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The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James: A Summer Vacation

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Synopsis: Mrs Henderson sends her submissive lodger to an old friends very special Summer School. Her classmates, a group of foreign teenage boys, together with the male and female staff at the School subject Lisa to the most humiliating seven days of her life.
This story is totally fictitious and intended for adults only. For those who
cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality please leave. Author retains the
copyright of this work. If you wish to use this story elsewhere other than for
your own personal enjoyment please ask for the author's express permission.
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The  Continuing  Adventures  of  Lisa  James  :  A  Summer  Vacation

Chapter  One  :  An evening meal

          It was a black Porsche Carrera with personalized plates and it was
sitting in Mrs Henderson's drive. The area in front of the Victorian detached
house was large enough to accommodate several vehicles so Lisa James easily
drove her car into the space at the side of it. She whistled softly, it was
immaculate and a car like that certainly wasn't cheap. Whoever owned it was
inside and she was more than a little intrigued to find out who it was. Her
landlady's friends were numerous, she had a very active social life but as far
as Lisa could remember she'd never mentioned anyone that owned a sports car. The
drive home from work had been uneventful, the roads fairly quiet for a Tuesday
evening so she'd made the journey in thirty minutes.

          Living with Mrs Henderson had proved to be a revelation for Lisa. She
would never have believed that six months ago she'd have allowed a middle aged
woman to totally control her life. It was an arrangement that both of them
enjoyed for very different reasons. Lisa had always known she harbored
masochistic tendencies but meeting Jean Henderson had released them with an
almost frightening intensity. The relationship had allowed her landlady's
sadistic impulses free reign. She'd devised a regime whereby Lisa was allowed a
normal life during the working week but at weekends was expected to adhere to a
set of very strict rules. Her clothing, behavior and what she did with her time
were decided upon by the older woman. Any slight infringement was punished
severely with the strap and as much humiliation as the woman could think of.
Lisa had met several of Mrs Henderson's friends in the most unimaginably
embarrassing situations. Some of the things that had happened to her made her
blood run cold but the memories always made her pussy flood with excitement. Her
thoughts suddenly turned to the coming Saturday morning and her heart
accelerated. She'd been told the previous evening that Mr Blake, their 60 year
old next door neighbor, would be expecting her bright and early. Mrs Henderson
had been allowing him to shave Lisa's vagina and bumhole since the first week
that she'd arrived. The shame of having him do the shaving was bad enough. He
always made her undress completely first and his hands and fingers went
everywhere but worse was the fact that he always found some excuse to punish her
as well. Just thinking about it made her shiver but at the same time her pussy
started to pulse.

          Voices came from the lounge as she hung her coat in the hallway. A
very expensive looking leather jacket was hanging from one of the adjacent pegs.
As she entered the room Mrs Henderson looked up and smiled,
          "Hello Lisa, had a good day? I'd like you to meet Simon Barrow, a
family friend." She turned to the man sitting on the sofa, "Simon this is Lisa
James, my lodger." He stood up and shook Lisa's hand warmly.
          "Pleased to meet you Lisa, have you lived with Jean long?" His
question didn't register for a moment. Lisa was looking in awe at the man
standing before her. His rugged good looks caused her heart to skip a beat as
his steely blue eyes stared directly at her. He was fairly tall, slim and
casually dressed and to Lisa oozed wealth and sex appeal. She swallowed
nervously before she spoke,
          "Er...pleased to meet you Simon several months now that's a beautiful
car you have out there." The words came out in a rush.
          "I've only had it a few weeks, do you like sports cars? I could take
you for a spin sometime if you'd like." Lisa glanced at Mrs Henderson who smiled
          "Well dinner will be ready soon. Simon is staying Lisa so if you'd
like to freshen up before we eat you've got time."
          "Yes I think I will," she said turning to their guest, "if you'll
excuse me?" He nodded and smiled showing his perfect white teeth.
          "But of course," he said. Lisa followed her landlady into the kitchen.
          "My god he's gorgeous! How long have you known him?" she asked
          "About ten years now. I used to do supply teaching for him before I
moved here. He runs a Boy's school, private of course, with his business
partner. They've done very well over the years," said the older woman,  "in fact
I hear there's a waiting list for places. I'm sure you'll find him quite
charming, everyone does."

          Lisa's eyes were sparkling with excitement by the time she descended
the stairs for the evening meal. Her shower had washed away the grime of the
working day and she'd carefully applied her makeup before choosing what to wear.
She'd had to get the balance right, not too severe and certainly not cheap. The
white silk shirt was semi-transparent and her skirt perfectly cut. Black
stockings and high heeled shoes showed her legs off to their best advantage.
Some simple jewelry and a dash of expensive perfume added the finishing touches.
She wanted to portray sophistication and elegance and she thought she'd got it
just about right.

          Mrs Henderson had excelled herself where the food was concerned and
the three of them laughed and joked together throughout the evening.  The wine
Simon had brought was excellent and as her landlady had said he was quite
charming. Lisa found herself flirting with him outrageously during the meal. She
couldn't help herself, the guy was incredibly good looking, attentive and
amusing. His conversation kept her spellbound and every time he looked at her
butterflies tickled her stomach.

          It was just after 9.30pm when Mrs Henderson began pouring the coffee.
As they sipped it she suddenly turned to Lisa,
          "Well young lady it's way past your bedtime. I think you'd better put
your pajamas on, I've laid them out on your bed for you," she paused and smiled
at Lisa's shocked expression, "then you can come down and wish Simon goodnight
if you're quick!" Lisa's face burned furiously quickly turning bright scarlet
before her landlady had finished speaking. The pleasant slightly numbing effect
of the wine deserted her immediately as she stumbled unsteadily to her feet. 
She felt sick as they both watched her with amused expressions as she muttered a
quiet "excuse me" before literally fleeing from the room. Their laughter
followed her up the stairs and all the way to her bedroom door.

          She was absolutely mortified. How could Mrs Henderson have been so
cruel, surely she realized how much she fancied the guy. Already feeling
absolutely wretched she began sobbing quietly when she saw what her landlady had
laid out on the bed. Oh God Please no! The pajamas were covered in little blue
rabbits and were obviously much too small for her. Pajamas suited to a little
girl not a 27 year old office manager! She'd never get into them but she had no
choice. She knew from bitter experience that if she didn't do exactly as she was
told things could quickly become much worse and very painful. Slowly she
undressed and squeezed herself into the childish outfit before heading for the

          Mrs Henderson and Simon were still laughing together about the girl's
shocked reaction when they heard a quiet tapping on the lounge door.
          "Come in young lady, hurry up now!" Lisa walked slowly into the room
staring resolutely at the carpet unable to look Simon Barrow in the face. The
pair of them burst into laughter once again. Lisa looked quite ridiculous. The
pajama jacket was very short showing a good three inches of bare midriff. It
gaped open revealing the generous curves of her breasts, the button's
threatening to burst apart. Pushing stiffly against the cotton material her
nipples were blushingly outlined for them to see. The trousers were skin tight.
Lisa's pussy bulged obscenely between her legs, the central crease and fleshy
lips clearly revealed.
          "As you can see Simon she loves to show herself off to my guests. It's
a very bad habit which I have been trying to discipline out of her but it
doesn't seem to be working. You're a disgusting and very bad little girl aren't
you Lisa?" They both smiled as she stuttered out very quietly,
          "Y....Y...Yes Miss."
          "And what do disgusting little girl's deserve?"
          "A spanked bottom Miss." It was almost whispered. She stared even
harder at the carpet, her face burning with shame.
          "Simon and I have been talking and we've decided that you're going to
stay with him at his school for a week during the Summer holidays. You need a
vacation and he needs some help with a party of exchange students." She paused,
letting the news sink in before continuing,
          "Of course I've given Simon permission to punish you whenever he sees
fit. You'll have to be on your best behavior!" Lisa looked up, bewilderment
covering her very red face.
          "B....B...But Miss," she stammered, "what about work and....."
          "Don't be stupid girl, you'll take annual leave. You need a break and
this will be ideal for you. Now I think it's only fair that I show Simon how far
we've got with your obedience training and I'm sure he'll be very interested to
see how much you enjoy the strap. Before you go and fetch it you'd better get
those pajamas off!" Lisa stared in disbelief at her landlady. Surely she didn't
mean to make her strip in front of him. She'd die of shame. Only a short time
ago she'd been toying with the idea of asking him out on a date and now she was
being expected to show him everything. Waves of embarrassment coursed through
her. She looked pleadingly at the older woman but Mrs Henderson simply stared
back with an amused smile.

          "Come on girl I haven't got all night. Do as you're told." His voice
was now hard edged, all the warmth he'd shown her earlier had vanished. She
blushed furiously when he stared directly at her with ice cold eyes.
          "Get those things off and be quick about it!" He turned to his hostess
and smirked.
          "Not particularly obedient is she?" Mrs Henderson suddenly shouted
making Lisa jump,
          "If you don't get those things off right now I'll get Mr Blake round
here to help with you!" The threat of their neighbor being invited to see her
humiliation had her eyes brimming with tears. Slowly her hands went to the waist
of the pajama trousers and began to push them down.
          "Take the jacket off first you stupid girl," snapped the older woman,
"Simon wants a proper look at those tits of yours that you're so proud of. After
all you've been pushing them in his face all night!" He laughed as Lisa's face
went an even darker shade of red. With shaking hands she fumbled with the
buttons. They needed little urging, popping open as she touched them. Swallowing
hard she opened the jacket and slid it from her shoulders. Consumed with shame
she once again looked at the floor as Simon Barrow and his hostess stared at the
wobbling breasts and their pointy nipples.

          "Pick it up girl!" snapped Mrs Henderson. As she bent to retrieve it
her stiff nipples pointed in several directions as the full breasts jiggled
          "Trousers next young lady." Wishing the floor would open and swallow
her up she reluctantly inserted her fingers into the elasticated waistband.
Slowly she pushed them down. The hairless slit of her shaven mound was gradually
revealed as the offending garment slid down and formed a pool around her ankles.
Wallowing in a sea of absolute humiliation she bent down and picked them up. He
laughed as he looked at her smooth vagina,
          "I see you keep her in her natural state, Jean. Nice to see and so
much easier when checking on personal hygiene. No doubt you have to punish her
for touching herself."
          "Oh yes, she's certainly a dirty little girl, likes to show people her
pussy and play with it in front of them. She always seems to have her fingers
inside herself. Quite disgusting aren't you?" said her landlady teasingly. Lisa
said nothing just continued to stare at the carpet her face scarlet.
          "Come over here and show yourself to Simon properly, come on!" Lisa
moved and stood in front of him with her hands resting unconsciously in front of
her pussy. He calmly slapped them away,
          "Hands on your head you little tart!" he said curtly. Lisa did as she
was told as the man slowly looked up and down her naked front. She jumped as his
hands suddenly slid up from her waist to cup her exposed breasts.
          "Still now Lisa," warned Mrs Henderson quietly. His hands moulded and
squeezed the unprotected globes for several minutes before he spoke again.
          "Lean forwards girl." She bent forwards her boobs swinging towards his
face. Sitting back he began pulling and pinching her already rock hard nipples.
Tears sprang to her eyes and she began to squeal pitifully as he did it harder
and harder. Twisting in his grasp did little to alleviate the pain.
          "She seems quite sensitive, do you ever whip her breasts?"
          "She's only experienced it a couple of times but I'm sure she'd be
responsive to anything you'd like to try." He gave the rigid nipples a final tug
before telling her to stand up straight once again.
          "Turn around, bend right over and spread your legs." As Lisa did as
she was told he leant forwards and began a lengthy examination of the valley
between her parted buttocks. She jumped as his fingers ran down the crack of her
bum coming to rest at the crinkled entrance of her anus.
          "And what do you call this young lady," he asked, pushing the tip of
his finger against the tight entrance. Lisa squeaked in protest at the pressure
being applied to her most private place, wriggling her hips involuntarily, her
boobs swinging back and forth as he teased her.
          "Answer the gentleman properly Lisa!" said Mrs Henderson sharply.
          "It....It' bumhole Sir!" She blurted out, her face burning
horribly because of what he was doing. Suddenly she groaned and stumbled
slightly forwards as the finger sank deeply into her sensitive passageway. She
sobbed and gasped as he worked his finger in and out, turning it first one way
and then the other, then he told her to stand up and face him. Her hands were
covering her face when she did, the shame was all consuming.
          "Hands at your sides and stop making such a fuss!" He leant forwards
and ran his hands up the insides of her thighs, pushing her legs apart. She
gasped as he cupped her shaven mound and squeezed it hard. Then his fingers ran
back and forth along the central, and much to her chagrin, now slippery crack.
It took little effort on his part to coax the sticky lips open. Lisa squealed as
he suddenly pushed several fingers deep inside the wet tunnel. It stretched to
accommodate the intruding digits. She squealed again when he pinched the swollen
stub of her clitoris which was poking excitedly from beneath it's hood.
          "Go and fetch the strap Lisa," said Mrs Henderson firmly. Lisa stared
wild eyed at her landlady. Please no, not the strap, not in front of him!

          The strap was in the drawer of the sideboard where it was always kept.
As she returned to the lounge her landlady was pouring Simon Barrow a glass of
          "Can she take it hard or do I need to be careful?" It was a question
Lisa sincerely hoped Mrs Henderson would respond to in her favour but of course
the woman did the exact opposite.
          "Oh.....don't be concerned. If the little slut can't cope we'll tie
her down. She responds to a firmer application anyway. You can use it as hard as
you like." Standing in front of them she was acutely aware of her nakedness.
Squeezing her legs together did little to hide the pink lips pushing out from
her slit. She held the horrible shiny soft strap out with both hands. Simon
smiled as he took it from her.
          "Right young lady you'd better get over the arm of the settee and make
sure you present that fat arse of yours properly or you'll be sorry." He was
rolling his shirt sleeves up his arms as she reluctantly bent over the end of
the sofa. She kept her legs pressed tightly together but pushed her bum cheeks
up and out. She'd been taught to adopt the position almost from the first time
she'd been punished. Mrs Henderson sipped her port as her friend moved behind
the trembling young woman. Lisa peered over her shoulder at Simon and the supple
strap he held in his hand. She looked pleadingly at her landlady. A smile
creased the older woman's face as embarrassment flooded her lodgers panic
stricken features. The strap suddenly wrapped itself around one of the
unprotected buttocks. Lisa gasped as the first searching stroke set her flesh on
          "Thwack! Thwack!" He applied the strap slowly to the rapidly reddening
          "Thwack!" The force of the impact drove the breath from her body. She
was gasping and squirming after only the first few stinging blows.
          "Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!" He was methodical, working his way
across the fullness of her bottom, covering every sensitive inch with the
stinging leather. Soon she was unable to retain her composure and began begging
him to stop. Her thighs scissored apart revealing the wet hole between her legs
and her toes drummed on the carpet. Tears began to pour down her cheeks as in
her panic she offered to do anything for him.
          "You little slut," said Mrs Henderson quietly, shaking her head.

          The new position was very different and much more humiliating. With
brimming eyes she stared up at them from between her widely spread thighs. Her
pussy and bumhole were fully and shamefully revealed, the moisture pooling
between her pussy lips easily visible. Straps secured her wrists to her ankles
and these were tied with soft rope over the back of the armchair to it's rear
legs. She was totally helpless as Simon Barrow bent and inserted all the fingers
of one hand into her wet vulva. She groaned as he pushed hard, stretching her
open on his hand. Two fingers slid beneath and into her bumhole and then he was
pumping both of her openings at once. Lisa writhed her hot bum cheeks on the
seat of the chair, panting and groaning as he forced her to cry out again and
again. He picked up the strap looking at the wet open lips of her pussy before
sitting down on a dining chair that had been thoughtfully provided by Mrs
Henderson. To Lisa's horror she realised he was looking directly at the hard
knob of her clitoris which was poking out excitedly from beneath it's delicate

          Again he applied the strap slowly and thoughtfully ensuring that the
quivering soft flesh of the widely splayed legs felt the benefit of every
stroke. First he worked his way along one sensitive inner thigh from knee to hip
and then did the same to the other. From the first impact Lisa was squealing and
crying. The straps and rope held her fully open so there was nothing she could
do to escape the stinging and burning that seared the insides of her legs.
Through her tears she could see him smiling each time she screamed and each time
she begged him to stop. Both of her thighs were soon covered by a glowing red
sheen. He paused and inserted his fingers again. Despite the awful burning she
responded immediately gasping and jerking in excitement as he teased the stub of
her clitoris.
          "She's certainly a little slut Jean, you were right about that. Seems
to like the strap in her more sensitive areas." Lisa began groaning more
          "Yes I know, she's totally shameless. She'll come all over your
fingers if you're not careful." He gave the tiny sensitive stalk a final hard
squeeze then wiped his wet fingers on a handkerchief. Humiliation washed over
her as Mrs Henderson caught her eye and smirked and then laughed. Lisa sobbed
quietly as pain and pleasure competed for her attention.

          Her eyes opened wide in shock and she screamed as the strap suddenly
struck the puffy lips of her pussy. Shaking violently she shook her head from
side to side as the sting permeated the very core of her belly.
there! Pleeeeeeeeease!" Before she could catch her breath he struck again
catching the excruciatingly sensitive button of her clitoris. Her scream
reverberated around the room. Luckily the house was detached and double glazed
so there was little danger of a passerby hearing the blood curdling screams that
continued for the next ten minutes or so. Lisa was coated in perspiration by the
time he laid the strap on the arm of the chair. Her uncontrollable sobbing
filled the room as Simon Barrow and Jean Henderson calmly surveyed the scarlet
area between the writhing woman's spread legs. All of her most sensitive parts
were painted bright red, he'd been particularly thorough, careful to ensure that
the strap had curled around every soft curve and inner surface. The whole of the
vulval crease was swollen and very sore looking.
          "Thank Mr Barrow nicely Lisa," said the older woman wickedly. Lisa
gulped in air and tried to form some recognizable words. She did her best to
thank him but it came out a garbled mess.
          "Well she seems quite responsive to a strapping Jean, would you mind
if I indulged myself for a few minutes?"
          "Not at all, it'll do her good but can I ask that you don't let her
come. I'll go and load up the dishwasher and put some more coffee on whilst you
amuse yourself." Opening a drawer she smiled and handed her old friend a tube of
K Y Jelly. With that she disappeared into the kitchen pulling the door shut as
she left. Lisa was still sobbing when he turned towards her.

          Releasing his stiffness from the confines of the boxer shorts allowed
him to breath easily for the first time in the last hour. His erection had
become steadily more painful as he'd strapped the girl's shaven vulva. Her
screams and pleas for mercy had hardened him still further so it was with some
relief that he now stroked the shaft of his fully engorged penis. Lisa eyed the
bobbing cock with apprehension. He knelt in front of her and filled his hand
with some of the clear slippery contents from the tube. She jerked and squealed
as the cold substance came into contact with her sore pussy and stomach.
          "Please don't hurt me anymore Sir!" she said, her face wet with tears
and her hair matted to her forehead with sweat, "I'll be good!" She was ashamed
to be saying it but the fear of being beaten again was too great to ignore.
Feelings of embarrassment and humiliation still filled her as he once again
began fingering the folds of her vagina.
          "You and I are going to get to know each other very well young lady.
All I'll say at this point is that if you don't please me and do exactly as
you're told then I'll make sure you're hurt a great deal more in the future." He
paused as his hand smoothed the soothing jelly along the insides of her hot
          "I'll be demanding complete obedience from you at the school when you
come to visit. If you disobey me in any way you'll be sorry. Do you understand?"
Her eyes reflected panic but she nodded her head vigorously. She knew the visit
to his school would be frightening but wildly exciting at the same time. His
expression as he'd strapped her had been one of pure pleasure. She knew he'd
enjoyed causing her pain. The knowledge made her stomach cramp with fear but her
pussy pulsed madly when she wondered what he'd do to her once she was alone with
him at the school. His hands continued to rub the slippery gel into the swollen
lips of her pussy. As his fingers once again grazed the hard button of her
clitoris she groaned loudly and rolled her hips from side to side as much as the
straps and rope would allow. Her embarrassment and excitement increased equally
as his fingers slid into her bumhole, then her pussy, pulling the edges of each
hole wide. Arousal was sending her upwards towards orgasm, if he'd just pinch
and rub her clit for a few moments she'd be there!

          With his knees resting on the edge of the chair he placed the purple
head of his cock against the bright red and very swollen lips of her pussy. With
one thrust he buried himself to the balls in the tight tunnel. Lisa screamed as
he stretched the walls of her hole to their limits. Then he pulled himself out.
She was gasping in pain her pussy throbbing with shock and discomfort. He smiled
at her reaction, enjoying her suffering as he moved the head of his now shiny
shaft to the tight rosette of her bumhole.
          "Pleasepleaseplease don't Sir!" she cried in panic, "Not there! It'll
hurt me so mu......." Before she could finish the sentence he rammed himself
into the flinching depths of her bottom. A high pitched keening filled the room
as ignoring her completely he began pumping himself back and forth in the
incredibly tight hole. His enjoyment was all that mattered as Lisa simply became
an object for his gratification. Her wailing began to subside as he continued to
force his cock in and out. His balls tightened as the orgasm approached, his
pumping getting faster as he furiously drove himself into the quivering young
woman. Then he came, shooting gouts of come into the pulsing tunnel as it
continued to tightly grip his throbbing shaft.

          Mrs Henderson and her guest watched Lisa as they sat sipping coffee
once more. Sticky fluid was seeping slowly from her ravaged backside and she was
moaning and crying softly as the pair of them discussed the arrangements for her
impending visit to Barrow School. A few moments later she was untied and forced
to her feet. Swaying unsteadily she stood in front of them.
          "Well young lady thank Mr Barrow nicely for disciplining you." Lisa
looked at their smiling faces. It was totally unfair and she hated herself for
doing what they said but she meekly thanked him and remembered to address him as
Sir. The older woman curtly told her to quickly go and shower and then wait at
the top of the stairs,
          "And keep your fingers away from your pussy! I'll be up to deal with
you in a few minutes!"

          Upstairs she could still hear them talking and as she came out of the
shower a short time later she heard the roar of the car's engine as Simon Barrow
pulled out of the drive. Standing naked at the top of the stairs she watched
anxiously as her landlady climbed towards her. Worryingly for Lisa the woman
looked angry.
          "Well young lady yet again you've acted quite disgustingly in front of
one of my guests. What have you got to say for yourself?" Before Lisa could
reply she was roughly seized by an ear and marched quickly into the front
          "Stand there!" The older woman went to the dressing table and returned
with two brushes. Lisa eyed them both with fear and trepidation. The wooden
backed hair brush she'd seen and felt before but the "curling" brush was
something new. She guessed it wasn't going to be used on her hair! An inch and a
half in diameter it's entire surface was covered with short stiff nylon
bristles. Goose pimples spread across her skin as she looked at it.
          "Put a pillow on the edge of the bed Lisa." She did as she was told,
now once again acutely aware of her nakedness and the way her boobs wobbled
embarrassingly as she moved.
          "On your back legs apart." As she complied her landlady laughed and
held up the curling brush, "I want this all the way inside you, just the handle
sticking out and then you can stand up!" An expression of pure disbelief flashed
across Lisa's face and she began to sob,
          "Oh no Miss please, I'm so sore, don't make me. I'll be good in future
I really will, please let me off, I'll do exactly as......."
          "I'm sure Mr Blake is still up. If you'd like I can have him come and
hold you while I put it inside you! Well?" It was a very short silence. Lisa
knew her landlady was serious. The thought of someone else pushing the thing
into her was too awful to contemplate and in front of Mr Blake as well. She
shivered at the image that sprang into her mind.
          "In fact I might suggest he use it anyway, as an added incentive when
he shaves you. That's a good idea isn't it?" She laughed loudly as the red faced
shaking girl reluctantly took the proffered brush and gingerly placed it against
the soft flesh of her pussy. Holding it in one hand she carefully parted the
swollen and still red lips and began gently pushing the thing into her moist
pink hole. She started squealing and jerking as the bristles made their tortuous
way along the sensitive inner walls of her pussy. Beads of sweat formed on her
forehead and in between her quivering breasts as she gradually forced the brush
inside herself. Mrs Henderson watched with interest as the girl kept stopping
for breath. With her eyes screwed tightly shut she presented a picture of
absolute anguish.

          Groaning through clenched teeth and shaking uncontrollably she finally
managed to get the thing all the way in. The sensation was truly horrible. She
opened her eyes as her tormentor, who was now sitting on a chair at the side of
the bed, began to speak.
          "Get up and let's have you across my knee. Hurry up, it's way past
your bedtime!" Getting up off the bed was a nightmare in itself. She gritted her
teeth as each slight movement caused a wave of prickling inside her pussy. Once
on her feet she wasn't able to fully straighten up. With hunched shoulders she
moved very slowly towards her landlady. Trying to keep her stomach and bottom
still as she moved was almost impossible. The bristles felt like needles inside
her pussy. Shaking her head at her lodgers very slow progress Jean Henderson
grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her over her knee. Lisa gave a wail of
protest as the spiky bristles pressed insistently into her most intimate and
sensitive flesh.

          The back of the hairbrush splatted loudly onto the jutting cheeks. The
young woman screamed shrilly as the sting from the brush made her clench her
buttocks tightly together in protest. Squeezing her bum cheeks induced an
agonizing pricking deep within the tight confines of her already sore pussy. She
tried her utmost to remain motionless and prevent her bottom from reacting to
the stinging pain but it was impossible. Her screams and wails continued to
bounce around the room as the two equally awful sensations fought for her
attention. Tears were pouring down her face as she gnawed at the back of her
knuckles as the blows continued to flatten each hot globe in turn. It seemed an
eternity before her landlady was finally satisfied with the state of the fiery
red bottom. Sobbing and blubbering Lisa was urged to her feet and roughly pushed
onto her back on the bedspread, the handle of the brush jutting obscenely
between her soft thighs.
          "Right you disgusting little slut get your fingers working on that fat
pussy. I want to see you orgasm before we go to bed and hurry up it's getting
late!" Crying loudly she submitted totally to the older woman's wishes and
started manipulating the lips of her vagina. Any remaining shreds of resistance
had been fully extinguished several hours earlier. Shame and humiliation
suddenly welled up within her. The realisation that she'd do anything, anything
at all, no matter how degrading or painful, that the older woman told her to was
difficult to accept. But it was true. Her pussy was slick with juices as she
traced a path with her fingertips around her throbbing clitoris. As the pleasure
began to build the pricking within her pussy receded but then gradually
returned. Then the orgasm hit and sharp stabbing pain filled the crack between
her legs. Red flashes exploded before her eyes as the excruciating sensations
overwhelmed her. The walls of her vagina contracted rhythmically forcing the
stiff bristles of the brush into the surrounding delicate flesh. It's handle
vibrated and she squealed and screamed as pain and intense pleasure flowed from
the abused hole between her legs.
          "Hands underneath your bottom and keep them there!" said her landlady
sharply. Lisa complied and in doing so raised her vaginal opening towards the
older woman's smiling face. The wooden handle jutted slightly upwards from the
pink slit, the lips stretched into a ring around the stiff bristles. Mrs
Henderson rested one hand on the young woman's firm stomach and took a tight
grip on the brush's handle with the other. Slowly she pulled the brush from the
tormented flesh smiling happily as her lodger screamed and moaned quite
          "Get to bed now you dirty girl. Put some cream on your pussy and I'll
inspect it in the morning. We can talk about your visit to Mr Barrow over
breakfast. I'm sure you're going to have a lovely time!"

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Two : Back to School

          A little over three weeks later Lisa found herself standing outside a
small railway station in the midst of the English countryside. It was a
beautiful summer's day, the sun blazing in a cloudless blue sky. Two hours
earlier Mrs Henderson had waved her goodbye. The summer dress she'd been told to
wear was one of her own and fitted perfectly. Thankfully her concern about being
sent on the train in the horrible party frock had been needless but she was
still deeply worried. Simon Barrow was going to make her do lots of things that
she didn't want to do. Lots of really embarrassing things, she was sure of it.
Her mind and stomach were both in a turmoil and she felt slightly nauseous; But
beneath the thin cotton that clung tightly to the area between her legs she
could feel her pussy already starting to get wet. She hated herself for being
such a little slut but she couldn't help it. The sick feeling in the pit of her
stomach suddenly got much worse as Simon Barrow's gleaming Porsche came into
view as it rounded a bend in the road.

          He didn't say anything, just smiled as he picked up her tiny case and
pushed it into a space behind the seats. She hadn't been allowed to watch Mrs
Henderson packing it but she knew it didn't contain very much. It was locked and
she'd been told to give the key to whoever met her at the station. She handed it
to him. He was even more handsome than she remembered and she blushed furiously
at the memory of the last time they'd met. Soon they were whizzing down a narrow
country lane and he was making conversation as if this was just an ordinary
everyday situation. Lisa was so nervous she found herself unable to join in
except to mutter the odd yes or no to his questions. Mercifully the journey was
over relatively quickly. He turned through a pair of decorative iron gates past
an old brick gatehouse and down a tree lined drive. The school as it came into
view surprised her. Set in it's own extensive grounds the main red Tudor manor
house was surrounded on three sides by a whole series of other more modern
constructions. Classrooms, workshops and living accommodation plus a sports hall
and several other buildings which had obviously all been designed with a
sympathetic eye for the setting and age of the original site. It was very
impressive and much nicer than she'd expected.  A slim middle aged woman dressed
in a white uniform opened the heavy oak main doors as Simon Barrow drew up
          "Welcome to Barrow School young lady," she said as Lisa stepped from
the car.
          "Lisa this is Miss Palmer, you'll address her as Matron at all times.
Matron will make sure you're ready for lessons and meals and she'll give you
your enema each morning and whenever else it's considered necessary." The woman
smiled generously at Lisa's shocked expression.
          "Jean told me you'd have eaten your packed lunch on the train by the
time you arrived. Is that so?" Lisa nodded. "Good. Miss Palmer will show you to
your room and put you in your uniform. I expect you in the art block in an hour
so I can introduce you to the students. Be punctual!" Lisa nodded again, the
butterflies in her stomach getting worse by the second.

          Carrying her case she followed the woman through a large hallway, up a
flight of stairs and along an oak lined corridor past numerous doors. Finally
she was led into a small room containing a single bed, wardrobe and chair. It
was spartan with only a tiny window through which sunlight filtered weakly. It
reminded Lisa of a prison cell.
          "Right young lady," said the woman, "let's get you unpacked and ready
for this afternoon." Producing the key she opened the small leather case and
quickly laid out it's contents on the bedspread. Lisa stared in horror. Six
incredibly short blue skirts and a single pleated white one together with six
very small light blue vests and a "cut off" sports top. No bras just half a
dozen pairs of thin white cotton knickers. A pair of training shoes, a pair of
black leather shoes, two pairs of sports socks and six pairs of white knee
socks. That was it besides a small makeup bag! She couldn't believe it. Was this
all she'd be allowed to wear for a whole week, what if they went somewhere? The
thought made her shiver with dread and then she realised that the exchange
students would be seeing her dressed in only these things. She bit her lip, her
stomach tying itself in knots. It took only seconds for Matron to tidy the items
away in the wardrobe.
          "Let's have your clothes off and then I'll show you the San. I'll
expect you at 7am sharp each morning. Don't be late or I'll have to report you
to Mr Barrow. Well come on, get your things off you haven't got long!" Lisa
stood immobile for a few seconds, the dreadful reality of her situation only now
beginning to dawn. Under the woman's interested gaze she pulled the dress up and
over her head, unhooked her bra and then slid her knickers down and off.
Standing naked in just a pair of sandals her face grew redder and redder as
Matron looked her up and down. The woman took her time, allowing her eyes to
rove over the full breasts with their pointy hard nipples down the flat stomach
to the hairless pubic mound. Even though Lisa had her legs pressed tightly
together the lips of her pussy projected down and bulged slightly out from the
vee between her thighs. Miss Palmer smiled knowingly into the younger woman's
bright red face. 
          "Come with me."
          "B....B....But I haven't got anything on!"
          "Well of course you haven't you stupid girl. How am I going to clean
you properly if you have your clothes on?" With that she went out of the room
indicating that Lisa should follow her. Feeling tremendously self conscious and
very embarrassed Lisa scurried after her. Everything was wobbling as she tried
to cover her boobs with one hand and her pussy with the other.

          The San was a brightly lit spacious room a few doors further down the
corridor. The walls and floor were completely covered in white tiles and a faint
smell of antiseptic hung in the air. A door led off into a cubicle containing a
sink, shower and toilet. Various cabinets stood against the walls, all manner of
medical equipment arrayed on their glass shelves. In one corner was a desk, but
it was one of the pieces of furniture that occupied the centre of the room that
immediately drew Lisa's eyes. The first was a typical examination couch but the
second was something you'd probably find in a science fiction film. It was all
adjustable chrome tubing and black pads and looked like some kind of nightmarish
robotic insect.
          "Kneel on the rests and bend over the saddle," said Miss Palmer,
pointing to a large black object at the centre of the beast. As Lisa approached
the thing she realised the saddle was in fact a curved leather pad with two
spaces for her knees slightly below and behind it. Acutely aware of her
nakedness she reluctantly knelt and slid forwards across the "saddle".
Automatically she grasped the two handles that projected out in front of her.

          Matron, now wearing a pair of rubber gloves, calmly secured the
younger woman's wrists with leather cuffs to the handles. Her ankles were
similarly secured behind her. An electrical buzz filled the air and Lisa
suddenly felt the saddle push against her stomach then she was being lifted and
pulled in several directions at the same time. It was frightening but she was
powerless in the grip of the mechanical monster as it flexed itself. Gradually
her head dropped towards the floor and her hips rose as her legs were drawn
steadily further and further apart. As Miss Palmer released the control box Lisa
was left spread wide open. The crack between her buttocks was drawn fully apart
revealing both the pink lipped slit of her pussy and the tight wrinkled entrance
of her bottomhole. She felt totally helpless and totally exposed. Bathed in
embarrassment she groaned and jerked as the older woman without warning suddenly
pushed several rubber clad fingers deep inside her already very wet pussy. The
fingers moved forcefully back and forth causing Lisa to groan loudly. Then
matron began spreading the slippery secretions upwards along the crack of her
latest pupil's buttocks. Quite deliberately she inserted just the tip of one
finger into the flinching anal rosebud. Lisa squeezed her abdominal muscles as
hard as she could but the finger continued reaming the interior of her bumhole.
It suddenly penetrated all the way inside as far as it could go. She squealed
and shook her head consumed with humiliation as her most private of places was
intimately penetrated by a total stranger. Anita Palmer on the other hand was
enjoying herself immensely. It wasn't often that a female "pupil", especially
one as well developed as Lisa James, was left in her charge so she was going to
make damn sure she enjoyed every single moment of the coming week.

          From her head down position Lisa watched worriedly as the woman went
to one side of the room and pushed a steel stand with some sort of apparatus
mounted on it back towards her.
          "Time to get you nice and clean inside young lady," she said, "just
your bottom today but I might give that fat vagina of yours a good scrub
sometime!" She laughed quietly as the younger red faced woman mouthed a silent
"No!" It took little pressure to force the steel nozzle past the clenching anal
sphincter. Lisa's head rolled weakly from side to side as the unbearable
sensations intensified as the tube penetrated further and further into her
rectal passageway. Consumed with shame she could do little except sob quietly to
herself. Suddenly she felt an incredible tightening in her bumhole and cried out
in alarm. Miss Palmer calmly released a little pressure from the inflatable
collar not wishing to cause any permanent harm to the delicate ring of muscle. 
          "This is going to be rather uncomfortable for you but today it'll be
over and done with quite quickly. I won't be so rushed for the rest of the week
though!" She laughed happily as Lisa began moaning in protest as the pump
started and warm fluid began flowing into her bowels. Her stomach quickly
distended and bulged painfully. She began pleading for Matron to turn it off.
Her bottom felt full to bursting, she'd experienced enemas before but never
anything like this.
          "Just a few seconds more and you'll be nicely full," she said. Lisa's
stomach began cramping, the pain coming in waves that rose and subsided at
regular intervals. Each seemed a little more intense than the last until
clenching her teeth wasn't enough to stop her crying out.
          "Nnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh! Oooooooooeeeeeeee! Make it stop! Please make
it stop!"
          "Nonsense you're going to stand it for a lot longer than that. It's
only been a few minutes." It seemed an eternity to Lisa.
          "Anyway I've got something here which will help take your mind off
your bottom."

          Carefully returning the cap to the tube she smoothed a little of the
cream between her fingertips. Reaching underneath her trembling pupil she took a
firm hold of one of the inflamed and already hard nipples. Lisa gasped as the
oily substance was worked into the fleshy point and it's surrounding aureole and
then it's twin. For a few moments she felt nothing untoward and then her nipples
quite simply froze! The intense cold was unbearable but it quickly changed to an
unpleasant prickling and then a stinging sensation. In panic she shook her
breasts from side to side hoping to cool the fire in their tortured tips.
          "Ow! It stings! Ooooooooooooo!" At the same time her stomach convulsed
and she groaned in agony. The next ten minutes provided Matron with an amusing
musical interlude. She sauntered around the helpless younger woman smiling and
laughing as the painful sensations combined to produce a symphony of squeals and

          Gradually the burning in her nipples subsided but she was acutely
aware of how hard they were, so hard it was almost painful. They were
unnaturally sensitive as well, she could even feel the air in the room moving
across them. The pains inside her stomach and bottom were indescribable by the
time Miss Palmer helped her down from the saddle. A few inches of black tube
projected from her anus and as she stumbled towards the toilet cubicle it looked
as though some sort of obscene dog's tail was wagging between her bum cheeks.
Relief overwhelmed her as the anal collar was deflated and she was allowed to
expel the contents of her bottom. Under the older woman's stern eyes it was
incredibly embarrassing to go but her need was so urgent that she just had to.
It took a few minutes to wash and dry herself before she followed the Nurse back
down the corridor. Getting into the uniform took seconds, there was very little
of it. She arrived outside the Art block with only moments to spare. Very
nervously she knocked.
          "Come in."

          Lisa found herself standing in front of a room full of schoolboys!
Simon Barrow and another man of similar age were also there but she hardly
noticed them. She was having difficulty breathing, they were so young! The shock
was all consuming, she'd expected students, 18 to 20 year olds but these were
boys and they only looked to be about 15!  Her face burned as every eye in the
room turned towards her but it was hardly surprising, she made a truly arousing
sight. Little of Lisa James' figure was hidden from view. To see a fully formed
27 year old in a tiny skirt, vest and knee socks was quite simply amazing,
especially when the bulge of her pussy was clearly visible. She knew she looked
like every young boy's wet dream and was horribly aware of her excruciatingly
hard nipples which were forming two very obvious points in the front of her
          "Well James this is Mr Harris and these are your classmates. They're
from a school on the outskirts of Naples. I expect you to help them in anyway
that's required, you'll find their English very good. They need a model for this
afternoon's class so you're it."  Lisa looked into his blue eyes her face
burning with shame, surely he didn't expect her to stay dressed like this in
front of them. It was so embarrassing.

          Under the direction of Mr Harris the boys began moving furniture
around the room.
          "While they're getting ready I might as well explain a few things to
you," said Simon Barrow, pointing to a desk and indicating that she should sit.
Unsurprisingly she found it difficult to concentrate on what he was saying.
          " my staff will discipline you as they see fit. If you fail to
complete a task or I have any reports of a lack of effort on your part you'll be
punished. At the end of the week we're all going to review your progress and
decide what to do with you." Lisa looked into his grinning face.
          "Here's your timetable, make sure you're at the right place at the
right time or you'll be sorry!"  Handing her the sheet of paper he couldn't help
laughing at her very red and very worried face. She looked at her timetable for
the coming week and shivered.

Time	Monday		Tuesday		Wednesday	Thursday	Friday		Saturday
7			San		San		San		San		San
8			Kitchen duty	Kitchen duty	Kitchen duty	Kitchen duty	Kitchen duty
9			English				English		History	
			Maths		Garden Duty	Maths		Maths		Supply
12			Lunch				Lunch		Lunch		Run
1	Arrival		Report to San			Report to San	Report to San	
2	 Art		Human		Games		Physiology	Sex		Lisa James
	"Life Class"	Anatomy				Project		Education	Review
5	Dinner		Dinner		Dinner		Dinner		Dinner		Dinner
7	Lights out	Lights out	Lights out	Lights out	Student		Lisa James
									Social		Disciplinary

          "Here girl," said James Harris indicating a large wooden box partially
draped with a velvet sheet that now sat directly in the centre of a ring of
easels and eager smiling boys. Very self consciously Lisa walked to the box and
perched on it's edge. She wasn't stupid. She knew things were about to get
excruciatingly embarrassing. Her heart was already fluttering madly in her
chest. With Simon Barrow sitting to one side of the room the teacher explained
to his class that today they'd be concentrating on life drawing. His favoured
technique was to draw each part of the human body in isolation before attempting
a full study. The boys listened intently but their eyes roamed continuously over
Lisa's body. Perched as she was she did her best to keep her legs pressed
tightly together but her knickers remained visible as did the hard points of her
breasts. She could feel her face burning under the boy's obvious scrutiny.
          " we'll start with the legs," the teacher was saying, "let's
have your skirt and socks off first young lady." Lisa looked at him her face
reflecting shock. God no please, surely he wasn't going to make her take her
clothes of in front of the leering boys.
          "Hurry up girl we haven't got all day," said Mr Harris. Simon Barrow
was watching the drama unfold with an amused expression on his face.
          "B...B...But sir," she started to stammer.
          "Get them off now!" he shouted, making Lisa and her audience jump in
unison. It undid very easily. She stepped out of it then slid her socks down to
her ankles. The boys eyes lit up at the display she was now making of herself.
Her legs were fully revealed all the way up to the tops of her thighs. The tight
white cotton knickers clung tightly to the intimate curves and creases between
her legs. She clasped her hands in front of herself, trying to hide the bulge of
her pussy from their gaze.
          "Up on the platform, bend right over and grip your ankles, hurry up!"
Reluctantly Lisa clambered onto the box and did as instructed. Her bum stuck
rudely out as she bent over. He talked for a few moments pointing out structure
and musculature and lightly touching her legs in various places but only
fleetingly. Lisa began to feel light headed when she realised he had started to
describe her buttocks. She nearly fell off the box when he suddenly reached up
and yanked her knickers forcefully up between her bum cheeks. Her trembling
buttocks were now fully exposed with only a tiny strip of material covering her
most private areas. The bulge of her pussy was clearly outlined by the tight
cotton, the dividing crease obvious to the now sniggering boys. She wished with
all her heart that she could somehow become invisible.....But instead she was
made to adopt the embarrassing posture for a good 15 minutes before she was
allowed to get down. She didn't dare touch her knickers which remained pulled
tightly up into the crease of her bum. Red faced she stood in front of them, the
mound of her pussy teasingly outlined for everyone to see. Having to show
herself to them was having a very worrying effect. She hated herself for it but
she could feel an unmistakable wetness seeping from her pussy.

          Lisa looked at the boys and they looked back with amused eyes. They
were laughing and giggling, their faces red with excitement.  She only caught
the odd comment but these she had difficulty understanding. Italian wasn't a
language she'd ever studied in school or out. The shame of being displayed for
them was quite simply awful. Her attention was drawn quickly back to Mr Harris
as his words penetrated her reverie.....
          " the upper body has numerous nuances of muscle and skin tone.
Remove your top girl." Lisa felt herself being tipped into a black hole but
unfortunately it wasn't real. He wanted her top off but surely he could see she
wasn't wearing a bra! She began to plead, much to her new classmates amusement,
to be allowed to retain the flimsy vest.
          "Please Sir, don't make me take it off, please! They'll see my boobs!"
James Harris exchanged a knowing look with his colleague.
          "Take it off at once!" he shouted angrily. Simon Barrow was staring at
her with a smile on his face. Her pleading unsurprisingly fell on deaf ears.
Very slowly she grasped the vest and pulled it up and off over her head. There
was an audible gasp and a sudden increase in the sexual tension within the room
as Lisa's breasts wobbled and juddered into view. She quickly covered herself
with her arms, hunching her shoulders in a vain attempt at hiding her soft
globes from their prying eyes.
          "Hands behind your back girl," barked the schoolmaster. Looking
despairingly at her audience she reluctantly did as she was told.

          The view of her breasts was now unrestricted. They jutted forwards
towards the giggling boys. Her face burned furiously as their eyes roamed over
her trembling boobs, she could "feel" them looking directly at her hard and very
red nipples. The cream which matron had applied earlier had made them super
sensitive. This together with their exposure to her "classmates" was making them
harder than they'd ever been before. She squirmed with embarrassment as Mr
Harris began describing her once again. Standing behind her he cupped her boobs
in his hands. She gasped and tried to bend forwards away from him but a
threatening "keep still" from Simon Barrow stopped her. James Harris lifted the
full globes towards his audience talking continuously about shadow and light and
how in life drawing it was difficult to represent such soft flesh convincingly. 
The boys watched fascinated as Lisa moaned softly, her face absolutely scarlet.
He moved to stand in front of her and took a firm grip on one of her rock hard
nipples, she gasped loudly. To add to her distress he had the boys come closer.
They crowded eagerly forwards as the teacher pinched and pulled the hard point,
laughing each time she gasped and squealed as the terribly embarrassing
examination continued.
          "Arms above your head girl." The wobbling breasts lifted towards their
smiling faces. He had her stand sideways, lean forwards, place her hands behind
her head, lean backwards and even, after some urging, shake herself for them.
Each position afforded them an interesting and different view of the delicious
juddering flesh. By the time he'd finished her breasts and nipples were
throbbing with discomfort and she was totally consumed with shame.  Once the
boys had returned to their seats she was ordered to adopt the first of many
revealing positions. During the rest of the afternoon, amid much laughter and
giggling, they attempted to draw her from every conceivable angle. The time
passed incredibly slowly for Lisa and by the time the clock on the wall showed
5pm she was exhausted. Being almost naked in front of them was so embarrassing
she didn't know where to look or what to do. An underlying panic had filled her
the whole time, she just wanted to escape but there was no way out. Luckily she
was allowed to get dressed as the boys filed out of the room. Their smiles and
comments as they left hardly affected her, she was just so relieved at being
able to cover herself up once again.

          She found the Refectory easily enough, the signs within the school
were all very clear and easy to understand. It was her nose however that led her
there, the delicious aromas wafting down the corridors acted as a perfect guide.
The boys were already eating their meal sat at a long table with James Harris.
They all turned to look at her as she entered. A wave of embarrassment washed
over her when she saw Simon Barrow and a good half dozen or so other people
sitting at an adjacent table. Their attention brought a fresh blush to her
cheeks as she once again realised just how revealing her "uniform" was. Heading
for the self-service counter she helped herself to several generous servings
from the array of dishes on display.
           "Lisa James come here." His voice caused her stomach to churn. Simon
Barrow smiled up at her as she stood in front of him holding her tray.
          "I want you to meet some of the staff." Besides Matron there were two
other woman sat at the table. One was young, maybe 20, with short blonde hair,
the other a similar age to Miss Palmer.
           "This is Miss Fiona Cole our Mathematical genius, you'll find her
very exacting I'm sure!" They all laughed and smiled at Lisa's look of
confusion. The young woman stared at her with cold eyes. He continued around the
table, Mr Finch Languages, Mr Wilson Biology, Miss Johnson Biology, Mr Cranshaw
History. Lisa's nervousness meant that she forget the names almost immediately
except for the last person that Simon Barrow introduced. He stood out in several
ways from the rest of them. Firstly he was very big, even sitting Lisa realised
he was over 6 foot tall and heavily built. Secondly he was a Negro. His liquid
brown eyes devoured her where she stood and he smiled slowly when his name was
          "And this is Mr Cain our Sports master. Now you'll be meeting most of
us this week during lesson time but I'm sure everyone will introduce themselves
to you sooner or later." A guffaw of laughter passed around the table.
          "When you've finished your meal Matron would like a word with you in
your room, now off you go, it's only an hour to your bedtime!"  Lisa blushed
furiously and made her way to an unoccupied table. By the time she'd finished
her food the room was almost empty.

          Anita Palmer was already sitting expectantly in Lisa's room by the
time her "pupil" returned from the Refectory at a quarter to 7.
          "Right young lady as I said earlier I expect you to be waiting for me
outside the San door each morning at 7am sharp. You can use the San's toilet
facilities in the evening and obviously during the night and make sure you
shower properly before bedtime. No doubt someone will come in to check that
you're ready for bed by 7pm." "Someone" had an ominous ring to it and Lisa
didn't like the sly smile that crossed her tormentor's face.
         "Now do you have any questions?" She stood in front of Miss Palmer her
mind in a whirl,
          "W...W...What will I wear to go to bed in Miss?"
          "You really are a silly little girl at times aren't you? You'll go to
bed in the nude. You're only allowed your uniform for lessons. At all other
times you'll present yourself naked. Do you understand?" Lisa's cheeks burned at
being spoken to in such a childish manner. The realisation that she wouldn't be
allowed any clothes at night or in the morning before breakfast worried her,
what if someone saw her naked? What if one of the boys saw her? The thought made
her shiver.
          "Now get undressed I want a proper look at you before you go for your
shower." Lisa slowly removed her uniform blushing furiously when her hairless
pussy and stiff nipples were once again revealed to the older woman's gaze.
Anita Palmer had her "pupil" turn this way and that before bending her over the
edge of the bed. After forcing the girl's legs wide apart she began a leisurely
examination of the areas between the trembling thighs and bum cheeks. She smiled
to herself when her ministrations caused Lisa to moan loudly and weave her hips
frantically from side to side. By the time she'd finished her examination of the
girl's defenceless vaginal opening sticky fluid was oozing copiously onto the

          It didn't take long to shower and clean her teeth. She felt ridiculous
scampering back to her room but the threat of being seen naked was enough to
make her run as fast as she could. The sound of voices filtering up from the
ground floor did little to calm her nerves so she was more than a little
relieved to finally slide safely between the crisp white sheets. Once she'd
carefully set the alarm clock for 6.45am she tried to fall asleep but it was
impossible to ignore the pulsing in her pussy. So much had happened during the
day, so many humiliating things. The thoughts, together with her fingers,
quickly encouraged the arrival of a frighteningly intense orgasm. Exhausted by
the day's events and with daylight continuing to fill the little room Lisa James
fell into a deep sleep.

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Three : An awful morning

          Even though it was midsummer Lisa James found it surprisingly cold in
the corridor, but then of course she was naked. She stood shivering by the San
door listening intently for any slight noise that might reveal the presence of
another person. Luckily at such an early hour the building was deserted. If by
chance someone did come along they'd look at her exposed boobs and smooth shaven
pussy, the thought gave her goosebumps. Being looked at by people when her
clothes had been taken away was really awful, especially when they made her do
things. The embarrassment was always excruciating but on each occasion without
fail her pussy became incredibly wet. No matter how much she might hate what was
happening to her at the time the degree of excitement that came with it was
incredible. It was hard to admit but she knew she wanted to be used in the most
embarrassing ways, to be made to do awful things, shameful things. Just
remembering an incident was enough to make her heart hammer alarmingly. The
sudden clatter of heels on the stairs heralded the approach of Miss Palmer the
School Nurse. Lisa shivered again but this time not just because of the cold.

          Today the enema was far worse. Lisa was moaning and begging so much
that "Matron" was forced to place a ball gag in the younger woman's mouth. She
watched with interest as her "pupil" writhed desperately across the saddle of
the "machine". There was no rush so she left the pump running for a full 30
minutes. To pass the time she ran her hands over the helpless body as it twisted
and strained in front of her. Occasionally, to add to her amusement, she
delivered a pinch or twist to a particularly sensitive part. A whole array of
spluttered entreaties and muffled squeals escaped the rubber filled mouth. By
the time she allowed Lisa to empty herself Anita Palmer found her own vaginal
juices flowing quite generously. Tomorrow morning she'd have the little slut
perform a few extra duties!

          Once showered and dried the naked "schoolgirl" found herself standing
to attention in front of the Nurse.
          "Right," said the smiling Miss Palmer, "hands behind your back and
stick those tits out for me." She sniggered at the shocked expression that
flashed across Lisa's face.
          "If you're a good little girl I might even stick my fingers up your
bum for a while, you'd like that wouldn't you?" Being spoken to in such a crude
way made Lisa feel ashamed but she did as she was told aware that any show of
disobedience, no matter how slight, would only make things worse. She blushed an
even darker shade of red and moaned loudly when the older woman began pulling
and pinching her already hard nipples into full erection. Once rubbed in the
cream made her groan and shake her boobs about wildly. Somehow she managed to
keep her hands firmly clasped behind her back. Anita Palmer's laughter was still
ringing in her ears as she hurried down the corridor glancing worriedly at the
clock. It was nearly 8am.

          Her knowledge of the main building's layout was still fresh in her
mind from the previous evening so she arrived at the kitchen door with moments
to spare. There were three people working in the room. A thickset middle-aged
woman, who Lisa noticed had enormous forearms, was preparing vegetables on a
large chopping board. A woman in her twenties and a teenage youth were busily
frying bacon, eggs and mushrooms in a series of flat skillets. A mixture of
delicious aromas filled the air which made her realise just how hungry she was.
All three of them turned towards her and looked with interested eyes as she
stood awkwardly in the doorway. Their attention, especially that of the youth,
made her horribly aware of the ridiculously short "uniform" skirt she was
wearing. Even worse her hard sensitised nipples were causing two very obvious
points in the front of her vest. Her face burned with embarrassment.
          "Lisa James I presume," said the big woman, her voice carrying a
slight Scottish lilt.
          "Yes Miss," she replied quietly, staring at the tiled floor.
          "I'm Mrs Sampson, this is Sue and that's Lee but you'll address them
as Miss and Sir, is that understood?" Lisa nodded, thinking how hateful it was
going to be to have to call the grinning teenager Sir.
          "Good, get those clothes off and put on an apron. Sue can you fetch
one for her?" The young woman disappeared through a doorway and returned seconds
later with a white apron that she held out to Lisa.
          "And hurry up there's several pans to scour from last nights meal."
          "Where shall I go to get changed?" she asked nervously.
          "Put your things on that chair at the side of you," said Mrs Sampson.
The grin on the boy's face grew broader.
          "B...But I'm only wearing knickers." It was almost whispered.
          "GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF YOU LITTLE BITCH!," roared the Cook at the top
of her voice. Lisa literally jumped into the air. The youth and his companion
both began to snigger at the bewildered expression that covered her face.
Trembling she undid the skirt and took it off then taking a deep breath pulled
the vest off over her head. Her firm breasts juddered into view, their hard
nipples pointing first to the ceiling then straight out in front as she hurried
to put the apron on. They were all looking at her intently as she quickly
slipped the loop over her head and then struggled to tie the straps behind her
back. The bib at the front of the thing only just covered her boobs. They bulged
out at the sides and if she leant forwards she was sure they'd spill out over
the top, but at least her nipples were covered. At the back was a gap that would
have left her naked from neck to heels if it wasn't for her knickers. Her bum
was safely covered so she was thankful for that. For the next 20 minutes she
scrubbed and washed pans and plates during which time no one even acknowledged
her existence.

          Concentrating on a particularly difficult saucepan Lisa suddenly
realised that her "colleagues" were no longer working. She looked over her
shoulder. The three of them were sitting eating platefuls of bacon and eggs.
There was a rack full of toast and a pot of coffee in the centre of the small
table. Her mouth began to water. At that moment Mrs Sampson looked up and stared
directly at her.
          "Well Lee do you think our little bitch has earned herself some
breakfast?" The boy turned and grinned.
          "Yep, why not. I'll get her a dish." He stood up and went to one of
the cupboards. Lisa couldn't really see what he was doing but she certainly saw
the bacon and eggs and mushrooms that he carried over to one of the work
surfaces. It was only when she heard the liquidiser whirr into life that she
began to wonder what was going on.
          "Take that apron off," said Mrs Sampson, "bitches don't wear clothes."

          Standing in just knickers and white socks she tried to cover her boobs
with her arms but it was an impossible task. She felt her face burning as her
rigid nipples poked out towards her tormentors. The sniggering boy carefully
placed a stainless steel bowl on the floor in front of the table before
returning to his seat. Lisa looked at the brownish gelatinous mush it contained
and felt sick. She suddenly realised why she'd been addressed as a bitch!
          "I thought I just told you bitches aren't allowed clothes," said the
cook quietly. The threat in her voice made Lisa even more nervous. Slowly she
bent over and pulled her socks down and off before looking pleadingly at the
older woman. Surely she'd be allowed to keep her knickers on. Surely she wasn't
going to have to strip in front of the leering youth. The cold look in the
Cook's eyes left no room for doubt. At that moment she knew she was going to
have to take them off. Pleading wouldn't do any good. They wanted to embarrass
her as much as possible, wanted to enjoy her shame. Reluctantly she pushed her
fingers into the waistband of the knickers and swallowing hard began to slide
them slowly down. All three of them burst into laughter when the smooth mound of
her pussy and then its' pink lips came into view.
          "Looks like she's only about ten," said Sue Collins, giggling
          "Big tits for her age then," said Lee Watson, his mouth forming a
cruel smile. Mrs Sampson stood up and produced something from one of the
voluminous pockets in her apron. Lisa immediately recognised it as a choke
chain, the type used to control vicious dogs. Seconds later she found herself on
the floor on her hands and knees, the chain sitting uncomfortably around her

          "Walk!" said Mrs Sampson giving the lead a sharp tug. The chain
tightened around Lisa 's throat. With no choice she "walked" forwards on her
hands and knees on the cold floor. Lee and Sue laughed loudly at the sight of
Lisa struggling to keep up with the Cook who had set off at a brisk pace around
the perimeter of the room. The young woman's boobs swung wildly from side to
side and the cheeks of her bum continuously wobbled and parted. As they passed
the youth and his companion Lisa was aware of what the two of them must be able
to see. They began commenting almost immediately.
          "Just look at the little bitches arsehole, it's winking at us!"
          "That's the fattest pussy I've ever seen. You've got to have a proper
look at it Mrs Sampson! It's bulging out between the backs of her legs. Looks
like an enormous clam, it'd probably have your foot off!" The two of them
continued the flow of comments and insults laughing uproariously throughout.
Lisa's churning buttocks hurried past a number of times and she was breathing
hard long before the Cook sat down once again. Several times she'd choked and
spluttered as the chain had dug painfully into her throat. She remained on her
knees in front of them face burning with shame.

          "Do you two want to examine it before we feed it?" asked the stern
faced Mrs Sampson to her two younger colleagues. They needed no further urging.
          "Head down to the floor bitch, get that fat arse of yours up in the
air," said Sue Collins. Jerking the choke chain she smiled gleefully at her
co-worker who went to a rack of utensils and returned with a heavy wooden spoon.
          "Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! Oooooohhh!" screamed Lisa. The boy had swung
the thing into one of the soft unprotected bum cheeks blatantly displayed before
him. He'd done it hard, wanting to hear the helpless young woman squeal.
          "Get those cheeks apart you little bitch! Show us what you've got!" he
          "You really like this don't you, showing your holes to strangers?"
said Mrs Sampson chuckling to herself. Lisa did her best, she really did.
Gritting her teeth against the atrocious sting she tried to keep her bum cheeks
spread wide for him.
          Splatt! It was only the second stroke but the intense sting made her
burst into tears. The soft smooth globe flattened before wobbling back into
position. Each of the trembling buttocks now bore a fiery red imprint at its'
          "You can do better than that slut! Get it properly open!" Lisa spread
her knees as far as she could without sinking to the floor. Tears were pouring
down her face and forming a small puddle on the white tiles. Suddenly she cried
out in pain as two fingers were pushed deep into her bottom. The youth plunged
them roughly back and forth stretching the delicate ring of her anus and making
her beg and plead for him to stop. Her hips rolled from side to side and she
groaned loudly but he simply ignored her cries and continued to amuse himself.

          Sue Collins held tightly to the choke chain keeping Lisa's head down
as the woman shook and trembled in a miasma of humiliation and anguished
sensation. The youth's fingers kept pounding into the pink hole drawing more and
more urgent yelps and groans from the crying woman. Lisa sobbed quietly when the
fingers were removed but it was a short-lived respite. They exchanged places,
the youth taking the chain from the girl's hand. He held it even more tightly
forcing Lisa's face against the floor and placing his foot on the back of her
neck. In vain she tried to move her head but couldn't. She wailed in protest as
the young woman knelt down behind her and stretched the swollen labia wide
apart. Pushing all the fingers of one hand into the wet crack she immediately
had Lisa begging and pleading once again.
          "Ahhhh! Please Miss Stop! Please! I'll do anything you want!
Oooooohhhh! I'm sorry Please Please!" Ignoring her victim's pleas for mercy the
girl continued to move her hand back and forth in the sticky hole. Turning and
twisting her fingers she tried her best to cause the sobbing woman as much
discomfort as possible. It was certainly making the slut moan and shake most
excitingly. She smiled generously at Lee Watson, her obvious enjoyment reflected
in the happy expression on her face.

          "Don't you think our bitch should have a tail Mrs Sampson?" said the
youth mischievously.
          "What a good idea Lee. Of course she should. I know the very thing,"
said the Cook. Smiling she turned and went out to the storeroom. The youth and
his female colleague looked down at the sobbing young woman. Her face was still
pressed tightly to the floor, her hips and bottom sticking rudely up in the air.
The crack between the spread buttocks was shiny with secretions. Clear fluid had
oozed continuously from the helpless vagina as they'd abused it. Now it coated
the inner slopes of the soft cheeks and had even splashed onto the shapely
"schoolgirl" thighs. The whole area was a sticky mess. They looked at each other
and both began laughing again. This week was going to be great fun.

          Lee Watson felt his erection surge when the Cook returned and he saw
what she held in her hand. It was a large leek, a mass of green leaves adorning
one end. Carefully Mrs Sampson stripped the first few layers from the stalk then
ran it under a tap. It's shiny white end formed a rudimentary penis, it would
suffice anyway! Lisa stared up at her tormentors with a look of absolute horror
on her scarlet face.
          "There you go Sue, get it well lubricated before you give it to our
little helper." The grinning young woman gratefully took the thing and knelt
down behind the spread buttocks.
          "Don't! Oh God don't! Please!" begged Lisa as she felt the stiff thing
rubbing back and forth between her legs. She groaned and gasped as it slid
between the lips of her pussy. Sue Collins twisted it in her hands making sure
it was thoroughly coated with the young woman's juices before pushing it firmly
into the pink vaginal tunnel. Lisa moaned and shook her head, the elastic walls
of her vulva pulsing madly against the hard intruder. The girl plunged it in and
out for a few moments. The older woman's hips shamefully rose and fell,
involuntarily pushing up to meet each insertion.

          Their plaything was gasping and squealing when Lee Watson once again
took a firm grip on the choke chain. Lisa felt it tighten around her throat and
as her head was forced down to the floor wondered what was about to happen. She
suddenly screamed. Her shrill cry piercing the air as the leek was violently
forced past the ring of muscle in the opening of her bumhole. It continued
further and further into her bottom stretching the delicate membranes apart as
it pushed into the very centre of her belly. The girl and youth both stood back
and together with their older supervisor looked at the young woman who remained
at their feet. Lisa was gasping and sobbing and shaking. Five inches of green
leaved stalk projected from her anus. The rest was lodged tightly in her rectal
passageway. A horrible stinging sensation was starting deep inside her bottom.
She wanted the thing removed!
          "Take it out! Take it out! Ooooohhhhh! Please! It's stinging me
inside! Oooohhhhh! Arrgggghhhhhhh!" As the elastic tunnel gripped the invader
it's walls began a rhythmic tightening trying in vain to expel the foreign
          "Right let's see that tail wagging you little bitch," said Mrs
Sampson. With that she picked up the end of the choke chain and jerked it,
urging Lisa to crawl towards the dog's bowl. As she moved her "tail" wobbled
from side to side causing wave after wave of shame and humiliation to course
through her body. The Cook had her stop in front of the dish.
          "Wag your tail, come on wag it or you'll find yourself across my
knee." Lisa did her best. She shook her hips causing the green "tail" to wag
enthusiastically from side to side. Her tormentors convulsed with laughter.
          "Now eat your breakfast and be quick about it." With that Lisa found
her face pushed down into the brown mush. She was incredibly hungry and even
though it was cold it still tasted good. Ten minutes later her face was covered
in the stuff but the dish was empty. Finally they had her lick the bowl clean.
It was the youth that slowly pulled the leek from her bottom making sure she
felt every inch as it was removed.

          "I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow," he said, grinning as she
washed and dried herself at a small sink in the storeroom, "we'll try and find
you a different tail tomorrow, you'd like that wouldn't you?" She was still
naked and being alone with him in the storeroom was making her very nervous.
          "Maybe you'd prefer my cock up that fat arse of yours, I bet that
would make you squeal." He grabbed a handful of soft buttock and squeezed hard.
Lisa whimpered and twisted away but not before she'd seen the look of absolute
triumph in his eyes. She shuddered and knew he'd meant exactly what he'd said.

          The English and Mathematics classrooms were situated in one of the
other buildings that were spread throughout the grounds of the school. Once
again the clear signs helped her arrive at the right place at the correct time.
Her classmates were already sitting at their desks when she entered but as one
they all turned to look at her as did the middle-aged man standing at the front
of the room. The uniform again, or rather the lack of it. She knew exactly what
they were looking at. Her face was already bright red but she felt a fresh wave
of embarrassment coursing through her. Their bright eyes and smiling mouths
followed her as she moved to sit at the only available desk which of course was
right at the front of the class.
          "Miss James I suppose," said the teacher in a sarcastic voice, "I'm Mr
Finch." It was 15 years since she'd last seen a comprehension test and the ones
she could remember had never been anywhere near as difficult as this. Whilst she
struggled with the convoluted narrative her classmates studied a far easier
paper. Her nervousness and agitation made things much more confusing than they
really were and by the time she'd finished she knew that many of her answers
were wrong. Now as the Master collected her paper she worried about the possible
consequences. He hadn't really acknowledged her during the lesson but now he
leant over and spoke quietly,
          "I hope you've made a passable effort at your work Miss, otherwise
you're going to find Thursday's lesson a lot more uncomfortable." That was all
he said but it was enough to set all kinds of worrying thoughts spiralling
around inside her head. As Alan Finch put the classes' papers into his briefcase
he looked at the young woman's full breasts and hard nipples perfectly outlined
by the tight vest that she wore. Unfortunately he lived off site otherwise he'd
have made sure he paid a visit to her room one night. As it was he had
Thursday's lesson to look forward to and hopefully he'd be able to wangle
Saturday afternoon and evening away from home as well. The thought caused his
cock to swell.

          Miss Fiona Cole was used to the effect she had on young male pupils.
As she strode into the room Lisa recognised her from their brief dining room
introduction of the previous evening. The boys greeted her entrance with eager
smiles and Alan Finch gave her an approving look as he left. Her short blonde
hair framed an exquisite face that was set on slim shoulders. At 22 years of age
and 5 foot 4 she was small of stature but perfectly formed.  Firm pointed
breasts stretched the fabric of her jacket and her bottom and hips were full and
voluptuous. A natural tan was evident on her slim legs and unsurprisingly she
represented an unattainable fantasy to every boy in the room. Her eyes when they
came to rest on Lisa however burned with undisguised cruelty. Lisa stared back
unable to look away caught like a rabbit in a car's headlights.
          "Well well if it isn't our new little schoolgirl. Why are you dressed
like that?" Her voice was silky smooth but dripped with sarcasm, "Do you want
everyone to see what you've got? Is that it?" Lisa just stared at her
dumbfounded aware that the boys were listening to every word.
          "Stand up then and lets have a proper look at you." Lisa's chair made
a scraping sound as she slowly got to her feet. Her face was bright red as the
younger woman looked her up and down.
          "Mmmm....I think we'll have you out at the front of the class. You can
demonstrate the exercises on the board and show your classmates what a clever
little girl you are." Lisa felt ashamed being spoken to in such a way by a girl
that was obviously younger than herself. Very reluctantly she went and stood by
the blackboard keeping her eyes firmly fixed to the floor.

          The exercises consisted mainly of fractions and algebraic equations,
things that she hadn't looked at or thought about since she'd left school. While
the class worked through each question she was made to work through it on the
board. Inevitably she got most things wrong. Several times because of her
nervousness and embarrassment the chalk dropped from her shaking fingers. Miss
Cole stood closely behind her throughout the dreadful lesson pointing out each
error with a stream of sarcastic comments and sharp words much to the amusement
of the grinning class. The more Lisa needed to be corrected the more mistakes
she made. Her face was absolutely scarlet by the time the hands of the clock
finally approached midday. Never in her life had she felt so totally stupid and
          "Well young lady you seem to have no understanding whatsoever of basic
principles. Your classmates all appear to be working at a much higher level than should be ashamed of yourself!" Lisa stared at the floor, wringing
her fingers nervously, hoping with all her might that Miss Cole would stop
"telling her off" in front of the class.
          "Or maybe you've been doing it on purpose? Is that it? You thought
you'd try and make a fool of me?" Lisa immediately denied it.
          "Oh No Miss I....."
          "Shut Up! How dare you interrupt me when I'm speaking!" A snigger ran
through the classroom.
          "Tomorrow we're going to go through this again and if there isn't a
marked improvement in your work I'm going to punish you in front of the class.
Is that understood?" Lisa stared aghast at the smiling schoolmistress. Oh God.
She was going to be punished in front of the boys, she just knew she was and she
knew where she'd get it as well. The thought of having her bum spanked by the
young girl in front of her grinning "classmates" sent shivers down her spine.

          After lunch she reported to the San and much to her embarrassment
received another enema. Thankfully it wasn't as painful as the one she'd had
before breakfast. Once she'd been strapped to the machine and the pump started
Matron had left her alone in the room. She'd felt sick with worry whilst the
woman had been gone. What if someone had knocked at the door? What if someone
had actually come in? The thought of someone seeing her in such a position was
quite simply too horrible to contemplate. Miss Palmer waited until she'd
showered and dried herself. Then before she'd been allowed to leave the Nurse
had made her bend over and push her bottom out. She'd squealed loudly as a
finger had penetrated her bumhole and spread some sort of cream around the
contracting entrance. To "keep you nice and healthy" was all Miss Palmer had
said. Back in her room she put on a clean vest and knickers and then with a
tingling bottom headed for the Biology Laboratory.

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Four : Human Anatomy

          Oak benches with inset sinks and various types of taps ran the whole
length of the spacious room. The walls were covered with diagrams and pictures
whilst the numerous shelves and cabinets held a dizzying array of both plant and
animal specimens, most of which were encased in perspex boxes. Standing at the
front of the laboratory was a low examination couch that looked strangely out of
place in such a meticulously planned environment. Lisa stared at it with dread.
Her timetable said "Human Anatomy". She knew someone would soon be occupying the
horrible thing and she knew without a shadow of a doubt who that someone would
be. Her heart was already fluttering in her chest and she was feeling slightly
sick as the woman at the front of the class introduced herself.
          "Hello everyone I'm Miss Johnson. This afternoon we're going to be
studying human anatomy....." Geraldine Johnson smiled at the flushed young woman
with the apprehensive look on her face. She might well look apprehensive. In a
little while she'd be naked in front of a group of adolescent boys who were
going to be allowed to examine every inch of her body. The thought made
Geraldine Johnson's vagina grow wet with excitement, this was going to be a lot
of fun.
          " if you'd like to turn to page 22 we'll begin. We're going to
quickly skim through some basic theory then we'll move on to our practical
work." She nearly laughed out loud at the worried look that flashed across the
young woman's face. Instead she grinned from ear to ear as the excited boys
whispered and nudged one another in eager anticipation.  

          Time appeared to accelerate for Lisa. In what seemed only moments
they'd covered everything from the skeleton to the basic structure of skin, from
muscle groups to the external differences between the sexes. Miss Johnson was
explaining that the internal organ systems would be dealt with next week when
there was a knock at the door. Simon Barrow and Miss Cole sauntered into the
          "Hello Geraldine do you mind if Fiona and I sit in for the last hour
or so?"
          "Not at all, in fact you couldn't have arrived at a more opportune
moment. We're just about to start our practical session." All three of them
laughed knowingly and as the two new visitors took their seats they looked at
the obviously worried and red faced Lisa James.
          "Right young lady we'll have you out here at the front. Everyone else
bring your stools and form a semicircle here by the couch." Lisa reluctantly
went and stood by Miss Johnson as the boys crowded forward amid the screeching
and squeaking of stools being dragged across the floor. Standing in front of
them in the revealing uniform was dreadful. She knew they could see her hard
nipples and the bulge of her pussy peeping out from beneath the hem of the tiny
skirt. She tried to avoid their eyes by pretending to stare at her feet but her
heart literally threatened to burst from her chest when she heard what the
teacher said next.
          "Let's have all of your clothes off. Hurry up we've got a lot to get
through and times getting on." There was a moments silence. Lisa's face
contorted into a whole series of shocked and horrified expressions. They'd seen
her boobs in the Art class, which was awful enough, but this was something
different. Miss Johnson was going to make her strip in front of them. She
couldn't do it. She just couldn't. It would be too embarrassing.
          "Please Please don't make me Miss, Please. They'll see everything!"
          "Well of course they will you stupid girl, that's the whole point of
the lesson. They're going to learn some basic anatomy. Luckily for them they've
got a girl to examine and the girl in question is you so....GET ON WITH IT!" She
didn't want to do it, she really didn't. They were going to see her shaved
pussy, Oh God! What would they think of her? Fight or flight? Fight or flight?
She looked towards the door with panic etched across her face. Simon Barrow and
Fiona Cole stared back with amused expressions enjoying every moment of her

          Slowly she slipped out of her shoes then bent and rolled her socks
down and off. She glanced at Miss Johnson who was tapping her foot with
impatience, her mouth drawn into a thin angry line. There would be no escape.
Swallowing hard she pulled the vest off over her head. A murmur of appreciation
ran through the boys at the exposure of her full breasts. She felt her already
rigid nipples hardening even more under the eyes of her excited classmates. As
her boobs wobbled gently in front of them she also became aware of the ever
increasing wetness in her pussy. Finally the skirt fell away and then she was
stood in only her knickers.
          "P...P...Pl...Please don't make me Miss I'll...." A stern voice
suddenly cut her short.
          "Has she been this disobedient throughout the lesson?" asked Simon
Barrow loudly. Lisa's red face turned towards him.
          "Not much better I'm afraid," replied the Biology Mistress. "If she
doesn't soon change her attitude I'll be forced to cane her in front of the
lads. I'm sure they'd like it but she wouldn't!" The room turned as one to look
at the semi-naked blushing young woman as she trembled in front of them. Her
eyes filled with tears as resignedly she slipped her fingers into the waistband
of the tight white knickers and slid them down.

         Lisa covered her pussy with her hands trying her utmost to hide the
smooth mound from their eyes.
          "Stand up straight and put your hands at your sides," barked Miss
Johnson, "this is no time for modesty." A fat tear welled up in the corner of
Lisa's eye then ran down one of her hot cheeks. Her eyes darted frantically
around the assembled faces but there was no one about to offer her any help.
With her cheeks burning ferociously she stood up straight and dropped her hands
to her sides. Now her front was mind numbingly exposed. Their eyes devoured the
jutting breasts with their pointing nipples and the shiny pink lips that peeped
out from between her tightly closed thighs. The embarrassment was overpowering
but she couldn't believe how wet her pussy felt. Was there something wrong with
her? Why was the awful humiliation turning her on? The boys leering faces filled
her vision as the Mistress began speaking again.

          First she was made to walk up and down in front of them which was
truly horrible. She could feel her boobs and bum cheeks wobbling about in all
directions. Then Miss Johnson made her bend and stretch into various positions.
Inevitably her legs opened and closed revealing her shaven pussy in all it's
naked glory. The boys couldn't believe their luck as they caught sight of the
pink lips between her legs. Because she had no hairs down there it was easy to
see everything. When she was made to do the splits the lips of her pussy
actually parted as well, they could see the pink hole quite clearly. Every cock
in the audience was stiff by the time Miss Johnson had finished her description
of muscle groups and an almost tangible sexual atmosphere filled the room. Lisa
was breathless and feeling more exposed and helpless than at any other time in
her life. Her crimson face was burning with shame and she was shaking
uncontrollably but at least it was over and she'd be able to get dressed
          "Ok, as we have a model at our disposal today we'll take this
opportunity to examine the physical attributes of the female." Lisa didn't want
to believe what she was hearing.
          "Up on the couch young lady," said Geraldine Johnson patting the
leather covered surface. In a daze Lisa clambered onto the thing. The boys
craned forward for a better look trying not to miss any detail of the naked
woman's exposed body.
          "Kneel up....that's right now reach behind and grasp your
ankles....good." Lisa was bending backwards grasping her ankles and very aware
of the way her boobs were standing up from her chest. Her sensitive and very
hard nipples pointed provocatively towards her audience. The position also made
her pubic mound push insolently forwards. She knew they must be able to see the
slightly parted lips of her pussy. Oh god, the thought sent a fresh wave of
humiliation coursing through her. If this wasn't bad enough what happened next
was even more dreadful.

          The schoolmistress finished describing the external structure of the
breast then invited five of the class at a time to come up to the couch. Lisa
looked into the pink and hot faces of the boys as they crowded eagerly around
her. Maintaining the bent back position wasn't easy, she could feel a dull ache
starting in her shoulders and the middle of her back. She jumped and gasped as
the woman reached out and cupped one of her boobs then squeezed the soft globe
and pointed at the nipple and surrounding area while she continued.
          "Now I want each of you in turn to examine the aureole, nipple and the
breast itself. Feel the different textures, we'll be having a test in our next
lesson. Antonio would you like to go first?" Lisa screwed her eyes tight shut,
          "Please," she said quietly, "you musn't let them. Oh Goddddd!" It was
already too late. The fresh faced, brown eyed boy standing on her left hadn't
needed a second invitation. He grasped one of her soft boobs in his hot hand
moulding it into several shapes before taking hold of the other breast as well.
A wicked smile crossed Geraldine Johnson's face as the helpless naked young
woman on the couch in front of her groaned quietly then drew her breath in
sharply as the young fingers pinched one of the flint like nipples. She could
only guess at the tremendous feelings of shame and humiliation that Lisa James
must be experiencing. Naked and surrounded by young boys who were being allowed
to touch her, it was just too awful to contemplate. A spasm of sexual arousal
stirred in her belly as Lisa groaned again.

          Three groups of five boys all took their turns at mauling Lisa's
throbbing breasts. All of them took the opportunity to wobble them in their
hands and also to pinch and pull at the incredibly hard and sensitive nipples.
By the time they'd all finished her nipples were aching, suffused with blood and
more erect than she would have thought possible. They pointed out like two
little red fingers pulsing in time with the beating of her heart. Simon Barrow
had noted the increasing volume of Lisa's moaning as the examination had
          "Proper little slut isn't she?" he said quietly to Fiona Cole. Miss
Johnson allowed Lisa a few moments to compose herself while she gave a brief
description of the anatomy to be found between a female's legs. Lisa stared
wildly around the room. Simon Barrow and Miss Cole both had horrible smiles on
their faces. Please no! Surely they weren't going to be allowed to look at her
pussy and bumhole! She wanted to run from the room, wanted to hide away from
them but she knew it was hopeless. They were going to inspect her holes! God no!
Please no!
          "Right young lady lets have you back up on the couch."

          This time she was made to lie on her back. A slight adjustment and the
centre of the couch rose up leaving her head and feet at a lower level than her
hips. This caused the mound of her pubis to be thrust upwards into the air.
Keeping her thighs closely pressed together was the only defence she had against
their prying eyes. Taking Lisa's hands the teacher drew them back over the young
woman's head and secured them with wrist straps to the end of the couch. Then
she slid her hand over Lisa's stomach allowing it to come to rest above the
hairless vagina. The touch instigated a new wave of panic in the reclining
"model". Miss Johnson patted the fleshy pad and then squeezed it between her
          "As you can see the pubic mound is quite firm but pliable. It acts as
a sort of shock absorber and sits above the pubic bone offering a degree of
protection to the vagina beneath. Legs wide apart girl." It was said quietly but
firmly. Lisa didn't want to believe what she was hearing, she was already
wallowing in absolute shame. If she had to open her legs she'd pass out because
of the intensity of the humiliation. She was sure of it. The wetness between the
lips of her pussy would be obvious to all of them. Her face burned hotter as she
felt the woman begin to pull her ankles apart.
          "You disobedient girl! Why aren't you doing as you're told? Now get
your legs open." Geraldine Johnson quickly forced the quivering thighs apart and
made sure that the young woman's feet were hanging down over each side of the
couch. Lisa moaned in despair as the pink crack between her legs was finally
revealed to the giggling boys. She screwed her eyes tightly shut trying
desperately to will herself into another plane of existence. The sudden touch of
fingers on her inner thigh made her eyes fly open in panic.
          "Noooooo! Don't! Please Nooooo!"
          "Why is your vagina so wet you disgusting girl? This is a serious
anatomy class and you seem to be using it for some sort of cheap sexual thrill.
Mr Barrow what do you make of this?"
          "I agree, quite disgusting. We'll certainly be discussing her
behaviour on Saturday." The boys weren't really listening instead they were
concentrating on the delicate lipped slit that had been revealed only inches in
front of their faces. As their eyes roamed over the delicate vulval anatomy
their erections pulsed with excitement.

          Lisa moaned loudly and screwed her eyes tightly shut as she felt her
tormentress take hold of the sticky pussy lips and pull them open. They slipped
apart revealing her very wet hole to the assembled watchers. As the intimate
examination continued Miss Johnson explored the labia minora and majora then the
clitoris and it's hood and finally she delved into the vaginal tunnel itself.
Lisa moaned and groaned throughout, tossing her head from side to side in a
mixture of arousal and humiliation. The exposure of her most secret parts to a
group of teenage boys produced the most incredibly intense sense of shame that
she'd ever experienced. But having her pussy opened and displayed to them was
frighteningly erotic at the same time. Her initial feelings of self-loathing
were gradually overcome as she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm deep within
her belly. She knew she'd begun to slowly writhe and lift her hips towards the
questing fingers but she couldn't help herself. Miss Johnson's voice faded as
the pulsing in her belly grew more insistent but then the pulling and probing
stopped. She opened her eyes horribly aware of what was about to happen next.

          Lisa was shaking her head back and forth. No! No! Please don't let
them! You can't let them! It was too late. Already the first group of boys was
surrounding the couch and looking down at her with excited eyes. Miss Johnson
was addressing them,
          "Now make sure you identify the inner and outer lips, pay particular
attention to the clitoris. I want to know which parts have a particular feel or
texture to them and what reactions our model makes if you pinch or pull them."
Lisa couldn't believe the nightmarish suggestions the woman was making.
          "Make sure you're all totally familiar with the external and internal
structure. Now just before you start I think you'll probably need this." She
produced a small towel and draped it over one of Lisa's firm thighs before
moving to one side and allowing the boys to crowd around the naked young woman.
Hands immediately began investigating the exposed flesh producing a whole series
of groans and squeals from their helpless victim.

          "She's such a little slut," said Fiona Cooper, "I can't believe how
wet her vagina's getting." Simon Barrow and Geraldine Johnson agreed as they
watched and listened to Lisa's shrieks and groans as yet another set of fingers
stretched open her hairless pussy.
          "Oooohhhh! AAAAhhhhhhhhh! Ow! Ooooohh! Oh Godddddddd! No don't!
Noooooooo!" As they pulled her engorged pussy lips apart and pinched and pulled
at her throbbing clitoral stub Lisa continued to vocalise her protests. Each of
the grinning boys took a turn. She groaned and moaned and writhed on the fingers
as they pushed deeply into her tight pink tunnel. It went on and on.

          Lisa's helpless body convulsed and stiffened many times during her
prolonged examinations by the remaining two groups of her young classmates. Her
squeals and gasps continued to rise in volume and most embarrassingly her pussy
leaked more and more clear fluid as her belly stirred in response to their
probings. The little towel was slippery with sticky secretions by the time the
boys had all taken a turn. The last was carefully wiping his fingers when Miss
Johnson undid Lisa's wrists and forced her to stand by the couch on shaking
legs. She groaned softly, her pussy and stomach throbbing with sexual
frustration. She'd teetered on the brink of orgasm throughout the clumsy
ministrations of her classmates. The humiliation and overwhelming needs of her
body were reducing her to an animalistic state. She wanted to come, needed to
come, had to come even if it was in front of all of them!

          "Stick it out properly girl! Come on! Dip your back more and open your
buttocks! Come on lift it up! Oh for goodness sake!" Miss Johnson grabbed Lisa's
hips and forced them down over the end of the couch. Her back dipped which
pushed her bottom upwards towards her once more eager audience.
          "Now open your legs further." The older woman pushed the quivering
thighs wide apart causing the delicious soft bum cheeks to open lewdly. Lisa
moaned self pityingly as yet more shame was heaped upon her. Her face burned
anew and she bit her lip. They'd be able to see her bumhole! Oh God! As the
Mistress's hands slid over the exposed bottom it tensed visibly.
          "Relax yourself girl!" she said crossly, "the class needs to be able
to see your anus properly before they examine it." Surely Miss Johnson wasn't
going to let the horrible boys actually touch her there! She hated having her
bumhole felt. It was so sensitive. Just the thought of having it touched sent a
wave of panic crashing through her mind. A finger pushed firmly against the
tight entrance. It suddenly struck her why the Nurse had lubricated her bottom
hole after her lunchtime enema. She began to protest immediately,
          "Miss! Miss! Oh don't please don't! You musn't! Nooooooooooo!" She
tried to twist her hips away from the invading digit.

          Splatt! Geraldine Johnson's hand bounced off one of the soft inner
thighs, her fingertips almost grazing the swollen lips of Lisa's pussy. The
young woman's head rose in response to the tremendously hard blow and she
screamed and tried to close her legs.
          "You disobedient girl! You really need to be taught a lesson.
Gentleman could I ask you to please take a firm hold of our young lady here. If
some of you could ensure that her legs are kept nicely spread it would help
enormously." As the boys crowded eagerly forwards Geraldine Johnson smiled
broadly at Simon Barrow and Fiona Cole who were looking on with undisguised
enthusiasm. Lisa felt boyish hands placed all over her body. They pressed her
down against the couch while others were dragging her legs apart once more. She
sobbed and tried to fight against them but found herself helplessly fixed in
place. The teacher began slowly spanking the soft inner thighs working her way
up and down the jerking flesh. Lisa squealed and begged and cried much to the
amusement of her classmates who continued to hold her still. Their combined grip
tightened as she tried to twist and writhe away from the stinging slaps. Crying
profusely did nothing to lessen the severity of her punishment. Once the soft
thighs were suitably covered with red hand prints the teacher worked her way
across the tensing bum cheeks. They quickly turned pink then red as Lisa sobbed
uncontrollably. Finally the whole of the churning bottom was scarlet except for
the valley between the wobbling cheeks. Geraldine Johnson blew a lock of hair
away from her face and rubbed her stinging palm against her leg. That ought to
teach the little bitch she thought to herself looking down at the bright red
posterior and thighs.

          For several minutes after the spanking had stopped Lisa's bottom
continued to tighten rhythmically. It was on fire. She moaned and sobbed because
of the atrocious stinging but also because of the awful situation. She'd been
spanked and reduced to tears whilst all of her most secret places were blatantly
displayed to a group of young boys. The humiliation was all consuming and now
they were going to touch her again. She knew if she resisted the punishment
would get worse. They'd just keep increasing the severity until she stopped
fighting and then they'd do whatever they wanted. It was quite simple dreadful.
Mind numbingly awful but mind blowingly exciting at the same time. She could
feel fluid oozing freely from her pussy and then the fingertip was back pressing
against her bumhole. During her ordeal the boys had chattered and laughed but
now they were silent, concentrating on the widespread scarlet bum cheeks and
their teachers finger.
          "Relax your sphincter girl or do you want me to fetch a strap!" Lisa
did her best to relax her bumhole gritting her teeth as Miss Johnson finally
achieved what she wanted. A squeal and low moan escaped her as the mistress's
finger sank deeply into the tight elastic tunnel. It moved back and forth
reaming the tight ring as it penetrated all the way in. Lisa moaned and slowly
shook her head as the horrible sensations continued. The teacher was talking to
the boys once more but she heard none of it. Her whole being was focussed on the
questing digit in her anal canal and the burning in her bum cheeks.

          She buried her face in her hands as the first boy was invited to
examine her rectal passageway. Groaning loudly she felt his fingers tease the
puckered entrance before one forced it's way inside. They all laughed as Lisa's
bum quivered and rolled around as the boy finger-fucked it for several minutes.
          "Can you feel the muscle gripping when you push in or out?" The
teacher asked the boy.
          "Yes Miss," he replied brightly. It took a long time before each of
the class had experienced the tightness of Lisa's bottom. Simon Barrow and Miss
Cooper left halfway through after a short conversation with Geraldine Johnson.
When it was over she had Lisa stand in front of the class. Tears of shame and
embarrassment were still trickling down the younger woman's very red cheeks.
          "Now young lady I hope you've learnt a valuable lesson today. If I or
anyone else tells you to do something you'll do it. If we see any more signs of
your disobedience you'll be punished severely do you understand?" Lisa nodded
and sniffled back a tear.
          "To prove to me that you've learnt your lesson we'll have a little
test." There was no resistance and nothing hidden from the boys this time. Her
glowing bottom served as a pointed reminder. She'd do as she was told in future.
Yes she would. Geraldine Johnson's test had nothing to do with anatomy it was
more for her own satisfaction. First she had Lisa hold her breasts out to the
boys then spread the lips of her pussy before finally bending over and holding
her bum cheeks apart for them. She was still bent over as the boys filed out of
the room their comments and laughter trailing behind them.

          Miss Johnson had her stand with her hands behind her back whilst she
selfishly indulged herself for a few moments.
          "You really are a little slut aren't you? Quite disgusting. You liked
all of that didn't you?" Lisa couldn't manage a reply as the woman's fingers
began playing havoc with her pussy. As her clitoris was squeezed and pulled she
felt the orgasm building rapidly. It didn't take much before she suddenly
screamed and fell against the woman clamping her thighs tightly on the delicious
hand. As the orgasm washed over her waves of throbbing pleasure filled her
soaking pussy. She groaned and writhed on the hand as it continued to tease her
before slumping to the floor at the laughing woman's feet. Totally spent she
could do nothing but gasp air into her burning lungs as she looked up into her
tormentors smiling face.
          "You dirty dirty girl! Did I tell you you could come?" Red faced Lisa
shook her head.
          "No I certainly did not! We're obviously going to have to teach you
several lessons on Saturday. Obedience and self control are sadly lacking where
you're concerned." Ten minutes later the woman's threatening words were still
echoing in Lisa's head as she hurried through the school grounds towards the
dining room.......

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Five : Gardening the hard way

          Lisa James had slept like the proverbial "log". Exhausted both
mentally and physically by her experiences in the previous afternoons' "Human
Anatomy" class she'd wolfed down her evening meal and been in bed soon
afterwards. The alarm woke her at 6.45am. A few moments later she was stood
naked in the corridor outside the San shivering in the early morning chill. The
sound of a door opening and then Miss Palmer ascending the stairs started her
heart hammering as visions of another painful enema filled her mind.

          Her face blushed furiously as Matron came into view. Being naked
wasn't getting any easier, in fact if anything it seemed to be getting harder.
The horrible embarrassment of the past few days had almost overwhelmed her
senses but at the same time her pussy had pulsed with excitement. She suddenly
noticed the woman wasn't wearing her usual uniform. Instead a fairly tight
laboratory coat revealed the generous curves of her figure. Lisa didn't
understand why it should concern her but it did. Such thoughts were quickly
forgotten however when she once again found herself mounted on the "Machine's"
saddle. As fluid began to expand her insides she squealed and begged, promised
to do anything if the Nurse would just turn the pump off, even for a second.
Sitting at her desk Anita Palmer smiled happily as the frantic pleas and groans
of the nearly hysterical "schoolgirl" filled the room. She'd been looking
forward to this mornings enema session since yesterday but business had to come
before pleasure so, trying her best to ignore Lisa's shrieks, she turned to the
job in hand. After all, the inventory wouldn't complete itself.

          Once showered and dried Lisa was forced to stand in front of the older
woman. Anita Palmer looked hungrily at her trembling red faced  "pupil" allowing
her eyes to roam leisurely over the naked defenceless flesh. The firm breasts,
capped with angry red points, rose and fell rapidly in time with the girl's
breathing. Lisa watched worriedly as the woman unscrewed the lid from a jar then
dipped several fingers inside. She squealed and wriggled as the depilation cream
was vigorously applied to her pussy and, once her legs had been forced apart, to
the crack between her bum cheeks. The resulting intense stinging had her crying
and sobbing immediately.
          "Stop making such a fuss! A big girl like you squealing like a five
year old. What's the matter with you? It's only a bit of cream for goodness
sake." After exactly twelve minutes, which saw Lisa rubbing her thighs together
and grinding her bottom most erotically from side to side, she was told to go
and wash it off.

          When she returned the nurse was raising the back of the examination
couch that stood slightly to one side of the room. To Lisa's surprise she then
began unbuttoning the front of her laboratory coat.
          "I'm giving you half an hour to satisfy me fully," said Miss Palmer
with a wicked smile on her face.
          "If you fail I can promise you our time together during the rest of
the week will prove to be the most exquisitely painful experience of your life."
She laughed at the horrified expression that suddenly covered Lisa's features
then unceremoniously dropped the white garment to the floor. She was naked
underneath. At 36 her body was still firm and toned. A healthy diet and plenty
of exercise ensured that her well-proportioned figure stayed in very good shape.
Full heavy breasts swung slightly as she turned in a circle giving the girl a
perfect view of her rounded buttocks. Then she stood with hands on hips, a
trimmed tuft of black hair sitting proudly on her pubis, the shaved area beneath
revealing vaginal folds that were already growing wet.

          As the older woman wandered over to a cupboard Lisa couldn't help but
look at her. She swallowed hard knowing what would be expected of her. Any
previous experience of pleasuring a member of her own sex had been limited to a
few silly gropes with college friends. The threat hadn't passed her by either.
She didn't doubt that "exquisitely painful" meant exactly that. Her tummy began
to flutter as Anita Palmer returned to the couch with a hand full of shiny
objects and a strange looking riding crop that worried her immensely. It was
longer than ones she'd seen before and tapered to a very thin end from which
hung a knotted strip of leather. Unbeknownst to Lisa a slim but heavy steel slug
had been carefully sewn into the very tip. Placing them to one side the Nurse
climbed up onto the couch. Her legs opened lazily as she propped herself
comfortably against the backrest. Lisa couldn't help staring at the large dark
nipples and obviously moist vagina that were now fully revealed to her startled
          "Before you begin I've got a few things here that should help you
concentrate!" She calmly reached out and attached a shiny steel crocodile clip
to each of the younger woman's nipples. Lisa gasped as the things bit deeply.
Then Matron leant slightly forwards and pushed Lisa's legs apart before allowing
four of the nasty clips to spring shut on the delicate labia. A final one
clamped itself agonisingly to the unprotected clitoris. Lisa groaned loudly as
the clips nipped at her most sensitive parts.
          "They'll come off when I'm satisfied and not before so you'd better
get on with it. You've got about twenty minutes." Before continuing she leant
back and spread her thighs.
          "Well come on girl show me what you can do."

          Lisa was shaking like a leaf. The tiny mouthfuls of sensitive flesh
that the enthusiastic jaws of each clip were biting throbbed uncontrollably. Any
movement, no matter how slight, was guaranteed to trigger an unpleasant
sensation so pain blossomed as she leant forwards towards the exposed vagina. A
hard slap across the face made her squeal in surprise.
          "Breasts first you stupid girl!" Slowly Lisa reached out and began to
caress the firm heavy globes. It felt incredibly strange to be touching a woman
but at the same time a slight fluttering began deep within her own belly. She
did her best, squeezing and moulding the warm flesh before concentrating on the
large rubbery nipples. Slipping one into her mouth she began sucking and pulling
and then gently biting it. She was aware that the fleshy point quickly hardened
under her ministrations and also that Matron's breathing was getting louder. She
applied herself to the second nipple then felt her head being forced downwards.

          She didn't think she could do it. The slippery red lips of the woman's
vagina were only inches from her nose. She could smell the musky scent of
arousal but making herself actually lick the thing, well....her indecision
brought a swift and very unwelcome response. Lisa screamed and tried to stand
but found that she couldn't. Her head was firmly clamped between Matron's strong
thighs. In her confusion she thought she'd been stung by a bee or a wasp.
Suddenly the grip on her head was released and she was able to stand up
straight. She immediately grabbed her wounded bum cheek. The sharp pain overcame
the throbbing in her nipples and pussy and easily claimed her attention.
Frantically she rubbed the stinging flesh gradually becoming aware of the crop
dangling idly from Anita Palmers hand.
          "Stand up straight you stupid girl!" It was shouted. "Give me your
hands." She did as she was told, the metal clamps on her pussy lips clinking
together. It took only seconds to fix her wrists securely with the plastic ties
and then attach them to a ring under the edge of the couch. Now she was truly
helpless, legs bent and with her face only inches away from the older woman's
exposed vulva.

          "You're going to feel my little whip on that fat arse of yours and
it's going to sting like crazy. How do you feel about that?" Lisa didn't answer
just stared fearfully at the crop in the woman's hand.
           "Get on with it!" She didn't need to be told again. This time she
pushed her face straight into the waiting vaginal folds. She licked for all she
was worth hoping to avoid the older woman's anger. The silky labia slid back and
forth across her face, coating her cheeks with sticky secretions as she tried
her best to please her tormentor. Of course it wasn't good enough. The tip of
the crop began to flick against the soft white bottom as Anita Palmer took a
firm grip on the girls head with her quivering thighs. Lisa began squealing and
twisting her hips wildly from side to side as the atrocious stings multiplied.
She screamed into the gaping vagina, licking and rubbing her face against the
delicate membranes. Anita Palmer, in her excitement, almost came immediately.
The writhing face pressing into her pussy was causing wonderful sensations to
cascade through her body. It took an enormous effort of will to stop the orgasm
arriving too early. Breathing heavily she continued to flick the crop as hard as
she could against the younger woman's wriggling bottom.

          Lisa was becoming desperate. She managed to find the woman's hard
clitoral knob and mouthed it frantically. Wet vaginal flesh enclosed her face as
she squealed again as her wounded bottom jumped and shook. The pain was
excruciating. Her bum was literally on fire. It felt like drops of boiling water
were scalding her buttocks. She screamed again, the sound muffled by a mouthful
of soft labia.  Crying and groaning she desperately sucked and pulled on the
clitoris, gripping it tightly between her teeth and flicking it violently with
her tongue.
          "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! That's it you little slut. Lick it! Lick it!" The
crop dropped from Anita Palmer's grasp as she felt the orgasm stir inside her
belly. It came slowly at first then arrived in a rush. The girl's mouth
continued to frantically tease the erect tissue bringing the School Nurse to a
shattering climax.
          "Oooooohhh! Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Aaaaahhh! You little bitch!" The pink
tunnel between Anita Palmer's legs pulsed with pleasure. Lisa felt the muscular
waves against her face and a warm flood of fluid filled her mouth. The thighs
clamped even more tightly against her head then relaxed and fell gently apart.
It took a few moments for the woman to recover herself before she was able to
          "Now lick me clean slut and don't forget my bottom. I want to feel you
right inside!" Her laughter filled Lisa with shame but she did as she was told.
Disgusted by the tight pink entrance she nevertheless forced the tip of her
tongue well inside it. Fear of further punishment made her an enthusiastic

          The smooth gently trembling buttocks were marked with deep red flecks.
Both full cheeks were equally decorated and Lisa's bright red face was wet with
tears and vaginal secretions. Anita Palmers' on the other hand was red with a
post-orgasmic flush. As each clip was removed the "schoolgirl" cried out, much
to Matron's amusement. The pulsing in her vagina was very pleasant, almost
soporific. Pity there wasn't more time, she'd have enjoyed a second orgasm. The
final clamp was by far the worst. As the tiny jaws released their grip blood
flowed into the abused clitoris. Pain surged. Lisa fell to the floor shaking and
          "Making a fuss yet again. You really are a pathetic creature." Anita
Palmer hadn't enjoyed herself so much in a long time. She smiled as the younger
woman tentatively rubbed her tender pussy and nipples.

          In the Kitchens ten minutes later Lisa was forced to stand naked in
front of her grinning co-workers. They all spent some time intimately examining
the inflamed flesh, taking great pleasure in squeezing and pulling at the
scarlet marks left by the cruel clips. Obviously she'd already been punished for
some sort of bad behaviour so they decided she didn't deserve to wear an apron.
And of course this allowed them to look at her whenever they pleased. Over the
next hour they continued to inspect her quite rudely as she washed her way
through a pile of pans and plates. Fingers delved into the holes between her
legs several times. She did her best not to cry or make any noise but they
forced tears and pleas from her before they'd finished. By the time Simon Barrow
arrived at the door at five to nine she was washed and cleaned and back in her
uniform with a greaseproof paper package clutched in one hand. He couldn't help
but notice the bright red flush in her cheeks. Smiling inwardly he wondered what
she'd already been made to do this morning. He noted the knowing look on the
face of the youth who helped in the Kitchens....Lee Watson had again insisted
that he help Lisa with her ablutions and his obvious erection had threatened to
burst from his jeans throughout. Unrestrained in the little side room and out of
sight of both the Cook and his female colleague he'd allowed himself free reign
with Lisa's body. Unable to believe his luck he'd felt and fingered to his
hearts content, all the time telling her what he was going to do to her when he
got the chance. And he assured her he'd get his chance before the week was

           George Weir was 70 years old and had been the Gardner and odd job man
at Barrow School for almost 20 of those years. Of course when he'd first started
it hadn't been called Barrow School at all. In those days the job had been
fairly ordinary but he'd been happy enough. More recently however, since Simon
Barrow had bought the place, things had certainly looked up. George had enjoyed
a number of "perks" over the last few years. He remembered the previous Summer's
break when he'd had a young lady actually boarding at his house for two weeks.
Simon hadn't been able to accommodate her at the school itself so he'd asked
George if he'd like to help. His eyes misted slightly as he fondly remembered
the young thing, big breasts, such a tight little pussy and that innocent face.
What a fortnight that had been! There'd been several others, usually in the
breaks between terms, and all of them as submissive as he could have wished for.
He'd only glanced the latest across the school grounds as she scurried between
the various buildings. Looked a bit older than some of the others but nothing
wrong with that. They'd obviously made her wear a uniform and that was just what
he liked. He was reading the paper, a mug of steaming coffee in one hand, when
there was a knock on the shed door. As it swung open he smiled brightly at his
          "George this is Lisa James. She's yours to make use of until one
o'clock then she's got to be ready for her Games lesson. Mrs Sampson's provided
a packed lunch for her." With that Simon Barrow pushed her in over the
          "This is Mr Weir you'll do exactly as he tells you." 

          Lisa stood twisting her fingers in front of her short skirt horribly
aware of the old man's sparkling eyes. She felt terrible dressed in the
revealing uniform in front of yet another stranger. A fully developed 27 year
old made to dress and act like a schoolgirl, it was just too awful for words.
Her bum felt really big and hot and she could feel her hard nipples sticking
right out. He chuckled softly watching her cheeks colour even more as she tried
her best to avoid his eyes.
          "Well well well what have we here? A dirty little girl no doubt, bet
you like showing all you've got to those young foreign lads don't you Missy?"
Lisa's face burned.
          "Those big tits of yours look like they're about to fall out. Lift
your top up and let's have a proper look at them." She knew she had no choice in
the matter so resignedly lifted the front of her vest until both boobs sprang
out towards his leering face. He whistled softly under his breath, the young
woman's nipples were rigid and dark red.
          "Whoa! Now those are what I call chapel hat pegs!" He laughed loudly,
"Come here girly Uncle George wants a closer look!" She shuffled forwards
holding the vest up to her chin, her boobs wobbling delightfully. The old man
immediately began pinching and pulling at their sensitive points. He squeezed
and moulded the full breasts in his hands for several minutes, watching with
delight the range of expressions that moved across the shaking woman's red face.
          "I bet you're really liking this aren't you you little tart?" he said
jovially, his penis stiffening with each groan and gasp she made. His big
calloused hands suddenly released the warm flesh.
          "Lift your skirt up for me now, there's a good girl." As she started
to pull down the vest he stopped her.
          "No No Missy, leave them sticking out, you know you want too!" Lisa's
face burned again as she was forced to lift the tiny skirt. He urged her to pull
it higher until it was bunched around her waist. The white cotton knickers did
little to hide the bulge of her plump vagina as he reached forwards and slipped
his fingers into the elasticated waistband.
          "Now let's have a proper look at you!" Very slowly he pulled the
knickers away from her soft belly and started to slide them down. Lisa wriggled
her hips in desperation.
          "Noooooo! Please don't!" But it was a wasted protest and she knew it.
The knickers continued on their way until they lay around her ankles in a little
heap. The old man sat back and stared at the clean shaven pubis with it's
pouting lips. He smiled,
          "Well well, you really are a little girl aren't you?" Lisa hated being
looked at by a dirty old man, hated the things he was saying about her but she
hated her body even more.  Already her pussy was oozing. She could feel sticky
fluid welling between it's tightly closed lips. The old chap was looking more
closely so she screwed her eyes tightly shut. Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't

          "Dirty girl!" Her eyes sprang open. Oh God no please! His smiling face
stared up at her.
          "You're a dirty little girl, aren't you?" She didn't answer, just
stared back at him transfixed by his soft brown eyes.
          "Dirty girls need punishing don't they?" He laughed at the slow shake
of her head and her initial,
          "Take everything off." It was a simple statement, one that didn't
leave any room for negotiation. Looking desperately around the interior of the
musty shed Lisa tried her best to think of something to stop this happening but
as usual there would be no escape. Very slowly she took off her vest and skirt
and stepped out of her knickers. Naked except for her shoes and socks she stood
in front of him trying to cover herself as much as possible as he rolled his
sleeves up his brawny forearms. The smirk on his face spoke volumes.

          Once laid across his hard knees with her face only inches from the
dusty floor Lisa realised she was in for a very uncomfortable experience.
          "Looks like you've been punished already this morning you bad girl,"
he said, staring at the red flecks that streaked the soft trembling bum cheeks.
Pushing her legs apart revealed the very wet slit that she'd been desperately
trying to hide from his view. Two big fingers suddenly pushed inside the tight
pink tunnel. They pumped forcefully back and forth for a few moments making Lisa
moan loudly before being removed. Then he began spanking her. His hand was big
and hard. It felt like she was being hit with a wooden paddle! From the first
impact she was struggling and writhing. The powerful smacks forced the breath
from her body and within moments she was gasping for air. Her bum cheeks
flattened under each tremendous assault. She didn't want to cry but the burning
in her bottom quickly drove any rational thoughts from her mind. She began to
sob and kick her legs, trying her utmost to dislodge herself from his knees. The
awful pain and dreadful humiliation were just too much to bear. Then it stopped.
For a few seconds the only sound within the wooden walls was a pitiful groaning
mixed with heavy breathing.

          His fingers returned to the wet vagina and pumped solidly until the
squirming woman's sobs turned to moans of pleasure.
          "You're a nasty little girl aren't you?" he said sarcastically, "Want
to show me how much you wriggle when you come?" Lisa moaned more urgently. She
didn't want to come for him, didn't want to give him the satisfaction of forcing
her, but she couldn't help herself. She was nearly there! The throbbing in her
bottom combined with the delicious feelings his fingers were causing in her
pussy. She shuddered and gasped as the teasing digits slid down between her
pussy lips and gently rubbed her engorged clitoral stub. Then he stopped. The
orgasm was tantalisingly close. In frustration she frantically began grinding
herself against his knees desperate to make herself come.
          "Smack! Smack! Smack!" The burning began again rapidly driving her
away from the brink of release. She cried more freely as the powerful impacts
burned her bottom and thighs again. They quickly turned an even brighter shade
of red. George Weir continued with his game for half an hour. Spanking the firm
buttocks until the young woman was begging him to stop, then teasing her to the
brink of orgasm until she was begging him not to stop! He enjoyed himself
immensely, laughing and taunting her throughout. Suddenly Lisa found herself on
her knees on the dusty floor. She was shaking and trembling caught between the
burning pain in her bottom and the need to be fingered to a mind-numbing climax.
          "Just look at the mess you've made on my trousers you disgusting
girl!" he said, pointing to the sticky damp patch that had spread across almost
half of his lap. Lisa covered her face as the evidence of her obvious arousal
was exposed. Copious quantities of fluid had oozed from her pussy as she'd been
manipulated and penetrated by his big fingers. She could feel the wetness
between her legs and bum cheeks. His enjoyment of her predicament added to the
feelings of humiliation she felt. It was horrible, absolutely dreadful but it
was about to get worse.

          She knew the old man was aroused.  His hard cock had been digging into
her stomach throughout the awful spanking. Now she watched in horror as he
calmly unzipped his trousers and pulled the thing out into the open air. It
wasn't particularly long, but it was thick and covered in veins, the head purple
and shiny.
          "Right Missy lets see how good you are at sucking shall we?" He smiled
mockingly at the panic etched on her face.
          "Well come on!" Lisa knew that pleading wouldn't help. Nothing would.
She was going to have to suck the erect penis whether she wanted to or not.

          The thing kept hitting the back of her throat making her retch but he
kept thrusting anyway. Pre cum was mixing with her own saliva as her head bobbed
up and down on the thick cock. Gradually it dripped out of the circle her lips
were forming and dribbled down her chin. He continuously made comments about her
poor technique and seemed oblivious to the effort she was putting in. She was
trying her best to make him come using all the tricks she knew men liked. But
running her tongue over the flared glans and up and down the shaft didn't seem
to be working. Suddenly he pulled back, his wet erection bobbing in front of her
          "That was hopeless. Do you know how to suck cock?" The question
remained unanswered as Lisa stared at the floor. Her face was burning with
humiliation. Being accused of not knowing how to pleasure the old man seemed
somehow shameful. Why she felt ashamed she didn't know, her head was all mixed
up. Somehow she hated and liked being made to do awful things at the same time?
Even worse she wanted to come, wanted to jam her fingers up inside herself.....         

          To her horror she found herself naked at the side of a large
flowerbed. He'd pushed her outside not giving her the chance to get dressed. She
looked around worriedly. Being outside made her even more aware of her
nakedness. If anyone came within a hundred yards they were bound to see
everything. She covered her pussy as best she could, the cool air stiffening her
already hard nipples. They pointed towards the old man's smiling face.
          "Right, this bed needs weeding. Get on with it," he said, handing her
a bucket. Immediately crouching down she felt better, at least she'd be
partially hidden that way. His sudden curt comment of disapproval shattered her
moment of relief.
          "Stand up you stupid girl. You can't weed properly like that."
Reluctantly Lisa stood then nervously bent over and started pulling the things
up. George Weir looked at the red bottom as it bulged provocatively. It looked
pretty sore. He chuckled as the cheeks parted revealing the pink swollen lips
hiding beneath.
           "You'd better hope no one comes along. You're making a proper show of
yourself. I bet that's exactly what you like though isn't it? Mmmmm?"

          It took a long time to completely clear the flowerbed of weeds. Lisa
could only guess at the view she was offering of herself. He came up behind her
several times and roughly, without warning, pushed his fingers inside her. Each
time she squealed in surprise as he laughed at her reaction. She felt terribly
exposed but luckily no one came into sight as she laboured away. It was a warm
day so it wasn't long before she was perspiring. Sweat trickled down her chest
and face. Several times she had to wipe it away from her eyes. Without realising
it she also wiped her hands down herself as well. Muddy smears streaked her face
and thighs by the time she'd finished.
          "Not bad," he said, "but just look at the mess you've made of
yourself. We'd better get you cleaned up before your Games lesson, don't you
think?" She didn't like the sound of being "cleaned up" but she had no choice
but to follow him. Whistling softly he led her around the side of a building.
Standing against a wall was the heavy steel roller they used to level the
cricket squares. Wooden blocks ensured that it stayed anchored solidly to the
spot. It's handle projected high into the air. Grabbing her wrists he tied them
together with some orange bailer twine that had magically appeared from the
depths of his voluminous pockets. Throwing one end over the rollers' handle he
pulled hard on the other. Lisa cried out as her arms were yanked above her head.
The twine cut into her wrists and really hurt. She whimpered miserably. Once she
was standing on tiptoe he cinched it tight then stood back to admire his
handiwork. The young woman looked, for want of a better word, terrific. Her
breasts were pulled upwards and jutted out most attractively. Whilst her flat
stomach perfectly displayed the bulge of her shaven sex, her hip bones
accentuated the long smooth lines of her lightly muscled thighs. He couldn't
resist running his hands over her exposed flesh. She gasped as his fingers once
again investigated the gap between her legs.

          "Right Missy let's see if I can get some of that dirt off you." Lisa
missed what he said. The pain in her wrists was bad and she was concentrating on
standing on tiptoes to try and ease the strain. As the water hit she screamed
and jerked on her string. It was freezing cold. The shock almost made her pass
          "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" was all she managed before her own
knickers were jammed unceremoniously in her mouth.
          "We don't want you disturbing your classmates' lessons, now do we you
little slut?" he said brightly. It was pure torture. She spun on the taut string
while he played the hose up and down her body. The cold was intense causing
goose pimples to spring up all over her shaking body. Grinding her teeth against
the makeshift gag was all she could do in response to the awful sensations.
After he turned the water off her body remained stiff, the muscles in her legs
and arms cramping with the chill. As he untied the twine she almost fell to the
floor. Shivering and moaning she found herself pushed back inside the little
shed. He dried his plaything quickly. Time was precious and he wanted to indulge
himself to the full before he had to return her. He pulled the balled up
knickers from her mouth......

          George Weir felt himself stiffen reassuringly as he surveyed his
helpless captive. He'd been very thorough, positioning her exactly as he wanted.
Lisa was laying half on and half off the old wooden table. He'd made her stand
on two wooden blocks then tied her legs with rope to the table legs. Then,
before having her bend forwards to actually lie on the table's surface, he'd
folded a blanket into a very thick pad and placed it beneath her belly and hips.
It was a simple job to secure her wrists to the tables' front legs. The position
made the young woman's bottom stick up in the air, the soft buttocks forced
apart by the tension in her pinioned legs. This also caused the lips of her
vagina to be drawn partially open and fully exposed the tight crinkled entrance
of her rear passageway. Perfect for what he had in mind. Lisa swallowed hard as
she watched the old man remove his trousers and underpants, then turn towards
her with his hard cock sticking out in front of him.
          "Better make me good and wet Missy or you'll be sorry!" he said. Lisa
quickly took the thick erection into her mouth coating it with saliva as best
she could.

          "Splatt!" His palm bounced off the soft inner surface of a bum cheek.
It wobbled delightfully as Lisa gasped for breath and gritted her teeth.
          "Smack!" The second impact landed on the opposite side.
          "Aaaahhhhh! Oh god!" He concentrated on the insides of her thighs and
the soft inner curves of her bottom, ensuring that the cringing flesh was evenly
red before he'd finished. Her pleas and sobs made his cock continuously twitch
with excitement. She groaned loudly as his fingers roughly ravaged her sensitive
pussy. Sticky fluid oozed from the pink opening and this he spread up the crease
between her parted buttocks. Then she realised the old Gardner was moving
forwards in between her legs. Twisting she tried to peer at him over her
shoulder but the tip of his engorged penis suddenly touched the sensitive dimple
of her bottomhole and she was lost.
          "P...P...Please Sir not there! I'll do anything! Please don't touch me
there!" George Weir noted the hysterical edge in the girl's voice. She sounded
really frightened. This was going to be a lot of fun!

          Lisa hated her bum hole being touched. Each time it happened she felt
wretched and dirty. Having enemas was bad enough. Fingers and other things were
even worse. Up to now she'd only had one penis inside her bottom and that had
been Simon Barrow's. He'd been really rough and his obvious enjoyment of her
humiliation had been indelibly burned into her memory. Now the same feelings
welled up inside her. She writhed in anguish as the old man pressed more
urgently against the entrance to her most private of places. Desperately trying
to keep her bum clenched tightly against him she moaned and grunted with both
fear and effort. Wriggling only seemed to make things worse.
          "That's the way you little slut," he said quietly, "bet you can't wait
to have my cock all the way up you." She screamed as he suddenly jerked forwards
pushing the swollen end of his penis through the tight ring of muscle. Her mouth
opened into a soundless howl and she went rigid as he slowly inserted himself.
The delicate membranes stretched apart as her anal tunnel was gradually
penetrated. He took his time, savouring the delicious tightness. Then he was all
the way in, his balls resting against the open lips of her vagina.
          "NNNNNNNgggggggggghhhhhhh! Nooooooooooooo! P...P...Pleeeeeeeeeeease!"
          "You're certainly nice and tight you little slut, how's it feel?" Lisa
was beside herself. The humiliation of having her bottom assaulted by an
absolute stranger was unbearable. Her face burned and she wailed in misery as he
started laughing. She couldn't bear to move, the sensation of his hardness
filling her behind was truly awful.

          George Weir's heart was hammering at an alarming rate so he stood
perfectly still for a few moments and allowed it to slow down. She was
incredibly tight. It felt absolutely wonderful and his certainty that she was
hating every moment only added to his enjoyment. Taking a firm grip on the young
woman's hips he very slowly withdrew until only the end of his penis was being
gripped tightly by the ring of her anus. Then pushing forcefully he literally
rammed himself all the way in up to his balls. She squealed delightfully and
began sobbing, overwhelmed with humiliation as her elastic passageway
involuntarily squeezed the thick cock. For an old man his ability to maintain an
erection was impressive. It was something he was particularly proud of and the
beauty of it was that he could hold off his orgasm for as long as he liked. He
started pumping himself back and forth rocking the table and it's bound
inhabitant in his enthusiasm. Lisa continued to whimper and cry out as the old
guys cock pummelled her insides. It went on for a long time, her sobs and pleas
totally ignored as he drove himself onwards towards orgasm. Suddenly he
stiffened and groaned as gouts of sperm erupted from the tip of his penis and
spurted deeply into her bowels. She moaned despairingly beneath him as he
chuckled happily to himself.
          "Phew! Not quite so tight now are we Missy?" he said, pulling his semi
rigid flesh from her backside with a plop. Lisa sobbed with shame as she felt
warm liquid ooze wetly from her ravaged bum hole. However her sobs were quickly
silenced when he once again forced himself into her mouth. It took a while
before he was completely satisfied with her efforts. Only when he felt she had
thoroughly cleaned every last trace of sperm and her own secretions from his
penis did he release her from the table.

          Dressed and on shaking legs she made her way back to her room. She
felt so horny! What on earth was the matter with her! The more shamefully she
was treated the more exciting she seemed to find it. She shuddered when her
imagination started conjuring up images of what might happen next. She knew the
Games lesson would probably be absolutely mortifying and terribly embarrassing
but she really didn't have time to worry about it. Miss Palmer wasn't anywhere
to be seen so she took a quick shower in the San. Her bum felt really big and
sore. After eating her sandwiches as fast as she could she dragged on the
exercise vest and short white tennis skirt. The top was ridiculously small,
hardly covering her boobs at all. The full globes threatened to burst out in
every direction.
          "I might as well be topless," she thought ruefully. By the time she'd
fumbled with her socks and trainers and pulled on a clean pair of knickers the
clock on the bedside table showed it was ten past one. Oh God she was late!!! 

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Six : Lisa tries baseball

          Lisa James headed straight for the athletics field. She was already
late so there was little point in going to the changing rooms. She could hear
the boys long before she rounded the corner of the Sports Hall. Her bum hole
clenched in dread and suddenly she was very conscious of how horrible it felt.
Stretched and open and sensitive but there was nothing she could do about it.
The big coloured man who she remembered was called Mr Cain was holding court as
she ran half-heartedly towards the assembled boys. They all turned to look at
          "Where the hell have you been James. This lesson started 15 minutes
ago. Well?" His voice was deep and resonant and harboured an American twang. She
didn't know what to say. She couldn't tell him that the Schools old Gardner had
just fucked her up the bum! Unable to think straight under the eyes of her young
classmates she only managed to blurt out a feeble,
          "S...S...Sorry Sir." Their obvious attention was causing her nipples
to harden almost painfully. Aware that once again she must be looking like a
little slut in front of a group of teenagers her face burned with embarrassment.
Even though her bum felt really hot and prickly her pussy was still as wet as
ever. Worryingly her emotions seemed to be blurring together, shame and arousal
becoming synonymous, one with another.
          "The rest of the class have already warmed up. You'd better do a few
circuits. Get on with it!" he barked.

          As she jogged slowly around the running track her boobs unsupported,
except for the short top, bounced rhythmically. Their hard nipples were chafing
against the thin cotton and embarrassingly pointing in all directions as she
passed her grinning classmates. Their smiles followed her as the tiny skirt
flicked up and down revealing a flash of white knickers at every stride. It was
a warm day so when she finally came to stand at the side of the group she was
panting, even though she hadn't been putting in much effort.

          Jason "The Bear" Cain had been forced to retire from American Football
because of an ankle injury that just wouldn't go away. Training firstly as a
Sports Coach and subsequently as a teacher had allowed him to travel extensively
before his arrival in the UK. England had turned out to be a "nice" place so he
was more than happy with his situation. The job was well paid and he'd met some
very interesting people. By chance Simon Barrow had introduced him to the
intoxicating delights of dominating females so he had no immediate plans to move
on! He looked at the red faced young woman standing in front of him and thought
how ashamed she must be feeling to be dressed like that in front of a group of
young boys.

          At 6 foot 4 he'd been an effective Running Back. Since then and
despite his dodgy ankle he'd kept himself in good shape. Muscles bulged beneath
his shirt. To Lisa he looked like a mountain. She shuddered at the thought of
being alone with him. He couldn't help but notice the panic etched on her face
and the way she avoided eye contact. He smiled knowingly.
          "We're going to practice sprinting first. You guys probably know that
coming out of the blocks is one of the most important elements where sprinting
is concerned." He paused as a thought suddenly struck him.
          "James let's have you out here." He pointed to the first of several
sets of running blocks that were anchored to the start line of the track's eight
          "Get yourself ready." Slowly Lisa knelt and placed her feet on the
aluminium blocks then set her thumbs and fingers against the line. She stayed
there until he sharply said "Set!" Reluctantly she assumed the position,
horribly aware that her boobs were now hanging down and almost falling out of
the little top. Even worse her bum was stuck right up in the air. The tiny skirt
stretched and then slid up her hips exposing her knicker clad buttocks to the
attentive but grinning audience. There was an outburst of sniggering and muted
laughter at her undignified posture. Lisa's face dropped when she heard his next
          "I've been wondering about a suitable punishment for your tawdry time
keeping," he said smiling, "and you've just given me a perfect idea. Stand up."
He towered over her as the boys waited in anticipation for the humiliation that
was about to be heaped upon their hapless companion.
          "Stand still!" he ordered, then reaching under her short skirt and in
one motion stripped the flimsy knickers down her legs. She gasped and covered
her face with her hands. Oh please no! Surely he wasn't going to make her to go
through the lesson without any knickers. They'd all be able to see everything
again. She hated him, hated his big smile and perfect white teeth, hated the
fact that she knew she'd have to do exactly as she was told no matter how
          "Back in the blocks, come on!" This time she had to force herself to
move. When he said "Set!" her throat as well as face turned scarlet. She felt
the exposure before she heard their reaction. Laughter greeted her bare bottom
as it stuck up in the air. It was fairly red and covered with the fading
evidence of handprints. Her cheeks were angled apart giving a skewed view of the
hairless pink slit buried between her legs. She closed her eyes in shame when
she realised the whole group was moving to stand directly behind her.
          "Go!" Without thinking she was up and running, her boobs bouncing
wildly and her pussy flashing at them beneath her wobbling bum cheeks, then he
called her back.

          Apparently she did it all wrong. Well that's what he said anyway. She
lost count of the number of times he had her repeat the same position and
actions. By then her audience had all but memorised the rear view of her vaginal
opening. Next he made her run against her classmates down the 100 metre course.
By the end of several races she was exhausted, sweating and gasping for breath.
Needless to say she came last each time, which only made her face burn even
          "James, that was absolutely appalling. It seems to me you're putting
no effort in at all. Do I need to give you some sort of incentive?" Crimson
faced she mutely stared into his smiling face.
          "We're going to concentrate on the High Jump now. If I don't see some
sort of effort from you you're gonna find yourself doing it naked in front of
the class. How'd you like that?" She shook her head. NoNoNoNo!
         "I'll try Sir I really will!" she blurted. The words came out too
loudly and too quickly, bringing yet another outburst of laughter from her
smiling classmates.

          The bar wasn't very high but she still found trouble clearing it.
Trying to perform a high jump after all these years wasn't easy, never mind the
fact that she had a group of teenagers getting an eyeful of her private places
at each attempt. Flopping onto the padded mat after crashing through the bar for
probably the twelfth time she realised she'd never do it. All the boys had
managed it even though they were several inches shorter than her. Mr Cain
watched her futile effort and smiled to himself. She was obviously exhausted and
near to breaking point. He felt his groin stir gently as he watched the full
figured young woman try her best to get up quickly. Still hoping to hide the
secret area between her thighs from prying eyes no doubt. Still modest even
dressed as she was. Well the little slut was in for a shock.
          "Pathetic! No effort at all as far as I can see. And remind me what I
said you'd be doing if I saw no effort from you?" Gasping for breath she stared
into his face.
          "Don't make me, please Sir!" She looked around the assembled faces in
panic, they all looked back with beaming smiles. She started to sob.
          "Take off your skirt and top and give them to me." His hard eyes
stared directly into hers hoping for some sign of rebellion, anything that he
could use as an excuse to punish her further.

          Lisa was truly frightened of what he might do if she disobeyed him.
She wasn't stupid. He wanted her to react so he'd have an excuse to spank her or
worse. He'd probably do it in front of the leering boys so she knew there was
nothing to gain by pleading with him. In the past few days her mindset had
changed. Embarrassment was quite simply preferable to pain and embarrassment
combined. It was difficult to comprehend but the thought of being forced to
strip in front of them was dreadfully humiliating but also incredibly exciting
at the same time. The recognition that she was becoming a totally submissive
little slut was worrying in the extreme but it was true nonetheless.

          Resignedly she pulled the top off over her head freeing her boobs
which jiggled in front of the giggling boys. Then she pulled the skirt down and
off and stood fully exposed and engulfed in shame in front of them all. She
clasped her hands in front of herself in a futile attempt at hiding her
unprotected pussy from their eager eyes. Jason Cain didn't think he'd ever seen
a face so red before. Wonderful, quite wonderful.
          "Right James let's see some effort. Get on with it." Tremendously
conscious of her nakedness Lisa strode out to her mark, her hands still clasped
tightly in front of her pussy. But then there was nothing for it. Taking a deep
breath and with her heart hammering she ran in towards the bar. Her firm breasts
took on a life of their own. The hard red points literally jumping in every
direction. She was horribly aware that they could see the lips of her shaved
pussy sliding against each other as she ran. Then she was jumping and trying to
twist in the air. Laughter and comments greeted yet another failed attempt.
Consumed with humiliation she dragged herself to her feet. She couldn't meet
their eyes. If she had she'd have noticed the way they sparkled with excitement.
As it was she noticed their excitement in another way. Most of them sported a
boyish hardness in their tracksuit bottoms. It worried her more than ever.

          At the end of the lesson they'd all seen every intimate detail of the
area between her thighs many times. Totally exhausted and covered in sweat she
stood dizzily at the side of the high jump mat. Any semblance of modesty had
been totally removed by the exhibition she'd been forced to make of herself. She
made no attempt at covering the bulge of her shaven pussy or it's lips.
          "Shower off guys then get ready for this evenings meal," he said,
waving the boys away towards the changing rooms. They went amid much laughter
and numerous glances in Lisa's direction.
          "Well well. You really are a little slut aren't you James. A fully
grown woman showing herself off to a group of young boys. What on earth would
your friends and family say if they could see what you've been up to this
afternoon? What about the newspapers, they'd have a field day." Lisa stared at
him nervously, he wasn't serious only teasing her. She was sure of it......

          In the changing rooms the boys had all finished. Showered and dressed
they were about to leave when Mr Cain led a still naked Lisa James into the room
and forced her into a shower cubicle. Squeals quickly filled their ears as cold
water suddenly caressed her full curves. The Games master threw her a bar of
soap and told her to get on with it. Washing herself in front of them was
dreadful for some reason. It was as if another private part of her being was
being exposed for their personal entertainment. When she soaped her boobs and
between her legs they made comments and sniggered to one another. Their happy
faces made her burn with embarrassment. Once she'd towelled herself down, and
much to her relief, they left. Their voices and laughter drifted back along the
corridor...but her relief was very short lived.

          "You enjoyed this afternoon didn't you?" he said with an amused glint
in his eye. It was a question she didn't want to answer but found herself
muttering a quiet,
          "Y...Y...Yes Sir." Standing naked in front of him with her hands on
her head she felt her pussy flood with excitement. He looked at the jutting
breasts with their angry red nipples and smiled at her reluctant agreement.
          "I bet you were hoping I'd let them touch you," there was a pause,
"well weren't you?" His voice was teasing but the idea had butterflies tickling
her belly. As she shook her head in denial he beckoned her forwards until she
was only inches away from his chair.
          "You're a dirty little girl aren't you?" She nodded dumbly then gasped
as his enormous hands reached out and calmly squeezed her boobs.
          "Stand still! Did I tell you to move?" She shook her head. After
thumbing the hard nipples for several moments he allowed his hands to drift down
her unprotected front. Lisa swallowed noisily and tried to stay still but found
herself swaying back and forth in a fusion of arousal and shame.
          "I said stand still!" He sounded angry but she immediately forgot his
threatening tone as his hand slid unhindered between her legs and cupped her
shaven mound. As his fingertips traced the edges of her labia her knees almost
buckled. Fluid oozed and she closed her eyes then jerked and moaned as he
brushed the erect stalk of her clitoris.

          "Smack!" Her eyes opened wide and she screamed in shock. The stinging
imprint of his hand was clearly visible on the soft outer curve of one quivering
thigh. She twisted away from the burning sting and her hands fell from her head.
He'd smacked her hard. Very hard.
          "Don't you understand simple instructions? Get your hands back on your
head you little bitch!" he snapped. Lisa was trembling like a leaf.
          "Obviously I need to teach you a lesson. When I tell you to do
something you'll do it!" He started slapping her thighs, one then the other. She
squirmed and began crying immediately. Twisting back and forth didn't help. Her
thighs began to burn. She was shaking uncontrollably by the time he stopped.
Tears were running freely down her cheeks and she was gasping for breath between
sobs. The outsides of both thighs were bright red and very sore. Ignoring her
discomfort he took hold of her hips then spun her around.
          "Bend over and grasp your ankles," he ordered. Still sobbing she
quickly did as she was told.

          Jason Cain felt his cock stiffen as he looked at the young woman's
curving behind. Leaning forwards he peered closely at the plump shaven mound
that bulged provocatively from between the tightly closed thighs. The lips
formed a perfect pink line which ran precisely down it's centre. Most enticingly
she wasn't able to keep still so all of her delicious rear anatomy was writhing
gently. He licked his lips.
          "Get your legs open!" Muffled sobs greeted his instruction but she
moved her ankles apart nonetheless.
          "Further than that, I want the lips of this fat pussy of yours open!"
Wallowing in shame she did as she was told. He watched intently as she spread
her legs wider and wider until the sticky lips of her vagina finally slid apart.
          "Keep still you little bitch," he said as two fingers pushed roughly
into the wet hole. Lisa cried out at the invasion and was unable to contain her
moans as he pumped and pulled at her tender opening.

          The girls' submissive nature allowed him total control for the next
half an hour. He teased and taunted her continuously. She writhed wonderfully
over his knee as he spanked and fingered her in equal measure. In fact she
moaned and twisted about so much that he had trouble holding her in place. Lisa
screamed as her tormentor pinched her labia and stretched them wide apart for
the umpteenth time. Finally he set her back on her feet. She stood there swaying
and groaning unable to stop her thighs rubbing against one another in a state of
sexual excitement.
          "Well Simon was right, you certainly are a filthy little whore aren't
you?" Lisa stared at him crimson faced. Her eyelids felt heavy, tiredness and
arousal making it difficult to focus. The physical and nervous energy she'd
expended throughout the day was catching up with her. Her pussy was pulsing
madly and everything felt swollen and hot. Both her bum and thighs were stinging
intensely and yet despite the awful humiliation he'd put her through she needed
to come so much!
          "Answer me!" She jumped.
          "Yes Sir."
          "That fat pussy of yours is soaking wet so my guess is you want to
come? Am I correct?" She didn't want to agree with him, didn't want to reveal
how turned on she was but found herself unable to say no. Very quietly she said,
          "Yes Sir."
          "Then ask me nicely." He was smiling now showing his perfect white
teeth. Lisa knew he wanted her to beg. She slowly shook her head.
          "Whack!" His hand crashed into her unprotected bum, she squealed.
          "I said ask me you little bitch!"
          "Let me come!" She sobbed.
          "Smack!" His hand bounced off her bottom again.
          "PLEASE LET ME COME!" She shouted it and watched him raise his hand
          "PLEASE LET ME COME SIR!" Her sobs filled the room as he stood up and
towered over her.

          It would be enormous. His black cock would be enormous. She felt sick
at the thought. She'd never even touched a black guy before. Never been out with
one. Never really been friendly with anyone like him. But since her change in
lifestyle, her incredible arrangement with her landlady, she knew her choice
didn't count anymore. If Mrs Henderson decided that she should lick a black guys
balls or bumhole she'd have to do it! Her thoughts spun wildly out of control
whilst she stood naked and trembling in the boys changing room.
          "Get in here," he shouted. Lisa opened the connecting door and went
into the Sports Hall. He was stood at the far end next to what looked like an
old wooden stool. It wasn't very high and as she walked closer she realised it
had been modified in a very unusual manner. She stared in horror at the thing
that projected upwards from its seat. Her embarrassment at being naked in front
of him was immediately forgotten as fear crawled up her spine.

          It was the business end of a baseball bat that had been carefully
carved to resemble a monstrous penis. At least two inches in diameter it was
frighteningly thick. She stared at it in awe then at his smiling face.
Unconsciously her hand reached out to touch it. There was no give at all. It was
solidly fixed in place.
          "What do you think of your new toy?" She stared at him in
bewilderment. Surely he wasn't serious. It was bigger than anything she'd ever
imagined in her worst nightmares. It would hurt terribly she was sure of it.
          "You're gonna need this," he said, handing her a tube of KY Jelly.
Lisa didn't move. She stared in horror at the jutting monstrosity. Her pussy
pulsed despite her nervousness but her bottom hole clenched with dread.

          "If you don't get a move on I'm gonna make you take it up your fat
ass!" Lisa looked at his angry face. She was going to have to fuck herself with
it. That's what he wanted. Wanted to see her debase herself on the wooden dick.
Wanted to be entertained. He unfolded a chair and placed it in front of the
stool then sat down and prepared to watch the show. She coated the stiff length
generously with the lubricating jelly. Her hands were shaking. God it was solid.
No give whatsoever. Thank goodness a thick layer of shiny varnish had been
applied to the thing once it had been carved. At least its surface would be
slippery and smooth.
          "For goodness sake get on with it!" he snapped impatiently.

          By standing on the very tips of her toes she was able to nestle the
top of  the bulging head against her vaginal opening. She looked at him hoping
that he'd have a change of heart and let her off. But his smile simply
reinforced what she knew she was going to have to do. As gently as she was able
she lowered her weight against the jutting stake. Her pussy opened wide as it
stretched apart around the circular glans. Her gasp of pain as the wooden cock
end entered the straining ring of her labia bounced around the gym walls. It
felt as if she was being impaled on a spike! Sweat began to bead her forehead
and run slowly down her face. She groaned loudly as with shaking thighs she
tried to lower herself onto the thing. As the grotesque head finally slid inside
the entrance of her pussy she cried out. Simon Cain watched the curvaceous young
woman try her best to embed herself on the false cock. His own cock had grown
rigid as he watched the full breasts and soft thighs shake and tremble with the
effort she was making. Fascinated he watched intensely as the shaped end of the
thick wooden staff very slowly disappeared between the tautly stretched pink
labia. Lisa James squealed and gasped for breath when it penetrated her tight
hole. He smiled as she shook and vibrated pinned like some erotic butterfly on a
steel pin.

          "Get on with it I haven't got all night!" he said sharply. Lisa looked
at him with moist eyes. It was hurting. She let her weight down a little more
and allowed the thick shaft to spear a few millimetres further into her tense
dripping vagina. Bending her knees allowed her body to slide a further few
centimetres down the thing. The schoolmaster watched with interest as the girls
bulging vagina and soft belly quivered with strain and discomfort. Tension in
her tautly stretched pink ring was causing her clitoris to stand out like a
little bud. It pulsed and throbbed madly as she tried her best to impale herself
on the false cock. Taking a series of deep breaths she managed amid much
squealing and panting to jam herself further and further onto the massive
intruder. Her vagina felt distended to its very limits. Sweat was rolling down
her face and dripping onto her wobbling breasts by the time she had achieved the
almost seemingly impossible task. With one final effort she pushed herself
downwards onto the stiff rod and felt, much to her relief, the seat of the stool
firmly beneath her buttocks. Gasping for breath she slumped forwards but held
herself upright with her hands placed firmly on the stools surface.

          "Well that didn't seem too difficult for you. Looks to me like you're
enjoying it a lot you dirty girl!" She gazed at him with tired eyes. Her pussy
was pulsing and gripping the thick shaft. Embedded on the massive artificial
member she was unable to stop pain and arousal combining deep within her soft
belly. She felt so tired but dreadfully horny at the same time!
          "Oooooohhhhh! Arrrgggghhhh!" The games master had stood up and grabbed
her wrists forcing them behind her back. Unable to move she squealed in alarm as
he twisted and then tied them tightly together above her straining buttocks.
          "Time to stop messing about and get on with you little slut. Start
fucking that fat boy cock and make it good or you'll find him jammed up that
tight little ass of yours!"

          Lisa sobbed loudly. With her hands no longer supporting any of her
body weight she could feel the wooden cock creeping even more deeply into her
abused pussy. The only way to move herself was with her legs. God it was so
tight. It felt as if she was embedded on a tree trunk! Her bent knees meant she
was crouched over the stool and it's monstrous member so she'd have to make
herself stand up. A long moan escaped her as she tried to force herself upwards.
The smooth shaft slid inside her frictioning against her tender vaginal walls.
Suddenly his hands were all over her breasts squeezing and pinching the
throbbing flesh. She cried out as he pulled her up by her hard nipples forcing
her to slip along the thick invader. Half penetrated by the false cock she shook
uncontrollably as overwhelming sensations ran through her taut belly. A groan of
undisguised lust filled the room as his big fingers abruptly grazed her engorged
clitoris. It throbbed violently as he rubbed a fingertip over its delicate
bloated surface. The overpowering feelings made her jerk involuntarily up and
down on her wooden lover. Within seconds her breath was rasping and her head
falling from side to side as he continued to tease and manipulate her
excruciatingly sensitive clitoral stalk. Then she was bouncing uncontrollably,
stretching her inner membranes to the very limits as she drove herself wildly
towards her longed for orgasm. One of his hands continued to manipulate her
clitoris while the other slid behind and between her rolling buttocks. A
fingertip ran around her anal ring stimulating her still further with its rude
examination of her most private orifice.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Godddddddddddddddddddd!!!" Lisa
James' scream of release reverberated around the walls of the gymnasium. She
convulsed on the thick wooden post screaming her pleasure to the cavernous room.
Her pussy clamped tightly to the thick invader as it reamed back and forth deep
within her taut belly. Her intimate inner flesh squeezed forcefully onto the
unyielding shaft as wave after wave of intense satisfaction caressed her
writhing naked form. Then she slumped forwards against Jason Cains' massive
shoulder in a semi conscious stupor. Gently he lifted the young woman from the
shiny wooden stake. It came out of the abused vaginal ring with a loud plop. He
noted that the whole of the stools surface was awash with sticky fluid. It had
even splashed over the edge and was running slowly down one of the legs. Lisa
moaned weakly as he carefully laid her on a mat on the floor. His cock was rigid
but he wasn't impatient, it would keep until they met again in a few days time.
The thought brought an enormous smile to his face.

          This time the shower in the San felt absolutely wonderful. As hot
water cascaded down her back her mind replayed the awful things that had
happened to her during the day. The humiliation had been all consuming but had
also aroused her to a level she wouldn't have thought possible. Tomorrow would
hold yet more embarrassments, of that she had no doubt. Her poor pussy and
bumhole both felt sore but her tummy felt incredibly warm and content. The
orgasm had been over quickly but was probably the most intense she'd ever
experienced. She'd almost passed out! Her whole body, not just her vagina, had
spasmed with almost unbearable pleasure. Shame and humiliation seemed to drive
her well beyond any normal level of sexual excitement. As she gingerly washed
the soap from between her thighs her clitoris pulsed gently. It wouldn't quickly
let her forget about the days events......

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Seven : As cool as a cucumber

          Voices! Lisa James' blood suddenly ran cold. Oh please no! Miss Palmer
had someone with her! On the previous mornings, when she'd stood naked awaiting
the arrival of the school nurse, the sound of the older woman's high heels had
heralded her approach. On each occasion the fear that someone else might arrive
with Matron had made Lisa's stomach somersault with worry. And now her worst
fears were about to be realised. The thought of someone else being present
whilst she was restrained on the nightmarish "machine" and subjected to her
morning enema sent chills chasing up and down her spine.

          "Here she is. Say good morning young lady," said the grinning nurse.
Simon Barrow's smiling face suddenly filled Lisa's vision as she tried to cover
her nudity with her hands.

          "Good morning Sir," she said quietly, her face flushing scarlet at
being exposed in front of him again.

          "Mr Cain tells me you've taken quite a liking to Baseball. Is that
true?" His laughter filled the corridor as Lisa's face turned an even darker
shade of red. The memory of the mind numbing orgasm she'd had with the carved
bat embedded in the centre of her belly caused her clitoris to pulse alarmingly.
Anita Palmer opened the San door and ushered the "schoolgirl" into the room. The
embarrassed younger woman scampered through the doorway in front of them, her
full buttocks wobbling delightfully.

          As Matron prepared her enema equipment Simon Barrow perched on the
edge of the San's desk and watched Lisa as she stood naked against the wall.

          "Hands on your head you little slut!" he said sharply. Horribly aware
of his amused eyes she reluctantly placed her hands where he instructed fully
revealing her shaven pubis and trembling breasts as she did so.

          "Do you think our schoolgirl likes showing that fat pussy of hers to
strangers Anita?" he asked with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

          "Yes I certainly do! She's a disgusting little scrubber. Can't control
herself when she comes in here in the mornings. I've no doubt when she's given
half a chance she parades in front of people naked and shows them everything
she's got!" He watched their red-faced pupil's bottom lip tremble and then pout
resentfully. She didn't dare look at him. Her whole being was centred on her
exposed private parts that were so blatantly revealed to his eyes. She felt sick
with anxiety because in a few moments she knew he'd be seeing even more of her!

          Once knelt over the saddle and fixed with the leather straps Lisa
heard the whirr of electric motors and immediately felt her pinioned body being
lifted and opened for the forthcoming entertainment of her tormentors. She
gasped as her thighs were spread wide and as her head dropped towards the floor
felt her bum hole and vaginal crack being forced upwards into the air. The
intimate exposure made fluid leak from her delicate internal membranes. Blood
suffused her cheeks and neck as the private places of her body were shamefully
revealed to their eyes. Simon Barrow calmly discussed school business with his
colleague as he observed her first insert a finger, and then several, into the
helpless bottom that clenched and spasmed in front of him. It was a delicious
sight. The wonderfully rounded cheeks were rolling most erotically as his nurse
worked her lubricated fingers back and forth in the incredibly tight hole. Lisa
was wailing in misery and begging the older woman to stop which only added an
even more arousing edge to the scene. His cock stiffened each time the young
woman's voice rose in protest.

          The end of the tube was ridged. From her squeals it was obvious she
felt each one as the thing passed slowly down her rectal canal. Then Anita
Palmer inflated the collar and everything was sealed tight. A touch of a button
and pressurised fluid began squirting straight into the shaking "schoolgirls"
bowels. Lisa moaned loudly as she absorbed the initial onslaught then began
writhing against her restraints as the pressure began to build. It took only
moments before she was unable to contain herself and began begging them to turn
it off.

          "Does she always make such a fuss?" asked Simon Barrow as Lisa
shrieked in discomfort.

          "Yes I'm afraid she's acted like a little five year old each time I've
cleaned her out." The nurse gave him a sly smile.

          "Maybe you ought to give her something to really complain about? Would
you mind watching her for a little while. The pump's set to automatically finish
its cycle after 20 minutes and I'll be back soon after." She couldn't help but
laugh softly at the sudden increase in the intensity of Lisa's protests.

          "Before I go let me just tidy this tubing out of the way for you."
Taking some adhesive plaster she carefully ran the pipe up between the clenching
buttocks and taped it firmly to the girls waist before moving the pump and it's
trolley off to one side.

          "You make sure you behave for your Master you little tart," she said,
as beaming brightly at her employer she left the room and closed the door
quietly behind her.

          For the second time in their brief relationship Lisa found Simon
Barrow's erection filling her mouth. The cramping in her belly was getting
worse. Each spasm wrenched a pitiful groan from her throat. Her protests however
bubbled incoherently around the thick shaft that was powering back and forth
between her lips. Saliva dribbled down her face and she retched as his swollen
penis hit the back of her throat again. Then thankfully it was gone and she
could cry freely as another wave of pain swept through her stomach.

          He watched as she convulsed against the discomfort, his cock jutting
enormously as her sobs caused it to throb uncontrollably.

          "That wasn't a very good effort young lady," he said, "you still seem
to require some instruction where sucking a gentleman is concerned." He
disappeared behind her and she suddenly screamed shrilly as a blaze of fire
scorched itself across her churning bum cheeks.

          "Aaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!" was all she
had time for before the second stroke of the thin whippy cane seared across her
straining flesh. After a few minutes eight lines of white heat were burning her
wildly rolling buttocks. He'd been particularly careful to allow enough time
between strokes so that she could fully appreciate the intensity of each
sizzling impact.

          Now Lisa found herself in a place where she'd never been before. A
sound was filling her ears and it took several moments before she realised it
was her own wailing. The sound rose and fell in time with the excruciating
cramping in her belly and the painful throbbing in her rolling bum cheeks. Simon
Barrow was enjoying himself immensely. The writhing girl was completely at his
mercy and exciting him enormously. The presence of his hands firmly steadying
her hips made Lisa aware that something else was about to happen. She guessed it
wasn't going to be pleasant. Then she found herself pleading with him. She could
hear herself doing it but felt strangely removed from what was happening, almost
as if she was an observer and not a participant.

          "Oh no Sir! I can't bear anymore. My tummy and bum hurt so much.
Please don't......Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" The head of Simon Barrow's rigid
cock suddenly pushed between her soft labia and forced itself just inside the
pink tunnel. He was amazed at how tight she felt but it wasn't really
surprising. Standing between the widely spread thighs he worked himself gently
back and forth, carefully opening the helpless vagina with the very end of his
engorged penis. It felt wonderful and took all of his self-control not to ram
himself straight into the wriggling flesh. Control was everything. Control would
prolong the exquisite pleasure. He concentrated as hard as he could.

          Lisa could feel his thing as it moved just in and out of her slippery
crack. She sobbed uncontrollably as pain surged inside her belly as the muscles
cramped against the pressure in her bowels. He was going to fuck her whilst she
was having her enema! The certain knowledge did nothing to alleviate her mental
state. She became aware of his hands taking an even firmer grip and then
suddenly her shriek of agony was filling the room. Pushing steadily he gradually
inserted his throbbing cock into the writhing girl. She howled as his hardness
slowly forced itself more and more deeply into her belly. God she was so tight!
It was the tightest pussy he'd ever experienced. He should of thought of this
before! The intense pressure that surged rhythmically inside her meant that
Lisa's rectum was inflating with fluid and swelling into her vaginal passageway
making the space much tighter than normal. For Simon Barrow it was quite simply
delicious. She squealed as he finally sank himself fully into her shuddering
depths. On this occasion she found little pleasure as he calmly raped her
restricted hole. It hurt and that was all there was to it. Her screams rang out
as he selfishly plunged himself into the incredibly tight opening. Thankfully it
didn't take long before his orgasm approached. Lisa's squeals and sobs and pleas
hastened its arrival. Then he was pulsing and shooting his hot fluid into the
girl's helpless vagina. It gripped and squeezed the final drops from his
throbbing rod before he slumped forwards onto the churning bottom. She was
coated in sweat, he could feel the wetness against his chest as he rested on her
back. Now totally soft his cock slid from her still pulsing slit. Her groans
were softer but rose to a squeal each time her muscles cramped in complaint at
the fluid that was filling her almost to bursting point.

          By the time Anita Palmer returned Lisa James was still pinioned over
the saddle of the enema machine but Simon Barrow had gone. The pump had stopped
but the girl was still groaning and shaking all over. Bright red stripes
decorated the juddering buttocks and then the older woman noticed the grey fluid
oozing and dripping from between the girl's swollen labia. She smiled to

          "Well you little bitch it looks as though Mr Barrow gave you a lesson
in obedience this morning. I hope you enjoyed yourself?" Her bright laughter
filled the room as she began to undo the leather straps.

          Lisa felt light headed when she arrived at the kitchen door. Her pussy
felt sore and her bum was really throbbing. The stripes Simon Barrow had given
her with the cane  were still stinging but worst of all her clitoris was
throbbing as well. Thinking about what had just happened was making her really
horny! What the hell was the matter with her! The shower had done little to
reduce the sensitivity of the burning lines. She glanced nervously around the
room hoping that the horrible boy wouldn't be there this morning, but of course
he was. As she walked in her entrance provoked a series of sarcastic remarks so
she quickly slipped her uniform off and her apron on. Standing at the sink she
started to run some hot water. Unfortunately the state of her bottom, visible
through the gap in the back of the apron, immediately aroused their interest.

          "I think she should show us her bottom properly Mrs Sampson," said Sue
Collins mischievously. The girl laughed at the woebegone expression that covered
Lisa's face.

          "You'd like to give us all a really good look wouldn't you you little
tart?" said the grinning cook, "you can get that apron off for a start!" Within
a few moments Lisa found herself naked and bending uncomfortably over the heavy
wooden butchers block that stood ominously in one corner of the kitchen. From
somewhere they'd produced a length of soft rope that Lee Watson was now
carefully looping around her wrists. The thick-legged wooden slab wasn't very
high so both Lisa's feet and hands were almost touching the floor as she bent
head down over the thing. Her face burned with humiliation when she looked into
the sniggering face of the youth. He expertly cinched her wrists together then
tied them at floor level to the crosspiece on one side of the thing. Before he
stood up his hands cupped the pendulous orbs that hung forwards over the front
edge of the block and squeezed them until Lisa gasped in protest.

          "Get your legs open girl! We know you want to show us all you've got!"
snapped the cook, laughing at the shameful groan that the young woman made. Lisa
was firmly secured in place, her bottom bulging provocatively. Reluctantly she
spread her legs until each of her bent knees were on opposite sides of the
horrible block. The cheeks of her bum were pulled half open revealing the wet
slit of her vagina and it's swollen labial folds.

          "It looks as though she's been fucked!" said the 25 year old Sue
Collins as she bent and peered closely at the helpless woman's obviously
inflamed vaginal lips.

          "The dirty little scrubbers been fucking someone!" said the boy
excitedly. Lisa closed her eyes, the humiliation was too much to bear. Having a
teenage boy staring at her pussy when only a short time ago she'd been forced to
have intercourse with a relative stranger was absolutely dreadful. However her
eyes shot open when fingers suddenly traced down between the slippery lips and
then slid easily inside.

          "It feels like she's had a bucket of grease in here!" said the boy
laughing loudly. Lisa groaned in shame but felt her buttocks lifting
involuntarily. The fingers went deeper.

          "Just look at the little slut," said the younger woman, "she's trying
to fuck his fingers!".

          Although she didn't want to Lisa found herself groaning with pleasure
as the boy's fingers slid forcefully in and out of her soaking wet slit. When
they passed teasingly across her clitoris, which was poking excitedly from
beneath it's hood, she ground herself against the wooden block gasping

          "The little scrubber's going to come if you keep that up Lee" said Mrs
Sampson as she watched the parted buttocks rotate in very erotic circles.
Reluctantly the youth withdrew his hand and smiled at his colleagues.

          "Pretty hot looking stripes she's got aren't they?" he said.  Sue
reached out and ran her fingers along the angry raised red ridges that cut
perfectly across the soft bottom. The pinioned "schoolgirl" gasped and jerked as
the slight pressure caused the excruciatingly sensitive welts to flare into life
once again. 

          "Bet she howled when she got them," said the Cook matter of factly.

         "If she gets some more today they'll really gonna sting!" Lisa listened
worriedly to their conversation trying her best to stop rubbing her clit against
the wooden surface. She knew she was a disgusting little slut but she wanted to
come so much! What had happened earlier and what was happening now was making
fluid literally flood from her pussy. The humiliation, the mind blowing
humiliation, the shameful exposure. Her clitoris was itching and throbbing

          "I've been told we're not strap or spank her this morning. Sounds like
she's might be getting a good thrashing from someone else before the day's
over," said Mrs Sampson ruefully.

          "It's a pity. I was looking forward to making her squeal. Anyway I'm
sure we can find something that she'll dislike just as much!"

          Lisa was being excused from her kitchen chores but she wished she
wasn't. Laughter and raised voices were emanating from the behind the storeroom
door. Her imagination was going into overdrive and a cold dread was crawling
slowly across her skin. She shifted uncomfortably against the wood pressing into
her belly. The storeroom door opened. Immediately the boy went to one of the
sinks whilst the two women continued with their normal breakfast preparations.
After a while Lisa could smell coffee being made and then realised that the
three of them were pulling chairs over towards her corner of the room. She
swallowed nervously.

          "Here we are dirty girl," said Mrs Sampson, "look what we've found for
you." From her head down position Lisa craned her neck and looked at the
contents of the plastic bowl that the cook was holding out. For a few seconds
the significance of the array of various vegetables was lost on her then
understanding flooded her mind. As she stared at the freshly washed carrots and
parsnips she bit her lower lip and said nothing. There was a huge cucumber as

          The two carrots were big and old. As the first slid easily into her
pussy she groaned. Sue Collins smirked as she placed the end of the second
against the tightly closed anus. The helpless woman's feet drummed on the
kitchen floor and she writhed on the chopping block as her young tormentress
pushed hard. Lisa was desperately squeezing herself shut, grunting with the
effort through clenched teeth. Her younger female colleague simply pushed
harder. A moment of resistance and then they were rewarded with a shrill squeal
of despair and a wild shaking of their playthings head as the carrot penetrated
all the way into her rectal passageway.

          "Nnnnnngggghhhhh! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh! Stop! Stop!" They laughed as
the spread buttocks tried to close. A warning slap from one of Mrs Sampson's
hard hands and they remained open. Lisa's groans and moans increased in volume
and pitch as the two vegetables began to plunge back and forth in her twin
holes. Soon she was bucking and crying both with pleasure and shame as the girl
drove her frustratingly close to orgasm. Then the orange "dildoes" were gone and
she was left sobbing as her bottom continued to writhe involuntarily,
desperately seeking the intoxicating sensations that had moments earlier made
her head spin with excitement.

          The Cook took a turn but this time a pair of parsnips were the tools
of choice. The larger of the two was covered in secondary roots that turned and
twisted in all directions. It looked like some sort of deranged medusa, the thin
wiry growths covering its entire surface. Lisa groaned loudly as the first white
invader was pushed further and further into her contracting bumhole. The  anal
ring was forced to expand and stretch to accommodate the gradually increasing
girth. Laughter greeted the explosion of pleading that greeted the first few
centimetres of "medusa" as it made it's way inside the other more exclusively
feminine tunnel.

          "Aaaaaahhhhhh! Nooooooooooooo! Don't! Pleeeeeeeease!" The sensations
as the mass of prickly pliable roots scraped along the elastic walls of Lisa's
pussy nearly sent her mad! She shook her head violently and straightened her
knees. The attentive audience watched in fascination as she frantically jerked
her bottom up and down and from side to side. The cook ignored the young woman's
squeals as she carried on inserting the thick vegetable into the ever widening
vaginal crack.

          Pleas and squeals and sobs filled the kitchen as Mrs Sampson began
moving the two white invaders slowly back and forth. Lisa whinnied with anxiety
as the dreadful "medusa" scraped and scratched against her sensitive vaginal
membranes. The feelings were literally unbearable. Her cries intensified as the
two parsnips were forced inside her as far as they would go. Then as one
penetrated the other retreated. Soon a steady rhythm was established as Lisa
howled her anguish at the four tiled walls. Her legs shook and straightened then
her tummy was pressing hard against the unforgiving wood. Both her vagina and
bottom hole pulsed and clenched and spasmed with the intolerable sensations. A
thin sheen of perspiration quickly developed over the whole of her writhing body
as the three workers watched in rapt fascination. Finally she felt the horrible
things being withdrawn leaving her sobbing inconsolably across the wooden slab.

          "Certainly wriggles about a bit doesn't she?" said Lee Watson smiling

          "Yes. I think we'll have to use something to hold her still for the
next one," said the Cook slyly.

          "Go and get me a fresh bottle brush from the store would you Sue?" Mrs
Sampson held the enormous solid cucumber under Lisa's nose. It was a good 15
inches long.

          "Like this would you you little bitch?" she said. Lisa began shaking
her head frantically,

          "Please don't Miss don't make me it's too big it'll really hurt me
please oh please...." Words tumbled from the anguished mouth as tears ran freely
down the bright red cheeks. The younger woman was quickly back from the

          "Just the job," said the cook brightly as she held up the wire handled
brush. The last few inches had firm radiating bristles which would cause havoc
with their victims sensitive anal opening.

          "Nooooooooooooooooo! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" squealed Lisa as the
sharp bristles pricked the entrance of her tightly closed bumhole. Her teeth
chattered and then her mouth formed a soundless howl as the awful thing was
thrust firmly into the tiny hole. For a few seconds she totally lost control,
screaming and thrashing on top of the wooden block. Her reaction brought an
explosion of cruel laughter from her tormentors. Luckily the bristles retained a
certain degree of flexibility which had allowed them to bend as they'd passed
through the tightly clenched  ring of Lisa's bottom. Once inside they'd sprung
back into position and were now filling the writhing young woman's rectal canal
with an intense prickling. She stopped moving immediately, trying to remain
totally still so that the awful sensations inside her bottom would stop. It
worked to a point, the prickling reduced, but sweat beaded her forehead and she
moaned loudly.

          "That's better young lady," said Mrs Sampson.

          "Now Lee if you could hold the brush in place we can make a start."
They all chuckled as the cook once again held the massive cucumber in front of
Lisa's face. The pleading from their helpless captive was heart rending but
sounded like music to their ears so they ignored it.

          It was thick as well as being long.

          "She'll never take the whole thing surely," said Sue Collins as Mrs
Sampson forced Lisa to lick the cucumber as best she could. Even though she'd
begged them not to put it inside her she knew they were going to. In a panic she
lathered the thing with her spit hoping that the lubrication would alleviate the
trauma of its insertion at least to some degree. The older woman laughed.

          "Well she's going to feel it, that's for sure. It'll be interesting to
see how much we can get in her." Lee Watson's erection was already pushing
against the zip of his jeans even before the cook placed one end of the cucumber
between the "schoolgirl's" straining thighs. As the end slid between the swollen
labia his hard on tried to force itself through the material itself. Lisa
squealed and mouthed a whole stream of entreaties as her torturer started to
push the thick green monster into the pulsing vaginal opening. The lips opened
and stretched around the thing's girth forming a perfect pink ring. Lisa
screamed and jerked away from it, her legs straightening and trembling as
intense prickling suddenly filled her bottom. She screamed again as several
inches of the intruder were unceremoniously forced into her straining pussy.

          "Arrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Mrs Sampson
took a firmer grip on her vegetarian friend and pushed hard. Lisa's eyes bulged
from her head as she felt the enormous invader stretching her poor hole to its
very limits. They'd tear her inside, she was sure of it. Trying to keep herself
still was impossible as several more inches slid inexorably into the straining

          "Wow!" said Sue Collins. "There must be about ten inches in there by
now." The cook tried pushing even harder causing Lisa to scream hysterically and
shake her head wildly from side to side.

          "Mmm feels like that might be it," she said ruefully, "it sounds like
it anyway." As they laughed their plaything's scream subsided until the only
sound was a piteous sobbing.

          "Right young lady now that we've got your attention we're going to
play a little game of Truth or Dare. Would you like that?" Lisa groaned.

          "Do you like showing your private parts to young boys?"

          "NO!" The cook nodded to her young male kitchen hand. He jiggled the
brush handle bringing a shriek of protest from Lisa.

          "I'll ask you again. Do you like having young boys look at your
private parts?"

          "Yes Miss! Yes Miss! I do!" she replied frantically.

          "And do you get wet when people look at you when you've had your
clothes taken away?" Amid much laughter and  sarcastic comment  the questions
continued, periodically interspersed with hysterical screams. She tried to give
them the answers they wanted to hear. When she was wrong the hateful boy ensured
her bumhole performed an agonizing trick, clenching involuntarily onto the sharp
bristles. Each time she screamed and shrieked for their amusement. The last
question concerned Lisa's desire to be fucked by her green companion. Saying No
wasn't the correct answer. Her rectal canal paid for her insolent refusal until
she was begging them to accept her frenzied agreement.

          Mrs Sampson had the boy pull the brush from the young woman's bottom.
For Lisa the relief was wonderful. Allowing her knees to bend she was once again
able to rest her tummy on the wooden block. However her pussy was bulgingly
full, it's wall gripping the thick green giant incredibly tightly.

          "Sue go and fetch a good thick pile of those dish clothes, you know,
the yellow ones." Together the cook and the youth looked at the spread buttocks
on the chopping block in front of them. Already fading slightly, the thin
stripes from the cane accentuated the voluptuous curves of the woman's bottom.
When the female kitchen assistant produced the requested thick wad of towels the
cook inserted a finger into Lisa's anus and lifted upwards. Her victim squeaked
and protested but quickly found herself standing on her tiptoes, the muscles in
her calves thrown into relief as she strained to maintain the position. Then the
towels were slid beneath her smooth belly. They formed a very thick pad and when
the cook removed her finger Lisa found herself unable to move, balanced on the
aforementioned tips of her toes.

          At first the older woman had trouble making the cucumber move at all
but gripping tightly she was rewarded by some slight movement and a loud moan of
protest from Lisa. As the thick shaft began it's backwards journey the taut pink
ring of soft labial skin was pulled outwards, reluctant in it's desire to
release it's grip. Unable to move the "schoolgirl's" bum cheeks and thighs
flexed in response to the intense sensations that were emanating from her
stretched vaginal walls. Her toes tapped frantically on the tiled floor as Mrs
Sampson pulled the green giant forcefully along the straining vulval passageway.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nnnnnngggggggghhhhh!" And then it was
almost fully extracted except for the rounded end that remained just inside
Lisa's shuddering hole.

          "Get ready you little bitch," said the grinning cook and roughly
jerked the cucumber back towards the place from which it had just returned. Lee
Watson and Sue Collins watched in awe as the massive vegetable speared it's way
back inside the shaking woman's belly. Lisa screamed as it penetrated fully, the
pink labial ring pushing inwards as the thick girth of the vegetable slid past.

          "OhOhOhOh....Ggggrrrr.....Nnnnnnnnnooooooooo....Nnnnnggggh." The
stream of frantic protests was almost unintelligible. Once the vagina had
accommodated, as much as it was able, the massive size of the object Mrs Sampson
began pumping it forcefully back and forth. Lisa's squeals and groans and pleas
filled the room. It hurt. Hurt a lot. The friction produced as it slid forwards
and backwards inside her was only partially relieved by the lubricating fluid
that she was secreting in copious amounts. As it pounded in and out of her
stretched hole she felt the taut circle of her labia relentlessly pushed inwards
and pulled outwards.

          Then it started. Much to Lisa's surprise and through the horrible
stretching sensations she began to be aware of a stirring deep within her belly.
Sweat was pouring down her forehead and she continued to groan agonizingly but
the tone of her protests was gradually taking on a different meter.  The boy was
swift to recognise her reaction.

          "She's starting to like it Mrs S!" he said excitedly.

          "Yes, it won't take much longer and she'll be showing us what a little
slut she really is." The three of them grinned, the girl giggling at Lisa's
sudden shriek as the cook cruelly rammed the cucumber in as far as it would go.

          "Come on you little bitch get on with it, we're waiting." Lisa gurgled
out another protest. She didn't want to come for them. Didn't want them to see
or hear her as she orgasmed but the gnawing ache was growing.

          A few minutes later she was unable to contain herself any longer. She
started to gasp hoarsely and was soon begging them to let her come. The three
workers laughed.

          "This is what she'll be wanting now," said Mrs Sampson knowingly as
she slid one hand under Lisa's pubic mound while continuing to fuck the helpless
vagina with the cucumber. Her fingers teased the erect clitoris and suddenly the
muscles in the girl's legs flexed violently. She jerked in place and squealed
with excitement. The continuous stimulation of the sliding vegetable was sending
Lisa to a level of arousal she'd never achieved before. The fingers touching her
little stalk suddenly sent her spiralling towards orgasm.

          "AhAhAhAh.....Ooooooooooo!" It was coming! She was coming! The fingers
went away.......

          "Pleeeeeeeeeease noooooooooooooooooo!" Her body convulsed with

          "Ask me properly you little bitch or I'll keep you here all morning,"
said the cook coldly.

          "Let me AhAhAh come. Oooooohhhh God! Please let me Miss!" Lisa managed
to gasp. It was a fine and amusing game and one that they could have continued
for a long time but glancing at the clock Mrs Sampson knew they'd have to
conclude their morning's entertainment. Slipping her hand back beneath their
captive "schoolgirl" she began manipulating the swollen clitoral stub. Lisa
immediately began shaking and trembling with unsuppressed lust as she was driven
towards her climax. The doubling of the stimulation tipped her quickly over the

          Lisa felt her eyelids drooping with pleasure as the older womans
fingers squeezed and rubbed her engorged clitoris. Then she came. Rainbow
colours flew in front of her eyes as she moaned and babbled incoherently. It was
violently intense. Her legs and thighs and bum cheeks all went into spasm. The
release was all consuming. She heard herself thanking them hysterically between
her squeals and cries. Pleasure flooded every inch of her shaking body, all
memory of discomfort and pain was lost in the swirling storm of gratification.
Her toes curled in rapture as the walls of her pussy pulsed deliciously against
her green lover.

           It was only after the exquisite pleasure was gone and her shaven hole
was empty that the realisation of what she had just shown them sank into her
mind. Shame and humiliation returned with a frightening intensity..........

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Eight : Some difficult lessons

          Lisa sat at her desk at the front of the class with shaking legs. In
fact she was quivering all over. Her pussy felt incredibly sticky and wet.
Having a quick wash in the kitchen storeroom hadn't relieved the prickling she
could still feel in her bumhole and had done nothing to reduce the red glow that
was emanating from her face and throat. She felt hot, very hot. Her head was
totally confused. The orgasm had been fantastic...yet she'd been made to orgasm
through no choice of her own. Thinking about what had just happened filled her
with humiliation. She felt ashamed of what she'd been made to do. Showing
everything to the Cook and her two lackeys, even showing them her most private
moment had been awe inspiringly embarrassing but as usual she'd been incredibly
turned on. She couldn't believe what an awful little slut she was becoming. Even
now her pussy was continuing to throb unhelpfully...

          Alan Finch looked at the very red face of his shapely female student.
On Tuesday he'd threatened her with some form of nameless punishment if her mark
in the comprehension test hadn't been good. His mouth felt very dry as he looked
at her paper and the D that was circled in red at the bottom. The boys were
watching the young woman in her tight vest and short skirt as they always did.
With luck and a little patience they'd probably be rewarded, sometime during the
morning, with the revelation of all of her physical charms. Even better, and
unbeknownst to Lisa, they were all looking forward to the afternoons' science
class when "everything" would definitely be exposed! Their animated conversation
in Italian ran back and forth across the room as they tried to contain their
eagerness. However a general hardening of a certain part of their youthful
anatomies failed to conceal their enthusiasm.

          "James come with me, the rest of you try the exercises I've outlined
on the board. I won't be long." There was an audible sign of disappointment as
she self-consciously walked out of the room behind the middle-aged schoolmaster.
She noted the glum expression on the boys' faces. No doubt they were hoping to
see her forced to undress or something similar. She breathed a small sigh of
relief. At least she'd be spared that embarrassment. He walked quickly out of a
side door, across a path that led between some overhanging trees, to the
entrance of an almost identical red brick building. The door slammed loudly once
they were both inside. A short distance down a corridor and Lisa found herself
in a small study. Oak panelling and bookcases lined the walls. A leather sofa,
desk and captains chair were the only items of furniture. She was left standing
in front of the desk whilst he sat and looked at her. There was only a few
seconds silence before he spoke.
          "You're comprehension test was basically rubbish. You achieved a D
grade, a fail. What have you got say for yourself young lady?"
          "I tried my hardest Sir," she answered quietly. God it sounded so
feeble and pathetic but she didn't know what else to say. Her pussy was so hot
and her bumhole felt all funny. It was difficult to concentrate. Alan Finch
looked at the jutting nipples that were blatantly outlined by the thin cotton of
the girl's vest. She was wringing her hands in anticipation of what was about to
come. His cock hardened. Her face was absolutely crimson. He wondered how she
could possibly endure the obvious humiliation of her situation. The shame had to
be all consuming. Obviously it would be even more intense if he caned her in
front of her leering young classmates! Selfishly he preferred to take his
pleasure one on one!
          "Well it wasn't good enough." He amazed himself by keeping his voice
          "So I'm going to punish you."
          "B..B..But Sir I tried..." she began to stammer.
          "STAND UP STRAIGHT GIRL!" He suddenly shouted, "AND GET YOUR HANDS AT
YOUR SIDES!" Lisa jumped. Oh God no not again! She felt really stupid standing
there in front of him. She was no longer an office manager of 27 but a 16 year
old schoolgirl about to have her knickers pulled down. The thought had sticky
fluid immediately pooling in the crack between her quivering thighs.

          "Fetch the cane Lisa," he said, indicating the back of the door
through which they'd both just come. She hadn't seen it before but she did now.
A thin yellow length of rattan was hanging from a hook at the side of the
doorframe. Almost in a dream she found herself moving towards the door then
reaching out for the wicked looking thing. It rattled against the wood panelling
as she fumbled it into her grasp.
          "Little girls like you only understand one thing isn't that right?"
She swallowed hard and shook her head. NoNoNoNoNo!
          "Six of the best across that fat bottom should ensure you concentrate
the next time a teacher tells you to do something. Well, haven't you got
anything to say?" For the umpteenth time in the last week Lisa's mind went a
complete blank. Panic and shame and arousal battered at the defences of her
mind. She was lost. The realisation that the teacher was on his feet and
speaking to her brought everything back into focus,
          " get them off! Come on hurry up you little tart!"

          Then she was standing against the side of the desk, her cotton
knickers making a tiny white pool in the centre of the rich maroon carpet.
          "Get over then, come on I haven't got all day!" Stiffly she bent and
keeping her legs pressed tightly together leant across the polished surface. 
Her shaking hands grasped the opposite edge of the antique wooden desktop. He
looked at the lower curves of the young woman's bottom as they peeped out from
beneath the short skirt. He hadn't been joking when he said he didn't have all
day. After all his Italian pupils were waiting for their English tuition. He
smiled to himself and  wasted little time in turning the skirt up and tucking it
into it's own waistband. A soft intake of breath greeted this exposure. Lisa
knew he was looking at her bum. Its revelation to Alan Finch caused a further
stiffening in his trousers. Smooth and generously curved the posterior proved an
intoxicating sight but he was surprised to find that several red lines were
already etched on the fleshy canvas, especially since it was so early in the
          "What did you do to warrant those stripes Lisa?" he asked curiously.
          "I...I didn't do anything wrong Sir," she blurted, "Mr Barrow wanted
to teach me a lesson. I tried my best to please him I really did."
          The thought of Simon Barrow and what he'd done in the San made Lisa's
buttocks clench tightly together. Alan Finch chuckled to himself. He looked
appreciatively at the rounded bottom as he bent and placed two thick volumes of
the Works of William Shakespeare on the carpet at either side of the shaking
woman's feet.
          "Legs nice and wide now Lisa. Lets have you up on the books."
Partially rising from the desk's surface she squeaked in dismay when she looked
back and spied the two thick hardbacks. His intention was to make the little
bitch really sing. He wasn't about to spare her. Reluctantly she spread herself
as instructed stepping gingerly up onto the solid tomes. This new position gave
him a clear view of the hairless puffy-lipped vagina nestling high between the
open thighs and also the reddish raised whorl of the girls' puckered anus.
Looking more closely he noticed that both of her openings appeared shiny with
secretions and the rim of her bottom hole looked particularly raised and
swollen. If he didn't know better he would have thought the slut had been anally
penetrated and recently at that! Resisting the temptation to stroke the
displayed charms he slashed the cane through the air experimentally. The
resulting sound was quite satisfying and caused the young woman to gasp with
apprehension. Her bum cheeks clenched and quivered in dread, the lips of her
pussy forming a tight pink line.

          If Alan Finch had a weakness for something in life it was his love of
caning the female bottom. The obsession had manifested itself in his late teens.
Now middle aged the intervening years had been punctuated with numerous
delicious encounters when he'd made his fantasy a reality. Exhibited in front of
him now wasn't the slim bottom of an adolescent girl but the fully formed
posterior of a mature woman. Delightful in it's appearance it meant that he
needn't be reticent in his approach. On this occasion his sadistic yearnings
would be unconstrained!

          Lisa heard the cane a split second before it arrived. It whistled! For
a fleeting moment she was unsure if her ears had deceived her but then the world
suddenly collapsed into a mass of tortured flesh and white hot pain. Her scream
as she grasped her wounded bum cheeks and fell from the side of the desk was
full voiced to say the least. Alan Finch laughed, he couldn't help himself, and
looked at the writhing woman at his feet.
          "Dear me young lady! I'm afraid that stroke won't count and if you
fail to maintain the correct posture at any time during the remainder of your
punishment I'll double your total. Do you understand?" Lisa nodded, her eyes
already brimming with tears.
          "You also seem unable to take your medicine in silence. If I hear
another sound from you I'll go and fetch your classmates and let them witness
your childish behaviour. Do I make myself clear?" Again Lisa nodded, her hands
rubbing the fiery line that was  searing her poor bottom. Where the cane had
intersected her stripes from the earlier session with Mr Barrow intense stinging
points pulsed agonizingly. 
          "Now get back over the desk!" he snapped. Dragging herself to her feet
she stepped unsteadily back onto the books but not before he had her remove the
skirt altogether.  As an afterthought he screwed the tiny white knickers into a
ball and forced them into her mouth.
          "These should help you to keep quiet," he said jovially, "and let's
have that fat arse presented properly shall we?" She knew what he was
requesting. She'd been caned before. If she didn't spread herself fully for his
enjoyment, and relax her bum cheeks before each stroke, he'd give her extra. It
was a terrible catch-22 to be in but if she didn't do as she was told she knew
he'd just keep caning her. Screwing her eyes tightly shut and grasping the edge
of the desk she tried her best to spread and relax her bottom for him.

          Watching the attractive young woman once more position herself
submissively over the desk Alan Finch couldn't help thinking how fortunate he
was. Life was good! He was about to skin the arse off a 27 year old and there
was nothing she could do about it. His erection felt huge as he stepped to one
side and teasingly tapped the end of the whippy rod against the trembling flesh.
Then he raised the cane and brought it down with all the strength in his arm. It
curved through a wide arc and struck the full bottom precisely across its'
centre. Several things happened at once. The young woman threw her head back in
shock as the pliable wood appeared to penetrate and then bounce back from her
smooth flesh. For a split second she appeared frozen in place then her toes
drummed frantically against the books and her body convulsed on the desktop.
Gritting her teeth did little to stop the breath bursting from her lungs.
Desperately she gripped the polished wood as her hips writhed from side to side.
The cheeks of her bottom clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed as the
searing sting infiltrated her lower body. All her feelings of shame and
embarrassment were quickly forgotten as the piercing pain consumed her.
Gradually it ebbed to a deep throb that worryingly aligned itself to the slow
throbbing deep within the crack between her legs.

          The second stroke was equally as bad as the first. So was the third,
fourth and fifth. Each impact had her hips lifting and writhing above the
antique varnish. It was only with a tremendous effort of will that she managed
to stop herself twisting totally over on the desktop. He waited longer before
applying the fearsome cane for the last time. It took some time before the
muffled sounds that threatened to escape the tightly gritted teeth and the
tremblings that ran enthusiastically across the wounded bottom subsided. Lisa
swallowed frantically and clenched her teeth harder onto the now wet cotton ball
in her mouth.  One to go! If she could just last out it would be over! Then it
arrived with an almost venomous intensity. The pain caused by the final sizzling
impact easily broke her resolve.

          The English teacher watched with satisfaction as the nearly naked
woman rolled on the carpet clasping and rubbing her bottom totally unconcerned
by the undignified display she was making of herself.  When she surfaced from
the mass of pain a few moments later his cheerful face was looking down at her.
          "Get up you stupid girl! How old are you? Unable to take a few strokes
of the cane at your age! It's ridiculous!" Lisa struggled to her feet and
tottered on shaking legs in front of him. Burning parallel lines ran across both
cheeks of her still churning bottom and she found it almost impossible to stand
still. Tears continued to run down her face as he told her to stand up straight
and put her hands at her sides. It was so embarrassing being caned by him and
the way he kept laughing at her, obviously enjoying the hurt and humiliation he
was inflicting. She hated him. Hated his smug smiling face. Hated this awful
school. Hated everything about it. She just wanted to cry her heart out. But
worse than any of that she hated what was happening between her legs. The fire
in her poor bum had travelled quickly, suffusing the crack between her buttocks.
Now its heat licked at the sticky lips of her pussy centring itself on the
throbbing button of her clitoris.  Even though she was consumed with humiliation
her level of arousal was frighteningly intense.

          "Kneel down." She did as he ordered, watching as he unzipped his
trousers and pulled out his erection. The evidence of his obvious excitement,
excitement that she was responsible for,  made her pussy throb uncontrollably.
She wanted to be touched. Wanted to feel something inside her. Wanted his cock.
His intentions however proved totally selfish. Sucking on the hard flesh did
nothing to alleviate the craving in her belly and it didn't take long before he
exploded. With a groan he pumped his come down her throat then unconcernedly
told her to get dressed. Her damp knickers slid slowly up her thighs and she
gasped when the thin material touched her burning bum cheeks. It was as if
nothing unusual had happened. A few moments later and with her head spinning she
followed him back into the classroom. Horribly aware of the interest of the boys
she gingerly lowered herself back into her seat. Heat blossomed in her bum
cheeks and she gasped as they came into contact with the unyielding wood. Smiles
and whispered comments welcomed her reaction. It was obvious she'd been crying,
her red cheeks were still wet from the tears she'd shed, which only served to
excite their curiosity further.

          Lisa glanced upwards with the rest of the class when Fiona Cole strode
into the room. The two teachers exchanged a few words before both looking
directly at the red faced schoolgirl in the front row. Lisa stared resolutely at
her desk lid knowing without doubt that making eye contact with the young
schoolmistress would be a mistake. She really didn't want to do anything to
antagonise her. Her bottom was sore enough already! Alan Finch gathered his
textbooks and register and left. As the door closed quietly behind him Fiona
Cole immediately turned her attention towards Lisa.
          "Mr Finch tells me that he's had to discipline you for your lack of
effort Miss!" Lisa's already hot face went a deeper shade of red. She could feel
the boys eyes burning into her back.
          "It looks as though I'm going to have to watch you very carefully this
lesson. Come out here." Miserably Lisa dragged herself from behind the desk and
stood in front of the smiling young woman. A murmur of excitement suddenly
filled the room.
          "We all might as well have a look at your fat bottom. I'm sure you're
keen to show your classmates what naughty girls get when they misbehave. Well?"
The sarcastic voice was wasted on Lisa. She shook her head and started to blurt
out, "No please Miss! Don't make me..."
          "SHUT UP! How dare you speak without permission! Get that skirt off
and your knickers, if you're wearing any that is!" The look in the eyes of the
younger woman was pitiless. Lisa spun despairingly in a pool of shame then
resignedly, for she knew any show of resistance was utterly futile, began to
unzip her skirt.

          As she removed it her audience began to giggle and laugh. Being the
object of their attention was horribly humiliating. Their obvious enjoyment of
her embarrassment made things ten times worse. Standing in just her knickers and
vest was mortifying. She pressed her thighs together in a hopeless attempt at
concealment. She knew that in a moment they'd be able to see everything but it
was all she had. The one last vestige of decency left her, even if it was
pathetically small. Each time she was made to undress in front of them, or
anyone for that matter, the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. She hated
the way her body betrayed her in these awful situations, already she could feel
the wetness between her legs and the throbbing of her clitoris. Fiona Cole's
sharp voice jerked her to attention,
          "Come on for goodness sake! What are you waiting for? Nevermind come
here!" Lisa found her knickers quickly pulled down and off. There was a gasp
from the boys as they saw the fiery red lines crisscrossing the full cheeks of
their classmates bottom. The young woman spun her "pupil" roughly around and had
a look at the damage. It was pretty bad. The bottom was blazing. The little slut
wouldn't be able to take anymore there without being restrained and that wasn't
practical or advisable in front of the rest of the class. Even Simon Barrow had
rules. A wicked thought grew in her mind as she gazed at the tormented
          "Mmmmm.....looks like Alan had some fun with you. Pretty sore I'll
bet. Well?"
          "Yes Miss, very," said Lisa quietly as she stared forlornly at the
floor, now horribly aware of the boys looking at her hairless slit.
          Lisa was only halfway through the first exercise when Fiona Cole, who
was perched on a desk behind her, suddenly spoke,
          "Wrong, wrong , wrong! Haven't you listened to anything I've told
you?" The chalk in the "schoolgirl's" hand stopped moving and she swallowed
loudly. Nervous tension immediately filled the room.
          "From now on you're going to be punished each time you make a mistake.
We'll make a start now in fact." From her briefcase she took a thick black
strap. Lisa found her eyes glued to the supple strip of leather. Her heart began
to pound.
          "A few licks of this should focus your mind a bit don't you think?"
She laughed at the pleading look in the young woman's eyes.
          "Obviously I can't do anything more to that fat arse of yours but your
thighs are unmarked." Fiona Coles' sadistic nature had one more nasty surprise
in store for Lisa.
          "Antonio, would you come up here and give Lisa her first four strokes
please." The boys eyes lit up and he was out of his seat and standing at the
semi naked womans side in a flash. Lisa's face was contorting with anguish and
she began mumbling words but they came out as unrecognisable rubbish. Shaking
uncontrollably she found herself forced to climb up onto the desk at the front
of the class. The teacher spent a few moments positioning her pupil until she
was satisfied.

          Head down on her hands and with her legs spread the young woman
presented a very interesting picture indeed. Her striped bum cheeks stuck well
up into the air and everything between her legs was fully exposed. The young
male members of the class were all breathing heavily. Shame was engulfing Lisa
totally. She wanted to die. How on earth could this be happening to her? A room
full of schoolboys were all looking at her private parts. It was
heart-stoppingly embarrassing and it was going to get worse, if that were
possible. Miss Cole explained to the excited boy that he could only strike the
thighs. He nodded enthusiastically then drew the strap back. All eyes in the
room fixed to the black leather as it became a blur. There was a loud crack and
a shrill squeal from Lisa. A red band appeared across the back of one of the
soft thighs. On the second stroke the boy was rewarded with tears. The third and
forth produced a series of squeals and cries that moistened the crotch of Fiona
Cole's knickers. Wonderful, quite wonderful! The little bitch must be consumed
with humiliation. Being strapped by a schoolboy in front of a roomful of others.
It didn't bear thinking about. God it made her feel so horny! As the boy
returned to his seat she looked at the four broad red marks that crossed the
backs of the shaking thighs. The wetness in her knickers grew.

          The lesson proved an absolute nightmare for Lisa. She was in floods of
tears by the time the third boy had his turn with the strap. Her head was
spinning making it almost impossible to concentrate on what she was supposed to
be doing on the blackboard. Climbing up onto the desk for the fourth time she
was totally broken. The shame was unbearable and the wicked strap was horribly
painful. Her poor thighs were on fire. Fiona Cole smiled at the young woman's
cries. Halfway through the period she caused Lisa to wish she'd never come to
the dreadful school. After another inevitable mistake was pointed out and Lisa
began to scramble reluctantly onto the desk the teacher stopped her.
          "Looks like the backs of your thighs are pretty sore young lady. Are
they very hot?"
          "Y...Y...Yes Miss!" she managed to stammer as tears rolled unchecked
down her very red cheeks.
          "Mmmmm....I thought so." Lisa found herself turned around and backed
against the side of the desk.
           "Sit there and spread your legs properly Lisa, theres a good girl."
Lisa realised immediately that the front of her legs were about to be strapped.
Her panic levels rose alarmingly. Her sobs became louder and she started to
shake more violently. Fiona Cole merely smiled generously.

          "Crack! Crack!" The strap wrapped itself around the front of one of
the helpless legs. "Crack! Crack!" It visited the other. Lisa cried loudly, her
red face wet with tears. By the time the end of the lesson finally arrived she
was bordering on the hysterical. Fiona Cole dismissed the boys but told Lisa to
stay where she was. Perched on the edge of the desk with her legs spread and her
very red and sore thighs on display she kept the attention of the boys as they
filed past. Her shaven pussy gaped wetly. The humiliation was all enveloping.
They'd all had a turn with the awful strap causing her to buck and jump about in
front of them. Miss Cole had encouraged them to hit hard! The burning was
dreadful. She was so so sore. At last they'd all gone. At least it was over.
          "Right Lisa it's time for lunch now but before you go you can do
something for me. After all it's only fair after all the attention I've lavished
on you this morning." Lisa watched with tear filled eyes as the young woman
undid her skirt and took it off, then slid her knickers down her legs. The pubic
bush had been closely trimmed so that the full puffy labia were exposed in all
their glory.
          "On your knees young lady," said Fiona Cooper as she sat down and
spread her legs. "Now lick me nicely or I'll have to punish you." The threat
wasn't lost on Lisa. She quickly pressed her face into the very wet folds and
began to lick and tease the excited flesh for all she was worth. The young
female teacher came very quickly, the whole situation had been so horny, but
kept the "schoolgirl" between her legs for a good quarter of an hour before she
let her go. By then she'd orgasmed numerous times and was feeling quite hungry.
It was lunchtime after all!

          Lisa made her way tiredly to the refectory hardly noticing the boys
and members of staff who looked at her with undisguised lust and curiosity. Her
bum and thighs were very hot and sore. Licking Miss Cooper had made her own
pussy drip fluid onto the classroom floor! She was feeling so hot and horny! The
humiliation, the pain, the situation itself had all combined to turn her on to a
frightening degree. She was literally sopping wet between her legs, shaking with
sexual need but she had to get some food first. After quickly grabbing a
sandwich and a piece of fruit she literally ran to the toilet block. A few
moments later she was moaning and biting her lip as waves of pleasure coursed
through her. With fingers plunging wantonly back and forth in the amazingly
sticky hole between her legs she came again and again.....

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Nine : Examining the finer points

          Lisa James had sat forlornly on the little bed in her room and quickly
eaten her sandwich. Having to report to Matron in the San had left her barely
enough time to eat anything but for once the woman showed a slight degree of
sympathy. She'd whistled when she'd seen the state of Lisa's thighs and had
lightly run her fingers along the still sore dark ridges that criss-crossed the
full bum cheeks. The young woman had shuddered and gasped at even this light
contact. She knew an enema was the order of the day so wasn't surprised when the
nurse forced her down across the saddle of the awful robotic "insect". The older
woman carefully positioned the blushing "schoolgirl" so that the crack of her
bottom was pulled wide apart. Lisa's nervousness and the sudden feeling of cool
air on her exposed bumhole caused it to clench tightly. She moaned loudly and
shook her head as a questing finger very slowly inserted itself into the tight
passageway. Being naked in front of Miss Palmer was still just as embarrassing
but Lisa found it worryingly arousing at the same time.

          Within a few moments warm fluid was pumping itself into the centre of
her bottom. She groaned despairingly as the first spasms hit her stomach.
Suddenly she found herself moaning for a different reason. Firm hands began to
knead and massage the backs of her straining thighs. Matron expertly worked the
cream into the sore flesh ensuring that the weals on the now rolling bottom
cheeks received a vigorous application. The soothing salve quickly got rid of
the stinging and replaced it with a relaxing warmth. Then the spasms in Lisa's
belly intensified,
          "Please Miss may I empty myself?" she asked quickly, gritting her
teeth hard against the discomfort in her churning bowels.

          Once she'd returned from the toilet, and having cleaned herself
carefully, the Nurse made her lean backwards over the examination couch.
          "Open your legs wide young lady, this is for your own good."
Thankfully the cream quickly soothed away the heat in the front of her burning
thighs. By the time the older woman had finished the hairless slit between the
spread legs was oozing clear fluid. Lisa was biting her bottom lip to stop
herself from crying out with pleasure.
          "Still such a dirty little girl aren't you Lisa?" said Anita Palmer
chuckling to her self and staring into the very flushed face.

          The clock in the corridor said it was five minutes to two. Her
timetable said "Physiology Project". It didn't sound too bad but then nothing so
far this week had proved to be anything but bad! Excited voices were coming from
the other side of the Biology laboratory door. She had to go in, she knew she
did, resignedly she turned the handle. The room fell silent as they all turned
to look at her. As usual their attention brought an embarrassed flush to her
cheeks. It was really horrible being stared at all the time and made her really
aware of the ridiculously tiny amount of clothing that she was allowed to wear.
Already her nipples were growing hard and pointing out towards them. Quickly she
sat down on the nearest stool.

          "Well gentlemen," said Geraldine Johnson eyeing the red faced young
woman who had just taken a seat at the back of the room, "have you completed
your homework as we discussed last time?" There was a nodding of heads from the
smiling boys.
          "That's good. Would you like to show me what you've done then." As the
boys all stood and crowded forwards Lisa could see two large pieces of paper
covered in charts and writing that had been pinned to a notice board at the
front of the room. It was then she noticed the chair, well couch really, that
was standing against one wall. Her heart quickened when she realised what it
was. A gynaecological examination couch! There was no mistaking the stirrups.
She suddenly felt very sick and her heart began to hammer. The only person in
this room who was likely to occupy the horrid thing this afternoon would be her!
Her bum hole clenched with dread at the thought.

          "Well young lady," said Miss Johnson, "I expect you're wondering why
you didn't have any homework to do? Come out here would you?" The boys were all
wide smiles and white teeth as she self-consciously walked to the front of the
          "Your classmates have designed a series of experiments for this
afternoon. I gave them some loosely based physiological parameters and asked
them to come up with ways of measuring those parameters. As you can see from all
this hard work, they've done rather well!" She waved her hand towards the sheets
of paper spread across the desktop. Lisa's eyes were quickly drawn to some of
the underlined words - blood pressure, heart rate, skin sensitivity, physical
characteristics - there were others but her mind wasn't able to focus. She was
          "As you're going to be our model today you'll need to remove your
clothes first and then the boys can make a start." She treated Lisa to a wicked
          "Well come along we're waiting."

          Lisa stood with her head spinning. Oh God not again! She was going to
have to strip for them! The thought of again being naked in front of the class
was awful. Their bright eyes and even brighter smiles surrounded her as she
struggled to come to terms with what she'd just heard. Her face was burning. She
wobbled unsteadily as her legs suddenly felt very weak. Oh please God not again!
Shame began to course through her as she felt the tell tale wetness of arousal
begin between her legs. She hated the fact but when these situations occurred
the more shame involved the more exciting she found it. She shuddered when her
imagination started conjuring up images of what might happen next. She knew it
was going to be absolutely mortifying and terribly embarrassing.
          "GET ON WITH IT GIRL!," shouted the young school mistress. Swallowing
nervously Lisa slowly began to undress.

          They all watched closely, boys and teacher together, as their "toy",
for that's what she now was, slowly pulled her top off. The full breasts and
dark pointy nipples wobbled delightfully as Lisa shook with embarrassment.
Staring resolutely at the floor she reluctantly unzipped her skirt then began
pulling her little white knickers down.
          Gradually the hairless mound of her vagina came into view and then the
pink lips that projected down from the denuded slit between her thighs. Crimson
faced she stood naked in front of their leering faces with her hands hanging
limply at her sides. Matron's cream had certainly done its work very effectively
where the stinging was concerned but it couldn't eradicate the fading red lines
that crisscrossed her bottom.
          "That's better! Now boys you need to structure your afternoon
carefully. I suggest you measure our subject's blood pressure and heart rate at
rest then again after each of the various exercise elements you've described.
Then move onto your physical measurements and finally the skin sensitivity
tests. They'll be the most fun I would have thought!" The young schoolmistress
gave a sly chuckle. She turned towards the quivering "schoolgirl",
          "Right young lady, we'll have none of your nonsense this afternoon!
You'll do exactly as your classmates tell you! Do you understand?" Lisa nodded
her head miserably.

          They crowded closely around their nude subject as she sat on the edge
of a chair with her legs pressed tightly together. She'd been told to hold her
arms out so that two of them at a time could attempt to take her pulse. She was
shivering and shaking which meant her exposed boobs and hard nipples were
jiggling suggestively in front of them, but there was nothing she could do to
stop it. Geraldine Johnson smiled knowingly when she saw the look of panic in
her naked pupil's eyes. Lisa wasn't the only one with a familiar dampness
between her legs! The boys each had a small notepad on which they wrote down
their findings. They took their time, all measuring Lisa's pulse and blood

          Listening to her heart proved to be the most popular exercise as they
decided that cupping one of the firm breasts and lifting it out of the way was
necessary before they could place the end of the stethoscope in the correct
position. This was accomplished with much jovial banter and laughter. The boys'
hands squeezed the warm flesh and managed to pinch the erect nipples more than
once. Each time their classmate gasped and began to object Miss Johnson told her
to shut up and sit up straight. Then to Lisa's dismay and amid much giggling
they told her to get up onto the examination couch on her hands and knees. The
schoolmistress smiled brightly at the very red faced "schoolgirl's" obvious
distress at this instruction. Being naked in front of this group of schoolboys
and being told what to do by them must be one of the most humiliating situations
a young woman could possibly find herself in! The thought quickly made the
crotch of the young teachers' knickers grow even wetter. Once their subject was
kneeling on the thing they all crowded eagerly forwards.
          "Get your legs apart, come on girl spread your knees. How do you
expect them to measure you if you're trying to hide everything?" Geraldine
Johnson laughed, she couldn't help herself.

          Lisa squealed around the thermometer in her mouth as she felt one of
the boys, she didn't know which one, reach out and part the sticky lips of her
vagina. She knew it was bulging out provocatively from between her thighs but
there was nothing she could do to preserve her dignity. She squeaked as
something thin and cold penetrated her inner lips then slid fully inside. Then
something pressed against her bumhole. She jerked and gasped, which brought a
burst of boyish laughter from her tormentors, as another slim invader was pushed
unceremoniously into her tight rear passageway. Wallowing in a deep pool of
shame she hung her head as her holes were penetrated several times, squirming as
each of the "experimenters" took a turn at inserting the thermometers. Her
breasts hung helplessly down beneath her. The turgid nipples pointing towards
the floor as she wriggled unhappily each time a hand accidentally brushed
against them.

           After the boys had recorded their data they told Lisa to get up
before making her stand on an exercise mat that had been placed at the back of
the laboratory. Crimson cheeked she kept her eyes firmly glued to the floor
whilst, much to their amusement, the curves of her body continued to quiver
          "You must squat now for us Miss with your arms out in front of you,"
said Antonio, a dark haired boy with a grin on his face. Lisa looked desperately
at Miss Johnson,
          "Don't look at me you little tart. I know you're enjoying this! Do as
they tell you. I won't warn you again." Squatting in front of them was
absolutely devastating. So so embarrassing. As her legs bent and she neared the
ground her pussy bulged obscenely forwards and partially opened, its slippery
lips sliding apart and revealing the pink folds beneath. As the exercise
continued and her legs began to tire her breasts began to bounce and wobble more
and more. She could feel their eyes feasting on her hole as it gaped each time
she squatted. Even worse, clear fluid was slowly seeping from her slit and
coating the gradually swelling labial folds. Shame engulfed her totally and she
groaned as a dribble escaped and ran down between her bum cheeks. Sweat was soon
beading her forehead and she was growing unsteady on her feet by the time they
told her to stop.

          Once the appropriate measurements had been determined she was returned
to the exercise mat. This time the exertion would prove more onerous as she
quickly found out. Running on the spot, naked in front of a group of teenagers,
was probably one of the most shameful things Lisa James had ever been forced to
do. They were incredibly close, watching every bounce and jiggle of her breasts
and bottom. Her nipples stuck out like thorns, so hard they were almost painful.
Quickly her boobs began to ache with the constant bouncing. As she began to run
out of breath her pace began to slacken. Much to her absolute horror one of the
boys suddenly slapped her hard across the bottom,
          "Get a move on Missy," he said mockingly, as the rest of his
classmates convulsed with laughter. It was mind wrenchingly embarrassing. She
felt absolutely terrible, exhaustion combining with the humiliation. Throughout
Miss Johnson watched with a smirk on her face as her "young" charge was put
through her paces. Sweat was drenching the nude woman's face and running in
rivulets down her neck when the boys finally allowed her to come to a halt. She
sank tiredly onto a chair and continued to gasp for breath as they pulled and
poked at her. On hands and knees she only managed a feeble protest as the
thermometers slid inside her for the final time.

          Still naked Lisa James waited nervously for whatever was going to
happen next. Her pussy was hot and sticky and she felt horribly turned on. How
such treatment could make her feel so ashamed yet so horny at the same time
she'd never know! All she could feel at that precise moment was the steady throb
of her clitoris which was beginning to poke excitedly from beneath its delicate
hood. A naked twenty seven year old office manager being used as a plaything by
a group of teenage boys, it didn't bear thinking about. Her mouth went suddenly
dry as Miss Johnson said something that brought her mind into sharp focus.
          "Let's have you standing up straight young lady. Hands behind your
back and stick those boobs you're so proud of out as much as you can. The boys
are going to measure you now!" Lisa opened her mouth to protest but before she
could speak the teacher grabbed hold of her wrists,
          "Behind your back," she snapped, "can't you understand simple
instructions?" It took a few moments of prodding and poking before Miss Johnson
was satisfied with her pupils posture. Lisa stood with a straight back,
shoulders pulled back and her legs slightly apart. Her front was completely
exposed to the boys prying eyes and even worse her breasts were thrusting
provocatively straight out in front of her.

          Humiliation coursed through her as one of the taller boys, Angelo,
stepped forwards with a tape measure. She jerked as he calmly reached out and
took hold of one of her nipples. Her face burned and tears sprang to her eyes as
each of them "measured" her breasts. The distance between her aching nipples,
the circumference of each firm globe, the length and circumference of each
nipple together with a series of other totally spurious measurements were
recorded several times over. During this time the boys took every opportunity to
squeeze and mould the heavy breasts, pulling and pinching at the thorn-like
nipples until Lisa was gasping and twisting where she stood. Throughout
Geraldine Johnson watched entranced. A cruel smile played across her face at the
woman's obvious suffering during the intensely shameful examinations.

          The "schoolgirls" face had been ablaze for over an hour by the time
she was told to bend forwards over the back of a chair and place her hands on
its seat. Her breasts hung down most erotically as the first of the boys tried
to measure the length of the crack between her buttocks. At first this wasn't
possible but then the young schoolmistress ordered Lisa to spread her legs. Once
her bum cheeks were parted it was easy for the boys to slip the tape measure
between them. Several fingers and thumbs rubbed against the lower edge of her
vagina as the tape was pressed across the whorl of her anus and up between the
quivering cheeks. She jerked and squeaked on each such occasion but kept her
head down just wanting the whole sorry episode over and done with as quickly as
possible. Finally they were satisfied but worry was consuming the office
managers' mind. The couch, the gynae couch! She knew that even worse was in

          "Well gentleman I see from your list that you intend to take a few
more, how shall we put it, intimate measurements?" There was an enthusiastic
nodding of heads from the class.
          "Right young lady, let's have you up here," said Miss Johnson, patting
the leather surface of the examination couch. Lisa stared at the young
schoolmistress with a pleading look in her eyes,
          "Please don't make me Miss. It's so embarrassing in front of them,
please!" The laughter that this request produced from the teacher made Lisa's
face burn even more fiercely.
          "You love it you little slut! Don't you dare pretend you don't! Now
get up here!" Lisa climbed slowly up onto the awful thing. Miss Johnson made her
lay down on her back then lifted first one leg and then the other into a metal
stirrup. Thin leather straps were quickly buckled around each ankle fixing the
unfortunate schoolgirl into position.
          "Hands above your head girl." Leather cuffs secured the slim wrists to
the head of the couch.

          There was a murmur of appreciation as Miss Johnson lifted and spread
the stirrup supports. Lisa James found herself totally helpless and exposed in
front of the smirking boys. She'd been exposed before but never so blatantly.
Her thighs were raised and fully parted allowing their youthful greedy eyes to
consume every detail of her vaginal and rectal anatomy. The shaved vaginal slit
with its puffy swollen lips was fully revealed, its curved soft folds shiny with
secreted fluid. Between the widely spread buttocks the pink tightly wrinkled
anal opening bulged slightly outwards. There were no secrets now. Nothing was
hidden. She turned her head to the side and screwed her eyes tightly shut but
not before they'd noticed the tears of shame that had started to trickle down
her hot cheeks. 

          It was cast from acrylic. A series of smooth transparent balls, each
exactly an inch in diameter, forming a solid probe over a foot in length.
         "Use plenty of lubricant before you begin boys," said Miss Johnson
cheerfully, "although I don't think it'll be too much of a problem." Lisa jerked
in the stirrups and mumbled "Nooooo..p..p..please" as the teacher pulled the
lips of the exposed vagina apart.
          "As you can see our young lady appears to be lubricating herself quite
freely!" She laughed, "You really are a little slut aren't you Lisa, can't wait
for these boys to get inside you I'll bet!" With that she laughed loudly and
stepped back out of their way. They crowded eagerly forwards.

          Shaking with unsuppressed excitement the first carefully spread the
pink labia then placed the tip of the probe against the exposed opening. Pushing
steadily he forced the first ball inside the slippery hole, it stretched
slightly causing their helpless subject to shake her head back and forth. A low
moan filled the room as Lisa James was intimately penetrated. Gradually the
balls popped one after another into her quivering vaginal slit. The "schoolgirl"
moaned more urgently as her pussy was filled and then stretched to its limits.
He kept pushing until no more of the probe would go in. As the thing had been
inserted the room, except for the young woman's groaning, had been quiet.
Watching intently the audience had been totally silent. Now they began to talk
excitedly, hardly believing that one of their number had been allowed to do such
a thing to a fully grown woman.

          Their enthusiasm gradually overflowed, the handling of the sensitive
parts at their disposal becoming less careful. Soon they had all taken a turn,
some more roughly than others, at pushing the hard probe in and out of the
squirming woman. Lisa cried and squealed as her hole was stretched and violated
numerous times. Her mind was in turmoil as the young boys were allowed to
literally rape her with the probe. Their actions and her extreme humiliation
were stirring her belly to the brink of orgasm. Staring desperately at the
schoolmistress she tried her best to indicate what was happening to her. God she
didn't want to come for them!
          "M..M..M...Make...them...stop...P..P...Please..Miss," she gasped
through gritted teeth. Geraldine Johnson smiled in response. She could see
exactly what was happening to their powerless captive. Tremors were passing back
and forth across the restrained body and she was moaning more and more urgently.
The little bitch was going to come! How amusing!

          Each time the probe slid into her straining body Lisa pushed herself
forwards, as much as she was able, to meet it. Her moaning was growing louder
and louder and she was shaking, her mouth growing slacker and her face burning
even more ferociously. Then it stopped. She panted both with relief, and much to
her chagrin, with frustration.
          "Has every one recorded their approximated depth? Good. Remember each
sphere was exactly one inch." The young schoolmistress turned back to the young
woman fixed to the examination couch,
          "Now Lisa, the boys have one more measurement to make. Mmmmm....think
yourself lucky I stopped them from taking any stretching measurements. They
wanted to see how elastic your vaginal lips were and how far they could open
your holes! That would have been interesting wouldn't it? So lets have no
complaints about them measuring the depth of your bottom!" Lisa began shaking
her head. Please No not there! She wouldn't be able to stand it! She watched in
horror as Miss Johnson squeezed clear gel onto the horrible probe and then
handed it to one of the boys. He looked up and smiled straight into her very red
face. She shuddered at the excitement in his eyes. Then he was moving the probe
towards her helpless clenching bumhole, she screwed her eyes tightly shut and

          The moan that came from deep within Lisa James' throat was one of
complete despair. Her eyes bulged as her bumhole stretched to accommodate the
first ball. There was an almost audible "plop" as it slid past the straining
ring of muscle then the next was pushing urgently at her sphincter. One after
another the things were forced into the incredibly tight tunnel. Lisa moaned and
groaned and shook her head from side to side. All was to no avail as the probe
sank fully inside her. Over twelve inches were embedded in her anal passageway
before the boy stopped pushing. They were all laughing and giggling at her
humiliation and at the way her bum cheeks tightened and spasmed on the hard rod.
Lisa felt herself in the midst of some unimaginably horrible nightmare. It went
on and on. Sweat poured down her face and she screwed her eyes tightly shut as
intolerable sensations filled her rectal passage. Both her pussy and bumhole
felt wet and open. Any resistance to the probing of her most private places was
long forgotten. Her resolve wasn't part of the equation anymore. However as the
probe was pulled from her intimate anal embrace for the last time another
surprise was in store.

          A blindfold was placed over her eyes. The darkness was absolute.
          "Well gentlemen the final part of today's experiment is your
assessment of skin sensitivity. As we've already discussed each group will take
a turn. So Francesco if you'd like to start." Lisa James shrieked in shock as a
sharp pinprick galvanised her restrained body into action. They took their time,
working their way slowly along her upper arm and then into her armpit. At first
they were gentle, almost afraid of the reaction they were causing. Lisa squealed
and wriggled away, as much as she was able, from the jabbing needlepoints.
Pleading for them to stop had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Then thankfully
it stopped. She lay there gasping for breath, her underarm a mass of horrible
sensations. Sweat trickled down her forehead and ran along the edge of the
          "Gentlemen I'm going to have to ask you to be rather more careful. As
you can see we've broken the skin in a few areas." The young teacher indicated
several swelling points of red on the shivering arm.
          "Try not to be too heavy in your approach or I'll be in trouble with
Mr Barrow!"

          Time passed incredibly slowly for Lisa as her other arm and then each
of her legs were gradually explored by the boys and their awful needles.
Throughout she moaned and squealed as the horrible feelings intensified, jerking
and shaking each time she was pricked. In the darkness behind the blindfold she
suddenly realised that the young Schoolmistress was addressing her,
          "Right young lady we've nearly finished for the day. I expect you've
just about had enough but the boys have saved the best till last!" She chuckled.
Lisa knew what was coming but hoped against hope that she'd be mistaken!
          "We're going to see how sensitive the more intimate areas of your body
are, I think it should prove most educational!" Her bright laughter filled the
room as Lisa began to shake her head.
          "Noooooo Miss Please! Don't let them hurt me! I can't stand anymore, I
really can't I ca...." The stream of panic filled words was suddenly silenced.
Spluttering and shaking her head didn't stop the rubber ball being forced past
her teeth. A strap locked the gag firmly in place. The only sound emanating from
the "schoolgirl" was her rasping breath as it escaped her straining nostrils and
around the edge of the black ball in her mouth.

          The boy swallowed hard and looked at the now blind and dumb woman
bound before him. Totally helpless and revealed she was a schoolboy's ultimate
wet dream. His stiff penis pressed even more urgently against the front of his
trousers. Holding the needle carefully between his thumb and forefinger he
jabbed it experimentally into the smooth lower curve of the soft breast. He
jumped as the woman spluttered around the gag and jerked against her restraints.
His erection surged. Gradually he "pricked" his way across the shaking breast,
ensuring that he covered the whole area before concentrating his efforts on the
aureole and finally the nipple itself. Her reactions were certainly more marked
at this stage. Unrecognisable sounds exploded from the gag filled mouth and her
shaking and jerking took on an almost frantic nature. He took a deep breath and
stepped backwards to let another take his place.

          Lisa's breasts were covered in tiny "pinprick" marks by the time the
whole class had experimented on her. Luckily only a few tiny spots of red dotted
her quivering flesh but plenty of tears ran from beneath the blindfold.
Geraldine Johnson thought that all in all the boys had controlled themselves
rather well. It couldn't have been easy to restrain themselves, the temptation
must have been overpowering.
          "Right gentlemen. Now you really must be careful with these last two
areas. Obviously you may test our subject for as long as you wish but don't
apply too much pressure!" The young schoolmistress laughed, "Who's going first?"

          Lisa squealed helplessly and bit down on the rubber ball. They were
pricking her pussy! Oh God!!!!!! The first sharp point explored the wet folds
curiously. She jerked and strained at each sharp sensation. Fingers pinched the
lips of her very sticky pussy and pulled them slowly apart. Comments and excited
voices filled her ears as the boys watched their classmate open the woman's
swollen vaginal crease. Lisa felt her most intimate flesh being stretched and
pulled. Then she screamed again and again around the ball, grinding her teeth
into the unyielding rubber, as terrible pricking sensations began to flow from
her labia. She jerked and literally thumped against the restraints as the
needlepoints encroached closer and closer to the exposed pink hole. It took some
time before all of her young classmates had taken a turn at testing the
sensitivity of her vaginal anatomy. At one stage she appeared to have lapsed
into hysteria. Sound exploded from her gag filled mouth as the needles explored
the hood of her clitoris and then finally the engorged stub of the clitoris
itself. She was trembling so violently that the examination couch was shaking
where it stood. Several of the boys had to take a firm grip to steady it.

          The schoolmistress watched with her knickers growing wetter by the
minute. Arousal flowed through her as the boys jabbed at the "schoolgirls"
widely parted pussy lips. Besides actually jabbing at the very entrance to the
vaginal passageway the needles were now being pressed into the end of the young
womans' clitoris. She shivered excitedly and tried to imagine what intolerable
sensations Lisa would be experiencing at this moment. There was certainly a lot
of movement from their experimental subject. Tremors were running all over her
straining body, the muscles in her legs and arms flexing almost constantly.

          When the needlepoints attacked the bulging anal rosette of Lisa's
bottom she was finally broken. Her body had begun to feel very cold. She quickly
realised she was in the first stages of shock. The room was quite warm so even
in her distressed state she knew why she was feeling so cold. Sweat was
trickling down her face and neck and she could feel it pooling between her
breasts. She screamed and jerked in her bonds as the pricking began again around
the entrance to her bumhole. It went on for what seemed a very long time...

          Lisa James blinked her eyes. The room was empty except for Miss
Johnson, the class had filed out after completing their project a few minutes
earlier. They were no doubt heading straight for the refectory and a
well-deserved evening meal. Released from the examination couch and with the
blindfold and gag removed she stood on shaking legs rubbing gently at her abused
pussy and boobs. As the young schoolmistress tidied the room she kept glancing
hungrily at the naked "schoolgirl".
          "Well you little slut you seemed to have enjoyed this afternoons
lesson?" Lisa said nothing keeping her eyes firmly fixed to the floor. Her face
burned competing with the horrible sensations that seemed to cover every inch of
her abused skin.
          "Well before I send you to see Matron you can do something for me."

          A few moments later and with the door firmly locked a still naked Lisa
found herself licking the hot and obviously extremely aroused pussy of Geraldine
Johnson. With her legs spread and positioned in the stirrups of the examination
couch the young schoolmistress surrendered herself to the wonderful sensations
that her pupils tongue was causing. Very quickly she found herself jerking and
moaning as an orgasm pulsed through her. However she didn't allow the sore and
distressed schoolgirl to leave until the red face was covered in vaginal juices.
Lisa trudged tiredly to the san where Anita Palmer was waiting. A shower and an
alcoholic rub, which set all of the tiny wounds on fire, was followed by an
extensive application of antiseptic gel.
          "There we are, good as new!" said the nurse brightly as she patted the
full bottom, "Get dressed and then you'd better have your supper." Lisa looked
at her tormentor from heavy lidded eyes. Exhaustion was leaking from every pore.
She sighed tiredly and thought of food and sleep. Her body would recover quickly
she knew. The throbbing coming from her pussy would take a little longer to
satisfy, however her fingers could be very soothing at times...

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Ten : Learning her lessons

          Lisa James lay in bed and stroked herself very gently. Her recent
encounter with needles had made her incredibly sensitive. Even now, several
hours later, she could still feel sharp stabbing sensations in her more intimate
areas. She gasped as her fingers slid across the delicate folds. It was just
after 8pm but light still filtered into the tiny room. She could hear some of
the boys playing football outside. Having to be in bed so early made her feel
like a little girl, but her apprehension at not being under the white cotton
sheets if someone came to check on her was too serious to ignore. As she teased
the engorged stub of her clitoris she groaned quietly and bit her lower lip. The
all consuming humiliation and horrible sensations she'd experienced at the hands
of her young classmates had made her dreadfully horny. She was ashamed of her
body's betrayal but couldn't help the wonderful feelings that overwhelmed her
when she thought back to what had happened that afternoon. Fluid flooded her
pussy as she recalled the humiliating exposure and its resulting embarrassment.
The orgasm arrived quickly and made her twist and buck on her fingers. It lasted
longer than she would normally have expected, the delicious throbbing subsiding
very slowly. Exhausted and strangely contented she fell into a deep sleep.

          The following morning Lisa once again stood naked by the San door. It
was a few minutes to seven. She swallowed nervously. Having her morning enema
was excruciatingly embarrassing. Just the thought of it was enough to make her
face flush and her pussy grow wet. Her heart started to race when she heard
Matron coming along the corridor. As the older woman approached she allowed her
eyes to roam freely over the nude "schoolgirl". The nervous expression on the
younger woman's face caused Anita Palmer to chuckle wickedly.

          Strapped to the horrible enema machine with her legs and bum cheeks
stretched wide apart Lisa could only guess at what she must look like. Every
detail of her most private anatomy was shamefully revealed. Being totally
denuded of pubic hair meant that nothing was hidden. Thank goodness the school
nurse was one of the very few people who ever got to see her like this!

          The waiting was awful. She craned her neck trying to see what Miss
Palmer was doing. Any minute now she was going to feel the woman's fingers
pushing into her bottom. Then it would be the ghastly tube. Her bumhole clenched
in dread and she swallowed anxiously. A faint knocking on the door immediately
sent her into a state of absolute panic. Oh my god! Someone was at the door! No
No No! Please No! But it was too late. Desperately she tried to look over her
shoulder. The enema couch was in direct line with the door. Whoever was standing
in the corridor was going to get an unobstructed view of the secret space
between her thighs and widely spread buttocks.

          "Who on earth can that be at this time of the morning?" said the nurse
curiously, as she stripped a rubber glove from one hand and turned away from the
steel trolley. With her neck twisted painfully to one side Lisa watched with
dismay as Anita Palmer walked to the oak door and pulled it open...

          "Good morning gentlemen, and what can I do for you?" The two young
boys stood with open mouths and wide eyes as they looked at the naked woman bent
over the strange metal contraption. The slit of her pussy and its' pink lips
were fully revealed, as was the dimpled red whorl of her anus.

          Lisa quickly turned her head away. With her face burning hotly and her
heart hammering wildly she resolutely fixed her stare on the white tiles that
covered the floor. The boys stuttered out something about a stomach upset. Lisa
didn't really hear what they said, she just wanted the nurse to get rid of them.
To her horror she realised that Matron had no such intention!  The door closed
and then she heard the three of them walk across the room behind her. Oh God No!
Miss Palmer had invited them into the San! Her blood seemed to freeze in her
veins. They were seeing everything! She groaned in shame.

          "You're probably wondering why your classmate is here?" The red-faced
boys nodded excitedly. She couldn't help but notice the twin bulges that
projected forwards from their pyjama bottoms.

          "Well she's having what's known as an enema. Do you know what that
is?" They shook their heads in unison.

          It didn't take long for Anita Palmer to explain exactly what an enema
was, the boys proved to be very attentive indeed. She chuckled to herself as she
watched the "schoolgirls" anus clench and spasm. She couldn't begin to imagine
how humiliating it must be for a 27 year old woman to be displayed in such a way
in front of two 14 year old boys. The thought made her already moist vagina
pulse most erotically. Lisa suddenly blurted out a desperate "No!" when she
heard what the nurse suggested next.

          "Would you like to stay and watch? I'm sure you'll find it most
interesting. In fact you could help me if you'd like." Lisa couldn't believe
what she was hearing. Oh God No! Please no! She shook her head and began to
plead with the nurse.

          "Oh please Miss don't let them stay. I'll be so good. I'll do anything
you want but please please send them away!"

          "Certainly not young lady! This will prove very educational for them.
I've no doubt it'll prove a salutary lesson for you into the bargain." She
grinned as the young woman shook her head desperately.

          "These boys are going to watch every detail of your enema this
morning. In fact they're going to administer it! Now I know what a dirty little
slut you are so if there's the slightest sign that you're finding the situation
arousing I'll punish you." She laughed gaily as the helpless young woman moaned
self pityingly.

          Moments later the steel trolley was positioned close to the enema
couch and its' nervous captive. Lisa gasped in dismay when the rubber clad
fingers of one of the boys slid down the valley between her stretched bum
cheeks, then squealed as the same fingers pushed hard against the dimple of her
anus. Clenching her bum hole as forcefully as possible only earned her a
stinging slap. She yelped and then her teeth began to chatter as a greased digit
suddenly slid inside her bottom. Involuntarily the ring of muscle grasped the
invading finger tightly. Oh God! How could this be happening? She shook her head
consumed with shame. Anita Palmer laughed at the anguished response of the
little slut. This was just the beginning! Lisa squeaked and moaned and whimpered
as both boys fingered the tight opening until it loosened enough to take the
greased tube. Once they had forced the expanded end through the tiny anal
opening the rest was relatively easy. However the Nurse had to tell them to be a
little more careful with the tube, as their subject screamed loudly more than
once during its insertion. Their handling of the sensitive hole was rather rough
at times but, generally speaking, she thought they did rather well, considering
the uniqueness of the situation and their excitement! Once fully in place it
took only seconds for the retaining collar, which was now buried deep within
their subject's rectal canal, to inflate.

          When the pump started Lisa began to moan immediately. Her bowels
expanded quickly and then the awful pressure began. She strained against the
straps as her stomach cramped and waves of pain filled her belly. The boys
watched attentively as she started to writhe most erotically on the "saddle".
Her bottom performed a perverse circular dance, the movement causing the lips of
her vagina to part and slide against each other. The tube poking from her
plundered bumhole danced enthusiastically from side to side, waving in time with
the tightening of her stomach muscles. Before long she started to moan more
urgently. Desperately she tried to stop herself from begging in front of the
boys but the Nurse continued to increase the pressure steadily until Lisa wasn't
able to contain the dreadful sensations any longer.

          "Please...Oh!..Nnnghh!..Oh pleeeeeease!....Ahhhh! Pleeeeeeeeease! Turn
it off!" The pain was simply dreadful and getting worse as time slipped by. No
longer caring that she was humiliatingly revealed to the boys she started to
plead. Her spellbound audience laughed at her obvious distress. Matron however
waited a good ten minutes before finally turning the pump off. During those ten
minutes she encouraged the boys to run their hands over the cramping and
distended belly. Smiling she turned quietly away as both boys began to
enthusiastically finger the helpless woman's very wet vaginal slit. She chuckled
as the suffering schoolgirl groaned more loudly at such an intimate invasion.

          Once the pump stopped Lisa slumped gratefully over the metal frame and
gasped with relief.

          "Now gentlemen, I think this little girl is ready to empty herself.
Before she does would you care to examine her for a moment?" They both nodded
eagerly. Lisa shook her head and jerked as she felt their hands begin to touch
her again. Gloves no longer covered the warm hands that slid along the insides
of her thighs. One of the boys grasped a pendulous breast and began to pinch and
pull at the sensitive nipple. Fingers investigated her labia, roughly pulling
them apart before sliding inside the pink hole. She groaned urgently as pain and
arousal competed for her attention. Knowing that her pussy was already very wet
added to her embarrassment. The situation was mind numbingly awful but
incredibly exciting at the same time. As fingers continued to slide in and out
and across the slippery lips of her pussy she could feel her excitement
building. She gritted her teeth, desperately hoping that they wouldn't make her
come. The humiliation would be too much to bear. Relief flooded through her as
Miss Palmer began to unfasten the straps securing her wrists.

          Lisa James stood on shaking legs in front of her three jovial
tormentors. Her face was absolutely scarlet as the boys grinned and looked at
her quivering boobs and hairless pussy once more. She couldn't stand still. The
spasms in her stomach were really painful.

          "Well Miss I think you'd better get to the toilet don't you?" The
nurse giggled as the schoolgirl hurried to the bathroom door with the clamped
tube hanging from her bottom. It swung wildly from side to side. Much to Lisa's
absolute shock and surprise the three of them followed and stood watching her
from the doorway. She stared forlornly at Miss Palmer but from the look of
amusement on Matron's face she knew they were going to watch, no matter what she
said. Resignedly and taking care to look away from them she squatted over the
toilet and gradually pulled the tube from her bum. Jets of fluid and semi-solid
matter squirted and cascaded into the porcelain bowl. Lisa had never felt so
ashamed in her life.

          Scrubbing a pan in the school kitchens ten minutes later she could
still hear their horrid laughter inside her head. Her face burned with shame.
Thankfully her main antagonist in the Kitchens, Lee, didn't appear to be working
this morning. That meant that his two colleagues were really busy, which in turn
meant that they didn't have time to torment Lisa. She kept her head down and
said nothing. The hour slipped quickly by without incident. After a nice
breakfast she reported for her first lesson of the day with her spirits
considerably lifted. Even though it was only a small piece of good fortune it
was something! She only had to get through the rest of today and tomorrow and
she'd be able to go home. The thought of Mrs Henderson and her cooking and even
the thought of going back to work filled her with enthusiasm.

          John Cranshaw was 58 years old and quite simply hated his job. Almost
ten years had passed since the fateful day when he'd finally comprehended that
teaching would never allow him to realise his ambitions. Unfortunately he was an
excellent teacher. That fact meant that he'd had the luxury of being able to
carefully choose his teaching posts over the years, almost at will. Five years
previously he'd recognised the opportunity that Simon Barrow and his school
could offer, good money, security and an excellent retirement package. It was
too good to miss and he'd been here ever since. Simon had proved to be a
surprising individual and the advantages of having him as a colleague soon
became obvious. Over the years several of these "advantages" had provided John
Cranshaw with some of the most sexually exciting episodes of his life. He was
gazing at one such "advantage" at this very moment and she certainly looked

          Lisa concentrated as best she could on the textbook in front of her.
In a few minutes she was going to be tested on it. She hadn't seen the tall
skinny teacher before. His beady eyes were staring at her and his obvious
interest was making her feel really uncomfortable. Her nipples were very hard.
Matron's cream had made them tingle and itch, as it always did. They jutted
against the tight thin cotton of the stupid vest she was forced to wear.
Hunching her shoulders didn't make any difference, the hard tips continued to
point embarrassingly at anyone who cared to look. As usual her giggling
classmates had blatantly stared at every part of her as she'd walked into the
classroom. Her skirt was indecently short but there was nothing she could do
about it. A cruel smile played across the teachers' lips as possibilities
revolved in his mind.

          It was easy to tie the young woman in knots once he had her standing
in front of the roomful of teenage boys. Her uniform, such as it was, did little
to hide her obvious charms. She got most of the questions wrong. Having the
added pressure of numerous sets of youthful eyes devouring every curve and inch
of her exposed flesh made her nervousness even more evident. He noticed how much
she was trembling and grinned. It wasn't really all that surprising considering
he'd assured her that she'd be punished for each mistake! Red faced she
stuttered and stammered her way through the answers, horribly aware that the
smiling teacher was asking her things that she couldn't possibly know. He wanted
to punish her and, although he didn't really need an excuse, she recognised that
her embarrassment was adding to his excitement. Humiliating her in front of her
smirking classmates was all part of his game.

          "Well well young lady," he said with an amused glint in his eye, "that
was very poor indeed. Only four answers right out of ten. That means you've got
six strokes coming. Then we'll try again." Lisa watched in horror as he opened
his briefcase and withdrew a heavy strip of leather. The "strap" was split down
the centre, making two distinct tails, and was thicker and much longer that the
one Mrs Henderson kept in her sideboard drawer. It had obviously been bent
double inside the briefcase. Lisa shuddered as she looked at it. Like a supple
black snake it hung from his hand. She knew it was going to hurt...

          Oh God it was going to sting horribly and she'd have to endure it in
front of the class. But even as her face was burning with embarrassment her
pussy was excitedly oozing wetness. She knew she was becoming a shameless little
slut but couldn't help her reactions anymore. The thought of being made to
undress in front of the smirking boys was causing her clitoris to pulse
alarmingly. Squeezing her thighs together only made it worse. Confusingly she
seemed to both love and hate her current situation equally. Whichever way she
considered it the week had been the most extraordinary of her life. She'd never
experienced such intense humiliation or such intense sexual pleasure ever

          Smiles and sparkling eyes drank in the trembling womanly curves as Mr
Cranshaw had her stand next to his desk. Sideways on she realised the class were
going to have a perfect view of her reactions when the wicked strap hit her.

          "Let's have that skirt off girl, get a move on!" Face burning once
more Lisa unzipped the tiny skirt and took it off. For some reason she found
herself folding it before carefully placing it on the back of a convenient
chair. John Cranshaw smiled. The previous few days were obviously having a
beneficial effect on her behaviour! He knew what she'd suffered at the hands of
his colleagues in the past week but was still a bit surprised at her
unquestioning submission.

          Standing in front of the giggling boys in only her vest and knickers
was horribly embarrassing. Her nipples, already hard, were now making themselves
even more obvious, two distinct points that jutted out towards her eager
audience. Her pussy bulged obscenely, stretching the thin cotton of the
knickers, as she squeezed her legs together defensively. Altogether she proved a
most arousing sight as every hardened penis in the room would testify. Suddenly
she gasped, then squeaked in dismay, as she felt Mr Cranshaws' fingers slip
inside the elasticated waistband of the tiny knickers and begin to pull them
down. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard as her hairless slit was gradually
revealed to the room full of expectant faces. As her pink pussy lips came into
view it took a tremendous effort of will to keep her hands at her sides. She so
wanted to cover herself but knew she mustn't! Why did she think that? Why on
earth didn't she just run from the room? Both confusion and arousal were
swirling around inside her head but somehow she managed to stand quietly as the
teacher knelt down and lifted one of her feet and then the other out of the
offending garment.

          "Right young lady let's have you over here," he said, turning her
roughly towards the desk. She stumbled as he pushed her forwards, the front of
her thighs bumping into the hard edge of the desktop. He couldn't help smiling
again at the panicked look she suddenly gave him.

          "Well bend over girl, we don't have all day!" Grimly she bent forwards
over the polished wood.

          "That's it now grip the far edge." His voice seemed totally cold and
devoid of emotion. It made her even more frightened of what was about to happen.
She shivered and pressed her legs tightly together.

          Excited chattering and sniggering was coming from the class but John
Cranshaw ignored it. You couldn't blame them really. Seeing a nearly naked young
woman being punished was very arousing for an "old" man like himself, for
fourteen year old boys it must be even more thrilling. He looked at the rounded
buttocks presented to him. There were a few faint red lines on the soft flesh
but otherwise they were unmarked. Certainly Matron's "cream" appeared to have
very effective healing powers. Even though the girl was pressing her legs
tightly together she wasn't able to hide the full pink curve of her vulva. It
bulged provocatively, forming a perfect split peach, nestling just beneath the
crack of her bottom. If he wasn't mistaken it looked as though her vaginal slit
was glistening! Looking more closely he realised the little bitch was getting
wet! As the aroma of her arousal reached his nostrils his cock stiffened
reassuringly in his trousers.

           "Right Miss. Six strokes to come. Is that correct?" He didn't expect
an answer but was delighted to see her grasp the edge of the desk and nod her
head nervously. She knew she was going to get it, she knew that. It was going to
sting and burn like hell, she knew that as well. But she was damned if she was
going to plead with him. In front of the boys it would be excruciatingly
embarrassing. Resolutely she bit her tongue, she wouldn't beg, she wouldn't!

          "Thwack!" There was a sharp intake of breath from the boys as the
black leather tongue licked around the defenceless bottom. Almost in slow motion
Lisa reacted. For a fraction of a second there was absolute silence as the room
waited expectantly.

          "Aaaaaiiiiieeeeeeee! Oh Godddd!"  Then she was gasping and squealing
as her hands flew back to try and sooth the dreadful hurt in her wounded bottom
flesh. She fell in an untidy heap at the schoolmasters' feet. He'd applied the
stroke with maximum force. He hadn't the slightest intention of sparing her.

          "That stroke won't count," he said coldly. Lisa stared up at him with
wild eyes. The burning in her bum cheeks was extremely painful. John Cranshaw
looked calmly back at her and smiled,

          "Get up!" he said sharply.

          The cruelly pliable tawse visited the wobbling smooth cheeks a further
six times. Each time Lisa gripped the edge of the desk until her knuckles turned
white. After the second searching stroke she began to howl. The class was
surprised and a little shocked by her reaction. They'd seen her punished several
times but this was something very different. It was quite obviously much more
painful. More painful and more exciting! Several of them were so stiff it was
becoming uncomfortable! Tears were cascading down her face by the time he
allowed her to stand up once more. Sobbing uncontrollably she pushed herself
upwards to balance precariously on her trembling legs. Her bum was on fire,
quite literally. She'd screamed but she managed not to beg, that was something.

          "Back to your seat Miss. Leave your skirt and knickers where they

          In only socks and tiny vest she stumbled back to her desk, treating
her classmates to wonderful view of her girlish shaven vagina and scarlet bum
cheeks. Gingerly lowering herself onto the hard wooden seat lit new fires that
caused her to yelp loudly. Heat immediately flowed freely across her seared
flesh and started to penetrate the crack between her legs. Soon her pussy was
pulsingly hot, just like her face. She could feel the stickiness that had
gathered between the lips of her sex. Her face burned even more intensely, if
that were possible, as she felt the wetness ooze slowly onto the seat of her
chair. John Cranshaw thought about tomorrow and his cock pulsed in his trousers.
No doubt Simon was planning to put the little bitch through her paces. Saturday
night "events" were something not to be missed. His mouth began to water at the

          The second set of questions had been very similar to the first but
this time she'd got seven wrong! Seven strokes of the leather strap! She
wouldn't beg, she wouldn't! But the pain as the strap overlaid the first set of
stripes on her churning bum had proved too much. Sobbing she'd crouched down at
the side of the desk gently soothing her wounded flesh. Mr Cranshaw however had
other ideas and he'd immediately dragged her to her feet and then roughly pushed
her back over the desk. To her horror he'd then invited the boys to come out and
take a firm grip wherever they fancied! Impatient hands twisted and pinned her
arms into the middle of her back and then she felt her legs dragged apart. Her
shoulders were pushed firmly down and her ankles gripped by the boys. Their
hands grabbed her all over. From then on the strap landed precisely on target.
Heat of a higher intensity quickly penetrated the crack between her opened bum
cheeks sending her to a new level of experience. She'd never felt anything like
it before. Howling her lungs out at every searing stroke was only part of it.
The boys' obvious enjoyment of her distress  made things much worse. Intense
humiliation consumed her but was soon overcome by the heat that radiated from
her tortured bottom. But even then, and as much as she hated herself for it, she
could feel her pussy seeping with excitement. She was such a little slut, she
knew she was!

          Lisa squealed and howled in pain as the strap wrapped itself around
her wobbling bottom for the final time. She'd had to endure every last stroke,
the eager hands that held her in position had made sure of that. Much to her
dismay she'd started to beg him to stop after the first stroke. She just
couldn't bear the intense stinging anymore. Her bum felt as though tongues of
flame were literally dancing across it's surface! Stamping her feet on the floor
hadn't helped in the slightest so desperately she'd grabbed her bum cheeks and
held on. Protecting herself from the terrible tawse was all that mattered! Words
had flown uncontrollably from her mouth, she'd do anything he wanted, anything
if he'd just stop, stop for a second, please, oh please, she'd do whatever she
was told if he'd please stop! Pleeeeeeease!

          John Cranshaw surveyed his handiwork. Lisa was stood in the corner
with her hands on her head, her muffled sobs filled the classroom. The girls'
bottom was absolutely scarlet. Both cheeks looked incredibly hot. The surface of
each appeared swollen and tight. He knew it was a very exacting implement when
applied properly and he'd certainly not held back on this occasion! No wonder
she'd struggled to cope! Even now he noticed that she couldn't keep still. Her
buttocks were shaking violently and she was rolling them gently from side to
side. Lisa was trying her best to keep still but the intense sensations flowing
over and between her poor bum cheeks were overpowering. She was on fire and her
pussy was pulsing madly!

          "Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmm," she groaned quietly to herself.

          Ten minutes later as Fiona Cole walked into the classroom. Lisa was
still standing, hands on head , in the corner. The Maths teacher gave a little
gasp and smiled, her pussy immediately growing wet at the sight. The bitches'
arse was certainly glowing!

          "Hello John I see you've given our little girl a lesson she'll not
easily forget!" She giggled brightly as John Cranshaw's face creased into a

          "Yes hopefully she'll be feeling it for a while!" They both laughed as
he walked from the room. Then Fiona Cole turned excitedly towards her errant

          "Well well Lisa it looks as though you've been a very bad girl. Is
that fat bottom of yours sore?" Lisa screamed shrilly and jerked as the young
female teacher ran her hand across the burning globes,

          "Mmmmm it's certainly hot!" Laughing softly she turned to the rest of
the class and had them to get out their textbooks.

          "We'll continue from where we left off last time. Try the first ten
examples at the bottom of page thirty three. It'll show me how well you
understood our last lesson," she paused, "Lisa you can work on the board as
before. I certainly can't trust you to do them on your own and anyway sitting
might be a problem from the look of you!" She laughed loudly and stepped up very
closely to the semi-naked young woman.

          "Get on with it you little slut," she whispered, "I know you're loving

          The problems were easily as difficult as yesterdays. Algebra. What a
nightmare! Lisa struggled to make sense of them. Concentrating on the chalk as
it squeaked across the blackboard she knew she had to get the dam things right.
If she didn't the thought of Miss Cole doing anything else to her poor bum was
too terrible to contemplate. She could hardly bear to have it touched never mind
punished! Shaking uncontrollably she did her best to ignore the schoolmistress
peering over her shoulder. Stepping back Fiona Cole watched the wonderfully red
bottom cheeks as they quivered and wobbled gently as the young woman stood at
the blackboard. The ridiculous little vest and white ankle socks framed the
blazing posterior most erotically.

          "Well young lady," she said, "let's see if you've improved on
yesterdays' terrible effort."  She couldn't help giggling at the worried look
the red faced "schoolgirl" gave her.

          Life was horribly cruel! It was even worse than she'd feared. The boys
had completed their work with only an occasional error whereas she'd made
mistakes throughout. Hardly any of her answers were correct. Miss Cole was
smiling triumphantly as she berated Lisa in front of the sniggering class,

          "I've been wasting my time where you're concerned haven't I?" She
paused and looked at the very red-faced "pupil" standing before her. Lisa was
twisting her fingers together worriedly. Unconsciously trying to hide her pussy
from their combined gaze.

          "Stop that! You've got nothing we haven't all seen before. It's a bit
late for modesty now young lady! Now what have you got to say for yourself?"
Tears of shame were running down Lisa's cheeks. The dreadful humiliation was
overpowering. Standing in front of a roomful of teenage boys who were all
staring at her hairless pussy, boys who'd just seen her having her bum strapped,
it was the stuff of nightmares. The thought of having her bottom beaten again
was just too much to contemplate.

          "Please Miss," she blurted, "don't spank me! I tried my best. It's
just in front of them and them seeing everything I can't concentrate. Please
please don't spank me I couldn't stand it. I'm so sore already. Please don't!"
She felt stupid saying that in front of the leering boys but the burning in her
bottom wouldn't be denied.

          Fiona Cole looked slyly at her trembling victim and appeared to
consider what she'd just heard before she spoke,

          "Take off your vest." It was an order. Lisa recognised that refusal,
even a slight hesitancy, would only result in more pain for herself so
resignedly she pulled the flimsy garment off over her head. She was facing a
room full of expectant faces so they all had a wonderful view of her breasts as
they juddered into view. There was a murmur of approval from the boys. Their
classmates' nipples were obviously very hard, and after all it wasn't everyday
that you got to see a naked woman in only her shoes and socks! They now had an
unrestricted view of both her shaved pussy and firm boobs. Blood pumped urgently
into every groin in the class.

          "Mmmmm...well young lady those tits of yours, that you seem to enjoy
showing off so much, are going to pay for your lack of effort." Scarlet faced
and dizzy with shame Lisa stared at the young schoolmistress. It was difficult
to believe what she'd just heard but Miss Cole was going to whip her boobs! She
swallowed hard as numerous eyes continued to greedily consume her nakedness.

          "Come on you can stick them out further than that girl." Lisa was
kneeling uncomfortably on the hard wood with her hands clasped tightly behind
her back. Leaning forwards slightly made her generous chest push out over the
back of the chair. She stared fearfully at the multi-thonged whip that dangled
from the smiling teachers' hand. The shiny thin leather strips swung back and
forth as the schoolmistress tested it in the air. It was going to sting like
crazy, especially if she managed to catch the girls' rigid nipples!

          "Stick them out!" Lisa arched her back and pushed her boobs out as
much as she could causing her stiff nipples to poke slightly upwards towards the

          "Are you ready?" asked Fiona Cole in a teasing voice. Licking her lips
in anticipation she flicked the "cat" threateningly left and right. Without
warning it suddenly "swished" through the air before the little leather tips bit
into one wobbling breast and then the other.  Lisa yelped but managed to stay in
position. Using more force the schoolmistress slashed each soft mound in turn
while her subject squealed shrilly at each contact. Then she began twirling the
whip upwards in tight circles ensuring that the stinging strips caressed the
full lower curves.  The "schoolgirl" moaned and shook her tender globes wildly
as the imprint of the stinging tails was left on her quivering flesh.  Fiona
Cole paused and looked at the writhing naked woman. The jiggling breasts were
covered with red lines and blemishes and the girl was groaning most erotically.
God this was so sexy! What a pity she had an audience. If she'd been alone with
the girl she'd have had one of her own fingers inside herself by now! Between
her thighs a fresh flood of fluid suddenly filled her already very wet vaginal
crease. Delicious, quite delicious she thought excitedly as she drew her arm
back again. Lisa's squeals soon turned to screams as the methodical whipping
continued, her breasts shaking and jerking as the whip criss-crossed the firm
flesh with thin red stripes.

          The eyes of the boys were wide, their attention totally focused on the
superb red striped breasts that were now swinging frantically from side to side.

          "Ooooooooooohhhhhhh! Owwwwwwwwwww pleeeeeease Miss! Stop!" gasped
Lisa, "It's burning so much!" Suddenly she screamed piercingly as the stinging
tips were directed onto her sensitive engorged nipples. She jerked backwards her
hands flying forwards to cup her abused flesh. Cradling herself gently she wept

          "Get your hands out of the way girl!" snapped the young teacher, "I'm
surprised at your lack of self-control but don't worry I've got something
that'll help." With that she produced a pair of leather cuffs from her bag. Lisa
quickly found her wrists tightly secured behind her back. Her boobs bulged
forwards. The skin felt dreadfully tight and hot. To her absolute horror Miss
Cole handed the whip to one of the sniggering boys.

          "Now Biaggio don't hold back, be as hard as you like!" She giggled at
her own joke. Lisa looked pleadingly at her,

          "Please don't let him Miss! My boobs hurt so much already!" Ignoring
the kneeling naked woman Fiona Cole continued addressing the excited schoolboy,

          "Just be careful not to catch her in the face but otherwise enjoy

          Thus far Lisa had managed to keep her breasts held out for the whip
but now they were burning horribly, her nipples in particular felt huge and
swollen. As the boy swung the whip for the first time she couldn't help herself.
She jerked her chest backwards the leather strips whizzing harmlessly past her
reddened globes. Immediately Miss Cole moved behind her,

          "Keep them sticking out you little bitch or you'll be sorry I promise
you!" Lisa swallowed hard and leant slightly forwards once more. Her heavy
breasts swung outwards and by dipping her back slightly she managed to present
them as required, "nipples up". She held them there, her muffled sobs ignored by
everyone in the room. Suddenly she felt Miss Cole's hand begin to slide down
between the cheeks of her sore and still very hot bottom. She squealed in
protest as a finger began worming it's way into her bumhole. Squeezing it
tightly shut didn't help. Fiona Cooper ignored the girl's shaking hips and
feeble cries and concentrated on inserting the full length of her finger into
the tiny opening. Lisa squirmed in shame and moaned as the questing digit went
all the way in and then was slowly withdrawn. Her red face and shocked
expression proved very amusing to the watching boys who couldn't help chuckling
and making comments. Lisa began moaning more urgently and gritted her teeth as
the young woman standing behind her gradually pushed two fingers through the
protesting ring of muscle and into the rectal tunnel.

          "Nnnnnngggghhhhhhh!" was the only sound Lisa produced as sweat began
to bead her forehead. She hated having her bumhole touched. It made her feel so
dirty. She closed her eyes as shame engulfed her.

          Fiona Cole smiled as she felt the girl's bottom clench tightly onto
her fingers. Lisa moaned loudly as the fingers inside her curled upwards to form
a "hook" which forced her to push her hips forwards. To maintain her balance she
had to pull her shoulders back and this in turn lifted her swollen boobs towards
the waiting boy. His eyes sparkled with unsuppressed excitement as he
immediately swung the whip with as much force as he was able. There was an
audible "crack" as the leather thongs whipped across the heaving breasts. Lisa
screamed and shook them violently as she absorbed the terrible stinging. At the
same time she tried to push her hips backwards but to no avail. The
schoolmistress held her hand firmly in place as the ring of muscle in the girl's
anal opening spasmed frantically on her fingers.

          "That was excellent Biaggio. I could tell our naughty girl really
appreciated your efforts, didn't you Lisa?" Moaning loudly Lisa James tried to
force the offending fingers from her bum. She shook her burning boobs and
wriggled her bottom but the young schoolmistress simply forced her fingers more
deeply into the tight passageway causing Lisa to sob with shame.

          The twenty seven year old office manager was drowning in a flood of
emotions. She felt dizzy and disorientated, the humiliation and embarrassment
was overpowering. Naked, with a young girl's fingers up her bottom, having to
hold her boobs out to be whipped by a fourteen year old boy was something she
could never of imagined even in her worst nightmares. And all this in front of a
roomful of leering teenagers! The whip stung her again and she screamed. The
boys all smiled, their enjoyment adding to her embarrassment but she could feel
her pussy literally pouring fluid. It was leaking from her slit onto the insides
of her thighs. Oh God what was the matter with her!

          Fiona Cole could sense how aroused the captive "schoolgirl" was
becoming. She could smell the scent of her excitement very easily now. It was
pervading the room, much to Lisa's obvious distress and embarrassment. As the
boy continued to whip the bouncing breasts she noticed that the woman's hips
were starting to roll smoothly from side to side, rather than jerking back and
forth as they had done initially, even though she continued to squeal and cry
and plead. The ring of muscle at the centre of the churning bottom was gripping
her fingers more urgently each time the whip landed. She smiled to herself as
her own pussy pulsed excitedly.

          It was over, well almost. Lisa was standing in front of the class with
her hands still fixed behind her back. The pink lips of her hairless pussy were
fully visible. They looked swollen and shiny. Slick with secretions the insides
of her thighs revealed the obvious evidence of her arousal during the preceding
hour. Her face burned with embarrassment. The humiliation of what had been done
to her was overwhelming. Her breasts were covered with an overlapping network of
red stripes. Intensely red dots revealed the places where the stinging tips of
the leather thongs had bitten into the soft flesh. Her boobs felt very swollen
and sensitive, the flint-like nipples burning points of sensitivity.

          "Push them out girl, come on," said the smiling schoolmistress, "your
classmates are all going to feel them as they leave!" She began to giggle when
she saw the pleading look the "schoolgirl" gave her.

          "I know very well you'll probably come when they touch you, you little
slut!" Lisa shook her head as the boys began to crowd eagerly forwards but she
knew she'd stand there and let them. She'd do whatever she was told to do no
matter how shameful it might be. One by one they filed past each pausing to
reach out and fondle her burning boobs.

          "Look at the gentlemen when they inspect you Lisa!" said Fiona Cole as
she noticed the girl screw her eyes shut as the first pair of enthusiastic hands
grasped the firm full breasts. From then on Lisa had to look into their smiling
faces as they squeezed and lifted her poor tortured boobs. At every touch she
gasped and whimpered but when they pinched and pulled at her sensitive swollen
nipples she groaned loudly. Their handling of her abused breasts caused a fresh
wave of wetness to flow between the pink lips of her girlish slit.

          Then they were thankfully gone. Once their excited voices had faded
Miss Cole had her stand directly in front of her. She looked closely at the red
striped globes and noted how much the girl was trembling. The nipples looked
like two bright red exclamation marks jutting out a good two centimetres from
the crimson breasts beneath. They looked very sore and no doubt were
exceptionally sensitive.

          "Well that was a very amusing lesson wasn't it Lisa?" She laughed
uncontrollably at the little bitches bright red and tear stained face. Reaching
out she gently ran her fingers over the gently wobbling flesh. It was hot! Lisa
gasped and stuttered out a feeble,

          "	Please don't Miss." Then shook her shoulders and screamed
shrilly as the younger woman cruelly squeezed her tenderised nipples. Within
moments Fiona Cole had pulled her skirt up around her waist and discarded her
damp knickers. Sitting in a chair she made Lisa kneel then forced the whimpering
girl's head into the gap between her widely spread thighs. Lisa knew what was
expected of her.  As soon as her tongue touched the very wet labial folds the
young teacher started to come. Gasping and squealing she rode Lisa's face until
the glorious waves of pleasure began to subside.

          The sandwich was delicious. She was absolutely ravenous. Red faced and
hurrying from the canteen towards the San she knew Matron would be waiting. The
school nurse spent a full hour working on the girl's bottom and breasts. It took
all of her skills and expertise to repair the damage but her salves and creams
worked their magic in the end. Back in her uniform and walking down the corridor
Lisa felt much better. Her boobs and bum no longer hurt, the burning she'd felt
had been replaced by a lovely warm glow. Worryingly though her clitoris was hard
and tingling. God she so wanted to come! The temptation to slump against a wall
and jam her fingers into her sopping wet pussy was almost overwhelming, but
there wasn't time. Even Anita Palmer had commented on what a disgusting little
girl she was. Her arousal had been very evident to the school nurse who had
wiped away the sticky fluid with some tissues. Unfortunately that was all she'd
done! The next lesson on her timetable was "Sex Education". Swallowing hard and
squeezing her thighs together did little to slow the racing of her heart. It was
a certainty, an absolute certainly. There would be a practical demonstration for
her classmates. And the subject of any practical demonstration would be her! She
dreaded to think of what would happen in the next two hours but her pussy pulsed
with anticipation...

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Eleven : Showing them everything

          Lisa James wandered very slowly down the deserted corridor. Even
though it was a balmy afternoon she was feeling unusually hot. The biology lab
wasn't far now but she found herself hanging back. Sex Education! The words had
screamed at her from the timetable. Sex Education! She knew things were going to
happen in the next two hours, things that would probably take her to previously
unplumbed depths of humiliation. Her heart hammered in her chest. This time she
knew she'd be made to come in front of them. The thought of the group of boys
watching whilst she was forced to have an orgasm had goose bumps springing up
all over her skin. It would be mind numbingly embarrassing. She was a twenty
seven year old professional woman for goodness sake! What on earth was she doing
allowing these dreadful things to happen? But even as the doubts entered her
mind her clitoris began to pulse insistently. Just thinking about what might
happen was making her pussy grow sticky. God she was such a slut! She squeezed
her legs tightly together, only just managing to stifle a groan as delicious
sensations flooded the gap between her thighs.

          Geraldine Johnson smiled as the "schoolgirl" walked self-consciously
into the room. Throughout the week she'd proved to be a very interesting sight
and today was no exception. The skirt was indecently short revealing most of the
girl's lightly tanned thighs. A few centimetres shorter and the lower curves of
her bum cheeks would have been visible. The firm full breasts bobbed beneath the
little vest as she made her way to an empty seat, the twin points of her erect
nipples jutting out for all to see. Lisa saw the horrible examination couch
standing in a space to one side of the front bench. Oh God! Images of sharp
needles and a picture of herself shamefully spread for their inspection sprang
into her mind. She swallowed nervously but not before noticing a steel trolley
draped with a cloth. Whatever it held would be for her. She knew it would.

          Surprisingly the boys didn't giggle or nudge each other as much as she
expected considering the highly explicit nature of the pictures in the handout.
As Miss Johnson worked steadily through each section Lisa could feel the tension
in the room increasing. She squirmed in her seat as her classmates' eyes burned
into her back.

          "Well gentlemen that covers the theory of sexual arousal and response.
As you're aware we have a young lady with us this week so we can have a
practical demonstration of what we've just studied." She smiled sweetly at the
obviously very nervous girl.

           "Let's have you out here, hurry up!" Lisa's already pink face
dropped. It was going to happen. In front of them all she was going to have to
strip again. The feet of her chair scraped noisily on the floor as she slowly
stood up and stumbled clumsily out from behind the desk.

          "Well turn around girl they're not going to see much if you keep your
back to them now are they?" Lisa turned and faced them, her cheeks growing
redder by the second. Under the glare of their excited stares she began to feel
light headed.

          "Take off your clothes and do it slowly. You may as well entertain us
at the same time. Imagine you're a lap dancer if that will help." She chuckled
at the girl's mortified expression.

          "Well come along I'm sure you've shown yourself to lots of different
boys in the past. What are you waiting for you little tart?" Lisa simply stared
open mouthed at the smiling teacher.

          "I can't do that," she blurted, "not in front of them! I can't I just
can't." She covered her face with her hands.

          There was a moments' silence. Geraldine Johnson sat down on a chair
and stared at the shaking red-faced "schoolgirl".

          "Come here now!" she said angrily. Lisa reluctantly shuffled forwards.
Suddenly the older woman reached out and roughly pulled the surprised girl down
across her knee. Lisa found herself upended with her face only inches from the
wooden floor. In a single motion the schoolmistress turned up the little skirt
and pulled the white knickers all the way down. The boys craned eagerly forwards
as the generously curved bottom was revealed in all its' glory. Light pink
stripes still decorated its' gently trembling surface. Matron's creams and
rejuvenating skills could only do so much. Without any warning the spanking
began. Lisa jerked and gasped as the first red hand prints appeared on her soft
skin. Positioned across the older woman's lap in front of the gleeful boys was
horribly demeaning. She felt like a naughty ten year old. Her face burned anew
as the boys began to laugh. The heat in her bottom quickly became uncomfortable
as the stinging slaps arrived with increasing force. Gasps turned to squeals and
then to pleas. Miss Johnson ignored the fuss her struggling pupil was making.
She intended to teach the little bitch a lesson and one she wouldn't forget in a
hurry. Lisa tried to keep her legs pressed tightly together as the hard palm
continued to spank down, but it became more and more difficult. Suddenly she
lost control and began to kick and scream and beg, uncaring that the sniggering
boys could see the private area between her thighs. Her bum was hurting so much!

          She wouldn't cry in front of them, she wouldn't! She tried to stop it
but couldn't help herself. Tears soon started to run down her hot face. Sobbing
she managed to gasp "Please!" but it was no good. The stinging grew more and
more intense as the older woman, realising that the girl was nearing breaking
point, applied her hand more forcefully to the churning scarlet bottom.

          "Please! Oh god!" sobbed Lisa, "Please stop! Pleeeeease Miss! Owww!
Ahhhh!" Geraldine Johnson was enjoying herself enormously. She wasn't about to
stop until the wriggling cheeks were literally aflame. And anyway the younger
woman's pleading was causing a wonderful flood of wetness in the crease between
her own thighs. She smiled self indulgently, calmly working her way back and
forth across each hot buttock. A few moments later and every inch of the
wobbling flesh was coloured a deep red. To finish the slut off she slapped the
backs of the flinching thighs using as much force as she was able. Lisa shrieked
loudly. The excited schoolmistress licked her lips and inspected her handiwork
with a certain degree of relish. Only a thin white line, which followed the
valley between the now scorching cheeks, remained. She could feel the intense
heat emanating from the abused flesh as she roughly pushed the shaking girl back
to her feet.

          "Pull your knickers up!" she snapped. Sobbing uncontrollably Lisa did
as she was told. 

          "Now young lady are you going to do as I ask?" Lisa looked into the
smiling woman's face.

          "Yes Miss," she said quietly, choking back sobs as her bottom rolled
from side to side in a futile effort at alleviating the fire that was consuming

          "Well get on with it then, your audience is waiting."  Feeling
absolutely mortified Lisa turned once more to face them and then resignedly
began to gyrate her hips. Her bum throbbed and burned as she wriggled it. She
knew she had to do as she was told no matter how embarrassing it might be. Those
were the rules. She had no choice. Her feelings were irrelevant. Biting her
lower lip she twisted from the waist causing her boobs to swing from side to
side beneath the thin cotton. She gave the watching woman a final pleading look
but Geraldine Johnson's eyes were ice cold and a cruel smile twitched at the
corners of her mouth. She was obviously relishing every moment of the younger
woman's excruciating humiliation.

          "Look at your classmates Missy, they want to see your face as well as
everything else! Put some effort in, let's see if you can be sexy!" With her
cheeks burning Lisa looked into the laughing faces of the boys as they sniggered
and nudged each other enthusiastically.

          Reluctantly she wriggled and twisted herself in front of them, then
gradually pulled the hem of the little vest up her body. Once freed from the
confines of the material her full breasts bounced saucily up and down. The
nipples were darkly inflamed and pointed stiffly in all directions as she danced
self-consciously in a small circle. Swallowing nervously she fumbled with the
clasp of the skirt, which, once undone, slid unceremoniously to the floor. She
kicked it out of the way. Left in only her tiny white knickers she struggled to
make herself take them off. Miss Johnson giggled at the wild-eyed expression on
the young woman's face. She was obviously finding having to perform a striptease
in front of the sniggering teenagers terribly embarrassing, but that was hardly
surprising! With a growing sense of shame Lisa pushed the knickers down over her
rolling hips. Within a few seconds she was showing them the shaven mound of her
vagina once again. God it was so humiliating! And this time it was worse. Much
worse. Being naked and having to dance and grind her hips was making the
delicate lips between her thighs stretch and rub wetly against each other. She
closed her eyes tightly, the pounding of her heart loud in her ears, surely
they'd see the sticky fluid that was now oozing remorselessly from her slit. She
could feel the wetness on her inner thighs. Oh God no! As the boys watched the
show they did little to conceal their interest. Their happy faces and excited
eyes clear evidence of the pleasure they were taking from their classmates
forced exhibition of her physical attributes.

          "Stop now! You're supposed to be arousing them, not yourself you
little slut!" said the schoolmistress, as she sniffed the air disdainfully.

          " It smells like you're more aroused than they are!" She laughed
loudly as Lisa stifled a sob. The shame of having her excitement pointed out to
the boys was too horrible to bear. How could the woman do that to her? How could
she be so unfeeling? But as her humiliation intensified so did the amount of
fluid leaking from her pussy. There was so much! She could feel it building up
and threatening to run down the insides of her legs!

          Whilst Lisa stood naked and trembling Miss Johnson had several of the
boys move the heavy old-fashioned examination couch into the centre of the room.

          "Right young lady let's have you up here," she said, patting the shiny
black leather firmly. Lisa climbed up onto the awful thing but instead of being
told to lay down she was made to kneel and clasp her hands behind her neck. The
posture thrust her boobs out and she couldn't help squealing and trying to twist
away as the older woman began to pinch and pull at her very sensitive nipples.

          "Stay still you stupid girl!" she said sharply.

          "Well gentlemen as you can see the area around each nipple is suffused
with blood due to this dirty little girls inability to control herself." She
giggled. Lisa's face burned as she stared at the floor.

          "The nipples themselves are now fully engorged and stiff. I know
you've seen this effect in her before but I'd still like you to each feel how
hard they are for yourselves." The boys crowded eagerly forwards, each taking a
turn at pulling and squeezing the dark red points. Lisa gasped and wriggled
continuously as they tormented her. Their enjoyment was as obvious as their
excitement. A youthful erection tightened the front of each pair of trousers. As
numerous young fingers took turns at abusing her painfully rigid nipples she
groaned helplessly. She knew worse was to come but surprisingly found herself
trying to hold still so they could do what they wanted! What was the matter with

          Lying on her back Lisa stared worriedly at the stirrups positioned
directly above her shoulders! What were they going to make her do! With her
wrists strapped securely to the couch above her head she felt incredibly
vulnerable. The whole of her front was exposed. Keeping her legs pressed
together was stopping the crowd of eager teenagers from seeing her pussy but she
couldn't hide the swollen lips that bulged embarrassingly in the gap between her
thighs. Then Miss Johnson spoke and suddenly Lisa's heart was pounding,

          "Legs up girl, come on I want your knees on your chest!" Almost in a
daze she did as she was told. It wasn't easy but she managed to lift and bend
her legs until her knees rested on her boobs. She tried not to imagine what the
boys could see now! The teacher calmly grasped one ankle and using a degree of
force pushed it further back then buckled it tightly into one of the stirrups. 
Pulling the unresisting legs apart she did the same with the other then stood

          Lisa had been in revealing positions before. Every time the shame and
humiliation threatened to consume her but this time was probably the worst she'd
ever experienced! Having her ankles secured above and to each side of her head
meant that she looked back directly between her parted thighs. The view of her
sniggering audience made her cheeks throb hotly. Whatever secrets she'd hoped to
keep about the private places between her legs weren't secret anymore. Every
intimate detail was rudely revealed. With her legs forced back onto her chest
the denuded crack beneath her belly was totally exposed and the scarlet cheeks
of her sore bum lifted and spread wide open. Her labial folds tried to adhere to
one another but were pulled apart making the pink hole they jealously guarded
visible to every one of her interested observers. She screwed her eyes tightly
shut and moaned softly.

          "Open your eyes", said Geraldine Johnson in an authoritative voice.
Lisa saw the almost triumphant look on the older woman's face as the
schoolmistress drew the attention of the boys to the shiny fluid that was oozing
copiously from between her labial folds.  Besides coating not only the whole of
the vaginal anatomy it was also smeared across the soft inner thighs. Even as
they watched, and much to Lisa's horror, a fresh drop oozed out and trickled
slowly down the crack between her bum cheeks. She wanted to die! It was so
embarrassing but there was no escape. Her stomach lurched and her mouth went
suddenly dry as fingers began to touch her.

          "As you can see your classmate is already in an aroused state." Lisa
gasped loudly and whimpered as her labia were pulled roughly apart.

          "She's secreting fluid because she finds being naked in front of you
very exciting. Isn't that the case young lady?" An embarrassed shaking of the
head was her only response.

          "As we've discussed an orgasm is the usual endpoint of sexual arousal.
I'm sure your classmate here will demonstrate that in a moment. As a practical
exercise I'm sure you'll find this amusing but I do need two volunteers."  At
that moment the door of the room suddenly opened.

          "Geraldine I hope you don't mind if we observe?" Simon Barrow's face
broke into a beaming smile as the helpless young woman on the examination chair
groaned loudly.

          "By all means Simon," said the schoolmistress pleasantly, "I'm sure
our little tart will enjoy having you watch." Anita Palmer, the school nurse,
followed him into the room. They stood to one side of the examination couch and
stared down at the displayed vaginal slit. Devoid of pubic growth every detail
of the pink opening and its' shiny lips were visible. The crinkled entrance to
the girl's rectal passageway was also blatantly revealed. Lisa's face burned and
tears of humiliation welled up as they looked at her private openings. They had
a perfect view of what was about to happen.

          "Are you going to have the boys make her come?" asked the nurse.

          "Yes I thought she'd like that!" They laughed loudly as Lisa suddenly
began pleading.

          "Oh Miss don't let them! Please! I couldn't stand it! Please! Not the
boys! Don't let them touch me! Please!"

          "Shut up you stupid girl! Don't pretend you're not enjoying this!" The
three of them exchanged knowing looks and laughed again.

          Lisa screwed her eyes tightly shut as shame and arousal pulsed through
her. Her swollen clitoris was beginning to throb insistently and poke excitedly
from beneath its' silky hood.

          "Angelo, if you and Pablo would like to begin." Grinning the two boys
reached out and almost carelessly began to explore the sticky folds and
openings. Lisa started to squeal and gasp immediately. Her bottom cheeks
clenched as a boyish fingertip pushed firmly against the tight ring of her
bumhole. At the same time her inner lips were pulled apart and fingers began to
delve into the slippery crease. Two and then three digits slid deeply into the
tight hole opening the vulval crack and revealing it's delicate pink interior.
As the fingers began to move back and forth Lisa groaned and writhed
provocatively on the black leather. The muscles in the back of her thighs
tightened and relaxed as she moaned and shook her head slowly from side to side.
Suddenly she squeaked as the boy teasing her bottom managed to slip his finger
past the desperately squeezing ring of muscle. She was doing her utmost not to
succumb to the sensations that were coursing through her but arousal was washing
away what little resistance she possessed. The intense humiliation and handling
of her private parts was driving her quickly towards orgasm. Noooooo! They
mustn't do that to her. She couldn't let them see her come! It would be so so
embarrassing! The shame would be unendurable!

          She felt her labia being stretched further apart then four fingers
were pushed firmly into her soaking pussy. Her eyes opened wide but for a moment
refused to focus on the sea of interested faces. She was so ashamed but so
turned on at the same time! The two boys were penetrating her simultaneously.
She could feel them deep inside her holes. Oooooohhhhhh! But it felt so good!
Her moaning gradually became more frantic, the soft walls of her pussy gripping
the fingers as they slid wetly back and forth. Even though she hated herself for
reacting she felt her body nearing the brink. The shame inducing exposure was
proving an unbearable stimulus. Through hooded eyes she looked back between her
open thighs at the boys and teachers as they stared down at her. Oh God she was
going to come! Suddenly she was jerking on the delicious fingers and groaning

          "Boys, when she reaches orgasm you'll feel her vagina squeezing your
fingers." Then Geraldine Johnson began to laugh,

          "But it's pretty obvious she wants us all to know what a little slut
she is! Listen to all the noise she's making!" Lisa could hardly stand the
intense sensations that were emanating from her pussy and flowing into her
belly.  Then the dam broke and she threw her head back as every muscle in her
body stiffened in a paroxysm of pleasure.

          "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Nnnngggh! Nnnngggh! Ohhhhhh!" She was coming and
jerking and coming and gasping and groaning and...Ohhhhhh they were watching!
They were seeing everything! Her feelings of humiliation and shame intensified
the already powerful orgasm as she writhed in its' delicious embrace.

         "Yes Yes Yeeeeeeesssssss! Oh my god! Aaaaaahhhh!" She was aware of
laughter and voices but couldn't decipher any actual words. Gradually she came
back to the real world her senses slowly coming back into focus.

          "Open your eyes you dirty girl," said Simon Barrow pleasantly. She let
out a shuddering gasp as the boys' fingers were roughly plucked from her. Sweat
was coating her upper lip and forehead and she moaned softly as tremors, like
tiny aftershocks, flowed across her stomach.

          " once the mental stimuli are present orgasm can be triggered by
penetration alone. Many females however require additional external stimulation
as we'll see in a moment."

          Lisa sighed with relief when her ankles were released from the
stirrups. The muscular spasms she'd experienced when the orgasm had hit had been
almost painful in their intensity and although her legs had only been secured
above her shoulders for a short time they had already grown numb. However a few
moments later she found herself fixed in another equally embarrassing position.
She groaned in discomfort as her legs were lifted and stretched achingly wide
apart by the metal brackets. Once again the hairless mound and delicate lips of
her still tingling pussy were shamefully exposed.

          "Well missy I think we may have something here that you're going to
find very enjoyable!" said Miss Johnson, as she chuckled and pulled the
mysteriously shrouded trolley closer. Lisa knew that whatever was coming was
going to be dreadfully humiliating. Turning her head to one side, her eyes
opened wide as the schoolmistress removed the cloth with a theatrical flourish.
There was an excited intake of breath from the boys then an explosion of
animated conversation. It was basically a white box from which protruded a steel
rod but that wasn't what surprised Lisa and made her heart hammer wildly in her
chest. It was the three red rubber dildoes that stood rigidly by its side. Her
eyes darted across them. The first was of normal proportions, whereas the second
was considerably longer and thinner, but it was the final one that drew her
gaze. It was big and frighteningly thick and its' surface was dotted with sharp
knobbly protrusions. Involuntarily she gasped as her stomach lurched and her
mouth went suddenly dry. A hushed sigh of approval greeted her obvious display
of apprehension. Oh my god! She was going to be fucked in front of them! And
fucked by a machine! Nooooo! Oh please No!

          "We'll start with simple penetration and then see what happens when
the clitoris is stimulated at the same time." 

          "Nurse" Palmer pushed the trolley around the couch and positioned it
between the waiting "schoolgirls" widely spread thighs. Lisa watched worriedly
as Geraldine Johnson picked up the first dildo and quickly coated it with
lubricant. She slid it effortlessly back and forth through the palm of her hand,
smiling down at her vulnerable volunteer. It glistened threateningly when she
held it up. There was a slight click as the dildos' base locked onto the end of
the rod and then she flicked a switch. Turning a control knob caused the machine
to give a low hum and the steel bar slid smoothly forwards then backwards. As
she rotated the knob its speed increased until the box was making a distinct
thudding sound and the trolley was shaking where it stood. As the dildo slowed
and came to a halt there was an expectant hush in the room.

          "Right young lady I think we'll make a start." With an amused glint in
her eye the older woman moved the trolley forwards. Lisa squeaked when she felt
the tip of the dildo press against her pussy. Fingers carefully spread her labia
and then the false cock was nudged into position, it's bulbous head shrouded by
the very wet folds of the quivering vagina.

          Then it began. Lisa moaned helplessly and tightened her hands into
fists as the red invader pressed insistently forwards. Her vaginal opening
stretched into a perfect pink circle and gripped the crimson shaft as it
gradually slid inside her. As the boys watched excitedly Miss Johnson inched the
dildo very slowly into the gasping "schoolgirl. Feeling the soft walls of her
vagina stretching to accommodate the artificial thickness caused Lisa to groan
with pleasure. It was only when the thing was fully embedded that she managed to
open her eyes. Immediately she flushed with embarrassment. The boys were
watching intently, watching every detail of what was being done to her. Her
growing sense of shame and vulnerability aroused her even further. Then the
teacher turned towards the class and began to describe what was going to happen.
It gave Lisa a chance to "savour" what was about to come. The prospect had her
trembling with anticipation. Discomfort and severe embarrassment had already
moved her mentally to another level. Being turned on and used was all that
mattered now. She was a slut. A shameless slut that wanted to be fucked, that
wanted to be fucked hard in front of a roomful of teenage boys. A flood of
sticky secretions oozed from her vagina and she moaned with unsuppressed lust.

          " you can see your classmate's already highly aroused by her
predicament. It won't take very much to push her over the edge." With that the
dildo began to slide from the wonderfully tight tunnel before slowly penetrating
the naked helpless woman once again. It slid out and in and out and in. Lisa
gasped as the unyielding rubber cock produced wave upon wave of delicious
sensation in her hungry pussy. Gritting her teeth failed to stop the sounds that
began to flow from her mouth,

          "Oh God! Oooooooohhhhh yes! Mmmmmmm! Yes! Ahhhhh!" Then she began to
pant as the dildo speeded up, her bottom lifting and clenching as she met the
intoxicating thrusts. It pounded into her for a few seconds before slowing
almost to a stop.

          "Noooooo! Ooooohhh Miss! Please! Do it harder! Harder! Oh
pleeeeeease!" she begged the giggling schoolmistress. Involuntarily her hips
writhed and bucked on the black leather as she tried to impale herself fully on
the rubber penis.

          By altering the speed of the shaft as it worked effortlessly back and
forth in the soaking vaginal tunnel Geraldine Johnson was able to spur the
helpless younger woman to the brink of orgasm several times. Lisa cried and
begged and pleaded each time the false cock slowed but despite this teasing
variation in penetration speed her shrill cry filled the room when inevitably
she started to come.  The climax arrived amid much jerking and squealing and
moaning. She was no longer aware of her watching audience. Once the tremors and
muscular spasms had passed however she opened her eyes and was immediately
overwhelmed with humiliation. Between the boys and teachers an animated
discussion was taking place. Almost as if she wasn't present they were
describing and talking about her reaction to the dildo. Her face burned with
shame as they laughed and joked about her most private of moments.

          "Well young lady," said Miss Johnson as she looked down at the
trembling "schoolgirl", "you're certainly making an exhibition of yourself
today. Quite the little slut aren't you?" Lisa was trying her best to keep
still. Fully embedded in her slippery hole the dildo was motionless and as much
as she hated herself for doing it her hips were continuing to roll from side to
side. She couldn't help herself. Each movement caused a little moan to escape
her gritted teeth as her pussy pulsed greedily on the rubber shaft.

          "Gentlemen, I'm afraid the clock is against us this afternoon. We'll
just have time to demonstrate external stimulation then you'll have to go for
your evening meal."

She looked at their expectant faces then calmly reached out and slapped Lisa's
pubic mound sharply. The younger woman squealed loudly and jerked on the false
cock inside her. Then the smirking schoolmistress picked up the largest of the
three dildoes and held it up in front of Lisa's very red and sweaty face. She
bent over and spoke quietly into the shaking girls' ear,

          "Don't think you've escaped this beauty you little tart. I'm going to
make sure you feel it before you leave tomorrow evening." Lisa shivered at the
threat and icy cold look in the older woman's eyes.

          Slowly the red dildo thrust into the smooth walled tunnel then slid
outwards before thrusting forwards once again. The machine fucked with a
constant steady rhythm drawing a gasp each time it stretched the wet confines of
the helpless vagina. Lisa panted and moaned as it slid remorselessly back and
forth inside her. At the juncture of her shiny pink labia her swollen clitoral
bud stood stiffly to attention.

          "As you can see the clitoris is fully engorged with blood," said Anita
Palmer, pointing at the obviously inflamed nub of flesh.

          "Miss Johnson and I have agreed that each of you should examine it,
even if only for a few moments. We'd like you to observe your classmates'
reactions carefully when you're touching her."

          "Ooooohhhh! Miss! No please. I couldn't bear them..."

          "Stop making such a fuss you silly girl!" snapped the school nurse as
the boys crowded eagerly forwards.

          Simon Barrow watched with interest as the first of the grinning
teenagers ran his fingers down the smooth stomach then brushed them lightly
across the sensitive fleshy button. Lisa groaned loudly and bit her bottom lip
as fresh sensations shot through her. Her embarrassment at having the boy touch
her whilst the others watched together with the continuous stimulation of the
dildo as it fucked her pussy made her screw her eyes tightly shut. In
desperation she tried to control the rising tide of excitement welling up inside
her. She didn't want them to see her coming again! It was so humiliating. They
were seeing everything, even the expression on her face when she climaxed.
Already coated in a thin sheen of perspiration she jerked and groaned loudly as
the boy's fingertip teasingly circled her clitoris. Oh God she was going to come
again! She couldn't stop herself. Oooooohhhhh Godddddddd! It was too
felt soooo horny!

          "Nnnnnugh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh god oh god! Oooooohhhhhh!"

          At the first touch she'd been lost. They all watched intently as she
squealed and jerked her hips wildly, twisting herself desperately from side to
side. She could hear laughter and voices but couldn't recognise what they were
saying. Greedily the muscles of her vagina gripped the rubber cock. All feelings
of embarrassment and shame were momentarily forgotten as intense pleasure swept
through her belly. As the dildo continued to slide back and forth fluid ran from
the now puffy slit between her widely spread thighs. Her face burned with shame
as she felt it pooling wetly on the leather beneath her bum cheeks. Fresh waves
of humiliation coursed through her when she realised that again she'd shown them
her most private moment.

          It seemed to go on and on. Even though they were inexperienced at
least half of the smiling boys drove her over the edge into orgasm. Ever since
she'd been a little girl she'd been able to make herself come easily. Sometimes
she could come over and over again and today was no exception. Simon Barrow and
his two female colleagues stood to one side and watched the very red faced woman
as she jerked and strained under the clumsy ministrations of her young

          "She seems very receptive. I think the week has certainly done her
some good," he said smiling. Geraldine Johnson nodded in agreement,

         "Yes the little bitch is definitely less disobedient."

          "Considering what she's been through this week she's coped pretty
well," said Anita Palmer, as Lisa suddenly began pleading with the boys to stop.
They ignored her, continuing their intimate explorations amid much laughter and
excited conversation.  

          "I know tomorrow evenings going to break her physically but I don't
think she'll fail to respond sexually. She's naturally submissive. It'll be
interesting to see her taken beyond her limits." The school nurse looked

          "What time are you thinking of making a start? I've got things to do
in town first thing."

          "The staff room at three," he replied, licking his lips in

          "Unfortunately Alan and James can't make it but there'll still be six
of us. Jean's driving down early evening to pick her up but knowing Jean," he
gave a wry smile, "I'm sure she'll be here early." 


          By the time the last of them had finished pulling and pinching the
acutely sensitive knob of flesh Lisa was barely aware of what was happening.
Sweat was trickling down her forehead and her eyelids were fluttering weakly.
She felt absolutely exhausted. It was only when a cup was pressed against her
lips that she realised they'd gone and that the dildo was no longer moving
inside her. She gulped the cool water thankfully, gradually becoming aware of
her pussy which was pulsing and tingling madly. Miss Johnson was the only other
person in the room. 

          "You're a very dirty girl," said the biology mistress as she put the
cup down. Lisa watched in a daze as the woman unzipped her skirt and let it fall
before quickly slipping her knickers down and off.  Above the crease of her
vagina was a small trimmed tuft of pubic hair. The slit itself was quite bare
and smooth. Its' pink lips were full and glistened moistly. 

          "You've got me all wet and sticky," she giggled, "so before you go
you're going to be naughty for me."  The leather couch creaked as the semi-naked
schoolmistress climbed up onto it. She grinned over her shoulder as she turned
and placed a knee on either side of Lisa's head.

          "Now do me nicely or you'll be sorry!" With that she lowered herself
onto the waiting face. Taking the threat seriously Lisa began to lick the soft
folds and push her tongue into the slippery tunnel. The musky scent of arousal
filled her nose as her face quickly became coated with the evidence of Geraldine
Johnson's excitement.  She tried to centre her attentions on the swollen
clitoris but it wasn't easy because the biology teacher was rubbing her vagina
more and more vigorously on its' fleshy cushion. When she succeeded in running
her tongue over the pulsing sensitive bud the woman moaned with pleasure. Lisa
was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe.

          "You're not making much of an effort are you girl!"  Gasping for air
she was doing her best to satisfy her tormentor but the angry tone, and the
thought of being spanked again, spurred her to lick even more enthusiastically.
Then the schoolmistress spread her buttocks and pushed her bumhole to Lisa's
mouth. Swallowing her shame and without a pause the younger woman submissively
started to lap at the crinkled anal opening. She knew she had no choice. Any
sign of refusal and her bottom would no doubt pay the price. 

           Geraldine Johnson was enjoying the girl's attentions enormously. She
could feel the little slut's tongue drilling into her tight rear entrance. It
was quite delightful but her sadistic streak inevitably began to demand
attention. Lisa felt Miss Johnson shift her weight slightly forwards then the
false cock started to move. Thankfully her pussy was soaking wet so the thing
slid easily in and out but its' speed continued to increase until it was
thudding into her at an incredible pace. She tried to protest but the vaginal
folds enclosing her face muffled her cries. Her pussy was beginning to hurt.
Desperately she wriggled under the moaning older woman as the machine continued
to fuck her remorselessly. Geraldine Johnson rubbed herself harder against the
"schoolgirls" face, slowing and speeding her pace as the delicious pleasure
pulsed between her legs. She could feel the girl beneath her struggling to
escape and hear her stifled squeals. The little tart's obvious suffering was
adding an undeniable frisson of excitement to her own enjoyment.

          Lisa screamed into the soaking wet vulva and writhed in pain as the
solid rubber invader continued to pump relentlessly back and forth inside her.
Oh God make it stop! Please make it stop! Please! The answer to her prayer was
almost immediate. Miss Johnson suddenly stiffened and threw her head back
rubbing herself frantically on the defenceless face.

          "Aaaaaahhhhh that's it you little bitch! Oh yeah! That's it! Oh
yesssssssss!" she screamed. Liquid squirted into Lisa's open mouth as the woman
slumped forwards panting breathlessly.

          In the mirror her pussy appeared swollen and red. It was certainly
sore but considering what had happened that afternoon did look remarkably
normal. Her clit however was still standing angrily to attention. Luckily Matron
had left a note and a tube of cream in the San for her. Having taken a shower
she'd applied it liberally both inside and out, even massaging it into her bum
cheeks and boobs. Amazingly it had helped immediately, soothing the inner
surfaces of her pussy lips and imparting a pleasant warm tingling to each area
it touched. Food was definitely next on her agenda and then she'd grab a couple
of hours sleep. Although the Student Social was timetabled to start at seven pm
she didn't intend to arrive until eight. At least then she'd be refreshed enough
to face whatever they had planned for her. No doubt whatever was going to happen
would be incredibly embarrassing. As she turned towards the door her face
suddenly flushed bright red and a shiver ran down her spine...

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Twelve :  A schoolgirl socialising

          Lisa awoke with a start. It was nearly 8pm. Even though she'd only
managed to snatch a couple of hours sleep it had helped. A quick investigation
with her fingers attested to the fact that although her pussy was still swollen
and sore it was much better than it had been earlier. Thankfully the cream had
worked it's magic whilst she'd slept. She swung her legs over the side of the
bed glancing anxiously at the items of clothing that had been waiting for her
when she'd returned from her evening meal. She had no choice. She knew that.
Quite simply she was going to have to wear it or not. After a
moments hesitation she tried to reassure herself that whatever might happen
tonight it couldn't be as bad as what she'd been forced to endure that
afternoon. Resignedly she started to get dressed. Her face flushed with
embarrassment when she saw her reflection in the mirror. The boys were in for
another eyeful but there was nothing she could do about that. Her pussy tingled
at the thought. She was shaking but her nervousness only seemed to intensify the
throbbing between her legs. Noooooo! Why was she becoming such a little tart!
She didn't seem to have any control over her reactions anymore. Thinking about
being made to do things in front of the boys immediately made her slit grow
sticky. She was such a slut! Ten minutes later she set off for the Prefect's
common room. A student social couldn't be too awful, could it? The faint hope
was all she had to cling to...

           It went very quiet when she walked in. Her face burned as they all
looked her up and down. Their smiles were wide and knowing. The sixth form
"lounge" was in the oldest part of the School. Oak panelling and a small stone
fireplace gave it a cosy feel. Besides a small snooker table there were lots of
easy chairs and a TV. Music was coming from a portable hi-fi. Four of the boys
were engrossed in a computer screen whilst the rest were spread around the room
watching two of their classmates play pool. Lisa jumped as someone behind her
suddenly spoke.

          "What time do you call this? You're late." Turning around she found
that Mr Barrow and Miss Cole had followed her into the room. She desperately
began to mutter an apology but they ignored her. As usual simply looking into
his eyes made her heart flutter. He was just so good looking.

          "Tonight is a social event. I don't want to spoil things so we'll
forget your lack of punctuality this once." He smiled slyly.

          "I'm glad you dressed appropriately." Fiona Cole started to laugh.
Lisa's face went a deeper shade of red.

          "This is your last night." He looked directly into her blushing face.

          "You're here to help your classmates have a good time. Make sure they
do. If they want to play games or dance then you'll do it. Miss Cole and I are
in the Staff Room across the hall if you need anything. You'll find snacks and
soft drinks in the kitchen." He pointed to a door in the opposite corner of the

          "You can get them something to drink to start with."  Then they were
gone leaving her standing self-consciously by the door. The realisation that she
was now totally alone with the boys for the first time filled her with
apprehension. Her mouth suddenly felt very dry.

          Nobody said a word. They all just looked, their eyes roving excitedly
all over her. Lisa found she was shaking. God she was going to have to serve
them dressed like this! Considering how she was attired it was hardly surprising
they were staring! The skirt was grey and the shortest thing she'd ever worn in
her life. Only a few inches deep it ended just below her hips showing almost all
of her thighs. Even worse the bulge of her pussy, tightly encased in a triangle
of wispy black lace, protruded below the hem of the ridiculous strip of
material. From behind she also knew that the lower curves of her bare bum were
showing. The thin black strip that hugged the crease of her bottom did nothing
to cover her rounded rear cheeks but then G-strings were designed to be
revealing. She swallowed again. Her boobs were tightly contained in a cut-off
white blouse that was obviously far too small for her. Its' buttons bulged under
the strain but at least her hard nipples were hidden from view. Ending above her
waist it left her belly button and several inches of pale soft flesh on show.
High-heeled stilettos gave the muscles in her thighs and calves more definition
and made her stick her chest out. To say she looked provocative was an

          Filling the glasses gave her a chance to try and control her shaking.
The kitchen was tiny but at least she was away from their eyes for a few
moments. Gathering all of her courage she steeled herself for what was about to
come and picked up the tray. They stopped talking as soon as she was through the
door. The silence was unnerving but as she passed around the room offering each
of them a drink their conversation gradually returned. By the time she'd given
them the crisps and other snacks they were all chattering excitedly. Most of the
conversation was in Italian so she had no idea what they were saying. But from
the bursts of laughter and blatant looks it was obvious that the objects of
their interest were her exposed bum and bulging pussy. Her face was scarlet with
embarrassment by the time she'd finished handing round the bowls. Up until that
point they'd only stared but then one of them spoke. Obviously he already knew
her intimately! Antonio. He had dark brown eyes and an almost permanent grin on
his face. About 15 and only a little shorter than herself, the knowledge that
he'd pushed his fingers inside her holes and probably made her come that
afternoon caused her face to burn even more fiercely. Apparently they wanted her
to play pool. It was obvious why but she couldn't refuse.

          Lisa tried her best not to bend over but it was hopeless. Whatever she
did they got to see part of her. The outfit she'd been made to wear covered
hardly anything as it was. Leaning over the pool table gave them the opportunity
to see right up the back of the little skirt whilst her boobs bulged forwards
and nearly fell out of the shirt. After only a few minutes of their constant
attention her face was again burning horribly. She felt hot and dizzy. It was so
humiliating to be dressed in next to nothing whilst being ogled by a group of
teenage boys and even worse, not being able to do anything about it. Things
suddenly became more serious when she felt a youthful hand quite blatantly
stroke her bare bottom. She jerked upwards and spun around only to find the boy
grinning and laughing. The others joined in. For some reason she suddenly felt
very angry. Something inside her snapped. How dare he do that! Who the hell did
he think he was! How dare he! She wasn't a fucking toy for them to play with!
Maybe it was because she'd been forced to endure so much during the last 5 days
or perhaps it was just a "normal" reaction surfacing, but before she knew quite
what she was doing she'd taken a step forwards and slapped him across the face.
It was a real beauty. The smile and it's surprised owner disappeared in a flash
as the boy fell to the floor. There was a shocked hush. Absolute silence. Almost
tangible. It filled the room and pressed insistently against its' walls. She
hardly noticed as one of the boys slid quickly out through the door.

          Oh God! Noooooooo! Immediately she knew she'd made a terrible mistake.
If she'd felt nervous before the evening had started it was nothing compared to
the way she felt now. Anxiety poured from her, as stuttering out an apology she
helped the trembling lad back to his feet. His eyes were brimming with tears and
emblazoned on his cheek was a bright red handprint.

          Simon Barrow was not impressed. She realised how angry he was simply
by the tension in his voice. He wasn't shouting but was obviously barely able to
control what he was saying. His face was white. Feeling dreadfully nervous she
didn't manage to catch much of what he actually said. But when she heard her
name and the words "sued" and "responsible" in the same sentence she quickly
picked up the general tone! She hadn't really experienced a good "telling off"
since she was small but it still surprised her, how in the face of his anger,
all of the old feelings returned. She felt like a naughty little girl. By the
time he'd finished she wanted to burst into tears. Then she was left alone in
the corridor whilst he went and spoke to the boys. 

          Five minutes later when the door opened she was still shaking like a
leaf. What was going to happen? What would he do to her? She felt sick with

          "Well you're a very lucky girl," he said brightly, "your classmates
have agreed to forget all about what just happened so long as you behave
yourself for the rest of the evening." He was smiling once more. Lisa didn't
like the look on his face one little bit.

          "Obviously I'll be discussing your actions with the staff tomorrow
afternoon. I'm sure they'll have some interesting ideas regarding a suitable
punishment for you." He laughed. Lisa swallowed hard as this fresh seed of
unease was sown in her mind. Her last day was beginning to sound very
frightening indeed.

          "As for tonight...," he paused, a wry grin crossing his features,
"you're going to do exactly as the boys tell you. Do you understand?" Lisa
nodded worriedly.

          "But first we'll need to make a little adjustment to your outfit..."

          The rope was tight. She'd been made to cross her arms behind her back
and grasp her forearms before they'd been securely tied in place. Pulling hard
Fiona Cole managed to buckle the leather strap that was looped around Lisa's
elbows and then spun her around so they could both inspect her handiwork.
Besides making Lisa totally helpless the strap also pulled her shoulders back
and forced her to stick her chest out. Her breasts, pushing against the shirt,
were threatening to burst the already straining buttons.

          "Right you little tart," purred the younger woman as she ran her hands
over the bulging shirt front, "we'd better not hear a peep out of you over the
next two hours or I'll personally take the skin off that fat arse of yours."
Lisa gasped and bit her lip as Miss Cole suddenly squeezed hard. Simon Barrow
smiled broadly at their captives' scarlet and obviously very perturbed

          "And remember young lady you'll do exactly as you're told. You'd
better hope your classmates are in a benevolent mood but somehow I don't think
they will be." With that he pushed her roughly across the corridor and into the
Prefects common room once more. As he left he pulled the door shut.

          This time the boys' stared in a very different way. They no longer
made any effort to hide their excitement or indeed their interest. They looked
at her hungrily knowing that the upper hand was now theirs. Having just been
told that they could basically do anything they wanted within reason, to the
helpless woman in front of them, the dynamics of the relationship had changed
dramatically. They were going to do things to her and she wasn't going to be
able to stop them. Their anticipation was almost tangible. The looks they gave
her were tinged with confidence and the certain knowledge that she was now their
plaything. Lisa swallowed noisily as she stood shaking and blushing in front of
them. The way they were blatantly looking at her jutting boobs and the bulge of
her pussy was horribly humiliating.

          As they pushed her unceremoniously across the room she stumbled
unsteadily. Having her arms locked behind her back was doing strange things to
her sense of balance. She found herself standing in the centre of a circle of
easy chairs. The boys sat down and all began laughing and talking at once. An
angry red handprint blazed on the cheek of the boy she'd slapped. He grinned at
her and the others fell silent as he spoke.

          "You turn around little bitch for me," he said. Knowing she had to do
exactly as she was told she blinked away the tears of shame that were already
threatening to run down her face and turned self-consciously on the spot.

          "You are a fat bottomed girl yes?" Lisa stared at the carpet her heart
beating wildly in her chest.

          "Dance for me now." The arrogance in his voice made Lisa's face burn.
Trying her best not to look at them she started to twist and wriggle her hips.
It was absolutely dreadful having to do it in front of them but she had no
choice. Surrendering what little dignity she had left she rolled her bottom from
side to side and turned in a circle. The boys began to chatter amongst
themselves as they watched and each time she glanced up their laughing eyes
burned into hers.

          Lisa's stomach suddenly lurched when she heard his next instruction.
The boy told her to stop doing her "dance" and bend over in front of him. She
jerked and gasped as he confidently cupped her bum with both hands.

          "Get down little bitch," he said, squeezing the soft flesh.
Reluctantly she bent further, carefully keeping her legs pressed tightly
together. His hands roamed freely, lifting and parting the full cheeks of her
bottom as he commented enthusiastically to his jeering classmates.

          "Now your legs open." Panting hard, she felt as if her heart was about
to burst from her chest. It was just so embarrassing but slowly she did as she
was told. They could all see the bulge of her pussy now, she knew that. She
squeaked in dismay as his youthful fingers ran along its' central lace-covered

          "Wet," he said, much to the amusement of his increasingly noisy
audience.  There was lots of laughter.

          "Now you show fat bottom to others."

          It was truly terrible. Face blushing furiously Lisa had to turn and
bend for each of them in turn. They ran their hands up underneath the back of
the tiny skirt feeling her bum and running their fingers along the valley
between her cheeks. She felt hot and dizzy and sick. What would she have to do
next? She didn't have to wait long to find out. Carlo, the boy she'd slapped,
stood up, indicating that she should do the same.

          "You are sorry but now you dance with me." He calmly took hold of her
hips and pulled her towards him. Although he was at least ten years her junior
he was equal in height. When he held her tightly and began to dance she could
feel his excitement digging into her belly. With her arms tightly bound behind
her back she was helpless as he started to freely run his hands all over her.
She closed her eyes, praying that a hole would open in the floor and swallow her
up. She felt his fingers begin to pluck at the buttons of her shirt as his
companions brayed their encouragement.

          After he'd undone the first button the rest yielded to the pressure
they were experiencing and sprang open. Much to Lisa's embarrassment her breasts
jiggled free, their sensitive tips pointing in all directions.  He took hold of
each side of the shirt, jerked it open and then pushed it down over the tops of
her shoulders. It stayed there leaving her thrusting boobs totally uncovered and
pointing provocatively towards her tormentor. His hands immediately began to cup
and mould the firm heavy globes. Lisa gasped with shame and discomfort when he
pulled at her hard nipples. Next he undid the skirt and slid it down her legs.
Unresisting she felt him begin to pull the little G-string away from her pussy
and then she was horribly naked and totally helpless in front of them all. Much
to her horror her already moist pussy began to throb insistently and ooze fluid.
Humiliation surged through her as they once again stared at her smooth shaven

          Lisa twisted and moaned with shame as they took turns to dance with
her. Their hands fondled her boobs and bottom first but unfailingly they then
each investigated the wet slit between her thighs and its sticky lips. She
groaned and shook her head as the next boy slid his fingers between her legs
holding her steady with his other hand. His head only came up to her shoulder.
She jerked and mouthed a silent "Nooooo" as he pushed a finger into her hot and
still sore vaginal tunnel. Then she involuntarily went up onto her tiptoes and
jerked her hips as he frigged her roughly for a few seconds. Gasping, and hating
herself for doing it, she rested against him and put her head on his shoulder.
If she hadn't she'd have probably collapsed in a heap on the floor. They stayed
joined in a parody of a slow dance for several minutes before the boy stepped
back and allowed one of his waiting companions to take a turn.

          It went on for some time but finally all fifteen of the boys had dug
their erections into the helpless female stomach whilst taking the opportunity
to finger and grope her quivering nakedness. They couldn't believe their luck!
Having the chance to abuse a nude woman wasn't something that was likely to
happen again in a hurry so they were all determined to make the most of it. Lisa
slumped tiredly in an armchair as they began to talk amongst themselves. Shame
and embarrassment couldn't stop her body betraying itself. She felt nervously
exhausted but her pussy was oozing and throbbing demandingly. She could feel her
juices coating the insides of her thighs. Although the intensely humiliating
situation was testing the very limits of her submission her arousal was
spiralling out of control. She felt so horny! As much as she hated to admit it
she knew she'd do whatever they told her, no matter how demeaning.

          What it lacked in length and girth it made up for in stiffness. It was
also very hot. The cock twitched and jerked as it was guided it into her mouth.
Thankfully, as she suspected, as soon as she began to suck the boy immediately
lost control. She didn't even have to use her tongue. Come squirted into her
throat as he buried his hands in her hair and jerked himself violently back and
forth. Her taste buds instantly recognised the flavour of fresh semen as it
flooded over her tongue. She managed to swallow most of it but some managed to
slip past her lips and dribble down her chin. Youthful laughter filled the room
as the boy whooped and punched the air.

          Lisa was kneeling on an armchair with her shoulders resting against
its' back. She'd been forced to spread her legs and stick her bottom out. When
they stood behind the chair her mouth was at exactly the right height and the
position also allowed them to get at her from both ends!  Even her boobs were
reachable if they wanted to feel them. She suddenly groaned as fingers delved
into her pussy spreading the delicate sticky lips well apart.

          "Please! Please be gentle I'm so sore there!" she pleaded, as the
digits roughly penetrated her wet hole. Her squeal of discomfort was cut short
as a second eager boy thrust himself into her waiting mouth. This one was more
experienced. He held himself still before pushing the head of his hard-on into
the very back of her throat. She gagged and choked for a moment before managing
to run her tongue back and forth over the bulging glans. Again although he
wasn't very big he was furiously stiff. He pumped slowly and deeply ignoring the
muffled sounds of protest emanating from her cock filled mouth. Lisa moaned and
whimpered as the fingers continued to forcibly investigate her sensitive vaginal
tunnel. A hand gripped one of her breasts then its' nipple was being viciously
pinched. She mewled in protest, her sense of shame all consuming. Suddenly she
screamed around the cock in her mouth. Surely they could see how sore her pussy
was! His fingers were hurting her so much! The hand investigating Lisa's vulval
crack withdrew whilst they started to discuss her reaction to being fingered and
what she'd just said.

          She gasped in relief when the fingers were removed but immediately
they slid up to the tightly puckered whorl of her bumhole. She jerked and
whimpered as they started to push at her most secret entrance. Noooo! Not there!
Ooooh please no! The boy fucking her mouth suddenly stiffened and spurted into
her throat. At the same moment a finger was forced up to the knuckle into her

          "We will have you behind yes," the boy said laughing. Lisa sobbed with
shame as she felt the end of an erection pressing urgently against her tiny rear
entrance. Another stiff penis was pushed into her mouth effectively muffling any
further protest. "At least they're not big" she thought desperately, trying to
reassure herself. The saliva coated helmet suddenly pushed past her straining
anal sphincter then the boy was inside the very tight passageway. Lisa's eyes
bulged and she gurgled around the stiff rod in her mouth as the erect penis in
her bottom was forced all the way inside her. It didn't hurt that much but the
sensation as her rectal walls were stretched, combined with the situation she
was in, was horribly humiliating. Suddenly her mouth was flooding with sperm
again. She swallowed as the cock in her bottom was pulled almost all the way out
then firmly pushed back in. For a moment she could feel the boys' balls resting
against the crease of her bum then he was slamming wildly into her.

          They kept using her mouth and raping her rectal opening for the next
hour. Even though they came after only a few moments the youthful stiffness in
their cocks quickly returned. As time passed both their confidence and control
improved and they realised that their nude plaything was gradually becoming more
and more excited. From that point onwards they ensured that her clitoris was
always being stimulated whilst her bottom was being fucked. Each time she
started to shake and moan more urgently however the teasing fingers were
withdrawn. The knowledge that she was being denied the release she so greedily
craved added a sadistic edge to the situation. It also made her much more
responsive when a cock was actually inside the hole in her bottom. Her growing
need made her jerk and roll her buttocks about most erotically. Fingers
relentlessly pinched and pulled at the swollen stub of her clitoris drawing a
stream of desperate moans and groans from her flesh gagged mouth. At times she
became so frantic that they were forced to hold her still. All of this added
enormously to their enjoyment and amusement. Their laughter provided a noisy
accompaniment to her muffled shrieks and cries.

          There was a sudden knock at the door. The boys immediately stopped
what they were doing. Lisa was coated with sweat and her face was dripping with
their come. She groaned with relief.

          "Gentlemen," said Simon Barrow's voice from the other side of the
door, "time to draw the evening to a close I'm afraid. I'll be back in a few

          Thankfully they'd gone. She presumed back to their rooms but she
didn't really care. Her pussy was throbbing with frustration and her bum felt
horribly stretched. All she could taste was sperm. She could feel it coating her
cheeks and chin but that was the least of her worries...

          "Quite disgusting letting them do that to her."

          "I agree, quite quite disgusting. I knew she was a little tart but
this is really shocking." Simon Barrow and Fiona Cole were smirking at each
other and smiling delightedly as they began to verbally chastise the tightly
bound and abused woman that was slumped exhaustedly against the back of the
armchair. Fiona Cole felt her pussy growing hot and wet as she looked at the
puckered and inflamed anal opening. Shiny fluid was smeared all around it and
coated the insides of the parted bum cheeks. What on earth went through the
little slut's mind as she was having her arse fucked by a group of young boys? 
The wicked thought made her heart race with excitement.

          Still naked and with her arms pinioned behind her back Lisa found
herself pushed along the corridors all the way to the San. Once inside the shirt
and her bonds were quickly removed. She screamed as the water from the
showerhead hit her. It was freezing cold.

          "Hands behind your back girl!" Fiona Cole ignored the howls of protest
as she played the water back and forth over her shrieking captive. Casually she
soaped the shaking woman's body before making her bend over and touch her toes.
Water ran off the ends of Lisa's quivering nipples as they pointed down towards
the wet tiles. After paying particular attention to the "schoolgirls" obviously
very tender anal hole the younger woman washed her down with very cold water
once again. Lisa's teeth were chattering and her skin was covered in goose bumps
as her giggling tormentor roughly towelled her dry. Her nipples were painfully
hard and standing out like thorns and she screamed shrilly when Miss Cole
pinched each one in turn.

          Simon Barrow and his young female colleague both grinned and looked at
the shaking girl as she stood totally nude for their inspection. Her hands
twisted nervously in front of her smooth-shaven pubic mound and her face burned
with embarrassment.

          "Get your hands at your sides girl!" barked the young woman, "and
stand up straight!" The pair of them were sat on the little bed in Lisa's room
gazing hungrily at their plaything. She looked almost edible, the denuded slit
between her smooth thighs bulging most enticingly. Simon Barrow watched the full
breasts and their jutting nipples as the girl submissively did as she was told.
He smiled at his companion.

          "Turn around Lisa." They both allowed their eyes to roam over the
slightly trembling bum cheeks. Full and perfectly rounded, the "schoolgirls"
bottom was crying out for the cane but they had other plans for her during the
next hour. Fiona Cole's hand slid lightly along Simon Barrows' thigh before she
grasped the hardness that was projecting upwards from his groin. She was
incredibly wet herself. When they played together in these situations she always
became highly aroused. His hard tongue was suddenly pressing insistently between
her lips as he kissed her with unrestrained enthusiasm. She groaned quietly in
the back of her throat.

          The smirk on Fiona Cole's face made Lisa flush with shame. It took
only a few moments to fasten the schoolgirl's wrists securely together. Then
Lisa found herself pressed against the wall, her arms above her head, the cuffs
securely tied to what she thought was a picture hook but whose function she now
had to question. Simon Barrow leant forwards and spoke quietly in her ear,

          "Right you dirty little slut I'm going to warm you up with the strap
then you're going to satisfy Miss Cole and I in any way we please, is that
clear?" Lisa looked past her raised arm and slowly nodded her head. The look of
panic on her face caused him to chuckle with amusement.

          "Spread your legs."

          "Thwack!" Lisa's scream bounced off the walls as the two inch wide
strip of leather curled around her helpless bottom. She just had time to gasp in
a breath before it arrived again.

          "Thwack!" She screamed and wriggled her bottom frantically. Fiona Cole
laughed, her eyes shining with excitement as she rubbed her moist pussy through
the material of her dress. Lisa squealed and jerked desperately, all thought of
keeping her legs spread totally forgotten.

          "I said legs apart you little bitch," he growled. The strap curved
through the air as he swung it firmly into the struggling woman's buttocks.

          Lisa cried and squealed as the leather seared a path across her bottom
again and again. Tears poured down her face as she twisted and pleaded with him
to stop. Mocking laughter was the only response. When he released her wrists she
almost fell but he held her upright whilst his female colleague pulled the
unresisting hands behind the "schoolgirl's" back and cuffed them together once
more. They had her kneel on the little bed with her face pressed to the covers.
Her throbbing bottom bulged rudely. It felt big and swollen and was burning
horribly. She couldn't keep it still. As they ran their hands over the rolling
bright red cheeks she gasped in pain and sobbed miserably. Then a finger slid
between the lips of her sex. For a few moments the discomfort faded and she
groaned with unsuppressed lust. God she was so so horny. The teasing finger,
added to what the boys had done to her, was almost enough to send her over the
edge. She needed to come. Wanted to come so much. Oh God!  Please! Please let
them make her come! She was screaming it inside her head.

          In a sea of arousal Lisa watched from her head down position as the
pair of them slowly undressed each other. The humiliation and pain she'd
experienced up to this point was triggering an explosion of desire in her belly.
She bit her lip and groaned quietly as Miss Coles' slim body and firm pointed
breasts came into view. Simon Barrow's body was hard and muscled, she knew that
already. To Lisa he was beautiful and she ached for what was revealed when Fiona
Cole unbuckled his trousers. His cock reared up between his legs as the young
Maths teacher knelt and licked its' bulbous end. It looked red and angry and
thick. For a few moments their hands investigated the others physical delights.
They kissed then turned towards their toy.

          Lisa tensed and gasped as the head of the engorged penis touched the
rim of her anus. Not there! Please not there! She wanted him inside her pussy,
filling her, fucking her! She needed to come so much. She tried to tell him but
the wet vulva pressing into her face muffled her pleas. Fiona Cole spread her
thighs further apart and pushed her gushing pussy onto the struggling woman's
face. Propped against the headboard of the little bed with a couple of pillows
supporting her back she idly toyed with her erect nipples as the "pet"
schoolgirl licked and teased at her labial folds. She giggled and clasped her
thighs tightly around Lisa's head as Simon began to push himself into the little
bitch's bumhole. He smiled wickedly as Lisa began to scream. She was as tight as
he remembered. It took a sustained effort to embed himself fully. Then he paused
to catch his breath and enjoy the delicious grip the girls' bottom was exerting
on his erect member. It squeezed his hardness with a rhythmic intensity. Fiona
looked back into his eyes. He could see she was nearing her first climax
already. Suddenly she threw her head back and was lost. Her moans rose to a
crescendo then she slumped back against the pillows smiling happily.

          Neither of them spoke, they didn't need to. At this level their
combined pleasure became almost intuitive. He began to move and as he did so
Lisa began to cry loudly into the pink flesh covering her face. Simon Barrows'
stiff penis was a very different matter to those of the boys she'd experienced
earlier. She was being stretched to her limits. He was hurting her. Her
straining bum tensed as he went in again, she couldn't help it. If she'd been
able to relax for a few seconds it would have helped but he wasn't going to
allow her that. He wanted to ream the very depths of her belly. Muffled shrieks
and sobs filled the space between Fiona Cole's thighs. The little bitches'
struggles were making her hot again already! Delicious little jolts and shocks
sped upwards from her pussy every time the desperately lapping tongue passed
over her clitoral stem. She looked at Simon with dilated eyes. Oooooohhhh it
felt so good! Lisa squealed and groaned as the hard cock ploughed slowly back
and forth inside her. He didn't change his rhythm and managed to control his
urge to slam into the constricting tunnel. There was no hurry. After all they
could keep the little slut up all night if they wanted to.

          Suddenly he let out a roar of pleasure. His erection grew rock hard
then began to spasm. Gouts of sperm erupted from the head of his throbbing cock.
It was so intense that for a few seconds his hips refused to work. He groaned
and held himself immobile while the wonderful pleasure pulsed through him. Fiona
Cole began to orgasm as she watched him, gushing onto Lisa's face as she too
surrendered to the overpowering sensations. It didn't stop there. For the next
hour they continued with their selfish game. Lisa groaned and moaned her
frustration. She was so horny. She needed to come so so much but they denied her
any release.

          Lisa lay on her side on the little bed with her knees drawn up to her
chest trying to make herself comfortable. Her sweat was gradually drying on her
skin and she could feel Simon Barrows' still warm come trickling from her
stretched bumhole. Oh God she felt so so horny but there was no way she could
satisfy the craving that was emanating from her swollen pussy. Her wrists had
been tied securely to the bed end above her head. It was going to be a long
night. Apparently Matron would be along to release her first thing in the
morning but knowing that didn't make things any easier. Between her legs the
soft folds were begging to be touched. She squeezed her thighs together but it
didn't help. Before the pair of them had left Fiona Cole had spread Matron's
healing cream very gently over Lisa's pussy and bottom, using her fingers to
liberally coat the slippery lips and the inside of the still clenching anal
opening. She'd been especially careful not to stimulate the "schoolgirl" to the
point of orgasm, but her delicious touch had almost been too much for their
whimpering pet.

          Even though Lisa felt incredibly horny and sexually frustrated
exhaustion quickly overtook her. Falling into a fitful sleep she moaned in the
darkness as her memories of the days' awful events gradually faded from view...

The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation

Chapter Thirteen : On the town

Lisa opened her eyes and yawned . Her arms and shoulders ached and she really needed to go to the toilet. Being secured by her wrists to the little bed's headboard for the night had been pretty uncomfortable but she'd fallen asleep almost straight away. Hardly surprising considering how exhausting the days' events had been. Feeling so horny the previous evening and not being allowed to come, even when she'd begged them, hadn't helped. She squeezed her legs tightly together, her pussy immediately beginning to throb. Deep inside her bumhole a dull ache was gnawing at her insides. She blushed as a picture of Simon Barrow sprang unbidden into her mind. His eyes, his chest, his hard cock! Suddenly the door of her room opened.

"Good morning," said Anita Palmer the school nurse, a frown creasing her forehead. "I understand you behaved like a little tart last night, even encouraging the boys to fuck your bottom. Is that correct? I hope you're thoroughly ashamed of yourself!"

Lisa's bare boobs and bottom bounced and wobbled as Miss Palmer marched her naked down the corridor to the San. Once inside she immediately found herself being forced down over the horrible "beetles" saddle and having her wrists secured to its' frame.

"Please Miss may I go to the toilet. I really really need to go."

"Certainly not!" said Anita Palmer firmly, an amused smirk on her face. "You can hold it until I've finished with you."

"But Miss," began Lisa desperately, "I won't be able…" A solid gag was roughly pushed into her mouth effectively cutting off any further protests. It forced her jaws achingly wide apart.

"That's better. Now I won't have to listen to your whining!" The older woman picked up a coil of thick rubber tubing and carefully attached a hard plastic nozzle to one end. She chuckled to herself. Once the enema started the girl would quickly lose control!

Lisa's bottom was already full to bursting but the pump continued to run remorselessly. She moaned loudly around the rubber ball in her mouth. The liquid being forced inside her was making her bowels swell uncomfortably, which was bad enough in itself, but the pressure on her already drum tight bladder was excruciating. Sweat began to pour down her forehead and run into her eyes. She couldn't hold it, she just couldn't! Any minute she'd be making a mess everywhere! Miss Palmer gently ran her hands over the quivering bottom cheeks.

"Bet you loved those boys sticking their cocks up your fat arse didn't you you dirty little bitch!" She laughed happily as the straining girl shook her head and groaned urgently.

A few moments later when Simon Barrow walked into the room the nurse was still laughing quietly to herself. Lisa began to sob. She couldn't help it. It was so humiliating. Miss Palmer watching was bad enough but him as well! It was quite unbearable. Her attention was suddenly drawn to her belly as a particularly agonizing cramp gripped her insides. She tried to scream "No" but all that came out was an unrecognisable gurgle. Panic-stricken she struggled to hold onto the contents of her swollen bladder but the pain was just too much. Nooooooo! Nooooooo! NO PLEASE NO! But it was far too late. A jet of urine squirted from her pussy. The flow immediately thickened and then it was literally pouring out of her onto the floor.

"You dirty girl!" snapped Anita Palmer slapping one of the trembling buttocks. The distressed "schoolgirl" jerked as more spurts of fluid fountained out from between her legs. Simon Barrow looked at his school nurse and laughed quietly. She returned his smile, only just managing to stifle her laughter as she happily smacked each of the reddening bum cheeks in turn. Lisa hung her head in shame. She'd never felt so humiliated in her life. Her tears joined the spreading pool of liquid on the tiles beneath her. Simon Barrow was enjoying the little slut's embarrassment immensely, his erection throbbing in time with her groans. Today was going to be very entertaining indeed…

Lisa stood in the shower. Mr Barrow had left straight away after her little "accident". Thankfully he hadn't been around to witness her naked, on her hands and knees with the enema tube still sticking out of her bum, wiping up her own mess. To make it even worse Matron hadn't allowed her to relieve herself until the floor had been thoroughly disinfected. Her belly had continued to spasm painfully throughout the whole process. And each time she'd moaned around the gag the nurse had giggled, obviously finding the situation highly amusing!

The shower was hot and felt absolutely wonderful. As she soaped herself beneath its soothing jets the events of the last six days ran through her mind. Immediately she found herself flushing both with excitement and humiliation, she couldn't help it.

White vest and tiny skirt, no bra allowed of course. It was the same "uniform" she'd been forced to wear everyday, very revealing and designed to embarrass her as much as possible. It did. As usual her nipples were painfully erect thanks to Matron's cream and sticking out for everyone to see. Simon Barrow was waiting for her in the hallway by the main entrance.

"Hurry up girl I haven't got all day." It was ten past eight so she was already late for kitchen duty.

"Because you took so long with Matron you won't have time to help Mrs Sampson or have any breakfast. You can have something in town." Lisa looked at him with panic etched across her face. Town! The thought of being dressed as she was and people, total strangers, actually seeing her caused her stomach to churn uncontrollably.

"B…B…But Sir I…" As she began to protest the handle of the large oak door turned.

"Morning Lee," said Simon Barrow brightly. "I can't come along this morning I'm afraid, got things to do so I'm sending Lisa here to help you." Lisa stared in horror at the leering youths familiar pimply face.

Squeezing herself against the passenger door of the van she tried to stay as far away as possible from the horrible teenager. As they drove the few miles into town he didn't say very much just kept grinning at her, his eyes flicking between her embarrassingly hard nipples and her almost fully exposed thighs. When she'd helped in the kitchens he'd taken every opportunity to touch and threaten her. Now being totally alone with him she was feeling really frightened.

"So you've been fucked up your arse have you?" He burst into laughter when her face immediately dropped and flushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Oh yeah I know all about it. You let those kids fuck you. Lucky for me I passed my driving test a few weeks ago otherwise I wouldn't get to have my turn." She looked directly at him with shock in her eyes.

"Here we are then," he said brightly, bringing the van to a halt. "Out you get." There were quite a few people walking along on both sides of the narrow street.

"I can't get out here it's too busy! People with see me! Look, please let me stay in the van and I…I'll let you do what ever you want!" She blurted it out. The thought of being dressed like she was in public was horrifying.

"Get out you bitch." He said it quietly, his voice hard edged and dripping with menace.

"You want to walk down there stark naked?" He laughed again at the look of disbelief on her face. He wouldn't make her do that. He couldn't. Surely he wouldn't make her …reluctantly she opened the van door.

As Lisa hurried self-consciously down the street she looked desperately for a sign saying "Turners Wholesale". That's where Lee had said he was going and where she needed to get too! He'd laughed loudly when she'd pleaded with him not to leave her. Her face burned with embarrassment. Everywhere she looked people were staring. She jumped as a car horn blared, it's driver giving her a slimy smile. Oh God! This was awful. Somebody laughed. There were comments but she was too panicked to register what they were. Then she stumbled into a mother and her two children. The woman gave her a disgusted look, muttering something under her breath as the little boy giggled and pointed at the "schoolgirls" obviously very erect nipples.

Finally, almost at the other end of the street, she spotted "Turners Wholesale" and literally ran towards it. As she pushed gratefully through the door three heads swivelled directly towards her.

"Here she is. Now does she look like a tart or what?" Lee was standing with a grey haired old man and another youth. They all laughed as Lisa's face literally glowed with embarrassment. She felt sick.

"Come here girl," said the old man. Meekly Lisa went and stood in front of him.

"I hope you're fit and healthy." He reached out and roughly squeezed the heavy breasts. Lisa mewed her displeasure bringing her hands up to cover his.

"Please Sir…."

"GET YOUR HANDS AWAY!" She jumped, dropping them immediately to her sides. As he fondled the soft flesh she squirmed then gasped as his hands slid smoothly up the front of her legs and under the little skirt. He squeezed the mound of her pussy hard making her moan loudly as its' lips slid wetly against each other.

"Dirty little bitch aren't you?" he said. With her cheeks glowing hotly Lisa said nothing. The two youths grinned.

"Barry, show her what she needs to shift while I help Lee back the van in."

The smiling youth led her out of the rear of the store and onto a concrete loading bay. It was warm, the sun already casting early morning shadows on an array of cardboard boxes. There were a lot of them, labels revealing the respective contents of each, baked beans, tomatoes, minced beef and several others. The yard itself had high brick walls on two sides. Lisa watched as the old man guided the van back until its' rear doors were level with the loading bay. There was a dull thud as the gate was closed, effectively cutting off the street from view.

"I suppose you've already seen her without her clothes then Lee?"

"Oh yeah she's got a cracking pair and her pussy is shaved as well." The old man turned towards Lisa and licked his lips watched by the two grinning youths.

"Right then, we don't want you getting that uniform dirty. Take it off." Lisa immediately flushed with embarrassment. She was going to have to strip for them. The old man's beady eyes were burning with a ferocious intensity and his hands looked enormous. She had no doubt they'd hurt a lot if he spanked her! The best policy would be to do as she was told! Nervously chewing her bottom lip she resignedly started to undress. All three of them watched intently as first her boobs, with their embarrassingly hard nipples, and then her shaven mound with its' delicate lips poking out beneath, came into view. Then she was standing humiliatingly naked in front of them. She remembered to keep her hands out of the way, leaving them hanging submissively at her sides. Amazingly even though her blood was pounding in her ears she was still aware of the sun caressing her shoulders. It felt wonderful. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable touching. Her heart was beating really fast and she expected to feel their hands on her but nothing happened. Cautiously she opened her eyes…

"Ok girl get on with it." Lisa looked at the youth unsure of what he expected her to do. Being called "girl" by him made her heart flutter wildly in her chest, he was at least ten years younger than she was!

"Pick up a box and put it in the van. Come on get a move on." He watched as the realisation slowly dawned on her features. She was going to have the load the van. They wanted a show, wanted to watch her humiliate herself. She should have guessed. As she bent to pick up the first case her boobs swung down. Once she'd picked it up she had to rest them on its' lid, there was nothing else for it. Her cheeks burned hotly. They were going to get a lovely view of her bum and everything! The box was heavy but manageable. Grunting a little with the effort she carried it into the van where Lee was waiting. His smile was very cold.

"Start there," he snapped, pointing to a corner. It took a good half an hour before she'd stacked them all neatly in place. All the time the old man and his two smirking helpers watched her wobbling boobs and rolling bum cheeks. She couldn't help but notice that both of the youths were sporting erections in the front of their jeans. Her face flushed as she realised their eyes were once again devouring the private pink folds between her legs. By the time she'd finished she was gasping for breath and a thin sheen of perspiration was coating her trembling body.

"Right boys I'm off to put the kettle on," said Mr Turner. "Could you keep an eye on her for a bit?" The two youths nodded in unison as the old man turned towards the back door of his store.

They didn't waste any time. She squirmed then began to moan as they took it in turns to run their hands over her exposed skin. Ignoring her feeble protests they cupped her boobs and pinched her nipples before delving into the crack between her bum cheeks and pressing at her tight rear opening. She squealed when the moist lips between her thighs were pulled roughly apart. Even though their investigations were crude and inexpert her pussy was soon throbbing and tingling excitedly. Then they made her kneel forwards over a pile of cardboard boxes.

"Stick it out you little bitch," one of them said. She groaned with embarrassment.

Crouching over the boxes Lisa stuck her bum up and out. She knew what they wanted. After last nights frustrating denial of pleasure she was more than ready and willing to do anything she was told. Being made to load the van naked in front of three strangers had sent waves of humiliating pleasure coursing through her. She was a show off. She knew it, had always known it really, ever since she was little girl. Liked men and women to look at her and want her. She shivered as a pair of hands forced her thighs as wide apart as they would go. Her wet slit and wrinkled bumhole were now totally exposed. She could feel the sunshine licking between her open legs. Her breath came in quick little gasps as she sensed the first boy move to stand behind her. As her nipples rubbed uncomfortably on the lid of the box ripples of excitement flowed down her front directly into the puffy crease below her belly.

Lisa squealed. Without any warning the youth had slammed his rigid cock up to the hilt into her slippery vulval tunnel. His hips flattened her bum cheeks before she had time to react to the heavy thrust. It hurt and she screamed as the head of his cock hit the deepest parts of her pussy. Then he was pounding away whilst her poor boobs were squashed unmercifully against the box. His engorged penis rubbing roughly against the sensitive walls of her vagina immediately awakened the first stirrings of an orgasm. The sensation of her girlishly tight hole being continuously stretched and suctioned was about to send her over the edge. Suddenly the boy laughed as his throbbing cock thickened and he spurted into the squirming woman. Lisa was teetering on the very brink of orgasm. She couldn't really focus on her surroundings or what was being said. She rolled her bottom and groaned desperately as the boy pulled his softening prick from her.

"Oooooohhhhh please," she moaned. "Don't stop!" Suddenly she screamed and jerked as something stung one of her bum cheeks. Lee Watson smiled as the soft globes of the spread bottom wobbled wildly.

"Hold her down Bas," he said to his young colleague who was carefully zipping himself back into his flies.

Lisa found herself pressed down hard over the boxes. Craning awkwardly around to see over her shoulder she spied the thick wooden slat the horrid boy held in his hand.

"I've been looking forward to this!" he said. With that he began to smack each of her buttocks in turn. It stung horribly and she was soon twisting herself from side to side trying to avoid the impacts. It didn't matter that her legs were scissoring apart showing all of her parts to the two youths. They'd already seen it all. She gasped and begged him to stop. Both of the boys laughed. The piece of wood struck the trembling pink cheeks with even greater ferocity until Lisa began to cry and yell. She couldn't help herself. Her bum was burning so much. When it stopped she was crying her heart out. As soon as the pressure on her shoulders was gone she reached round and rubbed gently at her wounded flesh. Her cheeks were swollen and hot and terribly sensitive.

"Get back over you little tart," he snapped, pulling her hands away and making her crouch forwards over the cardboard cartons once more. Lee Watson smiled as his workmate sat down against the wall in front of the moaning girl and took a firm grip on her wrists.

The youth looked deeply into Lisa's surprised eyes as his friend suddenly rammed himself into her defenceless pussy. Her mouth formed a perfect circle and the look of shock on her features was a picture. He chuckled and grinned as her breath exploded noisily.

"Aiiiieeeeee! Oh God!!!!" she screamed as the youth banged himself forcefully against her burning bottom. It was just so incredibly sensitive. He didn't stop, or pause even for a second, just continued to rape her hole as hard as he could. Each determined thrust caused her to squeal piteously. It felt like a naked flame was being played over her poor bum cheeks when he pushed against her. Then she was screaming continuously as he squeezed the angry crimson globes and jerked himself back and forth towards orgasm. As much as she hated herself she couldn't quell the rising tide of sensation emanating from her abused pussy. His roughness was intensifying the pain and shame she was already feeling. Suddenly she was coming! Oh God! OH GOD! It felt so good! Her teeth chattered as the walls of her pussy began to pulse and grip the hard fleshy rod that was pumping inside her.

"Ooooooohhhhhh! Goooooodddddd! Yeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh!" Her head thrashed from side to side as the youth's cock exploded filling her with white heat. She slumped sideways as he withdrew, silvery fluid slowly beginning to ooze from her swollen lipped slit.

Lisa sat in the van on the way back to the school shame faced and staring out of the passenger window. She couldn't bring herself to look across at the horrible youth who was whistling tunelessly and smiling smugly. Seeping wetness was filling her knickers and she was dreadfully ashamed of her loss of control. She was such a slut. What was happening to her? What on earth was the matter with her? She was a twenty seven year old office manager for goodness sake, not some sort of fuck toy for teenage boys! She squeezed her legs tightly together. Her pussy and bum both felt really sore.

Lee Watson parked the van by the kitchen store and curtly told Lisa to unload it. Leaning against the open door he smoked a cigarette and watched with a sly smile as she struggled back and forth. She was tired and hungry and she was hurting. In town he hadn't let her have anything to eat either, just sniggered when she'd asked.

Once she'd unloaded everything he bundled her unceremoniously into the storeroom. Sitting down on a pile of boxes he unbuckled his belt. Time was running out so he'd have to hurry. It didn't take long for her to suck him erect once more. Then he forced her to masturbate him with long slow strokes and lap at his hardness with her tongue. When semen erupted from the tip of his swollen cock the hot spurts coated her face and hair. He refused to let her wipe herself and that was how he delivered her to the door of the San a few minutes later. She hated the smirk on his face when he turned and left.

"It looks as though you've been behaving like a little tart again!" said Anita Palmer. "Well, what have you got to say for yourself?" She couldn't help smiling at the embarrassed flush that immediately coloured the shame-faced "schoolgirls" cheeks.

Chapter Fourteen : A final examination part 1.

It had been a truly horrible morning and one she wanted to forget but after a shower, sandwich and hot drink Lisa James was starting to feel a bit more like her old self. Of course standing naked in front of the School Nurse was just as embarrassing as it had been the first time, a few days before, and when the older woman held up a tube of her "special" cream Lisa's cheeks begin to burn even more intensely. She knew what was coming next…

"Let's have a proper look at you young lady. We'll want you fully fit for this afternoon. I think you might be in for a spanked bum!" She laughed at the worried expression on the girls' red face. Lisa squirmed and gasped as experienced fingers began to soothe the stinging in the hole between her pussy lips. Fifteen minutes, and a very vocal orgasm later, the "schoolgirls" private parts were suffused with a wonderfully contented glow. Gently the Nurse wiped away the sticky wetness from the engorged vulval opening. Lisa looked anxiously at the clock as she slid a clean pair of knickers up her legs. She was trembling uncontrollably.

"Come along missy, time to go," said the older woman brightly. With that she turned and led the now freshly uniformed "schoolgirl" out into the deserted corridor.

There was a semicircle of easy chairs in the centre of the room. All but one was occupied. Lisa was immediately and horribly aware that each of the seated people knew her intimately. She blushed fiercely. They watched with interest as Anita Palmer led the pink-faced schoolgirl to a high backed chair and told her to sit down. Simon Barrow lifted a glass of wine to his lips and looked at the scandalously attired young woman perching nervously on the edge of the seat in front of him. To say she presented a picture of sensuous submission would have been doing her a disservice. He grinned and put his drink down. As Anita took the only empty space next to him the rest of the room gazed at the very red cheeked and trembling schoolgirl. Self-consciously Lisa kept her head bowed and stared resolutely at her feet. The extremely short skirt was stretched tautly across her softly curved thighs between which it was possible to glimpse a thin strip of white cotton. Her obviously erect nipples made two distinct points in the front of the little vest.

Simon glanced at his colleagues. Only James Harris hadn't been able to make it, a domestic commitment apparently. Everyone else was here. Alan Finch, Jason Cain, Geraldine and Fiona and of course John Cranshaw, his history man, the dirty old devil! He smiled at Anita Palmer. The day they'd met had been one of the most fortunate of his life. Together they'd indulged themselves for more than ten years and in all that time they'd never had a cross word between them. She really is a quite extraordinary woman, he thought. Later Lisa's landlady, Jean, would be joining them, another of his closest and most trusted friends. If truth be known he felt really rather proud of himself. By drawing them together he'd formed a wonderfully perverted group, a group that enjoyed abusing and humiliating young women in a whole host of exciting ways. And best of all, without exception, they didn't show the slightest trace of guilt or embarrassment when they indulged themselves. Life was good.

Conversation flowed back and forth across the room. Lisa listened with her face burning as they discussed her sexual attributes in minute detail. She squirmed on the edge of the chair as they continuously eyed her up and down, their laughter and obvious enjoyment of her predicament making her heart race with trepidation. Once the topic moved onto her reactions to different experiences she began to wish that she was somewhere else entirely.

They openly discussed each and every part of her anatomy, how she gasped and moaned at the intrusion of fingers and other objects, the noises she made during the build up to an orgasm, her vaginal contractions when she came, how her pussy oozed continuously during both verbal and physical humiliation, her sensitivity regarding her anal opening, the way she seemed to enjoy being abused in front of others and her obviously submissive nature. The discussion seemed to go on and on. Throughout Lisa kept her eyes glued to the carpet, her heart pounding in her ears and her face a hot scarlet mask. She continued to shake like a leaf as they went on to describe every humiliating detail of the ordeals she'd been forced to endure over the past few days.

When Simon Barrow spoke directly to her she jumped.

"Right young lady," he said sternly. "I think we've done enough talking. It's time we had a look at you." He stared into her wide-open eyes. She looks a bit like the proverbial deer caught in the car headlights , he thought.

"Stand up. You'll obey any instructions given immediately. Do you understand?" Lisa nodded.

"Any sign of a sullen attitude and you'll be sorry! So be warned."

Lisa James, twenty seven year old office manager, stood submissively in front of the seated semicircle of her "teachers" wearing a ridiculously short skirt, ankle socks and a tiny vest. It was an outfit more befitting a young girl than a fully developed woman. She was visibly shivering, her breathing quick and shallow.

"Vest off you little slut!" It was an order and Lisa found herself automatically obeying. As she slowly stripped the garment up and off over her head her boobs wobbled into view. She dropped her hands to her sides. Every eye fastened on the gently swaying globes.

"Hands on your head." Embarrassingly aware of her erect nipples she stood to attention awaiting his next instruction.

After removing skirt, socks and shoes she was left standing in only her little white knickers. Her heart raced and she began to shake even more violently when he told her to take them off. They all watched closely as she reluctantly slid them down to mid thigh. Grudgingly the thin cotton released the shaven mound of her already seeping pussy then slipped unaided to her ankles. She stepped out of the tiny knickers leaving herself totally naked.

"Look at me girl!" he snapped. Lisa reluctantly raised her eyes. Her cheeks burned hotly as he stared arrogantly at her. She knew he was aware of exactly how she was feeling. How aroused she was becoming. How her heart was beating wildly. How this forced exposure was bathing her in humiliation. The sure knowledge that she'd obey whatever orders he gave caused her stomach to churn nervously. She wanted to hide from their eyes, wanted to cover herself. Her hands clenched helplessly at her sides.

"Play with yourself." Every eye in the room immediately focussed on Lisa's face as she turned an even deeper shade of red. Swallowing noisily she opened her mouth to protest but nothing came out.

"Well get on with it, we're waiting!"

Slowly she ran a hand down over her stomach and onto the smooth bulge of her pubis before pushing two fingers into the crease of her pussy. It already felt very wet. Her labia slipped apart as she gently teased the erect stub of her clitoris with a fingertip.

"Put it inside." She did as she was told, sliding a finger further down into her slit and then pushing it into the pink hole hiding there. A tiny moan escaped her lips and her eyelids began to droop.

"Look at me girl!" Again she found herself blushingly lost in his stare and unable to look away.

"Lick your finger and start again." The familiar taste of her own arousal flooded her taste buds as she sucked the stickiness from her finger. Within minutes the throbbing in her clitoris became almost unbearable. A soft groan rose from her throat, her hips tilting involuntarily back and forth as she finger-fucked herself. She couldn't help it.

"Just look at the little slut," commented Fiona Cole with a smile.

"She's loving every minute!" Lisa's face burned as she was forced to pleasure herself for their entertainment. Several comments followed as she became less and less able to resist the self-induced excitement. Each time she started to jerk on her fingers Simon Barrow ordered her to stop and lick them clean. Then she was forced to start fingering herself again. The game continued until gradually she began to lose all self-control, moaning and groaning more loudly each time she neared orgasm. Having to show them such an intimate act was horribly embarrassing but the humiliation simply added to her arousal.

"Stop it now!" he said sharply. "Come here."

Lisa stood in front of him on trembling legs. The puffy lips of her vagina bulged provocatively. Both they and her fingers were glistening with her own secretions.

"You smell very excited Lisa," he said teasingly. "Are you enjoying showing us what a little tart you are?" She shook her head, her face absolutely scarlet. His hand came up and cupped the mound of her pussy firmly. She gasped, her knees threatening to buckle beneath her.

"You're very wet," he said, as his fingers slid easily between the labial folds. Sticky fluid oozed as he traced her slit backwards until he reached the crinkled hole between her rear cheeks.

"You're a very dirty little girl aren't you? Mmmmmm? Well?" She moaned piteously, her head spinning with the awful embarrassment. They were all staring, staring and smiling at her.

"A disgusting little slut that enjoys making a display of herself, isn't that so?" Lisa looked into his grinning face and shivered. Uncontrollable excitement was pulsing madly in her belly.

"Are you going to cry for us this afternoon?" He laughed at the worried expression that crossed her scarlet face.

"We're going to smack your fat bottom until you do! What have you got to say about that?" Suddenly he pushed a finger roughly up into her bumhole. Lisa squealed loudly and rose up onto her toes. She tottered there impaled on the intruding digit. Laughter filled the room as they watched her wriggle helplessly, her mewls of protest rising in both volume and pitch as Simon Barrow began to forcefully plumb the tight anal opening.

Kneeling naked on the hard seat was uncomfortable, which was bad enough, but being naked made it much worse! With her hands clasped tightly behind her she was very aware of her bottom sticking rudely out towards them. Dipping her back as instructed had made her bum cheeks spread apart and forced her to pull her shoulders back. She felt incredibly vulnerable with her boobs resting on the top of the chair back and her defenceless pussy bulging embarrassingly between the backs of her thighs. Her already red face burned hotly when she was curtly told not to move but to keep her "fat arse" perfectly still. Lisa's heart pounded in her ears as one of them, it was Miss Cole, stood up.

A cool hand pressed firmly down in the middle of her back, forcing her to push her bottom up and out a few extra, straining, centimetres. The two soft globes trembled deliciously as she struggled to maintain the awkward posture.

"SMACK!" The young teachers' hand bounced off one of the waiting buttocks.

"SLAP!" Lisa gasped as her bum cheek flattened then wobbled delightfully back into place. Usually she had time to adjust to a spanking, the impacts gradually increasing in severity, but Miss Cole was hitting really hard from the start! A few spanks later and Lisa knew she was in trouble.

Above the murmur of conversation the sound of Fiona Cole's palm sharply striking the soft curves of the helpless bottom filled the room. At first each impact was followed only by a muted gasp from the kneeling girl. But very soon the gasps turned to urgent squeals as the heat in the rolling buttocks increased.

"Hold it still girl!" snapped the young schoolmistress angrily, slapping her hand upwards into the underside of one of the already scarlet cheeks.



"Oooohhhhh Miss! Owwwww!"

"Stop wriggling about! Keep still for goodness sake!" Lisa tried her best to remain motionless but the stinging made her jerk her bum about in all directions. Tears started to well up in the corners of her eyes. She sobbed with relief when the spanking eventually stopped. The young schoolmistress looked at her hand, which was stinging uncomfortably, and then at the clenching bottom cheeks. They were bright red, handprints crisscrossing the curves in all directions. Not bad for a start she thought, smiling smugly to herself.

Lisa's bum was burning horribly. She couldn't keep it still. Suddenly she found herself pulled roughly to her feet, dragged across to Jason Cain and unceremoniously pushed down across his lap. Holding her tightly around the waist he immediately began to spank her really hard. Lisa could feel his big solid cock pressing into her stomach. Twisting and crying only seemed to excite him further. In all ways he was a large man and wriggling helplessly on his lap only made her feel even more like a little girl. For a good ten minutes his hand continued to crash down remorselessly, by which time she'd forgotten everything except the pain flowing over and between her wounded cheeks. Incredibly, and in spite of the agony consuming her lower half, she could feel wetness seeping from her pussy. She was crying hysterically when he pushed her to her feet.

Lisa tottered in front of them on wobbly legs, once again horribly aware of her nakedness. Being punished always accentuated her embarrassment. Her bum was hurting terribly, its twin curves clenching hotly together. They took turns, spanking her over their knees and commenting on her reactions. Soon her crying turned to shrieking and then she was begging them to stop. Begging them to stop for just a few seconds. For just a little while. She'd do anything if they'd just stop! She choked on the tears that poured unchecked down her scarlet face. As her rear end grew steadily angrier and hotter they, of course, ignored her pleas. Several times they attended to the backs of her thighs which added a shriller note to her cries.

Simon Barrow waited until last. Lisa needed her hands holding securely when he began to spank her, she couldn't control her struggling. She writhed and bounced on his lap as his hand stung her bottom. Gradually her protests had increased as the punishment had continued but now she was beginning to scream. Her bum felt enormous and literally on fire. She'd never experienced such a severe spanking and didn't want to ever again! Her babbling and crying only seemed to amuse them.

"Stop making such a fuss you stupid girl!" The stinging hand continued to crash down…

"Play with yourself." Lisa was standing in front of them once again, their angry stares making her shake uncontrollably. She couldn't keep her poor fire-ravaged bum still. It had a life of its own, weaving and rolling from side to side. Snuffling back tears she did as she was told…and within seconds was gasping excitedly. The punishment had sent her arousal levels sky high. She was going to come! Oh God!

"STOP!" It took a tremendous effort of will to drag her fingers away from her tingling pussy. Groaning she squeezed her thighs tightly together. She so needed to come!

Simon Barrow made her masturbate almost to orgasm several times. It was absolute torture. She felt so horny. He had her turn around and bend over and do it so they could watch her bright red bum cheeks clenching and writhing as she fingered her swollen pussy. The humiliation of what she was doing was mind numbing but dreadfully exciting at the same time. A dull ache began to fill her belly as sticky fluid smeared the inside of her trembling thighs.

The wrists cuffs fixed her hands together behind her back as she knelt in front of Mr Finch. Smiling smugly he fondled the full breasts before unzipping his flies and freeing his erection. He did it without any outward sign of embarrassment, the conversation around them continuing as if this was a normal everyday occurrence.

"Suck you little bitch." Lisa had no choice but to open her mouth and accept the hard flesh. She rolled her tongue against the head and lapped furiously on the stiffness. She did her best, the realisation of what she was doing in front of a group of people making her dizzy with need. Her clitoris throbbed as she put all of her efforts into sucking.

"THWACK" She jerked and whimpered around the shaft filling her mouth and tried to pull away, but strong hands grasped her head and continued to guide it back and forth along the rigid cock. From the corner of her eye she spied the leather strap as it rose behind her again. She wriggled in panic.

"CRACK" It exploded against her behind, searing her already sore skin with its heat. She screamed and then gagged as the swollen penile head was forced against the back of her throat. The strip of leather continued to rise and fall with a steady unmerciful rhythm, a fresh flood of tears and the sound of choking greeting each ruthless thrust from the smiling English master.

Geraldine Johnson felt her knickers growing moist as she slowly thrashed the struggling bottom and watched Alan Finch gradually becoming more brutal as he raped the helpless throat. Their "schoolgirl" was certainly making a fuss, retching and trying to scream at the same time. The smile on Alan's face wasn't lost on her either. His sparkling eyes promised some fun for her later. She continued to strike the wobbling scarlet cheeks as hard as she could, her pussy beginning to soak the thin strip of cotton nestling between her thighs.

Lisa was lost. Her mind tumbling and twisting in turmoil as the twin assault continued. Even so she suddenly sensed an increase in the stiffness of the throbbing erection. Almost automatically she ran her tongue over the swollen glans and immediately recognised the flavour of pre come. He was nearly there. The strap continued to sting her again and again as the cock thickened in her throat. Suddenly he gasped. Lisa closed her eyes tight as hot cum quickly filled her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the gouts of creamy fluid as thankfully the horrid tawse stopped hitting her poor burning bum...

There was a short interval whilst they refilled their glasses and helped themselves to various savoury snacks. Lisa was made to stand facing the wall so they could admire the gently quivering and very angry looking buttocks. Each of them ran a hand lovingly over the crimson curves making the naked "schoolgirl" jerk and sob at each excruciating contact. They found her sensitivity most interesting. Her respite however was short lived…

Chapter Fifteen : A final examination part 2.

"Stand up straight girl." Lisa did as she was told eyeing the wicked rattan cane that Mr Cranshaw was flexing in his hands with absolute terror.

"This is going to hurt a lot," he said, an excited smile playing on his lips. He turned to his attentive colleagues,

"Do I need to gag her?" There was a shaking of heads and some good natured banter.

"No need really," replied Simon Barrow, "She can scream the place down if she wants, we're the only ones on school premises today." John Cranshaw looked at the naked woman shaking in front of him. She looked absolutely terrified which made his erection pulse even harder. He loved canes. Always had. Loved the way they appeared to embed themselves in the soft flesh, and then that tiny pause before the recipient reacted to the pain. He licked his lips.

Lisa was frightened. The thick leather collar around her neck was tight. The cuffs attaching her wrists to either side of it were pulling heavily and making it difficult to breathe. She was totally exposed, her arms and hands held up and out of the way. She couldn't protect her legs or bum or pussy in any way. Then she screamed piercingly…

The cane whistled as it parted the air. John Cranshaw saw no need to restrain his enthusiasm. He struck hard and where he pleased, his cock throbbing each time the schoolgirl shrieked in pain. It wasn't long before she collapsed onto the carpet sobbing and begging in the most delightful way. Simon Barrow stepped in and quickly dragged the shaking girl back to her feet. He bent her slightly backwards forcing the shaven mound of her pussy to bulge enticingly towards her smiling tormentor, and held her like that to allow his older friend to finish his fun. For Lisa the final six strokes were pure and unadulterated torture. She'd never been caned on the front of her thighs before. The backs of her legs had been dreadful enough but when the cane hit the soft flesh just below the level of her pussy she lost herself completely. At each searing impact she screamed at the top of her voice, the sound shrill and animal-like in its intensity.

Before she realised what had happened she found herself forced down over the arm of a chair, her belly taking her weight and her bum sticking up in the air. With her face pressed down into the cushions she cried out as the rough fabric rubbed against her sore thighs. The older teacher pushed the red striped thighs wide apart and ran his hands excitedly over the swollen crimson buttocks. God he was hard! The others watched as he freed his straining erection and immediately pressed its engorged head against the tiny pink entrance of the sobbing girls rear tunnel. Lisa began to wail more loudly and twist her hips from side to side. Her protests were muffled but their high-pitched tone gave clear indication of the panic she was experiencing. The burning in her bum and thighs become secondary when she felt him press the end of his rigid cock against her bum hole. She was so sensitive there. Please No PLEASE! But it was going to happen, she knew it was. She groaned and cried as the hardness stretched her helpless opening then shrieked and shook her head wildly as the thick end slipped past the straining anal ring and began its implacable journey into her bottom.

"Is the little tart tight John?" The question was met with much laughter as the grunting history master forced himself inside the hysterical woman.

"Certainly is, quite delicious," he said as sweat began to bead his forehead. Then he was fully embedded, the elastic walls gripping him like a vice. Lovely he thought, bloody lovely . Lisa moaned in discomfort as the man started to pump himself back and forth in her rear passageway. She hated being fucked in the bum, hated it. It was really embarrassing and made her feel so dirty. The thought of them all watching made it ten times worse. Humiliation coursed through her as her final bastion of privacy was invaded for their entertainment. A few moments later and John Cranshaw exploded with a loud bellow of pleasure then slowly withdrew his rapidly softening penis. Sticky white fluid oozed from the stretched hole of the shuddering "schoolgirls" bottom as she sobbed exhaustedly into the chair seat.

They drank more wine and watched their plaything with undisguised lust. Lisa continued to cry quietly, perched uncomfortably on the edge of a hard wooden chair. Her bumhole felt really sore and her bum cheeks hurt horribly. Hot lines were burning on the fronts and backs of her thighs. Beneath the pain she was mortified to feel her clitoris pulsing and tingling excitedly. After all that had just happened she was amazingly still very aroused. Sticky fluid was welling up from deep within her pussy. Surely things couldn't possibly get any worse…

The thin leather strips were cutting in, her poor boobs bulging obscenely and gradually turning a darker shade of red. They throbbed uncomfortably. Lisa hurt everywhere. She'd screamed when they'd forced her down onto the seat of the stool. Tiny steel tacks dotted its entire surface. Their pricking of her burning skin proved an almost intolerable irritation. She heard the metallic click of the clamps before she saw them. Fiona Cole held the shiny sets of steel jaws in front of Lisa's face.

"These are going to pinch a bit," she said, her voice husky with arousal. Lisa's scream as the first serrated clip bit into her swollen nipple bounced unchecked around the room. A second scream quickly followed it.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Nooooooooo pleeeeeeeeeeeeese! Take them off!" The vicious clamps had sharp tiny teeth that were digging enthusiastically into the sensitive red buds. Lisa shook her abused breasts to try and alleviate the stinging but this caused a fresh wave of excruciating pricking from the sharp points she sat upon. With her hands secured behind her back she was helpless to avoid whatever pain they wished her to endure.

"Open your mouth." Lisa did as she was told then squealed in pain. Her nipples felt as if they were being torn off. Fiona Cole smiled excitedly as she lifted the heavy breasts with the chain connecting the shiny clips. Giggling she slipped it between the lips of their helpless captive.

"Hold it there." Lisa frantically bit down on the links running through her mouth, her breath exploding from her flared nostrils. She moaned piteously which brought a further smile from the young Maths teacher.

"If you let it go I'll personally run a skewer through your clit." Lisa's eyes opened wide with fear. She knew the pretty girl meant exactly what she said.

The whip was designed to sting rather than to wound but nevertheless a sharp crack and muffled scream accompanied each stroke of the thin rubber thongs as they bit into the undersides of the pinioned globes. Fiona Cole twirled her toy and brought the tips slashing into the side of the bulging right breast then in a figure of eight motion caught its partner. Lisa screamed and grunted through clenched teeth trying to remain as motionless as possible. Each stinging contact caused her to jerk backwards which played havoc with the sharp tacks pricking her clenching buttocks. It went on for what seemed an eternity as she bit desperately down on the straining sliver chain. A thin film of sweat coated her whole body by the time the younger woman finally let her rest.

The thin laces were quickly unwound from the now purple breasts but the clamps were released slowly allowing Lisa to feel each agonising moment. As blood rushed back into her throbbing nipples she shrieked and almost fainted from the overload of pain. Amidst much excited conversation several pairs of hands lifted her from the stools seat and massaged her marked and pulsing flesh. Iced water brought a frantic gasping for breath as it flowed over the burning curves. Decorated with stripes and swathes of red, the sobbing schoolgirl made an extremely erotic and arousing sight. The males present all wished to partake of the proffered physical charms immediately, but it was agreed that their toy should be given some time to recover before they indulged themselves further…

It was nearly half an hour later that Jean Henderson walked into the room. She'd driven down, the journey taking no time at all in the late afternoon sunshine.

"My goodness," she said brightly when she saw Lisa, who was laying naked on her front on a large leather sofa. Her lodgers' wonderfully full buttocks were almost entirely red, purple lines and blotches dotting the obviously swollen and angry flesh. She felt a tingle of pleasure as she noticed the dark lines striping the backs of the tarts slightly parted thighs. Simon welcomed her with an enthusiastic hug and they immediately fell into an animated discussion.

Mrs Henderson looked into the very red face of her lodger and couldn't keep an amused smile from her lips.

"So young lady. I hear you haven't been able to behave yourself. Mr Barrow tells me you let a group of young boys fuck you in the bottom! Quite disgusting!" Lisa looked back from beneath eyelids heavy with both arousal and fatigue. She shook her head quickly.

"No Miss honestly no they made me they made me do…"

"Be quiet girl! I didn't give you permission to speak! Haven't you learnt anything this week?" Lisa flushed a darker shade of red. Jean Henderson noted the way her playthings' thighs were almost imperceptibly tightening and relaxing. No doubt trying to alleviate the heat consuming her bottom and pussy! She laughed quietly. Lisa was standing to attention, hands on head, in front of her seated landlady. The plump mound of her hairless pussy jutted forwards, its' delicate lips visible between the soft curves of the red-striped thighs. The older woman bent forwards and ran a fingertip along the girls' sticky slit. Lisa gasped loudly then moaned as her hard clitoral stub was urged from beneath its' hood.

"Sounds to me like you've been behaving like a little tart. No doubt teasing the boys till they couldn't take any more. Well?"

"No Miss I only did as I was told. Please take me home." Jean Henderson smiled.

"But your teachers want to ensure that you're properly punished for your shameful behaviour. I'm going to watch and see what a little slut schoolgirl you really are." With that she turned away and joined Simon Barrow in the far corner of the room. They quickly fell into a deep conversation.

Lisa watched in horror as two of the men, she didn't register who, carried a wooden frame into the room. They placed it down with a thump in front of the fireplace. It was obviously very heavy and solid. The buckles hanging from its' straps tinkled warningly. Lisa stared at the horrid thing and swallowed nervously. It looked like the "outline" of a box but with a padded sloping top. Leather cuffs were fixed halfway down each of its' four legs. Cross members stabilised the structure.

"Come here girl," said Mr Barrow with an authoritative tone. Eager hands pushed her roughly towards it.

She felt helpless, totally and utterly helpless. The restraints held her securely in position. Her head was a good twelve inches lower than her bum. It jutted out provocatively from the stands higher end. With her legs pulled forwards on either side of the frame and her knees and elbows cinched together beneath her waist she felt like some sort of sacrificial offering. Her poor abused nipples were crushed against the things smooth surface, they throbbed painfully but there was nothing she could do about it. Similarly she could do nothing to alleviate the burning of the cane marks that decorated her bum and thighs. Lisa was frightened, frightened of whatever it was they were going to do to her but also aroused. The fear, the pain, being forced to masturbate, being anally penetrated, the awful humiliation, in fact everything that had happened in the last few hours was causing a tingling in her clitoris that wouldn't go away. Her body had been pushed to the brink numerous times during the afternoon but each time a release had been denied her. Now bound and totally exposed once more she knew her pussy was running with excitement and her belly fluttering with unsuppressed need. She ached to come, she needed to come. Trying to compose her thoughts she concentrated on the sensations blossoming between her legs…

Suddenly aware of hands sliding between her bum cheeks, which were spread achingly wide apart, Lisa opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into the face of her landlady. Jean Henderson had drawn up a chair and was observing her lodgers red face with amused interest. Lisa began moaning loudly and trying to move, the muscles in her legs and belly tightening as fingers teased her slippery labia apart. Her cheeks flamed with shame.

"Nnnnnnnngggghhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Behind her the first teacher readied himself, erection in hand. The "schoolgirl" suddenly groaned in frustration as the fingers were removed.

"Nooooooooooo DON'T STOP! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

"You're a dirty little tart aren't you my girl? Well?" The older woman gripped Lisas' face tightly.


"Yesssssssssssss Miss! Oh yes Miss I'm a…Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lisa jerked against the straps as the erect penis was rammed to the hilt in her wet hole. She cried and moaned as Simon Barrow pumped his length violently inside her, groaning at the humiliating pleasure of its insertion. Her eyes fluttered and closed.

"Look at me girl!" Lisa obeyed immediately, looking back into the smouldering eyes of her Mistress. She felt the hard rod stretching her pussy as waves of glorious pleasure began to flow through her belly.

Jean watched the girls pupils dilate as the orgasm tore through her body. It was violent to say the least. Lisa screamed as the force of its arrival threatened to overwhelm her senses. The release of sexual tension caused her whole body to spasm, the walls of her vagina gripping the solid flesh it held with surprising force. It was an orgasm unlike any she'd ever experienced before. Her pussy pulsed madly on the wonderful cock as it continued to plough back and forth inside her. Feeling light headed she was only vaguely aware of Mr Barrows' groan as he came a few moments later.

Lisa screamed as the strap curved across her bottom. Pleasure and pain. Pleasure and pain. Geraldine Johnson seared the clenching crimson cheeks with as much force as she could muster. God she was almost jealous of the little tart!

The hard glans brushed against the pouting lips of her vulva before homing in on the rim of her anus. PLEASE NO! She screamed again as the English teacher pushed himself roughly into her already sore rectal tunnel. It stretched the tight passageway painfully but the discomfort was now an unbearable stimulus. His weight pressed against her burning buttocks adding to the kaleidoscope of sensations consuming her. Unbelievably she began to respond, her pussy throbbing with excitement as her bumhole was painfully fucked for the second time in a few hours. She began to gasp, her smiling landlady quick to notice her reaction.

"That's it you dirty little bitch! Feel it properly." Lisa's bum clenched and spasmed on the cock as it plumbed the deepest part of her, the muscular pulses sending jolts of pleasure to her throbbing clitoral bud. Then she was screaming again as a second orgasm arrived.

She was given the strap again, almost passing out from the intense stimulus. Fiona Cole plied the supple leather strip against the inner curves of the straining buttocks, the vicious strokes turning the soft flinching surfaces a vivid shade of pink.

Whilst Lisa was being strapped Jason Cain moved and stood in front of her. She watched in horror and whimpered with fear when he removed his trousers. What stood out from between his legs was huge, the biggest penis she'd ever seen. She looked at its engorged red head and thick black shaft in panic.

"Please don't you'll hurt me so much." Soft laughter greeted her pitiful plea. She couldn't pull her eyes away from it.

"I know," was all he said with a throaty chuckle. Jean Henderson watched the fearful anticipation in the eyes of her helpless lodger as the man positioned himself behind her. His enormous erection reared up between the pinioned thighs and rested for a second on the join of the upraised and spread bum cheeks. Then Lisa began to moan both with fear and pleasure as the bloated end was rubbed between her swollen pussy lips. She looked frantically up into the ring of smiling faces, their eyes reflecting enjoyment at her obvious fear and what was about to happen. Their attention shifted to the area between her abused buttocks when she suddenly shrieked in pain.

" Look at me girl," said Mrs Henderson sternly.

Lisa squealed and begged as her vaginal lips were pulled cruelly apart. She shook her head and moaned as Jason Cain pushed the enormous throbbing head of his cock against the slippery crack of her pussy.

"Nooooooooooo!" He pushed harder and the pink entrance slowly stretched into a taut circle as it gripped the swollen invader. A frantic thrashing of Lisa's head, a shrill scream and the end slipped inside. He moaned with pleasure as the pressure receptors in his raging glans sensed the tightness of the little bitch's hole. The "schoolgirls" sex was forced wide open, she gasped and squealed as the thick length slowly slid inside her. Jean Henderson watched as her submissive lodgers' eyes grew round then began to bulge from her head. Lisa's teeth chattered and beads of sweat ran down her forehead as she was filled more completely than ever before. Sensations spasmed through her sex tormenting her with mixed shocks of pain and pleasure. Once fully inserted he rested, allowing the skewered girl a moments respite. Then he enjoyed himself…

Once the shaft was moving Lisa lost control of herself completely. The pain was terrible but so was the pleasure. She came a number of times, she didn't know how many, screaming uncontrollable at each crescendo and writhing on the cock impaling her. Each time he withdrew it felt as if her pussy was being pulled inside out. It wasn't possible to tell when it hurt or when it felt good and she soon became lost in a sea of intense sensation. She squirted when she came. She felt it. Aware that her pussy was squeezing the hardness as it pounded relentlessly into her, the straps creaking and the wooden frame groaning. When he finally began to come she felt him grow thicker, if that were possible, and then heat as her insides were flooded with white hot fluid.

Once released from the bench her legs refused to obey her. She tottered on her toes. Slimy fluid was leaking from her bumhole and pussy and trickling down the insides of both of her thighs. She was exhausted. Totally exhausted. More tired than she thought possible. She was half pushed and half carried into an adjoining room and immediately made to kneel in front of an armchair. Mrs Henderson showed her the strap. The threat was enough. Jean left them to enjoy themselves and returned to Simon to discuss what possibilities they might have for her plaything in the future. As Lisa knelt each of the grinning women took a turn to sit spread legged in the easy chair whilst she brought them to orgasm with her tongue.

On the back seat of the car Lisa slept soundly. As they sped through the glorious countryside Jean Henderson tilted her rear view mirror and gazed at her naked lodger. The sun hadn't yet set but was gradually dipping closer to the horizon. She'd really enjoyed her weeks holiday on the coast with her friend, and it certainly sounded as if Lisa had had an interesting time! She grinned. According to Simon the little tart had excelled herself, allowing a whole array of humiliations and indignities to be heaped upon her. When he'd described her time with the boys Jean couldn't quite believe her ears. His description had made her heart beat really quickly and had even induced a certain tingling in a certain part of her anatomy. She grinned again and then began to ponder the possibilities of Lisa's next adventure…

The End – YNHumiliator December 2004.

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