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Spanked and Humiliated 2000

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Synopsis: The parents realized that only some corporal punishment could correct the misbehavior of their daughter and son.
Spanked and Humiliated 2000 
by j.o.writer

 Disclaimer:  Caution contains non-consensual spanking of teens and forced
masturbation and oral sex. This is a work of erotica fiction to be read by
adults only. If you are not an adult or do not understand the difference
between fantasy and reality please do not read this story. I can be reached
for comment at:

Spanked and Humiliated 2000 (M/fm F/fm mf nc, humil, spanking, oral, m-solo,
enem) by j.o.writer

     Melissa stood before parents totally devoid of any remorse for her
actions. She had stolen money from her parents and they had a strong suspicion
that the money was used to buy drugs. Melissa was 16 and recently had taken up
with a bad group of teens. Melissa was a very attractive young girl with dark
hair, clear complexion and the figure of beauty queen with big breasts. Her
parents were very concerned that their daughter's behavior would have a
negative impact for her future. They were frantic to get their daughter back
on track.

    Mr. Cash told Melissa; "Your behavior is totally out of line and will not
be tolerated in this house. Melissa I know we have never done this before but
from now on, you will be spanked when you misbehave." Melissa just stood there
with a bored look and rolled her eyes back as much as to say "yeah right". Mr.
Cash said, "If you think this is a joke we will change your mind. Your mother
and I have discussed this and anticipated your likely reaction and we want to
let you know, if we don't get results with this discipline, it will get
progressively more uncomfortable for you. Since we have no intention of
beating you into submission, humiliation will be part of your discipline.
Behave yourself and you will not be punished, if not you will regret your

    Melissa could not really believe what her father had to say she knew both
her parents to be kind, civil people too considerate to do as he threaten. On
this point she would soon learn, she underestimated her parents resolve to put
her on a better path.

    Mr. Cash was sitting on the couch and his wife was seated on the easy
chair in the living room. Mr. Cash told Melissa, "You will receive your first
and hopefully last spanking over my lap with your Jeans lowered, so I want you
to stand and lower your Jeans to your ankles." Melissa looked to her mother
hoping she wouldn't have to do this, but her mother simply pointed at her
jeans, indicating she wanted them down. Reluctantly Melissa lowered her Jeans
and stood before her parents in her white cotton panties. Mr. Cash instructed
her to get over his lap, when she was situated over his lap he started
slapping her ass with the palm of his hand after 20 moderate slaps Melissa was
instructed to stand before her parents. Mr. Cash said to Melissa I sincerely
hope we have gotten your attention, If we have not, I promise you, your next
spanking will be worse. Now I want you to stand in the corner and reflect on
your behavior." Melissa started to pull up her jeans but her mother said, "You
will stand in the corner for a half hour with your jeans down".  Melissa stood
in the corner with her jeans at her ankles but covered by her panties, all in
all she thought, because of her parent's essential good nature there really
was nothing to fear.

     Life went along well for the Cash family over the next few weeks, Melissa
and her 17 year-old brother Greg caused no trouble. The Cash'sthought the
decision they made regarding corporal punishment was having an effect. Friday
night, however, Melissa had an 11pm curfew and was out until midnight. When
She did come in Mr. Cash questioned her about her tardiness to see if there
was a good reason for her being late. Melissa gave him a smart answer. Mr.
Cash told her to go to bed and she would be punished tomorrow. As she was
getting ready for bed she gave her Father's comment little thought, she simply
felt her father was too nice a man to fear.

     The next day at breakfast Mr. Cash told his daughter " I have some things
to do today but I want you to know I have not forgotten about last night. You
will receive your punishment tonight at 7pm in the living room. I want you to
consider your behavior today while you contemplate being over my lap tonight,
without your panties."  Melissa didn't know what to think but she knew she
definitely didn't want her father to see her without her panties on. Melissa
would spend the day worrying about tonight and regretting her behavior. Later
in the day she approached her mother and told her she didn't think it right
that her father would spank her without panties, but her mother informed her
daughter that she should have thought of that before she stayed out past her

     At the appointed time Melissa came into the living room knowing if she
didn't it would just be worse for her. When she entered her father was reading
the newspaper. Mr. Cash told his daughter that he was disappointed with her
behavior and thought she could do much better. Mr. Cash said, "As I told you,
you will receive this spanking bare bottomed so remove your jeans and

      Melissa said "Daddy please allow me to keep my panties on". Mr. Cash
said, "I told you what would happen if you didn't behave. Remove your pants

      Melissa very reluctantly unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper,
very much aware that she would soon be standing before her father naked from
the waist down and not liking the prospect one bit. Mr. Cash said "Melissa I
don't have all night".  Melissa removed the jeans and stood there with her
panties on, hoping she would be allowed to keep them on. Her father motioned
to the panties indicating he wanted them off.

      Melissa put her fingers in the waistband of her white panties and as she
started to lower them, she shifted around hoping she could remove them without
her father seeing her vagina.  She bent at the waist, now almost completely
with her back to her father, exposing her ass to his view. When the panties
were completely off she hoped her father would just spank her, without
requiring her to turn around.

      Mr. Cash said, "Melissa stop playing games, I told you what would
happen, Now turn around." Melissa slowly turned around with her hands folded
in front of her tying to cover her hairy pussy.  Mr. Cash said "Melissa put
your hands by you side". Melissa very hesitantly put her hands by her side,
very much aware that she was now standing before her father nude from the
waist down. Mr. Cash lectured his daughter about her behavior, as she stood
before him with downcast eyes too embarrassed with shame to make eye contact
with her father. Mr. Cash realizing his daughter wasn't able to see exactly
were he was looking, took the opportunity to inspect his daughter's pussy, he
quickly became very aroused. He hoped that when he spanked her, she wouldn't
realize he was sexually aroused.

      After lecturing his daughter for a time, he instructed her to get over
his lap. As she was getting in place, he knew he would make her show him
everything she had. Melissa was surprised with the intensity of her Father's
spanking she was soon lashing about kicking her legs, her father reached
around her with his left arm trying to hold his daughter in place and as he
did his hand came to rest on her braless breasts. At the same time he was
vigorously spanking her. Melissa at this point was whimpering, and her father
continued to beat her ass.  Melissa with all her thrashing about was half off
her Father's lap with her legs spread, giving her father an unobstructed view
of her pussy. After 50 good slaps her father stopped and just held his
whimpering defeated teenage daughter. Melissa cried softly as her father
massaged her red ass cheeks. He used circular rotating motions with his hand;
quietly telling his daughter everything would be all right. His massaging
actions became firmer and as they did, Melissa's, ass cheeks became separated
and her pink asshole came into view. Mr. Cash couldn't believe he had his
beautiful teenage daughter over his lap with her pussy exposed and her ass
cheeks spread apart. Mr. Cash continued to massage her ass until her
whimpering subsided.

     When it seemed that she was in control of herself again, Her father
instructed her to standup. This time Melissa made no effort at modesty; she
stood before her father rubbing her ass. Her father instructed her to stand in
the corner. Melissa started to dress but her father said she would spend her
time in the corner nude from the waist down. Melissa's father told her she
would be required to stay in the corner regardless of who entered the room and
if she turned around or looked about the room, before she was told to dress,
she would be spanked even more severely. Melissa stood there hoping her
brother or no one else entered while her red ass cheeks were on display.

      Mr. Cash sat back on the couch with his legs on the coffee table,
looking at his naked daughter's ass. He was very aroused by the sight of his
daughter. He knew no one would be home until later. As he was reliving the
spanking he had just given his daughter he started to rub his dick through his
pants. Thinking about the complete unquestioned control he had over the
teenage girl, he quietly lowered his zipper and took out his prick. Watching
his daughter in the corner with no pants on caused him to have a massive
hard-on. The father didn't want the daughter to know what he was doing, So he
very quietly beat his meat. His daughter in the corner could hear her Father's
breathing get louder, She wanted to turn around to see what he was doing but
was afraid to. The father took out a handkerchief from his pocket ready to
catch his cum. He really started to beat his dick in earnest, staring at his
daughter reliving the sight of her pussy and pink asshole. When he came he was
surprised at the intensity of his ejaculation. Cum shot out across the coffee
table, this was amazing for a 36 year-old guy. Mr. Cash zipped his pants and
wiped up his cum with his handkerchief. Mr. Cash took a few minutes to compose
himself, then stood to leave the room. He told his daughter that she must stay
in corner for ten more minutes and then get dressed. Melissa obediently said,
"Yes Daddy".

       After her father left the room, Melissa was left to stand there and
hope no one would enter the room. She was also left to contemplate the sounds
that her father had been making, while she stood with her exposed ass on

       Mr. Cash was shocked at his response to the spanking he had given his
daughter. It was never his intention to take advantage of his daughter.

      The Cash family had no problems for several months. Melissa even let her
parents know in so many words that she appreciated the discipline. Melissa had
been staying away from the group that got her in trouble in the first place.
This past weekend however, Melissa really blew it. The police stopped her and
her friends. Melissa had to have her parents come to the police station to get
her. Melissa tried to tell her parents that she didn't know the car was
stolen, but they were too mad to listen. They both said she would be punished

       When they got home, Greg was in the living room watching TV. Greg
seeing what the situation was, tried to excuse himself to go to his bedroom.
Mr. Cash said "Greg shut the TV off and stay where you are".

        Melissa this behavior is totally unacceptable to your mother and I,
Mr. Cash said. I think I'm much too upset to spank you now. Melissa thought to
herself that she was grateful that she wouldn't be spanked now. Mr. Cash said
to his wife "Ann would you deal with this I'm just too angry right now."

       "Melissa you knew what the result would be if you didn't behave
yourself didn't you?" Mrs. Cash said to her daughter. Melissa said "Mom, I
didn't...". But her Mother cut her off with an upraised hand, saying "enough".

        "Melissa I will administer your punishment now" Mrs. Cash said. "As we
told you a few months ago your father and I, have made a conscious decision to
use shame as part of your punishment. The hope being, that you would behave
yourself, partially out of a desire not to be punished this way."

        "Melissa I want you to stand and remove your clothes. Since you didn't
learn your lesson the last time, You will receive this spanking without any
clothes on." Mrs. Cash said. As a further inducement for you to behave
yourself, your brother and father will remain present."

         Melissa said, "Ma this isn't fair why should I have to be nude? And
why should Greg and Dad be present?" Mrs. Cash said, " We have already
explained our reasoning. And as far as Greg's presence is concerned, if he
should screw up as badly as you have, he will receive the same punishment."

       Greg was sitting there thinking to himself, holy shit I'm about to see
my sister nude. Greg felt bad for his sister. He sure as hell knew he wouldn't
want to be spanked nude in front of his mother and sister. But at the same
time he was excited about seeing his pretty sister without clothes. The only
naked woman Greg had ever seen was in the pages of Playboy magazine.

        Mrs. Cash said " Melissa we've talked enough, now take your clothes
off." Melissa said " Please Ma, not with Greg here?" Melissa looked to her
Father and said "Please Dad?" Mr. Cash said, "Melissa if you don't take your
clothes off now, you will regret it".

       Melissa stood in the middle of the living room and started to slowly
remove her clothes. Greg and her father were sitting on the couch and her
mother was sitting on the easy chair.

       Melissa took off her sneakers first then her socks.  Melissa now pulled
her sweatshirt off. She was standing there in her 36c-cup bra. Melissa now
removed her Jeans, and she wished she hadn't worn low cut bikini panties.
Melissa looked to her parents and said, "Please, can I keep the underwear on?"
The parents in unison just said, "No".

      Melissa now had a dilemma she didn't know what to remove now. She
decided on the bra, she reached around and released the clasp. She brought her
arms out in front of her and the bra came away from her body. The nipple area
of Melissa's breasts were large size and dark in color. The nipples themselves
rose at least a half inch. The way her nipples stood out, someone might think
she was sexually excited. She was not, her nipples always stood out and she
was very self-conscious about their appearance. The breasts themselves had the
appearance only a teenager could have firm upright with no sag.

      Now Melissa was at the point she most dreaded. Melissa put her fingers
in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. She glanced at
her brother, she thought his eyes might pop out his sockets. Greg's eyes were
glued to the first pussy he had ever seen. The sight caused Greg to have a
raging erection. Melissa instinctively tried to cover her "Mount of Venus"
with the hairy appearance normal for an adolescent.

     Melissa's Mom said, "Melissa put your hands by your side and face your
Father and Brother and explain to them why you are being punished." By this
time Melissa knew it was useless to resist so she hesitantly put her hands by
her sides and faced her brother and father. Melissa stood before them, very
conscious of being stark naked. She said, "I am being punished because I was
caught in a stolen car. I am very sorry this happened."

      Mrs. Cash said, Melissa you will receive your spanking bent over the
hassock. Mrs. Cash said, "Greg I want you to move the coffee table against the
wall and place the hassock about six feet in front of the couch." Greg was now
the one to feel self-conscious; he was embarrassed to stand-up with the very
obvious erection he had. Greg moved the furniture quickly and sat back down.

      Melissa's Mom said, "Melissa bend over the hassock with you ass to your
father and brother". Melissa stiffly got in position careful to keep her knees
together and her back straight. Mrs. Cash said, "Greg give me your belt". Greg
removed his belt and handed it to his mother.

      Mrs. Cash stood by Melissa's side and said, "Melissa, you will spread
your legs apart, I want your knees to be about two feet apart and I want you
to lean forward at your waist and rest your stomach on the hassock with your
boobs hanging free in front." Melissa very uneasily got into the requested
position. Mrs. Cash was fully aware that this very lewd pose would be very
embarrassing for her daughter and that was her intention.

      Greg and his father both were glued to the sight of the young pussy on
display right before their eyes. Melissa was in such a vulnerable position her
slightly parted pussy lips were clearly visible. If Melissa thought she would
have an easier time with her mother administering the spanking, she quickly
realized this was not the case.

      Mrs. Cash started the spanking by slapping Melissa's ass cheeks with the
palm of her hand. She whacked each cheek with a solid overhand slap about 15
times each. Melissa's ass was becoming quite red. Mrs. Cash stopped for a
moment to catch her breath. Mrs. Cash resumed the spanking by using her son's
belt on her daughter's ass.

     She folded the belt in half and proceeded to hit Melissa's ass and thighs
with the belt. The force she was using was only moderate; her intention was
not to inflict serious damage.   After hitting Melissa on her ass cheeks and
thighs, Mrs. Cash changed the direction of the blows and brought the belt
right down the middle of Melissa's ass cheeks ending at her daughter's exposed
pussy. Melissa shot upright with the sudden invasion of her ass crack.

      Mrs. Cash said, "Melissa I don't want you to move, If you do, you will
regret it." Melissa tried very hard not to move but when the next blow again
came down between her ass cheeks, She visibly flinched. Mrs. Cash snapped,
"Melissa before we are done, You will learn to obey Me!"

       Mrs. Cash told her daughter  " Melissa reach back and hold your ass
cheeks apart, Now!" Melissa could tell by her Mother's tone that it would be
futile to disobey. Melissa reached back and slightly spread her cheeks. Mrs.
Cash came down quite forcibly with the belt on her daughter's ass, and said,
"Melissa you better spread those cheeks as far as they will open".

      Melissa pulled her cheeks as far apart as she could. Melissa felt
completely humiliated to be on display this way. Melissa knew that both her
father and even more embarrassing her brother were sitting on the couch with a
clear unobstructed view of her asshole.

     Greg for his part was unbelievably aroused; he was zeroed in on the
spectacle of his pretty sister's asshole and pussy being on display. Greg shut
out the sounds of his mother, while she lectured his sister. All Greg could do
was stare at his sister's asshole. Greg, who was only 17 couldn't control his
adolescent cock. Without ever touching his dick, Greg came in his pants
shooting out a large wad of cum. Greg just hoped the large stain on his pants
wouldn't be detected.

     Melissa continued to hold her ass cheeks apart, while being lectured by
her mother. Mrs. Cash resumed hitting her daughter with the belt some of the
blows were on Melissa's ass and thighs and some of the blows came right down
middle of her asscheeks landing on her pussy. The pussy blows were the blows
that really caused the girl to tense up.

      Mrs. Cash finally stopped and instructed her daughter to stand. Melissa
stood up. Mrs. Cash instructed her daughter to turn around and again apologize
to her father and brother for her behavior. Melissa stood before her father
and brother sniffling, but this time she made no effort to cover her
nakedness, she knew it would be useless.

      Mrs. Cash then told her daughter to stand in the corner; Melissa started
to pick up her clothes. Her Mom said, "That will not be necessary Melissa".
"You will stand in the corner for 45 minutes without your clothes, regardless
who enters this room, you will not speak or turn around, Is this clear
Melissa?" The girl sniffling, moaned," Yes, Mom".

      Mrs. Cash went to the kitchen, and Mr. Cash drifted outside to do yard
work. Melissa was left to stare at the living room clock on the wall. Since
Greg's parents didn't tell him to leave the living room, he wasn't about to
leave on his own. Greg just sat there savoring the sight of his pretty naked
sister. He knew she would have to retrieve her clothes and that meant he would
have one more chance to see her hairy pussy. Greg sat there with a raging
erection, he would have liked to take his dick out and jerk-off but he was
concerned that his parents might come into the room. Greg contented himself by
rubbing his dick trough his pants.

      Melissa knew someone was in the room with her. When the clock on the
living room wall let her know the 45 minutes was up she turned her head around
to see who was present. She saw Greg sitting there rubbing his lap smiling at
his sister. Melissa said, "Greg please leave while I dress". "Go ahead Sis,
don't let me stop you, go right ahead." Greg, leering said. "Greg at least
hand me my clothes". Melissa pleaded. "Aw come on Sis I want one more shot of
your pussy". Melissa turned around abruptly, rushed toward her clothes,
scooped them up, and ran out of the room yelling, "I'll get even with you

       Greg over the next few weeks kidded his sister about seeing "everything
she had". Melissa knew that it must have been a very big deal for her
inexperienced brother to see a girl with no clothes on. Melissa also felt that
enough was enough and she made a vow to herself that she would get even with
him for his "kidding".

       Melissa got her chance a few weeks later. Greg came home with a very
bad report card. His parents were furious. Only a week ago he had been spanked
for the first time for using the family car without permission. Mr. Cash told
his son that he would be disciplined the next night after dinner, for the bad
grades. The reason the parents gave the children advance notice of a spanking,
they wanted the culprit to worry about the impending discipline.

      Melissa made sure she spoke with her parents and reminded them of the
degree of humiliation they had subjected her to. Melissa wanted them to know
that since this would be Greg's first nude spanking that he should be treated
the same. Melissa let Greg know she was going to have a front row seat.
Melissa also let Greg know if she got the chance she would have her friend
Jennifer over. Jennifer was a 16 year-old friend of Melissa. Jennifer was a
very pretty red head. Greg always had a crush on her; needless to say the
prospect of what would happen at his spanking had him in dread.

      The next night Greg stood in the living room standing before his mother
and sister. Greg's slender frame was visibly trembling you could see the
nervous terror. Mrs. Cash said to her son, "Greg, you will receive your
spanking the same way Melissa did, for the same reasons". Greg was at least
thankful that his father was at a business meeting and so far Jennifer wasn't

     Mrs. Cash was 34 with a shapely figure. Today she wore tight fitting
jeans and a T-shirt with no bra. Melissa, who was dressed in a similar
fashion, sat on the couch.

     "Greg, remove your clothes". Mrs. Cash told her son. Greg stood wishing
he were anywhere else in the world. Greg knew there was no ways to avoid this,
so he slowly started to remove his clothes, first off were his sneakers and
socks. Greg next removed his T-shirt. Greg just had his Jeans and underwear to
go. The boy was visibly nervous he was literally shaking. He next unzipped his
Jeans and removed them.

       Greg, who was now standing there with just his jockey shorts on, was
really trembling. "Greg, if you continue with these theatrics I promise you
will regret it". Now remove your shorts!" demanded his mother, in a firm

      Greg put his fingers in the waistband of his shorts and slowly lowered
them, bending as he did. Greg slowly stood, still trembling. Greg now had none
of the bluster that he had when he was kidding his sister. He stood before his
mother and sister with his penis shriveled in size from mortification. Greg
had the hairless body of an adolescent boy. The only body hair he had was on
his genital area. His penis was of average size and uncircumcised.

         Mrs. Cash sat on the couch with her daughter, looking up at the nude
boy. Mrs. Cash was lecturing her son about his behavior, as he stood there
blushing. Melissa felt kind of bad for her brother; she could tell this was
even harder for him than it had been for her. Melissa, aside from this, still
wanted revenge. Melissa was also fascinated by Greg's penis; she had never
seen one before. She had heard that, they grow larger during sexual arousal
and she wondered if she would get to see her brother's penis grow.

        "You will receive your punishment the same as your sister, put the
coffee table against the wall, Greg" His mother said. He moved the table
against the wall and as he did his sister watched the movement of his penis,
enthralled. Melissa couldn't keep her eyes off her nude brother; she
especially liked her first view of his firm ass when he turned towards the
wall. Melissa was also staring quite on purpose that's exactly what he had
done to her, and she wanted him to know what it felt like.

         Greg's mom said, "Greg place the hassock about 5 feet from the
couch." Greg moved the hassock into place, aware of the probing eyes of his
mother and sister. Now get over the hassock with your legs spread." His mother
told him. Greg shyly tried to assume the position his mother requested. Mrs.
Cash sat and watched her son and gave him further instructions. "Greg I want
you to spread your legs and stick your ass out". His mother ordered Greg. Her
son spread his legs more and stuck out his ass a little.

    Mrs. Cash got off the couch, came up behind her Son, and gave him a solid
slap on the cheek of his ass. She said, " I won't tell you again," "I want you
to spread your legs and I want to see you really stick your ass out". She
slapped him again as he was trying to comply. "I want to be able to see your
balls hanging down". Do you understand me?" His mother said. Greg in a very
uncertain and timid voice said "..Yes Ma ...Yes ..Ma..I.... I understand." As
Greg was saying this he was assuming the position that his mother wanted. The
position that Greg was now in was as lewd as the position that Melissa had
been forced to assume.

         The Boy was in an exaggerated pose with his legs spread far apart and
his ass pointed up. Melissa from her seat on the couch could easily see her
brother's hairless protruding ass with his hanging balls and dick swaying on

          Mrs. Cash with the boy in position commenced to slap the hell out of
his upturned ass cheeks alternating from one cheek to the other. Greg's ass
cheeks were soon as red as his facial cheeks. Mrs. Cash stopped just long
enough to pick up the belt she had ready. Greg's mother rained blows down on
his ass and thighs, when it seemed he didn't have his ass out enough she told
him "Greg stick your ass out, now!"

       Greg's ass was becoming quite red. Mrs. Cash took a break and told her
son "While I catch my breath, reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart." When
Greg didn't seem to move faster enough the mother really hauled off and
whacked him a good one on his ass. Greg was very embarrassed to be treated
this way, but he also knew Melissa had to endure the same treatment. Greg,
with his weight supported by the hassock, reached back and spread his ass
cheeks apart.  He didn't have to be told to hold them as far apart as he
could. Melissa was staring at her brother's pink asshole as he had done when
she was in this position. Mrs. Cash couldn't help but notice that her son
didn't have a hair on his ass.

        Mrs. Cash stood behind and to the side of her son, so not to block her
daughter's view. Mrs. Cash said, "Greg I am going to hit you five more times
with the belt while you hold your ass cheeks apart" "If you don't stay in
position I will start over, Do you understand?" "Yes Ma" Greg said, as he held
his ass cheeks wide apart. Mrs. Cash came right down the middle of her son's
spread ass and hit him right on his exposed asshole. The next three blows came
done in the same spot and the last one she purposely hit at a lower angle and
hit her sons exposed balls and his dick, Greg jumped in pain and surprise.

     Mrs. Cash sat back on the couch and watched her son try to compose
himself. She had not hit him hard with any of the blows to his asshole, or the
last one to his dick and balls. Mrs. Cash knew that his pride was what She
really damaged.

    Mrs. Cash ordered her son, "Greg, stand up". Greg stood and tried to stand
at an angle to the couch, trying to conceal his nudity. His mother said "Greg,
I want you to stand facing your sister and I, with your hands at your side".
Hesitantly the boy stood before his sister and mother, completely open to
their inspection. "Greg, I want you to apologize to your sister and I for your
behavior." The boy stood there almost in tears and said, "I'm very sorry."

       Mrs. Cash said, "Greg, Melissa tells me you have been treating her
pretty lousy is this right?" Greg with his head bent in shame unable to look
them in the eyes said quietly "Yes".  "Melissa, because of your brother's
attitude towards you, I will allow you to further humiliate him. Do you have a

      Melissa said "Well I was wondering, how a boy's penis grows, I would
like him to show us how his grows, would that be ok?"

      Mrs. Cash said to her naked son " Greg, because of the way you have
treated your sister, I will allow her request. Greg stand in front of us and
masturbate for us." Greg said, "Please don't make me do this, Ma". Mrs. Cash
said "Greg, because of your shyness I will help you". His mother reached out,
cupped her son's balls in her hands, and massaged them. His penis quickly grew
in size. The sight of her brother's growing dick transfixed Melissa. Mrs. Cash
told her son "Honey pull back the skin on your pretty dick and show us the
head of your penis, like a good boy." Greg was getting aroused between the now
soothing voice of his mother and the hand massage she was performing on his
balls. Greg gripped his hardening penis and started to use the same movements
he used when he was alone. He had his dick in his fist moving his hand back
and fore retracting his foreskin, exposing the purple head of his engorged
prick. Melissa was memorized at the spectacle of seeing her brother masturbate
for her and her mother.

     Greg was beyond the stopping or caring stage at this point. He was
rhythmically beating his prick. Mrs. Cash said, "Melissa soon your brother
will reach his climax and ejaculate semen from his penis."  "Melissa hold your
brother's testicles in the palm of your hand, like this." Melissa's mother
showed her daughter how to hold her brother's balls" Melissa was now holding
her brother's balls while he continued to jerk-off. Greg was now beating his
meat quite fast.

     Mrs. Cash said "Melissa your brother is just about ready to shoot out his
cum." "When he does, I want you to try to catch as much of it as you can in
your mouth, it will taste a little salty, but you'll soon learn to like it.
Upon hearing what his mother had just said, Greg shot out a torrent of cum,
and with his mother's encouragement, Melissa really did catch most of it in
her mouth and the rest landed on her face. Melissa's Mom said "That was great
now I want you to swallow your brother's cum." Melissa gulped and swallowed
and then grinned and said "that was kind of fun." Greg at the same time became
weak in the knees and had to sit down.

     Mrs. Cash said "Greg, to be fair you must stand in the corner for the
same 45 minutes Melissa had to." Mrs. Cash said " "Greg, one other thing, I
told your sister she could have Jennifer over while you do your time in the
corner." Mrs. Cash said, "Greg, start your time in corner now, you can get
dressed in 45 minutes." "Melissa since you have treated your brother
considerably nicer than he has treated you, I am leaving you in charge of your
brother, He must do as you say, while he spends his time in the corner." Mrs.
Cash intoned with a twinkle in her eyes.

      Greg took his position in corner and he could hear his mother leave the
room towards the kitchen. Greg could hear hiis sister on the phone to her
friend Jennifer, she was laughing, explaining what was happening. Melissa hung
up after telling her friend she would see her in few minutes.

      Greg had a few minutes to reflect upon what was happening to him. No
doubt it was very exciting to feel his sister's mouth on his dick and
especially to see her take his semen in her mouth. However, mostly the boy
felt used and taken advantage of, He considered what happened to him to have
been degrading and humiliating. The idea of masturbating in front of his
mother and sister was demeaning; it was something he was forced to do.

      Greg was a very shy boy. He stood there naked waiting for Jennifer to
come over, filled with shame. Greg didn't have to wait long the bell rang and
he froze with terror. He could hear his sister talking to Jennifer they were
giggling. Greg could hear them sit on the couch, where they would have a very
clear few of his naked ass. Melissa said, "So what do think of my brother's
butt". Jennifer giggling said, "I think it's cute, but I'll like to see his
front." "Can you make him turn around"? Melissa smugly said, "Sure", "Greg
turn around".

      Greg just stood there and when his sister repeated herself. Greg said,
"Melissa, Please don't make me do this, it isn't fair, Please?" Melissa said
"Fair? Was it fair when I was in corner and you sat there the whole time
watching me, then you made me turn around to get my clothes so you could look
at me?" "For the last time Greg, turn around".

     Reluctantly Greg slowly turned around with his hands in front of his
genitals. The girls weren't laughing or giggling now, Jennifer was staring at
the boy's crotch. Jennifer excitedly said, "Made him move his hands". Melissa
said Greg, put your hands on your head." Greg with his downcast eyes stole a
peek a Jennifer; the pretty redhead was looking at his crotch intently. Greg
moved his hands to his head and stood before the teenage girls completely
naked. Greg stood there with downcast eyes and stooped shoulders in total

        Greg couldn't help it, but knowing two pretty teenage girls were
closely examining his penis was causing it to stir. Greg would be mortified if
he got an erection in front of Jennifer, but that's exactly what was
happening. The Boy couldn't control his adolescent cock; it was now standing
straight out, with a slight upturn to it.

      Now the girls were giggling, Jennifer said, "Greg, Why are you hard".
"Because I'm embarrassed that both of you are looking at me with no clothes
on, I can't help it." Greg shyly said.

      Jennifer whispered something to Melissa and Melissa said,  "Greg, we
want to see you masturbate." Greg humiliated said, "I want to get dressed".
Melissa said you have 20 more minutes. You must do as I say and I'm giving you
an order!" Greg knew if he didn't do what his sister wanted she would cause
trouble for him. Greg started to pull his dick. Jennifer whispered something
else to Melissa and Melissa said, "Greg come and stand in front of us."

      Greg stood directly in front of the girls and started jerking-off. Greg
couldn't believe what was happening to him today. He had spent his whole 17
years without anyone ever seeing his penis. He didn't even shower in gym class
because of embarrassment. Today both his sister and his mother watched him
masturbate in the nude. Now pretty Jennifer was sitting here watching him beat
his meat.

      It was not so easy this time to reach orgasm, even for a teenage boy.
Greg had just cum less than an hour ago and this time he wasn't getting any
help. The girls were sitting on the edge of the couch with their eyes glued to
his erection. Since Jennifer was staring at his dick intently, Greg took the
opportunity to study the pretty redhead; he tried to imagine what she looked
like with no clothes on.

      Melissa thinking back to the time Greg had stayed in the room while she
was in the corner, wanted to humiliate him in front of Jennifer. Melissa
wasn't about to help her brother this time. "Greg, touch your balls with your
left hand". Greg didn't really mind doing this because he knew it would help
him to cum."

    Greg was now massaging his balls with one hand and beating his prick with
the other.  His sister now said "OK Greg, Now I want you to reach back and put
a finger in your asshole!" Melissa could see the puzzled look on her brother
and his hesitation". "Greg I'm ordering you to reach back with you left hand
and put a finger up your asshole, Now."

      This definitely was something that the boy did not want to do, but he
reach back and put his index finger in his asshole. Melissa could see the
intensity of her brother's hand movements on his penis immediately slow.
Melissa said "Greg, I'm not letting you go until you cum." " I want to see you
really beat your meat, and you better jam that finger all the way in your
asshole or I'll jam something else in there."

      Greg always knew his sister could be mean, but he didn't realize how
mean until now. The Boy did as he was told and pushed his finger in his
asshole as far as he could. At the same time, He was moving his hand very fast
on his dick. Jennifer and Melissa could easily see the purple head of his cock
each time he pulled the skin back.

      Greg sensing he was about to cum tensed his whole body and arched his
back and stuck his finger in his asshole as far as he could. Cum came out of
the eye of his dick and handed on the carpet. Greg's knees buckled and he
stayed in that position while he drained his dick and his body relaxed and he
pulled his finger out.

     Jennifer just said "Oh wow, what a show". Melissa had Greg clean up his
cum, before she would allow him to get dress. Greg was forced to get on his
hands and knees and rub the cum stain from the carpet. Jennifer reached
between his legs and fondled his penis and testicles. Soon after Melissa told
Greg to get dress, Jennifer and Melissa sat and watched him get dress after
which Melissa dismissed her brother telling him he was free to leave.

      Mr. Cash and his wife were both satisfied their new way disciplining the
children. They both thought humiliation and embarrassment were better
motivators than yelling. In the privacy of their bedroom they started
experimenting with the same themes and it was a boom to their sex lives also.

      A few weeks after Greg's spanking, Mr. Cash confronted his daughter
about a bad report card. Mr. Cash was in the study with Melissa. "Melissa you
were told your mother and I will discipline you for bad behavior"? "Yes
daddy". You were told we would use a form of progressive humiliation and
embarrassment. "Yes daddy" Melissa responded with her head bowed.

     "Melissa today I will give you a enema, than I will spank you and then I
will watch you as you discharge the enema solution. Melissa cried, "Please
Daddy, I'll be good".

       "Enough stand in front of me and remove all your clothes." The very
beautiful teenager knew it would not help to argue with her father. Melissa
removed all her clothes and stood with her hands at her sides without being
told to, waiting for instructions.

        Mr. Cash sat and stared at his naked daughter, he drank in her
beautiful breasts with their pointed nipples, then his gaze when down to her
young pussy. Her father did not try to hide his interest he wanted her to know
he would get sexual pleasure from this encounter.

        Melissa lie across my lap and touch the floor with your fingers.
Melissa got into the desired position tying vainly to savage some dignity. Mr.
Cash felt his prick harden as he looked at his daughter's smooth ass.
Melissa's father spread her ass cheeks apart and inspected his daughter's
asshole. Melissa I am going to insert my finger in your rectum to prepare it
for the enema hose. Melissa said, " Please daddy that's not necessary, it's

       Her father said," That's the intention, maybe next time you'll think
about the consequences." He said this as he held his daughter's ass cheeks
wide open with the fingers of one hand. And inserted a finger smeared with K-y
jelly slowly into her rectum, as his finger went deeper into his daughter's
asshole, Melissa cried out from the violation. Mr. Cash took a lot of time
sliding his finger in and out of his daughter's tight opening. Gradually
Melissa seemed to relax; Her father could feel her sphincter muscle relax and

       The father picked up the nozzle of the enema he had ready and put
lubricant on it. He now held his daughter's 15-year-old asscheeks wide apart
and easily inserted the grease nozzle into his daughter's pretty ass hole.
Melissa tensed at the invasion. Mr. Cash emptied a quart of warm solution into
the helpless Melissa's asshole. Melissa kept saying "Please Daddy, enough.
Please I'll burst." Mr. Cash paid no attention to his Daughter's pleading and
used a whole quart.

       Mr. Cash announced that he would administer ten very firm slaps to his
daughter's posterior. He told Melissa if she allowed any solution to leak her
punishment would be much worse. Mr. Cash proceeded to give his helpless naked
daughter ten hard slaps to the cheeks of her ass, alternating between cheeks.

       Melissa was tying to keep her cheeks clenched shut but each slap made
her shutter. Finally, with her ass very red, her Father told Melissa to stand
up. She stood before her father with all modesty gone rubbing her ass, not
caring that her pussy was exposed to his view. She was frantic to use the
toilet, pleading with her father.

       Mr. Cash gestured that she could use the bathroom off the study.
Melissa literally ran to the bathroom. Her father followed her watching the
naked young girl's body bounce. Melissa sat on the toilet noisily expelling
the enema solution, oblivious to her father watching her from the doorway.
When Melissa realized her father was watching, she was completely embarrassed.
It was one thing to be giving a bare bottom spanking but not to be allowed
privacy on the toilet was really humiliating.

      Melissa said, "Please Daddy it's not fair, Please shut the door." Her
father said, "When you behave maturely I'll treat you as an adult, until then
you'll be treated as a child." Now finish up and wipe yourself." The solution
was expelled now she sat there defecating. She finished and wiped herself as
her father watched.

      Mr. Cash instructed his daughter to stand up and turn around with her
face bend over the unflushed bowl and reach back spread her ass cheeks wide
apart so he could check for cleanliness. Melissa was mortified and protested
that this was going too far. Mr. Cash said in a very stern voice "Melissa turn
around and show me your asshole, now!"

       The naked defenseless 15-year-old did as she was ordered and turned
around spreading her ass cheeks. Her father wasn't satisfied, With authority
he said, "Melissa I'll only tell you once, Now really bend over and spread
your legs wide and spread your ass cheeks for inspection."

        Melissa assumed the exaggerated positioon with her ass sticking out,
reaching back spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Fully aware this put her
asshole and vagina on display to her father. Mr. Cash was behind his daughter
bend over only inches from her. He was closely inspecting the teenager's
asshole and cunt. He wanted to savor the moment and commit the erotic view to

        Finally Mr. Cash told his daughter to flush the toilet and go stand in
the corner. Melissa did as she was told and stood in the corner naked, knowing
it was useless to ask if she could dress.

       Mr. Cash sat on the couch and told his daughter that she would remain
where she was for a half-hour and not to turn around or speak. He sat in his 
chair enjoying the sight of the subservient nakedd girl. He relished the power
he had over her. He knew she wouldn't dare turn for any reason, So this time
he stood and removed his pants and shorts and sat fondling his raging prick,
reliving the whole episode. Staring at his naked daughter, he started to
jerk-off furiously. This time he made no effort to disguise what he was doing.

        Melissa stood in the corner and could hear her father, this time she
knew what he was doing, but she didn't dare turn around. She had no choice but
to allow her father to masturbate watching her naked body. After a time she
could hear a moan from her father than silence.

        Mr. Cash had just shot out a huge amount of cum. And was taking a
moment to compose himself, after a time he got dressed and wiped up his cum.

 Melissa stayed in corner for a while after her father left. She had many
mixed emotions regarding her discipline recently, not all of them bad.

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