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At My Brother-in-law's Mercy

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Synopsis: A brother in law blackmails her into becomming his sex slave.
At My Brother-in-law's Mercy, Part 1

To understand my predicament you have to understand one thing: I love my
husband very, very much. I would do anything to make him happy. We've
been happily married for six years. My husband, John, has his own
buisness and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job. Ian has been
abroad for the past three years. He was living with his girlfriend in
Denmark but they split up and he decided to come back to England. John
has always worshiped Ian and at once offered him a job and our spare
room. This was the first time I had met Ian and he seemed pleasent
enough. It's easy to see the family resemblance but whereas my husband
is as open and honest as daylight, Ian has a more crueler and secretive
cast to his features. Although they both work together they don't
always go to work together. One of their major clients lives in the
city about an hour's drive away and likes to have either early morning
or late evening meetings. This means that around three times a week my
husband has to either leave at seven in the morning or come home around
eight in the evening.

Yesterday was one of the mornings he had to leave early. He tried to
get up without disturbing me, as usual, but I was already awake. When
he noticed he came back to kiss me and with very little presuading
returned to bed to make love to me. The only thing in our marriage that
isn't perfect is our sex life. For some reason my husband can't bring
me to orgasm. We've tried various different methods but now we just
accept it. Sometimes he helps me use a vibrator or watches me
masturbate but it's become that we just accept that he is the only one
who will orgasm. I don't mind since it feels pleasureable and I love
giving him pleasure. Once John had left I was still turned on so I got
my vibrator and used that to bring myself to climax. We try to be quiet
about our lovemaking as Ian is in the next room but he has never said

I was almost asleep again when I felt a cool draft as the covers were
lifted. For a moment I thought John had returned for some reason but
when I rolled over I could see in the dim light creeping under the
curtains that it was Ian lying next to me in the bed. I was still
befuddled with drouwsiness and before I could react he was laying on top
of me. The feel of his naked flesh on mine quickly brought me to a
realisation of the situation and I tried to push him away. He grinned at
me and hooked his hands under my shoulders and let me struggle. His
weight was pressing me down into the matterass and I couldn't move him.
Even worse, the more I struggled, the more I became aware that he was

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"That's a stupid question," he said. "What do you think I'm doing. I'm
horny and I'm bored with jerking off. I want a nice juicy cunt so I came
in here."

"I'm your sister-in-law!" I said. "You can't do this to me."

"Who's going to stop me?" he asked. "There's no one else here. You can
scream if you want but I don't see anyone breaking in to save you. And
as you can see I'm much stronger than you."

"If you rape me I'll report you to the police," I told him.

"Well you could do that. But how is John going to feel if you do that?"

"What do you mean?"

"I think if you claim I raped you John would be devastated. His wife and
his brother. And he wouldn't know who to believe, especially after I
tell him how you seduced me. Even if he does try to believe you he would
never be sure. I would, of course, describe in great detail how you
came, something you never do with him. Oh yes, if you tell him I think
you might just ruin his life." There was nothing I could say. Every word
was true.

"Don't you care about John?" I asked at last. "You don't really want to
hurt him like that."

"I won't be the one hurting him, you will be. I just want to fuck. If
you don't say anything, no one will get hurt."

"Except me."

"Oh I'll make sure you have a good time," he said, and then he kissed
It wasn't a nice gentle kiss like John's kisses are. Instead he ground
his mouth roughly against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. He
pushed his tongue in and out of my mouth while his hips pushed against
mine in a similar rymthm. I tried again to throw him off and this time I
managed to get him half off me. I tried to sramble out of the bed but he
caught me and threw me back down. He grabbed my knees and forced them
apart, wedging his torso in between my thighs. I could feel some of the
coarse hairs around his belly button tickling my clit. With my legs
splayed his skin was pressed against my pussy. I was still wet from the
orgasm I had had with the vibrator and I knew he could feel it. I pushed
and thumped him with my fists but he ignored my struggles and grabbed my
breasts. He wasn't anymore gentle with them than he had been with my
mouth. He squeezed and kneaded them but to my shame my nipples grew
hard. He twisted them between his fingers and I gave an involuntary
moan. He began sucking them each in turn into his mouth, ocasionally
blowing across them first. The warm heat of his mouth felt so good I
soon forgot to struggle. He would cruelly graze my nipple with his
tongue, then gently swirl his tongue across it. The sensations he
produced were so pleasureable I was moaning and tugging at his hair to
encourage him and I was instinctively thrusting my hips aginst him. He
paused and looked triumphantly at me and I realised what I was doing.

"You've got great tits, sister-in-law," he said. "I've been looking at
them for ages wondering what they would be like. They're not massive but
they're just the right size. And you've got the biggest nipples I've
ever seen."

I began to fight him again, even shouting and screaming for help. He
just laughed and started squeezing my breasts again, nipping and biting
them and trying to suck the entire mound into his mouth. He even
squeezed them hard together and tried to get them both in his mouth at
once. Although he was being rough he was still somehow giving me
pleasure and it was difficult to keep resisting him.

Taking me by surprise he suddenly turned round and knelt over me. His
head was now between my thighs and his cock was swinging in my face. It
looked so different to John's Ians was noticeably shorter and thicker
and a much darker red in colour. At the thought of it plunging into me I
felt a thrill of mingled terror and antcipation that produced a flood of
moisture between my legs. The next moment I stiffened in shock as Ian's
mouth dived on my pussy and bagan sucking and licking. His hands were on
my thighs, forcing them wide apart so I was completely open and at his
mercy. He didn't show any mercy though, as he relentlessly used his
tongue, first on my clit, then in my cunt. He flicked and swilred and
jabbed with it, and even used his teeth on my clit in a similar fashion
to the way he had treated my nipples. I was still shouting and thrashing
around on the bed but I no longer knew if it was fron fear or pleasure.
Then the mindlessness of an orgasm swept through me and my body shook
under a torrent of pleasure such as I had never known. I was limp when
it had gone but Ian hadn't finished with me yet.

He turned back round and, grabbing my hips, thrust his cock deep into my
cunt. I don't know how to describe the sensation. He seemed to fill and
stretch me. I could feel him throbbing deep inside me and it seemed to
echo the tremors still shaking me. He began to relentlessly thrust into
me, seeming to go deeper each time. I could feel another orgasm
beginning as he fucked me harder and harder. Then I came, my back
arching off the materass. I was dimly aware that he was coming to,
pumping deep inside me.

He collasped on top of me, both our bodies trembling and covered in
sweat. At last he stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me
sprawled on the bed.

When he had left to go to the office I had a long shower and changed the
bed. I tried to forget what had happened but the remaining tremors in my
body wouldn't let me. I knew I wouldn't say anything to John, or the
police. I had no proof and I was too afraid that John might ask me at
some point if I had enjoyed it. He can always tell when I'm lying so I
wouldn't be able to deny the pleasure I had found in being fucked by his
brother. So I have been pretending that nothing happened. Until tonight.
John has another early morning meeting tomorrow and Ian just whispered
in my ear:

"I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning, bright and early.
I'm getting hard already."

I wish I could believe he was joking but I don't think he is. I'm afraid
he's going to fuck me again tomorrow and there's nothing I can do about

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 2

I lay awake all night, trying to think what to do. I couldn't help
remembering the last time my brother-in-law had raped me. I'd tried
hard to forget it had ever happened but it had been difficult. Now he
was threatening to do it again. I had to find some way to stop him.

The alarm went off at six and my husband rolled out of bed and went to
the bathroom. By the time he returned I had come up with a plan. He
was quietly getting dressed when I startled him by saying

'John, could I come with you this morning?'

'I'm sorry, baby, did I wake you up?' he asked, 'I was trying to be as
quiet asI could.'

'No, I was already awake.'

'Oh, OK. Now what's this about coming with me? You couldn't come to
the meeting. What would you do for half an hour? Just sit in the car?'

'Yes, or go for a walk or something. I just thought it would be nice to
have some time together with just the two of us.'

'It does sound like a nice idea. If you're sure you want to I'd love
it. You'd best get a move on though, I have to leave in ten minutes.'

By the time John dropped me back at the house I was feeling very pleased
with myself. I had had a lovely time with my husband and I had foiled
any plans of Ian's to rape me. Hopefully he would get the message that
I wouldn't co-operate with his perverted scheme.

The two men returned home together and I could tell at once that Ian was
furious with me. The first chance he got to speak to me alone he
grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his.

'You are going to regret avoiding me this morning. You are going to
regret it very much.'

'I'm not scared of you, you bastard.' I told him.

'Well that shows what a stupid bitch you are, doesn't it.' he snarled,
and he cruelly twisted my nipples before pushing me away. I tried to
tell myself he was just threatening me because he was annoyed but I soon
found out he meant every word.

About three days later I was just finishing dusting the sitting room
when I heard the front door open and close. It was about the time the
men usually returned home from work so I headed to the hall to welcome
my husband. The next moment my brother-in-law came through the sitting
room door and grabbed my arms and bent me over the back of the sofa.

'What the hell are you doing?' I cried, trying to struggle free.
'Where's John?'

'He's had to go into the city for a meeting. It's just you and me,
babe.' Ian told me.

I tried to struggle even harder but it was impossible. He shifted me so
that my feet were no longer on the ground. All my weight was on my
stomach which had the sofa back digging into it, making it hard to
breath. He fumbled open my bra and pulled it and my top over my head
and tangled them around my arms. The he pushed my skirt up around my
waist and ripped my knickers off. I tried to kick him but he just
forced hi way between my thighs so I couldn't get the right angle. He
then smacked me hard on my exposed bottom. I cried out with the pain,
which made him laugh and smack me several more times. When he stopped
my bottom was stinging and I was gulping back tears. He reached forward
and grabbed my hair, twisting my head so he could look into my face.

'That's your punishment for avoiding me. Don't do it again. Now guess
what's going to happen.' For a moment I had a wild hope that he was
going to let me go. He must have been able to tell because he gave a
loud laugh.

'I'm going to fuck your brains out bitch.' he snarled. He let go of my
hair and grabbed my legs, pushing them apart. He used his thumbs to
spread my pussy lips wide, then he drove his cock into me in one brutal
movement. I was completely unprepared and it felt like he was ripping
me apart. I screamed and tried desperately to get away but it was
impossible. He pulled back and slammed ruthlessly back into me,
chuckling when I screamed again. He reached forward and found my
breasts and began squeezing and pinching them in time to his relentless
thrusts. I could hear myself crying and begging him to stop but all I
was conscious of was the feel of his cock stretching my cunt as he
pounded away. Then to my horror I began to feel tendrils of pleasure,
beginning from my breasts and rapidly spreading to my cunt. Some part
of me was enjoying being used like this. I tried to fight it but it
just seemed to intensify the feelings that were a strange mixture of
pain and pleasure. I didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed
when he came.

I lay across the sofa back, exhausted and ashamed. I could still feel
small twitches through my muscles and knew that I had almost come. I
felt Ian pull out of me then heard him walking round the sofa. He
grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, thrusting his cock in my face.

'Clean me up.' he ordered.

'What?' I exclaimed, unable to believe he meant it. His cock was still
semi-hard and covered with cum. My hands were still twisted up my back
and entangled in my clothes and my feet were off the ground so I was
helpless to move.

'Lick my cock clean, bitch. You'd better hurry or some of it's going to
drip on your sofa. Won't that make a nice stain?' To my horror he was
right. I had no choice but to comply with his orders. I had
occasionally given my husband a blow-job but it wasn't something I
particularly enjoyed. Reluctantly I began to lick at Ian's cock,
cleaning the juices off. The taste was just as bad as I remembered but
it soon became obvious that Ian was enjoying it very much. His cock
gradually became hard again and soon he was holding my head still and
thrusting it into my mouth. He pushed harder and further until it felt
as if I was going to choke. I moaned and tried to pull away but he was
holding me too tightly. My moans drew his attention though and he

'I was getting a bit carried away there wasn't I?' he asked. 'I'm glad
you stopped me. After all we're not finished yet.' Before I had chance
to comprehend what he was saying he had walked back round the sofa and
pulled me to my feet. My legs were weak and trembling and I staggered
and had to hold onto him to steady myself. He took advantage of my
momentary dizziness to completely remove the rest of my clothes and drag
me into the hall. He pushed me up against the closed kitchen door and
took his own clothes off.

'Just to make sure you understand the situation, I'll explain a few
things for you. I'm still horny and I want to fuck again. However
since I've just come it's going to take longer this time for me to get
off. Your husband is going to be coming through that door in just over
half an hour. I'm not stopping until I've come. So unless you want the
first thing your husband to see when he walks through the door is his
beloved wife and brother fucking like rabbits I suggest you do
everything you can to bring me to orgasm.' To my horror I realised he
was serious. I tried to think of someway out of my predicament but I
was trapped.

'Please don't.' I whispered, 'please.'

'Begging isn't going to change my mind but it my turn me off, you don't
want that after you did such a good job of sucking me off do you. Come
on, let's get fucking. After all time's ticking away.'

Reluctantly I co-operated as he lifted me up against the door and slid
his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung to his
shoulders as he supported me by holding my bottom. To my shame it felt
wonderful. My cunt was still slick with his cum so he slid in easily.
This time the stretching felt wonderful, like I was being completely
filled. With my back braced against the door we began to move together.
I could feel the pleasure start up again inside me and struggled to hide
it. My clit was pressed against his skin and every movement rubbed
against it with occasionally a stray hair adding an extra sensation. I
closed my eyes and tried not to moan with pleasure.

'Give me a tit.' he ordered me. Flushing with humiliation I used a
hand to push my breast close to his mouth. He smirked at me, enjoying
my embarrassment, before attacking my nipples with his mouth. He wasn't
gentle but he was through, tugging it deep into his mouth before using
his tongue and teeth on it. It was all I needed to send me over the
edge. My hips moved faster and my nails dug into his back as I
orgasmed. My cunt clenched around his fat cock and I could hear myself
gasping and shouting out loud. Gradually the spasms slowed and I opened
my eyes to see Ian smirking knowingly at me. He was still hard and he
kept thrusting away. He removed a hand from my bottom so I had to cling
even closer to him and began to massage my clit.

'You are such an easy lay.' he said, make me flush with shame. 'Give me
that other tit, lets see how quickly you'll come again.' Even as I
compiled I could feel my insides tightening again. It felt like only
moments before I was coming, shouting as he thrust in time with my
spasms. My orgasm lasted even longer this time and still he hadn't

This time when I had finished he pulled out of me and went to sit on the
stairs. He beckoned me over and made me straddle him. He pushed on my
hips until I lowered them enough to impale my cunt on his fat cock. We
were right next to the window and anyone coming down the path would have
a clear view of us. At the back of my mind I knew time was running out
before my husband came home. My whole body seemed concentrated on the
waves of pleasure that were centred on my pussy. I didn't need much
encouragement to begin to ride him, sliding his cock in and out of my
eager cunt. He had easy access to my breasts and I encouraged him with
little moans and gasps, as he played with them, thrusting them deeper
into his mouth. The rougher he was the more I seemed to enjoy it and I
came twice more before eventually he grabbed my hips and came himself,
thrusting savagely into me.

I lay against him as the sweat cooled on our bodies and the full shame
of my behaviour hit me. I scrambled up, collected my clothes and ran
upstairs to the bathroom. I was scrubbing furiously at my body when Ian
strolled in. He was naked still with his clothes draped over his arm.

'Well bitch, I told you I'd teach you a lesson. The next time John goes
to work early I expect to find you laying in that bed with your legs
wide open ready to be fucked.' He turned and walked away leaving me
ashamed and desperate thinking how to escape from this situation.

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 3

After my last humiliating encounter with my brother-in-law I'd tried to
avoid him. I felt violated and ashamed, especially about the way I had
responded to him. My husband noticed I wasn't myself but I fobbed off
with the excuse that I had a touch of 'flu. Then, just to complicate
matters, my husband made love to me one night and for the first time
brought me to orgasm. Our love-making was nothing like Ian's assaults
on my body and my orgasm was on a fraction of the ones I had experienced
with Ian. Nethertheless it was special because it was with my husband.
He was so pleased and proud that he had at last managed to give me an
orgasm but a little voice at the back of my mind wondered if Ian's rape
had contributed something to this.

I knew if John ever found out about Ian raping me that would be the
conclusion he would draw and it was one more reason why I could never
tell him about Ian's attacks. Neither was there any possible way I
could go to the police without John finding out. I wasn't physically
strong enough to fight Ian off. I began working out every day at the
gym to try and build muscle but Ian was taller and heavier than I and it
was unlikely I'd ever be able to win against him. I casually suggested
to my husband that I should start taking self defence lessons of some
kind. He wasn't opposed to the idea until we went to look at some of
the clubs. They all seemed to be in rough areas and more geared towards
teaching people to injure each other rather than defend yourself. Then
Ian heard what we were looking into and offered to teach me the basics
at home. He claimed to have taken classes in several different martial
arts for several years so that was the end of that idea. I was still
trying to think of a way out of my situation when Ian attacked again.

I hadn't realised that John had another of his early morning meetings
until I heard the front door closing and realised he wasn't besides me
in bed. I was still half asleep and it hadn't sunk in before the
bedroom door crashed open and Ian hit the light switch. Dazzled by the
sudden light I was to busy shielding my eyes to fully comprehend the
situation by which time Ian had tossed the covers aside and had my
t-shirt pushed over my head. He attacked my breasts like he was
starving and they were the first food he had seen in days. I began
struggling and thumping him but he easily brushed my blows away and
continued. Already my body was responding, my nipples hardening and my
insides tightening.

Desperately I brought my knee up with all my strength. It caught him in
the stomach and he momentarily rolled off me, gasping for breath. I
somehow scrambled out of the bed and half ran half fell down the stairs.
I heard Ian's roar of anger and could hear his feet thudding down the
stairs behind me. I fled into the kitchen and grabbed my biggest knife
from the block on the side. I whirled round and as Ian came towards me
jabbed it at him. He stopped and quickly stepped back out of reach.
For a moment things were at an impasse. I held onto the counter-top
while I tried to get my breath back, the knife gripped tight in my hand.
I could see him thinking but I was totally unprepared for what he did
next. He took a step forward until the knife tip was resting against
his chest and grinned at me.

'If you want to use that knife, go ahead. However you're going to have
to seriously injure me to stop me fucking you. In fact you'll probably
have to kill me. How are you going to explain that away. And even if
you just cut me you'll still have to explain to John why. If he asks me
you know I'll tell him the truth, or at least my version of it. Is that
really what you want?' I started at him like a memorised rabbit. If he
had attacked me I would probably defended myself with the knife in the
heat of the moment. But he had calmed the situation down and made me
look at the consequences.

'Come on decide.' he demanded and moved my hand so the knife was
resting against his throat. 'Either kill me or put the knife down and
come upstairs.' Feeling more trapped than ever I slowly put the knife
down on the counter and let him lead me back to the bedroom. There
seemed little point in resisting him when he pushed me down on the bed
and dived between my legs. He used his mouth on my clit and cunt but
somehow my whole body felt numb with despair. It felt as if he was
doing it to someone else and I was just watching. He didn't seem to
notice and soon he positioned me on my hands and knees and began fucking
me from behind. He had barely started when the sound of the front door
being unlocked jerked me back to an awareness of my surroundings. For
some reason John had returned. I couldn't let him walk in and find me
being fucked by his brother. I quickly pulled away from Ian and hurried
into the hall. John must have heard my footsteps and he put his head
round the corner of the stairs and looked up at me. I leant over the
banister, striving to appear normal.

'Morning darling,' John whispered, 'I didn't mean to wake you. Can you
believe it, I forgot my briefcase.'

'Won't you be too late for your meeting now?' I whispered back. Out of
the corner of my eye I saw Ian quietly walking towards me. I tried to
concentrate on John's explanation of how he had phoned to explain and
the meeting was still on. Ian had reached the hall and sunk to his
knees besides me. He put his hands on my thighs and began forcing them
apart. I tried to stop him but I was more concerned with John not
noticing something was wrong. I gave some reply to John's explanation
but most of my attention was on Ian. He had succeeded in opening my
legs and was now using his tongue to torment my cunt while his fingers
played with my clit. I tried to concentrate on what John was saying but
it was so difficult. I wanted to squirm and moan and the pleasure being
generated by Ian's assault on my pussy fizzed through me. Then to my
alarm I realised that John was coming up the stairs to kiss me goodbye.
I leaned further over the banisters to kiss him so he wouldn't come to
the top and see what his brother was doing, even though this gave Ian
even more access to my pussy. John smiled as my breasts swung towards
him and he caressed them gently as he kissed my mouth. It was too much
and I couldn't help giving a moan. John was surprised and pleased by my
response and gave each nipple a gentle kiss. I moaned again as my
nipples hardened and Ian intensified his actions on my pussy. John
nuzzled my breasts some more, whispering the intimate things husbands
and wives say when they're making love, before kissing me again. I
kissed him back desperately, aware that I was close to the edge of

'I wish I could stay and play,' John whispered reluctantly, 'but I'm
already late and I have to go. We'll go to bed early tonight and fool
around, OK. Now you'd better hurry back to bed before we wake Ian up.
Think how embarrassed you would be if he came out here and caught you
with no clothes on.' He gave me one last kiss and caress of my breasts,
unaware that his brother had two fingers pounding in and out of my cunt
while he sucked on my clit. I didn't know if I was glad or sorry to see
John go. The moment the door closed behind John Ian stood up and pushed
his cock into my dripping cunt. I braced myself against the banister
and met every thrust. I dimly heard our car start up as the first wave
of orgasm hit me. Ian came too and collapsed against me.

I could feel him laughing against me but I was beyond caring. Even
though I had just come it wasn't enough. When Ian pushed me to my knees
and shoved his cock in my face I didn't hesitate. I went to work
licking and sucking, needing it hard again. I didn't make even token
resistance when Ian led me back to the bed and pulled me on top of him.
I rode him like a wild animal, grinding my clit against him and impaling
my cunt repeatedly on his cock as orgasm after orgasm hit me. At last
the orgasms grew shorter and I collapsed on the bed, hardly aware of
whether Ian had come again or not.

'Well you're starting to get the hang of this fucking business, aren't
you.' Ian said, sounding very smug. 'Are we going to have an end of
this fighting me off now?'

'What do you mean?' I asked wearily.

'Well I'm getting tired of having to fight you before I fuck you. I
want you to do what I say from now on without arguments or resistance.
If you don't I'll tell John exactly what happened today. I'll tell him
that while he was kissing his beloved wife I had my tongue up her cunt
and five minutes later we fucking each other senseless.'

'I've had enough of you and your threats.' I said, dredging up some
defiance from somewhere. 'Go ahead and tell him what you want. I'll
tell him you're making the whole thing up because you're jealous of our
happiness after the mess you made of your relationship. I think he'll
believe me.' Ian slapped me hard across the face, knocking me across
the bed. He grabbed my hair, pulling me close to his face.

'Listen you little bitch, he'll believe me. I could hear every word he
said to you, include all his little pet names for your tits and your
cunt. How are you going to explain that away?' He had trapped me again
with his logic. Still I was trying to think of a way out.

'You want me to let you rape me without fighting you?' I asked slowly
while thinking as fast as I could.

'Is it still rape when you enjoy it so much like the slut you are?' he
asked, sneering at me.

'If I don't want you to do it then it's rape.' I snapped back. 'What
do I get out of this deal?'

'Apart from me not spilling the beans to John and about five or six
orgasms every time we fuck? What else do you want?'

'I'll co-operate on the condition that you move out within a month.' I
told him. Once he was no longer living here I knew it would be easy
enough to make sure I was never alone with him again. It was the only
way out of the situation I could see.

'I think I can live with that. You be my sex slave and I'll be out by
the end of the month. Deal.'

'Deal' I agreed.

'OK. From now on when John goes to work early I expect you to crawl
into my bed and wake me up by sucking my cock. The first thing I want
to see when I open my eyes is your pussy. Got it? No more arguing and
fighting, you just do what I say from now on. Now come suck me clean,
I'm going to be late.' Hoping desperately that I had done the best
thing possible I obeyed.

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 4

I didn't know how to look John in the face when he returned that
evening. When he suggested we get an early night all I could see was
the smirk on Ian's face. My face still felt sore from when Ian had
slapped me and I was so tired. It was difficult to raise any enthusiasm
for more sex. John made love to me slowly and gently. He stroked his
hands along my body, each touch a gentle caress reminding me how much I
loved him. Afterwards he held me close and told me how much he loved me
and I knew I was so lucky to have him. For his sake I could endure his
brother's abuse for four weeks.

Nether-the-less I was dreading the next time my husband had to go to an
early morning meeting. It didn't happen for a few days and the tension
of waiting got to me. I was irritable and spent long hours down the gym
trying to work my tensions away. Eventually John told me one evening
that he had an early morning meeting the next day. I saw the self
satisfied grin on Ian's face and wished wholeheartedly I could slap it

I lay in bed pretending to be asleep as John got dressed and left. I
waited until I heard the car start up and pull away before reluctantly
going into Ian's bedroom. He seemed to be asleep but there was no real
way to tell. Following his instructions I crept into bed besides him.
I knelt across his shoulders and felt around under the covers until I
located his cock. It was soft and wrinkled. I sucked it into my mouth
but it was difficult to keep it in because it was so floppy.
Fortunately it started to get hard. I concentrated on sucking it,
sliding it in and out of my mouth as it hardened. I heard Ian give a
small grunt, then his hands were on my bottom and I knew he was
definitely awake.

It was hard to breathe under the covers and I had to keep swallowing
hard so I didn't dribble onto him. He was pushing my hips, urging me to
move faster. He was thrusting upwards with his hips, driving his cock
so far into my mouth I started to gag. His hands were between my
thighs, his thumb rubbing my clit and a finger stabbing at my cunt. I
could feel myself starting to get wet and respond to him. I didn't want
that. I went to work faster on his cock. I sucked as hard as I could
and ran my tongue around the head. Pre-cum was oozing out of it and it
tasted horrible but I kept going. I was hoping that if I made him come
soon enough he wouldn't have time to get me aroused. My breasts were
grazing against his stomach each time I lurched forward and the friction
against my sensitive nipples was exquisite torture. My legs were
starting to tremble and I was finding it harder to resist when I felt
his body tense. I knew he was about to come and tried to pull back but
he put one hand on my head and the other on my back and held me down
while he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I felt it jerk as he came
and my mouth was flooded with his cum. It was thick and tasted even
worse than the pre-cum. I struggled to get away but he held me there
until he finished coming. As soon as he released me I sat up,
spluttering and trying to spit out the cum I hadn't swallowed. It had
overflowed all over my chin and neck leaving a sticky trail.

For some reason Ian seemed annoyed instead of pleased that I had obeyed
him. He grabbed my hair and pulled me close while he shouted at me.

'What the hell do you think you're doing, bitch? You swallow all my
spunk and say thank you. I don't ever want to see you spit it out
again. Do you understand? Go get something to clean up the mess you've
made. You've got it all over me and the sheet.'

I hurried into the bathroom and returned with tissues and a cloth. He
glared at me while I mopped up as much as I could from the sheet and
wiped his body clean. When I disposed of the tissue down the toilet I
took the opportunity to clean myself up and brush my teeth to try to get
rid of the lingering taste. I didn't realise Ian had entered the
bathroom before he grabbed my shoulder and span me round to face him.

'You don't learn do you, you stupid cow. I didn't say you could clean
yourself up. And I told you that you have to be grateful when I fill
your mouth with spunk, not try to get rid of it. I'm going to have to
teach you a lesson.'

He grabbed hold of me and dragged me back to the bed. He sat down and
pulled me face down across his knees. He forced one hand between my
legs. His fingers found my clit and began tweaking it while his thumb
easily slid into my cunt, which was still wet from his earlier
attentions. Then he began smacking me. Each time his hand landed on my
bottom he thrust his thumb deep inside me. The wave of pain from my
bruised skin was strangely echoed by the wave of pleasure coming from my
pussy. I moaned and squirmed not knowing which hand was causing the
strongest sensation. My breasts were pressed against the bedcover and
as I squirmed my nipples hardened, adding to the sensations colliding in
my body. The blows on my bottom were hard and stinging and I knew my
skin must be red. I didn't know if I was trying to pull away from the
smacks or if I was trying to push down on the thumb. Inevitably an
orgasm hit me and I screamed as it shuddered through my body.

Ian pushed me off his knee as I collapsed limp and exhausted. I was
half knelt on the floor, half-lying on the bed. He crouched behind me
and positioned his cock against my pussy lips. Then he plunged into me,
his balls slapping against my clit. He kneaded my sore bottom as he
pounded his cock into my cunt and I could hear myself whimpering. I had
forgotten just how fat his cock was and how it stretched my cunt. He
shoved his hands under me and found my breasts. The way he kneaded them
as they were squashed against the bed was painful so I raised myself up
on my elbows. He gave a grunt of satisfaction and went to work on my
breasts. He pulled and pinched my nipples roughly but perversely by
body enjoyed it. Another orgasm hit me and I bit hard on my lip to keep
from yelling out loud. Still he hammered his cock into my cunt. I
could hear my pussy juices squelching as he rammed in and out and feel
them trickling between my swollen lips and clit. Another orgasm took me
and still he kept going. At last I felt him stiffen and jerk inside me.
It was enough to trigger another orgasm for me and our gasps and moans
mingled together as our juices mingled in my cunt.

He pulled off me and gave me a final slap on my reddened bottom. He
pulled on a dressing gown and went downstairs. I could hear him
watching TV while he ate his breakfast. I crept into the bathroom on
trembling legs, cursing my body's betrayal. I went back to my own bed
and curled up on top of the bed, hating the quivers I could still feel
inside me.

Ian came upstairs and found me there.

'Come on, I want you to wash me,' he ordered. Reluctantly I followed
him into the bathroom and stepped into the bath with him. He turned the
shower on and pulled me under the spray. 'Get your tits all soapy and
rub it onto me,' he ordered. Obediently I worked up some lather and
worked it into my breasts. Then I began rubbing his body. My skin was
still sensitised and the combination of the slick soap and his rough
body hair drove me crazy. I moaned and pressed myself close against
him. He guided me around his upper body, clearly enjoying himself. I
used the soap to renew the lather then he pushed me to my knees. I ran
his legs up and down my cleavage with his co-operation. His foot was
between my thighs and I realised I was grinding my pussy against it.
Ashamed I straightened up. I began to stand again but Ian made me sit
on the side of the bath. He placed his cock between my breasts,
squeezed them around it and began thrusting.

'Lick the head,' he groaned as he pumped. Each time the fat purple head
popped out from between my breasts I swiped my tongue across it. The
flow of water from the shower and the soap from my skin combined to
combat the taste of the pre-cum. His thumbs were rubbing across my
nipples as he regularly squeezed my breasts in time with each thrust of
his hips. I found myself thinking that I would have to try this with
John and immediately felt ashamed. I wasn't supposed to enjoy Ian's
treatment of me.

Before I had a chance to sort out my confused thoughts Ian jerked me to
me feet. He looped my knee over his arm and pushed me up against the
wall. His cock slid into my eager cunt and I braced my free foot
against the bath rim as he settled into a steady rhythm. With my legs
wide spread my clit was fully exposed to the friction of his skin. His
mouth was on my nipples, the heat of it in contrast to the cool water
pattering down on us from the shower. An orgasm crashed through me and
I lost control, bucking wildly against him and yelling out loud, my
nails digging into his shoulders. As soon as one orgasm died another
started and I writhed helplessly against him as his thrusting cock
caused one after another to twist my body until eventually he came and
at last stopped. I slid down and sat on the bottom of the bath as he
finished his shower, lacking the strength to move. By the time he got
out and started towelling himself my breathing had slowed to it's
regular rhythm.

'Well you're starting to get the hang of being my sex slave,' he said

'I'm keeping my end of the bargain,' I reminded him. 'I want to see
some evidence that you're keeping your end.'

'OK, I'll phone some agents today. Are you sure you want me to go?
Who's going to teach you how to fuck if I'm not around, hmm? Who's
going to make you scream when you come for the twentieth time?'

'John and I don't fuck, we make love. And you can make me come as many
times as you like but you'll never know what making love is like. All
you know is fucking. I feel sorry for you.'

He glared at me. 'You're a fucking bitch. I don't give a fuck about
'making love'. Just make sure you spread your legs whenever I tell
you.' I was pleased I'd annoyed him.

'Yes master,' I drawled sarcastically, and laughed as he stamped out of
the bathroom. I might have agreed to let him fuck me but no one said I
had to be nice to him. I just hoped he didn't take his revenge next
time John was away

At My Brother-in-law's Mercy, Part 5

Inevitably an evening arrived when John had to work late.  I sat on the
sofa, tense with nerves, dreading Ian's arrival.  The moment he walked
in it was obvious he was in a bad mood.  He slumped down in a chair and
closed his eyes.  I waited, wondering how his mood was going to effect
his treatment of me.  He opened his eyes and looked at me.

'I've had a horrible day and I don't want any messing about from you.
Get your clothes off and come here and give me a blowjob.  I need some
kind of tension relief.'

Reluctantly I obeyed.  He had kept his side of the bargain so far and I
didn't want to do anything to spoil things.  He had come home with an
armful of estate agents details and told John he was planning to move
out at the end of the month.  John had been upset that he was leaving in
such a short period of time and I tried to imitate his sorrow.  He
confided to me in bed that night that he would like our privacy back but
that he would miss his brother a lot.  I echoed his sentiments
wholeheartedly although I would miss Ian for totally different reasons
from John.  So all I had to do was to get through the next three weeks
and this torment would be over.

With these thoughts running through my head I stripped off my clothes
and dropped to my knees in front of Ian.  I slid his fat cock into my
mouth and began bobbing my head up and down, sucking as hard as I could.

'Try to use a little imagination,' Ian snapped.  'Lick and suck along
the sides and use your tongue on the head.  And be careful with your

I counted to ten mentally and managed not to yell back at him.  I
attempted to follow his directions and soon found myself warming to my
task.  I could tell by Ian's reactions when he was enjoying my actions.
I hadn't realised that there were some many ways to give a man pleasure
using my mouth.  I took notes and decided that the next time John and I
had time to fool around I would experiment a bit to see what he liked.
The pre-cum still tasted disgusting but I found that I could usually
smear it out of the way with my lips before it reached my tongue.  Ian
wasn't speaking or touching me and I could almost forget it was him I
was pleasuring.  I heard his breathing quicken and knew he was about to
come.  Remembering last time I reluctantly slid him as far into my mouth
as I could and tried to swallow.  My mouth was filled with warm cum,
overflowing and dripping down my chin.  It tasted as vile as I
remembered and I struggled not to let my distaste show on my face.

Ian leaned back in his chair with a satisfied look on his face, his cock
rapidly growing limp.

'I'll get some tissue.'  I offered and he made no objection.  I hurried
into the kitchen and as discreetly as possible rinsed my mouth out.
When I returned to the sitting room Ian had the TV on.  I cleaned the
lingering damp traces from him as unobtrusively as possible and
retreated to the sofa.  He seemed to be engrossed in an episode of Star
Trek and I could hardly believe my luck.  I could handle giving him
blowjobs whenever he wanted.  Maybe the novelty of abusing me had worn
off.  Just as I was beginning to relax he spoke.

'I haven't finished with you yet.  Lay down next to the TV and play with
yourself.'  I gaped at him in disbelief.  After his order he had gone
back to watching activities on the Enterprise.  Reluctant to annoy him I
unwillingly crawled over to the TV.  I slid my hand between my legs and
half-heartedly started rubbing my pussy.

'I want to watch,' Ian told me.  'Come on, spread your legs.  I want to
see fingers diving into your cunt and plenty of nipple sucking.'  I knew
better than to argue however strange his orders.  I spread my legs wider
and gently poked a finger inside myself.  I wasn't the slightest bit
turned on but I tried my best.  I had a vague idea of trying to fake an
orgasm and hope that that would satisfy him.  I pushed a breast towards
my face and bent my head so that my tongue could reach the nipple.  The
cool air had made them hard but not responsive.  Somehow being sprawled
out on my sitting room carpet in broad daylight was embarrassing me.
When I played with myself it was in the dark and privacy of my bedroom.
Even without the added tension of Ian watching me I wasn't the slightest
bit aroused.  Even so I preserved as it was still better than Ian raping

'This is a waste of time,' he said impatiently.  'I can't see a thing
for all that hair.  Go get a razor and some water and shave it off.'

'What!'  I squealed, sitting up in shock.  I saw the look on his face
and hurriedly changed my mind about protesting.  I had ached for days
after the last time he had hit me and did not want to repeat the
experience if I could help it.  I fetched a bowl of water, a razor, some
soap and a towel and resumed my position on the carpet.  It wasn't the
easiest task in the world.  My neck and back ached from bending over to
peer between my legs.  The hair wasn't too thick but it was long and
curly and it took several attacks with the razor to clear even a small
space.  I took my time, nervous about the sharp blade near the most
sensitive part of my body.  I was also hoping that if I took long enough
there wouldn't be enough time for Ian to humiliate me anymore before
John returned.  When I glanced up I saw Ian intently watching my every
move, one hand absently stroking his growing cock.  My heart sank but no
matter how slow I was eventually I had finished.  Ian dropped to his
knees next to me on the carpet.

'Lets have a look then,' he said, pushing my knees wider apart.  I could
feel the air on my exposed pussy in a totally new way without the
shelter of my curls.  Ian ran his finger down from my stomach over the
newly shaved area and along a now naked lip.  My skin felt ten times
more sensitive than previously and I could not control the shiver of

'It's so smooth,' Ian marvelled, his fingers exploring further.  He
pulled the lips surrounding my clit apart, examining every inch.  He
moved closer and the next moment I felt his tongue on my clit.  I bit my
lip trying hard not to respond as he worked his way all over my pussy
with his mouth but it was impossible.  Nerve endings I hadn't previously
known existed were now exposed to his exploring tongue.  I could hear
the blood pounding in my ears as I approached orgasm.  Ian plunged his
tongue into my cunt and I came, writhing on the carpet.  He removed his
mouth and instantly thrust his cock into my still spasming cunt.  He
circled his hips, extracting every possible fraction of friction from my
newly shaved skin.  My ebbing orgasm returned in full force and I
twisted beneath his thrusts, the carpet rough against my bottom.  To my
relief he came quickly and withdrew, leaving me trembling on the carpet.

When I regained the strength to move I collected the shaving equipment
and limped upstairs.  Ian was once again absorbed in Star Trek and
hardly noticed me leave.  I took a shower to remove as much of his touch
as I could.  The unfamiliar feel of water on bare skin was extremely
stimulating.  My fingers drifted down of their own accord.  I told
myself that I was just checking I hadn't missed any hairs but I soon
forgot the pretence.  My clit seemed more accessible and sensitive than
ever before and I soon stroked myself to orgasm.  Surprised at myself
and hoping that Ian hadn't heard me I towelled myself dry and began
preparing tea.

I spent the evening wondering how John would react and what explanation
I could offer.  I was tense all evening and relieved when he headed to
bed early.  I pottered around waiting until he was in bed before
beginning to get undressed myself.

'I did something today and I'm not sure if you'll like it,' I told him

'What is it, baby?'  he asked.  'Come on, don't keep me in suspense.'

Shyly I turn round so that he could see.  His eyebrows shot up in
surprise then a slow smile spread across his face.  He sat up and pulled
me closer with an arm around my waist.  He gently dragged his fingertip
across the newly exposed surface and smiled when I shivered reflexively.

'Is that nice?' he asked.  I nodded dumbly.  'What made you decide to do

'I don't know, an impulse I guess,' I lied.

'Well I like it.  I need to explore more to be sure, of course,' he
teased, pulling down besides him on the bed.  The loving caress of his
hands and mouth soon created my fourth orgasm of the day and when he
entered me I came again.  Exhausted but happy I fell asleep in my
husband's arms wondering if I should be grateful to Ian.

Any kind feelings I had towards Ian soon disappeared.  John had to work
late again a few days later.  Ian came hurrying into the house and
pulled me upstairs.

'I'm off out tonight to watch the match down the pub,' he explained,
rapidly removing his clothes.  'Some of the lads are picking me up so I
don't have much time.  I'm really horny though so get those clothes off
and spread your legs.'

Resentfully I obeyed him but not quick enough.  He impatiently pushed my
skirt to the floor and shoved me face down onto the bed.  He used his
fingers to spread my lips then rammed his cock hard into my pussy.  I
cried out involuntarily as his cock forced my cunt to stretch around it.
He took no notice and began rotating his hips, pressing his cock deeper
and deeper inside me.  His hands fumbled under my body to find my
breasts.  I felt his hand on my hair and levered myself up on my elbows
to give him more access before he could yank my hair.  He gave a grunt
of satisfaction and began a vigorous massage of my breasts.  Incredibly
my body began to respond to him.  My cunt was rapidly becoming wet and
my nipples were swelling and hardening.  The material of the bedspread
was rubbing against my clit every time he thrust his cock into me.  My
whimpers of pain rapidly became moans of pleasure as an orgasm built.
Just as the orgasm swept through my body I heard a knock at the door.
Even as I writhed in ecstasy, the room filled with my yells, a panicked
part of brain tried to work out who it could be.

Ian pulled out of me and stuck his head out of the window.  I could
hardly hear the murmur of his voice over the pounding of my blood but I
clearly heard the door open and close.  I pushed myself to my feet but
Ian caught hold of me and pushed me back to the bed, this time on my

'I haven't finished with you yet,' he said, wasting no time plunging
back into me.  His mouth fastened onto a nipple and my back arched in
response as pleasure spread through me.  After only a few thrusts of his
cock I could feel another wave of orgasm take control of my body.  Even
as I cried out and twisted under it's onslaught I realised that someone
was coming up the stairs.  I opened my eyes to see two unknown men
lounging in the doorway.  Ian didn't stop fucking me, looking down at me
with a cruel gleam in his eyes.

'Sorry I'm running a bit late lads,' he said to the new arrivals.  'This
little slut was just begging for a fucking and I could hardly refuse
her, could I?'  I writhed in embarrassment as the strangers' eyes
crawled appreciatively over my body.  Ian pushed himself up on one arm
so more of my body was exposed to their gaze and began rubbing my clit.
His touch started the tremors deep inside me and I tried to move away.
It would be too humiliating to climax with his friends watching.

'Got great tits, hasn't she?'  Ian asked them.  They came further into
the room to get a better look.  'Give her tits a squeeze, makes her go
crazy.'  Ian suggested.  I drew in my breath to make a protest but Ian
gave my clit a cruel nip.  I moaned and saw the look on his face.  The
message was clear; if I didn't co-operate he would hurt me.  He slid his
arms under my knees to spread my legs even wider and increased the
vigour of his thrusts.  His friends were sat on the bed either side of
my head, their hands greedily reaching for my breasts.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself a million miles away from
this humiliation.  It was a mistake.  Deprived of sight my other senses
sharpened.  Two pairs of hands stroked and squeezed my breasts, soon
joined by two mouths tugging at my nipples.  Ian's fat cock was pounding
in and out of my cunt with my legs widespread to maximise the friction
on my clit.  Helpless under their stimulation I came and came again.
With each climax they intensified their attentions.  Overwhelmed by my
body's convulsions I barely realised when they took my hands and wrapped
them around their cocks.  Ian came at last and withdrew and I gradually
regained my senses.

My hands and breasts were spattered with strangers' cum and Ian's was
dripping out of my cunt.  Ian disappeared into the bathroom leaving me
with his two leering friends.  They were both busy cleaning their cocks
with tissue before zipping them back into their trousers.  Ian
reappeared and kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue thrusting inside.
I could see his satisfaction at my humiliation in his eyes.

'Clean this mess up, there's a good girl,' he told me.  'Don't worry,
you may see the guys again this weekend.  I know they'll be pleased to
see you again.'  He gave me a smirk and departed, his friends trailing
after him.

I lay there as the cum dried on my skin, wondering what Ian had planned.
I had totally forgotten that John was away at a conference but obviously
Ian hadn't.  I dreaded to imagine what he had thought up.

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Six

I tried as hard as I could to get John to take me to his conference with
him.  The thought of a whole weekend at Ian's mercy made my skin crawl.
However short of putting my foot down and insisting it didn't seem
practical.  I could have done that but Ian would have heard and then our
agreement would be null and void.  He had a list of flats and houses he
was interested in and he planned to have a look at them the following
weekend and then move in the next.  As I kissed John goodbye Ian put his
arm around me and assured John that he would take very good care of me.
I tried to control the shudder of fear that ran through me at his words
but John was smiling and saying he couldn't think of anyone else he
would be happier to leave me with.  If only he knew the irony of his

The moment John's car pulled away Ian yanked my skirt up and slid his
cock into me.  Pinned against the front door by his thrusts I obeyed his
instructions to remove my top and bra and hold my breasts up to his
mouth.  Despising my body's traitorous response I though hard but was
unable to control the orgasm that swept through me.  Ian watched me come
with a satisfied smirk on his face before concentrating on his own

'We're going to have some fun this weekend,' he promised me, cruelly
tweaking a nipple.  'Number one rule, you are naked at all times unless
I give you something to wear.  Got it?  I'll give you further
instructions as needed.  Knowing better than to give him the
satisfaction of asking his plans I made my way to the bathroom to clean

When I had finished my ablutions I heard Ian calling me from my bedroom.
When I entered I found he had rearranged the furniture to accommodate a
video camera on a tripod and his computer.  He flashed me his by now
familiar evil grin and waited for my comments but I stood dumbly,
refusing to give him the satisfaction.  He was only too eager to explain

'We are going to create an Internet site starring you, my dear
sister-in-law.  And before you protest your identity will be kept
secret.  I've got some temporary hair dye and a mask for you to wear.  I
thought that would add a sense of mystery as well and give our site
something a bit different to stand out from the crowd.  So here you go,
get back in the bathroom and turn your hair red.  I want to get

Reluctantly I obeyed his orders.  If this was the worst ordeal he came
up with I could cope with this weekend quite easily.  My imagination was
obviously a bit more vivid than his.  The nightmares I had been
torturing myself with over the past few days were hopefully going to
remain nothing more than phantasms.  With my normally light brown hair
transformed into bright auburn I looked very different.  Vamp red
lipstick and heavy mascara further added to the transformation.  The
mask Ian gave me was a narrow gold spangled thing that fitted across my
eyes, with large openings for me to see out of.  It didn't really
conceal much of my face but along with everything else it helped to
disguise me.

I discovered that I had underestimated just how humiliating an
experience I was about to endure.  Ian had me pose in a variety of lewd
postures while he directed me.  In addition to the video camera he had a
normal camera that he snapped away with, getting in close to take
intimate shots of me holding my cunt open to the camera's view.  At
first he just had me pose, then he moved onto action shots.  He ordered
me to play with my breasts, then my pussy, urging me to slide my fingers
inside my cunt as he focused on every movement.  Much as I hated it my
body seemed to enjoy the attention and I was well lubricated.  Ian was
naked and was also wearing a similar mask to mine to conceal his
identity as he crossed the video camera's range of view.

He handed me a vibrator and told me to get myself off with it.  It was
difficult with the constant whirr of the camera in the background but I
closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself elsewhere.  I was worried
that I wouldn't manage it and I had no desire to anger him so I was
relieved to feel the orgasm build and take over my body.

Once I had stopped coming Ian took a break to change films.  He set the
normal camera up on another tripod and attached a remote control.  Then
he had me give him a blowjob.  He had hooked the video up to a portable
TV.  The screen was within my field of vision and I watched myself
licking and sucking on Ian's cock.  The woman on the screen didn't look
like me even though I knew it was.  In some strange way it was intensely
erotic to watch and I found myself being more and more turned on.  Once
Ian had come and I had obediently swallowed all the sperm he pumped into
my mouth he gave me a bigger black vibrator and told me to masturbate
again.  The video camera was still feeding through the TV and for the
first time I saw myself orgasm.  I was so aroused I came again and
again, forcing my eyes to stay open as I watched myself.  The result was
that it looked as if I was staring directly into the camera as I
climaxed and it was extremely erotic.  Ian could hardly believe my
co-operation or the pictures he was getting.

After I had come for the fifth time he pulled the vibrator out of my
cunt and replaced it with his mouth.  He had already proved himself
something of an expert at oral sex and with my already high state of
arousal I completely lost control and went crazy.  I could hear myself
moaning and yelling encouragement as my hips bucked enthusiastically and
my fingers twisted in his hair and pushed encouragingly.  I could hardly
tell where one orgasm stopped and another began.  I moaned in protest
when he removed his mouth, then sighed with satisfaction when I felt his
fat cock pushing it's head into my cunt.  He pushed my legs wide apart
and pushed in torturously slowly.

When I found the strength to open my eyes I discovered he had the video
camera in his hand and was intent on filming his cock disappearing and
reappearing out of my slippery cunt.  He pulled apart the lips of my
pussy with one hand and focussed on my clit.  He hardly touched it with
his fingertip before I came.  Relentlessly he brought me to orgasm again
and again, somehow maintained the slow movements of his cock and his
grip on the camera.  At last he reached the limits of his self-control
and he placed the camera back on its stand and returned to the bed to
fuck me hard and fast until he climaxed.  When he had finished I lay
limp and exhausted on the bed without the energy to even close my
sprawled legs.  Ian took the video and made a long slow pan of my
exhausted body, finishing with a long close up shot of my dripping cunt
that was still occasionally spasming.  He finally turned both cameras
off and began to fiddle with his computer, brusquely telling me to make
him something to eat.

Deeply ashamed of the way I had performed for him I crept from the room
on trembling legs.  I took as long as I could preparing the food but
found when I took it up he was still working at the computer.  Obviously
creating a webpage took more work than I had realised.  Relieved at the
respite I returned downstairs and tried to distract myself with some TV.
I must have dozed off, exhausted by my body's exertions, because I awoke
to Ian roughly shaking me.  I trailed after him up the stairs to his
impromptu studio.  He wanted a more or less repeat performance with a
few variations.  Unless you have experienced it you have no idea how
humiliating it can be to be forced to pose provocatively for someone you
despise.  Ian was obviously enjoying himself.  He circled round me
snapping away with his camera yelling things like:

'Stick your tits out more, come on squeeze them together.  Now lick a
nipple, good, good.  Right now pout at the camera, try to look like
you're begging to be fucked.  Yes excellent.  Now bend from the waist.
Spread your legs wider so I get a good shot of your tits.  Now pull your
pussy open.  Oh yes, that's the shot.'

I obeyed his directions like a robot, trying to pretend this was
happening to someone else, some strange red-haired woman with too much
make-up plastered on her face.  Then Ian started fucking me again and I
found it impossible to divorce myself from the proceedings anymore.  He
relentlessly manipulated my body to climax after climax until I was lost
in a never-ending sea of sensation.  At last he stopped and gave me a
patronising slap on my bottom.

'Not a bad afternoon's work.  You're staring to get the hang of this.
But then I always knew you were a slut despite your protests.  All women
are.'  I swallowed hard to control my anger.  I swear if there had been
a knife handy I would have stuck it in him without a second's thought to
the consequences.  Perhaps it was all for the best that there was no
weapon within my reach.  Instead I seethed silently.

'Now go clean yourself up.  There's a fancy-dress dance at one of the
nightclubs tonight.  I picked your costume out myself.'  I showered
quickly, my uneasiness returning.  I had hoped he had planned to work on
his webpage all weekend.  I didn't like the idea of going out in public
with him, even disguised by a costume and dyed hair.  On the other hand
there would hopefully be less scope for him to abuse me if there were
other people around.

When I returned to the bedroom and saw the costume he had chosen I knew
my hopes were foolish.  It was supposed to be a belly dancer's outfit.
There was a flimsy halter-top that did nothing to conceal my nipples.
Over it was a sleeveless cropped jacket.  While it was slightly more
substantial it had no kind of fastening to keep it closed across my
breasts and unless I clutched it together it constantly swung open.  The
trousers were made of the same flimsy material as the halter-top.  There
was a wide embroidered waistband that sat low on my hips.  Each trouser
leg consisted of four separate strips of material that were only
attached to the waistband at the top and an ankle strap at the bottom.
The only underwear Ian allowed me was a flimsy g-string that did not
help me feel any less exposed.  The only part of the costume I liked was
the mask.  It was only another flimsy bit of material, which hung from
my nose and concealed the lower half of my face.  Combined with the
other mask it would at least ensure that no one could recognise me.  Ian
filmed me as I dressed, making me even more self-conscious.  His only
attempt at a costume was to add a cowboy hat to his jeans and shirt.  I
had the ominous feeling that this evening was going to be just as bad as
my nightmares had predicted.

While we waited for the taxi he had ordered to deliver us to the night
club Ian attacked my breasts with his mouth.  By the time the taxi
driver beeped outside I was flushed and gasping and the wet material had
become virtually transparent and was stuck to every curve.  I was
grateful that it was already dark so the neighbours wouldn't see me
leave in this get-up.  The interior light of the taxi gave the taxi
driver a good view though.  His eyes bulged in their sockets and he
twisted round for a better look.  I burned with humiliation and didn't
know where to look while Ian smirked in satisfaction.  He sat behind me
and slid his arms around me to cup my breasts.

'Hasn't she got great tits?' he asked, forcing me to thrust them almost
in the drivers face.  The driver licked his lips, mesmerised by the view
but clearly unsure what to say.

'Yeah, they're great,' he muttered at last.  'Where was it you were
wanting to go?'

'The Blue Lagoon.'  Ian answered, sitting back and pulling me with him.
He continued to suck and squeeze my breasts throughout the journey.  It
was a miracle that we survived without an accident as the taxi driver
spent more time watching our activities in his rear view mirror than
looking at the road.  Some deep hidden part of me seemed to actually
enjoy the fact that my body could invoke such a reaction but I tried to
ignore the fact.

Inside the nightclub the lighting was mercifully dim.  Only when someone
was very close could they notice the transparency of my outfit.  I
relaxed and partially began to enjoy myself.  The generous measures of
alcohol Ian was supplying me with also contributed to my relaxation.  By
the time Ian tugged me onto the dance floor I was feeling a little
light-headed.  I'm not normally a heavy drinker and I more typically
drink wine than sprits.  Still anything that helped to distance me from
my situation was welcome to me.  I was grateful for the support of Ian's
arms around me but you could hardly call what we were doing dancing.  He
had my hips pulled firmly against his so every sway of our bodies rubbed
his burgeoning erection against me.  His hands roamed over my body,
moulding the curves of first my body, then my breasts.  I swayed
passively in his embrace despite his blatant actions until he began
fumbling with his zip.

'What are you doing?'  I yelled in his ear over the pounding of the

'We're going to fuck right here on the dance floor,' he replied, freeing
his cock.  I tried to break away from his grasp but he was too strong.

'You'll get us thrown out or arrested,' I protested.

'Only if you draw attention to us,' he replied, finally freeing his
cock.  It sprang out of his trousers, hard and ready.  It only took a
second for Ian to push my g-string to one side, then his cock was
prodding at the entrance to my cunt.  I glanced around nervously but all
the other couples seemed pretty self-absorbed and no one seemed to be
looking directly at us.

'You're going to have to hook your leg around my waist,' Ian instructed.
I unwillingly obeyed and with the aid of his hands lifting my bottom we
achieved the right angle and his cock slid in.  Neither of my feet were
any longer on the ground and I was entirely supported by his hands on my
bottom and my leg gripping his waist.  My breasts were within easy reach
of his mouth and he began sucking and nibbling them.  He timed his
thrusts to the beat of the music that seemed to be echoed by the thunder
of the blood in my ears.  Helpless I felt the orgasm build deep inside
me and I was grateful the music drowned out my cry of release.  Ian
walked through the crowd to a corner with his cock still buried inside
me, which was the strangest sensation.  He pulled out and pushed me to
face the wall.  I braced myself against the wall as he took me from
behind.  His cock slammed mercilessly into my cunt and his fingers
grasped my nipples and clit as he pounded us both to orgasm.

Satisfied for the moment he directed me to the toilets and arranged to
meet me at the bar.  He had two drinks already waiting for me and he
introduced me to a couple of men who wanted to dance with me.  As he
handed me over he whispered in my ear:

'Be very co-operative or I'll be angry.  I'll be watching your every

As the evening progressed my partner's faces dimmed into one homogeneous
blur.  Only Ian's face remained clear, smirking as he watched me submit
to total strangers groping and mauling my body.  Several of them came by
rubbing themselves against me while others took my hand and closed it
around their cock to gain release.  I was dancing with some man, if you
could call it that, when the announcement came that the nightclub was
closing soon.  Ian joined us and I found myself trapped between two
heavy male bodies.  This particular partner had been gentler than some
of the others and my body had responded to his touch.  With Ian's hands
added to the action I was soon moaning and twisting under their
ministrations.  Ian pulled down my top, completely exposing my breasts,
and lifted them to the man's mouth.  He sucked eagerly on them as his
hands stroked my clit through the damp material of my trousers.  My hand
was trapped in his trousers as his cock jerked in my grasp.  I felt
myself coming and involuntarily clenched all my muscles.  It triggered
his orgasm and Ian laughed as we both gasped and moaned in unison.  When
I removed my hand from the stranger's trousers Ian guided it to my mouth
and instructed me to lick off the semen deposited on it.  The stranger
watched my every movement avidly before turning his attention to Ian.

'Yours is she?' he asked.  Ian nodded smugly as he pulled my top back
over my breasts.  'You're a damn lucky man.  Will you be here next week?
I wouldn't mind another 'dance' with her.'

'Maybe,' Ian replied vaguely.  'We're off now to a club I know that will
still be open for a while.  Come along and you'll get to see her dance a
bit more.'

'I'll be there,' he promised, eyeing my body greedily.

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Seven

As we left the club Ian grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and round
to the alley running down the side of the building.  I saw this in a
film once and always wanted to try it,' he informed me as he led me
towards a wire fence surrounding some bins.  He leant back against it
and freed his cock.

'Take hold on the wire above my head, brace your feet at about my waist
height and lower yourself onto my cock,' he directed.  He didn't seem in
the mood to be argued with so I attempted to follow his instructions.  I
had a vague hope that fucking now may serve to distract him from his
plans to visit the club he had mentioned.  While it was a very strenuous
position I found that I liked it.  I was in control of our rhythm as I
moved my cunt up and down on his shaft.  The club patrons spilling out
on the pavement only a few feet away added a fillip of excitement.  In
fact a couple of drunks came stumbling down the alley and gave a cheer
when they saw what we were up to.  I was slightly disconcerted when we
had finished to find that they had been leaning against the wall behind
me, watching and masturbating.  Glad to be out of there I followed Ian
without protest as he led me back to the pavement.

When I found we had arrived at the club he had mentioned I balked.

'What have you got planned?'  I demanded.  'There's no way I'm going to
let a load of strangers rape me just because I have an agreement with

'Look ,I promise on my word of honour that if you obey me no man apart
from myself will fuck you tonight.  You have to admit, whatever else
I've done I've never lied to you.  You can believe me.'

'I don't trust you,' I retorted.  'Are you going to wait until after
midnight and then claim that you had technically kept your word, or say
they hadn't really fucked me, they'd had sex with me?  That's just the
kind of thing you would try.'

Ian sighed. 'OK, how about this.  I swear that when you return home
tonight no man's cock apart from mine will have entered any part of your
body as long as you do exactly what I tell you.  Does that cover
everything?'  I considered for a moment.  It seemed a pretty
all-encompassing promise but the gleam in his eyes made me
uncomfortable.  Still I was lucky to have rung any kind of promise from
him.  Judging by his previous behaviour he was quite capable of tying me
up and letting any number of men rape me if he felt like it.  Still
uneasy I capitulated and followed him inside.

It was one of those dim lit smoky places devoted to drinking and playing
pool.  The bar was presided over by a formidable woman who would have
been quite at home in a Western.  Ian collected some drinks and led me
into one of the back rooms.  A full sized snooker table dominated the
room and seemed to be the only piece of furniture apart from a decrepit
jukebox.  Ian gave me both drinks and made me swallow them both straight
down while the room gradually filled up.

'Now I want you to get on that table and strip for all these nice
people,' he ordered me.  I looked at him in disbelief.

'You have to be crazy.  There's no way I'm doing that,' I informed him.
His smile became crueller.

'My promise was only dependent on you obeying me,' he reminded me.  'I'm
sure I'll find it just as entertaining to watch every man here rape

'You wouldn't!'  I protested, knowing even as I spoke that he would.
I'm going to go over there and put some music on.  When it starts one
way or another you are going to entertain this crowd.  The choice is up
to you.  Oh, and don't think about trying to make a run for it.  All the
exits are now locked and bolted.  You wouldn't get far and all you would
do is make your audience angry.  If that happens I may not be able to
control them.  You don't want that, do you.'  I was really left with no
choice.  At least he was talking as if he was planning to honour his
promise.  In that case nothing too bad could happen to me other than
some more humiliation.  So I climbed awkwardly onto the snooker table
and prayed I would not make too big a fool of myself.

The music started, some half-familiar song with a throbbing bass line.
I could almost feel the eyes crawling over my skin as I began to move.
I tilted my head back and fixed my gaze on the coving running around the
top of the wall.  If I distracted my thought from what I was doing I
could go through with this.  The only way was to think about something
else.  I tried to concentrate on the coving, admiring the workmanship
and debating if it was something I would like in my own home.  I had
slid the short jacket off my shoulders and tossed it causally aside.
Hands were clapping and feet stamping to accentuate the insistent beat.
My fingers began working on the knot that fastened my top as I paraded
down the table.  It seemed to be stuck so I bent from the waist and
freed the bottom fastenings of my trousers.  It was getting harder and
harder to distract my mind and remove my clothes at the same time.  As I
twirled to the music I discovered that I couldn't really see any of the
watchers.  All available lighting was focused on the table and the rest
of the room was in murky shadow.  For some reason it made it easier to
perform and I was almost enjoying myself.

The waist fastening was a simple hook and eye that was easily opened.  I
flung my trousers to the audience with a theatrical flourish.
Exaggerating the swing of my hips to the beat I toured around the table
clad from the waist down in only a damp g-string and a pair of bell hung
ankle straps.  I could hear cheers and whistles of appreciation as my
fingers fumbled with the knot of my top.  At last it gave way and I
tossed it in the general direction of the rest of my clothes.  I coyly
covered my breast with my hands and continued dancing.  An insistent
chant of 'Show us your tits' began ending in a rousing cheer when I
eventually threw my hands above my head.  I have to admit I was getting
quite a buzz from the appreciation being shown for my body.  Getting
into the spirit of things I wriggled and jiggled my way around the
perimeter of the table.  Eager hands grasped at me as I passed but I
continued on my way.  I couldn't think of a graceful way to remove my
g-string so as the music came to a climax I simply ripped it off.  I
finished by turning a cartwheel down the centre of the table.  The last
notes of music died away and took my confidence with it.  Somehow I had
to get off this table and collect my clothes.

I spotted Ian's face in the gloom and crawled over in his direction.  I
swung my legs over the edge of the table so that I could jump down but
found myself with a problem.  Greedy hands were reaching from all
directions for my body.  I was grabbed and pulled in all directions and
started to feel more than a little scared.  I could hear Ian's voice
telling everyone to calm down and gradually the hands became gentler.
Still I was spread-eagled on my back with a multitude of hands and
mouths working their way over my body.  I tried to struggle but it was

Imperceptibly I became aware of one pair of hands in particular.  They
seemed to coax and soothe my traumatised body.  Gradually I became
unaware of the other grasping hands and my whole body seemed focused on
the one set of hands.  Starting at my ankle they were stroking along the
inside of my leg, slowly reaching higher and higher each time.  All the
other hands seemed to melt away as the fingers arrived at the top of my
thighs.  I found I was holding my breath in anticipation of their touch
on my pussy.  For a long moment they hesitated, then a gentle fingertip
grazed across the tip of my clit.  A shudder ran through me from just
that simple touch and I had to bite my lip to keep from begging for

The fingers began to tease my clit and the shudders wracking my body
increased in intensity.  A tongue joined the hands and began lapping at
my clit while a knuckle pressed gently against my cunt.  The other hand
snaked upwards until it found my breasts and began to work its magic
there.  The pace was torturously slow and I writhed and bucked my hips
in a vain attempt to speed things up.  The hands ignored me and carried
on their sweet torment.  The knuckle was sliding easily into my cunt and
the mouth was sucking delicately on my clit.  The hand had succeeded in
making my breasts almost unbearably responsive and was tugging gently on
a nipple.  All it took was a sudden thrust of the knuckle into me and I
was experiencing an orgasm of almost mind-blowing proportions.

I gradually returned to some sense of reality to find the hands still
busy on my pussy but the mouth had moved up to my breasts.  As the warm
wetness enclosing around my nipple sent me spiralling into another
orgasm I had a dim impression of blonde hair and tanned skin.  When I
had calmed down again I discovered eager lips pressed to mine and that
clever tongue probing into my mouth.  Even though I could taste myself
on the foreign tongue I welcomed it in.  Arousal spread uncontrollably
through my body like electricity but I became vaguely aware that
something was out of place.  Then I realised the source of my
uneasiness.  As I arched my back I didn't feel a hard ribcage above me
but the soft swell of breasts.  There was no erection jutting against
me, only the smooth skin of a shaved pussy.  Even as realisation dawned
my lover sat back and smiled sardonically down at me.

Without a doubt she was female and a very beautiful one at that which
some how made it worse.  She had long wavy blonde hair and generous
breasts.  Horrified I tried to struggle free but found that I was being
held down.  Looking around I could see a circle of men eagerly watching
our every move, most of them stroking their cocks as they did so.  I
felt the by now familiar hand slip back between my legs and she bent her
mouth to suck on my nipples again.  I fought hard to resist but my body
didn't care what gender the person stimulating it was.  As I came she
pressed her body tight against mine, branding on my mind that it was she
had created my orgasm.

She moved away and I prayed that she had finished with me but she
returned all too soon.  She knelt across me and slid a long slim
double-headed dildo inside herself.  Then she inserted the other end
into my extremely wet cunt and lowered herself onto me.  The sensation
of the smooth hard plastic gliding inside me was fantastic and I
couldn't stop myself moaning in pleasure.  She fumbled with my clit for
a moment as she fitted hers around it.  She nestled our clits side by
side, trapped by our swollen pussy lips.  Then she leant forward so that
her hard nipples brushed against mine with her every movement.  I was
trying with all my might to think of the most revolting things that I
possibly could to dampen my aroused body.  But then she started moving
and all control of my body passed to her.

She must have been pretty turned on herself because she came almost
immediately.  I could feel every muscle spasm as she pressed against me
and it triggered an orgasm in my body.  The two of us bucked and writhed
against each other, creating more new and intense sensations.  I had
never experienced or imagined anything remotely like that orgasm.  I
felt so close to her I could feel the blood throbbing through her veins
and, unlike a man, I had a pretty good idea how it felt for her.  Yet at
the same time every fibre of my body was crying out that this was wrong.
I am not, nor ever have been, attracted to women.  If I had known that
it was a woman touching me my only reaction would have been repulsion.
Yet by the time I had realised I was far too aroused to stop.  Orgasms
after orgasm racked my body and I was powerless to exert any kind of
control.  Ian had repeatedly raped my body and humiliated me but now I
felt as if my mind had been raped also.

Eventually she climbed off me and removed the dildo.  I became aware
that I had been spattered with copious amounts of sperm but I hardly
cared.  Someone handed my clothing and I numbly dressed myself.  The
crowd was gradually dispersing and I soon found myself in a taxi with
Ian heading home.  I didn't even feel indignant when he made me give him
a blowjob to pass the time.  As soon as we got in he produced the video
camera from his pocket and dragged me upstairs.  He hooked the camera up
to the TV screen and fucked me while he watched the highlights of the
evening replay themselves.  By tilting my head back I could see every
degrading moment and slowly my numbness melted away to be replaced by a
burning anger.  Even as he orgasmed inside me I vowed that I would find
some way to make Ian suffer for what he had done to me.

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Eight

I'm not a particularly violent person. I never tread on worms and I
catch spiders and throw them out the window instead of squashing them
like most people do. But Ian had pushed me too far. I'd like to think
that the alcohol buzzing around my system had some influence over what I
did next. I'd also like to think that if he hadn't given me such a
perfect opportunity I would not have done anything. Despite everything
he did to me and all the bruises and humiliation he gave me I still feel

He was busy playing with his computer and camera. I was still sprawled
on the bed where he had left me, the remnants of my costume twisted
beneath me. Dried sprem was scattered over my skin and I fancied I
could still feel the wet trails left by that woman's tongue.

'I'm hungry,' Ian announced. 'Go get me something to eat.' Obediently
I stumbled down the stairs. I poked around the kitchen listlessly,
wondering what he would like. He had kept me so bust posing for his web
page all day I hadn't had chance to go shopping. So there were no
staples such as bread or milk available. Then I spotted his leftover
curry. The curry itself was in the fridge but on the side was a
half-empty container of rice.

I knew all about the rules for rice. Never reheat because there is a
danger of food poisoning. If you must reheat it make sure it is piping
hot. Knowing this I tipped the rice onto a plate and set the microwave
to low. I let it heat for five minutes, then put it in the fridge to
cool down again. I must have done this four or five times. When the
rice was lukewarm I tipped the curry over it and heated it for a few
more moments. I left the plate by his elbow and went to get a shower.
When I came out he had eaten half of it and was still taking occasional
mouthfuls even though it was now stone cold. Already starting to feel
guilty I made my way to bed.

I dreaded what I would find in the morning. After all people have been
known to die from food poisoning. It was almost an anti-climax to find
Ian alive and well and working at his computer.

'This page is looking great,' he said when he noticed me standing in the
doorway. I've had thousands of visitors already. Come and have a
look.' Reluctantly I walked over until I could see the screen. On it
in big letters it said 'Welcome to the Masked Slut's Site'. Underneath
was a picture of me wearing the mask. Although I was obviously naked it
didn't really show anything, as I was half turned away from the camera,
looking over my shoulder. The caption said 'click on me if you want to
see more'. Ian clicked where instructed and the picture changed to one
of me bent down with my head and breasts swinging between my legs. The
caption now said 'click on my pussy if you want to enter'. Ian
positioned the pointer over my exposed pussy and clicked. After a
moment the screen displayed a picture of me laid on my back exposing my
pussy. Overlaid on top of this picture were various icons with titles
such as 'Watch in close up detail as the Masked Slut sucks cock.'

'Some of the site is free but the hotter stuff I'm going to charge for.
Most of them have a choice of still photos or live footage from the
video camera,' Ian explained. He moved the pointer to where it said
'Watch the Masked Slut get fucked by a beautiful blonde woman'. 'This
is from last night. It's really hot. Here you watch it. I have to go
to the toilet. I seem to have a bad stomach.'

I watched him go with a mixture of satisfaction and compunction. Then I
caught sight of the screen. I cringed as I watched the blonde bring me
to orgasm and any regrets I had vanished like beer at a football match.
He was soon back and outlining his plans for the day. Apparently he
wanted to do some role-playing. He had various costumes and scenarios
he wanted me to act out ranging from schoolgirls to nurses. Inspired by
the images still parading across the screen I sweetly offered to get
something to help his stomach. Digging through the medicine box I found
some stuff to cure constipation. Since he already had the runs taking
this mixture on top would hopefully put him out of action for the rest
of the day.

While he still retained the use of his voice he spent the majority of
the day on the toilet. He couldn't manage to get hard once during the
day so all he could film were shots of me masturbating or stripping. I
heartlessly watched his suffering with only an occasional pang of guilt.
I even gave him several more doses of the constipation medicine.
Eventually about seven o'clock he gave up and told me to go get
showered. Jubilant that for once I had got the better of him I found it
difficult to restrain myself from bursting into song in the shower.
When I emerged I found him waiting by the door clutching his stomach.

'Your clothes are on the bed. Get dressed,' he ordered as he dived for
the toilet. Slightly puzzled what he meant as he was clearly in no
state for sex I went into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a skimpy
cropped white top, a black leather jacket and a bright red leather mini
skirt. Fishnet tights, spiky black high heeled shoes and a black
g-string completed the outfit. When I put them on I found they left
little to the imagination. The top only was stretched tight across my
breasts and only just came low enough to cover them. Not that it made
much difference, as the material was transparent enough to clearly show
my nipples. The skirt was stretched equally tight across my hips but
did not hamper me walking, as it was so short. It displayed the lower
curves of my bottom and if I bent slightly the black of the g-string
showed. Fearing the worst I waited with trepidation to hear what Ian
planned to do. He didn't really give me much information, just told me
we were catching the train into the city. I was relieved when he tossed
me the mask to wear but it wasn't until we were sat on the train I
thought about the significance of it. Suspiciously I examined him as he
got up to go to the toilet. Sure enough I could see the end of the
video camera sticking out of one pocket and a bulge that had the shape
of a camera in the other pocket. Nervously I wondered what he planned
to film.

I should have known of course. Sometimes I am incredibly naive. Why
else would he dress me like a whore and take me to the red light
district of the city? Yet when he told me to start selling my body I
couldn't believe he was serious.

'You promised,' I stammered, horrified. 'Last night you promised. No
man but you, you promised.'

'That promise was just for last night, you silly bitch. I've brought no
money with me, just a plentiful supply of condoms. If you want to be
back home tomorrow morning to greet your husband I suggest you start
earning some money.'

'I can't,' I whispered. 'I can't and I won't.'

'You will,' he snapped. 'If not I'll tell my brother how I've been
screwing his wife every chance I got and that she loved every minute of
it. And I've got the pictures to back my story up. I'm pretty sure
John will manage to recognise you despite the mask. And I know he'll
recognise your voice panting 'yes, yes, oh I'm coming, yes, yes.' Don't
you?' I cringed as he loudly parodied my voice. Heads turned and
several men looked me over. Once more Ian had trapped me in a situation
I could see no escape from. For a moment I wished I had killed him with
the tainted rice. He gave me a push towards a group of men.

'Get over there and ask if they're looking for some fun. Smile and
stick your tits in their face. Try to act like the slut you are. I'll
be right behind you as I'm going to be your pimp for the night.'
Sickened to my stomach I plastered a smile on my face and tottered
towards the group. They soon spotted my approach and I became the
cynosure of several lewd looks. Following my instructions I dropped the
jacket off my shoulders and thrust my chest forwards.

'Looking for some fun?' I asked in as suggestive a voice as I could

'Could be, could be,' one burly man replied. He hooked a finger in my
top and pulled me towards him. You look like you know all about having
fun.' Despite my revulsion I forced myself to lean towards him and
smile. From behind I heard Ian's voice.

'Twenty quid for a blow-job, fifty to fuck her,' he said. Dimly I was
aware of money changing hands as I was hustled down a side alley.
Somewhere along the line my clothes disappeared and I found myself on my
knees sucking on an unknown cock. As soon as it had filled my mouth
with sperm another replaced it. Two more followed in quick succession
until I was struggling not to throw up. I was relieved when I was
pulled to my feet but my relief soon dissipated when I was pushed flat
on my back on a car bonnet. A condom clad cock slammed into my pussy
without the slightest warning. Meaty hands grabbed my breasts and
squeezed hard as the cock relentlessly pounded into my cunt. Trying not
to whimper I closed my eyes and endured until he came.

Thankfully I slid off the car only to be seized and turned around. The
next moment I found myself bent over the bonnet and another cock sliding
into my cunt. Groping hands located my breasts and started an erotic
massage. To my horror my nipples were hardening and my body was
responding. The owner of this particular cock was using long smooth
strokes to enter me and I could feel the orgasm building. His balls
were gently slapping against my clit with each thrust, stimulating it
more and more each time. Desperately I tensed my muscles, trying to
force down the orgasm but it was no use. Inexorably it grew until it
took over my body, shaking every limb and muscle as I cried out. I was
so ashamed I barely registered when the stranger came. He pulled out
and slapped me familiarly on my bottom.

'She's a hot one that's for sure. Wouldn't mind fucking her again next
week if you're around here again.'

'I'm not too sure what our plans for next week are,' I heard Ian reply.
My clothes were dropped onto the car besides me and I reluctantly pulled
them on. When I turned round only Ian was left in the alley.

'That's was a good start,' he observed. 'Try to be a bit more
enthusiastic, will you. Moan and pant and talk dirty. Still, you'll
get better with practice.' I trailed behind him back to the street. He
made me stand on the edge of the pavement, my breasts thrust out towards
the on-coming traffic. Soon a car pulled up next to me and Ian entered
into negotiations. When they had struck a deal we both got into the
back of the car. The back seat already had two young lads on it so I
found myself draped across their knees. They happily groped me as they
removed my clothing. All too soon we stopped on a deserted stretch of
road. Ian stepped out of the car and I manoeuvred around the car until
I had given all four occupants a blow-job.

They dropped Ian and me outside a seedy hotel and drove off after
paying. Ian disappeared inside and reappeared with a satisfied grin.

'Right, we now have a hotel room,' he announced. 'Turns out it's only
going to cost us a tenner and a shag. So you go fuck the guy behind the
counter while I get my cameras set up. I'm going to get some great
stuff for the web page tonight.' I don't know what the worst experience
of that night was. I had to let men of all shapes and sizes fuck me.
More then that I had to encourage them and pretend I was enjoying it. I
tried to divorce myself from the proceedings but twice more my body
betrayed me and I came. Throughout it all Ian's leering face loomed in
the background. The only genuine smiles I gave all evening were when he
clutched his stomach and headed for the toilet.

At last sometime after midnight Ian announced that I had earned enough
to get us home. Wearily I dragged my clothes back on and followed him
out of the hotel. Pulled up at the curb was a brilliant white stretch
limousine. In disbelief I watched Ian disappear inside and beckon me to
follow him. For a few minutes I gratefully relaxed on the soft seats,
sipping the champagne Ian gave me to at last remove the taste of sperm
from my mouth. Before too long Ian was tormenting me again.

He ripped off my clothes and began coaxing my body into a state of
arousal. His hands and mouth worked away at my breasts and pussy and no
matter how I tried to resist him my body responded. When I was flushed
and panting he pulled me from the seat and thrust my upper torso through
the open sunroof. He draped my legs over his shoulders and went to work
on my clit and cunt. The cool night air rushed over my hard nipples,
making them even more taut. His fingers were sliding in and out of my
cunt as he sucked my clit and flicked the sensitive tip with his tongue.
Helplessly I sprawled on the roof, exposed to any curious passer-by. As
my orgasm grew I knew I was becoming more vocal but it was a Herculean
task to contain my moans and cries. Neither my embarrassment at being
on public display, nor the roof digging into my back or even my hatred
of Ian could stop the orgasm that ripped through me.

The shudders were still lingering in my body when he pulled me down. He
sat back on the seat and had me straddle his legs so that I could ride
his cock as he played with my breasts. Aftershocks soon became another
orgasm and he smirked as I writhed and bucked against him. I was too
bone-weary when we pulled up outside the house to notice the driver's
lascivious look but Ian was more observant. Inevitably I was ordered to
climb into the front and give him the chauffeur a blow-job as a tip.
Exhausted I stumbled up the stairs to bed, thankful that the end of my
ordeal was in sight. Within a fortnight Ian would have moved out and
all I would have left would be bad memories. I could hardly wait

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Nine

I'd never been so pleased to see my husband return from a business trip 
away.  At the same time I cringed with shame to think of his reaction if he 
ever discovered the way his brother had forced me to spend the weekend.  I 
tried to push memories of my humiliation to the back of my mind and just 
enjoy spending time with John.  Unfortunately Ian was hanging around, making 
cryptic remarks to ensure I couldn't forget.  My only consolation was that 
in less than a fortnight Ian would be gone.

John didn't have to work any extra hours that week, so I was safe from Ian's 
attentions.  I enjoyed the week, and was even happier when I learnt that an 
old friend of Ian's was coming to stay for the weekend.  He was going to 
give Ian a hand with fixing up the new place.  I didn't really care what 
their plans were, but this Richard's presence would mean that I was safe 
from Ian's attentions.  Richard had arrived on Friday evening.  He was a big 
man, with damp sweaty hands and a permanent grin.  Ian and Richard were full 
of their plans, which seemed to be more about going to the pub than 
decorating.  I didn't care, as long as Ian was busy elsewhere.  So when John 
had to go out Saturday morning, I quite happily snuggled back down in our 
bed.  I was just drifting back off to sleep when the covers were ripped off 
me, bright lights were shining in my eyes and a mask was snapped over my 
face.  For a moment I was completely disorientated, then the significance of 
the mask dawned on me.  I panicked and made a dive for the door, but I was 
slammed back onto the bed.  The next moment I found myself trapped between 
two unmistakably aroused male bodies.

"Are you in for a treat, slut," Ian's hateful voice said in my ear.  "You're 
going to get the fucking of your life."

I struggled to free myself but achieved nothing, except to arouse my 
assailants more.  Even worse, I was beginning to get aroused myself.  
Squirming between two male bodies, my body was reacting instinctively.  My 
nipples grew hard and a tell-tale wetness gathered between my legs.  Ian was 
pressed against my front, his arm firmly pinning me down.  I presumed it 
must be Richard behind me, his hands roving over my body.  He found my 
breast, and began squeezing it.  I tried to ignore him, biting hard on my 
lip to keep from moaning.  To make matters worse, Ian moved down the bed and 
began licking and sucking at my other breast.  Richard had discovered my 
nipple. And was twisting and pulling it.  My squirming became more due to 
enjoyment than any desire to escape.

I was pulled out of my daze of pleasure when Ian threw my leg over his hip, 
and Richard shoved his hand between my legs.  He dragged his finger across 
my clit, then rammed it inside me.  I gave a cry of pain, then really 
started trying to get free.  I kicked and thumped and scratched, but they 
easily held me and I didn't even manage to dislodge Richard's finger.  I 
should have known by now that Ian liked it when I struggled, and judging by 
his laugh Richard also enjoyed my struggles.  They eventually got tired of 
me fighting them, however.

"Give it a rest," Ian commanded me.  "You know you like it really."  He 
tweaked one of my nipples to emphasise his point.  I ignored the shiver that 
ran through me, and brought up my knee.  I narrowly missed his groin, and 
Ian retaliated by slapping me hard across my face.

"I see what you mean about her being feisty," Richard chortled.

"Yeah, well if I soon fix her," Ian said.  The next moment I felt cold metal 
closing around my wrist, my arms were yanked above my head and I was 
handcuffed to the bed.  They knelt either side of me and smirked down at me. 
  Behind them I caught a glimpse of the inevitable cameras.  I flailed 
around uselessly on the bed, but it was obvious I wasn't going to be able to 
free myself.

Ian lay down next to me and pulled me back against him.  He reached around 
my body and cupped my breasts.

"Told you she had great tits, didn't I," he said proprietarily.  I swallowed 
a sob, trying to pretend that this humiliation wasn't happening to me.

"Yeah, not bad," Richard replied, twisting a nipple.  I flinched away, but 
Ian was holding me firmly.  "Hey, squeeze her boobs together, mate."

Ian obliged, and Richard knelt over me and placed his cock between my 
breasts.  He began sliding it back and forth, and Ian commanded me to lick 
the head every time it popped out of my cleavage.  A yank on my hair was 
reminder enough what would happen if I didn't oblige.  Richard grunted as he 
thrust away, and within moment he was spurting big gobs of sperm all over my 
chest and face.  They both seemed to think this was hilarious, especially as 
I couldn't clean myself up.  Richard fell back on the bed and Ian replaced 
him, sticking his cock in my mouth.  He held my head and thrust away.  There 
was nothing I could do to stop him so I concentrated on not gagging as he 
forced his way further and further into my mouth.  Richard provided an 
unwelcome distraction by sliding between my legs and applying his mouth to 
my clit.  Each time I moaned or gasped in response to Richard's 
ministrations, Ian pressed further and further into my mouth.  I was so 
relieved when I felt him stiffen and climax.  He was so far down my throat I 
could hardly taste his cum.

Ian rolled off me, and began idly playing with my breasts, flicking my 
nipples into hard nubs, then sucking them into his mouth.  Richard had moved 
on from my clit, and was now swirling his tongue around my entrance, his 
nose rubbing against my clit keeping it still stimulated.  With growing 
despair I could feel an orgasm building inside me.  I fought it as hard as I 
could to stop it, reminding myself that I hated the men touching me.  My 
body didn't seem to care who was creating the sensations though, and I lost 
control.  I arched off the bed, twisting as I cried out.

"She's a noisy one," Richard remarked.  I squirmed with embarrassment, 
hating my body for betraying me.  "Hey, look at that, she's blushing all 
over."  Richard forced my still trembling legs apart, and took a good look 
at my dripping wet pussy.

"Right, I want to fuck her now," he announced.

"Hey, not without a condom," Ian told him.  "We had a deal remember."

I was partially relieved to hear the mention of condoms, but I was more 
concerned that Ian was prepared to let Richard do whatever he wanted.  So I 
had mixed feeling as I watched Richard roll on a condom, then smear it with 
some lubricant.  He rolled me onto my stomach, still tethered to the bed by 
my handcuffed hands.  He jammed his knees between my thighs and grabbed hold 
of my hips to position me for his convenience.

I didn't realise what he intended until he was pressing against my arse 
hole.  Too late I yelled a protest and tried to tighten my muscles.  He had 
already got the tip of his cock inside me, and he kept up a firm pressure as 
he forced his way in.  I screamed and yelled, trying to wriggle away.  He 
held me too firmly though, and just laughed at my efforts.  I'd never felt a 
sensation like it, stretching and filling me deep inside.  It was completely 
different to normal sex, yet in some ways similar.  Once he was lodged as 
far in as he could he paused, and I could feel my body adjusting to the 
invasion.  I tried not to moan, refusing to let my abusers know how I felt.  
Just as I thought I could just about bear it, Richard took hold of my waist 
and rolled over onto his back, taking me with him.

A whimper escaped me as his cock moved deep inside me, and I didn't think 
things could get much worse.  Then I opened my eyes and saw Ian kneeling 
over me, stroking his erection.  I started to struggle, but soon stopped as 
my efforts just caused the cock impaling me to move within me.  Ian smirked 
as he leant forward and rammed his fat cock into my wet pussy.  In addition 
to the familiar stretching of my cunt, I felt more filled then ever before.  
Ripples of pleasure began and I groaned in protest.  Fight it as much as I 
tried, an orgasm rocked me.

Since they had both already come recently, neither of them were in any hurry 
to orgasm again.  They took their time, alternating between slamming into me 
in unison or taking it in turns to thrust into me.  Both ways created unique 
but different ripples of sensation, which caused orgasm after orgasm to 
crash through me.  I writhed between them, hoping that my body would stop 
but caught helplessly as the pleasure shook me again and again.

At long last, I felt Richard stiffen and grab my hips painfully hard as he 
thrust hard into me.  I could feel him twitch and shiver against me, then he 
fell back with a satisfied sigh.  Ian kept thrusting away for a few moments, 
until I felt the warmth of his sperm being sprayed into my cunt.

Ian rolled off me and staggered to his feet.  He picked up one of his 
cameras and began panning it over my body, taking in every detail.  Richard 
helped by rolling me over and parting my arse cheeks so Ian could get a good 
shot of my abused arse hole.  Once he had finished, they released my 
handcuffs and departed, giving me a patronising smack on the bottom as they 
left.  Left on my own, I curled into a ball and whimpered.  My body ached in 
places I hadn't even known I had places and I had never felt so degraded and 
humiliated in my life.

I heard Ian and Richard leave and I crawled into a hot bath.  I kept telling 
myself that if I could endure for just one more week, this whole nightmare 
would be over.

That night I was surprised when Ian and Richard volunteered to cook tea.  I 
cuddled down on the sofa with John and it was almost like old times.  We 
relaxed together and I was almost able to forget what had happened to me 
that morning.  I was feeling all happy and at peace when Ian put his head 
round the door and asked where we kept the grater.  I tried to describe its 
location but Ian obviously couldn't follow my directions as he came straight 
back.  I reluctantly dragged myself up off the sofa and went to get it for 

I don't now how I could have been so naive.  The moment I walked into the 
kitchen, Ian dragged my top and bra up to expose my breasts, while Richard 
ripped open the fly of my jeans and yanked them down along with my knickers 
to tangle around my feet.  I gave a yell of protest that was smothered by 
Ian's hand.

"Now, now, don't yell," he admonished me.  "We don't want my beloved brother 
to hear you and come to find out what's wrong.  Just imagine if he walked in 
and discovered me fucking his beloved wife's brains out."  Even as he spoke, 
he bent me over the counter-top and slid his cock into me.  I gave an 
involuntary shiver and tried not to gasp out loud.  Ian reached forward to 
grasp my breasts and began squeezing them in unison with his thrusts.  I 
tried as hard as I could not to respond, but then Richard sat on the floor 
below me and began lapping away at my clit.  My legs began to quiver and my 
stomach tightened as I climaxed under him.  Ian gave a satisfied grunt and 
began pounding away harder until he came too.  He stepped back from me and I 
slid off the counter-top, shaking with a mixture of anger and pleasure.

"My turn now," Richard declared, slamming me up against the back door.  "I 
want to see if your cunt is as tight as Ian here boasts."

"No way," I protested, trying to fend him off.

"Just open your legs and stop making a fuss, you silly whore," Ian said, 
buttoning up his trousers.

"No!" I snarled.  "If he lays one finger on me I'll start yelling rape so 
loud, they'll be able to hear me in the next town, let alone the next room.  
And you can try to explain to John why you just stood there and let him 
molest me while your friend takes a trip to the police station."

Richard slapped me hard across my face and hooked one of my legs over his 
arm, preparatory to thrusting into me despite my objections.  I aimed a 
flurry of futile blows at Richard with little hope of success, until Ian 
pulled Richard away.

"The slut's right," Ian said reluctantly.  "I'm afraid you're going to have 
to do without fucking her this time."

"Hey, you promised me," Richard said, glaring at Ian.  "I want to give it to 
her up her arse again too."

"I know, but this is the wrong time and place," Ian replied.  While they had 
been arguing, I had pulled my clothing straight and tried to mop up the 
sperm dripping down my leg with some kitchen paper.  I didn't want to hang 
around while they discuss whether Richard should rape me or not.  I pushed 
past them and dived out of the kitchen, and up to the bathroom.

For the rest of the weekend, I avoided Richard as if he had the plague.  I 
made sure that I was never alone with Richard, as I was under no illusions 
as to what he would do to me.  I was so relieved when he departed on Monday 
morning.  John was going to drop him at the train station to save him a 
walk, so they all left for work earlier than usual.  I stood at the door 
waving good-bye, and as they got into the car I closed the door, relieved 
that I would never see him ever again.

My illusions were almost instantly shattered.  I had one foot on the bottom 
step of the stairs when the front door crashed open.

"What, what are you doing back here, Richard" I stammered in horror.

"I told them I forgot something," Richard declared, kicking off his shoes.  
"And it's true.  I forgot to fuck you."

Too late I turned and ran up the stairs.  Richard grabbed my feet and 
flipped me onto my back.  He dropped his full weight on top of me, forcing 
the stairs painfully into my back.  I elbowed him in the face but he didn't 
even notice as he tore my top in two.  He dug my breasts out of my bra and 
bit one, cruelly twisting the other nipples at the same time.  I kicked him 
as hard as I could and pummelled his back, but he carried on regardless.  He 
was knelt on a stair between my thighs, and it was an easy manoeuvre for him 
to push up my skirt up and ripped my knickers away.

"Are you ready, bitch?" he asked, grabbing a handful of my hair and forcing 
me to look him in the eye.  He ground a hard kiss against my mouth, then 
shoved a hand between my legs and pinched my clit.  I cried out and tried to 
jerk away but I was trapped.  The next moment, Richard rammed his cock deep 
into me.  I cried out as he filled me, forcing his way into my unprepared 

"Oh yeah, you're tight, baby," he exulted, slamming into me again.  "Now 
you're getting some dick from Dick, ain't you slut.  Not going to forget 
this fucking, are you slut?"

I bit my lip to distract myself from the pain, trying again to push him off 
me.  He ignored my efforts, effortlessly crushing my hands in a grip above 
my head as he continued to thrust into me.  Then the front door crashed open 
again, just as Richard threw back his head and grunted as he came, spewing 
his seed inside my cunt.

Half-hoping, half-dreading to see John, I was mainly relieved to see Ian 
looking down at us.  He dragged Richard to his feet, helping him to 
rearrange his clothing more respectably.

"Are you insane?" Ian demanded impatiently.  "Her fucking husband is waiting 
right outside in the car.  Come on.  And you, bitch, you don't say a word 
about this or I'll show John some interesting photos and vids.  All right?"  
With a final glare at me, he dragged Richard outside.

I was left sprawled on the stairs, bruised and battered and yet again raped. 
  I weakly dragged myself up the stairs to the bathroom and set about 
cleaning myself.  I couldn't believe what had happened so quickly and 
suddenly.  I felt numb, both emotionally and physically.  I was beginning to 
wonder if it was all my fault, if somehow I sent out signals to men that I 
was available to be used as they pleased

At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Ten

Somehow I got through the rest of the week.  I spent most of my time curled 
up under a blanket on the sofa.  I don't know if I had a touch of 'flu, or 
if I was just suffering from the after effects of Richard's rape.  Whatever 
the reason, I had no energy and couldn't muster up the strength to care 
about anything.  I would have stayed in bed, but I had too many memories of 
the times I had been violated there.

John was worried about me and took care of me, doing everything he could to 
make me feel better even though he didn't really know what was wrong.  Ian, 
however, was as callous and unfeeling as usual.  He even dragged me upstairs 
one evening when John was absent to pose for more pictures for his webpage.  
I didn't care what he did to me, but let him pose me as he pleased.  I even 
lay passively when he took me in the arse.  He told me with great glee how 
he was already making money from my degradation, but it was as if he was 
talking to some other woman.

At long last, Saturday arrived and Ian was at last moving out of our home.  
All his stuff was packed into boxes and hauled out to the hired mini-van.  
John persuaded me to go along with them, and I agreed, in the hope that 
seeing Ian moving in somewhere else might help to snap me out of my apathy.  
We arrived at Ian's new place, a small terraced house near the centre of 
town.  The men ferried the boxes in while I figured out how to turn the 
central heating on.

"Darling," John called to me.  "Ian has a favour to ask you.  We are going 
to pick up the rest of Ian's boxes, then we have to go down to collect his 
furniture.  He was wondering if you would mind staying here and finishing 
off painting the spare room.  You know how good you are at decorating, I was 
sure you wouldn't mind."

For a moment I hesitated, but there seemed to be no good reason to refuse.  
I did like decorating and since Ian wouldn't be around, I agreed.  Ian led 
me upstairs and dug around in a box to find some old clothes.  He gave me a 
t-shirt and a sweatshirt, along with a pair of old tracksuit bottoms.  Then 
he showed me where the painting paraphernalia was and left me to it.  For 
once he didn't make any lewd comments, just thanked me for my help.

I settled in to my task, finding the rhythm of the job soothing.  I had 
finished, and I was in the bathroom cleaning the brushes when the men 
returned.  John popped up to admire my handiwork and give me a kiss before 
he left to collect the rest of the furniture.  All the house had at present 
was a bed, a sofa and a glass topped coffee table.  It wasn't until I left 
the bathroom that I discovered Ian hadn't gone with John.

"Thanks for your help, dear sister-in-law," Ian drawled.  He stepped back to 
allow me to precede him down the stairs.  "There's just one more thing I 
need your help with."

We had reached the bottom of the stairs, and I unsuspectingly turned round 
to ask him what he wanted.  To my horror he snapped a by now familiar mask 
over my eyes and gave me a hard push to send me stumbling into the 
sitting-room.  A solid body behind me halted my fall.  I span round to see 
Richard leering down at me.  Turning, I found that I was at the centre of a 
ring of naked men.  Some of their faces I recognised from the various 
escapades Ian had put me through.

Cursing my foolishness, I tried to force my way out of the circle.  The men 
closed up to confine me, pushing me to stumble towards one side of the ring, 
then the other.  Each time I reeled against a man, he groped some part of my 
body and ripped my clothes.  As I was pushed back and forth, my clothes were 
gradually ripped to shreds until I was clad in nothing but my underwear.  
Eager hands grasped me, lifting me off my feet and swiftly removing my last 
items of clothing.  I was assaulted from all directions by hands and mouths, 
exploring and examining every intimate part of my body.  The more I objected 
and tried to fight them off, they more persistent they were.

My legs were held apart and I shuddered as a mouth fastened onto my pussy.  
I tried to jerk away but I had no purchase to push against.  Hands were 
caressing my breasts and I had two sets of mouths attacking each sensitive 
mound.  I cursed my body as familiar sensations started swirling in the pit 
of my stomach.  My moans of protest soon changed, and even to my ears they 
sounded like moans of pleasure.  Then I felt a cock probing for the entrance 
to my cunt, then sliding smoothly into my slick opening.  I groaned at the 
sensation and felt my internal muscles clench around the hard cock inside 
me.  The next moment I was orgasming uncontrollably.  A cheer went up from 
the men holding me, then the cock inside me was twitching and spasming as 
its owner came.  I was relived to discover that he was wearing a condom, 
then he withdrew and another cock replaced him.

I lost count of the number of men who entered me.  I had never been fucked 
while suspended in the air, and it created a whole new range of sensations.  
I came twice more before they had all taken their turn with me.  I was 
dropped face down on the coffee table.  Before I had opportunity to realise 
that the top had been removed, I was tied to the table frame.  Some unseen 
man was thrusting into my cunt again, while a couple of men crawled under 
the table and began sucking and nibbling my breasts.  Ian knelt in front of 
my face and grinned at me.

"Guess what we're going to be using this end of you for," he said, stroking 
his cock as he placed it against my lips.

"I'll bite anything you put in my mouth," I threatened.  Ian grabbed a 
handful of my hair.

"Now listen real well, bitch," he hissed.  "You will co-operate and you will 
suck and lick every cock that gets stuck in your mouth, or I will have to 
use this."  He displayed an enormous dildo in front of me.  It had to be at 
least a foot long and as thick as my fist.

"So, what's the difference between that and what's happening to me now?" I 

"Well there's this," he said, sliding a sleeve covered with hard plastic 
spikes over it.  "And it won't get rammed up your cunt, it will be rammed up 
your arse.  Understand me?"  I couldn't help flinching at the image he 
conjured up and he knew he had me.  He presented his cock again and I 
reluctantly opened my mouth and swallowed it.  As soon as Ian had finished 
filling my mouth with his sperm, another cock was pushed into my mouth.  
Soon all I could taste was salty cum, and my cunt was becoming numb from the 
constant friction.  I distracted myself by trying to work out how many men 
were abusing me, and calculated that there had to be at least eight of them. 
  When they weren't fucking me they sprawled on the sofa, drinking beer and 
giving lewd encouragement to the men busy thrusting away at my body.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Richard knelt in front of me 
and grabbed my hair to force me to look at me.

"Remember me?" he asked.  I remembered him all too well, and, reacting 
instinctively, I spat in his face.  He wiped his face with my hair, then 
gave me a grin that made me shiver.  He moved round behind me, and then I 
felt the cold wet smear of lubricant being forced into the crack between my 
buttocks.  Then I felt Richard's cock forcing its way into my arse hole, 
just as it had a week ago.  I tried to yell, but when I opened my mouth a 
cock was pushed into it.  Helplessly tied down to the table, I was forced to 
lie there while Richard slammed repeatedly into me.  It felt as if he was 
ripping me open, and I could only be grateful he had used so much lubricant. 
  Just as my body adjusted to the invasion of Richard's cock, he came.

Richard informed all the others of his activities, and of course they all 
wanted to have a go at my arse hole.  My only comfort was that my body soon 
expanded to take their cocks.  At last they slowed down in their abuse of 
me, and I began to hope that the whole ordeal was over.  Then I heard a van 
pull up outside, and Ian went to peer out of the window.

"Oh shit, it's John.  Quick, get the slut upstairs to the bedroom," Ian 
ordered.  "Why don't you see how many of you can fuck her at the same time." 
  A cheer greeted that idea.  Hands untied me, and supported me upstairs.  I 
was dropped on the bed on my hands and knees.  A man lay beneath me and 
pulled me down on his erection.  Another knelt at the top of the bed and 
pushed his cock into my mouth.  Another knelt behind me and thrust his cock 
into my abused arse.  Then my hands were taken and each wrapped around a 
hard throbbing cock.

Dimly I could hear my husband's voice downstairs, then with horror I heard 
him coming up the stairs.  Ian led him into the spare room and I could hear 
them admiring my handiwork.  Then I heard them coming towards the bedroom.  
Desperately I buried my head deep in the crotch of the man in front of me, 
hoping that John wouldn't recognise me.

"Look what the guys got me as a house warming present," Ian was saying.  "A 
whore.  She loves cock, any which way you give it to her.  Look at her go, 
six at a time.  She even likes it up her arse."

"Good grief Ian, I can't believe this," John said, revulsion evident in his 

"Hey come on, John, she loves it," Ian said, giving the bed a kick.  Anxious 
to co-operate and have them gone, I started moaning and squirming as if I 
was having the time of my life.  The men fucking me took this as 
encouragement, and redoubled their efforts.

"You can have a go if you like," Ian offered.  "We're all using condoms, so 
it's perfectly safe."

"Thanks, but I am happily married, in case you have forgotten," John 
declared.  "She keeps me more than satisfied, thank you all the same."

"Yeah, but I bet she never lets you fuck her up the arse, a classy girl like 
your wife.  And I bet you have always wondered what it felt like.  This is 
your chance.  Your wife will never know."  I stiffened in outrage at Ian's 
suggestion, praying that my husband would tell him to get lost.  My sudden 
tension was too much for the man thrusting away at my arse and he came with 
a loud shout.

"There you go, there's a vacancy," Ian laughed.

"Thanks Ian, but I'll pass," John said firmly.  "When you fall in love and 
get married, you'll discover what it's like.  I just don't want to be 
intimate with anyone apart from my wife.  I'm going to have a quick look 
around the bus station to see if she's there, then I'm heading home.  You 
enjoy your party."

Sometimes I forget why I love my husband, then he does or says something 
wonderful and it's as if I'm falling in love with him all over again.  
Despite the men spurting their sperm all over me, all I was aware of was my 
love for John.  Eventually the men had all come, and they made their way 
back downstairs to where there was now a TV.  I dragged my weary body into 
the shower and leant against the wall as the water fell down on me.  Ian 
came into the bathroom and dropped my clothes on the floor.  He climbed into 
the shower with me, and began soaping me over.  His slippery fingers found 
my clit and began caressing it.

"Just for old times sake, I want to hear you come again," he told me.  
Unwillingly, I felt my body respond to his touch.  Ian grabbed my bottom and 
lifted me up so his cock could slide into me.  He hooked his arms under my 
knees to spread my legs even wider and provide more friction.  His hands 
squeezed my buttocks in time with his thrusts, ducking his head to nibble at 
my nipples.  My body began to tremble and I clung to Ian's shoulders.  I 
began to gasp for breath as the sensations swirled through me, and not even 
Ian's satisfied smirk could dampen my growing excitement.  Maybe the 
knowledge that this would be the last time Ian would assault me contributed, 
but soon I was orgasming uncontrollably, shrieking and yelling my release.  
Ian mercilessly kept thrusting into me until I came twice more, each time 
more intense than the last.  When at last he left me, I slid to the floor of 
the shower, weak-limbed and ashamed.

"I told John that you left when the guys arrived, and that you planned to 
have a look at the shops before catching the bus home," Ian informed me 
casually as he towelled off.  "By the way, don't forget to leave the mask, 
unless you want to keep it as a souvenir."  He departed sniggering.  I 
cleaned myself up and pulled my clothes back on.  I crept out the door, 
praying that none of the men would spot me departing.

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At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Epilogue.

In the weeks following my ordeal in Ian's new house, I stayed in my bed.  I 
didn't get up at all, just lay there day after day.  John was seriously 
worried about me, and did his best to take care of me.  I just couldn't pull 
myself together.  I just felt as if I was a walking victim.  I had strange 
ideas that if I stepped outside I would be immediately jumped by the first 
man I met.  So I stayed huddled under the covers in my bed, reliving each 
degrading moment.  The worst part was remembering how I had responded, 
especially to Ian.  I should have been completely repulsed, but instead I 
had climaxed repeatedly.  Maybe Ian was right and I was a slut.

Eventually, John had a long talk to me and insisted that I tell him what was 
wrong.  I couldn't tell him the whole truth, but I needed to give him some 
sort of explanation.  So I told him that Richard had raped me.  He was 
understandably horrified and sympathetic.  He tried to help me, but came to 
the conclusion that I needed professional counselling.

So I found myself one sunny morning sat in a psychiatrist waiting room.  The 
receptionist had apologised as they were running late, and offered me a 
choice of herbal teas.  The magazines on offer were not exactly riveting, so 
I was quite willing to be engaged in conversation with the only other 
occupant of the waiting room.  She appeared to be a stunningly beautiful and 
confident woman.  Over the next few weeks, I saw her on a regular basis as 
her appointment was nearly always scheduled at the same time as mine.  While 
the psychiatrist did his best to help, I found it difficult to completely 
open up to him.  I found myself looking forward to talking to April more 
than talking to the psychiatrist.

I couldn't work out why April was seeing a psychiatrist, until one day she 
told me she was actually a man.  Once I got over the shock, I found myself 
telling her, or him if you want to be technical, all about what had happened 
to me.  April was a sympathetic listener, and said pretty much the same kind 
of thing that my psychiatrist kept saying.  However, she differed in one 
major area.  While she agreed that I wasn't to blame for anything that had 
happened to me, she thought that the only way I would ever get peace of mind 
was to take revenge.

Each week she had some new suggestion of how to exact vengeance, some wacky 
and some cruel.  I resisted her ideas until one week, when I had received a 
phone call from Ian.  He called me up to tell me that he hadn't found any 
girl with as tight a cunt as me, so he wanted me to drop by.  When I 
refused, he threatened to send a couple of interesting photos of me having 
sex with several men to John.  I arrived for my appointment trembling and 
shaken, and April made me tell her all about it.  She was of the opinion 
that if I didn't do something, Ian would blackmail me into having sex with 
him whenever the whim took him.  Much as I hated to admit it, she was making 
sense, so I went along with her plans.

Accordingly, the following weekend I was sat in a dark booth at the back of 
a dingy pub waiting for Ian to arrive.  I had phoned him the previous day 
and told him I was willing to do whatever he wanted.  His smug laugh had 
dispelled any lingering doubts I had about April's plans.  I spotted Ian 
swaggering in through the door, and ducked down in my seat, pulling my cap 
further down over my face.  Ian brought a beer and sat down in the booth 
next to mine.

Ian hadn't had chance to take more than a sip of his beer before April 
slipped in next to him.  April looked stunning in an extremely short dress 
and long stocking clad legs.  I couldn't hear exactly what she murmured in 
his ear, but he was soon laughing with her, and her hand was resting on his 
inner thigh.  Soon they were kissing, and I had no trouble hearing Ian 
invite April back to his place.

"Why wait that long?" April asked.  "I want you right now.  Come on, give it 
to me right here."

"You want me to fuck you here?" Ian asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, why not.  These booths have high backs, no one will notice.  If I 
kneel on the seat, you can just stand behind me and fuck me.  And I tell you 
what.  You fuck me right here, and I'll let you do me in my arse," April 
offered.  Ian hardly took a moment to think about it, before he was 
unbuttoning his trousers.  He moved behind April just as she had described, 
and all I could here was quiet grunts and gasps.  However, April had talked 
the owner of the pub, a friend of hers, into letting her hook up a camera 
above that particular booth.  I could clearly see what was happening on a 
monitor, just as every other customer of the pub could.

Ian was plainly enjoying himself, and April was apparently having a good 
time too.  Right at the moment Ian began to orgasm, April winked at the 
camera and took Ian's hand and placed it firmly on her cock.  Absorbed in 
his pleasure, it took Ian a moment to realise the significance of what was 
under his hand.  He gave a cry of outrage and leapt away from April, his 
cock still twitching in the final throes of its orgasm.  Knowing Ian as I 
did, I wasn't surprised when he raised his hand to slap April's laughing 
face.  Ian, however, was surprised when his hand was caught in a strong 
grip.  Turning, he was confronted by a group of burly leather-clad men, who 
had been playing pool earlier and who were some more of April's friends.

Without a word, one of them thumped Ian in the face.  Then they dragged him 
over to the pool table, and bent him over it.  They yanked his trousers 
down, then they took it in turns to fuck him.  I cringed in sympathy each 
time he yelled, remembering all too well how it had felt when I had been 
subjected to a similar experience.  April, on the other hand, was having a 
great time, circling the pool table with a video camera recording every 
action.  When they had finished fucking Ian, they forced him to his knees to 
suck their cocks clean.  When he protested, they hit him again, then 
threatened him with a huge dildo similar to the one he had threatened me 

Overcome with empathy, I couldn't stand by and watch any more.  I went over 
to put an end to proceedings.  I caught hold of April, and begged her to 
stop.  She gave me a pitying look, and told me to listen to exactly what Ian 
was saying.  When his mouth wasn't filled with a cock, he was begging them 
to wait a bit.

"I've got a girl coming.  She's really hot and she'll let you fuck her any 
way you want.  She'll be here any minute, mate, honest.  She's got a real 
tight cunt, and a slick arse hole.  She sucks cock like a pro too.  Just 
wait until she arrives, I'll make her do anything you want."

Why I hadn't expected Ian to offer me in his place, I don't know.  My 
sympathy evaporating away, I still couldn't stay and watch.  But before I 
left, April showed Ian some of the film she had shot and the photographs 
that had been taken.

"Take down that site you created of my good friend here," she ordered.  Ian 
caught sight of me for the first time, and his jaw dropped in amazement.  "I 
also want every negative and every copy of those pictures you took of her.  
Otherwise, the pics I took today will start appearing in very embarrassing 
places.  Furthermore, if you ever lay a finger on her, or even threaten her 
in any way, my friends here will pay you a visit.  We borrowed that key you 
gave your brother and had a copy cut.  So be good, OK?"

"OK," Ian agreed through gritted teeth, glaring at me.

"Good.  And just to help you remember, take this."  Without any warning, 
April took the massive dildo and rammed it into Ian's rear.

I left with his cry of outrage still echoing in my ears.  I don't know if 
April's revenge had helped or not, but I definitely felt safer and more 
confident after that day.  Seeing the person who had subjected me to such 
abuse so easily turned into a victim himself somehow made it easier for me 
to accept that it hadn't been my fault.  In addition, I no longer had to 
tremble with dread every time the phone rang or we were invited to a family 
gathering.  Ian did his best to avoid me, obviously taking April's threat 

Eventually, my life more or less returned to normal.  In fact, the long term 
results of what Ian had put me through were all positive.  Not only did I 
gain a new and unique friend, but my sex life with John became much more 
adventurous, which just made our marriage stronger.  So I didn't suffer to 
much in the end from being at my brother-in-law's mercy

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