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The Ranch

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Synopsis: Another story based on author's wild experience. Read author's other stories if you like this one.
The Ranch

First of all, please excuse the long Prologue, but I believe you will find it
more than interesting and give you a good taste of what lies ahead. I wanted the
story that unfolds in the following nine chapters to flow uninterrupted as an
extended SM/BD session. The story therefore needs some clarification  that can't
be explained in a few sentences since most all of the situations described have
actually occurred but not necessarily in one long extended session. Rather the
story is a compilation of occurrences and situations that occurred over a period
of years. The story describes a typical seven-night eight-day stay at The Ranch.
The Ranch was owned by a true 24/7 Mistress who entertained constantly. I
actually never stayed at The Ranch for more than a few days even though this
story describes a longer stay. Others however have remained at The Ranch for
extended stays ranging from a few weeks to many months. I have written the story
of what an extended stay would be like taking into account happenings that I
have personally experienced or witnessed while at The Ranch over the years.

My exposure to the The Ranch extended well over a fifteen-year period. I am not
a professional writer so please bear with me. I will refer to myself as "Fred"
in the story that is written in mostly the third person, but occasionally in the
first person. If the reader is under eighteen or offended by extreme and
sometimes gross sexual situations please don't any read further because even
this prologue will delve into some of my experiences to give the reader a taste
of what to expect.  If you decide to read on and it gets too much, please put
this manuscript aside. For the rest of you please enjoy a most incredible
adventure into a bizarre sexual world of B&D and S&M.

The following story is not fiction but rather a true collection of experiences
that occurred over a fifteen-year period starting in the late 1970's. The Ranch,
which this story is about, actually existed and was referred to as "The Ranch"
by its Mistress, who I will call Mistress Nancy. For obvious reasons I have
changed names and locations to protect those that might still be about. I am
sure however that anyone reading this story who has visited The Ranch, and there
have been hundreds, will recognize it immediately. The Ranch came into existence
as far as I could ascertain sometime around 1970. It was located in the
outskirts of a major Western City. Sometime in the early 90's the owner of the
ranch relocated to the far West. The current status of The Ranch and its
occupants will be treated in the Epilogue because I do not know how long it will
take to write this story. I am going by memory as well as notes taken while I
was a regular visitor to The Ranch. As far as I know as of now, which is in the
late nineties, The Ranch is still operating in the far West, but not in the same
manner as it did when it was in full swing before its Mistress moved it to its
present location. The Mistress of The Ranch now lives in a rural community about
100 miles north of a major Far Western city with neighbors living close to her
home. In its original location The Ranch occupied many acres, which afforded
much privacy. The Mistress still has visiting slaves and dominants, but stays
are usually not more than a few days. In its original location stays of a few
weeks were not uncommon, furthermore the Mistress would not even consider seeing
a slave for less than twenty-four hours. She liked extended stays for her

The Mistress of The Ranch was a true dominant. She lived the style twenty-four
hours a day, seven days a week. I never ever saw her in anything less than a
dominant role. Virtually everything she did was associated with her dominant
life style. Her life style did not only apply to her slaves, it permeated to her
friends and associates and even her immediate family. This is the way she lived,
and she made no pretenses. It never seemed to over tax her or seemed to be a
burden, even though one would think that to always be in a domineering roll
could be a lot of work. Not to Mistress Nancy.

 This story is a collection of all the happenings at The Ranch that I personally
experienced or witnessed over a fifteen-year period. It has been condensed into
a week of activities. While many "guests" stayed for a week or longer the story
puts into play a structured eight-day stay, which was not all that uncommon. The
facts however are more than 90% correct and accurate and have not been
exaggerated as hard as it might be for the reader to believe and comprehend. The
Mistress and her common law husband essentially operated The Ranch. Their goal
was to have four slaves present at all times two male and two female. So that
the slaves would not get too familiar with each other, arrivals and departures
were staggered in two-day intervals. In other words every two days a slave would
leave and be replaced by a new slave. Normally the slaves who had been at The
Ranch the longest would be the ones replaced, but not always. This did not
always work because of scheduling conflicts, but nevertheless this was the goal.
This story therefore will describe a typical seven night eight-day stay at The
Ranch as seen in the eyes of a specific slave, Fred.

The Ranch occupied approximately five acres. It was not that large but was very
secluded. It did not operate as a ranch but farm animals were present. The farm
animals were there for some food but were mainly to divert the attention of
neighbors from the true purpose of The Ranch, which was first and foremost to
provide income and enjoyment for Mistress Nancy. The primary source of income
was the publication of a monthly magazine plus the constant flow of short
stories and photographs sold to adult establishments. There was also the income
from the visiting slaves. Even visiting Mistresses and Masters often paid to
stay at The Ranch. On rare occasions Mistress Nancy would sell videos of some of
the activities. There was video equipment all over The Ranch. Mistress Nancy had
a very sophisticated electronic set up. The videos were mostly for the enjoyment
of Mistress Nancy and private showings to a select group of friends. Because of
the nature of some of the videos The Ranch did not want them distributed to
avoid legal problems. Other than snuff and children, virtually everything else
went on at The Ranch and was often taped. I was surprised (and shocked) when I
was once recognized by someone at a Janus party. A guest said he saw me in a
video. I denied ever being in a video, but after this individual explained what
he saw, I recognized that I was indeed secretly taped. He promised to send me a
copy. When I received it I remembered the circumstances that occurred over two
years before. I only hoped that Mistress Nancy did not distribute too many
copies of this video which showed me. I confronted Mistress Nancy (a dangerous
thing to do) when I next visited The Ranch. She confided that a few of her tapes
were stolen and distributed to the "underground". She was indeed sorry that it
happened but felt that because of the nature of what was on the tapes there
would have been very limited distribution.

I actually experienced or observed about 90% of the situations described in this
book. The other 10% were described to me by Mistress Nancy, her slaves, and her
family and guests. Some were seen on tape. It did not take too many visits to
the ranch to believe all the stories that were told. But again, it should be
emphasized that I did in fact personally experience or observe 90% of what you
will be reading about. There is no question in my mind that what actually
happened at The Ranch was even more bizarre than what you will read, if that is

Mistress Nancy was a portly woman in her late thirties when I first met her. Her
mother lived with her who was in her fifties and actually participated in many
of the activities. Mistress Nancy once explained to me that she kept her mother
out of most activities because she was too wild. She once lost control of a
slave and actually nailed him to a wall through his scrotum. On another occasion
she made a slave suck off a farm animal. The slave was blindfolded and did not
fully know what he was doing, but nevertheless this was against Ranch policy as
was maiming or otherwise leaving permanent marks on slaves without their written
permission. A number of slaves were pierced and some even castrated, but this
was by choice and always required a signed statement by the slave. The same with
bestiality. Pedophilia was also not practiced at the ranch, and there were no
drugs and little alcohol. Mistress Nancy did allow a small amount of alcohol on
the ranch, however she did not want her slaves drunk. She once told me that she
did not want her slave's senses dulled. She wanted her slaves to feel the full
impact of servitude. As Mistress Nancy once said, "For a slave to be high on
drugs or drunk would deprive me of knowing that the slave might not feel the
full impact of what I am making him or her go through. That is part of the high
I get." In all honesty I never ever saw Mistress Nancy touch a drink. She was
always stone sober.

There were two other permanent occupants at The Ranch in addition to Mistress
Nancy's mother. One was her daughter who was only ten when I first visited the
ranch. Yes, there were three generations living on the ranch. To provide a more
normal life for her daughter, while not letting her participate in any ranch
activities, Mistress Nancy did let her bring friends home to play, but ranch
activities were strictly out of bounds. I suspected however that the daughter
sneaked a peak every now and then without her mother's knowledge to impress her
friends. Most all of the activities were conducted in a number of out buildings
on the property, rarely in the main house. I actually had the privilege of being
the first slave to be used in training Mistress Nancy's daughter. I had known
the daughter for a number of years by then and therefore felt a bit awkward.
This was a tremendous surprise to me because I thought the daughter was not
going to follow in her mother's footsteps as the mother followed in hers.

It happened while she was still in high school. She was about fifteen at the
time. While nothing truly sexual happened between us in a legal sense or where
any private body parts exposed, the experience was still quite stimulating.
Mistress Nancy often discussed the training of her daughter with me but I
thought it was just talk. Since I had been coming to the ranch at the time for
about five years I was very familiar with and to the entire family that lived at
The Ranch. However I felt privileged, yet uncomfortable with the coming task.
First of all children don't excite me, quite the contrary, and secondly I have
seen the daughter growing up. She was however large for her age. At fifteen she
was already 5'8" and easily weighed 140 pounds and could pass for someone much
older. Mistress Nancy let her drive since she was fourteen. Mistress Nancy was
also a large woman but her mother was quite small. Mistress Nancy was 5'10" tall
and weighed 170 pounds. Her mother however was only 5'4" tall and could not have
weighed much over 110 pounds. Even though she was in her fifties, she was by far
the most attractive and the most fit of the three. The few times I was turned
over to her I found she made up more for her small size with imagination and
severity. She was the only dominatrix I was ever really afraid of. When serving
her I was always blindfolded which of course lets your mind play tricks. She was
good at mind control. She was also a voyeur and loved to witness extraordinary
things and situations. But let's get back o the daughter who I would be spending
more of my time with during the next few years. No I have not forgotten the
fourth member of the household. That will come a bit later.

My involvement with the daughter started when I was at The Ranch for a three-day
stay. I knew something was up because I was summoned to the main house, which
was very rare. I was brought to the kitchen and told to get under a desk
Mistress Nancy had in one corner of the room. The desk was used my Mistress
Nancy's daughter to study and do her homework. Mistress Nancy always wanted to
know where her daughter was so she could keep an eye on her. The daughter had
gotten a bit wild, as she grew older. I was completely clothed except being

The daughter had just gotten off the school bus and was told to get over to the
desk and do her homework. Mistress Nancy told her daughter that she was now old
enough to start her initial training. I heard the daughter argue with her
mother, which was not unusual. She just had gym class and needed to take a
shower. At the time I was not sure if the daughter said this for effect or if
she really meant it. She was a tease however. Mistress Nancy told her daughter
to just sit down and do her homework. The shower would come later after she
finished her homework. The daughter sat at the desk and of course noticed and
recognized me under the desk. It was a large desk, actually more of a kitchen
table. She just pushed me aside with her sneaker clad feet. Years later Mistress
Nancy told me that her daughter had preplanned this episode all by herself after
pleading with her mother to start her training. She wanted to use me because she
had known me for so long and would therefore not be too uncomfortable. This
actually surprised me because at the time the daughter really seemed to be
annoyed by me under her desk. This was actually part of her birthday present and
she put on a good act.

Mistress Nancy told her daughter to start her homework and not to pay any
attention to me no matter what I did. If she protested she would get punished.
Mistress Nancy then told me to remove her daughter's sneakers. I was surprised
at how small her feet were because of her large size. She could not have been
more than a size four or five. I started to untie her dirty sneakers and remove
them one at a time. She wore no socks that made her feet give off a strong odor.
Even Mistress Nancy noticed this and scolded her daughter for not wearing socks.
The daughter naturally put up some excuse but her mother quickly put a stop to
this and told her to concentrate on her homework. The daughter seemed genuinely
uncomfortable when in reality this was part of her fantasy. Here she was having
a grown man grovel at her feet. Mistress Nancy then told me to start cleaning
her feet. Without being told I knew I could only use my mouth. I could hold her
feet with my hands but had to use my mouth and tongue and saliva to do the
cleaning. The daughter seemed to be uncomfortable by telling her mother she did
not want anyone touching her feet, that it would distract her from doing her
homework. She was such a good actress. She said she wanted to have her body to
herself and not be touched by me. The daughter finally relented with the
condition that I be blindfolded. It was all an act but I didn't realize it at
the time. She did not want me to see her or see how dirty her feet were. That
probably was not an act. Of course I didn't have to see how dirty her feet were,
the strong aroma gave her away. I am sure she wore no socks that day because she
knew what was coming. From the look of her feet she probably didn't wash them
for a week. Anyway, Mistress Nancy agreed to having me blindfolded. I should
have known all this was an act because I had noticed the dominant tendencies
that the daughter displayed during the five years I had know her. She had no
problem in the past ordering the house slave around even when she was much
younger. There was no sex involved at all from what I could see, she just
treated him in a very demeaning way and of course her mother said nothing, she
actually encouraged it. More on the house slave later, the fourth member of the

Mistress Nancy now wanted to see how well her daughter would carry on the family
tradition. This was to be her first training session using someone outside of
the immediate household.

The daughter was a stranger to cleanliness. Before putting on the blindfold I
saw that she had very pretty feet and toes, just like her mother and grandmother
whose toes and feet I was very familiar with. The only difference was that the
daughter's feet were very dirty. They were also smelly and unkempt with raggedy
nails that looked picked at. As I mentioned, she wore no socks and had just come
from gym class. There was plenty of dirt between the toes and the bottom of her
feet were black which I noticed just before being fitted with the blindfold.
Mistress Nancy said that I had better get both feet sparkling clean. She felt it
would take a few hours, just in time for the daughter to finish her homework. I
spent over an hour on each foot sitting on the floor facing her and holding her
feet with my hands. There was enough play in my blindfold so that I could
partially see what I was doing. As I mentioned before I did feel uncomfortable
touching this teenager because besides knowing her I had no attraction to
children. What helped a bit was that I had known the daughter since she was ten,
even though now she looked much older than her fifteen years. Mistress Nancy
told me to get to work and not let any of my spit touch the floor. I had to
generate spit for the cleaning process and then swallow it. I alternately sucked
each of her toes to loosen the dirt then scrapped it off with my teeth. The
worst was what had accumulated between her toes and under her uneven nails which
Mistress Nancy told me to smooth out with my teeth. The only interruption to my
task was when Mistress Nancy's mother paraded a slave through the kitchen

From the corner of my blindfold I did not at first think the mother had a slave
with her because the slave was not blindfolded. Slaves were usually blindfolded
when they were paraded around. Furthermore, the young daughter was present. This
was the first time I ever saw someone I did not recognize exposed to the
daughter. I noticed that the slave was extremely attractive even though she
appeared to be about as old as the mother, in her mid fifties. She was very
elegantly dressed, had long shaply legs and wore very high heels, but the give
away was the leash that protruded out from under her dress. I could only guess
what part of her anatomy the other end of the leash was attached to. Mistress
Nancy's mother noticed me cleaning the daughter's feet and when I had a mouth
full of toe jam, pieces of nail and saliva she ordered me to stop and keep what
I had in my mouth and get on my back. She then ordered her slave to bend down,
kiss me and suck out my mouth. She had us do this a few more times just after I
had a mouthful of toe jam and saliva. I must say it felt good being kissed by
this beautiful woman even though she must have been twenty years my senior. She
had soft lips and did an excellent job licking the insides of my mouth and
sucking everything out. She held my head close to hers with her hands to make
sure she could suck out the insides of my mouth. It was very sensual feeling her
tongue swirling inside my mouth. Her legs looked great in her six-inch heels and
I got very excited especially when I could hear the slave swallowing everything
she sucked out of mouth.  Each time there was a liquid transfer I was told to
get back on my back and open my mouth. The slave then bent down and did her
thing. I could sense everyone watching us, Mistress Nancy, her mother and her
daughter. After they left Mistress Nancy told her daughter that the slave was
really a cross dressing man (which I think was said only for my benefit). To
this day I am not sure if this was true or not, hopefully not. The thought of
having another man's tongue in my mouth was revolting, but she looked and felt
and smelled very feminine. At that time I also suspected that the daughter was
more into ranch activities than I had previously imagined.

During the entire ordeal of cleaning the daughter's feet my biggest problem was
generating enough saliva because my mouth kept getting dry even though the feet
I was cleaning were very sweaty. At first I did not know where to begin. So I
started by sucking each toe clean. I then licked out the jam from between her
toes. Finally I had to use my teeth to scrape the bottom of her feet clean. I
also used my teeth to clean and trim her toenails. Fortunately she was not
ticklish and my clue should have been that she seemed to like what I was doing.
She was very quiet and I guessed was doing her homework. I felt part of her ease
was that she had known me for the past five years. She did not talk to me
however. After almost three hours she suddenly took her foot out of my mouth and
stood up. She looked at her feet and seemed pleased with what she saw. Just then
Mistress Nancy entered the kitchen to get something for another group of slaves
she was playing with. She asked her daughter if she was finished with her
homework. The daughter said "almost", but she wanted something to drink and
needed to use the bathroom. I was shocked by what Mistress Nancy told her. She
told her daughter to get her drink from the fridge and get back to her desk and
finish her homework. If she had to use the bathroom she could use her new slave
(me). I could not believe what I had just heard. Was Mistress Nancy going to let
her daughter use me as her toilet? The daughter seemed shocked as well. As it
turned out the daughter was not all that shocked. This had all been preplanned
by her. I was wondering if one would consider what I was doing with the daughter
would be considered sex or just pure perversion. I never saw or touched any of
the daughter's private parts, only her feet. Since I was dressed she did see (or
touch) any of my privates either. I was however getting sexually aroused

So that I could not see anything my blindfold was replaced with a hood and tied
securely by a string around my neck. There was a mouth and nose hole but nothing
else. I could breathe and hear but see nothing. I was now really in the dark. I
was told to lie on my back and open my mouth. Since I was already on the floor
it was easy for me to just lie down. As soon as I opened my mouth what felt like
a funnel was inserted into it. I was told to lie still and keep my hands at my
sides. I could hear chairs moving around then I felt a pair of legs on either
side of my head. Soon my mouth filled up with a warm actually sweet tasting
liquid. Mistress Nancy whispered into my ear to slowly swallow everything and
get used to the taste. She said I was being privileged to be drinking her
daughter's sweet urine. I wondered how she knew it was sweet. Actually what
happened was that a toilet chair replaced the daughter's study chair. A toilet
chair was simply a chair with a toilet seat. They were all over The Ranch. When
she was finished I heard Mistress Nancy tell her daughter to get up and wipe
herself and place the toilet paper in my mouth. She did this, after removing the
funnel. I then was told to swallow the paper. The funnel was then replaced in
case she had to go again. Mistress Nancy told her daughter that in the future
she would never ever have to use toilet paper again. A slave would clean her.
However for now she was too young to have someone else male or female touch her
privates. She was also told that from now on whenever I was at The Ranch she was
to use me as her toilet for liquid waste. During this stay, I still had two more
days to go. I was excused from all other duties so I could be at the daughter's
beck and call when she came home from school as her personal toilet and foot
slave. During the day it was normal slavery where I served Mistress Nancy and
any other dominants at the ranch, but at 3:00 p.m. when the school bus dropped
her off, I belonged to the daughter. I would be with her till 7:30 the following
morning when the bus picked her up again. It became a ritual. At three o'clock I
would go the front door, put on my hood and keep the funnel hanging by a chain
around my neck. There were camp type toilet chairs all over the ranch so that
was not a problem. As soon as the daughter got home she would immediately lead
me to the bathroom by my leash, insert the funnel in my mouth and pee. She would
then go into the kitchen to start her homework while I cleaned her feet. It was
not long before I realized that the daughter was thoroughly enjoying this. Even
at dinnertime I would be placed under the kitchen table and perform foot service
on all that were present, but no toilet service. They were eating after all.
There was actually no sex involved (at first) just toilet training and foot
worship. I had my hood on for almost thirty-two hours during the next two days,
and drank copious amounts of urine.

On the second day Mistress Nancy improved on my uniform. Instead of a blindfold
I wore a hood with only a mouth opening. Mistress Nancy said it made her
daughter feel more comfortable for me not only not see her but also to minimize
outside sensations. I was also to wear a leash so the daughter could take me
around even though I was mostly in a parked position during my shift. Actually
it was rather relaxing except for the three or four times I was being "used".
Mistress Nancy expressly instructed her daughter to use me only for urination.
She threatened to use me for excrement if I didn't obey, but that never came to
be. The leash I was being led around with was tied to my cock ring. Every male
slave who visited The Ranch always had to show up with a cock ring. The leash
from the ring went up my pants and through my shirt where it exited near the
collar. I was always clothed when around the daughter except for being barefoot.
Mistress Nancy liked for all of her slaves to be barefoot all the time. At first
I did not think that the daughter knew that the leash was attached to my penis,
but after awhile I think she knew because she enjoyed tugging on it and sensing
my discomfort. She could not see my face because of the hood, but she knew. At
night I slept on the floor next to my new master's bed with my head under the
toilet chair with the funnel in my mouth. My head was actually tied to the legs
of the seat by two rings that were part of the hood just outside my ears. It was
not too uncomfortable except for the funnel in my mouth. To keep it there it was
strapped to my head. During the night all she had to do was call out "toilet"
and I would immediately open my mouth and wait. Another summons would be three
short tugs on my leash. You have no idea how humiliating it was to be a slave to
a teenager. I could also sense that she was enjoying this new power bestowed
upon her by her mother. From that day on for the next few years whenever I
visited the ranch I was assigned to the daughter as her personal toilet slave.
As far as I knew I was her only toilet slave so she looked forward to my visits,
which occurred three to four times a year. One of the pleasures I had while
serving the daughter after she turned eighteen was that other slaves serviced me
during the night as I slept in the daughter's room. I was being used as a
training vehicle. I had my feet cleaned by other slaves. I also used other
slaves as my toilet. Since I always wore my hood I did not know who or the sex
of those who serviced me. After all a mouth is a mouth. Mistress Nancy would
prove this in the future with some of her games. As time went by I noticed a
definite evil streak in the daughter, which I am sure, pleased her mother.

I sensed the daughter was uncomfortable as a Mistress at first, but this
evaporated as time went by. I could see the change every time I visited The
Ranch. She did not like toilet training that much but did enjoy humiliating men,
especially older men. All in all she was not like her mother or grandmother. All
three were very dominant but in different ways. The grandmother was the worst
with a definite sadistic streak.

Even though the daughter was not allowed to bring friends home without her
mother's permission she did on occasion sneak some into the house usually late
at night after a date. She wanted to show off her power to both her male and
female friends. Mistress Nancy would have thrown a fit if she knew. Often I
could sense someone else in the room late at night. I would get my "toilet"
commend and wait with the funnel in my mouth. By now I knew exactly what the
daughter's urine tasted like so it was not difficult to tell that others were
using me as a toilet. Not only was the taste different, but the quantity
increased as well. I started to keep track of the varying tastes and figured
that the daughter had about four close friends. I hoped they were all female. It
was very unpleasant but I could not do anything about it. The daughter warned of
severe consequences like having her defecate in my mouth if I said anything. I
was not willing to test her because I knew she would do it, so I went along with
her escapades telling no one.

It was only natural as the daughter grew into her twenties that she would start
participating in ranch activities. She would then even openly bring her friends
to The Ranch. She seemed to have only straight or dominant friends. I believe I
was the only submissive she ever got close to other than the fourth occupant at
the ranch who really belonged to her mother. Even as she grew older I was her
personal foot and toilet slave whenever I visited The Ranch. She now openly
showed me off to her friends, both male and female, with her mother's
permission. She would even lend me to some of her friends, which is a story in
itself. Actually this happened more and more as she got older. There were many
buildings and spaces at The Ranch so when I was "lent out" it was always on
ranch property.

In all the years I knew the daughter I only left The Ranch once with her and two
friends. It was an overnight trip to pick up some furniture from one of Mistress
Nancy's friends. The friend lived in Texas and was moving to California. She did
not need all of her household goods. I was at The Ranch for my usual three-day
stay and did not look forward to leaving The Ranch for two days supervised only
by Mistress Nancy's daughter. I was a bit apprehensive. I also did not want to
lose one day as a house slave. But as Mistress Nancy's slave I could not show
disappointment and so I agreed to help move and pick up the furniture. At least
the daughter had a couple of friends who would help. Mistress Nancy told her
daughter, in front of me, that she would have total control over me and be
responsible for me on this trip and not to do anything silly. I felt funny being
the ward of a teenager even though she was nineteen at the time. I also wondered
about the daughter's friends. Did they know of our arrangement and worse yet,
did they ever use me in the past during the daughter's earlier training
sessions? Of course I wore a hood then so if they were involved in any of the
doings they would hopefully not recognize me.

The daughter and I left The Ranch early in the morning in The Ranch van with a
trailer in tow. For the two hundred mile drive to Dallas. We picked up the
daughter's two friends who lived near by on our way to Texas. Mistress Nancy
knew we would be picking up two helpers. There was a lot of furniture to pick
up. The two friends were from high school. The daughter had graduated the
previous year but still remained friends with many of her classmates. The two
friends were a boy and a girl, also nineteen. As I would find out later both had
used me and had become dominant through the years especially with the daughter's
influence. They knew exactly who I was. The boy, Edward, was large and played on
the football team. He was black with muscles that would surely come in handy
when moving and loading furniture. His girl friend was small and pretty and very
sexually active. She made no bones about wanting to try everything at least
once. She was also black but light skinned, not like her boyfriend. I would find
out later in the day why the daughter chose black friends for this trip. I was
of course surprised when I was introduced to her friends as her slave. I thought
it was for shock value, but the two friends only smiled at me with now shock on
their faces. They knew.

The two got into the van bringing along sandwiches and drinks. The daughter told
her friends to address me as "slave Fred" and told me not to talk unless I was
addressed. I could only talk if asked a specific question. In this way I did not
have to worry how to address the daughter's two friends. I was to address her as
Mistress however. This was something new. Prior I addressed the daughter as
Mistress Adrena. I was told that if I had to address the two friends it would be
as Master Ed and Mistress Violet. The daughter told her friends they could ask
me to do anything. At this Mistress Violet giggled. They had no idea of the
potential power they had over me. I started to feel relaxed after a while
slipping into my new mode. It was to be a three and one half hour drive.

The trip started normally with my doing the driving and the daughter sitting
next to me. The two friends sat in the back. The back of the van was carpeted
and very roomy. After a short while the sandwiches and drinks were brought out.
I was thirsty but was afraid to say or ask for anything. Nothing was offered to
me. The three spoke about everything teenagers talk about. Who was seeing whom,
who was doing whom and so forth. About two hours into the trip Violet said that
I should pull into the next service station. She had to pee. The daughter told
me to keep on going, that our first stop would be her mother's friend's house.
We had a lot of ground to cover and could not waste time with a pee stop. The
girl protested. The daughter, with a gleam in her eye, got out of her seat and
went to the back of the van. She then told Ed to change places with me. The van
was big enough so changing places was easy. With Ed now driving I got to the
back of the van and noticed that the daughter had placed herself on a folding
camp chair. It was actually a camp toilet chair. She had a big smile on her face
as she called out "toilet" to me. I knew what was in store and reluctantly got
on my back and pulled myself under the chair. The daughter had brought along my
funnel, which she promptly stuck into my mouth. She was about to blindfold me
and then said 'what the hell' and emptied her bladder. I couldn't see anything
anyway because the funnel was so big. She warned me to swallow everything and
not to get the carpet wet. Violet looked on in amusement. I think this was
planned, otherwise Violet should have been in shock. After the daughter was
through she told Violet she could go now. She hesitated a bit then said she
didn't want me to see her. The daughter then put a blindfold on me. Ed was told
to keep his eyes on the road and not be distracted. He knew what was going on
and was told that if he wanted he could get his relief later on. All three
laughed and said that my new name would now be slave "John".

Violet slowly pulled down her shorts. She removed the chair preferring to squat
over me. It took awhile with the van shaking and only a few drops came out.
Violet relented than and sat on the chair. I finally felt the warm liquid enter
my mouth.  I heard her giggle and knew that she must have felt a strange power
over me. When she was finished the daughter asked if she wanted her John to lick
her clean. This was a bit too much for her so she spit on her fingers to clean
her self but then had me suck her fingers clean. She did this a number of times.
I was surprised that these young people were so open about their gross behavior.
There was no question in my mind that these people had used me in the past
during some of the daughter's sleepovers because I thought I recognized the
taste of Violet's urine.

After about fifteen minutes the daughter said she needed to go again and
exchanged places with her friend. I swallowed the now familiar fluid. By now she
was also used to having me lick her clean without being told, so I complied with
the blindfold still in place. To help me she got off the chair and sat directly
on my face. Violet was watching and said that the next time she won't use her
fingers. It was time for Ed to pipe up. He said he had to go but instead of
having one of the girls drive he suggested I crawl up front and suck on his cock
while he was driving. Violet said OK but warned him not to close his eyes. I
crawled up front and the only way this could work was to sit besides him and put
my head on his lap. I couldn't do it from the floor of the van while he had his
foot on the gas pedal. He already unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. I
took the soft penis in my mouth and waited. After about five minutes nothing
came out but it started to get large. Ed said "Oh shit, I can't pee with a hard
on, so just be a good John and suck me off". Violet at first was not too
comfortable about anyone else giving her boyfriend a blowjob, but since I was
not real competition for her she said "go for it". She hung her head over the
front seat and watched as I sucked off her boyfriend. It took less than ten
minutes when I felt him stiffen and shoot an unbelievable amount of sperm in my
mouth. The only thing I was thinking at the moment was I hope he was keeping his
eyes open. The daughter broke my trance when she said, "what are you waiting
for, start swallowing, I don't want a drop of anything spilled on Ed or the
van". I quickly swallowed three times to get everything down. Ed still would not
let me up. His penis was now soft again and he wanted to pee. I lay there for
another fifteen minutes and finally tasted a few drops of urine enter my mouth.
It wasn't much, but it did replace the taste of the sperm. Somehow the sperm
tasted better. I could not believe myself, here I was comparing the taste of pee
with sperm.  We had now been driving for about three hours. The daughter was
taking off my blindfold just as we were entering a long driveway leading to a
house that was set back from the road. I estimated the property to occupy at
least an acre. We were on the outskirts of Dallas and this was Mistress Nancy's
friend. The four of us got out of the car and I was in for a shock.

The friend who greeted us was about the same age and size as Mistress Nancy a
little prettier but about as black as anyone I have ever seen. We entered the
house, which was very well furnished. The living room looked more like a bar
when I realized that this was a brothel. Not only a brothel, but an upscale
black brothel.

It was past 6:00 pm by the time everyone exchanged pleasantries. The house madam
suggested that we have something to eat before we loaded up the van and trailer
with what she was going to give to Mistress Nancy. She knew the daughter very
well and whispered something into the daughter's ear. The daughter's eyes
exploded with excitement. The daughter's favorite rock group was playing in town
that night and she just had to see them. She immediately got on the phone with
her mother and begged to let her stay over. I thought this trip would never end.
The daughter then turned the phone over to the madam. After she finished talking
she handed the phone over to me. Mistress Nancy explained that she gave
permission to let her daughter stay over with her friends to see her rock group.
I was to stay with the madam and control over me would pass to her while the
daughter was away. I felt uneasy not knowing this woman but said, "Yes
Mistress". I could see from the corner of my eye the gleam in the madam's eyes.

We first had dinner and were served by four rather attractive girls. They were
black and very young. I assumed correctly that they were prostitutes who worked
for madam. She explained that her clientele were mostly wealthy and successful
black businessmen. She had a few white clients. At around eight the daughter and
her friends left for the concert and I was officially turned over to madam in
front of everyone. The daughter and her friends would not return till six the
following morning. That raised a few eyebrows among the working girls especially
when they heard me referred to as "slave John". The madam then called in all of
her working girls which turned out to be only the four who served us at dinner,
to introduce them to me. She told them I would be her slave till the daughter
returned. She asked the girls if any of them had any use for me. It was a new
experience for them because their customers often treated them like slaves. One
of the girls asked if I was gay and I said no. I was slapped and corrected to
say "no Mistress". The girls giggled. The madam said it made no difference what
I was because I was a slave of the lowest order and could be told to do anything
they wished. Mistress Nancy had told her friend most all of my experiences at
The Ranch. The girl who asked about my sexual preference piped up and said she
wanted to dress me up as a girl. She said that if one of her clients wanted a
blowjob from a white girl she could oblige and make some extra money. I could
not believe what I heard. These were very young but obviously experienced girls.
The other three girls loved the idea, as did the madam. They rarely had a white
woman at the house and when they did she was very popular. Tonight they were all
going to make some extra money. I got more nervous because sucking on a penis
was not my idea of having pleasure. The only thing that got me a bit excited was
that I was pleasing my Mistress and that I had little choice. If my Mistress
gets excited watching me suck dick then I get excited, but sucking a black penis
was altogether different because most I saw were so large. I am no racist but
there are limits. I got a little scared. The madam sensed my uneasiness and
offered me a drink. It helped a little but didn't change anything.

I was taken to an upstairs bedroom where my makeover was begun by a bunch of
very happy girls. I say girls because some could not been much more than twenty.
Two of the pros however were easily in their late thirties. They however had one
thing in common. They were beautiful and had drop-dead figures. This was a
high-class whorehouse where the customers paid plenty. The first thing I did was
to get undressed. They all laughed at the size of my organ. They were however
very nice and told me that if I cooperated I would get the best blowjob of my
life when this was all over. It sounded very promising. The madam was watching
all this and reminded the girls that I was a slave loaned to her by her good
friend in Oklahoma. I had no choice in what I was ordered to do, but I was
supposed to be returned to Mistress Nancy in good condition. She did however
explain that just one word to her friend that I was not cooperative and I would
forfeit a bond I had posted (more on the bond later). I never felt more like a
slave as I did at that moment. The girls were glad to hear this but promised me
my blowjob nevertheless. After looking me over they agreed that my face hair
must go, I had a moustache. So they shaved my face, my legs and my pubic hair. I
was going to itch for the next month. Makeup was applied to my face and I was
fitted with a blonde wig. I was then fitted with four-inch heels but no
stockings. Next they painted my finger and toenails. One of the girls said that
some of her clients liked to suck toes and white girls toes would be something
special. A short skirt and blouse with a padded bra completed the outfit. I am
5'10' in my bare feet and weigh 165 pounds. The heels made me stand over 6'0''.
The girls said that I looked terrific especially with my long legs and four-inch
heels. I was a large but comely looking woman. They said I looked sexy and
surprised me when they said their customers liked large women, especially since
at least three out of the four of the girls were fairly small. My name would be
Joan. They said they would only use Joan for oral or anal sex. I shuddered.

I surprised myself when I told the girls that I preferred oral to anal sex even
though my Mistress had enlarged my anus over the years. I still did not like it
and furthermore was afraid of catching something. As disgusting as sucking on a
cock is, I knew the risk of disease was far less likely from oral over anal sex.
The girls agreed but said that since I was a slave I didn't have much choice.
They all loved the concept of having their own slave, especially a white one.
The madam did tell the girls that they must tell their customers that Joan could
not be undressed under any circumstances. They were to say that Joan had scars
on her body that would revolt them. The madam did not want a conflict on her
hands in case a customer got upset because he was fooled. I also would not be in
the lounge with the other girls so that I would not be chosen right off the bat.
I would wait in the kitchen and respond to a buzzer system that showed a room
number when beckoned. This was an old mansion that was set up for servants. I
was told that when I heard the buzzer I would go upstairs to the corresponding
room and do as I was told and not talk too much. There would be four rooms going
tonight. Customers purchased thirty-minute increments with most staying for an
hour. The girls usually saw from five to ten customer on a typical night. I did
the math in my head. The madam saw no customers but split 50/50 with her girls.
That meant on an average evening at $50 per thirty-minute interval each girl
could make about $1,000 and paid no taxes, not bad. The madam then would make
four times that. My goodness I thought, the madam could easily clear one million
dollars a year. No wonder there is so much prostitution around. I am sure
however a lot of her money went to "protection".

I could see everyone looking at me thinking they could make more money. It
didn't take long to figure out how much more they could make. If a customer
wanted Joan he had to pay an additional $50. Since I would not get any of it the
madam and girls would keep it all almost doubling their income. The more I was
used the more they would make.

I was told the busiest time was between midnight and around 2:00 am The house
usually closed down at around four or five in the morning depending on traffic.
It was the middle of the week so madam thought it would be a slow night. She was
wrong. It did not take long for word to get out that the house had a visiting
"honky" blonde. The time was now ten in the evening. I was in the kitchen
nursing a drink. Madam boozed me up to make me feel more at ease. This was
really something new for me and as much as I enjoyed being a slave, I was very
apprehensive and nervous not knowing what to expect. The buzzer suddenly sprang
to life. It was room number 2. Madam came into the kitchen and told me that this
was their third customer so far and she repeated that it would probably be a
slow night much to my relief. She also told me that the first two customers
declined the offer of the "new blond". As the evening wore on I found out that
the girls reduced the extra charge just to get more business. True economics and
market forces at work. I went to room number two a bit uneasy on my high heels.
I knocked on the door and was told to enter by a very sweet voice.

Room number two girl looked up at me as she was sitting on the face of a large
very black man. I think that they were in a 69 position when I knocked. When I
entered the room it was very dark, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. I
noticed that the man looked to one side to see who was entering the room. He
looked at me. At that moment I thought the game would be up in that the man
would recognize me as a guy in drag and beat me up for fooling him. To my
relieved surprise he said he liked what he saw and asked me to take off my
cloths. Number 2 (I'll call the girls by their room numbers because I could not
remember their names) said NO! That was not part of the deal and explained why.
The man reluctantly agreed, he remembered the deal, but added that I had better
behave and do what I came in to do or he would not pay. Number 2 had teased the
man, as did the other girls, that if they wanted Joan it would have to be on the
house's terms. It actually added to the excitement.

Number 2 told me that I was to get an extra $25 (actually number 2 would get it)
if I would give the man a blowjob ......and swallow everything. She told the man
that I had never swallowed a black load before and he would be the first.
Furthermore, all customers knew that the practice of the house was that none of
the girls "swallowed". The man got very excited at the prospect of having a big
blond giving him head, and then swallowing his load. He said other than drinking
his piss he could not think of anything more degrading than having a white girl
drink his cum. With that being said number 2 got back on the man's face and
motioned me over. She told me to get on the bed between the man's legs and start
to suck cock. She grabbed my head and forced it down on the man's gigantic
penis. It was not that long but very thick. I could hardly keep my mouth open
and was grateful that it wasn't going in my butt. Number 2 than moved my head up
and down while whispering in my ears to suck as hard as I could and make the man
cum quickly. She said he liked to feel teeth and be treated roughly. No problem
with this huge cock. There was no way I could have kept my lips over my teeth
any way. It was the thickest penis that I have ever seen. Number 2 kept
whispering for me to make him cum fast and to get it all so I could earn my $25.
She said that if I lost just a single drop I would get it up my ass. I did not
need any further encouragement. She said this loud enough for her customer to
hear even though she was sitting on his face. The man must have gotten very
excited with this talk because I could soon feel him shudder. At that moment the
girl got off her customer so he could see what was going on, put her head next
to mine and grabbed the penis with both hands and started to pump while pushing
it further into my mouth. I could feel that the girl was getting a thrill out of
this and getting excited as well seeing what she was doing to me. The tip of the
penis started to swell as the first bit of fluid started to enter my mouth. She
started to yell at me to suck harder as more liquid came out. I swallowed my
first mouth full and to my surprise it tasted sweet. She kept on yelling for me
to suck as more and more sperm entered my mouth. I kept swallowing wondering
when this was going to stop. I never had so much sperm when I had an orgasm and
thought most men were the same. Wrong. The girl kept pumping his penis and more
liquid came out. She warned me not to take his cock out of my mouth till she
told me.

The man sat up in bed and talked and necked with the girl while I lay between
his legs with his cock in my mouth. I swallowed at least four times before
getting all his sperm while slowly sucking it.  They finally congratulated me.
He said he could not get his wife to do what I had just done. He said it was one
of the best blowjobs he ever had and even gave me an extra $5 tip. The girl
noted this and of course I had to give it to her as soon as the man left. Number
2 congratulated me again for being such a good boy, kissed me on the cheek, let
me wash my mouth out with mouthwash and let me leave the room. Madam greeted me
at the door and told me that I was now wanted in room 1. She said that from now
on that before going back down to the kitchen to fix my makeup I should check
the other rooms to see if I was needed. If a door were left ajar it would be my
signal to enter. Madam then went down stairs to greet her new guests as I went
over to room number1.

I knocked and entered. Girl number 1 was having intercourse with her customer
and was on top. Her customer was an older black man who asked me to kiss him
while she was pumping away. She looked at me and asked what I was waiting for. I
swallowed my pride and did what I was told. Much to my surprise I found that a
man's penis in my mouth was less distasteful than having a man's tongue in my
mouth. The man's tongue explored the inside of my mouth and could feel his
excitement as he thought he was kissing a white blond while his whore was
pumping away. The only secret pleasure I got was wondering what the man would
say if he knew that the inside of my mouth still had a bit of another man's cum.
He then stopped kissing me and told number 1 to exchange places with me. He now
wanted to kiss his prostitute while I sucked him off. He was close to cuming and
didn't want to miss a beat. He would not let either of us clean his penis as it
emerged from number 1's cunt. It was wet and glistening. Fortunately I was
looking at a condom. My glee was short lived as she told me to clean off the
rubber by sucking it. She wanted her man to stay turned on. I was in a daze and
did as I was told. After sucking and licking it clean she peeled it off and
pushed my head back down again on the man's cock as she started kissing him. It
did not take long before the man exploded in my mouth. As he came he yelled out
that there would an extra tip if I swallowed his load. Number 1 did not need any
more encouragement as she held my head down and told me to get it all. Number 1
then asked the man if he wanted to see two girls get it on together for an extra
$20. He said sure! He was still excited having a white blond suck him off.
Number 1 told me to lie on my back as she sat on my face and had me suck and
clean her up. She rubbed herself all over my mouth while the man was playing
with himself. I could not believe that the man was still excited right after
having an orgasm. It usually takes me at least an hour after I have an orgasm
before I can get hard again, or for that matter have the urge to have another go
at it.

As the evening wore on I realized one reason why so many of madam's customers
liked getting a blow job from me was not only seeing a white blonde going down
on them, it was because they didn't have to wear a rubber and I was forced to
swallow their load most of the time. This was a new thing for most of the
customers and it turned them on. Most of the girls did give blowjobs, but they
usually made their customers wear a rubber. The customers liked this arrangement
because when I sucked them off they didn't have to wear a condom and the girls
liked making a bit more cash. The girls also liked the idea of having a slave,
especially a white one at that. They really got a thrill out of degrading me.
Watching me swallow was just an extra plus. Some of the girls even had me hold
the cum in my mouth and so they and their customers could see what I was about
to swallow. They would then make me swallow and open my mouth again to make sure
it all went down.

When I left room number one, rooms three and four had their doors ajar. I went
into room three where I saw a girl giving a blowjob to her customer. The
customer had asked for a blowjob by two women and would pay extra if he didn't
have to wear a rubber. Number three immediately thought of "Joan" and had talked
her customer into an extra $50. As soon as I entered the room she took the man's
cock out of her mouth and slipped off the rubber. She then motioned me onto the
bed next to her and thrust the cock into my mouth. It was wet from pre-cum. I
was in a daze and just did what I was told and started to suck as she moved this
enormous penis up and down with her hand. The girl whispered in my ear that I
better take the total load and keep it in my mouth without swallowing. She told
me that I could spit it out when the man was not looking. She then stated to
suck on the man's balls while I continued to suck on his penis. It didn't take
long for the man to cum, and cum he did. It filled my entire mouth. She held my
head down to make sure I got it all. I finally was released and got a big
surprise. The man wanted to kiss me. He said he liked the taste of his own cum.
Before I knew it the man was all over me and kissed me sucking his own sperm out
of my mouth. I was at least grateful that I did not have to swallow it, even
though I still had his taste in my mouth. I looked around for some mouthwash to
rinse my mouth but could not find any. I thought the man was finished but he
said he was really horney and wanted to fuck me in the ass after he got hard
again. He promised me another $100 if I would cooperate. Before I knew it the
girl sat on the man's face and told me to get busy getting him hard. I licked
and sucked on the man's penis for a long time before he got hard again. Actually
it seemed to be even harder than before. The girl then hoped off his face and
told me to bend over. She told the man that he had only ten minutes to cum
because he took so long getting hard again. She sucked and licked his penis to
make it slippery so that it would go in easier. She was actually licking it as
the man pumped to get him even more excited. Fortunately his penis was not that
large in diameter, but it sure was long. The man then wanted the girl to get on
the bed in front of me and watch me eat her while he was pumping away. This
really excited him and he came almost right away. After he came he asked the
girl to lick out my rear end. She did it without any hesitation, and it felt
good. Her tongue went into my anus and all around the outside. My pleasure was
short lived because the man wanted me to clean his penis while I was getting my
rear cleaned. He quickly inserted it into my mouth and I could taste myself as I
licked and sucked him clean. Amazingly he got hard again and said he would give
me another $50 if I could make him cum again. It took almost fifteen minutes but
he did cum again. Even this third orgasm produced enough noticeable cum.
Fortunately their was a sink in the corner of the room where I spit it out while
no one was looking. To this day I shudder when I think of that experience. I am
mixed with pleasure, disgust and excitement.

I left room three and saw that number four's door was now closed, but number one
was ajar again. I went in and it was more of a repeat of what I had been doing
with a few interesting variations that today I can't fully remember. It was all
a blur. I do remember one customer who wanted to see his girl and me getting it
on and for an extra $100 to see us drink each other's piss. The girl thought
quickly and said that she was not going to drink my piss but "Joan" would not
only drink her piss but the man's as well if he raised the ante to $150. Girl
number one knew that as a slave I could not refuse anything they wanted me to
do. Her customer got very excited with this prospect and agreed. The girl and I
got into a 69 position with her on top. Since I had my clothes on she just
mouthed my penis through my cloths. I almost burst because I was so hard. She
then lifted her self up so the customer could see and let out a stream of pee
right into my mouth and warned me not to let a drop wet her sheets. When she was
through I was told to lick her clean and stay on the bed. The man then came over
and stuck his penis into my mouth and slowly let his stream enter my mouth. I
thought the girl would go through the ceiling she became so excited. She told
the man to stop peeing and called out to the other girls to come into her room.
Two of them came. My girl then told the man to continue. The two other girls
started to shriek with excitement. They had never seen anything like this.

There was finally a reprieve at around 4:00 am so I went down to the kitchen. I
figured that the girls saw about fifty customers and that I participated with
about thirty of them, which is why both my jaw and rear end ached. I lost count
of much I had to swallow, but it was a lot. The girls talked as many of their
customers as they could into using me. It seemed they did it not only for the
money, but also for the novelty. As I was resting I saw the indicator for room
one light up. I slowly went back upstairs expecting more of the same. The door
was ajar so I walked in. I was surprised to see all four girls sitting and
laying on the bed. They said I did a great job and as promised would get my
reward. I was told to lie on my back and just relax. They undressed me. It felt
good to feel eight hands all over me. When I was completely naked number one sat
on my face. I could then feel three mouths licking and sucking me. Two of the
girls started on my feet and toes while a third was gently sucking on my penis
while fondling my balls. All this while I had a delicious pussy in my face.
Juices were flowing into my mouth. I was not sure if it was urine or simply the
excretion of an excited girl, but I drank it up and unfortunately did not last
too long before I had an orgasm. It was the best blow job I had ever received
and to this day get hard just thinking about it.

I finally got up and went downstairs wearing my regular clothes just as the
daughter was getting back from the concert with her friends. It was now five in
the morning and everyone including myself crashed till noon. When we got up we
started to load the van and trailer for our trip home. By three in the afternoon
we were ready for our trip back. The madam bid us good by and asked me if I
would care to come back and work in the house. She said the word got out and
there was a strong demand for my services. She said that this time I could keep
my earnings. I said I would think about it but knew that it would never happen.
I nevertheless took her new address on the West Coast. It has burned a hole in
my pocket for quite some time but I finally discarded it.

The trip back to The Ranch was uneventful. I drove all the way with the others
fast asleep due to exhaustion. Frankly I was pretty exhausted myself, but kept
myself awake thinking of the previous evening. My hard-on lasted for the whole
trip. I felt I was clear from being a "toilet" but about fifty miles from our
destination the daughter woke up and said she had to go. Not wanting to wake the
others she peed into a cup and handed it to me. She said, "Drink up" and
promptly went to sleep again without a further thought. She acted as if this was
just a routine matter. At this point she just accepted the fact that while I was
around I would drink all of her pee. As I dropped off Violet and Ed they asked
Adrena if they could use me for a camping trip they had planned. They liked the
idea of taking a long trip and not having to stop for toilet breaks and of
course having a slave. The daughter said "sure', but it never happened. From
that moment on I always wondered if I would take another "trip" when I visited
The Ranch. It was frightening and exciting not knowing what would happen. For me
the unknown is exceptionally exciting. That is one of the reasons that it is
always more exciting to be blindfolded.

The final member of the household was a male. The following story talks about a
"Master Mark", but in reality he did not exist. While many Masters did frequent
The Ranch there was no permanent Master in residence. The Master Mark character
used in this story in reality is a compilation of all the various Masters who
frequented The Ranch. Some brought their own female and male slaves while others
came for training or simply availed themselves of the various goings on at The
Ranch. Most only stayed for a day or two but some stayed for months. Mistress
Nancy did charge for room & board. I believe she charged $100 per day for
dominants. The charge for slaves varied but was much much more. There were
however far more Mistress visitors than Master visitors. The first time I met
Mistress Nancy's male companion, who will be called Martin in this story, he was
dressed as a maid. I was told that "Martinne" was a live in house maid, and I
simply accepted that. She did the cooking and cleaning but did participate in
ranch activities. It was only after my third visit that I discovered that
Martinne was really Martin. Easily 90% of the time Martin was Martinne
increasing to 100% as time went on. This was true both on The Ranch and off. In
fact Martinne did all the shopping and no one in town suspected that Martinne
was anything other than a household maid that worked at The Ranch. She never
really had a day off, but Mistress Nancy did instruct Martinne to take days off
and frequent bars and pick up men and women to bring them home. Martin was
slight in build and when dressed up as a female actually looked quite appealing.
Mistress Nancy sometimes went along on Martinne's bar hoping excursions to watch
unobserved. She enjoyed this very much. The whole scenario would be worked out
ahead of time. No matter if Martinne picked up a lesbian or a man the routine
was the same. Martinne would first befriend the person and start kissing and
fondling them. "She" would promise oral sex if the person would go out to the
car with her. "She" never had a problem getting takers. The only instruction
given Martinne, which was difficult, was that "she' could not get any
satisfaction. In other words Martin was not allowed to have an orgasm. Mistress
Nancy totally controlled Martin's orgasms which could be once or even twice a
day or months apart. My first blowjob at The Ranch was from Martinne. It felt
great and I had no idea that Martinne was really Martin.

One of the few things that Mistress Nancy's daughter enjoyed was to order Martin
around. She treated him poorly. He seemed to be more her slave than anyone
else's. He was not her sex slave but rather a servant who not only did all the
housework but also kept track of the daughter and kept her room clean and did
her laundry. On rare occasions Mistress Nancy used Martin in her sessions. He
craved orgasms and when he was good, visiting slaves would give him blowjobs. In
fact during my first visit to The Ranch I gave Martin a blowjob. I was
blindfolded at the time tied spread eagle to ring bolts in the floor. Mistress
Nancy told me to be a good slave and keep my mouth open. Before long I felt
commotion around me and then a small bell entered my mouth, and then what felt
like a penis. I was told to suck while the penis moved in and out of my mouth.
It was a long but narrow penis which had a bell attached to it. Martin's penis
was pierced to which Mistress Nancy attached a small bell no more than 1\2 inch
in diameter. I had no problem getting it all in my mouth. With the attached bell
it was impossible for Martin to have normal intercourse. His only orgasm could
come from masturbation or oral sex and Martin enjoyed both. He did not miss
intercourse. Of course at the time I did not know that I was sucking Martin's
cock. He came after only fifteen minutes and I was amazed at the quantity of
fluid that came out of such a small penis. Mistress Nancy made me swallow all of
it and there might have been some urine mixed in with the sperm because there
was so much of it. I was later told that this was his first orgasm in about a
month. All in all Mistress Nancy was very good to Martin, certainly nicer than
her daughter was to him.

It was not till I visited The Ranch much later for a two-night stay that I
discovered that Martinne was Martin. When I arrived Mistress Nancy was watching
TV with Martinne. I was immediately told to disrobe and get my head between
Martinne's legs. She had great legs and pretty feet with red toenail polish. It
got very excited because this was the first time I thought I was going to have a
sexual experience with Martinne. I took off my clothes and sat on the floor with
my back to the TV. As Martinne pulled up her dress I was more than surprised at
what I saw between her legs. She was not wearing any underwear. I saw a small
long penis with a bell attached to a small ring that was attached to a pierced
penis. I immediately remembered the penis I had to suck a few months ago.
Martinne nonchalantly made "herself' comfortable and stuck the penis into my
mouth. It was soft but quickly got hard. What was funny was that even as it got
hard it did not get much bigger. I sat in stunned silence as the two of them
talked and watched TV. I could even hear others enter the room with no one
paying any attention to me. This must have been a normal occurrence at The
Ranch. I had Martin's penis in my mouth for four hours. Every time the penis
even got close to leaving my mouth Martin would grab my head and pull it hard
between his legs. He later told me that if the penis left my mouth for even a
moment both of us would have been severely punished. During that four-hour
period Martin peed twice and had two orgasms. I did not have to move my head
because Martin was almost constantly massaging his penis while it was in my
mouth. This was by far a new experience for me.

In conclusion, I would again like to emphasize that the following story is
essentially true even though the sequence of events were not necessarily in the
order presented. Names of course have been changed as well. The Ranch did have
the policies as described herein and at least four slaves were present at all
time. Mistress Nancy liked to have equal numbers of female and male slaves
present but that was not always possible because there seem to be more male than
female slaves that "have come out of the closet".  I also witnessed slaves drank
an incredible amount of urine and sperm but I never saw anyone get sick. There
was some diahria but there was an ample supple of Kaopectat on hand. Males and
females were constantly interchanged and after a while one's sex did not matter.
Mistress Nancy did derive pleasure in making straight slaves engage in
homosexual activities and homosexual slaves in straight activities. Slaves came
in all shapes and ages and cultures. I saw slaves and Masters and Mistresses
from eighteen to seventy. From absolutely drop dead gorgeous to down right ugly.
I even saw celebrities at The Ranch. Most visitors stayed for a few days but
most were encouraged to stay for at least a week. No one could come for just a
few hours. Mistress Nancy was the only true 24/7 dominant I have ever known. I
don't know how she did not tire from this routine, but she did not. Even her
wild mother was not a 24/7 dominant, though she did make up for her off times
when she was "on duty". 

So please enjoy this most incredible tale. It is not for the squeamish. As much
as the reader might wonder if some of the things described herein actually
happened, I can assure the reader that at this very moment somewhere someone is
doing something even more outrageous.

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