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Samantha\'s Dubai Nightmare

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Synopsis: A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to serve and pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.

Samanthas Dubai Nightmare

Synopsis: A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.

Chapter 1: An Offer Too Good to Refuse

       “So,” Malia Jackson said, leaning forward and smiling at the young blonde across from her. “Have you thought about what Kyle told you? About the Dubai gig?”

       “I have, I dontIm still not sure Malia,” Samantha Brunner replied. “I mean, he made it sound so easy and stuff. And, like, the pay. That cant be right. $5,000 a day?”

       “No hes right, hes definitely right,” the black skinned model replied without hesitation. “To be honest, I think you might even be able to make more. The guys over there, those Arabs and Saudis and stuff, they got so much money its not even funny. Theyre, like, billionaires. They fly around in private jets, they have huge palaces and, like, fifty servants and maids.”

       “Jeez thats so crazy,” Samantha said in disbelief. “And theyre really gonna give me $5,000 a day just to travel around with them? And sleep with them every once in awhile?”

       “Girl Im 100% positive about that,” Malia responded. “They did for me, and Im black. They dont even really like black girls, or arent attracted to them anyway. They have a huge, huge thing for whites, especially white blondes. They go crazy over them. Im telling you, those guys will buy you whatever the hell you want, just to be seen around in public with you. To show you off like youre their wife.”

       “Wow, thats pretty sad,” Samantha said with a laugh.

       “It is, but hey, if we can milk the shit outta them why not?” Malia asked. “Theyre so desperate to have the hottest girls on their arm, theyll spend whatever. I told you, I was there for three months, and I came back with $400,000 plus a ton of jewelry, bags, the nicest clothes, makeup. Im thinking of going back too.”

       “Seriously?” The blonde asked.

       “Hell yeah!” Malia cried out. “What the hell am I gonna do here that will make me four hundred grand in three months?”

       “Nothing,” Samantha agreed after some pause.

       “Im telling you, you should really go do it, just for a couple of months like I did,” the black girl suggested. “Its seriously so easy. The guys, theyre all really, really classy and nice. I mean, yeah a lot of them are kinda old and gross, but they seriously last like 5 minutes in bed, or ten max. And most of them you only have to do it with once a day, if that. Other than that you go out to dinner and lunch with them, go to some shows and public events. Besides those you get to go out in Dubai, buy whatever you want, live in a nice ass condo. Its like an escorts dream.”

       “Yeah I know, you told me all of that before,” Samantha replied, taking a sip of her iced tea. “Its just Ive never done this before. Escorting I mean. It seems sogross. I mean no offense. I dont judge girls that do it, you know that. I just never ever imagined I would do it. I still cant.”

       “Yeah I totally hear you,” Malia acknowledged. “Look if you want I can even go with you. Ill fly with you over there, to Dubai. Ill introduce you to all of the people I know and the agency that youll be with. Then you can see how nice they are and how easy this gig is. And if you dont like it Ill make sure you get the first plane back.”

       “Okay, Ill think about it, I really will,” the young blonde stated. “I know its a really good opportunity.”

       “Yeah totally, just think about it and let me know,” Malia replied, as she picked up her martini and took a sip.

<2 Weeks Later>

       “Oh my Gosh this is so exciting!” Malia exclaimed, grabbing her friends wrist and shaking it. “Arent you excited?!”

       “Yeah, I am,” Samantha answered, flashing a thin smile at the eager black girl.

       She was only half telling the truth.  As she sat back in the cushy leather seat of a large commercial plane, Samantha couldnt help but feel at least a bit of anxiety.  She still could not believe what she was about to embark on.  After weeks and weeks of talking with her friend Malia and her talent agent, shed finally decided to give high-class escorting a try.  The primary reason, of course, was money.  The 19-year-old had moved to New York recently with the suggestion of Kyle Jensen, Malias manager and agent.  Hed discovered an online modeling portfolio shed made a year ago while she was living in Orlando.  Hed gotten her numerous paid jobs and had convinced her that she could make a full time career out of it in New York.

       Shortly after arriving, however, Samantha had discovered how brutal and competitive the modeling industry was.  Shed hoped to land some jobs at fashion and runway shows, but every agency told her the same thing: that she was too short.  Samantha could not contradict them either.  At 52” and 95 lbs she was a very petite and skinny girl.  She did, however, have a model-like figure, with her long, slender legs, tiny 22” waist, and surprisingly shapely physique.  The only possible flaw on Samantha, if anything, would be her small A-cup breasts.  Her face was also gorgeous, with her captivating blue eyes, long blonde hair, and perfectly delicate features.  Despite her beauty, in the modeling capital of New York, she struggled to find enough paying work just to keep up with her bills.  Every month she barely had enough money to afford rent and basic necessities.  She began working part time as a waitress at a nearby restaurant, but it was very taxing physically and she hated it.

       So after giving it much thought, Samantha had finally decided to head to Dubai with her friend Malia.  Shed met Malia through Kyle and had done a few photo shoots with the dark skinned girl.  Theyd quickly become very close and she regarded Malia as one of her best and most trusted friends.  In fact, Malias assurances about working in Dubai were what convinced Samantha to finally go.  At the moment, she planned on staying for at least a year and possibly more if the job and pay really was as good as her friend promised.

       “I still cant believe youre going with me,” Malia declared in wonder. “Im so excited! I think Im gonna wet my pants!”

       “Oh my God, will you stop?” Samantha laughed, as several other travelers looked at them.

       “Okay okay Ill stop,” Malia chuckled, before putting some headphones into her ears. “Im gonna sleep for a bit, you should too. I told you how long the flight is, right?”

       “Yeah, 12 hours,” Samantha confirmed. “Im okay Im not sleepy.”

       “Suit yourself, girl,” responded Malia, as she pulled a pair of shades over her eyes.

       Samantha continued to look outside the window until all of the passengers had boarded the plane.  About 10 minutes later, as the aircraft rumbled forward and took flight she looked down at the striking view of New York and exhaled deeply.  For some reason, she felt so distant from the city already, and that it would be awhile before she saw it again.  She felt silly for thinking so, considering that she only planned on being in Dubai for a year and very possibly less if the experience was less than her expectations.  She hadnt told any of her friends or family about her trip.  She was an only child and had stopped talking with her parents ever since shed left to New York against their wishes.  Theyd been against her modeling aspirations, and probably would have come to New York themselves if theyd learned about her plans to escort in Dubai.

       The next twelve hours passed by painfully slowly for Samantha.  Shed barely slept the night before, yet still couldnt doze off despite her repeated attempts.  For some reason she couldnt shake the feeling that she might be making a very big mistake.  She was on her way to a foreign country in which she had no relatives or friends, and her only guide was a girl shed met just a couple of months ago.  Although Malia had been very supportive and warm to her since theyd met, Samantha knew that she still did not know much about her still.

       “Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent to Dubai International Airport,” Samantha heard the flight attendant announce over the intercom. “Please ensure that your seat is in the upright position, trays are stowed away, and you are returned to your seat. Thank you.”

       “Were here!” Malia exclaimed, gripping the blondes tiny wrist. “Or almost here. Oh my God I slept so much, holy crap. I slept pretty much the entire flight huh?”

       “Uh yeah,” Samantha replied, shooting her friend a playful look of annoyance. “Thanks for keeping me company, I wasnt bored or anything.”

       “Dont worry, Ill make it up to you when we land,” Malia promised. “Ive got so much energy now. I can shop for the next ten hours straight.”

       In thirty minutes the two girls were off the plane and officially on Dubai soil.  Once they finished grabbing their suitcases from the baggage claim Malia searched around the terminal for their personal assistant.  It did not take her long, as she seemed to have done this many times already.  She even knew the man waiting for her.  He was a very large and muscular Arab, standing at least 65” and weighing at least 270-280 lbs.  He had on an expensive black suit and matching sunglasses.  He nodded at Malia before taking a few seconds to gaze at the petite blonde by her side.  Samantha felt very uneasy as she saw a thin smile form on the mans face.

       “Good to see you Malia,” the brawny man said in a very thick accent.

       “You too Jalil,” the black girl replied warmly. “Were ready to roll. Oh this is Samantha by the way.”

       “Nice to meet you Samantha,” Jalil greeted.

       “Nice to meet you too,” Samantha chirped, shaking the Arabs hand.

       “We go now, the agency is waiting for you,” Jalil declared.

       The man walked briskly as he led the two Americans out of the airport and to an awaiting limousine.  He opened the door and allowed the girls to enter the vehicle while he stowed their luggage into the trunk.  Samantha was already starting to feel better as she climbed into the luxurious limo.  There were bottles of expensive champagne as well as different kinds of fancy food inside.  Nevertheless, she chose not to eat or drink anything, although Malia promptly helped herself to some alcohol.

       “Were meeting the agency already?” Samantha asked.

       “Yeah, how come?” Malia responded.

       “I dont know, I thought wed go to our hotel first at least,” the blonde explained. “Do theyam I gonna have to see a guy tonight? Thats kind of soon Malia.”

       “I dont think theyll send you out tonight,” Malia replied. “But theyre gonna want us to work Sam. I told you, once or twice a night. Other than that well have the entire day to do what we want.”

       “I know…Im just…I dont know, this is all just a little crazy, I still cant believe Im doing this,” Samantha said.

       “I know, I was super nervous too my first time, but trust me its really, really easy,” the black girl stated. “Youll see once we meet the agency. Youll see how classy they are. Trust me you have nothing to be nervous about, like I told you a million times already.”

       Samantha nodded her head and looked outside the tinted window.  It was approximately 10:00 in the morning and the sun was shining brightly outside.  She was glad to be inside the air conditioned limo, as it was already very hot outside.  As she passed by countless skyscrapers and massive shopping centers, the 19-year-old American felt a twinge of excitement.  Shed heard how modern and glamorous of a city Dubai was and now that she was seeing it with her own eyes she couldnt help but agree.  About ten minutes passed by when all of a sudden the car stopped at a busy downtown street.

       “Well this is my stop,” Malia proclaimed, climbing out of her leather seat.

       “Huh? What do you mean? Youre not coming with me?” Samantha asked in surprise.

       “No the agency already has me on file and in the system,” the black girl explained. “So I dont need to go there. Plus Im meeting someone around here soon. Ill see you in a little bit though. Once they get your processed theyre gonna send you back over here.”

       “Wait, what? You cant come with me?” Samantha asked.

       “No, I mean I can, but I told you I have a meeting,” Malia explained, as she grabbed her luggage out of the trunk. “I gotta run! See you soon Sam!”

       Samantha felt nervous as she watched the black girl and their personal valet Jalil through the window.  The two of them walked over to the sidewalk and began chatting with another extravagantly dressed and older gentleman.  They talked for about a minute or two before the elder man nodded and handed a silver briefcase over to the girl.  Malia opened it slightly and inspected the contents inside before closing it and shaking the mans hand.  Jalil then smiled and likewise shook the hands of his fellow countryman and the young American girl before heading back to the limo.  Once he was inside and closed the door the driver quickly began driving once more.

       “Take your clothes off,” Jalil said suddenly, pointing his index finger at the tiny blonde while he removed his blazer.

       “Excuse me?” Samantha asked, not believing what the man just instructed.

       “Your clothes, remove them,” the Arab repeated, this time much louder.

       “Uh no, I dont think so,” Samantha replied, staring at the man in defiance.

       “You have ten seconds to remove your clothes, all of them,” Jalil stated, as he continued to pull off his own garments. “And then I will hurt you.”

       “Hurt me? What the fuck? What the fuck is your problem?” Samantha asked in disbelief. “What is this? Whats going on?”

       “You Americans, you are so stupid,” the huge Middle Eastern man declared, shaking his head while he removed his shirt and pants.

       “What are youstop! Get away from me!!” Samantha shrieked, kicking at the giant Arab as he rushed toward her.

       There was a very brief scuffle that lasted just a few seconds before Jalil had the young American subdued.  She struggled madly as the giant used one hand to pin her wrists against the window above her head.  He used his other hand to fiercely slap the tiny blonde across her cheeks several times. 

       “Owwwww!! Stop!! STOP!!!” Samantha shrieked, looking at the hulking Arab in a mixture of shock and pain.

       “Are you going to behave?!” Jalil demanded, his voice elevated for the first time now.

       “Yes!! I willIll behave!! Please sstop hitting me!” Samantha shouted back, gazing at Jalil in pure terror now.

       “Remove your clothes, all of them,” the giant stated once again, before releasing Samanthas wrists.

       Samantha already had tears in her eyes and she was trembling intensely as she quickly pulled her thin shirt off.  She then stripped off her sandals and tight designer jeans, leaving her only in her bra and panties.  The massive Arab, meanwhile, finished removing his clothes as well, and Samantha could not help but look at him in disgust.  He was so large and his torso was covered in a thick layer of black hair.  His penis was already fully hard and measured more than 9” in length.  It was much larger than any Samantha had ever taken in her life, and she could not stop staring at it in disbelief and horror.

       “Why did you stop?” Jalil asked angrily.

       “Im sorry,” the little blonde responded, before slipping off her underwear.

       “Now spread your legs,” Jalil commanded, once again moving toward the petrified girl.

       “No please!! Stop!!” Samantha pleaded, shuffling back in the leather seat as the dark-skinned man collapsed atop her.

       “I said spread your legs!!!” Jalil roared, slapping the tiny blonde so hard that she instantly went dizzy.

       “Aaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!! Okay I will!! I will!!” Samantha shrieked, looking at the huge fiend with complete terror and obedience.

       Samantha immediately spread her skinny legs out as wide as she could, and the Arab brute knelt between them.  The scowl on his face was quickly replaced with an evil grin as he gazed down at Samanthas exquisitely lovely vagina.  The little pink pussy was so delicate and not heavily worn like what Jalil was used to seeing.  There was also no pubic hair whatsoever on the girls crotch, as shed shaven it after hearing from Malia that the men here preferred it.

       “Please dont do this,” Samantha begged futilely, as the huge Arab pinned her wrists against the window while he got into position to fuck the young American.

       “No please!!! PLEASE!!” Samantha shrieked, squirming around as she felt the tip of Jalils enormous cock against her sex.

       “Nooooooooooooooo!!!” The little blonde squealed, shaking her head vehemently as Jalil slowly began penetrating her.

       Samantha screamed in complete pain and horror as the Arabs massive dick forced its way into her tiny cunt.  Jalil could tell right away from the girls reaction, and the incredible tightness of her vagina, that shed never been taken by a man of his size.  He was not surprised either, considering how tiny the blonde was.  He outweighed her by nearly 200 lbs and completely dwarfed the little slut.

       “Shit the American bitch is tight,” Jalil groaned in Arabic, as he pushed another couple inches of his cock inside the crying girl.

       “Please stop!! It hurts!!!” Samantha begged, her eyes closed and a look of misery on her face.

       Jalil was hoping he would be able to squeeze his entire cock inside the Americans pussy, but was not surprised when he felt the tip of his shaft suddenly bang against her cervix.  Samantha, of course, wailed in agony as the Arab giant pushed forward just to make sure hed completely filled her. 

       “No please!! Nooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha shrieked, shaking her head as the huge man began slamming his cock in and out of her stretched vagina.

         Jalil grunted in delight as he held the squirming blondes wrists against the window and roughly fucked her.  Her pussy was so unbelievably tight that it almost felt like the girl was a virgin.  He could feel the lips of her tiny cunt gripping his cock and being dragged back and forth against his huge shaft.  It did not help matters that she was so dry.

       “AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed in sheer agony, as the massive Arab absolutely pummeled her vagina.

       Samantha had fornicated with several different guys in her life, but none of them had been anywhere close to as large or vicious as Jalil.  The brute was fucking her so insanely hard that the 19-year-old could not even think straight.  The only thing she was aware of was that her pussy felt like it was being ripped in half and her womb destroyed.  The pain was so intolerable that Samantha truly thought she was going to pass out.

       “PLEASE!!! IT HURTS!! IT HUUUUUURRRRRRTTTTS!!!” Samantha begged, tears rolling down her face as she sobbed pitifully.

       Jalil was oblivious to the girls piercing screams as he continued to pummel her cunt for several minutes.  During that time he nearly climaxed half a dozen times, as the tiny blondes pussy gripped him so firmly.  Hed raped hundreds of different girls in his lifewith some as young as 11 and 12and Samantha was without question one of the tightest.  The way she screamed and begged so pathetically was also so arousing.  After nearly five minutes of fucking the little American at a furious pace, Jalil gave one last thrust and roared victoriously as he began emptying his cum inside the girl.

       “Noooooooooooo!!” Samantha wept, closing her eyes and shaking her head vehemently as she felt the Arabs warm jizz flooding her aching pussy.

       Jalil continued holding Samanthas wrists against the window until he felt the last drop of sperm from his cock drain inside of her.  He was panting heavily from his exertions as well as his excitement.  He got an immense amount of joy out of raping little Americans like Samantha, and he was especially going to enjoy breaking her in for her new owner.  As he pulled out of the blondes warm cunt and let go of her Jalil had a look of contentment on his face.  Samantha, meanwhile, was blubbering like a baby as she felt the Arabs sperm dripping from her open vagina.

       “No,” Jalil said sternly, as the 19-year-old moved forward to grab her clothing from the floor.

       Samantha was about to curse at the giant, but after seeing the menacing look on his face she chose otherwise.  She sat back in her chair, with her arms folded across her small breasts and her legs closed together, and continued crying in shock and sadness.  She was well aware of the fact that shed been lied toespecially by her friend Maliaand that she was probably caught up in a very nightmarish predicament. 

       Just a few minutes passed by before the limo driver reached his destination.  Samantha was an absolute wreck.  Her hair was disheveled, her makeup smeared, and tears were streaked all over her face.  Her cheeks were red from getting slapped so hard and her swollen pussy was still oozing with cum.  Jalil, meanwhile, looked like hed just gotten dressed for the day.  He was back in his clothes and other than a little sweat from his exertions, he looked fine.  Once the car had come to a halt he grabbed the little blondes hair and yanked herstill nakedfrom the limo.

       “Owwww! What the fuck?!” Samantha yelped in pain and shock, as she was roughly jerked onto a smooth driveway.

       The limousine had parked in a very fancy cul-de-sac of a huge palace, and there were several more Middle Eastern men like Jalil standing around.  Like him, they were all dressed in suits and absolutely gigantic.  Jalil said a few words to his peers and two of them immediately grabbed the naked Americans arms.  Samantha screamed and resisted as they effortlessly began dragging her toward one of the entrances to the mansion.  Jalil reached the door before the men and pushed it aside for them and Samantha.

       “This is your new home,” the man declared with a grin. “You belong to Hassan now.”

       “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about in complete horror as she was yanked into the foreign home.        

To be continued…

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Chapter 2: Samanthas Training Begins

       Samantha was on her knees and shaking uncontrollably in fear.  She was still naked and her wrists had been pulled up and tied to a metal beam protruding from the wall behind her.  Her ankles, likewise, had been spread several feet apart and secured to a pair of bolts in the floor.  Once inside the mansion, the guards had taken her straight down to the basement and into a huge windowless room that had been transformed into a dungeon.  There were all sorts of bondage equipment and furniture, along with cabinets containing whips, canes, and other more terrible torture devices.

       Once the guards had tied Samantha theyd all left the room, leaving her alone in the silent and ominous room.  For the first five minutes or so Samantha had been a blubbering mess, tugging at her bonds in total panic.  Shed wanted to scream for help but was too scared of irritating Jalil and the other security guards.  Once shed realized that escape was impossible, the blonde settled down and just waited in silence for more than twenty minutes.

       “Ah you must be Samantha,” someone declared, startling the young blonde.

       Samantha looked up and watched nervously as an extravagantly dressed man walked towards her.  He appeared quite old, at least in his mid-50s, and was also of Middle Eastern descent.  He was flanked on either side by several of his guards, including Jalil.  Also, like Jalil and the others he was very tall and big, but with a much chubbier build.  He had the kind of smile on his face that immediately sent shivers down the tiny Americans spine.

       “Who are you? Whats going on? Please, let me out of here,” Samantha blurted out anxiously. “Whwheres Malia?”

       “My name is Hassan, although you will never address me as that,” the portly Arab replied. “And you will never see Malia again so do not worry about her.”

       “No, this isthis is some kind of mistake,” Samantha stated. “Malia, she told me, she told me to come here with her. Im supposed to meet an agency. An escort agency. Please, talk to her, or let me talk to her.”

       “That is what she may have told you,” Hassan snickered. “That is what she was supposed to tell you. You were tricked, my little Samantha. Malia is not who you think she is. She works with us. She has worked with us for many years in fact, luring naïve girls like you to us. You are certainly not the first one she has brought us.”

       “What???” Samantha asked in disbelief. “What are you talking about? No, Malia is my friend. Ive known her forfor awhile. Theres no way, no way she would do this.”

       As she was denying the mans statement, however, Samantha felt the dread in her increasing quickly as she realized he was probably telling the truth.  Shed only known Malia for a few months and in truth didnt know much at all about the girl.  But Malia had always been so nice to her and had seemed very trustworthy and genuine.  To think that shed duped her was very hard for Samantha to accept at the moment.

       “Whether you believe it or not Samantha, that is the truth,” Hassan stated, as he gazed at the 19-year-olds petite, slender body in appreciation.

       “No, no way,” Samantha shot back. “This is bullshit. Let me go, you cant fucking do this to me.”

       Hassan smiled for a second then glanced over to Jalil before motioning toward the kneeling blonde.  The huge guard quickly bent down and slapped Samantha with just half of his strength, yet it was still so powerful that it sounded like a gunshot inside the room.  Samantha shrieked in pain and dismay as her head was jerked to the side.  She immediately began whimpering in fear.

       “You are no longer in America Samantha,” Hassan proclaimed. “You belong to me now and you will learn to behave, or you will be punished, very severely.”

       Samanthas eyes began to water as she stared up at the fat Arab in fear and hate.  She was trembling so hard and goose-bumps were breaking out all over her skin.  Her mind was racing as she tried to comprehend what was happening.  She still could not believe where she was at the moment. 

       “You belong to me,” Hassan repeated. “And you will do everything in your power to please me. As of today that is your only purpose, the only reason you are alive. You are a slave now my little Samanthamy slave. I will do with you as I please. I will fuck you and I will hurt you, and I will give you to my men so they can do the same.”

       “No!! Noooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed in sheer horror, tugging wildly at the ropes on her wrists.

       Hassan and his men all began laughing as they watched the appalled 19-year-old.  She was exquisitely beautiful in her petrified and shocked state.  Hassan was beyond delighted now that he saw her in person.  She was exactly what he was looking foryoung, American, blonde, and so petite.  He would have preferred her breasts be larger, but the way they jiggled on her chest as she tried to break free from her bonds was actually very arousing, and he was already looking forward to inflicting a great amount of pain on them.

       “You will be kept here, inside this room,” Hassan stated, once the girl had calmed down a bit. “This will be your training room, and Jalil will be the one training you. As Im sure you have already learned Jalil can be very violent, so it will be in your best interest to listen to his orders. You will be spending many hours a day with him, as well as my other men of course. He will train you during the daytime, and each night I will see how much you have learned.”

       “Please, this is crazy, this is totally crazy,” Samantha implored the old man. “Please let me go. II didnt come here for this. Please, talk to Malia. Where is Malia?”

       “Jalil, again,” Hassan said in Arabic, prompting the guard to give Samantha another vicious slap across her face.

       “Aaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww!!! Stop!!!” The blonde screamed, cowering away from the evil giant.

       “You fucking Americans are so stubborn, and so stupid,” Hassan said irritably. “From now on you will keep your mouth shut. You will not speak unless given permission. And you will address me, Jalil, and the rest of my men as master, is that understood?”

       “Again,” Hassan said to Jalil, after waiting several seconds for a response from the weeping blonde.

       “No okay!!! Okay!! I understand!! Please I understand!!!” Samantha cried, as the huge guard grabbed her hair and prepared to strike her once more.

       “What is my name?” Hassan asked.

       “Master, master, please, your name is master,” Samantha replied quickly, staring up at the Arab in obedience.

       “Very good,” Hassan stated. “I am going to fuck you now slave. This will be the first of many times I will fuck you.”

       “No, please, please master,” the little blonde begged, as Jalil and another guard quickly began untying her.

       Samantha squirmed around in fear as the pair of giants then dragged her over to a nearby table.  It was shaped like a “T”, with metal clamps on either side of the cross section.  The guards forced Samantha onto the table and began securing her legs into the clamps.  She screamed in sheer agony as her legs were forced completely sideways and perpendicular to her body.  She was not a flexible girl, and her groin felt like it was about to completely tear apart.  Jalil then pulled the Americans arms down and tied them together behind the other portion of the table.

       “Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssse!!!” Samantha wailed, tears trickling from her eyes as she tried to cope with the burning pain of having her legs spread so extremely wide.

       “Look at that pussy,” one of the guards remarked in Arabic. “Jalil you lucky dog.”

       “Yes, it was like heaven brother,” Jalil replied, drawing laughter from his friends.

       Hassan, meanwhile, had completely stripped off all of his clothing and now stood right next to the sobbing American.  He was smiling from ear to ear as he soaked in the terror and misery on her face.  Samantha was so repulsed by the mans overweight, hairy body that she turned away from him.  Hassans cock was already completely erect, and it was very large, just an inch or so smaller than Jalils.  It was just as thick as the guards, however, and when he stepped around and pressed it against Samanthas tiny vagina it looked enormous.

       “No!! Noooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed, writhing around on the table as the Arab began rubbing the tip of his penis against her helpless pussy.

       “Oh my Samantha!!” Hassan shouted in glee, as he finally pressed the bulging head of his cock against the girls sex and began boring into the tiny opening.

       “Uuuuaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!” The petite blonde shrieked, closing her eyes and shaking her head as the disgusting Middle Eastern brute penetrated her.

       Samantha was crying so hard now as Hassan drilled one inch of his dick after another into her.  Once again, she felt her vagina stretching excruciatingly wide in order to fit the old mans cock.  She was squirming around in protest, but with her legs shackled to the table and her arms tied behind her she was completely powerless to stop the man.  She continued to keep her eyes closed, as she could not stomach having to look at the thick clumps of fur all over his torso.  Her pussy was already so sore from the earlier fucking, and burned very badly as Hassan forced his shaft inside the opening.

       “Wow the whore is so tight!!” Hassan yelled in his native tongue, as he bent over the table and sank nearly his entire cock inside the 19-year-old.

       “No please!! PLEASE!!!” Samantha begged fearfully, as Hassan gripped the edges of the table by her head and readied himself to begin fucking the blonde girl.

       Samantha screamed in total misery as the huge Arab suddenly began hammering away at her little pink cunt.  She was thinkingor perhaps hopingthat he would start gradually and work into a rhythm.  Instead, however, he immediately began fucking the bound American at a furious pace, slamming his huge cock in and out of her in long and powerful strokes.  The rape was so brutal that Samantha looked like she was being tortured.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and was squirming about so hysterically.

       “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSE!!” The blonde wailed, shaking her head from side to side while Hassan furiously fucked her.

       Jalil and the other guards in the room were watching in excitement as their boss absolutely pummeled the little American bitch.  Though theyd seen it hundreds of times over the years, it was always a joy to watch Hassan fuck a new slave for the first time.  Just like themselves, Hassan preferred having sex in an extremely rough and violent manner, and especially with Americans like Samantha.  The guards could all see how much pain the girl was in, as she was so tiny and at the complete mercy of Hassans vicious fucking.

       “Please master!!! Please stop!! It hurts so much!! Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssse!!!” Samantha screamed miserably, after a couple minutes passed by and the old Arab continued to pound her aching vagina.

       “Ah!! Shit!!!” Hassan shouted, slamming his palm against the table as he felt his cock about to explode.

       The fat beast gave one final shove and then roared as a river of sperm gushed from his dick and into the 19-year-old.  Samantha let out a bleat of surprise and disgust as she felt her womb being flooded with cum.  She was so sickened by the sensation, but at the same time she was glad the old man was finally done with her.  Her pussy was absolutely on fire and felt like it had been raped with a rusty pole rather than a penis.

       “Oh my that was incredible!!!” Hassan exclaimed, huffing while he lay atop the tiny blonde and finished dumping his seed inside her.

       Once he was finished, the man pulled out of Samantha and took a few steps back, so that he and his men could admire his work.  The girls vagina was agape and her cunt lips were already slightly swollen.  In just seconds Hassans milky cum began oozing from the Americans lovely vagina and down onto her tiny anus.  Even though hed just climaxed, Hassan could hardly wait to sodomize Samantha later in the evening.

       “Shit Im going to be late,” Hassan said in Arabic, as he glanced at his Rolex watch. “You all may use her until 2:00. Then I want you to begin her training Jalil. Teach her how to suck properly, and clean her asshole.”

       “Yes sir,” Jalil answered, also in Arabic.

       There were five guards inside the room, and they all stood still and waited respectfully while Hassan got dressed.  Once the elderly man was finished and had left the room, the group of Muslim giants quickly began removing their clothes while they chatted excitedly.  They quickly discussed in which order they would take the American, and whether or not to leave her tied to the table.  It was just past noon now, and there was plenty of time for all of them to have a turn with the girl.  Samantha, meanwhile, was so distraught that she did not even comprehend what was happening.  The moment one of the guards got into position between her legs, however, the girl completely lost it.

       “NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Samantha screamed, tilting her head forward and staring at the brute in defiance.

       Other than being slightly skinnier and shorter, the man was very similar in build to Jalil.  He was actually the smallest of Hassans guards, although at 63” and 240 lbs he was nevertheless very big himself.  Likewise, his penis was also very large, though not quite as large as Jalils ridiculous 9” snake.  The moment he began roughly shoving it inside the blonde girl she screeched in horrendous pain.

       The muscular Arab shouted random expletives and other nonsense while he savagely fucked the screaming 19-year-old.  Like many other Middle Easterners, he had a natural disdain for Americans, although his hatred for them went even further.  He was of Iraq descent and had several of his close friends and relatives whod been killed in the War on Terror.  Although Samantha obviously had nothing to do with those deaths, to him she embodied the typical arrogance and affluence of the US, and he planned on taking out all of his rage on her.

       “AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP!!! STAAAAAWWWWWP!!” Samantha shrieked, as the twisted fiend began fucking her harder than even Jalil or Hassan.

       The crazed man was bent over the table and was practically jumping up and down while he battered Samanthas devastated cunt.  Because some of Hassans sperm was still left inside the girls vagina, each time the guard slammed into her it produced the loudest and most sickening wet sound.  He was drilling his entire cock in and out of the girl, and each thrust looked like it was killing her more and more. 

       “No more please!!! Youre killing me!! YOURE FUCKING KILLING MEEEEE!!” Samantha screamed, gazing at the Iraq man with sheer desperation.

       Samantha nearly fainted several times as almost five minutes passed by and the guard ferociously raped her.  The searing pain in her vagina was so bad now that she could not even think.  She screamed pretty much the entire time and her voice was quickly starting to grow hoarse.  By the time the man finally climaxed she was completely devastated, and her vagina and womb felt like theyd been pounded to a pulp. 

       “No!! Oh my God please stop this!! I cantI cant take it anymore!!” Samantha squealed, sobbing wretchedly once the man pulled out of her only to be replaced instantly by the next guard.

       “No stop!! Stop!!! STOP!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The blonde wailed in terror, struggling madly as the mountainous guard began stuffing her poor vagina once more.

       Just like Hassan and the other man before him, the Arab brute fucked Samantha in the most merciless fashion.  Though she did not think it was possible, her vagina felt even more on fire as the vicious guard hammered away at it.  But because her voice was virtually gone, Samantha was unable to scream nearly as loud as before, and the rapist mistakenly thought that this meant he was not fucking the blonde nearly as thoroughly as the others.  So he proceeded to absolutely pummel poor Samantha, fucking her harder than hed ever fucked a woman in his life.

       “Aaaaaauuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!!” Samantha squealed wretchedly, as the Arab slammed his oversized cock in and out of her pussy like a locomotive.  

       “Holy shit Amir, dont kill the poor girl!” Jalil shouted in Arabic, watching in wonder while his huge friend beat the brakes off Samanthas cunt.

       Several agonizing minutes passed by before the guard finally spewed his cum inside the little blonde.  He was sweating profusely and out of breath as he lay atop the bound American.  When he finally pulled out and stepped aside so that the next man could begin Samantha was beyond hysterical.

       “NOOOOOOOOO!! NO MORE!!! STOP THIS!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!” Samantha screamed, looking up at her new assailant in complete dismay.

       The 19-year-old yanked hectically at her bonds and sobbed in anguish as the dark-skinned Arab lined his huge cock up with her swollen vagina.  Samanthas scream was absolutely gut-wrenching as the guard rammed forward and brutally drove all 8 inches of his penis inside her cunt.  Normally it would not have been remotely possible for the man to skewer Samantha in such fashion, but after having been raped by three massive cocks in just the past 20 minutes her cunt was so badly stretched out and torn.

       “Please sir!!” Samantha pleaded in despair. “Please stop!! ImIm dying!! I swear to God youre gonna kill me! Please no more!!”

       The Arab turned to his friends and laughed before he too began fucking the tiny American like a complete savage.  By now Samantha was so drained that she just writhed around weakly and wept while the ugly giant raped her.  Somehow, she was able to stay conscious and survive as he and the final guard spent more than ten minutes pummeling her vagina.  When the last of Hassans men finally finished using her, the blonde looked completely traumatized and was barely moving.

       “Damn Jalil I know youre going to have fun today,” one of the guards remarked in Arabic, as he and the others all donned their suits again.

       “Yes it will be very pleasant,” Jalil smiled, as he looked at the sniveling little American on the table.

       “Hopefully Hassan finishes with her early tonight,” a different guard stated. “And he lets us fuck her ass.”

       “Yes I hope so too,” Jalil agreed, waving to his friends as they all began exiting the room.

       Once they were gone there was an eerie silence inside the spacious dungeon.  Samantha was so utterly devastated that she appeared to be in shock.  Her eyes were closed and her petite body was quivering while she shed more and more tears.  Jalil looked down at her vagina and was not surprised by what he saw.  The orifice was gaping badly and was smeared with blood while a thick line of cum dribbled from it.  He gave Samantha just minutes to herself and then began untying her from the table.

       “Lets go stupid whore,” the huge Arab commanded, as he wedged his arms inside the girls armpits and dragged her back over to where she was originally.

       “Please, nono more,” Samantha moaned, too tired to resist as Jalil forced her to kneel before tying her wrists into a pair of leather restraints above her head.

       The cuffs were attached to a length of rope which, in turn, ran up through a pulley which was fixed to a metal beam high on the wall.  The rope was easily adjustable, so that whoever was secured to the cuffs could be left on their knees or lifted high into the air.  For the moment, however, Jalil left the young American on her knees, with her arms pulled up above her head.  He stared at the girl for a moment, once again appreciating her fine white skin and tremendously hot little body.

       “Hey! Look at me whore!” Jalil shouted, prompting the blonde to gaze up at him. “Your training begins now. Today you will learn how to suck dick.”

       Samantha watched nervously as the massive Arab walked over to the corner of the room and grabbed a small stool.  He then moved over to a cabinet containing dozens of whips, canes, and riding crops.  After thinking for a minute, he selected a very menacing black whip which was split at the end into four different leather strands.  Each strand contained strips of steel inside the leather, allowing them to inflict a great deal of pain on the poor target.  Samantha whined in fear as the naked beast set the stool down directly in front of her before taking a seat on it.  She began shaking as the mans 9” cock was now just inches from her face, and completely erect.

       “Because you are American I think you are good cock-sucker,” Jalil declared in his heavy accent. “But maybe not.”

       “No please!!” Samantha cried, recoiling as the man dropped his whip and grabbed her head with one of his giant hands.

       “You will put it all in your mouth, or else,” the Arab warned, using his other hand to tilt his massive prick down toward the blondes lips. “If you fail or refuse I will hit you five times, if you throw up, ten times. If you bite me, I will hit you twenty times.”

       Samantha whimpered in fear as the hairy bastard held her head still and guided his huge prick between her lips.  It smelled and tasted so bad, and for a second she thought about biting down on it before quickly deciding not to.  Shed never been forced to suck a mans penis before, so she was mortified as Jalil clutched her skull tightly and began shoving one inch after another of his dick inside her mouth.  When she felt the tip of the awful penis ramming into her throat the little American instantly started gagging badly and frantically tried to free her head from the Arabs grasp.  Jalil kept the girls skull in place and continued trying to cram his cock down her gullet while she choked.

       “Fucking bitch!!!” Jalil cursed in Arabic, jerking the blondes face away as she was forced to bite down on the meaty shaft.

       “Uuuuaaaagggghhhhh!! Please Im sorry!!” Samantha shrieked, coughing violently as she struggled to take in oxygen.

       She did not even notice as Jalil rose angrily to his feet and stomped over to the wall behind her.  He began turning the handle of a crank, and in turn the rope and cuffs attached to Samanthas wrists started climbing.  Samantha yelped in fear as she was quickly and steadily lifted higher and higher, until she was in the air and her little toes dangled a foot above the floor.

       “You failed,” Jalil stated in a very upset tone, after returning from the wall and picking up the whip. “And you bite me. That is 25 hits.”

       “No, no, no,” Samantha responded, her eyes wide in terror as the beefy Arab cocked his whip back.

       “Aaaaaaaoooooooowwwwwwwww!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her legs in the air as Jalil viciously swung the whip across her little breasts.

       “One!” Jalil bellowed, swiftly bringing the whip over his shoulder once more.

       Samantha unleashed a spine-tingling scream as the Arab again ripped the leather strands across her chest.  The strike was so hard that the Americans small breasts jiggled side to side several times from the blow.  Jalil counted out the hit once again.  Samantha was already starting to weep again as she looked at the Arab and thrashed around in the air in total fear.

       “Three!!” Jalil yelled, after slamming the whip against the blondes tits yet again.

       “AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!! STOP IT!!!” Samantha screeched, glaring at the Middle Eastern giant in hatred and agony.

       Jalils heart was beating in excitement as he continued to pummel the little dangling American.  He unleashed seven more horrendous lashes on her, with every single one on her defenseless breasts.  With each lash Samantha grew more and more hysterical.  It wasnt long before it felt like the skin was literally being beaten from her chest.  The pain was completely and utterly excruciating, and was just as bad as the brutal train Hassan and his guards had ran through her cunt just moments ago.

       “Ten!!!” Jalil shouted in triumph.

       The Arab finally paused for a moment and stared at the tiny, sobbing 19-year-old in the air.  Her breasts were already covered with dozens of long, dark red welts.  There were also a few on her torso, directly beneath her quivering A-cup tits.  Samanthas head was slumped to the side and her face was pressed against her skinny bicep.  She looked totally miserable and defeated, but Jalil was far from done with her.

       “I am nice, I will give your breasts break,” Jalil chuckled, as he stepped around the writhing American so that he was behind her.

       “Aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha screamed, tugging at her bonds as she felt the braids of the whip slash across her buttocks.

       “Eleven!” Jalil roared, laughing as the petite blonde started flailing her legs once more.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha howled, as the terrible flogger instantly set her ass ablaze once more.

       The slender American screamed, begged, and wept feverishly as Jalil proceeded to administer the remaining lashes on her small, firm ass.  Her shrieks of agony were almost inhuman, as the scorching pain drove her to the brink of madness.  By the time hed delivered the 25th and final strike, Samanthas once pristine ass looked just like her breastscrimson all over and covered with blistering welts.  The girl was still blubbering as Jalil went back to the wall and spun the crank, thereby lowering her back to the cold floor until she was on her knees again.

       “Come on, lets try again,” Jalil declared, plopping down on the stool in front of Samantha and grabbing her long sandy-blonde hair. “Open your mouth.”

       The little blonde whined dismally as she parted her lips for the mans enormous cock.  She was incredibly nervous as Jalil held her skull with both hands and slowly inserted his penis into her mouth.  When about half of it was between her jaws and she felt the tip pushing against her tonsils Samantha began whimpering pitifully.  She looked down and saw that several inches of Jalils dick was still outside of her mouth and she started crying.

       “Remember, you take whole dick in your mouth,” Jalil reminded the girl, before he began cramming his penis down her fragile throat.

       “Aaaacccckkkkkkkk!!” Samantha groaned wretchedly, trying to twist her head away as Jalils monstrous cock wormed its way down her gullet.  

       The petite American was utterly mortified at what Jalil was trying to do to her.  She had never deep-throated anyone in her life, and simply had no clue how it was possible.  When shed given blowjobs, the furthest shed ever allowed her previous partners to insert into her mouth was 3-4 inches.  So now, as the Arab fiend packed nearly six inches of his gigantic cock into her mouth and throat, Samantha could not help but start to gag immediately.  This time, however, she wisely remembered not to bite down on the penis, even as Jalil forced it deeper and deeper into her throat.  He got almost seven inches inside the blondes mouth before it was clear that she was starting to choke, at which point he reluctantly pulled out of her.

       “You fail again!” Jalil hissed at the retching, despondent girl.

       “No please!! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!!” Samantha begged, coughing intensely as Jalil got up and walked back over to the wall.

       “No wait!! Stop!! Stop!!! Ill do it!! Please Ill do it!!” The American squealed, pulling at her restraints as she was once again hoisted into the air.

       When he was satisfied with the height of the girl Jalil walked back in front of her and grabbed the whip from the ground.  Samantha was already shaking her head in dread as she looked at the awful leather instrument.  She already started screaming as the Arab cocked it back before tearing it across her tits.  The instant the braids of steel and leather touched her skin Samanthas scream seemed to double in volume.

       “One!!!” Jalil called out.

       “Please please please!!! Let me down!! Ill do it right this time!!” Samantha beseeched the heartless man.

       “Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!” The blonde wailed, twisting around in the air wildly as Jalil cracked the whip against her helpless chest once more.

       Jalil shouted out the number again and quickly unleashed three more agonizing lashes on the Americans tits.  He then went over to the crank and twisted it until the miserable blonde was back on her knees.  Samantha was completely dejected at this point and wanted so badly to just shield her battered breasts with her arms. 

       “Again!” The Arab commanded, sitting down in front of the girl and grabbing the back of her head.

       Samantha emitted a long and anguished groan as Jalil speared his big fat cock back into her mouth.  She consciously tried her absolute best to loosen her throat and suppress her gag reflex as the massive Arab rammed his prick down her tiny throat once more.  This time, however, she could not even last half as long as the previous attempt.  In just seconds she started gagging again, and another few seconds later Jalil was forced to pull out.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed in utter horror, shaking her head woefully as the guard marched back over to the wall and turned the crank.

       “Oh my God please just stop this!! Please no more!!” Samantha implored the callous Arab, who grabbed the whip and disappeared behind her.

       Jalil calmly and swiftly dispensed five searing shots on the Americans ass, this time not bothering to count aloud.  Samantha screamed in abject misery the entire time, of course, and was a blubbering mess by the time Jalil lowered her back to the floor. Her buttocks burned so badly that it was hard for her to even breathe.  As Jalil took a seat in front of her yet again Samantha let out a scream of absolute misery, fear, and frustration.

        “We do not stop until you learn how to suck,” Jalil declared, seizing the white girls head.

       Samantha whined dismally as she spread her lips and allowed Jalil to shove his dick back into her mouth.  She concentrated on the blistering pain all over her breasts and ass and was absolutely set on taking the Arabs entire cock inside her throat.  Samanthas eyes were closed and a look of pure torture was on her face as Jalil slowly shoved more and more of his penis inside her mouth.  He stuffed more than seven inches down the blondes gullet before she suddenly yanked her head back and puked her airplane food all over the ground.  Jalil sighed in frustration and jerked Samanthas hair forward so she was forced to look down.

       “You fail, and you throw up,” Jalil declared, pointing at the floor. “Fifteen hits.”

       “NO!! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha screamed in horror, tugging at her bonds as hard as she could while Jalil grabbed the whip and marched over to the wall.

       “Aaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww!!! Pleeeeaaaaaaaassssssse!!” The tiny American screeched, squirming around in agony as Jalil beat her breasts with the whip.

       “One!” The Arab growled, blasting Samanthas tits once more.

       Jalil was elated as he proceeded to pummel the Americans tiny breasts.  Although he appeared irritated at Samanthas inability to deep-throat him, in actuality the Arab did not mind one bit, as it gave him reason to batter Samanthas lovely petite body.  The particular whip he was using was of such design that the braids of steel wrapped in leather would not break the victims skin, but would leave tremendously excruciating welts.  As such, it was perfect for prolonged sessions, which Jalil imagined this would be.  Nevertheless, he had all day with the American bitch, and she was going to learn how to deep-throat him one way or another.

       “No wait!! Please!!!” Samantha wailed, as the Arab prepared to deliver the 8th lash on her. “IllIll suck you!! Please, Ill suck your dick!! Ill suck it good I swear!!! Ill make you cum I swear to God!!”

       The skinny little blonde wept in terror as Jalil simply laughed before stepping around behind her.  Samantha screamed piercingly as the awful braids slammed into her reddened ass-cheeks.  Jalil dispensed seven more excruciating hits on the blondes ass, soaking in her screams of pure agony.  When he was through he calmly lowered the American to the floor and again plopped down onto the stool right in front of her.

       “No wait, wait,” Samantha stated in panic as the Arab took hold of her head. “Please stop, please listen. Ill suck your dickIll suck your dick my way. Please, just let me suck it my way. Please, youll like it. I swear to God youll like it.”

       “No,” Jalil responded with no emotion, clutching a fistful of the girls hair and pulling her face towards his giant penis. “No your way, only correct way.”

       Samantha screamed in complete suffering as Jalil forced his cock back into her open mouth.  Her slender neck was straining as she frantically tried to free her skull from the mans grip.  At this point she was convinced there was no way in the world she could take his entire penis inside her mouth, and she was no longer interested in trying.  But as the barbaric Arab rammed his huge cock down her throat Samantha inevitably began strangling on the meaty pipe.

       “Nooooooooooo!!! Stop!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!!” The American screamed, yanking at her cuffs in fury as Jalil pulled out of her mouth and started walking back to the wall.

       “No dont!! Stop!!!” Samantha begged, looking at Jalil in terror as he began turning the crank.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The petite blonde screeched, as she was raised high into the air.

       Jalil watched in total joy as the 19-year-old sobbed and twisted about like a pathetic whore.  He had not even struck her yet with the whip but she was already so frightened.  He could see the look of complete terror, pain and anger on her face, and was so tempted to take her down for a few minutes and rape her again.  The American bitch was ridiculously sexy as she hung there, naked and glistening with sweat with dozens of searing welts all over her little chest.

       “AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!” Samantha wailed, pulling herself high into the air as Jalil raked the whip across her breasts.

       “One!” The Arab hooted, before viciously striking the small mounds again.

       “Stop it you fucking asshole!!!” Samantha bellowed, squirming around in agony as she glared at the sadistic ogre. “You fucking bastard!! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Cant you see?! I cantI cant do it you psycho motherfucker!!!”

       After taking more than 50 excruciating lashes on her ass and breasts the little American had finally had enough.  Although Samantha was deathly afraid of the colossal Arab, she could no longer contain her rage and frustration.  The man was a complete lunatic and she needed him to know that.  Samantha could not understand how it was not clear to himas it was to herthat she could not suck him, at least not the way he wanted.

       “You are wrong,” Jalil replied. “You can do it, you will see.”

       “NOOOOOO!! AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screeched, trying to twist away as Jalil landed another horrendous blow to her tits.

       The Arab laid two more shots on the blondes chest.  The remainder of her torso was completely unmarked, and while he considered hitting her elsewhere, Jalil loved decorating Samanthas small round breasts and ass too much.  When he was finished he lowered the American back to the floor.  As soon as he sat down in front of her and grabbed her head Samantha began bawling like a true whore.

       “Oh God please!! Please stop!!” The 19-year-old pleaded, in a much more docile tone than when shed cursed at Jalil a minute ago. “Listen!! Please listen to me!! I cantI cant do this! I cant do what you want me to, but I swear to God Ill give you aa good blowjob! I swear youll like it! Please just let mejust let me show you!!”

       “Shut up, and open your mouth,” Jalil snapped, holding his index finger in front of the American. “You will learn how to suck correct way, or I will beat you, all day.”

       “No!! Get away from meeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Samantha screamed, clamping her teeth and jerking her head sideways as the Arab pressed the tip of his cock against her lips.

       “You refuse?!” Jalil growled, yanking down on the girls hair. “You refuse?! Five hits!!”

       “No wait!! Wait!!” The little American shouted in dread, as Jalil got to his feet and walked back to the wall. “Stop!! Please Ill do it!! Please come back!! Ill do it!!!”

       Samantha screamed in complete anguish and regret as she was hoisted back into the air.  As the giant Arab disappeared behind her with the whip she still could not comprehend that this was actually happening to her.  Her mind was overloaded with thoughts and she kept praying that this was nothing but a terrible nightmare.  As Jalil slammed the whip against her scorched buttocks, however, the mind-boggling pain was a harsh reminder that this was in fact real.

       “One!! You refuse again?!” Jalil demanded, pausing to hear back from the squirming little blonde.

       “Aaaaaaaaooooooowwwwwwwww!!! Stop!! No!! No I dont!! I dont refuse!!” Samantha quickly shouted back. “Please let me down!! Please sir I dont refuse!! Ill be good I swear!! Please Ill be good!”

       “Two!!!” The Arab bellowed, after unleashing another shot on the girls ass.

       “AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE I SAID ILL BE GOOD!!!” Samantha squealed in agony.

       Jalil administered three more brutal lashes on the Americans bottom.  Unlike her breasts, the bitch actually had quite a shapely and plump ass, especially for how small and skinny she was.  Jalil simply could not wait to stick his enormous cock inside the blondes asshole and hear her scream when he did.  When he lowered Samantha back to the floor and stood before her she looked completely defeated and consumed with pain.  She did not resist at all now as the Arab grabbed her hair and pulled her toward his cock.        

       As expected, another attempt to deep-throat the 19-year-old ended in failure.  Samantha begged, screamed, and wept in sheer misery as Jalil raised her into the air and punished her with the whip.  This cruel process repeated itself over and over again, as the mighty Arab thrashed Samanthas ass and breasts dozens more times.  Gradually, however, the American figured out more and more how to accomplish her task.  With each set of excruciating lashes she learned more and more new things, like to lean forward and straighten her throat, to relax and expand her gullet, and how to control her gag-reflex and breathe through her nose.  Finally, after what seemed like the hundredth attempt, she was able to stay composed long enough for Jalil to fit his entire 9” cock inside her mouth and throat.

       “Very good!” Jalil commended the little blonde, after pulling out of her mouth.

       “Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!” Samantha screamed in exhaustion, coughing violently once the awful Arab penis was no longer jammed in her throat.

       Jalil smiled as he watched the petite girl panting and groaning in relief.  She was slumped forward and would have collapsed onto her side if it wasnt for the cuffs holding her arms in the air above her.  She was so drained and he could tell from her body language that she thought her misery was over.  The Arab, of course, knew otherwise.  He gave Samantha just a couple of minutes of rest before he grabbed her hair once more.

       “No, please,” the American pleaded as soon as she felt Jalils grip. “Stop, no more. I did it, I did what you wanted.”

       “Stupid American,” Jalil laughed, as he grinned down at the tiny blonde. “Your training is not over. Now you will make me cum. You will use your throat. You will take whole cock in your throat. If you failor make me angryfifty hits.”

       “Noooooo!! God please just leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, her eyes wide with terror as Jalil shoved his prick back into her mouth.

To be continued…

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Chapter 3: Samanthas First Anal

       Samantha Brunner, the sexy little 19-year-old American, was naked and on her knees.  However, she was no longer in Hassans basement with her arms tied to the wall above her head.  She was inside the bedroom of her masters sprawling mansion.  There were countless fancy and extremely expensive furnishings and decorations inside the room.  Chief among them was Hassans king-size bed, with its golden headboard and beautiful tarp and oak frame.  Attached to each of the four bedposts were leather bindings and these were the only part of the bed that looked odd and out of place.

       “Ah Samantha, I have been looking forward to this all day,” Hassan declared, as he stripped naked and faced the trembling girl. “I heard your training was a bit more difficult than expected. You had trouble learning to deep-throat? I understand how it could be difficult, Jalil is so very large and youyou are quite tiny.”

       Samanthas eyes began to water as she listened to the mans words.  Shed spent over three hours learning from Jalil how to suck dick the proper waythe first hour finding a way to even fit the Arabs huge cock inside her mouth and the next two actually using her throat to make him cum.  It had been absolute torture, as the insane fiend had clobbered her frail throat over and over again with his penis.  Hed battered Samanthas breasts and ass dozens more times during that span, for various reasons like choking on his dick, incessantly crying or begging, and vomiting when she could not handle the brutal pounding of his cock against her gullet.

       For Samantha, it had been by far the worst three plus hours of her life.  During that time shed been treated like the lowest piece of filth on earth.  Jalil had been completely merciless as hed fucked her mouth in the most brutal fashion imaginable, slamming his massive penis in and out of her throat like he was trying to obliterate it.  The only thing worse than having her raw gullet pummeled over and over again was getting hoisted into the air and constantly flogged all over her swollen chest and buttocks.

       After more than two hours Jalil had finally grown tired and hammered away at the blondes mouth until he blew his load.  Hed forced Samantha to swallow every drop of his sperm, which she was barely able to do without puking.  Samantha had never swallowed any of her boyfriends cum, and found the idea absolutely disgusting.  Shed nearly spat out Jalils seed as well, but had wisely found a way to gulp it down.

       The Arab had then taken Samantha upstairs to a large bathroom with many different medical tools.  Hed leaned Samantha over the bathtub, tied her hands to her ankles, and then spent the next hour giving the poor girl an enema.  For Samantha, this too had been excruciating, as Jalil roughly inserted the rubber hose deep inside her rectum and proceeded to flush out any feces inside her.  After thoroughly cleansing the girls bowels, hed allowed her to take her first piss of the day and then finished by running the shower over her and wiping any fluids or other filth from her body.

       “So, are you ready to show me what you learned today slave?” Hassan asked eagerly, as he stroked his huge cock and looked down at the Americans bruised, reddened chest.

       “Yes sir,” Samantha said softly, choking back tears.

       “Come, onto the bed slave,” Hassan commanded, as he walked over to the mattress and climbed atop it.

       Samantha followed the fat, massive Arab onto the bed.  He was so revolting and she could not stomach the idea of him even touching her.  Hassan moved to the end of the mattress and turned around before plopping down on his butt and resting his back against the wooden headboard.  He spread his thick, hairy thighs apart and beckoned Samantha over with his finger.

       “Get over here slave,” Hassan commanded, as he stroked his huge cock with one hand. “And show me what you have learned.”

       Samantha could not hide the look of disgust on her face as she shuffled forward on her hands and knees like a bitch.  She got between the old mans legs and was on the verge of tears as she looked at the hideous cock in front of her.  After spending half of the day choking on Jalils dick the last thing she wanted to see was another one, especially since Hassans penis was barely smaller than his guards.

       “Oh yesssssssss,” the Sheikh groaned, as the little blonde wrapped her lips around his cock.

       Samantha had tears in her eyes now as she brushed her hair to the side and tilted the Arabs ugly penis down.  She relaxed her gullet and tried to remain calm as she leaned forward and took inch after inch of Hassans penis into her mouth.  She got nearly all of it inside her throat before her gag-reflex triggered and she began gagging violently.

       “Im sorry!” Samantha quickly apologized, taking a few seconds to gather herself before reattaching her lips to the old mans prick.

       Hassan looked down with a smile as the 19-year-old American sucked his huge cock in the most obscene manner.  She was groaning and sniveling in misery as she spread her jaws as wide as she could and constantly pumped her mouth up and down the awful cock.  Unsurprisingly, Jalil had done a fine job with the girl.  She did not stop stuffing her throat with Hassans cock, even while she was constantly forced to choke on it.  Hassan could not see her face, but the way her amazingly petite and slender body tensed each time she gagged on his cock was so hot.  As she continued to blow him, the Arab suddenly gripped Samanthas hair and forced her face all the way down to the base of his penis.  He kept her in this position for nearly ten seconds, savoring the tightness of her frail throat until she began retching on his dick.

       “Ah perhaps Jalil did not do as good of a job as Id thought,” Hassan lamented, finally pulling the Americans head back up. “I will make sure your session with him is much more thorough tomorrow.”

       Samantha was coughing dismally but was still able to make out what the man had said, and his words filled her with dread.  Jalil was without question the most sadistic, terrifying person shed ever met, and she could not stand even the idea of being in the basement dungeon and at his mercy again.  Eager to please the old Arab in front of her, Samantha wrapped her lips back around his penis and continued to deep-throat him once more.

       “Ah yes, very good whore,” Hassan groaned, as the little American simultaneously sucked and gagged on his cock.

       Hassan sat back and allowed the blonde to blow him for more than five minutes.  Toward the end it was clear she could no longer take his 8” cock down her gullet, as she slowly began servicing just half of the giant shaft.  Hassan allowed the girl to continue in this manner, but planned on making sure Jalil educated her tomorrow.  As he began climaxing, he was further surprised and furious as the impudent American yelped in disgust and immediately detached her mouth from his cock.

       “Stupid American whore!” Hassan growled, as spurts of cum shot through the air and landed on his bed. “You will be punished severely for that!”

       Samantha began weeping as she realized her grave mistake.  She remembered now what Jalil had warned her earlier, after hed ejaculated in her mouth and forced her to swallow it.  Hed instructed her to swallow every single drop of Hassans sperm anytime the old Arab spewed in her mouth, and had cautioned her that failure to do so would result in the worst beating of her life. 

       “ImIm sorry,” the blonde quickly stated, looking up at Hassan with sincere regret in her eyes.

       “You are lucky I dont have Jalil take you away right now,” the Arab replied. “You will receive your punishment in the morning.”

       Samantha whimpered in fear as her thoughts raced ahead to what awaited her tomorrow.  The mere thought of getting her ass and breasts beaten by Hassans sadistic guard made her tremble.  The two areas on her body were so inflamed and battered that she could not even sit down or touch her small chest without crying in pain. 

       “Come,” Hassan commanded, as he took hold of the blondes arm and pulled her off the bed. “You will make me hard again now.”

       Samantha stumbled after the old Sheikh as he led her to a small platform just a few feet from the bed.  It was about 10 by 10 and built into the center of it was a steel pole that connected to the tall ceiling.  Also, next to the pole were a pair of cheap 8” stripper heels, with black leather straps and an acrylic base.  Hassan pushed the little American toward the stage and smiled as she looked confused.

       “Oh come on slave, you are American, do not pretend you are unfamiliar with this,” Hassan laughed. “You will dance for me here every night, and you will dance like a true American slut. If I am not satisfied with you I will have Jalil discipline you.”

       “Please, Im not a stripper,” Samantha beseeched the man, her cheeks already beginning to turn red. “IveIve never done this before. Please, dont make me do this.”

       “No more complaining!” Hassan hissed. “Or I will have you taken away and beaten the rest of the night. Shut up and begin dancing. When I am recovered you will join me on the bed again. Now put on those shoes and begin!”

       Samantha sighed in despair as she climbed onto the stage and attached the heels to her feet.  Shed never worn anything like them and was barely able to keep her balance in the insanely high stilettos.  The petite blonde was quivering as Hassan sat comfortably on his bed and leered at her.  Samantha felt completely disgraceful as she began doing her best stripper impersonation, running her hands through her long hair while she swayed her hips from side to side.

       Hassan watched in amusement as the little American danced awkwardly on the stage.  While her movements may have been enough to arouse some high school jock, they were nowhere near satisfactory for the old Arab.  He shook his head as he made yet another mental note on what Jalil was to teach her.  He smiled as Samantha continued to dance while she struggled to not break down on the stage.  

       Nearly 20 minutes passed by before Hassan finally felt his penis stiffening again.  By that point he was beyond disappointed with Samanthas performance.  The entire time shed basically repeated the same two moves over and over: either swaying her body from side to side or leaning forward and running her hands all over her thighs and hips.  It was the worst dance the Arab had ever seen, and he would make sure she was punished gravely for it.

       “Okay slave thats quite enough of that,” Hassan declared, motioning the girl over with his finger. “Come back to the bed.”

       Samantha exhaled as she was finally allowed to stop.  Although her dancing had not been intensive, doing it for almost 20 minutes had been very draining and a layer of sweat had developed on the girls body.  She removed the heels on her feet and walked slowly back to the mattress, staring at the carpet the entire time.  Just before she got there Hassan suddenly climbed off the colossal bed.

       “Stay still slave,” the tall, fat Arab instructed, as he bent Samantha over the wooden footboard. “Do not move.”

       Samantha let out a bleat of fear as Hassan pulled her arms out wide and tied her wrists into the leather cuffs on the bedpost beside her.  She was tied in an extremely uncomfortable and lewd position, as she was draped over the footboard at a sharp angle and her reddened buttocks were perched up high in the air.  The edge of the wood beneath her hips was of such height that her feet were dangling at least a foot above the floor.

       “I have been waiting all day for this moment slave,” Hassan stated, as he uncapped a tube of lubricant and squeezed a good amount of it it onto the girls tiny anus.

       “Eeeeeuuuuuaaaaagggghhhhhh!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed, jerking at her bonds as she felt the Arab pry her butt-cheeks apart and place the tip of his huge cock against her asshole.

       “Now now slave, you must get used to this,” Hassan said, as he clutched Samanthas hip with one hand while he used the other to guide the head of his cock inside her ass. “I will be fucking your ass many, many times, along with Jalil and the others.”

       “Nooooooooooooooo!! Please dont!! Stop!!!” Samantha shrieked, jerking her hips from side to side as she felt Hassans penis starting to spread her anus terribly wide.

       Ever since Jalil had given her that awful enema just a couple of hours ago Samantha had been well aware of the reality that she was going to get raped anally.  However, the idea of it was just so horrifying and disgusting that she refused to entertain it.  Shed never, ever done anal before in her life, and planned on keeping it that way.  To her, it was one of the most disgusting acts in the world, and she was dumbfounded how any self-respecting girl could think otherwise. 

       “Oh my you are so tight back here!!!” The Arab exclaimed in joy, as he struggled to squeeze just the head of his massive cock inside Samanthas asshole.

        “Noooooooo!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her little feet against the wooden bed-frame as Hassan finally lodged the tip of his cock inside her anus and now began burrowing into the teeny hole.

       Hassan was trembling in ecstasy as he gripped the little Americans tiny waist and slowly, painstakingly wrestled his huge penis inside her half an inch at a time.  He knew that at the moment any attempts to slam into the girls sphincter would result in total failure.  Even with the aid of the lubricant the blondes anus was gripping him so hard that it felt like his dick was being choked.  As unbelievably tight as her vagina had been, Samanthas anus felt twice as incredible.

       “UUUUUAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha squealed, shaking her head and tugging at the cuffs on her wrists as the revolting Arab drilled about 1/3rd of his cock inside her now.

       Samantha was starting to weep now as the old, Middle Eastern bastard behind her forced more and more of his penis inside her rectum.  She could feel the muscles of her anal ring straining to fit the enormous cock.  At any moment it felt like they were about to rip completely apart and the pain was simply excruciating.

       “AAAAOOOOOWWWWW!! PLEASE STOP!! OH MY GOD!!” The American begged vehemently, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as Hassan continued drilling into her.

       Samantha continued to wail and plead pitifully as the Arab slowly but surely forced more and more of his penis inside her ass.  The further he went the more hysterical the little blonde became, as the feeling of Hassans huge cock inside her tiny sphincter was not only agonizing but also downright disgusting.  By the time he sank all 8 inches of his shaft inside the American she was twitching violently like a dying animal.

         “Thank you Allah for blessing me with this American whore,” Hassan proclaimed in Arabic, smiling as he looked down at Samanthas quivering little body.

       “Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” Samantha screeched, twisting around as Hassan leaned forward and his sweaty torso rubbed against her back.

       “Listen to me carefully slave,” the large Sheikh whispered into Samanthas ear. “This will be extremely painful for you. But I promise you will become used to this. I will be fucking you in the ass many times from now on, as will Jalil and my other guards.”

       “Nooooooooooooooooo!!” Samantha wept, refusing to believe what the man was telling her.

       Hassan laughed as he straightened his body again and clasped his strong hands firmly around the petite Americans hips.  He then pulled about two inches of his dick out of her sphincter before brutally ramming back into it.  Samantha immediately screamed in pain and kicked her feet against the footboard several times.

       “AAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! STOP!!!” The tiny blonde howled, as Hassan repeated the move in even rougher fashion.

       “Calm down my little slave, I am just loosening you up,” Hassan chuckled, as he started working his cock back and forth inside the girls asshole in short strokes.

       Samantha was sobbing in pain and misery as her asshole literally felt like it was on the verge of tearing.  Unlike when hed raped her earlier, Hassan was actually thrusting slowly and gently, as he knew it was physically impossible for him to pummel the Americans asshole like he so badly wanted to.  Nevertheless, even at his sluggish pace, the pain was still unbearable for little Samantha.

       “Aaaaaauuugggghhhh!!! Please just stop!! Please!!! It fucking hurts so bad!!!” Samantha begged, rubbing her long, skinny legs together as the huge Arab gradually began fucking her with longer and rougher strokes.

       Hassan continued to grind away at the 19-year-old Americans anus for more than ten minutes.  Although it was a lengthy process, the girls asshole very slowly began to open up.  More importantly, however, was that with his repeated thrusts Hassan was able to smear the lubricant deep inside and all over Samanthas sphincter.  Thiscombined with his patience and determined effortsfinally resulted in an ever so slight loosening of the blondes anus.  Even though it still gripped his huge cock like a hose, Hassan was overjoyed, as hed now stretched it wide enough to where he felt he could finally begin hammering the tiny orifice.

       “NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha screamed, struggling wildly beneath the Arab as he suddenly began fucking her much more harshly.

       Hassan wrapped his thick, strong fingers around Samanthas 22” waist and held it completely still while he proceeded to slam his cock in and out of the wretched young blonde.  His patience was at an end, and the only thing he wanted now was to give the American bitch the vicious fucking that she deserved.  He used all the strength in his burly hips and began savagely hammering the outmatched hole, ripping the entire length of his dick in and out of it like a beast.  Samantha, in the meantime, began screaming so loud that Hassans eardrums throbbed.

       “AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! AAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!” The petite blonde wailed, her limbs flailing around in the air as she was ferociously raped by the Arab monster.

       “Uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!” Hassan bellowed in pure delight, as the girls tiny asshole still squeezed his cock like a vise.

       “AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screamed, tears streaming down her blue, shock-filled eyes while Hassan completely wrecked her anus.

       Hassan was in a world of heaven as he looked down at the squirming little American while he pummeled her asshole.  With her arms tied out wide to the sturdy bedposts and her tiny body pinned between the heavy footboard and Hassans own massive frame there was absolutely nothing she could do to defend herself.  Regardless of how frantically she struggled, Samantha truly was at the complete mercy of the Arab brute.

       As each second ticked by the fucking only got worse and worse for the bound American.  It wasnt long before Hassan was using every ounce of his strength to rape the girl as ferociously as he could.  He continued to hold Samanthas hips in place while he lunged forward with all of his might and tore his cock through her asshole like he wanted to murder it.  Samantha was in so much pain and screaming so horribly that the veins in her neck were visibly straining and her face was bright red.  She thought no amount of pain could be worse than getting flogged by Jalil, but this very possibly was.  Her asshole had literally torn in several places and was beginning to smear blood all over Hassans penis.

       “AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed over and over again, her mind so consumed with agony now that she could no longer form words.

       Hassan pounded away at the Americans asshole for more than five minutes, which to Samantha was an eternity.  Every single time the huge Arab slammed into her she thought she would pass out from the overwhelming pain of her asshole getting ripped apart.  The dirty old Sheikh was fucking her so roughly that despite her nonstop screaming Samantha could hear his hairy testicles and gut smacking against her vagina and buttocks.

       “Aaaaarrrrgghhhhh!!!” Hassan roared, stabbing his whole dick inside the 19-year-old one last time before he began climaxing inside her rectum.

       Samantha could feel the Arabs disgusting seed flowing into her bowels, but she was so relieved he was finished that she genuinely did not care.  The only thing she yearned for was his cock to be out of her asshole and never put back in.  The American was weeping uncontrollably as she thought about what had just happened to her and what still awaited her.  Her asshole felt like it had been ravaged with a wooden log, and she had no idea in the world how she had survived through the anal fucking.

       “That was even better than I imagined it slave,” Hassan extolled the sobbing blonde, reaching around and wrapping his fingers around her little chest.

       “AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha shrieked, thrash about in agony as Hassan began pinching and slapping the small, welt-covered mounds.

       After tormenting the blondes breasts for a minute Hassan was satisfied and slowly extracted his penis from her ass.  Even now the hole was so tight that pulling out of it was a struggle.  When he finally did, the Arab looked down at Samanthas anus proudly.  The orifice was gaping badly and lined with blood.  Because her ass was perked up in the air, Hassans load of cum hed emptied deep inside the blonde was barely trickling out of her asshole.

       “Okay slave, back to work,” Hassan announced, as he unlocked the cuffs on Samanthas wrists and dragged her back to the small stage.

       “Uuuuuaaagggghhhhh!!” Samantha cried, stumbling along with the old, fat Arab.

       “You will dance for me again,” Hassan instructed, shoving the blonde toward the stripper platform. “And when I am ready we will have more anal sex.”

       “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed, dropping to her knees and burying her face into her hands as she began weeping in utter misery.

To be continued…

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Chapter 4: Samanthas Discipline

       Samantha Brunner yelped in fear as the boom of a heavy door slamming shut wakened her.  She instantly began shuddering as Jalil, head of Hassans security, marched toward her.  The petite, naked American was back in Hassans dungeon, on her knees with her arms tied to the same metal beam above her. 

Samantha barely remembered how shed gotten back here, as the events of last night were a nightmare she wanted to completely forget.  She did recall having to dance for Hassan for quite awhile, and then being tied to his bed again and subjected to another savage anal fucking.  Because her asshole had been so thoroughly and terribly destroyed from the first session with the Arab, the second time around had been much worse, as impossible as that would have seemed.  The only thing about it that had actually been a positive was the duration, as Hassan lasted just a few minutes the second time around.  After hed finished hed summoned his guards, who carried the blonde down to the basement and tied her how she was now.  Samantha had spent nearly two hours weeping in torment before finally drifting to sleep from pure physical and mental exhaustion.

“Good morning slave,” Jalil chuckled, as he loomed over the petrified American. “Well its good morning for mebad morning for you.”

       “Please, dontdont do anything, please dont hurt me,” Samantha begged, looking at the massive Arab in extreme fear.

       “You have very, very long day today,” Jalil responded, grinning as he began unbuttoning his dress-shirt. “Hassan has many things for me to teach you.”

       Samantha watched nervously as the colossal Arab patiently removed one article of clothing after another, until he was completely naked like her.  She felt the trepidation in her stomach as he then walked over to the cabinet of punishment devices and pulled out the same appalling braided whip hed used on her yesterday.  Samanthas ass and chest were still smarting badly from the beating, and she could not stand the thought of either areas getting struck even once.

       “No, no, no, please,” the American pleaded, shrinking back from the guard as he walked toward her.           

       “No!!! Please!! Please!! Pleeeeaaaaaassssse!!!” Samantha squealed, twisting about in panic as Jalil went to the wall and began turning the metal lever.

       While he raised the little blonde into the air Jalil turned and watched her with glee.  He could not imagine what must have been going through her mind, as her life had been turned completely upside down in less than 24 hours.  The skin on her breasts and buttocks was still very red and striped all over.  As badly as the American had screamed and begged yesterday, Jalil knew today was going to be much more dismal.

       “You did many mistakes last night,” Jalil informed the wriggling 19-year-old, standing before her with the whip.

       “What do you mean??? What did I do???” Samantha asked incredulously, her tiny feet hovering above the floor.

       “First, you did not swallow Hassans cum,” the Arab replied in his heavy accent.

       “No please, I didntI didnt know,” Samantha stammered, her voice cracking with fear. “I swear I didnt know I was supposed to. I swear, otherwise I wouldve. Please.”

       Jalil was grinning evilly as the blonde gazed at him with the most scared and beseeching eyes.  It was moments like this that made him so grateful to be Hassans main disciplinarian.  The amount of power he had over Samantha and the Sheikhs other slaves was priceless, as he alone controlled their suffering.  And today, Samantha was going to do a ton of begging for him.  After taking a few seconds to smile at the little American, Jalil suddenly pulled the whip back and tore it across her firm tits.

       “AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!” Samantha wailed, her slender body jolting violently as if being zapped by a tazer.

       Jalil quickly slammed the horrible whip against the blondes small, quivering breasts three more times.  Unlike yesterday, he did not bother counting out each stroke, as he planned on dispensing dozens of powerful lashes all over Samanthas breasts and ass.  Swallowing Hassans sperm was an absolute requirement of every single one of his whores, and failure or refusal to do so entailed severe consequences. 

       “You dont drink Hassans cum?!” The huge Arab asked furiously, thrashing the 19-year-olds tits once more.

       “UUUUAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSE!!” Samantha screamed, twisting around in agony.

       “No please!!! Im sorry!! Im sorry!!!” The poor blonde begged, as tears already started to run down her cheeks. “ImI didnt know!! Please I swear I didnt know!!!”

       Samantha screeched in complete misery as Jalil battered her bruised, aching breasts over and over with the whip.  He unleashed at least two dozen searing lashes on the small mounds, then stepped around the agonized little American and did the same to her firm, round ass.  After the inhuman beating shed taken just yesterday, Samantha literally thought she was going to die from the overwhelming pain.  Every single blow left her feeling like her skin was being beaten away.

       “AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha squealed in total misery, after Jalil struck her scorching ass for the 20th time. “II SAID IM FUCKING SORRY!! OKAY?! IM SORRY!!! ILL DRINK HIS FUCKING CUM NEXT TIME I SWEAR TO GOD!!!”

       Jalil laughed cruelly as he continued to beat the absolute piss out of the petite American.  The mere sight of her squirming around helplessly in excruciating pain was such a turn-on.  He pummeled Samanthas ass for another couple of minutes, soaking in her desperate and pathetic pleas.  When he was finally ready to take a break the blondes ass was so red and the skin appeared on the verge of bleeding. 

       “You will drink cum now?” Jalil asked, looking up at the anguished 19-year-old.

       “Yes!! Yes I will!!” Samantha sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

       “Time for test then,” the huge Arab declared, walking over to the wall and lowering the blonde back to the floor.

       Samantha continued to weep as Jalil unlocked the leather cuffs on her wrists.  He then grabbed a fistful of the girls hair and, with just one arm, brutally jerked her into the air.  Samantha immediately began screaming in agony as her hair felt like it was being ripped from her scalp.  She beat her fists against the Arabs forearm and kicked her legs wildly as he calmly transported her back over to the T-shaped table where Hassan and several other guards had raped her just yesterday.  He pinned the American on her back atop the table and grabbed her ankles.

       “Aaaaaagggghhhhh!! Stop it!!!” Samantha cried, struggling feebly as the massive guard yanked her legs agonizingly wide and tied them to the table.

       “I will fuck you now,” Jalil declared, after hed finished cuffing the blondes wrists together beneath the wooden beam she lay on. “I will finish in your mouth, and you will swallow my cum.”

       “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, shaking her head as the Arab brute got into position between her long, slender legs.

       Jalil did not waste time as he pressed the swollen tip of his cock against the Americans sex and violently slammed into her as deep as he could.  With one more brutal shove he drilled nearly all of his 9” cock inside the blondes vagina, and then began hammering in and out of her like a wild boar.  Samanthas screams of pain as the Arab fucked her were so piercing that they filled the entire room and hurt Jalils ears. 

       “AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The tiny 19-year-old wailed, as Jalil absolutely pummeled her poor, aching pussy.

       Samantha could not even fully comprehend what was happening, as the massive Arab leaned over her and fucked her with all of his rage.  All she knew was that each time he slammed his cock into her it felt like her vagina was being torn apart and the pain was unbelievably terrible.  Both her cunt and asshole were still extremely sore from last night, and the last thing they needed was more fucking.

       “NO PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screamed, the few muscles in her slender frame straining as Jalil continued to ruin her little pink twat.        

       Jalil pounded away at the Americans pussy for several minutes, until he could no longer deal with the crazy tightness of it.  When he was on the verge of climaxing, the Arab quickly pulled out of Samantha and untied her from the table.  He grabbed the girls hair and pulled her onto the floor, forcing her to kneel while he clutched her head.

       “Suck! Now!” Jalil commanded, smacking his cock against Samanthas face. “And swallow good! Swallow all!”

       Samantha grimaced in disgust but wrapped her hand around the humongous cock and began sucking on it.  She wisely serviced it the way Jalil wanted, taking nearly the entire thing inside her throat and pumping her mouth up and down it.  Even as she began violently gagging on the cock she did not dare to dislodge it from her gullet.  The absolute last thing Samantha wanted was to be whipped anymore, and so she did everything in her power to show Jalil that she was sucking his cock properly.

       “Fucking American whore,” Jalil chuckled in Arabic, as he watched the little blonde deep-throat him like her life depended on it.

       In less than two minutes Samantha felt the mans cock spasm and she quickly tilted her head back.  She closed her eyes and shuddered in disgust as the Arabs sperm began gushing into her mouth.  The blonde quickly began drinking the terrible jizz, all the while doing her best to not think about how awful it was.  Samantha wrapped her lips tightly around the head of Jalils cock to make sure not a single drop of cum escaped her mouth.  She was groaning in sheer disgust as she took more than ten gulps of the sperm, until it finally quit spurting into her mouth.

       “Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh!!!” Samantha screeched in despair, pulling her head away from the Arabs penis as soon as she was finished servicing it.

       “Very good,” Jalil commended the little blonde. “You do like this every time to Hassan, okay? Every time!”

       “Yes, okay, I get it,” Samantha whimpered back.

       “Okay, but we are not finished, more lesson for you,” the huge Arab declared, grabbing Samanthas hair and hoisting her off her feet again.

       “Aaaaaaaooooooowwwwww!!! Stop it!! Let goooooooooooo!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her legs wildly in the air as Jalil carried her back to the whipping station.

       The 19-year-old American begged and cried wretchedly as Jalil locked her wrists back into the leather cuffs before turning the crank and stringing her back up in the air again.  Tears were streaming down the skinny blondes face and she was sobbing so hard already.  Samantha was absolutely terrified at the thought of being whipped anymore, and she couldnt understand why the Arab was going to do it.

       “No please!!!” Samantha shrieked, her blue eyes bulging in fear as Jalil grabbed the whip again. “Please dontno more!! IIm sorry!! Please Im sorry!! Whateverwhatever I did Im sorry!! Please just dont hit me anymore!! Ill do whatever you want I swear!!!”

       “You will be whipped many times today,” Jalil stated, smiling as he watched the frightened look in the girls eyes. “I have much to teach you.”

       “AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing around in agony as the massive guard slammed the whip across her tender red breasts. “Why?! What did I do?!”

       Samantha wailed once more in complete torture as Jalil lit into her burning tits, and then she simply began weeping in total despair.  She knew there was nothing she could do to stop the Arab from beating her, and it was his decision alone.  He doled out about a dozen agonizing lashes to the blondes tits, then moved around her and began pummeling her swollen buttocks.

       “AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha wailed, pulling at her bonds while Jalil beat her ass with the whip again and again. “PLEASE!! ILLILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!”

       “Do you know why I whip you?” Jalil asked, walking back in front of the American after hed whipped her ass at least 20 times.

       “No I dont!!” Samantha sobbed. “Please tell me!! Please tell me and IllIll do whatever! Just please tell me what to do, please dont hit me anymore!!”

       “You dance like shit, very bad,” the Arab declared. “You will dance good for Hassan.”

       “What??? What do you mean?” Samantha blubbered, staring at the huge guard in confusion. “I dontI dont understand? What do you mean dance?”

       “You must dance for Hassan like American stripper,” Jalil explained. “You must dance like a whore.”

       “Im notIm not a stripper though, I never have,” Samantha responded. “Please I dontI dont know how to dance like that.”

       “Then I must punish you, until you learn,” the Arab stated, bringing the whip back over his broad shoulder.

       “No!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha squealed, her eyes bulging in horror as Jalil ripped the leather strap across her small breasts.

       Jalil laughed maniacally as he began pummeling the tiny blondes tits again, admiring the sight of them quivering after each vicious strike.  Although Hassan and some of the other guards were disappointed with Samanthas diminutive breasts, he actually found them very sexy.  Although they were small, they were also very round and firm and looked great on her petite body, and were capped with the most adorable little pink nipples.

       “Oh my Gaaaaawwwwwwwd!!” Samantha bellowed, after getting her breasts thrashed another dozen times. “Please just leave me alone!!! Please stopjust tell me what you want!!!”

       Jalil gave the 19-year-old another few savage swats before finally walking over to the wall and lowering her back to the floor.  Once again Samantha was a sobbing mess, and as Jalil reached down for her she screamed in fear and pulled away from him.  The Arab responded by slapping Samantha hard across the cheek, before unfastening the cuffs around her wrists.  He then grabbed her by her long, sandy hair and yanked her to her feet before hauling her toward the other side of the room.

       “Dance!!!” The massive guard commanded, shoving Samantha toward a small wooden platform.

       Samantha screamed as she stumbled onto the stage.  It was almost the same size and dimensions as the one in Hassans bedroom, and even had a steel pole running through the middle of it.  The blonde was slow to pick herself up, as she was still so exhausted from getting beaten and raped by the vicious Arab.  After a few seconds, she got to her feet and turned around to face Jalil, whod already retrieved a chair and was seated atop it while he watched her.

       “Begin dancing, and dance good, or else,” the hairy giant warned.  

       Samantha closed her eyes for a few seconds and took a deep breath as she thought carefully about how to proceed.  She still had no idea how Jalil or Hassan wanted her to dance, but she presumed it was in the most degrading manner possible.  She thought about all of the most seductive, trashy dances shed seen from singers and entertainers, but knew those would not be good enough to satisfy the maniac watching her.

       “Hurry up!!” Jalil growled, startling the young American.

       Samantha instantly placed her hands on her hips and stuck her breasts out enticingly for the twisted Arab.  She then lowered herself into a crouching position before spreading her legs wide and exposing her lovely pink vagina for him.  A thin smile formed on Jalils face as the little blonde ran one hand through her long hair while she used the other to rub her pussy.  Her face was already beginning to turn red and she looked so incredibly ashamed.

       Jalil watched in bemusement for the next five minutes or so as Samantha did her best to please him.  She repeatedly did things like spread her legs, gyrate her hips, gingerly rub her breasts, and also turned around and bent over for him.  And while her performance was undoubtedly better than her stiff and wholly uninspired moves last night, the Arab was still far from satisfied.  When he could not bear looking at her any longer he shook his head and commanded her to follow him back to the whipping area.  The blonde was confused and nervous as she stepped off the stage and walked after Jalil.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, scurrying backward once her trainer stopped at her customary station.

       Jalil darted forward and grabbed the American by her long, blonde hair before she could even attempt to run.  He yanked Samantha back toward the leather cuffs that dangled in the air and locked her wrists into them and then made his way back to the crank.  Samantha screamed in despair and fear as she was swiftly raised back into the air, her legs dangling and jerking hopelessly. 

       “No please!!!” The tiny American cried, as Jalil grabbed the braided whip from the floor. “Why?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!”

       “Your dancing still so bad!!” The Arab shouted, before laying an absolutely horrendous blow on Samanthas small, firm breasts.

       “AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha shrieked, her tiny biceps flexing as she pulled herself high into the air and managed to cover some of her tits with her elbows.

       Jalil laughed at the blondes desperate and pathetic attempt to shield herself.  He could have commanded her to lower herself but instead he simply stepped behind her and took aim at her defenseless, lovely buttocks.  He swung the whip at Samanthas ass with all of his might, and the resulting explosion of the leather-wrapped strips of steel against the girls tender flesh was ghastly. 

       “AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about in the air and tugging at her cuffs maniacally.

       Jalil proceeded to give the petite American yet another savage and excruciating beating, whipping her at least another 25 more times.  He concentrated most of the shots on her ass, but very once in awhile he would swing the whip so that the strands wrapped around Samanthas torso and sliced into her little breasts.  By the time he was finished the blonde was a hysterical, sobbing mess, and the skin on her ass and tits was now red and purple and covered with thick welts and abrasions.

       “Oh my God please!! No more!!” Samantha begged, groaning in misery as Jalil lowered her back to the floor.

       The Arab walked over to the corner of the room and grabbed a wooden cart with an old TV atop it and wheels attached to its base.  He rolled the piece of furniture back toward where Samantha was kneeling and positioned it so the TV was just a few feet in front of her.  There was also a VCR on top of the television and he plugged it as well as the TV into an extension cord nearby. 

       “You watch,” Jalil declared, just before turning on both of the electronic devices. “You watch and learn. You will dance like this for Hassan, every night.”

       Within seconds an image appeared on the screen that startled Samantha.  In it there was a very attractive Asian girl on a stage identical to the one in Hassans room.  She was about 53” or 54” and no more than 110 lbs, with a slender yet surprisingly hourglass figure accentuated by her full hips and lovely round C-cup breasts.  She had long, shiny black hair and perfectly tanned skin.  Other than a pair of 8” heels she was completely naked and had a look of dejection and dread on her face.  Samantha could hear the voices of many Arab men chatting jovially all around the video recorder.

       “Begin!!!” Jalil commanded on the screen.

       The Asian immediately turned her attention to the camcorder, so that she was staring straight at the viewer.  She ran her hands through her hair and began dancing very erotically, causing the many Arabs in the background to hoot and holler.  The man recording took a couple of seconds to survey the room, and Samantha could not believe it as the screen suddenly was filled with at least 10 massive, hairy, naked Arabs.  They were all part of Hassans security crew and were sitting in leather cushions just a few feet from the stage.

       Samantha watched in disbelief as the girls dancing progressed from sensual to downright shocking in a matter of moments.  Shortly after she started, the Asian crouched down and spread her legs wide for the group of horny Arabs.  She then began rubbing her index and middle finger against her exposed pussy vigorously, closing her eyes in misery as the men began yelling even louder.  Their cries grew to a crescendo as she inserted the two fingers deep into her snatch and begin fingering herself in the most lewd manner.

       “Watch carefully! Remember how she is dancing!” Jalil growled down at Samantha.

       The little American continued staring at the TV as the poor, miserable Asian danced for the pack of horny Middle Eastern brutes.  The tape ran for nearly ten minutes and the Asian danced like an absolute whore the entire time.  She repeatedly spread her legs for the men and fingered her pussy and asshole, while alternating being on her back or on all fours.  Every so often she would also rub her lovely full breasts together or lick her fingers after removing them from whichever orifice theyd been exploring.  She also made sure to contort her body into the sluttiest positions possible for the men, like sitting down and bringing her ankles up by her neck, turning around and doing her best to perform the splits position, and many other raunchy maneuvers.  It was the most obscene dance Samantha had ever seen, but she did her best to remember the Asians moves.  Suddenly Jalil shouted something in Arabic on screen, and in a flash several of his fellow guards rushed onto the stage and grabbed the little Asian bitch.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The girl screamed, struggling with all her might as two of the men grabbed her arms and yanked her off the stage.

       Samantha was speechless as the pair of Arabs threw the little Asian onto one of the large, cushioned seats.  She immediately tried to scamper away but one of the men slapped her in the face hard and shoved her back onto it.  In the blink of an eye two more of Hassans guards snared the girls legs and yanked them far apart while another one grabbed her wrists and held them against the top of the leather chair.  The struggling Asian screamed in fear, disgust, and pain as the first enormous Arab got between her legs and slammed his cock deep into her pussy.  Just as he began fucking her brutally Jalil turned off the television.

       “Now you know how to dance?” The man asked in his thick accent.

       “Yes, yes I do sir,” Samantha responded, looking up at the ugly fiend with understanding.

       Jalils cock was already starting to harden as he stared eagerly down at the tiny blonde in front of him.  Less than 30 minutes had passed since hed dumped his sperm down the girls throat, yet he was already rejuvenated and ready for another round with her.  He planned on seeing just how much shed learned in the past ten minutes from the instructional video, and after that he was going to absolutely pummel her amazingly tight cunt once more.

       “You will show me what you learned,” the Arab declared, as he untied Samantha and dragged her back toward the little stage on the opposite side of the room.

       Samantha whined in fear and loathing as Jalil hauled her by her hair before flinging her toward the stripping area.  She slowly rose to her feet before turning around.  After thinking for a moment, the little American squatted down and spread her legs as wide as she could.  She slid her right hand down to her exposed crotch and began tenderly rubbing it for the leering Arab.  Samantha winced in pain as she slid her middle finger inside her sore vagina and began fingering herself.  She ran her other hand through her hair and moaned as if she were enjoying herself, just like the Asian had done on the tape.

       Jalil was sitting on a folding chair and watching carefully as the young blonde danced for him.  Over the next few minutes she recreated many of the same outlandishly perverted moves the Asian had done, including fingering both her pussy and asshole, licking her fingers after removing them from those holes, and twisting her petite, slender body into the most degrading positions imaginable.  It was very clear that the American wanted no more whippings, as she put every effort into making her movements as lewd as possible.  Her face was flush with shame and she looked completely disgraced as she continuously finger-fucked her most intimate areas.  Jalil couldnt help but laugh whenever the blonde stuck her chest out and rubbed her tits together, as it took quite an effort from her to actually join the pathetic little mounds together.  Nevertheless, it was amusing to see her grimace in pain as she tried, and seeing it only made Jalil want to give the girls breasts another long and thorough beating.

       “Okay good,” Jalil stated, suddenly rising to his feet. “Follow me.”

       Samantha was surprised at how tired she was from all of her erotic movements, and was relieved to be free from the indignity.  However, she knew that something else terrible now awaited her, and her relief was immediately replaced with fear.  Those fears were confirmed as she followed Jalil until he stopped at the familiar “T” shaped wooden table where hed raped her less than an hour ago. 

       “Get on,” the massive guard commanded.

       “Noooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha cried, shaking her head and back away from the awful furniture.

       Before she could get too far Jalil snatched a fistful of the Americans hair and yanked her toward the table.  He slapped her very hard across the cheek before turning her around and thrusting her onto the wooden table.  Samantha began crying and pleading with the huge Arab as he bent her over the cross section of the bench and pulled one of her ankles out wide before securing it into the clamp at the end.  He then did the same to the girls other ankle, causing her to squeal in pain as her legs were spread completely sideways.  When he finished tying her wrists together with a cord of rope the American was once again bound to the table, except this time on her belly rather than her back.  Her tender, helpless pink vagina was hovering at the edge of the table and just begging for another savage fucking.

       “No please!!!” Samantha begged, rearing her head back as Jalil pressed the monstrous head of his 9” cock against her pussy. “Please stop!! Dontplease dont do this!!! Please Im so sore!!!”

       Samantha screamed in complete shock and agony as the Arab embedded only an inch or so of his penis inside her before suddenly slamming almost all of it inside her cunt.  She shuddered in fear as he immediately released a primal roar of pleasure.  She felt Jalils huge, powerful hands encircle her tiny waist and grip it firmly while he pulled his dick out of her pussy and then tore back into it.  Mere seconds passed by before the giant Arab began absolutely destroying Samanthas tiny pink twat.

       “AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSE!!!” The poor little blonde screamed, pressing the side of her face against the heavy oak while Jalil fanatically pounded her overstretched vagina.

       Jalil could not remember the last time hed fucked such an amazingly tight pussy before.  Even though Samantha was 19 years old, her cunt felt like it was half that age, at least to the Arab giant.  This was why, despite her small breasts and petite body, he absolutely loved the American slut.  He could not wait until Hassan gave himand all the other guardspermission to start fucking her asshole.  He knew that when that day came Samantha would not be able to walk straight ever again.

       “AAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!! FUCK!!!” Samantha wailed, squirming around in agony as Jalils cock repeatedly rammed against her cervix.

       The mountain of an Arab continued to rape Samantha for at least five minutes, hammering away at her aching vagina as hard as he could.  The little American went back and forth between screaming in pain and begging him to stop, slow down, and/or finish up with her.  Samanthas face was streaked with tears of misery as she tried to absorb the horrendous fucking.  Her pussy was already so sore and the pain she felt now was even worse than when Hassans other guards had all fucked her yesterday. 

       “Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!” Jalil bellowed, sinking as much of his cock inside the blonde as he could just as he began ejaculating deep inside her snatch.

       Samantha closed her eyes and began weeping as she too felt Jalils dick twitching inside her vagina and flooding it with sperm.  The feeling of his huge, disgusting Arab cock stuffed inside her tiny pussy was so utterly gross, but Samantha was just glad he was no longer ramming it in and out of her.  The blonde held her breath and cringed as she felt Jalil slowly pull out of her once he was through ejaculating inside her womb.

       “Fucking American bitch,” Jalil growled in Arabic, grinning as he looked down and saw his jizz seeping from Samanthas open cunt.

       After staring at his achievement for a moment Jalil unlocked the clamps holding the blondes ankles to the wooden bench.  He wondered what to do with the little slut now.  It was still not even noon and Hassan had instructed him to train her until 5:00 in the evening.  He still planned on fucking her again at least one or two more times, as her insanely tight pink cunt was like a drug to him now.  But since that was not an option at the moment he decided the only thing to do was beat her some more.  He finished untying the tiny blonde and promptly dragged her back to the whipping area.

       “What?! No!! No way!! Dont youdont you dare fucking hit me anymore!!!” Samantha shrieked in horror and disbelief, as Jalil fastened her wrists into the cuffs and raised her into the air once more.

       “Noooooooooooo!!!” Samantha sobbed, looking at Jalil with the most beseeching eyes. “Please!! Why?! What did I do now?!”

       “You are American,” the Arab replied, laughing. “And Hassan said you still do not suck well.”

       “What do you mean?! II sucked him!! I sucked his dick like you told me to!!” Samantha shouted, shaking in terror as Jalil grabbed the whip. “Please dont hit me!! Oh my God please dont!! IllIll do whatever you want! Please I swear just dont hit me anymore!!”

       The petite 19-year-old screamed in and agony as Jalil raked the leather whip across her small breasts.  The huge Arab snickered as he ruthlessly thrashed the girls tits again and again and again.  At the moment the only thing he liked better than fucking Samantha was beating her.  There was something about hurting a blonde American bitch that simply filled him with joy, and Jalil felt that is what he was put on earth to do.  As he continued flogging Samanthas puny tits he smiled happily as he thought about how much fun it was going to be training and raping the white-skinned whore.

To be continued…

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Chapter 5: Samanthas Blowjob Marathon

       Samantha was moaning in excruciating pain as she dangled limply in the air.  Her back, breasts, and buttocks were all red and purple, and covered in the thickest, most pronounced welts.  There was even some blood speckled on these areas, as the girls skin had finally broken after getting flayed hundreds of times by the horrible whip.  Jalil had spent nearly thirty minutes straight pummeling the poor American, and it looked like shed received the absolute harshest punishment in those parts of the world where public floggings were still administered. 

       “Please…no more,” Samantha whimpered, her voice hoarse from screaming so loudly for so long.

       “You will suck me now and others too,” Jalil proclaimed, as he finally walked over to the crank and lowered the blonde back to the cold, hard floor.

       Once she was back on her knees the Arab grabbed a chair from nearby and placed it down in front of her before sitting atop it.  Samantha whined in misery and disdain as the hairy ogre grabbed her skull and coarsely slapped the tip of his gigantic cock against her lips.  It was the most repulsing penis imaginable and it took all of her willpower to part her lips rather than pull away from it.

       “Put all in your mouth, and if you bite I will hit you hundred times,” Jalil warned, looking into the girls lovely blue eyes.

       With her lips wrapped around the head of the Arabs dick all Samantha could do was nod her head in response.  She quickly began working her mouth up and down the huge cock, using only her neck since her hands were still tied above her.  The American closed her eyes and pushed her head down as far as she could, and took nearly all 9” of Jalils dick inside her throat in the process.  After a few seconds she could no longer suppress her gag reflex and lifted her head back up.  However, she instantly lunged forward again, filling her mouth and gullet with the Arabs mighty penis.

       Jalil grabbed hold of the blondes head and forcefully jerked her mouth up and down the entire length of his prick.  He groaned in delight each time he felt the sensitive head of his penis grind its way down Samanthas fragile throat.  He could hear the American repeatedly groaning and retching, yet she did not stop working her mouth back and forth against the Arabs huge dick. 

       “Uuuugggghhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha croaked, yanking her head back as she nearly vomited after squeezing Jalils cock inside her throat for almost the 50th time.

       The 19-year-old yelped in pain as Jalil slapped her face suddenly and harshly before tapping his penis against her face.  Samanthas eyes were filled with torment and tears were once again starting to trickle from them.  She took a deep breath before wrapping her lips back around the Arabs cock and pumping her mouth up and down it. 

       Jalil made the blonde deep-throat him over and over again for nearly 15 minutes with almost no interruptions.  It was beyond brutal for poor Samantha, as she repeatedly gagged and nearly puked on the Arabs cock.  Each time he saw her even begin to hurl, however, Jalil slapped the girl so hard that she immediately controlled it.  Although she did a much better job than yesterday, the American still couldnt fit all 9” of Jalils penis inside her throat, nor was she able to remain composed whenever Jalil roughly pounded his dick in and out of her esophagus. 

       “Mmmmmgggghhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha cried, her tiny body shuddering in disgust as Jalil buried nearly his entire cock inside her mouth and began ejaculating straight down her throat.

       “No!!! Drink!! Drink fucking whore!!” The Arab shouted, keeping the struggling girls face pinned against his manhood while he continued spewing inside her gullet.

       Samantha was so appalled by the huge Middle Eastern monster, and would have given anything to just bite his dick off right then and there.  She moaned in revulsion and gulped down a large mouthful of the mans sperm.  More and more of it continued gushing into her mouth, and she reluctantly swallowed all of the sickening fluid.  After he was through Jalil finally drew his penis out of the Americans throat and grabbed his cell phone from a nearby table.  He dialed a number and spoke a few words in Arabic before hanging up.

       “Get ready, much more sucking for you today,” Jalil forewarned, turning his attention to the weary blonde.

       In less than two minutes Samantha heard the door at the top of the stairway open and the sound of heavy footsteps as someone made his way down.  When he got to the base of the stairs she saw that it was another one of Hassans guards.  Samantha recognized the man from yesterday, as hed been one of the men whod raped her.  He was very huge like Jalil, standing about as tall as her trainer but appearing even heavier.  He had the most devious smile on his face as he approached the kneeling blonde.

       “Damn youve been having some fun on her tits Jalil,” the man remarked in Arabic, laughing as he stared at Samanthas bruised and battered chest.

       “Yeah its been wonderful brother,” Jalil replied back, also in his native language. “Go ahead and fuck the whores mouth, she still needs a lot of training. Make sure you pound her throat good.”

       “Gladly brother,” stated the guard, as he removed his pants and underwear and sat down in front of the American.

       “No please,” Samantha begged, recoiling in fear as the huge Arab reached for her head.

       Samantha struggled for a brief moment before the guard seized her head and jammed his unbelievably large cock into her mouth.  She yelped in fear and surprise as the Arab giant brutally shoved the entire length of his shaft inside her throat.  Samantha tried to remain calm and relax her gullet, but as the man started slamming in and out of the narrow passage it was simply impossible.  She was also extremely drained from the savage throat-fucking Jalil had just given her, and did not have the strength either mentally or physically for another one. 

       “Fucking whore!!!” The Arab shouted furiously, pulling his cock out of Samanthas lips just before she began puking all over the floor.

       “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!” The American screamed, as her cheek suddenly exploded in a world of pain.

       “You stupid American whore!!” The huge guard roared in Arabic, pointing down at the puddle of vomit before viciously slapping the blonde again.

       “Aaaaaoooowwwww!!! Stop!!! Please!!” Samantha cried, burrowing her cheek against her sweaty armpit to shield herself from more hits.

       “Open your fucking mouth bitch!!” The Arab commanded, jerking up on Samanthas hair and giving her yet another fierce slap.

       “Aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!! Stop hit,” the blonde squealed, before she was cut off by the huge guards invading cock.

       Samantha gagged wretchedly as the Arab stuffed his entire cock inside her throat and started hammering it once more.  She was crying so miserably now as the huge brute held her head still and savagely raped her gullet.  He was even worse than Jalil, as it seemed like he was purposefully trying to clobber her throat and kill her.  In less than a dozen seconds Samantha could not take it anymore and began shaking her head wildly as she started choking on the mans dick.

       “What the fuck is wrong with you whore?!” The Arab yelled, slapping Samantha so hard that his palm hurt.

       “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!! Stop!! Please!!!” Samantha screamed in total pain and fear. “Please stopdont hit me!! Please dont hit me!!”

       “Open your mouth bitch and keep it open while I fuck it,” the massive guard commanded, raising his hand again in a threatening gesture.

       Samantha let out a premature scream and cowered in terror.  Because he could only speak in his native tongue Samantha had no idea what the man was saying.  Her left cheek stung so badly and felt like it had been broken.  She was already so terrified of the Arab and for the first time she wanted to be left alone with her trainer Jalil. 

       “No please!! StopI cant!!” Samantha pleaded, as the huge brute grabbed a clump of her hair and brought his cock against her lips once more.

       The Arab plunged his huge penis back into Samanthas mouth and resumed pummeling her poor throat.  Samantha tried her absolute best to loosen her gullet and stay calm but it was simply impossible, as the Middle Eastern giant was intent on making her puke again.  Sure enough, in less than a minute the blondes petite, skinny body convulsed before she threw up what was mostly sperm from her belly.

       “Stupid American piece of shit!!” The enraged guard screamed, before striking Samantha yet again with his open palm.

       “Oooooowwwwwwwww!!! Please just leave me alone!!!” The tiny blonde wailed in pain and frustration.

       Jalil stood to the side of the 19-year-old American and watched with a smile as his friend speared his huge dick back into Samanthas mouth.  The image of the girls face grimacing in fear, misery and disgust as her throat was ruthlessly pummeled was simply amazing.  Jalil continued to watch for more than five minutes as his fellow colleague gave Samantha the most brutal face fucking of her young life.  His cock was nearly as long as Jalils, and he repeatedly drove the entire length of it inside Samanthas gullet before slamming it in and out of the girls food-pipe.

       “No bitch!! Swallow it you fucking American whore!!” The man growled, gripping Samanthas head firmly while he began ejaculating inside her mouth.

       “Drink it!!” Jalil commanded also, before delivering an excruciating lash to the blondes ass with his whip.

       “Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha screamed, as she stopped struggling and began gulping down the Arabs sperm.

       Both Samantha and her rapist were groaning, although the Americans were filled with suffering and disgust while the Arabs were clearly ones of pleasure.  His hairy ass was clenched as he milked every single drop of his cum down Samanthas throat and into her little belly.  As soon as he was finished and relaxed his grip on her skull the 19-year-old yanked her head away and squealed in disdain and suffering.

       “Well done brother,” Jalil congratulated his good friend in Arabic, patting him on the shoulder. “When you go upstairs tell the others to come. I want all of them to fuck this bitchs mouth. She needs to learn her place.”

       “Of course Jalil, Ill let them all know,” the satisfied guard replied, smiling down at Samantha.

       In a short moment the violent Arab donned his pants again and was gone from the room.  Samantha was a wreck as she sobbed and tried to recover, physically and emotionally, from what had just happened.  Her chin and lips were slimy with the Arabs sperm and her own vomit and saliva, and she wanted to wipe them so badly.  Her throat hurt so badly after taking yet another vicious pounding from another huge cock.

       “Having fun Jalil???” A voice called in Arabic from nearby.

       “Too much fun Hameed,” Jalil replied, turning to acknowledge another one of Hassans guards walking down the stairway.

       “Abdul told me to come here,” the enormous Arab declared. “He said you need some help with this little white piece of shit.”

       “Yeah she needs to learn how to suck a dick,” Jalil confirmed. “Go ahead Hameed, give her throat a nice hard pounding. If shes difficult go ahead and slap the disrespect out of her.”

       “Noooooooooo,” Samantha whined, recoiling as the overweight man stripped his pants and got in position before her.

       “Get over here bitch,” Hameed growled, grabbing a fistful of the Americans hair and yanking her toward his hideously thick penis.

“No!! Get away from me!!!” Samantha screeched, twisting her head as the ugly guard pressed the head of his cock against her lips.

A powerful slap to the face immediately subdued the little blonde, and she dejectedly remained still and spread her lips for Hameeds hardened cock.  As soon as he plunged it into her mouth Samantha winced in sheer disgust, as it literally tasted like shit.  This was because, unbeknownst to Samantha, the Arab had fucked one of Hassans other slaves in the ass only an hour ago.  At slightly over 7” the mans penis was one of the shortest ones Samantha had serviced inside the mansion thus far, but it was unbelievably thick and still much larger than anyone of her past boyfriends.

“Aaaaauuuucccckkkkkkkkk!!!” The tiny blonde gagged violently, as Hameed packed the entire shaft of his dick inside her throat and held it there.

Samantha squeezed her eyes shut, as she could not stand to look at the huge bush of black pubic hair right in front of her.  She tried to pull her head back but the Arabs grip on her hair was so powerful and secure.  She felt so angry and revolted as he wrapped his other hand around her neck and laughed as he felt the bulge of his cock stretching her esophagus. 

“Damn this bitchs mouth feels good,” Hameed declared to the other guard, as he began slamming the poor Americans face back and forth against his penis.

Samantha began retching and crying again as her gullet was pummeled once more.  She looked so utterly pathetic on her knees with her arms tied above her while a hideously fat and hairy Arab fucked her throat raw.  The sounds of Hameeds cock smashing against her face and the heavy drool of spit and cum seeping down the blondes chin were both gross and incredibly sexy.

“Eeeeeuuuugggghhhhhh!! Please!!! Nono more!!” Samantha begged dismally, as the hairy Middle Eastern finally pulled out of her mouth after fucking it nonstop for several minutes.

“Shut up stupid American whore,” Hameed responded in Arabic, slapping the 19-year-olds face before turning his attention to her breasts. “And why are your fucking tits so small?”

“AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!! STOP!!!” Samantha screamed, twisting around in agony as the man reached down and pinched her breasts between his thumbs and index fingers as hard as he could.

“I thought you American bitches were all supposed to have huge tits?” Hameed asked, chuckling as he continued mercilessly pinching and twisting Samanthas small, welt-covered breasts with his fingers.

“AAAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!! STOP IT!! THAT HURTS!!!” Samantha shrieked, looking up at the repulsive Arab in torture and anger.

“Worthless fucking bitch! Your tits are smaller than mine for fucks sake!” The guard laughed, as he began slapping the blondes A-cup breasts around in the most disgraceful manner.

Samantha continued screaming and weeping as the Arab cruelly slapped and pinched her chest for over a minute.  He continued to mock the size of her tits in Arab, and even though she could not understand his words, Samantha could tell by his tone and the way he was tormenting her that he was not pleased with her diminutive breasts. 

       “OOOOOOOWWWWWW!! PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” Samantha squealed, writhing around in her bonds as the guard pinched her little pink nipples and began twisting them in excruciating fashion.

       “Youre lucky Im not the one training you bitch,” Hameed growled, wrenching the Americans nipples to the brink of tearing. “Otherwise Id never leave these tiny, pathetic tits alone.”

       Samantha screamed in tremendous pain as the despicable, fat Arab continued mauling her firm little breasts with his fingers.  Unlike Jalil, Hameed did not find the Americans petite breasts attractive one bit, as he preferred very large and voluptuous ones.  He loved titty-fucking Hassans slaves, but Samanthas werent even large enough to do that.  And because he could not fuck them, Hameed planned on inflicting a lot of pain on the small mounds.

       “LET GO OF ME YOU CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Samantha screamed in agony, glaring up at the huge Arab as he crushed her breasts between his fat fingers.

       The blondes defiant and furious command was so unexpected that Hameed raised his eyebrows in surprise.  He then frowned in displeasure and slapped the skinny little American so hard that he thought he heard her jaw crack.  Samantha yelped in intense pain and immediately started weeping as she cowered before Hassans guard. 

       “No please dont!! Please!!! Itit hurts so much!!” Samantha begged, squirming around in panic as Hameed reached down and snatched her small breasts again.

       “These fucking tits are a joke,” the man growled in Arabic, drawing laughter from Jalil. “Im going to punish them for being so small.”

       Samantha squealed in horrendous pain as the evil guard pinched her beaten breasts between his fingers and crushed them in spite.  As he repeatedly squeezed and twisted the poor mounds Hameed continued insulting them.  Although she had no idea what the man was saying, Samantha knew by now he was berating her for the size of her chest.  Her face was flush with shame as Hameed momentarily stopped squashing her breasts and began slapping them from side to side in the most debasing fashion. 

       “Okay American whore, get that mouth back over here,” Hameed declared, grabbing Samanthas head after he was finally satisfied tormenting her breasts. “Ill deal with your tiny tits later.”

       Samantha groaned in despair as the Arab sank his dick back into her mouth.  While she was very glad to have him leave her breasts alone, the thought of pleasuring him after how hed just treated her was difficult to stomach.  Nevertheless, as he gripped her head and stuffed his penis down her throat Samantha did her best to keep her composure and let the Arab have his fun.  She used her tongue and caressed the underside of his enormous cock as it battered her jaws and gullet.

       “Even though your tits are small at least your mouth is good for something,” Hameed declared, grinning while he watched the little blonde choke on his dick.

       “Aaaaaauuuuucccckkkkkkk!!! Eeeeeuuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!” Samantha shrieked, struggling wildly as the Arab rammed his penis down her throat and suddenly began dumping his sperm down into her belly.

       “No you dont bitch!” Hameed laughed, as he held the Americans head firmly in his giant hands. “You stay there and drink that cum you little white slut.”

       Samantha nearly puked as she gulped down Hameeds warm, syrupy cum.  She already felt nauseous from having swallowed Jalils and the other guards, and the thought of drinking more disgusting Arab sperm was just horrendous.  Even though she tried not to think about anything, she could hear the guard muttering in Arabic as he drained his semen down her throat and she wanted to murder him so badly. 

       “Well done you white piece of shit,” Hameed said in Arabic, pulling his cock from Samanthas mouth after he was finished.

       “You too Hameed, I hope you enjoyed yourself,” Jalil stated, patting his friend on the shoulder.

       “I certainly did brother,” the fat, grinning Arab replied. “I wonder when Hassan will let us take her up the ass. I want to fuck her asshole while I tear those little tits off.”

       “Yeah same here,” Jalil agreed, as he stared at the weeping 19-year-old. “I think he will in a few days, hopefully. But until then I dont mind fucking her pussy, its damn tight and feels so good.”

       “I heard from the others,” Hameed said, as he pulled his pants and briefs back on. “Ill have to try it out for myself later. Hopefully Ill have some time before you give her back to Hassan. I want to hurt her tiny tits some more too.”

       “Sounds good Hameed,” Jalil declared, as his friend made his way back toward the staircase. “Tell all of the others to come. I want every single one of them to fuck her mouth today.”

       “Please,” Samantha groaned, looking down at the floor as Jalil stepped in front of her. “No more. ImI cant do this anymore. Please just stopplease just leave me alone.”

       “No much more for you,” Jalil reminded the weary, dejected blonde. “You suck all of Hassans men. Many men will come down today for you.”

       Samantha perched her head back and started bawling as the mans words echoed inside her mind.  She could not bear the thought of sucking another massive, Arab cock.  Her jaws and throat ached so badly and her cheeks were still stinging from getting slapped countless times.  Worst of all, though, was the appalling feeling of Jalils and the other guards sperm inside her stomach.  Samantha was convinced that she was going to throw it all up if she was forced to drink even one more drop of cum.

       “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha whined, tugging at her bonds as the basement door opened and another massive guard marched down the stairs.

       “Abdul! Shit I thought you were going away for a few weeks?” Jalil called out to the man in excitement.

       “I was brother, but they didnt need me,” the brawny Arab replied, taking off a pair of sunglasses as he got to the base of the stairs. “Is this the American Hassan has been so excited about?”

       “Yes she is,” Jalil confirmed, as he looked at the kneeling blonde. “I just started training her. As you can see, she has a lot to learn.”

       “Shit, shes fucking tiny,” Abdul remarked, as he eyed Samanthas petite body and badly beaten chest. “Shes a hot one though. I like her little tits.”

       “You should have seen Hameed a second ago,” Jalil stated. “He couldnt keep his hands off of them. You know him and how he loves huge breasts. He was squeezing and pinching her tits like a savage for being so small.”

       “Oh yeah?” Abdul asked in English, startling the American. “Is that true? Did Hameed hurt your tits for being so tiny?”

       “What???” Samantha asked, still surprised at the mans smooth English.

       “I thought all you American whores were supposed to have huge breasts?” The guard asked. “Why are yours so small?”

       Samantha felt her cheeks starting to go flush.  She turned her gaze to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with the Arab.  She felt a shiver run down her spine as he kicked his shoes off and began removing his clothes.  Just like the other guards, he was very large, standing about as tall as Jalil and weighing probably a little less than him.  Unlike the obese guard whod just fucked her mouth, Abdul was much more muscular and fit.

       “I asked you a question whore,” the Arab hissed, leaning down and yanking back on Samanthas hair after he was done stripping. “Why are you tits so small?”

       “I dontI dont know, please,” Samantha quickly replied, trembling as the guard looked down at her.

       “Is that why you came to Dubai? To make some money and get some implants?” Abdul continued, reaching down with his other hand and fondling one of the blondes breasts.

       “No,” Samantha quickly replied, shaking even harder now. “Please, dont hurt me sir. Imjust please dont hurt me.”

       “No?” Abdul asked in surprise. “So you didnt come to Dubai to be an escort? To fuck rich Arab men for money?”

       “No,” Samantha answered, before taking a deep breath and reconsidering. “I mean, yes, I did. But notnot like this. II didnt come here for this. Please sir, please help me. ImI need to go back home, Im not supposed to be here.”

       “Not supposed to be here?!” The Arab shouted. “What do you mean??? You just admitted you came here to escort, to fuck rich, old men for money. Hassan is old, and he is very, very rich. You should be happy to be his whore. You should be honored.”

       “Nooooooooo!!” Samantha cried, writhing around as Abdul brutally pinched her nipple. “Im notI didnt come here for this! This is fucking kidnapping!! I want to go home!!”

       “This is your home now, you stupid American bitch,” Abdul shot back. “You belong to Hassan now. Youre just another one of his whores, and when he gets tired of you hell give you to us. And when he does, Jalil and I and the rest of his security, we are going to tear you apart.”

       “No!! Leave me alone!!!” Samantha screamed, turning her body away from the man as he crushed her nipple between his fingers.

       Abdul released the little pink nub and quickly took a seat on the stool directly in front of the blonde.  He grabbed Samanthas long, sandy hair and tugged back on it while he brought the tip of his massive penis against her lips.  It was nearly as long as Jalils giant 9” cock and just as thick.  Samantha was already starting to weep as she thought about how awful it was going to be to have it pounding her throat in just a few seconds.

       “Open your mouth bitch,” Abdul ordered the kneeling American.

       “Please, dontdont hurt me, please dont put it in my throat,” Samantha begged, as she slowly parted her lips for the huge dick.

       “Shut up you white whore,” the muscular Arab replied, before shoving more than half of his cock inside the blondes mouth.

       Samantha instantly began crying and struggling as Abdul forced the remainder of his dick inside her gullet.  She tried to twist her head away but the huge guard held it in place while he slammed his penis in and out of her mouth.  The American immediately began choking on the massive prick, and in just a few moments Abdul had no choice but to pull out.

       “Whats wrong whore? I thought all of you American bitches were good cock suckers?” Abdul asked, grinning as Samantha coughed violently.

       The little 19-year-old blonde whined as Abdul tugged at her hair and shoved his cock back inside her mouth.  He pushed down on Samanthas head until he felt her lips against the roots of his pubic hair.  He could feel the white-skinned slut quivering as she tried to keep her throat relaxed, even though it was stuffed with the Arabs enormous penis.  Abdul held the blondes head still with both hands and proceeded to bash it against his dick.  This time he did not allow Samantha a reprieve, no matter how violently she gagged on his penis.  He fucked the girls mouth hard for several minutes, ravaging her throat until he finally shot his load of sperm inside her mouth.

       “No, no, no,” Abdul stated, jerking back on Samanthas hair as she resisted him. “Drink it you fucking white scum.”

       Samantha screamed in utter disgust and misery as the Arabs cum pooled inside her mouth.  Her eyes were closed and she was crying miserably.  After all of the swallowing shed done earlier she could not stand the thought of having to drink anymore sperm.  It was just so terribly gross and made her absolutely sick to her stomach.  As the seconds ticked by more and more of Abduls seed filled her mouth, and by the time he was done ejaculating it was nearly spilling over the blondes lips. 

       “I said drink it!” Abdul commanded, glaring down at the poor American. “Or Jalil will beat you until youre bloody.”

       Upon hearing those words Samantha wisely began swallowing the Arabs cum.  It took her three gulps to get all of the milky fluid down into her stomach, and she almost puked as soon as she did.  Samantha could feel more traces of the guards cum on her lips and chin, and she was so ashamed. 

       “Very good,” Abdul stated. “Thank you for that, you American cunt.”

       The guard and Jalil exchanged a few words in Arabic while Abdul put his pants back on.  Samantha barely recognized that they were even talking as she was still much too distraught.  It wasnt long before Abdul disappeared out of the room, leaving the tiny American and her trainer in silence. That silence was short-lived, however, as another of Hassans guards bellowed his arrival.

       “No!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha cried, tugging at her bonds as the man walked straight towards her.

       Despite her protests, within minutes Samanthas mouth was once again filled with another huge Arab cock.  Like the rest of his peers, this newest guard was also incredibly malicious, as he forced the entire length of his dick inside the blondes throat and pummeled it.  Luckily for Samantha he did not last long, and after just a couple of minutes he dumped his cum down into the pit of her stomach.         

       For the next 90 minutes or so eight more of Hassans men came down and viciously fucked the little Americans throat.  It was an absolute nightmare for Samantha, as all of them treated her in the most ruthless and despicable fashion.  Every single one of them made her deep-throat their massive cocks, and werent satisfied unless she was literally gagging and puking.  They also slapped the little blonde numerous times, and a few of them spit on her face as well.  When the last one was finished, Jalil immediately untied the 19-year-old and strapped her to the wooden T-shaped table, on her back with her legs spread as wide as possible.  He then gave the American another agonizing fucking, pounding her tiny vagina for more than ten minutes with his 9” penis until he finally filled her womb with his seed.  Samanthas screams were so loud during the savage rape that many of the guards upstairs were able to hear them.

       “Owwwwwwwww!!! Stop!! Stop it!!” Samantha screamed, staggering after Jalil as he untied her and began dragging her across the room by her hair.

       “Lets go! I get you ready for Hassan now!” The Arab giant declared, before hauling the exhausted blonde up the stairs.

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Chapter 6: Samanthas First Train

       “Hello again my lovely slave,” Hassan declared gleefully, as he stared at the petite blonde kneeling before him. “I am very happy to see you again.”

       Samantha did not give the elderly man the courtesy of a response, instead keeping her sullen eyes downward.  She was naked and her hands were linked together behind her back by a pair of leather handcuffs.  After Jalil had fucked her hed spent the next couple of hours readying her for Hassan.  Hed taken her to a room where hed given her a small plate of bread and water.  It was the first meal Samantha had received since shed arrived at the mansion, and shed eaten it without complaint.  Afterwards, Jalil took her to the same bathroom as hed done the previous night and forced her to relieve herself and wash up.  Once that had been completed, hed finished his duties by giving the young American another enema, cleansing Samanthas bowels and rectum for another night of anal with Hassan.

       “I understand you had another long day of training with Jalil,” the Sheikh said, smiling as he looked at Samanthas badly bruised and whipped chest. “Im sure he had a lot of fun teaching you how to pleasure me.”

       Samanthas eyes began to moisten as she listened to the old man.  She did not even want to think about the events of what happened earlier in the day.  Her breasts and ass still stung so horribly from the many times theyd been whipped, and it felt like the skin had literally been beaten from them.  Her throat was also extremely sore from all of the cocks that had pounded it, as well as the half dozen times shed vomited from the awful blowjobs shed been forced to give. 

       “I heard you were also kind enough to pleasure the rest of my men with your mouth,” Hassan stated, as he stood before the dejected American. “They told me how wonderful it was. In fact, they were all so happy that I decided to let them join us tonight as well. But this time you will be pleasuring them with a different hole of yours, my lovely little Samantha.”

        Samantha felt a shiver run through her entire body at Hassans statement.  She whined in fear and revulsion and started crying as the old Arab walked over to her and grabbed a fistful of her hair.  Hassan pulled the miserable blonde to her feet and marched her over to his mattress before bending her over the wooden footboard.  Samantha whimpered in fear as her legs were kicked wide and her buttocks spread apart.  She started weeping as she felt the cool gel of lubricant dripping onto her tiny puckered anus.

       “Ive been looking forward to this all day slave,” Hassan proclaimed, as he finished oiling up the blondes asshole and got into position behind her.

       “No!! Please!!! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!!” Samantha wailed, as the old Arab wedged the tip of his huge cock inside her asshole.

       Hassan held the blondes narrow hips in his hands and bucked forward, slamming several inches of his penis inside the girls sphincter.  Samantha craned her neck back and screamed in agony as her anus was instantly and horrifically stretched wide.  The little American let out another blood-curdling shriek as Hassan rammed another couple inches of his dick inside her.  After two more powerful thrusts the Sheikh grunted proudly as his entire shaft was firmly buried inside the 19-year-olds amazingly tight anus.

       “Oh yes my little white whore, cry all youd like,” Hassan chuckled, grabbing a clump of Samanthas hair and jerking back on it. “I love hearing stupid little American bitches crying, it makes me so happy.”

       “AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screeched, thrashing about frantically as the massive Arab began tearing his cock in and out of her tender asshole.

       Hassan laughed as he watched the struggling petite blonde.  She was banging her knees against the footboard and writhing around like a fish to no avail.  He had the girl completely pinned against the end of his bed, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him from pounding her asshole as hard as he wanted. 

       “AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST FUCKINGJUST FUCKING STOP!!! PLEASE NO MORE!! NO MOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRE!!!” Samantha screamed, tears of agony flowing from her eyes as Hassan began raping her in the most ferocious manner.

       The lovely little blonde continued to scream at the top of her lungs while Hassan furiously pummeled her poor anus.  He was hammering away at the tiny opening with such insane force that it seemed like he was actually trying to kill the tiny American.  Even with the lubricant Samantha could feel her asshole being absolutely shredded as it futilely tried to handle Hassans massive cock.  The orifice was still incredibly raw and sensitive from last night, and as it was thoroughly torn apart once again the pain was simply atrocious.

       “OWWWWWW!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSE!!!” Samantha wailed, her face beet red as she howled in pure torture.

       Hassan growled in pleasure while he continued his assault on the 19-year-old anus.  As he pulled out of the ravaged hole he looked down and noticed the shaft of his cock was smeared with blood.  He was not surprised, however, as hed felt the flesh and muscle along Samanthas anal ring tearing.  What did surprise him was just how tight the little American was, considering how vigorously hed fucked her ass two times last evening.  He knew now that Samanthas anus was going to offer him hundreds of hours of ecstasy.

       “Okay slave, well take a break now, before I cum inside this tight asshole,” Hassan panted, finally pausing after fucking Samantha for five excruciating minutes. “I think its time my men join us for some fun too, dont you?”

       “Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!” Samantha squealed, as the Arab sank his dick to the balls inside her anus before wrapping his arms around her skinny little frame.

       Samantha felt her face redden as the huge, old Sheikh lifted her into the air and carried her to the side of the mattress.  She felt so disgusted and ashamed to be in his arms and to have his penis planted firmly inside her sphincter.  As soon as the fat Arab sat on the bed Samantha immediately began squirming around and trying to detach her asshole from his dick. 

       “Oh no, you arent going anywhere my little white whore,” Hassan said sternly, as he hugged the tiny blonde in his arms.

       “Noooooooo!! Let go of meeeeeeeee!!!” Samantha screamed, as Hassan clutched her tightly and lay back on the mattress.

       “Jalil! Come inside now!” The Sheikh suddenly shouted in Arabic.

       Samantha was startled as she heard the bedroom door instantly swing open, followed by the thud of heavy footsteps.  Because she was on her back she could not make out who it was at first.  In a few seconds, however, she saw the familiar hulking figure and crude face of her trainer, and she immediately was filled with terror.  Jalil was smiling as he stood just inches from the 19-year-old and began removing his clothing.

       “Even though I wanted to keep you for myself tonight, I know how much my men have been dying to fuck you,” Hassan whispered into Samanthas ear. “So Ive decided to share you with them. For the next couple hours they are all going to come inside this room and fuck you, one by one, starting with your trainer Jalil.”

       “Noooooooooo,” Samantha sobbed, closing her eyes and shaking her head in horror and disbelief.

       “Lucky for you they wont be fucking your ass, at least not tonight,” the elderly monster declared. “Just that tight little cunt of yours.”

       “May I begin sir?” Jalil asked in Arabic, as he finished stripping and stood between Samanthas legs.

       “Yes you may Jalil, and remember the competition,” Hassan replied, also in the mens native language. “You fuck her the hardest and you get 20,000 dirhams.”

       “Yes sir,” Jalil replied, smiling from ear to ear as he grabbed Samanthas skinny legs and yanked them far apart.

       “Oh I also forgot to mention,” Hassan stated into the trembling girls ear. “My men and I just love fucking little American bitches like you rough. So Ive promised to give twenty thousand dirhamsthats about five thousand American dollarsto whoever fucks you the hardest tonight. Im going to be the judge but you can also let me know who you think should win. This should be very fun for us both, dont you think?”

       “No!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha shrieked, thrashing about wildly now as Jalil placed the tip of his enormous dick against her vulnerable cunt. “Stop it!! Let go of me you sick fucker!!!”

       Samantha continued to struggle and curse at the two Arabs, but the instant Jalil bulled forward and slammed his penis deep into her pussy the little blonde squealed in agony and her entire body went tense for a moment.  It was almost as if she was in shock as a second huge cock was plunged inside of her.  Hassan, meanwhile, let out a long groan of pure delight, as the tiny American unconsciously clenched her anus in response to Jalils thrust.  As the guard worked the rest of his dick inside her Samantha cried even louder and began writhing around once again.   

       “NO!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, as Jalil wasted no time and immediately began pummeling her tight, pink vagina.

       “Yes Jalil! Fuck her hard! Fuck her tight American cunt!” Hassan shouted in Arabic, laughing as Samantha wriggled around in complete and total misery.

       “AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The poor blonde shrieked, tossing her head from side to side as Jalil put an absolute beating on her pussy.

       Despite the insane amount of pleasure he was feeling, Jalil had a look of sheer determination on his face as he proceeded to destroy Samanthas cunt.  He released her ankles, gripped her 22” waist in his hands, and held her struggling body still while he savagely hammered away at her pussy.  Samantha tried to wrap her thighs around the Arabs thick, powerful hips but couldnt with how violently he was fucking her.  And with her hands tied together behind her back, there was simply nothing she could do to stop the maniacal guard.

       “Hahaha!! Yes!! Yesssssss!!!” Hassan bellowed, coiling his elbow around the blondes slender neck and grasping her closely against his body. “It hurts doesnt it?! I can feel it too my little white whore! I can feel Jalil ruining you!”

       “PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha begged, tears of pain spilling from her eyes while Jalil furiously pounded away at her agonized cunt.

       The massive guard was grunting in ecstasy as he held absolutely nothing back and fucked little Samantha with all of his tremendous might.  Jalil was intent on winning the 20,000 dirham prize, even if it meant fucking Samanthas pussy to shreds.  He knew that every single time he raped her he was leaving long-lastingpossibly even permanentdamage to the blondes sexual organs, but he could not have cared less.  Once Hassan gave him permission he planned on fucking her asshole all the time anyway.

       “AAAAAAOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, biting her lip as Jalil slammed his entire cock inside her and paused for a second. “Please stop!!! Please stop this!! No more!!! Please no more!! I cant take it!!!”

       “Fuck you American whore,” Jalil replied, taking a deep breath before he resumed his assault on the 19-year-olds burning vagina.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The blonde screeched, closing her eyes and bawling as her cunt was further pummeled.

       Samantha was simply aghast at how much pain she was in at the moment.  Her womb, cervix, and every other part of her vagina felt like they were all being smashed to a pulp.  Even though Jalil had fucked her multiple times already, this time was by far the worst, as he seemed intent on virtually trying to murder her.  The pain was so insane that for the first time Samantha thought she might literally die from getting fucked so hard.

       “Come on Jalil!! You can fuck her harder than that!!!” Hassan shouted, smiling as he could actually feel Jalils enormous cock stretching and battering the girls pussy.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!” Samantha screamed, glaring up at the huge guard in seething hatred.

       A frown instantly formed on Jalils face, and he was barely able to keep himself from slapping the disrespectful American bitch.  Instead, he focused his attention on fucking the agonized blonde even more cruelly.  He drew his cock out of Samanthas cunt until just the tip remained inside it and then brutally slammed all 9” back inside the aching, tortured hole.  Samantha howled in agony and started begging for mercy as the Arab ogre repeated this move again and again.

       “AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!” Samantha begged, as Jalils cock smashed horrifically against her cervix and womb.

       The guard was roaring now as he fucked Samanthas cunt with the deepest and most brutal strokes possible.  He was amazed and overjoyed that he was now able to fit all 9” of his penis inside the girls pussy.  He remembered how this was not the case when hed raped her for the first time inside the limousine, and it was further proof that he was certainly inflicting some serious damage to the Americans vagina.  Nevertheless, the hole was still so unbelievably tight and continued to squeeze his dick just marvelously.

       Jalil continued to power-fuck the helpless, miserable 19-year-old American for nearly twenty unbelievably long and excruciating minutes.  The massive Arab maintained his ferocious pace just about the entire time too, slowing down only when the threat of an ejaculation arose.  During this prolonged, horrific rape, Samantha went back and forth between screaming her lungs out in agony and letting Jalil know what she thought of him in very profane and spiteful terms.  It would have been much wiser for the American to refrain from cursing at the Arab, as each time she did it only motivated him to fuck her longer and harder. 

       “AAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, her eyes bulging in shock as Jalil began slamming into her like a wild bull.

       The guard was on the verge of climaxing and was finally ready to do so.  Since he no longer cared about it, he smashed into the tiny blonde with all of his might.  After a few seconds he gave one last triumphant thrust and shouted in joy as an explosion of cum spilled from his cock and into Samanthas womb.  He was breathing very hard while he kept his dick buried deep inside the 19-year-olds snatch until the very last drop of his sperm was emptied inside her.  Even then he remained inside Samantha for a moment, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her pussy after giving her by far the most thorough and horrendous fucking of her young life.     

       “Well done Jalil, very well done,” Hassan praised his guard in Arabic, before turning his attention to Samantha. “How was that slave? Was that fucking hard enough for you?”

       Samantha did not respond, as she was both physically and mentally completely destroyed.  All she could do at the moment was lay motionless and weep in total despair and agony.  Her vagina felt like it had been fucked raw with a two-by-four, and she knew it had suffered some very serious damage during the lengthy rape.  She never thought a penis was capable of causing so much devastation to her pussy, but by now Jalil had definitely convinced her otherwise with his 9” one.

       “What do you think whore?” Hassan continued whispering into Samanthas ear. “That was a fine performance wasnt it? Should I just give Jalil the 20,000 dirhams right now?”

       “Aaaaauuuuggghhhhhhh!!” Samantha yelped, shifting around as the guard slowly pulled his massive cock from her agonized pussy.

       “Or perhaps that would be a little premature?” Hassan snickered. “After all, we still have at least a dozen more men to go. Maybe one of my other guards will surpass Jalil, as difficult as that might seem. I know all of them are very, very anxious to give you the fucking you deserve.”

       “That was great, thank you very much sir,” Jalil stated appreciatively in Arabic, as he put his clothes back on and stared at Samanthas gaping vagina.

       “Of course Jalil, thank you for your help in training this one,” Hassan replied. “You can send in the next one immediately.”

       “Yes sir,” the guard agreed, slipping out of the door a short moment later.

       “Get ready slave,” Hassan warned the blonde, who was sobbing and still had her anus impaled on the Sheikhs penis. “You will be getting fucked very hard again soon. You have a very long and very painful night ahead of you.”

       “No!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” Samantha shrieked, as she heard the bedroom door open and watched another enormous guard amble in.

       “Hello sir,” the hulking giant said to his boss in Arabic, while he eyed the terrified little blonde.

       “Welcome Rashid!” Hassan greeted cheerfully, in Arabic as well. “I hope you are ready to fuck some nice young American pussy.”

       “Yes sir, I am very ready sir,” the guard replied, smiling while he removed his pants and underwear.

       “NO!! DONT!! LET GO OF ME!!! LET GO OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about on Hassans torso as the huge guard approached her.                

       At 64” and 275 lbs, Rashid was nearly identical in size to Jalil, with a massively broad and powerful frame.  His cock was also terrifyingly large, and Samantha could not keep her eyes off of it as the man moved in front of her.  She could not bear the thought of getting fucked again, not even by her past boyfriends much less an Arab three times her size.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The tiny blonde screeched, kicking at Rashid while he reached for her long, skinny legs.

       It took the guard less than five seconds to secure a grip on Samanthas ankles.  When he did, he pushed down on them until they were literally right next to the girls ears.  Samantha cried out in discomfort as she was bent in half and her helpless, gaping vagina was perched up so invitingly for the Arab brute.    

       “Fucking white whore,” Rashid stated in contempt, as he gazed down at the spots of cum on Samanthas cunt left from Jalil.

       “AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, her entire body stiffening as Rashid plunged his massive cock inside her pussy.

       “Im going to ruin you whore,” Rashid stated ominously in Arabic, peering down at the angst-ridden American.

       “NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha wailed, shaking her head vehemently as the huge guard began slamming his dick in and out of her vagina.

       Both Hassan and Rashid groaned in delight as the tiny blonde instantly squeezed their oversized cocks with her pussy and asshole.  For Rashid, this was his very first time fucking Samantha, and he was simply astonished at how amazing her cunt felt.  Even after the awfully long and grueling fucking Jalil had just given the orifice, it somehow still clutched the guards dick so tightly.  Rashid continued holding Samanthas ankles by her head and gazed into her tormented eyes while he savagely pounded her little pussy.

       “AAAAAOOOOWWW!!! STOP IT YOU MOTHERFUCKEEERRRRR!!!” Samantha screamed, squirming around in agony as the enormous guard rammed his whole cock into her.

       “Come on Rashid!” Hassan shouted in Arabic. “Do you want that 20,000 dirhams or not?! Fuck this little American bitch!”

       “Im trying but shesher pussy is damn tight,” the guard responded, pausing for a moment to enjoy the incredible grip of Samanthas cunt.

         “NO PLEASE!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!” Samantha begged pitifully, weeping in torture as the Arab began hammering her vagina again.

       Samantha tried several times to wriggle her way out from beneath the guard but it was pointless.  His grip on her ankles was so strong and Hassan also had his arms wrapped around her neck and torso.  The helpless little American was sandwiched between the two giant Arabs and at their complete mercy.  As Rashid began raping her with all of his strength Samantha was overwhelmed with pain that she nearly blacked out.  Her pussy was so excruciatingly raw by this point, and each thrust from the guard filled her with insane amounts of agony.            

       “OH MY GOD PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha howled, tossing her head back and sobbing pathetically after over five minutes passed by and Rashid continued to fuck her.

       The guard had finally settled into a terrible rhythm, and was grunting in joy as he raped Samantha as brutally as he could.  Each time he slammed into her the sound of his balls slapping against Samanthas little ass filled Hassans bedroom, followed instantly by a wretched shriek from the 19-year-old American.  Rashid was in a state of heaven as he wrecked Samanthas cunt, and just like Jalil he slowed down every once in awhile to stave off climaxing.  This was extremely difficult for him, however, as the blondes tiny vagina just felt so ridiculously amazing.

       “Uuuurrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Rashid exclaimed, yanking Samanthas legs wide before driving into her one final time.

       Samantha screamed in pain but also relief, exhaling deeply as she felt the guards hot sperm spilling inside of her.  In total hed spent about ten minutes fucking her, which was only about half as long as Jalil had.  Nevertheless, it had felt like an hour, and by this point Samanthas pussy was completely ravaged and burned beyond belief.

       “Very good Rashid,” Hassan commended his bodyguard, while the Arab giant drained all of his cum inside Samantha.

       “Thank you sir,” Rashid replied, as he slowly pulled out of the exhausted blonde.

       “I will let you know tomorrow who I choose,” the old Sheikh stated. “Have the next guard come in immediately.”

       “Yes sir,” Rashid said, staring at Samanthas twitching vagina while he put his pants back on.

       “Two down my little slave,” Hassan murmured into the groaning Americans ear after Rashid had left the room. “Many more to go though.”

       Samantha instantly whined in dread and listlessly tried to roll off the large Arab.  It was a hopeless attempt, however, as Hassan still had his huge cock planted firmly in her anus and his arms wrapped snugly around her midsection.  Samantha heard the doorknob turn and another man walk inside and she began crying in terror.

       “Hello again small tits,” a familiar guard declared in Arabic, smiling down at Samantha. “Ready to get your tits hurt some more? And your pussy too, of course.”

       “No!!! Getget away from me!!!” Samantha yelped, writhing around in panic as she recognized the fat Arab. “Leave me alone!!!”

       Standing next to the mattress was Hameed, one of Hassans most sinister and ruthless guards.  He was the same man whod viciously slapped, crushed, and twisted Samanthas breasts earlier in the day for being too small for his liking.  He was grinning from ear to ear as his eyes were once again locked on the Americans bruised, welted chest. 

       “Welcome Hameed,” Hassan declared, pressing his forearms into Samanthas back so her small tits were forced invitingly outward. “Come fuck this American whore, and hurt her breasts too if you wish.”

       “Yes sir, thank you sir,” Hameed acknowledged, quickly removing his trousers and getting in front of the fearful blonde.

       “No!!! Dont touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Samantha squealed, kicking at the guard with both feet just before he grabbed hold of her skinny calves.

       Samantha screamed in equal parts fear and anger as Hameed pulled her legs wide and wrapped them around his fat waist.  For some reason, the idea of this man raping her filled Samantha with outrage.  Even though all of Hassans guards were complete savages and she hated them all, she had a particularly high level of disdain toward Hameed because of the way hed mauled her breasts earlier.  He was also just so unbelievably hideous and disgusting, and she could not stomach the thought of giving him any kind of joy.

       “AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!” Samantha screamed, shutting her eyes as the obese, hairy guard slammed his horribly thick penis inside her vagina to the hilt.

       “Give me those stupid little tits,” Hameed growled, immediately turning his attention to the Americans chest.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” Samantha roared, writhing around frantically as the Arab reached down with both hands and grabbed hold of her small breasts.                  Samantha unleashed a bloodcurdling scream of misery as Hameed crushed her tits in his fingers and then began twisting them in the most excruciating way.  Hassan moaned in delight as this caused Samantha to clench his penis so tightly with her asshole.  The little American banged the heels of her feet against Hameeds back as he squeezed her tits as hard as he possibly could. 

“OOOOOOWWWWWW!!! STOP IT!!!” Samantha screeched, looking up at the guard with utter detestation.

“Damn you have a nice tight pussy,” Hameed declared in Arabic, smiling as Samantha squeezed his cock with her little cunt. “I guess Jalil and the others werent lying. Dont worry, Ill give it a good hard fucking, but right now I want to have some fun with your tits.”

Samantha screamed in agony as the guard continued mauling her breasts.  He crushed the little mounds between his fingers for a couple of minutes then turned his focus on Samanthas small pink nipples.  He grabbed the delicate buds and twisted them literally halfway around, causing the American to scream at the top of her lungs and thrash around in total hysteria. 

“AAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!! STOP IT!! LET GO YOU UGLY PIECE OF SHIT!!!” Samantha howled, glaring at Hameed through her tears of pain.

Hameed simply laughed and continued brutally rotating the blondes nipples in his fingers, until he felt like they were about to tear right off her chest.  He released the tortured nubs and gave Samanthas breasts several vicious smacks, watching in amusement as they jiggled from left to right.  Hameed then snatched the Americans nipples once again and tugged on them savagely, causing Samanthas tiny breasts to stretch badly upwards.

“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE STOP!! PLEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSE!!!” The little 19-year-old begged in total desperation.

“Look at these pathetic fucking tits!” Hameed laughed, continuing to pull on Samanthas nipples with no concern for them.

“NO PLEASE!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!!!” Samantha begged the fat Arab, as she felt like her nipples were about to be ripped off her chest. “PLEASE JUST FUCK ME!! PLEASE LEAVE MY BREASTS ALONE!!!”

Hameed could not understand the blondes words, and would not have listened to them even if he could.  He continued torturing Samanthas tits for several more minutes, pinching, slapping, and twisting them in extremely vicious fashion.  The louder the American screamed, the more ruthless Hameed treated her small round breasts.  Even though he did not find them attractive, Hameed was already obsessed with the girls tits, and thought about them constantly now.  He just loved abusing the firm little mounds, and planned on asking Jalil tomorrow if he could spend an hour or two beating them with the many different whips, canes, and paddles down in the basement dungeon.

“Okay bitch time to fuck you now,” Hameed stated, finally releasing Samanthas breasts and gripping her slim 22” waist.

“AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha cried, trembling in pain as the guard began ripping his huge cock in and out of her vagina.

Samantha turned her head sideways and closed her eyes, not wanting to see Hameeds ugly face while he raped her.  She was glad that he was at least no longer torturing her breasts.  However, he was now fucking her pussy as hard as he could, and after a few minutes passed by she was once again in total agony.  Her vagina burned so badly and it felt like the inner lining of it had been fucked completely raw.

“OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE JUSTPLEASE JUST HURRY!!! PLEASE JUST FINISH!!!” Samantha beseeched the massive Arab, as he hammered away at her aching cunt like a fat bull.

Samantha screamed in absolute agony as Hameed drove his cock all the way inside her pussy and grabbed her chest again.  The guard growled in ecstasy as he began cumming inside the 19-year-old.  He squeezed her tits as hard as he possibly could while he spewed his huge load of semen inside her cunt. 

“AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Samantha screamed at the overweight guard, as he continued squashing her breasts while he emptied the last of his cum inside her.

“Stupid white bitch,” Hameed muttered in Arabic, cruelly slapping Samanthas breasts before he finally pulled his cock out of her.

Samantha released a sigh of relief as the potbellied guard took a step back and looked down at her battered vagina.  The orifice was gaping badly and Samanthas pink pussy lips were noticeably swollen.  Thick lines of sperm were seeping from the hole and onto Hassans cock, which was still lodged inside the Americans sphincter.

  “Very good Hameed, send the next man in right away,” Hassan instructed, laying back and resting his head on his hands while Samantha remained attached to his penis.

“Please no more,” Samantha begged frantically as soon as the fat guard was gone. “Please listen, please listen to me. I cantI cant take anymore of this. I cant do this anymore, Im gonna die I swear to God. Please dont let themdont let them rape me anymore.”

“Im sorry my dear slave,” Hassan replied. “But there will be much more fucking for you tonight. Hameed was only the third one. I have fifteen total guards in my security team.”

“Noooooooooooo!!! Please!! Please dont do this to me!!!” Samantha pleaded, crying desperately as another of Hassans security crew walked into the room.

The tiny, terrified American kicked at the giant guard as he stripped naked and moved in front of her.  It didnt take him long until he had Samanthas legs secured and spread wide, and as soon as he did he ripped his massive cock into her pussy with all of his might.  Samantha immediately screamed like an animal being stabbed, and what little resistance she had left was immediately snuffed out.  She let out one more anguished yelp then began weeping in agony as the Arab started hammering her pussy with his huge dick.

“AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP!!! STOP IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Samantha screamed at the sadistic guard, frowning at him as he slammed into her as hard as he could.

“Fuck you,” the enormous Arab shot back in a thick accent, reaching down and slapping the blonde across her face.

Samantha yelped in pain and continued to cry wretchedly as the guard wrecked her poor little vagina.  He fucked her just as savagely as the rest of Hassans guards, smashing his cock in and out of her like he was trying to permanently tear the Americans pussy apart.  Ten minutes later, by the time he finally spewed his sperm inside of Samantha, the Arab was soaked with sweat from his exertions and completely out of breath.

“Very impressive, send in the next one,” Hassan commanded.

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” the guard replied, as he quickly dressed himself and left the room.

As soon as the next guard entered through the doors and eagerly approached Samantha she whimpered in terror.  The 19-year-old was far too drained to even scream any longer, so she simply sobbed in total misery while another of Hassans bodyguards stripped down and got between her legs.  She did not even try and kick him as he spread her legs wide and plunged his cock deep into her fiery cunt.

“Aaaaaaooooowwwww!!! Oh my God!! Please justjust stop!!!” Samantha cried, arching her head back and weeping while the massive Arab began pounding her torn cunt.

The Middle Eastern goliath fucked Samantha brutally for slightly more than five minutes.  After he came inside of the blondes vagina he was promptly replaced by another of his peers.  Nearly an entire hour passed by as four more of Hassans guards entered the room and completely wrecked Samanthas tight little pussy.  Every single one of the men raped the poor American as if their lives depended on it.  Samantha screamed and cried in absolute agony the whole time, begging each one of the Arabs to show her the slightest bit of mercy, but to no avail.  It was all she could do, however, as she no longer had any more strength to resist.

“Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!! Please stop this!!! Samantha begged hysterically, once the ninth guard had finished with her and disappeared out of the room. “You have toyou have to stop this!!! Please, ImIm gonna die!! Itit hurts SO much!!! Please stop!! No more!! No more!!!”

“Dont worry my slave, I believe there are only a few more left to go,” Hassan said, trying to sound reassuring. “I know you are probably very sore, but it will be over soon.”

“Noooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha shrieked, wriggling around in misery. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why are you doing this to me?!”

“Why am I doing this? Why, simply because it is fun, my little slave,” the old Arab replied with a chuckle.

“Its fucking evil!! Youre fucking evil!!” Samantha shot back, just as the door opened and another huge guard walked in.

“Mohammed! Glad you could join us!” Hassan shouted in Arabic. “Get over here and stuff this white whore with your dick! Quickly!”

Samanthas eyes were wide with terror as she stared at the guard.  He was without question the largest one to have entered the room, which was saying a lot because all of the Sheiks men had been massive.  This one, however, weighed easily more than 300 lbs and was probably about a foot and a half taller than the American.  He had the body of an Olympic wrestler, and when he removed his underwear just the sight of his fully erect 10” cock drove Samantha into a panic.

“Noooooooo!!! Get away!! Dont fucking touch me you fucking freak!!!” The American screeched, kicking towards the Arab behemoth with both feet as he prepared to pummel her.

“You are one hot little American bitch,” Mohammed declared in Arabic, as he grabbed Samanthas ankles and effortlessly yanked them apart until they were completely horizontal. “Im going to fuck you so hard you will curse the day you were born.”

“NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, writhing around in horrendous pain as the mountainous Arab rammed the majority of his penis into her with one great thrust.

Mohammed instantly bucked forward again, and with such awful force that it actually caused the little blonde to slide backward and lift her asshole a few inches off Hassans cock.  Samantha screamed so piercingly that both the Sheikh and his guard winced as their ears hurt.  As soon as the guard had his cock buried deep inside Samanthas cunt he wrapped both of his hands almost completely around her tiny waist and held it firmly still while he began ferociously raping her.

       “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about with renewed energy as she no longer could bear the pain in her vagina.

       Mohammed roared in pleasure and determination as he clutched the blondes slender waist and slammed his giant cock into her snatch again and again.  It was his first time fucking Samantha, and in fact his first time fucking any woman in weeks, as hed been very busy travelling all over the Middle East.  Hed built up a massive amount of sexual frustration and energy during that time, and was releasing every bit of it now on the tiny American in front of him.

       “AAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!” Samantha shrieked, shaking her head in sheer torture and disbelief while she looked up at the guard in desperation.

       Samantha continued to scream and beg hopelessly at the gigantic Arab while he completely annihilated her vagina.  Each thrust was insanely excruciating, and it felt like her pussy was being fucked by a wooden log at this point.  The American could not see it, but each time Mohammed pulled out of her his entire shaft was coated in semen and blood.  After hours of nonstop abuse the 19-year-olds ridiculously tight cunt had been fucked completely raw and had ripped and torn in several places.  None of this seemed to matter to Mohammed, however, who continued to hammer away at the orifice without mercy.  He raped poor Samantha for roughly 15 nightmarish minutes, until he finally could not hold his ejaculation off any longer and emptied his balls inside the white fuck-slave.

       “Shit,” the massive guard muttered in Arab, as he looked at the stains of blood on his dick once he pulled it out of Samanthas terribly gaping cunt. “You must be in some pretty bad pain.”

       The expression on Samanthas face was priceless.  The blonde looked as if shed endured the worst kinds of torture for a week straight.  Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were streaked with tears as she continued sobbing in utter devastation.  Her pussy, which just two days ago had been so tight and gorgeous, was now a bruised, swollen, gaping, cum-soaked mess.  And it was still not free from torment.

       The next hour passed by painstakingly slowly as the remaining handful of guards all came in and raped Samantha.  Everything for the tiny American was a blur during this time, as she was so devastated from all of the previous rapes that she could barely comprehend anything by this point.  The only thing she was aware of was the consistent changing of men and the persistent scorching pain in her cunt, which felt like it had been stretched open by several inches and completely ruined. 

       “Congratulations my slave, you made it,” Hassan chuckled into Samanthas ear once the last of his security crew climbed off the American and exited the room.

       “Oh my God,” Samantha moaned, tilting her head back and letting out a huge sigh.

       “But your night is not over,” the old Sheikh continued, as reached forward and stuffed his hands behind the blondes knees. “Now I am going to fuck your asshole for the rest of the night, again and again.”

       “Noooooooooooooooo,” Samantha whined, grimacing in pain as the Arab pulled her thighs up against her ribs and spread them wide.

       “Now Im going to do to your asshole what my men did to your pussy,” Hassan cautioned, before he began slamming his cock in and out of the Americans anus.

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, struggling wretchedly as her asshole quickly began to burn in agony.

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Chapter 7: Samantha and the Retarded Nephew

Like always, Samantha Brunner was inside the basement of Hassans palace, naked and on her knees with her arms tied to the metal bar above her.  It was fairly late in the morning but the 19-year-old American had gotten almost no sleep.  Once Hassans guards had finished fucking her vagina the old Sheikh had then spent another two hours anally raping her.  He came inside her three times during this span, after which hed called Jalil into the room to take her away.  Samantha had been in a world of agony, with her anus and vagina both throbbing and bleeding so horribly that she had not even been able to fall asleep.  So shed simply remained on her knees and cried in misery all throughout the night.

       “Good morning whore,” Jalil greeted the American, as he entered the room and quickly began loosening his shirt.

       Normally Samantha would have begun trembling in fear and pleading with the evil giant.  However, after getting a train ran through her last night, the little American was too exhausted and defeated to even beg anymore.  The expression of complete hopelessness on Samanthas face said it all, as she despondently looked down at the floor with unblinking eyes. 

       “More fun things for you today,” the Arab declared, as he finished stripping naked and stood in front of the tiny blonde. “But first I must whip you again.”

       “Whwhat?! Why?!” Samantha blurted, looking up in astonishment.

       “I did not win prize last night,” Hassan stated, as he walked over and began turning the crank. “I am angry, very angry.”

“No, no, no,” Samantha stammered, panic in her voice as she was lifted into the air. “No please no!!! Please dont!! Please dont!!!”

The little blonde continued to beg as Jalil made his way to the cabinet full of whips.  He grabbed the same braided one with leather-wrapped steel tips and walked back over to the suspended, helpless American.  Jalil thought for a second about where to strike the girl, then pulled the whip back and ripped it across Samanthas buttocks with all of his might.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, twisting and turning in the air as soon as she felt her ass getting flayed.

As soon as the first blow landed Jalil stepped around the little American and slashed the whip across her small breasts.  Samantha shrieked in agony and looked toward Jalil with complete terror.  She continued to scream and beg as he began pummeling her swollen, bruised ass and breasts with the leather whip.  He dispensed over 50 lashes on the poor blonde, switching back and forth between the two targets every few strikes.  When the Arabs arm finally started to tire, he walked over to the wall and turned the lever, thereby dropping Samantha to the floor.

“God just leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, staggering after the guard as he untied her wrists and dragged her toward the fucking-bench by her hair.

Jalil easily placed the little blonde on her back atop the T-shaped table and spread her legs sideways before tying them to the ends of the heavy wood.  He then pulled Samanthas arms down and cuffed them together beneath the pillar of wood she lay on.  With the girl firmly fastened to the table, Jalil stepped between her legs and pressed the tip of his massive cock against her tender, swollen vagina.

“No!! NO!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE NO!!!” Samantha squealed, looking up at the hulking figure of her trainer in terror.

After the insanely vicious and excruciating fucking shed endured last night at the hands of Hassans security team, the absolute last thing Samantha wanted was for anyone to even touch her torn vagina.  Even now it ached and burned so badly, and still felt stretched out after being pounded by fifteen of the biggest cocks the blonde had ever seen.  Samantha still vividly remembered how streams of sperm and blood continued seeping out of her pussy long after Jalil had brought her back down to the basement late last night.

“AAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The petite American screamed, writhing around on the table in agony as Jalil ripped almost his entire cock into her pussy with one slam.

“Fucking American bitch, its your fault, your fault I didnt win,” Jalil growled in Arabic, as he stabbed the rest of his penis inside Samantha. “You told Hassan not to pick me, didnt you? I bet you did you fucking white whore.”

“AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! SSTOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! DONT!! PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!” Samantha begged frantically, as the Arab quickly began drilling his cock in and out of her vagina.

“You cost me a lot of money you American whore,” Jalil hissed in Arabic, increasing the speed of his thrusts. “So you thought Mohammed was better? Huh? Okay Ill give you the best fuck of your life right now.”

“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Samantha screamed piercingly, her entire body tensing in agony while Jalil began fucking her as hard as he possibly could.

   After thoroughly raping her for more than twenty minutes straight last night, Jalil had been positive hed won Hassans challenge.  So when hed heard from his boss that Mohammed had done a better job than him hed become furious.  Hassan had lied and told him that Samantha herself had chosen Mohammed as the winner, when in actuality the Sheikh had made the decision.  Nevertheless, Jalil was extremely angry at the tiny blonde, and planned on making her pay.  As he tore his huge cock into Samantha again and again he was very surprised at how tight she still was, considering he and Hassans entire security crew had all fucked her less than twelve hours ago.  Yet the Americans pink vagina still gripped him almost just as amazingly as it had the first time hed raped her inside the limo.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha squealed, her eyes closed and tears pouring out of them while Jalil ravaged her poor cunt.

Samantha was in so much pain that she thought she was going to faint.  Each time the massive Arab slammed into her it felt like a searing hot pole was being shoved into her pussy.  She was so appalled at how psychotic Jalil was, as he held her skinny waist between his fingers and furiously hammered her cunt while he roared like a monster.  He was completely oblivious to the Americans agony and seemed like he was trying to literally fuck her to death.  The Arab pounded away at Samanthas snatch for nearly ten minutes, and with even more fury than hed done the night earlier.  By the time he finally dumped his sperm inside the 19-year-old blonde she could not stop crying and was almost insane from her misery.

“Yeah keep crying you little white whore,” Jalil grumbled in Arabic, panting heavily while he savored the tightness of Samanthas pussy.

Once the last drop of cum emptied from his huge cock, Jalil slowly pulled out of the tiny blonde and took a step back.  A smile crossed his lips as within a few seconds his sperm began dribbling out of the girls gaping vagina.  Jalil could never get tired of the sight, as it was a constant visual reminder of the total control and power he had over the little American.  After admiring the image for a little longer he made his way over to a nearby cabinet and pulled from it a blowtorch, a long and thick steel nail, and two shiny silver rings roughly 1” in diameter.  With these items in hand, he walked back over to where Samantha still lay sobbing in immense pain.

“Whwhat are you doing???” Samantha asked nervously, as she watched the Arab turn on the blowtorch and start heating the tip of the nail.

Jalil ignored the girl and focused on the task at hand.  He held the torch and nail steadily in his hands and waited for a couple of terrifying minutes.  When the nail began glowing red he finally switched off the blowtorch and set it on the ground.  The Arab then turned his attention to Samantha, reaching down and grabbing her left nipple between his fingers.

“NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha shrieked, frantically trying to free her arms from their bonds as Jalil stretched her nipple as much as he could.

The guard wasted no time and immediately speared the scorching nail all the way through Samanthas nipple, from one side and out the other.  It all happened in the blink of an eye, and for a second the American was so astonished she did not even react.  Then, when the excruciating pain of getting so savagely pierced hit, she released an absolutely ear-shattering wail of agony.  Samanthas eyes were bulging in disbelief as she stared at her small nipple which was already starting to bleed and horribly skewered like a piece of barbeque. 

“NO PLEASE!!! DONT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The skinny little blonde screeched, as Jalil yanked the nail out and quickly clutched her other nipple.

“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, shaking her head in utter madness as the Arab mercilessly stabbed the nail through her nipple.

Jalil was emotionless as he slid the steel pin back and forth inside the sensitive little bud of flesh.  Hed done this act to countless other slaves of Hassan, and it was as easy as breathing to him.  After a few seconds he pulled the nail out and quickly looped the two silver rings through both of Samanthas freshly pierced nipples before snapping them closed.

“Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!! Nooooooooooo!!” Samantha cried, as she stared at her bloody nipples in disbelief.

Jalil allowed the girl a second to weep over her new jewelry, and then unlocked the clamps around her ankles and the cuffs on her wrists.  Samantha did not fight as the guard yanked her off the table and forced her toward the side of the room.  He made her kneel then opened up a cabinet and sifted through it before pulling out some kind of black leash.  It was made of leather and was about 4 long.  On one end was a handle while the other end split apart into two shorter strands, with clasps on either end that could be hooked and fastened to the rings which were now in Samanthas nipples.  Samantha whimpered in fear as Jalil reached down and secured both clasps to the rings.

“We go upstairs now,” the huge Arab declared. “You will follow me, always. You will crawl, always. If you do not crawl and follow me we come back down here and I will whip you rest of the day. Do you understand?”

       Samantha could not hide the hint of hatred in her eyes she had toward the man, but wisely nodded her head.  She quickly got on her hands and knees and began crawling after Jalil as he headed toward the stairway.  She had to move quickly to keep the leash loose and prevent it from pulling on her nipples, which were still throbbing excruciatingly.  She tried not to think about it as she shuffled after the massive Arab like a dog.

       Once they reached the top of the stairs and exited through the door Samantha felt a sense of apprehension, as shed never left the basement except for the evenings when Jalil took her to get cleaned up before dropping her off at Hassans bedroom.  She wasnt sure what time it was, but it still felt somewhat early, and she doubted it was even noon yet.  As Jalil led her down the hall and by countless rooms, Samantha felt her face reddening as she passed by several of Hassans other guards.  Every single one of them smiled and laughed at her, and uttered lewd remarks in Arabic while they stared hungrily at the Americans lovely bruised and beaten ass. 

Samanthas shame grew more and more as Jalil deliberately walked her all around Hassans palace.  The blonde felt so utterly ashamed to have to crawl after the Arab the entire time, completely naked and with a leash attached to her small breasts.  During this time she encountered more of the Sheikhs guards, as well as his maids and other workers.  The shocking thing was that they barely even acknowledged her, as if the sight of a naked girl being led around the mansion on her hands and knees was a common one.  

       Samantha continued to crawl after the huge Arab as he led her around Hassans palace.  He was about to walk past an open passage on the side of the hallway when he heard a noise coming from inside it and stopped.  Smiling, Jalil turned and entered the passageway, which was short and covered with fancy marbled tiles on the floor.  As she was led into the area, Samantha also heard something from around the corner which sounded like sobs.  As soon as she saw where the sounds were coming from, she immediately gasped in shock.

       The room she was inside was decorated like a public restroom that one might find in a 5-star hotel.  However, instead of a urinal on the wall, there was a round space on the floor made of expensive porcelain with a drain in the middle of it.  Naked and on her knees in the area was the Asian girl Samantha had seen on the video yesterday.  Her hands were tied together behind her and she had her head tilted back while one of Hassans guards stood before her and pissed into her open mouth.  Each time her mouth became full of urine the Asian immediately gulped it down before spreading her lips again for more.  Her long black hair was drenched with piss and her body was soaked in it as well. 

       “Good morning Rashid,” Jalil greeted his friend in Arabic.

       “Ah Jalil, hows it going?” The beefy guard replied, shooting Jalil a smile before he turned his focus back toward making sure he urinated directly into the Asians mouth.

       “Everything is good brother, I just pierced her and now Im taking her to Zafir like Hassan requested,” Jalil stated. “I guess its the boys birthday, so you know what that means. This little white whore is going to be his all day.” 

       “Ah yes it is! Shit, hes going to be thrilled,” Rashid laughed, as he finished giving the Asian a golden shower.

       As soon as she finished swallowing the last gulp of urine, the girl immediately groaned in revulsion before breaking down into sobs.  Her name was Vivian Lee and she was 20 years old and of Korean descent.  She was truly a magnificently gorgeous girl, standing 53” and 110 lbs with a toned and shapely physique.  Vivian had come to Dubai roughly two months ago from California with a few of her friends for vacation, but one of them had foolishly tried to smuggle in a large bag of ecstasy.  After being caught by the authorities, each one of the group had been separated, and Hassan had used his connections to bring Vivian straight to his palace.  Any evidence of it had been untraceable, of course, and to the girls friends and family back home shed simply “disappeared” at some point on her trip. 

Even though Vivian was very attractive, Hassan simply did not care too much for Asians, so hed given her to his guards to do as they pleased.  Thus, she was one of a handful of permanent whores for the Sheiks entire security staff and always at their mercy.  She got fucked by nearly every single one of them each day and usually several times by each guard.  The twisted men had also turned Vivian into their personal toilet, keeping her shackled and inside the bathroom all throughout the day just so they could drop by whenever they pleased and dump their piss down her throat. 

“Well Im going to take a piss real quick and take this dumb slut to Zafir,” Jalil declared, as he handed the leash to his friend and began unzipping his fly.

“Sounds good brother,” Rashid responded, as he stared at Samantha and licked his lips.

Jalil got into position in front of the despondent Korean and snapped his fingers.  Vivian exhaled deeply and slowly tilted her head back and spread her jaws.  She closed her eyes and whined in complete horror as a stream of urine splashed against her face before finding her open mouth.  Just like a moment ago, the instant her mouth was about to overflow with urine the Korean quickly gulped it all down before spreading her lips for more.  Jalil spent more than a dozen seconds filling and refilling the girls mouth before dumping the rest of his piss all over her face.  Vivian was crying inconsolably, as she could do nothing but remain on her knees and accept the unspeakably degrading treatment.

Samantha watched in astonishment as her trainer finished urinating all over the poor Korean.  Just like her, Vivians lovely brown nipples were also pierced and adorned with the same 1” silver rings.  When he was finished, Jalil tugged on the leash connected to Samanthas own rings, causing her to scream in pain and crawl after him back out into the hallway.  When she was about 50 feet away, Samantha heard the Asian crying in frustration and misery as yet another guard entered the bathroom and made her drink his piss.

Jalil continued to parade the tiny American all around Hassans home, passing by more guards, maids, chefs, and other workers.  Eventually, he made his way up a twisting staircase and onto the second floor.  Samantha continued to crawl after the Arab as he further explored the mansion.  As they passed over a sky-bridge that connected one parcel of the palace to another, Samantha peered out the window and at the parking area down below.  She could not believe her eyes as a surreal scene unfolded before her.

A white Range Rover had just parked on the pavement and all four of the doors seemed to open at once.  Two of Hassans gigantic guards emerged from the backseat of the vehicle, and they held between them a terrified, hysterical brunette.  She was about 56” and a very fit 115 lbs, with long brown hair that hung near her mid-back and perfect light olive skin.  She had on a pair of conservative khaki shorts, worn sneakers, and a loose tank-top, and appeared as if shed been picked up from a hiking trail or something.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and struggling frantically as the two huge Arabs dragged her into Hassans mansion.

“Oh my God,” Samantha whispered, looking on in disbelief as the driver of the Range Rover casually climbed back into the car and slammed the door closed before driving off.

Jalil smiled as the reality of her nightmare began sinking in even more for the little American.  He took a few seconds to admire the girls petite, slender body as she remained on all fours like a bitch.  Samantha was already his favorite of Hassans slaves, and he thought about fucking her constantly.  Her pussy was so irresistibly tight and amazing and he had trouble going more than a few hours without having it wrapped around his cock.

“Hello Samantha my lovely little slave!” Hassan suddenly exclaimed, seeming to appear out of nowhere and standing beside Jalil.

“Good morning sir, I was taking her to Zafir like you instructed,” Jalil stated to his boss in Arabic.

“Ah yes, of course,” Hassan replied in English. “He should be awake by now. Lets go, Im sure he will be very excited.” 

Samantha felt the blood in her cheeks as her owner stared at the two silver rings in her nipples.  He said something to Jalil in Arabic and even though she could not understand the words, she knew he was applauding the guard for the piercing job.  As soon as Jalil began walking Samantha quickly crawled after him, not wanting to feel the painful tug of the leash against her aching nipples.  She followed after the pair of Arabs as they passed by several rooms before turning into one.

       “Samantha, I want you to meet Zafir,” Hassan declared happily, waving toward a massive young Arab who was sitting on the floor and playing a video game. “He is my nephew.”

       Zafir rotated his hips and stared blankly toward the doorway.  Samantha could tell immediately that there was something off with him, as his eyes were droopy and his jaw slack.  He stared at her for a few seconds, and then a smile formed on his face that immediately sent a chill down the blondes spine.  Zafir quickly got to his feet and approached his uncle and the trembling American.

       “I brought you a gift Zafir!” Hassan shouted in Arabic, as he pointed down at the blonde. “This is for you! Its your birthday gift. You can keep her all day too. She is yours to do with as you please.”

       “Really Uncle Hassan???” The young Arab exclaimed in jubilation.

       “Yes, really my dear nephew,” the old Sheikh replied. “She has promised to make you very happy today. If she doesnt then you just tell me or one of the guards.”

       “Cool Uncle Hassan!” Zafir shouted gleefully, rubbing his crotch through his shorts while he looked at Samantha eagerly.

       “You will spend the rest of the day in this room with Zafir,” Hassan stated to the 19-year-old. “You will let him fuck you and do whatever he wants with you. Anything he tells you to do, you will do it. Is that understood?”

       “Yes,” Samantha replied softly, a look of dejection and dread on her face.

       “As you can see, Zafir has some learning issues,” Hassan noted. “He also has a physical one too. His feeling and sense of touch is, well, very poor. As you will find out soon enough this means that it is very hard for him to cum. He can spend many hours fucking a girl like you without cumming. It is quite amazing, actually.”

       Samantha could hardly believe what her master was saying.  His nephew looked like a complete monster, and she could not stomach the idea of being at his mercy for the rest of the day.  Like Hassans security crew Zafir was gigantic, standing more than a foot taller than her and outweighing her by probably close to 200 lbs.  He was shirtless and his upper torso was covered with thick clumps of hair and layers of disgusting fat.  She could see the massive bulge in his shorts as the retard rubbed his cock in front of her.

       “Well I know Zafir is eager to get started so I will leave you two alone,” Hassan said. “Remember slave, behave and do whatever Zafir asks. His English is not so good but you will start to learn what he wants. If I hear any complaints from him later on then Jalil will whip you to within an inch of your life tomorrow.”

       “Okay Zafir we will leave you alone with your gift!” The Sheikh exclaimed in Arabic. “You can use her however you want but dont hurt her too badly. I want her in one piece when I come back tonight, okay? No broken bones or anything like that, understood?”

       “Yes Uncle I promise!” The young retard shouted in glee.

       Samantha was trembling already as Jalil reached down and unfastened the leash from the rings on her nipples.  He then pulled Samanthas arms behind her back and tied her wrists together with a pair of leather cuffs.  He chuckled as he looked at the uneasiness on the kneeling Americans face before walking out of the room with Hassan.  As soon as they were gone Zafir pushed his dirty shorts and underwear to the ground and ambled toward the scared little blonde.

       “Please!!” Samantha yelped, as the huge retard grabbed a fistful of her hair and began dragging her toward his bed.

       Samantha was mortified as the massive brute violently flung her atop the mattress and pounced onto her.  She screamed in terror as he grabbed both of her ankles and jerked her legs wide.  Within seconds he had the tiny American pinned beneath him, with his lower torso wedged between her slender thighs.  Zafir was panting with excitement as he used one hand to guide the tip of his enormous cock onto Samanthas tight little vagina.

       “Noooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha sobbed, shaking her head in protest as she felt the Arabs dick start to penetrate her aching pussy.

       The morons cock was practically the same size as Jalils, and the pain of it stuffing Samanthas cunt was horrendous.  Samantha screamed in agony and squirmed around as Zafir bucked forward and slammed several inches of his penis into her.  Samantha never felt so feeble in her life, as she was completely trapped beneath the retards mammoth body and at his total mercy.

       “Uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Zafir bellowed, smiling depravedly while he gave two more awful thrusts and buried his entire shaft inside the 19-year-old American.         

       “Please!!! Youreyoure crushing me!! I cant breathe!!!” Samantha begged, unable to bear the weight of the Arabs frame any longer.

       The retard ignored the petite Americans pleas and began pumping his cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer.  Samantha squealed in pain as the young Arabs penis spread her cunt excruciatingly wide and pounded against her already raw labia.  The pain soon became overwhelming and she began crying in sheer misery.  Samantha could not believe what had become of her vagina in just three days.  After getting ferociously fucked by Hassan and all of his menparticularly Jalilthe orifice was already so bruised and swollen and burned constantly now.  Her pussy felt like it had been violated by an entire army of men, and Samantha truly did not know how much more rapes she could handle.

       “OH GOD PLEASE!!! NO MOOOOOOORRRRRREEEE!!!” The tiny white whore begged, after taking Zafirs fucking for more than ten minutes.

       There would be no reprieve for the poor American, however, as Zafir continued to hammer away at her amazingly tight cunt.  Even with his neuropathic condition which muted his sense of touchand therefore physical pleasurethe retard was still able to feel just how ridiculously tight Samanthas vagina was.  Every time he slammed into the poor American her stubborn little pussy continued to fight him and resist him, just as it did all the other Arabs.

       “Oh yes!!! I like it!! I like your pussy white whore!!” Zafir exclaimed in Arabic, continuing to smother Samantha with his fat, hairy body while he fucked her intensely.

       Samantha was bawling now as nearly twenty minutes passed by and the hideous retard showed no signs of finishing or even slowing.  Hed slammed his cock into her tortured vagina hundreds of times by this point, and each new thrust sent her closer and closer to the edge of craziness.  She wanted to scream and curse at him but remembered Hassans warning about making him happy and decided to keep her words to herself.

       After a few more minutes of fucking the little blonde, Zafir grabbed her ankles and pulled them up into the air before lowering them back against the mattress and above her shoulders.  Samantha whined in pain as her body was folded in half and her ass was forced several inches off the mattress.  When he was ready again, the retard knelt above Samanthas upturned vagina and viciously rammed his cock back into it like a pile-driver.

       “UUUUUUUAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” The petite blonde screeched, her face contorting in agony as her poor vagina was stuffed with Zafirs massive cock once again.

       All of the toes on Samanthas little feet were curled and tears were flowing from her eyes as she continued to bear the terrible fucking.  She closed her eyes and tried not to think about the pain, but it was simply impossible each time the huge retard drilled his cock into her.  She could feel her hips jamming into her torso from being bent so harshly and was having trouble breathing.  Each time Zafirs cock slammed against her cervix the blonde squealed in angst and cried harder.

       Zafir fucked Samantha in this manner for about a dozen more minutes and then decided to switch positions again.  He rolled the miserable little 19-year-old onto her belly, grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up before ripping his cock back into her vagina.  Samantha screamed in pain and plopped her cheek against the mattress while the Arab brute began raping her once more.  The tiny blonde closed her eyes and sobbed as she wondered how long he was going to fuck her like this for.   

       “Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Zafir bellowed, holding the Americans hips still while he tore his penis into her over and over and over again.

       Samantha screamed in torture and bawled endlessly as the giant moron pounded her exhausted vagina doggy-style for over twenty minutes.  Eventually he grew bored with that position as well, and decided to switch yet again.  He turned the wretched American around onto her back and speared his entire cock into her pussy.  The Arab retard then wrapped his arms around Samanthas petite body and made his way off the bed, so that he was now standing with the girl impaled on his penis.  He wrapped Samanthas legs around his hips, clutched her small, firm buttocks with both hands, and began bouncing her up and down his huge cock.

       “NOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!” The little blonde screamed, twisting and turning in pain as Zafir slammed her onto his dick again and again like a cheap hooker.

       Samantha didnt think her encounter with the dumb Arab could get any worse, but this new position he was fucking her was also easily the most painful.  Each time he lifted her into the air and smashed her cunt down onto his penis it felt like his shaft was going to tear straight through her womb and into her guts.  She could feel all 9” of it ripping into her and she had no clue how her little vagina could take in such a large cock. 

       “PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha begged, wrapping her legs around Zafirs hips while he continued to thump her pussy up and down his penis.

       The retard grunted in satisfaction and chuckled as he looked down at the little white slave.  Like his uncle Hassan, he harbored a burning hatred toward Americans, as hed been told how corrupt, arrogant, and evil they all were since he was a young boy.  So it was always a huge joy for him whenever Hassan brought him a slave from the US, especially one as stunningly gorgeous as Samantha Brunner.  Zafir was definitely going to enjoy the next few hours with the tiny blonde.  He continued to bounce the 19-year-old onto his dick for a moment, until his arms tired.  The young Arab then set Samantha down against the edge of his mattress and resumed plowing her cunt for fifteen long minutes. 

       After almost two hours passed by and Zafir was still pounding her cunt Samantha was completely insane.  She was in yet another new position nowthe fifth different one since Zafir had begun fucking her.  The little American was mounted on top of the massive retard, with her back against his chest while he held her legs up and out wide.  He was grunting loudly while he used his hips to spear his huge cock up into the blondes vagina over and over again.

       “AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha screamed, tilting her head back while she wept in agony and exhaustion.

       The Americans body was covered in sweat and her hair was damp with it.  She was almost motionless as she rested atop the massive Arab while he rammed his dick into her cunt endlessly.  Samantha had lost what little energy shed had long ago, and was resigned to letting the retard use her however way he wanted.  She continued to squeal in pain, however, as her pussy was wracked with torture.  The orifice was bleeding once again, as each time Zafir withdrew his penis the length of it was smeared with blood. 

       Another hour passed by as Samantha was mercilessly raped by the dumb, ugly Arab.  Even though he was slow, one thing Zafir was educated on were the many different ways to fuck a girl.  He used Samantha in every position imaginable.  He fucked her on her back, side, and her belly.  He fucked her in the air and on the bed, and twisted the petite blonde into all sorts of cruel and uncomfortable positions.  And with her hands tied together behind her, there was nothing the American could do to defend herself.

       “NOOOOOOOOOO!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FAT FUCKING BASTARD!!!” Samantha screamed, as Zafir sank his cock deep inside her cunt before grabbing her waist and preparing to switch positions yet again.

       Hed been fucking the little blonde from behind for about twenty minutes, pinning her against the side of the mattress while he rutted her.  Now the spry young Arab grabbed the back of Samanthas thighs and hoisted her into the air.  He held the miserable American with her knees bent over his forearms and pressed up against her small chest.  Samantha wailed in agony as the moron began slamming her cunt up and down his cock once more.

       “Eeeeeeuuuugggghhhhhhh!!!” Zafir exclaimed, as he approached a long overdue climax.

       The retard smashed Samantha onto his dick one last time and then shouted valiantly as he spewed a river of sperm up into the girls snatch.  Samantha never imagined she could be so happy to have a hideously gigantic and hairy retard cum inside of her.  She could feel his cock twitching while it dumped its load of semen inside her, but she did not even care at this point.  After getting raped for more than three hours straight, she could not quite believe that the Arab was finally finished.  Once he was done ejaculating, Zafir marched back to the mattress and flung Samantha back onto it.  He was out of breath and soaked in sweat as he smiled down at little Samantha.

       “No!! Leave me alone!! Please just leave me alone!!” The little blonde wept, clasping at the bed sheets as Zafir grabbed her ankles and pulled her off the mattress.

       The beastly retard forced Samantha to kneel down with her back against the side of the bed.  He bent down and smiled as he said something in Arabic that Samantha obviously did not understand.  The fatigued Americans confusion turned to horrendous disgust as Zafir suddenly turned around, leaned over and shoved his hairy buttocks right in her face.  Samantha screamed in panic and leaned back as the retard pulled his ass-cheeks apart, leaving his grotesque asshole just inches from her face.

       “Lick!!! Lick it you American scum!!!” Zafir commanded in Arabic, as he remained in a squatting position with a huge grin on his face.

       Samantha was not stupid, and she had a fairly good idea of what the young man wanted her to do.  However, she could not stand to even look at the huge, repulsive, hair-infested brown asshole in front of her much less touch it with any part of her body.  So she turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, even while Zafir continued to bark orders at her.  After nearly a minute passed by, the retard turned around and grabbed a fistful of Samanthas hair with his left hand.

       “I SAID LICK IT YOU STUPID WHITE WHORE!!” Zafir roared, before smacking Samanthas cheek with all of his might.

       “AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, looking up at the fat, repugnant Arab in shock.

       “Are you going to lick or not?!” Zafir questioned the little American.

       “Please, I dontI dont understand, whatwhat do you want?” Samantha stammered nervously.

       “ARE YOU GOING TO LICK OR NOT?!” The retard demanded, before giving Samantha another terribly vicious slap across her face.

       “AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!! STOP!!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE ILL DO ITILL DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!” Samantha screeched, nodding her head obediently.

       Zafir grunted in satisfaction and turned back around before sticking his ass out toward the blondes face and pulling his buttocks apart.  Samantha let out a whine of sheer disgust as her face was once again a few inches from the Arabs anus.  She thought for a moment about how to proceed.  She knew he wanted her to lick it, but she simply could not bring herself to do that.  At the same time, her cheek was already red and stung terribly from getting smacked by the retard, and she did not want to anger him any further.  After several seconds, the tiny American closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and leaned forward before grazing Zafirs putrid asshole with the tip of her tongue.

       “UUUUAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha shrieked in horror, yanking her head back as soon as she tasted the unbelievable awfulness of the Arabs shit.

       Samantha turned her head to the side and immediately began spitting at the floor to get all of the rancid taste out of her mouth.  She felt her stomach grumble and groaned as the salty taste of Zafirs sweat and shit still lingered on her tongue.  Zafir, meanwhile, was growing increasingly furious with the little American.  He turned around yet again and barked at her to start licking his asshole again.

       “FUCK YOU!!” Samantha screamed back defiantly. “Im not gonna lick your asshole youyou ugly piece of shit!! I dont care go ahead and slap me!! Im still not licking it!!”

       Samantha wailed in pain as the Arab pulled his hand way back before violently striking his open palm against her left cheek.  With her hands locked together behind her, there was nothing the blonde could do as Zafir began slapping the left side of her face over and over again.  She tried tucking her chin down and burrowing her cheek against her shoulder, but Zafir grabbed her hair and held her head in place with his left hand while he repeatedly smacked the 19-year-old with his other one. 

       “AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!! STOP IT!! STOP HITTING ME YOU STUPID FUCKER!!!” Samantha roared, after the massive retard slapped her for the 12th time.

       As the left side of her face began reddening and swelling, Samantha began to rethink her stance on rimming the Arab.  As horrendous as the mere idea of it was, her cheek felt like it was about to shatter.  After slapping it several more times, the retard gripped Samanthas hair with his other hand and began savagely smacking her right cheek.  It sounded like firecrackers were being set off inside the room as Zafir struck the wretched blonde over and over again.

       “OKAY!! STOP!! ILLILL DO IT!! ILL FUCKING DO IT JUST STOP HITTING ME!!! PLEASE!!!” Samantha screamed, finally acquiescing after getting slapped in the face nearly 30 times.

       “Will you lick me?! Are you going to do it or not?!” Zafir growled in Arabic, before reaching down and hooking his finger into the ring on Samanthas left nipple.

       “NO!!! PLEASE!!!” The little American yelped in fear, her eyes widening as Zafir gave a light tug on the silver loop. “I SAIDI SAID ILL DO IT!! PLEASE!! DONT!!!”

       “Ill tear this off if you dont lick me!!!” The Arab warned, before brutally yanking on the ring.

       “AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, shaking her head frantically as her inflamed nipple was stretched out from her breast.

       “NO PLEASE!! PLEASE DONT!! PLEASE LET GO!!! ILLILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!!” The blonde pleaded desperately, looking up at Zafir with deference now.

       “Ill do it, do you understand?!” Zafir bellowed, before grabbing the other ring as well.

       “AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha wailed in agony, as the dumb Arab yanked on both of the rings so cruelly that she thought her nipples were about to tear off her chest.

       Samantha let out a piercing scream of misery as the retard continued to pull on the shiny jewelry, causing both her nipples and breasts to stretch horribly.  Blood began trickling from both of the little pink nubs, but that did not stop Zafir from tugging on the rings.  Samantha was now weeping and shrieking in agony as she looked down at her outstretched tits.  She heard the sound of laughter from across the hallway and turned to look.  Standing in the open doorway were three of Hassans guards.  The giant trio of men were hooting and hollering as they watched the tiny blonde in her suffering.  Samantha felt herself blush as the guards watched her, and felt incredibly pathetic as the retard continued tugging at the rings on her small chest.

       “PLEASE STOP!! ILL DO WHAT YOU WANT!! I SWEAR JUSTPLEASE JUST LET GO!!!” The American begged wretchedly, looking up at Zafir with despair.

       Samantha let out a huge sigh of relief as the ugly Arab finally let go of the silver loops.  He muttered something to her and then turned around again before hunching over and pulling his huge, hairy ass-cheeks apart.  Samantha whined in absolute revulsion as she stared at the retards wrinkly brown asshole.  She could not bear the thought of licking it again, but her nipples still burned in pain and were a fresh reminder that she had no choice. 

       “Yeah!! Lick Zafirs asshole you little white whore!!” One of the guards shouted in Arabic, as Samantha leaned forward and stuck her tongue out toward the foul orifice.

       Even though she was more prepared for it this time around, as soon as the tip of her tongue made contact with Zafirs sickening anus Samantha nearly puked.  The taste of excrement on the brown, hairy hole was just too terrible for words.  Even the smell of it was overwhelming, and Samantha was certain that the Arab had recently taken a shit. 

       “Oh my fucking God!!!” The petite blonde shouted in anger and disgust, as she looked at the hideous asshole with a dejected frown on her face.

       Zafir shouted at the girl in Arabic, and she quickly moved forward and gave another hasty dab at his anus with her tongue before pulling back.  Samantha felt the tip of her nose brush against the retards hairy butt-crack and could barely control herself.  She still could not believe what was happening to her at the momentthat she was naked and on her knees halfway across the world, with her hands tied behind her back and being forced to lick the asshole of the ugliest, most disgusting man shed ever seen. 

       “You arent licking!! Why arent you licking?!” Zafir shouted angrily, turning around and reaching down for the rings on Samanthas breasts.

       “NO!! DONT!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!” Samantha screamed back even more lividly, collapsing on her ass and kicking at the huge Arab.

       Zafir slapped the little blonde across the cheek and hooked his index fingers into both of the rings on her chest.  He gave a hard yank on the silver loops, causing Samantha to scream in excruciating misery.  The American began weeping as Zafir repeatedly jerked on the rings.

       “PLEASE STOP!! PLEASE!! IM SORRY ILLILL DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!” Samantha wailed, looking up at the huge retard in terror.

       Zafir gave the anguished blonde a hard slap on the face before pointing at her with his finger and saying something in his native tongue.  He then turned back around and shoved his ass back toward Samanthas face before pulling his huge buttocks apart.  Samantha took a few deep breaths to calm down, then tilted her head forward and gave two quick dabs at the Arabs anus with her tongue. 

       “Fuck!! This is so fucking gross!!” The little American cried out in disbelief.

       Zafir yelled at the disgusted blonde to continue, and she immediately moved forward and gave another flick at his asshole with her small tongue.  For the next 2-3 minutes Samantha dutifully lapped away at the retards anus, taking constant breaks to keep her composure and spit at the ground.  After awhile, however, she could no longer take the sight, smell, and taste of the Arabs shit-hole, and puked all over the floor.

       “What the hell are you doing?!” Zafir shouted in Arabic, turning around and looking at the puddle of vomit on the carpet.

       “Noooooooooooooo!!! Leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, recoiling in fear as the Arab reached for her breasts yet again.

       Zafir jerked on the 19-year-olds nipple rings so hard that she screamed loud enough to nearly damage his eardrums.  The retard slapped Samantha in irritation and then grabbed her long blonde hair.  Samantha squealed in suffering as Zafir hauled her onto her feet before marching her back over to his jumbo mattress.  He bent the tiny American over the edge of the bed before harshly jerking her small, firm buttocks apart.

       “NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha shrieked, squirming about in horror as she felt the massive tip of the retards penis against her asshole.

       “Stay still!!” Zafir commanded, leaning forward and holding the blonde down while he slowly forced a couple of inches of his cock inside her ridiculously tight sphincter.

       “AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed in agony, kicking her legs back at the Arab as he drilled deeper into her tender anus.

       Tears of pain and misery were already streaming down the little blondes face as Zafir pushed nearly the entire length of his cock inside her now.  Samanthas asshole was still terribly sore and inflamed from the intense and grueling fucking Hassan had given it last night, and she was nowhere close to ready for more anal sex.  She also did not expect the retard to take her up her ass, since so far Hassan had been the only man to do so.  The petite blonde continued to weep in pain as Zafir steadily packed all 9” of his penis inside her, stretching it to its absolute limit in every way imaginable.

       “Oh yeah I like you white whore, your asshole feels good,” Zafir groaned in Arabic, reaching out and running his hands all over Samanthas slender neck and shoulders.

       “Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh!! Dont fucking touch me!!!” The blonde cried, shaking her head as Zafir wrapped his fingers around her neck.

       “Im going to fuck you, little white whore,” the retard declared, gripping Samanthas blonde hair firmly with both hands. “Im going to fuck you so hard.”

       “AAAAUUGGGHHH!! NO!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about in agony as the monstrous Arab suddenly began slamming his cock in and out of her asshole.

       Zafir released a loud and sinister laugh as he jerked on the little Americans hair and violently ripped his entire penis into her rectum.  Samantha unleashed a completely horrendous wail of pain that lasted nearly ten seconds long.  Her body was as tense as a cable wire and she was frantically trying to free her hands from their bonds while Zafir brutally fucked her. 

       “STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSE!!!” The poor blonde screamed, her legs flailing all over as Zafir pounded into her with all of his brute strength.

       Zafir continued to yank back on Samanthas hair while he raped her and with such cruel force that the girls back was bent into a terrible arch and her small breasts jutted forward invitingly.  Because her hips were pinned against the edge of the mattress and her arms tied behind her, Samantha could do absolutely nothing to stop the Arab from fucking her as savagely as he pleased.  She continued to scream at the top of her lungs, hoping that the piercing volume of her cries would garner some sympathy from the giant retard.  Instead, however, it had the opposite effect, as the louder she screamed the more viciously Zafir pummeled her anus.

       “OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! STOP!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!” Samantha begged, her blue eyes full of agony as five minutes passed and the Arab continued to pound away at her asshole.

       Samantha didnt think getting raped anally could possibly be worse than when Hassan did it, but she realized she was clearly wrong.  At least her owner had the decency to use lubricant, whereas Zafir did not even bother.  The result was a level of burning pain that the American had never experienced, and which was possibly even worse than getting a train ran through her pussy by all of Hassans bodyguards.  After just five minutes of fucking, her anal ring had torn badly, and was now starting to coat Zafirs enormous cock with blood.  The retard, however, had no idea that hed literally ripped Samanthas asshole, and continued to hammer it with a merciless fury.

       “AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP IT!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Samantha screamed, the blood in her face boiling as Zafir fucked her for another few minutes.

        After awhile the Arab retard grew bored of taking the little American from behind and decided to switch positions.  He flipped Samantha around so that she was on her back now and her ass rested against the edge of the mattress.  Zafir grabbed the girls ankles and spread her legs wide before pinning them down on the bed by her shoulders.  Satisfied, he rammed his cock back into Samanthas bloody anus and began pounding it again in the most brutal fashion.

       “AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” The petite blonde screamed, gazing up at Zafir in dismay as he fucked her asshole to ruin.

       The minutes and then the hours crawled by painstakingly slowly for Samantha as Hassans retarded nephew viciously sodomized her.  It was essentially a repeat of the earlier prolonged rape for the poor American, only this time around it was her asshole that got thoroughly destroyed.  Zafir fucked Samantha in half a dozen different positions, bending and twisting her into whichever manner he desired.  As each minute passed by, Samantha became increasingly agonized, furious, and insane.  Likewise, she went back and forth between begging the ugly brute to cursing at him very bitterly.

       “FUCK YOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!” The tiny blonde screeched, squirming about in torture as Zafir clasped her small round ass and happily bounced her up and down his cock in the center of his bedroom.

       The retarded Arab had been pounding Samanthas anus nonstop for over two hours now, and showed no indications that he was ready to finish.  Samantha, on the other hand, appeared on the verge of dying from sheer pain and trauma.  Her slender, petite body was soaked with sweat and her eyes had a look in them of pure suffering.  Thin lines of blood continued seeping from her ripped asshole onto Zafirs huge penis.

       It took almost thirty more minutes, but eventually the retard did cum, pinning Samantha against the side of his bed and yanking on her hair while he emptied his sperm inside her torn anus.  When he was finished, he left the broken 19-year-old on the mattress and fetched one of Hassans guards to bring him some food.  While he ate Zafir paid no attention to Samantha, who essentially passed out right away from exhaustion and misery.  After he was done with his dinner, the retard played video games for about another hour, and then turned off the TV when he was ready for another round with the American.

         “Huh???” Samantha blurted in surprise, looking back as she felt a large, powerful hand grab her ankle.

       “Time for more fucking!!!” Zafir exclaimed in Arabic, a glint of evil and perversion in his eyes as he twisted Samantha around so she was on her back with her ass against the edge of the bed.

       “No!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The blonde screamed in total dismay, fighting like a wild dog as Zafir squeezed between her legs and slammed his dick deep into her vagina.

       “Ah yes!!! You have a nice tight pussy white whore!!!” Zafir bellowed. “Im going to fuck it all night!!”

       “AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her heels against the hairy retards legs as he began hammering her raw, battered pussy.

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Chapter 8: Rimming Training and Pleasuring the Guests

       Samantha Brunner was once again on her knees and her arms were pulled up high above her and tied to the steel bar.  It was almost 10:00 in the morning and the 19-year-old American had been awake for hours.  In fact shed hardly gotten any sleep throughout the night.  Zafir, the retarded nephew of her owner, had raped her well into the early morning hours.  Hed fucked the tiny blonde four timestwice anally and twice vaginallyand had spent close to ten hours doing so.  In between those hours, hed forced Samantha to lick him in every possible area of his filthy, hairy body.  Once he was finally through with her, Jalil had carried the girls lifeless body back down to the dungeon and tied her in her customary spot before leaving.  

       Samanthas eyes were dull as she stared unblinkingly at the floor.  Shed spent hours weeping after Jalil had dropped her off, but now she was too full of trauma to cry anymore.  Her anus and pussy burned worse than anyone could imagine, and both openings were ripped, stretched, and severely swollen.  Samantha could not believe what the retard had done to her, or how she possibly was able to get through the night with him.  Just the thought of being at his mercy again was enough to strike terror into her heart and bring tears again to her eyes.

       “No!! No!!! No!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha cried over and over again, a look of dread on her face as the basement door opened and Jalil walked in with the retard by his side.

       The two mountainous Arabs both laughed as they watched the petite, mortified blonde.  Her eyes were about to pop out of her skull and she began tugging at the leather cuffs on her wrists the instant they walked in.  The way her small breasts with their silver rings on them jiggled was so arousing, and immediately made Jalil want to start beating them.  He walked right past the American and retrieved a long wooden cane from the cabinet.  He then made his way back over to the crank and began turning it.

       “Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her legs around as she was lifted into the air.

       “Zafir told me you were not a good girl last night,” Jalil declared, standing before the petrified blonde.

       “Whwhat??? What do you mean??? What are you talking about???” Samantha blurted in shock. “I didntI didnt even do anything!! Please, what are you talking about??”

       “He said you did not lick him good, you did not lick his asshole well enough,” the guard elaborated. “And, he said you call him many bad names. He said you have no respect for him.”

       “No please!! Heshes lying!! Please I didntI didnt do any of that,” Samantha replied, her voice trembling. “II licked him, I licked him everywhere he wanted. I licked his asshole and hisI licked everything he told me to I swear. Please, I swear to God I did.”

       “You are calling Zafir a liar?!” Jalil shouted furiously, stepping forward and slashing the cane across Samanthas breasts.

       “AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The little blonde screamed, thrashing around in total agony and disbelief.

       “Answer me!! Are you saying he is a liar?!” Jalil demanded, ripping the wooden cane into the girls defenseless tits once again.

       “AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, flailing her legs around and yanking at her bonds. “NO!!! PLEASE!! HES NOT!!! HES NOT A LIAR!! HES NOT A LIAR!!!”

       “So it is true then? You did not lick him good??” Jalil questioned the terrified American.

       “Yes!!! Yes its true!!! ImIm sorry!! Please Im sorry!!! Please dont hit me!!!” Samantha responded, pleading with all of her heart for mercy.

       “Then you must be punished,” the guard proclaimed, before viciously striking Samanthas breasts a third time.

       “AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha shrieked in agony, writhing around in the air like she was being burned alive.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The tiny American screeched, trying to twist her body away as Jalil thrashed her breasts once more.

Long, searing red lines were already beginning to form on Samanthas A-Cup tits, covering the welts that already existed from the earlier whippings.  Jalil gave the blonde five more savage lashes, causing her to scream her lungs out.  Samantha did not think anything could be as bad as the braided whip, but she realized how wrong she was now as Jalil torched her breasts with the cane.  Every single time the thin piece of wood sliced into her flesh she thought she was going to faint, and the times the cane struck her pierced nipples she thought she was going to die.

“Zafir, would you like to take over for me?” Jalil offered, after striking the girls chest over a dozen times now.

“Sure Jalil!” The retard replied anxiously, taking the cane from his idol.

“NO!!!” Samantha cried, shaking her head as she stared at the young Arab. “PLEASE!! PLEASE IM SORRY!! IM SORRY!! DONT HIT ME!!! PLEASE DONT HIT ME!! ILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!!”

Zafir completely ignored the little American, as he stood before her and delivered an excruciatingly awul lash on her left breast.  The sound of the cane slamming against slamming into Samanthas chest sounded like a small explosion, and it made Jalil cringe.  Samantha, meanwhile, screamed so loud that the room seemed to tremble.  While Jalil had only been beating her at about half of his power, the retard had just swung the cane with all of his force.

“AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, tears running down her cheeks now as Zafir savagely beat her tits again.

The fat, hideous Arab tore the cane into Samanthas breasts over and over again.  After about ten strokes the terrible instrument finally broke through the girls skin, and thin lines of blood began decorating her chest.  By this point Samantha was so besieged with agony that her body began convulsing and she began peeing on the floor without even realizing it. 

“Thats good enough Zafir,” Jalil stated in Arabic, after watching the retard batter Samanthas tits for a couple of minutes. “Why dont you go ahead and work on her ass next?”

“Oh yeah!! Okay!!” Zafir hollered, stepping around so he was behind the weeping American.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha squealed, shaking her head in torture as the Arab ripped the cane across her lovely firm ass. “PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!”

Samantha danced, screamed, and begged for forgiveness as the retard flayed her tender buttocks.  In just a few minutes her ass looked every bit as horrible as her breasts, and was starting to bleed like them as well.  Zafir was in such a frenzied state that he slashed the cane against the squealing blondes ass again and again with no remorse.  After awhile, Jalil finally had to stop the retard, as he did not want to cause too much damage to the blonde or have her die from too much pain.

“Did you learn lesson now???” The guard asked, staring up at the 19-year-old. “Are you going to lick Zafir better??”

“Yes!! Yes!!” Samantha sniveled, looking back at Jalil with teary eyes.

“We will see,” Jalil replied, before turning to Zafir and saying something in Arabic.

The retard nodded his head and suddenly disappeared out of the room.  About two minutes passed by as Samantha continued hanging in the air and weeping.  Suddenly, the door opened again and Zafir reemerged with Vivian by his side.  The Korean was completely naked like Samantha and noticeably scared as Zafir held her by the arm and led her down the stairs. 

“You are busy?” Jalil asked, looking down at the gorgeous tanned Asian.

“No sir,” Vivian answered quietly.

“Good, you will teach her how to lick,” the guard stated, pointing at the dangling American. “Teach her how to lick asshole.”

“Yes sir,” Vivian replied, looking down at the floor.

“Zafir, get down on the ground and spread your ass so this whore can lick you clean,” Jalil told Hassans nephew in Arabic.

“Sure Jalil, okay,” the retard mumbled, removing his shorts and boxers before dropping to his knees.

Samantha watched in astonishment as the Korean immediately knelt down directly behind the disgusting giant.  Vivians hands were shaking as she dug her fingers into the retards hairy butt-crack and spread his buttocks apart.  The 20-year-old then stuffed her face deep into the crevice of Zafirs ass and began fervently running her tongue up and down his anus.  Samantha could see by the Asians tensed shoulders and other body language that she was disgusted and miserable, but she nevertheless kept her face buried between Zafirs hairy buttocks and licked his asshole like she could not get enough of it.

“Do you see?” Jalil asked, looking at Samantha with a grin. “That is how you lick Zafir. That is how you lick Hassan too.”

Samantha was wincing in sheer revulsion as she watched the beautiful Korean continue to service the retards anus with her tongue.  It truly was nauseating just to watch, as the girl swiftly and repeatedly pressed her tongue against Zafirs asshole and lapped away at it like a dehydrated dog would a bowl of water.  The level of obedience and passion from Vivian was simply incredible, and she was licking the retards anus like her life truly depended on it.  With no instructions to stop, the Korean continued to slurp Zafirs asshole for over five minutes, not pausing even one time.  Eventually she began crying, but did not dare stop avidly licking Zafirs anus.

“Okay enough,” Jalil stated, finally putting an end to the Koreans misery and turning to Zafir. “Take her back to the bathroom and chain her up.”

       Vivian was visibly depressed and sick as Zafir grabbed her skinny bicep and led her back up the stairs and out of the room.  Jalil stood and inspected Samanthas badly beaten chest and buttocks.  He should have stopped Zafir sooner, as the two areas on the girls body were red and purple and speckled with blood.  As soon as the retard returned, Jalil turned the crank on the wall and lowered Samantha back to the floor.  He unlocked the leather restraints on the Americans wrists.

       “Go, start licking him,” the guard commanded, before telling Zafir to kneel down and turn around.

       Samantha quickly scurried forward on her hands and knees toward the retard.  When she reached him, she dug her skinny fingers into his ass-crack and pulled his hairy buttocks apart.  The little blonde hesitated for a moment as she looked at Zafirs puckered anus in utter dismay.  After a few seconds, she closed her eyes, pressed her head forward and put the tip of her tongue against the disgusting wrinkled opening. 

       “Yessssssssssss!!” Zafir exclaimed, looking back at the American as she began lapping away at his asshole just like the Korean had done.

       Samantha continued to keep her eyes closed as she ardently scraped her tongue back and forth against the retards anus.  Her entire body was shuddering in revulsion and she was barely able to keep from gagging.  Even though the Korean, Vivian, had serviced the filthy orifice for more than five minutes straight, Samantha could still taste shit on the Arabs sphincter every single time she licked it.  She also got plenty of his sweat too, as she ran her tongue back and forth his hairy butt-crack.

       Five minutes passed by and then ten as Samantha continued to clean every possible part of the retards backside.  Because Jalil did not tell her to stop, she didnt dare do so.  As terrible as licking Zafirs anus was, the American wanted no part of getting her body caned anymore.  There were a few times where she had to pause for an instant to compose herself and keep from puking all over the floor, but other than that Samantha slurped the Arabs shit-hole the entire time, and with a surprising amount of energy as well. 

       “Okay enough,” Jalil said, tapping the end of the wooden cane against Samanthas ass. “Good. You do like this to Zafir always, and Hassan and me and everyone. Okay?”

       “Yes,” Samantha sniveled, wiping her lips with her forearm after pulling her head far away from the retards fat, hairy buttocks.

       “You can go back to your room now Zafir,” Jalil said to the young moron in Arabic.

       “Okay Jalil,” Zafir replied. “Can I fuck her again later if shes not busy?”

       “Well see, it depends what your father says,” Jalil answered. “But this one will be busy for awhile.”

       “That sucks, I like fucking her,” the retard stated in disappointment, as he put his shorts back on and left the basement.         

       “Please!! Justplease just leave me alone!!” Samantha begged, as her trainer grabbed a clump of her hair and began hauling her off toward the fucking-table.

       Jalil swiftly and roughly placed the tiny American atop the T-shaped table on her back.  He spread her legs out wide and tied them to the ends of the cross section of the wooden station.  After watching the little blonde suck Zafirs asshole on her hands and knees for the past 15 minutes, Jalil was simply dying to give her another long, hard fucking.  As soon as he finished tying her hands together behind her back, Jalil stripped naked and got between the Americans legs.

       “AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, agony and hate in her voice as the enormous guard ripped his penis deep into her raw pussy.

       Jalil let out a long groan of absolute pleasure as the petite American gripped his cock so incredibly with her battered cunt.  It was still unbelievable to him how tight her pussy was, even after the many poundings it had taken from him and Zafir and all of the other guards.  At this point he was completely addicted to Samanthas vagina, and had to fuck it at least once a day otherwise he could not focus on anything else.

       “AAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, rearing her head back and closing her eyes as Jalil rammed the rest of his penis into her and quickly began clobbering her poor twat.

       Several minutes passed by as Jalil continued to stand between Samanthas legs and put a beating on her vagina.  He gripped the 19-year-olds tiny waist with both hands and used his hips to tear his cock in and out of her pussy again and again.  The sight and sounds of Samanthas tears and begging and squeals only made the hulking Arab fuck her even harder.  For him, it simply wasnt enough to rape poor Samantha.  Each time he fucked her, Jalil felt it was his duty to destroy the Americans spirit and show her that over here, in this land, her only purpose was to get her holes stuffed full of dicks all day and night.

       “AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!!!” Samantha shrieked in agony and shock as Jalil slammed his entire 9” cock into her with one thrust and paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling of her tight cunt.

       “Your pussy, it feels good,” Jalil grunted down at the sobbing young blonde.                         “Please!! Stop itstop raping me!!” Samantha begged, looking up at the giant guard hopelessly. “Please stop!! ImI cant take this anymore!! Please just leave me alone Im begging you!!!”

       The little American wailed in misery as Jalil began ferociously fucking her again, holding her skinny 22” waist in his hands while he slammed the entire length of his dick into her over and over.  Of everyone inside the mansion, Samantha hated Jalil by far the most.  It wasnt just the fact that he was the one she spent most of her days with and the numerous times hed whipped her.  What she despised about the guard the most was how insanely vicious he was when it came to fucking her.  He clearly did not give even the slightest damn about her physical or mental well being, and each time he raped her it seemed like he was literally trying to shred her vagina with his enormous cock.

       “PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screeched, shaking her head madly as the guard continued to pound away at her cunt.

       A few more minutes passed by before Jalil finally reached a climax.  He sank his cock balls-deep inside the poor American and gladly emptied his warm sperm inside her womb.  Jalil was out of breath and glistening with sweat as he gazed down at the sobbing little blonde.  A victorious grin was on the Arabs face.  He absolutely loved ejaculating inside Samantha and the idea of filling her with his jizz.  Samantha, of course, absolutely detested it, but the one saving grace about it was that the violent brute was at least finished for the time being.

       “Eeeeeuuuugggghhhhhh,” Samantha moaned, as Jalil slowly pulled his huge cock out of her and began untying her.

       Jalil looked over at the clock and was disappointed to see it was already almost noon.  He was hoping he had a bit of time to string Samantha up and whip her breasts.  She hadnt done anything in particular to warrant it, he simply felt like beating her some more.  But Hassan had instructed him to clean the American up and bring her to his room by noon.  The Sheikh had a few male guests coming by the palace today to discuss business.  He was interested in partnering with them in a major investment opportunity.  They were all old and extremely wealthy like him, and he planned on using Samantha to win them over.

       Samantha groaned woefully as Jalil untied her from the table and pulled her off it.  He forced the girl to her knees before retrieving the leather leash and attaching the clips of it to Samanthas nipple rings.  The guard gave a harsh tug on the leash, causing Samantha to cry out in pain.  She got down on all fours and crawled after Jalil as he led her up the stairs and into the ground level of Hassans sprawling palace.

       Samantha continued to crawl after the Arab as he made his way into the same bathroom where hed given her an enema twice already.  After detaching the leash from her breasts, he gave Samantha five minutes to shower herself in one of the stalls.  During this time Samantha simply sat on her ass and wept while the warm water washed over her, somewhat cleansing the sweat of Jalil, the retarded nephew, and the other Arabs whod raped her. 

       Once time was up, Jalil grabbed the little American and forced her to relieve herself on the toilet.  He stood by and laughed as Samantha took a shit and piss right before his eyes.  She was blushing and sobbing as her anus was so raw and tortured that merely pooping was extremely painful.  After a few more minutes of this indignity, Jalil finished his duties by giving the 19-year-old yet another enema.  Like the others, it was incredibly painful and degrading for poor Samantha, and she cried and complained nonstop during the entire process.  When he was finally finished, Jalil reattached the clips of the leash to Samanthas nipple-rings and led her back into the hallway. 

The American crawled along after Jalil up the stairs of the lobby and down a corridor before coming to a stop in front of Hassans bedroom.  Samantha quivered as she heard the Sheikh grunting as well as the muffled screams from a female behind the door.  Jalil gave a hard knock on the door and entered as soon as Hassan gave him permission to do so.  Samantha let out a gasp as she saw the same young brunette from yesterday.  She was naked and in the exact same position Samantha had been in when Hassan had raped her anally for the first time, bent over the footboard of the bed with her wrists tied to the posts and her full, round ass perched up high.  The brown-haired beauty had a large ball-gag stuffed between her lips and was screaming in pain as Hassan drilled her anus from behind.

The girls name was Kelly Carlton and like Samantha she was an absolutely beautiful young American.  She was 56” tall and 115 lbs, with a very shapely and athletic body toned from running several miles daily.  She had long brown hair that hung near her firm, medium-sized breasts.  She had a perfectly ovular face, stunningly elegant features, hazel eyes and a smile that could light up a room.  Her best asset, however, were her plump, round ass and her long, well sculpted legs.

Kelly was an 18-year-old freshman at Northwestern University.  Shed taken a trip to India only a couple of weeks ago to study abroad.  Unfortunately, after a long evening of partying and drinking with a friend of hers at a nightclub, shed gotten separated from her companion and boarded the wrong bus.  The bus operator, who was rather accustomed to seeing vulnerable girls like Kelly, had taken her straight to an isolated part of town where hed instructed several sex traffickers to meet him.  Once there, hed traded the American for the equivalent of just $5,000.  Within hours Kelly was on a private plane and headed for Hassans mansion.

“MMMMMMMMGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kelly screeched, pulling at her bonds frantically while her owner brutally sodomized her.

“Im almost done Jalil!! Just give me a moment!!” Hassan shouted in Arabic, clutching the weeping brunettes hips while he thumped his cock into her rapidly.

Samantha turned away as the old Arab neared a climax and slammed into the shrieking brunette like a pig in heat.  It was truly a heart-wrenching scene and she could not bear to watch it.  Finally, she heard the disgusting brute bellow in triumph as he gave one final thrust before emptying his balls inside the poor 18-year-old.  Hassan was grunting in ecstasy and kept his cock buried deep inside Kelly until he had no more sperm left to shoot, and only then did he pull out of her bloody, gaping asshole.

“Ah hello Samantha!” Hassan greeted the kneeling blonde. “Did you enjoy watching that? Im sure you remember all too well what it feels like.”

Samantha avoided eye contact with the elderly Sheikh as he smiled down at her.  He was so repulsive and she could not stand even looking at his face.  Hassan walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a fresh, expensive pair of pants and underwear.  After donning them, he grabbed a silk dress shirt and put that on also.

“Her name is Kelly,” the Arab stated, noticing Samantha as she stared at the weeping brunette. “Shes an American, like you. She was picked up just yesterday in Mumbai.”

“Aaaaannnnnnggggggggggg!!” Kelly sobbed, squirming around as Hassan gave her bubbly ass a nice hard slap. 

       “Apparently young Kelly here was practically a virgin, up until last night that is,” Hassan declared. “Ive been introducing her to womanhood ever since she arrived. I think Ive fucked her half a dozen times already, isnt that right you little whore?”

       “MMMMMMRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” The brunette wailed, squeezing her legs together as Hassan plunged his index and middle finger deep inside her cunt.

       “Ill have more time for you later, I promise you that,” Hassan warned, before pulling his fingers back out of the girls snatch.

       “As for you my little Samantha, I have a job for you today,” the Arab declared, turning his attention back to the tiny blonde. “I have several business associates coming by in just a few hours. This meeting is very important and I stand to gain a lot if it goes well. Ive chosen you to accommodate these men and give them a good time. Like me they are very fond of blonde Americans, and I am sure they will love you very much.”

       “No, please, II cant, Im soIm so sore,” Samantha pleaded. “Please, I cant take anymore sex.”

       “You dont have a choice my dear,” Hassan shot back. “You will do what I tell you or I can have Jalil take you back to the basement and whip you all day. Which would you prefer?”

       “No! Please no, Ill do itIll do what you want,” the little blonde replied quickly.

       “That is what I thought,” Hassan smiled. “You will serve them alcohol during dinner. You will refill their glass whenever they tell you. After we are finished eating you will take them into a special room I have prepared for you, and you will fuck them until Jalil comes and tells you to stop. You will do everything they ask of you. If you do notif I get a complaint from anyone of themI will have Jalil take you away immediately and beat you until you have no skin left on your body. Is this clear?”

       “Yes,” Samantha said, nodding her head up and down.

       “Good,” the Sheikh stated. “Jalil will show you what you will be wearing for the rest of the day. I will see you in a few hours.”

       Hassan said a few words to the guard in Arabic, and he quickly acknowledged his understanding before tugging on the leash.  Samantha cried out in pain and shuffled after the giant Arab as he left the room.  Just before the door closed she heard Kelly squeal into the gag in her mouth as Hassan began smacking her ass with his palm.  He was laughing as he promised to give the hysterical brunette a long and excruciating beating in just a short moment.

       Samantha, meanwhile, continued to crawl after Jalil as he led her down the hallway before entering another spacious bedroom.  Inside it were several cabinets, dressers, and racks filled with all kinds of skimpy lingerie and other lewd garments.  It was basically a dressing room made fit for strippers.  Hassan had already picked out Samanthas outfit and it was resting on a small table near the door.  It consisted of a white silk g-string, matching sheer white pantyhose and a pair of ridiculously high 8” stilettos.

       “Put that on,” the guard commanded, pointing at the garments while he temporarily removed the leash from the silver rings on Samanthas chest.

       Samantha rose to her feet and grabbed the items.  She slid the stockings up her long, skinny legs one by one, and then did the same with the g-string.  The latter was by far the skimpiest underwear she had ever donned, as it was literally just three pieces of elastic string attached to a triangular patch of silk.  None of the three sides of the patch were even 2” in length.  When it came time to attach the heels to her feet, Samantha put one of them on and had to sit down to strap on the other, as she simply could not remain balanced on the ridiculously high heels.

       “You look like fucking whore,” Jalil declared with a grin, before reaching down and attaching the leash to the Americans nipple-rings once again.

       Samanthas cheeks were starting to turn red as she meekly followed Jalil back out into the hallway.  He guided the tiny American straight back down into the basement.  They passed by a couple of other guards on the way, and each one gave Samantha a crude whistle or remark.  When they were back in the cellar, Jalil forced the blonde to continue following him until he was back at the whipping area.  He tied Samanthas wrists back into the leather cuffs and left her alone inside the room.  He still wanted to whip and fuck her but he decided to grant her a small bit of rest, so he went upstairs to fix himself lunch.

       The next few hours crawled by slowly for Samantha.  Not long after he was finished eating, Jalil could not control himself any longer and went back down to the basement.  He stripped naked and gave Samantha another long, excruciating fucking.  This time, instead of tying her to the wooden table, he simply turned the crank so that she was lifted about a foot off the floor.  Then he pushed her g-string aside and spent the next 20 minutes raping the American in the air, keeping her long legs wrapped around his hips while he slammed his 9” cock up into her pussy nonstop.

       Once he was finished with the weeping blonde, Jalil lowered her back to the floor and left the room.  Samantha continued to cry as her gaping pussy once again burned so terribly.  Over the next several hours she drifted in and out of sleep, as she was overcome by fatigue and depression.  Even now, after a couple of days spent inside Hassans mansion, the 19-year-old American still hadnt fully accepted what had become of her life.  The reality that she was never going back home to the US or seeing her friends/family again was simply too terrible to entertain.

       “Hello again Samantha, are you ready for tonight?” Hassan asked, startling the half-awake girl. “My guests are upstairs as we speak and I dont want to keep them waiting.”

       Jalil was standing next to the Sheikh, and Samantha flinched nervously as he reached down and unlocked the leather bindings on her wrists.  He attached the leash to the blondes nipple-rings and led the crawling American up the stairs and out of the dungeon.  Samantha struggled to keep up as her owner and trainer walked through a long hallway before entering a fancy dining room through a pair of double-doors.

         Seated around a cozy 4-person dining table were three Arab men, all in their 50s and 60s.  They had been conversing together but as soon as Hassan, Jalil and Samantha entered a hush fell over the room.  The trio of Arabs stared in wide-eyed disbelief as Jalil led the petite American toward their table.  The admiration and lust on their faces were clearly obvious as they gazed at Samanthas petite, slender, and virtually naked body. 

       “Gentlemen I apologize for keeping you waiting,” Hassan declared in Arabic, as he pulled the fourth dining chair out and took a seat atop it.

       “Shit Hassan, I think I speak for us all when I say no apology is needed,” Basim, the eldest of the three men, responded.

       “Agreed,” the other twoTalib and Malikstated in unison.

       “By the way let me introduce you all to my lovely slave Samantha,” Hassan said, motioning toward the dejected little blonde. “I acquired her just a couple of days ago. Shes from New York.”

       “Shes lovely Hassan, congratulations my friend,” Basim lauded the Sheikh.

       “Thank you,” Hassan replied. “Samantha has agreed to kindly serve us tonight. Then, once we are through discussing business, she has also agreed to serve the three of you in much more intimate ways.”

       “How very generous of your slave!” Talib exclaimed, holding up his glass of champagne.

       The four Arabs toasted their good fortune and proceeded to devour the plates of delicious food in front of them.  Jalil, meanwhile, took Samantha to a nearby alcohol station.  There were various bottles of liquor inside the little cabinet but the only two she was instructed to concern herself with were a pitcher of spring water and a bottle of unbelievably expensive champagne.  Jalil unclipped the leash from the Americans breasts and forced her to stand.

       “When their water or champagne is almost finished, go and fill them again,” the massive guard commanded. “If you do not I will whip you very bad, okay?”

       Samantha nodded her head in agreement and carefully inspected all of the glasses on the table.  As soon as she saw one even begin to approach empty she walked awkwardly over to the group of men and refilled it with champagne.  As she did, the man to whom the glass belonged smiled at the 19-year-old American and caressed her ass.  Samantha gave him a very faint and generic smile back as he said something to her in Arabic.  When she was through topping off his glass she walked back over to the portable alcohol cabinet, being very careful not to stumble on her 8” heels.

       Over the next two hours Samantha travelled back and forth between the dining table and the liquor station dozens of times.  During this time Hassan and his guests discussed business and the prospect of joining together in an investment that could yield them huge profits.  Even before inviting the men to his home, Hassan had virtually secured a commitment from all of them, and really only needed to convince Talib who had some minor reservations.  However, as the night drew on the three Arabs became increasingly drunkand hornyand wanted to conclude their discussions and begin their ravaging of Samantha.  This desire was only heightened when, after spilling just a few drops of champagne, Jalil marched over to the American and brutally slapped her across the cheek.  He twisted the girl to her knees and made her apologize to the men, all the while squeezing her small breasts in his hands and threatening to whip them until she began to cry.

       “Well gentlemen, if we have nothing more to discuss then I will let you get on with the rest of your night,” Hassan declared. “Im sure you are all very eager to get more acquainted with little Samantha here.”

       “Certainly,” Basim replied quickly, staring at the gorgeous American with pure lust.

       Hassan gave a signal to Jalil, who then secured the two clips back onto Samanthas nipple-rings and made her get down on all fours.  The guard then instructed the trio of anxious Arabs to follow him as he led the tiny blonde out of the dining room.  All three men were chattering jubilantly as they followed behind Jalil, and none of them were able to take their eyes off of Samanthas lovely bruised, welt-covered ass.  Jalil took the American down a hallway on the same floor before entering into one of the many bedrooms along the side.

       “You spend rest of the night here,” the guard stated, detaching the leash from Samanthas chest. “You will fuck them. You will fuck them until they do not want to fuck anymore. You will do what they say. If you do not I will beat you very bad tomorrow.”

       Once the blonde nodded her understanding Jalil exited the room.  As soon as he did the three mature Arabs immediately began undressing all at once.  Samantha remained on her knees and shivered in fear as the three men formed a semicircle in front of her once they were all naked.  While they were not quite as menacing as Jalil or some of the other guards, they still stood roughly a foot taller than her and outweighed her by 100-150 lbs, with Talib being the largest of the three.  And though none of them were as freakishly endowed as Jalil, their fully stiffened cocks were still huge and guaranteed to cause Samantha a lot of misery.           

       “Well my friends, how shall we begin?” Basim asked in Arabic, licking his lips as he gazed down at the 19-year-old American.

       “Well, she has three holes, and theres three of us,” Malik chuckled. “I say we just pick a hole and go from there.”

       “Agree with Malik,” Talib chimed in. “If you two dont mind I would love to fuck her American pussy first.”

       “Fine by me,” Malik responded. “What about you Basim? Which hole do you want to start with? Her asshole or mouth?”

       “I shall take her mouth,” Basim declared. “I want to look this little American whore in the eyes while Im choking her with my dick.”

       “Excellent, I wanted her asshole anyway,” Malik stated.

       Samantha whimpered in terror as the three despicable Middle Eastern men all reached for her at the same time.  She did not resist as they pulled her onto a large mattress in the corner of the room.  Talib clasped his fingers around the blondes g-string and roughly jerked it down her legs before discarding it.  In an instant he had Samantha pinned beneath him on her back and got into position between her legs.

          “No!! Wait!! Please!!!” Samantha begged, squirming around as soon as she felt the bulging tip of Talibs penis against her aching cunt.

       “Rrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” The huge Arab growled, holding Samanthas wrists against the bed while he crammed more than half his cock into her with one shove.

       Malik and Basim watched in appreciation as the petite American instantly stopped struggling the moment their companion brutally speared his cock into her.  It was as if she had but just a tiny amount of resistance in her which was snuffed out by one deep, hard thrust.  All three of the men had a good idea of how much the girl had been fucked by now.  Theyd been acquainted with Hassan for many years, and knew very well not only of his insatiable sexual appetite but also his penchant for sharing his slaves with his bodyguards.  But because hed acquired her so recently, they all assumed that Hassan had been enjoying the American strictly for himself for the time being.  Needless to say, they would all have been shocked if they knew of the savage and horrendous train Hassans entire security team had ran through Samantha just the other night.

       “Aaaaaaaaooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” Samantha squealed, closing her eyes in misery as the massive Arab atop her finished stuffing his disgusting penis inside her pussy.

       “Yeah!! Do you like it you white whore?!” Talib shouted, relishing the amazing tightness of Samanthas vagina. “I bet you do! I bet you like every fucking hole of yours filled with dicks!! So thats what you will get!”

       Samantha yelped in surprise as the Arab hugged her tiny body and rolled over so that he was now on his back and the American atop him.  He said something to the other two men and in just seconds Samantha felt the bed compress as one of them hopped aboard.  Malik could barely contain his excitement as he situated himself behind Samantha and gave her small, firm ass a very hard slap.

       “Ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!! Dont!!!” Samantha wailed, involuntarily grinding her twat on Talibs cock as the Arab behind her smacked her ass several more times.

       “I see youve been a bad slave!” Malik laughed, slapping the Americans buttocks so fiercely that she began to weep. “Look at all these marks! Im sure you deserved every one of them though, you filthy white whore!”

       “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screamed, struggling wildly as the Arab pried her little ass-cheeks apart and began cramming his meaty cock inside her inflamed anus.

       “Shit it feels fucking good!!!” The old Arab exclaimed, pushing down on Samanthas lower back so that her thighs were splayed wide.

       “AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” Samantha squealed, gritting her teeth as Malik forced his penis deeper and deeper into her anus.

       Samantha closed her eyes and felt her cheeks burning as the two old Arab men sandwiching her both groaned in pleasure.  The feeling of being trapped between their fat, hairy, wrinkly bodies and with their big, disgusting dicks stuffed inside her pussy and asshole was just too shameful to describe.  The pair hadnt even started fucking her yet, and already the blonde was going crazy.

       “Come on, open your mouth white whore,” Basim, the oldest of the three men, said in Arabic as he knelt down next to Samantha and grabbed a fistful of her hair.

       “AAAAAAOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha screamed, writhing in pain as the man behind her gripped her waist and began plunging his cock in and out of her asshole.

       The Americans cries were swiftly cut off as Basim shoved his cock deep into her mouth.  Samanthas eyes opened wide with shock at the sudden invasion, and she had to quell her first instinct to bite down on the disgusting penis.  She knew all too well the kind of terrible consequences she would suffer if she were to do something so foolish.  As the 60-something year old Arab grabbed her hair and began working her mouth up and down his cock, she reluctantly serviced him with her lips and tongue. 

       “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!! This white whores asshole is so tight!!” Malik grunted, shaking in pleasure while he pounded into Samanthas anus with deep, passionate thrusts.

       “Her pussy is fucking nice too!!!” Talib called out, as he used his hips and began slamming his own penis up into the blondes cunt.

       Tears of misery were cascading down Samanthas face as the trio of Arabs brutally assaulted her with their cocks.  The two who were sandwiching her were really starting to hammer her asshole and vagina, and the feeling of both cocks smashing into her at the same time was both sickening and excruciating.  The tiny American groaned in pain and continued to suck Basims dick while the other Arabs pummeled her pussy and sphincter.

       The three old, wealthy, Middle Eastern men fucked little Samantha for about five minutes.  Although none of them were as violent and ruthless as Hassan or his guards, they were still very rough themselves, and really gave the American all she could handle.  For Samantha, the feeling of their dirty hands all over her body began driving her insane.  The man beneath her kept grabbing and pinching her small breasts while Malikthe one fucking her assconstantly slapped her buttocks with his palm.  The third Arab, meanwhile, had one hand around Samanthas hair while he used his other to cup her chin while she sucked him off. 

       “Oh fuck!! Here it comes!!” Talib shouted, quickening his thrusts as he neared climax.

       Samantha was weeping openly now as the ugly Arab beneath her rammed his entire dick up into her cunt and began dumping his semen inside her.  The man behind her, meanwhile, continued to pump his cock in and out of her burning anus.  Samantha tried not to think about either of them as she gave the third Arab a magnificent blowjob, caressing his penis with her tongue and taking his entire shaft inside her throat every time he forced her to.  When Talib was finished emptying his balls inside the American, he laid still and kept his penis buried deep inside her snatch while he waited for his friends to finish.  In a few minutes, Malik gave one last thrust himself before also dumping his cum inside the blondes asshole.

       “Basim youre always the slowest!!” Talib teased, smiling while he watched the old man continue to assault Samanthas throat.

       Basim ignored the man and concentrated on the blonde sucking him.  And after a few minutes he too reached a climax.  He clamped Samanthas jaws closed and happily dumped all of his cum inside her mouth before forcing her to swallow it.  He savored the girls moans of disgust as she tried in vain to pull her head away from his grip. 

       “Thanks whore that was amazing,” Malik whispered into Samanthas ear in Arabic, before slowly removing his cock from her anus.

       With all three of the men finished, Samantha was granted a moment of respite.  Two of the Arabs pulled out cigars and went over to the patio to smoke.  The third, Malik, sat next to the crying American and caressed her ass while he turned on the television.  Samantha wanted to move away but she was too fatigued and dejected.  She remained on her belly, with her face pressed against the sheets and cried.

       In less than an hour Samantha was getting double-teamed again.  Basim, the one whod fucked her mouth, was now on top of her and between her legs.  He had the girls long legs wrapped around his fat waist while he pounded into her aching vagina.  Malik, meanwhile, was hovering above the Americans head, which upside-down dangled over the edge of the mattress.  He had his own cock stuffed inside Samanthas throat and was giving it an absolute wrecking.  A mixture of drool and pre-cum was running down the blondes face as she gagged horribly on the Arabs thick cock.

       “Uuuuuuuaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Stop no more!!” Samantha begged, taking a deep breath as Malik pulled his dick out of her mouth for the first time in several minutes.

       “Dirty American whore,” Malik stated in disdain, as he rubbed the slimy tip of his penis all over the blondes face.

       “Noooooooooooooooo,” Samantha objected, turning away as the Arab tried to jam his dick back between her lips.

       “Open your mouth whore!” Malik shouted in Arabic, slapping Samantha hard across her cheek.

       The American stopped resisting and spread her lips wide for the old Arab.  With her head hanging upside-down, Malik positioned the 19-year-olds mouth so that it was lined up nice and evenly with her neck.  This way, he was able to insert his entire penis, which was nearly 8” in length, inside Samanthas throat.  As he began clobbering her gullet, Samantha closed her eyes shut, not wanting to see the Arabs huge, hairy testicles that hovered an inch from her face.

       After a couple of minutes of bashing the Americans mouth, Malik pulled out of her and crudely shot his load of sperm all over Samanthas face.  Samantha kept her eyes closed and continued to cry out as Basim rammed into her vagina again and again.  After he was finished coating the girls face with his seed, Malik stepped away and Talib immediately got off the bedroom couch for his turn with the girl. 

       “Basim, let me stuff her asshole,” Talib requested, tapping his friend on the shoulder.

       “Sure thats fine,” the old man replied, burying his whole cock inside the American before grabbing her 22” waist and lifting her in the air.

       Talib immediately took a seat on the side of the bed while his friend positioned Samantha so that her asshole was hovering directly above Talibs cock.  Basim then lowered the blonde down so that her anus was slowly and excruciatingly impaled by his friends penis.  Samantha yelped in pain and squirmed around as her asshole was packed full of Arab cock.  Once Talibs entire dick was crammed inside the girls sphincter, Basim leaned forward and began eagerly pounding into Samanthas vagina once again. 

       “Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Samantha shrieked, clawing at the bed sheets while the old, hideous Arab battered her pussy with his cock.

       Malik, whod already finished cumming all over the Americans face, stared at her in great admiration while she was double-teamed by his associates.  With the way they had the tiny blonde pinned between their beefy, hairy bodies it was difficult for Malik to see much of Samantha.  However, the sight of her long, slender legs in their pantyhose and 8” heels jerking in the air as she was roughly fucked was simply amazing. 

       “OH GOD PLEASE!!!” Samantha begged, wrapping her legs around Basims hips while he and Talib pounded her holes in unison.

       The two old men raped Samantha for a few more minutes before Basim finally came inside the girls cunt.  Shortly after pulling out of her, Talib also deposited his jizz inside the blondes asshole.  When he too removed his cock from her Samantha rolled over onto her side and began sobbing uncontrollably.  Her anus and vagina were in excruciating pain.  After all of the repeated rapes they had enduredespecially her pussy at the hands of Hassan, Jalil and the other guardsboth holes felt like theyd been torn to shreds.  At this point Samantha thought she would die if she were to get raped just one more time, and just the thought of it happening made her weep even harder.

       Unfortunately for Samantha, in two hours she was once again getting gang-banged by all three of the Arabs.  She was wedged between two of them on her back, with Malik fucking her cunt from above while her asshole was anchored to Basims cock.  Talib, meanwhile, had the Americans head pulled to the side as far as possible while he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth.  Nearly 20 minutes passed by before all three men climaxed in whichever orifice of Samanthas they were using.  When they were all finished, they congratulated one another and spoke triumphantly about the fact that theyd each been able to enjoy all three of Samanthas holes.  By this point all of the old men were tired, and they each had different planes to catch in a couple hours.  They quickly pulled their swanky suits back on and thanked Samantha before leaving the room.                  

       “Good job,” Jalil stated to the blonde, who was curled up on the mattress and crying.

       The guard grabbed Samanthas hair and dragged her off the bed and onto the floor.  He forced her to kneel before attaching the leash and clips to the silver rings in her nipples.  Samantha sighed in misery and began crawling after the giant Arab as he led her out of the bedroom.  She continued creeping along like a bitch as Jalil made his way down several unfamiliar corridors.  Eventually he walked through a pair of glass doors that led into a locker room, with clay tile floors and shower stalls.  As the two continued past this area and toward another door, Samantha felt a huge sense of dread as she heard the laughter and rowdy chatter of many other men from behind that door.

“We have very fun thing planned for you tonight,” Jalil declared, with a huge grin on his face when he reached the foggy glass door.

       “Please, whatwhat do you mean?” Samantha asked, clear terror in her voice.

       “You will see, it is very fun, at least for us,” Jalil replied, before opening the door and dragging the tiny blonde inside the mysterious room.

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Chapter 9: Samanthas Hot-Tub Party

Samantha squealed in terror and felt her heart freeze as soon as she entered the misty chamber.  It was a very spacious and extravagant room, with a large spa in the center, half a dozen beach chairs around it, and a bar/counter just a few feet away.  Packed together inside the spa were just about all of Hassans guards.  Samantha recognized all of them, as theyd each fucked her mouth and vagina at least once by this point.  They were all huge and sadistic, and erupted in joy the instant they saw the petite, virtually naked American.  Samantha gasped as Jalil reached down and unfastened the 8” heels from her feet.  He then unattached the leash from her breasts and pulled off her sheer pantyhose.  She resisted slightly as he then stepped into the foamy tub and dragged her with him.  There were no words sufficient enough to convey the fear and helplessness the tiny blonde felt as Jalil forced her to sit next to him inside the hot-tub.

“You suck dick okay, but need more practice still,” the guard declared, running his hand through Samanthas hair. “After this you will suck dick so good. You will be one of Hassans best.”

“No, whatre youwhatre you doing?” Samantha asked in fear, as she felt the guard tighten his grip on her hair.

“I will let you up when you finish, until then you stay down,” Jalil stated. “If you bite me I will cut your breasts off.”

“Oh my God no,” Samantha stated in complete disbelief, as she realized what the depraved Arab intended on doing. “You cantyou cant be serious. Please sir, please dont do this. Please dont do this, Im begging you.”

“Sorry but I must do it,” the huge Muslim replied with a thin smile. “Remember, if you bite me I will cut off your breasts. Now begin.”

“No!!! Dont!! Waitwait!!!” Samantha shrieked, sucking in a big gulp of air just before Jalil lowered her head into the bubbly water.

For several seconds the 19-year-old American was so stunned she didnt know what to do, and simply remained still.  She thought about just how insane the Arab beast was.  It normally took her at the very least five minutes to make him cum with her mouth and now she was going to have to do it in less than half that time.  Samantha had never practiced holding her breath, and wasnt sure how long she could do it for.  Once her initial shock wore off, she realized that each second was extremely precious.  She quickly located Jalils massive cock and took hold of it with her hands.  Samantha then immediately wrapped her lips around the tip of the penis as tightly as she could and proceeded to work her mouth up and down the long, thick shaft.

“Shit shes good!” Jalil declared to his friends in Arabic, groaning in pleasure while they all laughed approvingly.

Samantha still could not fathom what was happening to her as she vigorously pumped her mouth up and down Jalils cock while she used her hand to jerk it off also.  After a few seconds the blonde had to close her eyes because of the burn of the chlorine in the water.  With her mouth full of the huge guards cock, Samantha also had to be careful not to suck any water up into her nose.  As she continued to service Jalils cock, the American was just praying that he would cum in the very immediate future.

“How much time passed do you think?” One of the men asked.

“Almost a minute now I think,” Jalil replied, smiling as he continued holding Samanthas head under the water.

“Are you close Jalil? Close to finishing?” Rashid, a different guard, inquired.

“No way,” Jalil answered with a chuckle. “Shed better hurry.”

After one minute passed by Samantha began growing very worried.  Her lungs were full of carbon dioxide and starting to ache.  She was still sucking and jacking off Jalils cock as passionately as she could but he did not seem even close to climaxing.  She wrapped her lips as tightly as she possibly could around the tip of the huge shaft and continued to drive her mouth up and down it, while also using her tongue to massage it.

“Shit, shes really giving it her all,” Jalil declared, tilting his head back and groaning in delight.

By the time another 40 seconds ticked by Samantha was on the verge of panic.  Her lungs were really burning now and each additional second only amplified the feeling.  She continued to suck the Arabs dick in the same manner but now wondered whether she should try something new.  She remembered how Jalil had forced her to take his entire cock inside her throat, and so she spread her jaws wide and pushed her face forward until her lips were almost at the base of his cock.  Samantha deep-throated the Arab for about another 30 seconds but still was unable to get him to cum.  At this point, with over two minutes having elapsed, the American was officially going insane.

“No white bitch, you stay down there,” Jalil said, tightening his grip on the blondes hair and keeping her head down by his penis.

Jalil couldnt help but laugh as he felt the sheer desperation from Samantha.  She was still sucking his cock as fervently as she could and stroking it with her right hand.  With her other hand, however, she was frantically slapping the Arabs thick, hairy thigh.  Samantha wanted to bite down on the guards penis so badly, but even with her lungs screaming for air she knew better than to do it.  So she continued to tap her palm wildly against Jalils leg and hope that he would allow her to come back up for air.

Jalil, however, had no such plans of showing Samantha any kind of mercy and letting her breathe.  He was intent on keeping her down on his cock until she got him to cum because hed given her a direct order to do so.  More than that, however, he simply loved the fact that he was forcing the little American bitch to pleasure him in such a sadistic manner.  He simply laughed and grunted in pleasure as Samantha continued to suck his dick and slap her palm against his thigh.  After more than three minutes went by, Jalil finally felt his cock spasm and mercifully yanked Samanthas head out of the water.  By this point the blonde was right on the verge of passing out and as soon as Jalil pulled her up she took in a huge and much needed load of oxygen.

“Very good!!” Jalil yelled in approval, still clutching the Americans hair while he smiled down at her.

All of the other guards were either laughing or shouting compliments at Samantha while she coughed wretchedly and repeatedly sucked in one huge mouthful of air after another.  The look of absolute misery and horror on the Americans face was simply priceless, as she seemed to be in a state of disbelief by what shed just done and how long shed been under water.  It was quite amazing that shed been able to not only hold her breath for over 3 minutes under water, but also have the focus to continue blowing Jalil until he finally came.  For Samantha, no words in the English language could describe how terrible those several minutes had been.  For the entire second half of the blowjob shed thought she was going to die, and had no clue how shed been able to stay conscious and suck the Arabs dick.  It was only by a miracle that shed been able to get him to cum.  She was completely exhausted and mentally in shambles, and knew there was no way she could repeat what shed just done.

“Okay pass her along Jalil,” Hameed, the fat guard who was obsessed with torturing Samanthas breasts, said. “She has a lot more dicks to suck.”

“Are you ready? Are you ready for more?” Jalil asked the wretched American, not even a minute after hed pulled her head from the water.

“NO!! PLEASE!! PLEASE NO MORE!!! I CANTI CANT DO THIS!! PLEASE STOP!!!” Samantha begged, her small chest heaving as she still struggled to fill them with air.

Jalil stood up inside the hot-tub and switched seats with the guard next to him.  The mans name was Waseem and he was a complete sadist.  He was already smiling from ear to ear as he sat down next to Samantha and grabbed a fistful of her sandy blonde hair.  Samanthas eyes were filled with terror as she reached back and tried to pry the guards hand away, resulting in a hard slap on her cheek.

“Ready?!” Waseem asked in a very heavy accent.

“PLEASE NO!!!” Samantha squealed, already starting to cry as the Arab slowly lowered her toward the hot, foamy waters.

Samantha shrieked in horror as the guard cruelly dunked her head into the spa and down toward his massive, erect penis.  She quickly snatched it with her hand and attached her lips around its puffy head.  Knowing full well how valuable each second was now, the American sucked Waseems penis like a seasoned hooker, using her lips, tongue, and hand all in unison to give the guard a truly superb blowjob. 

“Oh shit thats nice!!!” Waseem exclaimed, eliciting laughter from the other dozen or so guards.

Samantha, meanwhile, was already starting to need oxygen again and barely 30 seconds had gone by.  She knew that if she did not get the Arab to cum within another half-minute, she was going to be in serious trouble.  The perturbed blonde tried to remain calm as she continued to propel her mouth up and down the guards dick with all the passion she could muster.  Just as she felt like he was about to climax, however, the Arab clenched his fingers around Samanthas hair and pinned her down so that her mouth was stuck against his disgusting pubes. 

“No you dont,” Waseem declared in Arabic, as he held Samanthas head still. “Im not letting you off so easy, you little American whore.”

Samantha let out a bleat of terror as she tried in vain to resume blowing the demented guard.  His grip was like an industrial clamp, however, and she could not budge her head an inch.  After more than a minute elapsed, Samantha was once again yearning for air very badly.  Waseem, however, continued to hold her head in place and not allow her to suck him.  After another 15-20 seconds, Samantha began to lose it.  She started slapping one of her hands against the guards thigh while she raised her other one above the water and began waving it frantically in a signal of distress.

“Yes thats right, choke you fucking white scum,” Waseem smirked, as he watched the blondes fluttering hand with amusement.

The Arab continued keeping Samanthas head still for about another 30 seconds, after which he finally relaxed his grip and allowed her to move her neck again.  At this point, however, Samantha was insanely desperate for air and the thought of sucking him no longer registered.  She began beating both of her fists against Waseems thighs and stomach, and even clawed at those areas with her nails.  Nearly two minutes had gone by now since the time Samantha had been submerged, and it was obvious she was on the verge of drowning.  Even though he disdained it, Waseem realized that he had no choice but to let the blonde up and did so.

“EEEEEEUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, her eyes bulging in shock as she simultaneously coughed and drew in vast amounts of air into her tortured lungs.

Samantha never felt so alone, terrified, and helpless as all of the giant guards in the spa laughed and hooted at her.  It was simply unfathomable how much they were all enjoying watching her suffer.  Never in her life did she wish for something as badly as she wanted a machine gun so she could kill all of them right now.  Her head was dizzy and the pain in her chest was insane as she continued to try and fill her body with the oxygen it so desperately required.

“NO!!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! NO MORE!!” Samantha begged, slapping at Waseems forearm as he began slowly forcing her head back toward the water.

Samantha took a huge gulp of air just before the Arab unceremoniously dunked her skull back into the foamy water.  As much as she absolutely detested the thought of pleasuring the man, she once again wrapped her fingers and lips around Waseems dick and began servicing him.  She closed her eyes and put all of her focus on getting the evil guard to cum.  Waseem let out a long and joyous groan as he received one of the best blowjobs of his life.  The little American was jerking him off and pumping her mouth up and down his cock at an incredible pace, and the way she was working her tongue all over the tip of his shaft was simply amazing.   After about a minute, the guard finally began shooting his sperm inside Samanthas mouth.  At this point Samantha was once again dying for air, and started slapping and clawing at Waseems legs as he continued to hold her down and cum inside her mouth.  When he finally yanked her head back up after another dozen seconds, she immediately spewed a mixture of semen and water from her mouth before violently coughing.  The look of wretched misery on the blondes face was once again enough to fill the other guards with joy.  She looked utterly pathetic as she violently heaved and panted and took one giant mouthful of breath after another.

“Oh my God please!!! Stop this!!! Please stop!! I cantI cant do this!! I cant do this anymore!!! Please just leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, after taking more than half a minute to recover to the point where she could even speak.

“Me next,” the nearest guard declared, rising to his feet so he could swap places with Waseem.

“Noooooooooooo!! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssse!!!” The blonde pleaded, shaking her head as the enormous Arab sat down next to her and grabbed her soaked hair.

Samantha shrieked in horror and resisted in vain as her head was slowly but surely pushed down into the water.  Just before it was submerged she squealed in fear and frustration before taking as much air into her lungs as she could.  In just seconds the American was once again propelling her mouth up and down the guards giant cock, while also jerking it off with her right hand.  As only about 40 seconds passed she already felt her lungs starting to ache, and Samantha wondered how in the world she was going to suck yet another one of Hassans men off.  

“Whos next? Rashid?” The lucky Arab getting a blowjob asked. “Why dont you go ahead and ram her pussy while you wait? Then you can make her finish you off under water.”

“Thats a fucking wonderful idea Omar,” Rashid replied, before rising to his feet and walking toward his friend.

Samanthas heart froze as she suddenly felt a pair of giant, powerful hands grab her slender waist and pull it toward the center of the spa.  She was so gripped with fear that she stopped sucking Omars penis for a moment.  In mere seconds she felt the guard behind her lift her so that her hips were several inches above the surface of the water.  Immediately after that she felt the massive tip of his cock against her vagina and wanted to scream at the top of her lungs.  The rest of the men inside the hot tub chuckled as the American began shaking her hips and kicking her legs in panic.

“Ah yes!!! Damn what a nice pussy!!” Rashid bellowed, as he clutched Samanthas waist and slammed his cock agonizingly deep inside her cunt.

Samantha wailed in such abject pain and misery that even with her head underwater it was faintly perceptible to some of the guards.  Rashid quickly forced the rest of his giant penis inside the blondes pussy, and then proceeded to hammer away at the terribly abused orifice.  For several seconds Samantha kept her fingers and lips coiled around Omars cock, but was simply unable to suck it because of the violent fucking Rashid was giving her.  After more than a minute elapsed since shed been forced underwater, the American was in dire need of air again and futilely attempted to bring her head up.

“No fucking white whore,” Omar growled in Arabic, as he kept Samanthas face pinned against his cock. “You better start sucking.”

Samantha wrapped her lips tightly around the huge shaft in her mouth and then frantically bobbed her head up and down it for roughly 20 more seconds.  When the Arab still had not cum, she was again on the verge of madness and started beating both of her fists against his thighs and hips.  With his cock still between the blondes lips, Omar clutched her hair tightly and spent another 20 seconds bashing her face against his penis.  He then finally, mercifully jerked the Americans head back up from the bubbly water.

“AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screeched, only after sucking in the biggest mouthful of oxygen in her life.

The wretched 19-year-old was making the most pitiful noises as she simultaneously heaved and coughed and shrieked in pain from the ferocious pounding Rashid was giving her.  The colossal guard had a look of sheer determination on his face as he held Samanthas 22” waist in his hands and gave her little pink pussy an absolute wrecking.  Omar, meanwhile, was smiling down at the poor blonde as he clutched her hair and continued holding her head just above the surface of the water.

“Uuuuggggghhhhhh!! Aaaagggggghhhhhh!!! Aaaagggghhhhh!!!” Samantha screamed over and over again as Rashid viciously rammed his 8” dick in and out of her vagina.

“Are you ready for more???” Omar asked the squealing, anguished American in Arabic. “Im not letting you up this time until you finish. So you better suck my dick good you little white whore.”

Samantha was mortified as the guard suddenly dunked her head back beneath the water.  It was completely unexpected and she was barely able to get even half a mouthful of air into her tortured lungs.  Samantha screamed as loud as she could beneath the water in complete misery, then located the guards penis and took it between her lips.  In just a couple of seconds she was once again sucking the terrible cock as best as she could, working her mouth up and down nearly the entire length of it.  As much as she truly did not want to pleasure him, Samantha knew that the only way to bring about an end to her torment was to make Omar climax.

“Guys, grab her legs,” Rashid said, pausing for a second while two of his friends moved forward and seized the blondes slender thighs.

“Whats going on Rashid?” One of the men holding Samanthas leg asked.

“Nothing I just want her legs spread while I fuck her,” Rashid replied. “Bring them above the water and pull them as wide as you can.”

Both of the guards snickered in acknowledgment as they transferred their grip from Samanthas thighs to her ankles.  At the same time, they then lifted the blondes legs up so that they were a couple inches above the water before spreading them so they were completely sideways in a splits position.  As they held Samanthas lovely legs in this manner, Rashid picked up right where he left off and began slamming his entire penis into the Americans poor twat.  Even as she concentrated on sucking Omars cock, Samantha couldnt help but feel deeply humiliated as her lower body was held in the air for the all guards viewing pleasure.

“Yeah Rashid!! Rip apart her little pussy!!!” One of the men shouted with joy.

Each brutal thrust by the guard caused a vast amount of pain for poor Samantha, as his dick smashed against her uterus.  In one minute, however, the only thing Samantha was concerned about was once again her tortured lungs screaming out for oxygen.  She was giving Omar a flawless blowjob but much to her dismay he had yet to cum inside her mouth.  The pounding in Samanthas skull was insane and she was starting to go dizzy from the constant deprivation of air.  The more time that went by, the more feverishly the American sucked Omars cock as she thought she was literally going to die if she did not get him to cum.  After about 45 more seconds, and just before she lost consciousness, the Arab finally blew his load of sperm.  He continued to hold the blonde down for ten more seconds while he emptied his load inside her mouth before he finally pulled her head from the water.

“HHHEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha gasped in sheer horror and misery, before violently coughing up water from her mouth and lungs.

Omar held the little Americans head above the water and smiled as she gasped and wheezed and labored terribly to fill her small lungs with oxygen.  He could see tears rolling down the blondes eyes as she sobbed in unparalleled suffering.  Meanwhile, Rashid continued slamming into Samanthas vagina from behind for about 30 more seconds before abruptly pulling out and releasing the girls waist.  He moved forward toward the edge of the spa where Omar happily shifted over so his friend could take his spot.

“No!!! Please!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssse!!” Samantha beseeched the guards, as Rashid took a seat in front of her and grabbed a thick clump of her blonde hair.

“Ready?!” Rashid shouted, tightening his grip on the Americans long, drenched hair.

“NO!!!” Samantha shrieked back immediately, still breathing very heavily while she tried to recover. “PLEASE DONT!! PLEASE STOP THIS!!! NO MORE!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!”

Despite her pitiful, heartbreaking pleas, Rashid felt not even a shred of compassion and swiftly plunged the Americans head beneath the spas water.  Samantha wanted to tear the guards eyes out but she nevertheless grabbed his huge, erect penis and quickly began sucking it.  Meanwhile, the next Arab in line got into position behind Samantha and grabbed her little hips while two of his friends spread the blondes lovely legs out wide.  As soon as he was ready, the guard drove his cock balls-deep into Samanthas cunt and began pummeling the aching, gaping hole.

Even though none of the men could see it, Samantha was bawling as she frantically sucked Rashids dick as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  While she concentrated on the task at hand, the American couldnt help but reflect on the unimaginable nightmare that her life had become.  It was insane to think that just a few days ago shed been living in New York and now she was halfway around the world giving underwater blowjobs to a bunch of Middle Eastern brutes more than twice her size.  As she closed her eyes and worked her mouth up and down Rashids penis, Samantha sobbed even harder at the idea that she was never going to see home or her family ever again.

“Wow shes really sucking me hard,” Rashid declared in wonder, leaning his head back and groaning in pleasure while he held the blonde underwater.

It took all of her resolve and concentration for Samantha to continue servicing Rashids penis while the guard behind her ruthlessly hammered her tight cunt.  She did not know who was raping her, but his cock was just as big as the one she was sucking and each time he drove it into her the pain was just excruciating.  Rashid snickered as he tilted his head forward and watched his friend give the little American exactly the kind of vicious fucking she deserved.  The sound of the mans hips slamming against Samanthas small buttocks filled the entire room and was like sweet music to everyones ears.

“Calm down bitch and keep sucking,” Rashid stated, holding Samanthas head tight as she began frantically slapping his midsection. “Youre almost there, just a little longer white whore.”

It was almost as if Samantha could hear and understand the Arab as she pumped her lips up and down his huge dick like she was possessed.  Only 90 seconds had ticked by since hed dunked her head into the water, but for Samantha it felt closer to 90 minutes.  Rashid bellowed in laughter as the crazed American continued to beat at his waist with one hand while jacking him off with the other.  The more time that passed by the faster and more frantically she sucked his cock, moving her head up and down his giant shaft like the piston of a racecar.  After nearly 20 more seconds the Arab could not take it any longer and began cumming.  Like Omar before him, Rashid did not allow the blonde to resurface until he was done pouring all of his cum into her mouth.

“EEEEEUUUUUUUUAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, clawing at Rashids forearm the second he yanked her head up from the water.

Just like right after the previous three blowjobs shed given, Samanthas face was red from lack of oxygen and she was coughing and retching as she eagerly breathed in huge mouthfuls of air.  As soon as he saw Rashid pull the American up, the guard who was fucking Samantha immediately pulled out of her pussy and walked around her.  Samantha had a look on her face like she just wanted to die, and it was simply crazy to think that she still had about ten more dicks to suck.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LET GO OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The American wailed, sobbing hysterically as Rashid transferred his grip on her long, blonde hair to his peer.

As the muscular Arab sat down in front of Samantha, another one of Hassans guards was already standing behind her and holding her hips in the air.  Not even a minute after Rashid had pulled out of her mouth Samantha was back beneath the water, hectically sucking the Arabs cock while another one slammed in and out of her cunt.  Because shed had such little time to recuperate, in less than a minute Samantha already began smacking her palm against the guards stomach in a sign of sheer distress and suffering.  Once again, however, the callous Arab ignored her and kept her head beneath the water for another 30 seconds until he emptied his sperm inside the blondes mouth.  Once he did, he allowed Samantha to surface and laughed at her suffering until the guard fucking her vagina was ready to take his place.

For the next 20 minutes four more of Hassans guards forced the American to blow them in the exact same manner, with each one of them savagely fucking her raw vagina while they waited to use her mouth.  Of the four brutes, Samantha was able to get half of them to climax in less than two minutes, which was still an eternity for her and nearly caused her to pass out each time.  For the other two, however, she needed more than five minutes to make each of them cum.  One of the men was incredibly skilled at holding off his ejaculation while the other one simply held her head still whenever he was close just to prolong her suffering.  These guards mercifully pulled Samanthas head up every minute or two to keep her from drowning, but only for a few seconds before brutally dunking it back in again.  For the American this was by far the worst torture shed endured yet, and by the time she was finished sucking her 9th cock she was so completely miserable and insane that she frantically attempted to dash out of the spa and away from Hassans guards.

“Where the fuck do you think youre going you little white whore???” One of the guards demanded, coiling his arm around Samanthas waist before she could climb out of the hot-tub.

“PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screamed, flailing her arms and legs wildly as the huge guard tossed her back into the center of the spa.

“Hameed she doesnt want to suck you because you fucking smell so bad!” Omar laughed in Arabic, as the fat guard who was obsessed with Samanthas small breasts grabbed her hair and dragged her to the edge of the tub.

“Shut your mouth,” Hameed snapped back, before taking a seat in front of the wretched blonde and looking down into her eyes. “Just for trying to run and making me look bad Im going to really make you suffer bitch. This is going to take a very long time so get comfortable down there. Dont worry Ill let you up for air every few minutes.”

“Take all the time you want Hameed,” said Mohammed, the unbelievably massive giant whod won Hassans contest the other night. “Im going to fuck this little American whore until her pussy falls off.”

Samantha felt the terror in her heart as a pair of enormous and powerful hands wrapped themselves almost completely around her 22” waist.  Whoever was behind her was so enormous that the tiny blonde was too scared to even look back at him.  When she felt him press the tip of his colossal 10” cock against her vagina and start to penetrate into her Samantha squealed in misery.  Mohammed, on the other hand, grunted in delight as he felt his monstrous cock brutally stretch the Americans pussy.  Even with how gaping and beat-up the hole was, because Samantha was so small it was impossible for her tiny pink pussy not to have a suffocating grip on the Arabs huge penis.

“Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha cried out in pain, as Mohammed sank nearly every inch of his massive dick inside her burning cunt.

“Get ready bitch,” the Arab giant warned, giving Samantha a hard slap on her small, firm ass. “Im going to destroy your little white pussy.”

“Aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!!! AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, flailing her arms wildly as Mohammed suddenly began pounding her poor cunt with all of his might.

The Arab was clutching Samanthas hips while two other guards kept her legs spread completely apart above the water.  Mohammed was raping the tiny blonde so violently that even some of his peers grimaced.  It seemed like the giant was hell-bent on fucking Samantha to the brink of madness, as each savage thrust of his slammed all 10 inches of his cock inside the American.  The harder he pounded into her the louder Samantha screamed, which in turn caused Mohammed to pound even harder.  Eventually there came a point where her screams were so piercing that Hameed was forced to silence them by dunking the Americans head into the water.

A sudden hush fell over the room as Samanthas underwater screams were hardly perceptible.  Mohammed, meanwhile, continued to fuck the blondes vagina at a blistering and agonizing pace.  The sloppy, sickening sounds of his massive penis grinding away at Samanthas swollen pussy lips and smashing against her cervix now filled the room.  A few of the guards were egging Mohammed on while some of the others watched in sheer awe as his giant cock completely wrecked Samanthas pink vagina. 

“EEEEEUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha screeched, clawing at Hameeds forearm once he pulled her head out of the water after keeping it submerged for nearly two minutes.

Hameed and all of the other Arabs who were watching all erupted in laughter as the little 95-lb American simultaneously heaved and sobbed and shrieked from the terrible fucking.  The result was the most pathetic, anguished sound imaginable as Samantha slapped Hameeds forearm and desperately tried to keep him from lowering her back into the bubbly waters.  As he looked down into Samanthas eyes, the fat Arab saw nothing but pure suffering in them, and could not have been happier. 

“Oh God!! Uuuaaaagggghhhh!! Please!!” Samantha begged, locking eyes with Hameed while Mohammed continued his unrelenting assault on her cunt. “Pleeeeeaaaaasssse!!!”

              “Shut up whore,” Hameed responded, before dunking the 19-year-olds head back into the spa.

Over five minutes passed by as the two Arabs raped and tormented Samantha in this manner.  During this time Hameed allowed Samantha just three moments to inhale some oxygen, and only a handful of seconds each time.  He did not even allow her the privilege of sucking his cock for now, choosing simply to keep her under water for the time being.  Mohammed, meanwhile, continued to beat the brakes off Samanthas poor little vagina.  He was fucking her so horrendously that every guard in the room was convinced she was going to require medical attention after tonight.  Another two minutes or so ticked by with the blondes head beneath the water before she began hysterically slapping Hameeds wrist and waving her arms in the air, after which he finally allowed her to come up for a short breather.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!! LETLET GO OF ME!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!” Samantha screamed, glaring up at Hameed in sheer anguish and venom in her eyes while she took a swipe at him with her hand.

“Did you just try to hit me you crazy white whore?!” Hameed laughed incredulously, while two more guards came over and subdued Samanthas hands.

“AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!” The little blonde wailed, closing her eyes and squirming around in agony as she tried to somehow endure Mohammeds ferocious and inhumane thrusts.

“Okay bitch time for you to suck my dick now,” the repugnant guard declared in Arabic, before dunking Samantha back underwater and pressing her face against his rigid penis.

At this point the American wanted to bite Hameeds dick off so badly, but she was still coherent and sane enough to know that if she did the entire gang of men would torture her in the worst ways conceivable.  So she resentfully parted her lips and allowed the evil Arab to jam his big, fat cock into her mouth.  Because her arms were now immobilized like her legs, the only thing Samantha could do was suck Hameeds penis while he jerked her mouth up and down the length of it.

“Oh yeah thats it, suck my dick you little American whore,” the fat Arab moaned, continuing to smash his cock between Samanthas lips while he watched Mohammed tear her little cunt apart.

“Damn her pussy feels so good,” Mohammed declared, staring down at the blondes petite buttocks while he kept pounding into her.

It was perhaps the most surreal, brutal, and sadistic scene involving Samantha yet.  Her ass, legs and hips were hovering above the surface of the water while the massive guard gripped her tiny waist and absolutely murdered her vagina.  Four other guards continued to hold the blondes arms and legs out wide, allowing their friend to slam into Samantha with all of his barbaric force.  Each time he hammered into her the others cheered and just imagined how Samantha must have been shrieking even with her head beneath the water. 

“Is she still sucking?!” One of the Arabs asked Hameed.

“Oh yes she is!!” Hameed exclaimed, leaning back and groaning in pure ecstasy.

“What the fuck!! How can she still be sucking when shes getting fucked like this?!” A different guard asked in disbelief.

“It just shows how much of a whore these Americans are!!” Hameed replied, laughing as he felt Samantha frantically try to make him cum with her lips and tongue.

“Holy shit Mohammed!!” One of the guards shouted, wincing as he watched the goliath absolutely obliterate Samanthas pink cunt. “Youre gonna fucking kill her man!”

Once again, after holding her head down for nearly two minutes, the fat Arab finally pulled it back up.  Samantha immediately began gasping for air to fill her wretched lungs with.  Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she sucked in huge mouthfuls of air in rapid succession.  However, she did not have long to do so, as Hameed cruelly dunked the Americans head back down less than ten seconds after yanking it out.  Samantha screamed in utter misery beneath the water as her lungs were still aching terribly.  She immediately wrapped her lips around the guards cock and began sucking it as fantastically as she possibly could, while simply praying with all of her heart and soul that he would just climax as soon as possible.

“Shit Im going to cum soon,” Hameed proclaimed, tilting his head back and grunting in pleasure as the blonde continued to give him a world-class blowjob.

Sure enough, about a minute after plunging Samanthas head into the water for what seemed like the 10th time to her, a thick stream of sperm gushed out of Hameeds cock and into the Americans mouth.  Samantha tried to pull her head away but the guard kept a firm grip on her hair and held her down for 20 more seconds until he shot his entire load of cum into her mouth.  Only then did he pull the 19-year-olds head from the water.

“UUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, a look of complete agony and horror on her face as she coughed up more water from her lungs.

The entire group of Arabs erupted in laughter as they watched the tiny American spew a mixture of cum and water from her mouth.  Mohammed, meanwhile, gave five more deep savage thrusts inside the girls tight little pussy before finally pulling out of the torn hole.  He then slapped Samanthas ass several times, and so hard that it sounded like firecrackers were being set off inside the room.  When he was done slapping her ass the Middle Eastern behemoth slipped his hands under the water and snared Samanthas small breasts in them, squeezing them so hard she unleashed a shriek of misery.

“You better suck me good you American whore,” Mohammed warned in Arabic, releasing the blondes firm little tits and smacking her ass two more times before stepping around her.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Samantha stammered in panic, as Mohammed took his fat friends place and grabbed a clump of her long, wet hair in his hand.

Just as another guard was grabbing her small hips Mohammed roughly shoved Samanthas head underwater before pressing her face against his enormous dick.  As soon as he did Samantha wrapped her lips around the huge tip and began sucking it with the same urgency as all the others, madly working her mouth up and down the top half of the Arabs cock.  She closed her eyes and let out a shriek of pain at the feeling of another cock tearing into her tortured vagina.  Four of the guards were still holding her limbs out wide above the water, leaving the American completely immobilized.

“Damn this dirty white whore really knows how to suck a dick,” Mohammed stated, peering down through the water at the blonde while she frantically tried to bring him to climax.

The Arab giant allowed Samantha to blow him for about a full minute, then grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed down on her skull so that her lips were almost at the base of his huge shaft.  Mohammed chuckled as he kept the 19-year-olds head still, sensing her panic while her mouth and throat were stuffed full of cock.  Not even thirty seconds later he could see her arms and legs trembling to break free while she tried hopelessly to move her head underwater.  About twenty more seconds later and the blonde was once again going insane, severely straining her neck as she did everything she could to come back up for oxygen.

Mohammed finally released his grip on the American, and the second he did she flung her head out of the water and began coughing so violently that for a moment she looked like she was going to pass out.  She continued to do so for awhile longer, heaving and breathing in huge breaths of air while at the same time spewing more water from her chest.  She was so desperate for air that she did not even seem bothered by the vicious fucking from the guard behind her.  After almost an entire minute, she finally settled down somewhat and then began sobbing in sheer misery.

“Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssse!!!” Samantha pleaded, gazing up at the colossal Arab with immense sadness in her blue eyes. “Just stop this!! Please just stop!!! Please!! II swear to God I cant fucking do this anymore!!”

“Put your dick back in her mouth Mohammed,” the guard fucking little Samantha stated. “Im already sick of her whining.”

“Nooooooooooooooo!!!” The 19-year-old squealed, tightening her neck as Mohammed slowly pushed her head back toward the water. "No!!! Don't!! Please!!!"

As soon as she felt the hot, bubbly water against her face Samantha closed her eyes and opened her mouth.  Just a second later she felt the giant head of Mohammed's cock against her cheek and she immediately wrapped her little lips around it.  Samantha knew by this point that the only thing she could do to save herself from this insane nightmare was to give Mohammed the best blowjob possible.  So she sucked his 10" cock with everything she had, squeezing nearly the entire shaft inside her throat while she massaged it all over with her tongue.

"Wow she's sucking me so hard right now," Mohammed laughed, closing his eyes and grunting in sadistic pleasure. "We need to do this every night with herit's the only way she'll suck us properly."

"Definitely," one of the other guards agreed. "I bet she actually likes this too. You know how these white whores are."

The man behind Samantha, meanwhile, was gripping her hips and smashing his cock into her vagina just as viciously as Mohammed had earlier.  Judging by his thrusts and the way he was roaring in animal delight, it was highly unlikely he would be able to hold off long enough to receive a blowjob from the suffering 19-year-old blonde.  When he was close to shooting his load, he sank his entire dick inside Samantha's tight little cunt and reached underwater with both of his hands until he found her little tits. He began squeezing the tiny mounds as hard as he could, laughing as he imagined Samantha screaming in pain while she sucked Mohammed's penis.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Samantha shrieked, her eyes bulging in dismay as the Mohammed finally yanked her head out of the water after more than two minutes.

"Having fun whore?!" The huge guard yelled in Arabic, spitting on the devastated American's face before dunking her back under water.

Mohammed laughed in absolute wonder as the little blonde quickly began sucking him again.  He could sense the desperation in her as she literally tried to suck the cum from his balls.  The guard fucking her from behind was still mauling her breasts, and Mohammed was amazed that she still had the discipline to blow him while his friend tried to yank her nipples off.  After another couple of minutes, he pulled Samantha's head up, watched her scream and cry and while she frantically inhaled precious air for a short moment, then dunked her back in.

This process repeated itself several more times, before the depraved Arab finally shot his load inside the 19-year-old's mouth.  At this point Samantha was practically dead, and certainly wished for it. She'd spent nearly 15 minutes total sucking Mohammed's giant cock.  When he finally let her up for the final time, she began violently coughing up all of the water that had gotten into her lungs.  By this point Samantha was in so much misery and so spent that she did not even have the energy to cry or beg any longer, and the look of suffering on her face was beyond words.  And while all of the guards saw this, it did nothing to prevent them from continuing her torture, as the Arab behind her quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy and walked around to enjoy her mouth.

"Please," Samantha gasped, tears in her eyes as the man sat before her and grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair.

The Arab brute grinned down at Samantha as he slowly lowered her head into the water.  Samantha began whimpering in absolute terror and frantically begged for several seconds before her head was once again submerged.  She spent the next five minutes blowing the guard just as she had all the others, and was given just two breaks during that time that were less than ten seconds each.  There were only a few more men who were had yet to receive a blowjob from the blonde, and one of them happily pounded Samantha's pussy while he patiently waited his turn.

It took another 40 minutes, but eventually all of Hassan's security crew finally got their precious underwater blowjobs from the 19-year-old American.  By the time the last one blew his load into her mouth Samantha was beyond miserable, and was ready to kill the entire room of men after what they'd put her through.  She'd spent more than two hours sucking all of their cocks, and her lungs and brain were too tortured to comprehend.  What she'd been through made waterboarding torture seem like a joke. 

"Please," Samantha gasped wretchedly, as Jalil grabbed her arm and pulled her limp body over to the edge of the hot-tub.

"Much, much more for you still," the guard declared, before grabbing a thick clump of her wet hair. "You will do this all night, again and again."

“No!! Let go of me!!! Let me go!!!” Samantha screamed, as several guards moved forward and grabbed her arms and legs once more.

“Ready?!” Jalil bellowed, as his buddies held the squirming blonde in front of him. “You will suck me again, and then all of them too.”


Before she could shout any further Jalil violently shoved her underneath the water and jabbed his cock against the girl's face.  A small part of him was slightly nervous that she might actually bite him, but he assumed Samantha had better sense than that.  He smiled in approval once he felt the blonde's lips wrap around his dick after several seconds.  Samantha, meanwhile, was already starting to cry as she proceeded to suck the Arab's giant cock while trying not to think about her anguished lungs.  A few seconds later she felt a pair of large, rough hands on her hips and braced herself for another rough pussy pounding.  However, when she felt the massive head of a cock against her anus, Samantha screamed in horror.  As it spread her asshole excruciatingly wide and began penetrating it Samantha stopped sucking Jalil's cock.  The tiny American began weeping hysterically, as she wondered how she was going to suck off all of the guards again while this time they fucked her asshole to shreds.

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