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Synopsis: A furtherance to'My Story' by Ramona.
Melanie..   part one of a Triology

I had been using on line chat rooms for some time,aol provide hundreds catering
for all ages and tastes. What I considered my main room was the thirty+ UK and
had built up a number of room friendships although it was never sexual ,I never
discussed my preferences or indeed asked them theirs.

 Of course there was the odd hit, the try on, from guys and girls looking for a
little cyber but I always replied

' sorry, not my scene I'm only here to chat away a bit of time and make

It all seemed a little too close to home to me and UK chat rooms can be pretty
boring and prudish with some room members just waiting to report any bad
language etc that could result in having your account closed.

 It was at one such time that I looked into a US room catering for Lesbians and
Bi's it was called.'.Bi's and Sigh's' and from the start it was obvious that the
yanks had a much more liberal view, the language was explicit and left the
reader in no doubts as to what the room was all about. I watched for a while
trying to figure out just who was talking to who but as the room was really
buzzing and fast moving I gave it up as a bad job. In the send to room box I
entered .. Hi..33 f/les/uk.. within seconds I received four IM's ( immediate
Messages ) the little personal boxes flashing on the screen one behind the other
accessible by a small tag at the top. The first two were from names that always
make me suspicious .'wetpussy4u' and 'Kinkybutcool' different names perhaps but
the same message saying in no uncertain terms what they would like to do to me
and have me do to them. I was sure they were guys on a wind-up, I couldn't see a
like minded ladies choosing such a name to chat with, so I ignored them. The
third was from Melanie with a few numbers after the name and simply said ' hello
' it seems a strange greeting from a yank, but I repied with an hello and said
the same , and looked at number four. This was from a 'Kansas Kitten' and
said..Hi  38 f you wanna chat hon ?. I did indeed, and after exchanging a few
personal details and preferences we started to scene, at the same time Melanie
came back with ' I'm not a yank I live in England, just prefer to use the US
rooms'. 25/f/les.  I must have kept Mel waiting for a reply too long because
before I could respond she came back with.' Looks like you're busy, maybe we can
chat another time'.

 I'm not much good at double chatting always try to give full attention and
expect the same back, and it wouldn't have been the first time ive put the wrong
answer in the wrong chat box, which takes some explaining I can tell you. 'Mel
babe, can you give me a moment ive been inundated,' a slight exaggeration to say
the least but you never know how a chat will pan out. She came back with

 ' sure Ramona, would like to chat when you're ready ive got nothing going at
the moment'.

 So I got it on with Kitten, who's words where making me a very wet lady as she
had me get down on all fours, while she used her teeth to drag down my panties,
in order to scene properly you have to get the picture of the chat into your
head and act as if its actually happening. She was good, obviously experienced,
and I was stroking my pussy like mad as she inserted her tongue in my rosebud
and gave me the mother of all ass tonguing, three fingers in my sopping pussy
and a thumb rubbing the beegezzas out of my clit. I wasn't even responding in
chat, just sat there reading her words getting myself off, god it was good as I
came into my knickers my nipples aching to be sucked, slapped even bitten

And then Kitten suddenly disappeared from my screen her name had left the chat
room, and my thought was that she had been booted by aol, this happens a lot and
you have to re-sign on, it can be damn annoying and inconvenient , and had it
happened a few minutes earlier aol would have been hearing from my lawyers for
booting Kitten before she could finish her task. As it was I needed time to cool
down, get myself composed and wipe my still wet pussy. After returning to my
puter from the bathroom , Mel, as I began to call her had left another message..

 'How's it going Ramona, you think you will be able to find time for me this
side of Christmas ?',

I laughed, cheeky cow, I thought, but replied with ' You've got my undivided
attention babe, just passed up another Yank, so you better be

'tell me about yourself '.

 Her reply was

 ' can we drop out of the room, I'd rather we didn't have any interruptions,
don't want you getting hit on by another as we chat'.

 I had no prob with that and agreed, so we both left the chat room and settled
into a lengthy personal chat.

I prefer to let any intimate know exactly where I'm coming from right away,
saves any later claim of misunderstanding, and told Mel of my preferences as a
dom/top and what I expect from my partner. As it turned out Mel was into subbing
she was into being told what to do and obeying a dominant partner, she had
already had a quite long term relationship as such with a married Bi, but had
moved towns and jobs and now was not involved with anyone.

 The time flew we must have chatted back and forth for two hours as we learned
about each other, She was originally from Oxford but now lived and worked in
Cheltenham at the Cheltenham Ladies College, I was chatting half way across the
world to a girl that lived 30 miles down the M5 from me, I told her of the club
I used and what went on there she was fascinated and couldn't hear enough
getting me to go into details whenever possible, she was a hot one I could tell
as she told me how wet it all was making her, I invited her to give herself a
little light relief as we chatted, she actually thanked me for giving such
consideration to her needs and went quiet for a while, before coming back with

' thank you Miss Ram, thank you'

This girl looked very promising and I ordered her to send me her picture
immediately, I couldn't wait to see what she looked like, she asked if I would
send one of myself by return which I agreed to do. Moments later it came
through, she looked very nice, not a nude pic or indecent in any way, just a
waist up sitting at a table, nice size boobs about a 34 c , maybe a size 10,
quite attractive smiling with full red glossed lips, green eyes and shoulder
length hair. I sent my pic by return and complimented her on her looks, adding
that she looked just like the sort of babe that I went for.

After getting my pic, she thanked me for the compliment and added that I looked
exactly as she had imagined I did from my description of myself  and that she
had used when she brought herself off . We exchanged E mail address, and she
asked if she could call me for a chat on the land line.  I gave her my mobile
number, took down hers , but as I had to get on with some work, told her to call
me that evening after seven pm..

And that was how it started, from a mobile phone call to a Motel room on the M5.

 She wanted a meet, was hot for it and made all the running, I was reluctant to
give too much of a commitment and suggested we meet on neutral territory in a
public place half way between our homes and that if either of us felt that we
didn't wish to continue we could walk away and still be friends. She fully
agreed to this but was quick to assure me that if anyone walked away it wouldn't
be her, and she hoped it wouldn't be me.

We settled on a venue at the ' Michael Woods Service's'  on the M5 south which
was roughly about half way between Bristol and Cheltenham, I booked an overnight
room which was available from 10-30 am on the chosen date and if things didn't
go to plan then I was going to be 45 pounds out of pocket as I had to pay up
front by credit card when I booked. Mel agreed to pay half regardless of whether
the room was used or not. We agreed to meet at 10 am for coffee and a chat and
see where it went from there, and I laid out the following conditions that she
was to take.

 From what she had told me she trimmed her pubes keeping it short and neat so
that no hair showed outside her panties or the thong she preferred to wear, I
told her that I preferred a shaven haven, as was mine, and that she was to shave
it all off as a commitment to me, she readily agreed, she was to wear bright red
lipstick, I have a thing about that, and that she was to bring with her two long
silk scarves, when she asked why, I simply told her it was a pre-requisite of
the meeting, no scarves, no meet, I didn't actually mean that, but it got the
response I wanted as she agreed to do so. Finally, that upon reaching the Venue,
she was to go into the toilets and remove her panties and bra, and put them in
her bag.

We exchanged car numbers, type and colour, and she was to ring me on the mobile
as she pulled into the Service Station car park, and to park as near to the
entrance and as close to my car as she was able to, she was then to get out of
the car, and slowly walk round it , as if checking the paint work, then to go
into the cafeteria which faces the car park and watch, as I did the same. This
was to give us both the chance to view each other, if either of us after seeing
each other in person didn't wish to continue then it was simply into the car,
and away. This was agreed upon, but we assured each other that the away bit
wasn't going to happen..

I got to the Venue about twenty minutes early and because things were a bit
quiet had no trouble in parking near the entrance , I was sitting in the
cafeteria  when my mobile went at five to ten , it was Mel to say that she was
just pulling off the motorway and would be with me in a moment I told her I was
in the cafe and to follow my instructions, I watched, recognising her car as it
came across the car park and stopped in the space behind mine. Now was crunch
time, she got out of the car, stood facing the entrance, almost posing as she
pulled aside the jacket of the tailored suit she wore, giving me and perhaps
anyone else watching a good view of her bust in a tight white blouse before
slowly walking round the car , she bent down pointing her ass at the cafe as if
checking her front tyre. Hmmm nice ass as well, I thought, she then walked
through the entrance and made for the ladies toilet. I rose and slipped into the
newsagents shop, while I waited for her to reappear from the toilets and go into
the cafe,. A few minutes later she did just that.

 Now it was my turn to put myself in the shop window, so to speak, I followed
our agreed procedure, doing the same as she had done, even doing the un-asked
for ass shot, then made for the cafe which was the signal that I had seen her,
liked what I saw, and wanted her. I had hardly got to the steps, when she came
bounding out, straight into my arms,

'oh yes,oh yes my darling Ram'

she gushed into my ear, anyone watching would have assumed we were two friends
meeting for coffee, as we held hands and settled into a booth in the cafe . I
reached across and took her hand bag, flipping it open I could see her knickers
and bra, moving them aside slightly I could see two silk scarves, snapping it
shut I passed it back to her with a smile. 'and the other condition ?,' I asked.

 'why don't you check for yourself' was her response

needing no second invitation I slid my hand up her stockined parted legs and
across her mons, it was smooth and felt lovely to the touch as she shuddered
under my probing fingers, I dipped quickly into her pussy, a very wet pussy,
before withdrawing it, and placing it between my lips, I love fresh pussy juice
and she reached across took my fingers from my mouth and placed them in her own
as she licked her own juices from my fingers. '

I started shaving it from the day you mentioned its how you wanted me, itchy at
first, but now its fine,' she said.

 She had been so on edge that she hadn't even got herself a drink , telling her
to go and do so, and to get me a coffee as well while I went  to reception ,
registered and got the room key. Having done so I returned and we chatted as we
had the coffee, both of us were on a sexual high, I couldn't wait to get this
babe between the sheets and she was just as eager to be bedded. It took only a
taking of her hand an inclining of the head to have her following me to the
booked room.

 Talk about tension, as I unlooked the door and led her in. Once inside I put
the ' do not disturb' notice on the outside door handle and locked it from
inside. She was instantly in my arms as I pressed her against the wall and we
deep kissed, our tongues mashing against each other as we reamed out each others
mouth, tears were in here eyes, as I undid the buttons of her blouse exposing
her boobs and hardening nipples to my touch, She slid gently down my body
prising my legs apart as she did so until she was kneeling between my legs, she
raised my short pleated skirt and buried her face in my crotch, Using my
outstretched arms I braced myself against the wall as her probing tongue danced
across the material of my panties, before she tugged gently on them exposing my
pussy to her tender touch, her hands went around  and on to my ass as she pulled
me deeper on to her tongue, I had to cum, I was trying to hold back, but it was
impossible and for a moment I lost control, as grabbing her head I thrust myself
hard, harder, and faster, she lapped away keeping up with me as I spent again
and again on her tongue. I quickly recovered and got back in control, kneeling
also in front of her I stripped her of her remaining clothes before doing the
same. She was ecstatic that she had brought me off so soon, and asked if she had
pleased her Miss Ram, yes babe, had been my response, you are about to find out
just how much you pleased me, and will be doing so many times before we leave
this room.

 'oh yes, anything Miss Ram, anything , I will do anything you tell me'.

 The words of a true submissive and it thrilled me to hear them. I'm not into
pain and severe bondage etc, but I like spanking a willing slut and some light
restraint as long as it is mutually wanted and acceptable. Also I use words such
as slut, bitch etc as a turn on and not to degrade or humiliate in any way. We
had already talked about this and she knew what to expect and had more than
shown her willingness to participate, even insisting that I use her in any way
that I wished, that gave me pleasure, because in so doing it would give her
pleasure as well. After we were both naked I led her to the shower, adjusted the
temperature control to a pleasant warm spray and pulled her in. We soaped each
other taking our time as we got to appreciate each others bodies, lots of
kissing and groping, I slid a well soaped finger deep into her ass as we rocked
against each other, thrusting my leg between hers, her pussy high on my thigh I
fucked her to a cum using my finger in her ass at the same time, as she came off
she pressed tightly against me, and uttered over and over

' Miss Ram, Miss Ram '.

After a mutual towelling our bodies still damp from the shower I had her laying
naked on the bed, her ass was supported on two pillows and her legs spread wide
and knees bent, she was open , available and willing for anything I wished to
do. I opened her bag, took out her knickers and the two scarves, the crotch of
her knickers were damp and gave off the smell of her sex which was a testament
as to how highly aroused she had been on the drive up to the Venue, I held them
to my nose as she watched and breathed her aroma deep into my nostrils, placing
them on the bed next to her head I took the two scarves, making a loop around
each wrist I passed the end around the rail of the head board and placed the
loose end in each of the hands of her outstretched arms.

 'My darling, you must not let go of the scarves, do you understand,' she nodded

'You are in a bondage of your own making, at anytime you can simply open your
hands and release yourself'' once again she nodded

'But to do so would be to break the spell and an indication that you want to

'Oh no Miss Ram, tie me tighter please don't give me the option of refusal, use
me in any way, honestly  I want you to, I know that you wont hurt me, I love
you, please, please '

I kissed her tenderly and said 'no my darling slut , for today the bondage will
be like this, it's a bondage of the mind as well as of the body.

The only sex toys I had brought with me were a small butt plug, a 7 inch dildo
and my clit stinger, you may be familiar with the first two, but the clit
stinger was home made and a copy of a sex toy that I had read about in an erotic
Black Lace novel. I started with a two inch wide eighteen in long piece of
supple thin black leather the first six inches forms the handle and is wrapped
around a thick finger shaped piece of  smooth wood and laced tightly to form a
cock shaped handled, I had drilled through leather and wood and passed a leather
lace back and forth to make a good strong and secure handle. The other twelve
inches of leather had been cut into thin lace thick strips, which I had knotted
along the lengths forming a sort of small cat-o-nine tails. The idea is that the
user strikes downwards against an exposed pussy and then draws up and back so
that the small knots slide along the tender pussy lips and over the exposed clit
stimulating and tenderising as it does so, believe me it works, and I have
brought myself off many times doing so without any

 fingers being necessary, its highly erotic to do , and have done to you, even
more so as the victim bucks upwards trying to get more pussy contact as the
knots are dragged against the pussy lips.

I inserted the butt plug into Mel's cunt and moved it around giving it a liberal
coating of her juices before entering it into her rosebud, it was a quite small,
thin one, as I had no intention of doing any damage to the rectal muscles but
ive always considered my sluts ass as my property and as such it's a way of
showing ownership. The base of the plug stops it going in too deep and twisting
it occasionally can send a girl into raptures, I had one slut who came off by
that alone, although she was into deep anal fucking, not really my scene but I
did accommodate her. I much prefer a stiff tongue in mine and have never allowed
anyone to use anything else in my rosebud.

I put the Dildo deep into Mel's pussy and gently fucked her with it as I looked
into her eyes, she was licking her dry lips so I bent over her and using my
tongue and some spittle we joined tongues as I moistened her mouth we kissed ,
before I said ,

' are you ready or me babe, are you ready to cum for your Mistress ?

'. ' oh yes darling Miss Ram, I'm burning up, please let me have a cum, I cant
stand it much longer I shall go mad' ,

'Yes my darling slut babe I'm going to let you have a cum, you are going to cum,
but only when I tell you, you are to hold on, whatever it takes until I tell
you, then you will yield to me, instantly and totally, you understand' ?

 'yes, yes' was her reply,

'I am going to Queen you as I use the clit stinger on you, you must reach for me
with your tongue, use it in my rosebud until you hear me say switch, then use it
in my pussy until I cum on your tongue and whatever you do don't let go the
scarves. I straddled her head facing down along her outstretched body and
lowered myself against my haunches until my ass was a couple of inches from her

' Now bitch now, please your Mistress',

 She needed no second bidding as she raised her head off the pillow and reached
up to me I felt her stiff tongue lick across my rosebud, moistening it before
thrusting deeply into it setting up a steady ass tongue fucking, whoever had
trained her in such practice had done a good job, as her tongue sent my nipples
and pussy into overdrive. I began to use the Stinger on her exposed and well
dildo'ed pussy gently lashing downwards, and  drawing the knots back along her
tender lips, I watched as the hood peeled back from her clit and took its share
of the slippery knots. As the momentum built up her ass bucked off the pillows
in silent demand for more contact and the room was heavy with the smell of sex.
' Switch' I uttered through gritted teeth as much more of the rosebud fuck would
have sent me crashing over the edge her tongue immediate thrust deeply into my
sopping pussy again and again

I worked harder at my ministrations to between her legs as she fought her
natural desire to explode into a cum until I gave her permission, she was
trembling beneath me fighting her own demons as her pussy begged for the relief
of orgasm and I rode her tongue to my completion.

' Now bitch now ' I said, as I exploded on her tongue, and with a sob she jumped
with me over the precipice and into a deep orgasm as I collapsed along her body
into one of the most intense orgasm's that I had ever had my face down by her
pussy as I rained kissed on her haven mound as I came down from my high.

As I recovered I turned and said' You can let the scarves go now darling, I
release you from your bonds', she did so and slipped the noose of the scarves
from her hands.

We lay on the bed together like spoons me behind with my mons tight against her
ass my left hand was around her as I toyed tenderly with her nipple, the butt
plug, dildo and clit stinger were cast aside, she still held the two scarves
pressed against her breasts' I will always keep them, always ' she murmured. So
intense and satisfying had it been that  I was almost drifting off to sleep.
When she began to tell me her story...............( but that's for another day )

Pillow Talk  2

As we lay like two spoons, me cuddled tightly against Mel's ass my left arm
around her holding her breast gently thumbing and rolling a nipple in the
afterglow of some very satisfying loving, she began to tell me her story. At
first I was more or less dozing, but as her tale unfolded I started to pay more

From as early as 13 or 14 years old Mel had realised that she was not perhaps as
other girls in that she had no interest in boys, her friends where often flushed
at the groping from the boys during class breaks but it was something she
neither courted or wanted . She always felt it was she that wanted to be groped
by other girls, and in the showers after PE would take furtive glances at her
class mates bodies before slipping into a toilet cubicle to play with herself
and get relief. All her fantasy's were of making love to another girl and by the
time she was sixteen she had quite a collection of lesbian pornography but that
was as far as her knowledge of the subject had gone. Being a bright pupil she
stayed on at school until she was eighteen and then won a place at Nottingham
University to study amongst other things, Business Administration. She was one
of the lucky ones that were housed on Campus having her own small bedroom and
sharing the facilities, bathroom, kitchenette, etc with other students on the
same floor level.

In order to be accepted as a student she had attended an interview conducted by
the University governors to assess not only her academic capabilities but her
willingness and ability to live alongside her fellow students, it was at this
interview that she was allocated living accommodation on Campus.

She joined the Hockey and Net ball teams and attended the weekly Tuesday night
training sessions in the gym which were conducted by one of her Tutors a Miss
Janet Lloyd a 30 year old lady who had attended the same University as a student
and then returned as a Tutor and who right from the start had taken a shine to
her and seemed to give her extra class room attention, in fact it was at her
suggestion that she joined the sports teams.

 Mel was having a school girl crush on Janet and always made an excuse to stay
behind after the lesson ended on one pretext or other, they would often brush
hands and perhaps stand too close together when talking but that was the extent
of it, Mel would fantasise about Janet as she masturbated long into the night
using a brush handle to get herself off but in her head it was always Janet
using any of the toys she had read about.

It was after a Tuesday night hockey training session that Janet asked Mel to
stay behind and help put away the circuit training items that were scattered
around the gym, something she was happy to do, anything to spend a little more
time with Janet. Having completed the task Janet told her to go and get her
shower while she turned off the lights and locked the gym. By the time Janet got
into the shower room the others with the exception of Mel had gone, and, as was
customary Janet dropped the catch on the Yale lock to prevent any male members
from coming into the shower room while the women were using it.

 Mel was naked under the warm spray in a cubicle but watched through hooded eyes
as Janet quickly undressed and thrilled at the sight of Janet's body, firm boobs
with extra long dark nipples a flat belly and a shaven mons, Janet was aware of
Mel's interest and turning her back, spread her legs and bent over as she placed
her socks into her trainers, Mel gasped at the site of the Pussy and Ass on full
display to her . Although there were many shower cubicles Janet came across and
entered hers saying

' do you mind if we share '

mind! Mel almost insisted, but said

' no miss please do '

 the cubicle was small ant hey brushed against each other before Janet suggested
they soap one another, and immediately began to lather Mel's breasts and belly,
Mel took her hint and began doing the same as Janet turned, and spread her legs
to allow Mel to soap down to her ass cheeks, then around and up the front
cupping a breast in each hand as she lathered  Janets front feeling the nipples
hardening under her fingers and furtively pressing her own body into  Janets
back. As the water teamed down Janet turned around, took hold of her face drew
her to her and kissed her fully on the lips, Mel melted into her arms and as the
two women kissed passionately ,tongues delving in and out of each others mouths
while hands were thrust between legs and into sopping wet pussys , the two
brought each other quickly to orgasm. Janet was an experienced and accomplished
lesbian but for Mel it was her first such time, but it all came natural to her
as she followed Janet's cue whatever Janet did to her she returned it with gusto
screaming out a cum as Janet brought her off  with the skilful fingers of one
hand while squeezing a nipple with the other, her tongue deep in her mouth.

They towelled each other off before Janet took her hand and led her into a side
room that was used for massage, physiotherapy etc, the floor was cover with
plastic covered four inch thick mattresses and was mainly used for team chats 
where everyone just sprawled out on the floor. Janet took the towel from around
Mel and along with her own tossed them in to corner, then placing her hands on
Mel's shoulders exerted downwards pressure leaving her in no doubts as to where
she wanted her, Mel was on her knees her face level with Janet's shaven pussy,
Janet opened her legs, and placing her hands on the back of Mel's neck drew her
mouth to her Pussy. 'eat me babe, and make it good, make me cum on your tongue'.
Mel needed no second bidding , it was as she had dreamed of many times, applying
her mouth as ordered by a dominant lady. Janet was half leaning backwards
against a massage table giving Mel full access to her already wet and wanting
cunt as the younger girl by using her thumbs to open her fully thrust her tongue
deep into her first ever pussy and began to lap suck and nibble at the pink
flesh . Janet was in ecstasy her nipples were on fire and she pinched herself
mercilessly under the thrusting tongue.

' my ass bitch, put a finger in my ass and use it '

said Janet  through gritted teeth . Mel was happy to oblige and immediately
thrust her forefinger deep into the ass hole not realising that she was supposed
to have pussy lubricated it first, then gently inserted it allowing the anal
passage to open gradually to accommodate the object. Janet screamed at the
violent abuse of her ass , but immediately went into deep orgasm as she bucked
against the invading anal digit and the thrusting tongue deep in her pussy. Her
legs gave way and Janet fell to her knees and keeling over on to the mats as she
trembled in orgasm dragging Mel down with her. The two of them held each other
tight realising they had shared something special, a first time that Mel would
never forget and for Janet it was the first time she had ever inducted a
newcomer into the Sapphic arts.

It was Mel's turn to experience her first pussy kiss as a recomposed Janet
gently pushed her back and spread her legs wide, running a hand through the
brown curly pubic hair Janet said

' this must go ,'

  'oh yes'

 said Janet,'

 after seeing yours ive already decided that '

 Placing her hands under Mel's ass Janet glued her lips to Mel's pussy sending
her into sub space as the older and more experienced lesbian took her to places
she had only read about licking up and down from clit to rosebud, as she came
again and again and again until both fell apart exhausted.

That was the start of an affair that although was now intermittent, still
existed on a casual when able to, basis to this day.

 There was a twist in the tail but that's for another day..

Pillow talk ( 3 )

On Fridays after the last classes of the day most of the students and Tutors
left Campus for the week-end and as both Janet and Mel stayed behind they would
meet up, perhaps go into town for a meal , take in a movie and a few drinks at a
local wine bar before returning to Janet's room on Campus to spend the night
together, For these meetings Mel was instructed to wear black patterned nylons a
black lace suspender belt, her highest heels, shortest skirt, and no other
underwear, Janet did the same and very often should they be watching a movie,
sitting in a dark and quiet part of the theatre Janet would take Mel's hand and
place it under her skirt and on her pussy and have Mel frig her to a climax
while seeming to be engrossed in the film. Mel was never allowed the same sexual
relief as Janet wanted her hot and ready for other things later on.

 Janet gradually introduce Mel to small thin butt plugs which she made her wear
during the week , and her assortment of  toys, viberators, dildos, and
especially a large double headed dildo that after having Mel lubricate it with
her spittle, would insert it deep in her cunt before doing the same to herself
and fucking her furiously, watching , holding herself back, as Mel slapped and
pinched her own nipples until being overtaken with a Hugh orgasm, it was then
that Janet allowed herself the release of a cum, before both of them lay
exhausted , the dildo still deep in their respective cunts. As was normal
between them Mel had to remove herself from the dildo and lick it clean, first
cleaning her own juices from the one end while the other end was still imbedded
in Janet, Janet thrilled at the total submissiveness of her cum slut as she
looked down as Mel cleared her own cum off the dildo almost as if she was giving
a blow job to a lovers cock, before gently removing the other end from Janet's
still sopping wet pussy, and, as she looked into her eyes repeated the cleaning
process, this time lapping off all of Janet's juices over emphasising the long
licks over and around the bulbous head of the fake cock..

 During these Friday night sessions Mel was also gradually introduced to mild
bondage and spanking, Mel would be naked on her stomach her belly supported on
two pillows that pushed her ass into a nice accessible position her arms
outstretched and her wrists secured with short thin silk ropes to the head
board, she was under orders to keep her legs wide spread at all times giving
Janet full view of her ass and the butt plug as well as her glistening pussy.
Janet dressed only in her stockings and suspenders her nipples thick and hard
and already very wet as a testament to how highly aroused she was would ease a
Viberator into her cunt and set it on a low pulsation, just enough to keep her
highly aroused but not enough for her to climax, then the spanking would start,
softly at first, left cheek then right, then perhaps a double heavier slap to
the same ass cheek causing Mel to buck off the pillows and gasp, but as the heat
in the ass cheeks built up so did the weight of the spanking until Mel was
begging to be slapped harder and be allowed to cum, this would go on for a long
time, as Janet twisted the Viberator and the butt pug sending erotic messages to
all of Mel's senses. Having got Mel begging for relief, she would be freed from
her bonds, turned over on her back and Janet would Queen her slut, Cumming again
and again on her tongue as she upped the power on the Viberator for a short
while before withdrawing it, tossing it aside and gluing her mouth and tongue to
Mel's throbbing cunt in a classic sixty-nine.

Expecting a usual Friday night with Janet,  Mel was surprised when she got paged
for a call on the in-house phone, it was Janet who told her that they would have
to delay their usual Friday night meeting as because she was the senior Tutor on
site that evening she had to make herself available for a visit from one of the
college governors, but to come to her room at 8 pm and of course to be dressed
as normal, that is stockings suspenders, heels, etc, no other underwear and of
course the butt plug firmly in place.  Mel decided to stay on Campus and wait
till Janet was free, so she went to the canteen for her evening meal, on
entering she saw Janet and the Governess sitting at one of the tables drinking
coffee, she instantly remembered the Lady as being one of those that interviewed
her before she was accepted as a student, she remembered this Lady's questioning
about relationships and how, as a live in student , visits to students rooms by
boy friends was not permitted . Mel had assured that such a thing would not
happen, she was here to study, graduate, as quickly as possible, and that she
did not have, or indeed want a boy-friend .	On reflection Mel considered
that it was one of the factors that helped her to get one of the coveted on
Campus rooms as a new intern usually they were awarded only after the first
year. Janet beckoned her over and introduced her to the Governess Mrs Belinda
Carlisle who perhaps 48 years old extremely attractive , immaculately dressed
with a good figure and looking very assured and was thrilled when she said she
remembered her from the first interview. Janet was praising her up as being a
very bright and willing to learn student and Mel blushed at the double entendre
of Janet's words  as Belinda smiled and said that she was sure that their paths
would cross again very soon before standing up and saying 'come along Janet, we
have much to get through' Janet was able to give her a wink and mouth 'later'
before following the Governess from the room. Mel watched them leave and was
particularly drawn to the sway of the tight ass of Belinda and immediately felt
guilty as it should have been Janet's ass she looking at.

After eating Mel returned to her room, she stripped , put on her towelling
dressing gown before going along the corridor to the bathroom, running herself a
hot deep tub and sinking slowly into it, she, shaved her already smooth mons,
and under her armpits, liberally talced her self and re-inserted the butt plug,
she had gotten used to having it there, and even missed the sensation of having
it there when she needed to remove it for any reason. Returning to her room she
dressed in the ordered manner taking her time, whiling away the minutes until
her liaison and loving with Janet . She felt that tonight was going to be
special, Janet had hinted on the phone that she had a surprise lined up for her,
they had talked about a strap-on and Mel was hopeful that Janet had obtained one
from the magazines that they had both looked at in her room. To be fucked in
such a manner by her Dominant partner was constantly in Mel's mind after reading
of such things in her collection of lesbian pornography. Mel waited quietly in
the deserted and dark hall of the Tutors block, at exactly 8pm she tapped on the
door of Janet's room.

The door to a darkened room was opened by Janet dressed in a red silk short
kimono style dressing gown with a plunging neck-line , Mel glued her mouth to
Janet's and tongue fucked her lips as was their usually meeting gesture in
private, her kiss was returned as she was drawn into the room and the door
pushed shut with a foot, she heard Janet snap down the catch on the Yale lock.
'Down bitch, on your knees and lick me, now' hissed Janet. Mel fell to her knees
in the dark room thrusting aside the short silk material as she paid homage with
her lips to Janet's open legged cunt as her head was grasped and her directed to
where it was most needed.

Suddenly the light was switched on and there standing, watching Mel as she
serviced Janet was Belinda Carlisle. Mel fell back on her ankles in shame and
humiliation at being discovered in such a position by the Governess and started
to stammer out an apology, before being told to be quiet in a strict voice by
Belinda. Belinda was dressed in an highly erotic black latex cat suit with cut
outs for boobs, which thrust the boobs up and out , her  ass cheeks were exposed
and also the crotch, she stood spread legged and tapped a short riding crop
against her thigh as she observed the sight before her. 'Come here slut' she
hissed through her teeth, before Mel could react Janet turned and stood in front
of Belinda.' how can I serve you Miss Bella' she said , Belinda reached up and
gently stroked her face, inserting two fingers between her lips allowing Janet
to suck avidly on them. She reached forward and slipped the kimono from Janet's
shoulders allowing it to fall to the ground around her feet.' you have already
pleased me my darling bitch, by training and preparing this slut for my
entertainment, now kneel and worship your mistresses pussy', to make herself
more accessible to her sluts lips, she raised her right leg and placed it on a
stool as Janet fell to her knees and plunged her tongue deep into the offered
pussy clasping the exposed ass cheeks in the latex cat suit and pulling her
Mistresses cunt deeper onto to her willing tongue. Belinda looked across at the
still kneeling Mel ' stand up, take off your skirt and blouse, and from now on 
you will refer to me as Miss Bella just as this slut does', and to emphasise her
point slapped Janet down her exposed back sharply with the riding crop . Mel was
quick to realise the situation and Belinda's words confirmed her thoughts that
Janet was Belinda's sexual property, and just as she though of herself as being
Janet's she was now also the property of an even more severe dominant lady,
something that coursed through her and excited her, she had often wished that
Janet was more severe, more demanding with her but now it all fell into place
that she had been trained to serve a proper mistress just as Janet herself did
and that mistress was to be Miss Bella. She did as she was told, then was
ordered to turn round giving her new Mistress a full view of her body, her
natural submissiveness had already made her very wet and her nipples ached to be
fondled, she was ordered face the wall bend over and spread her ass cheeks to
confirm that the butt pug was still in place,

Belinda had also realised that Mel had taken in and understood the situation
almost at once that  ' come here my new little slut and kiss me'.

And so the three of them spent their first night together, Janet and Mel were
ordered to perform a number of sexual acts on each other in order to entertain
their Mistress while she spurred them on to even greater efforts with the
occasional stroke with her crop on an exposed ass or nipple and they were both
rewarded later by being taken by Miss Bella wearing a 7inch strap-on dildo in
doggy fashion while she had her face and tongue deep in the others cunt as she
watched her Mistress fucking her friend. It was the first time that Mel had been
fucked with a strap-on, and, as was later explained to her, was the reason Janet
never had one because her Mistress was keeping that pleasure for herself, and
deemed it unfit for a submissive slut to possess one as such items where the
toys of a Domme. Miss Bella was insatiable as time and again she first Queened
one then the other making up for the monthly interval in her college visits to
her sex slut Janet before the three of them fell asleep sexually sated and
exhausted in each others arms.

 For Mel it was end of a Journey to find her own position in life's sexual
labyrinth, she was totally submissive and although she continued to have sex
with Janet on a regular basis it was the monthly visits of Miss Bella that she
looked forward to and that continued until she graduated from college. Although
no longer living in Nottingham, she still went back once a month on a Friday to
spend the week-end in the arms of her Miss Bella as her devoted slut..

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