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The Poker Party

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Synopsis: Three guys use a fourth's wife repeatedly after discovering her submissive nature.
The Poker Party

Jake knew, of course, that his wife Loni was submissive by nature, but he never
realized the extent of her submissiveness until he began hosting what was now a
weekly Saturday poker party.

It all started a couple of months ago, when Jake invited three guys from work
over to play poker. Loni agreed to act as hostess for Jake and his three
friends: Bill, Don, and Jerry. She has a great body and she wore some tight
jeans and a loose halter-top (sans bra), her usual weekend attire. Jake noticed
that as she would lean forward to present one of the guys with a fresh beer or
add chips to the bowl, they would sneak a peek at her tits or lean back to check
out her ass. Jake could tell she noticed, because he saw her nipples begin to
harden each time it happened, and her face became flushed.

After several more beers the guys got a little braver and began to compliment
her attributes. Buoyed by alcohol and the attention his wife was getting, Jake
boldly said that she not only looked good, but could suck cock like a five
hundred dollar whore. This naturally led to a bet that, in turn, led to a need
for a demonstration. Jake started by grabbing Loni's left tit and pulling her
into his lap. Surprised, she laughed and started to stand back up when he
roughly pulled her closer and demanded that she suck his cock in front of the
other guys. She refused at first, but nervously relented when the other guys
started crowding around adding their voices to Jake's.

He stood and forced her to her knees in front of him, holding her by the hair on
top of her head. Bill casually reached down and began squeezing her right tit.
She tried to turn her head and protest, but Jake was having none of it. He held
her head firmly in place and told everyone to have a feel. He then called her a
'good little slut', unzipped his pants and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.

After a few minutes of being felt up and having her face fucked, Loni began to
moan and writhe under their touch. That was all it took. The rest of the evening
she submitted to them all, sucking their cocks and letting them fuck her ass and
cunt. The nastier and more dominant the men became, the more she responded. By
the end of that first night they had her begging to suck their cocks and drink
their cum.

After his friends left, Jake laid Loni on the floor and forced her to lick his
asshole and suck his balls for over an hour. He informed her that from that day
forward, Saturday night she belonged to him and any of his friends he decided to
let have her.

Over the next weeks Jake and his friends let their imaginations run wild on the
weekends. They would make her wear a collar and suck their dicks in turn under
the table while they played cards. They took turns jacking off into shot glasses
and having her drink it while they fucked her cunt with empty beer bottles.
Sometimes they would stop and whip her tits and ass with a belt, since they
decided that the redness contrasted nicely with their globs of cum.

Last weekend, however, they had allowed her to drink tequila shots with them and
she ended up passing out too early. Jake was furious and promised that she would
be sorry this Saturday.

Saturday came and the guys were treated to a special sight when they arrived.
Jake led them into the dining room and showed them his slut. Loni was naked on
her knees. She wore a dogs choke chain and leash, and was squatting on an empty
longneck beer bottle that was buried in her cunt. Jake had positioned her
outside a small bathroom and her leash was tied to its doorknob.

"All right!" said Jerry. He walked over to her and roughly squeezed her left
tit. Then he pinched and tugged hard on her nipple, eliciting a squeal mixed
with pain and delight. The other guys gathered around and grabbed her tits, cunt
and ass.

Don held out his thumb. "Suck it, slut," he commanded. Loni complied and began
sucking his digit as if it were a cock. The others backed away and watched,
grinning. They had learned to take turns, each getting pleasure from his
friend's imaginative exploitation of Jake's wife.

"Come on, bitch. Get it wet," he grabbed her hair with his free hand, then
pulled his thumb out of her mouth. He forced her head down and reached behind
her to shove his thumb deep into her asshole.  He worked it around inside her
while she squirmed on top of the beer bottle. When he finally he pulled it out,
it had streaks of her shit on it.

"Lick your lips, slut, and beg to clean this," he told her, dragging her head
upward by the hair and shoving his thumb in front of her face. "Tell me you want
to taste your shit."

"Please," moaned Loni, licking her lips "let me have it ... I want to taste my

Don nodded and allowed her to lick his thumb clean. She moaned and squirmed atop
her bottle while the guys hooted and told her what a good little slut she had

"Let me show you guys what I taught her on Monday," said Jake, stepping forward
and looking down at his wife; she was still moaning and licking her lips. She
looked up at him expectantly as he smiled.

"Are you a piss slut?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm a piss slut," she moaned.

"Good, because I have to take a piss." Jake stood in front of her and placed his
hands on his hips. The guys watched and began to murmur among themselves.

Loni leaned forward and slowly undid Jake's belt and unzipped his jeans. She
pulled out his cock and gently placed the only the head of it between her lips.
Her cunt juices were flowing freely down the beer bottle jammed in her pussy.

Jake placed one hand on top of her head and smiled at his friends. He grunted,
then began pissing into her mouth. Loni dutifully gulped down each mouthful of

"Mmmmm ..." she moaned between swallows.

The guys cheered her on, praising her piss drinking skills. When Jake finished,
Loni opened her mouth widely and waited while he shook the last few drops into
her mouth, bumping his dick against her lower lip.

"Let's play cards, boys," announced Jake "Bill, lead this little slut under the

Bill grabbed Loni's leash and gestured for her to present her tits to him. She
obediently cupped them and held them forward. He used the end of the leash to
whip them several times, concentrating on her erect nipples and causing her to
cry out in pleasure. He then reached down and removed the bottle from her cunt
and placed it in her mouth.

After walking her over to the table, he made her shove the bottle back in her
twat. Loni crawled under the table and waited for her next orders while the men
stripped out of their pants and sat down.

"Start sucking cock, slut," commanded Jake "and you are not allowed to swallow
until you've made your way around the whole table. I better see a mouthful of
cum by the time you make it back around to me."

Loni started sucking Jerry's already hard cock as he played cards and drank his
beer. After he came in her mouth, she moved on to Don, leaving Jerry's load of
cum in her mouth. She started sucking Don's dick and he stopped her after a
minute and leaned under the table and spoke to her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed cleaning your shit off my thumb; it gives me some ideas
for later. Now get back to sucking me off, cunt."

Loni moaned and took Don's cock back into her mouth. She blew him until he was
about to climax, then he grabbed her hair and held her head steady while her
lips closed only around the head of his dick. He jerked off into her waiting
mouth and gave one of her nipples a savage pinch as he spurted hot cum into her

She moved onto Bill and sucked him off. He came quickly and slapped her ass as
she moved to finish up with Jake.

Jake stood and made her open her mouth. It was nearly full of cum and she kept
her tongue moving to prevent any from spilling out. Jake smirked and slid his
cock into her mouth, then sat and played another hand of poker while she sucked
his dick. He came loudly and shot a huge load into her mouth. A few drops leaked
out and hit the wooden floor. He made her wipe them up with her hair before she
was allowed to remove her bottle and stand to show them all her mouthful of hot

"Wait," said Bill "don't let her swallow yet. I think she'd like something to
wash that down."

He moved in front of her and pushed her back to her knees. He smiled at his
friends and placed his hands on his hips, presenting his semi-erect cock to
Loni. She carefully placed his dick into her mouth and closed her lips around
the head as he began pissing. Her mouth immediately began to overflow and she
desperately cut her eyes to Jake. He nodded, allowing her to swallow and
continue drinking Bill's piss. When he finished, Bill pulled out of her mouth
and shook off his dick, letting a few drops to fall to the floor.

"Lick that up," commanded Bill. Loni followed instructions and licked the floor
clean of his piss.

"What a good little piss slut," said Jake. "Now, get us another round of beers
then crawl back under the table."

Loni did as she was told, and the guys felt her ass and cunt as she delivered
the beers. She then crawled back under the table and on command, stuffed her
bottle back into her cunt.

The poker game continued and Loni was called upon to suck dicks and lick balls
while the men got hard again. Finally, Jerry stood up.

"Where you going?" asked Jake.

"Deal me out, I gotta take a dump."

"Slut, go with him and make sure he's comfortable."

Loni followed Jerry to the small half bathroom and closed the door. He sat on
the john and made her kneel in front of him with his cock in her mouth while he
shit. Every time he grunted he shot a load of hot piss into her mouth. When he
finished, he made her wipe his ass and flush for him. When he opened the door,
Don was waiting his turn. He slipped in and closed the door.

"Now, slut. You ready to please me?" he asked.

She nodded slowly and looked up at him expectantly. She had a good idea what
might be coming.

"What did Jerry have you do?"

"He made me drink his piss while he went to the bathroom."

"You mean while he shit?"

She looked down and mumbled affirmatively.

"Say it," Don demanded.

"He made me drink his piss while he shit, and I had to wipe him afterwards," she
said, and then she shuddered as an orgasm gripped her.

"Did you just come?" asked Don. He was still standing and now he shoved her to
her knees.

"Yes ..." she gushed.

"You have a good idea what I'm going to make you do?"

"Yes ..." she moaned and her hand strayed to her cunt.

"Good. Lay down, slut."

She looked a little puzzled but immediately complied. Don rammed two fingers
deep into her cunt and then shoved them in her mouth. She came again, moaning

There was a knock at the door.

"Yeah?" asked Don.

"Open the door," said Jake's voice "I want to get it on tape."

Don twisted the knob and pushed open the door. Jake stood there with a video
camera. Loni lay on the floor with her legs lightly spread.

Don stepped up until his feet straddled Loni's head. Then he smiled and squatted
over her so that his ass hovered over her tits. He grabbed her hair and pulled
her head slightly forward and up off the floor, guiding his cock into her mouth.
He grunted and began to piss in her mouth while she swallowed desperately.

"Reach up and pull my ass cheeks apart, bitch," he commanded.

Loni used her hands to separate Don's ass cheeks while she continued to guzzle
his hot salty piss. He grunted again and gave her another mouthful, then slowly
began to shit on her tits. The guys clapped and hooted while Don continued to
shit on Jake's wife. She came violently as she swallowed his latest squirt of
piss and felt his hot load being dumped on her tits.

The men laughed and called her a bathroom slut and a piss drinker. Don grunted a
final time and filled her mouth again, then deposited another eight inch turd on
her chest. He let her head back down to the floor slowly. His cock was now rock

"Whew!" he exclaimed, looking down at Loni. A lot of piss had leaked out of her
mouth and soaked her hair and the floor under her. Hot shit was coiled on her
tits. She looked at him expectantly.

"Suck it," her ordered.

Loni leaned forward and tried to take his cock back into her mouth.

"No, slut. Not my dick. You know what I want you to suck, don't you?"

Without hesitation, Loni nodded.

"Then do it. Do it for the camera."

Loni picked up a piece of Don's shit, guided into her mouth and began to suck it
as if it were a cock. The men gasped and hooted. Loni came repeatedly while
continuing to suck the shit dick.

"That's good, slut," said Don "now put that down and lick my ass clean." He then
squatted over her face and allowed her to lick his asshole clean.

Later, they took turns fucking her up the ass while the videotape played over
and over. During break while they got hard again, she drank their piss, licked
their assholes and cleaned their shitty cocks with her tongue until Jake called
it a night.

"Before you leave, watch this," Jake told his friends. He nodded to Loni and the
others were aware that he had planned a final show for them. They followed her
into the kitchen and watched as she squatted in the middle of the floor and
pushed all their cum out of her ass. It was streaked with her shit and formed a
sizeable puddle on the tile.

"Lick it up," ordered Jake, raising the camcorder again.

Loni knelt on the floor and gazed lovingly into the camera as she licked up
their shitty cum from the kitchen floor.


Poker Party - Part 2

Since Jake had discovered and cultivated his wife Loni's submissive nature, she
had been the chief form of entertainment at his now weekly poker parties. He
allowed his three friends to use and abuse her to their hearts content.

Tonight she was in her usual spot under the table. The guys were all naked from
the waist down. A large dildo was buried in her ass and a longneck beer bottle
was shoved up her cunt. She was steadily sucking off Bill, one of her husband's
friends, when she heard Jake bet his friend Don a whole evening with her on the
current hand of cards. Loni stopped sucking on the dick in her mouth long enough
for Bill to slap her left tit to get her moving again. She thought something
like this might eventually happen and she found herself strangely excited by the

Don was the most imaginative of Jake's friends and often came up with the more
interesting ways to use her body. She trembled and wondered what might be in
store for her should he win the hand. She increased the rhythm on Bill's cock
and began to moan while thinking about spending a night as Don's personal slut.
Bill shot his load, ramming her face into his groin by pulling her hair. When
she tried to pull away he continued to hold her head in place while his cock
began to soften. A moment later when his hot piss began filling her mouth she
obediently began to swallow it. When he finished using her as his urinal, Bill
slowly allowed her to lick his cock clean before passing her by her hair to

Jerry raised his cock and pushed her mouth to his balls, which she greedily
began to suck and lick. She had been around the table twice in the last hour,
had been used as a toilet twice so far and swallowed four loads of cum. She knew
they were getting warmed up and that it wouldn't be long before the game ended
and she took the place of the cards and chips on the table.

"Oh Yeah!" yelled Don, announcing his victory.

"Shit!" said Jake, but he laughed. "I guess you get her for a night."

"You hear that, slut?" called Don under the table "We're gonna have a great time
together, just the two of us."

Loni moaned around Jerry's balls and all the guys laughed.

"Okay, bitch. We're done with poker for the night," said Jake slapping her ass
under the table "get up here on the table and let these guys have some fun."

Loni reluctantly released Jerry's balls from her mouth and crawled out from
under the table. She moved slowly, making sure the dildo and beer bottle
remained in place, and slid onto the table on her back. Jake grabbed her hair
and pulled her head toward him, until her head was over the edge and bent
downward. The other guys spread her legs and began working the two toys in and
out of her roughly. Don switched on a video camera that was set up on the
countertop and made sure it would capture the action.

Jake slid his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face. Slowly at first,
then harder and faster. He grabbed a nipple in each fist and began jerking her
toward him each time he thrust into her mouth. Loni felt like her tits were
being pulled off, which was only one of several sensations she was experiencing.
She could barely breathe and the guys were really pounding her cunt and ass with
the toys. It took only a few seconds for her to cum. Her cunt gripped the beer
bottle and her ass tensed around the dildo but she wasn't strong enough to hold
either of them. The guys laughed at her orgasm, calling her a pain slut and
continued their vicious fucking of her. Jake came in her mouth, then slapped
both of her tits and called Don over to take his place. Jerry removed the beer
bottle from her cunt and was fucking her. Bill was patiently waiting his turn,
having only recently given her a load of cum to swallow.

Don fucked Loni's mouth for a few minutes, then pulled out and turned around so
she could lick his asshole. He spread his cheeks and shoved it right up to her
mouth and she busily began cleaning him and fucking his ass with her tongue.

"So, you got any ground rules about how I use this slut?" he asked Jake. Loni
shuddered from another orgasm. Her husband and Don casually talking about
slaving her out for a night was turning her on in a big way.

"Not really, just no permanent damage; and if you have any friends over, make
sure they're cool about it. I don't want her arrested."

"Not a problem, the guys I have in mind are old hands at this." replied Don,
then to Loni "Come on, bitch, work that tongue up my ass!" Loni complied by
burying her tongue up his ass.

"Oh, one more thing," added Jake, just as Jerry pulled out and shot his load on
Loni's cunt hair.

"Yeah?" replied Don. He abruptly turned around and guided his cock into Loni's
open mouth.

"No animals; gotta save something for future parties," laughed Jake. Loni
whimpered, clearly a little alarmed at the prospect of being used by an animal.

Don continued fucking her mouth and said, "Don't whine bitch, you know you're
gonna like it," and the rest of them laughed. He then slapped her right tit
hard, sending a wave of pain and pleasure through her body. She put a tight
vacuum on Don's cock while he continued to fuck her face. He slapped her left
tit and she moaned again and forced her head forward to meet his thrusts.

"Those tits are too white," observed Jake, even though they were now showing the
imprint of Don's fingers "Let the slut up for a minute, guys."

Don pulled his hard cock out of Loni's mouth, grabbed a handful of her hair and
one of her tits. He slid her off the table and she immediately got on her knees
in front of Jake. He reached behind him and got a dog collar off the kitchen
counter. He put it around her neck, attached a leash and used it to lead her to
the back door on her hands and knees. Hanging beside the back door were pruning
shears. Jake took them down and handed them to his wife.

"Go cut a switch, hold it with your mouth and bring it back to me," he ordered.

It was still light outside and there was a wood fence surrounding the back yard.
Still, if the neighbors looked carefully they could probably see Loni through
the fence. She blushed at the thought of her neighbors seeing her like this, but
realized there was nothing she could do about it. Jake opened the door and she
crawled out onto the small deck.

"Piss for the guys while you're out there," he instructed her.

Loni blushed because he'd said it loud enough for the neighbors to hear if they
were outside. She looked back and saw the men staring at her through the open
breakfast room window. She scurried out to into the yard on all fours and
stopped, pointing her ass toward them with her legs slightly spread. It took a
moment but she began to piss. She started slowly at first then really let go a
large stream. When she was finished the guys clapped and hooted.

She crawled to a small willow tree in the back yard and stood up to get at the
drooping branches. She shuddered with pleasure knowing she was selecting an
instrument that would soon cause her exquisite pain. Loni selected a strong,
thin, switch and cut it, then got back on her knees. She thought she heard a
sound from behind the fence near her and was instantly embarrassed and turned-on
at the same time. She wondered what her white bread neighbors would think if
they really did see her like this. She stripped the leaves from the switch and
placed it in her mouth, then turned her ass toward the fence where she'd heard
the noise and began crawling back to the porch. If someone was there they got a
good little show.

She looked up and realized that the poker table was actually visible through the
window. She paused and wondered how many times had she been used by her
husband's friends, and made to drink their piss or lick their asses in full view
of her neighbors. She wondered if she was the talk of the neighborhood.

"Stop daydreaming, slut, and get in here!" shouted Jake. Loni forgot about the
neighbors for the moment and quickly crawled onto the patio and in the door
bearing her switch.

Jake snatched it out her mouth and ordered her back on the table. She complied,
wondering if any of her neighbors were watching but her mind was soon more
occupied with other things.

Don resumed his position and rammed his cock into her mouth, burying it right up
to his balls and leaving it all the way in. Bill moved between her legs, grabbed
a handful of her cunt hair and pulled her up to expose her asshole. He then used
his other hand to guide his cock up her ass; he too buried it up to his balls
and left it there. She began squirming and tried to moan from the pain as Bill
began slowly pulling individual pubic hairs out from around her labia. Don's
cock prevented much noise from coming out of her mouth.

"Make her squirm." said Bill.

They had played the squirm game before with belts, but not with a switch. They
would whip her tits and cunt, keeping their cocks buried in her until her
squirms of pain caused them to come. Then the other two guys would then take
their place and the game would continue until each man shot a load into her.

Jake began by teasing her nipples with the tip of the switch. She tried to
writhe, but Don grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the table. Bill stopped
pulling out her cunt hair and located an empty Corona bottle, which he promptly
shoved into Loni's cunt. The bottle enlarged her cunt and caused her clit to
stand upright.

Jake snapped his wrist and the switch came down across the tops of Loni's tits
with a sharp, stinging whack. A thin, bright red line appeared and she jumped
and squirmed, testing the men's grip on her. A moan escaped from her mouth as
Don kept his hips pushed forward so as to enjoy her movement. Jake scored on her
tits again and she continued to squirm and wriggle. The swoosh noise made by the
switch was etched into her mind and it signaled pain.

The pain was electrifying for Loni and her cunt juices flowed down the bottle
inserted into her snatch; Bill held it in place or it certainly would have slid
out. Her ass was gripping Bill's cock tightly and she could feel his rod

"Don't be a pussy, hit her!" said Don with a grin.

Jake's third hit caught her across both nipples and a wave of pain washed over
her, followed by an intense orgasm. Her movements were uncontrollable and Don
had to put his full weight on her wrists to keep her from rising. Bill shot his
load into her ass and she greedily milked it out of him with her asshole. Jake
traced the tip of the switch across the welts that had formed on her tits, just
as Don began to cum down her throat. He shoved even harder and she nearly gagged
on his load.

Jerry took Bill's place and Jake replaced Don. Don took the switch and balanced
it as if it were a fine sword. Loni had been whipped by Don before; he always
wore a thin dress belt to these parties. He was an expert at delivering pain
with it, and she briefly wondered if he would be as good with the switch. She
needn't have worried.

Don flicked twice, scoring on first one nipple and then the other. The pain was
intense and her clit began to swell, building toward another orgasm. Jake moaned
as he reaped the benefits of his friend's switching skills and his wife's
gyrations. He noted that she was beginning to squirm at merely the sound of the
switch cutting through the air.

Out of the corner of her eye, Loni could see Bill standing beside Jake. She knew
what he was waiting for. His cock was semi-erect and was covered in a mixture of
his cum and her shit; she would be told to clean it. Her train of thought was
broken when Don began to trace the end of the switch around her clit. She tried
to object, but Jake's cock in her mouth prevented anything intelligent from
coming out.

Just as Jerry began fucking her with the beer bottle Don snapped the switch and
the tip struck her clit. Loni saw stars, tried to rise and nearly passed out
from the pain. The second hit Don made to her clit caused her to grey out
momentarily. Jake took a couple of rough strokes into her mouth, and then pulled
out to cum on her face.

Jerry shot his load while watching Jake wipe his cock on his wife's face. He
then pulled out his shit-stained cock and moved to stand behind Bill, who
stepped up and waited while Loni slid off the table and kneeled in front of him.
Without instruction she sucked and licked his dick until it was clean, then did
the same for Jerry.

Loni's clit was numb from Don's assault with the switch and her thighs were weak
from the orgasms. Don still held the willow branch.

"Bend over the chair, slut. Time to finish up for the night," he said.

Loni knew what would come next. They spent the next fifteen minutes taking turns
whipping her. By the time they were done, her ass was criss-crossed with red
welts. Bill and Jerry had even turned her around and made her hold her sore tits
out so they could mark them up even more. After her whipping, she was bent over
the poker table again while each man slowly fucked her ass. They were all pretty
spent and it took nearly an hour of steady pounding for them to all cum in her
ass. After each man finished she was forced to suck his shitty cock clean.

Don came last, and after she cleaned his cock Jake went to the kitchen and got a
plate. He forced her to squat over it while she expelled the cum from her ass.
At his command she then licked the plate clean.

Before leaving for the night, Don grabbed her by the hair and told her he'd see
her tomorrow at six in the evening sharp, so he could collect his "winnings".
Jake laughed and promised to have her there on time. Loni felt her cunt juices
begin to flow again at the thought.

End of Part Two - Part Three will tell the story of Loni's night with Don.

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