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The Crux Club

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Synopsis: Young couple very into BDSM scene joins a club specializing in crucifixion. Before long they get in way over their heads.
The  Crux  Club
                by  jessica Gentry

Everyone who knew them agreed that Ken and Lori were the perfect couple.  They
were high school sweethearts, attended the same college, and were married
shortly after they graduated.  Ken was extremely handsome, Lori was drop dead
gorgeous and they were so deeply in love. 

They began experimenting with bondage soon after getting married and found that
they agreed on this as they agreed on just about everything.  Ken found that he
enjoyed playing the dominant role and Lori found that she loved being the
submissive.  She found that she could really let herself go while she was bound
and also found that her orgasms were much more intense in bondage.  Their needs
seemed to complement each other perfectly and they found that they were getting
deeper into the BDSM scene with each passing day.

One day Ken was surfing the net and found a bondage club that seemed very
appealing and discussed it with Lori who was willing to give it a try.  And try
it they did.  They rationalized that bondage games and sex with other couples
would not hurt their love for each other and they found that they were right. 
Lori loved being bound, whipped and tortured in many different ways in front of
other couples and enjoyed being fucked by the other group members.  Ken not only
enjoyed whipping and fucking the other women, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing his
wife dominated and fucked by others.  Their love still was only for each other. 
Everything else was simply sex, nothing more; but GOOD sex.

After they were club members for several months and became one of the most
popular couples in the group, they were invited by one of the other members to
join another club with a much more narrow point of view - a crucifixion club. 
After some discussion, they decided to attend one of the meetings as guests and
were fascinated by what they found there.  The entire club was devoted only to
crucifixion exactly as it was explained to them.  During the first meeting they
attended, one of the women members was whipped and crucified for about three
hours.  They attended two more meetings as guests, and at each a different woman
was whipped, used sexually by the members and finally crucified.  As guests,
they could not participate in anything that was going on, but could merely
observe.  They became intrigued beyond belief and soon asked if they could join
the club themselves.  They wanted to get in on the action and joining was the
only way to do so.

It was brought to all of the members for a vote and they were approved for
membership with the standard new member proviso.  Lori would be the next woman
to be crucified.   She had of course been subjected to discipline and punishment
many times previously, but there was something about this that not only scared
her, but excited her as nothing had before.   Her crucifixion was scheduled for
the following Saturday, and would be a formal one, not just the shorter evening
crucifixions that they had witnessed.  It was explained to them she could back
out at any time prior to the crucifixion itself, but once it started only Ken
could call a halt before the members agreed for it to end.  If he did, however,
they would not become full members and would be banished from the group.

When the day finally arrived, Lori was extremely scared, but excited more than
she ever had been in any previous bondage scenario.  At the appointed time they
came to the club and the festivities started.  Lori was unceremoniously stripped
naked and hung to receive her flogging.  She was given her 39 strokes and they
were very severe indeed.  It was at this point that the true reality of her
situation struck home.  This was for real, and she could not stop it.  Only her
husband could, if he chose to.  At the conclusion of her flogging she was made
to carry the cross to the site of the crucifixion and on the way received
several more strokes of the whip to hurry her progress.

When at last she arrived at the site of the crucifixion, she was bound to her
cross at wrists and ankles, and the cross was hoisted and dropped into the hole
roughly.  Just the dropping of the cross caused pain in her bound naked body,
and she was just at the start of her torment.  It didn't take her long before
she realized that this would be like no other torture that she had ever
received.  Lori's first crucifixion had begun, and it was an experience in pain
that she would never forget.

During her journey into bondage, Lori had experienced many different types of
pain and humiliation, but everything about her crucifixion was so much worse. 
The horrible pain in her arms and shoulders, her chest and abdomen.  The
inability to breathe and learning how to do the dance so that she was able to
breathe.  The obscene display of her naked body dancing for all of the group's
members.  It was not long before she began to plead in earnest to be released.
But that was not to be.

As the day progressed, members of the club came to play with her nudity. 
Breasts were slapped, nipples horribly pinched, and fingers inserted into her. 
It was not long before she was past caring.  She had resigned herself to the
fact that she was helpless and would be tortured as the group wished her to be. 
Sometime in the afternoon she lost control of her bladder and she peed herself. 
She no longer cared.  Increasingly, she was able to dance less and less and she
just hung limply most of the time.  Her breaths came in short frequent gasps
which was all she could manage.  She fainted several times and was revived with
icy water.

At the end of the day she gave up all hope, and decided to no longer fight what
she thought the inevitable would be.  She fainted for the last time, and could
not be revived on her cross.  Her crucifixion had ended.

She was taken from her cross and revived lying on the floor.  Her body screamed
in agony from head to toe, but she had passed her test.  They were now full
fledged members of the club.

After Lori's crucifixion, she and Ken became very active members in the club,
participating in the crucifixions of many other women.  The sex swapping was
great, the torturing was fantastic and Lori got off on being tortured also. 
They were members of the club for over a year, and Lori had been crucified twice
more when things really got interesting.  All of the members were very much into
BDSM in general and crucifixion in particular, and they were always looking for

No one remembered who got the idea first or how the idea caught on, but the
members were now discussing whether they could pull off a real crucifixion.  The
more it was discussed, the surer the members were that it could be pulled off. 
One of the members had some farmland in a remote section of upstate New York.  A
crucifixion could be carried out with no one the wiser.  But where would they
get the victim?  There were over one hundred couples in the club, and the idea
was tossed out about the victim being one of their own, drawn by lot.  Some of
the group members thought the idea was crazy and not only refused to get
involved, but wanted nothing to do with this idea at all.  But amazingly, most
of the couples started to go along with the idea.

Finally when all was said and done there were eighty couples willing to
participate.  The rules were simple.  There would be 70 white marbles and 10
black marbles put in a drum. One marble would be drawn for each couple.  As each
of the black balls was drawn, both the man and woman would be tightly and
helplessly bound until there were ten such couples.  The second drawing of the
balls would then commence as marbles were drawn for each couple, if a white
marble were drawn the couple would be released until at some point the black
marble was drawn.  When that occurred, the man would be place in a steel cage
which had been constructed, and the woman would be taken and crucified to death.

Ample opportunity was given for all of the couples to back out, but on the day
of reckoning amazingly everyone showed up, 80 couples in all.  Each couple no
doubt thinking that it could not lose with odds of 80 to one.  Of course, one
couple would be wrong, dead wrong.

Ken and Lori of course had discussed this at great length.  Although they were
somewhat scared, they too thought it just about impossible to lose and they were
greatly excited by the whole idea.  One of the women would actually be crucified
to death!  How many people in modern times had witnessed such a spectacle? 
Surely very few.  They were ready to embark on the greatest adventure of their
lives.  Their love would be so much stronger when all was concluded, and they
knew that they would be changed forever.  They could not wait for things to

When the day finally arrived, a young woman who was not one of the 80 couples
was used to draw the marbles.  She was the only woman allowed there that day who
was not at risk of losing.  Her name was Jennifer, and was the youngest woman in
the group and many also felt that she was the most beautiful.  She was one of
the very few single women in the group.  Single women were allowed in the group,
but no single men were.  Jennifer had been crucified several times, and her
beauty on the cross was unsurpassed.  That is why she was chosen, and all of the
men wished that she too were participating. 

The marbles were placed in a metal pot.  Additionally, Jennifer was blindfolded. 
No one would see the color of the marble chosen until she held it up for all to
see.  The couples were each assigned numbers from one to 80 and the drawing of
the marbles then began. Ken and Lori were assigned number 53 and awaited their
turn just as every one else did. The drawing of the marbles commenced, and a
black marble was not drawn until couple number twelve.  Immediately both husband
and wife were bound tightly and the drawing continued.  By the time the fiftieth
couple's marble was drawn, there were already eight losers.  Thirty couples to
go and only two more would lose. Very good odds.

The drawing of the marbles continued.  Fifty-one, white;  Fifty-two, white;
Fifty-three, black.  Lori gasped.  She was immediately grabbed and tied tightly
as was her husband.  She started to shake.  Her odds of being crucified to death
just went from one in eighty to one in ten.  She was really scared now, but
there was nothing she could do but pray.

The drawing continued until the last black marble was drawn, and the last couple
bound.  There was a break at this point where 70 couples were celebrating and
were extremely happy.  Ten couples held no such celebration.

After a pause, the next phase of the drawing began.  Nine white marbles and one
black. Ken and Lori were assigned number seven in the drawing order.  Without
further delay it began. The first marble was drawn and it was white, Lori
gasped.  That couple was untied and to their great relief joined in the
festivities.  The second marble was then drawn and it too was white, as was the
third, the fourth and the fifth.  With the drawing of each marble, Lori, Ken and
the other couples still left were descending further into horror and despair. 
As each couple for whom a white marble was drawn was released, the remaining
couples were learning the true meaning of terror.  One woman was openly crying,
another was shaking uncontrollably, and still a third was begging for release at
the top of her lungs.

There were now only five couples to go, and one of those five women would be
crucified to death.  The realization was certainly hitting home for all of the
people left bound awaiting their fate.  Lori thought to herself that certainly
it couldn't be her.  She had everything to live for.  A wonderful life and a
perfect marriage.  The drawing continued.

Marble number six was now drawn and it too was white.  Two more elated people
and eight terrified people remained.  Chances were now one in four.  Good odds
at the racetrack, but certainly not here.  Lori began to pray now in earnest. 
It was time to resume.

The seventh marble was now drawn by a blindfolded Jennifer.  Although she could
not see, she knew immediately from the reaction of the crowd which marble had
been picked.  Number seven - black.  There was instantaneous chaos.  The crowd,
which had now become nothing more than a lynch mob was shouting.  Lori and Ken
tried to escape, but of course their bonds prevented that.  The other six people
were untied, and Ken was taken to the cage, put inside, and the cage was locked
with a chain and a heavy padlock. There was to be no escape.  Only when he was
locked in the cage were the ropes cut from his body.  He was screaming threats
and begging all at the same time, but no one was listening.  Lori had collapsed,
and lay on the floor still bound and sobbing uncontrollably.  Soon she began to
beg, but again no one listened. The time everyone had waited so long for had
finally arrived.

The Crux Club - Part 2
                  by jessica Gentry

The time everyone had waited so long for had finally arrived.  Many of the
members, including Ken and Lori had fantasized about what a real crucifixion was
like.  Many times before, as Lori hung on her cross she imagined herself
ultimately crucified.

The crowd began their celebrations.  Lori stopped crying and she looked around
at the others, people who had been her friends and her sex partners. Not only
was she no longer one of them, but it seemed to her that they considered her no
longer to even be a person.  No, they were celebrating what was going to be done
to her; she was to be a victim of the most horrible method of execution ever
devised.  They would be the ones to watch as she suffered the realities of a
real crucifixion.

As she looked up at the faces of each of the members she had befriended in the
club, her body grew numb and she felt chilled even though it was warm.  Once
again tears began to trickle from the corners of her eyes as she looked at her
former friends.  She observed their mouths moving as they laughed and talked
about what was going to happen, but she no longer heard what was being said.

With the reality of what was going to happen finally in her mind, Lori thought
that perhaps there was so much celebrating going on that too little attention
was being paid to her. She feared her impending death and realized that this was
her only chance.  She rolled her body and tried to get to her knees.  Over in
his cage Ken's hands were gripping the bars so tightly that his knuckles were
turning white.  Lori looked over at him and saw him screaming something to her. 
"Run" he shouted, the veins popping out of his neck.  As she tried to stand up,
two men grabbed her upper arms and lifted her to her feet, neither one saying
anything to her.  Knowing the possibility that once her rope bonds were undone,
Lori might cause trouble by kicking and struggling two more men came over to
grab her feet.  The men dragged her over to the two posts that had been prepared
for her whipping.  Still other men stood by in case they were needed when her
bonds on her wrists and arms were cut from her.

Almost immediately after her bonds were cut she started swinging her arms, but
she was no match for so many men.  Before long new ropes were looped around both
of her wrists and her arms were raised and tied so that she was standing between
the posts with her arms above her and spread far apart. Lori continued to
struggle as they came to strip her clothes from her body.  She was spitting and
shouting, pleading and kicking at the men who were preparing her for her
whipping.  Her clothes were torn roughly from her body as she struggled with all
her might. When they were done, Lori hung between the two sturdy posts
completely naked. He ankles were bound with more of the rope and her legs spread
open.  Her head hung forward watching the rapid rise and fall of her breasts,
the in and out of her belly, slowing as she felt herself calming from the chaos
that had just happened.  Lori looked for a friendly face, for Ken, anybody to
stop this...but all she saw was curious faces lusting to witness a real
crucifixion, her crucifixion.

Lori knew from experience that it was time for her whipping, but this whipping
was to be far worse than any she had ever received in her young life.  At one of
the meetings held to plan the crucifixion the bullwhip that was to be used at
the crucifixion was passed around for all to see.  Lori had taken her turn
hefting this whip and she knew how terrible an implement of torture it would be.
She and Ken had discussed this whip and concluded that the victim would be
horribly tortured when it was used on her and it had excited both of them
greatly.  No one in the club had ever been whipped by anything this horrible. 
Additionally, it had been decided that the victim's whipping would not stop at
39 strokes.  The victim was to be whipped until her entire body was covered with

Now she was afraid, terribly afraid, she was about to learn firsthand what that
whip could do.  The thought of the tips and braids tearing her flesh became too
much and Lori began to struggle again, pulling at the ropes holding her wrists.
Lori struggled even harder as she heard the whoosh of the whip. The whip made a
loud crack and Lori's back arched, her hips and breasts thrust forward.  Her
arms tightened as her body pulled on the bonds holding her between the posts. 
Her mouth opened wide, her head fell back and her eyes widened as she felt the
burning sting of the bullwhip slice across her back.  Its stiff braided leather
was drawn across her tearing skin and sending waves of pain like no other to
throb in her brain.  The pain from the first lash was incredible.

Her back and ass were flayed as she screamed the screams of the damned.  Finally
the whipping stopped.  Lori hung limp and gasping for breath.  She felt the
warmth of her blood that had soaked the ropes binding her wrists during her
struggles.  She knew more of her blood streaked her backside and ran down her
legs, dripping on the ground from the throbbing wounds and welts left by the
terrible bullwhip.  Lori managed to lift her head and open her tear-filled eyes. 
She watched the man take off his shirt and hand it to the woman at his side. 
The woman took the shirt and handed him the bloodied bullwhip.  Lori realized
her whipping was not over, it would not be over until every part of her body had
been scored by that wicked lash.

Lori cried out, "No," as the man raised his hand snaking the long tail of the
whip into the air.  She pushed her hips back, trying to escape.  Closer and
closer to her belly came the tips.  Lori screamed out, "mercy!" as the braid
snapped and tore across her belly.

Over and over the man whipped at her.  Her thighs and belly were whipped
horribly until once again Lori hung only by her bleeding wrists.  Another came
to take that man's place and the whip was handed to him.  Ken was screaming and
pleading for this to end.  The sound of Ken banging and shaking his cage woke
Lori to another reality.  There was to be more, and the whipping was to continue
on her magnificent breasts.  Even though she was pleading for her breasts to be
spared, Ken was behind her yelling louder.  Lori's voice screamed, and Ken
begged them to stop as lash after lash tore at the tender flesh of her breasts. 
After one particularly brutal stroke, which caught both nipples, Lori fainted.

They left Lori hanging there for a while.  Ken shouted curses at those who had
whipped his Lori so cruelly, begging members who he had befriended to stop this
torture.  All the while Ken struggled to break out of the cage and rescue his
beloved wife.  Lori was revived when buckets of ice cold salt water were thrown
on her hanging body.  When that water hit her wounds and woke her to the pain,
she continued to scream dementedly. 

After a while with them doing nothing more to her, Lori hung there panting like
a dog.  Her entire body was covered with glistening sweat and her own blood ran
from still open wounds.  She begged for mercy from anybody she thought was
listening or looking at her as they talked in the distance about what was to
happen next.  Lori had naturally blonde pubic hair, which was always kept very
neatly trimmed.  Instead of mercy, the club members took turns plucking those
hairs from her tortured body.  One by one they were plucked out, and a gasp or a
scream from Lori accompanied each extraction.  The group members took their time
torturing her in this manner, enjoying her cries for mercy and help as each
member took their place in front of her, and further enjoying her screams as the
pubic hair was plucked. After several hours her pussy was finally as smooth as
the day she was born, but sore and inflamed from this latest humiliating

The bull whip was handed to the group's most accomplished flogger, who viciously
sent a brutal undercut between her bare lips into her pussy.  Lori shrieked like
a crazy woman, as the most horrendous pain she had ever felt seared the core of
her womanhood.  Before she even had a chance to recover, this was followed by
another agonizing stroke to her pussy, and still another.  After these three
devastating strokes, she once again fainted dead away.  As she slumped in her
bonds, Ken was begging and pleading wildly, making empty threats and promising
to pay anything at all if this were to end.  The group ignored his pleas.  The
flogger walked over to her and pinched and twisted her nipples viciously until
she came to. When she was revived, the flogger gave her pussy two more strokes,
the hardest yet, for a total of five in all.

With her pussy bleeding and barely conscious, Lori was cut down from her
whipping posts. Lori sat on her legs hunching forward, unable to close her
thighs because of the pain from her newly whipped pussy.  She supported her
upper body from lying on the wet ground by resting on her elbows.  As she cried,
her fingers felt the wet ground.  From the wetness she could only imagine how
bad that whipping had been and what it had done to her body.  A sudden splash of
cold salt water was poured over her.  She quickly knelt up straight, clutching
her body and screaming as the salt cleansed and burned the open wounds.

One of the men put the sole of his shoe to her back and pushed Lori forward as
he laughed.  Lori's body lunged forward, her fall broken by her arms.  She was
on hands and knees.  Ken was rattling the cage and shouting as the man unzipped
his pants and took out his massive hard penis.  Cheers from the others drowned
out Ken's pleas.  Over and over they chanted, encouraging the man,  "Fuck
her...fuck her...fuck her," they chanted together.  Lori was free of any bonds,
and when she realized what was going to happen next she started to crawl away. 
The man grabbed her hips and stopped her attempt.  Kneeling behind her, he
shoved his hard shaft into her still bleeding pussy.  Lori winced and groaned
from the pain of the rough fucking.  The man did not care if he was causing her
any additional pain.  Lori's mouth was wide open as she took in deep breaths. 
Her eyes flew wide open as another hard penis was forced down her throat.  That
man was holding her head in a tight grip not caring that Lori was gagging as he
worked his hard shaft in and out of her mouth.

She was subjected to gang rape.  One by one the members used her pussy, her anus
and her mouth, each emptying their hot cum inside her.  Even the women
brutalized and humiliated her with their strap-ons.   This continued until all
that wished to participate had taken their pleasure with her. The agonies of the
rape were so much worse because of her lash marks, especially those of her
pussy.  Her breasts with their horrible lash marks were also manhandled roughly. 
One in particular had forced Lori to lie on her whipped back and straddled her
chest.  He squeezed and clawed at her welted and bleeding breasts as he fucked
them.  Pinching her tortured nipples and pulling them.  But Lori could not
scream out in pain, her mouth was gagged by a large rubber dildo fucking her
throat as the man torturing her breasts suckled on the woman's breasts.  Ken had
lost his voice from screaming and was reduced to crying uncontrollably in his
cage as he could do nothing but watch.  When they were done, Lori lay on her
side curled in a fetal position.  Cum and blood coated and ran from her violated
lower orifices and unswallowed cum streaked from the sides of her mouth.  More
globs of cum dotted her body and mixed with dirt and blood.

Lori was allowed time to rest and given a special sweetened water to drink,
certainly not from kindness, but so that she physically would be able to
continue her pain and degradation.  After that brief respite Lori was
unceremoniously dragged to her feet.  Standing with the help of a man holding
her away from him and pulling her arms behind her, the crown of thorns, which
had been prepared, was pushed down on her head. Immediately the sharp thorns
caused blood to flow down her face.  The thorns scraped and cut her forehead and
scalp.  Blood wet and stained her blonde hair red, and ran down the sides and
back of her neck.

As the man held her, the cross on which she was to be crucified was brought to
her. Lori stared in horror when she saw them carry the cross and stop in front
of her.  Blood flicked off her eyelashes as she just stared at it. Lori's body
jumped, startled when a loud voice yelled at her ordering her to take hold and
carry it to the site of her crucifixion.  She knew that further begging was
useless and resistance would only cause her more pain.  Lori staggered forward,
reaching to grab the cross they held for her.  She bent and got one shoulder
under the cross and wrapped her arms around the wood, holding it as best she
could.  The men had let the cross go and Lori had to hold it by herself.  The
heavy cross leaned against her crown pushing the thorns deeper into the side of
her head.  Lori tried to balance the beam away from her head as much s she could
as she straightened her legs and began to lift the cross' top off the ground. 
Once again the man's commanding voice startled her and she shook.  Carefully and
slowly she began walking. Her procession with her cross had begun. 

Ken's cage had been constructed on the flat bed of a low wheeled cart and he too
was taken along the procession route, pulled behind Lori.  Lori stumbled and
fell on one knee holding her tilting cross after a few minutes of carrying it. 
The bullwhip immediately lashed out catching her viciously across an exposed and
vulnerable ass cheek, wrapping around her hip.  She struggled to regain her
stance almost immediately and then continued carrying her burden.  After several
more stumbling minutes, she fell for the second time and again the whip lashed
out catching her across her shoulder blade and wrapping around her ribcage to
catch the side of her breast.  Lori screamed weakly at this latest pain and
again picked up her cross.  At long last, Lori and her procession arrived at the
site of her execution.  They took the cross from her and Lori fell on hands and
knees.  She was panting rapidly like a dog, and the sweat was running freely
down her body.

Lori was able to rest and catch her breath as they laid the cross on the ground,
wiping the drying blood from her eyes.  When she had caught her breath, one of
the women held a cup holding more of that special water for her.  She eagerly
took the cup and gulped down the sweet lemony liquid.  Lori drank down two more
cups of the liquid before handing the cup to the woman and thanking her.  She
had recovered somewhat and perhaps out of some small degree of kindness or
perhaps to prove they were not all heartless and uncaring, and maybe as a last
cruelty to remind Lori of what she was about to lose forever, Lori was offered
the chance to say goodbye to Ken.  She nodded 'yes' as she got up and stood
facing the caged Ken with tears running from her eyes and streaking her bloodied

They were not going to take any chances after coming this far though, Ken was
ordered to lean his back against the back of his cage and his hands were
handcuffed behind him through the bars.  Only then was the cage unlocked and
Lori allowed to enter.  When she was inside, the door was relocked and Ken
released.  There was no room for the two of them to sit together on the floor of
the small cage, so they stood.  Ken took her into his arms, holding her as he
tried to comfort her, not caring that the thorns she wore on her head scratched
and pierced him.  Lori's arms wrapped around Ken too, and she pulled herself as
tight to his body as she could.

"Please don't let them crucify me, she whispered, "I don't want to die.  Tell me
this is all just a dream and not really happening."

Ken just held her badly beaten body as her head lay on his chest and stroked
her.  He tried to think of something to say to her, anything really, but words
failed him. Lori lifted her head and looked up with sorrowful and loving eyes at
the man who had always been there for her.  Ken still couldn't find the words,
telling her he loved her with his eyes as he wiped the blood and cum from her
face with his hands as best he could.  He couldn't help but notice the cum from
other men that was still on her face, drying at the corners of her mouth. Trying
not to let her notice him looking, he glanced at more of that cum and her blood
on her body, knowing more of their cum leaked out of her ravaged body below.  He
was totally devastated by the thought and the sight.  All he could do once her
face was as clean as he could get it was hold her and stroke her gently.

Ken cradled her head in his hands and kissed her face and her lips repeatedly as
tears ran down his own cheeks.  It was obvious to all just how much they meant
to each other and how deep a love they had for each other; how much worse this
was for them than for any other couple.  They each tried to find words of
encouragement to offer each other, but neither of them was able to find anything
to say.  After only a few short minutes together, the crowd became restless.
After a final kiss, Lori was taken without any struggle from Ken's cage.  As the
door was locked again, Lori was turned and led to her cross away from her love. 
Ken held the bars tight with both hands and leaned his head on the cold metal,
he was crying uncontrollably as he watched them take his Lori away.  He was a
broken man taking upon himself this guilt for even joining this club and losing
the only woman he had ever loved because of it.

Now that everybody was refreshed, it was time for the festivities to resume. 
The time for her crucifixion was finally at hand.  Lori's cross had been
constructed from two squared beams fastened together without any notching where
the two beams joined.  The two lengths of old weathered wood were simply bolted
together securely by two carriage bolts.  When her cross was laid on the ground,
it was placed so that the crosspiece was on the bottom under the other beam on
which her body would lie.

The men became rough and Lori was forced to lie on her cross.  She tried to stop
her crowned head from banging against the beam as she was tossed on the wood. 
She held her head up as her body was pulled and stretched into the position they
wanted.  The air was knocked from her as one of the men straddled her chest and
sat on it while two others stretched her arms as much as they could to each
side.  Another two bound her wrists to that crosspiece with ropes that had been
readied while she was with Ken.  In this position, her arms were actually lower
to the ground than the rest of her, pulled back because of the thickness of the
beam she laid upon, resulting in her breasts being pushed up and her chest
stretched.  The edges of the beam her body laid on dug into her shoulder blades
because of the forced curving of her back caused by the back pull of her arms.
In this position her breasts although ample were flattened somewhat, when she
was raised, however they would be thrust forward obscenely.  Her legs were bent
at the knee and bound to the cross at her ankles.  Each leg was bound to the
cross individually and this was done differently than the other times she had
been crucified.  With her legs drawn up and her ankles bound to the sides of the
cross like this, her legs spread apart and her newly bald pussy was displayed
obscenely with no way she could close her thighs to those looking at her.

As they secured her to this cross, Lori lay there and rationalized to herself
that from this point on, her torture although horrible would be nothing more
than she had already endured several times before.  She had been crucified to
the point of no longer being able to breathe several times.  This time would be
no different except, of course, the fact that her back was bleeding from the
whipping and now the rough handling on rough wood had opened the lash marks more
and that she would not be taken from the cross until she was dead.  She was
resigned to this now and looked forward to death as a release from her agonies. 
Lori began to feel good about a very sexy her on this cross, putting the full
and true reality out of her mind.

It was not long before Lori realized just how wrong her assumptions were, and
how real the reality of this crucifixion was to be.  A spike that had been
hammered through a slat of wood was produced and before she fully realized what
was happening its point was pressing against her left wrist.  She turned her
head and looked where she felt the sharp point and it dawned on her what was
about to happen.  She let out a gasp of disbelief at seeing this thing being
held in position.  Certainly this could not be happening; not to her.  The
hammer and the spike were only props to scare the shit out of her; they had to
be.  Well it certainly worked, she was terrified.  She noticed her fingers
trembling.  Any time he wanted to move that thing away would be fine with her. 
But the man made no attempt to remove the point from over her wrist.  Lori began
to pull at the tight ropes that held her wrist in place for him.  When she
realized there was no escaping, she let out a loud screech.  The hammer
descended and the spike went partially through her wrist. Lori bucked mightily
and screamed dementedly, but her bonds held.  Jesus, it was being done to her
after all.  This was real, too real.  After a few more hammer strokes the
spike's point was fully embedded in her cross. Even if they removed the ropes,
she would not be able to pull her wrist free because of the wood attached to the
spike no matter how violently she struggled.  That spike in her wrist was the
last thing Lori saw before she fainted.  In this agony she had also pissed
herself.  As her body succumbed to unconsciousness and relaxed, the steady
stream trickled over her abused and exposed pussy puddling on the ground below
the beam she laid upon. As the crowd let out a cheer, Ken was throwing himself
against the bars of his cage violently in an attempt to break out of the cage,
but to no avail.  Lori was revived by them splashing her with more of the cold
salt water over her body and especially directing it to drench her left wrist. 
She woke in a daze of pain, screaming constantly. 

If there ever was any doubt remaining in either Ken or Lori's mind of how this
would end it was now erased forever.  It was at this moment that the full
realization and horror set in for Ken. This was real, too real.  In a matter of
hours or perhaps days, Lori would be dead.  Ken would lose the love of his life,
and his life would be forever ruined.  Now that the first spike was hammered
through her wrist there was no going back.  Events were set into motion that
could lead to only one result, and there was nothing he could do to stop that.

Once Lori was fully conscious and lying still on her cross, the procedure was
repeated with her right wrist. For some reason, Lori did not beg and plead for
mercy or faint this time, but she pissed herself again.  When the initial pain
of the nail being driven through her wrist had subsided, she lay there staring
at the sky and mumbling prayers for a quick death she knew would not come.  She
was experiencing agonies that she did not even know existed.  But there were
still her feet to be nailed.  The execution team moved to their positions as she
lay praying.  Strong hands held her legs so she would not be able to move them
much while the spikes were being nailed.  Two more spikes were produced which
also had already been hammered through slats of wood.  A spike was positioned at
the side of one of Lori's ankles.  Realizing what was going to happen, Ken once
again was thrashing himself against the cage walls and trying to break out of
his cage to no avail.  Lori felt the point and, without looking, stopped praying
and was rolling her head side to side mumbling over and over, "No, please don't. 
No more nails. No more nails." Nobody paid attention to Lori or the bashing Ken. 
The hammer was raised and the spike was hammered through her ankle again and
again until it was deep into the wood of the cross.

Lori simply could not believe the depth of the pain as her bones shattered.  She
could actually hear the crunch of her bones.  The pounding pain sounded inside
her head as she twisted her body in utter agony.  Lori had not even settled when
the procedure was repeated with her other ankle. The pain was too much and she
fainted again dead away.

The team left the unconscious Lori lying nailed on that cross.  It was the first
time Ken was able to see her without someone blocking his view.  He stopped
bashing himself against the walls of the cage and looked at the sight of his
Lori nailed on her cross.  His knees weakened and soon he was crouching in his
cage staring at the sight of a really crucified woman, his woman, the one he
loved so much.  Ken cried as he thought to himself that her ankles were forever
ruined, that she would never walk again. 'Of course not, you stupid fuck,' he
thought to himself, 'she was never going to walk again anyway, ruined ankles or
not.' Ken squatted in silence.

Now that the final preparations for Lori's crucifixion were completed, it was
time for a break and as the team rested for a bit, the group's members all drew
near to observe Lori, naked and nailed to her cross.  A hush descended on the
group members when they realized that their fantasies for witnessing a full real
crucifixion were about to be fulfilled.  Lori was waking as the ropes that still
were to her wrists and ankles were cut off so that she was now attached to her
cross by the spikes alone.  She looked at the faces of those surrounding her,
looking at her with curiosity.

The team in charge now asked the members to move out of the way.  Lori felt the
top of the cross moving as they lifted it.  Frantically she wanted to hold on to
something, anything, so she would not fall off this cross.  There was nothing to
grip, her hands were even unable to move.  Lori looked down between her legs at
the base of this cross between her legs.  The cross was slowly raised a bit more
and Lori felt her body sliding downward.  In her fear, Lori cried out, " Stop,
I'm gonna fall!"  The cross with Lori on it was lifted higher and higher until
the wood at the cross' base ground against the dry earth rim of the hole.  The
cross dropped into the hole.  As this was happening Lori felt the abrupt shock
as her body weight suddenly was transferred to the four spikes, her back left
the security of feeling the cross behind her as her torso swung out off the
wood.  She tried to scream, but to no avail. No sound escaped her lips when she
felt the jolt to her whole body as the base bounced on the hole's bottom.  The
spikes pinning her to this cross rubbed against bone and nerves sent lightening
bolts of pain over her body.   The cross was secured by filling the hole with
rocks and dirt.  Wooden shims were hammered around the base for additional
stability, and finally it was done.  Lori was hanging crucified.

Fresh blood flowed from the force enlarging the holes in her wrists and ankles
and her back was against the wood of her cross once again, pulled by the
positioning of her arms because of the way the crossbeam was attached to the
main beam. Lori nearly sat on the backs of her legs, but they had positioned her
legs so that she would not be able to do this.  Her arms were stretched and took
her weight and Lori felt as if her arms were being pulled from her shoulders. 
As her torturers knew they would be, her lovely tits were thrust forward
shamelessly. For a long while Lori hung still, feeling her heart racing as she
breathed in each shallow breath.  As she looked down she could see blood running
from the spikes at her ankles down the wooden sides of this cross.  More blood
dripped from old and new wounds at her head and fell to the ground.  Lori closed
her eyes and cried.

The group's members settled down at this point.  There really was nothing more
to do other than to watch the show which would be unfolding for many hours,
hopefully days.  Lori had been whipped many times in her young life, but this
whipping was by far the worst, and made worse when they raised her on this
cross.  Her entire body screamed in agony, but any place where she was
physically in contact with the old splintery wood of that cross was so much
worse.  She was trying to deal with this pain as well as the horrendous pain of
those spikes by not moving her body at all.  Of course before too long the
inevitable occurred and she found that it was becoming difficult to breathe. 
Still she tried not to move, but her body was demanding air.  She had to do
something, and the way that she was nailed would not enable her to rise and
breathe without difficulty and pain.

 She held out as long as she could, but finally she had no other choice but to
lift herself.  Her wrists and her ankles screamed out as unbelievable pain
struck her in four places at once.  Nailed as she was, she would be unable to
fully straighten her legs.  With nothing under her feet, she was forced to push
up using the muscles of her legs on the spikes in her ankles.  Lori tried once,
sagging to hang when she felt the extreme pains shoot up her legs.  Determined
and needing to breathe, Lori pushed on the spikes again.  Straining, she pulled
as much as she could with her arms.  She felt the wood scraping her back and
leaned forward off the wood, but still she pulled and pushed until she was
nearly standing straight up on the cross.  Lori grunted from the agony she was
suffering now.  She had made it as far as she could go and opened her mouth
sucking in as much air as fast as she could.  At least she had made it this time
and she was able to catch her breath and gulped air into her lungs greedily.

Of course she could not hold this position for long and soon sunk back down on
her cross.  Her dance had begun.  Over the next hours, she did her dance as she
had done it several times before on the crosses she had been bound to, but of
course this time her agonies were unsurpassed.  No matter how many times she
raised herself the horrendous pain in wrists and ankles did not lessen.  If
anything, it got worse and harder each time.  With each raising and lowering of
her body, she was doing more damage to her ruined limbs.  More and more her
muscles seized up and painful cramps added to her suffering.

The crowd was feasting on the spectacle before them.  Lori's magnificent tits
were thrust out for all to ogle.  The way her legs were splayed and the way she
danced on her cross exhibited her now naked pussy in the most obscene manner
possible.  They were being treated to a marvelous sight.  A beautiful woman
whipped, crucified, and seemingly flaunting her sexual attributes right in their
faces. Lori was far past caring about her modesty however.   No one in
attendance that day would ever forget any part of this spectacle.  Ken was a
thoroughly broken man.  Anyone who could tear their eyes away from Lori for a
few moments to look at him saw a haunted man who had given up not only all hope,
but the will to live himself.

The sun had reached its peak, and in addition to her other agonies, Lori's body
was being burned by it.  Her body was also bathed in sweat from the heat and
from her agonies.  Her throat was terribly dry.  She begged for water.  The
assembled crowd was happy to comply with her request.  She would be given all
the water she wanted.  Anything to prolong this magnificent show.  A sponge
soaked in water was offered to her and she drank greedily.  The show continued.

As the day progressed every one realized just how wonderful and special things
were.  Well every one but two people actually.  They were living out their
fantasies, fulfilling their dreams.  No one there would ever be the same, they
were changed forever.  The spectacle that they were witnessing was exciting
beyond words to describe it.  Couples were openly engaging in every sex act
imaginable.  They were simply too excited and had to do something about it.

Lori's agony continued.  It was becoming obvious to her that her physical
condition was deteriorating rapidly.  She had lost a lot of blood.  Certainly
not enough to kill her, but enough to weaken her greatly.  Her wrists and ankles
constantly suffered a horrible ache made much worse when she raised and lowered
herself.  Her chest and abdomen hurt unmercifully, and her arms and legs ached
to an extreme degree. 

Increasingly she became aware of her inability to raise herself much at all.  As
a result her breathing became more rapid and more shallow.  Many times she tried
to will herself not to do the dance and to succumb to darkness, but her body
would not obey.  As the sun began to set she actually started to shiver from the
cold as her sweat evaporated, and her cramping muscles caused unbelievable pain. 
It was obvious to all that if something wasn't done soon she was not going to
last through the night and that their show would be cut short by her death. 
They were not willing to let this happen.  Too much time had gone into the
planning of this crucifixion for it to end now.  It was decided that the time
was right for her to be given a sedile. 

Lori moaned when she felt the hands on her ass cheeks as she was lifted by
several of the men.  Taking this opportunity, Lori took in as much air as she
could while they held her body up.  Being able to breathe seemed to revive her,
and Lori was aware of what they intended to do now.  The sedile was attached to
her cross.  When it was firmly attached, the men let her go and she was allowed
to sit on the sedile which would hold her up so that she would not have to
struggle to stand for a breath. But the sedile was triangular in shape with one
of the pointy edges facing upwards, and that was the surface on which her pussy
came to rest.  The sedile was no mercy to her at all; all it did was prolong her
suffering which was, of course, the whole idea.  She no longer had to use what
little of her strength remained to breathe.  She soon was breathing much easier
and her strength was no longer fading rapidly. 

As full darkness came, lights were lit so that the crowd would not miss any of
the spectacle.  Lori now faced still another new agony.  The sedile was pushing
up into her pussy and causing her great pain the longer she did not move and
allowed herself to rest on it.  She simply had to change position, and no matter
which new position she found herself in there still was severe pain.  The "
dance" which she had been doing to enable her to breathe was replaced by a new
dance, one where she tried to ease the pain in her pussy by not sitting too long
on that horrible triangle of pain.   As if this were not horrible enough, she
also found that her body was starting to betray her and she was becoming aroused
sexually by this thing between her pussy lips.  This was absolutely the last
thing she wanted. No matter how hard she tried she could not stop the sexual
stimulation she felt as her pussy moved and slid along the wooden seat.  More
and more Lori began to pump her hips, rubbing back and forth on the point of
wood.  Wiggling back and forth.  Lori worked herself harder and faster and she
took pleasure from the horrible wooden horse she rode.  Before long her head
tilted against the wood of the cross.  Her eyes squeezed tightly shut.  Her
mouth hung open as she breathed deep full breaths.  Lori moaned out loud, nearly
screaming as she had an orgasm on her cross.  As her body tensed and she had her
orgasm, the crowd cheered mightily.

Lori had been praying for death for quite some time now, but she now had yet
another reason.  She was completely humiliated, and nothing remained of her
dignity whatever.  Several more times during the night, she passed out and was
revived with icy water.  She was now shivering almost constantly further
increasing her agonies.  Also during the night she had two more orgasms.  Each
bringing her more pain than pleasure and still further humiliation and

Dawn came to begin the second day of her crucifixion.  With the light of day it
became obvious to everyone that she would not last much longer.  Even the sedile
was not going to prolong her life much longer.  Her sedile was covered with her
blood, and despite the terrible pain in her pussy, she no longer was trying to
change her position. She had also lost a great deal of blood from her wrists and
her ruined ankles because of her constant use of them to move.  Lori's flesh
around each of the spikes was darkened nearly black.  Dried blood had scabbed
and new blood escaped in beads that eventually trickled over the old.

Many of the members lay sleeping or had left for more comfortable places.  A few
looked up, checking Lori before laying their head back down.  Some were walking
around looking for a suitable place to relieve themselves.  With an unobstructed
view, Ken was once again able to see everything, and his wife's condition
horrified him.  He was reduced to babbling in his cage. The end surely was
coming soon. Word was sent out for all to return, there was not much time left.

As the crowd prepared themselves to witness the final act of this play something
happened which no one expected and which people will talk about for years to
come.  Jennifer stood up and walked over to Lori's cross.  She knelt at the
cross and was looking up into Lori's face.  She seemed to be praying, whispering
something for a few minutes.  Then she then stood up, stripped naked and removed
the sedile from Lori's cross.  At first Lori seemed to hold herself up so
Jennifer could pull that sedile from the cross, but once it was removed Lori
immediately sunk back down. All her weight was on her wrists and her pussy was
once again obscenely displayed.  To the startled crowd it was difficult to tell
which woman was the more beautiful.  Jennifer in her unblemished nudity or
Lori's naked, broken and tortured body.

Jennifer shocked the crowd further when she leaned forward and kissed Lori's
bare pubic mound.  With her hands holding Lori's hips, Jennifer parted Lori's
abused pussy lips with her tongue.  Her warm tongue circling Lori's clit.  
After a few minutes the affect of Jennifer's ministrations aroused Lori and her
eyes looked down as she watched as Jennifer continued to lick at her pussy.  It
wasn't long and Lori's body began to respond, and before long she was fully
aroused and panting again, this time from sexual passion.  As her body continued
to move in response to the new stimulation she was causing herself still more
damage, but she simply could not control her movements.  Finally she reached the
point of no return and her body exploded in a violent and prolonged orgasm.

Jennifer licked at Lori faster and faster.  Lori was standing as her hips pumped
and as she came. Finally Jennifer stopped and moved away from her.  As she
stood, Lori looked directly at Ken and clearly mouthed the words, "I love you." 
Her eyes closed once again, and although she was not yet dead they never
reopened.  Her head hung forward limply and the only proof that she still was
alive was her very shallow breathing.  Before long that too stopped.  It was
over and Lori hung dead on her cross.

Lori remained on her cross for perhaps another hour while the club members filed
past her one by one.  Perhaps to pay their respects or perhaps to pray over her
corpse.  When all had filed past her and gotten their fill of viewing her, the
horrible spikes were removed and she was taken from her cross.  The crown of
thorns was removed from her head, and a couple of the women gently washed her
face.  Her body was wrapped in a white sheet.  Ken was released from the cage. 
He went over to the lifeless body that lay wrapped at the base of the cross. 
Ken sat on the ground, moving so the body of Lori was in his lap and just held
her for the longest time.  He repeatedly looked at her and stroked her face and
told her he loved her over and over before the members took her from him.

Lori's wrapped body was laid on the beam.  The very beam her body had been
crucified upon.  The beam had been placed at the top of a pile of wood.  Her
crown of thorns was laid upon her.  The bullwhip, her clothes, and all the
member's clothes were in the pile beneath the body.  The pile with any traces to
Lori and her crucifixion was set ablaze.  As the fire burned, the area was
totally cleaned.  For a while after, the members sat and talked of the real
crucifixion.  The ashes were gathered and buried once they were all sure there
would be no trace and the club members started to disperse and go home. Ken was
taken to rest at the house of the couple that owned the farm.  It was over. 

A few days later Ken was taken home and he filed a missing person's report with
the police.


Approximately one year later Ken was lying on the beach with his new girlfriend. 
She was wearing a string bikini and Ken was oiling her beautiful, almost naked
body and loving every minute of it. She didn't seem to mind very much either. 
To the passersby it was obvious that they were so deeply in love, actually they
looked like the perfect couple.

He turned to her and asked, "Are you ever going to tell me how you managed to
rig the drawing, Jenny?"

She replied, "What difference does it make Ken, we both got what we wanted
didn't we?"

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