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The Whipping Girl

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Synopsis: A trio of new neighbor girls provide a plethora of opportunities for the voyeur next door to engage in his fetish.

Act 1- Pleasure

Chapter 1. Informal introductions

New neighbors today. That big house has been empty for a few months, ever since the Hendersons moved to Tampa. The Hendersons were good friends of his grandparents, and when they passed last year, they just decided it was time to make their winter home a permanent one. Good riddance. The Hendersons were nosey and their voices dripped with insincere concern that didn't disguise their judgment of him.

The moving truck was being unloaded by some guys in uniforms. A stylish black leather sofa. A large wooden dresser with an attached mirror. Modern glass tables with wrought iron frames. A large wooden four poster bed- that took some effort. Boxes, lots of boxes, and he could just barely see writing on them from the attic window where he peered out through wooden slat blinds. He hastily searched the piles of papers, boxes and equipment strewn around his work station until his eyes finally picked out the long black strap attached to his binoculars and he snatched them up. Unfortunately they were the cornerstone of a small tower of clutter, which tumbled to the floor unnoticed. He was expertly focused in on the words scrawled across the big brown box that the mover was currently toting up the driveway: Sabrina-Toys.

Damn. He hated children. The neighbor two houses down to the left had a whole gang of brats that were always competing to be the best prankster. Putting food dye in their parents shower head or leaving live snakes in peoples cars were some of their more memorable heists. They had learned not to mess with his property the hard way.

He lost all interest in the new neighbors. Kids meant nothing would be happening over there, at least nothing he would care to watch. He whistled for Kippers and set about his nightly routine of feeding himself and his dog, a gorgeous tri colored Collie that was the sole surviving member of his family. After dinner he decided to take Kippers for a walk around the block a few times rather than just letting him into the yard. Perhaps he would get a glimpse of the new neighbors if they had arrived yet.

As he walked out his door he could see that they had indeed arrived. The moving truck had left, and a glossy black convertible Mustang was parked in the drive. Its backseat was piled with boxes and baskets but no one was around outside. In the street was a beat up looking blue Fiesta that was garishly covered in bumper stickers, obviously driven by a teenager. Rock music was blasting from the front left window of the house and the same band was featured prominently among the stickers.

He slowly made his way down his porch steps with Kippers trying to drag him forward. He was hoping he could catch a glimpse of one of them as they came for more boxes but also wanted a secure moment to take a look at the cars and their contents. The Mustangs backseat was neatly packed, and Kippers happened to choose a spot on his lawn that was close enough to the car that he could get a good look at some of the labels. Sabrina-Outfits, Sabrina-Bathroom, Angel-Books, Angel-Pictures. There was a basket of clothes too, the top was covered in a towel, but he could see glimpses of silky things, and lacy things, and prettily colored fabric. He wished he could be guaranteed a few seconds alone, but knew if he touched the basket that would be the moment someone would walk out and he would meet his new neighbors with his hand in the cookie jar. The front seat was empty, two empty drinks in the cup holder. The drivers was a coffee from Starbucks with bright red lipstick stains. The passenger had a zero calorie vitamin water. Stylish black sunglasses were clipped to each visor, both were about the same size and style and definitely designed for women.

Kippers finished his business and was pulling him away from the Mustang. He walked his dog down toward the street to peruse the Fiesta a moment, while Kippers dutifully pulled him right to it so he could eagerly sniff around its tires to see where else it had been. Just in case his neighbors were watching him from their window, he made a small show of trying to be polite and pull his dog away, then reluctantly and with some embarrassment let him sniff around the tires.

Meanwhile he was cataloguing everything he could about the Fiesta owner. The boxes in this car were not neatly labeled like those in the Mustang, and some werent even closed properly. Clothing laid in a heap on the passenger seat, on the top of the pile was a black leather corset with a Celtic star engraved on the breast, like something worn in Renaissance times. He couldnt get a good look at any other garments, but the pile was predominantly black, purple, and white colored fabrics. The car itself was heavily decorated. Like most teenagers, this one was trying to project her personality out into the world, looking for any kind of response. There was a plethora of dangling knick-knacks hanging from the mirror that ranged from crystals to dead flowers. There were pictures of friends thumb-tacked to the ceiling and writing on almost every surface that looked like it had been done with a set of paint pens. It seemed like mostly inane stuff to him, probably inside jokes and movie references. He did catch a name though, it would have been hard to miss the giant pink scrawl “We will miss you Kali”. The car was covered in bumper stickers whose subjects varied from anti-government political statements, crude jokes, metal bands to warning fellow commuters not to cut her off. On the hood someone had painted a mural of a dark wizard in black and purple robes holding the chain leash of a bright multi-colored dragon. The art was very well done, but the paint was not weather resistant and parts of it were deteriorating, it couldnt be more than a few weeks old. Judging by the skill of the doodles all around the drivers seat the artwork was most likely Kalis doing.

His time was up. Any longer would appear less than casual, though he thought he might get away with it considering the uniqueness of this particular car. Still, better safe than sorry and he felt he had a pretty good handle on who this girl was already. He quickly walked to the end of the block, crossed the street and came back down his street from the opposite side of the road.

He walked slowly and watched the house for any signs of life. He was rewarded at the last moment, almost too late to casually observe without blatantly turning to face the house. A stunningly beautiful woman ran out from the house to the Mustang to grab a basket of clothes. Her hair was long to her thighs and a brilliant yellow that seemed to emanate light more than catch it. She was tall and dressed in a flowing white blouse and skirt. She wore numerous gold and silver circlets around her wrists and neck that jiggled lightly as she bounced her way to the car. She was light on her feet, graceful but full of energy. Her movements flowed from moment to moment as though she was orchestrating them to fit a melody in her mind, one that was a lot more pleasant than the death metal that was polluting the street. Then he noticed she actually was wearing earphones that connected to a white ipod that was strapped around her upper arm. She danced her way up the front steps using a clothes basket as her dance partner and disappeared back inside the house out of his view. She hadnt looked up at him at all and as far as he could tell she hadnt noticed him. He made a few more circles around the block, but after 15 minutes, felt he was being too obvious and returned back home.

Most of the day passed uneventfully. He managed to walk Kippers three more times without drawing attention, but figured any more would be pushing the limit. The stack of boxes in the Mustang were steadily dwindling as the hours passed, the blaring metal music had finally been silenced, to be replaced by a softer melody that couldnt quite be heard from the street. Trashcans and empty boxes found their way to the street in stages and again he got a look at the box marked Sabrina-Toys that had given him a false impression that they were a family with small children. He puzzled over this again, there didnt seem to be any other indications that there were children. And he hadnt seen any guys names on any of the boxes. There was only enough room for three passengers in the vehicles and he was convinced the blonde he saw was Angel, but he hadnt had a look at Sabrina yet. Perhaps she was the child. He took a closer look at the Mustang and decided to run the plate to see who owned it. The Mustangs plate read L0V3 T0Y. Oh wow. That explains Sabrinas toy box, and she must be the driver. Definitely not a child then.

His scouting had told him a lot. He returned to his perch in the attic and looked down over their backyard. He hoped they would want to explore some of its beauty before bed. The Hendersons loved their backyard and had created a wonderful place for parties there. It had a small stream with live coy and a little waterfall that fed a pond set in front of the middle of the back wall. There were swings and a couple of patio tables, a pool and a hot tub, a firepit, and four fountains with statuary guards that each decorated a corner of the yard. Stunningly beautiful plants of all colors and shapes overgrew the yard. Since the Hendersons moved, the real estate people have not kept up with the extensive gardening required to keep that wilderness in check. The entire area was surrounded by a 10 foot privacy fence that could only be seen over by his attic window, something that never bothered the Hendersons when it was just his grandparents living here. When his parents died five years ago he had come to live in his grandparents attic, a fact that unsettled the Hendersons who had once noticed him watching one of their social gatherings from his window. Only once, he learned to be more careful after that. There had been large quantities of cocaine at that particular party, and the Hendersons made it extremely clear to him that if the men who brought that cocaine had seen him peering out his bedroom window they would have killed him on the spot. Now he was more careful. He set up a high powered camera in the window and aimed it to get a good view of the entire yard in the shot. The image recorded to his computer and he could forward it from there to his ipad or iphone and watch it from anywhere so he wouldnt have to sit by the window. He decided to enjoy the rest of the warm spring evening in his backyard with Kippers.

Chapter 2-Character development

He had timed it just right. He had enough time to play Kippers out and settle in silently to wait. On his iPad, he watched the neighbors back yard spark up at dusk when the automatic lighting kicked on, a fact that was noticed by the residents. He recognized the flowing gold hair of Angel as she swept out onto the porch then called into the house to cajole her roommates into coming out. She stood at the end of the porch and surveyed the wondrous scene while bouncing on her toes impatiently waiting for the rest to enjoy it with her. His camera was good but the shot was too wide to get a good close up view of the women that gamboled out into the yard, squealing their delight at its beauty.

In addition to Angel he saw someone that simply had to be Kali, she was dressed in a black halter top and dark camo pants, had black hair with streaks of rainbow that slipped through it as she moved, black armguards with silver spikes on her wrists, a black wrought iron band twisted around her bare upper arm, and a montage of chains hanging off her hips. It was hard to tell from this shot but there was something on her midriff that might have been a large piercing or perhaps an oddly placed belt buckle. There was some kind of band tight around her neck, but again the camera couldnt resolve it well from this angle. Every aspect of her dress and posture screamed death metal teen. She was particularly interested in the waterfall and stood contemplating it alone for a few minutes.

He finally got a good look at Sabrina. She was a stunning seductress of a woman. She had short, stylishly cut slut-red hair that matched her come-fuck-me-red lipstick. She was dressed in an outfit that would have been more suited to a Lovers Lane commercial than a night in the back yard with friends. It was a loose black gauzy material over a solid white bikini that barely hid anything in the first place, tied around her waist with a black rope cord ending in small bells that jingled when she moved too quickly.

Sabrina and Angel explored the yard together talking about their landscaping plans. It was interesting to see their movement from above, but clearly hear their voices from the other side of the fence. When everything was quiet in the area he could hear conversational talking from any point in the yard, but if the hottub was on he could only hear the conversation within it, so he took up a position nearest the hottub which also put him near the pool area.

Sabrina was clearly the owner of the house. She kept telling Angel about her plans to develop the yard as a meeting area for her business, which apparently included throwing a ton of parties with “the girls.” She detailed how she intended to set up different areas of the yard for different categories and he was caught a bit off guard when she mentioned having a dildo stand near the willow tree so the branches can act as a curtain for shy ladies who want to try out the products. He listened closely to the conversation that followed.

“That reminds me, hey Kali”

“Yea” from across the yard. He watched her walk over to the hottub area on his iPad.

“Sabrina is hosting one of her parties this Friday and I think it best that you not be home.”

“Seriously? I dont have anywhere else to go, its not like Ive made friends in the like 10 hours weve lived here. Why not just let me come, I mean its just sex Angel.”

“You know you cant come Kali. Your sister still thinks youre too young even though you are 18 now." Sabrina rolled her eyes, "Besides, there will be liquor there and I don't want any underage drinking." Sabrina finished sternly.

Angel's dulcet voice sounded cajoling as she said "I know you dont know anyone, sis, but I asked around the nurses station and one of them has a brother thats into all that gaming stuff you like. She said he has a game on Fridays that you are welcome to join. I think its a good opportunity for you to meet you.”

“Not everyone that plays games is like me you know, most of them are just dorks with nothing better to do because they cant get girlfriends. “

“Well, thanks to you now they can,” Sabrina quipped. They all laughed, like tinkling bells in the night.

“Besides, the nurse let slip that she thinks their game is just a cover to smoke pot and eat Doritos so I think youll fit right in.” Her voice sounded disapproving and he was glad she apparently was not into those nasty drugs also.

“Naw, Doritos suck.” They all laughed again.

“Listen, I cant show up empty handed, Ill need to bribe my way into the circle with a big bag of Doritos and Ill need gas for my car to get there. Any way I can get some bribe money to go along with this?”

“Ill tell you what, this yard needs a lot of work to be ready for my party, if you are willing to help out with that Ill pay you enough to buy a bag of Doritos big enough to bribe your way to dungeon master.” Sabrina offered.


“The real estate agent said the pool and hottub should already be clean and ready to use, do you guys want to go for a night swim?” offered Angel.

He watched and listened as they went in to change into swimwear and fumble with the tub controls until it roared into life with their exclamations of joy. It was a bit dark to see the details of their swimwear, but both Angel and Sabrina were in bikinis and Kali was in a black one piece with mesh around the midriff. He heard them hiss as they adjusted to the hot water and watched them settle in. He tuned out their chatter about the move and their plans for the yard and just watched them enjoy the tub while, unbeknownst to them, he silently caressed himself.

“I think that pool is big enough for laps, I want to swim a few before bed and see how I like it. I might not even need to find a community pool if it is.” Kali said as she climbed out of the tub and expertly dove headfirst into the in ground pool. He could hear her splashing as she swam back and forth but it wasnt loud enough to prevent him from hearing Angel hiss “Wait no, Kali is right there, it would be really weird to do that with my sister so close to us.”

“She can't hear or see anything from in the pool, and I want to try out a few of my water toys before the party. Part your legs my little angel.” He listened intently and peered at the frustratingly small image on his iPad but he simply couldnt see or hear much of this unbelievable scene playing out just feet from where he sat eagerly straining. He caught what he thought was a moan, then another that sounded like something hurt a little. Then Sabrina said “There, its in, now check this out, this model inflates while its inside, see?” he heard Angel moan again. “You like that huh? It gets better.”

He couldnt tell how it got better but a moment later he could definitely hear Angels moans and a little splashing in the tub as she moved rhythmically. The moaning got louder and the splashing more frantic until Kalis angry voice unexpectedly shattered the moment. He hadnt even noticed that the sound of her splashing had stopped until she said “Seriously? Youre fucking my sister with me 10 feet away? Thats disgusting, Im going inside to give you perverts some PRIVACY!” and she stomped off into the house dripping wet. A few moments later angry death metal rattled the house windows.

“Well that was embarrassing.” said Angel.

“Do you want me to stop? Now that we do have privacy?”

“No, no I dont. I need it now.”

“I brought something else out to try. Turn around, kneel here and put your hands up against the fence.”

He watched her grab something long and white out of her bag, straps dangled off the end of it.

“You know thats too big, it just wont fit in me yet. I only just started getting used to having anything in me at all, and that simply wont fit there,” whimpered Angel, her face mere inches from the other side of the fence. It sounded like she was talking right to him.

Sabrina obviously wasnt listening to her plea. He watched her strap the dildo around her waist and pull Angels bikini bottom off, then position herself behind her and lean over her back. He could hear her voice almost as close as Angels saying. “Ill give you the choice then, we can either try to make it fit your cunt, or I can pound your ass with it since we both know it will fit there.”

He heard Angel grunt as Sabrina forced it into which ever hole she picked. It sounded like the first few thrusts hurt Angel but before long she was begging for Sabrina to go harder and faster. The planks of the privacy fence rattled with each forceful thrust, in moments Angel was slamming her hands into the boards in a frenzy.

“Arch your back and lean against me. I want to squeeze those beautiful tits of yours.” Directed Sabrina, and he watched as Angel shifted position and laid back against Sabrinas shoulder. He now had a great shot of Sabrinas hands grabbing and squeezing Angels breasts to use as leverage for more powerful thrusts.

"Harder, please squeeze them harder.”

“I dont want to hurt you my little angel.”

“Please hurt me, harder please. Please I need it!” She begged.

Evidently Sabrina complied, he heard Angel yelp in pain, then he heard her moans turn to sobs. So did Sabrina, who stopped thrusting and held Angel in her arms.

"Say it" sobbed Angel

"Angel, I love you..."

"Then say it for me, I need to hear it." pleaded Angel

"You're a good girl my little angel, a very good girl." said Sabrina in a heavily practiced but reluctant sounding voice.

He sat silently, shocked in his own wet pool as the women climbed out of the tub and went inside for the night. He couldnt have asked for more perfect neighbors.

Chapter 3-The set up

He dug out all of his old equipment and sorted it into working and broken piles. He was now coming to regret letting out his rage and frustration in his cutting edge recording studio. The boom mic was broken, he already knew that much, but that wouldnt be of much use for this anyway. Of the seven working cameras only three were small enough to have any hope of hiding them. He was most disappointed to find that his favorite little camera disguised as sunglasses was snapped in half and completely unusable for its intended purpose. However the camera was only in one eye so the wearer could still see, and the camera side was functional just a bit beat up. He could still receive the wireless video feed, though no audio signal came through. There was even a pretty clear image considering the scratches in the lens.

Hiding one in the willow tree was a must, and would probably be the easiest location to conceal a small camera amid the branches. He wanted one that could get an unobstructed close up of the hottub and that would be more difficult to pull off without being noticed. There was a stable looking tree branch that hung near the tub, but it was too thin to conceal a camera at the angle needed. He wondered if they had had enough time to find all of the decorations that the Hendersons left behind in their garden and if they would notice a new bird feeder that hadnt been there before. This one would be the trickiest, since he would have to get one that could fit the sunglass camera without obstructing its view while still hiding the fact that there is half a pair of broken sunglasses jammed inside.

For the last one he wanted a shot of the area Sabrina had cleared in the middle of the yard and thought the waterfall would be an ideal viewpoint and a good site for concealing the largest of the cameras. The waterfall face was a hollow plastic façade that looked like rocks. It would be easy to conceal a hole the size of the camera lens and mount it inside without disturbing it enough for anyone to notice.

He watched their movements for the next few days to get a feel for their schedules. Sabrina and Angel were gone for most of the day, leaving together at 8 am. Angel left each day wearing a nurses uniform, Sabrina a sexy business suit. At 5:15 pm, a green sedan with a baby on board sticker in the rear window drops Angel off back home. She usually changes clothes into a t shirt and jeans and, 10 minutes later, sprints out to a white Taurus driven by a young, unattractive male with dirty blonde hair. The Taurus has a bumper sticker for the local university in the back window. Judging by the time and distance to the school, she has a 5:30 pm class that meets every evening. The same blonde guy drops her off at 8:10 pm each night and watches her walk to the door and go in before leaving. Shes not your type buddy. Sabrina gets home just a few minutes later, usually between 8:15 pm and 9:00 pm. She doesnt stick to the same rigid schedule that Angel has. Kali rarely left for more than an hour, and spent a great deal of her time at home working in the yard. It was hard for him to find a good time to sneak in and hide his cameras during the daylight. He only had a window of about 10 minutes after Angel and Sabrina left before Kali came outside, which wasnt nearly long enough to conceal and position each camera. He watched her intently, growing frustrated by her presence, as he looked for an opening where he would be guaranteed a few hours of privacy.

Every morning she came outside with her hair wrapped up in a towel like silly women do when they get out of the shower. She was pretty enough, not anything like her sister but thats not a fair comparison. She did not, however, look flattering with her hair in a fuzzy green towel, wearing dirty mud stained work clothes and oversized rubber gardening gloves. She always blasted that god-awful death metal, and even worse, she would sing along with it, which mainly consisted of screaming profanity in an off-key grating voice. The cacophony put his teeth on edge, even with his windows closed to the fragrant spring breezes that he cherished. She was a drug addict too; she spent most of her day smoking joint after joint in the backyard. Evidently Sabrina wouldnt allow her to smoke drugs in the house so she decided it was ok to skunk up the neighborhood. She was not a great worker either, taking frequent breaks to lounge in the sun playing on her cell phone. It was not like she needed a tan as she was of mixed race, much darker skinned than Angel, who was fair as milk. He was beginning to hate Kali, and wished she would just leave already so he could concentrate on getting cameras in place to see more of Angel and the rest of the party.

Admittedly, the yard looked fantastic after three days of her working on it. She had an artistic approach to taming the wilderness that was intriguing. Some of the wilderness was allowed to stay, creating nooks and hollows where people could get a semi-private moment. Thorny bushes threatened the feet of walkers that strayed off the path to the waterfall, as though the yard was forcing its guests to pay homage to its flowing majesty before allowing them access to its other wonders. Kali also crafted tendrils from vines and fallen branches and set them up so they appeared to be reaching for peoples seats at tables and swings, and up the side of the hottub. From his attic window, it had a haunting but surreal quality to it, like it would make a good scene for a horror movie featuring a plant monster.

He needed to get her out of the house for a while. Tomorrow was Thursday and he was running low on time. Sabrina would surely stay home on Friday to set up for the party so tomorrow was his last chance. He was desperate and short on ideas, so he had to resort to something crude.

Thursday morning he watched, bleary eyed, from his front window as Sabrina and Angel pulled out of the drive, then halted in the street. Sabrina pulled the car off the road and Angel ran back inside the house. A few minutes later Angel ran back out to the car and they left. He waited anxiously for several minutes until Kali emerged, hair stupidly wrapped in a hideous frayed beach towel. She stomped to her car and bent down to look at the flat tire. When she stood she kicked the innocent car in rage and swore loud enough for him to clearly hear her profanity in his living room. She went back inside and stayed there for a while. He waited and hoped this plan would work. He needed to get some sleep and was getting angry that Kali was making him wait so long.

Finally she emerged again, fully dressed and decked out in her unique style of dead whore wrapped in chains. He enjoyed watching her struggle to jack up the car and exchange the tire that he had pushed a nail through for the spare in her trunk. When she was reduced to tears because she couldnt get one of the lug nuts loose, he was torn between impatience at her ineptitude and satisfaction that no one stopped to help her. Evidently everyone else agreed that she was a useless whorebag who deserved to suffer.

Eventually it came loose with a deafening screech of metal on metal that sounded like it was straight out of one of those awful songs of hers. Still, it took her ages to finish, and he was afraid that he would nod off as she was leaving and miss his only opportunity. He felt the rage building in him, and focused it all against that black-hearted slut. He used it like fuel to keep himself awake and alert. He started an audible rant of "Just leave. Stupid bitch. Just leave. Get out of here. For god's sake just go you fucking cunt! Get the fuck out of here you devil worshipping slut! Leave! Leave! LEAVE! Go fuck your master in hell or something just GET OUT OF HERE!" His voice was getting louder with each word. Kippers perked up and looked around alarmed. He realized that if he kept it up she would be able to hear him before long. He bit his lip until he tasted his own blood flowing around his teeth and started punching a pillow in the sofa as hard as he could until he was panting with the exertion.

When the rage subsided he again looked out the window. She was gone. Fuck! How long ago did she leave? That bitch distracted him so he would miss her exit and he would be less sure of how long he had to work. He hastily got started. He was obsessively aware of that lost time, and dwelling on it stressed him out and made him lose focus. A running mantra of rage and hatred toward that bitch blocked his mind from concentrating on the task at hand, which slowed him down even more and fueled his rage.

Concealing the waterfall camera was particularly difficult to pull off. That stupid slut had purposefully arranged every branch, rock, and fish, and would certainly realize if anything had been moved. Still, it offered a perfect vantage point and was worth the effort. He realized it was taking him too long and he got nervous. She would be home any minute now. He had to finish it and get back home before she did. He knew he hadnt done a perfect job but hoped it would be good enough for the party. Maybe he would get another chance to fix it later before anyone looked too closely.

He returned home with a feeling of dread, certain she would pull up at the very moment he left her yard. He made it home safely and checked his equipment carefully to be sure everything was working properly. He had finally done it, and the shots were perfect, but he retained a feeling of dread. He dwelled on his resentment toward Kali for spoiling what should have been a triumphant moment of accomplishment after three long days of preparation and planning. He finally got to sleep and didnt wake again until the early morning hours of Friday.

Chapter 4-Anticipation

He started his watch well before any of them woke up, too excited to contain himself. He could think of nothing else, and could not concentrate on anything that might make the time pass quicker. Never in his life had he felt such hopeful anticipation, like a small child on Christmas morning or a virgin watching his lover unzip her dress. He badly wanted to jerk off so he could pass the time and alleviate some of the tension, but he abstained. He relished the feeling of wanting as well as the knowledge that he could withstand it; control it. He could wait and savor his reward rather than spoiling it by indulging too early. He gave himself to the need and let it consume him. His hands were shaking like an addicts a week from his last fix. He could taste metal in the back of his throat and it didnt wash away with breakfast, which seemed tasteless and bland. He went to the basement and did jumping jacks, pushups, and handstands to work off some of his nervous energy. When he was spent, he rested against the wrought iron wall that separated half of the basement into a large cage. Kippers was sleeping in the corner of the cage. He noticed that the food bowl was getting low and filled it up, which woke Kippers up. After his breakfast Kippers was insistent that they watch the dawn outside in the yard, so he brought his equipment out and set up his post for a long, perfect day.

He had been right, Sabrina stayed home on Friday to arrange the yard into themed stands for her guests. She used the privacy nooks Kali had crafted as dressing rooms for lingerie, and set up the dildo stand under the willow tree as she had planned with Angel. One of the fountains in the corner now served a new purpose as a multi-tiered rack for nearly a hundred bottles of lubricants that swam in the crystal clear water. She set up the old branching tree in the far right corner as a bondage stand by draping it in Japanese silk ropes, gleaming silver chains, and so many handcuffs it seemed she was trying to convince her guests that they grow on trees. Tables were set up underneath it with a wide assortment of tantalizingly unresolved objects. He felt a terrible pang of disappointment that she hadnt mentioned that particular nook to Angel. It was barely visible in the overhead shot and none of the other cameras even pointed in its direction.

Sabrina and Kali both fell into fits of giggles when Kali strapped the biggest, blackest dildo in Sabrinas collection onto an innocent-looking angel statue that guarded the fountain nearest the dildo stand. Sabrina was so taken with the idea that she did the same to each of the other seven angels that guarded the four fountains at the corners of the yard. Kali then went around to the statues and dressed each in a style appropriate to the nearest nooks. He was again disappointed when he could not see the statue nearest the bondage nook in the far right corner. The porch was being filled with tables for foods like strawberries, cucumbers, and chocolates. Sabrina brought out a large, elegant wine rack carved in the shape of a naked woman with no distinct facial features.

Around mid-afternoon he was feeling pretty good. He had spent the day idling in the shade watching the women set up an amazing fantasy scene for him to enjoy and, better yet, record. He had his camera set to the dildoberry tree and was lazily stroking himself as he fantasized about the women who would avail themselves of this elaborate set up. When he felt he was getting too close to spoiling the main course he switched to a different camera angle. The waterfall camera was a perfect shot. He would see a close up of each guest as they came down from the porch like he was sitting at the end of a runway. It also had a splendid view of the clearing Sabrina had made for demonstrating the toy selection. He was very proud that he had managed to get that shot even with that interfering bitch trying to throw him off his game.

He switched to the bird feeder cam and was alarmed to see that it no longer pointed to the hottub. Now he had a view of half of the porch and the side of the house. While he could clearly see the strawberries and cucumbers laid out on the table, he had no hope of getting anything but a glimpse of the women's hands as they stuffed themselves with food. He was silently furious, and again tasted blood as he bit through his lip.

He knew how this had happened, he just knew it was that interfering whore, that cunt, that devil spawned little bitch and he hated her for it. He watched the recording from the attic cam until he saw it. Kali noticed the feeder and slowly reached for it. She examined it for a minute, then looked around the yard. She placed it in different areas and stood back to admire its effect. For a moment, just one fleeting moment, she placed it in perfect view of the bondage tree. She looked at it there the longest and even walked away a few steps as though she would leave it there, but tripped over a bag of toys that she had carelessly left lying in the middle of the yard, lazy cunt. She looked inside the bag and found a long braided whip that she experimented with for a moment, hitting herself on the legs and back soundlessly. How he wished he were the one holding that whip right then, oh how he would punish her for this new affront. She eventually decided to coil the whip around the branch she had hung the bird feeder on and carried it thoughtlessly to the porch where she simply stuck it somewhere people wouldnt look at it. He let the disappointment wash through him as he watched the image swing back and forth until it stabilized.

He would not let this ruin his perfect day. He still had three cameras, and the hottub is the most visible area in the overhead shot. Besides, most of the interesting stuff will be happening under the frothing water anyway. He decided to take this in stride and recollected himself, but he could not recover that feeling of exuberant joy that had buoyed him through the day. Now he felt compromised and couldnt avoid letting his resentment toward Kali grow. He slipped into the house to take a shower, hoping to wash away his disappointment.

The shower helped. He felt revitalized, and he resumed contemplating the exciting night ahead of him, as did his cock, which had returned to its ready position. He settled back into his spot against the plank fence that smelled pleasantly of wood and varnish. It was growing later and the shadows were getting long across the yard. Soon his precious Angel would be home and that filled him with a bright feeling of anticipation that was so profoundly moving he wondered if he was falling in love with her. He ached and throbbed when he thought of her shining blond hair flowing in the wind and her little sobs of pain as Sabrina ass-rammed her against his fence. He did not get to see her often because she was too busy saving lives and getting an education to spend much time in the yard. So far he had only been blessed with brief glimpses as Angel came and went and one glorious night when she decided to study outside on the swing for an hour before Kalis death metal music drove her inside to shut it off. Now he would get a whole night of watching her and other horny women abandon themselves to a man-free sex festival. Even Kali couldnt ruin this for him, especially since she wouldnt be around.

He didnt see Angel pull up in the Mustang, but heard the engine before it shut off. Every fiber of his being was alert to any sound from that direction, and he watched eagerly for her to enter the yard. Kali and Sabrina were not currently around. Good. He could be alone with his Angel for a minute. She entered through the gate bearing so much baggage he couldnt even see her face. Her shirt snagged on the latch and several bags went tumbling to the ground with a shattering sound that made Angel freeze, then drop all of the other bags in a panic to pick up the first ones. He reflexively stood up as though to help her before realizing he could not easily come to her aid. She pulled out a pair of beautiful clear glass angel statuettes. One of them had a shattered wing. He watched her struggle to carry her loads into the yard, unpack and place the items. Her movements suggested she was in a bad mood. He wished he could help and comfort her as she so obviously needed.

After the hard work was finished, Kali came out into the yard holding a partially eaten ice cream cone in one hand and texting someone in the other. “Hey Angel” she said casually without even looking away from her phone.

“Why didnt you come help me when I got home?” Angel asked indignantly. “I ended up dropping the bags coming in and broke Sabrinas favorite candle holders. Then I had to set up all of this stuff up by myself while you were apparently eating ice cream and talking to friends.”

Kali stopped short and took up an aggressive stance that was foiled by the dripping ice cream cone in one hand. “And thats my fault is it? That you are too stupid to know how many bags you can carry, or to bother to come ask for help? And as for having to do something yourself, who do you think did most of the work setting this yard up?”

“About that. This  yard looks like a horror movie with all of these menacing branches threatening the guests and ugly thorn bushes on the path. We are trying to arouse them, not scare them. I was thinking roses and lilies, not Little Shop of Horrors.”

The bitchs voice dripped with venom as she spat the words “Roses and lilies? Seriously? These people are not coming here to bake a fucking cake. They are coming to live dangerously, get thrilled, and have lesbian sex. Fear is a hell of a lot better at arousing people than boredom Angel, and that lily white shit doesnt do it for most people. Besides, Sabrina loves it, so fuck off. No one cares what you think, and dont attack my art just because you're mad that I wasnt waiting at the gate for you. It is NOT my job to wait on you hand and foot, and be ready to serve you when needed.”

There was a tone to that last line that indicated finality. Neither girl spoke again while they worked. Angel had brought some interesting medical instruments and a fold up hospital bed to set up a kinky doctors office near the costume nook. He might have liked a close up of that area as well if he had known about it. He was happy to see Angel take over the decorations on the swing to create a white-draped nook with roses and lilies scenting the air. A private haven for purity and beauty amidst the debauchery. Even Kali expressed admiration for it, even if only for its irony. Her remark was apparently enough penance for Angel, and the tension between them eased.

They were just starting to chatter about their boring days when Sabrina came out of the house in costume. Kali pulled Angel to the waterfall and encouraged Sabrina to give them a little runway dance to show off. Thank you whore, thats the first good thing youve done yet. Sabrina was in a dominatrix leather suit. Her voluptuous body was wrapped in criss-crossed black leather straps that mostly served to bolster her curves rather than hide anything. Under the straps she wore a mesh body suit that covered everything from her neck down including her hands. He would, however, wager that there were access slits where it counted. Her pierced nipples strained against the mesh where they poked through the leather latticework that held her huge breasts out in front of her. The straps weaved over her torso and arms, where they ended at the wrists in a silver spiked buckled cuff. As they descended her midriff, the straps thinned in number, until only two remained that squeezed the mound between her thighs. The snaps gleamed at the camera as though winking at him from their prized position.  Around her neck was a black posture collar that held her head upright in a formal, but graceful posture. There were numerous instruments of punishment tucked into all of those straps that caressed her. As she danced down the runway, a cat o' nine tails and a multi-colored flogger flared out from either hip and gently smacked her strap-free ass cheeks. At first he thought her knee-high black leather boots had spurs, but quickly realized that she had tucked a couple of Wartenberg pinwheels into the boot straps. A long whip was tangled around her, artfully ending with the handle tucked into her left boot top. Her vivid red hair and lips made a startling contrast to the midnight black leather. She was every sexual fantasy in the flesh; she knew it, and she used it. As she slowly danced her way to him she pulled out a small black paddle and gave herself clearly audible spanks in time with the music in her head.

By the time she finished her dramatic entrance with applause and cat calls from the audience, the urge to spoil his evening was almost too strong to resist. It was straining, throbbing, and kept ejecting little spurts of cum to relieve the building pressure. It was painful to resist, but he managed by pouring his iced tea on it to lessen the aching need.

The girls had been talking, but he didnt catch their words as he suffered from the deluge. Angel was trying to get Kali to leave, but she was insisting that there was more set up to do. Sabrina had disappeared into the house again, to return with a standing podium that was a bit too big for her to manage. Angel was off camera, but Kali was front and center admiring the waterfall again. She was closest and ran to help Sabrina pull the podium into the yard.

"Im not sure where to put the order books so that everyone can get to them." said Sabrina

"Why not in front of the waterfall?" suggested Kali, "It's right in the middle."

"I'd rather not crowd the walkway with it though."

He was momentarily relieved, as the podium might interfere with his shot of the runway.

"What? No, listen..." shut up you useless cunt! "think about how fun it was to dance down the runway to your cheering audience. It was fun for us to cheer you on too. This is the one spot you do want a waiting crowd. They can get dressed up in the nook over there and then dance down the runway while people waiting to order cheer them on. It will also give your guests a reason hover around the order book browsing if they know their friend is about to come down the path. Its like putting candy at the checkout lane; people buy more stuff when they are idly waiting with nothing better to do than consider how they want to spend their husbands money.”

“Ok, youve sold me, mostly because this thing is too heavy for me to move without your help and the waterfall is close by.”

He hoped against hope that they would not block his shot, but he was again bitterly, inconsolably disappointed when they settled it directly in front of his cameras niche in the rock façade. Not only did it block the runway, but now all he could see was the wooden back of that fucking piece of shit podium.

With great effort and more blood from his lip he contained his anger until he was in the safety of his soundproofed basement. That money grubbing whore! He heard that line about spending her husbands money, the gold digging little fucktard. Of course shed be too fucking stupid and lazy to work for her own money like Angel does and thinks she can just marry some rich moron who will give her a credit card.

He calmly walked into the cage and latched the door before he let the familiar rage consume him. It started as a litany of hatred against the bitch but soon escalated to the point that words failed him and he devolved into incoherent grunting and screaming. He smashed everything contained in the cage, but destroying Kippers' few earthly possessions did not make him feel better. In fact it made him feel guilty that he had hurt the only companion he had because he could not control himself. The shame washed over him and he curled up in the corner and sobbed. All of his exuberant joy was gone, not even a memory of it remained in his hollow chest. His dream, his fantasy, all his hard work and patience was spoiled; ruined by that bitch-whore-slut-fucking-cunt Kali. Why couldnt she have just left when Angel pleaded with her to remove her foul presence from the yard. Didnt she know that no one wanted her around to destroy their work? Shes a useless, self-serving, interfering, satan-fucking cunt. Sabrina didnt even want it there, Kali made her put it there just to interfere with his shot again! It was her. All her! She was ruining his perfect night. Thank god she was leaving for the actual party. Maybe he could forget about her and still enjoy something of the reward that she had snatched from him.

Chapter 5- The party

He brought himself back under control by taking another shower, but this time he could not recapture the festive mood. Kali had thankfully departed by the time he had settled back in to his spot. The first wave of guests had already arrived and were signing in at the hateful podium. He now had only the attic cam to watch until someone braved the dildoberry tree, so he resignedly settled in to watch the tiny women's movements around the yard. They started off traveling in small packs to sample the variety of nooks. Sabrina and Angel, who had changed into a sexy nurses outfit that looked very similar to the one she wore for work, mingled among the packs as guests arrived in twos and threes. He could hear some nervous, soft-voiced chatter among the crowd, but nothing clear or interesting. Angel also seemed to notice the quiet tense conversation. He picked her voice out of the crowd telling Sabrina that Kali had mentioned seeing an audio in port on the yard light controls and thought there might be a speaker system you could plug an ipod into. She disappeared into the house and a few moments later death metal blared over the yard in a shocking wave of noise that was quickly silenced. The crowd broke into nervous laughter at the technical glitch and noticeably loosened up by the time Angel had some soft music going to caress the guests' battered ears. 

The music made it harder for him to distinguish individual conversations, but the women were talking more confidently now and he could pick out tantalizing fragments that helped spur on his imagination.

“Look at this one, it goes in both holes at once. I have always wondered what that would feel like…”

“He is always asking me to dress up for him. I bet he would love this French maid outfit…”

“I love Sabrinas outfit! Think I could get her to give me a few spanks with that paddle?”

He let the conversation pass over him, pulling out the snippets of interest while he tried to rekindle his longing without much success.

When about 40 guests had arrived and were milling about the yard, Sabrina and Angel slipped away into the house. A few moments later the music abruptly changed to a sexy rhythm with heavy bass. Angel made her way down the runway in her skimpy nurses outfit, making a show of playing with her stethoscope to listen to her heart beat through her heaving breasts. Her hair flowed around her like a liquid curtain of gold as she danced. She used that curtain like a skilled fan dancer to hide and reveal sensual areas for the greatest effect. Blood pounded in his ears and his heart raced. His stomach felt as though he had fallen from a five story building only to be saved by an Angel swooping in to catch him. His admiration of her beauty was only spoiled by an errant longing to have seen her dance from the waterfall viewpoint.

Sabrina followed Angel down the runway with a repeat performance of her earlier one-woman porno, which was decidedly less interesting on the attic cam. He still shivered every time he heard the paddle making contact with the tight flesh of her gorgeous ass. The audience was going wild, whistling and cat calling, until they organized into a chanting chorus of “spank me, no spank me” presumably inspired by an old Monty Python skit that also ended with unrequited desire. He squinted to see Sabrina giving paddle swats to any girl that presented her ass while standing directly in front of the podium. He could even catch glimpses of the paddle swing around the edge of the podium from the waterfall camera. When the ass paddling line dried up, Sabrina commanded their attention while she addressed them from the end of the runway.

“I think I'm required to start off our night by giving you a lecture on female empowerment, so here it is. Most of you grew up with this notion that sex is dirty and that, as a woman, you shouldn't want it. Moreover, if you get it you shouldn't enjoy it because if you do youre a slut. Only men are allowed to want sex and give in to their instinctual need for fulfillment. Only men are allowed to get pleasure from this beautiful act, so when they climax the sex just stops. Sound familiar? Who do you think came up with these cultural rules about who is and who is not allowed to take pleasure in carnal acts? With rules like these I would bet the farm it was a man. But who enforces them? It was your mother and your sisters and your best girlfriends in high school who called each other sluts and whores for taking pleasure from such filthy acts. They say its better that sex be used as a tool to manipulate a man than be enjoyed equally by both partners. Some women think they can only get their man to do their bidding if they use sex as a carrot and for that to work it must be scarcely offered.

The truth is that sex is healthy. Enjoying sex is healthy. My wife Angel is a nurse, and she is doing a research project through the university to catalogue the positive effects that a good sex life has on wellness: physically, emotionally, and socially. The truth that your mother didn't know, but that we do know, is that using sex as a tool for manipulation destroys a relationship. It builds resentment in a man, and requires that the woman deny that she is interested in sharing the pleasurable experience with her partner and so she doesnt. He often sees this as a sign that she simply cant be pleased or is rejecting him, and he eventually stops trying altogether.

In contrast, a healthy give and take in the bedroom has been shown to be essential for a happy marriage and it is not just about how often a couple is intimate. The level of reciprocity was the strongest indicator of the length and happiness of a marriage. These couples reported that they were more in love, that their partners were more thoughtful and helpful around the house, that their children were happier and more successful, and unsurprisingly, that their partners were more faithful.

Healthy sex starts with you. You must be open to the idea that you are allowed to enjoy sex, moreover, that you deserve pleasure and fulfillment. Now it is not as easy for a woman to achieve fulfillment as it is for a man. They just need a Sears catalogue and something warm to rub against and they are all set. A woman's pleasure takes finesse, intimacy, trust, and a deep connection. Pleasing a woman takes time, effort and toys. Tonight I want to teach you how use these toys so you can go home and instruct your lover. Together you can enjoy all of the benefits that a healthy sex life brings, not the least of which is the mind-blowing sex itself.

There is not a formal structure to the party. Anything in a package is for sale, simply keep a running list in the order book. Anything out of a package already is marked and can be used for demonstrations so long as good hygiene practices are observed. Angel and I will gladly assist in demonstrations, but be warned that anything you open, you have bought. I will host a short demonstration of my featured products over here that will last about an hour. Feel free to wander away at any time to visit any of the nooks or grab wine or munchies from the porch. Angel asks that anyone who would like to use the doctors nook seek her out first. Safety is of course our first priority. If any medical emergencies arise Angel is a registered nurse and first responder but we still ask that someone dials 911 if appropriate.

Aside from all of that, there is only one rule tonight, and it is a sacred one. The smallest infringement of it is punishable by immediate removal and a permanent ban from all events. No one is to be forced into anything they are not comfortable with. To this end we have a safe word for tonight, Bonanza. When that safe word is uttered by anyone in your vicinity for any reason, you must stop everything you are doing and casually walk away to give the utterer a moment of privacy. If she requires assistance, please find Angel or myself and we will tend to her. This is a proven system and I will not tolerate even the slightest infraction against it. So remember, if you hear the word Bonanza you are to immediately stop what you are doing and walk away.”

About half of the group picked up on it and turned to walk away. The other half looked around stupidly for a moment and then started giggling when they finally understood. Everyone hastened to disperse and grab a good spot to watch the demonstration hour.

He had nearly nodded off during her woman's pleasure rant that was just an excuse to indulge in their perversions. Like they needed some justification to cheat on their husbands and spend their money on plastic replacement cocks. But now they were moving to the demonstration area and he perked up to watch them jockey for position nearest their mistress in black leather. One woman left her seat to grab some wine only to return to an occupied chair. She looked exasperated for a moment but then he clearly heard the word Bonanza and watched as all of the women laughingly vacated the clearing including Sabrina herself. The utterer reclaimed her seat and took a theatrical moment to compose herself before waving the all clear sign that allowed the guests to return to their spots.

“Sorry Nancy, guess you get to stand. Ill tell you what, you can be my first volunteer if youre willing.” Sabrina said as the women settled back in. Everyone was immensely enjoying the joke and the atmosphere, and probably the wine by now. From the attic viewpoint he could not see the items Sabrina held up in front of her. Soon he could hardly even make out her sales pitch amidst the chatter of the party goers, the music, and the occasional spanking sounds from the bondage tree that remained frustratingly out of focus. Sadly, no one availed themselves of the dildoberry tree during Sabrinas demonstration, and the strips of colored fabric Kali had tied into the willow branches prevented the camera from seeing anything except what was under its rainbow dome. He grew bored watching the audience watch Sabrina do interesting stuff that he couldnt see because Kali had to open her stupid cockhole. He focused on each woman in turn and tried to get a sense of them from the little detail that the attic cam could provide. Most of these ladies were wealthy. He recognized brand name stuff that would have made even his grandparents flinch at the price tag. They had the kind of stuff people only buy to show other people that they can afford to waste the money. Sabrina must have quite the reputation to get this group of women all riled up. A few of them seemed less polished. Their hair was in pony tails and they were wearing jeans without even the slightest inkling that they came underdressed. These must be friends of Angel, as they stuck very close together and seemed to hover around Angel whenever she was free.

After the demonstrations were finally finished, the women broke up into small groups of five or less and headed to different areas of the yard. The costume nook was very popular and close enough for the camera to get a good view of each outfit as the women exited and took a turn on the catwalk while onlookers cheered and whistled. Kali seemed to be right that people milling around the end of the walkway encouraged the models to show off their outfits, and models showing off their outfits encouraged people to mill about the order book on the podium. If not for its unfortunate placement he would have hours of footage of gorgeous women dancing toward the camera in sexy outfits, while horny sluts cheered them on and groped them at the end. As it was, a view from the rear of the walk wasnt as interesting but still pretty delightful. The French maid outfit was a hit, as were numerous sexy dominatrix outfits. Quite a few women bought replicas of Sabrinas outfit and wore them into the bondage tree area. Only a few copied Angels sexy nurse motif, but he was sure it was only because they knew they couldnt compare to her exquisite loveliness. He was quite taken in by the one that dressed up in a police uniform, complete with handcuffs. She decided to spend the rest of the evening cuffing women to her belt, their chair, or each other if they held still too long. Another woman saw the cop cuff Sabrina to the porch and quickly said Bonanza, causing everyone to calmly walked away leaving Sabrina stranded. Angel eventually came to her rescue, but she let her struggle for a few minutes first. She was only released after Angel let each person give her one hard lick with her own rainbow flogger, by the end of which Sabrinas eyes were watering. It did not slip his notice that after that scene there were a lot more floggers and cat o' nine tails amidst the audience members. No more than five minutes could pass between the solid thuds of those tails making contact with the soft flesh of a woman.

He often had an excellent vantage point to watch women sneak up on each other with blindfolds or tickling feathers; several more women had picked up on the cop's fun with handcuffs and had their own shackles and leashes to ambush with. At one point Sabrina cornered Angel and the cop talking together near the sex lube fountain and exacted her revenge against both of them by squirting an entire bottle of black licorice flavored lube into their faces and clothes. Both squealed in laughter and grabbed their own bottles and chased Sabrina all across the yard squirting at her and catching a good number of bystanders off guard with the jets of fragrant cunt juices. Several of these affronted guests resorted to grabbing their own bottles to join in on the hunt, and soon a lube war was playing out as women dashed away from each other to take cover as streams of lube shot out to tag them. Jubilant screams of “Ive been hit,” “She got me,” and “Youll pay for that!” filled the sunset lit yard like a romantic slow motion scene in an old war movie.

Much to his delight, a couple ducked into view of the dildoberry camera. He got a good look at them both as they peered out of the curtain surreptitiously to see if their attacker had followed them. He was excited to see that one of the whores had mimicked Sabrinas dominatrix outfit, while the other was one of the French maids that were flouncing about the party with ticklish feather dusters. The dominatrix was of slight build with mousy hair and a remarkable ass that looked amazing framed in the leather straps that squeezed her cheeks. They explored the area for a few moments, looking at the mind-boggling assortment of plastic cocks that were scattered around the base of the tree and in nooks and crannies. The maid was the first one to notice the dildo set up on a springy, low-hanging branch. She gestured to the dom and they took turns sitting on the branch a ways away from the dildo to test its strength. It was bouncy but did not break under their weight. To his disappointment, neither decided to give the dildo a try just yet. The maid moved over to the hammock filled with dicks while the dom was more interested in the swing that also had a dildo attached to its seat. They spent a few more minutes browsing the selection, but seemed unwilling to sample the products with the other lurking around. They ended up leaving together without giving him much of a show.

It did not take long for Sabrina to sell out of sexy swimwear as women filled the pool and hottub to wash the lubricant off. He heard her ask Angel if it would be alright to sell a few of their personal suits and just buy some new ones over the weekend. Still, there were not enough suits for all of the women that wanted to wash off, so they eventually stripped off their soiled garments and simply went in naked. He could just make out their bouncing breasts in the frothing water. This marked a definite turning point in the mood of the party, from silly and fun to sensual and wild. The pool areas were constantly filled with a rotating cast of entangled limbs, and ladies sitting along the rim with a lovers head parting her legs.

As the night progressed into dusk and the garden lights kicked on with appreciative ohhs and ahhs, the ladies became noticeably more intoxicated. He watched intently as Angel brought out and lit enough scented candles to pose a fire risk. Sweet smells filled the air that reminded him of vanilla and cinnamon and female musk depending on which direction the breeze was blowing. After she set the mood, Angel brought a tray of wine-filled goblets to the hottub and pool since the ladies there couldnt easily get their own. She was so kind and helpful, a perfect hostess. She had changed out of her soiled nurse's outfit and into a loose flowing white gauze that clearly showed every detail of her naked perfection beneath it. Her milk white skin barely contrasted with the outfit, and every time she passed in front of a light her body was silhouetted in a way that hid nothing.

He tracked her movements around the party and took particular interest when she was pulled over to the medical nook by a pretty black woman that was wearing a thong swimsuit still damp from the pool. He watched as Angel undressed the patient and slipped a white backless dress onto her which resembled a hospital gown, if hospital gowns were made of slinky satin. The hospital bed was between the waterfall and the pool area in a small open clearing near the far side of the lawn from the camera. He had a pretty open view of the bed, but the angle was not ideal for seeing the details of Angel's movements with her patient. It didnt take very long before Angel had her in stirrups so she could probe her with various medical devices and her own latex gloved hands. The patients enthusiastic moans carried over the conversational din and drew the party goers attention. A small crowd gathered to watch her epic climax from Angels skilled ministrations. “I pronounce you cured!” Intoned Angel triumphantly as she handed the patient a goblet of wine and said “Drink this and rest for a moment.” She wandered away for a few moments to refill glasses at the poolside. Several women lingered near the medical nook after that to await her return and browse the instruments neatly arrayed on the table.

He still could not get a clear view of the bondage tree, but suggestive sounds like cries, whimpers, and loud whip cracks kept his eyes drifting toward the area. He noticed that people disbursed from that area for a few moments rather often, presumably due to hearing the word Bonanza. For about an hour he could just make out one woman elaborately tying another into a human cocoon that she strung between two trees limbs.  The bound woman faced downward with her exposed breasts dangling, onto which Sabrina added a pair of heavy duty nipple clamps so she could yank on them every time she passed through the area. Her legs were tied apart to show off her innermost secrets to the women that made a game of buying products from the dildoberry tree to try out on her public-use cunt. The woman held up for a long time, but he eventually watched as everyone disbursed while Angel and Sabrina used safety scissors to cut off all the ropes and help her stretch and regain proper blood flow. Angel walked her over to the medical nook for a thorough examination and a sensual full-body massage using one of the few remaining bottles of lube. Pretty soon there was a line-up of patients complaining about aching muscles.

Women were finally feeling loosened up enough to visit the dildoberry tree for real. Most came alone, but sometimes they visited in pairs. The first serious customer was the French maid from earlier. She had ditched the feather duster and several parts of the outfit and acquired a few rips in the nylons, but the new look was much more appealing to him. It seemed she just had to give the branch a try.  Grabbing a condom from a bowl affixed to a branch point, she quickly slipped it over the cock. She pulled off the shredded remains of her nylons and straddled the branch, carefully positioning her cunt onto the cock and experimentally sitting up to see if it would fit inside. It seemed she liked it because she leaned forward facing the trunk of the tree, like a cat taking a nap on a branch, then crossed her legs around the branch and tucked her feet over the top. Now it seemed she could control the bounce with her feet and used that to give herself a good fast fucking. She held on tightly to the limb with her arms and legs while she furiously thrusted with her hips. She arched her back when she came, giving the camera an excellent shot of her O-face and her exquisite breasts that were covered with leaves and flakes of bark from the tree branch she was frantically humping. The camera also caught something that made him sit straight up in amazement, when this tree fucking slut popped a nut, she actually squirted it all over the tree limb. She came with three spurts of high pressure cum juices, and the camera had a perfect view of it gushing out to splash over the defiled bark. He was amazed when tree slut still wasnt satisfied. She got up and turned around to straddle the plastic dick with her back to the tree trunk and her feet on the ground. She held onto the branch for leverage and violently bashed her cunt into it, the force of it was evident in how she recoiled and threw her head back. Her eyes were screwed shut and her face was contorted with effort as she repeatedly slammed her cunt onto the branch at an increasing pace that bordered on frantic. She unexpectedly threw her upper body backward, grabbing the trunk of the tree behind her for leverage and grinding her pussy against the wood between her thighs like an insatiable whore. Her pert breasts heaved with the effort, and every line of her body stood out in sharp definition as she strained. Finally she had battered her cunt enough and it relented. Shudders wracked the tree sluts body and fluid pooled into a dark stain on the ground beneath her. The filthy whore had sprayed her cunt juice all over the dildoberry nook. He wished he could rub her nose in it and then make her lick it clean so others could use the equipment without being covered with her stink.

He was disappointed that the mousy-haired dom never returned to investigate the love swing further, but several others did. The first woman, a very tipsy blonde in a two-piece swim suit that was about two sizes too small for her breasts, seemed to have some trouble figuring out how the swing worked and eventually gave it up for a lost cause. She climbed into the hammock where she opened half a dozen boxes to try out the various shapes, sizes, textures, and speeds until she found one that was just right for her to curl up with and quietly please herself as she swung lazily in the hammock. The strings of lights woven through the willow branches above her softly lit the peaceful scene. She was blissfully ignorant of the camera only a few feet above her, which was recording her private moment with the giant fake cock that she was thrusting into her hole. He felt the full power of his position as he watched her climax in slow stages of rising tension. He studied her face, sure that no one would make a face like that if they knew someone else was watching them. He was moved by this quiet, almost entirely uneventful moment, and felt a powerful sense of control and superiority.

There was a gap of several minutes between the blonde and the couple of rug-munchers that came in next. One was a dark-haired, light-skinned Asian woman dressed in a leather dom outfit of a different style than Sabrinas but no less appealing. It was a long-sleeved, short-skirted black dress that laced down the front, exposing  most of her breasts and midriff, with a zipper from the bottom hem to the beginning of the laces. The outfit was completed with 6-inch stiletto boots and a long whip that she was fond of cracking just to hear the sound. She dragged her nearly naked slave by her orange-red hair and tossed her to the ground at the tree base. She cracked the whip and it licked the thigh of the naked slave, whose cuffed hands immediately went to the new welt in reaction. Red lash marks and bruises were visible all over her body, even under the heavy spattering of freckles along her shoulders, evidence of some serious play near the bondage tree. The dom reached down, wrapped the slaves chain leash around her wrist, and used it to yank the slave back onto her feet. She made a show of dragging the naked girl around on a short leash as she browsed the remaining dildos, finally settling on a double-sided strap-on that slid into the wearer as well as the bitch. She directed the slave to do something, but he could only see the gesturing so it took a moment to figure out that the slave was putting a fresh condom onto the dildo attached to the tree branch. He wondered if it was still wet from tree slut's pussy water deluge. He watched with interest as the dom directed her slave to mount the branch, but with her mouth over the cock instead of her cunt. The dom straddled the tree behind the slave and forcefully entered her. Leather-clad breasts kept blocking the view of the dildo disappearing into the slaves slit right before the satisfying moment of resistance, but this teasing simply heighten the experience by adding a glimmer of mystery and a reason to watch closely hoping for that shot. The dom forced the slave to suck the dildo while she fucked her, and twice she pushed the slave's head down onto the cock, gagging her with it, while she pounded into her with the strap on. The dom grabbed her slave's hair and pulled her upright. She pulled out the same type of flogger that Sabrina had demonstrated and hit the slave across the tits with it. The camera caught a perfect shot of her nipple shriveling up into a hard little nub as the skin around it turned beet red from the blow. If he strained, he thought he could hear a thwack right around the time the dom landed a blow onto the slaves freckled skin, but the jets of the hot tub were too loud for him to be certain. The dom forced the slaves legs further apart and flogged her inner thighs and the mound of her cunt mercilessly. As the intensity slowly built the dom dropped the flogger and started sliding her hands up and down the slave's sensual curves until they finally found their home lifting and holding the slaves breasts as they came together. Synchronized rapture spread through the couple visibly, and they collapsed together against the tree trunk to rest.

His cock had finally had enough teasing, and he knew he was past the point of no return when he saw the dom offer him her slave's breasts as though serving him dessert. His own eruption happened merely moments after theirs and was the most powerful he had ever felt. It was agony and ecstasy as everything tensed up in his hips and a high pressure squirt of cum sprayed out like water from a hose that a child was holding a finger over. He felt it splash onto his chest and face but couldnt stop himself from releasing another squirt, this time more of a jet than a spray. The hot stream bathed his naked chest and abdomen. It was becoming too intense to endure, he couldnt relax his straining muscles, and another fairly substantive burst of jizz shot out and made a hot puddle in his belly button. He could finally relax a little and slowly, very slowly, his muscles unlocked and he was able to settle back into his seat. His mind replayed moments from that scene and a little geyser of cum dribbled out in response. He rubbed his warm gooey mess into his skin, admiring the definition of his own muscles and the smooth silky feeling that rubbing his sin all over himself gave him. His cock ached but would not go soft.

He felt sleepy and lethargic for a moment and realized that if he didnt move he would end up missing the rest of the party. He checked in with Angel and Sabrina. The former was still giving massages to guests who bought the lube for it, and the latter was demonstrating the St. Andrew's cross by affixing one of her guests to it. Then he stealthily slipped away from the fence and back into his house to take the third shower of the day.

Chapter 6- Closing time

His shower only lasted 10 minutes, and by the look of it he hadnt missed much. No one had visited the dildoberry tree since the dykes left, and Angel and Sabrina were still engaged in the same tasks as before. Sabrina's guest was now being prominently displayed on the cross while she and another dom he couldnt quite make out took turns beating her with whips, floggers, and paddles. Damn it! He wished he had a better view of that area. He looked around the yard and his eyes stopped at the pool area. Some of the wet harlots had paired off and were fucking each other with the assortment of toys laid out around the pool's edge, but the waters tumultuous surface shrouded the best of it in wavering mystery. He really needed an underwater camera that could capture all of the nasty movements hidden under the surface.

Several people simultaneously got out of the pool and made their way toward the attic camera. They were heading for the costume nook where they each donned a lacy or silky nightie and then headed up the porch to feed each other chocolates and strawberries. He dismissed them for a moment but his eyes were drawn back over to them when he noticed one of the girls sitting on the table with her legs spread wide.  A French Maid filled her cunt with a whole cucumber as the onlookers applauded the talent. He watched, intrigued, as the cucumber was used to fuck the girl silly, then removed in favor of some strawberry teasing that ended with the berry being eaten out of the fruit fuckers pussy. Next the fruit fucker pulled a bottle of champagne off the rack and made a theatrical scene out of thoroughly enjoying it when she rammed it up her cunt and fucked it until she had coated the bottle neck in her cum. Then she popped the cork and, while it was still fizzing out, quickly shoved the bottle back up her cunt. Her partner fucked her with the open bottle for a moment then pulled it out and lapped up the champagne that was fizzing out of her hole. The other girls laughed at the sight of a fizzy face full of pussy and then took turns drinking champagne from the whores cunt. This idea spread like wildfire through the crowd and soon the porch was filled with popping corks, giggling, and frothy bubbles. Sabrinas wine rack was quickly depleted of champagne and Angel hastened to restock it. Returned to a small orgy of cunnilingus on the snack tables, she unobtrusively replaced the empty bottles and took a moment to admire the couples on the porch before moving off to find Sabrina. Sabrina was taken with the idea and they returned to the porch together to experience the sensation for themselves. Angel seemed to really like having champaign inside her, and continued to let others drink of her sweet nectar after Sabrina had her fill.

As the night wore on it was clear many of the sluts were pretty seriously drunk, Sabrina among them. She had stripped off the leather straps and mesh outfit, and was now walking around with nothing on but her knee-high boots and a large black strap-on she had confiscated from an angel statue. She was forcing guests to pay homage to her cock by getting on their knees and kissing it, after which she would gladly give them a good hard fuck with it. Many of the guests were dozing in cuddly heaps at the foot of their last sex act. Others were taking advantage of the thinning crowd to really get perverted. The runway had become a formalized contest for who could be the raunchiest, funniest, or sexiest during their catwalk. Many of the toys were out of stock, and the outfit racks were literally bare. For a moment he lost sight of Angel and nearly panicked. He switched to the dildoberry tree and found her solemnly positioning herself onto the dildo affixed to the branch. It looked like it hurt her at first but after a few painful minutes she was able to adjust to its size. She started off sitting almost upright with her bent knees pistoning her up and down on the cock until her need outgrew her leg strength, then she bent forward, grasped the branch and used it for leverage to give herself a good hard pounding. It was difficult to tell for sure, but her posture suggested that she was taking it up the ass again like last weekend. He stroked himself in time with her thrusts and felt connected to her on a deep level as he came along with her. “Youre a good girl my little angel, a very good girl” he said in a loving and caring voice that he wished Angel could hear. This time a polite pool of cum just flowed from the tip as though respectful of Angels sensitivities. He caressed himself with his warm cum and held her to his chest as she composed herself on the branch.

Angel exited the dildoberry tree to realize that the party was over and those who had not  left yet needed help to get on their way. Diligently, she set about the task of helping each woman find her belongings, complete her order sheet, and secure trustworthy transportation home. It was well past midnight when the last guest left the view of the camera. Angel was gathering the few toys that remained in sellable condition and cleaning up some of the mess that needed immediately attention such as fishing panties out of the hot tub and disposing of the cum drenched leftovers on the porch. Sabrina had dozed off in a comfy chair by a fire that was now just sooty embers.

Shortly after 1 am Kali arrived home and quietly joined Angel in her cleaning efforts. They chatted in low voices so as not to disturb Sabrina while they worked. He didnt catch all of the details, but it seemed that Kali was in love with her new gaming group, especially the boy she called the dungeon master. Angel said she was pleased that Kali was making friends, Sabrina was making money, and that it seemed like it was a perfect night for everyone. He glared malevolently at Kalis image on his iPad and whispered “not everyone.” They all packed up and headed in for bed together.

Chapter 7- New perspectives

He spent the weekend going through his footage, making a montage of the interesting scenes, and planning out where he would install new cameras along the grounds. He knew where he could get hold of some tiny concealable cameras capable of wireless transmission and took a trip to get a dozen of them, as well as three waterproof cameras small enough to hide unobtrusively. He also picked up a new pair of spy glasses and was gratified when these actually looked cool and not clunky like the last set.When he could, he sat by the fence to listen to the women as they cleaned up the warzone aftermath.

"We sold almost all of my stock this time, Ive never had this successful of a party before and hadnt anticipated running out of stuff. This new venue is the best gimmick Ive ever tried, and the investment certainly paid off! I made enough profit this weekend to pay for the mortgage on this house for the next three months. These ladies have large social networks, and everyone left happy, so Im expecting an even higher demand for the next party."

"Is there any way we can increase the number of guests per party?" asked Angel distractedly. "You mentioned that you had a waiting list going already, and we could have handled maybe another 10 women. I noticed thin crowds at some of the stands, like the willow tree, so I think we could increase the number a little to get more consistent attendance in the less popular nooks.”

That would have been nice. He only had five decent scenes from the dildoberry tree and a few casual visitors that werent much to watch. He had envisioned a different slut on each cock with a rotating cast the entire night.

“Do you think Kali would accept if I offered her a more formal job of cleaning, arranging, and setting up my parties? She has quite the talent for it and all of her ideas were great. She was dead on about the podium placement drawing a crowd for the runway. I think that runway sold more outfits in one night than my top ten sale people have this entire year.”

“Yea, she was great. I even heard quite a few ladies talk about how much they loved the tendrils creeping toward them from the nooks. One lady said it was like they were trying to draw her in. I have to remember to tell Kali that, she will really appreciate it.” Angels voice had a wry tone to it that only he understood the significance of, since Sabrina had not been around for the sisterly argument about the tendrils. He liked knowing that in this moment he understood Angel better than her own lover.

He hadnt seen Kali yet this weekend. Her car was gone for most of both days, and when she was home she was avoiding the backyard so she wouldnt have to help clean up. Good. Every time he thought of that bitchcunt the rage threatened to overtake him. Twice already he had to let off some steam in the cage, which was newly stocked with durable metal food dishes for Kippers.

As the weekend drew to a close, he felt the familiar anticipation set in as he impatiently watched for a time when Kali would get off her lazy ass and leave the house. Angel and Sabrina's Monday morning routine passed uneventfully. He waited to see what Kalis new pattern would be and was surprised when her stupid towel head came out into the yard with cleaning supplies. She worked quickly and diligently the whole morning, and when she was finished the yard sparkled and looked ready for another party. She went inside and he didnt see her for a couple of hours. He kept checking, but her car stubbornly remained parked at an awkward angle that forced drivers to veer around it.

Sometime after noon a new car pulled up and two boys got out. One had short spiked blonde hair that made him look like he walked out of a bad anime. The other looked like Kali had dressed him. He was lanky, dressed in black with silver studding and chains. Long greasy black hair hung in his eyes and scraggled its way down his shoulders. The hoodlums tossed spent cigarette butts into his front yard and sauntered up the drive to the house; after a moment they disappeared inside.

He hoped they were picking her up and leaving, but after 20 minutes he saw them enter the camera view in the yard and decided to sneak back out to his spot by the fence. Death metal was already blaring through the speaker system, but that callous bitch had enough sense to turn it down this time so the entire town didnt have to endure the noise.

He listened to their inane chatter as they skunked up his spring breezes while leaning against the porch rail Sabrina had been cuffed to just a few nights ago. Once the joint burned out the boys eagerly explored the yard, which was now devoid of most of the erotic playthings. The podium had been returned to whence it came, and he watched them come down the runway in a strikingly less sexy fashion than the inebriated whores on Friday. Kali was telling them all about the different nooks and they kept asking her embarrassing questions about Sabrina's products. Kali was somewhat put off by this, but she handled it by sidestepping questions and ignoring their crudeness. Eventually she told them off for it, so their questions became less direct, but still uncomfortably suggestive.

They eventually made their way toward where he was sitting against the fence and he could clearly hear BlondeSpikes ask if they could use the hot tub.

“Did you bring swimsuits?” She asked skeptically. ”I dont have any guys swimming trunks or anything.”

“Naw, I wear boxers and theyre essentially the same thing. I dont care if I have to go home commando.” said GreaseBall.

“Im in tighty whities, but so what? Well be under the water and you wont even have to see our skivvies anyway. Come on, its a hot tub! We cant let that go to waste.” BlondeSpikes cajoled.

“Fine," she relented. "Let me turn it on. You guys can get in while I go change into my swimsuit.” She disappeared into the house.

The boys hastily stripped and eased into the hot water, sitting as far apart as the tub would allow. "Twenty bucks says this whore gives me a BJ before we're out of the tub," said BlondeSpikes in a would-be cocky tone that was ruined by an untimely crack in his voice. 

"No way, this chick totally wants me. Didnt you see the way she was throwing herself at me in the game? She's into the chains and weird shit like that. Youre not her type, so back off my pussy."

"Hey bro, its just a bitch, dont even worry about it. I bet she'd put out for both of us. I mean really, what kind of girl lives in a sex toy store? Shes got to be a major slut."

"Alright, we'll share, but I dont want sloppy seconds so let me have her first, OK?"

BlondeSpikes assented and went on about all the ways he wanted to defile Kali until she emerged, still fully dressed, a few minutes later. "I cant find my suit anywhere, and I couldnt even find where Angel and Sabrina keep theirs. Im sorry, I guess we'll have to do something else."

BlondeSpikes wasnt about to let this prime opportunity slip through his fingers so easily.

"So what? Come in naked. You'll be underwater, we wont even be able to see you."

"I dont think so. Naked in a hot tub with two guys never ends with intact virginity."

"You're a virgin!?" asked BlondeSpikes incredulously.

"I meant you, obviously," she quipped, looking directly at him.

“Listen, you can just get in with your bra and panties, its just like a bikini,” chimed in GreaseBall. ”Its only fair, we have to swim in our underwear so you should too. You can sit next to me out of reach of the groping virgin if you want to protect his innocence.”

He watched the whorebag strip down to her lacy black bra and panties and climb into the tub with her two johns. She cuddled up next to GreaseBall and he possessively put an arm over her shoulder.

They chattered on about boring stuff for a few minutes, but BlondeSpikes kept bringing the subject back to sex, even though Kali was obviously trying to veer away from it.

In a break in the conversation GreaseBall asked Kali, “So, are you a virgin?”

“Well, no. Im not. I had a few boyfriends back home before I moved here. Nothing long term but several of the relationships had been intimate,” she said demurely. It figured that she would put out to any guy that looked at her, the dirty skank. She probably fucked them all while they sacrificed goats over a midnight bonfire. “What about you?” she asked. “I know Tyler is just by looking at him.”

“Hey, whats that supposed to mean?” BlondeSpikes sounded truly hurt.

“No, I had a steady girlfriend for about a year, but we split up at the end of the semester. She wanted to be free to find a new collage boyfriend. I guess she was just in it for the sex and didn't really care about me, ya know?” he said, letting some of the rejection leak into his voice.

“Aww, you poor guy,” cooed Kali. The bimbo was completely falling for this guys obvious bullshit. “She just didnt know how lucky she was or else she wouldnt have given you up.”

He used the excuse to hug her close to him, then pulled her on top of him so she was forced to straddle his legs on her knees. He kissed her but relented when she pulled away.

“A bit forward are we?” she asked.

“I thought you might like that, was I wrong?”

“Not exactly, but Tyler is sitting right there. Im sure he doesnt want to watch us make out in front of him.”

“No, Im good. Do your thing. The virgin doesnt mind a good show,” piped up Tyler, who had been being uncharacteristically quiet through this, like a good wingman should be.

The two started groping each other and it didnt take long for the lacy bra to be flung out onto the grass. The camera was perfectly positioned to capture Kalis breasts bouncing as they rubbed against each other. Her silver piercings flashed in the sun like little sparkling gems studding her tits.

After a few minutes of watching them bump and grind, BlondeSpikes grew restless and felt it safe to move in behind Kali. He started groping her breasts from behind and rubbing against her ass. She tried to make him back off, and even tried to enlists GreaseBall's help to defend her, but when it became clear he wasnt going to be her knight and shining armor in this scene, she reluctantly relented to their pressuring. She was soon being manhandled by both of the boys. Their groping grew more frantic and became less comfortable for Kali. They ignored her resistance and took full advantage of their superior numbers and positioning to hold her between them. When GreaseBall finally managed to get past her panties and penetrate her, she cried out "No!"

"What are you? A tease? You get us both riled up like this and then say no? You cant just do that to a man you know." He didnt stop thrusting into her, and eventually she stopped struggling to get away, which BlondeSpikes took as a welcoming sign.

He heard Kali yelp when BlondeSpikes invaded her ass. He was riveted as the slut took both cocks at once, but the boys didnt last long. The first to finish was virginal BlondeSpikes, who settled back into his original seat to watch Kali bounce on his friends cock until, with one final dramatic thrust, GreaseBall climaxed and unceremoniously shoved Kali off of him to get some air.

“See Love, arent you glad you listened to me? You almost said no to that.” GreaseBall had an arrogant tone in his voice, as though suggesting he was the God of Fuck. He must have missed the fact that she hadnt actually come from his clumsy spasms or the two thrusts in her ass from his buddy-boy.

“Yea, it was all I ever hoped for.” she said with mocking sarcasm. “Listen, my sister will be home any minute, and shell freak if she catches you two here, so youd better scram” she lied. It was only 3:30pm, and Angel got home at 5:15pm everyday like clockwork. Her voice sounded smooth and casual, but held no warmth or indication of the perversion she had just committed.

“Alright, we wouldnt want to get a good girl like you into any trouble now,” said BlondeSpikes wryly. They climbed out of the tub, and Kali made GreaseBall hand her the discarded bra before she would get out. “A bit late for modesty, dont you think?” he quipped as he handed over the bra.  GreaseBall had shredded her lacy panties to get inside her, and they were no longer effective at hiding her shaven snatch.

GreaseBall grabbed her and kissed her possessively, groping her ass and rubbing against her like a horny puppy. BlondeSpikes tried to do the same thing, but Kali pushed him away and pointed at the gate wordlessly. She stood stock still until the sound of the car engine had faded away, and then burst into sobs.

He couldn't believe that heartless whore was crying. She had just seduced two innocent boys. She had robbed the one of his precious virginity, rejected him when he craved a bit of tender kissing, then tossed him out in the street! He couldn't believe she had the nerve to cry about it. How dare that selfish, callous slut cry? He wanted to shake her until those stupid-sounding sobs quieted down. He was too afraid of alerting her to his presence to go inside, so he held his hands over his ears and willed her to go away. Eventually, she picked herself up and ran inside to blast her death metal.

She stayed inside for the rest of Monday and he didnt get a chance to install his new systems. On Tuesday he waited, but Kali did not come out into the backyard in a towel as he had grown accustomed to. The morning was uneventful, but around noon GreaseBalls car pulled into the drive again. This time he was alone.

The yard already smelled skunky by the time he managed to sneak out to his spot, a sure sign of their drug abuse. He opened up the feed from the attic view camera on his iPad and was not surprised to see them passing a joint on the porch. Occasionally they open mouth kissed to pass the smoke between them. They chatted about stupid for an hour while walking around the yard, until GreaseBall took up a position on the purity swing against the far fence. All of the fabric had been taken down, but to him it still retained Angels essence. Seeing that black-hearted bitch and her male concubine humping on it, defiling it, he became incensed. He couldnt make out most of their hushed conversation, but caught enough to realize that GreaseBall was cajoling his way back into Kalis panties. It seemed his negotiation skills were getting rusty, since he only managed to get her on her knees in front of the swing. He could clearly hear GreaseBall moaning from across the yard, and the sound of Kali choking when her head had been roughly forced down on his cock.

“Come on, you know your way around a cock better than that, dont you?” GreaseBall teased. “See if you can take all of it down your throat.” He could clearly see GreaseBall's hands on the back of Kalis head and heard her struggling to breath, then choke, cough, and gag as she was finally released to catch her breath.

“Sucking dick is not your strong suit, huh? How about you let me put it in your ass instead?” he asked, in a mean voice.

“If you dont want blue balls, youll stop talking,” warned Kali as she caught her breath, “and keep your damn hands off my head!” she snapped angrily before going back to work on his cock.

He kept his hands down, but started the swing moving so he could use its momentum to thrust himself down Kalis throat, which again caused her to gag and choke. She eventually picked up the rhythm of the swing and finished the job without any further incident.

“Ohh, you swallow. I like that.” GreaseBall said appreciatively.

They disinterestedly chattered for a while, and resumed roaming the yard. After a while, he was heartened to hear Kali say “You know, Ive put out for you twice, and you still havent even taken me out on a date. Why dont you buy me a movie and some dinner and we can call it even?”

“Even? Were already even. You fucked me, and in return you got to fuck me. I dont see how I owe you anything. Men never think women owe them after sex, but you get just as much out of it as we do,” he retorted.

“Oh, I got to blow you and that should be reward enough? You dont honestly think thats gonna fly do you? Quit being a cheapskate. Im bored, and I want to see that new horror movie that came out last Friday. I get to see a movie, and you get to watch me see a movie. Its a win/win, right?”

That seemed to settle it. The dirty prostitute had demanded her payment and the John was forced to put up and be thankful he hadnt lost half of his home and future earnings. Still, it got the whore out of the house for at least two hours, which should be just enough time.

He gathered his equipment and decided to wait 10 minutes to avoid being spotted by Dr. Rosenberg when he returned to work from his lunch break. He watched the street from his window impatiently until he saw the familiar blue Jetta pass his house. Then, when all other traffic had cleared, he quickly slipped out his front door and casually walked through Angels gate. Once inside, he moved with speed and purpose to set up his new cameras. The pool and hot tub had to be first, so that any splashes of water would have plenty of time to dry before anyone returned. Three of his cameras were placed in the nooks that the ladies used as dressing rooms. Two were placed at the tips of branches on the bondage tree facing inward to clearly capture both sides of the trunk. He wanted another wide-angle shot of the yard from a different perspective, and attached one to the gutter on the far side from his fence. He planted one in the tree near the lubricant fountain that overlooked the pool, capturing the hot tub at the very edge.

He could not resist placing one in a tree outside of Angels window looking in. He repositioned the bird feeder so that the camera view included the entire porch, the door, and a partial view of the dining room inside.  A flare of anger at Kali for moving it away from the hot tub was momentarily replaced by the memory of Angel arching her back and giggling as a woman drank fizzing champaign from her delicious, overflowing cup. He found a low hanging broad leaf on the opposite side of the stream from where Angels hospital bed was last Friday. While placing that camera, he gently stroked himself through his pocket and mentally replayed the scene in which Angel had expertly pleasured a woman in stirrups on this table. He bent down and sniffed the table, then lightly ran his tongue over the slight indentation where the patients sat. He was running low on cameras, but decided it would be worth it to spare one for Angels purity swing in case she decided to visit.

He had just enough of them left to get two frontal views of the runway from the waterfall perspective, each capturing half of the yard, and one from the porch rail that should get a great view of their dancing asses and the gropefests at the waterfall. He had just finished placing the last one when he heard the terrifying sound of a car pulling up outside. He looked at his watch; it was already 5:15 pm. Angel was home! What an idiot he was, standing here in their backyard out in the open. Quickly he took cover behind the hot tub and prayed that she would not peer out and see him cowering there. He heard the front door open and then nothing for many long minutes. His heart raced, blood pounded in his ears. He felt fear that she would see him, but also a self-destructive hopefulness that he couldnt quite understand. He tried in vain to come up with any conceivable excuse to explain why he was hiding in her backyard if she came out and confronted him. The seconds dragged by with no sound. Finally, it dawned on him that he now had eyes inside her bedroom and the dining room, which she would surely have to walk through before coming out to capture him.

He set his iPad to view Angels bedroom and there she was. His epiphany had struck just in time to see her pulling off her nurses uniform and carefully folding it while wearing nothing but her matching pink patterned bra and panties. After a few moments of careful study, he concluded that the pattern was of roses and lilies intertwining to hold up her soft mountains of milky flesh and protect the secret treasure hiding between her legs. She disappeared from camera to walk into her adjoining bathroom, and reappeared holding a wet white cloth. She was using it to wash down her body while she hastily gathered her school things. She stopped her beeline through the room to wash down her legs. She put one leg up on the bed giving the camera about half of a shot of the panties pulled tight enough against her mound to see the definition of its closed lips. She rubbed the towel all down her leg, bending forward to get her feet so that her breasts hung down around her knee. One of them even slipped a little bit out of the bra, exposing a nipple for a brief moment, until she righted herself. Then she spread her leg outward, brought the cloth up to where her legs parted and rubbed herself with it. She repeated the tantalizing show with her other leg while he sat aching for her, crouched behind her hot tub with his cock in one hand.

When she was finished tormenting him, she quickly donned a white halter top, low cut faded jeans and a wide black belt with a buckle that closely resembled two handcuffs linked together - probably a present from Sabrina. She grabbed her heavy looking backpack off the bed and left the camera's view.

He switched to the porch cam and could see a small sliver of the dining room. A shiver of delight passed through him as he watched her flit through the cameras view and go into the kitchen. She still had five minutes until her ride arrived but his legs were cramping up and he was starting to feel an uncomfortable sensation growing in his stomach from the unrelieved tension in his groin.

To his horror, she was back in the dining room and heading for the door. He quickly scrambled as far behind the tub as he could get and ducked down, sure she had somehow seen or heard him and was coming out to get him. He panicked and was having a hard time breathing. It sounded to him like his gasps for air were as loud as Kalis music, and she would undoubtably hear him as soon as she stepped out onto the porch. In desperation he resorted to a chant they had taught him to control his rage. “I am in control. I am the master of my own emotions. I have the power to be calm. I am in control. I am the master of my own emotions. I have the power to be calm.” It didnt help much. It never really had, but he used it to prevent himself from hyperventilating.

She was on the porch now. He could hear her footsteps on the weathered boards. He was trapped. Cornered, like a shaking rabbit in a hole with the fox bearing down on him. Half of him wanted to sit completely still. The other half needed to stand up and dart away before she caught him. He felt ready to run. Everything was slow motion and effortless. He knew that he could get to the gate before she could even turn her head. It was an insane thought and he suppressed the compulsion. Every second was agony. His cock was still rigid and felt cumbersome as it protruded through his zipper.

“Damn it, Kali,” Angel swore to herself. “Sabrina will throw us both out if one of her guests finds your roaches lying around the porch.” He heard the porch door open and close again. Silence. The seconds ticked by. He didnt dare move until he knew Angel had left for school and he didnt hear the car out front. She returned to the porch and stood there for a moment. He couldnt tell what she was doing because he couldnt bear to open his eyes and look at the iPad. He was sure even that little bit of motion and sound would be enough to give him away, if his pounding heart didnt betray him first.

Finally, mercifully, he heard a car pull up and a horn honk. Angel dashed into the house and was gone within seconds.

He stupidly burst into uncontrollable tears as the tension in him finally released. He couldnt believe how close that call was. How could he have lost track of time like that? He didnt even think he had been working for two hours yet, but nearly five had gone by. Too much time was lost in reverie over Angel. He would have to be more careful. He had to learn control.

He stopped his tears with a deep breath and got to his feet. Dizziness swept through him, but he shook it off and stumbled to the porch where Angel had stood just moments before. He saw a wet spot on the wooden deck to the right of the door. To his stunned delight, the wet white towel had been carelessly tossed onto the table. It had to be the same one. Did he dare take it? Would they notice if one washcloth went missing? Angel cast it off in haste and has probably already forgotten about it. Was this his reward for enduring the panic and bringing himself under control? It had touched her most intimate places and might still hold a trace of her body heat. Maybe he was meant to have it. He quickly picked it up and held it close to him. It was warm still. He smelled it all over. There was a blackened sooty spot that smelled of skunk and ash, but the corners, at the very edges, had a distinct musty smell whose origin he thought he knew. He could not relinquish this treasure. After double-checking all of his cameras, he made a hasty but careful retreat to spend some quality time with the cloth before it lost all trace of Angels presence. He would make sure he soiled it only where Kalis sooty stain had fouled it to preserve Angels pristine edges.

Chapter 8- Improvements on a theme

He observed the yard disinterestedly for the next two days. GreaseBall came by each day to get some pussy, but stopped sticking around to chat afterward, leaving Kali to mope around the yard alone while she did some set up for the upcoming party.

The set up on Friday was much like the last. GreaseBall didnt show himself today since Sabrina was home, and Kali thankfully had to abstain from fouling up the yard with her skunk weed. Kali moped the entire day, and even tried to engage Sabrina in a talk about her boy problems.

Sabrina blew her off with "Men are all users and losers. He just wants sex and doesnt care with whom. If you want my honest advice, go find a snatch to lick and forget about the dick."

Kali, like the stupid naive teen she was, argued that Derek (presumably GreaseBall) was different. They had so much in common and were in love.

Sabrina laughed mockingly at that but let it go.

The yard was decorated the same way as last Friday. The only thing that was still absent was Angel's hospital bed. He tingled with anticipation at the thought of her coming home. When he heard the Mustang's familiar purr in the driveway he clutched the now dry and crusted towel to himself as though he were giving her a welcome home hug.

Kali ran out through the gate. A moment later Angel gracefully entered, holding a brown paper bag in front of her which she casually set down on a table. She sought out Sabrina to receive a second welcome home hug and a very sexy kiss under the bondage tree. He was so enthralled that he barely noticed Kali struggling to carry in all of the bags and equipment from the Mustang. Angel and Sabrina walked around the yard as Sabrina excitedly detailed the changes she had made for this party.

"Some of the clientele tonight are a bit on the extreme side. Sumiko and Mary referred me to their club's regulars. These are people she knows and is eager to please, so she insisted that I give them a special night after how much she had talked the party up. Sumiko said she doesn't mind having thinner crowds on Friday nights, since they often are too full for comfort anyway, and that she would gladly share her territory with me. This could be a great collaboration. She has already agreed to come back next Friday and demonstrate how to properly use the Japanese silk ropes. When I asked her if she would do a mini class with tips on basic knots, safety, and comfort she actually seemed grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge. For free! Can you believe that? A world renowned bondage artist, who also happens to own the largest BDSM venue outside of San Francisco, offered to perform for me, and even teach for free!"

He tuned her out after that as she fantasized about her impending wealth and status in her new location. Angel seemed to as well and was slowly leading Sabrina around the yard as she set out products for the customers. She was busy neatly arranging medical tools on a silver tray attached to the hospital bed when Sabrina's monologue finally slowed.

“Where is Kali?” asked Angel. “I want to be sure she leaves before the guests arrive and they are due in another hour.”

Sabrina looked around then peered over the gate. "Her car is gone, guess she already left."

"Oh, thank goodness. I always have to fight with her to get her to leave. Im glad she finally took the hint."

"Looks like she finished setting up everything you brought home. That gives us some time to get dressed up. I want you to wear something special tonight for our new clients. Come on, its inside and you might need some help getting it on." And with that tantalizing mystery, they disappeared into the house to let his anticipation build.

The three ladies that next came slowly out onto the porch were dressed in a way he had never seen before. They were more than he had ever anticipated. Just looking at them gave him an overwhelming feeling of power and control, and spoke to his most basic needs in a profound way.

Each was bound in a different fashion. One, a dirty blonde with her hair held back in a tight pony tail, wore black leather binders that covered her forearms up to the elbows. A series of four belts with shining silver buckles strapped her arms together behind her back. Her hands clutched a jar labeled “tips.” Her legs were similarly bound, though these binders laced together rather than buckled. Her mobility was severely limited and he was sure she wouldnt be able to navigate even the single step down from the porch to the runway.  She was barefoot except for a pair of gleaming silver anklets. The most striking part of her ensemble was the tray she held out before her. It was suspended in front by two chains that stretched from the trays outer corners to a ring on the thick black leather collar around her neck. It was held up beneath her breasts by two smaller chains that linked the back two corners of the tray to the rings pierced through her nipples. The weight of the tray pulled her nipples down and stretched her tits tightly, making the sides of her breasts bulge in an effort to hold the tray upright.

The next whore was in an oddly intriguing set up. It was less visually erotic for him, but gave him an even stronger feeling of being in control. She had spiky, short black hair and heavy black makeup around her dark eyes. Her arms were held aloft to the height of her shoulders by a thin wrought iron bar that opened into a thick, rigid metal collar as it passed by her neck on its way to her other wrist. At the moment her hands dangled limply from where they were attached by black leather cuffs on her wrists to rings on the bar; she was also holding a jar labeled “tips”. Her legs were spread wide open by a straight metal bar attached to a matching set of leather ankle cuffs. Much of her face was hidden by the curious gag in her mouth that strapped over the back of her head, making her hair spike out between the straps in a crazy fashion. Held out in front of her nose by the gag was a push broom style brush. Around her midriff, such that her large tits were easy accessible, she held an empty plastic washtub that was affixed to her by violet silk ropes that dug into the skin on her thighs and waist, but left most of her naked ass and cunt exposed.

The third woman had shoulder-length, thick, shockingly white hair with faded black streaks that disappeared into the silver frizz. Her outfit was also interesting, though it covered significantly more than her nearly naked companions. She was strapped into a sexy white straightjacket, leaving her legs bare. Her ankles were held together with sturdy, brown medical restraint cuffs, giving her the most mobility of the group but still fettering her stride considerably. A tip jar was tucked under the straps that secured her arms against her back. She also had a unique gag placed firmly in her mouth. It held a metal tray that was smaller than BinderGirl's and had edges to prevent things from sliding out if she tilted her head.

He hadn't yet finished marveling at the sight of them before he was overwhelmed by a new vision that made him forget them completely. Princess Leia walked out onto the porch. The heavy chain links that flowed from her twisted golden collar tinkled as her movements made them brush across the metallic gold bra that barely contained her milky breasts. On her feet were loose soft skinned boots with large golden laces holding them together in front, and high backs that reached up to grace her sharply defined calf muscles. Two flowing swaths of maroon fabric careened down the precipice between her legs, held against her by a golden metal chastity belt that featured a prominent keyhole. She was finishing up a long braid in her hair and affixing a wide golden clip over the end of it that looked dingy and soiled when contrasted to the spun sunlight that was her hair. She was adorned with smooth metal circlets that snaked and spiraled their way around her wrists, upper arm, and thigh. His longing for her grew too large for his body. He felt himself drowning in it.

She had been talking with the serving girls, setting up scheduled breaks and instructing them on their routines. Though he was aware that the conversation was interesting and that moments ago he would have been riveted, he was distracted by thoughts of dragging Angel towards him on her knees by her heavy chain leash to sit obediently before him.

He barely even noticed Sabrina appear in a new dominatrix outfit, though he did note that she was wearing a black studded-leather eye mask that drew his eyes long enough to get a good view of it. The mask was crafted to resemble a black butterfly with silver spots, illustrated with silver studs at the wingtips. For the first time he got a close enough shot of Sabrinas face to notice the startling emerald green of her make-up laden eyes as they peered through the eye slits at the table where she was, to his horror, filling Dixie cups with Chateau d'Yquem. Who would do that?

He felt he grasped her motive for destroying a thousand-dollar bottle of wine when she stocked Straightjackets mouth tray with 10 of the cups as she gave admonitions to her servants. Angel was tucking various instruments of pain into the servants' outfits. Long black plastic switches were tucked into BinderGirls boots, paddles hung from the arms of the straight jacket like Christmas ornaments, and floggers were tied into the ropes around BroomFace to make a bushy tail of them that flared out and draped their leather appendages over the soft bulging flesh being squeezed by the ropes.

“Now remember, if they use it, they bought it, so make sure everything that is taken from you is logged into the order book. The tips you earn are yours to keep, but I ask that you girls find a fairly balance out your takings between you in a way that is mutually agreed upon. These ladies are spenders, and they group-think so they are likely to pick one of your styles and make it more popular than the others.” Sabrina continued her money-centric chatter as Angel checked all of the straps and gear for comfort and safety, then gently lifted BinderGirl down the porch step.

Sabrina disappeared back into the house and came out with a heavy box and a small red velvet pouch that jingled a little as it swayed with her stride. Angel and Sabrina differed in opinion about where to place the box. Sabrina wanted it by the dressing room area for convenience, but Angel made the argument for adding it to the purity swing nook. Sabrina considered the idea, then came to a realization that rationalized it for her.

“Yea ok. When a woman buys one of them she has to either parade it across the entire yard to the dress up nook, or she will put it on under the swing and make a marvelous entrance through the chaste white fabric to a crowd eager to defile her. I like it, lets go set up the area.”

They had just started the music playing over the speakers when the first guests arrived. A group of five well-dressed women formally greeted their costumed hosts with straight faces. Angel proceeded to give the ladies a tour of the displays as Sabrina greeted new guests upon their arrival. The serving girls teetered their way around the yard bringing Dixie cups full of wine and light snacks of fruit and cream to the milling guests, who could not quite hide their amazement. BroomFace did not have much to do yet and so was simply walking through the crowd with steps labored by the spreader bar that held her legs apart. She shook her ass in time with the music to make the leather thongs splay out prettily.

The burgeoning crowd was already quite impressed by the party, which had yet to even begin.

Chapter 9- Let the Games Begin

The crowd of women was noticeably larger, louder, and wilder than at the first party. Several guests arrived together that were already in BDSM costumes. One artful outfit was made of colorful silk ropes weaved into a pattern of bright yellow sunflowers whose centers were the dark nipples of the pretty Asian woman they adorned. The design included a bright green stem that weaved down her abdomen and left leg to her ankle. At her crotch, the green rope defined the veins of a curving leaf that had tucked itself between her thighs to disappear from view.  Another leaf had snaked itself around her backside from her upper thigh to spread its veins across her slender ass and touch tips with its mate in a secret rendezvous between her shapely thighs. The ropes did not hinder her in any way, nor his view of her amazing body. They merely decorated her, leaving her arms and legs to gesture freely. She was interactive walking art that welcomed exploration from the other guests. She had to be Sumikos friend; only a world-renowned rope artist could have pulled this off so exquisitely.

Another couple in the same group had an interesting dynamic. One girl was dressed in a black and blue latex body suit with cutouts that let her mesh-covered breasts bounce enticingly. She held the leash of her partner, who crawled on her hands and knees at Latex's feet. Puppy wore dirty jeans and an old black t-shirt that seemed more out of place than her curious behavior. When they first arrived, Puppy had eagerly dragged her human around the yard to sniff butts and look up skirts. Latex formally introduced herself and her pet with such style and grace that even the snootiest of his grandparents dinner guests couldn't have faulted her manners. At a hand signal, Puppy obediently knelt at her mistresss side and unobtrusively cuddled against her feet while she mingled.

The throng of women were so entranced by each other that they didnt notice when Sabrina and Angel disappeared into the house. He barely noticed a shift in the music, from modern pop songs to a wordless tune in a minor key that subliminally built suspense and anticipation in the listeners. The crowd visibly reacted to the music, without any apparent thought as to why their mood had suddenly shifted. They seemed to grow restless and broke off conversations to mill about elsewhere, seeking a relief from the unnoticed tension. Sabrina shrewdly calculated her moment of entrance for this lull in conversation.

The music abruptly changed from the tension-building minor melody to a slow jungle rhythm carried by hand drums and a heavy bass beat. As the musics tempo increased and other instruments joined the throbbing, Sabrina stepped through the porch door into a perfect close-up shot of her. He regretted dismissing Sabrina out of turn earlier when he got a good look at the costume she had donned tonight. A shining black leather bodice was tightly laced over her bulging tits, which were clearly visible through the lace-crossed gap that also showed off her navel piercing at its bottom hem. Her upper arms were bare but she wore black elbow-length gloves that highlighted the large metal shackles around her wrists. Silver rings decorated her gloved fingers. The tips of the fingers on her left hand all ended with silver claw rings in different styles. The middle finger sported one that looked like lacy jointed armor and ended in a long, particularly wicked point that extended well past the others. Over her right hand draped an interconnected network of chains that attached to a ring on each of her fingers, forming an intricate web across the back of her hand. Her cunt was covered by a pair of vinyl panties. The leather teddy held up a pair of old-fashioned, loose-weave fishnets that disappeared into her black high-heeled boots. In her hand was a long-tailed whip with a frayed tip that she expertly cracked at climatic notes in the jungle music. Her other hand held a heavy golden chain and with it she pulled Angel out onto the porch on her hands and knees.

Sabrina theatrically dragged a struggling Angel down the runway. She cracked the whip against Angels bare back whenever she fought against the chain. Angel bravely resisted being dragged down the thorny path on her knees, making quite a show of it. When they were halfway down the runway, where three cameras could capture the scene, Angel sat down on her butt and tried to use her feet to stop herself from being forcibly pulled forward into the crowd of wild women. Sabrina pulled hard enough to drag her about a foot, before giving a great yank that launched Angel to her feet, and then back onto her hands and knees in one fluid, comedic motion. Sabrina was put off her footing so that she accidently fell into the arms of the waiting crowd and dropped Angels chain. Women dove for the leash, fighting each other to be the one who possessed the struggling beauty on her knees in the pathway - almost directly in front of two cameras that picked up every detail of her perfect performance. Finally, enough women had hold of Angels leash that she was easily pulled into the crowd and heavily molested by the eager whores. One woman dominated the others in the fight to posses the love slave, staking her claim by giving Angel a deep kiss, then forcing her to kneel at her latex-clad feet with Puppy. Puppy happily sniffed Angel and licked her face welcomingly, making Angel break character to giggle and smile.

Sabrina had certainly started the proceedings off with enthusiasm. She stood at the end of the runway and gave a similar address to the crowd as at the previous party. This time she had some additional information that he found quite exciting.

“For those of us wine-snobs whose sensibilities are affronted at the thought of drinking Chateau d'Yquem out of a Dixie cup, I would ask that you make this sacrifice to protect our serving girls from being harmed by broken wine glasses. You may have noticed each girl holding a tip jar. When you tip any of the serving wenches any amount, they have been instructed to bend over in order for you to try out your new toys on their asses. You may have noticed that they are inept at their jobs, and require assistance to perform even the simplest of tasks, such as loading drinks or snacks onto their tray, or clearing trash out of the collecting tub when it is full. Camellia here cant even manage to get up the step on her own! I expect them to be thoroughly reprimanded for their service. Incidentally, I would ask that any guests that wish to don these three outfits and play along also follow the same rules.

“Additionally, we will play a game tonight, and the winner gets a prize.” Sabrina moved over to Latex and held out her hand for Angels leash, which was relinquished willingly with a nod of respect. Angel stood and casually walked to Sabrinas side to stand obediently behind her on the path. “Angel is my most prized possession, and I wish to keep her protected from interlopers, or worse, her own depravity. I have locked her away in this 14K gold-plated, stainless steel chastity belt.” She guided Angel to turn around and bend over, then threw the flowing red fabric up to spill over her graceful back and drape across her shoulder. Sabrina held Angels ass cheeks apart to show off the belt's features to the drooling crowd. “You can see that this model has slits to allow flow through, but not enough access to penetrate the belt with anything, as well as an optional butt plug that inserts itself inside of the wearer to block any other intrusions.” The gleaming plug was firmly in place up Angels ass, held there by the chastity belts unyielding metal straps. Sabrina pulled Angel upright again, and used the chain to jerk her around to face the audience so hard that Angels braid whipped around and struck her back.

Sabrina moved to stand behind Angel and snake her glinting clawed and webbed hands around Angels hips to touch the metal plate pressed into her flat belly. “Here is the keyhole to my prized treasure, but I have lost the key.” The crowd groaned dejectedly, playing along with the set-up. “I dropped it into a bag that contained nine keys that fit nine other chastity belts. Now I must find nine willing maidens to don the other chastity belts, and determine which keys free them. The tenth key will belong to Angels belt. The chastity belts can be purchased in the purity swing nook, over there. When all of the belts have been purchased and put on, I will sell random keys to the highest bidders. I will not allow one person to buy more than one key, and a belt wearer may not bid on any of the keys. The belt maidens must find the holder of her key, and then somehow convince them to relinquish it. When all of the belts except Angels have been unlocked, the last key holder will be allowed to unlock my treasure and spend one full hour enjoying her however she desires.” The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering their delight at the game.

Sabrina ended her speech with admonitions that safety was priority one and an explanation of the safeword. This time when she ended her speech with the word Bonanza there was no hesitation before the crowd eagerly fought for position in the clearing closest to Sabrinas demonstrations. This time he had a great shot of each object Sabrina brought out. Many of her featured products were to be expected: vibrating, jelly, and double-sided dildos of many different varieties, lubricants, and books on improving sexual performance. Mostly it was just the boring pervert mainstays that are regularly pitched at these parties.

She ended the rehearsed performance with a few interesting product placements for the benefit of Sumikos friends. His cock swelled during a short demonstration of a wand that looked to be full of dancing pink and purple electricity. A blue-haired volunteer from the audience was selected to assist in the demo. She was no stranger to pain if her pierced face was any indication. The volunteer appeared to know exactly what the mysterious wand in Sabrinas hands would do. She lifted her arms over her head, took a deep breath, screwed her eyes shut, and braced for pain as Sabrina gently made contact with the skin on her exposed navel. She twitched and jerked away from the light touch, but held her ground and steeled herself for the shudders that rippled through her body as Sabrina lightly drew a heart around her glinting navel. A moment later he could see a few reddened spots appear that outlined a heart on her skin. He heard Sabrina call it a “violet wand,” and say they had a new shipment of a large variety of similar instruments that she was excited to be able to offer tonight. Demonstrations could be had at the medical table under Angels supervision and their use in or near pools was strictly prohibited, for obvious reasons. That thought made him giggle softly.

The volunteer returned to her seat, and Sabrina singled Sunflower out of the crowd to give a sales pitch about the brand of rope used to tie her, which of course can be purchased at the bondage nook. With that, the ladies were dismissed from the formal proceedings, and they spread about the yard in small groups to explore their sexuality.

This crowd certainly had more expert perverts than the last party. As expected, the bondage tree consistently drew the largest crowd. The pool area and hot tub remained neglected while daylight drained from the sky, allowing him to catch more of the conversation than last time. The runway was again a big success, and he got some great footage of women undressing and struggling their way into incredibly sexy outfits. His shots had multidimensional views thanks to the mirrors Kali had artfully hung in the trees to act as privacy walls. It made for an amazing video, to see multiple angles of the women as they bent and spread and bounced, the mirrors swaying slightly whenever a clumsy whore rammed her ass into it.

A couple of dykes entered a nook to change, one obviously submissive to the other. While the owner stripped her clothing from her she was still and silent, unless directed to move. She made the naked slave bend forward slightly. He now recognized her as the pierced girl from the violet wand demo, tipped off by the erotic vision of her heavily-pierced cunt being displayed to him from multiple angles. All along her pussy lips were large rings that lined up across her wet crevasse from alternating sides, creating a tunnel through which a half-inch thick metal barbell had been thrust to lock her cunt up tight. He wondered how heavy that solid metal bar was. He enjoyed imagining how uncomfortable it would be to have the weight tugging her pussy lips down when she was standing, or jammed against her cunt whenever she sat. The owner grabbed the barbell and gave it a hard yank, pulling the slave down to her knees by her stretching pussy lips.

The owner forced a straightjacket over the slaves arms, walked around behind her to cross her arms behind her back and then moved back to the front to tie them. During her circle he got wonderful views of both of them, thanks to the mirrors. Owner was very rough as she pulled the strap between CuntLocks legs as tightly as she could manage, then locked it into place with the rawhide strap. The slaves face was contorted in pain but she held still and allowed Owner to fill her mouth with the tray gag and strap it behind her head. She grabbed the tray and used it to direct CuntLocks head in a whirl of uncomfortable positions until she lost her balance on her knees and needed Owners help to right herself.  Owner let her squirm on the ground for a moment while she petted her own cunt, unseen by the cameras under the hem of her stylish and expensive little black dress. Eventually Owner pulled CuntLock roughly to her feet and lashed her legs together with tan medical restraints. She looked like an almost perfect replica of Straightjacket now, except the shocking blue hair that sat in place of the originals shocking white hair. Owner dragged CuntLock out to the runway to show off the newest member of the wait staff to the customers.

Straightjacket was currently out of uniform on Angels table, receiving a deep tissue massage to ease the aches and return blood flow to her tormented limbs. Another woman had taken an interest and was assisting Angel with the massage. Angel seemed pleased and impressed at her skill and left the task to her with Straightjackets consent. It didnt take long before Straightjackets break time massage had a very happy ending. CuntLock covered her shift expertly, moving quickly from place to place despite the restraints. When tipped, she bowed to a perfect 90-degree angle and held it until she received her punishment. She wavered when her limits were tested, but never spilled a drop of the expensive wine, even when struck particularly hard; A claim Straightjacket could not make.

When her break was over and she was back in the serving outfit, Straightjacket and CuntLock held a silent but closely followed competition to see who made the better servant. As the bowing position was held longer and the beatings got harder, it became obvious to everyone attending that CuntLock was the clear winner. Her victory was sealed when a particularly hard thwap with a heavy wooden paddle sent Straightjacket face first into the thorn bushes, spilling half a tray of fine wine onto the runway model that was dancing her way toward the waterfall.

Sabrina was incensed at the servant girl for losing the contest and making her look the fool for not training her properly. Straightjacket was dragged to the medical table on her knees by her sodden tray. A small trickle of blood seeped into her hair from a thorn scratch across her cheek. With Angels help, Sabrina lifted Straightjacket onto the table and took a look at her scratch. While Sabrina made a show of strapping the whore to the table, Angel cleaned the scratch, put ointment on it, and surreptitiously checked her nose and face for any hidden damage from the fall.

“You have disgraced me, Camellia!” Sabrina shouted in anger so everyone in the yard would be aware of the scene playing out. “Punish her, my little angel. Maybe she will learn to hold her balance next time!” A buzzing sound began and the camera caught flashes of pink and purple light dancing inside the futuristic wand. Angel expertly probed and prodded Straightjacket to elicit sexy yelps of pain. She built up slowly, varying both her pace and location of attack. The serving tray effectively acted as a blindfold, blocking Straightjackets view of the wand that the on looking crowd could see so clearly. Angels hand sped through the air as she directed three short jabs, first at the neck, then feet, then the back of her leg, which was exposed by her erotic struggles against the tight bonds. The whore's screams pierced the air as a figure eight of pain was etched into the sensitive skin on her inner thigh. Angel did not relent until she had finished her slow doodle.

Straightjacket was given a merciful minute to recover from the shocks before Angel revisited her assault with skipping stone touches up the inside of her thighs. Straightjacket was sobbing now, in great heaving breaths that she couldnt control, and again Angel was kind enough to give her time to recover her senses. When the crying had ebbed enough for the servant to pull in deep breaths again, Angel held the wand firmly against the outer lips of her naughty snatch for two full seconds, resulting in an uncontrollable shriek of pain through which the whole neighborhood could clearly distinguish the word Bonanza.

As the gratified onlookers dispersed and Angel helped calm the hysterical girl, Owner approached Sabrina with a saunter. Owner stood barely five feet tall and was slight of build with dark chestnut hair and matching eyes. Her attire was more suited for a formal dinner with the President and she had a confident stance easily 2 feet taller than she actually was. She was alone; Her slave hadnt even stopped to watch her competition get punished, and was diligently serving drinks to the witnesses. Owner looked at CuntLock proudly. “You know Sabrina, I could train that Angel of yours up very nicely if you let me. She would be just as obedient for you as my Sasha and it looks like you could use some good help,” gloated Owner smugly.

“Back off Vicky, you know she is not a professional Dom.” Latex had come to Sabrinas defense, and stood beside her while Puppy, now dressed in a series of leather straps and sporting green grass stains on her shins and hands, took up a guard position and bared her teeth at the tiny woman. “Sasha might be able to withstand more than some girl Sabrina hired off the street with no formal training, but you know she cant compete with a real slave.”

“Like your little bitch is a real slave? She will just get over-excited and wet herself as soon as someone drops a chicken bone.” Owner retorted coldly without any hint that she felt threatened by Latex. Puppy barked in protest then looked up at her master, who nodded.

Puppy stood quickly and assumed a formal demeanor, then went through a complex ritual of movements that shifted her from submissive pose to submissive pose like a liquid dancer. In one fluid motion, she rolled herself onto her toes and was standing at attention with her arms behind her back, an elbow in each hand. Her chin was held perfectly horizontal to the ground, and her knees were stiffly locked together. Her whole body was as straight and rigid as his cock became at the sight of her tantalizing display.

She pivoted on the ball of one foot, and where her flat tummy had been the previous second, her heart-shaped ass was now being presented. She was bent over with her arms still grasping her elbows and her head held high, which made her back arch and thrust her shapely breasts outward provocatively. He imagined roughly yanking on those crossed arms while pounding into her welcoming ass.

From there, she knelt down, bent forward, and laced her hands together behind her head. Her arms and back were perfectly parallel to the ground. Her tummy was tucked in, its smooth concave accenting the bulge of her hanging tits. He could almost taste the juiciness of those ripe melons as he imagined himself biting into their tender flesh.

She then shifted her weight to her arms as she lowered herself onto her back in the dirt and simultaneously spread her legs apart high in the air. Her hands held her ass cheeks apart, giving easy access to her silver-studded cunt. He critically examined the bitch's snatch as it was offered up to him and noticed some razor burn that reddened the area around her mound. He wondered how much a few hard spanks would hurt if aimed right on that sensitive spot.

From there she rolled over onto her knees and lifted her grass-covered ass into the air with her face pressed against the ground and her arms behind her back, again gripping the opposite elbows. Her holes were offered up for the audience to admire, the metal rings glinted at him as if welcoming him inside.

She ended her spectacular performance with a 90 degree bow, arms crossed behind her, back rigid enough to host a Sunday brunch, and her cunt perfectly displayed between her thighs. She held the position without wavering or shaking. Latex walked over and had the audacity to actually pick Owner up and set her down on Puppys back. She took the small burden with grace and held it steadily until Owner felt too undignified to sit on the back of someone elses slave and jumped down. Puppy still did not rise. When Latex snapped her fingers, Puppy resumed her playful demeanor and pranced around her masters feet, wagging her tail with the satisfaction of a job well done. The crowd applauded.

Soon there were multiple women dressed in serving outfits, training and competing for who could be more graceful and submissive while different Doms ran each others pets through their paces. Through it all, CuntLock never strayed in her ceaseless mission to inebriate as many women as she could catch with her ankles in tight restraints.

The chastity belts were slowly being donned by adventurous women. Belt maidens took frequent trips down the runway in multiple costumes to show themselves off for potential key holders. The crowd treated them like celebrities and they were given favorable treatment by Sabrina, Angel, and the servant girls. The tremendous attention the belts brought to the sluts parading around in them encouraged more women to participate. Owner bought a belt for CuntLock and playfully dared Latex to get one for Puppy, but she politely declined the challenge. The virgin-white fabric of the purity swing billowed out in the light wind as the last belt maiden stepped out into the ecstatic crowd.

Sabrina allowed the tensions to rise and the sun to set before acknowledging the final purchase. The night lights had come on, giving the yard a whole new atmosphere as nooks that were open and welcoming in the daylight became secret and private in the multi-hued shadows that draped over them. The deserted pools lights came on all at once, casting bright wavering light over the left half of the scene from his attic camera, and creating the illusion of clandestine movement in the wilderness around the guests. The tension in the milling crowd was palpable, and they had instinctively gathered in the demonstration area to await the bidding war. Belt maidens were advertising their wares to the crowd by dancing, posing, and mingling with potential buyers. Sabrina finally took her place to address the crowd in front of the purity nook, where she held a jingling bag of keys.  Before the bidding was allowed to start, Sabrina insisted that each whore parade her goods down the runway so buyers could get excited about spending their money. Each maiden tried to be even sexier than the last.

CuntLock did an interesting nude acrobatic act on her trip down the runway. She flipped, twirled, and alternated walking on her hands and feet, giving the audience, and all three of his runway cameras, an excellent, all-around view of her sparkling chastity belt. He was enamored by her heavily decorated breasts, which were held in place (even when she was upside down) by the many chains radiating from them to connect with other piercings around her body. Several chains disappeared beneath the chastity belt, both in front and behind, to rendezvous with the rings he had seen in her pussy lips earlier. Her entrance culminated in an interesting maneuver that placed her tongue, which had an S pattern of silver studs through it, directly adjacent to her armored cunt. She spent a few moments longingly licking the chastity belt where it covered her clit to make it clear that she was unable to pleasure herself with it on. He wished he could spend a night tying her in knots and tugging on all of her chains. 

When CuntLock had cleared the runway, the last belt maiden came down the aisle in dramatic fashion. The music shifted to a tune that sounded to him like the Pink Panther theme song, and two plumes of iridescent peacock feathers spilled out onto the porch. A pair of sparkling, emerald-green high heels peeked out beneath them, giving a hint of what the plumes were hiding. Those heels slowly clicked their way forward in time with the music, and the feathers began to shake and swirl, giving tantalizing glimpses of shadowy shapes where they momentarily parted in the flow. A curve of what might be a naked breast, the line of a smooth flat tummy, the glint of a golden chastity belt. FanDancer held the peacock tails so that only the belt and her sexy belly button were visible between them and performed a belly dance that made the belt ripple with her slowly gyrating hips. She swirled about with the fans, showing only the belt and shoes to the front-facing cameras and audience, while his secret rear camera caught the mysterious dancer naked and vulnerable to his gaze. He had what the audience craved to see, a perfect view of the scrumptious flesh hidden by those dazzling feathers. The musics beat picked up, as did the pace of the swirling fans that clothed the erotic dancer. He switched between views like a couch potato flicking through TV channels, though with a mesmerized attention to every detail of her dance and a building feeling of control. He had won her game, seen through her disguise to the naked whore behind the fans, and he let himself take the spoils of his victory.

He almost immediately regretted his climax when Angel herself stepped out onto the porch. She was still dressed in her unbelievably sexy Princess Leia outfit. She waited as Sabrina made her way up the runway to fetch her, and they repeated their earlier performance of dragging her down the aisle into the wild throng of waiting buyers. Sabrina was the perfect pimp, showing Angel off to the drooling crowd as though she were a prized cow. When her sales pitch ended, she opened the floor to the eager spenders and he tuned out for the next hour as women fought to throw their money at Sabrina to buy each others cunts. He marveled at Sabrinas scheme. By offering up his sweet Angel for sale like a common prostitute, she had convinced nine other sluts to pay her for the privilege of being pimped out to the rest of her guests, their only rewards being a battered sense of self respect and a chastity belt to remind them of their lost virtue.

He slipped inside for a comfortable dozy shower, relaxed from his premature climax and bored by the bidding. When he returned, it was to find women excitedly trying keys in locks to see who they had ended up buying. FanDancers key was in the hands of Owner, who seemed delighted at getting such a high ticket item. Sunflower had apparently splurged on a belt maiden so she could practice her own budding talent with ropes at the bondage tree. One woman apparently just needed someone to grind against, and was strapping a very large black cock over her maidens belt. He saw one belt maiden emerge in a duplicate of BroomFaces outfit, and felt a renewed surge of power at the sight of it. She was forced to walk ahead of her new owner and ensure that everything was clean and tidy, all the while being whipped hard across the back of her legs and arms by her cruel taskmaster.

To everyones delight, CuntLock ended up in the possession of Straightjacket, whether by guile or circumstance he did not know. The two immediately headed for the medical table to work out their trade deal. Owner stood nearby, watching idly as FanDancer ostentatiously flapped her fans in front of her to generate both a cooling breeze that swirled Owners chestnut hair, and a gorgeous view of her naked bouncing breasts. StraightJacket was extremely rough on CuntLock, throwing her over the medical table so that her belted ass was held in position for a few good thwacks on the back of her thighs with the small serving tray gag.

CuntLock was dragged onto a lying position on the bed and strapped down with the bulky medical restraints. Straightjacket pulled her legs into the stirrups to gain unhindered access to her metal-clad cunt, both the belt and lock having been tossed aside by now. Unsurprisingly, StraightJacket reached for the same violet wand used on her by Angel. Slightly less expected was the second one she picked up in her other hand that had a curved rod ending in a small rounded sphere designed to reach the hard to get bits. It quickly became clear that StraightJacket was not going to play nice; She was out for vengeance. She began with the same figure eight along the inner thigh that had so tormented her under Angels care, but CuntLock did not scream the way StraightJacket had. Rather, she took the pain stoically, which infuriated StraightJacket even further. She started drawing both wands across the tender skin on her elbows and the crook of her knees, and was gratified by CuntLocks struggles against the restraints to protect her sensitive crannies from the shocking intrusion. The hot tub was on now so he couldnt catch the words StraightJacket was mouthing at her captive, but he could see the anger on her face as she spat what was unmistakably the word "Bitch" directly into CuntLocks face.

StraightJacket traced the line of every chain that interconnected CuntLocks holes. Arcs of brilliant electricity jumped from the wand to CuntLocks many piercings, making her twitch and jump prettily in the light. She took her time travelling across the metal rails with her twin sparking trains until she finally brought them together at the glittering cross roads. A white shock of electricity jumped from the wand and sparked between the rings plating her pussy. CuntLock writhed on the table, trying in vain to close her legs to protect herself from the dual-wielding torturer. StraightJacket relented her assault on the pussy long enough to convince CuntLock to spread her legs apart by mercilessly pressing the wands against her tender inner thighs. Still CuntLock had not let slip a cry loud enough to overcome the jets of the hot tub, strain though he did to catch one.

The electrified wands had returned to the metal heap between the struggling whores legs; sparks jumped all across the cunt, which danced from the shocks, making its pretty rings wink in the light. Straightjacket made a dart through the armor into the soft unprotected flesh inside and cruelly held the wand against her clit until CuntLocks panicked screams finally broke through the night. When the screams did not stay StraightJackets hand, Owner finally stepped forward and shouted Bonanza. Reluctantly, Straightjacket dropped the wands and turned away with a hateful glare at the pair of lovers. Angel tended to CuntLock, and removed her from the restraints after firmly informing Owner that she was not exempt from the Bonanza rule. Technically, he thought, it was CuntLock who was in violation because Owner was the one who had said it. The thought made him feel clever and he giggled softly to himself.

Latex was quite disappointed at missing her chance to properly train Owners prized whore even though she had hedged her bets and bought two keys, one through Puppy, who had barked her bids and growled viciously at competing women. Her two new toys seemed a bit hesitant, as though not sure they had bargained for being trained to fetch sticks. She still had the desire to properly train herself a new slave, and set about teaching her own maiden the poses Puppy had flowed through earlier. Hard thwacks with a switch across the back of her thighs or on the arches of her feet punished the maiden when she was sloppy.

Latex allowed Puppy to have her own maiden, and outfitted her in a thick dog collar complete with a bone shaped name plate engraved with the word Slave. She connected Puppys collar to the maidens collar with a five-foot chain leash and let the pair out into the yard to play. Puppy was enthusiastic to have a new friend and dragged her about the yard as she pranced from guest to guest, encouraging her companion to bury her nose in their crotches. When all of the guests milling about the yard had been visited at least once by the curious pair, Puppy got down to the serious business of sniffing her new recruit from head to toe, giving large wet sample licks of the tasty parts, then pouncing on her in a display of dominance. They struggled on the grass, forcing other guests to clear a circle for their flailing limbs. It quickly ended with the maiden on her back, held down by a growling Puppy. When the maiden submitted, Puppy asserted her dominance by dragging her cunt up to the maidens mouth to forcibly ride her face. Puppy yipped with pleasure and panted while she rocked and thrusted herself to an orgasm that nearly suffocated the gasping maiden. When they were finished, Puppy eagerly dragged the maiden to the pool area so they could doggy paddle themselves clean. She unlocked the chastity belt and left it to dry along the poolside while she returned the favor to her maiden using those long wet doggy kisses she was so fond of.

Those not directly involved in the perversion generated by the chastity belts were entranced by the spectacles. The dildoberry tree got a flood of horny sluts, who this week did not mind fellow visitors, and were further aroused by watching each other slamming the cocks up their cunts. Soon the whores that were lining up to wait for openings on the equipment began pairing off with their newly-purchased toys to simply spread their legs in the dirt. The most exuberant visitor was partial to the dildo swing, and was soon moaning loudly in time with her pumping legs as the swing pushed the cock deeper into her with each pendulum arch. He enjoyed watching the changes in her expression through the motion. Her face screwed up in pain as gravity pushed her cunt down on the large dildo, then transformed into an expression of wonder as her body went weightless, pulling her pussy up the cock only to be slammed back down onto it again on the return stroke. The angle of the swingers hips changed between the backstroke and the front stroke, which apparently pressed the cock into different areas to the immense pleasure of the rider. She was slow to climax, and the entire party showed signs of release when her cries of ecstasy and agony rent the night air. The swing had a steady stream of eager visitors for the rest of the night.

The pool and hot tub were finally being populated now that the planned events were through. Visitors of the dildoberry tree were finding each other in the warm waters and were helping to wash each others filthy pussies, either with their tongues along the poolside, or with their probing fingers underwater. He now had a clear, if turbulent, view of the debauchery in his underwater cams. He was disappointed to see that once on, the jets of the hot tub made visibility minimal, and only flashes of curves and flesh-colored movement could be discerned. The pool, however, had two remarkable views from different angles of all of the naughty, secret touching that went on beneath the surface.

Owner was coddling her precious CuntLock after the traumatic scene she endured and had settled in with her in the pool At some point, she had relocked her pussy with the long silver barbell that fit between her rings. Owner had changed into a sexy black one-piece suit that had cutouts around her navel and the small of her back for easy access. They submerged themselves into the warm water of the pool and found a private corner in the deep end, well apart from the other entangled couples that dotted the pools ledge. Private, except for the perfectly placed underwater camera which had a fantastic view of Cuntlocks twinkling pussy from below, only occasionally hindered by her legs and feet as she treaded water.

Owner pulled her slave to her by the chains on her nipples, and gleefully dragged her through the water for a moment, then remembered that Cuntlock had been through a traumatic experience recently and needed a gentle touch. They kissed softly and slowly, letting their hands wander over each other as much as they could without drowning. Then Owner slipped her hand between the slaves legs and slid the barbell out of the rings after a moment of maneuvering. The long silver shaft apparently served a dual purpose, which aroused him greatly as he watched Owner sliding it in and out of the now exposed hole. CuntLock wrapped her ankles together behind Owners back and drifted up to the surface, giving his new cam a nice view of her laid out on her back with her arms spread out, glistening breasts breaking through the surface to glitter with liquid light. He had a nice view from both angles of the silver barbell being thrust into her armored cunt until she thrashed in the water, which ruined his underwater shot. She used her legs to piston herself against Owners hand until she finally reached her coveted pinnacle, the force of which brought her upper body rushing up out of the water with a trail of glittering droplets. She pressed her tits into Owner's face, and the pair of them sank under the water for a brief moment, and came up panting from the exertion.

He realized that after all the fuss to get cameras into the Bondage Tree, he had been too entranced watching the pairs of slave owners with their pets to pay it much attention. He had it all recorded, and was sure he would spend the rest of the week enjoying the hours of sick sadomasochistic perversion that had transpired under its twisted branches. Still, he decided to spend a few moments checking in to see if any of the belt maidens had earned their keys through spankings.

He had, it seemed, missed some good action already. One of the belt maidens, a blonde fair-skinned whore still clad in the chastity belts brassy grip, was bent double across a low-hanging branch with her wrists shackled to her ankles by a heavy set of medieval manacles. From each cuff dangled a chain which joined up with its fellows at a central ring suspended a foot above the ground. Weights attached to the ring were swinging in time with the paddle smacks relentlessly assaulting the poor maidens already beet-red ass. The paddler was a tall black woman with extraordinarily dark skin. Her gilded hair was done in a beautiful weave of braids that covered her head and trailed down her back in a complex network of gold and black fibers.

Dark red lines laddered the thighs and arms of the blonde, evidence that the long black switch lying against the tree trunk had been thoroughly implemented in his absence. He was looking forward to replaying that scene later. His timing was just wrong to see much of the foreplay, as Braids was ready to go after only 20 more strokes from that heavy wooden paddle. She donned the double-sided dildo he had seen Sumiko use on her redheaded slut last week and, after removing the belt with some difficulty, used it to give the wet laundry she had pinned over the branch a really rough fuck, punctuated by lashes from a multi-colored flogger. The image of the girl as a piece of dirty laundry hung out to dry made him giggle and the image stuck with him as he watched Braids grind her hips into WetLaundrys bruised ass to make the slut remember where every paddle swing had landed. Braids pinched the centers of the red welts that decorated WetLaundrys back and ass. One dark arm reached down and grasped a handful of blonde tresses, then forcefully yanked upward, pulling WetLaundrys head up to expose her bare neck like a pig for slaughter. Braids wrapped the flogger tails around that neck and used it to choke her while she rammed her ass even harder than before. Thankfully, Braids hit her climax moments before the lack of oxygen made WetLaundry pass out, and as soon as those tails were unwrapped from her neck, everyone around the Bondage Tree walked out of the cameras view (everyone that was able anyway). Sabrina was left to uncuff WetLaundry and carry her to the medical table for Angels expert ministrations.

Two others had been left at the Bondage Tree, like unwanted dogs forgotten by their owners when they moved away. One was locked into a swinging cage that was held suspended about 5 feet above the ground. The bottom of the cage had a small trap door set, which had been left open and swinging when the mistress that had been reaching through it to dildo-fuck its contents had been suddenly interrupted by the word Bonanza. The caged whore was now finishing the job herself with the discarded cock.

The other captive was obviously Sunflowers belt maiden. She was strung up between two upward curving branches, where she sat motionless like the carved mast of a ship. Sunflower had used hundreds of feet of multicolored silk ropes to weave the belt maiden into the body of a butterfly, its wing tips curving back to wrap around the branches. She had even made two antennae by tying them into a black rope around Butterflys head that held her jaw closed in a makeshift muzzle. The work was not complete; the left hind wing was still being populated with decorative dots and stripes outlined in elegant rope work. While the work lacked the finesse and detail of Sunflowers own adornments, it was spectacular, and imaginative, and seemed to hold a deeper meaning for this party. Certainly this belt maiden would emerge from her silken cocoon a changed woman, having tonight transformed herself into a prostitute for nothing more than the satisfaction of being used and abused. That kind of experience cant help but leave a scar, but still, it nagged at him. There was significance to butterflies; they meant transformative change and development. When they appear on camera, the director is always using them to foreshadow some upcoming event, and he simply could not shake the feeling of anticipation that admiring the artwork had brought him.

The tension that had been building in him at the quiet sight of the Butterfly eased somewhat as he heard Sabrinas voice cut though the crowd, loud enough to overcome the rushing jets near his ears. She was calling for all of the maidens and key holders to come forward and present themselves for a final tally. Eight of the maidens had bare cunts and held their chastity belts up for the audience to admire. The ninth key was held by Sunflower, who had not yet relinquished the model for her art. The crowd cheered and whistled, but the tenth key holder did not step forward. Sabrina called for them to show themselves and collect their prize, but several minutes passed without a claim. Puppy strained at her leash and yipped at Latex, who let her go. She dove through the legs of the crowd sniffing until she caught the skirt of one terrified looking woman in her mouth and dragged her into the clearing. She had medium brown hair wrapped in a complex style that held it tight against her scalp in an upturned wave on one side, but let it fall in a cascade of ringlets over her other ear. She wore a white lacy dress that was longer in back than front where it was cut off just above the knees. Her outfit looked like it was straight from the set of Madonnas “Like a Virgin” video, and her panic-stricken face belied her pre-coitus jitters. Her shaking hand clutched the last key.

The crowd cheered jovially, pushing her toward Angel to collect her coveted reward. Madonna stopped dead in front of Angel, and without meeting her gaze, she fumbled the key into the lock to release her from captivity. The crowd cheered and Sabrina clapped along with them, looking pleased. She led the new couple under the billowing white curtain. Their shadows belied their tantalizing movements as their silhouettes performed a sensual scene of feminine tenderness.

He wished that he could hear their conversation on the swing, but could only guess at its nature as Angel turned Madonna away from her and began expertly massaging the muscles in her shoulders with oil while they talked. Madonna loosened up after a few moments and Angel convinced her to pull off her dress and bra to give access to her muscles. Madonna sat facing one arm of the swing with the heel of her right foot braced against the knee of her left leg, which draped over the swing's seat. She held her shins to lean forward, allowing Angel access to her shoulders and lower back. Angels hands moved over Madonnas smooth skin like two courting swans on a still pond. Those healing hands ran up her sides to the front of her shoulders, and pulled Madonna back against her metal clad breasts. Madonna pulled away and said something. Angel removed her metal bra and repeated the maneuver, and this time Madonna settled against those gorgeous tits and rested her head against Angels shoulder. She turned to lock gazes and then lips with Angel.

The healing hands renewed their exploration of Madonnas soft flesh. They traced the line of her ribcage, then sidestepped up to her shoulders, where Angel stretched her arms out, making Madonnas breasts thrust forward. Angel pulled her back against her rhythmically until Madonna relaxed enough to pick up the motion herself and start rocking back against Angels bouncy boobs. Angel's hands then continued their exploration, finally finding those succulent mounds and expertly kneading the tension out of them in time with their rocking. This was such a breathtakingly sweet moment, something so touching deserved privacy. All at once, he felt an overwhelming guilt for peeking in on this sacred moment. For the first time, he felt he was violating Angels trust in him by spying on her. For a moment, he was tempted to look away and give them this special moment together, but the scene was too alluring to resist. He berated himself mentally while eagerly drinking in every detail of Angels motions and expressions. He felt he could read her thoughts by watching her face. In that moment, he knew her in ways she had never revealed to anyone else.

Madonna arched her back and threw back her head to give the camera a perfect view of her face, rocking with her eyes closed and her lip bit between her teeth. If her eyes had been open she might have been looking directly into the camera. Angels hands squeezed those breasts hard enough that their milky softness poked though her fingers like playdough. Madonnas face screwed up in an expression of pain and ecstasy. Her cries could be heard over the jets and the crowd laughed appreciatively. Angel had gotten up and knelt before her key holder, who turned expectantly toward her, moving her leg off the swing. She rubbed each leg in turn until again Madonna leaned back and relaxed. When she felt the submission, Angel slipped one hand under her cheeks and gently pulled her white cotton panties off, sliding them softly down her legs. She folded them neatly and laid them atop the folded dress and bra on the table before continuing her work. She had to restart the relaxation techniques on Madonnas legs to help her recover. She slowly dribbled oil onto Madonnas thighs, letting it splash a little as she approached the timid cunt. Her practiced hands rubbed the oil into the thigh muscles, inching ever closer to their inevitable destiny.

She finally spread Madonnas thighs as far apart as they would comfortably sit, exposing all of her secrets to Angels patient but relentless assault. Angel ran the side of her hands along the inner crease of her legs, letting her thumbs gently slide along the outer gates of the fortress she was about to breach. After a few similar passes that pressed against those outer lips and pried them open, she let her thumbs dance lightly over Madonnas lubricated clit, making her shiver and screw her eyes up in concentration. Angel kept her touches light, too light, teasing her prey. The anticipation was too much for Madonna, who retaliated by starting the swing rocking so she could increase the pressure against her swollen womanhood. He ached with her, the sight of Angel so carefully and completely fulfilling this womans fantasy rekindled that powerful, dizzying feeling of longing for her.

Soon Angel had both hands working to pleasure each of Madonnas holes until her body was wracked with spasms, hands tightly gripping the swing's arms as she again called out in triumph. Her cry mingled with moaning from all corners of the party now, and he could not be sure which was hers. Angel did not give her even a moment to recover, but dived in to lick up the mess she had made. From Madonnas expression she had not expected this, and did not condone it, at least initially. Then a look of surprise came over her face, which subsequently relaxed into a sleepy-eyed, pleased look. This time her orgasm was silent, soft, and tender; her hands clenched tightly around Angels braid that she had been stroking. Angel finished her long cunt kiss, and they spoke for a moment.

She brushed a ringlet off of Madonnas cheek. Madonna sat up, stood, and looked around the clearing until she spotted what she was seeking. She handed Angel the package and waited, looking at her own feet shyly, while Angel strapped the polite white cock around her waist and sat down on the swing. Madonna gathered herself for a moment, and then worked up the courage to straddle Angels prosthetic penis and slide herself onto it while kissing and fondling Angels tits in an uncharacteristically aggressive way. Madonna rode Angel frantically. In stark contrast to the slow, tender build up, this was a passionate act of raw sexual need. This time, he could easily distinguish it from the crowd when she climaxed.

Chapter 10- Daddy Issues

Checked through the other cameras, he found the pool deserted, and the hottub occupied by a couple of entangled whores who were finishing their final rutting thrusts. The dressing rooms were lined up with woman changing into their street clothes. Crowds of people at the order book were tallying up their exorbitant bills and filling the coffers of their new church. Sabrina had once again donned a large strap on and was forcing guests to kiss it in respect, giving them a goodbye fuck if they so desired. One guest jumped Sabrina and wrapped her legs around her waist. Sabrina fuck-walked her over to a table and braced her against it to give her a good fast pounding that had her moans providing the farewell music for the throng of exiting guests. Oddly, Sunflower had hidden herself in the surrounding wilderness and was watching this rough display with a solemn but riveted gaze. As soon as the final climax broke over the yard, Sunflower disappeared into the crowd without saying goodbye to anyone.

Angel finished cuddling and talking with Madonna and they emerged from the purity nook holding hands like young sisters. Seeing everyone else packing up and leaving, Madonna gave Angel a soft, thankful kiss and gathered her things.

After the last guests had disappeared Angel and Sabrina got into the hot tub together, both needing to wash the filth and shame off of themselves. Sabrina was still wearing the royal member around her waist. They talked about the partys success for a while as Angel rubbed Sabrinas shoulders. Sabrina relived every detail of the bidding war, working herself into a frenzy thinking of all the money and publicity her parties would receive for the unique idea. She'd sold more chastity belts in a single night than their company had sold the entire year. He was quickly bored and tuned them out to watch Angels perfect hands caressing Sabrinas floating breasts, occasionally getting a good shot of some tantalizing touch under the turbulent surface. He saw Angels hands stroking the strap-on pleadingly. Sabrina pushed off of her and let her get onto her knees to lean over the edge with her hands pressed against his fence.

He heard Angel grunt as Sabrina forced the cock into her. It sounded like the first few thrusts hurt Angel, but before long she was begging for Sabrina to go harder and faster. The planks of the privacy fence rattled with each forceful thrust. Within moments, Angel was slamming her hands into the boards in a frenzy.

“I want to squeeze those beautiful tits of yours,” demanded Sabrina. Angel shifted to lay back against Sabrinas shoulder, and he now had a great view of Sabrinas hands squeezing Angels breasts to use as leverage for more powerful thrusts.

"Harder, squeeze them, please harder!”

Sabrina complied. He heard Angel yelp in pain, then he heard her moans turn to sobs. Sabrina did not stop thrusting until she herself had reached her peak.

"You're a good girl, my little angel, a very good girl," said Sabrina in a rehearsed voice.

She held Angel until her sobbing tapered off, then said gently, "You know you can talk to me about anything, Angel. I wont judge you or think any differently of you. I only want to help you bear your burden. I love you my little angel."

"I know. Its just that I've never told anyone and its hard to talk about. Like saying it out loud puts it in the record books as something that actually happened to me."

"It already is something that actually happened. Talking about it is cathartic. Your story needs to be shared with someone, thats why it keeps replaying in your mind. Tell me what happened. Let me help you."

"You might be right... I just dont know how to begin."

"It's ok, take your time."

"I was at the roller rink when I broke my arm. Thats why daddy stayed home with me the next day when Kali went to school. We spent the day watching TV in his bed. He was really sweet to me, and would bring me things and hold me. I remember how warm his hands were, and that they somehow eased the pain. I felt so safe cuddled up next to him that I didnt even mind the itchy cast. I remember him holding the cast up and kissing my fingers, saying that daddy kisses had magic that would help me heal. He said they would take all the pain away. Then he hugged me close and caressed my hair. I told him my ear hurt from being squished against him so tightly. He kissed it and said all better. I made a game out of telling him of phantom pains in different spots to get him to kiss me all over. I told him a spot on my tummy hurt, and he said I was just trying to get him to kiss me. I pinched myself right below my belly button, hard enough for it to turn red. He pulled my nightie up to expose my belly so he could get to the pinched spot. His kiss was hot, wet, and longer than the other kisses." Angel paused here, as though reluctant to reveal how much she had encouraged her fathers attention.

After a moment of reflection, she took a deep breath and continued, “when he stopped, I pinched another spot. He kissed it long and slow again. I made him kiss me like that all over my belly. He kept having to lift my nightie higher and higher. He eventually exposed my breasts and their embarrassingly hard nipples. He reached out and pinched one of them, sending an exquisite pain through me that made me shudder. He asked if I wanted him to kiss it to make it better, and I said yes. He laid on top of me and started sucking and squeezing my breasts. I remember the way I throbbed between my legs. I remember arching my hips to push against him, and he pushed back. I did it again, and again,  while he sucked my breasts until he abruptly stopped and pulled away. He asked if I felt all better, but I wasnt all better, I ached between my legs.

“I said… I said…" Angel broke into sobs that gave her an excuse to stop for a minute and catch her breath. She gathered herself and continued in a voice that was hard and cold like steel. “I said I was still hurting and pointed between my legs. He kissed my inner thigh, a long slow kiss. I told him he was in the wrong spot and pinched myself on the lips that I wanted him to kiss. He kissed me through my panties, but I said his magic only worked when it actually touched me.

His kisses were warm, soft, and pleasurable. I could feel his tongue somewhere I had never felt anything but my own touch in my entire memory. I pressed myself against his face the first time I came.  He inserted a finger inside me, but I was too tight for it to go in very far. I remember pushing against his hand to get it in deeper and him sucking on me. After I came again he stopped and laid down beside me.

“He started kissing me. I could taste myself on his lips.” Angels voice was husky now, and he was quite certain he had caught a glimpse of her hands between her legs under the water. “I licked his lips and fingers. Then I remember him slipping his hand between my thighs from behind and was using his finger to rub me there. Then he pulled back and slowly put his fingertip into my butt. He kept returning to stroke me and spread my wetness back there. After a few minutes, he was able to thrust his finger in and out of me. It hurt a little, but in a good way.

“He rolled me over and pressed against my back like a spoon. A moment later I felt him slip it between my thighs. He rubbed it there for a while to get it wet. Then I felt the most excruciating pain of my life as he pushed it in. When it was in, he breathed in my ear, thats a good girl Angel, just relax. While we waited for my ass to release its deathgrip on him, his hands groped my body. One found its way back to my clit and distracted me from the pain. The other squeezed my breasts. When my ass relaxed enough, he began moving, slowly at first. It was still horribly painful and I begged him to stop, but he said he couldn't because he needed me and thrust even harder. He grabbed my breasts with both hands and squeezed them so hard they hurt almost as much as my ass. He lost control, going faster and harder and hurting me badly. It went on for a really long time, and I eventually relaxed. Once I did, the pain lessened and it began to feel good. I got a tingling feeling in my clit and I just focused on that feeling. I just went limp and surrendered to his need… and to my own.” Angel paused again, reliving the memory.  “When he came into me, he crushed me against him, digging his fingers into my breasts so hard there were bruises there for a week. I felt him shudder, then he yanked it out of me with a wet pop. He whispered 'You're a good girl, my precious Angel, a very good girl.' Then he got up, threw a blanket over me, and left the room. He didnt speak to me or look at me for the rest of the day.

"He never mentioned the incident again, and would not acknowledge that it had happened. Once, I pinched myself on the arm and asked for a magical kiss to make it better. He just walked away wordlessly and refused to look at me for the rest of the day. I waited until the next time that Kali was gone and we were alone, which didn't happen for many months. I confronted him on it, and I confessed to him that I wanted him to do it again. Without looking at me, he said 'You're not a whore, Angel. Never beg a man for that," and walked away. He avoided looking at me the rest of that day too, and we didn't go to the zoo like we planned. I learned that confronting him wasnt going to work.” At that moment, Kalis car pulled up noisily, so Angel and Sabrina decided to head inside and finish the conversation in private.

Chapter 11- Scandalous dealings

The weekend passed uneventfully. While cleaning up the yard, the girls squabbled and sniped at each other more than he had ever seen them do before. Kali was just being her typical, bitchy self, but both Sabrina and Angel were being more sensitive to it than normal, giving Kali reason to escalate the affront until she could stomp off dramatically. She finally picked up the hint and stomped all the way to her room, giving Sabrina and Angel privacy to continue their own fight.

"Angel, I really want to you consider the training. It is how you earn respect among these women, and we need their respect."

"I have considered it Sabrina, and I don't want to do it. We already have Sumiko's respect, because she has enough wisdom to respect those who are different from her. Don't you think that part of the reason Sumiko doesn't mind you sharing her clients is that you are not running the same kind of show that she is? Trying to fraudulently present me as a slave like that won't endear you to them. They would see right through the facade."

"It doesn't have to be a facade. I mean, we already have a little of that kind of dynamic going. Maybe this is just the next logical step. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy our little scene down the runway. I mean, you couldn't wait for me to fuck you as soon as the guests had left."

Angel paused a long moment, absorbing the dual-wielded attack against her self-image. "I don't think of you as my master, Sabrina. Kali and I are grateful for your generosity, but if staying here gives you the idea that you own us, we can certainly find somewhere else to live. And yes, I did enjoy our play acting on the runway, but it was just that, play and acting. I am no one's slave." She said the last with such finality that he knew the conversation was closed. Sabrina, on the other hand, hadn't picked up the hint yet.

"It doesn't have to be all the time either." It was as though Sabrina hadn't heard a word of Angel's protest. "If you get trained by Sumiko's crew, we can just put on the show during parties to impress the guests. I just want you to learn the poses that dog woman did. The crowd loved it, and they would be great for showing off the chastity belt's features next time we get them in stock." Sabrina was getting excited again, completely dismissing Angel's sigh of disbelief at her audacity.

Sounding miffed, Angel retorted "I'll tell you what. I will go through the pose training, and only the pose training, if you go through it with me." Angel's challenge rung excitedly in the air while Sabrina pondered the deal. While she was clearly fond of the idea of whipping Angel into shape, Sabrina wasn't quite so keen on letting anyone whip her.

"Fine. Deal. I'll see if any of Sumiko's crew will be willing to clear their schedule for us next weekend," she eventually concluded in a cool voice, as though settling a contract negotiation.

He tuned out the rest of their boring chatter while he was watching clips from the bondage tree that he had missed on Friday. After watching Angel and Sabrina leave together, he spent most of Monday morning in his attic making themed montages from the party videos. He had just finished an artful tribute to his beloved Angel when he saw Greaseballs car pull into the drive. He decided to make his way to the yard and listen to the whore get her daily dose of dick.

He heard the new voice even before he saw him on the camera. It was thickly German accented and sounded rough. “This whore better put out or youre in big trouble,” he said menacingly, just loud enough to hear though the gate as they walked up to the front door. He heard knocking, then the door opening, then nothing for a while. They eventually came out onto the porch for their ritualistic burning of herbs before getting on their knees to offer lustful prayers to Satan. The stink made his nose twitch and his eyes burn. Greaseball was trying to cajole Kali into the hot tub again, but she was protesting that she hadnt yet replaced her swimsuit.

“Thats ok,” he said brightly. ”It will be just like last time. You can swim in your panties.”

“I dont think so. I remember how last time ended up,” she said coldly.

“Exactly, thats the idea,” he said hopefully.

“Im not going to screw all of your friends. What do you think I am, your whore?” Kali was pissed. The camera caught the dangerous flash of her eyes, and those of the German who was glaring angrily at Greaseball, who was starting to fidget. Greaseball pulled Kali away from the German and toward the hot tub conspiratorially. German stared after them with a menacing glare and his fists clenched in a way that did not mesh with his scrawny build and shockingly blonde, spiky hair. The scariest thing about the kid was the fact that he looked as though he had walked off a Nazi poster advertising the perfect child.

“Listen Kali, I wouldnt ask this of you if I wasnt in trouble. I know you arent my whore, and Im really sorry for making you think that, but see, the thing is, I owe this guy a lot of money. I didnt do so well at the tables this weekend, and he sort of fronted me a lot of cash. I thought I could get it from my parents when they got back into town, but they got all pissy with me about it and said they werent going to support my gambling. Like they would have even missed the money. When I explained the situation to him, he was actually pretty understanding about it. Said he had just moved to this country and didnt know any pretty girls yet. He asked if I had a girlfriend, and when I told him about you, he was really interested in meeting you. It seems he has a thing for girls with pierced tongues, you know? So listen, if you can just do me this one favor, I swear Ill make it up to you. There is a new horror flick coming out this weekend. We can go see it ten times in a row if thats what you want. Just please, I need this from you,” he begged.

“Absolutely not! You cannot sell me at a poker game to cover your losses. I cant believe you thought I would play along with this. If you lost the money, then why dont you put out for him? Get out of here! And take your pervy friend with you!” The last line she spat directly at the Nazi poster child on the porch.

German advanced on them looking angry. “You said she would put out no problem. If she wont, you owe me my money right now. Pay up, or I will take what is mine,” he threatened in that rough voice.

Kali backed away from him, looking frightened. Greaseball had already proven himself unreliable defense for her honor. This time she didnt even look to him for help before she moved away from the pair. She ended up near the pool edge with few options for escape. He watched tensely as both of the boys approached, like wolves stalking a cornered deer.

What they hadnt anticipated was her having the ability to defend herself. She had not backed herself into a corner, but rather had moved to the nearest object she could use as a weapon. She picked up the long metal pool skimmer and adopted a defensive stance. Once in hand, she nimbly maneuvered herself away from the waters dangerous ledge and into the barren grass where the medical table had been. She dared the boys to come within reach of her metal polearm. Greaseball was the first to call her bluff. He held his hands up and walked toward her saying, “Come on Kali, dont you think this is a bit extreme? We just want to have some fun. It doesnt have to be like this. It can be nice and pleasant if you let it. Youll even enjoy it, like you did last time, if you just calm down.”

The reminder of the last time Greaseball had brought a friend was not the pleasant, calming memory for Kali that he had assumed it would be. She swung the pole hard and made contact with the back of his head, knocking him forward. She expertly reversed the direction of the swing to follow up with a blow to his face that immediately blossomed into a bright red rose of blood that spurted from his broken nose. German thought he could use the distraction as an opening and rushed Kali. She had barely recovered from the impact with Greaseballs face, but was still balanced enough to sidestep German's rush and catch his head in the net as he passed her. She forced him to the ground in his moment of wrong-footedness and stomped on the pole hard enough to bend the hollow metal rod. At first he thought she had broken his neck, but was surprised when the scrawny German was already regaining his feet. Kali recovered the net before he could get a firm grip on it. She wisely used the split second of time to reposition herself on the bramble-guarded runway. Here, her reach weapon had a firm advantage over his bull rush technique. German backed out of her reach and examined her carefully. She held her ground steadily, eyes darting between him and Greaseball alertly. Finally, he decided to stick with his tried and true method, this time with a running start to hurdle the worst of the brambles. Kali was ready for him, and quickly braced so that his flying leap landed him crotch first on the end of the pole. He shrieked and doubled over as Kali fell back with the shock of his body weight flying at her. She landed in the brambles on the other side of the path, and was scratched and bleeding by the time she recovered her feet. The two battered boys, one looking horrified at the blood gushing from him and the other laying in a fetal position on the runway, finally decided they'd had enough.

“GET OUT!” she screamed at them.

“Come on man. I need to go to a hospital. Come on! Im going to bleed to death if we dont go now. Get up!” Greaseball had come to collect his buddy, while Kali stood on the porch step brandishing the pole, wary of any tricks they might pull.

They left together in a panic. Once she was alone, Kali burst into uncontrollable sobbing. She collapsed onto the porch step and buried her face into her knees, which she held against her chest protectively. The sobbing was so intense that it wracked her body and deprived her of much-needed oxygen. This time her sobs did not anger him. For the first time, he almost felt sympathy for the stupid, pathetic cunt. She was learning the consequences of her whorish ways.

After a long while, Kali composed herself and realized that the yard reflected the struggle. Sabrina and Angel would freak out on her for trashing the place. She hastened to fix the trodden thorn bushes and clean up the splatters of blood in the grass. There was not much that she could do about the pool skimmer though. It was ripped through, and the pole was irreversibly bent from her stomping on it. She decided that losing it would be better than letting Sabrina find it, and carried it out to her car to hide it later.

She was still cleaning up the mess when Sabrinas Mustang unexpectedly pulled into the drive around 3 pm, a good six hours before her normal appearance. Kali looked around the yard in a panic to see if she had missed anything obvious, then quickly settled herself into a chair near the pool and pretended she was casually sunbathing near its mirrored surface. Sabrina burst through the gate, half entangled with a pretty Asian woman he thought he recognized from the party. She didnt see Kali at first, and deeply kissed the woman in her arms. Kali coughed politely, startling the couple. The Asian woman quickly disengaged from Sabrina, looked demurely at the ground, and blushed with shame. Sabrina left her standing by the gate to have a private word with Kali.

“Listen, I have a guest who wishes for a private consultation. Can you clear out of here for a few hours?” Sabrina asked. Her harsh tone made it clear that she wasnt giving Kali a choice. The bitch picked up on the tone and over-reacted to it.

“Does Angel know youre bringing clients home for private consultations now?" Kali asked stingingly. "I mean, that is cheating on her, you know.”

“Angel knows my business is what keeps a roof over her head, and yours, so I suggest you get moving and be grateful that Im letting you return to sleep here tonight.” Sabrina said scathingly, and that sent Kali off in a huff. He soon heard the familiar rattling of her broken down junk heap squealing down the street.

Sabrina returned to calm her shaken guest, and decided to start a little slower with drinks in the hot tub. She busied herself in the kitchen for several minutes while her guest changed into a bikini in one of the nooks. Sabrina returned in her own bikini, which was little more than a wide black strap that wrapped behind her neck and over her voluminous breasts to meet itself between her shapely thighs. On a silver tray were several steaming cups of clear liquid that made the Asian woman cry out in delight.

“You have Sake!?” she exclaimed and eagerly took a sip of the aromatic beverage.

“Indeed, I have quite a collection of sake actually. I thought you might enjoy a sampler tray of some of my best. I will leave it to you to figure out which is which.”

The ladies spent the time gently stroking each other in the bubbling water as they got drunk on the sake, the Asian girl accurately guessing eachs origin.

“So tell me Tenshi, why didnt you go to Sumiko with your needs? It is my understanding that you are her favorite. Im sure she would have fulfilled your desires.” Sabrina was holding the Asians back against her chest, with her legs wrapped around her so that her heels parted the womans thighs. Her hands reached around to her soft, dark nipples to pinch them gently while they conversed. He finally recognized her from the party; it was Sunflower, now out of the artful ropes.

“I love Sumiko, and she is my mistress, but she is gentle with me, like a porcelain doll. She treats me as an apprentice to learn her skill with ropes. She is always trying to teach me new things, which I love, and I am eager to learn, but...” Sunflower broke off, unwilling to say anything even remotely disparaging about her beloved mistress.

“I shall not say anything to Sumiko if you dont wish me to, you can speak freely. I just want to understand what it is you want, so that I can better serve you,” cajoled Sabrina.

“Spoken like a good slave,” giggled Sunflower, appreciating the irony.

More like a good saleswoman. Sabrina punctuated the momentary silence with a hard twist of Sunflower's nipples, making her moan.

“But what, Tenshi?” she asked, making it clear that silence would be followed by more of the punishment.

“Sumikos favorite is Mary. She is her precious redheaded step child, and she loves to beat her and play rough with her. I have asked for similar treatment, but she is unwilling to punish me. Mary is feisty, unruly, and disobedient, so Mistress is trying to teach her the manners of a slave. I was brought up from a young age to be a slave, and have been taught to be obedient and respectful my whole life. Even in play, I cannot disrespect Mistress the way Mary does. She is foul to Mistress, spitting at her and saying horrible crude things that enrage her. I cannot say such things, so Sumiko does not punish me the same way as her."

He was enthralled by this insight into the womens relationships, and the idea that a woman could be so ingrained to be a good slave that she wasnt even capable of acting out in order to get the punishment she desired.

“Sumiko has long known of my desire, but has until now been unwilling to allow any of the other Mistresses in her circle to fulfill my requests. She worried that she would lose status among them if she was forced to ask another to train a slave for her. When she met you, she felt that you might be able to help me. Since you are outside of their ranks, I can visit you without the circle becoming aware of her inability. That is why I came this Friday. To meet you, watch you, and decide if I wanted you. If you agree to train me as I desire, Sumiko has offered her expert services, free of charge, for one party a month. You should know that such an offer is a great honor. Sumikos favor has been fiercely fought over by many powerful players in the business. You should also know that Sumikos wrath is boundless and burns long in her heart when aroused.” The last she said in a convincingly fearful voice of compassionate warning, rather than as a menacing threat.

Sabrina pulled her into a deep kiss, then stood and dragged her out of the tub by her long hair. She forced Sunflower onto her knees in the grass, and used her makeshift leash to pull her through the brambles at a fast trot toward the Bondage nook. Sadly, most of the toys had already been cleared away, but Sabrina spotted the whip Kali had long ago twisted around the branch and forgotten to clean up. She used it to chase the slave in circles around the tree, making a game out of tagging her through the branches, while she tried to duck behind the trunk to escape. Sunflower was obviously delighted by her punishment and moaned from the sting of the whip when it caught her. Her high-pitched cries echoed through the neighborhood, rebounding off the buildings to come back to him hauntingly. He watched her nimbly climb the branches to find a spot where she was guarded from the whip by sticks and leaves. She giggled as Sabrinas whip became hopelessly entangled in the mess.

Sabrina cleverly used Sunflowers obedience against her. Soon, Sunflower had broken off a long flexible branch and was handing it down to Sabrina, who caught her wrist and pulled her roughly out of the tree, snapping intervening branches. Sunflower landed gracelessly on her hands and knees like a dog, and Sabrina kicked her roughly, sending her sprawling on her face in the dirt.

Sunflower's cries mixed prettily with the rhythmic thwacking, as the makeshift switch found every tender place on her beautiful body. He stroked himself happily while he admired the thin welts surfacing all across her smooth skin. He didnt even look up when Kippers yipped, even though he rarely ever barked. It wasnt until he came bounding over that his attention was pulled away from the screen to see Kali walking across his back yard like she owned the place.

Chapter 12- First encounter

“I found your dog,” Kali called out casually, just loud enough for him to hear her over Sunflower's tortured beating in the adjacent yard. He hastily zipped up his pants and got up. He all but ran over to her and led her away, though it was too much to hope that she hadnt noticed the erotic sounds spilling over the fence. There was no way around it; he would have to bring her inside to escape the telltale noises. He also didnt want Sabrina to hear Kalis voice coming from his yard.

She followed him inside, all too aware of the scene she had walked in on, and the power she now held over him. They walked into the dining room, which had been left mostly unused even when his grandparents were alive. They had taken their meals separately in their own areas of the house, and only used this room for stuffy dinner parties with their snooty friends. To a trained eye, the room was decorated in symbols of wealth, but had a homey, comfortable feel with an old country theme to those less attuned to the fine art and superb craftsmanship. The table was still set with the placement holder dishes his grandmother had always insisted on. They had grown dingy with dust. He searched around the room for any incriminating clues about himself there, but could only see the ghosts of his grandparents' personalities looming about the room. She was staring silently at him, forcing him to make the first move. He could feel she was baiting him, letting him dangle on a hook like a helpless worm.

“So, um, what do I owe you for finding my dog?” he asked lamely.

“So thats how youre going to play it, huh? I catch you with your hand down your pants listening to my sister-in-law fucking her client over the fence, and you think I'll just walk out of here if you offer me some money?” she asked incredulously. He hated her. She was so dramatic.

“Ok, then,” he said carefully. “What is it that you want? An apology? I am sorry I was eavesdropping on your sister-in-law, though in my poor defense, she was not taking pains to prevent the neighborhood from hearing her…tryst.”

“Fair enough,” she said with a wry smile. “Ill tell you what. I wont tell Sabrina about our pervy neighbor, and even give you a tip about when to sit outside, if you do something for me in return.” She said conspiratorially as she grabbed one of the fancy, high-backed chairs. She spun it around to straddle it like a bar stool, so that he could see her mouth through the patterned cutouts while her shit-brown eyes peeked over the top.

“Im listening,” he said cautiously. The anger built in him at being coerced by this whore into doing her bidding. For a moment the terrifying/hopeful thought that she would ask him to fuck her crossed his mind. The slut hadnt gotten her fix today, maybe she was craving some cock. He could tell by her eyes and her wide spread legs that she wanted him and enjoyed having power over him.

“Sabrina, thats my sister-in-law over there, kicked me out of the house while she conducts business with her client. We just moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, and I dont really know anyone out here yet. There is nothing fun to do by yourself in town, and I left in such a rush that I forgot my cell phone on the other side of that fence. I propose that you entertain me while they get freaky over there, and I will keep my mouth shut about you perving around our fence. Deal?"

He saw no way around it. He made her stay put while he slowly fetched drinks from the kitchen. His heart was racing and the anger was building in his ears. He had been so stupid to be caught unaware by that trespassing cunt. Now her filth was soiling his grandmothers expensive cushion. He vowed to wash all of her pussy juices off of it once she left, in honor of his late grandmothers memory. He returned to the dining room to find her browsing the decorations and snooping into corners.

“Here, I hope you like iced tea. Its all I have,” he said and set the glass on the table to avoid any inadvertent contact with her. He stepped back and settled against the wall opposite her prying eyes. “So, entertain you how, exactly?” he asked suspiciously.

“Nothing like that Perv, just talk to me or something. Youve got to have some interest in me. Im your new, spunky neighbor girl. I know Im interested in you.” She flashed him a flirtatious look, “and your gorgeous Lassie over there, whats her name?” she asked to break the tension she had created.

“His name is Kippers, and he doesnt usually jump the fence, though I have seen him chase squirrels over it on occasion.” Kippers wagged his tail when his name was said and brushed against his legs for petting.

“Oh, Im sorry Kippers. I found him a block over and recognized him from the many walks you like to take him on in front of our house.” Damn, he had been seen after all. “I called him good girl the whole way home. I guess seeing a collie made me think of Lassie and I just assumed.” She started upon saying the word collie. “My name is Kali, by the way, not spelled the same as your dog though. Its K A L I.” She looked like she felt silly after spelling out her name to him like a kindergartener.

“Thats an interesting name.” he said, trying to keep her talking about herself.

“Yea, well, its a name anyway,” she said dismissively. “What about you? Do you have a name?”

He felt that a lie here would be too easy for her to eventually figure out, even for a stupid girl like Kali. “Nathaniel. N A T H A N I E L.” he said in a mocking voice, as though speaking to a slow child. He gained a small bit of control back with the insult, and enjoyed watching her squirm in embarrassment while he slowly spelled out his long name.

“Well Nathan, what do you do for a living to pay the rent on such a nice place?” She asked. Being called Nathan sent him into a quiet fury, and he had to resist the urge to smack her across her whorish face. He picked up his iced tea to help resist the temptation, feeling as though he had lost what little ground he had gained. He knew she would continue calling him Nathan even if he insisted, and he refused to give her the pleasure of knowing that it bothered him.

“Im independently wealthy, for the moment,” he said tersely.

“Whats that mean? Like youve got so much money you dont have to work?” she asked skeptically.

“Pretty much,” he said, and left it at that.

“If I were independently wealthy I would still work. I would just do something I love. Dont you have any hobbies or passions?” she said the last with too much suggestion in her tone, making her advance sickeningly obvious.

“I was an art major, perhaps Ill return to that once Im bored,” he said, feeling as though he were giving too much of himself away.

“Art, huh? I actually get that. Art is probably the only thing I really do get. I recognize some of these pieces, you know, from museum exhibits. Any one of them is worth more than Ill probably make in my entire life.”

“Dont sell yourself short. Im guessing youre an art major too, then? Our school has a great reputation for putting artists into business, rather than leaving them to starve in the contemporary market.” He figured the wrong guess would help conceal the intimate familiarity with her life he had already acquired in the short time she had been here.

“Well no, Im not in college or anything. My sister Angel is, though. Shes a nurse already, but is getting another degree or something. She does behavioral research about sex.” She let the last word hang heavily in the air. It rang through his mind like a warning bell. At a loss for how to change the conversation without giving her too much, he remained silent for too long. Kali took this as an opening to expound upon the subject.

“She does some kind of research where she measures how sexually fulfilled a woman is, and compares it to her health and the quality of her relationships. Im not sure what she uses to measures such things, but I imagine its a dildo in the shape of a thermometer.” She laughed heartily at her own joke. He smiled tersely. While he was mildly interested in Angels research, insomuch as it connected to his beloved, he was desperate to change the subject.

“I am more interested in cinematography than paintings or sculpture. I inherited the pieces around here and treasure them, but they do not hold the same significance to me as they did to their previous owners.” There, mention of his dead relatives should sway her from stripping off her clothes for a few moments out of simple common decency.

“Art holds significance to everyone that views it. For you, this art is significant because it reminds you of lost loved ones, your family, and your beginnings. How can you think that is not profoundly significant?” she said in a misty, emotional voice that was filled with a true passion for the subject.

He let her gush about the wonders of art for as long as he could pull it out of her, hoping he could avoid the topics of sex and his personal life until Sunflower had her fill of abuse at Sabrinas merciless hands. He had drifted off into contemplating the last position he had seen Sunflower in, with her face pressed into the ground and her legs spread wide in the grass with Sabrina standing over her, one foot pressing into her cunt…

“Woah, fella! Art is fabulous and all, but dont let it go giving you ideas,” she said mockingly as she addressed the tent growing in his pants. He snapped back to reality with a dousing feeling of vulnerability and shame. He had lost control of himself, and worse, had given it to this whore. Of all the worthless sluts in the world, why did it have to be her that had found Kippers out of bounds? Any decent human being would have knocked, or at least left embarrassed upon catching him masturbating, but not this filthy cunt. She used it to extort information about him, to gain entry into his home - his home for gods sake. The anger was building, and it reddened his face. She mistook this for a shy blush and backed off a bit.

“Listen,” she said with understanding in her voice, “I know Im hot, and its only natural for guys to want to fuck anything with a warm hole, but I have a boyfriend, OK?” she asked, as though he were the one dry humping a chair in front of her.

“Ok. No problem,” he said, glad for the ready excuse to reject her advances, while inwardly shocked that she still considered Greaseball her boyfriend after their exchange in the yard this afternoon.

She looked momentarily disconcerted by his ready acceptance of the barrier, as though finally catching on that he hadnt been returning her flirtations. Her posturing changed; she became a pouty girl lounging against his fine art rather than the streetwalker trying to score a John to pay for the nights crack fix.

“What kind of cinematography?" she asked. "Any horror stuff? Maybe Ive seen your work.”

“No, not horror. Not much of my work is in circulation. Its mostly artsy stuff, the kind of crap they make you do for class projects. You know, five black and white scenes, no words, ends with a big black screen that says Fin and touches on the deep underlying tragedy of modern, upper-class sociability. I doubt it would appeal to you,” he said flatly.

“I guess not,” she agreed, going mute with a disappointed look, sad that they had not struck a chord with a favored topic for her incessant blathering. He saw a chance to turn the tables in the conversation and get some information out of her. He wasnt interested in her, per se, but maybe he could get her to talk more about Angel.

“So why did you move out to this particular neck of the proverbial woods anyway?” he asked casually, as though also growing uncomfortable with the silence between them.

“It was Sabrinas idea. She wanted the house for its yard. She has business gatherings there. Plus its pretty close to the university for Angel, so she can get people to give her rides until Sabrina gets her a car,” she answered eagerly, glad to break the silence with a topic she was familiar with.

“Your brothers wife is willing to buy her a car? Thats very nice of her,” he said casually, fishing for more information.

"I thought you might have guessed by now," she said knowingly. "Sabrina isnt into husbands.”

He gave a precisely long enough pause before saying, “I see. Legally?”

“Actually yes, though I doubt it would hold up in a court around here.”

“Probably not. How long ago?”

“Officially only a year, but they have been together for three I think. Im not exactly sure on that. I just know she met Sabrina while she was away at school. Father would have killed her if he had known about them. I didnt find out until I moved into Angel's dorm room when he passed away, and they had been together for a while before that; Im guessing about a year. Sabrina wasnt rich back then. She was just selling stuff at college sorority houses and bachelorette parties. I guess thats how they met, but I never asked. It was a while before Angel finally told me they were lovers, but I had picked up on it the first time I saw Sabrina look at my sister, so I wasnt exactly shocked, you know. Father had never let her date boys, and made her go to an all-girls Catholic school. With a school like that, she was destined to be a rug-muncher, huh?” He smiled at her crudeness, which made her smile brightly in return and she visibly opened up to him. Her posture changed, her folded arms went loose to her sides, and her shoulders relaxed. She lifted her chin and tried making eye contact with him.

“Do you guys get along well?” he asked, trying to sound interested but casual.

“I guess. We dont really fight much anymore. We are really different people, you know. I mean, she is my sister so I love her, but we have some bad history that makes it hard to get close. Still, she is always there for me when I need her, and she has sacrificed a lot to take care of me since Father passed.” A deathly silence settled over them for a moment, and when he responded it was with a funeral whisper, “Do you mind me inquiring into his passing?”

“He suicided.” She said flatly. The words floated off into the air and diffused around the room. “On my birthday,” she added after the long pause. There was no proper response for that. He knew saying “Im sorry for your loss” would sound insincere, and asking “was it your fault” would have been inappropriate. Aside from that, he was at a loss for words. The silence gave Kali time to relive her memories. Eventually, with a cracking voice and wet eyes, she said, “I wish I had felt sad for him, or even scared of a future without him. Instead, I just remember feeling relieved that he had finally gone.” After a moment, she realized she had just said such a thing to a complete stranger, and hastily gave a false-sounding excuse to cover herself. “He had cancer and suffered for a long time before he went, so I was glad his pain had finally ended, you know.” Her eyes darted around the floor, voice devoid of the passion it had held in the previous sentence.

Again the room went quiet. He opened the sliding door to check whether the show at the bondage tree had ceased yet and heard a blessed silence. “I think your sister-in-law has finished with her, uh, client now. Perhaps you should get on home, find your cell phone, and give your boyfriend a call to talk it over, OK? Im not sure Im really the right person for you to open up to about this subject.”

“Yea, I guess youre right. Im sorry I burdened you with my crazy. Thank you for the tea and the company. If you ever want to talk about art with your spunky neighbor girl just come knock on the door, okay?”

“Will do. It was a pleasure to meet you Kali. Goodbye.” He said with a tone of finality, as he walked her out the gate she had come in through. After he latched it closed, he swiftly retreated into the house and went straight for the basement. He spent the rest of the evening in his cage, venting his rage at the trespassing, blackmailing bitch.

Chapter 13- Metamorphosis

The visit had convinced him of something he was surprised he hadnt already worked out. He needed microphones in there so he wouldnt have to spy by the fence and would be able to hear all of the naughty confessions and yelps that were now concealed to him by the jets. Then he could stay inside in his protected attic and get sound with his stations. He spent Tuesday shopping for the perfect equipment to bug the scene, flashing his university ID and claiming it was for his thesis project to get his cinematic degree, a claim that likely kept the place in business in this area. He waited until Kali left the house in her car, guessing it was to go get a replacement for the pool net she had disposed of when finding Kippers last night.

He worked quickly to fit the mikes into hollows near the camera stations, and felt it would be prudent to get them around all of the windows that he could reach so he could keep ears inside the house now that Kali had made contact with him. He would need a heads up if they started getting suspicious of their pervy neighbor. He returned to his attic in time to check all of his equipment and make sure the audio synced with the video before Kalis rattling junker pulled up. As he predicted, she came trotting in with an almost identical net to the pole arm she had defended herself with. After she returned it to its place near the pool, she stopped and put her ear up to the fence just opposite where she had found him. He clearly heard her say “I can hear you breathing you know. You might as well talk to me if youre going to listen to me anyway,” and waited to see if her bluff worked.

So thats why it always seemed like women were psychic. They just pretended to know stuff. Say it confidently enough and a man will feel caught every time. He leaned back and grinned at having outsmarted the cunt. When she was convinced he wasnt listening, or at least not admitting to it, she stripped down to her new bikini and slipped into the pool where she did a few laps along the waters surface. After she had stretched all of her muscles and felt pretty good from the exertion, she took advantage of her apparent privacy by climbing up onto the pools ledge where so many women had been pleased recently. She started by moaning loudly as she ran her hands over herself, and when that didnt provoke any noticeable reaction, she pulled a long silver dildo out of her pile of clothes and turned it on. The buzzing was picked up by the microphone and unpleasantly drowned out her moans. She used the vibrator to bring herself to a loud and showy orgasm on the pools ledge. He was mildly amused, and even somewhat aroused by her blatant whoring toward him. She was such a stupid, oblivious slut that had no idea who she was flirting with.

The rest of Tuesday passed uneventfully until all of the women were home and having a late supper in the dining room. Sabrina brought up the fact that she needed Kali to stay home and clean up the yard by herself this weekend so she would pay her a little extra.

Kali was still stinging from Sabrinas harsh treatment the afternoon before and said flippantly, “I cant, I have plans with Derek.” To him this was an obvious lie, but neither of the other women had any inkling of the bloody scene that had transpired between them.

“All weekend?” Angel asked skeptically.

“Yes, all weekend,” retorted Kali, “So youll just have to clean it up by yourselves.”

“You know,” said Sabrina to Angel, completely dismissing Kali after finding out she wasnt useful anymore. “With Kali gone all weekend we could just invite them to stay here. Kali, would you mind terribly if a couple of women slept in your bed Saturday night? Assuming youll be gone for the night as well that is.”

He could tell that Kali was caught in her lie now. She had nowhere to go for the weekend, but must have figured she would come up with something and went with it. “Yea, if youll let me.”

Sabrina turned to Angel and nodded emphatically. “I guess so,” agreed Angel reluctantly, based more on Sabrinas coaxing than any notion that the decision was wise. The conversation turned to Sabrinas work schedule and Angels hard day, while Kali twisted her spaghetti around her fork until the noodles broke from the tension, then finished early and went to her room to pout about her miserable lot in life. When the lights came on in the yard, she emerged out onto the deck almost silently and stood stock still, listening intently. She crept on her tiptoes to the fence and sat down against it to listen for any tell tale hint of his presence. She waited there for over an hour, occasionally talking to him. He couldnt tell if she had convinced herself he was there, or that he wasnt, but she started talking to him like a dramatic girl writes in a journal. She punctuated her ramblings and confessions with questions to him. It almost seemed as though she were hearing answers to her questions in her head, because she would continue the conversation with him/herself as though she had received an answer. He began to seriously wonder if this girl was a little unstable as she sat alone, in the dark, talking to a fence because she thought her pervy neighbor was sitting on the other side stalking her.

Wednesday came with more fighting when again Sabrina brought Sunflower home and tried to get Kali to clear out. This time Kali threw a tantrum fit for a small child, which culminated in an overturned table, a shaking Sunflower, and Kalis tires squealing down the street. Sunflower apologized repeatedly for bringing strife into Sabrinas home, and try as she might, Sabrina could not convince her to relax again. Sunflower ended up leaving unsatisfied, which was the last straw for Sabrina.

Later that evening when Kali finally returned home, she found Sabrina and Angel waiting for her, one unified force against her. She apologized to Sabrina for scaring her client and interfering with her whoring. The women took turns berating and insulting the volatile girl until they felt her spirit was thoroughly crushed. Only then did they allow her to lock herself in her room and cry herself to sleep.

Thursday morning, Kali emerged into the yard with her hair in a towel like usual, and set about working around the yard to get it ready for tomorrows party. She worked fast, refraining from her usual drug abuse, either because she was afraid he was there on the other side of the fence, or because she had just bitten the hand that feeds and needed to get back into Sabrina's good graces.

He grew bored watching her work and decided to take Kippers for his daily walk. He liked to walk down to the small park near his elementary school because his third grade teacher Mrs. Kippers lived across the street and he sometimes got a glimpse of her washing her car, or playing with her children, and probably grandchildren by now. Admittedly, Mrs. Kippers was less fun to watch now than when he was in third grade, but old habits die hard. He sat down on the swings and watched her front door while Kippers sniffed around the sandbox and licked the sweet sticky faces of small children, who giggled and fell in love with the friendly dog. Her car was in the drive, her door was closed, but her shades were open. She never left the shades closed when she was home during the day, and opening up the house to the sunlight always made her smile. He used to time his dog walk to the precise moment that she flung open the drapes and opened the shades to see the dawn spilling inside just to see her smile in the fresh light. He had changed his routine only recently, to accommodate Angel and Sabrinas schedule, and still missed seeing her smile every morning. Sometimes he would even let her see him. She would recognize him with a small wave and a neighborly smile that showed she remembered her students even now. It seemed, however, that today was an inside day for Mrs. Kippers.

He pulled out his iPad and checked on the yard. He didnt see Kali in any of the cameras and tried the attic cam in case she was hiding in a blind spot. He was mortified to see a very close up view of Kali holding the attic cam and looking at it closely. It was set roughly back down and she sat down at the computer. He didnt need to see any more until he had sprinted the five blocks back to his house, Kippers easily outstripping him in the mad dash. He pulled himself up just short and caught his breath while he looked again. He could see just enough to see her still sitting at the desk. Angel was prominently displayed on the screen in front of her.

He had to be stealthy, something he was very good at most of the time. He mustnt underestimate her either. That was Greaseballs mistake, and he had learned from watching it that she would not hesitate to strike when provoked. He could use that to his advantage. First he needed to get the drop on her. He set Kippers to heel and play dead while he snuck through the gate, then in through the whisper-quiet sliding doors. He kept an eye on her to see if she reacted to any of his movements, but she was entranced by his tribute to her sister.

The way up to the attic was a creaky stair that he could not possibly pass without alerting her, which was one of his favorite features of the cave when his nosy grandparents wondered what he got up to all day. Now it threatened to destroy him as he stood on the other side of the noisome barrier. After gathering some minimal supplies, he crept soundless into a spot that would be hidden from view when she inevitably descended. Eventually, it seemed she felt she had overstayed her welcome and came bounding down the creaky stair.

He waited for just the right moment and then pounced her from the side, knocking her off the stair to come tumbling several feet to the floor under his body weight. He wrapped her face and head in his jacket and held it tight to prevent her from seeing, breathing, and screaming all at once. He had her arms pinned down and forced them together behind her back roughly. He cuffed her wrists with a pair of novelty cuffs his grandparents had bought to keep him under control when his rampages threatened to destroy their precious possessions. They served him well now as they effectively disarmed the feisty whore. He grabbed the short chain between the cuffs and lifted her to her feet roughly. He held her up on her tiptoes so it would be harder for her to kick out at him and dragged her backwards through the house to the basement stairs.

These would pose a unique challenge for the blindfolded, backward-walking girl to navigate, and would put him at risk of a good hard kick. He dragged her around until he found something to use as a rope to tie her legs together. He had finally settled on an extension cord and tied it tightly enough that she could not separate her knees or ankles, and certainly could not kick out at him. He forced her to hop backward down the stairs while he stabilized her with the handcuff chain. At one point she missed the step and started going down. He tried to catch her but she kicked out, catching him hard with her heels. She thrashed on the stairs for a moment like a fish out of water as he recovered himself and decided it was time to stop being so gentle. He grabbed the extension cord wrapped around her ankles and simply pulled her the rest of the way down the stairs. Her face slammed into each stair roughly, which had to hurt even through the jacket. Once clear of the stairway, it was simple enough to drag her over the smooth floor to the cage.

He locked them in together and stashed the key before untying his jacket from her head.

“What are you doing in my house, whore?” he asked in an insane sounding voice that dripped with the promise of violence regardless of her answer. She didnt speak; just stared at him in shock like a deer in headlights. He slapped her hard across the face to snap her out of it, then again because it felt really good to hurt this bitch that had twice invaded his privacy and trespassed on his property. He assaulted her with questions while he searched her body roughly. He pulled all of her possessions off from her, and even found a small knife hidden in her boot. “Did you think you would use this on me you fucking cunt? Did you come over here to stab me?” his fury oozed through his voice. Kali still didnt know how to respond. He stripped her naked, ripping where he had to in order to get around the restraints. He checked her very carefully for other hidden weapons and took away everything she owned, just in case he had missed anything. Never underestimate a captive. He had taught his grandparents that lesson multiple times and knew there were ways to escape even he had not thought of yet.

“Why are you here, cocksucker?” he demanded and kicked her hard when she didnt respond. The fury in him was burgeoning into the familiar irrational rage, and he started repeating variations of the same question over and over again, with new vilifications of her in each rendition. He was losing a little more control with each escalating question, and he wasnt even pausing to let her answer any longer. He grabbed the extension cord and yanked it off her legs, inflicting as much damage as possible in the process. He grasped onto a long doubled over loop and started using it to beat Kalis naked body that had curled up into a protective fetal position that left her back, thighs, and ass exposed to his makeshift whip as it landed punctuation marks in his diatribe. The whipcord laced her body in long red tendrils of welts that crisscrossed her dark skin. Kalis screams eventually overrode his questioning, and he mercifully turned his blazing hatred and violence onto the cage bars, probably saving her life.

When the rage burned itself out for the moment and he could gather himself again, he simply stepped out of the cage and left her there. He had to work quickly before Angel or Sabrina came home. He first grabbed the camera from inside the hot tub, to give any drips he left time to dry before anyone was home to see them. It was useless there anyway. Then he used Kalis keys to go in through the back door. He found her room and rummaged through it until he found what he needed. Her phone was sitting on her bed, plugged into a charge cord. He grabbed it, but left the cord, tucking it under the bed as though it had been carelessly dropped there and forgotten. He found a duffle bag and collected about two weeks worth of clothes, including the sexiest outfits she owned, and leaving all her granny panties and sweatshirts behind. He looked around for the types of personal things she might like to have with her when away from home, and spotted an old stuffed owl sitting perfectly centered on her pillow. That seemed unlike the chaotic and messy Kali. He grabbed it and stuffed it into the bag, sure it was somehow important to the child. He grabbed her jewelry box, and a romance novel that was lying open upside down on her bed so that the spine was folded in half and ruined. He spotted a half-finished crossword puzzle in one corner and packed it. He grabbed toiletries from the closest bathroom to her room, hoping women were as logical as men and that he was grabbing the right toothbrush. Just in case her recent rash of fighting was indicative of such things, he made sure to pack stuff for her menstrual cycle and even swiped extras from a different bathroom. He went through Sabrinas drawers until he found her money sock. He pulled $500 out of it and left it laying out on the bed in plain view. When he had everything he needed, he made a sandwich, leaving a crumb and jelly smeared plate sitting out, and a peanut butter and jelly covered knife stuck to the countertop. He took the sandwich home with him along with the duffle bag, the latter of which he threw over the privacy fence rather than risk being seen holding such a conspicuous item. In seconds he was out of their gate and onto his own property, casually crossing his own front yard to nonchalantly enter his house through the front door. Still squeezing the sandwich in one hand, he fumbled around the attic until he found a voice recorder. Then he found the old poker set from the first floor fireplace. The set had been saved from the cattle ranch his grandmother had grown up on, and eventually took over, and it included the actual branding iron they had used to mark their stock. He grabbed this in his free hand and carried it downstairs.

He watched her as he set up the room for what was to come. He had a short time window within which his plan would work and he could not miss it. He positioned the underwater camera so that it caught the entire jail cell in its view, but not much of anything from the other side of the cage wall except his shoes if he stood too close. She was struggling to her feet and had managed to get onto her knees, arms still cuffed behind her. She had been crying while he was gone, and her face was now ugly, blotchy, red, and puffy. He had found an acetylene torch and set it out next to the brand.

“Listen closely,” he said slowly, with every ounce of his willpower keeping him in check. He would not keep letting this cunt-faced bitch take his control away from him. “As a little girl, you have often dreamt of becoming a famous actress right?” he asked expectantly. When she didnt answer he stood and yelled, “Right!?” at the cage bars, a hint of the earlier anger leaking through his calm façade. She nodded slowly, terror haunted her face and held her tongue mute.

“Good, I have a script for you. You will repeat it over and over into this recorder until I like the sound of it. It must sound casual, excited, and somewhat indignant. Think you can manage that?” She nodded again.

“I brought incentives. If you do well you can have this sandwich. If not, you will be treated like a cow in a slaughterhouse.” He held up the brand in front of her to let her get a good look at the end of it. Sometimes the design was called O-in-a-hole, sometimes rafter circle, but to him it looked like a pair of spread legs taking the head of a cock. In reality, it was simply two lines intersecting at 90° with a small circle inside the angle. “My grandpa once told me that this brand had been a part of the family ranch for a very long time and was often used on more than cattle back in the slave trading days.” At the time, the solemn anecdote had shocked and horrified him, but at this moment it provided some very useful inspiration, and he silently prayed a thank you to his grandfathers spirit for sharing their family history with him.

“I have written out your lines, and you have one hour to go over them until they are perfect or you will be branded. I will be right here to direct you. Just think of it like a voice over for a cartoon scene and youll get to eat, ok?”

She nodded again. He read her lines to her over and over again until she could repeat each one with the proper tone and inflection. She needed some encouragement to get the shaking out of her voice, and as the deadline started to approach he lit the torch and began heating the brand in its flame. In the end he ended up with what he thought would be a passable message. He was almost ready to leave when she said pleadingly, “Why are you keeping me like this Nathan? What do you want from me?”

“My name is Nathaniel. N A T H A N I E L. Remember, cunt?” He hated being called Nathan, and now he was the one in control; he was the one with power over her. He decided to exercise that power right now to teach her obedience and to make her respect him enough to call him by his rightful name. “I even spelled it out for you, so that even your dim witted whore brain could grasp it, and yet you didnt. Are you really so stupid that you just cannot say such a long word?” He was letting his control slip. He heard his voice crack and he had advanced on her, holding the heated brand in front of him like a supernaturally long, rigid cock. He paused, trying to fight back the rage that threatened to overwhelm him again.

She knelt perfectly still, eyes fixated on the brand, not blinking, not breathing. She respected the brand. It was time she respected him the same way. He unlocked the cage and darted at her, scoring a solid, hissing hit on the side of her left thigh before she could react. Her cries were deafening, and she pulled away from the hot iron, but it was too late. The symbol was now a part of her body forever. She was now his, forever.

He left her sobbing in agony while he left the house to finish his plan. He drove to the pier and waited until it was exactly one minute until 7 pm, when the last cruise ship of the night was to set sail. He stood close to it but apart from the crowd. He selected Angels name on the speed dial, and was unsurprised to get her voicemail since she was in class at this time and wouldnt answer a phone call. After Angels prerecorded message, he played Kalis message into the speaker.

“Hey Angel. Listen, Im sorry about the last second notice, but Im going on a cruise with Derek and his parents for two weeks. Dont worry, they are responsible adults and all that. I figured you guys could use some time without me in your hair, and I could use a luxury cruise with my rich boyfriend. I forgot my phone charger and my cell is probably about to die in a few minutes, but I doubt I would get good reception on the open ocean anyway, so I guess Ill talk to you in two weeks when I get home. That is, if I decide to come home from the tropical paradise that awaits me.” The horn of the 7pm ship departing was magnificently loud in the background as Kali said “My ship is leaving, Ive got to go. I love you Angel, and I guess Sabrina too, if I have to. Enjoy your vacation away from me as much as I will enjoy mine away from you guys. Au revoir!”

He wiped the phone clean then tossed it into the unobserved luggage of a latecomer getting his tickets hurriedly checked and hoped it would be a few days until anyone found it. He whistled happily as he drove home from the pier, eagerly contemplating all the ways he was going to enjoy his reward.

Act 2-Pain

Chapter 14-Raison detre

He decided to savor his treasure. He could not stand the thought of losing control in front of the cunt again. Even tied up and helpless, she had overcome his will and coerced him into succumbing to his rage. He still had to find out why she was here in the first place. He hadnt been able to finish questioning her yet. He waited and watched her on the camera.

Her wrists were still cuffed behind her back but the rest of her was unfettered. She managed to get to her feet and was exploring her new boundaries. She found the dog bowls in one corner and stared at them curiously for a moment. She also found the toilet sitting isolated against the wall, seemingly out of place, along with a plastic container full of wet wipes that were probably dried out by now. He hadnt needed them since his grandparents passed and had forgotten they were in there. She used the bathroom with some difficulty due to her awkward hand placement. She struggled to clean herself, and eventually pulled off an awkward-looking maneuver that placed her hands close enough to their destination to wipe.

After relieving herself, she started walking around again. She looked at the lock mechanism on the cage door for a long time, but realized she had no hope of doing anything with it while her hands were cuffed behind her. She kept looking down at the raw, blistering brand mark on her thigh then bursting into fresh cascades of tears. Her self-pity eventually morphed into rage, and she repeatedly kicked the wall with one leg. He sympathized with her until he realized that she wasnt just fruitlessly venting her anger, but rather practicing the kick so she would be able to maintain her balance without her hands. He chuckled.

When she felt that she could pull it off consistently, she resumed her nervous pacing around the large cages perimeter. There were no windows in the cage, and three of its sides were formed from the solid walls of the basement. The fourth was a single panel of bars with a single locked door offset toward the right wall. The bars were welded to the walls seamlessly. She even managed a closer look at the ceiling by climbing the cage bars. It was quite a sight to watch her pull that feat off. She turned to face away from the bars where they were attached to the wall and grabbed on with her cuffed hands. She braced herself as she lifted a single foot and blindly felt for the crossbar. When she had her footing, she slowly lifted herself onto the cross bar by inching her hands up the bars. She wobbled there uncertainly for a moment, then very slowly repeated the procedure to get up to the second crossbar. Finally, she was high enough that her head touched the ceiling, and she used it to push all around the area, evidently hoping it was a drop ceiling made from loose fitted panels. She was disappointed to meet house-like resistance with her head, but continued peering around the area for a few minutes, looking for any inspiration, before she carefully began sliding back down the cage wall. She lost her footing and her grip on the second step down and ended up sprawled on her knees and face in a pose reminiscent of one from Puppys elaborate dance.

After the fall she didnt do anything else of interest for a long time, mostly crying and shouting. He stopped paying her camera much attention, only glancing over occasionally to stroke himself while he thought about the victory spoils that he would soon enjoy.

Angels ride pulled up and he saw her rush into the house. He didnt find her on any of his cameras, but could just barely hear her movements from one of the mics. She had just come into the dining room and onto camera when Sabrinas Mustang pulled into the drive.

By the time Sabrina was into the house and unloaded of all of her work trappings, Angel had popped the cork on a bottle of wine and had soft music playing over the PA system. She was carrying wine goblets and fruit out into the fragrant yard, which was finally free of the skunky smell of weed. The sun was still playing peek-a-boo with the clouds that rested on the horizon, casting long purple and pink-hued shadows across the yard like a Thomas Kinkade painting. He could hear frogs in the stream calling out to one another in the late spring warmth, trying desperately to find that special someone to get slimy with. The women settled into the swing against the far fence, but he could clearly hear every word of their following conversation thanks to the new audio system.

Whats the occasion? asked Sabrina curiously. Angel happily thrust a goblet of expensive wine into her hand and clinked her own glass against it, then upended it in one enthusiastic gulp.

Angel let Sabrina wonder while she refilled her glass, then pulled her phone out of her pocket and played his message. It sounded perfect. The horn's blast occurred right in the middle of her line about having to go because the ship was leaving. When the recording replayed Kalis voice saying Enjoy your vacation away from me... Sabrina said Oh, we will! exuberantly.

Well, Ill certainly drink to two weeks without Kali around! No one to drive away my clients, or leave incriminating drugs on my porch, or give us dirty looks every time we touch each other for two whole weeks! Sabrina sighed happily.

Maybe longer, said Angel, wistfully. You heard her, maybe she will fall in love with some dark-skinned Caribbean prince who will take her off my hands for a lifetime. Still, she was pretty helpful in setting up for the parties. It looks like she already did most of the work for this week, but she wont be here tomorrow or next weekend to help you. Will you be alright? Angel asked her, concerned.

I think I can manage. I know someone who might be willing to help me out with it tomorrow if I ask her just right. Sabrina said with a wink.

Tenshi, I presume? asked Angel in a would-be nonchalant voice that failed to hide her jealousy.

Yea, said Sabrina, completely missing or ignoring the tense note. I think she might enjoy being put to work, and it will give me a chance to repair the damage Kali caused yesterday before Sumiko cancels her performance tomorrow. Two birds with one stone and limited time, you know?

So its just a business thing, then? asked Angel, while busying her hands and eyes with the wine again.

And what a business thing, started Sabrina excitedly. Not only is the most prestigious club owner in town sending me a flood of rich and eager women, she is also giving lessons to my customers about rope work and safety. I am so sure it will move my entire stock of rope that Ive already put in the replacement orders. After that, Sabrina was lost in her own money-grubbing schemes, leaving Angel to idly run a delicate finger over her goblet's rim, eliciting a heavenly note that emanated from the sweet wine to drown out Sabrinas avarice.

After a few more glasses of wine, they started heavily petting one another, but to his extreme disappointment they decided to go inside to Sabrinas bed for the night.

He switched his gaze back to the cage camera to watch Kali propping herself up in a corner, trying to find a semblance of comfort for the night. He decided to share her loving familys reaction with her to see what sort of response it provoked.

He migrated to the basement with his iPad and a hot plate full of dinner. He sauntered down the steps slowly, letting the echo of every boot fall fade out before taking the next step. He wanted his entrance to affect her, and it seemed that it was. She struggled to her feet hurriedly to stand aggressively close to the cage door in such a way that she would get a clear shot at him if he was stupid enough to open it without thinking first.

He cleared the stairs and slowly brought a chair over to sit near the cage, dragging it loudly across the floor for dramatic effect. She didnt speak, just stared at him like a cat watching a stalking dog at the base of the tree. He casually sat down and slowly ate his dinner, watching her watch him. He enjoyed the building tension, and could see the nervousness start to affect her. She began shaking after a few minutes, tears threatening to spill from her eyes soundlessly. Still, neither spoke. She had finally wised up enough to learn that every time she opened that cunt mouth of hers she brought trouble down on herself. About halfway through his meal, he feigned boredom and turned to his iPad for entertainment. He selected the footage he had just captured of Angel and Sabrinas reaction to Kalis message and started it playing. He turned the volume up all the way so she would hear everything clearly, even the clink of their wine glasses as they toasted the good fortune of her absence. When it finished he played it again, and again, and again, enjoying the pained look of betrayal that crossed the sluts face every time she heard her sisters voice cheering her departure.

After he finished his meal, he calmly walked over to the laundry sink to slowly and meticulously scrub the plate and silverware clean, dragging out the chore until the water ran cold. He discreetly tucked the blade of the heavy silver butter knife into his pocket and walked over to the cage door. She tensed and looked like she was readying for him. Pretending not to notice, he gave her a threatening look and told her to back up. She complied, but where she moved to was still within kicking range.

He suppressed his anticipatory smile and unlocked the cage door carefully. He gave it a push to open it so his hands would be free for her surprise attack. Right on cue her foot came flying at him and he deftly caught her ankle in both hands and lifted it as high as her leg would go, making her hop on the other foot to hold herself upright. He could no longer suppress a grin at his own cleverness, and even let slip a few moments of sincerely mirthful laughter, which seemed to frighten her more than the hate-filled whipping she had received at his hand. He was delighted to see that she had kicked out with her branded leg, and he gave the blistering symbol a hard smack with the flat of his hand. That made her shriek in pain, which was the first sound she had made since he had entered. He basked in this small victory.

He was pleased to feel that the butter knife in his pocket retained the frigidity of the rinse water. He gave the leg another little tug upward and twisted the ankle to make her rebalance with her legs parted a little further. He held her firmly with one hand while he used the butt of the cold metal knife to invade her vacuous depths. She twisted and hopped to try to get away, or at least protect her well-used cunt from the wintery intrusion. He roughly probed her loose pussy with the knife, using it like a lever to gauge how wide the hole opened. She let out pain-filled moans and yelps from his rough examination.

Youve certainly been put through your paces whore, he said casually, as though he were checking out a prized horse for sale. Do you buy all that pot you smoke with your pussy?

He returned to his probing and let the question hang for a full minute before he gave her a sharp reminder of his power over her with a second open handed crack against her brand.

I asked you a question, he said calmly. I expect you to answer me.

Still she didnt answer at first, but bit her lip while tears welled up in her eyes again. A third smack brought the sobs bursting out of her, and when they were through, her shaking answer.

No sir. Sabrina pays me to clean the yard, sir, she said in a flat voice that sounded well-rehearsed.

He was thrown off his game for a moment. He already knew Sabrina funded her drug habit to keep her as cheap labor, but he hadnt expected the style of her response. He tried another question, letting the knife slide out of her, forgotten.

Why were you trespassing in my house tonight, cunt? he used the most menacing voice he could muster, but it did not seem to have an effect on her response, which was given in the same flat tone.

I found the microphone you hid in our yard, sir. I came over to confront you about it, sir, she confessed readily.

Did you tell anyone else about it? he would watch the tapes to confirm her story later, but with the way she was always snooping around the yard, he guessed this was probably the truth.

No, sir.

Why didnt you just call the cops? Any smart person would have immediately called the authorities rather than going over to the potentially dangerous suspects house to confront them. Even Kali wasnt really that stupid, was she?

III wanted an excuse to talk to you again, sir. He let her wallow in her own stupidity for a moment.

And, pray tell, why did you want to talk to me again?

She swallowed hard, but eventually said, I felt safe talking to you, sir. I thought that you were the first person that actually seem interested in who I was and not just having sex with me, sir.

Then he burst out laughing. It was a mean, mocking laugh that made Kali cringe.

You thought I was some lonely, shut-in virgin or something, didnt you? Someone you could coerce into fucking you so you could exploit me for my weakness? he accused.

No, sir. I just needed a friend, sir, she sobbed.

Is that why you were dry humping my grandmothers chair and throwing come fuck me looks all over my dining room? he demanded harshly.

She looked stung and shameful. It is what guys expect from me, sir. It is the only way to get a man to look at me, sir.

He hadnt expected such a candid response. He suddenly felt silly standing there holding her ankle while she continuously hopped on her other leg, now panting with the exertion. He threw her to the floor where Kippers' doggy bed was and backed up a pace to see if she would try and retaliate. She did not, but rather gathered herself up into the bed and tucked her traitorous legs underneath her, leaving the painful looking brand enticingly exposed. He stared at her for a long moment, unable to solve this new puzzle of her behavior. He had expected a feisty, go fuck yourself attitude, and had almost sketched out an entire module of behavior modification through punishment to fix that in his fantasies. He had been looking forward to it, actually. Finally he would have a focal point for his fury that truly deserved it, even needed it. But now he felt somehow deflated. One badly planned outburst and now this docile, respectful attitude. Was she just trying to mess with his head? Deprive him of enjoying his spoils?

Why do you call me sir? he asked suspiciously.

It is a sign of respect, sir, she answered stupidly. Did she really think he was so dense that he didnt know what sir meant? He kicked her thigh with his booted foot, sure that he would be able to enjoy the bruise from it later.

Try again, whore, he commanded, feeling a surge of power course through him from the blow. He hoped her next answer was just as stupid so he could kick her again in the same spot.

I have been taught to be respectful to men, sir, she answered carefully.

Taught? he was intrigued, thinking of Sumikos training program. Who taught you?

My father, sir, she confessed in that flat, obedient voice, but at the word father a hint of anger slipped though. He might not have recognized it if he were not so familiar with the symptoms of unbridled fury. He remembered Angels confession about her fathers abuse of her when she was just a young girl. There seemed to be more to their perverted dad than he knew. He wondered if Angel had gone through the same thing.

Did your father teach Angel also? he asked, his voice betraying his tender concern for his beloved.

No, sir. Angel was his good girl and in his eyes she could do no wrong, sir. He never punished her for anything, whether she deserved it or not, sir. He never even fucked her, though he obviously wanted to, sir.

He was so relieved to hear it that he let out the breath he hadnt realized he was holding. Oh, thank God, automatically rushed out on the breath.

Did she know? Did she have to see you fucking her father? he asked, worried that it may have affected her even if it wasnt directed against her.

Yes, she knew, sir. She always knew, sir. She liked to watch him beat me, sir. At first he tried to hide it from her, but she kept sneaking in to watch him take me, sir. So he stopped hiding it, sir. Kali recited this in a flat voice, as though she were reading some bad smut story from the internet rather than revealing her own intimate secrets.

What else did daddy teach you? he asked, fishing for a clearer picture of Angels upbringing.

He taught me to obey her and protect her, sir. I was taught to be Angels slave, sir, and in that one line Angels whole life opened up to him like a book and he felt he finally knew her, understood her better than anyone else in her life. He even knew more about her than her own sister, who apparently wasnt aware of the bedroom scene between Angel and her father. Angel loomed in his mind like a vision, and his love for her struck him like an earth-shattering epiphany. He needed to know every detail of her life, her movements, her thoughts.

He looked down at the pathetic slut as she huddled in the filthy dog bed, and he smiled.

Chapter 15-Transgressions

Friday dawned with a spectacularly multihued sky that laced every cloud with pink and gold to provide contrast for a perfect blue gradient that faded its way across the heavens. Birds were competing for best, loudest, and longest song all at once in the trees. The heat had already kicked on full blast even before the sun changed out of its fluffy white pajamas and really got to work scorching the land. He lightly pranced down the steps and made himself a full special breakfast, even taking the time to make his eggs and bacon into a smiley face like his mother had done for him as a babe. When he finished his fine meal and was happily sated, he mixed up some plain oatmeal and let it sit out on the counter for a while to chill while he fed Kippers. He felt bad for Kippers, but thought it prudent to chain him to the deck in order to prevent any more nosy neighbors from paying him a visit. It was a long chain made of thick links that spanned most of the yard, but did not quite allow Kippers to reach any of the fences. He cleared the yard of as many obstacles that could tangle up the chain as he could, and saved a particularly long, flexible stick for later. Kippers got an extra long coat brushing, complete with ear and tail scratches, as an apology for the cruel treatment. He was still at it when Angel left in Sabrinas Mustang. Sabrina hadnt yet emerged when he went inside, gathered some supplies from the bathroom and the bowl of nicely chilled oatmeal, and made his way downstairs to see how Kali had fared through the night. She was still sleeping, or at least pretending, when he came down. He loaded a video onto his iPad and then kicked the cage so hard that the iron bars rang from his steel toed boots. She stirred and struggled to her knees and said Good morning, sir.

I have decided I dont like sir. Call me master instead, he directed arrogantly.

Yes, master, she replied in the same flat voice.

Come over here and sit on the floor, I want you to watch a show with me before breakfast.

She settled in as he had directed, looking neither curious nor frightened, simply blank.

He set up the video for them to watch together and pulled his cock out into his hand to stroke it while Kali watched herself climb into the hot tub with Blonde Spikes and Greaseball.

Here, the temptress sheds her clothing to enflame their teenage passion. One of the young boys timidly confesses that he had never been with a woman before, and the whore ridicules him for his innocence. When she gets in, she cruelly rejects the vulnerable boys advances and throws herself into the arms of the richer boy. He continued the narration cruelly, immensely enjoying her pain and shame. He came a few moments after Greaseball did, while she was standing naked pointing at the gate with her panties and self respect in tatters. He squirted his jizz all over her oatmeal, then slid it through the food slot.

Eat it. he commanded.

Kali stared at it and squeezed her eyes closed, then obediently knelt in front of the bowl and carefully balanced over it with her hands still cuffed behind her back. She reluctantly took a bite of the cold, semen-flavored mush and choked it down. She grimaced and balked after the first bite, gagging from the taste.

If you eat every last oat in that bowl, I will let your arms free. I bet they are pretty sore and cramped by now, he offered for incentive.

She steeled herself, her face went blank, and she closed her eyes tight. Slowly, very slowly, she ate the paste in front of her until the bowl was empty.

Lick it clean like the bitch you are, he commanded.

She complied wordlessly, her studded tongue flashing as it licked all around the inside of the bowl.

Very good, little slut, he said encouragingly, and for the first time she looked up at his face and into his eyes. He saw something in those shit brown eyes that he didnt expect, gratitude.

Thank you, master, she said in that flat tone, but he thought that she really meant it.

This whore was still getting into his head, even when caged up, cuffed, and abused. He thought about what Sunflower had said about Sumiko. That she would beat the insolent Mary, but not her because she was too well behaved. He had expected and desired an insolent whore that he could feel justified in abusing. This obedient, whipped dog attitude was nice in a way - he did enjoy the feeling of power and control it gave him - but he would have preferred knowing that the attitude was a direct result of his guidance. His imagination hadnt yet gone past the initial attitude training, and he felt at a loss for what to do with this obedient cum dumpster. He stared at her for a while, watching her fidget uncomfortably to try and get blood flowing into her hands.

I made you a promise, and I suppose you would like me to keep it, huh? he teased.

Only if Master wishes, Master, she responded automatically, even though she could not hide the discomfort.

What if I dont wish it? he threatened.

Then this girls hands will remain bound, Master, she replied respectfully.

The way she said this girl was interesting. More signs of her upbringing he supposed. He motioned for her to stand by the cage, far from the door and put her hands through the bars. He grabbed one wrist and held it firm, but it was boringly limp and unresisting. He held it for a moment, grinding the handcuff into her bones in what should have been a painful way, but she barely responded after the initial involuntary twitch. He unlocked the cuffs but didnt release the wrist for a moment. She did not react except to let her loosed arm fall to her side. He examined her naked, dirty ass through the bars, and was pleased to note the bruise on her leg from his boot. Still holding her wrist, he reached his other hand through the cage and pinched the center of the bruise, thinking back to the scene he had witnessed of the key holder pinching the paddle welts on her maidens ass. Kali barely responded at all, which annoyed him. He released her in disgust, not sure if the feeling was directed at her or at himself.

He backed away from the cage and sat back down. Kali stayed where he left her, but moved her arms to get blood flow in them. He handed her the supplies from the bathroom, disinfectant, gauze, medical tape, and antibiotic ointment, and let her change the bandage he had inexpertly taped onto her last night. When she finished, he removed the supplies from her cage. He decided to test her to see whether her obedience was just an act to bide her time until she could escape.

He walked into the cage and locked the door behind him, wary of an attack that did not come. She was still standing where he had left her, but had stopped flailing her arms about when he entered and was now mutely staring at the floor. He approached her, but she didnt react. He stood close enough to press his body against her, trying to tempt her to attack him. She did not take the bait. He snaked his hands into her hair and pulled her to her knees, a move she executed as though they had practiced the scene together a thousand times. He dragged her around the cage by her hair for a while until he grew bored with it, then shoved her with such force that she lost her balance and collapsed, landing face-first on the floor. She quickly righted herself and waited on all fours for his next command. It reminded him again of Puppys ass in the air pose, and he directed Kali to get into that pose for him.

He stuck a booted toe in her cunt and wiggled it around for a minute, then gave her a sharp kick there to see if his boot would fit. It didnt. He smacked her ass with his open hand and enjoyed the resulting crack that echoed through the basement. He spanked her again, harder this time, though the resulting thunderclap sounded muted compared to the first. He gave her three loud, hard spanks all in a row on the same spot, which was finally reddening at the abuse. His hand tingled nicely from the impacts. The white bandage against her dark skin drew his attention, and he gave it a hard tap that made her flinch. He gave her dozens of fast, hard smacks on the ass until his hands hurt too much to continue. When he finally stopped, her ass was the color of a rotten tomato.

His anger at her grew, and he fanned the flames of it by going through a mental checklist of all of Kalis affronts against him. He pulled the long stick he had saved earlier into the cage to spare his burning hands. He stood straight up and walked around Kali, trailing the switch along the concrete behind him with an ominous scratching sound. After circling her twice, he came to rest standing on her hair, which held her face firmly against the dirty floor.

First, your car is an eyesore in my nice neighborhood, covered in ugly graffiti, and it rattles like it desperately needs service he accused, remembering his first glimpse at her stupid teen mentality. He brought the switch down hard, and delighted in the satisfying thwack it made when it connected with her back. The switch rebounded nicely and did not break from the force.

Second, you ceaselessly pollute the entire neighborhood with that cacophony of tortured cats in a drum shop you listen to, and worse yet, you add your own off key screeching to the mix with no concern for anyone else. He swung with his off hand, crossing the last lash to make a giant X across her back with red welts and scratches. The marks were barely visible in contrast to her darkened skin, though that would soon change.

Third, you foul up the neighborhood with your stink. The smell of fresh flowers and sea air is overwhelmed by the skunk smell you carry around on you, and an overpowering smell of dead fish and rotting cum every time you open your whore legs. He was particularly annoyed by her destroying the spring breeze that he waited all year to enjoy, and decided this was worth at least two of the hardest lashes he could muster. She sighed and gulped a fresh lungful of air.

Fourth, You. Thwack. Moved. Thwack. My. Thwack. Bird feeder! THWACK! The reminder of that seemingly mild offense was a surge of oxygen to the fire of his rage, and the memory that followed was the fuel.

And tell me slut, why? Why did you have to put that piece of shit fucking podium Right Fucking THERE? he screamed and lashed her furiously until his arm grew sore and her back was a lightly bleeding mess of scratches and welts.

His fury was escalating, and he was losing control again. This bitch always made him lose control. He had to take it back somehow. Beating her felt good for a moment, but didnt seem to be getting quite the response he had hoped for. She was not fighting back, not sobbing uncontrollably, not begging for his mercy and forgiveness.

He contemplated his predicament while he watched her being boring. He had wanted to break her, but she was already broken. Hell, she was so broken that her pieces had been ground into a soft powder that no longer had the cohesion to resist. His wrath would not be appeased by her any more than it was by hitting soft pillows like his counselors had taught him. Again, she had taken away something he had excitedly coveted. He hit her again for that, but this time didnt recite her offense, unwilling to give her even another ounce of power over him.

After he had been still for a moment, he could hear Kali speaking into the floor. He stepped back and yanked her head up by the hair to yell in her face, I cant hear your blabbering when your mouth is full of floor, whore. Speak clearly. He was gratified to see that her eyes were wet, though she was not sobbing or gasping.

Yes, Master, she said clearly, but in that same soulless voice. This girl moved the podium there so party guests would stand at the end of the runway, Master.

It took him a second to realize she was answering the last question he had asked before going on a rampage with the switch. He felt deflated and wholly unsatisfied. She was a well-used whore, and her previous master was obviously better at it than he was. That could change, though.

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