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Meredith's Last Interview

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Synopsis: This story was inspired by Dolcett's drawings "Meredith's Last Interview."
Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 01 "Introduction." 

Warning - 
Dolcett is one of the most extreme artists around the world. He draws 
people (mostly women) in positions of asphyxiation, cannibalism, impalement, 
snuff, etc. This story follows his work very closely and I don't hold back 
from telling it like it is. If you are not comfortable with descriptions of 
this extreme erotica, then I highly recommend you don't proceed any further. 
The story codes that are required by the website are there 
for a reason. You have been warned.


Meredith Vierra swept the loose strand of hair away from her face and 
looked at the red dot on the camera. An up and coming journalist she had 
been given the rough end of the stick so to speak with assignments. She 
viewed her current assignment with disdain. However as a professional she 
smiled and puckered to lips ready to speak to the camera. 

"This is Meredith Vierra coming to you from the familiar surroundings of 
the Hills Fine Meat Store. Since the legalization of cannibalism twenty 
years ago we have all become accustomed to this store and it's wares." 

The cameraman focused through his lens on the choice meats available in 
the display counter. Breasts, cunts, legs, rumps and even a torso were 
available. He focused back on Meredith as she continued her speech. 

"Many of us have had neighbours or relatives processed here but tonight 
we go behind the scenes to meet Merle Hill and see first hand how a woman 
is treated on her way to becoming our dinner." 

Meredith smiled for a few seconds more than stopped as soon as the red 
light turned off. 

"Okay ... cut Jimmy. Let's go and meet Mr Hill. Remember, I want to follow 
one girl the whole way through." 

Jimmy nodded his head. It was easier to do that then point out that she 
had already told him this near on a hundred times this morning. Jimmy 
heaved the camera off his shoulder and looked around for the store's owner. 
He followed Meredith as they entered a door to the back. Jimmy liked working 
with Meredith but lately he found her attitude demeaning and insulting. 
He watched her pert little bottom as they entered a room. Meredith 
spotted Merle Hill and she made a bee-line for the man. 

Jimmy quickly put the camera on his shoulder and flicked record. He didn't 
want to be given another lecture about being ready at all times by Meredith. 

Merle Hill held the girl's arms behind her. In his other hand he held her 
chin up and steady as a large spit exited through her mouth. A combination 
of gastric juices, salvia and vomit dripped off the spit. Merle didn't 
even give it a second glance. He did do a double take when he saw a microphone 
had been thrust two inches from his mouth. He looked over to the owner. 

"Hello Mr Hill, my name is Meredith Vierra, CBS News. This design of yours 
seems to do an excellent job with the messy task of spitting." 

Meredith watched the long eight foot spit move slowly into a young girl who 
was strapped into the Jessica 3000. The girl's cunt muscles pushed against 
the spit and tried to hold it back, but to no avail. 

"Yep," said Merle. "I'm real proud of this one. Look how clean and simple 
it is. There you go Janet. Now I'll just snuff you and bingo onto the roast. 
By the way," Merle looked at Meredith. "Call me Merle." 

Meredith watched as Merle pressed a button on the Jessica 3000. A cutting 
knife emerged and slit Janet along the length of her belly. Meredith watched 
on as intestines, liver, and stomach exited into a box below. Merle cut 
the ends including the lungs. Janet gasped once more then her eyes closed. 

Meredith certainly wasn't shocked. She was made of tougher stuff to be 
rattled by someone dying. "Okay ... Merle. I'd like to do an in-depth story 
on you, your operation, and the girls who go through here. Who they are, 
how they feel, etc." 

"No problem." said Merle flashing his nicest smile. "I'll set it up. We have 
a number of sows you can follow through. But if you really want to know how 
they feel, let me run you through processing right up to being strapped in 
the processor." 

Meredith felt cornered but she couldn't possible refuse such an offer. It 
would mean her career. " ... um .. Okay. Just promise me not to push the 

Jimmy looked at Meredith and she indicated to him to focus on Janet. Jimmy 
aimed the camera at the Hill brand on Janet's rump. A sign of good quality 
meat. Inserted into Janet's nipples were injectors. These slowly filled the 
girl's breasts with cooking oil. 

Meredith looked over the girl. "Did she say anything before she was killed 

Merle finished wiping his hands on a towel. "Who Janet here? She mentioned 
something about missing a date to the game tonight. But apparently Pam is 
going in Janet's place. I'm sure those two will be fucking each other 
before the first kickoff." he said as he patted Janet's rump. 

Janet's eyes reopened. She frowned. The date was obviously a sensitive 
issue but there was fuck all she could do about it now. 

Meredith watched as two of the butcher assistants lifted Janet up on her 
spit and put the spit on their shoulders. The man at the back whistled 
a tune as they disappeared into another room. Meredith wondered how it 
would feel like being spited. A tingle went through her body as she felt 
the thrill of being naked in front of all these men and then having a large 
metal spit shoved into her. She breathed in deeply as her nipples enlarged. 


Meredith pulled out of her little fantasy and looked at Jimmy who had stuck 
his head out of the room Janet went into. He was nodding his head to come 
over and look at what he was filming. Meredith quickly followed. When she 
entered she saw Janet rotating slowly over some hot coals. She could feel 
the heat from three metres away. She stood beside Jimmy and Merle. 

"Merle. I'm sure my viewers will find it quite amazing that some of the 
women like Janet here actually stay alive long enough to start roasting." 

Merle smiled. "I'm no expert but from what I've seen they all vary. A 
healthy young woman like Janet here will probably be alive for the first 
five or ten minutes over the fire." 

Meredith watched Janet rotating. Again that warm feeling arose in her 
tummy. How would it feel with the cold steel spitting in her from behind. 
Again Meredith shook her head to clear the fantasy. No time for dreaming 
she thought, work comes first. 

"So she will be actually roasting live then? ... hhhmmm ... Did she 
volunteer or was she selected for this?" 

"Janet here was a popular cheerleader. The class voted for who they wanted 
for their Spring barbecue. Janet got the most votes." 

One of the butcher assistants leaned in close to Janet. Janet blinked. 
Meredith didn't realise the girl was still alive. "Hey Janet, Rick won the 
drawing for your cunt." 

Meredith watched as the assistant giggled. Janet could only blink again 
in response. Meredith turned back to Merle. 

"I guess she was very popular among her classmates." remarked Meredith. 

"Okay guys. Make sure Janet keeps turning for another four hours. Now 
Meredith for the rest of your tour. If you really do want to know how it 
feel then let's put you through the processing right up to being strapped 
into the Jessica 3000." 

Meredith smiled. "It'll be a great angle ... but?" 

"Good then." responded Merle cutting Meredith off. "I'll show you to 
registration then meet you in the stripping room." 

Meredith allowed Merle to take her to registration. It dawned on her that 
she had just agreed to strip naked on national television but what the heck, 
she could do with the ratings. 


Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 02 "Registration." 

Meredith leant over the desk. Her pert bottom wriggled as she filled out 
the registration form. 

"Okay, I've filled everything out. I guess I'm ready for the next step." 

Meredith handed the registration form to the office girl. The girl quickly 
scanned the sheet to make sure everything was in order. 

"Thanks Ms. Vierra. It's such an honour to meet you. I've always watched 
your show." 

Meredith smiled. The girl before her was as naked as the day she was born. 

"Thanks. Call me Meredith. It's always nice to meet a fan." 

"I can't believe I'm going to processed on the same machine that Mr Hill 
is putting you on! My parents will be so proud." giggled the girl. 

Meredith raised her eyebrows. "When are you scheduled to roast?" 

"Tomorrow morning." the girl squealed in excitement. 

Meredith wondered if the girl was on a large supply of crazy pills. 

"Hhmmm? Great! ... Jimmy, get a shot of the two of us. Then tomorrow come 
back and do some footage on her. Like how long she stays alive while 

The girl was visible shaking. She stood up tall beside Meredith and smiled. 
"Oh gee thanks. My parents will tell everyone to watch ... um ... Mr Hill's 
probably waiting for you in the stripping room." 

"Okay," said Meredith glad to get away. "See you tomorrow. I want to really 
watch your reactions as you are processed so I can understand how it feels." 

Meredith turned and walked into the stripping room. She felt Jimmy close 
behind her. "Can you believe that nutcase?" muttered Meredith. Jimmy just 
smiled. When they walked into the stripping room Merle was there to greet 

"Hi Meredith. I just wanted to say what a privilege it is to show you and 
your viewers our operation." 

Meredith was slightly taken aback. She knew the public liked her but most 
people she interviewed were put off by her attitude and abruptness. 

"Thank you Merle." said Meredith. She decided to sweeten him up just in 
case he accidentally spit her. "I jumped at the chance to do this story. 
I still can't believe I'm doing this." 

She noticed Merle was helping her out of her clothes. However he wasn't 
leering at her boobs or anything. Meredith figured he'd seen so many 
boobs and cunts that hers weren't anything special. 

"In truth Merle I've always been fascinated by the cookouts and excited by 
the fact that like all women my number may one day be called ... or I 
might even choose to volunteer." 

Merle smiled warmly as he unclipped Meredith's bra strap. "Believe it or 
not we are getting more and more volunteers every month. Especially on 
the husbands birthdays. It's become a popular gift idea." 

Meredith slipped off her stockings. She wondered how her boyfriend would 
feel if he walked in to find her naked with a ribbon around her neck and 
a gift certificate to Hill's Fine Meats tied to her nipple. 

Merle helped removed Meredith's jewellery and dropped it into the charity 
box. Meredith stood there naked wondering if she'd get a raise for this 
story when she saw Jimmy chatting up another naked girl. 

"Okay Jimmy." she said loudly. Jimmy turned around and saw Meredith waiting 
and quickly donned his camera. He focused it at Meredith and clicked the 
record button. 

"Merle, now that I'm naked, what is the next step?" 

"Well Meredith, usually you would wait in line with fifteen to thirty other 
women but I'll pass you on through to the processing room we have reserved." 

Meredith smiled. "Would I be considered a typical example of the women 
you process?" 

Merle looked Meredith up and down. He lifted her boobs to feel their 
weight and pushed his finger into her cunt. He felt her butt and shoulder. 

"I'd say you would be in the grade A group Meredith. Fully matured, good 
breasts and buttocks and from what I can tell through that bush, a thick 
juicy cunt. Plus you look quite tender and I should know." 

Meredith never thought she'd be delighted with such a run down of her 

"Thank you Merle. From you that's a real compliment." 

Meredith smiled at Merle and Merle smiled back. Jimmy rolled his eyes. 

"Jimmy," said Meredith. "Put my clothes in your bag. I'll need them back 
unless Merle's finger slips on the start button. Ha ha." 

Merle laughed too. "That won't happen Meredith. I can assure you of that." 

The trio went past a line of girls into the next room. Jimmy was taking some 
more footage of Meredith in all her naked splendour when Merle called Meredith 

"Come over here, spread your legs and sit down." he said. 

Meredith looked at the seat. "On that?" 

The device was a like a seat with armrests, but only without the seat. There 
were two armrests. One on top of the other. The lower armrest folded around 
to allow the girls to spread their legs wide. 

Meredith got into position. She leaned back on the seat with her thighs 
wide open. 

"A girl can't be very modest in this. What is it for?" 

An assistant held Meredith's shoulders and responded to her question. 

"People don't like pubic hair on their dinner." 

"Oh I see," she said. "Alright, I've never had my pussy shaved but it will 
add an interesting note to the article." 

Meredith's eyes widen when she saw Merle holding a hand-held blowtorch. 

"Yikes!" she yelped as Merle started burning away her pussy hair. 

"Shaving takes too long, this is much faster." said Merle. 

With a minute it was all done. Meredith felt her vagina and mound to find 
it was very clean and certainly free of hair. She felt a slight warmness 
when Merle was working on it but nothing was burnt. 

"I can't believe I'm not burnt." 

"It wouldn't do us any good to burn a prime filet like yours. We just needed 
to get rid of the hair and singeing works best." said Merle. 

Meredith looked over to see Jimmy still rolling the film. She leaned in 
close to Merle so she could whisper. 

"This is a little embarrassing but is my ... filet ... average by your 

"Don't worry Meredith. You've got a grade A cunt steak there, and I've seen 
all types." 

Meredith felt wonderful. It also helped that she probably wouldn't have to 
bikini wax for at least a month. Merle helped Meredith stand up and she 
watched him tie her hands behind her back. She saw the rest of the girls 
in the line had also been bound. 

"I've reserved our newest model of the Jessica 3000 just for your show." 

"Why thank you Merle." said Meredith who actually meant it. She looked 
over and saw another line of women. Not as pretty as the one she was 
walking past. 

"Merle. What is that other line? Who are they?" 

"Them? They're the grade B stock. Older or not as well shaped. We just 
butcher them for parts." 

"Really?! ... Can I take a peek?" 

"Sure. This way." 

Meredith heard someone yell out, "NEXT!" and the grade B line moved one 
girl along. 


Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 03 "Grade B." 

Meredith was led in front of the line into the Grade B room. Before her 
stood a large guillotine similar to pictures she had seen in her history 
books. Hung up by their feet beside it were sows' bodies on hooks with 
the heads missing. Blood dripped slowly out of the decapitated necks. As 
Meredith watched on a girl was being positioned into the guillotine. Her 
feet were bound and a hook put through the ropes and secured. The girl 
looked down into a hole where inevitability her head would go. The smell 
of blood and vomit was pretty strong. Meredith didn't want to even consider 
what happened to the heads. 

"Oh I see," said Meredith trying to minimise the impact of the shock. 
"A little modern day Marie Antoinette. Jimmy, make sure you get a shot 
of this." 

Jimmy was taping everything. Merle stood beside Meredith and put his hand 
on her hip. She leaned in against him as though they were friends. 

"Yeah, these guys are good. They can do about twenty sows an hour on this 

One of the men turned to Merle. "Hi Mr Hill. Want us to pop this one next?" 
Meredith realised the man was talking about her. 

"No boys, just keep up the pace." 

"No worries boss." and her turned to the girl in the guillotine. 
"Ready sow? Here goes." 

The girl screamed for mercy but was abruptly cut off when the blade slid 
down the shaft and severed her head with a jolting thud. A man pulled on the 
rope connected to the hook and lifted the sow's body up into the air. The 
rope was tied to a rotating chain-line and the girl join the other sows in 
the line-up ready for gutting. 

"See, quick and easy." said Merle flourishing his arm out like a magician 
performing a magic trick. 

"Wow." was the only word Meredith could say. "Do you use any other form of 
... um ... termination here at your plant?" 

"Not really." said Merle. "I do have a gallows out the back but that's 
mostly for entertainment." 

Meredith watched as blood continued to pump out of the sow's body. It 
shook for a few seconds from nerves and then hung still. 

A man shouted NEXT and another girl was herded forward. She had seen what 
was going to happen and nervously came forward. She was led to the chopper 
and made to kneel down. All the while the girl begged to be set free. 
It was obvious that the men had heard all these requests and pleas before. 
They just continued on like she wasn't even talking. The girl's neck was 
pushed onto the chopper and locked into place. Meredith watched as they 
tied the girl's feet and hooked them. When everything was done she closed 
her eyes and listened to the scream being abruptly cut off. The sound of 
the head rolling down the metal chute and banging against the side of the 
hole before disappearing into the void made her open her eyes. At least 
it was quick thought Meredith. 

She watched as the girl's body was lifted upwards like the previous sow. 
Merle took her arm and led her along the processing line. The next man 
cut into the sow's stomach and removed all the guts into a hole. The body 
moved  along again and another man cleaned out the sow's husk. Then a third 
man inspected the body quickly checking breast weight and size, shoulder, 
buttocks and cunt. Once satisfied he stamped the girl's rump with Merle's 

"What happens to the sows who don't meed quality standards?" 

"Unfortunately no good for us Meredith. Sometimes we can export them but 
we generally sell them to the pet food companies." 

Meredith nodded. At least they didn't die for nothing. It was then that 
Meredith recognised a familiar tattoo on one of the sow's bodies. 

"I know this girl. I interviewed her once. She was a lawyer I think. She's 
also in my exercise class. 

Meredith allowed Merle to take her through into another room. Along one 
side of the room was a bunch of eight foot spits leaning against the wall. 
Merle walked over and returned with one of the spits. 

"So normally what would happen next?" ask Meredith. 

"Well, I'd put you on a Jessica 3000 and hook in one of these babies." 

Meredith stroked the spit's length. 

"It's quite different looking at the spit pole from this perspective. 
I'm nervous even though we are only simulating my processing ... um .. 
how long?" 

"Eight feet of pure carbon graphite steel. It doesn't sag or burn any of 
the delicate flesh it touches." said Merle. He was very proud of his 

Meredith was only half listening. Her body was tingling again from the 
very sight of the spit. A strong warm urgency rushed up from her tummy. 
She realised she was getting excited and very turned on. 

"Interesting. But what I was going to ask is, if I were to really be 
roasted ... how long would it take from the time I kneel on your machine 
until I am placed on a cooking pit ... and begin roasting?" 

"About ten minutes." replied Merle. 

Meredith smiled. She might as well get the show on the road. 

"Well Merle. I guess I'm ready. Will you be using this spit?" 

"Yeah, this is the one we'll impale you with." 

Meredith looked at Merle. "Wha?" 

"Hey Meredith! Look this way?" said Jimmy. 

Meredith was distracted enough to realise she was still being taped. 
She then figured that Merle made a slight error and wasn't meaning 
to impale her at all, just show how the spit was inserted. 

"I'm just not sure we can show insertion because of FCC rules." 
said Meredith. 

"Station Manager approved it. We're covered by educational rules." 
said Jimmy. 

"Oh, okay. I guess I can't be embarrassed at this point." 

"Come on Meredith. Time you tried out the Jessica 3000." 


Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 04 "Jessica 3000." 

"Okay Meredith. Your spit is locked into position. Let's get you strapped 
in. Kneel forward, spread your legs and push your cunt back towards me." 

Meredith got into position. "I think my viewers might be interested in 
how many women you've impaled on this machine." 

Merle positioned the spit and doing a quick count in his head. "Not sure 
really. At a guess probably about 1500 sows, give or take. We still do 
some by hand and I have two other machines." 

"Do you ever get bored with your work?" 

"Hardly ever. Every woman is unique and I try to send them out with a bang." 

Meredith felt a hand on her back. "Okay Meredith, just lean forward so that 
your tits hang in the trough and stretch your neck out on to the support 

Meredith moved a little to follow her instructions. 

"Okay Merle. Since I'm not really being processed my reactions are probably 
going to be different at this point then a woman actually being spited. 
How do most of them act?" 

"Oh we get a little of everything .. from crying to angry to businesslike 
and some women are turned on by it. I've seen dozens of girls experience 
their final orgasm here on the machine." 

Again Meredith was only half listening. She was secretly hoping that 
Jimmy would disappear for a few minutes. Her body was hot and she desired 
nothing more than for Merle to fuck her brains out hard from behind. She 
glanced behind her and looked at the spit. It seemed huge. 

Meredith felt something cool being rubbed into her. 

"Oh, what are you doing now?" she asked. 

"I'm greasing your cunt so the spit doesn't tear anything. It's larger 
than anything else you would probably be use to." 

Meredith wanted to rub her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and 
felt a surge of heat rush over her body. She desperately need a fuck. 

"Oh yes ... that's so nice. Jimmy take a break. Merle, I need you to 
fuck me now ... as hard as you can." 

Merle wasn't oppose to the idea of fucking a TV celebrity. He dropped his 
pants and beat his all ready hardening cock. Once it was hard he pried 
open Meredith's cunt lips and slipped it in. 

"Oh God ... yes yes yes ... this makes me sooo horny." 

"I'm ... not ... surprised." said Merle between thrusts. "Wait .. till .. 
you .. feel .. the spit .. slides in." 

"Oh Merle. This feel SO good. It would be worth roasting to get a fuck 
like this." 

"I try to please. But right now I'm going to have to pull out and move 
so that the spit can slip in. It's on automatic." 

Meredith gulped. "It will stop won't it?" 

"Oh yeah, it's just going in deep enough to set. But my dick is in the way 
and since I haven't cum yet I think I'll just shift up and fuck that 
pretty little asshole of yours." 

Merle lifted Meredith's bound hands upwards so he could enter her from 

"Merle. I've never been ass fucked before. Aaagggghhh!!" 

"You have now! It's so nice and tight." puffed Merle. 

Meredith groaned loudly from the ass fucking. 

"There's a first time for everything Meredith." puffed Merle. 

"It's ... ooohhh ... kind of nice. HEY! What's that?!" 

The spit had made it to Meredith's cunt and was pushing in. 

"I told you ... the spit is on ... automatic. I've set it for thirteen 

"Oh God! Merle, I can't take that. My poor cunt will split." 

"Heh. Every sow says that. Just relax." 

Meredith tried to calm her nerves. She breathed in deeply. But she felt 
the spit go in deeper and deeper. Merle continued to pump into her ass. 

"Merle. Are you sure the autodrive will shut off? It seems to be in so 

"Just a few more inches Meredith." 

A few seconds later and Merle cummed in Meredith's ass. He held tightly 
onto her hips and pumped all his semen into her. He pulled out. 

"Now that was a nice butt fuck. Did you like it Meredith?" 

"Oh man, that was great Merle. I've come three times now the spit has 
stopped moving." 

"Time to get back to work." he said reaching forward. 

Meredith felt her head being pushed down onto the support block. A strap 
encircled her neck and locked into place. 

"Oh Merle. It's SO exciting. If this was real I'd be impaled in the next 
few minutes." 

Meredith then saw Merle's cock in front of her. She opened her mouth and 
let Merle slide it in. 

"Hhmmm. That's it Meredith. Clean it up good. I hate sticky underwear." 

"Gulp, slurrpp! I guess this is about as far as we can go? Since I'm not 
on tonight's menu. But if I'm ever roasted, I want you to process me." 

"Oh I'll make sure of that Meredith. In fact, I'll guarantee it." 

Merle slid his cock back into Meredith's mouth. He pumped it in and out 
a few times. 

"Aaahhh, Good. All clean. This helps open your throat up for the spit. 
I mean if you were really going to be spited." 

Meredith was glad. Merle's cock was quite large for her mouth. Her jaws 
were starting to ache from the blowjob. 

Merle withdrew and wiped his cock on a towel. 

"Okay Meredith. Let's check the spit and get your anal post in." 

Meredith winked. "Anal post?" 

"Yeah, it's just a stabilizing shaft that sits up your ass." 

Meredith's eyes followed Merle as he walked behind her. She felt metal 
touching her asshole. 

".. umm ... Merle. How far into me does it go?" 

"Oh, about ten inches." 

Meredith felt the metal go in deeper and deeper. "Oh God Merle. Does it 
have to go in any deeper? It's just for show." 

"Just a few more inches and then I'll tie it off." he assured her. 

Meredith held her breath as the metal point slid deeper into her body. 
She was distracted by Jimmy. 

"Hi Meredith. I'm filming again." 

"Hi Jimmy." said Meredith embarrassed slightly from her position. 

"There you go Meredith. I told you you could take it." said Merle. 

"Oh .. uuhhhh ... WOW! That was a new experience. Now what? You can't do 
a whole lot more without going all the way." 

"True. At this point I'd just tie the post off, pat you on the ass to say 
goodbye and push the start button then start filling up your tits." 

Meredith inwardly signed with relief. 

"Well Merle. I must say this whole experience has really been enlightening. 
I know our audience will be fascinated. Jimmy, get some all over shots of 
my body before Merle unstraps me." 

Merle stood in front of Meredith with the starter switch in front of her 
face so she had a good view of it. She watched his thump hover over the 
button. She was so turned on. She as just a centimetre away from ending 
up on someone's dinner table. 

"I must admit Merle," said Meredith. "I'm feeling very mixed emotions 
ranging from embarrassment to fear to a curious excitement." 

Merle knelt down on one knee to Meredith's eye level. 

"That's nice to know but there is one little more detail I have to take 
care of." 

Meredith wrinkled her brow. "What's that?" 

"This." and to Meredith's horror, Merle pressed the Jessica 3000's 
start switch. Meredith was too shocked to reply. 

"Bye bye Meredith." said Merle. 

"Oh my God ... NNnnooooooo!!" exclaimed Meredith. 

Meredith felt the spit start moving into her body and hard against her 
cervix. She called out to Jimmy for help. 

"Sorry Meredith. I'm under orders. By the way, I've got some great shots 
of you being assfucked. Like I was going to stop shooting just because you 
said so. You really are a stupid bitch!" he laughed. 


Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 05 "Spited." 

Merle cupped Meredith's chin in his hand. "Yes Meredith, you're right. You've 
been set up big time." 

Meredith still wasn't convinced. "But you can't, I'm the star of this show?!" 
she groaned and shook from the shock as the spit pushed past her cervix. 

"Not anymore. In fact all you are now is the main course for your station's 
company picnic .. tonight." 

Meredith could feel the tears running down her face. She felt betrayed. 
The spit pushed deeper into her bowels. Meredith tried to breath deeply 
but was stopped short by a jabbing pain in her left nipple. 

"Ow! What the? ... Is this a joke?" she demanded. 

Merle was pushing a syringe into Meredith's left tit. "No Meredith, you're 
going to roast but first we fill your tits with cooking oil. It helps them 
to roast better." 

She could feel the cool oil entering her flesh. "Ahh God! I can't believe 
this. You're really going to roast me?!" 

Merle wondered why some women just couldn't get the fact through their 
heads. He ignored Meredith's question and inserted a second syringe into 
her right tit and was rewarded with another yelp and groan. 

"Okay Meredith. I can make a deal with you. Right now you can probably feel 
the spit breaking through into your stomach. I can gag you so you can scream 
away .. or I can give you a pain killer so you can finish your report. That 
is until the spit passes over your voicebox." 

Meredith's head swarm in all the confusion. She just simply couldn't believe 
she was going to roast. 

"Drugs ... I'll take the drugs. I want to keep on as long as I can." 

Merle injected some pain killer into Meredith's rump. He then tested her tits 
for size and weight. 

"These are just about filled. They're nice and firm. Should carve like a 
perfect roast." 

Meredith willed herself to stay calm. The drugs quickly washed over her body 
and she felt ... fine. In fact she didn't mind at all if she was being spited. 
The spit pushed further into her body. 

"Merle," said Meredith. "I'm sure my audience would be interested ... aaahhh .. 
how do you tell ... aaaahhh ... if a woman has good breasts for roasting." 

Merle watched as the spit entered in another inch. "Well, we've had a lot of 
practice but I look for shape and size. Nothing too small or too big. If it's 
too big the meat is not as good. Yours are a good size and they have nice firm 
nipples ... easy to fill." 

Meredith felt the spit pushing her guts out of the way. "Aahhh .. I can feel 
the spit getting deeper. The next step is to gut me ... aaahhhh ... I find my 
feelings very strange. I've accepted what is happening but I feel excited and 
scared. I've fantasized about this but it's quite different being here." 

Meredith felt Merle jabbing a second syringe into her rump. She guessed it was 
more cooking oil. 

"Merle. Just out of interest. Has you prepared anyone you know on the .. aahhh 
... Jessica 3000." 

Merle grinned. "Sure have. It's named after my wife. She was the first one to 
try out this model. Plus I've done my daughter. Also a few friends' wives, 
daughters, even mothers." 

The spit pushed through into Meredith's stomach. Soon it would be making it's 
way up her oesophagus. She then felt something mildly hot in her ass. 

"I feel something warm pumping in my rectum." 

"Relax Meredith. It's just the next step. This tube in your ass pumps in hot 
water as the blade slices you open. The water helps push the guts out then it 
cleans the body cavity up to your heart and lungs. We keep them so you can 
roast alive for a while. Then with a flick of a switch the Jessica 3000 will 
stitch you up and we pump you full gourmet stuffing through the same tube." 

Merle did a quick check on the spit's length. "Okay Meredith. It's time to 
gut you. Ready?!" 

"Oh shit!" 

A compartment in the box beneath Meredith opened up and a large razor blade 
came out. It jerked upwards into Meredith's lower chest and proceeded to cut 
her in a straight line right down to her lower torso. Meredith felt the pain 
of the knife but thankfully to the drugs it wasn't as bad as she thought it 
would be. 

"Now you get a real idea of how the Jessica 3000 works Meredith. By the time 
your guts slide into the disposal chute the spit should be just about through 
you." said Merle. 

Despite the pain Meredith found she could easy speak. "Oh God ... I'm sorry. 
Aaaaggghhhh .... It's just really sinking in that I'm not getting back up 
Aahhhh ... FUCK! .. from here. I'm now nothing more than meat and I'm going 
to be eaten." 

Jimmy took in close-ups of Meredith's face as the knife retracted back into the 
Jessica 3000. Merle checked the spit's length. Meredith could feel her guts 
being dumped out. Merle quickly cut the ends to remove them. Meredith felt the 
spit pushing onto her trachea. It would be exiting out of her mouth in a few 
more seconds. 

Somehow Merle seemed to recognise this. "It's time Meredith. Any last words?" 

Tears rolling down her face Meredith spoke for the final time. 

"Yes. I want to thank all of my loyal viewers. This is Meredith Vierra saying 
goodnight ... and goodbye. Oh God Jimmy. Get a close up. I can feel the spit 
coming! ......... aahhhhgggguurrgg!" 

"Don't worry Meredith, I won't miss this." said Jimmy. 

The end of the spit exited through Meredith's mouth. Blood and vomit was 
pushed out with it. Meredith closed her jaws around the spit but couldn't get 
a single word out. She hoped like hell Jimmy had film. The spit continued to 
drive out through her mouth pushing down on her tongue. 

"Hey Meredith. This footage will get you an emmy for sure. You should see the 
way your cunt is contracting around the spit." said Jimmy. 

"You're just about there Meredith." said Merle. "Ten more inches then we tie 
off your feet and it's off to the barbecue pit. Look at it this way. Now you 
really know what one of our selections feels and thinks." 

Merle waited for a response. Meredith was strangely silent. 

"I'll tell you Meredith. Your cunt steak is a beauty. Your manager gets a real 
bonus for programming this show." said Merle. 

Meredith blinked. She didn't realise her manager Jerry was going to be eating 
her cunt. She couldn't blame him really. She'd done the same thing. The spit 
finished pushing through and beeped to signal it had finished. Merle unclipped 
it from the machine and signalled for two of the cooks. He took a skewer and 
push it through Meredith's calves to secure her legs. Each cook took one end 
of the pole and lifted Meredith into the air. Meredith watched as she floated 
towards the barbecue pits. She felt a slap on her ass. 

"Okay Meredith. Time to get your pretty ass on to cook. Jimmy, you might want 
to get a close-up of her face when we put her over the fire." said Merle. 

Jimmy looked at Merle. "You mean she's still alive Mr Hill?" 

"Oh sure. Hell, Meredith is the kind of girl that will last twenty minutes 
over the coals. Okay guys, put her on pit number eight." 

Meredith rolled her eyes to her left and saw pit eight. The coals were bright 
red and she swore she could feel the heat from six metres away. She could 
smell the cheerleader that went before her. She honestly wondered if she 
could last twenty minutes like Merle suggested. 


Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 06 "The feast." 

Meredith rotated slowly over the hot coals. She couldn't believe it but 
she was sweating like a pig. Her skin very hot and she'd be getting the 
best tan ever. 

"Okay Meredith. Now you've really got a hot story." sniggered Merle. 
"Four hours on the spit and you'll be ready to carve." 

Meredith tried to move despite common sense. She realised that she didn't 
want to be roasted alive. The heat was so hot. 

"Oh," said Jimmy. "Look at her twitch." 

Meredith felt something cool splash onto her legs and back. 

"Keeping you well basted is the secret to a great roast." said Merle. 

Jimmy kept zooming in for close-ups of Meredith's face and breasts. After 
ten minutes Meredith was still alive, but only barely. She felt more of 
the cool liquid splash on her body. 

"I don't know if you can still hear me Meredith but I'll tell you anyway. 
You're one of the best roasters I've had the pleasure of processing. Well, 
three and a half more hours and you'll be ready to serve." 

Sweat from Meredith's body dripped and sizzled on the hot fire. Her skin 
was turning a deep brown and her flesh was cooking nicely on the inside. 
Her lungs and heart were slowing down and soon they'd stop all together. 
Five minutes later, Meredith was dead. 

Four hours went by quickly. Meredith was removed was pit eight and taken 
to the kitchen to be prepared. The chief removed the spit and moved 
Meredith into position on the tray. After placing an apple in her mouth 
she was against basted and lifted onto a trolley. 

Two minutes later Merle wheeled the trolley out to the office party. All 
of Meredith's friends and colleagues were there. They clapped and marvelled 
at how well she turned out. Jimmy hung around like a bad smell taking 
more footage. 

"Well everyone, Meredith is ready to serve. She roasted up beautifully." 
announced Merle. Everyone cheered and talked excitedly. 

A man with thick curly hair, dark sunglasses and accompanied by two young 
women moved away from the crowd. He must be the station manager thought 

"That's thank to you Merle. You're a real gourmet cook. In fact if there's 
ever the occasion to do my wife or," he nodded at the girls either side 
of him, "my daughters, I'd like you to do them." 

The girl on the left agreed. "Oh yes Mr Hill. It would be an honour." 

Merle smiled and nodded to the man. "Thank you." 

He then took a large carving knife and fork. With a flourish he cut a 
slice from Meredith's rump. It sliced perfectly. Beside him stood the 
office girl. She raised a plate and Merle put the meat onto it. 

"Just as I figured. This is one beautiful piece of meat. Tender and juicy." 

"She sure is ... I hope I cook up even half this good tomorrow." 

Merle cut Meredith's breasts and some more rump off. "Go ahead and start 
serving Kelly. By the time you get back I'll have her cunt carved." 

"It's going to be a real thrill to be roasted by a famous chief like you 
Mr Hill." 

Merle watched the girl leave for the party. He grinned. He loved his work. 

"Well Meredith." he said. "It's been a pleasure showing you how I work." 

After a couple of minutes Kelly returned with an empty plate. 

"Here Kelly," said Merle holding up Meredith's cunt on the end of the 
fork. "Give this to the station manager." 

"Yes Sir." 

Kelly easily located the manager. "Here is your filet Sir. Is there 
anything else you need?" 

"No thanks." The manager cleared his throat loudly for silence amongst 
the party goers. "I wish to propose a toast to Meredith. A good reporter 
and ... a delicious meal." 

He was rewarded with a few cheers and applause. 

Two hours later the party was winding down. Most people had gone but the 
station manager hung around. When he got a chance he walked over to Merle 
with his naked wife at his side. Merle was holding Meredith's head. 

"Merle, that was a delicious meal. My compliments to the chief. My wife 
here tells me you think she could be just as good if cooked right?" 

Merle nodded. "Absolutely. She'd make a beautiful roaster." 

"Hhhmm ... the reason I'm asking if that I'm having some very important 
clients over for dinner tonight. I was going to buy one of your girls but 
if Carol here is okay. I'd appreciate you roasting her." 

"Sure, no problems. I'll just drop Meredith's head off at our mounting 
department and meet you two by the Jessica 3000 in five minutes." 

Beside the station manager were his two daughters. "Hey sis," said one 
of them. "It looks like Mom's on the menu tonight. Guess that means we 
have to fuck Dad's clients." 

The other sister smiled. She didn't mind that option. 

Five minutes later Carol was seated in the Jessica 3000. The spit moved 
slowly into her vaginal passage. The office girl Kelly stood by watching. 
She felt both excited and scared knowing that tomorrow she was going to 
be in the same position. 

"Alright Mrs Easton. The spit is in autodrive. Just lean forward and 
we'll have you rotating over the coals in no time at all." said Merle. 

"Thank you so much for agreeing to cook me Mr Hill. My friends will be 
green with envy. Look honey! I'm really doing it!" said Carol excitedly. 

"I see sweetheart. I'll be here the whole time. Merle, I just got a 
call. Meredith's interview rated the number one show tonight. All thanks 
to you." 

Carol turned to look at her husband. "And Meredith too?" 

The station manager smiled. "Of course. Oh Merle. I'd like to talk to you 
about doing a gourmet cooking show next week." 

Merle grinned. "Sure Jerry. Okay Mrs Easton. It's barbecue time." 


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