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A Sissy Slave's Just Rewards

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Synopsis: A day in the life of a sissy slave, where her transformation is continued by a wonderful Mistress.

I should start out by telling you that this story is being written at the
command of my Divine Mistress.  It is to further my training as her sissy slut
slave, but more importantly, add to my recent humiliation session.  My name is
slave roxanne. I stand 5' 9" tall in bare feet, sport long red hair, and
Mistress says I have a decent body (for a slut).  Well, anyway, here is the

	 The day started with a long scented bubble bath with complete body
shave followed by a complete Mistress inspection. Any stray hairs found by my
Mistress were cruelly plucked. She then ordered me to her bedroom to dress in
the items she had laid out.  That attire consisted of a locking black leather
chastity belt, a tight black and red lace-up corset with black seamed stockings, 
a leopard-print, liquid-filled bra, and an ultra short black dress and black 5"
heels with locking ankle straps.  I had  been instructed to then kneel head
bowed hands behind back and await my Mistress.  I did as instructed until at
long last I heard the Goddess approaching. My heart raced in anticipation of her
beauty.  I was not disappointed.  I watched as her black spiked heels came into
view and immediately began licking and kissing her feet until she told me to
stop!  Mistress then ordered me to present my wrists to her for leather cuffs
which she locked tightly in place.

	 I watched as Mistress slowly removed the delightful panties that she
had worn the entire day.  She then placed them up to my nose and let me smell
her divine womanhood.  Mistress then grabbed my hair and yanked my head back,
causing me to gasp and open my slut mouth.  Taking full advantage of my position
she then stuffed her panties into my mouth, securing them with a strip of duct
tape.  A tight black hood and thick posture collar came next.  Mistress then led
me by the collar  to the center of the room where a hook complete with a 3 foot
spreader bar dangled from the ceiling.  I was instructed to raise my hands so
Mistress could secure them to the spreader bar.  Next leather ankle straps were
attached.  I was told to put my legs out in front of me and hang by my wrists.
Mistress then began cranking the winch, which was hidden in her closet, causing
my body to lower.  This continued until my body was in an almost sitting
position. Mistress stopped and walked to me to make a few adjustments.  I heard
her walk away from me and then the cranking and lowering started again.  I
suddenly became aware of what those last minute adjustments were when the tip of
the cold hard butt plug that Mistress had secured to the metal chair she keeps
in her room touched my tight, shaved slave ass.  Mistress continued lowering the
winch until my ass became impaled fully on the butt plug.  To be sure there
would be no escape, Mistress released first one wrist, lifted the leg on the
same side, and secured them together.  She then did the same to the other.

	  What happened next was rather odd, or so I thought.  Mistress came
behind me and removed the tight black hood from my head.  I was soon to find out
why.  I watched as she walked to the dresser, her exquisite tits with great big
brown nipples and succulent ass wiggling in the cool air of the room, only to
retrieve a crystal bowl.  Walking directly in front of me Mistress held the bowl
to her pussy and began pissing, her golden nectar filling the bowl to almost
overflowing.  I watched as my Mistress uncovered a table that she brought into
the room.  My heart jumped as I surveyed the contents of the tray.  There were
hair cutting scissors, tweezers, a syringe, an electric clippers, assorted
makeup and various implements of torture.  Also on the tray was a digital
camera.  Mistress took the scissors and poked a small hole in the duct tape over
my mouth in the center of my lips. I watched as Mistress then took the syringe,
placed the tip into her golden nectar and drawing back the handle filled it. 
Mistress then took the syringe, and placing the tip to my mouth, inserted it
into the hole in the tape. She then pushed the plunger in-squirting her golden
juices into the panties in my mouth.  While waiting for the golden nectar to
work its magic, Mistress then picked up her scissors and proceeded to cut away
at my hair, her large hard nipples only inches from my face.  When she finished
with that it was time for another refill of piss.  That out of the way, next
came the clipper which made me jump, or try to, when they clicked to life with a
loud pop.  I should explain that when Mistress is horny she sometimes gets
carried away.  I became fearful of losing all my hair.  After quite a while of
her cat and mouse game, to my relief the hair cut was over.  She had not left
much as I am made to wash her pussy and ass with my head and she likes the feel
of short stubble hair.  After brushing away the stray hairs and removing the
shearing cape Mistress then places the crowning glory atop my shorn head - my
glorious crown of beautiful, long, red curls.  My Mistress then brushes my wig
into a work of art.  It is at this point in the evening that she informs me that
she is going to remove the duct tape and panties from my slut mouth, however she
also informs me that if I as much as utter a sound I can say good by to the rest
of my hair "forever" !  Mistress also warns of  unforgettable punishment which
will occur.  Grasping a corner of the tape, it is ripped from my face and using
the tweezers Mistress removes the soaked panties from my mouth, discarding them
with a wet "plop" on the floor.  The next hour or so are spent curling, painting
and creating a beautiful female creature where once sat a lowly slut slave.

	  Releasing me from the chair and allowing me to rise from the butt plug
I am told to follow Mistress, which of course I do, on my hands and knees. 
Mistress then reclined on her bed spreading her superior legs wide and commands
me to lick and suck her womanhood until I am told to stop.  I eagerly and
immediately dive between her creamy thighs and start to lick and suck her
glorious clit for all I am worth. The tongue bath goes on for hours with my
Mistress cumming so many times I have lost count.  Once satisfied my Mistress
has me lay on the bed on my back, she stretches my arms out wide above my head
and secures them to each corner of the bed with padlocks.  Mistress then
retrieves the steel spreader bar and attaches it to my ankles spreading my legs
wide.   A block and tackle it then attached to the wall high above and behind my
head, the other end is attached to the center of the spreader bar.  With very
little effort Mistress pulls my legs high up above my head, she then removes my
chastity belt and goes to work on punishing my pussy and ass with all sorts of 
whips and paddles.

	Mistress is getting sleepy now and has informed me that for being such a
good slut I am to be rewarded.  A ring gag is secured firmly in my mouth and
Mistress then places a large funnel into the opening.  Taking my "clit" (which
is what she refers to the worthless little thing between my legs as) into her
gloved hand, Mistress begins playfully stroking it.  I can feel the explosion
building within and I know exactly where Mistress has planned for it to go! 
Although I try to fight it, suddenly every muscle in my body tenses and in a
mind blowing orgasm rocks me, sending squirt after squirt of  creamy white goo
into my cocksucking mouth and down my slut throat.  Once released I am
instructed to clean and put away all her toys.  Mistress naps while I tidy up. 
I report to my Mistress and gently wake her, she reattaches my chastity belt and
lays back down once again spreading her legs.  I have been told to place my face
between her legs next to her pussy and try to get some sleep.  She has also said
that if I make any attempt to touch her in any way that I will be severely
punished and that the next thing up my slave ass will be a large real be continued.

Part 2

......You think the stupid little slut would learn obedience, but no. Mistress
has caught her reading more nasty stories and playing with her little worthless
"male pussy".  Mistress grabbed my hair and after jerking my head all the way
back she slapped my sissy face with all her might, leaving the imprint of a
glorious and superior female hand on the side of it.  Before I could recover
from her vicious assault, Mistress dragged me from the chair forcing me to my
knees.  I was instructed to beg for mercy, a word I know is not in my Glorious
Mistress' vocabulary.  I immediately began to kiss her wonderful feet, sucking
and licking between each succulent toe.  I groveled at the feet of this superior
woman hoping to somewhat reduce the punishment that I know I deserve for such
disobedience.  After what seemed like an eternity, Mistress turned and
instructed me to lick and kiss her wonderful and shapely ass, which of course I
did with earnest abandon.  Once she tired of this I was yanked to my feet by my
hair.  I was then dragged into the bathroom where I was thrown to the floor.  As
I lay there at the feet of this demanding woman towering over my sissy body, I
listened to my instructions with full attention as to not piss my Mistress off
any more. She kicked and slapped my body at will.  I was told to shower and
freshly shave my entire body, being careful not to miss a single hair!!  The
punishment for this is not fun as they are plucked slowly and painfully from my
body.  Once this task was completed, I was to dry and powder my smooth,
hairless, sissy body and then to report to the "dressing room" and don the items
I would find there.  I have also been instructed that once I have finished
dressing, I am to wait on my knees for her arrival and not to utter a sound!! 
Upon arriving in the room, I saw the items that my Mistress has so graciously
put out for me.  Each item was in a straight line indicating the order in which
they were to be put on.  And believe me somehow she knows if her order was
followed.  The first item was my chastity belt.  The belt is made of shiny black
leather and is decorated with silver studs and chains.  It consists of a waist
strap with locking hasps on each side and a pouch that both conceals and tucks
my little "clit" safely back between my legs.  The belt also has two 1 1/2"
straps that run from the crotch pouch back and up each ass cheek and then
connect it the waist strap.  I slide the belt up my freshly shaved and powdered
legs and carefully tucking my clit back between them I fasten the two straps
with the locking hasps.  I then take the matching locks and placing them through
the hasps I shutter when I hear each one click shut, sealing my fate, as
Mistress has the only key.  The chastity belt feels cool and snug against my
"pussy", it feels almost too good.  Next in line is a wonderful liquid filled
black satin bra.  I place the bra around my chest hooking it in the front and
then sliding it around and into place.   Then I slide each delicate satin strap
up my arms and into position over my shoulders,  oh what a feeling !  The next
item is a pair of wonderful suntan stockings.  I take each socking and carefully
slide it up my legs, being extra careful not to cause a run.  They feel so cool
and silky smooth on my legs that they make my "clit" tingle.  With the stockings
in place, I pick up the corset.  It is black with lace trim at the bottom and
around each breast cup. I place the corset around my waist fastening the hooks
that run down the length of its front.  Reaching around behind my back I grasp
the long black laces of the corset and begin pulling,  I continue to pull and
tug the laces until I am sure it has closed at the back causing my waist to be
reduced by at least 5".  Once satisfied that it is tight enough I pull the laces
to the front and tie them tightly in place.  The corset is tight making hard to
draw a full breath, but the way it shapes my body into a more feminine look by
pushing up my breast and flaring out my ass is an overwhelming feeling, almost
too good a feeling for a slut slave.  Then come the shoes, a pair of white 5"
spiked heels.  I slide first one then the other onto my silky feet.  As I stand
in these heels I notice that my ass seems to be shapelier and my legs look even
longer.  The final article of clothing is a short, tight white dress.  Taking
the dress I hold it over my head, slowly and carefully I slid it down my body. 
Once in place, the dress is tight and if I must say so, very sexy.  With all the
items in place I drop to the tile floor and wait as instructed by Mistress.  I
am on my knees with them parted about 12", my hands are behind my back and my
head is bowed.  I wait for what seems like an eternity.  At last I hear the
sound I have been yearning for, that is the sound of her delicate yet dangerous
spiked heel boots clicking on the cold, hard floor.  Then it happens, the door
opens and her black, shiny boots come into view.  I want to drop to them and
worship them with my mouth but I know better than to move without permission. 
Mistress seats herself at her vanity table and spreading her shapely, nylon clad
legs she has me crawl to her.  Once I am within her reach she once again grabs
my hair and guide me still on my knees between her legs.  Comfortable with my
position Mistress takes up her tweezers and begins to remove my eyebrows.  One
by one the hairs are removed until she is satisfied that they are slutty enough
for her taste.  At this point I don't know what is worse the pain in my knees or
the pain of being plucked like the little pig slut that I am.  With the painful
task of my eyebrow depletion completed, Mistress begins the rest of my
transformation into her little whore.  Foundation is applied and smoothed all
over my face, followed by slutty eye shadow and liner.  Next my lashes are
curled and painted dark and heavy black. Then come the lips, lined to perfection
and painted a brilliant "come fuck me" red.  Painted to her liking Mistress has
me turn my back to her, she then placer a thick black leather posture collar
around my neck and locks it tightly in place.  Then comes the crowning glory, a
long full deep red wig that Mistress has styled to perfection.  This done I am
told to raise my hands and she places 3" leather restraints on each wrist,
locking them in place.  Next black leather suspension cuffs are attached and
locked to my ankles.  Mistress has me stand facing the sink and attaches a
spreader bar between my legs.  Then taking a chain hanging from the ceiling she
locks it to the D ring at the front on the posture collar making escape
impossible.  Mistress then exits the room.  Returning a short time later I feel
her lifting what little of the dress is covering my ass.  I feel something cold
and slippery being smeared on and into my asshole and quickly realize that it is
KY jelly.  After taking the 5" long butt plug that is narrow at the tip and
about  1 1/2" at its widest point and then narrowing at the base to hold it in
place, my Mistress in one brutal shove pushed it into place.  It is cold but my
ass feels so full, like it is going to be ripped in two.  Mistress says "Your
punishment is just beginning you worthless pussy licking cock sucking little
whore".  With that statement she places a pile of her delicate and heavenly
scented panties in front of me.  I am instructed that I am to wash and rinse
each pair of the panties by hand however, before each is washed I must first
place it into my mouth and suck any and all of her womanly juices from them. 
"Now begin!" she demands!  I take the first pair and stuff them fully into my
mouth and begin to suck what ever I can from them, oh what a feeling it is to
smell and taste your Mistress' soiled panties!  While the first pair is
pre-washing in my mouth I fill the sink with warm soapy water.  I remove the
panties from my mouth carefully so as not to smear my lipstick and place them
into the warm water.  I then delicately and throughly wash each pair of divine
panties.  Once all have been washed I begin hand rinsing each pair until all
have been done.  With my assignment finished all I can do is stand hanging by my
neck and wait for my Glorious Mistress to return.

	Mistress finally does return and releases me from my neck chain and
spreader bar.  The relief is however short lived as I am ordered to the bedroom
and placed onto the bed with my wrists shackled to the upper corners of the bed. 
The spreader bar is again placed between my legs.  Mistress takes her 3' long
black leather riding crop and stating with my left foot begins the next step in
my punishment.  She whips up my lower leg and them onto the thigh, this hurts
like hell, but I dare not complain.  Satisfied that my left leg has been
sufficiently beaten, she continues down my right thigh and lower leg to my right
foot.  What came next is either heaven of hell depending on what end you are on. 
Mistress retrieves a penis gag from her toy closet.  The gag is made of hard
plastic and is 5" long and about 2" in diameter.  It is attached to a black
leather strap that can be locked onto the wearers head.  Mistress hold my nose
closed and when I open my mouth to breath she shoves the penis into it and
secures it firmly in place.  Now the next part of this fun little device my
Mistress had me construct for her some time ago.  It consists of a one quart
large mouth plastic jar with a brass valve attached to its bottom.  The lid is
removable and had an eye bolt through the center (can you guess what that is
for?)  yes it is for hanging it.  The last but certainly not least part of this
little toy is the 1/4" clear plastic tube that connects it to the penis gag (get
the picture).  Mistress takes the jug and then straddling my face holds it to
her glorious pussy and begins pissing into the jar.  With her bladder now empty
Mistress carefully climbs off the bed and secures the lid to the jar, she then
hangs the jar high above my head and laughs devilishly as she slowly opens the
valve. I watch in horror as her golden nectar fills the clear tube leading
directly into my gagged, penis filled mouth.  The first taste of the warm tangy
juice flows into my mouth and I pull at my bonds but to no avail, I am going
nowhere!  Mistress laughs as she takes a rope that is through a pulley high back
over my head and attaches it to the center of the spreader bar.  She pulls the
rope tighter and tighter raising my feet and legs high behind my head.  When she
is satisfied, Mistress ties off the rope leaving me bent in half.   In this
position my dress has risen well above my waist exposing my stocking tops and
chastity belt.  Taking her black leather paddle Mistress smacks first one then
the other ass cheek causing me to jump in my bondage.  As she continues to
redden my ass cheeks she explains what a nasty little whore I have been and why
I should not play with my little clit.  Confident that she has driven her point
home she strokes my face with the now warm paddle and then lays it aside. 
Taking the keys to my freedom that she has hanging from her delicate neck,
Mistress rhythmically as if in an erotic dance removes the locks from my
chastity belt.  As she open the hasp at each thigh and lets the belt fall free
my "clit" jumps with excitement.  Mistress attaches a leather device to my
pussy, it consists of a strap that goes around the base of my clit balls and
another that separates them and attached to the first.  There is a strap that
runs the length of my clit and has three more straps attached that circle it. 
With all the straps attached and tightened my clit begins to throb and turn a
lovely shade of blue.  Mistress, snatching up her leather cat pussy whip then
grasps my clit in her black leather gloved hand and begins to whip just the tip
turning it a dark purple in color.  The pain and pleasure of this treatment is
unexplainable, Mistress  moves on to my now swollen and purple balls.  With each
stroke of the whip Mistress scolds me about playing with my clit without
permission.  Now my dear readers please remember that throughout this entire
segment of my discipline my Mistress' golden nectar has been dripping into my
slut mouth.  I can not explain the state that I am now in, time matters no more,
not do I even have any concept of it.

	At this point all I know is that I am a slave to the most beautiful and
superior woman on this earth.  I belong to her- body, mind and soul.  The
beating continues until my Mistress achieves what looks to be a mind blowing
orgasm brought on by a combination of the pleasure that torturing my body gives
her, and the vibrating little "lady bug" held tightly against her pussy. 
Pleased with my punishment, she releases and lowers my legs to the bed,  the
piss jar now empty she also removes the gag from my mouth.  Nothing else is
removed from my sore and spent body.  Mistress cuddles next to me on the bed and
says, "I hope it will be a long time before you decide to play with or even
touch that worthless piece of clit meat between your legs slut". I nod my head
in agreement.  Pleased with my choice of answers Mistress say "Good, because the
next punishment you receive will not be so mild" .

	Mistress goes on to explain that if I am caught touching anything
without permission or an order to do so that she is going to make me look as
slutty as she possibly can and then, after butt plugging and chastising my clit,
she is going to haul me off to a fetish club.  Once inside the club she explains
that she is going to drag me into the men's room were she is going to make me
kneel next to the door with my knees strapped together and my ankles spread wide
with a bar.  My wrists will be strapped behind my back with a single glove
armbinder that will be attached to the center of the bar.  I will have a super
heavy posture collar locked around my neck and a ring gag also locked to my
head.  Mistress says she will then pace a cup with the words slut tips printed
on it at my knees and a sign reading Cock and Ball Wash will be hung around my
neck.  I think I will try very hard to behave .......

Well hello again boys and girls. Well my stupid little cunt sissy slave hasn't learned her lesson yet as once again she has defiantly disobeyed my direct order not to touch her useless little man clit! Well my dear friends I have decided to further her humiliation by tell the whole world about her punishment. As I write this story she sits here strictly bound, plugged and with a huge penis gag strapped tightly in her mouth, oh and did I mention the tube that is attached to the gag through witch my golden nectar flows into her pig mouth and down her troth. Well enough about the present, her punishment and humiliation began when I caught her touching her clit without permission. I immediately

Ordered her to strip and go to the bath shower and shave completely, and it had better be done flawlessly!!! Once that task was completed I had her report to my chambers and kneel to worship my feet while I secured shackles to her wrists. She was then attached to the winch in the ceiling and suspended until her feet were just touching the floor. Next a rather large vibrating butt plug was forced not so pleasantly into her tight little ass. The little pig had the nerve to get aroused. My leather cat took care of that "little" problem. Once things were whipped into shape the chastity belt was locked into place complete with crotch strap to keep the plug deeply in place. Not wanting to hear the little slut wine I forced a ball gag into her jaws and buckled it tightly into place. Remember the shaving instructions? Well the little slut had no idea that I fully intended to carry out my promise of an inspection. Every inch of her body was thoroughly inspected and all stray hairs were removed slowly with the help of my trusty tweezers, oh how painfully nice. Once satisfied that her body had been prepared properly I began to dress the slut. A tight heavily boned corset was placed around the waist and with the help of my knee on her ass laced until it was closed causing her to breath rather shallowly. Next a pair of exquisite black seamed stocking were attached to the garters on the corset. Nice tits and a sexy padded bra came next. Black 6" spikes with locking ankle straps came next. The slut was warned that any attempt to hinder my work or any disobedience while releasing her wrists in order to put her dress on would result in punishment that even I don't want think about, and she knew that I was mad enough to mean it! Sissy stood motionless as I slipped the short tight red latex dress over her head and down her now hour glass figure. My play was going exactly as I had envisioned it. Next a leather single glove arm binder was laced and locked into place pulling her arms back and pushing her now heaving breasts out making them even more inviting. I helped the slut to her knees and attached the end of the arm binder to an eye bolt in the floor rendering her body useless. The next implement in my little play was a very thick and rigid posture collar, once applied and locked it forced sissy's head up and no movement was permitted what so ever. Oh what a site she was becoming. Roxy's ball gag was replaced by an O gag that was forced behind her teeth and strapped and locked behind her head. What happened next came as a complete surprise to the little whore, I pierced its ears and attached splendid gold dangly earrings. I so enjoyed doing the piercing and the end results that I decided to pierce her nose and insert a ¾" gold ring into it, she looked absolutely fabulous, so much in fact that my own pussy began to drip with pleasure. After a little home game with Mister Duracell just inches from her face so that she could enjoy the aroma it was back to business. What I did to her next I thing came as more of a surprise to the little pig than the piercings. Working from behind her so that she could not see what was coming, I proceeded to shave off her eyebrows commenting that what a cheep whore she is going to look like with them "penciled in" I almost felt sorry for the poor little thing as she looked mortified. I on the other hand was extremely pleased with the results! Pulling up a comfortable chair I spent the better part of an hour with her makeup giving her an extremely sluttish come fuck me appearance. The final step in her preparation was her crowning glory, a long, full semi curly red wig that fell well past her shoulders. The pathetic little whore slut looked absolutely stunning.

With the pig slut ready I dressed myself in my black leather and thigh high stiletto boots and then it was on to the humiliation part of her lesson. Attaching a chain leash to her posture collar I half marched and half drug roxy out to the car securing her into the back seat. I took my place at the wheel and looked at my horrified slave in the rear view mirror smiling to myself I couldn't help thinking that it would be a long time before the slut looking back at me disobeyed any order or rule again. And so off we drove to a local fetish club. Arriving at the club I retrieved my slave from the back seat, grabbing her leash I drug her out of the car and down the street to her impending doom and my delight. If only the poor dear knew what I had in store for her I truly believe she would have fainted. Dragging her into the club I dispensed with the usual pleasantries and went with her in tow directly into the men's piss house. Once inside the poor dear pleaded with her eyes but this only caused me to laugh out loud and slap the stupid little bitch hard across the face sending her to her knees, which is were I wanted her anyway. I produced an adjustable spreader bar from my rather large bag (beware women with large bags) and expanded it to 3 ½ feet. Applying and locking ankle straps to her legs I spread them wide and locked the spreader bar between them. I then locked the arm binder to the center of the spreader bar forcing the slut into a triangle, very balance and very stable. Just imagine the site the little slut whore made. I hung a sign that read " COCK WASH" around the poor dears neck placed a tin cup between her spread knees and said see you in a few hours slut. Turning on my spikes I checked my make up in the mirror and left the sissy in pure horror and disbelief. I don't know how many cocks went through that ring gag that night or how much piss and cum she drank but I do know when I returned for her 6 hours later she was an exhausted mess. I removed the spreader bar and drug the cum dump to the car only this time she rode in the trunk. Arriving at home I opened the trunk and told her to get cleaned up in and out and meet me in the dungeon. When she arrived clean and naked I was waiting for her. I removed the butt plug and replaced it with a bigger ponytail plug. After licking my pussy for a few hours and I don't know how many orgasms later Roxy was put into very strict bondage for the night. Before switching off the lights I turned to her and warned, the next time you disobey me I am going to have your worthless balls removed and you will be one step closer to the ultimate destiny, womanhood. Good night slut.

Mistress "M"

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