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Large and Small

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Synopsis: A wrestler comes to the aid of a tiny woman bullied by a group of teenagers. They get their revenge by beating up the woman and trashing her home but find the payback the wrestler elicits, rather more than they anticipated.
Large and Small


A wrestler comes to the aid of a tiny woman bullied by a group of teenagers.
They get their revenge by beating up the woman and trashing her home but find
the payback the wrestler elicits, rather more than they anticipated.

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Copyright 2003

Large and Small

by obohobo

Chapter 1. Tripped

McDonalds was crowded. Even so, Larry had a corner seat table to himself. His
large frame and pugilistic features discouraged others from sitting next to him
or even enquiring if a seat was free. Quietly he sat eating the first of his
three burgers and watched disinterestedly as the couple at the table in front of
him stood, picked up their tray and left. Out of the corner of his eye he
noticed a tiny woman seeing the seats become free, thread her way between
occupied chairs to the table. A first he thought it was a child but focusing
more intently he noticed her unusually short legs, her normal although small
size body and slightly large head. Larry guessed she was probably less than four
feet tall. A midget. And a relatively young one at that. Involuntarily he
blatantly stared at the woman's unusual form.

Three teenaged girls and two boys sat and talked loudly at a nearby table. The
tiny woman negotiated her way round them. Suddenly one of the girls put her foot
out tripping the woman and then, speeding her to the floor with a push, spat,
"Piss off Dwarfie, or do you normally eat off the floor?" The others on her
table laughed and added their jibes as the woman tried to pick herself up and
collect the remnants of her McFlurry ice-cream spilt on the floor.

Angry but with controlled anger, Larry stood. Towering above the teenagers he
glowered at them. They went silent, half expecting him to lash out but then the
girl who had caused the trip half smiled. A smirking smile that said, "You
daren't touch me!" However, in the back of her mind she wasn't too sure he
wouldn't. A least, she told herself, there would be witnesses. Most of the
patrons were looking their way.

Effortlessly, Larry picked up the small woman and signalled to a girl table
cleaner to come and clear up the mess. "Bring her another," Larry ordered and
gave the girl a pound coin. Shaken, the woman allowed him to lead her to his

She thanked him, said her name was Harriet but everyone called her Harry and
offered him the money for the McFlurry. Larry refused. "It's my pleasure to have
your company," he smiled. Across the aisle, the teenagers sniggered and made
comments but kept their voices low. They were somewhat awed by Larry's physique.
Harry finished her ice-cream, and left. Almost immediately the teenagers left as
well, leaving their empty packages on the table. Larry finished the last of his
fries, cleared his space and made his way out too. A noisy disturbance a hundred
yards along the pedestrianised road, caught his attention immediately.  The
teenagers had surrounded someone. Rightly he guessed it was Harriet.

Onlookers stood amazed at the speed with which this towering hulk of a man could
run and cover the distance to the group.

"That's it Bren, give her a kicking." The speaker was the girl with vivid red,
spiky hair from the group. A boy saw Larry arrive and shouted a warning but it
was too late. Effortlessly he picked Bren up, tossed her in the air and caught
her again. With his strength she might just as easily been a baby, Twice more
Bren found herself heading skywards and then falling back into Larry's arms. Her
short skirt flew up revealing her red knickers.

"Put her down mister!" One of the boys held a knife but even so his voice was a
little shaky.

"Laddie, put the toy away and be ready to catch this one in case I toss her to
you." Larry made as if he was going to throw Bren at him but only tossed her
skywards once more. Knowing he had an illegal weapon and he might really have to
catch Bren, the boy put it away. Larry walked a few paces tossing the girl
whenever she struggled to free herself and her verbal abuse got too bad. Finally
he threw her quite gently up and on to the roof of a kiosk. She swore but Larry
only laughed and suggested her friends might want to leave her there.

He turned only to face the boy. The knife was held threateningly in his hand
again. However, the boy's reactions were not quick enough. Like lightening the
knife holding hand was seized and twisted until the knife clattered to the
ground. Microseconds later the boy too found himself on his back, the wind
forcibly knocked from his body. Larry picked up the knife, pressed the blade
against the paving slabs and broke it in two.

"Aaaahh!" Harriet tried to pick herself up but found her ankle too painful to
stand on. She'd watched bemused by Larry's display of strength and thankful he'd
come to her rescue again. Secretly she wondered if he would help her up. She
needn't have worried. When Larry saw her problem he very gently cradled her in
his arms, carried her to a taxi rank and took her to the hospital. X-rays
revealed nothing broken but the ankle was badly sprained and one arm was badly
bruised from the kicking. A nurse bandaged the ankle and suggested she didn't
walk on it for a few days.

The hospiatal procedures had taken four hours most of which were spent waiting
and chatting. By now it was late evening and pouring with rain. Larry ordered a
taxi and took Harry to her home. For just a few moments Harriet hesitated before
inviting him in but she had great difficulty in walking from the pain in her
ankle and her arm, her 'good' arm, was stiff and sore to move so she allowed him
to carry her again.

Inside, Larry was amazed at the adapting that had been done to make the place
livable for a very short person. Around the normal height kitchen units, ran a
foot high platform. All the doors to the cabinets were cut to open above this
raised platform. Even so, Harriet was only just about tall enough to use the
stove. Access to the wall cupboards required a pair of steps.

"Can I make you a pot of tea Harry?" Larry asked.

"I usually have hot chocolate but I ought to be making it for you after all you
have done for me today. I can't thank you enough." Harriet tried to hobble to
the kitchen but it was too painful to stand without using both hands for support
and the pain in her right arm was too great to put any real pressure on it.

"Just tell me where the stuff is Harry and I'll do it. Even if I have to go down
on my knees," Larry laughed. He found though, the platform was not too wide and
he could stand on the floor in the normal way although he still had to bend just
like he had to in his own kitchen. He took the drinks through to the lounge.
Harriet sat in a low chair, Larry took the settee alongside her and they carried
on talking from where they left off in the waiting room until both had finished
their drink. On implulse, he picked Harriet up and sat her on his lap for a
short while. She suddenly seemed very weary as the ordeals of the day finally
caught up with her. "I'm putting you to bed, young lady," Larry announced, "And
I am spending the night here with you." Harriet demurred but Larry dismissed her
protests and just asked if there was a spare bedroom. There was, with a normal
double bed.

"Harry, I don't want any nonsense now. I am taking you into the bathroom and
then I am going to undress you and get you to bed. You're not the first woman I
have undressed or seen naked so don't start protesting. I shan't be raping you
or anything like that. In any case you are certainly not strong enough to resist
even if you weren't in pain." Harriet did protest a little but somehow believed
she could trust him and soon allowed him to do as he wished. Larry looked at her
naked body while unfolded her nightdress. It was certainly different to any he
had seen before. The trunk was almost normal from the neck to the crotch. Nice
full breasts, firm stomach and dark pubic hair. Her legs though were much, much
shorter than usual but with normal sized feet. On the other hand Harriet's head
was slightly on the large side or perhaps it just seemed that way because of the
way we normally saw a child's head on that size frame. Harriet blushed when she
saw him looking but was now too tired to resist. Larry put on her nightdress and
tucked her in bed.

"Yeeooooow!!" Larry awoke with a start. "Aaaahhh!! Yeeooooow!!" The scream came
from Harriet's room. He quickly got up and in the light from the hallway lamp
looked in on Harriet. She was tossing around obviously having a nightmare.
Picking her up, Larry cuddled her like a baby until she awoke and calmed herself
and then carried her as she clung child-like to his chest, back to his bed.

Harriet awoke again after a few hours. "Where am I?" she thought and slowly
remembered. A glimmer of daylight was coming through the curtains. Her ankle
hurt but she couldn't move because the man's arm pinned her to him. Her
nightdress had rucked up and her stomach lay flesh to flesh against his and
between her thighs she could feel his semi-erect penis. "Did he fuck me?" she
wondered. "No," she decided, "I would be sore there if he had. But will he when
he wakes?" Harriet lay as still as she could but she needed to move her ankle
and her arm to relieve the pain a little. Gently she tried to turn out of his
grasp but only succeeded in waking him.

"Morning little one," Larry murmured, "How are you doing, Harry?" He released
his unconscious grip on her and allowed her limbs to stretch.

"Aa ooow!" Harry tried to put some pressure on her arm and lift her body but it
was still painful and she slid back. In doing so she felt Larry's hard prick
against her virgin cunt.

Larry felt it too. "Don't worry, Harry. I can't help getting hard especially
early in the morning but, as I said last night, I won't fuck you." He paused for
a few seconds, "Unless of course you want me to."

"Perhaps it would be nice," she thought, "No one has ever wanted to before. I've
never been to bed with a man before either. Pity I really am too sore at the
moment." She wondered what it would be like. Her only experience was from
reading and her own hand. "No," she answered out loud, "But I do need to get

Larry carefully lifted Harriet to the floor but her foot still couldn't take her
weight and it seemed more swollen than last night and although she once again
protested, Larry carried her to the loo. As he sat her on the seat, Harriet got
a close up look at his cock. It was much larger than she expected and although
she was tempted to touch it, some inner sense forbade it. Noticing her looking
Larry smiled, "It doesn't bite but it does have a mind of its own. You look as
if you haven't seen a hard cock before." Blushingly Harriet admitted he was
right. After taking her back to bed, Larry pissed, returned and lay alongside
her. It was still only 5:30 a.m.

"You're still a virgin, I guess," asked Larry

Harriet blushed again and responded, "No one would ever willingly want to do it
with me. Not with my misshapen body."

"Don't put yourself down Harry. You may have short legs but the rest of you more
than makes up for it." Larry's hands caressed her body and played gently with
her breasts. Her nipples hardened and when he slipped his hands between her legs
her felt the moisture there. Knowing there were sexual responses, Larry was
tempted to try and fuck her but remained true to his earlier promise. If she
wanted sex, she would ask for it. In any case, with a sore arm and swollen ankle
it wouldn't be great for a first time.

For breakfast she helped him make a big plate of bacon and eggs and ate a fair
sized meal herself. There was no rush. It was Saturday and not a working day.
"I'll help you dress and then I have a training session this morning ready for
my bout tonight, but I will look in on you at lunch time and if that swelling
hasn't gone down, I'm taking you to the hospital again." Hardly had the words
left his mouth and the door bell rang. Larry answered it to find two uniformed
WPC's. WPC Karen Bradley and WPC Sharon Foulkes produced their ID cards. Larry
showed them in. Harriet tried to stand to greet them but fell back from the pain
and again winced as the Karen went to shake hands with her.

After further introductions and enquiries into Harriet's well being, Karen
started, "I guess you know why we are here." Both Larry and Harriet nodded. "The
hospital notified us of your non accidental injuries and we found witnesses who
have given their version of the events. We would like to hear what you say."
Larry and Harriet retold the story of the incident starting right from her being
tripped in McDonalds. They seemed to laugh when Larry told how he put Bren on
top of the kiosk. "Will you be preferring charges against Brenda Lee and her
gang?" asked Karen. "Bren is the real trouble maker. The others only follow and
the boy with the knife was Nigel who does everything to keep in her good books.
You may have to watch out for Brenda, she won't take kindly to the way you made
her feel small.

Harriet didn't want to press charges which seemed to disappoint the police
ladies. "We've been trying to put them away for a while, Karen said, "They have
been causing a lot of grief to many people and yet everyone seems afraid to take
them to court."

"Where they would just be told not to be so naughty again," Larry cynically
interrupted. "Ladies," he went on, "I must leave you for now. I have to have a
session with my trainer ready for tonight. If you want to contact me, I am
staying at the Saracens Head until tomorrow."

"You're one of the wrestlers on tonight at the Odeon aren't you?" Sharon spoke
almost for the first time. Larry agreed and asked if she was going. "Oh yes! I
enjoy seeing all you muscle men. Which one are you? No. Let me guess. Larry the

"Guilty!" laughed Larry, "You should get a job in CID. Have you got a good

"Nah. I couldn't afford the best."

"Well go to the side entrance and ask for Henry, then say Larry has the balls
for me."

"And that gets me thrown out?"

"Only if you don't cheer for me! But now I must help Harry dress and then get
going." Once he had bra and knickers on Harriet, Larry invited the two women to
see the bruising on her arm and legs. Both were horrified. Shortly after, when
Harriet was dressed, the women police officers and Larry left together.

Chapter 2. After the fight

Brenda Lee was furious. "How could that hulk embarrass her so? How dare he toss
her up and down like a doll? And to cap it all to dump her high up on that roof
where everyone could see her knickers and the gravel coated roofing felt had
scratched her bare thighs and marked the leather mini skirt. "I only stole that
from Debenhams a few days ago," she muttered. "I will get my own back on them if
it is the last thing I do". Still inwardly swearing to herself she went on, "Did
those stupid women pigs think they would get any information from me? Did they
think it likely Dwarfie bitch would press charges? I doubt that very much." Only
one girl had decided to go ahead and testify against her and for some reason she
decided to commit suicide before the trial began. "No, I will get my own back on
the Dwarfie bitch and the hulk. The kicking I gave her Dwarfie earlier will not
suffice. I'll put her out of action for a long while." She went out.

"First we must find out who the hulk is," she stated to her gang.

"That's easy," Sara 'Skip' Jones the red haired girl replied, "He's one of the
wrestlers at the Odeon tonight. He's on the posters. Perhaps we can filch some
tickets and see if he is as tough as he appears to be."


Sharon debated whether to just join the queue and show her ticket or to try the
side entrance. "What the hell," she thought, "I can always come back outside

"What can I do for you miss," the gruff voice asked as she entered.

"Larry told me to see Henry."

"HENRY!!!" The voice reverberated down the hall. Sharon thought the whole
theatre would have heard. Shortly a small, dapper little man appeared.

"Larry said to say I had the balls for it."

"And have you?" Without waiting or expecting an answer, Henry went on, "I guess
you have otherwise you wouldn't be here. You look his type. He likes them with a
bit of flesh on their bones." Henry led her through and down a staircase to
emerge into the tunnel where the contestants entered the ring and placed her in
a seat right at the very edge of the ring along with the judges and seconds.

"Wow," Sharon exclaimed as she watched the first bouts, "I didn't really think
he meant I would get this close to the action. God, I'm so wet watching all
these hunks being thrown around and seeing the bulges in the shorts."

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the M.C. announced, the next bout is between the very
mean Grizzly Bear." He waited for the applause and boos to die down and
continued, "And the gentle man of the ring, Larry the Lamb." Larry stood to the
applause and noticed Sharon and blew her a kiss. A group booed and amongst them
Larry recognised the distinctive dyed bright red hair of Sara. "I bet the rest
are here too," he thought as he settled himself ready for the first round.

The first three rounds were pretty evenly matched but by the fourth, Larry felt
his opponent tiring and when Grizzly was a fraction of a second late with his
move, Larry was able to flip him heavily on the canvas and pin him down. Victory
was his. The referee raised his arm, Larry bowed and then leaned over the ropes
and picked Sharon up and kissed her fully on the lips, much to the raucous
delight of the crowd. "You brought me luck, Sharon," he whispered and he set her
down again. Sharon, smelling the heat and sweat on his body, became even more
aroused and nodded when he asked her to come to the his dressing room when it
was over.

"Shall we go for a drink?" she asked as they linked arms and walked from the

"If you like, but want to check on Harry first. She was a little better when I
looked in at lunch time. You know a pub that sells a decent pie?"

They drove in Sharon's car and parked outside Harriet's house. As he
anticipated, there was a wait while Harriet hobbled to the door but her response
to his knock was unexpected. She opened the door only to the extent of the
security chain. Tears were in her eyes and she spoke with a broken voice, "Go
away. I know I'm not good enough for you. I'm not fully formed like that police
girl." With that she slammed the door shut and Larry could hear her sobbing.

Subdued and confused he returned to Sharon who had witnessed what happened, "I
guess Harriet was watching the TV broadcast tonight and got jealous of us," she

"You think she has feelings for me?" Larry sounded surprised. "I like her but I
was only doing what I could to save her from that bitch Bren and her cohorts."

"Yeah, but I guess you are the only one that has shown any interest in her and
she wanted to possess you."

"Do you want to possess me, Sharon?"

"Only for the next few hours. Lets find that pie and a pint and then have a one
night stand so that I can find out whether that bulge in your shorts is really
as big as it seemed or whether it was just ball protection." Sharon was happy
and horny.

An hour later, in Larry's hotel room, she undressed him and found out at first
hand that some of the bulge was protection but nevertheless he was well endowed.
She also found how gentle he could be using his strength. Picking her up like a
feather he laid her down on the bed and covered her body with his all the time
keeping his weight from crushing her. Sharon gripped his cock and guided her
into him. "Henry said you liked girls with a bit of meat on their bones," Sharon
remarked as she felt her cunt begin to grip his weapon, "I like my men strong
enough to control me without being dominating." They fucked quietly before she
spoke again. "Would you have liked to have fucked Harry?"

The question took away his mood for Sharon but he tried not to let it show.
"Actually she has quite a nice body. It's only her legs that make her so
different. Maybe if I had pushed it, I could have fucked her last night when we
were in bed together but for her it wouldn't have been fucking. It would have
been the start of a long term relationship that could have led to heartbreak.
Not that her body was in any condition to even fuck gently. She was just too
sore. I'm not that desperate that I would force her. I do like her though and
will have to try and talk to her before I leave in the morning."

"You slept with her?" Sharon sounded very surprised, "And did nothing?" Larry
explained the situation and convinced Sharon that his relationship with Harriet
had been platonic. They enjoyed another bout of fucking and then slept. Larry
drove her home early next morning so she could get ready for work and prepare
for the teasing she knew would come from her colleagues. They exchanged business
cards, kissed for the last time and went their separate ways.

Chapter 3. Beaten

It was still only 8 a.m. when Larry rang Harriet's doorbell again. He could see
a light on in the kitchen so knew she was up. Again she kept the security chain
on when she opened the door. "Harry, please let me in." Larry pleaded, "I don't
want to leave here with you hating me for reasons I don't understand."
Eventually after more pleading she opened the door but kept her distance as she
hobbled still painfully to the lounge.

The kettle whistled in the kitchen. "Let me make us some tea, Harry. Perhaps we
can talk more comfortably then."

"I'll do it," Harriet answered but Larry ordered her to sit and keep the weight
off her foot.

"Did you spend the night with her?" Harriet asked bluntly when they were again
seated. Larry affirmed quite candidly that he had. Tears sprang to Harriet's
eyes. "You took her because she is beautiful and doesn't have a distorted body
like me," she sobbed. "I expect you made love to her as well."

"We fucked, but it was only a one night thing Harry. We don't expect to see each
other again. But why are you so upset?"

"I don't know really. I suppose I shouldn't be. You just seemed so kind to me
and the way you held me, it seemed you had feelings for me and made me feel for
you too. I know you would never ever want a midget like me so perhaps it would
be better if we just said, good-bye and leave it at that."

"Harry, stop putting yourself down. I do like you. I like you a lot but that's
not love. I liked Sharon. I liked her a lot too but I'm not in love with her. I
will do anything I can to help you Harry and I would certainly like to see you
again and to get to know you better when you are not in pain and I'm not in the
good Samaritan role."

"I think it would be better if we just said good-bye. It will do no one any good
to pretend. You will never really want me. I know that. Please just leave me to
get on with my life."

"Harry, I can see you still have difficulty in moving. Your arm still causes you
pain. Let me stay here another day or two, until you are fully recovered or at
least better able to take care of yourself, then we can decide whether or not to
continue seeing each other. I only live sixty miles away so it only an hour and
a half to get here. I'm more or less my own boss so I don't have to worry about
work schedules......"

"No Larry. You've been very kind. I can manage on my own. I have done that for
years. My boss will understand if I don't go into work tomorrow or for a day or
two. He knows I don't take time off unnecessarily. So please, thank you for what
you have done. Thank you for all the help and kindness but please, good-bye.
Go!" Harriet turned, crying loudly now, went to the bathroom and locked herself

Larry left. Later he phoned Sharon and asked her to look in on Harriet but
warned her she might get a frosty reception.


"You know what to do?" Brenda spoke to her gang that now consisted of only four.
Her, Skip and the two boys, Pete and Ray. "Remember, no talking. No letting her
see any of us. Make sure we're noticed in the football crowd before we leave and
get back there as soon as possible and get noticed again so it will appear we
didn't leave. Keep that red hair of yours well on show while we're in the crowd,
Skip and cover it when we leave."

The four waited, Ray keeping watch as Harry hobbled up the road. She inserted
the key in the door but before she had time to open it, Skip had pulled a black
plastic bag over her head and the two boys held her arms. Silently Bren pushed
the door open and dragged Harriet screaming inside. She could hardly breathe
inside the bag and her screaming and crying didn't help. She felt the cold steel
of a knife blade at her neck. It sliced downwards cutting through her dress. It
also opened a small air hole that helped her breathe. Quickly they removed the
remnants and used them to tie her wrists. Throwing Harriet to the floor, they
pulled her shoes and knickers off so she was naked except for the bag over her
head. Brenda signalled the others to start trashing the house while she
proceeded to punch and kick the helpless Harriet. In her fury, she had little
regard for where she kicked or for the suffering she caused. Her boots rose and
fell and connected with any available part of the victim's body. Harriet passed
out and lay still.

Around her the crashing sounds of breaking furniture, china and glass. Of
drawers being emptied and their contents strewn and trampled on. In ten short
minutes the place now resembling a bomb site, the four left and returned to the
crowds in the town centre.

An hour later, Mrs Chadwick, a neighbour passed by and saw the door ajar.
"That's unusual," she thought, "In this cold weather and at this time of night,
something isn't right for her to leave the door open," and knowing Harriet
slightly, enough to pass the time of day in the street, rang the bell. As she
did so she pushed the door further open and could see the mess in the hallway.
Immediately she went in, found Harriet unconscious and looked in disbelief at
the devastation. She dialled 999.


"Hi Sharon, it's Larry returning your call. What happened to Harry?"

"Nasty business. Harry is in hospital. Her injuries are pretty severe but not
life threatening. She's sedated at the moment. But she looks awful. Bruises and
cuts everywhere. I had to do a stint at her bedside but she hardly woke, Her
house is absolutely trashed."

"Have you got those who did it?"

"No. Between you and me, we suspect the gang with Brenda Lee as leader but
cannot prove anything. We have cctv footage of them in a football crowd before
and after we think it happened and they swear they were there all the time. No
clues at the scene. It was well planned. Brenda's a clever girl in a warped

"None of the five will talk?"

"Only four of them involved, if it was them. Brenda, the red head and two boys.
The other girl definitely wasn't with them. Nor was she there at your fight. We
picked them all up but had to release the girls. The boys both carried knives so
we are holding them for having offensive weapons but until we can find more to
link the gang to the incident, we can't do anything. Forensic are searching but
so far nothing. The only little clue is the knives the boy's had were both
absolutely clean. No marks, nothing. Unusual for knives unless they were
deliberately wiped clean."

"Are they allowing Harry visitors?"

"Not yet. There's no point, she's not awake enough. When she does come to, it
will only be family but there doesn't seem to be any of them. I may be able to
get you in when I am on bedside duty in the morning. Why don't you come over and
stay here?" He did so and while he slept in Sharon's bed they fucked once,
neither of their hearts were into it. Their thoughts were on Harry.

Sharon allowed Larry to sit at Harriet's bedside during her morning shift on
duty. He gently took the injured girl's hand in his enormous paw. Harriet was
drowsily awake but her mouth was too swollen to speak and the drugs kept her
from being fully conscious of her surroundings. She seemed to know it was Larry
holding her hand and she gripped his thumb tightly, so tightly that when the
doctors came round she wouldn't release it and they examined her with him
present. "It doesn't look as if you are going to get away from her now," one of
older doctors laughed. In the evening they sedated her again and slowly she
released her grip.

Next morning Harriet became very agitated when she found Larry was not at her
bedside. He had steadfastly been refused entry by the constable on duty and by
the staff nurse. It was not until the doctors did their rounds and seeing her
agitation and hearing her faint cries for Larry, the older doctor asked for him
and gave him written permission to be with her. "You seem to be better medicine
than any we have," the jovial medic remarked.

Chapter 4. Captured

It was ten days before they allowed Harriet to leave the hospital and then it
was because Larry would take care of her. Even so she found it extremely painful
to move and had to be taken to Larry's home by ambulance.

To Harriet, used to a small semi-detached bungalow, the place seemed huge. It
was built in about 1840 as a hunting lodge when the estate consisted of several
thousand acres of forest. Now only a hundred acres were left and Larry owned
them and the house. His father had bought the property during the depression and
managed to keep hold of it during World War 2 although the army did have the use
of it as a training ground and billeted men in the lodge.

As was often the case with houses of that period, it was brick built with a
cellar, a ground floor and two upper storeys. The ground floor consisted of the
kitchen, dining room, lounge and various other rather ornate rooms with high
ceilings. Above them were the master and guest bedrooms and above that were
servants quarters in the days when people could afford to employ permanent
staff. There was also an attic which Larry had been in on only a few occasions.
A huge house for one person to live in. Larry didn't bother using most of the
rooms. The kitchen with its large, old fashioned solid fuel cooker was the main
living room. It was the warmest in winter and he had a TV and a couple of
comfortable chairs installed alongside the usual wooden dining table and chairs.
He kept the kitchen, his bedroom and two bathrooms and toilets reasonably clean
and once a year hired contract cleaners to spring-clean some of the other rooms.

Harriet saw only some of this as she was wheeled from the ambulance. She was
tired from the journey but excited and a little apprehensive too. "Welcome to
your new home," Larry said, "If when you've recovered, you decide to stay, then
we'll see about doing some of the adaptations you had in your council home."
Harriet tried to smile but was so very tired. Larry carried her upstairs and put
her in the single bed he'd moved into his room. While he would have liked to
have slept alongside her, with the severity of her injuries, he could have
unwittingly caused her more pain and discomfort. As he undressed her, seeing for
the first time the full extent of the damage to be body, fury rose within him
and he vowed to make those responsible pay for what they did.

A week later, Larry was at her council home, trying to clear some of the mess
the delinquents had made. He'd been there several times already to bring clothes
and other items for her and had met a few of the neighbours. Harriet was now
able to walk, albeit painfully, and he had been able to arrange for one of the
village ladies to sit with her while he was away. Larry parked his van outside
the door and was loading bin bags of rubbish into it when an elderly couple
passed and then stopped. The man spoke.

"Your the guy who tossed that girl on the roof, aren't you? The one who brought
Harry home?" Larry agreed he was. "Pity you didn't throw the bitch from the
highest building," the man went on. "It was them that did it you know?" Larry
remarked they surmised it might be. "Oh yes, it was them. That girl with the
bright red hair and the taller one you played ball with and them two boys. We
saw them. They came up that alley and pushed a bag over her head just as she
went to open the door. We see'd it all."

"Why didn't you tell this to the police?"

"What and get ourselves battered and our house trashed too? Any case we've been
in trouble with the police a'fore and been inside ourselves in our younger days.
No, if you tell them, we'll deny everything. I just thought you might want to do
it your way."

Sharon came round when Larry had almost finished clearing for the day. Together
they assessed the destruction. The house looked much tidier now but the damage
was still evident by the smashed doors, and drawers. They were council property.
He would have to contact them to arrange repairs that is if Harriet decided to
return there.

"Sharon, they did do it." Larry went on to relate the conversation with the
elderly couple.

"Don't take the law into your own hands, Larry," Sharon advised, "You could be
the one that ends up in jail."

"Maybe," Larry cryptically replied. Before returning home Larry called at the
solicitor's office where Harriet worked and told them how she was feeling but he
could give them no idea when she would return to work. "At the moment she can
barely walk and needs to rest frequently."

"We miss her here. She was a nice kid and a very good worker," Ross Grimwade
said, "We'll try and keep her job open for a bit. We've a temp in at the moment
who is quite good but doesn't have the experience Harry has."

By the end of the week Larry had decided on a plan. The two boys were still in
custody on remand but the girls were free and now believed they had got away
with it completely. From his own watching and from surveillance by a private
detective Larry hired, he knew that on Friday evenings the girls who both lived
on a large council housing estate, met up and went to a disco club. Brenda would
leave home first and meet up with Skip on the short cut path through the
allotments. As it was dark at this time of year and with the street lighting
vandalised by courting couples Larry, decided this was an ideal spot to set his
plan in operation.

Arriving early and parking close to Skip's rendezvous place he waited in the
shadows until she arrived. Quickly and without any fuss he slipped a sack over
her head and pulled it down to below her waist level where he pulled the draw
string tight. The thick hessian sack stifled her screams and curses to some
extent but not completely. It didn't matter. No one was around. Skip was soon
bundled in the van and her ankles tied. Skip tried to kick and curse but it was
a futile attempt. "Whap!!" Larry's hand came down on her arse. "Be quiet Skip or
you'll get a lot worse than that," he muttered as she again tried to scream.
Slipping once more into the shadows, Larry waited for Brenda to arrive. She was
late. Larry began to wonder if she was coming at all or worse, had she seen him
abduct Skip? Relieved, he saw her walk along the lane to the path. He was ready
and soon she lay on the floor of the van alongside her friend. A whack on the
arse did nothing to stop Brenda yelling so he fastened his belt around the
outside of the sack at the level of her mouth, effectively gagging her.

After an unpleasant ride bouncing on the floor of the van, Larry carried the two
girls down to his cellar and to one of the old food store rooms. It was small
but had a stout door and he had fitted an outside lock. Inside he'd put a single
size bed and a bucket. It was very primitive but would do for the time being and
had the advantage of being more or less sound proof and to escape the girls
would have to get out of the locked room, up the cellar stairs and through a
locked trap door and pass through the kitchen before reaching the outside door
which he would keep locked as well.

Skip was released from her sack first. "I guess you know why you're here Skip,"
Larry stated, "Unfortunately I could never bring myself to hurt you as badly as
you did Harry but by the time you leave you will have been made very sore."

"I didn't touch Dwarfie!" There was a hint of defiance in her eyes but inwardly
she felt fear of what this huge strong man could do to her.

"Maybe not, but you assisted. Strip off all your clothes and jewellery."

"No!" Hardly had the word left her mouth before she found herself bent over and
Larry's hard hand was descending with considerable force on her arse. Even
through her leather jeans, it hurt like hell. Her screams caused Brenda to
squirm in her sack. Larry tossed the crying, yelling Skip on to the bed. "Now
strip," he ordered. Skip hesitated for only a few seconds. "I'm not about to
rape you Skip. Not yet anyway so get a move on." When she was completely naked
Larry told her to stand and then turn around. "You're quite an attractive girl
Skip. Pity about the hair though and your poor attitude to others. Maybe we can
correct that while you are here."

"You better just let us go you fucking hulk. You've no...... Aaahh!!" Skip's
back chat was curtailed when Larry's hand again connected to her arse.
"Bastard!" she muttered almost under her breath. Larry picked her up and dumped
her on the bed and fastened her hands behind her back with cuffs he had bought
specially for the purpose and cuffed her ankles with a hobble about 16 inches
long. It would allow her to take short steps but not run.

"Now let's see about our Brenda." Larry decided it would save time and hassle if
he undressed her himself. Loosening the draw cord to the sack, he slid the hem
above her waist and re-tied the cord. Next he removed her shoes and socks and
undid the binding around her ankles. It was now easy to remove her leather jeans
and knickers and to hobble her ankles like Skip's. The sack now came off and
Larry, despite a vigorous struggle on Brenda's part, the rest of her clothes
were removed and her wrists cuffed. "So we meet again, Brenda," Larry laughed as
he picked her up and bent her over his knee. Ignoring her swearing and verbal
abuse, he started to spank her arse. He didn't spare her. "The more you swear at
me, Brenda, the more punishment your arse will get." At first she disregarded
his words but soon sobbingly pleaded with him to stop.

"You may have heard of boot camps," Larry informed them once they were both
reasonably quiet apart from gentle sobs, "Your stay here will be something
similar. Everything here will be crude and harsh to start with. You have one
single bed, one heavy coarse blanket, a covered pail for your toilet and you
will be given cold water to wash with. As your work and behaviour improves so
your facilities will improve too. Misdemeanors will be punished either by
spanking like I just have, or for more serious offenses, but use of a belt or
even a cane. I do hope the latter is never necessary because if I use a fraction
of my strength you could be marked for life. You know why you're here. You are
going to make amends or have a very sore time. You have until morning to reflect
on what I have said and your positions here. Talk as much as you like. Scream as
much as you like. We won't even hear you upstairs so no one outside will either.
I'll see you in the morning. Good night. Sleep well." Immediately he left the
pair started struggling and cursing but soon realised both were futile and
settled down to crying and then, when neither could sleep, what they could do
and how they might possibly escape. Larry kept the small bulkhead ceiling light
on all night so they could see each other and use the toilet bucket.

"What have you been up to?" Harriet asked seeing a peculiar smile on his face.

"Just been and picked myself up a couple of girls," Harry grinned, "Friends of
yours. Brenda and Skip. They're in the cellar at the moment, nursing sore bums."

"Oh God, Larry, I hope you know what you are doing. You could be in serious
trouble if this gets out. Have you hurt them bad?"

"No. Nothing like they did to you, but their arses are rather red. I'll bring
them up in the morning." Larry replied, "Don't worry, they are in more trouble
if this gets out. Now let's get you to bed. You look worn out."

"Just hold me for a bit Larry please."

Chapter 5. Servitude

"Morning Ladies!" They weren't asleep when Larry entered the room but were still
lying face to face on the bed with the blanket awry and semi covering them. He
pulled the blanket off. Brenda started to complain but was soon rolled on her
stomach and her arse given a couple of hard slaps. "You can stop that nonsense
for a start Brenda. If you expect to earn better treatment, then you have to
learn to behave. So what's the plan for today? Shortly I will release your
wrists but not your ankles and you can use the toilet. I will then bring you a
bowl of water, a flannel and a bar of soap and you can wash each other. Get that
make-up off and get yourselves as clean as you can. I'll also bring a comb.
Breakfast will be in half an hour. Any complaints will be dealt with by my

"How long are you going to keep us here,?" asked Skip in a very subdued voice.

"As long as is necessary. Any more questions before I go to get your washing

Larry stood and watched as Skip started washing Brenda's face and then her body.
The water wasn't quite cold, Larry had added a little warm to it to take the
chill off it. "You're going to get very used to seeing and feeling each other so
make a thorough job of it Skip. I want to see her clean from head to toe," Larry
instructed, "When you finished you can put your trainers back on. These rough
stone floors will play havoc with your feet, not that I should really worry
about a minor detail like that."

Ten minutes later he returned. Brenda was combing Skip's hair and moaning how
difficult it was to control without hair spray. "One of you bring the bowl of
water and the other your piss pail." Both went for the bowl. Brenda out-stepped
the reach of her hobble, tripped and upset the bowl. She looked up expecting
another hiding but Larry just said, "You bring the pail and you can mop this
mess up afterwards." Brenda almost felt a relief for not being spanked and did
what she was told. This time though she walked carefully. Larry led them outside
their cell to a small toilet at one end of the cellar and told them to empty the
remains of the water and the pail. He placed the bowl by a small sink just
outside the toilet and passed a mop to Brenda. Reluctantly she took it and
mopped the worst of the water from the floor before they were again locked in
the room.

"Breakfast time!" Larry walked in with two plastic bowls of hot porridge flooded
with milk and two plastic spoons. "I hope you like porridge," he said, "If you
don't put it in your slops bucket but you won't be getting anything else for
some hours."

"I don't eat porridge," Skip complained.

"Well you know what to do," replied Larry. "This isn't a luxury hotel. It's
porridge now, nothing more till later and then it will be bread and whatever
spread is available. Eat up and I'll bring the flannel back in again so you can
clean up ready to meet your mistress."

"Larry?" Skip asked, "Why do we have to use the smelly pail when there is a
proper toilet just outside?"

"Because I am not going to be running up and down each time you want to pee."
Larry turned and left, locking their door again.

He helped Harriet dress and sat her in the low chair he had brought from her
home facing the kitchen fire. "I am going to bring our guests us to see you
dear," he said, "Look your best and don't be afraid of them. You are their
mistress now. They must take their orders from you."

Cuffing their hands behind their backs again, Larry carried his naked prisoners
up the stairs to the kitchen. Their hobbles would have made it very difficult to
climb the fairly steep stairs. He deposited them on the floor at Harriet's feet.
"Kneel!" he commanded.

Harriet shank back in her chair and in a small voice asked, "Larry! What have
you done to them? They're naked."

"And have tender bums, Harry." Larry picked up Brenda and turned her arse to
face Harriet. "And they will be even more tender if they don't toe the line. My
line. Here they are going to learn what it is like to be an under dog. Stand up
girls." Skip was a little slow to respond and received yet another slap to
encourage her. "Look at Harriet girls. Take a good look at her face. See how
swollen it still is. See the bruising that is still showing after all this
time?" He lifted her dress and went on, "Take a good look at her body. Looks at
her cuts and wounds that have yet to heal. Look at the bruises that still show
there too. I am not going to move her to show her back, nor remove her knickers
but underneath her flesh is just as badly marked and still so sore she can
hardly move without considerable pain. Now take a look at each other. Your
bottoms are somewhat coloured but nothing like as deeply as hers. You have
difficulty in moving only because of he restraints I have put on. Your suffering
is minimal compared to hers, but it won't be if I have the slightest excuse to
give you a thorough thrashing. Understand?"

"Larry, please. Take them away! I don't want them near me! Please! I don't care
what you do with them. Dump them down the well or something but keep them away
from me." Harriet was shaking with fear and although the words didn't come out
in they way they should because of her swollen jaws, the meaning was clear..

"Harry, they have to learn their lesson. They won't hurt you again. I'll see to
that." He could see Harriet was distressed and took a girl under each arm and
carried them back to their cell. Unceremoniously he dumped them on their bed.
Skip had tears in her eyes but Brenda seemed unconcerned.

"Girls, you saw how badly you injured Harry, you should now think on how badly I
should hurt you. Throwing you down the well as she suggested would be too quick
and too painless for you two."

"I'm sorry," wept Skip, "I didn't think she was hurt as bad as that. Bren you
must have kicked the hell out of her to be in that state after so long." Brenda
made no comment.

"For the rest of the morning, girls, I am leaving you to ponder on what you
think I should do to you and what you can do to make amends." He returned to
comfort Harry, leaving the girls naked and locked in.

"Are you mad bringing them in here?" Harriet asked quietly. Larry could feel the
anger behind her words though.

"Harry dear," he gently held her close, "It is the only way we can be assured
they are punished. You must get used to them being around although they will
always be naked and cuffed. They are your servants, or they will be before

Lunch time and Larry silently served the girls a single cheese sandwich and a
plastic mug of tea. Half an hour later, he returned and asked them if they had
considered his questions. "What should I do to you to make up for what you have
done to her?"

"Just let us go bastard and keep your little Dwarfie out of our way." Brenda was
still defiant.

"That's not an option, Brenda, as well you might guess."

"Punishing us to the extent Harry was punished, might serve to satisfy your
instincts but probably would result in our going to hospital and the story
coming out and you getting into trouble as well, especially as you cannot prove
we did hurt her. You know we did it, we know we did, but you would have to prove
it." Skip started off bravely. "I am so sorry for what we did, particularly what
Bren did although I know I too was to blame and know I ought to be punished. I
don't know how. Or really how I could begin to make up for what we did. Even if
you kept us here as servants...."

"Slaves more like," interrupted Brenda.

"Whatever," Skip went on, "We can never atone for what we did. If you wish I
would work here as your servant until you think I am fit to leave."

"Thank you Skip. You realise it would be the most menial work I would give you.
You probably saw how neglected this place is." Skip nodded.

"Would you want to ... 'do' us?"

"She means will you be fucking us? I'm surprised we haven't been raped already,"
Brenda put her spoke in.

"To be perfectly honest with you, yes. Harry is in no state to bear my weight
and seeing you two naked beauties does make me horny as you can obviously see
now." He referred to the bulge in his trousers. "I doubt if either of you are
virgins and I will use protection and unless provoked, I won't forcibly rape
you." Larry paused. "I take it you are unwilling to became an unpaid servant

"Not fucking likely! Some one will start looking for us soon and then you'll be
in shit street."

"I believe you've stayed out for several days before so your parents are
unlikely to worry overmuch for another day at least. By then I hope to find a
way of staving off the search." Turning to Skip he asked, "Are you still willing
to be an unpaid servant?" Skip nodded yes and looked down at the floor. He took
her outside and re-locked the door. Brenda would be on her own for a bit.
Leading Skip to the toilet, Larry said, "I meant what I said when I told you the
work would be menial. This loo hasn't been in use for years. When I knew you
were coming, I cleared it and made sure it flushed but the whole place is
filthy. I'll get some cleaning gear and you can make a start. You have
permission to use the loo instead of the bucket if you wish." Larry brought the
cleaning materials and rubber gloves. He released the cuffs on her hands but
left the hobble in place.

"How's it going?" he asked an hour later when he returned to inspect her work.

"Okay, but my knees are killing me." Larry saw the toilet pan was now clean and
shining except for some green stains that wouldn't come off. The hand basin too
was clean and Skip was trying to clean the pedestal.

"You've worked well, Skip. Wash your hands and then we'll have a cup of tea in
the kitchen and I'll find a mat for you to kneel on." Tossing her over his
shoulder her carried her up the stairs and sat her on a stool while he made the
tea. Harry wheeled herself into the room and stopped abruptly when she saw Skip.

"I'm sorry Harry, I thought you were asleep in the lounge. Skip's worked hard
and I'm making tea."

"I'm very sorry for what we did to you Harry," Skip started.

"Miss Harriet to you Skip," Larry snapped.

"I'm sorry Miss Harriet," Skip repeated, "I will try and make amends. I had no
idea your injuries were so severe. I've promised to be your servant."

"Then pour the tea for us and get some cake out of that biscuit tin," ordered
Larry with a hint of a smile. Skip did and took a tray with the mug and cake to
Harriet's chair. Harriet eyed her warily but said thank you. The strange trio
sat round the stove. Larry, huge and muscular, Harriet, her dwarf frame swollen
and battered, petite Skip naked apart from trainers and with her ankles hobbled.
Harriet plucked up enough courage to ask Skip what she had actually done and
that broke the ice and all three talked fairly naturally while they drank their

"Are we going to take Bren some tea?" Skip asked when they were ready to return
to the cellar.

"No. She can wait until it's her dinner time." Skip was tired and her back and
arms ached by the time Larry next visited but she had removed a lot of the grime
from the lower tiles. "That's enough for one day," Larry said, "Come and get
cleaned up. You smell pretty bad and I don't mean that in a nasty way." After
carrying her upstairs to the bathroom he unlocked her hobbles and for the first
time for two days she could move normally. "Don't think about running," Larry
stated, "You've no clothes, the doors are locked and the weather's atrocious and
of course, there is the ever present risk of a sore arse. Have a bath but leave
the door wide open. It's mainly man's toiletries here but they should be better
than a cold wet flannel."

Luxuriating in the warm water, Skip almost forgot about her plight but was
reminded was Larry walked straight in, watched her for a bit and then apologised
for needing a pee. "I've seen all you have so you might as well see me."

Skip noted his cock was in proportion to his frame, much bigger than any she'd
seen or experienced before. "God," Skip commented, "Can you get that in a woman?
It's big and not even hard."

"Yeah, it goes in but sometimes it's a bit tight in young girls as some of the
wrestling groupies have found out. You want to try it?"

"Not right now!"

Brenda was in a foul mood when Skip was finally taken back to their cell and the
pair cuffed and put to bed for the night. She had been alone almost all day.
"You fucking creep," she railed at her friend, "I suppose you've been shagging
him all day just to get out of here. You smell of him." The smell was of course
his bath salts."

"No. He didn't shag me but I saw his prick. It's big. I might let him try it
tomorrow if I get the opportunity."

"You're a slag, Skip!" For an hour the verbal abuse of each other continued
until both finally settled down and slept.

Porridge was again on the menu for breakfast. It started Brenda complaining
again "We'd get better treatment in prison," she yelled as she emptied hers into
the slops bucket. Larry had to control himself not to take her over his knee
there and then but decided to allow her anger to dissipate or burst before
taking further action. "Are you working today, Skip?" he asked and on receiving
an affirmative reply, asked Brenda the same question.

"I'm not your fucking slave! I'm not an arsehole creeper like some!" Brenda
continued with a torrent of invective aimed at Larry and Skip. Larry cuffed her
hands behind her back again and, taking Skip with him, locked her in. The
swearing continued unabated and added to by Brenda's futile kicking of the door
followed by the sound of her falling when the hobble caught her off balance.
Both Larry and Skip grinned.

"The confinement is getting to her," Skip remarked, "And yet she's too dumb to
give in. You know," Skip went on, "I think deep down she's sorry for what she
did but just won't acknowledge it to you. She's got to keep up her tough


"I think she's kicked the slop bucket now," Larry commented, "If its upset then
I am going to let her stew in it for a while." Shortly it became obvious that it
had from the stream of urine that flowed under the door and from the pleas for
release from inside.

"Would you like to try and paint your toilet today Skip? There's only the
ceiling and the bit above the tiles to emulsion and if we take the door off, you
can sandpaper and varnish it out here where the light is better. I'll get the
floor cleaning mop and pail and if the piss flows too far out here, perhaps you
would mop it up, please. I'll get the stuff and leave you to it while I see to

"What are you going to do with Brenda?" Harriet asked when he told her at

"Leave her in the room with her own shit for another hour or two and I'll decide
then on her punishment."

"What about Skip? Is she taking you for a ride or is she genuinely sorry."

"So far she seems sorry and is taking a lot of stick from Brenda for it. She may
be faking, just to get out of the cell but she does seem to be working

"Have you fucked her yet?" Harriet's forthright question startled Larry for a
moment. "Larry, you know I would like you to do it to me but I'm still too sore
especially after the way that bitch kicked me down there. I know you have needs
and having her naked around you must be a big temptation."

"Yeah, it's a big temptation alright. So far I've resisted. You know how big I
am and it will need some care if I do either of you for the first few times."

"Larry? Don't resist because of me. Have her if you want. She helped the bitch
hurt me so a little more hurt to her shouldn't matter. My worry is that you'll
want to have her all the time and I will be put aside. You seem to care for me
now but how long will it last. Do you actually love me or am I just a doll to
play nurses with?" Tears began to flow from Harriet. Larry picked her up and
cuddled her.

"Harry, I think I love you. Love you as a person. We will make an odd couple but
you have a personally behind your body that I am very attracted to. The main
problem as I see it is there may be physical incompatibilities that will mar our
relationship. That we will only find out in time. We have to face the fact that
we are very different. They may compliment each other or they may make life
difficult. I do hope we can try and find ways around any difficulties we come
across." Larry continued to hold her close."

"Larry? So as I don't feel you are cheating on me, will you tell me when and if
you do either of the girls?"

"Of course dear. You could even watch if that didn't make you jealous."

Chapter 6. Brenda punished

Skip worked all morning apart from a coffee break. Larry had helped to take the
door off and more or less left her on her own. He had to go out for over an hour
or so lunch was delayed. On his return he took a pail of clean water, the mop
bucket, rubber gloves and bleach in put them inside the door of the cell. Brenda
tried to rush from the room but Larry pushed her back inside despite the smell.
"Brenda, you'll get lunch when you've cleaned this place up. I'm going to leave
the door open so you can get more water if necessary and you can empty the

"Sod you!" She stood and deliberately kicked the pail of water so much of it
spilled. Larry's reaction was swift. Before she hardly knew what was happening
Brenda found her hands again cuffed behind her back and lying face down on the
bed. Turning to face him defiantly, Brenda screamed when she saw him remove the
wide leather belt from the loops of his trousers.

"No Larry, please. Don't hit her with that. I'll clean it up." Skip spoke

"Sorry Skip. Go and wait outside. She's got to learn and it seems she has got to
learn the hard way." With his left hand he held Brenda's legs to the bed and his
right swung the heavy belt. It landed hard and painfully across both cheeks of
her arse. Her scream should have raised the floor above. Again the belt landed.
Her arse was already bright red for most of its area. The next stroke landed
across the tops of her thighs.

"Stop, stop please! Please stop! I'll do it! Just stop. You're killing me."
Larry finished with a fourth stroke. For a short while he left her on the bed
before releasing her wrist cuffs again.

"As I said, Brenda, you'll get lunch when this place is cleaned up." He left the
room and taking Skip with him went to lunch.

A few tears were in Skip's eyes as she sat at the table. "What's up Skip?"
Harriet asked.

"I've just seen Larry wallop Brenda, Miss Harriet and I'm afraid one day I'll do
something to get a hiding like that."

An hour later, when they returned to the cellar, Brenda had started to wash the
floor. Not much had been done but she had the gloves on and was pushing some
water around with the mop. Larry looked in but made no comment. He went to see
how Skip had progressed with the toilet door while he was out. She was doing
quite well although her skill level wasn't high. She explained some of the
problems she had and Larry was able to help her overcome them. Before he left he
whispered, "Let Brenda work on her own for another quarter of an hour and then
if you still want to help her, do so. It's entirely up to you whether you help
or not. Don't let her bully you into it though."

He looked in on Brenda again before he left. "Looks like a very late lunch for
you girl," he remarked. She started to say "Bastard" but only muttered the
words. Returning a little later the floor was clean. It was later that he found
Skip had done much of the work but had made Brenda do a fair share. After
feeding Brenda, he again cuffed her wrists but kept the cell door open to allow
the smell of the bleach to dissipate.

"You can move around outside, Brenda but don't interfere with Skip's work,"
Larry told her.

"May I use the toilet instead of the bucket?" Larry was a little surprised that
she even asked. In the event, she didn't move around much. Her arse muscles were
far too sore so she laid face down on the bed for most of the afternoon.

Before taking Skip upstairs for teatime, Larry uncuffed Brenda's wrists but
locked her cell door. "She ought to have a bath or shower, Larry," Skip
suggested, "Especially after having to clean up that mess."

"I guess you're right but I am loathe to let her near Harry for the time being.
Would you be prepared to give her an all over wash, warm water this time? Don't
take any nonsense from her. Feel free to give her arse a whack if she acts up."

"Yes, please keep her away from me," Harriet confirmed, "I don't think I could
stand seeing her yet, at least not in my part of the house."

"I think you ought to come down and see what Skip is doing and you can take a
look at Brenda's arse to see if it goes some way towards compensating for your
injuries. She won't want to sit on anything hard for a week. Mind you it is only
her arse that hurts."

Larry carried Harriet sitting in the crook of his arm. Brenda started to say
something when they looked in the door but wisely decide to keep quiet.

"Stand up," Larry ordered, "Turn round."

"My God, you really did hit her," Harriet looked at the bruised and colourful
arse in front of her. She was quiet for a few moments and then said, "Larry,
please don't hit her any more unless she really deserves it for something she
does here. Don't punish her for what she did to me. I suffered and am still
suffering. I have no wish to inflict that on anyone, not even my worst enemy.
You have to punish her if she misbehaves, that I know. It is probably the only
way to make her understand, but please, no retribution punishment."

"You amaze me Harry, I thought you would have wanted this little bitch
thoroughly thrashed. You even suggested she be dropped down a well, now you say
to leave her." Larry was puzzled. "But okay, I'll respect what you say but if
she doesn't do as she is told or kicks the piss bucket over again, I'll repeat
the dose with my belt. You hear that Brenda?"

"Yes, Sir." Things must be improving, Larry thought, if she calls me 'Sir'.

Later when Skip started to wash her friend, Brenda started to protest just as
Larry walked in. "I ordered Skip to give you a good washing. She is to do it and
if you give her any crap she has my full permission to swat your arse as hard as
she wants. Understood?" Brenda nodded. "Skip make sure you wash everywhere, in
all the crevices. Enjoy yourself. I'm leaving the cuffs on so she won't be able
to resist you." With that he left.

Skip took him at his word, first washing Brenda's back and migrating down to her
arse and between her legs. She didn't consider herself a lesbian but had played
with a couple of other girls before she took more interest in boys. However,
with a helpless, naked girl in front of her, she took the opportunity to play
and finger her sexually. Brenda called out, "Stop it you les," and received a
fairly gentle slap on her sore bum cheeks, causing her to cry out. Skip turned
Brenda over and played with her breasts and worked down to her clit. Here she
spent some time squeezing and manipulating the little nubbin. Brenda became
sexually aroused and finally climaxed. The stimulation had aroused Skip too, but
she had to remain unfulfilled.

"Would you like a bath or a shower tonight? Larry asked when he collected Skip
from the cellar. She chose the shower.

"You could do with one too," Skip tentatively suggested, noting that Larry was
in his shorts and vest after having worked out in his own gym. Larry agreed and
quickly removed his few clothes and started the shower going. They waited for a
few minutes for the water to get up to temperature and then he picked Skip up
and carried her in with one hand under her crotch.

"You're wet," he remarked, "Did washing Brenda turn you on?"

"I guess so," Skip smiled. They washed each other and by the time the water was
turned off, Larry had a full erection with her paying particular attention to
his cock and he making sure she was very clean between her thighs.

"Now look what you've done," he laughed.

"Do you want to try and do it with me? Would Miss Harriet mind if we did?" For
an answer he led her to a spare bedroom, pulled back the bedclothes and gently
lifted her into the sheets. It was chilly but with the duvet pulled back over
them and the closeness of their bodies they soon warmed up.

"Oh it's so nice to lie on sheets again. Have you any idea of what it's like to
just have coarse blankets against your skin all night, Larry?"

"We'll just have to see if your performance can earn you sheets and maybe even
pillows," Larry laughingly replied. Skip opened her legs. She hadn't actually
been fucked many times and never in the comfort of a bed. Mostly it had been
standing upright in a doorway. Larry put on a condom and massaged her slit with
the end of his cock for some minutes until her juices had begun to flow freely.
He entered. Slowly. Skip cried out but it was more surprise than pain. Holding
his bulk off her small body he entered part way and then started to gently pump
back and forth into her. Gradually as the lining of her cunt stretched and
became more able to accommodate him, he thrust deeper and more forcibly. Never
had she felt so excited by sex. Before long she wanted to beg his the push
harder but refrained. "I don't want him to think I'm a whore," she thought just
before a climax overwhelmed her. Shortly after Larry shot his seed into the
rubber and still impaling himself inside her rolled her on top of him and the
pair rested for a while. Their sweat ran together until slowly they cooled off.

"Thanks. Larry," Skip murmured as she slipped off of him.

"Thanks to you as well, Skip. I enjoyed it too but remember, this isn't love.
It's enjoyable fucking. Sex."

"Yeah whatever. It was good but I think I will be sore there for a while. Nice
soreness though." Skip waited a moment then added, "But did it earn me a pair of
sheets? Or could I spend the night here?"

Larry laughed out loud, "I don't think you really did it just for sheets! But
yes, we'll find you sheets and pillows. Sorry though, I don't think at this
stage I can let you sleep here."

"How many fucks to buy that?" Skip giggled. Larry gave her a playful smack. Skip
turned serious. "Larry? Would you agree to me phoning my parents to tell them
I'm okay? I am sure they will be getting worried now. I've been away for a day
or two before but not as long as this."

"I'm been thinking about that too," Larry admitted, "Can I trust you not to give
away where you are? And can you get them to let Brenda's folk know?"

"They'll be less worried. There's only her mum anyhow. Bren's run away before
but I can get mum to phone her too. No doubt you will be close enough to me to
snatch the phone away if I start to say something I shouldn't. You've got my
mobile so the call wouldn't easily be traceable."

Larry went and got her phone. "Answering machine," Skip remarked after she had
dialled. She left a message to say she was okay and would be staying away for a
bit. She also asked them to phone Bren's mum.

"It's getting late," Larry observed, "We'll make some hot chocolate and take you
back downstairs. I should have put Harry to bed a while back."

"How'd you earn these, you snidey bitch? And why aren't you cuffed and hobbled
like me?" demanded Brenda when they were settled in bed for the night. "I
suppose you opened your legs and let him fuck you. You're nothing but a whore,
bitch" Brenda was annoyed at being left alone for a long time.

Skip didn't answer directly. Pulling the bedclothes back she planted two hard
smacks on Brenda's already sore bum, causing her to yell in pain and start
verbally abusing her again. "You want another couple Bren?" Skip enquired.
Brenda shook her head, no. "Well then just shut up. Start to appreciate what I
have been able to get for us. Yes. We did fuck and it was great. I'm sore and
tender down there but I would do it again if I get the chance. He's big but he
was quite gentle and took a long while so I came before he did. While you keep
fighting him, you'll just be sore. Sore arse and sore in the head."

"I'll be reported missing soon, so we may be rescued."

"No, I phoned home and said we were okay." Brenda was silent at that remark.
Skip held her as they snuggled under the covers again, "Look Bren, there's no
need for us to fight. We did a terrible thing to Dwarfie and now we are paying.
I'm really sorry for what we did to that poor woman and this is a way to make
amends. I am sure we are over the worst part. We know he's boss. Once we accept
that and try to cooperate it will get better. Even Dwarfie said he wasn't to
hurt us any more for what we did to her."

"You didn't get a belting this morning!"

"I didn't kick the piss bucket over!" They were silent for a while until Skip
said, "Bren, I think deep down you are actually sorry for what you did. You just
wont admit it. Your pride at being in control of everyone clouds your

"Maybe," Brenda sleepily replied, "I did feel a little guilty when I saw her the
other day."

"Then admit it Bren. Tell them you're sorry."


"You fucked her, didn't you?" Harriet questioned Larry when he put her to bed.

"Yes. I'll tell you all the details if you want when I get to bed too." Harriet
wanted to know the full story and she got it. Larry cuddled her and felt between
her legs. She was wet.

"I'll be glad when I am well enough for you to do it to me," she said, "For now
would you mind just massaging me there. It feels so nice, then I will do it to
you if you wish." Harriet thought to herself, "If I am to compete with those
young girls for his affections, then I will have to give myself to him even if
it causes me some pain." She knew he would not do anything he knew would hurt
her so hesitated before suggesting, "I will suck you too if you'd like that."

"Of course I would like it Harry. I just haven't wanted to force you to do
anything. How about if we do it to each other?" Carefully Larry rearranged
Harriet's body on top of him, her mouth at his cock and his was between her
stubby legs. Tentatively each started to mouth the other. They lay like that for
a long time until Harriet had climaxed twice and Larry was ready to come. He
warned her but she just kept her lips closed around him and took his seed in her

Chapter 7. Failed escape

"How would you like to do some outside work, Skip?" Larry asked.

"Not dressed like this!" Skip protested. Both she and Brenda were wearing thin

"No, dressed like a work women for working in the woods." Things had been quiet
for the last three days. Skip, with a little reluctant help from Brenda had
painted their cell, as they always called their room and Skip was starting to
clear the cellar. Larry had overheard them arguing when he took tea down

"Why don't you fuck him again and get us some more luxuries like hair spray and
shampoo and make-up. You used to use plenty of hair spray when your hair was

"I'm not a whore. If I want a fuck, I'll let him. Certainly not to get luxuries
for you. You've done hardly anything to earn them. Why don't you open your legs
for him?"

"My arse is too sore, stupid!"

"And Dwarfie is still sore. You did that remember. It was your idea of revenge.
It was your idea that landed us here."

"You helped."

"And now I regret it. You went too far. She's actually a nice person when you
get to know her."

Larry quietly exited the cellar and re-entered with a bang. The conversation
ceased. Larry gave Brenda a mug of tea and asked Skip to help in the kitchen.
"Why can't I go in the kitchen too?" Brenda demanded.

"Simply because of what you did and Harry is afraid you might try to do it
again. It will take a long while for her to trust you." It was while they were
sitting at the table Larry asked her about outdoor work. "We won't go out in
really bad weather but at the moment there is a lot to do and with having to
keep an eye on Harry and doing an hour or two's training a day, the work is
getting on top of me. At this time of year, the work is clearing the understory.
All the dead undergrowth and burning it. It will be physically hard but at least
it is outside in the fresh air." Skip agreed provided she was properly dressed
for outside work. Larry found the clothes she had worn when she was abducted and
also a heavy coat of Harriet's and took her into town to a working men's
clothing store. Despite being smaller than most workmen, they came away with
overall, boots, sweaters, gloves and items of protective eye wear.

After lunch, she changed into her work clothes and they set off along the path
into the woods. It was a very cold but bright afternoon but it would soon be
dark. Larry thought it would be a good introduction to the work in the woods. It
wouldn't go on for too long. At the start, Larry used the billhook and Skip
cleared and dragged the debris into a heap in a clearing. Even with her
protective clothing, Skip couldn't avoid scratches on her arms and legs and
stinging nettles caught her several times. She returned home tired from the work
and from the cold wind, yet it felt really good to have been out in the open
air. Twice she had seen a green woodpecker, the first she'd seen in her life.
Larry had pointed out deer track and dung but they were making too much noise to
see the them. They showered together and when they had dried off, Skip, seeing
his semi erection asked, "Would you like to?"

"It will have to be a quick one with no promises of a reward."

"Larry, I am not asking for a favour. I enjoyed this afternoon. It's just that
showering with you makes me horny." He took her to the spare bed and without too
much foreplay, entered her deeply, At first she winced and seeing this Larry
eased up on her for a short while until her cunt accommodated him better and her
juices were really flowing. Thereafter he fucked her with vigour until both had
climaxed. They had to return to the shower for a quick rinse afterwards. It was
then time to help in the kitchen.

"Could we not invite Bren up to eat with us?" Skip asked.

"I thought you didn't want any favours," smiled Larry, "What do you say Harry?"

"She looked uncertain but said, "Okay, as long as you are here all the time."


Skip and Larry were walking home in the twilight after a hard day in the woods.
It was the fourth day in a row they had been out. For November the weather had
been abnormally dry. They had cleared quite an area of undergrowth and thinned a
few trees. Larry saw his work mate seemed unusually quiet. "What's up Skip?"

For some yards they walked in silence until Skip blurted out, "I want to go
home. I want to see my mum and dad. Even if it is just for a short while." Tears
came to her eyes. "I actually enjoy being here and working but I miss home as

"Skip, I've enjoyed having your company but I don't think I ought to keep you
any longer or the other bitch. Look, it's Wednesday today, the forecast is for
another two days of dry weather. How about staying here until Saturday and I
will take you both home then?" Pleased by the news, Skip hugged him. "Don't tell
Brenda what we plan otherwise I think she will become even more disruptive."


Friday morning, the pair were working at clearing a tree they had felled. Larry
had just stopped the chain saw when they heard his mobile ring. It was a text
message. "HELP!! HARRY" The pair ran home, hardly noticing the pile of wood that
had been a veranda as they rushed in.

Brenda was sitting on the bed in the spare room. Her coverall was torn and there
were scratches on various parts of her body, none that seemed serious. "Please
don't beat me again," she pleaded, "I just wanted to get away. I didn't intend
to hurt Miss Harriet."

"Tell her Skip," Larry instructed.

"We're going home tomorrow, you should have waited. What happened?"

Harriet stood shaking but answered. "I took her coffee and when I opened the
cellar door she pushed past me and ran to the door. It was locked so she ran
upstairs and opened the front room window and jumped out on to the balcony but
the boards were rotten and she went through. Only her body. Her arms were above
the boards. I leaned out of the window but couldn't pull her up. Not all the
boards had broken off so every time I tried to lift, the boards jammed her

"Well you obviously did get her out, dear."

"I didn't know what to do. I phoned you but you didn't answer. I heard the
chainsaw so I guessed you couldn't hear the ring so I texted you. If I went for
you, by the time you got back the rest of the balcony might have collapsed. I
remembered the ladder alongside the garage. I got that and put it against the
wall under her."

"You carried that ladder and got it against the wall?" Larry was incredulous.
"That would be heavy and difficult for you even if you were fully recovered. How
on earth did you manage it?"

"She dragged it," Brenda cut in.

"Getting it up the wall was the difficult bit. You really need to be tall to do
that but I got it up and under her. She was yelling 'hurry up Dwarfie!' and

"I'm sorry Miss Harriet, I shouldn't have called you that. I was panicking. I
thought the whole lot was going to come down at any time. Sorry. So sorry Miss."

"I hope you're also sorry for what you did to her at her house," Skip remarked

"Yeah, I'm sorry for that too. Really I am Harriet."

"But how were you able to free her?" Larry asked. Skip had started to remove her
friends clothes so they could see the extent of her injuries. So far none seemed
severe. Mainly scratches.

"I yelled for her to stay still and for once she took some notice." I climbed
the ladder and put her feet on my shoulders but she started yelling and moving
and nearly fetched me off, so I smacked her arse hard and told her to shut up
and stay still. Luckily this time she obeyed. The whole thing seemed to be
slowly coming away from the wall so I held it up with one hand and then broke
away the boards that held her with the other until she was free. By moving up
the ladder, I was able to push her high enough for her to reach the window ledge
and pull herself up. I was still......." Harry passed out.

Larry laid her on the bed and was about his fury on Brenda when Harry opened her
eyes again. "It's okay," she whispered tiredly, "She can tell you the rest. She
saved me."

"Well?" Larry asked angrily.

Brenda took up the narrative. "I'm sorry Larry, Sorry Harriet."

"Get on with it!"

"I had a good hold on the window sill and could look down. I could see Dwarfie,
sorry Harriet, wouldn't be able to get down without the veranda falling on top
of her. I put my feet through the hole in the boards and shouted to her to put
my toes under a bearer. She did and I was able to hold it in place until she got
down and out of the way. She came in here and then you arrived."

Brenda was now naked and Skip washed her scratches especially those on her feet
where the wood had abraded the flesh as finally the weight won its battle with
her toes. All seemed superficial and while she might have some bruising under
her tits later, she seemed okay.

"Aren't you in pain as well?" asked Skip. Harriet, now sitting up again,
admitted she was, especially her chest. The weight of Brenda on her shoulders
and the weight of the veranda had started the cracked ribs hurting again."

"I suppose now I deserve another thrashing," Brenda stated, "But please go easy.
I am sorry for what I did. I am sorry for what I did earlier. I have been ever
since I saw her on the first day but I wouldn't admit it to you."

"Well I certainly think you deserve a thrashing Brenda, but I'm not going to do
it..." Larry stated. Brenda looked in askance at him when he didn't appear to
end the sentence. "Harry is." He removed his belt and gave it to her. Taking the
towel Skip had used to dry her wounds, he tied Brenda's wrists to the bed head.
"Harry, we'll leave you with her. Call if you need help."

Left alone, Harriet sat alongside Brenda, her body was indeed very sore and she
felt tired but she had some pride and wanted to make sure Brenda knew who was
boss. Taking the belt she placed it across Brenda's bare arse and left it there.
The girl flinched as she felt the leather touch her skin and was surprised when
Harriet didn't pick it up again. As she watched Harriet removed her muddy shoes
and placed them under the bed. Slowly and painfully standing again, she untied
the towel binding Brenda to the bed head and freed her wrists. This wasn't what
Brenda was expecting. "What are you going to do?" she asked, puzzled. Harriet
didn't reply but climbed on the bed and lay alongside her.

"Nothing. I'm tired, you're stressed from your ordeal. Enough hurt has been
done. Just feel the leather on your bum and think what I could have done.
Imagining the hurt should be enough for today. You could have let me be killed,
but didn't." Harriet put her arms around the girls neck and pulled her close.
Brenda cried. Cried real tears of sorrow for what she had done. After all the
hurt she had caused, Dwarfie had risked her own life to help her and was then
taking her revenge with kindness. That in a way was worse than a thrashing.

"I'm so sorry Dwarfie," she muttered and then remembered, Sorry, Miss Harriet."

"It's okay, Bren. It is not so much what you say, as the way you say it." When
Larry looked in after half an hour, they were both asleep, cradled in each
other's arms.


"How many fucks did it take for him to agree to let us go?" Brenda started to
taunt Skip as they lay on their cell bed for the last night. The door was no
longer locked and there were no restraints, no hobbles.

"Actually we only did it three times and the last was some days ago. And then we
did it for pleasure. I just asked him if I could see mum and dad again soon and
he agreed. So don't you start being a bitch again." She gripped Brenda's tits.
They were very tender from having partly supported her weight on the balcony.
"Remember you are not boss girl now. We have our separate lives to live." She
pulled Brenda to her and felt a thigh slip between her legs and added, "But
sometimes people need to be close." Her thigh too found it's way against her
friend's crotch. Both started gently humping each other. Their lips met. "This
is probably the last chance we'll get to do this so let's make memorable." For
the next hour, their bodies intertwined until each had climaxed a number of
times and they were exhausted.

"Larry?" Skip asked as they prepared to leave, "Would you let me come back again
after the weekend? I'd work hard. I'd be a sort of free slave."

"No," Larry's definite reply startled and surprised her and the others round the
table. Larry waited, "You can have a paid job here as general help, at least
until Harry is fully recovered. By then you may decide you want to do something
else. Or have a husband or who knows. Job starts Monday."


In May of the following year, Skip was still working for Larry. I was a small
wage job but she particularly enjoyed working out in the open and in the woods.
"Interested in doing this course?" Larry passed a brochure that had come in the

"Yes, but I couldn't afford it."

"I'll pay the fees if you'll agree to work here for one year minimum afterwards
and perhaps help out at weekends and holidays."

The college was only forty miles away so returning at weekends was no hardship.
Skip enjoyed learning woodland management and how a small woodland could be made
profitable. In February she was at the house during half term. "Larry, these
woods will be beautiful in a month or so when the bluebells are all in flower.
Why don't we organise a few tours at a couple of pounds a head over the Easter
Bank Holiday weekend? We'd only need to clear a few paths and make sure there
were no real deep boggy bits."

"Would you organise it? For a commission? We'd need to limit the numbers and
have them guided round. No wandering just anywhere." Skip did organise it
although being at college, Harry had to take the bookings. So many applied to
come on the tours, Larry had to take groups around as well. Skip was about the
take the last tour of the Sunday and Larry had just seen his group off.

"No bright red hair now then?" Skip turned to find Brenda standing alongside a
slighter older man. She obviously wasn't dressed for walking and neither was he.
Skip called Larry over and asked him to take her group around. "How's Harry? She
still here?" Brenda asked.

"Yes, come in the house and see her." Before entering, Brenda looked up and
noticed the balcony had been repaired Skip saw her look up and laughed. "Yes, we
fixed it, just in case you wanted to jump out of the window again." Ronnie, the
boyfriend, smiled but didn't understand the remark and no one enlightened him.

They chatted until Larry came back and reminisced for a further hour over tea
and cakes. Brenda seemed to have straightened herself out and was also doing a
college course.

The following day, again it was Skip taking the last party round. One of the men
seemed a bit strange. For a start he carried a clipboard which immediately made
Larry very wary. Was he from officialdom? Was there some planning rules he
didn't know about. He followed and noticed how the man lagged behind, looked up
into the trees, made notes and tried to get away from the path when he could.
Skip cautioned him twice but when she was hidden around the bend in the track he
went off for the third time. "I think you had better return to the car park with
me, Sir," Larry suggested. He towered intimidatingly above the man, "And perhaps
you can explain what you are doing here. It's quite clear you are not an
ordinary tourist."

"George Fremont. I'm from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The
RSPB want to lease these woods as a nature reserve."

"No!" Larry interrupted, "These are commercial woodlands."

"?2,000 a year."

"No! I own these woods and I don't want to be told where I can or cannot go
because there is a lesser spotted snow bunting preening in a certain lime tree."

"There's no such bird."

"Whatever. I think you had better leave."



"That's more profit than you'd make commercially. Surely only a fool would turn
down such an offer."

"No! Damn you, no!" Larry was becoming exasperated with the man. "You'd better
leave. I won't have dealings with you any more."

"Can we discuss a management policy? Having an adviser from the RSPB working
with you?"

"Perhaps? As long as it is not with you." Larry's dislike for the man and his
underhand methods had increased with their conversation. "Get your organisation
to appoint three nominees and we, that is my manager and I, will interview


"What do you think, Skip?"

"Stephan." Skip reply was immediate and definite, "He may not be the most highly
qualified but I think I could work closely with him."

"Very close," smiled Larry. "Or should I say, intimately? But I liked him too.
What about Sheila? She seemed okay too."

"Yeah, but you're going to be a married man soon so you'd better keep your eyes
off her!" They settled on Stephan. Harry liked him as well so he was invited to
spend a weekend with them. All four spent most of the morning in the woods
discussing management. Harry stayed behind in the afternoon and when at dusk,
Stephan suggested they watched for woodcocks along the main ride, Larry guessed
he and Skip really wanted to be alone.

They did watch the ride until it was almost too dark to see and then settled on
the grass. Skip felt his hands clasp her breasts and slid her's down to his
crotch. Feeling it was hard she murmured, "That's the sort of wooden cock I
like." Before long he was inside her and the pair rutted away, doing what nature
intended. Next morning when Larry took tea into her room he found it empty.
Knocking on Stephan's bedroom door he called out, "Room service!"

"Come in," Skip answered.


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