BDSM Library - Repaying a Debt to Goddess Danielle

Repaying a Debt to Goddess Danielle

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Synopsis: A man repays a financial debt to a cruel sadistic Dominatrix and her lesbian slave lovers


I live on a very large and secluded estate in Costa Rica, though I can't say that my life is easy, or that I'm sitting in the sun sipping a tall cool drink.  Quite the opposite actually. I had run afoul of the IRS and was $200,000 in tax debt. I was facing heavy fines and probable jail time which I was not prepared to serve. The only choice I felt I had was to call and ask a very wealthy acquaintance named Danielle, living in Costa Rica for help. I explained my situation to her and reluctantly asked her if she would be willing to help me and that I'd do anything I could to repay her over time.  To my utter astonishment she agreed. Danielle told me that she would pay my entire IRS debt and fly me to Costa Rica the following week provided I agree to only one condition of repayment.  Desperate, I told her over the phone that I'd live up to the repayment terms and thanked her profusely for her generosity. As agreed, the following Friday, there was a ticket in my name at the Costa Rican airline counter at LAX, and within 8 hours, I was standing at the gates of Danielle's enormous estate on the Costa Rican coast.

I had been acquainted with Danielle through an ex girlfriend of mine for 3 years, but we were never close friends, but kept in touch and occasionally got together when she visited Los Angeles. She is extremely wealthy after inheriting over a billion dollars of family assets. Danielle is 31, dark haired and very curvy with beautiful facial features, a stunning ass and large natural breasts.  Danielle is also a lesbian with multiple lovers whom she flies down to visit her or employs on her estate.  Like many super rich people, her sexual desires are very perverse and dark, probably because she and those like her owing to vast amounts of money can afford to indulge in any sexual situation they want and are shielded by lawyers and even governments as long as they pay off officials.

The car that was sent to meet me at the airport dropped me off at the entrance to her spacious home an then departed as quickly. I had no luggage as Danielle had told me that once I got to her home, everything I'd need would be provided. Wearing flip flops and loose fitting casual clothing I was let in by her maid Tonya, who to my astonishment was wearing only a micro bottom g-string and completely topless. Tonya was stunning, and to say that my cock didn't twitch would be a lie as I followed her into Danielle's large living room. There I found Danielle sitting on a large leather cushioned chair, naked. Between her open legs was her second maid Tosha, also naked and lovingly kissing and licking Danielle's smooth shaven pussy while fingering herself at the same time.

"I'm glad you came John. I almost expected to not to. You DO agree to fulfill the ENTIRE repayment requirement don't you John?" I replied that yes I agree to the condition she specified. With that she shooed Tosha off and told me to stand in front of her. "OK then, lets get started. You have agreed to become my prisoner, not my slave. Tonya and Tosha are my slaves. You aren't a slave because even in ancient Rome, slaves had rights. As my prisoner for this entire year you'll have no rights at all. I am free to do to you whatever I please, whenever I please, which you can be assured will be daily. First off you'll call me Goddess or Goddess Danielle only because thats what I'll be for you. I have every power imaginable over you including life itself. You'll obey every command I give with no hint of disobedience because honestly, I can have you killed and no questions will be asked, its that simple. Do you understand that?" "Yes Goddess" I replied. "Good. Next. As my prisoner you'll no longer be clothed, you'll be kept naked that's why I told you not to bring luggage, you won't have need of normal clothes. Prisoners are always kept naked and exposed. It adds to the embarrassment and humiliation factor. Tonya, Tosha. Take off his clothes, all of them, NOW. He's to be naked this instant.  STRIP HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!" she screamed.

I felt firm female hands pulling at tearing at my clothes, ripping and yanking at each seam. My cock instantly started to become erect as I stood in front of Goddess being stripped bare by Tonya and Tosha. I even sucked in a breath and shivered in exhilaration as Tosha's hands unzipped my pants while Tonya tore off my loose shirt and threw it to the floor. My cock sprung upward when Tosha had popped the button of my pants, and began pulling my pants down, first to my thighs, knees and then off completely. I stood before Goddess wearing only underpants and sporting a 3/4 erection. Suddenly and without warning, Tonya, from behind me grasped the waistband of my underpants and pulled them to the floor on one motion. My cock sprung down then sped upward slapping my lower abdomen and then bobbing and throbbing fully hard. There I stood, humiliatingly bare and naked in front of Goddess and Tonya and Tosha, while they smiled and admired my genitals, gawking and licking their lips in anticipation of what they'd like to do to be.

Tosha and Tonya were directed to stand on either side of me and hold my shoulders tightly, but touch nothing else on me. That didn't prevent them however from grazing their firm tits against my arms, just to tease me.  Goddess Danielle ordered me to clasp my hands behind my back as she explained how this would work for the next full year while I stood naked in front of her, my bare exposed penis rigid, standing, and pulsing and my ball sack tight.

She explained how I'd repay my debt to her in full. I'd be kept naked and fully exposed for the entire year. My new name was now "prisoner" or "captive" only. I was to have no privacy at all. Everything I did was to be done in a public way under Goddess Danielle's eyes and or the eyes of her two slaves. I was to be kept humiliated and embarrassed with no hope of male dignity.  She explained that both Tonya and Tasha were her submissive lesbian lovers, but enjoyed inflicting extreme pain on men. They were to be called "Miss Tonya" and "Miss Tosha" if I was to address them at all directly, the same as Goddess Danielle. I was to speak only when spoken to.  Goddess Danielle, Miss Tonya and Miss Tosha slept together in the Goddesses master bedroom. I was given a cell off her bedroom, but in full view of her bed itself, so I would be forced to listen or watch them have sex during the night, or occasionally in front my my cell to tease and torment me. Few men can resist being wildly turned on seeing 3 beautiful lesbians fuck and lick each other. My cell had a stone floor and walls with a thin mattress on the floor with a large drain grate in the center of the floor through which water flowed.  I was chained to the wall at night by my ankles. The cell was under 24 hour camera surveillance so everything I did would be recorded and played back later, and I'll now explain why.

Goddess Danielle instructed that I was never allowed to touch my genitals during the year,  that included jerking off and peeing. My cock, testicles, asshole, and rectum were exclusively her property alone. I was not allowed to cum without her permission, and when I was it would be painful, humiliating, and with extreme consequences. She explained that prisoners and acaptives existed for the pleasures of their captors only.  Each morning she would come to my cell. I was to kneel and kiss her pussy in submission when she entered.  The Goddess would then sit in a chair and I was to lie across her lap and be spanked over her knee across my naked bottom to her satisfaction. My body functions were to controlled and watched by the Goddess and her slaves. In order to pee, I was to be required to kiss her feet first, then kneel over the drain grate, hands behind my back while she or one of her slaves held my penis, commanding me to pee for them. Goddess Danielle or one of her slaves would then insert an enema up my ass and fill me while I still knelt over the drain and hold it until commanded to shit it out in front of them. It was repeated until it ran clear. I was not allowed to shit or pee like a normal man again.  Though they had a bathroom, at any time during the night, the Goddess or her slaves might enter my cell, wake me, kneel, kiss their pussy and allow them to release their hot pee all over me...or sometimes even worse. In short, I was a male toilet. This extended throughout the day as well. After I was emptied each morning, as a prisoner, I was taken outside and thoroughly hosed down, hands clasped behind my back while they scrubbed me top to bottom, that was my morning shower.

Goddess Danielle went on to say that throughout history, captives were kept in shame, bare and naked, filthy, sexually abused and tortured. I was to be no exception. I was apparently filling the place of a man who had a similar arrangement with the Goddess and her slaves. He'd attempted to re-neg on his deal, trying to escape the grounds and was caught. She invited numerous of her wealthy local friends to the estate. The man was tied to a frame and whipped across his back and bare ass by Miss Tonya and Tosha. He was tied to a wood cross with a sedile placed between his legs and a plastic electric probe attached to the sedile and slid into the mans rectum and attached to a hand held generator.  The cross was stood into the ground, with the man's genitals fully exposed for all to see. Goddess Danielle tied off and weighted the man's balls, then inserted a copper wire down his peehole and attached it to the generator. For the next 4 hours she electro tortured the man's rectum and penis without remorse as he screamed, wailed, cried and begged her to stop during which he'd peed 4 times, all in front of the Goddesses rich and by then very, very sexually charged friends. While current ran through his cock and rectum, she began inserting long needles into his shaft and testicles with particular emphasis placed onto the flared out head of his thoroughly tortured penis. Throughout all this torture, her friends had indulged themselves in a sexual orgy of their own in front of the cross with all manner of sex, especially deviant sex being performed by all through the man's ordeal. After 35 needles had been run through his cock and balls, she culminated by slicing off his testicles in full view of everyone. He was left on the cross to suffer overnight castrated with needles run through his penis, then executed the following morning and disposed of. All with no questions asked. You didn't go back on an agreement with her. It chilled me to know she had such power.

My role as Goddess Danielle's captive prisoner was to serve as a plaything for her and her rich friends as well as Miss Tonya and Tosha. I was to be tortured regularly using any creative scenarios she desired, medical, interrogation, prison escapee or sex toy. I was also to serve as a sexual treat for both her rich female and male friends, meaning I'd be commanded to sexually please them, whether it be worshiping pussy, suck and worship cock, lick and kiss their assholes, submit to my rectum to be fingered, strap on fucked or raw cock fucked up my ass and down my throat. I'd be trained to swallow cum or pee. I was also to be trained to become erect and fully hard on command as well as trained to resist cumming because being entertainment for Goddess or her friends was to challenge that despite their teasing my cock and balls, I'd be able to maintain orgasm and cum control, even though denied ejaculation for weeks at a time. To cum and orgasm during these games was to cum without permission which resulted in immediate and harsh torture, specifically cock and ball torture by not only Goddess Danielle, but any one of her friends that had managed to make me cum without permission.

I now understood pretty fully what my life was to be for the year until the debt was re-paid. Goddess Danielle commanded me to step before her between her open legs. She asked when the last time I'd jerked myself off and squirted my cum was and when the last time I was with a woman was. I told her that since my troubles started a month and a half ago, I hadn't even felt like jerking off or fucking a woman. She replied that that's too bad for me, since my balls must be full to capacity at this point.  She explained that she was going to give me permission to cum for the purpose of measuring how much cum I had in my balls and that I'd be completely drained in order to establish a baseline. I was to be spot checked to ensure that I hadn't cheated and jerked myself off without permission. Each spot check would be random throughout the year and that I was required to produce at least the same amount of cum as I was to ejaculate now or my penis and testicles would be brutally tortured. 

True to her word, cumming would not be pleasant. Goddess Danielle commanded me to mount the coffee table on all fours, ass high. She instructed the still naked Miss Tosh to place a beaker at the tip of my throbbing pulsing cock. Miss Tonya placed strap on over her barely covered pussy. Goddess explained that she would jerk me off into the beaker, while Miss Tosha held the beaker to catch my cum and fucked my ass with her fingers until she could get a fist up my rectum, without lubricant of course. I was to open my mouth and suck Miss Tonya's strap on and further, make no movements while I poured my cum into the beaker. The goddess squeezed my shaft hard and slowly stared to jerk me off as the dildo slid past my lips and began to throat fuck me. With no warning Miss Tosha's first two fingers forced their way into my anus pushing in and out. I was shaking and whimpering within seconds trying desperately not to move in utter humiliation and shame as well as sexual energy. I could feel my cock pulsing against Goddess' firm grip as her hand slowly worked up and down my straining penis. Miss Tosha withdrew her 2 fingers which was quickly replaced by 3 fingers and shoved hard pushing my body forward and the dildo deep into my mouth. My cock bucked twice as I could feel the build up to a massive ejaculation pouring out. Miss Tosha managed to get a 4th finger up my tortured rectum making me groan out in agonized anal pain. Goddess Danielle cooed and told me that she could feel my cum about to explode out. Goddess Danielle put her lef hand on the small of my back above my naked bottom to feel for movement. Even being mouth fucked I managed to cry out as my penis exploded against Goddesses relentless hard slow stroking.  I groaned like an animal, pouring jets of hot cum out in tides one after another into the beaker. Miss Tonya pulled the strap on out of my mouth, but Miss Toasha continued to slide 4 finger up my ass, trying to get her whole fist inside me. i was screaming like a bitch and wailing in pain and ecstasy continuing to pour out cum. As I began to slow Goddess screamed that I had more left and shifter her grip to the now overly sensitive tip of my cock. It made me instantly thrash upward, but Goddess left hand forced me back down while continuing her torturous stroking of my cock tip, draining out my balls into the beaker thoroughly. Miss Tosha suddenly pulled her hand out of my tortured anus, and cracked my bare bottom hard over and over again. Goddess spoke that I had failed her requirement not to move during my milking and this was a small taste of the torture to follow.. Goddess Danielle, finally satisfied that she'd milked me completely, let go of my penis and Miss Tosha stopped the merciless spanking.

I collapsed onto the coffee table sweating, shaking, drooling and shivering. my testicles and rectum in horrible torturous pain. Goddess told me that I'd managed to squirt nearly 2/3 of a cup of cum, and that I'd need to pour her at least that amount the next time I'd be spot milked.  Goddess said that she was going to the terrace, but that since I failed to stay still during the milking, Miss Tonya and Tosha were to take me to the lawn, shave my cock and balls, pee on me, tie me spread into an X between the two large palm trees, whip my penis and bottom and finally apply deep heating rub to my hanging shaft, pee slit, testicles, and anus every 10 minutes for two hours because she'd enjoy listing to my cries and suffering while she read and sipped wine.

I stood utterly humiliated while her lesbian slaves slathered my genitals and shaved me clean.  They reveled in my shame at forcing me to kneel kiss their pussy's as they released their bladders peeing hot urine down my back and chest. While Goddess watched happily, I was led and tied to the palm trees on her spacious lawn in full view of the cross where her former captive had been crucified, tortured, castrated and executed.  I screamed out loud when the small whips bit into my ass and tangled around my limp, hanging, shaven cock and. My genitals took the whip for 25 strokes before soft female hands soaked in hot deep heating rub, found their way into my anus, around my penis, testicles and into my pee hole. I cried and wailed like a girl, drooled, begged, and peed twice between heating rub applications as I was mercilessly tortured for more than an hour.

The first two months of captivity to Goddess Danielle was complete culture shock from leading a normal everyday life to complete captivity and ownership at the hands of a sensual, but cruel, wicked and extremely perverse woman and her lesbian slaves.  Other than sleeping in my dank cell at night (which was under video surveillance), I was rarely out from under female eyes. Almost everything I did was under their intense scrutiny. It had taken me some time to get used to being naked and exposed 24 hours a day, but slowly I resigned myself to knowing that I be always be nude for the next full year. Whats much harder to reconcile is the abject humiliation, embarrassment, and shame of being kept a prisoner, especially a prisoner to truly sexually deviant women with absolutely no control of even my basic body functions. In addition to this, came the routine sexual games, teases, and inevitable, almost daily perverse punishments and tortures that I had to endure.

Each night, the Goddess or Miss Tonya or Tosha took me to my cell and roughly chained me to the wall, shackled at both ankles and my hands behind my back so I couldnt touch myself during the night with enough length so that I could lie on the dingy mattress I was allowed as a bed. I was generally slapped while I was being shackled, or sometimes spanked over a knee right before. Occasionally they even urinated on me once I was securely chained, and left me to sleep piss soaked. During the night I had to contend with listening to the three of them voilently have sex. Hearing cries and screams of repeated lesbian orgasms and pleading for more only served to heighten my sexual frenzy since I was never allowed to cum without Goddesses Danielles permission. Listening to the throes of female passion, Id often remain hard on and off throughout the night I found myself gently fucking my mattress but being careful not to orgasm because it would stain the mattress. A dead giveaway that I had cheated and cum without permission that would certainly bring on hours of intense agonizing tortures, not to mention that the cell was under constant video. My sexual frustration was incomprehensible even at this early point.

Miss Tonya or Tosha frequently would unchain me in the morning. Miss Tonya I preferred because she was more erotic and sensual than Miss Tosha. Id once overheard them in conversation where Miss Tonya told Miss Tosha that she loved my strong body and loved torturing my genitalia, especially my penis but not cause any harsh damage because she really wanted to feel my cock inside her, even though she preferred pussy. In reality, Miss Tonya was bi-sexual rather than a dedicated lesbian. Miss Tosha on the other hand was a sadistic lesbian.

When Miss Tonya arrived, Id kneel as usual and kiss her pussy as required, then kiss her feet and humbly ask permission for her to allow me to pee in front of her. Shed have me kneel over the drain grate, she held my flaccid penis then gently tell me to start peeing as she watched the stream. If my cock started to harden with her touch, shed have me stop peeing (which isnt easy for a man) until I was fully erect, then lie on my back while she held my hardened shaft and directed the urine on my chest and face. Miss Tonya told me that controlling a mans body functions was one her favorite fetishes. When she shook the last drops from my pee hole, she always gave my enslaved cock a few brief strokes as if to tell me she cared. Miss Tonya was also the easiest with my thrice daily enemas. Miss Tonya slid the hose evenly up my ass to fill me and when my expelled water ran clear, she almost always cupped my naked balls and finger fucked my rectum for a minute or so giving me some sexual relief which almost always caused my hanging cock to bob, stand and pulse madly making her coo and smile.

Miss Tosha was a brutal lesbian who disliked men and was totally devoted to Goddess Danielle. I dreaded Miss Toshas nighttime chainings and morning arrivals. As required Id kiss miss Toshas pussy, then her feet and ask her permission to empty my bladder for her. Often shed refuse telling me to hold my piss for an hour more to make me suffer. Once when Goddess Danielle was away for the week, Miss Tosha made certain to attend to me personally night and morning. Each morning during that week, she un shackled me, ordered me to worship her pussy and bare feet on my knees for 10 minutes, all the while my bladder straining to empty. Afterward, Miss Tosha spanked my cock until it glowed red. She weighted my testicles with a parachute harness and 5 pounds, attached binder clips to the flared edges of my cock tip and held my tortured and tormented penis with slip jointed pliers and told me a prisoner should pee in pain. Often, she had me piss on my mattress so Id sleep on the mornings pee that night. During the week, while she observed this agonizing morning ritual, Miss Tosha would tell me her fantasies of torturing a prisoner to death, or place a hot brazier between a hanging captives legs and attach a metal ball weight on a chain in the coals to slowly sear his testicles as the coals heated the chain and insert hot needles through his penis, cumming to his agonized screams. Miss Tosha made certain to force the enema nozzle up my ass and forced me to hold it until it just poured out of my asshole from anal muscle failure. She always ended my enemas not with a finger fuck, but rather forcing all her fingers up my tortured ass, fist fucking me. I hated her.

Goddess Danielle though was truly terrifying at times. Where Miss Tosha told me her fantasies, Goddess Danielle actually performed them on me regularly. On so many occasions my asshole flexed every time she even raised her voice. She could be sweet and teasingly erotic one moment, and a raging tyrant inflicting the most intense and creative pain and agony on me the next minute at her whim. Early on, shed ordered me to kneel before her as she sat in a leather chair. She stretched out an exquisitely beautiful bare foot (I have a total female foot fetish) and placed the bridge of her foot under my balls. Goddess Danielle gently told me to get a hard erection for her because she enjoyed watching a mans cock pulse until it stood and throbbed as if in worship to her power. She smiled and cooed watching my penis bob and rise until it stood completely erect as I knelt in front of her. “Fuck my leg prisoner. Fuck it like a pussy you filthy animal.” She whispered sweetly. I shimmied a bit and placed my cock against her flesh and started to slide my penis up and down her bare shin. Over and over, up and down I slid my pulsing cock in rhythmic motions. Each time I started to fuck her leg upwardly, she pressed her shin firmer against the underside of my cock, with each pull downward, she pushed the bridge of her delicate foot into my balls, gently massaging them while I fucked her leg. I could feel my tension building and I started to moan. “Prisoner, dont cum, you hold your cum damnit. Dont you dare pour it on my leg.” her voice spoke sharply. “Oh God, God, God, God, no no no noooooooo I c c c cant hold it G G God Goddess. Uhhhhhhhhh NOOOOOOO.” I started pouring my hot semen in torrents up her leg and as I did I kept fucking her gorgeous leg the entire time, rubbing my cock into my own cum for sexual gratification.

Goddess Danielle exploded in rage kicking me in the balls, I fell sideways in a fetal position crying and babbling how sorry I was while cowering in fear and pain. The Goddess screamed for a knife, she screamed to get her a knife so she could cut my penis off right then and there. “Ill leave you with nothing but hanging balls and no cock you fucking piece of worthless male shit! How dare you cum and how fucking dare you cum on MEEEEEE!” Her face was white hot with rage. After nearly 10 minutes of raging, screaming, spitting and kicking me on the floor, while Miss Tosha snickered, Miss Tonya finally calmed Goddess Danielle.  Miss Tosha suggested a fate similar to the previous captive, however, Miss Tonyas calm demeanor prevailed. She suggested to Goddess Danielle that shed hang me spread open, rape my ass for the rest of afternoon, whip my cock and attach a plastic lunch bag of fire ants to my penis and balls, then stake me outside on the lawn for the night. Reluctantly Goddess Danielle agreed, much to Miss Toshas disappointment, especially when the Goddess ordered Miss Tosha to run her a bath and wash her thoroughly because Miss Tosha really wanted to be the one to torture me, and I suspect, to death. I could have kissed Miss Tonya.

While Goddess Danielle and Miss Tosha walked to the Goddesss bedroom to have a luxurious bath run to wash my cum from her leg and foot and be pampered and sexually pleasured by Miss Tosha, Miss Tonya led me outside to what awaited me. Miss Tonya gently cupped my bare bottom while she walked me through the mansions rooms and on to the patio. My drained balls and limp cock bobbed, swayed, and flopped with each step I took. My head was bowed in shame and I sobbed quietly, tears running down my cheeks in fear of what was next to occur.

She stopped me on the patio and told me to sit down quietly. Miss Tonya spoke softly “Prisoner, the Goddess is on the other side of the mansion and getting in her bath by now, well out of earshot. I have to tell you, it makes me so truly horny to see you like this, naked, crying, and terrified of what Im going to do. I dont hate men like Tosha, but I do enjoy the power of making men suffer.  I probably saved you by speaking up. The Goddess would have cut your cock off and hung it around your neck. Now. The Goddess wants to hear you scream and cry. You know I have to torture you and you know Im really going to get off doing it, especially torturing your penis and your lovely swollen balls. Im gonna cum...alot. I want you to know that I DO love your cock. Its long, thick and very pleasant to look at and touch. I love your round balls too and the way your balls hang between your legs. It really turns me on when you get hard while I hold your penis when you piss in the mornings that I let you out of the cell. I want to feel you in my pussy. Since the Goddess and Tosha are occupied for the next half hour or so, and since youve already drained your balls, Im not worried that youll squirt much and you wont be spot milked for a few days. So spread your legs for me, Im gonna get on your lap and grind fuck you. Ill help relieve you whenever I can, but understand, I also have to be cruel and merciless with you. If you were MY captive, it would be alot different.” She nodded and winked at me.

Miss Tonya, a tall woman with long red hair, blue eyes, a stunning face with the sultriest mouth Ive ever seen, and the body of a statue, untied her bikini top. Her hard natural 36D tits spilled out. She slid her micro bikini bottom off exposing her smooth pussy. It was beautiful, perfect even, and her flesh emanated the scent of Victorias Secret perfume. Miss Tonya stepped her legs around my lap. She reached down backward and pulled my penis up while she squatted and placed the tip against her clit. I felt my cock jerk almost instantly in her hand. Miss Tonya then slowly slid down the length of my hardening cock until she was sitting straddling my lap. In utter astonishment, I felt her pussy muscles contract around my half hard cock. Id never felt such a grip around my penis before. Miss Tonya squeezing her pussy around my shaft slowly moved her hips up, cooing as she did in delight and pleasure. “MMMMM....Prisoner, your cock feels better than I even expected...MMMMMM...yessssss.” She raised herself completely off my shaft until again, my now hard cock touched her clit. Then just as slowly, she slid her warm soaked pussy back down my length and ground into my lap. Miss Tonyas pussy continued to squeeze my penis while she rhythmically grinded me up and down. With each upward and downwad motion, she cooed, moaned and panted harder and harder. I could tell that shed already orgasm-ed a half dozen times over the 15 minutes shed been riding me. “Prisoner, go ahead and let it out for me, but be quiet.” she whispered in my ear. I buried my face into her shoulder and let my cock start pumping deep inside her while she squeezed hard shaft even harder grinding her ass into my thighs.

It felt magnificent. She was magnificent. Id never been fucked like this before, never felt such vaginal strength around my penis before. Miss Tonyas pussy was exquisite. My cock pumped over and over, blasting, but blasting almost nothing since Id poured out my cum a half hour earlier over Goddess Danielles leg and foot. I was having an intense almost dry orgasm that lasted a few minutes until she could feel my muscles relax. Miss Tonya sensing that I was completely spent slowly raised herself up and stopped when she felt my cock tip. She squeezed the insanely sensitive head of my cock with her pussy muscles and suddenly pulled herself off it. I swear it almost let out an audible pop when my cock came out of her. I was exhausted and my head lolled on my chest. Miss Tonya, took my hair, raised my head and smiled with her beautiful mouth sensually at me. Without warning Miss Tonya slapped me hard across the right cheek and sneered “Captive, next time I decide to fuck you, youd better suck and worship my tits too. Now its time for me to torture you, the Goddess will want to hear you scream and beg for mercy.” She smiled again. In my exhaustion all I could do was nod my head yes and mouth a semi mute “Thank you Miss Tonya.”

I was in a sort of haze, Id had the best fuck Id ever had and I felt truly touched by Miss Tonyas caring for me and my plight. I think at that moment, I really embraced my captivity and began to relish it. Although beholden to Goddess Danielle by my financial debt that I was re-paying in spades, down inside, I wanted to please Miss Tonya, to earn her love and affection, give myself to her in every way and her every sexual whim and desire to truly become her captive prisoner in body and emotion.  She left her micro bikini off, grabbed my hair roughly and walked me to a metal frame on the spacious lawn. She intended to torture me naked, which I was grateful for because as I said earlier, she had a body to die for. Though in something of a daze and thoroughly spent, She shoved me under the frame by my pulled hair. Miss Tonya had me put both wrists together and raise them above my head and strapped into a leather harness hanging from a bar. Miss Tonya ordered me to spread my legs as wide as possible, then bent and strapped each ankle to the ends of metal bar lying on the grass. Miss Tonya stepped to a ratcheted crank wheel on the side of the frame and began to hoist me off the grass. The straps bit into my flesh as I could feel myself briskly being raised higher and higher until my feet, attached to the spreader bar hung 3 feet off the grass and I was swaying back and forth lightly to the limits of the upper and lower bars.  she then walked back to the patio, opened a small outdoor closet removing a bunch of implements that she placed on a small folding table and brought back to the frame.

Miss Tonya stood naked in front of me, hands on her curved hips, her tight stomach gently defined with a six pack so that even with my chin resting on my chest, I could drink in her luscious beauty and contemplate what was about to happen. “Prisoner. What do you want? Tell me exactly what you want.” she spoke gently.  Barely audibly I replied “Miss Tonya, please, please torture me. Torture me however you want. Whip my cock, whip my balls, whip my ass. Make me scream for mercy but dont give me any. Please dont stop even when I plead for it. I want to please you. I want you to take me and make me suffer for you. I want to be yours Miss Tonya, pleassssseeeee, pleasssssseeeee I begged.” and I began to cry softly. It felt so indescribably liberating  and sexually humiliatingto release all my inner emotions and totally offer myself to a beautiful bi-sexual Dominatrix.

“Prisoner, I do intend to torture you without remorse, and I wont stop until Im satisfied. Captive, you WILL suffer agony at my hands, and Ill do more than youve asked for believe me, but youll recover soon enough, Im not going to inflict any real damage to you. Lets start with your balls and ass first. Im going to rape your ass, hard and brutally.” I simply nodded my head yes in reply.  Miss Tonya took a metal collar with a chain from the table. She walked between my legs and grasped my hanging testicles attaching the collar above my scrotum. She reached back, took a 4 pound steel ball and attached it to a hook on the chain. I instantly let out a deep low and long groan as my already aching testicles stretched and pulled downward under the weight. Miss Tonya then retrieved and 9 inch rubber cock and stick from the table. She screwed the cock to the stick and said “Lets slam fuck your lovely asshole captive.”  Miss Tonya knelt down, placed the tip of the rubber cock against my anus pausing for a few seconds and then hissed “Here we go.”  Miss Tonya, grasping the stick with both hands forced the dry rubber cock all the way up my ass, filling me so totally that I thought it was going to come out my mouth. I let out a loud “Uggggggggghhhhhhh arrrrrggghhhhhhh” as it tore through my anus and up my rectum. “MMMMMMM” she sighed. Miss Tonya pulled it out just as quickly and forced it up once more. Again I my mouth let out an even louder, longer “UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.” Miss Tonya again withdrew the cock and then over and over with great strength pounded it up my ass time after time without let up. She raped my ass so hard, jamming the cock in and out of me that it actually lifted my hanging body causing the ball weight to jump up and down yanking on my stretched testicles with each violent shove up my ass. All I could utter was a prolonged “UUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH UGGGHHHHHHHHH” that only paused for me to suck in a breath and be repeated over and over. Miss Tonya pulled the cock out of my ass and threw it aside on the lawn.

She stood looking at me and said “Captive, do you know your cock is almost standing? You must LOVE having your ass fucked. Let me get your beautiful penis the rest of the way up for you.”  Miss Tonya walked closer and placed her soft hand below the flared head of my cock, and lightly stroked only my cockhead. I bucked and twitched violently feeling the incredible sensation on the tip of my cock. My penis immediately went fully erect. Panting, heaving, exhausted, and sweat soaked from the Costa Rican sun I said in a hoarse voice “I want to be hard for you Mi, Mi, Misssss Tonya. I wan, wan, wan, want to make you hah happy. Plea, plea please t, t, tort, wh whip my cock and my balls, pleeeaaasssee” I begged her. as she still stroked my cock tip. I opened my eyes and saw that while she teased my cock head with her right hand, she was playing with her clit using her left. It was just then, exhausted as I was and with little muscle strength left I let out a loud “NOOOOOO, NOOOOO, NOOOOOOOO. Suddenly from my tortured, agonized and stretched rectum, I began to shit on the lawn and then small drops of pee began to dribble from my erect cock onto Miss Tonyas hand until I starting peeing in a stream of urine I couldnt help it. I couldnt stop it. It was utterly humiliating. I blubbered in shame crying hard tears as shit fell out of my asshole and pee poured from my cock. This made Miss Tonya incredibly horny. While I was shitting on the grass, she held my penis and put the pee stream onto her tits letting it run down her stomach and legs and she screamed aloud “OH MY GODDDDD YESSSSSSSS, YESSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!” driving her fingers harder onto her clit masterbating, she yelled again “FUCCCKKKK YEEEESSSSSSS MOTHER FUCKER YESSSSSSS!!!” and squirted two massive waves of hot female ejaculate onto the grass mixing with my piss dripping from her gorgeous body. I lifted my head enough to see that Goddess Danielle was sitting on a lounge chair with Miss Tonya kneeling beside her licking, kissing and sucking the Goddesses tits and nipples while the Goddess masterbated herself with a vaginal/anal vibrator. She had witness almost the entire spectacle of my anal raping and loss of body function control.

“Captive, youve given me great pleasure so far, but were not finished yet, weve only just started your tortures.” She announced. “Im not done with your bottom yet.” “Are you g, g, gon gonna whip my ass Miss T, T, Tonya.” I answered meekly. “No captive, youll wish I whipped your bare ass though. Im gonna do even worse. Believe me you wont want to sit for a day.” Miss Tonya then affixed a restraint around my chest and abdomen. “This will keep you from thrashing too much so I can concentrate on this task prisoner.” She went back to the small folding table before me and picked up a small plastic container then walked behind me. I didnt feel it at first, but shed taken a pin from the container and stuck a third of its length into my naked exposed bottom. My ass immediately clenched and flexed. “OWWWWWWW, OWWWWWW, OUCCCHHHH” I let out. She repeated the pinning process randomly across both sides of my stinging ass “AHHHHHH GOOODDDD stop, stop, stop paaaalllleeeaasssse stop” I cried out as the collar around my tormented testicles bit into my scrotum and the 4 pound ball pulled, swung, spun, and agonized my stretched testicles even more. “Prisoner you told me not to stop even if you begged, and in any case I dont answer to your captive ass anyway, so Im just gonna keep on inserting them. The Goddess is watching and I told you I had to be cruel occasionally. Just be thankful its not going in your cock, though thatll probably happen another time. Hold still and take it like a man” she laughed. Over and over they penetrated my bottom until what must have been 30 pins jutted from my now tortured ass. All the while I thrashed as best I could in pain in the restraints and wailed and cried aloud. “MMMMMMM captive, Im done decorating your ass. I know it hurts, Itll hurt even more when they come out. Just a friendly warning.” By this point I was simply panting and grunting.

Miss Tonya walked before me and looked both surprised and delighted that my cock was still three quarters hard. “Youve pretty much managed to keep yourself up for me. Thats very very good.” Thank, Thank, Thank you Mis, Mi, Miss Tonya. I want to please you, make, make you happy with me.” I spit out. She replied “I know you do prisoner, I appreciate that. Now, Im gonna torture your penis. Im gonna whip your cock and balls just like you asked for. Lets see if you get any harder for me. Please try to get harder captive.” said Miss Tonya. She stepped forward and released the collar and weight from my aching testicles and dropped it in the grass into the mix of pee and ejaculate.

Miss Tonya took a short 4 tasseled whip from the table stood back and began joyfully striking it against my hardening cock then alternating striking upward onto my hanging balls. Over and over, up and down the whip bit into my naked tormented genitalia. Whenever the whip tassels wound around my erect penis, Miss Tonya would pull it sharply off causing my cock to pull downward, then race back upward once the tassels freed themselves and it slapped against my lower abdomen. Miss Tonya told me later that 25 this happened. 25 whip strikes each on my tortured penis and balls. I was wailing, screaming and crying like a girl, thrashing and grinding against my restraints hanging naked being cock and ball whipped. Saliva and drool ran down my chin, chest and stomach and Id peed twice more, though only a small amount each time before I passed out. I woke to water being sprayed on me from the outdoor hose. My cock and balls were on fire and my bottom felt like a hundred bee stings from where Miss Tonya removed the pins from my ass. I was lying on the grass near where I shit and pissed earlier.

Miss Tonya looked down at me and said “Were not done quite yet captive, you still have one more cock and ball torture left to go. Youve made me happy. Ive never cum this many times torturing a man before. Youve done well, I mean it. Just one more ordeal. I was still shackled in an upside down Y to the upper and lower bars laying on the ground. Miss Tonya and Tosha both dragged me a several feet away, then staked the bars to the grass. Though nearly dead with exhaustion, I was ecstatic that I had managed to please the beautiful, cruel Miss Tonya. Miss Tonya returned from the table carrying 2 plastic lunch bags. She slid one over my still half hard penis and snapped a band over the base of my cock, sealing the bag, then did the same to my testicles snapping the elastic band over my scrotum. Within seconds my already thoroughly tortured cock and balls felt pain like never before. Miss Tonya spoke firmly. “These are the fire ants I suggested this to the Goddess and She heartily liked the idea. You need to endure this if you want to keep your cock attached. The Goddess is still angry, but alot happier now that youve suffered so much pain and torment. Ill leave you here while Tosha and I fuck, but Ill be back to remove the bags soon enough and perhaps, even massage your penis, maybe with my feet even.” She winked at me and turned walking away probably smiling through my animalistic screams, howls, and pleadings to stop, to go and fuck Miss Tosha.

Since being so thoroughly being tortured by Miss Tonya, my routine of captivity for the next month settled into being trained to resist cumming to extreme sexual stimulation. Goddess Danielle each day, randomly during the day would have me kiss her pussy, worship her beautiful feet with my mouth and tongue, then stand before her and get myself hard while the Goddess and her slaves watched in delight. The Goddess would have the beautiful Miss Tonya undress and either take my cock in her warm, wet luxurious mouth and unbelievably talented tongue or her in supple, silky hand to tease my hard pulsing penis and balls into pouring out my cum. To which I was immensely grateful. It was a game of mental discipline. During the first week, Id managed to hold my cum and control orgasming no more than a few minutes before my cock exploded into Miss Tonyas mouth, face or hand. When I pumped my load, Goddess Danielle always flew into a wild rage because that was considered releasing without her permission and I was subsequently tortured at the hands of Miss Tosha, who never left me less than begging and pleading to have my balls or cock sliced off. When I failed through Miss Tonyas mouth or hand, shed do her best to swallow my full load or milk my balls dry. If for no other reason than because she cared enough to give me some measure of sexual pleasure knowing that my genitals would shortly be tortured with no mercy given and Id be left a blubbering crying, piss and shit stained heap on the torture chamber floor.

When I failed, I was given to Miss Tosha, who relished my failures. She half dragged me to the torture chamber giddy in anticipation. The Goddess and Miss Tonya always followed to watch. Although Miss Tonya loved me on some level at that point I think, she was nonetheless turned on by watching me tortured and agonized. For that matter, she enjoyed watching any man or woman endure that. As became the routine torture for failing the orgasm and cum control test, I knew to sit on a V shaped seat against the torture chamber stone all, with a small protruding sedile in the center to which was attached an 8 inch plastic dildo. I turned my back to the seat and slowly sat until the tip of the dildo touched my anus, then Id have to slide myself the rest of the way down allowing the dildo to painfully slide inside me and impale my rectum until my bottom touched the V and all 8 inches was buried up my ass. This left my penis and testicles completely hanging and exposed in the center of the V. Miss Tonya would then secure my legs to the chair legs, arms to the arm rests and chest to the chair back totally immobilizing me from nearly any body movement.  Miss Tosha would then attach wires underneath the dildo. She wrapped copper wire the length of my penis from tip to base and also wrap each of my balls in copper wire. Finally, Miss Tosha would grab my penis, force a quarter inch wide stainless steel probe into my pee hole and shove it down through my burning urethra. Each implement would be connected to a master electrical controller. Miss Tosha excelled at electrically torturing a prisoners genitals and anus. She learned this skill Miss Tonya later told me by working as a young sadistic Government Torturess for a corrupt South American dictatorship for 5 years. In that time shed wired both men and womens genitals and knew how to cause incredible pain at the flip of a switch.

Miss Tosha was Guatemalan woman of 30. She had lush dark brown hair, brown eyes and tanned brown skin. She stood 67 inches in height, about the same as Miss Tonya. Miss Toshas tits were smaller than Miss Tonyas, perhaps a 34C and her pussy was also smoothly shaven and luxurious. Like Miss Tonya, shed had electrolysis done between her legs so she was always smooth and silky. I think it was Goddess Danielles requirement for her female slaves. However, Miss Tosha was a devoted lesbian who disliked men. She was a female supremacist who believed that all men were beneath her and a mans only uses were sperm donors, slaves and torture toys.

I really hated her because I knew that while Miss Tonya loved the eroticism of being a Dominatrix, Miss Tosha truly loved to inflict pain, agony and intense suffering on her playthings. During the week that Goddess Danielle was away, as I mentioned earlier, Miss Tosha administered to me each morning and night in my cell. Shed tell me the things she had done in the past to men and women. Miss Tosha took care to tell me how she had cut the balls off 7 men, had once shoved 12 metal rods down a prisoners urethra then whipped his penis raw, tied off each testicle and attached binder clips to his taut scrotum and fist fucked him until hed confess to being a Martian. She told me she also held a table strapped prisoners cock and made small knife cuts all over it, doused it in alcohol, shoved a glass rod down his urethra and then snapped the rod. In the end, hed cut his own cock off with the knife she cut his penis with. She made me shiver because I knew she wanted to do those things to me. Im sure that Miss Tonya only stood in her way because Goddess Danielle allowed Miss Tosha a lot of leeway with men and women, but Miss Tonya was a voice of reason.

Goddess walked between my legs and glanced down at my wired genitals and said “Prisoner, youll learn to hold your cum an not squirt until I command it, no matter how much your cock is teased. You WILL learn.” She hissed. Goddess Danielle looked at Miss Tosha and said “BEGIN NOW!!” Immediately Miss Tosha flipped a switch on the controller and I felt a surge of electric current blast through my rectum and begin to pulse, almost humming. My body tensed and I sucked in a deep breath. The current next slowly started at the tip of my penis and gradually increased in intensity slowly traveling the length of my cock making it shoot upward and stand straining hard with veins bulging. I began to shake and again I tensed. Just then the electricity bit into my wired testicles making me groan out loud and tense even further. Finally, Miss Tosha dialed up the intensity of the final circuit and my entire urethra exploded in searing electric pain. “AHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD, FUCKKKK, FUCCCKKKK...AHHHHHHHHH FUCK, STOP, STOP IM SORRY SO SORRY.....AHHHHHHHH.” I screamed, saliva rolling down my chin. I was violently shaking as the circuits varied automatically in intensity by themselves and my bladder emptied with the pressure of hot pee building around the edges of the urethral probe and exploding out from my tortured pee slit like a fountain from my hard throbbing straining electrocuted cock. I cried, screamed, blubbered and peed over and over as the currently electro tortured my naked genitals and rectum. This went on for a half hour or so. Miss Tosha grinned and smiled.  Shed slid Goddess Danielles leather panties down and was finger fucking her with unbridled passion. Goddess Danielle was simply moaning and grinding her pussy into Miss Toshas fingers. Miss Tonyas face looked like she was being fucked intensely. Her eyes were half rolled back and she was riding her own fingers and squirming in her chair. 

Goddess Danielle whispered “Enough pet, lets try him again.” Miss Tosha looked disappointed but slowly wound the current down. Miss Tosha yanked the probe out of my pee hole causing me more intense pain and then unwound the wires from my cock and balls. Miss Tonya released my bindings and with each woman holding my shoulders, hoisted me off the dildo and threw my exhausted, spent body to the stone floor. “Take him outside, hose him off, then bring him back inside. Were gonna try this all over again. Tonya, suck his cock this time for 15 minutes and lets see if hes learned not to squirt. Tosha, get ready to re-run this little exercise again” said Goddess Danielle. Both women dragged my limp electro tortured body through the chamber and outside on the lawn where Miss Tonya rinsed me completely off, with Miss Tosha returning to the chamber to clean her torture instruments for their next use, which was to be an hour later.

Over the next 2 weeks the instruction in cum control was repeated 6 times a day. With each day I managed to last longer and longer before spilling my load onto Miss Tonya and each time my genitals were electro tortured for failing by Miss Tosha. Finally by the last week of the 3rd month, I was able to hold myself and didnt orgasm at all even though Miss Tonya spent more than 30 minutes each time working my cock and balls with her mouth, hands, lubricants and toys, My balls ached so badly and I was crazed with sexual fantasies. On the last occasion after Miss Tonya was unable to make me pour out my by now totally built up cum, Goddess Danielle told Miss Tonya to milk me to check my measure of cum and Miss Tosha to get ready for some much needed violent lesbian sex. Miss Tonya replied “Yes my Goddess, Id also like to take the prisoner outside, I need to pee and shit an Id like to do it on him, then lounge by the pool and have him worship my feet, pussy and tits on his knees for an hour and finally hang him by the balls.” “MMMMMM, Yes my sweet pet, that sounds just fine, when youre done, come join us, I want you to submit your body to Tosha and I later, I havent tortured your pussy in ages, but Ill torture Toshas first” said the Goddess. “As you wish Goddess.” Tonya replied as Goddess Danielle disappeared to her bedroom.

Miss Tonya grabbed a tuft of my hair and commanded me to walk outside with her. I was confused as to why she didnt prepare me to be cock milked. We got to the side of the mansion and Miss Tonya stopped me suddenly with a jerk. Still holding my hair she spoke “Prisoner, Im about to take huge risk with you. If the Goddess found out what Im about to do, Id be in the chamber hanging by my tits from the ceiling. I want you to undress me and FUCK me up my ass and I want you to cum in my ass, but you need to be quiet. do you understand clearly prisoner?” I replied that I understood her clearly. Miss Tonya then said “When youve cum up my ass, I do intend to pee on you and pour your cum back out of my ass on you. Then you WILL kiss and lick my toes, pussy and tits and worship my body by the pool and be assured, you will hang by your balls while the Goddess takes me. Shes right its been far too long since shes tasted me. Now undress me prisoner.”

In seconds Id had her naked, she spit on my cock and rubbed it and then turned and braced herself against the outside central AC compressor, ass outward. “Fuck my ass now while I play with myself.” She hissed with my cock straining to enter her backside I held her hips and touched her anus and slowly started to push my penis up her luscious ass. She moaned and groaned in delight and once I was all the way inside her, her anal muscles clenched tight around my shaft and she whispered “Fuck me hard now, dont stop until your finished cumming” Immediately I complied. I strained against her rectum shoving up and down, over and over, harder and harder and each time I did, I met with more resistance from her clenched anus making it more difficult to fuck her. After 5 minutes of rhythmic fucking I felt my cock twitch and whispered in her ear that I was going to start cumming. “Do it” she whispered “Ive already cum 3 times feeling your cock up my ass. I grunted and simply started pouring my load deep up inside her filling her rectum full of my load. I felt like I poured a gallon of cum up Miss Tonyas ass. I told her I was finished and slid my drained cock out of her beautiful ass. All the while she maintained her anal muscles tight around my cock until I was out of her. She was holding my cum up her ass except for a few drops that leaked out. “Lay down on the grass prisoner.” She said. “Yes Miss Tonya” I replied. The red haired hard bodied beauty straddled me and then let go of her bladder and unclenched her anus. Hot pee and my own hot cum poured out all over me. She moved up and down my body making sure I was thoroughly soaked by her piss and my cum pouring from her ass. “MMMMMMM Captive, that was nice. Your cock felt wonderful and it makes me so hot to piss and dump your cum back all over you.” I said back to her “Thank you Miss Tonya, I want to please, serve you, and be completely yours” Miss Tonya spoke back “I know that prisoner, I love you and feel the very same. Someday youll be all mine to own my captive fuck, now lick my asshole clean.” As she squatted over my face. “When your done, lets walk to the pool, my feet need to feel your lips, mouth and tongue and do does my pussy and tits.”   

Miss Tonya led me sticky with my drying cum and her hot pee on me to the pool side where she laid on a lounger and stretched out her naked statuesque body to tan.  “Start licking and kissing my toes prisoner, then work your way all the up to my tits. While youre busy worshiping me Im to tell you something. Goddess Danielle is having 2 of her wealthy girlfriends over tomorrow and one is bringing her male slave. You are going to be the entertainment for their luncheon. The Goddess has challenged her friends that for 10 minutes apiece of teasing your cock and balls, they cant make you cum. Each woman believes she can. Now. Youre going to lose either way. If either makes you cum, the woman that does will get to torture you far into the night and the Goddess will have Tosha torture your penis, cut it off then open your ball sack and remove each of your testicles one at a time while you watch and the Goddess herself shoves hot irons up your ass for making the Goddess look bad in front of her friends. You know Ill have to help them destroy your cock, balls and asshole too. She doesnt lose often or well. If they cant make you cum in the time given then the Goddess wants her friends male slave to rape and fuck you while we all watch, I really want to see you suck cock and swallow a mans load. I want to watch you take his cock up your ass. I so love to watch men fuck each other. I want you to succeed but its a hard challenge. Thats why I had you fuck my ass and drain your balls in me and why I intend to hang you by the balls, to torture them once more just in case you do fail and lose the bet for Goddess Danielle.”

True to her word, within the hour Miss Tonya had my ankles strapped to the spreader hanging by my testicles just enough that my toes could reach the ground and relieve the pressure of half my body weight pulling my balls upward for a few moment until muscle failure set in and Id hang by my tortured scrotum and balls until I recovered muscle strength. While I contemplated tomorrows bet, Miss Tonya was submitting her pussy to the Goddess and making violent love with the Goddess and Miss Tosha leaving me to hang.

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