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Brother's Teenage Sex-Slave

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Synopsis: When fourteen year-old Molly¡¯s millionaire parents die in a plane crash she is left in the care of her sadistic older brother who turns her into a sex-slave.

Part one.

Fourteen year-old Molly was the only daughter of John and Evelyn Grant.  Her
devoted parents made sure made sure she and her older brother, Wayne, wanted for
nothing.  Her father had been a software developer whose various inventions
brought the family millions of dollars.  In fact they were so wealthy that both
he and his wife, a successful criminal lawyer, were able to retire while they
were in their mid-thirties.  They moved to a large country estate and spent most
of their time entertaining their equally wealthy neighbors and indulging their

Many young girls in Molly's situation would turn into self-absorbed bitches. 
Not Molly.  She appreciated what her family had and was grateful to her parents
for her privileged life.  Wayne, on the other hand, let his family's fortunate
circumstances go to his head.  Four years older than Molly, he was a nasty,
bitter young man.  As ugly as his sister was beautiful, Wayne spent much of his
time alone in his room.  His principal hobby was surfing the Internet for
pornography and his only exercise was masturbation.  His sedentary ways and
prodigious appetite for food resulted in a person who, at six feet, six inches
in height, weighed over three hundred pounds.

On this sunny Saturday morning Wayne is in his room but he is not on the
Internet.  Something of a computer whiz, he has hidden a tiny video camera in
his sister's bedroom.  To be specific, he had concealed it in the canopy at the
foot of Molly's bed so that it looks down on his sister while she sleeps.

Wayne listens to a Korn CD while he sits gazing at the image of his sleeping
sister on the 20-inch high definition monitor of his computer.  He is still in
his pajamas.  He strokes his cock in a distracted way while he waits for Molly
to wake up.

His patience is soon rewarded as Molly slowly opens her cornflower blue eyes. 
She normally sleeps on her side but now rolls onto her back.  Her eider down
duvet is pulled up to her chin.  Wayne scowls at the image of his sister.  How
can she be so beautiful and he so repulsively ugly, he wonders for the
thousandth time.  Indeed his sister is remarkably good-looking.  Molly has
blonde hair that she has tied into two long braids so it wouldn't tangle as she
slept.  Her face is heart-shapes with large, wide-set eyes and a small perfect
nose.  Her skin is a flawless pinkish white.  It doesn't look like she will
suffer from acne as her older brother does.  To Wayne, the most attractive
feature of his sister's face is her mouth.  Molly has a wide generous mouth with
full, red lips.  Her lips seem to be set in a permanent smile - a smile that her
brother hopes someday to wipe of her face permanently.  She is at that wonderful
point of her physical development in which she retains the innocent beauty of
childhood while developing into a spectacularly beautiful woman.

Molly is in no hurry to get out of bed.  Her brother's cock jerks and his heart
beats faster as she slowly pushes the duvet to the foot of her bed.  As he had
hoped, his young sister chose to sleep naked. Wayne sits with his cock in one
hand and his computer mouse in the other as he makes the hidden camera silently
scan his sister's naked body.  Molly is already five feet six inches tall - a
foot shorter than her older brother.  She has long, slender legs. Her feet are
small and her delicate toes are painted with pink nail polish.

Her thighs and calves are shapely and well-muscled thanks to weekly dance
classes and horseback riding.  Wayne guides the silent camera up his sister's
legs to her hips which are beginning to swell to womanly roundness.  A small,
clear drop of seminal fluid gleams at the tip of his swollen cock as the monitor
captures his sister's magnificent breasts.  The creamy mounds are crowned by
well-defined pink nipples whose color (no doubt coincidentally) matches the nail
polish on her fingers and toes.  Molly is still going through puberty so her
firm breasts will no doubt get larger.  For now each glorious tit would just fit
into an old-fashioned champagne glass. The only imperfection on her body (if it
can be called an imperfection) is a mole on the side of her right breast.  If
her breast were the face of a clock the mole would be at four o'clock, about an
inch from her aureole.  Although her brother considers the mole to be a beauty
mark whose very presence serves to accentuate the flawless beauty of the rest of
her skin..

Both Wayne's heartbeat and cock stroking speed up when his little sister begins
to tweak the nipple of her left breast until the nubbin of flesh fills with
blood and stands erect.  Meanwhile her right hand slowly wends it way between
her legs.  Unbeknownst to her, Molly's brother maneuvers the camera so that is
focuses on her vagina.  Wayne groans softly.  His virginal sister has a
beautiful vagina.  Her wispy blond pubic hair fails to conceal the perfect outer
lips of her mons veneris.  Nestled within this soft flesh are the delicate pink
folds of her labia. These tender petals join at the top of the entrance to her
vagina to provide a sheltered space in which her clitoris stands out proudly. 
Molly begins to stimulate this little organ with the forefinger of her right
hand.  She moans softly as her clitty reacts by swelling to twice its size. 
Wayne continues to jerk off along with his sister.  Soon the pre-cum, which
leaks freely from the tip of his cock and spatters onto his thighs, is matched
by the juice that begins to flow from his sister's vagina.  The camera shows her
labia glistening with her cunt fluids.  Clear drops of girl-juice cling to her
labia much as drops of morning dew cling to the petals of a rose.  Barely in
control of the mouse, Wayne makes the camera back off to a full-length shot of
his fourteen-year-old sister.  She lets go of her engorged nipple and moves her
left hand between her legs.  As she rubs her clit with increasing energy she
carefully inserts her middle finger of her left hand into her vagina.  Her
finger is slender enough to pass through the opening of her intact hymen.  Soon
her finger is buried to the knuckle into her cunt.  She squeezes the muscles of
her vagina so that her finger is trapped in the folds of her girl flesh.  Her
whole body is trembling with sexual energy.  Soon a small stream of pussy juice
flows out of her cunt to soak the sheets between her legs.  She relaxes slightly
and slowly removes her finger from her pussy.  It glistens with vaginal fluid. 
In the throes of passion she unconsciously raises her hand to her face and rubs
the soaking finger over her full lips before inserting the digit into her mouth. 
Wayne can see from the expression on her face that she likes the salty taste of
her own cunt.

Both brother and sister masturbate with increasing fury.  Molly's orgasm shakes
her beautiful body like an earthquake.  Her eyes are closed and her mouth emits
a muted shriek.  Her pink toes are curled tightly as wave after wave of pleasure
pulsates from her cunt throughout her body.   As he watches his sister's body
vibrating with lustful energy Wayne can feel his climax building.  His balls are
tingling as it prepares to flood his cock with sperm.  He quickly stands up. 
Like his sister, he too moans as what feels like a liter of jizz races from his
balls through his pulsating cock to splash wetly onto the screen of his computer
monitor.  Barely in control, Wayne manages to change the focus of the camera so
that it shows a full close-up of his satiated sister as she lies contentedly on
her bed.  He is delighted by the sight of his sperm slowly sliding down screen
of the monitor.  In his heart he wishes that the cum was defiling Molly's face,
not just her image.  Completely spent, Wayne falls back onto his chair.  He
fervently wishes that someday he will have his sexy little sister at his mercy.

Later that day John and Evelyn Grant bid their children farewell and depart on a
long planned trip to Paris.  It is to be a second honeymoon so Molly and Wayne
are to remain at home.  They will be well taken care of by the staff of the
house that consists of a maid, a cook and a housekeeper.

Around midnight the calm of the house is broken by the sound of the doorbell. 
Molly wakes up at the reverberation of the chimes.  She has a bad feeling.  Any
caller at this late hour can be bringing only bad news.  She rushes out of bed
and puts on her white terrycloth bathrobe.  As she comes out of her bedroom she
almost collides with Wayne who has come down  from his room.  Together they
descend the stairs.  Mrs Halloway, the housekeeper, has already opened the door
and let the visitors in.  Standing uncomfortably in the large foyer are two
policemen.  The older cop looks at Wayne.

"Mister Grant?" he asks.

"I'm Wayne Grant."

"I'm afraid I have some bad news, Mr Grant," the policeman continues.

Molly's heart is in her throat.  It must by mom and dad!

The cop says.  "I'm afraid that there is no easy way to tell you this so I'll
just say it.  Your parents are dead."

"No!!!" cries Molly.

Ignoring the girl, the policeman tells Wayne that the private jet in which his
parents were flying disintegrated east of Nova Scotia.  The crew of an oil
tanker happened to be in the area of the crash and managed to pick up some
wreckage.  There were no survivors.

While Molly wailed, Wayne remained calm.  He thanked the policemen for telling
him this bad news in person and not over the phone and saw them to the door.

As soon he shut the door his distraught sister rushes  into his arms.

"Oh Wayne," she sobs.  "They can't be dead!"

Wayne feels as if he was standing in a corner of the room observing this scene. 
He feels little sorrow at the news of his parents' demise.  Instead he feels
liberated.  As he consoles his sister he can't help but appreciate that she is
naked beneath her robe.  As she clings to his neck he is keenly aware that her
firm breasts were pressed into his chest.

The next week passes by in a flurry of activity.  The Grant's lawyer, Arthur
Goldman, arrives and reveals to Wayne and Molly the details of their parents'
wills.  Wayne is pleased to learn that his parents had been worth almost one
hundred million dollars.  The money is to be divided equally between himself and
his sister.

"Your father and mother made me executor of the estate until you reached the age
of majority" explains the lawyer.  "The money was to be held in a trust fund
until you came of age. Since you, Wayne, turned eighteen last week half of the
estate is yours now.  The balance will be held in trust for Molly until she
turns eighteen."

Molly appears to be barely listening to Goldman.  She is still in mourning for
her parents.  Wayne on the other hand is all ears.

"Wayne, I'll tell you right now that I advised your parents not to leave you so
much money at such a relatively young age," the lawyer continues.  "It would
have been safer to provide you with an allowance until you turned twenty-five. 
I think that they were about to agree but were killed before their wills could
be changed.  So as it stands now Wayne you have access to almost fifty million

Turning to Molly he continues.  "Molly, for the next four years you are to be
provided with a monthly allowance...."

"That won't be necessary," interrupts Wayne.  "I'll take care of Molly with my
own funds.  She can keep all her money in the bank until she's eighteen."

"That's generous of you, Wayne," says Goldman as he stands up to leave.  "I'm
sure Molly will be in good hands as you, no doubt, have her best interests at

Turning to Molly the lawyer tells her that if she needs anything to just let him

Wayne interrupts the lawyer.  "Mr Goldman, I thank you for all the work you have
done for my parents in the past.  Now that they are dead and I am legally an
adult my sister and I would like to dispense with your services.  I will be
responsible for my sister until she comes of age."

Goldman turns pale.  "I've represented your parents for ten years and admit that
I'm somewhat shocked that this relationship will not be continued with you.  But
as you say, you are an "adult" and, as such, can be responsible for both
yourself and young Molly."

With that Goldman takes his leave.

Wayne turns to his sister.  "Molly, can you get Mrs Halloway please?"

Molly hurries off to find in her study.  The two of them soon return. .

"Mrs Holloway,  I'll come straight to the point," Wayne announces.  "Your
services and those of the rest of the staff are no longer required."

Both the housekeeper and Molly are shocked.

"But Wayne," protests the housekeeper.  "I've known you for most of your life. 
I've been like a..."

"Enough!"  the older sibling interrupts.  "If you and the others can leave
within twenty-four hours I will give each of you one year's salary and a glowing
letter of recommendation.  If you remain for one minute longer you'll get a
month's pay and no letter."

Motivated by the money Mrs Halloway leaves quickly to tell the others to clear

"So much for sentiment," laughs Wayne.

"I don't understand, " says Molly.  "Why fire the staff?"

Her brother eyes her coldly.  "That's just the first of many changes, Molly.  Up
until now you've always been everyone's favourite.  Well now everybody who doted
on you is gone or soon will be.

Molly is upset by these unfair remarks but still feels that Wayne will take care
of her.

"I've done some planning in the past week," he continues.  "I've arranged for a
new household staff.  They should arrive in two days.  In the mean time we'll
just have to survive on our own."

Money is a great motivator and the domestic help cleared out early the next day.

Wayne is delighted that he and his little sister are, at last, alone.

After eating a lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and milk in the kitchen Wayne
stands up and announces that he is going to his room.  He asks his sister to
join him after she puts the dishes in the dishwasher.

After a few minutes Molly knocks on her brother's bedroom door.

"Come in," he instructs.

Molly enters.  She has always been impressed the few times that her brother let
her into his room by how large it was.  Situated on the third storey of their
massive house, it takes up almost the two thirds of the floor space.  In
comparison, Molly's room is relatively small although she prefers it because it
was located on the second level close to her parents' master bedroom.

Wayne is sitting on a black leather sofa.  It faces a wall from which a
fifty-inch plasma television hangs.

He turns to his sister.  "Molly, come and join me.  I've got something you may
be interested in seeing."

As she approaches she blushes slightly.  Her brother is staring at her with such
concentration that she feels uncomfortable.

Wayne appreciates the graceful way Molly moves.  Today she is dressed in tight
white shorts.  He can tell she is not wearing a bra as her nipples push out the
thin material of her yellow T-shirt.

She sits down next to her brother who reaches over to an end table and picks up
a remote control.

"There's something you probably didn't know about me," he says.  "I'm something
of an amateur film maker.  I've just finished my latest production and I'd like
you to be the first to see it.  Since you are the star of the film."

Molly is confused.  She doesn't remember participating in any movie.

Before she can say anything, Wayne presses a button and the giant plasma TV
comes to life.

The first scene appears to have been photographed in the bathroom adjoining
Molly's bedroom.  She can hear the shower running and the vapor from hot water
fills the room.  The camera appears to be placed high up as it looks down at the
room.  Soon the sound running water stops and the glass door of the shower stall
opens.  Molly is stunned when her naked image steps out of the shower stall. 
Water beads over her naked body as she quickly picks up a blue towel and begins
drying herself.  Her back is to the camera so that she displays her wonderful
ass to its gaze.

Molly is so shocked that she cannot move.

Wayne says,  "Molly you know you've got a wonderful butt -- not too big and not
too small.  No, it's just right."  Indeed her older brother is correct.  As she
arches her back to dry her hair she can see that her buttocks flare beautifully
from her legs. 

"I guess the best words to describe you butt is 'cute and perky'", her brother

Molly can finally speak.  "You hid a camera in my bathroom!" she cries.

Wayne laughs.  "Not just your bathroom.  Watch."

The sight of Molly drying her naked body is replaced with the image of her
masturbating in her bed.  She is mortified.

"Here comes the best part," Wayne says.  "I've recorded you getting yourself off
dozens of times and have edited the best parts.  Look!"

Molly cannot believe her eyes.  Wayne has edited the film so that she is shown
having one climax after another - an montage of multiple orgasms.

Tears of shame flow from her blue eyes. Her mortification is complete.
Wayne is unfazed by her tears.  "You are a horny little slut, aren't you, " he
announces.  "Well the sight of you climaxing over and over again has turned me
on too.  So why don't you get on your knees, unzip my fly and suck my cock!"

Molly can't believe her ears and sits in stunned silence.

"Look now you little cunt," Wayne continues.  "Mom and Dad aren't here to
protect you.  I told you yesterday that things around here are going to change. 
Well the first change is you status in what's left of the family.  You are no
longer to be the pampered princess.  No.  Now that I'm in charge you are to be
my slave."

Before she can react her brother slaps a handcuff on her right wrist and cuffs
the other manacle to his left.

As she struggles in vain Wayne explains to Molly that tomorrow the new staff
will be arriving.  Their sole purpose will be to train her to be the perfect sex
toy.  Now, Cunt, down on your knees!"

End of Part One


"The debility to which Nature condemned women incontestably proves that her
design is for man, who then more than ever enjoys his strength, to exercise it
in all the violent forms that suit him best, by means of tortures, if he be so
inclined, or worse."

		-- Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)

Molly, the fourteen year-old teen beauty, kneels between her older brother's
legs and stares fearfully as he unzips his fly to free his rigid penis.

"Suck it, Sweet Sister," he orders.

She doesn't move.  She cannot escape because her right hand is cuffed to his
left and he has the key to the manacles.  She continues to look at his massive
cock thrusting out from his blue jeans like an Saturn rocket.  It is the first
erect male organ she has ever seen.  It rises eight inches from her brother's
lap.  It must be at least two inches in diameter at its base.  The bulbous cock
head is the size of a large plum.  A clear drop of pre-cum glistens at the
opening of his piss slit.

Wayne reaches out and grabs a handful of her golden braids.  He forces her face
toward his dick.  As she is dragged closer she sees that the head of her
brother's penis is coated with a dried white scum.  In addition, there appears
to be a small piece of Kleenex stuck to his prick near its opening.  When her
nose is an inch from the prick a musky, sour smell assaulted her nostrils.

He notices her pretty face contorted by a look of revulsion.  "Sorry Sis, but I
haven't been inclined to shower in that past day or so.  You know, what with
mourning for out dear parents and all.  Mind you, grief didn't prevent me from
jerking off a couple of times.  I guess you'll just have to clean off the dried
cum with your tongue."

Just then the doorbell chimes.

"Shit!" Wayne curses as stands and tucks himself back into his pants.  "Who the
hell can that be?"

He reaches into the pocket of his jeans, removes a key and releases the cuff
from his wrist.  He fastens it to a leg of the heavy sofa, trapping his sister,
and leaves the room.

As soon as he is gone the trapped teen struggles to lift the corner of the sofa
so that she can slip the other end of the handcuff out and run away.  She tries
with all of her might but the heavy piece of furniture doesn't budge.  Molly's
heart sinks when she realizes that the bastard has superglued the feet of the
sofa to the floor.  In a panic she jerks futilely at the chain, bruising her
wrist in the process.

Her brother returns a few minutes later.  Wayne holds a letter in his hand that
he thrusts in front Molly's face as he sits down.

"Goddamn it!" he says.  "Listen to this shit."

Wayne goes on to summarize for his captive younger sister, the contents of the
letter.  It appears that Mr Goldman was a lawyer who dealt only with their
parents' personal affairs.  This letter is from Jonathan Wingate, senior partner
of Wingate, Henderson, Ives and Perkins, the corporate attorneys for their
father's company.  The four members of the company's Board of Directors have
instructed him to inform the Grant children that they intend to contest the
will.  Wingate goes on to state that he is confident that he can prove that the
will is a forgery and that Goldman was either in on the deception or too old and
incompetent to realize what was going on.  No man in his right man would leave
so much money and the control of his business to an inexperienced eighteen
year-old and his fourteen year-old sister.

Molly is shocked by the rage that warps her brother's face.

He flings the letter to the floor, kneels and unlocks the cuff on his sister's

"Where was I before I was interrupted?" he snarls as he sits before his kneeling
sister.  "Oh yes. You were going to suck my cock.  In fact, now that there is a
possibility that I may not have control of the fortune, I'm going to have to
accelerate my plans to make you my sex-slave."  He whips out his cock.

Wayne pulls Molly's golden braids until his sister's full lips so close to large
organ that he can feel the caress of her excited breath on his cock-head.

"Stick out your tongue and lick the tip," he orders.

When Molly hesitates Wayne cruelly twists her hair.  She yelps and says,
"Alright, alright."

With rising revulsion Molly sticks out her pink tongue and licks the bottom of
her brother's cock head.   Wayne gasps with pleasure as his sister's tongue
absorbs the clear drop of cock juice that glisten at the end of his dick.

"Now little sister, wash the cap of my cock with your tongue," he commands..

Molly reluctantly runs her tongue over the filthy flesh of his cock.  Her saliva
dissolves the dried cum.  The little piece of Kleenex becomes stuck to her
tongue and she swallows it before she has a chance to spit it out.

Wayne's cock head now glistens with his fourteen year-old sister's saliva.

Once again he viciously twists her hair and orders her to open wide.

She cries out in pain as he lifts his hips and pulls down on her braids, driving
his cock into her mouth.  She gags as he pushes down on her head.  Molly feels
his fleshy tool slide over her tongue until its tip slams into the back of her
throat.  Her mouth is forced open so wide that her jaws hurt.

"Close you lips around my cock and begin sucking," orders Wayne.

She does as he commands, breathing through her nose as her brother continues to
push her head further down his cock shaft.

"Run your tongue along the bottom of my dick," he says..

Hoping to end this agony quickly, she does as ordered.  Her tongue rasps the hot
skin of her brother's massive organ.  She feels his pre-cum dribbling down her
throat.  His cock has a sour, salty, musky taste.

Despite her unenviable position Molly's vagina begins to tingle and she starts
to suck her brother's cock in earnest.   Wayne groans and pulls his sister's
head up until only the head of his cock remains in her mouth, leaking clear
fluid onto her soft tongue.  Despite herself Molly is getting turned on.  Her
cunt lips quiver and begin to moisten.  She swirls her tongue around the tip of
her older brother's purple cock.  She can feel it vibrating in her mouth.  He
moans louder as his fourteen year-old sister rapidly flicks the point of her
tongue directly into his piss hole.

"I'm going to cum soon," he gasps.  "I want you to swallow all of it."

Ivy continues to suck Wayne's cock.  Her own cunt pulsates and girl-juice begins
to leak over the pink lips of her labia and soak her panties.

A loud grunt from her brother signals the beginning of his own climax.  His
large, hot cock throbs in his sister's mouth and suddenly heavy gobs of creamy
sperm coat her tongue.  Molly struggles as her mouth quickly fills with her
brother's hot cock cream.  Her cheeks puff out to contain the vile tasting slime
and she swallows as fast as she can.  Despite her best efforts she begins to gag
on the sperm. She coughs and blows bubbles of her older brother's sperm out her
nose.  While all this is happening Molly can feel her own cunt pulsating into an
orgasm that she cannot believe is happening.  Cum leaks out of her mouth and
soaks Wayne's cock shaft.  He pulls her head clear of his still spurting penis. 
In a final spasm, his organ spits a gob of warm yellow-white sperm into her left
eye.  She straightens out to rest on her haunches between her brother's legs. 
Two streams of cum dribble from the corners of her mouth onto her T-shirt. 
Meanwhile the dollop of sperm in her eye slowly slides down her cheek and drips
onto her chest.

She looks at Wayne's cock. Covered with her spit mixed with his sperm, it begins
to deflate.

"Clean my cock," Wayne orders.

Molly leans forward and slowly licks the cock slime off of her brother's
shrinking cock.  He forces her to take the entire deflated organ in her mouth
and bathe it with her tongue, swallowing the foul liquid.

"That was just lovely, Molly," her brother smiles as he stand up and tucks his
penis back into his jeans.  "I think I'll have you blow me every day."

"You bastard!" Molly shouts.  "You can't get away with this.  I'm going to tell
Mr Wingate what you're doing!"

Wayne smirks.  "Funny you should mention our esteemed corporate lawyer.  While I
was cumming in your mouth I was thinking of inviting him here.  Perhaps we can
work something out.  I expect you to play a key role in our negotiations.

"Besides, if you tell anybody I'll make sure that little film we just saw goes
out on the Internet.  I'll also make certain that a copy is sent to the
principal of your school and all you friends' parents.  So shut the fuck up and
come with me."

He roughly jerks the slender teen to a standing position.  The front of her
yellow T-shirt is soaked with his semen and Molly's budding, hard-nippled
breasts are clearly visible through the transparent material.  Wayne drags her
down the stairs to her room.  As he removes the handcuff from her wrist, Molly
observes that her has fixed manacles to the four corners of her Queen sized bed.

Wayne orders her to remove her clothes.

Reluctantly she does as she is told.  She stands naked before her brother.

"Now get on the bed and lie down on your back," he orders.

"Please don't rape me!" she pleads.

"Don't worry Princess.  I have already raped your luscious mouth.  I have no
intention of fucking your cunt," he smiles. "Yet."

As Molly obediently lies on her bed her brother fastens the manacles to her
wrists and ankles.  He slides a pillow under her bum and then adjusts the chains
at the four corners of the bed.  First he shortens the chain attached to her
right wrist.  He then moves around the bed and pulls her left leg as hard as he
can and locks the chain in place.  He does the same thing to her other arm and
leg so that Molly is tightly spread-eagled in her bed.  She can only move her

When he is finished Wayne sits beside her on the bed.

"Molly," he says.  "I know it's early but you've had a busy day what with making
peanut butter sandwiches and sucking my cock, and must be tired so I'm going let
you rest.

Ivy interrupts.  "Wayne!  Stop this now and let me go.  I promise I won't tell
anyone what you did to me."

"You know Molly, it's very impolite to interrupt someone when he is talking,"
says her brother calmly.  "I better make sure that it doesn't happen again."

He gets off the bed and picks up the yellow T-shirt that Molly had just taken
off.  Taking a pair of scissors from his sister's desk he quickly cuts the shirt
along its sides and discards the back half of it.  He holds the front of the
shirt in before his sister.  Molly can see that it is soaked with his sperm.  He
quickly balls it up and shoves it into her mouth.  Before she has a chance to
spit out the disgusting rag Wayne picks up her panties and rips then so that
they are a single long piece of silk.  He wraps them around his sister's head
and ties a knot.  Molly's torn panties are a gag firmly holding her semen soaked
shirt in her mouth.

Wayne calmly sits down on the bed beside his sister.  "That's better," he

"Now as I was saying.  Things around here are going to be different.  In the
past year or so I've met a lot of interesting people on the Internet.  You could
say we share the same interests.  Now that Mommy and Daddy are dead, I've got
enough money to make sue my fantasies are realized and you, Molly, will play a
large role in making them come true.

"Now you may be thinking that the letter from Father's corporate lawyers will
disturb my plans.  Well, I don't think so.  In fact as I said before I 'm sure
we can come to an arrangement.  I'm going to phone Wingate now and invite him
and his partners over.  I want this settled quickly.  You see, tomorrow the new
staff will be arriving."

Wayne leaves his sister.  Four a half an hour Molly lays helplessly on her bed. 
That morning she had left her bedroom window open, despite the fact that there
is a small hole in the screen.  Wouldn't you know that two houseflies soar in. 
Molly eyes them as they buzz loudly around the room a few inches from the
ceiling.  Attracted by the scent of her drying cunt juices, one of then lands on
her inner thigh.  She struggles helplessly as the insect approaches her vagina. 
Its feet tickle horribly. She moans when the fly crawls onto the left lip of her
labia.  Soon the second fly lands on the teenager's cheek.  It is attracted to
the moist sperm on her chin and lips. As the first fly walks the length of her
cunt lip, the second one walks along the bottom of her other lip.  Both insects
must sense that Molly is helpless to defend herself.

After half an hour her brother returns with a glass of water in his hand. 
Putting the glass on Molly's night table, he shoos away the flies and removes
Molly's gag.  He pulls the tee shirt from her mouth and pitches it into the
corner of the room.  The flies immediately land on it.

Wayne tells his sister that the senior partner of law firm of Wingate,
Henderson, Ives and Perkins has agreed to come to the mansion that evening.

"I told him that I am willing to be flexible and want the question of the will
settled quickly," he says. "Now Molly, as I said before, I expect you to
participate fully in the negotiations.  In order for you to be able to perform
your duties as a hostess, I want you to take this pill"

Her brother holds a large red pill between his thumb and forefinger.

"What is it for?" Molly asks.

"It's an experimental drug that I got from an Internet acquaintance who belongs
to an organization called the Thanatos Society.  That organization pays for the
productions of specialized pharmaceuticals.  This pill will make you more
amenable to suggestion.  In fact, for about eight hours you will do anything
that you are told to do," he explains.

"Open wide," he orders.

Molly clamps her mouth shut.  Her brother simply pinches her nostrils, cutting
off her air.  After a minute of futile struggling the fourteen year-old opens
her mouth and takes a deep breath.  Her brother drops the pill onto her tongue
and pours a glass of water into her mouth.  Molly gags, coughs and swallows the

Wayne leaves.  Molly feels no change.  The pill is not working.  She thinks that
her brother's "Internet acquaintance" must have supplied him with sugar pills. 
As far as Molly can tell, nothing has changed.

Wayne returns and quickly releases his sister from the manacles that have held
her onto her bed.

Molly jumps off the bed and runs toward the door.  Now is her chance to escape!

"Come back," Wayne orders quietly.

Molly immediately stops running, turns around and faces her brother.  She cannot
believe what is happening.  Her mind is screaming "run" and her body is ignoring

"Go into your bathroom and brush your teeth and come back out here.  I want you
to kiss me but I don't want to taste my own cum."

"Fuck you!" she shouts.  However despite herself she walks into her bathroom and
brushes her teeth.  She comes back into her room and stands before her brother.

"Put your arms around me and kiss me," he orders.

"I'm not going to...." She says even as she steps up to him and wraps her arms
around him.  She tilts her head back and plasters her lips on his.  Her mind
cries out in protest even as she insinuates her tongue into Wayne's mouth.

Wayne pushes her away.  He removes a typed sheet of paper from his jeans,
unfolds it and gives it to Molly.  He tells her that she is holding instructions
on how to prepare herself for the meeting with the lawyer.  She is to follow
them to the letter. When she is finished she is to wait in her room until her
calls her. He then leaves her alone.

Despite her burning desire to escape Molly is compelled to follow the
instruction her brother has printed on the sheet.

Her first instruction is to shower and wash her hair.  She is then to re-braid
her hair.  She is not to read the next instruction until has completed the
first.  Molly feels filthy as a result of her brother's assault and she
gratefully follows the first command..

As she towels herself dry she reads the second order.  She is to go naked down
to her father's workshop and retrieve a roll of duct tape and bring it to Wayne. 
She does as instructed and finds her brother in the kitchen drinking a cup of
coffee.  He looks up at her and smiles.

"I see that you are nice and clean.  I want you to cut a piece of duct tape from
the role and trim it so that it is a triangle that can fit over your cunt," he

Molly realizes what he intends and her mind reels.  However, she cannot disobey
her brother's command.  She goes to the drawer where the kitchen utensils are
kept and removes a pair of silver scissors.  While her mind tells her to plunge
the scissors into her brother's heart, her hands work quickly to cut the sticky
tape into a triangle.

"Now hop up on the counter and spread your legs," orders Wayne with a smirk.

Molly does as instructed.  Her tender bum rests on the cold counter top.

"Spread your legs."

She obeys, revealing her tender vagina with its translucent fleece of wispy
blond hair.

"Place the triangle of duct tape firmly on your cunt.  Make sure that all your
pubic hair is covered," Wayne says.

"You bastard!"  Molly cries even as she does as she is told.

A silvery triangle of tape covers her pubic mound.

Her brother orders her to slowly pull the tape off.

Despite herself she begins to pull.  She shrieks with pain as its pulls out
every hair of her cunt by the root.

Wayne roars with laughter.  "That's better, " her announces.  Your cunt is a
naked as the day you were born.  I think I'll have you do this twice a week. 
Now go upstairs and continue getting ready for tonight."

Sobbing with pain and embarrassment, the fourteen year-old returns to her room
and reads her next instruction.

She is to go to her mother's room and put on makeup.  She will find a photograph
taped to her mother's dressing table.  Molly is to make herself up to resemble
the person in the picture.  When she is finished, she is to turn over the photo
and follow the instructions written on the back.

She goes down the hall and opens the master bedroom.  She can still smell her
mother's perfume and her heart breaks knowing she will never see her again.  The
teen goes to the dressing table in the large bathroom adjoining the bedroom. 
Taped to the mirror is an eight by ten photo of a young woman.  Molly's heart
plummets further.  The woman in the photograph looks like a whore.  Her face is
powder-white with too much pink blusher on her cheeks. Her lips are painted
bright red and her eyes are highlighted with blue-green eye shadow.  Her
eyelashes are heavy with mascara.

Molly has just started wearing makeup and learned from her mother that less is
best.  Nonetheless, she spends the next half-hour painting her face to resemble
the whore in the picture.  When she is finished she turns the picture over and
reads the rest of the directions.

Molly cries as she is compelled beyond her will to take the same ruby-red
lipstick that she used to paint her lips and colors the tips of her pert
breasts.  She looks in the mirror and sees that her nipples and surrounding
aureoles are as red as her lips.  Finally she paints her fingernails and
toenails with the same color of nail polish.

She stands up and goes in front of her mother's full-length mirror.  Her perfect
youthful body is despoiled by her whorish make-up.  Her bright red nipples gleam

Molly returns to her room.  Her next order is to dress.  She is to wear no
underwear.  At the back of the bottom drawer of her large dresser is the school
uniform that she wore when she was twelve years old.  She removes the maroon
pleated kilt, steps into it and pulls it up to her waist.  Molly's growth in the
past two years has been mostly vertical.  Her waist and hips have swollen a
little but she can still squeeze into the kilt.  However, her legs have grown
since she last put on the short skirt.  When she was in seventh grade the hem of
the garment brushed the tops of her knees.  Now it barely covers her ass.  Next,
Molly puts on the uniform's white blouse.  Her brother's instructions stipulate
that she is not to button the shirt but to tie the shirt tails in a knot beneath
her breasts.  Finally, Molly completes her outfit by pulling on thin, white knee
socks and black Mary Jane flat shoes.

She looks at herself in her mirror.  Her tight, pleated kilt hugs her hips and
falls only and inch or two below her naked cunt. Her tightly tied white blouse
exposes her creamy abdomen and the small valley created by her developing bosom. 
Her painted nipples show clearly through the thin material.

As tears roll down her cheeks Molly's brain is screaming at her to take off that
demeaning outfit and put on jeans and a sweatshirt and get the hell out. 
However, the drug her brother gave her prevents her body from obeying her will. 
She trembles with frustration.

"Molly!" Wayne calls.  "When you've finished dressing I want you to get your
sweet ass down to the kitchen and help me prepare for our meeting with the

The young girl reluctantly joins her brother in the kitchen where she is ordered
kneel on the kitchen table facing her brother.

Wayne, seated on a kitchen chair, watches her closely.

"My God but you are sexy in that little school girl outfit," he remarks.  "Come
a little bit closer and spread your legs a little more."

The teenager obeys and is kneeling about a foot from the edge of the table where
her brother is sitting.  A large plate of cut up vegetables sits between himself
and his sister.

"You must be hungry so I've prepared a plate of veggies that we can share," he

He selects a stick of celery and holds it in front of Molly.

"Let's eat while I explain what I want from you when we meet with Old Man

He continues, "I forgot to prepare some dip for the veggies so I want you to
help me out.  Rub your clitty while we talk."

Molly has no choice but to obey.  She uses her right hand to massage the
sensitive nubbin of flesh.

"Your kilt is blocking my view," says Wayne.  "Lift the front of it so that I
can see what you're doing."

Molly uses her left hand to hold up the front of her micro-kilt.

Wayne smiles and his fourteen year-old sister continues to masturbate in front
of him.

"I've watched you do this in your bedroom and know how much your cunt juices up. 
In fact, you're a regular little juice pig," he mocks.

Sure enough, despite her efforts to resist, Molly's body betrays her as her
vagina becomes wet with her girl-nectar.  Soon the lips of her cunt glisten and
a tiny rivulet of warm, clear liquid leaks out of her body and runs down the
inside of her left thigh.

Her brother runs the celery stick up her leg, coating the green vegetable with
his sister's cunt juice.  He bites the end off the stick.

"Delicious!" he announces.  "Just keep frigging yourself while I talk and you

"Molly," he begins.  "In about an hour the Mr Wingate, who represents Dad's
company's Board of Directors will arrive.  As you know, he objects to the terms
of our parents' wills. Well, frankly, I don't give a fuck about the company. 
All I want is the money.  I'm prepared to tell him that we would be happy to
turn control of the company to a trustee appointed by the Board of Directors as
long as you and I get a generous allowance - say on the order of a few million
dollars a year.  Of course, now that you are my slave any money coming to you is

Molly continues to masturbate helplessly while her brother talks.  Her clitoris
is now engorged with blood.  A warm feeling is beginning to grow in her lower
belly while the nectar produced by her aroused vagina is trickling down both of
her legs.

As he speaks Wayne occasionally scoops up some of his sister's cunt juice with a
piece of carrot or celery and either pops it into his mouth or feeds it to

"Now," he continues.  "I'm pretty sure that Wingate will advise the members of
the Board of Directors to agree to my proposal in order to avoid a long, drawn
out court battle.  Besides I'm practically giving them the company.  I have no
interest in the business and will be much too busy training you to be my little

"Just to make sure I get my way, I'm willing to offer him a special incentive -

Wayne reaches into his pocket and brings out another red mind control pill. 
Holding it in front of her he explains that after today he will refrain from
using mind control drugs on her.  He prefers to have her fight him.  Today,
however, is different.  He wants Molly to be completely submissive to the whims
of their guests.  He orders her to open wide and her pops the pill into her

Despite being on the verge of an orgasm, the teenaged captive swallows the pill
as ordered.  Her breathing is shallow and the warmth in her groin is growing and
sending out waves of heat through her whole body.

Suddenly, her brother orders her to stop masturbating.

"After all," he says.  "We have eaten all the carrots and celery so you don't
have to produce any more of your 'unique' vegetable dip."  Wayne stands and
tosses a dishtowel at his sister.

"Here.  Wipe that cunt slime from your legs before you get your socks wet."

Mortified, Molly does as ordered.  She wipes herself and gets off of the table. 
She stands if front of her brother.

Wayne continues.  "Our guest will be here soon. I want you to go upstairs.  You
will stand at attention facing the wall in a corner of your bedroom.  You are
not to move until I call you.  Then you will come down and join us in father's
study.  I know that you will be co-operative because the drug gives you little
choice.  But I don't want sullen obedience.  No, dear sister, I want you to show
positive enthusiasm when you greet our guest and heartfelt joy when you do
whatever is asked of you.  Now show me the kind of smile Mr Wingate can expect
from you."

Molly wants to tell her brother to go to hell but she can't.  The second dose of
mind control drug continues to make her his complete slave.  Despite her inner
turmoil Ivy feels her face break out in a huge and happy smile.  Her eyes appear
to crinkle with delight and two pretty dimples appear on her cheeks.

"Good girl!" says her brother.  Now scoot while I finish preparing for our

Molly does as ordered.  She stands at attention with her nose in the corner of
her bedroom for about fifteen minutes when she hears the doorbell ring.  She can
hear Wayne answer the door and the voices of greeting as the lawyer enter the
house.  She tries to remember what Mr Wingate look like.  She knows that he
attended a barbecue hosted by her parents a few months ago.  However, there were
so many people there she couldn't recall his face.

For half an hour Molly can hear the murmur of voices punctuated by the
occasional sound of hearty laughter.

Her anxiety increases when she hears her brother's footsteps approaching the
bottom of the main staircase.

"Molly!" he calls.  "Come down and meet our guest."

The youthful beauty joins her brother at the foot of the stairs.  He smirks
cruelly and tells her to turn on her smile and to go into the study.  He waits
outside while she enters the large room

A gasp of surprise greets her as the old man seated in large armchairs sees what
she is wearing.  Molly is completely humiliated to be displaying her young body
to this stranger but she cannot wipe the smile from her face.

Wayne has followed her into the room. 

"Mr Wingate," he says.  "You remember my little sister, don't you?  As you can
see from her delightful smile, she's been looking forward to meeting you.

With a genuine looking but totally false smile on her face the young girl is led
to stand before the old lawyer.  He is about seventy years old.  He is very fat.
So fat that Molly can hear his labored breathing.

His lips turn up in a half smile as his eyes devour her sexy young form.  He
does not stand up but holds out his hand.

"My dear," he rasps hoarsely.  "Your brother tells me that you wish to show me
how grateful you are that we have come to an agreement about the disposition of
your father's business and, more importantly, your future."

Molly's small hand is lost in the dry, rough paw of the old man.  She finds his
porcine feature repulsive.  He is so fat that his small eyes are almost lost in
the folds of flesh that surround them.  His nose is wide, small and up-turned
and his thick lips part to reveal  long, yellow teeth.

He looks less like a distinguished practitioner of the law and more like the
caricature of a coarse butcher.  Despite the air-conditioned coolness of the
room Wingate's face glistens with sweat.

He continues to hold Molly's hand in a tight grip.

"How old are you, my child?" he say.

"Molly beams at him and says "Fourteen, Sir."

"Yes, I thought so," he says wetly.  "You see, I have a great-niece named Mary
who is twelve years old.  When she was younger I'd have her sit on my lap and
tell her stories.'

While he speaks he doesn't make eye contact with Molly.  Instead his eyes roam
freely over her nearly naked body.  Returning again and again to her ruby-tipped
breasts so clearly displayed under the thin cloth of her shirt.

"Why don't you sit on my knee, my dear," he continues as he taps his left leg.
"And we'll have a nice little talk."

Despite her revulsion, Molly comes close and sits down on Wingate's knee.

"Just lift up for a second, dear, while I adjust your lovely kilt," he orders.

The teen lifts her butt and the old man pulls the back of the kilt off his leg. 
When Molly sits down again her bare bum presses against Wingate's thigh.

"That's better, my dear," he smiles.

The old man puts his right hand on top of Molly's bare knee and begins to rub

"Molly, your resemblance to my great-niece is remarkable," he murmurs as he
slides his hand up the teenager's leg.

"I've been wondering what her cute little pussy looked like. You see I'm an old
bachelor and have no children of my own," he remarks as his hand approaches the
hem of Molly's short skirt.

"Of course it wouldn't be right for me to look at Mary's vagina," he says as he
flicks up the hem of Molly's kilt.  "But I see nothing wrong with examining
yours.  Spread your legs a little and give this old guy a good look."

Molly blushes and does as ordered, revealing the tender pink lips of her cunt to
the old man.

His breathing becomes even louder as he gazes at Molly's snatch.

"That's beautiful," he says. 

Addressing Wayne he continues.  "She has no cunt hair.  Can I assume that you
had her remove it?"

"Yes, I did," responds Wayne.  "I think you'll agree that a naked cunt is more
appealing than one covered in even the finest down."

"I agree with you completely," the old man says.  By now he is running his rough
fingers along the lips of poor Molly's sex.  "So pink and plump," he remarks as
he gently pinches her labia . "I'm sure my little Mary's cunt looks and feels
just like yours.

"You know Molly, sometimes my great-niece is naughty.  It doesn't happen often
but it does happen.  When she behaves badly her mother usually grounds her or
takes away TV time.  You know, I feel that that sort of punishment is
inadequate.  I think that this would be a more effective means of ensuring she

As soon as he finishes speaking, the old man takes Molly's clitoris and pinches
it sharply between the nails of his thumb and forefinger.

"Ow...Ow.... Ow!!" screeches Molly.

Wayne and the old man laugh as Molly struggles to escape the claw like grip on
her sensitive girl flesh.

At last he lets go.  Molly's love bud continues to sting and throb.  Nonetheless
she smiles at him in what appears to be adoration. 

The old man orders Molly off his lap.

He tells her to take off her shirt and kilt.  Immediately she does as she is
told.  Now she stands before the lawyer naked except for her knee socks and

"You know Molly," he says.  I've seen your pretty cunt and have felt it.  Now I
wonder what it tastes like.  I want you to hop up on the chair so that you are
standing on its arms facing me."

He leans back on the chair as Molly climb up on the wide arms of the leather
chair.  She is straddling the old man who leans slightly forward and grabs her
hips.  He maneuvers her until she is squatting slightly and her vagina is even
with his head.  He then bends forward and begins to lick her cunt lips.

Molly is mortified at the idea of a gross old man, more than fifty years older
than she is, licking her vagina.  He grabs he buttocks with both hands and
grinds her pelvis into his face.

"MMmmm!" he moans as he pushes his face into her vagina.  Molly can feel his
tongue lapping at her clitoris.

Her brother comes up behind her and grabs her shoulders so she doesn't fall.

Wingate is grunting and groaning like a pig at the trough as he licks and sucks
the fourteen year-olds cunt.  He opens his mouth widely, revealing his yellow
teeth and covers her entire vagina with his mouth.  He gnaws at her girl flesh
while he plunges his tongue directly into the opening of her snatch.  The tip of
his tongue jabs her hymen.

Molly feels herself reacting to the old lecher's ministrations.  Her vagina is
getting wet and her girl juice is mixing with the old man's saliva and running
down her legs.  It is also dripping onto the old man's shirt as she straddles
his chest.

She throws her head back in ecstasy as Mr Wingate's skilled tongue brings her
closer and closer to orgasm.  Her moans mingle with his pig-like grunts.  All
the while her brother is laughing at the sight of his little sister mashing her
pubis into the old man's face.  At last Molly cums.  If her brother hadn't been
holding her she would fall off the chair. 

Mr Wingate stops his cunnilingus and leans back with a smile.  His face glistens
with Molly's cunt juice.

Molly's brother helps her down from the chair and tells her to stand in front of 
Mr Wingate.

"Wayne," he states.  "Nothing tastes as lovely as the cunt of a teenaged virgin. 
The delicate bouquet of Molly's liqueur is simply delightful.  If you could
bottle her essence you'd make thousands of old men like me very happy.  I only
hope that I have the opportunity to drink from my little Mary's vagina"

He leans forward in his chair and tells Molly to turn around slowly.  As she
turns the old man orders her to stop.  She now has her back to him.

"What a magnificent little behind", Wingate exclaims.  "Stand with your legs
spread a little more, then bend over from your waist."

The young teen opens her stance and bends over, revealing the rosebud of her
anus to the old man's gaze.  He tells her to stay like that and grasps a buttock
in each of his large hands.

Squeezing tightly he comments that her bum feels delightful.  So firm yet so

"She's got the kind of muscle tone you see only in young girls" he says as he
spreads her ass cheeks apart.  Molly gasps as the old man insinuates his
forefinger into her ass-hole.

"Keep standing like that," her brother orders when it appears she is about to

Molly moans as the septuagenarian sinks his finger to the second joint into her
ass.  This is the first time in her life that she can remember anything being
inserted into her rectum.

"Nice and tight," Wingate laughs as he pushes his entire thick finger into her
anus.  Molly cries out in surprise when he wriggles his finger about inside her.

At last he removes his finger and orders her to turn and face him.

Relieved, Molly straightens up and turns around to face the lawyer.  She notices
that he has picked her shirt off of the floor and wiped his finger with it.

Mr Wingate smiles at her.   "Molly, I'm going to ask you some questions and I
want you to be absolutely honest with me."

As he speaks the old man unzips his fly and exposes his cock to the young girl. 
He begins to stroke it idly.

"Now young lady," he begins.  Your brother tells me that you are a virgin.  Is
that true?

"Yes," she replies.

"He also tells me that you masturbate.  Is that true?

Molly blushes.  "Yes, sir." 

"How old were you when you first masturbated?"

"Eleven," whispers Molly.

"Do you masturbate everyday?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you ever do it more than once a day?"


"On average, how many times a week have you masturbated in the last three

"I don't know... maybe eight to ten times a week."

"So I guess we can conclude that you like to get yourself off?"


"On a related subject," continued the old lawyer.  "Your brother told me that
you sucked his cock earlier today.  Is that correct?"

"Yes it is, sir."

Wayne tells me that he thinks that you had an orgasm while sucking his cock. 
Did you?"

Molly is mortified but answers.  "Yes I did but..."

"Please let me continue Molly," interrupts the old man who has rubbed his cock
to erection.

Molly stares at his engorged penis while Wingate asks his next question.

"Did your brother cum in your mouth?"

Molly is confused by the question.

"I don't think she knows what "cum" means," Wayne interjects.

"Let me rephrase the question," says the lawyer.  "Molly, while you were sucking
your brother's cock did it flood your mouth with sperm?

Molly's embarrassment is growing.  Mr Wingate is making it seem that she sucked
off her brother voluntarily.

"Yes," she replies.

"Is that when you had your orgasm?"


"I see.  Finally let me ask you about what happened just a few moments ago.  Did
you enjoy it when I licked and sucked your tender cunt?"

"No!" Molly shouts.

"Did you have an orgasm while I was licking your cunt?"

Molly hesitates but the mind control drug makes her obey the old man's order
that she speak the truth.


Mr Wingate sits in his chair stroking his large cock and turns to Wayne.

"Well, Wayne.  Let us now consider your sister's testimony.  First she admits to
masturbating on a regular basis since the age of eleven.  Do you realize that in
the three years between her eleventh birthday and her fourteenth Molly has
masturbated more than fourteen hundred times?

"I never thought of it like that," Wayne responds mockingly.  "That'shocking."

"Let's continue," says the old man.  "Molly here admits that she had an orgasm
when you were purportedly raping her mouth.   In addition she confessed that she
came while I was eating her cunt.

"I think that we can conclude that your sister is a slut.  Do you agree?"

"Yes I do," responds Wayne.

Wingate addresses Molly once again.

"Molly.  Technically you are a virgin yet it is apparent from your own words
that you are little more than a bitch in perpetual heat.  I think that your
brother will agree that you have no right to be a virgin and the sooner you lose
your virginity the better."

"Damn right," remarks Wayne.

Molly is now crying.

Ignoring her sobs Mr Wingate addresses her brother.

"Wayne.  Since I'm ready as you can see from my erect penis.  I would be honored
if your let me pop your little sister's cherry.  As they say in the vernacular."

"Be my guest," says Wayne.  "Remember Mr Wingate that our wish is her command."

Turning to Molly he orders her to go to their father's large desk which
dominates one corner of the room.  The large rosewood piece is topped with a
thick sheet of glass.  Molly obeys the command to clear off everything from the
desk except the large desk lamp.

"I want you to lie across the center of the desk so that your bum is just
resting on the top edge," Wayne says.

Still under the influence of the mind control drug, the fourteen year-old does
as ordered.

She is lying on her back with her behind on one edge of the desk and her
shoulders resting near the opposite edge.

Wayne has moved the chair that normally goes with the desk and is standing  with 
near his sister's head.  Meanwhile, Mr Wingate has removed his massive frame
from his armchair.  He has removed his trousers and is naked from the waist
down.  He stands on the other side of the desk facing Wayne.
"Molly my dear, I want you to bend your knees and grab your ankles," the old
lawyer says.

The young girl does as she is told.  Her legs naturally part revealing her naked

Meanwhile her brother has pulled down on her braids so that her head hangs over
the other edge of the desk.  He has taken his cock out of his pants and it
points menacingly at his sister's face.

'Open wide," he says and begins to force his cock into her mouth.  He pushes it
along her tongue until its tip hits the back of her throat.  He withdraws his
member until only the plum shaped head rests in her mouth.  He pushes in again
and soon he is sawing in and out of her mouth with increasing speed.  Her mouth
overflows with her own saliva mixed with his precum.  Because her head is upside
down the clear liquid leaks form her mouth into her eyes.

Suddenly Molly feels her cunt being pried open by Mr Wingate's two thumbs.  She
feels the tip of his prick against her labia.

"OK Mary, I mean Molly," he laughs.  "Here comes the choo-choo."

Molly feels a large mass pressing slowly and inexorably into her virgin love
channel.  It hurts terribly to be stretched so wide.  The seventy year-old man
has used no lubricant to smooth his way into his fourteen year-old captive. 
Molly's girl flesh burns as it is stretched.

Just before the old man's cock contacts her hymen. Her brother starts pushing
his penis further down her throat. 

Wayne has switched on the large desk lamp that he had moved beside his sister. 
Both her rapists can enjoy the sight of this young teenaged girl, naked but for
white knee socks and black leather shoes, as she is ravaged at both ends.  Her
throat swells as Wayne pushes his large cock all the way into her mouth.  All
eight inches of his maleness are lodged firmly into her throat.   His balls have
slapped against her face and his pubic hair tickles her nose.  Thankfully there
is some space between her nose and her brother so that she can breathe. 
Breathing through her cock-filled mouth is impossible.

Suddenly Molly is distracted from the agony of having her brother's cock lodged
in her throat by a sharp pain in her vagina.  With a grunt the old man has
thrust his hips forward and torn away her maidenhead.  Wingate keeps pushing
until all of his cock is in Molly's cunt.  Both men make eye contact and smile
broadly.   They briefly shake hands over the quivering girl.  With a wink they
both withdraw their penises part way and ram them back into the young teenager. 
For ten minutes both men saw away at Molly, filling her mouth and cunt
repeatedly with hot cock.  Blood leaks from the young woman's violated cunt and
drips onto the floor.  Her face is now soaked with sweat, saliva and her
brother's pre-seminal fluid.

At last the old man groans and begins to ejaculate into her vagina.  She can
feel his organ swelling spasmodically as it spits hot semen into her.  The white
slime overflows her cunt and pools in a small puddle on the glass of her
father's desk.

As Mr Wingate's prick begins to deflate, Wayne begins to cum in his sister's
mouth.  The end of his cock is just inside her mouth when it explodes, quickly
filling her mouth to overflowing.  Molly coughs and blows sperm out her nose. 
Wayne removes his pulsating cock from her mouth and hoses down her face and
breasts with ribbons of cock cream.

At last both men are spent and remove themselves from the young girl.  They
watch as Molly rolls on her side into a fetal position on her father's desk. 
Cum continues to leak out of her violated mouth and vagina and forms small
puddles on the glass.

As Mr Wingate gets dressed, Wayne tucks his penis back in his pants and orders
Molly to stand up.

With great effort she slides off the desk and stands before the two men.  Her
face and breasts are streaked with sperm.  Wingate's sperm, tinged pink by
Molly's virgin blood, slowly leaks from her ravaged cunt.  Nevertheless she
stands quietly.

"Now Molly.  Look at the mess you've made of father's desk," says Wayne.

Molly looks.  Several small puddles of sperm spot the glass.

Wayne orders his sister to lick up the spilled sperm.  She does this without
hesitation although here mind is screaming silently in protest.  When she is
finished she is told once again to stand before the two men.

 "Thank Mr Wingate for raping you," Wayne orders.

Molly can't believe her own ears when she says "Thank you for raping me Mr

"It was my pleasure, Molly. From what I hear from your brother about his plans
for you, it is entirely possible that we may be able to do this again in the not
too distant future.

"Meanwhile, I'll take my leave of you both. 

"Oh by the way Wayne, thank you for giving me some of those lovely mind control
tablets.  I think I'll invite my great-niece over to my country place for the
weekend.  I want to see if her cunt is as sweet  and tight as Molly's."

Molly, still naked, follows the two men to the front door where Wayne bids
farewell to the old man.

Turning to his sister he says, "That went better than I could have hoped.  Old
Man Wingate is going to recommend to the Board of  Directors that we each get an
allowance of four million dollars a year.  Of course you will give all your
money to me."

"Well," he continues.  "It's time to put you to bed."

In fact it is only eight o'clock at night but Molly is tired and hopes that once
she's in bed, Wayne won't bother her.  She remembers that Wayne said that he
wouldn't use the mind control drug on her anymore.  Perhaps then she can escape
and go to the authorities.

"Oh by the way," Wayne says.  "You won't be sleeping in your bedroom any more. 
Tonight you'll spend the night with me.  Come along."

She follows her brother up to his large room.  Molly is resigned to the fact
that she will be sharing Wayne's bed tonight.

She is wrong.
Wayne instructs Molly to fill her mouth with a bright red ball-gag and hold it
in place with a black leather strap.  He then tells her to remove her shoes and
socks so that she is completely naked.

"Molly," he says as he prepares things.  "You are my little meat puppet.  As you
know,  most puppets are held up with strings and tonight you will be too."

He tells Molly to put her arms behind her back and grasp an elbow with hand. 
When she does so he binds her forearms together with rough hemp rope.

She stands helpless as Wayne strings some more hemp from  a hook screwed into
the ceiling to a pulley that is also anchored to the ceiling about twelve feet
from the hook..  He stands on a chair and threads the rope from the hook through
the pulleys.  He leaves enough slack between the two so that the rope just
touches the floor.

"Come over here," he orders, "and stand with your feet on either side of this

Molly obeys and is soon straddling the slackened rope.

Molly is told to stand still while her brother fastens manacles to her ankles
and screws the short chains that are attached to the cuffs into the hardwood
floor.  She cannot lift her feet off the floor although she is able to stand on
her toes..

Wayne now goes to the other side of the pulley where the end of the rope is
hanging.  With a tremendous jerk he pulls down on it. The rope between the
ceiling hook and the pulley shortens and snaps off of the floor.  It should rise
towards the ceiling until it is a taut line from anchor to pulley, like a
tightrope suspended six inches from the ceiling.  It would do that except that
Molly is straddling the rope.  Instead of rising to the ceiling, the rope snaps
viciously into her cunt and ass.

She screams as the coarse rope digs deeply into her tender flesh.  Because her
ankles are fastened to the floor she cannot step over the hideous cord.  Her
brother keeps pulling until his sister is forced up on her toes.  He then ties
his end of the rope to another ring imbedded in the floor.

Molly is whimpering desperately as the splintery rope presses and chafes against
her cunt lips and ass.  Wayne is pleased to see that the rope has embedded
itself completely into her tender girl flesh.   He looks more closely and is
thrilled to observe that the rope is squashing his sister's clitoris.

With her eyes the poor girl implores her brother to relieve her pain.  Her legs
are already cramping as she tries to lift herself off the painful twine.

Wayne ignores her pleas for mercy.  He walks around her like a man inspecting a
piece of fine art.

Sweat has broken out on Molly's body.  Her cramped legs are trembling with
exertion.  The pain in her cunt is driving her mad.

"Almost but not quite." Wayne murmurs to himself.  He faces his sister. 

"I've got it!" he exclaims.

He goes to his desk and rummages through the middle drawer.  He returns with a
spool of thick black sewing thread.  Working quickly, he cuts two long pieces of
thread from the spool.  He makes tiny hangman's nooses at the ends of each

Her exertions to find some relief from the bite of the rope have caused her
nipples to harden.  Her brother fastens a noose around each one and tightens it
cruelly.  Her nipples are still coated with ruby colored lipstick and the black
thread is clearly visible strangling her tender buds of flesh.  Wayne then
gently pulls each thread up and drapes it over each of Molly's shoulders. He
lets the threads hang down her back.  Carefully he passes the end of each thread
under the hemp rope that is binding his sister's arms together behind her back. 
He stands directly behind her looking at her in a full-length mirror that is on
the wall in front of them.  Suddenly he pulls up on both threads at the same
time.  Molly screams around her ball gag as each noose tightens even more around
each nipple before pulling it up towards her shoulder.  Wayne keeps pulling on
the threads until his sister's nipples are stretched more than an inch.  He then
ties the ends of the threads to her arms.

He stands in front of his suffering sister and smiles broadly.

"Well Sis, it's time to say goodnight.  I'm going to leave you like this until
tomorrow.  Then my friends will arrive and the fun will really begin.

-- To be continued


Pain.  Endless pain.  For the past ten hours this has been the universe of
fourteen year old Molly. Her slim body glistens with perspiration.  She moans
softly.  In her dazed state she hardly notices that her brother has returned. 
He stands beside her and marvels at his handiwork once again.  His beautiful
little sister has been balancing on her toes for hours and her leg muscles are
locked in agonizing cramps.  That pain is bad but not as bad as the throbbing
ache in her nipples.  They have swollen to twice their normal size as tiny
nooses of coarse cotton thread stretch them up grotesquely.  Each strand has
been drawn over one of her shoulders and fastened to the ropes which tightly
bind her forearms to each other behind her back.   By midnight the nooses had
tightened sufficiently to break the skin around the base of each nipple. 
Several small rivulets of blood trickle down the underside of each of Ivy's
breasts and onto the flat surface of her abdomen.  But even this is not the
primary cause of her suffering.  The flesh of her vagina and ass-hole burn
horribly.  Her brother has forced her to straddle a rough hemp rope.  The line
has been passed through rings in the ceiling and tightened so that its jagged
surface is jammed into the crack formed by her cunt and ass.  She cannot escape
because her ankles are fastened with short chains to rings in the floor. 
Molly's most intimate flesh has been scraped raw.  At three in the morning, her
legs gave out momentarily, dropping her onto the rope.  This resulted in a
bruised clitoris.

Her suffering delights Wayne.  At six feet six he towers over the little girl by
a foot.  He reaches out and plucks the thread attached to her left nipple like a
harp string.  The sudden increase in pain wakes her from her painful stupor. 
She moans and tries to focus pain blurred eyes at her brother.

"Wake up, Molllycunt, rest time is over," he says sarcastically.  "It's six in
the morning and we've got a busy day ahead of us.  I must say, I did enjoy lying
in bed watching you struggle.  Perhaps we'll make this a regular thing."

Molly sobs as Wayne uses a knife to cut the threads stretching her nipples. 
With rough fingers he loosens the loops.  His sister cries out as circulation is
restored in her tender flesh, causing more pain.

"Hold still," he orders.  "We don't want your titties to get infected.  Her
uncaps a small bottle and soaks a cotton ball with brown liquid.  Her rubs her
nipples with the cloth.

"IIEEEYAAAH!!" Molly screams.  Her brother has rubbed iodine on the broken flesh
of her tits and it burns like acid.

"Shut up," he orders as her loosens the rope from the ceiling.  With a flick of
his wrist her pulls the hemp out of her cunt and ass.  Molly immediately falls
to her knees.  She pitches forward, with her face resting on the floor as Wayne
unshackles her ankles.  Finally, he loosens the bonds holding her arms behind
her back and stands up.  Molly rolls over on her side and curls into a fetal

"Get up, Sis," he says as he prods her with his shoe.  " I want you to clean up
for our guests.  They're going to begin arriving in about an hour."

The fourteen-year-old struggles to her feet and stand before her brother.  He
grabs her wrist and leads her down the stairs to her bathroom.  Her large
bathtub has been filled with scented water.  He helps her into it and instructs
her to wash herself and to put on the clothes that he has laid out on her bed
when she is done.  He explains that the bath water has been laced with a mild
antiseptic so that the chafed flesh of her cunt and ass will not get infected. 
He leaves her alone.

Molly lays in the water.  She slowly recovers some of her strength as she washes
herself in the soothing bath.

Somewhat revived, she realizes that this is probably her best chance to escape. 
If she can just make it to the highway perhaps she can flag down a car whose
driver will take her to the police.  She quietly gets out of the bath and dries
herself.  She goes down to her room. The outfit Wayne wants her to wear is on
her bed.  It consists of a white leather bikini bottom and a matching bra. 
She's not going to wear that.  Instead she goes to her dresser to get more
appropriate clothes.  The drawers are empty!  She rushes to her closet. Wayne
has removed all her clothes. She returns to her bed and reluctantly picks up the
leather panties.  She is appalled to notice that a four-inch dildo and a
two-inch long butt plug have been fitted to the garment.  She struggles to
remove them but cannot.  With disgust she throws the clothing back on the bed. 
She picks up the bra.  The inside has been lined with thousands of tiny needles. 
Each needle is less that one-sixteenth of an inch long and would not break her
skin.  Nonetheless the pain of wearing such a top would be unbearable.

"Screw this," she thinks and pulls the bedspread from the bed.  She pulls off
the top sheet and wraps it around her body into a loose toga.  She then quietly
walks down the stairs to the front entrance of the mansion.  She can hear her
brother speaking to someone on the phone in her father's study.  This is her

She rushes to the front door and quietly opens it.  She slips outside and runs
down the steps of the mansion's massive front porch.  Molly hurries along the
private tree-lined roadway of the estate.  The road is about a half a mile long
but she covers that distance quickly, motivated by the memory of the night of
horror she had just experienced.  She comes to the gate that separates the
estate from the two-lane black top of the county road.  She presses the code
number of the automatic lock on the gate and to her relief, the heavy barricade
quietly glides open.  She's out in a shot and is running down the road.  She
wants to get as far as possible from her sadistic brother.

It's still early in the morning and there is no traffic on the road.  Molly
continues to run when she catches sight of a large, black Buick station wagon
coming towards her.  She steps out on the road and tries desperately to flag it
down.  The vehicle slows to a stop and the tinted passenger side window slides
down.  Molly runs up to the window.

An elderly couple is seated in the front seat.  The driver is a man in his
seventies and the woman only a few years younger.  They look at the strangely
dressed young girl with concern. 

"Are you all right, my dear?" asks the grandmotherly old woman. 

"Please, please!" Molly shouts.  "You've got to help me.  My brother's gone
crazy and I need to get to the police.  Do you have a cell phone I can use to
call them?"

"I'm afraid the battery of my husband's phone died yesterday and we forgot to
charge it," says the kindly old woman.  "Why don't you get in the back and we'll
take you where you want to go."

Turning to the passengers in the back seat the old woman says, "Roger, why don't
you get out and make room for this dear child."

The back door of the Buick opens and a very fat boy steps out.  He is about
twelve years old. He smiles at Molly and holds the door open for her.  As she
passes him to get in she notices that she is several inches taller than he is
although he must outweigh her by at least one hundred pounds.  She looks into
the car and sees that the boy's identical twin brother is sitting on the far
side of the car.  He is as corpulent as his brother.  Roger gets in behind her
and she finds herself sandwiched between the two fat youths.  Molly has to
breathe through her mouth because the boys have not bathed for several days. 
They both give off a sour goat-like body odor.  She figures that the old couple
in the front of the car must have grown so used to the smell that they don't
notice it.

As the car accelerates the old woman introduces them.  "Molly, this is Roger and
his brother, John. They're our grand-sons."

The young girl's head jerks up!  She doesn't remember giving the old woman her

"How do you know my name?" she asks with a sinking heart.

"Why your brother, Wayne, called us," the woman says with a smile.  "You see, I
told a little fib when I said our cell phone didn't work.  Anyway, he was
talking to me when he heard you running out of the house.  He knew we were just
a mile or so from the estate.  He asked us to pick you up, you naughty little

Molly struggles to get out of the car but is tightly sandwiched by the twins. 
Each boy grabs one of her arms and holds her in place.  As she struggles the top
of her toga falls open revealing her small breasts.  Roger and his brother smile
at the sight.  Each boy uses his free hand to pinch one of her bruised nipples.

By now the Buick has pulled up to the entrance of the estate.  The old woman
uses her phone to call Wayne who remotely opens the gate.  The old man drives
the car down the private driveway and stops when the vehicle is out of sight
from the highway.

He turns to his grandsons and says, "Boys why don't we get out and see what
Molly's got to offer."

The old couple gets out of the car and the twins pull Molly from the back seat. 
She tries to run away but the old man grabs her by the scruff of the neck.  He
is very powerful.  In her struggles, the bed sheet slips from Molly's body and
she stands naked before the foursome.

"Oh, she's just adorable," coos the old woman.   "We're going to have lots of
fun with her before the day is out."

"Grandma," asks Roger as his gazes at Molly's nakedness with piggy eyes.  "Can
Johnny and me fuck her? Please, can we?"

"It's 'May Johnny and I fuck her' Roger," she corrects.  "I do wish you'd watch
your grammar. Anyway, you can't right now, boys.  There'll be time enough for
that very soon but right now her brother is waiting for her.  I think he's got
something special in mind for her when he gets hold of her.  Perhaps he'll let
you watch or even participate.  Now get the ropes and we'll take her home in a
manner that befits the animal she is."

Molly struggles vainly to escape from the clutches of the old man while the two
boys open the back of the station wagon and remove a large coil of rope.  The
old woman takes a switchblade from the pocket of her husband's windbreaker and
cuts four lengths of rope.  The man forces Molly to lie on the ground while the
boys fasten a piece of rope to each of her wrists and ankles.  As they work each
boy takes the opportunity to run his hands over her naked body, fondling her
breasts and buttocks and pinching her nipples.   Roger even manages to shove his
thumb into her vagina before his grandmother notices what he's done and makes
him take it out.

The boys and the old man lift Molly up and slam her roughly down on her back
onto the wide roof of the station wagon.  The sun has been up for a while and
the metal is painfully hot.   Her head is at the back of the vehicle.  Before
she can recover, the opposite ends of the ropes are passed into the open window
of the car.  The old man and woman pull hard and tie the ends to the seat belt
anchors in the vehicle.  When they are finished the girl is tightly
spread-eagled on the hot metal of the roof.  Her legs are spread so wide that
the inner lips of her vagina are open to the elements.  The family gets in the
car and the old man hits the gas pedal.  The Buick's tires spin and the car
accelerates.  Molly slides backwards until her head hangs over the back of the
car, but the ropes keep her from falling off.  The old man purposely makes the
Buick weave from side to side jerking the girl left and then right.  It feels
like her arms and legs are being torn from their sockets.  He drives over some
bumps and Molly is slammed onto the roof so that her breath is knocked out of
her.  When they are almost at the mansion the old man gets the car up to sixty
miles an hour.  Molly can feel the wind on her vagina.  Insects bounce of the
windshield of the car and her widely spread legs.   Just before the car begins
to slow down to stop a honeybee is blown onto Molly's vagina. The stunned insect
instinctively stings the delicate flesh of her labia.  Molly screams as the wind
blows the dying bug into her gaping cunt.

The old man slams on the brakes and Molly is almost thrown off of the front of
the car as it skids to a stop in front of the mansion.

Wayne is standing in front of the large home.  He is delighted to see his sister
trussed to the roof of the car like a dead animal.

The foursome gets out of the car. 

"Wayne, my friend," says the old man.  "Thanks for inviting us to help break
your sister."

"Mr and Mrs Johnson," Wayne replies.  "It's my pleasure.  In fact, it's an honor
to be visited by two longstanding members of the Thanatos Society.  I'm sure you
have a lot to teach me."

"Now, now, son," smiles Mrs Johnson as she embraces Molly's brother.  "Don't be
modest.  From what you've told us about how you've handled Molly in the past
day, it looks like you're off to a wonderful start.

"Do you expect the others to arrive soon?" she continues.

"Yes," Wayne says.  "I was on the phone late into the night and everything is
arranged.  The workmen will be here this morning, as will the new staff and a
few more guests.  It's amazing how quickly people respond when money is no

Turning to the twins, Mrs Johnson instructs them to get Molly down from the car. 
The twelve-year-old boys work quickly and loosen the girl's ropes and pull her
off of the car onto the grass.

Wayne and the old couple saunter over to where Molly is sprawled on her back.

"Molly, Molly, Molly," says Wayne, shaking his head.  "When are you going to
realize that you can never escape from me?"

Molly says nothing.  She only glares at her brother through pain charged eyes.

"You know that your behavior must be 'corrected'.  Mr Johnson, do you have any

"Well Wayne," says Johnson.  "Normally I'd cut the Achilles tendons of any slave
who tried to run away.  But since this little cunt is new to slavery I suggest a
less drastic corrective action."  He looks at his two fat grandsons who stand
over Molly.  "Perhaps my grandsons and their grandmother can helpteach her a

The two boys are kneeling on either side of a struggling Molly.  Each is pinning
a shoulder to the ground with one hand while pinching her nipples with the
other.  Her tender buds have become swollen with blood and stand out prominently
from her small breasts.  Their brutal fondling has caused the cuts made by the
strings that night to re-open and tiny droplets of blood seep out of the base of
her nips.  She is horribly humiliated by the crude attentions of  boys even
younger than she is.

Grandpa remarks to Wayne that the boys share a personal sex-slave that they were
given as a Christmas present last year.  However she was sent to the Thanatos
Society's Slave Academy for advanced training.  As a result, Roger and John have
been without anyone to fuck and torment for several weeks now.  That is why they
can't seem to leave Molly's tits alone."

Wayne says, "Boys.  Follow me to the back of the house.  Bring the cunt along. 
I think you'll be able to teach her a lesson in the greenhouse."

Molly is pulled to her feet and led around the mansion to a small greenhouse
that occupies a corner of the large back lawn.  Wayne leads them into the glass
building.  The visitors walk past a large variety of cactus plants.  Molly's
brother explains that his mother had been interested in growing different
varieties of the prickly plants.

At the end of the greenhouse is the work area.  A large wooden table is bolted
to the concrete floor.  Gardening implements and clay pots are scattered on its

The boys' eyes light up when they notice the large vise bolted to edge of the
table.  Its jaws are more than twelve inches long.

With a whoop they drag Molly to the device.  They force her to bend from the
waist so that her tits hang over the vise.  Roger pushes her down until the cod
cross-hatched steel surfaces of the steel jaws touch her nipples.  As he holds
her in place his brother quickly turns the handle of the vise.  The jaws come
together trapping Molly's tender breast buds.

"EEEEAAAAAHHH!!" she screams as the cold metal jaws squash her nipples.  Roger
lets go of the fourteen year-old.  She cannot stand up straight for her
sensitive flesh is trapped.  Her squeals intensify as Johnny continues to turn
the handle of the vise.  He stops only when Molly'' nipples are almost squeezed
flat.  Pain radiates from her nipples through both her breasts.

Tears course down her cheeks as she does a dance of pain.  Molly cannot stand up
straight.  She tries to grab the handle of the vise but the boys are too quick
for her.  They each grab one of her wrists and bend her arms and force her hands
flat onto the table on either side of the vise.

"How are you going to keep her from loosening he vise?" asks Mr Johnson calmly.

"We could tie her hands behind her back," says Roger as he watches Molly writhe.

"Yes," agrees his grandfather. "But I'm sure you can think of a more imaginative
and painful way to secure her arms.  Just look around."

The fat twins do as instructed.  Johnny's face lights up when he notices a
hammer and several boxes of nails sitting on the table.  Smiling he looks at his
grand dad and asks if it OK to nail Molly's hands to the top of the table.

"Of course it's OK," says the old man.  "Just make sure that you place the nails
so that they break none of her bones."

Upon hearing this, Molly increases her struggle to escape.  It is a useless

Wayne, ever helpful, retrieves the hammer and a box of four-inch nails.   

"Here, let me do it," he says.

Standing to the right of his sister, he places the point of a nail on the back
of her hand about one inch below the conjunction of her middle and fourth
fingers.  Lifting the heavy hammer, he looks his sister in the eye.

"I imagine your little nipples must really hurt.  I know a way of taking your
mind off of them," he says and strikes the nail with a mighty blow.

AAAAIIIIYYGHH!!!" screams Molly as the steel shaft easily penetrates the flesh
of her hand and drives into the wooden surface of the bench.  The fat
twelve-year old twins laugh out loud as blood oozes from her wounded hand and
piss trickles down the inside of her legs.

Old Mrs Johnson declares, "Molly, you naughty girl, you've gone and embarrassed
yourself by peeing on he floor.

Carefully avoiding the puddle of urine, Wayne goes to the other side of his
sister and nails her other hand to the workbench.

Both boys now let go of her arms and stand back to admire the view.  Fourteen
year old Molly is bent over at the waist.  She cannot stand straight for her
nipples are trapped in the iron maw of a large vise.  She cannot loosen the jaws
for her hands have been nailed to the surface of the table.  Her beautiful round
ass jiggles slightly as her feet dance in the puddle of her own urine.  She is
screaming and crying from the pain.  She doesn't know what hurts more her hands
or her nipples.  Soon her body glistens with sweat.

Her cries go up an octave when Old Mr Johnson stands behind her and places a
gnarled hand on each cheek of her buttocks.  Using his thumbs as if he were
splitting a peach, he spreads her ass cheeks to reveal the pink rosette of her

He looks over his shoulder at his wife.  "Will you assist me, my dear?"

"Of course," she says and goes over to her husband.  She unzips his fly and
removes his semi-hard cock.  With a few deft strokes of her hand, the old man's
cock hardens into a nine inch shaft.  She guides the tip of her husband's
circumcised penis to Molly's ass-hole.  The fourteen year old can feel the blunt
end pushing against her anal opening.   Inexorably the man pushes forward until
the ring of flesh expands painfully and swallows the purple plum shaped head of
his cock.  Molly cannot move very much lest she tear off her nipples.  Her
shrieks intensify as inch by inch Johnson's cock invades her rectum.  Soon eight
inches of flesh rest in her gut.  He pulls out and Molly feels like she is being
turned inside out.  The old man begins to fuck her ass rhythmically.  The young
teen's anal sphincter feels like it's on fire.  Her screams are deafening.   
Finally the Johnson pulls his cock from her ass and shoots a great wad of sperm
onto Molly's backside.

As the pearly slime slides down the back of her right leg, Johnson turns to his
grandsons and says, "She's all your."

While her husband was buggering the helpless girl, Mrs Johnson was walking
around the rest of the greenhouse.  She returns holding something in a heavily
gloved hand.

While her grandson, Roger, is pushing his cock into Molly's vagina, Mrs Johnson
says to Wayne that his sister's screams are becoming annoying and that she has
just the thing to shut her up.  Holding her palm flat she reveals what she has
been holding.

Wayne's smile broadens.  Resting on the old woman's palm is a perfectly round
section of cactus.  It is two inches in diameter and is covered in hundreds of
quarter-inch long needles.  The cactus is green and the needles are yellow.  She
carefully bends down and rolls the cactus ball into the puddle of piss and lifts
it up.  The needles glisten with urine.

The evil pair approach their victim.  Wayne is on her right side and uses both
hands to force open her mouth.  Mrs Johnson is on Molly's left and leans forward
to pop the cactus ball onto the teenager's mouth.  Her brother then forces her
mouth shut.  The girl's screams are now muffled but no less intense as the
needles pierce her tongue and the inside of her mouth.  Mr Johnson conveniently
brings forward a length of coarse rope that he forces into Molly's mouth and
ties behind her head.  The tight rope makes it impossible for her to spit out
the cactus ball gag.  Molly can taste blood on her tongue.

Wayne steps back and watches as the twelve-year old boy continues to fuck his
sister from behind.

"I wonder, Mollycunt," he says.  "What hurts more?  Your hands, your nipples or
your mouth?"

By now small puddles of blood have formed under Molly's hands.  Small rivulets
of blood seep from the corners of her mouth.  Her mouth and hands burn with pain
but her entire breasts resonate with torment.  Every time Roger slams into her
cunt, she is forced forward and her nipples are stretched horribly.

With a groan, Roger begins to cum in the fourteen-year old's cunt.  Drops of
white cum ooze from around his cock which remains imbedded in her.

Smiling, he pulls his cock out and is quickly replaced by Johnny, his twin
brother.  To further add to her discomfort, he reaches down and grabs each of
Molly's legs and lifts her feet off the floor.  Her crucified hands, her bruised
nipples and her tormentor's cock now support her entire weight.

Little Johnny has been so turned on by Molly's torture that he cums almost
immediately, filling her cunt with his sperm until it overflows.  He pulls out
and drops her legs.

Leaving the girl to suffer, her tormentors don heavy gloves and spread out
through the greenhouse to find new ways to torture her.  After five minutes they
return.  The boys are each holding a cactus part that resembles a thick green
pencil that are covered with tiny needles like the cactus ball in Molly's mouth. 
Wayne has returned as well.  He is carrying two large round cactuses.  Each one
is the size of a small pillow.  Mr Johnson has found a large plant whose needles
are two inches in length.

"You've done very well." Mrs Johnson remarks.  "Let me help you."  She takes two
of the pencil shaped cactus stalks and shows it to Molly.  The poor girl's eyes
widen when she gazes upon the green cacti.  One is eight inches in length and
one inch in diameter.  It is entirely covered in tiny quarter-inch long yellow
needles.  The second piece is identical except a little narrower.

The old woman turns to her husband and asks him to help.  Obligingly, he steps
behind Molly and uses his hands to open one again the cheeks of her ass.  Mrs
Johnson hands the narrower cactus stick to Roger and tells him to insert it into
Molly's ass.  Assisted by his grandfather whose thumbs are holding open the
teenager's ass-hole. The boy inserts one end of the cactus into her bum.  Molly
struggles as he pushes the stick further into her ass until only three inches
remain outside her ass. With a smile Old Man Johnson removes his hands from her
bum.  The young girl shrieks as her ass cheeks close around the spiky branch. 
Her muffled screams intensify when Roger's brother slides the thicker cactus
branch into her vagina.  The tender flesh of her ass and cunny are punctured by
dozens of tiny, sharp needles.

Wayne then lifts Molly up from the waist until her feet are off floor.  The two
boys slide the pillow shaped cacti under her and her brother lowers her until
her feet light upon the upper surfaces of the needle covered plants.  Her weight
crushes the cacti but not before hundreds of spikes are forced into the flesh of
her feet.

Admiring their handiwork, Wayne remarks that he will leave Molly here for two
hours to reflect upon the error of her ways.

"Just one more thing to do before we go," says Mrs Johnson merrily.  "Wayne if
you please?"

They approach Molly.  The old woman is holding the cactus with the two inch long
needles.  She breaks off a needle and shows it to the girl.  Molly is horrified
to see that the needle is not smooth but appears to be serrated. 

At a signal from the old woman, Wayne grabs Molly by the hair and pulls up.  Her
breasts are stretched horribly.  Her brother keeps pulling up on her hair.  Soon
the pink flesh of each nipple is stretched from the steely surface of the vise. 
Mr Johnson places the point of the cactus needle on the surface of the distended
flesh of the fourteen-year-old's left nipple and pushes it through until it
comes out the other side.  She does the same thing to the girl's right nipple.
Tiny beads of blood well out of the small wounds.

The pain is now so great that Molly's stomach rebels and she vomits.  However
the ball gag blocks her mouth.  Some of the puke is blown out her nose but she
swallows most of it.

Looking at his sweat-soaked sister who has been raped and buggered and pierced,
Wayne is confident that she will think twice before attempting to escape.

They leave her to suffer.

------------- To be continued.


This story contains graphic images of torture, humiliation and sexual perversion. Readers who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality should read no further. If you would like to contact the author, you may do so at

----------- Cerberus

Naked, young Molly Grant bends over the heavy workbench; the tender tips of her small breasts trapped in the hard steel jaws of a large vise; her hands nailed to the table's rough wooden surface. She moans loudly, despite the cactus ballgag in her mouth, filling the large greenhouse with a dolorous mantra. Through a red haze of pain, the beautiful fourteen year-old's mind is flooded with the flashbacks of the torture and degradation her brother Wayne has forced her to endure in the short time since they learned that their parents had been killed. Until then, she had been an innocent girl with no reason to suspect that a continued life of privilege and comfort would come to a brutal end.

After an hour, her hands stop bleeding but her pussy and ass continue to ooze small streams of blood from the dozens of wounds made by the tiny thorns of the cacti in both sensitive holes. The muscles in her lower back throb painfully but when she tries so stand straight her nipples feel like they are being torn from her chest. Occasionally the ache becomes unbearable and she straightens up until her nipples are stretched so badly that the pain in them overpowers that of her back. When she pulls her nipples, she reopens the wounds caused by the two-inch-long cactus needles that pierce the base of each tender bud. Small drops of blood sprinkle onto the upper surfaces of the vise. Molly's only relief comes from the fact that her saliva slowly softens the cactus in her mouth sufficiently for her to bite down on it and spit it onto the table. Unfortunately, the coarse rope that had held the urine-soaked cactus in her mouth remains in place, drawing the corners of her lips back in a hideous rictus of pain. Blood-tinged saliva drools out of her mouth and dangles from her chin. Her slender body is bathed in sweat. Soon dozens of flies, attracted by her blood and sweat, descend from every corner of the large green house to swarm over her body. Most of them land on the flesh of her butt and pussy. With her hands nailed to the table, she can do little to fend them off.

Molly hears a woman's footsteps. She twists her head around and sees old Mrs Johnson approaching.

"Well, Molly, my dear," says the grandmotherly looking woman brightly. "It's time to meet the people that your brother has invited to help make the you the best little sex-slave in the country." Mrs Johnson removes the rope from Molly's mouth and then puts on gardening gloves to remove the cactus from the unfortunate girl's cunt and asshole. Molly whimpers loudly when Mrs Johnson pulls the long cactus spikes from her nipples. The old woman then takes a pry bar and a small block of wood. She carefully removes the steel nails from the fourteen year-old's hands. Molly immediately reaches for the handle of the vise and loosens its jaws, freeing her nipples. Blood rushes back into them making them ache more than before. The young girl steps off the cactus pillows onto the floor. Mrs Johnson tells her to sit up on the table so she can tend to her wounds.

Molly is about the same size as the old woman and can probably overpower her but she is afraid of more punishment if she fails escape from the estate. She obediently hops up on the table. The old woman applies the Thanatos Society's quick-healing antiseptic balm to the girl's hands as well as her bruised and torn nipples. She bandages her hands while explaining that the balm is so effective her wounds will probably be completely healed in a day or two. Mrs Johnson then takes a black leather dog collar from out of her pocket and straps it tightly around Molly's slender neck. It is so tight that Molly has difficulty swallowing. She reaches into another pocket and takes out a six-foot long black leather leash which she hook to a silver ring in the front of the collar.

The old woman tugs the handle of the leash and orders the girl to hop off the table and follow her. The naked teenager obeys. She winces as she walks for the bottoms of her feet are still studded with cactus spikes. Even more painful are the tiny cactus needles that remain imbedded in the soft, delicate flesh of her pussy and asshole. Despite these discomforts, she manages to keep up with the old woman. They walk around to the front of the house. A dark blue Lexus and a large moving van are parked in the curved driveway. Molly's brother is talking to a man and woman. The woman is holding the leash of one of the largest, ugliest dogs Molly has ever seen.

The twelve year-old Johnson twins sit on the porch steps drinking Cokes and eating potato chips. Their piggy little eyes light up when they see Molly being led like an animal by their grandmother. They stand up and come over. "Look at her nipples," says Jack to his brother. "Geez, they look swollen to twice their normal size."

"Yeah," agrees Roger. "And look how bruised they are. You can see the cross-hatching of the surface of the vice cut into her nips. Neat!" Indeed, Molly's pink buds are now purple and swollen. In fact, a little blood continues to ooze out of the wounds made when the old woman pushed the large cactus thorns through the base of each nipple.

Wayne overhears the boys' comments and turns to his sister and Mrs Johnson. He smiles and says, "Mrs Johnson, please bring Mollycunt over here. I want the Kryzlers to meet her." The twins follow Mrs Johnson as she leads the teen over to where her brother, Mr Johnson and his newly arrived guests stand on the grass in the shade of the truck. Several large men are unloading large crates from the back of the vehicle. Mr Johnson gallantly offers to take the leash from his wife. He then tugs sharply down on it, forcing Molly onto her knees. Wayne looks down on his naked sister and says to the Kryzlers.

"This exquisite morsel of fuck-meat is my little sister, Mollycunt," he announces.

Molly looks into the faces of a man a woman. The dog is pulling at his leash trying to get closer to Molly. She cowers back. The woman holds tightly onto the dog's leash. Mr Johnson grips the back of Molly's collar and prevents her from retreating further. The huge animal's face is so close to Molly's that she can smell dog food on his rank breath. In a Russian accent the woman says, "Rasputin is getting excited. He must smell your sister's pussy."

The woman continues to hold the slavering beast inches from Molly as Wayne continues the introductions.

"Mollycunt, this is Dr Edgar Kryzler," he says. "You may call him 'Sir".

A tall powerfully built man nods at her. "Hello, Bitch," he says in a British accent. "You're a pretty little thing. Just how old are you?"

"Fourteen," says Molly.

"Fourteen, 'SIR' you dumb cunt!!" shouts Wayne as he slaps his sister hard on her cheek.

Tears surge from Molly eyes as she sobs "F-f-fourteen, S-s-sir."

"That's better. Good manners are important," says Edgar softly. "Fourteen is a magical age. It's an age when many girls' bodies ripen wonderfully. Molly here is a perfect example – a true woman-child. Wayne, you are fortunate to be able to pluck her at this time." Looking at her closely, he continues. "I notice the little bitch has a hairless cunt. She seems sufficiently developed to have sprouted a few cunt hairs."

"Yes," replies Wayne. "But I fed my dear sister some mind control pills and had use duct tape to pull her cunt hairs out by the roots."

"Wonderful!" laughs Kryzler. "But from now on there'll be no mind controlling drugs for little Mollycunt. I prefer my "students" to be somewhat resistant."

Wayne tells Molly that she should feel honored that Edgar has agreed to take part in her training. "You see, Sis, he is an expert in dealing pain. For more than a year I've had a DVD of some of his work at the Thanatos Manor," he explains. "I hid it from mom and dad by putting it in a Marilyn Manson CD case – that's one artist they'd never play. Now I'll get to watch him in person while he works on you. Edgar is a fourth degree Master Torturer. Only a handful of men and women have achieved that level of expertise. He's been a guest instructor at Thanatos Manor where he teaches those who intend to make torture their life's work. Here, unfortunately, he will not have access to a fully equipped torture chamber – although I am planning to build one very soon. So, he'll have to make do with the tools he's brought with him and whatever we can find around the house."

Turning to the woman, Wayne says. "This is Katerina, Edgar's partner. She's here to remind you of your place in the new social structure of our happy little family. You may call her 'Ma'am'."

"Tell me Little One," says Kat. "Do you like my little doggie?"

"Y..y..yes, Ma'am," lies the trembling girl. Molly remembers the slap her brother delivered when she failed to say "Sir" to Edgar.

The dog continues to pant its foul breath into the girl's face. He is drooling and when he shakes his massive head, flecks of dog spit spray onto Molly's face and naked chest.

"Rasputin is a cross between a Neapolitan mastiff and a pit bull," Kat explains. "He's a very talented animal, my dear. You see, he's been trained to fuck little girls like you."

Terrified, Molly looks at the animal. It must outweigh her by fifty pounds. Suddenly, the dog appears to lose interest in her and sits on the grass. He begins licking his balls. Molly is revolted to see that its bright red cock has emerged from its sheath, but at least the dog is no longer panting in her face.

"Your brother tells me that when 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' were alive you were their cherished princess," says Kat. "He says that they treated you as if your shit tasted like chocolate pudding. Nothing was too good for their little girl. He says that you were the favored child and that he was a distant second in their affections. Well, my dear, that's all over now." Turning to Edgar, she says. "Eddie dear, could you go and tell the movers to bring over the dog cage?"

As Edgar leaves, the Russian beauty turns her attention back to Molly. "Let me explain your place in 'Wayne's World'. Your brother, of course, is now head of the family. He owns you body and soul. He can do whatever he wishes with you. You will fuck whom he tells you to fuck and suck whom he tells you to suck. Your life is in his hands. If he tires of you he can kill you and the Thanatos Society will help him dispose of your worthless carcass.

"Next in order of importance are Edgar and I. For the next few days, we control your life. After us comes any guest who might visit, like the Johnsons and their two delightful grandsons. Then comes Rasputin here. He has a higher status and more privileges than you do. In fact, any mice or cockroaches that might be crawling around the cellar of your brother's fine home are freer than you."

Tears slowly flow down Molly's cheeks as she listens. Kat asks Mr Johnson, who continues to hold Molly by her dog collar, if he would be kind enough to bend Molly over so her head rests on the lawn. The old man obliges by pushing her head down. The Johnson twins run over. Each boy pulls one of Molly's arms out and places her damaged hands flat on the grass. They then stand on her hands so she can't move. She is bent over with her naked bum in the air and her head turned so that her left cheek lies on the grass of the lawn. The boys guffaw in anticipation.

"Molly," says Kat. "You appear to be a bright girl so it shouldn't take you long to learn your place in our little family. Even Rasputin knows your are his inferior. Here, I'll prove it to you."

Upon hearing his name the huge dog stops licking his balls and gazes obediently at Mistress Kat. A flick of the Russian's finger towards the supine teenager and the well-trained animal gets the order. He stands up and walks over to Molly. He sniffs at her head. The dog licks her face a couple of times. Suddenly he growls and clamps his large jaws around Molly's throat. The girl quivers in terror. His fangs are pressed tightly into the flesh of her neck. She knows the dog can easily crush her. However, the animal does not want to kill her. He is simply showing her in "dog language" that he is the boss. He emphasizes his point by releasing her and turning so he can lift his hind leg and release a stream of hot piss onto the side of her face.

The boys howl with laughter as the dog continues to hose down the poor squirming girl. Her hair is soaked with dog piss. The sour brew thunders into her ear. Her eyes sting and she blinks frantically to clear them. She makes the mistake of crying out and piss fills her mouth. She quickly shuts it. The dog's flood of piss seems endless. A reeking puddle forms in the grass around her head. Molly watches a black ant run along a blade of grass to escape the growing flood. Her heart breaks to realize that even a tiny ant has freedom to avoid the piss but she does not.

As the teenager endures the degradation, the two movers bring over a large cage and place it on the sunny lawn near Molly. They look for a minute or two at the girl as she suffers at the hands of her tormentors but then go back to unloading the truck as if a dog pissing on a naked girl happens every day. The steel dog cage is four feet wide, four feet high and six feet long. Designed for a large canine, the narrow vertical bars that make up the walls of the cage are set six inches apart. The set of bars at each end of the contraption is hinged, forming doors. Mrs Johnson swings open one of the doors. The floor is a four by six-foot metal tray that slides out for cleaning.

When Rasputin as finished peeing on Molly, he sneezes twice and returns to Kat's side and sprawls nonchalantly on the grass. Freed by the twins, the girl rolls away from the puddle of piss and lies on her back crying softly.

Wayne looks at his watch and announces that it is time for lunch.

"Before we go inside," says Kat. "I think we should make Molly comfortable. Perhaps she and Rasputin can spend the time getting better acquainted." Looking at the porcine Johnson twins, she adds. "Boys. Can you help me?"

When it comes to tormenting Molly, the Johnson brothers are always willing to help. Mr Johnson picks up Molly's leash and drags her onto her hands and knees. Edgar gives young Roger a leather gag with a metal ring in it that will force Molly to keep her mouth open. With his brother's help, he fastens it around her head. Once it's in place, the poor girl can't close her mouth for a one and a half-inch diameter thin metal ring, with a serrated outer-edge, bites into the soft flesh of the bottom of her mouth and her palate just behind her teeth. Her pink tongue rests on the inside of the ring's hole. The boys' grandfather leads the girl to the cage. With the help of his grandsons, he forces the girl into the pen. Her hands and knees sting from the sun-baked hot metal floor. She remains on her on all fours with her face pressed against the bars on the opposite end of the cage. With the enthusiasm of perverted youth, twins fasten ropes around each of her knees and pull to separate her legs. Then they tie the end of each rope to a bar on opposite sides of the enclosure. Molly now kneels with her legs spread and her asshole and pussy exposed. While the youngsters deal with the girl's legs, Kat loops a rope around the back of Molly's head and pulls it tight, forcing the helpless teen's face against the bars. She pulls Molly up until her face is two and a half feet from the floor of the cage. Edgar has fastened the girl wrists to the bars at the top of the cage. They then step back to admire their handiwork.

Poor Molly is kneeling on the burning metal floor of the cage. Her face is forced between the bars at one end of the pen. She can't move for her wrists have been tied to the roof of the cage. The hot sun beats down on her alabaster skin. In order to protect her skin from an unsightly burn, Wayne asks Roger if he would like to slather sunblock on Molly. Gleefully, the fat boy crawls into the cage and begins smearing sunscreen over her body. The teenaged girl shudders at the touch of the youth. A few days ago, she would not bothered to acknowledge the existence of a fat, ugly twelve year old boy like Roger Johnson.

As she endures the boys molesting touch Wayne explains to his guests that he has mixed the sun block with honey. "The lawn is crawling with ants," he says. "The honey should attract a few colonies. My only regret is that they aren't fire ants." Addressing Roger, he instructs him to smear some of the mixture on the floor beside Molly's knees and to run the smear to the edge of the cage in order to attract the insects.

The lad follows orders and creates two sweet trails. Continuing to smear the grease on Molly, he makes sure every inch of her is covered and spends much of his time fingering her bruised nipples. He finishes by concentrating the parts of her that he knows very well the sun will never shine. After Roger finishes his humiliating massage, he gets out of the cage. His brother places a bowl of water and canned dog food on the corner of the cage behind Molly. Finally, Kat order Rasputin into his cage. Tempted by the food and the naked teenaged girl, the dog eagerly obeys. Wayne sets up a digital video camera to record Molly's ordeal. Kat says that it is getting quite hot and she doesn't want Rasputin to suffer so she has the movers place a cloth cover over the half of the cage where the dog will spend its time. Molly, however, remains exposed to the hot rays of the afternoon sun.

Wayne and his guests leave. The movers continue to unload the truck. The girl can hear Rasputin moving around behind her. She listens to him loudly lapping up the water in his bowl. She can hear him noisily eating his food. The sides and backs of her knees begin to prickle. It hasn't taken long for the ants to discover the honey. The sound of the dog's sloppy drinking is replace by the scratch of his claws on the metal floor. She feels his hot breath on her behind. She gasps when he presses his cold nose into the cleft of her ass cheeks. He begins to lick her butt and between her legs. His huge, hot wet tongue laps over the surfaces of her exposed cunt lips. Soon Molly's pink ass glistens with the dog's saliva. Meanwhile hundreds of black ants scurry over the back of her shins and up her thighs. Thousands of tiny feet tickle her flesh. She wriggles her butt in a futile attempt to discourage the Rasputin from slathering his wet tongue over her pussy lips and asshole.

"Charlie!" says one of the men. "Look at all the flies on her face."

"Jesus, Bobby" responds his friend. "I think we should help her. Don't you?"

"Yep," says Charlie. "In fact I can help her and save myself a trip into the house."

With a laugh he unzips his fly and takes out his cock. Molly looks at the tip of his dick only six inches from her face. Suddenly a stream of hot piss hits her in the eye. The bugs fly away as soon as the first burst of urine hits her left cheek. With a deft touch Charlie manages to hose all the cum from Molly's face. When he is finished her face glistens with pee. Charlie puts his cock back in his trousers and Bobby takes his out.

"I gotta pee, too," he says. "But I'm too much of a gentleman to spray this poor girl's face." He then inserts the tip of his cock into Molly's mouth. She can feel it resting on her tongue. Suddenly her mouth is filled to overflowing with piss. While some leaks out her mouth, most of it pours into her stomach. She can feel the two injured flies being washed down her throat. She gags and coughs until Bobby stops peeing. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and buttons up. He asks Molly if his piss tastes better than Rasputin's does. The exhausted girl ignores him so he and his friend Charlie go back to work. Molly is miserable. Her cunt hurts from being raped by the dog. Her knees ache and the flies have returned. Now they are attracted to her piss-covered face. Her moans of misery spread out over the large lawn as the sun beats down on her body. For half an hour, Molly's body serves as a slimy smorgasbord for the flies, ants and the odd bumblebee. They cover her face and ass. Some crawl into her mouth and others into her ears. The insides of her thighs and her exposed cunny teem with hundreds of insects. Their infernal buzzing is driving her mad. In fact, the buzzing is so loud that it wakes up Rasputin. Molly can hear the clatter of his claws on the floor of the cage as he stands up. He yawns once and sneezes twice. He begins licking Molly between her legs. At least his actions have scared away some of the flies and wash away the ants. Molly can hear voices. Wayne and his guests have finished dining and are returning to see how Molly's doing. The boys run ahead of the adults.

"Oh, yuck," exclaims Roger. "Look at all the bugs on her! And poo, her hair is soaked with piss. Gross!"

The adults arrive and stand around the cage. Kat can see her dog's cock slime drooling down Molly's thighs. "I see you and Rasputin have become close friends," she mocks.

Molly only blushes in humiliation.

Wayne tells the twins to get the garden hose and wash Molly down. They run off and return in a moment with a long green hose. They attach one end of it to a water pipe buried in the lawn. They begin to fight over who has control of the brass nozzle. Wayne settles the argument by reaching into his pocket to retrieve a quarter and telling the boys that he will flip a coin. The winner will get the hose. Roger is lucky the winner. His brother is disappointed but is placated when Wayne tells him that he can assist Dr Kryzler later today during his first session with Molly.

Roger carries the hose up to the cage while Kat opens one end to let out Rasputin. The boy releases an icy blast of water onto Molly's back. It is so cold that she gasps and can hardly catch her breath. The twelve year-old washes down her back and flanks and then points the hose at her head. He blasts the piss out of her hair and the ants off her body. He walks to the front of the cage and directs the water at the girl's pretty face. He releases the trigger on the nozzle and the flow suddenly stops. With a wicked smile he places the tip of the nozzle into Molly's mouth and pulls the trigger. Her mouth is flooded with water so cold that it makes her teeth ache and cheeks bulge. The back of her throat closes reflexively to prevent her from drowning and the water has nowhere to go but out her nose. Finally, the fat boy carries the hose around to the other end of the cage. He crawls in behind the bound teenager and directs the icy water over her ass. Getting closer, he shoots water onto her asshole and over her pussy lips. Finally, he shuts the hose and inserts the end of the nozzle in Molly's bruised vagina. The girl is gasping and shivering from the icy shower. She screams through her ring gag when Roger opens the hose, shooting a powerful jet of ice-water up her cunt. This frigid douche serves to clean any remnant of Rasputin's sperm from her body.

Wayne tells Roger to stop. The boy puts down the hose and stands beside the older man.

Edgar, Kat and Mrs Johnson untie the ropes binding Molly and let her come out of the cage. The teen is greatly relieved when the old woman removes her ring gag. Mr Johnson attaches the leash to her collar and leads her to kneel before her brother. The old man pushes her knees apart with his foot, exposing her naked cunt. He pulls up and back on the Molly's collar, forcing her, in effect, to kneel at parade rest. Still shivering, she looks imploringly up at her sibling.

"Wayne," she sobs. "Why are you doing these horrible things to me?"

"Because I can," he replies with contempt. "Tell me, Slut Sister. Did you cum when Rasputin fucked you?"

Molly blushes and remains silent.

"Come on now, my little cum sponge", he continues. "You might as well tell us. I'll bet the video will show you rutting like a bitch in heat. So 'fess up. Did you cum?"

"Yes," Molly whispers.

"You disgusting dog-fucking skank," he laughs. "I bet with all that screwing you really worked up an appetite. I don't think Rasputin will mind if you eat out of his bowls. After all, you're such intimate friends now.

While his brother was hosing down Molly, Jack had gone into the house with one of Rasputin's bowls. He returns and put the bowl on the lawn beside Molly. The dog rushes up to it, eager to eat some more but when he sniffs the contents, he snuffles loudly, shakes his head and walks away, leaving the food untouched. Mr Johnson bends the girl toward the bowl. As she comes closer, Molly can see why the dog chose not to eat its contents. Her gorge rises and she almost pukes as she is forced on her hands and knees with her face inches above the concoction. Canned dog food by itself smells bad enough, but the mess in this bowl is revolting.

"Looks yummy, doesn't it?" Wayne says.

With eyes brimming with tears the poor teenager stares at the bowl. Molly hasn't eaten for a very long time and should be famished. Nonetheless, her stomach heaves at the thought of placing lips to the revolting mess in the large dog dish. The bowl is filled with what appears to be canned dog food. However, teaming over the greasy surface of the are hundreds of wriggling yellow-white maggots.

"What's the matter, Bitch?" Wayne snarls. "Don't you find your meal appetizing?"

Mr Johnson pulls Molly up to a kneeling position so she can pay attention.

"It's horrible," moans the captive girl. "I won't eat it."

"What do you mean you won't eat it?" says Wayne. "Do you think you have a choice? Especially after all the trouble I went through searching the bush behind the house to find a dead, maggot-filled bird. Consider the maggots protein supplements. Now eat!"

Mr Johnson grabs Molly by the back of her neck and forces her face inches from the vermin-laced dog food. She stares at the writhing white mass on the foul smelling mess.

"That doesn't look like my dog's regular food," remarks Kat.

"It's not," says Wayne. "I noticed you feed Rasputin high quality name brands. And so you should. He deserves it. Cunt Molly here can survive on cans no-name horsemeat. I bought a couple of cases that had expired a few months ago from a dollar store in town."

Tired of Molly's hesitation, Wayne asks Eric if he would do something to pique his sister's appetite. Happy to oblige, Kryzler bends down and grabs Molly's left leg by the ankle. He lifts it up so that her thigh is parallel to the ground. Eric asks Wayne to hold her leg still. He then tells the twins to come over. "Boys, I want you to watch closely. I'm going to show you something that you might find useful when you start dating. The correct way to push a needle under a girl's toenail."

Upon hearing this, Molly struggles ineffectively to escape. Eric takes a needle that had been stuck into the lapel of his sports coat. He holds the point of the inch-long pin just where the flesh of her big toe meets the underside of her pedicured nail. Continuing his impromptu lesson he says, "It's important that the needle travel as close to the undersurface of the toe-nail as possible. You know you're doing it right if you can see the shaft of the needle travel under the nail. I'll just scratch off this pink nail polish before I start." Kryzler uses his thumbnail to scratch away the layer of enamel on the girl's big toe. "Now watch." He slowly slides the needle into the sensitive flesh under poor Molly's toenail. She howls with pain and struggles to get away. Wayne tightens his grip on her ankle.

"See boys," says Eric calmly. "You can make out the needle as it travels into her toe." Sure enough, the twins can clearly see a half-inch of the needle's silver shaft under Molly's clear toenail. A small pearl of blood has erupted from the wound.

Molly's tormentor pushes the needle in another quarter of an inch and then stops. He and Wayne let go of Molly's leg. Johnson retains a tight grip on the back of her collar.

"OK, Mollycunt," Wayne says. "Start eating or I'll let the twins practice on your other toes.

Molly feels like her toe has been amputated. She does not want to endure any more torture so she lowers her face to the teeming mess of dog food and begins to eat. As she eats, Molly can feel the maggots writhing on her tongue before she works up the nerve to swallow them. She manages to choke down most of the concoction before her stomach heaves and she retches much of it back into the bowl. Wayne forces her to eat it again.

"I guess Mollycunt prefers her food warm," he jokes as watches her lap up the vomitous mixture.

After several attempts, the girl manages to keep down the dog food mixture.

Molly remains kneeling in front of her tormentors as Wayne tells her that he is going to let her get some rest before her first session with Edgar. They need a few hours to set up a makeshift torture chamber.

"It'll take a few weeks to construct my permanent 'playroom'", says Wayne. "I've decided to pattern it after a medieval torture chamber. But don't worry, it'll have all the modern technological marvels our modern age has to offer."

Old Man Johnson jerks on Molly's leash and she stands. She follows the others into the house. Once inside they all go up stairs towards her bedroom.

"You'll notice, Mollycunt," says Wayne. "That I've made a few changes to your room."

They enter her bedroom. Molly is stunned. The walls used to be painted a light rose color. Now they are blood red, as is the ceiling. The girl can smell the wet paint. Her carpet has been removed and replaced with a hard black rubber surface. Her bed with the frilly canopy has disappeared. All her furniture has been removed. Powerful track lighting brightly illuminates the room. In the center of the room is a wooden platform, painted red. It is three feet high and as wide and long as a king-sized bed. Two black rubber hoses run along the floor from Molly's bathroom to the platform. Astonished, Molly looks around the room until her gaze falls on the strange outfit resting in the middle of the stand. Her brother asks her if she likes her new "pajamas".

As they lead her to the edge of her new "bed", her brother says, "I sent all your clothes to the Salvation Army. You won't need them anymore." Pointing to the outfit on the bed her continues. "Mistress Kat was kind enough to bring this from Thanatos Manor. It's quite unique. I'll let her explain its features before we help you into it."

The Russian woman lifts up the dull black rubber bodysuit. "This outfit is made of neoprene, the same material used to make SCUBA diver suits," Kat explains as she holds the garment up so that all can see that it opens along the back. She opens it to reveal the inside surface. Molly can see hundreds of rows of very narrow rubber tubes lining the surface. Each tube is the diameter of a strand of spaghetti. Closing the suit, Kat shows Molly two brass valves in the front of the outfit. They are situated where the wearer's nipples would be, once inside the suit.

"You are probably wondering what these hose couplings are for," the Russian continues. "Let me explain. This rubber tubing that line the inside the suit is, in fact, a single tube. Once you wearing it we will connect the hoses to the suit. A computerized pump in the bathroom is attached to the bathtub faucets. It has been programmed so that steaming hot water alternates with icy cold water every few minutes. The water will flow into the left valve, circulate through the suit and then flow out of the right valve back to the bath drain.

"Let me show you something really clever," says Kat as she opens the suit again to reveal two black dildos fixed to its interior. "The larger one will go into your pussy and the smaller one into your asshole. Notice that the rubber tubing spirals up and down their surfaces too."

Lying on the platform is the facemask that will complete Molly's sleep apparel. It is a black neoprene mask. Like the suit to which it attaches, it is lined with tiny tubes. Once in place, the ends of the small hoses will fit into the ends of the hoses in the suit's tight hood. Wayne picks it up to show his slave-sister its finer points. There is a small round hole for her mouth and two smaller holes for her nostrils. In fact the mouthpiece is a one inch diameter plastic tube that will force Molly to keep her mouth open. There are no holes for Molly's eyes. She will be blind. Two small speakers will cover Molly's ears once she is inside the suit.

Holding the mask in front of his sister, Wayne says. "Well, Slut. What do you think? Isn't this better than a flannel cotton nightie?"

"Please, Wayne," sobs Molly. "Please don't do this. Stop now and I promise I won't tell anyone what you've done to me. If you want me to leave and never come back, I will. Please, please let me go."

"Mollycunt," smiles Wayne. "I don't want you to leave. In fact, I don't want you to ever leave. You're my slave now and I plan to have you around for many years to come."

He turns to Edgar and says that it is time to give Molly her injection before she takes her nap.

Edgar goes into Molly's bathroom and returns after a minute, holding a large syringe with a two-inch long heavy gauge needle. The cylinder of the syringe is filled with a purple liquid. Mr Johnson keeps a tight grip on the back of Molly's collar while the each of the twins takes one of her arms in a tight arm lock. Kryzler approaches and holds the syringe inches from Molly's face. "This, Cuntlet, is a chemical developed especially for the Society. It serves a double purpose. The first is to make the skin on your lovely body more sensitive to touch and temperature. The second is to make you less prone to pass out under torture. After all, you don't all my hard work to go unappreciated do you"

Molly mewls with fear and struggles weakly to get free from the embrace of her three captors.

"I helped develop this drug in the labs at Thanatos Manor," says Edgar. "I happen to be a physician and biochemist so when I'm not torturing young ladies I spend much of my time in the lab. Now, you'll be relieved to know that we never experiment on animals. The Thanatos scientists harm no little bunnies. No, we prefer to use little girls like you to test our potions. Of course, there is a great advantage in this because the girls can describe the effects of the drugs -- something bunnies can't do.

"I remember, while refining this particular drug, I tried it out on one do the students of the Slave Academy – I believe her name was Slave Carolyn. She was a delightful black haired youngster -- a wisp of a girl no older than you are. She had been sent to the labs as a punishment for having nipped the end of the cock of one of the members. Frankly, the man was a fool. You see, he had arranged to surprise the girl by having one of the Facilitators press a red-hot branding iron into her left buttock while his cock was in her mouth. It's a good thing that he was on the 'out-stroke', so to speak, or she might have bitten his dick right off. But I digress. I injected the drug into her and waited an hour. I then turned her over my knee and gave her a spanking. Mind you, I used only my bare hand and never raised it above my shoulders. Despite this, Carolyn squirmed and howled. When I had finished and she had recovered sufficiently to describe the experience, she told me it felt like I had been beating her with a metal table tennis paddle that I had just removed from a four hundred-degree oven. I remember the look of shocked relief on her pretty, tear-stained face when she looked over her shoulder to see a rosy glow on her pretty ass cheeks. She had been expecting to see the skin on her bum torn and blistered."

"Do you mean to tell me that the only punishment that little bitch got for biting off the end of a member's 'member" was a simple spanking?" interjects Mr Johnson in astonishment.

"Not at all, my friend," Kryzler replies. "When Slave Cindy returned to the Academy, the Head Master had a particularly nasty means of reminding her to be careful while sucking her betters' cocks. You see, one of the members staying at Thanatos Manor when this unfortunate incident occurred was Jonathan Sprangler who happens to be the president of a company that controls, among other things, a chain of funeral homes in the southern United States. You might have heard of him. He's called 'Sprangler the Strangler' because of his penchant for choking to death young girls while he fucks them. But I digress. When Sprangler heard what had happened, he phoned his mortuary in Atlanta. He asked the manager if any "fresh dead" was currently on the slab waiting embalming. He was informed that they had just taken delivery of the corpse of an old gentleman of color who had expired peacefully just before his eighty-fourth birthday. Spangler ordered that the man's cock and testicles be cut off and sent to Thanatos Manor. He made a point of instructing that the man-meat be sent through the normal post and that it not be packed in ice. Consequently, when the package was delivered to the Manor ten days later, it was rather ripe, to say the least. The next morning, during an assembly of students of the Slave Academy, young Cindy was brought on stage where her mouth was forced open and the rotting cock and balls shoved in. A few loops of duct tape around her head ensured that she could not spit them out – at first they were going to sew her lips shut but her current owner didn't want her scarred. She was told that the tape would stay in place for five days and she had a choice of either keeping the rotting dead meat in her mouth or chewing it up and swallowing it. Cindy held out for three days before she could take no more and ate the putrid cock and balls."

Turning to Wayne, Kryzler returns to the subject of the drug by explaining that its greatest advantage is that it permits one to deliver a great deal of pain without doing permanent damage to the victim.

"Now," he continues. "To what part of little Molly's body shall we deliver this magic potion? Any suggestions?"

"Her nipple!" says Roger as he tightens his grip on Molly's arm.

"No, no, her butt," interjects his brother.

"What about the tip of her nose?" Mrs Johnson adds helpfully.

"I have a suggestion," says Kat in her accented English. "Why don't you stick the needle into her perineum?"

The twins look puzzled. They don't know where Molly's perineum is.

Wayne, however, does and is delighted by the suggestion. "Yes, Kat. That's a wonderful idea. In fact, I'd like Mollycunt to see the needle go in."

Under the direction of the Katerina, the twins and Mr Johnson force Molly onto her back on the black rubberized floor. While the older man holds the girl down, each boy takes one of the her feet. They lift her legs, spread them and force them back until her toes touch the floor above her head. Her knees are near her shoulders. The helpless teenager stares at her own pussy and asshole.

"Boys," says Edgar as he kneels beside Molly. "The perineum is that delightful area of pink flesh that separates Molly's pussy from her butt hole. Kat's suggestion that I inject her there is brilliant. You see, the increasing sensitivity builds throughout the body from the point of inoculation. It'll take an hour for Mollycunt's entire body to become sensitized, but her pussy and ass should be affected in only ten or so minutes. Now hold her tight.

Molly pleads and struggles as Edgar moves the syringe between her legs. He purposely hesitates, holding the needle a millimeter from the unblemished skin of her perineum. He smiles as the poor girl's resistance increases.

"Please, please don't let him do this Wayne," she begs. "I'll do whatever you want. I'll be your slave. I'll let you fuck me, I'll suck you cock… I'll eat your shit. Just don't let him stick that needle in me!"

"You'll 'let' me fuck you, slut?" says Wayne. "Am I to infer that you have a choice? You have no choice. You'll fuck and suck who and what I tell you. When we're finished with you, you'll eat Rasputin's shit -- and ask for seconds.

"Edgar, please proceed."

During this brief interchange between the siblings, Kryzler has been waiting patiently with his eyes closed and a look of beatific tranquility on his face. The young girl's pathetic entreaties have the same soothing affect on him that a work by Mozart might have on a normal man. He seems to soak up the energy of her suffering much as a house cat seems to bask in the attention of its master. If he could, Edgar would purr.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Edgar tells the Johnson twins and their grandfather to hold Molly tightly."

Kryzler is not content to plunge the needle into the flesh between poor Molly's cunt and asshole. No, first he must torment her as a cat does a mouse. He presses the sharp needle a millimeter into the smooth puffy flesh near her left pussy lip. He pulls the syringe back and places the needle against the side of the fleshy petal that is her right cunt lip. Ever so slowly, he pushes the needle through the sensitive skin until it comes out the other side. Molly's shrieks bounce off the walls of the room. Her smiling tormentor pulls the syringe back and touches the needle to the nerve-filled flesh of her clitoris. Molly increases her efforts to squirm away. For several minutes, the sadistic doctor punctures the flesh of the girl's pussy and ass. It is almost a relief when, at last, he pushes the needle deep into the flesh of her perineum and injects the purple liquid into her body.

As soon as he removes the needle, Molly can feel the effects of the drug. The tiny punctures in her pussy lips and ass begin to hurt more now than when they were made. The boys and Mr Johnson let her goes and she lies on her back on the rubber floor. Kat gets the suit and brings it over. She and Edgar solicit Wayne and Mr Johnson's help to put Molly in the suit. By now, the pain in Molly's nipples has increased five-fold.

Ignoring her moans and supplications for mercy, Kat tells Molly that normally, one dusts the inside of a tight rubber garment with talcum powder to make it slightly slippery and easier to slide on over one's skin. "In your case, little one," she announces, "I've dusted the suit with itching powder."

Kat begins dressing the girl by putting Molly's feet into the legs of the suit. She pulls the garment over her knees. She has to struggle for the suit is extremely tight. When she has pulled it up the teen's thighs, Kat pauses and places the tips of the dildoes in the entrances of Molly's cunt and asshole. Then, with a mighty tug she pulls the suit up to the girl's waist. The girl screams as the rough artificial cocks push into her intimate flesh. Kat and her helpers force Molly's arms into the rubber sleeves and flip her over onto her front so they can tug the bodice onto the front of the girl's body. The suit crushes poor Molly's breasts. It is so tight that there is a two-inch gap between the two edges at the back of the suit. A series of eight-inch-long straps line one edge of the opening. Lining the other hem is a series of buckles. Kat and Wayne slip the ends of the straps into the buckles and pull hard, closing the back of the Molly's suit. After a five-minute struggle, Molly is trapped in the tight suit. They lift her off the floor and put her onto the platform on her back. The black bondage outfit is so tight that the unfortunate girl must struggle to breathe. The itching powder that coats the inside surfaces of the suit is driving her mad.

Silver rings have been sewn into the suit at Molly's wrists and ankles. The boys attach short chains to each ring and pull them toward the corners of the platforms where they hook them over nails that have been hammered into the surface of the wood. Consequently, the girl is stretched into a tight spread-eagle. Kat climbs onto the platform and kneels beside Molly's head. She lifts the rubber facemask places it over the girl's face. Then she carefully fits the edge of the mask to the rest of the suit, making sure that the tiny hoses connect. Wayne then hands her the hoses that lead from the bathroom and she attaches them to the connectors on the front of the suit. She then slides off the platform and stands beside the others, admiring their handiwork.

Poor Molly is trapped in a hellish bondage suit. It is so tight that she feels she is suffocating. With each breath, she must struggle against the binding rubber to expand her chest cavity and fill her lungs. Her skin burns and itches. Suddenly her left breast begins to freeze. Icy cold water is being pumped into the hoses that line her suit. In less than a minute she is shivering with cold. She feels like icicles are raping her pussy and ass. Suddenly her left tit begins to burn as steaming hot water courses into her suit. The icicles have been replaced by soldering irons. She is sure that her skin must be blistering from the heat. She screams and whimpers with pain.

As they watch the young girl writhing feebly against her chains, Dr Kryzler explains to Wayne that the water feels much hotter and much colder to poor Molly than it actually is, thanks to the stimulant coursing through her body.

Before they leave Molly to "rest" for a couple of hours, Wayne attaches the wires leading from the speakers sewn into his sister's suit to a Walkman. He switches on the player. Wayne and his guests go down to supervise the movers who are installing a makeshift torture chamber in the basement of the house. However, before he leaves, Roger Johnson cannot resist crawling onto Molly's platform and leaning over the blinded girl's facemask. With a twinkle in his porcine eye, he noisily clears his throat and horks a loogie into the poor teenager's mouth. Not to be outdone by his brother, Jack digs a forefinger into his nostril and pulls out a large, green wad of snot. He flicks it into Molly's mouth.

Alone now, Molly's sobs and cries echo off the walls of her once comfortable bedroom. Suddenly her brother's voice bombards her ears. "Mollycunt, I've made this tape to give you a little preview of what we are going to do to you after our nap. You see, slave, I've decided that you should never feel pleasure again. I know that you have been pleasuring yourself since you were a little girl – I have the videotapes to prove it. Well, those days are over. In two hours we are going to take you downstairs and Edgar is going to remove your clitoris."

Poor Molly's heart pounds with fear and she struggles irrationally to escape but the chains hold her fast.

"To give you an idea of what you're in for," the tape continues. "Edgar has been kind enough to provide me with sound recordings of him performing clitoridectomies on five of the young sluts at Thanatos Manor. He used different techniques to relieve the girls of their little lust buttons. On one bitch he used a dull razor. On another, he chose to crush her clitty with needlenose pliers. He dripped sulfuric acid on yet another. He bound one girl with her legs spread and watched while her owner bit off her clit with his teeth. Edgar used a red-hot knitting needle to burn out the clit of another slave. Listen to the tape and if you can tell me, in order, the different technique used by Dr Kryzler, I may have him simply push a ring through your clit rather than cut it off."

As soon as her brother's voice trails off, a series of cries and screams of anonymous, young teenagers assault Molly's ears. Despite her incredible discomfort, the fourteen-year-old struggles to concentrate and remember her brother's description of the different ways Edgar Kryzler tortured and destroyed the girls' most intimate flesh. The screams and pleas play repeatedly, until poor Molly is driven half-mad. Nonetheless she concentrates, trying to imagine what sort of torture spawns each agonized scream.

… End of Part Four

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