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Slave girls day at the beach

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Synopsis: Ben, a slut slave owner, takes two new girls for a day at the beach. Full of exhibition, humiliation and fucking strangers and each other.

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Ben was welcoming two new slave-girls into his mansion. He had lost count of how many he had now, but humiliating young girls for profit had been very lucrative for him and he needed to keep up with demand. So he made space in the basement for Alex, a small slim brunette with a stunning face and cute petite tits and Rebecca, with long, curly blonde hair, a sporty figure and C cup tits. Both girls looked very innocent, just the sort that humiliate the best.

For their first day, Ben decided to take them to the local beach. Nervously, the two girls reported for duty. The stood before him naked, looking at the floor. He admired their bodies for a second before handing each of them a bag. "Good morning slaves. In these bags you will find your outfits for the day. Please put them on now and we can get going. We are heading to the beach, so the local men and women can admire what sluts you are."

Both girls flinched a little. They both signed up for this, but suddenly it was all feeling very real. Their imminent humiliation felt even more real as they pulled their outfits out of their bags. Both were Wicked Weasel bikinis, and neither left much the imagination. The bottoms were only large enough to barely cover their pussys and had a G-string at the back. The tops were similar, barely covering their nipples. Rebecca's set was bright pink. Alex's was a black mesh that was easily see through.

Their eyes met for a second in concern, but not wanting to disapoint their new master they both quickly put on the outfits.

"God", thought Rebecca, "The edge of my lips aren't even covered by these things". She was going to be very exposed.

"Right, lets go"

"Sorry master," said Alex, "May I please use the toilet before we leave."

"Stupid girl", scolded Ben, "you should have gone before you came to me. You may now only go when I tell you."

Alex gulped. She hoped he didn't make her wait too long... she was already in desperate need.

"To the car!" said Ben


The girls sheepishly got out of the car and looked around to see if anybody had noticed them. Not yet, and thankfully the beach wasn't that busy. They followed their master to the sand and found a spot. He layed out a towel for himself and sat down on it.

"Rebecca. First thing, you are going to the store. It's a short walk back into town, but you might get a few stares on the way. I need you to buy us two large bottles of water, a tube of lubricant, and some condoms. Don't worry, no one is going to fuck you with them, I just want to reassure the people in the store that you are a dirty slut. Once you have paid for the water, open the bottle in the store and pour a little bit on each of your tits. Not too much... we need the rest of it for Alex to drink. She is going to really need to pee by the time I let her go."

Rebecca was horrified. She knew she was going to be exposed, but the idea of walking through public like this was horrifying. It was worse almost worse than being naked. "Yes master" she replied nervously, and turned around and started walking up the beach.

"Alex. You are not wearing much and I don't want you to get sun burnt. Take this sunscreen and ask a man on the beach to apply it for you. Make sure he covers you properly. If I see any sunburn on you tonight I'm going to make it really hurt."

Alex nervously surveyed the beach. She noticed she was already getting a few looks from men on the beach, she could feel their eyes all over her. And soon their hands would be too. She walked towards the closest man, a middle age man who seemed kindly, hopefully he would be gentle... she was still worried about how much she needed to go to the toilet.

The mans eyes widened as she walked towards him, he couldn't stop staring. "Excuse me sir... can you please put sunscreen on me?"

"Uhhmmm... sure" he replied, looking over at Ben. He'd seen she was with him. Ben smiled and nodded back. The man stood and looked at Alex's body. It was stunning, and she was virtually naked.

"All over please sir... I don't want to get sunburnt anywhere".

He smiled and squeezed some sunscreen out of the tube. Hesitantly he started on her arm, rubbing the lotion with long smooth motions down her slender arm. He couldn't believe he was touching a young girl this stunning at all, let alone the fact that he was about to have his hands all over her.

He moved to her stomach, rubbing in swirling motions, staring intently at her tits. Alex winced and bent slightly. She already felt violated, and his motions on her stomach were painful, her bladder full of piss.

He squeezed lotion into his hand again, took a deep breath, and then started working it into her tits. They felt amazing. He squeezed them, gently at first, then harder as he rubbed it around her bikini top. He could see her nipple through the mesh, it was perfectly round. He looked into her face to see if she was enjoying it. She just half smiled, vacantly. He squeezed harder and she blinked in surprise. He was enjoying this.

"Don't just go around the edges" Alex said, "I don't want to get burnt anywhere."

He couldn't believe it. He stared at her for disbelief for a second, and then slid his hand under her bikini top. She grimaced slightly as her took her full tits into his hand, squeezing. He circled his fingers around her nipple, then pinched... softly at first, then hard. Pain shot through Alex, which ricocheted through her bladder. Her knees bowed slightly and she looked down, noticing the mans hard cock through his shorts.

"Thank you sir. And the rest of me."

He slid his hands out of her top and traced them down her body. God, this bikini was so sheer, he could all but see her pussy. He started rubbing the outside edge of her pelvis, slowly working his way towards her pussy lips, peeking out from the edge of her bikini. He gently slide his fingers along the length of her lips. She pulled away for a second, but he could see she was enjoying it. Her pussy was widening, he could see it through her bottoms.

He slid his hand to the top of her pussy, gently brushing the small tuft of brunette hair above her cunt. She forced a smile and his hand ventured lower, rubbing the outside of her pussy.

"Shit, you are so wet you slut. You are enjoying this."

"Yes sir, thank you sir"

He circled his fingers around her clit before sliding a finger into her wet cunt. She closed her eyes in mixed emotions. She felt dirty, and her burning need to pee made the whole experience unfomfortable, but she was surprised to realise she was actually quite enjoy it.

"Please sir, don't forget the rest of me. You haven't even started on my arse".


Meanwhile, Rebecca had arrived at the store. She was bright red, so many people had stared at her. Mothers had pulled their children away, people had pointed, she got a few whistles and one man had given her arse a big squeeze. She wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

The water was easy to find, but she couldn't find the lube or condoms. She searched in vain, but eventually had to ask the elderly man who owned the shop. He raised an eyebrow and looked her up and down before pointing to the back corner of the store. She could feel everybodies eyes on her as she walked to the back section. A fat, balding man followed her. "You need some help with those condoms love?" he asked with a smile. She didn't reply, quickly snatching up what she needed and walked to the counter.

While the old man counted her change she remembered her instruction and opened one of the water bottles, pouring some over her tits. If anybody wasn't looking yet they were now. Her eyes opened in surprise as the pink bikini top went opaque. Her nipples were now clearly visible through her top. "Nice", said the fat man, as she rushed out of the store.


When she arrived back to her master she found Alex lying in the sand next to master. She was completely nude.

"Oh good, youre back" said Master, "and I see you remembered everything. Look at those marvelous nipples. Did people think you were a slut?"

"Yes master."

"Are you a slut?"

"Yes master."

"Of course you are. Well, I've got all I need here... why don't you go down to the water. When you get there, take off your bikini and lie just in the shallows of the water. Spread your legs, so the waves crash into your cunt, and start masturbating. I want you down there for 10 minutes, and I want you to do it properly. But I don't want you to cum."

Rebecca was going bright red again.

"You'll no doubt attract some attention. If anybody asks, I want you to tell them you are a dirty slut and you love to masturbate. You should then invite them to masturbate too if they like... they can touch you, but they can't put their cocks in you. You don't deserve that yet. And whatever you do, don't stop."

Rebecca screwed up her face at the thought of strangers watching her play with herself. She hoped nobody came up to her, she hoped they were all too disgusted.

"Alex, you are a slut too... I saw how much you enjoyed that mans hands all over you. Lets see if we can attract somebody with that cunt of yours. I want you to sit with your knees up and your legs spread so everybody can see that gorgeous cunt. And you;ll want to do your best to show it off. I want you drinking from these water bottles constantly until we get a visitor."

Ben cruely poked her, hard in the bladder. She winced... it really was desperate and starting to hurt. She spread her legs wide, mortified at how exposed she was, and started drinking regretfully from the bottle.


Rebecca looked around to see if anybody was looking. They were. She hesitantly undid the strap and let her bikini top fall off, then pulled off the sheer bottoms. She lay down at the edge of the water. The first wave washed up into her, it was freezing and she caught her breath. Biting her lip she spread her legs and slid her hand towards her pussy.

Admittedly, she had always fantasized about this, but never thought it would really happen. She started rubbing her cunt as another wave washed in. She secretly liked the idea that everybody was looking... she loved that she was such a dirty slut. She started to feel quite excited by the thought and rubbed her pussy faster, circling her clit with firm rounds. She closed her eyes and moaned gently, wriggling her hips in the sand. Suddenly, there was a voice. "What the fuck are you doing?"

She opened her eyes. Two 18 year old boys were standing over her, wide eyed. "Hi boys. I'm a dirty slut and I'm masturbating on the beach. Feel free to join in if you like, you can touch me, you just can't put your cocks in me. My master says I don't deserve that yet". She continued circling her clit for a moment, then slid two fingers down and deep inside her cunt, pulling back against her pubic bone.

The boys looked at each other, they couldn't believe it. One dropped to his knees and slid his hand up the inside of her leg, slowly, teasingly towards her pussy. As he got closer, she pulled her own fingers out, returning to her clit, allowing him access. She couldn't believe how much she was letting this happen, and she was quite getting off on it. Suddenly, his two fingers were at the opening of her cunt. He hesitated for a second and then pushed them slowly inside.

"Wow. This bitch is so tight" he said, as he began to slide his fingers around the inside of her cunt, exploring.

"Give me a turn", the other boy said.

The first laughed, and pulled his fingers out again. His friend kneeled and watched as she furiously circled her clit with her fingers. He moved his fingers towards her pussy, looking at her face. Her face was screwed up in furied exertion... "she can't wait!" Rebecca bit her lip again... she couldn't. She was carried away in the moment, and desperately needed this boy to fill her cunt with her fingers in front of everybody.

He slid in one finger at first. Rebecca closed her eyes. His second then slid in easily too. She circled her pelvis, trying to work them in and out. The boys laughed, and he slowly started fucking her with his fingers.

When she opened her eyes again, the first boy had taken his shorts off and was standing above her, naked, pulling on a rock hard cock. "Open your mouth bitch".

Oh god, she wanted him to fill her mouth with that cock, but knew she wasn't allowed. "I'm sorry, my master won't let you put your cock inside me"

"Relax, I'm not putting my cock in there."

He squatted over her face, lowering his balls towards her mouth. He hovered above her, his balls an inch from her open mouth. She leaned forward and licked his sack with the tip of her tounge. Both boys laughed, and the one at her cunt pushed his fingers hard inside her. She opened her mouth in shock and he dropped his balls inside her.

Rebecca gagged slightly as the hairy balls filled her mouth. She had almost completely forgotten where she was as she edged closer to orgasm and sensory overload. The boy was working her g-spot hard as she started washing her tongue all over his balls. She suddenly remembered she wasn't allowed to cum and worried. She stopped rubbing her clit for a second then remembered that wasn't allowed either. She wanted to ask the boy to slow down, but the balls filled her mouth. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to concentrate.

The boy on her face moaned and rubbed his cock fast. His arsehole pushed against the tip of Rebeccas nose as he pushed himself down onto her face. "oh fuck... I'm gonna cum."

"Don't hit me you fucker" said the other boy, pulling his fingers out of Rebecca's cunt, much to her relief, and moving out of the way.

She sucked deep onto his balls and pushed her own face back up, urging her nose into his arsehole. She was so close to cumming herself, and wanted to get these boys off, so she could stop masturbating and head back to master.

"Oh god" he cried, and suddenly Rebecca felt wads of hot cum shooting all over her body. Some splashed on her tits, some even made it to her cunt, which she greedily rubbed into her pussy.

After the last jets shot from his cock he stood up again. Rebecca remembered where she was, but didn't seem to feel any shame. She noticed the other boys cock was out of his shorts too and he was rubbing hard.

"Haha, she is still going! Lets see if this bitch wants another load."

He knelt over her body, his cock pointing at her face. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head forward. She groaned, half in pleasure, half in pain. His cock was inches from her face and he was tugging hard. It didn't take him long... suddenly warm jets of cum hit her in the face. She closed her eyes just in time as he covered her face in his huge load. It dribbled down her face, onto her lips. She licked hungrily, tasting her spunk.

"God, she is the filthiest slut I've ever seen." The boys laughed.


Alex had drunk an entire bottle of water and was onto the second, before anybody approached them. She was squirming like crazy, her pretty face contorted as she tried to hold her piss. Although the "saviour" who approached wasn't quite what she hoped. A old man, possibly in his sixties, approached, his eyes firmly fixed on her cunt.

"Well well..." he said, "this pretty young lady seems a bit exposed. This isn't a nude beach, you probably should cover yourself up love."

"Oh, she doesn't mind", said Ben, "she is a slut, that is her honey trap. She is just trying to find someone to fuck her, isn't that right Alex".

Alex nodded, full of shame, "yes sir. I am a slut and I want to be fucked."

The old man looked from Ben to Alex, full of surprise. He licked his lips and stared at her pussy. "Really? Just anybody?"

"Yes sir"

"Somebody like... me?" a smile spreading across his face.

Alex gulped... "Yes sir. If you'll have me."

"My dear girl, I would love to have you".

He slowly got down on his knees, trying to make eye contact with Alex, but she was averting her eyes. He looked at Ben, who smiled. The old man crawled closer... "well, lets see what you taste like first."

The old man edged closer to Alex, crawling between her legs. She obediently opened them wider, allowing him room. He leant forward and sniffed her cunt deeply. "mmmm... smells delcious".

He extended his tongue and loosely began to circle it around the lips of Alex's cunt. She shivered as his tongue, cracked and dry, slipped around her pussy, before lightly flicking her clit with the tip. She wriggled, as his moustache tickled against her pelvis. Her belly was burning from the need to pee. She briefly considered spraying the old man, but knew she would pay for it, so tried to relax as he began to lap at her pussy with deep long strokes from the bottom to the top.

"Tell this kind man how good it feels" said Ben.

Alex forced a moan, "mmmmmm... I love his tongue in my cunt."

The old man, excited to hear this, began to lap harder, pushing his tongue inside her tight young pussy. Despite herself, Alex was getting wet, and the old man was savouring the juices. He licked deeper again, as her juices began to spread across his face. She closed her eyes and tried to take herself away from this place, away from the man, away from this burning desire to piss, but as his tongue darted back and forth she felt herself beginning to relax.

"It's been a long time since I've tasted a cunt as sweet as this."

Ben leaned across and pinched Alex's left nipple, hard. She squealed and opened her eyes. "Play along now Alex, don't let this nice man do all the work."

She started grinding her hips, pushing them into his face as he tongue fucked her cunt. She grabbed a hold of his silver hair and pulled him deeper into her pussy, thrusting into his face. He actually was quite good at this, his tongue felt amazing. She let out another moan... this time it was real.

The old man withdrew his tongue with a slurp, licking his lips. "Maybe I should see if this old cock still works?"

"Mmmmm... yes... fuck me sir... fuck me".

The old man quickly wriggled down his shorts, allowing his wrinkled cock to spring free. He was surpisingly quite well hung, although his cock was only semi hard. He started crawling up Alex's body, pausing at her tits to lick each nipple. He finally made it to her face, and stuck his tongue deep into her mouth. Slightly revolted, but knowing she had to, Alex kissed back, tasting her pussy on the old mans tongue.

"Be a dear and guide me in" he breathed into her face, his breath quite revolting. Her dainty hand reached down for his cock. As she gripped it she felt it jump in her hand. Screwing up her face she started rubbing it against her pussy. He started bucking, awkwardly trying to thrust it in. He missed on the first push, but on the second slid all the way in. For the second time she realised how big his cock was, gasping as it felt like he was pushing his cock so deep inside her as to put pressure on her bladder. Her whole body tensed as he moaned into her face.

Slowly he pulled back out, then rammed in again hard, sending another shockwave through Alex's body. She felt his old balls slap against her as he kissed her again and awkwardly starting pumping her. With every stroke she felt a little bit more defiled, fucking a man probably three times her age on a beach, where anyone could see.

Suddenly he dropped his whole weight onto her, his arms couldn't handle it anymore. The pain was intense, it felt like the only thing stopping her from pissing everywhere was his cock filling her pussy. He leaned into her neck and grunted loudly into her ear as he continued fucking her tight young cunt.

"Slow down old man... don't want to hurt yourself" said Ben.

"Ungggghh... not long now... not long now".

He started fucking spasmodically, his weight forcing down onto Alex. It was quite a sight, a beautiful young girl lying spread out in the sand as a pensioner madly fucked her young cunt. Alex's face screwed up as the old mans grunts grew louder, surely ensuring that everybody on the beach was looking. She closed her eyes as he continued to fuck harder until finally...


She felt his ancient old spunk filling her cunt. It shot deep, god, there was so much of it for such an old man. She felt him spasm on top of her as another jet spurted inside of her, and another. He lay flat on top of her, spent, as she tried not to breathe him in.

"Didn't think you had it in you old man" said Ben.


Rebecca was shakily walking back up the sand, cum still dribbling down her face. Her pussy was throbbing, she was so desperate to cum, and so close. She didn't care any more if people were looking. She just needed to cum.

As she approached Ben and Alex an old man was walking away from them, pulling up his shorts. She looked at his wrinkled arse and shuddered.

"Ah, Rebecca, you are back." said Ben. "I see you found some friends, your face is covered in cum you dirty slut. And look at all that sand in your hair, you are a mess. I hope you didn't cum before I let you?"

"No sir." she replied. "I really wanted to, two boys made me their slut, but I didn't cum."

"Good girl. Good girl. Well, Alex had some fun while you were gone, didn't you Alex?"

Alex could barely concentrate, she was so humiliated and had never needed to piss so badly in her life. She managed a nod.

"Yes," said Ben "and look, with that cum dribbling out of her cunt she almost looks like more of a slut than you. You better clean her up... come on... on your hands and knees."

Rebecca knelt down in the sand and crawled towards Alex. Her legs were twitching and Rebecca could see a huge load dribbling out of her pussy.

"Who would have thought those old balls could cum so much?" said Ben. "Have you ever tasted old man spunk from such a beautiful pussy slut?"

Rebecca remembered the wrinkled old arse and shivered "no sir".

She rested her hands on Alex's spread legs and pulled them apart, leaned in, and licked the first of the cum as it dribbled down towards Alex's arsehole. It was pungent and salty, Rebecca wrinkled her nose.

"Mmmmm, good isn't it. Keep going slut."

She licked again, this time starting at the bottom of Alex's pussy and curling her tongue inside. Alex moaned again, she was barely there anymore. Rebecca realised she had never eaten a woman before. She was so horny, so debased, that she hadn't even thought of it. And now here she was, on the beach, covered in cum, licking old man spunk from her first pussy. It was driving her wild. She licked again, deeper, trying to get as much cum on her tongue as possible.

"Well I can't let you girls have all the fun" said Ben. He stood and pulled down his shorts, his long, semi-hard cock bouncing to attention. Rebecca looked hungrily up at it as she thrust her tongue deep inside Alex. God, she thought, I need him to fuck me. I need to cum so bad. Her concerns about public exposure had completely faded... Afterall, she was naked on a beach, eating pussy full of spunk and covered in drying cum. She didn't care anymore, she just needed to cum herself.

Alex on the other hand wasn't as attentive. Her urge to piss was becoming unbearable, to the point that the stimulation on her pussy was actually painful. Ben noticed this, she would get his cock first.

"Up on your elbows Alex", he commanded, walking to her side. "Quickly!"

Dazed, Alex slowly complied. A slap startled her to attention. Her eyes shot open and she squeezed her thighs together, burying Rebecca in her cunt. "Open up slut". Ben grabbed his cock and playfully slapped it against her right cheek, then her left, before dragging it all over her face. Alex looked up into his eyes and opened her mouth.

Ben dropped his cock into her open mouth. He closed his eyes and smiled as he felt her warm, wet mouth closing onto his cock. She naturally started blowing him, gently taking him into her mouth, despite everything.

Alex felt his cock hardening, literally getting bigger by the second in her mouth. She flicked her tongue against the base of his shaft as she sucked him deeper, bobbing back and forth on his cock.  It was a strange feeling, pleasure and pain, sexual desire and a deep burning. But she knew she wanted to please her master.

Ben moaned as the young slut tenderly fucked him with her mouth. He looked around the beach and loved that the crowd was more attentive than ever. Some watched disgusted, others wishing it was them. He noticed one or two had started edging closer. He stroked Alex's hair back as she took him deeper... But not deep enough.

He slid backwards, edging his cock to the opening of her mouth... Then rammed it in. Hard. Alex gagged as he suddenly forced the full length of his cock inside her. More pain shot through her as he pulled out and thrust it deep inside again. She tried to catch her breath and felt spittle dribbling from her mouth. Rebecca started flicking her tongue over her clit, and as Ben thrust again, pushed two fingers deep inside Alex's pussy. God, she felt so full.

Ben relented for a second and was pleased his slut took a second to catch her breath, then went back to work, taking him into her mouth, sucking her cheeks and creating a great vacuum on his cock. He picked up the pace of the movement, Rebecca matched his speed with her fingers. Alex was on another planet.

Suddenly Ben grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him, forcing the full length of his rock hard cock deep into her throat. Alex chocked some more. He held himself inside, feeling her convulse around him. Fighting her gag reflex, her eyes started to water. Her pretty face was a mess. Contorted with pain and her makeup dribbling down her face. Ben held for another few seconds, then pulled all the way out.

"Good slut. You've done very well. Now it's Rebecca's turn."

Rebecca's pussy instantly twinged. She kept eating Alex, not instructed to stop, as Andrew walked around the girls. Maybe now she could finally cum.

Ben got something out of his bag and walked around behind Rebecca. A cold, gooey liquid splattered onto her arse. The lube. Oh god... Not her arsehole.

"Stand up Alex." He commanded as he rubbed the lube between Rebecca's arse cheeks. Shakily, she wriggled her cunt away from Rebecca's tongue, somewhat relieved at the end of the torturous stimulation. Ben circled his finger around Rebecca's anus, "You're almost there slut, you've been very good, but you have to do one more thing for me before I let you piss". He pushed, sliding his finger into Rebecca's ass. She grimaced, she had never really done much anal, and she knew his probing finger, which already felt like so much, was only the beginning.

"First, Rebecca, I want your arse up high, but I want your arms by your side, your face down in the sand." She did as she was told, lifting her butt up, into his finger, and lay her body flat, pushing her tits and face into the grainy sand. Ben slowly slid his finger in and out of her arse, wriggling it around, opening it up.

"In a moment I am going to fuck this sweet sluts arsehole. She clearly wants to cum. Alex, that is your job." He slid a second finger into Rebecca's anus. She tensed, only making it harder for herself, and pushed her face harder into the grainy sand. "But not just cum... You have to make her squirt. And you have to do it before I cum in her arse. If you do, I'll let you pee. If not though, you are going to have to wait longer."

Alex gulped. She didn't even know if Rebecca was a squirter, hell, she'd only really just met her. But damn it, she was determined. She dropped to her knees as Ben pulled his fingers out of Rebecca's arse, taking his cock in one hand and resting the other on the small of her back.

"Yes sir," said Alex, dropping to her knees by Rebecca's side, "I will make her squirt."

Ben guided his cock to Rebecca's anus. She braced herself as the tip of his hard shaft was placed against her anus, then slowly began to push inside.

"Unnngghhh" she moaned as her arsehole was forced open and the head of Bens cock entered. Eyes closed in the sand the pain got worse as Ben edged deeper. Then she felt Alex's quaint fingers thrust into her pussy.

Alex wasn't taking any chances. She slid two fingers into Rebecca's cunt and curled her fingers back, putting pressure on her G spot.

Ben smiled at how desperate his sluts were in front of him. He pulled his cock back slowly, then forced it deeper into the tight arsehole. Deeper and deeper. He took Rebecca by the waist and slowly began to fuck her into the sand, pushing deeper and deeper.

Rebecca moaned again. The pain was already starting to fade and she was feeling light. She had been on the edge for so long, and Alex's fingers were working her cunt in just the right way.

Satisfied with how loose her arse had gotten, Ben started fucking harder. Pulling out, then thrusting deeper, harder, into this little sluts arse. With every push, the fucking bitch moaned harder, and he could see Alex desperately finger fucking as best as she could.

It was getting too much for Rebecca. Fuck she was close and was desperate to finally cum. She lifted her head from the sand and started grunting. Loudly. Not a single person on the beach was not looking now as Ben fucked her arsehole violently. Her cunt was on fire.

Urgh. Urgh. Urgh. Urrrrrggghh.

Alex worked her fingers furiously on Rebecca's G spot as her body was being slammed hard. She could feel she was getting close. Furiously she worked her fingers as Rebecca's cunt started to contract. She vigorously started sliding in and out, feeling she was on the edge.

"Unnnngh. Unngghhhh. AAAAARGHH." Rebecca screamed as her pussy let go. Gush after gush of her hot pussy juice squirted onto the sand as her arsehole continued to be plugged. Alex kept fucking, squeezing every last bit out as hot pussy cum splattered over her hand.

Ben gritted his teeth, feeling Rebecca going weak beneath him, her soft white legs shaking as she exploded. He gripped her tightly and thrust into her arse, harder, deeper.

Rebecca kept groaning loudly as her cumming subsided, pushing her arse back into Bens cock.

He felt his balls begin to tighten and he fucked harder. He loved a good squirt, and he loved it more with girls who had been totally debased. He grunted to himself as he felt himself getting closer. Slapping Rebecca's arse hard, he was on the edge.

Rebecca's vision had gone, but, like a machine, kept pushing back on the hard cock. Bens thrusts got harder... Slower... Then...


Violent bursts of hot cum shot into her arse. She felt it shooting deep inside her anus, every short thrust rewarded with another blast of hot cum. She slumped down into the sand, spent.

Ben felt the last of his cum subside, his full load shot into this sluts arsehole. He breathed deep and smiled, Rebecca was a mess. Her body was used, she was obviously exhausted, full of spunk, and covered in dry cum and sand. He spat on her back, completing the picture, as she breathed heavily in the sand.

He look at Alex. She was sitting on her knees, looking up at him with hope, expectation and desperation. She had done her job, Rebecca had squirted, and squirted hard. She had suffered long enough.

"Ok you bitch", he breathed, still catching his breath from the pounding he had just delivered, "You can piss now." Alex's face lit up in excitement, "But. You still have to make it worthwhile. Look at Rebecca..." He pointed to the heaving, shaking mess of a slut in front of him "she is a disgrace. Even a slut as dirty as this shouldn't look this shameful, her face and tits are covered in sand, after being fucked like a dog... and there is still dry spunk in her hair. Alex, you can finally piss, but you have to be sure to clean off all the mess from this slut with your stream. If I see any sand still on this bitch when you have finished pissing, you will be punished."

Alex was so relieved, she couldn't believe it. She couldn't even think about potential consequences, she just had to empty her bladder. She pushed Rebecca's limp body, rolling her over onto her back.. She was covered in sand, it was a big job. She didn't care. She stood over Rebecca, squatted over her face, and began to let go her golden stream. Fuck it felt good.

Rebecca, still in a state of bliss, suddnely felt Alex's warm piss stream hit her sandy face. Surpised, she gasped, and tasted Alex's rancid sweet piss. She gagged and tried to roll out of the stream, but Alex quickly shot a hand down and held her tight, blasting her face with urine. Rebbeca closed her eyes as the steady stream splashed against her face, went up her nose and seeped into her hair.

Alex shuffled down, trying to cover as much of Rebecca is her piss as possible. Streaming fast from her cunt, it splashed all over Rebecca's tits and dribbled down her entire body. A dark patch gathered in the sand as more and more urine cascaded off her shining body. Alex closed her eyes in ecstacy, finally unleashing what she had pent up so long. For the first time in a while, she smiled, remembering her situation. She was pissing all over a dirty slut she hardly knew in front of an ever growing crowd. As her bladder emptied, she moved lower, blasting her piss into Rebecca's cunt. Starting to enjoy herself, Alex reached down, spreading Rebecca's pussy open so she could fill her with her piss.

Eventually, the last of it dribbled out of her cunt. She moved back up Rebecca's body with a new sense of energy and smeared her wet snatch all over Rebecca's face, not wasting a drop of what she had held so long.

Ben was impressed. "Wow... you really did need to go. You've done a good job slut." Alex smiled. Rebecca, although disgusted, couldn't help but to extend her tongue and lick Alex's pissy cunt. Alex moaned. "That reminds me though," said Ben. "You haven't cum yet either. One more job before we head home."

As Ben reached into his bag he noticed there were a few "visitors" very close by. He pulled out a strap on dildo. "Now Rebecca, Alex made you cum... time you returned the favour". He leaned forward and attached the dildo to Rebecca's face, the dildo sticking out from her mouth. "Alex, here is your cock. You know what to do".

Alex, with her bladder no longer full, realised how horny she was. She smiled at two of the guys who had wandered over to watch and threw a leg over Rebecca's face, then slowly lowered her pussy onto the dildo. She slid it deep insider her, closing her eyes and smiling as the plastic dick filled her cunt.

Rebecca, now nothing more than a fuck toy, stared up into Alex's still damp pussy lips as they found the tip of the dildo and started to slide down towards her face. She'd never had such a close view of it before, and Alex's pussy looked amazing. It edged deeper and deeper, Alex's puckered arsehole drawing closer to her face. Rebecca took a deep breath through her nose as Alex took the full dildo into her cunt. She sat on Rebecca's face, smothering her into darkness, her cute little arsehole gently prodded by Rebecca's nose.

Alex smiled, finally able to enjoy the pleasure of being filled with a cock. She wriggled her hips back and forth, feeling the length of it, so deep inside her. 6 men had gathered quite close now to watch the show, and Alex suddenly loved the attention. Sliding back up the dildo (much to Rebecca's) relief, she looked at the men, then back to Ben. He smiled, and nodded.

Still slowly riding the dildo (and Rebecca's face), she turn to one of the men and smiles sweetly, then beckoned him over with her finger.

The group all started to laugh, one man stepping forward, "one plastic cock not enough for you love?"

Sliding herself up and down the dildo, Alex smiled and serenely said, "no amount of cocks will ever be enough."

Ben was damn proud of his slut.

With a huge grin the man unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. Alex reached out and took it in her hand, tugging it gently as she fucked Rebecca's face. Pulling the foreskin all the way back she flicked her tongue over the head of his hard dick. The crowd cheered.

Alex began rolling her body, letting the dildo do it's work as she slid her lips over the strangers cock, taking him into her mouth.

Another man knelt behind Alex and roughly squeezed her tit, keeping in motion as she slid on the plastic cock. With his other hand he started jerking his cock. It was inches from Rebecca's face, his balls resting on her forehead as Alex fucked her face. He squeezed harder on Alex's petite tits, moving his hand from one to the other.

A third man had taken off his shorts and was crouching above Rebecca's piss covered cunt. "You don't want to fuck that pal" said one of the onlookers, "that dirty bitch is covered in piss."

"Dirtier the better!" He replied, as he mounted Rebecca, pushing his cock into her pussy.

Rebecca moaned into the leather strap over her mouth. Her pussy was still tender and buzzing from cumming, and this mans cock was thick. She really felt like the slut she was accused of being, she was just a fuck doll. She moaned again as her pussy was used, and her face was squashed as Alex rode the cock strapped to her mouth hard, working towards her own orgasm.

The man kneeling above her face was wanking furiously, grabbing Alex's tits angrily as he edged closer to orgasm. "Ungh, Urgh, unnngghh!" Cum jetted from his cock, spraying all over Alex's pert arse. The spunk splattered off Alex and down onto Rebecca's face. He grabbed a handful of Rebecca's hair, using it to clean the cum from the head of his cock as a big glob of cum dribbled down the crack of Alex's arse and the stretched down onto her nose. A puddle from her eye, as the guy fucking of cum gathered in her eye, but she was unable to move, her body held down by the man pounding her cunt.

She felt herself getting close again, as she was relentlessly pounded. Her eyes rolled back as her body was assaulted. She could feel the pressure building as her cunt tightened around the strangers cock. Gritting her teeth as the sensation intensified she came again, while cum dribbled down her cheek. Her body spasmed with pleasure as the cock continued fucking her.

Alex had perfected her motion on the dildo, managing to ride it deep and fast while blowing the stranger. She could hear him moaning and was desperate for his cum. She held his leg for support as she sucked and fucked.

Suddenly the man pulled his cock out of his mouth, held it in front of her face and started jerking hard. Alex obediently kept her mouth open and tilted her head back, ready for his load. It came, but not in her mouth. The first jet hit her right cheek and splattered through her hair. The second arched across her face, from her chin up to her forehead. Then more, across her face and onto her lips. She greedily licked up what she could, savouring the salty taste. Moments later another cock was forced into her mouth.

Rebecca struggled keeping her face upright as Alex bounced on the cock. She could feel another wave coming in her cunt and was on the verge of exhaustion. She didn't know if she had any more to give. Still, her pressure built, and she felt her cunt tightening. This proved too much for the guy fucking her, as her cunt tightened his cock exploded, filling her with jizz. She came too as his hot spunk filled her hole. He rammed her hard, one last time, cumming deep into her cunt, before finally pulling out of her aching pussy.

Another onlooker couldn't hold his load much longer either, and shot his load all over Rebecca's heaving tits.

Alex too was getting close, grinding her cunt hard into Rebecca's face, riding the strapon. The man fucking her face was going hard, fast and deep. The remaining men watched, cheering encouragement... "Fill that slut with your cum!" "Spunk in her dirty mouth!" "That bitch is loving it!"

He couldn't hold on any longer, his cock exploded in her mouth, squirting his load straight down her throat. The warm cum pushed her over the edge, her whole body started to shake and she came hard on the plastic cock in her pussy. She desperately swallowed the cum as her whole body rocked from the orgasm she had been waiting for took over her body.

Finally, the cock slipped out of her mouth. She sat back on the cock, smothering Rebecca with her arse as the orgasm subsided. After a moment, she rolled off and fell, heaving in the sand.

The assembled men all laughed as they looked at the two spent sluts on the sand. Covered in cum, stinking of piss, heads spinning from pleasure and exhaustion.

Ben smiled too. He was proud of his bitches. He unstrapped the dildo from Rebecca's face and gave them a moment to recover, then said "good girls. You've done very well today. It's time to go home. But first, clean yourselves up... Go have a dip in the ocean."

Slowly they got to their feet and walked towards the water. They became more aware of their surroundings as those not too disgusted to leave, stared at their abused bodies. Neither of the girls cared anymore. They walked into the ocean and felt the cool embrace as the water washed the filth from their bodies. Alex smiled at Rebecca and gave her a kiss, before ducking under the water, naked and free.

After a few moments they walked back up the beach. The men had gone.

"You were both very good sluts today" said Ben. "I'm proud of you. You should sleep well tonight, and you better, because I have more fun planned."

He handed each girl a new bikini, still sexy, but much more modest. "I'm going to let you put these on to walk home."

Walk? They thought, but it was at least an hour! Still, both knew better than to complain and pulled on their swimsuits.

"Before you head home though, one more thing to remind you of your day at the beach."

He scooped up a large handful of sand and pulled open Rebecca's bikini bottoms, dumping it inside. He scooped another handful and did the same to Alex. He gave each a spank on the arse and walked off to his car.

It was going to be an uncomfortable walk, but both girls were pleased that they had made their master so happy, and gingerly walked up the beach as the sand grated against their cunts.

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