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Slaver Training

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Synopsis: This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure before they are sold.
{ASSM}  SLAVER TRAINING {Powerone} M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, bdsm, rape,
oral.  Copyright by Powerone, 2002.

This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new
slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure before they are

Slaver Training

	Sara's face was covered in tears and you could see the pained expression
on her face.  She lay hog-tied on the floor of her home. She had a ring gag in
her mouth, keeping it open.  She was still dressed.  Her arms were yanked up
high behind her.  Her wrists had been bound tightly, secured with heavy hemp
rope.  A spreader bar was attached between her knees, it was over three feet
long, keeping her open and spread.  A rope was attached to each ankle, the other
end attached to her bound wrists.  The rope had been pulled tight, forcing
Sara's body into a tight bow.  A rope had been wrapped around her neck using a
slipknot.  The other end was attached to the spreader bar, it pulled taunt,
forcing Sara to keep her head up.  When she tired, her head would fall, the rope
would tighten on her neck until she began to gasp for air.  She would be forced
to raise her head high again, straining to maintain the position.  Her daughter
Becky was facing her, also tied and bound, her breasts and pussy arched up into
the air.  She was almost naked, some of her clothes, torn and tattered, hanging
from her body.  Tears were running down her face as she strained under the tight
bondage.  It was only a hour ago that her and Becky were eating lunch.   It
seemed like days.
	Michael watched as Sara and Becky squirmed on the floor.  They were his
latest victims.   His occupation was a slaver.  While little knew of it or even
believed it existed in the United States, it was more common than most believed. 
In fact, this was the first week of training for a new slaver, Steve by Michael. 
Michael became a slaver almost ten years ago.  He was personally responsible for
capturing and training over one hundred slaves.  It takes about four weeks to
train a slave once captured.  It is an art.  It was very important for the
victim to lose all hope and control over their body as soon as possible after
capture.  Tight bondage is imperative as soon as the victim is captured. 
Shortly after that, the victim would be repeatedly raped.  Her pussy, mouth and
ass would all be raped, often gang raped.  The victim would be forced to feel
the helplessness of her situation.  Michael liked to capture mother-daughter
combinations.  They bring higher prices and it is easier to control them by
playing one against the other.  Each victim would suffer greater pain and
indignities to spare the other from the same fate.  Michael also enjoyed forcing
the other to see the acts of perversion he would perform on the other,
especially when they raped the daughter in front of the mother.
	Slavers made a lot of money.  A young slave could be sold for over
$200,000 each, a mother-daughter combination could sell for $500,000.  But it
was also costly to capture and train a slave.  It required considerable planning
of the habits of the victims before the capture.  Once captured, the victims are
taken to one of his "holding areas".  She is trained at this facility during the
four-week period.  The victim is than delivered to the client.
	Most purchasers of slaves are from outside the United States.  Not all
are foreigners, some Americans living outside of the United States do purchase
slaves.  It is very costly to get victims outside of the United States and into
other countries.  Custom officers are expensive to buy off.  Many of the buyers
are Arabs and Japanese businessmen, all very wealthy and powerful.   They like
American women. Slaves are purchased to abuse, both mentally and physically. 
They are used for entertainment purposes, often for customers.  They might be
used in rape parties, whippings or torture.  They are often sold to become
prostitutes when the purchasers get bored and want a new, untouched slave.
	For Sara the day had started out uneventful.  Sara is 36 years old,
medium length blonde hair (natural), slim waist, firm 36C breasts, large
nipples, wide hips and a great ass.  She had been divorced for over 5 years and
took care of her body.  She dated occasionally but had been unsuccessful in
finding a "good man".  Her sex life is almost non-existent, with it being over
two years since she had slept with a man, though she did enjoy masturbating.
Sara enjoyed sex, oral sex only under protest and had refused the one time her
husband had tried to get her to let him fuck her in the ass.
	The pride of her life was her daughter, Becky.  Becky had just turned
eighteen and graduated from high school.  She was had been accepted to three
colleges but had not decided which one to attend.  Becky is a blonde like her
mother (also natural).  Her hair is longer, reaching almost half way down her
back.  Becky is slimmer than her mother, she has an athletic body.  She has long
legs, a firm ass and 36C breasts like her mother, also with large nipples. While
she was not a virgin, having lost her virginity in the back seat of a car over a
year ago, her sex life is limited.  She had been fucked about five times,
refused oral sex (disgusting) and never even considered anal sex as an option.
	It was lunchtime and Sara and Becky had just sat down in the kitchen. 
There was a knock on the door.  Sara was expecting her neighbor, Jessica to
bring her over some catalogs that Sara wanted to see.  Sara got up and opened
the door, not bothering to check to see whom it was.  As the door opened she
briefly saw four large men push through the door, two heading for the kitchen,
the other two quickly grabbing her and slamming the door shut.  Sara began to
scream but a hand over her mouth quickly silenced her. She heard a muffled
scream from the kitchen and she knew Becky was suffering the same fate as she
	A body behind her held her arms pinned to her side, the large arms
tightly around her waist.  Another hand was thrust quickly over her mouth
silencing her scream.  She began to hyperventilate, the oxygen cut from her by
the hand over her mouth.
	"Give me the gag, let's shut this bitch up," Sara heard the voice behind
	She saw a hand move toward her mouth, a large gag in it.  It consisted
of a large ring with straps falling from it.  The ring was pushed toward her
mouth and fingers under her chin pushed down hard on her neck, forcing her mouth
to open.  The ring was quickly forced into her mouth and wedged into her back
teeth.  She could feel a mechanism begin to open her jaws wider and wider.  Her
jaw began to ache from the strain until it finally stopped, her mouth now a
large gaping hole.  The straps were attached around the back of her head and
cinched tightly.  Sara's mouth was now open obscenely wide, drool running down
her chin, only muffled noises coming from it.
	"We wouldn't be fucking her mouth for a while, stick a cock gag in it. 
Let her get used to having a cock in her throat for a while."
	She saw the hand return with a large object shaped like a penis.  It
began to push into her mouth, pushing her tongue out of the way by brute force. 
It hit the back of her mouth, just to the entrance of her throat when it
stopped.  She felt it being locked onto the ring in her mouth, sealing her mouth
shut tight.  She could only breathe through her nose.  Fingers reached for her
noise and tightly pinched them.  She began to panic, unable to breathe.
	"Now listen, bitch.  If you cooperate, I will let you breathe.  If you
struggle, I will wait until you black out and than I will do what I need to do. 
Are you going to cooperate?  Groan if you want me to let you breath."
	"GGGGRRR," moaned Sara through the gag.  She began to feel lightheaded,
her body beginning to become limp.  "GGGGRRr," she moaned again, hoping they
would let her breathe.  She began to gag as the object buried in her mouth began
to push into her throat as she struggled and moaned.  She tried to relax her
throat, allowing the penis gag to sit at the entrance to her throat.
	"Yeah, you like that cock in your throat.  As soon as we get you tied up
I will push it in a little deeper into your throat.  You'll have to get used to
accepting large cocks in your throat.  Let's get her bound up." 
	The hand left her mouth and Sara sucked in air through her nose, filling
her lungs again.  Her breasts heaved as she continued to fill her lungs.  She
began to panic.  Until now, her only concern was survival.  Now she began to
worry about what they intended to do to her.  It sounded like that they were
going to rape her.  That also meant that they would probably do the same thing
to Becky.  She did not know why they were doing this to them.  Would they kill
them?  They did not try to hide their identity from her so they were not afraid
of her describing them to the authorities.
	"Down you go bitch," hands pushed her down to the floor. 
	Her knees hit the floor and a hand pushed her head down, forcing her to
lie flat on the floor.  Her arms were pulled behind her back.  She felt a thick,
rough rope being bound around her wrists and pulled tight.  She groaned in pain
as her fingers began to tingle from the tightness of the rope.  The end of the
rope was pulled up high in the air, forcing Sara to arch her back up to stop the
pain.  Michael put his foot on Sara's back, forcing her to the floor, the pain
returning to her arms and shoulders.  It felt like he was going break her bones.
	"Spread your legs or I will break your arms," Michael ordered her.  He
pulled up on her arms while his foot rested on her back. 
	Sara groaned, "AAAGHHHH, MMMMMGGGHHH," the gag preventing only muffled
sounds.  Sara gagged again, the penis gag pushing into her throat from all of
her movement.  Her arms were breaking from the strain.  She began to spread her
legs, hoping to stop the pain.
	"More, cunt, I want them spread wide.  I have a three-foot spreader bar
to put between your knees.  I want them spread until they hurt, now move,"
Michael jerking her arms up again.
	"MMMGGGHH," Sara groaned again, her legs spreading wider.  She continued
to push them open, the pain beginning in her groin from the obscene spread.  She
felt a foot edge between her thighs, banging against one thigh, forcing it open
wider.  Her thighs ached as her legs were spread.  Sara felt hands touching her
knees, the spreader bar attached to her knees by straps.  Her knees were locked
into place, unable to bend, her legs spread wide, unable to close and protect
	"AAAGGHHH," Sara moaned in pain as they began to attach ropes to her
ankles.  The other end of the rope was pulled toward her bound wrists.  They
pulled the rope tighter, bowing her body backwards, her head and feet rising
from the floor.
	"Steve, if you tie the rope tightly, like this, it has a pulley attached
in the center of the rope.  Once secured, you can ratchet the ropes tighter. 
Just remember that when you bow the body if you ratchet it too far, you may
break some bones or the back." 
	Sara's body ached from the bondage they were placing her in.  She could
hear the noise of the ratchet and each time the pain increased.  Her body felt
like it was going to break.  "BBBRR," again the bow in her body increases.  Her
breasts now rose from the floor.  Only her stomach and abdomen were supported. 
Her legs and upper body were pulled back.
	"The purpose of the bondage is to make the victim feel helpless.  At the
same time it is made to inflict the maximum amount of pain.  After a while, the
victim will do anything to get out of the ropes.  During the training, the
victim will be placed into bondage almost 24 hours a day.  We feed the victims
with IV's.  This makes it less messy, especially when you want to ass fuck the
victim.  You do not have to bother with enema's to clean out the victim each
time."  Michael continued to explain the procedures  in training a new slave to
	"Just one more thing and we will be ready to go."  Michael picked up
another rope and slipped one end over her head, making a slipknot and attaching
it to her neck.  He pulled the rope back and as it tightened, Sara had to pull
her head up or the rope would begin to strangle her.  Michael attached it to the
spreader bar and tightened it.   Sara groaned through the penis gag.  Michael
ratcheted the rope, forcing Sara to raise her head higher or start to choke. 
She now had to keep her head up high or begin to suffocate.  "Grab the other end
of Sara.  Let's bring her in the kitchen so she can see what has happened to her
	Becky had suffered almost the same fate.  She had heard a commotion at
the door after her mother went to answer it.  As soon as she stood up, two men
burst through the door.  The first one caught her as she stood up and punched
her in the stomach.  She fell to the floor, attempting to suck in air.  Hands
grabbed her and pulled her to her feet.  She struggled for air, her lungs
attempting to suck in the air that was pushed out by the punch. 
	"Take your last deep breath, cunt."  Justin grabbed the wadding he had
in his hand.  He pushed his fingers in her mouth.  "Open up, bitch."   He pulled
her mouth open, his fingers pushed in her mouth making her gasp at the way she
was being treated.  He began to push the cloth into her mouth, her cheeks
beginning to bulge out from the large amount of material being pushed in.
	Becky cried out as the rough fingers forced themselves into her mouth. 
She felt dry cloth being stuffed in, the material quickly soaking up her saliva,
her mouth becoming dry.  She could feel her cheeks begin to expand as the cloth
continued to be pushed in her mouth.  "MMMMMDGGGHHHH," she cried, the cloth now
pushing further back into her mouth, heading for her throat.  More cloth was
pushed in and she began to wretch as some of the material began to slide into
her throat.  She felt tape being wrapped around her mouth, preventing the
wadding from coming out.  Her mouth was stuffed, her cheeks bulging, her gag
reflexes continuing to choke on the material in the back of her mouth.
	"Get used to it bitch, it's going to be there for a long time."  Justin
pinched her nose tight.  "This is what will happen if you don't obey."
	Becky's body began to buck, she was beginning to get lightheaded.  She
struggled, her lungs gasping.
	"Moan if you are going to obey me, cunt"
	"MMMMGGG," she cried, "MMMMMGGHHH," please let me breath again she
prayed.  She felt the fingers leave her nose and she sucked in as much air as
she could through her nose.   Her chest heaved, her lungs beginning to inflate
	"On your knees," his hands pushing Becky to the floor.  Her wrists were
grabbed and pulled up into the air. 
	Becky felt a heavy, rough rope wrapped around her wrists and than pulled
tightly.  She groaned in pain as her fingers began to tingle from the tightness
of the ropes.  Her arms were pulled up high, forcing her breasts out as her body
was pulled taunt.  She felt a hand push out on her right thigh, forcing her to
spread her legs open.  A slap this time and a command for more, forcing her to
spread open for them.  She felt something placed between her knees.  A strap was
attached to each knee and a bar was placed, keeping her knees from moving back
	"That's a spreader bar between your legs.  That will keep you open for
us.  We will have access to your pussy and asshole and you will not be able to
stop us.  Now we need to tighten you up a little, we don't want you going
anywhere," Justin beginning to pull the rope from her wrists over her head and
down toward her ankles.  He tied the rope to her ankles, pulling tightly.
	Becky heard a noise and felt the ropes tighten.  Another noise, again
tighter.  Her body stretched backwards, her head pulling up, staring toward the
ceiling as she was pulled backwards.  Her back felt like it was going to break
as she was forced backwards, her breasts now pushed up high, aiming toward the
	Sara gasped in surprise when she saw her daughter.  She was bound
tightly, her back arched, her head pulled back, her breasts thrust out.  Hands
were beginning to run over her young body, squeezing her breasts a pained look
on her face.  Her mouth was jammed with something, allowing only occasional
grunts of pain.  Her cheeks were bulging. 
	"Looks like it's going good, Justin.  I like the way you got her bound,
it really accents that young, tight body.  Steve, there are different methods to
train a slave, based on age.  Young girls, like Becky do better when humiliated. 
Notice the way she squirms as Justin runs his hands over her body. Even though
it is painful for her to move, she does not want to submit.  If you did that to
her mother, she would allow it.  He will begin to expose her body, first her
tits, than her pussy and ass.  He will not take off all of her clothes, it is
much more humiliating to be stripped partially naked.  Before we leave, Justin
will masturbate her in front of her mother.  Even though she is bound, he will
force her to cum.  As for her mother, older women must be trained differently. 
That is why she has the ring gag in her mouth.  Justin is going to fuck her in
her mouth.  He has a very long cock, it will fit nice and tight into her throat. 
He also has a tendency to shoot large amounts of cum.  She will be forced to
swallow it, the penis gag pushing it back down her throat.  By what I understand
about Sara, she does not like oral sex.  That is why we are going to do it,
especially in front of her daughter.  Older women are better as pain slaves. 
They are good for whippings and torture."
	  Becky's body ached all over.  She was bound and stretched backward. 
One of the men was running his hands over her body, squeezing her breasts.  She
squirmed, trying to avoid the brutal hands as they pinched and pulled on her
breasts.  She could only make muffled noises, the padding in her mouth
preventing all noise.  Every time she moved the pain rushed into her arms and
legs.   She felt her blouse pulled, the buttons popping out onto the floor.  She
felt the cool air on her stomach, she knew they could see her bra.  The bondage
prevented her from seeing what they were doing to her, she could only see her
captors staring down at her.  She knew her mother was brought in and placed near
her.  A hand moved under her bra and pulled it up, her breasts pulled free, the
cool air making her nipples hard and erect. 
	"MMMGGHHH," she cried in the gag as rough hands grabbed her naked
nipples and began to pull and twist them.  "MMMGGHH, GGRRR," her body trying to
twist away but only incited new pain in her bound body.  She felt her nipples
pulled from her body, stretched out, the fingers twisting them.
	"Nice tits and nips on this bitch," Justin's fingers molesting her body. 
He moved his hand down her stomach, unsnapping her shorts, the zipper pulled
down and yanked them down until they would go no further because of her spread
legs.  "RRRRIIIPPP," the shorts fell to the floor, a pile of rags.
	Becky squirmed in the ropes as hands moved down over her panty-clad
abdomen, running over her body, toward her pussy.  The large hand grasped her
pussy and squeezed it tightly.  She felt a finger push forcefully between her
pussy lips, pushing her panties into her pussy.   "AAGGGHH," she cried, the
finger moving up and down her pussy slit, her wetness soaking her panties.
	"The cunt's getting off on this, her panties are soaked," Justin yelled
out to the others.  His fingers grabbed her pussy again, squeezing even harder.
	Becky felt humiliated, she was being sexually abused and stripped and
she was getting wet.  She could not see her mother's face, but she knew that she
was watching her humiliation.  She heard the tear of her panties, her pussy now
naked.  The hands reached out again, this time running over her naked abdomen. 
One hand reached lower, lightly grazing over her sparse pussy hair.  Becky felt
a finger reach out and split her pussy lips apart and slide along her wet pussy
slit.  She could feel it slide all the way down, almost to her anus before
moving back up again.  She shivered in fear as the finger began to masturbate
her.  Becky felt her pussy get wetter as the finger pushed her pussy juice along
her slit.  Two fingers now moved down her slit, spreading her pussy lips even
further apart.  They reached down to her pussy and one finger began to enter her
tight pussy.  "MMMGGG," she moaned in her gagged mouth.  The tight bondage did
not allow her to move away from the finger and it slowly and forcefully entered
her pussy, now hot and wet.  "AAAGGGHH,  MMMGGGGHHH," the finger now pushed into
her tight pussy up to the second knuckle.  Becky's pussy was very small and
tight.  She had only been fucked five times and her boyfriends cock was very
small.  She could feel it pull out and than push back in, this time going
	"This bitch has a real tight pussy.  She hasn't been used much.  She
should bring a pretty penny," Justin continuing to run his finger in her tight
pussy.  "I can't wait until I get my cock in this bitch and ride her for a
while.  I'll loosen her up real quick."  He pulled his finger from her pussy, it
felt like it was trying to grip them as he pulled out.  He pushed back in, this
time two fingers spreading her open.  He could hear her moan in pain as his
thick fingers wormed up inside her pussy, forcing her to open wide from his
masturbating fingers.  Becky bucked in the tight bondage, pain radiating through
her body as the stranger masturbated her.
	Becky could feel another set of hands reach out for her breasts.  They
squeezed her tit flesh hard, fingers seeking out her nipples.  They were still
hard and erect.  The hands pinched hard on the ends and began to pull on them,
stretching them from her body.  Her nipples were pulled and pinched as she felt
the fingers in her pussy push in deeper, spreading her unused pussy to open
wider.  When they were in up to the knuckles, she could feel them begin to
spread open, her pussy straining to accept the brutal fingers fucking her pussy. 
"GGGHJHHHHH," she cried as they spread her pussy open, the fingernails digging
into the sides of her delicate pussy tract. The fingers pulled from her body,
her pussy forced to stretch open as they were kept spread as they were pulled
from her body.  When they were almost all the way out, they moved together as
they pulled from her pussy.  They rushed back in, forcing her open again, her
muffled "GGGMMMMGHHH," coming from her lips as brutally ripped into her body. 
"GGGGRRRHHHH," she moaned as they sank deep into her pussy, the fingers
battering against her cervix as they pushed in deep.  She could feel them
twisting and turning inside her body, the knuckles rubbing harshly over her
pussy.  They again pulled out from her pussy, her lips closely slowly as the
fingers disappeared. 
	She felt the finger running down her slit again.  This time it moved
slower, running over her naked and exposed anus.  Her tiny anus looked so small
and pink, shaped like a tiny star.  Her body continued to betray her, her pussy
soaking wet, running down her thighs from the forced masturbation, her body
trembling as she felt the finger run over her defenseless anus.  She could feel
the wet finger run over it, each time a little more pressure put on the finger,
her anus forced to slowly open.  It felt strange to Becky as the thick finger
began to enter her anus.  It slowly began to expand, the finger lightly
circling, pushing into her, her anus forced to open.  "AAAGGGGHHH, MMMFFFFF,"
her body trying to jerk away, but her tight bondage forcing her to accept the
cruel ravishment of her virgin asshole.  Her anus accepted the finger and began
to grab it tightly as it forced itself deeper into her body.  "GGGUUUUGGGGHHH,"
the finger pushing relentlessly into her anus, her sphincter muscle forced open
wider as it bore into her anal tract, entering her rectum.   Two fingers pushed
back into her pussy, spreading her open wide again, this time with a finger
pushing deeper into her asshole.  She had never felt so full, fingers now
stuffed deep into her body.
	"Grab her clit, let's see if we can make this bitch cum," he ordered. 
Cruel fingers pulled back her clit hood and grabbed her hard and erect clit.  It
stood out over 1/2 inch, begging to be used.
	Becky bucked in her tight bondage, her clit now grasped tightly between
two fingers, pulling and pinching, two fingers in her pussy crawling around
inside her like tiny animals and a thick finger plunging in and out her tight
asshole.  She could feel an orgasm coming on.  Please, don't make me cum in
front of them, please, she thought.  The fingers continued their masturbation of
her tender body, forcing her to moan in pleasure. 
	"Cum for us, Becky, show your mother what a cum slut you are," the
humiliation overtaking her emotions as Justin finger fucked her.  Becky's body
began to buck in the tight bondage, trying to escape, yet at the same time
accepting the fingers masturbating her near virgin body.  Her asshole sucked the
finger in deep, grasping it tightly as the two fingers in her pussy continued
their relentless masturbation.  Her clit was swollen and hard, the finger
grabbing it cruelly, the pain adding to the pleasure.
	"I think little Becky is going to cum for us," Justin said, his two
fingers pushed deep inside her.  He could feel Becky's pussy grab them tightly
as if she did not want them to leave. 
	"GGGHHHHRRR, AAWWWWW," moaned Becky, her first cum overtaking her body. 
While she had been fucked before, she had never been brought to an orgasm.  The
boys were too interested in getting themselves off and did not seem to care or
want to give Becky her pleasure.  Her body bucked like a horse as the second cum
overcame her, her body shaking from the intensity.  "GGGGGRRRRGGHHH," the gag
preventing her from screaming, the pleasure engulfing her body.
	"Well, Momma, I think your daughter is a cum slut.  She's bound like a
bondage whore and being masturbated by four strangers and she cum's like it was
natural.  I can't wait to stick my cock in her pussy and rape her hard."  Justin
looked at Sara, "now its your turn to suck my cock, let's see if you are as much
of a slut as Becky is."
	Justin moved over to where Sara was lying, bound tightly.  Her head was
pulled up high, her mouth held wide open by the ring gag.  They had removed the
penis gag from it, she would now receive the real thing.  He unbuckled his belt
and pulled his pants off.  He sat on the floor in front of Sara, his crotch only
inches from her face.  He pulled his shorts down and his ten-inch cock sprung
from it, slapping Sara in the face as it was released.  Sara tried to move, but
the rope around her neck prevented all movement.
	"Now, Sara, I am going to stick my cock in your mouth.  I want you to
rub your tongue over it and bathe it."  Justin moved closer, his cock moving
between her split lips and entered her hot mouth.  He pushed it in over three
inches and held it there, waiting for Sara to obey.
	Fuck him, I'm not going to do anything, Sara thought.  She almost gagged
as she felt the hard cock enter her mouth.  She had never sucked a cock before
and she was not going to let him be the first.
	"I kinda figured you wouldn't be too cooperative, but that is what we
are good at.  Motivation.  That is why we like Mother-Daughter combinations.  It
makes it so much easier."  Justin turned to Steve, "would you mind showing Sara
why she is going to lick my cock with her tongue." 
	Sara saw Steve move toward Becky.  Becky was still bound back, her
breasts and pussy spread open for them.  She saw a whip in Steve's hand.  It was
a short black leather whip, only one strand, but looked very hard.  Her tongue
went quickly to work, running over Justin's cock but it was too late.  She could
only watch as Steve raised the whip up and brings it harshly onto Becky's spread
pussy, slapping hard between her pussy lips. 
	Becky screamed in her gag as the most incredible pain filled her body as
her pussy felt like it was torn.  "MMMMFFFF,  AAAGGGHHHHH," she yelled, her body
bucking in the ropes, the pain intensified by the bondage.  Oh, God, she
thought, please don't do that to me again, please Mom, do as that want.
	"That's much better, Sara, you must learn to obey.  It will be a lot
less painful for you and Becky if I don't have to repeat myself."  Justin felt
Sara's tongue running over his cock, his precum dripping from the head, as she
performed like a French whore.  Justin began to push his cock further into her
mouth as her tongue continued to bath his cock.
	"GGAAAGGGGGHHH," Sara felt the cock push into the back of her mouth, her
gag reflexes beginning as it tried to enter her throat.  It pulled out, only to
push back in again, this time even deeper. "GGGAAAGGHH, AAAAHHHH," the cock
making her gag again, this time staying in her throat, her gagging milking the
cock.  She felt a hand on her throat, feeling the large cock now deep in her
throat.  She began to get lightheaded as she sucked in large quantities of air
through her nose.
	"Sara, you have such a nice tight throat, you are squeezing the cum out
of my cock."  Justin pulled his cock out of her throat, keeping it in her mouth. 
"Tongue fuck me or it's the whip for Becky."
	Sara hurriedly ran her tongue over his cock, tasting the cum leaking
from the head.  It tasted salty and stayed in her mouth, refusing to go down. 
She knew that he would soon cum and it would shoot into her mouth and she would
be forced to swallow it or choke on it.  She continued to massage his cock,
hoping to make him cum soon, anything was better than his cock in her throat. 
She felt the cock push back in again, the gagging and choking beginning again. 
Tears ran out of her eyes as it pushed deeper into her throat, her gagging
almost constant now.
	"This bitch gives a great face fuck, her throat is sucking the cum out
of my balls."  Justin pushed his cock hard once more into her throat, holding
her tightly by her ears as he pushed it in further than before.  He was ready to
cum.  He pulled his cock out of her throat and let it lie on her tongue.  He
could feel her tongue begin to work on his cock again, just as he began to cum.
	"CCCOOOFFF, GGAAGGGHHH," Sara choked as the first wad of cum shot out of
Justin's cock and sprayed into her mouth.  Her tongue bathed his cock, the foul
tasting cum filling her rapidly.  She swallowed hard, the first load going into
her stomach, just as the next load shot into her mouth.  Again, her mouth was
filled, some of it running down her chin as she was having difficulty swallow
the large amount of cum filling her mouth.  The choking was making it difficult. 
	"What a good cunt you are, Sara, you might not like sucking cock, but
you sure do a great job at it."  Justin let Sara run her tongue over his now
deflating cock as he saw her still trying to swallow the cum he deposited in her
mouth.  He pulled his cock out, her tongue following it as it left, not wanting
to Becky to suffer for her refusal.
	Michael watched both of his new slaves before him.  Sara with cum
dripping down her chin and Becky with her own cum running down her thighs.  "See
how they react, Steve.  Daughter was made to cum and Mother was forced to suck a
cock and they both did it willingly.  It will be a pleasure training them. 
Let's get them out of her and get them to their new home.  There they will be
raped, both vaginally and anally.  There is no better way to get a woman's
attention than having a big cock up her asshole.
Rape Party (To be continued)

{ASSM}  SLAVER TRAINING {Powerone} M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, bdsm, rape,
oral.  Copyright by Powerone, 2002.

This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new
slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure before they are

Slaver Training
Chapter 2

Rape Party

	Michael was explaining to Steve on how to rape the victims the first
time as they drove in the van to the holding area, a new facility about 2 hours
from the city, in a deserted section of the county. 

      Steve was only partly listening to Michael, he was more interested in Sara
and Becky.  They had been thrown into the back of the van, Sara still hog-tied. 
Becky had been taken from her kneeling bound position and now was hog-tied like
her mother.  Sara was still clothed but Becky had only tattered remnants on her. 
Steve had to hold back on fucking them when they were in the house, his cock
hard and erect.  Michael said it was imperative that they be raped later,
allowing them the time to think about what was going to happen to them and feel
their helplessness of the situation.  Steve rubbed the front of his pants, his
hard cock straining the jeans he wore.  He could see the frightened looks from
Sara and Becky as they were forced to stare at him. 
      "One of the requirements of being a slaver is that you must have a large
cock.  As you know, it must measure at least 4 inches in diameter.  In order to
break the victims will, we take pleasure in causing as much pain, for as long as
possible when popping each and every cherry, mouth, asshole or cunt.   We fuck,
especially assholes, dry or with just enough lube not to cause us damage. This
sets the experience permanently in the victim's mind and helps bring about the
complete helplessness of the victim's situation.  I can see you that you can't
wait to rape them, especially little Becky, but we will soon be there and you
will have your fun."  Michael watched Steve, the lust in his eyes in
expectations of his first brutal rape.
      Becky watched as Steve walked towards her, fear in her eyes.  Her body was
drawn into a bow, her head pulled back, her eyes forced straight ahead, her hair
pulled tightly to her ankles.  The strain of the bondage forced her breasts off
of the floor, her weight supported on her stomach.  She was almost naked.  She
could see a huge bulge in Steve's pants.  She knew that she was going to be
raped, they had already forced her to cum for them.  She did not know why they
were doing this to her.  She just dreaded what they intended to do. 
      Steve looked down at Becky.  Her naked ass, her legs drawn tightly to her
wrists.  He had made sure she was bound tightly and knew that it was painful. 
She had a ball gag in her mouth, her lips stretched tightly around it, forcing
her mouth open wide.  He bent down until his face was in front of hers.  His
hand moved tenderly over her face, stroking her cheeks, wiping the tears running
down her face.  "You are such a lovely thing, Becky.  Do you know what I am
going to do to you?"
      Becky moaned into her gag, she could not even move her head.  The hand
that caressed her cheek repulsed her.  This was the same hand that had
intimately entered her body and forced her to cum.  She was afraid of him and
what he could do to her.  She was bound and helpless and unable to stop these
evil men from doing anything to her body.
      "In an hour we are going to be at your new home.  You will spend a month
with us where you will be trained to be a sex slave.  After that, you will be
sold to the highest bidder who will do what he wants with you.  I am going to
rape you when we arrive, in your pussy and your asshole.  It will be very
painful for you as you may have noticed, I have an extremely large cock.  I will
enjoy taking you brutally.  I will do everything to make the experience as
painful as possible for you.  You will learn that you only purpose is life is to
sexually service your masters."  Steve's hand moved lower, grabbing her hanging
breast, his large hand completely encircling the naked flesh, squeezing it.  He
could hear her moan in the gag as his fingers sought out her nipples and pinched
them tightly.  "You have very large nips, they make very good targets.  I will
enjoy punishing them in the future." 
      Becky continued to squirm in her bondage, trying to escape.  Every time
she moved the pain increased, but she could not stay still and allow him to
ravish her body.
      Michael watched as Steve played with Becky.  He knew that Steve would work
out well as a slaver.  He was cruel and thought of a woman as no more than a
plaything for the male cock.  Many women would regret meeting him, losing not
only their future but also their virginity's.
      Sara felt the truck moving slower, it now travelling on a dirt road.  Her
body ached and her mouth could still taste the cum from her rape.  She could see
Becky out of the corner of her eye, one of them men roughly fondling her body as
she squirmed to escape.  She was so young and she was now being sexually
molested and bound.  Sara could not understand why this was happening to them. 
If seem like days ago when they were having breakfast.  She only hoped that the
police were looking for them and they would soon be able to return home.
      The truck stopped in front of the building.  It was a windowless, modern
structure, seemingly out of place in the country.  It looked more like it
belonged in a big city.  High fences surrounded the grounds, with razor sharp
barbwire sitting on the top.  The sign said "International Services, Inc.,
Private Property, No Admittance Allowed."  A guard shack and a German shepherd
dog sent out the message that no visitors were allowed.
      The truck backed up to a loading dock, the cargo to be unloaded hidden
from view.  The doors being opened startled Sara and Becky.  They could not see
out the back but they knew their trip was ended.  The pain began again as they
were hauled up and taken out the truck.  The men tossed them around like sacks
of potatoes, paying no attention to the pain they caused them.  They watched as
they were hauled down a long hallway, white sterile walls and floors.  They
passed a number of doors until they reached the end of the hall.  They were
pushed into a room, this one stark and antiseptic.  They gasped as they saw
various pieces of furniture, all seem to have various methods of securing the
victim securely to them.  Becky and Sara knew that each would soon be bound to
one of them to be raped. 
      "I want them facing each other, I enjoy raping them one at a time.  The
other can see what will soon happen to the other.  Let's start with Mother. 
Help me with her," Michael ordered Steve.  They grabbed up Sara and pulled her
toward one of the pieces of furniture.  This was a large aluminum structure. 
There was a lower piece consisting of two aluminum tubes running parallel about
three feet apart.  Straps ran along the tubes.  The upper piece was a platform
about two feet higher.  This also had leather straps in the furthest corners. 
In the center of the platform were two large holes.
      Sara was untied and before she could even try to stand and straighten she
was hauled up to her feet.  Michael's hands moved quickly over her, ripping
first her blouse, than her pants, lying in tatters at her feet.  Her hands moved
to cover herself but Steve slapped them down. 
      "Keep you hands down," he ordered, slapping her hands again to reinforce
his point.
      Michael's hand shot out and hooked into her bra in the front, pulling it
out until it strained and began to tear.  Sara cried out into the ring gag as it
pulled on the skin until it finally tore and was pulled from her body.  Her
breasts heaved as they were finally released from their constraints.  Michael
made short work of her panties, the delicate fabric tearing easily.  She was now
naked.  She felt hands push her over to the strange piece of furniture.  Hands
helped her kneel up on the tubes, her legs having to spread unnaturally to keep
from falling.  Thick leather straps were secured, first to her ankles, than to
her knees, keeping her bound and spread tightly onto the apparatus.  A hand on
her back forced her forward, her upper body pushed down on the cold metal.  She
now understood the holes in it, her breasts hung down through the platform. 
They would be unprotected and vulnerable.  Her arms were pulled forward,
stretching her body until she felt the leather straps attached to them.  She
cringed in pain as they were tightened cruelly.  Hand began to run over her ass
and she now understood how naked and vulnerable she was.  She was bound on her
knees, her legs spread wide and she was sure her pussy and anus was exposed. 
She could feel the cool air rushing over them.  She felt the fingers run between
the cheeks of her ass, running over her anus and down to her pussy.  She was
dry, afraid of the rape she knew was coming.  A rope was attached around her
neck and tied to the table, forcing her down onto to it, looking to the side.
      Steve grabbed the metal table and pushed it to the side of Sara.  He
grabbed Becky and started to untie her.  Michael came over to help, pulling the
last of the remnants of her clothes from her body, as she was untied.  He pushed
her over to the table forcing her to bend over it, Steve grabbed her wrists and
pulled them to the other side, stretching her tightly.  He secured the leather
straps to her wrists, tying her tightly to the corners. 
      "MMMMGGG," Becky groaned into the gag as she felt a hand grab her left
ankle.  She felt the cold steel attach to it and heard the metal clank as a
metal cuff was attached and snapped tightly.  Her leg was pulled out to the
side, forcing her down on the table.  The table was cold, her nipples hardening
instantly as they were forced down on the metal table.  A loud snap and she
pulled her leg, the cuff banging noisily as she found herself securely bound. 
The hand returned to her right leg, the cold steel attaching another cuff.  Her
leg was pulled to the other side, her legs spreading obscenely.  She could feel
her pussy and asscheeks spreading open.  She tried to pull back on her right leg
but the powerful hands were stronger, opening her up and she again felt the cuff
banging and she knew she was now bound tightly.  Her ass was thrust out, her
pussy and anus spread open.  She knew the only reason she was in this position
was to be raped.
      Sara watched as Becky was bound.  She could see the tears running down her
face, as she was bent over the table, naked and spread.  Hands manipulated her
body until she was in the position they wanted.  Like her, they tied a rope
around Becky's neck and bound her tightly to the table, facing Sara.  They
stared at each other, the helplessness of their situation showing in their
      Steve walked in front of Becky.  "You look so fuckable, little girl," his
hands stroking her head.  He looked down at her tear stained face.  "You're
going to be first.  I'm going to rape your pussy, than my big fat cock is going
up your asshole.  I'm going to fuck you hard and long."
      Becky started whimpering, tears running down her face.  He intended to
hurt her with his cock and there was nothing she could do about it.  She watched
as he began to undress.  First his shirt, than he started unbuckling his belt,
the zipper next.  She was forced to look at his fat cock bulging out of his
shorts.  He dropped his pants and stood before her, his cock hard and erect. 
His hand reached down and stroked his cock, it getting bigger and bigger.  He
hooked his hands in his shorts and let them drop to the floor.  Becky gasped as
his cock sprung free.  It was huge, over four inches in diameter and had to be
at least ten-inches long.  It wasn't a cock, it was a weapon.  She watched as he
stroked his cock, it seemed to get bigger.
      Steve looked at the terrified look on her face as he stroked his cock and
moved it toward her face.  He rubbed the head of his cock over her lips, spread
wide over the ball gag.  His precum glistened on her lips.  "You'll suck my cock
later.  You'll suck lots of cocks, but first I am going to bust your pussy open
with my cock."
      Sara could see the distressed look on Becky's face.  The man had moved out
of her view and Becky's face took on the appearance of fright.  She knew that
Becky was about to be raped and she could not do anything about it.
      Becky saw him move out of her view and knew that he was moving behind her. 
Her body jumped when she felt hands grasping her hips.  They casually moved back
over her ass, almost caressing her skin.  She groaned, as the fingers became
more urgent, squeezing her ass flesh tightly between his fingers.  She could the
fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart, the cool air rushing over her pussy and
      "Look at that juicy pussy, Steve, it looks so tight.  You are going to
have to earn your keep to fuck that pussy open.  And that asshole, it's just a
tiny star.  This bitch is going to be in a lot of pain when you fuck her, but
its going to be the tightest pussy you ever felt."  Michael smiled as he spoke. 
He looked over at Sara.  "Mommy won't be as tight, but she will feel my cock
tearing into her body."
      Steve fisted his cock, the bulbous head swelling larger.  He moved forward
and felt Becky squirm as he moved between her legs.  He moved his cock head over
her naked ass cheeks and began to rub it up a down, his precum leaking onto her
flesh.  He took a bottle of baby oil and put a small amount on his cock, rubbing
it over the huge instrument.  "This is for me, not you, bitch.  It will make it
a little easier to put my cock into you but it will wear off quickly.  With the
pain you will feel, I doubt you will get very wet, so it will be a hard fuck,
but that is what I like."
         Becky could feel the huge cock moving over her flesh.  She tried to
move, but only succeeding in making his cock harder, She looked exceedingly
sexy, her ass moving side to side, her pussy spread open.  She could not just do
nothing, waiting for the rape of her pussy.  She felt the head of the cock push
between her legs, searching out her pussy, now spread open, seemingly begging to
be raped.  It pushed up against her pussy, a tiny opening in her body.  The head
felt massive.
      Steve fisted his cock and placed it against her pussy, now spread wide
before him.  His fingers peeled back her pussy lips, her pink insides beckoning
his cock.  Her tiny opening widened, his cock beginning to push inside of her. 
He could see her pussy spreading wide under the brutal attack of his huge cock. 
It began to stretch wider, unable to stop the brutal rape.  He pushed harder,
watching Becky buck in her restraints, her body trying to escape.  He continued
to follow her moving ass, limited by the cuffs holding her spread open.  His
cock pushed her open more, her pussy clinging to the huge head as it began to
tear, unable to take the cock.  Her body lurched as her pussy tore, the pain
increasing as the head of his cock was almost all the way in her pussy.  Her
painfully stretched pussy lips slipped over the head of his cock, grasping the
huge head as if it wanted it in her.
      Becky's pussy felt like it was on fire.  The huge cock was tearing her
open as it continued its brutal rape.  Her body jerked on the table, unable to
stand the pain he was inflicting on her young body.  She shrieked in the ball
gag, only unintelligible sounds escaping through the ball gag.  Her eyes were
filled with tears as the cock pushed relentlessly into her near virgin body. 
She felt her pussy being filled, clinging to the cock like it was welcoming a
lover, instead of accepting a rape.  Her eyes opened wide, her poor pussy now
tearing, unable to accept the huge cock, the pain shooting into her groin.  She
wished she would pass out, the only way she could escape the rape, but her body
continued to be alert, the pain increasing as her pussy began to pass over the
head of the cock, clasping tightly to the instrument of torture.  She felt it
stop, her body clinging to it, her movements still, hoping to avoid any
additional pain.
      Steve's hands stroked over her ass, caressing her naked flesh like a
lover, his cock now held tightly in her pussy.  It felt like it was in a vise,
her clasping flesh massaging his cock in response to the pain she was feeling. 
"How does that feel, Becky?"  He watched her move her head, the rope preventing
only minor movement, tears running down her face, gagged responses coming from
her mouth.  "Now that you got the head, you are going to get the next nine
inches of cock in your pussy.  Then we are going to get down to some serious
fucking.  If you think this is bad, wait until I get to your virgin asshole.  I
will already have cum once so it will be a long, hard ass raping."  Steve leaned
down over Becky's spread body, his chest on her back, his ass raised up high,
his cock just inside her pussy.  He began to push his hips in, his cock pushing
inside her pussy, spreading the walls of her pussy open, her pussy clinging to
every bump and ripple on his cock as it began it's brutal descent into the
depths of her pussy.  His cock felt like it was rubbing against sandpaper, her
pussy so dry, the pain not allowing her natural juices to flow.  It hurt him,
but it was hurting her a lot more.  Her body jerked and bucked on the table, but
his cock held her pinned down, sprearing into her tender flesh like a pole.  Two
more inches of cock entered her body.  He pulled it back out until only her
pussy gripped the head, than pushed back in again, this time three inches of
cock managed to bore into her body, pushing past all resistance.  He could see
blood covering his cock.  At least there would be some lubrication now.  Each
time he would pull his cock out and then forcefully thrust back in, her back
trying to arch to escape the brutal rape, but pinned down like a bug, unable to
defend herself.  He had never fucked anything so tight, most women would not let
them fuck them, his cock too huge.  Only whores, their pussies worn and battered
allowed him a fucking.  This cunt was almost a virgin and there was nothing she
could do to stop him. He fucked hard, her body reacting.  "You like my cock,
Becky.  You will get a lot more of it, so you might as well get used to it.  You
are going to become my little fuck toy."  Steve laughed and ruthlessly plunged
into her pussy, changing the angle of his cock, forcing her pussy to stretch
even more.
      Sara saw Becky lift her head up and tears fill her eyes.  She could hear
mumbled screams coming from her gagged mouth.  She knew that her rape had begun. 
She watched as her body slammed up and down on the table, the metal cuffs
binding her legs clanging noisily as she tried to escape.  This went on for
long, terrible minutes.  Than she was silent and still, tears running down her
face.  She figured that his cock must be in her now.  Becky's head raised up
again, screams again muffled by the gag, her rape beginning again.  She saw her
body being buffeted forward, knowing that the cock was pushing into her, forcing
her pussy to open and allow entrance to the large cock.
      Becky could not believe how much pain the cock was giving her.  She
thought the tearing of her pussy was bad, but the continual rasping of the huge
cock in her pussy was worse.  Each time the cock would push deeper into her
body, than begin its descent until on the head was grasped by her pussy.  A few
seconds reprieve and than it would begin its painful journey back down her
unused pussy, pushing all resistance out of the way.  Each time it would force
itself deeper into her body, opening her pussy wide, the tearing and the burning
becoming worse.  She could feel every bump on his cock as it pushed into her
body.  The pain forced her pussy to involuntarily grasp the cock, the pain even
worse.  She knew that this was making his cock harder, but she could not stop
her bodies' natural reactions.  Her pussy would squeeze the cock and than he
would make it jump in her body, forcing a new batch of pain.   The cock felt
like it was going to come out her mouth, she had never felt anything that deep. 
She screamed again, the cock pushing in deeper.
      Sweat was running down Steve's body and landing on Becky's back as the
continual pumping of his cock in her body brought new anguish to his victim.  It
was hard to push his cock into her tight pussy, but each new muffled scream
brought out a fresh batch of energy and a new enthusiasm to the next hard fuck. 
He laughed as his cock pushed in again, still only five inches of cock in her
body.  "You've got half of it now, cunt.  You still got another five inches to
go," his hips pushing forward, another inch added to the fucking.  He pulled it
out and pushed it back in again, not allowing Becky's pussy to grow accustomed
to the cock.  He felt her pussy expand to accept his cock and than shrink and
grab at his cock as it pulled from her body.  The body under him jerked and
thrashed about as it received his painful instrument of torture.  He pulled the
cock out and than pushed back in again, now eight inches of hard cock filling
her up.  He continually buffeted her body, each time filling her tight pussy
with more cock.  A trace of blood covered his cock, he would force her to suck
it clean when he finished, lubricating his cock for the rape.  One last thrust,
pushing with all of his strength, forced all ten inches of cock into her pussy,
the head of his cock battering at her cervix.  Her body jerked in pain, her
cuffs clanging noisily in the room, her battered breathing and muffled screams
the only discernable noise.  His stomach hit her ass with a loud smack, his cock
now fully in her.  He paused in her pussy, her body grasping the tool tightly.
      Becky felt so full.  She could feel his stomach against her ass as his
cock was now fully embedded in her pussy.  She felt in pulsing her body, her
pussy stretched tightly around it.  Her body felt bruised as the last powerful
push into her pussy beat against her cervix.  The pain shot into her brain.  She
could not conceive that an individual could get so much enjoyment out of her
pain.  She could hear her own screams, but knew the ball gag prevented others
from hearing only but muffled sounds.  She could hardly breathe, the body laying
on her back, the heavy weight sucking the breath out of her lungs.  The cock
twitched in her pussy, bringing a fresh batch of pain, as her pussy had to
expand further to accept it.  She could hear his voice.
      "You ready for a good fucking now, Becky.  Your pussy is so tight.  It
will be hard but I will make sure you get all of the cock you deserve."
      Becky felt the cock pull from her pussy, sucking her insides out as it
dragged painfully from her body.  She could feel every bump and bulge on his
cock as it rasped over her stretched pussy tract.  It felt like sandpaper on his
cock as it dragged over her dry pussy, eliciting new pain through her body.  It
pulled from her body until only her pussy grasped the head.  It paused for
seconds and than Becky shrieked as the cock forcefully pushed back in, this time
all ten inches forcing itself into her body.  Her pussy stretched open again,
painfully tearing and rasping as the cock bore into her body in one single,
forceful thrust that sent his stomach slapping shamelessly against her
asscheeks.  The wind was knocked out of her lungs as the head of his cock banged
painfully against her cervix.  The pain shot into her brain as the brutal rape
of her pussy began.  Before she could catch her breath, the cock was pulled out
again and than back in again, all ten inches raping her painfully.  Hands held
her hips down, as the cock began its punishing rape of her body, pushing in and
out, tearing her flesh in each painful thrust, opening her body to be used as a
receptacle for his cum.
      Steve pushed into her hard, forcing his cock into her defenseless body as
he pummeled her. His cock tore into her flesh, his body slamming down on her
back, his hips pumping his cock into her pussy relentlessly.  He watched her
head rear up each time his cock banged against her cervix, bottoming out in her
pussy.  He continued to rape her for long minutes, the blood on his cock
increasing as he raped her hard and long.  He could feel her body jerk in pain
as he pumped his cock in and out, her pussy clinging to his cock as the rape
continued.  Five minutes and he continued to pump his cock into her painfully
stretched pussy.  He was trying to hold on as long as possible before he had to
cum.  He wanted her to feel the pain of his cock for a long time.  "How do you
like my cock, Becky," he asked, his cock boring into her pussy at a different
angle, forcing a new batch of pain as she was stretched wide.  He pumped his
cock into her relentlessly, a stroke taking only 5 seconds.  The slapping of his
stomach against her ass and her muffled sounds the only noise coming from the
room as her rape continued.
      Becky thought she was going to die.  The initial rape of her pussy by the
cock was bad enough, but not the continued fucking was taking a toll on her
body.  It was over ten minutes of his cock fucking into her body, it seemed like
hours.  Her pussy was being turned into raw meat as the hard cock continued to
fuck deep into her body, tearing up her tender flesh.  Her body continued to
milk the cock, the painful thrusts forcing her pussy to clench and unclench on
the huge cock.  She felt his cock grow bigger, new pain added as she knew he was
ready to cum.  She felt one last powerful thrust, the cock feeling like it was
going to shoot into her stomach and he bottomed out in her pussy and she felt
the head grow bigger and begin to shoot out inside her.  The first blast of hot
cum filled her.  At least it would add lubricant.  The cock was pulled out and
then pushed back in again, another hot blast of cum filling her pain filled
pussy.  It felt like gasoline was being poured inside of her pussy as he
continued to pump his cock in her pussy and fill her full of his hot cum.
      "What a hot pussy, hot do you like my cum, bitch.  I am filling your sweet
pussy so full," Steve's cock continuing to shoot her full as he pumped her pussy
with his cock, not caring how much pain he was causing her.  He pushed it in her
pussy one last time and dumped the last of his cum in her.  He pulled his cock
out, covered in cum and blood, dripping on her ass as her pussy clung to it.  He
watched it leave her pussy, still stretched wide from the brutal rape.  He
slapped her ass hard, "great fuck, cunt.  Give me a couple of minutes and I will
do your asshole."
      Sara watched as Becky was continually raped before her.  She could see the
pain in her eyes as she was bucked about on the table.  She could not understand
how this was happening.  It was only a few hours ago that it was breakfast time
and now her only innocent daughter was being raped and she could not do anything
about it except wait for her own rape.  She saw the tears and sweat pouring from
Becky's body as the rape continued.  Finally it seemed to be over, the body on
her slumped down and Becky's head fell to the table.  She heard the voice tell
Becky that her asshole would be next.  "No, please, don't do this to my
daughter, " Sara cried out in the gag.
To Be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Slaver Training
Part: Chapter 3
Summary: This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two
new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure to be
trained and sold as sex slaves.
Keywords: M+/f+, BDSM, slavery, bond, humil, nc, Serious, rape, violence

Copyright 2003 by Powerone.  The author can be contacted at

Slaver Training-Chapter 3

	Michael stood next to the table where Becky was bound.  He saw her tear
strained face, flush from the fucking she had endured, a sheen of sweat covering
her naked and spread body.  Her mouth was still stuffed, only muffled sobs
coming from her lips.  He pulled out his cock, almost identical in size to
Steve's and began to stroke it in front of her face.  "Did you like that, Becky? 
I bet you were never fucked like that before.  You might as well get used to it,
you are going to be fucked in the next month more then you ever expected to in a
lifetime.  And it's not going to be a gentle lovemaking, you will be fucked
hard.  You will learn how to please a man using your body.  Some of it will be
very painful, but that is what men require of young females like you.  They love
to hear you scream."

	Becky began to get frightened again.  Her pussy burned from the brutal
rape that Steve subjected her to.  She could still feel the sticky cum on her
pussy, her arms and legs aching from the tight bondage.  Now Michael was
standing in front of her, stroking an equally big cock.  They were ready to fuck
her again.  And she feared that they would be fucking her in her asshole next. 
She shook her head, mumbling in the gag, hoping that they would leave her alone.

	"How about a new position, for little Becky, would you like that Becky,
maybe something with your ass ready and open?"  Steve walked next to Becky,
still naked, his cock already hard again.  "You going to break in Mommy, Michael
while I do little Becky in the ass?"

	Michael continued to stroke his cock, looking over at Sara, naked and
bent over on the metal apparatus.  She was spread open and ready, her asshole
and pussy exposed.  Her mouth was still held open by the ring gag, ready for a
large cock.  "Yes, I think Mommy should have a cock in her when her little girl
gets ass fucked."  He walked in back of her, his hands stroking her ass as if he
owned it.  "Why don't you use Mommy to get your cock wet.  That is the least she
can do for little Becky.  Make it slick so it will be less painful when you fuck
her asshole, not that it will help much."

	Sally cringed when she heard Michael's comments.  She knew she was going
to be raped.  She saw the pained look on Becky's face.

	"How about over the vaulting bench?  I always loved that.  I just can't
imagine them using a vaulting bench for gymnastics.  It is so much better
utilized to keep a nice, ripe female spread and open, her ass raised up, begging
to be fucked.  Give me a hand with Becky, we'll get her all ready for her ass
fucking."  Steve began to untie Becky, slapping her hands when she tried to move
them down towards her body.  "Behave, cunt, this is only temporary."  His hands
moved to her ankles, releasing her from the table.  Michael moved next to her
and she soon found herself dragged over to the vaulting bench.

	The blood rushed to her head as they bent her at the waist, pushing her
down onto the vaulting bench.  She smelled the leather of the bench, her skin
sticking to the surface as she was pushed over it, her head pushed down.  She
felt Steve grab a wrist and tie it to one of the legs, then the other.  Her hair
hung down to the floor, her face less then a foot from the floor.  She felt
hands on her ankle and she gasped in pain as a rough rope was tied tightly to it
and then spread wide.  She tried to pull it, but it was already secured tightly. 
Now the other ankle was subjected to the same, this time her legs spreading
wide, feeling like he was trying to tear her up the middle.  She could feel the
dried cum between her legs parting as she was spread wider and wider.  "OOOWWW,"
the rope now tied tight, tighter then needed.  She knew that Michael did it to
inflict pain on her.  She felt his hands sliding up and down her legs, unable to
do anything to stop him, moving higher up until he reached her spread pussy.

	Steve looked at her face, turning red as blood rushed to her head. 
"Nice and comfortable, Becky?"  His hands reached out for her breasts, now
hanging down towards the ground, almost hitting her chin.  "Nice tits, Becky,
such big nipples, you're going to give me a good tit fucking later.  Is Michael
feeling up your pussy?  Time to get your ass fucked, Becky.  This is going to
hurt you, really hurt you.  Mommy will get to see her little girl get her first
cock up her ass, but Michael will take care of her.  He's going to be fucking
her as they both watch the rape of your little asshole.  No gag this time, I
want to hear you scream."

	Steve moved over to Sara, his hard cock jutting out from his body.  It
was an angry red, the crown already glistening with his precum, his balls
hanging heavily between his legs, full of sperm, ready to unload deep inside
Becky's asshole.  He pushed his cock between her lips, held wide open by the
ring clamp jammed tightly in her mouth.  "It will go easier on Becky if you get
it wet.  Otherwise I'm going to tear her asshole dry.  It's up to you.  Use your
tongue and get it as wet as you can."

	Michael watched as Sara's tongue began to run over the cock that split
her lips and was jamming into her mouth.  "You're quite a cocksucker, Sara. 
You're going to get even better.  You going to have to swallow so much cum."  He
moved behind her and ran his cock up and down her pussy slit, now gaping wide as
she knelt there, legs spread wide, ass arched up.  "You better make that pussy
wet if you don't want it to hurt as much."  He saw her twist her ass, the
apparatus limiting her ability to move to only a few inches each way.

	Steve pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop, slivers of saliva
hanging on to his dick as it pulled out.  "Good Mommy, you got my cock nice and
wet.  Ready for little Becky's asshole."  He moved over again to the vaulting
bench, stepping between Becky's wide spread legs.

	Becky watched as her mother sucked on Steve's cock, her tongue running
over the huge instrument.  She could hear her slurping, wetting the large cock
that would be soon entering her asshole.  She saw it pull out, glistening with
spit, Steve moving behind her now.

	Sara bucked in the apparatus, her scream unheard by the others, the
mouth clamp effectively doing its job of keeping her silent.  She thought a
baseball bat was being slowly and forcefully up her vagina.  Her husband did not
have a large cock, not like Michael's.  She tried to spread her legs open wide,
anything to stop the raping pain as her pussy was slowly and painfully stretched
open to accept the giant cock entering her.  She felt the head pop inside her. 
She could feel her pussy stretched tightly over it, clinging to it.  Please, she
begged in silence, take it out, please.

	Michael smiled as he saw his cock slowly swallowed up by her cunt.  His
hands gripped her hips, feeling her trying to escape the rape, but unable to do
anything but tremble in pain and fear.  "Never had anything that big in your
cunt before, huh, Sara.  Get used to it.  My clients like older women as pain
sluts.  That cunt of yours will have to take many large items, not just cocks. 
You ever fucked a horse, Sara?  Or a dog?"  He pushed with his cock, slowly and
painfully pushing his cock into her cunt, her pussy gripping it tightly as he
forced her to accept inch after inch of hard cock.  He had over half of it
inside her.  "Watch Becky, she is about to get her first ass fucking."

	"No, please don't, fuck my pussy again, not my asshole," Becky cried,
tears running from her eyes and falling down to the floor beneath her.  She
could feel the wet cock pushing along her ass crack, each time running over her
small asshole.  His hands held her hips tightly, his fingers turning her skin
white as he forced her ass up towards his cock.  She could not stop him.  He was
going to rape her asshole and all she could do was scream in pain.  She looked
over at her mother, her face contoured in pain as Michael now had over three
quarters of his cock embedded in her pussy and was beginning to thrust his cock
in and out of her pussy with ever increasing speed.  There eyes met, locked upon
each other, unable to comprehend why this was happening to each of them, only
knowing that it was and they were defenseless to do anything to stop them from
raping them.

	"I already had your pussy.  It was good, nice and tight, but now I want
that little asshole.  Beg me to fuck your asshole, Becky," his hand slapping her
ass hard, the noise ringing out in the room.  Again, his hand beat her other
cheek, the skin turning an angry red, a handprint almost discernible on her
cheek.  "I can do this all night, you will beg me to fuck your asshole," his
hand slapping both cheeks in a rapid staccato. 

	"OOOWW," she cried out, the hand hurting her tender ass each time it
beat down on her flesh.  She could feel the heat of the blow, the terrible
stinging, the painful aftermath.  "OOWWW, no more, please.  Fuck my asshole,
please, just don't hit me anymore.  Fuck my asshole."  She saw her mother look
at her, the look on her face as she was forced to beg to get ass raped.  She
felt Steve grip his cock tightly against her defenseless asshole, the hot head
pushed up against her tiny opening.  She began to groan as he put his weight on
it and started to push it into the tiny opening.   She felt it bend and slide
off her asshole, unable to force her open.  She sighed, relieved as the cock was
no longer pushed against her asshole, but it was short-lived.  His cock
returned, this time it felt harder, his hand pumping it up and down as it held
it against her asshole.  She would not be so lucky this time. 

	"Goddamnit, open up your asshole, bitch.  Push back on my cock, like you
are trying to shit."  His hand slapped her ass hard again, feeling her body
tremble in pain.  He gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his cock, pumping
it into hardness, ready again.  "Open up your asshole, fuck back onto my cock or
I will beat you senseless."  He felt her asshole straining, her muscles pushing
out, her tiny pucker straining outward, the crown of his cock slowly pushing
against her, forcing her pucker in.  "That's it, push out again, obey me,
Becky."  He watched her asshole pucker out again, this time the crown of his
cock slowly stretching her tiny asshole wider.  "Stretch out, stretch out your
asshole, my cock is going in you.  Push, push harder," he ordered her, feeling
her straining to will her asshole to open to accept the large cock.

	Becky gritted her teeth, pushing back on her asshole, afraid she might
have an accident and actually shit.  She could feel her asshole pucker getting
bigger, the head of his cock slowly forcing itself into her painfully,
millimeter by millimeter.  She heard her mother grunting and looked over. 
Michael now had all of his cock firmly embedded in her pussy and was fucking her
hard and painfully.  She was rocketed back and forth on the apparatus, her
breasts swinging freely back and forth.  His belly slapped against her ass
cheeks loudly as he put all of his strength into each lunge into her pussy,
forcing it to spread painfully wide each time, gripping it in defense. 

	"That's it Mommy, ride my cock.  You like a big cock inside you, don't
you?  Not like your husband's puny dick.  Now fuck back, squeeze my cock when it
is inside you.  Make me cum, or I will ride you all night."  Michael felt her
pussy grip his cock as he pulled it from her body.  It was difficult, his cock
so big, her pussy so small.  He pushed back in again, panting as he used all of
his strength to fuck her pussy as hard as he could.  He smashed into her ass
cheeks, his cock buried deep inside her, banging into her cervix, her body
trying to escape, but his hands held her tight.  "That's a good little Mommy,
fuck the big cock inside you.  Look at little Becky, see her asshole straining
wide.  Steve's cock is about to pop inside her for the first time.  Your little
baby is about to get her first cock inside her asshole.  Listen, you will be
able to hear her scream when he does.  They always do."

	"AAAAAHHHHHHHH, OOOWWW," the scream tore from her lips.  She had never
felt such pain before, even when they had raped her pussy.  "Don't move, please,
don't move," she begged.  Her asshole felt like it was torn and bleeding as it
was finally forced to accept the raping cock.  She could feel her asshole
wrapped tightly around the head of his cock, gripping it in terror and pain.

	"Nice, tight asshole, Becky.  Hot and tight.  You like my cock inside
you?"  He looked down at her tightly drawn body, her ass cheeks spread wide, the
head of his cock slipped into the tiny indent in her body.  He traced his
fingers around her tightly drawn asshole, small traces of blood appearing from
the tearing that was required to accept such a large instrument in her asshole. 
He flexed his cockhead, watching as her body jumped in pain as the head of his
cock expanded.  He knew he could not wait, he had to ride her asshole with his
cock.  He began to push down on her body, the unyielding vaulting bench holding
her pressed tightly to it, unable to escape the painful journey of his cock up
her backside.

	"Oh, God, that hurts so much," her body jerking back and forth to the
side, unable to stop the raping cock as it began to push inside her body.  Her
body jerked in pain as the head of his cock was suddenly swallowed up by her
asshole in one very slow and painful thrust up her backside.  Her head was
swimming in pain from the cock entering her.  It was just too big to enter her
asshole without doing some physical damage.  She could feel every ridge and bump
on his cock as she was subject to the terrible rape of her ass.  "No more, don't
push anymore inside me."

	"Squeeze my cock with your asshole, or it goes in deeper.  I will push
it in until it comes out your mouth."  He watched, her asshole gripping his cock
tighter, a moan of pain coming from her lips as she was forced to tighten up on
the cock inside her, the pain increasing.  "Again," watching her asshole
stretched over the head, feeling like a giant rubber band wrapped tightly over
the head of his cock, trying to suck out the cum in his balls.  He could
actually see her asshole tighten, her pucker now a gaping hole, stuffed full of
man cock.  "You're going to be a good ass fuck, Becky, you sure you haven't been
fucked in the ass before.  Just don't want Mommy to know what a slut you are." 
He laughed and began to push his cock inside her again.  "I lied, Becky, we are
going to fuck and you are going to take my cock all the way up your hot and
tight asshole."  He slapped her ass cheeks hard, feeling her asshole clench on
his cock as he painfully pressed it further up her backside.  "Yeah, I like
that, again," slapping her ass cheeks again, forcing her to tighten on the cock
inside her.

	Sara could only watch as her beautiful daughter screamed in pain as she
was raped in her ass.  She knew she would be next, but she could not
concentrate, the cock in her pussy, tearing up and down her pussy in hard and
brutal motions, bruising her insides as it battered her with the huge head.  Her
body was continually buffeted about on the apparatus, holding her pinned tightly
and spread, her body defenseless to the rape.  His hands flew over her body,
fingers searching out for her breasts, grabbing them tightly, not caressing, but
squeezing and pinching.  Her nipples were already red and swollen, fingers and
fingernails having sought them out and abused them until they stood out hard and
erect.  A hand was underneath her now, fingers rubbing over her clit, another
hand pulling back her clit hood as the raping cock inside her continued to
plummet her body.  Fingers tapped at the exposed nub, first softly, now turning
harder, tapping harder and harder on the sensitive bud.  It was like a spanking,
but only using a single finger.  Relentless, always returning with another
finger slap, moving over her clit, back and forth, up and down.  The good
feeling began to be replaced by the constant irritation and pain.  She pushed
her hips backwards, attempting to escape the punishing finger but only succeeded
in exposing her pussy to the raping cock, allowing greater access for more
powerful fucks inside her. 

	"That's it Mommy, fuck back.  You like a big cock inside you, don't
you?"  He tapped at her clit over and over again.  He knew that he was making it
very sensitive and the pleasure would turn to pain.  He liked that, his cock
hardening.  He would make her cum, in spite of the pain.  She would soon learn
to love the pain, as there would be so much more of it.  "Ride me, bitch," his
cock squeezed so tightly by her pussy.  It was difficult not to cum inside her,
but he knew he must continue fucking her.  He wanted her pussy sore and tender. 
He would fuck her many times over the next half a day.  He and Michael would
fuck them both many, many times.

	Becky screamed again as Michael pulled the cock from her asshole until
only the head was gripped tightly, then plunged back, tearing along her rectum,
burying over four inches of giant cock inside her.  Her stomach cramped in pain,
her asshole clenching and unclenching on the raping cock, not in pleasure, but
in pain. 

	Steve loved the way that her body gripped his cock as he began to fuck
her asshole, each time burying more and more of his cock inside her once virgin
asshole.  "You have half of it now, Becky, can you feel it deep inside you?"  He
stabbed his cock into her, feeling her body jerk in pain.  He loved to fuck
little girls in the ass, especially virgins.  He loved the way they could not
control their bodies, their asshole clamping down on his cock, trying to push it
out, but only succeeding in sucking it further into their hot depths.  "Yeah,
here's more," pushing another inch of cock inside her before pulling it almost
all the way out.

	Becky could not believe the pain that radiated from her raped asshole. 
It drove up her spine, a sharp piercing pain that registered in her brain.  His
cock continued to punish her once virgin asshole, stretching and tearing as it
raped deeper and deeper into her asshole.  Her sphincter had clung to it as long
as possible, fighting to keep it out, squeezing down on it, trying to push it
out.  But in the end, it lost its fight.  The giant cock winning, her sphincter
finally giving up, allowing him unlimited access to her asshole.  Her rectum
clung to the cock inside her, each time stretching as the cock penetrated her,
feeling every lump, blood vessel and bump on his cock as it fucked her hard. 
"OOOWW," she screamed as his cock entered her colon, forcing it to straighten to
accept it, the cock now having over six inches inside her.  It felt like a
baseball bat was thrust up her ass.  The bent over position allowed him complete
access to her asshole, a direct path deep inside her colon.  She felt it pull
from her asshole, a vacuum forming as it was withdrawn, feeling like it was
pulling her guts out with it.  When it almost pulled out, her asshole gripped
the head tightly, he would thrust it back in again, each time forcing more cock
into her, the head of his cock reaching virgin territory, stretching it open
wider then it should was meant to stretch.  She groaned in pain, the cramping
and tearing of her anal tract shooting up her body.  "Please, no more, don't go
any deeper, its going to ruin me," she cried out, afraid that her asshole would
be torn beyond repair.  Tears poured from her eyes, as she lay bent over, her
eighteen-year-old body being sodomized, never even having a hint that this could
ever happen.  She saw her mother, suffering a similar fate, bound in the cruel
apparatus, holding her spread open as she was fucked from behind like a dog. 
She could see her body jerk each time as the hard cock raped her pussy.

	Michael continued the relentless "spanking" of her clit, two fingers now
punishing the erect and tender morsel.  He knew by now that the pain was
beginning to become excruciating, his fingers drumming down on her clit each
time, slapping hard against the bud, only to return in a few seconds again.  It
was a painful, monotonous spanking, never yielding or changing.  He pushed his
cock deep inside her, hitting her cervix painfully, banging up against it,
bruising it.  He held his cock inside her, flexing it, forcing her to feel it
twitch inside her, unable to stop the rape of her body.  "It's beginning to hurt
now, the spanking of your clit, isn't it Sara?  I'm going to keep my cock buried
in your pussy.  The pain will force your pussy to react, squeezing on my cock,
trying to expel it from your body.  It will not win, it will only succeed in
making my cock bigger and harder."  His fingers continued to drum on her clit,
each time her body jerking in response to the pain, each time massaging his
pulsating cock buried inside her tight pussy. 

	Sara could not believe that two fingers could ignite so much pain in her
body.  It had started simple, caressing her clit until it became hard and erect. 
Then one finger, tapping lightly against it.  But the longer it continued, the
more inflamed her clit became.  It was now over twice it's size, blood pulsating
to the top.  The one finger became harder, slapping it instead of caressing it. 
One finger became two, the sound magnified as it continued relentlessly.  She
almost forgot the cock that fucked her, only when he fucked her with a cruel
stroke, pushing his cock in at an unnatural angle, banging painfully against her
the side of her pussy, did she realize that she was still being raped.  She
could hear the loud slap of his fingers, her body jerking back in pain.  His
cock was now buried deep inside her, not moving, but twitching inside her.  Her
body braced for the next slap, jerking back onto the cock as his fingers hit the
pulsating clit, igniting the pain again.  "Stop slapping my clit, it hurts," she
begged, but she felt the fingers again, slap-slap, attacking her clit.

	Steve looked over at Sara, her body sweating, the pain from the fucking
Michael was giving her forcing her to push back on his cock, fucking herself. 
He had seen Michael use the clit spanking before.  It worked great, forcing the
victim to fuck back, anything to escape the relentless slapping.  He would have
to try it on Becky later, he would love to see how her body reacted to it. 
Steve felt Becky's body shudder, her lung releasing a loud rush of air as he
fucked his cock fully into her asshole, forcing her to take all eight inches of
his rigid cock in her asshole.  He grabbed her hips, his hands making her hips
move side to side, dancing on his cock as he buried his cock inside her.  Her
asshole clamped down on the raping cock, squeezing, pushing, trying to force it
from her body.  "Dance on my cock, Becky," pushing down on his cock, trying to
force more cock into her, watching as her asshole was spread so tight around the
base of his cock, squeezing the blood out of it.  He continued to roll her hips,
side to side, watching as her asshole had to stretch more to allow the sideways
movement.  "Good girl, that's it, squeeze my cock now," forcing her to fuck

	Her head was clouded in the pain of the sodomizing cock buried deep
inside her.  She was dizzy, the blood filling her head in the bent over
position, her hips held tightly, moving her around his cock as if she was to
enjoy the painful ass fucking.  "Get it over with, cum in me and get it over
with, it hurts."

	"We haven't even started fucking yet, Becky.  You got all of my cock
inside you, but there is so much more.  Wait until I start fucking you with it. 
Eight inches of steel hard cock, just waiting to open you up.  I will having you
singing soon, Becky, like your mother."  Steve began to pull his cock from her
asshole, feeling her asshole gripping it tightly, almost as if she did not want
it to leave.  He pulled it until only the head was gripped tightly and then
pushed down with all of his strength.  He knew that it would be a difficult path
to push all eight inches of his big cock into her almost virgin asshole in one
painful push, but he wanted to hear her scream.  He was not disappointed.  He
could feel it push aside all defenses of her body as it tore into her asshole,
stretching and tearing to reach its destination deep inside her colon.  Her head
pulled back as she screamed, a gut wrenching scream that scared her mother next
to her.

	"OOOOOWWWW, OOH, GOD, its tearing me apart," Becky screamed as her
asshole went from empty to full in less then one second.  His cock ripped
through her body, scraping painfully along her anal tract as it tore into her,
her stomach cramping as it filled her colon with his hot, pulsating cock.  Her
breathing became shallower, unable to fill her lungs before he ripped his cock
from her asshole again, this time allowing the head to pull from her asshole. 
It felt like he tore her body apart as her ass pucker stayed open, a gaping hole
in her once virgin ass. 

	Steve watched as her asshole slowly began to close.  When it was half
way closed, he fisted his cock again and pushed it against her shrinking
asshole.  He pushed with a grunt, her asshole unable to stop the raping cock,
pushed aside again, stretched tightly around it as it raped deep inside her
again.  All eight inches of steel cock shoved into her delicate asshole in less
then two seconds.  Another scream burst from her lips, her sobbing heard from
all in the room, her body jerking around atop the vaulting bench.  "You like
getting ass fucked, Becky.  Your asshole was made for it, hot and tight." He
pulled his cock out again, then back in again, hearing her breathing, rapid and
gasping, unable to catch her breath, his cock punishing her asshole painfully. 
"So tight, such a good little girl you are Becky."  His hips began to blur as he
fucked her faster and faster, his stomach slapping against her ass cheeks, his
large, hanging balls slapping under her and against her pussy.

	Sara was shocked back to reality by her daughter's screams.  She could
see the big cock fucking in and out of her asshole and knew it was painful.  But
she had her own problems.  Michael continued to clit slap her. The two fingers
were slapping her harder and harder, her clit swollen in pain, giving him a
bigger target.  She kept jerking back onto his cock, feeling it twitch inside
her pussy each time as he kept it buried deep inside her.  She did not know how
much longer she could stand it.  The fingers were relentless, returning each
time in a predictable pattern, never missing, always harder.  Her pussy began to
spasm on the cock inside her, forced to grab it and milk it.  She could feel a
stirring beginning, something she had not felt in a while and she was afraid of
it.  She felt like she might have an orgasm.   Please, don't make me cum, please
I don't want them to see that they are doing this to me, she thought.  But the
more she tried to hide it, the more it became prevalent.  The fingers continued
to drum on her clit.  The hard slapping of his fingers, the enflamed bud
reacting, getting harder and bigger, her hips bucking back each time they
slapped it, her pussy tightening in pain on the huge cock buried inside her. 
Her body began to tremble, slight tremors running through it as her pussy
massaged the cock that stretched it open so wide.

	Michael saw the change in her body, feeling the way she began to fuck
back on his cock, even though he kept it still, buried deep inside her pussy. 
He ran his hand up her back, feeling the layer of sweat forming on her body.  He
let his hand slide back down towards her ass, feeling her body clenching and
unclenching on his cock as he continued the hard slapping of her clit.  "You
like the cock inside you, don't you Sara.  Watch Becky get fucked up her ass. 
See Steve's big cock pushing inside her.  It hurts her, but she will soon learn
to like it, just like you are learning to like getting fucked.  Even my fingers
slapping your clit are beginning to feel good.  See his cock going inside her
asshole, it feels just like this," his finger pushing down between the cheeks of
her ass until he reached her delicate, tiny asshole.  It was a small star on a
sea of pink flesh.  It was a light brown, the tiny pucker opening and closing as
her muscles clamped on the cock inside her.  He pushed his finger onto her
pucker and let the pressure slowly force itself into her, feeling her squirm as
it opened.  "Yes, like that, your tiny flower opens for my finger."  He pushed
his finger in deeper, feeling her clench on the digit as he ground it into her
rectum, twisting it from side to side.  "Tight and hot, I like that."

	Sara felt the finger running over her asshole, watching as Becky's
asshole gripped the huge cock stretching it open.  It was an angry red, forced
to stretch wider then it had ever before to allow the cock to fuck it.  Hands
held Becky's hips tightly, moving them side to side, forcing her to fuck the
cock in her asshole.  Sara arched her back up as she felt a finger pierce her
asshole, a gasp of pain coming from her lips.  The fingers continued slapping
her clit, her body now tightening down on the cock and the finger inside her. 
She could feel his knuckles as they rubbed harshly inside her rectum as the
finger corkscrewed inside her asshole.  She moved her hips, back and forth,
clamping on the twin probes in her body.  "Oh, God, yes," she cried out, a
second finger now joining the first, opening her asshole wider, the pain
mingling with the clit slapping she was receiving.  "Oh, harder," his fingers
hitting her clit harder now, her hips bucking around on the apparatus, "fuck me,
please, you must."

	Becky could not believe her ears.  Was her mother asking him to fuck
her?  Were they going to make her cum like they first did to her?  "AAAAAHHHHH,
OOOWWW," the pain continuing.  She felt her asshole burning as they cock
continued to sodomize her.  Any lubrication that her mother had provided was now
gone.  All she felt was the rasping of his hot weapon in her backside.

	"Great asshole, Becky.  So hot and tight.  You ready to make me cum,
Becky?  Squeeze my cock with your asshole and it will be over soon.  I will fill
your hot asshole with my cum.  In not, I will continue to fuck you.  I can
wait."  He pushed in hard, changing the angle of his cock, the head banging
against the walls of her asshole.  He felt her body jerk in pain.  He pushed
again, slamming against the sides instead of shooting straight down with his
cock.  "You ready Becky, ready to make me cum.  Show mommy what a slut you are. 
Make me cum with your asshole."

	To Becky, it felt like she had been sodomized for hours, even though it
had only been twenty minutes.  Her body ached from the bondage, her head dizzy
from being upside down and the pain was excruciating.  It felt like his cock was
a lead pipe, jammed in and out of her asshole, so hard and unyielding as it
forced aside all of her defenses and ravaged her young body.  She felt a burning
from between her legs, the pain from the rape of her pussy, mixing with the rape
of her asshole to leave her body one mass of pain.  She could not continue for
much longer.  She had to stop the rape.  She had to make him cum.  She knew that
when she started milking his cock with her asshole, it would hurt her more.  And
when he dumped his cum inside her, the salty semen would burn her asshole.  But
she had to end it.  She grunted as she squeezed the muscles in her asshole,
feeling the cock gripped tightly within her.  He dragged his cock from her
asshole painfully.  She relaxed her asshole as he raped back in again, filling
her asshole with the ravaging cock.  Once seated firmly in her colon, she
squeezed again and the painful dragging of his cock out of her began again.  She
clenched her mouth tightly from the pain, her fingers curled into a fist as she
bore down on it.  "Hurry, cum in me, hurry."

	Steve could not believe the pleasure this little teenager was giving
him.  She clenched his cock so tightly that it was almost painful for him to
pull out of her asshole.  "It looks like Mommy made a real slut with Becky.  She
is fucking my cock so nice with her asshole, just like a real whore.  And it
sounds like Mommy is going to cum.  The whole family are nothing but cum sluts." 
He continued to fuck Becky, hearing her groans and grunts as he sodomized her
brutally.  He wanted her to remember.  To remember because they would soon be
back for another round.  "Yyess, here it comes, slut, suck all of my cum out." 
He pushed his cock inside her with all of his strength, burying it deep inside
her colon as he began to shoot her full of cum.  He felt her asshole grip it,
his head expanding as it shot out the first load. 

	"OOOWW," the last push felt like he was trying to jam it out her mouth. 
It went in deep inside her colon, her stomach cramping in excruciating pain. 
She clamped down on it.  She felt the cock expand, growing bigger, knowing that
he was about to cum.  She felt his cum shoot out, the hot cum filling her colon. 
She tightened again and was rewarded with a second load, her colon filling fast
with the large amount of cum he was dumping in her body.  "AAAGGH," his cock
flexing inside her, igniting a fresh batch of pain.  Another load of cum
followed, her colon now feeling hot as it rapidly filled with his sperm.  She
gritted her teeth and flexed her asshole onto the cock as it shot a final load
inside her.  "Thank God," she sighed as she felt the cock begin to shrink.  She
felt it pull from her asshole, feeling like gasoline was poured on her as the
salty sperm burned her asshole.  She felt her asshole grip the head and then a
large pop as it pulled from her asshole.  She slumped onto the vaulting bench,
exhausted and in pain.  Her body felt like it was torn beyond repair.  She felt
a hand slap her ass hard, yelping in distress.

	"Great fuck, Becky.  You're missing Mommy dearest.  Sounds like Michael
is making her cum."  Both turned to see Sara, Michael starting to fuck his huge
cock in and out of her pussy, the slurping sounds of a very wet pussy ringing
out in the room.  His fingers continued to slap Sara's clit, the pain mixed with
the pleasure of the fucking.

	"Cum on my cock, Sara, show Becky what a slut you are.  She's all fucked
out, but she wants to see you cum."  His fingers continued to molest her clit,
her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock as he began to fuck her hard. 
Forcing her to take all eight inches of hard, rock cock in each punishing
thrust.  "Here it comes, Mommy, cum with me, cunt."  He pumped his cock deep
inside her, burying it deep in her pussy and began to unload his cum.  He felt
her cum at the same time, her pussy gushing out, covering his cock with her
slippery cum.

	"Oh, God, yeeess, I'm cummming," yelled Sara, not caring if Becky heard
her.  The pleasure had taken over her senses, not even the pain stood in her
way.  In fact, the pain increased her pleasure.  She was bound and raped against
her will and she could not do anything about it.  Now he was forcing her to cum. 
"YYYYEESS," she could feel her pussy shoot out onto the cock buried inside her. 
She knew that she must have been soaking him.  This had never happened to her
before, not this much cum.  She felt him unload his cum in her super heated
pussy, spraying her down, filling her with his heavy cream.  She jerked about
onto the apparatus, his fingers still drumming on her clit, now so sensitive,
dragging another cum from her body.

	Michael slowly dragged his cock from her pussy, Sara still gripping him
tightly as he did.  He pulled it from her, cum dripping down from between her
legs, running down her thighs.  He slapped her pussy from underneath, a scream
tore from her lips as her body lifted up from the painful slap.  "Great fuck,
Mommy sure is a cum slut."  He looked over at Sara, seeing her slumped over in
exhaustion.  "Let's tie them up for later, Steve, it will take me a half-hour
before I am hard again."

	Michael and Steve made quick work of Sara and Becky.  They were so
exhausted from their rapes that they do not fight as they were released from
their bench and apparatus and pushed over to the large bed in the corner.  They
were quickly tied with thick, horsehair roped.  Their wrists were tied tightly
to their ankles, forcing them to bend their knees.  They were rolled to their
sides, facing each other and then Michael and Steve left.

	"I'm sorry, baby," Sara said to Becky.

	"It's not your fault, Mom.  They are evil.  Are we going to get out of
here?"  Becky searching for answers.

	"I don't know, baby, we will just have to do what we can to survive and
hope they will find us missing and search for us.  I don't know where we are, so
I'm not sure if they will be able to find us.  But don't give up hope."  Sara
looked over at Becky.  Here was her eighteen-year-old daughter, naked, bound and
now thoroughly fucked.  And she was not doing much better.  "Rest for a bit,
baby, they said they were going to be back soon."

	"I don't know if I can stand much more, Mom.  They hurt me so much. 
They seem to enjoy punishing me with their cock."  She closed her eyes, trying
to shut out all of the awful pain. 

To be continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Slaver Training
Part: Chapter 4 Torture Equipment
Summary: This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two
new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure to be
trained and sold as sex slaves.  In chapter 4 Sara and Becky model the latest
torture equipment.
Keywords: M+/f+, BDSM, slavery, bond, humil, nc, Serious, rape, violence

Copyright 2003 by Powerone.  The author can be contacted at

Slaver Training-Chapter 4-Torture Equipment

	The bed was enormous.  It was a four-poster bed, but the posts went from
the floor up.  They must have been at least 6 inches in diameter with large
wooden balls on the top.  The top had a canopy, also made of wooden slats spaced
out at one foot intervals.  This bed was made especially for bondage.  Sara was
on the bed on her side, her wrists tied together, her arms stretched out and
bound tightly to the top left corner head of the bed.  One leg was tied with a
heavy rope and stretched out until it reached the back right corner of the bed. 
The other leg was also roped, but the rope was pulled up to one of the center
slats in the canopy, dragging Sara's leg at a right angle to her body, shooting
straight up into the air.  Her sex ached, her legs split harshly.  But that was
the least of her problem.  Michael had rodded his cock up her asshole and this
is where it sat.  A hard log stretching her anal track painfully, twitching
inside the hot and tight confines of her asshole.

	Her predicament was bad, but Becky's was worse.  She was bound, not just
tied up but bound and spread.  Her arms were pulled out at right angles to her
body, each arm pulled tightly to the two upright poles on each side of her.  Her
arms were pulled backwards, Becky unable to bend them without breaking her
elbows. They were stretched tightly, the muscles in her arms taut, her wrists
secured tightly into the metal bands on the posts.  Her arms were pulled at
waist level, forcing Becky to bend painfully at the waist.  Her ass was thrust
out behind her, as if begging for a rapist to take her.  Her hair was pulled up
into a bun and two small ropes were wrapped around it and then the ropes were
pulled back to the large wooden supports, thrusting her head up and straight
ahead.  Her legs were spread wide, almost tearing her up the crotch.  They were
attached to a similar set of posts, except placed behind her at least three
feet.  Like her arms, they were spread as far as humanly possible, the only goal
was an extreme spread, opening her sex to whatever they desired.  Pain, her pain
was of no consequences.  She had to stand on her tip toes, her ankles trapped in
the metal cuffs.  The muscles on her calves stood out, stretched painfully to
maintain her precarious position.  With her head forced painfully up in the air,
her breasts hung down, unprotected. 

	This was the position Steve wanted Becky in.  He was going to whip her,
wanting to hear her screams of pain.  And her tits were going to be first.  His
cock jutted out in front of him as he walked up to Becky, his cock bumping
against her face.  He rubbed it over her cheeks and lips, small slimy trails of
cum sticking to her features.  "Comfortable Becky, I just love the way your body
is bound.  Look what it does to my cock.  I'm going to whip you, you realize
that don't you."

	"AAAAAHHHH," Sara screamed as Michael gave her a painful fuck with his
cock, jamming against the side of her anal tract, making her stomach cramp in
pain.  It had taken over ten minutes to get Becky and Sara bound.  Michael was
finished first and had brutally shoved his cock into her asshole, tearing her
back passage as it was forced to accept the inhuman sized weapon.

	"Look at your mother getting ass fucked.  You remember how that feels,
don't you.  How good it felt to get a big, hard cock to stretch your asshole,"
he laughed.

	He moved behind her, his hands running freely over her body, the tight
bondage preventing all movements from Becky. "I'm going to whip you, whip you
hard.  First your tits, then your ass and finally your pussy.  I have such nice
bondage equipment to use that will make different parts of your body readily
available to the whip.  I am an expert with a whip and you will be surprised at
places I can reach with the tip of the whip.  And you will be surprised at the
pain I can inflict on your delicate body.  I'm not going to gag you this time. 
We want to hear your screams, especially your mother.  She is going to be ass
fucked by Michael while they watch you." 

	Becky's body ached from the tight bondage and spread of her limbs. 
"Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me in the ass again, just don't whip me," she
cried out.  She did not think she could stand the pain.

	"Oh, I will fuck you Becky, and yes, I will fuck you in the ass again. 
I love that tight asshole. But first I am going to whip you raw.  If you thought
the fucking was bad last time, this time it will be worse.  Your pussy and
asshole will be skinned raw.  You are going to jump around and give me a good
fuck.  But first a good whipping to get my cock real hard.  Scream all you want,
Becky, my cock hardens with your screams."

	"AAAGGGH," Steve stretching Sara's anal tract painfully with hard fucks,
his big cock testing all of her, making her stretch wide to take the bulbous
head plunging ruthlessly into her.  She felt like had she had to vomit, her
stomach doing flip flops as her asshole was hammered.  Her crotch felt torn, his
fingers and hands roaming freely over her bound, naked body

	Sara watched as Michael grabbed a braided leather strapper.  It was made
specifically for the breasts, its string is exquisite and lingers afterwards. 
Becky's eyes opened wide when she saw the strapper. 
	Michael heard noise coming down the hall.  "Sorry Steve but I think you
will have to whip her later.  But both of them will come in handy.  I almost
forgot that I have a customer coming in today.  As you know, we also sell the
latest bondage and torture equipment.  It helps pay the bills and it keeps us in
a good supply of all the latest equipment.  Mr. Smith, John Smith," laughing as
he said that, they're all called Smith, "is the owner of the largest chain of
BDSM houses in the world.  In fact, we supply some of the girls.  He heard about
some of our top of the line equipment and has made a special trip to see them."
	Becky looked over to the door as Mr. Smith came in, "help us, they raped
us!" she shouted. 
	"Why of course they did my dear, that is what they get paid for and I'm
sure that you were a delightful fuck," laughing.  "Hello Michael, is this Steve,
your new protege?"
	"Yes it is, Steve, this is Mr. Smith, John Smith.  Is that your son,
John Jr.?" laughing as he said it.  "Is he in the business?"
	"Yep, just graduated from Harvard with an MBA.  Going to take over the
business in a couple of years.  Knows quite a bit about it already and loves the
fringe benefits.  Takes after me, has a cruel streak about women.  So who is the
big mouthed cunt?"

	"That bent over one is Becky and the one that has my cock up her ass is
Sara.  A nice mother/daughter combination that we just captured yesterday.  Just
starting to break them in.   Becky has been raped in the pussy and asshole, but
she's barely broken in.  Steve was just about to start whipping her, starting
with her tits, but I think they both might enjoy being models.  We can use them
to highlight some of the features of our equipment.  Feel free to jump in and
use them anyone you want.  They are for sale, after all."

	"Mighty hospitable of you, Michael.  I love that bed.  So massive and so
many different ways to tie up the victim.  I see you have Sara spread very
nicely.  Hello Sara, are you enjoying your ass fucking?  I bet your legs really
hurt from being spread so far.  Feels like it goes to rip your pussy up the

	"Help us, please, they are hurting us," Sara begged.

	"I might have to try out the pair, I love the way they beg.  My
customers would love to break them of that habit.  I might just have to fuck
Sara before I leave, I'm sure Junior would love a piece of Becky.  She looks
really tight, even after Steve fucked her."

	Michael pulled his cock out of Sara.  "Sorry Sara, but business calls,
I'll have to finish your ass fucking later.  Or maybe Mr. Smith will.  This bed
has an added bench.  Let me show you."  He got up from the bed, leaving Sara
still bound tightly.  At the foot of the bed, he opened a door and slid out a
bench.  "Mind untying Sara while I get this ready?"  While he got it ready, Mr.
Smith released Sara from the bed.  His hands roamed freely over her body as he
did, fingering her asshole and pussy, pinching her nipples and sticking his
fingers in her mouth.  "How old did you say this pair was?

	"Sara is 36 and little Becky just turned 18.  Sara has a great body for
her age and Becky is just peaking.  Becky doesn't have much experience, but we
are working on expanding her horizons.  She took real hard to the rape of her
pussy and just about climbed the walls when her asshole was raped.  They both
sucked cock like pros."

	The bench came out from the end of the bed, attached to the larger bed
with a large wooden beam.  The bench was padded, with 1/2 of the bench
adjustable from laying flat to sitting up at a 90 degree angle.

	Mr. Smith pushed Sara towards the end of the bed where the bench was,
his hands slapping her ass, forcing her along.

	"Over here Sara, sit down on this nice bench, see how comfortable it
is," helping her onto the seat.  Arms out to the sides, see how the cuffs snap
into the rings on the pole.  There are rings every six inches, from the bottom
to the top, giving an almost unlimited variety of bondage.  See how well she is
presented, her arms almost out parallel, her breasts unprotected.  The
adjustable back can be used to push her breasts out to whatever you desire to
do.  Now the best part."

	Sara felt them both each grab and ankle and pull them up and back.  Her
legs were spread obscenely, her pussy opened wide.  Higher and higher her legs
went, now over her head before they finally secured them to each respective
side.   They were doing it again, forcing her legs so wide that she thought they
would tear her open.  "Please, don't," her sex displayed openly.

	"How do you like that, open and spread in less then a minute and our
dear Sara is comfortable and ready for whatever you desire."  He slapped her
pussy with the flat of his hand, a muffled sound resounding in the room.  "You
could spank or whip her pussy and she wouldn't be able to move away from it." 
He spanked her pussy again, "you like that Sara, like your pussy spanked?"

	"OOOW, not there, you shouldn't hit a woman there."

	"Give me a hand, higher up this time," letting the backrest fall back
until Sara was flat on her back.  The cuffs were opened and her ankles were
pulled up higher, her body drawn up from the bench.  Her ass and then her lower
back pressed up into the air, her upper back and head the only part of her body
supported on the bench.  She was almost upside down now, her legs in a wide V,
her sex, both pussy and asshole, open and exposed.

	"Please, let me down, I'm getting dizzy," Sara almost upside down, the
blood rushing to her head.

	"This is an especially good position to whip her pussy or her asshole. 
And the upside down position makes her all the more vulnerable."  He slapped
down on her pussy, the flat of his hand making solid contact with her spread
pussy, slapping between her pussy lips to hit the tender pink insides.

	"I like this one, do you have a more modern one, maybe metal tube
instead of wood?

	"Yes, it's all chrome, with the usual metal rings."

	"I'll take that one.  It'll go good in my house in France.  It has more
of a futuristic theme to it.  What do you have next?"

	"How about benches and chairs?  It's in the other room, Steve already
has Becky in there, hopefully already cozy in some nice piece of equipment. 
This might be a good place for Junior to play with her a little while she is

	"Ah, I see Steve has picked one piece that will be of special interest
to you.  I know how much your customers like to make their victims scream when
they fuck them, but most do not have the size cock that will do it.  This will
give them the added advantage and will make them satisfied customers.  It's
called the Upright Bench.  This is another solid wood piece.  You will notice
that it is nothing more then a wooden table stood up at a right angle to the
floor, hence its name.  There are wooden supports on the bottom to given it the
stability needed to keep it upright.  The victim's arms are secured sticking
straight up into the air next to each other.  There is what looks like bookshelf
ledges about 1/3 of the way up from the floor.  This is for securing the females

	"Steve, put little Becky into it.  Maybe Junior would like a few
practice strokes with his cock in her pussy."

	"Over here Becky," pulling her towards the bench.  "Junior is going to
ride your pussy a little, you don't mind do you, maybe he can make you cum
again," laughing at her misfortune.  He pushed her up against the back of the
bench, "raise your arms up, all the way up, Becky," watching as she submissively

	Becky could feel her body being manipulated again, the metal rings in
the bench holding her arms tightly to it.  Her arms were pinned back, unable to
move.  She felt Steve's hands reach down to her breasts, thrust out and
unprotected, his fingers pulling on her nipples, making them get hard.  "Look at
them nips, so big and hard, think maybe Becky is a pain slut.  I think we have a
few things to test out the theory, what do you think Becky, you get off on the

	"No, I hate what you're doing to me," closing her eyes, not wanting to
see all of the men staring at her naked body.  It was humilating what they were
doing to her and her mother, stripping them naked, raping them, spreading them
open in obscene positions.  And now, these strange pieces of equipment, their
only purpose to spread them so that they could be sexually tortured.   She could
not believe that there were men that would do this, could not believe that it
could happen to them.

	"Now for her legs, want to give me a hand Junior, grab the other one and
place it on the shelf, yeah, that's good, see how she spreads out so nicely. 
Take that two inch dowel and place it in the hole in front of her leg, which
will trap her leg behind it.  It is two feet tall and very sturdy, there is no
way she can rise up over it.  You don't even need to tie her down.  Now isn't
that a beautiful sight?  Now tighten the belt around her waist, make it real
tight.  See how it sucks in her stomach, tighter Junior.  It's best when it
makes it difficult for her to breathe."

	Junior stood behind her spread legs, "don't close your eyes, Becky,
that's a good girl, look at me.  She is a very beautiful girl," his hands
running up her spread thighs, "and look at that young pussy.  You might have
fucked it, but look how tight she still is," his fingers running up and down her
slit, shoving one finger into her vagina.  "Her pussy grips my finger so tight. 
Do you like that, Becky, do you like your pussy played with?"

	"So what else does this do, Michael?" Junior asked.

	"This is the best part, watch the expression on Becky's face."  Michael
pushed a button and the sound of a motor began. 

	Becky's mouth opened in surprise as she felt her legs being pulled
farther back, the wooden dowels and the supports her legs were secured to being
pulled into the back of the bench.  She pushed her ass out as the stretch of her
crotch continued, hoping to release some of the pressure.

	Junior stood between her legs, her sex so open.  The dowels pulled back
towards the back of the bench, her legs forced to go the only way it could,
outward.  Her pussy began to pull forward, but the belt around her waist
prevented only limited movement.  The only thing that could happen now was that
her legs would spread wider.

	"Oh, God," she cried out, "you bastards, you're going to split me up the
middle, stoppppp!"

	"Now be careful you don't go too far or you will snap her hips, a little
farther Steve.  See the way her muscles are taut, that's when you know you're
about at the maximum."

	Junior ran his fingers up and down her thighs, feeling the tension in
her muscles.  His fingers returned to her pussy, two fingers pushed deep inside. 
"Damn, this bitch is wet," his fingers sliding effortlessly, her pussy clamping
down on them once inside.

	"Why don't you ride her for a bit, Junior, I think little Becky would
like a nice cock.  Watch how she reacts."

	Junior unbuckled his belt, slid his zipper down and let his pants slide
down towards the floor.  He pulled his shorts down, his cock springing out of
the confined space.  He watched Becky's eyes, staring intently at his crotch. 
His hand grabbed his cock, "is this what you want, Becky?"  Teasing her with it,
his hand stroking it harder.  It was not as big as Michael's or Steve's, but it
was still above average, about eight inches of hard cock.

	He moved closer to her, the head of his cock riding up and down her
slit, gathering up the wetness.  He pushed her vulva aside, the big head pushing
into her vagina, watching as it spread wide to accept the cock.  He felt her
shudder as her pussy began to grip it as he humped his hips forward, jamming the
head inside.  He could feel her pussy clenching on the cock head, squeezing it
tightly.  "For a girl with not much experience, your pussy sure knows what to

	Becky looked around the room, all eyes on her as she lay pinned to the
bench like a butterfly on a collectors table, her sex opened for all to see. 
Her eyes met her mothers, her mother trying of offer whatever compassion she
could.  Becky turned from her, unable to let her mother see her like this.  All
of the men stared at her, her nipples hard and pointed, her pussy gripping the
head of the cock inside her, seven inches of cock still waiting to go in her
hot, tight vagina.  She watched as Junior's hands moved up her body, pulling
aside her clit hood to expose the swollen organ, his finger rubbing it harshly
before gripping it tightly, her moans exciting him to even greater cruelty.  She
could not escape the fingers, her body bound tight.

	Junior moved his hands up until he cupped her large tits, his fingers
plucking on her nipples as they clenched the tit flesh.

	"Fuck her, fuck her hard," the other men yelled out.  That is all the
encouragement Junior needed.  He tightened his buttocks and shoved his hips
forward, plunging all eight inches of rock hard cock into little eighteen year
old Becky's tight cunt.

	You would have thought she was being killed, though I am sure that is
what it felt like.  "AAAGGHHH, OOOWOWW," her face contoured in pain.  The pain
in her crotch shot up to her brain.  The back of the wooden bench stopped all
escape for her, a rigid barrier that prevented any movement from the raping
cock.  Her body, with no place to go could only absorb the cock, the hard weapon
banging painfully inside her pussy, bruising and tear where it could.  When
Junior pushed in, his body rammed against her spread legs.  Her legs were
already split up the middle, the maximum spread.  The force of his fuck bent
them back farther, threatening to snap her hips.  Her chest heaved up and down,
the thick strap around her waist preventing her from sucking in enough air.  She
murmured unintelligible words, the pain too much for her to bear.

	Junior could not believe how good her cunt felt.  There is nothing like
fucking a girl in pain.  A body in pain fights it, the muscles tightening up,
all reactions are to stop the intruder.  In this case, her pussy gripped down on
the hard cock, trying to push it out.  The tight bondage prevented this, her
pussy clenching and unclenching on the hard cock only exciting it and bringing
more pleasure to him.  "Hot damn, what the fuck happened?"

	"You like that, huh, Junior.  The heavy, rigid wooden bench would not
allow any cushion to the fuck.  Your cock probably slammed and bruised her
cervix.  In addition, you banged against her already painfully spread crotch,
feeling like you were going to tear her up the middle as she was spread
painfully more.  Her body fights you, squeezing your cock, bringing you such
nice pleasure."

	"Pump her a few more times, you'll get the same reaction.  Not like a
regular fuck where once you open them up they're loose.  No, she'll scream and
fight as much the last fuck in as the first."

	Junior ran his fingers over her face, wiping the tears from her pain
contoured face.  "Did you like that Becky?"

	"God, please, you're killing me," even his cock twitching inside her
bringing about fresh pain.  "No more, please, no more," she begged.

	"Pump her again," she heard them yelling.  "Make her scream again."

	Needing no further encouragement, "take a deep breath Becky, gonna fuck
you hard."  He pulled his cock out until only the head was captured by her
pulsating pussy then shoved back in again, a brutal rape that knocked the wind
from her lungs.  While she was still screaming, he pulled out and fucked back in
again, his cock hitting her cervix hard, knowing that he was bruising her tender
insides.  Twice more he pumped her, her screams continuous, her pussy
contractions pleasuring his cock beyond belief.  He pulled his cock out until
only the head was trapped, watching her pussy spasm on the raping weapon. 
"We'll take 10 of those.  Damn, we'll have so many happy customers thinking they
got the mightiest weapon in the world."

	Becky slumped down, finally fainting from the extreme pain.  She did not
even feel Junior pulling his cock out of her pussy.

	"Somebody get Becky some smelling salts.  I guess we'll use Sara for the
next demonstration.  Step over here and someone get Sara."  Michael pointed to
the corner of the room.

	"What have you done to my daughter?" as she was released from the bench,
still dizzy from being almost upside down for so long.  "I heard her screaming."

	"I wouldn't worry about what we did to her, I would worry about what we
are going to do to you?"  Steve dragged her into the next room.

	"This is our assortment of chairs.  We have the restraint chair, the
torture chair and the confession chair.  The restraint chair is a basic wooden
chair.  All of these are made of wood.  We find that wood is so imposing, and
they do such a wonderful job of securing the victim with little chance of
escaping.  This one is the restraint chair," pushing Sara into a massive wooden
structure.  The chair had wide wooden arms with metal rings in the arms, legs
and back of the chair.  Sara was pushed into the chair, her head pushed against
the backrest, a large metal band snapped around her neck.  "I like to make it
tight, tight enough where they can barely breathe.  It cuts down on the amount
of fighting they do.  They have to spend so much energy just to breathe."  Her
arms were next, metal rings for her forearms and wrists attaching her bent arm
onto the armrest.  Two metal rings at her ankle, two on her thighs, just above
the knees kept her secure in the chair.

	"As you can see, Sara is now completely immobilized.  This chair is good
for making victims watch, as in the case of her and Becky, making her watch as
you torture Becky.  No amounting of fighting would allow her to escape.  There
is not much chance of molesting the victim while in this chair, the limbs are
too close to each other, not like some of the others where the victim can be

	They pulled Sara out of the chair and pushed her into the next, the
confession chair.  "The head is restrained by a leather strap tied around the
victim's neck.  It is attached to the upper part of the chair and can be made as
tight as required.  The arms are spread straight out to the side and attached in
two places, upper arm and wrist to a large plank running the width of the top. 
The sheer weight of this piece and the tightness on the neck again gives the
victim no chance for hope.  Another great feature of wood is that it allows you
to rough up the piece, be it the back or seat, allowing the victim to get
slivers in her body, often in their sex or anus.  Very painful especially if you
can continue to make the victim move about."

	"You can also take a more active role in molesting or torturing the
victim in this chair.  Let's secure poor Sara's legs.  See, more metal rings,
making for quick binding, no need to tie and untie rope.  Rings encircling her
thighs and also her ankles keeps her limbs rigid.  Her arms are held up high and
to the outside, giving unfettered access to her hanging breasts.  Good position
for whipping or just hanging some nice jewelry on them.  Now the best part, the
legs."  Michael began to pull outward on them, her legs spreading out to the
side.  "You can make her sex as available and open as you desire.  From just a
bit, to tease and inspire, to an obscene spread."

	Sara could just barely breathe, the strap around her neck too tight. 
Her arms were bound tightly to the wood plank.  She felt Michael's hands playing
with her breasts, lifting them up for the others to see, talking about how they
could torture and whip them.  She trembled in fear, hoping that he was just
talking, and that was not what he was going to do.  Her legs were bound to the
heavy wooden planks, pins and needles already prickling them as they had secured
the rings tightly.  Oh God, they were spreading her open again.  She blushed as
they stared up between her legs, her pink pussy gaping wide, her pussy lips
open.  "No more," she begged, but they continued to spread them, her crotch
beginning to ache.

	"There is an almost unlimited spread of the legs, the planks will go to
over 110 degrees wide, farther then the limbs will.  There is a locking
mechanism to make sure the victim cannot close her legs.  One more chair which I
think you will like even better."
	"This one is called the torture chair.  This is similar to the
confession chair except for some positive differences.  Let's place Sara in it
and let her try it out."  Sara was pulled from the other chair and placed in the
torture chair.  "You will notice the seat has a slanted back to it, forcing the
victim to the edge, leaving their sex open, from pussy to asshole.  The arms are
secured to hanging rings from the end of the pillory secured to the top of the
chair.  This still leaves their breasts open and unprotected.  The neck is
secured within a metal ring attached to the same pillory.  I enjoy the feel of
metal around the neck better then the leather strap.  So much more imposing and
less give in it.  See how Sara is having trouble swallowing, the metal giving no
	The legs are much better then the confession chair.  A metal screw runs
from the base up to the bottom of the seat.  Attached to the screw are two metal
stirrups that are also attached to wooden struts at the bottom.  The screw
allows for the adjustment of the width of the spread between the two stirrups. 
You can go from legs together, to a complete spread that would literally split
the victim up her crotch.  The victim's thighs are placed in the stirrups, just
above the knees and the metal rings are clamped shut."  They placed Sara in the
stirrups and ratcheted them open, watching as her pussy opened up like a spring
flower.  Her ankles were secured with metal rings on the base, preventing any
movement.  "Notice how her legs tend to bow out, the more the spread.  Makes for
a lovely touch.  Notice how more open she is, her sex hanging open over the
edge.  Great for some toys" 
	Would you like to try out Sara, Mr. Smith?  I have a nice tool that you
can use on her and watch how well she is restrained."

	"What is it?"

	It's called The Brutal Tool.  He pulled out a large metal device looking
like a long dildo with a handle.  It stood about three feet long, looking like a
giant cock, complete with a bulbous head.  It was about three inches in
diameter, a very imposing instrument."

	"Don't put that in my, please, it will tear me up!"

	"No Sara, this wouldn't hurt much.  You might have to stretch a little
to take it in your pussy, but it wouldn't tear you up.  Now this will!"  He hit
a lever on the side of the dildo.  The head began to pull back on the inside,
revealing a large metal ball on the end of a metal pole.  The ball was not bad
by itself, but it was covered with sharp barbs, over forty of them completely
encircling the ball.  "It wouldn't hurt much going in, but on the way out it
will feel like it is dragging out your womb."

	Mr. Smith grabbed the pain weapon, "spread her open a little more, I
want it to hurt."  They grabbed her legs and pulled outward, locking in the
stirrups as she groaned in pain, her legs now almost at a right angle.  His
fingers reached down to her pussy and began to masturbate her, his fingers
playing up and down her slit, circling her hole, rubbing over her exposed clit. 
"You better get wet for me or it will hurt like hell going in, Sara."  He
continued to masturbate her, two fingers now squeezed up her cunt.  "For you
age, you sure are tight, didn't your husband ever fuck you?"

	They all watched, entranced as Mr. Smith finger fucked Sara, watching
his fingers become wet as the plunged in and out of her pussy.  Two fingers
became three, stretching her open.  "Come'on Sara, get wetter, you can do it. 
Your daughter did, she probably got it from you," his fingers encouraging her to
cream for him.  They plunged in and out, the sound of slick fingers sliding in
and out, his other hand grabbing her clit between two fingers and pinching it

	"OWW," she cried, her clit hurting from the sharp pinch, her pussy
sucking the fingers in deeper.  When would they stop humiliating Becky and her,
watching as they masturbated them for their enjoyment?

	"Yeah," pinching her clit again, "that's good, just needs a little pain
to get you wet.  Twist her nipples" he asked one of them.  Four fingers now
sliding effortlessly in her soaking wet pussy, "look at how much cream she is
putting out." 
	Sara squirmed, her nipples hurt as thick fingers pinched them
unmercifully, her clit swollen, clamped tightly between punishing fingers and
four fat fingers fucking in and out of her pussy.  But she was so wet!

	Mr. Smith pulled his fingers from her pussy, wiping them on her thighs,
leaving a trail sticking to her skin.  "God this cunt can really cream.  You
ready for a fucking with the punishment dildo, Sara?"
	He grabbed the menacing weapon, running the head of it up and down her
pussy slit, the metal glistening in the light from her wetness.  He pushed it
against her hole, slowly applying pressure, watching as her pussy slowly opened
to engulf the large head.  "Come'on Sara, swallow the head, that's good," her
pussy grasping the three inch head tightly, stretched around it like a rubber
band.  "Want me to feed you some of it?" he teased her, slowly pushing the dildo
inside her, watching her pussy swallow up the instrument.

	Sara almost forgot the bad part of the dildo as her pussy sucked in the
hard weapon, grasping the inanimate object as if it was a lover.  She tightened
up, remember the cruel barbed ball snuggled inside the head, waiting to get out
and tear her sensitive flesh.  "No, don't open it up inside me, just fuck me
with it closed," she begged.

	Mr. Smith gave it one last push, burying it deep inside her.  He wanted
her to feel it as he pulled it from her pussy. 

	Sara heard the click and could feel her pussy walls collapse as the
metal head retracted inward, leaving her pussy closing in on the barbs. 
"NNOOO," she cried, feeling the barbs touching the insides of her pussy tract,
already hurting and they did not even begin to move yet.

	"Can you feel it inside you, Sara?  The only way it's going to come out
is to drag painfully along your pussy, scratching and tearing your flesh as it
does."  Mr. Smith gave it a sharp yank, dragging it almost all the way out of
her pussy before stopping.  She screamed, even louder then Becky had, as her
pussy was torn and scratched from the barbed ball.  Her legs were rigid, unable
to escape, bound tightly, her pussy being abused for their pleasure.  Mr. Smith
waited as she huffed and puffed, unable to catch her breath as the pain shot
from her groin. 

	"You're tearing me up, take it out, sloowwwly," she begged, her eyes
watching his.  She tensed up when she saw him push it back in.  She could not
move, her head bound tightly, her wrists anchored to the pillory, her legs,
bound and rigid, spread wide.  She could only lay there, scream and take the
pain as her pussy was abraded by the barbed probe slicing inside her.  Another
quick jerk out and back in, the barb ball on the end pressed painfully against
her cervix.

	"Hold on Sara, I'm going to twist it inside you."  Before she could
react he twirled the handle of the cruel instrument, seeing her body shudder in
pain as the barbs twirled deep inside her pussy.  He yanked it out hard, making
sure that he ran the barb ball up and down her slit, paying special attention to
rubbing it over her swollen clit.   Her screams were continuous, her begging and
pleading falling on deaf ears.

	"I'll take one of the chairs and The Brutal Tool.  I have one club in
Thailand that can use this.  They turn over the girls fairly quickly, they
really abuse them bad."

	"How about something like stocks, crosses or benches?  Most of my
customers like the girls bent over, their assholes and pussy available from the

	"I have one that is very versatile.  It is a great motivator for the
girl to give the best blowjob of her life, even the reluctant ones will suck
like a pro. "

	"How come?"

	"We will need Becky and Sara for this one.  This is called the
Punishment Blocks.  It is very versatile and can be used in three different
	Steve had pulled Becky over, hanging her rope bound wrists over the
suspension hooks.  It was basically a large hook connected to the wall by a
supported metal bar about three feet long.  It was over nine feet from the
ground.  Becky groaned in pain as her entire weight was supported by her bound
hands, her body hanging limply, unable to reach the ground.  Steve ran his hands
around her hips, pulling her close to him, his fingers searching out her pussy,
two fingers shoving painfully in as her body shook in pain.  "Got to get you wet
for this one," his fingers continuing its forced masturbation of her body.
	Sara was pulled over to the punishment blocks.  The put her in the bent
over position.  Her ankles were trapped in a pair of wooden stocks at the base
at one end.  She was bent over, her tits resting on the wooden board sticking
out from the other wooden support, this one sticking up almost four feet high. 
Her arms were pulled down the wooden support until they were stretched straight
out and locked in two metal clamps, one on each side.  er HHer head was pushed
forward, a wooden pillory slipped into the slots in the support until it pushed
painfully against her neck.   She heard the click and she knew she was trapped.
	"The spread of her legs can be increased and you will notice that her
breasts hang down freely and are accessible on both sides to whatever instrument
you desire to use on them.  This leaves her pussy and asshole open for whatever
punishment your want or make her sexually available.  Now if Steve is finished
getting little Becky wet, we can show you the other uses."
	Sara was released and brought over to the other punishment block. 
	"You will notice that there is a wooden, saw toothed piece that runs
from a block next to where Sara's feet were secured in the bent over position
and runs up at a forty five degree angle and is secured in the large wooden
support, right below where her head was clamped in.  This piece can be made as
sharp or dull as you want and can also be roughed up so that it leaves slivers. 
Sara and Becky will be secured in the blocks, one facing the foot stocks the
other sitting on the foot stocks, each with their sex or asshole perched
painfully on the saw teeth."
	"I put Sara facing the foot stocks, her arms tied behind her back and
secured to the metal rings under the wooden board that her tits were resting on
before.  This board now is jabbing into her back, thrusting her tits out,
arching her back painfully.  Her ankles are pulled back and secured to the same
rings that her wrists were previously, her knees on the base, but her ankles up
higher, forcing her body to lean forward.  Her sex is riding on the wooden saw
teeth and as you can see from the grimace on her face, it is very painful.  Any
movement, and her pussy would be torn by the sharp teeth and she could be
inspired to move about with a nice whip."
	"Becky is suffering the same fate, but under different circumstances. 
She is facing the large wooden support, but sitting on the low wooden stocks
that held Sara's feet the first time. Her ankles are secured just like Sara's,
in the rings at the base of the wooden support.  Her arms are pulled forward and
secured to the rings under the wooden board.  Her body is leaning backwards, the
pull of her ankles greater then those on her wrists.  This results in her
asshole resting painfully on the saw tooth blades.  Again, movement inspired by
a whip would make a very painful experience for Becky."
	Becky watched her mother and knew what she was experiencing.  They had
gagged them both first before subjecting their sex to the painful saw tooth
blades.  The screams would have been too loud.  They both moved about on the
painful teeth, unable to sit still and suffer the painful cutting of their
delicate sex, but only succeeding to do more damage. 
	"We also have a wide selection of crosses.  They are high quality,
wooden crucifixes, with a wide variety of designs, depending on your purpose. 
The victim can be affixed in the standard "X" spread, there limbs attached to
each piece, with the "X" adjustable as to spread.  The victim can also be hung
by her wrists, a painful position with her legs bent at the knees and pulled up
and tied behind her.  Her legs would still be spread obscenely, but it leaves
her with all of her weight supported by the painful wrist bondage.  You can also
turn her upside down, her legs spread wide, a beautiful position for pussy
whipping.  You can get a lot of force in each blow.  Such a lovely sight to see
the victim shaking the cross as she endures each punishing blow.  It also has a
tendency to dis-orient the victim, the blood rushing to her head making her
dizzy.  We even have one that allows the victims limbs to be twisted at angles,
either the arms or legs, making for the victims sex or breasts to be thrust out
	"My favorite is the drill. Steve, put Sara on it.  You will notice that
it looks like a circular lathe.  A large metal support with a large metal tube
sticking out at a right angle to the end.  This tube is over six inches in
diameter and is built to support the weight of a female.  A large circular metal
disk is secured around the female's waist securing her tightly to the tube, she
rides it like a horse, her legs encircling it.  A chain is attached to the tube
and at the other end a ring secures around the females neck, keeping her firmly
bent over the tube.  A metal bar from the neck ring back along her back has two
additional smaller rings to attach to her wrists, pulling them tightly behind
her, the rigidity of the bar keeping her arms up high.  This is important
because right beneath her hanging breasts is a metal plate that has large,
upright metal nails.  The neck and wrist bondage pushes her tits into these
nails at all times.  The unique part is the leg bondage.  Instead of securing
the legs with rings or ropes, we have designed simple small buckets, like water
buckets.  They are secured by a metal pole at right angle to the metal tube and
hang down about a foot.  It a simple, ingenious device.  The female's knees are
pushed into the buckets, with some force.  Once in, the base can be tightened
with two wing nuts to make the top constrict tighter.  This leaves the females
legs bent tightly, her legs thrust out behind her.  You do not even have to
secure her ankles, the buckets prevent her from opening her legs.'
	"As you can see by the pained look on Sara's face, I failed to mention
one thing.  At the end of the tube, where her sex is, there is a large metal
round ball, slightly larger then the tube.  On this ball are some very sharp and
painful barbs sticking out over two inches.   With the leg bondage and the way
she rides the tube, like a horse, her thighs trap the ball between her legs and
into her open sex."er H
	"Now she can be upright, or you can turn the handle and make her upside
down, with her body underneath the tube.  One last attachment.  We have a second
apparatus, like another lathe, this time it only has a smaller tube on it, with
a handle to make it spin.  You can attach a variety of dildo's to it, as you can
see from this one, called the "pussy ripper" it consists of a sharp metal
corkscrewing blade, followed by four rows of metal ridges.  You just slide up
behind the bound victim, push in and twist.  Both pieces are made to stand the
violent shaking that would ensure when inserted in the victims pussy or
	"I see that you are running out of time, but let me show you some of the
better pieces.  We have some very modern bondage machines.  Long metal poles
that have devices to hold all of the victim's limbs tightly against it.  They
have movable joints, allowing to place the victim in whatever position you want
her in, from on her back, legs spread wide, arms out, to upright, legs together. 
We have a table that has metal clamps in the corner to secure the victim to, but
in the center is a ridged board running the width of the table, about twelve
inches high.  When the victim is secured on her back it forces her sex up and
out.  On her stomach, her ass is arched up high.  Both positions allow for easy
access to her sex organs.  This piece is good for fist fucking either the pussy
or the asshole."
	"We also have wheels, various types, each attaches the female to it,
either forwards or backwards and by spinning it around or up and down you can
lower and raise her onto various pieces like spiked dildos, or onto spiked
rollers.  Her own weight carries her down on the instruments."
	"My favorite is the horses.  We have a variety, from ones where the
victim is forced to ride large dildos to ones where her sex is spread and sits
on some form of sharp ridge or saw toothed blade.  Most uses the females own
weight to induce the pain but others are built to draw the legs down over the

	"Let's go into the office and talk some business.  I see that Junior has
already chosen his favorite.  I see he has little Becky bound face down on a
spiked torture rack.  I love they way he put her legs in the maximum spread of
the wooden stocks.  That must be really splitting her up the middle.  Her arms
are pulled up and I see him drawing in the ropes, stretching her body until it
is almost broke.  Look, he turned on the spikes underneath her slowly, the
spikes moving in a slow painful circle, scratching against her tits, stomach and
pussy.  Look at her jump."

	"We added a special spike where it would rub against her pussy.  It is
about two inches higher then the others.  Every revolution it comes around and
pushes extra deep inside the pussy lips and gouges the inner pussy.  Watch as
junior jumps on her back."

	Becky was in such terrible pain.  The gag prevented her screams, but the
pain was so terrible.  It felt like her nipples and stomach were being
sandpapered.  Her pussy was bad enough with the spikes, now she felt the large
ones rip between her lips and tear her inner flesh.  She felt weight on her
back, a naked body, a hard cock rubbing up and down her ass crack.  She could
not turn around to see who it was, all she could do was feel as a large cock was
thrust suddenly up her backside, raping her anal passage.  It forced her into
the spikes, increasing her pain.

	"Don't fuck her, wait for the large spikes," Michael told Junior.

	He did and was pleasantly surprised when she fucked up on her own onto
his cock, driving it deeper into her asshole.  The pain forced her asshole to
clamp on the cock inside her, massaging the huge rod. 

	"Just let her ride you until you cum."  Michael and his father left the
room, Junior getting the fuck of his life.

	Steve grabbed Sara and dragged her over to some of the equipment.  "I
still have to finish that ass fuck."

To be continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Slaver Training
Part: Part 5: The Auction
Summary: This is the story of Slavers and the capture and auction of their prey.
Keywords: M+/F, BDSM, slavery, bond, humil, nc, serious, rape, violence

Slaver Training
Chapter 5 Slaver Auction

	Michael gathered all of his employees to make an announcement about the
upcoming auction.  "We've had a great month.  We have collected six girls and it
is time to sell them and collect our money.  First we have the mother/daughter
pair, Sara and Becky.  These are our prizes, they should easily fetch upward of
$500,000, with their blonde hair, the Japanese buyers will love them.  Mom is in
great shape for her age and, at eighteen, Becky will be loved for her tight
body, even after the fucking she has been subjected to."

	Then we have the two girls Steve picked up jogging in Florida, Lyn and
Michelle.  Not bad for his first catch.  These two really take care of their
bodies.  And tight?  They might have fucked before, but nothing on them is worn
out.  Then, there's Lyn, who had been a virgin in her asshole.  She squealed
like a pig when I sodomized her.  These two were made for a rape or some nice
torture party.  The Arabs will love them; you know how much they hate Americans
and love to take it out on the women."

	"Last are the two twenty-year olds from Atlanta, Jacqueline and
Charlotte.  Buyers go crazy over identical twins.  You could fuck one until you
wear her out and then turn over and start all over on the other, making her
scream just as loud as the other, almost like they were one.  And nothing turns
on buyers like making them have girl sex, twins would be so unique, almost like
eating yourself," he laughed.

	"We are going to extend the auction this year, bring some new life and
excitement to it.  We will have the auction on Sunday, which will allow buyers
to use our facilities for three days to play with their new purchases.  Buyers
have always loved our torture chamber with all that lovely bondage equipment and
furniture.  And then there is the "headmaster's office," which will be a nice
place for the twins.  Customers will love to cane those beauties as they are
bent naked over the massive desk, twin ripe derrieres to feel the pain of the
cane.  Many of our customers have asked for instructions in using some of our
more extensive torture furniture and equipment so I will be available to help
them "break in" their new purchase."

	"We must make sure our stock of girls is presented in the most
advantageous positions in order to maximize the price we will get for them. They
are not to be used for at least three days prior to the auction.  I want them
looking pink and fresh to our buyers.  And make sure while they are on the stage
they are sufficiently decorated with some nice jewelry.  We have some nice
silver nipple clamps and pussy clamps.  Use weights, as it makes the pussy so
desirable when the lips are pulled down.  And the buyers especially love their
groans of pain.  Obedience must be maintained.  While our customers do like some
reluctance, we don't want any insolent behavior, so make sure you have necessary
equipment to enforce compliance.  I suggest the electric probe, a small whip or
a cane."

	"Any questions?"

	"Are the potential bidders going to be afforded the opportunity to try
out the girls?"  Steve asked, never attending an auction before.

	"They will have limited access to the girls.  All of our bidders have
been prequalified, so we don't have anyone attending just to play with the girls
for free.  The $10,000 bidder's fee takes care of that.  But one of us must
always be in attendance; we don't want them damaging the goods."

	"No more questions?  Well thank you, gentlemen, for a great month. 
After the auction we will split up the proceeds.  With your help, we will
maximize the take and the girls will be off to their new life, whatever that
might bring them."

	Lyn could not believe what had happened during the past two weeks.  It
was like a bad nightmare, but each day she woke up, it didn't go away.  Michelle
and her had been jogging, something they did frequently.  Michelle was her best
friend, having met over 15 years ago.  While she was three years older, they had
the common interests.  Well almost, Michelle had always been bolder with regard
to sex.  While she had a great body, nice long legs, firm ass, great set of
tits, big nipples, Michelle was the one that always got the guys and in some
cases the girls.  She had done threesomes, two girls and a guy.  Michelle had
tried to get her to join one time, even going as far as trying to kiss her, but
when Lyn backed off, Michelle never broached the subject again.  Lyn dated great
guys, but lately that had not been enough.  They were too great.  Gentle,
romantic and caring.  But boring.  Just once wouldn't someone fuck her hard?

	Well you certainly got your wish come true, she thought to herself. 
Since she had been captured, she guessed that would be the correct word, that's
all she'd gotten.  Hard fuckings.  Worse than that, she had been repeatedly
raped.  To make matters even worse, she had been forced to help in her own
rapes.  That really was the worst part, made to beg them to rape her, made to
suck their cocks to get them hard again so they could rape her repeatedly.  They
just seemed never to stop.  And the size of their cocks.  She had never seen any
that big, never mind felt one inside her.

	They had been jogging along the beach, dressed in spandex shorts,
low-cut tees with sport bras.  God, they'd looked great; spandex clinging to
their asses and pussies.  You could almost see their lips outlined by the
stretchy material.  Her own pussy would be wet after running, excited by the
looks from the guys that salivated for the firm bodies.  It had been a usual
day, neither one paying any particular attention.  Hell, it was the middle of
the afternoon.  How much more safe could you be?  She noticed the van parked
next to the walkway, a little out of the way, but hardly a danger signal.  It
had taken only a second.  They pulled along side the van and two men jumped out
from behind the hood.  Before she had even realized what had happened, a wet
cloth had been placed around her mouth and nose.  She inhaled, the heavy smell
infecting her nose and mouth.  It must have been chloroform because before she
knew it her legs gave out beneath her.  She would have fallen to the ground
except her captor caught her.  Not that she should be grateful.  After all, it
was he who caused it.

	She'd woken up, her head pounding, her mouth feeling like it was full of
cotton, which it was.  Something filled her mouth, her cheeks puffing out, dry,
the cloth jammed inside soaking up all her saliva.  She had struggled to get up,
unable, finding something binding her wrists behind her, her back arched up
high, her arms aching from her weight pinning them beneath her.  She kicked, her
ankles had also been bound, fear rushing into her system as she realized her
dilemma.  She'd known immediately someone must have grabbed her, and looked
around the van, to see Michelle similarly bound, still unconscious, her chest
rising and falling with heavy breathing.  They had been inside the back of a
van, the front cut off from the back by a solid wall.  She felt them moving
fast, probably on a highway; she could hear the sounds of cars passing.  She
struggled to escape, only managing to make the ropes dig deeper into her flesh,
her body finally going limp, knowing it futile to waste valuable strength on the
effort.  She had decided to conserve her strength.  She thought that when
Michelle woke up there would be two of them.  Maybe they could somehow overpower
those who took them captured.  It had been her only hope.

	Michelle had looked over at her, her eyes moving around in circles,
still groggy from the drug they had given them.  Her eyes had lit up, staring,
communicating, hoping to make some sense out of the terrible situation they were
in.  The van had then stopped and backed up into something. 

	Lyn had felt the van bounce, someone getting out of the front.  The
doors had opened; the bright light temporarily blinded them.

	"Well, the bitches are awake, so much better.  My cock is hard from
seeing those asses bounce along as they ran.  I need to get into some pussy." 
Steve had been obviously proud of the catch; his first since training with
Michael, though Lyn hadn't learned that until later. 

	"And what a pair, nice tight little bodies.  I can't wait to strip them
naked and see exactly what we've captured."  The look on his face told Lyn he
could almost feel the hot, tight pussy milking his cock.  "Come' on cunt," he'd
pick her up and threw her over his shoulder as if she hadn't weighed a thing. 
So much for fighting back and overpowering them.  She'd looked over at Michelle,
her head hanging down to the floor like hers, the pounding returning.

	Everything had been upside down as they moved down a long hallway, all
of the doors closed, some having bars on tiny windows.  She'd wondered if this
was some kind of jail or prison.  They hadn't looked like police, and police
didn't drug people.  For the next two days, the two men had repeatedly raped
them.  First, they were fucked in their pussies.  When the men grew tired of
that and could no longer get the girls to fight the rape, they were turned over,
legs spread wide and a hard cock ridden up their assholes.  That brought life
back to them, their screams bringing so much pleasure to the men.  Especially
Lyn, as she had been an anal virgin, her screams were the loudest.  When the men
were no longer hard, the girls' mouths were used to bring them back to hardness. 
Then, it would be another rape.  Lyn brought herself back to her equally
horrifying present. 

	The stage was now ready for the girls.  On it was an elaborate rail
running overhead, which would be used to keep the girls bound tightly but still
allow them to move along on the stage to wherever Michael desired them to be
placed in an manner to best show them off to the clients.  They would be brought
in pairs, Becky and her mother Sara; Lyn and Michelle; and the twins, Jacqueline
and Charlotte.  The audience had already arrived, sitting in the seats, about 25
of them from all walks of life. 

	There were the usual Japanese businessman, mostly older, powerful men in
their sixties that desired white, blonde Americans.  They didn't want them just
to fuck them.  They liked to play with them, forcing them to perform, to do
things that their Japanese wives or mistresses would not do.  Elaborate bondage
and use of torture furniture were among the favorites.  Then, there were the
Arabs.  Rich princes, use to having large harems, but bored with the usual Arab
girls.  Their hatred of Americans made it even better, loving to torture their
purchases.  Finally, there were the Russians.  New customers in the last five
years since the fall of Communism, coming to get girls for the sprawling
pornography industry that flourished in Russia and Eastern Europe.  Unlike
pornography in the United States, their pornography industry included rape and
snuff films, and the younger the better.
	The first girls up for auction would be the twins, Charlotte and
Jacqueline, the prim and proper Southern girls.  Although they were twenty years
old, Michael learned that they were both virgins.  He had never done this
before, but he chose to keep their virginity intact, hoping for a larger price
for such an unusual pair of girls.  They were identical twins, 5 feet 5 inches
tall, long brown hair that hung down below their shoulders.  Brown eyes, pale
complexions and the fullest set of lips that you had ever seen graced these
beauties.  Their southern drawl could almost make you cum when they begged.  And
beg they had done a lot of since their capture.  While not raped, they were
stripped repeatedly and forced to cum under expert masturbating fingers and
tongues.  They had been taught that their bodies were no longer their own.
	"Gentlemen, our first set of girls is Jacqueline and Charlotte, an
identical pair of twins from the American south.  What makes them unusual is
that they are both virgins, prim and proper Southern girls just waiting to be
taught to please.  They will be sold only as a set; I wouldn't want to break up
a family like that," he added with an evil chuckle.  "There are many interesting
things you can do with these girls together.  Imagine.  Forcing these twins to
have girl sex or as part of a threesome; two exciting girls ready to please
you."  Michael spoke into a microphone as he saw the girls entering from the
side of the stage, knowing all eyes were waiting to catch their first glimpse of
the girls.  They didn't have to wait long, the sound of shuffling bare feet
sounding out in the room.
	They were both so embarrassed as they were prodded onto the stage by the
man behind them, a cattle prod in his hand, a prior sudden jab with the
electrical probe on their backside giving them a feeling of what would be in
store for them if they failed to strictly obey orders.  They were wearing the
outfits they were given, schoolgirl outfits, but for a girl of twelve.  They
wore white, button-down blouses, tight, molded over their bra-less breasts, the
buttons straining to break free.  Their perky tits were quite sufficient to
stand up by themselves, their nipples pressed against the cold fabric, blue
blazers temporarily hiding their hard nipples from the crowd.  They each wore
blue and white plaid skirts, way too short, riding high up their thighs, a pair
of white thigh-high stockings highlighting their long legs, a pair of black
patent leather shoes completing the outfit, hair pulled into ponytails tied
tightly in the back.
	Their arms were bound high, each attached to a pulley in the track
above, grouped tightly together, the guard poking them in the ass with the
probe, but not shooting them with electricity, the girls bracing for another
electrical shock, trembling, their nerves in shambles.  They walked slowly,
forced to stand on tip toes, the pull of the rope on their arms keeping them
balanced precariously, highlighting the shapely calves, as they moved in front
of the almost all male audience.  They had been threatened with a large, red
ball gag if they talked, although screaming was allowed and encouraged.  The
audience loved the screams of the girls.
	All watched as they came into view, frightened looks on their faces,
tears running down their cheeks.  With these outfits, they looked so young,
something the Russians loved.  "Welcome, Jacqueline and Charlotte, though I'd be
damned if I can tell the difference between you," Michael jokingly added.  "Hold
them right here for now, Steve," watching as they faced the audience.  He moved
his hand up to the cheek of one of the girls, wiping a tear from her cheek, "be
a good girl or it's the cattle probe for you," he whispered in her ear, loud
enough for the sister to hear, but not the audience.  He saw the fear in her
eyes; a fear that he knew was well deserved because before the end of the day
they would each lose their virginity and face much more.  "I will start with
Charlotte," looking for confirmation in her eyes, "excuse me, Jacqueline.  These
girls have such lovely bodies and they respond well to humiliation."  He moved
behind Jacqueline, a knife glinting in the bright light, her eyes following the
long, sharp blade.  "Don't worry, it's just for your clothes.  You want to show
these gentlemen your lovely naked body, don't you?"  He watched her face turn
crimson in shame at the thought of being stripped naked while she hung like a
carcass of beef.
	Jacqueline felt the blue blazed cut quickly from her body, feeling the
slashed material fall to the ground in front of her.  She looked down,
confirming that her nipples were already hard and so publicly displayed pushing
out the cold, harsh material of her blouse.
	"Yes, even Jacqueline knows how nicely the blouse rubs against her
nipples and makes them stick out."  His hands reached around from behind her to
slowly tickle her sides as he moved towards her breasts, feeling her jerk around
on the rope, rubbing against his hard cock pressed against her virgin ass.  "See
how nicely she moves, imagine her pussy around your cock as she moves up and
down, her silky insides massaging your hard cock inside her," teasing the
audience into bidding on her.  He felt her shudder, her ass pushing back against
his as his big hands grabbed her near naked breasts, feeling her heart racing
under his fingertips.  "Such firm tits, nice size, very resilient."  His hands
squeezed them, hearing soft groans from her lips, squeezing harder, not
disappointed, as her moans grew louder.  "Let's show the gentlemen your naked
tits, Jacqueline, you want to do that, don't you?"  He squeezed her breasts even
harder, his fingers digging painfully into the soft flesh. 
	Jacqueline nodded her head, her mouth grimacing in pain.  She felt him
squeeze harder, "yes, show them my naked breasts," she finally spit out, wanting
to end the painful gripping of her flesh, never having been treated so roughly
	"Good girl, Jacqueline," he whispered in her ear, his hands moving down
the buttons, slowly revealing the tanned skin beneath, pulling the blouse open
enough to tease the guests, but not yet completely revealing her, wanting to
tease them.  He pulled it out of her skirt, her blouse hanging to the sides.
	Jacqueline looked down, the cleavage between her breasts now grossly
exposed, the white skin of her twin globes highlighted by her tanned body,
contrasting the colors.  Her nipples were barely covered, the edge of the blouse
rubbing harshly over the hardened buds, ashamed at how they seemed to be so
stimulated by the forced stripping of her clothes.
	Michael pulled the blouse back, her naked breasts exposed, the ample
breasts firm and tight, her nipples sitting high on her chest, the large dark
areoles surrounding the pink flesh of her hardened nipples, the tips pushing out
over an inch, begging to be touched.  He let his fingers push under the flesh
meat, cradling the globes in his hands, offering them out to the audience. 
"Have you ever seen a pair of tits like these before?"  A murmur of protests
from her sister Charlotte gave the answer.  "Ah yes, her sister's," Michael
proclaimed as Steve had similarly denuded Charlotte for the audience, both of
the girls quickly stripped of their blouses, nude from the waist up, Michael and
Steve's hands playing over their breasts as they squirmed in their grip, fingers
plucking at the nipples, teasing them harder for the audience.
	Both of the girls stood there, their breasts openly fondled before a
large group of men, their faces red in shame at having been so rudely treated
and abused.  They heard the sound of tearing, the flimsy white blouses torn from
their body, the hands returning to play with their breasts, again.
	"So firm," Michael putting his hands under her tits and making them
bounce up and down, "such big hard nipples, for those that like to garnish their
females with jewelry, clamps and weights would hang nicely from the pink buds,"
his fingers returning to her nipples.  "See how she arches up," his fingers
gripping her nipples and pulling them up into the air, Jacqueline and Charlotte
forced to move higher on their toes to keep them from being ripped from their
	Michael released her nipples, the audience watching as both girls' tits
bounced on their chests.  "Look at the long legs of these girls, the white thigh
high stocking accenting the tender thighs peeking out above."  His hands moved
down Jacqueline's hips, feeling her shaking as his hands continued the
exploration of her body.  "Would you like me to show them your pussy now,
Jacqueline?"  He whispered in her ear, seeing her shaking her head no, but
knowing that she couldn't stop him from stripping them both naked.  He let his
hands move back to her ass, his hands grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them
tightly in his large palms.  "Such a nice tight ass cheeks.  They both must work
out.  This flesh was made for punishment.  A paddle, whip or cane on their naked
ass and thighs and these girls will consent to do anything."  He grabbed her
skirt in his hand and slowly began to move it higher up her thighs, the white
flesh slowly revealed.  "Watch for the nice white panties, virgin panties," he
joked.  "Very un-sexy except they are cut two sizes too small.  They mold to all
their contours."
	Jacqueline and Charlotte squirmed again as they were now being stripped
below their waist, their most intimate charms soon to be boldly exposed to the
lecherous men in the audience.  The forced stripping in front of the audience
was far worse than what they had been subjected to thus far.  At least before,
there were only two, not a large group of men.  A large mirror on either side of
the stage reflected their images, Michael wanting each to see what the other
saw, their skirts slowly above their crotch now, the white panties exposed. 
They had felt the panties cutting into their flesh, the silky material drawn
tightly between their legs, pushing apart their pussy lips and butt to contour
along their sex.
	Michael pulled the skirt all the way above Jacqueline's waist.  He
unbuttoned the garment, pulling down the zipper, letting it fall to the floor
with the rest of her discarded clothes.  "See how the material cuts into her
pussy lips?" his hands reaching down over the flat plane of her abdomen, her
muscles tightening.  He seized her pussy lips, feeling her jerk back onto his
hard cock in shock as she was grabbed so ruthlessly.  "Such big puffy lips,
hiding that cute little virgin pussy.  Her pussy lips were made for abuse, a
whip, clamps even a paddle on them will get her moving strenuously for you." 
His fingers moved over her virgin pussy, noting her fearful trembling at the
ideas he was giving the audience. 
	Both girls stood, clad in only the briefest of panties, their sex
outlined to the audience.  At the urging of Michael and Steve, they reluctantly
parted their legs, brutal pinches to their pussy lips by powerful fingers
unrelenting until their legs were spaced out as wide as their shoulders.
	"See how well they respond to pain?  Willing to do anything to please
you to stop the infliction of pain on their young bodies."  His hands smoothed
down over her abdomen before gripping her sex, this time one fat finger pushed
harshly between her pussy lips, the other gripping her between her legs almost
pulling her up by her sex.  "Such a handful," he laughed as he cupped her pussy. 
"Now off with her panties so you can see that beautiful cunt.  Both girls have
been shaved bald."  He let his hands grip the waist of her panties, "put your
legs together until I pull your panties off your feet, them spread them wide
again.  If you disobey, I whip your ass raw," he threatened Jacqueline, seeing
the terror in her eyes as she nodded.  He pulled the panties slowly down,
bending down so he could slip the tight panties over her hips and down her legs. 
They sat at her feet, Michael's hand on her ass making her kick them off.  He
waited, Jacqueline quickly spreading her legs out again.  He could smell her
pussy, the sweet smell of a virgin mixed with the sweat of fear.
	Both girls stood there naked except for the thigh-high white stockings,
making them feel even more naked with them on, seeming to outline their naked
sex.  Their pussy lips were clenched tightly, no peek of the pink insides, no
peek of the hymen that protected their vaginas.  Their faces were beet red,
forced to endure the humiliation, seeing the leering glances of the men in the
audience, some of them grabbing at their cocks pushed hard against cramped
	Michael slipped his hands down the front of Jacqueline again, feeling
her body shake in fear, knowing what he planned to do.  She arched her ass back
onto his hard cock, pushing forward again as soon as she felt the hard cock
behind her, pushing her virgin pussy into Michael's waiting fingers.  His
fingers were not idle; quickly gripping the puffy lips and stretching them open
wide.  He heard her moan in pain, spreading them wider, his fingers tightening
their grip as they pulled outwards.  "Look at the tender pink insides,
untouched, just waiting for a hard cock to enter it for the first time.  You can
be the first inside this pair of virgins, the first to make them scream in pain
as your rape them with your hard, thick cock."  He quickly turned Jacqueline
around, her face now staring directly at his, his fingers gripping her ass
cheeks and pulling them open.  He saw the shame in her face as he spoke.  "And,
just look at this virgin asshole.  A tight, wrinkled little hole, barely open. 
Imagine your hard cock sheathed in her buttery insides, clenching on your
organ."  He kissed her, her face shocked at the move, his tongue sliding inside
the hot confines of her mouth, playing lightly with her tongue.  He felt her
shiver in fear when his fingers edged closer to her anus, her naked pussy
rubbing against his bulging pants, his cock straining to be free of its
	"Let me show you how well these two will perform for you," moving from
behind her.  They both grabbed a piece of hemp rope hanging down from the pulley
and encircled the tiny ankle with the rope, tying it off.  "Steady now
Jacqueline," watching as a winch slowly began to pull up on the rope, her ankle
having no choice but to begin to rise, her other foot precariously trying to
balance.  She cringed in pain and humiliation as her foot slowly rose higher, up
past her knee, Michael making no attempt to stop the upward movement.  Higher
and higher her foot went, now over her waist, her leg almost pulled straight up,
her muscles straining, the pain beginning, not even concerned with how exposed
her anus and pussy was becoming.
	"Please," Jacqueline begged, her crotch feeling as if she was being
split up the middle, her reflection in the mirror showing how obscenely her sex
was being split open.
	"A little more Jacqueline, look how nicely your pussy is opening up. 
And your tiny asshole, the darkness inside giving the men a glimpse of the
tightness."  He stopped the rope when her leg was almost pulled up parallel to
her body, her other foot hopping as she gently swayed.  She looked over
Charlotte suffering from the same obscene position.
	Michael pulled their bodies closer together, Jacqueline feeling the hot
sweaty body of her sister pushed against hers.  They both felt a rope around
their hips, Michael pulling the knot tighter and tighter, Steve positioning the
girls' bodies so that their pussies pressed against each other, one other leg
thrust behind the other girl so that they criss-crossed, forcing their splayed
sex against each other.  Steve gave the rope one final pull before tying it
tightly together, one's inner pussy rubbing against the other's.
	Michael and Steve each grabbed a black leather paddle, tiny metal studs
lining the face, the leather supple.  He moved behind Jacqueline, "I want you
both to rub your pussies together, have girl sex until you cum.  We'll be
spanking your ass with these paddles to make your jerk back and forth.  The
sooner you cum, the sooner we will stop spanking your ass.  Now be a good girl
and show these men how you will cum for them with your sister."  Michael laughed
as he moved behind her.  "Watch as they dance for you and cum.  Some lucky
person will get to force these lovely sisters to have girl sex, making them eat
out their pussies, hopefully full of cum first after their pussies are raped." 
He swung the paddle back and let it fly, hitting Jacqueline's ass cheeks at the
same time Steve's smashed into Charlotte's ass, their bodies jerking back and
forth, their pussies rubbing up and down, the rope preventing them from escaping
the grinding of their sexes.
	The girls danced on the end of the paddles for over fifteen minutes,
their asses red from the studs, their screams of pain deviating into pleasure as
the unexpected rubbing of their pussies were having the desired effect.  It only
took another five minutes before Jacqueline screamed in pleasure, followed
quickly by Charlotte as her pussy was covered with her sister's juices when
Jacqueline came.  Even the pain of the paddle hadn't deadened the sensations,
their eyes shut tightly, attempting to block their public humiliation, their
bodies shuddering with their orgasms. 
	The bidding started quickly, the Russians first, the Japanese following
next.  The Middle Eastern buyers were not that enthused with the pair, virginity
in the Middle East was often taken for granted and readily found in fresh girls
from the poorer villages.  No, they were saving themselves for Sara and Becky,
eager to torture the American mother/daughter pair, or even better, force them
to torture each other for pleasure.  The infidels would pay for what their
powerful country had done to the Middle Eastern countries. 
	"$400,000, going once, twice, sold to the Mr. Petrok."  The Russians had
won the bidding.  Michael was pleased with the price. 
	The girls hated the results, having been told that the Russians would
cruelly rape them for their movies.  Their faces and bodies would be spread
around them world, their humiliation complete.  They were quickly ushered from
the stage, crying loudly at their fate. 
	Michael was eager to bring on the next pair, not wanting to lose the
momentum; pleased at the high price he received for the virgin twins.  He hoped
he could convince the Russians to film their rape in his "cells," an elaborate
mock up of a jail.  He would love to see the "prison guards" indoctrinate the
girls with rape; maybe even take part in their debasement.
	The audience quieted down as the next two girls were quickly brought
out.  These were the two girls that Steve had captured in Florida, Lyn and
Michelle.  Michelle was the older of the two, in her early thirties, Lyn
twenty-nine.  Both were joggers and had kept their bodies in excellent shape. 
Steve had found out that Lyn was an anal virgin, loving the way she screamed
when he first raped her asshole, bucking around on the bed, tied, unable to stop
his cock from forcing its way inside her tight passage.  Michelle was the more
experience of the two, having engaged in threesomes, though with two girls and
one guy.  Michael figured these two for the Japanese; they would have fun with
bondage and torturing their lovely bodies, with the mother/daughter pair being
bought by the Arabs.  They would love to make them inflict pain on each other.
	Steve had done a good job in preparing the two for presentation, clad
only in the briefest of panties that clung to every nook and cranny of their
tight bodies and five-inch high heels to keep their leg muscles straining.  They
were similarly hung by their wrists, their tits boldly displayed, Steve's
fingers plucking their nipples into hardness before pushing them out onto the
stage.  The heat from the lights had already begun to make them sweat, the light
sheen on their bodies making them look even sexier.  Michael had a different
idea for these two; he needed to give the buyers some useful suggestions on how
to use their bodies to the fullest.
	Michael moved next to Lyn, slipping up behind her, his hands on her
naked flesh, his cock pushed up against her ass.  "Do you remember when you had
a hard cock up your virgin asshole?  How you screamed so loudly?  Steve said he
thought he was going to cum right away, your screaming and the way your asshole
fought as inch after inch of cock slid up inside your colon.  It brought him so
much joy, I almost hate to sell you," he whispered into her ear.  "But sell you
I must.  Yet, I will take my turn at the pleasures of your body before you
leave, though I don't think you will enjoy it as well as I will."  He laughed,
seeing the terror on her face as his hands smoothed over her flesh, feeling her
trembling in his touch.
	"These two beauties were meant to be hurt," he spoke to the audience. 
"Such lovely bodies, firm and tight, ready to receive whatever pain and
suffering you can dish out.  They will scream and beg, their bodies fighting you
every way when you rape them, especially this one in her asshole.  It's so hot
and tight, it will milk the cum from your balls," he laughed at the girls'
obvious discomfort.  "They are already almost naked, just their sweet cunts
covered, but not for long.  Let's warm them up a bit for your pleasure first." 
Steve handed Michael a Cat o' Nine tails, taking a similar one himself.  Michael
walked in front of Lyn so she could see the instrument he held in his hand.
	"We're going to start with their tits, since they are so prominently
displayed for you.  Both girls have nice tits, Lyn having 36C's, nice hard
nipples, such nice targets for a whip.  Steve handed me a special whip we have
for sale called the Titty Tenderizer.  It's a Cat o' Nine with kangaroo leather
tails and an instantaneous effect wherever it hits.  It will turn these nice
white breasts dark red before we are finished and make the areolas and nipples
so tender to the touch.  When fucking them, just a light touch to their breasts
will make their pussies squeeze tight in pain and a more subtle touch will urge
a gasp of pain from their lips."  Michael whispered into Lyn's ear again, "I'm
going to love whipping your titties, Lyn, it's going to make my cock so hard. 
Scream all you want, in fact I insist on it.  I bet I can make them bounce up
and down," he laughed.
	Steve and Michael stood back, looking at the terror in the girls' eyes
as they stared at the evil whips, looking back down at their breasts, ashamed at
the way their nipples were still swollen and hard, giving them such easy targets
for the whip to bite into.  They looked back at the men, their eyes pleading but
the only thing they saw in their eyes was lust.  They didn't have to wait long,
each whip swinging back and then forward, the whoosh as the leather strands
sailed through the air breaking up the silence as everyone in the room waited
for the sickening sound as the leather finally found their targets, the nine
individual strands spreading out over the youthful breast flesh, no target safe.
	Lyn was first, feeling the leather hit her sensitive breast, not
initially registering.  Then there was a sudden flash of pain, feeling like nine
individual whips biting into her breast at different times, each carrying with
it its own brand of pain.  Her nipple felt like it had exploded, Michael, expert
in the use of the whip, extracted the maximum amount of pain, sending one strand
to expertly strike the tip of her nipple, the most sensitive part with the knot
on the end.  The harden leather extracting a scream that tore from her throat as
all watched her body shudder and shake in pain.  The rest of her breast was not
neglected, two strands tearing on the large areola surrounding the nipple, the
rest of the strands hitting the exposed breast with equally painful bites.  Lyn
was not alone, Michelle's scream no less strenuous, Steve having picked up the
talent for beating young girls' flesh with various instruments, loving the way
he could make them sing for him. 
	And sing they did, for over ten minutes of non-stop pain, Michael and
Steve let the whips dance across their bodies, sweat pouring from jerking
bodies, tears blocking their vision, no longer seeing the whip approaching, the
only warning of the impending shock of pain that would dance through their
bodies as they dangled from the ropes was the sound of the whoosh of the whip. 
They screamed, their bodies twitching, the pain overcoming all other sensations. 
Michelle was the first to pee, her bodily functions no longer under her control,
urine running down her leg to puddle at the floor.  Michael, not to be outdone,
struck Lyn's body harder.  When she failed to respond, a quick upswing of the
whip between her legs, striking her unguarded pussy got the response he wanted,
a puddle of urine loudly hitting the floor humiliating the girls further.  "Good
girl, Lyn," he encouraged her quietly, the whip returning to her breasts, the
white flesh now a bright red, the nipples swollen to twice their size, dark red,
throbbing with blood.  "I control your body, I own you!" he exclaimed to her.
	It was five more minutes before they stopped, the girls hoarse, the whip
hitting harder, encouraging them into louder screams to please the buyers. 
Michael moved toward Lyn, the whip in his hand, small splatters of blood on the
black leather, her breasts showing the terrible abuse that he had inflicted on
the flesh.  He let the leather whip run over her breasts, the hard leather
rubbing harshly over tortured nipples, her body shuddering as she could only
stand and bear the pain he continued to inflict on her.  "It made my cock so
hard to whip you, Lyn.  Your screams pleased me.  But we have so much more
before we are finished.  It will be a paddle on your ass next."  Michael swung
her around, her sobs ringing out in the room.
	"Such a lovely ass she has.  She trained hard to make it this way, it
will only take us minutes to turn it into a mass of pain," his hands rubbing
over her ass cheeks, clenching on the flesh, feeling her tighten under his
fingertips.  "You'll soon tire of doing that, Lyn.  The pain will make you
forget."  He handed Steve a paddle, keeping one for himself.  He pushed it in
front of Lyn's eyes, "how do you think this will feel?" showing her the medieval
paddle, a sixteen-inch long, three-inch wide wooden paddle with thirty-six metal
studs lining it; the traditional headmaster's paddle in old England.  "The only
thing you will sit down on for a week will be a hard cock, and it will be up
your tight ass," he laughed at her obvious distress. 
	Steve brought out two leather bolsters, each about waist high.  They
were pushed under the girls' hips and slid back, forcing their arms up high, but
their ass to arch backwards, higher and higher as the boosters slid farther from
their bound arms.  They stopped when it was over four feet from under their
arms, their ravaged breasts hanging down painfully, their asses thrust up in
offering to the paddles.  Michel ran his hands over Lyn's ass cheeks, feeling
her shudders as she waited for the pain to begin again.  "Yes, it is going to
hurt, Lyn.  Hurt bad.  But think of all the pleasure you are bringing me!"  He
let the paddle run over her soft ass cheeks, feeling her body shake as the metal
studs rubbed harshly over her flesh.  He stepped back, letting the paddle
lightly tap against her ass.  "Get ready for the pain, Lyn," he teased her
pain-wracked body.  "So much more pain for you."
	The first time the paddle hit the girl's ass flesh, the roar of the wood
hitting their soft skin shattered the quiet of the room.  The force of the blow,
the hard wooden paddle sinking deeply into firm flesh, metal studs leaving small
dents in the skin, pushed the girls' bodies forward.  The pain was immediate and
powerful, their asses stinging hotly from the blow, the entire ass feeling the
wooden paddle, not like the small leather straps of the flogger.  Michael rubbed
the paddle over Lyn's ass, rubbing the metal studs into the hot flesh, letting
her get ready for the next blow. 
	Lyn felt the paddle leave her ass, pain still radiating from the bruised
flesh, her legs tightly together, her ass thrust up in offering, waiting for the
next blow.  She did not have long to wait, this time the paddle hitting lower,
catching her on her upper thighs, the tender skin not use to such brutal
treatment, the angle of the blow forcing the metal studs to criss-cross her
thighs, tearing tender flesh as they moved harshly.  And the girls began to sing
again, their cries hoarse and raspy, but nevertheless, just as loud as before. 
	Michael and Steve continued to rain blow after blow on the ass flesh
before them, stopping only long enough to pull the panties down, already torn
and hanging in remnants from their bodies.  A quick rub of the studded paddle
over naked flesh and the paddling began again.  The tightened legs, serving to
hide their sex from the prying eyes were quickly forgotten as the pain
increased, their asses raising up and down in pain, almost as if they were
fucking something beneath them.  Their pussies peeked out from beneath their
legs, the upturned ass giving the audience a quick look at the puffy lips from
behind.  Michael and Steve let the paddle move up and down their posteriors,
moving from the top of their ass cheeks to lower down on their thighs, the pain
more overpowering on the tender inner thighs.  Another fifteen minutes of
sobbing, crying and pleading only broken by the murmur of the paddle and the
thud as it landed so expertly on the intended spot.  Finally, they stopped
again, hands rubbing the hot flesh, feeling the girls flinch each time a
calloused hand rubbed the reddened and inflamed flesh.
	"Catch your breath, Lyn.  You're doing such a good job.  Just one more
place, Lyn.  It's time to whip your pussy.  If you thought the breast whipping
and the paddling were painful, they will be nothing compared to this.  You have
never felt anything like this before.  Take a deep breath and prepare yourself
while we get your bodies in the right position.  We want you open and spread." 
Michael looked in her tear-stained face, her sobs pleasing him; knowing her
cries of pain will please him even more.
	The bolsters were removed, the girls' pain-wracked bodies hanging by
their arms, their legs barely able to hold them upright.  "Don't worry, Lyn, we
will make sure you stand upright," laughing as thick rope hanging from the
overhead pulley were attached to one of each of their ankles.
	Lyn knew what they had planned to do, not surprised as she let her left
leg relax, feeling the rope slowly pulling her leg up by the ankle, bending her
knee to allow the upward movement.  She groaned in pain, her sore ass flesh
pulled, igniting fresh pain.  Her crotch began to split, the painful aching
beginning in her sex as her leg was pulled up almost as high as her arms, her
pussy and anus now so obscenely exposed to the audience and also to the whip
that they planned to use.  She was balanced on one foot, unable to escape
Michael's cruel plan.
	Michael picked up the Stinger Flogger, a nice black and red flogger
twenty-five strand fall, three feel long, that would leave no nook or cranny
untouched.  The spread of their legs left their pussy lips pulled back, the
soft, pink insides exposed, their tiny anuses peeking out, unsuspecting of the
pain that the strands would inflict on the tiny puckered openings.  Michael let
the strands run up and down her slit, letting her juices coat the leather,
making them more pliable.  "You may scream in pain but your pussy is still wet. 
I think you like the pain a little too much, Lyn.  And, that's good, Lyn,
because as soon as you are sold, I have so many interesting devices that will
keep your body on the edge of pain.  Imagine electricity racing through your
body, jolting your nipples and breasts, electrified probes placed in your vagina
and anal tract, shooting varying jolts of electricity into your internal organs. 
How about the feel of large dildos or butt plugs spreading you wide open?  So
much more pain I can give you Lyn.  But now, for your pussy.  Scream as loud as
you want, Lyn.  Or better yet, as loud as I want."
	Both men stepped back swinging underhand, the whip flying up from the
floor between the girls' legs, slapping at the exposed flesh with a loud
explosion, the twenty-five strands going their separate ways, each intent on
inflicting the maximum amount of pain, each succeeding in their purpose.  The
girls jumped on one foot, the force of the blow making them jerk upward.  This
time it was Michelle that screamed first, Steve's first blow lucky, two strands
pushing aside her pussy lips, a single powerful strand driving straight through
the slit to hit her directly on her swollen clit.  The pain must have been
incredibly intense the way her body danced on the rope, her screams continuous,
Steve so impressed with his first blow he rained blow after blow on her pussy,
leaving her no time to even catch her breath.  Michael was more patient, knowing
that it was much more painful to let the victim feel the full impact of the
blow, letting them wait for the next, the waiting almost as bad as the pain
itself and then allowing the next blow to come only after the pain of the
previous had somewhat diminished.  This left Lyn's body always on edge, either
feeling the pain or waiting for it, both just as bad.
	They stopped at only five blows, not wanting to wear the girls out, they
had so much more their owners would want to inflict on them.  They cried loudly
as the bidding started and, as Michael had planned and predicted, the Japanese
millionaires bought Lyn and Michelle for over $300,000.  All three were over
sixty years old, agreeing to rent out the Michael's torture furniture and room
for three days before taking the girls away.  Michael would be available to show
them the correct use of the elaborate equipment.  As they moved from the room,
Michael grabbed Lyn by her sex, his fingers digging painfully into her whipped
pussy, "did you like that Lyn?  Did you like me beating your pussy?  It made my
cock hard," laughing at the pain he ignited in her body with his massive hands.
	"And now for our final selection, a rare mother and daughter pair.  Sara
is thirty-six years old, her young daughter just eighteen.  They have been with
us the longest and we have raped them numerous times.  Both respond well to
pain, their bodies tightening up and giving a very pleasurable fuck, their cunts
and assholes have excellent grip and will provide excellent service.  The good
thing about mother and daughter packages is that you can induce one to perform
in order for her to spare the other from a similar fate.  Each would rather
accept the pain then force the other to take it.  This will provide many hours
of pleasure in playing them back and forth."
	The audience's gaze shifted from Michael to the side of the stage as
first Sara, then Becky were brought in.  They both wore four-inch high heels,
strapped to their ankles to make sure they would not fall off and a pair of
low-cut panties.  That was all, their naked bodies already covered in a sheen of
sweat from the bright lights, highlighting their naked skin.  Steve was behind
them, a black riding crop slapping harshly against their ass cheeks when they
would try to stop, urging them into the center of the stage for inspection.
	Sara looked so inviting, her ample breasts still standing proudly even
after giving birth to Becky, her pink nipples surrounded by a dark brown areola
that seemed to paint them like a target, something that Michael planned to take
great advantage of.  Her abdomen had little excess weight, taut from vigorous
exercise, the same for her ass, the tiny panties stretched tightly over her
cheeks.  Becky followed her mother, a bright red ball gag stuffed tightly in her
mouth, leather straps running around her head, keeping it in place, drips of
saliva hanging from the corner of her mouth.  Her tits stood up high on her
body, her nipples pointed and erect, easy targets for Michael's cruelty.  The
four-inch heels highlighted her muscular legs, leading up to a gorgeous ass, her
thin panties clinging to every nook and cranny of her body.  A grunt from her
lips and she moved forward again, Steve's whip keeping her body on edge, bracing
for the sting of the leather on her naked skin.
	Michael loved the look in their eyes when they spotted the two chairs in
the center of the room.  Identical, but what drew their attention was the twin
dildoes rising up from the seat.  The first one was a formidable weapon, a black
rubber shaft that must have been at least three inches in diameter, a bulbous
head on the end, the shaft running for about nine inches.  The other one,
farther back was a thin shaft, or at least by the standards of the front one,
being only two inches in diameter, six inches long with a slight curve to it.
	Becky cringed when she saw them; her eyes wide open in fear.  She knew
they were designed to be sat on, the larger one to open up their vaginas,
stretching them wide to accept the girth of the dildo.  The other one was
designed for their smaller assholes, the curve to allow it to enter deep into
their colon giving them cramps as it forced their anal walls wide.  Good thing
she didn't know about the other features of the dildoes.  Tiny metal dots lined
both of the dildoes, all tied together inside with a series of wires, each
connected to the control panel.  Michael would be able to control the flow and
severity of the electricity that would flow through the dildoes, watching the
mother and daughter feel the jolts of electricity run through the most intimate
part of their bodies.  The dildoes were also on a loaded spring, able to fuck
their bodies, to run in and out at least three inches, the head of the dildo
fully opening up their passageways.  She shook her head back and forth, her
muffled cries pleasing the audience.  Sara, likewise secured, her mouth stuffed
with a penis gag, the thick rubber shaft bulging out her cheeks, her throat
moving up and down as she continually choked with it at the opening of her
	"You like them, girls?"  Michael taunted them, "just wait until they are
stuffed up inside you.  The twin shafts are going to make you feel so full.  And
that will just be the beginning.  I have such wonderful treats for you.  But
first, I think you need to get the shafts wet for each other.  I'm going to
remove your gags.  I want you to take the shafts in your mouth and get them nice
and wet.  Your partner will be counting on you to do a good job.  If you don't,
their entry will be so much more painful."
	Steve helped him as they both removed the gags, Sara relieved when the
penis shaft was pulled from her throat, her stomach turning from the constant
gagging.  She knew it would be short-lived though, the shafts long, the need to
take them into their throats imperative to getting them wet enough to lessen the
pain of entry.  Their arms were released from the overhead track, their wrists
still bound tightly as they were both forced to their knees in front of the
chairs, hands grabbing their hair and pushing their heads over the first dildo,
the larger of the two.  It was huge, a black, hard rubber shaft rising from the
base of the chair, the domed tip in the shape of a cockhead, larger than the
shaft, over three inches in diameter, a girth that would force their vaginas
painfully open.
	Becky opened her mouth wide as cruel hands gripped her hair, strong
hands easily overpowering her, forcing her to do his bidding.  The dildo
stretched her lips wide, feeling like they would tear as the bulbous head was
slowly engulfed into the hot confines of her mouth. 
	"Lick it, bitch," Steve ordered her, his hands pulling on her hair,
feeling it rip from her head, tears in her eyes as he slowly forced her down on
the black shaft that entered her mouth.  He heard the sounds of her slurping,
her tongue busy at lathering the shaft with her saliva, hoping to relieve some
of the pain her mother would feel when the shaft was forced into her.
	Sara looked over at Becky, her predicament similar, Michael forcing her
head up and down on the thick shaft.  She feared when he would force it down her
throat, the black rubber shaft smashing against the back of her mouth with
force, her hair ripping from her head as he used her like a puppet, her hair the
strings making her move.  She gagged, the thick black head forced into her tiny
throat, Michael allowing no respite, one hand gripping her under the chin, the
other on the top of her head, up and down on the rubber shaft, each time forcing
more of it into her tightly confining throat, her choking and gagging only
spurring him on more.
	Becky choked, sucking air in her nose as the thick shaft pushed aside
her muscles and shoved deep into the her throat, the outline of the shaft
protruding from her neck as Steve force fucked her face on the dildo.  Her
saliva was running freely, the choking and gagging filling her mouth with bile
from her stomach, the awful taste mixing with her spit to bathe the rubber
	Michael and Steve pulled the mother and daughter from the shafts, the
black rubber glistening in the light, soaked with their saliva.  "Good job,
girls.  Now the smaller one, that should be easy," hearing the girls gasp as
they were forced down on the slimmer shaft in one powerful stroke that shot the
dildo into their throats before they could even finish sucking in enough air. 
The choking and gagging began again, the faces of Sara and Becky covered in
tears, spit falling from the corner of their mouths, as they were again face
fucked by the shafts.  It didn't take them long to coat the dildoes, their
mouths again painfully yanked off by their hair, their lungs sucking in deep
breaths of air.
	"Let's start with Mommy, first," Michael said teasingly, Steve coming
over to help him, pushing Becky to the floor.
	"Stay still cunt, your turn will come soon enough," he warned her.
	They both manhandled Sara, able to turn her body so she was facing the
audience, hands gripping her arms tightly as they slowly pushed her back towards
the chair.  "First, the ball gag," Michael thrusting the large, red ball into
her mouth, seeing her lips almost tear as it filled her mouth, the leather
straps quickly securing it in place.  "There you go, now."
	Sara felt the back of her legs hit the heavy chair, the men beginning to
push her down now, her body taunt in anticipation of the first touch of the
rubber dildo.  She didn't have to wait long, the men eager to force her on the
hard rubber shafts.  She felt the wet rubber touch between her legs, hands
fumbling between them, strong fingers peeling apart her labia to expose her
vagina to the largest shaft.  She tried to fight them, the hands gripping her
tighter, pushing down on her shoulders.  She felt the hard rubber slowly
stretching her vagina, the slow gradual spreading of her pussy by the large
dildo now getting painful as she was forced to spread wider than she ever had
before, even when they had raped her with their big cocks.  This was a hard
unyielding shaft, her vagina having no choice but to expand and tear to allow
its entry.  She felt a sudden burst of pain, her vagina forced to grip the
bulbous head, stretched so tight, afraid that they had torn her.  But, she
didn't have time to dwell on it, feeling the smaller dildo touching her anus.
	"Yes, now the second one, soon you will be so full," Michael aiming the
other thinner shaft so it pushed against her anus, pleased with the way it
already dented the tiny, wrinkled opening, already seeking entrance to the
depths of her bowels.  "Lower, now," his hands pushing harder on her shoulders,
her slowly forced down onto the seat of the chair, her orifices taking the twin
shafts inside her body.
	The pain was terrible, the juncture of her legs seemed to be one giant
burning pain, the dildoes sliding painfully inside her, her rectum fighting the
anal probe, her body betraying her, her own weight driving the shafts inside
her.  Her pussy fought the hard, rubber dildo that painfully dragged inside her,
stretching her out as it sought the depths of her body.  Her sphincter clenched
and unclenched on the unnatural intrusion, unable to stop the onslaught of the
dildo as it entered her colon, the curve in the shaft pushing aside all
resistance, cramping her stomach as it bore into the depths of her bowels.
	Michael smiled as her ass hit the hard, wooden chair, a thick leather
strap securing her, the twin dildoes filling her passages with their girth. 
"Comfortable?" smiling as he saw her body twitching, the rubber dildo in her
asshole giving her painful cramps.  "Now, for your lovely daughter.  It will be
much more painful for her, her tightness causing her to endure a more painful
stretching."  He laughed as Steve pulled Becky to her feet, a ball gag also
thrust into her mouth, silencing all noise but muffled sounds.
	"The young lady will have to endure very painful stretching to accept
the twin dildoes inside her, but that will only be the beginning of her
problems."  Becky fought as they pulled her over to the chair, the two men
easily overcoming her meager resistance, Becky soon tiring and forced backwards
until her legs hit the chair.  This forced another quick bout of resistance but
she was no match for Steve and Michael, her body gradually pressed downward, her
pussy lips parted by Steve's fingers, the large shaft fitted tightly against her
clenched vagina, strong hands on her shoulders forcing the shaft to spread her
	For five minutes, Michael and Steve fought Becky's body as she was
slowly forced to endure the brutal tearing of the dildoes as they pressed into
her teenage openings.  Her asshole suffered the most, virgin only days before,
now forced to accept a hard, unyielding rubber dildo that sent shudders through
her body and forced cramps into her stomach as it slowly straightened inside her
colon, reaching the darkest depths of her bowels.  Her face showed her anguish,
tears running down her cheeks, her breathing ragged as she was strapped into the
chair, the dildoes filling her inner orifices.
	Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.  Michael and
Steve showed each of the girls the pair of clamps, black wires running down to
the control panel, sharp teeth on the clamps.  Fingers sought out their nipples,
pinching fingers, twisting and turning on the rubbery nubs into they grew hard,
easy targets for the sharp bite of the clamps.  They screamed in the ball gags,
their tits shaking as they tried to escape the painful crushing of their
delicate nipple flesh, but to no avail.  The only respite came as the sharp pain
gradually changed into a dull, continuing ache, fearful that it would begin
again when they shot electricity through their tits.  Each of them were handed a
button.  "The dildoes are electrified, as well as the nipple clamps.  I will
only shock one of you and will let you decide when you want to switch.  If you
can no longer stand the pain you only have to push the button.  The pain will
stop instantly; unfortunately the pain will begin on the other.
	Michael turned to address the audience, "I will start off with low
voltage and work my way up.  Once the voltage increases in the dildoes, they
will also begin to pump inside them, fucking them with short, powerful strokes. 
This will bring about very positive responses from the girl lucky enough to
receive them.  This will also help to keep them wet, their bodies will respond,
even with the pain.  Now we will begin," Michael moved behind the control board,
flipping the switch on the master panel, the board lighting up, a gradually
humming reaching a higher pitch.
	Sara jumped when the electricity began to run through her nipples.  What
first started out as a gradually tingling became more intense, her eyes watching
Michael's hands, seeing him turn the dial, feeling the pain increase as the
tingling began to get more painful, her breasts beginning to shake, small blue
sparks shooting out from the clamps, the metal getting warmer as they continued
to crush her beautiful nipples.  It really hurt when Michael smiled, the knob
increasing, the electricity now flowing freely through her breast meat, the
heavy tits bouncing up and down painfully, the clamps tugging back and forth.
	Michael hit the other button, turning off the charges running through
her breasts, the dildo in her vagina now electrified, tiny sharp jolts jumping
from the metal dots on the dildo to touch the moistened walls of her pussy.  The
charges moved up and down the shaft, almost as if it was fucking her, her pussy
clenching on the unnatural shocking of the tender inner walls, her body spasms
making her jump.  Higher he sent the knob, the shaft now beginning to fuck up
and down in powerful strokes, the thick head tearing up and down her fuck
channel, the bite of the electricity on her tender inner walls making her sex
feel like it was being torn open by a metal rake.
	"We mustn't forget this," his fingers bringing out another clamp with
wires attached, this one aimed for her pussy, his thick fingers seeking out and
finding her clit, the metal clamp squeezing the delicate piece of flesh between
serrated edges, trapping it forever.  The electricity started immediately, her
whole sex now feeling like it was being electrified.  He watched her face
contoured in pain as she suffered the electrical shock.  Michael quickly
switched again, this time her asshole feeling the electricity, the pain worse
than all others. 
	She felt a need to have a bowel movement, her sphincter sent into
spasms, tiny farts of air shooting out as her colon was shocked by the
electricity.  The cramps began again as the dildo began to stroke inside her,
feeling the burning pain as her anal track was fucked by the dry dildo.  The
twin dildoes began to pump faster inside her, the electricity forcing her body
to tighten up, the dildoes making them feel even larger as they continued the
relentless fucking of her passages.  Her tits bounced up and down, the clamps
getting hotter as the sparks continued to shoot out, but the worst was the
painful jolts that her sensitive clit received, powerful jolts that seem to tear
into her very soul.  She couldn't believe how much pain she was in nor believe
that anyone would want to inflict that much pain on another individual.  But the
smiles on Michael and Steve's faces confirmed the sadistic delight they were
getting from her pain.  She didn't know how much longer she could bear it, her
finger pressed tightly against the button.  Becky looked over at her; her eyes
moving down to her finger then back up again, understanding.  Michael sent a
powerful jolt into all of Sara's orifices, her body jerking, trying to escape
the terrible chair, the pain unbearable.  Her finger pushed the button, the
relief instantaneous.
	Becky felt the electricity running through her nipples, Michael having
lowered the voltage, wanting the pain to gradually build, wanting to keep Becky
always on the edge, feeling the pain but always knowing that it would get worse.
	"Burn her clit," one of the men in the audience yelled out.  Michael
more than eager to please the buyers, sent a bolt of electricity through her
clit clamp that made her almost bust the belt that held her hips tightly to the
	Becky's legs clamped open and closed, the unbelievable pain that shot
into her delicate clit just a reminder of the greater pain Michael would inflict
on her body.  She clamped her pussy onto the thick dildo inside her as the first
jolts of electricity began to run up and down her moistened vagina.  The jolt of
electricity in her asshole was the worse, the cramping and terrible burning
making her stomach turn.  Her sphincter clamped down hard on the dildo, trying
to force the hard rubber shaft out, her body allowing only a millimeter of dildo
to push outward, her own muscles sucking it back in again.  She screamed in the
ball gag as the twin shafts began to fuck her pussy and asshole, dragging
painfully along the dry passage, jolts of electricity following the bulbous
heads that plowed her passages.  It went on for long minutes before Becky
couldn't stand it anymore, her eyes pleading for forgiveness with her mother
when she pushed the button.  But nothing changed for her.  The electricity
continued to run through her body, her tits bouncing up and down, her clit
feeling as if it was being fried, the large dildoes plowing her dual passages,
sending jolts of electricity up and down the tender walls.
	"Yeah, give it to both of the bitches," someone yelled out again.
	"Fry the cunts," another yelled.
	Michael didn't need the encouragement, his hand already on the button,
sending electricity into both of them, Sara and Becky both suffering under his
sadistic touch.  He let the dial go to maximum, watching the pain contoured on
their faces as they suffered under his touch.  If they only knew that this was
just the beginning of a life of pain.
	"Three hundred-fifty thousand dollars!" the Sultan's voice rang out.
	"Sold," said Michael, knowing the cruelty of the Sultan and that no one
would dare bid against him.  Michael stopped the electricity, Sara and Becky
slumping down in the chairs.  Steve took the belt off of Sara, her body able to
pull from the dildoes, but she stayed still.  Knowing that pulling out was just
as painful as staying in.  He shot a quick jolt in Sara's asshole, her body
reacting and jumping up, the belt no longer impediment, the twin dildoes quickly
and harshly yanked out of her asshole in a single painful moment.  The same
thing for Becky, her muffled screams a testament to the burning she felt when
the dildoes were forced from her body.  "Take them away, the Sultan will play
with them, tomorrow."
	"We did well, Steve.  Now let's get our customers ready to play with
their new toys.  The Russians want to rape the twins in our "jail."  The
Japanese want Michelle and Lyn in some nice bondage furniture and would like to
beat and whip them before they fuck them.  And the Sultan wants to slowly
torture Sara and Becky in our torture chamber.  And, they thought the
electricity was painful.  It is nothing compared to what the Sultan will do to
their bodies."
To Be Continued

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