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Synopsis: A female asian cop is taken in by her Captain and made to do what he desires. she is turned into his slave and has to do everything with everyone, even though she is about to become his Sgt.
The red and blue lights of the police cruiser were flashing as the  police 
officer pulled the car over. It had been weaving some, and the  policewoman 
knew she had another drunk driver.

Once both cars had stopped, the policewoman stepped from her car and  approached
the other one, being very cautious, even though she knew she  could handle
herself. Her mind wasn't just on the stop, but she was  also  thinking about the
interview she had in the morning with the Captain.  She  was trying to get
promoted to Sergeant and it had come down to just two  people.

But, right now, she had to get this drunk off the streets before he  hurt 
someone. She yelled from the back of his car, "Get out and keep your  hands  in
the air where I can see them!"

The man stepped out, stumbled some, but was able to stand on his feet.  She 
approached him, always watching his hands and glancing into his car to  be  sure
no one else was in it. She had him move to the front of the car  and  lean
against the hood, with his hands spread apart.

Then, stepping up behind him, cuffs ready, she put her foot between his  and 

                              "SPREAD 'EM"

She forced his feet apart, and then began the search of his body. She  ran  her
hands over his body, and couldn't resist checking out the package  he had  in
his pants. As she reached his crotch, she lingered a little longer  than  normal
and squeezed his cock. "MMMMMMM," she quietly moaned, and then  continued on to
the rest of his body. She finished the search, cuffed  him,  read him his
rights, and informed him he was being arrested for DUI.

She escorted him back to her patrol car and got him in the back seat.  She 
retrieved his ID and radioed in to let them know she was bringing in  another 
drunk. She also requested a tow truck for his car. Then she drove to  the 

Getting him booked was easy and soon she was on her way home to clean  up and 
change into a fresh uniform so she could meet the Captain for the  interview. 
Now she could think of nothing else but becoming the first Asian female  to 
make it that far. And she knew that her record since joining the force,  along
with her education, would help her. The other cop didn't have  near the  things
she had, so she thought it was all wrapped up and she would soon  be  wearing
Sergeant stripes on her uniform.

She got to her house, took a shower, put the clean uniform on, then  headed 
back to the station. She had plenty of time, but as always, she wanted  to be 
early. Pulling into the parking lot, she saw her competition walking  toward 
the station house. She watched him for awhile and thought he looked  pretty 
confident, but he was kind of sloppy in his appearance. She had more  arrests 
than anyone on her shift and almost surpassed everyone else at the  station. 
She was very confident that she would have the job and she would be a  great 
Sergeant.  At least until she was able to get promoted to Lieutenant.

Sue Lee had been very positive that no one else knew of her past.  Especially 
the times she wasn't so good. She thought back as to how she got to the  U.S. 
and what she had to do to help her parents through the tough times when  they 
first arrived. And how she got all those good grades in school and in  college.
But that was all behind her and she would now be in charge,  never  having to
worry about her past again.

Sue sat in the lobby, waiting to be called in. The other cop was first  to go 
and as she saw him walk out, she noticed he had a big smile and was  looking 
right at her. He said, "Good luck in there. The Captains pretty tough.  But  it
won't be long and you'll have to work for me." He laughed and walked  away.

She sat waiting to be called in and it wasn't long before the Captain  stepped
to the door and said, "Officer Lee, please come in."

She stood up and walked with confidence toward the door. He held it for  her 
and once she was inside, he shut the door. However, she hadn't noticed  that  he
also locked it.  She sat down in front of his desk as he went behind  it  to sit

All was silent while he looked through her folder and then he said,  "Officer 
Lee, you have quite a record here. You are tops in arrests, tops in  public 
relations, and tops in a lot of other areas. However, I see there are  some 
problem areas, too."

Sue couldn't figure out what he meant by that and asked, "Problem  areas,  Sir? 
I don't understand."

The captain laughed as he opened an envelope and pulled the contents  out. He 
looked at them for a moment before he spoke again. "I see here that you  entered
the U.S. illegally. As a matter of fact, both your and your  parents' 
passports, visas and citizenship papers have been altered. You are an  illegal

she started to say something, but he held his hand up and continued. "I  also 
see that you are quite the little slut. These pictures show it all. You  should
be ashamed of yourself. You are quite cute naked, you know."

Now, she knew her whole life had come to an end. she was going to jail  or  get
deported, or something. "WWWWWhhhhhhheeerreee did you get those?"  she 

"That doesn't really matter right now, bitch! What does matter is what  I am 
going to do with them," he stated. "You see, I can take you with these  things
to the chief and you will be on your way to jail before going  back to  China.
Or, maybe…"

"PPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE," she cried, "don't let anyone else  know 
about this. i'll step down and won't even try to take the Sergeant's  job.  i'll
leave and go someplace else. Anything, just don't let those things  out. 

The Captain laughed and said, "Did you say anything?  ANYTHING!"

"Yyyyyeeesssss, anything to keep out of trouble," sue was trying to  fight  back
the tears, but it didn't work.

"Well, I am going to give you these things to do whatever you wish with  them.
But you are going to be mine for awhile before you get them,"  stated  the

"iiii don't understand sir," she said.

"Well, let me explain it to you. First, I haven't decided who will be  my new 
Sergeant, yet. I really wanted you, but with these documents, I am not  sure.   
And I really would like you to be the Sergeant. But, sue, it will be  hard  now,
unless you decide to do what I want for a period of six months."

she had stopped crying and couldn't figure out what it was he really  wanted. 
Maybe she would just have to be real tough with the others. Maybe have  to  find
things out about some of them, especially the ones he didn't care  for.  she
didn't know what, so asked, "Sir, what do you mean by doing  whatever you 

He said, "What I mean is, if I tell you to do something for me, you'll  do it 
without question, no matter what it is I want."

"What would I have to do for you?" she questioned.

"I'll tell you once you have agreed to my terms. However, if you don't,  I  will
have some other officers come in here and arrest you."

"OOOOKKKKK," she stuttered, "i agree to do whatever you say, but please  don't
arrest me. i can't go back to China.  Please,Sir."

"Very well,  sue.   Now, all you have to do is sign this paper. It says  you 
are agreeing to do whatever I want for a period of six months. You are  doing 
this willingly and there is no pressure from me. And it also says that  you 
will be promoted to Sergeant. However, if you fail me, the Sergeant  disappears
and you're on your way to China." The Captain pushed a paper  in  front of her.
sue didn't read it all, but she signed it.

"Now that we have the little things taken care of, I want you to strip  for 
me!" said the captain.

"I will not!" yelled sue

"If you don't do it, cunt, you are gone! Now, strip bitch!" yelled the  Captain.
"And don't ever tell me you won't again."

sue thought for a moment, then stood up and started removing her  uniform.  she
figured that he had seen the pictures of her already, so what could  be  worse.
Give him a thrill and then get back to work. she shook as she  began  undoing
her gun belt. Of course, she didn't have her weapon in the  holster,  since it
was a rule that they didn't carry a gun in the station house.

she continued to remove everything, and soon was standing in front of  the 
captain with just her panties and bra on. she had hopes that he  wouldn't  make
her go any farther. But she was wrong as he said, "All the way  slut.  Take it
all off."

crying, she unhooked her bra, removed it and her little tits showed  quite 
nicely now. she tried to cover her tits, but knew if she did he would  be 
pissed, so just  laid it down on her uniform and started to pull her  panties 
down, but he stopped her. "Wait for a minute," he said. "Pick up your  bra  and
throw it in the trash can. Then, when you get those panties off,  put  them in
there too."

she hated the captain now, but she did as she was told. Picking up her  bra, 
she walked over to his desk and threw the bra in it. Then she pulled  her 
panties down her hips, to her knees and then let them slide down to her  feet.
She stepped out of them and bent over to pick them up. She put  them in  the
trash can with her bra, and then stood before her Captain, naked  with  her
hands over her cunt.

"Move your hands away from that fuck hole, cunt!" he ordered. "Just put  them 
on top of your head and turn around so I can see all of you."

sue did what she was told to do. Maybe he would just make her strip for  him 
once in awhile. Maybe a quick fuck in his office. Probably not much  else,  and
she didn't mind a good fuck once in awhile. After all, she had  learned  to fuck
at an early age when she was supposed to be working at a video  store. At least,
that's what her parents thought. Instead, she was out  selling her young body to
make money to support them. So fucking and  sucking  cock wasn't something she
hadn't done before.

The Captain got up from his desk to walk around her. He touched her all  over 
and made little comments about his new Sergeant.'s body. "The cunt hair  has  to
go. The tits are quite small, but will be OK for now. The ass is  quite  nice.
Full, firm, and well rounded. Yes, cunt, I'll have a good time  with  this
little body."

sue still didn't know what else she would have to do for him. she just  hoped 
he would only fuck her a few times and then she could get the documents  back 
and go about her normal life. she hadn't read the whole document he had  her 
sign. But she should have!

"OK, my little asian cunt," he said, "On your knees and suck my cock.  Then,  we
will get into the other details."

Thinking this wouldn't be too bad, she dropped to her knees, unzipped  his 
pants and pulled his hard cock out. It was quite big, she thought. Only  about
7" long, but it was really thick. sue had some problems getting  it in  her
little mouth, but finally managed to get most of it in. She sucked  him  off and
he shot his load into her mouth. she never liked swallowing  cum, but  she had
no choice now, since he wouldn't allow her to pull her mouth  off his  cock. So,
she swallowed all of it. Then he pulled out, put his cock  away and  as he was
zipping up his pants, he said, "Now, slut, I said the cunt  hair  has to go.
When you go home tonight, be sure to shave it all off. I'll  inspect it
tomorrow. If it isn't bald and smooth, you'll get an ass  whipping. Understand?"

Wanting to get out of there, she quickly replied, "Yes sir."

The captain said, "Good little slut. Now, just so you won't think about  telling
others about this, I have a video of you stripping and sucking  my  cock. Of
course, it will be edited to say that you wanted this job so  much  that you
were willing to do anything to get it. That's when you begged  me to  suck my
cock. You even stripped for me to persuade me. So, you little  asian  whore, you
won't tell anyone will you?"

Shocked, sue said, "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO, Sir."

"OK, now get dressed, without the bra and panties. From now on, you  won't  wear
them at all. Then, you are to go home and shave your cunt. Don't  go  anyplace
else. Tomorrow morning, you'll wear your police skirt instead  of  those pants.
You will be staying around the station from now on. As a  Sergeant. you will be
required to be here to help the others. I will  call  you back in here in the
morning for your inspection."  Then, he went to  the  door, unlocked it and
walked out, leaving the door open.

sue quickly got to the door and closed it. Then she dressed and left  the 
station. All the way home, she was crying and wondered what she had  gotten 
herself into. Maybe she would have been better off getting sent back to  China.



part 2

sue lee arrived home, still in tears for what happened to her at the station.
Where did he get all this information and those pictures of when she was
younger? she only did what she had to in order to help her family survive.

sue walked to her bedroom and removed her uniform. Then she went to the kitchen
and got herself a stiff shot of bourbon. sue never drank, but she needed it now.
she swallowed the burning liquid and then proceeded back into her bedroom.

she lay on the bed for awhile, thinking back to what she was told to do when she
got home. she had to remove the hair from her pussy, and was not looking forward
to it. she remembered when she was younger, she didn't have the hair there. It
took a long time for it to begin to grow and now she had a nice looking bush
between her legs. she didn't want to do it, but she was afraid if she didn't, he
would hurt her or deport her.

sue got up from the bed and walked to her bathroom. Running a tub full of hot
water, she gathered up the tools needed for the task. she layed out the shaving
gel she used for her under arms, a razor and a pair of scissors. The tub had
filled up and she slowly got in the water. It felt so good and she began to

After soaking for a short time, she raised up on her knees to begin the task,
but it was very uncomfortable this way and she couldn't see her pussy hair that
well. So, she moved to the edge of the tub and started her duty. First, she took
the scissors and began trimming her patch of black hair. Making sure she didn't
leave it in the water, she held it in her hand for awhile, before tossing it
into the trash can.

Once she had it all trimmed down to make it look like a day's growth, just like
on a mans face, she lathered her cunt up with the gel, then very carefully began
to run the razor over her pubic mound. Stroke after stroke, she removed the
remaining hair from her pussy.

Finally finishing, she slid back into the water to rinse off and continue with
her bath. she soaped up and when she got to her crotch, she was amazed how it
felt. she thought back again to when she was quite young and there was no hair
there at all. Now, it was that way again, making her feel like a little girl all
over again.

sue lee finished bathing, got out and dried off. she stood before the mirror and
stared at her naked form in the mirror and began to cry. she not only felt like
a child again, she looked like one too. she hated this feeling and walked back
to her bedroom. she layed on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The alarm went off way to soon the next morning. she was dreading going back to
work, knowing the Captain would want to check her cunt to be sure it was smooth.
But she had no other choice. If she didn't go in, he would probably come looking
for her. And he might even put a warrant out for her arrest for being an illegal
alien in his country.

So, she got up, had breakfast and dressed. she started to put her uniform pants
on, but then remembered he said to wear her skirt. Once she got it on, she still
felt naked, since she didn't put her bra and panties on, just like he had told

Leaving her home, she got into the squad car, furnished by the department, and
headed to work. her mind was racing with all the images of what would happen to
her over the next six months, being owned by her Captain and having to do
anything he said.  she pulled into the parking area, slowly got out and walked
to the station.  she could already feel the wetness building within her pussy.

she went inside and started toward her desk when he stepped out of his office.

"Sgt. lee, please come in here," he said.

Shaking, she walked toward his office. Entering, he shut the door as soon as
both of them were alone. "Yyyyyyeesssss, sir," she managed to get out.

"Show me, sue!" was all he said. she knew what he wanted to see, so she started
to raise her skirt up. But he stopped her and said. "No, not that way. From now
on, when I want to see, you are to strip naked. Now, show me!"

Hesitating just for a moment, she began to remove her clothes. her fingers were
shaking and she had problems getting the buttons from her blouse undone and then
more so with the zipper to her skirt. Finally, she stood before him naked,
knowing better than to try to cover herself.

"Very good little slut," he said. "Now, put your hands on my desk, bend over and 
spread 'em!"

she hated doing this for the man she worked for, but what else could she do. she
didn't want to go to jail  and definitely didn't want to go back to China. her
life in the States was too good to have to return to that place where she was

So she put her hands on his desk and spread her legs a little bit. she thought
back to all the people she had in this position, but they all had clothes on
when she didn't.

The Captain stepped up behind her and forced her right leg out more, then moved
to the left leg and did the same. He kept pushing her legs farther apart until
she was totally spread wide open. her legs were about three feet apart and she
knew her ass and cunt were in plain view of her Captain.

Once he stopped spreading her legs, his hand felt her round buttocks, and slowly
crept toward her sex. He said to her, "From now on cunt, when I say spread 'em,
I expect you to get into this position. Legs wide apart for my pleasure. Do you
understand Sergeant?"

"Yyyyyyeeeessssss, sssssiiiiirrrr," she stuttered. she hated this and knew if
she disappointed him that she would suffer.

He played with her ass and cunt for awhile, running his fingers through her slit
and up and down the crack of her ass. Then he went to the mound above her slit.
He ran his hands all around, checking for any stray hair she might have missed
when she shaved.

she heard him mutter some and then he said, "MMMMMMM, not a bad job, but in the
future, it needs to be smoother than that. I won't punish you this time, but if
I ever feel anything but smooth skin from now on, you are in trouble."

Continuing with his assault on her private area, sticking his fingers into her
slit and then running them up her ass crack to her little brown hole. He entered
her ass with his finger and she jumped. she had never had anything in there

He said, "Oh, little touchy there are we? Don't worry slut, you'll have plenty
there in the next six months. And you must really be enjoying this because your
hot little pussy is so wet and juicy. Bet you would like to feel my cock in it
about now, wouldn't you? Do you want me to fuck you sue?"

"Please sir, stick it in me. i need it," she moaned.

"No, not now cunt, but in time you'll feel my hard cock in your cunt, along with
many others. Now, get your ass up and get dressed. We have some troops to brief
before they hit the road." he ordered.

sue got up from his desk and started to look for something to wipe her pussy
with, so it didn't run down her legs. But the Captain noticed she started
reaching for the Kleenex box on his desk and stopped her.

He said, "No, don't wipe it off. I want it to run down your legs to see if
anyone notices it. From now on cunt, you will just let your juices drip and run
down your sexy legs. You'll never wipe any of it up."

sue started to cry a little, but went ahead and put her clothes on. she did wipe
the tears from her eyes, hoping no one noticed she had been crying and that her
cunt was dripping her love juice.

They left his office and headed for the briefing room. Once inside, he
announced, "Gentlemen and ladies, may I have your attention. I have decide that
sue lee will be our new Sergeant. I hope you will show her all the respect you
have shown me and will work with her, following her instructions. Sgt. lee, do
you have anything to say to the troops."

sue wasn't expecting this, and choked some. But, she did say, "i hope we all can
still get along as fellow officers just as we always have. If you ever need
anything, please feel free to come to me. i haven't changed from the way i was.
Now, let's get to work."

The Captain briefed everyone on what was happening in the streets and told them
what to look out for. Then he dismissed everyone to go to work.

As soon as everyone left, he told sue that she had a new desk, which was
directly in front of his door. Of course, her new desk did not have a front to
it, so he could see her naked pussy all day long. He explained this to her and
told her she had to sit with her legs open all day, so he could see her little

He showed her the desk and told her to get to work on the paperwork that had
piled up since the last sergeant had left. sue sat down and started working. she
forgot to open her legs and as soon as the captain got back to his desk, he
noticed this, he buzzed her on the phone and said, "Open those fucking legs,
cunt!" Then he hung up and watched. sue spread her legs, showing her bald pussy.

she continued working, getting through all the paper work pretty fast. Then he
came out to her desk and said he wanted to have lunch with her in his office.
she asked if she could finish this last report first. He agreed and said, "But
as soon as it is done, get your ass in my office, close the door and show me."

sue finished up the report she was working on, but dreaded going into his office
again. However, she thought he might fuck her this time, so she hurried into his
office. she was so horny and wanted to be fucked. she wasn't thinking about
anything else.

sue entered his office and shut the door. Without even hesitating, she stripped
out of her uniform and layed her clothes in a chair next to his desk. she wasn't
sure if she should or not, but she assumed the position she had been in earlier
to wait for him to arrive. There she was, bent over his desk, with her feet wide
apart, waiting and praying he would get his hard cock into her hot pussy.

The door opened and closed. she didn't know for sure who it was, but it had to
be him.  she heard him chuckle at the sight before his eyes and walked up to her
and put his hand on her naked ass. He said, "Very good sue, you are learning
quite well. But, now I want you under my desk. You are going to suck my cock
while I eat lunch with someone else. You will be quiet while you suck me, and
you had better not make me cum until this other person leaves. Now move it." 
she jumped when he slapped her ass and she immediately crawled under his desk.
she got comfortable while she waited. she hoped who ever it was he was having
lunch with didn't see her.

As soon as she was concealed from view, he opened the door, went behind his desk
and pulled his cock out. Then, he sat down and said, "Start sucking, bitch!"

sue took his penis in her mouth and began to suck him. she was enjoying it some,
but would rather have him in her cunt.

It wasn't long and she heard another voice as Judy, the dispatcher entered the
room. Judy said, "Hello, Captain. Thank you for having me come by for lunch. I
brought you a hamburger and fries, with your favorite drink. A big Pepsi."

The Captain thanked her and asked her to sit. Judy sat down in front of the desk
and they began to eat and talk. They chatted about the weather, the job and
things that were happening around town. There was no indication at all that the
Captain had his cock in the new sergeant's mouth the whole time.

Then he said, "Judy, I want you to do something for me."

The Captain and Judy had been secret lovers ever since she had gotten her job.
They had fucked and sucked each other every chance they had, and the Captain had
told her everything. Judy was kind enough to keep things quiet, since she knew
if the Captain had wanted to, she would have been fired and she needed this job.
Besides, he was a good fuck for her.

She said, "Yes, sir, I'll do whatever you want. You know I take good care of
you. What is it I can do?"

The Captain chuckled and said, "I want you to take someone shopping for me. I
have a list of items I want her to buy and some instructions on how I want them
purchased. I would like you to go tonight after work, if you are free."

Judy said she was free and would be glad to go shopping, especially since she
loved to shop. Without this job, she never would be able to get the nice things
she had.

Then, the Captain added, "This person will meet you here in my office right
after you get off work at 5 p.m. But I want you to run out real quick this
afternoon to pick up a couple little items for me before you go shopping. Sgt.
lee will take your place as dispatcher while you do this for me. I'll have her
there as soon as she finishes her lunch."

"OK," said Judy, "I'll wait for her to relieve me, then I'll go. But, I don't
understand what it is you want me to get."

The Captain said, "Just stop by here before you go and I'll explain."

They finished their lunch and Judy returned to her duties. The Captain then told
sue, "OK, little one, finish me off so you can take over for Judy. She is
getting you some new clothes to wear so you can go shopping with her."

sue sucked really hard and soon had his cum running down her throat. she
swallowed it all and licked his cock clean, wanting more.

As soon as he was finished, he pushed his chair back and left the room, telling
her to get up, get dressed and go relieve Judy.

sue crawled out from under the desk and when she stood up, she realized he had
left the door wide open. she hurried over to close it, hopeing no one saw her.
she quickly dressed and went to relieve Judy, just like the Captain had ordered.

sue got to Judy's work station and said "I am here to relieve you to pick
something up for the Captain. How long will you be gone?"

"I won't be too long," said Judy. "I just have to run to the mall and get a
couple of items. You do know what to do here, don't you?"

"Yes," said sue, "i did get trained in this area as well as on the streets."

With that, Judy left. sue didn't have any idea what Judy was going to get, but
she knew that later on, she was going shopping with Judy. But she had no idea
what the Captain was going to make her get.

Judy returned with the package and took it to the Captain, then came back to
relieve sue from the dispatcher desk. She told sue, "The Captain said to go to
his office at 4:30 PM and he will tell you what to do from there. Oh, he also
said you know what position to be in when he arrives."

sue was shocked, but understood. she just hoped that it was just the two of them
in his office, but she did remember he had told Judy to meet in his office at 5.

sue went back to her desk and finished her work. At 4:30, she got up and walked
into the Captain's office. He was not there, and she knew if she wasn't position
properly, she would suffer. So, she closed the door, stripped and bent over his
desk. Then, she "spread em", just as he had showed her before.

There she was, in the Captain's office, naked, with her ass sticking out, legs
wide apart, waiting for him to enter.


part 3

she waited like what seemed to be an eternity for him to come in,  afraid  that
someone else might show up. she would just die if anyone other  than the 
Captain came in and saw her this way, but she knew if she wasn't ready  when  he
came in, she would be in big trouble.

At 4:50 PM, the door opened and the Captain came in. He spoke to her,  saying,
"Very good slut. I see you are learning your new role very  well."   He then
reached up and played with her pussy between her wide open  legs,  feeling how
wet it was.  He knew she was enjoying this. He always knew  she  would get off
on this stuff, but didn't know how he could trap her into  doing it until he
received the package.

sue wanted to get dressed quickly, since she knew Judy would be there  at any 
time, but he told her not to move, and wanted her just like she was for  a 
little longer. He really did enjoy the view he was getting.

It wasn't long and there was a knock on the door. sue jumped and  started to 
move, but he told her to stay. It was just like he was talking to a pet  dog.    
she was horrified that someone was going to see her like this!

He went to the door and opened it and in walked Judy, right on time.  She saw 
sue spread out over his desk and said, "What is this? Why is sue like  that?"

He said, "Because I told her to get like that. I need to tell you Judy,  that 
sue is now my slave and slut, and will do everything I say. I just  wanted  you
to be the first to know about her, since you are going to take her  shopping for

"OOOOOHHHHHHH, nice!" squealed Judy. "A pet to play with. May I help  train  her
with you?"

"Of course you can," said the Captain, "That's why I want you to take  her 
shopping. And, if you wish, you may start now. I know how much you  enjoy  other
women. Want to play with her cunt?"

sue's stomach began to knot as she heard this conversation.  she was  further 
embarrassed to feel her pussy juices begin to trickle from her cunt.   she 
simply hung her head and squeezed her eyes tightly to hold back the  tears.

Judy reached out and stuck her hand between sue's legs, feeling her  bald 
mound. She said, "Oh my, a shaved pussy. I love them like that. It's so  much 
more visible than those covered by ugly hair, don't you think sue  slut?"

sue didn't answer her and Judy raised her hand and brought it down on  her 
naked ass. "SMACK"

"When you are asked a question, cunt, you need to answer it," stated  Judy, 
"And now that the Captain has agreed to let me help with you, you will  call  me
Mistress Judy from now on. Is that clear, you little asian cunt!"

"YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, Mistress Judy, I understand," cried sue.

"Good show, Judy," said the Captain, "I can see the two of you will get  along
just fine. But let's get this little bitch dressed so you can go  shopping."

sue was given a bag and told to get dressed with what was in it. she  opened 
the bag up and looked inside. There wasn't a lot in it. Just a very  sheer 
little top, looking to be too small and a skirt that probably would  just 
barely cover her ass. Nothing else.

sue looked at the clothes in disbelief and said, "You expect me to wear  this 
out of the station and out in public?"

"Yes I do, and if you don't get it on right now, you'll leave here  naked!" 
yelled the Captain.

Frightened that he may make her do that, she quickly put the skimpy  clothes 
on. He did allow her to put her heels that she had worn to work back  on, but 
no stockings. Once she had the clothes on, she had to model them for  the two 
other people in the room. They made her turn around, bend over and even  raise
her hands above her head, stretching the skirt up above her ass.  sgt.  lee was
totally humiliated and knew this was just the beginning of her  torment.

The Captain said, "OK you two, get out of here. I've got some work to  finish 
up. When you finish shopping, Judy, go with slut sue to her house. I'll  meet 
you there to see what we have bought and also go through some of her  other 
clothes to see if she can keep them or not. Don't forget the  instructions I 
gave you."

"Yes sir," said Judy, "I have them and will read them as sue drives to  the 
mall. We will meet you in a few hours."

With that, the two girls walked out of the Captain's office and into  the 
hallway leading outside. Judy made her walk slow and told her to wiggle  her 
ass like a good little whore slut should. sue hated doing it, but  decided  that
she would play along and make Judy happy. So, she walked very slow  and 
deliberately made her ass wiggle back and forth. she knew everyone was  staring
at her, but right about now, she didn't care.

Once out in the parking lot, and into sue's car, Judy told her to pull  her 
dress up to her waist so her cunt showed. sue did it and then started  the  car.
Judy told her to go straight to the mall at the far end of town.  That's  where
all the best clothes could be found.

As sue drove, Judy looked over the list of items she was to make sue  get and 
read the instructions on how to try them on and pay for them. she  laughed as 
she read this, knowing she was going to enjoy a real good show soon.

It wasn't too long before sue pulled into the parking lot and started  looking
for a space to park in which was close to the entrance. But  Judy had  other
ideas and said, "Park away from the entrance, slut. Let's try the  very  back
row over there by those trees."

Not wanting to be that far away, especially dressed the way she was,  she 
hesitated in turning toward the direction she was told to go.

Judy noticed this and said, "Look, bitch, I said go over there and  park.  I'll
tell the Captain everytime you fuck up and I'm sure you'll get a  good 
punishment for it."

sue cringed at the thought of a punishment, and turned her car in the  right 
direction. Pulling up into a parking spot near the tree, she stopped  and 
started to get out. Judy made her wait until she had gotten out and  walked  to
the side of the car where sue sat.

Judy opened the door and told sue, "OK, now get out, but don't pull  that  skirt
down until I tell you to."

sue got out, standing there with her skirt around her waist, waiting  
impatiently to pull it down to cover her exposed ass and cunt. After a  few 
minutes, Judy said, "Ok, now you can pull it down, but, don't touch it  again 
without permission. And, I don't care if it slides up over your little  asian 
ass, it will stay there until I say you can pull it back down.  UNDERSTAND 

"Yyyyyyeeeeeesssss MMMMMMiiiissssttttrreessss," sue stuttered.

"Now, let's walk to the mall. Just do everything I say, and don't talk.  I'll 
pick out your clothes and remember, you will do everything I say,  stated  Judy.

They started walking to the mall, and Judy noticed sue was still  wiggling  her
ass like he had been told to do in the station. She would have to  let  the
Captain know this.  Once they reached the mall and entered, Judy  started 
looking for the different stores she would have to take sue. The first  one  she
saw was a shoe store. Inside, was a middle aged man, all alone and  appeared to
be the clerk. She told sue to stop and wait for her.

Judy walked into the store to make sure it was empty and that this man  was  the
clerk. He approached her and asked if he could be of assistance to  her.  She
was really happy to see that no one else was in the store and he  was the 

She said, "I think you can, but i have to get my friend first. You see,  she 
can't talk and I have to make sure she gets the right shoes to wear.  I'll be 
right back with her, if you don't mind waiting."

"No, I don't mind at all. It's not like I am really busy, so just take  your 
time," he replied.

Judy stepped outside and walked over to sue. She said, "OK, we are  going  into
this store and get the shoes the Captain wants. You are not to say  anything at
all and you'll do everything I say. No one else is in the  store  right now, so
when we go in, you'll sit where I tell you to and when  you do,  make sure you
open those little legs and show the nice man your cunt.  UNDERSTAND whore?"

"Yyyyyeeeeessssss, Mistress Judy," stuttered sue.

sue followed Judy into the shoe store and when she motioned for her to  sit 
down, she did. However, she failed to spread her legs. Judy watched for  a 
while and when the man came over to see what they needed, Judy told him  what 
shoes were required. One pair of bright red six inch heels and one pair  of  
black seven inch heels.

The clerk then said, "And, what size do we need for her?"

Judy said, "I am not sure, so why don't you measure her feet and we'll  know 
for sure."

He left to get the measuring device from another area, and when he was  gone, 
Judy said to sue, "I told you to open your fucking legs, bitch, so get  them 
apart now or you'll walk out of here naked!"

sue was shocked, but opened her legs some. Judy was not happy with  this, and 
moved around to the front of sue and stepped between her legs. Then,  she 
spread her own legs apart, which forced sue to open up hers even  further.

"You will sit just like that until I tell you to change position. Don't  piss 
me off again cunt,", stated Judy.

sue lee sat there with her legs wide apart, knowing her pussy would be  in 
plain view of the older clerk when he returned. she was afraid to do  anything
but obey this young but sexy blonde. Just as Judy had moved  away,  the clerk
returned and knelt in front of sue. He picked her foot up and  started measuring
her before he looked up. When he did, he was staring  right  into her bald
pussy. Judy was really enjoying the show herself and  wanted to  play with her
pussy to get off, but knew she couldn't do that and  dominate  her sergeant at
the same time.

"Well, do you have what we want in her size?" questioned Judy.

"UUUHHHHHH, I think so," said the clerk as he got up. "I'll go get  them." He 
left with a very red face, and a big stiff dick.

While he was gone, Judy said, "Pull your skirt up more so he can see  your 
pussy better. And, while you are at it, unbutton your blouse all the  way so  he
can see those little pathetic tits of yours."

sue did as she was told and sat there red faced from embarrassment, but  knew 
if she didn't, she would get in big trouble. This little bitch would  surely 
tell the Captain and might even make her strip right there.

The clerk returned with the shoes and before he could get down to put  them  on
her feet, Judy asked him, "Do we get a discount on them? Maybe buy  one  pair
and get one free?"

He wanted to just give them both pairs of shoes, but he couldn't do it  without
getting in trouble with his boss. He just said, "I'm sorry, I  can't  do that.
Only my boss can give discounts."

"Then, let me talk to your boss while you try those on her feet,"  replied 

"Yes, Ma'am, if you'll just go into that room over there, he'll be  there." 
Then the clerk got down and started trying to get her shoes on. He  couldn't 
take his eyes off her pussy, but when he did look up at sue, he saw her  tits 
in plain view. He didn't know what to do, so just continued putting the  shoes
on her feet.

Just as he had finished putting the last shoe on so she could walk in  them, 
the manager and Judy returned. The manager said, "Joe, is there a  problem 
here? This lady says you offered her a discount. You know we can't do  that."

But just as he finished talking, he noticed sue sitting there fully  exposed 
and Judy said to him, "If you'll give us a discount, she'll suck both  your 
cocks. Either right here in the store, or in the back room. Your  choice."

The manager and the clerk hesitated for a moment and then the manager  said,  "I
will give you a discount if she'll strip and then suck us both off."

Judy said, "You got a deal. Where do you want it, right here or in the  back 

The manager of the store thought for a moment, and wondered if this was  for 
real. Then he said, "If she'll strip here and walk with us to my  office,  suck
both of our cocks then you will get one pair of shoes free."

"Well, you heard the man sgt. lee, strip!" Judy said gleefully.

sue just looked at her, then around the store. But she didn't move.

"I SAID STRIP, cunt!" yelled Judy, "Or should I report this to the  Captain?"

sue didn't want any more trouble than she already had, so she started  removing
her clothes, laying them in the seat beside her. Of course, it  didn't take
long, since she had very little to remove.

she stood there naked, in plain view of anyone who walked in. The  manager  was
shocked, but said, "Good, now follow me."

sue walked behind the two men into the office. Both of them pulled  there  hard
cocks out at the same time and she got to her knees, wanting to  get  this over
with real quick.

The manager wanted his first and stepped up to her and shoved his hard  cock 
into her mouth. she opened up and took all that she could, knowing that  the 
clerk and Judy were both watching. But then she realized that Judy also  had  a
cam corder out and was taping everything. sue could have died, but  just as  she
was about to pull away from the cock in her mouth, he shot his load  of  cum.
sue had taken her mouth off his cock as he was cumming and most of  it  landed
on her face, but she quickly put it back into her mouth and  swallowed  the
remaining drops.

When the manager pulled away,  the clerk rammed his cock into her  mouth. He 
wasn't as long as the other one, but he sure was thicker. she had a  hard  time
getting it all in. But it didn't take long for him to cum and she  quickly
pulled away from him, too.

she just wanted to get dressed and leave, but Judy had other ideas. As  sue  was
about to wipe the cum from her face, Judy said, "No, don't touch  it.  Just
leave that male spunk on you. Now, go get your clothes and get  dressed  while I
take care of the bill. Of course, you know that it is all on  your  credit card,
don't you?"

sue began to cry. she worked so hard for her money and Judy was now  spending 
it on something she didn't want. At least she only had to pay for one  pair  of
shoes. her clothes were still out in the showroom and as she walked  out,  she
noticed other people in the store looking around.

she stopped to ask if Judy would get her clothes for her, but before  she  could
say anything, Judy just pushed her out the door and said,  "Remember,  slut, you
can't talk. Now walk out there and get dressed so we can  continue  shopping.

sue crept out the door and made a dash for her clothes. she got dressed  as 
quickly as possible, but  knew the other people saw her. Once she was  dressed,
she went to join Judy and get out of there. she was quite a  sight  to see,
especially with the cum still dripping from her face.

Judy finished the purchase and made sue sign the receipt and then led  her  out
of the shoe store heading for another shop.


part 4

Judy was laughing as sue followed her from the shoe store. sue, in her  new 
six-inch heels, carrying the other pair and cum dripping from her face.  They 
entered the main area and Judy started looking for another shop. sue  was 
having a hard time walking on those new high heels and she could sense  the 
stares of others as they watched the slut walk along the hall.

Judy said, "Come on, sue, keep up with me. We have so much to do and  the 
Captain doesn't like to be kept waiting."

sue did her best to keep up as Judy took long steps to get to the next  shop. 
Finally, she spotted the store she wanted to go into. It was a ladies  shop 
that sold mini skirts and dresses. "Just what the Captain wanted,"  thought 

She turned into the doorway and sue followed. Judy started looking at  the 
clothes and sue just stared at the ridiculous items she was being  handed.  she
could never wear anything like this. They were all to short and  some  wouldn't
even cover her at all. "Why me! How did this happen!" sue  questioned herself.

Finally, Judy made it to the back of the store near the dressing rooms.  sue 
had her arms full of clothes, and wondered aloud, "What's next?"

Judy heard her and said, "Well, my little pet, you are going to try all  these
clothes on so I can see if they fit you properly. The Captain was  very 
specific about how he wants you dressed when he takes you out."

"WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT!" cried sue. "I'm not going out with him,  especially
in these clothes. NO!"

"Oh, yes you will, little one, and you'll wear anything we say," stated  Judy.
"Now, lay those clothes over there in that chair and get into the  dressing room
and strip. I'll give you the ones to try on first."

sue hesitated for a moment, but to avoid any other problems, she went  into  the
dressing room, which only had a curtain over the doorway. she  removed  her
clothes and waited. Suddenly, the curtain opened up all the way and  Judy 
handed her the first outfit.

sue took it and pulled the curtain closed. she quickly got redressed  and saw 
that it just barely covered her most private areas. she thought about  all  that
had happened and wondered how she would ever last for the six  months.  Maybe it
would be better to quit and run.

Finally, she got up the nerve to open the curtain to peer out. Judy was  waiting
and said, "Come on out ,slut, let's see how you look."

sue stepped out, very carefully, not wanting to expose herself too  much.  Once
out, she was made to turn around, bend over and even raise her  hands up  over
her head. she knew that her naked ass was going to show and could  feel  the
coolness of the air on her bald pussy.

This went on for some time, sue trying on the clothes and then modeling  them 
for Judy. Once she had them all arranged in different piles, Judy said,  "OK, 
I'm going to get something to eat, but you have to pay for your  clothes."

"BBBBuuuutttt, I don't have any money and you have my credit card,"  stuttered

"That's OK, sue" said Judy, "you are going to work for them. The  Captain is 
meeting me across the hall soon, so you need to get busy in order to  get the 
clothes he wants and be ready to leave when we are finished eating."

Judy took her to the manager and said, "she's ready now. Is this outfit  OK  to

The manager looked at her skimpy little outfit she came in with and  said,  "No,
let's try something else," as he handed sue a package.

Judy said, "Open it up slut and put it on, quickly."

sue opened the package and all that was in it was what looked like two  small 
tube tops.  Hesitating before starting to go to the dressing room, she  was 

"Just change right here sue," stated Judy. "We don't have much time."

sue stared at her, but obeyed and quickly got out of the clothes she  had on 
and redressed in the new clothes. she was so embarrassed. The clothes  were 
just what she thought they were. Two tiny tube tops, and she was  expected to 
wear one on top and one on bottom. Neither one covered much of her.

Once she was dressed, Judy said, "OK, she's all yours for awhile. I'll  be 
right across the hall in the chick-filet and will be watching. sue,  just do  as
your told."

Judy left and the manager had sue follow him. He took her into another  room, 
then through a door that led to the display window in the front of the  store.
It was empty except for a small pedestal right next to the  window. It  was
about three feet high and four foot wide. He made her step up onto  it  and
positioned her. He took her legs and had her open them up about two  feet, and
then placed her hands on her hips.

Then he said, "I told your friend I would give you all the clothes you  tried 
on if you stood here in the window and modeled these clothes for me.  You  have
to stand perfectly still like you are a dummy. You move at all,  and you  have
to pay the price of the clothes. You stay still until she gets  back and  they
are yours. I'll be watching you."

He left sue standing there all alone. she didn't want to cause a  problem,  but
this was going to be hard. And she knew that if she moved and had  to buy  the
clothes, she would be in trouble with the Captain. So, she stood  there,  not
realizing that from the outside, people had to look up and would  see  straight
up her legs to her bare pussy.

As sue stood as still as possible, something strange was happening  between  her
legs. she was getting a tingling, yet erotic feeling there and she  could  feel
the wetness begin to form. her pussy was leaking from the exposure  and  she
knew that it wouldn't be long before it dripped down to the floor.

Suddenly, she was blinded by bright lights. The manager had turned some  spots
on her. One was directly into her face so she couldn't see  anything.  The other
one was focused straight up from the floor, shining on her  little  asian cunt.

And just a fast as the lights had come on, the one on her face went out  and 
she was feeling extra heat on her pussy. she was afraid to look down,  but 
could sense there was a light shining straight up her legs.

Once she was able to refocus her eyes, she saw a crowd had gathered  outside 
the window. The people were pointing at her and she saw their lips  move. 
However, she couldn't read lips and had no idea what was being said.  Her  cunt
was now getting really hot, but it was dripping her juices. It  felt  like it
was running like a faucet. she knew they all could see the  wetness,  but she
could do nothing, except stand in the open like this, staring  out at  everyone
who walked by as they stopped, stared and pointed at the new  dummy  in the
window. sue cried, big tears running down her cheeks.

It seemed like hours had gone by and her legs were getting weak. If she  had  to
stay like this much longer, she would probably pass out. In her  mind, she 
thought, "Please hurry up, Captain. Please, Judy. i'll do anything for  you, 
just help me out of here."

sue watched as Judy and the Captain approached the window after eating  their 
meal. They stood right before her and talked. she didn't know what they  were 
saying, but figured it was all about her. Then, they disappeared. The  manager
of the store finally came into the window and said, "OK, guess  your  friend was
right. You can stand still like the dummy you are. The  clothes  are yours. Now
get out of my window."

sue quickly moved, stiffly, and returned to the store. They were  waiting for 
her and the Captain said, "Pick up those bags and follow us. We have  some 
other stops to make before going to your house."

Picking up the bags of clothes, she followed the two out of the store  and  back
into the main hall. she had no idea where they were going, but was  soon  to
find out. The Captain and Judy walked hand in hand in front of her.  It  looked
like they were just two lovers walking in the mall. But sue,  carrying  the
packages, looked more like a whore in the clothes she had on. They  didn't
really hide anything at all.

The Captain turned into a luggage store and looked around. Judy stayed  with 
him and sue was following. As he stopped by the cashier, sue heard him  ask, 
"Where are your luggage locks. You know those little padlocks that you  can 
lock suitcases with. Can't trust anyone these days with your goods, you  know."

The clerk told them where he could find them and then he said, "sue,  let's  get
some locks for you. I'll let you pick them out for me."  But, he  wouldn't tell
her what he had planned to use them for. They looked at  the  wide variety of
locks and sue had to tell him which ones she liked.  Thinking  she would be
putting them on suitcases, she picked out the strongest  looking  ones. Even
though most were small, some of them were a little larger.  He  told her she
needed to have six locks.

After picking them out, they checked out, putting the cost on her  credit  card.
she was even made to sign the slip for them. she thought if this  keeps  up, she
won't have any money left.

The next stop in the mall was a cellular phone place.  As they were  looking  at
the variety of phones, sue heard Judy ask, "Do you have any that are  water
proof. We need something that can get wet and not hurt it. And, I  need  it to
vibrate ,too."

The clerk took them to a special counter and showed them some different  types
of phones. All of them were moisture resistant and they did  vibrate if  set
right. The Captain saw one he liked and told the clerk to set it up  using sue's
credit card. It was quite expensive and she knew she was  almost  maxed out on
that card. How would she ever pay for all of it?

The clerk came back and handed the Captain the phone. He checked it out  and 
made sure it vibrated. He even called the number from his cell phone to  be 
sure the vibrations could be felt. Then right there in the store, he  handed  it
to sue and said, "Put this up your cunt. It will be there all the  time  unless
you are being fucked. Whenever it vibrates, you better pull it  out  and answer
it. You never know who will be calling."

sue looked horrified. she started to say, "Bbbbuuuuuttttt!"

she was stopped quickly by the Captain when he said, "I said to put it  in  your
cunt, bitch, now do it."

This startled her and from the look on his face, she knew she had to.  So, 
standing in the store with others watching, she reached under what  little 
skirt she had and pushed the little phone inside her. They all laughed  and  the
Captain said, "OK, we are going to check it out. When you feel it  inside  you,
be sure you get it out and answer it. You only have three rings to  get  to it,
so you had better practice. And, you better not ever let it go  unanswered. You
will answer your phone all the time, no matter where  you  are."

Then, he dialed the number, which she didn't even know what it was. sue  jumped
as it started vibrating in her pussy. "bzzzzzzzzzz  bzzzzzzzzzz"  was  what was
felt in her. she knew she had to get it out of her pussy and  say  hello before
it rang again, or she would probably be in big trouble.

she reached down to her cunt and stuck her fingers inside and retrieved  the 
phone. Then, she brought it up and said, "Hello"

The Captain and Judy laughed at her and he said, "Very good cunt, now  put it 
back so we can finish up in here. I need to get home to get some sleep.  Got  a
busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

sue stuffed the phone back into her pussy and followed them out the  door.  she
had no idea what was next. Six months of this would be a very long  time  if all
of this continued.

sue was beginning to learn how to walk better on her new high heels,  but her 
feet really ached and was hoping she would be able to sit down soon.  And, 
right about now, she didn't care where it was or who saw her nakedness.

The next stop was a hairdresser. The Captain had made an appointment  for her 
before he came to the mall and it was now time to fix her hair the way  he 
wanted it. They entered the shop and he spoke with a girl, then  motioned for 
her to come up to him.

When she was beside him, he said, "I want this fixed so her ears show  all  the
time. The hair is too long, so we can cut it or do whatever is  needed."

sue stared blankly at him. she had grown her hair long, and right now  it was 
hanging down to the middle of her shoulder blades. she liked it this  way and 
had been able to do whatever she wanted with it. Now, he wanted it cut.  she 
tried to ask him not to, but he just told her to shut up.

The girl took them into a back room and had her sit in a chair.  She  showed 
the Captain and Judy some pictures of different styles of haircuts and  they 
picked out the one they liked. Then, he said, "sue, just sit there,  relax  and
don't say anything. you will allow this girl to do your hair and do  not 

Once again, sue started crying. she didn't want this, but what else  could  she
do, except obey. The girl started working on her and sue felt the  scissors as
it cut away her pretty long hair.

Before Judy and the captain left, he said, "You have my cell phone  number.  So,
when she is done, get your phone out and call me."

Then, they left her alone with this girl. As she sat in the chair, her  legs 
opened up involuntarily and her cunt was now on display again. The girl  noticed
it and said, "MMMMM, nice little pussy you have. Can I see  more?"

sue said, "NO!" and closed her legs up.

Just then, the Captain stepped back into the room, and said, "Did I  hear you 
say NO!"

sue answered, "Yes, I said no. she wanted to see more of me and I won't  let 

"Well, that's very rude," stated the captain, "Now, take all your  clothes  off
and let her see you!"

"NNNNNNNOOOOOO, I won't,"  yelled sue.

Judy stood behind her and reached around, slapping sue across the face.  "He 
said to strip. Now, cunt, unless you want to walk out of here naked, do  it!"

sue hated her for this, but slowly took all her clothes off and sat  there 
naked. Judy told the girl. "If she gives you anymore problems, just  slap  her.
And, if you need to, call this number and we'll come back to take  care  of

The girls asked, "Can I play with her some when I'm done. I love women  and  she
is so sexy."

"Do anything you want, but finish her hair first," said Judy.

The girl liked this and quickly got busy with her hair. She cut and  styled  it,
so it was short now and didn't conceal her ears. sue saw it in the  mirror and
cried hard. All her long beautiful hair was gone.

As the girl finished up with the hair, she said, "OK, now we can play  some. 
You won't call them back until I am finished with you. Now, spread  those  sexy
legs so I can eat that lovely little cunt."

sue had never had a woman do this before and she didn't want it now,  but did 
as she was told, because she knew if she didn't, the girl would call  them  and
then she would be in trouble. So, she opened her legs wide and the  girl  got
down in front of her and began to lick at sue's bald pussy.

sue was starting to enjoy it and knew it wouldn't be long before this  girl  got
her off. she needed to cum really bad and her cunt was aching from  the  need of
pleasure. And, it didn't take long before she let out, 

The girl licked a little longer and then stood up and removed her  clothes. 
"OK, now we change places. You are going to get me off just like I did  you!"

sue started to tell her no way. she was not a lesbian and she wasn't  about  to
eat another cunt. But, then she remembered what Judy had said and  got out  of
the chair so the other girl could sit down. Then, she got between  the  girl's
legs and stared at her wide-open hole. It looked nasty and  really  didn't smell
good at all. But, she wanted to get this over with, so she  started eating her
first cunt.

she must have done a good job, because soon, the girl screamed, 

sue quickly stopped eating her and got up to get dressed so she could  get  out
of there. As soon as she had the tiny clothes on, she reached into  her  cunt
and pulled her phone out and dialed the Captain's number.

The other girl watched her and when sue had replaced the phone back  into her 
cunt, the girl said, "That's a strange place to keep your phone. Why do  you  do

sue had to explain that the Captain made her leave it there so it  wouldn't 
disturb others should it ring. The girl laughed and said, "You are  quite a 
slut. I do hope they bring you back soon so I can play some more."

Just then, the captain and Judy arrived and noticed the naked girl.  They  both
laughed and said, "Well, guess you have had a good time with our  pet.  We will
keep in touch so you can do more later."

Then, they left the shop and headed out of the mall so they could go to  sue's
house to finish up. The captain and Judy wanted to get into bed  and  fuck and
they would do it in sue's bed.


part 5

Once they were out of the mall and into the parking lot, the captain  made  her
walk in front of them. He said, "I expect to see that cute little  asian  ass of
yours wiggling like a whore's ass!"

"Yyyyyeeeessssss, sir," cried sue. she was just glad to be out of the  mall  and
hoped to reach her car soon without any further humiliation. she  walked  the
best she could and put on a good show for her two tormentors,  wiggling  her ass
like the slut she had now become.

About half way through the parking lot, she could see the car and knew  she 
would soon be inside it and safe. Or at least she hoped so.

But just then, her cunt vibrated with, "bbbbbbzzzzzzz,bbbbbbzzzzzzzzz."

It startled her at first, but then she knew she had to get to her phone  before
it rang again. she quickly dropped her packages and reached up  under  the tiny
little skirt she was made to wear and dug out the phone. As  she put  it to her
face, she could smell her sex all over it. How she hated this  and  hoped they
wouldn't call her very much and not in public either.

"Hello," she spoke quietly into the phone.

It was the Captain on the other end and he said in a gruff voice, "I  want  you
to put your phone back in your cunt, then take off all your  clothes,  except
your heels and put them in one of the bags you are carrying.  Then  continue
walking and wiggling the rest of the way to your car. And walk  slowly."

The phone went dead as he hung up. sue quickly turned around, with  pleading 
eyes, begging not to be made to do it. she hung onto the phone hoping  it  would
ring again so he would tell her she didn't have to. But it didn't  ring  and the
Captain and Judy were approaching her now. she knew he meant  what he  said, so
she took the phone and pushed it back inside her hole. Then  reluctantly, began
to strip out of her tiny outfit.

Just as they reached her, she was putting her clothes into the bag and  stood 
naked before them. Judy reached out and slapped her hard across the  face, 
saying, "you took too long cunt. Next time you are told to do  something, you 
will do it immediately. And we don't care what it is or where.  Understand, 

"Yyyyyeeeeessssss, Mistress Judy," cried sue.

"Now, get your ass moving!" yelled the captain.

sue picked up her bags and walked naked to the car, making she was sure  to 
wiggle her ass for them.  Her face was so red with humiliation and 
embarrassment. she just hoped no one that knew her saw her walking  around in 
public like this.

sue got to the car and tried to get in, but she didn't have the keys  and the 
doors were locked. she stood behind the car as best she could, but know  she 
was still visible from different areas of the parking lot. Finally, the  Captain
and Judy arrived at the car. Judy opened the trunk and made her  put  the bags
inside, then had her get into the passenger seat and buckle  her  seat belt.

Judy got in behind the wheel and said, "OK, now we can go to your  house. I'm 
going to follow the Captain, and I want your legs spread wide open for  me.  You
are also going to play with your fuck hole all the way home and you  had  better
not cum. If you do, I'll put you out and you can walk home."

Afraid that this bitch would do it, she opened her legs and started  playing 
with her hot, wet pussy. It was going to be hard not to cum and she  would 
really have to concentrate on it. sue went slowly with her fingers in  her 
pussy, trying to avoid touching her clit, because if she rubbed that  little 
button, she would definitely cum.

Judy watched her as she drove and noticed she wasn't playing with her  clit. 
But she didn't say anything until they were about two blocks from sue's  house.
Then, she said, "Rub your clit, sue!"

sue looked at her, with glassy eyes, knowing that once she touched her  clit, 
she would cum. And she didn't want that to happen. she hesitated too  long  and
Judy reached across to her lap and took sue's finger. She put it  right  on her
clit and said, "Rub it, bitch!"

sue did what she had to do and it wasn't long and she was cumming, just  like 
she was told not to. she tried to hold back the moans, but couldn't.

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!"  she screamed as the car came to a stop. they were a block
away from the  house and Judy said, "Get out cunt. I told you not to cum. Now,
you can  walk  the rest of the way. Move it!"

slowly sue opened the door and took off her seat belt. she looked at  Judy  and
pleaded, "Please Mistress Judy, please don't make me do this. i'll  do  anything
you want, but please don't make me walk naked the rest of the  way."

Judy thought for a moment, and then said, "OK, you don't have to walk  naked, 
since you begged me so nicely."

sue was relieved and started to close the door back up, but Judy  stopped  her.
She said, "you don't have to walk naked this time, but I want you  outside. Get
on the hood and spread your legs wide apart. You can ride  like  that the rest
of the way."

"Ppppppllllllleeeeaaasseeee, no," cried sue.

"Move it slut and get up on the hood. you'll make such a pretty hood  ornament
for everyone to see," said Judy.

Slowly sue got out of the car, thinking it would be quicker getting  home  this
way instead of walking. she climbed up on the hood of  the car and  sat  down.
It was hot on her naked ass, but she sat there and opened her  legs up  as wide
as she could. As soon as she was settled, Judy began to drive.  But,  she didn't
stop at sue's house. She drove past it down another block,  and  then turned
around to go back. Once she had her fun, she pulled into  sue's  driveway where
the Captain was waiting for them. He laughed at the  sight and  asked, "Why is
the cunt on the hood?"

Judy explained to him what had happened and both of them laughed even  more. 
Then the Captain spoke to sue, "Get your skinny little ass off the car,  get 
your things from the trunk, and then get into the house. I'm ready to  fuck! 
How about you Judy?"

"Yes, sir," squealed Judy, "I'm ready for your hard cock in my cunt.  Let's 

They all went into the house and straight to sue's bedroom. Once there,  the 
captain said, "We don't want to be interrupted, so we will have to fix  it so 
you are out of the way. Now, stand beside the bed, put your hands  behind  your

sue did as she was told, grateful to be out of the public's eye and  into her 
own house. she had her hands behind her back and then felt the cold  steel of 
handcuffs being clicked onto her wrists. she had never had cuffs on her  before
and now knew what her prisoners felt like when she cuffed them.  Then,  the
Captain pushed her to her knees beside the bed and once again, she  felt  the
cold steel around her ankles, and a chain was run from her hands to  her  feet
and brought tight, causing her to lean forward so her head was on  the  bed. she
couldn't move.

her hands were almost touching her feet from behind and it was very 
uncomfortable. Then, Judy came over to her and said, "And since we  don't  want
you to talk, open your mouth!"

sue didn't know what she was going to do, and opened up. Judy put a  ring gag 
into her open mouth and secured it to her head. "Now, bitch, you get to  watch
us fuck and then you can lick us clean," said Judy as she started  removing her
clothes. The Captain was doing the same thing and soon  both of  them were on
sue's bed naked. And right in front of her eyes.

she watched them kiss and fondle each other and heard Judy begging,  "Please, 
Captain, please fuck me!"

And sue watched as the captain climbed on top of Judy and sunk his hard  cock 
deep into her cunt. They were fucking like wild animals on sue's bed as  she 
watched from the side. she watched the Captain's cock going in and out  of 
Judy's slippery hole and wished he would fuck her.  she heard the moans  and 
groans from them both and wanted so much to join them. she wouldn't  care who 
fucked her hot and horny cunt, as long as she was fucked. But it didn't  seem 
like that would be possible. The only thing she had in her cunt was her  new 
phone, and it seemed to be stretching her open more and more.

It wasn't long and she heard, "IIIIIII'mmmmmmmmm 
ccccccccuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg, OOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, 
yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, sssssssssssoooooooo   

And the captain shouted, "Mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooo," as he shot  his 
heavy load into the little dispatcher's convulsing pussy.

They lay still for awhile and then the captain rolled off, bringing his  cock 
in line with sue's mouth. He said, "Lick me clean, bitch, and then suck  me 
hard so I can fuck her again."

sue had no other choice but to do as he wished. Really, she enjoyed  having  his
cock in her mouth. she licked off the juices from his softening  cock and  then
took him into her mouth. she never realized that she could do this  with  a gag
in her moth, but found it quite easy. Not as good as being able  to get  her
lips around it, but at least she could lick him.

Once he was clean and hard, he said, "Judy, are you ready for some  more?"

"No, not yet," answered Judy, "I want my cunt licked first, then we can  fuck 

As she was saying this, she moved over to sue and stuck her cunt right  up to 
her face. "Lick me, you little asian whore, and make sure you get all  that  cum
out of me."

sue started licking her cunt, thinking, it wasn't so bad. It tasted a  lot 
different from the one she ate earlier and she could also taste the  Captain's
cum inside her pussy. she licked the pussy like she was a pro  at  it and it
wasn't long before Judy could have cum again. But,she pulled  away  before she
did and sat down on the Captain's hard cock. She rode him  like  she was on a
bucking bronco, taking him deep and then almost pulling  off.  Then she started
going so fast, sue's head was bouncing up and down on  the  bed.

Judy started cumming again as the captain pumped his seed into her  pussy.  They
both just lay there and fell asleep. His cock was still imbedded  in her  fuck
hole and sue watched his cum running out of it, making a trail  down his  balls
and dripping onto the bed.

The two of them slept for about an hour and then got up. They got sue  up  from
the floor and tossed her onto the bed, right in the puddle of  mixed cum  and
cunt juice. They went to clean up and when they returned, they told  her  they
were leaving.

she stared at them both, but couldn't say anything. The Captain knew  what  she
was thinking, and said, "Yes, we are leaving you alone for the  night,  just
like you are. Judy will be back in the morning to get you up and  ready  for
work. Sleep tight little one."

They both left, but Judy returned and did something between sue's legs.  she 
couldn't tell what she was doing, but she knew Judy had her fingers  inside  her
pussy playing with the phone. Then, Judy left and turned out the  lights.

sue didn't sleep too well at all, but she finally got to sleep,  smelling the 
sex in the room, and wished it had been her being fucked instead of the  bitch

she was suddenly awakened by the vibrations in her cunt. her phone was  ringing,
but she couldn't get to it to answer. she opened her eyes to  see  Judy standing
over her, with the house phone in her hand. Judy said,  "Time  to get up and go
to work, sue. I hope I didn't interrupt anything with  your  alarm clock in your

Judy began undoing all the restraints from sue and when she was finally  free,
she stretched to get the kinks out, and then realized that she  had a  cord
hanging out of her cunt and wondered what it was.

Judy saw her puzzled look and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you. That's  the 
charging cord for your pussy phone and from now on at night you will  plug it 
in to keep it charged. Wouldn't want to miss any important phone calls,  would

sue quickly pulled the phone out and unplugged and set it on the bed.  she 
wasn't going to put it back in, until Judy said, 'The Captain said  to  keep 
your pussy phone inside you at all times unless he allowed you to get  fucked.
Do I have to call him and report your lack of obedience?"

"Nnnnnooooooo, Ma'am," cried sue as she picked up the phone and put it  back 
inside her cunt.

"Now, let's get you dressed for work," said Judy, "We are running late,  so  no
time to shower. Here, put this on."

Judy handed her a small uniform skirt and blouse. It had been altered  and  the
hem only came to three inches below her shaved cunt. Slowly, sue  got  dressed
and followed Judy out of the house to her car. Judy drove as  sue sat  in the
passenger seat, staring out the window. "This is only the second  day  of my six
months and already I hate it. Maybe I'll just get deported  like  the Captain
was going to do. China couldn't be any worse than this."

she was going to tell the Captain she was quitting the force and would  go  back
to China and never come to the states again. But the Captain had  other  plans
and would give her a good taste of what prison would be like for  her.  He knew
after spending a full day in jail with the inmates she helped  put  there, she
would change her mind and do anything he wanted.

But, she didn't know about that yet, as the two girls rode in silence  to the 
police station.


part 6

They arrived at the station and Judy parked way in the back of the lot.  sue 
started to ask why she parked back here instead of in her normal  parking  spot
up close, but before she could say anything, Judy said, "OK, cunt,  get  out and
let's walk. You are going to show off a little for everyone  today,  so might as
well get started early."

sue knew better than to argue with her, so she got out. Judy met her in  front
of the car and began to readjust sue's clothes.  she unbuttoned  the  top three
buttons of her uniform blouse, causing her little tits to  show  more. Then, she
reached down and pulled her tiny skirt up and rolled  the  top. This caused the
hemline to come just below her cunt.

"That's better," said Judy, "now walk and be sure to wiggle that little  ass 
for everyone."

sue began to cry, but started walking, shaking her ass like a common  street 
walking whore. she knew all the other officers could see her and knew  they 
stopped to stare.

They entered the station and sue went to her desk while Judy went in to  see 
the Captain.

There was a pile of paperwork on her desk and she started going through  it. 
But, her mind was not on the work at hand. Instead, it was on her juicy  cunt,
and she needed to cum so bad. she almost reached down to play  with  herself,
but stopped because she was at work.

One female officer stopped by her desk to say "Hi" and commented about  sue's 
new hairstyle.  sue couldn't even look her fellow officer in the eye as  she 
quietly said, "New position, new style," and gave a weak smile.  The  officer 
walked away.

Just then sue jumped! Her pussy phone was vibrating in her cunt and she  had  to
get to it and answer it. Just before the third ring, she pulled it  out of  its
wet hole and said, "Hello!"

The voice on the other end said, "Get your little asian ass in here and  show 
me!" Then the phone went dead.

sgt. lee jumped up and almost forgot to put her phone back. But at the  last 
minute, while standing at her desk, she realized she needed to put it  in, so 
just reached down and shoved it up her pussy. Then she made her way to  the 
Captain's office. As soon as she entered, Judy left and shut the door.  sue 
stripped naked and leaned on the desk.

The Captain made it a point to be loud, and said, "Spread 'em, cunt!"

sue had forgotten how she was supposed to be, but quickly remembered  when  she
heard his rough order. she spread her legs really wide, exposing  her  tight
little asian ass and dripping cunt. The Captain walked up behind  her  and put
his hand between her legs. He felt her pussy, sticking his  finger  inside her.
Then, without warning drove his wet finger up her ass.


The Captain just laughed as he probed her tight little hole and said,  "MMMM, 
I'll bet there hasn't been anything up here before, but that will  change 
soon." Then he pulled his finger out and once again began to play with  her 
cunt. He ran his fingers around her swollen lips and then up to her  clit. He 
pinched the little bud between his fingers and rubbed it hard.

sue was about to cum, but suddenly he stopped when he sensed she was  ready.  He
walked away and said, "Get dressed cunt, in these clothes I brought  for  you.
We need to visit the jail today."

sue wanted to cum so much, she begged, "PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE  sir,  fuck
me and make me cum."

He just laughed harder and said, "No, bitch, not yet. I want you hot  enough  to
fuck whatever I say, so just get dressed."

Shaking from frustration, she dressed in the clothes he handed to her.  A 
conservative skirt, which came to mid-thigh and a not so sheer blouse  that  had
buttons from top too bottom. she didn't mind these clothes, since  they  covered
her nicely. As she was dressing, the Captain explained some new  rules to her.

He said, "From now on slut, I am the only one that will fuck you,  unless I 
give someone else permission. My cock will be the only one to go into  your  hot
little cunt. And since you are dressed so nicely now, you better  not  fuck up.
For every time you disobey, hesitate, or fail to complete what  I  say, you will
lose something. It will either be a button or part of  your  skirt. I'll decide
what you will cut off your nice clothes. Understand  cunt!"

"YYEEEESSS, sir," she stammered, wanting to just run off and fuck the  world.

They got to the jail and the Captain told the guard that he was going  to 
inspect the prisoners, but the guard had to stay outside. He didn't  want any 
interruptions while he was inside and said to the guard, "You just keep  this 
door closed and don't allow anyone in until we come out. You just turn  your 
back to the door and I'll make sure you get a good reward when I'm  finished."

The guard said, "Yes, sir, I'll keep everyone away. How long will you  be"

The Captain said, "I don't really know. I guess it depends on my sgt."

With that, he opened the door and pushed sue inside. They walked  between the 
cells and the Captain finally stopped at one of the cells. He asked the 
prisoner what he was doing in jail and if this was the officer who put  him 
there. sue knew it was her and remembered back at the time she arrested  him. 
He was caught peeping into a lady's bedroom window while she was  undressing.

"Yes, sir," replied the man behind the bars.

"Then pull your cock out and stick it through the bars. she's going to  suck 
you off." said the Captain. Then to sue he said, "Bend over at the  waist, 
don't use your hands, and suck him off. And be sure to spread 'em."

Totally embarrassed and humiliated already, she thought, "Maybe he'll  let  them
fuck me next. Then, I can cum!" After the Captain had played with  her  in his
office, she was so horny, she would have fucked anything, just  to  cum.

Spreading her legs wide apart, bending from the waist, she found the  prisoner's
cock and went down on it. she sucked him off, and when he  shot  his load down
her throat, she gagged and choked. This guy must have  been  saving it for a
year. He had so much cum, her little mouth couldn't  hold it  all and some
dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. As soon as he  finished cumming,
sue stood up and started to wipe the cum from her  face.  But the Captain
slapped her hand away and said, "Just leave it right  there.  It will be good
for your complexion and will show everyone what a  little  slut you really are."

sue cried, knowing the cum on her face would dry and everyone would see  it. 
she was so embarrassed, but found out that she would get even more  humiliation

The Captain said to her, "Now sgt. lee, thank the man and apologize for  putting
him away."

sue stuttered, "Bbbbbuuuuttttt sssiiiirrrr, i was doing my job."

"Shut up, and do what you are told!" shouted the Captain.

"Thhhhaannkk you and i'm sorry!" she cried.

"Not good enough bitch," stated the Captain. "Now, you will call him  "Sir"  and
do it right. And, from now on, you will call every man you come in  contact with 
"Sir" and every woman, "Ma'am". Is that clear?"

Crying more now, sue said, "Thank you, Sir, for letting me suck you.  And, i  am
sorry i locked you up."

The Captain laughed and said, "Much better. Now we need to go. But tell 
everyone else in here that you'll be back someday soon to take care of  them."

"Yes, Sir," she cried, "i'll be back soon to suck all of you."

Then the Captain said,  "Let's go now. We have lots of work to do  today. you 
need to thank the guard on the way out for not disturbing us.

They exited the cellblock and got to the guard. The Captain said,  "Well,  thank
him and you better tell him what you did, too."

she didn't want this guard knowing she sucked off an inmate, but what  choice 
did she have. So she said, "Thank you, Sir, for not disturbing us while  i 
sucked off one of the prisoners." Then she broke down into tears. How 
humiliating this is, she thought.

The guard looked shocked at what he just heard and saw the Captain lean  over 
and whisper into the sgt.'s ear. Then, she said, in a very quiet voice.  "Sir,
may i suck your cock, too?"

The Captain laughed and was shaking his head yes to the guard. Knowing  he 
couldn't get in trouble, the guard said, "Sure, why not!" as he pulled  his 
cock out. sue bent over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked  him. It 
took a little longer to get him to cum, but finally, he shot his load  into  her
mouth, but just as he started cumming, the Captain pulled her head  back  and
most of his cum landed on her face and blouse.

As soon as she recovered, she said, "Sir, may i get cleaned up before  we go 

"Of course you can, little one," said the Captain, "use your skirt to  wipe 
your face and hurry up."

Standing before the guard, she reached down to her skirt and brought it  to  her
face to wipe away all the cum. When she did, the guard could see  her  hairless
little cunt and said, "Oh, how cute."

The Captain just laughed and sue turned redder. The Captain said, "OK,  cunt, 
back up stairs. Lots of work to do today. Stop by my office and get  your 
scissors before going to your desk."

After getting her scissors, she started walking out the door, but he  stopped 
her. "Cut off two buttons bitch. You took too long to respond twice in  the 

sue just looked at him, staring blankly. she didn't want to do it. He  said, 
"OK, then three buttons, all from the top."

sue snapped out of her daze and quickly cut off three top buttons, not  wanting
to be ordered to cut off any more. Once they were off, he told  her  to go to
work. her blouse was opening more now and glimpses of her  little  tits could be
seen when she walked.

she got to her desk and tried to cover her tits as best she could. Judy  came 
by and said hello to her. sue replied, "Hello Ma'am." knowing that Judy  would
tell the Captain if she didn't respond correctly. Judy laughed  and  went into
the Captain's office and closed the door.

sue wasn't sure what they were doing, but could guess she was getting  fucked 
by him and wished she could do the same. But she knew he wasn't going  to  fuck
her, so she set her mind on her work.

As she worked, others came by to say hello and thinking clearly, she  always 
answered them correctly. That is until one of her officers brought in  an 
unruly prisoner. This guy was really causing problems and she jumped up  to 

she got to the other cop and grabbed the prisoner and pushed him  against the 
wall. For a little girl, sue was quite strong and easily handled the  prisoner.
she said, in a rather loud voice. "Sit down and shut up!"

Of course the Captain heard the commotion and stepped to his door.  Watching 
the scene, he made note that she did not once say "Sir" to him. she  would  pay
for that. But he would wait until the two cops had him booked and  in a  holding

Finally they got the prisoner into the cell and sue got back to her  desk to 
continue with the paper work. As she was starting to work, her pussy  phone 
vibrated in her cunt. "bbbbbbzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz"

It made her jump, since it hadn't gone off for awhile. she grabbed her  skirt 
and raised it up, then got her hand in her pussy to get the phone out.  Before
it rang the third time, she said, "Hheelloo."

It was the Captain and he said, "You didn't say "Sir" to that prisoner,  so  cut
one inch from the bottom of your skirt."

"Bbbbbbbbuuuuuuttttttttt, sir," stuttered sue.

"TWO INCHES!" ordered the Captain and hung up.

sue didn't have any choice now, but to do as she was told. she took the 
scissors from her desk and reached below it and began to cut. she hoped  it  was
at least even all the way around. she worked carefully and finally  got  the two
inches off.

Once done, the phone buzzed again, but she had forgot to put it back  into  her
pussy. she picked it up and before she could even say hello, the  Captain  said,
"In my office cunt! And bring the scissors!"

sue quickly got up and went to his office. she started to strip in  front of 
him, but he stopped her. "No, I want to look at the job you did and add 
something extra."

sue just stood still as he walked around and noticed she did pretty  well at 
cutting. Then he took the scissors and made a slit up one side of her  shortened
skirt. He said, "That's for not putting your phone back in  its  proper place.
Now back to work."

sgt. lee looked at her clothes and could see that her ass would show  when  she
walked because of the slit. God how she hated this man and someday  she  would
get even with him and that fucking bitch Judy. she quickly walked  back  to her
desk and sat down, trying to cover up her exposed skin.

she was working on the paper work again and everything was quiet. she 
remembered to call everyone sir and ma'am, just as she had been told to  do. 
sue was doing her best to do everything the Captain said, even if she  hated 

But the quiet would not last too much longer. her phone rang again. 
"bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbzzzzz" as it vibrated her cunt. she grabbed it  from  her
pussy and said, "Hello."

This time it was Judy. she told sue that she had to go out and wanted  her to 
report to her desk to take over for her. sue said, "i'm busy right now  Judy, 
can't you get someone else?"

A big mistake! The phone went dead and Judy was standing in front of  her  desk,
with a strange glare in her eyes. "Stand up, cunt!" was all she  said  to sue.
sgt. lee knew she was in trouble once again and tried to  apologize. 
"MMMMmiiiissssttttrressss, i'm sorry, i wasn't thinking."

"Too late bitch, now give me your scissors and stand still. sue  reluctantly 
handed her the scissors. Judy took her skirt and cut a big slit up the  other 
side. Now, it looked like she only had a loincloth on. Both sides were  split 
from the bottom all the way to the waistband and she only had a front  and  back
flap to cover her body.

"Now, get to my desk and take over for me," ordered Judy.

"Yes, Ma'am," cried sue, as she started toward the dispatcher's desk.  she  saw
Judy going into the Captain's office again. sue tried her best to  keep  the two
flaps from separating, but was not very successful doing it. As  she  walked,
her skirt opened up on both sides and anyone looking could see  her  bare
thighs, some of her ass and once in awhile her pussy was even  visible.

How she wished her six months of torture would be over, but, this was  only  the
beginning and she knew it would only get worse for her.


part 7

While Judy was gone, sue thought about everything that had happened so  far. 
she had taken a Master and also a Mistress, (or they took her) who  could and 
would do anything they desired with her. she didn't want to be returned  to 
China, so she had to obey. But, was it worse to be used this way, or  spend 
time in prison and eventually be deported back to China. she had heard  about 
the things that went on in prison and she would end up being a whore  for  some
female, without being free. So, she thought that six months of  this had  to be
better than being sent to prison.

As she was thinking about everything, Judy returned and told her to go  back  to
her own desk, but not to make any plans for tonight. They would all  be  going
out later. sue returned to her own desk, very aware that she was  showing a lot
to all the other people in the station.

she was sitting at her desk, when her phone vibrated once again inside  her 
pussy. she quickly pulled it out of her pussy and said, "Hello". This  time  the
Captain said, "sgt. lee, we have to interrogate the prisoner that  was  just
brought in. Meet me in my office in five minutes, and bring the  scissors with

He hung up before she could answer him. she looked at her watch and  waited 
until it was time. Slowly she got up and walked to his office, hoping  no one 
saw her or her nakedness underneath her cut skirt.

As she entered his office, he got up and said, "Let's go to the room."

They walked together to the opposite end of the hall and entered the 
interrogation room. The prisoner was seated at the table, waiting for  them.  He
stared at sgt. lee with hatred in his eyes. He really hated that  this  little
cunt had pushed him into a chair with no effort whatsoever. He  wanted  to get
back at her, but couldn't figure out how he would do it. After  all,  she was a
fucking cop.

The Captain asked him his name and some other questions. Then he asked,  "Would
you like to get back at this little asian cop for being mean to  you?"

"I sure would," said the man.

"OK, then, I think you should get to whip her little ass with my belt.  Would 
you enjoy that?" questioned the Captain.

"SSIIRRR, please not that!" cried sue.

"Another button sgt.!" was all the Captain said.

sue knew that she was once again in trouble and quickly reached up with  the 
scissors and snipped off another button from her blouse. Her tits now  were 
very visible to both the men in the room.

Once she had complied with the order, the Captain said, "Hands on the  table, 
bitch, and spread em!"

sue had no choice except to obey his commands. she bent over, put her  hands  on
the table and spread her legs wide. Now she was almost ready for  what the 
Captain wanted. He reached over to her and flipped the back of her  skirt up 
over her waist, which exposed her naked ass and showed her bald pussy  quite 

Then the Captain took off his belt and told the prisoner that he  deserved 
respect from this sgt. and since he didn't get it, she would take a  whipping 
from him.

He told sue, "You will receive fifteen swats with the belt for your 
discrepancies. Five for each one. That's for not calling him "Sir",  pushing 
him into a chair and telling him to shut up. Are you ready?"

"NNNNNooooooo, Sir," was her reply.

"That's too bad," said the Captain, "because you are going to get it  anyway. 
Now, I want you to count each time he strikes you and also thank him  for it. 
Then, you will ask for another, until you reach fifteen. Then, you will  be 
nice to him and apologize for being rude to him and tell him thank you  for 
making you suffer."

"Yyyyyeeeessssss, Sir," sue cried, and waited for her torture to begin.

"Tell him you are ready, slut!" shouted the Captain.

"i i i i i'mmmmm rrrrreeeeaaaddddyyy, Sir," she stuttered.

With that, she felt the first slap to her naked ass. she jumped and  screamed.
He was not easy on her and hit her with full force. she heard  the  Captain in
the back, laughing at her predicament. However, she didn't  say  anything at

The Captain said, "That one doesn't count, since you didn't. Start  again!"

The prisoner smacked her ass again, making her jump, but this time she  said, 
"One, thank you Sir, may this slut have another."

Both men laughed and the prisoner swung again, catching her squarely  across 
both ass cheeks. "Two, thank you Sir, may this slut have another?"

This went on until she had received fourteen and was ready for the last  one. 
But this time, it didn't hit her on her ass. Instead, he swung up  between  her
legs, catching the belt on her exposed cunt. she yelled in pain and  almost
passed out. But she knew if she didn't count, she would get  more, so  crying,
she said, "Fifteen, thank you, Sir, this slut thanks you for  her  punishment,
and for making her suffer."

Then, she dropped to her knees and grabbed her sore cunt. That last one  hurt 
more than any of them on her ass. she had never been abused this way  before, 
but she did notice that her pussy was extremely wet and aroused and as  she 
grabbed her twat, she also fingered herself. But the Captain noticed  this  and
made her stop.

As soon as she had calmed down, he made her stand up and he took the  scissors
and cut another slit up her skirt. This time straight up the  back.  she knew
when she walked, her ass would be showing and anyone looking  would  be able to
see how red it was.

The Captain said, "OK, back to work, cunt. I'll take the prisoner out  of  here
and put him in his cell. But I am sure you'll see more of him  later."

sue walked back to her desk and tried to sit down. her little ass was  on  fire
and she couldn't sit. So, she stood at her desk and tried to work.  But  she had
to bend over and when she did, her skirt opened up, exposing  her  naked red
ass. So once again she tried to sit. Oh, it hurt so much. But  it  was the
lesser of two evils. she could either sit on her sore ass or  expose  it to
everyone. she tried not to move around and finally was more  comfortable
sitting. she got into her work, but couldn't do much  because the  pain kept her

Finally, the day was almost over for her and she couldn't wait to get  out of 
there and go home. The Captain and Judy had left her alone for awhile  now  and
she hoped they wouldn't bother her again today. she just wanted to  get a  nice
warm bath and some sleep.

But right as the shift was over, Judy came by and said, "sue, darling,  we  are
going to grab something to eat on the way home. Then the Captain  will  meet
with us later. I need his cock again so much. You don't mind if we  use  your
bed again, do you?"

"Nnnnoo, Ma'am," replied sue, but her thoughts were not the same as her  answer.
she was thinking, she didn't want this cute little bitch  anywhere  near her,
especially in her bed, fucking. But what else could she say.  If  she told Judy
she minded, she would be in trouble. So, she agreed to  let  them fuck in her

The Captain came out and said, "sue, go with Judy, get us something to  eat  and
then take her home with you. I'll be over as soon as I finish here.  And  don't
give her any trouble."

"Yes, Sir," was all she could say, but so much wanted to tell him to  fuck  off

Judy came back after using the bathroom and as sue stood up to leave,  the 
Captain said, "I think something is missing, don't you Judy?"

Judy actually looked puzzled this time, and the Captain told her that  sue's 
skirt didn't look right. Judy looked at sue and said, "You are right.  Let me 
fix it for her." And with that, she took the scissors and cut a slit  right  up
the front, from the bottom all the way to the waistband. Now, she  was  open in
the front and back.

"That's better," the Captain said, "now run along and I'll be there  soon."

The two females left the station, with sue doing her best to cover her 
nakedness. Judy noticed her doing this and said, "Keep your hands away  from 
your clothes, cunt. Just put them behind your back, palm to palm and  then  walk
with that cute little wiggle."

sue did as she was told, but hated it. Someday, when this six months  are  done,
she would pay this cunt back. she didn't know how, but she would  do  it.

They walked to sue's car and Judy put her in the passenger seat and  then got 
in the driver's side. Making sue spread her legs in an obscene way, she  drove
out of the parking lot. "What would you like to eat, my little  susie  slut?"

"i don't care!" snapped sue.

"Is that anyway to talk to your Mistress, susie slut?" said Judy as she  reached
across and slapped her face. "Now, cunt, what do you want to  eat?"

"Whatever would please you Mistress," cried sue.

"Much better," said Judy. "How about some chicken tonight?  There's a  KFC  just
up the road."

Judy pulled the car into the parking lot and parked a good distance  from the 
entrance. "OK, susie slut, go in and get us three meals. Here's some  money, 
and if you don't have enough, you'll have to find some other way to pay  for 
it. Now move!"

sue just stared at her and then questioned, "Please, Mistress, please  don't 
make me go in like this."

"OK, I won't," said Judy and got the scissors out. She cut off the rest  of  the
buttons from her blouse, then tied the ends just below the little  asian's tits.
"Now, you can go. Any more delays and you'll go naked."

Crying, sue got out and started to readjust her blouse, but Judy  stopped  her.
She said, "Leave it alone. I fixed it the way I want it, now  move."

Slowly, sue headed for the entrance, knowing her cunt, ass, and now her  tits 
were exposed. Shyly she walked into the store and up to the counter.  she was 
placing her order when suddenly she felt her phone going off.  Now what  could
she do? Standing in the store, with others watching, her phone  buzzing. If it
was the Captain, and she didn't answer she would be in  trouble. So she reached
down in front of everyone and dug her phone out  of  her wet pussy. "Hello!" she
answered, frustrated.

"I forgot to tell you that the Captain wants dessert too. Get him one  of  those
pies." said Judy and then hung up.

Turning a bright red, she ordered everything, put her phone back and  waited. 
she was afraid to look at anyone and just kept her head focused on the  floor.
The order came back and she was told how much it came to. As  luck  would have
it, Judy had given her just enough to pay for everything.  she  gathered up the
dinner and carried it all back to the car. As she  walked,  unable to hold her
skirt down, the flaps kept sliding back and forth,  exposing her. Then just as
she was getting close to the car, a gust of  wind  blew her skirt straight up.
she was totally naked for a moment, and  couldn't  pull it down with her hands

Finally, she arrived back at the car, and got in. Judy said, "Very  good,  susie
slut, now let's get home to wait for the Captain. I want and need  his  cock so
much. God, I'm horny."

The rest of the ride home was without incident and soon, sue found  herself  in
the safe confines of her house. Well, at least safe from the outside  world. she
would never be safe from Judy and the Captain.

The Captain arrived shortly after that and they all ate. They even let  sue  eat
with them like a normal person, but would not allow her to talk. As  they  ate,
the two of them talked about how much they wanted to fuck and in  what 
positions they would like to try. Judy said, "I've always wanted to be  fucked
and eaten at the same time. I hear it is quite a turn on and can  make  a girl
cum so much. Think we can do that Captain?"

"I do believe we can Judy, that is if you don't mind our little asian  cunt 
eating you while I fuck you," the Captain replied.

sue just sat quietly, not wanting to anger either of them, but  definitely 
didn't want to eat that bitch's cunt while he fucked her.

They finished their meal and both of them escorted sue to her bedroom.  They 
made her lay on the bed, then tied her hands to the headboard, bringing  them 
up tight and over her head. They didn't spread her legs this time,  since  they
wanted her to be able to wiggle around some.

Judy and the Captain stripped naked while sue watched and Judy climbed  over 
her bound body, resting her hot snatch right on sue's mouth. "Lick me,  bitch,"
said Judy, "make me wet for my lover."

sue had no choice, except to stick her tongue out and lick along Judy's  cunt 
lips and up to her clit. Judy was getting wet and juicy and sue hated  the 
taste of her. Then Judy bent forward, holding on to the headboard, but  leaving
her pussy on sue's mouth. sue felt the Captain getting on the  bed  and then
felt him getting his cock up close to the cunt she had to  lick.  Next, she felt
Judy's cunt open up and his cock enter her. He shoved it  all  the way in and
his balls rested on sue's chin.

Judy gasped, "Keep licking, susie slut, while this big man fucks me. i  want  to
feel both of you at the same time."

sue continued licking her pussy and the Captain started fucking her. In  and 
out, in and out, went his hard cock, and each time he rammed it into  Judy's 
cunt, sue felt his balls slap her chin. He lasted quite a long time and  Judy 
was cumming almost non-stop. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, 

The Captain was really enjoying this and soon, he was tensing up. sue  could 
tell he was about to cum and wished she had his cock up her cunt  instead of 
this other bitch's. Then suddenly, he shot his load deep into Judy's  hot 
pussy. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled as he did.

They lay still for a moment and then the Captain pulled out and Judy  sat up. 
Her cunt was still twitching as his cum started running back out of her  into 
sue's mouth. "Suck it all out, my little susie slut, and don't you dare  miss 
any." said the Captain.

Judy added, "Make sure you suck hard, bitch, because I want to fuck him  again
when you are done."

Judy was still cumming from sue's mouth when the Captain said, "OK, my  love, 
turn over so I can fuck you again."

Judy did as she was told and just lay down on top of sue, her ass right  on 
sue's cunt and the rest of her body covering the little asian. She  spread  her
legs and said, "Come on, Captain, let's fuck on the whore."

The Captain climbed on and their combined weight almost crushed little  sue. 
They fucked like animals on top of her and when they came together, sue  almost
lost it, but there just wasn't enough friction to get her off.

Once they had finished this time, they decided that was enough and Judy 
squatted over sue's pubic area and squeezed her pussy muscles to make  his  cum
flow from her. Then, they tied sue's feet to the bottom bedpost. As  they  were
ready to leave, Judy reached into sue's hole and pulled her phone  out.  She
plugged in the charging unit and shoved it hard back into sue's  pussy.

As they left sue's bedroom,  Judy said, "Good night, little slut, see  you in 
the morning."


part 8

sue lee didn't sleep to well again. she couldn't get comfortable the  way she 
was bound, and the cum and pussy juice was drying on her body. It made  her 
itch and she couldn't scratch. Besides, her little cunt was throbbing,  wanting
relief. And, she couldn't even play with it. How bad she needed  to  get fucked!

But, she did finally drift off and was sleeping fairly well when  suddenly.  her
cunt began to vibrate from within. 
"bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Her  phone 
was ringing and she couldn't get to it. Opening her eyes, she was  looking 
straight at Judy.

"Rise and shine, susie slut, busy day today, you know." said Judy, as  she 
began to untie the captured slut.

Once she had untied sue, she allowed her to stretch her arms and legs  before 
she told her to get the phone unplugged from the charger and into the  bathroom.
"You need to get cleaned up. You smell like old sex," said  Judy.

sue quickly pulled her phone out, unplugged it and tried to lay it on  her 
dresser. But, just as she let it go, Judy slapped her ass and gave her  a 
strange glaring look of disapproval. Reluctantly, sue picked it back up  and 
stuffed it inside her wet hole.

Judy took her to the bathroom and allowed her to pee, but then as soon  as  she
was done, told her to get into the shower. sue stepped in and Judy  turned the
water on.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, cold!" yelled sue.

Judy just laughed and said, "I know that, now wash that nasty little  ass and 
make it quick. We have to get to work!"

sue was shocked by the cold water and turned the hot water on as Judy  left  the
room. That was better and she was washing her body, with her back  to the  door.
she had gotten down to her legs and was bending slightly at the  waist  when
suddenly, "SMACK", as Judy whipped her ass with a wet towel.

sue jumped and screamed. Judy said, "I told you to clean up, not to  turn the 
hot water on. You will pay for that later!" And she reached in to turn  off  the
hot water.

sue hurried through the rest of her shower and got out. But there were  no 
towels. Judy handed her the clothes she had to wear and said, "Get  dressed, 

sue dressed quickly, allowing the clothes to dry her body. she had been  given
her uniform skirt and blouse, all pressed with her badge and  everything on it.
This was strange thought sue, but she wasn't going to  argue. At least she was

They drove to the station in silence and when they arrived, Judy parked  right
up next to the building, got out and walked away. sue followed  her and  went to
her desk to find the problems from the night before. Nothing  big  going on and
then she accompanied the Captain into the briefing room.  Her  assignment for
the day was going on patrol and checking on the junior  officers. she could
handle that, and it got her away from the station  and  those two evil people.
At least she could have some form of dignity  today.

But, before she was allowed to leave, the captain took her into his  office and
said, "Show Me!" she knew it was to good to be true about them  leaving her
alone. she quickly stripped naked and got in the normal  position, with her
hands on his desk, ass out and legs spread. The captain played with her pussy a
little and rubbed her ass. Then, he went back to her pussy and stuck his finger
in, saying, "My cunt and  only mine, right, sergeant!"

"Yes Sir," she replied.

He then told her to get dressed and get out.

sue lee left the station quickly and got into her car. But she had to  return 
to get the keys from Judy, since she was not allowed to have them any  longer.
she walked to Judy's desk and said, "Ma'am, may I please get my  keys  so I can
go on patrol today?"

Judy got her keys out and handed them to her and said, "No problem sgt.  lee.  I
hope you get lots of arrests today. Have a good time."

sue walked away, unsure about the niceness of Judy, but was grateful  that  she
was not going to be near her today.

Getting back to her car, she got in, did the normal checks and pulled  out of 
the lot. she didn't get very far when she pulled into a quiet lot and  stopped.
Reaching under her uniform skirt she pulled the phone out of  her  pussy. she
could still hear it if it rang and they wouldn't know she  had  taken it out.
she was always so humiliated from having it there, never  knowing when it would

Then she headed out to the highway and to her favorite spot to catch  speeders.
she was going to have some fun today. she always enjoyed  stopping  people for
speeding and missed it since she had become a sergeant. But  things would be
different today. she would get lots of them and prove  to the  Captain that she
could still do her job. Maybe he would end this silly  game  of his.

sue set up and adjusted the radar unit to catch the on coming traffic.  And  it
wasn't long before she locked onto a speeder. she turned her lights  on  and
went after the car. Once it had pulled over, she pulled in behind  it and  got
out. she walked to the car and said, "Drivers license and  registration 

The young girl in the car looked scared as she handed the documents to  the 
officer. "Kind of in a hurry aren't you?" said sue to the speeder.

"I'm sorry," said the girl, "but I was running late and didn't realize  how 
fast I was going. Am I getting a ticket?"

"Yes, you are," sue told her, "Just sit right there while I write it  and  don't

she went back to write the ticket. When she was done, she handed the  girl  all
her documents and ticket and explained about appearing in court.  Then  she let
the young girl go.

sue was enjoying this, being out alone again, catching speeders and  slowing 
them down. she really hated people who went faster than the posted  speed.

Setting back up to catch others, she thought back on her career and the  things
that happened to her just recently. Thinking of these things,  for  some unknown
reason, made her pussy tingle. she wanted to get fucked so  much  now. she even
rubbed her cunt a little while she was waiting to catch  another speeder. It
wasn't long and she locked another one in. Taking  care  of her duties, she
stopped the car and issued the ticket.

There were at least five more she stopped, writing tickets on all of  them.  But
it was the very next one that caused some problems. The car came  flying  past
her and she took off after it. The car didn't pull over right  away, but  made a
turn into a deserted street, before stopping.

sue pulled up behind it and got out, using caution as she approached  the  car.
Inside was a very good looking middle-aged gentleman. sue noticed  his  looks
right away, and for that same unknown reason, her cunt began to  get  juicy. she
would have a hard time writing this ticket.

As she reached the driver's door, she said, "Drivers license and  registration."

The man inside fumbled around and finally produced his documents and  handed 
them to her. He said, "OK, I was speeding, so hurry up and write the  ticket  so
I can get out of here."

sue didn't care for his tone nor arrogance, so she said, "Get out of  the  car!"

He laughed and got out. Once he was out, she said, "To the back of your  car 
and hands on the trunk."  she wasn't going to take this guy's shit, and  would
show him who was the boss.

Laughing, the man walked around the car and leaned over saying, "OK,  I'll 
humor the little cop, but you better hurry. I'm late."

Once she got up behind him, she held him down with a hand in the middle  of  his
back and said, "Spread em!" Then, she took her feet and assisted in  getting his
legs spread.

she began a search of his body to make sure he didn't have any  concealed 
weapons. she ran her hands around his back and under his arms, then  down to 
his hips. But once she reached the man's crotch, she hesitated as she  felt  his
manhood in his pants. she actually grabbed hold of it, just to make  sure  it
wasn't a weapon.

He noticed she held her hand on his cock longer than he thought she  should  and
he said, "Find something interesting in there, officer?"

"No, I didn't," she shot back and continued her search. But her cunt  was 
wanting her hand back on his cock. And instead of letting her mind  think for 
her, she allowed her cunt to do the leading. she gradually went back to  his 
crotch and held his cock in her hand. she actually started playing with  it 
through his pants. He felt her hand rubbing his cock, and said, "Look lady, if
you want to  play  with it, I'll pull it out for you. If not, let me go."

"Just be quiet," said sue. "i'm checking for weapons."

He replied back saying, "Do you want that thing in my pants. I'll be  glad to 
let you have it."

"NO!" she shouted, but then in a quieter voice, said, "yes, please."

"That's what I thought!" said the man, "So why don't you just turn  around  and
put your hands on the hood of your car while I get it out."

sue did what he said and just leaned over her car. He got up, turned  around, 
and said, "OK, now you spread em!"

sue obeyed and spread her legs wide. He reached out and grabbed her  loose 
skirt, pulling it up and over her back. He noticed right away she  didn't  have
panties on and said, "Oh, must have been expecting something like  this, 
already naked and ready."

He ran his fingers up her pussy lips and flicked the little nub. she  moaned 
and said, "Please, please fuck me now. I need your hard cock in me,  please."

He laughed at the thought of getting stopped for speeding and winding  up 
getting fucked by the cop, who is begging for it. But he would oblige  the 
little whore and fuck her good.

Releasing his hard cock from his pants, he stepped up behind her and  drove  it
home all at once. He didn't even hesitate to let her get the feel of  it.  But,
that's what sue needed. To be taken forcefully. she wanted it  rough.

As soon as he was deeply imbedded inside her pussy, sue had her first  orgasm.
fucking her, sliding almost all the way out and then back to  his  balls in her
hot juicy cunt.

The first one was small compared to the many orgasms that followed. she  was 
continually cumming. He was such a good fuck that she could ride his  cock  all
day long. sue started to assist his fucking action by pushing back  into  him.
Their thrusts met each other and soon they were in rhythm together,  fucking in
and out, pushing back and forth. her cunt was gripping him  like  it never
wanted him to leave the warm tight hole.

Luckily he had pulled down this deserted street, because if they had  been  out
on the main road, everyone driving by would have had quite a show  to  watch as
the man stopped for speeding was fucking a female cop.  Wouldn't  everyone at
the station get a laugh if they could see the sergeant now.

They continued fucking for the next fifteen minutes, both of them  enjoying  the
ride. sue could tell he was getting close to cumming in her hot  cunt and  she
wanted it. she was almost to the point of no return herself, and  this  was
going to be a big one. she felt his cock begin to expand and knew  it was  time.
Then, suddenly, one big final thrust and,


as both of them came together.

They rested for just a short time, and when he pulled out, sue said,  "You 
can't put that back in your pants yet. Let sgt. lee clean it for you."  And  she
dropped to her knees in front of him, took his cock in her mouth  and  sucked
all the juice and cum from his softening cock. Once she had it  shiny  clean,
she helped him put it back and then stood before him.

"May I go now?" asked the man. He picked up his documents that she had  let 
fall on the hood of her car while he fucked her.

"Yes, but don't speed any more. If I catch you again, i'll have to give  you  a
ticket or maybe just lock you up and rape you," she said. They both  laughed and
he got into his car and drove away, leaving sue standing  there  alone, with his
cum running down her legs. she needed to get cleaned up  and  get back to the
station, so she could do her reports.

sue got back to her car on wobbly legs and drove to the nearest service  station
to use the rest room to clean up. she washed her face and  cleaned up  her pussy
as best she could. she didn't know if the Captain or Judy  would be  playing
with her or not, but didn't want to take any chances.

Once she was clean, she drove around some more, dreaming of what she  just  did.
Before the Captain had made her his slave, she never would have  dreamed  of
doing that. she never would have just fucked a perfect stranger,  especially one
that she had stopped for speeding. she began to feel  guilty  about it now. A
good cop doesn't do those things. But the Captain had  denied  her for too long
and she needed just what she had got. A good fuck.

Finally she drove back to the station. she got out with confidence and  walked
into the building, heading straight for her desk. Just as she  sat  down, Judy
walked up to her and said, "Captain wants you in his office  right  now and he
said show him!"

sue got up, walked to his office and when she went in, he wasn't there.  she 
knew he would be back soon and she had better be naked and waiting for  him. 
So, she began to take her clothes off and neatly fold them in the chair  beside
his desk. she thought back to her last stop as she leaned over  the  desk,
resting her hands at the corners and spreading her legs wide.  That's  how the
Captain wanted to see her when he walked in.

she was there, bent over and fully exposed when the door opened. she  could 
tell he wasn't alone. Judy was with him and they just ignored her for a  short
time. Then, finally the Captain came around to face her. He sat  down  behind
his desk and looked at her face to face. Judy stayed behind her  and  sue didn't
know what they were up to.

The Captain asked, "So, sgt. lee, did you enjoy yourself on the road  today? 
Did you get lots of stops? I do hope you were polite to all of them!"

sue answered his questions and she hoped she had remembered to say sir  and 
ma'am to everyone.

Then the Captain said, "But, we will find out soon enough when I replay  the 
video from your car!"

sue looked pale and started turning white. she had forgot about the  video 
cameras in the cars. It would show everything, since she had not turned  it  off
when she was fucking that guy. she knew she was in trouble.

As she was thinking about that, he said, "And, where is your phone? I  know 
it's not where it should be and you didn't answer it either. So, cunt,  where 
did you put it?"

sue knew she would be in big trouble now!


part 9

"SSSiiiiirrrr, it was bothering me and i took it out, but forgot to put it back,
i'm sorry, please forgive me." cried sue, knowing that it may not work.

"That's bullshit," said Judy, "I think she just ignored what you told her to do.
And I'll bet she wasn't good on the road either. How many people did you say Sir
and Ma'am to, susie slut?"

"i i i i i i i i ddddooonnn't know, Ma'am. Maybe i forgot." sue cried some more.

"Well, guess we'll just have to see, since I have already got the tape with me.
And your phone. Judy, put it back in its holder for me," said the Captain.

With that, Judy took the phone and shoved it very hard into sue's cunt. She
shoved it up as far as she could get it. When she finished getting the phone in,
she grabbed sue's clit with her fingernails and pinched.

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, it hurts," cried sue.

"Good," said Judy, "maybe next time you'll leave it where it belongs." and then
she let her go.

sue almost pissed all over herself when she did that, but managed to hold it in.
she hoped they would let her go soon and not watch that tape. she didn't want
them to see her fucking that guy. And she also knew that if they watched it,
they would see she wasn't that nice to people either.

The Captain said, "Judy, put the tape in the VCR and let's see what this stupid
little cunt did today."

Judy put the tape in and turned it on along with the TV that the Captain had on
the wall. sue couldn't see it from the position she was in, but knew that once
they saw it, she would be hurt.

The screen filled up and the sound came on. The first traffic stop was being
watched by the two and sue heard Judy say, "See, she didn't even say Ma'am to
that young girl. How does she expect us to make the public feel safe."

The Captain said, "Judy, write down all the infractions we see, then later on,
we will decide what punishment she deserves."

They continued watching the video, making notes of when she didn't say Sir or
Ma'am, and when she was rude to the people she stopped. The list was adding up
and sue took mental notes of everything they mentioned. she just knew that later
on, she was going to be in trouble.

Then they came to the last traffic stop. Suddenly the Captain put the video on
pause and said, "What the fuck are you doing to that guy? Since when do we make
someone get out of their car and frisk them on a traffic stop?"

sue couldn't talk. All she did was cry, knowing that once they saw the rest of
it, she was going to get it bad.

He restarted the tape and Judy said, "Look at the little whore. she's jerking
that guy off through his pants. Such poor manners for a fucking sergeant."

Just then, she heard the man ask if she wanted something and knew they would
soon see her bent over the hood taking his cock up her cunt. she cried even more

"What the fuck is this!" yelled the Captain. "You are fucking this guy, even
after I said that the cunt belonged to me and only me! No one fucks that cunt
without my permission, but you are just giving it to him."

"i i i i i i i i i, wwwaaasss hhhhoooorrrrnnnyyy and ccoouullldnn'tt resist
Sir," she cried out, "please forgive me. i i i i i 'mmmmmm just a slut, and
don't know any better." 

They finished watching the tape of her fucking the guy and then of her sucking
his cock clean. The machine was shut off and then there was silence. But only
for a short time.

"Well, I guess we will have to fix it so no one gets into that cunt again
without my knowledge!" stated the Captain.

Now sue began to shake. What would he do to fix it so no one else fucked her?
she wanted to get up and run. she wanted to go back to china and live a poor
miserable life. she wanted to just crawl inside herself and hide.

"I think you need to learn that your cunt is mine. Not even you can say it is
yours any longer. It is my cunt and noone else's." said the Captain.  Then to
Judy he said, "Take this clamp and close up that fuck hole."

He handed her one of those large black clamps used to hold papers. He knew it
would hurt her, but she had to learn.

Judy took the clamp and reached between sue's legs, pushing the little asian's
cunt lips together and then put the clamp on them. This held her pussy lips
together and nothing could get in or out.

little asian slut as soon as it was in place.

"Now, we have about another hour to work, so get your ass back to your desk and
get busy. And don't even think about taking that off your pussy," the Captain
told her.

sue stood up and reached for her clothes, but they were gone. she frantically
looked around, but didn't see them any place. "Sir, where are my clothes? I need
to get dressed, please."
"Judy put them away for you. I don't see where you need clothes. After all, you
are giving my cunt away to strangers, so what difference does it make who sees
you naked," said the Captain.

"Pppppllllleeeeaaasseeee Sir, let me dress so the others don't see me, please,"
she begged.

Judy said, "Maybe we should allow her something to wear, Sir. After all, we are
in the station and you never know who might walk in."

"OK, give her something to put on, but not much," he said as he walked out of
the room, disgusted with the little bitch.

Judy laughed and handed sue a blouse to put on. It was thin, but long enough to
just cover her little ass and cunt. She said, "Put this on and get out. And
don't complain about it, or you will go out naked."

sue was grateful for the little bit she could put on and quickly got her body
covered. Even though it wasn't much, she was happy to have it. Then she shyly
walked out the door and almost ran to her desk. she sat down and pulled her
chair up as far as she could get it and since she didn't want any more trouble,
she spread her legs, just as she had been instructed.

The Captain returned to his office, and left the door open. He looked out at his
slut and saw she did what she was supposed to, but all he could see was that big
clamp holding her cunt lips together.

sue could feel his stares and blushed. The clamp on her pussy was hurting her,
but she knew it had to stay. So she just put up with the pain and got her work
done. Lucky for her, there wasn't much to do.

The last hour seemed to go by rather quickly for sue and when Judy stopped by
her desk, she said, "OK, susie slut, time to quit for the day. I think the
Captain wants to take us to dinner tonight, so we have to go home and get

"Yyyyeesssss, Ma'am," answered sue, and got up, trying her best to keep the
blouse down around her ass. They walked together out of the building and started
to go to her car. But it had been moved. sue was going to have to walk across
the large parking lot again, knowing that with the wind blowing her blouse would
raise it above her waist and show everything.

About half way through the parking lot, Judy said, "Stop right there, slut!" 

sue stopped and Judy reached to her blouse and unbuttoned the bottom buttons.
This allowed her cunt to be out in the open with the clamp still hanging from
her lips.

sue begged, "Please, don't do this to me. i am showing everything, please."

Judy just laughed and returned to sue's blouse and unbuttoned the rest of them,
and said, "Well, since you want to show everything, I guess you will now. And
for not calling my name properly, we'll just take the blouse off. Now, do it!"

sue looked at her in shock, with wide glassy eyes, tears forming in them and
starting to run down her cheeks. But she didn't move.

"I said take it off cunt, or I'll rip it off!" yelled Judy. It was loud enough
for anyone around to hear, which would have brought attention to them. And it
looked like it did as a couple other cops stopped to watch.

sue, being scared, reached up and pulled the blouse from her body. she stood
naked in the parking lot, showing everything she had. she was turning a bright
red and she tried to cover up with her hands.

Noticing this, Judy said, "Put your hands on top of your head and walk to the
car. Be sure to wiggle that cute little asian ass, too."

Totally embarrassed, sue put her hands on her head and walked as fast as she
could to her car. Judy was following her, watching her ass wiggle and also
noticed sue had quite an audience now. She loved this and would really fuck the
Captain good tonight.

Getting to the car, Judy unlocked the doors and allowed sue to get in. But once
she was in, Judy said, "Up on your hands and knees bitch, and stick your ass
toward the window."

sue did as she was told, knowing her ass and cunt would be seen in the window,
but at least her face wouldn't be seen. Judy had sue put her face in Judy's lap
and said, "OK, cunt face, lick me all the way home."

Crying, sue began her hated task, licking Judy's cunt as Judy drove away,
circling the parking lot three times before heading onto the highway. She drove
around for awhile, allowing sue's ass to be seen by as many people as she could.
Then she pulled into sue's driveway, and told sue to get out.

Once she was out, standing by the car, Judy said, "Now, get down on your hands
and knees and crawl to the door, like a nice little pet."

sue knew better than to argue with this bitch, so she got down like a puppy dog
and crawled naked to her front door. she couldn't let herself in, since Judy was
now the keeper of all her keys. she got to the front door and Judy unlocked it,
letting herself in. She told sue, "Now, sit up pretty and beg to come in. When I
think you have begged enough, I'll allow you into my house. But, puppies don't
talk, so you better bark and whine!"

Embarrassed at the situation, sue did what she had to do in order to escape any
more public humiliation in front of her own house. she just hoped that none of
her neighbors saw her.

"Woof, woof, whine, whine" was what Judy heard as she shut the door in sue's
face. She stood on the other side for a moment listening to this pitiful little
cunt, and then went in to get a drink. She also went to find something nice for
the little cunt to wear out to dinner.

Finally, she returned to the door and sue was still yipping and whining like she
was told to do. Judy opened the door and told sue to crawl in. Once inside, Judy
took her into the bathroom and put her in the shower. She turned on the cold
water and told sue to clean up, since she didn't want the smell of sex on her
any longer.

sue took the cold shower, afraid to turn on the hot water, after what happened
that morning. she was shivering from the cold, but knew she couldn't get out
until Judy said she could. Judy came back into the room and watched her little
slut wash her body. Then she handed sue a douche bottle filled with cold water
and vinegar and told her to wash out her dirty cunt.

sue tried to get the nozzle in her hole, but the clamp and phone stopped it from
going in. Judy reached in between sue's legs and pulled the clamp off, but
didn't loosen it. She just pulled, making sue's pussy lips stretch until finally
it came off. Then she told sue to take her phone out. sue reached down to her
sore cunt and pulled the phone from its carrying case and handed it to Judy.
Then, she put the douche bottle up to her pussy, inserted the nozzle and
squeezed the bulb. she was shocked from the coldness entering her hot cunt, but
squeezed until it was empty.

"OK, now let it out, and fill the bottle up again." said Judy. "Then rinse the
Captain's dirty little cunt."

sue did as she was told and once again felt the cold water fill her hot pussy.
Once she was done, Judy told her to get out and get dressed. Her clothes were
lying across the toilet seat.

sue looked at the clothes Judy had laid out for her. A very sheer blouse with
only two buttons in the middle, and a skirt short enough that her ass cheeks
would be visible if she wasn't careful. And on top of the two articles of
clothing were the six-inch high heels. sue started getting dressed and had such
a hard  time getting the clothes on, since she had found out they were one size
smaller than she would normally wear. But she did get into them and looked in
the mirror. God, she looked like a fucking whore.

sue went back to the bedroom where Judy sat putting on make-up. She was just
finishing up and said, "susie slut, you need some make up, too. Sit down here
and I'll fix it for you."

Judy got out a tube of bright red lipstick and began to paint sue's lips. She
put it on thick and made sure it covered all of her lips. Then, she rubbed some
red rouge into her cheeks. sue looked in the mirror when Judy finished and said,
"i can't go out like this! i look like a cheap whore!"

Judy said, "Exactly, because that's what you are. Now, let's get going."

They went to the living room where the Captain was waiting for them. He laughed
when he saw sue and said, "You look just wonderful, sue. Judy, you did a great
job. Now, let me explain some rules for tonight."

Judy said, "Thank you, Sir, I think she will fit in just right, don't you."

Again the Captain laughed and continued with the rules. "Tonight, while we are
out, you are not to speak. If asked a question by anyone, I will answer for you.
You will do everything we say, and will not hesitate doing it. We will order
your dinner for you, and you will eat whatever we get you and do it the way we
say. Understand so far?"

"Yyyeess,  Sir," replied sue.

"You will sit where and how we say," continued the Captain, "and I expect your
to show off that little bald cunt that belongs to me."

Then Judy added, "And, susie slut, if you don't behave, you will be stripped
naked and spanked right in public."

"Now, let's go have some dinner," said the Captain, "I have reservations at the
Oasis, and we can't be late."

The Oasis is a nice restaurant that caters to a lot of high-up officials and
police officers. And, it is usually crowded, so it is sometimes hard to find a
good seat. But the Captain had a lot of influence there and could get any seat
he wanted, as long as he called ahead. And he did, getting one of the best seats
in the restaurant, a table up on a platform, which would give them the intended
results with sue.

They went out the door, got into the Captain's car, putting sue between them,
with her legs apart so her pussy was open for them to play with during the
drive. After driving for awhile, they finally got to the restaurant and parked
the car.

"Just to remind you," said Judy, "no talking, and do as we say!"


part 10

Entering the restaurant, sue had to walk behind the two, but also had to stay
close to them. The captain spoke with the headwaiter. Then the three of them
were taken to the table. sue noticed that it was on a platform above the rest of
the tables. And there was only one table that high up. Once they arrived at the
table, the Captain told her where to sit, which was facing the main dinning
area. Then he adjusted the tablecloth, so that there was nothing hanging over
the front of the table, and he folded the back side of the tablecloth so that
the view under the table was unobstructed from those below.

sue sat where she was told, and knew that if she wasn't careful, her pussy would
be quite visible to those on the main floor. she tried to keep her legs closed,
but it was hard to hide anything with such a short skirt.

Judy noticed that sue was trying not to show anything as she sat down beside
her. she told sue, "Open those legs up susie slut, and let everyone see your
little bald cunt."

Not wanting to piss her off, knowing that as mean as the bitch was, she would
strip her naked right there, she opened her legs slightly. sue knew that her
pussy was now on display, but was afraid to close her legs up.

The other two just laughed and began to talk to each other. They were sitting on
either side of sue, and as they talked, it was aggravating, since they talked
across her. They didn't talk about anything in particular. It was about the job,
the weather, and some other people they knew.

Then both reached down under the table and took one of sue's legs each and
pulled. her legs were now obscenely spread wide, with her gaping hole wide open
for everyone to see. The Captain said, "Leave them just like that bitch, or I'll
make sure you walk out of here without your clothes."

sue sat there, face turning red with shame, tears running down her cheeks, but
also she felt that strange tingling sensation in her pussy. she knew it was
getting wet and she would have a wet spot on her skirt before they were
finished. she couldn't figure out why her pussy got so wet, when she was made to
do these horrible things.

The waiter got to their table and asked if they would care for a drink before
dinner. sue sure would have loved to have a nice Mai Tai, but knew she couldn't
ask for it. The Captain ordered for Judy and himself, then said, "And bring a
beer for this one."

sue hated beer and the Captain knew it. she started to say something, but
thought better, since they had both warned her about talking. So she just sat
there in silence.

Judy leaned over and whispered into her ear, saying, "Put your hands behind your
back, slut. I want them palm to palm in the middle of your back. And don't move
them unless we say to. Just pretend they are handcuffed there."

sue obeyed and sat there, hands behind her, knowing in this position her little
tits pushed out even more through the tight blouse she had on. The Captain then
excused himself to go talk to the waiter, and returned with a bowl in his hands.
He set it in front of sue, then sat back down and continued talking with Judy.
This time they talked about sex and how horny both of them were. They both said
that as soon as dinner was done, they would head straight to sue's house and

The waiter came back with the drinks, and sat them down in front of everyone.
The Captain and Judy both started drinking, but sue didn't know what to do with
her beer. Of course, she didn't really want it anyway, so it was OK with her to
just let it sit there.

Then the Captain picked the beer up and poured it into the bowl he had placed in
front of her. Once the bottle was empty he said, "OK, sue, drink up."

sue just sat there looking at him, wondering how she was supposed to drink it
since she couldn't use her hands and it was in a bowl.

The Captain leaned over to her ear and said, "I said drink up, cunt.  Now put
your fucking head down and lap it up like a good little puppy."

sue was shocked and horrified at the thought of being made to do such a
humiliating thing in front of all the people in the restaurant. she just sat
there and stared at the Captain. That is until Judy reached over and undid a
button from her blouse. This one was right at her tits. Then, Judy opened her
blouse a little more and sue knew most of her little tits were out in the open.

Then Judy said, "Unless you want me to open it all the way, I suggest you do as
the Captain said."

sue began to cry, as she lowered her head to take a drink from the bowl. she
lapped up a little beer and then sat back up, with the liquid running down her
chin and onto her sheer blouse. she didn't want to do this, but between these
two horrible people, she knew they would do something worse if she didn't obey.
So once again, she leaned over and lapped up some more beer.

After drinking about half of the beer, she had to pee. Since Judy had not
allowed her to use the bathroom before they left, she really needed piss now.
sue didn't know what to do about it, since she was not allowed to talk, but she
started cramping from the need to relieve her self.

she took a chance and spoke to the Captain. "Sir, may your slut go to the
bathroom. she really needs to pee."

"Sure you can," said the Captain, "follow me." He got up from his chair and took
sue by the hand to drag her along. As he was leaving, he said, "We'll be right
back Judy, please order another round of drinks for us."

The Captain led sue around the restaurant and past the bar to the bathrooms.
Once they arrived there, he opened the door to the men's room and took her
inside. Then he said, "OK, susie slut, if you have to pee, you'll do it here, in
the urinal!"

"BBBUUTTT, sir," sue complained, "I can't pee in a urinal. Only men do that!"

He told her, "You either piss in the urinal, or you'll be stripped naked right
here and then you'll have to walk back to the table without pissing."

sue didn't know what or how to pee like a man, so the Captain helped her. He
pushed her up to the urinal and said, "Now, lift your skirt and piss!"

she reluctantly raised her skirt up and stepped over the urinal. As she started
pissing, someone opened the door and walked in. sue needed to pee so bad, she
couldn't stop the flow. The man stepped right up next to her and pulled his cock
out to piss. Then he realized that there was a female next to him. He said,
"What the fuck is this? Don't you know the difference between the men's and
women's room?"

sue was turning bright red, and unable to answer the man standing next to her.
The Captain was chuckling at this scene, and said, "No, she doesn't know any
better, but I am sure she'll be glad to assist you when she is finished."

Finally, sue finished and started to back away, but the Captain stopped her. He
said to her, "Leave your skirt up, and get on your knees."

she obeyed his command, but didn't want to. she was now on her knees in the
men's room, with a complete stranger beside her, his cock out and pissing in the
urinal. she was really afraid of what would happen next.

The man finished pissing and turned toward her and the Captain said, "OK, now
suck his cock for him, cunt."

"Pppppplllleeeaaaassseee sir," cried sue, "i don't know him."

"So what? you didn't know that guy you fucked either, did you! Now suck it!"
ordered the Captain, "unless you want to walk out of here naked!"

Afraid that he would strip her of everything, sue took the man's cock in her
hands and then in her mouth. He was quite large and she had a difficult time
getting it in. But, the Captain helped her by pushing the back of her head,
forcing more of his cock down her throat. she sucked as best she could, having a
big mouthful. sucking on this cock in a public restroom made her feel so cheap
and used, but she continued until he shot a huge load of cum down her throat.
The Captain saw him start to cum and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head
back. The last few shots landed on her face and dripped down onto her half-open

sue was crying when the man laughed, put his softening cock away and zipped up.
He said, "Thank you!" and walked out of the bathroom.

sue was allowed to get up and pull her skirt down to cover her nakedness and the
Captain led her back out of the bathroom to the table, the man's cum still
dripping from her face. she was crying and so ashamed of what she was made to
do. she walked with her head down and followed the Captain.

Getting back to the table, they sat down. sue was shaking, afraid of what might
happen next. she didn't put her hands behind her back like she had been
instructed to do earlier. she was so embarrassed and shook up from what just
happened to her, she just forgot.

Judy said, "Stand back up, susie!"  she did as she was told and stood in front
of Judy. Then to her surprise, Judy reached over and pulled the top of her skirt
up, which made the bottom of it raise up to just below her pussy. If she was to
walk, her pussy would show from under it.

"Now, sit back down and put your fucking hands behind your back. Forget one more
time and the skirt comes off," ordered Judy.

As sue sat down, she put her hands behind her and as she looked down, she saw
that the skirt hid nothing. It had gone up even more now and her little bald
cunt was in plain view. she sat there in silence and cried.

The Captain said to her, "Since we are having you out for dinner, I expect you
to drink up. We got you a fresh beer. Now, start drinking, cunt."

Crying, sue lowered her head to the bowl on the table and started licking up the
nasty tasting beer. she was like this when the waiter came back, and said, "Are
you ready to order?"

sue pulled her head back up, embarrassed because he saw her drinking like some
animal. her face was so red, dripping with beer, and she cried.

The Captain said, "Yes we are. Sue, finish your beer while I order."

she started to refuse, but a stern look from Judy made her lower her face back
to the bowl and drink. she must have looked quite stupid doing this, but what
could she do. Refuse and they would take her clothes away and then she would be
showing everything. Not that she wasn't already, but at least she did have
something on.

The Captain order for all of them. Steaks, baked potatoes, and insisted they
have bread sticks with their meals. Once the waiter took the orders, he left.
sue finished up her bowl of beer and was feeling a little tipsy now. she wasn't
a drinker and didn't drink beer at all. The way she had to drink it was also
making her head spin. she thought she was getting drunk and hoped that with
food, that uneasy feeling in her stomach would go away.

she sat in silence, hoping they wouldn't make her drink another one. she
listened to them talk again until the waiter returned with their meals. After
placing them on the table, he left again.

That's when Judy told sue what she had to do. She said, "OK, you may use your
hands to eat with, and we'll be nice enough to let you use the silverware. But I
want you to take one of those bread sticks, reach down and put it in your pussy.
After every third mouthful of food you take, you will reach down into your hot
little cunt, break off a piece of bread and eat it."

sue was in total shock now. Everyone would see her doing this and the bread
would be so wet and soggy from her wetness in her pussy. she was really juicy
now.  Every time they gave her something new to do, she got that much wetter.
Maybe she was a real slut and always had been. But until now, it never came out
in her.

Reluctantly, she took the bread stick and put her hands under the table. she
rubbed it up and down her wet slit to start with, trying to prolong the dirty
deed she had to do. The Captain noticed she was taking a long time and said,
"Put it in, susie, or I will!"

Gulping, she began to feed her pussy the bread stick, slowly, since it was rough
on her lips and as it got in farther, it was feeling even rougher. she was so
humiliated doing this, knowing that from under the table, others were watching
her do it. she got most of it in and stopped. Hoping that it was far enough, she
put her hands back on the table and was going to eat. she was quite hungry.

However, Judy looked over to see if it was all the way in and said, "Look cunt,
that stick better be all the way in your cunt by the time I count to five, or
you'll have to put the next one up your ass!"

sue jumped and brought her hands back to her cunt and began pushing some more as
Judy said, "One!" she didn't want to have to put anything up her ass, especially
a bread stick in a public restaurant.

"Two!" said Judy and sue pushed it all the way in her pussy. her lips closed
over the end of it and it was totally out of sight now. she felt so full, but
was also sore. she had never had anything that long in her cunt before and it
felt like it had hit bottom. Then she put her hands back on the table, wanting
to eat and get this over with quickly. she was shaking and crying when she was
told to begin eating.

sue took a mouthful of potato while she cut  her steak. Then it was a piece of
the steak and some veggies. she was hoping they weren't counting how many time
she put something in her mouth and started to take another bite of steak, but
when she looked at Judy, she was glaring at her, hoping that she would forget to
get her bread.

sue put her fork and knife down, then reached under the table to her cunt. she
reached into her pussy and found the soggy bread. she pulled it out a little and
broke off a small piece. Then she ate it, before continuing with the rest of her

Once she took three more bites of food, she reached down and took another small
piece of the bread from her cunt and ate it. she was going to take small bites
all through the meal, until the Captain said, "You better start taking bigger
bites than that and also hurry up with your meal. Because when Judy and I have
finished, whatever is left on your plate will also go in your pussy with the
bread. Then, you can eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning."

Noticing that they were both about half way done and she was just barely
starting, she began to eat faster. she didn't want to have to stuff her pussy
full of food and if he meant what he said, she would have to leave it in her all

she took three mouthfuls of food and then took bigger chunks of bread from her
pussy. It was getting really soggy now and she hoped she would be able to get it
all by the time she finished her meal. The bread was crumbling in her pussy and
it became more difficult to get it out, but she worked at it until finally, she
had gotten every bit out of herself and ate it. Just as she finished her last
bite of food, she saw that the other two had also just finished. she was
grateful for that, since she didn't think she would have to put anything else in
her cunt tonight.

The waiter came back to the table to see if they wanted some dessert and the
Captain said that he would like a bowl of ice cram. Judy said she wanted some
too, and then said that sue also wanted a bowl. Then the Captain stood up and
whispered into the waiter's ear. The waiter grinned and said he would be right

He returned with three bowls of ice cream and set them down, but he didn't
leave. The Captain said, "sue, take the bowl of ice cream and sit it in your
lap. Then, using your hands, put all of it in your pussy. And make sure that the
waiter will be able to watch you doing it."

"Bbbbbuuuuutttttt, Sssiiiiirr," she cried, "It will be cold and sticky.

Judy heard this and said, "Stand up bitch!"

sue was startled and then realized that she had spoken when she was told not to.
she knew she would pay for it. Slowly she stood up and Judy pulled her close to
her. Then, she unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving sue
naked from the waist down. she tried to cover herself from all the looks she was
getting, but her hands were slapped away.

"Now, sit down and do what you were told," Judy ordered.

Crying more now, sue took the ice cream bowl, sat it in her lap and started to
push it inside her hot hole. It was cold and sticky, making her pussy pucker.
Finally she got it all in and then just sat there as it melted and ran out of

The Captain and Judy had finished their dessert and the Captain said, "OK,
susie, my slut, you need to give the waiter a nice tip. Follow him into the back
room and suck his cock. But don't allow him to cum in your mouth. When he cums,
make sure you aim his cock at your face. Don't wipe it off afterwards either.
We'll wait for you in the car."

sue, feeling very embarrassed, started to pick up her skirt, but Judy beat her
to it. "You won't need this anymore tonight, susie, just go as you are and take
care of the tip."

Very cautiously, sue got up and followed the waiter. she knew all eyes were on
her now, since she was half-naked and everyone could see her naked ass and bald
cunt. They entered the back room and the waiter pulled his cock out. Sue,
wanting to get this over with, got down on her knees and started sucking him.

It wasn't too long before she could feel him starting to cum and she pulled his
cock out of her mouth and finished him off with her hands. Aiming it straight at
her face, he shot his load all over her.

She quickly got up and ran out of the room, through the restaurant to the
parking lot. she found the car and got in. The Captain and Judy just laughed as
they drove away.


part 11

They drove straight back to sue's house after dinner. They had a lot planned for
the night and the next day. sue was made to sit on her skirt for the ride home,
so the ice cream that leaked out of her pussy wouldn't get on the Captains's
seat. she knew the skirt would probably be ruined, but she didn't care about
that, since she didn't like it as short as it was.

Arriving home, they took sue inside and ran her a tub of ice cold water. They
told her to get cleaned up and to douche with the cold water and vinegar they
had prepared for her.

she carefully got into the tub, feeling her body tighten from the cold water.
she finally managed to get her body all the way in and started washing quickly
so she could get back out. she hated being in the cold water like this and just
wanted out.

But since the Captain noticed her trying to hurry, he said, "Now, just stay
there until we come back for you. And you had better be clean inside and out
when we return."

They left their little asian slut to bathe and cleanse herself. she was
shivering from the cold water, and knew she would have to withstand even more
when she douched herself.

sue washed her body, rubbing hard, trying to get her body to warm up, but it was
hard to do since the water felt as if they had put ice in it. Finally she got
her body clean and reached for the douche bottle.  Slowly she inserted the
nozzle into her pussy and squeezed. she almost went into shock as she felt the
water flow into her. Now she knew they had put ice into the bottle and it was
freezing her on the inside, just as the water in the tub was doing on the

she had just finished douching when the two walked back into the bathroom. "OK,
slut, get out and get into the bedroom. Don't bother drying off either," said
the Captain.

she was shivering and her teeth were chattering from the cold water and the cool
air from the air conditioner made her shake even more.  "Judy," said the
Captain, "take her into her new room and fix her for the night.  Then come back
in here so we can fuck in your new bed."

sue looked puzzled about what he was saying and Judy explained as she pushed her
out of the bedroom and down the hall to the little guest room. She told sue, "I
am moving all of my things over here tomorrow and this will now be my house.
Your old room will be mine and you get the little guest room. From now on, I am
in charge of the house and everything that goes on in it. The only thing you
will do is pay the bills, clean and cook," she laughed as she pushed sue onto
the little bed in the guest room.

"Lay on your belly, cunt, and don't move unless I say to," ordered Judy. "Have
to get you ready for bed, so I can fuck the Captain."

sue started to cry from what she was hearing. she was losing everything she had
worked so hard to get. her life, her house, everything. And she was going to be
a maid for that fucking whore bitch.

Judy started by forcing sue's mouth open by holding her nose so she couldn't
breath unless she opened her mouth. As soon as she gasped for air, Judy stuffed
a ball gag into it and secured it in place around her head. sue started to grab
it, but Judy was quick and soon her hands were cuffed behind her back. she
couldn't do anything now except cry.

Next, Judy tied a rope to each of sue's ankles, but just left them there. She
got out a spreader bar about three feet long and attached it to the little asian
slut's knees, spreading her open, exposing her little cunt and ass.

That's when things got very uncomfortable for sue. Judy took the ropes attached
to her ankles and threaded them up through the handcuffs, then back to her
ankles. She then started pulling the ropes. When she did this, sue's legs
started moving upwards toward her head. The more Judy pulled on the ropes, the
more sue's body bent. But it was bending backwards.

Finally, Judy was happy with the way sue looked and tied off the ropes to her
ankles. sue was on her belly, and her hands were even with her feet. she was
bent like a bow in a hog-tie position, and her cunt and ass were out in the
open. Her cunt was open from the stretching of her body, but it was really
getting wet now. Once again, sue thought to herself that she must like this kind
of thing, because everything they did to her made her cunt wet. It was like her
cunt took over her body and no matter what she thought in her head, her cunt
took priority. she was thinking with her cunt.

The Captain entered the room, because he had finished his shower and began to
wonder what was taking Judy so long with the slut. As he entered he laughed and
said, "Very good, Judy, but she is missing something. Get me the KY and butt

Judy left the room, only to return shortly with the items in her hands. sue had
heard what he wanted and was crying, tears running down her face. her cunt was
also crying. It needed attention and was dripping with cunt juice. However, she
didn't want anything in her ass.

The Captain took the KY and lubricated her well-exposed little hole and slid his
finger in. He commented, "Damn, this hole is really tight. We'll have to loosen
it up so a cock can get into it soon."

After smearing KY on the butt plug, he pushed it into her tiny brown hole. It
was really tight and he had to work hard to get past the little sphincter, but
finally the head of the plug went in. He pushed hard and soon, her ass was full.
It was all the way in, and her muscles grabbed it, not wanting to let it out. 
The entire time she moaned and grunted into her gag, as tears of humiliation and
pain ran down her cheeks.

"There," he said, "things should be a little looser by morning."

Then he left saying, "Goodnight, little slut, hope you sleep well."

But before Judy left, she got sue's cell phone, plugged in the charging cord,
and shoved it roughly into her cunt. Now she was uncomfortably full in both
holes.  Smacking sue quite hard on her naked ass, Judy said, "Sleep tight, susie
slut, we have lots of work to do tomorrow."

She walked from the room, turning out the light and shutting the door. sue was
left in the dark, unable to move. she was still cold from the ice bath and they
didn't even cover her up. Sleep didn't come easy for her. she was uncomfortable
like this and she could her the moans and groans coming from her bedroom, or
what used to be her bedroom. she cried some more and finally drifted off to

Judy let sue sleep in, knowing she was going to be very busy with the moving of
her clothes from one room to another and then having to move Judy into the
house. Judy wasn't going to do anything but supervise, so sue would get a good
workout today.

About 8:30 a.m., sue was awakened with the "bbbbbbbzzzzzzz, bbbbbbbbbzzzzzz,
bbbbbbbbzzzzzzz" in her pussy as her phone rang. she tried to move to answer it,
but had forgotten she was all tied up.

Once she opened her eyes, she felt the aching in her body from being hog tied
last night. she didn't know what time it was or how long she had been left in
this position. her ass was also sore and felt like she really had to shit.

she glanced around the best she could, but didn't see any movement. But just as
she turned her eyes the other way, she saw Judy standing over her with a big
smile on her face. God, how she hated this woman.

Judy said, "OK, my little slut, time to get busy, but first I want you to have
breakfast. You'll need all the energy you can get today. you are going to be
really busy."

Judy got up on the bed in front of sue and began undoing the ball gag. She
pulled it out of sue's sore mouth. It almost seemed there was a loud "POP" as it
was removed. sue stretched her jaws to get them closed. It was hard to do, since
she they had forced open and made to stay that way all night.

Judy watched her for a minute and said, "OK, breakfast time, susie. I hope you
like eggs, because I fixed two hard-boiled ones for you. And since I didn't want
them cold, I kept them warm inside my pussy for you."

sue's eyes got really big as she stared with hatred at Judy. How could she even
think about putting eggs in her cunt? Especially if she thought sue was going to
eat them.

But Judy just continued talking. "Now, since I have been so nice to fix your
breakfast and have kept it warm, I want you to be a good little slut and suck
them out of me. Now, get busy, cunt!"

She moved her pussy right up to sue's mouth and grabbed her by the hair, forcing
her mouth over it. She said, "Suck those eggs out bitch and make sure you only
get one at a time. You will chew it up once you have it in your mouth and then
swallow. Once both eggs are eaten, I'll get you something to drink."

What choice did she have? she was tied up, her head forced into this bitch's
cunt and if she didn't start, she knew she would get punished, so she started
sucking on Judy's cunt.

sue licked inside, trying to feel the eggs, but couldn't, and knew Judy must
have pushed them way up inside herself. So she opened her mouth and clamped it
over Judy's pussy, and started sucking. she thought she must look like a little
kid trying to suck a bottle, but couldn't get the milk.

Judy helped her a little by using her muscles to push the eggs closer to the
entrance. she wanted this little asian whore to get it all and would help her
out. Especially since she had a nice surprise for her when she got both eggs

sue sucked really hard on the cunt in her mouth and finally, the first egg
"popped" out of Judy's cunt, right into her mouth. Judy pulled back a little
ways as soon as she felt the egg exit her pussy. She said, "That's one, susie
slut, now chew it up and swallow it. All of it!"

Judy still had sue's hair in her hands, so sue had no choice but to chew the
egg. Besides, she was a little hungry. Once she bit into it, and the yoke was in
her mouth, the egg seemed to be very dry. she chewed and chewed until finally
she was able to swallow it all. Just as she swallowed the last of the egg, Judy
pulled her right back into her cunt and told her to get the other out.

sue did her best, knowing if she didn't, she would get punished. And she didn't
want this bitch to get the satisfaction of whipping her, so she sucked extra
hard. Of course, Judy's cunt was helping her, since she was getting close to
cumming from having sue suck her so hard. Her cunt muscles helped push the
second egg down to the entrance and soon, she felt it pop out into sue's waiting
mouth. Without being told, sue started chewing as Judy pulled back a little to
give her room to chew. Then she would give the little slut a treat.

sue chewed the second egg up and choked it down. It was so dry, she had a hard
time swallowing it, but finally managed to get it all down. Then Judy pulled her
back to her cunt and said, "Before you can drink, you have to make me cum!"

Wanting to quench her thirst, sue got busy licking the cunt that was forced into
her mouth and it wasn't long before Judy screamed,

Then, as she quieted down, sue thought she would get untied and get something to
drink. But Judy had other plans. She said to the bound girl, "OK, now your
drink. Hold your mouth right over my pussy and pee hole! You will drink every
drop of what I give you and if you spill any, you'll lick it up. And, slut, you
won't be changing these sheets for a long time, so don't dribble on them."

As soon as sue had her mouth on Judy's pussy, she got the first squirt of hot
yellow piss in her mouth. Judy had been holding it all morning and it was
difficult to get a good stream going at first. It came out in spurts for a short
time, then suddenly it all let go and sue had her mouthful of the acrid tasting,
foul smelling piss from this bitch. she hated her even more now. But, she
swallowed as fast as she could. She had no other choice, since Judy held her so
tight against her pussy, sue couldn't move away.

sue gulped, choked, and swallowed it all. Judy had a lot of piss built up and
was so relieved to finally let it out. she just laughed to herself, wondering
what others would think if they knew the sergeant was a piss slut. Finally she
stopped pissing, and even though she tried to get more out, she couldn't. But
she did hold sue's head in her crotch for a while longer, just to make sure.
Then she told sue to lick her clean before she untied her.

Finally Judy was satisfied that she had pissed all she could and that her pussy
was clean.  She moved back away from sue and got off the bed. She didn't untie
her slut right away. Instead, she got the camera out and took several pictures
of sue all tied up. She kept saying, "Yes, this will look good in the scrap book
and we can use it later."

sue was shocked by what she was saying. Now, she wasn't sure if she would ever
be free from being a slut to these two people. Especially since now there was
more evidence about what she was doing.

Finished with the photos, Judy untied sue and allowed her to get up and stretch
some. Can't have a sore worker, she thought. And she even told sue to go into
the bathroom and freshen up some. "Use the toilet and if you want, get a nice
warm shower before we begin to get things moved. And pull that plug out of your
ass. The Captain will want to know just how much your cute little hole has
stretched. I'll call him later to tell him. But if it isn't big enough, he might
want it back in. So enjoy the time without it.

sue was so grateful to be able to get clean again, but first she had to piss and
then brush her teeth to get the taste of piss from her mouth.

she sat on the toilet and relieved herself, even before removing the butt plug.
Just as soon as she finished with the toilet, she reached back to pull the plug.
But she was having a problem. It wouldn't come out. her ass muscles kept
clamping onto it, holding it in. sue pulled harder now, and finally it came out.
sue felt so empty. she was almost tempted to put it back, but didn't, thinking
that the feeling would go away and her once tight little hole would relax back
to it's normal size. At least she hoped it would.

she brushed her teeth three times in order to get that awful pissy taste out.
And as soon as she finished, she got into the shower, turning on the hottest
water she could stand, and took a nice long one.

Once she was feeling better and stepped out, Judy was waiting for her. She said,
"OK, susie slut, hurry up and dry off. you have lots of things to get done and I
don't want it to take all day. So, hurry!"

sue felt much better now.  she hurried, drying her body, and then went to the
bedroom where Judy was waiting for her.

"OK, let's get started. Here is what you have to do. you will take your clothes
out of your closet and let me see them. I'll tell you where to put them at that
time. We are going to make three piles of clothes. The first pile goes here, the
second here and the third here. Ready to start, cunt?"


part 12

"Yes, Ma'am," replied sue, "i am ready"

"Good, then start!" said Judy, "but don't take any jeans or pants out of the
closet. We look about the same size, so all those will now belong to me."

sue started taking the clothes out, one at a time, showing Judy what she had.
First were her skirts, then her dresses. she avoided the jeans and pants, just
as she had been told. As she took them out, Judy had her hold them up to her and
some she even made sue model. The ones that were short enough went into pile
number one. The ones that were too long, but could be altered went into pile
number two. And those that Judy didn't like at all went into pile number three.
Those were the ones sue would have to dispose of later on.

Once the closet was emptied of her clothes, except her jeans and pants, Judy
said, "OK, cunt face, now take pile number one and put them all in your new
closet. Pile number two, I want you to put in this bag and placed on the floor
of your new closet. As for pile number three, just leave it there for now."

sue was hating this, but complied with her Mistress' orders. Finally, she got
the two piles put where Judy had told her. When she returned to what was once
her bedroom, she was told to pull all her panties and bras out and put them in
the remaining pile. sue wanted to ask why, but was afraid if she questioned, she
would be punished by this bitch and then by the Captain later on. So, she did as
she was told.

Once she had all her bras and panties in the pile, she was told to start on her
T-shirts and shorts in the same way she did her other clothes, but these she had
to put on one at a time. sue put the shorts and T-shirts on and Judy would tell
her either in the last pile or to start a new one. When she was done, the third
pile seemed quite large, and only a few shorts and T-shirts ended up in the new

"Now, susie slut, that large pile of clothes that you have, I want you to stuff
in this garbage bag. The other pile will be taken to your room and put in the
dresser," ordered Judy.

sue cried while she was doing everything she was told to do. she hated this
bitch more and more, but was afraid to do or say anything.

Judy handed sue a pair of shorts, she knew didn't belong to her and a little top
to go with it. Judy said, "Now put these on so we can go get my things."

sue struggled to get the clothes on. They seemed to be too small for her. Once
she had them on, she glanced in the full length mirror and saw that they were so
tight that her cunt was sticking out in the front, her ass looked like it was
about to bust the seams and the top didn't hide her little tits at all.

Then Judy said, "Go wait beside the car, I'll be with you in a moment."

sue reluctantly went outside and stood beside the car to wait for Judy. As she
was waiting, her phone went off.
"bbbbbbzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz" it went inside her cunt.
sue tried to reach into the shorts to get it, but couldn't get her hand inside
the tight material. The phone continued to ring.

she knew she was in trouble and tried her best to get to it, but couldn't. So,
she just pulled her shorts down to her knees and pulled it out of her cunt.

"Hheelloo," she answered.

"What took you so long, slut? your phone rang six times before you answered it.
you are in trouble now," said the Captain on the other end.

"Bbbbbuuutttt, sir," cried sue, "Judy has these really tight shorts on me, and i
couldn't get it out."

"No excuse, cunt," yelled the Captain, "you'll get punished tonight." Then he
hung up.

sue just stood there in shock, not realizing she was on the street with her
shorts down and her cunt in plain view. When she finally remembered where she
was, it was too late, since a car load of young boys had driven by and honked
the horn, yelling, "Nice cunt, what a bitch, wanna fuck?"

Quickly, she shoved the phone back into her cunt, hurting herself, and pulled
her shorts up. Then she just stood and waited for Judy to come out. But because
of the exposure, her cunt was really wet and it showed right through the thin
shorts she had been made to wear.

Finally Judy showed up and told sue to get in. She got in the driver's side and
drove to her little apartment. She was so happy to get out of that little place
and get into a big house, where she had lots of room to play. And she even had a
maid to clean up after her and she didn't have to pay rent any more.

They arrived at Judy's place and she took sue inside. She said, "OK, let's start
in the bedroom. Get all my clothes out, fold them neatly and pack them in the
suitcases on the top shelf. And be quick about it! We still have a lot to do
before the Captain comes to get us."

sue hated doing all the work, but what choice did she have? So, she began taking
clothes from the closet, folding them up and packing them away in the suitcases.
Judy just sat back, watching her and talking to several different people on the
phone. sue overheard her telling some of them that she was moving into a bigger
house and had a maid and servant to do all her work for her. she gave them sue's
home phone number and address, asking them to call or stop by to see her.

sue was getting totally pissed off, but continued her work. Soonshe had the
closet empty and Judy said, as she asked someone to hold a moment, "OK, now
slut, clean out my dresser, making sure you get everything put in neatly."

Again sue began her duties and opened the dresser drawers, pulling out Judy's
pretty little undies, folding them up and packing them away. Once she had the
dresser done, Judy went through the rest of the apartment with her, pointing
things out, telling sue what needed to be packed.

When everything had been packed, she told sue to take all the suitcases and bags
out to the car, put them in the trunk and just wait for her. sue did as
commanded and when everything was packed neatly in the trunk, she waited by the
car for her.

sue was tired, but also hot. her little shorts were wet from sweating and also
from her pussy being hot and juicy. Once again, she thought about having a big
cock in her cunt, fucking her. But this only made her wetter and the wetter she
got, the more transparent her shorts got.

As soon as Judy appeared, she saw how wet and hot sue was and decided that the
little cunt needed to cool off. So she said, "susie, my pet, walk over here."

She took sue to the side of the apartment building where the pool was. Next to
the pool was a shower, and she said, "Get in and cool off, susie."

sue looked at her and decided that it would be good to cool off some, and
started to remove her clothes so she could shower. But she was stopped when Judy
said, "No, just get in the way you are. We don't have time for you to get

sue hesitated, knowing that if she got wet with her clothes on, she would be
seen just as if she was naked. But as soon as she looked at Judy, she knew she
had to do it. Judy was giving her one of those, "Come on, defy me, bitch" looks.
sue just turned on the water and stepped in, allowing the cool spray to cascade
over her. Once she was totally wet, Judy said, "OK, now get out and let's head
for home."

sue was happy to be able to get inside the cover of the car, but was shocked
with what came next. As she started to get into the car, Judy said, "Wait just a
minute, susie slut. I can't have you dripping wet in the car. It's not that far
to our house, so why don't you walk there. I'll be along in a moment."

"But, i will be seen," cried sue.

"So what," yelled Judy, "you have been seen with nothing on. Maybe you would
like to get out of the clothes and walk home. Once those dry, it won't look like
you are naked. Now move it, bitch!"

Crying, sue knew she had to walk, so she set out for her house. she felt lucky
that it wasn't too far away and hoped that no one would see her. Judy went back
to check out of her apartment, and then got in the car to follow behind the
little slut.

sue walked down the street, knowing that anyone looking would see everything she
had. her tits, her cunt and her ass.

she could feel the clothes begin to dry as she walked and only a few cars passed
by. However, a couple young teenage boys were riding by on their bicycles and
whistled at her, then turned around and followed her for awhile. she knew they
could see everything and she quickened her pace, ignoring their comments. They
continued to pester her and tried to get her to talk to them, but she still
ignored them. she just wanted to get home.

sue continued walking, trying to get away from the boys, when suddenly Judy
pulled up beside her and ordered, "Stop right there, cunt!"

The order scared her, since she did not expect Judy to be there. But she stopped
and stood still. Judy got out of the car and asked, "Did those boys try talking
to you?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said sue.

"And did you talk back to them?" asked Judy.

"No, Ma'am, i didn't," stated sue, quite proud of herself. At least for the
moment, until Judy said, "Come on over here, boys."

sue was shocked because she thought they had left. They all gathered around to
see what would happen. Judy asked them, "Did she just ignore you?"

"Yea, she did!" they all said together.

"susie slut, don't you know better than to ignore people when they are trying to
be nice to you. I think you owe them an apology, don't you?" questioned Judy.

"Yyeess, Ma'am," cried sue, "i'm sorry for ignoring you. It won't happen again."

"Not good enough!" yelled Judy, "Now, you will have to pay for your lack of
respect to these young men. Follow me, susie, and you boys come along, too."

Judy headed off into a wooded area beside the road. Once they were among the
trees, Judy said, "Now, show em!"

"Bbbbuuuutttt," cried sue.

"No, don't say it, just strip!" ordered Judy, "and be quick about it!"

sue knew better than to hesitate and quickly got her top off. But she did go
slower in removing her shorts. And this cost her as soon as they cleared her

"SMACK", as Judy slapped her naked ass and said, "faster cunt!"

sue quickly shed her shorts and stood before them all naked. "Is this what you
boys wanted to see?" asked Judy. They all said, "YES" at the same time, with big
smiles on their faces.

Then Judy did something that shocked sue and made her cry even more. She said,
"Well little cunt, I think you owe these boys a little more, so get on your
knees and beg to suck their young cocks."

sue hated doing this, but knew if she didn't obey Judy, she would be in big
trouble. The Captain already said she would be punished for not answering her
phone in time and if she refused this, she would suffer twice as much. So down
on her knees she went and said, "Please, may i suck your cocks?"

All the boys were surprised, but since they all had hard-ons, they pulled them
out and sue crawled to each, one at a time. she reluctantly put them in her
mouth and sucked them until each of them had cum in her mouth and she swallowed
it all.

Then Judy told her to put her clothes back on and get home. She would be there
in just a few moments when she finished talking to these young boys.

Finally she was at her door, but couldn't get in until Judy showed up. her
tormentors had taken all her keys away from her and she couldn't even enter her
house without them. she felt like a prisoner. Just like someone she had put into

Once Judy arrived, she allowed sue inside, but quickly gave her orders to get
her things from the car, carry them into the house and put them away in the
closet that used to hold her clothes.

While she was slaving away at the hands of this bitch, the phone rang and she
heard Judy talking. When she hung up, she said, "susie slut, that was the
Captain and he will be here in an hour to pick us up. He told me what to dress
you in and said to make sure that your cunt was really wet. So, as soon as you
get done, you'll start playing with that little whore cunt and get juicy."

sue didn't have much more to go, and as soon as Judy saw everything was in the
house and put away in her new bedroom, she said, "OK, slut, strip!"

sue was out of breath from having to do all the work, but decided to do as she
was told. No sense in arguing with Judy, since she would lose anyway. So, she
stripped down and stood before her Mistress naked.

As soon as sue was nude, Judy said, "OK, slut, start playing with that cunt.
But, don't you dare cum. The Captain wants you hot and horny when he arrives.
Don't stop until he shows up."

How she hated doing these things, and wished she had told the Captain to go
ahead and deport her. At least in China, she wouldn't be doing these terrible
things for anyone. she could have managed and then worked her way back to the
states legally.

she stood right where Judy had left her, playing with her pussy. she was so hot
and horny, that she would have fucked anyone just to get off. Maybe the Captain
would fuck her tonight instead of that cunt Judy.

When the Captain walked in, Judy met him at the door and gave him a big juicy
kiss. He laughed as he watched sue playing with herself, then said, "OK, go with
Judy and get dressed. We have something to take care of tonight. And pick out a
nice little lock to carry with you."

Judy took sue to her new bedroom and made her dress in a very short skirt that
barely covered her ass and a very sheer white blouse. Then came the six-inch
high heels. sue was so embarrassed, knowing that they would be out in public and
she looked like she was a real whore. But that's what the Captain wanted and sue
put them on, thinking maybe she could get fucked by someone tonight, even if she
had to be a whore to get a cock in her pussy.

Once she was dressed, Judy brought her out to where the Captain was waiting. He
looked her over and approved of the clothes and said, "Very nice. Now, let's get
going so we don't miss your appointment.

sue wondered what appointment Judy was referring to.  Getting in the car, she
had to sit between the other two. The Captain made her open her legs and play
with her pussy while they rode. she was not allowed to cover up, even if someone
looked in the windows as they drove. And, of course, as he drove, he made sure
that he drove slowly when he thought someone might be looking. sue was turning
red in the face, but her cunt was so hot and wet that she would have taken any
cock offered to her.

she realized where they were as soon as he pulled into the mall parking lot. she
was thinking about the last time she was here and hoped it wouldn't be as bad as
that. But she had survived the last trip and she would survive this one, too.

Getting out of the car, she was told to walk a short distance in front of them,
making sure to wiggle her slutty little ass, just like a common streetwalker
would do. Then they started walking, with sue leading the way with her little
ass, which was almost visible, wiggling quite nicely.

They entered the mall and walked down the main hall. The Captain said he would
tell her when to stop. About halfway through the mall the Captain said, "OK,
susie, stop!"

sue looked around and saw they were in front of a place that sold earrings and
did piercings. she wondered what he had on his mind, being right in front of
this place. Once they caught up to her he said, "Just follow us in and do not
say anything!"

Walking into the shop, the Captain talked to one of the clerks asking, "Is
Stephanie here?"

The clerk said, "Yes, just a moment and I'll get her for you."

The three of them waited for a few moments and then a beautiful young Asian
woman came out to greet them.  She walked up to the trio and said, "Hello, I'm
Stephanie. Are you the person that made a special appointment with me?"

The Captain said, "Yes. Do we have a special room reserved?"

"Yes, just follow me," said Stephanie and turned toward the back of the store.

She led them into the back room and closed the door behind them, then asked,
"So, what can I do for you. I didn't quite understand what you wanted when you

The Captain said, "Well, Stephanie, we want you to pierce this little slut's ear
and attach a special item we brought along.  Can you do that?"

"I think so," said Stephanie. "What do you want to attach to her ear?"

"You did bring that lock with you, didn't you, susie slut?" asked the Captain.
"Give it to Stephanie so she can see it."

sue was very embarrassed and visibly upset, but gave the lock to Stephanie. She
studied it for a moment and then said, "What ear do you want this in? I have a
tool that will make the right size hole, so let's get busy."

Judy spoke up, saying, "Put it in her right ear! I think more people notice the
right side of a person. And if you do a good job, we might hire you to pierce
her in other places, too."

sue was led to a chair and was told to sit down. "NO, i won't do it. You can't
do this to me!" yelled sue.

The captain got pissed off when he heard this and said, "Just a moment,
Stephanie, I have to correct this little slut. sue follow me."

sue followed him, quite proud of herself for standing up to them. But her pride
was soon dashed, when she got to the other side of the room. The captain said,
"You'll pay for that outburst, bitch, now bend over and grab your ankles!"

sue just stood there! she wasn't going to allow any more humiliation. But the
captain grabbed her by the hair and forced her to bend at the waist. It hurt her
and she knew she couldn't escape, so she just grabbed her ankles. Then the
captain lifted her skirt, exposing her naked ass. He took his belt and the next
sound that was heard was, "SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK!"

her ass was on fire and had turned a pretty pink from the five swats she
received. "Now cunt, are you going to obey, or do I have to strip you naked and
make you leave here like that?"

"i'll bbbbeeehhhaavvve, sir," she cried They headed back to the chair and sat
down. Once she was sitting, Judy and the captain each took an arm and handcuffed
her to the arms of the chair so she couldn't move.

"OK, Stephanie, please continue," said the captain.

Stephanie decided to play along with them and just went to work preparing sue's
right ear and getting all of her tools together. Then she was ready to put the
hole in sue's ear. She said, "OK, now you'll feel a little pain, but don't move.
If you do, I might damage your ear."

sue sat there quietly, shaking. she knew she didn't want this to happen and it
made it worse, knowing if she moved her ear might be permanently scarred. So,
she sat still, using all the skills she had learned in the academy when she
first wanted to be a cop.

Stephanie took hold of sue's ear and brought the tool up to it. Lining it up,
she positioned it in the center. Then she squeezed hard and sue felt the pain.
she almost jumped when she felt it puncture her ear, but stayed still like she
was told. It was over with real quick, and Stephanie told the Captain he could
now put the lock in.

The captain pushed the lock through the hole in her ear and snapped it shut with
a loud "CLICK!"

"you are mine, cunt! This little lock signifies that you are mine and only I can
unlock it!" said the captain as Judy stepped up with a mirror in her hand.

She said, "Look, susie! It is so cute in your ear!"

sue closed her eyes so she couldn't see it, but opened them quickly when Judy
slapped her face and said, "I said look! Now look!"

sue started crying harder now, knowing that everyone would see it and ask
questions. her new haircut could not hide the lock.  What would she tell them?
What would her parents think. Oh God, how could she ever face anyone again.

The captain told her to thank Stephanie, which she did while the captain took
care of the bill using sue's credit card. Then, he asked if Stephanie did other
parts of the body besides ears.

Her answer was, "Yes, I do, but not here. I usually go to the customer's house
and do it and it does cost more."

Judy said, "Very good! Give me your number and we'll contact you when we need
some more done."

The captain was ready to go. All of this had made his cock hard and he wanted to
get home and fuck Judy all night long.


part 13

Leaving the mall, they rushed to the car. The only thing the two could think of
was fucking and didn't want to waste any time. Just as they got to the car the
Captain said, "Show me, slut!"

sue cried more and begged, "Please, sir, not here."

"Shut up cunt and do it, NOW!" he yelled. "Unless you want me to rip those
slutty little clothes off you."

sue slowly looked around and began to remove her clothes right there in the open
parking lot. Once she was naked, the Captain pulled her hands behind her back
and handcuffed them, then put her in the back seat. The other two got in and
headed for sue's house.

Arriving, they got her out of the car and headed for the door. Judy opened it
and as soon as they got in, both started stripping. They stripped while they
made their way into the big bedroom, which was now Judy's. By the time they were
ready to get into bed, they were both naked, leaving their clothes strewn about
the floor from the front door all the way to the bed. sue had followed them, not
knowing what else to do.

The two naked people jumped into the bed and without any foreplay, the Captain
sunk his cock deep into Judy's waiting cunt. Judy was in heaven, feeling his big
shaft sink deep inside her, filling her up. She wanted to fuck without an
audience this time and said, "susie slut, be a good little cunt and pick up our

"i can't do that without my hands. The Captain still has me cuffed," stated sue,
hoping she could get out of the tight cuffs around her wrists.

"Then use your mouth, bitch, just do it and leave us alone," ordered Judy. "Now
go, bitch!"

Slowly sue made her way back to the other room and looked at the clothes. she
tried to reach down with her hands, but couldn't get to the clothes. she knew
that if they weren't picked up by the time those two finished fucking, she would
be in trouble.  she took Judy's advice and began to pick up the clothes with her
mouth. She picked up one article at a time and carried them to the laundry room
and dropped them into the clothes hamper.

she got down to their underwear and socks, not really wanting those dirty things
in her mouth.  she hesitated. she was listening to the sounds coming from the
other room, wanting to get herself fucked so much. All of the things that had
happened to her made her so hot and horny. she needed to be fucked!

she finally got down to pick up Judy's soiled panties and the only way she could
pick the up was by the crotch, right where Judy's cunt had been leaking onto
them. It didn't taste great, but sue managed to get them into the laundry room.
Then she worked on the Captain's underwear and finally their socks.

By the time she finished, she looked up and saw the two of them standing in the
doorway watching her. Judy said, "OK, susie slut, time for bed. Go to your room
and get on the bed, on your back."

sue was tired from all the activities and went straight to the little room that
she had to stay in. she wanted her big bed back, but knew she wasn't going to
get it for at least six months. So, she lay down ready to sleep.

Judy and the Captain followed her in and each took an arm and tied a wrist to
the headboard of the bed.  Then each took a leg, raised it into the air and tied
a rope around her ankles. Then they pulled the rope back, lacing it through the
headboard and pulled hard. Her body began to bend in half. The more they pulled
the ropes, the farther up her feet went toward the head of the bed.  They pulled
some more and when sue looked down all she could see was her own cunt. It seemed
to be looking right back at her in this position.

Judy said, "Ron, how far do you think we can get her. Think we can bend the
little slut enough so she can lick herself?"

The Captain laughed and said, "Well, maybe, but let's not do it tonight. I think
this is far enough. Let's tie her off and then get back to bed and fuck all
night. I'm going to spend the night with you, exploring all of your beautiful

"MMMM," said Judy, "In that case, let's hurry. Can't wait to have that wonderful
cock back in my cunt."

They tied off the ropes, and Judy reached into sue's hot pussy to get the phone.
She plugged it in so it would keep a good charge and then shoved it back inside.
The Captain got the butt plug, lubed it up and shoved it into sue's well-exposed

Then they said, "Good  night, little susie slut. Sleep well"

They turned out the lights and shut the door, leaving her in the dark once
again. Even in this awkward position, she fell asleep quickly, having dreams of
being fucked by Ron, the Captain.

"Bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzz" was what woke her up the
next morning as her pussy phone rang. sue opened her eyes to see Judy standing
over her. "Time to get up, pet, but I need something firs,." said Judy as soon
as she saw sue's eyes open.

"Yes, Ma'am, but please release me. I ache all over," said sue.

"Certainly," said Judy as she released sue's ankles.  "But before I release your
wrists, I am full of cum from the Captain and I need you to suck it out for me."
And she crawled up to where sue's mouth was and placed her pussy right on sue's

"Suck it out, cunt, then I'll release you," ordered Judy.

sue had no other option, so began to suck out her cunt. She tasted terrible, and
the Captain's cum was stale as it leaked out of the pussy on her face. But she
did what she had to and sucked until Judy finally got off the bed.

Judy untied her and told her to get cleaned up and ready for work. sue got to
the bathroom, pulled the butt plug out and used the toilet. Then she got into
the shower and cleaned up.

As she was drying her hair, her attention was drawn to the lock in her ear.  her
eyes began to tear up.  The embarrassment and days of torment had left her
exhausted and humiliated.  she touched the lock, tugging lightly on her ear, as
she tried to suppress the tears.

When she came out of the bathroom, her clothes were laid out on the bed. It was
her uniform skirt and blouse, but the skirt seemed to have been cut up the back.
All the way from the hem to the waistband. sue put it on and knew her ass would
be showing when she walked, but then noticed there were strips of velcro sewn
into it. she got them fastened and put her blouse on. she was ready to be driven
to work by Judy.

As they walked into the station house, the Captain said, "In my office and show

sue went to his office and stripped. she positioned herself in front of his
desk, legs spread apart and hands on the desk, which made her bend at the waist.
The Captain and Judy entered behind her and watched her get naked for them.

Once she was properly positioned, the Captain reached up to her cunt and poked
his fingers inside. He grabbed the phone and pulled it out saying, "I don't
think you need this while at work anymore. I'll use the intercom if I want you."
Then he laid the phone down on his desk before he continued. "I want you to get
dressed, slut, and go sit at your desk. You'll notice you have a new chair to
sit in. Don't say anything when you see it, just sit down. You'll know how when
you see. Now get moving."

sue quickly got her clothes back on and started to reattach the velcro, but Judy
stopped her, saying, "No, leave it off. That is for when you walk outside. After
all, can't have all these other policemen getting turned on all the time."

Judy walked with her to her desk and said, "OK, cunt, sit!" She pulled the chair
out from under the desk and sue saw what they had done. In the chair was a dildo
and butt plug, positioned just right so when she sat down, they would go up her
pussy and ass. They appeared to be permanently attached to this chair. she
started to complain, but thought better. And now she knew why her skirt had been

sue moved to the chair and had to stand up on the bottom rung of the legs in
order to get her ass high enough to sit in it. she slowly sat down. she felt the
instruments enter her holes and tried to stand up on the rung. But Judy pushed
her feet off the rung and sue was impaled by two objects. They forced themselves
deeply into her and she couldn't move.

"Now, just sit like that and do your work. Don't even think about putting your
feet up, either. The Captain and I will be watching you!" stated Judy.

sue started crying from the frustration and the pain in her pussy. It was not
only the pain of being hurt, but a pain from needing to get fucked by a big hard
cock. Even if she had her cunt full of dildo, she still needed the real thing.
And, if she could get away today, she would find a big cock to fuck her.

The Captain and Judy watched her all morning. she squirmed in her seat, feeling
those two objects inside her. she just couldn't get comfortable. And to make it
worse, she couldn't put her feet on the floor or the chair rungs to ease the
discomfort. she just had to sit flat on her ass, her naked skin touching the
hard wooden seat.

At lunchtime, the Captain called her on the intercom. "sergeant, get into my
office. And don't forget to push your chair in all the way unless you want
others to see what you have been sitting on."

sue carefully got up off her new chair, pushed it way up under her desk and
walked into the Captain's office. she forgot to fix her skirt and when she
realized it, she knew everyone around had seen her naked ass.

she walked into the office and said, "Yes, Sir."

The Captain said, "I want you to go get our lunch today. Here is what I want and
what Judy wants. You get what you want, too."

He handed her the list and some money. she started to fix the back of her skirt,
but he stopped her saying, "No, leave it just like that. I want your naked ass
in view today."

Quietly she left the office, staying next to the wall on her way out, trying to
hide herself. As she was walking out the door, a new rookie cop caught up with
her. He said, "Hi, I'm Allen. I noticed that earring you have. Quite
interesting. I'm going to get some lunch, want to join me?"

sue started to tell him no, but then thought this might be the only chance she
had to get fucked today. So she said, "Sure, I was on the way out for lunch,
too. Have to get the Captain's. And thank you for noticing my earring. i thought
it was different, so I bought it."

They left and sue drove. she said she had to go to two places and hoped he
didn't mind; the Captain and Judy had ordered from two different restaurants. 
But she had already decided to make a detour and go someplace to fuck this
good-looking rookie.

As they drove, he was talking to her, but she wasn't sure about what he said.
All sue could think about was getting his cock in her hot cunt. That dildo made
her pussy so wet and it was ready for the real thing.

she knew about a little park down the street from the station and pulled into
it, knowing that it was deserted most of the time. she found the spot she was
looking for and stopped.

He said, "What we doing here? Can't buy lunch in a park you know."

sue looked at him with a big smile and said, "No, but we can fuck! And I want
your hard cock slamming into my pussy right now."

The rookie was shocked, but didn't argue as they both got out of the car. sue
just bent over the trunk and spread her legs. she said, "Do me stud. Fuck my hot

she had picked the trunk, knowing that the camera wouldn't see them, should it
happen to be on. The rookie pulled his cock out and plunged it into her pussy.
she moaned and pushed back. Finally after all the torment she went through being
denied a fucking, she was now getting it.

They fucked like that for about twenty minutes and he finally stiffened and shot
his load deep inside her pussy. she came at the same time.


They stayed connected for a short time after that and finally sue said, "God you
are good. I wouldn't mind a lunch break like that everyday. How about we try to
get everyone's lunch everyday so we can fuck."

"Great idea!" he said, "You have one hot pussy and I'll take all I can of it."

They straightened their clothes and then went to get the food. sue went into the
bathroom to clean her pussy out so the Captain wouldn't notice she had been
fucked. she was thinking that now she wouldn't care if the Captain forbid her to
fuck. she had her own cock to fuck now.

Getting back to the station, she went into the Captain's office with the food.
Judy was with him and as she shut the door, Judy took the food. The Captain
said, "Show me!"

sue was glad to show him now, knowing that everyday she could get away, she was
going to have Allen's hard cock up her cunt. So, she quickly stripped and
positioned herself at his desk as usual.

The Captain and Judy took all the food out and set theirs on the desk so they
could eat. But Judy put sue's on the floor. The Captain came up behind her,
grabbed her arms, bringing them behind her back and handcuffed them.

"Now slut, get on your knees and eat your lunch like a good little puppy,"
ordered Judy.

sue hesitated until she felt the "SMACK" of the Captain's hand on her naked ass.
Then she quickly got down in front of her meal and bent over to lick it up. The
other two laughed and began to eat their lunch.

They continued eating and watching sue slurp up her food. They talked and
laughed and were making plans for the upcoming night and the long weekend ahead.
sue could hear them and knew she wouldn't be getting fucked by him anytime soon,
since their plans were to fuck each other continually.

Finally finishing lunch, the Captain allowed her to get up and released her from
the cuffs. He even allowed her to wipe the food from her face. Judy walked with
her back to her desk once she was dressed again and made sure she was sitting
properly on her new toys. Judy got quite a laugh as sue eased herself down onto
the two objects.

sue sat at her desk doing her work and never noticed the Captain leaving his
office. He was making his rounds of the station to check on everything,
especially the new rookies. He wanted to be sure they were learning and getting
their duties done.

As he walked toward the break area, he stopped and listened to two of the
rookies talking. What had caught his attention was the fact that he had heard
sgt. lee's name. So, out of sight of the two, he just listened.

One of them said, "No way man. The sergeant wouldn't even let you look at her
cunt, let alone fuck her. I heard she was a cold bitch."

"But it's true," said the other, "we went to get lunches and she pulled into
this deserted park and begged me to fuck her. And she has one nice pussy. You
should hear her when she cums."

"So, you are going to lunch with her every day from now on so you can fuck her
again." asked the first one.

"That's right," said Allen, "sergeant lee was the one who asked me."

"Think I can fuck her, too?" questioned the first guy. "Maybe someday you can
take a break and I can go to lunch with her and get some of that hot asian

The Captain had heard enough and he was pissed. The little cunt was out getting
some cock on the side, even after being told that her cunt didn't belong to her
anymore. sue's cunt was his and he planned to punish her severely for fucking
without permission.

He went back toward his office, but stopped by Judy's desk on the way. He said,
"Come into my office. We have some problems to get straight. Transfer all your
calls to the slut."

Judy put her phone on transfer and followed the Captain. As she walked by sue's
desk she said, "I'll be in with Ron, and all the calls will come to you. Handle
them, bitch."

The two entered the office and shut the door. Judy was wanting a little
afternoon fuck, but the Captain wasn't in the mood. He told Judy what he had
heard and that the little cunt had to pay.

They started with the plans to get sue. They thought about making her walk the
streets as a hooker and wouldn't allow her back home until she made a lot of
money. They also discussed having a party at her house with her being the
entertainment and fucking all their friends. And they even thought about sending
her to the jail for a night with those horny men.

All the ideas sounded great, but they wanted this to be special. Once she was
thoroughly fucked, they would fix it so she would never fuck again without
permission. It was getting late in the afternoon and they still hadn't decided
on what to do. They agreed to think it over and then talk some more.


part 14

The Captain was really upset with his little slut, and made up his mind  what to
do with her. He called Judy to tell her, and she loved the idea. Then he called
the jail and spoke with the guard. He found out that the one she had sucked off
before would be there in about thirty minutes and this pleased him. He would
give him some pussy before he did the rest with sue and he would keep his mouth

He waited in his office, watching sue work and from the way she was squirming in
her seat, he knew her little cunt would be really wet for later. Then he called
back to the jail and the guard he was waiting for was there. He told him part of
what he wanted and promised him some pussy if he went along with the plan and
wouldn't tell anyone.

Everything was in place, so he called sue on the intercom and said he would be
out to get her soon. "Be sure all your work is done and we need to put your
chair away so the next sergeant doesn't see it," he said to her.

sue hurried to finish her work, then got up off her chair and the two objects
that had been inside her. she took the chair to the little shift room and put it
away and brought another chair out. As she was finishing this the Captain came
out and said, "Follow me, sergeant."

sue followed him toward the jail, which took them right past Judy's desk. She
got up and went with them. The three of them walked together without saying
anything until they reached the guard station at the entrance to the jail.

Then the Captain said, "Now, show me!"

"Please, Sir, not here. Others are around. Anyplace but here, please," she

But he would hear none of it and said, "I said, show me, slut!  Now do it!"

Slowly sue began to disrobe and laid her clothes on the desk. When she had put
the last article on the desk, Judy took them all and shoved them into a bag. sue
stood naked before the Captain, Judy and the guard, not sure what to do next.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the proper position," asked the Captain.

sue realized that he expected her to do what she did in his office and leaned
over, putting her hands on the desk where the guard usually sat. Then she spread
her legs wide and waited.

"Now, slut, who do you think you are anyway? How do you think you can just fuck
anyone without asking me first. And don't tell me you didn't, either. I know you
fucked that rookie cop this afternoon when you went for lunch, didn't you?" The
Captain was harsh with his words.

"Yyyyyeeesssss, Sir, i did," she cried, "i was just so hot, i just couldn't help

"Well, slut, I am going to make sure you get well fucked tonight and that will
be the last time you get a cock in that cunt for a long, long time," stated the

sue was shaking now, not knowing what this evil man meant and she cried. she was
so shook up, she couldn't even talk. Then she heard him say, "Now, just stay
right where you are while this nice guard reams your hot cunt for you to get it
nice and juicy for the rest of them."

The guard walked behind her, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. she
already knew what size it was since she had sucked it before for the Captain.
But now she was going to feel it in her pussy. And this she didn't really mind,
but it was what was to come next that frightened her.

The guard stepped up behind sue and without even rubbing her wet slit, drove his
cock deep inside her, all the way to his balls.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH," moaned sue, as she felt him ram it deep in her cunt.

He stayed that way for just a short time and then began pumping back and forth,
fucking her hard and deep. She didn't know it, but he had not had any pussy in a
long time and hadn't cum since she sucked him off.

she wanted to cum from him fucking her, but to her dismay, he shot his load
before she could. she felt him stiffen just as she was getting turned on and
then felt his sperm enter her. He quickly pulled out and with the Captains
insistence he walked in front of her and pushed his softening cock into her

"Clean it up quickly ,cunt," said Judy, "we have some more surprises for you."

sue took his cock into her mouth and sucked him until it was clean and then he
pulled out, put it back into his pants and zipped up. He knew about what was
going to happen next and he would have a front row seat for all the action. He
couldn't wait.

"OK, my little whore," said the Captain, "get your ass up and follow me."

He walked to the large door that sealed off the jail cells and told the guard to
open it. The Captain walked in through the doors, followed by sue and then Judy.
The door slammed shut behind them. He walked down the aisle between the cells
and stopped when he got to a large table in the middle.

He said, "OK, sergeant, get your ass up on the table, and lay on your belly."

sue was in shock, knowing that all the prisoners, some of whom she put behind
bars, were watching and could see her nakedness. she tried to cover her body,
but Judy slapped her hands away.

Reluctantly, she got on the table, knowing that if she didn't  things would just
get worse. As soon as she was laying face down on the table, Judy and the
Captain handcuffed her hands and feet to the table legs. Of course, they made
sure her whore holes were positioned just right to accept cocks.

sue lay on the cold table, legs spread wide apart, her cunt dripping from being
fucked by the guard, along with it being so aroused and listened to the Captain.

He said, "Your attention please. Tonight, I have a special treat for all of you.
I know some of you have been in here for a long time, while others just arrived.
But tonight you are going to be free. Well, at least as free as you can get
while still in jail. In a short while, I am going to leave and when I do, all
your cell doors will be unlocked."

Cheers and applause was heard throughout the jail. The prisoners knew something
good would happen, especially with this cunt in front of them.

The Captain held up his hand and called for silence. Then he continued. "As you
can see, I have placed this whore in the center of the room. Some of you might
recognize her as the sergeant that brought you in here. Well, tonight she is not
a cop! Tonight, she is your whore. Once I open your cell doors, you are all free
to fuck her in any of her three holes. However, I do expect her cunt to be used
the most."

More cheers, yells, clapping and banging on the bars from the prisoners. Some of
these guys hadn't  seen a pussy in so long.

sue was horrified by what she heard.  her breath was short and shallow.  There
was nothing she could do but choke back her tears.

Judy was watching from the sidelines and saw that they were already stripping
down to get at this cunt in front of them. She paid close attention to their
cocks. It was amazing how different, but so much alike they looked. Some long,
some short, some thin, some fat, but all engorged and ready for action.

The Captain continued talking, "Take your time with her, since you will have all
night to use her. I will be back in the morning to get her. I hope you all have
fun, but do remember, no abuse. I don't want her hurt, I just want her fucked."

Then as he was walking away, sue heard him say, "Judy, when we get home, please
call Stephanie and see about an appointment at the house tomorrow night. I want
that cunt fixed!"

Then there was a silence, but only for a short time. sue lay on her belly on
that cold metal table, her cunt openly displayed and left all alone with these
horny guys to use all night. How would she ever manage to keep up? she knew it
would be bad, but at the same time, it excited her to know she was going to be
gang raped. Her cunt was soaking wet with the thought of all those hard cocks
going into her.

Then suddenly she heard the electric locks come undone and the doors slide open.
Next thing she knew there were men all around her, running their hands all over
her and into her. Then came the first of many cocks. One guy stuck his cock into
her pussy and rammed it home. He was fucking her hard and fast, going deep with
each thrust. she heard him mumbling something about the time he was arrested by
this cunt. she didn't know who it was, nor could she see him, because about the
time her had his cock all the way in, a hard cock was stuck into her mouth and
it too was fucking her. No one seemed to care about her feelings, they just
fucked her.

The Captain and Judy watched for awhile on the screen set up to monitor the
prisoners. They could tell she was in for a long night and really doubted that
she would want to fuck again for quite some time. her cunt would be really sore
by the time morning came. That was a good twelve hours away and as horny as some
of these guys were, they knew she would be used all night.

sue couldn't move. The only thing she could do is take what she was getting.
Hard cocks! Once the first guy fucked her, they lined up front and back and gave
her a steady supply of cocks and cum. Some of the men fucked her pussy, some she
had to suck off, while others even went for her virgin asshole.

The prisoners were really enjoying their little bit of freedom. Even if they
couldn't get out on the streets, the Captain had supplied them with a whore for
the night and they were making the best of it. Not knowing when they would get
an opportunity like this again, they were going to fuck her until they just
couldn't get hard any more. But even then, some of them were thinking, they
could shove their soft cocks into her mouth to try to get hard at least once

The Captain and Judy watched the monitor  as sue got fucked from every angle.
They laughed at the sight of her and knew after this, she wouldn't be getting
fucked, at least in her cunt, for quite some time.

But getting bored of watching, along with getting horny, they left her to the
guard who could see everything. Judy promised him that once the night was over,
he would get some more. They left and headed to Judy's "new house".

The Captain drove quite fast because he wanted Judy's hot cunt real bad. He
would have fucked sue, but didn't want her to think that he was being easy on
her. They arrived at the house and hurried inside. They both needed to fuck
again, but Judy had to make a phone call first.

As soon as they were in the house, Judy got on the phone and dialed Stephanie's
number. As soon as it was answered Judy said, "Hi Steph, this is Judy. Can we
set up an appointment?"

The Captain listened for a while, then left as he heard Judy say, "We would love
to have you over tomorrow night if you can make it."

Only Judy could hear the other end of the conversation, but the Captain could
hear Judy talking. Even though he was getting ready to get a shower, he still

"Great," said Judy, "bring all your tools and if you can, pick out some nice
rings too."

Then she listened and answered, "Yea, something that we can fit a couple locks
in. You know, about the size we used last time, or even a little bigger."

Waiting for Stephanie to talk, she then answered again, "Yes, we know about the
extra charge, and are willing to pay it. But we will be sure to add something
special in it for you."

Waiting again, then saying, "Well, I don't know about you, but I love to be
eaten and it is so special when another woman does it. Their lips are so much
softer than a man's."

A short pause, then "That's Ok, Stephanie, I'm not Bi either. I wouldn't dream
of eating out another pussy. But having a slut eat you is special. I love it."

Another short pause and then "Well, at least think about it. You'll never know
how it is unless you try it, and we will make sure it is good for you."

She listened some more and then said, "OK, bye. We'll see you tomorrow night
when you get off work. About nine, right?"

Judy hung up the phone and began to strip. She was ready for some good hard cock
now and knew the Captain would be ready too. She got naked and ran into her new
bedroom to find Ron laying on the bed, naked with a big stiff cock pointing
straight into the air.

Judy couldn't wait for any playing around, and jumped on the bed, mounted the
Captain and slid her cunt over his hard cock. She moved her cunt down his cock
until it was all the way in, then started bouncing. She was riding him like she
was a cowgirl riding a bull.

She fucked the Captain until she felt his cock stiffen inside her and then drove
her cunt all the way down and squeezed with her muscles. He shot his load inside

At the same time he was cumming in her, she had her first orgasm of the night.
she screamed.

Then she just collapsed on his chest, with his cock still inside her. But they
only lay that way for a moment, when he rolled over and began to fuck her again.
This action lasted way into the night and the next morning. But finally, after
numerous fucks, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, sue had lost count of how many cocks had been in
her. she had many nice orgasms to start with, but now it seemed like that is all
she was doing. With all the cocks in her cunt, ass and mouth, she was in a
constant state of arousal. But she was beginning to wear out. All this sex made
her sore and she was fighting to stay awake and alert. she was close to passing
out from exhaustion, when suddenly, there were no more cocks in her.

she tried to look around to see what was going on, but could see no one.
Suddenly one of the prisoners came around to her face and bent down so she could
see him. she remembered the guy. It was one of the men she had arrested, but she
couldn't remember why.

He leaned toward her and said, "So, sergeant, now you are a whore. Do you know
how many of us are in here because of you? I'll bet you don't, but you are going
to find out. We are taking a short break, then all the ones you put in the
slammer are going to have you again. You are going to count each one so you know
how many there are."

"Ppppplllleeeeaaassseeee, Sir, please be gentle," she begged, "i want to be
fucked by all of you, but please don't hurt me."

"Oh, we won't hurt you sergeant," said the prisoner, "we are just going to fuck
your slutty little cunt while you try to figure out how many men you put away."

sue was silent, trying to figure out how many there might be. she didn't know
how many men had fucked her already and didn't know how she was going to keep
track now.

But the prisoner told her how it would work. He said, "We will start out by each
of us fucking your hot cunt, one at a time. As soon as we cum inside you, you
will count. We want you to say out loud, One just fucked my cunt! Then when he
pulls out, the next will fuck you and when he cums, you will say Two just fucked
my cunt."

"Yyyyyeeeeesssss Sir," she cried, knowing she would have a hard time keeping
track. Even though she had cum so many times, she needed more.

"Once all of us are done with your cunt, we are going to start on your pretty
little ass and you'll do the same there, except you say just fucked my ass
instead of cunt," he explained.

she was trying to take it all in when he continued. "Then we'll do the same with
that whore mouth! Do you understand cunt?"

"Yyyyyeeesssss Sir, please fuck me," she cried out. she didn't even know what
she was saying, but she did know she was still horny. The Captain had made her
into a fucking slut. His whore. Just like she was when she was younger when she
had to sell her body to support her family. Now she wasn't even getting paid,
but needed it so very much.

The men all lined up and began their torture of her swollen pussy. They worked
her cunt, then her ass and finally her mouth. she wasn't even sure she had
counted correctly, but knew all the numbers ran together and she still didn't
know how many cocks she had taken this night.

The next morning, the guard got a phone call from the Captain. As soon as he
hung up, he called the prisoners through the PA system and told them the fun was
over and they had to return to their cells. But promised them that the little
slut would return someday to do it again.

Once she felt no more cocks going into her body, sue passed out and slept until
the Captain came to the jail to get her. He gave her the day off to sleep, but
put her in a cell next to all the other prisoners. When she woke up, she saw
them all there and the Captain was saying, "Come on, sergeant, time to go home
to clean up. We have a special guest coming by tonight and I want you nice and

They left the jail once she was given her revealing clothes and headed home.


part 15

They arrived home and sue got out of the car, following her Master and Mistress
into the house. As soon as they were inside, she was told to strip. As she was
getting out of her clothes, she noticed how dirty her house was. she never
allowed it to get dirty, but while she was in the jail getting fucked, the
Captain and Judy had fucked all over the house. They left their clothes laying
around, dirty dishes were everywhere and it smelled like sex.

As soon as she was naked, Judy said, "OK, slut, get this house cleaned up. We
are having company tonight and I don't want my house looking like a dump."

These words hurt sue. It was her house, not this other bitch's, but because she
had not wanted to be deported, it now belonged to Judy. she was nothing more
than a maid  in her own house, along with being a play toy for them.

But, she was so tired and sore, she didn't argue. she went about cleaning up
their mess and got the dishes and laundry started. Once she got everything clean
again, the Captain said, "OK, now go get a nice bath. You smell like a whore and
we don't want our guest to see you like this."

sue went to the bathroom to bathe. Of course, she had to use the small bathroom
in the hallway, since she was forbidden the use of her other bathroom off the
master bedroom. This was now Judy's private bath.

Running the water, she climbed into the tub and soaked. her pussy was sore and
swollen. Her ass felt like it had been turned wrong side out and her jaws hurt.
she had been fucked so much last night, she didn't know if she would ever be
able to fuck again.

she was soaking her hurts away as her mind drifted back to her past. The family
needed money and she only knew of one way to get it. she told them she was
working, but they never knew she was selling her body. she had been fucked by
many different men and got paid well for her services, but she didn't want this
forever and decided to get an education. But she worried about her younger
sister, who had found out that sue was a whore and she wanted to be just like
her. sue was able to convince her not to do it. However, she didn't know if she
really did or not. sue moved out after that and hadn't really seen her sister in
a long time.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Judy entered the little bathroom and said,
"Hurry up, slut! Our guest will be arriving soon and we still have to get you

sue jumped when she heard Mistress Judy speak. she wondered what was going to
happen next. her cunt was getting hot again, but her mind wanted everything to
stop. But recently, she could only listen to her pussy and blocked out
everything her mind said.

she got out of the tub and dried off. she left the bathroom to be met by the
Captain. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the living room. she gasped
when she saw her dinning room table in the middle of the living room. Attached
to each leg was rope and she dreaded being tied up again. Especially after her
night in the jail.

He took her to the table and said, "OK, cunt, up you go. On your back, legs
spread. Move it!"

sue hesitated, knowing something bad was going to happen. But her hesitation was
short lived.  With one hand, the Captain grabbed the lock which hung from sue's
ear, pulling her head down, and with the other slapped her harshly on her naked
ass three times. "I said on the table! Now do it!"

Having no choice, she got on the table and lay down. her eyes were filling up
with tears now and she didn't want anything else to happen. As soon as she was
on her back, the Captain and Judy grabbed her arms and secured them to the table
legs. Then moving down to her legs, they spread them wide apart and tied them to
the table legs as well.

Now she layed there, spreadeagled on her table. The wood was cold on her naked
skin and she felt so open. her pussy was in plain view for all to see and she
hated it.

Judy came over to her and played with her pussy and said, "Yes, Sir, it does
look a little swollen, but that may be good. It will be easier to work with this

sue cried more and begged, "Please, don't do any more to me. I have done
everything you wanted, please let me go."

They both laughed at her and the Captain said, "No, you haven't done everything
I wanted. I told you that your cunt was now mine and no one else was to have it.
But two times you fucked up and screwed someone else. So tonight we'll fix it so
you won't fuck anyone again with out my permission."

Just then the door bell rang and Judy said, "I'll get it. Must be Stephanie."

sue was left alone on the table while Judy and the Captain both went to the
door. she heard them talking. They were saying, "Come in, Stephanie, glad you
could make it. Would you like a drink?"

Stephanie accepted the drink and then asked, "Well, where is the subject and
what do you need me to do with her."

The Captain said, "Oh, she is in the living room. Hopefully she is just the way
you need her. We'll explain what we want, once we are with her."

They walked into the living room and Stephanie saw sue spread out on the table.
sue was able to see her and watched as she laughed at the sight before her.

Stephanie said, "Well now, this is a first. No one has ever given me such a
willing subject before. So, what is it you nee?."

Judy said, "Can we tell you in a minute? There is something else we want her to
do first."

"Sure," said Stephanie, "but you know my time here has to be paid for."

The Captain spoke up and said, "Oh, you'll be paid well and even get something
added to it."

They all laughed and Stephanie said, "OK, what comes first."

Judy said, "You cum first, Stephanie. We would like you to sit on this little
slut's face and have her eat you. And we want to video tape it. Don't worry,
your face won't be in it, just hers and your pussy."

Stephanie hesitated with her answer, then said,  "You know I'm not into girls,
but if the price is right, I'll allow her to eat me. But don't expect anything
like that from me. I don't eat pussy."

Both the Captain and Judy said, "No, we won't expect that. If Judy wants her
pussy licked, the slut will do it. We just want her to eat you. she doesn't
enjoy eating cunt, so that's why we want it. Besides, you let men eat you,
right? It isn't any different."

"Well, OK," said Stephanie and started to get up on the table. But Judy asked, 
"Can you remove your panties first?"

Laughing, Stephanie reached up under her skirt and took her panties off. Judy
took them and then pushed them into sue's mouth. "Just to give her a little
taste of what's to come next."

Stephanie got up on the table and stood right over sue's face. sue looked up and
saw her pussy. It was neatly trimmed, just like hers used to be. she didn't want
to do any of this, but she had no other choice, since she couldn't get away.

Stephanie started to squat down on sue's face and just before she had her pussy
there, she reached down and pulled the panties from sue's mouth. She just sat
down, smothering sue with her open slit.

sue had no choice but to lick the cunt that was now on her face. It was the only
way she could breath. sue hated this, especially since she really didn't know
this girl. But she continued licking the pussy sitting on her face.

Stephanie had never been eaten this way before. Usually it was some guy doing
it, just so he could fuck her. But this was different. She didn't have to try
and hurry to have an orgasm before she was fucked. She could stay on this face
and ride it for as long as she desired. Stephanie always wanted to have one good
cum from being eaten before she took a cock inside her. Now it was going to
happen but without the cock afterwards. She loved it and tried to last as long
as she could while this little slut licked her.

She slid back and forth on sue's mouth and tongue, enjoying the feel. First into
her hole and then on her clit and then back to her hole. She was in heaven and
never knew how it would be with a woman. Now she thought about all the other
women she knew and wondered if she could get them to suck her cunt, too. Even
though she didn't want to lick another woman's pussy, she wouldn't stop any of
them from licking hers.

She could tell she was getting close and rode the little asian slut even more.
She ground her cunt down onto the face below her and forced sue to suck in order
to get air to breathe. The closer she got, the harder she rode and suddenly,
Stephanie stiffened up and drove her cunt down hard, suffocating poor little

MMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!" screamed Stephanie as sue was doing her best to
breath and lick this cunt even more.

Finally, Stephanie got relaxed and pulled her body up off sue. "God that was
great," she said. "I wouldn't mind more of that!"

Judy laughed and said, "Stephanie, you can have her whenever you wish. Just let
me know when."

Judy grabbed Stephanie's panties and wiped up the beautiful woman's cunt juices
with them. Once they were soaked with her cunt juice, she wadded them up into a
ball and shoved them into sue's mouth. "Don't want her to forget your taste and
we don't want her screaming either."

"Now that you are well satisfied, Stephanie," said the Captain, "let me tell you
what we want."

"Sure," replied Stephanie, "I can't wait to find out."

"Well, you see," started the Captain, "my slut fucked two guys without
permission and now I want to lock up her cunt so it won't happen again. We
figured that if you put two rings in her pussy lips, one toward the top the
other near the bottom, I can put padlocks on her pussy so she can't use it."

sue was stunned to hear this.  she tried to protest, but the gag muffled all the
meaningful sounds.

Stephanie thought for a moment and then said, "That may work, but three would be
better. Then she can be completely closed up and no one can get into her."

The Captain thought for a moment, then said, "No, I think two will be enough.
Put one about one-third the way down from the top and the other about one-third
the way up from the bottom. Make sure she has the same two holes in each lip."

OK," said Stephanie, "but if it isn't enough, I'll do the third hole free."

"Very good," said the Captain, "now let's begin."

Stephanie had all of her tools with her and laid them out on the table between
sue's spread, open legs. Then she pulled her panties out of sue's mouth and
wiped the juice and wetness from the slut's cunt. Of course, they went back into
sue's mouth as soon as she was done.

sue tried to beg for mercy while the panties were out, "No, please, Sir, please
don't do that. i don't want holes in my cunt. Please. i'll do whatever you say,
but please not that."

Then the panties were back into her mouth. she couldn't talk anymore and the
Captain just laughed saying, "Sorry ,cunt, but you disobeyed and I won't have

sue was crying, tears running from her eyes, knowing it would hurt and that she
would always be at the Captain's mercy. But what could she do? she was tied and
gagged, and couldn't move.

Stephanie started measuring the length of her cunt, taking a small marker to put
a dot on each lip where she would put the holes.  Satisfied that they were all
even, she took an alcohol wipe and rubbed sue's swollen lips, making sure they
were clean.

"MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH," cried sue through the panty gag. The alcohol burned her
lips and she was in agony. But it soon went away when the alcohol dried. she
watched Stephanie as best she could, even though she couldn't see that area.

Stephanie picked up her puncturing tool and held it up as if she was inspecting
it. But she really wanted sue to see it. Stephanie was enjoying this and hoped
she would be allowed to take some photos of her work for promotional purposes.

Then sue felt Stephanie's fingers on her pussy. she tensed up, knowing what was
coming, but she couldn't get away. Stephanie pulled out a pair of gripping
tweezers and attached it to sue's puffy lip on the right side. "MMMMMMMM,"
mumbled sue, as her lip was pulled out, stretching it.

The next thing she felt was the cold puncturing tool being place on her
stretched lip. Then it happened. Stephanie squeezed and sue could not only feel
the hole being made, but she also heard the skin being punctured.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH,MMMMMMM,NNNNNNNNNN," she tried to scream but only muffled
sounds came out of her mouth as the hole was made and the first ring was

Stephanie was working quickly, in order to get all the rings in before sue
passed out. It wasn't long and the second hole was made in her tender pussy and
now she had two rings attached. sue was sore from the abuse her cunt had taken
over the past day and now it was suffering more. she didn't want anything near
her pussy now.

But Stephanie continued to work on her cunt. Finishing the right side, she moved
to the left side and did the same. When she finished, sue had four little golden
rings dangling from her cunt.  Stephanie stood back to admire her work and Judy
came over to get a closer look.

She said, "Look Ron, we now have a place to attach all kinds of things to her.
We can lock her up, but we can also put her on a leash or even put some weights
on her."

The Captain laughed as he saw Judy playing with the little rings. She pulled on
them and twisted them. They were both enjoying the torment they were giving the
little asian slut.

Then he said, "OK, Judy, time to lock up my little cunt. she'll never fuck
anyone again without permission."

Judy went to the other room and got the locks that sue had picked out in the
mall. She showed each of them to sue, asking, "Do you like this on or maybe this

sue just shook her head and cried. They were serious about locking up her pussy.
she now wished she hadn't fucked Allen. And what was she going to tell him when
they went to lunch again?

The Captain picked out one nice lock and showed it to sue. He said, "Now, cunt,
you are mine and only mine. Once I put this on you, you'll never take a cock in
my cunt again, will you?"

He reached down between her legs and played with the rings. "Do you think one
lock will do?" he asked. "We can put it through all four rings and she'll have
the lock right in the middle of her hole. I think that will look cute."

Then he started feeding the loop of the lock through the rings. sue felt it
going through the rings, knowing she would never be free again. Why didn't she
just go back to China instead of agreeing to this torture?

sue dreaded the fact that her cunt would now be locked and the only one that
could free her would be the Captain, unless she went to someone to get it cut
off. But that meant more humiliation for her, exposing her pussy to a stranger
and having to explain how her cunt got locked up. she knew that once it CLICKED
shut, she would never be free.

her thoughts were interrupted by the Captain when he said, "OK, my little slut,
it is now time to lock you up. I want you to repeat after me."

she mumbled something that he didn't understand, so he removed the panties from
her mouth, and asked, "Do you understand?"

"Yyyyeesssss, Sir," she cried out the reply.

"Good, now this is what you'll say," the Captain ordered. "i am a slut, owned by
Master Ron, and to prove it, my cunt is locked and only Master can open it."

she tried to say it just like him, but the words wouldn't come out, so he said,
"OK, let's try it again."

As he said the words again slowly, she repeated after him. He was laughing by
the time he finished and just as she had said the last phrase, a very loud 
"CLICK" could be heard by the three people with her. sue heard it and broke out
in tears, knowing she would never be free again.


part 16

Once her pussy was locked up, they left her lying on the table, alone, naked and

The Captain said, "Well, Stephanie, I do hope you enjoyed doing this for us.
Anything else we can do for you before you leave?"

Stephanie just looked at the Captain for a few moments, and then replied,
"Working on that little cunt made me horny.  Never been fucked by a police
captain," she continued, with a grin on her face.

This made the Captain smile, and he responded, "Ok, let's go!"

They left sue alone while they all went to the big bedroom. Judy and the Captain
started stripping, but Stephanie just stood and watched until Judy said, "Come
on, Steph, get naked!"

Stephanie shrugged,  stripped out of her clothes, and the Captain gently guided
her to the bed. He said, "Judy, why don't you warm her up a little and then I'll
fuck her."

Judy wasn't really into eating pussy, but since the Captain wanted it, she would
do it. She would do anything for the man she loved. Getting on the bed with
Stephanie, Judy started with her nice little tits, sucking them, making the
nipples nice and hard. Then she moved down her belly to her neatly trimmed pussy
and started licking.

Stephanie was getting hotter by the minute and just before she was ready to cum
the Captain stopped Judy. He said, "OK, now my turn."

He got between Stephanie's legs, his cock pointing straight at her open hole.
Then he moved forward and entered her. Pushing slowly, he got all the way in and
began to rock back and forth, fucking the sweet little cunt. He went slowly to
start with, but soon she was bucking her hips up to connect with him. She was
one hot little lady and knew how to fuck.

As they rocked back and forth, his cock pounding her wet pussy, Stephanie was
getting really hot. It wasn't long and both of the seemed to freeze in time as
they came together.

that could be heard from the two lovers.

Once they finished, they lay together for a moment and then the Captain got up,
allowing Stephanie to move. Judy said, "Wow, never thought I would enjoy seeing
you fuck someone else, but that was hot. Let's get susie to clean you both up

Laughing, they went back into the living room to where sue lay on the cold
table. The Captain put his cock to her mouth and said, "susie slut, I just
finished fucking Stephanie and you are going to lick both of us clean. Now get

sue had no other option at this time, since she was still tied to the table, so
she began to suck on the Captain's cock, cleaning all the cum and cunt juice
from it. He was beginning to get hard again from her sucking and his shaft
started going into her throat. But he didn't want to cum in her mouth. Instead,
he would take Judy into the bedroom and fuck her. He pulled out and smiled at
the bound Chinese slut.

Then he helped Stephanie up on the table and positioned her over sue's face. sue
looked straight up into her cunt and saw the first few drops of his cum appear
at the opening and dribble out onto her lips. Stephanie squatted down, covering
sue's face with her freshly fucked pussy.

Once she was all the way down, the Captain said, "OK, now, she isn't getting off
until all my cum has been sucked out of her and you make her cum. So, start
sucking, bitch!"

sue wanted this to end so she started on Stephanie's cunt. Licking and sucking,
she tasted the mixed juices from them both. His cum mixed with her pussy juice!
It tasted somewhat different from the first time she had to eat Stephanie, but
she continued, knowing that if she didn't finish this girl off, she would be in
trouble once again.

sue continued until she felt Stephanie tighten up and grind her cunt harder down
on the little slut's mouth, almost suffocating her. Then, it happened.

she had an orgasm in sue's mouth.

Weak from all the sex she had had this evening, Stephanie cautiously got up from
sue's mouth and Judy helped her off the table. Then Stephanie dressed and left.

The Captain said, "OK, cunt, we are going to bed now and will see you in the
morning. Don't go anywhere." They both laughed and left the room, turning off
the light as they left.

sue lay there on the hard table, aching from being kept in one position all this
time. her cunt lips were sore from the piercing, and she wanted to cum so bad.
she couldn't figure out why she got so wet, hot and horny when they abused her,
but it happened every time.

Finally, sue fell asleep listening to the other two fucking in what used to be
her bed.

The next morning, sue was awakened when she was touched on her pussy. she opened
her eyes and saw the Captain and Judy standing around her, the Captain was
checking her lock and rings. she was stiff and hoped they would let her up soon.

"Glad to see you awake slut," said the Captain. "We have to get to work soon,
but before I leave, there are some things I need to explain."

"And you better listen good, susie, or you'll be in big troubl,." added Judy.

The Captain continued, "Now, as you might have guessed, I didn't weld those
rings into your pussy lips, which means they can be removed."

sue had hopes now, knowing they could be taken out, and planned to do so as soon
as she was alone. They couldn't keep her pussy locked up forever.

"But if you take them out," said  the Captain, "a couple of things will happen.
First, I'll take you to a doctor that I know real well and have him install a
permanent zipper on your lips, which will be locked. He will do it for me since
I let him off the hook a few years ago when he was caught performing illegal
abortions. He owes me."

sue stared blankly at him. No one could put a zipper on a cunt. Or could they?
she had never heard of this before, but was sure the Captain could get it done.

"And secondly," he continued, "I'll bring your little sister here and make her
into a whore, just like you used to be when you were younger."

sue started crying. Why had she ever told anyone about her family? Especially
her little sister, Lynn. She was innocent and sue didn't want her being taken,
to be made to fuck like she used to, in order to help support her family.

"PPPPlllllleeeaaasssseeee, Sir, don't do that to my sister. she is so young and
innocent. Please!" cried sue, the tears running down her cheeks.

"I won't do either as long as you do as you are told," the Captain told her.
"You leave that pussy locked up and everything will stay just as it is. You
unlock it and I'll do what I said. Understand cunt!"

"Yyyyyeeeesssss ,Sir," she cried.

"Good, now I have to get to work. Judy has your clothes laid out on your bed.
She'll untie you so you can clean up and get dressed for work. I'll see you at
the station," he said as he walked out of the house.

Judy untied her and let her get up. her knees were weak and she was stiff all
over. she had a hard time walking to the little bathroom to shower and shave.

Once she had finished getting clean, she went to her new little bedroom and saw
the clothes on the bed. It was her uniform skirt and blouse. Nothing else,
except her shoes. she quickly put them on and noticed they had been altered. The
blouse had been taken in so it was extremely tight on her and the skirt had been
fixed so the hemline was just below her cunt. she even thought the lock dangling
from her cunt lips could be seen if she walked. How could she wear something
like this to work?

she found Judy in the kitchen and pleaded with her. "Please, Mistress," she
begged, "please don't make me wear this to work. Everyone will think i am a slut
and might even see my locked up pussy. Please let me wear something else."

"No, you will wear what I give you and nothing else," said Judy as she finished
her coffee. "Now, let's get to work."

They got into the car, with Judy driving, and headed for work. As they were
driving, Judy said, "susie, I am sorry, but I didn't give you time to eat. Would
you like to stop for breakfast?"

"Yes, Ma'am, i am hungry, but could we just go through a drive through," said

"Maybe," said Judy, as she continued to drive. Suddenly she pulled into a
restaurant, but it didn't have a drive up window. She said, "OK, slut, here is
five bucks, go in and get your breakfast."

"Please, Ma'am, let's go to a drive up instead," begged sue, "i can't go in like
this. Please!"

"No, if you don't get out right now and go get breakfast, I'll strip you naked
and then you can go in," said Judy. "And if I have to do that, you'll stay naked
for the rest of the day."

sue was crying, not wanting to be out in public like this, but she knew Judy
would do just what she said, so she got out of the car and went into the
restaurant to get her breakfast. she knew she looked like a hooker in a cop
uniform, but she managed to get the breakfast quickly and get back to the car.

As she ate on the way to the station, Judy didn't say anymore. All was silent
until they got to the station and walked inside. Just inside the door was a
large poster that said, "Halloween costume party. Saturday Night. Patrols cut to
minimum so everyone can attend. COSTUMES will be worn! For officers only!"

Judy saw it and exclaimed, "Look, susie, we can dress you up and take you out
Saturday night. I think your new role as a slut slave will be perfect!"

sue just hung her head, knowing that between Judy and the Captain, she would be
so humiliated in front of everyone. All the other cops that knew her would see
just how much of a slut they had made her.

Judy walked with her to the Captain's office and entered. sue knew she should
strip for them, but decided to stay dressed as long as she could. Even though
she didn't have a lot on, at least it covered most of her private areas.

The Captain was sitting at his desk and looked up, saying,  "sergeant lee, we
are going on patrol today. Just you and me. So, I need you to get the car

"Yes, Sir," she said as she headed out to the garage.

sue got all the necessary items ready and loaded them into the car, then checked
it over, making sure it was full of gas. As she was finishing the inspection,
the Captain appeared and said, "Ready to go?"

"Yes, Sir, it is," replied sue.

They got in the car with the Captain driving. He left the garage and headed onto
the street. He had decided to make her feel like a true slut whore today and
headed for a sleazy section of town. He knew there would be some bums wandering
around and would take advantage of them and of her.

As he drove, he explained her role today. "You will obey me in everything I say,
no matter what it may be. We won't be making any arrests, but we will be talking
to some people. And remember, if you fuck up, I know where your sister is."

sue cried harder now, knowing that if she didn't do what he wanted, her little
innocent sister would be dragged into his games. she didn't want this and
decided that she would do as she was told, at least for today.

He drove through the town and turned into a street known to have some really
sleazy people walking around. Most of them were homeless and dirty. He spotted
an older man walking down the street and followed behind him until the man
turned into an alleyway. Perfect, thought the Captain and pulled into the alley
behind him.

He turned on his lights and using the PA system in his cruiser, he told the man
to stop. The man didn't know what to do, so he stopped and turned toward the two
police officers. The Captain motioned him over to the car and spoke to him. sue
didn't hear what he said at first, since the Captain spoke very low.

But then he spoke louder and she heard him ask the man, "How would you like to
have your cock sucked today?"

The dirty old man said, "Uuuuhhhh, yea, sure."

Then the Captain turned to sue and said, "Well, whore, time to earn your pay.
Get out in front of the car and strip for me, then get on your knees."

"Bbbbbbbuuuuutttt, Sir," she cried, "i can't do that!"

"OK, I'll make a call and your sister will do it soon!" said the Captain.

sue cried and got out. she went to the front of the car and removed her little
uniform, then got on her knees. she heard the Captain say, "OK, fella, go get
your cock sucked."

The man walked up to sue and pulled his dick out of his pants and aimed it at
sue's mouth. He pushed it toward her lips. she could smell the pissy odor on him
and almost gagged, but not wanting to get her sister in trouble, she opened her
mouth and took his dirty cock into her mouth and started sucking.

"God, how nasty this is. His cock is so dirty and i can't imagine what his cum
will be like," she thought to herself as she sucked on him.

It didn't take very long and the man stiffened and pushed his cock deep into her
throat. He was cumming in her mouth and it tasted so bad she almost puked. But
she didn't and was able to swallow it all. The man pulled his cock from her
mouth and put it back into his dirty pants and started to leave, but the Captain
stopped him.

"sergeant lee, thank the good man for letting you suck him," he said.

"Ttthhhhannnkkk you, Sir, for leting me ssssuuuuccckkkk yyyyooouurrr
ccccccooooocccckkkk," she cried.

The man said, "You are welcome and you can do that anytime." Then he walked away
leaving sue on her knees.

Just as she was about to get up, another man walked into the alley and saw her
there. This one wasn't quite as dirty, but she could tell he was still a bum.
The Captain leaned out of the window and said, "Since you have been seen like
this, slut, suck him off, too."

God how she hated him for this, but she had no choice but to humiliate herself
once again or risk the chance of getting her sister in trouble. So she pulled
his cock out and started sucking it too. He came in her mouth very quickly and
she was forced to swallow his load.

Then the Captain said, "Now, slut, show him your cunt!"

sue turned bright red as she stood up and pushed her cunt out. The man laughed
as he saw the lock on it, but had a puzzled look. The Captain told her to tell
him why it was like this.

sue cringed and said, "my cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my master. It is
his cunt and i fucked someone else, so he locked it up."  she was crying and
very humiliated now. 

The man turned and walked away, laughing.

The Captain told her to get up and get dressed since he had some other stops to
make before going back to the station.

sue quickly got dressed and got back into the car. she said, "Captain, Sir, that
was not right. How do i know they don't have a disease."

"You don't, slut, but that's the chance sluts like you have to take. Now shut
up!" said the Captain.

The Captain made a few more stops, but always left sue in the car by herself.
she had no idea what he was doing, but she was sure she wasn't going to like it.
Once he returned to the car, he always put something in the trunk.  After his
last stop, he headed back to the station to see if Judy had all the preparations
made for Saturday night.


part 17

Getting back to the station, the two went inside and sue had to get the
paperwork caught up before they could go home. she heard others talking about
the party, discussing their costumes and laughing about some of them. sue still
didn't know how she would be dressed, or even if they would allow her to get
dressed. she just hoped it wouldn't humiliate her too much.

Judy came by and said, "susie, I think the Captain is about ready to leave, so
why don't you go to the car and wait for us."

sue put her things away and got up to walk out, but just as she was going by the
Captain's door she was stopped. Judy said, "While you are waiting for us, susie
slut, I expect you to find a cock to suck. Don't take long finding one, since
we'll be right out."

And the Captain added, "Don't try to hide either. Just suck someone right there
by the car!"

sue turned red with shame. How could she suck a cock in the police station
parking lot without being seen? she didn't reply to them, just walked out to the
car. she noticed that they could watch her from the window in the Captain's
office and knew if she didn't do what she was told, she would get in trouble.
And she also figured they wouldn't come out until she was on her knees sucking
someone's cock.

Getting to the car, she felt lucky, because Allen was just getting ready to
leave too. He said, "Hi, Sue!"

"Hi, Allen, can i ask you something?" she said.

He came over to the car where sue was standing and said, "Sure, sergeant,

Then sue got all red in the face, knowing this was going to be hard, but she had
to do it and since he had fucked her once, sucking his cock would be easy.
However, it wouldn't be easy right here in the lot.

she said to him, "Allen, ccccaaannnnn i ssuucckk you?"

He didn't know what to say at first, but then said, "Sure, let's find a place to

Totally embarrassed, she said, "No, right here, right now."

"But someone will see you doing it and you'll get in trouble and I probably will
too," he said.

But she was already on her knees in front of him, unzipping his uniform pants,
pulling out his cock. Once she had it out and in her mouth, he really couldn't
do anything but stand there and allow his sergeant to suck him off.

The Captain and Judy watched her doing it and then went outside. Allen saw them
approaching and tried to push sue away, but she kept him right in her mouth and
wouldn't let him move.

The other two came up to them and the Captain said, "sergeant, what are you

she didn't remove her mouth from Allen's cock, but managed to roll her eyes up
to the Captain, pleading with him to let her stop, but he just laughed when he
saw the humiliated look on her face and said, "Oh, I see. You are sucking a
cock. Good little girl. Don't worry rookie, she does this a lot."

Just about that time, Allen pushed all the way into her throat and shot his
heavy load down her throat. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and stuffed
his shrinking dick back into his pants and tried to leave.

But the Captain said, "Wait a minute, she has something else to show you!"

Allen followed the Captain's orders, just stood there, wondering what was going
on. He didn't want to disobey an order from a superior, but didn't want to be
there with them, either.

"Stand up, sergeant," ordered the Captain. she stood and then he said, "Now,
show him what is under your skirt and tell him why it is like that."

"PPPpppppppllllleeeeaaassseee, Sir, not that!" she begged.

"SHOW HIM!" he yelled.

Startled, she raised her skirt up to expose her locked cunt. she couldn't look
at Allen and just held her head down in shame, and the tears rolled down her

"Now, tell him why!" ordered the Captain.

Allen was looking at her pussy, seeing the tiny lock hanging from the rings in
her lips. He was dumbfounded and couldn't say anything.

"Bbbbbeeecccaauuse i fucked you!" she cried.

"I don't understand," said Allen. "Why would you have your pussy locked up like
that just because we fucked?"

"Tell him, slut!" ordered the Captain.

"i was told not to fuck anyone, but i was so horny, i fucked you," cried sue,
"Now, he has my cunt locked up and won't release me unless he wants to."

The Captain laughed and said, "You see, rookie, she is my slut whore and will do
what I say. But she disobeyed when she allowed you to fuck her. Now, she is
locked up so no one can use that juicy cunt except me."

"Oh," was all Allen could say.

The Captain told him he could leave and hoped he would be at the party, because
he might get some more if he attended. And also said, "Don't worry about your
girlfriend. she's in good hands."

Allen almost ran away, not knowing what was happening, but didn't really want
any part of it, but he also liked fucking sue and she did give good blowjobs.
Maybe he would attend the costume party.

The other three got into the car and headed home. The ride home was quiet, but
as soon as they arrived, the Captain ordered sue out of the car and into the
house. Once inside, Judy said, "OK susie slut, strip!"

sue removed her clothes and stood before them naked. How she hated doing this,
but she didn't want the alternatives to happen. So she complied with their

As soon as she was naked, the Captain said, "Shit, I forgot to get the things
out of the trunk. sue, be a sweet little slut and go get them."

sue started to put some clothes back on, but was stopped. The Captain said, "No,
get them just like that."

It was still daylight outside and sue knew she would probably be seen, since it
was quitting time for everyone and there was a lot of traffic. she tried to
convince him to let her put something on, but he wouldn't budge.

He said, "You either go like that, or I'll make sure your little sister is at
the party tomorrow night!"

sue hung her head in shame and headed for the door. There was no way she was
going to allow her sister to be used by these evil people. So she went to the
car, naked.

Opening the trunk, she grabbed bags, hoping she could get them all. But it
seemed there were more than she expected and that she would have to make a
second trip.

It was on her second trip to the car that she heard the horn. she looked up to
see a car full of young boys stopped right beside the Captain's car. They were
all hanging out of the windows and shouting. The driver kept blowing the horn.

sue started to go back into the house, but was stopped by the Captain. He said,
"I told you to get the things from the car, now move it!"

"Bbbuuuuuttttt, Sir, there are boys out there watching," sue cried.

"I don't care who sees you. Do what I said," demanded the Captain.

sue slowly turned back around and started walking toward the car. The boys were
still watching and shouting crude remarks toward her. As she got to the car and
reached in the trunk to get the last of the bags, the Captain stepped up beside

He looked at the boys and said, "How would you like to get your cocks sucked
tonight, boys?"

", NO, Sir," cried sue.

The boys all looked at him and said, "Hell, yes!"

"Come on over her then," said the Captain. "susie, get on your knees!"

The boys jumped out of the car and walked toward sue, who was now on her knees.
The boys couldn't believe this was happening, but had started pulling their
cocks out anyway.

The Captain said, "OK, now, one at a time, feed my little cunt your cock. she'll
suck you all until you cum and swallow every drop you have. If you don't want
her sucking your cock, then you can fuck her in the ass. I would let you fuck
her cunt, but it is kind of locked up right now. So, enjoy. susie, when they get
done, get the rest of the bags and bring them in."

she knew she had to do it, so as the first boy stepped up, she took his hard
cock in her mouth and began to suck. she wanted to get all of them done quickly
and get back into the house. But the first one seemed to take forever. He
face-fucked her for a long time and finally stiffened and shot his load down her
throat, forcing her to swallow.

The next one stepped up for his blowjob and shoved his cock into her mouth. He
also face- fucked the little naked asian until he shot his load.

Then the third one stepped up, but as she was about to take his cock into her
mouth he said, "NO, I want your ass!"

sue cried, knowing it would be painful in her ass. she had been fucked there
before at the jail, and she knew it would hurt. The boy grabbed the lock in her
ear, pulling her up, and then forcing her to bend over, and without any
lubrication, he drove his large cock all the way in. Then he just fucked her
without caring for her pain or need. He fucked her hard, deep and fast until he
shot a huge load of cum deep inside her bowels. Then he pulled out and the
fourth boy stepped up and shoved his cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth
for a short time and then filled it with his cum.

sue hated doing this, but her cunt was dripping with juices, running down her
naked legs. Why did her cunt betray her like this? she hated being a slut, but
loved it at the same time. It seemed her cunt was thinking more and more for her
all the time.

The boys thanked her for the good time, got in there car and left her standing
there naked, with cum running from her mouth and tortured ass. she quickly
grabbed the rest of the bags and ran into the house.

Once in the house, Judy and Ron both laughed at how she looked, with cum on her
face and running out of her ass, along with her cunt dripping her juicy
moisture. she was told to get a shower and then they would try on her outfit for
the party.

sue got into the shower and washed away the awful feeling she had. But it still
wasn't enough to  cleanse her heart, since she felt it was wrong to be like
this. she cleaned up, dried off and returned to the living room.

As she entered the room, she noticed numerous items on the table, knowing she
wouldn't be very comfortable tomorrow at the party, if she had to have all of
these things on or in her. But she was a brave girl and went right to the two
tormentors and positioned her self before them. she would not give in, but she
would play their game.

she asked, "How may this slut serve you?"

This was something the other two had not expected and sat in silence for a
moment. Had they finally broke her?. Was she actually agreeing to be their slut?
Would she do whatever they said at anytime? They were confused by the sudden
change in sue, but knew they still had a lot to do before the six months were
up. Once they had done it all, she would always be theirs for whatever they
desired, and they still had so much they wanted to do with her.

As sue was looking at all the items on the table, the Captain told her, "you are
going to the party as our little slave girl. you will wear whatever we put on
you and you won't complain. At the party, you'll look and act just like a slave
and will perform your duties without question."

"Yes, Sir," replied sue, feeling confident that they wouldn't make her do the
things they had done to her already. Or at least she hoped not.

Judy said, as she picked up one of the items, "Now, let's try all of this on, so
we know it fits and what you look like."

Judy had sue kneel before her and she slipped a nice shiny choker around her
neck. It was the kind that when the end is pulled, it tightens.  sue felt the
coldness of the metal on her neck and felt the weight as it hung down.

The Captain said, "Mmmm, that looks nice on the slut. Maybe we'll just leave it
on forever. Now, let's try the leash."

Judy picked the leash up from the table and examined it. She said, "How do you
want it on her?"

The Captain laughed and said, "Well, let's thread it through the loop on the
choker and then bring it down to attach it to her cunt lock."

Judy took the end and started pushing it through the loop until it reached her
cunt. Then, she SNAPPED the clip to her cunt lock. sue felt it CLICK into place
and also felt the additional weight pulling on her lips.

The Captain stood up and took the other end of the leash and pulled. sue wasn't
expecting this and yelled, "OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, it hurts!"

"It is supposed to, slut," the Captain replied. "This way we can get your
attention real quick and when you are dressed, no one else will know how it is
connected to your pussy."

"Can we take her for a walk with it?" asked Judy.

"Sure," said the Captain, "that's why I bought it extra long. Why don't you try
it out?"

Judy took the leash and pushed sue down so she was on all fours. Then she tugged
the leash, which tightened the choker and pulled her pussy lips toward her
belly. If she didn't move at all, the pulling would either choke her or tear her
pussy lips. she had no choice except to follow.

Judy walked around the room with her new little pet, pulling on the leash to
make sue do anything she wanted. She walked faster which made sue crawl as fast
as she could so she didn't get hurt. Both Judy and Ron laughed at her
predicament, knowing that when they went to the party, sue would behave.

Bringing her back to the Captain, Judy picked up the next item. She looked at
them and questioned, "What are these things?"

The Captain said, "Let me show you. Stand up cunt!"

sue stood up, feeling better than on her hands and knees. He pulled out the key
to her pussy lock and released it. Then  he said, "These are called Ben Wa balls
and they lodge themselves inside her cunt. When she walks or moves, they also
move inside her. Supposed to keep her in a constant state of arousal and from
what I hear, will not allow her to cum."

Judy laughed as she took the two balls and pushed them inside sue's dripping
cunt. As soon as they were inside, she closed the lock and said, "Now, she can't
get them out and she'll walk around dripping all the time. I like that!"

To prove how they worked, Judy took the leash and led sue to the opposite side
of the room and back again. By the time they returned, sue was panting like she
was a bitch in heat. The combination of the balls and the constant tug on her
cunt made her so hot. her pussy was flowing like a river now, with juices
running down the insides of both legs.

"OK, now let's get her tied up for the night so we can go fuck," said the
Captain, "I am so horny from all of this. We'll put the rest together tomorrow
before the party."

Judy picked up some other items and lead her into the bedroom. she put sue on
the bed and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. Next came the shackles
for her feet which consisted of an ankle cuff for each foot, connected together
by a short chain. Then, Judy connected her hands and feet together, drawing her
feet up under her body. By doing this, her locked up pussy was on full display.
It would have been wide open if it hadn't been locked shut.

Satisfied the little slut wouldn't go anyplace, Judy turned to leave. But before
she left, she ran her finger nails over sue's swollen pussy and clit. sue wanted
to cum, but just as she was about to climax, Judy stopped and left her all

sue cried herself to sleep with the sounds of Judy fucking Ron in her big bed
echoing in her head.


part 18

sue woke up the next morning to something running along her pussy. she opened
her eyes and saw Judy standing beside her, playing with her cunt. God that felt
good and wanted it to continue. sue pushed her cunt up toward Judy's fingers as
best she could, but just as she was about to cum Judy stopped.

"Time to get up, slut," said Judy, "we have lots of things to do today before
the party tonight."

She started to undo the chain between sue's feet and hands and gave her some
time to stretch out before making her get up. As soon as she was standing, Judy
took the leash and began to pull on it. This brought pain to sue's cunt lips as
it tightened and pulled her lips upward.

"Let's go piss before we eat and get dressed," said Judy as she led sue out of
the bedroom and toward the front door.

sue questioned, "The bathroom is the other way, Ma'am."

"I know that, susie slut, but today we are going to piss outside. So, let's move
it!" stated Judy.

"Pppplllleeeeaasseee, no," cried sue,"i can't do that!"

But Judy kept on pulling and sue had no choice but to follow or get her pussy
lips pulled off. So, she followed her out the door and into the front yard. It
was daylight out and a few cars were driving by. sue felt so embarrassed and
humiliated being out in public, chained up like a common slave, never knowing
who might see her.

Judy got to the middle of the yard and stopped. She said, "OK, cunt, do it!"

sue hated this bitch more now than ever. she started to squat to piss, but Judy
stopped her and said, "No, stand there, spread your legs as far as you can and

sue didn't move. she didn't want this to happen, especially here in front of
whoever might drive by. That is until Judy said, "You either piss now or you'll
stay out here all day until you do. And, if you take too long, you'll go the
rest of the day naked. Even when we go to the mall. Now piss, bitch!"

sue was shocked, knowing that Judy would be true to her word. So she opened her
legs as far as the chains on her ankles would let her. But that wasn't very far
apart. she strained and finally the first dribble of piss escaped her pussy.
Then as she relaxed a little, the flow got stronger. she was pissing down her
legs and when the stream hit the ground, it splattered back up onto her feet.
Finally she finished.

Judy watched the whole thing. she was laughing as she knew a few cars had passed
by, but sue hadn't seen them. she was too busy concentrating on pissing and had
closed her eyes.  she didn't see the mayor of the city drive by. And she didn't
notice that he had stopped for a short time to watch. He knew who it was and
would have to call the Captain later about it.

Once she finished, Judy led her back into the house for breakfast. Taking sue
into the kitchen, she noticed a plate on the table and also two bowls on the
floor. Judy said, "OK, now let's eat so we can get ready to go shopping."  She
pushed sue toward the bowls and then forced her to her knees in front of them.

"Now, eat everything I have fixed for you and be sure to drink your milk,"
ordered Judy.

sue was quite hungry, so lowered her head to the bowl and started to eat. How
terrible it tasted to her, but she didn't stop. she was determined to do it so
they wouldn't involve her little sister. sue wasn't sure what it was, but it
tasted like cold oatmeal and the milk had gotten warm. But she endured it and
finished it all.

When she was done, Judy took her to the bathroom to wash up and then to get
dressed for the day. They were going shopping for the proper outfit a slut
should wear as a costume.

Judy removed all the cuffs and chains from her, except for the collar, and then
had her dress. she was given a short dress that buttoned up the front and Judy
even let her button it. It seemed a little too small for sue and she asked,
"Can't i wear something else? This seems to be too small for me."

"NO, you'll wear it and like it!" replied Judy, then added, "unless you would
rather go naked today and save the dress for your sister."

"i'll wear it," cried sue, "but i won't like it."

"And put on the 6-inch heels.  you know how the Captain likes them."

she finished dressing.  As she followed Judy out the door, she turned briefly to
look in the full-length mirror on the hallway door. The haircut revealed the
lock which hung from her ear.  The collar was tight against her neck.  The dress
was far too small, and the high heels guaranteed that the lock hanging from her
pussy was only an inch or so from being visible.

they left the house, heading for the mall. Pulling into the parking lot, Judy
parked the farthest she could from the mall entrance and told sue to get out.

As they started to walk, Judy said, "now, susie slut, walk in front of me and
swing your little whore ass like the slut you are."

sue started walking, determined to keep Judy happy today. Maybe she wouldn't be
so mean to her if she just did what she was told to do. But sue didn't expect
too much sympathy from this bitch.

Judy added, "And, when I say 'Top', you'll unbutton a button from the top of
your dress. Then when I say 'Bottom', you'll undo one from the bottom. your
hands will be behind your back, just as if they were cuffed there at all times,
except to unbutton. Do you understand, slut?"

"Yyyyyeeesssss, Ma'am," cried sue.

As she was walking through the parking lot, a gust of wind blew and her little
dress flew up, exposing her ass and cunt. she automatically reached down to hold
it in place.

Judy saw this and said, "TOP!"

"Oh, no," thought sue, as she reached up to undo a button.  "i fucked up and
didn't leave my hands behind me and this bitch is making me pay. Concentrate,

Judy spoke to her, saying, "Every time you fuck up, you will undo a button and
from now on, you will keep your hands where they belong. I don't care if the
wind blows your clothes off, keep them there."

They continued walking, with sue fighting the urge to keep her dress down. The
wind kept blowing it up and sue knew she was being seen by others.

Getting to the door, Judy opened it and they got inside. sue felt better,
knowing the wind wouldn't blow the dress up anymore, but was shocked when Judy
said, "BOTTOM!"

"Bbbbbuuuutttt," sue started to say, but was cut off with "TOP!" from Judy.

sue reached down to undo a bottom button and then up to a top one. her breasts
were now starting to show more and she knew that she would have to behave or she
would be naked at some point.

Judy explained, "Every time you disobey or question me, you'll undo one, so go
ahead and make my day, talk some more, cunt."

sue was silent as they continued walking down the hall, until Judy found the
clothing store she was looking for. she told sue to go inside and to stay with
her and to keep her mouth shut.

Judy looked through the racks of clothes and picked out the items she had been
looking for. sue watched her picking them out and started to comment, but only
got out, "Ppllleeaasee."

"BOTTOM!" ordered Judy!

sue forgot she wasn't to talk as she reached down and undid one more button. she
only had a few left now and had to watch what she did, unless she actually
wanted to be naked. her mind said no, but her cunt was dripping wet and said

sue was so horny now, especially since those Ben Wa balls were still inside her,
moving around, keeping her aroused all the time, along with the thought of being
exposed in public. she hated her self for feeling this way, but her cunt loved

Judy had the items she needed and headed for the check out. sue followed her and
was made to sign the slip for the purchases on her credit card. This is what she
hated the most. Having to pay for items she didn't even want. her credit card
was beginning to get full and she didn't know how she would ever pay it off.

Walking out of the store, Judy told her to follow. sue walked behind her this
time, knowing that as she walked, her dress kept opening up just enough for
others to get a glimpse at her naked cunt and the padlock hanging from her lips.

Judy got close to the stairwell to go to the next floor and turned around just
in time to see sue push her dress back down. She ordered, "TOP, BOTTOM!"

sue knew that would only leave her with one button to keep her dress closed. she
went ahead and undid the two buttons. Standing there with her dress almost
completely undone, Judy said to her. "I told you before not to touch, but it
seems you disobey all the time. I have a mind to make you strip right here and
walk around naked. Do you want that, whore?"

"Nnnnnooooo, Ma'am" stuttered sue, bowing her head in shame.

"OK, let's go upstairs for a minute, then we can go home," said Judy.

They walked up the stairs and sue could feel the eyes on her. A group of boys
had gathered at the bottom and watched as the two girls walked up the stairs.
sue heard the comments, knowing they could see all of her nakedness. she was
crying in shame as they reached the top of the stairs.

Judy looked around, searching for a small, quiet area to take her slut. She
noticed an alcove at the far end with no one there at the time. She told sue to
follow once again.

About half way to the alcove, Judy turned and said, "Last one, cunt!"

sue hated her, but reached around to undo the last of her buttons. her cunt was
really getting juicy and was dripping down her legs. it was also right out in
plain view for anyone who happened to be looking. It even got worse when she put
her hands behind her back, since her dress opened up even more.

Finally, they got to the little alcove and Judy said, "OK, cunt, take these
clothes and change."

sue looked around for a place to go, but then realized that Judy expected her to
change right there in the alcove. she didn't want to do it and said,
"Pppllleeeaaasssee, let me go to the ladies room to change. Please, Mistress."

"NO, you will do it right here, right now!" yelled Judy.

"i i i i i i can't," cried sue, "i i i i i i just can't do it!"

"Then I'll pull that dress off you and leave you here to figure out how to get
home by yourself. Now, get moving!" ordered sue's Mistress.

sue didn't want to be left there in the mall naked, knowing the bitch would do
just what she said, so she went into the alcove and removed her dress. she
pulled the new clothes out of the bag, but before she could get them on, two men
walked up to Judy.

"Hi, Judy," said one of the men. "I have missed you since you moved. How's
things going?"

He hadn't seen the naked sue yet, and she did her best to try to hide behind the
clothes she was holding in her hands.

"Hector, how you doing?" said Judy. "Things are going great in my new house. And
you?  Doing OK?"

Hector was the security guard at her old apartment complex and had always taken
good care of Judy. He watched out for her and didn't allow anyone to bother her.

"Now, Judy, I told you to call me Hec," he said. "What're you doing today?"

"Oh, just a little shopping for my friend here. sue, meet Hec. Hec, meet sue."
Judy was in her glory now, making sue expose herself to someone she knew.

Hec looked into the alcove and saw the little, naked asian girl. "WOW," he said,
"does she do this often. I mean, doesn't she know you can't change clothes out
here in public."

"Yes, she knows better, but I won't let her go anyplace else. You see, she is my
slave slut and does what I say. She is also a cop!" stated Judy, knowing sue was
feeling really humiliated now.

"I don't believe that," said Hec. "Do you, Joe?"

Judy said, "Well it's true and I can prove it if you want."

"Sure, show me," answered Hec and his friend Joe added, "No one does this kind
of thing, do they?"

"susie slut, put down your clothes and show these nice men your cunt," ordered

Totally embarrassed and humiliated, sue lowered her clothes and stood before
them totally naked. she knew she had to show them her lock, so she just spread
her legs and thrust her pubic bone out. she knew if she didn't do it, she would
get into big trouble and didn't know what this bitch Judy would do if she didn't
do as she was told.

"Tell my friends why there is a lock on your pussy."

"my cunt is locked up because i disobeyed my master. It is his cunt and i fucked
someone else, so he locked it up," sue answered, barely able to get the final
words out before she started crying.

"WOW," said Hec and Joe together. "Maybe you are telling the truth. What else
will she do?"

"she sucks cock real good, too. Want to have a blowjob,  Hec?" asked Judy.

"UUHHH, sure, why not!" said Hec.

"On your knees slut! you know what to do, now do it!" ordered Judy.

sue was shaking now. she was going to be made to suck a cock right here in
public and she was still naked. But she got on her knees as Hec walked into the
alcove, unzipping his pants and letting his big hard cock out. He got up to sue
and she just opened her mouth and started sucking.

sue was thinking, "i'll just suck him off and get it over with. Then maybe i can
get out of here."

Hec was actually fucking her face now and it wasn't long before he stiffened and
shot his heavy load down her throat. she swallowed it all and pulled back off
his cock. she started to get up, but Judy said, "Not yet cunt, Joe wants one,

sue looked up and saw Joe walking toward her with his cock out. God, how she
hated this. she didn't even know these guys and she was sucking them off like
some whore. Right here in public. What was she becoming? And to make it worse,
her cunt was really getting juicy and she needed to cum so bad.

she sucked the second cock down her throat and made him cum, too. But this time
it was different. she came at the same time he did. she had never cum from
sucking cock before and wondered if it was because she was so horny or if it was
because she was doing it in public.

Once Joe came in her mouth, he pulled out and stepped back, zipping up his
pants. That's when sue heard , "CLAP,CLAP,CLAP." she looked up and saw she had
an audience. There were five boys standing there watching her suck cock. her
face was now turning a bright red and she just hung her head in shame.

Judy helped her out, by saying, "OK, slut, get dressed so we can go get ready
for the party tonight. You can all watch her, but we really do have to go."

sue quickly picked up her new clothes and started putting them on. The blouse
was very thin and she knew her little tits were showing through the material.
The skirt wasn't as short as the dress she had had on, but it was tight around
her waist. It had a slit up the side of it, which opened up whenever she moved.

Judy was just talking to Hec and Joe, and sue heard her say, "Why don't you all
come to the party tonight as my special guests. Hec, you know all the guys from
the station anyway and they'll be glad to see you. And I promise you'll have
some additional fun if you come."

"Sure, we'll be there," said Hec. "I guess we'll have to wear a costume, too?"

"Of course," said Judy, "everyone will be in costume. And be sure to wear a
mask. That way no one will know you until later on."

Judy looked over at sue, who was now dressed, but she didn't have the skirt the
right way. So she reached over and undid the snap to the skirt and turned it so
the slit was in the front. Then she said, "That's better. This way I can attach
your leash right to your cunt and the clothes won't be in the way."

sue looked down and noticed that her pussy was totally visible and the little
skirt wouldn't close anymore to hide it. she cried and lowered her head, wanting
out of there as fast as she could.

Judy reached into her purse and brought out the leash. Then reaching between
sue's legs, hooked it to her pussy lock and gave it a quick jerk indicating sue
was to follow.

Judy led the humiliated sue out of the alcove, past the group of people
watching, down the stairs and out to the car. Then they went home to get ready
for the party. It would take a little while to get both of them ready.


part 19

They arrived back home and Judy led sue into the house by the leash attached to
her pussy. The Captain was there and laughed as he watched the two walk up the
driveway. He really enjoyed having a slut to play with and another female to
fuck whenever he wanted. Of course, with his connections, he could have anyone
he wanted and someday, he would have another little asian whore. sue's little
sister would be his next prize and slut. But for now it was just sue and they
had a party to go to.

The two girls entered the house and Judy took her to a corner of the room where
they had put some hooks. Pushing sue into the corner and attaching her leash to
one of the hooks she pulled it tight. This brought sue right up to the wall so
her nose and little tits were touching it. Then she pulled a little more, making
sue push her pussy toward the wall. Then she tied the leash so sue couldn't
move. As she started to walk away, she slapped her on the ass.

Then she went to the Captain and gave him a big kiss saying, "I love you Ron,
and thank you for giving me a pet to play with."

"I love you too, Judy. And you are quite welcome for the pet. Did you have fun
today?" replied the Captain.

"Oh, yes we did. I got her the outfit for the party and guess who I ran into?"
said Judy, "Hec happened to be at the mall and saw me. When he came to say hi,
susie was kind of naked trying to change clothes and he loved it. Then she gave
him and his friend a blowjob with an audience. It was so good. I invited them to
the party tonight and promised them some additional fun. Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, Judy. You know you can do as you want. After all, you aren't the
little slut in this family," replied Ron. "Think we got time for a quickie?"

"We sure do! The slut isn't going anyplace for awhile," Judy answered and headed
for the bedroom, stripping as she went. Then as an afterthought she said, "Oh,
by the way, did you invite Stephanie, too."

"Yea, I did. Called her today and she'll be there," said the Captain.  The he
whispered to Judy, "and I told her to bring her tools, also."  Judy smiled

Then the two of them were gone from the living room, leaving little susie
standing there all alone with nothing to do. she was up against the wall so
tight, she couldn't get comfortable and her body started aching. However, she
could hear the other two in her old bedroom. she heard the moans and groans as
they fucked.

They weren't gone too long and when they returned they were both dressed for the
party. sue didn't see them until she was released from the corner, but they were
both dressed to depict slave owners and even had whips attached to their belts,
just like the slave owners used to wear. sue was dreading the party tonight,
knowing that everyone there knew her and worked with her. The bad part was, she
would be showing her locked-up pussy to everyone the way she had to wear her

Once she was released, the two started adding the final touches to her costume.
First came the chains to hook her hands to her collar. They wanted her to have
some freedom, but not much. The chains were about two feet long, which made her
have her hands up in the air beside her. she could carry drinks this way, but
couldn't do much else with them.

Then came the ankle cuffs, locked in place with a three-foot chain attached to
each ankle. Then a two-pound ball was attached to the end of each chain. This
would make it difficult for her to walk in her six inch heels, but that's what
they wanted.  The balls were not meant to be heavy, but to add to the image of a

Then Judy said, "Since we are going to be with her most of the night, how about
unlocking her cunt. We can put the leash on the rings and if we decide to let
someone fuck her, it won't take as long to get to her pussy."

"Good idea, Judy, and that reminds me, I bought something special for her little
pussy today," the Captain said.

He went to his briefcase and brought out two little bells with clasps on them.
He showed them to Judy and then attached them to sue's pussy rings as soon as he
took the padlock off. Flicking them with his fingers, Judy and sue heard,
"tingle, tingle, tingle."  sue's eyes began to tear, but she said nothing.

Judy laughed saying, "Wow, that's perfect. Now, even if we aren't close by, we
can still know where she is."

Judy reattached the leash to the other two pussy rings and pulled her. sue had a
hard time walking in the heels, but it was even harder now with the balls
attached to her ankles. And when she walked, the bells jingled.

The Captain and Judy put their masks on and decided that sue would have to go
without a mask so everyone would know who she was. But she wouldn't know anyone
else. This was going to be quite a night.

Leading their little asian whore out the door and to the car, they headed for
the party.  sue sat in the back, legs spread, chained hands held above her lap,
like a begging dog, dreading the night ahead.

The police department had rented a place for the night, which had a big main
hall for most of the party, but also had some extra rooms off to the side, just
in case someone wanted to have a little extra fun on their own. Those that set
the party up knew that some of the cops would be using the extra rooms to get a
little playtime in. They always did when they had these parties where they
couldn't bring their spouses.

The three arrived at the place and saw that there was already a good crowd. This
was perfect for their entrance and they knew that they would be a big hit with

Getting out of the car, Judy led sue by her leash and the Captain followed,
watching sue's little ass wiggle. It seemed to wiggle even more with the heels
on and he made a note to make her wear them more often.

As they entered, the doorman announced their arrival and all eyes looked from
behind masks to watch them come through the door. There was a temporary stunned
silence when sue was led in. Some gasped with shock, others laughed at the
sight. And some others began to clap and cheer as they saw the sergeant being
led in like a common slut, slave prisoner.

Many of them came up to the Captain and Judy and told them how original the
costumes were, especially sue's. Some asked why she didn't have a mask and was
told it was because she wanted everyone to know who she was. It wasn't that the
Captain or Judy wanted it, it was because sue wanted it.

sue was so humiliated and embarrassed because of this, knowing that every
officer that ever worked with her and now worked for her would see what the
Captain had made her.

Judy took sue around to the bar to get drinks. She ordered for her and the
Captain, but nothing for sue. She said, "Sorry slut, but you only have two hands
and they will be used for our drinks. Maybe we'll find a nice little doggy dish
for you later."

Judy got the drinks and placed one in each of sue's hands and then tugged on the
leash, leading her back to where Ron was. He was talking to some other men from
the department, but with the masks on, sue couldn't tell who they were. They all
acknowledged Judy and even spoke to sue. "Nice outfit, sergeant," said one of
the men. Another said, "My, you really know how to liven a place up. Great

The Captain and Judy both laughed and started to mingle with the others. Judy
said to the Captain, "You know, it is kind of tiring leading this cunt around
all the time. Think we can put her in a room for awhile. That way, we can have
some fun without her."

The Captain agreed with her and said, "Yes, that would be good. But we will have
to make sure she can't go anyplace."

Judy said, "Good! I know just what to do." She led sue to a small room that she
had looked into earlier. Opening the door, she led sue inside and made her stand
in the middle of the room. Then she pulled one of her leg chains out, making sue
almost fall down. Judy attached the chain and ball to a leg of a heavy chair,
then did the same to her other leg, using another chair. sue stood there, her
legs wide apart with the leash hanging between her legs. she wanted to say
something, but as soon as she started, Judy told her to shut up or she would gag
her. This made sue angry, but also afraid to say anything. she knew this bitch
would be cruel to her if she didn't obey.

Then Judy stood back to look at her slut and decided that if she did get loose,
she could probably get out of the place. So she reached over and took sue's
skirt off and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she moved her hands up closer to her
neck and reattached them with the chains. Now sue couldn't do anything with her
hands. But Judy still wasn't happy and disconnected her hands one at a time and
took her blouse off, leaving sue standing there totally naked and spread.

Judy said, "Now, you stay right here, don't move or yell and I'll be back later
with your clothes. I just have to have some fun with Ron and you get in my way."

As Judy was turning to leave, sue begged, "Please, Mistress..."

But before she could finish her sentence, Judy whirled and slapped her sharply
across the face.  Without saying a word, Judy reached into her handbag and
pulled out a ring gag. 

"Open your mouth wide, slut." 

sue had been shocked by the severity of the slap, and obeyed immediately.  Judy
forced the gag behind sue's teeth, using the straps to tie the gag behind her
neck.  sue knew immediately that this was trouble.  her jaw ached within
moments, and there was no way to relieve the strain.  her mouth was wide open, a
welcoming hole for anyone who wished to use it for any purpose.

Then Judy pulled a blindfold out and put it over sue's eyes. sue heard her walk
out and close the door.

Judy had some plans for the little slut and this was the only way she could make
it happen. She went out to find the two people who would make it happen for her.

She didn't see Hec right away, since everyone had masks on, but he found her. He
said, "Judy, is that you?"

"Yes. Glad you could make it. I guess this is Joe?" replied Judy.

"Actually, no, this is Victor, another friend.  Joe wanted to be here, but
something came up. Hope that's ok with you."

"Sure.  Hi, Victor.  Any friend of Hec's is a friend of mine."

"Thanks.  How do you like our costumes?" asked Victor.

"I think they're great. Now, I have a surprise for you.  You remember the little
slut I was with earlier. Well, I have her ready for you in that room over there.
she's all yours for awhile and she doesn't have her pussy locked up tonight. So,
why don't you go enjoy."

"Great!" both men replied and started to leave.

Judy said, "Oh, one more thing Hec! How about making sure you humiliate her real
good. she can't see you and probably can't pick up on your voice. Have fun!"

Hec and Victor walked away smiling. They got to the room and opened the door. As
they walked in, they found the naked sue just as Judy had left her.

sue heard them enter and thought Judy had returned for her.

There was silence as the two men approached her. sue felt the hands on her ass
and back. she knew then it wasn't Judy, but it was a man's hands. Thinking to
herself, she wondered who it could be. Was it the Captain or someone else? Then
suddenly another pair of hands were on her in the front. she started shaking,
not knowing who was in the room with her. What would they do with her? The hands
began to roam over her body and sue felt her pussy tingle with pleasure as one
hand rubbed her mound and pulled on the leash. she was dripping and was so
embarrassed, knowing whoever was with her could feel the excitement in her

Then one of them spoke. "MMM, quite nice."

sue tried to figure out who it was, but couldn't quite make out the voice. she
had heard it before, but still didn't know the man who was speaking and stroking
her.  she wasn't thinking clearly.

"Yea, it is," said the other, "but the tits seem quite small. Maybe a little
enlargement would help."

"Ha, Ha, Ha," laughed the other man. "Silicone works great on little tits. But
then they don't feel real. And it makes some whores look like bimbos.  But maybe
just a little enlargement would be nice.  If we could acquire her for a weekend,
it might be a good idea."

The two sets of hands roamed her body, pulling and pinching her erect nipples.
sue was now feeling the juice from her cunt dripping down her leg. she hated
this, but her cunt was loving it. "Why is my pussy doing this to me?" she

The men continued examining her and talking like she was nothing but livestock
at an auction, degraded and touched by appraisers she didn't know.

"Nice round ass, and firm too," said one of them. "Bet it would be nice to fuck
or to just hold onto."

"And look at this sexy mouth. Bet it would feel good with my cock in it," said
the other.

sue felt fingers going into her mouth and she involuntarily began to caress them
with her tongue. "What am i doing," she thought. "i have never been like this
before. i am a slut," she thought, as tears began to form in her eyes.

The fingers probed her mouth and slid over her teeth. The other set of hands
made their way to her pussy and were running up and down her slit.

"Damn, she's hot," said the man who worked on her cunt, "this whore is really
wet. Going to have to get it unhooked from this leash so we can fuck it."

sue felt the leash being undone and soon had a finger inside her pussy. It was
sliding in and out, going deeper with each thrust.

"And it's tight, too," said the man. "Bet it could really milk a cock!"

The fingers were removed from her mouth and worked their way down her chest over
her tits and then started toward her back. sue shivered with excitement. They
moved over her naked ass and slid in between her ass cheeks, up and down the
crack. Then suddenly, a finger went inside her back door. she moaned, "mmmmmm,
nnnnnnoooooo," easily understood despite the gag.

Both men laughed as they now each had a finger inside her. One in her pussy and
the other up her ass. "Wow, what a tight little bum we have. Wonder if she ever
had a cock in there before?"

"Well, maybe we'll find out. After all, Judy said we could do whatever we wanted
with her," said one of the men.

"Yea, let's get her ready. I'm so horny and this cunt is primed for action,"
said the other man.

They unhooked her legs from the chairs and then bent her over one of the arms.
she felt the hands moving her around to where they wanted her and she couldn't
do anything to stop them. Did she want to stop them, she wondered.  she didn't
even know who they were and now it looked like she was going to be used in all
her holes. "God, please help me," she said to herself, as a cock entered her

she automatically started sucking it. she didn't know why she did it, but since
the Captain had turned her into his slut slave, it was like she really enjoyed
it. her mind kept saying no, but her body, especially her dripping cunt said,
"Do it, whore!"

Just as she was starting to suck the cock in her mouth, the other cock pressed
against her pussy lips. she also felt the hands take her pussy rings and spread
her open. Then his cock filled her pussy. It seemed bigger than the others she
had and it stretched her open even more.

sue was being double fucked! One cock in her mouth and another in her cunt. And
she was actually beginning to enjoy it. she knew she would cum soon, as long as
they continued fucking her. If they stopped too quickly, she would just die.

The men fucked her and also continued to talk about her. "Man, what a little
whore. she would be great on the streets. Look at the money this hot little
bitch would bring us. Wonder if Judy would sell her?"

"Yeah, hot as a pistol.  A tattoo here, another piercing there, and she would
fit right in on the streets.  We could make a lot of money off of her."

she listened to all that was said and soon she felt the first orgasm building
deep inside her. It felt so good to have a cock up her cunt and she didn't want
it to stop. she pushed back on the cock in her cunt and deep-throated the other
one, sucking as hard as she could.

Then it hit her! she was starting to cum and knew it would be a big one.
"AAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOO," she mumbled around the cock in her mouth.

she was cumming and it was a hard one. her cunt was squeezing the cock inside
her and her mouth was getting sore from the sucking she was doing. 
"OOOOOOOOOOO,  AAAAAAAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOOO!" she moaned as she got off.

Then she felt both cocks stiffen in her and just as she was cumming, both men
shot their loads into her.

was all she heard as two big loads of cum filled her holes.

Both men pulled out and said, "OK, let's switch"

she felt the cocks leave her fuck holes, but it wasn't long and they were both
full again. she could taste her own cunt juices on her tongue as the cock forced
its way into her mouth. Then she felt the other one enter her just-fucked cunt.

They didn't take too long before they were both pumping in and out of her cunt
and mouth. It took longer for them to cum this time, but it didn't take her long
at all. she was in a constant state of orgasm now and her body shook as the men
fucked her.

When they came this time, she swallowed the cum and felt the other one shoot
deep inside her pussy.

They pulled out and said, "God, this little whore is great. But now I want some
of that ass."

One of the men took his fingers and rubbed her cunt, then up to her tight little
ass. He pushed his fingers into her, getting her lubed up for penetration. Then
she felt it. He had his cock at the entrance and then he pushed hard, driving
his hard dick all the way up to his balls.

"NNNNNOOOOOO, HHHHHUUUUURRRRTTTSSSS!" she screamed into the gag.

But it didn't help as he was now fucking her tight little chute, stretching her
wide open. He continued to fuck her ass and the other man stuck his cock back
into her mouth. Being the slut she had become, she started sucking him as the
other man plowed her ass. she hated this, but at the same time didn't want it to
stop. her cunt was once again taking over her mind and she wanted more.

Once they finally came again, they decided to get something to drink, but made
sure she was put back the way they found her, standing in the middle of the
floor with her legs spread wide, attached to the chairs.

They left her alone again. she heard them leaving as the door shut. she could
also feel the cum dripping from her well-fucked cunt and ass. It was running
down her legs and puddling on the floor.

she stood there, naked and alone. But not for long. Another person was about to
enter the room. This time it would be Stephanie, who wanted her pussy licked
again. she loved it when sue ate her cunt before, and now she wanted more. But
she also had another job to do. This time, the Captain wanted a tongue ring or
stud or two installed on his talkative slut.

But that could wait until she got off from the cunt's mouth.


part 20

sue heard the door open again and thought those men were back. she couldn't say
anything since the gag was in her mouth. And she couldn't move because of the
way she was secured. Thinking of how she looked, bound, gagged, collared,
blindfolded and spread wide open for anyone to see, she moaned quietly to
herself.  she was hating all of this, but knew she had to withstand a few more
months so her little sister wouldn't forced into this position. she would never
be able to live with herself if that should happen.

A female voice spoke softly to her and she felt  tender hands on her shoulders
pushing her down. The voice said, "Now little slut, you are going to make me
happy. you are going to eat my pussy until I cum in your little slutty mouth. So
just let yourself down on your knees so you can get to me. I won't let you

The voice sounded so very familiar to sue, but she couldn't quite place it. But
she knew that she had to eat this cunt in order to get through the night. After
all, she had just been raped by two guys.

This girl helped sue to her knees and the she felt a dress being put over her
head.  Not only was she blindfolded, but now she was totally hidden beneath the
princess dress that this person was wearing.  sue felt hands on her head,
tilting it backwards and as soon as it was back, the girl stepped forward and
placed her cunt right on sue's gagged mouth. sue tried to lick.  It was hard
with the gag in her mouth, but she did her best.

"This won't do," said the girl, "I'm going to take that gag out, susie, but it
will have to go back in when you finish."

The dress was pulled up and over sue, uncovering her, and then the gag was
released. sue was finally able to close her mouth. It was so stiff, but she did
manage to flex her jaws a couple of times she could feel and hear the dress
being lifted over her once again.   her head was tilted back once again and the
cunt placed  back onto her mouth.

Once she started licking, she knew it was Stephanie. The last time she was made
to lick her cunt, sue thought about how sweet it tasted. Nothing like Judy's. So
sweet and quite tasty. sue was going to give Stephanie a great orgasm. she
licked and sucked, sucked and licked. she knew it wouldn't be long before
Stephanie came in her mouth, giving her that sweet nectar.

Stephanie felt her orgasm building. Her cunt was spasming and she was pushing it
more and more into sue's mouth. God, this little asian slut was such a good
pussy licker.


sue was pleased with herself for pleasuring Stephanie. she liked her, even
though she was the one who pierced her pussy lips so the Captain could lock it
up. Stephanie tasted soooooooo good.

Once Stephanie calmed down, sue tried to crawl back out from under the dress,
but was held in place.   "OK baby, time for a little more before I put you back
in place. Now, put your lips on my pussy and make a seal. Don't fight it, just
do it."

sue had no idea what was coming, so she did as she was told. sealing her lips
around Stephanie's hot cunt and sucking. Then it happened. Stephanie started
pissing, directly into the little asian's mouth. she choked as the hot liquid
entered her mouth and started down her throat. she tried to pull away, but her
head was held tight against the pussy and she couldn't escape.

"Drink it all, my little pet," said Stephanie, "Then you'll be done for awhile.
Don't spill any either."

sue couldn't do anything except swallow the golden liquid entering her mouth.
"GULP,GULP,GULP," as she drank the piss. she hated this so much and couldn't
figure out why people wanted to do this to her. But her little cunt was so hot
and wet now. she hated it when her pussy did the thinking for her. she just
couldn't control the feelings she had there. It was like someone had turned a
faucet on inside her and it was gushing out of her hot little snatch.

Finally it was all over and Stephanie moved away from her mouth. She pulled the
dress from over the naked form and helped her stand up. Then Stephanie
reattached the ring gag in her mouth and left her standing there. Once again,
she was all alone. Alone with her hot thoughts and wet pussy. sue didn't know
why, but she wanted more. she needed the humiliation. she wanted to be used. she
was a slut needing everything she could get.

While she was deep in thought, she didn't hear the door open again. But she did
hear the voice that suddenly snapped her away from her thoughts.

"Time to get you back to the party, slut," said Judy, as she started to undo the
chains from the chair. "you, my pet, are going to entertain the ones that are
left. Now, let's get you dressed."

Judy wrapped the skirt around her waist, making sure the slit was right in the
front, but she didn't put the blouse back on her. "Too much trouble to unhook
everything to get that flimsy little blouse on, so I hope you don't mind going
topless for awhile." she spoke, mainly to herself since sue couldn't respond.

"Now, just follow me, slut. I won't take the blindfold off, since I don't want
you to know how many are left out there," Judy told her.

With that, she pulled on the leash attached to sue's pussy and she couldn't do
anything but follow.

Once they entered the main room, sue heard the talking. "OH, wow," came a voice.
Another said, "Holly shit, she is showing her tits." And yet another said,
"sarge really knows how to make a party."

sue felt herself being guided along the floor, her tears running down her face
from underneath the blindfold. But she also felt her cunt juice running down her
legs. she hated it when her pussy did this, but she was very excited.

Judy led her to the middle of the room and pushed her into a chair. The cold
wood felt strange on her ass, since her skirt had ridden up when she bent to
sit. she knew she was totally exposed to whoever was left at the party.

Then she heard the Captain speak. "Tonight, by sue's request, she is going to
get her tongue pierced. she told me she had always wanted this and we are going
to do it."

The moment sue heard these words, she tried to rise from the chair in some form
of protest, but Judy immediately pushed her down.  she tried to make some
protesting sound from the gag, but a hard slap silenced her immediately.

"Now, sergeant lee, we know you are excited, but you just have to control
yourself," said Judy.  "Will someone help me strap the sergeant to this chair so
she doesn't hurt herself?"

sue was strapped to the arms and legs of the chair.  There was no way she was
going to get loose. 

The Captain continued, "I asked Stephanie to help with it, since she is a
professional piercer. Are you ready, Steph?"

"Yes," Stephanie answered, "but I'll need a table to put the tools on."

"Hec, can you get that table over there," asked the Captain.

"Sure enough," was his reply as he went to the other side of the room and got
the table, placing it right next to sue.

sue heard him set the table down and then she heard Stephanie laying out her
tools. The next step surprised her when Stephanie said, "I need someone to hold
her head tightly and someone to hold her tongue in place. Hec and Judy, can you
help me?"

The next thing she felt were strong hands at the side of her head, and two
fingers in her mouth. A clamp was attached to the tip of her tongue. she
couldn't say anything since the ring gag prevented it. Then her tongue was being
pulled. she tried to fight it, but it hurt from the clamp and it came out of her
mouth. sue sat there, not being able to move or talk, with her tongue as far out
as Judy could pull it.

she then heard Stephanie say, "Judy, what can we attach this to in order to keep
it out? Can't have her jumping when I put the holes in."

Judy thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we hook it to her cunt rings.
Then she won't be able to move it all, unless she pulls her lips off." She
started laughing at the sight it would make of the little cunt.

sue felt them fumbling with something and then felt hands near her pussy. The
next thing she knew, her cunt and tongue were attached together by a chain. she
cried even harder now, finding it difficult to breather, but she couldn't do
anything else. And she felt her pussy begin to leak more juice and she knew she
was sitting in a big puddle on the chair.

Stephanie said, "That's going to work just fine. Now, I'll just get all my
things on the table and get to work."

sue heard her moving the tools and  Stephanie whispered in her ear, "It won't be
too bad, sue. Just a little prick and it'll be done." 

sue tried one more time to groan out a protest, but she knew it was hopeless.

Stephanie picked up the piercing tools and put the stud that would be in her
tongue into the gun. She asked the Captain, "OK, where do we put it?"

He said, "I think she needs two of them. One on each side, toward the back."

So she went to work. Putting the tool on sue's tongue, she found the right spot
and squeezed. sue tried to scream when she felt the hole going through her
tongue, but nothing came out.

sue was horrified to feel an orgasm building within her.  "Not here," she
screamed to herself.  "Please not here," she begged her inner feelings.  she
tried to think of other things, to take her mind off this awful night. 

Stephanie stopped and showed everyone the shiny new stud in sue's tongue.

Then she went to the other side and did the same, squeezing her piercing tool. 
sue could no longer control herself.  As the stud was inserted into the hole,
her body arched with a powerful orgasm.  she screamed into her gag and her body
shook with sensual pleasure.

Suddenly, the room was quiet. Time stopped. sue couldn't tell what was going on.
No one seemed to be around her. Was she all alone? Did they just leave her? What
was going to happen next?

Then there was noise again, applauding and cheering the humiliated slut. she
heard others talking, but couldn't make out what everyone was saying. All the
words seemed to run together because everyone was talking at the same time. she
wondered what was going on, but was not able to see anything.

she was untied from the chair before her tongue and cunt were disconnected. But
she was soon able to get her tongue back into her mouth. she ran it around
inside her mouth and could feel the new studs. she wondered what they looked
like and what others would say if they saw them. she wondered how she could ever
go to see her parents, knowing they hated anyone that pierced themselves. she
could never face them again.

Someone had taken her leash and was now leading her away from the crowd. The
voices faded away and soon she found herself in silence again. Then Judy spoke
to her. "susie, my little slut, you are beginning to be a pain in the ass and we
have decided that we need some time alone without you. We are going away next
weekend, but we can't trust you to be on your own. So, slut, we are going to
give you to someone else for a weekend. Of course, we will have to make a little
money from you, so we are setting up an auction. And everything we make from you
tonight is going to be given to the police charity for the homeless people. Just
think cunt, you will be feeding a lot of people for Thanksgiving this year. All
because you are a little, slutty whore."

sue shook her head no and try to scream. But the gag was still there. "NNNNNNNN,
PPPPPHHHHHH," was all she could say.

"Oh, don't worry. Whoever gets you will have rules to follow and you won't be
hurt. Well, at least not much. But this has to be done, so Ron and I can get
away for awhile. Now, I'm going to take you back out and we will begin the
auction. And whoever wins you will be able to fuck you tonight, right here in
front of everyone."

Leading her back into the main room, cheers arose and everyone started clapping.
Ron spoke above the loud noise to quiet them down.

"OK everyone, as I said earlier, this little slut is now up for auction. The
highest bidder will get her next weekend starting Friday night and she'll be
picked up on Sunday," stated the Captain. "And please be generous in the
bidding, because what we bring in here tonight is going to a good cause. Every
cent we get from this cunt will be given to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.
So let's start the bidding!"

"One hundred dollars," came a shout from the crowd. Another said ,"Two hundred!"
Then came three hundred and four hundred. she was going to bring in some good
money for sure!

The bidding continued while sue listened. she had no idea who was bidding on her
and feared she would never be able to face anyone at work again. she would have
to quit, if the Captain would let her.

Then a voice from the group said, "Hey, can we inspect her before we go any

The Captain said "Sure, come on up."

He reached over and pulled her skirt off leaving her totally naked now. she was
in front of all the other officers, naked and about to be checked out like
livestock. she couldn't do anything but stand there. Unfortunately for her, her
cunt was so wet with the anticipation of all those hands on her and the need to
cum. Maybe she would be able to get off when the hands were checking her out.

It wasn't long and she had hands all over her body. They rubbed her smooth skin,
touched her breasts, felt her naked ass, pinched her nipples, looked at the new
jewelry in her mouth, spread her legs and probed her dripping pussy.

she heard the comments, but couldn't make out the voices. "MMMM, nice little

"Smooth skin, nice ass!"

"Lovely mouth. Would be great for sucking cock."

"Wow, she's hot!"

"Her cunt is dripping wet!"

Then, the Captain said, "OK, let's continue."

The bidding continued and got up to nine hundred dollars. Then there was silence
for awhile. she waited to see if anyone else would say anything.

Then, came the final bid. "One thousand dollars!"

she recognized that voice. It was from one of the men who had taken her earlier.
she had no idea who it was and hoped someone else would put up another bid. she
remembered what they had said before about her making them money and giving her
some tattoos and more piercing. she didn't want this. she was horrified at what
was happening!

Next came the final call for bidding on the little asian cop. "One thousand
going once!" said the Captain.

He hesitated for a moment and then said, "One thousand going twice!"

Another hesitation and then, "Sold, for one thousand dollars! This slut is
yours, sir, for one thousand dollars. We ask that you come up and finalize your
bid. she is to be fucked by you in front of everyone, if that is your desire"

She heard the movement and the man said, "I won't mind fucking her, but my
friend has put up half the money and we both need to have her."

"That's OK," said the Captain. "One can fuck her while she sucks the other. Is
that OK?"

"Fair enough," said the man.

sue felt the hands on her. she was bent over at the waist and without any kind
of foreplay, she had a cock in her cunt and then one in her mouth, held open by
the ring gag.

Once again, she was being double-fucked, but this time she had an audience
watching. she had no idea who was seeing her being used like this nor did she
know who was using her. All she knew was that she was going to spend an entire
weekend as a slave slut to the two men who used her in that room. And she hoped
she wouldn't have to endure the thoughts that they expressed earlier, such as
getting more piercings and tattoos.

As they fucked her two holes, she heard others cheering them on. This made the
two guys so hot, they both came together. One in her mouth and one in her cunt.
But they didn't give her enough time to cum. she was once again left frustrated.
she needed to cum so badly. she would have fucked everyone at the station for
the chance to cum.

Once they finished with her, Judy pulled her up and said, "OK, little whore,
time to go home. We have some things to do before our vacation. And you need to
get rested up before next weekend. I don't think you'll get much sleep with
these guys."

she was led to the car and she felt it start to move. Glad to be away from the
party, but so hot and horny. she needed to cum.


part 21

sue was allowed to rest once they got home and bound her to the bed. They didn't
want her to have access to her pussy. she needed to be really horny for the next
weekend and she would not be allowed to cum until then.

Ron and Judy fucked a lot and sue heard every bit of it as she lay in her tiny
bed in the guestroom. she also heard the plans they were making for their trip
and how she should be treated while they were gone. The Captain had arranged for
the three of them to be off work for the long weekend and also had sue off on
Thursday and Friday to get her ready to submit.

They all worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The days passed without major
incident.  sue kept to herself and spoke very little.  The studs in her tongue,
the lock on her pussy lips, the metal choker, and the lock that hung from her
ear were a constant reminder of her slavery to the Captain.  As she rubbed the
studs over her teeth, she was surprised how her pussy lips began to swell. 

But what happened on Wednesday night shocked sue. It was quitting time at the
station and sue was ordered into the Captains office. As soon as she entered the
Captain said, "Show Me!"

Without hesitation, she stripped out of her uniform, spread her legs and bent
over placing her hands on the desk. The other two were laughing at her as she
did as ordered, but she didn't know why.

Judy picked up her uniform and pulled her badge, nametag, and sergeant insignias
off, and threw the uniform into the trashcan. sue was shocked, knowing they
weren't going to allow her to get it back, but couldn't understand what she was
going to wear out of the station.

Judy said, "OK, cunt, put these on!"  She threw some clothes at her and sue
looked at them. It didn't look like much, but she stood up and began to get
dressed in what Judy had given her.

sue cried as she realized what she had to wear. It was a sheer blouse with only
a couple of buttons on it. It was so sheer she might as well not have anything
on. Then she put the tiny skirt on, which only came to about an inch below her
pussy and her naked ass was visible. Next was the pair of 6" heels, which made
her taller and showed more of her ass and cunt.

Once she was dressed the Captain said, "OK, sgt. lee, go out to the car and wait
beside it. you know how to wait ,don't you? Just like you show me here. Legs
spread and hands on the hood, with your ass facing the station house."

"BBBBBuuuuuuuttttttt, sir," begged sue. Of course, she was shut up with a hard
slap to her face by Judy who said, "Just do it whore!"

sue left his office and tried to hurry out of the building so no one saw her,
but it was shift change and many had a good look at the sergeant as she made her
way out of the station to the parking lot. And they got a better look as she
took the position her Captain had ordered.

sue knew she was making quite a scene and everyone was now viewing her naked ass
and open cunt. she cried as she waited for one of them to show up to get her out
of this mess. It seemed like hours before Judy came up behind her and ran her
finger up sue's open pussy. She said, "Well little slut, it looks like you enjoy
showing off for every one. Maybe when we come back to work next week, you'll
come in naked."

"PPPPlllleeeaasseee, not that," cried sue. "Anything, but making me work naked."

Judy just laughed and said, "I'll think about it. It will all depend on tonight
and the weekend while Ron and I are away. Good reports let you wear clothes. Bad
reports keep you naked. Now get your whore ass into the car."

As soon as they got into the car, Judy drove off toward the house. She made sue
spread her legs and play with her pussy, but threatened her with severe
punishment if she came. And,she couldn't stop playing with herself until they
were home.

sue began playing with her already hot cunt and needed to cum so bad. she held
off as long as she could, but it wasn't good enough. Suddenly she tensed up and
had one big orgasm after another as she stroked her pussy. Judy reached over and
pulled sharply on a handful of hair, bringing sue back to reality.

"I told you not to cum, didn't I slut?" yelled Judy, pulling sue's head closer
to the driver's side of the car.

"iiiiiii, couldn't help it, please don't hurt me," cried sue. "i'll be good, i
promise, please"

Judy stopped the car and told sue to get out. Once she was out of the car, Judy
said, "STRIP, bitch!"

sue was so shaken by now, she just stripped right there beside the car. she
didn't know what to do with the skimpy clothes, so she just hung onto them until
Judy said, "Give me the clothes and walk home!"

They were at least three blocks from the house now and sue didn't want this. But
she was scared to disobey and she didn't want to be hurt anymore. So she handed
Judy her clothes and started walking quickly to get there faster. Judy drove
behind her with the headlights on full beam, showing her little naked slut off
to everyone who was around.

It was difficult for sue to walk in those heels and it made her little asian ass
wiggle even more. she hated doing this, but she had no other choice If she
didn't behave and do as she was told, she would have to go to work naked and the
threat of kidnapping her little sister was still playing on her mind.

Lucky for her, there weren't too many people around and she wasn't stopped by
anyone. Finally she made it home and inside the safety of the house, but that
wasn't the end of her ordeal. she didn't know it, but she had a long night ahead
of her. And the temperature was starting to drop.

Once they were home, Judy told her to get all the bags of her clothes she had
put away and load them into the trunk. Judy said, "We are going to get those
nasty things out of my house tonight. I can't wear any of them and you won't
wear them. So, say good bye to them. Now move it, we have lots of things to do

"Ppplleaase, Ma'am, can't i just keep them in storage for when I'm free again?"
begged sue.

"No you can't, stupid cunt," said Judy, "and who said you'd ever be free."

"The contract i signed for the Captain said six months," sue cried.

"I know what it said cunt, but the six months are not up yet and for right now
you are mine, so you'll just do as I say." laughed Judy.

"bbbuuttt, i will need clothes when i am free from you, please," cried the
little naked cop.

"Then you'll buy some more slut. Now move it!" Judy yelled at her.

sue started crying. she knew she wasn't free and they could do whatever they
wanted with her. she had no other choice. she was there slave and slut and knew
she had to obey. So she began her task of taking all her clothes to the car and
placing them in the trunk. she remained naked, since she knew better than to ask
for clothes to put on. she was in shock, knowing it was going to be a long six
months for her. Maybe she would escape and get away somehow, but she had no
place to go, especially without clothes.

Once she was finished putting the clothes in the car, she went back into he
house. The warmth felt good since it was getting quite chilly outside. she was
just getting warm when Judy stepped out of the bedroom, dressed in jeans, a
flannel shirt and a heavy coat.

Judy said, "All done, my pet?"

"Yes," sue said in a whisper.

"Good, now get your ass out to the car and wait for me. Don't get in it, just
stand beside it until I get there," ordered Judy.

"Cccaannn i put a coat on , please," begged sue.

"No, you can't!" shouted Judy. "you have to earn clothes and so far you haven't
shown me you deserve them.  Now get your naked ass out there. I'll be along

As sue was starting to walk out the door, Judy stopped her and said, "Wait a
minute, slut, I forgot something."

sue stopped, hoping she had changed her mind about a coat, but when Judy
approached her she saw something that made her eyes widen in surprise. In her
hand was the ring gag and she forced it into sue's mouth. Judy was quite rough
doing it and it hurt sue. she couldn't scream from the pain, because the gag was
already in place and she was tightening it on to her head.

"Now get your slutty little body out there and wait. This way you can't scream
or talk to anyone. Move it, whore," shouted Judy, as she slapped sue sharply on
the naked ass.

sue turned and once again passed the full-length mirror as she headed out the
door. What a sight she saw.  Naked except for the metal choker, the ring gag
transformed her face into an ugly expression.  she could see the lock hanging
from her right ear and one hanging from her pussy lips.  she quickly moved out
the door, into the cold air and made her way to the car. she tried to hide
behind it, but knew if Judy saw her hiding her naked body from view she would be
in big trouble, so she stood beside the car where anyone and everyone who passed
by could see her.

It seemed like hours again, standing naked out in public, but it was only a few
minutes before Judy came out of the house and let sue into the car. sue was
shivering from the cold and hoped Judy would turn the heat on. But as they left
the driveway, Judy turned the air conditioner on instead. She was nice and warm,
dressed in winter clothes, but poor little sue was freezing.

They drove for awhile and then suddenly turned into the park where sue had
fucked the rookie cop not too long ago. It brought memories back to her as she
thought of his cock sliding into her hot cunt and wanted it to happen again. But
she knew it couldn't if she wanted her pussy free from the locks that the
Captain had put on her.  He had promised her that if she ever fucked anyone
without his permission again, she would have her cunt locked up forever.

They drove through the park until they came to an area where sue saw some other
cars. Judy made her get out and walk ahead of her toward the group of people
standing there waiting. She heard the Captain's voice say, "OK guys, the guest
of honor has arrived and now the fun begins."

sue didn't like this one bit, but she knew she had to do whatever she was told.
As she approached, she noticed they were standing around a small outdoor
fireplace and it had a small fire in it. The Captain brought her close to the
fire and said, "Victor, would you help Judy get the things from the car?" 

"Sure," he said as he walked with Judy back to the parking area.

While they were getting the bags out of the car, sue's mind was busy thinking
what would happen next.  Who was Victor?  God how she wanted to just die. she
was so embarrassed to have others see her naked and gagged like this and then to
watch everything else that the Captain had planned tonight.

The Captain said, "sue, I'm sure you'll remember Hec and Victor from the
Halloween party?" Then he laughed and continued, "I'm sorry slut. I forgot you
can't talk with that thing in your mouth. But I'll bet you can suck cock and eat
cunt with it in there, can't you?"

she just stood still and cried. she hated everything that had been done to her
and this seemed to be the worst so far. she remembered the auction and assumed
these were the two guys that made the highest bid for her.  she also remembered
their ideas of what they would do to her if they had her for a weekend. What
else could these evil people think of?

she was about to find out when Judy and Victor got back with the bags of
clothes. The Captain tore the bags open and dumped all her good clothes on the
ground in front of her. she gave him a blank stare and if looks could kill, he
would have been dead. "How dare he treat her good clothes like that?" she
thought to herself.  But the worst was yet to come.

The Captain said, "OK, slut susie, I want you to pick these clothes up and put
them into the fire, one piece at a time until they are all gone."

she shook her head no and tried to say no, but all that came out of her gagged
mouth was, "MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!"

"Now don't make me punish you in front of our friends, slut.  Just do as I say!"
he ordered.

Knowing she had to do it, she reached down with her eyes closed and picked up
the first article. she held it in her hands for a moment and then tossed it into
the fire. It immediately caught on fire and it burned quickly. But she was slow
to pick up anymore, so the Captain reached behind her and slapped her very hard
on her cold naked ass. she jumped when he did this, and almost went into the
fire herself.

He yelled, "I told you to put them all in there.  Now, cunt, get busy. I have
other things to do before the night is over and these guys might want a good
blowjob, too. Move it whore!"

she quickly grabbed another piece of her clothing,  threw it on the fire and
reached for another. Soon there was a nice hot fire from all her burning
clothes. And even though she was crying from throwing her clothes away like
this, she was getting warm. However, she didn't see the branding iron placed in
the hot coals, so she had no idea what was coming next.

she just continued placing her clothes in the fire as the others watched her and
drank beer. They were getting a little drunk, just the way the Captain wanted
them. His little whore was going to be really used tonight, softened up for the
weekend ahead, as soon as he finished marking her as his property.

After all but a couple of pieces of clothing had been burned to ashes, the
Captain said, "Hec, time to get the slut ready, don't you think?"

"Yes, Captain," replied Hec as he walked over to sue with several ropes and a
leash that he had collected from a bag at his feet. 

"Let's go, slut," he said, as he finished clipping a leash to her pussy rings,
and tugged her in the direction of the playground equipment a few yards away.

As soon as they left the warmth of the fire, sue realized how cold it had
become, but she had no choice except to follow like a domesticated pet.  her
heels sunk into the soft ground with every step, so she moved very slowly as Hec
tugged firmly on her lips. 

As they arrived at the playground area, Victor had joined his friend.  They
marched her over to the teeter-totter.  "Ok, slut, lay on your back, head near
the center of the teeter-totter, legs spread on each side of the board, arms
drooping over the side."

sue did as instructed, having no idea what was going to happen.  "Look at her
tits, Hec.  she is either very excited or the cold is causing them to stick out
like hard little nubs.  And if I know her, her pussy is dripping like a water

The men separated the ropes, and each began to tie her body tightly to the
board.  A rope was wound several times around the choker on her neck and
tightened under the teeter-totter, and one was tied across her forehead.  There
was no way to raise her head.  her arms were tied tightly over the sides of the
board, the rope winding around her arms from elbow to wrist.  It was so
uncomfortable!  she tried to beg for mercy, but they just laughed at her muffled

And then they began tying her legs to the board.  Strands of rope were wound
wickedly over her thighs, then just below her knees, and finally her ankles were
connected tightly below the board.  Except for her fingers and toes, there was
little that sue could move.  Why were they doing this to her?  If they planned
to keep her out all night, she would surely die from exposure to the cold, night

"Let's see if my idea will work, Victor.  Go to the other end and sit down when
I say.

Victor went to the other end of the teetor-totter, while Hec straddled sue's
head.  Hec nodded, and as Victor began to sit on his end, sue began to rise,
until her mouth was right at the level of Hec's crotch.

"Perfect.  Let's go get the Captain and Judy."

Victor got off the teeter-totter, and the two walked away towards the fire and
her evil captors.  she could hear their voices, and laughter, but could not make
out any details of what they were talking about. 

It wasn't long before she heard their voices approaching her. she couldn't raise
her head to see them, but knew they were getting close and she didn't see the
branding iron in the captains hand. But, she just knew something bad was about
to happen as they approached her on the teeter-totter, she just didn't know

sue lay there, bound and gagged, unable to move as the captain stepped up close
to her and said, "Now, my slutty little sergeant, it is time to make you my

He brought the white hot branding iron up and showed it to sue. her eyes went
blank as she saw the thing glowing in the dark and wondered what he was going to
do with it. she knew he was going to touch her with it, but where. she tried to
beg and she cried, but no noise came out. her throat was dry and she couldn't
even get a muffled sound to come out.

Then the captain moved down toward her pussy and asked, "You sure she is tied
tight? I don't want her to move when I put my mark on her."

Hec and Victor both said, "Oh, yea, she is tight and can't move, so let's do it
and then get on with the fun."

sue could see the captain raise the branding iron up and begin to lower it
toward her body. she froze in fear as it got closer and closer to her skin.

"Oh God, please help me," she said to herself, "please don't let this happen!"

The captain lowered the iron with the glowing letters "RS" on it down toward her
right thigh. The closer it came, the more she could feel the heat. she was
trying to beg, but nothing would come out. she was gagged and her fear made it
impossible to say anything.

Then, it happened! "SSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZ" was the sound it made as the white
hot metal touched her soft flesh, just below her cunt on her thigh.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" came out of the little slut's mouth just before she
passed out from the pain in her leg. she didn't feel the rest of it as the
captain pushed it deeper into her skin to make sure it would be a perfect mark
on his slut forever.

sue was now his to do with as he pleased. He had her marked as "Ron's Slut!"


part 22

"Wake up, slut."

sue began to regain consciousness.  she remembered the pain of the branding
iron, the cold night air and the humiliation of being tied to a teeter-totter. 
she opened her eyes and looked directly into the naked crotch of Hec, his
engorged cock poised at the opening to her ring gag, ready to plunge it into her

her forehead and neck had been freed from the binding rope, and she could move
her head just enough to raise up to take the cock that was beginning to enter
her opened mouth. Just as she opened her eyes, he plunged his hard cock into her
mouth, and she tried her best to suck, but her mouth was so dry.  she flicked
her tongue, rubbing the studs over his cock, doing her best to please.  she
didn't want to be punished anymore. she just wanted to please the man who forced
his way into her waiting mouth, to suck him dry. she was really getting turned
on by the thought of being forced to suck a cock, but she was also embarrassed
by the position she was in. Naked, tied and raped!

Hec plunged his hard cock into her mouth and fucked her without regard to her
feelings. He pumped back and forth and in a few moments, he filled her mouth
with his cum. she did her best to swallow all of his sperm and to lick his cock
clean as he withdrew it from her gagged mouth.

Climbing off the teeter totter and moving from sue, he laughed and said, "Wow,
what a great little cocksucker. I'm going to have lots of fun this weekend with
this little whore." 

"I'm next," said Judy, removing her pants and panties, she took Hec's place,
straddling sue's head.  "Raise the teeter-totter a little higher, Victor."

"Ok, slut, warm up my pussy with your tongue." she ordered. "I want you to make
me cum like you never have before. Lick my cunt bitch!"

sue did her best to flick her tongue in and out of Judy's pussy.  "Oh, yes.
Yes," moaned Judy as sue's pierced tongue licked the folds of her pussy. "Yes,
lick it good slut, make Mistress cum!"   In a few moments, she came and sue felt
the liquid from Judy's cunt enter her open mouth and mix with the flavors of
Hec's cum.  Judy lowered herself, nearly suffocated sue with her wet cunt, as
she road sue's face to yet another orgasm. "OH, yes, fuck my cunt with your
tongue! Make me cum again whore!" 

sue continued licking Judy's pussy until she couldn't take anymore and climbed
down from sue's face and off the teeter totter. "Who's next?" she asked.

"That will be Victor," said the Captain. "Go ahead my friend, climb aboard and
fuck this whore's face. she loves it!"

sue felt the teeter-totter lowered to the ground, and then begin to rise again. 
her open mouth approached Victor's throbbing cock, and it was soon in her mouth
all the way to his balls. she licked and sucked the best she could, but wished
she didn't have the gag in. she would really show him what a blowjob was if she
could only close her mouth over his cock. But she must have been doing a great
job, because it wasn't long before he stiffened and shoved his cock all the way
down her throat and started shooting his load into her. she almost gagged from
the shock of having her throat taken that way, but managed to swallow every
drop. As Victor slid his cock out of her mouth, sue licked him, making sure she
got every last drop of his hot sperm. 

"And now, my turn," said the Captain. 

Once again, sue was lowered and then quickly raised, as Hec took the Captain's
place a the other end of the teeter-totter.  The Captain shoved his cock deep
into sue's mouth, and when he came, sue nearly drowned in his semen.  she choked
it down, lapping desperately for air and for his cock which filled her mouth and

sue's mind was occupied with survival, but in the background, she could hear
Judy laughing and Hec and Victor cheering on the Captain.  sue was beyond
humiliation.  Images of her sister, of her parents, of stars in the night sky
filled her thoughts.  her tongue moved automatically, flicking and curling and
caressing the Captain's cock.

"Oh, slut, you really are good!" praised the Captain.  As he dismounted sue and
began to redress he continued, "You and Victor have a good time this weekend,
Hec.  You can get her after 5 on Friday.  Tell us how you want her dressed, or
undressed," he laughed lightly. "her pussy will be unlocked for your use.  she
is yours to do with as you please.  Just remember, she is my slut," he added, as
he traced the brand on her thigh. 

The Captain's soft touch triggered a reaction within sue.  she made mewing
noises through the gag, twisting her unbound neck to try to express her desire
to be fucked. she needed a hard cock in her hot pussy, and right now, would do
anything to have one.

"You are making her hot, Ron," laughed Judy.  Ron smiled at Judy and moved his
fingers towards sue's pleading cunt. 

"Sorry, cunt, but not tonight.  you will just have to wait until the weekend. 
By then you will be boiling over with desire, and the boys will get their
money's worth."

sue groaned with desire and disappointment.

The Captain started to untie the ropes from sue's body.  "Let's get her off this
teeter-totter and back to the fire.  I'm getting cold."

When the last strand of rope was pulled away, the Captain and Hec helped an
unsteady sue to her feet.  Almost immediately she began to shiver from the cold
and shock.  The two men held her arms and walked her back to the fire.  In a
short time, she was feeling much better.

"Hec, tie her hands behind her back, will you?  Don't want her scratching the
brand until it has healed."  As Hec pulled her hands roughly behind her, the
Captain continued, "slut, I will remove the gag, but don't way a word. 

sue nodded and the Captain freed her trapped mouth.  her jaws were sore,
undoubtedly from straining so much when she was branded.  she opened and closed
her mouth several times, the taste of sex still quite strong. 

Judy had gone to the trunk of the car and brought back a blanket to throw over
sue's shoulders.  This act of kindness surprised sue.

Then the Captain gave her some additional orders.  "your hands will be cuffed or
roped for the next few days, unless one of us is present.  We don't want you to
scratch my brand and get it infected.  I've arranged your schedule at work, so
you won't be going in tomorrow or Friday."

The fire was nearly out.  All her clothes were ashes or mostly burned scraps of
fabric.  she stared into the embers and nodded her understanding to the
Captain's comments.  she was happy not to be going to work;  the last few days
had been humiliating and she could not face her fellow officers.  On the other
hand, that meant uninterrupted hours in the hands of Judy and the Captain.  she
was trapped, and six months was becoming an eternity.  Every time she tried to
assert herself and rebel against her slavery, they would make things worse or
threaten her sister, Lynn.  There was nothing she could do except hold on to
fragments of the past.  They could torture her body, but they could not destroy
her mind and soul.

Victor and Hec escorted her back to the car.  she was weak and tired.  They put
sue in the back seat of the car, where she curled up like a child, and almost
immediately fell asleep.  Judy got in the driver's seat and drove home.

The next thing sue felt was a tug on her pussy rings.  When they arrived at
sue's home, which now belonged to Judy, she had clipped the leash on the rings
of the sleeping slut.  With a sharp tug, sue was awakened from her much-needed

"Don't think I'm going to carry you in, slut.  Get moving.  It's cold out here." 

With exhausted determination, sue scrambled out of the back seat.  Without the
use of her arms and hands, she slid out onto the cold pavement and unsteadily
followed Judy towards the house. 

"Leave those filthy shoes outside, slut.  Don't want to get my rug dirty," Judy
sneered with a wicked laugh.

sue had begun to shiver again, so even Judy felt some pangs of compassion. 
"Turn around," Judy ordered sue.

When sue turned, Judy untied the knots of her bound hands.  "Put your hands in
front."  sue's hands were handcuffed and the pussy leash was unhooked.  Grasping
the links between the cuffs, Judy pulled sue towards the bathroom.  She hooked
the chain over the faucet head and turned on the water.  The first moments were
frigid and sue gasped, but within moments it began to get warm.  "If you need to
piss, do it now," ordered Judy, who promptly stepped away to undress.

sue knew better than to argue.  Within moments, the warm piss began to flow down
sue's legs.  Judy looked in at her soaking slut and asked, "Finished?"  sue
nodded yes, and Judy joined her in the shower.

She washed sue's hair and used a wash rag to scrub her slut clean.  There was
nothing sue could do but accept the warm, pulsing water straight into her face. 
Judy avoided the freshly branded area, but scrubbed harshly around sue's breasts
and cunt.

Then Judy washed herself.  "Get down on your knees and show how thankful you
are," she ordered her slut, as she released her bound hands from the faucet
head.  sue dropped quickly to her knees and worked her tongue in and out of
Judy's dripping cunt.  Considering all sue had been through, this was almost
paradise.  The warm water cascaded down from above, and in a short time, Judy
orgasmed, grabbing sue by the sides of her head, and forcing her mouth into
Judy's pussy. 

When Judy was satisfied, she pulled sue to her feet by grasping the lock in her
right ear, and turned off the shower.  When they stepped out, she tossed sue a
towel and said, "Dry yourself, and make it quick."  With her cuffed hands, sue
moved the towel quickly over her wet body. As she neared the thigh which had
been branded, she slowed and stared.  The red "RS" was about 2 inches in height,
and raised like a welt above her flawless skin.  she stared for several seconds
before Judy scolded her and ordered her to hurry up.

sue finished drying herself, and then Judy recuffed her hands behind her back. 
she stood to the side while Judy dried herself.  sue had to admit to herself
that Judy had a beautiful body, without an ounce of fat. 

When she finished, Judy used a blow dryer on sue's hair and cunt.  "We should
have shaved you again down here while we were in the shower.  Oh well, we'll do
it tomorrow.  Let's go."

sue followed Judy towards the guest bedroom, where she was tied spreadeagled,
face up.  She turned off the lights, shut the door and returned to the bathroom
to finish drying her hair and prepare for Ron's arrival. 

Having gone back to the station to check on the night's activities, Ron arrived
at the house about 15 minutes later.  He showered and joined Judy in sue's bed,
where they made love and talked about their plans for the days ahead.

 Of course sue didn't hear anything that was said. she was sound asleep as son
as her head hit the bed.

The next morning, she was awakened by Judy who said, "GET UP, cunt! We've got
some company and you need to get cleaned up again!"

sue stumbled out of the bed and onto the floor. she still didn't have use of her
hands and it was awkward for her to get into the bathroom. Judy allowed her to
sit on the toilet to relieve herself, but stayed with her and watched as sue
pissed. Judy told her to get up and then she wiped sue's pussy for her. How
embarrassing this was, having someone else wipe the piss from her.

"Just stay right there a moment, susie slut," said Judy, "I'll be right back.
Just want to make sure our guest is ready for you."

sue stood still in front of the floor length mirror and looked at her naked
body. her eyes came to rest on the brand the Captain had placed on her thigh the
night before. she opened her legs slightly, twisting her thigh slightly.  she
saw the letters, "RS", wondering what they meant. she didn't know anyone with
those initials and could not figure out why he had put them on her.

As she was looking, the Captain entered the bathroom. He noticed her looking at
the brand and said, "Oh, I see you are trying to figure it out!"

she nodded her head, afraid to ask what it was for. But the Captain continued,
"you see, susie slut, you are now mine. I own you and that on your thigh proves
it. Those letters stand for "RON'S SLUT" and that's what you are."

sue started crying. she would never be able to be free from the thought of being
his slut. And she would always be reminded of it whenever she looked at her leg.

The Captain continued, "And from now on, you will tell any one who asks about it
what it means. You'll tell everyone that it stands for "Ron's slut" and I better
never hear you say anything else. Is that clear, bitch!"

"YYYYYeeeessssss, sir," cried sue.

"Now tell me, what does it stand for?" he ordered her.

"Rrron's ssslut" she stammered.

"Very good, now let's go meet our guest!" he said.

They entered the living room and in the middle stood Judy, talking to the mayor.
sue gasped at the sight of him. "How could they do this to her?" she questioned
herself. It was just six months ago that she stood before the mayor, dressed in
her neatly pressed uniform, receiving an award for being the most outstanding
police officer of the year. The mayor had told her she was the best the town
ever had and that he was so proud to have her in his town.

But now she stood before him totally naked, hands cuffed and branded. her pussy
was locked up, a metal collar on her throat, and she had a lock in her ear. What
would he think of her now?

The Captain said, "Mr. Mayor, I'm sure you remember sgt. lee. she was the best
officer last year."

"Yes, I do," said the mayor, "but why isn't she dressed today and why is she
bound like that?"

"Well, sir," said the Captain, "sgt. lee has asked me if she could be my slave
and slut for awhile. she agreed to do anything I wanted as long as she could be
treated this way. So, how could I refuse her?  After all, she is the best
officer we have."

Then Judy said, "That's right sir. sue, tell him that's what you want!"

sue looked at all three of them and saw the look in Judy's and the Captain's
eyes. she knew better than to argue, so she said, "Yes sir, Mr. Mayor, it is
what I asked for."

The Captain said, "And you'll do anything for me, won't you sgt. lee?"

"Yes, sir," she said, not wanting to, but knowing she had no choice. "i'll do
anything for you.'

"Mr. Mayor, would you like a good blowjob?" asked Judy. "And then maybe you can
use her in your office later on."

"Sure, why not, since this is what she wants. I'd be happy to accept such an
offer," said the mayor.

The Captain then said, "Well, susie my slut, what are you waiting for? The mayor
wants his cock sucked. Get to it!"

sue, not wanting to disobey again, but not wanting to suck off this older man,
slowly sank to her knees in front of the mayor and unzipped his pants.


part 23

sue sucked on the Mayor's cock until he shot his heavy load into her mouth. He
pulled out after he shot the first couple of squirts and blew the rest of his
load all over her upturned face. Then he laughed and said, "I've always wanted
to do that to a girl but never had the chance."

Judy laughed also and said, "Well, sir, you can do it more often if you wish.
You can take her for your use anytime you want after this weekend. And she'll
wear your cum for the rest of the day to remind her of your cock."

"Well, thank you," the Mayor said. "I do have a council meeting on Tuesday and
they are boring. Maybe she can help liven it up for me."

"she'll be happy to," said the Captain. "Just tell us when and where and she'll
be ready for you."

After that the Mayor left. sue was still on her knees with cum running down her
face. It was starting to dry on her cheeks and eyelids, but she could taste some
of it as it dripped down onto lips. she hung her head in shame, thinking, "i
just sucked off the mayor. He saw me naked. Now he wants me to be at a council
meeting. What am i doing this for?"

But she didn't get the chance to think too long. she was snapped out of her
thoughts when Judy said, "OK, cunt, time to get to work. Ron, have a good day at
the station. she'll be different when you get home."

sue raised her head up and pleadingly looked at Judy. "What next?" she thought.

Ron walked out of the door and was on his way to work. Judy said, "Now, cunt
face, I want my morning lick. Get busy."

She straddled sue's face and pushed her bushy cunt into her mouth. sue started
licking her right away, knowing if she pleased Judy the rest of the day would be
a lot easier on her. But this time she was wrong.

sue licked and sucked Judy's cunt until she was pushed away and Judy shouted,

Now sue had the mayor's cum and Judy's cunt juice all over her face, mixing
together. And it was drying on her fast. she stayed down on her knees, waiting
to hear what Judy had for her. she didn't have long to wait as Judy had things
all worked out in her mind.

She said, "OK, my slut, time to learn some new tricks and commands. You already
know one command and that is SHOW ME, but I want more from you."

sue just looked at her with unknowing eyes, wondering what she should do now.

Judy said, "The next command you are to learn is HEEL! Whenever you hear this,
you will follow whoever says it. If you are kneeling like you are now, you'll
get on all fours and follow." Then she unhooked sue's hands so she could do what
she was told.

sue stared at her blankly. she was being treated like a dog, being given
commands you would give an animal.

"Now, let's try it slut. HEEL," she ordered.

sue didn't move. she was in a state of shock at what she was just told and now
she couldn't move. But a quick slap across her face made her jump back into

"HEEL," Judy ordered again and this time sue got on all fours and crawled behind
Judy into the kitchen.

"Very good, slut. Now let's try it again. HEEL!" she ordered again and left the
kitchen going back into the living room.

sue followed just like she was a dog and tried her best to keep up. It was
difficult walking or crawling like this, trying to keep pace with the fast
walking Judy.

"Much better, susie. Now again, HEEL!" she said and walked back to the kitchen.

Once there, Judy said she would make some breakfast , but had to teach her new
pet some other things first. "your next command is to learn how to sit. Now when
I say sit, you will sit like a dog, back on your heels, and you will reach down
and open your hot little pussy. Keep your eyes lowered in submission. Now let's
try it. SIT!" she said.

Sue, knowing she couldn't get away, decided to play her games. So she got up on
her knees, leaned back to rest her naked ass on her heels and put her hands to
her cunt and opened it as far as the locks would allow her. She lowered her
eyes, and stayed that way until Judy said something else.

"Very good. My little pet is learning, but we aren't done yet. I'm going to fix
us some breakfast, and I want to read the paper while I eat, so you will fetch
it for me. Your next command is FETCH."

sue didn't really know what Judy expected of her so she just stayed in place.
Judy saw sue was confused, so explained. "When I say FETCH, you will get down on
all fours, go get the paper from the driveway and bring it to me. Don't use your
hands to carry it either. You are my pet today and I expect you to act like one.

sue decided once again to get this over with. This weekend couldn't be any worse
than playing poodle to this bitch and she was hoping it would come soon. she got
to the door and found that Judy had left it open a little. so she nudged it open
the rest of the way and crawled outside. It was cold out, especially since she
was naked, but she did what she had to do. she crawled down the steps and
driveway to where the paper lay. Luckily it wasn't a thick paper. she managed to
get it in her mouth and carry it back up the stairs and into the house. Then she
went to where Judy was and dropped it at her feet.

"Very good, puppy dog, now SIT!" she ordered sue.

sue still continued playing her game and sat back on her heels with her hands at
her pussy, once again prying it open as far as she could get it. Judy patted her
on the head and then sat down to eat breakfast and read the paper. She fed sue
scraps from her plate once in awhile and then sat the plate on the floor in
front of her. "Now eat your breakfast, slut, and NO Hands!"

Being hungry, sue bent and began to slurp up the cold runny eggs Judy had fixed
for her. she gobbled them down quickly and then lapped up the water from the
bowl next to her plate. she had eggs smeared on her face, along with the Mayor's
cum and Judy's pussy juice. she was a mess, but Judy wouldn't allow her to clean
it off. Judy thought it looked quite cute and she knew it humiliated sue. So, it
was all left on her face.

As soon as Judy saw that the slut had finished, she ordered, "HEEL!"

Not wanting anymore punishment, sue crawled behind Judy into the living room.
she hated doing these things, but what else could she do? They threatened to
send her back to China, force her sister to be their slut, and to even let her
parents see her. she had to obey for the six months and then she would be free.

Once they got to the living room and sue was in the middle, Judy said, "SIT!"

sue took the position she had learned earlier and sat like a little puppy dog,
her naked ass resting on her heels and her hands opening her pussy lips.. her
face was turning red from embarrassment. Not only did she have to be subjected
to this humiliation, she was placed naked before the Mayor and forced to suck
him off. What was she becoming? But even through all of this ordeal, her pussy
was beginning to drip like a leaky faucet and there was no plumber around to
stop it. So, she just obeyed.

"Now, my little one, we have a few more commands to learn today and we will
practice them for two days. Then this weekend, Hec and Victor can use them to
see how well you have learned. Are you ready?" Judy said with a big smile.

sue didn't know why, but she automatically said, "Yes, Ma'am, your slut is

As soon as she said those words, her cunt started flowing like a river. she
didn't know why, but it turned her on to say she was a slut. she hung her head
in embarrassment, but was really excited. she was really a slut.

"OK, next command!" said Judy. "When I say BRAND, you will show off your new
marking. Here is what you'll do. Listen closely and see if you can get it

sue's mind went back to the other night when the Captain had put his marking on
her thigh, right close to her cunt. And then she found out what it meant that
morning. she played those words through her mind, "RON'S SLUT!"

she had not heard Judy talking until she said, "OK, slut, let's practice.

sue didn't move, but just stared at Judy. she didn't know what to do. her mind
had been occupied with the thoughts of what had happened and wasn't paying
attention. she stuttered, "i'm ssssoooorrrry, Ma'am, but i don't understand."

"you didn't listen, did you cunt?" and she slapped her face, leaving her hand

"i i i i i'mmmm sorry, Ma'am, no i didn't," cried sue. "Pppllleeeaaase explain
again. i'll do better."

Judy went back through it all over again, explaining just what she expected of
sue. "When I say BRAND, you will get into a pose that allows others to see your
new brand. you will put your right leg out in front of you and turn it so your 
brand is visible. Then you will put your right hand on your hip and your left
hand on your thigh, right near the brand and put your index finger out like you
are pointing to it. Turn your head to the left, showing the lock on your ear.
And thrust those little titties out and smile."

sue was taking it all in, but quickly got confused.  she used to think so
clearly. So when Judy said, "Now let's try it. BRAND!" sue did her best, but did
not do it right.

Judy knew this would take some time, so she positioned sue just the way she
wanted her, then said, "Now, just stay like that for awhile. I'll let you know
when to move. I think if you remain that way long enough, you'll learn it."

Judy left sue standing there in the position to show off her new brand. She went
to the other room, taking her time doing little things to get ready for her long
weekend with Ron. They would have time alone, but the best part was, they would
bring sue's little sister lynn home with them. Oh, sue wouldn't know for awhile
that lynn was near by, since she was going to be put up in a motel as a whore.
Judy's little whore. Her mind drifted to the pictures she had seen of lynn. Such
a sexy little creature who will be such a good little whore, bringing in lots of
money for her. Especially since lynn had just turned 18 and as far as they knew,
was still a virgin.

Finally, she shook the thoughts of lynn from her mind and went back into the
living room where she had left sue. She found her in the same position she had
left her in and decided to get a few pictures of her like this. So bringing out
the camera, she went around and snapped several pictures. She said, "Just want
to add to your scrap book, my pet. After all, someday you might want to look
back to when you were a slut."

sue was starting to hurt all over, being made to stand in one position for so
long. she hoped that Judy would allow her to move soon.

It seemed as though Judy read her mind and said, "OK, susie slut, you may move
now. Loosen up and we'll practice some more."

sue moved and stretched her legs and arms. They were sore, but once she moved
around some, she felt better. she was hoping that Judy would give her a break
from this, but her thoughts were soon diminished.

"OK, slut, let's practice again. BRAND!" she shouted.

sue jumped at the shrill voice, but automatically got into position to show her
brand. she stayed like that for awhile, waiting to see what Judy would do next.

"Very good pet, now let's review. SIT!" she said.

sue got down on her knees and leaned back on her heels with her hands spreading
her locked pussy.

"Good girl. HEEL!" she ordered. sue got down on all fours and followed Judy
around the room.

"SIT!" she yelled, and sue got back into the position of a sitting puppy.

"you are doing so good slut. BRAND!" Judy laughed. sue jumped up and showed off
her brand, just the way Judy said to. she hated it, but she had to do it. Maybe
the bitch would be good to her and allow her some rest and maybe a good orgasm,
which she really needed. This stuff was actually turning her on.

"SIT!' was the next order. sue got back down on her knees with her naked ass
resting once again on her heals.

"OK, my little cunt,  one more command and then it's practice for two days. your
next one is KNEEL!" Judy said.

sue looked at her, puzzled, panting from both the exercise and the excitement,
but actually interested as to what this would make her do.

Judy started explaining the new position. "When you hear this, you drop
immediately to your knees.  If your hands are free, you lock them behind your
neck and again thrust out those pitiful little titties like headlights.  Direct
your eyes at the crotch of whoever is giving the order, and the most important
thing is, spread your knees as wide as you can, invitingly, completely revealing
your sorry cunt and rings.  Understand, whore?"

"yyyyeeessss, Ma'am," sue cried. she had never been so degraded in her life.
Showing everything wasn't too bad, but those words she used to describe her body
hurt. sue always was proud of her body and now this bitch just cut her to pieces
with words. How hateful was this woman.

"OK, KNEEL!" shouted Judy.

sue got up on her knees and spread them out. Then she placed her hands behind
her head and thrust out her tits. she would show her that she had something
there. Judy just laughed at them and at her, and said, "Open those legs up more,

sue worked her legs open even more, until she thought she would split. she
couldn't go any farther apart. Judy watched and noticed her head was down,
looking at the floor. "This won't do cunt," she said. "When you are in this
position I want you looking into my crotch or the crotch of anyone else who is
standing in front of you. Now do it!"

sue raised her head up and looked straight into Judy's bare cunt. she could see
the juices forming at her lips and for some reason wanted to lick her. she
didn't know why, because before she was forced to be a slave/slut, she never
even thought about eating pussy. But now she wanted her Mistress' cunt on her

Judy left her like this for a short time, then said, "OK, fuck slut, let's

sue knew she was in for a long couple of days, doing all of these things all the
time, but she also knew if she didn't do them and do them right, she would get
punished. So she did everything Judy ordered.

"HEEL, KNEEL, SIT, BRAND, FETCH!" were the orders. Judy changed them at times
and when she had to fetch, it was always something different.  Of course,
pictures and videos were being taken all the time.. This continued until the
doorbell rang.

"Well, slut, go answer the door," said Judy.

sue was shocked that she had to go answer the door naked, not knowing who was
there. But Judy insisted that she do it. And when she started to stand up, Judy
said, "No, crawl like a good little pet. We wouldn't want our guest to think I
didn't train you right, now would we."

So sue crawled to the door and carefully reached up to the doorknob and opened
it. As she looked up to see who was there, she gasped at the sight of Hec
standing there, looking down at her. Her eyes were right into his crotch and she
could tell he had a huge hard on already.

"Well, Judy, it looks like your little pet is learning well. What other little
tricks can she do," he laughed as he walked past the little slut.

"OH, she has learned all kinds of things today, Hec. I'll show you later. What
can I do for you?" asked Judy.

"Oh, I just stopped by to give you a list of things she has to have for the
weekend and let you know how we want her when we pick her up tomorrow night. But
now that I'm here, how about a little preview," asked Hec.

"Of course you can have some fun with her. How about a nice blowjob?" asked

"Wow, that would be great," said Hec, "I'm always ready for a good blowjob and
she is a good cocksucker. Let's do it!"

"And, while she sucks, we can discuss what you need," said Judy, "but let's get
comfortable. HEEL!"

Judy walked into toward the couch and motioned for Hec to join her. sue crawling
behind them. They sat down and Judy ordered, "KNEEL!"

sue did as she was told, kneeling as she had been taught, right in front of Hec.
Judy helped him get unzipped and pulled his cock out, pointing it right at sue's
upturned face.

"Now, slut, suck it. But, do it slow. I don't want him cumming until we have
finished discussing thing," Judy told the submissive little slut.

sue leaned forward and took his big hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked
it. she listened as they discussed her clothing, and other items that she would
need to have ready when Hec and Victor picked her up on Friday.

Tears were dripping from her eyes, running down her cheeks as she sucked his
cock. But her hot little cunt was flowing like a river. "Why did her pussy do
this to her?" she questioned herself. "It is so humiliating, but i'm so fucking
wet," sue thought.

As she sucked him slowly, trying very hard not to make him cum, she heard the
plans and even heard Hec say, "And, I'll also need to get in touch with
Stephanie to see if she can help us Friday night. And can you ask Ron to contact
his doctor friend. We have a little surprise for her when we get her."

"No problem," said Judy. "You can do anything you want with her. After all, you
spent good money for the cunt, and she will have to pay you back somehow. It
will be a big surprise when we get back to see what you have done with our
little whore slut," Judy said.


part 24

Finally the two finished their talks and Judy said, "OK, susie slut, make Hec
cum and don't swallow, yet."

sue's mouth was getting tired from having to suck his cock so slowly and she was
ready to finish him off. But why couldn't she swallow? she started sucking the
hard cock in her mouth harder and soon he was cumming into her mouth.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH, YYYYEEEESSSSSS!" he yelled as he shot his load into her. she
had such a hard time holding it in her mouth and not swallowing, but she did
manage to hold most of it.

While she was finishing Hec off, Judy was thinking of something else and as soon
as Hec left, she would call Ron to see if he could stop on the way home to get
what she needed.

Once Hec stopped cumming, he pulled out, leaving poor little susie kneeling with
her mouth full of cum. Judy said, "OK, let's get you out of here, Hec, so I can
continue with the whore's training. susie slut, go with him to the door. Hec,
just say HEEL and she'll follow."

Hec laughed and said, "HEEL, slut!"

He turned to walk toward the door and sue was right behind him on her hands and
knees, following him all the way to the door. she had her mouth full of cum,
wanting to swallow, but knew she couldn't. If Mistress wanted to see inside, she
knew she had better have the cum in it.

Once Hec left, Judy said, "Ok, pet, show me what you have in your mouth."

sue opened her mouth, glad that she hadn't swallowed, and Judy just laughed.
Then she said, "Swallow it, bitch!"

With one gulp, sue swallowed the big load. she could still taste him, but at
least she didn't have it in her mouth any more and she could breathe better.

"OK, now let's continue, slut. Stand up!" ordered Judy.

sue stood up, thankful to be off her knees, but worried about what was next. she
would soon find out when Judy said, "One more new command and then we'll
practice some more until the Captain gets home."

sue lowered her head in shame, knowing Judy was going to humiliate her some more
and then again when the Captain got home.

"ASS, will be the last command for today," said Judy, "and when you hear it, you
will bend at the waist with your tiny little butt on full display. Now, let's
try it. ASS!"

sue bent over, keeping her legs together trying not to show very much. she
figured Judy would change this, but she had to try.

And she was right. she heard Judy say, "No pet, not like that. Bend over and
spread those legs. Give me a good clear view of your tiny little hole and

sue knew what she had to do and spread her legs apart, but it wasn't enough for
Judy. She said, "Open up more, slut. I want to be able to see all of you down
there. Now do it right or I'll whip your naked little ass."

sue was worried that she would get hurt, so she spread her legs as far as she
could get them, knowing she was showing Judy everything she had. Then Judy said,
"That's better, now put your hands on your cheeks and spread them open."

sue was crying again, being made to get into this humiliating position for Judy.
she also knew she might have to do it in front of others as well. she hated Judy
so much and some day she would get her revenge. Just as soon as this six months
were up, she would find a way to get even.

"That's a good little cunt, now just stay like that while I make a phone call.
It'll get you used to being like this," said Judy.

sue remained bent over, spreading her naked ass cheeks, showing everything. "How
humiliating," she thought, "and what a nasty position to be in."

Judy left her alone and went to the phone in the bedroom. She called Ron to see
if he would stop by the sex shop on the way home. She asked him to pick up a
special toy and some lubrication. She had made up her mind that sue was going to
be a real pet for her and this new toy would make it just right.

After talking to Ron, she came back into the living room and just stood still
for a moment watching her little toy. she could see sue's bald cunt shinning as
the juices dripped from it. She thought to herself, "The little whore loves
this. she is so wet from being treated like a slut. Bet she would love to cum. I
know I would like to right now."

She walked over to sue and ran her fingers along the puffy cunt lips and then up
to her asshole. she inserted a  finger in her ass and wiggled it around some
before she went back to her cunt. she ran her fingers up and down the slit and
then rubbed her little clit. sue was squirming with the need to cum, but Judy
wasn't going to allow it. she stopped just before sue was getting ready to get

She said, "OK, slut, let's practice. KNEEL!"

sue left her ASS position and got into the KNEELING one. she did it perfectly.

Then, Judy said, "HEEL"

sue got own on her hands and knees and followed Judy into the bedroom. Judy took
her clothes all the way off and lay back on the bed, leaving her feet dangling
over the side. She spread them wide open and said "Eat me, cunt!"

sue crawled between her legs and started licking the juicy cunt before her. she
had learned to lick Mistress quite well and knew just how to make her cum. And,
it wasn't long before Judy did just that.


sue swallowed all the pussy juice she could get into her mouth and her face was
once again covered in sex juice. Judy wouldn't allow her to wipe it off since
she wanted sue to be able to smell her pussy all the time.

Once Judy had calmed down, she took sue back into the living room to practice
the commands once again.

"SIT, KNEEL, BRAND, ASS," she ordered. Judy went through all the new commands
one right after the other, wanting to be sure susie knew them well.

As she was doing this, Ron walked in and just stood back to watch. Judy was
turning into quite a Domme. He laughed at the positions she made sue get into
and finally said, "Very good, Judy. she learns well. Here is the thing you

He handed her the bag and Judy gave one last command to sue. "ASS!"

sue bent over like Judy had trained her, and her ass was in the perfect position
to insert the new toy. Judy got the lubrication and smeared it around sue's
puckered little hole, slipping a finger inside, then two fingers. she worked
them around, opening sue's tight little hole. Then, she removed her fingers and
said, "Now little slut, don't move. you move and I'll whip your ass."

Judy pulled the butt plug from the bag and played with it for a little while.
She loved it! The butt plug had a tail on it and Judy ran her fingers through
the life-like hair. "This is going to be really cute," she thought, as she lubed
it up and positioned it at the dark little hole of the girl bending over in
front of her.

Then, she pushed it into the opening.


"Hold still, cunt!" ordered Judy. "I'll have it in soon, and then we can look."

Pushing harder and getting more in, sue's tight little ass began to open. It
hurt, but at the same time felt good. her pussy was really dripping now. "Why am
i like this," sue questioned herself. "i am not like this, but every time they
do something to me, my cunt drips like a leaky faucet."

Finally, the butt plug slid all the way in and sue's ass clamped around the
shaft. It was there to stay.

"OK, slut, KNEEL!" ordered Judy.

Without even thinking, sue got into her kneeling position. It was almost
automatic now and sue didn't understand why she did these things. she just did

"HEEL!" was the next command and sue got on all fours and followed Judy down the
hall to the full length mirror in the hallway.

Once they arrived, sue looked in the mirror and saw the thing sticking out of
her ass. "NNNOOOO," she yelled, "don't do this to me!"

she stared at the mirror that showed her reflection. she looked more like a
puppy dog now with a tail sticking out of her little ass, and a collar on her
throat.  It was the same color as her hair and it appeared to actually be a part
of her. It looked like she actually had a tail growing from her ass.

"OK, now that you have admired your new tail, let's see if you can wag it for
me," said Judy.

Embarrassed, sue moved her ass, making the tail move back and forth, just like
she was wagging it.

Ron said, "Looks like your little pet is happy. she wags her tail so cute. I
think it should stay there for awhile. At least until we finish fucking. You
ready, honey?"

"I'm always ready for that hard cock, Ron," said Judy, "let's go do it."

They started for the bedroom and Judy turned toward sue and said, "HEEL!"

sue, embarrassed once again, crawled behind the other two. They went into the
bedroom and Ron said, "I think she should watch as we fuck, don't you."

Judy replied, "OH, yes, SIT slut!"

sue got on her knees, rested her ass on her heels and pulled her cunt apart as
far as she could with the lock on it. Ron noticed she couldn't open up very far,
so he said, "I think we need to take her cunt lock off so she can get that
little hole wide open."

"That's a good idea Ron," said Judy, "and maybe we should leave it off as long
as one of us are with her."

The Captain reached down and unlocked the thing that had held her cunt together.
Now her pussy could be open. Then, she was made to take the rings in her hands
and pull her puffy pussy lips apart. she didn't pull too far since it hurt when
she did.

But Judy noticed this and said, "Open that disgusting hole up, susie slut. Make
it nice and wide for us."

sue pulled her pussy lips open a little more, hoping she didn't have to go much
farther. But Judy kept telling her, "More, More, More."

sue pulled and pulled her pussy lips in opposite directions until finally she
had her cunt wide open and the pinkness on the inside was in total view.

"That's better, bitch, now just stay like that and watch us," ordered Judy.

sue was so humiliated, being made to have her fuck hole open so wide, but it was
so wet, they could see the juice flowing out of it and onto the floor. Her
little clit was also sticking straight out like a little penis. The other two
just laughed at her as they removed their clothes. she watched it all, wanting
to get fucked too, but knew that wasn't going to happen.

Judy and Ron got into the bed, made out for a little while. Judy sucked his
cock, while he ate her pussy. sue was so embarrassed watching the two lovers
doing these things, but it made her so hot. It wasn't long and Ron got between
Judy's spread legs and shoved his hard cock into her waiting cunt. He went all
the way in, up to his balls and then slowly pulled back out, leaving just the
head inside Judy. She was already moaning, wanting to be fucked hard. But Ron
just slowly pushed back into her and picked up a slow steady pace. sue watched
them fuck, while holding her pussy wide apart. she was so hot and wet, she was
wanting to cum. But knew that she couldn't allow her pussy to close up and could
not play with her hard little clit. she just had to sit, watch and suffer.

They really started fucking hard now, moaning and groaning. Ron was picking up
speed and Judy matched his thrust, pushing her cunt onto his hard cock. sue was
amazed at how these two people fucked. But she also wanted some of the action.
Hopefully this weekend she would get her cunt full of hard cock and be able to
get the satisfaction she craved.

Finally, after what seemed like hours for sue, both Ron and Judy stiffened up
and she knew Ron was shooting his cum deep into her cunt. sue wondered if Judy
was on birth control like she was. If not, then she would be pregnant after this


sue didn't ever remember being that loud, but then again, they probably didn't
realize it either. sue hoped that they would let her up to stretch now that they
finished. But her hopes were diminished when Ron finally pulled his softening
dick out of Judy's wet cunt. It even POPPED as it came out.

He stood up and walked to her saying, "OK, cunt, now I need to get clean. Don't
move from that position and lick me clean!"

He stuck his cock right up to her lips and for some reason, she just opened up
and took him in her mouth. she licked and sucked all the mixed juices from his
cock and she could tell he was getting hard again. But he pulled out before he
became fully erect and walked away, leaving her with her mouth wide open. But
she wouldn't be left alone for long.

Judy got up and repositioned sue's head, making her lean back even more. Then
she said, "Now, slut, suck my cunt clean and you better get it all. And don't
you dare let go of your whore hole!"

Judy climbed onto her face and almost suffocated her. she had no other option
available except to suck and lick the well fucked hole of her Mistress. she
lickrd and sucked her, tasting Ron's cum sliding into her mouth and down her
throat. But it was different now, since it was mixed with Judy's cunt juice.
"Not really a bad taste," she thought as she tried to get it all out of the
pussy on her face.

When Judy thought she was cleaned enough, she pulled back off sue's face and
walked away. As she was leaving the bedroom she said, "HEEL!"

sue was actually grateful for this since she could move a little and stretch her
tired limbs. But, it wouldn't be for long. Judy walked into the living room and
ordered, "Fix us a drink and dinner, slut"

"May i get up to do it, please," sue begged.

"Yes, get your ass up and hurry. But make sure you keep your little tail moving
all the time," said Judy.

The two of them sat down on the couch and watched as sue rose to her feet and
walked into the kitchen. They laughed at the tail she now had and sue heard Judy
say, "I think she needs to wear that all the time. How about you?"

Ron laughed a little louder and said, "Yea, it might be kind of fun to watch her
at work, trying to hide it from the others. But if she is naked, she won't be
able to hide anything."

sue turned bright red with the thought of being at work in the station, naked
and sporting a tail. They wouldn't make her do that! Or would they?

sue returned with the drinks and then went back to fix dinner. she hurried as
fast as she could, with the hopes they would allow her to go to bed. she had had
quite a day and she needed to rest.

Once dinner was served to the two of them Judy said, "KNEEL!"

sue got down on her knees in the position she had been trained to be in and
waited. They fed her scraps from their plates and then when done, she had to
clean everything up.

Finally, Judy said it was bedtime and took sue into the little guestroom. She
bound her to the bed, put a dildo in her cunt and turned out the lights.
Shutting the door, she said, "Get some sleep whore.  Tomorrow we practice some
more and then Hec will be by to get you for the weekend."

Even with her ass and cunt full, sue fell asleep quickly.


part 25

The next day wasn't too hard on sue. Once she was allowed to get up, she took a
shower and had breakfast. she was allowed to eat with Ron and Judy at the table.
she was still naked, except for her choker and lock on her ear and pussy rings,
but it felt good to eat like a human again.

Ron left to go to the station to finish up the weekly reports before going on
vacation. Judy and sue stayed home to finish packing and getting ready for the

Judy packed a small bag for sue, only putting the things Hec wanted her to have.
He had said he would have a surprise when he came and picked up his weekend
slut. But he wouldn't say what it was.

sue had to pack for Judy and Ron. she hated doing this, especially since some of
the clothes she packed for Judy were once hers. Judy had kept all the clothes
that fit her before making sue burn the rest. But she knew she had to do as she
was told or Judy would make her go to the station naked and it was hard to tell
what else the evil woman would force on her. So in silence she packed the big
suitcases. she also saw her little bag, but didn't know what Judy had put in it.

sue also cleaned up the house and changed the beds. she washed the dishes and
did the laundry while Judy sat around watching her. Of course, since Judy was
horny most of the time, sue had to pleasure her in between her chores. she had
to eat Judy's cunt numerous times during the day, but sue was never allowed any

Ron got home around four p.m. and started packing the car. Judy made sue get
into her SITTING position in the middle of the living room and watch as Ron took
the bags out. Beside sue was her leash and butt plug with the tail. she was in
her position, spreading her cunt apart when Ron came in after taking the last
bag out. With him was Hec.

They just ignored the little slut in the middle of the floor and went to get a
beer. sue could here them talking, but wasn't sure about everything they said.
she only caught bits and pieces of what they said.

Once they had the beer, they came back to where sue was SITTING and walked
around her. Hec said, "Well, looks like she is ready to go."

Ron replied, "Yes, Judy made sure her little bag was packed and things are all
ready for you. I'm sure you'll all have a great weekend. Just remember, if she
disobeys, let us know and she'll get punished."

"Great!" said Hec, "I'm sure she'll behave, knowing that Judy said she would
have to go to work naked if she doesn't."

They all laughed at this. Everyone except sue. Tears were beginning to form in
her eyes, but she could also feel her cunt getting wet. Just the thought of
being naked made her hot.

"STAND UP cunt," ordered Hec.

sue stood up, but still held her cunt lips apart. she didn't know if she should
let them go or not, so she stood there, legs spread, holding on to her cunt

But just then, Hec gave another order, "ASS!" was all he said.

sue quickly changed positions, bending over and grabbing her naked ass cheeks,
spreading them apart.

Hec walked behind her after he bent over and picked up the butt plug with the
tail. Then, he placed it against her asshole and pushed. He didn't use
lubrication, but surprisingly, it went right in. By having it in her ass all
night, her little brown hole stretched enough to take it again without the lube.

Once he got it all the way in, he told her to stand up straight and he picked up
her leash, passed it through her collar ring and hooked it to the rings in her
pussy and said, "OK, slut, let's go. We have so much to do this weekend and it
is time to get started."

He tugged on her leash and she couldn't do anything but follow. As they walked
out of the door, Judy said, "Have fun little slut, and be sure to behave. You
know what will happen if you don't."

The door was closed and sue felt the chilly night air on her naked skin. she
thought it would be better once they got into Hec's truck, but was soon to find
out differently. she followed him to the truck feeling kind of ashamed that she
was naked like this, but also was excited about her weekend with Hec. she was
starting to have feelings for him, and when her six months were up, she might
pursue him more.

When they arrived at the truck, Hec opened the door and threw her little bag
inside. But before she could get in, he closed the door and led her to the back
of the truck. He said, "OK slut, climb in."

she looked at him with disbelief since it was getting colder and she was naked.
Inside the bed of the truck, she saw a cage with the door open. she just stood
there, not moving until he slapped her on the ass.

He said, "I told you to get in cunt. Now move it."

she jumped from the hard slap to her ass and it really stung because it was
cold. she was afraid he might do more, so she climbed up onto the bed of the

Then he said, "Into the cage, slut."

she slowly got to her knees on the cold metal and crawled into the cage. As soon
as she was inside, he shut the door and she heard it lock. Knowing there was no
tailgate on his truck, she felt so open. Anyone driving behind them would see
her naked ass with that awful tail sticking out. she started crying again.

Hec got in the front and closed his door. she heard the truck start and then
felt the motion as he drove away from her house. It was cold and she shivered
and she hoped she wouldn't get sick from being exposed so much.

she had no idea where she was or where he was taking her. she cried even more
now, but her cunt was on fire from her need to be used. she couldn't understand
why she felt like this, but she didn't like it. At least that's what her mind
said to her, but her hot pussy told her she needed and wanted everything that
would happen.

Suddenly, she heard a horn blow and opened her eyes. she could see the lights
shining behind her and knew that someone saw her naked ass. The tail in her ass
had been blown to the side, so her hot cunt was also visible. Hec slowed the
truck and turned off the road. she felt him going slower and then suddenly, he
stopped in a well-lit area.

He shut the truck off and got out, not paying any attention to her sobs. He
walked away from the truck, but soon he returned. she heard him say, "I told you
I had a slut for the weekend. What do you think?"

Another voice said, "Wow, that is one hot looking ass. I sure could use some of

Then it was Hec's voice again, "Well, if you come to the club tomorrow night,
you can have some. But, it will cost you. I put out alot of money on this cunt
and I plan on getting it back."

sue didn't like the way he talked and dreaded what she was going to have to do.
But, she also thought in her mind, that she was going to finally get fucked. she
needed to have a hard cock inside her so she could cum. It had been so long
since she was allowed to be fucked and to cum.

Some other voices could be heard by sue, but she couldn't make out what they
said. Then Hec said, "OK, you've all seen enough for now. Be at the club
tomorrow night and you will get some of this slut's ass. I might even give it
away free to you guys. All depends on how much everyone else will pay to fuck

"Oh, my God," thought sue. "i am now going to be a whore for real. He is going
to charge to get me fucked." her mind wandered to her little sister. They had
threatened to get her and make her a whore. And then to her parents. They would
die if they knew what she was doing, even if it was against her will. Why didn't
she just go back to China instead of picking this option?

Hec got back into the truck, started it up and drove off again. she knew there
were cars behind them, but didn't know how many or who it was. All she could see
was the front of the cab and the reflection of the lights behind her. she knew
she was showing everything.

They drove a little more and then she felt the truck turn onto another road. It
felt like a dirt road. But it wasn't very long before the truck stopped and Hec
came around to the back and unlocked the cage she was in.

"OK, cunt, get your skinny little ass out. We have lots to do tonight," he said.

sue was glad to get out of that cage with the hopes of getting inside where it
was warm. she was so cold now. Everything but her cunt was cold and for some
reason, that was hotter than a fire.

He took the leash on her cunt rings and walked her into the house. He took her
into the kitchen and there she saw Victor. He said, "It's about time you got
back with the cunt. The doctor and Stephanie are on the way."

"Great," said Hec, "It won't take long to get the little slut ready for her

sue didn't understand what he meant by treatments, but since it was a doctor,
she thought of all kinds of things. She knew that having Stephanie here, she
would probably get pierced again or tattooed.

Hec led her to the kitchen table and picked her up. He layed her on her back on
the table and then began to tie her down. He took each arm and pulled it to the
side, tying a rope around her wrists and then to the table legs. He also did the
same to her legs. she was now spreadeagled on the large kitchen table. she tried
to move her limbs, but he had her tied down nice and tight. Then he raised her
head up by pulling on her hair and shoved a couple of pillows under her head.
she now had to look straight down her body. her little tits were pushed up and
she could see between them to her bald mound.

The guys sat back to drink some beer while they waited for the others to arrive.
They also admired the naked girl on the table and talked about her like she
wasn't even there. They said things like, "Pretty little cunt she has. Bet it
will take a big cock." Tits are kind of small, but we'll fix that." Wonder if
the guys at the club will enjoy her."

Then there was a knock on the door. Hec said, "That's got to be them. Victor,
how about letting them in."

Victor got up and made his way to the door. sue heard some talk and knew one of
them was Stephanie. But she had never heard the other voice before. Victor led
them into the kitchen and Stephanie said, "Well, it is good to see you again,
susie. We are going to have such a good time tonight and I'm going to get my
pussy licked again. you do it so well."

"I would like to watch that," said the doctor, "but I think we need to do the
procedures first before we play."

"Yes," said Hec, "let's get the work over with and then we can play. Like I told
you doc, you get to have her for yourself for awhile once you are done making
those tits bigger."

When sue heard this, she gasped. "They couldn't do this to her," she thought to
herself, "i can't have my tits bigger. i'll look like a bimbo!"

sue watched as Stephanie and the doctor got all the equipment out. It looked so
evil to her. Needles, clamps, vials of liquid. she didn't want this to happen to
her and she tried to say something. But was slapped across the face by Stephanie
who said, "Just shut up slut, or it'll be worse on you."

sue cried, but did try to beg for them not to do this to her. Stephanie said,
"I'll fix her crying little mouth." She reached under her skirt and pulled her
panties down. Once she had them off, she went to sue and pried her mouth open.
Then she stuffed the panties in her mouth, making sure the wet crotch went in
first so she got a good taste of pussy.

"OK," said the doctor, "I'm ready. Should I go first or do you want to, Steph?"

Stephanie said, "I think you need to get them bigger first. Can you also make
her nipples bigger?"

"Oh sure," said the Doctor, But I'll have to fix some more of the solution."

"OK," said Stephanie, "Go ahead and mix it up. I want to do something with her."

Stephanie reached down between sue's legs and ran her finge nail up her slit.
she then found her clit and scratched it with her long nails. sue started
squirming and moaning through the panties she had in her mouth.

"Wow, this cunt is wet," said Stephanie, "Bet she is loving all of this and just
begs to make us think she doesn't"

Stephanie played with the little cunt while the doctor was getting the rest of
the things he needed. When he came back, he said, "OK, now how big do we need
these little titties and nipples."

Stephanie said, "Well, the nipples should be at least a quarter inch long, if
not a half  inch. It's up to the guys as far as how big they want her tits. But,
just remember, the bigger they are the worse she looks. Her frame can't handle
big ugly tits. I would suggest going up one or two sizes."

Hec said, I think she is about a 32 right now, so let's try for a 34. Can you go
bigger if they aren't big enough."

"I sure can," said the doctor. "All I need is a little more fluid and I can make
them into 38"s."

"Well," said Victor, "I think a nice 34 would look good on her, especially when
she wears tight clothes."

"OK, then 34 it is," said the doctor. "And about a quarter inch nipples should
look good, too."

Then the doctor grabbed her left tit and squeezed it. sue jumped as best she
could, but couldn't move very far, since they had tied her down really good. And
all she could do was moan into the panties.

The doctor played with her tit and finally said, "OK, she is ready. Here we go."

He took the needle and placed it into the fleshy part of her tit and wiggled it
around. Then, he began to push the plunger on the syringe. sue screamed into the
panties, and her tit felt as though is was on fire.  He squirted the fluid into
her tit and then moved it to another spot. He continued doing this until the
syringe was empty.

He stood back and the others looked at sue's bigger tit. "Perfect," they all
said together. "Looks like she actually has a tit now. Let's get the other

The doctor left that tit alone and moved to the other side. He played with it
for awhile, just as he had the first one. Then the needle went in. sue was
feeling weak now from the pain of the needle and the humiliation of having it
done against her will. But she was able to stay awake for the whole procedure.

Once the doctor had finished, he stood back and said, "Well, is it OK?"

"That's great," Hec shouted. Now let's do the nipples so Stephanie can get her
job done. It is going to be great tomorrow night having a true cop fucking

This scared sue. she wanted to fuck, but how many would be there and what else
would they do.

The doctor was now pinching her left nipple and she suddenly became aware of 
the needle puncturing it. He had centered it right at the tip and pushed it into
her. Then, he squeezed the plunger and she could actually see her cute little
nipple grow. How gross she thought she would look, having her nipple erect all
the time.

The doctor squeezed just enough into her to make her nipple stick straight out
and it looked to be about a quarter of an inch long. Then he did the other
nipple and tried to get them to match. He got them as close as he could and then
stepped back.

"Wow," said Stephanie, "they look delicious. If I was Bi, I wouldn't mind
sucking those titties."

Every one laughed and Hec said, "OK Steph, now it's your turn. Once you're done,
we'll have some play time. The doc says he wants some of that asian cunt."

"OK," said Stephanie, "I'm ready. Now are you sure you want her badge on her
left tit and a one-inch ring on the other one. How about a name tag instead of a

sue could not believe what she was hearing.  First the lock in her ear, for all
to see, a choker that never came off, pussy rings that could be used to lock her
cunt, studs in her tongue, a brand that boldly announced her slavery,  and now

"We thought about the name tag, but the ring can be used for so many other
things," Hec replied. "And besides, her name tag is already branded on her
thigh.  The badge and ring will look so good at the club and we'll get all our
money back from this little slut."

Stephanie went to sue and played with her nipple some more, loving the feel of
it. Sometimes she wished she could be like sue. It really turned her on to think
of herself in this position.

Then she got the piercing tool and placed it on sue's left nipple. Then she
squeezed and everyone could hear it pass through the tender skin.

sue held her breath and tried to cry out from the pain. But she couldn't get
anything out since her mouth was full of Stephanie's panties. Once the tool had
made its hole, she quickly got the badge and put it in sue's nipple.

Then she stood back to admire her work. "Looks good to me," she said. "Do you
want it permanent. I can solder the clasp closed and she'll never get it out."

"Great idea," exclaimed both Victor and Hec.

So before she started on the right nipple, she got the soldering gun out and
plugged it in. It had to warm up before she could do it. Poor sue would be in
pain again, since she would feel the heat and it might even burn her if
Stephanie slipped.

Then she went to the other nipple and proceeded to pierce it. She placed the
tool on the nipple and squeezed, making the hole. Once again sue felt the pain
and this time she did pass out. Stephanie threaded the one-inch gold ring in
place and then went to work fixing both the badge and ring so they would be

She held the soldering gun up to the metal and heated it up. She was glad sue
passed out, since the burning of her tit was noticeable. At least to her. When
she finished soldering them in place, she stepped back and said, "OK, guys, you
now have a naked cop with badge. She'll never get them out, unless they are

Now it was play time for the doctor and he held something under sue's nose. He
wanted her awake when he fucked her. sue came to, just in time to see the doctor
strip off the last of his clothes. she stared right into his hard cock. She
thought, "My God, he is huge. The doctor had a 10" cock and it was quite thick.
He went to the end of the table and started sliding it into her wide open cunt.
It stretched her tiny pussy and sue cried from the pain it was causing her. But,
the doctor kept pushing and finally he was up to his balls in her tight little

While he was fucking sue, the guys walked Stephanie into the living room to
thank her, but they had other things on their minds. They were going to fuck
Stephanie tonight while the doctor had his fun with the little whore on the
table. Stephanie didn't know this, so she was caught off guard when the men
grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back.


part 26

Once the doctor was all the way inside sue's tight little cunt, he stayed still
just for a moment feeling the pleasure. But it wasn't long and he began to
withdraw his huge cock. He pulled all the way out so only the head was inside.
Then, with a strong push, he was once again buried all the way in. He was really
enjoying this hot little slut, especially the rings in her pussy lips. They
seemed to add to his pleasure as they rubbed against his hard 10" cock as he
went in and out of her.

sue lay on the table, unable to move, but the feeling she had in her pussy was
so overpowering. she tried her best to meet his thrust as he pulled out and then
slammed back into her hard. He was moving slow inside her, wanting it to last.
sue wanted him to fuck her fast so she could at least have one orgasm. It had
been so long since she was allowed to cum!

The doctor continued his assault on her hot little cunt, fucking her slow, but
deep and hard. she knew that soon he would cum and hoped that she too would get

In the living room, Hec and Victor were having a great time with stephanie. she
knew she was in trouble as soon as her hands were tied behind her. she hadn't
expected this at all. The only thing she wanted was to have her pussy licked by
the little whore on the table, but it looked as if she would get more than she
bargained for.

The two guys had opened her blouse and pushed her bra out of the way and now
each of them had a tit in their hands, getting ready to suck on her nipples.
stephanie tried hard to get away from the attack, but they held her too tight.
she knew her nipples were getting hard and unfortunately for her, her little
cunt was getting so wet. The juices began to flow out of her pussy and down her
legs. she hoped they wouldn't notice how hot it made her to be used this way.
she often thought about what it would be like to be a slut like sue had become,
but never thought it would happen to her. And she also thought, "What will Derek
think of her or what would he say?"

Derek had been her boyfriend for over a year.  He was conservative and earned
good money in the computer world.  They saw each other several times a week, and
often spent weekends together.  He was a good lover, and she was sure he never
cheated on her.  she had been faithful to him, also.  The recent activities with
Captain Ron and his slut had awakened some new feelings within her, but her
heart still belonged to Derek.

Now Victor and Hec each had a nipple in their mouth, sucking on them. stephanie
was getting hot and the guys knew it. They would definitely get a good fuck from
her tonight. And maybe even make her their slut once they took sue back to Ron
and Judy.

sue was grinding her hips to meet the thrust of the doctor.  He was going faster
now, fucking the little asian whore on the table. He figured he could cum in her
cunt, then get a good blow job before he fucked her again. This was going to be
a great night. And he might even get to watch the two girls fuck each other. He
had never seen that before, and wanted to make sure this one was full of his
cum. That way stephanie would get a good taste of him while she was made to suck
sue's well-fucked cunt.

The doctor picked up the pace as he thought of all that could happen and knew
that if he fucked her now, he could fuck her again later and maybe even get some
of the other little bitch. So he started going faster, which made sue want more.
she bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts, and even though the ropes held her
back, she was able to push her pussy onto his hard cock.

she felt the doctor's cock begin to grow and knew she had to cum soon or he
would shoot his load in her and once again be denied. she forced her mind to
think of cumming more and more. Then it happened. The doctor pulled out one
final time and then drove into her so hard, the table moved. That's when it hit

as she had the first orgasm in many days.

The Doctor also was cumming, shooting his load into her hot cunt.

Once they both calmed down just a little, the doctor pulled out and moved up to
her head and forced his cock into her mouth. sue was so hot right now, she
quickly pulled his cock into her mouth and down her throat. she could taste her
juices along with his cum on it, and savored the taste. God, she was such a
fucking slut now; she couldn't get enough cock. But she figured that was because
she had been denied for so long without being fucked.

Hec and Victor finally finished fucking stephanie in the living room and raised
her up from the arm of the couch. They didn't want any cum leaking out of her
cunt, so they carried her, almost upside down into the kitchen. They stood
watching the doctor getting his cock sucked, but wanted to get things moving, so
they interrupted him and asked if he wanted to watch a show.

"Oh yes, I have never seen two girls getting it on before, so let's do it!" he
told them. They carried stephanie over to the table and placed her right over
sue's mouth. Then they pushed her down so her freshly fucked pussy was right on
her mouth.

Hec said, "OK, little susie slut, suck our cum from this whore's hole!"

stephanie started to tell them, "I am not a whore," but was slapped hard across
the face to shut her up.

Victor said, "You are whatever we say you are. Now shut up!"

sue started licking stephanie, since she loved the taste of her pussy. Ever
since the first time, she couldn't get enough of her. she hoped stephanie
enjoyed being eaten as much as she loved eating her hot pussy. sue licked at the
pussy she had come to love, even more than Judy's cunt, but found out that it
was quite different this time. she had gotten a mixed flavor of juices. Some of
stephanie's, mixed with Hec's and Victor's cum. But she licked it all into her
mouth and swallowed. she knew she had to, or she would end up naked at work next
week and she didn't want that to happen.

As sue was licking stephanie, Hec pushed stephanie's face toward sue's pussy. He
said, "OK, cunt, do the same for her!"

stephanie, not used to being treated this way argued. "No, i have never eaten a
pussy before, and i don't want to start!"

A hard slap on her naked ass shut her up, but she still tried to push away from
the pussy that was now just inches from her face. But that wasn't going to be
for long, since the guys pushed even harder and forced her into sue's
well-fucked cunt.

stephanie held her mouth closed so she wouldn't have to do it, but this was
noticed by the doctor He reached down and grabbed her nose, pinching it so she
had to open her mouth to breathe. When she did, the other two pushed her mouth
right into the pussy they wanted her to eat. stephanie got the first taste of
pussy just then.

Hec said, "You either lick that cunt, or I'll have to call your boyfriend and
show him how you fucked me and Victor."

Of course, she didn't want Derek to find out, so she slowly stuck her tongue out
and tasted sue. It wasn't so bad, as she licked up and down the slit and even
touched sue's hard little clit. she thought about how she had put the rings in
sue's pussy, but never thought she would be licking it.

Now that the girls were eating each other, the guys just stood back to watch and
play with their cocks so they would be ready for more when they finished. And
they also set the video camera on a tripod to get all the action for use later
on. Ron and Judy would love this when they got back.

Stroking their cocks and watching the two sluts eat pussy was getting all three
of them so horny again. They all knew they would have to fuck the whores at
least one more time tonight before going to bed and allowing stephanie to leave.
They had some good plans for her and she would end up getting quite humiliated.

As they watched, the girls kept licking and sucking each other, getting each
others juices in their mouths, along with the guys cum. Then, suddenly, both
girls shook as they had an orgasm. "MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH" was all that could be
heard as they never pulled their lips from the pussy they were eating.

Once the girls had calmed down and just rested between each others' legs, the
guys clapped and cheered! "Great performance!" they yelled.

Both girls just looked at them and gave an embarrassed pout. they were so worn
out, they didn't want to move. Of course, sue couldn't since she was still
strapped to the table. The guys picked stephanie up and got her back on the
floor. Then they untied sue to allow her to move and get the kinks from her

But the guys hadn't finished yet. They were going to use these two sluts as much
as they could, but still didn't want it to go all night. sue needed some rest
since she would be used in a different way tomorrow. And they might even take
stephanie with her, but hadn't thought too much about it yet.

Once the girls had regained what little composure two naked sluts could get,
they got ready for the next part. They took stephanie into the living room and
layed her down on the coffee table. They quickly tied ropes to her ankles and
spread her legs wide apart. The other ends were tied to the heavy furniture in
the room, so she had to stay spread. Her arms were hurting form laying on them,
so Hec took them and retied them to the legs of the table.

Victor had left to get some supplies from the bathroom and when he returned, he
placed them all on the floor next to the table. He had some towels, a bowl of
nice warm water a razor and some shaving gel.

Hec and the doctor laughed at what he had brought out, and Hec said, "OK susie
slut, since your cunt stays bald most of the time, we want steph's cunt the same
way. Shave it off!"

stephanie heard this and began to protest. "Oh, please don't do that. Derek
likes it this way. He doesn't like it shaved. Please, don't!"

Hec laughed again and said, "Too bad slut, I don't like a hairy pussy. So what
you have goes!"

stephanie tried to argue again, but found she couldn't speak when the doctor put
his huge cock into her mouth and forced it into her throat. All she could do was
gurgle around it. He said, "There, this will keep her quiet while the other one
shaves her."

sue didn't want to do this to steph. But once again the threats about work and
her little sister made her do as she was told.

she picked up the bowl of water and using her hands, got stephanie's crotch wet.
Then she shook the can of gel and squirted it onto stephanie's pubic mound.
Next, she rubbed it all in, causing it to turn to foam and then she started
shaving her pussy.

stephanie squirmed at the touch of the razor, but was warned that if she moved,
sue might cut her down there. So stephanie tried to stay still. It was
difficult, but she did manage. her pussy was so hot and dripped like a faucet
from the touch of sue's hands on her.

sue couldn't resist and stuck a finger inside stephanie. Then she intentionally
rubbed her finger across her clit. This made stephanie squirm some more, but
lucky for her sue didn't have the razor on her.

After a while, stephanie's pussy was totally bald, even around her puffy little
lips. sue wiped it all off and then bent over and kissed her there. stephanie
groaned around the cock in her mouth and began to suck it even more. she wanted
it over with so she could get out of there.

But the guys had other plans for her. They pushed sue out of the way and rubbed
stephanie's pussy, making sure all the hair was gone. Once satisfied, Victor
brought out a permanent magic marker and wrote just above the top of her pussy
the word "SLUT", as he said, "Maybe we'll tattoo it on her later to make it

They loved that and then each of them once again took turns fucking her. This
was going to be the greatest ending to a great night. At least for all the guys.
Hec fucked the little asian and made sure he filed her with a good load. Then
Victor took his turn at her. He too gave her a good size load. Then the doctor,
being a little bigger than the other two, drove his big 10" cock deep inside
her. she had it in her mouth and now he was fucking her pussy. stephanie thought
she was going to be slit apart from the size of that thing.

It surprised her when he just slid right in and her tight little hole expanded
to take it. he fucked her hard and then shot another load into her.

The guys left her alone on the table while they got sue ready for bed. They took
the leash and connected it through her collar, and down to her cunt rings. Then
Hec tugged on it and she followed. But he stooped suddenly and looked at her.

He said, "Wait, you have a new ring to play with, so let me adjust this leash
for you."

He reached over and disconnected the clip from her pussy rings and brought it up
to her nipple ring. Then feeding it through the hole, he brought it back to her
pussy and reconnected it.

"There, that should work better," he said as he gave it a tug. sue felt it pull
on her pussy rings first and then on her nipple ring. This made her cunt lips
raise up toward her belly and her nipple seemed to grow even more. Then it
pulled her collar around her neck. Hec just turned and walked away, forcing her
to follow. It was painful to her nipple since it was a fresh piercing, and her
pussy was getting so hot and wet from it. "Why does my pussy do this to me," she
thought to herself.

Leading her through the house and into a dark room, she was forced to her knees
and then a boot on her ass shoved her forwards. she ended up on her hands and
knees and since her eyes had gotten accustomed to the dark, she saw the cage in
front of her.

she didn't want to be in it again, but a sharp sting on her naked ass from the
whip in Hec's hand made her crawl  into it. As soon as her ass cleared the
doorway, the door closed and she could hear the padlock close.

"Now, that should hold you all night," said Hec. " We'll see you in the morning,
slut. Sleep tight!" Victor added.

They walked back into the living room and saw the doctor examining stephanie's
tits. He said, "You know, I could make these a lot bigger and even make her
nipples look like the other slut's."

Hec laughed and said, "Well, maybe some other time, once we have some more fun
with her. But it is time to get some sleep and we need to send her home."

"But maybe we can pierce those puffy cunt lips and put some rings in it, just
like the other whore," said Victor.

"Great idea," agreed Hec, "It'll give her something to remember this night. 
Let's see if she has the stuff in her bag!"

Getting her bag out, they rummaged through it and found just what they needed,
the piercing tool and some rings. "Oh, yes," cried Hec, "These will do just
fine. Then we can lead her around, too."

None of them had ever done this before, so they told stephanie to tell them how
to do it. But she said, "i won't do that. How can you expect me to tell you how
to pierce me there, when i don't want it done."

"Well, then we'll just have to figure it out on our own," said Victor.

stephanie thought about that and then decided if it was going to be done, she
had better explain how to do it right.

So step by step, she explained how to put holes in her cunt and add the rings.
she hated telling them, but if she didn't, they might fuck up and ruin her.

The guys followed her directions and soon she had two nice little rings in her
cunt lips. And they even made them permanent by welding them shut.

Hec and Victor started to untie her, but the doctor asked if he could fuck her
one more time before she left. It had been so long since he had fucked, he just
couldn't get enough.

They agreed and as Hec and Victor walked from the room, the doctor shoved his
big cock into her one more time. Hec and Victor went to get a beer and when they
got back, the doctor was fucking her quite hard. she was moaning and groaning
with each thrust and soon she had an orgasm.

MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!" she screamed just as he shot another load deep inside her.

Laughing, the guys released her from her bonds and told her to go home, but to
expect a phone call later with instructions.

stephanie started to look for her clothes, but Hec said, "Oh, forgot to tell
you. Your clothes are now ours. Go home like you are and don't even stop to
clean up."

"You can't do this to me," she yelled. "i'll call the cops on you!."

Hec said, "Go right ahead, slut. But who do you think you'll have to talk to.
Captain Ron will just laugh at you. So get your horny little ass out of here.
You'll hear from me soon."

Crying, stephanie ran from the house to her car. How would she ever get into her
house without Derek or anyone else seeing her like this? He would probably be
waiting for her. How could she explain? What would he say? she could never have
him again, especially once he saw the cum leaking from her cunt. He would know
she was fucked. And what would he do when he saw her pierced pussy lips. she
cried even harder now.

she drove home in silence, praying that he wouldn't be there.


part 27

While stephanie was driving home, Hec was on the phone to Derek. They had met a
couple weeks ago when Hec needed some things done to his computer. He didn't
want just anyone seeing what he had on it, so another friend recommended Derek.
Derek was one of those guys who would never turn anyone in for what he saw on
their computers and when he saw what Hec had, he was very curious. Things like
bondage, SM, sluts, and slaves.  He had asked Hec about the pics. That's when
Hec told him about sue and how he had won her for the weekend at an auction
given by Captain Ron. Derek sounded interested and told Hec that he wished his
girlfriend could be like that. After they had talked, Hec realized who his
girlfriend was. He told Derek about his plans for the weekend. 

Of course, steph didn't know that Hec and Derek knew each other and had plotted
her enslavement.  Innocently, she was driving home, thinking for sure that Derek
would leave her and she would end up like sue for the rest of her life. Nothing
but a slut!

Derek was waiting for her when she tried to sneak in without him seeing her, but
it didn't work. He caught her just before she got to the bathroom and questioned
her about being naked, having her cunt pierced and being fucked by others.

stephanie just cried and begged him not to leave her. It wasn't her fault. she
was raped.

"Please, Derek, please believe me," she cried. "i didn't want this to happen!"

Derek just laughed at her and said, "Oh, I know what happened and from now on
steph, you are a slut. My slut!"

stephanie just stared at him. she didn't know what to say or do. Tears ran down
her cheeks, and unfortunately, juice was running out of her well-fucked cunt.

Then Derek said, "OK, now get in the shower, wash up and get into bed with me. I
am going to fuck my new little slut and tomorrow you'll be used even more."

The next morning, Hec and Victor went to the little room where they had left sue
in her cage. They turned the bright light on and she had a hard time adjusting
to it. While she was trying to adjust, they unlocked the cage and pulled her
out. Giving her a few minutes to stretch before leading her to the bathroom,
they instructed her to get cleaned up and shave her cunt. It had to be very
smooth for later today.

As soon as she finished, they reconnected her leash, slipping it through her
collar ring, down through her nipple ring and attaching it to her cunt rings.
Then she was led to the kitchen for breakfast. sue ate her cereal and juice from
two bowls placed on the floor.  The men ignored their little slut as she quietly
lapped her food down to the last morsel.

As soon as she was finished, it was time to leave, so she was led through the
house and outside to Hec's truck. There was no cage this time and she hoped she
would get to sit up front with the men. At least if she was in the cab, she
would be partially hidden. But, that was not to be, as they pushed her onto the
bed of the truck.

They forced her to lay on her back and then the two guys each took an ankle and
spread her legs apart, tying them to the hooks on the sides. They did the same
to her arms. sue was spread eagled in the back of a pick-up truck, laying on the
cold metal, her cunt wide open and she couldn't move.

They closed the tailgate since it was broad daylight and climbed into the cab
and started the truck. They backed up and pulled out of the long drive onto the
highway. sue was cold with the air flowing over her naked body, but her cunt was
dripping with her hot juices. she just couldn't understand it all. she was
tortured, exposed and made to have sex with everyone, which was all wrong, but
her cunt was always wet.

she felt the truck going along the highway, not knowing where she was or where
she was going. The only thing she ever saw were the truckers going by and all of
them blew their big air horns when they saw the naked girl strapped into the
back of the pick-up. she even looked some of them right in the eye as they
slowed down to get a better view. And each time she was seen, her cunt got
hotter and wetter.

They drove for awhile, then suddenly sue felt the truck slow down and turn. They
drove for just a short time before the truck stopped and both men got out.
Victor came around to check the ropes on sue while Hec went to the house they
had stopped at. Victor was laughing at sue as she was shivering and when he put
his hand on her pussy he noticed how wet she was.

He said, "No matter what we do to you slut, you are always wet. you must love
it. A true little whore you are."

sue just looked up at him with a blank stare, but didn't respond. she was cold
and didn't want any part of this. After all, she was a police sergeant and
should never be treated this way. she just wished she had never agreed to the
terms her Captain had made. Why didn't she just go back to China?

It wasn't long before Hec came out of the house, holding a leash which was
attached to stephanie's cunt rings. she was ball gagged and handcuffed so she
couldn't do anything but follow him. And once again, she was walking out of a
house naked, but it was worse this time, since it was her house and her
boyfriend Derek was standing in the doorway watching as someone else took her

As they neared the truck, Hec said, "OK, we'll see you at the club later and
bring some friends. This is going to be a great night for us."

Derek laughed and said, "Oh, I'll be there all right and I'll see if David can
come, too."

David was someone he had met a while back when he had thought about buying a
house for him and steph, and they had become friends. Every time David got a new
property he would call Derek to come look at it. Then they would go have a few
drinks and talk about the girls they liked. David didn't have a girlfriend, so
he would be happy to come along for some pussy.

Hec got steph to the truck and made her sit in the cab with him and Victor. They
decided they needed something to play with while they finished the drive to the
club. So steph sat between them, naked and unable to do anything to resist their

Once they got moving again, Victor made her spread her legs by pushing them
apart and placing a leg over each of their laps. Then he began to play with her
pussy. steph let out little muffled sounds around her gag, but no one knew what
she was trying to say. And they ignored her anyway.

Victor had his fingers in her pussy and said, "Damn, this whore is so fucking
wet. I think she likes it!"

Hec laughed and put his hand between her legs to feel. "Sure enough," he said,
"the bitch is hot. But that's good for us, and between the two of them, we'll
get our money back!"

steph was thinking hard now. "My God, they are going to make me a whore and
charge people to fuck me. That's not right. I'm not a whore for anyone!"

They drove a little farther and soon they were pulling into a large parking
area. There was also a large warehouse type building there, but nothing else.
steph saw it all, but sue couldn't see anything but the sky.

Stopping the truck, they pulled steph out and then went to the back of the truck
to release sue. Once they had her untied, they pulled her from the truck and
that's when she saw steph standing there naked, gagged and handcuffed with a
leash attached to her cunt, just like her.

"OH, my God steph, what have they done. How did you get into this?" questioned
sue was slapped hard across the face and told to shut up and steph couldn't
answer her since she was gagged.

Each of the men took a leash and tugged at them, making the two naked girls
follow them. They led them into the building and then into the middle of a large
room. They were pushed up on a stage and Hec ordered, "SIT!"

Of course, sue knew exactly what to do, but steph had not been shown anything so
far. she just stood there looking at the men and sue. Hec pushed her down onto
her knees, facing sue, and told her how she should be. sue was already in the
SIT position and holding her pussy lips apart by the rings. However, steph
couldn't do that since she was still handcuffed.

But they didn't want to release her wrists for fear she would run off, so they
went to work on the next step before freeing her hands.

Victor pulled two 3' chains from his pocket and attached one to each of steph's
pussy rings. Then, he did the same to sue with the other ends of the chain. It
was still slack in between them but wouldn't be for long. Hec removed their
leashes and laid them beside each slut.  He also removed steph's gag, but not
before warning her to be silent.

Then each of the guys got behind a girl and began pulling them backwards, which
tightened the chain connecting their cunts. As they pulled the girls pussy lips
began to stretch outward. Once the chain was nice and tight between them, the
guys stopped. Then steph's hands were freed.

sue was still trying to remain in the proper sit position since she didn't want
any bad reports going back to Ron and Judy once the weekend was over, but it was
hard for her to keep her pussy lips apart with the chain pulling on them.

Hec said, "Now, both of you make sure you get those lips opened up and keep them
that way, or you'll be in big trouble later."

steph could see what sue was doing and reached down to grab the rings in her
pussy. Both sluts leaned back on their heels and pulled their pussies open. When
they did this, the chain hooking them together tightened even more and made
their pussy lips stretch forward.

Once they had them right where they wanted them, the guys both said, "you are to
stay just like that and don't move for anything. We'll be back later."

Both sue and steph nodded they would and the guys left. No one else was around
for awhile and they began to ache from the position they were in. sue was afraid
to move because if she did, she knew they would tell on her and she would have
to go to work naked or worse. steph didn't move because she was in shock of what
was happening to her.

After awhile, they heard noises coming from outside, but didn't know what it
was. Before they could do anything, the doors opened and a group of people
walked in. They all came to the stage and looked at the two little asian girls
sitting there and made comments about them. This really embarrassed them both,
being exposed like this in front of people they didn't even know.

But they still didn't move and heard people saying, "Yes, I think the one on the
right would be a good fuck," and "That little cunt with the badge will be good
to play with." "Is she really a cop?"

The crowd of people got bigger and soon they were surrounded by people staring
at them. Then Hec and Victor showed up.

"OK," said Hec, "these two whores are available to everyone. But there is a
price for them. I will need one hundred dollars from everyone who wants to use

There was some small talk and soon wallets and purses were being opened. Hec
collected the money and Victor wrote down the names of who paid. Once everyone
had finished with the exchange, Hec began to undo the chains so they could get
the sluts into position to suck and fuck.

He took sue and Victor took steph and led them down off the stage. That's when
the girls noticed two beds had been wheeled into the room. Each girl was
positioned on a bed with their legs and arms wide apart and their heads propped
up. They were ready now.

Hec said, "OK, everyone line up. We have all night, so take your time."

The other men and some ladies lined up to get to the girls. Each of them saw a
man coming toward them. It seemed like everyone was naked now and as the men
approached, both girls felt their pussies twitch with desire. Neither of them
knew why it was happening to them, but both pussies were well lubricated with
pussy juice.

The first two men got on the bed and began to thrust their cocks into the cunts
of the tied up girls. They fucked them hard and it wasn't long before the men
began to cum, but so did the sluts. The first of many orgasms for the night had
started and for some reason, both girls wanted more.

One after the other, the men fucked them. They also ate pussies and sucked
cocks. It seemed like they had been on their backs forever and were actually
enjoying it. Their hot little cunts were sore from all the cocks in them, but
they wanted more. They even begged for more.

Hec and Victor sat off to the side to count up their money and found out that
not only did they get all their money back, but had even made some extra in the
deal. This was OK and if they could, they would get more from the people.

All the guests were finally worn out and walked away to the side of the
warehouse to get some refreshments, provided by Hec and Victor.  They all sat
back drinking and eating while the sluts just lay there, also worn out. Cum was
all over them, dripping from their pussies and asses, running off their chins
and from their mouths. They had pussy juice all over them and even had a mixture
of it in their hair.

The sluts could not hear the conversation among the paying customers, and it was
just as well.  Hec had invited one friend he knew from his army days, who had
since opened a very successful piercing and tattoo parlor near the local state
university.  Hec had told Matt what he wanted, and that he would get all the
pussy he desired free of charge as a result.

Matt had enjoyed both girls, emptied his seed into each, had his cock licked
clean, and was relaxing with a Bud Light when Hec spoke up.

"I hope each of you have enjoyed yourselves and gotten your money's worth.  Vic
and I want to give the sluts something to remember this evening.  Matt here runs
the tattoo parlor over on University Drive, and has offered his services. 
Victor and I can't decide where to tattoo their bodies and what it should say or
look like.  Any ideas?"

Several of the customers spoke up, and gave their ideas. 

"I think a tattoo above their tits would be perfect.  SLUT or WHORE would look

"How about above their cunts, something like FUCK ME."

"The trouble with those is that they cannot be seen unless the sluts are naked. 
I think it should be something that can be seen even when they are dressed, for
maximum humiliation."

"You mean, like on their eyelids, so when they blink they also flash the words

Matt finally joined in, "I don't think that is a good idea around the eyes.  Too
much danger of infection and swelling, and besides, you would have to put them
asleep for that, and I know nothing about that."

"OK, then how about something like that slut blond Pamela Anderson has around
her upper arms, like linked barbed wire, weaving the words SLUT, CUNT, or WHORE. 
They can't hide that unless they wear a long sleeved blouse or sweater all year

Hec had been listening to all the suggestions, but the last one gave him an
idea.  "I think you hit on something there, friend.  I had been thinking some
jewelry for each slut, that they could not remove, but would readily identify
them, something like an anklet.  But why not a tattooed anklet?  Imagine the
sluts in high heals, strutting around with a tattoo on their ankles announcing
SLUT or CUNT or WHORE.  Perfect, don't you think?"

Everyone seemed to agree, or at least not dispute Hec's idea, so it was decided. 
Matt went out to the car to get his equipment, while everyone else finished up
their drinks.  A few moments later  Matt returned with Derek and David, who had
just arrived. 

Hec greeted the newcomers, and told them of their plans, and not to worry, they
would still get their fill of pussy.  Then they all walked over and gathered
around sue and steph.

The sluts had seen the group returning, and expected another round of fucking
and sucking.  Both were exhausted, but knew there was no choice.  steph saw
Derek among the crowd, and her stomach turned with embarrassment.  she caught
his eye, but he merely grinned in an unpleasant sort of way.

"sluts," Hec began, "we wouldn't want you to forget this evening, so we thought
we would give you a permanent way to remember it.  My friend Matt is quite a
talent with the tattoo needle, so enjoy."

As soon as the girls heard this, sue began to cry, but steph arched her back and
begged them not to.  "Better shut them up, Victor," Hec suggested.  Victor
reinserted the ball gag in steph's mouth, and got a ring gag for sue.  Neither
slut put up much of a fight, knowing there was nothing they could do about it.

With that done, Hec asked Derek and David if they would like to help.  Derek was
directed onto the bed to hold steph's leg still, while David did the same to
sue.  David couldn't resist, and ran his fingers along sue's pierced lips,
tugging and twisting her rings.  Immediately, sue's sensitive cunt began to
respond.  David noticed the reaction, and smiled at sue.

Matt had plugged in the equipment and approached the beds.  "That one first,
Matt," directed Hec while nodding towards sue.  "Let's put it on the right
ankle, whatever design you think best, with SLUT 1 interwoven." 

sue shrieked in terror and pain, as the needle began to permanently mark her
already well-marked body.  The pain was awful, but the anguish of being tattooed
against her will was even worse.   David continued to tease her clit, and before
Matt was halfway around the ankle, sue had an explosive orgasm.  Matt had to
stop, since not even David could hold her leg still during the height of the
orgasm.  Most of the crowd just laughed at the scene.

When sue had calmed down, Matt continued and soon finished his handiwork.  sue's
right ankle now had a striking tattoo of interlocking chain links, and on the
outside of the ankle, a bold SLUT 1.

"Perfect," praised Hec.  "Now this one," as he pointed at steph. 

Derek joined in, "Let's do the left ankle, and how about SLUT 2?

Matt nodded, and went to work.  Having seen the effect on sue, Derek began to
tease steph's pussy and clit.  she screamed into her gag, as the needle began to
trace its way over her ankle.  As Matt placed the T in slut, steph could contain
herself no longer, and was horrified to explode into a dynamic orgasm, as
everyone cheered her on.  her nostrils flared and her lips curled around the
gag.  she arched her back, and Derek and Matt just stood to the side watching
her reaction. 

"Hottest pair of sluts I've ever seen," commented Matt.  "Even the whores of
Bangkok are mild compared to these two."  Many laughed at his comment.

Matt finished his work, marking steph's ankle with a barbed-wire design and SLUT
2.  As he stepped back, with a satisfied smile on his face, Hec announced, "OK,
guys, they are all yours."

David immediately stripped and entered sue.  she gripped his cock tightly with
her pussy muscles and moaned with pleasure.  Derek decided to remove steph's gag
first, but she immediately started pleading so he regagged her. Within moments,
he was happily pumping away into his cunt.

Once they were finished fucking the sluts, Hec announced that they would have a
contest. "We are going to string these bitches up and see how long they can hold
back an orgasm."

sue and steph tried to cry out, telling them they had enough. But being gagged
all that came out was, "NNNN,MMMMMM,PPPPP,HHHHH!"

Everyone laughed as the girls were untied and brought to a frame that had been
brought in. Hec and Victor tied their wrists and began to hoist them up. their
arms were being stretch upward, pulling their bodies tight. Soon their feet were
leaving the floor and  they were hanging by their wrists about three feet above
the floor.

To make it worse, their legs were pulled apart and tied to the sides of the
frame. In this position, they were pulled tight, with their weight on their
wrists and their legs open so far that their hot little cunts were like open
doors for all to use.

"Now," said Hec, "here is how it works. Everyone will play with these cunts in
anyway they desire. The first whore that cums gets punished and the other is set

"Now, lets' begin." He reached up into steph's cunt and rubbed her pussy lips,
while Victor did the same to sue. Both sluts tried to move away, but couldn't do
anything. they both cried, trying to hold back and not cum.

Everyone was taking turns with the sluts, rubbing their cunt lips, pinching
their clits, fingering them and even sliding fingers into their assholes. The
sluts cried and tried to beg, but couldn't do anything the way they were bound
and gagged.

This continued for quite sometime as the sluts did their best not to cum. It was
so hard on them both since they were always hot and horny. But they did manage
to hold off for awhile.

But the final outcome was never in doubt.  they couldn't control their desires
any longer and suddenly, both girls shook and came together. It was amazing
watching these two whores shake and squeal through their gags as they had one
orgasm after another.

There was no winner in this contest, so both sluts would be punished.


part 28

As the sluts hung from their wrists, with their legs wide open, one of the men
climbed up to remove their gags. They wanted to hear the sluts when punishment
was delivered. Both sluts worked their jaws to loosen them up and then begged to
be let down. They had had enough of this humiliation and just wanted to leave.
But no one listened to them.

The girls saw someone bringing in paddles and whips, which were laid them at the
feet of the sluts. The girls both cried, knowing what was about to happen to
them. They were going to get whipped and spanked for cumming. But why were these
people doing this to them? They knew if you played with a cunt long enough it
would cum.

Hec announced that everyone would take a turn and each person had five strokes
apiece to punish the sluts. He would go first and started on sue.

"SSSSMMMMAAAACCCCCKKK" as the first blow with a paddle landed on sue's naked

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH, NNNNNNOOOOOOO!" she screamed, but it didn't do any good as
Hec continued his assault on her naked ass. He landed all five blows of the
paddle on her ass cheeks and then moved to stephanie. He did the same with her,
using the paddle, swinging it hard.


Finally Hec had delivered his five to each slut and put the paddle back. Next
came Derek who started with stephanie, but picked the whip. He tested it in the
air and made it SNAP right behind steph's naked ass. Both sluts jumped as best
they could when they heard the noise, but nothing hit them.

Then steph let out a blood curdling scream as the whip found its mark on her
already sore ass. It sounded like a gunshot when it hit her.

Her screams cut off the sound of the whip, "OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW,

But Derek continued with the whip, placing the next three on her naked ass and
then it stopped. He took careful aim and brought the fifth one right up between
her legs, landing it on her wet pussy. her screams were defining to the ears.


Derek just laughed and moved to sue who was crying from both ends. Tears running
from her eyes and juice running from her hot cunt. she didn't know why, but this
turned her on and she fought to keep from cumming again.

The whip found it's mark on sue's bare ass and she also screamed when it kissed
her. But she also came at the same time. she hoped no one noticed because if
they did, they would probably continue with her punishment.

Derek did the same to sue as he had to steph. Four on her naked ass and the last
one between her legs on her swollen pussy. God how that hurt, but sue came once


stephanie heard what she had said and wondered how sue could cum when being
hurt. she didn't understand, at least not yet. she hadn't been a slut for as
long as sue, but would soon realize just how turned on she got from the pain.

David went next, using the paddle for three hits on each slut and the whip on
the last two. He hit their titties with the whip. They were getting red all over
and had welts on places they never thought possible.

After David finished, all the others took their turns with the paddle and whip
and both girls were screaming in pain. steph was starting to realize that the
pain gave her some pleasure and knew just how sue felt now.

Finally the punishments stopped and the girls just hung from their sore wrists
as they heard Derek, David, Hec and Victor talking. They were talking about what
to do with sue, since they already knew what stephanie was going to get.

Hec was saying, "I think her clit needs a nice ring in it so she can be led
around by it."  sue could tell that his words were getting slurred.  He had been
drinking all evening and was now quite drunk.  He might do anything to her in
this condition.

Then David said, "Well, I was thinking of another area. You know that thin wall
between her ass and cunt. I think that would look nice with a ring it, too."

Derek stepped in and said, "But a nice nose ring would also be good. The kind
you can put in and remove when you are done. Something like a metal sleeve that
can be permanently installed, but you are able to remove the ring."

sue could not believe her ears.  she would soon be a freak, unable to ever see
her parents and sister again. Unable to walk into the police station.  Unable to
do anything but satisfy the wishes of those that controlled her.

Then Victor laughed and said, "Why don't we do all of it before we work on the
other whore."

They all liked this idea of Victor's and called Matt over to see if he could do
it all. He listened to what they wanted and said, "I can do everything but the
thing in her nose. But if you want to do it later, I know a guy who can do it
for you."

Hec and David looked at each other with big smiles. Hec said, "Is it OK if we do
her clit first and then do the other part. Maybe we can connect the two together
when it's all done."

"Great idea, Hec, let's get started so we can enjoy watching this other slut get
marked for ownership," replied David.

"she is all yours now, Matt!"

Matt got out his tool and the next thing sue felt was a clamp on her clit. He
had put it right at the end and then added some weights to it so her clit was
pulled out and down.

sue cried out in pain as the clamp was put on and she felt her little clit
extend even more. it had never been abused like this before and it hurt. But
even though it hurt her, sue's pussy was dripping. she still couldn't understand
what was happening to her. The more they did, the hotter and wetter she got.

They left her alone while Matt got the rest of the tools ready and sue started
thinking back to what had happened to her so far.

First, the captain had made her his slut by somehow obtaining pictures of her
and threatening to send her back to China. Then he had her pussy lips pierced so
he could lock them up and she couldn't fuck anyone. Then she had to give her
house up to Judy and learn to eat another woman's cunt. She had her ear pierced
and a padlock installed to show she was a captive. A collar around her neck and
led by a leash. she had been forced to be out in public naked and had to fuck
all the prisoners. she even had to suck the mayor's cock. Then sold as a piece
of meea at an auction, had her badge put into one tit with a ring in the other.
her tits and nipples were enlarged and now, they planned on putting a ring in
her clit and the thin membrane between her ass and cunt.

But all of this thinking made her so hot, she had an orgasm without even being
touched. What a slut she was and now knew that she would always be a slut, even
after the six months when the contract stated.

Suddenly she was jolted out of her thoughts by someone pulling down on the
weights attached to her extended clit. And then the pain hit her as Matt shoved
a needle right through her clit.

needle was pushed from one side of her clit to the other.

Matt said, "We'll let the needle hang there for a little while, while we do the
other area."

He moved in between her legs and found the spot he was looking for. With her
spread apart like this, it wasn't difficult. He pushed his thumb into her cunt
and a finger into her ass. Then, he pinched them together, feeling for the right
spot to puncture. He felt around until he found the thin wall with nothing else
blocking his fingers. Then, with his fingers still inside, he pushed a small
piercing tool inside her pussy. Next, he put another tool into her ass and
positioned it so when he squeezed them together, a hole would be made. His tools
would also push a stud with a ring attached right through the hole.

sue tried to squirm, but couldn't do much the way she was hanging. All she could
do was try to get away, but that was impossible.

Once the tools were in place, Matt squeezed and then twisted it and she had a
hole between her cunt and ass. When he moved it again, the stud and ring were in
place. He fixed it so the latch was inside her and he sealed it shut. sue now
had a ring hanging between her cunt lips and asshole.

she didn't feel too much pain this time and couldn't figure out why. she thought
there was no feeling in that area, but Matt had put a numbing agent on his
fingers to dull the pain.

Once it was in place, he went back to her clit. He moved the needle slowly
through her extended clit and as soon as the end was almost out, he took another
studded ring and pushed it through. He then pulled the needle all the way out
and clamped the stud together, knowing that she could never remove it without it
being cut off.

Standing back to admire Matt's work, David said, "Can I hook the chain on her

Matt said, "Sure, go ahead!"

David took a small chain and hooked one end to her ring between the cunt and ass
and brought it up between her lips to the clit ring. Making sure it was tight
enough to pull her clit out, he fastened it all together. sue felt her lips
being separated and then closed over the chain. "How would she ever get fucked
with that chain running up her pussy," she thought. she didn't mind it being
there since it made her hot when it pulled her clit, but all she could think
about was how she could get a cock into her cunt like this. What a slut she was.

Finally the guys left her all alone, hanging by her wrists. her arms were ached
from the pain,. but her cunt was so wet and juicy, she just wanted to cum again.
Maybe they would take her down soon and fuck her.

They all moved over to where stephanie was hanging. she was about to pass out
from the pain in her arms, but they would not allow that. If she did, she would
wake up quickly when she got her mark of ownership.

Derek said, "I think it is hot enough now, so we need to get her ready. How
about all of you playing with her cunt while I get the branding iron."

stephanie heard what he said and immediately began to beg him. "Please, Derek,
please don't do this. i love you and will do anything for you. But please don't
brand me."

All Derek and the others did was laugh and went to work on her fully exposed
cunt. They all started rubbing her pussy, ass and legs while Derek walked to the

He returned and said, "It's not quite hot enough yet, so I think if Matt doesn't
mind, we should pierce her tongue. That way we can hook the two sluts together,
mouth to cunt and cunt to mouth."

Everyone loved that idea and Matt said, "It would be a pleasure to do that.
After all, how many did she pierce in her profession. Kind of a pay back
wouldn't you say?"

He got up on a ladder and forced her mouth open. He grabbed her tongue with a
pair of vice grip pliers and pulled it out. He didn't take long and soon she had
a ring in her tongue about half way back.

stephanie tried to scream, but for some reason she had lost her voice. Probably
from screaming so much from her punishment and begging. Everyone laughed when
she tried to get away and scream. They all knew that eventually stephanie would
be a slut for everyone's use.

Derek had left again to go back to the stove and when he checked it this time,
it was white hot and ready. He came back to steph without it and said, "steph,
you know I love you, but you are now a slut. you have been used by others, which
means you are no longer a one man's woman. So I am going to make you mine
forever, by giving you a permanent mark to show everyone you belong to me. I am
only doing this because I love you!"

With that said, he walked back to the stove and picked up the branding iron. It
glowed so hot and when he walked back to where the sluts were hanging, he showed
it to stephanie. she could make out the letters on it. "DC"  she knew what it
meant, because she had seen sue's brand. "RS" stood for Ron's slut. And she knew
that "DC" was for Derek's Cunt.

He rubbed her inner thigh on her left leg, making sure it was ready. stephanie
stiffened as he touched her. she was thinking, how could he do such a thing to
me. He loves me, yet he wants to brand me and make me into a true slut just like
sue. she tried to beg, tears running from her eyes and sobbing noises escaping
from her lips. she knew she couldn't get out of it, but wished she could reverse
everything, including helping mark sue the way she had.

steph now had her cunt lips pierced, her tongue pierced and she was about to get
branded by the one she loved.

Derek stood back and positioned the white hot branding iron close to her leg.
she felt the heat from it and did her best  to move away. But, the way she was
tied, suspended by her wrists, it was impossible to avoid the approaching iron.

The iron was coming closer to her thigh. It was getting hotter and hotter. The
closer Derek got, the hotter her skin felt. Then suddenly she felt the searing
pain as he placed the white hot branding iron, with his initials on her bare
thigh, claiming her as his.

All that could be heard throughout the warehouse was the sizzling of flesh as
the brand was pushed deeply into her leg. And the nearly silent scream from the
defeated stephanie as he touched her with it.

H!" she wailed but he continued holding it against her leg.

Pushing it into her, he knew he had to hold it there for several seconds in
order to get it correct and to make sure it was a permanent mark on her,
claiming her as his one and only cunt.

stephanie passed out before he pulled it back, admiring his mark on her. she was
now his slut, bought, paid for and marked. He was pleased with himself for this
and she would now do whatever he desired, forever.

But as he was admiring his handiwork, he also thought that it was time to get
sue away from Hec forever. He knew that when Hec drank too much he was
irrational and he didn't want sue to take his undisciplined punishments any
longer. He would talk with Ron and Judy once they returned and mention his fears
that someday Hec would just go too far with her and they should end that

He also wanted his friend David to get some of this little slut and would try to
make arrangements for Ron and Judy to let David have her at times.

Derek waited for steph to regain consciousness.  He approached the defeated
slut, with his hands behind his back.  "you are mine, my little cunt, to serve
me and to satisfy my desires.  you have been marked with both tattoo and brand,
and your tongue and pussy lips display symbols of your slavery.  But there is
one thing missing, something which will remind you of your position at all

stephanie tried to focus on his words, but the shock of the last few days made
concentration difficult.  But she knew exactly what Derek was talking about,
when he produced from behind his back a silver choker, a collar for his pet.  He
held it open, the locking clasp clearly visible.

"Notice, my little slut, the ring at the front, which has so many purposes, and
engraved in the front for all to see, the S.  Others may just think it is your
initial, but you and I know it means SLUT."

As stephanie hung from her wrists, legs spread wide, unable to offer any
resistance, Derek placed the collar around her neck, saying, "Look into my eyes,

And when she did, he shut the locking clasp with an audible and permanent click.


part 29

Hec had been drinking all night and by the time Derek finished branding
stephanie, Hec had passed out in the corner of the room. Victor asked Derek and
David if they could take sue with them and return her to Ron and Judy the next
day. He was also afraid that Hec would hurt her if she was left with him.

Of course Derek and David both agreed and began to get the two sluts down from
where they had been hanging for such a long time. While they were taking them
down Derek said, "steph, once you are down, don't touch that brand. If you do,
it might get infected and it would be hard to explain to a doctor."

she agreed not to touch it. she was just happy to be lowered to the floor so she
could stretch her sore arms and legs. sue wanted the same thing, just to be able
to move and get rid of the pain from being hung by her wrists for so long.

Once they were released, each of them twisted and turned, trying to get the
kinks from their arms and legs. They were in pain, but knew they couldn't
complain for fear of something worse happening, even though they didn't know
what could be worse.

They all watched as Victor more or less dragged Hec from the warehouse. He
couldn't even stand up on his own and Victor had to hold him up. The two girls
were very happy to be away from him and now would do anything Derek and David
wanted them to do. They even smiled weakly to each other as they saw Victor haul
Hec out the door.

Once the sluts got limbered up, Derek said, "OK, time to leave, sluts!"

They tried to get up to walk, but were still weak, so David said, "Why don't we
just have them crawl out of here. Then we can take them to steph's place and
have a little more fun."

Derek thought for a moment and then said, "Yes, they can crawl out, but we don't
want them hurting their knees and one of us has to carry all the toys out."

The two guys went in search of something for the sluts' knees and found out that
during the week the warehouse was used as a gym. They found kneepads for both
sluts and some boxing gloves for their hands. It was perfect and while they were
searching, they also decided how to get both sluts and the toys out with ease.

The two guys returned to the sluts and put the kneepads and gloves on them and
got them on their hands and knees. The sluts could crawl like this with no
problem, but the guys weren't finished yet. Derek pushed steph up behind sue,
making her face quite close to sue's ass. Then he pulled out a chain and
attached one end to the stud in her tongue. Then he ran the other end through
sue's ring in the membrane between her cunt and ass, pulling it through and
attached it to her clit ring. Now they were joined together mouth-to-cunt. And
to make it more interesting, Derek stuck the butt plug with the tail in steph's
ass. Now they had a two-headed puppy.

In the meantime, David got the leash out and hooked it to sue's nipple ring and
pulled it through her collar. Once both had finished, David tugged on the leash,
pulling sue forward. her tit pulled up and she started to crawl, but steph
didn't move at first. her tongue was being pulled out of her mouth and she was
still motionless. However, as it pulled her tongue, it also pulled on sue's two
rings, making her clit slide out more from under the hood.

sue let out a small yelp and steph realized what she was supposed to do. So off
they went, David leading the two sluts while Derek carried all the toys and
equipment. He laughed at the sight of the two sluts being led by one person.
Every time sue moved forward, steph did her best to keep up, but it was so hard
for her since she was still weak.

They led the sluts out of the warehouse and through the parking lot. Once they
got to the car, Derek opened both back doors and got on the opposite side of
where the sluts were. Then he reached over and got the leash from David and
pulled. sue had a hard time getting in, but to help her a little, David took the
whip and slapped her naked ass a few times. she moved more quickly, but was
slowed down when she finally had all of her body in the car.

steph was having difficulty getting up into the car and because of that the
chain pulled her tongue farther out of her mouth and sue's clit was getting
stretched to the limit. David assisted her as well and used the whip on her
naked ass. Soon both sluts were kneeling on the back seat and the doors were

sue had her face pressed against the window on one side while steph had her ass
tight against the other window. The guys got in and drove to steph's house. It
was even more fun getting them out of the car since the guys made them reverse
the way they went in.

Once they had the sluts out of the car, they led them up to the house and
inside. The guys were kind of tired from all the action and figured the two
sluts were also tired. They decided to put them to bed so they could get some
sleep, too. They had to take sue back in the evening, but wanted to play some
more during the day. They would sleep for a few hours and then go shopping.

The sluts were led into the bedroom and made to get up on the bed. This was a
difficult task since they were still hooked together. But, they managed to get
on the bed. Then, to their surprise, they were repositioned into a 69 position.
The guys then hooked sue to steph's cunt in the same manner as she was hooked to

Of course, since steph's clit wasn't pierced, sue had to be hooked to just her
pussy lips. It was quite a sight seeing the two girls mouth to cunt and cunt to
mouth at both ends. The guys both laughed and Derek said, "OK, it's time to
sleep. Don't go anyplace and we'll see you in a few hours."  The girls knew
better than to complain. 

The lights were turned off and the door closed. The two guys went to bed also,
with Derek sleeping in the spare room and David crawled up on the couch. Both
Derek and David fell asleep quickly, but the two sluts had a hard time getting
comfortable. And when one moved, the other also had to move and the heat in each
other's pussy was immense. They both licked the others cunt, getting each other
off one more time and then they drifted off to sleep sucking the other's cunt.

It didn't seem very long to the two girls when they were shaken awake. Both the
guys were standing beside the bed with big smiles on their faces. They were
going to go out shopping with the girls and had made a plan to humiliate both of
them some more. But first they had another plan that would horrify their sluts.

Derek asked, "Do you sluts need to pee before we go out?"

The girls both tried to say yes, but it was quite difficult with their tongues
in the other's pussy and they couldn't shake their heads. But the guys knew what
they were trying to say.

David said, "That's good, because you won't have a chance later on. So you'll
have to pee all you can right now."

Laughing, Derek said, "I know you don't like this sluts, but it's what we want.
So, before we unhook you, you must pee just like you are and please don't get
the bed wet."

The girls looked up with shock and anger at the two men standing next to them.
They couldn't believe these two guys would ask them to do that, especially after
what they went through last night. But the guys insisted and said if they didn't
do it now, they would have to hold it until they were in public and then they
would pee in front of a lot of people, showing just what kind of dirty whores
they were.

So the girls decided there really was no choice. sue had to swallow someone
else's piss before, but steph, being new to this, had never done it. As a matter
of fact, she had forced sue to drink her piss.

"Payback was beginning to be hell,' she thought to herself.

sue just wanted to be free for awhile, so she clamped her lips around steph's
pussy and started sucking, trying to encourage steph to do the same and to let
it go to get it over with.

steph thought about what she had to do and finally clamped her lips over sue's
hot pussy and sucked just like sue was doing. Suddenly, both of them started
pissing into each other's mouth. sue took it down very well, but steph had
trouble swallowing it all and some ran out of her mouth onto the bed. But she
did manage to get most of it down her throat and controlled the gagging reflex.

The two guys watched them as they pissed and were pleased with the thought that
both sluts did whatever they were told to do. Once the girls finished, they were
unhooked and told to get into the shower, but not to turn the water on. They got
up, worked out whatever kinks they could and headed towards the bathroom and
into the shower.

Both David and Derek followed them and once the sluts were both in the tub,
Derek reached in and turned the water on. Both girls screamed since all he
turned on was the cold water. sue and steph tried to get away from the cold
spray, but were warned about trying to avoid their torment.. If they moved out
of the water, they would go shopping naked. So, they stood under the cold water
waiting for more instructions.

David said, "OK, now wash each other using just your tits. You may soap up your
own tits, but wash your sister slut with what you have on your tits."

The girls both grabbed the soap and lathered up their tits and then tried to
wash each other at the same time. The guys laughed at the sight, knowing it
wouldn't work that way. Finally steph said, "sue, you wash me first then i'll
wash you."

sue had her little, but enlarged titties all soaped up and began to rub herself
all over steph's body, trying to get all of her cleaned. she was having a hard
time getting down to her lower half, but did mange it and when she thought steph
was clean, she stepped back while she watched steph rinse off. Then, it was
steph's turn to wash sue and she soaped up her tiny tits. Derek took note that
she really did have tiny titties and soon, she would have to get them enlarged
some, just like sue did.

The guys watched all of it and taped the whole shower scene on steph's video
camera. They would use this later to get both sluts to do more as long as Ron
and Judy allowed David to use sue from time to time.

Once both girls had cleaned each other, they were not cold any more. Rubbing
each other's bodies like that had them hot again and both wanted to cum. But it
wasn't going to happen just yet. The guys told them to get out and dry each
other off, then they would get dressed.

"Oh, no," thought sue, "i don't have any clothes to wear. i was taken from my
house naked and no clothes to put on. Wonder what they'll do now?"

Well, sue was about to find out. David said, "steph, let's look into your closet
to find out what you sluts can wear today to go shopping."

steph led them all into her room and opened her closet door. David and Derek
started going through her clothes while sue and stephanie stood back to watch.
They discarded some clothes as they pulled them out. They just threw them on the
floor. steph started to complain and pick them up, but Derek stopped her.

He said, "Just stay right there, cunt. We are going to get rid of those clothes
that you can no longer wear. We'll let you know what to keep."  The sluts knew
there was no choice, so they stood there naked, except for their collars,
brands, tattoos and piercings.

steph just watched as some of her nice, but not so revealing clothes landed on
the floor. sue remembered back when Ron and Judy got rid of her nice clothes and
she wondered if they were going to make steph burn hers, too.

They finally got out two outfits, one for steph and another for sue. They told
the sluts to get dressed, and to make it quick since they didn't have lots of
time before sue had to be returned to her owners.

The two girls got dressed and looked good enough to eat. sue fit into steph's
clothes really well, since they were close to the same size, but neither one of
them wanted to go out dressed like this. they weren't given a bra or panties, of
course. they both had on a very short skirt and loose fitting see-through
blouses, with deep necklines.  their collars could not be missed. they wore high
heals, which caused the already short skirts to ride high on their thighs. 
their ankle tattoos stood out boldly and the brands on their thighs were visible
as they walked.  They were ready now to go shopping with the guys, but had no
idea where they were going. The guys told them to get out to the car and get
into the back seat.

Once in the car, Derek said, "OK, sluts, spread em!"

sue immediately spread her legs wide apart. she had been trained well, but steph
hesitated. David saw this and said, "you were told to spread em slut, now do

This scared steph, but she saw how sue was spread and did the same.  Now both
sluts were sitting with their legs open and cunts and thigh brands showing. The
guys got into the car and drove off. They were going down the road with the
sluts' pussies wide open and anyone who drove past could see them.

Derek was driving and David was watching the sluts. He said, "OK, now play with
each other's pussies while we drive. Both sluts automatically reached over and
began to rub the other's pussy.

After driving for awhile, Derek pulled into a mall parking lot. Neither one of
the sluts had ever seen this mall before and didn't know where they were. But
they were also aroused from playing with each other's pussies and were almost
ready to cum when they stopped.

Derek said, "OK, cunts, out of the car!"

They got out and stood waiting for the guys to do something. they didn't have
long to wait. The guys told them to walk to the entrance, but they had to keep
their skirts up until they were told to put them down.

steph cried and said, " i can't do that. Someone will see us and we could be in

"Too bad, slut," said Derek, "you'll do it or i'll strip you naked and hook you
out here by your pussy rings until we finish shopping."

This scared steph and sue so they pulled their tiny skirts up and started
walking with both guys following them. The girls still didn't know where they

As they walked through the parking lot, almost naked, sue whispered to steph,
"you need to wiggle your ass more, so the guys get a good show. Captain Ron told
me how to do it and it does make the men horny."

So, steph started wiggling her ass just like sue. They looked like a couple of
hookers walking together. Maybe the guys would let them lower their skirts more
quickly if they put on a good show. But it wasn't going to happen until they got
to the entrance.

Just as they got near the entrance, the order came. "OK, drop them!"

The sluts wasted no time in doing that.

Derek said, "Follow us, sluts, and you better do everything we say or you'll be
naked before we leave."

Both sluts answered, "Yes, Sir!" not wanting to disappoint either one of these
guys. They were going to do whatever it took to keep their clothes on.

They walked through the mall and the first place they stopped at was a
Victoria's Secrets.


part 30

They walked into Victoria's Secrets and the guys told them to be quiet and they
had better do everything they were told. If they didn't, they would get punished
right there. The sluts knew they meant it and agreed to obey.

David and Derek went around finding revealing nighties for the girls to try on
and when they had found three for each slut, they directed them to the dressing

Derek said, "OK, now you each take a dressing room and strip. When you are
naked, we'll hand you an outfit to put on and model for us."

The girls thought this was ok, since they were behind curtains and to model the
nighties, they could just open the curtains without being visible to the other
shoppers. Nothing too bad about that. So they went into the little rooms and
removed what little clothes they had on and said they were ready.

David opened the curtain to sue and said, "Now, give me your clothes and put
this on."

He took the clothes and left, leaving the curtain open. sue quickly closed it,
only to have it opened back up. "Leave it open, slut!" ordered David.

In the meantime, Derek did the same with steph.

Now the girls hurried to get the skimpy outfits on, just so they were not
totally naked and exposed. The guys watched as the sluts got dressed and then
when they had the nighties on, they were ready to play.

The sluts stood toward the back of the dressing rooms thinking no one else would
be able to see them, but David and Derek had other plans.

Derek said, "steph, step out here so I can see. It's way too dark inside that
little room."

And David added, "And you too, sue. Let's see what a slut you are."

The girls just stood there for a moment, but did walk out to the edge of the
dressing room in the sheer, short nighties. They didn't want to go any further
than that because if they did, everyone in the place would see them.

Their rings, brands, collars and sue's badge were out on display so anyone
looking could see them. But as they stopped in the doorway, David said, "No
sluts, out here!"

Both girls stepped out a little more and Derek motioned for steph to come to
him. He was away from the door in the aisle and she saw some other people close

"Please no, Derek, i'm almost naked," she begged.

"OUT here, cunt, or I'll spank your hot little ass right here!" he ordered.

This shocked her and she knew she had to do it and looked at sue. she was also
frightened, but  together they walked out a little more. That's when they
noticed the two sales girls looking at them. Both had big smiles and watched as
the sluts had to walk out and turn around for the men. They had to show off for
a few minutes and then were told to get back inside and put the next outfit on.

sue and steph hurried back into the dressing rooms and began to get out of one
outfit and pull the other on. That's when they noticed that none of the outfits
came with panties. The next outfits were even smaller and hid almost nothing.
They were completely sheer and if you didn't know better, the sluts looked
totally naked.

They were once again made to come out of the dressing room and model the little
nighties for the boys and the growing crowd. But this time one of the sales
girls said, "They would look a lot better with the right kind of jewelry. We
have some in the next aisle."

"Well, that's a good idea," said Derek, "go with her, sluts, and see what they
have."  As the sales girl passed David and Derek, they called her aside and
whispered something to her, as she smiled widely.

The sluts knew they were parading around almost naked and that more people would
see them, but knowing what would happen if they didn't, the two sluts went with
the girl to the jewelry aisle.

The sales girl picked several earrrings from the rack and then told the nearly
naked sluts to follow her.  they soon realized that they were being led to a
corner of the store where piercing took place.  they were told to sit in the two
available chairs, as the sales girl got out her tools.  Without any discussion,
she pierced sue's other ear, and inserted a large 2-inch diameter silver loop
earring in it. And for steph, she did both ears, one with a heart, and the other
with a hoop, with a dangling "c".  Had it been an "s", stephanie could have
claimed that it was her initial.  

they didn't say a word during the entire process, knowing it would make no
difference.  they followed the sales girl back to their waiting masters.

"Now that looks good," said David, examining the new ring in sue's ear.  Derek
agreed as he tugged on the "c" and kissed steph's heart earring as he whispered

David continued, "One more outfit and we'll be done. But we don't have much time
since we need to get some other things done before we take sue back."

"You're right, David," said Derek. "Just take those off right here and put this
last one on."

"BBBBUUUUUTTTTT!" both girls stuttered.

"NOW!  DO IT SLUTS!" yelled Derek.

This was something the girls didn't like. Derek yelling at them, which meant
punishment later. So they reluctantly pulled the clothes off and put on the next
ones. These were even smaller than the others, but by now sue and steph really
didn't pay much attention since there was a large crowd of people watching them.

sue didn't notice Judy and her sister Lynn watching from the back of the crowd.
If she had, she probably would have shrieked in embarrassment and shock. sue's
only hope was that none of her family would ever find out what a slut she had
become. But Judy made sure Lynn saw everything.

Finally, after showing off in all three outfits, the two sluts were allowed to
get dressed again in the clothes they wore in, and then had to pay for the
purchases made by the two men.

They took the sluts out into the mall and headed towards a hair salon. The girls
didn't know where they were going as they walked in front of the men with their
cute little asses wiggling like whores.

Once they were opposite the entrance to the hair salon, the order came. "Stop,

They stopped and waited, wondering what was next. they were happy to be away
from Hec, but weren't really sure they wanted to be here either. They had been
through so much over the weekend and just wanted it to end.

The guys caught up with them, led them into the salon, made them sit in the
waiting room and whispered to them to "Stay sitting and spread 'em"

sue and steph promptly spread their legs, trying to hide their pussies from
view. But David noticed what they were doing with their hands and made them put
them on the arms of the chair and spread a little more. Now their hot dripping
cunts were plainly visible.

David and Derek talked to a couple of hairdressers and kept pointing toward the
two sluts sitting with their pussies out for everyone to see. They had no idea
what was being said, but from the looks on the hairdressers' faces, it wasn't
going to be good.

After a short time, the guys came back and told the sluts to follow them. They
were taken to a back room and made to strip. Once they were naked, they were
placed in chairs beside each other. Then the hairdressers came in and Derek
said, "OK, they are all yours. We'll be back in awhile to pick them up. And
remember, they will do as you order."

David added, "And if they don't do as you want, they will be punished for it. So
make sure you obey, sluts!"

The guys walked out, leaving sue and stephanie in the hands of the two

The first thing they were told to do was lean back so they could get their hair
washed. They both thought this was great, since neither of them had ever had a
professional wash their hair before, so they just leaned back and felt the
chairs being tilted so their heads were over a sink.

The girls' hair was washed and made shiny with the expert touches of the two
hairdressers. However, they were a little embarrassed when they were touched all
over by the two girls doing their hair. They asked sue and stephanie all kinds
of questions about the rings, collars, brands and of course the badge.

The girls answered truthfully and said they were sluts, hoping it would help
them out later. All the time the hairdressers were working on their hair, the
sluts had no idea what was going on, since there were no mirrors for them to

Once their hair had been washed, they felt it being brushed and smoothed out. It
felt so good to them, they didn't even realize that their hair was once again
wet and being massaged. Both of them almost fell asleep, but the hairdressers
kept working and talking to them. More questions about what it was like being
sluts and why they were doing it.

Of course, the girls didn't want to tell the truth on this part because no one
should know they were actually being blackmailed, so they just said it was so
much fun having to do what others wanted and they really enjoyed it.

The hairdressers continued working and finally they were finished. That's when
the sluts realized what had happened to them. The chairs were tilted back up and
a big mirror was right in front of them.

Both steph and sue gasped when they saw their hair. It wasn't the pretty black
hair they once had! It was now a bleached blonde color and had been put into
pigtails, making them both look like little blonde-haired teenagers.

"Oh, my God," moaned steph. "What the fuck have you done!"

"Nnnnooooooo!" screamed sue, "my hair!"

The hairdressers just laughed and said "That's what those guys wanted, but we
aren't finished yet."

Both girls started crying, looking into the mirror to see two young girls
looking like naked whores.

One of the hairdressers said, "Now for the fun. We are going to sit down in the
chairs and you two cunts are going to eat us. Now let's get busy!"

They pulled steph and sue out of the chairs and took their place in the chairs,
spreading their legs wide. sue and steph were now staring at two cunts that were
so hairy, they could almost not see the slits.

"Get busy, whores!" shouted the two hairdressers, "or we'll tell your friends
you wouldn't do it and then you'll leave here naked. They told us if you didn't
do what we wanted we could keep your clothes."

Scared of that happening, the two girls got down between the hairdressers' legs
and got up close to the hairy pussies they had to eat. And, as soon as they got
close enough to lick them the smell made them almost sick. Both sue and steph
knew this was going to be bad because they didn't think these two women ever
washed down there.

But in order to get out with clothes, they both started licking the nasty cunts
before them. They gagged and licked until they got both the women off. They were
so sick to their stomachs, they almost lost it, but managed to hold it in.

Then as soon as the hairdressers had cum, they pulled back and looked up. There
was Derek and David, grinning from ear to ear.

David said, "That was good, sluts. Now let's move on. Get your clothes."

sue and steph hurried up and got their clothes back on and took care of the bill
for the services of the hairdresser. It wasn't right they had to pay to get
something done they didn't want. And there was even an extra charge for the cunt
licking they had to do.

But they were out of there, looking like young whores and had no idea what was
next. They walked in front of the guys again, shaking their asses like sluts and
wondering what was going to happen.

They had walked halfway around the mall today and suddenly heard the orders,
"Stop, sluts!"

They stopped right in front of a uniform shop. This shop catered to the young
teens in the area who went to private schools and had to wear a certain type of

The guys took them inside and told the clerk that they had to have the uniform
of the public school. And when they were measured for them, they needed to be
one size smaller than what they would normally wear. Of course, the sales clerk
looked puzzled and tried to say they couldn't do that here, but was silenced
when he was told there would be a good reward for him if he complied.

The girls were taken to a backroom, with David and Derek following. The sales
clerk said he had to measure everything, so Derek said, "Strip, sluts!"

steph was crying now! she thought Derek really loved her and now she knew that
he would do anything he wanted with her. she felt she was really being used and
didn't like it, but he had proof of what she had become. And it even showed she
was his cunt with the brand on her thigh.

The sluts stripped naked and the sales clerk went to work, making sure he got
his fingers in every area he wouldn't normally touch on young girls. He felt
their tits, asses and cunts and they didn't move away from him, since it was
making them hot. their cunts were flowing like rivers now and both of them
needed to cum so bad.

Once he had measured them, he got the clothes out that he thought would fit. Of
course, he did go one size smaller and when the girls put them on, they couldn't
believe it.

The skirts were just about one inch from their pussies and the tops were thin
and showed their nipples right through them because they were so tight. They
couldn't possibly go out in public like this, but both girls knew the guys would
make them.

Once they were dressed in the new clothes, Derek said, "OK, now for the reward."

David said, "Yea, I think we need one slut in front and one in back. Steph, you
get his cock, sue his ass."

They pushed the girls to their knees and told the clerk to drop his pants and
stand between the sluts. Once he was ready, Derek said, "Now sluts, begin. sue
lick his ass and steph suck his cock."

The girls were beyond arguing and began to take care of the clerk. sue didn't
like licking his ass, but did it, while steph was enjoying his stiff dick.

Together they made him cum and when he did, steph was told not to swallow.
Instead, she had to give sue a "cum kiss" and share it with her.

Then they were on the move again, out of the store and on the way to the car. As
they were walking out of the mall, sue stopped suddenly and gasped, holding her
hands over her mouth.

Here she was, looking like a cheap teenage whore, and standing in front of them
was Judy with Lynn. "Oh, my God," she thought, not able to make any sense of
what she was seeing.

Lynn stood staring at her older sister, looking like a slut in front of
everyone. Her mind was confused as she thought, "Why is sue doing this? Is she a
whore? What have I gotten myself into?"

Part 31

Lynn was equally shocked.  she had seen her older sister less than an hour ago,
trying on revealing clothes.  she remembered her sister with long black hair,
but it had been cut much shorter.  her ears were pierced, one with a large hoop
earring and one that looked like a lock. she moved like a slut around the
Victoria's Secret shop.  But now her hair was blond and in pigtails.  What was
going on?

Lynn knew that sue was a policeman.  Was she working undercover?  sue had seemed
shocked to see Lynn, and even more shocked when she had seen Judy. Why did Judy
make sure the two sisters had seen each other?  Why was sue so shocked to see
Judy?  Was it possible both sisters were trapped?  Lynn knew that sue had used
her body to make money for their family years ago.  Was sue still in the oldest
of all professions, just to make more money? 

All these thoughts flashed through Lynn's mind in just a few seconds.  Then she
noticed Judy nod to one of the two men that were escorting her sister and
another equally sexy-looking asian.  The men said something to the two sexpots
and they moved away.  sue turned to look over her shoulder, making eye contact
with Lynn, but almost immediately Judy ordered, "Let's go.  Now."

"But Mistress Judy, why..."

Judy turned with an angry glare at Lynn.  "Not another word.  Just follow me
back to the car."

As they walked to the car, Lynn tried to make sense of things. 

Only a week ago, she had been a fun-loving freshman at college.  With midterms
behind and a week of spring break ahead, she had looked forward to a night of
partying and music and dancing.  She was still a virgin, which made her unique
among the party crowd, but that was partly because she never drank enough to get
drunk and made sure she never went too far.  Maybe it was because she always
thought of her parents, maybe just her strong sense of morality, maybe it was
because years ago she had been shocked, and even disappointed to learn that her
older sister had whored her body to help the family financially.  

Not that Lynn hadn't been tempted.  With her cute and petite figure, cat-like
eyes, beautiful smile, and long, slim legs, she had been propositioned more
times than she could remember.  But she had always said "No."

At the party she was asked to dance often, but one guy was paying more attention
to her than others.  He had introduced himself as Nick.  Between dances, Lynn
had learned from one of the girls that he was the mayor's son, which made things
even more interesting. He was cute, a senior, smooth, and made her feel

So when after one dance he offered her a drink, which she knew was alcoholic,
she didn't want to turn him away by declining the drink.  Surely one drink would
not make any difference.  After finishing about half the drink, he offered to
set it on a tray and asked her to dance again.  They made their way to the side
of the dance floor, and within moments she felt lightheaded.  The room began to
spin and she had to hold onto Nick more tightly. 

"Are you ok," he asked.

Her speech was slurred, but she managed to say, "No."

"Just hang onto me.  We'll go get some fresh air," and he led her out of the
hall, guiding her to the parking lot, and helping her into his car, she assumed.

Lynn tried to protest, slurring, "My car.  My head.  Please."  But Nick soothed
her concerns and she lay her head against the neck rest as he went around to the
driver's side, got in, and started up his car. 

He turned up the heat in the car, which made her even more sleepy, but he kept
talking.  She couldn't remember anything he had said.  It seemed to be
complimentary.  About her body.  He had reached over and slipped his hands under
her dress, fingering her pussy.  She tried to stop his advances, but there was
no strength in her arms, and she was unable to form meaningful words.  She knew
something was wrong, but had no idea that Nick had slipped her a date-rape drug. 

After some time, she noticed the car pulling into the driveway of a strange
house.  The lights were all on, there was loud music playing and there were many
cars out front.

Nick helped her out of the car, and guided her towards the house.  Upon
entering, many people greeted him, and she thought she heard someone say, "So
this is our entertainment tonight?"  It made no sense to her.  She was awake,
but not in control.  She had no strength to protest when she felt hands removing
her dress, then her bra.  "NO!" she tried to shake her head, but it made no
difference.  Next her shoes were removed, then her panties. She was led to the
center of the room, made to kneel, and before she knew it, an engorged cock was
probing her lips.

"Open up, lynn.  Be a good girl." 

Yes, she wanted to be a good girl, so she opened up and the cock slid into her
mouth.  No, her brain screamed, but she could not possibly resist. 

"Just suck like a straw.  Smile.  Have fun," a soothing voice directed her. 
FLASH.  she noticed the flash of a camera.  No, she thought again and again.

she sucked several cocks, and felt the goo dribble from her lips.  The soothing
voice encouraged her to swallow, but none of her muscles were working
effectively.  Then she felt herself lifted from the floor and carried to another
room.  she was knelt on a bed or couch, and let her head hang limply.  she felt
something probe her ass, and she forced herself to turn her head to look.  A
beer bottle was being shoved into her ass, open end first. "Smile, lynn," she
heard someone say, so she did.  FLASH. 

Pain.  she felt pain, but could do nothing about it. Then a man mounted the bed. 
she felt the bottle pulled from her ass, but quickly felt strong hands grab her
waist and knew her ass was being used again.  "Smile, lynn."  And so she did.

The entire night had been one big blur.  When she awoke the next morning, she
was back in the dorm, in her familiar room, with an awful headache.  "Ohhhh,"
she moaned as she raised her head, quickly noticing she was naked under the
sheets.  her memory began to function and she started to remember.  her ass was
sore; her mouth was sour; her heart was pounding.  And two feet from her head,
propped against the printer, was a picture of her smiling as someone shoved a
beer bottle into her ass!   she reached over and lifted the picture, and under
it was another.  And another.  And another!  The final picture showed lynn
arching her back, in the throes of an orgasm, as a male body was pressed tightly
against hers.  But while her face was clearly enjoying the moment, his face had
been cropped from the top of the picture.

Why?  What happened?  Who? 

She looked across the room for her roommate, but the bed had not been slept in. 
How?  What?

But she sensed and knew that her pussy had not been abused!  It made no sense. 

she forced herself to take a shower, standing under the warm water for many
minutes.  Later she brushed her teeth several times, and before long was
actually feeling human.  But this had not been a bad dream.  The damning
pictures were real and she was horrified.

It was nearly 11 a.m. when the phone rang.  lynn had been brushing her hair at
the time.  she reached over to answer the phone, "Hello."

"Hi."  Nothing else, just Hi.  A man's voice, vaguely familiar.

"Who is this?" she returned.

"How do you like the pictures?"

"Who is this?" she nearly screamed into the phone.

"Now, now.  That is no way to talk to your friend."

"My friend!  Who are you!"

"Don't you remember?  Everyone else does.  you were the life of the party.  I've
never seen anyone suck so many cocks and ass-fucked so many times, and seem to
enjoy every moment."


"Just checking you were awake.  Don't go anywhere.  Someone will come by about

With that, the phoneline was disconnected, and lynn was left holding a buzzing

her heart was pounding with fear and embarrassment and anger and shock.  she
wanted to just walk out the door and go home to her parents, but she knew she
had to wait until someone came at noon.

It was several minutes after 12 when someone knocked on her door.  Upon opening
it, lynn saw an attractive policewoman, with a big smile.

"Well, are you going to invite me in?" asked the policewoman.

lynn stepped aside and the woman walked confidently into the dorm room.  "Who
are you?" lynn quietly asked.

"A friend.  Someone trying to protect you and your family from a lot of
lynn could only stare, not knowing what to say or do.

The woman sat in the desk chair and gestured for lynn to sit on the bed.  "you
had quite a night last night, didn't you, lynn?"

"How do you know my name?" she almost wimpered.

"Oh, I know a lot about you.  How do you like the pictures?" she asked, pointing
to the prints on the bed.

lynn reached back to quickly gather up the awful shots of her, but the woman
just laughed lightly.

"Don't bother.  I have seen those and many more.  Tsk, tsk.  your parents would
die of shock if they saw them.  Fortunately, I acquired the disc, so you don't
need to worry."

lynn relaxed slightly.  Was this policewoman just going to warn her, give her
the disc, and make her promise to be more careful in the future?  "Please give
me the disc.  Please!  i didn't know what i was doing.  Someone put something in
my drink, i'm sure," she begged.

"Not quite so fast.  There seem to be plenty of witnesses that say you enjoyed
every minute, that you knew exactly what was happening, and in fact begged to be
fucked and used even more.  Those pictures of you smiling certainly do not look
like a victim."


"So, here is what we are going to do.  That is, unless you want the prints to
make their way to your parents."  lynn's eyes were wide with fear, and she shook
her head slightly, NO, not my parents.

"Right.  I knew you would not want your parents to see these pictures."

"What do you want from me?  i don't have any money.  What do you want?"

"you have a full week of vacation ahead, right?  Well, just give us your time
and energy for the rest of the week, and I'll give you the disc one week from

"Who is us?  And what do you mean 'time and energy'?" asked lynn.

"More about that later.  Do we have a deal?"

lynn had planned to go home a few days, to rest after the hectic midterms.  "But
i told my parents i would be home most of the week," she cried. 

"Oh, I'm sure you can give them a call and convince them that something changed. 
Maybe an invitation from a girlfriend to visit her family, or an opportunity to
do some extra research with a professor."

lynn knew it would not be difficult to convince her parents.  They trusted her. 
That was the problem.  They trusted her.  she couldn't do anything to break
their hearts.

"Ok," she said, and bowed her head submissively.

Judy smiled to herself.  It was so easy.  So easy. 

"Good decision.  Ok, it's almost 1," she said, as she reached for a bag that
lynn had not noticed before.

"I'll wait at the front door of the dorm.  Change into these clothes, make a
call to your parents explaining that you won't be home this week after all, and
meet me at the front door in 10 minutes.  And only these clothes.  Nothing else,
do you understand?  Don't be late."

lynn nodded her understanding, as Judy rose from the chair and headed for the
door.  "Oh, you may call me Mistress or Mistress Judy," she said as she opened
the door and walked out.

lynn sat for just a moment.  It was all a blur.  What was happening?  her
vacation had just been taken away.  Was Mistress Judy a friend?  Was she
protecting her from those awful pictures?

Shaking her head, she got off the bed and reached down for the gym bag.  Opening
it, she pulled the clothing from the bag and tossed it on the bed.  her eyes
widened as she noticed that there was very little.  A cut-off t-shirt of the
school, that would clearly reveal her bellybutton.  Cut-off jeans, much shorter
than she would normally wear.  And a pair of high-heeled sandals.   No bra.  No

She changed quickly, left a note for her roommate that she would be gone until
next week, and then made a quick call to her parents.  her eyes teared as her
mom readily accepted her lie.  her heart was saddened by the thought of lying to
her mom.

One final look around the room, and she realized that she had done nothing about
the awful pictures, so she grabbed them and tore them into hundreds of pieces,
flushing them down the toilet. 

As lynn approached the door, Judy checked her watch.  "Please be more prompt
next time.  you are two minutes late."

Surely, thought lynn, Mistress Judy was teasing.  What is two minutes? 

"You called your parents?"  

lynn nodded.

Judy looked at lynn, staring at her chest.  "Nice.  Very nice."  Then she looked
into lynn's eyes, and back to her breast.  She could see lynn's nipples rise
through the t-shirt.  If she hadn't put on a bra, she probably had not put on
panties, but just to be sure...

"No panties under the shorts, right?"

lynn shook her head slightly.  "No."

"No, what?"


"You will answer me more politely in the future.  'No, Mistress' is the
acceptable answer," Judy commanded and stood looking straight into lynn's almond
eyes, waiting.

"No, Mistress," responded lynn, as she dropped her gaze, embarrassed by
everything that was happening.

"Good, let's go."

lynn followed Judy to a white Acura.  Judy opened the passenger door for lynn
and told her, "Sit with your legs spread widely.  Do you understand?"


lynn was shocked by the fury.  Up to that point, Judy had spoken softly, but
assuredly.  But suddenly a hand snaked out and grabbed a handful of lynn's hair,
pulling it sharply downward.  lynn let out a yelp, and reached up to challenge
Judy's grip. Judy slapped away lynn's hands and with an evil snear twisted
lynn's hair so that she was forced to look straight into Judy's eyes.

"I do not like stupid cunts.  So get this straight.  you will address me at all
times as Mistress or Mistress Judy.  you will not answer my questions nor
commands with simple one word answers.  For the next week, I own you.  If you
don't like it, then tell me now.  I am going out of my way to protect your
foolish ass from your parents.  You will follow all my orders and directions
without fail, immediately.  If not, then long before you can try to explain,
your parents' hearts will be shattered by pictures of their youngest daughter
doing things that only immoral whores do.  Is that clear?"

"Yessss, Mistress!"

Just like sue, Judy half-smiled to herself.  A slight stuttering when she knew
she was trapped.  Judy released lynn's hair, and half-pushed her into the car. 
She walked to the driver's side, got in, and glared at lynn's crotch.  lynn
picked up on the cue immediately and spread her legs.

"Wider," commanded Judy, and lynn quickly obeyed, spreading her legs so that her
right knee touched the door and her left knee stretched achingly towards Judy.

With a slight nod and smile, Judy started the car.  Her heart was leaping.  It
had worked!  So simple.  So easy to connect the mayor to his son to this young
cunt.  What fun it was going to be!

Part 32

By the time they reached the car, lynn was no closer to understanding what had
just happened.  Three minutes ago she had seen her sister, yet it was not the
sister she knew.  she had seen a slut that exuded sex in the way she looked and
walked.  she had seen a slut expose herself in public. But that slut was still
her sister, and while they were not that close, she knew that at one point sue
had sold her body so that the family could live more comfortably after moving to

Judy unlocked the doors to the car and lynn knew exactly what to do.  she sat in
the passenger seat and immediately spread her legs.  The hole that had been cut
in the crotch of her shorts opened to expose her bald pussy.  she immediately
began to play with herself, knowing that her Mistress wanted her hot and
panting, but would not allow her to cum.  lynn teased her pussy lips, enjoying
the sensations and wanting to please her Mistress.  If she had learned anything
in the last week, it was that she must please Mistress Judy, or suffer the
consequences.  As Judy pulled out of the mall parking lot, lynn moaned slightly
with sensual pleasure and thought back one week earlier, when she sat in Judy's
car for the first time, as it pulled out of the dorm parking area...

..."Mistress Judy?"

"Yes, slut."

"May i ask you a question?"

"Go ahead, slut."

"Where are we going and what do i have to do for you all week?"

Judy was very knowledgeable about captive psychology.  She knew about the
Stockholm Syndrome, in which the victim would in time identify and agree with
her captors.  She knew that every captive had their weakness, and to avoid
humiliation or pain or embarrassment or suffering, at some point the captive
would break. 

Judy had not planned the whole week, so she honestly could not tell lynn what
would happen, but the first steps were clear.  Somehow, in these first crucial
hours of captivity, Judy had to crush all hope and defiance.  Step by step, she
had to change lynn from a morally strong college freshman to an obedient slave,
and she thought that one week was just about right.

The first step was to make a physical change that was psychologically
significant to lynn.  Like her older sister, lynn's hair was a beautiful black.
she clearly took great pride in her long, ebony mane that ran halfway down her
back.  That would have to go.  And like her sister, lynn seemed to wear no
jewelry, and had no piercings.  That would have to change.  What happened after
that would depend on lynn's reactions to these modifications to her physical

stephanie would have been an ideal choice to modify lynn's appearance, but that
was not possible.  Instead, Judy knew of a salon at the mall where two
beauticians were known for their artistic and unusual style. "First, we are
going to the mall for a beauty treatment. I'm sure after last night, you would
enjoy being pampered a little, right?"

"Yes, Mistress," lynn said without confidence.

Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the mall on the far edge of town.  "Walk
in front of me, lynn, and swing your hips.  I love the way your ass moves and
your ass cheeks peek out from under the shorts." 

With the high-healed sandals, it was natural for lynn's ass to sway slightly as
she walked.  By swinging her arms a little more than usual, she could easily
satisfy Judy's demands.  There was little chance she would know anyone in this
part of town, so lynn was fairly relaxed and confident that she could satisfy
whatever demands Judy made of her while in this public location.  If she had to
do a little acting for the next week, so what?  Anything to get back that disc!

Judy guided lynn towards the beauty shop.  She had already made the appointment
and discussed what she wanted over the phone.  "you will do exactly what you are
told.  These are talented beauticians and already have been informed about your
beauty treatment.  Just enjoy it, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Upon entering, Judy asked for Ariel, with whom she had spoken over the phone. 

"Hi, you must be Officer Judy.  I'm Emily.  Ariel is in the back.  this must be
lynn," she said as she reached out to shake lynn's hand, but did not let go and
continued to hold lynn's right hand as she addressed Judy.  "We'll be done in
about 90 minutes."   Judy nodded, turned to leave, and Emily guided lynn towards
one of the private rooms in the back.  

Judy had already told them she would drop lynn off and return later.  Judy's
cunt was dripping in the excitement of the past hour, and the surprise of seeing
lynn later would surely be explosive!

As they walked to the back, lynn was delighted that Judy would not be there. 
she needed time to think and the pleasant greeting she had received from Emily
gave her the feeling that she was in friendly hands.

When they entered the private room, Emily led lynn over to the large chair in
front of the mirror, which was bordered by a dozen lights.  There were cupboards
and drawers of cosmetics and equipment. lynn was immediately impressed by the
facility.  Ariel was standing to the side, preparing something inside a drawer. 
While Emily had the look of an all-American girl, teased blonde hair, nice tan,
looks that killed, Ariel was quite different.  Her black hair was spiked, she
wore a studded collar, tight blouse, no shoes, and a very short skirt.  Her ears
were pierced numerous times, and the dark eye shadow gave her a very exotic

Ariel smiled as they entered the room, and greeted lynn with a friendly Hello.
"Hope you will enjoy your treatment.  you must be quite special.  Why don't you
take off your clothes and lay them on that counter," she said, gesturing with
her left hand.

lynn was immediately surprised.  "Take off my clothes?  Why?"

"When you get a full body treatment, that really is the only way.  Don't worry,
no one will walk in and embarrass you," Emily replied, with a friendly,
disarming smile.

Well, if that is what was needed, lynn decided to obey.  After all, she was
proud of her body, and certainly had paraded around nude in the dorms when no
boys were present.  she slipped off the sandals, tugged on her shorts, freeing
them from her hips, and stepped out of them.  Then she pulled the t-shirt over
her head and shook her hair back into its normal position.

Having set her pile of clothes to the side, lynn sat in the chair and gave a
sigh.  Emily and Ariel had watched the entire disrobing, mentally licking their
lips in anticipation.  Judy has described what she expected to occur, and they
were prepared.  As soon as lynn sat down, Ariel placed her arms flat on the arms
of the chair, and Emily squatted down to place lynn's feet on the metal
platforms that were part of the chair.  Ariel ran her hands through lynn's long
black hair, feeling the soft electricity as she did so.

lynn closed her eyes and began to relax, when she felt something she had not
expected.  Something tight closed over her ankles.  Lifting her head with a
"Wha" forming on her lips, lynn looked down to a smiling Emily. "Oh, don't
worry.  Just don't want you moving and hurting yourself when we shave you.  Judy
said you might be a little jumpy."  As Emily spoke, she had already moved
towards one of the arms of the chair, and a velcro strap was crossing over
lynn's left arm, while Ariel had moved to the right and was doing in the same. 
In less time than lynn could react, both her legs and arms were fastened to the

"Wait!" lynn nearly shouted.  "I don't..."  she tried to move her limbs, and
arch her body.

Ariel hand reached out and firmly grasped lynn's cheeks, her thumb and
forefinger digging into lynn's flesh.  She was smiling, but it was not a
friendly smile, as she responded.  "Look, you can enjoy yourself, or we can play
it tough.  Or, if you want, I have Judy's cell phone, and I can call her.  But
if I do that, I promise you Judy will be furious.  Is that what you want?  Huh,
is that what you want?"

Ariel's dark eyes were only inches from lynn's face.  lynn was almost too
frightened to respond, but she managed a weak "No." 

"No, what?" Ariel continued.

lynn didn't know what to say.  Was she to address them as Mistress, also?  So
she just said, "No, Mistress, please don't call her.  i won't object."

"That's better," Ariel replied, relaxing and allowing the friendly smile to
return to her face.  lynn looked over at Emily, who had watched the entire
confrontation without speaking, and Emily's expression was also relaxing.

lynn was too scared to object, but could not keep the tears from flowing.  The
beauticians tilted the chair until lynn was nearly parallel to the floor.  The
mechanical legs of the chair separated, exposing her cunt.  While Emily washed
her hair, Ariel packed hot towels around her pussy.  It burned her tender lips,
and she started to protest, but Ariel was quicker.  She slapped lynn sharply
across the face, saying, "Not a word, little slut.  We heard about your party
last night, so this can't hurt any worse than beer bottles up your ass."

Emily giggled at that comment, but lynn was shocked to hear Ariel talk like
that.  she thought Judy was the only one that knew, besides those at the party.

In the next moment, lynn heard Emily cutting large hunks of hair.  Once again,
she reacted, lifting her head away from Emily's direction.  Emily's free hand
reached out and pushed against lynn's forehead. "Either keep still or I can
strap your head to the chair.  Judy says your hair is too long.  Sluts have
shorter "do's".  And besides, what good are earrings in you can't see them,"
Emily tittered. 

"Earrings!" lynn shot back.  "But..."

"Hush, slut.  All part of Judy's plan."

While Emily continued to work on lynn's hair, Ariel had starting snipping away
her soft pubic hair.  lynn just sobbed quietly to herself, not knowing what to
do to stop this horror. 

Soon Ariel walked over to the counter, and returned with a handful of warm foam,
which she spread over lynn's mound.  "Now, don't move, or you could lose
something dear to you," Ariel smiled, as she took the sharpened razor and
removed every visible hair.

By then, Emily was blow drying and fluffing lynn's hair, but since her back was
to the mirror, there was no way for lynn to see what had happened to her once
beautiful mane.

Both beauticians finished up at about the same time, Ariel wiping away the last
of the foam with a warm towel, Emily working in some mousse. 

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Ariel gleamed, as she dried her hands on the
same towel.  Without waiting for an answer, she leaned over to get a closer look
at lynn's pussy.  "Let's see how it looks now."  With her sharp fingernails,
Ariel grasped lynn's pussy lips and spread them widely.  And with her pinky
nail, she entered lynn's cunt and worked her way towards lynn's clit, giving it
a light brush with her nail.

lynn was jolted to attention.  "Please, don't..."

"Whoa there, slut.  Just checking my work.  Emily, you should see this.  The
little slut's clitty is growing before my very eyes."

lynn was horrified!  Of course, like all girls, she had stimulated her own clit
many times, and masturbated often, but never had anyone else done this to her. 
she could feel her clit engorging, rising from its hood.

"Glad I have this towel here.  Something is leaking out of her lips," Ariel
giggled sarcastically.

Emily laughed pleasantly and then said, "We better finish the treatment.  Judy
will be back in 30 minutes, and you know how she is when she has to wait."

Ariel agreed, and both walked to the side of the chair, opening another
cupboard.  lynn watched with wide eyes, not having any idea what else would
happen.  "Please, let me go.  Haven't you done enough already?"

"Oh, no, little slut.  Judy has paid for far more.  Just relax," said Emily over
her shoulder.

When they turned around, lynn knew they each held piercing tools.  she had been
with friends who had had their ears pierced, so she knew exactly what the
beauticians had in their hands.

Emily made her way back to the top end of the chair.  Momentarily, lynn felt
some cold liquid dabbed on both ears, as Emily used cotton pads to sterilize the
area with alcohol.  But lynn could not help but moving her stomach, when she
then felt the same cold applied to her bellybutton! 

"Oh, no, please no!  Please. If you have to pierce my ears, ok, but not my
navel. Please!" she cried.

"Shhhh, shhhh, little cunt. Personally, I think you should have your tongue,
nipples, pussy, eyebrows, lips, and clit pierced, but you are lucky.  Judy just
wants your ears and bellybutton.  Relax.  You will look so sexy.  Every boy in
town will want to fuck you.  You will be the most desirable cunt in school,"
Ariel said matter-of-factly.

lynn tried to twist her head, and made it impossible for Emily to work.

"Ariel, will you please hold her head for me?"

Ariel gave a huff, stood up over lynn, and with one hand grasping lynn's chin,
and one on her forehead, lynn could no longer make any significant movement.  In
moments, Emily had pierced her left ear once and her right ear twice.  She
showed lynn the large silver hoops for her lobes and one ruby-red stud for the
additional piercing, and put them in the piercings. 

"Oh, that is sexy.  Girls with pierced ears beg to have their cunts pierced. 
That's what all boys believe.  And it's true, you know," Emily added.

"Ok, now you help me down here," Ariel asked Emily.

As Emily held both sides of lynn's stomach, Ariel used the piercing gun on
lynn's navel.  lynn felt a sharp pain, and let out an awful scream.  Emily
reacted swiftly, shoving a towel in lynn's mouth.

Ariel reached over to the counter, showed lynn the stud with a dangling S, and
proceeded to lock the stud into lynn's navel.  Through her tears and rasping for
breath, lynn saw the S and wondered about it's meaning.  As she felt the stud
lock, Ariel appeared at her eye level and answered her unasked question.  "S is
for slut.  Congratulations, little slut."

Emily patted lynn's head, trying to calm her down.  "Relax, we're almost done. 
Relax.  you will love your new look.  Believe me.  I know you are shocked at the
moment, but give it time.  Relax.  Shhhhh......"

A few moments later, lynn's adrenaline had subsided, she was breathing steadily
through her nose, and Ariel approached her with a bottle of water.

"Do you want something to drink?" 

lynn nodded, and Emily pulled the towel gag from her mouth.  Ariel held the
bottle up to lynn's lips, and she drank deeply.  And sighed deeply.

"Now, no more tears.  A little makeup and you are done.  I don't want your tears
spoiling your looks, ok?" asked Emily.

lynn nodded, too exhausted, too shocked to even say a word.

Emily finished by applying some eye shadow and dark red lipstick.  She plucked a
couple of hairs from lynn's eyebrows, took one last look, and pronounced the
treatment over.  "Ok?" she asked Ariel. 

"Yes, I'm sure Judy will be pleased.  Get dressed little slut," she ordered, as
lynn' arms and legs were released.

lynn rose unsteadily from the chair and turned towards the counter where she had
laid her clothes.  she looked into the mirror for the first time.  her mouth
opened wide in shock, and she put one hand over her mouth to keep from crying
out.  Put her other hand went automatically to her crotch, for never in her life
had her pussy juices raced down her thighs, as they were at the moment.

Part 33


Judy's sudden shout broke lynn's sexual trance.  she turned to look at Judy with
large, wide eyes.  she was within seconds of cumming.  she had to cum.  she had

"I said 'STOP'!  Now!" shouted Judy as she reached over and slapped lynn's
probing fingers away from her throbbing cunt.

"Please, Mistress!  Please.  i've done everything you've asked all week.  Please
let me cum!  Please," she whimpered.

Inwardly Judy smiled to herself.  lynn had passed the barrier.  she would do
anything now, anything to be fucked, used, and enslaved.  Anything to avoid more
punishment and pain. It had taken only 7 days to transform little Miss Perfect
into little Miss Perfect Slut.  Ron would be so pleased when he arrived later

But Judy could not let lynn know that she was secretly pleased.  she had to keep
the little slut simmering until she was presented to Ron as a gift, a virgin
gift.  "Put your hands behind your neck, now, or we'll stop right here along the
road, and I will whip your ass so you can't sit for a week!"

Reluctantly, lynn put her hands behind her neck and locked her fingers as Judy
had ordered her many times over the past week.  her chest heaved, as she slowly
climbed down from the near orgasmic high.  she knew her little tits were poking
out like headlights, but that was ok.  she had learned to appreciate her body
more and more as the week had progressed.  she stared straight ahead, again
thinking of the week gone by...

...When Judy arrived at the beautician, lynn was dressed and standing with her
hands locked behind her neck.  Judy walked slowly towards the little slut,
admiring the girls' work, admiring the slut's body, a body now owned by Judy. 
lynn's eye's were lowered and she was silently whimpering to herself.  Judy
reached out to finger the little S that hung from her bellybutton ring.  She
gave it a slight tug, and lynn made a more audible moan.

"Look at me, slut," Judy ordered, and lynn raised her sad eyes.  her new "do"
was perfect, the look of a slut on the prowl.  The earrings said it all, "Pierce
me, fuck me, use me."

Emily and Ariel stood to the side, pleased with their efforts.

"Perfect.  Perfect.  lynn, kneel, but keep your hands locked behind your neck,
and don't release them, and don't say a word.  Girls, time for your tip."

Ariel immediately dropped her skirt and approached the kneeling lynn.  Ariel's
pussy hair was neatly trimmed, shaved into a fine triangle, and she walked right
up to lynn's face.

"Ok, slut, time to thank the girls.  you are to lick and suck them until they
cum. Use that tongue like you used it last night at the party.  It is the job of
a slut to please, so make sure you do."

lynn did not move.  she just looked at the gaping pussy inches from her mouth. 
"Now, slut!"  And so she tentatively flicked her tongue in the direction of
Ariel's cunt.  Ariel took the initiative and grabbed the sides of lynn's head,
hooking her fingers behind her pierced ears, and forced lynn's face straight
into her cunt.  lynn had no choice but to react, if nothing else than to use her
tongue to push away from Ariel's cunt, to give herself some breathing space. 

"Flick your tongue.  Find her love button.  Deep, fast.  Nibble her pussy lips. 
Faster," Judy coached her young slut.  Ariel was already hot from the entire
beauty session, and it took only a few moments for her to cum.  "Lick her
juices, cunt.  They're like nectar from the gods.  Don't miss a drop."

Moments later, Ariel released lynn and stepped away, allowing Emily to step
forward.  Emily had dropped her shorts, and did as she had seen Ariel, locking
her hands behind lynn's ears, and pulling her head forward.

lynn had never licked or sucked another girl before.  she had seen others doing
it in the dorms, but she had always evaded the experience.  To her knowledge,
there were no girls at last night's party, so even in her drugged state she had
never brought another girl to orgasm.  So the first thing she noticed was that
Emily's musk was somewhat different from Ariel's.  Sweeter, she thought. 
Tastier.  Emily's thatch was blond.  The fine hairs tickled lynn's nose as she
once again serviced the cunt thrust into her face.  In a short time, Emily also
came.  lynn's face was slippery with the pussy juices that she could not lap up. 
Even her moussed bangs had a drop or two hanging from them.  As Emily released
her head, lynn looked pleadingly up to Judy.

"Excellent, slut.  you may release your hands and stand up.  We have to get
going."  Turning to the girls, Judy added.  "Thanks for the great job.  Maybe we
will return again.  Next time, you can do as you wish.  I'm sure I will be
pleasantly surprised."

The beauticians expressed their appreciation, gave lynn a hug which she could
not understand, but she weakly put her arms around her tormentors and gave them
a unenthusiastic hug in return.  "Let's go, slut."  lynn followed her Mistress
out the door and into the mall.

"Remember, move that ass," Judy ordered unnecessarily loud to the asian slut
walking about 5 feet in front of her. 

lynn swung her ass more dramatically, and noticed the glances she was getting. 
Men and boys alike stared at her face, her bellybutton, her crotch, her heels. 
she knew that she was turning heads left and right.  Girlfriends and wives hung
onto their men's arms more strenuously, tugging them away from the swinging ass
heading their way. 

Judy guided lynn towards the food service area.  Time for another lesson,
thought Judy. 

"Do you need to piss?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She pointed to the toilet signs, and lynn headed in that direction, with Judy
right behind.  When they entered the restroom, it was empty.  lynn opened one of
the stall doors, but Judy stopped her.  "What do you think you're doing?"

"i was going to pee, Mistress."

"Not until I say you can and not until I tell you how you can."

lynn looked at Judy with an expression that showed she was confused.

"Drop your shorts, hand them to me, and then squat over the toilet.  Sluts are
not allowed to sit when they pee."

"But, Mistress..."

"Either do what I say or let's go.  you won't have another chance for several
hours, so it's up to you."

lynn had to pee, so she dropped her shorts, handed them to Judy, and walked into
the stall.

"Leave the door open, slut," Judy ordered.  lynn stood over the seat, her legs
spread wide, and the steady stream started almost immediately.  she really did
have to go bad.

her eyes had been lowered in embarrassment, but the sound of snipping caught her
attention.  Judy had found a pair of scissors in her purse, and was cutting a
hole in the crotch of lynn's already short shorts.  her pussy would be
completely exposed!

she finished peeing, wiped herself, flushed the toilet and stood there wondering
what to do next.  "Come here, slut, and try these on," commanded Judy as lynn
walked towards her.  she took her shorts, pulled them on, and looked down to see
what could be seen.

"Spread your legs wider.  Let me see if I guessed the location correctly."

lynn spread her legs as Judy bent down to look.  The hole was slightly off
center, so Judy used the scissors to widen the hole slightly on the left side. 
It was unlikely anyone walking past her would know the hole was there, but lynn
would know and that was all that mattered.

"Ok, let's go get something to eat.  you first.  How about a hamburger and

"Ok, Mistress."

lynn made her way among the tables of the food court with Judy close behind,
admiring the view.  They stood in line at the McDonalds.  Judy placed the order. 
"I'll have a Big Mac and my slut will have an order of fries."  lynn was shocked
to be called a slut in public, and the look she got from the girl behind the
counter was one of disbelief.

They walked over to an empty table with Judy sitting and commanding, "you will
stand, little slut."  She took the fries off the tray and placed them in front
of the standing lynn.  "Each fry gets dipped in your pussy.  The hole is
perfect, don't you think?"

lynn was shocked by this order.  she just stared at the fries, not knowing if
she should answer Judy or not.

"Eat up, cunt.  you are going to need your energy for the next few days."

lynn reached down, took one fry, and reaching under her crotch, slid it into the
hole in her shorts and touched her cunt.  There was an immediate burning
sensation as the salt on the fry touched her newly shaven pussy lips.  she
pulled it out and put it in her mouth.  There was no particularly different
taste, since she had barely touched her bald cunt.  she chewed on the fry for
several moments and then reached for another. 

Judy was munching away on the burger, then said, "Stand on the other side of the
table so I can get a better look.  Spread your legs wider, and make sure the fry
gets a good dipping.  If I think you are faking it, I will order you to put one
foot on the chair, so I and everyone else in the place can get a good view of
the action."

lynn just stared at the fries, the disbelief continuing to mount in her mind,
and then moved directly across from Judy.  she spread her legs more than a
shoulder's width, and took another fry.  Not wanting to risk further
embarrassment, she pushed the limpy fry more deeply into her pussy.  The
salt-induced sting repeated itself, and this time the combination of humiliation
and stimulation had its effect.  lynn felt her clit beginning to grow and her
juices flow.  Whether it was her imagination or not, the fry had a distinct
taste of her own cum this time.

Judy had finished her burger, helped herself to a couple of lynn's fries, and
lynn had managed to eat about 10.  Judy dabbed her lips with a napkin, then
offered the same napkin to lynn.  "Maybe you want to clean the oil off your
pussy.  Wouldn't want to stain your shorts."

"Why don't you drop the trash off over there and meet me by the ATM across the
way?"  Judy needed some extra cash for the activities in the days ahead, so she
walked to the ATM and finished the transaction about the time lynn arrived.

"Ok, so far so good, don't you think?"

"Yes, Mistress," thinking to herself, this is not going well at all.

"Two more stops and then we'll head to your new home.  Lead on, slut.  Back to
the car."

Arriving back at the car, lynn was happy just to sit down and be out of the
sight of the stares and lecherous looks.  Judy headed towards the east end of
town, again an area that lynn did not know well.  Ten minutes later, she pulled
up in front of an Adult Video and Novelties shop.  "Oh, no," thought lynn.

"We need a couple of items that should prove useful in your training, slut. 
Don't embarrass me in there.  The owner is an old friend."

They walked into the shop, and the owner greeted Judy, not exactly with a
friendly smile, but he clearly knew her from the past. "Hi, Officer, what can I

Judy had walked in first, and it was just then that the owner saw lynn walk in
behind her.  His pupils dilated immediately at the sight of the young, lithe,
body, showing a lot of skin, and walking with a lot of swing.

"Hi, Denny.  Need a couple of items.  I'm training a new slut.  Whatya think?"

"Yummy," he smiled.  He hadn't shaven since the previous night, and his less
than perfect teeth smiled in approval. 

"Usual service discount, ok, Denny?"

"Sure, Officer.  What do you want."

"I think a medium and large penis gag.  she's a bit new at this, and might need
a few days to work up to the large.  As for the butt plug, tell me what you

lynn had never seen any of these items, but the names were self-explanatory, 
and her stomach started to knot in fear.  she took a step back as Denny came
around the counter. 

"Drop the shorts, slut, and let Denny take a look.  He's quite an expert."

lynn just stared at Judy, her reaction time slowed by fear.  "Now!" shouted

lynn pulled down he shorts and stepped out of them.  Denny approached and told
her to turn around, and bend over.  Having no choice, she did as he commanded. 
she felt a finger enter her ass and immediately raised up and stepped forward,
letting out a gasp.

"Now, now, little slut.  I can't fit you with the right size if you won't stand

"No, Mistress Judy, please no.  i've never..."

"Shut up, slut," commanded Judy as she moved swiftly towards lynn.  "Sorry,
Denny, she's new at this, and still doesn't get it.  Time for some discipline, I
think."  She grabbed lynn's hair from the top center, and jerked her head
downward.  "Denny, how about I borrow a paddle of yours."

"Sure," he agreed, walking behind the counter and coming out with a 15 inch
piece of wood, broad at one end, handled on the other.  He handed it to Judy and
stepped back to watch, the bulge in his crotch growing larger by the minute.

Judy immediately hit lynn's ass with a powerful blow.  she tried to stand up,
and at the same time tried to cover her burning ass with a hand.  Judy would
have none of it.  She was far more powerful than the little asian, and had no
trouble forcing her head back down. "Put that hand away, or I will handcuff it
in front of you.  I told you to obey, that unless you want those triple X
pictures of you in the hands of your parents, that you are mine for the rest of
the week.  Now, put both hands on your knees, and learn your lesson so we don't
have to repeat it again."

With that, Judy placed 10 sharp blows to various places on lynn's ass.  The
paddle did not have holes, so no welts were raised, but her ass glowed a bright
red when Judy had finished.  lynn was sobbing and gasping for breath.  she had
never felt such physical pain before in her entire life! 

"Ok, Denny, check here while I still have her bent over."

Denny had been enjoying the show and licking his lips in anticipation.  He came
in from behind and shoved two fingers deep into lynn's ass, meeting resistance
after about 5 inches.  "I think you should start with a medium.  I don't think
she has had much action down there."

"Go ahead and pick out the right size, and we might as well start expanding her
little hole immediately," said Judy, still holding tight to lynn's hair and
forcing her body to bend sharply at the waist.

Denny pulled one of the new packages off the hook, and tore open the plastic. 
"If she is going to be a slut, might as well get used to lubing her own plugs,"
he said.  "she won't always have access to KY jelly."  He walked around to
lynn's head, and said, "Open up, slut.  The wetter you get this, the easier it
will go in."  He put the plug to her lips, but she just stared, nearly in shock. 

Judy pulled her hair sharply, getting lynn's attention.  "Either open up your
mouth and suck this plug like you sucked all those cocks last night, or I'll lay
another ten on your ass.  Your choice."

That was no choice at all, and lynn immediately opened her mouth to take in the
black plug.  Denny held it out away from her face, so lynn had to reach out to
surround the plug with her nearly dry mouth.  "Suck, slut.  Suck like your life
depends on it."

After a few moments, lynn was able to get some saliva forming in her mouth, and
she lathered all over the plug.  "That should help," Denny said as he pulled it
from her sucking lips.  He walked around behind and warned, "This may be a
little uncomfortable, but believe me, you'll get used to it.  Try to relax." 
With that he began to steadily shove the plug into lynn's ass.  she tried to
rise to meet the force, but Judy held her steady.  she let out weak gasps of
air, but soon Denny announced the job finished. 

"Ok, slut, pull on your shorts so that the plug has some external support.  As
your muscle control improves, you'll be able to hang onto almost anything
inserted into your precious ass."  Judy released lynn and walked over to the
counter to pay for the items.  lynn rose weakly, and without blinking, walked
over to pick up her shorts and pull them on.  she felt so uncomfortable.  she
was unable to even walk normally, the foreign object in her ass causing her to
walk almost bowlegged, the pain of the paddling pricking her skin like a million
sharp needles.

"Get behind the counter, slut. Time to pay for our discount," Judy ordered. 
lynn walked slowly behind the counter.  Denny had dropped his pants, his cock
standing nearly vertical in anticipation.  "Hurry up, give him a quality blow
job.  I can tell from the pictures last night that you are a real expert at

lynn knew she had no choice.  And she was not an expert.  she had never sucked a
boy off before last night, and in her drugged state she remembered very little. 
But somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard a voice saying, "Just suck,
like you are using a straw."  And so she bent over, feeling the plug in her ass
pushed in more deeply by the tightening shorts, and surrounded his cock with her
lips.  "And when he cums, take it all.  I don't want one drop on the floor,"
Judy instructed.

In only moments, Denny released and filled lynn's mouth.  she held her hand
under her chin to catch it all, and swallowed as quickly as she could.  she
nearly gagged, but fear overcame that sensation.  When he finished, Judy spoke,
"Now, lick off your fingers and hand, and then clean off his cock with your
tongue.  you did a good job, slut."

Good job.  lynn actually felt relief when she heard those words.  Good job.  To
avoid punishment, she would try to get more compliments from Judy.

"Ok, wipe whatever remains on your face with your clean hand, lick that off, and
then wipe your hands on the back of your neck.  Time to get going before the
next shop closes."

Judy thanked Denny, told him she would probably be back for a few more items in
a week or two, grabbed lynn's elbow to steer her towards the door, and walked
briskly out.  lynn tried to keep up, but she was so full of butt plug, so sore
from the spanking, ever step was more than just a little uncomfortable.  Judy
had already started the car, when lynn eased herself into the passenger seat,
wondering what else could happen on this awful day.

Part 34

Judy looked over at lynn, with her hands locked behind her neck and her legs
widely spread.  Moisture around the hole in the crotch of her shorts had stained
the material a dark blue.  she was taking short, shallow breaths, breathing like
a bitch in heat.  There was a fine sheen of perspiration around on her neck,
which glistened in contrast to the black, ringed and locked collar.  she was
once again lost in her sexual dreams...

...leaving the Adult Store, her ass plugged and burning from the swats, lynn
looked straight ahead and saw nothing.  she was unable to think clearly. 
Everything was a blur, moving too fast, triggering too many new emotions for a
teen to comprehend.  she knew that she hurt, that she wanted to obey to avoid
more pain, that there was light at the end of the tunnel, but that was still 6
days away.

They were soon driving in a part of town that was familiar territory to lynn. 
In fact, her parents lived no more than a mile away.  For a moment lynn feared
they were headed in that direction, but Judy passed their cross street without
saying a word.

Signaling left, Judy drove into a shopping corner, with about 5 different
stores.  "Last stop, slut.  Let's go try on a couple of items.  Out you go and
remember, keep your mouth shut unless spoken to."

The burning sensation on her ass had lessened somewhat, but the discomfort of
the butt plug was still awful.  lynn hurried as fast as she could to catch up
with Judy, who was headed into the door of Pet Smart.  "Things to try on...Pet
Smart?" lynn's mind tried to make a connection.

The store had a number of shoppers and more than one looked up as lynn walked
by, following Judy to the left side of the store.  Judy was standing looking at
a variety of collars and leashes.  lynn made the connection, but knew there was
nothing she could do except obey as quickly as possible to avoid punishment and

"I think black would look best on you, don't you think, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Judy chuckled lightly as she reached up for one that was about an inch wide,
with many studs, not unlike the collar Ariel had been wearing.  "Try this on,

lynn almost said, "But...", then saw the look on Judy's face.  Quickly she took
the collar, put it around her neck, buckling it tight, and stood there looking
blankly at Judy. 

"A little wide for your slender neck, I think, and rings would be more useful
than studs.  People might just think you are a punker, rather than a slut, and
we wouldn't want that, would we, slut?"

"No, Mistress."

"Take that one off and try this," Judy commanded as she prepared to hand lynn
one that was about half an inch wide, with several rings around the

Once again lynn worked as fast as she could, buckling on the new collar, her
heart beating rapidly with fear.  "Yes, that's perfect," said Judy as she
reached into her purse to get a small lock.  "Turn around, slut."  When lynn had
turned, Judy reached under her hair, found the hole in the collar just before
the buckle, slid the lock through it, and shut the lock.  lynn could not
possibly get the collar off unless she cut the leather or the lock.  Judy knew
that this was one of the locks that sue, her sister, had picked out weeks ago.

"Turn around, slut."  lynn obeyed, and looked at Judy with tears in her eyes. 
she was horrified by what was happening, and by being in a situation over which
she had no control and no options.  Judy reached up and ran her finger under the
collar, announcing, "Perfect.  My little slut pet looks just perfect.  And since
you have been so good, you get to pick out the leash.  But make it quick.  It's
been a long day, and it's time to get home."  And she turned to walk towards the
front of the store.

lynn panicked and knew she had to catch up with Judy quickly, so she just
grabbed the first leash that caught her eye, shiny chains linked to a leather
handle.  she nearly trotted down the aisle to catch Judy, not even noticing the
butt plug's discomfort.

There was one customer ahead of them, and one stepped in behind, a middle aged
man that had come for some pet vitamins, and ended up getting quite a view. Just
as they stepped towards the cashier, Judy let out an obscenity that frightened
lynn, already on the alert to please Judy in every way.  "Shit!" she said quite
loudly.  "We forgot to get something for you to eat out of, slut pet.  Go
ahead," she said to the open-mouthed man standing behind them and gestured to
lynn to follow her.

They went down a different aisle to the dog bowls.  Judy looked at the chain
leash lynn had picked out and said, "Since you like silvery colors, let's get
this one," and she picked up a large silver-colored bowl, and headed back to the
front.  The man was completing his credit card transaction, and again stared in
erotic wonder at lynn.  Everything about her was sexually stimulating, and that
night his wife would wonder what had come over her husband.  He made love to her
like he hadn't made in 10 years.

The cashier scanned the bowl and leash with her scanning "gun", and Judy said to
lynn, "Turn around, slut, so the cashier can scan the tag on the collar."  lynn
quickly turned, embarrassed to death, pulled up her hair, and leaned backward
towards the clerk.  Judy got a particularly good  look at lynn's arching back,
prominent tits, and taut stomach, accented by the bellybutton stud and dangling
S.  She needed to cum herself, and wasn't sure she could make it home in time.

The clerk was just uncomfortable about the whole thing.  She knew there were
loonies around, but had never seen anyone like these two in the shop before. 
Judy paid in cash, and then asked, "Do you have a restroom we can use? We still
have a little drive home."

The clerk directed them towards the back corner, to the employees restroom. 
They hadn't walked more than a few feet when Judy stopped, took the leash out of
the bag, and clipped it onto lynn's collar.  "Let's go, pet.  I need you."

They went inside the small toilet area, and locked the door.  Judy removed her
skirt and sat on the toilet, never letting go of the leash.  "Come here, pet. 
Kneel before me and rest your chin on the toilet bowl.  That's a good slut. 
Now, your Mistress is in great need.  you have made her so wet in the last few
hours, so be a good pet will you."  Judy leaned back her head, taking in the
smell of her own sex, and the electricity generated as lynn flicked her tongue
around the edges and then plunged it into Judy's dripping pussy.

lynn knew what she needed to do.  she had to please her Mistress.  she wanted to
please her Mistress.

In a short time, Judy came with a small shout.  she grabbed lynn's hair for both
balance and to force lynn's  head and warm tongue deeper into her pussy.  Oh,
what pleasure she enjoyed.  Slowly coming down from the sexual mountain, Judy
released lynn's head, telling her to stand over near the sink.  Judy rose from
the toilet with a sly smile.  "That was wonderful, slut pet.  So wonderful.  you
have a very talented tongue."  lynn was relieved by the compliment.  Once again,
she tasted cum, and Judy's was in fact the sweetest so far.

They left the store rapidly, and 5 minutes later arrived at Judy's former home. 
It was still furnished, though most of the clothes and personal items had been
removed to sue's house weeks earlier.  Over the past several days, Judy had
restocked the fridge and made the necessary arrangements for lynn's stay.

Judy's home was surrounded by hedges and fencing.  She enjoyed her privacy,
feeling quite free to walk around her home and backyard naked.  Judy led lynn by
the leash to the front door.  At the door, she unhooked the leash.  "Take off
your clothes and shoes.  you can set them on this counter."

"Yessss, Mistress."  There it was again.  That slight stutter that reminded Judy
so much of sue. 

Maybe it was the constant pressure of the butt plug, or once again being ordered
to strip, but lynn realized that she was feeling sexual stimulation in her
pussy.  she was actually getting hot from all this uncertainty and abuse.

Judy watched as lynn slowly slid off her shorts.  The pain from the spanking and
butt plug was obviously there in her expression.  She stepped aside, as lynn
walked past her into the entryway. 
Judy reached up to a rack to remove one of two sets of linked cuffs with chain,
borrowed from the jail.  She told lynn to put her hands behind her back and
cuffed both wrists, separated by about 9 inches of chain. Judy knew that this
added one more element of psychological abuse on the already crumbling girl.

"Raise your hands a little," she ordered and lynn immediately obeyed.  Judy
tenderly rubbed her ass checks.  The redness had turned a bright pink and by
tomorrow only the mental pain of the spanking would remain.  She tugged a little
on the butt plug, but by now lynn's ass muscles had accepted the intruder and
were firmly gripping the plug.  And finally she reached around the front and
after telling lynn to spread her legs widely, she stuck two fingers into the
virgin cunt.  She looked directly into lynn's eyes as she played with her pussy,
and could see from her facial expressions that lynn was becoming aroused. 

"Do you enjoy that, little slut?"

"No, Mistress.  Please let me go.  Please.  i'll suck you and all your friends,
i'll clean your house and be your maid.  Please."

Judy gave a deep and unpleasant laugh.  "you're lying.  I can tell from your
dripping cunt that you are loving every moment."  She pulled her fingers from
her slave's cunt and held them up to lynn's lips.  "Suck off all your juices,
pet.  Don't waste a drop."  And lynn obeyed.

Judy walked to a small dresser and returned with something she had obviously
prepared ahead of time.  "Sit on this chair so I can get a better look,"
directing lynn to a wooden chair next to the phone.  The pressure of sitting on
the plug drove it deeper into her ass and increased the unpleasant feelings.  A
sharp slap to the inside of her right thigh reminded her to spread her legs

she whimpered as Judy spread her pussy lips and enticed her clit to enlarge. 
With one hand holding the lips open, the other manipulated a slip knot of string
over her clit.  Judy pulled the string tightly, and now a tight noose encircled
lynn's clit, and from the string hung a tiny red bell.  Judy couldn't help but
smile at lynn's shocked expression.  "Yes, I know, it would be better if your
clit was pierced.  All in due time, little slut.  Now, stand up."

It was not an easy request for lynn to obey.  With her hands locked behind her,
she had to push down on the butt plug in order to rise from the chair.  When she
finally made it, Judy was standing there with the other set of cuffs and chain. 
"Turn around, slut." Then she knelt down and cuffed both ankles, separated by
about 18 inches of chain. "Ok, walk around the room for me and make sure the
bell tinkles."

Knowing that she would have to do more than just glide, lynn made little hopping
motions, so the bell, which hung about 5 inches out of her cunt, made a small
tinkling sound.  Judy was pleased, and commended lynn.  "Isn't that lovely,
little slut.  you make such beautiful music," as she laughed at her own
sarcastic sense of humor. 

"Well, let's see," Judy continued, checking her watch.  "The day is still young
and there is so much more to do.  Follow me into the den."

When they arrived, Judy made her way over to the computer, moved the mouse to
bring it to life, and sat at the monitor.  "Come over here, little slut," she
ordered.  When lynn arrived at the chair, Judy reached out and grasping the
bell, pulled her even closer.  She clicked the mouse a few times, typed a few
sentences onto the screen, then picked up the microphone.  "When I nod, I want
you to read this through one time, nice and loud, understand."

lynn nodded her understanding and earned a slap on her butt plug.  "Sorry.  i'm
so sorry. Yes, Mistress, i understand."

Judy hit "record" and nodded to lynn, who began to read, "i am a slut.  i only
want to please my mistress.  my body belongs to my mistress.  i am her slave."

"Good, that should be perfect."  lynn could see that Judy was copying this
message, putting it with a power point presentation, and making a continuous

"Ok, I have to get some things done at the station, and I don't want you to be
bored while I'm gone."  Pushing the chair to the side, she pulled lynn to the
front of the computer, about 6 feet away from the monitor.  She reached up to
grab a piece of rope hanging from a pulley screwed into the ceiling.  She tied
the rope to the links separating lynn's wrists, and began to pull, until lynn
was forced to bend slightly at the waist to take off some of the strain in her

At that point, Judy left the room for a moment and returned with the medium
penis gag she had purchased that afternoon.  "Open your mouth, slut," and when
lynn obeyed, she pushed the black penis into her mouth and using the straps,
buckled it firmly behind her head.  It was one thing when lynn could move her
lips up and down the shaft, but here is was forced deep into her throat.  she
started to panic, but Judy just grabbed a handful of air and calmed her down. 
"Breathe through your nose.  Slowly, in, out, relax, let your throat muscles
relax. Enjoy.  Bring pleasure to the cock.  Relax."  And soon lynn was able to
calm her fears and breathe without gagging. 

"Now, for the entertainment."  Judy pulled the headset from the computer desk
and firmly placed it over lynn's ears.  She cranked the pulley several more
inches, which now forced lynn to bend at a right angle, the pain already very
unpleasant in her shoulders.

"I'll be back in a few hours.  Enjoy," and with that, clicked play, and walked
away.  The voice began to play back, "i am a slut.  i only want to please my
mistress.  my body belongs to my mistress.  i am her slave," and on the monitor
slide after slide of lynn's activities from the night before began to play. 
After looking in shock at all 26 pictures, lynn shut her tear-filled eyes, but
there was nothing she could do to stop the repetitious and awful words she had
spoken.  they played over and over and over.  And when her eyes were closed, she
began to rock, almost  losing her balance.  In the end, she had to keep her eyes
open, listen to the enslaving words again and again, bear the incredible ache
growing in her shoulders, and suck deeply and often on the cock that filled her
mouth and throat to stifle the tears which would not stop flowing.  And all the
time, little rivers of liquid raced down her thighs from her dripping cunt.

Never had lynn suffered such torment.  she could not help but look at the
pictures that flashed in front of her face.  she was mesmerized by them.  They
were the worst moments of her life.  They were the best moments of her life.  If
only there was a way to guarantee they would never fall into her parents hands. 
Nick.  she wanted to see Nick again.  Don't fuck my ass, she wanted to scream. 
Fuck my cunt!  FUCK ME!!

The room got darker as night began to fall.  The brightness of the monitor and
the images that flashed upon it became the center of her attention.  And all the
time, "i am a slut.  i only want to please my mistress.  my body belongs to my
mistress.  i am her slave," echoed in her mind.  she knew them by heart.  she
knew what would come next.  she began to mouth them around the cock.  The tears
stopped;  the ache in her shoulders became part of her existence.  her sense of
hearing focused on the words.  her sense of sight on the images.  her sense of
pain on her shoulders.  her sense of need on her pussy.  she tried to rub her
thighs together to stimulate her cunt, but every movement brought more pain to
her arms and shoulders.  she knew the bell was there, but its sound was too
light to enter the earphones. 

Only when time had stopped, when she was no longer lynn, college freshman,
devoted daughter, happy go lucky lynn, did she feel her arms being lowered. 
Judy had returned.  She removed the headsets.  "It's ok now, little slut.  your
Mistress has returned to free you.  She unbuckled the penis gag.  She unhooked
lynn's arms from behind and rehooked them in front.  She hugged the traumatized
little asian, and with soothing words held on until the tears stopped. 

"Are you hungry?"

"Yessss, Mistress.  your slut is very hungry."

Another threshold had been passed.  Judy knew that with rest and time, lynn
would regain what had been taken from her, but Judy did not plan on giving her
that rest and time until it was too late to return to what she had been.  She
walked the half-slumped slut to the kitchen, and helped her to her knees on the
floor, where a bowl of water and a large silver dog bowl of cold spaghetti had
been set out.  Without further instructions, lynn lowered her face to eat the
food and lap up the water.  Judy sat at the counter eating her warm meal and
watched her little slut eat most of what was in the bowls.  her face was covered
in tomato sauce.  The tips of her hair were also a mess. 

"How about a nice warm shower, slut."

"Please, yes, Mistress."

"Follow me, but stay on your hands and knees."

lynn followed like a domesticated pet, as Judy led her from the kitchen.  She
turned suddenly and said, "Does my slut need to go to the toilet?"

"Yes, Mistress.  Please."

"Ok, outside you go.  Here, I will remove the butt plug in case you need to
shit, also.  In fact, I want you to shit.  Just find any place in the yard.  But
stay on your hands and knees.  Here, let me remove the ankles cuffs so you don't
soil them."

lynn just looked at her without blinking, and didn't move.  her ass felt like an
air tunnel.  No, like an empty air terminal.  she couldn't believe the sensation
of emptiness.  And she couldn't believe that she had just been ordered to go
outside to relieve herself.

"you don't think I'm going to allow my pet to shit and pee in my house, do you? 
Now, go outside.  It's dark.  And be quick about it before I change my mind."

Knowing she had no choice, lynn crawled out the back door, onto the back porch,
down one small step, and out onto the lawn area.  she separated her legs as far
as possible and a steady stream of piss shot into the grass.  she hadn't shit
since the previous day, and so a few moments later, squatting like a begging
dog, she did so on the lawn.  Judy had been watching from the back porch and
announced, "Good girl.  Good slut.  Come over here so I can clean you off before
you come back into the house."  She had already attached a nozzle to the hose,
and ordering lynn to turn her ass towards her, she shot a steady stream of water
into her crack and ass hole.  "Now, roll over on the grass, trying to get some
of the water off your skin, drag your ass across the lawn a few feet, and then
come back up on the porch."

Too embarrassed to even think of arguing, lynn did as ordered.  Once inside the
house, Judy had lynn stand and they made their way to the bathroom.  Judy hooked
lynn's hands over the shower head, turned on the water, and joined her in the
shower.  She shampooed lynn's hair, washed her body, including a thorough
cleaning inside her cunt, and then attaching a small hose to the shower head,
gave lynn two swift enemas.  The butt plug had done its job; lynn showed almost
no reaction when the nozzle was inserted into her enlarged anal canal. 

Judy told lynn to step from the shower, to dry herself, while Judy finished
washing her own body.  When she had finished, Judy stepped from the shower and
ordered, "Use that towel over there to dry me, slut.  And when you have
finished, you may thank your Mistress by licking her pussy and sucking any
liquid out of it that you can find."

Both Mistress and slut were satisfied when they left the shower just before
midnight.  Judy reattached the ankle cuffs, reinserted the butt plug after lynn
had sucked on it to moisten the surface, and finally, despite lynn's whimpering,
reinserted the penis gag.  Only lynn's virgin cunt was unfilled, and the little
bell tinkled as she followed her Mistress through the kitchen into the garage. 

"I hope you sleep well, slut.  It's a little small, but then no one said you
would be staying at the Hilton.  Get down on your knees, turn around, and back
in.  That's the best way."

And so her first day of slavery ended with lynn backing into a 3 by 4 by 4 cage,
perfect for a St. Bernard, perfect for a slut.  she curled up on the large
pillow, tried to pull the lone blanket over her still-aching shoulders, and
despite all the anguish and humiliation, fell quickly asleep, with the words "i
am a slut.  i only want to please my mistress.  my body belongs to my mistress. 
i am her slave," echoing in her mind. 

Part 35

"What is she thinking?" Judy wondered.  The shock of seeing her own sister
dressed and looking like a whore could only add to the complete confusion and
shock of the week.  Judy had decided that she would allow lynn to return to
school on Monday.  But things would not be the same.  Ever again...

...lynn remembered waking up the day after her enslavement.  Cramped in a cage,
chained, collared, gagged, and plugged.  she heard noise in the kitchen and
rather than face the day ahead, pretended to be asleep when Judy opened the

Judy had purposely made a lot of noise in the kitchen, banging pans, turning up
the music, so she was quite sure the slut was faking it.  Time for another
lesson.  She reached through the large mesh, and grabbed lynn's nose.  lynn's
eyes flew open, but in the cramped quarters there was no way to escape Judy's
grip.  With the penis gag filling most of her mouth and throat entrance, she
quickly began to panic, unable to draw in any significant breath.  she made
sucking noises, trying to inhale past the gag, but quickly began to turn a dark

"When I walk into your kennel area, I expect you to immediately get on all
fours, with your head straight ahead looking at me.  Is that clear, slut?"

lynn was almost to the point of passing out, but managed to nod her head.  Judy
immediately released her nose, and opened the door of the cage.  lynn was
desperately trying to get oxygen through her nose.  Judy reached behind her neck
to unbuckle the penis gag, and pulled it from her mouth. lynn immediately took
deep breaths to refill her oxygen-depleted body.  "Get up on all fours, now!"
Judy commanded.

lynn struggled to obey, as Judy attached the leash to her collar and pulled her
from the cage.  lynn followed on all fours to the door which led to the
backyard.  Judy turned and ordered, "Relax your ass," and without further
notice, pulled the butt plug from lynn's gaping ass, uncuffed her ankles, and
told her to go outside and relieve herself, and to be quick about it. 

lynn had not even thought of saying one word of protest.  she was speechless
from the swift punishment that Judy had inflicted, and frightened to death of
doing anything wrong. she crawled outside into the morning air, immediately
concerned that someone would see her.  But a quick look around told her that the
hedges and tall fencing would ensure her privacy.  Privacy!  What privacy? 
Crawling naked into the back yard of her Mistress, treated like an animal.  her
pride had been completely destroyed in the past 24 hours. 

Only needing to piss, lynn did so and turned to await directions for what to do
next.  "Come over here, slut."  Judy was standing hear the garage wall, by a
water faucet.  There was a low outdoor cupboard, and when lynn arrived, Judy
continued.  "Sit, with your back against the wall, and spread your legs.  Every
morning, without fail, I expect you to reshave your pussy.  I want it completely
bald to begin each day.  In this drawer you will find a razor and cream.  you
can use this faucet to wash off.  And if you have to shit, I expect you to clean
your ass and give yourself an enema.  There are towels in this drawer.   And be
quick about it.  We have a busy schedule again today.  Do you understand?"

lynn uttered her first words of the new day, "Yes, Mistress."

Five minutes later, freshly shaven, lynn crawled up on the porch and approached
the kitchen door.  Judy had been preparing breakfast, and decided it was
important for a little praise.  Opening the kitchen door, she said, "Lay on your
back and spread your legs, slut."  lynn obeyed swiftly and Judy continued, "Very
good, pet.  Very good.  Are you hungry?"

Relieved and happy for the praise, lynn said, "Yes, Mistress.  Thank you,

"First things first," and Judy recuffed lynn's ankles and held the butt plug to
lynn's lips.  Unlike the previous night, when Judy had washed off the plug
before presenting it to lynn, this time lynn knew she would be sucking a plug
that only a few minutes ago had been stuffed in her ass.  she hesitated, but
Judy just shoved it more forcefully into her lips.  lynn opened her mouth and
caressed the plug with her lips and tongue.  When Judy pulled it from her lips,
it made a slurping sound.  She immediately shoved it into lynn's empty ass. 
"Down pet.  Enjoy your breakfast. And try to not get it in your hair," Judy
added, as she reached for a rubber band to make a short ponytail of lynn's hair.

lynn crawled into the kitchen door to find a bowl of milk and a bowl of what
appeared to be oatmeal.  she ate greedily, surprised by her hunger.  Judy
finished her eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee about the same time and turned to
find lynn looking at her Mistress, wondering what to do next.  "Ready pet?  Ok,
stand up, let's go get cleaned up and ready for the day ahead."

She led lynn to the bathroom.  There were two sinks, so both Mistress and slut
brushed their teeth and fixed their hair.  Judy put on lipstick, took a look at
lynn in the mirror, and decided their was no point until after their
appointment.   She did instruct lynn to use the eye shadow as applied by Emily
and Ariel the day before.  "your clothes are on the bed in my bedroom across the
hall, slut."

lynn took a few steps, then turned, paused, and then stuttered, "Mmmissstresss?"

"What do you want, slut?"

"Mistress, how can your slut put on her clothes with her hands and legs

"I'm sure you will figure out a way, now move it, before I take this hair brush
to your ass."

lynn hurried to the bedroom, having no idea how to get dressed, chained as she
was.  But when she picked up the clothes, she gasped and yet knew that her
Mistress would not appreciate any delay.  she held two black tube tops, one only
slightly bigger than the other.  The only thing to do was pull one over her
head, feed her chained arms through the tube, and try to cover her breasts as
much as possible.  And it was not possible.  she felt more naked than before. 

And then she pulled the larger tube over her chained ankles, up to her waist,
trying to cover her ass. Another impossible task.  her bell actually was visible
from the front, and her ass cheeks, puckered from the plug, showed prominently
from the back.  The same high-heeled sandals she had worn yesterday were on the
floor, so she stepped into them carefully, afraid of falling over with her
chained ankles. 

Judy walked in a moment later and smiled at her embarrassed slut as she walked
by to put on her uniform. "you look hot enough to eat, and I would, except that
we are already late.  Let's go."

lynn didn't bother to protest, just followed her Mistress to the front door. 
Judy turned and released her ankles and then her wrists, putting both items in a
gym bag she was carrying.  "Turn around."

When lynn obeyed, Judy pulled out her handcuffs and cuffed the almost naked
slut.  She hooked the leash on her collar.   "Ok, out to the car, and remember,
swing that ass when you walk, and when you get in the car, spread those legs."

As soon as lynn sat down, she knew what would happen.  she knew the plug would
be driven more deeply into her ass, but the moment she spread her legs, the tube
slid up around her waist, almost like a sash. her pussy was completely open to
the world.  Judy looked over and smiled.  "Very nice, slut."  She reached over
and pulled on the little bell, making sure to extend lynn's clitty, and
scratched her pussy lips with her nails.  lynn immediately reacted, pushing back
into the car seat, staring at Judy with a look of shock.  "I know, little slut. 
I know.  Another few days and you will get your wish."

Judy had planned the morning's activities several days ago.  She actually had
expected lynn to be more sassy and disobedient, but no matter.  She had to be at
the station until noon, and so made arrangements with a dentist, operating in
town only because Judy and Ron allowed it.  Dr. Dean had spent time in prison in
another state for sexual assault on one of his patients.  Ron had made it clear
that he could practice only if he kept clean, and kept quiet about some things
he was asked to do. 

Dr. Dean had cancelled all other appointments that morning and given his staff
the morning off. He opened the back door when Judy and lynn knocked.  There was
no sign announcing his business on the back door, so lynn was completely in the
dark.  "Hi, Doctor.  All set?"

"Come in, come in.  Yes, all set.  I take it this is the patient?" he asked
unnecessarily, feasting his eyes on the most delicious dish he had seen in
years.  A body of a goddess, and almost all of it exposed to his devouring eyes. 
Alluring eye shadow, swinging earrings, tight collar, chic hair style, hands
apparently cuffed or bound behind her back.  Sexy posture, breasts forced out by
the handcuffed hands, legs worth a million, and what an outfit.  Nope, nothing
much left to the imagination.


"Be quiet, slut.  Or do you need a spanking right here to remind you?"

"No, Mistress. Please no."

"Good enough," said Dr. Dean.  "Follow me."  He led Judy and lynn down the hall
into one of the side rooms.  "Have a seat, young lady," he snickered at the
obvious joke.  "Officer, would you please uncuff her beautiful wrists?"  Judy
did as asked, and when lynn sat in the dental chair, she experienced the same
fear as the day before.  The Doctor immediately put velcro straps over her arms,
one near the elbow, one at the wrist.  And just like the day before, her ankles
were strapped to the rotating footrests.

"That should do.  Are you going to assist, Officer, or..."

"What about her head.  she may need some encouragement to remain still during
the procedure."

"No problem," he replied, pointing out two metal attachments hinged to the

"Ok," she smiled,  "I'll be back after lunch. Remember, her cunt is off limits. 
All other openings are available for your enjoyment."  And she walked out the
door, leaving lynn in a state of fear and confusion.  "Another modification to
her body, another step deeper into slavery," Judy thought as she closed the back

"Now, young lady.  Did you have braces when you were younger?"

"Nnooo, Sir."

"Very good. Beautiful teeth, beautiful body, beautiful, beautiful,..." He was
lost in wonder, his cock beginning to throb in anticipation.

He picked up a small mirror and told lynn to open up.  she did and he looked
around her mouth.  "Be patient," he thought.  "Finish the job, first, then the
fun."  her tongue sexually excited him and he actually had to roll his chair
backwards, and take a deep breath.  lynn had shut her mouth when he pulled back,
so once again he asked her to open it.  This time, he reached to the side of her
head and rotated the metal devices, more like rounded hooks, inserting one in
each side of her mouth.  lynn's eyes opened wide, realizing what was happening,
but it was too late.  He spread the hooked-shaped arms, forcing her mouth to
remain open and available. 

"Relax, my dear.  Let me tell you the plan.  your Mistress wants me to attach
four bands to your four molars.  The top bands will have a pivoting hook and the
bottom will have a slot soldered to the band.  By inserting the hook into the
bottom of the slot, you can be effectively gagged, unable to open your jaws, and
no one will be the wiser from outside appearances.  you can smile, but you just
can't talk.  By inserting the hook into the top of the bracket, you will be
unable to close your mouth.  Perfect for certain activities, I'm sure you will
agree.  So, let's get started.  I'll go as quickly as possible, not so much for
your comfort, but for my needs," once again snickering at his own joke.

Over the next hour, the Doctor used his strongest bonding glue to attach the
bands to lynn's back teeth.  He had already prepared the soldered attachments,
so it was really quite an easy task for him.  The most time consuming item was
allowing the glue to dry.  While it was, the doctor entertained himself playing
with lynn's cunt, pulling the bell, checking how it was attached to her clit,
making small talk throughout.  lynn's breathing and heartbeat became more rapid. 
she began to groan, as the emotions of fright and sexual stimulation took
control of her body. 

"Oh, my, what have I done.  you seem to have sprung a leak," he laughed,
releasing her pussy lips.  He took his forceps, grabbed several wads of cotton,
and shoved them into her cunt.  "That should help," he sad with feigned

He left the room for a bit, and lynn could hear him on the phone. her jaws were
aching, and while the bands had not really hurt very much, it was the thought
that once again her body was being violated without her permission.  her cunt
was a source of great embarrassment.  Others could read her mind and thoughts
just by looking at her pussy.  she could not hide her need and desire.  she
wanted to be fucked, wanted it so bad.

"That should do it.  Let's check, shall we?"  Dr. Dean retracted the metal hooks
that had held her mouth open, and lynn could finally close her jaw.  she tried
to use her tongue to feel what he had attached to her teeth, but almost
immediately,  he reached into her mouth, and with his right forefinger, she felt
him manipulate something in the back of her mouth.  Before she could even ponder
what to do next, he had done the same with the left side of her mouth.
"Now, let's see if it works.  Try to open your mouth."

And lynn knew right then that her jaw was locked shut.

"Say something, like 'i am a hot slut.'"

Obeying all orders like a good slut, lynn tried to speak, but a slurred "i em a
hut shlut" is all the came out.  her lips made it possible to form certain
letters, but all conversation would be muffled and nearly impossible to
understand unless the listener knew what was coming.  Tears of frustration and
fear began to run down her cheeks.

"Now, now, my dear.  Look on the bright side," the doctor spoke as he began to
release her arms and legs. "I offered to pierce your tongue at the same time,
and attach a stud that could easily be hooked to the bands on your molars.  It
could be a lot worse."

"Now, let's check the other feature," as he reached inside her mouth to release
the hooks. "Open," he said.  lynn opened her mouth and again the Doctor reached
inside, this time connecting both hooks to the top of the lower bracket.  "Ok,
you can shut your mouth now."

It was then that lynn realized she could not shut her mouth.  The steel brackets
forced her mouth to remain open about one inch, more than enough space for any
cock to slide in and for her tongue to slide out.

"Perfect.  And look at the clock.  We have over an hour together before your
Mistress returns," and he smiled with great anticipation at the frightened lynn.

When Judy returned just before 1, she found Dr. Dean whistling and cleaning up
the room, and over to the side, near the x-ray machine, knelt lynn.  her arms
were locked behind her neck, and her back was perfectly straight.  she stared at
Judy with wide eyes.  her mouth was open about an inch; her eyes had that same
look of shock and disbelief.  Both tube tops were around her waist, so her
breasts and shaved pussy were prominently on display.  There were tear stains
along her cheeks, but that was to be expected. 

"Oh, hi Officer.  Perfect timing.  Your slut and I just finished getting
acquainted, orally speaking, that is," and he gave one of his happy chuckles. 
"I think your idea worked out just fine.  When locked, there is no way for her
to open her jaws.  The open position, as you see her now, has one little flaw. 
When I fucked her mouth, it was not easy for her to swallow all my ejaculation,
because she can't close her lips completely.  I found though, that as long as
you deep throat her, there won't be too much of a problem.  she has a great
tongue.  I told her she should be happy, that I offered to pierce it for
nothing, but that you said not this time."

Judy smiled at his report.  Yes, no need for that medium penis gag any longer. 
Her slut would have to get used to cocks projecting deep into her throat.  "Are
you ready to go, slut?" she asked?

"Yes, 'istress," lynn responded with her mouth forced open.

"Let me see if I can figure out how this works," said Judy as she walked over to
lynn and stuck her right forefinger inside of her cheek.  She could see how the
hook was caught on the lower band, and with a flick released the catch.  She did
the same thing to the left side of lynn's jaw.  "you can shut your mouth now. 
Show some modesty and fix your clothes and let's go.  Thank you, Doctor.  You
always do fine work."

lynn had risen to her feet and was adjusting the top tube, hopelessly trying to
cover her breasts.  Then she tried to pull the other tube down far enough to
hide her pussy.  There was very little else she could do.

"Thank the Doctor, slut."

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Thank him for what, slut?"

"Thank you, Doctor, for fixing my teeth and for using my mouth and ass."

"Much better," Judy smiled and led lynn out the door and into the sunlight. 

"Isn't it a beautiful day, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Perfect for a walk in the park, don't you think," she laughed.

"Yyyesss, Mistress," lynn stammered in fear.

"Oh, don't worry, I was just kidding you.  We have more important things to do,"
as she checked her watch.  "Into the car."

When lynn got in, she quickly spread her legs, and the ridiculously useless tube
once again rode up on her waist like a sash.  Judy reached over to tug the bell,
and spread her lips.  "What's this, slut?" she asked, noticing some white cotton
protruding from lynn's pussy.

"The Doctor put in some cotton to soak up the moisture, Mistress," lynn
embarrassingly admitted.

Judy laughed at that, and reached over with her other hand to pull out the wads
of soaked cotton.  "Open up," she ordered lynn, and immediately put the wads
into her mouth.  "Enjoy."

With her mouth filled with her own juices, lynn just stared straight ahead as
Judy pulled out of the parking lot and drove off.  she wondered what could
possibly come next.

Several minutes later, Judy pulled into a lot next to a physical therapy center. 
There were many cars in the lot, and lynn's fear grew.  "Here we are slut, our
next stop.  I have made arrangements for you to work with a personal trainer, a
very exclusive trainer, I might add.  you have a great body, but there are
always ways to improve it.  Let's go, and straighten your 'dress' when you get

lynn got out, and once again tried to pull the tube down to cover her pussy. 
Judy had gone to the trunk to collect the gym bag and then headed for the
entrance door, with lynn close behind.  At the door was a trash can, and Judy
told her to spit out the cotton.  Once inside, Judy led lynn down a hallway,
knocked once at a door labeled Private, and walked in.  Inside was a small gym,
with weight lifting equipment, a variety of machines that lynn had never seen
before, a treadmill, stationary bicycles, a large tub with slowly swirling
water, and many other items.  Walking over to meet them was as handsome a guy as
lynn had ever seen.  she was immediately horrified to be seen like this, but he
seemed unaffected by lynn's appearance. 

"Hi, Judy, good to see you again."

"Hello, Aaron," as they hugged and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"this is lynn, my current project.  she was on drugs and I'm trying to teach her
how to use her obvious looks and talents to make something of herself, as we
talked about on the phone."

lynn looked at Judy and stared.  On drugs!  That was so unfair.  she was trapped
and now there was no way out, except to obey and survive 5 more days.

"It'll be a pleasure, for sure."  He laughed softly as he reached out to tug
lightly on lynn's pussy bell.  "Is this to remind me that this area is off

Judy laughed, also, and said, "Yes, and for other things.  Actually, it is only
off limits to be fucked.  Anything else is ok.  In fact, the more you can do to
make her pussy beg to be fucked is fine with me.  By Sunday night, I want to
present the perfect slut to a dear friend."

"Leave it to me," Aaron smiled.  "So, besides the obvious looks, what
modifications have you done with the slut?"

"Why don't you tell, him, lynn.  Don't leave out any details, beginning with the
beauty shop."

For the next few minutes, lynn stammered and haltingly told what had been done
to her.  The new hair style, earrings, pussy shave, collar, leash, cage, and
dentist.  she purposefully left out the way in which she was ordered to relieve

"A good summary, slut, but still a few details missing.  For example, how have
you been allowed to piss and shit, and how about our meals together and for
sure, you can't live out the entertainment yesterday at the computer."

Judy stared at lynn, who knew she had to tell about these most embarrassing of
all events.  And she did, and Aaron just smiled and nodded his approval. 
"Sounds like a great start, Judy.  Well, I better get started.  Has she eaten
since this morning?"

"Except for a little snack at the dentist about an hour ago, she hasn't had
anything to eat since breakfast.  Ok, well, then I'll be off.  Oh, here is a gym
bag with some useful items.  See you Sunday morning," and Judy walked cheerfully
from the room. 

"Sunday morning!" lynn thought in surprise and shock.  "But today is only

Judy smiled to herself as she got into the car. Aaron was a personal trainer,
and he did indeed have some wealthy middle-aged clients trying to preserve their
physical appearance, but in the BDSM community, Aaron was also known as one of
the most effective trainers of slaves and sluts. Within five days, Judy knew
that lynn would walk, talk, and act like she had been a slut for years. 

Part 36

sue.  The sight of her sister had instantly awakened something within lynn. 
Something.  Over the past week, she had lost everything.  No one knew where she
was.  And after five days with Master Aaron, she thought of nothing but how to
please her Mistress or Master.  she was nothing.  her will meant nothing. And
now there was something.

When Master Aaron had brought her to Mistress Judy on Sunday morning, she had
walked proudly to the front door, naked, in 5-inch heels.  Proud to be a slut,
wanting the whole world to see her body.  she walked with short steps, as though
her ankles were chained, as they had been most of the time during the past 5
days.  There was nothing she wouldn't do on command.  Nothing. 

The little bell that Mistress Judy had attached the previous Sunday was still
there.  And the little tinkle became a rhythm that lynn heard constantly, like
an external heart beat.  she loved the sound.  It defined what she was. "i am a
slut.  i only want to please my mistress.  my body belongs to my mistress.  i am
her slave."

As Judy stood at the door watching lynn precede Aaron up the walkway, she had to
consciously force herself not to look amazed.  Five days ago, lynn had been a
frightened teen, shocked to be sure, who obeyed not because she wanted to, but
because she wanted to avoid punishment.

The slut that walked in her direction now showed none of those qualities.  She
looked five years older. She noticed that lynn's entire body was beautifully
tanned.  Aaron had placed a shining silver belly chain on lynn, which accented
her wide hips and taut, tanned ass.  There was also a silver anklet on her right
ankle.  she walked with the confidence of someone who knew who she was, or what
she was.  her hands were held behind her back, either locked there or held there
intentionally.  her mouth was slightly open, in an erotic sort of way.

As she neared the porch, Judy noticed that the silver hoop earrings that went
perfectly with the tanned skin.  The ruby-red stud reflected the morning sun. 
The collar would have to be replaced.  The black leather looked cheap.  lynn's
hair was teased and had the look of wild sex.  her makeup, from the eye shadow
to the dark red lipstick was perfect.  her hairless pussy was an eye-catcher. 
And each step she took in the high heels was breathless.  Though she knew lynn
to be only 5'4", her naturally long legs, which blended into her hairless cunt,
and the 5-inch heels gave her the appearance of a very tall asian beauty.

lynn stopped at the bottom of the porch, with eyes respectfully lowered. 

"Hello, slut."

"Hello, Mistress.  How may this slut serve you?"

Judy arched her eyebrows, smiled and looked over lynn's shoulder to Aaron, who
stood about 6 feet behind his project for the week.  He was smiling and knew
that Judy had to be impressed.

Judy stepped off the porch and walked around lynn.  The first thing she noticed
were red stripes, some with scabs, some just raised welts, all over lynn's back. 
She reached out to trace the path of one whip mark, and heard a slight intake of
breath from her slut.  She turned quizzically to Aaron with arched eyebrows, but
before she could say anything, he spoke.

"Sometimes she needed a reminder.  Sometimes she needed to move more quickly. 
Sometimes a slut just needs it."

Judy's pussy began to tingle as he spoke.  Yes, he was a true Master.  She ran
her open palm along lynn's spinal column, and gently continued over her round
ass, again stopping and turning to Aaron.

"No plug?"

"Judy, what makes a young cunt and ass so attractive to a man?  Among other
things, the tightness.  Yes, you could stretch her ass, and later her pussy, but
why?  her ass has been opened, it can accept any cock, and her muscle control is
excellent.  You saw her walk.  If you fill her ass with a plug, like the one you
provided in the gym bag, you may gain a stuffed ass, and later a droopy, sloppy
ass, but you will lose the sexy walk and the vice-like grip of a young ass.  For
me, that's not a fair trade."

He dropped the gym bag that he had carried from the van.

Soon after Judy left on Monday, Master Aaron had examined every centimeter of
her body, causing electric-like shocks with every touch.  she whimpered at his
touch, silently begged to be fucked.  He must have known the effect he was
having on her, but his order of silence was obeyed.  Without comment, he had
withdrawn the butt plug and she had wondered why it had never been reinserted. 
He had used her ass countless times during the week, her mouth more than
countless times.  But the butt plug had never been reinserted.

Judy may not have agreed, but she nodded her understanding.  She continued to
run her palm along the contour of lynn's body, along her strong quads, the
inside of her thigh, then suddenly she shot two fingers into lynn's unsuspecting
cunt.  lynn's body tensed, but she did not move, she did not cry out.  her
training of the past week had prepared her for such an assault.  Aaron smiled

And so did Judy.  "Marvelous, Aaron.  Your reputation is well earned.  Thank

"And to say it was my pleasure is an understatement.  I hope that when you have
popped her cherry, I might borrow her for a week or two."

"I'm sure we can make arrangements for some follow-up lessons," Judy smiled and
gave Aaron a token kiss on his cheek.  He walked around to the front of lynn,
and looked her in the eyes, teary eyes, as his finger snaked into her sopping

"Goodbye, slut."

"Goodbye, Master," was all that lynn could manage to get out.  Master Aaron had
abused and punished and made her suffer, and she loved him, and there was no way
to tell him this.

He held his finger, dripping in her juices, up to lynn's mouth.  she opened
widely, totally surrounding his finger with her lips, caressing it with her
tongue, not wanting to let go, tasting herself, tasting her Master.  He pulled
it from her mouth, and turned and walked back to his van.

lynn did not turn to follow his departure.  she had not moved since stopping at
the bottom of Judy's porch.  Judy waited until the van backed out of the
driveway, then turned to address her slut.

"you can tell me about your week, later, slut.  For now, we have to meet some
people.  your clothes are laid out on the bed.  you'll recognize them from our
first meeting, nicely washed.  Do you need to pee or shit?"

"Yes, Mistress.  this slut needs to piss, with your permission."

"Fine, might as well do it right here.  Just step over onto the grass and spread
your legs and make it quick."

Without hesitation, lynn walked onto the grass, spread her legs widely, and let
loose a steady stream.  her bell tinkled constantly.  Constantly. 

...and now, here she was, having just seen sue.  A little flame of hope had
suddenly flared to life within her soul. 

lynn felt the car slow, and opened her eyes.  Despite her week of training, she
couldn't help uttering, "Mistress..."

"Yes, slut.  your sister used to live here.  I own it now."

Judy pulled the car into the drive. lynn just sat still waiting to be told to
get out. her mind was racing now. This was sue's house, but Mistress just said
she owned it now. Where was sue? What had happened to her? Had she been a whore
all these years and kept it hidden? Did sue have anything to do with what
happened to her over the past week?

lynn was snapped out of her thoughts when Judy yanked the door open and said,
"Out, slut, we have things to do."

At the front door, lynn was ordered to strip.  Judy watched, once again in awe
of what a change had occurred since Aaron had taken over her training.  In fact,
for the first time, Judy actually envied lynn.  She pushed those thoughts from
her mind.  There was a lot to do before Derek and David arrived with the other
two sluts, and before Ron arrived home in a couple of hours.

Once inside the house, Judy took the cuffs and chains from the gym bag.  She
locked lynn's wrists in front of her and then did the same to her ankles.  She
led lynn through the living room, past the den, which had been decorated, as if
for a party, and into the back bedroom.  The cage from the other house had been
moved over here, and lynn paused at the bedroom door.  her last experience in
that cage had not been a pleasant one.

"Like last time, slut.  Down on all fours and back into the cage.  I have things
to do, and you need to take a nap so you are fresh for tonight."

lynn complied and was soon locked inside.  "If you can't sleep, I will put on a
little entertainment for you."  Judy turned on the VCR/TV and left the room.  In
a few minutes, lynn was entranced by a pornographic video.  Judy knew that there
were at least 2 hours of fucking and bondage.  It was a favorite of hers and
Ron's.  The noise from the video and the location of the back bedroom ensured
that lynn would have no idea what was happening in the den.

Judy knew that Derek, David and their sluts would not be far behind, and indeed,
within a few minutes, there was a knock at the front door.  Judy opened the door
and there stood the two guys.  And standing behind them, completely horrified,
were two blond, "teenaged" asian whores, dressed in school uniforms.

"Come in, guys.  Thanks for bringing slut sue home.  I heard from Victor about
the party and that Hec was making a fool of himself by getting drunk.  And would
you look at steph," she laughed aloud.

"Let me see what changes have occurred since last time I saw them," Judy
requested, peeking around the two guys.

"Strip," ordered Derek.  "Then, kneel."

Both sue and steph immediately removed their skirt, blouse, and heels.  They
dropped to their knees, spreading them wide.  Judy watched the whole show, her
pussy tingling with excitement.  Both Derek and David were clearly getting a
hard-on.  While sue was stripping, she was looking around the room, expecting to
see lynn.

"I like the changes, guys.  Am I missing anything?  Ankle tattoos, very chic. 
slut sue got another piercing here and there?  And, do my eyes deceive me or are
those tits a size or two larger," she smiled, reaching out and pinching sue's
ringed tit, and admiring her badge. sue was trying not to show she was getting

"And a new earring," Judy added, tugging on her hoop, causing sue to grimace. 
"Am I missing anything?" she asked, as she walked around the kneeling slut.

David ordered, "sue, lay on your back and pull up your knees to your tits.  Show
Mistress Judy your other piercing.

sue knew she had no choice, so with her eyes beginning to tear, she lay on her
back, tucked her knees, and Judy immediately noticed the ring between her cunt
and ass.

"Ooohhh," cooed Judy.  "I've never seen one there.  What a great idea!" 

Turning her attention to steph, she walked around her kneeling body, taking in
all the changes.  "Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  Open your mouth, cunt, and let
me see if they pierced that pussy-licking tongue of yours."  steph obeyed,
hating every moment of Judy's appraisal.

"David, I hope you can stay for the party we have planned.  And Derek, you and
your slut are also invited."

"Sure," both guys echoed their desire to stick around for the "party".

"How about getting the sluts ready.  I have a couple of ideas," Judy began,
moving toward the den.  The guys followed, gesturing to sue and steph to follow. 
Both sluts got to their feet, looked at each other for moral support, and
followed.  sue looked around her house, which now belonged to Judy, remembering
all she had, all her hopes.  Now there was nothing, but to follow orders and
plunge deeper into a dark abyss.  Where was lynn?

When they entered the den, Judy ordered sue to get up on the dining table, and
to sit in the middle of the turntable which had been set in the middle.  Like a
large lazy-susan, the turntable was typically seen in all asian homes.  sue
climbed up on her table and sat on the turntable her parents had given her. 
"Kneel, but keep your arms to your side," ordered Judy, reaching for some cuffs
and chains.  "David, would you chain her ankles to her wrists, and when you've
done that, have her lean back on the table.  she's very flexible, let me tell
you, so I know she can do this."  David went to work.

"Derek, we don't have another turntable, but I brought this chair from the
station," said Judy, pointing to the chair that weeks ago had been used to
further humiliate sue.  Attached to the seat of the chair were a large dildo and
butt plug. 

"Perfect, Judy.  Ok, slut, have a seat," and when stephanie hesitated, a harsh
slap to her ass followed, and he added, "Now!"

stephanie eased her cunt and ass onto the large dildo and plug, not sure she
could make it all the way down.  Derek was chaining her cuffed ankles to the
chair legs, and gave her shoulder a little push, completely impaling his slut. 
she groaned with discomfort, embarrassment, and pain.  Derek completed chaining
her wrists behind the chair, as David finished with sue.  There was no way for
sue nor steph to rise from their position. 

Judy had called an Italian take-out, ordering enough pasta, pizza, and salad for
the party.  She had invited Nick and Aaron, knowing that both had played a major
role in enslaving lynn.  Soon after 8, they arrived, joining Derek and David in
the living room.  The doorbell rang at 8:15, and Judy asked David to help her
with the food.  They were gone about 10 minutes, leaving Derek, Nick, and Aaron
more time to get acquainted.  At 8:30, Judy heard the car door shut and knew
that Ron had arrived.  Everything was set.

Ron had seen the cars in the street, and wondered who was having a party.  He
had rushed home as quickly as possible, knowing that sue was to be dropped off
that night by Hec.  When he opened the door, he was more than surprised.  Judy
greeted him with a passionate kiss and said, "Welcome home, darling.  I have a
surprise for you."

Ron recognized Nick, having seen him in the mayor's presence many times, and
Aaron, having met at BDSM gatherings, but had no idea who David and Derek were.
Ron had known nothing about the plan Judy had concocted to enslave lynn.  Judy
made all the introductions, not explaining why Aaron and Nick were there, but
clarifying what had happened with Hec and Victor. 

"And now, let's have dinner," she cheerfully announced, and led the guys into
the den. 

Ron whispered to Judy as they walked down the hallway, "I understand this Derek
and David, but what are Aaron and the mayor's son doing here?"  "Be patient,
darling," Judy reassured him.

And what a sight they beheld.  At the center of the table, sue was chained, on
her back, legs spread.  A pile of salad was arranged as though it had poured
from her cunt.  Plates of pasta and pizza surrounded her body.

Ron could hardly take it all in.  He knew it was sue, but the blond hair and
enlarged tits took him by surprise.  His cock immediately began to swell.  He
saw the food, and the uncomfortable look on stephanie's face as she sat in the
chair that he recognized from the office.  He was literally speechless, but had
a big, wide grin on his face.

Judy tucked her arm in his, and led him to the head of the table.  He walked by
sue's bound form, and spoke for the first time, a simple, "Well, well."  He
reached out and fingered the badge piercing sue's nipple.  "Hello, slut."

"Hello, Master," she whimpered.

Judy led him to the seat right in front of sue's open crotch.  He immediately
saw the ring piercing the wall between her cunt and ass.  He made a somewhat
irritated smirk, but said nothing, as everyone else sat down.  He didn't like
all the modifications to his slut, but except for the tattoos, all could be
undone.  And the tattoo he did like very much. 

For the next 45 minutes they talked, ate, dipped pizza in sue's oozing cunt, fed
the two sluts, commented about their physical changes, and even talked some
sports, much to Judy's obvious displeasure. 

When everyone had eaten enough, and Ron had pushed back his chair to stretch,
Judy knew the moment had arrived.  "And now, the best part.  Dessert.  Aaron,
Nick, if you would join me in the hallway, I could use your help."

Part 37

Aaron and Nick were happy to help Judy. They got up from their chairs and
followed her into the hallway.

Ron, Derek and David continued to talk and eye the two helpless sluts. Nearly
everything had been eaten from around sue, allowing everyone to see her naked
form on the turntable. steph was squirming now, because the dildo and butt plug
in her were making her hot and she wanted to cum. But the way she was
positioned, she wasn't able to get to the point of no return. God she needed to
get off.

The three men discussed the things that had happened at the bondage club and Ron
grew angrier and angrier as they described the way Hec had acted. Clearly Victor
used his head, but Ron knew he would have to have a very one-sided discussion
with Hec as soon as possible.  Hec would no longer play any role in sue's
enslavement, nor in this town.

lynn had been shocked to see both Nick and Aaron with Judy.  her heartbeat
immediately raced above 100, seeing the two men that occupied her dreams and
desires. her cunt began to juice.

Judy had released lynn from the cage, and she had crawled out.  The chains were
removed from her wrists and ankles.  her eyes stared straight ahead.

"KNEEL," had ordered Judy, and lynn immediately took the position, legs spread,
hands locked behind her neck, tits out, wanting to make Master Aaron proud,
wanting to show Master Nick what she had become. 

Judy had reached inside her mouth, locking it in the open position.  At Judy's
direction, Aaron had pulled a hood out of the cupboard, and strapped it about
lynn's head.  Nick had clipped a leash on her collar, and ordered her to crawl
along as he led her to the living room.

When they got to the living room, Judy had opened the sofa into a bed. She had
placed lynn in the middle with her legs wide open, showing off her young
virginal cunt, ankles chained to the legs of the bed.

All conversation stopped when Judy came to the door and announced, "It is now
time for the special surprise of the night.  You ready Ron?"

"Oh, yes," he replied. "I do hope it's good and won't take too long. I'm so
horny that all I want to do is fuck. And our little sluts look like they are
ready, too!"

sue and stephanie were removed from their positions,led into the living room,
and ordered to KNEEL beside the sofa, facing the wide open cunt of lynn. They
obeyed immediately with the hopes that they could get some relief soon. They
both noticed the young girl, but had no idea who she was. They also saw the
other guys standing close by and already naked with their cocks fully hard. sue
licked her lips wanting them and stephanie eyed them with wanton lust.

Once everyone was prepared, Judy brought Ron in. His eyes went right to the
spread open cunt of lynn and his cock grew hard in his pants. God how he wanted
some pussy and here was one ready for him.

Judy said to him, "Honey, I have always known how much you like young pussy and
tonight, you are going to get one. And not only is this cunt young, it is still
a virgin."

"MMMMMMM, and it looks so inviting Judy, who is it?" he asked.  The tanned, taut
body, with belly chain, anklet, and an S dangling from her bellybutton ring,
begged to be fucked.

"You will find out soon enough, but I want to be sure she is ready for you. So
susie slut is going to get her nice and wet for you while you get undressed,"
Judy said, then turned to sue and said, "Get between those legs, cunt, and lick.
Make sure it is nice and wet, but you better not make her cum!"

sue knew better than to disobey and had become a very obedient slut, so she got
up from the floor and crawled between the young girl's legs and began to lick
the cunt that would soon be fucked by Master Ron. she licked and sucked it like
a pro, making the young girl squirm.

lynn had heard everything, but during her training, she had learned not to speak
unless she was told to.  And besides, hooded and gagged as she was, speaking
clearly was out of the question. she knew it was her older sister licking her
hot cunt, but really didn't care! All she wanted was to have a big hard cock in
her tight virgin hole. she pushed her pussy into her sister's face, trying to
get more of the tongue that was teasing her so much.

Everyone watched as sue ate out the young pussy and knew it wouldn't be long and
they would watch as Ron deflowered her and then everyone else would get the
chance to fuck it too. Ron was naked now, standing beside stephanie, watching
his former sergeant lick the pussy he would soon be fucking. He was stroking his
cock and getting so hard that he had to stop so he wouldn't cum too early.

While sue was licking her sister Judy said, "steph, why don't you help Ron with
that cock. Suck it for him!"

steph had also learned that when given an order she must comply, so she turned
just enough to take Ron's hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked him. she
knew she had better not make him cum and she didn't want too, either. she wanted
to see this young girl getting fucked for the first time.

They watched as sue licked her little sister's pussy and saw that she was doing
a great job. lynn was squirming now and shoving her bald little pussy into sue's
face, wanting more. Judy kept a very close eye on her little slut, making sure
she didn't cum until Ron got his cock into her. She had made lynn wait to cum
ever since she had taken control of her. She wanted this little whore to beg for
cock and knew that she would be begging hard very soon.

It got closer and closer to lynn cumming and Judy would stop sue very soon. Judy
was getting hot from watching all the sex around her and removed her clothes as
well. David and Derek had never seen Judy naked before and loved the sight
before them. They both stepped over to her and helped her get naked, and had
some good feels while doing it. They even got their fingers in her pussy and she
didn't stop them either, since she was really enjoying it.

But she kept a close eye on her little slut, making sure to stop sue before lynn
got off. And she was getting really close now. Judy stopped the guys and said,
"susie slut, stop, NOW!"

sue tried to continue, wanting to get this young cunt off in her mouth. The girl
tasted so good and kind of reminded sue of her own taste. It was so familiar
tasting, she thought for a moment it was her own cunt she was licking.

Judy reached over and grabbed a handful of sue's blond hair and pulled her back,
twisting her hair viciously. "I said stop, slut!"

sue cried out. she just wanted to get back to that sweet little pussy. But she
knew better. sue got off the bed and automatically resumed her KNEELING position
beside the bed.

"OK, it's time to fuck the cunt. Ron, are you ready?" Judy asked.

"You bet I am," he replied, "I have never had a tight little virgin before and
it looks so damn good. But Judy, who is it?"

"You will see who she is very soon. But I want to tease you just a little more.
How's slut stephanie doing with your cock?" asked Judy.

"MMMMM, she is one good cocksucker and if she keeps it up, I'm going to shoot
into her mouth," he said in reply.

Judy walked over to lynn, reached down and pinched her pointed nipple, and
asked, "Are you ready, slut?"

lynn nodded her head immediately and a muffled groan could be heard from behind
the hood.

"Then it is time for the deflowering.  Ron, the virgin slut is all yours!"

"Great!" said Ron, "But I want help getting my cock into this cunt. sue, please
help me!"
"Yes, Master," sue said, "Ill be glad to help."

sue was thinking that if she pleased Ron that he would enjoy this little slut so
much he would release her and keep this one instead. Little did she know that
the slut she was going to help him fuck was her own sweet, little sister.

Ron got into position and sue took his big cock in her little hands and guided
it toward the virgin cunt laying before him. she stroked it for a short time and
then put it up to the lips of the spread-eagled girl, forcing the head into the

Ron wanted to go slow, so he held back even though sue was trying to get his
cock into her tight pussy. He said, "Now, susie slut, you know we can't just ram
it into a virgin hole. We need to go slow, so make sure I don't pop the cherry
right away. Let's take our time with this slut."

"Yes, Sir." she whimpered as she held back on his cock.

sue wanted it over with and then maybe if he liked this little cunt, she would
get to move away and be with David, which she really wanted. He had shown her he
was dominate and possessive but also very caring toward sue.

Ron rocked back and forth with just the head of his cock in the tight cunt,
enjoying  the feel and tightness of her. But he wasn't going to hold out for
much longer. Not after slut steph had been sucking him and now this cunt that
was as tight as steph's mouth. He was going to ram it home very soon, but for
now he just enjoyed the feeling and knew that once he fucked her, she would be
begging for more.

Then it happened! He said, "sue let go of my cock, now!"

sue released his cock and he pulled out until just the very tip of his cock was
at her entrance. Then he howled and drove his cock deep inside the virgin cunt.

lynn gasped with the shock of her cherry being busted, but at the same time
thrust her hips up to meet him. she wanted to be fucked so much and maybe she
could finally cum.

Ron began to fuck her with long deep hard strokes. lynn met his every thrust
with her hips risng to meet him. Both were in pure ecstacy as they fucked in
front of everyone. Ron rode the little whore hard and because of the tightness
of her pussy and the control she had with her muscles, Ron took one last plunge,
driving himself deep into the ex- virgin cunt and shot a huge load of cum deep
inside her womb.

he came.

At the same time, lynn finally got what she had waited for so long.
MMMMMMEEEEEE!"she screamed as best she could through her hooded and open mouth.

The two rested for a moment, catching their breath and panting very heavily. It
was time to move on to other things.

"OK," said Judy, "Nick and Aaron would you please reveal the identity of this
hot little slut?"

"Oh, yes," they replied, "Happy to."

Nick put his hand under lynn's sweaty back and lifted her to a sitting position. 
A quiet moan could be heard from behind the hood. Aaron began to unbuckle the
hood and slowly lifted it over lynn's head.

sue and steph had their eyes glued to the naked girl, wanting to find out who
they had tricked this time. Both of them had been blackmailed into being sluts
and now it was someone new. Maybe they would get some of their freedom back if
this little cunt was good enough and was willing to take over for them.

David and Derek were also watching with anticipation. They both wanted to fuck
her and have sue and steph watch them. They had turned into very demanding
Masters, especially Derek. David was a little different than Derek because sue
was not his. At least not yet. He was planning on trying to get her away from
Ron and Judy so he could have her for himself. Now, with a new slut on the
scene, this might happen.

The rising hood revealed a collared, petite neck, then a mouth, open about an
inch, as though anticipating a cock.  The ears were pierced, with large hoops
and a ruby red stud in the right earlobe.

With a final tug, the hood was released.  sue saw it was lynn immediately.  It
took lynn a second to focus on the group that surrounded her, until her eyes
finally met sue's. 

"lynn!" exclaimed sue, unable to be silent, and breaking her KNEEL position. 
David was swift, slapping sue's ass and forcing her back into position.

"Yes, slut sue, she was your sister.  Now she is just another slut, owned body
and soul," triumphantly declared Judy.

Ron was speechless, standing to the side of the sofa, cock at attention.  What a
high!  He had seen lynn months ago, had wanted her the very moment he had seen
her sensual body.
lynn gave a quiet moan through her opened mouth.  It was a moan of pleasure, of
delight, and of release.  It was a moan that sue readily recognized, knew how
her sister felt, knew that she wanted the same.

"Aaron, you're next.  This gorgeous piece of slave meat," she continued, nodding
at lynn, "is a direct result of your training!"

"I'ld be glad to Judy, but I don't want to fuck a cummy cunt!" Aaron replied.

"No problem. sue, lick Master's cum from your slutty sister's cunt!" she

sue hesitated in doing it since she was still in shock from knowing that she
helped deflower her little sister. But she didn't hesitate for long. Judy
slapped her hard across the face and said, "I told you to suck her cunt, NOW, do
it cunt!"

sue quickly got between her sisters legs and began to suck Ron's cum from her
young pussy. God she hated this. she vowed that someday she would get revenge,
especially revenge with Judy and she knew she would have help from steph and
hopefully lynn and David.

steph was still kneeling beside the bed and Judy said, "Well, slut, don't just
sit there, clean Master's cock!"

Ron laughed and stuck his cock into steph's mouth. she could taste the young
pussy that he had just finished fucking. It did taste quite good, she thought to
herself. Kind of like sue's cunt, but kind of different too.

As she sucked his cock clean, she watched sue finish up on lynn and then Aaron
took his turn with the young one he had trained. He had wanted to fuck this
little girl for so long now and it was going to be so good having his hard cock
into the young hole. Even if he wasn't the first in her, he was the second.

steph continued sucking Ron, making him hard again, hoping that someone would
fuck her soon. her cunt was so wet, the juice was running down her legs. she
couldn't say anything because she had her mouth full of cock and she was taught
never to speak without permission.

Aaron was fucking lynn hard and fast now. she met his thrust with her cunt and
begged for more. she was a natural whore and they all loved watching her fuck.

Suddenly Ron pulled his cock out of steph's mouth and pulled her onto the bed
next to lynn. He pushed her legs apart and drove his cock into her cunt. He was
so hot from watching the new slut with Aaron, he needed some more pussy and
steph was available. He had always liked her tight little cunt and he was going
to get as much as he could before everyone left.

sue was still kneeling beside the bed and David stepped over to her and pushed
her upper body to the bed. Their eyes met, and sue silently begged him to fuck
her.  He pushed his cock into her pussy. David was in love with sue, but right
now he just wanted to fuck the little asian slut.

Aaron finished off with lynn and Judy saw that sue was getting fucked, but she
could still lick all the cum from her sister's well-fucked cunt. she
repositioned lynn right at sue's face and said "Suck it out, bitch!"

sue had no option at this point. she was being fucked and now was licking and
sucking her little sister's cunt again. When would this ever end, she wondered.
David was pounding her hard now and she knew he would cum soon.

Ron was fucking steph like he had never fucked anyone before. He was going to
get his fill of pussy tonight. Nick had stepped over and had put his cock into
her mouth so she was getting it from both ends

sue sucked all the cum from her sister's pussy and Judy said, "Ok, Nick, your
turn to fuck the new cunt. That is if you can get out of steph's hot mouth."

Nick pulled out, climbed over sue, and pushed his cock into lynn's pussy, right
in front of sue's face. she had a close up view of her sister being fucked.

Ron had finished fucking steph and David finished fucking sue. But Judy hadn't
been fucked yet. Aaron's cock was getting hard again and he walked over to Judy
and forced her to bend over the chair next to the pulled out sofa. Once she was
over, he plunged into her hot cunt. She groaned with pleasure and while he
fucked her, he whispered, "You'll be mine someday Judy!"

She looked over her shoulder at Aaron and gave a smile that said, "Yes."

The night went on with all four women being fucked over and over and over. They
also sucked cocks and ate each others' cunts. That is, all but Judy. she loved
to have her cunt licked, but didn't like to lick any herself. But she got her
share of cocks in her cunt and mouth, just as the other three were getting.

Everyone was covered in cum and it seemed like the more they were used, the more
they liked it. Derek was fucking lynn while she was sucking David and Ron were
fucking her again. sue was licking her clit and David's cock as he fucked steph.
It was one big orgy and no one could stop fucking.

Part 38

Ron agreed with Judy that they needed to take lynn back to the dorms that night;
that at least for the near future, she needed to attend classes as expected.  At
least until they figured out a way to keep her permanently.

So after Nick, Aaron, David, Derek and steph departed, soon after midnight, they
prepared the two slut sisters.  sue was manacled with leg and wrist cuffs,
naked, and told to KNEEL near the front door.  she was exhausted and just wanted
to sleep.

lynn was led by her leash to the den, and told to stand facing Ron and Judy. 

"Well, your week is up, slut," began Judy.  "But we have become quite fond of
you, and that's a problem.  We know you are expected back in the dorm tonight,
and that you have classes to attend three days a week.  And that these classes
finish by 1:00 each afternoon.  So, basically, here is the plan."

"First, your friends will notice a change.  The haircut and earrings will grab
their attention.  But your clothes must fit your new status as our slave slut. 
We took the liberty to remove or alter the clothes in your closet at the dorm,
and added a few others. 

"From now on, you will wear no underwear.  Is that clear, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"At no time will your bellybutton be covered.  That means cut-off T's and short
halters or camisoles only.  You will find blouses, shorts and skirts that we
approve in your closet and drawers.  The high-heeled sandals are fine for the
moment, until we find something more seductive.

"you will address all boys, regardless of age, as Sir.  If asked by anyone about
the S on your navel ring, you will say that is stands for SLUT.  If anyone asks
to fuck you, you will say YES without hesitation.  If a girl asks you to suck
her, you will say YES without hesitation.  your body is available to anyone for
the asking.  Is that clear?"

lynn stared at Judy in disbelief.  she had been promised her freedom one week
ago, but this was not freedom.  Yet, she didn't argue; her training had
emphasized total obedience and if the truth be told, she had enjoyed every
moment this evening, especially when Aaron and Nick had used her pussy and

"Yes, Mistress."

"Let's get her ready to return to the dorms," Ron chimed in.  "I think the
collar will stay, as will the anklet.  Very sexy.  But let's remove the belly
chain for later use.  I think it detracts from the piercing.  Put on these
shorts and T," as he handed lynn the clothes, unlocked her handcuffs, and
removed her belly chain.  

"One more thing.  you will meet me in front of your dorm at 1:30 sharp tomorrow. 
Don't be late," warned Judy.

As lynn began to pull on her shorts, she realized immediately that these were
the ones with the crotch cut out, but she didn't say a word.  Unless she spread
her legs, no one would know.  But before she could finish pulling them all the
way up, Ron spoke.

"Whoa, almost forgot something.  Can't allow your little pussy to be empty, can
we?  Drop your shorts down to your ankles, squat, and insert this dildo, and
make sure you have it in at all times, day and night.  If we ever catch you with
your cunt empty, except when you are being fucked or sucked, you will be
punished severely.  Is that clear, slut?"

"Yes, Master," and lynn proceeded to fill her pussy with the medium sized dildo,
then rose and pulled up her shorts.  she realized that with the hole in the
crotch, the dildo had no external support.  Unless she gripped tightly, it could
easily slide out.

The sisters had no chance to communicate.  lynn followed obediently without
restraints; sue's ankles were released and she was led by a leash out the door. 
lynn was instructed to get into the back seat first and to spread her legs and
arms widely.  sue was ordered to crawl into the small space on the floor in the

"Suck her pussy, slut sue, while we drive to the dorm," ordered Judy.

sue looked into her sister's shocked eyes, but knew there was no choice.  she
tenderly licked and nibbled at her sister's puffy pussy lips in the space that
had been cut from the shorts.  lynn arched her neck and tried to think of other
things.  When sue pushed her pierced tongue into lynn's cunt, it was too much
and lynn began to pant and whimper.

"That's enough, cunt.  STOP," Ron ordered. "Put your head down on the floor of
the car, slut sue."

In a few minutes they pulled up in front of the dorms.  They ordered lynn out
and reminded her of the meeting at 1:30 tomorrow after classes.  lynn walked
towards the door, her ass swaying as she had been taught, and glanced over her
shoulder as the car pulled away.  The nightmare was continuing, and there was
nothing she could think of to stop it.

As lynn walked away, Ron ordered sue to take up the same position lynn had been
holding in the back seat.  she got up off the floor, Ron unlocked her wrist
cuffs, and she sat on the seat with her legs and arms spread.  They drove back
to Ron's house, where sue knew she would suffer another night of humiliation and
slavery.  her spirit was broken by the appearance of her sister.  Now all was

There were only a few people walking the halls when lynn walked to her dorm
room.  she tried to act normal.  Several greeted her and she tried to be her
usual self, but the clothes, haircut, walk, and jewelry immediately attracted
attention.  Things were not normal, but everyone seemed complimentary and no one
asked about the S that dangled from her navel.

As she approached her door, she realized that her Master and Mistress had not
returned her purse with her keys and wallet.  Fortunately, when she knocked on
the door her roommate, Helen, was there and opened the door.  lynn could only
smile at the surprised expression on Helen's face.  There was nothing she could
say to explain the situation.

"Wow!  you must have had a great week," exclaimed Helen.

"Yes, it was," lynn faked a giggle as she walked in the door.  "Lost my purse,
though, so i am really glad you were here.  How was your week off?"

"Boring, but forget mine.  Let me look at you!"

lynn turned and faced her roommate.  "Like my new look?" she asked.

"The only word that comes to my mind is 'HOT'.  I can see the new earrrings,
haircut, anklet, bellybutton ring and great tan.  Is that a necklace or collar
or what? Am I missing anything?  Who is the guy?"

lynn tried to act nonchalant as she responded, "No guy.  Just thought i would
surprise a few people."  she ignored the question about her collar and whether
Helen was "missing anything".  she could hardly tell Helen about the dildo in
her pussy, her lost virginity, her shaved pussy and the bands placed on her

"Well, you succeeded, that is for sure.  you look great.  Where did you go?"

"Oh, my family and i went to Charleston, South Carolina.  Great weather, a lot
of action.  But I am really tired.  Guess I will take a shower and try to get
some sleep," and she headed for her dresser to find something clean to wear.  No
way was she going to strip in front of Helen. 

When she opened the dresser drawers, she discovered that Judy had indeed removed
most of her clothes and replaced them.  she walked over to the closet and saw
only a few dresses, all of them obscenely short.  her tennis shoes, slippers,
and sandals had all been removed.  Several pairs of high-heeled and platform
shoes lay on the floor of the closet.  she returned to the dresser, trying to
figure out what do wear.  she couldn't take too long, or Helen would start
asking more questions. 

And she had to find something to wear when she left the bathroom.  Helen had
seen her naked, but not with a shaved pussy and protruding dildo.  Well, the
dildo could be removed.  Even if Judy knocked on the door, she could quickly
insert it.  she just had to keep it with her all the time.

she usually wore an extra-large T-shirt to bed, but they had been removed.  No
panties, no bras, no socks remained.  The top drawer had cut-off T's and short
blouses, none of which would cover her midriff.  The second drawer had camisoles
and halter tops.  The third had very short shorts and hotpants, and it was
obvious from the way they were laid out that each had a hole in the crotch area.

The bottom drawer made lynn's heart pound.  There was an assortment of dildos,
gags, cuffs, and chains.  she quickly shut the drawer.  What was she going to
wear to bed?  There was nothing that would no draw Helen's attention.

she grabbed a pair of shorts and a halter top. They would have to do until she
could think of something else.  she walked into the bathroom and felt suddenly
alone.  For a week there had not been one minute she was not under someone's
control.  she took off her shirt, dropped her pants and squatted to remove the
dildo.  As she looked in the mirror, she paused and just stared.  she reached up
to finger the lock at the back of the collar. With her hands raised to work on
the collar, her tanned breasts stood out.  she nearly gasped and took a step
back to see more.  The bellybutton piercing could be seen at the bottom of the
mirror.  Then she moved closer and opened her mouth.  she pulled her cheeks to
the side to look at the bands on her molars.  A deep and sad sigh escaped her

she turned on the water and enjoyed a relaxing shower.  she decided to shave her
pussy tonight, instead of in the morning.

When she got out and had dried herself, she had a mental argument with herself. 
The dildo, anklet, and earrings could be removed.  No one would know.  But her
training over the past week compelled her to follow orders.  she even admitted
to herself that her well-used pussy felt empty without the dildo.  she put the
dildo in her mouth to suck while she blow-dried her hair, enjoying the sensation
of sucking the cock.  Then she squatted and inserted the dildo, and pulled on
the halter top and the tight-fitting shorts.  she decided to just go barefoot. 
Standing back from the mirror she felt satisfied that she could once again face
Helen and anyone else who might stop in.  It was only a few minutes after
midnight, and few went to sleep before 1 a.m.

When she stepped from the bathroom, another student from down the hall was
sitting on Helen's bed.  She looked up at lynn and smiled.

"Hi Katy," lynn said, as though nothing were different.

"Hi lynn.  Wow, you really are different"

lynn tried to brush it off and smiled.  "Just had fun over vacation."

Katy got up off the bed and walked over to where lynn was tossing her soiled
clothes into a hamper.  "Is that a collar, or what?"

she had not thought of a reason for the collar.  "Yeah," she smiled weakly.  "i
kinda like the punk look."

"Can i see your bellybutton piercing.  I always wanted to do it, but my parents
would kill me," and without waiting for lynn to respond, she reached down to
finger the S.  She looked quizzically into lynn's eyes.  "S?"

Now lynn was trapped.  she knew her orders, but she could not obey them.  she
just couldn't.  "Oh.  Everyone puts their initial.  i just thought i would put
my astrological sign, Scorpio."  There, she had done it, disobeyed a direct
order from her Mistress.  her heart pounded furiously and she tried to change
the subject by asking Katy what she had done over the holidays.

But Katy had turned to Helen and they were both smiling widely, as though they
shared some secret. lynn decided not to pursue it.  she just wanted to change
the subject as quickly as possible.  she turned and walked towards her desk, not
really listening as Katy said something about her vacation. 

lynn turned when she heard her name.  "Pardon?"

"I said, how was the party last weekend?" asked Helen.  "I heard from someone
that you fainted or something and some hunk helped you outside."

"Oh, that was nothing.  Guess it was just so hot in that room that I got

"Who was the guy?"

"i think his name was Nick, or something like that.  He drove me back to the
dorm and then left."

"Everyone says he was hot."

Once again lynn felt as though this conversation was leading her into dangerous
territory.  her heart was pounding and she just wanted to cover herself and go
to bed.  "i was pretty out of it.  Guess i don't really remember."

"Uh, huh," and both Helen and Katy laughed aloud, enjoying the moment.

"Would you braid my hair, lynn?" asked Katy, as she turned around on the bed.

lynn would normally be happy to do this, and would normally just sit on the bed
with her legs crossed, but if she did there was no way to hide the hole in her
crotch and dildo in her pussy.  she could not say No, however.

"Sure."   lynn made her way over to Helen's bed.  "Slide back a little towards
me," she asked Katy, who had moved to the far side of the bed to make room for
lynn to sit on it, also.

"Just sit up here with us, lynn, and tell us some more about your week."

There was no choice.  It would have seemed odd if she had turned down Katy's
request, so she got up on the bed and knelt back on her heels, ankles crossed,
trying to keep her legs closed.  she sneaked a quick look to check her position
and was satisfied.  No one said anything about her kneeling, and she worked
quickly braiding Katy's hair.

But not before Helen had moved more closely to her roommate and touched her new
earring.  lynn had become so sensitive to the touch of others on her skin or
jewelry, primarily thanks to Master Aaron's training over the past week, that
Helen's gentle touch, plus the dildo embedded in her pussy caused a definite
shiver to erupt in lynn's cunt.  she only hoped she could hide the reaction from
her friends. 

"Is that a real ruby?" asked Helen, in a seemingly innocent way.

"Yes, i hope so," lynn responded, trying to keep calm. 

"That's so nice," complimented Helen.


she finished the braids and backed off the bed, saying, "There. That should do
it.  Now, i better get some sleep.  I have a 9 o'clock class tomorrow and didn't
get much sleep all week."

her friends seemed to accept that comment and lynn got into bed.

"you are going to sleep in your shorts and top?" asked Helen, who knew that lynn
always slept in a long T-shirt.

"Yeah, i guess so.  Everything else is dirty."

"Wanna borrow one of mine?" offered her roommate.

lynn was very tempted, but breaking one order was more than enough and she
declined and rolled over, facing away from her friends and the light, and soon
fell asleep.

The alarm caused lynn to jump from her sound sleep.  Helen did not have a class
until 10, so only lynn got up and went to the bathroom.  she removed the dildo,
went to the toilet,  reinserted the dildo, brushed her teeth, teased her hair,
put on a little eye shadow, much less than Master Aaron would have expected, and
walked back into the room to get something to wear. 

she decided on one of the dresses Judy had provided.  The moment she pulled it
over her head, she knew it would never work.  The hem was right at the bottom of
her ass cheeks, and that was without heels.  she took it off and decided on a
pair of crotchless shorts and cut-off T.  she selected a pair of platform
sandals and as quietly as possible, left for her first class of the spring

she felt like a whore as she walked down the hallway.  The dildo and platform
shoes guaranteed that her ass would sway enticingly as she walked.  As she made
her way to the front door, she looked straight ahead, not wanting to attract
attention from anyone in the rooms that had their door open.  As she left the
dorm, she pulled down a pair of sunglasses that she had propped on the top of
her head before leaving her room. 

Even though she was very hungry, she decided to skip breakfast and head straight
for class.  If she could get there early, she could be seated before most of the
students arrived.  Several passed her on the way to class, and behind the
shades, she could look at their expressions.  It seemed to her that nearly
everyone, even if they were talking to someone else, turned her way as they
passed.  she did her best not to draw attention, but dressed as she way, and
walking as she did, there was no chance.

The first class went ok.  It was a lower division econ class, and only one
person seemed to know her.  He stopped by her desk on the way to a place in the
back of the room and said, "Hi, lynn.  I love your new look."

lynn had been trying to avoid any eye contact, and had been reading through the
campus paper.  she looked up to see Jeremy, an average 5 on her scale of 1 to

"Hi," she smiled, intentionally not adding "Sir" to her greeting.  she would
normally have said more, but wanted nothing to do with anyone today.  she knew
she couldn't avoid people forever, but she needed time to think.

He seemed to get the hint and just wandered to the back of the room. 

At 10:00, lynn had an Asian lit class.  she was worried about this class, since
it had a large enrollment of students from first year through fourth year.  By
the time she arrived, dozens of students were already seated.  she had no choice
but to walk down an aisle towards the front.  she felt her face begin to get hot
and wondered if her ass cheeks were also blushing.  Many of the students knew
her from parties and gatherings of the Asian clubs on campus.  It seemed to her
that all eyes were watching her, that even those already seated ahead of her
turned to get a good look.  Maybe it was just her imagination, and maybe it was

Several spoke a word of greeting, all seemingly innocent, and she took a seat
three from the front.  "Nick says to tell you HI."  her heart sunk at the

lynn turned to look at the guy directly behind her, who had shocked her with the
simple greeting.  An 8 or 9 on her scale.  she was already getting hot and it
was still early in the morning.

"Pardon," she asked innocently. 

"Nick.  you know.  Last weekend."

lynn had no idea if this meant at the original party or the "private party" that
had led to her enslavement.  "Yes.  Thanks for telling me," she smiled, on guard
for what might come next.

He leaned closer to her and whispered, "I could use a blowjob after class.  you
were fantastic at the party."

lynn just stared, an entire week flashing before her eyes.  she knew the orders
her Mistress and Master had given her.  she knew that this guy had seen her or
used her last weekend.  There was no choice.  "Yesss, Ssssir, after class.  OK,"
she spoke quietly and quickly. 

The hour class was torturous for her.  she could not concentrate on the lecture. 
The minute hand of the clock on the wall had her full attention.  As the time
neared 10:50, her pussy began to juice and her heartbeat increased.  she wiped a
fine layer of sweat from her upper lip.

When class was dismissed, she turned to him and he just smiled.  He held out his
hand, and she had no choice but to take it and follow him out the back door.

"Sir," she whispered.  "Please, let's be quick.  i have one more class from
11:30 to 1."

They walked outside, hand in hand, and he led her towards the science wing.  In
fact, that was where her last class of day was held, a lab class in bio.  They
walked up to the second floor and entered a darkened classroom, the only light
coming indirectly from the windows.

"Sir", she said, "what if someone comes in here?"

"Don't worry", he replied, "there is no class here untli late this afternoon, so
we will be alone." And he chuckled, knowing that others would soon arrive.

spreadem 39

After dropping lynn off at the dorm the night before, Ron and Judy had driven
home with their slut, sue, spread in the backseat.

When they got to Ron's house, sue was ordered out of the car, and was manacled
as usual, like a convicted criminal.  her ankles were separated by only a few
inches of chain, as were her wrists.  A chain connected her wrist chain to ankle
chain, so that she could only raise her hands to the top of her head.

"Go out back, slut, and get ready for bed," Ron ordered sue.  she knew this
meant to go to the toilet and then go inside and use the guest bathroom to brush
her teeth.  she gave no thought to escape.  In fact, her mind was unable to
focus on much of anything.  her sister was trapped, as was she.  There seemed no
way out.

Judy and Ron took a shower together and ordered sue to kneel at the foot of
their bed while they made love once again.  Ron thanked Judy for the wonderful
surprise and they giggled and laughed together.

"Up on the bed, slut.  Clean your Mistress' pussy and my cock before you can go
to sleep on the floor."

sue did just that, enjoying the sweet tastes of her Mistress and Master.  By the
time she curled up on the floor, she could hear they had both fallen into a deep

Judy got up first and poked sue with her foot to awaken her.  She put her finger
to her lips, signaling sue to be quiet and pointed to Ron's limp cock, and stuck
out her tongue, directing sue to get up on the bed and awaken her Master. 

sue climbed quietly onto the bed, the only sound being made from the chain links
that bound her.  she tenderly licked her Master's cock with her pierced tongue,
and as he roused, she took him completely in her mouth.  He laughed lightly,
pulling her head into his crotch, and eventually came in her mouth. 

"Clean off my dick, slut, and then kneel over by the chair."  sue did as she was
instructed.  In the following minutes, she could hear Judy and Ron having
breakfast, talking and occasionally laughing.  her head was bowed in both
resignation and weariness.  she heard Judy leave for the station and soon Ron
arrived back in the bedroom.

"I'm going to leave for about 2 hours.  When I am gone, take a shower, have some
breakfast, clean the house and be ready to go about 10:30.  I'll be back to pick
you up.  Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

sue did as instructed, and waited kneeling near the front door for her Master to
arrive home.

When he opened the door, he was pleased to see her, so beautiful, so sexy, so
hot.  "Ready to go, slut?"

"Yes, Master."

He reached down to unmanacle her wrists and ankles and ordered her to follow him
into the guestroom.  He threw out a tank top, hotpants, and heels and told her
to dress.  Several minutes later, they were on their way.

As they pulled into the mall, sue knew that it would be another terrible
experience ahead.  Ron led her to the salon where Emily and Ariel worked.  Judy
had told him about their work, and there were some things he wanted.  He had
called them from the station, explaining who he was, what he wanted, and making
the appointment.

Emily guided Ron and sue into the back room, and led sue to the same chair her
sister had sat in the previous week.  On the way, Ron complimented Emily on
their work with Judy's pet, and explained that his pet, sue, was her sister.

"Really!  Cool," cooed Emily.

sue was strapped in the chair, and made no protest.

"Ok, slut, just to let you know.  I don't like all your adornments and changes,
so we will undo a few.  The girls will change your hair back to its usual
stunning black, remove the badge on your nipple and lock on your ear and replace
them.  And I don't like that ring connecting your ass to your cunt. They may
also do one or two other things, depending on their professional imagination.  I
expect a perfect report on your behavior.  Understand?"

"Yes, Master," she answered fearfully.

"I'll be back after lunch," Ron said.  He handed the keys to the ear lock and
pussy rings to Ariel and walked away.

Ariel and Emily took an inventory of what had been done to sue.  They commented
about her brand, tattoo, collar, and piercings.  As they ran their fingers
across her brand, sue began to moan and juice. 

"Another hot one, even hotter than her sister it looks like to me," commented
Emily, and tugged on sue's pussy rings.  "Feel good?" she giggled.

sue wasn't sure if that demanded an answer or not, so she just kept quiet.

Emily reached further into sue's pussy, scratching her clit, and said again,
more sharply, "I asked you a question, slut.  Feel good?"

"Yes, Mistress, i mean No, Mistress," and sue started to whimper. 

Ariel and Emily laughed at their captive's plight, and went to work.  Emily
tilted sue's head over the sink and began to work on her hair.  sue felt a tug
on her nipple and a clipping sound, as Ariel removed the badge and tossed it in
the trash can.  She examined the other nipple ring, and deciding she could not
match it perfectly, replaced both rings with new silver ones, each about 1 inch
in diameter.  She pinched sue's bellybutton, and thought about another piercing

"That wasn't too difficult," Ariel said.  "Ok, now I am going to uncuff your
ankles.  I want you to pull your knees up to your chin so I can do something
about that ring near your ass."

sue did as ordered, happy to have that ring removed, also.  With a clip it was
gone.  "That will heal over nicely and you won't even know it was there.  You
can put your legs down."  When sue did so, her ankles were again cuffed to the
feet of the chair.

"Looks great, Emily," Ariel complimented her friend, who was working on sue's
hair.  "Now, for this ear."  Ariel tugged on the lock, unlatched it, and with a
little effort removed it from sue's ear.  "Hmm, that hole is quite a bit bigger
than usual.  I guess it will eventually heal over.  What do you think, Emily? 
Maybe a pearl stud here?  The white of the pearl and the black of an Asian's
hair usually has a great look."

"I guess, but what about the other side.  Ring on one side, pearl stud on the
other.  I don't think much of that."

"Right.  Well, I think this hole needs to heal for some time, so I guess we will
just have to make another to match.  Oh, I know," and with that, Ariel walked
over to the cupboard and returned with her piercing tools.  "Well, slut, I hope
you like my brainstorm," and with that Ariel proceeded to put one more hole in
each of sue's ears.  A pearl stud was placed in the lower hole and a silver ring
in the one above it.  Holding a mirror up to sue, Ariel asked, "Whatya think,

sue could see her hair was now black, thankfully, and that the dreadful lock was
gone.  she now had two piercings in each ear, but it seemed to look attractive
to her.  So far, she was very pleased with the way things had gone this morning. 
"Thank you, Mistress."

"Ok, now that we have fixed the things he wanted corrected, what else does she
need?"  The two stylists discussed various ideas, as sue listened to them decide
her fate. 

"I think that since they are both sisters, they should match in some way.  You
know that chain collar that Judy ordered this morning, let's call in and make it
two.  There are a lot of things we can do with that."
Ariel gripped sue's septum, testing it for a possible nose piercing.  sue's
heart leaped in fear, but she said nothing. 

"Stick out your tongue, and let me see what they did to you."  sue obeyed and
Ariel nodded her approval.  "I don't know, Emily.  We could add a bellybutton
stud or ring, and the same with her nose, but I think she looks hot as hell
right now.  Let's call it quits and get our tip."

"Ok," agreed Emily.  They released sue from the chair, ordered her to bring them
both off, and had her kneel in the corner for Ron's return. 

When Ron arrived, sue was kneeling in the corner of the salon's back room, knees
spread wide, naked, hands locked behind her neck, chest out.  she felt better
than she had for a long time.  Gone were the lock in her ear, the badge on her
nipple, and the ring in between her ass and cunt.  her hair was black once
again, and she liked the pearl stud earrings.  she actually smiled when Ron
greeted her.

He walked around his kneeling slut.  "I like it, girls.  Great job."  Ariel and
Emily beamed with delight. 

"We thought about a nose or bellybutton ring, but we think that the piercing can
be overdone.  I mean, we've all seen eyebrow rings and lip studs, but why
bother.  she is clearly marked as your slut, she has a great body, why mess with
a good thing?  And we took the liberty to order another collar, to match her
sister's.  It will be here this afternoon, so we can give it to Judy if you

"OK.  Great, well, we need to get going," and with that told sue to get dressed
and paid for the treatment.

sue proudly walked out to the front desk where Ron was finishing signing his
credit card receipt.  she felt hot and sexy, less of a freak than she had. 
High-priced call-girl, maybe.  Pretty Woman. 

Little did sue know that at the same time, in a science lab on campus, her
sister was faring far worse.


"you are one hot slut," he said.  "Get on your knees and get my cock out, just
like you did at the party," he ordered.

lynn didn't remember much from the party, but she guessed that's what she did
for him there. she got on her knees and unzipped his pants, reached inside to
pull his hardening cock out. she wanted to get this over with quickly so she
could get to her next class.

she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck, just like she had been
trained to do. But as she was sucking on his hard cock, she heard the door open. 
she immediately reacted and began to pull off his cock, but he held her firmly. 
she made pleading noises, but he just laughed. 

Then she heard the door open and close again and again. she wanted to look up,
but he had hold of her head, face fucking her. she was doing a great job of
getting him ready to cum.  Was another class of students about to arrive?  But
no one turned on the lights, and there were oohhs and aahhs from the new

lynn felt his cock getting ready to squirt his cum down her throat and she was
ready. Even though she hated doing this, she loved to suck cock. Aaron had made
sure of that during her week with him. she sucked harder on his cock, closing
her mouth tighter around his shaft, and then she felt it.

He tensed up and shot his big cream load right down her throat. lynn swallowed
all she could, but he had so much, it squirted from the corners of her mouth and
ran down her chin. she continued to suck him until he pulled out. she actually
wanted more.

Then she heard him say, "Ok, guys she's all yours. I'll bet she fucks as good as
she sucks and as soon as you all get done, I'm going to find out."

lynn turned around quickly to see 5 other boys with their cocks out and rock

"Please, Sir, i have one more class in just a few minutes.  Please!" she tried
to tell them but one of them pulled her up and said, "Get those clothes off,
bitch. We all want to fuck you!  No big deal if you miss the first day."

she started to plead again, but decided against it. If she didn't do it, they
would rape her and just leave her alone. If Mistress Judy found out she refused
to get fucked, she would pay for it later.  And besides, her desire to be fucked
and used was great. 

They all laughed and the biggest one said, "I'm first, cunt, now lay down on the
front table and spread those legs. I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

lynn followed the orders, just like she was trained to do. But she had forgotten
the dildo in her cunt. When she spread her legs to take on the boys, it showed.

The boy that brought her out here said, "What the fuck is that?"

lynn was embarrassed now, but said, "It's my dildo, Sir!"

Another boy asked why she had it in her and she proudly said, "Because my Master
and Mistress say i have to have my cunt full all the time. i'll get it out so
you can fuck me."

lynn was so horny now she didn't care if the whole school fucked her. she wanted
cock and wanted it now. she reached to her pussy and pulled the dildo out,
leaving her cunt feeling empty and she knew it was wide open and dripping.

"Please, fuck my cunt, Sir!" she screamed, "i need cock and need it now. Fuck
me! All of you fuck me!"

lynn didn't know why she was saying these things, but her mind didn't control
her body anymore. her cunt was controlling all of her and she wanted to get
fucked more and more. It seemed as though she craved cock and couldn't get
enough of it.  Within seconds, she forgot about her last class of the day, and
just wanted to please the guys.

The boys all took turns fucking lynn's hot cunt and mouth. she was lost in
sexual splendor. 

Suddenly she was empty.  The boys had cum, left one by one, leaving her alone
and naked on the table. her clothes were strewn about and her dildo was sitting
on the ledge with the dry erase markers. lynn looked at the clock and almost
screamed. It was after 1:00 and she had to meet Mistress Judy at 1:30.

she jumped up and without thinking pushed the dildo back inside her. It made a
squishing sound as it went in, pushing out the cum the boys had put into her.
she had nothing to wipe with, so just pulled on her shorts and t-shirt. she
didn't have much time and had to get across campus quickly. 

she stopped for just a moment in the restroom.  she had to get the cum off her
face and hair and arms.  she did her best to look presentable.

she ran out of the building and half-jogged, half-speed walked along the
sidewalks back to the dorm. she knew if she was late she would be punished. It
was hard to run with the heels on and the dildo in her pussy, but she did her

At 1:25, lynn walked quickly around the corner of the dorm. she was shocked. 
Standing next to Mistress Judy's car was Helen!  And they were talking! Helen
saw lynn first and a big smile came to her face.  When Judy turned, she also
smiled, in her sadistic way.  lynn nearly stopped in her tracks, barely able to
keep her knees from buckling.

There was no way for lynn to avoid what was sure to follow.

"Hi, lynn," Helen cheerfully called.

"Hi, Helen," lynn smiled, as best she could.  she looked at Judy and knew there
was no choice.  "Hi, Mistress Judy."

"Hi, lynn."

lynn was surprised.  her Mistress could have called her "slut" or "pet", but
instead used her name.  lynn was so thankful!

"I knew there was more to your week than you let on," Helen continued, not
seeming to take any notice of lynn's reference to "Mistress Judy."  "I knew
there was more to your looks than just a family trip.  Modeling.  So cool!"

lynn just smiled, not sure what they had discussed, not sure what was going to

"I came over early and knocked on your door.  Helen was there and we had a few
minutes to talk.  I asked her what she thought of your new looks, and I told her
about the modeling contract we have.  Sorry, if I let the cat out of the bag,"
Judy kept up the pretense.

"It's ok, Mistress."

"Why do you call her Mistress?" Helen asked lynn.

lynn looked at Judy to intercede, but Judy just stared with her paste-on smile. 
Finally, lynn had no choice but to answer.  "Mistress Judy asked me to address
her in this way."

Not much of an answer, yet Helen responded with an unsure, "Oh."

"Anyhow, Helen, what do you like most about the new lynn?" Judy asked.

"Everything, really!  The do, earrings, new clothes.  Oh, I guess the
bellybutton piercing.  I always wanted to do it, but never had the nerve.  I
don't really understand why the S for Scorpio, but what the heck."

lynn knew from that moment that she was in trouble.  Judy's glare was
frightening.  "Scorpio," Judy repeated, as though echoing Helen's words, staring
straight into lynn's shocked face.  "Well, we better get going, lynn.  she'll be
home late tonight, Helen.  No class tomorrow, right, lynn?"

"No, Mistress," lynn responded, her heart beating fiercely.

Helen waved goodbye, and without a word, Judy headed for the driver's door. 
lynn meekly entered the passenger door, spread her legs widely and put her hands
behind her neck.  The dildo was clearly visible in the hole in her shorts.  she
expected a verbal attack, but none came.

They drove for several minutes in silence.  Finally Judy spoke.  "you understand
the orders you were given, right, slut?"

"Yesss, Mistress.  i'm sssorry, Mistress.  i did everything else you said.  i
called every boy 'Sir', i obeyed when they ordered me to suck and be fucked
after my second class.  In fact, i missed my lab class, because 6 of the guys
who saw me that night wanted to fuck me.  i just couldn't tell Helen and Katy
the truth about the S.  i just couldn't.  i'm ssso sssorry, Mistress.  i'm so
sorry," she repeated in sobs.

"I'm very disappointed, pet.  I know Master Aaron and Ron would be equally
disappointed.  We have invested a lot in you and done our best to protect your
parents from what you did at that party.  And this is how you repay us.  We give
you some freedom and you disobey our orders," Judy just shook her head, as
though amazed. 

And they drove on in silence. 

lynn soon realized they were headed to the mall where she had had her "beauty
treatment" with Ariel and Emily.  her heart began to beat rapidly once again. 
Judy pulled into a parking space and ordered lynn to walk ahead of her, "and
walk the way you know I like it."

lynn walked like the perfect whore, just like Master Aaron had instructed.  she
wanted nothing more than to please her Mistress and hoped that if she did, her
disobedience would be forgotten or forgiven. 

They walked into the beauty salon, and Emily greeted them with a wave from
behind the counter.  She was on the phone, but quickly hung up.  "Hi," she said
to Judy and smiled pleasantly at lynn.

"Thanks for working us in, Emily.  I told you last week I would bring her back
for you to make some improvements.  Did the item arrive from the engraver?"

"Yeah, sure did, just a little while ago.  Looks great."

"We had a little problem awhile ago.  Seems like my pet told her roommate that
the S on her bellybutton stood for Scorpio, when I had clearly told her to tell
anyone that asked that it stood for 'slut'.  Anything you can do to improve her
memory would be greatly appreciated.  I'll be back for her about 4, ok?"

"Perfect.  Leave it to us," and with that, Emily took lynn's hand and guided her
to the back room.  Judy handed her a key and with a final glaring look at lynn,
turned and walked away.


Ariel had heard the conversation through the open door, and was waiting at the
chair as Emily led lynn into the room.  "Hi again.  Hope you enjoy what we have
planned for you.  Take off your clothes, and have a seat, just like last time,"
Ariel ordered.

lynn said nothing and did as she was told.  Soon they had cuffed her wrists and
ankles to the chair.  her eyes were wide with apprehension and fear.  What now,
she thought.  What now?

The first thing Ariel did was unceremoniously pull the dildo from lynn's
cum-filled cunt.  "Open up," she commanded and pushed the dildo deep into lynn's
mouth, effectively gagging her.

Emily opened the lock that had been used to fasten lynn's black collar.  The
collar was removed and Emily said, "Yuk, this is ugly," and dumped it in the
trash can.  Then she ran her fingers through lynn's hair, finding many tangles. 
She put her nose into lynn's hair and smelled deeply.  "Cum.  It smells like
cum."  She brought her face around and stared into lynn's face.  "Is it?"

lynn nodded.

"Well, I understand.  Let's give it a wash, and a snip here and there," and with
that went to work on lynn's hair.

Ariel had been over by the side, preparing a tray.  When she returned, lynn
could see the piercing tools and rings.  she began to whimper and breathe in
gasps.  But she said nothing.  she knew there was nothing she could do to stop
what was coming.

"So, you told someone the S stands for Scorpio.  Very imaginative, but very
stupid, slut," Ariel scolded lynn.  "We can't have you disobeying your Mistress,
can we, cunt?"

lynn shook her head in uncertain agreement.and stared with wide eyes as Ariel
bent over and began to suck lynn's right nipple.  It immediately responded, as
did lynn, whose body tensed and breathing rate increased.  In moments, both
nipples were standing at attention.  Ariel swabbed each with alcohol and quickly
pierced both nipples, inserting a half-inch diameter ring in each.

lynn sucked mightily on the dildo, never biting into the plastic, never allowing
her teeth to touch the cock, and her body heaved with tears and frustration. 
"Not so bad, was it, slut?" asked Ariel, as she reached to remove the dildo.

"No, Mistress," as lynn continued to sob. 

"Now, now.  you look great.  All sluts need to be ringed in many places.  The
rings accent your best assets and besides, guys love the look.  And girls, too,"
Emily giggled. 

Emily had brought the new collar over to the chair.  "Lean your head forward a
little, so I can attach your new collar."  lynn obeyed, as her sobbing
decreased.  she looked at collar that Emily held before her.  It actually looked
like a silver necklace, with large links.  her pupils dilated when she saw that
a one-inch ring, with a large silver S, hung from the middle of the collar. 
Emily latched the collar around the back of lynn's neck.  It was not snug, but
hung slightly like a fashionable piece of jewelry. 

Ariel held up a mirror for lynn to look at it.  "Cool, huh?  Better than that
old black leather dog collar.  The silver looks great against your skin."  lynn
nodded her agreement as Emily used the lock to permanently latch the collar on
lynn's neck.  The click of the lock echoed in lynn's ears.

"Now, we still have the problem of your disobedience," voiced Ariel, as she
walked over to the counter and returned with two, small linked silver chains,
each about 6 inches long, with more sturdy clasps at each end.  She reached down
and latched one end of the first chain to the ring with the S, and the other to
lynn's right nipple ring.  The chain was taut, pulling slightly on lynn's tit,
and pressing the ringed S against her lower neck.  She did the same with the
other chain.  Using a pliars, she pressed all the latches tightly together. 

Emily began to uncuff lynn's wrists and ankles, and told her to stand up.  She
handed her a red halter top and told her to put it on.  As soon as lynn
stretched her arms to put on the halter, the tension on her nipples made her
gasp.  The S pressed against her skin, and she knew it would be the first thing
anyone would notice.  And the direction of the silver chains left nothing to the
imagination.  There was only one place they could be attached, and that was her

lynn whimpered in embarrassment and anguish.  "Knock it off.  If you lie again,
I will suggest that we tattoo SLUT right below your navel, so there are no
doubts," spoke Ariel harshly.  "Now, get back in the chair.  We aren't done,

lynn could not believe they had more planned.  What else could they do to
humiliate her?

When they had cuffed her into the chair, Emily ordered her to "Open your mouth
and stick out your tongue."  lynn just stared.  No, she silently screamed, not
my tongue, please no.  "Open it, slut.  NOW."

lynn knew there was no choice, so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. 
Emily grasped the end with a padded tong and pulled it the full length that it
would go.  Ariel unceremoniously took her piercing gun, loaded it with a silver
stud, and without another word, pierced lynn's tongue in the center, about an
inch from the front. 

"If it makes you feel any better, your sister has two studs in her tongue, but
we think one is enough for you.  you will love it.  you can use the stud when
you suck and lick.  you will be amazed what you can do with it.  Now thank us,

Emily had released the tongs and lynn had slowly withdrawn her tongue into her
mouth.  It hurt terribly, but she managed to say, with a slight speech defect,
"Thank you, Mistresses."

"Thank you for what, slut?"

"Thank you for piercing my tongue and nipples and for the new collar and..." she
could not finish the sentence. The humiliation of having to thank Ariel and
Emily for inflicting pain and embarrassment on her body was too much.  she
lowered her head and began to sob.

lynn sat up straight and stopped immediately when Ariel slapped her face
harshly.  "Knock it off.  you know it could be a lot worse, and it will be if
you don't obey.  You are going to obey, right, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress," lynn sniffled.

"Yes, Mistress, what?"

"Yes, Mistress, your slut will obey, she will tell everyone that asks that she
is a slut.  she will suck every girl that asks and be fucked by every boy.  she
will obey all orders, Mistress."

Ariel and Emily smiled their approval.  They released lynn from the chair, and
ordered her to bring them both off for the second time that day.  lynn's pierced
tongue flickered into their cunts, the stud having its desired effect. 

Judy returned 30 minutes later and found her slut kneeling naked, legs spread,
hands locked behind her neck, and jaw locked in the open position.  The sight of
lynn made her heart race and her pussy drip. 

Emily had escorted Judy to the back room, and smiled as Judy made her way
towards lynn.  She lifted lynn's chin with her middle finger, saying, "Were you
a good cunt?"

"Yes, istress.  your shlut was a good cunt," she spoke with her lips unable to
form some of the consonants.

Judy fingered the new collar and praised Ariel and Emily.  She ran her finger
down the right chain to lynn's nipple, and gave a slight tug on the ring.  lynn
inhaled deeply.  Judy did the same with the left nipple ring. 

"We told her that the next time she lies about the S, it will be tattooed, or
even branded on her belly for all to see," said Ariel.

Judy nodded.  "Stick out your tongue."

lynn obeyed and Judy felt the stud.  "Girls, I hope you understand, but I can't

Ariel responded, "We understand.  Go ahead, as long as you want, we have things
to do and other clients in the other room."  They left Judy and lynn alone.

Judy immediately stepped out of her shoes and dropped her skirt.  She wore no
panties, and her neatly trimmed pussy was only inches from lynn, who knew
exactly what she had to do.

she moved her head forward and nibbled Judy's lips, and teased her Mistress'
cunt with her pierced tongue.  Judy grabbed lynn's head and forced it deeply
into her crotch.  lynn knew what to do, and drove her tongue into Judy's cunt,
flicking and searching and moving rapidly.  In moments, Judy came and lynn
tasted the sweet juices of her Mistress.

"Oh," Judy exclaimed simply. "Oh, my."

lynn knew that she had pleased her Mistress.  The dripping cum on her chin and
cheeks were clear evidence of her success.

Judy stepped back and breathed deeply, composing herself.  With a deep sigh, she
bent over to get her skirt, speaking as she dressed.

"You will still be punished for your Scorpio lie, but that was a wonderful treat
just now, slut.  Maybe your punishment will be light, this time."  She reached
down and unhooked lynn's teeth, so she could close her mouth.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Get dressed.  Time to start earning your keep. Be sure to put the dildo back in
and toss the cut-off T and put this on." She tossed lynn a skimpy halter top, so
that her collar and chains were clearly visible.

lynn dressed quickly and followed Judy out of the back room.  Judy thanked Ariel
and Emily once again, told them they would be back again in the near future, and
told lynn to walk ahead of her, towards the exit and the car, and loud enough
for everyone to hear, "walk like the slut you are."

lynn cringed in humiliation, but made sure her hips and posture were perfect. 
Everyone she passed got a good look at lynn's new jewelry.  As they exited the
mall, a valet that catered to the wealthy mall patrons, looked up from the book
he was reading.  He could not help blinking in wonder.

Judy noticed his reaction and said, "Wait here, slut.  I will get the car and
pick you up.  Stand straight and lock your hands behind your neck."

lynn had no choice but to stand right next to the valet's podium, hands locked,
chest forward, nipples erect.

"slut?" he asked, unable to think of anything but the sight before him and the
word that perfectly described her.

"Yes, Sir," lynn responded, shuddering in embarrassment. 

He walked around the podium to get a better look. It didn't take great
intelligence to realize he was standing before a sexpot, and the chains that
extended from her collar to her nipples could only be attached in one way.

He eyes never blinked, as his gaze wandered up and down, missing nothing.  He
paused at her navel ring and even longer at her collar.  "What does the S stand

There was no choice.  None at all.  "slut, Sir," she declared.

"slut," he echoed, to no one in particular.  "Are you her slut?" he asked,
nodding in the direction Judy had headed.

"Yes, Sir."  Oh, please Mistress, hurry. 

"Those chains that run across your chest...," he continued, but not sure how to
finish the sentence.

lynn was gaining some confidence, realizing the valet was almost as
uncomfortable as she was.  "Yes, Sir?" she asked, staring straight into his wide

"I mean, well, are they clipped on or something?"

"Yes, Sir.  They are attached to my nipple rings.  i would show you, but i
cannot release my hands unless my Mistress changes her orders."

Judy drove up at just that moment, and called out the open passenger window. 
"Let's go, slut."  As lynn walked towards the car, Judy stepped out and looked
over the car's top.  "Was my slut polite, young man?"

"Polite?  Uh, sure, yeah."

"Did she tell you what the S on her collar and navel stands for?"

"Uh, yes.  slut."

"Good.  Bye," and with that Judy ducked back into the car, rehooked her
seatbelt, noticed that lynn was in the correct position, and drove out of the
mall parking lot.

"That wasn't so hard, was it, pet?"

"No, Mistress."

Judy smiled, knowing that another barrier had been breached.  "you are an
expensive slut.  Did you know that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I mean, beauty treatments, personal trainer, new clothes.  It all costs money
and on my salary, you are becoming a burden."

"Sorry, Mistress."

"So, let's see if we can't earn some of that back." 

"Yes, Mistress."

They drove in silence for a few minutes, when Judy ordered, "We are getting
close.  Play with yourself, but don't cum."

"Yes, Mistress," and lynn began to fondle her pussy lips and finger her cunt. 
she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, and the tingling sensation. 

"We're here."  Judy's words jolted lynn from her trance.  she looked at the
house;  it looked familiar, very familiar, but she could not place it.  Judy had
given a brief beep-beep, and the front door opened. And out stepped Nick onto
the porch.  And then she knew.  Despite her drugged state, she knew that this
was the house were he had brought her the night of the party, when her drink had
been drugged, when they had videotaped her actions and when her life as a free
woman, as a student, as a toe-the-line daughter had ended.

Nick waved and Judy said to lynn, "Time to go to work."  her heart sank.

Nick approached the car, shook hands with Judy and turned to lynn.  "Phew.  you
look good enough to eat," and both Nick and Judy laughed lightly at the silly
play on words. lynn just smiled with a grimace, not knowing what to say.

"I'll leave her with you.  Have her back at the dorm by 1, and remember, make
sure she is not permanently scarred in any way.  Just give my percentage to the
slut, and I will get it from her tomorrow.  Here's a bag of cosmetics."  Turning
to lynn, she said, "Have fun, pet.  Make me proud.  I will pick you up tomorrow
at noon."

"Yesss, Mistress," lynn stuttered slightly, her fear growing.

Nick took her hand and they walked towards the house.  On the front porch, he
turned to look at her.  "Take off the shorts and top.  You can keep on the
heels.  Let's see what changes have occurred."

lynn did as ordered, without hesitation.  Nick took her clothes, and his eyes
were wide.  "S?"

"It stands for 'slut', Sir."

"Oh, excellent," he laughed lightly.  "Excellent."  He reached and began to
fondle the nipple rings, then tugged lightly on the chain, causing lynn to
inhale sharply.  "I don't really care for these chains.  Any changes to your
cunt?  Ringed there, also?"

"No, Sir."

"Oh, I just noticed.  Stick out your tongue, slut."  When lynn obeyed, he smiled
with a leer.  "Let's see.  Give me a passionate kiss," and he opened his mouth
and swallowed her tongue.  she moved it quickly around, caressing his teeth and
tongue with the stud.  He pulled her tightly to him, one hand around her waist,
the other entering her pussy.  she immediately began to juice, to react to his

she felt herself nearing ecstasy, to a point of no return.  she let herself
writhe with him, to match his rhythm, and just when she was about to take
flight, he pulled free, with a smile on his face.

"Almost got carried away.  There will be plenty of time for that later."

lynn stared back in disbelief, feeling robbed and cheated.  "Please, Sir," she

"Later," was all he said.  "Let's go get ready for the party."

she followed him into the house.  They made there was to the kitchen, and he
opened a drawer.  "Gotta be a pair pliars here, somewhere.  Ah, here they are. 
Let's get those chains off.  Makes it harder to suck your tit and I don't like
the way they lift the rings and distort your breasts."  He used a pliars and
screwdriver to open the four links, freeing her nipple rings to fall lightly
against her breast.  "Feel better?"

"Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir."

He smiled pleasantly, stared a few moments as though lost in thought, and then
lightly sighed and put away the tools.  "So, the frat guys thought you were
something else last time. They thought of a welcome back to school party, and a
fund raiser at the same time. you are the guest of honor.  Won't cost you a
thing," he laughed, "except for a few hours of your time.  If things go as
planned, we won't need to raise dues next year, Judy will get a few bucks, you
will get a few fucks, and everyone will be happy.

"And then one of the guys told his girl, and she thought  it was a great idea,
also.  Anyhow, we are expecting quite a crowd, and you shouldn't be bored," he
smiled, while checking his watch.

"You mean both girls and guys, Sir?  Tonight.  To use me?"

"Yep, you got the idea.  Just be friendly and open to new ideas."  Again, that
same smile, which seemed kind, but was not.  "It's about 6.  I expect a few
early arrivals in about 30 minutes, so why don't you go use the toilet, over
there, down the hall, do what you need to do, and here is your bag of cosmetics. 
I suspect you know the look we want. Be back here in 15 minutes."

"Yes, Sir," she said, taking the bag and walking away towards the restroom,
knowing that if girls would also be here, the whole school would soon know about

she used the toilet, applied the make-up as Master Aaron had taught her, gave a
deep sigh, and headed back to the kitchen.  Nick met her there, nodded
approvingly, and led her to the den.  The furniture, what little there was, had
been pushed along the walls.  she looked to the ceiling and so two eye bolts,
about 4 feet apart, and another pair screwed into the floor. 

He picked up some pieces of white rope and four cuffs from the couch, and guided
her to the center of the room.  "Cuff your ankles."  He watched as she obeyed. 
He took her wrists and cuffed them and then tied one end of each rope to each
cuff.  In moments, she was tied spread-eagled in the center of the room, naked
except for her slutty jewelry and high heels.

"Don't worry, you won't have to be like this all night.  Just want to give the
guests a chance to get an unobstructed view of what they are paying for." 
Again, the "kind" smile.

lynn's eyes were wide, the adrenaline rush of fear beginning to build.  she
heard the doorbell ring, and moments later Nick guided two guys and two girls
into the room.  And..."lynn!" 

lynn raised her eyes and wanted to die on the spot.  It was Katy, from her dorm. 

Chapter 41

It was Nick's idea.

When he saw lynn the night of her deflowering, he was knocked over by her
sexuality.  He complimented Aaron on his work.  she secreted sex.  He had to
have her.  And he said so to Aaron.

"Dream on, buddy boy.  she's a little young for me, but I would give anything to
train and own Judy."

"Lotsa luck, Aaron.  Looks like we both have dreams that we can't bring to

"Oh, I don't know."  Nick and Aaron turned to find David.  "Oh, I don't know. I
couldn't help overhearing your conversation.  I've been thinking for several
days how I might acquire sue.  The only person standing in the way of all our
dreams is the Captain.  If we could get him out of the picture, anything is

"And how do we, as you say, 'get him out of the picture'?" asked Aaron.  "I'm
not willing to go to jail for life for any slut."

"So, let's put our minds together," suggested David.  "We have to find some way
to blackmail him.  And since he controls the police force, and probably has
something on every officer and most public officials, it has to be something
that involves someone clearly innocent, something that even he cannot talk his
way out of."

Nick nodded to himself.  He knew that his dad, the Mayor, would be no help.  The
Captain knew of his dad's weakness for pussy.  In fact, his dad had told him
that Ron had set up sue to entertain his cock during Tuesday's council meeting. 

The three guys tossed around a few other ideas, and eventually agreed to keep in
touch, that something might come up.  They traded email addresses and spoke no
more of their desires for the rest of the deflowering party.  Nick couldn't keep
his eyes off of lynn, David was drawn like a magnet to sue's delicious body, and
Aaron kept imagining Judy with her back striped with his whip marks.

It was the next day that Nick got the inspiration, and he shared it with Aaron
and David via email.  They agreed and David had the perfect location, a house on
the edge of town, vacant for over a month, and at an asking price of $1 million,
nary a nibble.  It was still furnished; the owners had only a few days to pack
up when the opportunity to move to England for double his current salary could
not be resisted.

Aaron sent out the invitations for Friday night.  It made perfect sense.

And they all came.  Literally a Who's Who of the bondage scene from the entire
corner of the state.  Aaron was well known for his parties.  Masters and
Mistresses, and the most delicious collection of sluts imaginable.  Many had
been trained by Aaron, and it showed.  But many other less capable trainers were
also invited.  It was important that many witnesses were present.

Ron and Judy arrived with sue and lynn.  All eyes turned to stare and comment,
so impressive were the slut sisters.  lynn saw Aaron within minutes.  her lips
were already parted, since Judy had locked her jaw in the open position.  she
stuck her pierced tongue to the edge of her lips in a manner meant to raise
Aaron's blood pressure.  As she stood there, waiting for Judy to move forward,
her pussy juices began to trickle down her thighs.

sue walked in with an equally erotic stride and posture.  her eyes scanned the
crowd, looking for familiar faces.  she saw David standing off to the side.  He
smiled and made a kissing motion with his lips.  her heart leaped and her clit
began to swell.  she shyly cocked her head and noticed stephanie and Derek out
of the corner of her eye.

Derek was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs, talking to another master
next to him.  steph was kneeling between the two masters, back straight, wrists
behind her back, pulled painfully up and chained to the back of her collar.  her
breath-taking tits were clearly on display, the nipple rings glowing in the
subdued light. steph was clearly the most beautiful slut at the party

Both sisters were naked, except for 6-inch heels.  their hips swayed from side
to side as they took short, precise steps.  they were led by a leash, attached
to very similar silver collars.  their make-up was exotic, with purplish eye
shadow, dripping red lipstick, matching red fingernail and toenail polish.

Nick arrived with his slut and attracted little attention.  she was gagged and
looked scared to death.  He had tied blue and yellow scarves around her ankles
and wrists, blue and yellow being the college colors.  she looked like a
cheerleader and walked like a cheerleader.  she was clearly new to the bondage
scene; no piercings, no swing to her ass as she walked; in fact, she wobbled
unattractively on her high heels.  her ass was a bright red, evidence of a
recent paddling.

The party progressed, the sluts being felt up and down, examined like animals. 
Compliments were exchanged, and even a few trades were made. All sluts were
available for anyone's use.  No request was turned down. 

The highlight of the night was a raffle, ostensibly to pay for the evening's
expenses.  There were three virgin sluts in attendance, and their respective
Masters, all arranged ahead of time by Aaron, agreed that three raffle winners
would pop the three cherries. 

The three virgins were tied to large X-frames, Nick's slut on the far right. 
All three were gagged.  No one wanted to hear their pleadings.  The first virgin
was given to the first raffle winner, a man not from the area.  He took his time
and played with her clit and pussy lips until she sobbed with need.  A video was
made of each slut, as they lost their virginity, and presented to the raffle
winner, to do with as he wished. 

The second slut also lost her virginity to the cheers of the crowd.

Aaron reached inside the leather pouch and pulled out the third winner.  "Master
Ron," he announced loudly, and Captain Ron stood to the round of applause.  It
was a set up, but only Aaron, David, and Nick knew.

Ron had a hard-on from the moment he arrived at the party.  His eye did not miss
a slut.  He had already ranked the sluts from one to ten, and looked forward to
sampling as many as possible before his cock wore out.  He had already sampled 4
of the top 10.  And a girl new to this life was especially exciting to him and
the third virgin, the college cheerleader, was clearly new.  she moaned and
tried to plead through her gag, and all this did was excite Ron even more. He
dropped his pants, raised his hands like a champion boxer as the crowd cheered
him on, and without further ado, took her virginity.  she screamed into her gag,
and eventually passed out from the combination of fear, pain, and shock.

The crowd gathered around the three raffle winners, slapping them on the back,
as the ex-virgins slumped in their bonds.  No one noticed that the video of
Ron's winning effort was removed from the camera and handed to David, who walked
immediately from the room.

By midnight, every slut had been used many times.  sue and lynn were
particularly popular.  Every opening was sore.  They had had numerous orgasms,
and were completely exhausted.  they were relieved when Ron and Judy rehooked
their leashes and led them from the room.  Ron would have stayed later, but he
had to be on duty in 6 hours; Judy had to be in the office by 8.  And it was
still a 45-minute drive home.

The package arrived on Tuesday, addressed to Captain Ron.  He opened it,
thinking it was another manual of some sort.  It was a video.  And a note,
typed.  "Hope you enjoyed the raffle.  she was only 16.  11th grade.  University
High just happens to have the same colors as the college.  Tough luck."

Ron was first shocked, then angry.  What was going on here?  He popped the video
in the TV, and relived the moment when he took the virginity from slut number
three.  He searched the wrapping paper for more information, and there was none. 
He immediately called in Judy and shared what had happened.  She suggested he
call Aaron and the mayor's son, and see what was going on.

He got Aaron's answering machine, and left a message to call him back.  He
called the mayor, and asked for his son's cell phone number.  "Is there a
problem, Captain?"

"No, I just wanted to ask him about one of his friends."

Ron called the cell phone number and Nick answered.  "Who was that slut you
brought to the party Friday night?"

"she said her name was evelyn. I met her at a party Thursday night, and asked if
she wanted a little excitement on Friday night.  she lives with her mom, who
runs around and makes a fool of herself most nights."

"Does she go to Southwest State?"

"No idea.  Never really asked.  I cuffed her in the back of the van, removed the
cheerleader outfit she was wearing, by my request, that you mention
it, her skirt and bikini top had UHS on them.  I just didn't notice."

"You mean I fucked a minor!  You ass, you idiot!! I'll have your..."

"Please, Captain, I think you should talk to my father about this," and he hung
up on the Captain.

Ron immediately recalled the Mayor, but before he could say a word, the Mayor
spoke.  "A package was delivered to my office this morning, and I just had a
chance to view its contents.  There was also a note.  Captain, you have a

Over the next half-hour, Ron's emotions went from anger to surprise to concern
and back again to anger.  The Mayor had as much on him as he had on the Mayor. 
But the video, if presented to the news station, as was threatened in the note
to the Mayor, was even more damning.  He could see the headlines now:  POLICE

"Well, what do we do, Captain?"

"I don't know.  What does the blackmailer want?  We have no idea."  And so they
hung up, agreeing to wait until the demand or demands were made.

The demand was attached to the Captain's windshield wiper when he left later in
the day.  He read the demands, put two and two together, and knew that his life
and his reputation were worth far more than theirs.  As long as he was sure that
the video would be destroyed, he would agree.  He called a number, and simply
said, "I accept your terms.  they will be there between 7 and 7:30 tonight."


Judy drove in the driveway soon after 6:30.  It had been a long day, but knowing
that two sluts and Ron awaited her made the drudgery of the day bearable.  she
stepped out of the car, in the near darkness of the garage, when a hand snaked
around her throat, a powerful grip, and another placed a rag soaked in some
awful smell over her mouth and nose.  she knew the right moves, and kicked
viciously backward, but connected with nothing.  she tried to yell, "Ron", but
no sound came out.  she felt light-headed, getting weaker by the moment.  she
tried to pivot, use every move she had been taught, but nothing worked.  her
attacker anticipated her every move.  And then everything went black.

Ron had already hogtied, blindfolded, and gagged lynn and sue, and placed them
in the back of the van.  After stripping judy, he did the same to her.  It was
time to go.

The drop off location was several miles out of town, in a rest area along the
interstate.  He pulled into the dimly-lit parking area, opened the van doors,
and one by one carried lynn and sue and laid them each on a picnic table behind
the toilet facilities.  He returned to the van for judy, and when he arrived at
the picnic area, an envelope had been left on the one available table.  He put
the still unconscious judy on the table, picked up the envelope and turned to
walk towards the van.  He paused, tempted to say something into the dark, but
couldn't think of a catchy comeback, so he continued back to the van.

The envelope gave him directions, where he would find the original tape, and a
promise that as long as he didn't seek revenge, that would be the end of it. 
Ron knew he could find a new slut or two or three without much trouble, so he
did indeed plan to drop this sordid affair.  judy had no family, so he could
easily explain to the other officers that she had taken a job elsewhere.  There
was no reason to explain sue's disappearance;  she had been on unpaid leave for
several weeks and was all but forgotten.  And as for lynn, well, that was
someone else's problem.  No one could connect him to lynn. 

Yes, he thought.  Things worked out just fine.

The End

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