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Janet's Extreme Slave Training

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Synopsis: Master Mick has met three dominating women, who love to be cruel to other women. He agrees with Mistress Christy that she can make a maximum endurance test on Janet just pushing her further than she has ever been. Mistress Christy has promised Master Mick that she will make Janet exceed limits she never has exceeded before with help of her two friends Cyndi and Pat. Janet is a bit scared as she doesn't know these women and because they didn't mention a single word concerning safety. When it all begin Janet realises that Mistress Christy really knows how to make it painful for a woman using whips, paddles, cunt and nipple clamps, rubber breathing bag, hoods, gags and much more. The story is a role-play written together with a cyber friend named Janet.
Initial words:

This story is a role-play I have written with a woman named Janet. We had a lot
of fun when writing it and thought that it might be interesting for others
reading as well.

The outlines for the role-play are that Master Mick has met three dominating
women, who love to be cruel to other women. He agrees with Mistress Christy that
she can make a maximum endurance test on Janet just pushing her further than she
has ever been. Mistress Christy has promised Master Mick that she will make
Janet exceed limits she never has exceeded before with help of her two friends
Cyndi and Pat.  Janet is a bit scared as she doesn't know these women and
because they didn't mention a single word concerning safety. When it all begin
Janet realises that Mistress Christy really knows how to make it painful for a
woman using whips, paddles, cunt and nipple clamps, rubber breathing bag, hoods,
gags and much more.

When you are reading the story then please remembers that English isn't my
native language as I'm from Denmark. This means there might be some bad grammar
and other types of faults that might interfere with the reading. I hope you will
accept my apology for these faults. I would be extremely happy if one of the
English readers would do the work needed for correcting these faults and send me
the corrected version for a later upload.

If you are a female and you feel really excited while reading this story and you
really would like to be a part of a role-play like this, then send me a letter
telling about your desires and your data, then I will think about it and send
you a letter if I think we can combine it in a larger play.

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Master Mick

Janet's extreme slave training by Master Mick and Janet

Initial chapter, Janet

"Master Mick led me by the hand into the large sitting room. In the future I
will only call him Master as this is what I normally do. I only have one Master,
when he let others use me I always supposed to address them with Mistress or
Master and then their name. The young ladies were eager to meet me.  We all
engaged in tea and nice chat.  All the ladies seemed eager to talk to me. As we
finished our tea Master announced that it was time for the demonstration.  I
must have had a puzzled look on my face, as all the ladies were staring at
me..."But Master,"

   Master ordered me to stand and remove my clothes. Master said, "I am your
Master!  You will address me in a proper and submissive tone!  Now what do you
have to say!?!" The blush was forming on my cheeks as I began to apologize to

"You will have to be punished for this insubordination, now strip!  QUICKLY!"

   With trembling hands I began to unzip my dress and drop it to the floor. I
squatted and picked up my dress before standing and giving Master a pleading
look. He just motioned for me to continue. I removed your bra and panties. That
is when Master spotted the trouble. "Janet!  your knickers are stained!  Master
exclaimed. My face turned bright red.,,,,

I had not seen these ladies before and I were wondering who they were. I didn't
dare to ask as Master have told me to keep my mouth shoot unless I was asked
about something. It was beautiful looking women two all much younger than me.
One of the women who I would say was between twenty and twenty five had her
black hair was curled up behind the head making her look quite strict. She wore
a pair of tight fitting black leather pants and a tight fitting T-shirt making
her bare nipples clearly visible telling me she wore no bra. "

It continues:

Add 1, Mick

"Well Christy" Master said addressing the young lady "I'm terrible sorry you
have to witness this. I did promise you a clean and proper subject ready to
train on but this certainly isn't what I did promise you" Master  said to her

"But Master, I can explain, it is because......" I tried

"Keep silence, didn't I tell you to remain silence until spoken to? Do I really
have to gag you?" Master shout

Now I am beginning to understand it. These three women are domes and Christy is
a brand new dome who need 'subjects' for training her skills. You can imagine
that the two other women and Master will advise her how to do if she has any
difficulties with her performance.

"I now hand over charge to Mistress Christy. You are supposed to do whatever she
tells you no matter what it is. Is this understood?" Master  asked me.

"Yeees" I answered shivering in fear afraid what would happen

"Come over here and stand in attention! Bring your dirty knickers with you"
Christy shouted in a commanding and harsh tone

I didn't dare to refuse and took position in front of the three women sitting in
the comfortable chairs. I spread my legs widely and keept my hands at the side
with the dirty knickers in the right hand. I just hoped this was how she wanted

They just let me remain in this position for a long time while carefully looking
at my body and face.

"Show us how dirty your knickers are!" Christy ordered me

I showed them the dirty part of my knickers

"Pew!!! They are stinking of piss and your juices. Have you masturbated without
permission?" she asked me

"NOOOOO, I can assure you. I would never do this without permission! It's just
that I'm about to have my period and at this time it is always difficult to keep
them clean" I answered now really scared as you didn't know what she had in
store for me beginning to sweat of fear.

"Turn around and drop the knickers in front of you so you can look at the dirty
part while bending over. Then I want you to part your arse cheeks so I can take
a closer look while you are standing bend over with legs spread widely apart"
she commands me still in this harsh tone

Before I turned around I saw that she were putting on latex gloves, which she
lubricated for easier access to?......I had my thoughts concerning why she did
it and I were sure I would find out soon..

"You are doing very well" Master  said addressing Christy

"Thank you it is just a pleasure!" she answered

I felt some fingers touch the rose of my arse hole while standing in this
humiliating position in front of these evil women.

"Pew, look at this!!! The rubber on my index finger has turned brown!!!! What is
this?" Christy asked with a clear look of disgust at her face.

"Oh no, this too!!!" Master  answered her

"I have educated her in proper hygiene for a month!! She has been put in diaper
punishment in order to make her realise that toilet privilege is something she
has to deserve. I have washed her between her and arse too until her private
parts were red of cleaning ness in order to make her realise it is important. I
have kept her in the dog house for a week in order to make her realise that
being treated as a human being is something she has to deserve. I really thought
she has learned something but this clearly indicates that she need much more
training before she has learned it!!!" Master  said clearly disappointed with

"Please let me take a bath and make it good again, pleeeease! aaaauuuuh" I
screamed out as the flogger hits me very hard.

"This might teach you to keep your mouth shoot! Remain in position!" Christy

"There is no time for cleaning. I plug her arse hole with the inflatable butt
plug with the hard recess. When properly inserted it will make sure that no
accident happens and it will hide her dirty arse hole! Do you need to check her
arse hole more before I plug her?" Master  asked Christy


Add 2, Janet

Master Mick slapped my ass so hard he left a handprint. "Janet you filthy slut,
show all the girls just how dirty you are, show them your dirty panties and show
them your dirty fat bottom!"...I squirmed in embarrassment at the words Master
used,  but knowing not to cross Master I moved, shuffling my feet to the first
girl and showed her the seat bottom of my panties. I looked down at the floor
and tried not to think that I was showing my dirty knickers to a young stranger,
and in a moment I turned around and spread my cheeks, bending for her
inspection....I knew I would be doing the same for each young lady in the room.

   Slowly I made my way around the room, showing my dirty knickers and ass hole,
blushing with humiliation each time I took up my demeaning position. After I had
completed my tour of the room, Christy stood with me in the centre of the room,
all eyes were on us. 

   Again I blushed when I heard Master point out how hard my nipples had become
while being inspected. Then came the order that Master know I was
dreading..."Janet, up on the table, on all fours with your ass out for all the
nice young ladies to watch. Will somebody get me a pail of soapy water and a
scrub brush?" Master asked.

   One of the young ladies returned with the bucket and brush. I squealed as
Christy ran the bristles of the brush along between my cheeks. My squeals turned
to screams as Christy increased the pressure on the brush. Master then  wadded
up my dirty knickers and stuffed them into my mouth. The ladies watched in
amazement as Christy turned the brush and forced the bristles into my bottom.  I
did not react until Christ pulled the brush back and the bristles reversed
direction and each bit into my tender anus.

   After several scrubbing motions my anus was glowing red and I was squirming
my bare wet bottom around as my pendant breasts wobbled and jerked with my
movement..."There perhaps now you will learn to be more careful with your
hygiene, my girl, but..oh no! I am not finished with you yet...

   Removing the brush Christy spoke to the ladies. "Janet will receive severe
punishment for her lack of hygiene in due course.  One thing I will do is to
give her a thorough spanking, but I want to warm up her bottom first"  As she
spoke she rubbed the brush hard over my cheeks and then swatted me soundly  with
the back of the brush. Taking turns between scrubbing my tender bottom and
swatting it with the tips of the bristles. Christy continued to do this until my
bottom was completely reddened.


Add 3, Mick

"You are doing very well. This will prepare my dirty slut for a nice punishment
teaching her to behave well in the future. When the ass is nicely warm it can
take much more pain. Sometimes it is hard to believe how much this initial
preparation helps her enduring more pain. As we are in the 'entertainment' room
I was wondering if it was an idea to just prepare her for the padding and then
let her remain here alone while we have a nice dinner?" Master asked Christy

"Prepare me? What now? The padding....ooooh's just so painful!!!" I was
wondering sweating even more making my skin look like I have been in a bath.

"I have told you about the facilities. Now it is up to you how to prepare this
stinking slut though I think the cleaning procedure has removed some of it. The
preparation will be a kind of a test. You know that we are all experienced domes
and we know how to do it. Now it is up to you and then we will inspect how you
have done it" Master said

"These bastards" I was thinking

"They are planning to leave me in some severe punishment while they are having
fun during the dinner and I will get nothing!" I was thinking but I didn't dare
to complain though I was both hungry and thirsty. I was really scared about what
they would do and I didn't want to make it worse.

"All right, I have been planning a little. I have everything needed for this in
my box." Christy answered Master

"And you filthy little slut. I want you to remain perfectly still in your
present position on all fours. I think you are able to spread you legs a little
more, DO IT!" Christy ordered in her harsh commanding tone.

I did as ordered and now my legs were spread so far apart that it was beginning
to hurt in my loans. They were almost cramping but I didn't dare to move at all.

"I have planned to put her in some interesting bondage while we eat dinner.
First I will chain her hands in the present position making it impossible for
her to remove any of my 'nice' equipment. It's no need to chain her legs as I'm
quite sure she will be careful not moving them at all when I have prepared her.
I will only put these manacles around each leg because I need the rings for
attachment of a string. You see the rings goes perfectly down in the holes in
the table making it possible for me to attach a string under the table. This
string will be connected to a clamp squeezing the lower part of each cunt lip. 
The upper part of each cunt lip will be clamped too. Then I will put a belt with
a ring at the back around her waist. The lower clamps will be connected to her
feet manacles through the hole just under her cunt and the string running to
each ring of her manacles making her drag in her cunt lips if she raise her ass
or move her feet. The upper clamps will be connected to a string running through
the ring of her belt and up to the ceiling making her drag in the upper part of
her cunt lips if she tries to lower her ass. By doing like this I will keep her
ass in a perfect position during the padding. She won't dare to move it at all
making it possible for me to aim well each time. I think it will be just perfect
that she practice in keeping her ass in position while we eat. In order to make
her focus on this 'work' I will hood her. I don't want anything to interfere
with her training in keeping her ass perfectly still" Christy said laughing to
Master and the women.

"Congratulation, I don't think I could have done it better myself!" Master said
to Christy clearly impressed.

"Before I prepare you I want you to make your choice, Janet as I will be kind to
you and let it be up to you. Do you prefer the broad or the small rubber pad?"
Christy asked me showing the two pads.

"What a bitch!!! She wants me to choose my means of punishment! Who does she
think she is? And this before she strap me like this!!" I was thinking

"I'm waiting or do you want me to make the choice. I think I will prefer a
combination!" She said smiling kindly to me

"I'll choose the broad one" I said afraid hoping it was the right choice. I had
never tried her pads before but I would try it within an hour or so.

"Excellent choice! Now remain perfectly still while I prepare you" she commanded

"AAAAAAAAAAuuuuHHHH not so tight" I screamed while she was fixing the clamps on
my sensitive cunt lips

"Swaaack" the pad I had chosen spoked it's merciless language

"AAAUUUhhhhhhhh" I screamed again

"This will maybe teach you to remain silence until I have finished?" Christy
said laughing

I clenched my teeth together while desperately trying to remain silence. Within
ten minutes I was fixed with strings dragging evilly in the upper and lower
parts of my cunt lips. Just the slightest movement caused me severe pain. Then
she produced the awful rubber hood I just hate wearing these hoods!!! It really
causes me severe discomfort.

"You see, I have been kind choosing a hood without an internal gag. Keep your
head still while I plug your ears and fit it" she said smiling again

I had no choice. I didn't want to add more pain to my cunt lips. Then everything
turned black and I could only breathe through the two holes under my nose. All I
could hear was if somebody was whispering but I couldn't hear what they were
saying. Then I heard a door slam shut and I almost panicked knowing that they
might all have left me.

"OOOh please, let one be back checking if I can still breathe!!!" I thought
turning my head from side to side trying to hear or feel if somebody was nearby
but nothing was heard only this scaring silence! I lost the feeling of time and
space just concentrating on keeping my ass in position. It was extremely
difficult and from time to time I felt this sharp pain in either the upper or
the lower part of my cunt lips when I got tired and lowered or raised my ass
putting more tension on the strings.

"Pleauase, maiaake thiiis stop" I tried to scream through the hood realising
that screaming was difficult wearing this tight fitting hood pressing against my
lips too but nothing happened. I was just left alone to suffer these extreme

(What Janet couldn't hear  was the measures being taken prior to the dinner.
"She is finished" Christy said

"And what now" asked Master

"We have to make sure she is safe. I will ask you to stay Jane and look after
her. Be sure to remove the hood as quickly as possible if anything dangerous
happen with her breathing or something else! Remain silence. You can move but
not much because she will be able to feel it. The senses are much better meaning
she can feel if you move too fast. We will bring you some dinner later" Christy

"That's good you are still doing well" Master said

Mick is thinking: "Janet is a clever girl. She will use the safe sign, the
V-sign with both hands and it will stop. I always tell her but I didn't this
time to make it more interesting for her")

"Oooh my God!! Master didn't talk about safety has he forgotten. Is there
anybody watching if I'm all right? Has everybody left? Maybe I should try our
sign and see if something happen? No, I won't as long as I can take it! It would
only be a victory for this bitch!! She really think she can break me but I will
show her! How long have they been gone? It really feels like hours! The heat
inside the hood is just so unpleasant and I'm starting to breathe heavily.
Please make it stop, pleeease" I was thinking

"Reeeaakze meee" I tried to cry out again but still nothing.

"Had they really left me?" I was thinking.

Your turn......... Surprise me again!!!


add 4, Janet

   Oooh my God!! Master didn't talk about safety has he forgotten. Is there
anybody watching if I'm all right? Has everybody left? Maybe I should try our
sign and see if something happen? No, I won't as long as I can take it! It would
only be a victory for this bitch!! She really think she can break me but I will
show her! How long have they been gone? It really feels like hours! The heat
inside the hood is just so unpleasant and I'm starting to breathe heavily.
Please make it stop, pleeease I was thinking.

   "Reeeaakze meee", I tried to cry out again but still nothing.

   Had they really left me? I was thinking....I was sure that Master would not
allow such a thing to happen and that they would be checking on me from time to
time, so I tried to stop worrying about that and concentrate on the other
aspects of my bondage.

   I was getting very hot under this rubber hood and was beginning to perspire
freely...I could feel it trickling down inside and it was very
uncomfortable...with the plugs in my ears I couldn't hear a thing...I could feel
my heart beating a little faster in my chest and my breathing rate increased a
little....but the worst was the continual sharp pain in my cunt lips from the
points of the clips digging so mercilessly into my so tender flesh....but any
kind of movement was just agony and I tried hard to put up with pain of the
clips and not make it any worse.

   With my knees spread wide as they were, I knew I was spread wide open...what
a sight I must be presenting to anyone in the room and what was worse my bladder
was filling and I began to feel an ever increasing need to pee which gave me
something else to think about and to control.

   Oh god the time seemed to drag so...oh..ouch!...oh god I MUST heep
still...Just thinking ...those young bitches are all in there having a great
time least without the gag she could swallow her drool...that was
something...oh god if I make through this...then I've got the spanking to come
and that Christy will really lay into me...I know...she is a cold, heartless
bitch if ever there was here I am waiting in pain for more
ridiculous is that!...but even so I knew I was getting aroused at the thought of
squirming under Christy's paddle while the others watched...I wonder if she will
take this damned hood off me...I can't stand it much longer...I'm panting hard
enough now and that damned sweat inside the hood is soooo is
soooo hot and oh god please come back and do whatever it is I must endure and
then please ler me get out of here....please....PLEASE!!!


Add 5, Mick

The door opened and Christy stepped as silence as possible into the room
enjoying Janet's struggling.

"How is she doing? I just had to inspect her?" she asked Cyndi whispering in
order not to make Janet feel her presence.

"She is doing fine! She had tried to complain but now she has stopped. I guess
she has realised that it will be useless and only make her sweat even more
inside the hood " Cyndi answered smiling to Christy

"It's quite exciting to watch how difficult it is for her keeping her dirty ass
in position. Every time she got tired and try to find a more comfortable
position you can hear her moaning and complaining. But she has found out that
she can move the torso quite a lot without adding more tension to her cunt
clips" Cyndi continued having difficulties to remain silence not laughing loudly

"Oh yes, I can see it. What about taking care of this too? It will last at least
one hour before we have finished dinner. I think it will do her good if we made
it more interesting for her, don't you?" Christy asked

"I bet it will. This dirty slut just deserve to suffer! Then she might be more
careful with hygiene in the future! Do you have any suggestions? Let me guess,
nipple clips?" Cyndi asked

"Exactly, you know how I think. That's the reason why it is almost a pleasure
doing these kind of things with you! I have them here in my pocket. Nice nipple
clips with a relatively heavy pear shaped piece of iron attached to it. They
also have a small bell attached to each so you will be able to hear when she
moves her torso. Are you ready to hear her complains when I attach them?"
Christy asked

"I can't be more ready. Look at my briefs!!!" Cyndi answered laughing as silence
as possible. Her briefs were clearly wet of her cunt juices. She started rubbing
her clit from the outside of the briefs closing her eyes in sexual excitement.

Suddenly I felt a hand caring my right breast. The sudden touch caused me to
squirm adding tension to my cunt lips and I screamed into the hood again.

"Aaaaauuuuhhhhh, taaaauke iiit oof" I tried again knowing that it was difficult
to understand what I was saying.

"Please let her take the hood off!!! PLEASE!!" I was thinking but nothing
happened only the touch.

"Having a good time?" I heard a voice asking as she was only whispering. Christy
actually cried out loudly because she knew the ear plugs almost cut of all
sounds. She then took a good grab in the string to my upper cunt clips and
dragged upwards

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuhhhhhh, stttoooooop!" I tried, this mean bitch was actually
adding more pain to my sore cunt as it wasn't enough with the present pain!

"I have good news for you! You have done that well that we will let you remain
in position for some more time. Additionally we will train you in keeping your
torso perfectly still too. Aren't you excited?" this bitch asked me.

"What had I done to deserve this? Only some natural dirt and then this
punishment! And it wasn't that much! The problem was that all this caused the
need for pee to grow even stronger! Oh nooo, not this too! If I relieve my
extremely full bladder I'm sure it will mean more punishment!!! I hardly can't
take it anymore." I was thinking

I don't know if she could read my thoughts but what she told me made me think
she could and even more scared

"Your Master told me that he has denied you toilet privilege for quite a long
time and that he has offered you a lot to drink. This must mean that your
bladder is full. I warn you! You will be very sorry if you relieve your bladder
in your present condition! Now you have been warned! Then it is up to you to
make the decision. And now my darling are you ready for some more fun?" Christy
asked while rubbing my nipples eagerly making them grow bigger and sending waves
of pleasure through my breast which combined with the pain between my legs was
quite an experience.


Add 6, Janet

I moaned at the words Christy bladder was full,,,the pressure had
built up and was causing me a lot of discomfort...I just didn't know how long I
would be able to hold on...I knew the pain was only going to get was
just a matter of time....and then the pleasure which had been building up in my
breasts with the movement of Christy's fingers on my nipples...suddenly ceased
abruptly and I shrieked with pain (just a low muffled sound to me, but it must
have brought a smile of satisfaction to Christy's lips!) as the sharp little
teeth of the nipple clamp closed over first my right nipple and then my
left...but worse was to come as the weight which was obviously attached made the
pain even worse.

   Even the slightest movement caused those damned weight to swing...another
good reason to remain as still as possible...but even those I was tightly
restrained, that was not easy...cramping in the muscles here, pressure building
in my bladder, the awful restriction of the hood and the ghastly discomfort of
the perspiration irritating me beneath its confinement...pain in my nipples with
increasing numbness setting mind was in a whirl trying to cope with the
pain and discomfort from so many different sources...the pain from mt punishment
receeded into the background compared to the rest!

   I bowed my head in long could I hold on...ooohh...please come
back soon and release me from this purgatory...then withoput even realising it
the damn burst and I realised I was urine just flooded out of me and
splashed against the surface below, wetting my inner thighs...I desperately
tried to control the flow...but I just could not...the relief was tremendous,
but the realisation of what I had done struck dread into my mind...I was
doomed...Christy would both incensed and disgusted at my disobedience and lack
of control, to say nothing of master!...I just could not imagine the humiliating
punishment I would have to endure...I started to sob quietly to myself in my
hopeless misery.....

Add 6 , Mick

I was really beginning to be afraid that I just couldn't take it anymore. Now I
was alone with this Christy or at least I thought so. I couldn't know if Master
or the other two women had joined her or if they ever left me.

"Oooh no, what if I have to give up? What if I just can't take it anymore? Has
Master told Christy about our safe sign? Will she know if I'm about to panic? I
rally am about to panic right now. It's just too much! Pain from
anywhere...PAIN...PAIN..PAIN and nothing more that means yes.......there is
more.... Ow I have peed and it really felt good but what is going to happen now.
Oooh, this evil woman has just been standing right beside me watching how I just
couldn't hold back anymore, how embarrassing and humiliating......." Janet was
thinking while sobbing quietly.

Janet was right. Christy was standing right besides her watching her struggling
in excitement and so was Cyndi. They smiled to each other. Christy gave Cyndi a
huge kiss and rubbed her clit with one hand.

"This is really exciting. She is doing well! I will give her something more to
thing about until we return" she whispered in the Cyndi's ear making sure Janet
didn't find out about Cyndi's presence. 

"You filthy little pig! Didn't I tell you to hold back until later. Now looks
what you have done, you have soiled the table and yourself. Furthermore all this
splashing has soiled my leather pants too during your peeing like a cow. Do you
know how expensive leather pants are? They are certainly not supposed to smell
of piss especially not your dirty piss!! You will be very sorry about this I can
assure you! This wasn't clever of you. Think about how difficult it will be for
you keeping your legs in position during the padding on a surface smooth of your
own dirty piss!! I hardly can explain how disappointed I am. I'm sure your
Master will be even more disappointed. He has told me you are something; that
you were capable of enduring a lot. I will call you a novice in the very initial
phase of the slave training and nothing more. I really hope this is a fault and
that you just have been lazy not concentrating on my easy requests for you! If
this is going to work you must do much better!" Christy shouted with a large
smile at her face. The hood was really a great help. She could humiliate and
degrade Janet without any risk that she would find out that she actually was
quite impressed of her performance.

"This has caused me to adjust your ordeal a little. I won't keep it as a secret
for you as I think it will do you good thinking on it and mentally prepare your
body for the next phases. I will of course not disappoint you meaning you are
still in for the padding. Maybe we will have to warm up your ass a little again
before we begin. I will decide this later. But I really have to teach you a
lesson to make sure you never forget to hold back your dirty piss again! Do you
know what it sometimes done to cats or dogs if they relieve their bowels or
bladder inside a house? " Christy waited for a few seconds to make sure I was

I decided to shake my head despite I had my thoughts

"You put their head into the mess!! Your Master has told me about your dog
training and I think I have to go back to this phase again in order to teach you
a lesson. When your padding is over it will be your job to clean up your own
mess! But it will be without using the hands. You will pick up the floor cloth
with your mouth and clean up your mess. I will make sure that there will be a
bucket ready for the dirty cloths." Christy shouted. While doing this she had
put on a pair of rubber gloves and picked up a cloth, which she made wet of
Janet's piss.

"Here, have a nice sniff of your own mess so you know what is in store for you"
Christy said while pressing the cloth against the two holes of her nose almost
gagging me.

I shook my head from side to side trying to get rid of this stinking cloth and
to get fresh air. It really smelled awful. Piss is always stinking worse if you
have kept it inside you for a long time.

"This bitch, what did she think? Everybody need to relieve their bladder from
time to time! Had I not been restrained like this I would have hit her right in
her face!" Janet thought.

"I think you have more than enough to think about. In order to make sure you
have finished thinking when we come back I think I will be kind to you and
increase our dinner with, lets say half an hour as a beginning!" Christy shouted
laughing the best she could and then she left slamming the door shoot with a
loud noise making sure Janet had heard it

Back in dining room she told Master about her performance. They had heard all
what have been said because Master had installed a microphone in the 'fun' room
making it possible to heard every single sound in the room.

"You are still doing very well. Just be careful you don't exceed her limits. I
really think you are at the very limit but I still think she can take it. I hope
you made sure Cyndi is carefully watching her?" Master said

"I did, she actually walk around the table from time to time just to make sure
everything is all right from all angles" Christy answered.

"Janet really is something, she can endure a lot of pain and humiliation and she
just love it! I was right with her bladder control. I told you that you had to
hurry being in position before she lost control. I have made some tests with
this 'pee medicine'. I can almost control it within a limit of plus or minus
half an hour. I have of course not told Janet that her drink contained this
medicine. Normally she can control her bladder pretty well and I'm sure it would
have been no problem for her had I not given her this medicine" Master said
laughing with Christy and Pat.  

"Now let's finish this excellent dinner and then the fun in my special room can
continue!" Master said while offering the two women some more to drink and eat.


Add 7, Janet

   This Christy was turning out to be a real bitch...This 'training' had gone on
quite long enough...I was exhausted, cramped  aching, in constant pain and now
furious with myself for having fouled the table with my piss, but I just
couldn't help and Christy damned well knew that, but, of course wouldn't admit
it...any excuse to torment me was fair game...but I would dearly love to se her
in the same predicament as I have been and find out how SHE copes with it!

   What a bitch to threaten me with rubbing my nose in it like an animal...but I
wouldn't put it past her!...the stink of my piss on that cloth she held to my
nose was gross...and now she was threatening to take even more time over dinner
with the others...oh my long will this ghastly torment last.

   The only way I could just barely cope was to relax, remain still and let my
thoughts wander to more pleasant things ...easier said than done!!!...the pain
and discomfort was all consuming...and I ground my teeth as I thought of the
four of them sitting around the table, laughing and chatting (probably at my
expense)...and enjoying all that lovely food and wine, while I was here
restrained and enclosed, suffering this pain and humiliation.

   The time seemed to pass sooooo slowly...would it never end..................


Add 8, Mick

"All right, guess it's about time for continuing the game. If we wait much
longer I'm afraid she will have to give up" Master said to Christy and Pat.

"I think you are right. When I visited her she really looked like she was in
extremely difficulties enduring it. I really think I have her on then very limit
of her endurance. But I agree with you Mick. She really is something. I have
tried a few but she is the first on capable of enduring so much. You were right
when claiming that breaking her is not easy!" Christy said smiling in

"Thank you! I have trained her well. Sometimes it is difficult introducing her
for something new and interesting for her. I really have to think carefully when
finding new ways to explore her limits. It's of course quite easy to find
something real cruel but I have to be careful not causing her permanent damage!
Not let's us bring our glasses with us to the 'fun-room'. I'm sure Christy has
something exciting in store to entertain us!" Master said laughing with the two

"You can count on that. I'm sure Janet will give all of us a lot of pleasure and
fun during the next couple of hours. I'm not sure she will like it as much as we
will but after all she is just a dirty slave who deserves to be treated like
this!" Christy said laughing even more.

They all left the dining room and silent they entered the 'fun-room' watching
Janet's desperately struggles to endure her ordeal. They could see how difficult
it was for her keeping her legs in position due the smooth surface caused by her
own piss. Every time she had to relocate her legs it sent waves of pain through
her cunt lips. Her entire body was covered by sweat due to the exhausting work
to keep her body as still as possible. They could hear her screams escape the
hood though it only was heard as a silent whispering but they all knew she was
in a terrible pain from a lot of different sources. She was breathing heavily
due to the stress of her body. The small holes in the hood made it difficult to
get enough air causing her to sweat even more.

Christy was now completely dressed in black leather. In order to looks even more
scaring and cruel she wore a hood like the hood the old inquisitors wore during
the cruel times of this period. She took position in front of Janet and with a
flick of her finger she ordered Cyndi to remove her hood. Janet wasn't aware
that she wasn't alone and the sudden feeling of hands on her head caused her to
shake her body sending new waves of pain through her cunt and nipples.

"AAAAAoooooHHHHH, maaazke isttst ssteooopppp" she tried to scream through her

They all watched the show in excitement. Pat was fondling with Master's dick
while rubbing her own clit eagerly. Christy still stood in front of Janet with
the broad paddle in her right hand. She was moving her hips from side to side
causing the balls of pleasure inserted in her cunt to do their exciting work
inside her. The balls consisted of three relatively large stainless steel balls
with a smaller ball inside each large one. Just the slightest movement of her
hips caused the small balls to move sending pleasure to her cunt. It was just
marvellous wearing these balls during whipping sessions because it combined the
mental pleasure when using the whip with a physical pleasure between her legs
each time she used the whip.

Cyndi unbuckled the straps holding the hood tightly on Janet's head and finally
she unzipped the broad zipper at the back of the helmet. The she pealed it of
her head revealing a sweat covered head with the hair clued to it and a pair of
eyes blinking in the bright light trying to see what was going on. Gradually her
eyes got used to the light and she could see a human body covered in black
leather with an evil looking hood and a paddle in her right hand.

"Hi Janet. Welcome back! Keep your mouth shot unless you are asked something.
How disgusting you are smeared with piss and sweating like a pig waiting in the
butcher's house. You certainly have a lot to learn. But don't worry. We'll have
a lot of time to teach you. I'm just a little disappointed with you because your
Master has told me that he has already taught you a lot about hygiene. Right now
it seems like you have forgotten all about it. Pew, how you stinks!!! Is it
because you really like being dirty like this?" Christy asked me.

"This bitch!! She is even meaner than I expected! Had I not been restrained like
this I surely would have hit her evil face!" Janet was thinking but she didn't
dare to tell her and decided to answer the question as polite as possible.

"I'm really sorry about all this mess. I just couldn't help it all this pain
made it difficult to control my bladder. The awful hood and the pain make me
sweat like this. Please make the pain stop I just can't take it anymore!" I said
clearly relieved that they had removed the awful hood.

"Pain? You have tried noting yet but I'll promise you that I will teach you what
pain is! I guess you know that it won't be a pleasure for you if I really remove
the clamps. During the inquisition they actually used it as torture. When
clamped the blood disappear from the squeezed part of the body and when the
clamps are removed the blood returns. Both squeezing and removing causes pain
meaning it sometimes is difficult to conclude what is worst. This led me to the
next part of your treatment. I have decided that 15 strokes with paddle are just
perfect for your filthy ass. I think you have made an excellent choice. The
broad paddle is really good and will teach you a lot concerning behave well.
First I did plan to let your cunt remain clamped during the paddling but I have
changed my mind. I'm afraid that all this mess caused by your lack of bladder
control will make it to difficult for you to remain in position. I'm afraid that
the clamps will do some permanent damage to your cunt lips if you fall and
therefore I have decided to remove them. I can imagine you are looking forward
getting rid of these clamps though it will cause you a considerably amount of
pain. As the clamps were a part of the punishment during the paddling I have
decided to reward you with some additional treatment. You see this nice little
whip? I have named it 'the pussy whip' I guess you can imagine why? This
triangular leather flap is just perfect for whipping the cunt. I have decided to
reward you with six strokes of this whip. Aren't you happy?" Christy stopped.
Without waiting for an answer she just continued.

"And don't worry my dear! I haven't forgotten my promise! When the whipping is
over you will get some time for cleaning up your mess and prepare the room for
the next event. I want the next event to be a surprise for you. It's always nice
having something to look forward to, don't you agree my darling? Now Cyndi, will
you please remove the clamps and make sure she is ready for the next step of her
education?" Christy asked Cyndi.


Add 9, Janet

This Christy, she really is a cynical bitch...the way she talks and humiliates
me as if I were an animal!...I thought... but not for long as I saw Cyndi
approach me to do as instructed....I looked up at her begging with my eyes...I
knew it was useless, but I just couldn't help it...she completely ignored me...I
thought I knew what I was in for and tensed as she went for the right hand
clamp...but the pain which surged through my breast was agonising as she
unclipped the clamp...may be it was because they had been on for such a long
time and my nipples were so aroused and hard...and then a repeat as she reached
for the second one and again I squirmed and screamed as the pain hit
me...Squirming and bucking with the pain only served to make it worse, of
course, but gradually I calmed down and my thoughts returned. I was more than
glad to be rid of that ghastly hood, but Mistress Christy's threats about 15
strokes of the paddle and then the cleaning routine occupied my thoughts until I
saw Cyndi pulling on a pair of latex gloves.

   Having released your bladder in such a disgusting manner, Mistress Christy
thinks that you r bowel should also be thoroughly be cleaned, so I am going to
insert a specially prepared adult suppository into your asshole...which should
focus your mind in a few seconds...

   Oh no!...I thought what other humiliations can they heap on me I wondered and
then I suddenly felt my anus widening at the intrusion of the large suppository
as she pushed in as far as she possibly could...wiggling and turning her finger
around nd around inside me to cause me as much discomfort as possible. Suddenly
I realised what she meant about focussing my I realised from the awful
stinging sensation that the suppository must have been coated with some special
irritant which would give me ever increasing discomfort as it penetrated my so
sensitive flesh...I groaned as I knew what else was soon going to happen and I
knew that I was in for another spell of ever increasing pain and
discomfort...and then the final blow...she inserted an inflatable butt plug deep
into my anus and then pumped the bulb until my rectum was painfully full. "There
we go, that should do the trick...and give you something to think about at the
same time.

   She was certainly addition to the irritant of my sensitive anal
flesh...the movement and cramps in my bowel began to affect me together with the
ever increasing desire to shit my brains out!...Oh long will I have to
suffer this torment?


Add 10, Mick
Hi sweet Janet........

"Having released your bladder in such a disgusting manner, Mistress Christy
thinks that you r bowel should also be thoroughly be cleaned, so I am going to
insert a specially prepared adult suppository into your asshole...which should
focus your mind in a few seconds..."

Well my precious inmate Janet, you asked for it. I didn't plan to use any
suppository this time but now that you have introduced it Christy has been doing
some thinking....................

She was certainly addition to the irritant of my sensitive anal
flesh...the movement and cramps in my bowel began to affect me together with the
ever increasing desire to shit my brains out!...Oh long will I have to
suffer this torment?

Christy just stood in front of me wearing this scaring outfit and watched me
with her evil eyes.
"Having a good time Janet?" the bitch asked me laughing at my discomfort.
"You see my filthy little darling. I guess you know how disappointed I am
concerning your lack of bladder control. I really did expect you to do better.
It is like the toilet training your Master has carried out is completely
forgotten and you have changed to nothing but a dirty pig again. Is it because
you like soiling yourself?" Christy asked me

I almost lost control and snerred "You dammed well know that it was impossible!
I had no chance avoiding it!"

Christy just shook her head and continued "I have practised on slaves before.
Your lack of bladder control is more disappointing as usual. I'm sure you
totally have emptied your bladder. If you really were trained as good as your
Master claims you would only have peed just enough to keep you going until we
were through. But you just kept on pissing like a pig how disgusting!! All this
has caused me to do some minor changes, which I think you will like. I have only
done it to help you being a better slave. I can see on your face that your bowel
is causing you troubles. I guess you just would like to shit right here as you
just like soiling yourself. I think you like being smeared and dirty. I'm sorry
to tell you that I can't accept this and therefore I will train you further.
It's some special training you will be able to control yourself. Cyndi, will you
please handle me the rubber bag and the masks?" Christy asked

"Rubber bag? Masks? What is this all about?" I was thinking beginning to sweat
heavily in fear

"You see this bag? This is a rubber-breathing bag. You see this valve can be
closed or opened to let air into the bag or to closed meaning no air comes into
the bag. I have connected one of the masks as they are usually attached. It's a
normal gas mask connected to the tube running from the rubber bag. The bag can
be filled with membranes making it more difficult to breathe so the slave has to
focus the mind just on breathing or it can be empty meaning breathing will be no
problem as long as the valve is open. I have decided that you will try the empty
version as you haven't tried this before. I have asked your Master. The air you
breathe through the bag can be adjusted with different odours making it more
interesting when breathing through it. I have bought the most expensive version
meaning this one has been modified in order to make it more interesting. You see
this zipper? It is used for zipping a pair of open rubber briefs to it. Then the
bag can be strapped to the ass and cunt of a slave. This means that the bag will
save all the goodies coming out of your dirty holes for future use. Isn't it
exciting? I guess you have noticed the other mask? It's an open version, which
can be zipped directly on the bag. Sometimes the odour can be so gross that the
slave puke. If the slave wear the closed version it can be dangerous. I have
decided that this will be the mask for you during this little test. Remember
that I'm only doing this to help you being a better slave!" Christy said and
watched my reaction.

I still wasn't quite sure about what would happen but I had my thoughts.....

"In order to be fair to you I will make it all up to you. The bag will be
strapped onto your ass within ten minutes. I think that the suppository has done
its work within this time space. Some slaves are able to control their bowels
despite they have a suppository inserted. I don't know if you are able to do it.
But I don't think so. Why should you be able to control your bowel better? No I
just think you will shit the hell out when I order the butt plug removed. If you
do I guess you can imagine what this will mean when the bag and mask are fitted
on your head? You see it will be your own choice. Here is the rules: I order
Cyndi to remove your cunt clamps. Then we fit the bag on your ass. It is
possible to deflate and remove the butt plug when it is fitted. If you are able
to control your bowel ten minutes after we have removed the plug you will be
allowed to use the toilet and you will breathe through a clean rubber bag until
I think you can control your breathing. If you cant control it then you will
still breathe through the bag but I really think the smell will be slightly
different.......... I guess this will teach you that it is important to be able
to hold on until you have permission to use a toilet..... If you don't have any
questions I think we will continue. Cyndi will you?"


Add 11, Mick

I listened as carefully as I could to what Christy was saying, but didn't really
understand exactly what she was talking about...the movement and cramping in my
bowels had reached very painful proportions and I was struggling to cope with
the pain I was experiencing and listen at the same time...I knew what she was
explaining to me was going to be extremely unpleasant for me.

   Miss Christy stepped back and Miss Cyndi took over...she fastened the rubber
bag firmly around my waist securing it around my buttocks, through between my
legs and again fastened to my waist...then the mask was placed around my head
...oh no more restraint...I had just got rid of the my head was
covered again and tightly too...although I could peer out through the two rather
misty eyepieces. I immediately realised that breathing was going to be a problem
and I started to gasp and squirm, which set off another round of jangling pain
which was only just slightly less even with the clamps removed.

   When Miss Cyndi attached the hose from my mask to the bag around my ass, I
could breath a little easier, but I still had to calm down a bit so that my
breathing could become regular....and then it suddenly dawned on me...filtering
through to my mouth was not only air but also the smell of stale urine and caked
on shit...when the butt plug was removed it was going to take all of my powers
of concentration and determination to hold back the flood of shit and piss that
so urgently needed to be voided from my bowel...the urge to shit was now immense
how could I possibly avoid would be just impossible and they all knew

   I saw Miss Cyndi pulling on another pair of latex gloves and I knew the
moment of truth was at hand.I knew well that I wasn't going tomake it...10
minutes...just hopeless ...when the plug was removed my anus would take a while
to close down to normal size and any control would be ipossible...and they KNEW

   "Well, Janet dear are you ready to show what an obedient slut you are...this
will be a real test in control for youwon't it," she smirked, "now aare you
ready for this?...nod your head if you are, you digusting individual."

   I nodded what else could I do? The relief was great as the plug was deflated
but my bowels must have sensed something as they gurgled and moved even
more...and then with a sudden jerk the plug was out and I was struggling to hold
on but with a sudden rush the ghastly filthy brown fluid cascaded ot of me to
fill the waiting bag...the relief was fantastic and as the flow continued from
my distended asshole I also started to pee as well...a final dribble to
completely empty my bladder.

   Miss Cyndi knew what was going to happen that was why she was careful to
withdraw the plug quickly and close up the bag around my ass. I groaned with the
wonderful erelaxing of the pressure and cramps, but also in the sure knowledge
of what was happening...what the result to my sense of smell would be and the
fact that I had AGAIN been 'disobedient' and failed to abide by the rules...just
another example of a dirty slut with no control!...As I heard the amused
chuckles of those who stood watching my complete humiliation and debasement I
quietly sobbed to myself as the disgusting aroma began to hit my nostrils as I
continued to breathe.


Add 12, Mick

"I JUST KNEW IT" Christy's voice boomed out in the air making me fear her even
more. This woman really was evil and mean. I was absolutely sure she just love
being like this.

"You are just a dirty slave who behave like an animal. I actually think you like
being dirty and smelly like you are right now. I'm happy that you wear this nice
rubber bag. Otherwise I think the air in this room would gag us all! You just
wouldn't hold back. I asked you to do this minor task, which was to close your
filthy ass hole and hold on for only ten minutes and what did I guess. A rubber
bag full of piss and shit. I could see you were pissing as well. You just wanted
to be as disgusting as possible. I can imagine that you just love the smell of
the air you are breathing. You probably know that a lot of animals clean
themselves between their legs. I really think you would like to do the same if
it was possible for you! Don't worry, should it against what I think cause you
to vomit you are wearing the open version meaning you can puke without any risk
to be choked. It will just disappear into the bag. Cyndi, will you please make
sure it really runs into the bag if she pukes? Just chain her sitting in upright
position on the table with her legs spread as they are right now and hands
chained to the ceiling. This will give us a better view of her face while
breathing through this bag!" Christy asked Cyndi

"Sure, no problem" Cyndi while approaching me again.

Within a few minutes I was sitting nicely chained to the ceiling sitting on the
table with this awful gas mask strapped to my head and a thick rubber tube
running from it to the rubber bag dangling between my legs. While sitting
upright I could feel how the last amount of the shit escaped my ass hole. I
still was unable to control it due to the suppository, which has been inserted.
My bowel was still burning from the coating on this awful thing. It was like my
bottom was on fire both due to the pain caused by the now removed clamps and due
to the fire inside my bowel. Furthermore breathing was quite difficult due to
the mask. It was like it added some resistance every time I draw in 'fresh' air.
Fresh air?  It certainly had nothing to do with fresh air. I tried to breathe
through my mouth in order to make the smell less disgusting but I quickly found
out that this was out of the question. The mask was obviously fitted with some
kind of valve making this impossible. I just had to breathe through my nose and
endure the awful smell coming into it for each breath. It really was disgusting
and then this bitch! Telling that she thought I loved breathing this thick
smelly air. My stomach made these vomit movements causing even more discomfort.
The fact that breathing was a hard job made it even worse because every time the
valve opened the smell hit my nose like a hammer almost making me stop
breathing. But I knew I had to focus on breathing otherwise I would begin to
hyper breathe making it even worse. Ohhh please stop this. Now it must be

They all took position in front of me with Christy standing in front of me still
wearing this scary hood.

"Well my little slut, my precious little darling. How are you doing? Having a
good time?" she asked. I couldn't see her face but I'm sure she had a big smile
at her face under the hood.

"Tttaaackeee iiitttt oooffffff!!!" I tried to scream through the mask.

"What are you saying my dear? You want to wear it for one hour? I'm not sure I
can meet this request as we have to move on with your training as we don't have
all day for it" Christy said and they all laughed.

"I bet you are happy that I haven't adjusted the breathing valve to make it more
difficult to breathe. As it is the very first time I just think we will let it
be as it is. Then you can get all the fresh air you want! Isn't it wonderful
breathing through this bag. It's good training because your mind is completely
focused on breathing and nothing more. I'm actually not sure you do hear all my
instructions for you. " Christy continued

"As we have rearranged you I think we will make some minor changes. I think I
will let you do the cleaning before the paddling. Don't you think this is an
excellent idea? As you really have soiled my expensive rubber bag you will clean
this as well. I'll be kind to you and let you use the hands for cleaning it. But
I still think it will be good training for you that you carry out the initial
cleaning of all your stinking piss by using your mouth and head. I think this
will teach you being more careful in the future. We can't let you carry on being
a dirty slave like you have been today can't we?" Christy asked me

What a bitch, she knew I had no chance avoiding any of this. And she just
increased my punishment for doing it. I nodded my head scared to make her find
something crueller to do to me. I just wanted this to end as quickly as possible
and have some rest. I was just so exhausted.

"When you have finished cleaning up all your mess we will let the paddle do its
work to seal this education in your mind so you never forget it! Maybe we should
try the free version meaning you bend over and grab your legs with your hands
and count each stroke? I'm sure this will focus your mind on being more careful
with hygiene in the future" Christy said laughing again looking at my desperate
eyes clearly showing her how disgusting and difficult breathing was.


Add 13, Janet

   Well so I am supposed to be 'sitting nicely'...I could easily think of better
and more comfortable ways of sitting. The chains that came down from the celing
were connected to my wrist cuffs and then pulled taut and the some more, so my
ass cheeks were barely touching the table below. So with my legs widely spread
this stinking rubber bag was squashed a bit and had moved forward a little so
that it was wedged between my open legs...but pretty well all my weight was
taken by my up stretched arms which almost immediately started to feel the
strain, which, I knew would only get worse as time passed.

   Was I supposed to be heartened by the remark...'we have to move on with your
training as we don't have all day for it'...well that may mean I would soon be
moved out of this painful position...but....what up...uggghhh!

   As I heard Miss Christy say...'I'm actually not sure you do hear all my
instructions for you'... well she obviously understood something of the pain and
discomfort I was going through...right now the painful strain in my arms was
making me grimace and even made me wish that I could move on quickly to the
'cleaning up' was just liking going from one 'disaster area' to

   Then again I heard her cynical giggle and sarcastic tones as she said, "Cyndi
will you please help me get this dirty slut into a position where she can do as
I require?" "Yes, of course, Christy, anything to help," answered Cyndi as she
moved forward..."Right we'll release her arms first"

   Again I cried out in pain as my arms dropped down after the chain was
released...I didn't realise that simple operation would cause me such anguish
after such a comparatively short time. I was then swung around on the table
until my legs were hanging over the side. Even though Cyndi took hold of my
hands as Miss Christy gave me a solid push in the back, I almost collapsed on
the floor, my legs were so numb and felt so groggy...eventually I managed to
recover my balance as I was led over towards an open sink on the other side of
the room

   The effort of standing and then moving across the room made me pick up my
breathing rate and soon I was gasping and gulping, trying to pull some more of
this stinking, fetid air into my wasn't easy...added to that this
horrible bag full of my waste, was now a dead weight, swinging ominously with
slopping squelching sounds between my spread legs as I waddled the few steps.

   I stopped, slightly bent forward in front of the sink as Cyndi moved to
release and remove the mask fitting so tightly around my head. I was handed the
disconnected pipe which went the bag and had to hold it as the mask was removed.
As I gulped at the fresh air I could feel against my sweaty face, I again jumped
and cried out in pain as Miss Christy's whip slashed across my bare ass again
and again.

   "Straighten your back you impudent slut," she shouted, "how dare you slouch
so sloppily in that disrespectful stance before your betters...stand tall and
get your head up, or your ass will be a fiery red before you real paddling
commences," she remarked as she landed another three stinging cuts across my
already stinging and squirming ass cheeks.........


Add 14, Mick

"Look how disgusting her ass is, smelly and smeared with shit and piss! In her
present condition she is worth nothing! She is even too dirty to be put in the
doghouse. The problem is that I'm not sure this education has helped enough. I
really think she likes being a dirty whore. But I don't like her dirty and
filthy like this. Just to think about having that bitch orally service me
between my legs that make me sick! We really have to do something about it. I
think we'll have to continue this education in hygiene later. Right now I think
we need to let her clean up all this mess she has caused before she deserve to
be rewarded with the paddle, don't you all agree" Christy asked

It really was humiliating. She was speaking like I didn't exist. Like I just was
a worthless piece of meat. I really think that this was how Christy felt about
me right now. What a bitch! Just to think about that this woman who was so young
that she could almost have been my daughter was treating me like this. Treating
me worse than an animal how could she be so cruel and cold? Now she wanted me to
clean up the room naked and dirty while they all watched me doing it! I just
couldn't think of something more humiliating like this. But I knew that I better
had to do as I was told to make it as less painful as possible.

Cyndi placed a bunch of dry cloths on the clean part of the table. I knew what
they were for.

"Start the cleaning you worthless individual! Table first!" Christy's voice
boomed out waking me of my thinking.

 I rushed to the table and picked up one of the cloths with my right hand in the
hope that they had forgotten about what Christy told concerning using my head
for the initial cleaning.

"What do you think you are doing? Can't you do anything right? How will it ever
be possible to make you an obedience slave? I really think we have a long way to
go before we succeed if we ever succeed doing it. Get your dirty ass up on that
table and Cyndi will you please cuff her hands behind her back? I think we have
to do it because she obviously continues forgetting all that she is told. When
her hands is cuffed I think it must remain clear to her that she can only pick
up a cloth with her dirty mouth. I actually think you will like the smell and
taste of your own piss. When looking at you it just seems like you love being as
dirty as you are right now!" Christy screamed out and gave me an additional
stinger with the riding whip on my sore checks causing me even more pain though
I was about to think that it couldn't be possible anymore. I just felt totally

"And hurry up doing it! We have to be finished with the cleaning and paddling
soon. I feel just so hot between my legs and I want you to take care of this. 
Have actually done something nice for you. I'm wearing a thick menstruation pad
not because I have my period but because I want my cunt to be very interesting
for you. I have pissed a little in this pad in order to make my cunt more
delicate for you as it seems like you just love the smell and taste of piss.
Maybe it was an idea gagging you with this pad when you have satisfied all of
us? Then you could smell and taste real woman piss and not the disgusting piss
produced by you! Don't you think I'm kind to you my smelly darling?" Christy
asked me laughing loudly

I just didn't know what to answer. It all was like a nightmare and I just wanted
to wake up in a nice warm bed and laugh because this only was a bad dream. It
didn't take long before I again realised that this wasn't a dream.

"ANSWER ME WHEN I ADDRESS YOU!!!" Christy's voice boomed out again.


Add 15, Janet

What could I possibly say? thing I was sure I must say something and to
agree and play up to Miss Christy was the only thing to do...I had enough pain
and anguish running through my body without looking for more!

"Forgive me Miss Christy," I muttered, my words almost sticking in my throat,
"you are very thoughtful in continuing my training that I clearly deserve along
with whatever punishment you deem appropriate."

"Hmmmm! a clever answer which you hopw will keep you out of trouble...but I
don't hear you thoughts on wearing my pissy pad....and look at me when you
speak...woman, straight in the eye so I can be sure you mean what you say," she
said, lifting my chin upwards with the tip of her riding whip.

"Your cunt will always be very interesting to me, Miss Christy with or without
your smelly pad"...I hesitated...she looked at me as though she couldn't quite
make up her mind...and I saw her slowly raise her arm...."I deserve to be gagged
with your pad, Miss Christy for offending you and the other ladies in such a
disgusting manner."

"Hmmmm!...well get on with your cleaning," she decreed, handing the whip to
Cyndi with the instruction, "Keep the whip moving if she slows or misses
anything, her fat tits could do with a few cuts, but her filthy red ass is
probably more available in her position....and again a searing slash from the
whip cut across my defenceless ass.

I bucked as the pain radiated though my lower body...and later I have to take a
paddling, I thought to myself...oh my god, how can I cope with that...I must
have hesitated in my cleaning as I felt another ghastly cut of the whip bite
into the so tender flesh of my inner thigh and again I squirmed and sobbed with
the pain, dropping my cloth on to the table, which earned me another stroke on
the other inner thigh! As another cry of anguish erupted from me, I still
fortunately had the presence of mind to bend my head and again pick up the cloth
before that stroke was repeated again.

Moments later I sensed a movement behind me..."Just look at the wetness of her
dirty cunt," announced one of the other women and the others moved to
inspect..."That's more than sweat, I know," she continued, "the dirty slut must
be enjoying this even now, in her state," she declared with some surprise and a
second later a hard slapping hand descended several times on my pouting cunt as
I tried my best to mop the surface of the table. Again I dropped my cloth to the
laughter and derision of those present to be rewarded with a vicious blow along
the line of my anal cleft with Cyndi's riding whip, I gasped, cringed and
squirmed with the agonising pain raging through the most tender part of my
body..."That's right Cyndi, that's the way to treat a dirty slut who cannot
control herself"


Add 16, Mick

"How do you like it slut Janet? I bet you love it! Just to be allowed to use
your head for cleaning up your mess and during this work sniff in the smell of
your dirty disgusting piss! I really think I was right when claiming that you
love to be filthy and dirty like a pig! Just look at you! Head buried in your
own piss and your ass covered with shit because you can't control your bowel.
Additionally you seem to be horny! A slave is not allowed to have pleasure
during her training! I really don't think it can be worse!" Christy said clearly
showing how disgusting she thought I was.

Well, of course I was dirty and smelly but who wouldn't be after an ordeal like
this? And this bitch forcing me to clean up the table with my head!

Swaack, again the whip spoke its merciless language.

"Aaaaaaaaaaauuuhh" I screamed and dropped the cloth again.

"Pick it up and put it in the pail to the other cloths dirty of your piss. This
might teach you not to enjoy it! Your cunt is almost dripping of juices! Hurry
up cleaning, we don't have all day long!" Cyndi cried out

"OK, I think she had done enough with her head! I don't think this slut can do
this much better. Now hurry up filling the pail with hot water and soap and them
you clean up the floor and the table by using your hands! Make sure you are on
all four during this cleaning and turn your filthy ass towards us all the time
so we can see how disgusting it is! Cyndi please take off the cuffs!" Christy
said in her cynical voice

When Cyndi had removed the cuffs I rushed to the sink and filled the pail with
hot water and soap. I started cleaning the floor carefully turning my ass
towards them all time. It was so humiliating but I just wanted this to end as
quickly as possible though I knew what I had in store. What I didn't know was
that I didn't know all in store for me! This bitch just couldn't get enough!
During the cleaning I could hear them talking about my present condition and how
much I still had to learn. I really would love to see Christy in my condition!
Then she might be a little nicer to me! But I knew this was out of the question
and therefore I just continued as fast as I could. I was just so exhausted and
tired. I really think I could sleep for more than twelve hours if I had the

"OK, I think floor and table are nicely cleaned though it could be better but we
don't have all day. Before the paddling I think you need some cleaning as well.
I just can't bear to look at your dirty ass anymore and the smell, pheeew. I
really don't understand how you can take it yourself? By the way, did I hear you
call my pussy a cunt? I will have to punish you for this too. A Mistress doesn't
have a cunt! Slaves have cunts, filthy smelly cunts. Therefore they have to be
cleaned every time are supposed to be used! Otherwise they will have this foul
smell of old disgusting piss and juices" Christy said while wriggling her nose.

"As we have planned to use you for pleasure after the paddling you ought to be
nicely cleaned all over your worthless body. I think we better do some internal
cleaning too. I have brought with me some really nice solution. I will read the
instruction for you. It says extremely strong detergent for disinfecting
surfaces. During use it might cause severe stinging in open woods therefore use
gloves during the work. And the best comes. If it by accident comes into the
mouth or on other places with sensitive skin it will cause severe stinging. 
There is no need to visit the doctor, as it will decrease in strength. Just
flush the influenced spot with a lot of water and it will decrease quicker.
Isn't it just great! I have decided to clean you with this solution in order to
make you smell better. As it cause stinging with no risk for permanent damage I
have decided to clean you both inside and outside. We will add some solution
inside you bowel and cunt and then we will plug both holes with a dildo coated
with the solution in order to make sure it works. We will just let it work for
about five minutes and then we will flush both cunt and ass hole with a tube and
some nearly red hot water. Don't worry, we will do the cleaning with some hard
bristles to make sure you will be proper clean. I have brought with me a special
cleaning device, which you will be strapped to during the cleaning process. We
don't want you to interfere with the cleaning. The solution must have some time
to work on your body. I really think you will like the stinging!" Christy said

While Christy was speaking Cyndi wheeled in a strange looking device.

"Lay down on the device with your ass high in the air and then we will fix you!"
Christy said......
(nice pic attached showing the cleaning


Add 17, Janet

   Well thank goodness the table and floor have been declared as
'cleaned'...what a relief...but then another barg hit home! "did I hear you call
my pussy a cunt? I will have to punish you for this too. A Mistress doesn't have
a cunt! Slaves have cunts, filthy smelly cunts"....did I say that...I can't
remember...another costly mistake...and another punishment in store! ...I should
have remembered that!!!

   Now what...I listened with great anxirty almost fear as she read
out...stinging etc...the need to wear gloves...of course, her...needless to
say!!...and then came the dreaded words..."I have decided to clean you with this
solution in order to make you smell better. As it cause stinging with no risk
for permanent damage I have decided to clean you both inside and outside"
...with that dreadful stuff...inside your bowel and cunt...Oh no, she just
couldn't!!!...and then a plug and dildo!

   Oh Mistress I silently begged, what have I done to deserve this...please help
me,,,but I knew pleading was no good, silently or out loud...I just knew I would
have to take it, whatever happened....and now 'a special cleaning device'...what
next, I wondered.

   As Cyndi wheeled in this 'strange new cleaning device' my my shut down,
temporarily...I looked up and saw Cyndi...she really looked lovely, good
figure,lovely breasts and a delicious bottom that I would be happy to
worship...did I see a look of her eye?...I
don't imagination must be in overdrive!!...I dfifted off again...

   Cyndi and I were restrained face to face between pillars with our wrists and
ankles bound together. We kissed and ground our bodies together while Christy
whipped us. The dommes sat on the couch and watched us kiss... then one of them
got and tried to finger me... she told Christy that I was ready...and another
Domme with a huge strapon attached came behind me and penetrated me from the
rear, sliding deep into my asshole as I bucked with surprise and then pain. I
opened my eyes to see Cyndi smiling at me...she hadn't been tied between the
pillars at had all been a dream..."You'd never feel a REAL cock in
there, dirty and scummy as you are, but then a good hard fat dildo would be even
better for you eh?" she sneered at me...she was just like all the rest...a
sadistic, uncaring, merciless bitch...but even so I squirmed in orgasm before
the domme with the strap on withdrew.....or was that just a dream as well?

   "Lay down on the device with your ass high in the air and then we will fix
you!" Christy said!!...fix me is right


Add 18, Mick

"Don't look at me like this! Your eyes are clearly indicating what you are
thinking! You are thinking that you would love to see if Miss Christy or I was
able to withstand all this, you dirty worthless slut! Be careful or we will
extend your ordeal!" Cyndi cried out

Christy and Cyndi approached the cleaning device and made sure I was nicely
strapped to it making any interference with the cleaning process impossible. I
just had to await the treatment in fear without any chance to do anything about
it! Now I really was scared. I had never tried anything like this before.

I remembered her words "During use it might cause severe stinging in open woods
therefore use gloves during the work. And the best comes. If it by accident
comes into the mouth or on other places with sensitive skin it will cause severe
stinging.  There is no need to visit the doctor, as it will decrease in
strength. Just flush the influenced spot with a lot of water and it will
decrease quicker. Isn't it just great!"

"What did she expect? That I should be grateful that she had found a detergent
like this? Was it really that safe and would I have to endure pain for a long
time after they had removed the solution? The caution only told about limited
pollution such as wounds and so on but this was the whole body. Did the caution
goes for a full body 'pollution' as well? What was her experience in using this
detergent?" I was thinking. The questions just popped up one by one and I really
did not know the answer. Did Christy know the answer? I didn't dare to ask her.
It would only give her an opportunity to give me further punishment because I
didn't rely on her skills. I certainly didn't want this to be worse. I just
wanted it to end as quickly as possible. I was just so tired and I didn't know
for how much longer I would be able to withstand this evil treatment under
command of this hyper mean woman! I really didn't understand how Master could
accept all this evil treatment. What had I done to him to deserve all this? Did
he know about the danger and would he make it stop if it was dangerous? I
persuaded myself that he would stop it if it was dangerous. I really trusted him
and I was sure he would not accept anything that would do permanent damage to me
I was thinking. These thought really calmed me down a little but still I was
really scared about the ordeal to come.

"I have some further information for you" Christy's voice boomed out again
awaking me from all these concerns concerning the treatment to come.

"As you are pretty dirty and disgusting both inside and outside you need some
seriously cleaning before we will even think about using you for giving us oral
pleasure. I really think your disgusting smell would cause some of us to puke
during your service! I actually don't understand how you can withstand this
awful smell without doing it yourself!. But don't worry about this! When we are
finished with the cleaning you will smell clinically clean like a hospital,
which has just been carefully cleaned all over with no chances that any bacteria
has survived it. I have made some tests on other slaves. They really smell awful
even if they have been cleaned only a couple of hours ago. Especially the cunt
can be just disgusting! I have made the conclusion that it must be a matter of
the fear of what is coming next that causes this terrible smell of piss and
sweat. Or it might just be because slaves are lower ranking peoples who just
smell different. I'm not quite sure but I really think this is the main reasons.
Don't you think I'm right you worthless peace of meat?" Christy continued her
cynical speech.

Did she really expect me to answer that? No matter what I answered her it would
probably be wrong and mean additional punishment. I decided to remain silence
until she directly ordered me to answer this in my opinion stupid question.

"Oh my smelly darling, you won't answer me? Well maybe it is the best as your
answer is of absolutely no matter at all. The cleaning process will be the same
no matter what you say. Furthermore I have planned to use this nice cleaning as
an additional test of your limits. As it 'only' cause severe stinging I don't
see why we don't combine this cleaning with a maximum enema test as well. I have
this theory that the severe stinging will cause your bowel to be more flexible
making it possible for you to take more inside your than you can if it is an
ordinary enema. I have checked you present maximum with your Master and I have
decided that you will take half a litre more during this test. Isn't it exiting?
I'm really exited to see if you are able to cope with this additional amount of
fluid inside you. To make sure your filthy cunt will be cleaned as well I have
'rewarded' you with this dildo made specially to this cleaning. It is basically
an ordinary dildo but it has been covered with a fluid absorbing material. It
will be dipped in the solution making it nicely wet of this excellent detergent.
I really think you will find the stinging inside your filthy cunt quite
enjoyable, as you know it will do some real proper cleaning. The rear dildo will
be the well-known hollow inflatable type with a tube for connection to the enema
bag attached. When inflated expelling will be totally out of the question!
Cyndi, will you please wheel the device for holding the enema bag near to the
cleaning bench?" Christy asked Cyndi while smiling at me.

"Sure, everything to be ready to continue this nice education of this slut!"
Cyndi answered

"As it might be dangerous for the eyes I have decided to protect your eyes from
the detergent. You will wear this 'comfortable' rubber hood during the process.
As we want to get rid of these useless begging sounds about stopping it has been
fitted with a flexible rubber ball. It will completely fill our your oral cavity
and silence you. It will be your choice it you will open your mouth when we put
it on you. Just remember that it will be extremely unpleasant if it is outside
your mouth, as it will press pretty hard against your lips and teeth. When
proper fixed I don't think you will be able to open your mouth enough to make it
enter. Therefore my advice to you is just to open your mouth as widely as you
can when it is fitted on your head." Christy said while approaching me with the

"Oh no, not one of these ghastly hoods again!" I was thinking I knew she was
right. It would be impossible to open the mouth widely enough for letting the
ball enter when the hood was fitted. I knew it just enclosed the head so tightly
that even opening the mouth just a bit was extremely difficult. Therefore I
decided to follow her advice though I really didn't want to be hooded and gagged
once more during my ordeal. Within a few seconds I was again hooded and left
completely in the dark with.

"Now she is ready. Cyndi, will you please spray her body with solution straight
from the bottle. I really think this dirty slut need it as strong as possible!
Then I will prepare the enema. I will make this a fifty/fifty solution.
Otherwise I think it will be too strong for her insides! You see, my sweet
filthy little slut. I really care for you as I don't want it to be to hard for
you!" Christy said laughing.

I felt the detergent being sprayed onto my body. It actually wasn't that bad. It
just felt like some itching with a little stinging. I was very pleased with this
and thought that I would be able to endure it.  But then it really began! It was
like some kind of chemical reaction occurred with the detergent. It began to
burn and the pain from the burning just grow worse and worse. I moved
frantically within the restriction of my bondage and screamed into the hood. The
sound almost disappeared in my throat due to the gag. Then I felt a dildo enter
my anus. Firmly in place I felt the rubber ball being inflated until I though I
would explode. More pain, just pain, pain and more pain! When inserted I felt
the front dildo pressing against the sensitive skin of my cunt. It was just so
huge and it really caused Christy problems to push up into my cunt. Then I felt
straps being attached and I knew the front and rear dildo would remain where
they were until my ordeal was over.

"OK, my smelly slut. I think you are ready for the enema. I will now tell you
how it will be carried out. First you will empty the bag with the red-hot
solution and then it will remain inside you until I think it has done its work.
Then you will be flushed twice both cunt and ass. When all this is done we will
scrub your body with hard bristles and flush you with the red-hot water" Christy
instructed me.

Then I felt the burning start within my cunt while the first amount of the enema
entered my bowel.......


Add 19, Janet

   The hood depriving me of sight, my mind was free to concentrate solely on the
pain that was beginning to overwhelm me. The ball gag in my mouth seemed huge
and pressing down on my tongue prevented me from any kind of speech. The
solution sprayed on my body was quite cooling to begin with, but that soon
changed as it soaked into my skin and started to sting like mad...while I was
coming to terms with that the wet dildo was inserted into my gaping cunt and
that caused me great discomfort immediately...the sensitive internal skin
reacted to the fluid I had two sources of developing
discomfort to cope with...but I well knew that this was only the beginning!!

   The sotion for my enema was going to be half strength, wasn't I the lucky
girl!!...but half a litre more...I quailed at the thought the enemas that I
usually had stretched me enough, but half a litre thoughts were
interrupted as I felt the fluid flowing into my additional agony had
commenced! could I possibly handle all just got worse and
worse...I squirmed and bucked as much as my restraints would allow and uselessly
gurgled my protests and pleading my tears mixing with my drool and snot making
the the inside of the hood an additional disgusting discomfort to put up with!

   Oh god I felt so cynt and anus were painfully stretched to say
nothing of my whole body was a mass of painful stinging from the
solution applied to my skin...and to make it worse I could hear the snide and
demeaning remarks passed around by the women watching...."Well, she deserves
it," one said..."Yes, a filthy and disobeient slut if ever I saw one...she
derves strict ongoing training and discipline for her disgusting behaviour...the
voices faded a bit as I sort of lapsed into semi consciousness......

   Something was bowels were draining, the pressure
lessening..."Just look at the mess draining from her," Iheard clearly, "not a
moment too soon by the looks of it!...and then the flushing began in both anus
and cunt...compared to what I had felt before...this was a considerable
relief...I felt almost grateful that the cleaning was drawing to an end... again
I felt the cleansing water flow into me, to be eventually released....the
painful internal stinging gradually lessened and I gasped a sigh of relief...but
my anus and cunt were still widelt stretched by the plugs!

   "Now for the outside of this scummy little sliut," declared a voive wich I
knew was Christy's and almost immediately I felt the scalding hot water being
brushed over my body and again squirmed with the burning heat and harsh
bristles...I felt my nipples being gripped and breasts pulled out to allow the
brush to visit every nook and cranny...likewise my hairless cunt and anal crack
was harshlessly scrubbed, searching fingers spreading and opening to allow
access to every part.

   Suddenly all activity ceased and I was left to my thoughts as my glowing wet
body was allowed to dry prior to a careful and humilkiating inspection which I
was sure would follow!...The flushing of my internal areas had certainly washed
out most if not all of the detergent, but its effect were still very evident and
even though greatly less than before still left me in cinsiderable stinging
discomfort...what now I thought...inspection, paddling, servicing these sadistic
and by now clearlt horny and aroused females???....I wonder as I revelled in a
few moments of comparative peace and quiet!


Add 20, Mick

"OK, I think she is through with the cleaning. Now we just need a careful
inspection before she is ready for her next 'pleasure'" Christy said laughing
knowing I could hear all she said though I was still wearing this tight fitting

"I don't understand why this bitch still is moaning and moving that much. She
has been flushed twice both inside and out side. Doesn't be such a child, my
dear worthless slut, you are almost through! I don't think it will last more
than two to three hours before you will have a rest," Christy said and they were
all laughing. They dammed knew how tired and uncomfortable I was but they just
didn't care. They wanted to keep me like this! My whole body was still burning.
It was like this awful detergent was absorbed by my skin and just had decided to
stay there and cause me severe discomfort. It had decreased but the burning
feeling still was terrible.

"Cyndi, will you please hand me the speculum, I have brought two with me, one
for the ass and one for the cunt. I just have to check the inside cleaning!
Let's start with the cunt" Christy said

 "Speculum, noooooooooo, not that too" I was thinking.

"I think we can remove the hood. I like to be able to see her face while she is
filled with this nice hospital equipment. It's amazing how large the holes can
be. Sometimes the slaves' claims that it causes them pain but I just think they
tell because they need to talk. Therefore I still think she need a gag. Why not
reward her with my pad? I really think she will love to be gagged with this pad
being able to smell and taste real woman piss." Christy said in her cynical

While Christy was speaking I felt the hood being removed. I was a hard job as
the tight fitting rubber held the gag firm in place. That means Cyndi had to
drag all she could to make it large enough to give room for the gag to come out.
At last she succeeded and again I was blinking in the bright light with a sound
of relief. T has just been so hot inside this awful hood and I just longed to
get rid of it. But now the pad? Did she really expect me to be gagged with her
dirty piss soaked menstruation pad? Give me a break! I was thinking. I knew it
was no use to ask. It would only mean further punishment and I certainly didn't
want more. I was just so exhausted and I wanted this to finish as quickly as

"Welcome to the light, my useless slave slut! Having a good time?" Christy asked

"Oh please Miss Christy, give me a break, please be kind and show me some
understanding, I'm just so tired and in so much pain" I was sobbing, I just
couldn't help it. I knew a slave is never allowed to show that she would be
happy if her ordeal was bringing to an end. It was stupid but I really was at
the limit of my endurance.

"What do we have? Nothing else but a begging little slave slut who is sobbing as
a child and pleading for mercy. I really thought you were something but this
clearly indicates that you still have a lot to learn! It can't be a surprise to
you that a slave is not allowed to beg like this? I'm sure your Master has
taught you! You are a disgrace for your kind! But I will help you. I will seal
these useless words in your head meaning I will gag you proper to make sure you
keep your mouth shut. I think I will check your ass hole for remaining mess
before we will turn you around to give easier access to your hopefully more
delicious smelling cunt. I'll wait with the gag until then. I want to hear how
you cope with a widely stretched ass hole!" Christy said with her evil smile at
her face.

I felt this cold metal device being forced far up in my sore hole still burning
from the cleaning. Then I heard some clicks that I had no doubt what was as I
felt my ass hole being stretched to the point of bursting.

"AAAaaaaaaaaauuuhhhhhhhh, please!!!!" I screamed

"I knew it, you just can't keep your mouth shut but I will help you doing it
when I inspect the last part of your body!! Don't worry about this anymore! It
seems like the detergent has done an excellent work! Your bowel is nicely clean
and  I hardly can notice any smell of your disgusting shit. The only problem is
that this will only last for a few hours then you will start producing this
smelly shit again! But it must feel good for you knowing that it can be properly
cleaned!" Christy said laughing again.

"I'm finished with her back and ass. Cyndi will you help me turning her around?"
Christy asked

Within a few minutes I was turned around lying with my back on the crossbeam
making the body arch unnaturally backwards. (nice pic attached)

"OK, lets finish the last of this inspection. Then I will sum up for this slut.
She knows she must 15 strokes with the paddle. I have decided she needs some
penalty strokes with the cane for her disobedience during her ordeal. I will be
fair and not count all of them but let say 3 for dirty pants, 3 for calling my
pussy a cunt and additional 3 strokes for her useless screaming and begging.
Normally begging and screaming would mean more strokes but I'm not heartless!"
Christy said laughing again.

"Cyndi, will you please inspect her breasts and front while I take her cunt and
legs?" Christy asked Cyndi

"Sure, it will be my pleasure. I check if her head need some cleaning as it has
been hooded during the cleaning" Cyndi answered

Again they started their merciless inspection.................................


 Add 21, Janet

 I groaned as I lay there on the table...the crossbeam was very hard and very
uncomfortable across the small of my back and the words spoken by Miss Christy
made me even more uncomfortable, to say the least!.....what she was saying added
up to an extra 9 strokes across my already red and stinging ass and with the
cane...BEFORE my paddle punishment...."but I'm not heartless"!! I could have
spat in her face.

   Then I looked up to see another revolting humiliation coming my way...Miss
Christy had reached up inside her skirt and unhooked her sanitary pad and there
it was dangling before my eyes as she held it up for my inspection. It must have
been late in her period, her flow had obviously decreased, but it was enough to
almost turn my stomach over as I thought of what she was going to do with it.

   As she advanced towards me I closed my mouth tightly and glared at her
smiling, taunting expression. "Now Janet, open up like a good girl look at what
a treat I have for you," she chortled, "oh I see going to be a little difficut
are we, well there are many ways to deal with that problem, Cyndi!"

   Cyndi quickly moved forward, reached down and pinched my
nose...HARD...withina few seconds my mouth flew open to gulp in a ling full of
air and as I did so the filthy soiled pad was thrust into my open mouth. I
spluttered and groaned my objection to no avail as the strings were tightly tied
around the back of my head...this creature will stop at nothing, I thought.

   I tried my best to keep my tongue down and away from the remains of her
revolting excretions, but it was hard and the smell was as equally revolting. 

   While I was coping with this hideous demeaning development, I failed to see
the speculum being readied for the inspection of my recently flushed out cunt,
until too late!...there it was moving towards its target, I am sure it could not
have been more dilated if they tried, I thought, but I was wrong. Cyndi spread
my moistening labia wide as it was forcefully inserted, making me wince in pain
in the process. I could feel my vagina opening and spreading as it penetrated stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief, only seconds later to feel
the instrument opening and dialating my passage even further as Miss Christy
turned screw a few twists more.

   Obviously Miss Christy was pleased with her intimate and careful inspection
while I suffered the pain and indignity of my situation. Thankfully it was soon
closed a little and withdrawn as my stretched cunt gradually and slowly returned
to its normal dimensions.

   "Well the disgusting slut is almost ready for her well deserved punishment",
declared, Miss Christy, "but one more thing...sluts like this one who clearly
lacks control often pee themselves when under the pain of an extended punishment
...I don't think we have a problem with her bowel, but we shall catherterise her
to be certain."

   A long. thin, clear catheter tube brought forward and as Cyndi opened my
labia to expose my urethra for the insertion into my pee hole, I could see that
it had a sort of tap on the end, which would obviously prevent any accidents
taking place. Slwly but insikistently it was inserted almost to its full length.
The tap was checked to be in the off position.

   "Right, Cyndi, I think we are about ready to administer her just deserts for
her disgusting behaviour, will you ready the slut for her punishment, while I
ready the instruments which will soon have her writhing in pain as she pays her
price for her disobedience."

Add 22, Mick

"I'm quite satisfied with her cleaning. Just look at her body, it is red like a
new born baby I really don't think it can be done better than this! The problem
with slaves like slut Janet is that it don't take more than a few hours before
she will start smelling disgusting again! I really think it is a combination of
the fact that slaves really are lower ranking peoples and that the fear sweat
add to this awful smell but I just think we have to accept it! The only thing we
can do is to train her well in the importance of hygiene as we have done. This
time we have been pretty kind to her as it is the first time I have caught her
being that dirty. Next time I think we ought to be more strict in the treatment!
If she fails once again it is a clear indication that she don't care at all and
that I'm right when claiming slaves just love to be disgusting and smelly! We
will of course have to react to this unacceptable example of disobedience in
order not to loose the respect we all deserve as real Master and Mistresses able
to carry out completely control of sluts like this subject!. Don't you all
agree?" Christy asked

They all nodded clearly indicating how exciting they thought Christy's speech of
humiliation was. They obviously just love to see me being degraded to an extreme
extent. Her speech really make me feel like I was ranking lower than any animal.
Christy really was a cynical heartless bitch with no feelings at all. She just
didn't care at all how I felt and how I were. In her world the only phase
counting seemed to be "the harder treatment the better and make it as
humiliating and degrading as possible"  How could she be like this? Was she
really as mean as she actually was to me? I just couldn't believe it but I
didn't dare to ask her as I had troubles enough counting with my present and
coming ordeals. Oh God make this day end!!! I was desperately thinking while
swallowing some of Christy's disgusting piss. She was right when claiming that
she had pissed a little in this pad though I was quite sure it was not a little.
It was just that soggy and the broad leather gag strapped to my head held it
firm in place with no chance to get rid of it without external help. I didn't
expect to get any help. Master still seems to be satisfied with Christy's
performance as he remained silence just nodding from time to time to show
Christy that she was still doing well. This pad was quite an ordeal to me as I
had never tried this before. Master did by nature not wear menstruation pads and
therefore I don't think he had ever had this idea though he could easily piss on
such a pad and gag me with it afterwards. Maybe he agreed with me when claiming
that this was almost crossing my borders. I really couldn't think on anything
more demeaning than wearing another woman's soggy menstruation pad in my mouth.
I just felt like the lowest ranking person I had ever felt! I could feel tears
pressing to escape my eyes. It was beginning to be more than I could take. I
knew I was worth much more than this. I really was an obedience slave and they
all knew it. This so called training was just to satisfy their sadistic desires
and nothing more. I really didn't think it did any good to me at all!! I was
really beginning to wonder if I would feel the normal pleasure afterwards as I
usually did. I hoped it would be like this otherwise it would all have been
nothing to me and just pleasure for these bitches. Furthermore my hopeless
demeaning situation was drastic increased by the fact that these bitches
treating me like this could almost have been my kids!! These young women was
treating me worse than a child continuously treating me like I was nothing
almost like I was a machine only made for one purpose and that was to please
these bitches and end up giving them total sexual satisfaction orally. I really
didn't think all this was fair to me as I was a good slave! Anyway, I had to
endure the last part of my ordeal and get the best out of it no matter how
hopeless my situation seemed to be. I was suddenly waked in my endless row of
thoughts by Christy's heartless cold voice.

"How are you my sweet worthless pain slut? Isn't it wonderful being allowed to
smell and taste real women piss and not the disgusting awful smelling slave piss
produced by you? I can imagine how grateful you are that I rewarded you with
this pad. I normally don't reward slaves like this but I thought you would like
something special. I can see in your eyes that you really agree with me!"
Christy said laughing while looking in my desperately looking eyes begging for
release. I really was in extreme pain and discomfort. My back was hurting like
hell due to this arching position and I had difficulties breathing due to this
awful pad almost entirely filling my mouth. I just had to swallow this
disgusting piss in order to minimize the size and make it at least bearable to
wear. Additionally my body was still burning both inside and outside due to this
terrible detergent used on me.  My whole body was heavily covered by sweat, fear
sweat of what was coming next. It did chill the burning session a little but not
that much. The burning feeling still was overwhelming.

"Sorry I forgot again, you can't answer. Anyway, if you want to communicate you
can just nod or shake your head. Your answer isn't important at all! Your
training is important and I think you are ready for the next step of this
excellent education training you to behave well in the future and never forget
to do proper cleaning to your body. As I don't think you will be able to take
more than the 15 strokes with the paddle and the additional 9 penalty strokes
with the can I have decided to strap you during the session making interfering
with your hands out of the question. You will be strapped to the wooden horse
bending over it and with your stomach supported by the cross beam. When
restrained you will pose nicely with your ass just begging for the whip and
paddle to do its excellent work of education in order to seal this experience
deep in your mind. I really think this will be good for you and that you one day
will thank me for this well prepared education. As you can't divide 15 with two
I have decided to let Jill joins this punishment of you as well. I think she
deserves some pleasure as well and this will be just perfect for her! This will
mean that each of us will reward you with 5 strokes of the paddle. I will do the
penalty caning as your disobedience really has affected me. I really thought you
were better but I was obviously wrong and you will of course have to pay for
this sad disappointment of me! As I don't expect you to have any questions to
your coming ordeal I just think we will proceed. I know how excited you are
hardly able to wait for your next reward! Cyndi and Jill will you two take care
of restraining this worthless slut to the wooden horse?" Christy ended her
speech addressing Cyndi and Jill

"Certainly, we hardly can't wait to move on. We were both wondering if you would
ever end this excellent speech of education. I don't think it can be said better
than you did. We are sure she will learn how to behave in the future" they both
said while approaching me on the cleaning bench. Jill removed the restraints
from my legs while Cyndi removed the ones from my arms. They roughly lifted me
of the device and dragged me to the wooden horse. I had no chance resisting
furthermore I didn't dare to. I didn't want to make it worse. Soon I was
strapped bending over this horse with my sore ass highly in the air just begging
for the whip to come. I really was humiliating standing like this with legs
spread far apart and looking through my legs in this upside down perspective. I
could feel the blood running to my head making breathing even more difficult.
Let this whipping start as quickly as possible so I will be able to end this
ordeal. As they all were more than sexually aroused I didn't giving them oral
pleasure would cause me any troubles. I just had the feeling that I just had to
lick for a few minutes before they would explode in an overwhelming orgasm. I
would at least get rid of this dirty pad when this had to be done otherwise oral
sexual service would be out of the question I was thinking.

"In order to make this let say more enjoyable for you I have decided to give you
the penalty stokes as the initial treatment and then we will have a coffee break
giving you a chance to enjoy the feeling and make sure your filthy ass is ready
for the work of the paddle. I don't think you will mind at all standing like
this while we take a little break enjoying the sight of you standing totally
exposed as you are right now. You are welcome to have a look at our coffee table
from your upside down perspective. I think you are ready as I don't think you
need more instruction. Though you are nicely gagged I still want you to count
the strokes. I think I will be able to hear what you are saying" Christy said
while walking in position with the cane. She first made a few strokes in the air
just to make me fear the unavoidable pain to come even more. I could feel how my
perspiration caused by the terrible fear of the coming pain made sweat running
down my body though it was relatively cold in the room.

Swack "AAAAAAAhhhoooouuuhhh ooomnne" I tried to count while trying to cope with
the pain from the cane

Swack "OOOOOOOoouuuuuhhhhh ppppllllllaaesse.... Ttttowwwwoooo" I screamed
through my gag

"I didn't hear you beg, did I?" Christy asked evilly

"Nooouuouuu" I desperately tried to say afraid that the stroke wouldn't count

"I really don't hope so, I don't think you will be able to take more. You still
need a lot of training before you can call you a real slave!" Christy said
aiming the cane to a new untouched spot of my ass.

Swack, again the whip spoke the language of pain.

"UUUUuuuuoooohhhhhhoouuu, tttthourrrreeeee" I counted almost blanking out due to
the pain. Tears was running down me checks. How would I ever be able to go
through this? I was thinking while Christy aimed the cane again.

Swack "UUUOOOHHhhhhuuuhiiaaaaaaahhh, ffffaooouuuurrrrrrrr" I screamed again
through the disgusting pad. I could feel the salvia being produced in my mouth
making breathing even more difficult. I was in extreme pain and this caused me
to breathe heavily just adding more to my discomfort. Oh please make her stop
before nine stokes I was thinking knowing that this was only a kind of warm up
for the paddling to come.


Add 23, Janet

By the ninth stroke landed, I knew that I was nearing the end of my tether But I
knew Master was nearby watching me carefully and I was desperate not to let him

   Suddenly I felt warm, soothing finger tips, smoothing and playing with the
outer lips of my pussy..."Even with all the pain she is suffering from her
training, the dirty slut is still wet and obviously aroused," Ms Christy
announced to the other female dommes standing nearby....and amused smile and
chuckle went around the room and as I wearily raised my head, I could see the
dommes concerned were futivly touching their own pussies, obviously arouse
themselves watching my gyrations under Christy's cane.

   "Come ladies and Master let us withdraw for a few moments for a quiet cup of
coffee, before the next part of this sluts punishment and thwn we can watch he
rsquirm with pain of my caning as she contemplates the forthcoming additional
pain of my paddle.

  As they moved away, I knew she was right...I was now just one complete ball of
thobbing pain, from top to could anyone be so cruel as to inflict such
agonising and demeaning humilation on anyone!...I just couldn't do anything
other than try to relax my muscles as much as possible in my tight bondage over
the whipping horse.

   I could hear the chink of cups and saucers as coffe was prepared and realised
how parched and thirsty I was, but no relief was forthcoming for , only further

   Before I knew it there was Miss Christy standing before me with her
perforated, hard leather paddle in her hand.."Well sleeping on the job, eh
Janet," she smirked as she gazed down at me, "well I'll have to try and wake you
up, won't I," she rearked as she moved around behind me...sleep I thought to
myself, I should be that lucky.

   The first stroke of the paddle caught my full on the left cheek of my already
squirming and thobbing buttocks..."Oh put your back into it Jill, she really
needs to feel the full thrust of your right arm...and I realised that Jill was
delivering the first group of five slaps.

   The second, third =, fourth and fifth followed at regularly spaced intervals,
so that I would feel the full impact of the paddle before the next...and all on
the same spot...the bitch....I began to feel myself gradually slipping into sub
space... now the next group...doubtless Cyndi was about to attack my right
cheeks with a fusillade of slaps all on the same spot, to my right cheek....I
slipped further and further into a sort of wilderness...I was becoming so weak I
could hardly squirm and buck any more...I was just completely exhausted.

   Another spell and the the last of the paddle punishment...Miss Christy knew
exactly how to punish a naked female ass..two scorchers to each cheek, made my
ass bounce...I suppose it belonged to me...the pain certainly did. and then a
huge slap to the top of my left thigh...."Oh we can't leave you like that all
lop[sided...I'll have to even it up and then a huge slap descended right across
the top of my right thigh...I groaned and suirmed as Jill and Cyndi released me
from the punishment horse...they helped me to stand and as I looked up I saw
Master Mick coming towards me...his arms were open in a welcoming embrace and I
thankfully lurched forward to be caught and held in his comforting arms...."You
have done well, sweet precious slut Janet, very well and I am proud of
you."....such comforting words, with closed eyes and sagging limbs I could still
feel a surge of pride through my exhausted body.


Add 24, Mick

Master kept on holding me for a long time. It really felt good after all that I
had endured. I was beginning to get the thought that he was really angry at me
and that he had hired these bitches to give me a real lesson without having to
do it himself. Now I really felt safe though I dam well knew that I still missed
the oral pleasure for these bitches. I was always ready for Master but I really
didn't thought that these mean women deserved anything at all.

"Well, precious slave slut Janet. This was really a maximum test. I have for a
long time had the feeling that you wanted something more. Like I didn't explore
your limits like you wanted me to. First I was thinking that I had to do it
myself but I was afraid that it wouldn't be good enough. I really wanted this
test to 'walk' on the border of your limits and from time to time I even wanted
it to cross your limits in order to give you the total sexual satisfaction
combined with it afterwards. Then I met these marvellous women and asked them
for joining me for this test. Christy told me she had something interesting in
her mind and that she would be just happy to be the one in charge. I think you
agree with me when claiming hat she really knows how to test a slave and keep he
on the border of her limits all time?" Master asked me.

"You are dammed right. This bitch has been meaner to me than I have ever tried"
I answered. I regretted that I answered like this afraid that this would mean
further punishment. But then something very strange happened. Maser didn't sound
disappointed with this hard statement. He didn't answer it at all. Christy took

"This certainly was hard word from a slave!!" Christy first boomed out but then
she changed her voice to an almost kind and friendly voice smiling at me while
Master still held me in his strong arms. I guess he was afraid that I wasn't to
stand by myself.

"But I do understand you! I'm if not more proud then maybe even more proud of
you hat you were able to withstand all this without using your safe word or safe
sign!" Christy said in a calm and friendly voice. I really got the impression
that this cruel and mean bitch really meant what she said but I was still

"What do you know about this" I just couldn't help asking,  "You never checked
if I knew how to stop it!"

Again I was afraid but still it has all changed. Christy just continued in her
friendly manner.

"I know all about it. It was a part of the game. Your Master insisted that I
didn't check it though it is usually done before an ordeal especially when it is
a maximum test. Your Master wanted to check if you really trusted him. It seemed
like you did as you newer used it. If you wasn't sure I know you would have
tried to use it just to make sure it was like normal. I can tell you that your
Master was even more afraid than you were during your ordeal. He actually waned
me that if I did any permanent damage to you he would 'beat the shit out of me'
in order to use his own words. He really cares for you." Christy said while
watching my reaction. I couldn't help being confused. First this woman treats me
like shit but now she speaks to me like we are close friends. Why this change?

"I can imagine that you really were afraid during your ordeal especially when
hooded. You never knew if your Master was checking. But I can assure you he did.
Furthermore we have lied a little to you. I told you that I was in the learning
phase meaning I was a Mistress in waiting. This wasn't exactly the truth. You
just don't know because you haven't seen any of us before. We came to this part
of Australia a few months ago. We lived in a different part until then. In this
part I was high level Mistress meaning I have been trained in using all
thinkable equipment without doing any permanent damage to the slaves. A high
level Mistress has actually permission to combine any kind of punishment because
she has been trained in 'reading' the slaves. She always knows when to reduce
the strength of the punishment in order not to force the slave to use the safe
sign or word. Cyndi and Jill only lack a few tests before they are at the same
level. So now I guess you have realised how I could be as mean as I actually
were without forcing you to back out. Have you any question to all this?"
Christy asked laughing loudly but this time it wasn't this mean sadistic laugh.
It wa just like she had told me a joke.

I just didn't know what to say. They had all cheated me. First I was really
angry but then I began to feel different. I don't know how this bitch did it but
I was actually beginning to like her! I was just so confused. This bitch had
treated me worse than an animal and now I was beginning to feel sympathy for
her. How could I change like this. Then gradually I began to understand. She had
really made me exceed limits I never thought possible. I was actually more proud
that I had ever been for a long time. Simultaneously I could feel my juices
begin to flow between my legs and my nipples were feeling like they were about
to explode. This bitch as I still called her to myself had actually done
something very special to me. She had made me a better slave able to take even
more pain for my Master. Life would never be the same after this ordeal. Now I
knew that I could take much more than I ever thought possible and I was just so
proud....... And extremely sexually aroused though a slave isn't allowed. But
right now I didn't care at all. I just wanted so badly to explode in an
overwhelming orgasm. I please let them allow me this pleasure I was thinking.

"Well, right now I'm just so tired but I'm extremely proud of myself though a
slave are not allowed to be that. Furthermore I have to tell you that my juices
are flowing between my legs though I'm not allowed this as well but I just can't
help it. Please don't punish me more, I don't think I can take more pain today!"
I tried really afraid what this would mean to me.

"YOU ARE WHAT! You are horny despite all the pain you have endured?" Christy
boomed out in her harsh cruel voice again

"I'm terrible sorry but I just couldn't help it, please don't punish me!" I

"If I don't you will loose respect! I have the punishment just perfect for this
fault!" Christy said while taking something from her bag.

"OOOOHHHhhh no, not more punishment!!!! Please let all this be enough" I begged
now really afraid. How could this bitch be so mean? Had she only a stone where
normal peoples had placed their heart?

"Look my dear smelly pain slut. Look what I got for you!" Christy cried out

Then I saw what it was and I immediately stopped worrying. It was a belt wih a
dildo and a butt plug. But this time it wasn't this over size. It was just
normal size butt plug and dildo. The ones made for pleasure and not pain.
Christy could read my face and started to laugh.

"Oh my dear little smelly slave slut Janet, I can still make you afraid can I? I
have agreed with your Master that you deserved a present after all that you have
endured. We have decided that during your oral service for all of us you are
allowed an orgasm as well. You are actually allowed all the orgasms you can take
as long as it doesn't affect your performance between our legs! You see Janet, I
can be really kind to a slave when she really deserves it. And you certainly
deserve a present after all that you have endured. Now my sweet smelly slut, are
you ready for your 'punishment'? Oh, I almost forgot. The dildo is equipped wit
a vibrator, which will be turned on when we start our 'party' and it will remain
like this until we are all satisfied! Remember to use your safe word if you
can't take more pleasure!!" Christy said laughing friendly again.

I spread my legs widely! I guess this posture explained to Christy that she
didn't need an answer for her question. Within a few seconds I was fitted with
this lovely belt. Christy gave my sore ass a friendly and relatively light
stroke with her whip. I cried out but this time in pleasure not in pain.

"OK, my sweet little pain slut. Are you ready to do your 'home' work?" she asked
smiling at me while she turned on the vibrator.

"I have an additional surprise for you" Christy said while doing something to
the butt plug. I began to vibrate as well. It just felt wonderful!! I just had a
excellent feeling between my now extremely greased legs. If there is a heaven I
really thought that this must be the closest you can come to this on earth! Just
to think about the humiliation and pain I had just endured combined with this
wonderful vibration between my legs. I just could feel it all over my body and
the pleasure just grows stronger and stronger. I was wondering how long it would
take before I would explode in my first orgasm. It just felt like the whole
lower part of my body was vibrating...mmmmmmm

I freed myself from Master's strong arms and gave Christy a huge hug! I just
couldn't help it

"Wow, my sweet slave slut. It seems like you really have learned something.
During your ordeal you really hated me. I could read it at your face but now you
just love me! What a change! In order to make the last part of your ordeal more
exciting for all of us I have decided that you will wear this latex hood. It is
not a punishment hood just a SM latex hood with open eyes, mouth and nose. It is
just so lovely to feel this smooth rubber between the legs and you will feel
even more excited when the heat inside the hood make you feel hot and excited
all over your body. Now I think you are ready for your final 'ordeal'" Christy
said smiling again.

She was right. I was really beginning to love this mean cynical bitch. It has
all been a game. A real test of me and I had passed with credit. What more can
you wish? Life is just wonderful I was thinking while pushing Christy over to
the oral pleasure chair awaiting her. I could feel my first orgasm begin to
build up. I decided to do my best to all of them. Now I just wanted so badly to
prove to all of them including Master that I really was a pain and pleasure


Add 25, Janet

   Mistress Christy flopped backwards into the special chair for '
had a reclining back  and two low arms at an angle to allow the one to be
pleasured to raise and spread her legs wide with plenty of support to completely she raised her skirts, I could see that she was without knickers and
that she had a well trimmed and now gaping cunt which was already glistening
with her juices.

   The hood that had been placed over my head was tight and quite restricting,
but thankfully not restricting my natural senses, but certainly raising my
temperature a bit in both senses!

   So Master really had been looking after me all this time...I knew he would I
trust him implicitly and I would save up my strength to give the very best of
'rewards' later.

   I saw Cyndi hovering behind the chair and then her hands were smoothing 
Christy's temples as she relaxed to accept my ministrations.

   I sank to my knees between her outspread legs and inched in towards her
waiting cunt. As my tongue touched the spread lips of her moistening pussy the
two vibrators suddenly cam to momentarily took my breath away, the
sudden pleasure after so much pain was just too much......
   As I buried my face in her open cunt and licked her slit with eager thrusts
of  my outstretched tongue, she moaned with pleasure and I used my hands to
caress her thighs and calves. I gradually circled her clit with my tongue tip
very lightly and then followed the folds of her labia down to her entrance. I
let my lips play with her pussy lips and then worked my way back to her clit,
tasting her and coating my tongue with her juices.

   I found the area between the outer folds of her labia and the tops of her
thighs, slowly and gently kissing and licking the area, getting closer and
closer on one side, and then switching to the other side. She is now perfectly
relaxed, laying back and concentrating on what I am doing, her whole body
becoming more and more sensitive. I leaned forward and paused, my mouth an inch
away. My breath caressed her damp, sensitive skin. Then lightly my tongue slid
up between her legs until I reach the top of  her slit and then slowly down and
then up again. Again I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue, circling it,
flicking it from left to right, then up and down flicks, before going down her
pussy to return a few seconds later to start again.

   I raised her bottom and pulled an extra cushion across under the small of 
her back and upper buttocks, raising her pussy even higher and parting her legs
as wide as possible. Then down with my head again to tongue the area of flesh
between her entrance and her anus, lightly nipping the flesh with my teeth and
rimming her anus with the tip of my tongue, gradually pushing the tip of my
tongue into her relaxing anus. Then back up to her pussy lips, now engorged and
open before going up again to her hard, protruding clit with my tongue gradually
bringing her to a wonderful and satisfying orgasmic climax.

   I could feel her shake and shudder as her orgasm took control of her and then
after a moment of stiffening muscles, she relaxed with a satisfied groan of
pleasure....her pleasure sparked off my own orgasm and I too shook with the
overwhelming pleasure created by the two vibrating plugs in my cunt and anus.

   After a few moments, Ms. Christy rolled off the special chair, to make way
for Jill who quickly took her place...she was VERY ready having watched my
performance with Christy and within moments my face was agin covered, this time
with Ms Jill's secretions.

   Ms Cyndi took her place..."Now, you slut, I expect nothing but the best from
you" she exclaimed as she took her place and spread her legs wide. At that
moment I felt the belt on my waist loosened and removed along with the vibrating
plugs from my two orifices. The one from m,y anus came out with an audible plop,
leaving my anus stretched wide, but then I felt a movement behind me, asudden
fleshly warmth against my naked thighs, followed by a sudden presence at my
still slightly stretched anus. I then suddenly realised that it was Master's
rock hard cock that was slowly entering my rectum and I relaxed my ass as much
as possible to allow him to enter deeply.

   At last I had the opportunity to show my gratitude for the close care that he
had so obviously taken over me during my long ordeal and I pushed my ass back to
meet him, so that his hard cock would enter me as deeply as possible."Well done,
Janet," I heard him say, " ride me now and let us enjoy our pleasures together"

    I licked, sucked and worked my ass around his thick hard cock, using the
muscles in my rectum to squeeze his cock as it pounde in and out, with his balls
swinging and slapping against me with his movement.

   The three of us moved together each concerned with the receipt of pleasure
and I alsowith the pleasure of having the opportunity to give Master as great a
reward as I could possibly achieve for him.

   the three of us reached our peak almost at the same time and with a mighty
smack to my naked ass cheek, Master filled me with a huge spend of his milky
sperm with his cock pulsing furiously in my deeply filled rectum. As each of us
finished our respective orgasm, we more or less just collapsed with exhaustion
and satisfaction...a perfect end for me to the most stringent and painful
training session I had ever experienced.

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