ill ever forget the look of you in that black leather jacket, and not much else, through the bars.” he smiled as he took a mouthful of coffee.

“How long did it take you to get out?”

“Long enough, it turns out 4 dials is much harder to solve than 3.”

“What time you get out?”


“Oh my god, thats long. All you had to do was turn them to 9-4-6-9.”

Tom smiled. “Nice skirt by the way.”

Hannah smiled and slowly crossed her legs for his benefit.

“Dont do that!” he smiled as he pointed to his crotch.

“Nice chastity cage by the way,” Hannah giggled as she pulled the towel from around Toms waist and let it fall to the floor.

“Any chance of letting me out Madam, Mistress, whatever?” he asked.

“Mistress, I like it.” she giggled.

“Its aching like hell.”

“Kneel,” she ordered as both of them tried not to smile.

Hannah stood up from the stool. “Find the key and Ill unlock you,” she said, “but you cant use your hands.”

Tom smiled and looked up and down her body checking for pockets, but there were none. It had to be in her bra. He ran his lips over her breasts and slowly worked his way all around them, cheating only slightly with his hands.

“And no tickling,” she giggled, almost spilling her coffee.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked as he put his lips over her erect nipples.

“Get on with the job in hand, if you ever want to get out of that thing.”

“Theyre not here,” he finally complained.

“Yes they are, keep looking.”

He knelt back down and with his hands behind his back, put his head up inside her skirt. Again in no hurry, he ran his lips very gently around and inside her white silk underwear. He soon felt the key inside and used his tongue to let the key fall out and on to the floor.

Hannah pushed him backwards on to the floor and sat astride him, rubbing herself against the steel cage for several moments before unlocking him.

“Thank you,” he cried as his cock immediately became hard.

“It looks as though you wanted to get out of that for a while.”

“I did, but the key was inside your panties,” he replied.

“Shame,” she giggled as she sat back down on the stool, again playing with her shoe.

Hannah finally stood up and threw the coffee cups in the bin as Tom lay down on the sofa, put a blanket over him and closed his eyes. He opened them a few minutes later as he heard Hannah picking up his keys and phone.

“Let me cook you dinner at my place tonight, to thank you for the meal last night,” Hannah said.

“What are you doing with my keys?”

“I dont want any distractions while you get your beauty sleep.”

Tom watched as she took the key, knowing full well what she was planning. He watched her position the chastity tube and the unlocked padlock on the table, the key to the padlock was nowhere to be seen.

“Make sure you dress for dinner,” she purred, pointing to the steel chastity device.

“And make sure you take the spare front door key from that drawer,” he smiled.

Hannah then blew a kiss and left Toms flat, dead locking the front door as she went. Tom lay back down on the sofa. Locked inside his own flat. Ironically, he had given the woman in the flat opposite his other spare key and now Hannah had his other keys. He was now the only person on the floor who didnt have a key to his flat.

He didnt even have a phone. And a few seconds later he didnt even have electricity, as Hannah switched off his power from the meter box in the hallway. He had no choice, but to lie there, think of Hannah and wonder what surprises his newly inducted dominatrix had planned for him that evening. 


Hannah clutched Toms front door keys with both hands as she walked quickly along the corridor and back to her apartment. She placed his keys on her sofa and sat down on top of them, if she couldnt see the keys then maybe she wouldnt be so over excited about the situation.

She looked around her lounge, thinking about what she would do for him that evening. It had to be good, it had to make up for a night locked up in a cold basement and a day locked inside his own flat. She had to keep his interest. She felt the keys beneath her and smiled to herself. Whether he was still interested in her or not, he was going nowhere that day.

But how would she keep his interest? She stood up and walked over to the metal trunk that she had locked him in the day before. She automatically raised her hand to her mouth as she thought about how she had locked Tom inside. She closed the empty trunk and slowly sat down on the lid. She pulled up her skirt and wriggled her butt over the air holes.

“Try and get out of that,” she purred to nobody other than herself. “And if you dont kiss my butt right now, Ill fart in your face.” she continued.

She blushed, jumped up and walked into her kitchen. What was she doing? Why was this turning her on? She flicked on the coffee machine and looked back at the trunk. She was fidgeting with lid of the coffee jar and dropped it noisily on to the floor. It made her jump. She looked back to the trunk.

Slowly, she unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the floor. With her heels still on, she walked as seductively as she could back to the trunk and sat down on the lid.

“You are now completely trapped under my butt,” she whispered, afraid that someone might hear her. “And there is no way Im letting you out.”

What would it be like in the trunk? Hannah stood up and opened the lid. She locked the padlocks to the open hasps to make sure that they wouldnt fall down and trap her inside.

Hannah then climbed inside the trunk and lay on her back with her knees drawn up. She started to pull the lid closed above her, but the lid was heavier than she realised and it banged closed on top of her. She startled, but then calmed down and explored the small dark space. She started to imagine that someone was locking the padlocks and securing her inside, but the thought frightened her and she quickly pushed the lid up and climbed out.

Why would Tom let someone lock him up like that? Why would he let her lock him up? Whatever the attraction, it must be pretty strong to overcome the fear of being locked inside. Hannah closed the trunk and sat back down on the lid. Whatever it was, this was fun.


It had gone midday when Tom finally woke up. He turned on the kettle to make some coffee, only to remember that Hannah had switched off the power. In desperate need of caffeine, Tom made himself a cup using water from the hot tap.

As he drank the coffee he inspected the chastity tube that Hannah had left for him to wear that evening. The idea of locking himself into chastity before going to a girls place for dinner seemed bizarre. Nonetheless, the thought excited him and he knew that he would comply with her request. Tom finished the questionable coffee and took a long shower.

At six oclock, Tom changed out of his old boxers and t-shirt, and into chinos and shirt. He brushed his hair, shaved, applied aftershave and all the usual things he did before an evening out to ensure that he impressed the girl.

He examined the cock cage again, turning it in his hand. He thought about masturbating one more time, this may be his last chance for a while, but decided against it. It would be more fun to find out what Hannah had in store.

He fitted the cage around his cock and balls, although no matter how he positioned it, it was tight. He slipped the padlock in place and looked at himself in the mirror with the open padlock hanging from the lock. It actually felt nice, although if Hannah hadnt unlocked him by this time tomorrow, it might not be so comfortable. With a picture of Hannah clearly in his mind, Tom locked the padlock. He pulled up his boxers and chinos and waited for his date to arrive.

Tom had to wait almost an hour for Hannah to unlock his door and walk in. Tom thought she looked stunning in a short fitted red dress with a thin black belt around her waist. Her long brown hair was hanging around her shoulders and she wore brown leather bangles on her wrist. Tom walked up to her and kissed her on both cheeks.

“You look fantastic,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” she replied bashfully. He was already having that effect on her.

“Your place then?”

“Umm, yeah, sure.” she replied.

Tom followed Hannah down the corridor.

“Are you wearing it?” she asked.


“And do you have the key?”

“Yes, Im wearing it,” she smiled.

Tom studied his hostess in her tight dress, trying to imagine where the key might be.

They walked into Hannahs apartment, where the table was laid for dinner. In front of one of the two places was a heavy steel neck and wrist fiddle. Tom started to examine the fiddle as Hannah poured two glasses of wine.

“Standard wear for dinner guests?” he joked.

Hannah felt embarrassed. She had fantasized all afternoon about locking him inside it, but now he was actually here, she was embarrassed. She drank half a glass of wine straight down and had to top it up before bringing the glasses out.

“OK,” Tom smiled as he held his hands up in front of him.

“You want to try it?” she asked hesitantly.

“I assume I have no choice,” he smiled.

“Umm, yes, thats right,” Hannah said quickly as she put down the glasses, slightly spilling one, and picked up the fiddle.

Hannah was four inches shorter than Tom and looked up into his eyes as she positioned the fiddle around his neck. She could smell his aftershave and had to try desperately to keep a steady hand. She enclosed his wrists and locked the whole thing with the padlock. She then grabbed a glass of wine and stepped back still clutching the key in one hand.

“Its tight,” Tom said as he tried briefly to escape.

“Can you get out?” she asked.

“Yes, if you give me the key.”

“And if I dont?”

“Well I could try and grab the key from you.” he baited.

Hannah smiled and tucked the key into her bra. Tom stepped forward as if trying to take the key, but at the last minute bent forward and kissed Hannah on the lips. Hannah stepped back and sat down on the sofa with her eyes looking down to her lap.

“Tom, whats happening here? Am I your dominatrix or your girlfriend?”

Tom sat down on the opposite sofa looking past his restrained hands to where his host was sitting. Tom knew why she was asking, but didnt know how to reply. He loved being restrained and dominated by her, but he was also aware that he was falling for her.

“The truth is I want you to be both, I guess,” Tom finally replied.

“Really?” Hannah looked up timidly.

“How do you feel about this?” he asked

“I dont know. Ive fancied you for ages. I also really like doing.... this stuff to you, it makes..... me feel sexy.” Hannah replied.

Tom smiled. “It seems strange having this serious conversation while Im locked in this fiddle.”

“I know,” Hannah laughed nervously, “do you want me to unlock you?”

“I really dont.”

Hannah could see that he was getting off topic.

“So what are we?” she persisted.


“Friends?” Hannah replied, “Youre sitting her in my flat in chains and in chastity.”

“Good friends, then?”

Hannah stood up and walked over to him.

“Can this work?” she asked.

“I dont know, but if we both enjoy it, maybe we should find out?”

Hannah thought for a moment, “OK. Good friends, who like to play umm.... games and.... maybe sleep together.”

“Really?” it was Toms turn to be surprised.

“Maybe, if you do as I say.”

The next two hours was spent eating the meal that Hannah had prepared. Tom ate as well as anyone who was locked in a fiddle could eat. His mishaps seemed to a constant source of amusement for Hannah, although at no point was she tempted to release him.

Halfway through desert, Hannah sat down on Toms lap and with her arm around him, started to feed him the crème brulee.

“What shall we do now?” he asked.

“The washing up.” she giggled.

“Cant Im stuck in this, sorry,” Tom smiled as he rattled the heavy steel fiddle.

“Yes, Im looking forward to watching you try.”

“No chance of being unlocked?”

Hannah shook her head and threw him a cloth which landed on his head. She then sat down on the kitchen counter, crossed her legs and watched.

Washing the dishes was almost impossible, every time he put his hands in the sink, his face almost touched the water. A couple of times Tom got bubbles on the end of his nose, which gave Hannah almost uncontrollable giggles.

“Thats so funny,” she smiled.

Tom pulled at the padlock securing the fiddle. “It would be so much easier if you gave me the key to this.”

“I know.”

“Can I have it?”

“No,” she giggled as she jumped off the kitchen counter.

Hannah instructed Tom to crouch down. She then placed one high heel clad foot inside each of his arms, so that each foot was inside a closed circle formed by his arms and the fiddle.

“OK, stand up,” she ordered.

Tom slowly worked the fiddle up between her bare legs. By the time he was kneeling, the fiddle had reached her crotch and could go no higher. Hannah slid up her dress to get a better view. Toms hands were up against her butt and his face was up against the front of her underwear, with his wrists and neck connected by the fiddle that ran between her legs.

“I dont seem to be able to go any higher,” Tom observed, gently pushing the fiddle up into her crotch.

“Mmm, it feels nice when you try though.”

“Why do people always end up in this position, unable to move with their face up against your panties?”

“People?” Hannah questioned, “Its only you who ends up in this predicament.”

Tom had already starting to kiss her black silk panties.

“Well we are good friends....” Hannah smiled as she pulled her tight red dress back down, this time with Toms head inside. The wine and her mood had now completely overcome her initial coyness and Tom had no option but to go along for the ride.


Half an hour later and Hannah had finally freed Tom from inside her dress. She was now pulling him along by the small steel loop attached to the front of the fiddle. She led him into her bathroom and made him lie down on his side so that his head and shoulders were inside the shower cubicle and his legs stretched out across the bathroom.

Hannah then knelt down next to his head and used a padlock to lock the front of the fiddle to the metal drain that was in the centre of the shower. Tom tried to stand up, but the drain held firm. He was still trying to detach himself from the plumbing when Hannah returned to the bathroom completely naked.

“Wow!” Tom exclaimed as he looked up.

Hannah was tanned all over, with a very athletic physique. She walked into the shower and stood with one foot either side of his head and turned on the water. Tom tried to watch her, but the water fell into his eyes and he blinked it away in an attempt to continue to watch. His shirt was soaked, but he didnt care. All he wanted to do was to reach out and touch her, but the fiddle held his hands in place and he could do no more than touch her feet.

The chastity cage made it feel as though someone was standing on his balls. He could see the key for it lying out of reach on the bathroom floor, having fallen out of Hannahs panties as she undressed.

Hannah stood in the shower, gently rubbing her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was completely lost in the moment. At one point, she stepped backwards and almost trod on Toms face. The noise of the water all but drowned out any chance of conversation and even if Tom had said something, she wouldnt have heard.

Hannah finished her shower, stepped over Toms head and dried herself. She wrapped a towel around her waist and looked down at her wet, chained up friend.

“Hannah, this fiddle is driving me insane, please let me out,” Tom begged.

“If I do, will you make love to me?”

Tom looked up at her cute face, if only this wasnt a tease.


Maybe she was serious, “Yes, of course!”

Tom watched with slight concern as Hannah rummaged through her clothes, which she had strewn across the bathroom floor, looking for the key. However all she did was unlock the fiddle from the drain and with the fiddle still locked, led Tom into her bedroom. She then used the padlock to attach the fiddle to the metal frame of her double bed. 

Tom knelt on the floor by her bed as she brushed her long dark hair.

“I thought we were going to....”

“Patience,” she purred as she continued to brush.

Hannah slipped on a short night dress and then unbuttoned and removed Toms trousers and boxer shorts. She then played with the chastity cage and rattled the padlock. Taking her time, she took the key and unlocked the padlock and freed his cock, which immediately was hard.

Tom reacted by pulling even harder at the fiddle in a desperate but hopeless attempt to get free.


“If I unlock you, will you keep your promise?” she asked as she looked into his eyes.

“What do you think?”

The brunette smiled and after a few more minutes of teasing unlocked the padlock and opened the fiddle. It fell to the floor with a clatter. Tom stood up, peeled off his wet shirt and lifted Hannah into the air and laid her gently down in the middle of her bed. He kissed her and this time she kissed him right back. The events of the last two days had made him want her more than hed ever wanted any woman.

Hannah lay on the bed smiling. He was incredible fit and incredibly gentle. For the first time in their brief relationship, he was taking charge. The next two hours passed in a blur.


By midnight, they had showered again, this time in a more conventional manner, and were sitting on the bar stool in the kitchen drinking Cointreau. Tom wore only his boxers and Hannah was wearing her short black night dress and panties.

“It seems strange being with you and not being locked up,” Tom observed.

“I can soon fix that.” she giggled.

“I believe you.”

“How would you like to spend the night?” Hannah purred as she ran her fingers up his thigh.

“What do you recommend?”

All sorts of ideas were running through Hannahs mind, but she wasnt sure how far to push it. Theyd made love now, so did that change what he wanted her to do? She would love to lock him in the trunk until morning and sleep with the keys to the trunk tucked inside her panties. Was she crazy to even think that? Would that be too much for him to take? But he had asked her to suggest something.

“Will you do anything I say?” she asked.

Tom watched her as she rubbed her glass between her lips, she looked a little unsure, but still as cute as hell. Just falling asleep with this beautiful woman should have been enough, but somehow he was more excited about what else she might make him do, even if it meant suffering another uncomfortable night.

“Anything,” he replied as he downed the remainder of his drink.

Hannah already had her cuffs in her hand and was sitting on the lid of the steel trunk. She looked so cute, Tom imagined himself inside the trunk right beneath her butt. Although whether he could take that for the whole night he wasnt sure.

“Hand please,” Hannah instructed.

“Not too tight?” Tom asked hopefully.

“Next hand.”

“Thats still quite tight.”

Hannah tried to tuck the key inside her bra, but she wasnt wearing one, and so the key fell on to the floor. She was embarrassed as she crouched down to quickly pick it up.

“No bra?” Tom asked unhelpfully.

“Inside the trunk,” Hannah ordered slightly annoyed.

Tom climbed in and lay on the cushions that Hannah had placed on the bottom of the trunk and which she had also piled up at one end for his head and shoulders. It was actually very comfortable.

Hannah then reached in and cuffed one of Toms ankles, passed the chain through the handcuffs and then cuffed the second ankle.

“Heres the deal, if you can open the lid with me sitting on top, then I wont gag you with my panties.” Hannah said as the very sight on Tom lying chained in the trunk was turning her on like crazy. She lowered the lid and sat down on top. 

“OK, go.”

Tom pushed up and was just able to lift the lid. Hannah lent forward and held on the sides to balance herself. The lid was open by about 6 inches which was as far as Tom could push, but Hannah was easily able to balance on top.

“There, Ive opened it.” Tom exclaimed as he fought to hold it up.

“OK, climb out then.”


“Theres not much use in opening the trunk if you cant climb out.” Hannah replied.

Tom knew that Hannah was being unfair, but then she was the one sitting on the lid and so she made the rules. There was no way that he could hold the lid up and climb out at the same time. There was also no way he could hold her weight for any longer than a few seconds. He let go and the lid crashed back down on top of him, plunging him into darkness. He knew what that meant, not that he was complaining.

Hannah sat on the lid for a few moments, happy in the knowledge that her little butt was enough to trap him inside. She finally stood up and opened the lid. Once she was sure he was watching, she slowly and theatrically slid her black silk underwear down her legs. Tom opened wide as she stuffed them into his mouth and wrapped duct tape round and round his head to keep them in place.

“And this,” Hannah purred, picking up the fiddle.

Tom was again completely under her spell and so complied as Hannah positioned it around his neck and wrists and padlocked it closed. She then took the red dress that she had worn earlier in the evening and wrapped it around his head and used a piece of duct tape to hold it in place. She then checked he could breathe through the material.

With no sexy eyes to distract her, Hannah confidently closed the lid and used the two large padlocks to secure it in place. She pulled up her night dress and placed her naked butt down over the air holes. She gently touched herself and inadvertently let out a moan as the sensation sent a shiver through her body.

“Dont worry, I wont leave you here all night,” she purred, “just a few more minutes, just while I....”

Tom was equally turned on in the trunk only inches beneath her, but thanks to the fiddle that Hannah had locked on him, he couldnt touch himself. He knew this was a deliberate ploy on Hannahs part, she was starting to develop a teasing streak. But otherwise it felt nice in the trunk, warm, soft and filled with Hannahs scent.

Hannah soon moved to her bedroom and lay down in her bed holding the keys into her crotch. She was exhausted, but the adrenalin kept her going for one more time. She then relaxed and closed her eyes, which could mean only one thing for a woman as tired as Hannah. Within seconds she fell asleep, still holding the keys between her thighs.

Tom lay in the trunk, listening to Hannah moan. Once she let him out, he would definitely suggest they make out for one last time. However things were becoming quieter, what was she doing? He then heard her breathing more heavily, which he knew meant that she had fallen asleep. He tried to call out, but panty gags are effective, particularly Hannahs.

Really just for his amusement, Tom kicked and pushed at the trunk and at his restraints. It was pointless. With the woman in the bedroom asleep with all the keys, there was nothing he could do until the morning. A few moments later, he too was asleep.


The next morning Hannah woke and stretched out in bed. She felt the keys lying next to her in the bed and squeezed them into her body and smiled. With only a sheet to cover her, she rolled over and closed her eyes, what a lovely morning. She started to remember the fun that she and Tom had had the night before, the games, making love. She reached out, expecting to find him in the bed next to her, but she was alone.

Finally her memory caught up with her. Oh no! F***! She hadnt unlocked him from the trunk. The poor guy had spent the whole night locked inside, completely helpless and barely able to move a muscle. He had spent the whole night with her dirty panties in his mouth! Was he alright? Even if he was, this would surely be the last time hed let her lock him up. How could she have been so stupid?

All sorts of scenarios ran through her mind as Hannah threw off the sheet, sprang out of bed and, with the keys in her hand, ran into the lounge. She fell to her knees and peered anxiously through the small air holes in the lid of the trunk. To her immense relief, Tom was still breathing and even better, he seemed to be fast asleep.

Quietly, Hannah took her keys and unlocked the two heavy padlocks and opened the steel trunk. Tom was sleeping and looked amazingly peaceful. Maybe this would be OK after all.

Hannah quickly showered and changed into her favourite blue jeans and fitted pink t-shirt and put her long hair up in a ponytail. She sat on a stool next to the trunk and tried to compose herself. She decided that the best approach was to act confident, as if shed meant to leave him there all night. But inside she felt stupid, and the sight of her used underwear in his mouth just made her feel worse.

By the time Tom woke, she was sitting as calmly as she could, drinking coffee.

“Morning sleepy,” she said as she bent down and pealed the duct tape from around his head.

Tom spat out Hannahs dirty underwear and slowly got his stiff jaw moving.

“Whats the time, did I spend all night in here?”

“Yes, all night under my lock and key, held captive by a girl,” she said with a slightly false laugh.

Tom however smiled at the thought as he struggled to climb out of the trunk with the fiddle and the cuffs still locked in place.

“Any chance of getting out of these?” he asked rattling the restraints.

“Maybe,” Hannah replied as she crossed her legs and turned away to check her phone.

He started to notice the discomfort caused by the lack of movement, particularly in his arms. He knelt down next to her stool and looked up his jailer. Shit, she looked sexy. He loved those jeans, they made her butt look out of this world.

“Oh my, where did I put the keys?” she said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Tom watched Hannah as she glanced around the room as if trying to locate the keys. Although after a little more prompting, Hannah stood up and pulled some keys from the back pocket of her jeans.

“I hope I havent bent the keys by sitting on them,” she said as she took her time inspecting each key to find the right one.

Tom smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“And if you make one comment about the size of my butt, then Ill lock you back in the trunk,” Hannah smiled as if knowing what he was thinking.

With plenty of further theatrics, Hannah slowly unlocked the fiddle and the foot cuffs, but left the handcuffs in place. She then tucked the keys back into her pocket and sat back down, pinning the keys beneath her.

“You forgot these,” Tom said holding up his chained hands.

“I thought it might be more fun if you tried to pick those locks.”

“Pick these! Have you seen just how complicate the key is? Theres no way.”

“Now, dont be such a defeatist,” she smiled as she stood up and placed her bare foot down on the cuff chain, thereby pinning his hands to the floor, “Ill even give you a hair clip.”

As promised, Hannah fetched a hair clip from her room and dropped it on the floor next to where Tom was still kneeling. She then started to walk around her apartment, cleaning up from the night before.

Tom played along and straightened out the clip and inserted it into the lock on one of the cuffs. For a few moments his positive attitude got the better of him and he tried in earnest to open it.  However, a few minutes later reality kicked in and he threw the hair clip across the room. It was a pointless exercise.

“Hannah, this isnt going to work.”

“Thats a shame, I thought we could go out for breakfast,” she replied while straightening the sofa cushions.

“We can, the cuff key is in your pocket!”

“I guess if you cant get out of your cuffs, then well have to stay in,” she giggled.

She was starting to drive him crazy and so he stood up walked over to her. Hannah saw him coming and gracefully ducked under his arms and skipped into her bedroom. Tom, his legs still stiff from a night in confinement, followed her more slowly.

“Hannah, the key?” Tom asked as he cornered her in her bedroom.

“Silly ole me, have I got your key,” she giggled as she ducked inside his cuffed arms and kissed him on the lips. Tom gazed into her dark eyes and hardly noticed as she pushed him backwards so that they both fell on to the bed.  Hannah finally ducted out from inside his arms, sat astride him and pulled out the key.

“Whats it worth?” she asked, dangling it above him.

“Not tickling you to death,” he smiled as he lifted her t-shirt and tickled her around the waist.

Hannah burst into laughter and had to slide forward until she was sitting on his chained hands to stop him.

“OK, OK,” she giggled as she slipped the key into one of the cuff locks and released his wrist.

However, instead of unlocking his second wrist, she simply relocked the first cuff around the metal bed frame. Before Tom could react, Hannah had jumped up and with her back to Tom, slipped the key into her back pocket and started wiggling her hips from side to side. With one hand tethered to the bed, Tom tried to vain to reach her.

“Looks as though were having breakfast in, Ill go pick up some coffees.”

Once again she had him helplessly chained up, she was getting quite a knack for it.

“Can I have the hair clip then?” he asked.

“Sure,” Hannah purred as she blew him a kiss and left the flat.

Hannah returned with takeaway coffees and they sat together on her bed to drink. Once they had finished, Tom grabbed Hannah and pulled her pink t-shirt up and over her head, no mean feat for a guy chained by one wrist to the bed. Encountering little resistance, he started to unbutton her jeans and one handed started to ease them down over her hips. A few seconds later he was on top of her and they were making out.

Hannah finally got to her feet and walked totally naked over to the bathroom. She then stopped, turned around and picked up her jeans and threw them out into the lounge and out of reach of the bed.

“You didnt have to do that,” Tom said, his plan to distract her and get the keys having failed.

“Youve got your hair clip, now get to work.” she purred, stepping into the shower.


Hannah stood in the shower debating whether or not she should share her next idea with Tom. It was a bit extreme, but the thought of doing it really excited her. So far Tom had played along with her suggestion, so maybe it would work.

Hannah towelled dry and then, to maximise her chances of success, dressed in the short yellow dress that she knew Tom liked. She returned to the bed and sat astride Toms waist.

“I was just wondering,” Hannah said as she played absentmindedly with the cuff that was locked to the bed, “.... whether you wanted to try something else...... maybe try a safe?”

Tom laughed out loud with surprise. “What? Well, Im not sure. Anyway I wouldnt fit.”

“Youd fit in the one at the advertising agency where Im temping. Its Sunday so wed have it all to ourselves,” Hannah replied hesitantly, although wishing that she hadnt said anything.

Tom thought of what to say next. So far Hannahs crazy ideas had been fun, but surely this was too extreme. Also was it dangerous? Would he be able to breathe? What if the safe wouldnt open again? What it Hannah chose not to let him out.

At that moment, Hannah slid further up his body, until she was sitting astride his chest. Toms attention quickly moved from the risks of her latest idea and back to her sexy legs and that yellow dress. Tom tried to kiss her legs, but Hannah kept them tantalisingly just of reach. 

“What about we just go and look, I wont close the door unless you tell me.”

Still fixated by the dress, Tom just nodded without really thinking.

While still sitting on top of him, Hannah unlocked the cuff from around Toms wrist. Finally seeing his chance for freedom, Tom quickly pushed her over on to the bed and lay on top of her. It was amazing how different and less threatening she looked on the rare occasions when she didnt have him chained up.

Hannah led Tom on the twenty minute walk to her work. They walked through the unmanned reception, took the lift to the fifth floor and then opened the door with her pass card. As promised, there was a large safe that the agency used to store original designs, although for whatever reason it was currently empty.

Hannah took the key from her bosss office and turned it in the lock. She then typed in a code, which with hindsight Tom wished he had watched, and then pulled open the heavy door. Inside was a space 3 foot by 3 foot and 4 foot high. As Hannah had promised it was easily big enough to accommodate him.

“OK, just sit inside and see what it feels like,” Hannah said, with her ankles crossed and nervously slipping one high heeled shoe on and off.

Tom opened the door a little wider and then carefully climbed in and sat down with his knees drawn up in front of him. He looked around at three sides of solid steel and one side of Hannah fidgeting in her yellow dress.

“Well great view of your legs,” he smiled as she reached out to touch.

“Not now,” Hannah slapped his hand away, “I want to know what you think.”

“Im not sure, its a bit scary.”

“What if I close the door a bit, I promise I wont lock it.”

“Umm, well..... OK.”

Hannah stepped back and slowly pushed the door until there was only an inch of light between the frame of the safe and the door. Tom reached out a hand to steady it and to make sure that she didnt close it all the way by accident. Hannah crouched down and looked through the gap where the interior was still lid by a small bulb.

“OK,” Tom said slightly nervously, thats far enough.

“See you have plenty of room.”

“Its not the space Im worried about, its the fact that Id be completely helpless.”

“Ive had you helplessly locked up before.”

“I know, but this is somehow more helpless.”

Hannah stood up and looked at the almost closed safe. She was so turned on by the thought of locking him in and was desperate to hear the mechanism click closed. She had already decided that she would sit on top of the safe and masturbate, but all that was academic if he wouldnt let her lock him in.

Hannah was standing only inches from the door, a quick flick of her hips would be enough to push it closed. Oh she was so tempted, but even Hannah knew that wouldnt be fair. She would have to take the other approach.

She pulled open the door and stood in front of the safe with her legs part and her hands on her hips.

“Kiss my foot,” she ordered, her sexual energy overcoming all her nerves.

Tom smiled and duly compiled and then worked his way up her legs as directed. By the time he kissed her inner thigh, his head was inside the yellow dress and the dress was working its spell on Tom. Hannah knew the moment was right.

“Are you ready for me to lock you in the safe?”

Hannah had to squeeze her thighs together, squashing his head, to get his attention, but Tom clearly said yes.

“Inside,” she ordered.

Completely aroused, Tom complied, his eyes still on her body. Hannah pushed the safe door to and checked to make sure Tom wasnt protesting. She only waited a couple of seconds, but to her that was enough. She stood next to the safe and with a flick of her hips, pushed against the door with enough force to lock it.

“Oh my, silly me,” she giggled to herself as she pretended that shed closed it by accident and was trying in vain to open it.

Hannahs mouth was dry as she pulled off her knickers, threw then to the floor and then jumped up and sat down on top of the safe. Her first touch made her cry out loud. She startled herself, but soon realised that no one could hear. The office was empty and Tom was behind three inches of steel.

Tom sat inside in the dark, unaware of the girl touching herself above him. He couldnt hear or see anything; to him the world had stopped. But to his surprise he wasnt freaking out. All thoughts had left him, he couldnt even picture where he lived or anything else from the real world. The only image filling his mind was Hannah, her voice, her laugh, her figure, her cute face, her legs and the yellow dress. Time was standing still.

What neither of them knew was that Hannahs boss had just walked past reception and was making her way up in the lift. Within less than a minute she would be with them. 

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