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Nazi Prison Camp

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Synopsis: The Germans had captured France and the soldiers were taking the young girls to prison for their pleasure. This is the story of Loren as she is captured and raped.
Nazi Prison Camp
By Powerone Copyright 2003
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Loren found herself in the bed, naked.  The Commandant had ripped her clothes
from her body.  She was bound again, this time her arms were pulled behind her
and tied to her ankles, her legs bent backwards.  She was left on her belly.  He
lay back down on the bed next to her, pulling her up until she was between his
legs, her mouth only inches from his hard cock.  He felt her hot breath on his
dick and it jumped in anticipation.  He grabbed her head with both of his hands,
trapping it between them and slowly pulled her towards his throbbing cock. 
"Open your mouth, Loren, it is time for you to worship a German cock."

Life in Paris had become cruel since the occupation of the German Nazi army. 
The fall of the French forces had been unexpected and the occupation by the
Nazi's had been quick and brutal.  All resistance by the French was dealt with
swiftly and cruelly.  Any sign of defiance and the individuals would soon
disappear into the night, the last sounds heard were the breaking down of doors
by the Gestapo and the screams of the women as they were herded off to unknown
destinations.  It was rumored that a large military prison had been set up on
the outskirts of Paris by the Gestapo, but this was largely unconfirmed.  Travel
was banned and a nightly curfew at 7 P.M. was imposed.  The French resistance
put a gallant fight, attacking weak areas of the Nazi army whenever possible,
but this did little except anger the Nazi's.

Herr Clausser was Commandant of the Gestapo prison on the outskirts of Paris. 
He was 45, a General in the elite Gestapo and the assignment in Paris was a
reward for the hard fought battles he had endured and won in the Eastern Front. 
It would be a brief respite from the battle, a year to enjoy all that the French
had to offer, from the fine wines and food, to the beautiful women.  Paris had
fallen easily and the occupation was going well.  The French resistance while
bothersome, did not do much damage.  It had given him a good excuse, not that he
needed one, to fill the prison with anyone foolish enough to resist the powerful
German army.  He had made sure that many of the captured would be females, some
of the most beautiful that the French had to offer.  He also made sure they were
young, any young female flesh entering puberty were desirable to the Commandant. 
He intended to enjoy all of his perversion on these young French females.  He
enjoyed those that fought his advances.  He loved forcing them to submit to his
sexual desires, making them do filthy things that they did not know were
possible.  After he had his fun with them, his guards would be allowed to have
their pleasure with them.  Few survived the mass gang rapes by the guards.  They
took the women brutally, few survived over 100 men fucking them in every
orifice.  It did not matter, there were so many more to enjoy.

Loren was doing her homework, nervous as she heard the Germans roaming the
streets outside their small apartment above the store her parents owned.  Many
of her friends had disappeared since the occupation by the Nazi's.  Stories were
told of the rape of females as they walked home from school, grabbed by passing
German soldiers, thrown into the back of moving trucks, their clothes thrown
from the back as they traveled, until they were stripped naked.  You could hear
their screams as German cocks pierced them, forever ripping their virginity from
their bodies.  They were never heard from again, presumed dead or at least
captured and thrown into prison.  Loren jumped in fear as she heard the crashing
of doors breaking, shots fired and screams as women were herded into the street
not far from her home.

Her mother raced into the room, "hurry, into the closet, it sounds like the
Nazi's are close," opening the door to the closet and pushing Loren quickly into
it, the door slamming behind her.  Loren huddled in the dark closet, shivering
in fear as she waited, afraid for her own safety, as well as her parents.  Her
Uncle, a member of the resistance had already been captured, her family afraid
the Germans might round up all of his relatives.

There was a loud noise of the front door splintering as the Gestapo crashed
through it, bursting into the house, their guns raised as Loren's parents were
seated at the dining room table.  As they stood up in surprise, her father was
hit with the butt of a rifle, his body falling heavily to the floor, blood
running profusely from his mouth.  He was already unconscious.  The Captain of
the Gestapo grabbed Loren's mother, slapping her face hard, blood running from
her nose.  "Where is your daughter, Loren?  Tell me bitch, or I will kill your
husband."  One of the other guards placed his rifle against the forehead of her
husband, his finger nervously running over the trigger. 

"She's not here, she went to visit her Uncle outside the city where it is
safer," Loren's mother cried out.  "Don't hurt my husband, please, don't hurt

The Captain look at her, a middle aged French women, not particularly
attractive, not what the Commandant was looking for.  No, he wanted her
daughter, Loren.  The Captain had told him of her.  He had seen her coming home
from school.  Dressed in the school outfit, a blue plaid skirt, light blue
sweater, white socks and black leather shoes.  She had small, perky tits,
pressed hard against the rough sweater, nipples poking out the front of the
sweater when they weather was cold.  Her ass swung the skirt back and forth,
making the Captains cock hard when he saw her.  Her legs, long naked legs,
hiding her treasures beneath the short skirt.  Treasures that the Commandant had
decided he wanted.  "Shoot him," the Captain said nonchalantly, the noise of the
rifle shattering the night air.  He smiled as he watched the face of Loren's
mother, her husband's head blown apart the room in a mess of splattered brains
and blood.

"AAAAHHH, NNNNOOO," she cried, trying to break free of the Captain as she tried
to rush to her husbands side. 

The Captain grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up, his pistol pointed into her
face.  "Open your mouth," the barrel of the pistol jammed harshly against her
teeth, chipping one tooth as it pushed into mouth.  "Now tell me, where is
Loren, or you will join your husband, your brains blown about your tiny house." 
He cocked the pistol, ready to pull the trigger.  He knew that Loren was in the
house, his men had been watching it since this morning.  He had no intention of
letting her parents live, he just enjoyed the fear that he could instill in
them.  "Too late," the sound of the revolver echoing in the room, her head
exploding into a bloody mess that splattered hair and brains all over the wall
in the dining room.  The Captain let her body fall to the floor, slumping to the
floor next to her dead husband.  "Find the girl, she is here somewhere,"
ordering his men to begin the search.

Loren heard the screams and the gunfire.  She heard the guards rushing through
the house, the sound of breaking furniture moving closer towards her room.  She
cowered in the corner of the closet, trying to hide as the noise moved closer to
her.  She prayed, hoping that some miracle would come before they would find
her.  She screamed as the closet door opened, the harsh light shining brightly
on her cowering figure, guns pointed at her head.

"Out, be quick about it," the barrel of the rifle rubbing over her face, forcing
her to get up and move out.  "I found her Captain, she is in here."  The guard
pulled her from the closet into the light of the room.  There were three other
German soldiers in the room, all with guns pointed at her.  An officer entered
the room, a smile on his face as he saw here.

"Yes, you must be Loren.  As beautiful as I remember you.  You will please the
Commandant.  I might even be promoted because of you.  Handcuff her and bring
her along," he ordered the guards.  Loren was quickly cuffed, her wrists clamped
in the hard cold steel cuffs, her breasts thrust out as her arms were pulled
behind her back.

Loren screamed as she was pulled through the dining room, the sight of her
mutilated parent's bodies so grotesquely displayed, their bodies barely
distinguishable, the heads only a bloodied shell of hair and blood.  Her sobs
continued as she was pulled to the truck, vomiting as she was pulled into the
back, her body shaking from the terror that she had seen.  Her whole life was
now torn up, her parent's dead, the Nazi's dragging her off to an unknown
location.  Unable to comprehend the situation, her brain refused to acknowledge
what was happening.  She gazed off, sobbing as she was thrown onto the hard
bench in the back of the truck, the guards sitting on the other side, the
Captain moving next to her.

The Captain slapped her face, watching in glee as her head snapped to the side. 
"Stop your sniveling."  His hand shot out again, her other cheek receiving the
brunt of the slap, turning bright red.  Her head again snapped, this time to the
opposite direction.  The Captain chuckled, "much better, bitch.  You French are
so easy," all of the guards laughing as Loren sat their, shivering in fear,
quiet, afraid of the what the Nazi's would do to her.  His hand moved up to her
face, this time gently caressing her cheek, moving her blond hair from her eyes,
"such a lovely child you are," his hand continued to move about her face.  He
lifted her chin up, "look at those lips, born to suck a German cock," laughing
as his cock hardened in his pants.  He knew the Commandant would not want him to
take her sexually, but he would not mind if he played with her a bit. 

Loren trembled as the Captain hands continued to move over her, squirming on the
bench as the fat, cold hands began to move down the front of her sweater.

"Hold her still," he ordered one of the guards.  He moved over across onto the
bench on the other side of Loren, wrenching up on Loren's arms, a gasp of pain
coming from her lips as the pain shot into her shoulders.  He lowered them, his
hands still grasping her tightly.  "Now behave, bitch and hold still.  The
Captain wouldn't hurt you, yet.  He just wants to show that lovely body of yours
to us."

The Captain continued, his hands now moving down to Loren's upturned breasts,
the other guard forcing her to push her chest out, displaying herself like a
whore.  The Captain felt her squirming on the bench as his large hands grabbed
her young breasts in a steel like grip, clenching and unclenching on the nubile
flesh, feeling the budding breasts filling his large hands.  His fingers sought
out her nipples, delighting in the feel of the soft sweater in his hands,
finding the nipples.  They began to harden, such whores the French are, he
thought.  She is going to be raped and her nipples are becoming hard.  He
grabbed her nipples between his two fingers and pulled and twisted them harshly,
smiling as he heard her scream in pain.  "Such a whore you are," twisting her
nipples again, making her scream in pain again.

Loren could not believe the pain, it felt like her nipples were being torn from
her body.  She squirmed on the bench, the guard behind her pulling her arms up
again, pain shooting into her shoulder.  She stopped resisting, her body going
limp.  "AAGGHH," the fingers again tightening on her delicate nubs, twisting
them back and forth. 

"Hold her still," the guard tightening his grip on her as the Captain grabbed
the sweater in his hands and ripped it from her body.  The sweater tore, but not
before digging into Loren's flesh. 

"OOOWWW," the sweater pulling out from her body, the seams giving first, the
sound of the material tearing filling the truck.  Part of the sweater hung from
her body, the Captains hands returning and gripping the material again until it
all fell to the floor in a puddle.  Loren slumped forward as the guard relaxed
his grip momentarily. 

The Captain lifted her head up, seeing the tears in her eyes.  He looked down, a
small bra holding up a nice pair of perky tits, not that they required much
support.  At her age, gravity had not even begun to effect them.  His hand moved
down to the top of her breasts, his hand again moving softly over the young
flesh, goosebumps appearing instantly.  "The Commandant will love these tits,"
his hands returning to squeeze them again, this time her naked breasts pushing
up to the top of her bra, her nipples almost visible to the Nazi guards.  His
hands grabbed the young tit flesh harshly, squeezing them tight, seeing the
pained expression on her face as he did.  "Yes, such nice tits, Loren, nice
tits."  He motioned to the guard behind her, "stand the bitch up, lets look at
those legs."

Loren felt her body being manhandled.  The Captain squeezed her breasts tightly
again.  Her moans of pain seem to inspire him to greater debasement of her body. 
She was forced up onto her feet by the guard behind her.  The Captains hands
moved down over her naked stomach until it reached the gentle swell of her ass. 
She was turned around, her ass to the Captain, his hands returning to run over
the flesh of her ass, molding her tight ass cheeks in his hands.  The guard in
front of her ran his hands up and down her naked legs, each time reaching higher
and higher under her skirt.  She could feel the cold, clammy hands touching her
virgin body, unable to stop them.  Her skirt was torn from her body, falling to
the ground beneath her.  She stood there, half naked in front of them, her small
bra and panties hiding her treasures from their eyes.

"Yes, a beautiful child you are, Loren," his hands running over her tender
flesh, feeling her trying to escape his touch.  "We are here, the Commandant
will be very pleased with you," laughing as the truck entered the gate. 

The camp had over 2,000 people in it, more arriving every day, dead bodies
disposed of just as fast to keep the population from growing.  All of the were
females, some as young as five, most in their teens.  It was a brutal

Loren found herself bound on her knees, thick rope binding her knees together,
her arms bound over her head, tied high to a post nearby.  She was still only
clad in her bra and panties.  It had only been hours since her arrival.  She
found herself in the Commandants office.  He grinned as she was brought in,
another lovely female to defile.

"The Captain told me about you Loren and he was not wrong.  You have a lovely
young body.  A body that I'm going to enjoy."  His cock hardened in his pants,
his hands reaching down to push it to the side, watching her face as she watched
him.  He knew that she could see it straining his pants, hard, waiting to take
his pleasure with her.

"Please, let me go, please I'm too young," she begged, tears staining her face
as he leered down at her.  Her head was jumbled from all that she had seen
today.  Her parents dead body still seemed so unreal, the molesting of her on
the truck and now, the Commandant standing tall over her as she was bound half
naked on her knees.

The Commandant picked up a black leather belt, over three inches wide, a supple
strap that he enjoyed using on the female prisoners.  "You are going to learn to
obey my every command.  It will be a painful reminder of what will happen to you
if you should disobey me."  He walked towards Loren, looking at the horror
spreading across her face as she saw the belt.  Before she could protest, a
leather strap was wrapped around her head, a ball gag slipped tightly between
her lips, stretching her mouth open wide around it.  Only muffled sounds could
be heard from her. 

Loren screamed as she felt the leather belt hit her on the back.  She felt the
thud as it slammed into her flesh, then long seconds before the pain hit her
brain.  Her head jerked up, her eyes wide open in pain. 

"Yes, it hurts, doesn't it Loren.  There will be so much more.  You will learn
to obey me."  The Commandant swung the belt again, it hitting lower down her
back, a red stripe beginning to form from the first time it hit.  His cock
hardened as her body lurched forward, muffled noises coming from behind the ball
gag.  Again, the belt moved lower, down her back, each time moving lower and
lower, aiming for her pert ass.  The Commandant grabbed his hard cock again,
rubbing it.  He pulled the rope holding up her arms higher, raising her slightly
from the floor, her ass cheeks now spread tautly before him.  The belt struck
her ass cheeks, the thick leather strap tearing into her delicate flesh.  The
Commandant loved the smell of the leather, the smell of fear coming from his
victim, the sound of the leather strap tearing into the flesh.  His cock became
harder, he would need relief soon, he would not be able to hold out much longer.

Loren saw the Commandant move in front of her, trembling in fear.  Her back and
ass hurt from the strapping and she knew that he was moving to her front now. 
She cringed as the strap moved towards her, slapping hard against her stomach,
the pain radiating to her brain.  Her body jerked back and forth as the
Commandant continued to strap her, moving from her stomach to her bra encased
breasts before moving down to slap harshly against her abdomen, even reaching
between her legs before he stopped. 

The Commandant was sweating, his cock swollen in lust.  He loved strapping the
female prisoners, but his lust needed to be satisfied.  He slowly stripped off
his clothes, standing naked in front of her, stroking his cock with one hand,
the head of red and swollen.  He untied her arms from the post above, her body
slumping to the floor in pain.  He untied her knees, grabbing the rope, ready to
bind her again.  He removed the ball gag, wanting to hear her screams.

Loren found herself in the bed, naked.  The Commandant had ripped her clothes
from her body, his hands running over her naked flesh as he stripped her.  Her
nipples were pulled, twisted and pinched until they were red and swollen.  Her
legs were spread, her pussy lips pulled open, his fingers playing painfully with
her flesh before finding her clit and abusing it.  He watched as she squirmed
around on the bed, his fingers digging into her flesh, her pleas making his cock
harder.  She was bound again, this time her arms were pulled behind her and tied
to her ankles, her legs bent backwards.  She was left on her belly, his hands
running over her naked ass, his fingers pushing between her legs, spreading her
open before him.

The Commandant found her pussy, his fingers pushing up between her pussy lips,
feeling her dryness.  He slapped her ass, hearing her cry out in pain, his
fingers pushing between the cheeks of her ass, first one finger, then two and
finally three fingers spreading her cheeks apart, her anus now exposed to him. 
He ran his fingers over her asshole, feeling her tightening her asscheeks. 
"Soon I will fuck you in all your holes, especially that tiny little asshole. 
First, you are going to please me with your mouth.  Remember the belt if you
refuse me or fail to please me."  He lay back down on the bed next to her,
pulling her up until she was between his legs, her mouth only inches from his
hard cock.  He felt her hot breath on his dick and it jumped in anticipation. 
He grabbed her head with both of his hands, trapping it between them and slowly
pulled her towards his throbbing cock.  "Open your mouth, Loren, it is time for
you to worship a German cock."

Loren knew better then to disobey, her body still aching from the strapping he
had inflicted on her.  She opened her small mouth, her dark brown eyes staring
up at him.  She could smell his cock, a slight odor emanating from him.  She wet
her lips and felt the rubbery flesh of his cock slip over her moistened lips and
into her virgin mouth.  She obeyed when he ordered her to close her lips over
the head of it, gripping it tightly as it jerked in the hot confines of her
mouth.  She felt humiliated, naked, a cock pushed between her lips as she lay
bound on the bed. 

"Run your tongue over it, especially the tip.  I want you to taste my pre-cum,
soon I will cum in your mouth and you will swallow the cum of the superior race. 
There will be so much more for you."  He gripped her head tighter, pushing her
down on his cock, forcing more of it into the confines of her mouth, feeling her
tongue running over the cock as it moved further in.  "Yes, deeper now, Loren,
take my glorious cock deeper into your mouth."  He jerked her onto his cock,
over half of the cock inside, the head jabbing against the back of her throat. 
He heard her gag, his cock jerking in appreciation.  "All of it, Loren, you will
learn to take my cock down your throat.  You must pleasure me."  

Loren lay there like a puppet, her bound body unable to stop the Commandant from
having his way with her.  Her head was jerked back and forth over the hard cock
that continually forced itself deeper into her mouth with each thrust.  The
choking and gagging increased, tears running out of her eyes as she gagged on
the big head of his cock as it pushed in the tiny opening of her throat.  Her
throat gurgled as the cock was now plugging her throat, over three quarters of
it now inside her mouth.  She felt him jerk back and forth on her head, each
time driving the cock deeper into her throat until finally his balls slapped
harshly against her chin.

"Breathe through your nose, bitch," pulling her hard onto his cock, watching as
his cock bulged her throat out.  He twisted her head from left to right as her
throat muscles massaged his cock, gripping it as tight as her cunt would.  He
pulled his cock from her throat, making her tongue it as it sat heavily in her
mouth, her breasts heaving as she sucked in all of the air she could.  Her
reprise was short-lived, her head pulled back down onto his cock like it was a
sock, slowly engulfing the huge instrument into her throat again.  The choking
and gagging thrilled his cock, massaging the instrument of his lust.  He began
to jerk his cock off inside her mouth, pulling her head back and forth onto his
raping cock as her virgin mouth continued to service him. 

She felt the cock swell even bigger, not knowing that he was about to cum. 
Hands tightened on her head and pushed her down onto the raping cock until her
lips were smashed against his belly, twisting her head around on his cock.  Her
breathing was ragged, unable to get enough air through her nose, her mouth and
throat stuffed with cock.

"I'm going to cum in your sweet virgin mouth and I want you to swallow every
single drop of German cum," he yelled, his cock jerking in the hot confines of
her mouth as the first load of cum shot out and went directly into her stomach. 
He pulled his cock from her throat, her tongue running over the head of it again
just in time to receive the second load of cum.  This time she could taste the
salty, thick liquid filling her mouth, making her gag as it quickly filled her
oral cavity.  She gulped furiously, afraid of spilling any of his cum.  Before
her mouth was emptied, his cock filled it again, the hot liquid spilling from
the end of his cock.  Her throat gulped down the liquid as the cock spit out
another load.  The strapping had excited him, his balls heavy with lust.  He
watched her innocent face, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock, her nose
pressed against his stomach as she swallowed his cum.  He finally finished
shooting inside her mouth, his cock slowly shrinking down, sitting limply in her

"You will sleep her with me tonight, little one, your mouth wrapped tightly
around my cock.  I am sure that you will please me and make me cum many times
before morning."  The Commandant closed his eyes, hoping to catch a couple of
hours sleep before getting another blowjob from Loren. 

An hour later Loren felt the cock begins to swell in her mouth.  She had moved
her tongue, unable to keep it still as the heavy cock filled her mouth.  It
jerked in anticipation, Loren laying there quietly, hoping that the Commandant
would not waken.  Hands reached down to her face again, jerking her back onto
the cock, feeling it stirring in her mouth again.  Hands urgently moved her back
and forth on the cock again, the sound of her choking and gagging on the raping
cock in her mouth filling the room again.  She was forced to service his cock
again, fucking her face until she was forced to swallow another load of cum. 
Her stomach gurgled, empty of everything except two loads of cum.

The Commandant again drifted off to sleep, Loren doing the same, exhausted from
the ordeal she had been forced to endure.  Loren awoke again, this time the
Commandant was on top of her, his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, fucking
her face like it was her pussy.  Her lips were banged repeatedly as she was
mouth raped again, the position allowing the cock to enter her deeper, her body
thrashing about the bed as she almost fainted from lack of air.  The cock
throbbed deep into her mouth, filling her with his cum again.  She swallowed his
cum, her stomach filled again.

When she woke up again, the Commandant was standing next to the bed, Loren on
her back, her arms and legs aching from lying on the bound limbs.  Her head hung
over the edge, his cock resting on her lips.  "I need to piss, and you are going
to drink every drop of it."  He pushed his cock into her mouth, the instrument
not quite hard. 

Loren shivered in fear, the Commandant was going to use her for a toilet.  Her
lips were wrapped around the cock and she felt the Commandant straining, knowing
that he would soon be pissing in the mouth.  She felt the first piss shoot out,
her mouth filling quickly with the hot, acrid fluid.  She almost vomited from
the stench, breathing quickly through her nose to stop.  He stopped for a
moment, her throat swallowing the liquid quickly, the salty piss running over
her tongue.  As soon as her mouth was empty, he pissed again.  Loren was forced
to swallow five big loads of piss before he finished.  Her mouth was smashed
against his stomach, his cock still in her mouth.  She felt the cock begin to
harden again, straining in the hot confines of her mouth.  He made no movement
to allow her mouth to come off the cock, the cock filling her mouth and moving
down her throat as it became harder.  She gurgled and gagged as it slowly
enlarged in her throat, her face held stationery against stomach.  He twisted
her face around on his cock until he was ready to cum again.  This time he
filled her throat with his cum, shooting directly down into her stomach to fill
it with the other two loads and the load of piss. 

The Commandant got back into bed again, dragging Loren back up until her lips
were wrapped around his dangling cock again.  They both fell asleep again. 
Morning brought the light shining through the window, waking the Commandant up
first.  He slapped Loren's face, waking her with a start.  "Suck my cock again,
bitch, hurry, please me or you will spend the day blowing all of the guards

Loren moved her head up and down on the cock, her tongue running over it, hoping
to please him.  He did not hold her head, forcing her to hold it painfully
upright, unable to use her bound hands, only her lips and tongue until he filled
her mouth with his cum again.  She swallowed all of the foul liquid, slumping
down on the bed in exhaustion. 

Loren was allowed to shower and eat before being brought back to the Commandants
room at night again.  She was bound to the bed, her arms tied high over the
headboard, her legs bent and tied, her pussy spread open for the Commandant. 
The Commandant wasted no time with preliminaries, jumping quickly between her
legs, rubbing his hard cock on her tender pussy lips.  His lips smashed down on
hers as the head of his cock slowly entered her virgin pussy.  He felt her body
jerking under him as he applied more pressure, her pussy slowly forced open to
accept the cock that was raping her.  Her scream filled his mouth as his cock
tore apart her virginity in one brutal thrust that drove all seven inches of his
cock inside torn pussy.  Not wasting time, he begin to pump her with his cock,
making her pussy take his punishing cock, his hands moving beneath her ass,
pulling her up onto the raping cock.  She jerked about the bed as the rape
continued for long minutes, his cock tearing into her flesh as he pumped her. 
He finally pushed his cock deep inside her, slamming against her cervix as he
filled her once virgin pussy with a load of his German cum.

Loren's pussy felt like it was being torn as the cock continued to rape her.  It
tore into her tight pussy, pushing aside all resistance, slamming into her like
a freight train.  It felt like gasoline was poured into her body when he finally
pulled out from her pussy with a pop, feeling his cum run down between her legs. 
Like last night, the Commandant took a short nap, Loren falling asleep again. 
The heavy body of the Commandant rolling over onto her body awakened her, his
hard cock entering her pussy with little regard for her pain, raping into her
dry pussy.  His hands grabbed underneath her ass, pulling her up onto his raping
cock, forcing her to take his punishing strokes painfully.  His mouth moved down
to her naked tits, his teeth biting on her nipples as she tossed about the bed,
raped again for the satisfaction of the Commandant.  Her pussy was filled again
with his cum, the Commandant rolling over to sleep again.

Loren screamed in her sleep, or she thought she did.  She awoke with a start,
pain shooting through her body.  Her arms were still tied to the headboard, but
she was on her stomach, her legs still bent and tied, forcing her almost to her
knees.  Her legs were spread wide open, the cheeks of her ass open, her anus
exposed.  The Commandant was behind her, bent over her back, his cock pushed
against her tiny asshole, laughing loudly as he slowly forced his cruel cock
into the last virgin hole in Loren's body.  She screamed aloud as the hard cock
tore her asshole, tearing the flesh as it slowly pushed inside her.  Her
sphincter grabbed the head of his cock, squeezing it tightly, trying to expel it
from her body.

The Commandant laughed again, pushing harder, slowly forcing his cock up her
back passage, making her feel every bump and ridge as it pushed deeper into her
colon.  He pulled out slowly, feeling her asshole gripping his cock tightly as
it pulled free, only to push hard, forcing her to take the raping cock painfully
up her asshole again, this time moving deeper. 

Loren's stomach cramped as the cock tore her insides, pushing aside all
resistance, fucking her in a hole that was not made for it.  She felt his hands
grab her hips and begin to painfully pump his cock in and out of her asshole. 
She screamed repeatedly, the cock becoming harder with her pain, raping her
asshole for his pleasure.  The rape last for over 20 minutes, the Commandant
never stopping, his cock tearing in and out of her sucking asshole until he
finally buried it deep inside her colon and filled her with his cum again. 
Loren slumped down, her body a mass of pain from the continual rape of her body
from the last two days.

The Commandant got out of bed and called the Captain into his bedroom.  "Your
guards may have her now, I'm finished with her."  The Captain untied Loren and
dragged her from the room to the prison below.  She was placed on a bunk, naked. 
A line began to form outside her door.  The first one entered her room, naked,
his angry cock sticking out before him.  He jumped onto Loren, his cock entering
her pussy, tearing into her once virgin flesh as she screamed.  This was the
first on many.  By time she had been fucked ten times, there was little movement
out of her.  She just lay there and let them have their way.  The next one
turned her over, his legs spreading hers out, his cock in his fist and pushed
against her asshole.  She screamed again, pleasing the guard as his cock tore
into her asshole, bringing about fresh screams as he raped her asshole.  Later
they took her in pairs and in threesomes, cocks filling her pussy, asshole and
mouth.  When they tired of raping her, they began to whip her, the Captain
taking great pleasure in whipping her pussy with a riding crop.  She lasted two
more days.

The End 

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