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Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

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Synopsis: Mary managed to survive summer camp adventure one,thanks to the intercession of a being more powerful than those dedicated to returning her to the "true" faith. Now she faces an even more potent worldwide foe, still very interested in learning her secrets.

					Chapter I

	It was late Monday afternoon.  Father Flogg and his new assistant,
Father Morecock, were waiting for Sister Stigmata to bring Mary Katherine
Gallagher into his study for another dose of discipline. This sixteen-year-old
girl was a true challenge for the good priests and nuns of St. Switchers.  The
child seemed to always be breaking one of the many rules that governed this
exclusive private school for Catholic girls. Mary was big boned, plain of face,
with mousy brown hair, wore glasses and had a pasty complexion. She was slightly
overweight; most of it concentrated in her broad bottom, and had average breasts
for her age.

	When she entered and saw Father Morecock, a look of surprise crossed her
face. Father Flogg introduced his assistant and informed Mary that he would be
assisting him from now on in her disciplining. "You know the drill my dear, off
with the jumper and bend over the sawhorse like a good girl so Sister Stigmata
can strap you up." Flogg said. Once her jumper was off, the girl stood there in
her panties and bra, bringing a comment from the older priest. " She always
wears the same kind of underwear. To me it shows that she is a person not prone
to trying new things. Perhaps that's why she visits me at least three times a
week. I really enjoy it when little Agnes Watson comes for disciplining; she
wears thong bikinis, and never the same color twice in a row." Glancing over to
his new assistant he said, " Two rounds of ten each should do her for this
session, cane or taws first? "

	 Sister Stigmata had removed her habit and positioned herself so that
Mary's face was buried in the thick bush of pubic hair that covered the nun's
cunt. Father Morecock selected a cane and approached the helpless girl. The
first blow cut into the tender area just below her panty line, bringing a
muffled gasp of pain from Mary. The second struck just above the top of her
panties, defining the region that he would punish. The next three were vicious
vertical strokes to Mary's right cheek, going from end to end. His sixth stroke
landed between her cheeks, lacerating the tenderest part of her body, and
bringing a blood-curdling scream from the girl. " Good one Father! I think
you've got her attention now." Flogg remarked.  Morecock repeated the pattern on
her left cheek, finishing his ten with another powerful stroke to her rectal
area. Mary's legs were trembling in agony as she screamed into the nun's hairy
	Now it was Father Flogg's turn, and poor Mary thought she was in hell.
His first stroke overlapped the welt that Morecock had put under her panty line.
Mary almost passed out from the pain and shock. Then suddenly another burst of
agony, as the top welt was made even deeper by Flogg's second stroke. The old
priest positioned himself so he could work on the girl's left buttock. He laid
four deep welts across her fleshy cheek, almost at right angles to the welts
caused by Morecock's cane. " Now to finish the puzzle." He said, moving to her
right cheek and taking aim as the girl shivered in pain, her legs shaking
uncontrollably. He laid four uniform, parallel strokes to her right asscheek,
neatly crossing those made by Morecock. " Most impressive. You are truly the
cane master. I salute you; " his assistant said.
	The young priest picked up the taws, snapped it in the air to get a
better feel for it, and then said, " Let's see if I can whip those ugly panties
off her bottom." Father Flogg laughed and replied, " Doesn't she have the kind
of rump just made for the cane and the tawse? " The other priest nodded in
agreement just before he landed the first blow to her swollen bottom. It took
another couple of hits before he was comfortable with this weapon, then he laid
into the sobbing girl with a fury that was impressive. From the blissful look on
Sister Stigmata's face, he was doing a great job on the girl's swollen ass.
However at the finish of his ten Mary's panties were ripped but still clung to
her wide bottom.
	" Watch carefully and see how it's done, " Flogg called to his
assistant. It only took half dozen lashes to literally whip the panties off
Mary's ass. The rest of his blows slashed open a few of the deeper weals that
decorated her plump posterior. " Now it's time to hear Mary Katherine's
confession. You might consider hearing the good Sister's while I administer to
the child. " the old priest added.
	He could barely make out the words as Mary made her declaration of "
Bless me father for I have sinned..."  Of course trying to say anything while a
large cock is moving in and out of ones mouth is extremely difficult even under
the best of circumstances. This was the part the Father Flogg really enjoyed,
making Mary Katherine humiliate herself by answering his questions while she was
	 " Impure thoughts my child, thoughts about having sex with girls?.....
Oh my, not little Agnes, the one who wears the thong bikinis, how very 
interesting. Would you eat her?..... My, you are such a sinful little tramp. I
guess I'll have to increase the amount of discipline you get. Of course with my
assistant's help we can easily give you more of anything you need. I look
forward to that. Now tell me all about wanting to make love to Sister Paula
while Sister Stigmata spanks you; that sounds very interesting...... Now I want
you to tell me how many times you masturbate in a day..... Only three or four
times, my, my you are a major league hussy. Most girls only play with themselves
once or twice a week, and usually for no more than ten minutes at a time. Do you
really frig yourself for half an hour at a time? That is truly the sign of one
who is close to becoming the devil's plaything. We will have to beat that out of
you, and mark my words, we will!"
	" For your penance you will report to my study every day for the next
two weeks, remove all your clothing and masturbate for exactly one hour,
regardless of how many times you come. You will refrain from wearing these
ridiculous panties and substitute tight fitting bikinis in their place. I would
prefer ones that have see-through crotches. You will shave off your pubic hair
and keep it shaved clean. If I determine that you are not doing an adequate job
Sister Stigmata will be given the task of dry-shaving you every morning. You
will offer to orally relieve Father Morecock's sexual tensions every day for the
next two weeks. This may be done in conjunction with your masturbation session
in my study. I'm sure you are capable of doing more than one thing at a time.
Now swallow every drop and then you can dress and go home. Naturally I do not
expect you to discuss your confession or penance with anyone, since that would
be a mortal sin and you will go to hell unless you confess that to me. If you
do, you will suffer terribly for a very long time. Do give my best regards to
your widowed mother, and make sure that you show her your bottom so she will
know what a bad girl you still are."

					Chapter II

	Mary Katherine could hardly believe her ears; she was going to summer
camp!  Thanks to the good offices of Father Flogg and some exemplary displays of
progress when it came to providing sexual relief to the good Father, his
assistant and Sister Stigmata, she was receiving a work study appointment to
this very exclusive camp. In exchange for certain services that were to be
determined once she arrived at Camp St. Sebastian, Mary Katherine would be able
to participate in the many wholesome activities that the place was famous for.
She was most intrigued by the rumors she'd heard about the marriage course which
was supposed to have a laboratory as well as lectures. Mary wondered what the
lab portion of the course would involve.  Church history was another subject
that she would be exposed to during the summer. It supposedly concentrated on
the Martyrs and the Inquisition, and the students were expected to participate
in seminars, public displays of their faith and individual theses covering in
depth a portion of the material that they would be taught. Mary Katherine's work
schedule had been arranged to allow her to fully participate in these courses.
Naturally she would have to sacrifice some sleep, but that would be a small
price to pay for such a wonderful opportunity.

	Upon her arrival at St. Sebastian's Mary discovered that her schoolmate
Agnes also was enrolled. The rest of the girls were from other schools and
seemed equally excited about this opportunity to learn while they enjoyed the
pleasures of the outdoor life. Mary also noticed that the girls were like her,
plain of face with pudgy, still developing bodies. This was a comfort since
usually she was the only ugly duckling. This summer Mary Katherine would merely
be part of the flock.

	That dream was dashed somewhat as soon as Mary met the camp counselors.
Without exception they were pretty with fully developed figures, and older than
she. There was little time to ponder this observation. Mary had to report to the
infirmary for a thorough physical examination, then receive her uniform and be
assigned to one of the counselor cabins.

	The examination was unlike any she had ever taken. It was conducted by a
male doctor in his fifties and his buxom, stern-faced nurse who spoke with a
thick German accent. Mary had to strip naked and then submit to all manner of
invasions to her person. Until she was given a large enema, the girl thought the
worst part of the exam involved the full cavity search she endured. Her bare
body was palpitated, probed and penetrated by strange metal instruments, gloved
fingers, and even the nurse's hand, or was it her fist? Mary's eyes were shut
tightly by then so she wasn't sure. After voiding the contents of her enema as
the pair watched, she was pronounced to be in reasonable health, drug-free, but
in need of some serious physical conditioning. It was also noted that
technically the girl was a virgin, a commodity to be prized. Mary was unable at
the time to read anything sinister into this observation. Time would prove

	Mary was amazed at the uniforms she was issued. They consisted of bolero
tops and shorts that were extremely tight in the crotch. She was even issued
underwear, such as it was. Mary was handed a half dozen pairs of thong bikinis
and a sheer crotched pair for Sunday worship. There were also super sheer
matching bras that lifted and separated her smallish boobs. She was at a loss
when they also gave her three pairs of hose and two garter belts, one white and
frilly, the other black and made of some type of rubbery material. The girl who
was issuing the uniforms smirked at Mary Katherine when she asked about the sexy
underwear. " You'll find out at orientation, " she said. Then with a big grin,
the girl handed the teenager a pair of shiny metal handcuffs with a key. " Oh my
god! " Mary exclaimed. " What are these for? " The girl grinned even more and
replied, "Ask your roommates, they are the ones that told me to add this to your
uniform allowance." It was a stunned Mary Katherine Gallagher who walked toward
Cabin 3 to meet her roommates.

	The three girls, all pretty and extremely well built were waiting for
her. " This is Cabin 3, your home for the next three months. There is so much we
have to teach you. I hope we can cram it all in. " The speaker was tall, buxom
and had long blonde hair that cascaded down past her broad shoulders. " I am the
room leader; my name is Ilsa, with an I. To you I am Mistress I. Call me
anything else and you will be sternly disciplined. My two assistants are
Mistress J and Mistress E. Beyond these walls you have some degree of status at
the camp, but here you are a student, a very ignorant student who has much to
learn." As Mistress I spoke, Mary glanced at the slim brunette with a set of
exceptional breasts, and her shapely redheaded companion, an extremely tall girl
with an awesome pair of jugs and a sharp cruel face that still was quite
beautiful in its severity.

	"Cabin 3 has three beds, mine is in one room, and the other two are in
the back of the cabin. You will use a sleeping bag until you prove yourself
worthy to share our beds.  You should know that Father Morecock and Sister
Stigmata are both spending this summer as members of the staff. They have
already told us of your problems with accepting discipline. Be advised that we
are rather intolerant to people like yourself who struggle against the rules of
the Church and its representatives."

	All Mary could do was gape and stare at the trio as she listened to
Mistress I. " I want you to put down your uniforms and strip to the skin. Then I
will handcuff your hands behind your back before we begin to administer your
first dose of cabin discipline. Failure to immediately comply with my request
will cause additional punishment." Mary could not believe what she was hearing,
but when Mistress I slapped her across the face, not once but three times, she
started to remove her clothing.

					Chapter III

	Mary awoke with a start to find herself in darkness. Her hands were
still cuffed behind her back. As she tried to move, she realized that she was in
some kind of a sack that seemed to be made of rubber.  It was cinched tightly
around her neck. Her tits and ass felt sore and swollen, while her asshole felt
as if it were on fire. Worse still she desperately had to pee. As she fought
back the urge to release the contents of her distended bladder, she began to
recall some of the things that had transpired.

	 The taste of cunt lingered in her mouth and her fat tongue felt as if
it had been scraped. She remembered her three mistresses taking turns, pressing
their wet, smooth shaven cunts to her mouth and making her lick, tongue, kiss
and suck every drop of pussy juice that oozed from between their fat cunt lips.
They made her probe deep inside those wet snatches to gather more of the salty
slime that was continuously generated as the result of her activities. As this
was going on they were also taking turns reaming out her poor defenseless
asshole, using long rubber strap ons that appeared to be modeled after farm
animals Then she winced as she remembered her ass being pounded with a wooden
paddle as she ate pussy and listened to them insult her appearance and ability
to satisfy them.
	 As she became fully awake and aware of her surroundings the pain from
her aching breasts became more apparent. They had taken turns using a rubber
hose of her poor defenseless boobs, smashing them flat and laughing as she
screamed into the cunt that was glued to her face. She remembered one of them
saying that when they got done with her boobs she'd need a bigger bra to hold
them. She remembered being told that she should thank her friends for giving her
bigger tits.
	With a groan Mary Katherine Gallagher gave up the struggle and began to
pee all over herself.  No wonder she was so full. The last thing she remembered
was drinking a huge amount of water. To make her finish it all, they had
squeezed her nipples and stretched her poor pussy lips until she thought they
were going to tear. Then they gave her a couple of pills that they told her
would stimulate her kidneys. They sure had been right about that; she was still
peeing strong and could feel all her piss accumulating at the bottom of the
rubber bag that held her. She shuddered at what they'd do to her when they found
out she'd wet herself. She continued to piss, wondering if her roommates could
hear it as well. She hoped not for her sake.
	Mary was quite surprised when morning came. She was released from her
combination toilet and sleeping bag and told to clean herself and the bag. The
day passed uneventfully until she was called into the counselors' office where
she renewed old acquaintances with the good priest, Father Morecock and Sister
Stigmata. The priest heard her confession while he stimulated her budding clit,
forcing it to poke out from its hiding place. His continued assault on this
supersensitive nubbin of feminine flesh soon had her sweating and trembling,
unable to do much else since she was securely tied to a wooden frame in such a
manner as to give the man of God easy access to her dripping cunt.
	 Her behavior angered him as she babbled about having dozens and dozens
of impure thoughts daily, about being with the trio of ladies from Cabin 3,
Sister Paula and Sister Stigmata, not to mention her confessor and his mentor
Father Flogg. She was only given conditional absolution followed by a merciless
beating that covered her from neck to knee, both front and rear. Sister Stigmata
was invited to assist the priest in his punishment of this unholy teenager, and
she did her part, wielding her strap with practiced skill and covering Mary's
bottom and the backs of her legs and thighs with line after line of crimson. The
nun soon had to disrobe because of her efforts and Mary was shocked to see that
Sister Stigmata was wearing a black frilly garter belt and hose beneath her
habit. Father Morecock also noticed as evidenced by the tenting of his trousers.
	 He stopped his assault on poor Mary's clit and motioned for the sister
to give some attention to the girl's bald pussy with the strap. Sister Stigmata
did not need a second invitation. She commenced strapping Mary's weeping pudenda
with accurate, forceful strokes of her trusty leather strap. Father Morecock sat
back and enjoyed the show, watching as the leather strap bit into the teen's
tender twat while the nun's melon-like breasts bounced provocatively in rhythm
with her strokes. It became necessary to stifle the girl's screams and this was
accomplished by filling her mouth with her damp thong bikinis. " Spit these out
and I'll take the cane to those bouncy little boobs of yours" the priest
threatened. All she could do was groan and bite down on the gag as the nearly
naked nun viciously thrashed her bald box.
	When the nun grew tired, Father Morecock took over and resumed striping
the girl's tits, belly and thighs with his belt, switching occasionally so that
the heavy belt buckle tore into her plump body, breaking the skin and causing
flecks of blood to fly from her wounds. When Sister Stigmata was ready to strap
the teenager's body once more, Father Morecock motioned for her to whip the
front of the girl's body while he doubled up his thick belt and now using only
the buckle end, began to tear into Mary's unmarked back and shoulders. They
didn't stop until the girl shuddered and passed out from the pain.

				Chapter IV
	Mary Katherine Gallagher awoke to find herself tied tightly to a low
wooden bench with some sort of pillow raising her bottom off the bench. She was
sore from head to toe with the worst pain centered in her swollen boobs and
throbbing cunt.  Her tormentors came quickly into view once she groaned and
tested the ropes that held her fast. "Awake I see." Father Morecock said with a
smile that sent shivers down her spine. " I've just been speaking to Father
Flogg about you and he has given permission to have you exorcised. You and your
master are going to suffer the pains of hell here on earth. I know the battle
will be a long one and you are possessed with the strength of the evil one, so
you will be shown no mercy. Even if it takes the entire summer and requires help
from every member of the camp, you will be made to submit to God's will. I
intend to contact your dear mother to tell her what is being planned for you and
to prepare her for the possibility that your master may resist to the point that
your spirit will depart for hell before we can save it." As the priest spoke, he
pulled on his long thick cock, making it grow even longer and thicker. " Prepare
yourself for the first step in your ultimate freedom from Satan or this life."
	Just before the priest penetrated Mary Katherine Gallagher's virgin cunt
with his massive member, Sister Stigmata settled her hairy pussy squarely upon
the girl's face, nearly suffocating her. " Lick me well, spawn of Satan, while
the good Father opens your sinful cunt to let your master out where he can be
attacked." Mary screamed into the thick mass of springy curls that guarded the
nun's cunt. Father Morecock grunted as his weapon encountered the girl's hymen.
" Prepare to suffer for your sins!" he exclaimed as he drew back then slammed
over half his ten inches into her cunt, ripping the thin membrane that guarded
its tender insides. He heard a muffled scream from the girl and his face broke
into a smile.
	He pulled out until only her fat cunt lips held the head of his massive
cock, and then he drove it deep into the girl's tight twat, burying almost eight
inches inside her quivering quim. He watched as Mary shuddered and struggled to
get free of the crushing weight of Sister Stigmata's body as the nun ground her
wet cunt into the teen's face. He took a breath and then repeated his assault on
the girl's tight sheath, driving nearly the entire length of his cock into her
this time. Satisfied that she would soon offer no resistance to him, he settled
into a more comfortable position and used her pulpy, swollen boobs as handholds.
	 Morecock took another deep breath and then began to pound away on Mary
Katherine's bleeding cunt, going completely inside and actually touching bottom,
her cervix yielding ever so slightly to the pressure of his cockhead. After a
few strokes he noticed that almost half of his cock was coated with blood. This
spurred him to increase both the speed and power of his thrusts, bringing
strangled gasps and screams from the helpless girl. His powerful hands twisted
and yanked on her soft tits, while his fingers squeezed and pulled on her
sensitive nipples. He thanked the lord for the recent sexual congress between
him and the good sister who was enthusiastically grinding her cunt up and down
Mary's face, giving her precious time to draw air into her lungs as she was
slowly being smothered between the nun's fleshy thighs.
	Father Morecock began to vary the angle of attack on Mary's loosening
pussy as well as the speed and depth of his penetrations. Slowly her cunt began
to dilate and yield to his battering ram of a cock. He shifted his hips so he
could give her even harder thrusts, the sound of his groin slapping against her
pussy becoming louder and louder as he drilled away on her. If anything the
amount of bleeding was increasing as he continued to pound her pussy into a
pulpy mess.
	Sister Stigmata spun herself around so that she faced the priest, giving
him a good view of her big tits and hairy cunt that was totally engulfing Mary
Katherine's face. This sight added fuel to the fire and soon he exploded inside
the girl, flooding her cunt channel with an ocean of sperm, all blindly seeking
to fertilize any egg that she may have made available to the millions of
swimmers that now moved up her birth canal. With a deep sigh of satisfaction he
ceased his piston like stoking of the girl's tender, bleeding twat and remained
still with his pulsing cock still buried to its hilt inside her.
	 " May I help you father? " Sister Stigmata asked with a huge smile of
anticipation on her sharp-featured face. Father Morecock sighed again and gave
the girl another hard thrust, enjoying her pained response. " I think that this
child of the devil would benefit from having that particular entrance
substantially widened now that I have opened it. Who knows how large her master
has chosen to be and where he has lodged himself?" The nun raised her hairy cunt
from Mary Katherine Gallagher and glanced over to where she kept her strap on
dildo, an immense length of unyielding plastic covered with bumps and ridges,
all designed to wear away at the sensitive membranes that covered the girl's
cunt pipe.
	Father Morecock positioned himself so that he had a good view of the
teenager's raw-looking cunt, which was drooling some of the sperm that he had
just pumped into her. His vantage point also allowed Mary's tongue easy access
to his still firm cock that was coated with a mixture of her blood and cunt
juices plus his cum. " Lick me clean so that I will be free of your master's
slime, you evil tool of the Dark One." He said, emphasizing his words with cruel
slaps to her sore breasts. Mary moaned and began to suck and lick the bloody
length of his twitching organ.
	 He watched with anticipation as Sister Stigmata approached them, her
strap on jutting from the forest of thick pubic hair that still glistened with
Mary's saliva. She carefully arranged her body so that she was in a comfortable
position with plenty of leverage, then she lined up the tip of the ebony cunt
splitter with the teenager's swollen lipped slit. Father Morecock stared fixedly
at the tableau that had been created by the nun, waiting to see how much of that
monster she could get into Mary Katherine's tight snatch. It had taken her three
sessions before she could get even half of that torture tool into Agnes Watson's
super-tight twat. He wondered how Mary Katherine Gallagher's cunt would cope
with the invader. " This is really going to hurt and I'm glad! " spat the nun as
she shifted her weight and rolled her hips, driving the head of the strap on
between the girl's fat labia.
	A blood-curdling scream issued from the girl and at the same time she
bucked like a wild horse, nearly upsetting the priest from the bench. With one
hand he balanced himself on the bench; his other, now a fist, slammed into the
teen's belly cutting off the scream in mid-flight. A second and third blow,
dealt with even more authority, caused Mary to grow deathly quiet as her face
began to turn a ghastly shade of red. The good sister merely grunted, rotated
her hips and gave Mary Katherine Gallagher's cunt another couple of inches of
agony. The priest was astonished to observe that over half the length of that
brutal torture implement was now lodged within the girl's tenderized twat. Still
in a fury, the priest landed a number of solid blows to Mary's ballooning tits.
" You are his bitch! You are the devil's bitch! " He shouted.
	It took some time and effort, but at last the nun buried the entire
length of the punishing plastic cock inside of Mary's tight, young pussy. She
took a moment to gather herself once more, and then proceeded to ream the girl
out with powerful thrusts, soon coating the plastic with a mixture of cunt cream
and blood as the ridges and bumps did their work. Any noise from the girl was
muffled by the priest's hand as his other mauled her sore boobs and pinched the
nipples cruelly. " Now will you lick me, my little handmaid of Satan? " he
asked, listening to the soft squishing sounds that came from her tormented fuck
channel. Mary Katherine Gallagher began to lick.

					Chapter V
	The widow Gallagher was delighted to see Father Flogg at her door. It
had been many weeks since he had honored her with his presence. She gave thanks
that she had recently showered, knowing the priest's distaste for body odors and
the like. Not only had she showered, but the sheets on the wide bed that she
slept in were fresh from the line. God was certainly smiling on her this day.
	The widow Gallagher wiggled out of her housedress, revealing a plump
rounded body barely contained by the white corset that revealed the tops of her
large breasts and hugged her flabby hips. The woman's clean shaven cunt with its
fleshy lips and prominent hooded clit was already oozing droplets of sex juice
whose aroma was easily detectable by the old priest who was busily shucking his
frock to reveal a small, but fat sex organ that was still asleep. The widow
licked her lips in anticipation of the efforts that she would expend to make
that flower of Father Flogg's bloom.
	As the woman suctioned his cock into life, the priest broke the news to
her about her daughter. " I fear that Mary Katherine's lack of discipline and
failure to rehabilitate is not merely the product of a fractious personality
coupled with the rashness of youth. As you know from the appearance of that
broad bottom of hers, we have spared no efforts to reform her wild ways." The
widow Gallagher continued to make the priest's cock appear and disappear from
her mouth as he continued.
	 " I received a call from Father Morecock telling me that your
daughter's behavior has become so outrageous that he is convinced she is
possessed by the devil." The widow stopped her activities when she heard those
words. Father Flogg slapped her big bottom, leaving the imprint of his open hand
on the pale flesh. She resumed sucking his lengthening cock. " I have given him
permission to begin exorcising the devil from Mary Katherine. I am going to pray
daily that her master, the Dark One, will take leave of her body and mind before
this unfortunate girl yields her life to him. It will be a long struggle and you
will need your faith to be strong and allow what has to be done to be done. As
your spiritual counselor I will be available more frequently to assist you in
retaining your Catholic faith and trust in the priests and nuns who are the
servants of the Holy Mother Church. "
	 The widow began to deep throat the hard cock of her father confessor,
thrilling in the realization that this rod of God's will was going to be at her
disposal more often in the future. " I am your servant, do what you must. To
prove my faith I offer my asshole to your divine rod of justice," she said,
staring in almost a trance at his twitching ramrod that would soon be boring
deep into her bowels.
	The widow's asshole, having been pounded vigorously until the priest had
found release, gaped like an unblinking eye.  Father Flogg was dressing quickly,
mumbling something about having church business to accomplish. Turning to Mrs.
Gallagher he spoke. " First, I want you to present yourself to Sister Slaughter
in order that you be put to the trial to assure us that you are not suffering
from the same affliction as your demented daughter. I am very confident that you
will pass the tests that make up the trial. Second, you will receive daily
consoling from either my agents or myself. You will submit to their will as if
it were mine. Do not be surprised if some of them are women of the habit rather
than men of the cloth." With that he put on his coat and took his leave.

	The widow wondered what the "trial" would entail and who her new bed
partners would be; younger men would be nice, she thought, young men with hard
cocks that could console her hungry cunt with vigor. As for the sisters, that
represented a new level in her devotion and obedience to the Church. God would
provide a way for her to receive the reward of pleasure even from those like
herself, He always did.

					Chapter VI
	Father Morecock was quite surprised at the tightness of the teenager's
cunt that had previously been stretched to its limit for nearly a half hour by
Sister Stigmata's "engine", her word for the vicious weapon she now employed on
Mary. He had watched with fascination as a bloody froth began to issue from her
fuck pipe shortly after the nun had fully inserted her strap on into it and
began sawing away at the tender twat flesh, bringing forth loud cries of pain
from Mary. As the minutes slowly went by the strap on soon glistened with a
combination of the girl's blood and pussy juices. He had grown hard as he
watched the nun mechanically rape Mary Katherine with merciless fury.
	The girl had groaned and gasped as his thumbs captured and then crushed
her nipples, which had stiffened almost against her will. Her pear shaped tits
had bounced and jiggled with each hard thrust of the plastic cock attached to
the sister's groin. Beads of perspiration had coated her forehead and then
trickled down to pool in the hollow of her throat. A sheen of sweat soon coated
her from breasts to pubes and her plump bare body shuddered from the combined
pain and lust that was generated deep inside her cunt by the huge reamer that
plunged in and out of her. Finally the girl had experienced a massive climax
that made her arch herself as her twitching twat totally swallowed the strap on
and her head swung wildly from side to side before slamming against the bench
top over and over as her climax peaked. " It's your turn Father " the nun
finally said as she pulled the bloody length of plastic from the girl's cunt
creating a sound akin to that from a plunger opening a clogged drain. The priest
quickly replaced the strap on with his hard cock, driving it deep into her twat
with a single vicious thrust.
	After two rounds Mary Katherine Gallagher was nearly unconscious, barely
reacting to anything they did to her. Sister Stigmata had even tried to jam her
fist completely into Mary's bloody cunt, but the teen's tight twat thwarted her
efforts. The priest had stood over the bound girl and slammed his fist down into
her swollen cunt, over and over, flattening her crimson cunt lips with each
blow. The nun had tried to literally bite the girl's nipples off, succeeding
only in causing them to bleed profusely. At last reason calmed them both and
they decided that the camp doctor had to examine her and determine if she could
take additional punishment at this time.
	" Well, she's no virgin, that's for sure." The doctor said as he
palpitated and probed Mary's bleeding fuck box. " On the other hand she seems to
be none the worse for losing it. She's still tight as a drum and the bleeding is
nothing to worry about. I'd say she's ready for anything that you can dish out.
" His remarks caused consternation on the part of the priest and nun. " How can
that be? We've been working on her almost nonstop for the past two hours and she
appeared as if she was going into some kind of a trance; that's why we called
you. " The priest said. The doctor shrugged and said, " Perhaps the devil has a
greater command of her body that you think. Harsher measures are probably called
for in order to unsettle his hold on her. I have some recommendations if you are
interested. " " We are very interested, " replied the priest.
	" Technically speaking, there are eight entrances to this creature's
body; two through the nostrils, two through the ears, one via the mouth, another
via the rectum, one via the vagina, and the last through the urethra. Each of
these pathways should be traumatized regularly to make the passage of the Evil
One as uncomfortable as possible. At any given time most of the portals should
be blocked completely. I would recommend that her ears and one nostril be
permanently plugged immediately. A butt plug and catheter should effectively
block another pair of entrances or exits most of the time. The creature's mouth
can be shut a great deal of the time by means of a proper gag. Its vagina can be
closed by any number of procedures, some permanent in nature.
	 In this way you can now closely monitor the only passage that can be
used by her master to come and go. This single entrance can be used to feed the
creature and provide sufficient liquid so that she can survive while she is
being exorcised. I also strongly recommend that her bladder, stomach, uterus and
intestines be kept filled at all times to make those paths unusable by her
possessor. Those entrances can then be exorcised almost continuously, another
method of ridding her of the demon."
	Father Morecock nodded frequently as the doctor spoke and finally he
looked up and smiled. " I am glad we have had this discussion. I hope you will
provide further guidance to the good sister and me as we begin this daunting
task. "  It was the doctor's turn to smile and reply, " I trust that you will
approve of my faithful nurse assisting me in this holy activity." The priest
nodded and added, " I am sure we will benefit from the woman's touch. "
					( To Be Continued )


	 					Chapter VII
	The widow Gallagher was hard pressed to understand what was happening to
her. As ordered, she had presented herself to Sister Slaughter and quickly found
herself stark naked and securely strapped to a wooden frame located in the
basement of the convent. Her entire body was easily accessible from both front
and rear. Her trial began at once.
	Two younger nuns had joined Sister Slaughter. One lubricated her asshole
and then pushed an enema nozzle through the tight ring of muscle that guarded
her colon. The other squatted between her spread legs, parted the widow's fat
cunt lips and began threading a length of hose into her bladder; a most painful
process. While this was going on, Sister Slaughter disrobed, revealing a plump,
buxom body, much like the widow's, clad in a garter belt, waist cincher and
hose. " It is said that servants of the Dark One are averse to the smell and
taste of a woman's sexual center. Prove yourself as pure by enjoying my scent
and the juices that my cunt will offer once you have licked, kissed and probed
it with love and devotion. In the meantime my two assistants will be purifying
your body with holy water." As the sister spoke, the widow gasped as she felt
the initial rush of water entering her colon. What filled her bladder did not
feel like water; it felt hot and irritating. The naked woman groaned in
	Hours had passed and still they filled and emptied the widow's colon and
bladder with holy water. Once she had properly satisfied Sister Slaughter with
her enthusiastic use of tongue and lips on the nun's smooth shaven cunt, they
had forced rubber tubing down her throat so that her stomach could also be
filled to its limit with the holy water that once had occupied her colon and
bladder. Widow Gallagher's naked body shivered as her belly grew more and more
distended. One of the nuns helping in this purification ritual patted her
bulging stomach and smiled. " You appear to be with child, perhaps a gift of
God? Could he be a prophet? " The helpless woman could only groan and struggle
against the straps holding her to the frame.
	At a signal from the sister, all three of the tubes used to fill the
widow's internal chambers to their limit were yanked from her body. The trio of
nuns watched as widow Gallagher spewed the liquids onto her sweaty body and all
over the concrete floor. " Now while the sisters test your skin for any sign of
hardness that is the mark of the demon, I will flush any evil from your womb. "
As the sister spoke, she positioned a garden hose between the widow's fat cunt
lips. At a nod from her, one of the nuns, now naked except for a pair of cotton
panties more suitable for a child opened the spigot to which the hose was
connected. Widow Gallagher felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach by a
horse. Then the pain grew worse as the stream flattened and distorted the
reproductive system that once had carried and then delivered Mary Katherine
Gallagher into the world. She hardly noticed the first blow that sliced into her
unprotected back as the whipping began.
	The two nuns used their straps on the widow's bare body until their arms
grew too tired to continue. Sister Slaughter took over for them as they took
turns making sure that their sweaty cunts did not repel the old woman. She
licked, probed, kissed and smooched the hairy pubic mounds that were thrust into
her face, while the older nun tattooed her back and bottom steadily. When the
pair were satisfied and had recovered their strength, they resumed her whipping.
During this phase they took up positions on either side of her and used their
straps exclusively on her floppy tits, soon covering the fleshy pillows with
	The widow Gallagher passed out from the pain after having been whipping
for over twenty minutes. The older nun decided that it was time to use the sword
of truth on the woman. She was revived so she could fully appreciate the pain of
having a long thick rubber phallus shoved deep into her well-used cunt. The
dildo got its name from the handle that was shaped like the hilt of a sword. In
all the years that Sister Slaughter had used this devil detector, no woman had
ever fully accommodated this terrible weapon.
	The widow's cunt slowly swallowed nearly a foot of hard rubber before
the nun encountered significant resistance. Once a novice who had worked as a
prostitute for ten years before joining the convent had taken all but two inches
of the sword before bleeding so profusely that further attempts to fully insert
it had to be stopped. The widow had now taken over a foot after the sister put
some muscle into the last stroke, and only a small trickle of blood leaked from
the seal between her stretched cunt lips and the dildo. The sister ordered the
nuns to resume whipping the widow's stomach and the tender insides of her spread
thighs in order to prevent her from concentrating on the pain radiated from deep
within her bleeding fuck box.
	Sister Slaughter stepped back and watched the sword bounce as the straps
striped the widow's thighs and belly. After a few minutes the sister once more
began to rock and twist the thick rubber, gaining another inch as she pulled the
dildo nearly completely from the widow's gaping cunt, and then slammed it with
all her strength back into the woman's sore snatch. Widow Gallagher's eyes
rolled back and she shuddered in agony. The tip of the sword was now pushing
against her uterus. The two nuns resumed whipping the widow's tits and thighs
while the sister took a break.
	One of the nuns squeezed and pulled at the widow's welted tits, reaching
around from the back to avoid getting in the way of her companion. She, in turn,
was pressing a powerful vibrating dildo known as a pocket rocket against widow
Gallagher's throbbing clitoris that stood out from its hood in all its blood red
splendor. Sister Slaughter was twisting and grinding the sword around inside the
woman's sore cunt, bringing grunts of pain from her. Once more she withdrew the
rubber club until only a couple of inches remained within the widow's fuck tube.
Then with a loud cry Sister Slaughter rammed it into the widow's cunt,
completely burying it inside her spasming twat. The old woman passed out.
	" There's certainly no place that the demon can hide inside that cunt. "
Sister Slaughter said proudly. Her two companions smiled and nodded their heads.
" Perhaps you ladies would like to prove that to your own satisfaction. Here,
let me remove the sword so you can get your hands or is it fists into this old
whore's pussy. I certainly don't understand why the good Father Flogg is so
enamored of this well traveled cunt." The first nun was already working her hand
into the widow's gaping twat while her companion resumed using the pocket rocket
on the old woman's slit. Soon the nun's arm was being swallowed up to the elbow
by the widow's well-stretched pussy. As she punched away at the woman's cervix,
giving it a permanent tilt, Sister Slaughter carefully examined her welted body,
searching for breaks in the skin and signs of bleeding, sure signs that she was
not possessed by the Evil One. Except for the widow's nipples, she appeared to
be pure as far as not being possessed. The sister suggested that the pocket
rocket be used in order to keep widow Gallagher's mind from concentrating on
what was being done to her nipples. Two long pins skewered the first fat nipple
at right angles to each other. No blood was noticed. Sister Slaughter smiled and
then drove a longer pin straight into the nipple. The widow's screams hurt the
nun's ear, but she was rewarded by the spurt of nearly black blood that issued
from the wound. She performed a similar operation to the other nipple and it too
released its stored blood, proving conclusively that the widow was free of the
devil. The nun smiled at the sobbing woman and softly said, " I know that this
trial must have exhausted you. Perhaps it might be best if you were to stay the
night and rest." The widow Gallagher heaved a sigh of relief and accepted with
thanks. The two younger nuns exchanged sly smiles, knowing full well that the
only thing that the widow would not get during the night was rest.

					Chapter VIII
	It had taken less than a day to mobilize the entire camp. Word about
Mary Katherine's condition had spread with almost the speed of light, let alone
sound. Volunteers began presenting themselves within hours, all willing to give
every ounce of their strength in this battle with the devil. Even the young camp
members offered to do their part, making the argument that there was strength in
numbers. For now the camp counselors were leading the attack against the Dark
	The naked sunburned teen was spread eagled upon one of the camp tables,
her wrists and ankles tightly tied to the table legs. A pair of senior girls
stationed on either side of her was showing off their athletic prowess, much to
her dismay. As the two counselors walloped the daylights out of her, using
lengths of knotted electrical cable, Sister Stigmata watched from the shade. The
two girls had stripped to the waist and the sister was enjoying the sight of
their bouncing boobs as they landed blow after blow to the front of the teen's
body. As per the doctor's recommendations, Mary's bladder, belly and bowels were
filled to their limits and closed off. The doctor was still working on a fixture
that would allow Mary's uterus to be filled and contained as well. For now her
cunt lips, both inner and outer, had been sewn shut with tent repair thread,
then stapled to provide a second layer of defense against the devil's entry or
	These two were following the same pattern as the previous pair. At first
they worked on her bulging belly, causing jets of water to spurt from the one
nostril left open. Then they pounded away on her groin area to stir up the
liquid bloating her bladder. From there they went to her tits, flattening them
over and over until they looked like two purplish melons. Now they were drubbing
her rib cage from both sides, making it almost impossible for her to draw a
breath. " Don't forget that fat cunt of hers," she said to the sweating
counselors. A smile broke across her face as the heavy cord began to punish
Mary's stapled cunt.
	Sister Stigmata suddenly realized that the sun was setting. She shook
her head to clear it. When had this pair of girls started working on the teen,
and how many other pairs had she missed? It was impossible to say based on the
condition of Mary Katherine Gallagher's naked body. It was covered from neck to
knees with lacerations, cuts, bruises and angry welts. Evidently the twisted
lengths of electrical cabling had been passed from one pair to the next. Her
cunt was so swollen that the thread and staples that kept her cunt closed had
disappeared from sight. Mary's tits were enormous, two black balls of throbbing
flesh rising from the sea of cuts and welts. The girl's eyes were wide open and
fixed on the sky above her head. The two teens flogging the girl sighed in
disappointment when the sister signaled them to stop. " You two can be the first
tomorrow, if she is still alive, that is. " the nun said.
	Mary Katherine Gallagher was drained and her cunt was once more made
accessible to the tender ministrations of the priest and nun. The doctor and his
assistant joined them after dinner. Mary's swollen cunt and tender asshole were
mercilessly skewered with massive strap ons wielded by the two women. The men
concentrated their attentions on her tight asshole, often reaming her shitter
out in tandem with one of the woman who would either take a turn on her asshole
or continue the stretching of her tender twat. While the men recuperated, the
doctor described some new techniques that he had devised to add to the agony
that the teen was experiencing.
	" I've developed a cervical mold that will act to contain any liquid
that is pumped into her uterus. There are a number of candidate solutions that
will make the demon think twice before occupying Mary's uterus. I am leaning
toward a mixture of mineral oil and ground glass diluted with concentrated
carbolic acid. That will slowly eat away the lining of her womb causing intense
pain, and when the mixture is periodically removed and replaced, the ground
glass will lacerate the entire length of her vaginal passage."  Father Morecock
smiled broadly and nodded his head. " That sounds like just what the doctor
ordered to tame this evil servant of the devil. What other ideas do you have for
making her rebel against the intruder? " Morecock asked. The doctor smiled
evilly and continued.
	" I want to fill her stomach and bowels with something that will
irritate and ultimately perforate the linings of those body parts, and at the
same time create major discomfort and mental disorientation when it is absorbed
into her blood stream. A mixture of crushed nettles and amphetamines suspended
in urine would do the trick, provided the urine had a very high concentration of
body wastes. This is where the camp attendees can play a very important role. I
have calculated that the first urine of the morning collected from everyone in
the camp could be distilled to provide sufficient amounts of a potent carrier
for the drugs and nettles." The priest clapped the bearded man on the back and
exclaimed, " You are a genius! I am glad to count you among those on the side of
goodness and truth! " The two women who were still vigorously pounding away
inside of Mary Katherine's sore and swollen asshole and cunt paused for a moment
before resuming their relentless assault on her body.
	Before turning Mary Katherine over to the tender mercies of the camp
counselors for the remainder of the night, Father Morecock and the doctor took a
final turn on the girl's bleeding asshole, depositing their loads deep inside
her. Just before the priest joined Sister Stigmata in their cozy bed, he looked
in on his charge. The counselors had strung her up by her wrists with legs
spread wide and anchored to bolts in the floor. They were whipping her sunburned
body with freshly cut willow switches that had been soaking in brine for the
last few hours. Already the girl looked like a barber pole, and the night was
just beginning. The priest counted at least a dozen strapping young women
eagerly waiting a turn on the possessed one. Satisfied with what he saw, the
priest headed back to his quarters where the sister waited, furiously
masturbating as she prepared herself for his attentions.
	The priest could not believe his eyes when he checked up on Mary
Elizabeth Gallagher.  She was still hanging from her wrists and pair of
well-muscled young ladies was busily putting a fresh layer of cuts into the
girl's bare body. One was slashing her front side to ribbons, concentrating on
Mary's bloated bags of boob flesh. The other was alternating between the girl's
lacerated ass and her swollen bloody cunt, ripping the tender pussy flesh into
strips of raw hamburger. What made the priest's blood freeze was the fact that
Mary's swollen slit had miraculously freed itself from the heavy-duty tent
thread and industrial strength staples that had been holding her cunt shut the
last time the good father had checked on her condition.
	He questioned the girls who continued to tear into Mary Elizabeth
Gallagher's bleeding body with fresh switches. Neither could remember having
seen her cunt sewed or stapled when they had taken over about an hour ago. They
also commented that considering she had been whipped steadily for the past
twelve hours, her body was in amazing shape. All the cuts she now bore had been
made only during the last hour or so. In fact it appeared that she was healing
almost as fast as they could damage her flesh.
					( To be continued )


					Chapter IX
	Undeterred by the manifestations of the Evil One, Father Morecock had
the battered girl taken down to the dock for a brisk turn or two around the
lake, a favorite of his for refreshing his charges so they could absorb more
punishment as penance for their imperfections and infractions against the Holy
Spirit. After Mary's manacled ankles had been secured to the motorboat's
towline, the hooded girl, her wrists cuffed behind her back, was ready to go
"water skiing". At a signal from the priest one of Mary's cabin mates, Mistress
J, gunned the engine and then threw the boat into gear, jerking Mary's naked
body up onto the cold surface of the lake.
	The priest sat at the stern of the boat shouting instructions and
watching the results as the girl's naked body skipped along the surface like a
stone, or plowed a frothy wake as she was submerged beneath the surface. He
particularly enjoyed watching her body bounce erratically as the boat took a
zigzag course across the water. After making a wide turn at the edge of the lake
he directed the operator to go at top speed to the other end. Once this was
accomplished he had Mary hauled out of the water to check on her ability to take
another tour.
	Mary Katherine Gallagher's body was very cold and when the hood was
removed, her pale, bluish face, lips the color of an overly ripe plum, and eyes
open but unfocused was revealed. Her nipples were stiff from the cold and her
breasts barely moved, so shallow was her breathing.  The good father ordered
that the girl be placed over the drum located at the middle of the boat and be
given a thorough rolling in order to force the water from her lungs and stomach.
Within a few minutes she was coughing up part of the lake. Once she had regained
her senses they gagged her with an oily rag, but removed the plug from her
nostril before zipping her head back under the hood.
	At a nod from Father Morecock, Mary was tossed from the back of the boat
and once more dragged across the lake at a high rate of speed, the boat
fishtailing from side to side to force the girl to plow beneath the surface.
After about ten minutes of water skiing and snorkeling minus the snorkel and
skis, the priest decided to see how far they could get Mary to fly. The first
attempt failed when her body missed the ramp and instead plowed past it
completely submerged. Another pass was quickly initiated and this time the
possessed teen was launched into the air, landing with a huge splash and then
burrowing beneath the surface for almost half a minute before the boat gained
enough speed to force her naked body to again start skipping like a stone across
the lake's surface.
	This time Mary was unconscious when they brought her into the boat. The
girl's body was blue from the cold and she was not breathing. They unzipped the
hood to discover that she had vomited up a considerable amount of bile. Near
panic ensued as they frantically rolled the teen's cold body over the drum and
pounded on her back in an effort to get her lungs to clear and begin
functioning. Father Morecock even mumbled a prayer or two as he watched the
motionless body being moved back and forth across the metal barrel's smooth
	When at last Mary began to cough up the water that had filled her lungs,
everyone relaxed. Father Morecock however soon became angry with the girl
because of the fright she had caused in him. He grabbed the strap that hung from
his waist and began to lay into the naked teen with a fury. Mary was unable to
protect herself, her wrists and ankles still secured. Again and again the
leather found her cringing body and bit deeply into her pale flesh. The priest
zeroed in on her hard nippled breasts and landed blow after blow to them. Then
he switched to her shaved cunt and scored repeatedly on that tender area as she
scurried to find protection from his well-aimed blows. Then as suddenly as it
had begun, his attack ceased. " You will suffer dearly for the discomfort you
have caused me to endure! " he spat at the girl as she blubbered loudly, her
shaking body curled protectively into a fetal position.

					Chapter X
	On the way back to the camp the good servant of the Lord had a wonderful
idea. This child of Satan would be used in one of the courses being given as
part of the summer camp curriculum. The history of the Inquisition was always a
popular subject, but was limited to lectures and a set of dog-eared notes that
had been compiled many years ago by Father Thrasher, a renowned scholar and
authority on this period of Church history. Father Morecock was about to make a
major breakthrough in how this course was to be taught in the future. It would
take at least a week to properly prepare for this new and improved version. A
number of devices and machines had to be constructed. A select cadre of
counselors would have to be trained so they could adequately perform their
roles. Naturally he had already reserved the major parts of this pageant of pain
for himself and other members of the clergy.
	He was concerned that the presence of Mary Katherine would distract the
camp personnel as well as those attending. He was in a quandary about what to do
with her. He decided to call his mentor, Father Flogg, for advice. This proved
to be an excellent idea. The old priest heartily approved of his plans for the
possessed girl and announced that he would make every attempt to be in
attendance when Father Morecock debuted his updated version of this course.
	Father Flogg then proceeded to tell his protege about Camp Animus, a
place dedicated to bestiality. Approximately ten years ago a sect of defrocked
priests and renegade nuns established a refuge for their unholy order in the
vicinity of the summer camp. Its guiding principle was summed up in the
following two rules. " We should know and love all God's creatures including the
beasts of the field. Women should be sexually subservient to these animals to
show their love for God's works." A few of the more radical members of the sect
wanted to extend this second rule to include men as well, but this proposal was
denied by the head of the order.
	Financial support for the small band came from their successful efforts
to establish what became a thriving business of producing and distributing video
tapes of their very unique rites to a variety of foreign outlets who were
somewhat in concert with their philosophy of knowing, in the biblical sense, all
God's creatures. The establishment of this outpost of evil caused a furor that
reverberated up to the office of the archdiocese, where it was decreed that
there would be no formal acknowledgement of the existence of this place, and
even more importantly, no interaction with any member of the sect. For some
years this fiat was honored even though a distance less than five miles, as the
crow flies, separated the two camps.
	Coincidently the leader of the sect, the rechristened Father Equus, was
well known to Father Flogg. The two had met at the seminary and had kept in
touch over the years when he was known as Father Fangcutter. Their close
physical proximity and the passage of time created a situation where there
developed a very informal, almost tenuous line of communication between the two
old acquaintances. The old priest now offered to provide his young assistant
access to Father Equus, believing that there was a good chance that the order
might accept Mary Katherine on a temporary basis. " I believe my old friend will
be most intrigued by the opportunity to drive the demon from the girl, thereby
demonstrating that God is, so to speak, on their side." Flogg said, summarizing
his approach to the problem of keeping her from becoming a distraction.
	A few hours after his conversation with his mentor Father Morecock
received a call from Father Equus. It was a long and difficult negotiation. He
thought he had made an excellent case concerning the need for Mary Katherine to
be lodged with the nearby group. He had then carefully pointed out the
advantages that would accrue to the order if they managed to exorcize this demon
that had proven to be impervious to his attempts to drive it from the girl.
However the head of the order was not so easily convinced. He had realized quite
early in their negotiation that this "gift horse", so to speak, might have very
poor teeth. Father Morecock, not being experienced in dealing with such an
implacable foe was forced to give ground and sweeten the pot in the form of a
pair of his counselors who would become part of the package. To his dismay this
was not enough. He also had to agree that the two girls would remain with the
order for the rest of the summer. The defrocked priest ended the call once he
had informed Morecock that he would send a guide to escort the three girls back
to his camp.
	The young priest suffered some pangs of conscience when he informed two
of Mary's cabin mates, the aforementioned Mistresses J and E, that they would be
accompanying the girl on her hike to a secret place. He made it sound as if they
were to be her guards and once their charge was delivered they would be
returning to camp. He did neglect to tell the two that their return would be
delayed considerably and it was quite likely that their faith would be sorely
tried during their stay with the sect. He consoled himself with the thought that
perhaps their ordeals might cause them to deviate from the lesbian path they
seemed determined to follow.
	While these events were taking place Mary was undergoing a thorough
thrashing at the hands of the angry and quite frustrated camp counselors. No
matter how hard or how long she was beaten she miraculously began to heal the
moment they stopped. They finally gave up their efforts to whip the devil out of
her, literally as well as figuratively, and decided to take a new tack. They
dragged the girl to a patch of sandy soil located in a small stand of stunted
trees. While Mary Katherine was held in the firm grip of two of the strongest
girls, others began to spray the area with water until it was transformed into a
muddy mess. Wooden stakes were quickly hammered into the ground and her wrists
and ankles were secured with lengths of leather to them, stretching her naked
body into the shape of an X. This done they began to pour a mixture of sugar and
water over the front of her body until it glistened.
	Mary hardly noticed the first few bites, attributing them to perhaps
flies or even gnats. However within a couple of minutes the drying earth began
to undulate from the thousands of angry soldier ants that had burst from their
caves beneath the dirt, ready to repel the invader. Soon her naked body was
covered with a living blanket of ferocious insects, their mandibles tearing at
her sugar coated flesh. She began to scream in fear and then agony as they
overwhelmed her. The counselors had gathered in a semi-circle at a safe distance
to watch the fun.
	 Her visitor was slow to react to this new threat to its host and the
ants took full advantage of the situation. Mary's screams grew louder and then
died away as the angry army marched over her lips, stinging as they went, and
entered her mouth, rapidly filling it with scores of tiny needles furiously
injecting minute amounts of formic acid into the soft tissue lining her mouth,
the firmer tissue of her gums, and finally her tongue.
	The counselors enjoyed the sight of Mary Katherine writhing in agony as
the fire ants continued to pour out from the ground and invade every opening her
blistering body offered. Some of the young ladies were even diddling themselves,
brought to some kind of sexual boil by the sight unfolding before them. Then
their helpless victim ripped herself free from the stakes that held her in place
and sat up, brushing the swarming ants from her body and twitching like a horse
beset with biting flies. Then she stood erect and stamped her feet as she
continued to brush the angry ants from her naked body. This display of inhuman
power stunned the camp staffers and they moved back in fear. Then when the girl,
still partially coated with stinging ants, advanced toward them they fled back
to the safety of the camp buildings, leaving the girl to finish cleaning herself
of the vicious jawed solder ants.
	Father Morecock, having finished his discussion with the leader of the
sect, was just leaving his cabin when he was nearly bowled over by a group of
stampeding camp staffers. He managed to stop one of the young ladies, a
toothsome morsel that he had plans for before the summer ran its course, and
calmed her down sufficiently to discover what had just transpired just beyond
the camp grounds. He hurried over to the doctor's station and told him what had
occurred. " I have just the solution to this problem," the physician said as he
rummaged around in his medical bag. He gave a grunt of satisfaction and then
withdrew a small leather pouch, which when opened revealed a gleaming syringe
and a vial of blue tinged liquid. He smiled and said, "This is capable of
calming down animals weighing up to one thousand pounds. I think it should do
nicely for our little troublemaker."
					(To be continued)

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 11

	It was an easy matter to approach Mary, who was still busy removing ants
from her person. As promised the drug worked quickly on the girl and soon she
was down on the ground in a stupor. A second injection finished her off. She was
turned over to a group of counselors who quickly restrained her with manacles
and dragged her back to one of the outlying cabins for safe keeping and another
severe dose of discipline while they waited for further instructions.

	They hung the comatose girl from a hook in the ceiling by her manacled
wrists,  which put a tremendous strain on her shoulders and upper arms which
were pulled into an unnatural position since her wrists were secured behind her
back. To add to her misery,  weights were attached to the chain that linked the
metal bands biting into her ankles. The young women's fear of her was now
replaced by anger, even fury, that she could instill such dread in them. They
were bound and determined to take revenge on her.

	Her cabin mates were the most familiar with her satanic ability to heal,
and took the lead in devising new and even more drastic methods to punish this
possessed teen. While they accumulated the things necessary to put their plan
into action, the rest of the counselors lined up to work off their nervous
energy on their still unconscious prisoner. Despite the knowledge that her body
could regenerate itself almost as fast as they could damage it, they were still
eager for the opportunity to test themselves against the evil power residing
within this pudgy, pale, pasty-faced teen.

	This time they didn't bother with standard whips or straps, instead
opting for items that would rip and tear the flesh to tatters, or be capable of
bursting the skin and breaking the bones beneath. During the time it took to
collect things such as razor wire, lengths of hard wood, crude whips made from
strands of metal, rubber hoses filled with lead shot, a set of golf clubs and
even a blackjack, Mary Katherine swayed by her wrists, still under the influence
of the powerful tranquilizers she had running through her system. Her visitor
seemed to be content to remain focused on its own agenda for Mary, offering no
sign to the girls that it even existed. In parallel the other group was
rummaging through the storage areas in search of what they needed to support
their plans. By the time they had assembled the frightful tools that they would
employ, Mary was being slashed and battered by two line of counselors, each
concentrating their fury on whatever portion of her body became available.

	Those already busily engaged in tearing Mary Katherine's body to shreds
hardly noticed when the others wheeled in two braziers filled with coals, a
goodly number of metal bars, a pair of tongs, numerous pliers as well as a metal
gasoline can filled with alcohol. The leader, Ilsa, Mistress I to Mary
Katherine, ordered her two companions to fire up the coals. While the braziers
heated, she took in the activity now going on. Mary's bottom was bleeding in
dozens of places and as Ilsa watched, a chunk of flesh was separated from the
girl's ass by a particularly vicious blow from a razor wire lash wielded by one
of the more well muscled counselors. The pudgy teen appeared to be still
unconscious based on her lack of reaction to the brutal assault her body was

	Two girls were taking turns clubbing her straining shoulders with
sawed-off lengths of wood, while another pair were battering her tits with a
combination consisting of a weighted rubber hose and a blackjack. Mary's tits
had turned into a rainbow of discolored meat as the soft globes flattened and
bounced under the relentless attack. Worse still was what another pair were
doing to her belly and fat-lipped cunt. They were smashing into her tender flesh
with golf clubs that made a sickening thud as they were buried in her cunt and
soft midsection.

	 Mary's lack of response to the brutal beating she was getting
infuriated the counselors and they redoubled their efforts. Now her body spurted
blood from numerous deep wounds and more chunks of flesh were torn from her ass,
thighs, even her pear-shaped tits, which were now being whipped with razor wire
and bundles of metal shards. The two using golf clubs on her had positioned
themselves fore and aft and were jamming the shafts deep into her cunt and
asshole, bringing rivers of blood from both holes.

	 No human could have survived the damage they produced in their
helpless, comatose victim.  Unfortunately for them they had awakened the
creature residing within her and now had to face its wrath and pay a terrible
price for their cruelty and the disrespect they showed to this evil force.
Without warning the torrents of blood that streamed from Mary's body,
splattering the frenzied counselors, turned into jets of fire that burned,
roasted and even melted their flesh. The hair of those surrounding her burst
into flame and all lost their sight as the liquid in their eyes literally
exploded from the heat.

	Ilsa and her cohorts were spared, proving that timing was everything in
this case. They fled, screaming into the night, as their fellow counselors were
reduced to burned out shells that spasmed and shook in agony, becoming a sick
paraody of what once had been firm youthful bodies just blossoming into full
maturity. Meanwhile Mary Katherine's body began to reassemble back into the
pale, pudgy container that sheltered this powerful force. Once the
transformation was complete, her tormentors also began the process of regaining
their bodies.Unfortunately their minds would be scarred for life and never would
they be able to sleep without experiencing a taste of the fate that awaited them
once they left this world.

	The news of what had occurred soon got back to Father Morecock and the
doctor. Initially they dismissed the story they heard as the result of some type
of mass hysteria that had afflicted the counselors. They managed to round up a
few counselors that hadn't been involved with Mary's latest discipline session,
and the two men led this group to the outlying cabin where Mary waited along
with those girls who had so brutally beaten her. Mary was still dangling from
the hook, unconscious, but her body showed no signs of any trauma. The six girls
who had suffered the wrath of the demon that possessed Mary stood around her
with blank stares on their faces. They too showed no evidence of having been
harmed in any physical way, but the doctor quickly realized that something out
of the ordinary had happened here.

	The yong priest and the doctor began to bark orders to the girls who had
accompanied them and soon Mary had been taken down and freed of her bonds. The
girl was placed on a stretcher and she and her former tormentors were taken to
the camp infirmary for treatment while the men remained behind to discuss this
event and its ramifications.

	" Doctor,the sooner we have this child of Satan out of camp, the better.
I could feel the demon's presence the moment we entered the cabin. We are
dealing with a powerful force and need outside help if we are to save that

	" I've seen enough to make me realize that this is some paranormal
entity at work here. You may call it Satan, or a demon, but it is something we
cannot control at this moment. I concur with you, we need to keep this thing at
bay by removing it from the camp, if it will allow us to do that. However I
don't know what would constitute suitable reinforcements against this power.
Make no mistake about it, something happened here that was out of the ordinary.
Up until now only Mary seemed to be directly influenced by it. I believe that
there is some truth in the hysterical ranting of these young women. I've seen
enough cases of shock to know that something terrible created those blank
stares. We are now on very dangerous ground."

	The next morning Mary was prepared for her journey to Camp Animus. She
was stark naked and bowed beneath a heavy wooden yoke to which her arms were
extended and tightly tied. Perhaps out of spite, but more likely from fear, her
cunt had been filled with a gel that quickly set up once it came into contact
with her secretions, which were plentiful these days. A small plastic bung had
been pushed up her urethra and surgical glue had been used to keep it secured.
Its removal would produce considerable pain in the girl. Her mouth was filled
with a bag of rock salt which would slowly release its contents as the day wore
on. Tape loaded with surgical glue was wrapped around her mouth to hold the bag
in place. Her ears were filled with another gel that was heat sensitive. Her
body temperature was quite sufficient to make it become a solid, form- fitting
barrier to sound. A bung made from rubber had been hammered up one of her
nostrils; the other was stuffed with cotton, which would allow her some air
while she made the long hike to the outlaw sect's camp. Prior to being tied to
the yoke, the girl had taken an enema of a viscous compound akin to the gel that
now filled her cunt. This one formed a low density material that effectively
blocked anything from entering her rectum. Although the doctor had been
instrumental in coming up with most of these barriers, the man of medicine knew
that this was nothing but window dressing, a sop to the superstituous, at best
something like a juju.

	  The girl would be accompanied by two of her cabin mates, Mistress J
and E. The trio faced a daunting trek through six miles of brush, switchbacks
and strong running streams before they would reach their goal. There would be
precious little shelter from the blazing sun and poor Mary had absolutely no way
to protect herself from either the natural elements or the hordes of insects,
both crawling and flying, that inhabited this hilly terrain. Had she known of
the torments that her guides had planned, she would have given in to utter

	Father Morecock, Ilsa, the doctor and his nurse saw the little band off,
then returned to the business of running the camp and preparing for Mary's
return. It did not take the counselors long to begin tormenting their naked
charge. They took a detour that allowed them to collect some whippy branches
from the saplings growing beside the crude trail, as well as bunches of nettles
and cockleburs that they gingerly picked with their gloved hands. By the time
they were back on the dirt path Mary was already suffering from her accidental
contact with the unruly plant and insect life that thrived in these woods. Her
legs and thighs were beginning to be spotted with tiny cuts, scratches and
bites. Even though it had been only an hour since the sun had risen, Mary was
already beginning to break a sweat from the weight of the yoke and the
resistance she met as she plodded through stands of tall grass and tried to
avoid the sharp rock outcroppings that made the path seem like a mine field to
her unprotected feet.

	They hit the first of many switchbacks about an hour into their trek. To
incentivize Mary Katherine to apply herself to the task of moving her weighted
down body through a vertical distance of approximately forty feet, her two
companions flanked her and proceeded to use the freshly cut branches on her
broad bottom and dappled thighs. The girl grunted and gasped as she slowly
wended her way to the top. The counselors were so tired from the climb that they
called a halt upon reaching their destination. They retreated to a clump of
bushes that provided some shade, leaving Mary to suffer from the sun and the
insects that had been attracted to her sweaty body.

	Somewhat refreshed, Mary's companions took the opportunity to decorate
their prisoner. They girded her midriff with sprigs of nettles, and planted
cockleburs beneath her droopy tits. To keep them in place they strung a length
of some kind of vine around her chest, and knotted it tightly. Once this was
done it became child's play to add a few more nettle sprigs to the vine. Now
with every step Mary would be rubbing her tender flesh against the stinging
plants festooning her upper body. A few vicious cuts across her backside got her
moving once more; this time through a dense patch of dry grass. Mary began to
doubt her ability to continue much further under these terrible conditions.

	The nettles began to do their work, causing patches of irritated flesh
to pop up where the hollow spines had literally injected tiny amounts of formic
acid into her. The burrs ate away at the tender undersides of her tits, digging
in deeper and deeper with each heavy step she took. Strangely enough the
barriers that had been applied to her orifices protected her somewhat from the
swarms of stinging insects that hovered around her. They did however feast on
the tips of her ears, her tits, and her vulnerable armpits, fully exposed from
the way she was fastened to the yoke. The worse part of their attack centered on
the region of her eyes, especially the lids which soon became so swollen that
any blinking caused intense pain. Mary Katherine was beginning to think that she
was in hell.

	Her captors were merciless, deliberately marching her through poison
sumac growths and stands of dry grass that punctured her skin from waist to
ankles as she plowed through it. They hit a second switchback and the counselors
had to whip her continuously to force her up the dirt path that rose another
thirty feet or so to an area of felled trees and dense brush. It was slow going
as the trio picked their way through the obstacle course, pausing repeatedly to
get their  bearings before pressing on.

	 Mary Katherine tripped over a log half buried in the dense underbrush
and fell, the heavy yoke driving her face into the ground. The girls whipped her
furiously in a vain attempt to make her get up, but she was unable to move
because of the yoke that pinned her to the ground. The frustrated counselors
finally stopped cutting Mary's back and ass to ribbons and regained their
senses. It took some doing, but they managed to get the girl back on her feet.

	After covering about a half mile, they encountered a stream of rushing,
surprisingly cold water that they had to cross. A rope was looped around their
captive's yoke and they whipped her like a beast of burden to force her to enter
the powerful stream. In two steps Mary was in water up to her waist. It's force
was such that the nettles that girded her hips were ripped free and swept away.
The combination of cold and friction acted to relieve her of some of the pain
associated with her wounds. Mary was so focused on enjoying this bit of relief
that she suddenly lost her balance and fell, face first, into the rushing

	The two counselors hung on to the rope for dear life as the water fought
to carry away their prisoner. The stream tumbled the yoked girl into an
outcropping of rock where she became wedged, head above the water. Mistress E
had enough sense left to take advantage of this situation, looping the rope
around the stump of a tree to anchor Mary in place. Then she and her companion
carefully waded to where Mary had settled and surveyed the situation. They
quickly determined that she was safe for the moment, but without help, they
would not be able to remove her from the stream.

	For the first time since this trek began, they took a close look at her
and realized that she was in terrible shape; pale, eyes swollen nearly shut,
struggling for every breath, her body sunburned and covered with insect bites,
scratches, welts, cuts and ulcerating sores. They knew that they still had
perhaps three miles or so to go before they would reach the sect's camp. Mary
was in no condition to go much further even if they managed to extricate her
from the rocks.

	They would be in big trouble with all concerned if Mary was not
delivered to Father Equus and his followers by the agreed upon time. The only
thing that made sense was that one would stay with Mary Katherine while the
other went on to their destination and returned with help. A coin flip
determined that Mistress J would stay with Mary.

                		Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 12

	Three hours later a dazed, terribly sunburned Mary Katherine Gallagher
was pulled from the rocks.  Now accompanied by her two original companions and a
trio from the sect, the girl resumed her arduous trek. Her new handlers showed
her little consideration, poking and prodding her whenever she faltered or began
to fall behind the steady pace they had established. Fortunately for her the sun
was now low in the sky and they were passing through heavily wooded areas that
provided additional shelter from the blistering rays.

	In the interests of speeding their journey to the camp the sect members
decided to free the girl from the yoke, leaving it behind as they hurried to
reach their destination before night fell. Mary still was securely restrained,
her hands tied tightly behind her back and her ankles hobbled. However they had
also removed all those items impeding her breathing, an action that concerned
the two girls from her camp who feared that the demon that possessed her could
now attack them easily. This fear was given no credence by the sect members, and
so the girls held their own opinion silent, but gave Mary a wide berth.

	It was dusk when the little group entered Camp Animus, a collection of
low wooden buildings surrounded by a number of corrals and barns. It was the
leader of the sect, Father Equus, who was waiting to greet them.

	"So this is Satan's spawn; she doesn't look very threatening to me, but
then again the Dark One has been known to appear in many guises. We shall
quickly see who or what, if anything, is inhabiting this sinner. Bind her
securely and hang her by her ankles from the tree growing by my cabin. Gag her
securely so that she cannot disturb my rest this night. I will begin dealing
with her in the morning."

	When he finished speaking he gestured to his people and they escorted
the two girls who had been responsible for Mary Katherine during her journey to
one of the crude cabins so they too could rest. Little did they know that they
also would be put to the test once the new day dawned.

	Mary's two companions were quite amazed when they saw her the next
morning. Their ward was still covered with cuts and patches of irritated skin
from her contact with the various noxious plants of the woods. If anything her
sun burned skin was a deeper shade of scarlet and blisters had formed on the
usually more sheltered portions of her body such as her breasts, pubes and
bottom. As she stood there naked, surrounded by the members of the camp, Mary
shivered from the pain she was experiencing. Their observations were interrupted
by the voice of Father Equus intoning the morning prayer. It was in a language
like no other they had ever heard and they trembled as their eyes took in the
group of sect members responding to the alien words of their leader.

	There were perhaps two dozen or so men and women, all clad in animal
skins. Some such as skunk, otter and opposum were recognizable as part of the
local environment, but most were foreign not only to the area, but to the
continent and in some cases did not appear to be of this world. Yet all these
trappings that hung from the bodies of the camp members had an aura of
authenticity. Mistress E, who planned to major in animal physiology was strongly
moved by what she saw. The coverings appeared to be seamless, blending from one
animal to another, almost by magic. Each covering was unique as far as the
number and type of animals that were represented. There was no pattern to it.
Buffalo merged into cheetah into boar into llama into something alien into cow
into wolf into beaver into who knew what. To stare for too long at one covering
was to become almost hynotized by what was and was not revealed.

	Once more Father Equus spoke, this time in English.

	"Take those two to the kennels and bring the other to the stable"

	Before the girls realized what was happening, the two camp counselors
were being escorted to one of the low wooden buildings while their charge, in
the company of the sect leader and roughly half a dozen followers, headed in the
direction of one of the corrals.

	Father Equus watched impassively as the pony's thick length of meat
battered its way deeper and deeper into the sun burned girl's cunt. Secretly he
was surprised that she had not put up any resistance as his men placed her into
the sling arrangement that made her easily accessible to the animal. She
remained calm as the men set about binding her wrists to one of the posts
supporting the sling and stretched her legs to the point that her tendons
trembled from the strain. No sound came from her as her ankles were roped to the
two stakes that had been driven into the ground. She had merely stared vacantly
at the ceiling of the stable as the pony began its relentless assault.

	 It had taken the animal a number of tries before its sex organ split
open her cunt lips and began the agonizing process of burrowing its way into her
tender channel. Only then did she show any reaction, some quick gasps, a few
choked cries of pain and then only silence. It was so quiet in the stable that
one could hear the squishing sound that the pony's member made as it bored
further and further into its warm, wet target. Then it whinnied and commenced
punishing the naked teen with vicious strokes, going deeper and deeper with
every piston like stroke. Mary finally let out a scream as the pony bottomed out
against her cervix. Her screams grew louder as the animal mindlessly tried to
punch its way through this barrier. Her hips began to churn and her belly
muscles could be seen working to accommodate the length of solid flesh that had
now turned her cunt lips into a thin tortured line of straining skin.

	Things had not gone well at the kennels for the two girls. Mistress E
and her companion put up a valiant struggle once they became aware of the
intentions of the sect members. Unlike Mary these two were in superb physical
condition and were highly motivated to avoid being raped by a pack of dogs.
Unfortunately there were too many opponents to overcome and once mistress J went
down from a lucky blow to the back of her skull from a wooden club, the other
girl had no chance. The strangely garbed sect members tore the clothing from the
girls and bound their hands behind their backs. A number of their assailants now
took this opportunity to repay the girls in kind, the men slapping and punching
their helpless captives while the women used fingernails, made jagged from the
harsh work they performed, to cruelly rake their sensitive breasts and smooth
shaven pubic mounds.

	Despite their struggling, both girls were soon locked securely into a
pair of modified wooden stocks that forced them to their knees. Crude blankets
were placed over their backs and their totally exposed cunts were rubbed with
some kind of foul smelling paste. It would be a few minutes before they would
realize with horror that to all extents and purposes they were now a pair of
bitches in heat. Just before the first group of excited dogs were released upon
them, more of the paste was carefully rubbed across their faces, concentrating
on their closed lips.

	After an hour or so of steady attacks by the dog pack both girls were
coated with dried semen and their haunches and the backs of their legs were
scratched and bleeding from the nails and teeth of the sex maddened canines. The
furious attacks and the lengthy couplings took their toll of the girls' tender
sex channels. Worse still their faces had been bruised and battered by the
fenzied animals unable to mate with them, and repeatedly splashed with dog
semen. Both J and E had swallowed more than one load of salty fluid that seemed
to issue nearly continuously from the rutting dogs.

	It was at this point when all the pack members had taken a turn with
their prey that the women entered and began to perform one of the sect's bizzare
rituals. The two girls at first were two numbed from their experience to realize
that the tongues now lapping away the residue of the dogs belonged to women. At
least two tongues were cleansing the face of each girl, and others too numerous
to count were covering their semen coated bottoms and worming their way into the
sodden channels that were filled to overflowing with the efforts of the dog
pack. Soon the two counselors were doing their best to prevent this horrible
activity from happening. In a sense they were trying subconsciously to separate
themselves from the human appearing creatures that were noisily suctioning up
the remnants from the initiation assault of the pack. It did not take very long
for this obscene cleansing process to be finished. Once more the cloth was used
to season the two helpless captives and the door to the holding pen was raised
to allow the first wave of animals to resume their ferocious attack.

	Father Equus nodded and the second stallion was brought out to where the
naked teen awaited. After the pony,Mary had been moved to a site designed to
accommodate the mating of full grown horses. The teen was now bent over a padded
rail, legs spread wide and securely anchored to the stakes driven into the
ground. Her cunt was gaping and a stream of viscuous fluid from the first
stallion ran down her trembling legs to be captured for further use by the pans
in which she stood.

	 It took a number of men to situate the huge animal with its hoofs
planted firmly on the thick length of wood that overhung the girl. It did not
take long before the animal's massive cock was fully erect and ready to impale
Mary Katherine. The process of aligning the horse's huge prong with the
relatively small entry of his human dam required a great deal of skill and
timing on the part of those involved. After a number of false starts the
coupling was accomplished as evidenced by the loud shrill scream that came from
the teen. As she had done previously when the pony and its larger relative had
begun entering, her body seemed to relax and the only sounds thereafter were
from the animal as it struggled to gain more of a purchase within her.

	 The head of the sect did not know what to make of her strange behavior.
All of the other women sacrificed in this manner had screamed until their voices
cracked while their tender channels were strained to the point that torrents of
blood spurted from the boundary separating human from animal flesh. It was the
lack of blood that was troubling the defrocked priest. It was required for the
sacrifice to be acceptable. There must be a mixing of the essences of human and
animal to make the offering valid. Perhaps this time the coupling would yield
the expected result. If not, there were still a number of stallions available
and if they were not sufficient there was always a second round to be
considered. The girl seemed to have the type of strength that would enable such
thoughts to be seriously contemplated. Equus was not yet willing to give
credence to what he had been told by the young priest who had handled most of
the negotiations between the two camps.

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 13


	This stubborn, sun burned girl, her naked body shaking from the furious
thrusts of the stallion, reminded him of another time when he was younger and
his flock was just beginning to  form. A beautiful sylph of a girl had somehow
found her way to them and soon was a full fledged member of his growing band of
followers. Her love for animals seemed to have no bounds, and everyone loved her
in turn. However it slowly began to dawn on him that her love for animals was
only a part of her interests. He started to pay heed to certain signs and soon
was able to gather sufficient evidence that she was in league with a demon; a
tool designed to bring about an end to all his dreams. She had already infected
one of the members of his flock, a nun once a member of an order devoted to
strict abstinence and the mortification of the flesh. Equus realized that he
must stand against this evil power immediately, or his flock would be lost
forever to him.

	An assembly of inquiry was convened and the girl and the former nun were
put to the question. To his dismay both females resisted his discipline
strenuously, accusing him of conspiring to destroy the order that he had
founded. For a moment he nearly lost command of his people, so great was his
shock. It was one of the senior members of the flock, another former nun, who
took up his cause, announcing that she had witnessed the two having sexual
congress. This testimony from a well respected member of the group who had been
with him since the beginning was enough to carry the day. To this day he could
not say whether her claim was true or false.

	The assembly of inquiry now became a body of exorcists under his
direction. He still remembered with relish the first sight of the girl's naked
body, still pale despite working in the sun for weeks on end. Except for her
long black tresses she seemed devoid of hair over that slender but shapely body.
Her breasts had barely begun to develop, two budding fruits, each topped with a
stiff pink nipple. It was her cunt that consumed his attention, her plump mound
split by two smooth pink slivers of flesh guarding her secret place.

	 In contrast her companion appeared to be some other species entirely.
The woman had two sagging guord shaped breasts with dark nipples. Her slit was
hidden from view by a mass of thick, black curly hair that flared up from
between her heavy thighs. There was a line of matted hair reaching up to her
navel. This fur-like curtain even extended to the region between her fleshy
buttocks. What caught his attention was the fat nubbin of angry red flesh that
poked up through the jungle. Her clitoris was massive, it had to be three
perhaps four inches in length. Equus had never witnessed such a creation in his
life. Over the next day or so he would become very familiar with that lump as it
was tormented and teased to make its owner confess and give up her mistress to

	Breaking the girl's will proved to be a challenging task. Equus became
convinced during this ordeal that he was correct in assuming that she was a tool
of some powerful demon. Her disciple, the former nun, also proved to be
intransigent in her refusal to acknowledge his domain over her. He was forced to
resort to physical means to bend them to his will. He remembered the stirring in
his loins as he watched the slender girl hanging by her wrists from a tree
branch being whipped by the assembly, each taking a turn that lasted until they
could no longer lift an arm. It was interesting to see what each used and where
they concentrated their attention.

	Without exception the men used straps and lengths of heavy rope that
were often freshened in tubs of brine to add to the girl's pain. They
concentrated their attention on her shapely bottom, back and legs, the straps
and ropes raising welts that became cuts that eventually turned into lacerations
as her flawless skin was ripped to pieces by the relentless assault. She was
shown no mercy, no compassion, no pity, no concern for her health and well
being, even though those who whipped her were often flecked with the blood that
flew from the wounds they were causing.

	Not unexpectedly the women proved to be even crueler. They insisted that
her legs be spread wide to give them easy access to her private parts. This was
accomplished by anchoring her ankles to stakes driven into the ground. Still not
satisfied they pulled her petal shaped lips apart and glued them to her thighs
using spirit gum obtained from the trees. The women mostly used fresh cut willow
switches soaked in water, although a couple chose to batter her bare body with
the small tree limbs that littered the forest glade. They proceeded to target
her budding nubbins and smooth plump pubic mound, slashing these tender areas
into a mass of frothing bleeding pulp. Worse still, those using the heavier
weapons scored one frightful blow after another until the girl's pubic region
was one open wound from which issued blood mixed with her juices and the mucous
that once protected her sex from harm.

	Despite their best efforts she remained conscious throughout the
terrible beatings that she received. The frustrated sect members were at a loss
to explain how she could survive what they had dealt. One of the women became so
enraged that she jammed a tree limb deep within the helpless girl's sex and
ground it back and forth. The girl shrieked in agony as her insides were torn.
This was the only time that she showed any effect of what they were doing to
her. Equus remembered hurrying forward to remove the bloody length of wood from
the recalcitrant sinner, fearing that she might bleed to death on this very spot
of ground. At that time he still was not fully aware of the power that he was

	He would never forget what happened once he pulled the tree limb from
the girl's body. Equus felt a rush of warm air surrounding him and his sight
began to dim. Just before he fainted he realized that the girl's torn body was
radiating this blast of heat that was suffocating him. When he awoke minutes
later he was looking up at his followers who ringed his body. They helped him to
his feet and it was then that he realized fully that they were dealing with a
force outside of the normal world they occupied. Proof of this was hanging less
than fifteen feet from where he stood, and whatever it was, was healing itself
before his eyes.

	His followers assisted him in returning to his quarters where he
remained for many hours. In the meantime his people dealt with the other one who
proved to be much easier to discipline. They had hung her from her ankles to the
same tree branch as the girl had occupied, her legs spread wide and her wrists
tied tightly together and pulled down by the heavy weight they attached to them.
The thick coat of pubic hair offered little protection against the straps, heavy
ropes, willow switches and tree limbs that were used on her sex. She passed out
many times but was quickly revived so that she could absorb more punishment. Her
broad bottom was turned into raw meat from hundreds upon hundreds of lashes that
the sect members applied. Unlike the girl, this one screamed and begged for
mercy as they stripped the skin from her pubes and bottom.

	After the incident involving Father Equus, the girl had gone into a kind
of trance and seemed impervious to pain. So while they whipped her companion,
she was tied securely to a crude fence they had constructed to house some of the
animals. Sporadic attempts to revive her were unsuccessful until a refreshed
Father Equus made an appearance. He immediately bade his followers to cease
their assault on the older woman, telling them that she was merely an extension
of the young one, and thus unimportant.

	"The girl is in league with a demon of great power. I have experienced
its wrath and now have some idea of its strength and hold over the girl. We must
gather ourselves into one being in order to wage a successful struggle against
this evil creation. You must obey my every command and have faith in me. We will
use the power attached to the creatures of the field to wrest this girl's spirit
from the demon that holds sway over her."

	Even today, many years after this event took place, Equus still wonders
whether there was not some type of intervention that took place inspiring him to
speak as he did that afternoon.  At the time he spoke so confidently about using
the power associated with the animal kingdom, he had no idea how to either
obtain or harness it to his needs. Equus decided that his flock needed some kind
of diversion to keep them occupied while he tried to come up with some kind of
strategy involving the animals that would rid them of this demon in their midst.
So he decreed that the girl should once more be tested to find her limits.
Recalling the blast of heat he had recently experienced from her protector, he
decided to literally fight fire with fire.

	Equus supervised his followers as they prepared the still unconscious
girl to be attached to a length of iron that was to serve as a spit. Other
pieces of metal were forged into crude clamps that held her naked, and now fully
healed, body against the iron bar. All during this lengthy process she remained
in a deep sleep or trance. Her arms and legs were tightly bound with thick
lengths of brine soaked rope. There was no change in her even when they rubbed
her body from head to foot with aromatic herbs, oils and animal fat that would
be used to baste her as she slowly cooked over the glowing coals that were now
being fired up.

	While they waited for the bed of coals to reach the proper temperature
they resumed torturing the older woman using fire. She was bound tightly to the
fence which had formerly held the girl, legs spread apart and arms pulled over
the top rail, putting additional strain on her arms and forcing her to arch her
back,  presenting her large breasts for torture. Spirit gum was rubbed into her
thick pubic bush and ignited. The woman writhed in agony, her screams causing
the nearby birds and small animals to fly and skamper deeper into the forest. It
took two more applications of the crude resin to finish burning away the rest of
the hair and cooking most of the skin covering her pubic mound. By then the
former nun was unconscious from the pain and shock that followed. Equus noted
the fact that to date the demon had made no attempt to counter anything that was
being done to the woman. He decided to push further into the demon's domain,
probing its strength as well as any weakness he could see.

	Her now denuded vulva fully exposed to view the misshapen lump of
twitching flesh that was her clitoris. The sight of this massive protuberance
poking free of the folds of its hood acted to intimidate the men and incite the
women to outrage. One of the sect females stepped forward and seized the long
limber fleshy tendril.

	"Some one bring a thong to bind this monster properly," she shouted,
both of her hands clasping the unconscious woman's clit as if it were a snake or

	In due time a length of wet leather was looped tightly around the base
of the former nun's clit. A second thong compressed its middle and still another
captured and throttled the head of this worm-like creature. Ignoring the fact
that their captive was still unconscious, the women set upon her like a pack of
ravening wolves. This seemed to alleviate the fear that kept the men away from
the older woman. Soon two men had picked up tree limbs partially set afire by
the bed of coals and positioned themselves to the sides of the senseless woman.
While the women did their best to utterly destroy the captured clitoris the men
began to club her breasts with brutal blows that flattened, tore and burned the
unprotected fleshy mounds. Everyone with the exception of their leader was now
so busy either punishing or witnessing the activity that was happening to the
woman that they were unaware that the sky had suddenly begun to darken and a
strong wind was beginning to bend the tops of the trees.

	Equus at first was more annoyed than frightened by the dramatic change
in the weather. He started to fret that rain might interfere with his plans for
the girl who lay by the side of the fire pit, tightly bound and secured to the
iron spit by a number of metal clamps that had required the combined strength of
two men using pinchers to close them over her body. However his main worry
involved the naked woman who was absorbing tremendous amounts of savage
treatment from his flock. He was bothered by the fact that she was not
responding to any of the horrible things that were being done to her naked body,
her chest rising and falling rhythmically despite whatever terrible treatment
she was receiving.

	 The women seemed to be fascinated by her gargantuan clitoris, acting as
though it, rather than she, was evil. They had driven dozens of wooden splinters
coated with tree resin through every portion of the fat twitching worm. Now they
were setting the splinters on fire, cooking the lump of flesh. He could smell
the odor of meat cooking, but the meat from what creature, he thought? The
vicious attack on her bare breasts had turned them into two swollen, charred,
bloody bags of raw flesh. The men had stopped the beating and were now torturing
those two dangling spheres of shredded skin and fat. They were using the very
pinchers employed to mount the girl to the iron bar to mutilate what was left of
the former nun's breasts. While one set was being used on the unconscious woman,
the other was heating in the fire pit that awaited the girl.

	The weather became even more ominous; the sky had turned black and then
the first lightning bolt split the canopy of angry clouds swirling directly
overhead. The explosive clap of thunder that followed was deafening, so powerful
that the burst of sound could be felt as well as heard. All those around him
were frozen in terror at the violence that had just been released. Scant seconds
later the skies opened and an avalanche of bitter cold rain inundated the area.
Then the second bolt struck, blasting the bed of coals into a shower of embers
that were extinguished in mid flight by the torrential downpour that quickly
turned the camp into a quagmire. A tremendous rush of wind flattened all those
standing and uprooted a number of trees surrounding the campground. It became
cold, very cold and then the hail rained down upon his followers, huge chunks of
ice that struck brutally, literally breaking bones and tearing off the limbs of
the nearby trees. Through it all Equus remained focused on the pale form of the
girl. Totally helpless and completely unprotected from the mighty forces that
had been unleashed, she remained untouched by the fusillade of heavenly spheres
that pelted down upon them all. It was if she was lying beneath an invisible
shield deflecting all harm away from her. It was then that he was struck by an
ice ball moving at some tremendous velocity and the world became blackness and
silence. In that brief moment prior to departing his senses Equus realized that
the girl was not what he thought her to be.

	It was not until the following day that the leader of the sect recovered
his senses. His head was bandaged and he quickly found out that sudden movements
meant excruciating pain in his temple which had taken the brunt of the icy
projectile's force. Although still unable to leave his bed, he received enough
information from his followers to allow him some degree of respite from the
fears that had gripped him just before the storm struck.

	 The girl was still in the trance but showed no evidence of any
deterioration in her physical condition. Their other captive however had taken a
decided turn for the worse. At first her body shook as if she had the palsy and
she mumbled in an alien tongue none could understand. Then her wounds, which had
been treated to a degree, errupted, producing mini-fountains of blood and a
stench that sickened all those about her. Her monstrous clitoris swelled and
then began spewing a noxious fluid that burned those who came into contact with
it. Panic seized the congregation and they fled from where she was being kept.

	 Hours later when nothing of consequence came forth from her resting
place, a few of the braver sect members entered the hut she occupied. As near as
they could determine the servant of the demon had departed this world; she lay
motionless, cold and pale, body covered in her congealed blood. Her body had
been dragged from the building using ropes to avoid the possibility of becoming
contaminated by any physical contact with it. They decided to abandon the body
deep in the woods and let the animals determine its ultimate fate. This decision
initially pleased Equus since it supported his exhortion to his followers.

	He wrestled with a number of unresolved questions that day, being unable
to leave his bed and do other things. Why had the demon abandoned the girl's
companion to her fate? This made little sense given the tremendous power that it
seemed to possess. Did the demon cause the tremendous storm that left the camp
in disarray and his followers fearful of what might come next? Equus could not
accept the storm being a freak event, merely a random occurrence in the manner
of its timing and ferocity. Yet, if it possessed this type of power, why was it
unwilling or unable to save the older woman? Then there was the enigma of the
young girl. What was she, servant of the demon or its mistress?

	He was dumbstruck when he finally acknowledged the possibility that the
girl was controlling the demon. Things now began to fall into place. The former
nun was probably at best the loyal servant of the demon's mistress. This would
explain her intransigent behavior and willingness to absorb the bulk of the
sect's fury at this evil intrusion. It might even explain that hideous deformity
that had been revealed once they had begun torturing her. It may have very well
been her mark of servitude, placed there at the request of the girl. The ability
of the girl to heal herself and then go into a protective trance was now easily
understood; the demon was doing her bidding, defending her against the followers
of Equus. The nun had been a mere pawn in this struggle, easily sacrificed as
part of the queen's assault on his scattered forces. But why would she even
allow herself to be seized and tormented? This was a great mystery, almost as
unfathomable as her ability to control a demon. It was then that Equus accepted
the new reality that there were things and forces beyond his ken. To survive he
must adapt to the new revelation and begin to educate his followers to the fact
that they, like himself, were part of a greater reality that they could not ever
begin to understand.

	The following day after Equus had his epiphany, a moment that would
inalterably change his life and that of his followers, members of the flock
burst into his room in a panic. They shouted and gestured, some trembling in
fear. It took some time before Equus realized that the girl had departed from
the camp. No one knew when, or how this feat had been accomplished. The last
person to see her reported that she was still in a deep sleep and remained
chained securely to the pallet upon which she had lain ever since the storm. The
chain, unopened, was mute testimony to the power that she possessed or could
call upon.

	Despite being weakened from his injury, the defrocked priest insisted
that his people take him to the place where the body of the former nun had been
left. Equus seemed almost relieved to discover that the body had also vanished
without a trace. The soft earth, still saturated from the storm, provided
abundant evidence that indeed the body had been dragged to this spot and left.
However there was no sign that anything human or animal had created additional
impressions in the area.

	For weeks afterward there was constant speculation from his flock
concerning what had occurred during that three day period. By then Equus had
developed an outline of the creed that would determine the behavior of all those
with him. Its central focus involved the beasts of the field in ways that were
yet to come. He also began to fill in the skeleton of this new belief with
truths or myths such as the virgin and her handmaiden who came from the skies
and returned to them after suffering for the sins of his flock and holding out
the hope of a happier life after death. Equus was rather pleased with the way
his new religion dovetailed in many ways with the one he had abandoned. Who
knows, pehaps with a bit of luck, lightning might strike twice in the same spot?

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 14

	Mary had taken on every stallion in the herd and now was being
revisited. There was no blood, no signs of pain on her vacant face. It was as if
she wasn't even present. Pools of horse semen had formed below her as her cunt
dribbled a steady stream of the equine spendings that had been discharged within
her. Those witnessing this incredible feat of strength on her part were both
stunned and a bit frightened at what was happening. To make matters worse, the
animals were displaying fear as they were brought up to her dangling pale form.
This was a new manifestation of the power that dwelt within her. Obviously it
was protecting its host, but now it seemed to be becoming irritated at the
actions of the sect members.

	Equus sensed this long before the horses started to shy away from the
girl. Indeed it appeared that she was possessed by a powerful force. For some
unknown reason he was more comfortable now that the creature was acting as it
should. It apparently was obeying the same laws that humans employed when they
were threatened, defend yourself initially and if that did not prove
satisfactory, become the aggressor.

	With the encouragement and assistance of the handlers the third stallion
to revisit the girl was brought into position and its long thick penis was made
stiff before being placed at the gaping maw that was the mouth of her cunt. The
animal thrust forward and skewered Mary with one powerful thrust, sinking nearly
half its length into her body. For the first time in many hours her eyes took
life and widened in shock, as if she had just awakened from a deep sleep. She
let out a blood curdling scream as a spurt of blood shot from the cojoined

	The leader of the sect thought for a moment that it was Mary's blood, at
along last. Then the huge animal shook from nose to tail, foam covering its
entire muzzle. It let out an unearthly cry and collapsed to its knees, shuddered
once more and expired. There was a stunned silence in the stable area and then
the sect members bolted in panic as if the devil itself was pursuing them. Equus
stood rooted to the ground, accepting what he had just witnessed, but waiting
for something more threatening to occur to him. There was none forthcoming.

	The former priest sensed the presence of whatever it was. It seemed to
cover him like a thick, heavy mist, making everything about him vague, almost
insubstantial. He felt rather than heard its greeting. He was not afraid, in
fact he felt a tingle of happiness as he confronted this powerful being.

	 Equus walked purposefully toward the girl who had returned to the
catatonic state that had kept her free of pain. He worked the straps of the
combination sling and harness that held Mary captive. Once he had completed his
task her eyes opened and she stepped free of the leather cocoon. He could not
help smiling at this sun burned teenager who had hosted this powerful spirit for
so long. He basked in the smile he received in return, feeling some kind of
soothing aura envelop him.

	When Mary spoke he reacted as if she had risen from the dead, so great
was his shock. All she said, or at least all he heard her say, was two words,
"pain", "purification". There was a lengthy pause and then she repeated herself,
only in a louder, more powerful voice. This time her words were accompanied by a
picture that flashed through his brain, a flickering, undulating tongue of flame
hovering in empty space. He nodded his assent still unsure of the context in
which these two words dwelt. Mary smiled that wondrous smile once more and said,
"woman". In a brief instant he had insight into the meaning of these cryptic
words. He shook himself and bobbed his head up and down in front of this smiling
messenger. Equus thought to himself, " I am the rock; I am reborn this day."
Then he fell to the ground unconscious.

	The sect leader awoke to find himself in his own bed. One of the sect
women was seated a few feet from where he reclined. The moment his eyes blinked
open she approached him.

	 "I am well. There is much to do and quickly. Have the members assemble
in front of the stable." 

	Then he realized that he had no idea of the whereabouts of Mary, the
conduit through which the spirit addressed him.

	"Where is the girl? Has anyone seen her? She must be found."

	The woman assured him that the girl was secured. They had found her on
the floor a few feet from where he had lain. She was in some kind of trance and
no one had been able to rouse her from it. Equus dismissed her as soon as he
knew that Mary was safe. He only had a few minutes to prepare an address to the
flock that would be a revelation and at the same time an instruction to them

	The nearly sixty people who made up his flock were waiting as he strode
towards them, still not exactly sure what he was going to say. To him it was
fairly obvious that the women must undergo some kind of trial to become worthy.
At issue was, worthy for whom or what? He was hoping that the messenger would
awaken and be his guide as he broke the momentous news to his people.

	The moment he reached the spot upon which he would make this
announcement she appeared, seemingly from nowhere. There were surprised murmurs
from the assembled folk at her arrival. Equus took a deep breath and began to
speak. The words came freely and to his mind they made much sense.

	They had been chosen by a powerful spirit to be his vessels. A conduit
from the sect to their new master and teacher was to be selected from among the
women. Before this could be accomplished the candidates would have to be
purified by the men and the animals of the camp. This last statement came as a
surprise to the former priest, but he continued without so much as a pause. Once
the conduit was chosen and had bonded with the spirit they would depend on her
for instruction and revelations. This spirit was not evil, but it's intentions
were not completely clear. Knowledge and faith would have to be developed slowly
at first before the ultimate objective could be revealed.

	Those who were not able to accept his revelations would be given the
option of leaving the camp forever. Those remaining would find a life of
serenity and purpose, and be remembered by generations yet to come. Two of the
men and a woman opted to leave the sect and were given his blessings.

	Since there were nearly twice the number of males in the group he
assigned a team, chosen by lot, to most of the women with a few exceptions. As
their leader he selected one to be his "challenge", as he described the
purification process. He also assigned two of the men to record for "historical"
purposes the entire ritual. In truth this pair were the ones responsible for
producing the tapes that sold so well overseas and provided most of the funding
for the sect's activities. Equus supervised the disrobing of the women and gave
instructions to the men who would perform their purification.

	"There must be pain before redemption, as severe as the woman can bear
and perhaps beyond if the spirit moves you in that direction. There must be
blood shed; it must flow from the secret places in her body as well as those
more obvious. All that which could impede her purification must be driven out by
the harshest measures; fire, water, the scourge. She must be penetrated to her
core and made to give up her failings and ills. It is here that the animals of
the field can be most effective. Only when you feel the peace that will arise
when the woman is pure can you cease your labors."

	It did not take long for the members to separate and set up their own
special areas in which this sacred rite was to take place. Equus marched the
naked sixteen year old to a group of stunted trees and strung her up by her
wrists from a low hanging limb of one of them. He selectd some whippy shoots
from a neighboring willow bush and lit into the girl, slashing away at her plump
tits, then moving down to her rounded belly and finishing his first pass by
striping her thighs with angry welts. He took a breather and saw that so far her
skin remained unbroken. To make her pouting cunt more easily available for
whipping it would be necessary to somehow spread her legs. He left to find some
rope, stakes and a hammer with which to drive them into the ground.

	On his way back and forth he had the opportunity to witness what was
going on in a number of places. He was happy to see that the men had taken him
at his word. A chorus of screams, groans and shrieks gave convincing evidence of
this. He also saw some creative methods applied to the proper performance of
this ritual.

	In two cases teams had come up with the idea of using barbed wire to
enhance the chances of drawing blood from their candidates. A woman with huge
breasts that hung like fat guords from her chest had been trussed with barbed
wire that encircled her chest, stomach and thighs. The two men were beating her
with thick clubs, driving the metal barbs deep into her flesh with each savage
blow. Blood was streaming down her body from dozens of places as she screamed
and begged for mercy. Her outcries only made them redouble their efforts,
pounding her mammoth tits into a set of purplish swollen globes, as blood from
her wounded chest ran in rivulets, following the contours of those hanging

	The other pair had wrapped a strand of barbed wire around the woman's
midsection, some barbs embedded in her navel. A number of strands of wire had
been twisted together and ran up to split her cunt lips and the crack of her ass
before being rejoined to the wire cutting deep into her midsection. They stood
on either side of her and concentrated on beating her cunt with their heavy
belts. The thick patch of pubic hair guarding the entrance to her cunt was
soaked with blood from the wire barbs that worried their way deeper and deeper
into her private parts with each stroke of their belts.

	Equus also witnessed a unique way of achieving a number of objectives
with a single process. A heavy-set woman of perhaps forty or so was hanging
naked from her wrists and screaming mindlessly as wedges of wood were hammered
into her rectum. Her cunt had already been filled to capacity and perhaps a bit
beyond based on the stream of blood soaking its way through the wooden barrier.
He was heartened by the creativity that was being demonstrated by his followers.
Surely this would yield wonderful results when all were finished driving all the
evil from the women. He increased his pace, eager to begin another effort to
purify the blonde teen who hung from the tree limb waiting his return.

					( To be continued )

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 15

	The sect leader stepped back to survey the results of his labor. The
girl's legs were now spread wide apart and anchored by sturdy ropes to the
stakes that he had just finished pounding into the earth. Her cunt was now well
and truly exposed for whatever torments he cared to devise. His eyes zeroed in
on that pink slit covered with a downy coat of wispy blonde pubic hair.

	 The willow switch bit into the narrow lips separating her sex, leaving
a welt that swelled and turned a nasty shade of crimson, in sharp contrast to
her pale flesh. Another and another welt joined the first, angled such that they
neatly cut across the now swelling strips of flesh outlining her most secret
place. He laid another half dozen stripes, walking the line of welts up towards
the top of her cunt. Still there was no evidence of bleeding.

	 This intrigued him to the point that he approached the girl's body and
cruelly pinched her welted cunt lips, bringing a gasping, croaking sound from
her. He was a bit distressed with his own behavior after viciously punching the
teen's bloating cunt, bringing a pitiful groan from her just before she vomited.
He took some time to regain his composure before resuming.

	He tried a new approach in his quest for blood. He removed his heavy
belt, wrapped it around his hand and laid into her back and bottom to see what
effect the thick leather would have on her skin. He decided to concentrate on
her rounded cheeks and in a few minutes he had turned them into twin, swollen
globes covered by flaming skin. The willow switch bit deep into her swollen
rump, but the skin did not break. He concentrated his attack on that soft tender
area just beneath those red rounded cheeks, but was again thwarted.

	"Enough of these games!" Equus thought, and shifted his attention back
to her well whipped cunt.

	His heavy belt thudded into her distended mound, bringing gasps and
groans from her as the tender flesh began to bruise and turn into ugly patches
of red, blue and purple. He once more rested and mauled her pert breasts, still
relatively untouched, but temptingly available. This time the willow shoots
produced the bloody fruit that he wanted. Again and again the willow whip
slashed across her bruised cunt lips creating colorful showers of pink and red
froth. The teen's head lolled against her chest as she absorbed this hellish
fury. Her assailant was far from finished with her.

	Equus felt strongly that he had to set a standard for his flock to
follow. Drawing blood was but the first step. He determined that she would
suffer fire, water, terrible penetrations and be made to accommodate her private
parts to the lusts of the animal kingdom before he would consider her free of
imperfections. To do this he once more had to walk among his people and see how
the mass purifications were progressing.

	On this walk he passed by one of the corrals and noticed two men
diligently plunging a woman head-first into a watering trough for the horses.
Her hands were tied tightly behind her back which was covered with deep gashes
and bruises. Lying beside the trough was a thick branch with sharp nodules along
its length. It was covered with fresh and dried blood, evidently having been
used on the woman who they were now close to drowning. She no longer struggled
and he could see that there were no bubbles coming to the surface.

	Just seconds before he was going to warn them of the consequences of
causing her death, they raised her head from the trough. Her face was nearly
blue, but after a few vicious slaps, she groaned and began spewing the water she
had swallowed back into the wooden container. They waited patiently until she
emptied her stomach, then once more her head was pushed to the bottom of the
trough so violently that it must have smashed against the wooden bottom. Her
struggles lasted much less than a minute, and the grim wait for her to surface
began anew. Equus had more pressing things to address than wondering if these
two would ultimately push the woman beyond her limits.

	He retrieved a jar of animal grease, a rag and a tin containing pine
tree resin, before returning to the stand of stunted trees. On his way back he
encountered another group involved in an effort to remove all the hair on their
subject, a thin, wiry woman with sagging tits and a pubic bush that was being
set afire in sections. The men had roped her to a wooden barricade designed to
control horses. Based on the tendons that bulged in her legs, they had been
yanked apart to their limit, making her cunt vulnerable to anything that these
two could dream up to do to her.

	There was blood trickling from her swollen cunt, evidence that her
insides had been assaulted by something unyielding. The front side of her body
was crossed with dozens of welts, cuts and bruises. Her tits were nearly black
from the thin strips of leather that were strangling the blood supply to them.
Close by to where she was stretched was a small fire. As Equus watched, one of
the men carefully picked up a burning faggot of twigs and waved it across her
crotch, igniting another section of her pubic hair and bringing a shreik of
agony from her that made the hair on the back of his neck stiffen. This was a
sure sign that she was rapidly attaining the perfection that the former priest
expected from all the women of his flock. Equus was pleased.

	His "challenge" awaited him with dread. The moment she realized his
presence she began frantically shaking her head from side to side, pleading with
her large, luminous eyes for some degree of mercy. The sect leader steeled
himself, ignoring her substantial charms, and busily made preparations for her
next trial.

	He rubbed the top of the cleft separating her plump buttocks with some
of the resin and then ran a thin line of the substance across the base of her
spine. Moving to her front side, he decorated those bloated, blood-red cunt lips
with more of the resin, then lightly rubbed a very thin layer down the length of
her slit, daubing a modicum of the sticky material onto her barely visible clit.

	Picking up a dead tree limb, the old priest wrapped the rag around it.
Striking a match, he ignited the rag and then held the flaming end to the resin
covering the girl's back side. It burned with a hissing, popping sound which was
soon overwhelmed by the hoarse screams that came from her as she thrashed
against her bonds in a frenzy of activity aimed at freeing herself from the
blinding pain. 

	The sect leader stepped back to take in her agonized reaction to the
fire that was searing her flesh into a pulsating island of pure pain. The resin
was consumed in a matter of ten to fifteen seconds, an eternity to the helpless
teen. He allowed her to absorb the full impact from the first torching. When she
calmed down to just a shivering, shuddering mass of goose-flesh he lit up her

	To his utter amazement the violent muscle reaction that the burning
caused gave her sufficient strength to actually pull one of the stakes from the
ground. She presented a strange sight, one leg moving crazily, reacting to the
impossible level of torment that she was experiencing, the other still held
fast. Her face had turned into a red mask of straining flesh over taut skin that
gave her a cadaverous appearance.

	For some reason the resin burned more slowly, perhaps some secretions
induced by who knows what had created moisture in her vulva that fought the
blaze for a time before being vaporized by the intense heat. She alternated
between banshee-like wails and sobbing that shook her entire body. He waited
calmly for her keening to subside. She would not die, no, not from this.

	Equus had decided to penetrate this girl in a variety of ways. He had
already selected a broom handle that would fit nicely into either of her holes
and was long enough to stir up her juices, so to speak. However he also wanted
to give her the personal touch and that was where the animal grease came in. But
before he could indulge himself, it was necessary to restake that ankle
securely. She offered little resistance as he pulled her ankle out to just
beyond its original position and then carefully hammered the stake into the
ground until only an inch or two showed.

	The teen showed no emotion as she watched through slitted eyes as the
sect leader slathered a generous amount of the grease over his entire hand,
squeezing it so that it coated even the insides of his fingers. When he reached
out and parted her cunt lips, she shook from the pain it caused. She screamed,
an eerie, high pitched wailing sound as he began to work his fingers, one by one
into her cunt. It was difficult to make any progress in her blistered and
extremely tight channel. He persisted and at last managed to fold his thumb over
and begin the hard work of separating her burnt lips to the point that the mouth
of her vulva would accept his fist. The only resistance to his efforts came from
that tight, narrow passageway that led to her birthing chamber. Her body seemed
to be almost suspended in space, moving slowly like a spider's web being gently
moved by a breeze.

	The old priest was beginning to tire and starting to have second
thoughts about what he was trying to do. Somehow his fist began to slide slowly
but steadily into the warm, wet canal as she choked and cried from the awful
pressure this entry developed within her secret place. His face broke into a
death's head grin as at last his fist popped past the tough muscle guarding her
cunt. He paused to catch his breath, reveling in the position he had established
within the girl's body.

	The naked teen cried uncontrollably as he made his way further and
further into her body, amazed at the way her cunt swallowed his arm. As he made
more and more progress he became curious and more confident of what he could do
to the girl. He tried a few back and forth motions and she moaned so loudly that
he could feel the vibrations in his intruding arm. He moved his fist from side
to side atttempting to stretch the narrow walls that surrounded his limb in a
wet but firm grip.

	He bent his knees and used his legs to propel his fist even further
inside her. The noises she started to make did not sound human. He wondered what
could be causing the terrible pain she now was experiencing. Then he understood;
he had reached the end of her tunnel, penetrating well over a foot into her. He
was actually at the entrance to her uterus. It gave him a heady moment of
triumph that would remain with him for many long winters as he approached the
end of this phase of his existence.

	Before going through the trouble of taking the teen down from the tree,
Equus decided to check out the stable area. He quickly realized that without
assistance there was no way he could possibly have the girl taken by one of the
stallions. On the way back to where she was hanging, he encountered one of the
camera men who was busily documenting what was happening all about the camp.

	At present he was shooting two men who were fisting a gaunt woman in her
thirties. They had tied her up in a way that allowed them to have access to her
cunt and asshole. They knelt on either side of her, one in her cunt, the other
in her asshole. Equus was amazed that she was able to take this terrible
rearrangement of her internal parts without making the types of screams and
cries that the girl had made. It was then he realized that her mouth was stuffed
with a mass of leaves and other vegetation to quiet her. He inquired if the pair
could assist him in the stable and they agreed once they were done stretching
their candidate to her limits.

	The pair knew a short cut to the stables, which they took. As they
passed one of the crude huts located close to the dog run he happened to glance
into the open wndow. There were the two counselors, Mistress J and E, consoling
each other. They were naked and positioned on their sides, head to crotch. He
glanced away quickly and made a mental note to make sure that these two left
Camp Animus as soon as humanly possible. This kind would not be welcome in the
new order of things, of that he was sure.

	His companions proved to be quite competent when it came to horses and
so he left to retrieve the girl while they made arrangements for a proper sling
and harness arrangement, as well as protection for the teen when she was covered
by the stallion. On his return with the dazed and abused young woman, he
suddenly found himself face to face with Mary. His heart leaped into his throat
when he saw the forboding visage she had adopted. Her aura enveloped him as it
had done once before, but this time his surroundings were cold and smelled of
rotted things.

	 He had erred; it came to him in an instant. The conduit had already
been chosen for them; she swayed by his side, too weak to support herself. There
had been nothing random in this selection, it had been foreordained by the
spirit creature. This one had already been purified! Instead of offering her
shelter he had subjected her to the torments of the damned. He could only
imagine the punishment he would suffer.

	A blinding pain sliced through his skull and he trembled. When it felt
as if his body had been turned inside out he vomited and lost control of his
bladder and bowels. He felt an ocean of creeping things carpeting him as he
gibbered, his mind almost completely given over to the fear that held him in its
terrible grip. Then as quickly as it had happened, it ended. He had survived the
spirit's wrath. He did not know why, he merely accepted its decision to allow
him to live. At this moment his state of being, death or life, had no

	He was still troubled by questions he could not answer. Why had the
spirit allowed its new vessel to be tormented by him? Why had he been chosen to
do this evil work? Why did he take such pleasure in what he had done? It dawned
on him that he had been erect most of the time he "purified" his youthful
victim. How could this be? Equus would never know the answers to any of these
questions. However this experience confirmed his belief that he was dealing with
a power that was in some respects benign, and that was a comfort to him for the
remaining days of his life.

	By the time Equus had fully recovered his senses Mary was gone along
with the new conduit; her name was Aurora, a name that fit her well. The sect
leader then sensed that he was expected to fulfill another unspoken command from
the source that now possessed him body and soul, if such a thing existed. His
faith in many things had been shaken to the core this day. He made his way
towards the stable; there was a task he had yet to complete.

	The two counselors were no match for the pair of men who were assisting
their leader. Within minutes Mistress J was securely restrained within the
leather sling, her private parts covered with grease to make her equine lover's
entrance easier. It took a few false starts and a sharp nip from the animal's
large teeth to convince J that it was in her best interests to lie there and
enjoy the ride, as much as she could.

	With some expert assistance from the handlers, stallion and counselor
were finally coupled. Outside of feeling as if she had a log embedded in her
pussy, things went fairly well for J until the animal decided to kick it into
overdrive. Fortunately for the screaming teenager this portion of the trip was
done with blinding speed and she experienced the unique sensation of having a
fire hose blast off within her distended cunt.

	Things did not go as well for Mistress E. Her partner decided to take a
chunk out of her shoulder to calm her down. Unfortunately for the girl, her
reaction spooked the animal who began to use his rigid cock like a battering ram
to enter her very small and at this point, slightly moving target. The hapless
girl bore bruises on her thighs and pubic area that did not go away until about
a month after school began. Worse still one mindless thrust actually collided
with her winking brown eye causing tremendous pain and leading to some very
challenging bowel movements over the next week or so.

	However all's well that ends well, and after a number of near misses the
happy couple was united. Within seconds after sinking nearly a foot of hard
horsemeat into her tight twat, her suitor unleashed a flood of semen that
overflowed her stretched, straining cunt and spewed out over her thighs and
streamed down to the stable flooring. It was a moment the poor young woman would
never ever forget, and may have been responsible for her entry into a convent
the next year.

	After a night spent tossing and turning, trying to keep himself from
giving in to the panicky feelings that tried to possess him, Equus awoke to the
first day of his new life. As he toured the camp still slightly shrouded in the
mist that usually possessed this part of the forest during the summer months he
was astounded to discover that all traces of those terrible things that had
occurred yesterday had disappeared. There were no signs of the many fires that
had been burning all about the place yesterday. Every trace of the ropes and
straps that had been used to restrain the women were gone. Nearly sixty souls
had wandered back and forth over a small section of the camp, but there were no
signs in the earth of any human passage.

	 While he was mulling this over in his mind he encountered a group of
women from his flock. He could not believe what he saw. They were whole; there
was no sign that any had endured the hellish ceremony that he had eagerly
participated in. They bid him good morning, their faces serene and unlined. All
appeared to be in their teens or early twenties; how could this be? Then it
truly sank into his mind that an act of faith had been performed on these
grounds, and this was the reward for those who suffered.

	Later in the day Mary appeared and she too was now whole. Her face was
no longer red and raw from the sun, her bare legs were free from all the
scratches, bruises, insect bites and cuts that had been accumulated on her
arduous trek to Camp Animus. He immediately accepted what his eyes told him,
realizing that the body beneath the cloak-like garment she wore was equally free
of all imperfections. It was time for her to take her leave and return to the
other world. She now was the guide and protector for the two chastened
counselors who would accompany her back. They would never speak of what happened
to them at this place.

	While the trio made their way through the forest, much was going on at
Mary's destination. Devices had been constructed, buildings had been modified
and assignments handed out for those who would be involved in her ultimate
adventure. The Summer was not yet over for Mary Katherine Gallagher.

					( To be Continued ) 

					Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

						Chapter 16

	During Mary's absence the camp had become a beehive of activity. A large
wooden stage had been constructed, surrounded by rows of wooden benches to seat
those who would have the unique opportunity to relive a very important period in
Church history. Two nearby buildings had been converted into crude replicas of
the chambers that were used by the holy fathers to convince heretics that their
salvation lay in confessing their allegiance to Satan and suffering the earthly
punishments that would ultimately lead to eternal life in the bosom of the
Father. Off to the side of the stage was an intimidating stake surrounded by
piles of faggots that simulated one of the more popular methods of sending the
reformed heretic to his or her destiny.

	Under the leadership of Father Morecock, Sister Stigmata and Mistress I,
the members of Camp St. Sebastian had worked like steroid enhanced beavers to
build and shape the various instruments of torment that were typically used in
the interrogation of heretics. They had constructed a crude rack, a number of
posts and frames to which heretics were fastened while they were urged to
confess their sins and renounce their bondage to the Evil One, as well a ladder.

	This particular device was simple in construction and balanced on a
fulcrum which allowed it to be either raised or lowered with the sinner roped
tightly to its rungs. It was used primarily when the heretic was taking the
waters or being dunked into a vat of liquid, which might not be water. There
were variations of this treatment that could be done without the need to use
this instrument. They all provided the same effect, prolonged contact between
the heretic and water, one of the basic elements.

	Another was fire, and it was well represented in the braziers filled
with branding irons. There were also the small portable trays that could be
wheeled beneath the bottom of a heretic fastened to one of the heavy wooden
chairs that had a portion of the seat removed. Others could provide an
additional source of pain to one being racked or suspended by their wrists with
heavy weights attached to thir ankles, stretching their bodies to the point that
breathing became quite painful. In extreme cases long period of hanging in this
manner could be fatal provided there was sufficient weight attached to the
sinners legs.

	There was an impressive display of the various instruments used to beat
the evil from a heretic; whips, taws, straps and lengths of leather with metal
bits embedded into the material.Many of these implements were graciously donated
from the collection amassed by Father Flogg, who had arrived a day prior to the
opening of this massive display of their Faith.

	Upon his arrival the good Father had met with his protege, Father
Morecock, to be brought up to date on all the goings-on that had been occurring
at the camp during this strange summer. Even though he had seen some of the
manifestations of Mary's possession, he was still stunned to hear about her
latest exhibitions of this evil power that held her in its thrall. He was also
more than a little interested to hear about the budding relationship that had
been established between his young assistant and the nubile Agnes Watson.

	It seems that Father Morecock had devoted substantial time to the moral
and spiritual development of young Agnes Watson. This red-haired, blue-eyed
vison of loveliness stood barely five feet tall and consisted of approximately
105 pounds of delightful curves and mysterious hollows, most of which had been
explored by her new mentor. Their daily meetings always included at least a
taste of the strap on her bared bottom to incentivize the young beauty to strive
harder to become a paragon of virtue despite her occasional back-sliding, all of
which she freely confessed to Father Morecock during her daily confession.

	These were conducted while the youngster was in her natural state,
totally devoid of clothing. Since it was common practice for the priest to use
corporal punishment as a form of penance for her sins, Agnes would be handcuffed
prior to beginning her confession to make it easier for them to begin her
penance immediately. Usually Sister Stigmata would assist the priest in
administering the punishment she so richly deserved.

	On occasion the nun would have to resort to means other than the strap
to make the young girl realize the gravity of her offenses against her heavenly
father. Agnes soon became accustomed to her insides being rearranged by the
devoted sister, and in truth had become quite addicted to this form of penance.
All this was not lost on Father Morecock. Within the last week the man of god 
had deflowered his youthful charge and was convinced that she was a better
person for the experience. In point of fact Agnes considered what had been done
to her as the highlight of her stay at Camp St. Sebastian.

	At her confession the day after the event, Agnes admitted that it was
she who had initiated the physical relationship that occurred between them. The
girl freely confessed that the entire tawdry experience was her fault for using
her feminine wiles on the good priest. Morecock renounced her for being a tool
of the devil and pronounced a severe penance that had to be completed before he
would consider lifting the threat of excommunication that could be invoked upon
her by a higher authority in the event that he was not convinced of the
sincerity of her remorse.

	The penance was threefold. The sinner would receive daily for one week,
one hundred lashes with the strap. These would be administered either by
Morecock or an agent he selected. The girl would, of course, be in her natural
state so that no area was immune to the leather kiss of the strap. Currently
Ilsa, AKA Mistress I, the senior camp counselor, was sharing these duties with
the priest. The sinner was to observe a strict fast for the next week. She was
not to take any solid food and was limited to a pint of water each day. Finally
she was subject to the physical needs of Sister Stigmata who was working
diligently to make the Inquisition program a great success.

	As an adjunct to this penance Agnes was to support Father Morecock in
his studies of the Inquisition by becoming a surrogate for the missing sinner,
Mary Katherine Gallagher. In addition, if the sinner was unable to perform the
role expected of her, Agnes Watson, although quite a bit smaller, would take her
place in the program. Morecock could not imagine any circumstance that might
trigger this last condition. He was soon to be proven wrong.

	Father Flogg immediately volunteered to take a portion of Morecock's
duties when it came to administering corporal punishment to the shapely little
redhead. He had brought along his personal flogger, a cruel device whose
business end was shaped in the form of a beaver's tail that he intended to use
on Mary. He was only too happy to at first try it out on the delectable curved
bottom of Agnes Watson. It would be a very tearful reunion between the old
priest and the girl.

	The presence of lovely Agnes in her quarters every evening after an
exhausting twelve hour day doing the lord's business did wonders for Sister
Stigmata's disposition. The girl proved to be a very quick study when it came to
matters involving her tongue and the nun's cunt. She proved equally adept when
she was taught the secrets associated with orally pleasuring the sister's hind
quarters. Agnes was the model of efficiency as she vacuumed up every drop of
moisture that she could wring from the nun's most intimate locations.

	She was motivated not only because of her faith and willingness to serve
her Maker in the best way possible, there was also the matter of her almost
insatiable thirst that redoubled her endless search for things wet. The
saltiness of much of the sister's secretions did somewhat inhibit the gusto with
which she swallowed them down. In a sense, the nun's body was also an instrument
that would challenge her faith, a revelation that came to her one evening when
she was tasked with licking every square inch of Sister Stigmata's body from her
feet to the pungent grotto that existed beyond the guardian forest of unruly
pubic hair growing around its entrance.

	On the sixth day of Agnes Watson's fast there was a tremendous stir
within the camp. Mistress J and E had returned in the company of a tall, golden
skinned girl clad in a tunic and leggings that made her appear to be part of the
forest that circled Camp St. Sebastian. In contrast to the ragged physical
condition of the two counselors, an aura of power and serenity issued from this
golden creature. It was the doctor who was the first to recognize their strange

	"It can't be, but it is! We are lost, it is the possessed one returned
even more powerful than when she left us last week naked and bent under the
weight of the yoke. It is Mary Katherine Gallagher, summon the priest so that he
may defend us from this evil personage."

	The content and tone of his speech acted to instill fear that quickly
turned to panic. It was as if a herd of gazelles had just gotten the scent of a
prowling lioness. The assembled campers fled in all directions; some rushing
into their cabins to lock the door against the wolf, while others ran headlong
into the forest. A few of the more intelligent ones opted for the security of
the lake, hoping that the creature would be repelled by the cold deep water.
Mary stood stock still and smiled warmly as she and the two counselors soon
found themselves once more alone.

	Mistress J and E had been in her presence long enough to understand that
she was not a threat to them. They did not understand her powers, but since they
had been led safely through the forest by the girl, she had other things on her
mind besides harming them. In addition they already had paid a terrible price
for their cruelty towards her on the first trek to Camp Animus. When Mistress I
appeared in the company of Father Morecock, they hardly acknowledged them,
waiting to see what would occur when the camp people collided with this strange
creature that had metamorphosed overnight.

	Father Flogg was tending to business with Agnes. The girl was bent over
the spanking bench, hands and feet tighty tied. He was applying the flogger with
precise strokes that were covering her smooth rounded cheeks with a uniform
crimson cloak. The girl was gagged with her thong bikinis, muffling the yelps,
gasps and cries that began in her throat.

	She had lost count of how many lashes or strokes, as he described them,
she had taken. The gorgeous teen was in a world of hurt and had neither the
knowledge nor the interest in what was happening only less than fifty yards from
where she was. Had she known what was ultimately in store for her, she might
have torn free of her bonds and fled screaming into the forest.

	Once the old priest had pronounced his satisfaction with the state of
her well abraded buttocks, he availed himself of her talented mouth and tongue.
Although well on in years he still was able to respond to her ministrations and
at long last supplemented her strict diet with a small mouthful of semen-poor
fluid which she gobbled down gratefully. Only then did it dawn on the cleric
that something was afoot in Camp St. Sebastian.

	The confrontation between Mary and the camp leaders was more in the
style of a stand-off, neither side attempting to move on the other. The priest
and the counselor had a difficult time trying to accept that this smiling
teenager was the same wretch that they had seen off only a week ago. The two of
them took turns cocking their heads and shading their eyes from the sun as they
viewed her from many angles and slowly realized that this did indeed seem to
resemble what a more mature, clear complexioned version of their former
demon-possessed charge might be.

	 It then became a challenge to them to try to account for this nearly
miraculous transformation. Their queries about this to the two counselors who
still stood close to Mary, obviously choosing to allow her aura to shelter them
as well, bore no fruit. They too were just as mystified as the others concerning
what had happened to affect this remarkable change.

	The arrival of Father Flogg brought matters to a head. The old priest
immediately assumed that this golden girl was but another manifestation of the
Evil One, now come to exact revenge against the campers for all the mistreatment
it had received from them in the past. This conclusion was backed by nothing
except his mistaken faith in his own infallibility. He pointed a bony finger in
the direction of Mary and shouted that she be made captive immediately.

	The senior counselor made the mistake of instantly responding to his
command. She took a number of quick steps towards the still smiling teenager and
grasped her by the tunic. According to Mistress I, when she recovered, it felt
as if she had taken hold of a lightning bolt. Whatever it was, jolted the teen
into insensibility in the blink of an eye, hurling her limp form back a good ten
feet from her quarry. This powerful response from Mary, or whatever was
controlling her, threw the group into a panic and they retreated as if they had
just confronted the devil himself. Only the two counselors remained by Mary's
side, for now they knew indeed that their fortunes were tied to this strange
creature that had led them back to camp.

	To his credit the old priest did not give in easily to this remarkable
display of power from Mary. He was the first to return to her vicinity once he
was assured that the counselor who had suffered a direct hit from whatever Mary
had projected was going to survive. He approached her more cautiously this time
and engaged her in conversation.

	"What are you, and who is your master?" Flogg asked.

	The girl smiled and replied. "I am Mary Katherine Gallagher and I have
no master except the lord."

	Her answer completely confounded the cleric. He was silent for a long
time before he replied.

	"I knew Mary Katherine Gallagher. She was a pale, pudgy creature with
poor hygiene, a miserable taste in panties, and a constant source of trouble for
those of us responsible for her education. I personally must have put a thousand
welts on that broad backside and still she proved to be nothing but a trial and
a tribulation. This is why she came to St. Sebastian's for the summer. It was my
sincere hope that constant attention from those truly interested in her well
being and the health of her immortal soul would produce a transformation in

	"Based on what my colleague, Father Morecock, tells me, she continued to
be a discipline case and the cause of much irritation to the good people
attempting to show her the path to a productive life. In desperation and through
my good offices it was arranged to send the toublemaker to Camp Animus so that
she might benefit from the harsh manner in which they lived and worshipped their

	"Now you have appeared from the air, claiming to be that creature. It
goes against all that I know of her that you are she. What can you provide to
support your outrageous claim?"

	Mary's answer stunned the old priest to his core. She would endure the
one true test of her freedom from evil. She would allow them to give her the
same treatment as those dedicated members of the Holy Church gave to the
heretics during the time of the Inquisition. How fitting would that be
considering this was the reason he had journeyed to Camp St. Sebastian; to see
with his own eyes the tribute that the camp membership had prepared for those
noble fighters against the forces of evil.
	Secretly the old priest could not believe that this creature would offer
herself up to the tender mercies of this blood thirsty group of folk who had
been terrorized by the former and the current manifestation of Mary Katherine

					( To be continued )     

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

					Chapter 17

	Father Flogg still could not believe his good fortune. This possessed
creature was placing herself into his hands once more. This time he would not be
so careless when it came to exacting the information he needed in order to drive
the demon from her. He knew that brute force was not the answer. Now he would go
back to the tried and true techniques pioneered by the Inquisition. It all had
fallen into place. God works in many strange ways so it seemed, but the pieces
of the puzzle were now entirely under his control.

	Good fortune for the old priest however did not translate to the same
for others, especially Agnes Watson. That evening Father Morecock broke the news
to her after she had made her daily confession and was being prepared for the
additional penance she would offer up for the forgiveness of today's offenses.
She would now become the surrogate for Mary in the Inquisition program. So great
was her distress at hearing this, she hardly noticed the dozen strokes from the
cane, which left her bouncy bottom neatly coverd with deep blistering welts.

	Meanwhile in another outbuilding Mary Katherine Gallagher was being put
up for the night in the true sense of the word. She was naked and her manacled
hands had been hooked to a thick bolt protruding from the heavy beam reinforcing
the ceiling. Weights had been attached to her chained ankles to add to her
discomfort. During the long night the oppressive force of gravity would slowly
lengthen her arms and legs until by morning the weights would be barely a few
inches above the floor.

	That night there was a lengthy meeting of the camp leadership to
determine the revised schedule for the program. Mary's initial examination would
now occupy the main stage beginning at sunrise. There would be a break in the
action at midmorning for approximately an hour in order for the sinner to
reflect upon her situation before undergoing further testing.

	During this intermission the first part of the tour of the facilities
located in the two adjacent buildings would be held. This would be Agnes
Watson's opportunity to play her new role. She would demonstrate a variety of
techniques used to convince the recalcitrant sinner of the errors of her ways.
The demonstrations had to be carefully sequenced so that she would be physically
capable of lasting though the entire tour which would take over four hours to

	There was some concern expressed that Mary, based on her previous
behavior, might prove stronger than anticipated and last through the entire day.
This would mean there would be parallel activities going on during late in the
afternoon. To avoid this it was decided that Mary and Agnes would act as
co-demonstrators of the basic Inquisition procedures for the last few hours of
the tour. In the unlikely event that Mary had not yielded to reason, her
examination would be continued the following morning in one of these buildings
until she confessed her allegiance to the demon now possessing her. 

	Most of these new plans were the product of Father Flogg's leadership.
In recognition of this Father Morecock graciously deferred the honor of being
the grand inquisitor to his mentor,  a move that was unanimously approved.

	The next morning it was discovered that Mistress J was gone from the
camp. Her companion had no idea why or when she took her leave. There could be
no doubt that she had returned to Camp Animus, either under duress or by her own
volition. At this time her disappearance was not considered to be of much
significance, so further efforts to get to the bottom of this little mystery
were tabled until the Inquisition program was concluded.

	Every seat was filled by either Church dignitaries invited to view the
program, or eager campers, all anxiously awaiting the appearance of Mary, or
whoever was occupying her body. There were gasps of awe and an ocean of
whispered comments at the entry of this golden child-woman, now in chains and
escorted by Mistress I and her remaining counselors. To many of the young ladies
this could not possibly be their camp mate.

	This one was slim and shapely with pert breasts, a flat stomach, firm
thighs and tapered legs that seemed to melt into the firm rounded cheeks of her
bottom. Her pubes were smooth and devoid of any hair focusing attention onto the
pink ridge of plump flesh that defined her vulva. Her skin was clear and smooth,
her eyes wide, almost luminous. She appeared to glide rather than walk toward
the stage upon which she would be examined, forcing her escorts to nearly run in
an attempt to keep up with this naked, chained beauty.

	Waiting for her on the platform was Father Flogg, now wearing the garb
of the grand inquisitor. As soon as Mary was brought to him he stood and in a
loud voice commanded her to renounce her allegiance to the demon possessing her.
Mary replied that since she was not possessed, it was impossible to do as he
wanted without incriminating herself. Father Flogg smiled inwardly, she was now
his to torment and torture.

	"Prepare her for the search of her person for the possessor's mark."

	This intonement was the signal for Mary to be manacled in a straining X
to the vertical wooden frame that was lifted into position once he had finished
his charge. The first step in the process was to examine the "sinner" to find a
spot on her body that would prove impervious to the long needle that would be
used to probe her flesh. The demon would prevent the needle from drawing blood,
proof that it occupied her body.

	Father Morecock and Sister Stigmata began the lengthy search of Mary's
shapely body, seeking potential sites that would be probed. A slight
imperfection in her armpit attracted their attention. The teen screamed in pain
as four inches of steel penetrated her tender flesh. Her outcry brought gasps
from the audience and a troubled look to Father Flogg's face. This was not the
type of response he expected from her this early in the trial. He could only
think back to her ability to undergo incredible suffering and pain before
finally collapsing into a state of senselessness to protect herself from further

	Over the next hour Mary screamed and cried out for mercy as her body was
pierced in dozens of places. The loudest and most heart rending was when the
probe speared her fat clitoris, causing her to faint. She was quickly revived
and her pert breasts were repeatedly skewered, each time drawing drops or
trickles, in some cases, of blood. When the priest and nun simultaneously drove
needles directly into the center of her nipples she once more passed out as
fresh blood coated the steel probes.

	Flogg suggested that her rear entry way might prove to be the demon's
realm due to its secrecy and protection from prying eyes. To make this a more
interactive experience for the campers, two girls were selected from the
audience to assist the searchers. They were given leather gloves and told to
part Mary's cheeks to expose her anus to the light of day. Morecock was the
first to spear this extremely sensitive area, and as the needle plunged deeply
into her, she let out a scream of agony that caused the audience to cringe in
sympathy. The two girls were so agitated by the teen's response that they let go
of her body and stepped away in fear.

	Two more pairs of girls had to be chosen to participate before the
searchers were convinced that this region of Mary's body was free of the demon's
influence. At this point a brief pause in the search phase of her trial was
decreed by the grand inquisitor. Mary hung in her bonds, her body coated in a
sweaty sheen from her struggles to avoid the terrible pain that was being
inflicted on her person. While she rested and attempted to regain control of her
emotions, her captors were speaking in low voices, deciding what approach to
take next.

	They took a new tack, now probing only the skin covering her bones. Now
the needles were encountering bone instead of flesh and being moved in odd
angles as they were deflected from their intended paths. The results were still
the same, blood, blood, blood. They shifted to the super sensitive flesh below
her nails, first probing each finger in turn until the nails were purple with
trapped blood, and then moving down to her toes which received the same
treatment. It reached the point that another member of the audience was selected
for the sole task of holding smelling salts beneath her nose to revive her for
more pain.

	Finally after a whispered consultation with the grand inquisitor, Mary's
tongue was pulled from her mouth by means of pinchers and stabbed repeatedly.
Soon it was peppered with steel needles which completely penetrated the soft
flesh. Father Flogg himself pronounced that there was no evidence of blood in
certain regions. Thus the test had conclusively proven that Mary Katherine
Gallagher was indeed possessed by a demon whose rank in the hierarchy of evil
was yet to be determined. It was now nearly three hours since her ordeal had
begun. A recess was decreed in order that the apparatus that would be used to
convince Mary to renounce her possessor was readied.

	It as now time for Agnes Watson to play her role in the program, a part
she would have gladly given up to Mary. The audience was now given time to pass
through the various exhibits that showed the devices that had been used to
convince heretics to renounce the devil. To make the experience more meaningful,
a small pecentage of those entering the exhibit area were selected to actually
assist those attempting to save the sinners from eternal damnation.
Unfortunately, in all cases the part of the sinner would be played by poor

	To prevent bottle necks from developing there would be a lecture
presented, lasting a few minutes, before Agnes made her appearance. Then the two
or three lucky girls or Church dignitaries would be given a chance to interact
with Agnes once she was affixed to whatever apparatus was being show cased. Once
this was accomplished, the group would move to the next exhibit and there would
be sufficient time for Agnes to be released and transported, if necessary, to
her next showing.

	During her first tour Agnes was whipped with various implements such as
the scourge, tawse and flogger; in most cases while she was doing her best to
avoid being scraped raw by the spikes or nodules covering the apparatus to which
she was mounted.

	The worst, by far, was the dreaded horse, which required her to balance
her private parts on the sharp edge of a triangular mount studded with metal
nodules, reminding many in the audience of a gigantic cheese grater. To make
things more interesting and challenging Agnes was bound and supported by a rope
noosed about her neck, her legs dangling onto the sides of the apparatus. When
the lucky winners began to whip her back or breasts with a nasty length of
unyielding leather, the helpless girl cursed the fates that had brought her to
this position.

	By the time the audience had toured part of the exhibit and taken their
seats once more, Mary was spread-eagled to a heavy frame, her wrists and ankles
manacled to the corners. A heavy iron collar had been locked around her neck and
the collar was secured to the framework by two links of chain. A thick studded
pole ran the width of the frame, and acted as support for Mary's extended body.
A thick rope had been affixed to the pole and looped over the teen's midriff.
There was a wheel at one end of the pole that when operated would cause the
thick rope to be tightened down over Mary's stomach.

	Mary was basically immobile, her head held fast in the collar. One of
the assistants to the grand inquisitor knelt down beside her and unceremoniously
jammed the end of a large funnel down her throat until she gagged. Mary was now
about to experience one of the more fiendish torments that was a mainstay of the
original inquisitors.

	Father Flogg followed the letter of the law in this matter, asking Mary
to renounce the being currently in charge of her soul. She made no sign,
remaining calm with her eyes fixed on the sky above her. The teen's breathing
had not changed since they put her into this cruel apparatus; she appeared to be
prepared for whatever they intended to do to her. She did not have long to wait.

	The man kneeling beside her began to slowly and carefully pour water
from a large flagon into the funnel. He filled it to the brim and then allowed
Mary a few moments to swallow this initial draught. Once again the funnel was
filled to its brim, and Mary swallowed. As time went on he gave the sinner less
and less time to rid the funnel of its contents. Soon he was pouring water more
slowly but constantly.

	The audience became excited when her belly began to round and then swell
from all the water she had been forced to consume. Finally the flagon was empty.
Mary's chest was rising and falling more rapidly now, for she had strained to
avoid being choked by the onslaught of liquid. A second flagon was produced and
the process resumed; Mary's stomach was now bloated to near its capacity. She
began to writhe against the steel that kept her immobilized. Her eyes were now
blinking rapidly as she struggled to contain her panic.

	Another assistant began to slowly turn the wheel controlling the pole
beneath her body, making the thick rope begin to cut into her bulging belly.
Mary struggled against this new torment but failed to prevent the awful force
that was crushing her stomach and lungs. Suddenly the funnel flew from her mouth
and was instantly replaced by a fountain of water that erupted from her throat.

	Mary's face grew pale as it was nearly impossible for her to draw breath
as long as this torrent of water was blocking access to her lungs. The two men
kneeling beside her were splashed by the warm water issuing from her roiling
stomach. This unmeant slight to their good offices would eliminate any thought
of mercy or charity on their part. The heretic must be made to confess her sins,
no matter what the cost to her well being. The moment she ceased vomiting water
from her mouth, the funnel was jammed back into place and another draught was

	When she was questioned a second time, Mary summoned up enough strength
to declare that she was not renouncing what was not there. This cheeky reply was
rewarded with two back to back draughts that made her appear to be pregnant and
at least a month overdue.

	Once again the rope was winched deep into her swollen stomach resulting
in another awesome fountain spewing water many feet into the air. The young
ladies of the camp tittered when Mary began to relieve her swollen bladder. Her
piss arced into the air and splashed down just short of the first row of
dignitaries, many of whom scattered in surprise and dismay at the prospect of
being pissed on by this devil in human form. One of the assistants placed a
cloth over the teen's genitals to staunch the powerful flow somewhat.

	A new tactic was introduced that also increased the interaction between
the campers and the heretic. Girls were chosen at random to each take a turn
pouring a large cup of water into the funnel. Some poured it slowly, others
rapidly, some paused every so often, others did all of the above. It was
impossible for Mary to control her swallowing under such conditions and she
began to choke, making things get even worse. The audience sat forward on their
seats watching the teen's face turn to an angry red and then gradually fade to a
pale blue as her lungs began to fill with water.

	The wheel turned again, this time more quickly as Mary appeared to be
struggling for her very life. She recovered quite slowly this time, and the
grand inquisitor allowed her more time to regain her composure. He nodded his
head and water began to once more fill the funnel as he leaned forward and said
to her, "I have all the time that it will take to make you see the wisdom of
confessing your sins and begging for forgiveness and mercy. The first plea I
might entertain, you will never know the latter."

	 The fact that at this moment Mary's bladder once more emptied its
contents into the air made it appear that she was deriding the efforts of the
grand inquisitor to make her see the light. It would not go well for her the
rest of this first day under examination. Father Flogg declared a recess to
allow the campers to have lunch and take another part of the tour through the
exhibition housed beside the platform.

	Mary received no such consideration. Instead she was securely gagged and
left to roast in the heat of the day, her naked body slowly yielding to the
cruel rays of the sun. Her golden skin began to take on a mottled coloration.

	Poor Agnes was once more reduced to acting like a crash test dummy for
the admiring throng of campers and invited Church dignitaries. All the talk
however was about what had transpired on the stage this morning. The redhead
dutifully allowed herself to be placed on the crude rack so she could be
stretched by not only those chosen by lot, but also many of the other invited
guests who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the cries and yelps they forced from her.

	The demonstration of the strappado was truncated substantially for fear
that she would be seriously harmed. Instead of having her hands tied tightly
behind her back and then attached to the hanging rope, she was bound with her
hands in front of her body. In this way the amount of stress on her shoulders
was tremendously reduced when her fall was abruptly terminated. Another
component of this torture, namely the distance through which the sinner fell
before being stopped by the rope, was also reduced by nearly half. Despite this,
Agnes' shoulders ached so badly that she was kept awake nearly half the night.

	The sun was well past its zenith when the grand inquisitor once more
asked Mary the question, and again was answered by her silence. A variation of
the water cure was now employed. Rubber shims were jammed into the sinner's
mouth to keep it propped open. A long cloth was then placed across her gaping
entry way and water was very slowly poured into the cloth which captured enough
to make it begin to enter her. It was slow going, but gradually more and more of
the cloth began to disappear into her mouth and start its journey down her
throat. This had the effect of gradually depriving Mary of air.

	Her eyes began to bulge from the strain of trying to gain enough air to
take an occasional breath. More and more water was poured into the cloth and
Mary's face took on a bluish tint as her body trembled. The assistant looked up
to Father Flogg for guidance and received a short nod for him to continue. Mary
fell into a swoon and began to swallow more and more of the water saturated
cloth, now completely depriving her of precious air. Finally the old priest
nodded for the man to remove the cloth from the teen's throat and allow her to
breath once more.

	It took smelling salts to bring Mary back to consciousness. Then the
process was repeated as the audience shifted nervously in their seats, watching
the unequal struggle that once more resulted in the teen strangling as her
airway was totally blocked by the cloth. This time she was revived with a great
deal of difficulty and so the grand inquisitor determined that she would be
exposed to a new challenge. It was most appropriate that fire, the opposite of
water would now be used on the servant of the Evil One.

	Since it would require some time to remove the heavy structure from the
stage and erect the frame that would hold Mary while she was questioned anew,
Father Flogg declared a recess. Once more Agnes Watson, still a solo act, was
called upon to demonstrate the capabilities of some of the more direct methods
of convincing heretics to recant.

	The poor girl was hung from various crosses and stands as well as
suspended and weighted using a system of pulleys and what appeared to be
trapezes. Each was designed for one purpose only, to present various portions of
the sinner's anatomy to the heated irons, baskets of glowing coals and cauldrons
of flame that would be situated beneath or before her straining body. This part
of the tour dovetailed neatly with what was about to occur on the main stage.

	Mary was now stretched to a vertical, rectangular frame allowing easy
access to all of her body. Despite the terrible torments to which she had been
subjected, the teen appeared none the worse for wear. The lengthy recess had
given her time to regroup and she resolved that she would yet triumph over the
evil priest and his cohorts. The grand inquisitor intoned the question as he had
done so many times before and Mary still stubbornly refused to give him the
slightest satisfaction with her silence.

	What was done next lacked any degree of subtlety. A flaming torch was
pulled from the stand that held a mass of glowing coals as well as numerous
irons and a set of pinchers designed to tear the flesh from the hapless victim.
The torch was passed across Mary's face as she recoiled from the heat. It left
her eyebrows singed and a bright rash on those parts of her face it had briefly
touched. Flogg once more asked the question and received no answer. The next
pass went across her pert breasts, slowing slightly to allow the flame to kiss
her nipples, as she cried out in pain and fear.

	The assistant now changed his tactics, poking the fiery brand into her
body wth quick short jabs, leaving a trail of small blisters in his wake. Mary
cried out again and again as the brand moved down to her stomach and then her
thighs. She cringed in terror as he paused to refresh the torch, reaching out to
rub her genitals that were so lewdly displayed by the way in which she was tied.
Once more she was questioned and no response was forthcoming. Flogg nodded his
head and the torch was once more passed, not poked, up and down the length of
her pink fleshed slit. This time she gave a full throated scream as her private
parts gave up their moisture to the power of the flame.

	There was total silence, as if no one in the crowd dared breathe for
fear of causing some terrible catastrophe. The only sounds came from the hissing
torch and Mary's short intakes of air as she struggled to avoid giving into this
terrible fear that was building within her. Now the torturer was behind the teen
and he played the torch across her shoulder blades as she whimpered, then he
moved down her back in a zig-zag fashion, pausing ever so slightly in random
places to give Mary a better taste of the pain that he could provide.

	Mary wrenched furiously against her bonds when he played the torch just
beneath her rounded bottom, letting the flame lick at her tender flesh as she
screamed herself hoarse. Once more it was audience participation time; two young
ladies were chosen to spread Mary's buttocks wide apart to allow her torturer to
play the torch over her winking brown eye. This time her screams rose higher and
higher, the tone wavering as the pain rippled across that tender spot. Suddenly
the tormented teen shuddered and passed out.

	It seemed as if everyone in the audience now took a deep breath and
began to excitedly discuss what they had just witnessed. It took some moments
for the girl to be revived, and a few more for the assembled campers and
dignitaries to settle themselves back down. A new torment involving fire now
took center stage.

	A large bowl of a yellowish substance was brought to the torturer. He
took a small scoop, collected some of the powder and then very carefully
sprinkled it down the sides of her naked body, beginning at her armpits and
letting the powder coat her ribcage as well. He donned a heavy glove and quickly
reached into the stand, withdrawing one of the glowing irons, which he touched
to her rib cage.

	Immediately the entire area coated with the mysterious powder seemed to
explode as Mary made eerie sounds that could not be described. As quickly as the
substance burned, it extinguished itself, leaving a patch of reddened skin where
it had been, as well as an angry blister where the iron had bit into her flesh.
Another touch to her other side created the same brief coating of fire, more
screams and the vague hint of cooked flesh. Mary began to whimper as a new
coating of yellow was applied to the insides of her thighs. She pleaded, even
begged to be spared from this devilish torment, but once again a glowing iron
was pressed into her flesh, not once, but twice as her tender thighs were

	The audience was almost in a frenzy as Mary seemed to be ready to
capitulate, her spirit on the verge of being broken. The grand inquisitor sensed
impending victory over this stubborn creature. More powder was applied to her
breasts, a second layer added to what had already adhered to her sweating skin.
The glowing iron ignited one of her breasts and Mary keened as if in the throes
of her death agonies. This time the fire burned deeper, eating away at the
tender flesh beneath her skin. Her head sank to her chest briefly then jerked up
as the other pert mound burst into flame. Voices from the crowd began to scream
and curse, " Die creature of the darkness...., Die bitch......, Burn, burn,
burn....." It was as if a pack of ravening wolves had joined in for the kill.

	The torturer was in total command of his victim. "Once more or perhaps
twice, and this evil servant of the Dark One will be confessing to the skies."
He thought. Rather than possibly being deprived of the piece de resistance if
she broke immediately, he decided to burn her vulva, that tempting, pouting mass
of pink flesh that seemed even to have power over himself if he dwelt too long
on its presence.

	Mary gibbered madly as he rubbed first one layer, then another and
finally a thick third coating of this terrible substance to every part of her
pubes. This time he held the length of the incandescent rod to the lips of her
sex and bellowed like some wild animal, exalting in his power over the strange
creature that now writhed in pain before him. Mary's body twisted and turned and
incomprehensible noises came from her lips as her secret place sizzled and
burned, leaving her mound a mass of raw blistered flesh from which rose a stench
that sickened those who encountered it.  

	Father Flogg may have been the only person there who was not screaming
with joy over this supposed victory over Mary, or whatever was controlling her.
Through it all he had yet to hear her yield to his dominion. A second even more
troubling thought began to intrude. Why had her master deserted her? Worse
still, when had this occurred? Had the evil being merely secreted itself within
one of the members of the audience?

	He was so deep in thought that it took him some time before becoming
aware that the torturer and the audience were looking toward him, expecting to
hear his question once more asked, and believing that this time she would
provide the answer they sought. It was not to be. A cold fury froze all feelings
in him. He glanced at the man tormenting the teen and gave the grim sign for her
questioning to continue.

	There was a murmur of disbelief that crackled through the audience.
Flogg thought to himself that these people were not very familiar with the
hisory of the Inquisition. It was common knowledge that many heretics required
days of almost constant torture before they finally yielded themselves up. This
young woman was just another example of the power of evil. It would take much
more before she bowed down to the holy Church which he represented.		

	Mary became hysterical when the man began to pour a steady stream of the
yellow powder down the cleft between her buttocks. It was the very same material
supposed to announce the presence of the devil, sulfur, common to many parts of
the world, and traditionally used to make the sinner see the folly of resisting
the power of the Church back in the days when it ruled the continent.

	This time he did the job himself, using one hand to pry apart her
cheeks, revealing her anal entrance. His other hand drove the freshly heated
iron directly into that wrinkled brown eye. Mary howled and foamed at the mouth,
then lapsed into a deep trance from which she could not be roused.

					( To be continued )      

				Mary's Summer Camp Adventures

	This marks the final installment of a story that I began nearly ten
months ago. It was originally inspired by a very short story I once read. How
that seed produced this twisting and turning tale is another example of the
power and mystery of the creative process. I cannot begin to describe the
feeling that overwhelmed me as I typed the last paragraph, moving at something
approaching warp speed and having a great deal of difficulty drawing breath.
This is one of those moments that make writing such a joy and a privilege.
Enough said on that matter.

	This story received two widely diverging reviews at its inception. I
frankly didn't agree with either for different reasons. During the entire nine
months and a few weeks after, it received two, count them, two additional
reviews. They say that writing is sometimes a very lonely profession or in my
case, hobby. The only thing that kept me going on this effort was my need to
finish what I had started, and do it in some logical way if such a thing as
logic can be presumed for an effort that turned into a ghost story before my
very eyes. It is spooky what happens when one is preoccupied by a puzzle that
seems to have no ending.

	It would have been helpful if a few of the intelligentsia that spend
their time pontificating on the various forums had taken the required few
minutes to let me know if they liked or hated my story. The silence was
deafening and once more supports my stated view that the review process on this
site means very little, it is the hits that count.

					Chapter 18

	A great deal was going on while Mary remained in her pain-induced coma.
Mistress J who had left to seek help from those in Camp Animus had become lost
in the forest. What would normally have taken her less than a half-day had
turned into a day of walking aimlessly and finally being found by members of the
very camp she was seeking. By the time she had a chance to talk to Equus and his
mysterious companion, Aurora, night was upon them.

	There were some very serious discussions going on among the movers and
shakers of Camp St. Sebastian as well. As long as Mary remained unconscious, not
reponding to smelling salts or other methods of reviving her, Father Flogg was
frustrated in his cause. The old priest had at last faced up to the fact that
Mary must not only publically confess her allegiance to the Dark One, she must
be purified in the flames that would consume the stake to which she must be
bound. This was the crux of the discussions, that also included some of the more
influential church dignitaries that still remained at the camp.

	 It was agreed that nothing was out of bounds as far as forcing Mary to
see the wisdom of confessing and asking for god's mercy. Everything possible was
to be done to break her free of the trance that obviously was the work of her
possessor who may be lurking somewhere in the camp. The moment she was conscious
she would be taken to the special chamber now being set up to finish her
interrogation. This would be a private trial open only to a select group of
participants and witnesses.

	Although Mary was in a deep sleep, part of her mind was quite active.
She was struggling to understand why she must submit herself to this terrible
trial. It was not of her own making, there was an outside force controlling her
in this matter. She began to suffer from doubt, perhaps she was possessed by
some evil spirit. Why should she trust Equus and his new companion despite the
evidence that the serene young girl had enormous power? They had returned her to
St. Sebastian for a purpose, but what was it? Was Mary just a pawn in a battle
between two forces much mightier than mere humans? She had no answers, just fear
of what the future would have in store for her once she regained consciousness.

	At almost the same exact moment as Equus, Aurora and a few members of
the sect began making their way towards Camp St. Sebastian, Mary opened her eyes
and returned to the land of the living. Father Flogg was notified minutes
afterwards. Mary was quickly taken to the torture chamber where she would remain
until she either confessed or died.

	The teen blanched at the array of fiendish devices and apparatus that
waited to turn her body into a beaten, battered, blistered hunk of twitching
flesh. There were seven people huddled together in quiet discussion; Mary knew
that she was the subject of their conversation. Of the seven she knew five; the
other two were strangers to her. She surmised correctly that they were people
who watched her ordeal from the audience that had surrounded the stage.

	Mistress I came toward her and with one hand tore the rough covering
from her. Mary stood there naked, her body covered with the evidence of what she
had already been through. One of the stangers pointed and said, "Put the bitch
on the horse and let's get started on her."

	Father Morecock assisted Mistress I in raising the girl and placing her
on the coarse wooden triangle that was the horse. Mary offered no resistance as
her captors placed manacles around her wrists and ankles. Soon she was
straddling the horse with her tender vulva being neatly split by its sharp edge.
Her legs were now stretched tight by weights that had been attached to her
manacled ankles, forcing her body to sink further down onto the splintery
material. Her arms were pulled up over her head by the chain to which her
manacled hands was attached.

	Mary moaned in fear as another figure detached itself from the group; it
was the torturer who assisted Father Flogg in her interrogation on that horrible
stage. He was carrying a vicious implement composed of many strips of leather
and in his other hand a bucket. It sloshed when he put it down a few feet from
Mary, naked and oh so vulnerable, who was beginning to appreciate the fiendish
nature of this "horse" upon which she rode. Then she spied Mistress I wheeling a
brazier filled with glowing coals toward where she sat. There were a number of
irons and a set of pinchers almost the same color as the coals surrounding them.
Mary shuddered as she realized their intent.

	The girl was still focused on the brazier so she didn't notice that the
heavy set torturer had unfurled the whip. She heard the whooshing sound a moment
before her back seemed to burst into flame. The blow took her breath away; this
was followed by shattering pain caused mostly by the metal parts that were
attached to each strand of the whip. Once the shock wore off she was aware that
she was bleeding from numerous places in the area that had been struck. She
looked over her shoulder and saw him placing the whip into the bucket. She
looked away and tried to overcome the fear that was crawling throughout her
trembling body. Again there was that terrible sound and this time the pain was
worse and lasted much longer. Now the brine soaked strands of the whip were even
more effective at causing tremendous pain in her bleeding back.

	The teenager now faced a new horror. Mistress I was approaching her with
a glowing metal poker held in her gloved hand. She made a feint toward Mary's
breast and she recoiled, bringing new pain from the abrasion of her sore crotch
by the cruel edge of the triangle upon which she sat. Then Mistress I jabbed the
poker into Mary's exposed armpit. For a second there was no feeling as the brand
ate away the first layer of tender flesh, then the tidal wave of pain
accompanied by the sickening smell of her charring flesh arrived to tear her
mind and body apart anew. There was a feral look on the face of the girl as she
watched Mary suffering the torments of the damned.

	Now it was the torturer's turn once more and this time he faced her, his
face impassive. Mary watched in disbelief as the multistranded whip arced toward
her, then covered her breasts in a coating of sheer agony, tearing away at the
sensitive mounds and creating trails of blood that trickled down the curves of
her flesh as she shreiked to the heavens, her mind beginning to crack from the
terrible pain that infiltrated every corner of her body. The second strike
finished her off; Mary made a wavering eerie squeal that abruptly ceased when
she passed out, her body slumping over the horse, blood from her wounded crotch
dripping onto the floor.

	The torturer splashed the contents of the bucket over the girl's body
and the brine ate away at her wounds, rousing her so that she could absorb new
pain. A second stroke of the whip to her breasts produced another wavering wail
of agony, but Mary remained awake. Once more it was Mistress I's turn.

	This time she raised Mary's left breast by the nipple, exposing its
tender underside, quickly slid the heated iron against the girl's chest wall and
let the breast fall. The stench was horrible as Mary's breast meat began to be
cooked by that hot iron lodged between it and her chest. Mary's body shivered
and thrashed mindlessly against her bonds. So great was the pain that her body
acted as if it were a tuning fork, spasming and shaking as she wailed and
screamed until her voice finally cracked. The smell had gotten so strong that
the torturer finally had to pull the iron from Mary's roasting flesh, taking a
quantity of seared skin and flesh with it as it  dislodged. There was no way
that the tortured teen could be revived to suffer more.

	Father Flogg nearly had apoplexy, a vein in his head bulging as he raved
that Mistress I was in league with the very demon that they were fighting
against. Why else had she deliberately sent Mary away once again into that deep
trance which had already proven invulnerable to their efforts to revive her. He
pointed a shaking finger at the cowering teen and ordered the torturer to
replace Mary with "this companion of the demon".

	The babbling counselor struggled fruitlessly against his strength and
soon found herself naked and secured to another of the many instruments of
torture that occupied the chamber. In the meantime Mary had been taken from the
horse and now lay on a pallet of straw, eyes closed, face dead white, lips
bluish, her naked, mutilated body coated with a sheen of sweat.

	The tall, buxom blonde was tied to the ladder, a simple construction at
first glance, but one capable of providing an incredible number of options for
the torturer to use on the poor wretch occupying this apparatus. The teen was
naked, her wrists bound to a rung well above her head. Her ankles were roped to
the sides of the ladder, opening her genitals to the not so tender mercies of
her inquisitors. Once her genitals had been tortured to the satisfaction of the
overseerer, Father Flogg, then her ankles could be roped to a winch arrangement
located at the base of the ladder, allowing her body to be racked.

	Father Flogg licked his lips at the sight of Ilsa's shaven mons,
revealng her thin lipped cunt with its fat clitoris peeking from its hood. The
good priest also noticed the dark birthmark decorating the inside  of her thigh.
To him it looked like a pair of horns, the mark of Satan himself. He approached
the naked blonde and poked at her birthmark as he said, " The mark of the Dark
One, prepare to examine this heretic."

	It was Sister Stigmata who skewered the dark blotch on Ilsa's thigh,
bringing a sharp gasp from the girl, but no blood was observed. The priest
stepped closer and pinched the blonde's nipple, driving his rough nails into the
yielding flesh. "Test this one again; she seems to be possessed, let us be
certain."he said as the girl writhed in pain.

	This time the needle that probed her flesh had been heated until it
glowed orange. Unfortunately for poor Ilsa the hot needle immediately cauterized
the flesh as it penetrated, thus preventing any blood from issuing from the
wound. She was now clearly doomed to live in agony until she offered up her body
to the priest or whoever wanted it in exchange for freeing her from the ultimate
punishment. It seemed that Father Flogg would be the winnner no matter what
transpired here this day.

	Ilsa's buttocks were rubbed with oil and then the ladder was lowered so
that she was stretched out at roughly a forty-five degree angle, allowing almost
total access to her front side. A large brazier of flaming coals was installed
below her exposed bottom, and the teen immediately felt the first touches of
heat. It would be some time before the oil covering her rounded cheeks began to
sizzle and start the cooking process.

	In the interim Sister Stigmata began to plunge needles into the helpless
girl's big breasts. The torturer concentrated on Ilsa's plump pubic mound,
whipping it into a bloody froth with a scourge of metal tipped strands, while
the nun turned the teen's udders into a pair of pin cushions. All that time the
glowing bed of coals beneath her became more and more of a source of pain as her
skin began to blister and then crack.

	When the bellows were used to feed the flames, she started to scream as
her buttocks felt as if they were on fire. Sister Stigmata burned the
counselor's armpits with a glowing metal rod that had been heating in a smaller
brazier. Ilsa thrashed against her bonds, her head snapping from side to side as
her body was overwhelmed with pain. The assistant laid a blazing length of metal
down into that trench between her thin lips creating a burst of steam as her
cunt juices were vaporized in the instant before her flesh began to char. The
girl bellowed like a wounded animal and then fainted dead away.

	Ilsa awoke screaming from the horrible pain that radiated from her big
toe. The torturer had just hammered a beveled strip of metal under the nail,
causing it to pop from the girl's toe. While she was unconscious they had retied
her ankles to allow the winch to be brought into play. The man had taken
advantage of this to begin crippling her feet.

	Ilsa began to curse and sob as she looked down to see the man preparing
to hammer another metal shim under the nail of her other big toe. Her plea for
mercy was cut off and immediately replaced by a hoarse shreik of agony as she
once more experienced the excruciating agony of losing another toe nail. Again
the bellows were used to stir the coals into flames, the intense heat now
turning her raw blistered cheeks into loaves of cooked meat. Ilsa began to beat
her head against the suporting rung, so great was her pain and distress. Father
Flogg took this moment to seal her fate.

	He had them move the brazier now cooking her bottom, back for a time so
that she could be questioned. "Do you confess to being possessed by the Dark
One? Answer now or the trial will begin anew." the priest asked, knowing full
well she was being given Hobson's choice; there could be but one answer to his

	"I confess and beg for mercy and forgiveness. Please help me to save my
soul, I am lost otherwise." Ilsa said with the last of her strength.

	Flogg decided to seal her fate, so he waited while the winch was given a
few turns and her body was now taut as a violin string. Then he gave her his
answer, condemning her to a life of servitude in exchange for freedom from this
terrible pain that was moving her toward madness.

	"I can offer you mercy and some modicum of forgiveness, but you have a
long path to traverse before the holy spirit that once dwelt in you returns. Do
you accept the offer of the holy church? Answer now or your trial will continue
to its ultimate conclusion."

	Ilsa accepted immediately and burst into tears as she realized what kind
of future she would have under his iron rule of discipline. Father Flogg had
already begun to plan for the addition of this tall, buxom blonde to his
personal inner circle. He was sure that Father Morecock and Sister Stigmata
would be thrilled to have the opportunity of using this young woman for the
church's and their own purposes. He had often thought that Ilsa had the
capability of satisfying both sexes when it came to matters of the flesh. As for
his own needs, they were still with him, a gift from his master in heaven.

	If memory served him correct, she had just reached her majority which
meant there were no nasty legal obstacles to overcome if he chose to employ her
as his personal assistant for a modest stipend that obviously she would turn
over to the church in appreciation for all the good things he had done for her.
As for her current rather debilitated physical condition, it too would pass
within a few months. In fact the scars would act as a constant reminder to her
of how close she came to losing her immortal soul.

 	His reveries were abruptly ended by the sound of the door to the chamber
being opened. The door that he had personally locked before Mary's trial had
been continued. He could not believe his eyes when the two figures entered.
Everyone in the chamber had drawn back at their entrance. He could not be
completely sure, but the man may have been his old friend Father Fangcutter, now
come to pay him a visit. The young girl in white was a total stranger to him. He
raised his hand in greeting and prepared to challenge their intrusion into a
sacred church rite.

	The confrontation was brief and quite one-sided. There was a flash that
lit up the dark room as if it were day. The good priest, his inner circle and
the others who had participated one way or another in this terrible deed
disappeared. Where they had gone was not a subject that was ever discussed,
since the only potential witness to this remarkable event had already fainted
dead away immediately upon their entry into the room. Her mind would never be
the same, and no one would ever take seriously her description of what took
place during that summer at Camp St. Sebastian.

	Moments later Mary Katherine Gallagher awoke from a troubled sleep and
wondered how she had come to be in this strange dark chamber of horrors. She
rose and frowned at the sight of the badly injured Mistress I, slumped against
the bonds that held her to the ladder. It took but a few minutes to free the
injured girl and bring her around. As soon as her eyes opened she gasped and
began to sob as if she had just seen a ghost. "Now how could that be?", thought
Mary, looking down at her pale, pudgy body still not yet done molding itself
into a woman's shape, but there was always next summer.

				 	THE END

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures


                                 Lex Ludite

                               Chapter 19

       Yes, I know that chapter 18 said "The End", but the momentous revelations that have occurred concerning the Church and its priesthood, not to mention the installation of a new Pope was a temptation that I could not resist. So without further ado let me reintroduce Mary Katherine Gallagher and describe her new summer camp adventures which take place in a monastery setting located in Bavaria.

       It was hard to believe, but Mary Katherine Gallagher, now a ripe old  lady of 17 was fast approaching another summer. Over the course of the year Mary had flashbacks to the weird events that she experienced during her last summer vacation. She would never forget Fathers Flogg and Morecock as well as Sister Stigmata, not to mention the strange sect, that had as its shepherd, Equus, or was it really Aurora. It had been a very strange time and many of the events were already beginning to become somewhat attenuated with the passing of each day.

       Mary bore no physical evidence of all the brutal things that were done to her by the priests and the staff of St. Sebastian. In point of fact the teenager had metamorphized from caterpillar to butterfly. She was three inches taller, ten pounds heavier and had a body that was the envy of all those who saw her, even her closest friend, Agnes Watson, who was no slouch in the looks department. Her skin was flawless and had a golden hue to it, her hair had grown out and now was described as a halo surrounding her handsome face.

       Mary didn't walk, rather she seemed to float as she went about her tasks in support of the good nuns and novices of the Order of the Sisters of Martyrdom, which had been reestablished only in the last three years. Mary's assignment had been made by the archbishop himself. Some among the townsfolk said that her appointment was an effort by the Church to suppress what really happened to all those souls who vanished last summer. Poor Mary had no recollection of the final hours of that group, having fainted  dead away before their confrontation with Equus and Aurora.

       During this year many more momentous events had taken place as the Church was seemingly attacked on all sides by its enemies. The current witch hunt for members of the Church purported to have abused children during their tenure in various parishes throughout the country was in full swing. A new Pope had been chosen to provide leadership and act as a guide for the Church and its loyal membership during these perilous times.

       Although the convent that now employed Mary, Agnes and Mary's faithful widowed mother was located well outside of the mainstream for public attention, it was providing a most valuable service to those good priests now being persecuted by the minions of the Evil One. It was sort of a way station on the 21st century version of the Underground Railroad that had provided safe haven for runaway slaves in the time just before the Civil War. In this year there had been four hunted clerics who had found safety in the convent.

It was quite obvious to Mary and her dearest friend, Agnes, who shared her bed on those nights when neither one was carrying out a special assignment for the mother superior, that these visiting priests were quite a bit different from the now deceased Fathers Flogg and Morecock.

       The two loving friends often discussed the changes that had occurred since they had gone off to summer camp last year. The amount of corporal punishment had diminished significantly, although not entirely as could be attested to by the conditions of their firm, rounded bottoms, which usually bore the marks of mother superior's trusty strap, and on rare occasions weals from six of the best administered by one of the youthful and quite muscular novices who seemed to be the favorites of the head of the convent. This latter punishment was aways for the same offense against nature that the two of them so enjoyed committing.

       Mary and Agnes were quite committed to each other in all ways, both spiritually and physically. On those evening when they had the opportunity to join as one in  Mary's bed, which was located in  a rather secluded part of the convent next to the kitchen, allowing them some degree of privacy, they would cavort like a pair of young does in the forest. It would be fair to say that each knew the other's body to a degree hard to believe. Every possible nook and cranny had been explored, revisited over and again and ultimately domisticated. Each set of puckered lips had gone over the other's ocean of skin with a devotion and care for detail that was just another indicator of their love for each other. Their tongues had investigated every inlet, cove, lake and canal contained in each other's body. They had drunk the juices from their partner until there was none left to give, knowing full well that these sources of sweetness would be replenished by morning, ready to be once more drained to the very last drop.

       Almost as if part of the seamless continuum that was life at the convent, there would come an evening when a light would be shone on their entwined naked bodies and the voice of the mother superior or one of her associates would denounce the lovers for their offense against God. The two bare beauties would be made to march, totally devoid of any covering, to the chamber located in the cellar of the large wooden building that housed the good sisters and novices. Waiting for them would be one of the visiting priests, suitably attired for the task of hearing their confessions, and perhaps ten or more sisters, always including the mother superior, plus two sturdy novices who were there to administer the penance that the priest would pronounce for the two sinners.

       For some reason it never dawned on Mary that during the year she and Agnes were only caught in, shall we say, a compromising position four times. Each time their confession was heard for the first and only time by one of the four visiting priests. Each confessor was horrified to hear of their licentious behavior and pronounced a stern series of penances that were to be completed before their absolution could be made final. This was a far cry from the days of meeting with father Flogg or his assistant father Morecock. Now there was no requirement that they have any form of sexual relations with their confessor, something that both secretly missed. On the other hand there still was a considerable interaction between them and the other female members of the convent, including the novices, some of whom were no older than Mary and Agnes.

       Each of their four confessors handed down a unique set of penances for them to perform. These required a great deal of time to complete and in some cases were quite public. Some of them required that they submit to the authority of lay people including male members of the laity. Mary and Agnes usually enjoyed  performing those penances that involved submitting themselves to men considered to be role models for girls like themselves who required the type of discipline that could only be provided by a strong-willed, dedicated, male servant of the Church. On occasion Mary's own mother would be sent away to a nearby monastery or the home of a very influential member of the laity for severe discipline. Mary could barely wait for her mother's return so she could hear of the terrible things that transpired. This in turn would be fodder for her evenings with Agnes as the two of them mentally relived the experiences that Mary's mother shared with her.

       Approximately a month after the arrival of father Mordant, a tall, thin priest in his sixties with slits for eyes that seemed to bore through sinners like lasers, Agnes and Mary were discovered "flagrante delicto" by a committee of our peers. The mother superior was informed of what they had been doing when discovered by "accident", and the very next morning they found themselves in the presence of the visiting priest. As per his instructions this was to be a public confession, witnessed by a group of senior nuns led by the mother superior.

       Naked with hands tied tightly behind their backs, they were brought into his chambers, a very large room featuring a single bed and a kneeling bench for prayer. He had them kneel on a long wooden rod that bit into their flesh, making it feel as if their very bones were slowly being eaten away by the unyielding surface. A member of the group that discovered them in a rather compromising position doing something that was frowned upon by the laws of the Church came forward with her testimony. The priest then proceeded to question both as to the frequency with which they sinned in this manner, and whether or not they realized that this was a  mortal sin.  Both pleaded ignorance that it was a sin, but did freely admit to engaging in this "sinful" behavior at least twice a week,sometimes more often for a period of about two months. There were gasps from the assembled witnesses, but the father confessor did not seem to be as startled by this admission.

       It was the pair's turn to gasp when he outlined in great detail their penance and then informed them that he was giving conditional absolution that would only become final after they had completed their penance. To avoid further temptation, Agnes and Mary were to share separate sleeping quarters with two of the novices who would have power over them during this period. Interestingly enough Mary, obviously the more adventurous of the pair, was assigned to the youngest novice, approximately the same age as Mary, while Agnes was given over to the most senior member of the nuns in training, a young woman with a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian in all things including her own behavior.  Later there will be more on these two strange bedfellows that Mary and Agnes had to cope with in the months that followed.

       The teens were to be restrained at night to prevent them from either indulging in the sin of self abuse or making overtures of a sexual nature to the novice sharing the bed with them. This was accomplished by chaining their feet together and binding their arms securely to their sides. They were to sleep in the nude as a means of purifying their sinful bodies. Since the last faint signs of winter were still much in evidence, sleeping in the nude without a blanket was a rather severe form of penance, as was it supposed to be according to the priest who pronounced this form of self discipline. One hour before dawn, usually the coldest part of the day, they would be roused from their slumbers, such as they were, and marched from the convent to the nearby by church. This required them to traverse a field of overgrown foliage including nettles and thorn bushes that tore and scratched their naked bodies, especially the legs and thighs.

       The party would be ushered into the dark cold church by the sexton, an old man in his late sixties who took great pleasure in ogling the two naked sinners as he allowed them to enter. Mary and Agnes would then be made to kneel before the first station of the cross and say the series of prayers that had been ordained by their father confessor. Upon finishing the first station, each of them would be given one lash from a strap across their bare breasts from their warders before moving, still on their knees, to the next station. It would take them a little more than an hour to traverse the fourteen stops that were the Way of the Cross. They would then be allowed to exit the church through a side door to avoid encountering any early arrivals for the first morning mass.

       Once they reached the convent, they were marched to the rear of the building for their morning ablutions which consisted of being hosed down as they stood shivering from the biting cold. They would again be forced to their knees so they could say another series of lengthy prayers before being allowed to enter the convent and begin their normal duties. Although their hands were freed and they were given rough clothing to cover their nakedness, they remained hobbled as still another form of self discipline and piety as decreed by their confessor. During the day they were kept separated, usually one assigned to the lower floor, the other performing her tasks on the floor above.

       This was the routine the two of them went through for one month. It finally ended when the mother superior casually mentioned that their confessor had decided that their behavior warranted full absolution. In all that time they did their best to behave. Agnes discovered that her novice was not averse to a little cuddling on some of the colder nights. She heartily cooperated with any suggestion that her stern mistress made, discovering that there were many delightful things that two young ladies could enjoy mutually by the simple utilization of body heat plus a little imagination. Mary was equally delighted when she and Agnes were reunited and had an opportunity to sample some of the new tricks that Agnes had learned literally under the tutelage of her warder.

       Mary, on the other hand, had some very strange experiences while in the company of her novice. The girl, her given name was Emily, was quite reserved, but carried out her duties involving Mary obediently, and in some cases with a great deal of enthusiasm. Mary's bruised and well striped breasts bore mute testimony to that fact. Any deviation on the part of Mary from her father confessor's instructions was speedily dealt with by Emily. Just before retiring for the night, Mary would kneel by the bed with her rapidly growing breasts supported by the wooden frame. Emily would then whip them with either her strap, doubled up to provide a more painful disciplining, or on occasion with a wooden rod wrapped in leather. Mary had no idea how she came into the possession of such a hateful implement.

       Stranger still was both the physical appearance of Emily as well as her frequent disappearances from bed during the night. The most bizarre occurence was one night when Mary observed the novice returning from wherever she'd been, still wearing what looked like a set of male genitalia, albeit rather small in size. That was when Mary put two and two together and realized just what was going on, and probably with whom.

       Emily always slept in the nude, under a blanket. It was her way of mortifying the flesh, although poor Mary was being forced by her penance to go even further. Thus there were plenty of opportunites for Mary to see just what her warder looked like beneath the habit she wore during the day. Emily's hair had been shorn to the scalp. This, combined with her flat chest, lack of hips and overly lean body would make one assume Emily was a young boy except for the hairless coin slot of a vulva that peeked from between her thighs. What Mary had seen that night was the complete transformation of the novice to that of a young boy. The reason for this bizarre change was obvious, Emily was visiting father Mordant, and not so he could hear her confession, unless he did that afterwards!


                               ( To be continued )

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 20

       Even at a nunnery such as the Sisters of Martyrdom, girls will be girls. Although Mary and Agnes swore each other to secrecy, the return of Mary's sainted mother from her most recent pilgrimage to find her salvation provided what they thought to be a trusted soul. The widow Gallagher had some tales of her own to tell them as well. Naturally they deferred to her age and the superior wisdom that usually accompanied it.

       She had been assigned to assist a dynamic young sister of the cloth who was taking over as the principal of a notorious school for wayward girls that had already in its first eight years soundly defeated the efforts of the previous three nuns who held the position. It seemed to be a cross between an insane asylum and a prison and its "inmates" reflected both sides of this dichotomy. The widow's superior had adopted a rather radical posture when it came to dealing with the problems of the school that extended beyond its fractious female population.

       The widow was given a key responsibility that involved keeping her superior, Sister Mary Corpus, healthy and well rested, as well as providing a sympathetic ear and sometimes a little more than that. The good sister believed in the mortification of the flesh as both her own personal discipline system, and the approach she took to taming the leaders of the perpetual rebellion that existed at the school that was aptly named Our Lady of Mysteries. Assisting her in these matters were a pair of hardened nuns that had seen it all and then some, plus a trio of novices who had failed in their initial assignments.

       It soon took on the trappings of trench warfare. The inmates had their own rules and hierarchy, refusing to even acknowledge the existence of the dedicated sisters of the cloth that kept this quirky institution going. The good sisters in turn tried to lead by example, an approach that was doomed to failure from the start since they had no clue about what made their charges tick. Sister Corpus took it hard that her best efforts had come to naught.

       The widow now became her confidant as well as the conduit for a new level of physical mortification. Every evening after the principal would strip to the skin and have the widow pour ice water over her entire body, she would accept the scourge for her failures to do "God's" will. The widow soon became very conversant with those areas of the good sister's body that reacted the most to the whip, be it the rattan cane that whistled just before it tore into the nun's swollen breasts, bleeding buttocks or weeping vulva, or the knout that left her back bleeding from dozens of wounds.

       Her favorite was the "beaver's tail", a leather implement expressly designed for a woman's most intimate area. Sister Corpus would lie on the floor, her arms extended from her wet, chilled, naked body, legs spread wide and supported by the pallet on which she slept after her punishment had run its course. The widow would stand over her and wait for the signal to begin, which alway began with the words, "Spare me nothing, I deserve no mercy."

       Then she would swing the leather weapon and bring it down onto the nun's vulva, flattening those full cunt lips and bringing a soft cry of pain from her chewed lips. It was not unusual for the nun to be beaten for as long as thirty minutes with very little rest for either of them. Somehow she would manage to drag her battered and bleeding body onto her pallet and fall into a fitful sleep, then rise refreshed for another day of struggle, misery and failure.

       The stalemate was broken by an action taken by the two hard nosed nuns who literally kidnapped one of the inmate ringleaders, and imprisoned her in a cell located in the basement of the building. This would not have broken any major rules, but what they did to the prisoner did. All the while the principal was ignorant of what was transpiring downstairs below her office. The girl, who was in her midteens, was stripped naked and hung by her wrists from a hook in the ceiling during the day, and chained to the wall at night without any protection from the cold.

       She received nothing but a cup of water in  the morning after her first whipping, and again in the evening after her last beating. When they weren't beating her, she was being forced to swallow such things as bars of harsh laundry soap, grease collected from the cooking done in the kitchen, and their favorite, stale foul smelling urine collected by the nuns from the novices as well as their own offerings. To keep the prisoner confused they also introduced her to some of their own personal favorites, large hand-carved dildos that stretched the girl's orifices to the limit and at times to the point that she bled.

       Sister Corpus was horrified then mortified when she discovered what was literally going on just below her office. The prisoner was immediately released, given food and clothing and received personal apologies from the principal herself. This did not quell the insurrection that quickly began once the details of what befell the girl made the rounds. Relieving the two nuns of their reponsibilities also failed to make a dent in the rebellion.

       It was then that the good sister offered herself up to the mob as the ultimate act of contrition. For one week, the same amount of time that the girl had spent as a prisoner, sister Corpus would serve the inmates as their slave. That was an offer that she lived to regret, for it ended her career as a rising young star in the hierarchy of the organization, the same organization whose long arm was beginning to reach out for Mary Katherine Gallagher.

       To begin with, the nun practiced mortification of the flesh which meant that she was a thin as a rail in normal times. During that week in the bowels of hell, the imps and demons that inhabited the school for wayward girls managed to whittle another ten pounds from her spare frame, making her look as if she had spent a year or two in some concentration camp. It didn't help matters that the weather was unseasonably cold and rainy which gave them even more of an opportunity to mortify her flesh by exposing her nightly to the elements.

       Every night when they were finally finished brutalizing her, she'd be taken outside to a place illuminated by a harsh floodlight, and hung by her bound wrists with weights attached to her ankles, exposing her naked body to the elements for the remainder of the night. Shivering is the body's way to generate some degree of heat, at the cost of calories that are burned in this process. Burning calories translates to a loss of body weight. It is likely that another week of such treatment might have reduced her strength to the point that certain key organs of her starvation wracked body would begin to fail, leading ultimately to her demise.

       During the day she was passed from one small group of teens to another so they could punish her for her sins, which she loved. This ordeal had opened all those locked areas in her personality that she had suppressed since childhood. Her masochism came into full bloom along with her taste for others of her own sex. The girls were only too happy to bring these new characteristics to the fore.

       Sister Corpus was now having sexual congress with as many as eight teens every day she stayed with them. She worshipped the pubes of fat ones, skinny ones, white ones and black ones. They responded in kind with fists, homemade dildos carved from hard rubber and splintery wood that they gathered surreptitiously, and the only operating vibrator in the school that was available to them.

       The good sister was regularly thrashed to within an inch of her young life. She experienced the homemade implements they fabricated in their spare time. Her excitement knew no bounds when they took her to the large recreation room for her beatings, so that all the students could take part in her punishment and humiliation. She was cut to ribbons with fresh cut switches harvested from the nearby woods bordering the school that were soaked in heavily salted water overnight.

       Her crepe shaped breasts and dry-shaved vulva were whipped with a portion of a fan belt that someone had picked up on one of her trips into the woods for exercise. This was modified to make it even more devastating by the dozens upon dozens of tacks that impregnated the tough rubber material. Only a few of the stronger girls were able to properly use this vicious weapon and they used it almost every day on their slave.

       To get maximum participation from the inmates, anyone who wanted to slap or punch the nun was given that opportunity. Anyone who wanted to put her over their lap and spank her bottom until it was swollen and red as a beet was welcome to take a turn or two. Her face and breasts were slapped silly, while those who wanted to  punch her concentrated more on her belly and even lower, forcing the nun to bring up bile on many occasions. Since she was being starved, there remained nothing in her stomach or colon after a few days as their slave.

       Liquids were another story entirely. Many of the girls loved to force the principal to drink incredible amounts of water, usually after it had been used to wash dishes or the floors. Others went further, making the nun drink their urine and after she voided  it, they would force her to recycle it once more. That was a daunting task even for the masochist that the nun had become.

       By far the worse single thing that was done to the sister involved circumcision and it was done just before she was to be turned over to the nuns once more. One group wanted to remove her outer pussy lips, clitoral hood and the clitoris, a barbaric practice known to occur in parts of Africa. Others were dead set against any form of mutilation of her genitals. A compromise was reached where the hood and half her clitoris were cut away. In addition certain gang symbols were carved into her lower abdomen and buttocks. Her nearly nonexistent breasts were deemed too flat to be worth marking.


       Prior to the butchering, sister Corpus was forced to masturbate for over two hours without any rest, while many of the students watched and cheered each and every orgasm that she induced. To the nun what happened afterwards was a win-win situation. In reality for many months afterward she had no sensation in  that area, but gradually some degree of sensitivity was recovered and to this day she is able to produce a minor or phantom orgasm if she concentrates properly.

       As soon as the principal was returned to the nuns, the archbishop was informed of what had transpired. A temporary replacement was sent to take over the duties previously performed by sister Corpus. A few weeks later the widow Gallagher was sent back to the convent. Mary and Agnes were stunned to hear this terrible tale. In truth it did bring back some faint memories that Mary Katherine had thought were buried forever. Now it was their turn to tell the widow of their adventures with the novices.

                       ( To be continued shortly - lex ludite )     

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 21

       The widow Gallagher sat back and listened quietly to the breathless account that her daughter provided concerning what transpired while she was under the discipline of the novice, Emily. As Mary Katherine approached the conclusion of the story, her mother yawned. This threw her daughter into a tailspin and she stammered into silence, having obviously failed to excite her most important listener. The widow smiled and reached over to touch her distressed child.

       "I didn't mean to rain on your parade my dear one, but what you're describing isn't worth discussing these days. For as long as I've been at the convent, novices have always paired off. What other choice do the poor dears have? Until they take their vows, in principle they must practice abstinence. Now tell me that any healthy young lady is going to sleep on a hard pallet under a thin blanket in the dead of winter all by herself. That goes against  nature and our priests know this to be true, at least the old ones did. These new ones are another cup of tea altogether."

       Her mother's response softened the blow somewhat, but Mary Katherine still felt as if she had behaved like a young girl instead of a teenager on the verge of womanhood. After all hadn't she and dear Agnes, her best friend in the entire world, spent more nights than they could count enjoying each other's favors and none the worse for the experience too!

       There still however was the issue of Emily's sexual persuasion. Why did she dress like a boy to visit Father Mordant? Was it possible that she wasn't visiting the latest fugitive from the forces of ignorance and ungodliness, which was the way the mother superior described her feelings towards this latest guest of the convent? Her mother had indeed raised more questions than answers. Her head was in a spin, and it must have been obvious to the widow.

       "For all you know, poor Emily was nipping off to see her lover, another novice I'd be willing to guess. It's the way things are done these days. How else can the novices cope without falling into the trap of self love or even worse? I happen to know some few things about Emily and she is a level headed young lady who is dedicated primarily to serving our lord and master for the remaining years of her life on this earth. Why begrudge her these simple innocent flirtations that do no one any harm in the long run? Now these new priests are another thing altogether, but I'll go no further than that."

       That evening Mary Katherine and Agnes snuggled and cuddled for half the night, tasting each other on numerous occasions and enjoying these little peccadillos for what they were, some innocent pleasure. Emily, on the other hand visited her new love, a youthful novice who had just joined the order, and went from their tryst straightaway afterwards to see her new confessor Father Mordant. Immediately upon discretely entering his quarters, she went through the ritual he had taught her. Emily undressed, knelt before him as he sat in his straight back wooden chair, and presented him with her hand carved dildo still wet with the juices of her very young, but no longer as innocent conquest.

       Her confessor held it to his nostrils and took a deep breath, his face breaking into a smile as he did. When he returned it, Emily licked the dildo clean, then pushed it into her mouth and down her throat until she gagged. She repeated this ritual twice more and then sat back on her haunches and waited for a signal from the good priest. It was not long in coming.

       He unzipped and his penis flopped from his trousers. He pointed toward its tip and Emily leaned forward and began licking the bulbous head as his shaft thickened. Her nipples seemed to mirror the increase in stiffness of Father Mordant's sex organ. He closed his eyes and sighed softly as her mouth engulfed the top and began slowly drawing more of its length into her mouth. The tall man of the cloth with the glowing eyes began to take a more active role in this ritual. His staff moved in and out of Emily's wet, warm mouth as she sucked and slobbered all over it until it glistened.

       This gentle struggle continued as the teenager brought him closer and closer to release. Suddenly he leaned forward and took her stubbly head in a firm grip as his hips began thrusting back and forth and his seed spewed into her waiting maw. The unequal contest of the wills had once more ended in triumph for the good father. As soon as his labored breathing returned to normal he laid his hands on her head and asked if she wished to confess her sins to him.

       Emily nodded and began her litany of offenses against the holy church, her god and those for whom she had failed to show charity. Her confessor prayed for guidance before absolving her under the condition that she do the penance he would prescribe and make a sincere effort to sin no more. That accomplished, he pointed toward the praying bench located a few feet from his spartan pallet. Emily approached the bench and  draped her naked body over it, offering her boyish rump to his stern justice.

       The priest thoroughly enjoyed this portion of their little ritual. Evidence of her last confession was still prominently displayed, the six of the best from the cane overlaid the dozen strokes she'd taken from his leather flogger that he always carried on his person, even under his cassock when he said mass. It had been nearly a week since he last punished her pudenda, a portion of which was now peaking from between her splayed thighs. His hand caressed her tight bottom and an exploratory finger sought out her thin lipped slit, probing for wetness, which was there in abundance.

       "Your body betrays you my dear. Where it should be dry from fear and repentance, it is instead wet and eager for more of the devil's play. I will do my best to drive that evil spirit from your hidden parts; now prepare yourself for the cane. Tonight I will double what you normally suffer for your sins. Do you need to be gagged and bound, or can you display the kind of fortitude that will enable you to do our master's work here on earth?"

       In a low voice Emily asked for the gag, assuring her confessor that she could withstand the temptation to avoid the blows that would be raining down on her unprotected rump and her private parts that cried out for redemption. Father Mordant tapped the tip of the rattan cane on her cleft, making sure that his target, her weeping pudenda, was accessible. His first blow neatly split her vulva in two, bringing a muffled shriek from her gagged mouth and a shudder that ran the length of her bare body. He wasted no time adding another to the same area. Her thighs were now covered with pebbled flesh as her body continued to react to the terrible trauma caused by this frightful instrument.

       His next two blows landed in that sensitive region separating the nearly flat mounds that passed for her bottom these days. Emily's body arched and shivered as the terrible pain ate into her brain. For a brief moment she contemplated raising up and fleeing from the little room, then thought better of it. Two more crisscrossed her cheeks diagonally, created a crimson X-shaped welt that bloomed quickly from her damaged flesh. Her confessor allowed her a few minutes to recover and contemplate what remained for her to endure. The mental aspect of this beating was almost as rigorous and painful as the physical part.

       Emily cringed and her face grew white when Mordant announced that he intended to use the flogger on the front of her body, one dozen strokes in all. She immediately requested that she be restrained, knowing full well from the one occasion when he gave her three blows from the flogger across her private parts, that she would be unable to accept them unfettered. The old priest produced a set of leather thongs which he used to bind the girl to the prayer bench with her body facing outward, thighs spread wide to make it easy to use the flogger on those intimate portions of her anatomy.

       The first three were used on her previously caned gash, straight down its length, leaving the entrance to her birth canal raw-red and swollen. His bony finger insinuated itself into her vagina and came away wet causing him a degree of happiness even as his face frowned down at her. He took a deep breath and laid into her with his flogger, this time decorating the insides of her thin thighs with six powerful strokes, leaving a trail of livid welts in its wake. Another short break to build the suspense, and the final three, once more right down the middle of her swollen, crimson gash with all the power his arm could generate. The penance had reached the half way point.

       There still was the matter of the next six with the cane. He had never used the cane directly on her front, occasionally going up between her spread thighs from the rear to lick at her pudenda with the tip of the rattan. Father Mordant knew that in all likelihood this would be the last time she confessed to him. Once this session was finished he would use his cel phone to make a call to the Vatican for his final instructions concerning the Mary Katherine Gallagher situation.

       The bound and gagged teenager's eyes followed him as he picked up the cane and swished it throught the air to limber up his arm muscles that were not accustom to such exertion. Now those eyes were wide as she realized what his intentions were. Mordant smiled coldly as he noted her vulva was not only swollen and crimson from the beating to date, it was also oozing a creamy fluid that had an odd sweet-salty aroma to it. Now they both knew she wanted the cane on her most sensitive and intimate portion of that still developing body. She would be spared nothing, they both wanted it to be.

       The cane crawled across her pelvic region, producing deep gashes in her pale skin that would leave  scars she would carry to the grave. The two strokes that went down the length of that swollen trench did frightful damage to her external sex organs, the worst in the vicinity of her clitoris which would never regain its sensitivity, depriving Emily of countless hours of innocent pleasure. After the final kiss of the cane Emily fainted dead away and nearly swallowed her gag. Mordant gave her final absolution despite the fact that she never completed the penance he had given to her.

                       ( To be completed - lex ludite )

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 22

       Mary Katherine Gallagher was shocked out of her shoes when the mother superior brought her and Agnes Watson into the office and swore them to secrecy. This done she breathlessly announced that they had been chosen by the Office of Papal Affairs to attend a special convocation open only to church youth who showed extraordinary dedication and zeal for the objectives of the holy mother church located in Rome.

       From New York, a place they knew of but never visited, they were to be flown on a chartered jet to Munich in Germany. From there they would be transported by bus to the meeting place located in a winter resort named Garmish-Partenkirchen that would be used for the convocation this summer. In two weeks they were scheduled to depart from a nearby city to rendezvous with the other American members in New York for the last leg of the trip, which gave them very little time to get prepared.

       That night the two friends could hardly wait to get to bed, naturally not to sleep for a variety of reasons. There was some celebrating to do, not to mention the excitement associated with flying across the ocean to a land they only knew from reading their geography books. However the mother superior had other plans for her two mischievous charges. There would be no hanky-panky on her watch, at least not until the two scamps were safely on the plane and headed for the convocation.

       Mary Katherine had just settled her head between her best friend's thighs preparing to lick up the nectar that already was flowing from her plump pudenda, when their celebration was nipped in the bud by a trio of novices sent by the mother superior to make sure that the two young ladies remained pure. Among them was Emily, still smarting from the penance her confessor had given her as his parting gift. Under her command the two trysters were roused from their collective bed and marched to the girls lavatory for a refreshing cold shower.

       Emily decided to separate the girls, taking Mary with her and leaving Agnes to the tender mercies of the other two novices, who she knew were in a randy mood. Thanks to the good offices of father Mordant, she had been given a relatively private place to sleep until her wounds from her latest penance had sufficiently healed as not to be too noticeable to the other novices. As soon as Mary saw the bindings attached to the corners of the pallet upon which Emily slept, she knew she was in for some trouble. She was already shivering from the effects of the icy shower. Afterwards the novices hadn't bothered to ler her and Agnes dry off.

       The boyish novice informed Mary that she would  be sleeping on the floor to atone for her sins tonight, leaving the narrow bed for her captive. Naturally there was a price to be paid for such a courtesy, and once Mary was securely restrained, she discovered what it was. It began by Emily's lips pressing against hers, then Emily's fingers insinuating themselves into her private places, causing her to become moist despite her discomfort over this situation. When the novice began sucking her tongue and moving four fingers in and out of her birth canal, Mary gave up any pretext of being offended by this boldness on the part of her captor.

       She responded in kind, her fast tongue passing into Emily's warm, wet mouth and melding their saliva into one. The novice groaned and arched her back, rubbing her pubes over Mary's peebled vulva. Soon the stakes were raised once more. Her captor fitted the very same dildo Mary Katherine had seen previously to her loins and started to tease Mary with the rounded head, pressing it into her yielding pussy. Mary groaned loudly and gave it up to the intruder, allowing the rubber toy to advance into her body as she sighed and trembled with expectancy over what was to follow.

       Emily was certainly talented when it came to manipulating that toy. Mary's first orgasm  was soon upon her, and it was a doozy, considering her situation. Now it was her turn to arch her trembling body and give free rein to the wave of joy mixed with animal lust that ran through her body. This was for grownups, that was for sure. She'd have to start teaching Agnes these wonderful new tricks once they were reunited.

       Once she recovered her senses, Mary happily cleaned off the dildo with her tongue and mouth. She  then gasped as it went back inside her, only this time with a great deal more force, causing it to go much deeper. Emily seemed to be gifted when it came to stirring up Mary's juices. She knew how to move her hips and put a little twist to that instrument to make it scrape her partner's sensitive pussy walls. That made Mary's toes curl and after a number of twists she started to see stars as well.

       Orgasms two and three clocked in soon after and Mary felt like a limp dishrag after number three. Emily sensed that her bedmate was at the limit of her endurance for tonight, so she kissed Mary on the lips and allowed her to do another good job of cleaning that devilish tool so it would be ready for more adventures sooner than later.

       When Mary and Agnes compared notes the following day, it was painfully obvious that Mary had by far the better time of it. All Agnes had to show for the night was a well spanked bottom, and a very sore pussy thanks to the tandem's extremely lengthy bout of fisting that resulted in both of them touching bottom, if such a thing were possible. Agnes wasn't very concerned with any tilting of her uterus by this treatment, but was quite miffed when they forced her to lick her own spendings from their glistening hands, making sure that her tongue got into every nook and cranny of the four hands that had been buried inside her tight tunnel for what seemed like an eternity.

       For Mary Katherine Gallagher the time flew, but for Agnes only the days went quickly, the nights were another matter entirely. Her two jailers used her body for their own selfish purposes every chance they got, and there were plenty, especially when they began trading access to Agnes for little favors that the other novices offered in exchange for Agnes naked and securely restrained. This entire situation was exactly the opposite of what the mother supeior had intended. Instead of Agnes being relatively left alone and Mary carrying the weight of their collective sins, it was completely upside down. Only by accident was it finally discovered three days before the two teens were scheduled to leave for Germany.

       Emily paid dearly for her treachery and lust, reduced to  bond servant status for a full month, meaning she had no rights or privileges and was at the beck and call of the rest of the convent including the lay people as well, such as the widow Gallagher. More than once the slim, boyish, novice was strung up by the thumbs by the widow and given a sound thrashing with switches soaked overnight in brine and branches from nettle bushes that left her bare body covered with an itching, burning rash from the hollow needles filled with minute amounts of powerful chemicals that played havoc with the skin and even the flesh beneath. On more occasions than anyone would admit, she learned to fear the entry of her own dildo that had been modified to turn it into an instrument of torture rather than pleasure.

       The mother superior was not left out when it came to punishing the young novice for her sins and disobedience to the instructions she was given. She personally supervised the first beating Emily received each morning after she had been hanging by her bound wrists from the whipping post, recovering from the last beating of the day, also supervised by the abbess. The frequent whippings coupled with the starvation diet of spoiled food scraps, grease from the kitchen and as many as three bars of soap daily took a terrible toll on the teenager.

       On the other side of the ledger she was given liquids in abundance. Her belly bulged by the hour from being forced to accept dishwater that would normally have been dumped down the drain after its main function was exhausted. Heavily salted water used to prepare the basic foodstuffs for the convent population also found its way into her belly, especially after one of her frequent and very stressing whippings that weakened her to the point that she could not be punished further unless she was allowed to rest and regain what little strength remained.

       Mary and Agnes were long gone from the convent by the time the novice's thirty-one days of punishment were concluded. Her body had been reduced to skin and bones. The skin was covered with layer  upon layer of welts, bruises and cuts from the relentless beatings and whippings she had endured. Her skin was also now stretched paper thin over her bony frame except for her abdomen which had folds of wrinkled pale skin draped over it from being stretched to its limit by the enormous quantities of liquids that her belly was forced to hold for hours on end.

       Her private parts had been brutally mistreated to the state that she was unable to conceive, let alone  give birth to the devil's spawn. It seems that every living soul in the convent from the abbess to the scullery workers had taken turns whipping her pubic mound, turning it into a swollen lump of raw flesh that constantly oozed foul smelling  secretions from deep within her vagina. It had been stuffed more than a few times with nettles that drove the novice to the brink of madness when this was followed by a brutal whipping of those same parts.

       The one time that a few of the novices stuffed her mouth with nettles and held them in place by means of a knotted rope pulled tight around her skull, she nearly died. The nettles forced her tongue to swell to such enormous size that it impeded her ability to swallow or gain sufficient air to keep her lungs working. Fortunately someone passing by noticed the bluish cast to Emily's face and her labored breathing and sounded the alarm, thus saving her life.

       The nuns of the convent were allowed to sit at her first confession since she had been turned over for punishment. An aged priest, now retired, who was nearly blind and hard of hearing to boot sat and heard her confession that was so garbled by the trauma her mouth had suffered that neither he nor any of the assembled nuns could make out the words she uttered. Nonetheless she received a very severe penance that emphasized mortification of the flesh, which nearly killed her, and her absolution was only conditional based on a set of requirements that she had to observe for the next year.

                       ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                  Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 23



      Neither teen had ever been on an airplane before, and the experience made the trip seem much shorter than it was. When they landed in New York, they discovered that their flight to Munich wasn't due to leave for another six hours. Expect for the small overnight bags they carried, everything else had been checked through to their final destination. After wandering from one terminal to another to kill time and take in the sights and sounds of this busy place, they decided to enter the passengers-only area in hopes of meeting others on their way to the convocation.



      They had no experience with the security check-in procedure, had no luggage or proof of any, and could not produce a roundtrip ticket, since the return trip ticket was being held by the organization running the convocation. To make matters worse, the manifest of passengers for their flight had not yet been entered into the computers at the airport. Although they did not realize it, they had become passengers of interest to the airport security people.



      After taking off their shoes and putting them, along with their handbags, into the bins provided for them, the two neophytes attempted to go through the metal detectors with disastrous consequences. Lights blinked and a number of "friendly" security people converged on the pair. They were asked to remove any metal from their persons and try to pass through once again. More lights blinked and even more security personnel appeared. The two teens were marched to the side of the queue trying to get past this hurdle and onto their flights.



      Two large, hard-faced women carrying metal wands approached the pair and ordered them to spread their arms out and open their legs so they could be electronically screened for metal. It should be noted that all the teens were currently wearing consisted of shorts and stretch tops that called attention to what was beneath.  Every place the wands were passed yielded squeaks, squawks and growls, which upset the teenagers no end, but seemed to make the screeners happy.



      When they also began running their hands over Mary and Agnes, the pair got flustered and started yelling for help. This only created more animosity on the part of the people tasked with saving the nation's airline passengers from such terrorist weapons as shoe bombs, liquid explosives, box cutters, boy scout knives and psychotic flight attendants dedicated to making any trip as harrowing as humanly possible.



      Things were now totally out of hand. The security foks were of the opinion that they had just intercepted a pair of terrorists, a new breed made to look like white people that spoke the American language fluently. A hurried conference led to the pair being marched under guard to another room well off the normal pathways used by passengers. Waiting for them was a trio of security personnel who appeared to be of higher rank than those they had encountered previously. They were stunned when the apparent leader of the bunch ordered them to remove all their clothing and place it in the bins provided so it could be examined for traces of bomb material, drugs or radioactivity.



      Without warning the teens were restrained, hands cuffed behind their backs and hoods placed over their heads. They now found themselves totally at the mercy of these strange, ignorant representatives of some government bureaucracy that they never knew existed until they got on an airplane. Mary sighed to herself when she heard them talk.



      "I want a full cavity search for openers and then bring in the stomach pump and the high colonic machine if necessary. The portable X-ray equipment is being transported from Terminal 4 for our use as well. Start the tape recorders and make sure the video cameras are working so we have plenty of hard  evidence for their indictment and subsequent trial by whatever form of military tribunal that is ruled legal by the Supreme Court."



      Agnes lost it and began blubbering and bawling like a little lost child, yelling that she wasn't a terrorist but a servant of god headed for an assembly in Germany. That revelation seemed to get the security people even more excited. Mary winced as she heard them breathlessly discussing the fact that some of the original aircraft highjackers came here via Germany. In this little room the witch hunt was in full swing and she and her friend Agnes were the targets of opportunity.



      Mary was pushed forward roughly until she made contact with the table she had remembered noticing when they were hustled into the room. The next thing she knew was somehow they had lifted her onto the table and were fitting her feet into some type of stirrups that made her thighs spread wide. She remembered the pelvic examination she had received after her adventures last summer and hoped this was not to be a repeat of that particular ordeal. She was wrong, it was and with even more force and less understanding of what should be done under these circumstances.



      The moment the straps were tightened until she moaned from the pain, the teen knew these people had no experience in doing anything like this. Mary Katherine Gallagher was going to be their guinea pig. She heard the snap of a rubber glove being donned by one of them; she hoped it was at least one of the women, no such luck! A deep male voice cursed just as a bolt of pain lanced through the entrance to Mary's birth canal. He had tried to insert something, probably a speculum, without lubricating it.



      She arched her back and tried to escape the precarious position into which they had put her. Again the pain and this time she felt something inside her pussy give way with a soft pop. She was bleeding and they hadn't even gotten more than an inch or so past the mouth of her cunt. Mary got confirmation as a woman's voice shouted that blood was coming out of her twat. That made the teenager nauseous, and she had to fight the urge to vomit. She heard some shouting and cursing before something was pushed into her bleeding box that burned like fury; evidently something to stop the bleeding.



      Another nameless individual took the place of the first butcher, but he was little better. The speculum was rudely shoved into her sore twat and ratcheted open until she thought her cunt lips were going to tear from the stress. Something metallic was now probing inside her vagina, moving from one side to the other, now and then scraping away the mucous membrane protecting and lubricating her birth canal.



      She cried out in pain as the one examining her insides slipped and dug the probe into the wall of her cunt. From a distance she heard him comment that she was clean as a whistle, which gave her hope that this terrible treatment was about to end. Then the hair on the back of her neck rose as she heard the next set of instructions given to whoever was doing the actual examining.



      "OK let's take a look at her asshole, and be quick about it, we have plenty of other tests to make before we can make a definitive evaluation of this potential terrorist."



      Mary gritted her teeth as someone tried to insert something into her tight anal passageway causing her great pain. Twice, whatever it was, rammed against her tough sphincter muscle without gaining entry. She heard mutterings and then felt a sharp pain as on the third try it drew blood and once more there was cursing and yelling as she bled onto the table. Fortuntely for the teen at his time a technician qualified to operate the stomach pump and high colonic machine arrived with the equipment.



      He quickly took control of the situation, explaining to the security people about lubricants and why they were needed. Noting the relatively large amount of blood flowing from her damaged anal passageway, he recommended strongly that pumping her stomach and perhaps giving her a high colonic would provide much more information about what, if anything, was hidden in her body. Despite some grumbling, his suggestions were accepted and put into practice.



      However poor Agnes was to replace Mary on the table because she was being moved to another platform for the new procedures they were preparing to run on her. The only break Agnes received was that the speculum and other instruments that woud be introduced into her body would be lubricated, increasing the odds that she would not suffer the same type of bleeding that poor Mary endured.



      To get Mary to swallow the tubing required for pumping out her stomach they had to remove the hood, giving her a chance to observe everything that was going on in this relatively small room. It seemed that every square foot of the area was occupied either by a table, machine or security personnel. Mary watched as one of  the female security people yanked Agnes' cunt lips wide so that the large, lubricated, metal speculum could be inserted deep inside her vagina. There were a few muffled cries from the girl, but no evidence that the insertion had caused her any harm.



      Every time the instrument was widened, Agnes responded with a shrill scream. Mary was so engrossed watching what was happening to her best friend that she had almost no difficulty swallowing the clear plastic tubing that the technician fed into her throat. He was most impressed by her ability to ingest it without any discomfort, and made sure that the security chief knew this. The heavy set man, his gut hanging over his trousers,leaned over and whispered to the teen. She cringed at what he said to her.



      "You may look American, but I know you aren't. I just know that as soon as this little gizmo starts emptying your terrorist belly we'll find all sorts of incriminating evidence. Then little Abdula or whatever your  terrorist name is, I will have your hot ass and it won't be pleasant what I do to it before we turn you over to the military for interrogation. Maybe they'll send you to Gitmo so you can service our troops when the CIA guys aren't yanking out your fingernails and toenails or sticking soldering irons up your asshole and that filthy twat you seem to love exposing to all sorts of deviates and fellow terrorists."



      A much louder scream from the direction of Agnes captured Mary's attention to the irritation of the fat security chief. The speculum had been opened to the limit of her pelvic arch and one of the females was working her tiny hand past the ring of steel so she could palpitate the teen's vagina, and search for contraband such as weapons, explosives or whatever stupid thing they thought was hidden in her private place. Mary didn't even hear the switch being thrown on the small pump attached to the tubing that had snaked down into her belly. However what happened next got her full attention.



      Initially she felt sick to her stomach and then she tried to reject the wiggling tube as it carried the contents of her stomach into a catch basin. Security people hovered over the metal container to see what was hidden in her stomach. They were doomed to disappointment, for what was collected was foul smelling and in a state of chemical decomposition that made it impossible to determine what it had been or was now. One thing was certain, nothing that came through that wiggling plastic tubing was solid. The tech's call that it looked normal to him brought clenched jaws and disgusted looks to their collective faces.



      Moments later the woman who was probing Agnes announced that except for some strange bumps on the walls of the teen's twat, she was clean. Now everyone except the tech and the two teens was in an uproar. The chief was bound and determined to get something of substance from these two "terrorists". Deep down inside, his considerable gut told him they were terrorists. They had to be and he was going to break them, one way or another. He ordered his people to make damned sure that they stretched Agnes' butthole as far as it would go and get someone in there who knew what they were looking for.



      He glanced down at Mary who was having a hard time now that her stomach was empty and yet the vacuum hose was still suctioning away at its lining, causing terrible pain. He gave Mary an evil grin and innocently asked the tech if there was another speed that the pump could be run at. The white coated fellow understood all to well what he wanted and nodded. The chief said "Well?" and the tech changed speeds to high and watched dispassionately as Mary's face started to turn red and her bare body thrashed against the leather straps holding her down to the table.



                  ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                  Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 24


      The fat functionary leaned closer to Mary, the teen's face contorted from the pain that originated in her guts as the machine suctioned every drop of moisture from her stomach lining and then sought new sources from which to extract any type of liquid or even solids that might be pulled from the interior walls of the teenager's writhing body. What was collecting in the catch basin was tinged with blood at first, then miraculously became translucent. The others working on Agnes were intrigued by the way the teen was handling the assault on her innards by the machine. One by one they drifted over to take a peek at what was happening.


      Mary's midsection was now extremely concave in shape from the relentless vacuuming of her insides. Despite this, her face had become serene, her breathing slow and steady, her arms and legs relaxed, no longer straining to be freed of the restraints. When she closed her eyes, to all extent and purposes she appeared sound asleep. Her poise infuriated the official who looked as if he was on the verge of an apoplectic fit. It was at this point there came a knocking at the door, which grew in volume and frequency.


      One of the underlings finally unlocked the door and spoke to the person doing the knocking. What she said did not sit well with the man, who flung the door wide and stormed into the crowded area with an angry look on his stern visage. One of the security folk recognized the turned collar and what it signified. This was a representative of the church and he was looking for his charges who had been spirited away by security personnel. As it turned out, father Fleshman was one of the local cardinal's assistants, and very well connected with all sorts of secular organizations including the one to which the fat fuctionary reported.


      It did not look too good for the security people occupying this room. It would be a tough sell to explain how two teenage members of the church who were about to join their peers in attending an important conference in Europe were somehow detained and subjected to some serious violations of their person. Before anyone could react he pulled out a small digital camera and began snapping away as evidence for his accusations. The security leader pulled his weapon and ordered the cleric to hand over the camera and then lie on the floor so he could be searched.


      The thing that saved the fat fool from ending his pitiful career right, then and there, was the arrival of another higher ranked member of the security force, one wearing epaulets. He immediately ordered the one waving the weapon to holster it and report to this office and wait until he returned to discuss this matter. In less time than it takes to tell, Mary and Agnes were freed, given their clothing and escorted to a place were they could dress and refresh themselves.


      In the meantime, the cardinal's aide and the official discussed what had taken place and mutually agreed that it was all a terrible mistake. Strangely enough, the churchman offered to have the two teens restrained and separated from the rest of conference attendees during the flight, as a gesture of good will. His offer was speedily accepted with thanks and so ended this fiasco, from this end that is.


      Dealing with Mary and Agnes was another subject altogether. If the two teens realized that this churchman had been specifically tasked with making certain that they got to the conference in one piece, they might have been flattered at first, but then curious, especially Mary, about why they had been singled out for such treatment?


      Their rescuer was waiting for them when they were released. He insisted on escorting them to the aircraft and making sure they were properly seated. The pair were astonished to discover that they were going to be seated in the front of the plane, in first class no less!  They were even more surprised when they were allowed to board first, even before the rest of the first class passengers. Surprise number three was not as pleasant once they saw their accommodations. They passed through the first class galley and were shown to their quarters, a small cabin, perhaps ten feet by six located behind a curtain and a locked door.


      A pair of hard-faced nuns wearing black civilian clothing greeted them. The teens gasped in shock at what they saw. Bolted to the floor of the tiny cabin were two structures of metal and leather that featured manacles and straps for restraining whoever occupied them. These structures were modified versions of physical training machines minus the weights and pulleys, not something with which the teens might be familiar. The first thing the girls noticed were the curved, polished metal cylinders that were fixed to the seatlike platforms. Two hollow steel rods were welded to the column that supported the platform and jutted out from below the platform at an oblique angle. To Mary the arrangement of the rods reminded her of the table used when she was given a pelvic examination.


      The lead nun, sister Styx, ordered the teens to strip to the skin and be quick about it. Mary knew the drill and immediately complied, but poor Agnes just stood there like a deer in the headlights. That is until the other nun, sister Tortura, landed a roundhouse right to the teen's head, knocking her sideways and against the wall of the cabin. She yanked the sobbing girl to her feet by her golden tresses and warned her of worse things to come if she didn't rid herself of her clothing immediately.


      By then Mary Katherine Gallagher was down to her frilly, half-cup, white bra and matching thong bikinis. The nuns stared at her underwear, such as it was, and glowered. Sister Tortura licked her lips eagerly when Mary's firm, ripe squeezies popped into view. Her companion wrinkled her face in disgust at this wanton display of flesh. However in her mind she was using her strap between Mary's spread thighs to show her the price of impertinence.


      Soon both teens were naked, then the fun began. They watched while the nuns coated the cylinders with some kind of lubricant, then motioned for the teens to mount them. Once again Agnes got herself in big trouble by flatly refusing the order. Mary grimaced but gingerly attempted to make her chocolate starfish relax sufficiently to allow the entry of the metal invader. Slowly, inch by grim inch, her anus swallowed the thick length of curved metal until her bouncy buns made contact with the platform. Quickly the two nuns manacled her wrists to a hook above her head that stretched her arms to their limits. Thick straps girded her firm tapering thighs and long legs in a number of places, anchoring them securely to the two rods that in time would exhibit a capability called articulation that tested her taut, lithe, limber body to its limits.


      Agnes had made herself a problem child for the two nuns and they were determined to put her in her place right now. They wrestled the struggling girl over to the platform and jammed her down onto the phallic representation without any consideration for her tight, tender butthole that was in no state to easily accept the fat length of metal that bored deep into her bowels. To keep her hollering to a minimum they stuffed her mouth with both thong bikinis and used duct tape to hold them in place.


      Her wrists were fettered in similar fashion to Mary's, but her lower extremities were not only attached to the rods, they were spread and then bent at the joints so she was in constant pain, muscles and tendons stressed to their limits. As an added burden for her body to accommodate, they placed a wide strap of leather across her chest, flattening her firm youthful tits in the process and cinched it so tight that Agnes could barely draw breath.


      The nuns checked outside to see if the aircraft was taking on passengers yet. They only met the flight crew, two men and a woman, and the cabin crews, four ladies and one male to handle first class and coach. Each member had been selected by a papal assistant, based on their loyalty to the church, experience and expertise. None were married, but as Mary and Agnes were to discover, all of them had huge sexual appetities. The flight was a nonstop, in the air for better than six hours, plenty of time to introduce themselves, in more ways than one, to the two teenagers now securely restrained and locked away in a terrorist proof cabin similar to the flight deck.


      The nuns wasted no time making sure that every member of the flight crew from the captain to the lowliest steward took a look at the captive teenagers. The blonde woman, second in command, was most attracted to the gagged Agnes, even going so far as to insert a manicured middle finger into the teen's tight twat, checking for wetness, then withdrawing and holding it beneath the girl's nose while she grinned and flicked her tongue like a snake about to strike. One of the cabin crew was most taken with Mary and she removed her panties demurely and stuffed them into the captive teen's mouth for safe keeping, she said. Sister Styx used more of the duct tape to make sure they remained properly secured within the teenager's mouth.


      Minutes after the last of the crew had been identified by name, the cabin containing the captives was locked and the first passenger arrived in first class, a tall, thin cleric in his late fifties with glittering eyes and a shaved head that had seen much exposure to the elements including the sun. Joining him was father Fleshman, who had rescued the teens from the hands of the airport security people. The two nuns took their seats and waited for their mother superior and her personal assistant, a gorgeous young woman in her early twenties, to make their entrance.


      They arrived late and breathless; it seemed they had some problems with airport security that resulted in the mother superior's assistant being made to submit to a strip search tha included a full cavity examination using billy clubs while she was naked and handcuffed.  The two clerics exchanged knowing glances and brief smiles. It seems that the meeting with the high level official in airport security had paid a nice dividend, including pictures that were safely tucked away in the cleric's valise.


      A few minutes later the doors were closed and the chartered plane wa cleared for takeoff. There came a cheer from the teenage representatives seated in the coach area as the plane taxied to its runway. After a few minutes delay the engines roared to life and the plane with its precious cargo sped down the runway and lifted into the sky, another miracle given to mankind by the creator. Mary Katherine Gallagher's new summer camp adventure had now truly begun.


                                                                  ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 25

       For the first hour of the flight everyone of the crew was kept busy at their jobs. Then the traffic to the galley and the locked cabin beyond began. The blonde female copilot was the first to visit the teens. She headed directly for a suffering Agnes and removed her jacket, pants and panties, making sure that her uniform remained clean and neatly pressed. From the inside of the jacket she withdrew a strap-on dildo and fixed it firmly around her hips. Agnes knew what was about to happen to her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

       The copilot loosened the strap around the teen's chest to allow her access to Agnes' tits, wasting no time hardening the nipples with her tongue and lips. Then without any preliminaries, she positioned the head of the long, thick dildo against the girl's cunt mouth and thrust it inside with a quick rotation of her hips. Even with two sets of thongs in her mouth, Agnes grunted loud enough for the blonde to hear. That brought a quick smile to her face, which featured high cheekbones, thin lips and cold blue eyes. From what Mary could see of the half naked blonde, her body was as lean as a whippet, but the way she wielded that strap-on indicated she was no stranger to this form of sexual expression.

       As she got more and more of the dildo to enter Agnes, the lithe blonde gained even more leverage by using the teen's tits as handholds, giving her more power from every sharp thrust she delivered to the girl's tiring twat. To Mary it seemed as if the copilot had been hammering away at her friend's pussy for an hour, but it was less than twenty minutes before a very discrete knocking was heard at the door. The lean blonde cursed and gave Agnes one last brutal thrust that made her eyes cross, before pulling the hard plastic toy from her victim. It glistened with Agnes' spendings; evidently the teen had found some enjoyment in what had just transpired.

       While she quickly dressed, the blonde let Agnes know that she would be returning later to have her asshole. Unfortunately the captain had pulled rank on her and decided that he would be the first to use that tight butthole. Looking over at Mary she grinned and said that she had a big following and they would be arriving shortly to tear off a piece or more of her tight cunt and asshole as well. This information did not exactly thrill Mary Katherine, but at least that meant her dear friend Agnes would be spared a few more assaults during this long flight over the ocean and part of Europe.

       A few minutes after the departure of the copilot, the door to the cabin was unlocked and the tall priest with the shaved head entered. He announced himself as father Chaos, and noticing the puzzled looks on the teens' faces, smiled and added that Chaos was the father of Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology. Now Mary's eyes were wide and her naked body tense, she knew what was about to happen, and probably to whom. The cleric wasted little time confirming her worst fears.

       Unlike the copilot, he leisurely disrobed completely, revealing a well toned body featuring a rather good sized cock that was still not fully erect. Mary felt a stab of irritation, here she was naked as the day she was born and spread out to reveal her considerable charms and yet he was not hard enough to begin penetrating her. Part of the teen was astonished and scandalized by the fleeting thought. Her reverie was broken when the naked priest reached down and captured her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed until tears came to her eyes, and then pulled the lump of sex flesh to its limits, making Mary cringe and struggle against the metal and leather that held her fast to the platform.

       He backed off from any further mauling for the moment, and began talking to himself as he made a varietyof adjustments to the platform and the rods to which Mary was attached. To her utter amazement he managed to position her body so that the cylinder in her bunghole was dislodged. In this position the teen was almost capable of licking her own pussy, since her lower body had been raised and folded back so her face was between her legs. Once this was established, an adjustment to the rods made her legs part until the tendons were trembling from the strain. Mary had never felt so uncomfortable and vulnerable then at this moment. Her friend Agnes was amazed at how limber Mary's body was, wondering whether she might be put in the very same position once the captain or the blonde came for her tight, tender anal passageway.

       The priest began rubbing the head of his cock up and down between the rapidly swelling cunt lips of Mary, watching her face reflect a growing excitement. He smiled and slapped her taut thighs, watching them color beautifully as his cock grew larger and harder. He leaned forward and licked her face, then playfully poked his tongue into her eyes. When he spoke, Mary knew she was in for a very bad time.

       "I know a lot about you my dear, more than you can imagine. The rest of these youngsters are going to attend the conference, but not you or your little friend. Those in Rome are most intrigued about your abiity to make a number of important church figures disappear from the face of the earth. Instructions have come down from the highest levels to ascertain your role in this mystery. We have set up a state of the art facility staffed by experts in interrogation, and you will be their only subject. It does not matter if it takes a week, month or many years for you to confess your sins in a sense and seek the Church's forgiveness. I am but one of the holy father's aides in this project."

       "At this time I am going to remove your gag and ask you to confess your sins and ask for his forgiveness, which I am empowered to allow under certain conditions. If you persist in rebellion against the holy church, I shall give you just a very tiny taste of what is in store for you and your little friend. Also be advised that mother Gallagher has been transferred to another convent, run by the good sisters of the Perpetual Flame. There she shall undergo a much more severe examination than her last. We have every reason to believe that she is also a part of this conspiracy against the Church and its objectives. Periodically you will be able to see tapes of her inquisition, although for security reasons, records of your activities will be held under the strictest security ever devised."

       Father Chaos looked down at his erect cock and smiled sardonically. "I see that you have not lost any of your demonic powers if the condition of my penis is any sign. It appears that I may have to put this to good use rather than stand guiltyof the sins of self abuse and self love."

       With those words he ripped the duct tape from Mary's lips and yanked the wet panties from her mouth. "Tell all and say it to me now, or suffer the consequences!" the cleric roared. Mary looked at him oddly, and for a moment she felt fear and a chill settling down in this tiny metal room. Quickly he restored the panties and retaped her mouth shut. He fumbled around inside his jacket and brought out a condom that he quickly rolled over his hard cock. She was going to be in for a rather nasty surprise he thought to himself as he prepared to sodomize the helpless teenager.

       Mary's body stiffened as she realized his intentions. His hard length of flesh was poking insistently at the tough ring of muscle guarding her anus. His arms pushed against her tight, bouncy buns and his hands pried them apart to allow the head of his dick to gain a foothold. The rest was just a matter of applying the right amount of force to split open her tight sphincter and begin entering her. What Mary didn't know was the  condom was coated with a special heat sensitive compound that when activated by the warmth of her bowels would mimic the behavior of some of the most virulent chili peppers grown on the planet.

       All the while as this unequal struggle went on, Agnes watched, almost hynotized by what she was witnessing. Inch by inch the cleric's dick disappeared between Mary's tight asscheeks. All of a sudden the teen's body began tensing and trying to free itself from her bonds, as the heat kicked in. Deeper and deeper went his hard prick and as it moved along that tight tunnel of flesh it left behind a thin layer of the hideous compound that made poor Mary think someone had started a roaring fire in her bowels. Tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks and her complexion grew pale as the pain intensified. Finally father Chaos' cock was completely enveloped by Mary's super tight anal passageway.Now he began to pump it slowly in and out of his victim's anus, gradually picking up speed as her level of resistance weakened.

       Mary Katherine Gallagher was in such agony that she began banging the back of her head against the metal column to which she was secured. Her tormentors had thought of almost everything, there would be no easy escape from the fires of hell now engulfing that tight channel. The teenager quickly discovered that the column was padded, she was unable to knock herself senseless despite her best efforts. To add to her pain the priest was now cruelly pinching the taut flesh to which he was given access. Now his thrusts into the girl's rectum were hard and fast, dealing her one brutal blow after another, pounding Mary into submission. The pain overwhelmed her and without warning she fainted. Her rapist didn't miss a beat, continuing his terrible assault on her helpless body until with a loud cry that sounded as if it came from an animal, he ejaculated.

       Mary remained in some kind of a trance, but father Chaos was no longer interested in her. The trance might be a normal reaction or an indication that her demon was still lurking inside her body, ready to come out when needed. He turned his attention to Agnes who had seen everything and was horrified by his approach. He reached down and grabbed her tits, his fingers digging into the firm teen flesh.

       "I suppose you aren't interested in making a good confession, are you my dear?"

       He watched her face for some sign that perhaps she was frightened enough to part with some information that might assist him in dealing with her friend. Agnes shut her eyes and looked away. Now he captured her nipples and crushed them flat between thumb and forefinger, still watching her face for a sign; none was forthcoming.

       "I'm sorry you have taken sides in this important struggle between good and evil. Now you must make a small payment in advance for your decision; much worse will befall you once we reach the facility and you and your wicked friend are turned over to the inquisitors."

       The priest went back to where his clothing had been hung, and withdrew a plastic bag and a small length of fishing line from the inside pocket of his jacket. Returning to the teenager, he smiled and showed her the bag. Then quick as a cat he lowered it over her head and twisted it tightly around her neck in one smooth motion. Before Agnes could react, he looped the fishing line around her neck and pulled it tight, sealing the bag. The girl panicked and used up the air in the bag very quickly. Soon the inside of the bag was dripping with condensed moisture as Agnes began to suffocate. He held the fishing line tight and waited until his victim passed out before releasing his grip, allowing air to flow into the bag and revive the terrified teen.

       "Can you imagine having this done to you for hours on end, never knowing when you might be breathing your last? Think about what you just experienced and perhaps before the plane lands I might once again ask you to make a full confession including everything you know about this daughter of the devil, who you call a friend."

       His words spoken, the cleric dressed, checked to see that both his charges were still healthy enough to entertain the other visitors that wished to meet them, and stepped from the cabin as if nothing of consequence had occurred. He had deliberately left Mary arranged in such a way as to make anal sex an easy choice for those interested in that sort of thing.

       Another member of the cabin crew was waiting patiently, a tall slim woman with piercing black eyes and a well turned figure. He couldn't help but notice the thin cylinder poking from the pocket of her smock. The girls were in for a real treat he thought to himself as he absent mindedly gave her a blessing as they passed each other.

                                                             ( To be continued - lex ludite ) 

                    Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 26

       The priest noticed that the area in which the mother superior and her assistant were seated had been sealed by a tent-like arrangement, shielding them from the other first class passengers. He could not resist seeing if what he suspected was really happening. He acted innocent and announced himself, inquiring if the mother superior had been taken ill, and if so, could he be of assistance. A muffled voice asked him to wait until there were no prying eyes and then enter.

       It was as he suspected. The mother superior was lying on her folded down seat, naked except for her white utilitarian bra. Her chunky legs were spread apart revealing a thick patch of pepper and salt pubic hair that ran wild from an inch or so below her navel and feathered out over her thick thighs. She had her arms clasped behind her head showing her hairy underarms. Her assistant was naked except for a pair of black bikini panties that seemed out of place for a daughter of the church. What she was doing, also bordered on the sacrilegious.

       The older nun looked up at the priest and smiled, absolutely nonplused by his presence. Chaos chuckled and observed that the younger nun had been busy for quite some time based on the amount of pussy juice that glistened on her face from brow to chin. She laughed and confirmed his observation, then directed her assistant to move to the right and lick a bit harder. The cleric brought up the trouble she and her assistant had encountered at the security area and the nun glowered and put the blame entirely upon the head of her youthful assistant.

       "Once I get her alone and away from prying eyes I plan to remove a substantial amount of skin from that body with a few of my toys that are currently down in the baggage area."

       He smiled and replied.

       "This would not then be a good time for me to hear her confession, would it? From the looks of things, she is committing some very serious sins and they must be confessed and penance given, before she can be absolved even conditionally."

       The mother superior grunted and sighed as the nun found one of her sweet spots and busied herself making sure that it was properly cleansed and comforted. The priest blessed the mother superior and clucked like a mother hen whose offspring had gone away from its home in the coop, as he watched the nun lick and suck her way across the jungle growing between the older woman's thighs. He bid them farewell for the time and returned to sit by father Fleshman so he could recount his visits to the two heretics and the mother superior and her assistant.

       He thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his companion's adventures and casually mentioned that the assistant was in for a few unpleasant surprises once they reached their ultimate destination and he got his hands on her naked body once the mother superior finished with it. They sat back and waited to see who and for how long he or she disappeared into the galley.

       The scene that greeted the thin, black-eyed woman once she entered and locked the door to the cabin was not what she expected. Mary's body had been rearranged to make her anal area easily accessible, and from the looks of her distended sphincter, someone had already used her harshly. She was fairly certain that the tall, thin priest with the shaved skull was responsible. The other heretic was pale and trembling, with bruised tits and the nipples sore and swollen. Someone or thing had been actively using her cunt, which was still oozing traces of pussy juice.

       She pulled the gleaming cylinder from her smock and approached Agnes, who began to cringe and cry. This only made the woman more excited about what she planned to do to these defilers of the church and its teachings. She pressed the button on the side of the instrument and watched the arc of electricity bridging the pair of electrodes that were mounted at the front of the device. What she held in her hand was a miniature version of a cattle prod capable of dealing a wallop despite its size. To check out its power she pressed the rod against the inside of Agnes' right thigh, up by the teen's pelvis, and pressed the button, holding it down.

       The surge of power made the muscles in the region of the strike contract tremendously, then created a wave of cramps that made her entire body quiver. Satisfied by the reaction she got from the teen, she began to torture the girl, moving the prod from one area to another and delivering varying doses of electrical power. First the armpit took a jolt, then down along the rib cage, moving every half foot or so to the girl's hip, leaving behind some small regions of blistered flesh. Then she went across her abdomen, pausing to make the skin and muscles ripple like waves as the electrons surged through her sweating body.

       By now Mary was fully conscious and paying close attention to what was happening to her friend. She was totally frustrated by her inability to make any noise to distract the woman. Poor Mary just had to wait her turn and watch the terrible torment that Agnes was enduring. Now the cabin crew woman laid the prod between Agnes' cunt lips and smiled. The girl was frantic, moving her naked body as much as she was able, but not enough to dislodge the prod from its position. The prod was pushed upwards until it was against her clitoris. The moment contact was made, she fried Agnes' love button, making the girl nearly rupture herself as she mindlessly fought to tear free of the straps and manacles holding her to the structure.

       The torture went on, the prod moving to her other armpit where it exploded once more. Agnes was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, helpless and unable to do anything to protect herself from the terrible pain that was generated every time the button was pressed. Then outside forces intruded, rescuing the terrifed teen from her torment.

       The aircraft encountered sudden turbulence that sent everyone not strapped into their seats flying in every direction. Agnes and Mary suffered no harm whatsoever, being tightly coupled to the structures that were firmly attached to the floor of the cabin. They were completely safe. However the same was not true for the woman, who was flung against the wall and struck her head, rendering her senseless.

       The buffeting of the plane ended as suddenly as it began and order was quickly restored among the passengers in the main cabin as well as first class. The cabin crew immediately realized one of their number was missing and likely in the little cabin just past the forward galley. It took about ten minutes before anyone was free to check into the small room to ascertain the condition of its occupants. The dazed woman was assisted from the cabin and ministered to in the forward galley, where her injuries were diagnosed to be minor.

       Sister Tortura checked on the status of the teens, noticing the tiny burn marks over certain portions of Agnes' body and the rearrangement of Mary to make sodomizing her much easier. She was sorely tempted to move her so that the cylinder jutting up from the platform could be once more buried in her tight asshole, but thought better of it. However she did give into her urge to punish Mary's pouting pussy, so fetchingly arranged for her strap. At first she thought one or two swift strokes of the leather would satisfy her urges, but it inflamed them instead. The nun was not sure at all exactly who was in control here. She was whipping the teenager with a fury that was not her style. The good nun was well known for her disciplined behavior, even when she was dealing out severe corporal punishment to her charges. What was possessing her?

       Had not her companion, sister Styx, realized that she was taking way too much time checking on the teens, the nun might have turned Mary's genitals into raw bleeding meat. As it was, her cunt lips were swollen to the point that her gash had disappeared, morphing into a ridge of crimson flesh. Her inner thighs were covered with welts and some cuts and the nun had just begun working on the backs of her legs.  Sister Styx had to pry the strap from the hands of the nun, who seemed to be under the control of some outside force.  Then abruptly the good sister snapped back to her old self and acted stunned at what she had wreaked on the helpless teen. Sister Styx ordered her to return to the front cabin and send father Fleshman to her.

       By the time the cardinal's aide arrived, sister Styx had made sure that the injuries to Mary and Agnes did not require medical attention, and both were conscious and alert. He listened impassively as she related what she had seen and how sister Tortura seemed to be under the influence of something existing outside of her. He coupled this information with the sudden turbulence that had injured one of the cabin crew while she was disciplining Agnes, and the strange chill that settled in the cabin while father Chaos was in here, and a picture began to appear of a creature no one could see but who seemed determined in one way or another to protect these two heretics.

       Father Fleshman broke the news to the head of the cabin crew, who was less than enchanted about her people being forbidden to enter the front cabin unless it was a grave emergency. She was doubly irritated by the fact that she was also included in this instruction. Trying to force the flight crew to obey the same order was no simple task despite his relatively high position in the church hierarchy. The captain was bound and determined not to be deprived of what he considered to be part of his compensation for this trip. No amount of arguing or cajoling would change his mind on the subject.

       The cleric was not in this position for no reason, and so it was that he came up with a solution that satisfied the captain and further ingratiated himself with the mother superior when she was made privy to what was transpiring in that little cabin up forward.

       "I think your idea is a brilliant one and certainly it will teach my wayward assistant to be more diligent in representing and supporting me in my endeavors to serve the holy mother church. She needs to be taken down a peg or two and this just might be the way to do it. I'm sure that our gallant captain will enjoy his little treat as well."

       Mary was astonished to observe the male member of the cabin crew along with the cleric, who saved her from the security people at the airport, enter and remove Agnes from the structure.The teen made no attempt to escape as they cuffed her hands behind her back, placed a hood over her head and hobbled her with a short length of chain before covering her body with what looked to be a cape. As soon as she was removed from the cabin, a nun who Mary had not seen previously entered the small room and began to disrobe.

       This one had a marvelous figure shown to advantage by the lacy black bra and matching bikini panties, not the standard underwear worn by the sisters in the convent where she came from. Once she was naked, the cleric strapped her to the structure in such a way as to make her hind quarters available for one interested in using her tight rear entrance for his or her pleasure. He did not gag the nun, instead promising her a penance that would cause a great amount of physical pain over a long period of time, if she attempted to call out for help . When he asked her if she understood the meaning of his words she nodded and closed her eyes.He could not resist tweaking her good sized nipples, bringing a gasp of pain from her lips.

       Perhaps ten minutes after the cleric had taken his leave the door was unlocked and the captain of the flight crew made his appearance. He was quite taken by the beauty that had been substituted for Agnes, and quickly undressed, revealing a good sized sex organ that was already well past half staff. From the nun's body language, she was uncertain about how this liaision would turn out. If the truth be known, when it came to members of the opposite sex, sister Harmony was clueless. She was about to get the short course in sex between the sexes, and she took to it like a duck to water, much to the delight of the captain.

       In parallel, Agnes was getting an introduction to the mother superior's pubic mound, and was making the most of this opportunity to get on the right side of the powerful nun. This was a no-nonsense, hands-on, education the teenager was getting, and she was making the most of it, much to the delight of the middle-aged nun.

       The captain proved to be a skilled lover and he brought sister Harmony along very carefully, teasing her with little kisses and bites on various portions of her rounded, curving body. The nun was fascinated by his whiskers and so like a perfect gentleman he went down on her and gave the novice at love between the sexes a good example of why hairy men was so damned sexy if they knew what they were doing. One thing led to another and soon the captain's rock hard cock was knocking on the door to her tunnel of love as he described it.

       His entry brought forth a gasp, a sigh and then a loud "Oh my goodness gracious!" The next thing Mary saw was the two of them locked into a rhythm that could not be taught. You talk about a couple made for each other, this was it! Mary got a little misty-eyed at this point as she watched the lovers go at it like they were starving, which possibly they might have been..... for each other.

       What absolutely astonished Mary was the ability of the captain to not only fill the nun to capacity via her cunt,  but to quickly recover for another round, thanks in part to some great mouth action  from his partner. Things then proceeded to get surreal as he took her anal cherry as well, with hardly even a grunt from the nun as his thick cock burrowed between her butt cheeks. Little did the mother superior, who was having a grand time with Agnes, realize that she was in the process of losing her trusted companion and gal pal.

       Two hours later, the aircraft was given permission to land in Munich. It was a pensive pilot who brought the plane to a near perfect landing. After all he had some very precious cargo on board that he didn't know about until a few hours ago. So for that matter did the priest, different but extremely valuable for the institution that was his life. What was past was but the prelude to Mary's summer camp adventures.

                               ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                               Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 27

       The jet taxied to its gate and the moment the seat belt sign was extinguished, a swap was made of Agnes for sister Harmony, reuniting the pair who remained in the isolation room, the door locked to prevent any accidental observation from the first class passengers as they disembarked. The teens had no idea at the time of the fact that they had mysteriously missed their flight to Germany. According to the computers, and computers never lie, they were not on board this flight. They also hadn't occupied any first class passenger seat either, further evidence that the computers were accurate. In the US, a search for the two missing teenagers was in full swing, with few promising leads.

       Perhaps ten minutes after the last passenger had left the plane, the door was opened and father Chaos entered. He ordered the girls to face the bulkhead while he manipulated a ring in the floor and then entered a set of code numbers that caused a portion of the floor to slide back, revealing a metal tube that could easily handle any normal sized adult. The teens were astonished at the capability of their little prison, but it got even more interesting when a workman, also in cahoots with the priest, entered the cabin carrying two zippered bags, big enough to contain Mary and Agnes.

       After he and the cleric bound and gagged the naked girls using duct tape, they placed Mary and her companion into the bags and zipped them up, securing them with combination locks that only father Chaos could open. The teens had some anxious moments when the bags were shoved unceremoniously into the tube, which connected their holding cell of a cabin to the baggage compartment in the belly of the aircraft. Unbeknownst to them there was a record of the bags, with tags that allowed them to avoid passing through customs once more. There was no doubt about the power and influence the Church had in this area of the country.

       The bags were transported to one of the waiting motor coaches that would take the attendees and their chaperons to the site of the conference, high in the Bavarian mountains. The two prisoners had no idea what was happening, except they were being carried by some very large vehicle over fairly smooth roads. The noise and their cramped quarters, which were in the baggage compartment of the large bus now winding its way up toward their destination, precluded any speculation as to their final destination. The plan for the teens was to have them taken, along with the others attending the conference, until they reached a rest stop some twenty-five miles from the site. There the bags containing them as well as some supplies would be off-loaded for pickup by a truck that would carry them to their ultimate destination.

       The plan did not consider the terrorist group called The Knights of the Flame, a group of local malcontents who sought to establish a competing religion in the region that was a bizarre combination of elements of the Catholic, and Islamic faiths. They were considered by the authorities to be more troublemakers than terrorists, since the great majority of the members were from the area and well known to the police. In all candor, no one took them very seriously, which was why their scheme to disrupt the conference worked so well. There was one other factor of which the local police had no knowledge, their new leader, Otto Blitzer.

       There were well over two hundred teens and members of the clergy either stretching their legs or standing in the long lines to use the facilities. They were easy prey for the roughly one dozen armed, masked men who surrounded the motor coaches and the rest area, ordering everyone to assemble in a single line beside the three transports. They then separated the sexes, forcing the priests, teens and drivers into one of the coaches which they had already disabled so it could not be driven. Father Fleshman had made the mistake of invoking his high position in the Church hierarchy. For his trouble they made him disrobe in front of the nuns and their female charges. More than a few of the teens licked their lips and made mental notes to see about having this well hung priest hear their confessions, which they planned to make as steamy as possible in hopes that he might take a personal interest in their well being.

       The mother superior and her assistants, sisters Styx, Tortura and Harmony were taken to the other side of the coach and ordered to strip. The head nun was adamant in her refusal, not due to modesty, but  rather her unattractive body that she revealed only to her acolyte of the moment. Her captors were amused by her stance, but when the leader pointed his automatic weapon in the direction of sister Harmony and released the safety with a loud click, the young nun set new records for disrobing. Despite the fact that she was wearing non-issue underwear, the shame of that revelation was much more preferable compared to a bullet. Had she been able to see past the masks, her reaction to the threat from her captors might have been more of laughter than fear.

       By the time sister Harmony stood there in her lacy black bra and matching bikini panties, the eyes of her captors were popping from their sockets and they would have been unable to defend themselves against a group of unarmed, blind, one-legged midgets. The squad leader shouted for assistance from his new commander, Otto Blitzer. The other three nuns stood together nervously wringing their hands and awaiting their fate, guaging it by what happened to sister Harmony. A tall, heavy-set, ski-masked man carrying an automatic weapon and a bandolier of cartridges made an appearance, and came to an abrupt halt when he was confronted by sister Harmony, who was in the process of removing her bra to free her heavy melon-shaped tits.

       It was lust at first sight. Realizing that he had to look the part he was playing, that of a guerilla leader, Blitzer asked why the other women were still wearing their habits, and got no answer. He waved his weapon at the trio, and muttered loudly in his mother tongue, which they did not understand. However when he reached out and slapped sister Harmony on her bare belly and pointed, they got the meaning of his words and quickly began ridding themselves of their dark habits. As the nuns stripped down to their scanties, much more utilitarian and in off-white, Otto got an idea, a wicked idea that would humiliate these foolish believers in the corrupt body known as the Catholic church.

       He marched the naked nuns out to where the female teenagers were lined up and ordered his men to make the teens get naked and be quick about it. Two of his men spoke reasonably good English and they issued his order. There was shock at this perverse instruction, but the teens also could see their chaperons, the nuns, as naked as the day they were born. Some secretly lusted to be under the thumb of the mother superior despite her unruly patch of pubic hair and sagging tits. In fact it was that thick covering of her pubic mound that excited them as they imagined  having the opportunity to worship their savior through this nun's dripping cunt that fed his body and blood to their lapping tongues.

       It took a volley of gunfire to break the spell and get the young ladies moving. While this giant strip tease was going on, father Chaos had been found and brought out to where the rest of the female prisoners were busily removing their clothing. He quickly undressed and stood next to his equally naked compatriot, father Fleshman. Like his companion, Chaos was very well hung and that was not lost on many of the young ladies who between removing their bras and peeling down their panties, some with embarrassingly sodden crotches, were imagining what it might be like to have the priest's hard cock sawing away inside their virginal cunts.

       Soon there were approximately one hundred bare-breasted young women, some with bikini waxed pubes others with muffs that never had seen a razor. The tits were as varied as their pubes, some flat with boyish nipples, others with major league jugs that stood out proud, unhampered by gravity. There were stomachs that looked like washboards, others hanging out over their fat-lipped cunts. There were tall girls, short girls, skinny girls and fat girls. Choosing the best two or three proved to be a challenge. As it turned out, neither the best built nor the best looking girl didn't make the final cut; instead it was a pair of sisters, not nuns, sisters who got the prize. They were selected to join the band of terrorists and flee with them into the mountains.

       Being able to speak German and having a hearty distain for the priests and nuns that were shepherding them helped their cause considerably. This plus the fact that they both admitted to having lost their virginity to local talent that was not involved with the holy mother Church cinched their selection. So it was that Heidi and Rosalind Schwimmer became dedicated groupies, or in this case camp followers, for the Knights of the Flame until their unfortunate capture some months later in an ambush.

       That matter settled, Otto decided to make an example of the nuns and priests he had captured; that is all but sister Harmony, whose figure and beauty captured every male that saw her in the altogether. He made the rest of the female teens watch as sister Harmony got down on her knees and began hardening the cocks of the two priests, who didn't seem too embarrassed by what they were experiencing. Not only that, it was quite obvious by the enthusiasm sister Harmoney was showing that doing this sex act was not causing her any trouble either. This fact was not lost on her audience.

       Once both clerics were stiff as stone, not a difficult task at all for the good sister, the mother superior, naked as a jaybird, was brought out and bound tightly hand and foot with ropes and gagged with her own full cut panties, using duct tape to keep them securely housed within her mouth. Then father Fleshman's cock was introduced into the mother superior's cunt with a bit of assistance from one of the new members of the group, Rosalind. Next father Chaos was moved into position behind her back and with a little more effort, his cock was finally pressed into the crevice between her plump ass cheeks.

       Now she was neatly skewered back and front with no way out of her predicament. The clerics' hands were bound behind their backs, and duct tape was wrapped around the trio to prevent them from any movement. By now the eyes of most of the captive, teen females were wide as their open mouths. The Church lost many souls this long afternoon, and much energy was required to make even some of them return to the flock. That's a story for another time, perhaps later in this little tale.

       There was still the matter of the other set of nuns, and Otto handled that with imagination as well. While the nuns were being brought out for their moment in the sun, his men went through the clothing of the girls for money and any other valuables. This done they piled the clothing some distance from the motor coaches and set it afire much to the dismay of the young ladies who were now trapped in only their skin, without any form of artificial covering.

       This led to many interesting situations when the coaches were allowed to continue their journey to the conference site. A similar fate had already befallen the males as well, but for the rest of the trip they were deliberately comingled with their opposite numbers in hopes that the lack of clothing would lead to some exploration and serious consideration of what being a member of the holy mother Church really meant. In some cases a good time was had by all, in others there was a serious case of nerves and a failure to lose what they never really had.

       The treatment, or mistreatment of sisters Totura and Styx, depending upon your point of view, was held in front of only the ladies as well, knowing that if the males saw this, they would probably riot and the Knights could possibly lose control of the situation if it turned into a giant sex orgy. The totally nude nuns were positioned face to face, their hands tightly bound behind their backs with plastic ties that really dug into their flesh. The first thing that was done was to insert a small tree limb into the pussies of the two nuns, a task taken by a couple of his men who managed to finally insert it deep into the two twats, leaving a few splinters behind in that very sensitive portion of their bodies. Since the nuns were approximately the same height, this idea worked quite well. The audience was stunned to hear the foul oaths and curses that came from the nuns' lips as the cruel process was carried out to the limit.

       The next step required the services of the two new members of the Knights of Fire group. The teens put their tongues to work and stiffened the nipples of the nuns to the point that twine could be looped around them and tied to the opposing nipples, thus preventing the nuns from moving apart. This accomplished, the men then wound thin rope around the base of the nuns' tits and tied them together in a similar manner to what had been done to their nipples. In this case, with time the lack of blood circulation would make those tits bloat and become painful and then numb, a very dangerous situation if left this way for too long. More duct tape, the universal bondage material, was wrapped around their upper bodies, waists, thighs and ankles, immobilizing them. Finally they were forced to french kiss, and more tape guaranteed that their lips would be locked together for the duration of the trip to the site.

       The plan was to place the bound trio and duo into separate coaches in the bottom area used to store the passengers' baggage. Naturally for the last half hour the baggage from the three coaches was removed by other members of the group and forced open to check for anything useful. To date they had found some money, a few pieces of jewelry, numerous digital cameras, three laptops, two vibrators and three dildos. Then deep in the bowels of the last motor coach they found two red-tagged canvas bags kept closed by combination locks.

       Undeterred they cut open the bags and got the surprise of their lives, two teenaged goddesses, stark naked, bound and gagged. This was immediately reported to Otto Blitzer who came to see the two lovelies with his own eyes. It was obvious that these two for some odd reason were not held kindly by the church officials. This delighted him and made it easy to order his men to free the teens and take them with the group once they were ready to leave. Twenty minutes later the three coaches bearing nearly two hundred naked teens headed for the conference site, some two hours away. In each was one armed member of the Knights of Fire to make sure that the driver didn't stop until he was given the order. The three men would be picked up and rejoin the group high up in the mountains. For Mary Katherine Gallagher and Agnes Watson, this was the beginning of another unplanned adventure, something that excited Mary no end.

                                      ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                                 Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 28

       This time the instructions had come directly from Rome and they ordered the widow, Marian Gallagher, to be transported by truck to a monastery run by the Fathers of Perpetual Misery. The place was hard to reach, being in a particularly barren portion of desert located in the state of Coahuila. It would be a nearly three-day  trip under extremely hot and dry conditions. The crossing point into Mexico was to be at Del Rio, a small Texas city where the holy fathers had much influence.

       The widow was to be transported in a sealed canvas covered rubber bag with the seal of the holy mother Church, normally enough to satisfy the border crossing agents. This approach was taken so that once she arrived at the monastery she would be in a physical and mental condition that would be considerably weakened, thus frustrating any spirit or demon that might be using her as a vessel.

       The woman in question was made to fast from solid food for three days before her journey was to begin. Thus when she was placed stark naked, with hands and feet secured in manacles, into the bag that would be her personal container for the entire trip, she would be in a disoriented state from the lack of sustenance. To add to her misery just prior to being placed into the bag, she was forced to drink almost a gallon of warm water that had been liberally laced with a powerful diuretic.

       Those handling her also inserted a small catheter into her urethra. It was designed to make urinating a major effort, thanks to the absorbers that were packed into the narrow tubing. Lengths of plastic tubing were wrapped around the base of each of her rather large breasts. With time, the subtle loss of blood circulation would lead to those mounds becoming swollen and sore. By the time she arrived at the monastery she would be in great pain, but no permanent damage would have been done them yet. The final step was to place pads over her eyes, plugs in her ears and a ball gag in her mouth.

       This would further disorient her and give widow Gallagher time to contemplate her fate and what to do to rid herself of the evil spirit or demon that might be inhabiting her body. To make sure that she did not have an unfortunate accident and die during this trip, a heart monitor was glued to the region between her breasts and the output was registered on a gauge installed in the truck's console. Every eight hours the "sinner" would be made to ingest another large amount of water to prevent her from becoming dehydrated. Except for the water breaks, the bag containing the widow Gallagher would be hung from a bar in the ceiling of the truck to further confuse and sicken her during the trip.

       By the time the truck arrived at the isolated monastery located in the low hills, the "sinner" had lapsed into a semi-coma, but her vital signs were still strong. When the bag was removed from the truck and opened, the good brothers had to cover their noses from the stench that issued from it. The potential servant of the Evil One was covered from waist to feet wth a crust of salt from the urine she had released during the trip. The catheter had done its work and she had exhausted most of her strength straining to release the ocean of piss that built up in her bladder after every water break she was given. A few buckets of filthy dishwater from the kitchen of the monastery did the trick and roused the suspect from the fog that had enveloped her mind, as well as mitigated somewhat the terrible odor that radiated from her naked body.

       There were six monks and one priest permanently occupying this fortress in the desert. A trio of local indigenous people handled the jobs required to keep the monastery operational. it was one of the best guarded secrets in the Church that this seeming way station was one of the premier interrogation centers in the New World. The thick adobe walls were nothing but a false front that hid the real function of this place. Its history went back nearly to the time of the Inquisition, and over the years its methods changed to keep up with the technology used for torture as it evolved and refined itself over the decades and centuries. Business remained constant as the turning of the seasons, all but a very few being men.

       The last time they had welcomed a woman to this halfway house to hell was more than eight years ago. She had been a splendid specimen, a former nun who had risen rapidly in the ranks until she had some type of nervous breakdown that led her to acccepting the Dark One as her lord and master. This one knew too much to be allowed to spread this evil gospel, and so one day she disappeared, never to be heard from again.

She was transported from Europe to the US under the greatest of secrecy, traveling in a sealed Vatican mail pouch. From there she was shipped in a coffin fitted with enough oxygen to sustain her for the nearly one week trip over this barren terrain. She had been drugged to slow her body's metabolism down so she would appear dead to all but the most educated medical personnel.

       It took the good brothers the better part of three months to break her spirit. By then she had lost nearly thirty pounds and had great difficulty in speaking or understanding questions. The monks persisted, for two months afterward they kept the heretic in the helmet, a fiendish device designed to almost rewire the brain's synaptic paths so interrogation was made easier, and reeducation much less stressing for all involved, including the heretic.Three months later they certified her as free from the Evil One and recommended she once more be accepted as a member of the holy mother Church.

       During that entire period she was never subjected to such crude efforts as hot irons, molten metal, the pear, the rack, the ladder, strappado, flaying, and the other barbaric tortures that had been developed and remained as testament to the brutality of those who devised them. The monks lived completely in the twentieth century and perhaps a bit beyond in some cases. Electricity, drugs, exotic fish and reptiles, insects, suffocation and asphixiation to the point that brain damage just began, high frequency noise, strobe lights, thermal cycling from temperature excursions of plus seventy C to minus forty C, acupuncture and a wide variety of techniques to attack the sensory capabilities of a person, were the tools that they used and honed on those who were brought to them for "treatment". 

       A few weeks later she was examined by the Vatican representative for Mexico and declared cured, but subject to daily prayer and self mortification. It was noted that she was with child and therefore could not unconditionally receive the sacraments. She remained with the monks until she gave birth to a lovely girl with wide blue eyes, unheard of for one just exiting from the mother's womb, and a beatific smile that captured the hearts of all who saw her. Certain forged documets were used to allow the mother and child to return to the arms of the Church in a Canadian parish located in the upper reaches of the Northwest Territories. Unfortunately the former nun had difficulty hearing, her eyesight was failing rapidly and she was unable to properly articulate her needs, not that they were sophisticated or many. Of great interest to the Vatican was the progress of the child, who seemed to be well above average in all ways measurable, both physical and mental.

       The dossier that came with the widow Gallagher was pedestrian in the extreme and caused some consternation among the monks. What was so interesting to the Church about this servant in a convent? Some here argued strongly that using the sophisticated techniques they had at their disposal would be like casting pearls before swine. On the other hand this was a living, breathing and very naked woman they were staring at with some degree of letchery in their hearts and minds.

       They decided that almost eight years without the opportunity to couple with a living, breathing woman was long enough. Therefore the first item on the agenda was to get her cleaned up and smelling like a woman. One of the trio who took care of things at the monastery was dragooned into coming up with a suitable container that would accommodate this woman and plenty of soap and water. In the meantime the catheter was fished from her urethra, bringing a smile of relief to her face and cheer to the assembled monks. The widow Gallagher was still not totally aware of her surroundings and these sharp-eyed men dressed in rough brown clothing with cowls that made no sense in a desert such as this. That is to assume that she was aware of both the location and climate that existed in this strange place.

       It was fairly obvious that their visitor was quite disoriented, which was considered normal for those who came here for special interrogation. They decided it would be prudent if the priest, who had a medical degree, was summoned to take a look at their prize, and bless their plans for her. The widow on the other hand was more confused than she appeared. To her the sextet looked like dwarves, all dressed the same way and hunched over against the glare of the sun. As she tried to keep her balance, swaying from side to side in almost slow motion, she counted the group and began muttering to herself. This quickly caught the attention of the monks who moved closer to hear what she was mumbling. She had to be prompted a number of times before she said in a slightly slurred voice, " Where's doc?"

       They acted as if they were facing the Dark One. There were gasps and finger pointing. How could this be? You talk about a million monkeys with a million typewriters producing the works of Shakespeare if given enough time. Her comment was on a par with that, only on a less grand scale. First there was her almost unconscious decision to decide they were dwarves. This was followed by identifying them as the famous cartoon characters created by one Walt Disney. Then came the coincidence of realizing one of the seven was missing. Then the final connection was made in her benumbed brain that the missing dwarf was the one called Doc. This little stab in the dark was worth maybe a thousand monkeys and typewriters working for a number of centuries, still mighty impressive for a high school dropout now working for the nuns in a menial capacity.

       From the reaction of the monks, Marian Gallagher knew that she had done something that had frightened them. She was still too dazed and exhausted to realize that she had gone from being some foolish, old woman who was considered to be more a source of entertainment and sexual relief, to a fearsome representative of all that was evil and inimical to holy teachings. Poor widow Gallagher, she had stepped in it but good and would pay the price for her little joke.

       Across the Atlantic, Mary and her dear friend, Agnes, were now captives of the Knights of Fire, who were not at all sure of their position when it came to the struggle against the holy mother Church. This ambivalence was manifest in the fact that the teens, unlike the nun and the two other heretics who had thrown in with them, were still tightly restrained and gagged as they were being transported by truck to the hideout of the little band of malcontents. There they would face another of the many trials that would dog them on this  tour of Europe.

                       ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 29

       The group of monks swung into action once the shock of what had just been revealed about their prisoner dissipated slightly. However, it did not deter them from their original plan to enjoy her body before getting down to the more serious effort of making the sinner reveal her connection to the Dark One. Once her leg shackles were removed, she was marched into the monastery where a tub filled with steaming water awaited her. The water was so hot that those involved in placing her into the tub and washing her naked body had to wear heavy rubber gloves.

       Marian shrieked and struggled to escape the moment her naked body was submerged beneath the nearly scalding water. It took the efforts of three monks to hold her body reasonably still so the others with the brushes could begin to scrub the filth from her big body. To make her more pliant, they would push her head under and let her swallow some hot, soapy water for a time. That calmed her down considerably and gave the scrubbers plenty of time to clean her inside as well as out. The one who managed to jam his brush up her well stretched cunt had a field day using it like a dildo to both clean and excite her.

       Every few minutes they exchanged brushes to give the others an opportunity to assist in her cleansing. Her big breasts got plenty of attention and were scrubbed until they seemed nearly devoid of skin. By now she was taking on the appearance of a large hunk of reddish meat from the hot water, but they persisted, removing all the filth they could find along with plenty of skin. She was nearly comatose but they continued to dunk her every so often to make sure she remained easy to handle. Finally satisified that she was presentable, they transferred her large frame to another tub filled with tepid water and completed the job of making sure she was clean enough to be considered as a sex partner.

       Out of the tub she came, clean and without that awful odor. A  crude bed had been put together by the monastery servants, and it was there, at great risk to their immortal souls, they took turns coupling with this person who might well be an acolyte of the Dark One. It was first come, in more ways than one, and first served, each taking whatever he wished from her. Some enjoyed her warm, wet mouth wrapped around their hard stalks, her talented tongue adding to the sensations she provided until they squirted their cum into that suctioning organ and made her swallow every last drop before leaving and letting the next monk have his turn. Others liked to tunnel between her big tits until they coated them with their seed. Then there were those who were most direct, slamming their engorged sex organs deep into her surprisingly wet cunt and filling it with the boiling liquid that their churning testicles produced.

       Finally it was the priest who took his position on the bed. Two of the monks held Marian's legs up and back, splitting her at the crotch and revealing her asshole. The father sucked his thumb and inserted it into her bunghole with some difficulty. He moved it in and out a number of times and then sucked it clean, pronouncing her anal passageway to be rather tasty. Now he rubbed the head of his cock around the unblinking eye that was her anus and slowly his shaft began to harden. The widow made the mistake of struggling somewhat and for her efforts was rewarded with a number of sound swats on the insides of her flabby thighs. It took some time, but at last the head of his cock developed enough pressure to make her sphincter muscle give way and he entered. Marian grunted as her anus was breached. The two monks holding her in this position shifted her body slighty to make the angle of entry for the priest easier. Now his hard shaft began disappearing into that dark tunnel. He paused for a brief rest with about half his cock buried in her asshole. Then he moved deeper and Marian's eyes grew large as the tip of his dick burrowed further, stretching the walls of her colon. All in all the entire process took well over ten minutes before his throbbing cock released its cargo into her rectum. Still not finished humiliating his victim, he withdrew and made her suck off and swallow whatever had accumulated onto his still semi-hard sex organ while he was buried deep inside her bunghole.

       Before beginning her interrogation, they decided that another round was in order, but not immediately. Marian's wrist manacles were chained to a ring in the adobe wall which made her bend awkwardly forward, calling attention to not only her big tits but her swollen sex, still dripping from the contributions it had received. Before leaving some if them played with her hangers and tweaked the nipples until they were stiff and very sensitive. One brave soul actually got half his hand into her cunt mouth and then made her lick the spendings from it. Minutes after they left her alone in the room she received a trio of visitors, those natives that took care of the hard labor at the monastery. They naturally were interested in gaining some advantage from her as well. For humble natives with no education they were quite adept at preparing the widow Gallagher for another pummeling.

       First they warmed her up with a triple team attack. There were two mouths sucking her big tits and another glued to her dripping cunt mouth. Even though she had just been fucked stupid by the seven "dwarves", or so she thought, this latest act only got what was left of her libido churning into high gear once more. The trio rotated until each man had his fill of her tits and twat. Now they became a bit more creative, thumbing her clit and finger-fucking that sodden snatch as she groaned and pushed her plump pubic mound against the hand working on it. She wasn't paying much attention to what they were preparing until someone grabbed her fattish leg and pulled it into the air so a large oversized boot, used to handle some of the the more disgusting kitchen jobs, could accommodate her foot with plenty of room to spare. That got some of her attention, but not much since one of them was sucking her tongue and mauling her tits while the other mouth chowed down on whatever dripped from her steaming cunt. Soon she was standing in a pair of boots, now wondering what happened next.

       Suddenly one of them stepped into the boots, his feet fitting tightly against her own. His leathery hands grabbed big handfuls of her bottom cheeks, and his semi-hard cock began rubbing up and down her hairy slit. His fat tongue wiggled into her mouth and began exploring as his cock grew hard. Urged on by his compatriots, he pulled her beefy body tightly against his lean frame and began pounding his long, bony cock into her hot twat, bringing satisfied moans from her. He didn't last long, but while he was there, she knew about it! Foggy and tired she might be, but her juices were flowing and her clit was hard as a piece of marble from the stimulation her twat was receiving. She groaned and tried to lunge against him to prevent him from pulling free of her grasping snatch, but she was thwarted.

       Her second partner was heavier with a much bigger cock. He nibbled on her lips and rammed it home, driving the air from her lungs. Before she had time to recover, he pulled out until just the head was stretching her cunt mouth and repeated the process with even greater force. His tongue darted inside her mouth as she gasped for breath, and his horny hands pulled her big body tightly against his own. Then he proceeded to give Marian a pounding that shook her to the core. It took her some time to match his rhythm once she realized he wasn't going to beat her to death with that club of a cock. Subconsciously she already knew that with any luck she might be able to have an orgasm if he could keep up this blistering pace that made it feel as if he was stripping away the walls of her cunt. Now his fingers had a good grip on her nipples and it felt as if he was milking her. All the while that iron bar blasted away at her yielding cunt. She pumped her pussy back as fast as she could to increase the friction and bring her closer to her holy grail.

       It felt as if she had been hit by a freight train when her orgasm rumbled through her body, making it  shiver and shake independent of what his hard cock was making it do. He began chewing on her lips as she climaxed and rammed her beefy body against him. The man proved to be her master, riding out the storm and continuing to pound her pussy to mush. That was more than she could absorb, and so her eyes rolled back into her head and she sagged against her bonds and his body. He ignored her response and continued to pour the coals to her until with a loud bellow he splashed his boiling cum against the spasming walls of her hot, wet, quivering cunt. 

       The final member of the trio hopped into the boots once he scooped out a portion of the cum still occupying her well hammered cunt and made her lick it from his fingers and palm. His hoary hands now grabbed her butt tightly and pulled her twat over his rock hard cock, rising up from a semi-squat position to get his dick properly seated in her well fucked pussy. He made the widow open her mouth so he could spit into it a number of times. While this was taking place, he also mauled her big tits and twisted her nipples cruelly as she yelped from the pain. His prick was thick but not as long as the other two. After he got going, the widow couldn't tell the difference, so great was the power he had behind that juggernaut of flesh. She was pounded, plowed, pummeled and punished to a degree that took her breath away. This one was like a machine and seemed to be dedicated to ruining her insides. He was merciless and all Marian could do was pray that he exhausted himself before something serious happened to her female plumbing. To her horror she could tell that the other two were urging him to even greater excesses, and he was responding.

       Once more his hands took a firm grip on the broad cheeks of her ass and used that purchase to gain more leverage. The widow Gallaher began to feel the bile rising in her throat and this frightened her no end. What if she threw up all over this maniac as he was raping her?  Somehow she controlled herself and managed to survive his brutal onslaught. Once more she could feel the hot cum splattering the walls of her cunt. She gave thanks to the Holy Father for this gift, not realizing in her current state of mind that this was the same entity that had brought her into this miserable situation. Then as quickly as they arrived, they left, taking the boots with them after they had swamped out her cum filled cunt and made her lick it from their fingers and hands.

       When the monks returned, eager for more of the widow's opulent body, especially her twat, tits and tongue, it was very apparent that the workers had taken a turn as well. The priest remarked that he certainly wanted to hear the details about their escapades when he next heard their confessions. That brought a laugh from the monks, who were amused by their guilty behavior whenever they managed to get an animal interested in their activities. Making sure that the senseless prisoner was merely resting after another mini-gangbang, they roused her from her dreams, took her down from the wall and once more placed her on the bed, and lined up for their next go-round now that they were refreshed from a short sleep and some food. They would keep the widow very busy over the next few hours, and then they planned to let her have the first little taste of what was in store for this sinner and possible companion of the Dark One.

       Protocol demanded that the priest had the first option to use the widow's asshole and had done so. Now everyone else was on equal footing. Since the workers had already plundered Marian's cunt to the limit, leaving their calling cards behind to percolate deep within her overly used fuckhole, her asshole was now prime territory and was used with gusto by all. Two monks held her legs in the standard position for assfucking while another straddled her body and worked his cock between her huge jugs, so he'd be ready once her asshole was available. Some chose to just tit fuck her, others moved from tit to mouth and gagged her with their stiff rods. All the while there was always a hard dick stretching her reluctantly loosening bunghole and probing as deep as it was able. This process became painful after half the monks had taken their turn. Two of the remaining monks were quite well hung and they hadn't used her swollen butthole yet.

       After the first of the big two finished off ass-fucking her while she screamed bloody murder, a short recess was declared by the priest in order that her bleeding anus could be evaluated. He decided that she could handle at least one more cock, before they called it a day and began preparing her for the night. The remaining two monks drew straws for the chance to finish off the widow, the priest having opted for a lengthy throat gagging session in lieu of another turn inside her loose asshole. Marian began sobbing and pleading when the one with the largest cock of all approached her with an evil grin on his wizen face. The other monk, the loser, quickly silenced her by ramming his prick deep down her throat, blocking the passage of air. Marian struggled frantically, but soon gave it up, her eyes rolling back into her head, while her face turned a bright red.

       It was touch and go, but despite the rather visible bleeding from her tortured, swollen bunghole, she managed to survive. Twice her anal rape had to be suspended until they could revive her from the deep swoon into which she retreated. It took the well hung "dwarf" quite a lengthy time before he was able to flood her bowels with his weak seed. Then there still remained the old priest who demanded his turn as well. The widow's throat was ravaged to the point that she was unable to make more than whistling sounds when he finished at last. The priest didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that their charge was unable to speak. For the next few days and perhaps longer, they would be introducing her to the various treatments that would be used to make her either prove herself to be a faithful member of the Holy Church, or a servant of the Dark One.

       "It's time we took this poor wretch down to the laboratory and let her get settled for the night. I think a session in the chair with the helmet operating at low power might be a good way to give her just a mild taste of what she is facing."

       Since the widow Gallagher was unable to walk, and too heavy to carry, they had the three workers drag her naked, manacled body down to the lower level where the finest technology that money could buy for the purpose of interrogating and reprogramming potential enemies of the Holy Church awaited her. This would make her previous stay under the nuns' discipline seem like a walk in the countryside. 

                       ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 30

       The widow Gallagher was so worn out from her sexual activities that the laboratory made no impression upon her. The place was on the dark side and there were green and red lights flashing from some large and small objects that had no meaning for her. Then the chair came into view and her eyes widened. It was made of gleaming metal that seemed to curve in places. Its legs were thicker than what she expected, but it was the seat that got her undivided attention, not for itself, but what was jutting up from its center. Her gasp brought laughter from the monks. At least she understood the purpose of one small piece of the chair, which was a start.

       A couple of the monks made sure that the chair was operational, checking its various hidden features that proved to be well within tolerance. The metal-composite phallus was carefully lubricated, and a dollop of the same material was inserted into the widow's asshole. She put up a fairly impressive struggle when a pair of monks attempted to seat her. It was then that Marian Gallagher saw, or rather felt, the other side to the ones who were now her masters. A strong hand grabbed one of her big tits and held it steady while the other did its best to tear off the nipple. The pain was intense and refocused the widow's attention away from those trying to place her onto the greased cylinder. A fist exploded against the bone protecting her eye, causing her to see stars and sparks of jagged light.

       Someone had gotten behind her and put Marian in a hammerlock, closing her windpipe. A terrible explosion of pain began radiating from the top of her left foot, caused by one of the dwarves stomping his booted foot down on her unprotected flesh. Considering all the pain that was being generated from various regions of her bare body, it was surprising that she saw the big fist that broke her nose and simultaneously split her lips. She heard cursing and then felt a bolt of agony as her rectum was brutally occupied by the lubricated  faux cock, now buried to it limit inside her. Marian Gallagher was now pinned like a captured butterfly in the chair. Unfortunately she was bleeding so badly from her broken nose, that medical assistance was required.

       It took the priest nearly an hour before he had the bleeding staunched. He was still most unhappy that she had put up such a determined struggle that this accident happened. His logical side knew that his companions had gone a little bit overboard with their efforts to overcome her efforts. However his emotional response was more primordial, and now he sought ways to make her suffer even more than he had originally planned. The priest decided that she deserved to experience the power of the harness, normally reserved for the hardest of hard cases. His team was thrilled at the opportunity to check this tool out on a living subject.

       The harness was nothing more than very fine mesh metal webbing with dozens of isolated islands of ceramic material that could be made to vibrate over a frequency spectrum that caused its medium, in this case human flesh and bodily fluids, to heat to levels that could literally melt flesh and vaporize any fluid contained within the fleshy medium. None of his companions had ever seen it in operation, but he still had nightmares of the one time he had witnessed its awesome power, and what it did to the subject, a renegade nun. She possessed information on the whereabouts of a sect of heretics, but had managed to endure weeks of mental and physical torture. The harness was still considered to be in the experimental stage, but the nun was at her limit and likely to join her master in hell very shortly, regardless of what they did to keep her alive. It was the team leader who made the decision to use it on their subject.

       At first she seemed to be oblivious to what was happening to her. The team had made sure that her most intimate areas, which had been tortured without mercy for days on end, were completely covered  by the ceramic islands. They moved the power up carefully, but she resisted even as her nipples exploded and what remained of her cunt lips began to char. The stench was too much for most of the team, and they moved back and resorted to masks to filter the terrible odors that came from the renegade nun's smoking body. Then one of the technicians accidently moved the power level up by an order of magnitude instead of ten percent, and she went up in flames, her body melting from the inside and collapsing like a balloon losing air. There was hell to pay, literally as well as figuratively. The team leader and the unfortunate technician were reassigned to a small leper colony located in the Congo, and the harness was not used again for nearly two years. This time it was a great success, and even the heretic upon which it was used survived.

       Another very nice feature of the harness was its ability to be separated into relatively small parts. One could wrap a piece around a recalcitrant's erect sex organ or scrotum and use that to make the subject tell all he knew or thought he knew. For women, besides the more obvious erogenous zones, there were joints and bones for those who had been starved down to skeletons covered by skin that looked like parchment. The priest didn't like to admit it, even to himself, but he thoroughly enjoyed the tapes of the harness being used on the enemies of the Church that were sent to those, such as himself, who had control of this type of device. Perhaps this primative pawn of the Dark One might give him enough data that he could become a supplier rather than a receiver of information on this extremely powerful weapon against the one who lived below.

       It was time to begin preparing the heretic for a taste of what was to come if she did not cooperate. He had his team strap her wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair. Then he had them drive needles under about half her toenails to make them bleed. Following that her feet were placed in pans of water containing a caustic mineral found in this area of Mexico. It would take many hours for the mineral to work its way under her toenails, but when it did, she would know a level of pain that was unlike most she had ever experienced. The mineral would slowly enter her blood stream and shortly thereafter she would feel pain that started in her joints and then expanded to her vital organs. By using the proper amount of this mineral, she could be made to feel as if her insides were being slowly torched, but the level of pain never came close to damaging her permanently.

       Leather thongs soaked in brine, a treatment that went back hundreds of years and was still relevant today, were noosed around Marian's big tits and tightened until they disappeared into her abundant flesh. A  piece of harness were attached to the mouth of her cunt, contacting the clit, both sets of labia and the entrance to her urethra. Larger pieces of the metal mesh were placed around her knees and glued securely to her skin. Next a thick strap was placed beneath her big tits and pulled tight until she wheezed. All that remained was to program the rectal probe and the helmet, then lock her head within it.

       The helmet was a work of demented genius. It combined olfactory, visual, and auditory stimulation to break down the mental state of the subject. The sensory bombardment could be programmed in advance or operated in the random selection mode. Some subjects managed to survive up to fourteen hours of steady stimulation before their minds began to show signs of permanent damage. This was another capability that separated this instrument from the others. The helmet had embedded sensors that monitored the subject's mental state. When permanent damage was imminent, it automatically moderated the stimulation so the heretic could regroup, thus being able to endure even greater amounts of sensory stimulation. In some very rare cases, the subject developed a degree of tolerance to the full spectrum of sensory stimulation. There is work ongoing to enhance or even make the stimulation compatible with the subject's personality profile. It may be possible in future years to develop a sensory profile that covers the entire population. However such a hope is still many years from being actualized.

       While the team was taping the widow Gallagher's eyes open so she wouldn't miss any of the visual stimulation, the old priest decided to give the anal probe a brief trial run to make sure that all systems were functioning properly. Marian screamed and lunged against the straps holding her to the chair as the probe began to go through its test routine. The head began to swell as the main body started to rotate. Her face contorted from the pain of having her colon stretched to dimensions she'd not experienced previously. Then the device began to move up and down, mechanically sodomizing the plump middle-aged woman. When she began wiggling and panting, the team exchanged knowing smiles. This one was no anal virgin, of that you could be sure. Later when the probe would go into its normal mode, the widow would find herself hanging between heaven and hell at times. Since the machine had no conscience, it would do its work and move on to the next step in the program as Marian prayed to whichever god had taken control of her mind and body. Satisfied that all systems were functioning properly, the priest gave the signal for the helmet to be closed and the program to begin. For the next four hours their subject would learn a little about what cpabilities this system possessed.

       Meanwhile in a country many thousands of miles away, Mary and Agnes were causing a great deal of serious contemplation on the part of Otto Blitzer, who was wrestling with the issue of the two stowaways. Why were they segregated from the other conference attendees? Were they Church spies or enemies of the same opponent as his Knights of Flame? The Schwimmer twins had been no help in the matter, professing total ignorance of either teen. Sister Harmony was just as confused over the two stowaways as Otto was. He had been too busy humiliating the priests and nuns that accompanied these youths to do any kind of interrogation concerning the mysterious pair. That was a tactical error on his part, and one he vowed would not be repeated. He had to come up with a strategy that gave him more information than just guess work. After another fruitless hour that resulted in absolutely no answer to this conundrum, he came up with an approach that might just give him more to go on, but certainly would enhance the morale of his followers. Like the rest of his men, the sight of so much nubile, naked flesh had stirred his loins. He had really been excited by sister Harmony, which was why he had added her to his band of outcasts and outlaws.

       He called in his second in command and announced that the two captives were to be used to reward the men for their victory over the minions of the Church of Lucifer, now his sworn enemy. His underling's face lit up with a mixture of happiness and lust. Blitzer had once more demonstrated his leadership qualities, allowing his men to enjoy a good old fashioned gangbang. Then his second overstepped and almost got his head handed to him. He inquired if the nun was also going to be involved? That proved to be a big mistake and resulted in his being demoted to the ranks and sentenced to the sloppiest of seconds, only enjoying what was left of the two mysterious teens once everyone else had been totally satiated. When the news was broken to Mary and Agnes, they showed no emotion. However as soon as they were sure that no one was spying on them, they broke into smiles. Things were about to get interesting.

       A pair of crude but solid tables were placed in a clearing surrounded by tall fir trees. They provided plenty of shade and protection from aircraft that occasionally flew over this area on their way to the small airfield at the resort where the convocation was to take place. Mary and Agnes, still stark naked and bound, were marched into the clearing where the entire membership of the Knights of Flame were assembled. The men were eagerly awaiting their reward for the successful ambush of the group that included the two gorgeous teens. Standing just beyond the tables was Otto Blitzer, flanked by the Schwimmer twins and the former nun known as sister Harmony. She now answered to the title of sister of the Flame.

       At this altitude, even in summer, the temperature rarely got much above 15 degrees C. Despite this, the three females wore extremely little. The twins, who had volunteered as fluffers for the men, wore only cotton panties that clearly outlined their plump vulvas and the protecting coverage of thick, black pubic hair. More than one member of this ragtag band were ready to go without the need for the Schwimmer twins' services. The sister of the Flame wore a white thong bikini that neatly cut her shaved pussy in two and emphasized her swollen cunt lips. Her melon shaped tits were putting an incredible strain on the white lace demi-bra, that revealed the upper portion of each solid mound of flesh. A white lace garter belt and matching hose, along with high-heeled shoes, completed her attire.

       It didn't take long for the men to have Mary and Agnes properly mounted like stuffed turkeys for the gangbang to follow. Each was on her back, arms pulled up and tied tightly to the table legs. Their captors made their bodies jackknife, ankles tied to posts driven into the table, flanking their ears. In this position both passageways were made available as well as the captive's mouth. Lines formed at each table that were arranged side by side, with about two meters distance apart. Before the membership could begin using the teens, the former sister Harmony approached and gave each a little warmup with her tongue and mouth to start the ball rolling. Mary was so wet from the outstanding efforts of the renegade nun, that a puddle of pussy juice formed long before the first stiff cock separated her swollen cunt lips and wedged deep inside her juicy fuck channel. Agnes went her companion one better, squirting into the face of the new acolyte much to the amusement of the group surrounding her. To her credit, the sister of the Flame was not insulted, capturing the teen's clit between her thumb and forefinger and doing some very advanced moves that left the love button nearly twice its normal size and the teen frothing for the fun to begin. Neither captive was disappointed initially.

                               ( To be continued - lex ludite ) 

                       Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 31

       The widow Gallagher did not have long to wait, once the various equipment was made operational. Her captors filed out, leaving the helpless woman to her fate. It was the sound of metal being shredded to pieces that assaulted her ears first. It was worse than a thousand fingernails being dragged down a blackboard. It raised goose bumps all over her naked body. Seconds later the strobe lights went off and did their mindless pattern of flashes, imprinting each pulse of light on her retinas. Next the stench of something that had died and rotted assailed her nostrils. She picked up the sound of a pack of animals attacking each other as well as their prey, providing a cacophony of horrible noises that made her feel as if she was under attack. Gradually this collection of sensory overloads had the desired effect on her mind, slowly eroding its defenses and making her more and more vulnerable to whatever followed.

       Poor Marian fell into another one of the traps prepared for her by the machines. Suddenly her pussy felt as if it was being boiled in water, but before she could focus on that particular pain, the metal-composite dildo buried deep inside her asshole delivered a jolt of electricity that nearly fried the sensitive membrane protecting her colon. Seconds later she was sickened by a whiff that must have emanated from a decaying corpse. Then the strobe lights went off once more. Even as her eyes stared fixedly at the blasts of energy that felt as if they were searing her retinas, her rectum was stretched to well beyond anything she had ever experienced. For a moment it made her think of Father Magog, who until now was in a class by himself when it came to a thick prong. The first time he sodomized her, the widow Gallagher was positive he had torn her sphincter muscle. Later she not only became used to the sensation of that fat club boring into her colon, she took great pleasure in being able to brag to her compatriots that she could take that monster without making any outcries, except those of joy. All these thoughts were swept away when it felt as if her knee had caught fire.

       For a brief few seconds every stimulus to the victim was stopped so that the monitor devices built into the chair and the dildo, not to mention those in the helmet and harness, could send their data to the central processor for analysis. The result was an increase in the stimulation the subject was to receive. Marian thought the top of her head had been sawed open and hot coals poured onto her brain. The pain was at a level she never experienced in her entire life. It was like a hundred migraines rolled into one. She panicked when she realized that her jaw was tightening autonomously and the left side of her face had lost all feeling. Then every tooth in her head began to ache at once. She began frothing at the mouth and chewing mindlessly on her tongue until Marian's mouth was filled with blood. A sound like a jumbo jet taking off no more than ten yards from where she sat literally made her entire body shake from the vibrations that were being fed into her brain by the helmet.

       The harness came into play once more and this time her pussy bore the brunt of the pain. It felt as if a blowtorch was being slowly passed over her clitoris until she swore it was melting. Then the melted flesh began dripping down to cover her super sensitive inner cunt lips. Her mind started to play tricks on her, showing Marian a molten lump of flesh where her cunt mouth used to be. She began trying to bang her head against the interior of the helmet in an insane effort to stop the torment. There was no way that her thrashing could cause any relief from the terrible pain she was enduring. The widow was at her limits, or so she thought. Had she known she hadn't even been in the chair for an hour she would have lost her mind. Now an acrid smell began to permeate the interior of the helmet and she started to cough and wheeze. It was then that Marian realized that the strap around her chest was preventing her from breathing properly. Although frightened half to death, she was still managing to get some air into her lungs, but even that was rapidly becoming problematic.

       It was the combination of sensory overloads that finally pushed her over the edge, resulting in a temporary shut down of the machinery. The dildo began expanding to another level and delivering shock after electrical shock to her rectum. The widow Gallagher suddenly realized that she had no feeling whatsoever in her tits, which added to her fears. Then the sound of a freight train thundering toward her, making the earth shake, convinced her that she was about to die rather horribly. It was then that her survival systems took over and made her body go into a catatonic state to protect the brain from further mental damage. An alarm also went off in the quarters of the priest and he hurried down to the laboratory to make sure that the prisoner had not suffered any serious harm.

       The other members of the monastery were ignorant of this development, which is the way he had planned things. According to the timer she had been in the helmet for one hour and fourteen minutes before going into survival mode. This made him quite happy, as it demonstrated that the fail-safe portion of the system had worked as programmed. A quick scan of Marian's vital signs and key life support systems convinced him that she was ready to continue her introduction to the tools of his trade. He rubbed his hands gleefully, looking forward to breaking her down to the basic parts of her mind and then rebuilding her to perhaps stay at the monastery and serve the Church as well as its humble servants in any and all capacities. The helmet came down and he hit the start button. He stepped back and watched her nipples harden and a gush of juice flow from her swollen cunt. It was obvious that the machines were now concentrating on her sexual aspects, providing various stimuli to her erogenous zones while at the same time she was receiving olfactory and visual prompts that only added to her sexual excitement. The old priest chuckled to himself, eager to read the tapes and discover just how strong her sexual attributes were.

       While all this was occurring down in Mexico, Mary and Agnes were getting ready to entertain the "troops" in a manner of speaking. Mary especially was an old hand when it came to gangbangs. By now she realized it was no big problem if one relaxed and just went with the flow. It had been her experience that if things got a bit out of hand, outside forces would intercede on her behalf. Her companion didn't have Mary's track record, but she had lots of faith in her dear friend. It looked as if the two if them were about to handle roughly twenty studs and perhaps a few camp followers as well. That didn't appear to be anything worth more than a few minutes of concern. In fact Mary was secretly hoping for a few studs to really scratch the itch that began on the flight over to this place.

       Mary had underestimated Otto Blitzer somewhat. In his more sane moments he could be a handful. Almost immediately Mary's view of everything was blocked by this large individual in lederhosen who took a position on her chest, flattening her firm tits with about two hundred and fifty pounds of reconstituted bratwurst that composed his body. Mary's eyes got big when he flopped out this fat sausage disguised as his cock and tried to fill her mouth with it. He poked at her a few times and when she didn't open quick enough for his tastes, he gave her a slap across the face that made her see stars. While this little skirmish was taking place on one end of her naked body, something else equally serious was happening down below where her bare pubes were being roughly handled by some disembodied member of the Knights of the Flame, who seemed to be all hands and stubby fingers. This was not exactly what our heroine had expected as the opening act of this gangbang.

       The blonde beauty thought her jaw would become unhinged when that monster cock started to fill her mouth. Breathing became an adventure as more of that fat tool pressed forward, beginning to block her airway. Mary was an old hand at such situations and knew that panicking was the worst possible reaction one could make. In many cases it just encouraged the rapist to go beyond the boundaries of good taste that is if anything having to do with a gangbang was tasteful. While she gave herself a pep talk, her assailant made further inroads, the head of his prong filling her throat and totally blocking the passageway for her air. This was now a serious situation and one she had to address.

       Mary had forgotten about the second front until now when this terrible pain lanced through her fat clit. Whoever it was had just bitten down on her hot button, perhaps to get her attention, or just for the hell of it. Either way it refocused her mind to what was going on between her legs. She couldn't see the one hurting her, but that didn't matter as much as trying to escape further bites. Unfortunately she had no way to communicate with the rapist, since the monster cock had eliminated her power of speech and with time, her consciousness as well. It was at that moment that the cock stuffing her throat shifted just enough for Mary to gulp in a few lungfuls of precious air before it blocked off her windpipe once more.

       Mary now had time to listen to her best friend, Agnes, who was having her tight bunghole warped by a rather large cock, if she was properly interpreting her grunts and begging. Mary suddenly lost her train of thought when the unknown rapist working on her tight pussy pushed his hard cock deep into that wet tunnel and said something in a foreign tongue. Then the two of them took turns skewering their victim, gradually moving further inside her two holes without any loss of control. The lack of air became a critical factor, and no matter how much Mary struggled, she fought a losing battle. The one working on here twat gripped her by the hips and put some muscle into his thrusts. Mary was impressed by the amount of cock he was delivering. She began to wonder if Otto selected his men for the size of their cocks rather than their enthusiasm for the cause. Almost as if they could read her mind, the two gangbangers picked up the pace and really delivered the meat to her pussy and mouth. Now she could feel her audience getting closer as they cheered for the tag team that was picking up the pace and giving every sign that sooner rather than later they'd be filling her full of Teutonic sperm and lots of it.

       Just when Mary thought she had the situation under control, Otto Blitzer shouted an order in that foreign tongue and her two assailants stopped their efforts long enough to switch places and resume their assault on her person. The blonde teenager was thankful that the heavyset one squeezing her lungs flat had vacated, along with his thick sausage that had been slowly suffocating her. Now however he was trying to wedge that monster link of bratwurst into her tight pussy that wasn't quite accustomed to such girth. That was nothing compared to what her new windpipe-plugger began doing to her sore throat. He grabbed her by the neck and pinched a nerve under her jaw, allowing him to easily force her mouth to open to its limit. This was something new and rather frightening for the teen. He settled down on her tits and hooked his fingers into her nostrils, pushing her head back until the perfect angle for his cock had been achieved. It then slid down her throat without any resistance whatsoever. Mary was plugged tight and she knew he had her number. The fact that her cunt mouth was on the verge of splitting at the edges from the pressure of the other one's huge dick didn't even enter the equation. She resigned herself to her fate, hoping against hope that another miracle would occur, and soon.

       The new one really knew how to tease and torment the blonde teen. He pumped his cock in and out of her throat until it felt as if the lining had been scraped off of it. Meanwhile the fat cock had finally breached her cunt and was working its way up her birth canal, albeit very slowly. Mary now had some time to prick up her ears and listen to what was happening on the other table. The news was not very good. There was plenty of cheering and organized chanting as well. The only thing missing was a drunken oompah band playing in the background. There would be an occasional scream and muffled pleading as well coming from sweet tempered Agnes, who was not at all used to being mauled in this manner. Mary was even able to hear the steady snick-snack sound of hard cock moving in and out of the wet cunt of her companion. Agnes was going to be a very sore teenager when this little gangbang ran its course. She should thank her lucky stars that she had some practice in the fine art of being raped in every orifice while she was on the lengthy flight.

       Mary had no idea what set off the one working on her windpipe. Suddenly he started jabbering and shaking her violently. She made no effort to fight him, hoping that her lack of resistance would be a calming influence. That did not work at all. He became even more agitated and Mary managed to get a quick look at his contorted face. This was one very unhappy camper. Suddenly he reached down and grabbed her blonde tresses and tried to rip them from her head. The pain was excruciating and intensifying by the second. Now the chanting was from those encircling the table upon which Mary was trussed like a Christmas turkey. Her attacker was literally frothing at the mouth, the spittle drenching the teen. Then he began pounding her head against the heavy table using his grip on her hair to control the way her head was slammed down against the thick rough-hewn wood. She was certain that her eyes would soon pop from their sockets if this battering continued. Dimly she heard the voice of the leader and almost as suddenly as the assault began, it ended.

                               (To be continued - lex ludite) 


                   Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 32

       Things were not going as well as Mary hoped they would. Here she was, already exhausted and her first two assailants still hadn't gotten down to serious business yet. Worse still her dear friend Agnes was having an even more difficult time accustoming herself to gangbanging Bavarian style, or whatever they thought they were doing. Where were those wonderful folk who in the past had spirited her away when the going got too tough for her to handle? What if they didn't live here in the Alps? What in the world was she to do then? Her musing was rudely interrupted when the tag team switched places for a second time and that giant sausage plugged her windpipe shut for the second time. This was becoming very serious business. At this altitude taking a deep breath required a lot more attention and energy than at sea level. It now required her to pay close attention to all the little things that enhanced the breathing experience. Easy to say, quite difficult to do when she was beneath at least two hundred and fifty pounds of shifting flesh featuring a cudgel that was doing very strange things to her favorite home entertainment item.

       She did hear Otto Blitzer's voice in the background, but what he was saying remained a great mystery to her. The tone however didn't sound very friendly, but she was no expert on the language, which seemed to contain a lot of throat clearing and coughing between streams of incomprehensible noise that passed for their mother tongue. Between gasps for air it dawned on her that nuns who joined the Knights of the Flame seemed to be able to speak as well as understand this strange tongue. How could that be? Were they spies planted by the good fathers in hopes that this gang of malcontents might be captured or at least kept under surveillance so that their next attack could be blunted? At that point her train of thought was rudely interrupted by another foray deeper into her gullet. Things went to black immediately afterward.

       When Mary awoke she felt nauseous, sore and sticky. It was still daylight but the sun had moved significantly from its position when they first strapped her down to the heavy table. Then she tried to take a deep breath and it felt as if someone had planted a knife in her chest. For a brief moment she panicked and then gained control when she managed to get some air into her lungs. Her ears picked up the sound of Agnes being raped with gusto. She tried to move her head enough to get a good look at what was transpiring on the other table. It was then that she realized there was a wide strap cinched tightly around her chest, compressing her tits and smashing her stiff nipples flat. It had turned quite a bit colder since she went on the table and her entire body for the moment was pebbled with goose flesh.

       The next thing she saw was the face of her host, Otto Blitzer. His eyes gleamed and he was breathing heavily through his mouth. He touched her flat stomach and pressed down as if checking to see that she was indeed alive and well. Mary groaned as a smile crossed his ferret-like face for a brief moment. He said something in a loud voice and there were cheers and shouts in that foreign language. Then the sun was blotted out as a large figure of a man with a beard started to mount her body. He hadn't bothered to remove his trousers, just opened his fly and let his large tool flop out for all to see. The tone of the audience told her that she was in big trouble. It had sunk into her that the sticky, sore feeling was real and probably was the remnants of the others who had used her pussy while she was unconscious. At least she had no recollection of what they did to her while she was out like a light.

       Her rapist supported his big beefy body on his massive arms and looked down at her with a silly grin on his face. Evidently he wasn't the type that got too many opportunities to have sexual congress with real, live girls or women. Then he reared up for a brief moment and before she realized it had happened, his tree trunk smashed into her poor, sore pussy and nailed her bare body to the table like it was some insect mounted for display at a museum. The helpless teen could do nothing but try to keep whatever in her stomach was trying to come up. Then Mary got a second surprise when his rough trousers made contact with the rest of her front side from just below her firm tits that were strapped flat, down to her squashed thighs. Now every time his body raised or lowered, those rough made trousers abraded a slight amount of skin from Mary Katherine Gallagher's unprotected body, just before the tree trunk slammed into her sore twat. By the time he had given her three of the best, she was out of breath and well on her way to the land of darkness once more. Only the screaming from his fearless leader prevented him from doing his victim in right then and there. Unfortunately for the teenager he settled his entire weight on her body and slowly without even trying, began suffocating her.

       The only thing that saved Mary was her dear friend and boon companion, Agnes Watson, lost her last meal all over the young thug who was seeing just how deep his very long, but thankfully slim sex organ could reach within Agnes' birth canal. Mary was no longer the center of attraction; not only that, her sex partner was now focused on what was happening on the other table. This required him to rise up on his brawny arms, relieving Mary of the dead weight that was crushing her lungs and other internal organs flat. She thanked those above for once more protecting her from the forces of evil and ignorance. Fortunately one of the twins that had taken leave with the brigands knew a bit about first aid and quickly repaired the problem causing Agnes to lose her equilibrium. With a wave of her hand and a grin that could only be described as malicious, she urged the young man with the long cock to continue his assault on his victim.

       Mary sighed and resigned herself to another round of brutal raping from this man-mountain who refused to disrobe properly while he screwed her senseless. She was just getting used to his efforts when he paused. Mary looked up into his face that was wreathed with a smile usually reserved for the presents found under the Christmas tree. He began to shift his considerable bulk, and before she realized his intention, the head of his awesome ram was prodding against her butthole. Mary's blood froze as she understood all too well that he had decided to explore her other entrance, by far the smallest and most difficult to penetrate of the three. It took a few tentative pokes on his part to convince him that he'd have to apply a lot more force to get past that tough muscle guarding her rectum. Suddenly his face darkened and his eyes shut. She knew she had only a few seconds before he would begin battering away at her butthole. The storm broke and it was a humdinger.

       To the helpless teen it was as if she were in a small boat being buffeted by the wind and waves. Again and again the head of his huge cock crashed against her unblinking brown eye, but it was unyielding. His face grew red from the exertion and irritation he was experiencing. He bellowed in his native tongue and delivered a blow that made the teen feel as if her rectum had just been inverted. The head of his monster prong had breached her defense, but now it was wedged tightly about an inch or so past her sphincter muscle. It was a Mexican standoff. By now Mary and her partner were the center of attraction, leaving poor Agnes to fend for herself as the needle-dicked one bored what felt like a hole in her tight pussy.

       Mary's assailant began to panic when he realized his cock was stuck inside her bunghole. He tried pulling free but it was not possible to budge. In a sense it was as if he were a dog who had just covered his bitch and now his knot was preventing him from breaking away and doing whatever dogs did afterward. His companion was not exactly thrilled over this situation, but adopted a wait and see attitude. There was admittedly some pain, but it was the dull throbbing type, not the sharp signal that something had broken loose and a wall of blood was about to crest within her body. This time it was sister Harmony who came to the rescue. How and why she came into possession of a gel type lubricant suitable for making items such as sex organs move easily despite the ravages of friction, was not for public consumption. Suffice to say it did the job and with a loud pop Mary's sex partner was free of his entangling alliance. It would be quite some time before he entered into these unknown waters again. As for Mary, except for a few twinges, she was relatively unaffected by her experience.

       Otto Blitzer made another impassioned speech that went right over the heads of the two captives who had problems of their own. On the bright side of things what happened to the oaf with the huge cock made a few of the rapists leery about going through the backdoor of either teenager. On the down side it appeared that the leader's latest tirade had galvanized his troops into a more disciplined assault on their gifts from him. Mary and Agnes found themselves servicing his troops two at a time and they were no-nonsense efforts featuring very little on dialogue and almost everything on activity and results. The Schwimmer twins were kept busy making sure that the Knights of the Flame or whatever their name was, were kept hard, busy and out of trouble. You talk about an automated gangbang, this was about as close as one could come.

       Taking on over four hundred plus pounds of Bavarian brigands at a time did cause the teens to begin to wear down. Adding to their problems were dehydration and the cold weather that acted to sap their remaining strength. Breathing became problematic for both, but Agnes was by far in deeper yogurt than her companion. As dusk came upon the group, the teens were now beginning to get return business. That was not a good sign. When the members lit torches and held them high to give their brethren a better idea of where the good parts of the teens were located and who was who, Mary and Agnes knew that they were in for a far longer gangbang than they had imagined. Worse yet, those making second and even third trips to the feast were by now very selective as to which one they wanted and what part of her they fancied.

       Perhaps it was the darkness or the comradery, but anal sex became very popular despite what had happened to the hulking one who overdid himself trying to sodomize Mary. Now it was a cock down the throat while a second wormed its way into the teenager's rectum and even beyond. The amount of time spent doing the deed had also lengthened substantially for a variety of reasons. Both of the teens were being worn down to the nub and it was no longer fun and games as the hours passed and the line never seemed to grow shorter. Now a new factor entered the equation. Otto Blitzer wanted a piece of each and his three camp followers were also interested in joining the fun as well. When would it all end thought Mary as another hard cock plunged deep into her asshole and worked past the second sphincter to probe her colon?

       Mary and Agnes completely lost track of time. There seemed to be an army of cocks always waiting for their holes to become available. Gradually only the hardcore rapists remained. Both teens were freezing, their bare bodies covered with goose bumps and cum dripping from every orifice that had been used and abused during this epic gangbang. Now it was down to Blitzer and his three female companions. Mary was the first to suffer his wrath. For some reason he was convinced that she and Agnes were not who they appeared to be. How he came to that conclusion was a great mystery to Mary. Poor Agnes was too exhausted to even consider his mood or thoughts on their true identity. It was sister Harmony who whispered this revelation into Mary's ear as Otto's rather impressive sized cock began to bore into her tired twat that was sore, swollen and spent. He pounded away inside her for what seemed like an hour and still he didn't release his sperm. He pulled out and went to the other table to finish off inside Agnes.

       Mary's friend was as close to finish as she could be and still be conscious. It hadn't helped that while Otto was using Mary's cunt for his pleasure, the Schwimmer twins were using Agnes Watson's asshole and cunt. The twins fisted her holes in rhythm, working deeper and deeper until one of them, it was Rosalind, made contact with the teen's uterus, tilting it so much that it made conceiving impossible without an operation to realign it back to its normal position. While Blitzer finished off inside Agnes, flooding her teen pussy with an avalanche of sperm, the Schwimmer twins tormented an exhausted Mary Katherine Gallagher. They were merciless, sucking her tongue until it felt as if it were being pulled from its moorings. There seemed to always be a pair of hands twisting and tweaking Mary's stiff nipples to their limits, or yanking her swollen cunt lips from side to side as she groaned and pleaded for relief and got none. Naturally there were fists in both her lower entrances, often simultaneously. Her lips were nibbled raw by the flashing teeth of the twins who took turns drawing blood.

       You can imagine her dismay when Otto returned, his cock still hard, and began pounding away on her loose asshole, working as far inside as anyone had during the entire session. Mary was on the verge of a total collapse by the time he sprayed her convulsing colon with his seed. Finally satisfied that his prisoners had gotten their just desserts, he announced to no one in particular that the gangbang was now ended. He also decided that leaving the two teens out in the chill would be good for their constitution. He knew that the temperature would not come even near to freezing, but would make them so cold that they likely would stay awake for the rest of the long night under the stars while the wind blew over their naked bodies, adding to their discomfort.

                                      (To be continued - lex ludite) 

                         Mary's Summer Camp Adventures - Chapter 33

       Otto Blitzer showed that he was one mean SOB and someone you didn't want as an enemy. He ordered the Schwimmer twins and a couple of his flunkies to make the teens comfortable for the long evening under the stars dealing with the strong wind and the animals of the forest who foraged in this area for food. Mary and Agnes groaned and struggled to no avail as a bulging enema bag was carried over to the tables. The twins translated their leader's words as he prepared the teenagers for their long ordeal. The teens couldn't help noticing that everyone except them were fully clothed against the chill night air and the howling wind that rustled through the tall fir trees surrounding the encampment.

       Mary resigned herself to their tender mercies, realizing that she had no leverage in this matter. Agnes foolishly struggled and for her troubles received slaps and punches for her insolence. She shrieked in pain as the nozzle, sans lubricant, was jammed deep into her rectum. The quartet laughed at her discomfort and amused themselves by pinching her nipples and twisting her tits as her colon was filled with the chilled water from the enema bag. One of the men took this opportunity to stretch her cunt with his ham-like fist and then slowly rotated it one and then the opposite direction as the helpless teen grunted and pleaded for relief. All Mary could do was keep quiet and hope that her attitude would result in less discomfort.

       Their captors laughed as the man pulled his glistening fist from the teen's sore pussy and forced her to lick it clean. Agnes resisted just long enough to have the other male guard punch her squarely in her pubic mound pushing the cunt flesh back up into her birth canal and forcing some bile up from her belly. To make matters worse the strap around her tits was retightened until Agnes began to wheeze, bringing laughter from the group. One of them announced that the first half of the enema had been administered to Agnes, and now the other was to get the rest. The nozzle was yanked from her butt hole and replaced by a butt plug that kept the enema contained within her lower intestine. Mary did her best to remain stoic as the slick nozzle entered her rectal area and the first gush of cold water began to snake its way through her twisting lower intestine.

       While Mary was taking her portion of the enema, the men were tormenting Agnes. She could hear the sound of punches being landed on her friend's bare body. She could even make a good estimate of which part of her companion's body was absorbing the various blows. They were certainly concentrating on her big firm tits that were almost as large as Mary's pair. Now and then a different sound indicated that blows were being delivered to her belly and even lower yet. The men seemed too be having a grand time pounding away at their helpless victim's trembling body. Mary could only grind her teeth and fight the first wave of cramps that radiated from deep within her lower intestine. It was going to be a very long night and filled with pain almost every minute.

       Mary groaned as the strap crushing her chest was tightened still further. Worse still, a new strap was cinched around her midsection and it felt as if it was cutting her swelling belly in two. To add more to her allocation of misery, one of the twins worked her fist deep into Mary's birth canal and managed to reach her uterus before the enema was completed. She only struck that sensitive organ twice, but each blow sent waves of pure agony through her taut body. Mary's asshole was blocked with a second butt plug, and finally a gag was stuffed into her mouth and kept in place with tape, effectively muffling her moans and groans. The same had already been done to her companion. With a final twisting of her nipples and slaps across her goose bumped tits, they took their leave, laughing and wishing their captives a good night's sleep unless the animals of the forest found them first.

       The two teens were soon battling the waves of cramps that radiated from deep within their bare bodies. Mary found herself sweating and then becoming chilled as the wind sucked the moisture from the surface of her shaking body. The wind picked up and she could see the trees bending to accommodate the pressure from the winds that whipped through the forest. There was a partial moon that provided some light, perhaps too much if there were animals prowling the forest foraging for food. Mary tried not to think of that or what was going on within her roiling guts. She refused to panic, realizing or hoping that her captors would not have left her and Agnes out in the elements if there were any chance that they would be seriously harmed.

       Time passed slowly as the two friends twisted and turned attempting to shift their bodies into a position that would relieve the ever-growing pressure on their intestines.  Mary's ears pricked up when she heard footsteps approaching the table. Moments later she could make out a form that soon turned into sister Harmony. Her eyes narrowed as she heard the nun speak.

       " I brought you two something to help you pass the time. I'm sure sluts such as yourselves were not completely satisfied by the efforts of these rustics."

       The nun showed the teen her hand that held a pair of vibrators. She smiled and placed one on the table by Mary's trussed body, before approaching Agnes who had eyes as big as saucers when she realized the nun was bearing toys. Mary could hear Agnes grunting and shifting her weight as the nun fed inch after inch of the long, thick vibrator into her dry cunt. From the sounds that issued from the table, Agnes was not exactly thrilled with what was happening to her. Then she heard a dull retort, followed by another and a strangled grunt from Agnes Watson. Evidently the vibrator had found its nesting place and was being properly seated by sister Harmony. Mary steeled herself for what was to follow.

       Mary got the full treatment from the renegade nun. She played the vibrator around and around the entrance to the blonde teen's pussy and then began to tease the lump of dormant sex flesh that was usually up for anything having to do with sex. However the current situation was not conducive to sexual excitement, especially with the activity being generated within her bare body by the enema she had taken previously. Even the nun's fast tongue on her clitoris only roused a small fraction of Mary's interest. Sister Harmony grew tired of this uneven contest and slammed the plastic toy into Mary's cunt so hard that it drove the breath from her lungs. For a few moments she panicked, finding it impossible to draw air into her lungs. Then the nun pinched her nostrils together, cutting off her only avenue for air. Now Mary surrendered to fear and thrashed against her bonds only adding to her problem. Then she felt the nun's sharp teeth nipping at her ear at the same time she turned on the vibrator. Quickly the pressure on her nostrils was relieved and a knowing finger began massaging her growing clitoris.

       Suddenly Mary was able to draw breath and she responded by humping shamelessly against that teasing pressure. Just as she was building up a good head of steam the vibrator was adjusted to give her maximum stimulation. Less than a minute later Mary had an orgasm, a small one, but nonetheless an orgasm. Sister Harmony chuckled at this astonishing reaction and stuck her pointed tongue into Mary's ear to tease the sensitive flesh and excite the teen to an even higher level of sexual excitement. Just as suddenly, she moved away and left Mary hanging. Inwardly Mary was a mass of contradictions and confusion, unable to vent properly under these trying circumstances. She secretly hoped that there would be other opportunities to enjoy the expert attention that this renegade nun could provide.

       It seemed like only a few minutes before Mary was once more faced with sister Harmony. She could hardly believe what she was hearing from the former servant of the Church.

       " I thought that oaf Blitzer would never get tired of doing me in every hole. I guess these outlaws don't have many opportunities to have sex with real live women. I know that the Schwimmer twins are already regretting their choice in joining this gang of sex-crazed lunatics. You should see the line waiting to use them! It's amazing after all they did to you and your little friend today. But enough of that; let's get you off this table and into the woods out of their sight just in case anyone happens to be wandering about at this time of the morning."

       Even as she whispered, sister Harmony's fingers were loosening the straps and freeing Mary from her bonds. Once the teen moved to get down from the table, she was seized with cramps that doubled her up in agony. The nun encouraged her to release the enema she had been holding for what seemed like an eternity. While Mary voided and voided again, sister Harmony was producing a thick cloak for the teen to wear, along with a pair of sturdy boots that somehow fit her small feet thanks to the additional material stuffed inside them to take up the extra room. Mary was told to hurry up so they could flee into the forest. That's when she realized that Agnes was going to be left behind to be at the mercy of the Knights of the Flame. She refused to budge unless her friend joined them. For her troubles she caught a swift kick to her rump and a hissed warning that unless she did as she was ordered, the nun would leave without them. It was then that a hidden voice buried deep in her subconscious told her to follow the nun or be lost forever. It was a tearful Mary Katherine Gallagher who followed the nun into the forest, leaving her friend and boon companion behind to face the wrath of those who had originally captured them.

       For the rest of that night the two of them walked as rapidly as they could in a direction determined by sister Harmony. Mary was too busy just trying to avoid falling or losing her way to notice that her companion would periodically stop and consult something she had on her person. Whatever it was seemed to give the nun a signal that she was moving in the right direction. Just before dawn they took a short break. Mary was relieved to be able to rest for a few minutes. Ever since leaving the campsite and Agnes, they had not exchanged more than a few words at a time separated by what seemed like hours of silence. Finally Mary was able to inquire about the mysterious item that the nun had in her possession. Sister Harmony smiled and held up a device the size of a CD. She identified it as a GPS receiver, which meant nothing to Mary, who shrugged off her answer. That ended their conversation and once more Mary followed the lead of sister Harmony, who took an abrupt turn from their previous direction and now headed east to greet the sun as it made the sky diffuse a few minutes after they started walking.

       As the forest became brighter and more discernable, Mary's spirits rose for a time. Then it struck her that by now the gang that had imprisoned her and Agnes were probably awake and aware that she and the nun had fled the camp. She couldn't help but feel badly about deserting her dear friend, but she was unable to overcome the insistence of the nun concerning the importance of both of them escaping now or perhaps spending the rest of their days as part of this group of brigands. There was little truth in that veiled threat, but it would take more information before she realized the folly of her response to the nun's urging. They soon encountered a stream of fresh water and they took another rest to drink their fill and discuss what lay before them. It was then that Mary suddenly understood why only she, and not Agnes as well, were rescued by sister Harmony.

       Rather than confront the nun about her allegiance, Mary remained quiet and bided her time. Acting innocent she inquired as to where their destination would take them. Sister Harmony smiled and replied that soon they would be in the loving arms of the Holy Mother Church. The trap had been sprung and Mary had no escape except to blindly flee into the unknown forest and hope for the best. She measured her opponent and concluded that the nun would no doubt be able to overpower her, or at least call for reinforcements. Mary had no idea where she was, and the prospects of trying to avoid capture by the Knights of the Flame or the Church were problematic at best. It would be better to wait and see what developed before acting. Her companion had been watching her carefully and had come to the same conclusion as Mary. Sister Harmony smiled and nodded her head toward the teen as if she had read her mind.

                               (To be continued - lex ludite)

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