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Princess and the Snake Pit

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Synopsis: A unique brand of snake trainer tells the story of the sacrifice demanded of a young egyptian princess. What happens when you mix a pit of snakes and a princess?
Princess in the Snake Pit

	It started off as a hot, sweltering day under the Egyptian sun. Perhaps
a god was angry as I left to work. Any normal person would likely agree with me,
the Nile River was getting dryer and everyone agreed something must be done.
This is exactly where I came in. It was my job to offer part of the grand
sacrifices that were made in order to appease the gods. It is common knowledge
that in order to end widespread suffering, suffering must be inflicted.

	There were many parts to the whole sacrifice. Farmers donated food,
prisoners of war would offer blood, and fishers would yield fish as was done for
centuries before. The king's family itself was not immune in the direst of
circumstances. It had been a year since the last rains strengthened the great
river and it was time for the annual sacrifice. The king made a remarkably harsh
sacrifice from his own bloodline; he would give up his fairest daughter to the
snake pit. This was something not even the worst father would wish to inflict
upon his daughter and the people rallied and supported their ruler in this
decision. I myself cheered for the decision for the people would reap the
benefits of the gods, and I would reap his daughter.

	I am a snake trainer however the snakes that I keep are special indeed.
They are used for ritual punishment of sexually ripe young women. They are an
assorted mix of serpents that have been trained for thousands of years to elicit
screams of mercy from the victim given to them. There are several small boa
snakes that are trained to keep the victim from moving. There are many vipers
whose poison remarkably keeps a person from sleep. Many small snakes that I call
Dharmas are trained to seek wet, warm areas to thrive and wiggle in. These
snakes are the most incredible in that they have some sort of psychic ability I
will tell you more about later.

	For thousands of years only the snakes that best fulfilled their duties
were kept in the snake pit. They are trained constantly with female prisoners
that held this sacred duty. They are only fed when their victims scream and
thrash. A wonderful sight to behold to those privileged to witness their

	After walking several miles under the burning sun, I arrived at the
temple of sacrifice. I then descended deep inside it to the snake pit area. It
was quite cool under so much dirt and the hiss of the snakes filled the air. The
royal guests had already arrived and were in solemn silence. The pharaoh's
daughter Claro was foremost among them. I saw her and immediately felt blessed
to be the royal executioner of the ritual. It was clear she had recently been
crying but she maintained the vestige of courage. Her body was unparalleled in
all of Egypt. She wore only a thin white veil to cover her naked body. Her large
tan breasts hung free, her nipples were perky from the cold air. Though her
breasts were large, her frame was not. She possessed a slim waist, thin arms and
delicate legs. She was well toned and was perfect in every way. It was clear she
would be the most innocent victim of the pit as her skin clear from any form of

	I walked up toward her and smelled her sweet perfume. It was time to
carry out the sentence. All among the audience fell to their knees, even the
all-powerful Pharaoh. I too fell to a knee and only Claro remained standing. I
spoke a prayer to the gods, telling them of the great sacrifice about to be
given. I wanted to get straight to the sacrifice but I had to deal with the
formalities first. Once I was done, I stood and walked Claro to the plank
overlooking the pit. Claro closed her eyes, not wanting to see anymore of the
fate that awaited her. I turned her facing the audience and finished the prayer.
Claro fell backward of her own free will then landed among the serpents. The
audience immediately gathered around the pit to watch the event about to unfurl.

	The boas had gone to their task of fastening her arms together behind
her back. A group of four wrapped around her stomach and succeeded in spreading
Claro's legs far apart. The girl had so far shown great bravery, only slightly
whimpering in the sea of the dark lord's serpents. A swarm of Dharmas grouped
near her pussy. They ran frantically in circles over her cunt lips. A few larger
snakes were apparently attempting to take her breasts into their mouths.
Suddenly, Claro began to moan almost inaudibly. The large snakes took their cue
and dove deep into her pussy. Claro screamed instinctively and the snakes
swarmed more rapidly.

	Another snake apparently had made its way into her ass and was squirming
rapidly inside, forcing its way deep. The snake in her pussy attempted to fit
itself inside her virgin hole. She screamed as inch after inch of snake
disappeared inside her. Her captive body seemed to be attempting to escape but
the large boas held their ground, intent on keeping their victim.

	The vipers crawled toward her breasts. The snakes that were previously
trying to eat her breasts slid away and one viper came to each breast. Claro's
eyes grew large as the long fangs became evident. The vipers struck and pierced
her nipples cruelly with their teeth. Claro screamed, prompting repeated bites
to her breasts. After several screams, the snakes bit into the juicy meat of her
breasts and didn't let go. They pulled vigorously and cruelly, fueled by the
screams of their victim. After her screams had died down slightly they released
and then fled. They had injected her with their sleep-depriving poison. Now she
would not pass out until desperate exhaustion or their next injection.

	The snakes that imbedded themselves into her holes had fit themselves
almost entirely within her, to Claro's dismay. They squirmed vigorously inside
her as she moaned loudly. The snakes rubbed every square inch of sensitive
flesh, paying particular attention to her sexual areas.

	Dusk had finally fallen and so to did the activity of the snakes inside
Claro. Claro's suffering, however, was reaching new heights. Claro moaned loudly
as the snakes slowly squirmed inside her. Poor virgin. These snakes would never
let her experience an orgasm, they moved slowly as they began to get close her
orgasm. Finally the snakes slithered out of her. Claro screamed as they left her
sexual desire frustrated. The Dharma approached her vacated hole, seeking its
warm wetness. The whole group plunged in and suddenly Claro screamed. Their job
was to tease the victim's poor vagina to completely torturous lengths. They
seemed to know exactly how far to push a girl and then stop a sands length from
the edge. Some of them would flick their tongues around her clit, others would
squirm in areas close to the clit to excite and slowly draw away as the poor
girl came closer to orgasm. They performed this job with a vigor that could
never be matched by other means and thus did their jobs inhumanly well.

	The audience remained watching the sacrifice being performed, each
morbidly curious as to the fate of the young girl. They watched the young
beauty's young body squirm almost as fiercely as the snakes and listened to the
pitiful cries coming from the girl. Her father continued to look just as I did.
Ironically enough, it would be my death if she did not suffer as much as he
deemed necessary to quell the angry god's. And so I continued watching the girl
struggle against the evil snakes.

	The Dharma appeared to be working frightfully efficient today, it took
only a few minutes for them to withdraw from the warm home they had made in her
pussy. Claro bucked her hips wildly as she instinctively sought satisfaction.
The Dharma were satisfied enough by their job to crawl away, thought I knew they
would return later. A group of snakes gifted with large tongues crawled their
way to her wide-open legs. Claro's screams resurfaced as their tongues
collectively flicked in and out of her rapidly. As she screamed louder and
humped harder, the snakes flicked more rapidly. I saw her climax coming and
hoped that it would not come. If her suffering were to be cut short, so too
would my days. I held my breath just as she did.

	Claro screamed again and I close my eyes. When I reopened them I was
relieved to see that the snakes had retreated just in time and Claro was silent
and still filled with desire. Even from several feet away, I could see how wet
she was. I could only imagine how badly she wished to climax. The sea of snakes
devoured her whole and began writhing all over her body.

	The night had now come and the snakes continued cycling methods of
torturing the girl. The Dharma would flood her cunt and pleasure her until just
before orgasm, the long tounged snakes would take their place and continue
teasing her to the brink of insanity and then the snakes would cocoon her with
their bodies, squeezing and touching every area of her body. Her screams had
become more hoarse but it was evident in her moaning that she still suffered

	Morning had risen and the sacrifice was considered complete. The snakes
had performed their job non-stop, as did the hapless Claro. Her body by now had
grown tired and her screams and moaning silent, but she was still conscience and
most likely still mad with sexual frustration.

	The audience left with the exception of the Pharaoh. He came toward me
and I knelt down to a knee. He spoke and said, "My daughter has suffered very
much and the gods will be satisfied by your training and her cries." I thanked
him and he continued, "I must confess that this show was extremely entertaining
for me so I have a new job for you." I held my tongue waiting for what he wished
of me. "I want you to chain her in the dungeons and not allow her to cum. In a
few days, I would like to see her back in the pit of snakes and brought to
greater suffering. The gods and I will be most pleased. As a reward, you may do
what you wish to her as long as she does not cum." With that he walked off and I

	I took the rope from the table and waded among the snakes. They had no
interest in males and so I was safe. I wrapped rope tightly about her hands and
legs and carried her to the table. I admired my gift from the gods and looked
longingly at her mouth. I unzipped my pants, "Hearing you scream has made me
hard, it is time you remedied this situation. And you heard the King, be
prepared for countless more nights my slave." She whimpered weakly, and I
grinned as her mouth swallowed my dick. I could only think of the fun her
suffering would give me in the future.

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