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Three Men And Little Girl

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Synopsis: Janie comes home, and finds three intruders.
Three Men And Little Girl

	It was after she'd set down her book bag that she realized there was
something burning in the house. A sour, bitter smell drifted through all the

	"mom, you home?" she called out heading into the kitchen.

	The house was quiet except for the hissing sound of an over-boiling pot
which Janie quickly took off the stove.  The pot putted a little before
simmering down.

	Pulling her white knee socks up from around her ankles, she plopped down
on a chair by the counter. "Stupid school uniforms" she muttered, grabbing an
apple from the basket and fidgeting with her skirt a little before taking a bite
off the fruit. With the heavy bag of books to lug along the way, the walk home
was always exhausting, and though it was strange that her mother would leave the
kitchen with something boiling on the stove, Janie thought she'd sit down a
while before taking a look upstairs to see what was the matter.

	K-thunk  a sound from upstairs.


	The house was quiet again.

	Tracy was bound, ankles to wrists behind her back, helpless on the bed
with the front of her shirt ripped open and pealed off her shoulders to reveal
two soft breasts, nipples erect and tender against the open air. A gag ran tight
over her mouth.

	Two men stood in the room, both dressed in black, ski masks covering
their faces.

	"mom?" Janie opened the door.

	A third man grabbed the girl from behind, cupping a hand over her mouth
before she could scream or run.

	"Hello Janie, we've been waiting for you." Said a man next to her
mother. He was sitting on the bed with one hand caressing Tracys breast. The
other man was looking through the closet, searching for something.

	"Where the hell is it bitch!?" he cried, taking no notice of the girl.

	"Calm down Jimmie" said the man next to her mother, "We'll ask daddy
when he gets home. Lets have some fun with these ladies while we wait."

	"Janie" came a low husky voice by her ear. It was the man behind her,
the one holding her wrists together with a hand over her mouth. "You don't want
to see mommy hurt do you?"

	She shook her head. She was shaking.

	"if you treat us extra nice and do what we say, we won't hurt your
mommy" There was a pause as the man next to Tracy pulled out a knife. "other
wise, who knows what might happen? John here might decide to cut mommy."

	John Slipped the blade along the seams of Tracys slacks to cut them
open. Janie, lunged forth in panic, but the arms holding her were strong and she
was yanked back hard, her wrists were burning from the mans grip.

	"Don't worry baby. Johns not gonna cut your mommy. Not if you behave.
Are you going to behave Janie?"

	She nodded her head yes.

	"That's good baby. I'm gonna let you go. If you run, or scream, John
heres gonna have to do some terrible things to mommy. That understood?"

	The hand was removed from Janies mouth and she was  let go.

	"Why don't you show us YOUR room little girl?" said John loosing
interest in the mother. Jimmie also turned around and stared at the fifteen year
old who was standing all quiet now in front of the three men, body shaking.

	Janie looked nervously at her mother who was now thrashing on the bed in

	She feared the three men who towered above her, lust watering their eyes
as they pushed her out of the room and down the hall. She stumbled a little and
finally lead them into her room, pink canopy bed with stuffed animals along the
shelves and strawberry flowers stretching from wall to wall.

	She heard the door close.

	"She's a hottie isn't she Bob?"

	Bob drew out a long whistle before taking a seat at the edge of the bed.
"Come here Janie"

	 The young girl approached the man who was still clad in a ski mask.

	"Take off your blouse."


	A hand shot across her face leaving a large red mark on her cheeks as
she fell to the floor. The pain and suddenness of the blow was a shock and it
took the girl a moment to regain her senses as she stared at the pink carpet of
her bed-room. Three men surrounding her, waiting...

	"I'll do the talking, you just listen. Take off your blouse Janie"
repeated Bob.

	Slowly, Janie got back up and began unbuttoning her shirt. She let the
white button down uniform drop to the floor, her pink cotton bra now revealing
the budding tops of two pale breasts. She felt hands unhooking the clasp of the
bra in the back and instinctively began to draw her hands up to prevent the bra
from coming off completely but stopped as soon as she saw Bob raising his hand

	"that's a good girl. Now come a little closer so we can have a look."
Said Bob.

	Janie took a step closer.

	"WoooWeeeh! Would you look at them titties?!" cried John who was
standing next to Bob. "Bet they taste even better."

	"I want you to feed them to me Janie" Said Bob slowly. "Take them into
your hands and feed them into my mouth."

	Janie's whole body flushed rose, embarrassed and humiliated at the idea
of allowing this stranger to suckle her breasts, much less having her "feed"
him. Awkwardly, She cupped her hands, one under each breast and moved toward Bob
who was still sitting at the edge of her pink canopied bed.

	She moved till she was right in front of him but he made no motion to
bend down and suck. Being a rather tall man, her head was now at the same height
as his, though he was seated and she standing, and there she stood awkwardly, a
hand under each pale breast, trembling in terror.

	"Well" replied Bob. "I guess you're just gonna have to climb up on me to
reach my mouth sweetie."

	Too afraid to disobey, Janie climbed up onto the bed next to Bob. "I'm
over here baby, why don't you straddle me, c'mon, stop stalling and let me taste
them titties" said Bob, a little agitated at Janie who was now kneeling to the
right of him.

	Janie had one knee on either side of him now, her skirt covering her
slim thighs to just above her knees, one hand holding onto the mans shoulder to
keep herself from falling and the other cupping her left breast while he took
them in his mouth and flicked her soft pink nipples with the tip of his tongue.

	John had moved behind her and Janie could feel two sets of hands reach
under her skirt and pull at her white cotton panties. She protested, trying to
pull away but Bob took a handful of her long blond hair and yanked her head hard
enough to make her back arch, pushing her breasts deeper into his mouth. Using
his free hand, he twisted her other nipple until the girl screamed, still trying
to wiggle loose. But each jerk of her body only allowed john and jimmie to  pull
her panties down further.

	"Get the tape John" Said Jimme as his finger lightly stroked Janie's dry
pussy lips, feeling the springy pubic hair of the adolescent body.

	Her own panties were stuck into her mouth and a strip of masking tape
was wound around her head as a gag while another strip of tape bound her wrists
together behind her back. They blind folded her with a pink bandana by her
bedside and propped her on her knees, on the bed, legs spread wide apart, ass
high in the air for all three men to see.

	Jimmies fingers were now pushing against the young girls hymen, her
tender pink pussy on each side of his rough index. Johns hands soon joined and
Janies body was now struggling violently to get off the bed. But the three men
held her in position, Jimmy gripping her ankles, bob with a fist around the back
of her neck holding her head firmly against the mattress.

	"Hey, Bob, this little hotties a virgin" grinned Jimmie ear to ear.

	Johns hands were crudely pushing their way into Janies dry ass hole,
which was contracting and not allowing anything to pass. Grabbing some lotion
from her bed side table, he slathered some into his palms and spread it around
her ass cheeks before putting one arm around her waist to make sure she didn't
move. With a cruel, upward thrust, he jammed two fingers into the girls tight
ass and felt her body retch violently forward.

	Janie felt as if her whole insides were being pulled apart with pliers.

	John began moving his index and middle finger in and out of Janies ass,
feeling the warm walls of her rectum wrap tightly around his fingers as if they
were sucking with each contraction trying to push the foreign object out.  The
lotion was gathering along the tight anal rim of her ass and he could feel it
accumulate there. He twisted his fingers inside her, feeling around, before
trying to force a third finger in. "Jesus Christ she's fuckin' tight." He moaned
as he brutally thrust three fingers deep into the girls ass, jamming his fingers
as far in as possible until his knuckles were white against the downy cheeks of
her ass.

	Janie was shaking violently now, trying to get her legs together, the
pain in her ass increasing with each thrust of the mans cruel fingers. She could
feel the lotion ozzing out of her ass and dripping down to her cunt where
another set of fingers were pushing against her hymen. The two sets of fingers
invading her cunt and her ass was unbearable. She felt herself stretching, two
hands pulling her knees even further apart as she struggled.

	John and jimmy were now unzipping their flys, taking off their pants.
The young girl was pinned there, helpless at the foot of her own bed, knowing
that she was about to be raped. Jimmy went first, his thick cock ozzing precum,
nudged at the tender slit, lubricating it slightly. He spat in his hand and
rubbed his saliva into that small pink gash and slid the head of his cock along
it, pushing at her virgin slit gently to savor the tightness. Then, without
warning, both hands grabbing firmly onto her hips, he fucks his 8 inch cock up
into her tight pussy, breaking her hymen and causing the little cunt meat
beneath him to go into convulsions from the pain. Her back arches up and
quickly, he pushes down on her lower back as he draws nearly the entire length
of his cock out before slamming it back into her with full force. "you fucking
slut, you little piece of cunt meat, ooooh god you're so fucking tight
baby...yeah, keep pushing, keep fighting back...god you feel SO" and he is
slamming into her now, again and again and again "Fucking" his hips are
thrusting as hard and fast into that tight little hole, heavy as a piston,
"GOOD!" he inserts three fingers into her lubricated ass, feeling beneath that
thin membrane, the rhythmic movements of his cock stretching the walls of her
vagina with each thrust. She is in tears, Bob is licking her face and playing
with her titties. John is positioning his cock against her ass which is sticking
straight up as Jimmy continues to fuck her from behind. Her ass is still tight
even after the invading fingers, but then johns cock is a full 2 inches in
diameter, knobby red head forcing its way past her sphincter - the little girls
knees nearly giving in. Her face is mashed into the bed from the weight of Jimmy
fucking into her cunt from behind and John who is now driving the head of his
cock straight down into her small puckered ass hole. Bob is still twisting
painfully at her doughy nipples and slapping her face on occasion, making sure
her knees are far enough apart so that his two buddies can fuck her deep and

	At last her ass gives way and the head of johns cock sinks an inch down
into her ass. He's grabbing into her hips now too and can feel jimmys cock still
ramming its full length in and out of her pussy. With one powerful thrust
downward, he drives his shaft down into her ass like a drill. Grabbing a handful
of her hair like the reigns on a horse, he pulls her head back, forcing her back
to arch and her ass to stay in position while he pile drives his 9 inch cock
deep into her ass, ramming it down deeper and deeper with each succeeding
thrust. The two men are now fucking the young girl behind in unison now, both
driving in at once so that her cunt and ass are being filled and emptied in a
synchronized rythme. John with a fist full of hair and one hand on her bound
wrists, and Jimmy with both hands grabbing onto each side of her small hips,
thrusting deep into her pussy till he could feel his cock bottom out against her
small cervix. 

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