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Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne

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Synopsis: Two kidnappers abduct Nickelodeon's Amanda Bynes, and pop-star Avril Lavigne for sex, humiliation, and degradation. To be a continuing series...
"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"

Copyright Dave Haugen 2002

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If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature 
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"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"

Chapter 1

Comfy?  Good.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I'm Mike 
Smith and this is my story.  To start, I've got five 
words for you:

"All That".  "The Amanda Show".

Yeah yeah, I know, two kids shows that used to air on 
Nickelodeon.  Made for kids, viewed by kids.  Well, with 
the exception of myself and about 50,000 other warm-
blooded adult male viewers in the American population.

Why did I waste an hour each day watching poorly written 
children's programs?  The same reason the other 49,999 
adult males did...

...Amanda Bynes.

Know her?  Yeah, she's the bubbly, spritely, way-too-
perky, comedic teenager that performs on those 
ridiculous shows.  Albeit painful to watch such poor 
writing, acting and directing, I became a loyal viewer 
for the five years she appeared on those shows to watch 
the young Ms. Bynes develop.

Don't know her?  Check her out on the old 
movie database website.  If you like 'em young, thin and 
innocent, you'll love my little Amanda.  I'd been 
jacking off to her for years.  I'd have given up my 
eternal soul to have 24 hours with her 5 foot 8, 105 
pound body.  Some of you might not like your babes that 
skinny, but for me, it just means more tightness to plow 
through when your mattress-mashing 'em.

Being a resident of Los Angeles, I used to hang around 
the Chevy Chase Theatre now and then hoping to catch a 
glimpse of this little hottie after her shows.  I took 
the monotonously dull Nickelodeon backstage tour umpteen 
times, with no luck.  Finally, I did manage to spot 
Amanda on two occasions but she was surrounded by goony 
bodyguards in black suits, and was ushered into a limo 
so fast, I didn't have a chance to get a more upclose 
and person glimpse.

Then what happened to this little starlet's career?  At 
the ripe age of 16, Amanda landed a starring role on a 
new sitcom on the Warner Brothers Network called "What I 
Like About You".  Her co-star ended up being 30 year old 
Jennie Garth, the blonde bimbo from TV's most famous 
teenage-trash, "Beverly Hills 90210".  A great career 
move.  Well for me, not her.

It just so happened that Steve Johnson, one of my best 
friends of all time, had been working at Warner Brothers 
for over ten years as a corporate lawyer.  He had the 
expensive corporate car, the great office and basically 
free reign throughout the studio lot and the executive 
offices.  Steve had it made.  And thanks to Steve, so 
would I.

You see, I explained Amanda's career moves to Steve, 
knowing that he shared my passion for chicks like Ms. 
Bynes as well.  Together, over several months, the two 
of us hatched up a kidnap the young Amanda 
Bynes and her mentor, the gorgeous Jennie Garth, all for 

Steve had some great opportunities to set up a 
kidnapping, and that he did.  I'll spare you all the 
details; basically my job was to wait inside my Passat 
at a predetermined location until Steve dropped off the 
chloroformed and bound girls to me.  Right on schedule, 
about 9 pm, Steve drove up and handed me the two limp 
bodies that were effectively roped, duct taped, gagged 
and hooded.  I knew he had to head back to the studio 
asap, as he was going to finish off his last two days at 
work before his preplanned vacation time kicked in.  In 
the meantime, I would be heading off to my private 
bungalow near Yuma, where Steve would meet up with me 

Man, my cock was aching already just knowing that those 
two sluts were in the backseat, out cold and unaware of 
the fun time they were about to go through with Steve 
and I.  I knew this five hour drive to Yuma was going to 
seem like forever.  And it did.  I felt like a kid who 
couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve knowing that he still 
had hours to go before he could jump out of bed and tear 
into his present-stash.  But I knew it would all be 
worth it.

Imagine, Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth all to myself!  
Butterflies flew through my stomach just thinking about 
it.  Oh man, the filthy things I was going to do to 
those two young actresses.  And the filthy things they 
were going to do to each other!  Shit!

About two hours out of San Diego, Interstate 8 was 
becoming completely barren, but I kept to the speed 
limit, not wanting to do anything to draw any 
suspicions. I filled my tank around El Centro, without 
any problems, and began my final journey.  Man, I was 
psyched!  In just over an hour I would be feasting my 
eyes on my masturbatory goddess, Amanda Bynes.  Life was 
soooooooo good!  This was going to be worth all the 
risks, I just knew it.  Life was for the taking, and I 
was fulfilling a major dream here.  How many people can 
successfully say that?

Pulling into the secluded driveway of my bungalow, I got 
out of the car and stepped into the humid night air.  
Hotter than hell.  Thank God for air conditioning, I 
thought as I opened the back door to take my little 
goodies out.  Still sound asleep, nary a peep.  This had 
been easier than I thought!

Taking out the first body, I had fun guessing if this 
package was Amanda or the other one.  The truth was, I 
had been dying to get into Amanda's pants for years, 
Jennie Garth was simply a bonus.  I knew that even while 
I was fucking her, I'd still be thinking of Amanda!

I carried both bodies into my house and placed them 
gently on my bedroom's king size bed.  My Mastiff Duke 
was happy to see me, it had been almost a week.  My next 
door neighbor Craig had been looking after good ol' Duke 
for me while I was away.  Duke lived with me in L.A., 
but I had dropped him off here.  He would have been way 
too irritating being in the car with me during my girl-
run.  So Duke and I were reunited, and I checked to make 
sure that Craig had left my house key in the mailbox.  
Yep, good old Craig.  He wouldn't be bothering me at all 
in the next little while as he had left for some 
European vacation this morning.  Everything was set!  
Christmas morning had finally arrived!

I poured myself a shot of port and headed into the 
bedroom where my two victims lay motionlessly.  Even 
through all the garb, they looked fantastic.  I could 
see an elbow here, and a belly there, and I decided that 
it was time to unwrap the packages.

Starting with the one I guessed to be Amanda, I began 
peeling away the duct tape, ropes and burlap sacks 
around her.  Sure enough, it was her!  As I stared into 
the angelic face of Amanda Bynes below me, a rush of 
adrenaline soared through my bloodstream.  I felt more 
alive now than I ever had before!  She looked every bit 
as angelic and pure as she had on those countless reruns 
of "The Amanda Show" that I had watched.  I couldn't 
wait to give her a Hillbilly moment of my own.  Knock 
knock...who's there...8 inch cock...I'm gonna slam into 
your tight cunt with my 8 inch cock.  For those of you 
who missed the reference, my appologies, but all that 
mattered to me was that she would get it.

Fuck, Amanda Bynes looked hot!  She was wearing a tight 
lime green tshirt with three turquoise blue flowers on 
the front of them.  It exposed her completely flat, 
white teenaged belly.  Man, for living in L.A. her whole 
life, this girl sure didn't tan well.  She was white 
like porcelain.  Down below, she was wearing those 
slutty hiphugger Gap jeans girls love to wear, white 
socks and a pair of light grey and white Keds.  Jesus 
Christ, I was practically drooling!  I decided to take a 
peek and see what kind of underwear a teen starlet would 
wear.  You won't believe this, but I was so fucking 
excited that my fucking hands were trembling as I 
unbuttoned and unzipped Amanda's jeans.  I chuckled 
aloud to myself.  I was living that great feeling of 
finally being able to do something you had always 
dreamed of.  Once the zipper hit bottom, I could see 
that the lucky bit of fabric was simply 
cotton brief panties.  Oh well, what was I expecting, a 
bright pink thong?  Cotton panties worked for me!

Leaving Amanda momentarily was fucking hard.  But I 
willed myself to unwrap slut number 2.  Starting from 
the feet and working my way up, I began unravelling Ms. 
Garth, only to find myself stopping in shock at the neck 
area.  What the fuck?????  Dark brown hair???  Jennie 
was and always had been a natural blonde!  I was thrown 
for a loop and found that I had pulled back to think for 
a moment.  I couldn't yet see a face with the hood over 
it, but my gut was telling me that this wasn't Jennie!

Pulling off the hood gave me the biggest shock of my 
life.  It wasn't Jennie after all.  It took a few 
seconds to register before it finally clicked in just 
who the hell I was staring at...

...Jesus H. Christ, this was fucking pop-rock star Avril 

Staring at the girl in front of me a little more closely 
made me realize that this was indeed pop-singer Avril 
Lavigne!  I fucking hated her lame-ass irritating pop 
ditties she had written like "Sk8er Boy" and 
"Complicated".  Every time they would come up on the 
radio, I would shut them off asap.  That was until I had 
caught a glimpse of one of her videos.  Okay, I admit, 
seeing her tiny 5 foot 3 petite frame prance around 
changed my thoughts about her quickly.  She actually 
reminded me a lot of Amanda Bynes, in looks anyway.  
Attitude wise, Avril would have been Amanda's complete 
opposite.  Where I would guess Amanda to be sweet, 
affectionate and giddy, Avril would be cold, arrogant 
and bitchy.  Jesus, was I going to have fun finding out 
these two chicks' real personalities!

Leaving both Amanda and Avril dressed as they were, I 
sat them up individually into two armless kitchen 
chairs, tying up their wrists in front of them and their 
ankles spread apart to the legs of the chairs.  I spaced 
them about six feet apart, but facing each other so that 
when they I brought them out of lala land, they would 
quickly get to see each other's predicament.  It took 
every ounce of strength that I possessed not to start 
molesting both girls right away.  No, I had all the time 
in the world, and I was going to take my time and do 
this my way!

It took about an hour to bring in the mountain of 
groceries I had prebought from my trunk into the house, 
to get everything put away, and to prepare a few 
"things" for the night ahead of me.  I thought about 
what the hell happened at Warner Brothers for Steve to 
have substituted Avril in for Jennie.  Not that I cared, 
after all, Jennie at practically my age wasn't my kink, 
but Avril....this was too good to be true.  Thankfully, 
true it was.

Finally, it was fun time!  I walked over to Avril with a 
capsule of smelling salts in my fingers, and I brushed 
it under her upturned little nose, causing an immediate 
reaction.  Avril's head jumped up and her eyes groggily 
opened, but only for a quick moment, as her tired head 
slumped back down, and she slowly began to regain 
consciousness.  I repeated the process with Amanda, then 
hid in my darkened attached bathroom from which I would 
be able to watch the two of them for a while without 
them knowing I was even here.  I had to adjust my jeans 
as my cock was threatening to bust through them.  I was 
more aroused than I had been in my entire life.  Thank 
God I had been saving my sperm for almost a week now.  
This release was going to be good!

I watched quietly as Avril was the first to wake up.  It 
took her a few minutes to shake the proverbial cobwebs 
out of her head before she regained full consciousness.  
Well, it didn't take little miss rock star much time at 
all to realize her predicament.  Pretty 'complicated' 
huh bitch?, I thought to myself evilly.

"What...what the...what the fuck..." said Avril as she 
looked around, realizing she had been immobilized.  
Since moving around didn't seem to loosen her bonds, she 
focused her attentions across from her at Amanda who was 
just beginning to wake up.

"Amanda!  AMANDA!!!  Wake the fuck up!!!!" Avril 
shouted.  What a bitch, I thought, this girl was just 
barely 18, and she had a filthy potty mouth.  She needed 
her mouth washed out with soap.  But then, I had better 
ideas of things that would be going in there.

"AMANDA!!  Look at me!  Open your eyes!"

Amanda's head jumped at Avril's loud piercingly shrill 
voice.  That girl had a set of lungs on her alright.  
Thank God I had the foresight to have constructed this 
room properly.  Perfectly ventilated yet perfectly sound 
proofed.  Anything that went on in this locked bedroom 
was certainly going to go unnoticed from the outside.

"Amanda you have to wake up!!!  Look at where we are!" 
shouted Avril frantically as Amanda did finally open her 
eyes and began to gain full consciousness.  When she 
started to speak, her angelic, high-pitched voice was so 
sweet and adorable, it made me want to cum in my shorts.  
Well actually hers.  I listened to and observed the 
girls with great interest.

"Where...where am" said Amanda as she 
began to realize that her mom and dad were certainly not 
wherever she was.  Amanda licked her dry lips and stared 
back at Avril.  Her eyes totally gave away the instant 
recognition that they were in a bad bad situation.  Very 

"Oh my God, Avril, where are we?" asked Amanda as she 
looked at her friend's tied up position that mirrored 
her own.  She was clearly very worried, but I noticed 
that Avril seemed too pissed off to be worried.  That 
pissed ME off.  That little slut probably thought that 
nothing bad could ever happen to her...some big time 
rock star from small town Canada.  I knew I was going to 
have lots of fun changing that snotty attitude.  I'd be 
Full Metal Jacketing little Miss Lavigne in no time!

"How the fuck do I know??  The last thing I remember is 
that someone put some fucking cloth in my face and 
now...fuck!!!!" complained Avril.

"Oh God no, this can't be happening, no, no, no!!!" 
cried Amanda as a tear came to her eye.  Aw, poor thing.  
Well, that's what you get for choosing to be a celebrity 
and for making more money than most of us could ever 
dream about making, for doing such easy work, and all 
before the age of 16!  Miss Bynes was going to have to 
learn that there was a price for indulgence.

"Amanda, shut the fuck up!  Don't you start crying!  We 
have to get out of these fucking chairs!"  Avril was 
really pulling and tugging on her rope bonds, to no 
avail of course, but it looked sexy for me anyway, so it 
did actually serve a purpose.

"I...I can't, I'm all tied up!" said Amanda, who wasn't 
struggling as hard as Avril's determined body was.

"No shit!!!  Fuck, I can't get my hands free, it's too 
fucking tight!"  That did it!  Time to make my opening 

"That's not the only thing that's fucking tight Avril." 
I said as I emerged from the dark bathroom.

Their expressions were priceless!  Amanda's eyes nearly 
popped out of her head as she stared at me in horror, 
her eyes and mouth gaping open like Penelope Taint's 
over her Amanda website.  Avril's eyes were more of 
hate, not fear.  That fascinated me.  This girl really 
was fearless and clueless to what her situation was.  
Time for some enlightenment, I thought.

"Who the fuck are you?  Get this fucking rope off me or 
I'll scream, asshole!" said Avril in the bitchiest tone 
you could possibly imagine.  Amanda just kept repeating 
the word "no" over and over and over again as she stared 
at me continuously, without once removing her eyes off 
of me, as if I would attack her if she did.

Ignoring Avril's ridiculous threats, I turned to Amanda, 
and used the most gentle sincere voice I could possibly 
have uttered.  "Hello Amanda, my name's Mike.  I've been 
a huge fan of yours for years.  It's a pleasure meeting 

I think my voice put her at ease.  She was sniffling a 
bit, but she completely stopped crying, and was looking 
at me as if I was a total enigma.  Avril on the other 
hand, continued her verbal rampage.

"Untie us now fuckface!!!  You're pissing me..."

Avril didn't quite have the chance to finish off her 
sentence as the palm of my hand had instinctively found 
the side of her cheek.

CRACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!  I slapped Miss Lavigne hard, hard 
enough to send her face turning to the right side of her 
body, and to leave a nice red stinging palm print on her 
delicate little cheek.  Expecting tears, I was surprised 
when she simply shot her face back in my direction like 
an elastic band.  Wow, if looks could kill, I'd be dead.  
Dead ten times over!  She pointed her hate-filled glare 
directly at me as if to say, who the fuck do you think 
you are hitting ME, ME of all people, ME!!!!

God she looked sexy, with her messed up hair, all over 
the place, covering half her face, and sticking to her 
chin where the dried up drool remained.  And of course, 
a glowing cheek.

"Man Avril, you can be a real bitch." I said matter-of-
factly, waiting for her reaction.  Avril simply huffed 
and puffed and continued to glare imaginary daggers into 
my skull.

"Chill out, whatcha yelling for?" I mocked, throwing 
some of her own lyrics her way.  That seemed to piss her 
off somewhat.  Hmm.

"You motherfucking faggot!" Avril blurted out.  Very 
brave.  I turned to Amanda, who was now staring at Avril 
in shock as though she was insane to even dream of 
speaking to me like that.  She quickly turned back to me 
with fear in her eyes, noticing that my attentions had 
returned to her.

"Now Amanda, you would never call me dirty names like 
that, would you?" I asked politely.  Amanda didn't 
verbally reply, she just shook her little airhead back 
and forth quickly in a quick series of noooooooos.  
"Atta girl.  That's because you're not a fucking bitch-
slut like Avril over there.  Say that Amanda, tell Avril 
she's a fucking bitch-slut."

"Fuck you!" Avril blurted out again.  Ignoring her 
completely, I waited to see what Amanda would do.  
Amanda's reaction suggested that maybe she wasn't as 
airheaded as the ditzy characters she was so good at 

"She's....she's a f...f...fucking bitch-slut." said 
Amanda fearfully yet submissively.  Hmmm, this girl 
wants to behave.  Compliance is a good thing, especially 
this early in the game.  I knew I was going to have a 
great time playing these two little cunts off of each 

"Don't say it to me Amanda dear, tell Avril to her 
face." I suggested.  Amanda paused, not sure what to do.  
I'm positive that it was difficult for her to even say 
the f word outloud, let alone direct it towards this 
tied up girl across from her.  Yet, Amanda showed 
perfect compliancy again by telling Avril what she was.  
Of course, it wasn't sincere, but she said it.  Score 
one for Amanda.

"Good girl.  I quickly spun around and caught Avril off 
guard by grabbing the back of her head by her long 
flowing hair and pulling back, making her gaping mouth 
point up to the ceiling.  My voice did a 180 from my 
soft approach with Amanda to what I now threw Avril's 

"Did you hear that slut??  Amanda thinks you're a 
fucking bitch-slut.  Do you agree?  Huh???"  I 
emphasized the word huh with a sharp tug backwards.  I 
could see Avril's chest heaving quickly with fright as 
she was starting to realize that I meant business.

"Yes!  Yes!" Avril gasped.

"Yes what??"  Another tug back.

"Yes I am!"

"Yes you are what?  Tell me cunt!!!"

"I'm a...a........FUCK YOU!!!!"

This girl had spunk alright.  I was beginning to see 
that she wasn't quite taking me seriously.  I yanked her 
hair back for a third time, and taking advantage of her 
mouth gaping open, I horked a huge gob of spit into her 
mouth and then let her head go.  The way Avril reacted 
to that, you would think I just shot battery acid into 
her mouth.  She spit my own saliva out of her mouth and 
began shaking her head back and forth in complete anger.

"You FUCKING motherfucking piece of SHIT bastard!!" 
Avril bellowed out.  My laughing at her reaction seemed 
to piss her off even more.  Amanda just watched the 
proceedings in fear.

"You seriously need to learn a few manners Avril." I 
said as I continued to laugh.  Amanda closed her eyes as 
I walked past her and into the bathroom, while Avril 
continued to shower me with her colorful vocabulary.  
She clammed up quite quickly when I walked back into the 
light holding a sixteen inch leather flogger.  She 
obviously knew what this thing was.  Maybe this young 
rocker chick had an introduction to S&M already.  It 
really didn't matter, I would reeducate her if that was 
the case.

Walking right up to her, I gave Avril three sharp slaps 
with the flogger directly over her jean covered thighs.  
The sound that emanated from that was a loud slapping 
sound, but the odd thing was that with each blow, it was 
Amanda's voice that gasped out.  Avril simply bit her 
lip, and closed her eyes.  Now, I knew that with her 
jeans in the way, a dull stinging sensation was all she 
would really be able to feel, but her bravery in not 
yelling or crying out was fascinating.  Cracking this 
bitch's shield was going to fun, although I still 
guessed relatively easy.

"Now cunt.  Tell me again what you are.  You didn't say 
it last time."

"FUCK YOU GEEK!!!!!" was her reply.

Geek.  Hmm.  Interesting choice of words.  I'm 31, 6 
foot 2 tall, 195 pounds, in good shape, fairly 
attractive, and with a good physique.  Interesting.

"Geek huh?"  I walked behind Avril and undid her hands.  
She brought them up to the front of her, and began to 
rub them one at a time, to help bring some sensation 
back to them.  I walked back in front of her without 
blocking Amanda's view, and I looked down upon her, 
wanting her to strike out at me with her hands.  She 
didn't though.

"Take off your tshirt Miss Lavigne." I asked coldly.  No 
response.  Nothing.  Thus, three more hard whacks across 
her thighs with the flogger.


This time, a small whimper came out of Avril's pouty 
lips on the last two of my hits.  I knew she was feeling 
that a little more deeply than the first three.

"Take off your tshirt Miss Lavigne." I repeated in the 
same monotone coldness.  Again, no response.  But she 
was trembling.  She knew what was coming, but she was 
trying as hard as she could to be noncompliant.  God 
bless her.  It was so much fun this way, knowing I would 
eventually get what I wanted.


Three loud moans came from Avril this time.  She leant 
forward, and I knew she was starting to feel a nice 
warmth in her thighs.

"I can do this all night.  Take off your tshirt Miss 
Lavigne." I repeated.  Then, suddenly, out of the 
blue....the words: "I'm a fucking bitch-slut." came out 
of her mouth!


"FUCK YOU!!!! I said it you MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" Avril 
shouted at me.

"I told you to take off your shirt Miss Lavigne.  You 
have one more chance or you'll get 50 lashes.  You have 
three seconds to decide."

Before I could even lift my wrist up to stare at my 
watch, she started pulling off her tshirt.

"Alright!!!!  I'm doing it!!!!" she said with her 
familiar bitchy tone.  But hey, she was following orders 
now.  Amazing what a little pain will do.  And that was 
just a little pain, little did she know it would only be 
the tip of her iceberg.

I watched as the white tshirt she was wearing came up 
and over her head.  Avril put down her arms and held the 
tshirt in her lap.  My cock was telling me to let it out 
NOW as I stared at her cute little white bra preventing 
me from seeing her tits.  Well her bra and that silly 
necktie that hung from her neck.  What the hell was up 
with that??

"Very nice jugs you got there Avril.  34B??  Just a 
guess." I said, attempting to humiliate her at a minor 
level for starters.  I could tell she wanted to 
retaliate but she angrily subsided and sat motionless, 
staring ahead at nothing in particular.  I turned back 
to Amanda, who had been watching the proceedings in a 
shocked silence.  She jumped when I regained eye contact 
with her.  Fuck me, she was adorable!!!  It was Avril I 
wanted to hurt and torture, but it was Amanda I simply 
wanted to eat out, suck and fuck!

"Ok Amanda, since Avril won't tell me her bra size, 
please tell me yours."  The whip in my hands was 
probably good incentive because she didn't hesitate for 
a second.

"32A!!!" she sputtered quickly.

"Hmmm, you just have little titties.  And you're not 
that much younger than skater girl over here.  I think 
Avril's jugs are disgusting, don't you Amanda?"

"Yes!" said Amanda all too easily.

"You're right.  We need to punish them for being 34Bs.  
Avril, take off your bra now."

You would think she would just do it, but Miss Lavigne 
wasn't going to make this easy on either of us.

"Go to hell." she said in a quiet almost inaudible 

"No huh?  Fine.  Be that way." I replied as I laid two 
good cracks with the flogger over her forearms and flat 
tummy.  Her arms instantly rose up in a defensive 
posture, crossing her wrists over her eyes and her 
elbows over her chest, in a protective move.

"You should know by now cunt that we can do this the 
easy way or the hard way.  Do you want to take it off, 
or do you want me to do it for you?  If you let me do 
it, I won't be responsible for anything that I might 
touch." I warned.

I loved how pissed off Avril was.  She knew she was 
going to ultimately lose and would eventually allow me 
to do anything and everything I wanted to do anyway.  It 
was so interesting that she kept putting up a fight.  
And wow, could I sense the hate!  If I was tied down and 
Avril was in my position, man, it would suck to be me!

Angrily, Avril muttered a few choice words as she 
reached behind her and unclipped her bra.  Her gorgeous 
tits just hung there, her eraser sized nipples pointing 
straight ahead.  They were perfect 18 year old breasts, 
totally perfect in every way.  They were so 
proportionate to her petite figure, and they filled me 
with arousal.  I was going to love hurting them!

"Nice jugs slut!  Now if only you could sing, you would 
be the perfect package!" I laughed.  In return, Avril 
glared at me.  She didn't seem to find my joke funny.

"Now, put your hands behind your head, and point your 
elbows east and west please." I requested politely.  
Remarkably, she did it.  That lifted her young breasts 
up a little, even though there really wasn't any sag to 
begin with.  I picked up her bra from the floor and put 
it around my neck, treating it like some trophy bra.

"Good girl.  Maybe you're learning after all.  
Unfortunately slut, I still have to punish you, but if 
you keep your arms exactly where they are for 20 whips 
to your 34Bs, I won't make this any worse on you.  Got 

"Why are you doing this????  Please don't, I'm sorry!" 
said Avril.  For the first time in the night, Avril 
actually sounded scared.  I think she was starting to 
realize that she was not in a position to act in the 
bitchy, arrogant, spoiled-rotten, prima-donna manner she 
was used to.  She may have been treated like a queen by 
every human being in her young life to date, but things 
were quickly going to change over the next few weeks.

"Are you feeling a little self conscious slut?  Here, 
I'll make you feel more at home."

Both girls stared at me in shock as I unzipped my jeans, 
unbuttoned my shirt, and took off every article of 
clothing on my body (with the exception of Avril's 
little jug holder over my shoulders).  My cock was as 
hard as a rock, and wagged in the air as I walked around 
both of them, making sure they got a good look at what 
they were going to get.  One would think they would have 
been horrified, but from what I noticed, they couldn't 
take their eyes off of my cock, following it the way a 
kitten's eyes follows string!  They wanted it big time!

Okay, okay, they were both horrified.  But I could 
imagine they wanted it right?

"There, that's more comfy.  My boys were kind of busting 
loose in there.  It's good to hang out.  Or should I say 
point out.  Now, who wants to get raped?"  I asked this 
question with such a nice happy inflection, that I 
thought someone might have answered.  And then, someone 
did.  Amanda!

"No no no no no!!!!" she cried, "Don't rape me, I'm a 
virgin!  Please no!!"

I started stroking my cock as I listened to Amanda's 
pleas.  "A virgin huh?  Well that rules you out."  I 
turned towards Avril again.  "Everyone knows you 
probably suck and fuck everything that moves, so it 
looks like it's you and me."

"NOOOO!!!!!  I'm a virgin too!!" blurted out Avril 
generously. I knew she was anyway.  I believed her.  The 
tough girl image in her videos didn't fool me.  She was 
the type of girl that wouldn't dare let a man touch her, 
as though she was all that.  Well, she was all that, any 
man would go for a body like she had, but good luck 
getting her to let them.  Avril was a cock-tease pure 
and simple.

But not for long....

"You?  A virgin??  Yeah right slut.  I'll betcha 
anything you've got your drummer's sperm soaking up your 
twat right now."

I could see Avril chomping at the bit to defend her 
image but instead, she kept quiet, and kept her hands 
behind her head.  She looked so adorable like that, and 
her nipples were not softening.  I liked that.

"Now, if you want to keep me out of your cunt, cunt, all 
you have to do is sit there and take these 20 jug whips.  
Got it?  If you drop your arms once, JUST ONCE, I am 
going to untie you, throw you on the bed and fill you up 
with so much sperm, you'll never wash me out of you, got 
it SLUT??" I asked sharply.

"Yes, yes, anything, just please don't rape me!" Avril 

"Good.  Now Amanda, I want you involved in this too.  I 
want you to count each hit with a number.  If you 
forget, I'm going to have to start all over again, and I 
don't think Avril is going to like that.  Understand 

Amanda nodded.  What a good girl.  I turned back to 
Avril, who looked so slutty sitting there without 
anything on her upperbody but her tie hanging down 
between her beautiful tits.  I made eye contact with her 
and smiled defiantly as if to say 'nyahhh nyahhh, I 
win!"  God, she hated me.  I've never had anyone stare 
at me like that before.  Total, pure unadulterated hate.  
It seemed like a good time for some total, pure, 
unadulterated tit flogging.

My flogger was 16 inches long with 12 strands of 
leather.  Perfect for turning chests red without doing 
any real damage.  It would hurt like hell I'm sure.  
What did I know, I didn't have milk glands in me thank 


Amanda cried out the number "one" in distress as I laid 
into Avril's tits, causing them to jiggle a bit.  Avril 
screamed out loudly, piercing my ear drums, and a series 
of pink stripes began to magically appear over her 
tender skin.

"You motherfucker, that hurts!!!!!  Oh God please 

"Duhhhhhhhh!!!" I mocked, "Can you make it anymore 


Amanda cried out the number "two", and Avril just plain 
cried out.  That must really hurt like hell I thought, 
watching more lines crisscrossing the ones from before 
over Avril's tits.  Her breasts looked like a road map.  
Avril's shouting was really pissing me off, so I reached 
down and began to cram the hanging tie into her mouth 
until the end was completely shoved in, still attached 
around her neck.

"That ought to shut that fucking voice up, fuck me 
that's annoying!!  That's worse than that howling you 
call singing!" I commented as Avril closed her eyes, 
unable to take any more humiliation without being able 
to retaliate.


What a great sound!!!  An even better sound was silence, 
in the absence of Amanda forgetting to count.  I think 
Avril realized it before I did, as she turned her wild 
eyes back and forth from me to Amanda.  I almost broke 
out in laughter when Avril spit out the tie from her 
mouth and started yelling at poor Amanda!

"Say three Amanda!!!  Don't forget to count damnit!!!"

Instantly I slammed the whip down three more times into 
Avril's stinging tits, causing her to start crying.

"Don't you EVER EVER EVER yell at Amanda like that you 
shouted out at her at the top of my lungs.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!!!" Avril 
repeated, her will slowly starting to break.

I rushed over to my sex toy chest and pulled out a pair 
of clover nipple clamps and applied them to her pointed 
nipples.  Avril shrieked out in pain as the clamps 
squished themselves mercilessly into her blood filled 
sensitive nipples.

"Now, we're going to start again, and this time I want 
you to show some respect!  I want you to thank Amanda 
for counting for you at each hit.  If you don't, I'll 
fucking change 20 to 100 and cram a fucking fist up your 
cunt while I do it!!  Don't think I fucking won't!!"  
The power of yelling at someone like this was a great 
rush!  To see the previously tough and arrogant Avril 
Lavigne now reduced to a crying whimpering sex toy was 
just too much to bear.  Precum was leaking out of the 
tip of my cock and it felt as though I was going to cum 
just from standing there!

"Now get your arms back up!" I said as her arms had 
instantly collapsed to hold her tits after those three 
sharp blows.  Turning back to Amanda, I again sweetened 
my voice for her, to reward her for her compliance.  
Amanda was visibly shaken from watching Avril suffering 
so much, but I know that deep down inside she was 
grateful that she wasn't in Avril's place.

Once Avril returned her arms back up, she bit her lip, 
still crying, and remained motionless.  I loved staring 
at the clamps jutting out from her tits, pointing 
slightly downwards from gravity pulling them there.  
They would make such perfect targets for my whip.  I 
wondered if they would come up if I whipped them hard 
enough?  I decided I would have to test out my 
hypothesis like a good scientist would.  Start off 
softly, and end up accelerating each hit.


"ONE!!!" said Amanda quite loudly, as though she was 
making up for her first boo-boo.  Avril didn't really 
care as she only moaned as the whip made contact with 
her breasts.  The clamps bobbled up and down for several 
seconds before returning to their static position of 
hanging slightly downwards.  Man that was an erotic 
sight to behold.

"Thank you Amanda......"


"TWO!" said Amanda as Avril started shaking her head 
back and forth, sending her hair flying in all 
directions, as she barely succeeded in keeping her arms 
away from her sore little jugs.  They must really be 
smarting now, I thought, watching them turning a deeper 
and deeper shade of pink with each hit.

"Thank you Amanda.............."


"THREE!" said Amanda.  Avril yelled out the word "Fuck" 
but she maintained her arms in their position.

"Thank you Amanda!!!!!!!"



"Jesus fuck son of a bitch fuck thank you Amanda!!!"

I laughed, I couldn't help myself any longer.



"THANKYOUAMANDA!!!!!!"  This time Avril just ran the 
words together, focusing on the sharp pains that were 
emanating from her chest.  The nipple clamps were 
staying put on her nipples, despite the fact that they 
were getting whipped as badly as Avril was.  She was in 
a constant state of movement, and the clamps were 
erotically bouncing every which way as her body tried 
its hardest to endure the pain.  I just knew she wasn't 
going to make it up to 20.  Fine with me because I 
needed to rape this slut NOW!!!!!!!!  I decided to whip 
her extra hard this time....


loudly before Amanda even had a chance to count.  
Avril's hands flew down and started massaging her 
painfully sore boobs in an inevitable failing attempt to 
somehow, ANYHOW, relieve the terrible pain she was 

"Oh God, no more!!!!  You're KILLING me!!!!!!  No 
more!!!" begged and pleaded Avril pathetically.  I loved 

"Ok slut that's it, I WARNED YOU!!!"

"Please NOOOO!!" squealed Avril as I untied her legs 
from the chair and dragged her body easily to the bed.  
She bucked and squirmed, but didn't put up the fight I 
expected a tough skater girl like this to put up.  It 
was all too easy to handcuff her hands together and 
around one of the headboard posts at the head of the 

I could hear Amanda sobbing behind us, but I knew she 
was also watching me climb onto the bed to yank off 
Avril's jeans and socks.  I left her in her panties as 
she writhed and wiggled on the bed, messing up the 
covers, and crying out in pain.  Maybe the twisting of 
the clover nipple clamps that I was doing with my 
fingers was part of the reason for her increased cries.

Avril begged over and over as I knelt in between her 
legs and started to rub my massively throbbing cock up 
and down over her little green panties, spilling drops 
of precum into her lower tummy and the cotton fabric.

Geez, what is it with cotton panties and celebrities, I 
thought to myself.  Oh well, down to business finally!!!

As Amanda sobbed and Avril literally bawled like a baby, 
I leaned over her and pressed my almost 200 pound body 
into hers, crushing her into the mattress below us.  I 
pressed my lips into Avril's pouty red lips and 
passionately kissed her.  She tasted like orange candy 
lipstick; it drove me wild!!!!  I rubbed my crotch 
lewdly into hers, her panties serving as the only 
barrier between myself and this little rock star virgin 
that I was about to rape underneath me.

Jennie Garth who????


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,

Chapter 2

As Amanda sobbed and Avril literally bawled like a baby, 
I leaned over her and pressed my almost 200 pound body 
into hers, crushing her into the mattress below us.  I 
pressed my lips into Avril's pouty red lips and 
passionately kissed her.  She tasted like orange candy 
lipstick; it drove me wild!!!!  I rubbed my crotch 
lewdly into hers, her panties serving as the only 
barrier between myself and this little rock star virgin 
that I was about to rape underneath me.

"Please!!!!!!" begged Avril in some last ditch attempt 
to try and change my mind, "Mister, I'm sorry!!! Please 
don't rape me!!!!"

I sat up on my knees, with my inner thighs brushing the 
sides of Avril's tight little butt cheeks and my cock 
dripping away on top of her panties.  I wanted to hear 
some humility from this little slut.

"Not feeling so tough now, huh bitch." I said matter of 
factly as I held onto the area of her soft delicate skin 
at the back of her thighs, just under her knees, one leg 
in each of my hands.

"I'm really sorry!  I promise I won't say anything bad 
if you stop this!!!!" begged Avril frantically.

Leaning over her, I again pressed my weight into her.  I 
loved feeling my skin against hers.  I had my face just 
inches above hers, hearing her rapid breaths and seeing 
the little drops of sweat that had beaded on her 
forehead.  It kind of hurt to feel the clamps on her 
nipples pressing into my chest, but then why the hell 
should I care, after all, they were hurting her much 
more.  She turned her head, not wanting to make any eye 
contact.  That was about to change now.

"Look at me slut, with your eyes open, or I'll really 
hurt you BAD!" I said loudly.  She complied, although 
the look she gave me was one of mixed fear and hate.  I 
knew it absolutely totally quintessentially killed her 
to have to stare into the man that she wanted to kill 
for treating her like this.  This was paradise!

"You don't want to be fucked?  Is that what you're 
telling me?" I asked in a serious tone.


"Yes you want to be fucked?"


"But you said yes Avril!"

"NOOOO!!!!  I meant NO!!!" pleaded Avril, her entire 
body shivering underneath me, arousing me even further.  
I sat up again and I started pulling up on her nipple 
clamps sharply, watching her small tits being pulled up 
into pointy little cones.  That got a big reaction from 
her as she cried out in obvious pain.

"Would you rather I just do this all night?  Or what 
about this???"  I then let go of the clamps, watching 
them wiggle around her jiggling tits before I started to 
slap hard against her inner thighs.  That brought some 
more agonized screams.  Man, that lung power of hers was 
harnessing the sperm in my balls to get ready for 

"You're hurting me!!" she cried as I slapped her about 
ten times on each reddening thigh before I started 
molesting her feminine treasures over her panties.  
Suddenly, Avril froze, and her body completely tensed 
up.  My fingers trailed over the cotton fabric, feeling 
every nice fleshy lump and moist groove that lay 
underneath them.  This young slut surely had a great 
pussy under her panties, it was going to be so much fun 
busting it open for her!  I thought about how many men 
would like to be in my position right about now!

"I think it's time I slide these panties down and see 
what you're hiding in there slut.  Beg me to slide them 

"Fuck you!!!" was the reply I received.  Jesus, she was 
getting profane again.  Time for some more pain!

Instantly, I sat on top of her legs and kept her from 
kicking me.  Using both hands, I grabbed a good solid 
hold of the sides of her panties, scrunching them at the 
waist band, and started to yank it up towards her head.  
Unfortunately for Avril, it was wedgie time!

"DON'TTTTTT!!!!!" cried Avril as I started yanking them 
upwards, tugging at the material as hard as I could.  
The crotch area of her tight green panties began digging 
up into her pussy lips violently, obviously causing her 
a LOT of discomfort, judging from the screams.  I loved 
watching her upper torso twisting and writhing in all 
directions, with her hands cuffed helplessly above her, 
as she struggled hopelessly to escape.  I turned back to 
see that Amanda was still watching the action with wide 
eyed interest.

"Hey Amanda, do you think I can pull these panties right 
off?" I asked her.  I didn't expect a reply, and I 
didn't get one.  From her anyway.

"Fuck OFF you fucking faggot piece of shit cocksucker 
motherfucking faggot asshole...." repeated Avril over 
and over robotically as the pain sensors in her brain 
struggled to deal with the compacting pressure her cunt 
was feeling.

Angrily, I let go of the panties, only to regrasp them, 
this time in the front and underneath her.  I started 
sawing them back and forth, wedging them even further in 
between the luscious lobes of her ass and in between her 
pussy lips.  I could see her outer lips bulging out from 
around the thin band of material between them, knowing 
her clit would be getting 'rugburned' underneath there 
as I kept sawing away.

Avril stopped swearing, and starting making 
incomprehensible noises as I tortured her sensitive 
tissues between her legs that had probably never felt 
anything like this before.  I loved the sawing action, 
despite my arms getting tired, but it was sure fun 
digging those panties up her crotch!

"Ok bitch, it's obvious they're not coming off this way, 
time for a reversal of fortune!" I stated as I quickly 
yanked them downwards, pulling them off her crotch 
completely, exposing her for the first time.

"Holy fuck!" I exclaimed excitedly! 

Avril Lavigne's pussy was unbelievably arousing!  Her 
pussy looked like that of a 12 year old's, sporting such 
tiny little lips in a long slit and with hardly any hair 
at all except for some peach fuzz over her pubic bone.  
I had to take a closer examination.

I noticed that Avril's cheeks were starting to turn red 
from sheer embarrassment and humiliation as I sat off of 
her legs and continued to yank her panties completely 
off of her.  Instantly, Avril's knees pulled up into her 
chest, and she turned over to the side in her best 
efforts to hide her pussy from me.

Stepping off the bed, I grabbed a roll of duct tape and 
began to plan the position I wanted Avril to be in.  I 
grabbed her kicking left leg, which wasn't easy with all 
of the thrashing and yelling going on.  I took her ankle 
and pushed her foot back until her heel was just 
touching her left butt cheek, resulting in her knee 
pointing straight up to the ceiling.  I began wrapping 
duct tape around and around, effectively keeping her 
left leg completely bent.  I then repeated the procedure 
on her right leg.  Perfect! 

Avril continued to cuss me out as I put my hands on her 
knees and pushed them back so that they ended up on each 
side of her breast.  This deliciously lifted her pussy 
and hips up a little off the bed, pointing directly up 
at me, giving me an even better look at her pussy and 
now her asshole too!

Talk about a set of tight holes, it was obvious that 
this rock star hadn't seen any action.

"Jesus Avril, you must not be fucking your drummer after 
all, or any of your little boy groupie fans.  Your holes 
look pretty tight to me!"

Avril clammed up as my cruel words sunk in.  I knew I 
was humiliating her past anything she had ever dreamed 
she could feel.  Her entire womanhood was simply exposed 
and vulnerable to anything I was going to do to it.  I 
had to take a closer look.

Sitting on my knees, I then bent forward, causing my ass 
to go up into the air.  It was a good thing my mastiff 
Duke wasn't in the room right now, or he'd be up on the 
bed trying to hump me, that damn dog would hump anything 
when he saw an opportunity.  I continued to hold Avril's 
bucking legs down, it really wasn't that hard as my arm 
strength was much greater than her leg strength.  I 
leaned my head downwards right towards her pussy.  Avril 
could feel my breath against her skin, causing her to 
again tighten up and cringe every muscle in her body as 
she prepared herself to be touched.

Oh man, the smell coming from her young tight pussy was 
fucking incredible!!!  Unmistakable odors of pussy juice 
wafted up to meet my nose.  I thanked God she wasn't 
menstruating this week, that would have been a horrible 
shock.  Instead, the glorious smells of Avril's juices 
hit me like a bouquet of roses.  I started salivating 
like a Pavlovian pet.

"Oh don't!!!" cried Avril as she felt my nose nudge into 
her pussy, just under her clit, and I began taking slow 
deep inhales, to smell that tight girlie juice filling 
my olfactory canals, causing my old factory between my 
legs to generate more blood to my aching cock, which was
telling my brain it was now time for action!

I had to taste her cunt too.  I stuck my tongue out and 
began licking the dry outer skin of her pussy.  Digging 
in a little ways allowed me to find that it was much 
juicier inside her tight labia.

"Hey Avril, you're like a fucking jelly doughnut, you've 
got a cream filling in your twat!"  I said excitedly as 
I continued to use my tongue to transfer more of my 
saliva up and down the length of her outer pussy lips.  
Avril shivered and bucked trying to turn herself away 
from my tongue's advances, but it was no use.  I was in 

I started sucking and vacuuming her pussy lips into my 
mouth, and started probing deeper inside her lips, 
tasting her sharp odor and licking her out.  Fuck she 
tasted good, and knowing this was THE Avril Lavigne made 
her taste even better to me.  I then tried to poke my 
tongue as far in between her pussy lips as I could.  
After another 30 seconds or so of tongue exploration, I 
sat up and licked the sweet juices from her off of my 
lips, making an overexagerated smacking sound.

"Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm, that is some fine rock star cunt 
you've got down there Avril.  Hey Amanda, want to try 
some?  I saved some for you!"

Amanda only stared back in shock, never dreaming that I 
would insinuate that she would have to touch her little 
friend on the bed with me.  I stood up and walked 
towards Amanda, who began shaking with every step I 
took.  Kneeling down on the floor in front of her spread 
legs, my face was now eye level with hers.  This was my 
first good opportunity to see Miss Amanda Bynes up 
close.  She was every bit as hot as she was on tv, but 
with a much more erotic expression of fear and horror in 
her eyes.

"You've been so good Amanda, that I am not going to hurt 
you in the same way as I did to slut-girl over there.  
You don't want me to hurt you now, do you Amanda?" I 
asked in a peaceful calm voice.  Amanda didn't verbally 
answer, all she could manage was to quickly turn her 
head back and forth in a 'no' movement.  God she 
unintentionally looked like such a bimbo doing that.  I 
expected to hear the sound of marbles rolling around 
loose in her cranium, but then I realized that marbles 
wouldn't have had any room with all that air inside her.

"That's right my little airhead.  You don't want to be 
hurt.  So don't make the same mistakes that your friend 
made, and you'll be just fine.  Of course, I can always 
find another set of nipple clamps if you want....."

"Nooooo, I'll be good!" complied Amanda eagerly.  I 
wonder if Dan Schneider, the producer of "The Amanda 
Show", ever fantasized about hearing those words coming 
out of this little angel's lips.  If I had been him, I'd 
have placed Amanda in this position a long time ago.  Oh 
well, better late than never!

"Then since you're going to be so good, I'll untie you 
now, how does that sound?"

"Yes, please," said Amanda, her voice being trembly and 
awkward, not at all the confident exuberant voice she 
displayed on cable television.

"Atta girl.  That's the spirit."

I smiled at her kindly as I started to undo her bonds.  
Once she was free, she began to rub her sore wrists, but 
she didn't look at me.  Taking her hand in mine caused 
her to flinch and pull back quickly, but when we made 
eye contact, she submissively let me pull her to the 
bed, without any fight at all.  What power I felt!  By 
seeing what I was capable of with Avril, she decided to 
let me do what I wanted!  I couldn't wait to see how far 
Amanda would go before I would have to get rough with 
her too.

"Get up on the bed Amanda, I want you to stand above 
your little friend, with one foot on either side of her 
waist." I ordered.  I started to rub my stiffened 
erection with one hand while I watched Amanda comply.

"Good girl Amanda, I certainly don't need to whip your 
tits because you are doing everything I say.  Right?"

Amanda nodded sadly as though she had given up all hope.  
Avril was pouting away underneath her.  I could see that 
the two of them had made eye contact, as if to say, 
we'll survive this.  Awwwww, how touching.  Two girls 
being such good friends.  I was going to help their 
friendship by making it evolve into something a little 
more personal.

"Ok Amanda. Now take your pants off."

"What???? But....but you said....." Amanda blurted out 
as though I had just lied to her.

"I'm not going to hurt you!  Although I will whip your 
ass the same way I whipped slut-girl's tits and legs if 
you don't do as I tell you."

As agonizing at it must have been for her, young Amanda 
Bynes began unzipping her hiphugger jeans with trembling 
but dainty fingers.  She pulled them off of her hips, 
and I moaned aloud as I saw her blue panties clinging to 
her tiny round little ass.  Amanda paused for a moment, 
and I wondered if I was going to have to give her a 
little more incentive to continue, but eventually she 
lowered her jeans and stepped out of them.

"Toss them here Amanda.  Come on."

Amanda turned and gently underhanded her jeans through 
the air, and I caught them.  Holy shit they were small, 
I don't think I could've wrapped the waist of her jeans 
around my thigh!

"Jesus Amanda, what size are you???" I asked.

"I....I'm a one two." said Amanda with a shaky nervous 

"You are so gorgeous, do you know that Amanda?  I've 
watched you on "The Amanda Show" for years.  Fuck 
Penelope Taint, I'm your number one fan babe!  Hey 
Amanda, pull your panties up a little please."

Amanda complied and pulled her panties up, straightening 
any folds in them, and contouring them perfectly along 
the globes of her tiny childlike butt cheeks.  A one 
two.  My god, how the hell do women get built that 
compact?  How the fuck are they supposed to pump babies 
out of a cunt that's squeezed into a tiny waist like 
that?  Amanda Bynes!!!!

"Ok Amanda, now the tshirt please."

At first, she started to pull the shirt up, but stopped 
just short of her boobs.  "I...I can't...." she begged.

"Amanda, you're doing so well!  Don't make me whip your 
ass until you can't sit."

Making the right decision, Amanda resumed her tshirt 
removal, pulling it over her head and her long flowing 
brown hair.  Now I knew why she didn't want to 
continue...she wasn't wearing a bra!

"Looks like your petite 32As don't need any support.  
You are one fine looking specimen of the female teenager 
Amanda.  Thin and petite, but that's why I love you." I 
gushed.  Look at her Mike, I thought to myself.  Amanda 
Bynes standing on YOUR bed, wearing nothing but a pair 
of panties, a pair of socks and a pair of white running 
shoes.  Her tiny tits resting just over a flat 
terrifically tight tummy, and an ass that could make a 
homosexual straight! 

"Now, I think Avril here has suffered quite a bit, and 
she needs to know we still love her.  I kissed her 
already, but now it's your turn to give Avril a little 
kiss Amanda, okay?"  I said, watching for her reaction.

"Don't you fucking touch me!" said Avril as she glared 
at Amanda above her.  That did it!!!

I marched towards the bed causing a frightened Amanda to 
leap off and cower into the corner of the room, her head 
buried into her hands so that she wouldn't be able to 
see or hear the pain she knew I was about to inflict 
once again on my bitchy captive.  Avril of course didn't 
have that luxury, and once again, her mouth had just 
signed a check that her ass was going to have to cash.

"You fucking bitch, I told you NEVER to speak to Amanda 
like that!  You're going to fucking pay!" I said as I 
reached her.

"Noooo!!!! I'm sorry, don't hurt me, I'll be good!" 
begged Avril, but she knew in her heart it was too late.  
She had pissed me off big time, and was going to have to 
suffer some more now!

I crawled onto the bed between her legs and pushed her 
knees up to the side of her chest again.  The way her 
feet were duct taped to her thighs, caused her feet to 
provide me with just the right amount space in between 
them to fit my body where I would be very soon.  My cock 
was proudly jutting out, ready for action!

"I'm sorry!!!!!!" cried Avril as I placed my bare cock 
directly onto her pussy lips and held it there.

"Amanda, come back here, Avril has something she would 
like to say to you." I said, as Amanda stood up and came 
over to us, crying again.

"Wipe those tears Amanda, you won't be the one who needs 
to cry in about two minutes.  Now lay on the bed beside 
Avril and look at her!" I commanded.  Amanda did as she 
was told and as the two girls continued to cry, I forced 
Avril to apologize.

"I...I'm sorry Amanda."

"It's okay, please don't cry, you're making me cry." 
said Amanda touchingly.

"Awwww, you two made up.  Give her a kiss Amanda to show 
her you forgive her."

I watched as Amanda leaned in, her face puckered at the 
thought of, heaven forbid, kissing another girl, but she 
did it!  Amanda gave Avril a little peck on the lips!  
Avril didn't seem to like it either.  How adorable!

"That's not much of a kiss, let's see some tongue action 
girls!" I said as my cock began dripping precum over 
Avril's exposed pussy, and I started moving it up and 
down her still moist slit.  That started Avril to begin 
kissing Amanda back more passionately, as though that 
was going to stop her from being raped!  Heh heh.  Yeah.

"Don't forget the tongue....."

Sure enough, both girls forced their tongues out and 
darted them around with each other.  It was totally 
erotic, despite the fact that both of them were 
humiliated beyond belief.  I watched them for five 
minutes straight.  Everytime one of them turned towards 
me to see if they could stop, I simply grimaced, and 
they immediately went back to the licking and kissing.  
Saliva was everywhere as the insides of both girls' 
mouths were wet.  It was a beautiful sight to behold.

"Ok girls, that's enough.  Amanda, take those nipple 
clamps off of Avril's tits, they've been on for quite a 
while now."

Thinking that would help Avril feel better, Amanda 
immediately removed the clips, only to hear Avril cry 
out from the building pain of the blood rushing back to 
the areas of flesh that had been restricted for so long.  
I loved looking at Avril's still flattened nipples 
slowly regaining their shape as the blood began filling 
them up in what had to be a most painful process.

Amanda seemed to be confused as she watched Avril's 
painful reaction.

"It hurts!!! Make it stop!!!" cried Avril.

"You think that hurts bitch?  You haven't seen anything 
yet!  But Amanda's going to see it close up." I laughed.  
"Amanda, get your head over here, I want you to watch 
Avril lose her virginity up close.  It's going to be 

"I don't want to!" said Amanda in the cutest little girl 
voice possible.

"Don't get all Moody on me Amanda, or I'll have to make 
a Point of doing this to you too!" I replied as Amanda 
knew she had to do whatever I wanted, because it was I 
that was in control of her life now.  Total control.

Amanda leaned in to see what I was about to do.  But I 
wanted more from her.

"Now Amanda, I want you to hold Avril's slutty little 
pussy lips open for me, this is going to be a tight 

"NOOO!!!!  Don't rape me!!!!  I'm not on the pill!!!  
Let me suck you!!!!  I'll suck your cock!!!!  Please!!!" 
cried Avril.  Wow!  The things young girls will do for 
you if they really want to.  It's amazing.

"You'll suck me off huh?  Well I would have let you 
before my dear little cunt, but your filthy language has 
made that impossible.  Why would I want to shove my cock 
into such a dirty hole?  This one's much cleaner!" I 
said as I rubbed my cock around Avril's tiny pussy lips.

How in the hell was I going to get my cock inside her I 
wondered.  Her pussy seemed so small and girlish.  Avril 
would certainly be the tightest squeeze my eager cock 
has ever found its way into to date.  I knew Amanda 
would be tighter though.  It was going to be fun finding 

As Avril continued to beg and make me some interesting 
offers, I stuck with the task at hand, and focused my 
instructions at Amanda.

"Now Amanda, lean in really close and don't you DARE 
pull your head away at ANY time, or I'll simply take my 
cock out of Avril's twat and cram it into YOURS!  If you 
obey me, I won't rape you.  I'll simply keep you as my 
raping sidekick as we fuck the shit out of our little 
sex toy we have here, understand?"

Amanda nodded quickly, again with the airhead head 
movements.  So adorable!  Of course, she didn't need to 
know that I had just lied to her, after all, Amanda was 
the one I really wanted to fuck, Avril just happened to 
be my entree!

Yes, life was good right now!

"Now hold her pussy lips open so I can shove my cock 
into her.  Hold on tight Amanda, you're going to hear a 
new kind of music coming out of Miss Lavigne's mouth in 
just a few seconds."

Amanda's trembling hands did as they were told, and she 
pulled Avril's labia apart.  I shuddered as I watched 
Amanda looking at the tiny hole of Avril's vagina 
peeking open, barely.  Her piss hole was also visible as 
was her little clit hood.  I horked a gob of spit into 
my hand and started to lather up my long awaiting cock.  
The images in front of me would be burned into my mind 
forever.  Even if I went to jail for 100 years for this, 
nothing would ever be able to take away the memories of 
this moment.  Celebrity copulation.  I felt like ol' 
Leonardo on the tip of the Titanic.  Except I wouldn't 
be plunging into anything even remotely chilly.  This 
was going to be a much warmer adventure.  Heh heh.

Pushing forward a little bit caused a gasp from Avril's 
lips as she stopped begging, and must have resigned 
herself to what was about to happen.

"Ok this!!!!!"

And on the word this, I shoved my hips forward, and 
popped the head of my cock inside that tight little hole 
between Avril Lavigne's legs that millions of men had 
dreamed of popping themselves.

And the resulting shriek which came milliseconds 

Avril shouted out as though she had just lost her best 
friend.  Well, in a way she was.  Avril's cherry was 
about to go!  Now for some humiliation time....

"Man Avril, your pussy rocks!!!!  You are so fucking 
TIGHT!" I said, trying to keep my voice as normalized as 
possible, but I couldn't help but hide my excitement.

My cock head was just resting so snuggly one inch past 
her cunt sphincter.  I could feel Avril's body heat 
around it.  Seeing Amanda's fingers still holding 
Avril's lips open was so erotic.  I had to hold Avril's 
legs from kicking, but it was easy, I had great 

"What do you think Amanda, do you think I should go in a 
bit more?" I taunted.  Amanda closed her eyes but when I 
raised my voice, she opened them up again as I forced 
her to watch the intimate details going on between 
Avril's and my sex organs.  Of course my sex organs were 
giving me a lot of pleasure right now and hers seemed to 
be giving her a bit too much pain.

"OHHHHH GODDDDDDD it hurts!!!!" Avril started shouting, 
"Take it out please!!!!! You're killing me!!!"

I started laughing, I was only in the bitch all of one 
inch!  She had no idea what pain really was.

But she was about to find out.  :)

"Ok Avril, I'm just going to push in one more inch, and 
then I'll stop again." I said as I gently nudged my hips 
forward, but not enough to actually push farther past 
her tight hole opening.  I moved my hips back and forth 
a fraction of an inch, feeling her young body shaking 
and contracting underneath me.

"Remember Amanda, you move, you LOSE!  Got it?" I asked 
her.  She nodded her head, not daring to move!

Now came the fun part....

With one big huge sudden thrust, I literally SLAMMED my 
hips forward, burying all 6 inches of cock inside Avril 
in one massive movement!  (What about the other 2 inches 
you ask?  Well they unfortunately remained outside as my 
cock head slammed against Avril's cervix, denying them 
entry....I suppose Avril's pussy is two inches too 

"AGGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Avril in 
immense pain!  Nothing could have prepared either Amanda 
or I for that shrill screeching sound that emanated from 
her pouty red lips.  With my cock totally buried 6 
inches inside the slutty popstar, I felt totally 
victorious!  I felt like singing!  And what more 
appropriate song than one from Miss Lavigne's own 
collection.  She does write her own songs you know, so I 
thought I would pay her a nice homage while I stretched 
open her sore swollen pussy walls further than she ever 
imagined was humanely possible.

"I'm just a boy, you're just a girl, can I make this any 
more obvious!  I am in love, haven't you heard, how I 
just rocked your little world!" I sang obnoxiously, 
rubbing victory salt into her bitter little wounds.

With as sudden a movement as I had used to slam into the 
pussy below me, I yanked my cock out of her just as 
brutally, causing Avril to scream again.  Damn it was 
cold out here, I thought to myself as the colder room 
temperature air hit my cock.

Amanda seemed to be in shock.  Avril's punished pussy 
quickly closed up, looking as tight as it had before I 
plowed 200 pounds of male flesh through it.  But I knew 
that inside, that sk8er girl was smarting.  Damn, I 
wasn't a woman, but I just knew that her pussy had to 
hurt.  Shit, I didn't think I was going to get in there 
on one thrust.  Oh well, the hell with her feelings, my 
cock wanted back IN! 

"Keep the slut open Amanda, I'm going back in for 
seconds!" I said gleefully.

"NoOOOOO!!!!!!  NO MORE!!!!!! YOU'LL KILL ME!!!! YOU'RE 
TOO BIG!!!!" begged Avril over and over as tears 
streamed down the sides of her cheeks.  I ignored her 
pleas, and simply inserted the first inch of my cock 
back inside her hole.  Strange, but it seemed tighter 
this time.  Could it be her painfully swelling pussy 
tissues reacting from my first thrust?  Her cunt muscles 
clenching in a desire to prevent a repeat performance?  
Involuntary muscle spasms?  Ahhh, who cared.  Physiology 
wasn't my strong course in university.

"Ahhh, that feels nice.  Ok Avril, I'll go more slowly 
this time.  Well, on second thought, nahhhh."

SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another major 200 pound 
thrust and I was again inside of her as far as I could 
go, pounding the back of Avril's pussy, jarring her into 
another loud scream, and this time with more colorful 

NONONONONOOOOO" screamed Avril.  I liked this howling 
better than her album.

"Mmmmmm, you're so fucking tight you little slut, you 
fucking pop star musical fuck toy.  You were born to 
fuck Avril, your body was simply made for shoving cocks 
inside it!" I taunted.

Tiring of her screaming, I commanded Amanda to start 
kissing her again, but now I wanted her to go on her 
hands and knees, with her ass pointed towards me as much 
as possible.  Amanda did just that, and I had to force 
her to take her long flowing hair out of the way so I 
could actually see the kiss.  I now had the perfect view 
of some nice teen lesbo kissing (even though Avril was 
NOT kissing Amanda back!) and a view of Amanda's panty 
covered butt sticking up in the air!

"Kiss her faster Amanda, don't let her turn her head on 
you!" I instructed as I reveled in Avril's outrageously 
tight wet pussy.  God it felt GREAT!

I slowly started pulling out, watching how Avril's inner 
pussy lips were being pulled away from her body, in a 
frantic grasp to keep my thick cock buried inside her.  
My cock had a nice sheen of pussy juice on it, and a 
small trace of pink on it, probably a bit of blood from 
a resulting tear of Avril's pussy getting battered 
twice.  Once the head of my cock was just in one inch, I 
slammed back inside the 5 inches with a groan.  Avril 
screamed into Amanda's mouth, but Amanda was doing a 
good job of following orders, and she muffled the kiss 

I started pinching Avril's nipples again in my fingers, 
knowing how swollen and puffy they were from their 
earlier abuse.  It was neat.  Everytime I twisted or 
squished her nipples exceptionally hard, her pussy 
muscles would convulse and twitch around my cock.  Hey, 
maybe Avril was tutoring me in the physiology I was 
missing!  What a sweet girl.

I pulled out 5 inches, then slammed in 5 inches, 
repeating the process over and over and over and over.  
My hips were moving at a faster pace as I started 
totally fucking Miss Lavigne.  Fucking was an 
understatement, I was pounding the living shit out of 
this slut.  Her pussy must be on fire from the pain I 
was inflicting on it.  Good, the cunt deserved it for 
being so bitchy.

"Hey Avril, just think, I'm the guy that popped your 
cherry!  I'm famous!  You'll never be a virgin again!  
Sorry Avril.  Sucks to be you!" I said merrily as I 
continued to pump her tight little pussy.

I started stretching her out even more by pulling out 
and pushing in at different angles.  My cock was so 
engorged and hard that it had zero give to it, so the 
only thing being punished was the inside of Avril's 
slippery pussy walls.  Imagine, 18 years of nothing 
inside it, and now 5 minutes of thoroughly abusive 

Avril still thrashed sexily underneath me as I pumped 
her harder and harder, never able to get my full cock 
into her, but it felt great nonetheless.

The funny thing was, I was staring now very intently at 
Amanda's rear end, fantasizing that I was fucking her 
instead!  I was using Avril's cunt as a masturbatory 
tool for my true desire!  Poor Avril.  Oh well, I 
thought as I drove into her in a particularly violent 
thrust, causing her to emit a loud ughhhhhhh sound.  It 
sounded so erotic, that I kept thrusting as hard as I 
could, trying to recapture that noise from the slut's 
body, managing to do so every 10 thrusts or so.

After 10 more minutes of solid pussy abuse, I was ready 
to blow a load of sperm I had been saving up for so 
long.  The question was where to put it?  I thought I 
should be a gentleman and ask Avril.  She should have 
some input in this, since it was her that I was 
inputting into.

"Hey Avril, your cunt is so fucking tight that I'm going 
to have to fill it with my little wiggly sperms.  Do you 
mind?"  I smiled.

"MMMPHHHHH!!!!" Avril said through Amanda's mouth.  I 
took that to mean, 'sure Mike, I want you to fill my 
cunt with a load full of cum!'  But just to be sure...

"Hey Amanda, lay off the lesbo stuff.  Let her talk!" I 
said as I refrained from pumping for a moment, buried 
deep inside her.  Pushing Amanda aside, I leant over 
Avril, and grabbed her by the hair, holding her so that 
her face was staring directly into mine.  There was that 
look of hate again!!!  Wow, was she mad!  Holy cow, she 
was steaming!!!

"Hi Avril, having fun?" I asked so sarcastically that I 
must have snapped a nerve inside her as she exploded.

"You motherfucking cocksucker I'm going to KILL 
YOU!!!!!" Avril screamed at the top of her lungs.

Boy was I glad her hands were locked up at the 
headboard, I think she wanted to do something terrible 
to me.  Oh well.

I gave her another couple of wicked thrusts while still 
holding her head, and staring into her eyes.  She gasped 
and winced.

"Oh yeah?  You're going to kill me huh?"

WHAM!!!!  SLAM!!!!  THUD!!!

I made eye contact again after those.

"Your pussy's so fucking tight Avril but it won't be for 
long!  I'm going to make sure I ruin it for you bitch.  
I'm going to cram it full of big dildos and sex toys, 
I'm going to make your hole as big and gaping as your 
fucking face hole, what do you think about that slut?" I 
said in the same condescending annoying tone as before, 
it drove her crazy!

"You fucking bastard!!!!!  I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE 
YOU!!!" Avril started to repeat over and over as she 
began crying again.  I think she realized that she 
wasn't the one with the power here.


Some more heavy thrusts now as I felt my sperm load 
ready to go!

"Ok slut, I'm gonna pump half my boys inside your 
soaking hot sperm container known as your pussy, and the 
rest of it is going somewhere else!"  I now turned to 
Amanda again, who sat catatonically watching us.

"Amanda, hold your hands out for me, you're going to be 
catching some of my sperm in them!" I said and sure 
enough, out came the hands.  She cupped them together so 
adorably, it was so cute.

"Atta girl."  Another series of sharp jabs into Miss 
Lavigne followed.  "Ok slut, now you'll be wishing you 
had been on that pill!" I said as I unleashed a torrid 
flood of white goopy semen deep inside Avril's pussy, 
making sure she knew I was doing it.

YOUR CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" I yelled as I gritted my 
teeth, and mashed the back of my penis head as hard 
inside Avril's pussy as I could, feeling my balls 
pumping their contents out inside her.

On the second pump, I withdrew my cock, feeling myself 
releasing more cum all the way through her clenching 
pussy tunnel.  When my cock fully emerged, more cum 
splashed out all over her pussy lips and her asshole, 
some even made it to her bellybutton!  Fuck it felt 

"Oh yeah, this is GREAT!!!!!  I LOVE IT!" I said hoping 
Avril would hate my happiness even more.  I aimed my 
cock into Amanda's hands, and dumped several more loads 
of hot white sticky semen into them, holding her wrists 
to make sure she didn't move.

"Fuck me, you're a mess Avril, my sperms are leaking out 
of you like a faucet!  Geez, I really dumped a lot in 
you!  Do you feel them swimming inside you?  Do you feel 
my cum coating your pussy walls?  You really are a slut 
letting a man do that to you!  Hey, maybe you'll have my 
baby now!!!  Just like the girl in your song that you 
stole the skater boy from!  Isn't it ironic!  Dontcha 
think?  A little too ironic?  Yeah, I really do think.  
Oops, my mistake, that's not your song, that belongs to 
another female singer from Canada, but one that actually 
has talent and can actually sing.  You're just a skater 
slut.  A fucking zero, a nobody.  And you're kind of 
ugly too, your nose is kind of too big for your 

....and on and on I went, trying to say the most 
demeaning and humiliating things I could to Avril, 
trying to give her the full experience of knowing what 
rape was all about.  Now that the verbal humiliation was 
over, it was time for some more physical stuff.

I jammed my finger inside Avril's remarkably tight pussy 
(geez, I was going to have to use my monster 3 inch 
thick dildo to bust this hole open!) and felt around for 
my sperm.  Yep, she was soaked in it; it was everywhere 
inside her.  Yuck.

Pulling my finger out, I made a grimacy face as I made 
her look at me again.

"Yuck, look how gross you are down there between your 
legs Avril.  You're filthy.  And so is my finger.  I 
think you should clean it off for me."

I then took my time to wipe my goopy finger off all over 
her candy-lipstick coated lips and tongue.  She squirmed 
and tried to twist her head and close her mouth, but I 
managed to transfer all of my sperm to her face.  I then 
reached back down for seconds, and repeated the 

"Atta girl, you filthy whore!  Suck that sperm down your 
throat, let's cover your lips and your tongue with it.  
I know you want it, slut that you are!"

I then wiped up all the sperm from her tummy and smeared 
that all over her lips, cheeks, chin, nose and hair.  
Man, she had sperm everywhere!  I wondered what drying 
caked-on sperm would look like in an hour or so.  It 
would be fun finding out!  Avril HATED me putting my cum 
all over her face and hair, it was so degrading for her, 
but I wasn't finished.

I reached down and felt her sperm soaked asshole with my 
finger and I jammed a finger three inches into it!  Man 
did she let out a howl!

"FUCK YOU!!!!!!" she said as she felt my finger swirling 
around inside her asshole.  When I pulled it out, I 
brought it to my nose and smelled it.  It smelled like a 
mixture of cum and the faint smell of what the inside of 
an ass probably smells like.

"Ewww, my finger's all slimy and gross.  You better lick 
this off too you slut, after all it's your sperm and 
your ass coating that's on it."

I smiled from ear to ear as I wiped my slimed finger off 
on her tongue and lips, while clenching her jaw with my 
other hand to make sure she didn't bite me.  I almost 
forgot, Amanda had a ton of sperm in her hands!

"Ok Avril, had enough?" I asked and then waited for a 
response.  I didn't have to wait long at all.

"YOU FUCKING FAGGOT FUCK YOU!!!" said Avril robotically.  
I knew she was defeated, exhausted, sore, degraded, and 
furious all at the same time.  So of course, I wanted to 
make it even worse.

Grabbing Amanda's hands, I smeared the heavy globs of my 
sticky cum all over Avril's face, God it was a mess!!!!  
Sperm was everywhere, and Avril looked like the 
sluttiest singer around.  It literally covered her face, 
lips and tongue in slimy globs and drops.

"Ok Amanda, stick a finger into her pussy and then feed 
her as much of my sperm as you can, I need a break!" I 
said as I stood up and stretched, feeling my pussy juice 
coated cock finally subsiding now.  He'd be ready for 
more action in no time!

As I watched Amanda feeding more sperm into Avril's 
mouth, and Avril angrily accepting it, I reached into my 
sex toy bag and tried to decide what size of dildo would 
be appropriate to cram up Avril's swollen reddened 
pussy, as I knew that she would miss not having me in 
there for a while.  I finally selected a fake penis made 
of hard rubber that was about 6 inches long and that was 
2 1/4 inches in diameter.  It also had a set of straps 
so that some dyke could strap it around her waist as 
though she had a real cock in front of her!  Perfect!

I walked back to the girls and knelt on the floor by the 
side of the bed, watching as Amanda and Avril quickened 
their cum transferring act, afraid of what I might do if 
they stopped.

"That was fun Avril, but I know you want more practice 
at sex, seeing as you're so new to it, so guess what I'm 
going to do...."

"FUCK OFF AND DIE!" said Avril smarmily.  I loved her 

"Good guess, but nope.  I'm going to let you get fucked 
by this!!" and quickly I held up the large dildo in 
front of her face, and watched as her eyes bulged open 
in shock.

"No!!!!!  Oh God no more!!!  I'm sorry!" she answered as 
I could tell that the last thing she wanted was anything 
else in between her legs, let alone the monster sex toy 
I was wagging in front of her.

"Typical slut, here come the apologies again.  Well 
guess what Avril dear, it gets even better!  I'm not 
going to be fucking you with it, good ol' Amanda here is 
going to be getting the honors.  Isn't that nice?"

"W....what?" Amanda asked with fear.

"Look Amanda!" I explained eagerly, "You can wear this, 
and then you end up getting a cock all your own.  Isn't 
that exciting??  You used to fuck people all the time 
when you played Judge Trudy on "The Amanda Show", and 
now you get to do it for real!"

"No, oh no, I....I can't....I don't want to hurt her, 
you really hurt her!!" Amanda begged, but of course, her 
pleadings fell on deaf ears.

"You don't have to thank me dear, I want to give this 
gift to you.  Put it on!"

I handed the strap-on dildo forcefully to her, and I 
could almost see her heart literally sinking as she knew 
she didn't have a choice.  As she began buckling the 
strap-on cock onto her hips, over her panties, she began 
to apologize to her fucked out friend.

"I...I'm really sorry Avril, you know I don't want to do 
this to you!" said Amanda as she finished buckling the 
cock holder around her size 1 waist.

"I fucking hate him!!! Fuck!!!" spat out Avril as she 
watched in fear as Amanda finished putting on the strap-
on.  Oh my God she looked so hilarious!  Here was this 
less than 100 pound teenage girl, totally feminine in 
every way, sporting a large 2 1/4 inch thick cock in 
front of her!  I had to stop myself from laughing at how 
ridiculous she looked!

"Wow Amanda, look at the size of your cock!  Mine's 
longer, but yours is thicker.  Avril's gonna love this!" 
I taunted as I told Amanda to kneel down and start 
fucking the shit out of Avril's pussy with that huge 
dildo in the missionary position.

It took a bit of time, but finally, Amanda maneuvered 
herself into a position where it was possible for her to 
start fucking Avril.  I knelt in close to watch the 
penetration.  I wanted a front row seat of this huge 
thick rubber dildo forcing its way down Avril's already 
punished and leaking twat.  Fuck yeah!  I wanted to see 
that pussy spread big time! 

"Okay Amanda, start fucking the shit out of her!" I 
exclaimed excitedly.  Amanda leaned forward, but as soon 
as she made contact with the dildo to the tips of 
Avril's puffy pussy lips, Avril screamed NOOOOOOO and 
started trying to twist her hips away.

"Don't worry Amanda dear," I coached, "Once you force 
that fucking dildo inside this cum filled slut, you'll 
have pinned her to the bed, and then she won't be able 
to buck you off."

Suddenly an inspiration struck me!  I tore off the duct 
tape (causing painful screams) from Avril's legs, and I 
wrapped them around Amanda's waist.  I used rope to 
Avril's feet together, thus preventing Amanda or Avril 
from coming apart too easily.  I liked bringing good 
friends closer together.  :)

"Now Amanda, start fucking!" I said, but Amanda just had 
a hard time bringing herself to doing it.

"Please mister, can't you see that she's in pain!  You 
raped her, she's really hurting!" said Amanda, her voice 
sounding braver now.  No wonder, she wasn't the one 
being fucked and raped.


"Ok Amanda, you leave me no choice." I said as I picked 
up the leather flogger again.  "If I feel that you are 
not giving your entire effort into fucking Avril's tight 
slutty hole, I'm going to start whipping your little 
ass, and I don't want to have to do that!"

That incentive seemed to work, almost too well!! 

I burst out laughing as Amanda, without any foreplay at 
all, just jammed that rubber dildo half way into Avril's 
swollen shut pussy just like I had!  Oh my God, the look 
on poor sweet innocent Amanda's face was priceless as 
she watched Avril scream out in agonizing pain!  I don't 
think she realized how hard she had pushed, but when she 
tried to pull back, I simply slammed the flogger over 
Amanda's tight little ass!

"OWWWWWIEEEEE" cried the sexy teenager as she humped 
forward to get away from the pain of my whip, now 
causing Avril to scream out as the dildo pushed further 
into her totally unbearably painful pussy.

"Fuck you Amanda!!! Take it out of me you bitch!!!" 
cried Avril.  Poor girl.  She just earned herself 
another visit with the nipple clamps.

Acting quickly, I reattached the clamps, much to Avril's 
horror, but this time, once they were on, I connected a 
chain that ran from the end of one clip, around Amanda's 
back, and then I attached it to the other clip.  Now, 
everytime Amanda pulled out, it caused a painful pulling 
and tugging of Avril's red swollen nipples!

"NOOOOOO!!!!" cried Avril as Amanda pulled the dildo out 
almost all the way from her clutching pussy lips.  This 
of course resulted in her nipples being cruelly yanked 
until Amanda pushed forward again, easing the tension in 
the chain tugging Avril's nipples, but sending her into 
screams of agony from the thick dildo reaming out her 
tiny tight little pussy!

"Too bad Avril, you're in for one painful fuck.  I'm 
glad I'm not you, and I'm sure Amanda is too!  Ha ha 
ha!!!" I laughed.  Avril didn't laugh back, so I suppose 
I'm the only one who found my joke to be funny.  Oh 
well, I was starving, it was time to think about dinner!

"I'm going to go into the kitchen now and make us 
something to eat, I think we all worked up a healthy 
appetite so far tonight, wouldn't you agree girls?  And 
the night is still young, we have so much more to do 
tonight!" I said cheerfully.

I watched as the indecent but erotic forced-lesbianism 
took place on the bed.  Amanda was slowly pushing and 
pulling the dildo in and out of Avril's poor pussy, and 
was trying so hard not to cause her too much pain in her 
nipples by pulling out too far.  I didn't like the pace 
Amanda was setting so I decided to say something.

"AMANDA!  Do you want your ass whipped again?  Fuck the 
slut HARD!  NOW!!!"

This was the first time of the night that I had truly 
raised my voice to Amanda at that level and I think it 
scared her to the core.  Instantly, she began fucking 
Avril like lightning, pumping that cock in and out a the 
rate of about 60 pumps a minute.  Now that was a good 
pace, that was as good as I could do!  Of course, this 
meant that Avril's nipples and pussy would get a more 
brutal torture out of this.  Serves the slut right for 
being so damned high and mighty.  What an arrogant 
little bitch.

"Atta girl!  That's the spirit, just like that Amanda, 
don't you DARE stop fucking her or slow down in any 
way!" I warned happily.

Both girls were now sweating profusely from their heavy 
labor.  Poor Avril was getting her precious little pussy 
reamed silly by Amanda's monster cock.  No mercy, just 
two little celebrity fuck bunnies humping away.  And on 
my bed!  Yes, I deserved some food!

"I'll be watching you!  Don't forget!" I reminded them 
as I opened the door to the kitchen and stepped inside.  
I could watch most of the action from inside the kitchen 
as I popped a nice big frozen pizza into the oven for 
Amanda and I to eat later.  I then opened up a nice big 
600 mL can of dog food for Avril, dumping it inside a 
huge doggy bowl.  I didn't think Duke would mind sharing 
his food with her.  After all, she was a bitch.

There, I thought.  The cold mushy dog food for Avril is 
ready now, and the nice pepperoni, mushroom and green 
pepper pizza will be ready for Amanda and I in about 
half an hour.  Now what should we have to drink?

I opened the fridge and took out a Budweiser for myself.  
I decided that I would leave Amanda's diet Coke in the 
fridge for now so that she could enjoy it nice and cold 
while eating her pizza.  Now, what should I get Avril to 

Holding my flaccid penis, I aimed it at the bowl of 
dogfood and began to piss all over it.  I watched as my 
hot steamy urine began soaking through the dog food and 
filling the bowl.  Once the level of piss almost reached 
the rim, I didn't want it to overflow so I grabbed a 
glass and filled it up with the rest of my piss.  There, 
by the time the girls were done fucking, and the pizza 
was ready, Avril's urine, or should I say my urine, 
would be nice and cool, to match the dog food.  Gosh 
Mike, I thought, you're such a thoughtful guy.  
Nothing's too good for your guests.

As I returned to the bedroom, I saw Avril begging Amanda 
to stop fucking her, and Amanda replying over and over 
again how sorry she was.  However, Amanda was brutally 
pounding Avril's little ass into the sheets beneath her, 
driving that dildo home into what I hoped would be a 
stretched open gaping hole, formerly known as the pussy 
Avril refused to give to anyone.

The girls noticed me again, and it caused Amanda to 
increase her fucking motions, not wanting to get whipped 
again by my flogger.  Amanda learned quickly, maybe she 
wasn't the airhead I thought she was after all.

I sat on the bed beside both of the girls, and watched 
the lewd lesbian love show from all angles, loving how 
that massive dildo looked being ripped and shoved in and 
out of Avril's cunt.  I even stuck one of my fingers up 
Avril's tight crinkled asshole so I could feel the dildo 
moving in and out.  Wow, that was so neat how I could 
feel every little ridge from the fake veins on the dildo 
moving in and out, through Avril's rectal walls.  That 
really was a thin membrane separating a girl's pussy and 
ass chutes.  I wondered if I should try shoving my 
fingers up both holes to see if they could feel each 
other!  That would be a great scientific experiment.  
And then what if I jammed my entire hands up a pussy and 
an asshole, would I be able to tap my fingers together?  
Thankfully Avril provided the young teenage body with 
which I could try.  What a sweetheart.  I just knew she 
would enjoy helping me with that, as I pulled my finger 
from her asshole and made Avril suck it off again.

I then sat down on a chair I pulled up next to the bed, 
and sipped my Bud.  Now I could relax for a half hour 
until the pizza was ready, and just enjoy the show!  But 
before I could sit, there was one last bit of business 
to take care of.

"Girls, you're doing just fabulous, keep up that pace, 
dinner will be ready in half an hour.  While I'm 
waiting, and you're fucking each other, I thought we 
could listen to a little music, what do you think?"

I didn't receive any response, but then I knew that they 
were pretty busy with each other so I forgave them.  
Turning on my stereo, I decided that I had the perfect 
choice for the music I wanted to play.  Avril Lavigne's 
album "Let Go"!

I wondered if Avril would appreciate my choice in music 
at this exact moment.  I turned up the volume extra loud 
as the pizza cooked in the other room, and I sat down to 
enjoy the spectacular view in front of me.

Avril continued to cry and yell as her humiliation 
increased from Amanda fucking her horribly sore pussy 
and her own words coming to her ears from my stereo.....

"Chill out, whatcha yelling for....lay back, it's all 
been done before..............."


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,




Chapter 3

Sipping my ice cold Budweiser and listening to the 
wonderful sounds of a creaking bed, squelching pussy 
noises, and little moans and whimpers, made me happy.  
Yes, i was in heaven.  Life didn't get better than this.

For about 20 minutes, I watched little Amanda Bynes 
reluctantly ramming her strap-on in and out of Avril 
Lavigne's by now sore and swollen pussy.  Both girls had 
their eyes closed, and neither of them seemed to be 
giving any indication that they were enjoying it.  
Especially Avril.  She had her face all clenched up like 
a weightlifter lifting weights.  Poor thing.

Speaking of poor things, my ears were going to fall off 
my head if I had to hear any more of Avril's CD.  She 
really wasn't that talented of a musician if you sat 
down and listened to her songs.  Standing up, I popped 
the CD out and threw it in the garbage.

"That's enough of that!  Man Avril, your music stinks." 
I said loud enough that she could hear.  Just the sound 
of my voice sparked Amanda to start pumping the strap-on 
dildo faster in and out of Avril's twat.  She must 
really be afraid of not following orders, I thought, 
after all, she had been the perfect little model of 

"I'd better check on our dinner now!  Keep on fucking 
that slag Amanda, I'll be right back" I said as I walked 
into the kitchen to see that the pizza was almost done 
to perfection.  Avril's 'dog-food-delight' had been 
ready for a long time!  Man, I was going to have fun 
watching her get that piss laced slime going down her 

Taking the pizza out of the oven, I brought it and two 
plates, and two of the drinks into the bedroom.  I left 
the dog food bowl and Avril's glass of cold piss on the 

"Girls, dinner is served!  I don't know about you both, 
but I'm starving!  Amanda, you can cease fucking the 
slut under you and get her arms and ankles undone.  And 
take those clamps off, I'm sure that Avril's learned her 
lesson about what happens when orders aren't followed 
around here, right Avril?"

No answer, as Amanda carefully and slowly pulled the wet 
juicy dildo out of Avril's red gaping twat, not wanting 
to hurt her any more than she already had.  And by 
gaping, I meant relatively gaping.  You could see that 
her outer labia was totally red and puffy, and that her 
young hole was opened about the size of an oblong 
quarter.  But it was a gape nonetheless.

Avril screamed as the clamps were removed from her 
glowing and squished nipples.  Once Amanda had her hands 
free, they instantly went to her nipples, trying to 
prevent the burning pain of the pent-up blood from 
rushing back into them, but it was no use.  Amanda 
slowly wiggled out from in between Avril's legs, and I 
watched as she undid the ropes that held Avril's ankles 

"Ok girls, it's dinner time, but first, I have to remind 
you both of an important rule in this house."

Standing up, I walked right up to Avril, slapped her 
hard across the face, and easily placed her kicking 
writhing body across my lap.  Amanda cowered onto the 
floor in fear, as she watched me slam my hand down onto 
Avril's still sore ass cheeks.  I spanked her tight 
little ass 20 times, while saying aloud:

"This is a reminder that I can dish out pain anytime I 
want, and this isn't even severe pain, it can get worse.  
All I expect from you both is full and total 
cooperation.  If you do exactly what I tell you, then 
you won't have to suffer any additional pain, because 
believe me girls, you'll be doing what I want anyway, so 
why make it worse on yourselves?"

Following Avril's spanking, I stood up, causing her limp 
body to fall to the carpeted floor with a thud.  I stood 
up and went back to the food.

"Ok girls, let's eat!  Doesn't this pizza smell good?"

Both girls nodded, I knew they would be starving as they 
hadn't eaten for so many hours.  Neither of them moved 
from their spots though...Amanda on the bed, and Avril 
kneeling up slowly on the floor, her ass stinging.

"Good!  Now Amanda, here's a nice big piece of pizza for 
you." I said as I handed a nice slice over to her.  
Instantly, she started nibbling on the end of it, 
letting her stomach dictate her actions.

"Is it good?" I asked Amanda, who slowly nodded as she 

I picked up a piece and took a bite out of it.  Mmmmm, 
it was good!  I'd have to buy that brand of frozen pizza 
more often.

"Here's a diet coke for you Amanda, I didn't want to 
give you a beer because you're underage and that would 
be illegal."  I chuckled to myself, thinking 'Yeah, as 
if kidnapping and rape wasn't illegal.'

"Thank you." said Amanda quietly as she took a sip of 
her diet coke.  What polite manners she had!

Avril watched us eating for a few moments, still rubbing 
her sore nipples and pussy.  Her head went back and 
forth, watching us, and I waited to see how she would 
react to the fact that we were eating and she wasn't.  
When her dainty little hand reached forward to the pizza 
box I had set on the floor in front of us, I quickly 
slapped her hand, causing her to retract it so quickly, 

"Did I say you could take a piece slut?" I asked her 
with a stern look on my face.  She didn't answer, and 
just sat there.

"Are you hungry?  Will you eat?" I asked.  Without 
wanting to look into the eyes of the man who had just 
brutally raped her virginity away, Avril nodded.  I knew 
she was starving.

"Ok then.  Hang on and I'll go and get you your dinner.  
I forgot it in the kitchen.  Now don't you dare touch 
that pizza Avril!  Amanda, you can have another slice if 
you want."

"Thank you." said Amanda as she eagerly grabbed another 
piece after gulping down another sip of diet coke.  
Avril looked over at Amanda with a look of disgust, but 
Amanda was too busy feeding her appetite to even notice.

I returned with the dogfood bowl in one hand and the 
glass of piss in the other.  Avril's eyes widened when 
she saw me holding the bowl in the cutest way.  And she 
didn't even know the contents of it yet!

"Since you're kind of ugly Avril, I thought you should 
be eating your meal from a dog food bowl.  Here you go!" 
I said as I placed it on the floor, just in front of 
her.  Her eyes looked down and she caught the wafting 
odor of the horrible smelling canned dog food.  She 
recognized immediately what it was, but I don't think 
she knew that it was more than just dog food...that it 
had my urine soaking through it!

"Well?" I said as I took another bite of pizza.  "What 
the fuck are you waiting for?  You said you were hungry!  
Eat!!  That's some premium dog food there.  My dog Duke 
loves it!"

Avril held her knees up to her chest and grabbed her 
wrists over her shins, shaking her head back and forth.

"There is no fucking way I'm eating that shit!" she said 

I was not in the mood for playing games.

"Do I have to remind you that I can make your life a 
living hell bitch?  NOW EAT IT!!!"

"NO!!!!!" shouted Avril as she looked at me, then 
quickly looked down at her knees.  Time for some action 
I see.

I stood up and before Avril even had a chance to react, 
I pushed her knees down until her legs were flat, and i 
kneeled over them, sitting down on her knees.  She was 
already afraid, as I pinned both of her wrists together 
with one hand, and lifted them up over her head.  I 
reached forward and grabbed her left nipple in my hand 
and squished it in my fingers as hard as I humanly 
could.  Avril screamed, causing Amanda to drop her pizza 
and place her hands over her ears, not wanting to listen 
to something so bloodcurdling.

"I told you BITCH that you are GOING to do WHATEVER I 
tell you or you are going to pay SEVERELY!" I shouted, 
twisting her nipple at every emphasized word.  Tears 
began forming at the corners of Avril's eyes but she 
bravely shouted out: "NOOOOOO!!!  I won't do it!!!!!  
Fuck you!!!"

Fine.  I told Amanda to bring me my jacket that was 
sitting on a chair by an end table.  Quickly, Amanda did 
as she was told, and I dug into the pockets until I 
found what I was looking for.  My handy dandy never-
lets-me-down lighter.  Avril's eyes opened wide when she 
saw that.

"Wh....what is that?" asked Avril nervously.  I flicked 
it on for her to see the golden yellow flame come 
faithfully out.

"This bitch, is insurance that you are going to stop 
being such a fucking disobedient CUNT, and that you will 
start doing what you are told!!" I shouted, and with 
that, I lowered the flame downwards, and quickly flicked 
it across her reddened left nipple, just enough to 
antagonize the heat sensors in her skin and her brain.

"NOOOOO!!O!O!!O!!!!!!" screamed Avril in sheer horror, 
not so much from the pain as the flame passed by so 
quickly, but from the shock that I would actually do 
something like that to her.  Her young sweet body bucked 
underneath me but to no avail, I was way too big for her 
to even contemplate overthrowing.

"I am NOT fucking around here BITCH!" I said sternly, 
"If you don't eat that fucking dog food on your own, I'm 
going to toast your nipples until they look like burnt 
marshmallows, and then I'm going to shove the food down 
your throat.  Either way, that dog food gets in your 
stomach, so which way is it going to be?"

As I started to lower the flame again in a motion 
towards her breasts, Avril panicked and kicked into 

"OK OK I'll do it!!!!!!  Don't burn me please!!!!!!" 
begged Avril nicely.  I flicked off the lighter, to 
assure her that I was going to keep my end of the 
bargain, and I leaned over and planted a nice passionate 
wet sloppy kiss on her lips.  I just had to, she was so 
adorable in her panic.  And besides, I wouldn't want to 
be kissing her after what she was about to eat, yuck!! 

I stood up and returned to my chair where I picked up 
another piece of that delicious pizza.  Wow, Amanda must 
have been starving, she was working on her third piece!  
She hadn't said a word as I disciplined Avril, but I 
knew she was watching us, and I would have given 
anything to know what was going on in her mind.

Reluctantly, Avril moved at a snail's pace as she looked 
at the bowl of dog food sitting in front of her like a 
nightmare.  I watched her with fascination as she looked 
as though she didn't know how to approach it.  I thought 
she might need a little bit of coaching.

"And since you're a dog Avril, you won't be eating with 
utensils.  Just get on your hands and knees, lower your 
face, and dig in!" I laughed heartily as she flashed me 
another look of hate.  God this was fun! 

The moment her face lowered to just a few inches above 
the dog food, she recoiled it, shaking her head back and 
forth.  I knew the terrible aroma was getting to her, I 
could smell it from here and it was very unpleasantly 

"If your face is not in there in 10 seconds Avril, 
you're going to see what it feels like to be a candle, 
with your nipple as the wick.  START EATING!!!" I 
blasted out.  Deciding in her mind what the lessers of 
the two evils were, Avril's spirit was broken, and she 
leaned over, and took a little nibble of the dog food.  
After a second nibble, she again sat up and looked at 

"There's pee in it!!!!" she said in a great revelation, 
causing me to laugh out loud.

"Yeah there is, neat huh?" I replied happily.  "Keep 
eating!" I warned as I flicked on the lighter again.  At 
the sight of the flame, Avril's head again lowered to 
her doggie bowl again for another bite.  Before she took 
her third bite, she said outloud "Fucking cocksucker." 
which made me laugh again.

Avril had a hard time taking more bites of the slimy, 
ground up greasy dog food, and it was only a few seconds 
later when she popped her head up yet again and spoke 

"Why the fuck isn't SHE eating dog food?!?!?!" asked 
Avril loudly, in an expression that declared that she 
felt cheated and picked on.  Which she was of course, 
but it was nice that she noticed.

"Why slut?" I answered.  "Because Amanda has been 
perfectly obedient, and has done everything I asked of 
her.  She took off her clothes when ordered without any 
hesitation at all, she fucked your little pussy for half 
an hour non-stop, and she doesn't utter profanities out 
like you!  She deserves pizza.  You deserve your dog 
food.  Oh yeah, and I want this downed too.  Some more 
piss that wouldn't fit into the bowl." I said as I 
placed the glass of piss next to the dog food bowl.

The most miraculous thing was starting to happen.  Avril 
was no longer staring at me in hate, but now at Amanda, 
who noticed the pop-singer's stares as well.  A million 
and one ideas raced through my mind as I saw how angry 
Avril was getting at what she felt was unfair treatment.

"You know what girls?  I've decided that because Amanda 
here has been so good, I'm not going to rape her at all.  
Now, I'll be letting you both go free in a week or so, 
and you can return to your pathetic little lives, but 
since Amanda has been such an angel, and has actually 
listened to everything I said, taking orders like a pro, 
she is going to get out of this untouched.  So no rape 
for you Amanda!"

Yes, I was lying.  Not about the part about letting them 
go, that was planned in a week's time.  But I wouldn't 
be able to let Amanda go without feeling her pussy 
constricting itself around my hard cock, and knowing 
that my cum had bathed her insides at least a few times.  
But right now, I wanted to create some tension between 
this friendship, just to see what would happen.

"Now I do want to keep this semi-fair, so I'll give you 
a choice Avril.  Do you want to share your food and make 
Amanda here eat half of your dinner for you?  I'm sure 
you don't want her to suffer, but I'll let that choice 
be yours."  As I verbally stated my offer to Avril, I 
noticed that Amanda literally froze still in mid-bite, 
horrified at the idea of trading up her delicious pizza 
for some piss coated dog food!

Well, I made a quick prediction of what would happen 
next, and sure enough it did!

Without any hesitation at all, Avril made her choice.

"Yes!  I want her to eat half of this shit!" Avril said 
vengefully.  I just knew she didn't care one iota about 
Amanda or the friendship they shared.  She was so 
fucking selfish that she was going to try dragging her 
friend through the mud with her.  Well I wasn't going to 
let that happen so easily.

"Very well Avril." I said as I turned to Amanda.  "Ok 
Amanda, Avril said that she wants you to eat have of 
that dog food.  You know, I pissed in there, it's 
totally disgusting.  So Amanda, how does that make you 

Amanda wasn't sure what to say: "Not good, I don't want 
to eat that!" said Amanda fearfully.  I could see Avril 
watching the action closely, hoping to be spared from 
such a horrible fate.  Or at least, half a horrible 
fate.  I knew that it would make Avril feel better to 
see Amanda getting debased, and of course, I couldn't 
let my little rock star feel better!

"Ok Amanda, then I'll give you a choice.  You can either 
eat half the dog food that Avril is so bitchily trying 
to force upon you, or you can whip her pussy with my 
belt for a while as I hold her down.  That's your two 
choices Amanda sweetie, so what's it going to be?"

"Amanda please!!!!!!" begged Avril, hoping her friend 
would choose the dog food.

I almost fell of my chair when I heard Amanda's 

"I....I'll eat the dog food." said Amanda submissively.

Oh my God, was she insane???  She was actually going to 
eat that disgusting mess?  And then I thought about 
Amanda Bynes' personality...she really was a sweet 
loveable thing, and she didn't want to inflict any more 
pain over her friend, despite the fact that Avril was 
willing to sell her out. 

"You are so adorable Amanda!  Now YOU are a REAL friend!  
For being so good, yet AGAIN, I'm going to let you off 
the hook.  Avril, being the fucking slut that she is, 
will be finishing off her meal alone.  And she will 
doing it in under 15 minutes!  So Amanda, you and I will 
enjoy our pizza, and Avril here will enjoy feeling dog 
food sliding down her throat.  Hey Avril, do you want to 
know what they actually put in dog food???  Nahh, I'd 
just ruin your appetite.  Oh well, enjoy, you fucking 
slut!  Hey Amanda, can I get you another diet coke?"

I loved the humiliated look on Avril's face, but the 
problem was she wasn't eating.  I stood up and walked 
around behind her, having to hold her down by her hips 
to prevent her from trying to run.  Holding my hands 
around her waist, I forced Avril roughly into the hands 
and knees doggie-style position, and watched her squirm.

"Ok bitch, you have 15 minutes to eat every last drop of 
dog food, and to drink my piss from that glass.  If you 
don't get it done, you're nipples are ruined forever.  
Startingggggggggggg NOW!" I said happily.

When Avril didn't move, I grabbed my lighter and flicked 
the flame quickly over her pussy, hearing one of her 
sperm and pussy juice matted crotch hairs singe.  Wow, 
that did it!  Avril knew she had no choice, and for 15 
minutes, Amanda and I watched as she ate every last 
morsel of dog food.  She retched a few times and I 
didn't think she was going to make it at one point.  
Thank God she didn't puke, I can't stand that smell, it 
makes me want to vomit myself!

Watching Avril drink down a glassful of my cold piss was 
especially satisfying.  By the end of the 15 minutes, 
Avril sat crosslegged on the floor, with a rather pale 
complexion, clutching her stomach, thinking about what 
she just did.

"Now that our feeding appetites have been satisfied, 
it's time to satisfy our sexual appetites with a bit of 
dessert!" I remarked happily.  "Amanda, take off your 
panties and get on the bed, hands and knees please." I 

"B....b....but you said that you weren't going to....." 
Amanda couldn't even finish off the sentence saying the 
dreaded R word.

"Oh I won't rape you sweetie.  Remember, I promised you!  
Avril's going to be giving you some pleasure by eating 
out your pussy and your ass.  After the shit she's put 
you through, you really deserve that.  Isn't that 

"You're sick." said Avril quietly as she held her face 
in her hands, still shocked by everything that was 

Ignoring Avril's typically bitchy comments, I watched 
with arousal as I made Amanda take off her panties, 
exposing her full body to me.  Oh my God, her pussy and 
ass were absolutely phenomenal as I watched her climb 
onto the bed, and go onto her hands and knees, with her 
knees right at the edge of the bed, causing her feet to 
point out, parallel to the floor.

Amanda's pussy was like Avril's in that it was almost 
totally hairless and thin.  Her little asshole was 
everything I had dreamed it would be, tight, crinkled 
and a darker pink color than the rest of her pale whiter 
skin.  It took every ounce of strength in my body to not 
jump up and start fucking Amanda Bynes right then and 
there.  I wanted her in the worst way, and all of those 
reruns of "The Amanda Show" had not helped to curve that 
desire in me that had been building for years.  My cock 
had grown hard again, and I was so excited to watch some 
more lesbian action between these two slutty starlets.

"Ok Avril, it's dessert time!" I said as I had dragged 
Avril's body by pulling her by her hair a few feet until 
she was just under the spot by the bed where Amanda was 

"Now, I want you to suck that tight little pussy that 
Amanda has with energy and passion.  Dig your tongue in, 
suck her lips and her clit, and then start tongue 
fucking her tight little ass.  Got it Avril?  Go to it 

As I watched the arousing spectacle of Amanda Bynes 
being eaten out by Avril Lavigne, I started jacking off 
my cock right there.  I picked up Amanda's panties and 
brought them up to my face, inhaling deeply, and 
smelling her sensational bodily odors.  Her panties had 
nice faint yellow stains on them from her pussy juices, 
and the smell was that beautiful acidic smell that only 
teenage girls emit from between their legs.  I started 
to lick the crotch of Amanda's panties as a disgusted 
Avril began licking out the real thing.  I was in 
heaven.  I sucked the crotch of Amanda's sweet panties 
into my mouth, tasting the juices and sweat that came 
out of them.  I was like a kid in a candy store.

I then picked up the discarded strapon that had been 
buried in Avril's twat for almost an hour, and was about 
to clean the dried juices off of that too, when I 
suddenly remembered that the dildo was also covered with 
lots of my dry sperm all over it.  Yechh, to think I 
almost shoved that thing in my mouth!

Amanda wasn't at all moaning from Avril's oral 
administrations, and I could see why.  Avril was doing a 
horrible looked as though she was licking a 

"Jesus Avril, you aren't a very good lesbian are you?  
No, I think you make a better cock sucker than a carpet 
muncher.  Move aside!" I said as she gratefully pulled 
her now sticky face away from Amanda's dampening pussy.

"Here, shove this in your mouth instead and suck that 
off." I said to Avril as I handed her the dildo.  
Angrily, she started to lick it off, wincing in disgust 
at the taste of her own juices and my semen on it.

Amanda was shivering on the bed, knowing that I was 
going to be continuing the task that Avril had started.
Mike, I thought to myself, you are one lucky fucking 
bastard.  Here I am, on my knees, looking directly at 
Amanda Bynes' pussy and ass just inches in front of my 
face!  And I could eat her out for as long as I wanted.  
My objective was plain and simple, eat this cunt out and 
make little Amanda cum.  I knew I could do it, I was 
talented enough in this area to make any female juice 
herself out.  Yeah, I was going to suck an orgasm out of 
this tight little 16 year old body if it meant losing 
all feeling in my mouth!  What a way to have your tongue 
go numb.....eating out Amanda Bynes.  Just think, All 
That was mine!

"Avril, stop sucking that cock you whore.  Get up on the 
bed, on your hands and knees, facing us, and start 
tongue kissing your friend now!" I ordered.  Avril was 
too afraid of me to not do what I had ordered, and she 
climbed up onto the bed without any argument at all.  I 
watched these two little dykes as they kissed each 
other.  I knew it was by force, but who cared, all I 
needed was the visual stimuli of seeing two young girls 
doing that, knowing that it was all because of me!

As they kissed, I lowered my head to Amanda's pussy and 
inhaled deeply, taking in the aroma.  I sniffed Amanda's 
little butt too.  God, she was fucking hot.  Eagerly, I 
licked my tongue all over her thighs, her pussy lips, 
that little bit of skin separating her pussy from her 
asshole, and of course her asshole itself.  Time stood 
still for me as I ate and ate and ate and ate.  Amanda 
juiced up like every little slut did that I ate out, and 
I sucked it into my mouth, letting her pussy juices coat 
my taste buds, filling my senses completely with her 
womanhead.  And to know that I was the first to tongue 
fuck Amanda Bynes was the, if you'll pardon the pun, 
cherry on the pie.

For a good 15 minutes, I ate out Amanda, uttering little 
words here and there like "Arch your back more Amanda", 
"Faster kissing girls", "Open your legs a little more 
Amanda", "Swap some spit back and forth", "Squeeze my 
tongue when I get it in there really deep", "Rub each 
other's titties", "Hump my face now", "Lick each others 
cheeks and face now, both of you"....and on and on.

Suddenly, all three of our heads bolted upwards 
synchronously.  It would have looked very funny if the 
image had been captured on film.

The phone rang.

Just once.

I silently counted to 10.

The phone rang again.

Two times now.

I silently counted to 10 again.

The phone rang again.

This time I answered it, knowing that it was Steve, 
giving me the code.  I picked up the phone and held it 
close to me while I continued licking Amanda's pussy 
lips up and down.

"Keep kissing girls, it's only my friend Jake." I said 
as I answered the phone.

"Hiya Jake." I said as I made some intentionally loud 
sucking noises so that he could hear all the things he 
was missing.

"Hey pal, having fun?" Steve asked, knowing that more 
than likely I was.

"Yep, it went without a hitch, not one fucking problem.  
How are things on your end Jake?" 

Steve laughed at my calling him Jake.  "All hell has 
broken loose here at Warner Brothers.  Have you been 
watching TV at all?  CNN's going fucking ape shit about 
this story, it's international right now!"

"No shit!" I laughed, as I shoved my tongue back inside 
Amanda's saliva coated asshole, causing her to groan 
inside Avril's mouth.  I knew that both girls were 
listening very carefully for clues, for information, for 
anything....their eyes were wide open and they were 
looking at each other while they kissed.

"The entire LAPD all the way up to the fucking feds are 
looking for them.  In fact, Amanda's and Avril's parents 
are going to be doing Larry King tomorrow night doing a 
plea show.  I'm telling you this story's bigger than 
OJ!" Steve explained.

Man, I thought, I'll bet every man, woman and child in 
the world was thinking the worst...that some rapist 
kidnapped the two celebrities.  Smart world.

"Can you still get away?" I asked, looking forward to 
Steve coming down.  I had always wanted to try fucking a 
totally petite girl in the ass while another guy was up 
her cunt, a real sex sandwich, and I had two of the 
tightest girls I had ever known right here, what a 
perfect opportunity!  And modesty aside for a moment, 
Steve and I had larger than average cocks, so I 
hypothesized that our boys would be getting squeezed so 
nicely.  I wondered if a cock in one hole makes the 
other one tighter?  So much to learn.

"Yeah, I'll be there in two days.  For me, it's vacation 
time as planned.  I really think we're in the clear here 
Mike.  Man, I can't wait to get there to fuck up those 
broads.  You're not untightening all four holes on me 
now are you?  You promised to save me some!" Steve 

"Nahhh, just one so far." I replied.  "Speaking of 
which, it wasn't the one I was expecting, if you know 
what I mean...what the hell happened Jake?  I got kind 
of surprised when I unwrapped package number two."

"It's a long story man, and probably best saved when I 
get there.  So you save some of that ass for me ok bud?"

"You bet.  See ya soon!  Oh Jake, before you go, someone 
here wants to say something to you...hang on...." I said 
as I muted the phone with my hand and whispered to Avril 
to tell my buddy on the other end of the phone that she 
was excited about having him come over and fucking her 
like the slut she was.  Avril was steamed at having to 
do that for some reason.  I held the phone up to Avril's 
face, and listened.

"I'm excited about you coming over and fucking me like 
the slut I am."  I knew it took a lot of strength for 
Avril to say that.  Sure it was cold, and 
expressionless, but at least she did as she was ordered.  
I think the lighter bit really scared her.  It's a good 
thing she didn't call my if I could actually 
burn her!  I pulled the phone back to my face.

"What do you think Jake?  She wants ya!  Heh heh." I 

"Fuck man, I've been trying not to jack off now for a 
week!  I can't wait to fucking drown the little slut in 
it." replied Steve.

"Well don't tell me, tell Miss Lavigne here!" I said as 
I put the phone next to Avril's ear.  As she listened, 
her face so cutely scrunched up again, and I knew that 
Steve must had told her what she really, yeah, wanted to 
hear.  Right.  :)

"Take care bud, see ya in a day!" I said as I hung up 
the phone and slid it across the carpet into the 

"Fuck me Amanda, you taste like heaven!" I said as I 
proceeded to eat her out for another half hour.  As 
promised, I drew that orgasm out of her with some 
serious clit suctioning and tongue action.  Again, no 
female is able to withstand that kind of pressure and 
pulling on her clit when it comes to my lips.  Fuck 
yeah, eating pussy was one of the greatest joys in life.

Fucking pussy was an even better joy, and my cock was so 
fucking hard, it was humping air!!!

I watched as Amanda slowly came down from her orgasm.  
Her muscles around her pussy and asshole were clenching.  
In fact, I got a bird's eye view of her asshole winking 
at adorable!  Amanda was breathing heavily, and 
I fantasized that that was the first time she had ever 
cum.  When I asked her though, she said no, and I was 
about to extract from her that she did diddle her little 
clit and pussy alone in bed at nights.  Well, at least 
she was a healthy typical teenager, and not some 
repressed unhealthy one.

"I hoped you liked that Amanda because I'll be doing it 
a lot over the next week."

"But, no making love right???" Amanda checked.

"That's right sweetie, your cherry is safe." I said in a 
soft romantic voice, as I stroked her hair tenderly with 
my fingers.  A smile from her would have been nice, but 
instead, she made eye contact, and nodded quickly, with 
a bit of relief, as if to say 'Ok, good, I wanted to 
make sure.'

I just knew that Avril was totally pissed off that she 
was getting shafted.  Here Amanda was being treated like 
an angel, and she was being raked over the coals.  And 
it was about to get worse!

"Ok I need some more fucking, my balls have built up a 
fresh load of sperm and I need something tight and juicy 
to pump into.  Hey Avril, bring that slutty pussy of 
yours over here, I'm going to pump some more cum into 
it!" I asked excitedly.  Again with that look of hate!  
Boy, she must really have despised me, every last inch 
of me, right to my core.  Oh well, who the fuck cared.

"Mmmm, I can't wait to shove my hard cock back inside 
that tight little fuck hole of yours.  That's all you're 
really good for Avril." I said in a childlike way, as I 
rubbed my hands together happily for added effect.  I 
wanted this bitch to hate me.

"Get on your back SLUT!" I commanded her, and quickly 
she did.  There was no way she was going to risk getting 
burnt again.

Kneeling over Avril's body in between her legs, I 
started rubbing my leaking cock over her pussy lips 
again.  She wasn't gaping anymore, just the contrary, 
her vagina had swollen up and was tighter than before!

"Ok Amanda, I need you to hold her open again for me 
dear." I said, and instantly, Amanda bounded up and did 
just that.

"Avril, look into my eyes while I fuck you and don't you 
dare turn my head.  You're gonna get fucked anyway, but 
if you choose not to look at me, you're going to get the 
nipple clips back."

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't put those on me again please!" 
Avril begged frantically.  That kind of pissed me off.  
She was more afraid of the nipple clamp pain than from 
the pain my cock gave her.  How insulting!  My cock did 
not need to know that it was not the biggest fear factor 
here.  This slut was going to pay.

Once I held Avril's legs completely up so that her knees 
touched her armpits, and Amanda had a good grasp of 
April's pussy lips, I SLAMMMMMMMMMMED home with a good 
power thrust, forcing my cock inside her swollen dry 
pussy in one major thrust!!

screamed Avril in severe pain, as her poor pussy was 
forced to totally open up again, only two hours or so 
after being so brutally raped by myself and Amanda.

BIGGGG...TAKE IT OUTTTTTTTTT.....!!!" Avril begged over 
and over in a cute feminine voice.  She really was in 
pain.  Good.  I pulled my cock completely out before 
slamming it home again on her.

"NOOONNONNONONONNNO" Avril said as she thrashed her head 
back and forth.

"Look at me CUNT!!!" I commanded, grabbing her head, and 
forcing her to look me right in the eyes.  Instead of 
hatred, her look was pure fear and pure pain as I 
rapidly fucked my cock in and out, feeling her tight 
silky pussy walls grasping me so nicely.

"Yeah bitch, I'm going to fuck you like this over and 
over, you'll have so much of my cum in you, it will be 
leaking out for you for months!" I said as I sharply 
jabbed her down, pumping her pussy into the mattress.  
Amanda's hands didn't move as she listened to the 
tortured yells and cries of her friend.

I played with Avril's nipples and bellybutton as I 
fucked her with great thrusts, feeling myself bottoming 
out in her every time.  I had her head held in a strong 
grasp so she was always facing me, and when she closed 
her eyes, I gave her a particularly savage thrust and 
shook her head, which resulted in her opening them up 
again and looking into my eyes, the man that was 
defiling her little body.

"Serves you right bitch for flaunting your ass in all 
those rock videos!" I said as I rode her with impunity.

"Your fucking pussy is so fucking tight, oh man, YEAH 
MAN!!!!" I said as I pumped it inside her in different 
angles and pressures, making sure she felt it all.  Fuck 
it was good!

"Hey Avril, I'm gonna pump my boys into you again, but 
this time I'm going deep!!!!  I'm going to cram my cum 
into you, deep inside you!!!!  What do you think about 
that slut???  All of it inside your tummy.  If you're 
not pregnant already, you sure as hell should be now!" I 
continued to assault her with humiliating taunts and 
laughs and all she could do was lay there and take it.

"Here it comes BITCH!!!!" I said as I collapsed my body 
onto hers, all 200 pounds of it.  She screamed over and 
over again.

"Fuck yeah!!!!" I said as I ground my hips into hers, 
feeling my balls explode a fountain of semen which 
gushed inside her, filling every nook and cranny of her 
tight female pussy.  I stayed inside her for about two 
minutes after cumming, pumping a little now and then, 
just to make sure that my debasement for this fuck 
session was really complete and thorough.

I always say, if you can't do a job correctly, than 
don't do it at all. :)

Finally, I pulled my cock out of her.  It was a mess, 
laced with semen and pussy juices.

"Ahhhhh, Avril, you're a bitch, but wow do you have a 
nice tight pussy." I said as I used her silky brown hair 
to wipe all the liquids off my cock.  She didn't like 
that at all, in fact, I thought she was going to swear 
at me, but she held it in.

Looking down to inspect the damage, I saw trails of 
sperm leaking out of her tightening pussy.  Some of it 
was going up her womb-tubes, I knew that, but a lot of 
it just had no where to go I suppose.  Wait a 
minute...sure it did.

"Amanda Bynes, please report for sperm-transfer clean-up 
duty!" I said jokingly, as Amanda began the process of 
shoving her fingers up Avril's twat and pulling ropy 
slimes of semen out of her pussy, and transferring it to 
Avril's mouth where she reluctantly sucked it all down 
in her wet mouth.  Once the sperm transfer was done, and 
I was satisfied that most of it had been pulled out and 
swallowed by Avril, I decided that a little additional 
clean up was in order before bed.  I was tired, and 
wanted to get some shut eye.

"Ok sluts, I think it's shower time!  Let's go into the 
bathroom together and get ready for bed.  We have all 
worked so hard today and I know that we all need a good 
rest." I said as I easily marched the two girls into the 
large bathroom that was just off of the bedroom.

"Now who has to piss or take a shit?  Now's a good 
time." I asked.  Both of them nodded, and I humiliated 
them by having them watch the other person closely, face 
to the toilet closely, as they each took turns taking a 
piss, and a dump.  I had them wipe each other's butts 
clean with toilet paper too for added effect.

"Ok, Amanda, you're first.  Step on in and Avril and I 
are going to watch you have a nice soapy shower."

I closed the bathroom door behind us, and sat on the 
floor, leaning back against the door.  I put Avril 
sitting on the floor right between her legs, and I 
pulled her back so that her back was pressed against my 
stomach and chest.  Her skin felt so soft and smooth 
against mine.  Avril was tense and repulsed as I 
tenderly stroked her hair while we cuddled and watched 
Amanda take a nice 10 minute long hot shower.  The room 
was all steamy as Amanda washed her body all over with 
soap, and shampooed her long hair.  I watched with 
fascination as she turned off the water and began to 
towel dry herself, and her long hair.  Once she was 
done, I told her to trade places with Avril.  This time, 
Amanda came to lay by me, and I fondled and cuddled her 
as Avril stepped into the shower.

"Ummm, Avril, for being such a bitch about the dog food, 
there will be no hot water for you." I said with a 

"What????" asked Avril, who had been so looking forward 
to enjoying a nice hot shower that she had just spent 10 
minutes watching Amanda get to enjoy.  I knew how much 
Avril wanted to wash her body to get the sperm out of 
her hair and out of her pussy, and to have nice warm 
water course down her skin.  No such luck as far as the 
warm water would be concerned.

"Amanda, shut off the hot knob please." I said as Amanda 
did as she was ordered, before returning to lay on my 
belly again.

Avril shivered and froze in the icy cold water that was 
powering down onto her skin from above, and she began 
her swearing act again as she quickly lathered up and 
soaped herself, concentrating on between her legs. 

"Fucking son of a god damn fucking 
colddddd.....fucking motherfucker...." etc etc etc was 
all that Amanda and I heard from Avril as she "enjoyed" 
her unpleasant shower.  I forced her to shampoo her hair 
too, and in 5 minutes, Avril stepped out of the shower 
and towel dried off, keeping the towel on her body for 

"Chilly huh bitch?  Don't worry, I'll make sure you warm 
up during the night." I said to Avril menacingly, 
knowing that she was starting to worry about what sick 
and deviant thing I would be doing to her next.  I 
yanked the towel off her body, looking at the tiny bumps 
that had formed all over her skin.

Naked as the day we were born, all three of us left the 
bathroom and headed back to the bed.  I reached into my 
sex toy chest and pulled out a large thick-rubbered 
vibrating double dildo.  Well half of it was large.

To describe it, it was about 13 inches long, but one 
half of it was a staggering 2 3/4 inches thick, and the 
other half was only about a half inch thick, if that.  
Two very different ends, for two very different girls, I 

"Look what toy you two will be sleeping with tonight!" I 
exclaimed eagerly.  "Both of you are way too old for 
teddy bears, but not for a vibrating dildo!  Now, we 
have one more problem here...both ends vibrate really 
strongly, but the ends are kinda different sizes."

Kinda?  Oh man, that 2 3/4 end was fucking enormous!

"Now, you two will be sleeping with this thing inside 
you, and I'll make sure it is turned on to the MAX 
setting and won't come out, but now I have a decision to 
make, which end goes in who?"

I think that both girls already knew the predestined 
answer to that loaded question.

"Any ideas girls?" I asked innocently.

"Fuck you to hell." said Avril, who didn't give me a 
direct answer to my question, but enough evidence that 
she knew.

"That's right singer-slut.  You're the whore, so you get 
the big fat end jammed up your cunt, whereas our sweet 
innocent angelic cherubic Amanda gets the nice tickling 

"But....I've never had anything in me, I want to be a 
virgin, please!!!" Amanda started to beg, thinking about 
something foreign going in between her legs.

Avril rolled her eyes...

..."Go fuck yourself, I can't wait till he rapes you." 
Avril replied!!!!!!!! 

Oh my!

"You are such a total BITCH!!!" I said to Avril, making 
her jump as my voice was raised.

"Why don't you fuck HER up for a change!  You haven't 
fucking done a thing to HER!!!" Avril pleaded her case.

"Yeah, but you're a piss drinking, dog food eating slut 
Avril.  And Amanda's hotter than you.  So, you lose." I 
said, rubbing salt into her wounds.  I gave her the 
greatest look, I wish you dear readers could see 
look said 'I love the fact that you're totally under my 
control you whore'.  She hated my guts, and I loved it.

Forcing Avril down onto her back, I held her down, 
giving Amanda the honors of shoving it up her twat.  
This dildo was much thicker than the strap-on was.  A 
little groove in the middle of the dildo prevented the 
wearer from pushing it out, but for what I had planned, 
it really didn't matter.

It took a lot of pushing, and a lot of teary-eyed 
complaining on Avril's part, but Amanda managed to shove 
that monster sex toy in, and Avril's pussy lips wrapped 
around the groove in it.  Six and a half inches of an 
almost three inch thick cock buried in Avril Lavigne's 
pussy.  To quote Homer...(no...not the Iliad 
Homer)...WOO HOO!

Avril was really uncomfortable having that huge piece of 
heavy rubber stretching her once tiny cunt apart.  I 
then placed her wrists to the sides of her hips and ran 
duct tape all around in big circles around her, 
effectively keeping her wrists pinned to her hips. I 
repeated the process by wrapping duct tape just above 
her elbows, all around her, and over her nipples.  I bet 
it would hurt to rip that off in the morning!  Avril's 
arms were now really pinned to the side of her body.  It 
looked so cute when Avril tried to move her arms but 
could only move her fingers and rotate her wrists.  She 
wouldn't be getting out of that tonight.

I then instructed Amanda to "scissor" Avril's crotch.  
She slowly inserted the little thin end of the dildo 
into her pussy, and it managed to go in the full six and 
a half inches.  Amanda's pussy pressed against the part 
of the dildo that separated each half, and her pussy 
lips touched Avril's pussy lips.  13 inches of dildo 
buried in two very sexy girls!  The only difference 
being that while Amanda's felt arousing and comfortable, 
Avril's was punishingly thick and unforgiving.

Okay bondage experts out there, go easy on me!!!  I may 
not know how to tie all those fancy knots but I know how 
to keep sluts from effectively moving!

Amanda's left leg laid over Avril's chest, running right 
in between her boobs, so I used nice rope (I didn't want 
to hurt Amanda's skin in the morning from tearing off 
sticky adhesive duct tape) to tie her leg there.  I did 
the same to Avril's legs on either side of Amanda's 
front and back sides, and the two girls were scissored 
together enough that their pussies were squishing up 
against each other, as they scissored each other's legs, 
their heads pointing to totally opposite ends of the 
bed.  It was hard to concentrate on tying them up just 
right, what with Avril repeating over and over like a 
broken record: "It hurts, take it out!!!  I'll do 
anything you want, I'll suck your cock, anything!!"

"You are do anything slut." I replied, "Just remember, 
this is happening to you because you were acting like a 
bitch.  If you behave better tomorrow and do everything 
I tell you to do, then maybe I won't make you sleep with 
the dildo."

As Avril continued to pout, I placed the girls on the 
bed right where I wanted them.  Avril's head was at the 
foot of the bed, which I had previously lifted all the 
covers off of it.  Amanda's head was at the head of the 
bed, and I turned off the lights in the room, with the 
exception of a small lamp at the side of the bed.  I 
snuggled into bed, laying next to the two girls, whose 
pussies were still grinding against each other.

My plan was to cuddle Amanda in my arms all night as we 
slept.  I put the covers over all of us.  Avril's entire 
body except her feet was now covered, and Amanda and I 
comfortably rested our heads on the pillows.  Poor 

I kissed Amanda, and she really had no choice, seeing as 
her complete mobility was totally gone, but to kiss me 
back.  We tongued for a good 10 minutes, and I started 
to fall even more in love with this amazing girl.  I 
gently stroked her tiny a-cup breasts and concentrated 
on making her feel really good.  Every once in a while I 
would roughly pinch Avril's thighs just to hear her 

"Ok girls, it's beddie bye time." I said as I reached 
down and turned the control box that was attached by a 
long wire to the vibrating double dildo.  The second I 
turned it on, I cranked it up to the MAX setting and 
both girls squealed loudly!!!!! 

Man, that was kind of a monstrously powerful dildo.  I 
had tested it out earlier in the week by holding it in 
my hand while it buzzed.  That fucking thing strummed so 
strongly that my hand was going numb almost instantly, 
so I dropped it on the floor!  Man, that was vibrating 
power at its greatest!  And the best part was, the 
batteries lasted for 10 hours, more than enough time 
than what I wanted for tonight, as I planned on only 
sleeping for about 7 or 8 hours.

I knew that Amanda's pussy would be buzzing nicely from 
the little end of the double dildo, totally arousing the 
inner walls of her pussy, but not hurting her as it had 
little to no girth, and I knew it would effectively make 
her squirm all night with a frustrating pleasure.

In Avril's case, that dildo was literally detightening 
the tautness of her cunt walls.  Her pussy would never 
be the same after tonight and she knew it.  Her 
tightness was going to be vibrated away by this monster 
dildo humming, pounding and banging around in all 
directions, consistently all night long.  Every second 
of every hour for the next seven hours!!!  Yeah!!!!

Man, so much for that hole, I thought.  Even my mastiff 
Duke with his HUGE cock wouldn't get any pleasure from 
fucking that hole.  That gave me some ideas for 
tomorrow's activities......

Irregardless, both girls would NOT be getting a good 
night's sleep tonight.

I would.  :)

"Good night Amanda.  Good night slut." I said as I 
turned off the lights and held Amanda close to me all 
night long.

Day 1 of this abduction was FANTASTIC...I just knew that 
the next 6 days would be just as great!


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,

Chapter 4

Yawning, and opening my eyes, I woke up from one of the 
most peaceful sleeps I've ever had.  As most men know, 
dumping the contents of your balls a couple of times 
after having saved up for so long, makes for a nice 
restful slumber.  Especially when the receptacle happens 
to be the tightness of a young Canadian pop star!

In the completely darkened room, I lay still and 
listened, hearing only the muffled sound of heavy 
vibrations.  Damn, Energizer was right, they really did 
keep going and going! 

Reaching over to the bedside table, I fumbled for the 
lamp and turned it on, wincing as my eyes adjusted to 
the bright light.  Next to me, Amanda was sleeping 
peacefully, her angelic little face showing absolutely 
no signs of distress or discomfort, even though I knew 
that the little dildo was still buzzing away inside her 
young twat.

I quietly got out of bed, so as not to disturb Amanda, 
and I peeked underneath the covers to see how Avril was 
doing.  She too was sleeping, but the neat thing was 
that you could see her tummy vibrating as I knew that 
the monster dildo inside her cunt was still thrumming 
away.  I wondered what the end result of that would be.  
I sure hoped that I didn't numb all of Avril's inner 
tissues as I wanted her to experience more brutal 
penetrations of her stuck-up pussy.  I was sure that 
even when I yanked that dildo out of what I assumed 
would be a nice large gaping hole, that she would feel 
it and start bitching me out again as I was so happily 
used to by now.  I replaced the covers and decided that 
it was time to make some breakfast.

Walking into the kitchen, I glanced at my watch to see 
that we had all slept about 7 hours.  As I prepared 
breakfast for us, Duke sauntered happily over to me and 
started licking my hand.  Such a good boy.  I was 
thrilled at the idea of bringing Duke into the action 

"You don't know it boy," I said as I rubbed Duke's large 
slobbery jowls at the side of his face, "but you're 
going to have one hell of a fun day!"  I kneeled down 
and received a nice wet messy kiss from Duke as i kept 
petting him.  He really was a friendly Mastiff, despite 
his large size, he had a very passive temperament.

Finishing up some nice breakfasts, I went back into the 
bedroom carrying two plates containing two over hard 
eggs, four pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, a nice 
sliced tomato, and two glasses of orange juice.  Duke 
meandered along behind me, and I knew he was probably 
hungry too.

"Rise and shine girls!" I said rather loud, causing both 
Avril and Amanda to jump!  Amanda's eyes flew open, and 
she flashed me a total look of fear as it took her all 
of ten milliseconds to realize where she was.  I of 
course couldn't see Avril, who was scissor locked with 
Amanda, but with her head under the covers.  Yanking 
them off the bed, Avril's wild eyes stared at me too, 
with the same frightened look that Amanda's had in them.

"Day 2 girls!  Or technically, Day 1 and a half, if you 
consider yesterday only half a day.  We sure got a lot 
done though yesterday, and we have a whole lot more in 
store for us today!"

I put the tray of food down onto the end table, and 
started to untie the bonds that held Amanda and Avril 
together.  Amanda's little body wiggled free from the 
little dildo that had been buzzing her all night, but 
Avril was trapped with her end still up inside her.

Tearing off the duct tape that was all over Avril's skin 
generated some fresh screams from the little pop star.  
Geez, that silvery tape sure did adhere to skin.  By 
pulling it off, I was able to watch as the nice pearly 
white skin around Avril's arms and legs were pulled 
tautly away from her body to its limit before it finally 
gave and let the tape go.  Avril did NOT seem to 
appreciate this at all.

As soon as her hands were free, Avril began to reach 
down in an attempt to get the dildo shoved up her pussy 
OUT at all costs, but I stopped her, smiling.

"Awwww, come on now slut, don't tell me you want your 
little pleasure toy out of you so early?  I really know 
how much you want to keep it in, maybe we should leave 
it in all day?" I said tauntingly over the loud buzzing 
sounds that emanated from Avril's tiny tummy.

"Please!!!  Take this fucking thing out of me!  I can't 
take it anymore, please!!!" replied Avril frantically, 
obviously not happy with a large and heavy vibrating 
piece of rubber having been jammed up her twat for 
almost 8 hours.  

"Fuck you bitch.  Since you don't seem to be at all 
grateful for the pleasure I tried to give you, I'm going 
to keep it in you for a while longer." I said with a 
happy smile.

Avril lost it!

"Fuck you cocksucker!!!!!  I FUCKING hate your guts you 
FUCKING piece of shit you're going to FUCKING go to jail 
you FUCKING....."

...Avril didn't get any farther in her verbal outburst 
than that fourth 'fucking' as I lunged forward, tackling 
her onto the bed, and landing completely on top of her 
tiny 5 foot 3 inch body.  I smothered her potty-mouthed 
lips with mine, lathering kiss after kiss upon her.  
Amanda watched us in fear as Avril tried valiantly to 
fight and push me off, but I had her completely 
sandwiched beneath me into the mattress.  As I kissed 
her, my stomach pressed flat against hers, and I could 
feel the vibrations of the heavy vibrator right through 
her skin!  How totally cool!

After a good minute of lathering passionate kisses from 
Avril, I pulled up and licked my lips. 

"Mmmm, that was fun!  Okay, enough with the romance, 
it's time to eat!" I said as I stood up and watched as 
Avril simply rolled over onto her side, holding her 
stomach, not trying to take the vibrator out anymore.

"Amanda sweetie, here's your breakfast, eat it while 
it's hot!" I said as I handed her a plate.

"Thank you." she replied.  What manners!  Amanda and I 
began eating our breakfasts, and I slipped a piece of 
bacon to Duke who was leaking saliva out of the corners 
of his large wet mouth.

"Do you like dogs Amanda?" I asked, quite innocently.

"Yes." she replied as she took a sip from her orange 

"Well Amanda, this is Duke.  Okay boy, go and say hi to 
Amanda!" I said pointing at her.  Duke lumbered his way 
over to Amanda and the most amazing thing happened...she 
flashed a brief smile at him as she started to pet 
Duke's gentle head.  Wow, could it be that Amanda was 
really beginning to sense that despite the horrible 
predicament she found herself in, that I wasn't going to 
cause her any harm, so she was starting to relax?  Hmmm, 
I'd have to test some of my theories today.

"Isn't he cute?" I asked Amanda, and she looked at me 
quickly and nodded, before returning her attentions to 
Duke.  Amanda must be a pet lover, I thought; she was 
really showing Duke a lot of affection.

"How...old is he?" asked Amanda, causing butterflies to 
go through my stomach.

Was this girl actually initiating a conversation with 
her potential rapist?  Okay Mike you ol' softy, I said 
to myself, you're falling in love with her, and that's 
only going to make it harder to actually rape her.

I loved Amanda Bynes so much, from the first day I 
spotted her on Nickelodeon, that I would have given 
anything to have her, even if that meant taking her by 
force.  But to have her fall in love with me, well, that 
would have made my life complete.  Sure, asking me one 
question was a far cry from flirting, yet it made me 
feel good that she was feeling safe enough to actually 
ask me a question.

"Duke's about three and a half Amanda.  He's a 
Neapolitan Mastiff, and I think he's pretty much stopped 
growing." I answered.

"He's so big." she said as she giggled a little when 
Duke plopped himself down on the bed next to her, and 
laid passively, allowing her to keep rubbing his head 
and his upper body.

"Yeah, isn't he?  You know he almost weighs as much as I 
do?  I think he weighed in around 195 pounds at his last 
vet check-up." I added, feeling like a high school kid 

Psychologically, I knew Amanda was still terrified of 
her situation, but that she was probably ready to accept 
anything positive that she could to keep her from 
falling apart, and Duke might have been just the thing 
to do that.

However, my deviant mind started imagining a 105 pound 
teenage princess being violently fucked by an almost 200 
pound canine.  The visual control centers in my head 
started sending the most erotically charged imagery 
imaginable to my eyes.  Would it even be possible for a 
Mastiff of Duke's size to even get into such a tiny 
human female?  Well, I just HAD to find out!  And 
luckily for Amanda and I, we would be on the observing 
end of that big experiment.  :)

"Hey Avril.  Do some jumping jacks.  I want 50 of them." 
I said out of the blue.  Where did that come from, I 

Avril didn't move, and only continued to lie in a fetal 
position that must have been the most comfortable 
position she could find, what with that insane hammering 
turning her insides to jello.

"Did you hear me slut?  Stand up and do 50 jumping jacks 
or I'm going to whip the shit out of your ass!" I said 
in a more violent tone.  Picking up my belt was enough 
to get Avril to submissively but slowly stand up from 
the bed, and begin to go.

I smiled as I watched her go through a series of 
painfully slow, agonizing jumping jacks, but she managed 
to finish 50 of them with her cunt still filled.  Once 
the 50th one was complete, Avril slumped to the bed 
again, returning to her fetal position.  She had to be 
close to breaking, she hadn't uttered a word the entire 

"Very good Miss Lavigne, you're learning how to follow 
orders.  For that, you have just earned yourself some 
breakfast." I said, standing up.

"Nooo!!!  I don't want any!!!" Avril said quickly.  
Memoirs of Dog Food I suppose!

"Don't worry your pretty little head off slut, you don't 
even know what's being served!" I said laughing.  I went 
into the kitchen and came back with a banana.

"Here you go slut." I said as I tossed the banana at 
her.  She quickly peeled and wolfed the thing down as 
though it was the last morsel of food on earth.  Yes, 
she must have been starving.

"Ok girls, it's shower time again!  But this time, 
you'll be showering together.  After all, we are going 
through a major water shortage and we should all do our 
part to conserve our natural resources.  But first, we 
should take that dildo out of your nasty twat Avril, I 
don't think it's water proof and we don't want to kill 
it on our second day do we?"

Avril gladly reached down to start to try and take the 
buzzing toy out of her, but I stopped her.

"No no, just wait.  I want Amanda to have the honors." I 
said as Amanda shot her head up to look at us.

"I...I don't want to..." said Amanda, but a flash of 
disappointment from myself quickly caused her to change 
her mind.  Standing up, naked as the day she was born, 
Amanda walked around the bed to where Avril lay on her 
back now.  I had Amanda kneel down in front of Avril's 
splayed open legs.  Avril tensed up as Amanda grabbed 
the small end of the dildo that had been inside her for 
the night, and began to gently pull on it, making it 
obvious that she didn't want to hurt Avril at all if 

"Not so fucking hard!" cried Avril as Amanda gently 
tugged at it.

"I'm sorry!  Just tell me when it hurts." replied Amanda 
calmly as she tilted her little head to examine the 
situation, trying to find an easy way to remove such a 
large object from such a confined space.  Of course, 
there would not be any easy way for poor Avril's pussy 
to endure this.

I had to remind Amanda of my orders when it seemed as 
though she had given up, and finally, with a lot of 
screaming from Avril, Amanda managed to pull the 
vibrating dildo out of Avril's clenching pussy, and it 
finally popped out with a loud PLOPPPPPPing sound.  The 
dildo was covered in layers of white slime from the 
inside of Avril's pussy.  I told Amanda to turn the 
vibrator to its 'off' position, and to hold it over 
Avril's face so she could lick it clean with her tongue.

As Avril reluctantly licked the slimy dildo clean, I 
knelt down between her legs to inspect the damage.  Wow, 
what a sight!!!

Avril's pussy was totally puffy and red, and her inner 
lips were kind of bulging out of it.  There was no gape 
as I had guessed there would be, but that must be a 
testament to the elasticity of youth.  When I started to 
move my fingers forward to do some of my own exploring, 
Avril lifted her head up quickly and tried to close her 

"Oh nooooo!!!  Please!!!  I'm too sore, don't touch me 
anymore, you'll kill me!" she started to beg.

"Shut the hell up cunt, and keep licking your pussy 
leakage off that sex toy.  Haven't you realized that I 
can do anything I want by now?" I replied as I forced 
her legs open wider, and got back to business.  Avril 
resigned her attempts to stop me, realizing that it 
would be a hopeless effort.

Taking two fingers, I pushed them soooo easily past her 
puffy hole and I spread it open to peek inside.  Wow!  
When I started giving her a gynecologist's two-fingered 
cervical check, I felt that inside, she really was 
gaping!  There was a lot of give now to Avril's once 
tightly taut vaginal walls.  I could feel a lot of open 
space, knowing that the vibrating dildo had done a great 
job of loosening her cunt throughout the night.  I just 
had to rub this in to my little singer!

"Wow Avril, are you loose!!  So much for ever giving any 
man pleasure with this gaping hole in the future, you 
slut.  I hope you like African Americans because they're 
going to be the only ones who will be able to fill you 
now!  Man, your hole is wrecked.  Oh well, cheer up 
slut, at least having kids won't be so bad now!  You've 
already given birth to a big piece of rubber!"  I said 
as I went on and on trying to say the most hurtful 
things I could to her.  Young arrogant women seem to 
pride themselves on possessing a tight pussy, it was 
like a source of power for them.  Well, Avril's source 
of power had been vibrated away big time!  I just knew I 
had to try shoving my fist up there later.  I had always 
wanted to know what my hand would feel like when it was 
crammed into the precious pussy of some young chick.  I 
also wanted to try some anal fisting too, and I planned 
to do that later on in the week as well.  Could life be 
any more fun right now?

Once I was satisfied that Avril had licked the vibrator 
clean, and I had finished my examination of Avril's 
sloppy loose gash, I stood up and ordered my two slaves 
into the bathroom for a nice hot shower.  After pulling 
a chair into the bathroom to give me a comfortable front 
row seat, I had them both step into the shower together 
and explained what it was I wanted to see.

"Ok you two.  You're both aspiring young actresses, 
here's your opportunity to act.  I'm your director, and 
I'll be setting the scene.  You're two young lovers, 
totally passionate about each other, ready to share some 
intimate moments in a steamy scene of love and passion.  
What I want you to do is to turn the water on to a nice 
comfortable temperature and then soap each other up 
using only your tits.  Once you're both clean, I want to 
see some nice open mouthed passionate kissing and 
finally some nice oral.  Got it?  Okay 

You could see the look of disgust on Avril's face and 
the look of devastation on Amanda's, but they knew their 
choices were quite limited, so they started in on their 

It was so much fun directing these two hot young babes.  
For the next half hour as my cock grew to its full erect 
state, I watched some amazing images performed only feet 
in front of me.  Amanda bending her knees as she rubbed 
her soapy nipples up and down the length of Avril's body 
was a big highlight.  Each girl's breasts soaped up all 
parts of the other girl's body, causing some wonderful 
bending and twisting motions.  The open mouthed kissing 
was juvenile and lame at first, but with a bit of 
"persuasion" on my part, the two girls ended up french 
kissing like lesbian sluts, hating every second of it.  
Finally, the oral was great too as I had each girl lick 
each other's pussies out for five minutes each, and then 
some more kissing to end out the shower.  Hey, I was a 
pretty good director!  Spielberg and Lucas, eat your 
hearts out!

After stepping out of the shower, I let the two starlets 
dry off each other's hair and bodies, but I didn't want 
them dressing up in any clothes, I liked them totally 
naked like this.  Later I would play dress up with the 
slutty clothes and other props that Steve was going to 
be bringing tomorrow, but for now, I liked them just 
like this.

Now that the softcore portion of the day was over, it 
was time for a little hardcore action, I chuckled to 

"Very well done ladies.  You performed so well that 
you've earned yourselves a little treat.  Amanda, come 
here." I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Remember what I promised you yesterday?" I said as I 
had her kneeling on the floor in front of me and my hard 

"Y....yes..." said Amanda, becoming more nervous now 
that she was only a foot away from the huge protrusion 
sprouting out from between my legs.

"And what was my promise to you...."

"That...that you wouldn't rape me." the adorably cute 
Amanda Bynes stuttered out.

"Yes, but what was the stipulation that I wouldn't rape 
you?  What did you have to do for me?" I asked as I 
began stroking her hair, causing her body to cringe as I 
touched her.

"That...I....ummmmm...have to be good." she said.

"Yes sweetheart.  And have you been good?" I asked.

"I've tried so hard." said Amanda, hoping that I would 
be in agreement with her.

"Yes you have Amanda.  Unlike your slutty friend over 
there, you've been a perfect angel.  So I am going to 
stick to my promise of not raping you.  But I can't let 
Avril have all the fun Amanda.  I do want you to do 
something for me now, and I don't want any complaining 
or else I just might have to remove the deal we have in 
place.  Do you understand?" I asked the adorable Amanda 
Bynes kneeling in front of me.  She nodded yes.

"Good.  So do you promise you are going to do this for 
me?  Remember what is at stake Amanda...your virginity."

"Yes, I'll do anything you want as long as you don't 
rape me, anything!" said Amanda with some renewed vigor.  
Man, if my cock was any harder, it would explode!

"Good girl.  Now, I want you to suck my cock Amanda.  
Have you ever done that before?  Be honest." I said as I 
felt my nuts tightening up, getting ready to do their 
thing yet again.

"No." replied Amanda fearfully.  I believed her.

"Well you're about to learn how to pleasure a man, and 
who knows?  Maybe it will even arouse you.  Avril's 
going to help you out." I said, as I turned my attention 
over to Avril.

"Get over her now slut!  Get on your back, which is 
where you were born to be, and scoot your face under 
Amanda's pussy.  She's going to be sitting on your face 
while she sucks me off." I explained.  Could life get 
any better than this?  Oh yeah, once Amanda's thin sexy 
lips wrapped themselves around my huge cock, life was 
about to improve exponentially! 

I just knew that Avril was hating the idea of having to 
do some more pussy eating, but she did as she was told, 
probably glad that this event didn't involve anything 
large being crammed up her young cunt for a change.  
Once she was in position, I pushed down on Amanda's 
shoulders and she squatted her little pussy down onto 
Avril's lips.

"Now start sucking slut, and don't you stop!  I want to 
hear lots of lip smacking sucking noises coming from 
down there, or you're going to piss me off." I said as I 
indeed heard Avril eating out the pussy that had been 
planted over her lips and nose, filling her senses with 
the pungent smells of nice virgin pussy.

"You're very lucky Avril to be sucking the cunt of 
Amanda Bynes.  Do you know how many men and women would 
kill to be in your position right now?" I stated, 
smiling at Amanda, who was too busy making little 
uncomfortable faces to smile back.

"Okay Amanda, now I want you to start by licking my cock 
all over with your tongue, covering every inch of it 
with your saliva.  Understand?  I want you to do that 
for a while.  Don't miss any part of it, and don't use 
your hands.  You may begin." I said as I leaned back and 
prepared to watch my fantasies come true.

Trembling, Amanda opened her mouth a little, and gave my 
cock a quick test lick with just the bare tip of her 
tongue.  Pulling away, she looked up into my eyes then 
back to my cock as she started licking me again.  Amanda 
was proving to be very submissive and very brave, I 
admired her a lot for that.  Her spunky extroverted 
personality was really saving her ass by letting her 
accept her fate and simply following her survival 
instincts to do what she had to do to get out of this 
situation intact.  And I really believe that she trusted 
me on letting her keep her virginity.  I didn't know if 
I would be able to hold up to that promise, but all 
Amanda had to believe right now was that by sucking my 
cock, she was saving her most prized possession, the one 
thing that all young girls treasure the most...her 
virginity, even at the cost of some of her purity.

I couldn't help but moan a little as I watched Amanda's 
beautiful face moving around my cock, and her tongue 
licking every square inch of it.  It was so fucking 
erotic.  Shivers of pleasure shot up my spine whenever 
Amanda's wet little tongue would run under the head of 
my cock, the number one pleasure center of nerves on my 
entire body.  I felt my cock being covered in saliva, 
cooling in the room temperature air in places where she 
hadn't licked for a while, but feeling warmth again 
whenever her tongue returned.  I even had her lick her 
tongue all over my hairy balls as they hung below.  It 
was pure heaven.

After 10 minutes of great licking, I decided it was time 
to move on to some sucking.  I pulled the chair I was 
sitting on a little closer towards Amanda, who herself 
seemed to be getting aroused a bit.  Avril's tongue must 
have been flustering her as Amanda was blushing a 

"Okay Amanda, that was fantastic!  You did a great job, 
and you have saved your virginity!  Now I want you to 
try opening up your pretty little lips and taking some 
of my cock inside of it.  Go slow, and go at your own 
pace, but I want you to eventually work on taking as 
much of it inside of your cheeks as you can.  

"Yes." said Amanda, as she really didn't have any other 
answers as options.

"Good.  You may begin." I said as I gently stroked and 
scratched Amanda's hair and scalp, trying to give her 
even a little pleasure back from the sheer joy she was 
giving to me.

Amanda licked her lips and was about to wrap them around 
the huge pink swollen head of my circumcised cock when I 
stopped her, wanting to take a few more indulgences with 
the girl of my dreams.

"Amanda, before you start sucking me off, can you say 
the opening line of "The Girl's Room" sketch for me?" I 
asked innocently as though I was a fan in a 'meet-the-
star' session.

"What?" Amanda asked as though I had a screw loose.

"You know, what you always say once "The Girl's Room" 
sketch starts.  Just do it for me, and make it sound 
real." I said, waiting to see if she would actually do 

Amanda cleared her throat, and while looking down at the 
floor, as though she was embarrassed to say it, she 
spoke out:

"Welcome to "The Girl's Room".  I'm Amber, and I'm 

Well, she said it, but it was expressionless, flat, and 
out of character.  I gently lifted her head by placing a 
hand under her chin, and forced her to look into my 

"Amanda, that was the most pathetic attempt I've ever 
seen you do.  Pretend like we're on the set of "The 
Amanda Show" and say it right.  I'll give you one more 
chance.  And look at me when you talk please."

That little hint of a threat tacked on seemed to work as 
Amanda repeated her line with vocal enunciation and 

"Welcome to, "The Girl's Room!"  I'm Amber, and I'm 

Folks, I thought I was going to cover her face with cum 
right there and then!  Fuck that was great!  If you only 
knew how many times I had jacked off to Amanda in that 
sketch, well, you would have thought I would have spent 
a small fortune on living-room carpet-cleaners.

"Oh my God that was great, do it again Amanda!" I said, 
and she repeated it just as perfectly.

"Okay Amanda, now in your Judge Trudy voice, say the 
closing line of that sketch."

"Bring....bring out the dancing lobsters." said Amanda, 
her face blushing a bright pink from that.  I felt like 
a kid in a candy store.

"Cool!  Now say in your best Penelope Taint voice that 
you must have my cock in your mouth.  Say it!" I 

"I must have your cock in my mouth, please!" Amanda said 
perfectly.  How cute, she even added the please, in 
perfect character.

"Then if you must, you must.  It's all yours Amanda." I 
said as I leaned back, continuing to stroke her head.  I 
watched as Amanda had to open up her gorgeous lips quite 
wide to fit the head of my schlong inside of her little 
mouth.  As though testing the width, I felt her close 
her lips around just the tip of my cock, and her tongue 
resting along the bottom of it.  Fuck that felt great.  
I moaned out in pleasure, to let Amanda know how much I 
appreciated that.

"Oh God Amanda, you were born to do this!  Now suck on 
it gently, like you were sucking on a straw."   And she 

"Now, start to move your head up and down.  Eventually I 
want to see as much of my cock inside your mouth as I 
can.  And with your hands now, I want you to rub my cock 
and play with my balls while you suck me.  And most 
importantly, look into my eyes Amanda. I do NOT want you 
to remove your eyes from my eyes, is that CLEAR?" I said 
in a more dominant tone.

Amanda nodded her head in a yes, and our eyes met.  I 
was hypnotized by them, as I stared dreamily into her 
inner soul.  She never took her eyes off me with the 
exception of blinking, and she moved her face so nicely 
up and down the length of my shaft.  For ten minutes, 
she continued, gagging and choking a little whenever my 
cock started going in too deeply, but I allowed her to 
pull her head back to get used to it, and she kept on 
sucking me, flicking the bottom length of my cock with 
her tongue that was getting flattened into the bottom of 
her mouth.  There just was not a lot of room in a mouth 
as tiny as Amanda Bynes', but she did one helluva job 
for a first time cocksucker.  I was impressed, and was 
getting ready to blow!

"Okay Amanda, I'm going to release my semen out pretty 
soon, and I want to do that in your mouth.  Now, this 
next part is very important.  And Avril, I want you to 
hear this too, you dirty little dyke.  Get your twat 
tasting tongue outta there, and get up here!" I said 

Avril kneeled up alongside Amanda.  Her mouth, nose and 
cheeks were covered with Amanda's delicious pussy 
juices.  Hell, I was quite envious of that!  Avril 
looked really pissed, what else was new.

"Okay now both of you listen.  If you fail in this next 
order, you are going to pay for it BIG TIME!  I will 
seriously whip both of your tight little asses with a 
ping pong paddle ONE HUNDRED TIMES EACH if you fuck up!  
Here is a little taste of what you'll get.  Avril, stand 
up, you're going to help me demonstrate.

I went into the other room to get out a ping pong 
paddle, and overheard Avril whispering something to 
Amanda that she thought I wouldn't have been able to 
hear.  What nerve!  I heard Avril actually say to Amanda 
the following words: "You should have fucking bit that 
faggot's cock off."

That fucking slut!  She was going to pay big time for 

Fuck the lame ping pong paddle!  I returned into the 
bedroom with a sixteen inch leather tawse, pretending 
not to have heard the bitchy comment that Avril had 
whispered.  This tawse was a vicious tool.  The leather 
that came out of the wooden handle was about 10 inches 
long, and 2 1/2 inches wide, cut into 5 half inch 
fingers.  This thing promised to leave welts, and I was 
about to find out if that was true.

"Ok dyke, lay on your whorish belly on the floor, now." 
I said as Avril did as she was told.  I sat on her 
shoulders, facing in the direction of her legs, and by 
placing my palm flat down against the arch of her back, 
I had Avril effectively pinned to the carpet.  Seeing 
what I was holding in my hand had her justifiably 

"Now, this is what will happen to both of you if you do 
not follow my next order." I said as I raised the ping 
pong paddle in my hand up as high as it could go.  I saw 
Avril's body tensing up as she knew what was coming.  
She just never expected it to be so fucking hard!  My 
arm came down with a vengeance, much much much harder 
than what I was originally planning.

screamed bloody murder as I whipped that leather tawse 
directly over the center of her perfectly rounded ass 
cheeks and upper thighs.  A series of five large bright 
red welts instantly appeared on Avril's white ass 
cheeks, making for a strking contrast in color.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!" screamed Avril as 
her body and legs began kicking and thrashing as though 
I had just given her a blast of electricity from a 

arm came crashing down again, leaving another series of 
welts on her painfully aching rear end.  Avril's screams 
annoyed Duke who patiently lumbered into the kitchen.

"Bite my cock off huh slut?  I'm a faggot am I?  You 
fucking SLUT, take THIS!!!" I said as I whipped her ass 
again three times, without mercy.  Avril probably 
thought that she was going to die, or at least wished 
she was.  I hoped she could never have imagined that her 
young perky body could have felt this kind of pain.  I 
really went to town on that tight young ass underneath 


"Your mouth is going to get you in big trouble one day 
BITCH!  Allow me to help correct your attitude you 
fucking dyke!" I said as I hammered her ass three more 
times with the same resonating splats.  By the time I 
had finished, Avril's singer-trained voice was hoarse 
from having screamed so loudly, and her ass was 
literally glowing!  And I mean glowing, holy shit!  I 
didn't think skin could get that red!  I couldn't 
believe that I didn't split the skin on Avril's hot 
little ass cheeks.  Tears were now flowing down Avril's 
cheeks, I think I had finally broken her tough girl 
spirit.  I had to know!

"Now girls," I said standing up, as Avril again curled 
herself into the fetal position again, sobbing like an 
infant, "That is just an example of what will happen if 
you do not follow the next command.  The only difference 
is that I will hang you by your arms from the ceiling 
and whip the shit out of not just your little asses, but 
also your tits as well.  And don't think I'll stop at 
10, I'll go for 100, EACH!  Is that clear?"

As I resumed my seat on the chair, Amanda's head bobbed 
up and down in a frantic yes.  I knew she would wouldn't 
have a hard time following orders.

"Avril, quit your fucking crying and get your red ass 
over here NOW!" I said.  Avril quickly obeyed and knelt 
down by Amanda, sniffling and shaking from the heat and 
pain emanating from the welts I had slammed into her 
little tush.

"Good.  Now, I am going to spurt my cum into your mouth 
Amanda, and I do NOT want you to swallow it.  

More frantic noddings from Amanda.

"Good.  I then want you to start snowballing with Avril.  
That means that I want you to lean over her and let my 
cum dribble out of your mouth into hers.  Now Avril, 
your job is to rinse my semen in your mouth for a few 
seconds, and then I want you to snowball it back to 
Amanda.  You will repeat this process back and forth 
until I tell you to stop.  The girl who has the cum in 
her mouth when I say the word "STOP" will then swallow 
it.  I do NOT want that sperm swallowed before I say 
"STOP", nor do I want any of it leaked out.  The person 
who fails in either situation will get 100 lashes of my 
whip, and I mean that with every fucking ounce of my 
soul, do you both understand?

The result was synchronized head nodding.  What a bunch 
of airheads, I laughed to myself, as they both nodded 
their heads quickly into an up-and-down yes.

"Alright, now lets get you two to do some serious 
snowballing!" I said as I instructed Amanda to suck 
still hardened cock again.  I knew I wanted to bust my 
nuts into Amanda as she was my main inspiration for the 
whole kidnap idea.  It was Amanda Bynes that I wanted to 
inundate with my sperm every single day for the rest of 
my life.  I lusted after her so much, for so many years, 
and now my dreams of watching myself cum all over the 
inside of her mouth was about to come true!

I wanted to do this "Down the Hatch" style, so when the 
time drew near to losing my white milky load, I pulled 
out of Amanda's wet suctiony mouth and told her to keep 
her mouth open as wide as she could.

"Oh God Amanda, here it comes...remember...don't you 
fucking dare spill a drop of it....just keep your mouth 
open....just like that...oh yeah.....oh fuck....oh 
man....yeah MAN!!!!!!"

I was jacking my cock rapidly with my hands when 
suddenly, that beautiful rushing feeling of sperm 
flowing from your balls to the tip of your cock bathed 
pleasurably through my entire shaking body.  Fuck 
yeah!!!!  I watched with elation as spurt after spurt of 
hot milky cum blasted into Amanda's sexy mouth, coating 
her tongue completely and dropping in stringy ropes from 
the top of her mouth down her cheeks and all over her 
pearly white teeth.  What a beautiful sight to watch 
Amanda's eyes practically bulging out of her head as she 
felt my boys swimming all over the inside of her mouth, 
yet she kept her head still, too afraid of being 
punished to even think of moving it!

I must have cum a quarter of a cup of sperm into poor 
little Amanda's mouth.  You could see it pooling up near 
the back of her throat, and she was effectively 
breathing through her nose so she wouldn't be able to 
swallow the slimy stuff down.

As I finished, I wiped the rest of my leaking sperm from 
my cock around Amanda's gaping lips and chin, smearing 
it with the white shiny liquid that so beautifully 
plastered her little face.

"Oh fuck that felt sooooo fucking good!" I said as my 
body went blissfully relaxed.  "Ok Amanda, you know what 
to do."

I watched happily as Amanda leaned over Avril's face and 
let my sperm leak out like a faucet into her open mouth.  
These girls must really have been afraid of being 
whipped as they acted as though losing even one little 
drop of sperm would be the end of the world.  It was a 
terrific show!

Avril gagged, and I thought she was going to lose it, 
but she managed to start controlling her reflexing 
throat, and she swished my cum around in her cheeks as 
ordered.  Meanwhile, Amanda was wincing, having tasting 
semen for the first time in her young life, and the look 
on her face was not one of enjoyment.  Oh well, I didn't 
care whether she enjoyed it or not.  What I did care 
about was seeing Avril cumswapping my boys back to her.

Avril grabbed Amanda's head rather roughly, tilted it 
back, and unceremoniously spit my sperm and her mixed 
saliva back into Amanda's mouth, causing her to make 
some little mmmmm sounds.  My cock was hardening again 
as I watched this slutty spectacle taking place in front 
of me.

Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne snowballing a quarter cup 
of hot sperm.  The world needed to see this.  I would 
have to make some videotapes of some perverted action 
later on.  This was definitely keeper material!

Back and forth my sperm went and after about the 40th 
pass, I noticed that my cum was losing its whiteness and 
was becoming more of a clearer saliva looking color.  It 
was also becoming much stringier.  I assumed that it was 
because of the girls' combined salivary excretions that 
was causing the change.  It was fascinating at how many 
opportunities for scientific discovery there was in the 
field of sexual degradation and humiliation, I thought 
as I chuckled to myself.

When Avril had received my cum from Amanda's mouth for 
about the 35th time, I told her to stop and swallow, and 
she did, retching a little as my sperm gooped down her 
throat into her little belly.

"Good girls, that was a great fucking show.  We'll have 
to do that again later on!  But right now, we have 
something that needs taking care of.  Avril, commence 
eating out Amanda's pussy while I get everything set 
up." I said as I watched the two youngsters slowly crawl 
back into position.  It was interesting that they chose 
the facesitting position again, but I didn't really 
care, as at least in this position, Avril wouldn't be 
able to see what I was setting up for her.  Amanda did 
watch however, with a morbid curiosity, knowing in her 
heart that whatever it was that I was doing, it couldn't 
have been for anything good.

I had decided to set up a wooden pony for Avril to ride, 
as I was still pissed off at the comment she had made to 
Amanda.  What a fucking bitch.  I imagined that she had 
been spoiled rotten for her entire young life so far and 
had never had anyone to discipline her.  I'm so glad 
that I was able to intervene and to put young Miss 
Lavigne into her place.

I set up my adjustable sawhorse-like wooden pony that I 
had proudly constructed and placed it at a height that I 
knew would be just enough for Avril to climb up onto it 
with ease.  I had built a height adjusting crank on it 
so that I could raise the height of the "saddle" to 
exactly the right point.  The "saddle" was simply a long 
plank whose edge I had sanded off and rounded, so that 
the top part that was to come into contact with a set of 
young delicious pussy lips would be safe and splinter 
free.  I did serrate the top a little so that any back 
and forth motion would cause some tugging and pulling of 
flesh in some nastily wonderful ways.  Amanda watched me 
curiously.  I'm sure she had no idea what the hell I was 

Well, she was about to find out.

"Get off the floor Avril you fucking whore." I said, 
watching her stand up, her face again soaked with pussy 

"Get your ass over here slut, you're about to pay for 
your little outburst." I said menacingly.  She screamed 
as I cruelly pinched her welted ass with my fingers for 
a second before easily lifting her body over the wooden 

"What....what are you going to do to me???" Avril 
begged, "I'm sorry!!!"

"Too late cunt!  When will you get it Avril?  You are 
such a fucking bitch, you have the worst attitude I've 
ever seen, and I just can't let you get away with that!" 
I said as I placed her hands behind her neck and 
effectively tied them there so that she wouldn't be able 
to move her arms.  I then tied two little leashes to her 
ankles, to prevent any attempt at lifting a leg over the 
wooden-pony and effectively escaping.  Now, she was 
standing comfortably, her little breasts heaving up and 
down from her rapid, nervous breathing.  I don't think 
Avril realized what I was doing until I started cranking 
the adjustable board upwards, staring at her with a 
deviously satisfied grin on my face.

With panic, Avril watched the board slowly inching 
upwards.  The very second the board made contact with 
her pussy lips, she gasped, and stood on her tip toes to 
avoid the touch.  Perfect!  I cranked it up a few more 
inches until I felt it was at the perfect height.  Half 
the fun of a wooden pony was getting just that perfect 
location where the slut on top of it was just able to 
avoid pressing her pussy and clit painfully onto the top 
of the board, but only if she stood on her tiptoes, 
causing her calf and thigh muscles immediate distress.  
Once those muscles began to tire, the slut would start 
to lower herself, only to find that it was agonizing to 
feel the board pressing into the most sensitive, private 
parts of her little body.  That resulted in another 
attempt at a tiptoe, only to ultimately sink down again.  
Back and forth the frustrating movements would happen, 
thus giving the appearance of riding a pony.  This was 
going to be a great show.

"Now Amanda, we're going to have so much fun watching 
Avril ride the wooden-pony." I said to Amanda who was 
obviously horrified by what I was doing to her friend.

I smiled tauntingly at Avril as I leaned in close and 
said to her "You're completely at my mercy, I am your 
fucking GOD!  Don't you just love me you little whore?"

I knew Avril wanted to call me every name in the book so 
badly, but instead, all she did was flash me a look of 
hate as she tried so hard to stand on her tiptoes, 
feeling the lactic acid building up in her everstraining 
leg muscles.

"Amanda, while I watch our little slut here, I want you 
to come here and give me a tongue bath.  Start at my 
feet and work your way up my body, licking every square 
inch of flesh that you can." I ordered.  Immediately, 
Amanda walked up to me, and she bent down to start 
licking the tops of my feet and my ankles.  What a 
degrading thing to do, I thought, but she was doing it 
so well!  My skin shivered, and I felt tickled a few 
times as I felt Amanda's tongue watching me.  I was 
focusing more on watching how every little quivering 
piece of Avril's flesh was reacting to her pony ride.

After about two minutes, Avril's legs finally started to 
give, and she attempted to lower herself down.  She 
could only drop a half inch before her sensitive 
privates were getting mashed painfully into the board.  
Quickly, she rebounded up again, back on her tippy toes.  
Her breathing was becoming quicker and faster as her 
fate began to sink in on this devious device.

By the twenty minute mark, Amanda had already worked her 
way up to my shoulders.  She had complained at one point 
about her mouth getting dry and running out of saliva, 
so I horked a big wad of spit into her mouth so she 
could finish the job.  I didn't really care that she 
would be finishing up my upper body with my own saliva, 
as long as it was her tongue that was painting it on!

Avril was really suffering now as her toes and legs just 
couldn't sustain her body weight anymore, and she was 
now in the process of squirming around on the pony, 
trying to find the position that would provide her with 
the least possible amount of pain.

She was starting to annoy me with all of her beggings 
and pleadings to let her down, so I jammed a huge ball 
gag into her mouth and strapped it around the back of 
her head so I wouldn't have to listen to all that 
racket.  The moans and whimpers were a nice change, as 
she painfully slid her sore reddening crotch back and 
forth across the board under her, trying to get 
comfortable, which of course, was an impossibility.

To increase my fun, and to stick with the 'wood' theme, 
I placed one wooden clothespin on each of Avril's 
nipples, and I then attached these little spring coiled 
weights on the ends of the clothespins.  They were the 
kind that when you pulled down on them and let go, they 
would bounce up and down almost indefinately like those 
quaint little Swiss miniature clocks.  I set the weight-
bouncing to alternate so that each of Avril's poor 
nipples would get pulled at different times, causing her 
to experience even more varied discomfort.

I licked the side of Avril's cheek which really pissed 
her off, and I could almost make out the nasty words she 
was attempting to muffle out around that nice big gag in 
her trap.  I just smiled at her evilly with a look of 
insulting victory in my eyes.  I knew she hated me now 
more than ever.

I then laid down on the nice plush carpet onto my back, 
and had Amanda sit on my face so I could taste some more 
of her delicious teenage pussy.  I made Amanda suck me 
off again as we 69ed on the floor right below Avril, in 
a position where I could peek up every now and then to 
see how she was coping with her riding technique.

Half an hour more, I thought to myself.  I'll eat out 
Amanda's sweet pussy and musky little asshole for half 
an hour before I let Avril get off the wooden-pony, and 
then it would be Duke's turn to have some fun!

I knew how to treat my pets right.

All three of them!  :)


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,

Chapter 5

For the next half hour, I was in a horizontal paradise 
as I sucked, nibbled, licked and savored the delicious 
juices coming from Amanda's pussy.  She was still 
completely wet, but I think that most of the wetness 
around her lips was my saliva.  I think I had sucked 
every last little drop of slime that came from her.  
Just to be sure, I had spent about ten minutes digging 
my middle finger way up into Amanda's pussy, wiping 
around the sides of her hot tight walls, and then 
pulling it out, sucking it completely, and then 
repeating the procedure.  I wanted everything this young 
hot actress had to offer.  Sadly she didn't cum again, 
but her moans let me know she was feeling everything I 
was doing to her.

"Ok Amanda, get up, I think you wore my tongue out!" I 
said as I felt that the little flap of skin that held by 
tongue to the bottom of my mouth was indeed rather sore 
from trying to cram itself into Amanda's impossibly 
tight places.  I thought about how great it was going to 
be to insert my now hard cock up inside Amanda's little 
crevices.  That made me totally aroused again, so I 
turned my attentions away from Amanda, and back to my 
other little captive slut.

"Hey Avril!  How's the ride!" I asked with a sneer on my 
face.  The moment I removed the ball gag from her 
drooling face hole, I found out.

"Take these things off my nipples please!!" Avril 
replied, licking moisture back into her lips.  
Interesting, I thought.  Her nipples were causing her 
more distress than her squashed clit and cunt lips that 
were sliding all over that long wooden pony mercilessly 
propped under her.

"You want to come down and play some more slut?  Awww, 
isn't that cute." I said condescendingly as I unclamped 
Avril's flattened nipples causing her to almost lose her 
mind from the blood forcing its way back into them.

Gosh, I thought, Avril's sure been through a lot in the 
past day and a half.  Oh well!  Time to put her through 
a LOT more!

Turning the crank that lowered the unforgiving wooden 
pony down from beneath her legs, I watched with pleasure 
as Avril's legs gave out, and she collapsed to the 
floor, writhing in discomfort.  Poor thing.  It almost 
made me feel sorry for her.

Naahhh, she was a total stuck-up uppity bitch, she 
deserved it.

It was Duke who I felt sorry for!  My poor Mastiff was 
forced to watch a lot of this debauchery and not 
participate in any of it.  For all his years of loyalty, 
I decided that Duke was going to see why every man and 
boy from California to Maine wanted a piece of Avril and 
Amanda's bodies.  Who knows, maybe it would turn him off 
of canine bitches forever?

"Well you two, I don't know about you, but I'm in the 
mood to just sit back and watch a nice movie.  We've got 
all day to play, but I think we should just rest now, 
what do you think?"

When a response from either of them never came, it 
didn't really upset me.  I simply took their hands, and 
pulled them to the nice plush comfy sofa that I had, 
which faced my large screen 54 inch television.  I 
pushed both girls onto the sofa, and watched as Avril 
happily cuddled up onto the sofa, holding her hands in 
between her sore legs, softly crying.  Amanda just sat 
there with a dumbfounded numb look that most women get 
after my tongue gets through with them.

"Ok ladies, let's see what we have here in my 
collection," I said as I rummaged through a few tapes.  
"Big Fat Liar?  Nahhh, I've jacked off to that to many 
times already.  "I Spit on Your Grave"?  No, I think 
you'll like the ending too much.  "Blue Velvet"?  Great 
film, but too softcore for the three of us right?  Hmm 
how about this one...."Euro Perversion 6: Fists of 
Fury"!  Perfect!" I said as I popped the tape into the 

I sat down in between my two girls, and forced them to 
reluctantly cuddle up next to me, their heads nuzzled 
against my chest, and my arms going around their 
shoulders, as i stroked their soft skin gently with my 
fingers.  I forced them to each run their fingernails up 
and down my chest, and around my nipples as the tape 
started.  Both of them complied like little angels.  
They were doing exactly what I instructed them to, 
resigning themselves to their fate, and knowing that 
resistance would lead to something much worse.

"Ahhh, you girls will love this film, there's some 
pretty heavy anal fisting in here." I said excitedly.  
"Maybe we'll try some of that out on you later Avril, 
what do you think?"

No response to a question??  Hmmmmm, Avril just earned 
herself another few demerits.  With a rough movement, I 
shoved Avril off of the couch and she landed on the 
carpeted floor with a thud.

"When will you learn to answer every question I ask you 
fucking dyke?  Amanda answers them!  Since you 
apparently just want to sit there like a fucking object, 
I think it's time we treated like you one.  Get on your 
hands and knees bitch." I said as I continued to cuddle 
Amanda with my left arm.

"Noooo!!! Please don't rape me anymore!  I'll be good!" 
said Avril with fear in her voice.  Wasn't that so 
precious?  She was trying to keep me from penetrating 
her again, how adorable.

"Don't be such a baby Avril, I just want you to get on 
your hands and knees so I can use you like the piece of 
furniture you are.  So DO IT!!!"

Quickly Avril resumed the position that had been asked 
of her, and I positioned her so that her little ass was 
in front of me, and her head was in front of Amanda.  I 
placed my feet on top of her tight little buns as though 
she was my own personal coffee table! 

"Hey that's comfy.  Try it out Amanda!" I said as Amanda 
instantly followed orders, and placed her feet gently 
onto the backs of Avril's lithe shoulder blades.  The 
two of us rested our feet on Avril's back, and I hoped 
it was as humiliating for her as it looked.

"Ok girls, now you had better fucking watch this movie 
because I'm going to be giving you a pop quiz after the 
show!"  I said with a serious expression.  Hell, I was 

"And Avril, you turn your head to the side and watch 
that fucking tv screen, and don't you dare close your 
eyes or stop looking.  I can see your face on the wall 
mirror behind the tv, so don't you fucking disappoint me 
or I'll fucking piss down your throat!"

There's nothing like tossing out a threat that your 
victim just knows you could actually accomplish!  Sure 
enough, Avril turned her head, and I could see her 
watching the screen.

"Ok you two, after this great film, the person who 
answers the most questions correctly gets to spend the 
rest of the day being my own personal assistant.  And I 
promise you both this, you DON'T want to find out what 
it means to not be the participant in what follows.  Do 
you understand?"

A couple of head nods in response wasn't good enough for 

"If you understand, I want you to say, 'Yes Mike, you 
hot fucking stud, I understand how fucking hot and sexy 
you are to a cunt like me.'" I instructed.  Wow it was 
fun to hear words like that come out of these two sluts' 
mouths.  As the words sunk it, I fantasized that they 
actually meant it, but just hearing it was great 

As we watched the 2 hour film showcasing sperm filled 
holes, gaping openings, vaginal and anal fisting, 
cumswapping and piss drinking debauchery, I highly 
doubted that neither Amanda nor Avril would ever want to 
visit Europe if this was any indication of what went on 
overseas.  Avril spent the entire time with our feet on 
her back, and I had Amanda playing with my cock and my 
balls with her fingers.

"Ok Siskel and Ebert, what did you think?" I said as I 
turned off the tv.  Silence!  I don't believe that 
either of them knew what to say about it, they were both 
equally repulsed and disgusted!  I'd have to bring out 
my illegally purchased, private women-on-donkey 
collection I had a friend bring back from Tijuana.  That 
oughta get even more a rise out of their delicate 

"Quiz time!" I said as I began alternating questions on 
what they had just seen.  Of course I stacked the 
questions up in Amanda's favor.  Both of them could see 
how obvious that was, and I could tell Avril was really 
starting to hate how nicely I was treating Amanda in 
comparison to her.  I loved those little flashes of hate 
she was sending Amanda's way.  I was only getting looks 
of fear out of Avril now.  I think she finally realized 
that it was best not to piss me off.

"Well Amanda you win, congratulations!" I said as I 
patted her on her little head, before turning to Avril.

"As for you slut, well, you get to have a little more 
fun.  Are you up for it?" I said to Avril 
enthusiastically, and you could literally see her heart 
sinking in her chest.  She knew that this was not going 
to be any kind of fun.  For her at least.

I told Amanda to lay on the bed on her back, and then 
had Avril climb on top of her in the 69 position.  Once 
Avril's swollen pussy was above Amanda's neck, so I knew 
that Amanda would have a good view of the activities 
which were about to commence, I handed Amanda a little 

"Okay Amanda, your job is to keep buzzing Avril's clit 
and to suck on my fingers when I hold them to your 
mouth, do you understand?"  I asked, resulting in my 
good little pet to nod nervously.

"Good.  And your job Avril is to take this like a tough 
girl, and get this over with.  If you take it, I 
absolutely promise you that you will get to partake in a 
delicious steak dinner that I am going to be preparing 
tonight, and you can join Amanda and I to eat to your 
heart's content.  If you get off of Amanda at all, just 
ONCE and don't take this, then I'll tie you up, whip the 
living SHIT out of you, and do it anyway, AND you'll be 
eating more dog food.  Get my drift SLUT?" I asked, 
punctuating a few words with a greater volume.

Avril nodded fearfully, gulping.  I went in front of her 
and made her tongue-kiss me for a few minutes to make 
sure there were no hard feelings between us.  Ha ha, I 
loved forcing kisses off of Avril's pouty lips.

Moving back into position, I knelt on the floor where I 
had a bird's eye-view of Avril's holes facing me, and of 
Amanda looking up at them.  Show time! 

Holding two fingers down to Amanda's mouth, she licked 
them, wondering what I was going to do to poor Avril 
next.  I'd think that after the film we just watched, 
both girls would have an inkling.

Avril tensed her body, but remained remarkably quiet as 
I started to rub my wettened fingers around her pussy 
lips, feeling how soft and tender they were.  God they 
were so beautiful.  I loved the idea that I had raped 
her twice already, that I had dumped a huge load of 
sperm inside her, making her feel unclean and filthy.  
And now, I was going to violate her in a way that she 
would never have thought possible.

For several wonderful minutes, I played with Avril's 
pussy, like an artist sculpting clay.  I tested its 
elasticity, its texture, its warmth.  Every so often, 
especially after probing inside Avril's twat, I would 
take my fingers out and force Amanda to suck them off 
with her tongue, lubricating them for the next dipping.  
Man it was fun, and the little moans and groans from 
Avril were exciting too, as Amanda buzzed her little 
clit in between the folds of skin that protected it, 
urging it out.

Adding another finger, I could easily slip three fingers 
past her still loosened hole, and twist them all around.  
The inside of a woman's pussy is so soft and moist, and 
Avril's was even more so.

Now a fourth finger was inside, and I could feel the 
pressure of her tight cunt squeezing my fingers together 
when I pushed them in all the way.  Avril was begging me 
to stop, that it was too much, but like a trooper, she 
didn't try to climb off of Amanda's squirming body under 

"I can't take your hand Mister, please!" Avril moaned 
out quietly, as she predicted perfectly what was about 
to happen.

"It's fate sweetie," I replied, "Your beautifully tight 
young pussy was just made to be plundered, it just has 
to happen, it's the price you pay for possessing such a 
hot little body." I said as I pulled my sticky fingers 
out and had a wincing Amanda lick off all of Avril's 
juices, and then liberally lick my entire hand in 
preparation for the big finale.

With a moan, Avril arched her back as I started to push 
my four fingers back inside her, this time, holding my 
thumb in between my second finger and my pinky.  I was 
determined to feel my entire fist being shoved into 
Avril Lavigne, if it was the last thing I did.  Nothing 
was going to stop my forward progress.

Fortunately for her, her once virgin pussy had been 
really stretched open inside from my cock and that 
ridiculously huge vibrating dildo that I had let her 
sleep with internally.  Breaking the barrier of her 
tight opening was the trick, and I had Amanda horking 
gobs of spit all around the bottom side of my hand while 
I added some to the top.  And fate was fate.

With a gasp from all three of us, my hand was literally 
swallowed by Avril's stretched out cunt, and I watched 
as her clinging inner pussy lips sucked tightly around 
the narrower part of my wrist, and for me at least, it 
felt absolutely fantastic!!! 

"Oh shit!!!  Fuck Avril, I've got my hand jammed up your 
little teenage pussy!  Yeah!" I said, cheering myself on 
as Avril gasped and cried in pain with every little 
movement, every little tug of my hand inside her.  It 
was so hot in there, I couldn't believe it.

Ever so slowly and gently, I eased my hand back out, 
causing great cries of pain from Avril as the wider part 
passed through, pulling and sucking her pussy out with 
it.  Once I was free, her elastic pussy returned to 
form, closing up as though nothing had happened.

"Here Amanda, suck this off," I said as my hand was 
covered in some milky-clear pussy juices, and Amanda did 
as she was told, filling her taste buds with the 
arousing aromas of the insides of one of the sexiest 
rock starlets around.

Once my hand was all saliva coated again, I pushed back 
inside Avril's pussy, and it was certainly easier this 
time.  I smiled to myself as I thought about how loose 
Avril's pussy was going to be after her week of 
captivity with Steve and I.  I loved thinking how she 
would never again have her tightness back, and how every 
sexual encounter she had in her future life would be 
that much less enjoyable for her partner as I was 
literally stealing her tightness away from her.  Nothing 
was better than this; humiliating this little slut, 
wrecking such an important part of her.

Once again, Avril's pussy clung to my wrist in a tight 
grip, and I was able to rub my fingers along the sides 
of her slick, heated inner pussy walls.  The next part 
was tough, but I did it one finger at a time.  I was 
able to pull each finger into my palm, and eventually, 
after several minutes, I was able to form my hand into a 
big balled fist, and Avril's body was literally 
trembling.  You could see it shaking and quivering like 
a dog shitting razor blades.  Fuck it was an erotic 
sight, one that will be burned into my head forever!

I tilted my head as I tried to imagine just how in the 
hell my fist could fit in there!  Her petite waist was 
so tiny, and I knew how big my fist was, it was just 
amazing to know that in between those tight little ass 
cheeks of hers, sat my bulky lumber some fist.

I then began a twisting motion, turning my wrist a few 
degrees in one direction, than a few more in the other.  
That elicited a lot of squeals from Avril as she begged 
me to stop, but I continued on, amazed at how her pussy 
clung and gripped my hand in its grip.  I could feel 
little contractions happening all over from her pleasure 
pit, and it made my cock totally hard again.

Amanda stared wide-eyed at the horrific scene happening 
just above her.  The vibrator continued to buzz away at 
Avril's clit, which was peeking out more now because of 
how my wrist was pulling the top of her lips so widely 

Avril's asshole was also stretched into a tiny 
horizontal line, rather than its usual crinkled star, as 
it too was pulled out of shape from my huge wrist.  When 
I looked at Avril's entire bottom in front of me, I 
wondered how double penetration was even possible, I 
mean, how in the living hell do two large cocks fit into 
two such tiny holes, in such a thin petite girl like 
Avril!  Man that was going to be fun finding out.  I 
couldn't wait for Steve to arrive tomorrow as I had 
never been one end of a sex sandwich before.  I just 
knew that I would have to test out Avril's cute puckered 
little ass with my cock before Steve got here.  I just 
had to feel how tight that virgin hole of hers would be 
around my cock.

Becoming a little bolder now, I started pushing and 
pulling my fist in and out with two inch movements now 
at the rate of about 30 pumps per minute, twisting it 
now and then just for fun.  I was really ravaging 
Avril's poor pussy, but she remained stationary on 
Amanda's tummy, taking this like the slut she was.  I 
was glad she was cooperating because I kind of wanted 
Avril to have some real food for a change, to keep her 
feeling ok.  I shivered as I thought of her digesting 
that piss laced dog food I had given to her yesterday, 
wow that was a great sight.

"Oh yeah Avril you whore, your pussy aint so tight 
anymore with my fist jammed up it, I'm going to loosen 
it for you baby, I'm going to make this hole gape!" I 
said as I increased the speed of my thrusts inside her.

I was hoping that she would have a mind-blowing orgasm 
with the vibrator working away on her clit.  It never 
happened, but I didn't really care, as long as I could 
feel the delightfully tight insides of Avril's pussy 
clenching and writhing over the bulk shape of my 
churning fist.

After about 10 solid minutes of fisting, I tried to pull 
my hand out, but this time, while it was in the position 
of a fist.  It felt impossible!  The inside of her pussy 
hole just did not seem like it was going to budge one 
bit and it felt as though I could pull her off the bed 
and around the room simply from my fist plugging her up 
inside.  I wondered if that was how she would feel with 
Duke's massive cock knot crammed up in her.  My hand was 
maybe the size of a large orange inside her, Duke's knot 
grew to the size of a large grapefruit!  It was going to 
be a very erotic sight to watch that tonight, it would 
be the desert after a delicious steak dinner! 

I tugged my wrist, lifting my arm up, and sure enough, I 
lifted Avril's body up as well.  I was totally embedded 
inside of her pussy!!!

"Stop it!!!!! You're hurting me!!" Avril begged out 
pathetically as she could feel my massive fist inside of 
her pulling at her insides, suctioning away around her 

Finally, I undid my fingers from my fist, and I was able 
to pull out my hand from her reddened twat, and I mean 
reddened.  As I pulled out, some of her inner pussy came 
out too, and as it opened, I could see how red and puffy 
the irritated skin was inside of her.  It must have hurt 
her a lot because she started saying "fuck" over and 
over as I finally brought my hand out.

Ever had one of those baths where your hands turn all 
wrinkly and water logged?  Well that was what my 
fingertips looked like, they were soaked from the heat 
and wetness of Avril's gaping gash, and were all 
wrinkly.  I placed it down to Amanda who was forced to 
suck off all of the white slime from my fingers, it was 
so much fun to watch.

Grabbing a large set of vibrating Japanese Ben-Wa balls, 
about an inch and a half in diameter each, I crammed 
them into Avril's twat where they found some nook and 
cranny in there to rest in the off-position.

"Avril, you took that like a pro!  It looks like 
someone's going to be getting a gourmet meal tonight!" I 
said as I pulled my fingers back from Amanda's licking 

"Now, just one more little thing to try, and then we'll 
start to do some cooking." I said as I brought my 
fingers up to Avril's tiny almost untouched asshole.  
Having a finger up there the other night was great, I 
was going to try a few more in there now.

Placing two fingers at the entrance to Avril's tiny butt 
hole, I began pushing and testing the hole's tightness, 
which was so different to her loosened pussy.

"No, not there!" Avril said, her danger-sense tingling, 
believing that I might be wanting to try one of the 
disgusting acts that we had seen in the porn flick.

"Don't worry slut, as much as I know you want me to cram 
my fist up your sweet little asshole, I'm just going to 
be doing some probing." I replied as I continued 
forward, managing to sink the first two inches of my two 
fingers inside her asshole.  It was drier and hotter 
than her pussy, kind of like Arizona weather to 
California weather.  Well, I thought it was a good 

I pulled my fingers out and smelled them, and that nice 
unmistakable scent of young female ass was on them.

"Since you're getting out of here without being raped 
Amanda, the least you could do is suck some of Avril's 
ass slime off of these..." I said as I held my fingers 
down to Amanda's face.  Her face scrunched up as if to 
say "YUCK!" as she caught a whiff of my fingers, but 
without hesitation, she sucked them off inside the 
inside of her mouth.  I made sure to wipe them clean 
over Amanda's inner cheeks and her tongue before pulling 
them out and returning them back to Avril's asshole.

I was able to get my two fingers jammed all the way 
inside Avril's rear end passage, and I played with the 
balls that I could feel just on the other side of her 
thin membranes that separated her two slut holes.

Turning on a little remote control that I had, I felt 
the balls instantly start to jump alive by buzzing and 
knocking against each other.  Avril jumped and started 
trembling again when that happened.  I pushed against 
her rectal walls, trying to move the balls around into 
different positions inside her cunt.  This was almost 
like performing little dexterity exercises as I wiggled 
my fingers uncomfortably inside her.

Not wanting Avril to have all the fun, I produced a 
matching set of balls, and told Amanda that she was 
going to get some shoved up her snatch too.  I handed 
the balls to Avril and instructed her to lubricate them 
and then to GENTLY insert them into Amanda as her pussy 
was still virgin and would need some TLC.

As if Avril was just looking for a chance to get revenge 
on her little counterpart, Avril took the balls from me, 
and without lubricating them, she literally CRAMMED them 
up inside Amanda with brute force!!!

Wow, I had no idea how pissed off Avril was that she was 
suffering the brunt of the sexual abuse dished out to 
them, and it appeared as though she wanted to give a 
little back!  Amanda cried out in pain as she felt the 
large balls being crammed inside her extremely tight 
pussy, and a few tears formed in the corners of her eyes 
as they went in.  I started them buzzing as well, and I 
began to think about how viciously Avril had just 
treated little Amanda underneath her.  The possibilities 
started forming in my mind!

After a few more minutes of toying with Avril's 
scrumptious ass, I decided I had to rape her again.  
Standing up, I moved the already totally hard top of my 
cock to the edge of Avril's pussy lips and I proceeded 
to rub the dripping hole at the tip of my cock, up and 
down the length of Avril's hole.  I loved that Amanda 
was going to get a great close-up of the action 
happening just inches above her, and I wanted to try a 
little hole-to-mouth action with her.  After all, she 
had escaped a lot of the torments that Avril had to go 
through, so it was a bit of payback time.

With a massive thrust, i buried my cock inside Avril's 
pussy, feeling my cock head make contact with the Ben-Wa 
balls, forcing them all the way back to the entrance of 
her womb.  Avril cried out from the sudden intrusion, 
but after my fist, my cock was no doubt a much more 
welcome visitor inside her little twat.

I started slamming my hips in and out as I fucked Avril 
hard, pulling out now and then to have Amanda suck off 
the juices that coated my cock, before ramming it back 
inside Avril.  For 10 long wonderful minutes of sheer 
pleasure I fucked Avril's ball filled pussy before I 
pulled out all the way and shot gobs of semen all over 
her gaped pussy lips and inside the yawning mouth inside 
her hole.  Amanda closed her eyes as my stringy sperm 
began to drip down all over her face.  I held her head 
still and told Avril to force Amanda to suck out the 
sperm from her pussy.

With great gusto, Avril sat up and started grinding and 
mashing her sperm filled pussy all over Amanda's face, 
turning her into a complete mess!!  Amanda wiggled and 
thrashed a lot as though she couldn't breathe even 
though it was obvious that she could.  At first I 
wondered why, but then I saw that Avril was cruelly 
digging her fingernails into Amanda's poor little 
nipples, while squashing herself on her face!

Digging through my knowledge of psychology, I made the 
assumption to myself that Avril was simply trying to 
cope by dishing out a little bit of pain, discomfort and 
humiliation to Amanda.  It was as though she could 
regain some of her own strength and self-respect back by 
inflicting some back.  Kind of like that infamous 
experiments of how two helplessly shocked labrats start 
to become aggressive towards each other!

Little rivulets of sperm began leaking down the sides of 
Amanda's face and onto her cum-matted hair, as Avril's 
thighs continued to mash my sperm erotically all over 
her.  Amanda was making all sorts of noises as she tried 
to beg Avril to stop.  Finally, I made Avril step up off 
of Amanda, who instantly started to rub some feeling 
back into her sore nipples that Avril had tortured.  I 
forced Avril to lick off the remaining sperm from 
Amanda's face, and instructed the two of them to kiss 
for a while.

"You sperm-licking little sluts, I think it's time we 
put some real food into you.  Come with me, you're in 
for a real treat girls!" I said as I had them follow me 
into the kitchen.

Over the next hour, I grilled up three perfectly tender 
pre-marinated steaks, baked up three buttery/garlicky 
baked potatoes, and steamed up some asparagus, Brussels 
sprouts and cauliflower.  Peppering and seasoning up the 
steaks, I finished the three meals.  In the time that I 
cooked, I had both girls orally servicing my cock and 
balls, and licking the rest of my body anywhere I told 
them to as they followed me around the kitchen on their 
hands and knees doing whatever I instructed them to do.  
Now that dear readers makes cooking enjoyable!

Once we returned into the living room area, we sat on 
the floor and I poured out three glasses of a nice pink 
Zinfandel, and we ate our delicious meal.  Avril chowed 
down as though she had never tasted food before, whereas 
Amanda was more refined.  During the meal, I struck up 
some general conversation about Hollywood, and their 
careers...totally non-sexual stuff, and was interested 
that they were genuinely answering me.  Of course I knew 
that they were too scared of not saying anything at all, 
but it felt neat to have a normal conversation with two 
sluts that you had just fucked, raped and humiliated.

They were shifting around a lot with the little buzzing 
balls inside of them, but not once did they ask to 
remove them.

"Well girls, what did you think, were those not the best 
steaks you've ever had in your life?" I asked, and they 
both nodded.

Suddenly, Duke came lumbering in and started to lick 
Avril's plate clean as I chuckled.

"Hey Duke!  Hey boy!  Are you hungry?" I said as Duke 
scooped up every last drop of steak juice and piece of 
potato skin that he could find, before plopping his 
almost 200 pound body on the floor next to us.  Duke 
laid down on his side and sighed contentedly as I 
watched both girls for their reactions.  Amanda was 
looking at Duke, but Avril was only looking down...she 
wasn't much into eye contact after everything she had 
been through.

And her level of experience was about to go up one more 

"Hey Avril, I know that Amanda likes Duke, but the 
question is, do you?" I asked the loaded question.

"Yes he's cute." said Avril quietly.

"Really?  You think so?" I asked.  Avril nodded.

"Good!  Why don't you pet him?" I asked, feeling my cock 
starting to get hard again.  Avril reached over and 
patted the huge lazy Mastiff as he lay on the floor.

"Awww Avril, you can do better than that..." I 
encouraged.  She started to use two hands, rubbing him 
around his front legs and his upper body.

"Now give him a little kiss.  Duke likes kisses." I 
said, watching for how she would react.

"What??" asked Avril with a glint of disgust in her 

"You heard me give him a kiss on his lips.  He won't 
bite." I said, waiting.

Slowly, Avril leaned forward, her head being smaller 
than Duke's was, and gave him a little peck on his lips.  
Duke just laid there, not moving.

"That's not a kiss slut, that was a peck.  Give him a 
kiss!" I repeated.

Avril was becoming nervous now, wondering how far I was 
going to be taking this affection.  But she leaned down 
and gave him a longer kiss, but the moment that Duke's 
tongue came out to slobber her lips, Avril pulled back 
quickly, and wiped her face off on the bed sheets.

"See?  I told you he liked to kiss.  Do it again." I 
said, and Avril reluctantly gave him another kiss.  "Now 
lets see you give him a body massage.  Duke just loves 
to be rubbed and stroked all over..." I hinted to Avril 
who looked into my eyes with a look of contempt.  I had 
to believe that at that moment, she knew exactly where I 
was going with all this, and I smiled a wickedly knowing 
smile her way, causing her to shiver.  She did move 
towards Duke and started to rub him all over his body, 
with the exception of the one area I wanted to see her 
touch most of all.

"Ok rocker slut, let's cut to the chase.  You know what 
I want, so just do it!" I said.  Avril's reaction was to 
stop and turn to me.

"You want me to fucking touch his cock?" she asked 
incredulously as though I had lost my mind.  Nope, my 
mind was intact alright, and thinking of pairing a 100 
pound human female with a 200 pound canine male.  The 
possibilities were monstrously cool to think about! 

"Yep.  And I want you to show Duke how good you are with 
your hands, because if either he or I are not convinced, 
we might have to find a different body part to make Duke 
feel good with, if you catch my drift slut." I replied.

Avril let out a noise of disgust as she started to move 
her hands lower to Duke's sheathed, hidden cock.  It was 
so cute when Duke lifted his leg into the air as though 
to give Avril some more room to rub.  I loved the sight 
of Avril's dainty little hands stroking all over Duke's 
hairy sheath, which was starting to open, and expose the 
pink veined cock underneath.

"Atta girl.  Hey Amanda, what do you think?  Avril's 
pretty good with that?  Do you think she's had some 
former experience in rubbing animal cocks?" I said, 
causing Avril to mutter some unmentionable words under 
her breath as she angrily rubbed his cock.

The two girls couldn't take their eyes off of Duke's dog 
cock as it was growing at an incredible rate.  It had 
now poked about 6 inches out of his sheath and was only 
about an inch wide, but thickening with every passing 
minute.  Duke's clear pre-cum was starting to leak out 
from the pointy tip at the end of his cock, and I made 
Avril wipe it up with her fingers.

"Hey Amanda, I don't want you to miss out on all the fun 
over there, do you want to help Avril out?" I asked, and 
immediately, a grossed-out Amanda shook her head no!

"Avril, I know you don't like to share, but would you 
like Amanda to have a little shared time with you and 

"Oh yes!!!!  Please!" replied Avril with a devilish 
glint in her eyes as she stared over at a frightened 

"You heard her Amanda, she wants some help, you'd better 
go do it."

I felt my cock growing hard again as I watched little 
Amanda Bynes start to rub Duke's huge cock with her 
fingers, joining Avril's.  Avril started to observe the 
horrified look on Amanda's face, and I could tell that 
although she wasn't smiling, that Avril was tremendously 
enjoying Amanda going through the process of sexual 
debasement with her.  God it was cool to watch.  And 
Duke calmly laid there, turning more on his back as his 
leaking cock was now jutting up a good 8 inches towards 
his stomach from the base where his knot was just 
starting to emerge.

Duke, albeit cumbersomely, allowed his instincts to take 
over, and he slowly started to stand up, ready to mount 
the first thing that he could.  Both girls stopped 
touching him and watched as he stood on his feet, all 
200 pounds of him.  Seeing as how Amanda was closer to 
him than Avril, Duke started to try and hump her upper 
body, causing Amanda to panic.

"Oh my God, get him off of me!" said Amanda frantically 
as she turtled, making sure that her little butt was 
facing away from him.  Duke looked so adorable trying to 
hump his cock over the back side of Amanda's hair as she 
lowered her face to the floor and had Duke crawling over 
her back.

Avril watched with a morbid fascination as Duke's weight 
pressed down against her friend's, and I decided to pull 
Duke off of her.  He was so good tempered, he simply 
laid down on the floor next to me while I rubbed his 
upper body, and he resumed his position with his cock 
still pointing out prominently.

"Well girls, now you've done it, you've got him all 
aroused and I think he wants a little piece of the 
action.  Now, since I made a promise to Amanda that I 
wouldn't rape her, I am going to keep my promise, BUT, I 
will allow her to decide who Duke mates with.  Ok?" I 
said as I turned to Amanda, curious to see just how much 
of a friend she was going to be.  Earlier, she was going 
to agree to eat dog food and urine just to help Avril 
out, but this was somewhat more of a stretch.  If you 
could only see how large Duke was, then you would 
understand the issue at hand.

"Well Amanda?  Who does Duke fuck, you or Avril?" I 
asked, putting the situation quite bluntly.

"Her!!" answered Amanda quickly, obviously not wanting 
to have anything else to do with Duke.

"You fucking cunt!" replied Avril immediately, "I've 
been raped already, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!  You 
have to fuck him, I CAN'T!!!" begged Avril with a nice 
mixture of anger and distress.

"Nooooo noooooo, I don't want him to touch me," answered 
Amanda, who then turned to me, "Please, don't make him 
touch either of us!!"

"Sorry Amanda sweetie, that really isn't an option.  I 
want to see Duke fuck one of you, so please tell me 
again who it should be." I said.

Amanda turned to look at Avril.

"I'm sorry Avril....I'm sorry....I just...I...I 
can't!!!" Amanda pitifully sobbed to Avril.

"You fucking piece of shit, you bitch!" Avril angrily 
replied.  "I hope he does all this shit to you too!"

CLICK!  All of a sudden, the proverbial light bulb 
clicked in over my head.  :)

"Girls, girls, please, the last thing I want to do is 
break apart such a beautiful friendship over something 
like this!  And obviously, by having one of you make 
this choice, well, that is just going to upset the other 
one.  I think we need a more neutral, objective way of 
deciding this." I said rationally, coming off sounding 
more menacing to the girls than calm.  I had captured 
both of their attentions as they stopped speaking to 
each other, and stared right up at me as I continued to 
rub Duke, who's massive erection had still not simmered.

"The only fair thing to do is to put you both to a fair 
test, and the loser will end up having to fuck Duke.  
This way, the decision is out of your hands.  Does that 
sound good to both of you?" I asked.

Both girls didn't say anything at first, but then they 
both nodded in defeat.


Standing up, I returned with my good ol' goatskin 
flogger.  Goatskin was a material that was much lighter 
than leather, and resulted in any administered strokes 
being much lighter in the beginning, but over time, 
caused more intense burning hits on skin that was 
repeatedly whipped.

"Oh fuck...." said Avril as she saw me holding my whip, 
clearly not excited about what she new was only 
inevitable.  Amanda's jaw was gaping as she realized 
that she was not going to be a mere observer this time 
around, and she started saying the word "No" over and 
over and over again.

"Ok girls.  Here's how we're going to decide this little 
matter of who gets to be Duke's bitch...." I started to 
say, but I was interrupted by Amanda who cowered her 
little self backwards to the bed as I walked closer.

"No!!!!  Don't hit me, please!" cried Amanda as she was 
obviously very scared.

"Oh don't worry Amanda, I won't be the one whipping 
you...Avril will!  And you will be hitting her."

Watching both of their reactions made me realize that my 
plan was starting to sink in.

"Here's what we'll do.  I'm going to have both of you 
take turns whipping each other, and the one of you that 
can last the longest, avoids having that huge, and I 
mean HUGE, dog cock being crammed up their twats.  
Brilliant idea don't you think?" I asked, grinning from 
ear to ear.

Both girls sat motionless, taking this all in.

"Of course," I continued, "I could always let Duke fuck 
both of you if you're not interested in a whipping 

Well that seemed to do it, both Amanda and Avril quickly 
agreed to the whipping contest, weighing all the 
negatives, and deciding that whipping was a thousand 
times more takeable than being fucked by a 200 pound 

"Very well.  Now here's how we're going to do it.  No 
one, and I mean NO ONE will strike the whip until I say 
the word PROCEED.  Once you are holding the whip, you 
will wait for me to say that word, understood?"

Two nods.  Good!  Time to explain the rules.

"Good.  Now, I am going to have you each taking turns at 
spreading your legs, standing on the floor, and bending 
over so that your hands are flat on the top of the bed.  
Your legs will be spread exactly two feet apart.  The 
girl in that position will be whipped by the other over 
the ass, just once.  After being hit, you will have to 
thank the whipper by name and stay in that position for 
ten seconds.  I will tell you when the ten seconds are 
up.  You will alternate until a loser is decided.  The 
loser will be the first one of you to jump out of that 
position after being whipped, or the one who simply 
gives up.  This is clearly a contest of stamina girls, 
and to see who can resist the most pain.  Any 

Two shakes of the head.  Great!  Time to get some 
snacks, this was going to be fun!

Stepping into the kitchen, I poured out a nice big bag 
of Ruffles into a bowl and opened up a beer.  Mmmm, I 
just loved Ruffles and beer.  The best snack around.  
Sitting down in my comfy reclining armchair, I opened my 
beer and started to munch away, like a relaxed 
spectator.  Hell, this was going to be better than 
watching the Cards lose another game.

"Now girls, the first decision to make obviously is who 
gets their ass whipped first.  That is important because 
the person who gets whipped first will always be one 
stroke behind, if you'll pardon the pun.  Therefore, 
that person could flinch first.  So here's how we're 
going to decide that." I said happily.

Now, the NFL may use a coin for their opening decision-
making, but I was going to try something a helluva lot 
more fun.

"I am going to give each of you 20 seconds to stand in 
front of me and act.  You're both actresses right?  Well 
at least you are Amanda, but somehow Avril, I have the 
feeling that you'll end up trying your hand at acting 
one day, seeing as how badly you sing.  Here's the scene 
you're going to act out.  You are a young slut, totally 
out to get fucked and you've just walked into a biker 
bar in the seedy side of town, looking for action.  I am 
the head biker and you are going to try and say 
everything in your power to beg me and my buddies to 
gangfuck the living shit out of you.  I will be judging 
you on sluttiness, creativity and how serious your voice 
sounds.  20 seconds.  Make your argument.  In fact, just 
to make this more interesting, the loser will get the 
first three whips on her ass before alternating, so make 
it good!"

Both girls looked mortified.  It was one situation to 
have things forced upon you, but quite another to be 
forced to say such horrible things, and to make it sound 

"Amanda, you first.  Stand up here please." I said as I 
watched Amanda slowly walk up to in front of my reclined 
legs.  "You may!" I said as I 
looked at the second hand on the wall clock behind her.

For the first few seconds, Amanda didn't say anything at 
all, but one raise of my eyebrow and an angry glare got 
her speaking...

"Ummmmm, I want you men to, ummmm, have sex with me, and 
to umm, please, have, sex with me now, please....."

"Time." I said as I chuckled at Amanda's poor 
performance.  "You call that slutty Amanda?" I commented 
as she turned and sat down on the bed, horrified by what 
she had to say.

"Ok Avril, you're up next." I said as Avril stood up 
quickly and walked over to me.  As she passed Amanda, 
she gave her the snidest look, as if to say, I've 
gotcha!  Wow, I wondered if Avril was feeling confident 
that she could win this, or maybe it was just her 
excitement to whip the living shit out of Miss Goody-
Two-Shoes Amanda Bynes.

"Ok Avril, you may!" I said as I watched 
Avril perform....and what a performance!"

"I want all of you to fuck the living shit of me all 
night long, to fuck me all over and to totally pump me 
and fuck me." said Avril quite impressively.  As she 
spoke, I imagined how amazing it would be to watch her 
saying those words in the real situation.  I had a 
sneaky suspicion that the bikers would probably have 
been in favor of her request.

"Avril, that was perfect!  You were born to be a slut, 
you know that!" I said.  "Amanda dear, I'm sorry, but 
you just weren't slutty enough.  I do sympathize with 
you, it's hard to compete when you're up against a 
slutty skank like this.  So hop to it Amanda, assume the 

With some verbal coaching, I got Amanda to the position 
that I wanted her in, bent over the bed, her legs spread 
apart by two feet, and her delightfully little petite 
bottom jutting up into the air.  I reminded her that if 
she moved her palms from the bed or her feet from the 
floor, even a fraction of an inch before I told her she 
could move, she would be popping her cherry with an 
animal.  Amanda was clearly horrified, but she knew that 
the only thing that mattered in her life right now was 
keeping her feet and hands where they were!

I handed the whip to Avril, who appeared to be way too 
eager to whip her little friend, and watched as Avril 
kind of tested the whip in the air, swinging it back and 
forth a little.  With those cold glassy eyes, dear 
readers, I had the inclination that Avril would make one 
hell of a good Dominatrix!

"Now Avril, stand next to Amanda, and remember, only one 
whip at a time, on the ass only, and only when I say the 
word PROCEED.  Understand?" I said and Avril nodded her 

Fuck this was going to be great, I thought, as I munched 
a few more potato chips.  Even at its greatest strength, 
I knew that this goatskin flogger would sting a lot, but 
was manageable, at least for the first few hits.  It was 
the slow burning stinging pain of multiple hits that 
would eventually sear through the loser's butt, thus 
making them the loser when they begged for 
was all so perfect!

"Alright Avril.  Hit number one.  Proceed." I said.

Instantly, Avril brought down the whip, HARD, right 
across the ass cheeks of Amanda in front of her, the 
resulting noise being a nice solid SPLAT.

Amanda screamed out, more in shock than in pain, but she 
managed to keep herself from moving.

Geez, that was kind of a healthy hit, I thought, Avril 
must certainly be determined to win.



"NOOOOO!!!!!! Avril not so HARD!!!!!" cried out Amanda 
as the whip landed nicely on her ass for the second 



Avril really laid into her that time, bringing down the 
flogger with great force, obviously wanting to make that 
third hit count.  The bitch was probably hoping to break 
her little friend without having to receive anything in 
return.  It didn't work though as Amanda held her 
ground.  After 10 seconds, I let Amanda come up for heň 

"You did it Amanda, you survived, so now it's your turn.  
Avril, get your ass into position." I said as I watched 
Avril roughly shoving the whip into her hands, flashing 
her a look of bitterness and hate.  Amanda looked really 
scared as she rubbed her sore little butt with one hand 
and held onto the flogger with the other.  She was so 
cute, how was she ever going to win this contest?

"Ok Amanda, get ready..." I said as I finished off my 
beer.  "Proceed."

Amanda's hit was the most pathetic whipping I had ever 
seen.  She basically tapped Avril's ass with it, not 
even causing Avril to flinch out.

"You may get up now Avril." I said as Avril stood up and 
energetically took the whip out of Amanda's hands.

"Amanda," I offered, "If you want some advice, I would 
really suggest that you use put a little more muscle 
into your whipping procedure.  Remember how Avril 
whipped you?  If you keep this up, your pussy is going 
to be full of doggy sperm.  Do you know how you're going 
to feel if Duke fucks you?  You won't be able to walk 
for a week!" I said, hoping to inspire Amanda into 
greater heights.

Avril looked over at me as if she was jumping the bit to 
whip Amanda again, her confidence was obvious.



This hit was the hardest of all!  Avril literally left 
her feet as she slammed the flogger as hard as she 
possibly could over Amanda's ass.  Amanda cried out in 
pain, and her knees buckled a little, but thankfully, 
she stayed put.  To be honest, I didn't want Amanda to 
lose.  As if I could let some dog take the virginity of 
the girl that I wanted so badly.  Oh well, I was hoping 
that I didn't have to resort to figure skating judging, 
perhaps Amanda could win fair and square.

Either way, a bookie's odds would place her at a 
definite longshot.  Avril was really using that whip 
like a pro.

"Switch." I said as Avril got into position, thrusting 
the whip rudely into Amanda's hands.



Albeit a little harder, the hit barely phased Avril, who 
anxiously awaited my command to switch.  On her turn, 
Avril cracked Amanda hard again and so the pattern 

On the 20th exchange, I stopped them to observe their 
little butts.  Avril's was a light shade of pink as 
Amanda had been hitting her somewhat harder out of 
desperation, but even her hardest hits were hardly 
making an impact.  As for Amanda, her glowing ass was a 
reddened crisscrossing pattern of welts, evidence that 
Avril had been giving her everything she could in her 
attempts to break her.

I couldn't believe that Amanda had lasted as long as she 
had, but my hopes for her lasting any longer were 
fading.  I just knew that she was going to give soon.  
On hit number 16, Amanda flinched a little, lifting her 
hand off the bed in reflex, but quickly replacing it, 
and Avril begged me to deem her the winner.  I lied, and 
pretended that I hadn't seen her take her hand off the 
bed, and Avril was pissed off, feeling that she had been 
cheated of a victory.  That only made her hit Amanda 
even harder on the next four strokes.  It would have 
been obvious to everyone that Avril was going to win 
this thing, so I decided to act.

"You girls are really impressive.  I can tell how much 
you both are trying to not get dog fucked.  I want to 
watch this action close-up, you two are so great." I 
said as I stood up next to Avril as she held the whip, 
and Amanda moved her sore, tired body into position 

"Proceed." I said as Avril slammed the whip into Amanda, 
causing more distressed cries and tears.  But still, 
Amanda didn't move, and they exchanged places.

This time, as Avril got into position, facing away from 
us, I told Amanda to get ready.  However, I lifted my 
finger up to my mouth, placing it into a "shushing" 
position, secretly motioning Amanda not to say anything.  
Amanda watched as I took the whip from her and held it 
in my own hands!

"Proceed." I said as I raised the whip up over my head.  
With all the arm strength I could muster, I SLAMMED it 
down HARD over Avril's begging little ass, and then 
quickly shoved it back into Amanda's hands.

Game over.

Avril leapt up out of her position, her hands 
immediately flying back to her burning backside.

"FUUUCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!" said Avril as the burning 
sensation flowed through her!  Amanda stood there, 
staring in shock as Avril turned around and glared at 
her.  After Amanda's first 20 pathetic little hits, it 
was the pure shock of such a sudden jolt that made Avril 

"You fucking bitch I'll kill you!!!" said Avril as she 
attacked Amanda right before my very eyes!  She lunged 
forward, knocking Amanda to the carpet and both Duke and 
I stared in total amazement.  While Duke simply walked 
into the kitchen, I pulled Avril off of Amanda before 
she could do any harm, and restrained her in my arms.  
Amanda looked up in fear at both of us, and I knowingly 
winked my eye at her, flashing a smile at her.

"Don't be such a sore loser bitch!" I cursed at Avril as 
I spanked her ass, causing her to yelp out!  I wondered 
if she would accuse me of cheating, but instead, she 
simply dropped to her knees and starting begging me not 
to make her fuck Duke!  How precious!

"Noooo!!!  Mister please let me try again!  Give me one 
more chance!  I won't move again!!!  Please!!!  Just one 
more chance, Amanda can even hit me three times each, 
please!" said Avril, horrified that she had lost, 
knowing what the consequences were.

"Hmmmmm, I don't know...." I said.  I actually did know, 
but hey, I wanted to see how badly Avril wanted to avoid 
fucking Duke.

Sensing that there was a potential opening for her to 
sway my decision, Avril began begging more than ever!

"Please!!!!  Give me another chance Mister, please!!"

"Will you suck my asshole for a while if I let you go 
for round 2 with Amanda?" I asked, watching to see how 
Avril would react.

Again, Avril flashed me a look of hate, she was really 
steamed, but in only a few seconds, she replied "Yes."

"Would you let me piss down your throat, and drink it?"

"Fuck!!!!" replied Avril, exhaustedly "Why the fuck are 
doing this to me?????  Why don't you fucking do that to 
her!!!!  Nothing happens to her, nothing!!!" Avril 
stated her case.  I didn't bother to reply to her.

"Oh Duke!  Here boy!" I shouted out, causing my well-
trained four-legged friend to come bounding excitedly 
into the room.

"Ok!!!!  I'll drink your piss, I'll kiss your ass, 
anything!!!!!" begged Avril frantically.  Imagine, I 
thought, a few days ago, Avril Lavigne wouldn't have 
given me the time of day, and now she was begging to 
swallow my piss and ream my ass out with her tongue.  I 
was a model for the pursuit of happiness.  :)

"Too late slut, you had your chance to say yes, and I 
would have given you another shot at Amanda's ass.  But 
now, your ass belongs to Duke!" I said with an evil 

"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted 
Avril at the top of her lungs.  I grabbed her roughly by 
her wrists, and yanked Avril's tiny body right up off 
the floor, pulling her up so that her face was directly 
in front of mine.

"No BITCH, FUCK YOU!!!" I replied as I spit into her 
face before I threw her roughly to the floor.

"Ok Duke ol' boy, you're going to be the best groupie 
this little rock-slut has ever met!" I said as I patted 
his monstrous head.

Avril looked up at me with furious anger in her eyes as 
I started to mock sing....

"He's just a dog, you're just a bitch, can I make it any 
more obvious?....."


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen,

Chapter 6

Grinning from ear to ear, I watched as Avril lay on the 
floor in fear, knowing that very soon, her pussy was 
about to be filled with a large canine cock.  The fear 
emanating from Avril's body was obvious.  She was 
shaking and trembling, and looking at the carpet.  
Meanwhile, Amanda simply sat on the floor next to the 
bed, covering herself up, and probably grateful that it 
wasn't her in such a horrible position.

"Well Avril, you lost the contest fair and square, so it 
looks like you get a date with Duke as a reward!  Aren't 
you lucky?  I'll bet you're the first ever bestiality 
pop star!  Maybe I should film this for posterity.  
After all, an event like this doesn't happen everyday.  
Imagine if this thing ever got would start 
circulating around the black market forever!  I can just 
see it now, people bidding on E-Bay for DVDs of your 
pussy getting dog fucked."

And on and on I continued, hoping to horrify, berate and 
generally piss Miss Lavigne off.  She never moved as I 
spoke to her, but I knew that every penetrating word 
from my mouth was like a dagger in her heart.  I started 
to whistle "How much is that doggie in the window" for 
her, as though I was paying some kind of twisted homage 
to John Waters.

"Okay Avril, get those balls out of your cunt now." I 
said.  "Ol' Duke here is going to need every square inch 
of available real estate that he can find in there if he 
hopes to completely tie with you."

When Avril didn't initiate movement, I felt that some 
gentle reminders were in need.

"Suit yourself, if you don't want to reach in there and 
grab them, I'll be more than happy to shove my fist up 
there and yank them out for you.  I'm ambidextrous you 
know, and I can prove it for you if you want...

"NOOOOO!!!!!" said Avril quickly as she began to 
daintily try and pluck the balls out of her slimy pussy 
with her fingers.  I snickered to myself as I watched 
her digging around trying to get a firm grasp of them.

"They, they won't come out!" said Avril pleadingly as 
her tiny fingers couldn't get a good hold of the 
slippery coating the balls had on them.

"They won't huh?" I replied.  "Lemme help..."

"Noooooo!!!!  I'll do it!!" said Avril with renewed 
vigor.  Finally she was able to push a third finger into 
her gaping pussy and pull one of the balls out of her.  
It fell to the floor with a plunk, and Duke walked over 
and started to lick it with his tongue.  Instantly, his 
large dog cock started to once again protrude from its 
hairy sheath under him.  Avril was able to pull the 
second one out, and Duke again polished it off with his 
rough tongue, tasting the pheromones of a human female 
who was ready, ready or not, to get her first taste of 

I wanted Amanda to participate a little in this, so I 
called her over, and like an obedient little puppy, she 
came scooting over to my side.

"Amanda, I want you to play with Duke's cock like you 
did before, and this time, I want you to keep doing it 
until his entire cock grows to full size.

It was so cute how Amanda's fearful face crinkled up in 
disgust at the thought of having to touch Duke's pink 
veined cock again.  However, we both knew that it was 
miles ahead of the alternative, the one facing Avril in 
just a few moments!

Avril lay still, not moving, as I lustfully watched 
little Amanda Bynes stroking the cock of a large dog 
that weighed two times what she did.  As she did that, I 
pulled out my video camera and decided to play film 
director.  Avril saw that I had not been joking about 
capturing this moment forever, and she called me a 
really hurtful name.

"Oh Avril," I said, shaking my head, "You're so moody 
and hurtful, but I get your point."

Finally, it was time.

I instructed Amanda to back away, and she happily 
accommodated my command.  When I told Avril to get onto 
her hands and knees in the classic doggie-style 
position, she surprisingly did, knowing that the 
inevitable was going to happen eventually anyway.  My 
own cock started growing again as I watched Avril's 
tight little rear end push up into the air, ready to 
offer her delectably sweet pussy to a lower species of 
mammal.  Never having seen bestiality up close and 
personal before, I was completely ecstatic about the 
whole thing.  Butterflies swirled in my stomach as I 
thought about how fantastic this situation was.  Man, 
life was great!

Duke must have felt that way as well, as he began 
salivating at an increased rate.  Slobbery doggy drool 
started to literally pour out of his mouth as he moved 
himself up into position.  Duke jumped up on Avril's 
back, but luckily for her, he was taller than she was on 
her hands and knees, and the furry underside of his 
stomach merely rested on top of her back.  His mouth was 
pressed against the side of Avril's head, and drool 
dripped down onto her hair.

Duke's huge cock started to poke and prod against 
Avril's red puffy pussy lips, although his aim was 
admittedly not very good.  His cock speared under, above 
and around the sides of Avril's bottom on strokes when 
it wasn't bumping up against her.  Duke's excitement was 
growing as his hips started to move back and forth at a 
quickening pace, currently mounting only air.

I could tell how much he wanted his utterly huge cock to 
be thrust into something tight, warm and wet.  I was 
almost jealous of Duke, and not just that his cock was 
bigger in size than mine!

You could tell that Avril's heart was beating at a 
million miles a minute, and she had her eyes tightly 
closed, awaiting in horrible anticipation at the moment 
that she knew would be arriving very very soon.

"Amanda, don't you be turning away from this, I want you 
watching!" I said sternly when I noticed that she had 
been trying not to look at the monstrosity that was 
developing in front of us.  I made sure that the camera 
was able to pick up both Amanda and Avril.  Man, this 
was great.

Finally, the moment had come.  Duke's huge cock finally 
found its mark on a perfectly centered thrust.  Six 
inches of it went slamming up in between Avril's 
painfully swollen pussy lips, causing the little rock 
star to scream out loud.  Avril managed to fall to her 
tummy onto the floor, before pulling out from under 
Duke.  Damnit, now I had to get her back into position 

Leaping back to my feet, I put the camera down and 
easily caught Avril before she could go running off into 
the kitchen, and I had to slap her breasts a few times 
before I could force her back into a passive submission 

"NOOOOO!!!!  Don't hit me!!!!!" begged Avril as I 
backhanded and forehanded her breasts about half a dozen 
times before I held her face up to mine, and breathed a 
dire warning.

"Listen here BITCH!!" I said with a vengeance.  "If you 
fucking move away from Duke again, I will fucking tie 
you up and fistfuck both your ass and your cunt for an 
hour and then let Duke fuck BOTH of your gaping holes, 
do you understand me SLUT?"

Avril nodded in fear, a single tear trickling out of her 
left eye and running down her cheek.

I dropped her to the floor, and ordered her back onto 
her hands and knees.  Instantaneously, Duke plopped back 
up onto her back, and started to mount her again.  Duke 
must have been learning as his cock hit the mark so much 
more quickly this time.  Smart dog!

Avril cried out obscenities as Duke's cock once again 
slammed inside of her, but this time, she stood her 
ground, keeping her body underneath Duke.  He was 
pushing forward so hard, that he managed to bump her 
forward inch by agonizing inch until she was against the 
bed.  Avril rested her tummy ontop of the bedsheets 
while Duke fucked her hard, his front paws on either 
side of her on the bed, and his rear paws scraping the 
sides and backs of her thighs and calves from time to 

Duke started shifting into hyperspeed-mode as his sexual 
instincts began to really take over, and the speed of 
his thrusts intensified.  I had much joy capturing this 
amazing sight from many different angles, and I 
continued to force Amanda to watch Avril get hammered, 
knowing that she was hoping that she would never have to 
suffer through the same fate.

Duke must have been ejaculating some sperm already, as 
clear-white doggy juice started to froth out around 
Avril's stuffed pussy, and began trickling down her 
scratched chaffy thighs.  Yuck!

Duke's huge knot at the base of his cock had grown to 
its full size, that of a softball, but it was so big, 
that I knew it wouldn't have a chance to get inside 
Avril's pussy now.  Damn, I thought, there would be no 
tie this round.  I decided that next time, I wouldn't 
have Duke's cock grow so much in arousal before the 
mounting, so that the knot could get pushed into Avril's 
pussy before it grew to its goliath proportions.

"Oh my God get him off me!!!" begged Avril pathetically 
as Duke's huge body pumped and writhed all over her 
backside.  More dog semen started to leak down Avril's 
thighs.  It seemed like such a waste, and I just 
couldn't have that.  I ordered Amanda to start wiping 
the leaking dog sperm up with her fingers, and then to 
feed it to Avril while she got fucked.

Amanda did as she was told, and it was obvious that 
Avril hated having Amanda's slimy fingers rubbing all 
over her lips.

For half an hour, Duke pumped Avril incredibly hard, in 
and out, in and out, releasing a continuous stream of 
sperm inside of her sopping wet twat, before he finally 
stepped off of her, and walked away, totally 
disinterested anymore.  Avril collapsed onto the floor 
with a thud, totally devastated that she had just been 
forced to be fucked in her formerly sweet untouched 
pussy by a dog.  And worst of all, to have it captured 
on video for all eternity.

"So Avril, was it really that bad?" I asked her 
mockingly, as I watched her flooded pussy pouring out 
sperm all over the carpet, making a total mess.  I 
didn't receive any response, nor did I expect to.  Avril 
was too exhausted to even hurl more insults towards me.  
I thought to myself that she should have a well deserved 
rest.  Dog fucking looked to be extremely tiring!

She flinched as I gently began to stroke her hair, while 
I shook my head back and forth.

"Avril, you are really a trooper kiddo.  You took Duke's 
cock with class.  You deserve a break." I said as I took 
an old sleeping bag and laid it on the floor.  I didn't 
want her leaking dog cum all over the bedsheets, after 
all, I had to sleep there tonight.

"Why don't you take a nap for a few hours babe, you 
deserve it."

I only had to say it once, and Avril crawled onto the 
sleeping bag and collapsed.  I think she fell asleep in 
about 30 seconds, her body completely exhausted from the 
trauma it had to endure today.

I then turned my attentions from Avril back to Amanda.  
The beautiful look of fear returned to Amanda's eyes as 
she watched me eyeing her lustfully.

"Nooooo, please!" said Amanda as she looked at me 
defensively, afraid that I was going to somehow hurt 

"Amanda my sweetheart, don't you remember what I 
promised you?  Don't you trust me?  I told you I 
wouldn't rape you as long as you obeyed me.  You have 
certainly held up to your part of the deal, and so I am 
going to honor mine." I said, trying to get her to 
believe that I actually wouldn't rape her.  It would 
make all of the other things I planned to do to her so 
much easier.

Unfortunately for her, it would also make my inevitable 
rape of her tight young pussy that much more unbearable, 
but hey, I'm only a man, and Amanda Bynes' sweet pussy 
was just too much to pass up.

I sat down beside her, sensing how tense she was just 
having me so physically close to her.

"You do trust me, right Amanda?  I said I wouldn't rape 
you, and a promise is a promise.  Okay?" I said as I 
gently lifted her chin up so that her face would be 
looking into mine.

Amanda nodded frightfully, still not convinced.  I 
smiled at her as though I was some lovesick teenager, 
and I purposely spoke like a wooing lover.

"Amanda sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you.  I have 
loved you since the first day I ever laid eyes on you on 
television.  Your beauty and innocence captured my 
heart, and I just knew that I would have to get to know 
you.  That is the price you have to pay for being 
blessed with such attractiveness.  However, I have Avril 
here to fuck, so you will have to settle for love."

I knew that Amanda would rather be anywhere else in the 
world than sitting right next to me, but I continued to 
speak gently to her, and to stroke her hair and cuddle 
next to her.

"I'm going to remove the balls that have been inside of 
you for so long now, is that ok?" I asked.

" won't...hurt me, will you?" asked Amanda 
nervously.  I smiled, and told her that I wouldn't, but 
that she would have to help me out if we wanted to get 
the balls out of her with as little effort as possible.

It took a few minutes, and some probing on my part, some 
squeezing on hers, but we managed to extract the balls 
from her sweet young pussy.  They were coated in juices 
and I licked them off with my tongue, tasting Amanda's 
arousal.  Damn she was fine.

"Amanda, you are so sweet." I said as I then began to 
gently kiss her lips so I could transfer some of her 
fluids to her own lips.  Amanda made a few little mewls 
and uncomfortable noises, but she didn't resist me at 
all.  She was acting very submissively, and I knew that 
the fear she had for me was so strong, that she would be 
willing to do anything, especially believing that I 
would not rape her if she just complied and didn't make 
things difficult for me.

I continued to kiss her for a few minutes, savoring her 
wet full childlike lips and her trembling body.  I 
pulled back and played with her hair while simply 
staring at this gorgeous tiny creature that sat beside 

"Amanda, watching Avril get fucked has totally aroused 
me, and I want to do a 69 with you.  I'm going to lay on 
my back on the bed, and I want you sit on my face for a 
while, okay?"

Amanda nodded passively, and the two of climbed onto the 
bed.  After laying down on my back, completely flat, I 
licked my lips and watched as Amanda climbed over me and 
squatted her fantastic pussy down over my face.  
Instantly I began to nibble and lick all around her 
budding vulva, her pea-sized clit and her tiny little 
asshole.  I was in heaven tasting her delicious sex 
organs, and I wanted a little oral in return.

"Amanda, you know what I want, and you know what you are 
going to do."  That was all I had to say, and Amanda 
leaned down over my chest and stomach and started to 
play with my cock and my balls with her tiny fingers.  I 
moaned into her pussy and started to suckle on her vulva 
with renewed energy, tasting every luscious drop of all 
her pussy had to offer to me.  I loved feeling her 
fingers getting my cock to its full length, and 
generating a flood of sperm that was being prepared to 
launch outward.

"Oh yesssss babe, that feels so fucking good, now use 
your tongue and lick my cock All over," I said as I used 
my hands to pull apart her tight ass cheeks so I could 
delve deeper in between her folds.  Amanda began licking 
my cock as commanded, and the feeling was incredible.  I 
shivered with lust as my hardened cock was being bathed 
in extreme pleasure by this little virgin on top of me.  
Every inch of Amanda's pussy and asshole found itself 
brushed and licked by my own tongue, as I continued to 
eat her out.

We stayed in this position for about a half hour until 
my cock couldn't hold out anymore.  I ordered Amanda to 
start to use her hands to jack me off as quickly as she 
could.  I warned her that I expected her lips to be 
wrapped around just the head of my fat cock and for her 
tongue to be flicking back and forth along the underside 
of my sensitive head while I came inside her, or she 
would suffer the consequences of a spanking a hundred 
times worse than what Avril gave her.

Not wanting anymore pain in her world, Amanda did an 
amazingly great job of licking my cock head and jacking 
me off.  Her hands were doing two strokes a second when 
I finally couldn't hold off any longer and I spurted 
violently into Amanda's sweet mouth, pouring a flood of 
white cum into her cheeks.  She didn't move her head at 
all.  What a good girl, she had been listening after 

For a finally, I made her dribble my cum down the length 
of my shaft only to lick it all up again, over and over 
and over and over until it had soaked into her taste 
buds and my shaft.  Fuck that was good.

As we finished, I had the strong desire to take a nap 
with my little Amanda spooned against me.  However, I 
had to take precautions, so I tied Avril up with some 
rope, and in her heavy slumber, she didn't even awaken 
at all.  I then did the same to Amanda, tying her up so 
that I could still cuddle against her with my sticky 
cock pressed up against her pussy lips while I slept.

Instantly, I fell asleep, my body bathed in pleasure 
from such a great orgasm, and I dreamed of my two little 
sex slaves, and of all the fun we were going to have 
once Steve showed up...


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen, , msn messenger

Chapter 7

Waking up with a long yawn, it took me a few seconds to 
realize exactly where I was.  With disbelief, my eyes 
registered that it was three o clock in the afternoon 
already...we had slept for over two hours!  Yeah, some 
good quality orgasms will do that to my afternoon naps.  
Next to me, sweet tiny Amanda lay completely still, fast 
asleep.  I stroked her hair gently in my fingertips as I 
watched her adorable little face completely at peace.  I 
wondered if her dreams were as peaceful as she appeared 
to be.

Duke's dreams were certainly not peaceful.  My big buddy 
was fast asleep on the floor, legs kicking away as he 
slept.  He must be chasing rabbits right now, I thought 
to myself.  Either that, or he's fucking the hell out of 
some tight assed pop star.  Oh yeah, he already did that 
in his waking state, I chuckled to myself.

Getting up slowly so as not to disturb Amanda's sleep, I 
climbed off the bed to check on my little Canadian, tied 
up and fast asleep on the floor.  Avril was in a deep 
slumber, her body certainly attempting to recuperate 
from the trauma it had just suffered in having a huge 
Mastiff pounding its tiny sex organs.  I'm so glad I 
caught that on tape for posterity.  It would provide 
good jerk off material for a lifetime!

Kneeling down for a closer look, I noticed the copious 
amounts of thick, clear, congealed doggie sperm that was 
matted to Avril's pussy lips, and that had leaked down 
her thighs and ass while she slept on the sleeping bag 
below her.  Man, that was a disgusting sight.  If only I 
could make Avril eat herself out, that would be great.  
Oh well, I'd have to play the ol' finger to mouth 
transfer game I suppose.  I assumed that there was still 
a ton of congealed goop inside Avril's dogsperm filled 
pussy, and I'd have to make her eat that too, just for 
fun.  My fun, not hers.

Before waking my little toys up, I decided to call Steve 
to see what time he would be arriving tomorrow as 
planned, however there was no answer.  I was curious to 
see how the media was reacting to all this, and I knew 
that Steve would bring me all the papers from the last 
few days so I could catch up.  The plan was to safely 
release the two girls after our fun, and to hopefully 
walk away from this unscathed.

I made a few sandwiches for lunch, and brought them out 
for everyone to enjoy.  I woke Amanda up first, and as 
usual, she awoke with a startled, afraid expression on 
her face, however, I managed to calm her down by 
repromising that she could avoid being raped by simply 
cooperating.  I untied her and we shared a long drawn 
out kiss, although Amanda still wasn't putting any 
effort into it at all, however, she wasn't stopping me 
either.  As Avril slept, Amanda and I ate our lunch, and 
I went over the game plan for the next few hours, 
outlining in detail all the nasty things I had planned 
for Avril.  I saved a few surprises from her of course, 
but Amanda was still very well aware of how busy she and 
Avril were going to be as the late afternoon wore on.  
The nice thing was that Amanda didn't hesitate at all to 
disagreeing with the things I wanted her to do to Avril.  
I believe that she was in total self-defense mode, 
completely looking out for number one.  And that was 
fine with me, because that meant having a perfectly 
willing, if inexperienced, little dominatrix on my side.  
In actuality, I knew that if I had switched the roles 
around, Avril would most likely be going ape-shit on 
Amanda's ass for revenge of all the nasty things that 
Amanda never had to do.  I loved toying with Avril's hot 
temper, and I was really going to be pushing things this 

All excited and ready to go, I woke Avril up by swatting 
her with my belt, right over her tight little ass.  She 
awoke with a scream, which also awoke Duke, who waddled 
off into the other room for some peace and quiet.

"Rise and shine!" I said merrily as Avril wriggled 
around in her bonds, now fully awake from the pain 
sensors in her ass shooting nervous signals up into her 
brain.  "Amanda and I aren't in the mood to watch you 
sleep all day sleepyhead, we're in the mood for some 
play, right Amanda?"

Amanda nodded as she started to untie Avril.  Before 
Avril could move, I forced Amanda to start digging her 
fingers into Avril's filthy pussy to scoop out some of 
the now jelly-like dog sperm that was slopped inside 
her.  Avril started to put up a fight, but four well 
placed fingers of mine on her still sore nipples stopped 
the wiggling.

"No don't!!!!  I'm too sore there, please!!!" Avril 
begged as she breathed heavily in and out at the fingers 
that were now all over her.

"Hurts huh?  Well it will hurt a helluva lot more cunt, 
if you keep fighting us.  Don't you get it slut?  I can 
do whatever the fuck I want to you anyway, so why fight 
it and make it worse?  Because believe me, you haven't 
seen worse yet." I explained.

Avril pouted, and sat still as Amanda scooped a whole 
handful of dog sperm into her dainty little hands.  God 
that was disgusting!  It looked like clear mushy tapioca 
pudding.  I'm glad I wouldn't have to eat that filth.

"Ok Avril, YOU made the mess, so now YOU are going to 
have to clean it up." I said happily to Avril.  "Suck it 
all off of Amanda's fingers and swallow it.  NOW!" I 

Without arguing, Avril submissively did as she was told.  
At one point she retched a bit, but she managed to 
swallow it all down.  For the next ten minutes, I had 
Amanda transferring that dog slime from Avril's pussy to 
her mouth until I was convinced that she did a 
commendable job in cleaning it all up.  The look on 
Avril's face was priceless as she thought of how filthy 
her body felt all over.

"Man Avril, you are one filthy mess.  I think you need a 
good deep cleaning, inside and out!  To the shower, 
girls!" I announced like some sadistic marine sergeant.

Following both girls into the bathroom, I had Avril lay 
on the bottom of the tub, with her legs and feet up on 
either side of it.  I grabbed a shower head attachment 
that looked like a hollow vibrator with holes all over 
its sides.  Taking my time, I worked the one and a half 
inch thick attachment up into Avril until I was 
convinced that it wouldn't go up any further.  Avril was 
perceptively watching me, knowing full well what was 
about to happen, and I thought it was so cute how she 
gave the following request to me.

"Please mister, don't use cold water, please." begged 
Avril as I moved my hand towards the taps.

"Tell you what slut.  Since I'm such a nice guy, if you 
give me a nice long passionate kiss and whisper sweet 
nothings in my ear, I'll douche your pussy out with some 
nice warm water, how's that?"

Avril looked really pissed, as the last thing she wanted 
to do was to show any affection towards the man whose 
guts she hated so much right now.  But in her broken 
state, and her desire to feel somehow cleansed, she 
nodded in agreement.

"Atta girl.  Mmmmm, I can't wait to see and hear just 
how much you love me Avril.  But we gotta take care of 
your rank mouth right now, there is no fucking way I am 
sticking my tongue into that doggy sperm filled hole!  
Amanda, grab a toothbrush and toothpaste for me."

Using a ton of toothpaste, I spent a good ten minutes 
scrubbing the insides of Avril's mouth out until I knew 
without any shadow of a doubt that it was squeaky clean.  
Every square inch of her gums, teeth, lips, cheeks and 
tongue.  And just to be on the safe side, I made her 
gargle several mouthfuls of antibacterial Scope.  Don't 
get me wrong, I love Duke and all, but that love has its 
limits.  :)

"Okay slut, you're now clean enough and presentable 
enough to kiss me.  So do it, and if I detect that you 
don't mean what you're telling me, I'll fucking scald 
the shit out of your pussy with hot water.  I MEAN IT 

Avril nodded frantically with fear, knowing full well 
that I was a man of my word.  Good.  Now for some nice 
tender loving care from Miss Lavigne to me.  Ahhh, life 
was good.

Avril sat up and began to kiss me as though we had been 
going steady for three years.  Her tongue sought out 
mine, and we had a nice long passionate kiss, with lots 
of oral action.  I then listened as Avril whispered some 
silly lines about how much she loved me in my ear, 
knowing full well that she would have jammed a knife in 
my back had there been one there.

"Mmmmm, nice work slut!  I knew you loved me!" I said as 
I winked at her, and licked the side of her face from 
chin to temple.  Avril shivered and pulled away from me 
in disgust, horrified by the forced intimacy she had 
just given me.  Little did she know that her morning 
experience was going to be a thousand more times 
pleasureable than what I had in store for her.

With great skill, I turned on both the hot and cold 
knobs on the shower to a nice lukewarm temperature.  The 
sheer force of the water came powering up Avril's 
stretched open cunt, and immediately poured out between 
her legs.  Avril started to panic, as it must not have 
been as pleasureable as she thought it would be to have 
a geyser erupting up her most personal of channels.  She 
bitched and cursed the water out, but she took it for 
the next five minutes.  Finally, I yanked the shower 
head out of her pussy and hosed down the rest of her 

"Get on your hands and knees slut." I said, and 
instantly, Avril complied.  I decided that just for fun, 
I wanted to see what would happen if I jammed the tube 
up Avril's asshole.  I shut the water down first, and 
then I proceeded to touch the end of it to Avril's cute 
but swollen sphincter.

"Nooooo!!!!  Not there!!!!!  It fucking hurts!!!" Avril 
blurted out, and I had to hold her down in the doggie 
style position.  Man, she sure as hell didn't like 
having her asshole touched.  Well today, she was going 
to get her first cock up there, courtesy of yours truly.  
I wanted to get it clean though, I didn't think it would 
be much fun to make things too dirty for my cock, after 
all, he's been so good to me.

"Hold fucking still cunt!!" I said as I swatted her ass 
a dozen times before the pain finally caused her to stop 
squirming.  Once she held her position, I had Amanda 
dribble a ton of saliva all over the shower head so that 
I could properly lubricate it to cram up Avril's ass.  
Sadly, the tube was just too big, and Avril's tiny 
little hole wouldn't budge.  Fuck that was going to feel 
great, wrapped around my big cock.  But first thing was 

"Ok Amanda, get me the thin attachment, we'll use that 
one first."  I said as Amanda quickly returned with a 
small, one inch thick attachment, similar in shape to 
the first one.  After being lubed up by some more of 
Amanda's saliva, this one was successfully shoved into 
Avril's ass.  I was able to get about six inches inside 
of her before I felt some resistance, and Avril's 
pleadings let me know that was about as far as it would 
go.  I was going to fuck her with it, but even pulling 
it out an inch allowed me to see that there was some 
shit that had been squished into the inside of the 
hollowed out dildo like tube.  Hmmmm, I could see that 
this could get messy.  I'd better let Amanda handle 
this, I thought.

"Okay Amanda, this is where you take over.  You are on 
dildo control, and I'll be on temperature and pressure 
control.  Under no circumstances are you to pull that 
thing completely out of Avril's asshole until I tell you 
to, understand?  And Avril, if you fucking get off of 
your hands and knees, I fucking swear that I will I feed 
you so much dog food, that you'll be puking your guts 
out and I'll make you eat that too, for hours, GOT 

In tears now, Avril nodded, hating the feeling of that 
shower head jammed up her ass, and Amanda holding it 
there.  God that must have been humiliating for her.  
Never in her wildest dreams could she ever have imagined 
that any man would want to do these things to her.  And 
she had it lucky, there were people out there that would 
be doing a hell of a lot worse to her, if they had her 
captive, I thought.  So really, I was doing the bitch a 
favor.  Great logic huh?  Yep, Philosophy 101 paid off.  
Modus ponens.

"Ok girls, get ready for Niagara Falls!" I said as I 
turned on the water just a tiny little bit, so that it 
would slowly leak inside Avril's rectum.  I wanted to 
see if her stomach would really balloon out as though 
she was pregnant as the water filled her, just as I had 
read in some of those sick stories you can sometimes 
read on the Internet.

Avril looked very uncomfortable, and her forehead was 
breaking out into a cold sweat as she could feel the 
slow trickle of warm water filling up her rear cavity 
through her charming little asshole.  After a few 
seconds, I could see a trail of brown tinged shitty 
water leaking down Avril's thighs, and I decided to 
crank up the pressure a little bit.

"Oh my God, that's too much, it's hurting me!!!!" cried 
out Avril, although she wisely stayed put on her hands 
and knees, complaining and cursing.  I wasn't in the 
mood to try and tackle her down, especially with shitty 
water coming out of her ass.  Turning the pressure on 
even higher forced the water to come out with a greater 
vengeance, and Amanda looked really grossed out as her 
hand was getting covered in brown water from Avril's 
ass.  Man, Avril's cheeks were totally red from the 
burning humiliation.  She must have felt, pardon the 
pun, like shit.

"Okay Amanda, pull it out!" I said, and Amanda gladly 
complied.  The second she removed the plastic end from 
Avril's asshole, it voided, sending a flood of shitty 
lumpy water into the bottom of the tub, where it swirled 
down towards the drain.

"Pewwwww!  What a stench!" I said as I backed off, and 
turned on the bathroom fan.  "Man Avril, your ass smells 
horrible!  You had a lot of shit in there." I said, 
trying to further degrade and insult my little rock 
star.  Avril was now fully crying in tears, as I had 
Amanda use the hose to wash all of the shit down the 

"I think we are going to be here for a little while to 
get such a dirty ass cleaned ladies.  Time for round 
two!" I said after watching the water that had been 
squirting out of Avril's asshole trickling down to a 
minimum.  Avril squealed as the nozzle was forced up her 
asshole again by Amanda.  I cranked on the water 
pressure, and again, Avril screamed out as the warm 
water gushed into her rectum and her colon, filling her 
up, before I let Amanda pull out and let her release all 
over again.  By the fifth time, the flood of water that 
was coming out of Avril's asshole was almost completely 
clean.  Avril really was enema-ed out.  It took a while 
but the task was done.

And yes dear readers, a tummy filled with water really 
does distend somewhat.  How cute!  Avril hated it, but 
oh well.

Going quickly to the kitchen, I pulled out a bunch of 
nicely rounded ice cubes from the freezer and brought 
them with me into the bathroom.  I used a plastic toilet 
paper holder tube to push into Avril's asshole, that 
effectively held her ass open about an inch wide, and 
three inches deep into her cleaned out hole.  Time to 
make it a little dirty again.

Standing into the tub, I lined my cockhead up against 
the tube, and forced Amanda to push Avril's shoulders 
down so that her tiny ass stuck up way into the air.  I 
then proceeded to piss down the tube directly into 
Avril's ass!

"Hey baby, you make a pretty good toilet!!  I'm pissing 
right up your butt!" I said as Avril in her broken 
state, continued not to move.  When my piss started to 
run out of the tube, I started pissing all over Avril's 
back, and Amanda's hands, watching as Avril's asshole 
was swallowing the piss down inside her, lowering the 
level down again.  I continued filling up her ass and 
watching my golden piss guzzle down inside of her, as 
though I was filling a tank of gas.  Once I was done, I 
yanked the tube out of Avril's ass, and instantly, Avril 
voided her bowels, and my piss flooded out in a steady 
stream to the bottom of the tub and down the drain.

"Don't cry slut, I could have made you drink it!" I 
chuckled, although Avril was not laughing at my joke for 
some reason.

"Oh well, I thought it was funny.  At any rate, we're 
going to have to get you all cleaned up again, so 
Amanda, get back here to help out.

I forced Avril back into her hands and knees position, 
and then handed Amanda the bucket of rounded ice cubes 
and a tube of KY Jelly.

"Ok Avril, Amanda is going to cool you down from all 
that hot piss that warmed you up.  Amanda, please put in 
some ice cubes into Avril's hot little ass, and don't 
stop forcing them in until I tell you to.

"FUCK YOU!!!!" shouted Avril with such a piercing 
shriek, that even I jumped back in shock.

"Holy fuck, it doesn't sound like you want that baby." I 

"Nooooo!!!! Please stop!!!!  I can't take this anymore!" 
shouted Avril in a mixture of growing insanity and 

"Well tell ya what, I'll give you a choice.  You either 
take an ass full of ice cubes up your ass, or you lay on 
your back on the tub, and swallow every inch of hot piss 
directly from Amanda's little pee hole.  You decide." I 
said, whistling my Jeopardy music again.

"You fucking pigs, I hate you both!!!" said Avril, 
making it clear that she was no longer seeing Amanda as 
a victim in this "complicated" situation.

"Can't decide huh?  I could make you do both..."

"NOOOOO!!!!!!  The ice cubes." Said Avril in defeat.  
Fair enough.

"Ok Amanda, you may proceed, and make sure you coat each 
one with lots of KY, so that they'll slide up Avril's 
tight little ass nicely.  Let's see how many we can cram 
up there!"

One by one, Amanda began to pop the ice cubes up Avril's 
shivering little butthole, and I watched with pleasure 
as her delightfully rounded ass swallowed them up.  By 
the fifth one, Avril was begging us to stop, so I had 
Amanda force about a pint of some very warm water into 
her ass from the shower head.  I shoved two fingers into 
that nice tight hole that would soon be massaging the 
length of my cock, and felt that although the ice cubes 
were still there, just inside her sphincter, they were 
certainly more than half melted, so I ordered Amanda to 
keep shoving in some more.

This continued for a while, and we finally had to stop 
at 25 ice cubes, before flooding them all out with 
another pressurized shower head enema.  What fun!

It looked as though Avril had had enough of the bathroom 
festivities, so I decided that we should move on to the 
next bit of business.  After having her take a nice warm 
soapy shower to completely clean her all off, I had 
Amanda towel the shivering rock star off, and then I had 
her put on some slutty facial makeup, and do her hair 
all up for me while I watched and made some dinner.  
Tonight's meal would be a roasted chicken, some glazed 
baby potatoes, and some rice pilaf.  I decided to let 
Avril eat with us tonight, seeing as how she had been 
through quite a bit today.  Of course, while the food 
was cooking, there would be a whole new set of 
adventures for Avril to endure.

Once Avril looked really slutty with the caked on makeup 
that I forced Amanda to lather all over her, I led Avril 
to the bed, and threw her on her back.  I tied her 
wrists to the headboard, and pulled each of Avril's legs 
back so that I could look directly into her gorgeous 
cunt and asshole beneath me.  I had a firm grip of the 
insides of her thighs, just beneath her knees, and she 
was ready to pump!

"Guess what slut, time to get raped again!" I said as I 
smiled deviously into her worried eyes.

"Why are you doing this to me???  Please rape her!!!" 
Avril begged, "I'll hold her down, I'll fuck her with 
that sex toy, anything you want!!!"

Wow, what a bitch.  Ready to trade in her friend's 
virginity for some cheap thrills.  I had to see how 
Amanda felt about that.

"Well Amanda, it looks as though Avril wants you to get 
in on the action.  So again, it's your call.  If you say 
the word, I'll fuck Avril's little virgin asshole, and 
leave you alone.  But, you can spare Avril's anal 
virginity by allowing me to fuck you.  It's your choice 

Well, I was totally hoping that Amanda would give up her 
virginity willingly to save her friend, but after 
witnessing first hand how painful it was to be fucked, 
Amanda uttered the words "Do her."

"FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!  You are going to pay for that you 
CUNT!!!" shouted Avril loudly at a sad looking Amanda.  
I laughed as I knelt into position, my cock totally rock 
hard and ready for action.

"Sorry Avril, but Amanda looks like she enjoys the oral 
action more.  Lube me up Amanda." I said as Amanda 
instantly leaned down and began to suck my cock, 
lubricating it up for the next round of fucking I was 
about to force Avril to endure.  Man, my balls were 
getting sore from so much fucking and sperm generating.  
It would be good to have Steve showing up tomorrow so 
that he could help me out with some of the duties.

Leaning forward, I started to rub my thick cock head all 
over Avril's pussy lips, feeling her sticky lips sliding 
all over the bottom side of it.  Fuck that felt good.

I leaned further in and started to press my cock tip 
back inside Avril's tight pussy.  It was like coming 
home again on a snowy winter day.  No matter how much 
you opened up these tight little virginal pussies from 
petite women, they just magically tightened up again.  
And Avril's pussy was prime meat.  Tight, wet, hot and 
rippled.  The insides of Avril's pussy was like a warm 
wet glove, trembling, clenching and clutching my cock 
beyond her control.

I started to increase the length and duration of my 
thrusts into her pussy, which was really juicing up, I 
assumed because of some protective reflex rather than 
arousal.  Avril was anything but not aroused.  She 
howled away as I kept up my frantic rutting with my 
cock.  She cried and twisted and turned, but with her 
hands tied up, and her legs pushed so far back, and my 
huge body over hers, there was nothing she could do.

I raped her for a good ten minutes, having to stop once 
as I was getting really close to flooding her cunt again 
with some sperm.  While I paused, I had Amanda lick off 
all of Avril's juices from my cock and my balls.

Round two began, and with renewed energy, I raped my 
cock up her tight little slit for another ten minutes, 
before I finally decided it was time for a little anal 

"Ok Avril, it's time to have your asshole reamed out for 
the first time.  And to think, of all the men in the 
world, that honor goes to me, isn't that wonderful?  Any 
last words before I take away something from you that 
you won't ever be able to get back?" I asked tauntingly.

With her eyes tightly closed, Avril didn't say a word.  
That pissed me off, so I slapped her tiny breasts and 
gave her a particularly nasty thrust with my cock.  That 
got her eyes to open wide.

"No!!!!" said Avril.

"Fine.  But I want you to look deep into my eyes while I 
fucking tear your asshole open with my cock slut.  And 
just to make sure that you comply, I'm going to give you 
a little incentive."

I pulled out of her roughly, with a very quick yank of 
my cock that caused a cool sounding squelching sound to 
emanate from Avril's swollen pussy.  It sounded so cool 
that I did it a few more times before I finally stood up 
off the bed to get my next implement of torture.

Returning to the bed, I sunk back into Avril's fabulous 
pussy before showing her what it was I was planning on 
using for coercive incentive.  It was a little hand held 
crank-style generator that had two metallic clamps 
coming from the red and black wires connecting them to 
the contraption.  It looked like a little black Jack-in-
the-Box.  Even to an electronics novice, it was quite 
clear what the purpose of the box was.

"Allow me to demonstrate this little gadget cunt." I 
said as I emphasized the word cunt by pulling my cock 
nearly all the way out of Avril's grasping pussy lips 
before slamming back home to her mashed cervix.  I then 
clipped the nipple clamps onto Avril's nipples.  That 
alone got her in a more compliant mood.

"Ok ok!!!!!  I'll look into your eyes, just take those 
things off of me!!" Avril begged as I smiled wickedly at 
her.  Handing the box to Amanda, I instructed her to 
turn the crank a few times.  Gently, Amanda did as she 
was told, but when Avril let out a howling scream, 
Amanda dropped the box onto the bed in total fear of 
what she had done.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" shouted Avril as the pain from the 
current that had just surged into her nipples registered 
in her petite air filled head.

ANYTHING!!!" said Avril as her beautiful little breasts 
heaved up and down from panicking and breathing so 

"Good.  And you know what it is that I want you to do.  
I want you to stare into my eyes and smile as I rape 
your asshole.  I don't care if you cry or not, but I 
want no screaming, and I want that forced smile on your 
face to stay put, even if it kills you, got it?" I said 
as I relieved her sore nipples by gently opening up the 
vicious little clamps and releasing them from their 
nasty bite.

"Yes!!!!!" said Avril, as she started to smile and look 
into my eyes already.  How cute!!!  It actually looked 
as if she was happy to have a cock my size be shoved up 
her tight little ass.  Time to give the girl what she 

Getting back in between Avril's legs, I held her knees 
back to her shoulders again, and poised my cock above 
her pussy again.  My plan was to totally lubricate my 
cock with Avril's juices before cramming it inside her 

Avril grunted, but kept up that silly smile as I pounded 
back inside her pussy again, and I had to laugh at how 
silly she looked.  I wondered if she would be able to 
hold that smile and her stare on me once I started 
pushing my big fella up her rear end.  It was time to 
find out! 

Satisfied that my cock was all lubed up with pussy 
juice, I pulled out and started to smear some around 
Avril's tight krinkled asshole.  Avril started to really 
tense up, and she was biting her lip, but she managed to 
maintain that ridiculous smile.

"Stop tightening up so much!  You can do that once my 
cock's in there you little slut.  I gotta get my fingers 
in right now!" I said as I coated my fingers up with 
saliva and literally jammed them past the barrier that 
was Avril's tight ass, and pushed them inside.  Yeah, I 
loved having my fingers back in there, she felt so tight 
and velvety smooth.  And let's not forget cleaned out!

"Oh yeah bitch, fuck yeah!  Your asshole is so fucking 
TIGHT!!!  It is going to be fucking heaven having my 
cock up there.  Yeahhhhhhh." I said as I lewdly probed 
and prodded the inside of Avril's rectum, testing out 
its elasticity and its texture.  She moaned and 
whimpered but didn't flinch.

It was time for some action!

"Ok Avril, here we go.  You're gonna love this.  Well, 
no, you're gonna hate it, but who the fuck cares.  You 
are nothing more than MY LITTLE SEX TOY!!!!!  My little 
Napanee, Ontario, Canada sex toy!!!" I said as I lowered 
my slimy cock to the tip of her asshole.

The size difference was so immense, it was amazing that 
anal sex was even possible with petite females like 
Avril.  I felt like Father Ambrose from 'Autobiography 
of a Flea' as I lined up my cock and began pushing 
forward in slow concentric circles, feeling the taut 
outside of Avril's asshole kissing the tip of my 
lubricated cock.  Oh man, it was fucking great! 

Amanda watched with intensity as I pushed forward, 
eliciting some interesting squeals and moans from Avril 
who fought as hard as she could to keep looking into my 
eyes.  I darted my stare back and forth between the 
fascinating spectacle of Avril's asshole being pushed 
inside her, and of Avril's pretty eyes staring up into 
the face of the man who was about to anally sodomize 
her, about to rip away what little shred of dignity that 
she actually had left, about to take away her last shred 
of innocence.

I pumped my hips forward just an inch, and that was 
enough.  In quicker time than it takes to say it, my 
cockhead was completely enveloped inside Avril's anal 
sphincter.  It gripped my head like a vise, and it felt 

"Ohhhhhhh fuck......" said Avril, as she twisted her 
face around in pain.  I held her down as I commanded 
Amanda to reapply the clips to Avril's nipples.

"Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Avril as she begged for 
forgiveness, "I'm sorry, I'm smiling, look!!!"

Sure enough, she returned to her smiling stare, even 
though her face was all flushed, her entire body was 
trembling, and tears were leaking out of her eyes.

"Ok slut, since your tight asshole feels so good around 
my cock, I'll give you one more chance, but only if you 
beg me to fuck you HARD up the ass.  Do it!"  I leaned 
in close to her face, wanting to see and hear this up 
close and personal.

As hard as I know it must have been for Avril to say 
those words, the fear of feeling that electrical charge 
coursing through her nipples was so much greater.  So 
without any further ado, Avril said the words I so 
wanted to hear:

"Please fuck me hard up my ass." said Avril.

Yes, all was right with the world.

"For you babe, anything." I said with a smile as I 
humped two inches of cockmeat up Avril's ass, forcing it 
to open wider than it ever had to before.

"OHHHHH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" screamed Avril, but she 
kept staring, and she kept smiling.  Yeah, she was 
tough, I had to admit that.  But that weird smile was 
getting lame.  I wanted to see the pain she was really 
in, so I gave her a new set of instructions.

"Avril, you can cut the smile out.  Cry and bitch and 
curse me now as much as you want, I don't care, but DO 
NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take your eyes OFF of mine, 
got it??" 

The smile vanished immediately, and the real pain that 
Avril was truly feeling as her tender asshole was being 
stretched open, registered completely onto her face.  It 
was glorious.

I managed to fuck my cock almost all the way up her ass 
until I decided that it wouldn't go any further, and 
then I began to pull out and push back in, to adopt a 
nice in-and-out fucking motion that was pure pleasure 
for me and pure pain for Avril.

Avril called me names, started saying out random curses 
and profanities, and sometimes just blubbered and cried, 
but she kept looking at me as I fucked her.  I loved the 
feeling of her tight writhing little body underneath me 
squeezing my cock, it was terrific.  I forced Amanda to 
rub Avril's little clit as fast as she could with two of 
her fingers, hoping I could get Avril to release with my 
cock up her shithole.  I then pulled my cock completely 
out, and noticed that it was for the most part almost 
perfectly clean, with the exception of a few miniscule 
brown flecks on it, mostly under the rounded head of my 
circumsized cock where my foreskin ended.

Feeling nasty, I shoved my cock back inside Avril's warm 
body, but this time inside her warm pussy.  That shocked 
Avril, and the look on her face was priceless.

"I'm so glad you've got two nice fuckholes down there 
slut, they both feel so good, I'm having a hard time 
deciding which one I like better!" I said as I started 
to alternate back and forth between Avril's two tight 
little holes.  Amanda kept rubbing her clit, but it was 
ultimately to no avail, as Avril never did manage to 
cum, but who the fuck cared.  As long as I came, that 
was the only orgasm that mattered.

I had great fun going back and forth from sinking my 
throbbing cock into her liquidy pussy and rather dry 
asshole, and it was just pure bliss.  After twenty 
minutes or so of this, I finally released a torrent of 
sperm up Avril's asshole, feeling it coating the insides 
of her slimy butt.  Pulling out, I forced Amanda to 
clean it all up, and she did.  Such a good girl.

"Oh yeah Avril, that was fucking great.  Girls!  We 
deserve some nice dinner after today."  I said 
triumphantly as I stared down at Avril's puffy reddened 
asshole that was now leaking a trail of my sperm onto 
the bed.  As an entree, I forced Amanda to lick up the 
icky sperm from Avril's ass, and then I tied them up 
into a nice 69 position and forced them to eat each 
other out while I watched.

I went back and forth from this room to the kitchen as I 
finished preparing dinner, warning them that if they 
even stopped eating each other out for even one second, 
that there would be some generator action happening, and 
that was incentive enough to hear those wonderful 
smacking and sucking sounds coming from the two girls' 
tired lips, tongues and pussies.

Just before supper arrived, I had a burst of adrenaline 
flood through my body when I saw the light go on in the 
kitchen that indicated that someone was at my door!  I 
locked the girls safely inside the room they were in and 
proceeded to check out who the hell was outside.

My heart calmed down when I saw who it was.

"Steve????  What the fuck are you doing here man?  You 
weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow."

"Hey buddy," Steve replied as he came in.  "I guess I 
couldn't wait any longer."

I could tell by the tone of his voice that something was 
definitely wrong.  Just then, I looked outside and saw 
two huge black guys, I'm talking linebacker builds, 
getting some suitcases out of the trunk of Steve's car.

"Whoa!" I said to Steve, "Who the fuck are they?"

Steve shook his head.  "Bad news buddy, I needed some 
help to cover up some major evidence that could have 
potentially have given us away, and those two guys 
managed to help me out, but of course, I had to let them 
in on what we had.  You can trust them Mike, they're 
good guys, they just want a bit of the action that's 
all.  They can only stay one night, so it's no big deal 
right?  We still got the girls all next week." Mike 

A few days ago, this wouldn't have bothered me so much, 
but there was only one thought that was racing through 
my head right now.  Amanda!  I was actually thinking 
about Amanda and how I didn't want anyone touching her 
but me.  In fact, I was already having my own doubts 
about whether or not I would be able to eventually make 
love to her.

"Hey, Steve, this was NOT what we had planned." I said, 
thinking quickly about how to handle this.

"Well buddy," Steve replied, "We don't have much of a 
choice.  And like I said, they'll only be here for one 
night, and then they're gone.  We'll get the girls all 
cleaned up after that and they'll be good as new again 
once the guys are gone.  Besides, I'm kinda looking 
forward to some oreo stuff.  Look how fucking big those 
guys are Mike!" Steve said.

Yeah, they sure were big.  Two huge men.  I couldn't 
give a fuck about them fucking Avril, but there was no 
way in hell I wanted anyone to touch Amanda but me.

Was I in love?!?

Before we could talk any further about the matter, the 
two huge black guys came up and shook my hand, grinning 

"Hey.  I'm Calvin, this is Lou." said Calvin as he shook 
my hand with a huge forceful handshake.  "I hear you've 
got a couple of tv stars looking for some action."

I was chilled to the bone as I looked at the two men 
standing before me.  They knew exactly why they had 
driven so many miles and risked so much to come all this 
way.  My heart started to sink.

I had to think of a way to stop them from laying a 
finger on Amanda...she was mine, and there was no 
fucking way anyone was going to touch her...


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layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen, , msn messenger

Chapter 8

As Calvin and Lou walked inside, Steve followed and I 
began the cognitive process of trying to figure out what 
the hell I was going to do.  I could just give in and 
let both Avril and Amanda get raped silly by all four of 
us, but I still selfishly wanted to save Amanda's cherry 
for myself.  My brain feverishly began trying to find a 
strategy out of this.

"Fuck me, that was a long fuckin' drive man!" said 
Calvin as he took his shoes off and started to stretch 
his back out.

Calvin was a huge, 6 foot 5, 260 pound black man, 
totally muscular, completely bald, and with a wide 
toothed grin.  He appeared to be in great shape.

Lou was heavier set, and had to be at least 300 pounds.  
He had a huge flabby gut that stretched out the tshirt 
he was wearing, and had some bad body odor, although it 
had been a rather sweltering 95 degree afternoon out 
there.  Lou wasn't as tall as Calvin, maybe an inch or 
two above 6 feet, but he was still massive.

"Got anything to drink 'round here?" asked Lou as he 
wiped some sweat off of his forehead.  "It's hot as a 
mothafucka out there."

Lou had a deep husky voice, and he slurred his words 
quite a lot, which gave the appearance that he wasn't 
that intelligent.  After some small talk while I pulled 
a couple of beers out of the fridge for everyone, I soon 
realized that Lou was about as sharp as a sack of wet 
mice.  Calvin was quite the opposite; intelligent and 
clearly in control of Lou as he seemed to put him down 
several times.

"Shit man," said Calvin as he chugged half of his beer 
down in one sip, "Mikey boy, ol' Steve here says you got 
the girls holed up in here.  You must be fucked out by 
now man, so I'm guessing you're ready to pass the 

"Uhhh, yeah, I've been having myself a blast." I 
replied, still trying to weigh the situation out.

"Well Lou here's been jackin' off to some teeny bopper 
magazine all the way up here.  Fuck man, that Avril 
Lavigne is one hot fuckin' little chick." Calvin said, 
but Lou quickly stepped up to correct him.

"Hey Cal, I didn't fuckin' cum man, I saved my balls, 
sheeeiiiiitt man." Said Lou as he polished off his beer.

Steve chuckled and patted me on the back.

"Guys, this is Mike's place, and since he's the one who 
knows his way around, I think it's about time that he 
give us the royal tour, what do you say Mike old pal?"

I nodded my head, but decided that I wanted to control 
the situation a little bit.

"Sure Steve, you bet, there's just one thing guys." I 
said, causing all three men to stop and focus in on 
whatever it was I was going to say.  Their guess was as 
good as mine.  "I think that I want a few minutes in 
there alone to kind of prepare them for you coming in.  
They know that a friend of mine is coming, but when they 
get a load of the two of you, well, they're going to 
panic, so I..."

Before I could get a chance to finish, Calvin 
interrupted.  "Prepare them?  What the fuck are you 
gonna prepare them for Mikey, it's not as if they have a 
fuckin' choice about what we're gonna do to them!"

"Yeah Calvin, I know that, but I just wanted to see the 
expressions on their faces when you walk in.  It might 
be, ummm, kind of fun." I said.

"Fuck that.  I want some pussy." said Lou as he looked 
over at Calvin for approval.

"No wait Lou," thought Calvin outloud, "Wait up.  Hey 
Mike, are those cunts undressed right now?"

I nodded causing Calvin to smile again.  "Get those 
bitches dressed up.  Eating a banana's no fun if you 
can't take the fuckin' peel off, get my drift Lou?" said 

"Fuckin' A man, fuckin' A." Lou replied, although it 
seemed to me that he would go along with anything his 
buddy said.

"Great guys." I replied, happy to know that I would have 
a few minutes of time alone with the girls before things 
were sure to get quickly out of control.  "Give me a few 
minutes and then we'll bring you all in."

"Oh yeah.  This is gonna be priceless." Replied Calvin 
as he nodded in anticipation.

I unlocked the door to the bedroom I was keeping my two 
little slaves in, and then quickly closed it shut behind 

"Girls!  I want you to both get your fucking clothes on 
now." I commanded as I helped gather their items and 
tossed them down in front of them.

"Wh...what's happening?  Are you letting us go?" asked 
Amanda, as she looked at me with a large round set of 
puppy-dog eyes, as if that would help me answer her with 
the response she was hoping for.  As Avril started to 
slowly dress, I pulled Amanda into the corner of the 
room, out of Avril's earshot and began to whisper to 
her.  I could see that Avril was trying to dress 
quietly, wanting to listen in to what I was saying to 
Amanda, but I spoke quietly enough that I knew she 
couldn't hear us.

"Amanda, listen to me okay, this is extremely 
important." I said to her as genuinely as I could make 
it.  Her eagerness to listen made me realize that she 
still trusted me that I wouldn't take her virginity away 
from her.

"Amanda, sweetie, there are some men here..."

"What????" Amanda said loudly, but I shushed her and 
quickly resumed my conversation with her.

"Shhhhh, Amanda listen to me...I don't want them to 
touch you any more than you do, but I have a plan okay?  
And if you go along with my plan, there might be a 
chance that I can protect you from them, okay?"

Amanda quickly nodded, believing that I could protect 
her, but it was not going to be easy.

"Okay, now here's the deal.  I just might be able to 
stop them from fucking you, but you'll probably have to 
suck them off, just like you've done to me.  Now it 
wasn't that bad with me was it?" I asked.

"Yes!!!  It was awful!!" replied Amanda, "I hated it, I 
can't do this, please!" she said, starting to panic 
again, so I had to grab her shoulders and shake her a 
bit to make sure she was concentrating on me again.

"Amanda listen!  What's worse, getting repeatedly gang 
raped or swallowing a bit of sperm??  Think about it!  
And if possible, I'm going to get you out of here, 
tonight, okay sweetie?"

Amanda nodded quickly, excited at the thought that she 
might be able to leave this nightmare.

"But you have to follow my lead, and do everything I 
tell you to okay?  Starting with this...I'm going to 
tell them that you have your period, and that should 
hopefully keep them out of your pants.  If I can turn 
their attentions over to Avril, I am going to make you 
whip her and dominate her, and that alone might 
completely take the focus off of you and onto her.  Now, 
these men are only going to be here for a night, so 
hopefully they won't end up fucking you, okay?  Do you 

Another nod.

"Good.  Now remember, by doing what you're told, 
especially by me, you may very well prevent yourself 
from too much harm coming to you, okay?" I asked as I 
brushed away a tear that dripped out of her left eye and 
down her cheek.

"Yes.  Please, don't let them hurt me, please!!!  I'll 
do anything you want!"

"You'll suck them off if they want Amanda?" I asked, 
hoping that she was going to go along with this.

"Yes." She said defeatedly.  What else could she say?

"Good.  Okay, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep 
you safe.  I promise.  And then I'll take you home.  

"Okay." Said Amanda, dreading meeting the men that I had 
been talking to her about.

"Good."  I smiled at her, and then told her to put her 
clothes on, as I returned into the kitchen.  You could 
just see the lust in the eyes of the men.


"Ok guys, they're all dressed and ready for us.  But, 
uh, there's just one thing."

Calvin and Lou looked at each other as if I was about to 
give out some bad news.

"Amanda Bynes...she just got her period, but Avril's 
ripe and ready to go."

"Shiiiiit man," laughed Calvin out loud.  "And here I 
thought you was gonna say that they're fucking dead.  A 
little bit of Kotex-Koolaid aint gonna fuck me up none 
man?  Besides, her ass aint bleedin' right?  Enough 
dialogue brother, take us to the meat!"

Well my heart sunk.  I knew there was nothing I could do 
to save them from touching Amanda.  Well at least I 

All four of us entered the room in a quick line, and the 
look on Avril's face was completely priceless.  Her eyes 
practically bulged out of her head, and she ran to the 
corner of the room, where she sunk to the floor, sitting 
on her little butt.  It was as though her mind 
calculated exactly what was about to happen.  The 
expressions on Calvin and Lou's faces didn't do anything 
to persuade Avril that they were here for any other 
reason than to sexually abuse her body in the same way I 
did.  Although these men were huge compared to me.  I 
think she was in shock.

Amanda reacted much differently.  Rather than cowering 
in fear like Avril had, Amanda simply remained sitting 
on the bed as she had been when I left her just moments 

"Hello ladies." said Calvin in his best Barry White 
impersonation.  "Now which one of you is Amanda and 
which one of you Avril?  All you white bitches look the 
same to me."

Amanda looked over at me, and I nodded my head just a 
fraction, which caused her to reply: "I'm Amanda."

Avril didn't respond at all, she just sat huddled and 
panicking on the floor, with her head buried in her 

"Well hello Amanda." said Calvin as he walked up to her 
and sat down on the bed next to her.  I couldn't believe 
the size difference between the two of them; it was 
totally monstrous.  Amanda wasn't even 100 pounds!  It 
was hard to believe that men as large as Calvin and Lou 
would be physiologically able to have intercourse with 
petite women like the ones they were presently lusting 
over.  Amanda flinched slightly as Calvin gently brushed 
her bangs away from her eyes with his thick fingers.  
Calvin tilted his head to take in all of Amanda's 
ingenue beauty.  Lou wasn't as patient.

Within seconds, Lou had walked his large obese body over 
to Avril, and picked her up underneath her armpits as 
though she was a toy ragdoll.  Avril started going 

"Don't fucking touch me!!  Please, don't do this, I want 
to go home!" cried Avril as she looked into Lou's cold 
sadistic eyes.

"You be goin' nowhere bitch, except to the end of my 
mothafuckin' dick." said Lou crassly, as he put Avril 
down and forced her to walk in front of him to the bed.  
Pushing her down, Avril bounced onto the bed, and 
quickly cuddled up to Amanda, who still hadn't moved.

"Fuck her!!!!!  That faggot still hasn't fucking touched 
her!!!!" cried out Avril as she pointed her finger at 

"Shut that fuckin' hole before I crack your ass bitch!" 
said Lou sternly as he started to unzip his fly and 
began to take down his pants.

There were some collective gasps as everyone got a look 
at what Lou was packing under his trousers.  His cock 
had to be at least nine inches unerect, and at least as 
thick as a Coke can.  I had never in my life seen 
anything like it, except for on the Internet when I had 
seen pictures of horses; it was completely unbelievable.

"Holy Christ!" said Steve as he too was gawking at Lou's 
huge cock.

Lou looked over at me.  "Does this bitch suck cock or am 
I gonna have to knock her fuckin' teeth out."

"Use her at your own risk." I said, aroused at the 
thought of voyeuristically watching Lou plunder Avril's 
soon to be devastated pussy and ass, but also conscious 
of what Calvin was doing to Amanda.  He was sniffing her 
hair and her neck like some pheremone-crazed dog.  I 
felt an incredible sense of jealousy start to come over 
me as I watched Amanda looking up at me as if to ask me 
for assistance.

"Mmmmm baby, you smell so fuckin' good." murmured Calvin 
to Amanda, who didn't respond.

Lou wasn't following Calvin's slower delayed lead, but 
rather, he grasped Avril around her waist and through 
her down onto her back so that he could start to tear 
her jeans off of her.  They were practically torn to 
shreds as Lou went through the denim as though it was 
paper.  Avril kicked and put up her best effort to fight 
him, but she didn't stand a chance against Lou, and we 
all knew it, including her.

"Noooo!!!!  Don't do this please!!!" begged Avril, 
completely afraid of getting raped by this monster who 
was quickly exposing more and more of her firm, tight 
little body.  In less than a minute, Avril was 
completely naked, except for her socks.  Lou 
unceremoniously rolled onto the bed, causing the 
bedsprings in the mattress to creak and strain from all 
the weight.

Steve had his cock out and was jacking off as he watched 
in fascination as Lou spread Avril's legs apart and 
knelt down closer in between her silky smooth thighs, 
gawking at the reddened swollen orifices between them.

"This bitches holes have been fucked up!" said Lou as he 
licked his fingers, then jammed two of them hard up 
Avril's puffy red pussy lips and into her still very 
sore twat.  Avril screamed bloody murder, and I had to 
convince Lou that the room was completely sound proofed 
before he continued.  Calvin gently turned Amanda around 
so that she could watch the action next to her.

Lou's body was completely hairless with the exception of 
his flabby pubic area, and he had a sheen of sweat on 
his skin.  As his fingers continued to probe inside 
Avril's pussy, Avril had her teeth tightly clenched and 
her head shaking back and forth.  Her hands were both 
wrapped around Lou's huge wrist, as though she were 
making the impossible effort to try and stop him from 
touching her.

Lou seemed to really be getting aroused at fingering the 
tiny rock star under him, as his cock was growing at a 
quick rate.  It looked like time lapse photography as 
his massive tool began hardening right before all of our 
very eyes.  Well, except for Avril's, because hers were 
currently shut tight.

"Hey Lou," suggested Calvin, "Why don't you make the 
little cunt suck you off a bit before hiding the 

"Fuckin' A man." replied Lou as he layed down on his 
back and opened his legs up.

Oh my God, I have never seen anything more repulsive in 
my life than looking at an obese black man's open 
crotch.  His huge balls hung down low from under the 
base of his cock, and came down to rest on top of his 
asshole, which although crinkled up, looked like a dark 
brown mini donut.  The outer part of Lou's anus was all 
puffed up, as though he had a huge ring of hemmorhoids 
around it, and the smell....completely disgusting, like 
an odor of sweat, shit and God knows what else emanating 
from his body.

"Lick my cock bitch, and get my ass while you're at it." 
ordered Lou to a nearly hysterical Avril.  I just had to 
take a quick dig at Avril as she stared in horror at the 
horrible sight before her.  Leaning in, I whispered into 
Avril's ear: "Faggot huh?  Well at least I don't have to 
bury my tongue in that.  Enjoy slut!"

That felt good.  Pulling away, I looked over at Avril 
who was obviously trying to refuse to do what Lou had 
asked.  That approach didn't last long as in a sudden 
movement of Lou's hand, he slapped Avril hard across her 
face, knocking her face to the side, and causing her lip 
to split a little as her bottom incisors took a little 
nick out of it.

"NOOOOO!!!!!  Don't hit me please!!!!" begged Avril 
pathetically.  It was obvious just how scared she really 
was right now, and I couldn't believe my eyes, but she 
was actually going to lick Lou!  I believe the proper 
phrase here would be that Avril was broken.  She knew 
this was all inevitable, and she didn't want to get 

I watched with arousal as Avril knelt in between Lou's 
massive legs, and started to lower her face to his cock, 
which was now over eleven inches in length, and as thick 
as my fucking wrist.  It was times like this that I 
thanked God I wasn't a female.

With utter contempt, Avril brought her face only a 
fraction of an inch towards Lou's cock, when she pulled 

"It fucking stinks!!!" said Avril.  Ahhhh, was that old 
spunk coming back into her?  I hoped so because the 
longer Lou and Avril played around, the longer it 
appeared that Calvin was not going to start into Amanda, 
as he was too busy laughing and commenting on Avril's 

"Oh yeah Lou, she thinks you fuckin' stink too man, just 
like everyone else!" taunted Calvin, but Lou remained 
unphased at his insults.

"Come on bitch, you 'barrassing me.  Get that 
mothafuckin' tongue on my cock or I'll be stickin' it 
else wheres!" said Lou as he watched her impatiently.

The moment that Avril's tongue actually made contact 
with Lou's sweaty cock was a sight to behold.  She gave 
it a quick lick and then wiped it off on the side of her 
arm, totally repulsed.

"Shit!!!!" said Avril as the salty taste of Lou's sweat 
registered in her taste buds.

"Hey dude!" Lou said to me, "Shove her fuckin head up my 
ass, and don't take no for an answer from that honky 

"No problem Lou!" I answered happily as I grabbed a 
startled Avril by the back of her head and literally 
pushed her head in between Lou's legs so that her entire 
face was crammed into his globular butt cheeks.  His ass 
crack was totally rank, but I had great fun wiping 
Avril's face all around it.  The mmmpphhhhs and the 
moans coming from Avril's mouth indicated that she was 
probably screaming, but of course, it was impossible to 
tell with the sound waves being muffled by Lou's Ass of 
Gibraltar.  With a quick yank, I pulled Avril's head 
back an inch, giving her the opportunity to voice her 

"Oh GOD!!!!!  Let me GO!!!!  Fuck off!!!!!" blabbed 
Avril, causing me to shove her face back into Lou's ass.  
Lou grabbed some of Avril's long brown hair and used it 
to wrap around his cock, and he started to jack off with 
her hair while Avril's face was being used as a sponge 

"Fuck yeah mannnnnnn...." cried out Lou as he laid in 

My attentions quickly changed over to Amanda, as Calvin 
was now slowly getting her to raise her arms so she 
could take her top off.  Again, my mind began cycling 
for some idea to stop it, but things were looking pretty 

"Time to fuck this bitch..." said Lou as he sat up and 
pushed a squirming Avril onto her back...


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my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

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"Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne"

Copyright Dave Haugen 2003

M+/ff rape humiliation celeb toys

If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature 
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is 
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any 
further!  Thank you!

Chapter 9

"Fuck yeah mannnnnnn...." cried out Lou as he laid in 

My attentions quickly changed over to Amanda, as Calvin 
was now slowly getting her to raise her arms so she 
could take her top off.  Again, my mind began cycling 
for some idea to stop it, but things were looking pretty 

"Time to fuck this bitch..." said Lou as he sat up and 
pushed a squirming Avril onto her back.

"No, oh God no, please don't do this, please, you'll 
fucking kill me, please stop!!!" babbled Avril, although 
it was quite obvious that Lou was committed to the task 
at hand.

As though she were a rag doll, Lou positioned the 
squirming Avril underneath him, with her ankles pressed 
on his shoulders, her ankles brushing against his ears.  
She was completely sandwiched underneath him, and was 
screaming and struggling, expending every last bit of 
her energy in a feeble attempt to prevent the 
inevitable.  Lou was going to fuck her, as monstrous and 
shocking as it was going to be.

Every eye in the house, including Amanda's was fixated 
on Lou and Avril.  Lou's rugged thick black cock was 
completely hard now, jutting out a good eleven inches 
from his fat rolls.  It must have been three inches in 
diameter, easily.  I know Freud never intended it that 
way, but I was feeling a slight case of my own form of 
penis envy.  How any female could ever receive pleasure 
in accepting a cock that large into her body was beyond 
me.  Lou's cock simply wasn't made for fucking, he was 
made for ruining.

Avril started screaming as the massive head of Lou's 
cock started pushing up against her relatively tiny 
pussy lips.  I sure as hell didn't do a great job of 
stretching her out apparently, but I knew Lou was about 
to complete the task I had started.

Lou's cock, despite having 300 pounds of bulk behind it, 
didn't seem like it was going to be able to lodge itself 
inside Avril's cunt.  Lou started cursing profanities as 
he battered his cock against the opening, but with all 
the panic-filled squirming and wiggling going on 
underneath him, it seemed that intercourse wasn't going 
to be possible.

Keeping an eye on Amanda, I noticed that Calvin's 
undivided attention was on Avril, although his fingers 
were absentmindedly stroking inside of Amanda's 
unbuttoned, unzipped jeans.  Another flood of jealousy 
washed through me, and I was still determined to find a 
way to stop Calvin from ultimately having Amanda, 

"Fuck this, I'm gonna need some help." said Lou as he 
pulled away from Avril temporarily.  He then asked Steve 
and I to each hold one of Avril's legs, so that he could 
have a better chance of gaining entry.

Avril kicked and pleaded with us not to hold her, but 
Steve and I both grasped her legs and held them apart, 
pushing her knees back to her underarms, presenting 
Avril's soon to be destroyed pussy and ass up towards 
Lou who was grinning from cheek to cheek, stroking his 
horse cock in his fingers.

"Okay bitch, you gonna get fucked good now.  Fuckin' 
right..." mumbled Lou as he got onto his knees and 
started to rub his huge cock all over Avril's tiny 

"Let go of me!!!  Fuck you, you'll kill me!!!" cried 
Avril as she was effectively held down, unable to move 
any part of her body except for her arms.  Steve was 
getting pissed off at her slapping him, so he easily 
grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and pinned them 
down above Avril's head.  She was now completely 

"Ok bitch, I'm gonna fuck you into next week!" said Lou 
as he was able to finally get just the tip of his cock 
firmly embedded inside Avril's tight pussy.  Avril's 
forehead was beaded in perspiration, and she stopped 
screaming, only making some shocked gasping noises.  I 
think she was in shock, but what happened next 
practically put Steve and I in shock.

Lou simply fell forward, his entire 300 pound flabby 
body coming crashing down on top of Amanda; his cock 
pile driving all the way inside her, stopping at about 
the seven inch mark when it reached maximum depth.  
Steve and I got the hell out of the way and released 
Avril's legs.  Lou's body slammed down so hard, that the 
entire bed frame snapped, and like some Buster Keaton 
movie, came crashing down to the floor with a loud thud.

Unfortunately for Steve, his toe was under the bed 

"FUCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!" cried out Steve as he tried 
desperately to get his foot out from between the floor 
and the bed frame.  As I rushed over to Steve's side to 
help him out, Calvin burst into sadistic laughter, 
watching Steve's anguished face whiten.

"Lou asked you to lend him a hand not a foot!" joked 
Calvin, totally unconcerned about the fact that Steve's 
toes were still pinned under the bed.  Lou didn't seem 
to care either, he had his own agenda.

Avril had fainted out cold.

Her limp, lifeless body laid under Lou, unmoving, 
unresisting.  The trauma of Lou's body slamming into her 
knocked the wind out of Avril, mercifully.  Steve didn't 
seem to be that lucky.

" me man." cried Steve, as tears streamed 
down his cheeks, as he tried to pull his foot out from 
under the bed, but it was useless unless Lou was going 
to come off the mattress.

"Just hold on buddy," I said as I turned to Calvin.  
"You have to get him off the bed, Steve's foot won't 
come out." I said to Calvin, however, he wasn't in the 
mood to care.

"Fuck him.  And fuck you too, you're interrupting the 
show." replied a smiling Calvin.

I began to realize that things were getting out of hand, 
and as pissed off as I was at Steve for bringing these 
two degenerates here, I couldn't stand watching my good 
buddy in so much agony.

"Calvin, his foot is probably broken, you have to get 
Lou up!" I said as Steve started moaning, saying that he 
was going to throw up.

"Don't talk to me man, I'm the one who broke the fucking 
bed." replied Calvin, as he watched Lou start to rut his 
way in and out of Avril's lifeless body.  You could hear 
the mattress squeaking away and Steve's cries were in 
time with Lou's thrusting.  Avril's pussy was getting 
jackhammered as Lou's cock started damaging it.  A 
little blood was trickling down her thighs from the torn 
hole, although it was hard to see with Lou's mass mostly 
blocking the way.

"Mike!!!!" cried out Steve in severe pain now, knowing 
his toes must be completely shattered by now.  I felt 
terrible for my friend, and pissed off now at Calvin and 
Lou for ruining what had been, up to now, a perfect 
couple of days for me.

"It's okay buddy, just hang on." I said, trying my best 
to comfort Steve, although I couldn't imagine how much 
pain he must be in.

"Lou!!!" I yelled out, "Get the fuck off the bed, 
Steve's foot is caught under it man!"

I might as well have been talking to a wall.  Lou was 
too busy using Avril's body as a masturbatory toy to 
answer me, getting his rocks off by grasping Avril's 
shoulders and literally humping himeslf upwards into 
her, his fat lobes smothering her almost completely.

Suddenly, Calvin started to tear Amanda's jeans off of 
her body.  It was obvious that he was preparing to rape 
her as well.

"Mike help!!!" cried out Amanda, and I turned my head to 
watch her helplessly trying to stop Calvin from roughly 
tugging her jeans down past her knees.  Just hearing her 
helpless voice crying out, and crying out MY name no 
less struck a chord inside me.  My attentions focused 
away from Steve and went directly to her.

Calvin finally managed to shed Amanda's jeans, and he 
laid her down onto her back on the carpet, and started 
to tear at her tiny panties.  Amanda's eyes kept looking 
to me for help, and I knew I couldn't let this happen.  
Damnit all, I had actually fallen in love with Amanda 
Bynes, like some kind of sick and twisted reverse 

Walking out of the room, I went to my front closet and 
dug out my golf bag.  I hadn't had much luck with my 9 
iron at all this year, but I was going to make it count 
today.  I could already feel the adrenaline beginning to 

Returning into the living room, I raised the golf club 
above my head and slammed it down onto Calvin's back, 
where it landed with a dull thud.

"What the fuck..." was all that Calvin was able to say 
before I cracked him again with the club on the side of 
his temple, sending him sprawling off of Amanda and onto 
the floor.  Lights out.

I wasn't about to hang around long enough to find out 
whether or not I had killed him.  Pivoting one eighty, I 
walked up to Lou and repeated my slicing and hooking of 
his cranium, sending him crashing down on top of Avril, 
who was still out cold.

"Amanda, help me out here," I said, and she quickly 
leapt up and ran to my side, eager to help me push Lou's 
obese body off of the bed.  It took a lot of pushing, 
but the two of us were able to unpin Lou off of Avril, 
and he rolled onto the floor with a loud thud, 

Amanda quickly began to attend to Avril, calling out to 
her to see if she was alright.  At the same time, I 
easily lifted the bed frame off of Steve's foot, and he 
screamed as he leaned forward, trying to hold the bloody 
mess of his blood soaked sock still covering his ruined 
toes.  Steve looked like he was going to pass out, and I 
quickly grabbed a large bottle of good Canadian whiskey 
and told Steve to chug it down, promising him that I 
would take him to the hospital.  Steve was almost too 
delirious in pain to reply, but he started to down the 
whiskey as though it was water on a hot day.

I turned my focus to Amanda and Avril.  Amanda turned to 
me for assistance.

"Mike, she's okay, but she's hurt really badly, I think 
we need to take her to a hospital." said Amanda with 
concern in her voice.  The way she looked at me was 
amazing, like we were old friends.  The fear in her eyes 
was completely absent, and all of her efforts were 
focused on her friend's well being.

"Yeah, Steve too, he needs to get that foot looked 
after.  Can you help me carry them to the car Amanda?" I 
said, as we heard Steve finally pass out, thank God, as 
I hated seeing anyone, especially my best friend, in 
such excruciating pain.

"You mean it??  You're going to let us go?" asked Amanda 
with her adorable voice.

I don't know what the hell was wrong with me, but I 
started to feel some pangs of consciousness flowing 
through me, and I knew that I had to let Amanda go.  She 
was one hell of a trooper, surviving the horrible ordeal 
that I had put her through, and doing so with such 
grace, strength and courage.  She was one tough cookie, 
I thought to myself.

"Yeah.  I'm going to let you go.  A promise is a 
promise, right?" I said, flashing a quick smile to 
Amanda.  Amazingly, she smiled back quickly and 
whispered quietly: "Thank you Mike." before returning to 
Avril's side, wrapping a throw-blanket around her 
shoulders, and holding her in her arms.

I picked Steve's limp body up over my shoulder and 
carried him outside, placing him gently into the 
backseat of his car.  I laid him down onto his back, 
trying to elevate his foot using the seatbelt as a 
hoist.  As I started to push the front passenger seat 
back in preperation to hold Avril, another rush of 
adrenaline started to flow through my veins as I heard 
Amanda uttering out a sharp piercing scream...

"MIKE!!!  HELP ME!!!!"

Faster than I've ever ran before, I dashed back inside 
the house to find that Lou had awoken somewhat and had a 
hold of Amanda's ankle in his hands.  Grabbing my golf 
club, I slammed it down onto Lou's chubby forearm, which 
caused him to instantly let go of Amanda's leg.  A few 
more shots to his head assured me that he was knocked 
out again.

"Are you okay Amanda?" I asked as I knelt down beside 
her, handing her jeans over to her.

"Yes, he...he just grabbed me...I...I didn't know what 
to do." replied Amanda as she started to slip her jeans 
back on.

I smiled at her, then picked up Avril, who was sweetly 
wrapped up inside the throw that Amanda had tucked all 
around her.  I waited for Amanda to finish dressing, and 
then carried Avril out to the car.  I placed her in the 
front seat, and she started stirring a little bit, 
although she was still dazed and near motionless.  
Amanda went into the backseat and started to use some of 
her first aid knowledge to gently remove the bloodied 
sock from Steve's foot.  There was a first aid kit in 
the trunk, and I watched as Amanda began to clean off 
the blood from in between his toes, like some young 
Florence Nightingale.

"I'll wrap it up in gauze to stop the bleeding." said 
Amanda as I got in the car and began to drive off, still 
in a daze over everything that happened.

As we drove, and Amanda continued to take care of 
Steve's foot, I began thinking of the serious trouble I 
was currently in.  I just left my house full of 
evidence, not to mention that the entire country was on 
the look out for these two young ingenues.  Most amazing 
of all was that I had Amanda Bynes, my object of 
affection for so many years, right in my very grasp, and 
I was letting the opportunity pass me by.  Things were 
quickly coming to an end.

"There.  Finished." said Amanda as she looked at her 
handiwork.  "I think he'll be okay until we get to the 

"Thank you Amanda, I appreciate you taking care of him." 
I replied, as my mind started going into a million 
different directions at that moment.

Things hadn't turned out exactly as I had planned, but I 
knew that I didn't want any harm to come to Amanda, and 
that the best place for her was back home with her 
family where she would be safe.

Finally, we pulled up in front of the local hospital, 
and I stopped the car in the emergency ward parking lot.  
Turning around, I looked to see Amanda undoing Steve's 
leg in preperation of having me take him out of the car.

"Amanda," I said, causing her to turn around quickly and 
look into my eyes.

"Yes?" she asked, tilting her head a slight bit, her 
bangs covering half of her beautiful face.

"This is where you'll get out too.  I just want you to 
know that I, uh..." I was trying to get the right words 
out, sounding like some gawky teenager ending a first 

"It's okay," interrupted Amanda, flashing me a quick 
smile.  "I know."

She then opened the car door, and walked around the car, 
to help Avril out.  Several hospital attendants came out 
to meet us, and quickly ushered Steve and Avril 


...My hand went crashing on top of my alarm clock as it 
woke me up out of my deep slumber.  Sweat was beading 
down my forehead as I took a few seconds to gather my 
thoughts before realizing where the hell I was.

I looked at the now silenced clock, it's digital readout 
telling me it was 5:45 in the morning.  It felt like I 
had been asleep for a thousand years.

I fell back, my head hitting the pillow, as I slowly 
started to wake up, realizing I was in L.A., in my 
house, in my boxers, in my bed.

What a night.  Drinking brandy before bed always gives 
me vivid dreams, but this was ridiculous.

Stumbling out of bed, I walked into the bathroom, 
flicking on the lights, and turning on the cold water 
tap.  I flushed my face with some cold water, slowly 
awakening from my deep slumber.  I had a huge kink in my 
neck from sleeping in an awkward position and I grimaced 
as I slowly turned my head from side to side to get the 
knot out.

After taking a nice long piss to flush the brandy out, I 
headed into the kitchen and poured myself a large glass 
of fresh orange juice before heading into the shower.

As the beautifully hot water came beating down onto my 
back, I chuckled to myself as I thought about the crazy 
dream I had just had.  I've had some doozies before, but 
none quite so vivid and detailed as that.  I reminded 
myself not to drink brandy ever again before hitting the 
sack.  Some serious chemical fluctuations went on inside 
my head after that and it just wasn't worth it.

After showering, I scrambled up a couple of eggs and 
dressed up for work.  The visions of that dream were 
still flashing through the visual centers of my brain, 
making me feel somewhat guilty for everything my 
subconscious had decided to throw out at me while I 
slept.  Before I stepped into my car, I handed a couple 
of twenty dollar bills to the homeless people that had 
been sleeping in my front yard against the side of my 
house for the past few nights.  Strange people, I 
thought.  The guy looked like he hadn't shaved since the 
middle ages, and the two robed women with him, at least 
I think they were women, hard to tell with those white 
drapes covering their faces and bodies, clinging to his 
side.  The guy thanked me and muttered some fanatical 
religious crap to me as I drove off.  Before arriving at 
work, I stopped off at the Red Cross office and wrote 
out a donation check.  It felt like the right thing to 

Finally arriving at work, I slumped down onto my chair 
and flicked my computer on.  As I waited for it to boot 
up, I thought one more time about that bizarre dream and 
how damn real it had seemed.  I'd like to hear Freud 
analyze that one, I thought to myself as I smiled.

Logging into XP, I surfed the Internet for a few 
minutes, wincing at the thrashing the Falcons had handed 
the Packers last night, then proceeded to work, as my 
thoughts started drifting back to reality.

***THE END***

Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about 
my stories.  Your comments, criticism and feedback are 
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your 
great contributions.  And to all readers out there, 
hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too.  
I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a 
layman trying to give a little back.  My belief is that 
even poorly written erotic literature is better than 
non-written erotic literature.  And writing this stuff 
is not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot of 
fun.  So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

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