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She Likes It

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Synopsis: A Dom steps in to help a sub who can't get what she needs at home.

She Likes It

By banderson

I drove up to the house and honked. Michelle came running out, stopping to wave at her husband, Bill, then trundled down the steps to the passenger side of my car. She slid in, all breathless and horny, I could tell in a flash. She wore exactly what I had told her to: A dark short skirt and white blouse. No underwear. I could see the shape of her breasts under the blouse. Her nipples pressed hard against the cotton.

I found my cock already growing hard, looking at her. She was in good shape for a woman in her forties. Shoulder-length dark hair, a pretty face with eyes that glimmered with unmet need.

I leaned forward to see Bill standing on the porch. I waved and he waved back. “Did you tell your husband how long you'll be gone?”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

“Good. Let's go.”

I started to back out, then stopped, glaring at her. She gasped, then flipped her skirt up to show her bare pussy. I checked to make sure she had shaved, then nodded. We continued down the road.

Michelle said nothing, just stared straight ahead. I could see redness creep up her neck to her cheeks. Being exposed embarrassed her. Good. “Unbutton your blouse,” I told her and she gasped again, but obeyed, her hands shaking.

She sat there, her blouse hanging open, her skirt up while I drove, ignoring her. We headed out Route 8 into the country. I could tell she wanted to ask where we were going. I let the unasked question hang in the air.

We drove for twenty minutes, passing cars and trucks and the occasional tractor. From the fleeting expressions on people's faces, I knew some had seen her blouse hanging open. Their eyes would widen, then they'd be gone by us and I could only imagine them jerking their heads around, talking excitedly to their passengers.

Michelle sat stock-still, as if afraid to move.

“When did you shave last?” I asked, and she started.

“Uh, just this morning,” she said, adding, “Master.”

I nodded. “That word seems to stick on your tongue.”

“I'm sorry, Master. I don't use it much.” She shrugged. “You know Bill.”

“Well, I'm happy to help.”

We drove on. I found the lane and turned, bouncing over the rutted gravel road. Michelle's eyes darted around, as if looking for something familiar. Still, she said nothing.

We pulled up to a barn. I stopped the car and leaned over, running my fingers over her slit. She was wet. I held my fingers up to her face so she can see her own wetness. Her blush deepened. I made her lick them clean. I got out. She sat, waiting. I leaned back down to the window. “You can get out now, slut.”

She opened the door and stepped clear, letting her skirt fall back into place, but leaving her blouse open. She shivered, though it was quite warm out. I jerked my head toward the small door, set in the larger gate of the barn. We entered.

The barn was dimly lit. It seemed empty except for the detris of farming: An old harrow, mounds of hay, a pitchfork, a few empty stalls. I heard some fluttering of bird's wings above me. I escorted her over to a thick post that held up part of the roof and told her to remove her clothes. She did, quickly and efficiently. She handed them to me and I let them drop to the straw-covered floor. I could see her eyes glancing fearfully at the messy pile, no doubt wondering if she was supposed to wear those home later.

“Turn around rest your forehead on the beam.”

She obeyed, but I can hear some whimpering, low in her throat.

“What's that?”

“Nothing, Master. I'm just scared.”

“Why? This is what you want, isn't it?”

“Yes. But that was my fantasy. This is too real.”

“Yes it is. Would you rather go home?”

“Um, I-I don't know, Master. Maybe I should.”

I laughed. “Too bad. Now don't move.”

I left her there and returned to the car. I unlocked the trunk and brought out the soft leather cat o'nine tails, the broad leather strap, the ropes and the paddle. I took my time, whistling a happy tune. As I turned, I spotted Farmer Dan riding his tractor across the field. He waved at me and I nodded.

I returned to the barn. Michelle hadn't moved. Her shoulders were hunched. I could see sweat forming on her back, whether from the heat or the fear, I couldn't tell. It didn't matter.

As I approached, I could see a slight shudder rolling through her. I took her wrists and tied them around the post. Her forehead remained firmly against it.

“Move your feet back,” I ordered and she shuffled back until her body leaned more into the distressed wood. I tied a rope around one ankle, then stretched it across to a slat on a stall and pulled it until her legs came apart, then tied it off. I did the same thing to her other ankle until she stood with her legs about three feet apart. Not too uncomfortable, but it did expose her pussy. I moved up close behind her, listening to her ragged breathing and bent down to see her cunt.

“You're dripping like a real slut,” I commented and she shivered again.

I took the cat o'nine tails and let it hang, swishing it back and forth.


“Yes, my slut?”

“H-have I been bad? Am I being p-punished?”

I laughed, deep in my throat. “No, of course not. I just want to, that's all.”

I swung hard, letting the soft leather slap against her ass. She jerked in her bonds, crying out. I could see a nice redness forming, even a welt or two. I struck her again and again, moving the whip around to cover her ass from her thighs up.

Michelle was crying openly now, moving around in her bonds, trying to wiggle her ass out of the way, to no avail. I stopped and moved forward, letting my fingers touch her hot ass, then move down to her cunt.

“Look at you, what a slut,” I chided, moving my fingers around in her juices.

She blushed. “Please…”


“Make me come, Master.”

“Oh, no, I'm just starting.”

I put the whip down and picked up the paddle. I like the paddle because it leaves such a large red mark and focuses the attention so well. I needed just four well placed slaps before Michelle begged me to stop.

“What will you do if I stop?”

“Anything! Anything! I'll do anything!”

“I know you will,” I told her and hit her four more times. The slaps echoed in the barn, accentuating her cries. I looked at her face – tears were streaking down her cheeks, cutting through the fine layer of dust. She was moving her ass all over now, trying to cool it off.

“I'll stop, providing you beg me to whip your tits.”

“Oh, god!”

I gave her another two swats.

“Please! Whip my tits! Whip my tits!”

“And your pussy.”

She gasped, her eyes opening wide. She craned her neck to stare at me, her expression questioning, pleading. I waited. She shook her head.

“Very well.” I raised the paddle.

“No! Please, Okay! Whip my pussy! Whip my pussy!”

“You didn't speak up soon enough.” I struck her thighs four more times. Now she was bright red from her knees to the top of her ass.

“Please, Master! Please! I beg you! Whip my pussy!”

“Very well.” I dropped the paddle and untied her. She was shaking with relief. She tried to hug me but I held her at arms length while I turned her around until her back was against the post. She screamed when her sore ass touched it. I ignored her as I fastened her arms to a heavy iron spike screwed into the wood above her head. I squatted down and tied her ankles around the post at the base.

She shook, moving her head back and forth, tears streaking her face.

I leaned in. “I could go easier on you now…maybe.”

She looked hopeful. “Yes, please, Master, go easier on me! I'm so scared! It hurts!”

“You have to give me something in return.”

Her face reflected her confusion. I'm sure she felt she'd given all she had, but she was wrong.

“I'll go easier on you, but only if you beg me to allow Farmer Dan to come in and watch, maybe even help out.”

Her eyes went wide again and she shook her head. “What! No! No way!”

“Fine with me.” I picked up the broad leather strap, perfect for whipping tits. She watched me swing it back and forth, her eyes disbelieving. I struck her with an even blow across both breasts. Michelle screamed out loud, her cries echoing in the barn. Birds fluttered up and out through the openings, fleeing the strange beasts below.

I could see the nice fat welt it left across both tits, nipples included.

“No! No! This is too much!”

I swung the belt lower this time, catching her across her bare mons. She jerked back, striking her ass on the wood and screamed from the pain of both.

“Please! Ask Farmer Dan to come in! Please, Master! I beg you!”

“Very well.” I left the barn and waved to the farmer. He steered the tractor over and jumped down. “You sure about this?” He asked, his eyes eager. He was a typical good ‘ol boy, with a greasy ballcap and a pot belly. He hadn't shaved in a couple of days. When he smiled, one of his teeth was missing.

I shrugged. “She insisted.”

He followed me inside. Michelle was tied there, stark naked, sobbing. When she spotted the farmer, she hung her head. There was nothing she could do to cover up.

“Hey, don't be shy. You asked me to invite him.” She brought her head up, eyes pleading.

Dan's eyes were popping out. He walked closer and checked her out. “Gol-l-lee, you really beat her, didn'ja?”

“She needs it. She says her husband doesn't beat her enough.” I winked at him. “Bad back.”

He whistled. “But why?”

“Look down here,” I said, squatting down near Michelle's cunt, which was dripping fluids down both dusty thighs. Dan came close. I could see her legs shaking. “See how wet she is? She really likes this.”

“Gosh.” He seemed embarrassed for her. I could see his erection pressing against his overalls. He stared at her cunt and licked his lips.

“It's okay. Touch it.” I looked up. “You don't mind, do you, Michelle?”

A groan escaped Michelle. She didn't try to move, however, as Dan reached out a dirty finger and touched some of the fluids. She jerked then and begged, “Please, Master…”

I looked up at her tear-stained face. “What?”

“Please, let me come.”

“Oh, that. Maybe later.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she sagged in her bonds. I turned Dan. “How'd you like to beat her?”

Michelle's eyes jerked open.

“Me? Wull, I dunno…”

“It's easy. Here.” I gave him the softer cat o'nine tails and noticed the grateful relief flash across Michelle's face. “Just whip the breasts a few times and when she says she's had enough, she'll beg you to whip her pussy instead.”

He took the whip and looked uncertainly at the woman. I nodded and urged him on. Finally, he swished it against her breasts, making a weak slapping noise. Michelle smiled briefly.

“No, not like that,” I took it from him. “Like this.” I swung hard, letting the tips slash across her tits. She screamed and jumped in her bonds.

“Ohh, I don't know,” he said. “Looks like she's had enough.”

“Don't be silly. We have a signal we use. Go ahead. She's fine.”

He took the whip and struck her harder now, making Michelle jump again. He grinned at her reaction and hit her again, even harder. More tears fell from her eyes.

“Please, mister, please, not my tits again! Please!”

Dan looked at me. I shrugged. He hit her tits again.

“Please! W-whip my pussy instead! Whip my pussy!”

“You see?” I told him. “Go ahead. She likes it.”

He switched his aim to her pussy and gave it a medium blow. He looked over at me for approval and I shook my head. He redoubled his efforts and succeeded in causing Michelle to yelp and shake with pain. I nodded and he struck her again, leaving another set of red marks on her tender pussy.

“Michelle, raise your legs up.”

She stared at me as if she couldn't believe what I had just asked. I picked up the leather strap. She grasped the iron spike overhead and raised her legs up and apart. It wasn't an easy position for her to maintain.

“Now hit her harder,” I told Dan.

He really seemed to get into now. He struck her again and again, coming right down at an angle on her bare mons. Michelle tried to lower her legs, but I waggled a finger at her and she raised them back up, tears streaming down her face. I could see her clit sticking out as she hovered between pleasure and pain.

“Please! Please! Please!” She kept saying, shaking.

I watched carefully as Dan struck her, his face moving close to her reddened pussy. When I saw Michelle's hips twitch, I reached in and grabbed Dan by the shirt collar, pulling him back out of the way, just as a stream of urine arched out of her and splashed on the ground where Dan had been standing.

She didn't even try to lower her legs, she just hung there, peeing, mortified and exposed.

“Gol-l-lee! She peed herself!”

“Yes,” I said, taking the whip from him. “That's our signal.”

Michelle finally lowered her legs and hung there limply. He stared at her, his eyes sliding from me to her. “Hey,” he finally said. “Can I--?”

Michelle's eyes locked onto mine. “I don't know,” I said, “What do you think, slut?”

“Please, Master,” her eyes begged me.

“Is that a yes?”

“No, Master, please.”

“Well, you've gotten him all excited. You have to do something.”

“I'll… I'll beat him off.”

I turned to Dan. “How does that sound?”

He seemed clearly disappointed. “Wull, I dunno…”

“I agree with you. It's a poor substitute. I guess I'll have to let—“

“I'll suck him off, Master! I'll suck him off!” Michelle begged me.

I turned back to Dan. “Well, that's a little better than, hmmm?”

His grin broadened. “You betcha! Why, I haven't had anyone do that since I was in the Army!” Then is face darkened. “Uh, are you gonna watch?”

“I'm not going to go, but if you'd like, I could stand over by the door.”

He nodded. “That'll do.”

I untied Michelle and she sank down to the ground, her knees in the wet spot she had created. She was dirty, beaten, defeated – just as she'd craved. I left them there, watching carefully from behind Dan. He approached Michelle, unzipped his coveralls and pulled out his cock. Without any argument, she took him into her mouth and began to suck. I could see her throat muscles working, her face wrinkling in distaste at the smell of him. She gave it her all, though, I had to hand it to her. Farmer Dan must've been on the edge, for in a few seconds, he erupted, squirting his seed deep into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, careful not to let any leak out. He zipped up, then came to me.

“Thanks,” he said, a big grin on his face. He seemed like a new man.

“Thanks for the use of your barn,” I replied.

“Anytime!” He said cheerfully. “Any ol' time.” He left us and headed for his tractor. In a few seconds, I could hear it start up and move off.

My erection felt huge in my pants. I needed a little attention myself. I approached Michelle. “How do you feel?”

She gasped at first, unable to form a coherent sentence. “God, Master. I…That…It was…” Then she looked up at the bulge in my pants. “Please, Master.”

I nodded and she unzipped my pants and eagerly took my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked it like she was desperate and she probably was. I let her slobber over it for a while, then pulled away. She seemed disappointed. I had something else in mind.

“Come with me.” I led her over to a saddle stand that was covered in an old horse blanket, folded over a few times. I just pointed and she knew what to do. She draped herself over it, legs apart, and gripped the legs on the far side. Her red ass was up invitingly and her vulva was open and dripping. I wasted no time in plunging into her pussy, all at once. She gasped and winced when her sore mons hit the rough blanket, then settled in to let me have my way with her. It didn't take long, since I had had lots of foreplay. I reached down and found her clit and rubbed it hard. Moments later, I came deep within her and she exploded into an orgasm that shook her all over. We stayed like that until the sensations ended, Master and slave.

Finally, I pulled away. “Thanks, slut.” I zipped up and gathered up her filthy clothes and tossed them to her. “Get dressed.”

She donned the garments without a word, grimacing when a sore part was touched. Her hair was disheveled and she had a wild look in her eyes. I made her collect the whips and put them in the trunk of the car. She got in, wincing when her butt hit the seat, and, without being asked, flipped up her skirt so I could see her dirty, well-marked pussy.

I drove her home. We didn't speak. There was nothing that needed to be said. When I pulled up, I watched her get out. Bill was still sitting on the porch, drinking a soda. He didn't seem at all surprised to see his wife all dirty and bruised. He waved and nodded and mouthed, “Thanks.”

“Slut.” I said. She leaned back into the window. “Same time next week?”

“Yes, Master. I can't wait to see what you have planned.” She blew me a kiss, then turned away.

# # #

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