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Synopsis: A woman fulfills her need for complete dominance at the hands of her doctor.
Judy, part 1

Judy had fantasies since her teenage years, about being a slave, being used by a
powerful Master and made to do his bidding.  She would masturbate while dreaming
about being bound, forced to suck cock, and being repeatedly fucked.  The
stricter the bondage, the harder she would come.  All that changed the day she
met her new Doctor.  She had gone to his office for a routine physical and was
feeling little down.  Physically she was all right, but something was missing.  
She had a loving husband, but he was the caring, sensitive type.  What she
craved was someone more forceful, who would bend her to his will.  He read over
her chart, then peered deeply into her eyes.  She felt his gaze; it penetrated
down into her soul.  For some reason, she became flushed and slightly wet.  He
asked the usual questions, then had her get undressed for the exam.  She removed
her clothes and noted that her panties were damp, just from being in his
presence.  She hid them under the rest of her clothes and put on the exam gown. 
The Doctor came back and did a thorough exam, including her gynecologic exam. 
He noted that she was wet enough to insert the speculum without the need for any
lubricant, and when he did the breast exam her nipples were hard.  The Doctor
completed her exam, had her get dressed and come into his office.

"Judy, tell me what really brought you in today." He said, with that same
penetrating look.

Judy squirmed in her seat and replied "I just don't feel right, I was hoping you
might be able to help."

The Doctor asked a lot of general medical questions then moved closer to her and
asked in a low voice "tell me about your relationship with your husband."

"Oh I love him very much, he is kind and sweet, and caring.  He provides for me
and is a great partner."

"I see" the Doctor stated, "and how about your sex life?"

Judy was initially taken aback by the question, but answered "we make love on a
regular basis.  He is a very considerate lover."

The Doctor nodded his head,  "but that's not what you need is it Judy?"  He had
seen it before; a submissive woman married to a 'modern' man.  Her need to be
dominated was not being met.

Judy looked at the floor, and meekly said "no"

The Doctor cupped her chin in his hand and while looking in her eyes stated "I
know what you want and need.  You want a powerful man to take charge, you want
to be forced to yield to him."

She pulled back, shaking her head and saying "no, no, no"

"I noted your wet vagina on your exam, being controlled excites you.  Even the
simple directions I gave you in the exam room was enough to get you stimulated."
The Doctor stated this as a matter of fact.

"But I love my husband."  Judy was quickly loosing control of her emotions.

"I know you do, this is not about love, it is about control and giving you what
you need."

"What can I do?" Judy asked.

"I can help you.  I can bring out your inner slave and give you what you crave,
but you will have to submit to me, completely.  I do not want an answer now;
here is my card with a phone number for my 'special needs' patients.  When you
are ready, call." 

"Thank you Doctor."  She replied and quickly left.

When Judy got home her mind was in a state of turmoil.  She really loved her
husband.  She had tried to make him take a more dominant role in their love
making, but it was not in his nature.  She wanted to be fucked, taken by a man
who would take his pleasure from her.  She fingered the business card the Doctor
had given her.  Should she call him?  What would he do? Just thinking about it
had gotten her wet.  By the time her husband arrived at home, she was soaked and
horny.  She jumped on him, almost dragging him to their bedroom.  "Make me do as
you will" she told him.  He did not understand, he gently laid her down on the
bed and slowly ate her to orgasm.  After making sure she had cum, he slowly
inserted his hard cock into her waiting pussy and pumped in and out of her.  He
even asked her if it was ok for him to cum (she could never cum from just her
fucking him).  He came then they showered and had dinner.  The orgasm was ok,
but the entire experience had left her wanting.  By the time her husband went to
bed, she knew what she had to do. 

Using the phone in the basement, she called the Doctor.  He answered "I was
expecting your call.  Are you ready to submit?"

"Yes" Judy replied

"Then you will arrange to be away this weekend.  I will take you to my weekend
cabin and you will receive what you need.  Be ready by 5:00pm Friday, meet me at
my office."

Judy started to object but the Doctor had all ready hung up the phone.  His
voice had gotten her wet and she realized that she was rubbing her pussy through
her panties.  She got herself off and went to bed.  When she awoke she explained
to her husband that her mother had called and would need her help this weekend. 

"I understand sweetheart take as much time as you need." He said, kissing her as
he left for work. 

Judy had two days to get ready, so many thoughts raced through her mind.  What
would he make her do?  What would it be like for her fantasies to come to life? 
Could she handle it?  Every time she thought about it, she got wet.  Her
vibrator got an extensive work out. 

Thursday afternoon a FedEx package arrived.  Judy opened it, seeing the printed

These are your orders; you will follow them to the letter or do not bother to
show up.

1. you are to shave you pussy and keep it bald
2. you are not to masturbate from now forward
3. you will not ask your husband sex.  If he wants to 'make love' you will, but
you are not to cum.
4. you will arrive precisely at 5:00 PM at my back office door
5. you will wear a semi transparent blouse, short skirt, no panties or bra
6. Enclosed is a pair of handcuffs.  When you arrive at my office you will knock
three times on the door then place these on behind your back.

She pulled the handcuffs out of the box; these were not the cheap dime store
kind, but heavy, professional cuffs.  Of course, no key was included.  Judy
couldn't help but finger the cuffs and fantasize.  She went into her bathroom
and lathered up her puss, shaving away the hair she had since she started having
her periods.  The bald look was very startling to her and before she really
realized it, she was fingering herself.  She tried to stop, but came in spasms. 
She had not started with the Doctor, but already she had disobeyed him.  She
hoped he would not notice.  Friday came quickly and Judy though all the clothes
and the handcuffs in a bag.  She left the house in a t shirt and sweat pants so
as not to arouse any suspicion in her husband.  She kissed him goodbye and
headed out.  First stop, the gas station, where she went into the rest room and
changed.  Her nipples were stiff and visible under the blouse, a good breeze and
she would have her pussy and ass fully exposed.  She took the other clothes,
locked them in the trunk of the car and went to the Doctor's office.  She was
early, so she waited nervously in her car.  Immediately before 5:00pm she went
to the back door, knocked three times, and locked the handcuffs onto her wrists,
behind her back as requested.  Her fate was now sealed. 

Judy, chapter 2

The Doctor saw Judy pull into the parking lot almost 30 minutes too early, he
was pleased she had waited until the correct time to knock on the door.  She
looked nervous and excited.  Once she had snapped the cuffs in place, her breath
had quickened and her nipples hardened.  He decided to let her sweat for about
10 minutes before opening the door and ushering her inside. His office staff had
left, so they were alone.  He led her into his office and checked the cuffs. 
"Stand erect Judy, I am going to inspect my property."

Judy maintained an erect posture as the Doctor inserted his hand in her blouse
and rubbed her hard nipples, Judy groaned, as he lifted up her skirt, approving
of the job she had done shaving her pussy.  He fingered her hot cunt, noting
that her clit was erect and juices were flowing.  She would have cum if he
continued a few more moments, but he abruptly withdrew his hand.  "Bend over my
desk." He commanded.  When she did so, he kept her skirt up and admired her ass,
silky white in color, smooth, and beautifully shaped.  He inserted a finger in
her cunt to get it wet, then placed it at the entrance to her asshole.  "I am
going to put my finger in your ass, you will not move."

Judy had never had anal sex although she fantasized about it a few times.  The
Doctor gently pushed his finger forward, Judy felt some discomfort, and he
commanded her to relax.  When she did, the finger did not hurt and when he
started finger fucking her ass, it actually felt good.  After a few minutes of
this he stopped, left her in that position and left the office for a few
minutes.  Judy was not sure of what to do, so she stayed as he left her.  When
he returned, he was pleased that she had not broken position.  "I am going to
spank your ass with my hand, not because you have done anything wrong, but to
show you that you are my property to do with as I please.  You will thank me
after each blow, saying the number and then thank you Sir.  If you loose count I
will start over."

The first blow landed on her right butt cheek, it stung but was not intensely
painful.  "One thank you Sir" Judy stated. The Doctor gave her another 5 swats
on varying places on her ass; she properly thanked him for each one.  He paused
for a minute, then gave her another 10 swats.  Her ass was now a lovely shade of
red, and her cunt was dripping juice down her thighs.  The smell of her heat
could be detected throughout the office. 

"These will be the last 4 blows, they will be more intense."  He hit her hard, 2
blows on each ass cheek.  Tears formed in her eyes but Judy did not cry.  He had
her stand up, erect and starring straight ahead.  He unlocked her handcuffs and
said "Judy this is your last chance to back out.  If you leave now, you will
never be able to return.  If you stay, from now until Monday morning you will be
my slave.  You will do all I instruct.  You will be punished for any infraction
and at times for my amusement.  You will have no say in what happens and no
chance to back out.  If you want this to continue, kneel at my feet."

Judy only hesitated for a moment; she knew what she had to do.  She knelt at the
Doctor's feet.  He was pleased.  He placed thick, stiff, leather locking cuffs
on her wrists and clipped them behind her back.  He went to a cabinet in his
office, unlocked it and removed a collar and other items.  "Kiss the collar, the
sign of your servitude."  Judy looked at it, a beautiful polished stainless
steel collar with a neoprene lining.  She bent and kissed the collar as
instructed.  He placed it around her neck and locked it.  "The key to the collar
will remain in my office.  Now, open your mouth" he ordered as he placed a large
ball gag and locked that in place.  He attached a leash to her collar and led
her out of the office.  He drove a Mercedes convertible, the top was down.  He
put her in the passenger seat, rebuckled her wrists around the back of the seat,
and added ankle cuffs.  "Safety first," he chuckled and placed the seat belt
over her.  Unlike the typical seat belt, this one locked in place.  He got into
the driver's seat and sped off.  

Judy was getting more and more humiliated as anyone driving near could see her
bound and gagged state.  The Doctor headed out onto the interstate, towards the
mountains.  As he drove, he would occasionally slip his hand inside her blouse
to rub her nipple, keeping them hard.  Judy was so wet; the leather seat was
becoming soaked.  About an hour into the trip, the Doctor pulled into a secluded
rest stop.  He got out of the car, came around to Judy and placed a blindfold on
her.  "I do not want you to see where we are going." He told her.  Next, he
unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts.  For the final touch, he hiked up
her skirt, leaving her bare ass on the seat and most of her cunt exposed to on
lookers.  She struggled a bit, realized that there really was no where to go,
and settled down.  He got back behind the wheel and sped off.  It took another
hour before she felt him pull off the interstate, then onto smaller roads and
finally onto what had to be dirt roads.  The dust kicked up by the car stuck to
the sweat on her body, making her feel even more exposed. 

"We have arrived."  It was an announcement.  Judy was removed from the car and
led into the house by her leash.  She felt herself being led through many rooms,
then down a set of stairs and into another room.  "Kneel" he ordered.

Judy knelt and waited, as the Doctor removed her blindfold.  It took a minute
for her to adjust to the light; she looked around and saw the dungeon of her
dreams.  There were cages, tables for binding, hanging chains, and a number of
devices she did not recognize.  If it was possible, she got more sexually
excited.   The Doctor took out a riding crop, then removed the gag and cuffs and
commanded her to strip.  Judy hesitated, and he hit her across the thigh with
the crop.  She howled out, more in surprise than pain, but quickly she her
clothes and stood nude before him.  "You are filthy, follow me."

He led her to an alcove of the room that had a bare cement floor and a drain. 
He had her stand over the drain and took out a garden hose and began to wash her
down.  She shivered from the cold water; stinging her skin.  He finished rinsing
her off and pulled her into the center of the room.  There was a metal bar
hanging from a chain in the ceiling.  He placed the cuffs on her wrists, then
clipped each wrist to an end of the bar.  Next he cranked up the chain, forcing
Judy to stand on her tiptoes to maintain her balance.  She was still cold and
wet from the cleaning, shivering in her bondage, but looked good to him as her
breasts rose up and down with each breath.  "Now slave, I am going to ask you
some questions which you will answer truthfully."

"Yes Sir" Judy responded.

"Did you follow all of my instructions before arriving at my office Friday?"

"Yes Sir"

The Doctor peered deep into her eyes "Exactly as I wrote?"

Judy did not want to admit she had accidentally masturbated when she had shaved
her pussy, but staring into his eyes, seeing the power they contained, she could
not lie, "no Sir, I accidentally played with myself when I shaved my pussy."

"Accidentally?  I don't think so, that sounds like will full disobedience.  Now
you must be punished."  He did not sound mad, or even surprised, but was very
calm as he removed a number of crops and canes from the wall. 

"Please Sir, I didn't do it on purpose.  Please don't punish me."  Judy begged.

"Enough slave, your Master said you are going to be punished."  The Doctor was a
bit irritated, so he shoved a penis gag down her throat and buckled it in place. 
Then he put a spreader bar on her ankles, leaving her balanced on her toes.  He
took out the riding crop and began hitting her, along her back and thighs.  Judy
screamed into the gag, the pain was unlike anything she had ever felt.  She was
crying when he moved to her front.  Unceremoniously, he reached down to her
cunt, dripping as before.  "You are wet slave, you like being punished."

Judy shook her head no but her body had betrayed her.  He gathered her juices in
his hand and rubbed them all over her face.  She could smell the intense
fragrance of her pussy and could not deny she was turned on.

"These are nipple clamps," he showed her "they will sting."  He placed the
cloverleaf type clamps on first the right then the left nipple.  She flinched
after each one was on, but became accustomed to their presence.  "They will hurt
more when I take them off."  He went over to the corner and brought over what
looked like a leather topped saw horse.  He lowered the chain, and unclipped the
cuffs from the bar, then bent her over the horse, reclipping the wrist cuffs to
the front legs of the horse.  Her ankles he left bound in the spreader bar.   He
fondled her ass, tenderly and snaked his hands towards her cunt.  The lips were
puffy, the clit hard, and her entire crotch was soaked in her juices.  He
fingered her cunt, flicking her clit, until her hips started to buck on the
horse.  Removing his pants, his hard cock jutted out from his groin.  He slid it
into her, like a hot knife through butter. Without waiting, he began to fuck her
harder and harder. 

Judy felt the Doctor shove his cock into her hungry pussy.  It felt so good.  It
did not take long for her to begin to really buck back into him, trying to get
off.  He noted that she was close and pulled out, leaving her on the edge and
unsatisfied.  He went in front of her, removed the gag, and presented his cock
to her lips.  "Suck"

Judy lifted her head and accepted his cock into her mouth.  It was covered in
her own juices; she found the taste mildly sweet and not unpleasant.  He grabbed
her head and began to fuck her face.  His cock was much larger than her
husband's was and she had to fight off from gagging.  "You will swallow every
drop." He commanded, then came in hot jets into her mouth.  She greedily
swallowed as instructed, finding that his taste was vastly superior to that of
her husband.  When he withdrew he patted her head and complemented her. 

"I am going to get a drink, don't go anywhere."

Judy was left alone in the dungeon for what seemed like hours but was only about
20 minutes.  When the Doctor returned, he released Judy from the horse and
removed the spreader bar.  She stood before him, collared, nipples clamped, and
very horny. 

"You want to cum don't you slut?"

"Yes Sir." Judy replied

"What will you do for me slave?"

"What ever you desire Sir." Was her earnest reply.

"Get on all fours, I will fuck you like a dog."

Judy quickly assumed the position, and was surprised that the Doctor was already
hard and ready.  He grabbed her hair, pulling her head up and back as he thrust
into her cunt.  She moaned from the intrusion but fucked back as hard as she
could.  Again, right before she was ready to explode, he pulled out.  He put the
head of his cock at the entrance of her ass.  "Have you ever had anal sex?" he

"No Sir." Judy was nervous.  His cock was much larger than the finger he had
used in his office.

With a thrust, he forced the head of his cock past her tight anal bud.  She
screamed, the pain was intense.  "Please take it out Sir, you will rip me

He slapped her ass and said, "You will adjust."  Slowly, he put more and more of
his cock into her tender ass, until she felt his hips connect with hers.  He was
all the way in, it hurt like hell.  The Doctor didn't want this to be too
painful an experience for Judy, so he waited a minute to let her accommodate to
the intrusion.  When he started to fuck her ass, he did so with slow even

Judy initially felt pain as she was being fucked, but within 5 minutes the pain
changed over to pleasure.  She began to fuck him back; he noted this and picked
up his pace.  He looked for the signs of her being ready to cum and reached
around for the nipple clamps.  He continued to pound her ass and told her to
tell him when she was ready.  It did not take long, Judy almost screamed "I am
ready to cum Sir"

"Then cum slave." He ordered.  As she did so, he removed the nipple clamps,
causing a wave of pain to crest at the same time as she came.  In a haze of pain
and pleasure, she did not notice him shoot his load into her ass or pulling his
cock out with a plop.  She was deep into sub space; satisfied in a way she had
never been before.  Tenderly, he laid her down and held her body close to his. 
No words were exchanged; he let her simply be the slave that she was.

Judy, chapter 3

The Doctor put Judy in a cage for the night, locking her in place.  There was a
pillow and blanket but she could not stand up or move very much.  Instead, she
curled into a ball and went to sleep.  He was pleased with her progress, a
natural slave blossoming in her captivity.  This weekend would change her life. 
He retired to the Master bedroom and slept soundly.

Morning arrived and the Doctor released Judy from her cage.  She stretched then
kneeled at his feet.  "Follow me." He ordered.

Judy followed him into the kitchen.  "Part of being a slave is learning to serve
your Master.  Prepare me a delicious breakfast, you will find what you need in
the refrigerator and cupboards.  Make enough for two, but do not set a plate for
yourself."  He left her in the kitchen, heading for the dungeon to make
arrangements for later that day.

Judy searched the fridge, not really sure what he would want for breakfast.  She
knew he liked coffee (he always had a cup on his desk in his office).  She
ground the beans, brewed the coffee, and then started on squeezing oranges for
juice.  The next course was steak and eggs.  She guessed he would like his steak
rare, and opted for sunny side up eggs.  Within 30 minutes, all was complete and
the Doctor returned.  He sat at the head of the table (she had set) and
commanded her to serve him.  Judy presented the meal, then knelt by his side. 
The Doctor ate, feeding Judy from his hand.  She was humbled and slightly
humiliated by this, but the experience felt right.  When breakfast was complete,
he ordered her to clean up and meet him in the dungeon.  Quickly, she made sure
everything was spotless, then headed downstairs.  Arriving in the dungeon, she
found the Doctor sitting on a chair, almost a throne.  He motioned for her to
kneel, then commanded her to lick his feet.  She found this distasteful, but did
as she was told.  He could tell her heart was not in it, she would need to be
punished.  "You are not submitting slave, you should relish the chance to kiss
your Master's feet.  You will be punished." 

Judy looked in his eyes, he was seeing into her soul.  She could not meet his
gaze.  He moved her over to a side of the dungeon where a St Andrews cross was
placed.  Her hands were shackled above, and her ankles shackled below, leaving
her in a figure X shape.  Next, he wrapped a rope tightly around her waist;
multiple coils of rope caused her to suck in her breath.  A crotch rope roughly
bisected her pussy, that was anchored to the waist rope and then to the cross. 
Next, her chest was bound, crisscrossing her breasts in a figure 8 that was
anchored.  Straps were then placed on her thighs and upper arms.  She tested her
bonds, but was immobile.  When he approached her with a penis gag, she shook her
head no.  Instantly, his hand flew out, slapping her hard across the face.  "You
may not refuse any command."

Reluctantly, Judy opened her mouth and accepted the rather large gag, which he
buckled and locked in place.  He went to the cabinet, and removed a flogger. 
"You will now be flogged for your insolence."  He began on her belly, then moved
around, hitting her breasts and pussy.  She was crying when he finished.  The
Doctor put down the flogger, and went to her.  He removed the gag and reached
for her cunt.  The rope in her cunt was soaked.  He wet his hand with her juices
then commanded her to lick.  She as she was told.  When she had finished, he
retrieved some ice and rubbed it around her already hard nipples.  She groaned,
it was getting her hotter and hotter.  She needed to cum, badly.  He placed on
alligator nipple clamps, causing her to wince.  "You will remain here until this
afternoon.  This is part of your punishment." He placed a strong vibrator
directly over her clit and turned it on.  "I expect you will cum over and over,
you may find that too much pleasure is painful."

He replaced the gag and left the dungeon.  There were no windows, the room was
well lit and a mirror was strategically placed so she could see her submission. 
It did not take long for her first orgasm to arrive.  It was intense, making her
clit super sensitive.  She would have preferred it to stop, to give her time to
recover, but the vibrator was persistent.  She came over and over, loosing all
track of time.  Her pussy hurt from the over stimulation, but kept having
repeated orgasms.  Her juices were pooled on the floor; she was awash in the

The Doctor returned, removed the gag and the vibrator.  Judy looked beautiful,
covered in a sheen of sweat, smelling of sex.  He removed the crotch rope and
shoved his cock into her waiting cunt.  She had never been fucked like this
before; soon she was cumming again!  He continued to fuck her until he shot his
load into her hungry puss.  He offered her a drink of water, which she greedily
consumed.  She thought he would release her, it was not to be.  With a grin, he
watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and down her leg.  He left her
again, this time without any stimulation, alone in her thoughts. 

It must have been evening when he returned and unbound her.  The Doctor led her
upstairs and let her enjoy a long hot shower.  He then placed a plate of light
sandwiches on the floor for her to eat, while he had dinner.  When they were
both finished, he returned her to the dungeon.  This time, he bound her to a
table, face up, spread eagle.  She was bound tightly, no room to move.  There
was a mirror placed on the ceiling so she could see what was to occur.  He
removed a section of the lower table, leaving her legs bound, but now with easy
access to her pussy and ass.  A doorbell sounded, "Ah, my guests."  She was
shocked, she had not expected to be seen by anyone else.  After a few minutes,
ten men filed in.  They removed their clothes; each had a hard cock, varying in
size from 6" to one man with an amazing 10" cock.  The surrounded her as the
Doctor explained, "These men are going to fuck you in every hole.  They will
have their way and you will be unable to do anything but lay there and accept

The men approached, one heading for her pussy while another placed his cock into
her mouth and commanded her to suck.  Over and over this was repeated, she was
fucked in the ass, cunt, and mouth.  She lost track of how many times she came,
or how many times she was fucked.  As the final act of the evening, all the men
jerked off, leaving her covered in their cum.  The Doctor petted her head and
said "See you in the morning."  He left her, bound to the table, and covered in

Judy, chapter 4

Judy slept fitfully that night.  Every time she awoke, she saw herself bound to
the table, covered in dried cum.  What would today bring, she thought.  It was
Sunday, her last day of servitude to the Doctor.

Early Sunday morning, the Doctor went down to the dungeon and released Judy from
her bondage.  He knew she would want to take a shower and clean herself up, but
he decided to humiliate her a little first.  "Make my breakfast slut.  If you do
a good job I will allow you to shower" He turned and walked out.

Judy went to the kitchen and prepared a sumptuous breakfast and served him as
she had done the day before. She kneeled at his feet; he fed her by hand from
his plate.  Although she had swallowed multiple loads of cum last night, she was
starving this morning.  When he had completed breakfast, he ordered her to clean
the kitchen.  She did so quickly, missing a few spots on the counter.  He
returned to inspect her work and was disappointed at the job she had done.

"Bend over the table." He commanded, removing a large wooden spoon from the
drawer.  "You need to be punished.  Now beg me to discipline you."

This was more humiliating to Judy than just being paddled, having to ask for her
punishment.  She blushed a deep shade of red and begged "please Sir, punish me
for being a bad slave."  He glared at her so she continued "please Sir, I beg
you, give me the punishment I deserve."

"As you wish." He replied. "You will count off each stroke, thanking me for
each.  I plan on administering twenty strokes, if you loose count I will start
over."  He hit her right ass cheek with the spoon, leaving a well-shaped red

Judy let out a little yelp then said, "one, thank you Sir"

He hit her five more times, moving the strike around her ass cheeks.  She
responded appropriately each time.  "I am now going to administer 5 strokes in
rapid succession.  You do not need to thank me until you have received all
five."  He hit her ass, leaving some welts and a deep shade of red.

Judy responded, "ten, thank you Sir."

"Wrong," he bellowed," the count was eleven, now I must start over."

Judy cried, it had hurt so much and now she had to restart.  She broke position,
squirming to get away.  The Doctor had anticipated this, grabbed her by her
collar and pushed her against the table, squashing her breasts and forcing her
head down.  He took out some clothesline and tightly bound her wrist behind her
back, then her elbow, making them touch.  A line was tied from the ring on her
collar down to the base of the table.  Finally, he tied her legs spread apart
(to the table legs).  He let her squirm while he went to his bedroom and
retrieved a sealed plastic bag.  Inside was a pair of woman's panties, soaked
with that woman's juices.  He returned to the kitchen, opened the bag, and
rubbed the juices over Judy's face.  He then forced the wet panties into her
mouth and used a piece of duct tape to hold them in place.  Judy could do little
more than squeak. 

The Doctor decided that the spoon was not enough for this transgression.  He had
retrieved a riding crop, and peppered her back and ass with a variety of
strokes.  The last stroke the placed on her exposed pussy.  She cried, the pain
was intense.  He had gotten hard from the session, so he took out his cock and
shoved it in her pussy. Despite the pain and the humiliation, or perhaps because
of it, she was wet and ready.  He fucked her hard, causing her to cum twice. 
Shooting his load, he left her alone, bound to the table, in pain, with cum
dripping from her pussy and pooling on the floor.   

He let her stew for over an hour, although it seemed like an eternity to Judy. 
He released her from her bonds and had her kneel.  "Apologize for your
transgressions." He commanded.

Judy looked up at her Master, "I am sorry Sir, I was willful and disobedient. 
Please forgive me."

"You will lick up my cum from the floor then finishing cleaning this kitchen."
He did not wait for an answer, but walked out. 

Judy did exactly as instructed making sure the kitchen was spotless.  When he
returned, he was pleased.  "You have done well slave, you may go to the
bathroom, shower, and shave your pussy.  When you are finished go to the
dungeon, I will be waiting."

Judy did as instructed; luxuriating in the hot water, and taking great care to
make sure her pussy was smooth and hairless.  She was wet, but knew better than
to masturbate.  As quickly as she could, she returned to the dungeon and knelt
at the Doctor's feet. 

"I have a surprise for you slave."  He snapped his fingers and a woman stepped
out of the shadows, standing next to him.  She had long auburn hair, a leather
bustier, leather garter belt, and stockings.  Hooked to the belt was a short
leather whip.  She was beautiful, a vision of feminine Domination.  The Doctor
spoke, "This is my wife, you will refer to her as Mistress.  You will serve her
for the rest of the time you remain here." 

Mistress moved towards Judy then commanded her to stand and stare straight
ahead, hands above her head with fingers intertwined behind her neck.  Mistress
inspected the slave, commenting to the Doctor, "I see you have punished her
well.  Does she suck cock well?"

"Adequate" was his answer.  Judy was disappointed, she thought she had always
given good blowjobs, her husband always seemed pleased. 

Mistress addressed Judy, "have you ever had sex with a woman?  Have you ever
served a Mistress?"

Judy responded, "no" and was slapped; she corrected herself "no Mistress."

"Not too disciplined is she?" Mistress asked the Doctor who shook his head no. 
"I will teach you to obey and to eat pussy slave.  You will find that I am much
stricter than my husband is.  You will serve well or you will be punished."

Judy was trembling; her deepest fears and fantasies involved submitting to a Fem
Domme.  Now she was going to experience this, with no chance to back out.  The
Doctor left the dungeon, leaving her alone with Mistress, who sat on the throne. 
"Massage my feet slave," she commanded Judy.  Immediately, Judy fell to her
knees and set to gently massaging Mistress's feet.  Judy looked up and was hit
along the back with the whip  "Eyes Down!"

Judy lowered her eyes and concentrated on what she was doing.  After a while,
the Mistress commanded Judy to kneel.  Mistress had moved to the edge of the
throne, leaving her pussy open and exposed.  "Lick"

Judy moved between Mistress's legs and tentatively put her tongue on Mistress's
wet pussy.  Her first few tongue strokes were light and slow; Mistress hit her
again and demanded that she be enthusiastic about her pussy eating.  With much
more gusto, Judy began to lick and suck Mistress's pussy.  Immediately she
recognized the taste, it was identical to the wet panties she had been gagged
with early that day.  Mistress guided Judy, teaching her how to eat pussy well. 
When she was ready to cum she grabbed the back of Judy's head and smothered her
with Mistress's pussy.  She came long and hard, bucking on Judy's tongue.  When
she let go, Judy's face was covered in pussy juice.  "Not bad" Mistress stated.

Judy was commanded to rise and was shackled to an overhead chain, which was then
raised until Judy was on her tiptoes.  "I am now going to torture you with pain
and pleasure." Mistress stated, pinching Judy's nipples until they were hard.  A
vicious pair of nipple clamps was applied, Judy cried out from the pain. "You
can take it bitch." Mistress responded. 

Going to the cabinet, Mistress chose a flogger and returned to Judy.  "You will
be beaten for my pleasure."  The flogging began lightly, on her back and ass,
then harder and harder.  Mistress spun Judy around, placing her fingers into
Judy's pussy.  It was soaked.  Mistress coated her fingers and commanded Judy to
suck off the juices.  When Judy was done, Mistress returned to fingering Judy's
cunt, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.  When she was about to cum,
Mistress stopped, leaving Judy frustrated and wanting.  Mistress laughed,
stating "You don't get to cum until I want you to slave."

This was repeated over and over, first her body was flogged, then Mistress would
play with her pussy, bringing her to the edge of orgasm but not letting her cum. 
Judy was going crazy with desire; she needed to cum so badly.  As the final
touch, Mistress began to lightly flogging Judy directly on her steaming cunt. 
It was only slightly painful, and soon the pain turned into pleasure.  Mistress
watched Judy's face, looking for the tell tale signs that she was ready to cum. 
It did not take long.  "You may cum slut." Mistress stated. 

Judy began to spasm, her orgasm radiating out of her pussy filling her body and
mind.  Mistress kept up the flogging; not letting Judy let up.  Judy lost all
track of time and space, awash in her feelings.  By the time Mistress put down
the flogger, Judy was hanging limply in the chains.  Slowly, Mistress lowered
her to the floor and let her rest.

Judy gradually became aware of where she was, lying down at the feet of her
Mistress.  "One last task slave" Mistress stated.  "I am going to fuck you" 

Mistress had put on a large strap on cock.  "Get on all fours, I am going to
fuck you like the bitch in heat that you are."  Judy assumed the correct
position, and Mistress placed the cock at the entrance to her hot cunt. 
Mistress than shoved the fake cock into her, filling her completely.  It was not
gentle or loving like when she made love to her husband, she was being fucked. 
Judy's mind flashed back to the Doctor fucking her on all fours but this was
more intense, more debasing.  Judy cried out as Mistress slammed the cock in and
out, within minutes both of them were screaming out in orgasm.  Not letting up,
Mistress withdrew the cock and placed it at the opening of her anus.  Judy
realized what was going to happen and was scared that she would be ripped open. 
She had learned, however, not to complain, but to trust Mistress and relax. 
Mistress pushed the fake cock into Judy's ass and began to fuck her.  It was
hard and guttural, Judy responded truly like a bitch in heat.  Both women came
with Mistress collapsing onto Judy's back.  When they both recovered, Mistress
had Judy clean off the cock with her mouth, petting her hair in the way a person
would pet a favored animal.  Judy had completely submitted to this woman,
leaving no part of her soul unexposed. 

The Doctor had watched all this on a closed circuit television.  He was pleased,
Judy had experienced what it was like to be a slave.  When he arrived in the
dungeon, Judy was kneeling at Mistress's feet.  "Very well done slave, I am
pleased.  He took a leash and attached it to her collar.  After kissing his
wife, he led Judy to his car.  He gagged and blindfolded her, then bound her
wrists and ankles.  He placed her in the trunk, telling her before he closed the
lid that he was taking her back to the office. 

The drive was initially bumpy, but soon they were on the highway.   Judy was
wet, the bindings and isolation were working on her mind.  She wished she could
rub her pussy, any stimulation would have sent her over the edge. 

They arrived at the office; the Doctor unbound Judy and led her into an exam
room.  After removing her slave collar, he stated "It is time for you to make a
decision.  You have experienced what it is to be a slave, to fully submit to the
will of another.  You may now walk away, with no ill feelings on my part.  Or
you can admit who you truly are, a slave in need of a Master.  I am going to go
into my office and will return in 15 minutes.  I have left your clothes on the
table.  If you leave, so be it, but if you remain you will be permanently marked
as my slave.  You may or may not remain with your husband, that is your
decision, but you will submit to anyone who understands the meaning of my slave
mark."  He did not wait for an answer, but left the room.

Judy was shaken to the very core of her soul.  This weekend had been incredible;
she felt things she had never felt before.  It felt right to be kneeling at the
feet of a true Master or Mistress.  In the end, she realized that the decision
had been made Friday, when she first arrived at the Doctor's office.  When the
Doctor returned to the exam room, Judy was kneeling on the floor.  She spoke,
"please grace my body with your mark Master."

The Doctor was delighted, it was always a pleasure to find a true slave and help
her blossom in her servitude.  He instructed her to lay down on the exam table,
then retrieved a tattoo kit from a cabinet.  "I will not bind you for this, you
must lay perfectly still and bear the pain."  He choose to place his mark on her
left breast, high enough that if she wore a low cut shirt it could be easily
seen.  The mark was a multicolored Chinese dragon, with a red rose held in its
talons.  The design was surprisingly intricate for its size, measuring about an
inch and a half in length.  When he was done, he showed Judy the design.  It was

Judy looked up and asked, "Master, may I ask the meaning of your mark?"

"The dragon symbolizes me, your Master.  I was born in the year of the dragon
and it has always been a symbol of strength and power.  The rose symbolizes you,
fragile and beautiful, needing my protection and serving my needs." 

She understood and when he motioned to do so, she knelt at his feet and asked,
"how may I serve you Master?"  The request was heartfelt and genuine. 

"Go home to your husband, make love to him.  Discuss what has happened and
tomorrow morning, bring him to me."

Judy dressed, got in her car and headed home.  It was going to be a long night. 

Judy, chapter 5

Judy arrived home with a number of conflicting feelings.  She had reveled in her
servitude, but she loved her husband.  Maybe he could be more dominating?  She
thought back to prior attempts to have him 'take charge' he wasn't interested. 
Could she go back to the way she was?  No, the experience had been too intense;
too much of her psyche had been exposed.  She would have to bring him to the
Doctor and see what happened. 

Her husband greeted her at the door, with flowers.  "How is your mother?" he
asked.  She told him she was fine, as he led her into the dining room, where he
had prepared a candlelit dinner.  They ate in relative silence and when the meal
was finished, he led Judy to their bedroom.  He slowly undressed her, noting the
new tattoo but decided not to question.  He made slow, passionate love to Judy. 
It was nice, but Judy found it an empty experience compared to what she had gone
through over the weekend.  When they were done, Judy asked him to sit down so
they could talk.

"My love," she spoke, her eyes down, "I have to tell you a few things.  First, I
was not at my mother's this weekend.  I spent the weekend in bondage, submitting
to a real Master.  I experienced true bondage and slavery and I loved it.  I was
forced to do things you would consider perverted.  I was humiliated, fucked, cum
on, and I liked every minute of it.  At the end of the weekend I was given a
choice, walk away or be marked forever as a slave.  You saw the tattoo on my
breast, you know my choice."

He was visibly shaken by the news.  "Don't you love me?  How could you do this?"

"I do love you," Judy explained, "but there was something missing in my life. 
This (pointing to the tattoo) fills the void."

"Do you want a divorce?" he asked.

"No my love, I still want to be here with you, I just have this need that you
can not fulfill." Judy was trying to let him down easy.

"I understand, you must do what you need to be fulfilled."  He put his arm
around Judy to comfort her, "you do what you feel you need, I will be here for

The conversation ended and they both got ready for bed.  Judy lay there,
starring at the ceiling, her husband quietly snoring.  She thought about his
answer to her statements, initially she was proud to have such an understanding
husband.  However, after a while she began to get mad.  What kind of man would
let his wife be turned into someone else's slave?  How could he so easily agree
to this?  He must be a real wimp.  She slept fitfully that night, dreaming of
serving the Doctor and his wife.  Her husband was not in her dreams.

Monday morning he arose first, going downstairs and making her breakfast.  She
dressed as she thought the Doctor would like, low cut blouse, mini skirt, no
bra, and no panties.  Just thinking about returning to the Doctor's office was
getting her wet.  When she arrived in the kitchen, her coffee had been poured. 

"My love, you need to come with me today to see my Doctor. He has requested to
see you." Judy told him in a flat tone.

Together they got into her car and drove to the Doctor's office.  Not a word was
spoken, Judy not wanting to look at her husband; he was too ashamed to complain. 
When they arrived, they were shown right into the Doctor's office.  They waited
in silence for the Doctor to arrive.  When he came in, his presence filled the
room.  "Slave is that anyway to greet your Master?" he questioned Judy.

She fell to her knees, spread her legs and asked, "How may I serve you Master." 
Her husband sat there, jaw hanging open, in shock. 

"Introduce me to your husband, slave."

"This is my husband, Bill." Judy spoke, not breaking position.

The Doctor offered his hand, Bill shook it weakly.  As the Doctor expected, the
man was a wimp.  He would need to be dealt with to ensure Judy's slavery.  "I am
glad to meet you.  I also want to demonstrate to you what your wife has become." 
Turning to Judy, he stated "suck my cock."

Judy did not hesitate, the idea of being ordered to suck cock in front of her
husband got her instantly wet.  She lowered the Doctor's zipper, and gently
removed his cock.  She sucked and nibbled, bringing the Doctor to the brink of
orgasm.  "Do not swallow slave, keep my cum in your mouth." He ordered.

He came hard, fucking her face.  Judy did as ordered and held a mouth full of
cum.  "Show your husband that my cum is in your mouth, then swallow." He

She opened her mouth; Bill could easily see the large quantity of sperm coating
her mouth.  Licking her lips, she swallowed.  The Doctor had her stand and lean
over his desk.  Flipping up her skirt, her dripping wet pussy came into view. 
"Look Bill, I treat your wife as a whore and she is soaking wet." He grabbed
Bill's hand and shoved it onto Judy's pussy.  "She is mine Bill, my slave, my

Bill was teary eyed, knowing it was true.  The Doctor's cock had already gotten
hard; watching the humiliation of Bill was getting him excited.  He told Bill to
watch as he shoved his cock hard into Judy's hot steaming cunt.  She moaned at
the sudden intrusion, but was soon bucking hard and begging to cum.  The Doctor
withdrew his cock and placed it in her ass.  She was so hot that she welcomed
the ass fucking.  "Please may I cum Master?"

"Yes slave, cum for your Master."

Judy came, screaming out her orgasm.  Bill observed all this, feeling deeply
ashamed.  He could never make her cum from fucking her; she never let him in her
ass.  The Doctor came in her ass, pulled his cock out and had her lick him
clean.  When she was done, he had her kneel at his feet, his cum dripping out of
her asshole. 

"Bill, we are going to have a conversation.  As you can see, I own your wife.  I
understand you love her, but you can not give her what she needs.  I do not want
to split up your marriage, but obviously things are going to change."  The
Doctor was stroking Judy's hair, like he would a favored pet.  "Judy, crawl into
exam room one and satisfy my nurse."  Judy crawled off, looking forward to her
opportunity to eat pussy.

"Bill, here is how things are going to be.  You may leave, divorce your wife,
and start over.  Judy will grant you the divorce and you will never see her
again.  Your other choice is to become a chastised cuckold.  My staff will fit
you with a chastity device, you will only be allowed to have intercourse with
your wife when I allow.  I will frequently order her to serve my needs, yours
will go unmet.  You will get to live with your wife, love her, but sexually she
is mine.  I will give you a few minutes to decide."

The Doctor left Bill alone in the office and went to exam room one.  When he
opened the door, Judy was on her knees, eating out his nurse's pussy.  From the
look on the nurse's face, Judy was doing a good job.  He waited for the nurse to
cum, smearing her juices all over Judy's face.  The nurse got dressed and left,
leaving Judy kneeling, covered in pussy juice, and wanting.  "I have given Bill
an ultimatum.  He will become a chastised cuckold or you will divorce him."

Judy looked at him, "Yes Master, as you wish."

Together they returned to the office, Bill had not moved.  "What is your
decision Bill?"  The Doctor asked.

"I can't leave her, I need to be near her, even if it means giving up sex."

"God you are such a wimp."  Judy exclaimed.  The Doctor stared at her outburst
but decided to let it go. 

"Follow me." He ordered both of them.  After entering what the Doctor called the
fitting room, he instructed Judy to handcuff Bill behind his back.  Bill looked
at the Doctor questioningly, but did not say a word.  "Judy pull down his pants
and underwear.  Expose his cock and balls."  She did as she was told, then knelt
where she was told to do so.  "No wonder you can't satisfy your wife.  With that
small cock you might as well be a girl."  Bill was humiliated. 

"Nurse bring me a plaster casting kit and a Chastity Cage, the smallest you have
available." The Doctor announced into the intercom.  The nurse returned with the
device and handed it to the Doctor, who had put on a pair of examination gloves. 
He had the nurse shave Bill's pubic hair, then made a plaster cast of his cock
and balls.  Next, he fitted the Chastity cage.  The device consisted of a steel
ring that fit tightly behind the cock and balls, then a cage that would contain
the cock and lock to the ring.  Once the lock was placed, the device was not
removable without the key.  "This device is temporary until I can fit you for a
custom tube.  If you tamper with it or the lock I will know and your wife will
be punished."  Having said that, the Doctor clicked shut the lock, sealing
Bill's fate.  The sound of the lock closing was deafening to Bill's ears.  After
checking the fit, he unlocked Bill's handcuffs and had him get dressed. 

"Bill you will now leave, I will return Judy when I see fit."  The Doctor had
dismissed him. 

Bill turned to Judy, asking "are you sure this is what you want?"  Judy did not
answer, but crawled over to the Doctor and began to lick his feet.  Bill left;
knowing that part of his life was now over. 

Judy, Chapter 6

Bill had a long drive home.  He had watched his wife submit to depraved acts and
allowed himself to be locked into a chastity device.  When he arrived home, he
took off his clothes and examined the device. It was very secure, not painful,
but there was no room for an erection.  He tried to slip his cock out; there was
no way to do it with out destroying the device.  He hung his head and cried.

Judy was very busy keeping the Doctor and his staff satisfied.  Her oral skills
were being honed; she was now an expert in blowjobs and eating pussy.  At day's
end, she was summoned to the Doctor's office.

"Judy, you will go home and tease your husband.  He may look but not touch.  Run
any errands you need to, remember if anyone knows the meaning of your slave
mark, you must follow their orders as you would my own.  If you have any
questions, you may call my beeper."

"Yes Master," she replied and left for home.  She noted the gas tank was almost
on empty, so she pulled into her local gas station.  The mechanics had already
left for the day, leaving just the manager and an attendant.  She pulled up to
the pump and the filled her car, then went inside to pay.  The manager accepted
her credit card; looking her over.  He noticed her tattoo and spoke "I see you
bear the mark of a true Master.  You will follow me."

Judy was surprised that this man, a glorified grease monkey, knew about her
slavery.  Reluctantly, she followed him into the garage area.  He commanded her
to kneel and present her wrists, which he tightly bound behind her back.  Next
he took a chain hanging from the ceiling winch and hooked it to her wrist
bindings, then raised it until her arms were painfully high.  She was bent over,
her ass exposed to this man she did not know.  Roughly he pawed her tits and
played with her pussy.  Judy started to complain, so the man took a shop rag and
shoved it in her mouth then tied it in place.  He moved on to her pussy, which
was surprisingly wet. 

"I thought so cunt, you are a filthy whore." To emphasize this he rubbed his
fingers in her pussy then waved them under her nose.  Judy could smell her heat,
the animal response to being controlled.  The manager lowered his pants and
shoved his hard cock into her steaming cunt.  He fucked her hard, causing pain
in her shoulder joints with each thrust.  The pain blended into pleasure and
soon Judy was cumming.  He continued to fuck her until he shot his load into her
pussy.  When he was finished, he dressed and stepped out, leaving Judy hanging
there with cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.  She didn't have to wait
long when the manager returned with the attendant, a young man who was staring
at the sight of Judy in bondage.

"Joey have you ever had sex with a woman?" the manager asked.

Joey said, "sure, lots of times."

"Right," the manager replied "how old are you fifteen?"


"If you admit you are a virgin, you can fuck this cunt." The manager was
stroking Judy's ass.

"I admit it," Joey said, blushing "I have never been with a woman.  Are you sure
its ok?  How come you have her tied up?"

The manager removed the gag from Judy's mouth and told her "explain to Joey how
you are a slut who likes to be tied up and fucked.  Tell him it is ok for him to
use you."

Judy was deeply blushing, awash in a post orgasmic haze of emotions.  She looked
up at the manager, saw the determination in his face and spoke "I am a slut,
please use me."

Joey did not have to be asked twice.  He dropped his pants and was instantly
erect.  His cock was massive, measuring over 10".  The manager had Judy look at
it, she was afraid she would not be able to handle the size.  Joey didn't care;
he was going to get some pussy for the first time in his young life.  He grabbed
her hips and pushed his cock into her cunt.  Judy grunted and moaned, but Joey
started pounding into her.  In a few minutes, Joey came.  It was too short for
Judy to get off; she was frustrated and horny.  The manager noted this and told
Joey to go over to Judy's mouth and have him suck on his cock.  It did not take
long for him to regain an erection.  "Now fuck her again," the manager ordered.

Joey moved behind her and this time jammed his cock into her pussy.  Judy cried
out from the intrusion, this got Joey more excited.  He raised her arms higher,
making her shoulders feel like they were being ripped from their sockets.  He
fucked her harder, soon Judy was screaming out her orgasm.  Not to long
thereafter, Joey came for a second time.  A car was pulling up to the pumps, so
Joey pulled up his pants and went to pump gas.  The manager let Judy down and
untied her.  "You did well slut, you may go." He left her alone; she left in a
hurry, not bothering to clean herself. 

Judy was glad she did not have any other errands to run.  When she got home,
Bill was sitting in the living room waiting.  Judy had been told to tease him,
now was as good a time as any.  She shed all her clothes, showing Bill the cum
dripping from her pussy.  "I was fucked my a garage mechanic and his assistant
today on the way home.  They were real men, with real cocks.  You are an
effeminate wimp."  Judy had a nasty idea, how about making Bill clean her cum
stained pussy with his tongue.  She remembered that the Doctor had ordered her
not to let him touch, but she thought he would go for this.  She stepped into
the kitchen and used the phone.

The Doctor received the page and wondered what Judy wanted.  He did not like
being interrupted by his slaves, but Judy was still new to her slavery, so he
would have to guide her.  He called her home; she answered on the first ring. 

"Master I am sorry to disturb you but I had an idea for my wimp husband that I
thought you would find pleasing."

"Tell me slave." He was intrigued. 

Judy explained what had happened on the way home and how she now had a pussy
full of two other men's cum.  "I thought you might like it if I had Bill lick
all the come out."

The Doctor was pleased.  Unlike some Masters, he wanted his slaves to think this
reinforced that he owned them body and mind.  "An excellent suggestion slave. 
Let him lick you clean, you may cum.  Then ignore him for the rest of the

"Thank you Master" Judy gleefully responded.  She made sure to let the Doctor
hang up first, and then she hung up and returned to the living room.  "Bill, my
cunt is dripping with cum, I want you to lick it clean."

At first Bill refused.  Judy explained that this was the closest he was going to
get to her pussy for a long time.  Finally, he relented.  Judy sat on the couch,
legs spread wide.  Bill knelt and tentatively began to lick.  Judy grabbed the
back of his head and shoved his face into her cunt.  He was covered in pussy
juice and cum as Judy bucked against his tongue.  He was surprised when his cock
tried to get hard, but the chastity device had no room for an erection and it
was painfully kept prevented.  It did not take long for Judy to cum; afterward
she pushed him away.  Rising from the couch, she announced that she was going to
the mall and for him to fend for himself.  She went upstairs, took a long hot
shower, and dressed in her shortest mini skirt, tight tube top, and leather
boots.  She looked hot and she knew it.  Blowing Bill a kiss, she left for the
evening.  "Don't wait up." Were her parting words. 

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