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Gentle Steps to Complete Domination

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Synopsis: It's a slow story about how a guy is dominated by his girlfriend by gentle steps.
Gentle Steps to Complete Domination

Roger was a nice guy, that everyone agreed but, maybe, he was just a little too
nice, a little boring. He was short and a little weedy and was very shy with
women so he found it very difficult to find a girlfriend. He wasn't experienced
and his boyish, fumbling charm wore off women very quickly.

He was surprised that Carol stayed with him after one date and wanted to go on
another. Surprised because Carol was beautiful, a little taller than him, blonde
hair with honey skin, startling blue eyes and a figure a Penthouse Pet would
envy. He was even more surprised because of his little problem on that first
date. Premature Ejaculation, it's called and Roger came in his pants when Carol
kissed him, tongue deep in his throat and her long fingers with the red polish
feeling his boner in his pants.

It was embarrassing but she didn't seem to mind, in fact she seemed to like the
power it gave her over him. They went to the movies on the next date and Roger
was petrified the same thing would happen again but it didn't. Instead, in the
movies, she pulled his cock out and slowly jerked him off while chewing gum,
watching the movie and made him come into his handkerchief. It was thrilling but
at the same time and little embarrassing.

Roger fully expected the dates to finish straight away, the fact she lasted two
dates with him was a miracle and she probably would have called it off if it
weren't for the accident.

A car accident, that is. Roger's pick-up was tail ended by a cement truck on the
freeway, his pick-up skidding across two lanes where he was rammed by a courier
truck. The paramedics pried him out with two dislocated shoulders and broken

He was in an upper body cast, both arms frozen in plaster at right angles to his
body so he looked like some weird Aztec totem pole. "You'll have to keep the
plaster on for six weeks," the doctor said, obviously bored by the whole thing."

"Six weeks! You're kidding me, right?" Roger said hopefully but the doctor
didn't even bother to answer, just walked out and left him with the nurse.

"We've taken the catheter out," the nurse said, "you have a small bathroom there
and there's a bidet for when you defecate as you won't be able to use toilet


"Are you listening?"

"Yes, Nurse, but...."

"It's really very simple. You'll be out of here in a few weeks and we'll give
you a brochure on how to fix your toilet at home." She left, the door slammed
shut and Roger realized he was naked under the cotton sheet that covered him.
Made sense, he thought, I couldn't pull any pants down, makes it easy.

Roger spent the day watching television, soap operas as he could change the
channel and the nurse had turned it onto the soap channel and left. During that
time he had managed to stumble from the bed, arms frozen at shoulder height and
go to the bathroom. He had to turn sideways to get into the bathroom but he
managed it, sat down to piss and even used the bidet, which had a foot pedal to
turn it on.

It was late in the afternoon when the door to his private room burst open and
Carol rushed in. She had obviously come straight from her office, she was a
successful mergers and acquisitions lawyer and was dressed in a gray business
suit, jacket, blouse and skirt; quite conservative but she always looked as sexy
as hell. What did she see in me, Roger wondered for the umpteenth time, I'm a
clerk at the video store and she's a lawyer?

They had met at the video store when she had asked for a porn video. Roger had
stuttered and blushed as he took her to the porn area and she laughed when she
saw how red he was. "You're blushing," she laughed, "how cute. What time do you

"At eleven."

"I'll swing by and we'll have coffee," she said and that was that.

Carol kissed his cheek, her perfume tickling his nose and then she arranged
herself in the visitors' chair. "Poor baby," she pouted. "Does it hurt?"

"Not now but it did in the accident."

"Poor baby," Carol said again, resting her hand on his leg, which was covered by
the sheet and Roger felt his cock start to move at her touch. "You look a little
helpless in that cast," she said slyly. "How do you go to the toilet?" Red
faced, Roger explained, mumbling and looking away. "How sweet," Carol said, "so
you have to sit down to pee now?" Roger nodded, face still red. "How long do you
have to keep it on?"

"Six weeks."

"Six weeks!" Carol exclaimed and she also seemed delighted. "Poor baby," she
said again but it wasn't that genuine. She's upset, Roger reasoned, upset at the

Carol's finger started making circles on his leg and she said suddenly, "What
have you got on under that?" Not waiting for an answer, she flipped the sheet
back to display Roger's cock as it was rising into hardness. "Hmmm," she smiled,
"look's like you are pleased to see me."

"Carol," Roger said but she quickly cut him off.

"Shh, baby," she said, slipping her fingers around his cock and began slowly to
pull up and down, Roger was soon moaning, feeling the come building when she
suddenly stopped.

"How will you jerk off, baby?" Carole asked, her fingers resting on his thigh,
so close to his rigid cock but so far away. "You do jerk off, don't you?" she
said in a calm voice and Roger felt embarrassed by the fact the sheet had been
pulled down so his hard cock was exposed to anyone who walked in. "Don't you?"

"Yes." He croaked his confession with a red face.

"I knew it, all guys do," she said as her long finger gently stroked the
sensitive ridge of his cock. "How often do you do it?"

"What?" Roger grunted, his body tense as she used her long fingernails to gently
scratch his balls.

"How often did you jerk off? Every day, once a week, what?"

"Every day," he mumbled, face glowing.

"Every day?" Carol was incredulous. "Just once or more than once?"

"Sometimes twice," he admitted, wanting her to jerk him off more than anything
in the world.

"Is that the nurse coming?" Carol suddenly asked, eyes twinkling.

Roger was horrified. "Carol, cover me up!" he hissed but she just smiled, her
fingers slowly caressing the length of his cock.

"Don't you want to come?"

"Yes," he mumbled.

"Just ask me, just ask me nicely."

Roger wanted to feel her fingers around his cock more than anything and so he
said, "Please help me come?"


"Jerk me off?"

"Better, but ask nicely."

"Please Carol, jerk me off?"

"That was easy, wasn't it?" she said, beaming and kissed him on the cheek, her
fingers encircling his cock. "Wait a moment," she said, looking around, "there
aren't any tissues. I'll go ask the nurse."

"Carole," Roger exclaimed in terror but she had walked out so quickly, leaving
his rock hard cock still exposed.

The door opened and to his relief it was Carol, clutching a wad of tissue in her
hand. "You didn't ask the nurse, did you?" he asked, horrified.

"Yes, why not? She seemed to understand. I bet a lot of male patients get hand
jobs from their girlfriends. Now," she said sitting down and slipping her
fingers around Roger's cock, "where were we?"

"Please jerk me off?" he asked hopefully and Carol smiled.

"You are a quick learner." Her hand began to slowly jerk him off and, as
expected, it didn't take Roger long, coming into the wad of tissues Carol held
in her other hand. "Was that nice?" she asked as she wiped him.

"Yes," he mumbled.


"Well what?"

"Don't you think you should thank me?"

"Thanks Carol," he said quickly and she smiled and dropped the sodden tissues
into the wastepaper basket.

"The bathroom is there," Roger nodded at the small door, hinting.

"I don't need to go, baby," she smiled, "but thanks."

"No, I mean, you can flush the tissues."

"Why? The wastepaper basket is just as good."

"But they'll see it, they'll know!"

"So? As I said, I expect it's what normally happens. Besides," she said firmly,
"there isn't anything you can do about it, is there? I must go. Bye baby," she
said, pulling the sheet up over his groin and kissing Roger goodbye.

Roger watched her go, returned to the soap opera but the wet tissues in the
wastepaper basket appeared to him to be almost a time bomb of humiliation
waiting to explode.

Gentle 2

The nurse looked into the wastepaper basket immediately she came in, looked
knowingly at Roger who blushed. "You have a nice girlfriend," she said sternly,
"I hope you appreciate her, young man."

"I do, I do," Roger stuttered.

The nurse flipped the sheet back to tuck him in and Roger, mortified at the
sudden exposure blushed deep red. "I've seen plenty," she said coolly, "don't
worry about it," she cheerfully said as she began the daily sponge bath, a
ritual Roger hated but with his arms, shoulders and chest in rigid plaster, he
had no choice but to endure it.

Roger had a restless night and woke in the early hours of the morning with a
throbbing hard-on. Normally, he would have settled back into the bed, slipped
his hand around his cock and jerked off so he would feel comfortable and relaxed
for the coming day, but, now he couldn't even reach his cock, let alone jerk it
off. The feeling of helplessness made his cock harder.

A young nurse brought him breakfast and fed him while chatting away about the
day ahead. All the time she talked, Roger found himself glancing down her
uniform top to see the hint of white lace. He still had a throbbing erection,
separated from the nurse by only one thin white sheet, for the entire meal.
Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"I've had enough," he mumbled, turning his head away.

"Now," the nurse said sternly, leaning forward to push the spoon into Roger's
mouth, "you must get your strength up." The sudden proximity of the young nurse,
her breasts pushing against his arm, the expanse of white stocking under her
uniform and the knowledge he couldn't jerk off, made his erection even harder
and throbbing, so much so, his cock jerked against the sheet. The nurse's eyes
fell to the bulge in the sheet and she smiled. "A little morning tension?" she
laughed and pulled the sheet back to reveal his throbbing cock. "I guess you
better hope your girlfriend comes around today," she giggled and dropped the
cool cotton sheet over his red and pulsing cock.

When she left, Roger wondered if it was just his imagination but did she swing
her ass just a little more than usual? What did she say? 'I guess you better
hope your girlfriend comes around today.' That was it and the realization that
all the nurses knew Carol had jerked him off yesterday made his face hot.

And still his cock was hard, even more so when the young nurse placed a box of
tissues on the bedside table and winked.

Mid afternoon, the young nurse returned for the sponge bath and Roger was deep
red when she pulled the sheet back to display his hard, throbbing cock. "Guess
your girlfriend hasn't been to visit yet," she giggled and began the sponge
bath, carefully avoiding his red cock. "Tomorrow we might try a shower, we just
put a plastic sheet around the plaster. Maybe your girlfriend will shower you,"
she said cheerfully with a sly wink. As she tucked the sheet in, Roger couldn't
help stealing a glance down the top of her uniform again, rewarded with wispy
white lace and his cock pulsed.

The day dragged on and his cock, even though the erection left, was semi hard
all day as his entire focus was on thoughts of Carol, would she show up and more
importantly, would she jerk him off again?

But she didn't show up that day and Roger spent a restless night, tossing and
turning, all his sleepy thoughts on relief of the sexual frustration that had
built up so quickly that day, hoping that Carol would show up the next day and
would take pity on him.

Another hard throbbing erection did show up when he finally groggily awoke. He
so needed to come and thought of moving his cock against the cotton sheet, a
little tension and he knew he would explode. Then, the sudden thought, he would
make a mess in the bed and he was sure the nurses would laugh at him. No, he had
to pray that Carol would turn up sometime.

All day long he suffered with a throbbing cock, the nurses seemed to wriggle
more than usual, bend over a lot more and he couldn't keep his eyes of their
legs in the white nylons. This was the longest he had endured without coming in
his life, it was becoming too much!

Late in the afternoon, Carol appeared, smiling broadly and Roger's cock was
throbbing painfully at the sight of her. As usual, she was stunning but this
time dressed in a short black skirt, black nylons and a white blouse as, again,
she had come straight from the office.

"How are you?" she asked, a gentle kiss on Roger's cheek before sitting on the
visitor's chair.

"Okay, I guess," Roger said, his eyes riveted on Carol's legs as she crossed
them, the rustle of the nylon as her legs rubbed together driving straight into
his cock.

"Just guess?" Carol teased and her eyes fell onto the bulge in the sheet across
his groin. "Aren't you pleased to see me?"

"Yes," he croaked, his cock pulsing as she laid a soft hand on his thigh, he
could feel her warmth through the sheet.

"Sorry I couldn't get here yesterday but work has just piled up. Did you miss
me?" Again, her eyes twinkled as she looked at the bulge.

"Yes, Carol," he said hoarsely, "I need, you know," he faded under her twinkling

"Need what, darling?" A raised eyebrow and her fingers traced a small circle on
his thigh through the sheet.

"I need you to jerk me off," he blurted out, his voice hoarse and his face red.
"Please, Carol," he begged. "I'm desperate."

"Desperate?" she said coolly, flipping the sheet back to display his rampant
cock. "Is that all I am to you?" she demanded, anger starting to rise in her
voice as he swollen cock pulsed on his groin.

"No, no..."

"Am I just your regular milking machine now you can't do it yourself?"

"No, not at all. Carol, I meant....."

"I thought you would be happy just to see me!"

"I am, I am......"

Carol angrily flipped the sheet back over his cock. "I thought I meant something
to you, Roger Manson! Apparently I was wrong!"

Heart sinking to his stomach, cock still hard and with no hope of coming, Roger
watched Carol flounce her way out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Straining, he could still smell her sensual perfume in the room and he still
needed desperately to come, urgently needed to come with no relief in sight!

Gentle 3

Another sleepless night, tossing and turning, wondering if there was someway he
could come. He even stood in the bathroom and tried to rub his cock against the
smooth tiles, imagining they were Carol's nylon covered legs but he stopped,
realizing he couldn't clean the mess up and that eagle-eyed nurse would spot it

The young nurse fed him, two buttons undone on her uniform and Roger could see
the top of a peach bra, he imagined it was sheer and his cock throbbed. Before
she left, she placed a can of soft drink with a long flexible straw in it. "Your
girlfriend left this for you, she said it's your favorite drink?" She giggled
when she left and Roger, for the first time, wondered if the nurses knew Carol
or if they had been talking about him and his urgent need.

He managed to get his lips around the straw and drank the sweet syrupy drink she
had left. He wondered at her words, as Roger did not really have a favorite
drink. A few minutes later, his cock was throbbing painfully, as hard as an iron

Carol returned at lunchtime and Roger was immediately glad to see her. Primly,
she arranged herself on the visitors chair, scratching of black nylons, black
business suit and her blonde hair was pulled back. Again her perfume filled the
small room and Roger's cock throbbed. He knew he would say or do anything to
cum, anything at all.

"I'm sorry, Carol," he stuttered, "really sorry."

"Are you apologizing?"

"Yes, I'm apologizing, I'm sorry."

"Are you actually apologising for treating me like your milking machine?" Her
eyes were cold and she glanced at the bulge under the sheets.

Roger tried to get comfortable, his skin itching under the plaster and he said,
"I am apologizing, I'm really sorry I got you angry."

"You don't want to get me angry again, do you?"

"No, no, I'm sorry, I'll do anything to make it up to you." He was sweating; he
didn't want her to leave.

"I get very hard when I'm angry, Roger," she said, eyes glittering, "You should
know that."

"I'm sorry," he  repeated, why not, it seemed to work?

"The only sex we've had in this relationship, Roger is with my hand. You came in
your pants that time, do you remember?"

"Yes," he mumbled, face red, "I remember.'

"The movies and the other day here when I took pity on you. Do you remember all
of that?"

"Yes, yes, it's all I've thought of."

"It's hardly been for my pleasure has it?"

"No," he mumbled, "I'm sorry. I'll do anything to make you happy."

"Will you?" she seized on his remark.

"Yes, of course."


"Yes, I promise."

"Good baby," she cooed, leaning forward and kissing him full on the lips, her
hand slipping under the sheets. Roger shivered as her fingernail scratched his
balls and moaned, as he was lost deep in his desire to come.

"I know how difficult it is for you, baby," she whispere din his ear.
"Especially when you told me you jerk off every day. So hard, if you forgive the
pun," she said with a soft gigle that went straight to Roger's cock."I have
something for you," she said, standing suddenly and pulling the sheet down,
completely exposing him.

Through his sexual haze, Roger watched her pull something from her bag and start
to put something around his feet, something soft and silky. "Lift up," she said
and he strained to lift and he felt something tight snap around his cock.
Looking down, his face immediately blushed when he saw she had slipped a pair of
pink silky panties with lace around the waist and the leg holes.

"But..." he spluttered, his cock straining against the silken material. It felt
humiliating but at the same time soft and sensual.

"I want you to wear them," she said firmly, hand on hip. "You don't want to get
me angry do you?"

"No, no," he stuttered, the tight cloth gripping his throbbing cock.

Carol sat next to him and kissed him slowly, her tongue probing into his mouth.
"You look sweet in them, so soft, so silky. They feel nice around your cock,
don't they?"

"Yes," he moaned, his cock pulsing against the silk.

"I call them your cum panties. Say it," she whispered in his ear, her tongue
licking his cheek.

"My cum panties," he croaked as the silk rubbing against his cock brought him
closer to closer to orgasm.

"I know it's difficult for you in here. Poor baby, you're in that plaster for
six weeks and I can't come here everyday to play with you, can I?"

"No, no," he moaned, gasping.

"My hand should be for special occasions, special treats only, shouldn't it
baby?" her voice was relentless, her tongue tickling his ear. "My hand is for
special treats only."

"Yes, special treats only." Roger was panting, moving his groin so his cock
rubbed against the silk.

'So you have your cum panties to help you pass the time. You want to cum in them
don't you?"

"Yes, yes, I do," he croaked.

"Show me how you cum in your panties, baby, show Carol," she whispered and it
was too much for Roger and with a grunt, an anguished groan, he came in the pink
silk, saturating it with convulsive jerk after another.

Carol wiped his forehead with a tissue. "Feel better now, baby?" she asked and
Roger immediately felt completely embarrassed at what he had just done.

"Yes," he muttered, turning his burning face away.

"Thank me for your little cum panties," she said brightly.

"Thank you for the cum panties," he recited, and Carol smiled, peeled the soaked
panties down and off him like he was a child. Still smiling, she disappeared in
the bathroom and returned moments later. "I've washed them out and left them on
the basin." Roger was horrified and was about to protest but closed his mouth
when he saw the stern glint in Carol's eyes. "All you have to do when I'm not
here is ask one of the nurses to put your panties on you so you can cum in them.
Don't you think it's a great idea?"

"No, there's no need to tell them," protested Roger. "Please don't tell them."

"Why not? The nurses will find those panties in the bathroom and I certainly
don't want them to think they're mine! I must tell them. Have a good day and
I'll try to get to see you the day after tomorrow." She bent down and kissed him
on the cheek, pulled the sheet back up and left.

Roger wished he could scratch under the plaster and wondered what he was going
to say to the nurses when they came in.

end Part3: I'll keep this going as long as there are interested readers, if it
gets boring to everyone and to me, I'll drop it.

Gentle 4

The next morning the older nurse emerged from the bathroom with the pink panties
stretched between her hands, arms outstretched as she studied them. "My daughter
has a pair just like these," she said conversationally walking across the room.
"They're not cheap, I can tell you. You have a wonderful girlfriend," the nurse
said as she folded the dry panties and placed them on the bedside table, "I hope
you appreciate her."

"I do," mumbled Roger face bright red.

"Not every woman understands men as well as she does, I can tell you. You're in
good hands there. Now, today, you can have a shower," and she ripped the sheet
over to reveal Roger's morning erection. "Oh dear," she said, looking down, "so
soon? I suppose," she said with a sigh, "you want me to put those panties on

"No, no," stuttered Roger, face the colors of beetroot, hard cock twitching on
his belly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," he mumbled, "I'm sure. Thank you."

"Perhaps you should go to the toilet?" she said knowingly.

"Yes, yes, that's it," Roger said as he struggled to get out of the bed,
stumbled across the room, arms akimbo in the plaster, hard cock jutting into the

Wishing the ground would swallow him up, he sat on the toilet and willed his
erection to subside so he could piss. "Are you finished?" she called from the
room and Roger could see through the half open door she was making the bed,
plumping pillows, all efficient in her striped uniform and white nylons and just
a little scary.

"No, not yet," he called.

"Hurry up," she said, suddenly appearing in the doorway, looking down at him. "I
have other patients, you know."

"Yes, I'm sorry," he mumbled as he was finally able to piss with her watching
him, a sly smile on her angular face, his face bright as a neon light.

She wrapped plastic sheeting around the upper half of his body to protect the
plaster cast that covered his arms and down to his waist, making his upper body
as flexible as a statue. The water was cold and he yelped at the shock of it. "I
know it's cold," the nurse said calmly, "but in my experience, it's the best way
to keep that thing," she said scornfully, pointing at his shriveled cock,
"completely under control. I just don't have the time for your animal

Dried and smelling of harsh soap, Roger collapsed back into the bed, enjoying
the warmth as she pulled the sheet up over his cock. "Now, before I go, do you
want the panties on?"

"No," he whispered, red face turned away.

"Are you sure? I would be irritated if you buzzed us to put them on. We do have
other patients."

"I'm really sure."

"Very well. Here's your soft drink your girlfriend left you, she's really one in
a million." She left and Roger sipped on the drink and wondered when he was
going to be able to get out of this madhouse. This couldn't be normal hospital
behavior, could it, he asked himself? Moments later, his cock was rock hard
again and all he could think about was being able to cum.

His eyes drifted to the pink panties folded neatly on the bedside table and then
to the buzzer. No, he told himself, you can't ask the nurses to put those on
you, it would be too humiliating, far too embarrassing. Get a grip on yourself,
he said to himself, keep control.

But, a small voice inside him whispered evilly, you do need to cum, don't you?

The young nurse was cheerful when she arrived, vanilla perfume, red lips and big
eyes as she started to feed him lunch. Roger couldn't keep his eyes off her
cleavage and the way her thighs flattened against each other when her legs were

"How cute," she said as she picked up the panties, spoon resting on the tray.
"Very cute. Your girlfriend has excellent taste. These aren't cheap, you know."

"So I've been told," Roger said sulkily, cock twitching.

"Silk and a designer label. The lace around the legs is cute, don't you think?"
she said brightly, fingering the lace.

"I suppose, I haven't really thought about it." It was a lie, he hadn't thought
of anything but the panties, an embarrassing symbol of his incessant urge to
cum, to cum at all costs.

She put them back on the bedside table, brought the spoon to Roger's mouth and
her eyes dropped to the bulge under the sheet. "Do you want me to put them on
you when I've finished?"

"No." he mumbled, mouth full.


"Yes!" he snapped but was he so sure as he really wanted to cum? She held the
soft drink for him and he sucked it down, wondering if Carol would turn up.
After all, she put the panties on him last time, she had seen him he recalled
with red face, and he could ask her, couldn't he? Couldn't he?

The nurse left and left alone with his thoughts and the scent of her perfume,
Roger's cock got even harder and he was almost overwhelmed with the desperate
and urgent need to ejaculate. I've never felt this hard and aroused so much
before, what's got into me?

It was another restless day, his cock pulsating like it had never before and he
found it difficult to sleep that night. Breakfast was a teasingly slow affair
with the nurse eying  the bulge in the sheet, asking him if he would like to
wear the panties.

Gritting his teeth, Roger refused but he was so desperate to cum that after the
nurse had left him alone, he wished he had asked her to slide the panties on
him. Just the thought of how the tight silk would feel pressing against his cock
was enough to make him break out in a sweat.

Carol arrived at just before lunch and Roger was a seething mass of arousal,
desperate to cum while preserving, he thought, a little dignity as the nurses
giggled around him. His cock had never been that hard, he was sweating so much
from the arousal he was constantly sucking on that soft drink. God, he needed to
cum! He had almost asked the pretty young nurse to put the panties on him when
she brought him more soft drink but the thought of her watching him push his
cock against the silk to cum was far to humiliating a concept. He had to tough
it out, be a man!

"How are you feeling, baby?" Carol asked kissing him on the cheek, her large
breasts moving under her blouse.

"I'm fine," he croaked.

"Are you sure? You look like you've got a fever?" She spotted the panties folded
on the bedside table. "Have you used these yet?" He shook his head and her face
fell. "Don't you like them? I thought I was helping? I guess I'm not
appreciated," she said sullenly.

"You are, you are appreciated," Roger croaked, "Really, you are."

"Why haven't you used them yet, then?" she pouted. "You are horny aren't you? I
can see the lump under the sheet from here."

"I, I," he stuttered, desperately thinking because, great God almighty, he was
horny! "I wanted to use them with you," he said desperately and was rewarded
with a big smile.

"You are sweet," she said, pecking him on the cheek. "I don't mind if the other
girls get to see you cum when I'm not here."

"No," he stuttered, "I want to use them with you!"

"You only want to cum with me? Is that what you're saying?"

Roger nodded urgently, relieved that he had got something right. "Yes, only with
you," he said, his voice husky with gigantic desire.

"You are such a romantic," she whispered in his ear, her perfume slipping around
him and her fingers tapping the cast around his chest. Touch my cock, he
silently pleaded, please touch my cock! "If it's only with me," she smiled, eyes
glittering, "we can make it special between us, don't you think?"

"Yes, yes," he whimpered.

"But we must have rules, I like rules, don't you?"

"Yes, yes," he moaned.

"My rules?" her fingers brushed his face.

"Yes," he panted, "anything!"

"I know," Carol said, her finger scratching his leg under the sheet, "you don't
specify how to cum, you ask me if you can cum. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes, whatever, yes."

"So," she said softly, her warm breath tickling his ear, making his cock pound
even harder, "you want me to decide when you cum, is that it?" Her hand rested
on the sheet on his leg and he could feel its warmth.

"Yes," he moaned.

"It's such a good idea of yours, baby," Carol said huskily. "Before the accident
you were jerking off everyday or so you told me." Her eyes narrowed. "It was
every day, wasn't it?"

"Yes," he confessed again, desperate to cum, "sometimes twice a day," he added
in an effort to please her so she would make him cum.

"Well, I think we both know that's far too much, not at all good for your
health." Carol smiled down at him and pushed a little closer, large breasts
against his arm. "I think it's wise of you to let me take care of you, to decide
when you cum, don't you?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes, yes," he said desperately.

Carol folded the panties and put them in the drawer. "We'll put these away,
baby," and Roger looked at her in horror, he wanted so much to come! "The rule
is that you ask me to cum and I decide how, isn't that right?" she asked

"Yes, whatever," Roger said, desperate.

"No more asking for the cum panties, I don't think you liked them anyway," she
pouted and then smiled and pulled the sheet back, his swollen red cock bobbing
on his stomach. "Is there something you want to ask me, baby?" Carol asked with
a sly grin

"Please Carol, can I cum?" he babbled and she clapped her hands delightedly.

"You got it right first time," she giggled, kissing him on the cheek. "I'm so
proud of you, baby."

"Please Carol," he whined, desperate, cock twitching.

"Perhaps," Carol smiled and to Roger's surprise she stood up. "I have a friend
outside I want to show you too." His eyes widened in horror and his mouth fell
open. "You're not going to disappoint me, are you?" she said sternly. "I thought
you wanted me to make the decisions?"

"Yes, but...."

"Are you breaking your promise to me?" Carol's eyes grew harder and Roger's cock
twitched even more. If she got angry she would go and leave him with this
painful throbbing erection. He couldn't face that, he needed to cum!

"No," he muttered.

"Good. Don't go away," she laughed and Roger heard the door open and then close.
"Roger, this is my friend Janice. Say hello to her."

"Hello Roger," a deep female voice said and Roger kept his face turned away.

"Roger!" Carol snapped and he turned his face around, humiliation flooding
through him as a dark woman, dressed in jeans and sweatshirt smiled down at him
and his naked hard cock.

"Hello," he mumbled.

"That's better. Now, Janice is going to measure you so keep still." Roger looked
in horror as Janice measured his hard cock with a tape measure and then measured
around the base of his cock and under his balls.

"I've got it," Janice said, writing in a small notebook. "I need the other

"Of course," Carol smiled and sat next to Roger, her face close to his. "Now,
what were you asking me before?" Roger's eyes darted to Janice who stood against
the wall, arms folded and a knowing smile on her face. "Don't worry about
Janice," Carol whispered, "she's an old friend. Do you want to ask me or should
I go?"

"Please, Carol," he whispered, face red but driven by the urge to cum, "please
can I cum? I need to cum," he whimpered pathetically.

"Shush, there, there baby, I know you do," Carol said, stroking his fevered
forehead. "Remember when I said it would be special now?" She retrieved the
panties from the drawer. "Because you want me to decide?" Roger nodded quickly,
eyes focused on the pink silk of the panties. "These are his panties," Carol
showed them to Janice.

"Nice," Janice nodded approvingly, "very sexy."

Carol turned back to Roger, a huge smile on her beautiful face. "I'm going to
let you cum," she announced and Roger felt a pathetic rush of gratitude. "See,"
she smiled, "I am nice to you, aren't I?"

"Yes, Carol, you are," he gushed.

"I'm going to wrap these panties around that old cock of yours and," she lowered
her face to kiss, kissing him softly on the lips, "I'm going to hold the panties
there softly while you fuck my hand until you spurt your stuff. Does that sound

"Yes, yes, yes," he whimpered.

"Is that a good idea?"

"Yes," he moaned.

"Shouldn't you thank me for such a good idea?"

"Thank you Carol," he croaked immediately.

"That's all right, baby," Carol said, kissing his neck, "good boys get rewards."
She wrapped the pink panties around his rampant cock, the touch of the cool silk
and of her hand sent electric jolts through his trembling body. "This shouldn't
take long," Carol said conversationally to Janice.

"No problem," Janice said calmly, "I've got time."

"There you are baby," Carol cooed, her soft hand enclosing the silk around his
cock. "Go ahead, baby, show us how you fuck the panties." Roger no longer cared
what he looked like and immediately starting pumping his hips, moving his cock
in and out of the tunnel of silk held loosely by Carol's soft hand. She was
right, it didn't take long and with a tortured groan, Roger came in a rush while
both women smiled at him.

"Was that nice?" Carol asked, cleaning him up.

In his fog and in his post ejaculation embarrassment, Roger knew enough to thank
her. "Yes, it was," he mumbled, face red, "Thank you."

"Not at all, baby," Carol said, pecking his cheek. "I think this is so much
better when you understand the rules, don't you?"

"Yes," Roger mumbled, turning his red face away to avoid the laughing eyes of

"I'm glad you agree," Carol said, turning to look at his shriveling cock. "It's
soft now," she said, turning to Janice who immediately measured Roger's flacid

"I'm leaving with Janice," Carol smiled, kissing him again. "I've left more of
your special soft drink and I am proud of you. Such a good boy." Carol pulled
the sheet over him with a smile. "Why don't you have a little nap?"

The door closed behind them and Roger tried to understand what exactly had
occurred, how had he so easily given up control to Carol?

He moved in the bed, trying to get some circulation to his upper body that was
enclosed in the cast. Where would this all end?

Gentle 5.

Another sleepless night and he was woken early for breakfast by the older and
stern nurse but this morning, it was different as she had a bright smile.

"Your girlfriend told me," she said as she placed the tray on the table, "told
me you want to be completely faithful to her. I think that's nice," she said as
she held the orange juice for him to suck up through the straw. As usual, his
morning erection bobbed under the sheet.

"We'll have you under the cold shower soon," she said, glancing at the bulge. "A
shot of cold water will calm you down. Have some cereal." Sulkily, Roger allowed
her to push the spoon into his mouth, wondering how he was going to get through
the day. He woke up horny and he knew he would be horny all day, for some
strange reason, he was so horny in this hospital and now, he didn't even have
the option of asking the nurses for the panties, he had to wait to Carol as he
had promised he would remain faithful to her. How she got him to promise that,
he didn't know but now everyone seemed to know..

"The doctor will be here soon, he does his rounds early on the weekend."

"Weekend? What day is it?"

"Saturday. Your girlfriend told us she's be in today to take you for a little
walk. She's one in a million," the nurse said, pushing another spoon of
disgusting cereal into Roger's mouth, "one in a million, you're a lucky guy."

She was right, the shower did reduce his erection and his cock was shriveled
when she helped him back into the bed. However, a little while after his first
taste of the soft drink Carol had left him, his cock was rock hard again.

He stared at the television set, watching soap operas, wishing he could change
the channel and wondering why all the women in the soap operas were real babes.
His cock was twitching at anything female and lunch, served by a young black
nurse he had never seen before was excruciating torture as she had very large
breasts pushing against her uniform.

He had developed another itch under the cast and he tried to move so the cast
rubbed against it but it was useless. Roger stared down at the sheet, his cock
was still hard, pushing against the soft cotton and he wondered why he was so
excited. Maybe it's the hospital food, he reasoned, there had to be a logical

The doctor wandered in, told Roger with a complete lack of interest that he
could probably go home soon once they were satisfied he had someone to look
after him. He then left, practicing his golf swing as he walked out.

Carol arrived mid afternoon, dressed in a tight white blouse and a short blue
skirt, nylons and shoes, blonde hair in a ponytail, full lips cherry red.
"Hello, baby," she cooed, pecking him on the cheek. "The nurses said I could
take you for a little walk but first we need to shave you," she said, rubbing
the bristles on his cheek.

Roger tore his eyes away from the outline of her bra under the blouse and
breasts, pushing forward. "Walk, where?"

"Around the hospital gardens, you need exercise," she said returning from the
bathroom with an electric shaver. Carol began to shave him, turning his face
from side to side with her fingers, her red painted fingernails waving under his
eyes, her perfume enticing him while her breasts pushed against him. "There, so
much better," she said, smiling at him. "Let's go for that walk. Come on."

"But what do I wear?" Roger said in a panic.

Carol showed him a large toweling robe. "This is very large so I'll be able to
slip it over your arms and tie it around your waist. Come on," Carol pulled the
sheet down and his hard cock jutting from his belly, came into view. "Oh Roger,"
she said with a hint of disgust in her voice, "are you always hard?"

"Not usually," he mumbled, face red.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to ignore it," Carol said determinedly and eased
Roger around on the bed, legs on the cold floor while she slipped the sleeves of
the over size robe over the cast on his arms. "Stand up."

Roger slipped his feet into the scuffs Carol had put on the floor and unsteadily
stood while she tied the robe belt around his waist. Roger, suddenly conscious
he was naked under the robe and with an erection, said "What about underwear,
Carol? I need underwear under this, don't I?"

Carol grinned knowingly. "You want to wear your panties, don't you? Don't try
and trick me into letting you cum, Roger," she smiled. "You are a wicked man."

"No," he said hurriedly, "my shorts, they must be in the drawers."

Carol opened and closed the drawers one by one and then shook her head. "Nope,
nothing in here apart from your cum panties." She stood up and waggled a finger
at him. "You can't trick me into letting cum, baby," she said with a smile. "You
know the rule, don't you?"

"Yes," he mumbled, wondering what happened to his clothes.

"And what is it?  I'm waiting," she said, tapping her foot.

Afraid she was becoming angry, Roger quickly said, "I ask you to cum."


Roger desperately tried to think. "I'm not sure," he mumbled.

"I decide how, don't I? Unless you've changed your mind," she said with a stern
look. "I would be very disappointed if that was the case, I am very strict on
keeping agreements.

"No, no," he said quickly, looking down at the tent in the front of his robe
caused by his cock, "I haven't changed my mind."

"Good," Carol said with delight, kissing him and, in the process of the kiss,
managed to rub against his cock.

"Carol," Roger groaned, "can I cum? Please," he said with desperation, "please
before we go for a walk?"

"I'm afraid the answer is no, baby," Carol said firmly. "You have asked me to
make the decisions and I take that obligation very seriously. Someone has to
think of your health and you obviously can't, otherwise why would you ask me to
make the decisions for you? Why," she laughed, "if it was up to you I think you
would probably go back to your unhealthy ways of jerking off every day, wouldn't

"Probably," he mumbled, head lowered.

"Exactly," she said triumphantly. "Now, let's forget about the hard cock of
yours and go for a little walk"

The door opened and the black nurse came in a wheelchair. "Get in the chair,
baby," Carol said, "so I can push you to the gardens.  You're not ready to walk
all the way."

Roger lowered himself into the chair, arms frozen straight out by the plaster
and while doing so, his hard cock poked out through the front opening of the
robe. "Just ignore it," Carol said in a matter of fact tone, tucking his hard
cock quickly back under the robe, "he's always hard."

"We've noticed," the nurse giggled.

Roger, face flaming red, his cock tingling from that briefest of touch from
Carol, tried to slink back into the chair but the plaster cast ensured he sat

Carol began pushing the wheelchair through the hospital corridors, into the
large elevator and down the lobby. She parked the wheelchair inside the double
glass doors and gestured at the gardens on the other side of the doors. "They're
beautiful," she said. "Let's explore them, come on."

Roger stumbled out of the chair and walked out into the garden with Carol, the
breeze toying with his robe. "Carol," he said urgently, "don't let the wind blow
my robe up."

"Are you telling me what to do?" she asked sternly. "I don't think that's
right." She sighed deeply. "I thought we had an understanding?"

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"There's no one around to see anyway," she smiled. "By the way, Janice thought
you had a nice cock and she enjoyed watching you cum yesterday."

Roger blushed at the memory and wondered why Janice had measured him but was
loathe to ask Carol in case she became angry. Carol walked on a little and his
eyes were glued to her ass as it moved under the short skirt, the sound of her
nylon covered legs brushing together as she walked driving him mad with lust.

They turned a corner and found a secluded garden seat, surrounded by high
hedges. Carol sat on the seat and Roger saw a flash of white as she arranged her
skirt. She must have white panties on to match the white bra, Roger thought, she
has under that white blouse.

"Are you trying to look up my skirt?" she suddenly asked and Roger flushed.

"No, I mean yes. I'm sorry, Carol but I'm so horny, I can't help myself."

Carol sighed. "Stand here," she said, motioning in front of her and he did so.
Horrified he watched as she undid the belt of the robe, his cock jutting out
between the parted robe.  "Still hard," she said, shaking her head a little,
"you have no control, do you?"

He hung his head, silently willing her to take his cock in his hand and jerk him
off. Just the thought of it made him tremble. "No, I don't," he croaked. "I
don't know why I'm like this," he began but she cut him off.

"It's because you have no control, Roger. Remember when you came in your pants?
You cum so quickly because you have no control and now you're trying to peek up
my skirt. I suppose you can tell me what color panties I'm wearing?" she said

"White?" he said hopefully.

"White lace," she corrected him and she smiled when she saw his cock quiver.

"Please Carol, can I cum?" he begged desperately, allowing all dignity to flee.
"I'm so horny, I can't rest, please?"

"You're such a baby," she said scornfully.

"Please, Carol, I'll do anything, anything at all." He was desperate, hungry for
release and his cock had never been so hard and he couldn't get the glimpse of
that white triangle between her thighs out of his mind.

"Well," she said as if she was thinking and he hopefully waited, cock quivering,
arms outstretched like a cross. "I know it's difficult for you." She thought for
a moment and then sighed. "Kneel down there," she said, pointing at a spot at
her feet.

Cock pointing skyward, arms plastered and outstretched like a cross, Roger knelt
in front of Carol, wincing as the white gravel stung his knees. "I think it's
time we had a little talk," she said slipping her shoe off and her nylon covered
foot caressed his balls. "Do you like this?" she teased. "Do you like the touch
of nylon?"

"Yes," he croaked, shuddering as her foot climbed up his cock and her toes
stroked the sensitive underside of it, then returned to his balls.

"You are very hairy there," she said, the nylon covered toes tickling his balls.
"I don't like the hair much. You're looking up my skirt, aren't you?" Carol
tantalized, her voice low as her extended foot caressed him.

"Yes," Roger moaned, eyes drawn to the small opening between her legs, the white
triangle of her lace panties covered by the nylon of the pantyhose.

"What do you see?"

"You panties and your pantyhose." Her foot was relentlessly stroking his balls
but avoided his cock.

"Tell me what you think of when you jerk off," she said softly. His eyes were
glazed and opened his mouth but didn't know where to start. Suddenly, she pulled
her foot back and crossed her leg, the white triangle of lace disappearing. "If
you don't want to tell me, I'll stop."

"No, please," he pleaded desperately, his hard cock pointing up at her, his arms
extended like a cross. "Please don't stop Carol, please!"

"All right," she smiled and the foot returned and Roger's eyes fell back to the
white triangle. "Do you look at pictures of women?" she asked and he nodded,
body trembling as her nylon covered foot played with his balls. "What are the
women wearing?"

And so he told her, told her everything and Carol was relentless in her
questioning as her foot caressed his balls, carefully avoiding his cock. Roger
revealed everything, the details of his fantasies, the three times he actually
had sex and what a failure it was, he told her everything while his eyes stared
at the white triangle of lace that covered her cunt, a cunt he had never seen or

Carol smiled in satisfaction, she had it all, every little desire and every
little fantasy and she had Roger. "You don't have much control, do you?" she
said and Roger shook his head, eyes still focused on her crotch.

"No, I don't," he croaked. "Please, can I cum?"

"Soon, baby, soon," she soothed. "Do you think I should control you, baby,
control everything?" Roger paused as he thought, trying to think rationally in
the deep haze of desire and Carol withdrew her foot. "Do you want me to tell you
what to do? What do you think?"

Roger wanted that foot back and he wanted to see her panties again. So he
moaned, "Yes, control me, Carol, tell me what to do, that's a good idea."

The root returned and this time the toes brushed his cock. "Good boy," Carol
smiled. "We've agreed then, I'll control you, make the decisions for you and
tell you what to do. It will be so much better for you, won't it, baby?"

"Yes," he croaked, trembling, "yes."

 "What color are my panties?" she whispered and Roger's cock was twitching

"White," he croaked.

"Just white?"

"White lace?"

"Yes," she giggled, "would you like to kiss my panties, baby?" she said huskily,
the foot caressing his trembling cock.

"Yes," he moaned, "Please!"

"Not yet, baby, you're not ready for that special reward yet." Roger opened his
mouth to protest but she cut him off. "Shush, baby, I make the decisions and
kissing my panties is a very special treat, something for you to look forward
to." Her foot withdrew, leaving Roger trembling. "Listen baby," Carol said
firmly. "From now on, when you're about to cum, you must ask me. Do you
understand?" Roger nodded, pathetically focused on cuming and on the sight of
her panties under the nylon. "I mean it, Roger," she said and he nodded again.

She smiled and resumed her caressing and soon Roger gasped, "Carol, can I cum?
Please, can I?" he was trembling and Carol giggled softly.

"Yes, show me how you cum, baby," she said, eyes watching him as his cock
jerked, convulsed and spurted as her toes milked him.

Exhausted, knees hurting from the gravel, Roger looked up at Carol who had
crossed her legs and was smiling at him. "That looked nice for you," she said.

"Thank you," he murmured face red.

"That's ok, baby. Oh look, you've left a little mess on my toes," she said,
pointing down and Roger saw a small trace of his cum on the nylon covering her
red painted toes nails. "Clean it off," she said and Roger looked up at her in

"I can't move my hands," he said, puzzled and Carol laughed.

"I know that baby, use your mouth. Lick it off, baby. I can't put my shoe back
on with that gooey mess on my toe, can I?"

Roger opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish, uncertain and afraid. Carol
was serenely confident and calm. "But, Carol," he whined.

"But what? You made the mess after I kindly gave you what you wanted. If this is
how you are going to treat me, I will certainly think twice about doing this
again. I thought you enjoyed it," she pouted.

"I did, I did," he said desperately. Carol held the power to his cock and she
could withdraw the treat of orgasm very easily. Reluctantly, he leaned forward
and tentatively licked the cum off her toes, quickly spitting it out on the
grass before he actually tasted it. "Thank you, baby," she smiled in triumph and
slipped her shoe on. Kissing him on the cheek, she helped him up and tied the
belt around his waist again, making sure the robe was closed.

She led him slowly down the path and towards the hospital. "That was a nice
walk, wasn't it Roger?" she said softly.

"Yes Carol."

As she helped him back into the bed again, she said, "I have to go now, baby,
and I won't be back until the end of next week. I have to go away on business."

"Next week!" Roger was horrified, how would he last all week without cuming?

"I'm afraid so and don't forget you said you would be faithful to me," she said
with a warning tone.

"Yes Carol," he muttered in despair, head lowered.

"Good baby," she said, kissing him on the cheek. "I might have a special treat
for you when I get back. 'Bye baby."

Miserably, Roger watched her sway out the door, facing a week without any

Gentle 6

The first two days were surprisingly easy, he wasn't that aroused all the time
like he was the previous week.  Sure, Roger woke up with an erection but after
the shower, it subsided and he spent Sunday dozing in front of the television.

Monday, the young nurse returned and smiled at him. "Your girlfriend called, she
forgot to arrange for more of your favorite soft drink and she's going to have
some sent over. It won't get here until tomorrow, though. Isn't she great to
think of you like that?"

"Yeah, she's one in a million," Roger mumbled as she slipped another spoonful of
cereal between his lips.

"She did ask me to do something to make you more comfortable and I'll get onto
it after you've had your breakfast. Open up, here comes the airplane," she
giggled and pushed the spoon in again.

After breakfast, she pulled the sheet back and Roger felt his cock start to stir
under her watchful eyes. "It has a life of its own, doesn't it?" she smiled and
placed a bowl and several items on the bedside table.

"What are you going to do?" Roger asked, alarmed at the sight of the razor and
electric clippers as well as embarrassed at being naked in front of the fully
clothed and smiling nurse.

"We're going to get rid of that ugly hair," she said, tugging at Roger's thick
pubic hair. "Don't worry, I've prepped many guys before surgery, I won't cut
you," she reassured him.

"But I'm not having surgery!"

"I know, I know but Carol suggested it, said that the hair makes you hot and
that's one of the reasons you are hard all the time." Roger noticed that the
nurse now referred to 'Carol', rather than the 'girlfriend' and worried that
they were all becoming pretty friendly.

"I'm not hard all the time," Roger protested weakly and the pretty nurse smiled
and pointed down at his groin.

"You're hard now. Let's get to work." The electric clippers buzzed into life and
Roger watched his pubic hair mown down as the young nurse expertly reduced the
hair to a shave able length. Her fingers deftly pushed his now hard cock aside
as she worked and Roger groaned a little at her touch. Carol must have realized
this would get me hard, Roger thought, maybe it will be all right if I ask this
woman for a quick hand job? Even as he thought it, he knew that was a bad idea,
that Carol would get really angry with him, especially since he promised to cum
only with her.

Shaving cream was applied next and as the young nurse bent down to shave him,
her mouth came tantalizingly close to the head of his cock. "This is a
nuisance," she said, indicating his hard cock with her hand. "Can't you get it
to go down?"

"I don't think so," a red faced Roger mumbled, wishing he could get out of the
plaster that entrapped his upper body.

"The older nurses sometimes hit it with a cold spoon, I could try that?" she
asked hopefully, the razor removing the pubic hair above his cock.

"No, please don't, it would hurt," Roger cried.

She went back to work and after she toweled him, his hard cock jutted proudly
from his denuded groin. "Makes it look bigger," she said with satisfaction as
she packed up, "and you could use a little bit of help there."

"What do you mean?" Roger blurted out as she covered him with the sheet.

"Well, I've seen a few and you're certainly not above average. Never mind," she
said cheerily from the door, "your girlfriend cares for you and that's all that
matters. You're a lucky guy and," she winked, "I'll tell her you didn't ask me
to do it to you even though you thought it, right?" She laughed and left an
anguished Roger. Am I small, he wondered, do I have a smaller than average cock?
That one thought slid into the back of his mind and lodged there to eat away at

Tuesday morning his groin started to itch a little and he ignored it. "Open
wide," the young nurse said as she fed him lunch.

Roger couldn't help himself, he had to ask. "Do you think I have a small one?"
he blurted out after swallowing something he guessed was egg.

 "Small what?" she asked, head down while she stirred the mixture, her blouse
slightly open and Roger felt his cock tremble into life as he spotted a black
bra strap.

"Doesn't matter," he mumbled sulkily and turned away.

"Your girlfriend sent some of your soft drink over," she said with a smile as
she opened the can. "Have a sip. She takes good care of you, doesn't she? Even
when she's away on important business she still thinks of you. She's one in a

"I guess so." He took another sip and wondered for the millionth time if his
cock was small.

The nurse left and about half an hour after that, a wave of arousal swept over
him and his cock leapt into full erection. All afternoon he tossed and turned,
wanting relief but the thought that he didn't know when Carol was returning,
tantalized him even more and drove him into despair.

Wednesday, his cock was continually hard and his groin itched and itched, he
didn't know what was worse, the continual need to cum or the desire to scratch.

"My groin itches," he moaned to the older nurse who flipped the sheet back and
looked down.

"It's the shaving, it will subside in time," she said calmly, looking at his
hard cock.

"Can't you rub some cream into it?"

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she said scornfully. "I thought you were going
to be faithful to Carol?"

Does every one around here know Carol, wondered Roger? "No, I meant to soothe
the itching, that's all."

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and won't tell Carol you tried
something." She flipped the sheet back and left Roger to his own small hell.

Thursday he was in a sea of lust and itching. His mind was focused entirely on
sex and any glimpse he could get of any part of a female. When he was being fed,
he would lean forward to suck on the straw in the soft drink so he could peek
down the nurses uniform or gaze at their legs in the white nylon.

He suspected they all knew what he was doing but in his lust driven need, he
didn't care. He also suspected that some of them let the hem of their uniforms
drift up a little when they sat to tease him with a glimpse of white nylon
covered thigh while others appeared with two buttons undone on their uniform,
offering small tantalizing glimpses of the top of their bras.

Even the stern nurse arrived and as she bent to tuck his sheet in he caught a
glimpse of a red bra strap and his hard cock pulsed even more.

Friday, he was a drooling idiot with a rampant hard cock that would do anything
to cum, anything at all and he knew the next nurse that walked in, he would beg
and beg for a hand job, anything at all just so he could finally cum!

But it wasn't a nurse that walked in, it was Carol. "Oooh baby," she said
perching on the side of the bed and kissing him strongly, her warm body pushing
against him. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes," he croaked, eyes watching her breasts move and shift under her blouse as
she smiled down at him.


"Yes, yes," he moaned. "I need you," he said, saying anything just to keep her
there in case she went without helping him, without giving him relief.

"You are sweet," she giggled and kissed him lightly which caused his cock to
pound strongly again. "The nurses tell me you've been good. Oh," she said
suddenly, "I almost forgot." Carol pulled the sheet down. "Does it feel cooler
without that ugly hair?" she asked looking at his hard red cock standing in his
bald groin and Roger desperately nodded. "Are you hard because of me?" Carol
asked slyly, her hand stroking his shaven skin, fingers rubbing against the
newly formed stubble "We'll have to shave again. Do I make you hard?"

"Yes," he croaked, "you do this to me."

"You did miss me," she giggled.

"Please Carol," he pleaded, "Can I cum? Please, please?"

Carol smiled at his desperation, his hard cock quivering, a faint covering of
sweat on his face. "You seem to be really desperate, baby. Are you?"

"I am," he whined, "I am. Please Carol, can I cum now?"

"I'll think about it. Do you like my new outfit?" she asked, twirling around to
show him the black business suit and Roger stared at the short skirt and her
long legs encased in black nylon.

"It's great?" he said enthusiastically, eyes glued on her shimmering legs.

"Do you think the skirt's too short?" she asked tugging it down so it molded to
her round bottom. "I don't want it to be too short, if it is, you'll look up my
skirt." Her eyes twinkled and she sat down on the visitor's chair, crossing her
legs. Roger's mouth went dry when he caught a glimpse of darker nylon on her
thigh. Was she wearing stockings, his brain screamed silently, was she wearing
black stockings? He vaguely remembered when he used to jerk off that his
favorite jerk off pictures were of women in stockings. Did he tell Carol that?
He shook his head, desire and lust controlling his body.

"Are you paying attention to me?" she asked suddenly and Roger jerked his eyes
away from her legs

"No, it's not too short, it's great. You're beautiful."

"Thank you baby. You keep looking at my legs, do you like my new stockings?"

Stocking, she was wearing stockings! "Yes," he murmured, a quivering, trembling
mess and she smiled at his cock.

"I should cover that up," Carol said.

"Please, no! Please let me cum!"

"It's been a few days,' she laughed softly. "Probably the longest you've ever
gone without it." She raised an eyebrow and Roger nodded pathetically.

"Please?" he whimpered.

"It's all you ever think about, isn't it?  I don't think you respect me."

"I do, I do," he protested quickly. "I do respect you."

"You don't show it," she pouted. "Especially when I let you look up my skirt. Do
you remember that?"

"Yes," he admitted, face red. How could he forget that magic glimpse of her
white lace panties?

"I don't think you respect me as you should."

"How should I? I'll do whatever you want, please." His voice was filled with
desperation and it was true, he would do anything to cum, anything at all!

"Well," she said, appearing to think, her hand resting on his naked thigh, just
inches away from his straining cock, "I have an idea. You're shaking," Carol
said giggling, "You really are desperate."  Roger caught another glimpse of her
stocking tops as she stood up. "Let's get you out of bed." Cock hard and
sticking from his naked lower body, upper body encased in the plaster cast,
Roger managed to stand as Carol moved the chair into the center of the room and
sat down. "Kneel," she said softly and Roger knelt before her, his eyes drawn to
her nylon covered legs. Was she going to let him look up her skirt again?

Behind him, her heard the door open but a look from carol told him not to turn
around. "I've invited the nurses to watch," she said calmly and Roger felt his
face burn. "This could be the last time as I may have a surprise for you next
week." Roger heard murmuring from behind him and Carol smiled. "Now, turn around
and say hello."

Humiliated, Roger turned his head to see three nurses, the older stern one, the
cheeky young one and the black one all standing against the door with broad
smiles on their faces. "Hello," he croaked, face bright red and Carol turned his
face around with a finger to his chin.

"Good baby."

Carol took the panties from the drawer, wrapped them around his cock and then
closed her lower legs on it, trapping the new panty wrapped clock between her
calves. "You remember the rules, don't you?" she asked softly, stroking his

"Yes," he whispered, the feeling of being held between her nylon legs driving
him inside. "I have to ask you when I get close."

"Good baby," she said kissing him on his forehead. "I've put the panties around
your cock so your mess doesn't get on my new stockings. Go on, baby, move your

Roger didn't need to be told twice and the feeling of pushing his cock between
her legs was electric. The was a huge feeling humiliation as he realized what he
was doing, that the nurses were watching and that Carol was smiling down at him
as he fucked her legs but he didn't care.

"Can I cum?" he pleaded desperately as he rushed to orgasm.

"Yes, baby," she smiled, "fill the panties, baby, cum for me." A groan and he
convulsed as he erupted into the panties with his sweet release. The nurses
applauded and Roger hung his head. Carol gingerly took the panties and stood to
take them to the bathroom, giving Roger a fleeting glimpse of a stocking top.

He heard the nurses talking amongst themselves and to Carol when she returned.
"You've got him trained well," the stern one said and Roger saw she was smiling
for the first time since he arrived.

"I'm going to start on my boyfriend," the young one said. "Can you give me some

"Of course," Carol smiled and Roger face flaming waited.

She helped him back into bed, smiled as he thanked her for allowing him to cum
and then kissed him goodbye. "I have to go, I'll get back next week with your
surprise.. I've left more soft drink for you."

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Gentle 7

The next day, the young nurse came out of the bathroom with the panties in her
hand. "Nice and dry now. Carol is so sweet to you, isn't she? Did you like
putting on your little show for us?"

"I guess so," Roger mumbled, sipping the soft drink, his cock rock hard at the
sight of the young nurse.

"She's so good to you."

"I guess so," he woodenly repeated.

"You guess?" She stood with hands on her hips. "I'll have to tell her that."

"No, please don't," Roger said quickly, worried that Carol would get angry with

"Pretty please?" she teased.

"Pretty please," Roger mumbled and the nurse perched on the side of the bed,
looking down at him.

"Carol told us you have a nylon fetish, that you love stockings."

"What?" he said, embarrassed. Does she tell the nurses everything?

"You get aroused by stockings, is that true?"

"I suppose so," he muttered, face burning.

She laughed. "Men are strange, getting turned on by clothes. Does the idea of
stockings make you hard instantly?"

"Not instantly," he protested weakly.

She looked around at the bulge under the sheet. "You seem hard all the time."
She leaned down and whispered in his ear, "We call you Roger the Boner." She
giggled and her perfume tantalized Roger. "Is it stockings only," she said,
pulling the hem of her uniform up a little so Roger could look at her thighs in
white nylon, "or does pantyhose do it to you as well?"

Hypnotized by the appearance of her thighs, Roger could only mumbled, "Both."

"Interesting," she said, pulled her hem down and walked away with a sexy wiggle.

Without Carol, not knowing when she was returning, Roger entered another week of
hell. The nurses shaved his face, washed him, fed him and smiled at his hard
cock under the sheet but never touched it.

The pink panties lay on the bedside table, his cock rock hard and he had to
fight the urge to beg the nurses to slip the panties on him so he could rub his
cock against the silk and experience an ecstatic cum. By Friday, he was again a
drooling idiot and the nurses were openly laughing at him, calling him Roger the
Boner to his face and teasing him about how he should ask Carol for his next

"I think you should kneel on the floor and beg her like a puppy dog," the young
nurse teased him while she fed him. "I'll help you onto the floor and maybe I
could tie a pink ribbon around your thing, a nice present for your girlfriend."
The thought of it made her burst into laughter and Roger turned his face away
but his cock was throbbing.

Carol smiled when she saw him, stroking his face brought him to a trembling fit
at her touch and she bent to kiss him. "Hello, baby," she smiled, perfume
seizing his nostrils, the sound of nylon against nylon as she moved drove him to
the edge. She pulled the sheet down to examine his hard cock. "The hair is
growing back, I'll take care of that later."

"Carol," he began in a croaky voice but she held up a regal palm.

"Don't immediately start," she said firmly, "I'm getting tired of your selfish
approach, you're always thinking of your thing."

"Please, Carol," he whined.

"No, I have a surprise for you. And I may take pity on you later"

"But Carol," he whimpered. "I can't wait."

"You'll have to. Don't you want to know my surprise?" she pouted.

"Yes, tell me," Roger desperately croaked. Was she going to use her hand, he
wondered, she said it would be special only, maybe that was it?

"The doctor said you could leave if you have someone to look after you and I
think you should stay with me. What do you think?"

"Stay with you?" Roger tried to think but he didn't even know where she lived.

"Don't you want to?" Carol frowned.

"Yes, that would be great. Thanks, Carol," he said quickly in case she became
angry. He had learned his lesson well; an angry Carol is a Carol that doesn't
give relief.

"I think it will be fun," she said excitedly, her hand absently brushing his
hard cock. "I'll look after you and give you special treats every now and
again." Carol winked.

"Please Carol, could we now?"

 "Now? We haven't got time, baby," she said pulling the sheet up. "I have to go
to sign you out." She got off the bed. "I'll get that robe and get you around to
my car as soon as I've done that.

The nurses came to say goodbye and Roger stared at their legs and breasts,
wishing Carol had taken pity on him but his cock was so hard. They laughed when
his hard cock popped out when Carol slid the robe onto him and he was
embarrassed but driven by his increasingly urgent need to come.

"Don't forget these," the older nurse said, dropping the pink panties onto his
lap as he was helped into the wheelchair.

Carol wheeled Roger to the car park, the panties embarrassedly still on his lap,
his cock hard, and helped him inside her car. He had to sit in the back seat
because his arms would have interfered with Carol's driving.

"There we go," she said, leaning in to buckle the seat belt around him. His
mouth fell open when she undid the belt and pulled the robe apart so his rigid
cock was exposed. "That might cool you down a little," she smiled.

"Please Carol," he whimpered, cock twitching.

"Please what?" Carol said, a puzzled look on her beautiful face. "If I want to
open your robe I will. I make the decisions, baby, you just do what I say,

"Please let me cum," he whined and she laughed, kissing him gently on the cheek.

"You are a horny boy, aren't you?

"I'm crazy, Carol, crazy to come, I'll do anything for you," he whined

"Of course you will," she said with a glint in her eyes. "You'll do everything I
say, won't you?"

"Yes, yes," he said and she laughed softly.

You would love me to slip my hand around your little cock," she whispered in his
ear, "and jerk you off, right here in the car park. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes," he moaned, the thought of it making his cock twitch frantically.

"You'd lick my hand wouldn't you, get it all wet so it could slide up and down?"

"Yes, please let me, Carol," he moaned and she laughed softly again.

"And when you've sprayed your icky stuff everywhere, you'd lick that off my hand
too, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I guess," he whispered. "If you want me to."

"I'd want you to but maybe later." Carol laughed again, shut the door and
slipped into the driver's seat, leaving Roger panting and hard, his cock
exposed, in the backseat.

Her eyes examined him in the mirror. "You have to learn to start thinking about
my pleasure, baby," she said. "I deserve pleasure after all I've done for you."

"Yes Carol," he said dejectedly.

"Of course, I'll have to teach you." She started the car and they drove out of
the car park. Roger was amazed when they pulled up to a huge house surrounded by
a high wall and a barred gate. The gate slowly opened and they drove down a
white gravel drive and into a separate garage behind the house.

"You live here?" Roger asked incredulously.

"Yes," she laughed, "I'm very successful at what I do and my parents provided
well for me. There is a small apartment above the garage and that's where you'll

Carol helped Roger up the stairs, unlocked the door and helped him inside. As
Roger looked around, she stripped the robe off him and smiled down at his hard
cock. "I love the fact you're so helpless and so dependent on me. The doctor
said the body cast can come off soon but the arm casts will have to stay a
little longer." She sat down and smiled at him, crossing her legs. "Do you like
your apartment? I've even installed a foot pedals for the bidet and for the
shower. You do like it, don't you?"

"Yes, thank you, Carol, "he mumbled.

"Now," she said firmly as she stood, hand son hips, "I am tired of you asking me
to cum. You won't ask me unless I give you permission to do so. I will decide
when and if you cum. Is that understood?"

"Yes Carol," he mumbled again, head lowered. She was treating him as if he was a

"It's time for you to focus on my pleasure and not your silly little cock." His
face burned at her words, humiliation washing through him. "Lie down on the
bed," she ordered, "flat down, don't put your head on the pillow, and put it in
the center of the bed. I've been looking forward to this for sometime," she
murmured to herself as she opened a wardrobe.

Roger did as he was instructed, his plastered arms sticking helplessly to the
side and his hard cock pointing at the ceiling. He was surprised when he felt
something around his legs, realizing Carol was strapping his legs to the end of
the bed and now he couldn't move.

He opened his mouth to say something but the stern look he received from Carol
made him snap it shut and she slipped a leather hood over his head, buckling it
tight around his throat. "Nighty night," she laughed as she closed the eyeholes
and he was blind. He felt her lean over him, slip something around his head and
her fingers prized his mouth apart and it was suddenly filled with something big
and tasting of plastic. "Now you can't talk," he heard her say with a laugh. "I
like this all ready," she said as he felt her buckle something around his head.

"There," she said with satisfaction, "almost perfect." Roger felt the bed move
as she sat down. "Let me explain it to you, baby. You are blind and dumb with a
harness around your head from which I have installed this rather wonderful
rubber cock. In a few minutes, I'm going to enjoy myself on that cock extending
from your mouth. I'm not going to use yours because, poor baby, it is rather
small. This is for my pleasure, you won't see me, you won't taste me and after I
slip these headphones over your ears, you won't even hear me. You will, however
smell me and wonder what my pussy looks like. I'm told it's rather delightful."
Carol laughed loudly and Roger felt the headphones slip over his head and loud
music start.

A few moments after that, he felt the bed shift again and he guessed Carol was
squatting above him, the thought of it sending tremors through his cock. He
wished he could watch, could see her as he had never seen her naked although he
had imagined it many times.

He could smell her, her intimate musky smell tantalized him even more as she
began to use the cock and he felt completely humiliated as she callously used
him and deprived him completely of any pleasure at all, not even able to see
her. He was nothing more than a thing, a vibrator to be used by her.

After a while the movements stopped, he felt her leave the bed and he was alone,
listening to some obscure heavy metal band. He felt like crying from the
frustration, she had used him and totally ignored his poor straining cock. It
was true, his cock was small, he thought, it must be. She would rather use a
fake cock than me, he wailed to himself.

Carol returned after an hour or so, although Roger had lost all sense of time as
the music was continuous, and the headphones were removed. "I think you're
starting to understand your place now, baby," she laughed and Roger felt her
removing the fake cock and then the hood. He blinked in the light and obediently
kept silent after she had removed the gag and motioned him to be quiet.

Roger noticed she was dressed in different clothes, a pair of tight white shorts
and a pale blue T-shirt and she was sipping a drink. "Did you enjoy that? I know
I did," she laughed. "What a pity you couldn't see anything." Carol stood close
to him, her fingers tickling his balls. "Now, time to get rid of that hair, time
for a little waxing."

Waxing? Roger gulped and opened his mouth to protest but a hard look from Carol
silenced him. "I make the decisions and don't you forget it."

Roger screamed so much when she ripped the wax from his balls, tearing the hair
out by the roots, Carol replaced the gag so he made gurgling noises as she
continued, salty tears running down his face. "You're such a baby," Carol
laughed. "Women go through this all the time, we are so much stronger than weak
men," she said as she savagely ripped another strip of wax from his groin.

His groin was smooth and red when she had finished and because of the pain, his
cock had shriveled to a small worm. "Lost that hard on at last," she laughed.

Carol pulled something from her bag, something metallic and smiled at Roger who
was blinking the tears away. "Remember when Janice measured you? She's a clever
girl and made this neat little device. Your tiny cock goes in here," and Roger,
watched horrified as she threaded his cock through a shiny metal tube. "And
locks under here." The tube was connected to two halves of a metal ring that
joined together under his balls. "There, locked in place and only I have the
key," she smiled. "You are dependent on me for everything and this little device
stops you getting hard." Roger saw the tube was bent down over his balls and he
instantly knew any beginning of an erection would cause pain. "You don't cum
until I decide and you don't embarrass me with that tiny dick of yours getting
hard all the time. Of course, you'll have to sit to pee but that's fitting for
such a wimp." She laughed and headed for the door, stopping to look back. "By
the way, the only way to get that off, I'm told is either with the key or by a
surgeon cutting your balls off. Aren't you glad that you asked me to control
your cums?" He heard her laughing as she walked down the stairs.

Forlornly, Roger stared at the device and knew that Carol really did have him by
the balls. Carol was no longer so sweet and nice with him although she gave him
food and visited him, mainly to tease him. 

The next day, she laughingly dressed him in the pink panties, pulled a pair of
jeans on over them and let him shove his feet into a pair of scuffs. The robe
completed it and she drove him back to the hospital where the doctor sawed
through the body cast. She didn't talk much to him on the way to and from the
hospital and Roger didn't know what to say, how to handle the changed
circumstances. Every time he thought of the metal contraption that captured his
cock, he felt depressed and afraid..

He was stiff and sticky when the cast finally came off and the nurses watched as
Carol, now being very sweet and nice, kissed him on the cheek, saying, "Almost
over, baby, then we can go home." Her touch and her perfume made his poor cock
squirm in its metal casing, struggling to become hard and Carol smiled when she
saw the glimpse of pain in his eyes.

"The casts stay on his wrists but he can now bend his elbow and use his hands."
The doctor left, the nurses and Carol gathered around and helped him put the
robe back on after he had been washed down.

He sat in the passenger seat as Carol drove and she looked over at him as they
drove through the city. "I was disappointed you didn't thank me for driving you
in, I'm sure the nurses noticed you weren't as affectionate. Undo your jeans,"
she said sharply and Roger stared at her in shock. "I'm not telling you twice,"
she said mildly.

Sullenly, he undid his jeans. "Unzip them and pull them around your knees," she
laughed. "You can ride home showing the world your pink panties and next time we
are in public, you be a little more affectionate!"

Blushing, Roger sat there in the pink panties as Carol ordered him to pull the
robe apart. A few truck drivers sounded their horns and Carol smiled when one
driver yelled something from his truck. Carol's skirt had ridden up a little,
Roger saw a glimpse of a stocking top and his cock squirmed again.

Finally, she allowed him to pull the jeans up as they drove through the gates of
her property. "Carol," Roger began.

"Shut up!" He didn't argue and followed her up the stairs and into the
apartment. "Strip," Carol said firmly as she sat on a chair, legs primly

Roger fumbled with the clothes and managed to get them off including the pink
panties. "Get me a whisky and soda. You'll find the makings in there and bring a
can of your favorite soft drink as well." Carol giggled at that and Roger
hastened to follow her order. "Drink the soft drink," she said as she sipped her
drink, her eyes glittering as Roger swigged from the soft drink can. "I want to
see what happens when that tiny cock of yours attempts to get hard."

Roger stared at her in horror as he realized why he had been so horny in the
hospital and Carol laughed loudly when she saw his expression. "Yes, you moron,"
she laughed, "the soft drink! That's why you were so horny, it's full of my
special medication."

"Carol, why are you doing this?" he asked.

"Because I can," she said simply. "Kneel in front of me, legs apart. I would do
it very quickly if you ever want to see your cock again, let alone cum!" Roger
dropped to his knees, his eyes all ready drifting to her crossed legs. Carol
smiled as she slowly uncrossed them and Roger had a fleeting glimpse of that
elusive white triangle. "White again, I'm afraid. I should have worn panties of
a different color but I don't think you mind."

Roger grimaced in pain as his cock tried valiantly to swell against the steel
prison that enveloped it and Carol laughed delightedly. "I saw that! That's
great!" She sipped her drink and her voice grew low and firm. "Listen very
carefully. I've paid a substantial amount on your hospital bills, your special
soft drink," she smiled, "and of course your new cock ornament. You have to pay
me back."

"Of course," Roger said quickly. "I can go back to work and pay you back."

"As a clerk in a video store?" she sneered. "Don't be ridiculous! No, you'll
work for me; you'll do what ever I want. I also expect respect." She thought for
a moment and then smiled coldly. "You will call me Miss Carol from now on, it's
far more appropriate. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Carol," Roger said with a sinking feeling with a hard and a throbbing
cock as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

"Good boy," she said sweetly. "Do what I say when I say and I might just reward
you with a little cum every now and again. You'd like that, wouldn't you, baby?"

"Yes Miss Carol," he murmured, head down.

Carol stood, looking down on Roger slumped forlornly on the floor. "I wouldn't
drink anymore of that softdrink," she laughed, "it could make life very
difficult for you. Now have a shower and then go around the back of the house to
the swimming pool. One of your jobs is to clean the pool everyday so get to it."

"Yes Miss Carol," he said dejectedly, climbing to his feet.

"Don't worry about clothes, baby, " she smiled. "I'll be watching you from the
window and I like the way your bottom wobbles." Carol laughed as she walked out.

Gentle 8

Sullenly, Roger cleaned the pool, arms wrapped in plastic to protect the
plaster. Squinting in the sun, he tried to see if Carol or anyone else was
watching him but couldn't. He felt ridiculous cleaning the pool naked with just
the chastity tube on his throbbing cock and he also felt a little afraid. Carol
or Miss Carol, he corrected himself, was becoming scary but what could he do?
There was no way he was going to attempt to remove the chastity tube and the
thought of having his balls removed made him wince and a little sick.

He looked around as he pushed the big handled brush through the sparkling water
of the pool. Luckily the property was surrounded by a tall brick fence with an
even taller hedge of pine trees outside of the wall so it was completely
private. Staring at the wall and the accompanying hedge, he realized he wasn't
going to climb the wall with his hands in plaster and with no shoes.

Stop thinking of escape, he thought, I am not going to bet my balls on anything.

At last the pool was finished and he wearily walked back to his small apartment
over the garage, falling on the bed.

"Get up!" Carol's ice rang in the room and shocked, Roger looked around but he
was alone. "I said to get up! Carol's voice was low and menacing and Roger
scrambled to his feet. "Look up," and his eyes fell on the small camera that was
attached to the ceiling in such a way that covered the entire room. Carol
laughed, "Yes, there's one in the bathroom and one in the small gym next door so
I can watch you every minute of the day. Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, Miss Carol," he mumbled dejectedly.

"Listen carefully. You are to clean the pool first thing every morning and then
wash my car. I expect both jobs to be completed perfectly. If it's not, I'll add
another week to the time before you get to touch your pathetic little cock
again. Understand?"

Roger trembled at the harshness of her voice and at the thought of not being
able to cum for a long period. "Yes, Miss Carol," he said quickly.

"Then you go to the gym and exercise for two hours. The program is on the wall
and you will follow it to the letter. I'll be watching you and I expect you can
imagine the consequences of not completing the program?" Roger imagined her
smiling and his heart sank at the thought of her adding more time to the
sentence she had applied to his cock. "Good. Thankfully, you've lost some weight
in hospital and now it's time to tone you up. I like my slaves to be buff. You
can eat after that. Well, what are you waiting for? Get on with it!"

Roger scurried down to wash the car, the word 'slave' ringing in his ears. Was
that what he was? He resented it but as he wrapped more plastic around his
plastered arms, he realized he had no choice; all control was now in Carol's
hands. Why did his cock squirm, trying to get hard the moment he saw her or even
heard her voice?  He knew as the days of denial increased he would do anything
to be able to cum and his heart fell at the realization that the small period of
denial he had suffered through in the hospital was nothing compared to what she
could do to him now.

The car was sparkling and he walked wearily up to the gym, his stomach rumbling
and dutifully followed the intense program Carol had taped to the wall. He
imagined her watching him while sipping a drink, maybe even with friends,
laughing and pointing at him while he puffed his way through the exercises, his
face burning with embarrassment.

His body was coated in sweat as he stood in front of the refrigerator and saw,
to his horror, nothing but healthy food and fruit juices. Grumbling, under his
breath he sat naked at the small table and ate. It was then he noticed his
clothes had gone, obviously taken while he was either cleaning or working out in
the gym. Roger also noted the small television set didn't have any controls or a

For the next two days, he religiously followed the regime and didn't even see
Carol once in that time. She ordered him to do menial jobs through the camera
and goaded him and threatened him if he even appeared to think of not following
an instruction.

His day finished at five in the afternoon and then, somehow, the television
suddenly switched on and Roger watched old movies or documentaries which all had
some form of sexual content sometimes just beautiful women so Roger's cock was
throbbing when he wearily put out the lights and slept.

On the third day, Carol said, "I feel like some fun," her voice booming in the
small room from the hidden microphone. "Go to the cupboard and put the leather
hood on, don't zip the eyes so you can buckle the harness on with the gag and my
special cock. Hurry up!"

How humiliating, Roger thought, she's making me get ready for her to use me as
her personal vibrator. He slipped the hood on and then opening his mouth to slip
the fat gag in, he buckled the harness on, the fat cock bobbing obscenely in
front of his eyes. "Look in the mirror," she commanded and he did, face burning
at the ridiculous sight. "See how big it is?" she taunted and he could see that
the plastic cocking jutting from his mouth was much bigger than his. "Ok, lie on
the bed and zip the eyes."

Roger waited in darkness until he heard the door open, a soft giggle and he
smelt her perfume as she strapped his arms and legs down onto the bed until he
was completely immobilized. "Poor baby," Carol whispered in his ear, "you'd love
to see my pussy, wouldn't you? I expect you would beg and beg just to lick it,
to taste it, wouldn't you baby?" He felt her fingers stroke his chest and he
groaned into the gag, cock throbbing within the relentless metal tube. "You'd
love to hear my little groans of pleasure as I cum, something you can't do until
I say but I can cum anytime I want." Carol laughed and Roger heard her remove
something from the cupboard. "You get to smell me, baby, smell my sweet juices
and imagine. This time I've added a little something to the music." The
headphones slipped over his ears, music started and Roger was robbed of any
sound coming from the room.

He felt her weight shift on the bed and smelt her musky pussy as it was probably
positioned over him. Suddenly Carol's recorded voice boomed in his ears with the
music in the background as the bed began to move and he felt her body move onto
his leather covered face.

"Just imagine, baby," he recorded voice whispered, "my beautiful pussy is
sliding down on the lovely cock right over your face. I can see you so helpless
under me, so close but so far. So close to heaven but I keep it from you."

Her words drove him mad and he was soon whimpering into the gag as in his
darkness he imagined exactly what she painted with her soft and seductive words.
Roger's cock was throbbing painfully and he knew he would do anything to cum,
anything at all for her as long as she relented and let him cum.

So lost was he in his torment, he didn't feel her reach her climax or even get
off the bed until the headphones were removed. "That was really nice," she cooed
softly in his ear. "Cumming is so much fun, isn't it?" Roger whimpered, trying
to get her to relent. "Your teeny cock looks so red, almost purple," Carol
teased, "it must be soooo painful."

Carol's voice changed, became stern. "If you ask to cum, I will add a month to
your sentence. You have given all control or to be more precise, I have taken
all control." A sharp laugh at that. "Accept it or it will be months or even
years before you cum!" Roger trembled at the idea of that and knew without a
doubt she was capable of it. "I'm off to have bath, a long soak," she said as
she untied him. "Make sure you wash my cock before you put it away." Carol
laughed and Roger heard her walk out of the door

  Roger managed to get the harness and the hood off and took the plastic cock,
slick with her juices into the bathroom to wash it. He held it in his hands and
wondered what Carol would taste like as his eyes focused on the wet fake cock.

"You want to taste me, don't you?" Carol's voice whispered suddenly from the
hidden microphone and Roger realized she was watching him. "Don't you?" Carol
prodded and he dumbly nodded. "I didn't hear you!"

"Yes, Miss Carol," he said quickly, face burning as he had no idea who else was
watching him.

"You want to lick me off that cock, don't you?"

"Yes, Miss Carol," he whispered.

"You can have a little taste, go ahead, baby, taste me." Trembling, Roger let
his tongue move over the plastic, tasting her drying juices as his face burned
bright red. He couldn't help it, he needed to taste her and his own poor cock
squirmed in the metal tube. "I taste sweet, baby?" Carol teased.

"Yes, Miss Carol," he whimpered as he licked the cock.

"Suck it, baby," and she didn't have to tell him twice. Roger heard her giggle
as he sucked the fake cock but he was beyond caring. "My little cock sucking
slave, you're so sweet. That's enough!" her voice changed and Roger quickly too
the cock from his red face. "Now clean it! No more tasting!"

Carol didn't make any more comments as Roger diligently washed the cock so he
assumed she had gone for her bath. The thought of a naked Carol lying in a bath
made his cock squirm all the more.

He was completely under her control and he wondered what she was planning next
but more importantly, would she relent and let him cum soon?

Gentle 9

Roger followed her instructions and the diet everyday and soon he was showing
the effects of the rigid exercise program. For a week, the only contact he had
from Carol was her voice over the hidden microphone and he soon began obeying
automatically, without even thinking.

He had never been inside the house and as he cleaned the pool and washed the car
naked, he looked at the house and wondered who was inside and if they were
watching him.

He was continually horny, so horny and he was desperate to enjoy orgasm again so
he knew he would do anything she wanted. What was the alternative? He couldn't
escape from the grounds but even if by some miracle he did, he had no clothes
and the only way to remove the steel tube from his cock was to cut it off and
that was something he didn't even want to think about.

One morning, Carol's voice echoed through the small gym where Roger was working
out, naked. "I enjoy watching you when you do your squats," she mocked. "I like
the way your little balls hang down and wobble."  Roger flushed but he knew
enough not to stop, he didn't want to get her angry in any way. "When you've
finished your exercise, shower and wash your hair. It's time to go to the
hospital to remove the plaster from your arms."

He was getting out! Roger was excited at the idea of leaving the grounds, even
though it was only for a short time but it was better than nothing.

Carol dressed in a short blue skirt and a tight white top was waiting for him
when he came from the shower. She circled him, inspecting him while he stood
naked in the center of the room. "I expect you to be on your best behavior."

"Yes Miss Carol."

"I do not want you to embarrass me in any way. You will be polite and defer to
me, show affection and be nice to everyone. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Carol," he said quickly.

"You will not try to escape. If you do, I will just let you go. I will not try
to find you." Roger looked at her in surprise. "I will simply come back here,"
she smiled sweetly, "take the only key to your cock tube and dissolve it in
acid." Roger's face went white at the thought. "You wouldn't want me to do that,
would you?"

"No Miss Carol! Please, not that!"

"I think we have an understanding. Here, get dressed." She handed Roger a pair
of white beach shorts and a blue T-shirt. He didn't even consider asking for
underwear, just got dressed as quickly as possible. "Those shorts are baggy so
when you sit, you had better make sure you're not showing your cute little
chastity tube to people." Carol giggled at the thought and handed him a pair of
faded blue sneakers. The entire outfit was his size although the T-shirt was a
little tight.

He sat quietly next to Carol while she drove, trying to keep his eyes from her
nylon covered legs but he couldn't and she knew it. Roger guessed she let her
skirt slip up a bit so her thighs were exposed as she pumped the accelerator and
she grinned when he groaned softly, cock twitching in the hard tube.

It was more hell at the hospital as the nurses made a fuss of them, Carol
smiling with her arm possessively around Roger. The nurses kissed his cheeks,
their perfume tantalizing him as they brushed close and his cock surged and
twitched in its metal confinement. Carol smiled at him as the nurses surrounded
him, knowing what he was feeling and he dutifully smiled back.

"You look well," the older nurse said, looking him up and down.

"He's been working out."

"Does he still get, you know, all the time?" the young one asked Carol with a

"No," Carol said with a thin smile, "he doesn't get uncontrollably hard

"You obviously keep him under control," the old stern nurse said. "It's the only
way, they run wild without discipline and control."

"Oh, I don't think he would run wild," Carol said with a smirk. "Would you,

"No Miss Carol," he murmured and his face burned as he heard the young nurse

The plaster was removed and, marveling at the freedom, Roger washed his arms and
followed Carol back to the car. "Good boy," she said, kissing him on the cheek,
her hand slipping up his pants leg to gently squeeze his balls. "You just might
get a treat soon. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, Miss Carol, please."

Roger was surprised when she pulled in at a ladies hairdressers but he knew he
shouldn't say anything. He was so desperate to come, and she had promised he
might, hadn't she? He was going to be good, so good but in the salon, in the
chair as the women worked on him, his cock was struggling in the metal tube.
Surrounded by the feminine smells, the giggling women, their perfume and they
way their fingers touched his hair drove him mad.

His hair was cut short under Carol's directions and then tinted with gold
highlights. He was horrified when he heard her give the instructions but kept
his mouth shut when Carol shot him a steely glance. The picture of the key
disappearing into a glass of acid appeared before his eyes.

The next stop was a lingerie store where Roger, surrounded by female intimate
and sexy apparel, sat obediently on a chair outside the dressing room while
Carol tried items on. The thought that just a thin curtain separated him from
her naked body, a body he had never seen, was driving him crazy.

"I've chosen this," she said, suddenly appearing in front of him, holding a
lilac bra and panty set in delicate lace in her hands. "Do you think they're
sexy?" she teased and poor Roger could only nod, hypnotized by the sexy

All the way home, he hoped that Carol was going to take pity on him and let him
come. It had been so long and he was desperate, his cock was constantly
twitching within the metal tube that held it prisoner.

He thought she would take pity, how long could she be this cruel. She must like
me, Roger thought so she can't be cruel to me forever. Carol glanced at him as
she drove, a sly smile and she adjusted the hem of her skirt and the fleeting
glimpse of a tan stocking top was enough to send a grimace of pain across Rogers

Roger carried her parcels out of the car but she took them from him and told him
to go to his apartment and wait for her naked on his knees.

He almost ran up the stairs, removed his clothes and knelt, waiting with a
pounding heart and a squirming cock. Carol appeared behind him about half and
hour later, carrying a bag and she said, "Good boy," with a smile. "Stand up for
me now."

Knees painful and creaking, Roger stood hoping she was going to finally let him
come. "Look what I've got," Carol said and Roger stared at a white canvas jacket
with long sleeves and buckles. "Here, slip your arms in here. I've been waiting
for that plaster to come off." Stunned, Roger did as he was told and soon found
himself locked in the straitjacket, arms buckled in and immovable.

Gently, Carol steered him to the bed and pushed him down on his back. Before
slipping a leather hood over his face. The hood covered his head completely
except for a round hole that kept his eyes, nose and mouth visible and
accessible. Deftly, she slipped a ring gag in his mouth, buckling it tightly
around his head so he could not speak and his mouth was held permanently open.

Carol bent down. "You've been a good boy so you're going to get a treat." She
laughed at Roger's wide eyes in the hood and slipped the headphones on his head.
Roger watched her walk out of the room, a huge smile on her beautiful face and,
Roger guessed, she was also laughing.

Roger lay immobile on the bed for sometime and he began to doze until Carol's
voice suddenly whispered in his ears.

"Roger, my little pet. I recorded this for you to listen to, over and over
again. Guess what I'm wearing?" She giggled. "Yes, that's right, the cute and
sexy bra and panties we bought this afternoon. The lilac ones, do you remember?
Of course you do, I thought your eyes would pop out of your head when I showed
them to you."

Roger moaned and tried to move his head to dislodge the headphones but couldn't
so he was forced to listen to Carols soft and seductive voice, his cock pulsing
madly in the steel tube.

"The panties are a little snug, so tight against my cute pussy and I'm so so
wet!" Roger groaned through the gag. "I'm wet because my boyfriend is coming
over and we're going to fuck! In fact, by the time you're hearing this, I'm
probably all ready sucking his big cock, it's so big and then he'll slide it
into me and fuck me hard! I like to be fucked hard, baby. I need a man with a
big hard cock to do it, a man with staying power and that's not you, is it
baby?" Carol laughed softly and Roger groaned again, a thousand hot images
flickering in his imagination, "He'll love the panties, lick me through them
before fucking me and spurting his hot cum deep inside my pussy. You remember
what cuming is like?" She laughed and her voice stopped and Roger lay there in
silence, heart pounding and fuelled with desire and jealously. After ten
minutes, the tape started again and Carol's voice began, "Roger, my little pet.
I recorded this for you to listen to, over and over again. Guess what I'm

It went on like that for over two hours leaving Roger panting and his body
stiff, his cock painfully constricted by the chastity device.

Suddenly, Carol was smiling down at his sweating face as she removed the
headphones. She was dressed in a white fluffy robe and her hair was tousled,
make up gone. "I promised you a treat, little slave," she whispered as she did
something under her robe. "I wore them over here, all wet and sticky for you."
Carol laughed as she dropped the lilac panties onto his face. Still laughing she
taped the panties over his nose and mouth forced open by the gag. "Now you'll be
able to smell and taste me as well as taste a little of my boyfriend. Sleep

Her laughter rang in his ears as the realization that Carol truly didn't care
for his feelings, he was her slave and totally under her  cruel control.

He inhaled deeply, his cock surged as juices began to trickle through the ring
gag into his waiting mouth.

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