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Synopsis: This is to be a long on-going tale of sex pain and heavy torture. Sandy is a pain slut or so she thinks she is. Go with her from age 18 to age 25 as she learns what real pain and torture is. Will she still love it?
Part   1

I got home from work and as I walk in the door my brother said tonight is the
night . maybe I have changed my mind I told him.

But you said you would .keep your voice down someone will hear you.

It is ok no one is home mom and day are not here.

Ok I will let you watch but only one time and you had best not tell anyone. Not
even your buddy at that club you go to

Ok I will not tell

My brother is 19 and in a S&M club he has asked me to go to it but I tell him
no. who knows maybe some day I will., He dose not know that I like pain a lot,
and I some day will tell him that will blow his mind

I know Jim, that is my brother's mane, likes to hurt women he told me so.

I am 18 5 feet 9inches tall and 128 pounds I am 36d  26  35 and have  shoulder
length blond hair  and I have no body

Hair at all, yes my pussy is bald and my name is Sandy .Jim is 6 foot and 175
pounds with dark hair

I bet you want to know what Jim is all hot to let him watch, will he wants to
watch me in bed, is that all you say, will no you see two weeks ago Jin found
that I have been sleeping with my pet, he came in to my room bitching that the
house was to hot and to close my door, see I have to keep it close to 90 degrees
for the pets that I keep in my room they like it warm.

Sandy we all sleep with a pet a dog or cat it is no big deal so nice talking
with I am out of here.

Wait I will tell you. I sleep with a 5-foot snake

Holly shit a snake far out what kind

It is a tideland ball snake I also have a 4-foot and a 3 foot one also.

Hold on is that the one that will go where it is warm and then ball up


And they will push they way into tight openings

Yes there are story's of then pushing they way into a women cervix and all the
way into her womb

I am staying tell me more

Ya she also has blood snake in there to Jim said

What is a blood snake

 It is from tideland also , it has small sharp teeth that are hollow that they
can suck warm blood with

Are they dangers?

No not at all

 Ok tell me what happen?

We waited for everyone to go to bed Sandy got ready for bed , it so warm in her
room that all she wares to bed is her panties

 And sleeps with just a sheet over her.

Sandy bed is big it is a king size.

I went to her room and she let me in and told me that I could sleep in a big
stuffed chair.

Sandy got the 5-foot snake and put it on the bed then went to the bathroom and
took some pills. I asked if she was ok?

She said yes so shut up.

She told me that I was only to watch if nothing happens to bad but if it dose
you are not to try to stop it.


She looked at and then took off her panties and put then on the bed up by the
pillow, god what a body for a weekend with that body to anything I wanted to I
give my left nut. Sandy got in bed with the snake and pulled up the sheet.

Hey I can't see anything. When I tell you, you may pull the sheet down but

Hold on I need to do something ah can you go into the bathroom and stay there
till I call you


You will see just do it

I did after about 10 minutes Sandy said ok you can come back out.

I did and I could not see a thing she had a thin blanket over her and the lights
were turn down low. After a minute

I could see better and I could see her arms and were up by the headboard of the
bed and spread out and I could see

That there were cuff on her wrists and they were hooked to the bedpost I was
about to say something but then shut up.

As my eyes got set to the low light it looked like she was spread-eagled on the
bed under the blanket.

You like what you see sandy asked. Yes how did you tie your self like that?

Not ease but I did it. I could see that the snake was moving I ask what was

Nothing he just looking for a spot to lay

Ok I sat down and watched as we talked the more relaxed she was.

She asked if I would tighten the bondage straps

I said I love to but I do not know what she wanted me do, you want me to spread
you still more stretch you?

Yes pull me down take my ankle and pull hard that will pull my arms then shorten
the ropes that are holding my legs apart

I pulled as hard as I could on her body watching her stretch then I pulled her
legs apart a little more.

Header she said, spread my legs wider aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   more
I asked? Yes a little more I pulled some more and tied the ropes I had to do all
this with the blanket still over her.

I was about to set down and Sandy asked me to go over to the wall and set the
heat to off . we looked at each other

With knowing in our eyes then I did it the heat is off. Did I tell you it is
late fall it is about 40 degrees outside.

She then told me I could pull the blanket off of the bed but do it slow and from
the foot of the bed.

I stood at the foot of the bed and took the blanket in my hands.

No don't lift it off of the bed she told. Me. I used me fingers to bunch it at
the foot of the bed .I could see the blanket start to slide.

Off her breasts  slowly it slid down her body till it was just above her hips a
inch at a time  I pulled another inch and I could see

Her pussy, god her legs are pulled so wide that the lips of her pussy are pulled
open I could see her pink inter lips. A little more and the blanket was off the
bed, I was standing there looking at my sister lovely body spread eagled real
wide and the snake lay by her side

I went and sat down  my cock was hard as a rock I was about to cum in my pants
she had said that I could not touch my self

At all in her room. I did not have to just looking her like that it felt like I
was going to cum.

The room was cooling off I could see what looked like a block of wood under
sandy lower back and hips it was not big but was holding her hips off the bed I
could see her anal ring and it looked shiny I asked what it was and she said ky

My god you don't think?she said I don't know this the first time I  let it have
its way with me.

What was the pill you took?

A ant acid


I will tell you after this is over. I need you to go and get the rest of my pets
they must be getting cold I know I am.

I went and got the rest of the of her pets as she called them and put then all
on the bed by her legs.

The room was cooling down a lot, it was at 65 degrees I sat down to watch god
what a site my sister spread-eagled

On the bed and 3 big snakes with her and they were moving

All three snakes were moving one had went on to her chest the others were on her

With her legs opened so wide I watched as 48 inch snake moved close to her
asshole I told her it was close I think it is going to happen. Soon.

The 5 foot one also moved between her wide spread legs

I looked at her face; she was scared I look back at her legs. it was happening
the 5 foot snake had its head inside her pussy

I heard her groan ooh my god I told her to relax and let it happen

Ease for you to say you don't have a snake going into your body.

ggooodddddddddd   god  oh god this going to hurt.

I could see that the other snake the 4 footer had pushed its head into her

The small one was up by her mouth witch she kept closed 
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she cried out as more of the one in her pussy pushed
into her.

I watched as more and more of the snakes pushed there was up into her body I
asked her if it was hurting her. She said yes

Want me to pull then out of you?

No let then go. Over on the table is two boxes bring them over here .I did how

Pore what is in them on to my breasts.

I opened the box and pored it on to her right tit.  My god a big leech landed on
her by her nipple

 I did the other breast and another leech was on her tit

She looked up at me for a moment and said to place them on her nipples

Hurt " what?   The one in my ass, I looked between her legs, it is almost all
the way inside your ass I can see your abdomen moving as they push and turn

I put the leeches on her nipples        

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one then the other bit into her

The small snake was still up by her mouth

I watched as sandy looking up at the ceiling slowly let her  mouth open slowly
she opened  it wider.

That was all it took, I came in my pants she was going to let the snake go into
her mouth.

Holly shit my sister is one kinky slut.

 I went to the foot of the bed and watched what was happening . God what a site
She was.

The one in her rectum was all the way inside her  god she had taken 48 inches of
a live snake into her colon

It had to fucking hurt her I think my sister is into pain she has to be.

There she was with a snake pushing into her womb yes it had pushed into her
cervix and was filling her uterus with its body it had to hurt as much as having
a baby

I could see she still had her mouth partly open

 I think that if that three foot snake wants into her mouth she is going to let

Shit she would have to deep throat a snake.

After few minutes it went down the front of her body and between her legs

Dam it would have been cool to watch her deep throat it  o well.

Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh my gooooooooooooooddddddddddddd that
hhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttsssssssss  Sandy keep your voice
down we do not want to get caught

The snake in her pussy had pushed very hard and most of it was in her about
three feet of it.

The small one kept crawling over her hips and between her wide spread legs

After Cumming 4 more times she asked me to pull out the one in her pussy then
the one in her ass but first make me cum take to leeches off me clean my nipples
and then suck on then.

The leeches ?

No my nipples they will be sore and you sucking on them will hurt and I can cum
for pain

Lets see if he picks up on that I am a pain slut sandy thought

I took them off of her and cleaned  her then I sucked on my sister nipples and
slowly rub her clitoris

The snakes still inside her still pushing hard and turning inside her  me
sucking and rubbing her clit she came long and hard

I  asked what about me ?

She told me to get up no the bed and over the top of her with my knees on each
side of her breasts and she would open her mouth and let me jerk off and cum in
her mouth. I did not need to be told twice

My lovely sister holding her mouth open as I filled it with my cum, god did I
cum, I watched as my sister swallow all of my cum.

After some rest I pulled out the snake that was in her pussy the one inside her
rectum and up into her colon I had to push my hand up into her to get the snake
as I was doing it I asked her if she liked being fisted

Yes I like it.

Dose it hurt?


You like the pain, don't you ? You get off on it?

Yes, yes I do

Are you a pain slut I asked as I pulled out the last of the 4 feet of snake out
of her rectum some of it was in a ball so it came out hard?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  dam that was big

I put all of her pets back in there cages and turn on the heat them I went over
and got on the bed between her still wide spread legs and fucked her with my
hard 10 inch cock sandy said nothing until the end, and that was fuck me hard
make it hurt.

After I came again I untied her and asked if she was ok.

I am fine I loved it all of it she gave me a kiss and told me I had best go to
my room.

As I started out I asked what was the ant acid for?

She said that she was going to let any one of then go into her mouth and she did
not want her stomachs acids to hurt the snake.

I went back to my room thinking to myself IN HER STOMACH fuck is she wild and
what a looker.


Part 2

Sandy came in the door from her date looking down in the mouth I asked her
what's wrong? Another dude

She said I think all the guys in this town are pussy.

Why is that?

I do everything I can think of to get these guys to hurt me, this last one I hit
him in the balls trying to piss him of

So he would beat the shit out me but nothing, he just sat there holding his
balls and saying I am going to take you home now.

Well I have asked you to come to the club many times; you would get what you
need there.

Yes you have but I do not think I will find what I am looking for from a bunch
of wet behind the ears kids.

Is that what you think the pain club is a bunch kids?


Sis  you are wrong, the club is mostly older people I am one of the youngest
ones there miss know it all.

Ok I will go to your club,I will try anything ones, who do I talk to about

You talk to a lady named Jill but you can't.


It is closed for a moth they are putting in a new torture device, a lot of work
and dust.

Torture? I thought it was an S&M place.

The club also offers heavy tortures to those who what it.

I did not know that.

God I am honey .will you do like you did when I let you watch?

What do you mean?

I want you to hurt me make me cum make me love it god I need to feel alive I
need some pain and fucking.

I know you want to, I seen you looking at my body come big brother hurt me hurt
me all over please.

Mon and dad are up stairs if we do it and you scream and they come down hear we
will have to deal with them.

And that is Bad ju. ju .

I wont scream, I oh god please.

Tomorrow I will do you tomorrow, it is Saturday and we are off.

Ok you sure, wait mom and dad well be hear where are we going to do it.

Sandy sat thinking for a minute I know how about the ski camp it is only about a
mile walk up the creek.

That is a good idea, ok what am I going to use to beat you with, don't want to
be up the creek without a paddle.

Jin laughs.

I have a whip sandy said. Jim eyes lit up cool .

Where you get it?

From bondagetoys. Com.

Sandy I will whip you, but there is a catch.


I am going to bring tom and ken.

No way they are nerds, there are so not with it they would shit there pants to
see me nude and getting whipped.

Hell in school they called Tom meat.

Jim walk over to sandy and put his hands on her face gently and told her that
they are both hardcore sadist

 And would love to beat and fuck you senseless, you do not know who is who that
is why you can't find a boyfriend to hurt you.

And they call him meat because he has really big cock

So is it a date? If you say yes I need to get a hold of then to help me tonight
to set up one of the buildings with hooks in the rafters and walls, there will
not be anyone there in July so it should be a good spot to go for some fun with
my hot sister.

I'll do it.

Way to go sis, I want you to were a dress a bra bikini panties a garter belt and
some stocking all black you can the high heels in a bag with your whip then when
we get there you can put on the heels.

Ok anything else?

Were makeup, you look hot when you are all made up, I will take care of the rope
and what ever I think we will need,

And no going up stairs and playing with your self or your snakes I want you as
hot as firecracker tomorrow.

Ok, god I got to go and change my underwear the crouch is so wet I can feel it
running down my legs.

You save some of that cum for tomorrow.

Sandy went up and took a bath it had been a long day and went to bed, she know
that it would be hard to fall a sleep tonight.

Jim and tom and ken spent a good two hours getting a building ready.

The rafters were high and the room was about 20 feet wide, they put hooks into
the rafters and in the walls, some low down by the floor and some up higher in
the walls. Also some here and there around the room

Sandy woke up it was all she could to keep for touching her self ,she put on a
robe and went down stairs.

Her brother was already dressed and having coffee and some type pasty.

May I eat sandy asked Jim?

Yes you are going to need all of your strength for today.

You have two hours to get ready ,then drive to the mill and levee your car there
,I will be waiting there then we can walk to the ski camp, the others will meet
us at the falls then we can all walk the rest of the way it's a nice day for a

Sandy did not care if it was a nice day she wanted to be whipped and fucked;
there could have been a fucking tornado

And she would have made that walk.

She got ready and put all the things Jim had told to in the car and drove to the
mill. Jim was waiting.

They started out for the ski camp and as planed the others joined them.

You look hot ken told her, she sure dose said tom. WOW

When they got to the building that the guys spent most of the night getting
ready Jim told her to put on the heels.

She did look funny in the short black dress and sneakers ,she did as told and
WOW what different.

Jim hand sandy a note and told her to sign it sandy looked at it and signed it.

The note said that sandy had asked to be here having this done to her of her own
free will.

Jim told her to stand with her hands at her sides and look only at him that tom
and ken were going to remove her dress.

She did as told and soon she was standing in to room in bar panties and garter
belt. Look at me Jim said as tom removed her bra.

Sandy turned red with embarrassment, as her breasts were naked for Jim buddies
to see.

Tom reached over and ran his hand over sandy tits, she is a goddess.

Jim told her to take off the panties and stuff them into her mouth, push them
all the way in.

They watch as she strip off the panties and started stuffing them into her mouth
until they were all the way in.

 Tom hand her a dog collar and told her to use it so the panties stay in your

Sandy tried but was unable to work the small belt she needed help.

Ken pulled the collar tight forcing the ball up panties deeper into her mouth
and hooked it closed

Tom and ken put bondage cuff on her wrist and ankles as Jim told her to keep her
hands by her sides.

She did as rope was ran though the eyes on to cuffs of her wrist and ankles.

That done Jim walk over and ran his hands over her body saying so lovely, then
looked over to tom and ken nodding.

Sandy handy hands went up slowly over her head; she was being lifted off the
floor up about a foot.

The ropes that were on her ankles were pulled tight though hooks in the floor
they were stretching her body pulling her tight.

The ropes were tied off.

God she got a grate ass meat said.

Tom walked in front of her and so she could see undid his belt

And pulled it out of his pants. Ken was doing the same Jim had her whip and hit
her across the back of her legs.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  they started hitting her with belts and whip on her
tits stomach  hips

Back thighs.

They walk around her using belts and whip, leaving deep red strips as they went.

She scream into the panties mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa

What a show.

They tired of that and let her down so they could retied her with her arms
spread wide a pulled her back up, then her legs were spread wide and tied to the
lower hooks.

Again they whipped her, crack went the belts the whip sounded a bit different.

Sandy's body was covered with red welts, there was almost no white skin on body
from her just above her breasts to her knees.

Jim was trying to swing the whip up between her legs to hit her open cunt but
could not get a good swing

Shit, untied her, they stop whipping her and took her down

Take the wrist ropes and use them to tied her ankles and the ankles to tied her

They did and pulled her back up in an upside down spread-eagle her legs open

Sandy know what was coming her body felt like it was on fire, but her pussy was
socking wet

Sandy could see her brother he looked like he was upside down to her  she could
see the whip arc up into the air and


The pain was like she had been shot in her open pussy and that was quietly
followed by a wave of pleasure.

Another load crack her asshole felt like it was on fire, oh my god they were
using a belt to whip her asshole with legs so far apart it was a ease target.

Ken got down and was using his belt on the bottom of her tits and on her

As the belt and whip hit her front and back on her spread open pussy hole and at
times right on her asshole, and at others even on her clitoris.

Before it was over each time a belt or whip hit her between her legs cum was
flying into the air they had beat the cum out of her.

They beat her to an orgasm; she had not cum that hard in a long time.

When it was over they untied her to let her rest, but they told her that they
were not done with yet they also took the panties out of her mouth.

Jim asked her how she was?

My whole body feels like it is throbbing I love it I want more.

Jim looked at his friends and said I told you shed love it.

Sandy tells them what you did with your pets.

What pets asked tom?



Tell them.

I let my brother watch as the snakes went into my body while I was spread-eagled
on my bed.

Tell the rest.

I had him put leeches on my nipples and he jerked off in my mouth then he fucked
me while was still tied.

I don't know about you but want to fuck her Jim said.

I will lie on my back and  you get on top of me.

Sandy did it and Jim slid his 10-inch hard on into Sandy's wet pussy.

Jim told sandy not to look behind her to look at his face.

Go head meat fuck her in the ass.

Jim watched sandy face as tom put his cock against her asshole and pushed hard

A pained look in her face as her ass hole was stretched open wide and the head
of the huge 2and 3/4 inch cock went into her.

Ken watch as inch after inch went into her rectum.

God moaned sandy as still more went into her.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  one last push and all 12 inches were
inside her rectum and colon. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh god fuck me .

And fuck her they did, slow at first them meat was pounding it into her like a

Oh god more harder do it harder make me bleed FUCK ME

Ken watched eyes wide, Jim that is one hell of a sister you got, you lucky son
of bitch.

Tom came in her ass I was not far behind.

Then we tied her hands behind her and YOU held her head as ken fucked her in the
mouth pumping his load down her throat

Then we tied her back up in a spread eagle but this time we tied her legs to the
hooks that were higher up the wall, she was dam near doing a full split, the gag
was in her mouth again.

Tom started to work his hand up into her rectum that he had stretched not long
ago ken was pushing his hand up Sandy's wide open cunt, as cum was running down
his arm I know that ken was not going to stop until he had his whole fist inside
my sister.

God tom had his whole fist and his arm almost up to the elbow in her, stretching
her insides to the limit.

I pick up her whip and hit her on her tits as my two buddy's fist fucked her to
yet another painful orgasm.

 After we let her down and she sucked all three of us off swallowing all of our
sperm without being told to.

I got sandy back home and she went up to relax her sore body in a tub of warm

I did not see sandy until the next day and I asked her if she was ok.

I am sore but it feels good guess you call it after glow, tell the guys that I
love it, everything they did to me and I want to do it with them again.

When did you say the pain club was going to open?

In about 4 weeks why?

I want more, why you know why.


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