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Poplar Girls

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Synopsis: 3 hot popular girls humiliate ugly and poor students, faculty and servants Their hotness gives them power over people and they take full advantage.


Ch 1.

Cristy stood looking down at the fat girl on her knees in front of her. Cristy was perfect 5 feet 5 inches blonde hair , perfectly fit body .perky tits perfect ass long legs pretty face and perfect smile. She was the most popular girl in

school. She ruled the school along with the other popular girls. Emily and ally. They were not your typical popular mean girls. They took things to a new level. They truly dominated the " ugly " people of the school. Every student deemed ugly by the popular girls were forced to pay an ugly tax of 100 dollars a day. These girls truly loved to humiliate the ugly people while reveling in their hotness and popularity their hotness gave them .

The fat girl who kneeled in front of cristy had a particularly humiliating task.  Cristy had the girl weigh herself the night before . And then took a picture of the girl on the scale. To add to the humiliation cristy forced the fat girl who's name is Kate, to wear a bikini that christie wore to win a bikini contest a month before . Cristy being 125 pounds pounds with a perfect body. And Kate being 325 pounds. Needless to say the bikini looked horrible on her.

After she took the picture christy's plan was to mass text it to everyone in the school. But tessa who was there at the time as well had the idea . To copy the picture thousands of times and force Kate to hand them out at school the next day . Cristy and Tessa laughed hysterically at the idea and immediately put it into motion.

Kate's tasks was to hand a piece of paper to everyone in the school , and hang up the remaining pictures . The picture was Kate on the scale in one of christies bikinis the caption read hi I'm Kate I'm 325 pounds and counting , do you think this bikini looks hot.

The task was so mean and humiliating but this is what the popular threesome did best . They found ugly people and played these humiliating games with them. At most schools there would be punishment for being so mean . But Christie and her two hot friends had complete control of the faculty as we will see later in great detail .

There kneeled Kate in front of cristy.Cristy looked so hot , she was wearing a purple bikini.

The popular girls wore bikinis to school from time to time. Cristy was so hot , she would walk by men and they would come immediately after looking at her.

The entire student body was under the thumb of christy and the popular girls . She could do anything she wanted without repercussions .

Kate began to beg " please Cristy don't make me pass out these flyers . It so embarrassing "

Cristy smiled down a sexy smile at the fat girl. " but you are fat... like really fucking fat... and I'm hot... like really fucking I deserve to do this to you. Someone as hot as me should not have to look at someone so ugly. Since I have to suffer this inconvenience I'm going to humiliate you to make up for it ." Cristy said smiling an innocent smile .


Words she thought often. She seemed to be Cristy favorite target. She had been embarrassing her in public for seven years now. One time Cristy took Kate to Burger King . Ordered ten whoppers and made her eat them off the ground in the middle of the Burger King floor without using her hands. In front of dozens of customers . Everyone pointed and laughed at her and admired Cristy the whole time. No one stepped in and tried to stop this evil act . Cristy was so hot everyone just wanted to impress her and be on her good side . Another time Cristy forced Kate to sit in the trash can during lunch and had every student in the school throw their trash away on Kate as she sat in a trash can she barely fit in . The whole cafeteria laughed at her it was so humiliating. She hated herself because of Cristy . She wanted to hurt Cristy but she never did for some reason she was compelled to do whatever she said. She had asked Christy if she could kill herself a couple of times . Cristy denied her request saying she was not done playing with her yet .

" I promise to lose weight , plz Cristy" begged Kate

The pathetic begging from Kate only made it event better for Christy

" no kate, you have to do this... now there is 2000 paper here... there is 1000 students in school... you are to hand each person a paper personally and hang up the thousand extras... is that clear" Cristy said fighting off laughter ."

Yes it's clear " said Kate submissively

" good now go fat girl " Cristy flipped her hair and made a kissy face at Kate

" I'm so much better than you" Cristy said as she left the fat girl on her knees with the 2000 paper in her hand.

Cristy swaggered down the hallway, ass shaking she walked by a group of boys who all feel to there knees and came in their pants as she walked by. She walked up to her boyfriend . Mike . He was the luckiest man in the world he had three girlfriends , Christy Emily and Tessa the three hottest and most popular girls in the school . Mike was a basketball and soccer player a star in both but a relatively nice and quiet person . Relatively good looking. No one knew how he landed all three popular girls as his girlfriend but they envied him nonetheless . He just sat back and enjoyed watching his girlfriend's look hot and take ownership of the school and everyone in it . Cristy walked up to him and kissed him

Passionately and ended it with a sexy lick with her tongue. His bulge grew Cristy grabbed it and began to stroke his penis in the middle of the hallway . He quickly came on the floor .

Cristy turned and pointed to a girl she didn't know

" lick up his cum ugly girl" she said with a laugh.

The girl obeyed immediately.

Cristy laughed at her . And shook her ass walking away .

" I'll see you later baby" Cristy said smiling. At mike

She walked into her first period class and sat next to Emily and tessa who we will meet in detail later.  They had every class together .

They all received A+ in every class by having smart students do all their homework. They were referred to as homework slaves. And they would spend every waking minute after school working on the popular girls homework in order to perfect it . Only after they finished the popular girls homework they could start there own. Sometimes Cristy would rip up her homework and make the homework slave restart it just so they would not get a chance to finish their own. Some of the smartest students had the lowest gpas thanks to Christy and the popular girls . It was not enough to ruin just these people's day she wanted to ruin their entire lives .

Cristy sat and snapped her finger and said " homework slave"

A nerdy student ran up and dropped to his knees in front of christy and held up her homework.

Cristy purposely didn't acknowledge him . She was talking to Emily and ally about a party they would be throwing later that night. It was a pretty person party. They were discussing the plans for the party it was set to be extravagant and fun .

After about ten minutes she took the homework from the homework slave . It was a 30 page term paper that would count for 40% of the grade.

" now lemme see yours said Christy " with a sexy laugh

Ally and Emily began to laugh knowing what was in store .

The homework slave gave Cristy his term paper.

he did not sleep all weekend writing both his and christys, emily's and Tessa's papers. 

Cristy looked at it and laughed

"Looks good"

She then proceeded to deliberately rip it up and throw it all over the ground .

" now eat your term paper looser"

The homework slave began to cry knowing how hard he worked on it .

The popular girls laughed and went back on to discussing the party. While the loser was on his knees eating his term paper piece by piece .

Third period ended and all the students flooded to the lunch room.

The talk of the school was the humiliating flyers of Kate . By this time all the students had received them and they were hanging up all over the school.

The popular girls walked in and took their place in the center of the lunch room . Cristy stood up and called for everyone's attention.

" Kate woman of the hour please make your way to the popular table " Cristy said with a wide smile

Kate walked to the center of the lunch room . As the entire student body pointed and laughed at her . Cristy was smiling at her as she arrived in front of cristy on her knees . The contrast between the two was amazing Kate fat ugly no self confidence embarrassed Cristy skinny hot cocky revealing in the power she had over this fat girl. The laughter went on and on and on.

Eventually it stopped Christie spoke while pulling out a small Bikini from her $100,000 dollar purse .

" strip naked fat ass ur gunna put on this bikini" Christy said in an arrogant voice . She looked so dominant and sexy in front of the fat girl . As she got. Naked the students were laughing along with popular girls. Cristy pulled out permanent marker as Kate was trying to fit in the bikini. She swaggered up to the fat girl shaking her perfect ass and wrote the word ugly on her forehead. Then handed the marker to Ally who wrote fat on the girls giant stomach , who then handed the marker to Emily who wrote dross on the girl's ass .

Kate stood there crying she was so humiliated Christy walked up to her again

" kiss my ass and thank me for everything I did to you today"

Kate crawled up to Christy and kissed both of her perfect ass cheeks  one by one as Christy smiled and Emily took a video of the scene . 

" now walk home , and kill yourself " said Christy with a sexy smile . Everyman in the school came in there pants as she said this and the fat girl walked out while

Food and drink were being thrown at her .

Cristy calmly sat down

" that was fun, " she said with a smile.

She couldn't care less about the girl's feelings .

Christie begin to discuss the upcoming party with Emily and Tessa. They talked about what they were going to wear who is going to come and what drinks and fine foods they would have at the party would cost over $2 million to throw which was almost a monthly event at Christie's mansion.

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