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Wayward Wife's Punishment

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Synopsis: The country in-laws offer to rehabilitate his cheating wife. It turns out they have their own reasons and agenda. It works out well for almost all concerned as he enjoys the sexual favors of a wide spectrum of kinky bed partners and is kept abreast of his cheating wife's travails. She is used and abused, big time, by an army of off the wall swingers, outraged wives, sadistic lawmen, religious fanatics and downright strange folk that people this lengthy tale. This is not for the faint hearted.

                               Wayward Wife's Punishment

                                                                                    Chapter 1


       Years ago, when beginning the writing of this story, there was no intention of turning it into a novella or longer. The initial concept however quickly changed from a "hit and run" sex and violence short story to this epic of self-discovery on the part of the protagonist. This work still incorporates sex and violence in rather plentiful amounts, but now is dominated by coincidence, the nexus, and brief encounters with the supranatural. The cast of characters that come and go throughout the story has grown tremendously as well, which may prove to be a challenge to some readers, but is absolutely necessary. I feel that I'm on the verge of completing this work and believe strongly that this revised first chapter must be posted before "Wayward Wife's Punishment" comes to its conclusion.

       My name is Jon Ellison. I was born and raised in the great heartland of America by my natural parents who are deeply religious and conservative by nature. My educational credentials consist of a high school diploma and two years in college before dropping out due to lack of finances. Being a tinkerer by nature, plus my two years of college, allowed me to land a fairly decent job maintaining office equipment and the like in the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.

       On a vacation trip to Arkansas I had the great good fortune to meet, then quickly court and marry a lovely girl by the name of Jill. My life was complete, or so I thought. All that remained was to live happily ever after and leave behind our progeny. Be advised that college left an indelible impression on yours truly that manifests itself often in my choice of words.

       Like most people who are burdened with the need to make a living, there is precious little time left for silent contemplation except for those few minutes one spends on the porcelain throne in the morning or whatever time one's bowels choose to move. Strange as it may seem, my moments of contemplation focused on coincidences. While in college, I began carrying around a notebook in which I entered the type, time and situation that involved the coincidence. No one knew about this, not even my wife. It was my little secret.

Little did I realize that my harmless hobby would soon take over my life and drive me in directions that I could never have imagined.

       Jill had gotten a part time job a couple of months after we settled down in a fairly decent apartment about a half hour's drive to my job. The half hour would become more like an hour once the cold, dead hand of winter took hold of the city. Typically she worked split shift, alternating between morning and afternoon.  As luck would have it, I got to work one day to discover that I'd left a set of keys necessary to perform a certain computer maintenance job at home. Naturally that was one of those days when Jill worked the morning shift at her job, meaning I had to retrace my drive to recover the keys. Other demands on my time kept me pinned down for a few hours before I could get to our apartment.

       The keys were on the bedroom chest of drawers, just where I'd left them. I couldn't help noticing the  bedsheets looked as if a small army had bivouacked there last night. The opportunity to take a leak was overwhelming and so into the bathroom I went, and happened to glance into the waste basket by the toilet at what proved to be a condom sitting on top of all the other trash that would normally be found in such a place. Worse yet, upon closer examination I ascertained that it contained a goodly amount of the white stuff, not yet dried out. Part of me went into shock, while the other part said this was going to make a great entry in my notebook of coincidences.

       The rest of the day my head was in a whirl; what was going on? I distinctly remember Jill saying this week she was working the morning shift. Then who was using our bedroom for fun and games? Was she letting someone else use our place for some kind of assignation? That had to be the answer! If I was correct, there would be no evidence of anything untoward having happened in our apartment by the time I got home. That evening when I returned home, there sat my wife claiming that she had come down with something and hadn't gone to work today. Of course there was no incriminating evidence around the place either. It must have been all a figment of my imagination.

       It was then that I first heard the voices of those who lived in my head. They weren't too kind to me about my wayward wife. Worse yet they were amused by all the goings-on. The lead voice counseled me to hold my tongue but play out the rope. Others chimed in, exhorting me to have it out with her here and now. It was then that I had my first of many seizures. I'm used to them now, but the onset of the very first tried my sanity. It was as if everything stopped, frozen in time. At first I couldn't hear anything, but then I heard as well as felt the wheezing sound signifying the calliope was about to play.

       As a child I was entranced by the instrument. A neighbor had one of the old fashioned types complete with a steam engine to drive it. I could sit by the hour and listen to all the tunes he would play. This one sounded the same but the music was as different as night from day. It was mocking, not lilting like the other, almost sinister, and mercifully brief. However it left an echo in my head long after it was gone along with the silvery laughing voices that always accompanied the ending of each piece. Then reality would rush in to fill the void, thus bringing the seizure to a close.

       Jill commented about my lack of appetite at dinner, but I attributed it to a little more pressure than I wanted at work. It was a mostly sleepless night, made even more stressful by the recollection of a conversation I had with her sister, Allie, just before we got married. She warned me that Jill had been quite the playgirl when she was younger and was leaving the small town in which they had been raised under a cloud. It seemed she had been fooling around with a married man for months and when the wife finally caught on, the subsequent divorce action exposed a few more married men that also had been cheating on their wives with Jill as well.

       The following day I made two costly phone calls; the first to Allie in Arkansas, and after hearing her out, a second to a local private detective agency specializing in divorces. Allie was most candid once she learned of yesterday's fiasco. My sister-in-law was of the opinion that Jill was too set in her ways to be rehabilitated. To support her view of the situation she let me know that recently, because of the divorce proceedings, she had been told by a number of former boyfriends going back to over two years ago, that they had sampled her sister's charms at the same time Allie was seeing them. You can imagine how that made her feel. Love or is it lust is blind, and I pressed her for help. Finally she agreed to discuss the matter with her husband and abide by his decision.

       Allie kept me waiting for over a week, time well spent by my private detective who came up with an amazing amount of dirt on my wayward wife, including photos of guys escorting her to various motels and the like.The ones that really hurt were the ones showing her welcoming men into our apartment. It turned out that she was rather well known at more than one hot pillow motel based on the information he obtained from the clerks who immediately knew who he was asking about, describing Jill as a good looking, well built semi-pro who seemed to be in it for the action rather than the money. What made it harder to stomach was her habit of always wearing her wedding ring. One clerk had even mentioned that he felt sorry for the poor slob that was married to her.

       During the week I scrupulously avoided suggesting we have sex, and she reciprocated. Perhaps she had just started up this sex jag just around the time I accidently discovered she was cheating on me. It didn't matter as the evidence of her duplicity piled up.

       Allie finally called me back at my office, such as the little cubbyhole deep within the bowels of the building in which I slaved was described. Fortunately I didn't have a secretary or anyway of having my calls picked up, so there was little risk of being caught using the phone for personal business. She wasted no time letting me know that she and her husband would try to see if they could straighten Jill out. There were strings attached to this offer, which I quickly accepted. I would accompany Jill to their home in a little town in the Ozarks and initially participate in the reprogramming process. They had already obtained the cooperation of the local parson and his wife, along with a number of her former sex partners who managed to keep their marriages from totally disintegrating, as well as their vengeful wives.

       Her next revelation floored me, but who was I to look askance. Allie casually mentioned that she and her busband, Rod, were confirmed swingers and intended to expose her sister to this life style as part of her "therapy". However unlike the other members of the swing club, Jill would have no choice as to her partners and what they chose to do with her as part of the reprogramming process. All the gory details had not been finalized, but once Jill was under their control, the final plans would be discussed at length with yours truly. In the event that I did not agree to them, they would allow my wife and I to return home immediately.

       The very next day Rod called Jill to inform her that Allie had been in an auto accident and wasn't expected to live. She did not take the bait, much to my irritation. The following day Rod called her again to let her know that Allie had passed away and inviting her to the funeral which would take place in three days. Jill bought his sad story and agreed to attend the funeral. Narurally I played the part of the concerned bnusband and odd ffered to go with her for support. Two days later we were on the way to the Ozarks. After a rather turbulent hop from Little Rock, we arrived safe but shaken at the local airport where Rod awaited us wearing his aggrieved husband face. An hour later we were at his house, they had recently moved to a larger home.

       The look on my cheating wife's face was priceless as she entered the house to be confronted by a grim faced Allie, recently risen from the dead it seemed. Jill was astonished at first and then as Allie told her of our conversations and her promise to help in  my wife's rehabilitation, Jill's face got pale and she began to get very shaky. It got even more interesting when Allie told her sister that Rod had confessed that he too had been fooling around with her before he married Allie.

       " You have a lot of sins and many good folk here that you have harmed with your selfish behavior. It will take much time for you to atone for it all, but with the help of my husband and the community you can be saved."

       As she spoke there was a look on Allie's face that could only be described as full of anger, even hatred at the damage that this dissolute sinner had created in the community. When Jill was told to strip she refused. Allie grinned coldly and nodded to her husband who advanced towards my shocked wife. She pleaded than cursed me for not protecting her from her brother-in-law. Jill screamed in helpless fury as I moved to assist Rod in restraining her. Allie took advantage of the situation and landed a number of vicious slaps to the face of her wayward sister.

       Jill was so stunned that she hardly noticed that Rod was tearing her dress off, revealing her full figured body covered by only a matching set of bra and bikinis. Unlike her sister Allie, my wife was really built with tits that filled her 37D-cup bra to its limit, and a heart shaped ass that was mounted on a set of legs that seemed to melt into those rounded cheeks. It was easy to see why she was so successful with men. I remember thinking I was the luckiest man on earth when she agreed to marry me. Now I knew differently.

       Allie continued the stripping of my wife by grabbing her bra and ripping it from her big bouncy tits, and then reaching in and yanking the flimsy bikinis from her sister's crotch. I couldn't help noticing how physically different the two sisters were; Jill short but voluptuous, and Allie tall and slim. Even their hair color  and styling was dissimilar, Jill's auburn and long, while Allie's brown curly hair was cut short.

       Allie was certainly prepared for this little fracas. She grabbed a set of handcuffs that were on the table and with Rod's help managed to cuff Jill's hands behind her back. It took a few minutes more before the couple managed to drag a kicking and screaming Jill over to a heavy wooden chair and force her to be seated. Once that was accomplished Allie produced manacles to restrain her legs and some links of chain to fasten her securely in a semi-hogtie position using the chain to anchor her cuffed wrists to her manacled ankles. This done, Allie stepped back and caught her breath before speaking.

       "Why don't you and Rod take a nice long walk while I get reacquainted with my slutty sister. There's some nice scenery on the plateau that you can check out, and I'm sure my husband will fill you in on some of the things we have planned for this tramp."


                                                                                               Chapter I

               I returned home early one afternoon while my wife, Jill, was out shopping. In the bathroom wastebasket I discovered a recently disposed condom containing a goodly amount of the white stuff. This confirmed my suspicions that Jill was cheating on me.

 I instantly recalled a conversation I had had with her sister, Allie, just before we got married. She warned me that Jill had been quite the playgirl when she was younger and had left the small town in which they had been raised under a cloud. It seemed she had been seeing a married man for months and when she got caught, a few other married men in town were dragged into the nasty divorce that ensued.

The next day I called Allie and we had a long frank conversation about her sister and what should be done. Allie was of the opinion that Jill was too far gone to be rehabilitated. It seems in the interim between this and our former conversation Allie had discovered that her sister had been nailed by a number of guys that she had been seeing, a very humiliating situation. I pressed her for help anyway and finally Allie agreed to discuss the matter with her husband and abide by his decision.

I didn't hear from Allie for almost a week, time enough to check up on my wayward wife and discover that she was screwing a number of guys, both at our place and in local motels. It turned out she was rather well known at more than one hot pillow operation, since when I made inquiries about her the guys working the desk immediately knew who I was asking about, describing her as a semi-pro who seemed to be in it for the action rather than the money. That pissed me off big time, especially when one of them mentioned the fact that he kind of felt sorry for her husband for being married to such a big whore!

Allie finally called me back at my office and agreed that she and her husband would try to see if they could straighten Jill out. There were conditions to this, and I quickly agreed to them. I would accompany Jill to their home in a little town in the Ozarks and initially participate in the reprogramming process. They had already obtained the cooperation of the local parson and his wife, along with a number of her former sex partners and their spouses in this endeavor.

It was then that Allie dropped her bombshell. She casually mentioned that she and Rod were confirmed swingers and intended to expose Jill to this life style as part of her therapy. However unlike the other members of the swing club, Jill would have no choice as to her partners and what they chose to do to her as part of the reprogramming process. She told me that all the details had not been finalized, but once Jill was under their control the final plans would be discussed at length with me. In the event that I did not agree to them they would allow Jill and I to return home immediately.

When Rod called to inform Jill that her sister had been in an auto accident and was at death's door, she bought the story. Naturally I played the part of the concerned husband and offered to go with her for support. The next day we were on our way to the Ozarks.

Rod met us at the gate and within an hour we were at his house where Allie greeted us. Jill was astonished at first and then as Allie told her of our conversations and her promise to help in her rehabilitation Jill's face got pale and she began to get very shaky. It got even more interesting when Allie told her sister that Rod had confessed that he too had been fucking her before he married Allie. “ You have a lot of sins to atone for. “ Allie said with a stare that could only be described as full of anger and even hatred for her sister.

When Jill was told to strip she refused. Allie grinned coldly and nodded to Rod who advanced towards my shocked wife. “ Help me god damn it! “ Jill exclaimed to me as Rod advanced on her. It was my turn to smile.“ You son of a bitch! I'll fix you!” Jill screamed as I helped Rod restrain her. It was then that Allie slapped her sister across the face, not once but twice. Jill was so stunned that she hardly noticed that Rod was tearing her dress off revealing her full figured body covered by only a matching set of bra and bikinis.  Unlike her sister Allie, Jill was really built with tits that filled her 37D-cup bra to its limit, and a heart shaped ass that was mounted on a set of legs that seemed to melt into those rounded cheeks. It was easy to see why she was so successful with men. I remember thinking I was the luckiest man on earth when she agreed to marry me. Now I knew differently.

Allie grabbed Jill's bra and ripped it from her big bouncy tits, and then reached in and began yanking the flimsy bikinis from her sister's crotch. I couldn't help noticing how different the two women were; Jill short but voluptuous, and her sister tall and slim. Even their hair color and style was different, Jill's auburn and long while Allie's brown, curly hair was cut short. It took a few more minutes for Allie to cuff her sister's wrists behind her back and then attach manacles to her ankles.

Rod and I dragged my struggling wife over to a heavy wooden chair and pressed her down on it. Allie produced some thin links of chain and with our help soon had Jill fastened securely to the chair in a semi-hogtie using the chains to anchor her cuffed wrists to her manacled ankles. This done, Allie stepped back and caught her breath. “ Why don't you and Rod talk a nice long walk while I get acquainted with my slutty sister. There's some nice scenery to check out and I'm sure Rod will fill you in on some of the things we have planned for this tramp.”

                                                                               Chapter II

As we walked through some spectacular countryside, Rod began to fill me in on his life with Allie and his former relationship with my wife. It seems he and Jill had been fucking for a couple of months before they broke up.  The sex was great except that Jill wouldn't let him fuck her in the ass no matter how many times he asked. Then he discovered that she was playing around with a married man who lived in the next town over; not only that, she was letting him have as much of her asshole as he wanted. This he got from a number of sources, including one guy who had also been fucking her in the ass last year and could prove it. That tore it as far as he was concerned and so they went their separate ways.

 A few months later he started going out with Allie and after a couple of dates she started putting out for him and after a few hot sessions she even let him have as much ass as he wanted. In fact she preferred anal since it took away all the worry about getting knocked up. Between her great blowjobs and always-available asshole, Rod almost forgot she had a pussy, except when she had the rag on. Then she wanted his cock in her bloody box as often as he could get it up. It was during a long weekend when she had the rag on big time that he proposed. He said it was either that or die from exhaustion because she was so demanding.

Even before they got married they started swinging with a few couples, most of them married. In fact their wedding reception was held at the home of a swinger couple and Allie took on half a dozen guys that evening. Naturally Rod got his share of pussy as well, and by the time they got away to their honeymoon suite, all they wanted to do was sleep.

 After their lengthy and totally exhausting honeymoon; Allie having reserved a few extra special sexual treats for her new husband, she got a job at a local private hospital that specialized in treating people with sexual disorders. He offered to tell me some of the juicier stories that his wife told him about her adventures at this place, but I declined, being more interested in what they had planned for my wayward wife.

Rod was brutally honest about things. In his opinion Allie was using the idea of rehabilitating her sister as a smokescreen to cover the fact that she wanted to punish her wanton, wayward sister for her past as well as present offenses, including years of both real and imagined insults and embarrassments she had caused Allie.  It infuriated her that Jill had had sex with Rod, even though it was before they got together. She still hadn't truly gotten past that particular problem as evidenced by her absorption with all aspects of the swinging lifestyle. Allie was almost as interested in women as in men, especially older women who were the pushy type. He offered to provide me some of the more gory details, but I was much more interested in June's fate at this point.

 He then began to tick off the preliminary plans that Allie had already developed for her sister's “rehabilitation.”  It was a breathtaking list and made me doubt Jill's ability to actually survive such an ordeal. Rod was in full agreement, which made my blood run cold. While he detailed the terrible ordeal that my slut of a wife would undergo I agonized over what my decision on this matter would be.

“ First of all my wife is really sensitive about her tits, she thinks they're too small. So you know what she's going to do to your wife's knockers. Those bouncy boobs aren't gonna be very bouncy after a few weeks of steady pounding and stretching. I even heard that Allie is trying to convince some of the nurses to inject Jill's tits with stuff to make them produce milk. I hear that if you don't milk them regularly they get really big and hurt like hell all the time.”

I imagined what Jill would look like with a set of 42DDs and didn't like the picture I was getting.  I was jolted out of any more dreaming when I heard Rod say something about gangbanging my wife all day tomorrow. I guess he figured out from my reaction that I wanted to hear a bit more about that little plan.

“ Allie thought it would be a good idea to introduce Jill back into the community by having a barbeque. She said it would be fun to have a pig to eat and another one to fuck.  So she's invited the parson, his slave-wife and another half dozen couples to spend the day enjoying good food and getting reintroduced to your wife. Each of the six guys invited are former bedmates of Jill and their wives are still royally pissed off about it. Allie thinks it'll be fun to watch the guys fuck the snot out of her sister and then see what the ladies will dream up to do to her as well. Naturally Jill will be securely restrained and quite available for anything the ladies can come up with provided of course it doesn't result in any permanent damage to her.”

“ How does the parson fit into this orgy? “ I asked.

Rod gave me a rueful smile and replied. “ Well, he's not exactly a real parson, he's actually a guy who has gone off the deep end when it comes to sin and sinners. He's got some advanced ideas about sex though. He says the only sin is when sex is not done openly, with all parties concerned totally involved. So in the case of your wife, she's a sinner since she kept most of her partners ignorant about what else she was doing in her time away from them. She's an even worse sinner because she kept those men she had sex with from telling their wives about this activity.”

“ When it comes to punishing sinners he is merciless. His slave-wife feels just as strongly about things as he does and she just loves to help him make the sinner suffer as much as they can tolerate without actually dying. She really gets off big time when it's a woman to be punished. I imagine that left unsupervised those two could totally ruin your slut-wife in a matter of a couple of days. I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen. You have my word on that.”

I was beginning to get very concerned for Jill's health and safety by now. Even if she was a whore, and it seemed she was, this was not medieval times. I was not too interested in becoming an accomplice to assault and battery, kidnapping and rape, let alone manslaughter or perhaps murder. So I took a deep breath and made my concerns known.

“ Rod old buddy, I'm getting a little more than worried about the things I'm hearing from you. I sincerely believed that you and your wife were only interested in helping me save my marriage. Based on what I'm hearing now that's not why you and Allie want to get your hands on Jill. Look, if it's all the same to you, I'm thinking seriously of walking away from this and maybe I had better take Jill with me just to make sure both of our asses are covered. I've got enough on that slut to get a divorce with no sweat involved.  I'll sure miss all that great pussy and those all-world blowjobs, but I'm not putting up with any more crap from her.”

Rod kind of hung his head and then replied. “I hate to tell you this, but you're already in too deep. Jill is convinced that you are working hand in hand with her sister in order to punish her for cheating on you. So if you think she's just going to let you walk away from your marriage without leaving her some very serious money, think again. She's already threatened to go to the police the second we let her go, no matter what we do to her. She's also smart enough to know we aren't about to kill her, no matter what. So it's heads she wins or tails you lose, unless Allie and I manage to reprogram her. That's your only chance at this point. You know Allie and me aren't about to go to jail without dragging you into this mess. That's just the way it is, don't take it personal, cause it isn't.”

I didn't want to believe what I had just heard, but deep down I knew he was right. I was screwed unless Jill's sister and her husband managed to turn her into something resembling a Stepford wife. Those were long odds, but it was my only chance. I shrugged and grinned at Rod.  “I guess if it comes down to me or Jill, I'm all for saving my own hide at her expense. After all, it was her fooling around that got me into this mess to begin with.  I'm OK with anything that you two think will do the trick; no matter how much it hurts that slut wife of mine.”

Rod's face broke into a big grin and he started to give me some of the gory details that they had planned for Jill starting this evening. I had to admit that those two sure had some interesting ideas involving plenty of heavy-duty pain and suffering for my wayward wife. I was almost disappointed that I couldn't hang around a little longer to see how that cunt of a wife of mine reacted to her new life as a three hole fuck toy and crash test dummy for all the wild things that Allie and her friends and associates would try out on her helpless body.

“ I sure am looking forward to doing your wife tonight.” Rod said with an edge in his voice that indicated a classic grudge fuck. “ That prick teaser never let me even have a sniff of that precious asshole of hers. Well tonight I'm gonna ream that shitter out until it stays open even when I'm not fucking it. When I get too pooped to pop, maybe Allie will use her super bad boy dildo on your wife's gaping asshole to make it even wider.  Then when she needs a break I'm gonna fist that sloppy shit chute until I can get my arm into it up to my elbow.”

He must have read my mind because Rod quickly added that his wife was going to provide me with some of the best pussy, head and tight asshole that I'd ever had. She was bound and determined to outfuck her older sister when it came to getting me off. I grinned back at him and gave a thumbs' up sign. Rod snickered and said, “ That's nothing compared to what's gonna happen to that cunt tomorrow. I can guarantee that she'll be begging for mercy inside of a couple of hours, especially when the parson strings her up and lays the leather to that twat and those big jugs.” I suggested we head back for the house to see what mischief the ladies were into.

On the way back Rod filled me in on the details involved in getting Jill “admitted” on an informal basis to this exclusive hospital where Allie worked. She hadn't gotten permission from all the doctors yet, but she was pretty confident that Jill would soon be undergoing in-patient “care” on the night shift, which was when Allie worked.

 He chuckled and remarked, “ Wait until she runs into nurse Nora. Now that's one mean bitch who doesn't take any crap from anyone. Even most of the doctors are a little nervous about getting on the wrong side of that woman. I don't know why, but Allie and her really get along great. Allie even goes over and visits her about once a month for fun and games.”

“ Nora has a live-in girl who she got out of jail as part of a deal with the county sheriff. Allie tells me that Nora has already worked twenty pounds off the kid's body in the four months she's had her. That's pretty impressive since the girl, who is only sixteen, was definitely not on the plump side when she went over there. Nora calls the kid “bones” and takes pictures of her naked and posts them on a site dedicated to stick chick happenings. Allie says that kid can now take the biggest dildo Nora has in her collection without whimpering. Nora brags that when she started packing the kid's cunt she could barely force half the smallest dildo she owns into her without the kid passing out. Now she's working on opening up the kid's asshole wide enough to start fisting it.”

“ But that's nothing compared to the web site that Nora has.  She claims she's got over five hundred paying customers, and after expenses is clearing almost three thousand a month. Of course she's got a real low overhead since she uses local talent and the star is her live-in slave. She only operates a couple of times a week, but they are some sessions. Allie has been in a few along with some members of the local swing clubs that she knows.”

“ They always start out the same way. Nora comes in wearing maybe a garter belt and heels or sometimes a corset that ends above her pussy, which hasn't been shaved in over twenty years according to Nora. She sticks her finger down her throat and pukes up whatever she's eaten into a big bowl. She then puts the bowl on the floor and squats over it to take a piss. This is a huge bowl, but she always fills it right to the brim, and some times even overflows it.  That woman can really piss.”

 “ Then she makes the kid kneel down and gobble up everything in the bowl while Nora fucks her asshole with one of her big dildos. It turns out that the kid gets nothing to eat or drink for a couple of days before a broadcast, so she's all primed and ready for her vomit and piss meal. Sometimes after she's finished Nora will down a couple of quarts of beer and then piss in the kid's mouth and beat the hell out of her if she spills too much. Naturally during the whole time the kid has her hands cuffed behind her back.”

“ The second part of the show features local swingers and assorted perverts doing what comes naturally and otherwise. Compared to the opening. I have to admit that's pretty tame stuff, but it seems to do the trick.   I'll bet your wife winds up in one of the broadcasts if I know how Allie thinks. For sure Jill is going to spend plenty of quality time over at Nora's place being rehabilitated. One thing that you can bet on, by the time that bitch leaves here she's gonna have a real taste for piss and cunts.”

I took this opportunity to remind him that he hadn't told me much about what was due to happen to my cheating wife. So he gave me a very brief rundown of the plans Allie was thinking about besides the hospital stay and the visits to nurse Nora's place.

“ Of course the members of the swing clubs we belong to are going to get a crack at your wife. Allie's working hard to make sure that Jill can be the featured fuck slave at lots of meetings. That is tough duty because any member can do practically anything sexual they want to do to the slave. One thing's for sure, Allie aims to make absolutely sure that your wife's cunt is a condom free zone. She's hoping that Jill will get knocked up as soon as possible. That way she'll have morning sickness to deal with as well as all the cock she'll be handling.”

“ Allie is working on a deal with the county sheriff, Vlad, to use Jill as a morale builder. She'll be available to any deputy working overtime or on the night shift, provided she's not busy. The deputies also will be invited to come over anytime they are free and have the urge to have their morale improved.”

“ Allie has also looked into arranging for Jill to spend some quality time at one of the local county kennels. She says that there are two places that would like to have her as their guest. Both of them want to take videos and pictures of her with the dogs. Allie wants a cut of the profits and she's busy negotiating deals with both of them.”

“ Another deal that is still up in the air is with a guy who has a stable of horses and ponies. He's not sure that your wife can handle his horses without major damage to her female plumbing, so he only wants her to be with the ponies. On top of that he says he wants some kind of a stud fee or equivalent if Jill does anything with his horses that involves making them cum. That one really takes the cake. Allie says she'd rather see if any of the local farmers would be interested in having her work with their animals.”

By this time we were within sight of Rod's place. In another few minutes, just as darkness began to settle across the area, we entered his home. As soon as we got a look at my wife, Rod nudged me in the ribs and said, “ What did I tell you? “

                                                               Chapter III

My wife was still in the wooden chair, but now her body was arched and straining from the position in which she had been placed. Her hair had been plaited into a long braid and that had been used as an anchor point for her manacled feet, which had been pulled up under the seat of the chair and fastened with a length of rope to her hair. What really caught my attention and proved Rod's point about Allie's attitude toward her sister's tits, was how she had treated them.

Jill's melon shaped tits now looked like torpedoes. Each of her knockers had been separately noosed with rope wrapped tightly around the base. The two ends had then been hitched around a wooden dowel fixed to the back of the chair, causing her tits to be stretched whenever the dowel was turned. It was very apparent that Allie had been working on her sister's jugs for quite some time based on how swollen they were and their color, which was approaching a dark, angry purple.

It was Rod who brought the dildo buried in her cunt to my attention. “ Hey honey, isn't that the one they gave you for being the swing club slut of the year? I thought it was too big for any normal woman. How did you manage to get it so far up your sister's cunt?”

Allie laughed and replied, “ It wasn't easy; I used plenty of lube and took my time. I'll bet it took me nearly an hour to get that monster up her twat. It didn't help that she kept struggling every time I rammed another inch into that fucked out hole of hers.”

“ Sure glad I wasn't planning on using that cunt of hers tonight. I hope it snaps back into shape in time for the barbeque tomorrow.” Rod added as he ogled my wife's naked body.

I was intrigued that my wife was so quiet. After a few moments I realized that she was gagged with something. Her cheeks were a bit puffed out and now I could see that something white was showing from between her lips. I got a little closer to make sure and Allie gave me the gory details once she realized what I was checking out.

“ That's a cheesecloth bag filled with rock salt in my darling sister's mouth. I had to use it to keep her from making me go deaf or causing the neighbors to think that someone was getting killed over here. I'm sure that she's gonna be good and thirsty tonight. That's why you guys will find that big jug in the bathroom. It's for your piss. If Jill is a good little whore this evening I'll let her have as much piss as she can drink. If not, she'll just have to sleep with another bag of salt in her mouth after Rod gets through reaming out that tight asshole of hers.”

A few hours later after a couple of drinks, a very nice dinner, and an hour or so of watching tapes of some of Rod and Allie's friends in action, I was in the mood for a little action. I was even considering nailing Jill for old times sake, but Allie would have none of that.

“ Look, you are our guest and the least I can do is provide you with some no nonsense sucking and fucking. I know that my sister has been giving you anything but her best. She admitted that to me this afternoon while you and Rod were taking your walk. I will have to confess that it took some convincing on my part to get her to spill her guts. You'd be amazed what comes out of a woman's mouth when there's a hot soldering iron about an inch from her nipple.”

Jill had been offered something to drink twice, and refused.  Despite this Rod decided to move her to the bedroom. He admitted that he didn't like the look of her just loosed tits, which had turned nearly black and had swelled to the point that even a poke of his finger caused her to writhe in agony. He had tied Jill in a fiendish way; first bending her legs back and using Velcro straps to kept them bent nearly double. Next he pulled her arms up behind her back as far as he could and then Allie tied her sister's wrists tightly with a length of nylon cord and anchored her hands in this painful position by noosing the cord around her neck. Jill's bondage was completed when her mouth was filled with a piss soaked rag, then taped shut to keep it in place.

Before Allie and I adjourned to the next door bedroom we took a last look at my helpless wife who was lying on her back, her legs splayed wide in order to relieve some of the tension from the straps. Her tits were still swollen and discolored even after having been freed from their tight binding for over an hour. Rod was stripping down quickly and just before we left I got a glimpse of his equipment. This guy was hung!

As I watched Allie peel off her top to reveal her pancake shaped tits I began to undress. Her body was smooth and lean, almost athletic. When she rolled down her panties I got wood. Her cunt was bald; her thick scarlet cunt lips made it seem as if she had a gaping wound where her pussy should be. There was a small red heart tattooed just above her cunt with some writing above it. I squinted to make out what it said. Allie laughed and pouched her cunt out toward my face as she said, “ Like it?  I love to fuck, that's what it says, the heart means love.”

I licked my lips and then replied, “ Wow, that looks go enough to eat!”

“ You say the nicest things. I would love to have you tickle my twat with your tongue before you put that fuck stick in me.” Allie said with a hundred watt smile. You probably need lots of pussy tonight since Jill told me you haven't been getting much in the last month or so.”

I did more than tickle her twat. Perhaps I was inspired by the fact that right next door my dear cheating wife was getting her asshole reamed out by one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen. Allie was bouncing around on the bed as I scooped load after load of high grade clam sauce from her spasming cunt. When I moved down to probe her tight asshole she went ballistic. “ Oh my god! Oh my god! “ Allie chanted as the tip of my tongue wormed its way past her sphincter. She tasted funky and that made me work even harder. Suddenly her asshole clenched tight, her body shaking and quaking as she rocketed off into a massive orgasm. I held my ground, such as it was, and rode out the storm, the flat of my tongue covering her twitching asshole.

 As soon as she calmed down I resumed licking her sticky, sweet tasting snatch. Allie settled back and sighed as I worked my tongue up and down between her clit and asshole, with long stops at both ends of my trip. Abruptly she clenched her thighs shut, capturing my head in a dead grip, and then let out a long shrill scream as her lean sweaty body bounced up and down on the bed over and over, producing a very interesting effect as her twitching cunt plowed up and down my face, nearly drowning me in her cunt juice that drooled, then trickled from between her fat cunt lips. As suddenly as it began, it ended. Her thighs splayed open, freeing me from the pussy prison that still dripped fresh cunt oil and frothy, foaming cunt sludge.  As I began to collect it with my tongue she grabbed me by the hair and shuddered. “ No more, no more!” Allie gasped. “ If I cum one more time I'll pass out. You are too much for me right now. Let me rest a while.”

 At this point Rod shouted, “ Hey, keep it down! You're breaking my concentration!” Allie laughed and rubbed her soaked pussy. Then she turned and gave me a long, very wet french kiss, her hands playing with my rock hard cock.  “ You are getting everything you want tonight, no matter what it is. You can fuck my ass until it turns inside out. You can bite my titties until they bleed. You can fist my cunt or my asshole all you want. I'll suck your dick for an hour straight and swallow every drop. I'll lick my shit off your dick. I'll drink your piss; in fact I'll lie in the tub and let you piss all over me if you want. You name it, you get it.”

I suggested that a nice long blowjob would be a good way to start and she responded with enthusiasm and skill like I'd never experienced. She licked my cock from base to tip, her tongue flickering and swabbing my twitching rod as she made trip after trip. She probed my pee hole with the tip of her tongue and then engulfed the length of my cock until it disappeared from view. The sight of my balls hanging from the sides of her suctioning mouth was a sight I'd long remember. She slowly came up for air and then repeated her sword-swallowing trick. Then she moved down to my balls and soon had them coated with her saliva. She moved still lower and began to move her tongue up between the cheeks of my ass, not stopping until she reached my asshole. I'd never been rimmed before and between her knowing tongue and her caressing hand that skinned my rock hard cock; she brought me to the first of many cums. She didn't miss a drop, moving up quickly to capture my throbbing cock inside her warm, wet mouth as it exploded from the fantastic stimulation it had been receiving.

Allie laughed when she finally let my rapidly shrinking cock slip from her mouth. “ That sure was a big load of nut butter you just gave me. It seems that Jill hasn't been delivering much pussy for quite some time, has she? Well, you just lay back and let nurse Allie take good care of that nice cock. We've got all night. If that's not enough I know that some of the ladies coming over tomorrow would be very happy to take care of any needs you have in that department.”

While we lay side by side, resting up for the next round of sucking and fucking, the sounds of the activities going on in the next room were clearly evident. We could hear Rod's grunts, the responding creak of the bedsprings, followed by the muffled screams and gasps from Jill. Allie laughed and said, “ Sounds like Jill isn't enjoying Rod's rod as much as she used to. Guess it's because he never got the chance to fuck her in the ass with it. Rod is really pissed about that to this day. Your little wifey is going to have one of the sorest assholes in the Southern United States by the time the sun goes down tomorrow night. Rod is going to hurt her good tonight, but wait until she finds out what's in store for her tomorrow.”

I was curious, so I asked what was planned. “ Everyone of the guys invited is an asshole bandit. Everyone loves to do anal. The only problem is that most wives aren't as big on anal as their husbands.  So guess what will happen to my big sister tomorrow when she's hanging out there stark naked and trussed up like a turkey? These guys will do their best to not only pack her shit, but also make sure her asshole will be permanently gaped.” As she spoke the noises next door picked up and got quite a bit louder, signaling that Rod was about to blow his load inside my wife's quivering asshole. The thought of that happening started the blood flowing to my cock and Allie quickly took advantage of that.

Within minutes Allie had positioned herself so I had easy access to her cunt and asshole while she was free to suck and lick my cock and balls.  I licked up and down from her puckered asshole to her swollen clit as she gobbled away on my rapidly stiffening shaft. She groaned loudly when I sucked her asshole, and then tongue fucked it. I felt my cock begin to slide down her throat as she deep throated me. I began to bite her ass cheeks as my cock started to twitch. She quickly backed off and whispered. “ What will it be, pussy or my asshole? “  I stuck my tongue up her hot, wet cunt and wiggled it around before replying. “ How about some of each with a little head whenever I change places? “  Allie gave the head of my hard cock a long wet kiss and said, “ I am at your mercy. Just make sure you get me off at least a couple of times before you blow your load.”

We went at it fast and furiously, my cock boring deep into her tight asshole, then being suctioned enthusiastically before probing the depths of her juicy funky cunt. The first time she got off I was sawing away deep inside her hot, juicy cunt while I cruelly pinched her hard nipples. Allie screamed, “ Oh god! I love it when someone works on my nips. Can you bite them? I really get off big time when that happens.”  She was not fooling, rocketing off into a huge orgasm as my teeth worried and tormented the stiff nipple flesh. That got me really hot and so I swiftly jammed my hard cock deep into her mouth and enjoyed the sounds of her choking on my dick. Then I cradled her asscheeks in my hand and positioned her so I could rip into her tight asshole. Allie rocked into a second orgasm, her body jumping and thrashing beneath me. I hung on grimly and wedged my cock even deeper into her quivering asshole. When I started raking her taut ass cheeks with my fingernails she blew off like a breaching whale, nearly tossing me off her writhing body.

Allie acted like a zombie as I pulled out of her gaping asshole and plugged into her sodden snatch. I hammered her into the mattress with violent thrusts as she lay there almost in a trance.  I shifted myself so I could drill her even deeper and still she didn't respond. I moved my hips from side to side in order to bounce my dick off her cunt walls. Allie still acted like a blowup doll, which frustrated me to no end. I finally grabbed her pancake shaped tits and yanked them away from her chest with as much force as I could muster. Her eyes popped open and she grunted. I slammed in and out of her twitching twat as I pulled her tits to their limit. Off she went for a third time, her thighs slamming shut and her cunt clamping a death grip on my pistoning cock. Then I shot my load into her twat, flooding her channel with plenty of cum despite this being my second cum within about an hour.

He lay on our backs catching our breath. Finally Allie whispered, “ That was terrific! I guess Rod tipped you off that I like it rough. “ I pinched her nipple and chuckled, “ Your husband has been a perfect gentleman as far as telling secrets about you. That was just my instincts taking over. You were really pushing me past the red line and I had to do something to get your ass in gear or I'd have died fucking you. “  Allie squeezed my semi-soft cock and replied, “ What a way to go! “ I slapped her cunt sharply and said, “ That's not funny. You damned near wore me out, it'll take me at least a half hour before I want more of your asshole.” Allie gave me a mock groan and laughed.  “ Promises, promises; I'll hold you to that one for sure. You have really gotten me going. I haven't felt this horny since I was the fuck pig at last year's swing club annual orgy.

Curiosity got the better of Allie, and so she padded off to check up on Rod and Jill, who had gotten quiet. I just took it easy and contemplated on whether I should fuck Allie's cunt or asshole first once she got me good and hard. My reveries were interrupted by Allie's voice urging me to “ Get over here and see what's happening. This is really hot! “

An amazing sight greeted my eyes as I entered the brightly lit bedroom.  Jill was on her back with Rod straddling her. His mammoth cock was wedged firmly down her throat. Jill's mouth was stretched so wide it reminded me of one of those blowup dolls. Unlike the doll her face was a pale blue from lack of air. Rod's cock had totally cut off any path for air to get to her lungs and my wife was on the verge of passing out. Even so he was still straining to force even more of his enormous shaft down her throat.

“ Rod, Rod! Hey big fella, Jill looks like she's had enough! Back off and let her get some air, you're gonna kill her! “ Rod ignored me and so I whacked him as hard as I could across the back of his head. Jill might have been a rotten slut and the worst kind of a wife, but she didn't deserve to strangle to death on some guy's cock. Allie suddenly realized how serious things had gotten and she frantically began to pummel her husband about the face to break his mindless assault on my helpless wife. Whatever it was, something worked and Rod's rage passed quickly. He immediately pulled his cock from Jill's throat making a loud popping sound as it freed up her air passage.

“ That's all for you tonight!  You damned near killed my sister! What the hell got into you! I can't believe what you just did. If I don't come in you might have killed her for sure. That would have been great. You and me would be in deep shit for the rest of our lives no matter how things turned out. I am so mad at you right now I could bite your dick off!” Allie screeched. That was the wrong thing to say to Rod as she quickly discovered when he backhanded her across the face, knocking her off the bed into a huddled ball.

 “ That's enough of your crap. Whose idea was it to bring your sister down here so you could get revenge on her for all those times that she stole guys away from you? Do you think that for a moment I believed all that bullshit about rehabilitating her? By the time you're done with your sister she'll wish I had choked her to death here and now. So knock off the crap! “

This scene was getting too heavy for me to deal with, and so I backed off, leaving them to resolve this fight. I was also rethinking my idea of leaving my cheating wife down here with this crazy couple as her keepers. I returned to the other room and waited for Allie to return and tell me what the hell was really going on. I could hear the two of them talking, sometimes loudly and then so softly that I wasn't even sure they were speaking. This went on for quite a bit of time, absolutely ruining any ideas I might have had for continuing to work on Allie's hot, lean body. Part of me was very disappointed that I'd not have the chance to further explore her tight asshole and hot cunt with my tongue before battering her holes into submission with my stiff cock. I drifted off to sleep thinking about all the neat things I would have enjoyed doing to that sex bomb.

The next thing I knew Allie's lips were wrapped around my cock while she simultaneously rubbed my balls and wormed a knowing finger up my asshole, searching for my prostate.  “ Hush and enjoy the moment. Sorry it took me so long to calm my husband down.” Allie whispered to me after she popped my stiffening cock from her mouth. Not one to be impolite, I lay back and let her have her way with my willing cock. It didn't take her long to get me good and hard, and then she mounted me and started swiveling those hips. I soon found myself matching my movements to hers and the bedsprings began to creak. I lost track of how long we went at it, but I do remember that we changed positions a couple of times and when I came we were doing it doggy style and I was pounding her ass for all I was worth. Just before I shot my wad, Allie began to grunt and then shake as a big orgasm rolled up from her cunt and made the rest of her lean form quiver and shake like a tree in a strong wind.

While we rested up Allie filled me in on what had set her husband off.  “ Rod doesn't produce as much cum as most guys, but the size of his dick more than makes up for that as far as I am concerned. In fact Rod's real popular with the ladies at the swing clubs because they know they're safe when he blows a load inside them. Jill was just trying to get him going and it worked too good for her own good. I'm glad Rod choke fucked her like that. Naturally I'm not trying to get my sister killed, at least not until I've had enough time to really square things with that bitch! “

I shrugged and nodded in agreement with her. “Guess that settles that as far as I'm concerned. I'm really sorry that I can't hang around and watch her get what's coming to her.”  Allie puckered her lips and blew me an air kiss. “ That reminds me I better check in on the love birds and see what they're up to.  Come to think of it I think I'll let Jill suck out that big load of jizz you just deposited in my cunt. She and Rod ought to enjoy that scene, don't you think? “  I smiled and patted her sweaty cunt. “ Take your time; I'll be resting up for more fun and games. “

Once more I drifted off to sleep, this time to be rudely awakened by the weight of Allie's freshly sucked and carefully licked pussy being dropped on my face. “ Wake up and smell the pussy. It's nice and fresh thanks to your wife. That sister of mine definitely has potential when it comes to eating pussy. I know lots of ladies around here that are going to be just delighted to help Jill discover her lesbian side. Unfortunately there are going to be even more men anxious to show her the errors of her ways.”

While I checked out Allie's cunt and then her asshole, she told me what had taken place in the other bedroom while I slept. “ Sis needed a little persuading before she got into working on my pussy. I'll have to admit I was dripping pretty good, and between your load and all that sweating I'd been doing while you fucked me to a frazzle, I was pretty ripe. Rod put her in a chokehold and kept her from breathing until she started to turn blue. He did that a couple of times before she got the picture and began sticking her tongue up my cunt. After that she really got into it. Rod worked his monster cock between her asscheeks and began drilling for oil. I was surprised that he got into her so easy.  Jill's a real whore if you ask me. She's evidently been taking it up the ass for quite some time. Too bad you weren't the beneficiary, but that's history.”

By then my tongue was making the round trip between her stiff clit and puckered asshole, pausing at both stops for plenty of kissing, sucking and nibbling. “ Jill did such a good job that I let her have a nice long drink of piss, right from the tap. Rod made sure she swallowed every drop by just wrapping his hands around here throat and gently squeezing every time she stopped swallowing. After that I had Rod piss into another pair of my panties and then stuff her mouth with them, along with a fresh bag of rock salt. He was just getting started again when I left; he was going to see how tight her cunt was since he last fucked her. My guess is you can park cars inside that twat of hers.”

All that talk really brought me back to life and Allie wasted no time getting to work on it. I was sucked, I was jacked, my dick was licked, it was kissed, and it was rubbed up and down the length of her pussy. It was given a good rub in her armpits, which nearly got me off right there and then, and finally it was buried in her asshole. Once she was seated properly she proceeded to pogo stick on it until I filled her bowels with a final load of sort of watery cum. I remember very little after that.

                                                               Chapter IV

When I awoke I found myself alone.  It was evident from the amount of light that the sun that had been up for many hours.  After hitting the head, I dressed and headed downstairs. I discovered Allie and Jill in the kitchen. Jill was once more securely roped to the heavy wooden chair she's occupied yesterday. Her head was bent back in a position that must have been very painful by a noose that was anchored to her manacled ankles, which had been drawn up under the seat of the chair. A metal funnel was jammed into her mouth and held in place by some duct tape.  Allie, wearing only a pair of very tight bikini panties was taking a jug of what turned out to be piss from the refrigerator. There was an empty jug sitting on the table by the chair. From the looks of Jill's rounded stomach its contents had already been emptied into the funnel.

“ Well look who just arrived. I guess I wore you out last night, didn't I?” Allie said with a grin. “ Sorry I wasn't around to take care of your morning hardon, but I had things to do as you can see. There's coffee on the stove and breakfast is in the oven; help yourself. Rod is already outside making sure everything is ready for our guests who are due in about an hour. After you eat you can help Rod get our little fuck pig properly prepared for the party. “

While I had breakfast I watched Allie pour the contents of the two-quart jug into the mouth of the funnel. It was kind of weird to watch Jill's belly get rounder and bigger as she swallowed the cold piss. Whenever she faltered, Allie would slap her tits or pinch her nose shut, depriving her of air. By the time I finished eating my wife's belly was bulging. She looked as if she was pregnant, a fact that did not go unmentioned by Allie. “ The bitch looks like she'll probably look in about six or seven months if everything goes as planned. I don't think her tits will be so big and probably she'll be considerably thinned out from all the rehabilitation she's going to be getting, but she'll have a nice big belly to remind her of how much of a whore she really is.”

After breakfast I helped Rod wrestle my struggling wife out to where her “throne” waited. It was a piece of wooden furniture that Rod had designed and built in anticipation of Jill's arrival. In the coming months she would spend considerable time secured to this devilishly constructed device that allowed her naked body to become easily accessible to those who chose to use her.  By the time we were finished cuffing her securely in a position that made her asshole open to any and all invaders, and at the same time allowed her mouth to double as a toilet, we had worked up a pretty good sweat.  At that point Allie arrived to put the finishing touches on Jill.

 Rod held his sister-in-law in a cruel headlock as Allie forced an apple deep into Jill's mouth, nearly unhinging her jaw.  She then made her bite down on the piece of fruit, effectively keeping it in place. Next she produced a tube of garish lipstick and began to print words such as WHORE, FUCK PIG, SLUT, TRAMP and CUNT on her naked body. She then drew a number of arrows all pointing to her asshole, which she then circled and finally coated with lipstick. All Jill could do was glare helplessly up into the sun. “ I'll bet she'll get a nice tan being out here all afternoon.” Allie said with a chuckle. “ Do either one of you guys want a piece of her asshole before the gang arrives?”

I passed, but Rod decided that last night hadn't been enough and so while Allie and I watched he worked his mammoth cock up Jill's still tight asshole and began to slam her with long hard thrusts that made her grunt each time he touched bottom in her shithole.  A few minutes after he blew his load deep inside her twitching asshole the first of the guests made their arrival. The fun was really about to begin.

That afternoon was one of the most bizarre events I would ever experience. For the first three hours there was a steady stream of well hung, hairy men with beer guts stretching my wife's asshole to the point that it remained open like an unblinking eye even when there wasn't a cock or dildo working in and out of her shitter. Their mates were either plumpers or verging on anorexia, all in their mid to late twenties with the exception of one pregnant plumper who looked to be in her late teens at best. Every woman seemed to have a major problem with my wife and they showed it by slapping, pinching, punching or scratching her naked body, most of their attacks centering on either her big firm tits or her hairy cunt.

Usually there would be one guy ass fucking Jill while a woman was seeing how much her tits or nipples could be stretched. Standing nearby would be the next assailant being fluffed enthusiastically by his wife, my sister-in-law, or both of them. Within an hour all of the women were down to their panties and halters due to the heat, and most of the men were naked from below the waist. Those that weren't busy or getting ready to be busy with Jill were gathered around the pit where a small pig was roasting, drinking beer and swapping stories about the old days or the latest gossip around the township.

By the second hour a number of the women had approached me in conversation about my wife, filling me in on her wicked ways when she was the township tramp. Two of them, the pregnant plumper and a woman so thin that she looked like a concentrati0on camp survivor, suggested that they would be more than happy to provide me with some sexual relief seeing as that my tramp of a wife was otherwise indisposed.  When I looked uncomfortable they quickly called their husbands over to tell them of their plans; immediately getting permission from them to give me anything they thought I needed.

The pregnant teen suggested that I fuck her while she lay on a low table located so that Jill could see us while she was being viciously reamed by a heavy set guy with a cock almost as big as Rod's.  Allie came over and urged me to take the girl up on her offer, claiming that fucking the pregnant teen would change my luck for the better. To make it even more interesting she agreed to fluff me before and then, if necessary, during my bout with the teen, whose name was Fanni, with an “i”.  To make a long story short I proceeded to fuck Fanni, producing a very nice orgasm for the girl before I blew a big load of hot cum deep inside her tight, wet cunt. To make it an even more memorable experience Allie rimmed me and used her middle finger to stimulate my prostate, a fantastic sensation that really helped me enjoy this very unique fuck. It got even crazier when Fanni got up and carefully waddled over to Jill, making sure to keep all my cum inside her thick lipped cunt.

The pregnant teenager leaned down and yanked the apple from my wife's mouth. Then with a wicked grin Fanni settled her freshly fucked cunt down onto Jill's face. Wiggling her hips to make sure her dripping cunt was properly seated Fanni laughed and said, “ Your husband sure put a big load of hot cum inside me. Now I want you to suck it all out. That's my little gift to you for being such a whore and fucking my husband up as well as your own. Start sucking or I'm gonna suffocate you! To emphasize her words, the girl leaned forward and buried Jill's face with her pungent pussy. A number of the women soon were grouped around Fanni, enjoying the sight of Jill frantically suctioning my cum from Fanni's well fucked twat.

That seemed to break the ice for the rest of the woman and soon there were two lines formed, one at Jill's spread legs and the other at her head. To make it even more interesting each line was made up of both men and women. A number of the ladies had broken out their toys and now Jill's tired asshole was getting reamed out by strapons as well as cocks. In addition her cunt was being stimulated with some very powerful vibrators and stretched by greased hands that often became closed fists once they had fully penetrated her hairy box.

Not to be outdone, the men amused themselves by using Jill's mouth as a urinal or just hosing her face with powerful streams of hot stinging piss. Others took the opportunity to force her to deep throat their semi-hard cocks, causing her to pass out repeatedly from lack of air when she wasn't throwing up all the piss that had been previously forced into her stomach by her sister.

An hour later when things were in full swing, the parson and his sex slave wife, Nancy, made their entrance. He was an impressive sight, nearly six and a half feet tall and weighing about 300 pounds, most of it muscle. However to me, his wife was even more awesome.  Nancy must have been nearly six feet tall and easily weighed well over 200 pounds.  She quickly stripped down to reveal her enormous pillowy tits, and an impressive beer belly that sheltered both her plump hairy cunt with its prominent cunt lips and the large clit that was already pushing itself free of its hood. Her legs were like tree trunks and her thick thighs looked almost muscular. Her skin was smooth, as if being stretched by her meaty body to fit it perfectly with no signs of wrinkles. Her face was moon shaped with full cheeks and a pair of dead eyes that reminded me of some creature from the deep. This was a woman not to be trifled with. Yet for all her size and icy demeanor I was instantly attracted to her. She caught my eye and gave me a knowing grin, cupping her heavy tits up and out towards me as she licked her lips.

Those standing on the line at Jill's head gave way to her imposing presence and watched with delight as she took her position directly over June's piss covered face and began to direct a powerful stream of piss straight into the helpless woman's eyes. Then as June thrashed in pain, she splattered more of her golden waste into June's nostrils and then coated her mouth and finally her tits with what remained in her bladder. “ I've been saving that for the past five hours. I hope you appreciated it you miserable scum bucket.” Nancy said in a flat tone as the last few drops fell from the glistening forest of springy pubic hair that guarded her cunt. “ I'll have some more stuff for you later, like my fist, once my master gets through with that sorry ass of yours. You can be sure of that.”

Allie joined me for a short visit, and as we watched my wife's naked body being raped, racked and ruined, she filled me in on the parson and his slave wife. “ They're really not married legally, but Nancy could care less.  The parson took her out of the gutter and made her see the light. “ She laughed and then continued. “ Of course for a long time she wasn't seeing anything except his fist and his big cock plus whatever the parson's posse was dishing out to her as well.”

“ How did that come about? “ I asked.

                                               ( To be continued )

WAYWARD WIFE'S PUNISHMENT                                           

                                               Chapter V

Allie then proceeded to give me the lowdown on Nancy and the parson. It seems that the parson and the county sheriff, Vlad, were old buddies and one day he received an invitation to come over to the jail. He found the sheriff and his men working on Nancy, who had been arrested on a trumped-up charge so that they could make her rat on the motorcycle gang she was traveling with. Vlad was sure that this gang was responsible for the abrupt rise in drug dealing going on in his bailiwick.

 The first time the parson laid eyes on her she was stark naked and hanging by her wrists from a hook in the basement cell they used for their interrogations. That was three years ago when Nancy was about seventy pounds lighter thanks to all the drugs she was taking. It was evident that the softening up part of the interrogation was over, and the real fun was about to take place. She had two black eyes, a split lip, a swollen, bloody nose as well as ears that now looked like saucers topped off by all sorts of facial bruises covering the colors of the spectrum. One cop was pounding her ass cheeks with a rubber hose loaded with lead shot while another one was seeing how far up her cunt his nightstick could go.

The sheriff had realized that this was one tough cookie and decided that his old buddy, the parson, might have some advice on how to make her see the error of her ways. So for the better part of that day and most of the night the parson made some suggestions and watched the sheriff and his men execute them on this stubborn motorcycle mama. Nancy was douched with liquid fire, a mixture of chili peppers, horse liniment, wood alcohol and peroxide guaranteed to clean out anything and everything that might be lodged inside a woman's pussy, including its mucous membrane lining. The first time she got the usual dose that was diluted with an equal part of water. Later she got it straight from the bottle, something that had never been done to any woman before her. She screamed until her vocal cords quit and damn near ruptured herself trying to break free of the manacles holding her legs wide apart. Vlad decided to see if a third douche would be the charm, but still Nancy remained totally uncooperative.

They finally had to shove a hose into her cunt and give her a full force cleaning to revive her so she could be interrogated some more. This time they blasted her front and back using a fire hose turned full on. It was like she was being beaten with a hammer as her tits, belly, cunt and asshole took a brutal going over. She kept passing out but refused to say anything despite taking the fire hose treatment for nearly an hour. They had to stop because it was getting very difficult for them to revive her, and the sheriff was afraid that she might die before telling them anything. That man was all heart.

A lengthy rape break was declared involving all those changing shifts, as well as the ones involved in sweating the truth out of their prisoner. Nancy was raped, reraped and then raped again and again until she was nearly unconscious. When the parson took his turn he made her eyes pop as he skewered her fucked out cunt. She had rarely experienced a cock as long and thick, let alone having it driven into her by three hundred pounds of very angry man. The parson really enjoyed watching her eyes go wide every time he bottomed out in her cunt, shifting her cervix to accommodate the intruder. The fact that her cunt was raw from the searing douches it had received made the agony associated with being raped by the parson even greater. That seemed to spur him on to even harder and deeper strokes that he delivered with relish. His friend the sheriff later kidded him about almost killing the prisoner with his cock before she talked.

Nancy was then strapped down on a low wooden bench with her legs pulled back and over her head, then anchored to the bench to make her cunt and asshole available for more torture while water was forced into her stomach via a hose jammed down her throat. The hose not only transported water into her belly, it also made getting any air to her lungs very difficult. The cops would make bets on whether she would pass out from lack of air or from the pressure of her bulging belly that would get so big that it squeezed her lungs flat. Sometimes she got the water very slowly forcing her to pass out repeatedly before her stomach was pronounced to be at its limit. At times she looked as if she was in her tenth month with twins. Nancy stubbornly refused to say anything despite being bloated so horribly over and over.

They amused themselves by seeing how many nightsticks they could jam into her cunt at one time; five was the record, although they did manage to get four up her cunt while she was holding three in her asshole, a record of sorts. The parson mounted her while she was being filled and rammed his hard tool deep into her sore cunt as the water stretched her belly and made each thrust even more painful as her belly grew larger and larger. They realized that his approach wasn't going to work after they beat her belly with a rubber hose while she was being bloated, causing her to almost drown in her own vomit.

Another rape break was declared and this time after the sheriff and his men had their fill of her cunt, the parson turned her over and fucked her asshole pile driver style until she bled like a stuck pig. So they hoisted her up by her wrists, which were cuffed behind her back, and went to work on her with rubber hoses and their fists for almost an hour while she dangled like a worm on a hook, her feet about a foot and a half above the concrete floor. The parson concentrated on smashing her big tits flat against her chest wall over and over until she passed out. He revived her by holding a lit cigarette to her nipples and then resumed his savage beating until her tits were black and swollen.

Someone got the bright idea of attaching a couple of five-gallon pails to her manacled ankles and gradually filling them with water to further strain her aching shoulders. Nancy shuddered in agony as the growing weight stretched her muscles to their limits and then beyond. Suddenly she let out a strange half grunt, half croak a second before there was a dull popping sound announcing that one of her shoulders had been pulled from its socket. A second pop followed almost immediately and she passed out as the pails of water sank toward the floor.

The parson was smart enough to realize that if the pails of water weren't released from her ankles, further permanent damage would occur as the tendons and ligaments were stretched until they ruptured. He quickly removed the pails from her manacled ankles and checked her pulse, noticing that she had turned a ghastly shade of white and her breathing was very shallow. He pounded his fist between her blackened breasts in an attempt to get her heart beating normally. It was at this point that the rest of them realized that their prisoner was on the verge of checking out on them. There was frantic activity to get her down and covered with a blanket to stop the shivering fit that resulted from her being in deep shock.

Ever the gentleman, the parson popped Nancy's dislocated shoulders back into their sockets. The pain snapped her out of her trance. To celebrate her return to the land of the living another rape break was announced and carried out once she was properly restrained with her hands securely cuffed behind her back, a position that caused her tremendous pain. To make it more interesting the large sink in the cell was filled and then Nancy was dunked into the water while they raped her doggie style. All the punishment she had absorbed previously made it easy to hold her head beneath the water until she started to inhale and swallow in her desperate attempt to find something for her lungs to breath.

Once she passed out her cunt would spasm and clamp around the cock that was boring her out at the time. The men really enjoyed the extra sensation this provided and so Nancy was nearly drowned by the enthusiastic dunking and fucking she received for nearly an hour straight. Vlad had to intervene to prevent them from killing his prisoner; decreeing that Nancy had to be given a minute or so to recover every time she passed out.

The parson was the only one who ignored his orders, ass fucking Nancy until she passed out and actually turned blue from being submerged for over three minutes. When he pulled her limp body from the sink, she was pale and cold. He laughed and dropped her to the floor and then stomped her belly and tits until she puked up the water she'd swallowed and began to gasp for breath. He laughed and let her have his booted foot right into her swollen, fucked out cunt, not once but twice. Then he leaned down and grabbed her by the throat, saying in a dead cold voice, “ You are going to tell my friend the sheriff what he wants to know or I am going to personally fuck you to death. I'm getting tired of all this bullshit! I don't know what your problem is, but you are beginning to get on my nerves, and that can be fatal in your case. You've only got a little while longer to live; you think about that.” To emphasize his anger the parson kicked her squarely in the cunt so hard that he nearly lifted her body off the floor.

Nancy was dragged to a strange-looking chair and securely strapped to it. Her legs were spread to the max allowing them access to her cunt. The chair had no back, just a pad on a post to which her head was strapped. Her arms were pulled straight up and chained to an overhead track. The tiny seat on which she balanced had a hole cut out that allowed them to get at her asshole, if required. The seat was so small that her butt cheeks hung over the side. For some reason the parson hadn't paid much attention to all her tattoos; but now he focused on the large block letters “SATAN'S WHORE” that crowned her hairy cunt. Those words infuriated him to the point that he smashed his fist into Nancy's face, splattering blood all over the place as her nose broke and her lips split from the force of the blow. “ I'm going to burn that filth off your body before I kill you! “He spat. Nancy even in her dazed condition shuddered at the tone of his voice, realizing that he meant what he was saying. Sheriff Vlad grabbed the parson by the arm and yelled, “Parson, get a grip on that temper! I asked you here to help me, not fuck things up!”

The parson was mortified that he had let this stubborn woman get the best of him. He nodded his head and replied to his friend, “ You're right, I don't know what the hell got into me. Let me take a walk and then I'll be back to make this prisoner sing every song she knows and then some.” The sheriff laughed and punched him on the arm, hard. “ We'll keep her alive until you get back to close the deal. That's a promise.”

The parson was gone for over an hour. Vlad and his men continued to work on Nancy. They burned her with lit cigarettes and cigars, concentrating on her swollen tits, armpits, belly, thighs and cunt. Others amused themselves by trying to whip the skin off her back with a variety of weapons including a bundle of electrical wire that slashed her to ribbons, but was so heavy that the men could only use it use three or four times before they had to rest. One deputy spent all his time beating her swollen shoulders with a nightstick, causing incredible pain and making her pass out repeatedly, much to the disappointment of the others. It was beginning to take longer and longer to revive the woman, so the sheriff called a halt to allow her to recover her strength. He knew that when the parson returned she would suffer as if she were burning in hell itself.

When the parson returned he was carrying a cattle prod, a modified field telephone and a bag of firecrackers, the big ones that could remove a finger if you weren't paying attention to what you were doing. Nancy was about to get a taste of hell on earth, parson style. The deputies crowded around him and watched as he began to punish the beaten, burned and bloodied prisoner.  At his request Nancy was gagged securely and then the parson leaned close to her battered face, smiled and said, “ You are about to get a taste of what it's going to be like for you when you burn in hell for all eternity. I'm going to hurt you bad, real bad and you're going to take it until I decide to give you a chance to answer the sheriff's questions truthfully. If you don't tell him what he wants to know I will start doing things to your body that will make you beg for death, but I'll keep you alive, don't worry about that. You will talk, you will beg the sheriff to send you to prison for the rest of your life. You will do anything to stop the pain I will give you.”

No one who witnessed what happened to the prisoner in the next hour and a half will ever forget it. Some of the men claim they still have nightmares about what they saw that night. The parson taped a couple of firecrackers to her blistered and burned armpits, lit them and stepped back to watch what happened. Nancy was still too dazed from her ordeal to realize what was about to happen.

 The sound of the two firecrackers exploding inside the cell was painful to the ears. Nancy's eyes almost popped from her head and then her body lunged against the straps holding her to the chair as she began to foam at the mouth. The cords in her neck bulged as she attempted to use her damaged vocal cords to scream. Her body began to shake and her bowels and bladder failed simultaneously as her system tried to react to the horrible pain that radiated from her smoking armpits. The stench of her charred flesh made the deputies cover their noses and turn away to escape the acrid mixture of seared tissue and gunpowder. Nancy shuddered and spasmed again and again, her body straining to escape the bonds that held her fast. Her face started to turn color and it was the parson who had the presence of mind to realize that in her agony she was swallowing the cloth used to muffle her screams. He quickly freed it from her throat and her shrieks and squawking echoed through the room. Nancy had just gotten a small taste of hell.

The parson jammed the saliva soaked rag back into her mouth and called for someone to tape her mouth shut. “ All that screeching is hurting my ears, not too mention the smell from what she just deposited on the floor. I'll make her lick up every bit once she's done singing to the sheriff.”  He yanked Nancy's head back by her hair and stared into eyes that had gone blank. “ Guess she needs a wake up call. I've got just the thing for her.”

He proceeded to place a pair of earphones on Nancy and then hooked up some wires that connected them to a crank operated magneto that supplied power to the earphones. The deputies took turns cranking the magneto, creating a wave of sound that deafened their prisoner and at the same time sending a surge of high voltage electricity through her skull. Smoke literally rose from Nancy's ears as they jolted her over and over and over, watching her dance and twitch as she suffered the torments of the damned, which she truly was at this point. Only her strong heart prevented her from having a fatal seizure, but she came close again and again. Finally the parson signaled them to stop. Nancy continued to twitch and shake even after the sound and current had ceased, snot pouring from her broken nose and her eyes blinking wildly for a time, then freezing into a blank stare until the next spasm set them off on another violent fit.

 The parson slapped her face viciously a number of times to get her attention, so what was left of her mind could focus on the new pain she was about to endure. He grinned at her and said, “ You'll really love this. I'm going to turn that cunt of yours into soup with this little baby. It works fine on animals ten times your size, so it'll really fry your insides until they turn into jelly and come running out of that sloppy cunt and mix in with all that piss and shit you dumped on the floor. You're going to have a lot of cleaning to do with that tongue of yours provided you survive the prod and another little surprise I have in store for you before you get a chance to tell that nice sheriff over there everything he wants to know. If not, well I'm going to pack your cunt and asshole with as many firecrackers as I can fit and then set them off so you can go straight to hell in the style that a rotten cunt like you deserves.” Nancy was so terrified that she pissed all over herself once more.

He held the wicked looking instrument up before her eyes and pressed the button causing an arc of electricity to form between the two metal posts that were situated on the wand. “These can be moved up and down the shaft so that the electricity can cover a big or a small area. Let's see how it works on your clit,” he said with an evil grin. Nancy struggled to no avail, the straps held fast and the wand was positioned so that it lay on the hood guarding her sex button. Then her world exploded into agony as the juice arced and sparked and began to fry her clit. The nubbin of flesh spasmed free of its protective hood in a reflexive attempt to escape the pain, only to cause the amount of current to increase as it no longer needed to go through the fleshy barrier that had surrounded it. Nancy passed out and twitched mindlessly as the parson kept the current flowing through her sizzling clit. Slowly it turned from pink, to red, then crimson and then began to swell as it took on a purplish hue. The parson took his finger off the hot button and let Nancy recover her senses. One of the deputies stepped in and held his lighted cigar against one of her nipples to revive her.

This time the parson adjusted the posts to nearly their full separation estimating that it would cover her fuck channel from the neck of her uterus to the outer lips of her cunt. He looked into her bulging eyes and grinned as he pushed the wand deep inside her ruined cunt until it was seated to his satisfaction. Then he pressed the button that started the flow. Nancy thrashed helplessly and screamed silently as her cunt was slowly fried by the river of electrical energy that flowed through it. The parson alternated the time and the power of each burst that he gave her. Nancy soon passed out and her blistered nipple had to be burned again in order to revive her for more shock and pain. This time the pain was so great that the woman actually dislocated her shoulders for a second time in a mad attempt to escape the terrible fire burning the length of her fuck hole. The additional pain evidently kept her conscious and so the parson gave her the full dose of power until she pissed herself, only adding to the power of the wand. That made her try to swallow her tongue, which she had already bitten into a bloody mass of tortured flesh in an insane attempt to somehow stop the pain.

It was touch and go for a few minutes as they attempted to pull her tongue from her throat. Even though she had passed out she bit down reflexively on the fingers of those trying to get her breathing passage reopened. Someone thought to knot a handkerchief and use it to prop her jaws open so that her tongue could be captured. To make sure that there would be no repetition of this activity on her part, a loop of twine was noosed around the bleeding organ and anchored around her neck to keep it fully extended from her mouth. A second handkerchief was added to the other side of her jaw to keep her mouth wide, and prepare her for the final torments the parson had planned for her before she either talked or died.

With the deputies watching his every move the parson produced a pair of thin wires. One of them he taped to Nancy's blistered clit, and the other he threaded into her piss hole causing her to tense and wiggle fruitlessly as it ripped open her tender channel. He hooked the wires to the field telephone and smiled coldly before he cranked up the magneto, sending a surge of juice through Nancy's most sensitive region. The sounds she made were eerie, completely alien to the men's ears. Her naked body actually fluttered uncontrollably as the electricity ate through her piss channel and into her bladder. The parson stopped cranking and Nancy still reacted as if the power was still eating away inside her body. The twine holding her tongue to full extension was tested to almost its limits, but held. Nancy had descended into a lower level of hell.

The parson leaned close to his victim and said, “ I'll bet you think nothing can hurt as bad as this. Well, you're wrong. The next time I jolt you, you're going to have an involuntary reaction. They're fun to watch. You are going to make that wire I buried in your piss hole rip your piss track to shreds. Not me, you're going to do it. I love it when a whore like you does it to herself. Get ready to find out how much pain you can suffer and still stay alive. After we do this a few times I'm going to show you one that tops even this. You will love it if you're into serious pain, and you must be to have been hanging around with that motorcycle garbage and then refusing to do your civic duty. Man I just hate pigs like you!”

The room got very quiet, except for the eerie sounds coming from the bleeding lump of flesh that used to be a big healthy piece of prime fuckmeat. The parson began to crank, slowly at first then faster and faster. Nancy's bound body seemed to rise into the air, prevented from flying by the straps that were stretching against the incredible force her pain was generating in her muscles. Inhuman sounds erupted and bubbled from her bleeding mouth and her tongue narrowed dramatically as it fought against the death grip of the twine holding it taut. Then her voice rose and cracked as first the electrified wire shot from her piss hole followed by a spurt and then a stream of blood that splattered her thighs and pooled beneath her wide spread legs that trembled and jerked wildly against the straps holding them to the chair. Nancy was in a new state, one very close to death itself and even closer to total madness, the final defense against the unendurable pain she was experiencing.

“ The wire was micro machined to only go in, it's covered with tiny flares. The only way out is to rip the cunt a new piss hole, which she just did. Sweet isn't it? “ He said as the prisoner frothed like a rabid dog, nearly breaking her jaw which was desperately trying to clamp down in a mindless attempt at lessening the horrible pain that was shooting down the length of her piss channel. Some of the deputies were looking away, not being able to stomach what they were seeing.

 “ Lighten up guys, this bitch is really tough. No one has ever gotten this far before, not even close. I can hardly wait to give her the big finish. Then the sheriff can make her sing, although I don't know what language she'll be using considering the shape her vocal cords and tongue are in. That's her problem I guess. I can only make them talk; I can't do their talking for them. This cunt has deserved everything that has happened to her so far and like I said, there's still another neat trick to pull on her.”

The sheriff stepped in at this point and ordered a cleanup of the mess surrounding the chair to which Nancy was strapped. A couple of deputies brought out the fire hose and proceeded to blast away all the piss, blood and shit that had been forced from Nancy. At the suggestion of the parson they also hosed her down. The force of the water was so great that the chair was tipped over and Nancy's head smashed against the concrete floor knocking her senseless. She could not be revived.

As it turned out her skull was fractured and they were forced to take her to the local hospital. It took plenty of talking and a few promises from sheriff Vlad before Nancy was admitted and placed in isolation. Her various injuries were taken care of , but nothing was officially recorded. The sheriff decided that what happened had been a blessing in disguise since the parson would have in all likelihood killed the woman that night.

On the other hand the parson was not satisfied with the outcome and demanded that he be given access to her once she was sufficiently recovered to endure more punishment. A compromise was reached which allowed Nancy to be paroled into the custody of the parson. This freed the sheriff and his men of all responsibility for her health and safety.

A few days later the leader of the motorcycle gang and three of his henchmen had a very unfortunate accident. They were evidently run over by an eighteen-wheeler on a deserted stretch of highway a few miles outside of the township limits. It was speculated that the truck was perhaps carrying contraband, which explained the failure of the state police to trace its whereabouts. Two days later another member of the gang was beaten to death by a person or persons unknown. The next day the rest of the group left town after making a very significant contribution to the county widows and orphans fund administered by the sheriff. What happened to Nancy and the parson is a story left for her to tell.

                                               Chapter VI

Moments after Allie finished her story the subject of her tale, Nancy, the parson's slave-wife joined us.  “A little bird told me that you were talking about me behind my back. Is that true?” She asked in a voice that was quite deep considering what I had just heard about her. Up close Nancy was even more impressive. To me she reeked of sex and power; I could feel my cock beginning to grow as I got a closer look at her body, naked except for a pair of old fashioned full cut panties that encased her cunt and struggled to contain her protruding stomach. She was nearly as tall as me and she definitely outweighed me. The thought of working on her big body really got me going.

“I just got through pissing on your old lady; want to do something about it?” Nancy said, challenging me. I laughed and quickly replied, “ Yes I think I'll have to give you a major league tongue lashing until you apologize.”

“ I don't have that kind of time to humor you and I don't think you have enough tongue to reach all my really sensitive spots,” she answered with a malicious smile.

“ Seems to me that you're all talk and no action. It doesn't take much clout to piss on some dumb cunt who is helpless and lying out there to take the kind of treatment that whores like you can dish out to her. Now you can either put out or get the fuck out of my sight. I am not impressed by cunts that have big mouths and nothing else going for them.”

I watched as Nancy's face clouded up and noticed that Allie had arched her eyebrows, as if to caution me. Evidently the parson's whore had some horsepower just because she belonged to him.

Undeterred by her baleful expression and Allie's caution I continued. “ Why don't you ask you lord and master if it would be alright if I fucked your brains out for the next couple of hours while he gets off cornholing my whorish wife.”

“ Well, well, looks as if there's a set of balls in your pants. I also notice that your dick got kind of stiff when I arrived. Maybe it might be fun to let you give me that tongue lashing. I'll tell you what, throw in a good session of ass kissing and rimming and I'll let you have a go at all my goodies. You better be good or I'll sit on your face until you pass out.” Nancy said with a smile that lit up her face and got me even harder. I wanted to get my tongue and cock in that cunt in the worst possible way.

 Allie chimed in at that point to mention that she and I had been doing some serious fucking and sucking last night. “ He isn't as big as my Rod or the parson, but what he has works really fine, and he does have a very knowing tongue. I think you'll enjoy what he can do, provided I didn't wear him out last night. You two can use the same bedroom as we did; he knows the way. See you in a couple of hours.”

In less than five minutes I was peeling Nancy's panties off her big body to reveal some amazing amounts of scar tissue. The story that Allie had told me was not embellished much based on what I could see behind the jungle of black springy pubic hair that guarded her cunt. I leaned forward and inhaled to get acquainted with her musky twat. She moaned softly when I probed her fat cunt lips with the flat portion of my tongue and then poked the tip between those fleshy mounds to sample her cunt juices. To my amazement I discovered I was working on a dry hole; she wasn't even damp.

 “I haven't had a man's tongue in my cunt for years; that is one that wasn't strapped down and already in a strait jacket.” Nancy said.  I went deeper until my nose was pressed against the wrinkled hood protecting her clit. Her aroma was strong with various scents some pleasant, others sharp, even acrid. I sucked noisily, my hands covering portions of her massive round ass cheeks, to lock her cunt tightly to my mouth. I felt her hands grabbing my hair to push me away. I was hooked on the taste and smell of that dry cunt in a matter of minutes and so I rolled her onto the bed and spread her powerful thighs apart so that I could position myself at the mouth of her cunt. “ What a fucking tongue you have!” Nancy exclaimed as I began to seriously eat her pussy, nibbling on her fat cunt lips and nipping her clit. However she still wasn't giving up any gash goo, even though she seemed to be enjoying my attention to her hot hairy hole.

Nancy sighed deeply and whispered, “ I'm afraid you're working on a dry hole. It got totally fucked up after they worked me over down at the sheriff's station. The parson was pretty pissed off when he found out, but he's the one that did it with those liquid fire douches he gave me. That burned up all the juice makers in my pussy and on top of that the workout he gave me with that cattle prod finished off any chance I had to recover.” I stopped kissing her cunt lips and lay there kind of stunned. Nancy adjusted her body to move her puckered asshole into my line of vision. “ It's funny, because my asshole is super sensitive now. It's been that way ever since my cunt was burned out. It's sort of like how a blind man gets to have super hearing after he loses his sight.” I laughed when I heard her words and stuck my tongue into the center of her puckered asshole and wiggled it. She shuddered and clamped my head between her powerful thighs. “ Do me you bastard! Do me good! “ Nancy shouted.

It took some doing but I managed to get Nancy on her stomach. It was then a simple matter to spread her meaty ass cheeks and begin mining the goodies locked behind her puckered asshole. She went off like a firecracker after only a couple of minutes of serious pucker probing. When I slapped her ass she came again, begging me to give it to her hard and deep. It took only a few seconds for my hard dick to split her asshole and bury itself deep in her shit chute. I then proceeded to give her a major drilling, pumping in and out of her spasming asshole as fast as I could while she moaned and sobbed for me to “make it hurt”. When it came to hurting her I was not in her master's league, but she got off anyway. I kept plowing her and she kept clenching her asscheeks in a vain effort to keep me inside her back channel. In a move that was inspirational and very effective, I grabbed her asscheeks and began to pinch the well upholstered flesh until she grunted in pain. Then I punched her bouncing bottom as hard as I could and she went off like a rocket to the moon. It was awesome the way her big bare body bounced and thrashed all over the bed and I rode her like she was some kind of bucking bronco.

I still hadn't come and so I kept up the assault on her big ass. Nancy began to thrust back in rhythm with my steady plowing of her back hole. I pulled out for a rest and kept up the pounding I was giving her ass with my open hand and sometimes fists. She grunted and begged me to “put it back in, please, put it in my asshole.” I complied and reamed her out with as much force as I could muster. Her insistent clenching and thrusting finally got me off and I dumped a good sized load of hot nut butter deep inside her asshole. I rolled off and tried to catch my breath, but she gave me no rest, swiftly capturing my semi-hard cock in her hot, wet mouth. She began suctioning it for all she was worth in an effort to keep me hard so I could quickly resume ass fucking her. Then to make matters even worse for me she got into a sixty-nine position and dropped her pungent pussy down on my face as she resumed her steady suction of my limber organ.

The aroma of that sweaty pussy mixed with the juices from her asshole and the salty taste of my load, which was slowly oozing from the winking brown eye I'd just invaded, invigorated my cock to the point that it began to lengthen and grow thick once more. “ I knew you could do it baby! That's my stud; now feed that bad boy into me some more and make mama happy.” Nancy crooned, shifting her big body around so I could mount her and start reaming out her asshole all over again.

I don't know how long I poked her but I was covered with sweat by the time I squirted another load into her tight, demanding asshole. I damn near collapsed when the last spurt of fuck sauce trickled from my rapidly deflating cock. Nancy immediately began to stroke my tired prick and soon slipped her knowing finger into my asshole to search for my prostate. “ Don't worry baby, you'll be hard real soon and then you can ride mama's big ass one more time.” My bed partner whispered. I doubted the “soon” part. To distract her I insisted that she fill me in on what happened to her after the parson nearly killed her at the jail. She told me a tale that was major league ugly and yet by the time it was over, my cock was hard as steel and I proceeded to give Nancy the ass fuck she was hoping for.

                                               (To be continued)


Chapter VII

It was touch and go for a few weeks as Nancy struggled to recover from the terrible tortures she had endured. Her twice-dislocated shoulders were properly seated and in order for them to heal it was necessary to restrain her arms. From that moment on she was completely at the mercy of the hospital staff and even some of the patients who roamed the facility at night. She also was catheterized to allow her urethra to heal from the brutal treatment it had received from the parson. This too was now used as an instrument of torture and humiliation by some of the staff.

Surgery was performed to realign the internal organs that had been displaced by the nightsticks and other items that had been used to torture her cunt. During the operation they also guaranteed that she would never become pregnant, by plugging and then tying off her fallopian tubes. This procedure was performed to give one of the newer staff doctors some experience at performing surgery. He managed to botch this operation and within two weeks she was opened again and the now badly infected fallopian tubes, her ovaries and uterus were removed. On a whim the doctors also tightened her vagina to the point that she had the cunt of a ten year old.

It took her nearly a month to completely recover from this. During this period she was providing oral sex to a great number of persons, both male and female, but it wasn't until the doctors pronounced her cunt to be “open for business” that the real horror began for her. The pain that she experienced while her cunt was being fucked was so intense that she usually passed out .It was then that she realized that her cunt was no longer capable of providing any lubrication, because any cock, no matter how small, caused her tremendous pain. This combined with the inelastic nature of her rebuilt vagina made normal intercourse a form of true torture.

There were a few sadistic types who were delighted to realize that sex could cause her tremendous pain. Those with small cocks also enjoyed making this big woman beg for mercy as they skewered her impossibly tight pussy with their substandard cocks. The most ironic part of this situation was the need for her rapists to use liberally lubricated condoms in order to protect their cocks from being rubbed raw by her tough, dry vagina. Some even put this to use as another way of torturing her, substituting fiery liniments and other irritants in place of regular lubricants. Soon the only people using her cunt were men with small cocks and women, whose strap ons were not affected by her lack of lubrication. All others now used her asshole; such was Nancy's fate in the hospital.

The parson never visited her during her three month stay. Sheriff Vlad and his men paid her regular visits to check up on her progress and rape her. He was still quite angry at her lack of cooperation and was determined that she would suffer for a very long time before he forgave her. This was probably the reason that he arranged for her to be paroled into the custody of the parson once she was well enough to leave the hospital. When she was informed of this decision she nearly had a heart attack, imagining all the cruel things he would probably do to her. Her fears turned out to be well founded.

She paused in her story to shift into a better position for the tonguing I was providing. Not only did she get on her back, she placed a pillow under her ass to elevate her cunt and also make it easier for my tongue to make the circuit from her asshole to her fat clit. She also put her arms above her head to emphasize her hard nippled tits and display her scarred armpits for some attention as well. I felt like a little kid in a candy store. So while I kissed, sucked, licked, lapped and nibbled on her goodies, she resumed her story.

The hospital discharged Nancy unofficially late one evening following a lengthy going away gangbang attended by both shifts. Her cunt felt as if it had been set on fire from all the merciless fucking it had endured from cocks and strap ons. Her gaping asshole was swollen and oozing a mixture of cum and blood from the hours of nonstop reaming it had been given. A few of the more adventurous types had managed to get their fists into her cunt and had punched away inside her aching fuck tunnel until she passed out. Attempts to anally fist her had failed, but not for the lack of trying. During her nearly three month stay in the hospital she had lost another thirty pounds, and now weighed 115 pounds, making her look like a skeleton.

They handcuffed Nancy's wrists behind her back and hobbled her with leg irons before marching her out to the loading dock stark naked, where the parson and a few of his buddies waited to take custody of her. Nancy literally pissed herself when she saw him, memories of the horrors he had subjected her to racing back into her mind. She started to sob and plead for mercy. He stepped up and slammed his fist into the pit of her stomach doubling her over. Then he brought his knee up between her legs and lifted her body about six inches off the ground. He stepped back and let her fall to the wooden floor.

She remembered being dragged by the hair and thrown into the back of a van. Instead of taking her to his place the van made a detour and soon she found herself in the back room of a seedy tattoo shop. The parson's men strapped her down to a table and gagged her. She heard the parson and the owner discussing what was to be done to her. She began struggling against the straps that held her down when she realized what was about to happen to her.

Nancy took a break from her story because I had discovered that her clit still had some feeling in it provided it was bitten hard, and so I bit it hard, not once but three times. She went off like a bomb and thrashed all over the bed grunting and shaking as she had a huge orgasm, the big O as I called it. I recaptured her love button and chomped down on it some more while I jammed half my hand up her cunt. Away she went again for another wild ride, sweating like a pig and gasping for air while her big tits shook and her damaged nipples, such as they were, grew hard. “ No more, I can't take another one or I'll have a heart attack.” Nancy gasped as she tried to calm down. I couldn't resist pinching her cunt lips good and hard, enjoying the panicked look on her face. At this point she was my slave. It was then that I realized what held her and the parson together. They matched each other's needs. What a revelation! Suddenly I realized that Jill and I would never reunite.

Nancy was to spend the better part of a day in the tattoo parlor undergoing the torments of the damned. Initially the parson wanted all of her devil worshipping tattoos removed in as painful a way as possible. Then he wanted new tattoos inscribed in certain intimate areas of her body. Payment for this work would be provided by Nancy. Since the owner was not interested in her body for fucking, he decided that she would service his friends and other customers for a fee of course. To make it even more lucrative he arranged for her to be video taped as she serviced some of his stranger friends and customers and had her present markings eradicated.

His first approach of covering her marks with fresh black ink was not to the parson's liking after he saw the results from those located on her ass cheeks. He ordered the artist to use a power sander to remove the offending tattoos, reserving fresh spots on her body for the new inkings. It proved to be a very bloody process, and agonizing in the extreme. Nancy went in and out of consciousness as he worked on her big tits, belly, and the insides of her thighs. She nearly ruptured herself trying to escape the pain when the sander ground away the huge block letters that announced her allegiance to Satan. While they staunched the flow of blood her mouth and asshole were used steadily, the men dumping their wads of fuck sauce down her throat, all over her face, tits and deep inside her ass.

To stop the bleeding he used a gel that felt like a hot poker. She repeatedly passed out during the next few hours as each section of her tattooed body was treated until she was free of every previous marking. At this point the parson mounted her emaciated, sweat-coated body and drove his long thick cock into her impossibly tight cunt. The pain was too great for her to accept and she passed out. The parson continued to rape her until the tightness of her dry cunt made him flood her fuck channel with his monster load of cum. Then the fun really began.

“ I woke up in agony, it felt as if someone had set the entrance to my cunt on fire. The guy was tattooing my inner cunt lips. I kept passing out as the needle lacerated the super tender flesh. When he finished, the words “Parson's Fuck Pig” were permanently burned into one of my most intimate areas. It amused the parson to know that only he, I and the tattooist knew of the existence of these awful marks. A couple of the guy's buddies decided to break in my new tattoo and proceeded to fuck me hard and for a very long time. I went out a number of times but they revived me with the needle, using it on my clit and around the entrance to my asshole. I really thought I was in hell. Then it got worse.”

Listening to her story had gotten me hot again and she was delighted to see my cock regaining its size and stiffness. She readjusted her body to allow my stiffening cock to be rubbed into the damp flesh of her armpit. The sensation was unique and very kinky, which made me even hotter. I leaned over and slipped my tongue into her waiting mouth and swabbed it out as my cock grew even harder. She moaned and shifted herself so she could present her awesome ass for more hard fucking. I was on her like a starving man attacking a nine-course meal. I don't know how long I pounded away on her asshole, but she never stopped chanting for me to fuck her harder and harder and harder, no matter how loud the sounds of my hips smashing into her meaty asscheeks resounded through the room. All good things must come to an end and finally I groaned, arched my tired back and squirted another load of watery cum into her bowels. She moaned softly and then sighed. “ That was great, really great. Only the parson has ever done it better, and that's the truth. I've had literally hundreds and hundreds of guys fuck me to a frazzle over the years, but no one except him ever did me better.”

I didn't have more than a minute to bask in the glow of her compliments when Allie pounded on the door, announcing in a loud voice that the local sheriff had just arrived and was in the process of arresting Jill for lewd conduct and disturbing the peace. I threw on some clothes and raced outside just in time to see my naked wife being marched toward the police cruiser, stark naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back. Not only was Jill covered with fresh welts from the vigorous application of belts and freshly cut switches, her asshole gaped and drooled a steady stream of cum that had been pounded into her all afternoon.

Allie introduced me to the sheriff, a humorless type almost as big as the parson and just as cold blooded. Sheriff Vlad was not at all impressed with the fact that I was Jill's husband. I could easily see from his emotionless face and the rigid way he held himself that he was not at all interested in my relationship to his prisoner or my claim that this was a private matter that belonged within the family. “ Most of these folks are not kin to Allie, so that means if she's related to the prisoner, there's an awful lot of non-family folks involved in this little orgy or whatever the judge decides it was, and it is definitely not legal in my county. Since she's the only one wearing no clothing and it's pretty obvious that she was doing plenty of fucking with a bunch of persons unknown, she is a prime suspect. The rest of these folks are well known to me as fine upstanding citizens, so the only one going to jail this evening is her, unless you want to continue to try to obstruct me from doing my duty. In that case you and her can have adjoining cells.” I instantly realized that my hand was worthless and so I folded a few seconds after he spoke.

“ No offense sheriff Vlad; I guess I just got carried away with myself. There's no way I can argue with what you just said. I guess she'll just have to face the music. Unfortunately I have a plane to catch early tomorrow morning, but Allie and Rod will keep me informed on the progress of her case. Now let me get out of the way and allow you to do your duty.”

Vlad barely acknowledged that I ‘d said anything; he merely gave me a curt nod and turned to his deputy who was pushing Jill into the backseat of the car. “ You make sure she's properly hobbled. I ain't going to spend any time looking for a damned fugitive this evening.” Allie and Rod escorted me back to their house as the sheriff and his deputy drove Jill to the county jail. I would not see her again for almost a year, and when I did, she would be almost unrecognizable as the woman who once was my wife.

Chapter VIII

On the way home to Minneapolis I changed planes in Chicago and on that last leg I met Shirley Wu who settled down beside me just before the doors closed. The thing I immediately noticed was that she looked like a survivor from one of those WW II concentration camps. Then I also noticed she was rather attractive in an exotic sort of way. It turned out she was Eurasian and had been in the States for about two years after leaving Hong Kong to find herself.

One thing led to another and that weekend Shirley lay naked on my bed, skillfully sucking my cock as I watched the tape I had received this morning from Allie. It showed the parson disciplining his slave-wife for her indiscretions with a certain weekend visitor to their locality, someone by the name of Jon, who had left his wife, Jill, in the care of the good folk of the county.

Nancy was catching hell from a pair of burly assistants who wielded belts that left a criss-cross pattern of welts on her back and broad ass cheeks. To demonstrate his authority over his slave-wife, the parson had instructed her to stand with her legs spread apart and her arms straight up into the air, allowing the men complete access to her naked body.

They took a break to exchange the belts for fresh cut switches, and then began to stripe the backs of her legs and thighs, working down one side then up the other. Nancy gasped and grunted in rhythm to the whistling sound of the switches as they cut into her flesh. Her gasps were loudest when the willows sliced into the tender flesh just below her meaty ass cheeks and at the backs of her knees.

When the camera panned around to show Nancy's big breasts and thickly thatched pubic region, also well decorated with dozens of angry welts, I lost my control and started to fill Shirley's mouth with the second load of our session which had begun nearly an hour ago. My skinny bedmate captured every drop and then spit it carefully into the ceramic bowl located on the nightstand, a gift from her to me and very practical to boot.

I had to admit that the parson really had Nancy under control. She just stood there naked as the day she was born, with her trembling arms high in the air, waiting for the next cruel cut of the limber lengths being used by her punishers. Shirley resumed sucking my cock, trying to keep it hard in order to make her efforts less taxing. Meanwhile I watched the welts appear along Nancy's rib cage and then move to her hefty flanks, leaving a trail of bloody furrows in her skin. Shirley sucked my cock with enthusiasm, intent only on drawing more cum from me. For a girl who seemed to live on only air and water, she really had a taste for cum.

I thought back to what had happened in less than a week. I had traded a two hundred pound sex partner who was in her late thirties and loved it up the ass for an eighty-four pound anorexic nineteen year old who was into enemas, water, oral sex, bondage and forced sex; at least so she claimed. I did have to admit that she seemed to really enjoy sucking my joint.

While I watched those two guys relentlessly whip Nancy's breasts, Shirley moved down to lick my asshole and then probe it with her tongue. She licked my tight balls and then tried to swallow them individually while Nancy's rounded belly was sliced and diced by the switches. Then the skinny teen worked a knowing finger into my asshole and began to massage my enlarged prostate. When my cock began to twitch in response to her efforts, her mouth captured it and resumed her relentless suctioning.

It got extremely interesting when a fixture was set up for the next stage of Nancy's punishment. It consisted simply of a metal bar mounted between two posts that were sunk into the wooden base of the fixture. At a command from the parson, his slave-wife did a slow back bend over the bar until she was arched to her limit, her hands touching the floor behind her and her legs trembling from the strain of staying wide apart. Her fat lipped cunt was now perfectly exposed to the two men who had been whipping her mercilessly.

At a nod from the parson, they began to rip into her soft cunt with the terrible switches, cutting her cunt lips into ribbons within minutes. Nancy groaned loudly as the two men criss-crossed her hairy cunt with a precision that left not a square inch of that meaty mound untouched. They now moved to her thighs and the switches bit into the soft tender flesh that was now exposed, turning her massive thighs into chunks of bloody meat as her naked body trembled and twitched from a combination of pain and muscle aches. The brutal attack went on and on, moving back and forth from the insides of her thighs to her bleeding cunt, always keeping those areas bleeding from fresh cuts. Finally with a loud grunt, Nancy lost her balance and slumped to the floor, completely exhausted from the cruel beating she had just endured.

By now my cock was as hard as steel and Shirley was going crazy trying to get me off. She was sucking like a mad woman while using both hands to jack my throbbing dick. I guess the break in the action on the tape allowed me to realize that I should be shooting off into her hot wet mouth, so I did and Shirley struggled to contain the huge load of watery cum that I blasted into her mouth. There was so much that she accidentally swallowed some, causing her to go into a panic. She leaped up from the bed and stuck her finger down her throat. I was soon treated to the sight of her puking up not only my watery cum, but also everything else she'd consumed in the last half a day. I will give her credit for having the presence of mind to find and use the wastepaper basket to capture her vomit, thus avoiding a major mess that would probably have resulted in me putting some serious marks on her super skinny body.

It was then that the parson called to me by name and announced that the next tape I would receive would feature my whore of a wife who would be punished severely for her sluttish behavior last week and the abominable things that she was doing this week. He also promised that his slave-wife Nancy intended to make Jill, the newest convert to Satan, rue the day she ever sold her soul to him.

Shirley was very impressed by his threat and most eager to join me when the tape was ready for viewing. She even hinted strongly that her roommate, who also was into anorexia as a lifestyle, would attend as well. “ Willa hasn't had sex with a man for nearly a year. I'm sure she'll be excited about having you fuck her while we watch your wife atoning for her sins. I can hardly wait.” Shirley said breathlessly once she finished vomiting into the wastepaper basket. Even though I had just gotten off for the third time, the prospect of doing not one, but two stick chicks really tickled the kinky side of my psyche.

I suggested that Shirley get busy and harden my cock so I could begin fucking her now that the edge was off so to speak. Now I would be able to fuck as long as I wanted without worrying too much about coming early. To my surprise and irritation she refused to comply. “ I'm staying true to Willa. We've been together too long for me to risk damaging a beautiful relationship.” Shirley said in her breathy little girl voice. “However I will let you give me a nice big enema and play with my body while I'm all tied up and helpless, but no fucking!” The light went on in my sex crazed brain,” bondage and forced sex”, of course, what was I thinking?

I had wondered what was in the huge purse that Shirley carried when she arrived for our little tryst; now I knew. The skinny Asian hottie had brought along some of her toys such as her own personal enema bag, complete with attachments, which she promised to leave at my place for use during future sessions if I was a good boy. She also hinted that my behavior, once she was tied up, would determine whether the ropes that also came out of that carryall would also become our joint property. The sight of her super thin body swaying erotically as she padded toward the bathroom holding the ropes and enema bag did wonders for my libido.

By the time I had tightly tied her wrists behind her back and hobbled her ankles so she could not easily escape from me, I had major wood that she noticed and commented on. “I hope you don't think that just because I'm all tied up that you can put that nasty cock of yours into my tight cunt or even worse, my super tight asshole.” Shirley licked her lips and pushed out her bald, thin-lipped cunt for emphasis, a mischievous smile playing across her lips.

“ Tight, super tight, I'd be very surprised about that. I thought you and Willa were lovers? Doesn't she use a nice long fat dildo on that cunt and asshole? My guess is that you're pretty loose and my cock would definitely get lost in your fucked out snatch, and probably in that gaping bunghole of yours as well.” I replied, playing along with her game.

Shirley stamped her bare foot down on the tiles and yelped. “ That's not fair for you to say! You certainly aren't acting like a gentleman now that I'm so helpless. I guess now you're going to stick your fingers or maybe try to get your whole hand up my tight pussy. I think you're mean enough to give me a huge enema, plug me and then do nasty things to my poor defenseless cunny while I cramp and ache from all the pressure that is going to build up in me as the special powder you're supposed to add to my enema starts to do its job.”

I knew at that moment that Shirley and I were going to have a very interesting time in the bathroom, albeit a messy one, and that things were going to get even more heated once I got her back to the bedroom. My cock began to twitch from the expectations that my imagination began to generate. All my attention was now focused on that childlike slit that soon was going to be forced open to allow me to see and feel what was inside.

“ You can make this easy or hard for yourself; either way you are going to get a major league load of cold water laced with this bag of blue powder taped to the bag. Now bend that scrawny body at the waist and don't move until I tell you. If you move I'm going to take my belt to that flat ass of yours until you do as I say.” There was the slightest hint of a smile on the girl's face as she bent over the tub and wiggled her butt at me, almost daring me to do my worse. I would try my best not to disappoint her.

Until Shirley finally relented and talked me through administering the enema properly, it was a comedy of errors. The enema had more attachments than a vacuum cleaner. There were tubes and little squeeze bulbs that made no sense at all, and even inserting the nozzle became an exercise in futility. By blindly following her instructions it was possible at long last to insert, secure and begin her enema.

I stepped back and got a good look at what was going on. The fat tube that ran from the bulging enema bag was now taped securely to her back before disappearing between her wrinkled cheeks. An inflated rubber cuff was preventing the nozzle from being withdrawn from her anus. I wondered what would happen if I just kept pouring water into the bag. Would she just keep getting bigger and bigger until either her belly burst or the pressure caused the plug to be expelled from her quivering cheeks? Perhaps sometime in the future I could find out. I had visions of hooking the enema up to the water tap and then just letting nature take its course, slowly, so I could watch her belly get bigger and bigger before something gave way.

For some reason my erection had returned with a vengeance after being totally eliminated by my previous efforts to administer the enema. I homed in on her hairless twat and suddenly got the urge to shove my hard cock as far up that kiddie cunt as it could go. I reacted almost as if I was in a trance, first gripping her pointy hipbones for purchase and then bending to line my cock up with that bald snatch. Shirley stiffened and tried to move as she realized what I was intending to do. I was too strong for her and with a quick thrust of my hips I forced my stiff weapon past her outer defenses and bored deep into her surprisingly tight cunt. She gave a sharp gasp and once more tried to escape me. I pulled back until only the head was parting her cunt lips, and then drilled her once more, my belly slapping loudly against her shrunken asscheeks.

On the next thrust Shirley went with the flow, so to speak, and then pushed back as I withdrew about half of my hard dick. That was all I needed to turn me into a fuck-crazed maniac. I slammed her silly, ignoring any protests she made. I drilled her with long, slow strokes, then hammered her with short powerful jabs that made her grunt with each blow she took. All the while her bowels were being filled to their limit and beyond once the fizzing powder began to expand and cause her churning guts to twist into knots of pain. I just kept on trying to touch bottom in her hot, wet fuck tube, oblivious to her discomfort. My cock lasted longer than the contents of the enema bag, much longer. I punished her cunt mercilessly as she cramped and writhed in agony. By the time I finally dumped what felt like a month's worth of cum from my churning balls into her form fitting fuck channel, her legs were shaking so hard she could barely stand and her pitifully thin body was covered with sweat.

I got her into the tub and managed to figure out which bulb to squeeze and what tube to yank while she hopped from one foot to the other, her bulging belly gently bobbing up and down. For some odd reason my cock started to revive and the urge to fuck her brains out once more began to surface. Watching her void didn't do much for me. She squatted and grunted as a stream of bluish fluid shot from her asshole and splattered against the sides of the tub. Without thinking I turned on the shower and a torrent of cold water poured down on her. Shirley sputtered and shook her head, as she was quickly drenched from head to foot, all the while voiding the enormous enema I had given her.

By the time she squeezed the last drops from her roiling bowels she looked like a super-sized, very wet ten-year-old girl. That odd feeling and my erection returned at about the same time. I had the overwhelming urge to nail this wet little girl in the worst possible way. Toweling her off only got me harder. I found myself grinding the damp towel up and down her hairless crotch, watching her pink insides winking at me as her lips were roughly dragged apart over and over by my mindless rubbing. “ Get out of that tub, I want to fuck that asshole until it bleeds. Now get moving before I do you right on the god damned floor here!” Shirley must have known from the way my voice was quivering that I wasn't kidding. It was time for her tight little asshole to get reamed big time, and there was no way to avoid it.

Back in the bedroom I put Shirley on her back and straddled the skinny stick chick, deciding that I needed a little boost from her suctioning mouth before rolling her over and doing the nasty to that tight asshole. Glancing down on her crepe-sized tits I noticed that her nipples were like two pencil erasers, a sure sign that she was really into what was happening. This just made me more excited about getting the show on the road. Shirley glared up at me and cursed, “ You miserable bastard. You prick! I trusted you and this is what I get!” I grinned down at her stiff nipples that contradicted what was coming from her mouth and silenced her with my hard tool. There was no resistance, her lips parted and she began to nurse like she was a feeding baby.

For a skinny chick who had been through a lot in the last hour or so, she put up a good struggle when I spread her cheeks and pressed the head of my saliva coated cock against that brown starfish guarding her back hole. Being hobbled hindered her somewhat and after I gave her flat behind a half dozen or so hard swats, she stopped struggling enough for me to get the head of my cock past that tough muscle. She began to curse me once more and her curses grew in volume and became more creative as I pushed deeper into that very warm, and very tight channel. I was beginning to consider gagging her when her cries changed dramatically.

“ Oh baby, oh baby, I really feel you!….. Oh wow, that hurts, that hurts…….. Damn that hurts!…… Oh shit, keep going, I can take it, hurt me some more, make it hurt some more!… I want the pain!….. Hurt me you prick, hurt me!” Shirley chanted as I plugged her fully and then began my effort to gain a better foothold, or was it a dickhold, inside her. Guided by the volume and cadence of her chanting my cock took control of her anal passage. Now the assault on her tender asshole had achieved the objective; resistance collapsed and her surrender was total and without any conditions. It was a Kodak moment and then some for yours truly. As I skewered her with forceful strokes, enjoying her grunts and the way her tight asshole seemed to clench harder at every down stroke, the line from a science fiction show I used to watch popped into my mind. “Resistance is futile, you must be assimilated” began to run around my head. Damn, being the Borg was a good thing!

Later on after Shirley had dragged her well-fucked ass out of my apartment, promising retribution for all the terrible things I'd done to her, I showered, noticing that the enema bag and all its crazy attachments was still hanging on the rod. When I finished cleaning up the mess that we'd made in the bedroom I came across a couple of coils of rope neatly stowed under the bed. It had been a great day and the future looked even better.

(To be continued)

Wayward Wife's Punishment

Chapter 9

Although it had only been a week since I took emergency leave from my job, it felt like months had passed. I had what might be described as a support function position within the organization, a few steps above the janitorial service to be sure, but still a service slot. I kept the office machinery working properly, but left the dirty work to the cadre of technicians and consultants that our company depended upon to keep us churning out whatever was required by our headquarters group.

As I made my rounds through the rabbit warrens that passed for office space, it was as if I was in one of those commercials for the little blue pills that kept older guys feeling as if they were still in their teens. Everyone sort of looked at me as if I had grown six inches, added 30 pounds of muscle and just been announced as the latest lottery winner. Things really got weird when I paid my respects to the office manager's secretary, JJ.

JJ, to her boss, but Jillian Jones to the rest of the wage slaves, was a motherly looking woman who appeared to be on that vague dividing line between middle age and what lay beyond. She was graying, dressed very conservatively, which prevented any kind of realistic assessment of her figure, and still possessed her British accent. She had always treated me properly, but kept her distance when it came to matters not involving business. No one was even sure if she was married, divorced, widowed or living in sin, the only categories available to the office gossips who had next to nothing to work on.

This morning I was rewarded with a warm smile and an inquiry concerning the health of my wife's sister. Going along with the charade, I replied that Allie was recovering slowly and it would be many months before my wife and I were reunited. JJ picked up on that remark immediately and made an unexpected joke concerning my need for help in the kitchen, and perhaps other rooms as well, during Jill's absence. This was so untypical of this staid office guardian that I was hard pressed to make any response, my mind turning over rapidly, struggling to make sense of this comment. Claiming that I was far behind in my work because of this personal crisis, I made my escape.

As I drove home that evening I mulled over what had transpired during the day. It suddenly hit me that I was no longer that person who used to work there. My experiences during the past week had caused obvious changes to my attitude and outlook. It was this change that people had noticed immediately. Hell, I had fucked three women during the last week; even during my bachelor days I could never have made that statement with a straight face. Come to think about it, I had never fucked any women that matched the kind of partners I had been with recently. They all shared one unique trait, a degree of kinkiness that was well beyond anything I had ever experienced. My wife might be a tramp, but her tastes ran to the conventional side of the sexual spectrum. That reminded me that I was expecting some photographs from Allie. I wondered if they were waiting for me in the mailbox.

It wasn't until the following day that I found a thick envelope from Allie buried in the usual junk mail that filled our box. After mixing a drink and settling down in the now quiet apartment, I opened the packet and discovered a set of ten photos covering my wife's stay at the police station. Allie had scribbled some very brief comments on the back of all but one picture, sort of a guide to the action. My fevered imagination filled in the rest.

Evidently my tramp wife had not been a model prisoner and paid dearly for misbehaving. Either that or she was being put through one hell of an initiation in her new life as a cop groupie. In the first picture she was stark naked and hanging by her wrists from a beam in the ceiling of what looked to be a large shower stall. Jill was soaked from head to toe, her wet hair plastered to her head which lolled against her tits. On the back Allie had written, "Nothing like a good hosing to calm down an unruly prisoner." As I stared at the photograph I could imagine the sheriff and his men playing a high pressure stream of water up and down Jill's bare body, flattening her firm tits, caving in her belly and even splitting her fat cunt lips as she sputtered and pleaded for them to stop this torment.

The next two pictures showed her pussy and asshole being stretched to the limit. It looked like her cunt was holding at least four night sticks. I took a guess that she was probably taking about eight inches of baton in that cheating cunt. Lo and behold the words on the back made me laugh. "Sis took nearly a foot of wood, not bad for an amateur whore." In the other picture her asshole was wrapped around a pair of night sticks. I wondered how far up her ass they had jammed those lengths of hard wood. I also wondered what had made all those nasty cuts and welts that covered her swollen asscheeks. The words on the back didn't provide any help this time. "This was just for openers. Ran out of film. Sorry" Obviously the photos were not in sequence. I continued to leaf through the remaining snapshots.

The answer to one of my question was now obvious. There were two shots of her ass after being whipped big time. In the first picture it looked as if she was wearing a pair of red panties. The words "Jill's ass after an hour of steady strapping" were written on the back of the picture. I closed my eyes and imagined a line of cops with heavy belts wrapped around their fists waiting their turn to lay the leather to her ass, as one of them whaled away on her. I wondered how many strokes that crimson-colored heart shaped bottom had taken. The second snapshot showed her swollen backside criss-crossed with deep welts that went from the tender area just beneath those swollen globes to the dimpled region just beyond where the crack between her cheeks ended. I laughed at the remark Allie had penned on the back of the picture. "A car antenna put to good use. We're getting one for our home."

I let out a whoop when I got a look at the following photo; it was a pip! Jill was suspended about a foot above the floor by her tits, hands cuffed behnd her back. Those noosed knockers looked like twin purple bowling balls. Her mouth was agape and those baby blue eyes seemed to be on the verge of popping from their sockets. It was pretty obvious that she'd been hanging by her tits for quite some time. I couldn't tell if this was done before or after her whipping because of the angle from which the picture was taken. I dismissed the idea that she'd been whipped while she dangled from her roped tits like a worm on a hook, although it sounded like a whole lot of fun to me. The words "Just hanging around with the cops",written on the back made me laugh out loud.

From the stuff depicted in the remaining four pictures it was evident that the cops were definitely showing Jill what to expect as their groupie, whether she was willing or not. Two photos showed her receiving a golden shower and learning how to properly swallow piss. Three deputies were involved in her first lesson, covering her naked body from head to foot as she lay on the floor with her legs spread and hands clasped behind her head. In the second snapshot she was kneeling with her hands on her knees and her mouth open wide. The chief was doing the honors, pissing straight into her overflowing mouth, the yellow fluid running down to coat her discolored tits and finally puddling just below her crotch. On the back of this picture Allie had scribbled "Learning the joys of recycling. Rod and I will be giving her lots of lessons."

"I don't fucking believe it! How the hell did they make her do that?" I exclaimed when I saw the last two photos. My whore of a wife was breaking new ground in the area of perversity. She was on her hands and knees, her badly bruised tits hanging down like a pair of fat sausages. A large furry animal that I guessed to be a German shepherd had its front paws on her shoulders so that his long red cock could access her mouth. Her lips were closed around the length of hard meat and her eyes were shut. I peered carefully at the photo to make sure that some jokester hadn't superimposed Jill's head on someone else's body, a very long shot at best. The second picture convinced me that this was the real McCoy. It had been shot at an angle that showed the dog drilling her out. The animal's prick was moving so fast that it was slightly blurred. I could notice two things clearly, part of her swollen, welted asscheeks and the fact that the mutt was nailing her asshole. I couldn't help yelling out "Alright!" when I realized that she was being sodomized by a damned dog. I put the two pics on my lap and went back and forth, my eyes taking in the utter degradation of this tramp who had shared my bed and lots of others while I went about my business, trusting her to be faithful. This clinched it for me; she was capable of doing anything with any person or animal, as long as it had a cock or a reasonable facsimile.

Allie had covered the back of both pics with more comments. She had written " There's nothing like having a lit cigarette pressed against her clit to make sis open wide and take as much doggie dick as she can swallow." She added more to the flip side of the last picture in the stack."Now she knows that police means dogs too. Shagger is just the leader of the canine corps. She'll be introduced to the rest of them real soon." As I put the photograph down, wondering if I should share them with my new friend, Shirley, my eyes fell on another smaller envelope.

I opened the seal and read its contents, a longer note from Allie that gave me a heads up on what was being planned for my wayward wife and what to expect in the way of pictures and such.This upcoming weekend Jill would be the featured fuck pig at a joint meeting of two swing clubs that Allie and Rod belonged to. Approximately thirty to forty people were expected to attend the weekend affair to be held about a two hours drive from their place. Between then and now Rod and a few of his close friends were keeping Jill occupied, when Allie wasn't trying out new things on her sister's bruised and battered body. She was also faithfully performing her duties as the sheriff's morale improvement appointee. Tomorrow she was going to meet some of Shagger's coworkers from the canine corps. Allie was hoping to have some pictures taken at this event for her scrapbook as well as mine. Next week Jill would be taken for an overnight visit to Nora's place, a sort of "interview" before she could be admitted as an out-patient to the hospital. Allie was hoping that she'd be able to take some pictures of the "interview" process. It appeared that my cheating wife was going to be kept rather busy in the next few weeks. I could hardly wait to see what would come of it all.

An hour or so later my phone rang and life really started to get complicated. I immediately recognized the voice from the accent; it was JJ, Jillian Jones. She was certainly a cool customer, first apologizing for using the company files to get my phone number, and then assuring me that her call had nothing to do with our business relationship. That rather uncharacteristic comment she'd made previously about my "needs" instantly popped into my head. My alter ego began to fill with blood as her voice tickled my ear, almost as if she had managed to transmit her tongue through the phone line. She was asking me to dinner at her place on Saturday night. I couldn't believe my ears. What did this mean? Then the message became very clear as she said, "I do recall you seemed a bit taken aback at my comments about being of assistance in more places than the kitchen. I hope you'll give me the opportunity to demonstrate some of my qualifications in shall we say other areas besides the kitchen." I came to attention in more ways than one. Immediately a little voice in my head began to argue for and against accepting her generous invitation. In seconds there was only one voice speaking. The message was crystal clear; nothing ventured, nothing gained. I agreed to be at her door prompty at 8PM on Saturday evening. She replied that she was looking forward to this opportunity to become better acquainted with me, and then hung up. I hastily scribbled the address she had given me on the pad by the phone.

The next day, just to be on the safe side I called Shirley, or WooWoo as I had nicknamed her, to arrange for a get together at my place on Sunday afternoon. She started whining that she was taking a backseat to another woman. I didn't argue the point, telling her I was to be having dinner with JJ on Saturday night and didn't expect to get back to the apartment until the middle of Sunday morning. I promised that when she came over she'd get a blow by blow description of our date and also see the pictures Allie had sent me. I hinted about using the ropes and enema on her scrawny frame as well as some other things that I wanted to be a surprise for her. Then to really put her on the defensive I suggested that she bring Willa along so we could get to know each other since we were both using WooWoo's skinny body for our own purposes. When she didn't respond I played my ace card, suggesting that she could come over tomorrow night and pick up her stuff if she had a problem with anything I had just said. Her answer was a dial tone, a not unexpected response from my little stick chick. I smiled to myself and planned for what I'd do if she showed up tomorrow night. Then an alternate plan was developed if she showed up on Sunday afternoon with some variations if Willa was or was not included.The old me quailed at the prospect of losing this crazy little girl,but the other one who was now in command and growing stronger by the day was determined to crush her resistance or find a more compatible companion.

Chapter 10

I arrived at the address JJ had provided promptly at 8PM. I hadn't seen hide nor hair of WooWoo and wondered if she would show tomorrow. While waiting for a response to the bell, I went over my objective for tonight which was to see what Jillian Jones looked like without camouflage, and if the view was acceptable, nail her fore and aft before I left for home. Her residence did not fit the profile of a secretary. It was a small house set back from the street and sheltered by a stand of trees that offered another layer of privacy from prying eyes. I had Summer visions of this British lady climbing naked into a small hot tub located in the back yard and begging me to screw her senseless. My reverie was interrupted when she opened the door and ushered me inside her home.

One look at what she was wearing was all that was needed to disrupt my sex fantasy. JJ had on something that looked like a cross between a housecoat and a caftan. Whatever it was covered her from neck to just above the ankles. If anything her garb made it even more difficult to figure out what kind of body lay beneath. I began to despair that anything good awaited my eyes if and when I ever got that damned thing off her. As we entered her living room she reached out and gave my hand a squeeze as she said, "Welcome to my home. I do hope you will enjoy your stay this evening. I will do everything to make it seem as if you and your lovely wife have been reunited." My ears and another portion of my anatomy perked up immediately. There was still some hope. Patience seemed to be the proper approach to the situation. I was still in the game.

Dinner turned out to be a strain on my nervous system. I have no idea what she served, or how it tasted, being too busy fighting off JJ's probing questions concerning Jill, my seeming change in personality and my attitude toward marital fidelity. It was quite obvious that the lady had carefully prepared for this little "dinner", and was deciding, based on the answers she received, if I was to be the main course. My decision had already been made. If she invited me into her bedroom to test the mattress, it would all depend on what was under the Mother Hubbard that covered her almost like a tent. I was fully prepared if necessary to envoke the power of my marriage vows if it came to that.

Whatever I said, it evidently passed muster and so without any build-up she rose from her chair, gave me a broad smile and before I could react, bent over, nuzzled herself against my neck and whispered, " I think it's time that you had your dessert my dear. Let's go to my playroom so you can unwrap me and pay your respects properly." The die was cast.

My hostess led me down the hall to a door located at the back of her house. She smiled just before opening the door and turning on the light to reveal her playroom. One look was all it took to make me realize I wasn't in Kansas anymore. The room was starkly furnished; nothing on the wooden floor, one window covered totally by a single large panel of thick fabric designed to shut out any light or prying eyes, a lone, bare bulb located in the ceiling that shone down on the main feature dominating the room, the bed. It was spartan in construction and design, a double without even a headboard, with a thin mattress covered by a rubber sheet. What drew my eyes however were the four manacles located at its corners, apparently attached to the bed frame. Beside the bed there was a small metal locker, a few feet on the side and perhaps a foot and a half deep. It was then I heard the sound of a zipper being opened.

My eyes widened as I watched the matronly secretary reveal herself to me for the first time; it was worth the wait. Although the French usually have a word or a phrase for everything, it was a German word, zaftig, that fit JJ pefectly, for she was indeed fleshy and well rounded. She looked at me from the corner of her eye as she stepped out from the shapeless garment. Jillian wore only a matching set of sheer bra and panties now. The bra struggled against the weight of her melon shaped tits, and her stiff nipples poked out, stretching the fabric. Her panties were the full cut variety, circling her midriff well above the navel. The elastic was straining to contain the extra layer of flesh girding her, the result of a relatively sedentary life, a little more food than was necessary and the relentless assault of time. She turned slightly to give me an unobstructed view of her fat lipped cunt. It was devoid of pubic hair and I started to get hard as I stared unabashedly at her goody box. It was going to be a long night, a very demanding night, and I couldn't wait to get started on her. Jillian turned around to give me a good look at her broad bottom. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as she wiggled her ass in my direction.

" Well, do I meet with your approval? " she teased, knowing the answer before I could speak. I moved and cupped her big soft breasts which brought a purr from her. I tweaked her hard nipples and she wiggled her rounded cheeks against my stiff cock. "Someone is a bit excited. Why don't you get those clothes off so we can get down to business." Jillian said softly. Now it was her turn to judge me and when my hard cock popped into view she pursed her lips and murmured softly, " You'll do, you'll do just fine."

"I hate to be a spoil sport, but those cuffs better not be for me." I announced, cocking my head toward the bed.

Jillian made a wry face and then laughed. " If the cuffs fit, wear them. They look very good on me I've been told. Perhaps sometime later you may want to try them on for size. Most of my lovers eventually do and generally they are better men for it. Now do be a dear and help me out of these confining under garments."

Once she was naked, she stretched out on the rubber sheet and extended her limbs so they could be secured. "Aren't you taking quite a chance letting me do this? What if it turns out I'm some kind of pervert who enjoys abusing helpless women?" I asked.

"Then I shall be abused well and true, a fitting punishment for my poor judgement. However you will suffer consequences as well since a good friend of mine knows that you and I are having this tryst. She will be more than happy to corroborate my accusations that will be promptly made to the local police once you have had your way with me."

I snapped the manacle shut imprisoning one of her wrists and whispered. "You are a devious woman and deserve a thorough tongue lashing for this breech of decorum. Then I plan to pummel your private parts for the rest of the evening and a good portion of the morning as well."

" Pummel away my young stallion. This old body has plenty of life in it yet and a good session of enthusiastic sexual roguery is just what I'm hoping for."

Once JJ was all buttoned up, including a pillow under her ass to properly elevate her pussy for some serious attention, I settled down between her thickish thighs. Eating pussy is a skill that depends on practice and paying attention to details. My cheating wife had invested a considerable amount of time teaching me the "ins and out" of properly satisfying her before we got down to basics. I had recently had a few opportunities to regain my touch, so to speak, and was very eager to demonstrate my ability to JJ.

Initially she proved to be a tough customer to sell. The first thing I noticed was the strong scent that emanated from her cunt. It was a mixture of musk and something fetid. She giggled at my reaction to this unexpected challenge. "I haven't showered since Friday morning, and I wore a pair of very well constructed panty hose around the house all day while I prepared for your visit. I would imagine I'm a bit ripe at this moment. Now show me that you're a man and not a boy." The gauntlet had been thrown down, and now the games begun.

I licked her "fragrant" cunt from base to top using the tip of my tongue. I lapped away on her sticky slit with the flat portion of my tongue.I lovingly kissed every square inch of that fat lipped, oozing trench, not once but a number of times. I circled and tickled her hard clit, then sucked it and made it pop from my lips as it grew fatter and came out to play. I left a trail of saliva from the inside of one thigh across her plump belly to the other thigh, noisily kissing her pebbled flesh as I made the slow journey. I wormed my tongue into her navel and deposited a large dollop of saliva as a memento before I left to begin licking my way down to her clit for another assault on that fleshy nubbin of erect flesh.

I kept licking, lapping, kissing, tongue tickling and finally nipping at that coin slot of a cunt. By now I was beginning to get a little frustrated with JJ's lack of reponse to some of my best moves. Then almost by accident I found the key to the kingdom, her puckered asshole. Who would have thought that the two holes were somehow connected, but in her case, they definitely were. I had almost given up trying to get her in the mood and was taking a break, my nose buried between her wrinkled cunt lips. For some odd reason I was moved to slip my tongue between her sweaty ass cheeks. There was a slight shift in her posture, a subtle movement that hinted I was getting warm. I went with my instincts and wiggled my tongue further down her back alleyway until it contacted her rosebud. As I said previously, one of the keys to being a good pussy eater is attention to detail. I now reaped the reward for patience and sensitivity.

Jillian Jones tried to breach like a whale starving for air. At the same time she let out a loud, drawn out groan that told me I'd found the combination to her secret cache. This in turn was followed by a "yes" that seemed to hiss endlessly. I was too busy trying to avoid being inundated by the liquid that spurted from her shaved slit to keep track of the time. The next thing I knew she was shuddering and thrashing against the bonds holding her to the bed. I cupped her quivering cheeks and held on for dear life as she rocketed off into a private place not open to mere men. That woman squirted another gusher of liquid lady lust that coated my chest in a warm wet mess. Suddenly I knew the reason for the rubber sheet. At this point I knew this was going to be a memorable and very long evening. I just hoped I could cope with whatever surprises were still in store for me.

By the time JJ recovered her senses my rock hard cock had morphed into something less rigid. Nothing like a good hosing down with female juices to calm the randy male. She announced her return to this astral plane with a long sigh and a thrust of her cunt. "Oh my, looks like I've done it again." she gasped. Those words had a familiar ring to them, but I didn't have time to ponder. "I was right about you. I'm so very glad. Now let's see what I can do to repay you for that lovely trip. Why don't you straddle me so I can stiffen your resolve." She giggled like a schoolgirl at her own joke. I, on the other hand, was wishing for a nice long shower at this stage. The little man who lived downstairs in my groin area decided to take over at this point and so I gingerly scaled her soaking wet body and presented myself for inspection.

Jillian proved to be quite adept at reviving my flagging interest. Her mouth molded itself to the head of my cock while she noisily suctioned it back to life. Her fingers danced across my balls, tickling them until they were tight and full once more. She raised her head slightly and inch by slow inch my stiff cock was engulfed. All this time her tongue was lathering its sensitive underside as more and more of the little man disappeared down her throat. At the time I was too busy enjoying the delightful sensations she was producing in me to compare her ability and technique to the other three women I had been with recently, or for that matter my faithless wife.

Abruptly she released my twitching cock from her mouth with a loud popping sound. It was done with such force that my stiff length of meat actually tingled. "Time to put this nice hard thing to proper use." JJ whispered, nuzzling her cheek against my saliva coated prick. "This old woman needs her itch scratched." I didn't need a second invitation. So despite the mess she and I had created, plus my desire for a hot shower,I slid down her slippery body, located the entrance to her shaved cunt and proceeded to put it to her with a vengeance.

I'll only cover the highlights of the rest of the evening, which went into double overtime, not ending until very early the next morning. I never did get to the shower, but JJ did a nice job of licking off most of the mess she made on my body. She did it in sections while I rested up from my labors of love. The lady proved to have very tasty armpits and was quite enthusiastic about letting me pound her wet and willing "fuck box", as she called it, once I had my fill of those sweaty, pebbled hollows. I managed to make her produce a few additional gushers, none as abundant or forceful as that initial tidal wave. However in those cases I had the good sense to remove myself from the source to avoid another "accident". I do remember very late in our session listening to the sound of her juices dripping from the rubber sheet as she worked to suck my tired cock back to life for "another go at her goodies" as she so quaintly put it.

The best time I had was when she suggested that I free her from the manacles long enough so that she could turn over and give me "a new field to play on", her exact words. Her bottom was a revelation, soft but not flabby, and it could seemingly conform to whatever position my body assumed as I buggered her tight backhole. At this point in my life I'd not had too much experience with this particular form of sexual recreation, but she became the top of the line that night and continues to hold on to her exalted position. It was no easy matter to breach her breech, so to speak, but once that tough muscle guarding her back channel was overcome it was like fucking a tube of warm butter. While I was honoring her request to "stretch her good and proper", it was possible to reach around and give those pillowy tits a good squeezing while I worked away on her. It was amazing how hard her nipples would get while I was reaming out that great asshole. The last thing I remember doing was to spread her cheeks and worm my tongue into that gaping asshole. As I suspected she went off like a rocket after a few minutes of probing and absolutely drenched the place.

By the time she was properly satisfied I was afraid to sleep. It suddenly dawned on me that there was a very good chance that WooWoo and perhaps her friend, Willa, might come knocking on my door while I was either sleeping here or engaging my bedmate in another round of fun and games. Perhaps I was getting greedy, but why take chances? JJ was not exactly thrilled that I wouldn't be there to entertain her when she awoke. However she was an understanding lady and knew that "boys would be boys". That remark really hurt for a moment, but I figured that there would be other opportunities to learn more about this very interesting woman. This was confirmed almost immediately when she said, " The next time we are together I'll tell you about my honeymoon. I think then you'll appreciate the manacles." She then directed me to where the key was hidden, under the bed of course, and I set her free.

				 	Wayward Wife's Punishment

						Chapter 11

	There is no rest for the wicked, as I learned upon returning to my
apartment. It felt as if I'd just drifted off when the door bell rang, and rang,
and rang. Finally I couldn't stand the insistent sound any longer. I got out of
bed, shrugged on my robe and answered the door. My life had just gotten a little
more complicated.

	 Confronting me was my skinny Asian playmate and what appeared at first
blush to be a living scarecrow. "Well, aren't you going to invite us in?" WooWoo
said in a tone that indicated she was less than enchanted with the way she and
her companion were being received. Then it all came back to me in a rush; the
scarecrow had to be the mysterious Willa and the two of them were here at my
invitation, such as it was considering the last conversation we'd had.

	I stood back and let WooWoo and her gremlin-like escort enter. She made
a beeline for the couch, closely followed by this very short wraith of a girl. I
noticed that she carried that same large tote bag that last time had contained
some very interesting items that had taken up residence in my apartment. I
couldn't help but wonder what new and interesting toys might pop from the
cavernous depths of that bag this time.

	Shirley settled herself on the couch and made an exasperated sound,
equal parts sigh and sneer, and then said, "The only reason we are here is that
Willa wanted to meet you. At this point in her life I can't refuse Willa
anything even though what she wishes may harm her." Then this skinny teenager
burst into tears,taking me completely by surprise. What the hell was going on?

	I glanced over to the girl who was still standing beside the couch
staring off into space. She seemed to be oblivious to her friend's sobbing.
While I waited for Shirley to regain her composure my senses focused on this
strange being. She was well short of five feet in height, had unkempt, stringy
blonde hair and watery blue eyes that peeked out from sockets that seemed to be
pure bone and skin. She was much older than Shirley, how much was very difficult
to say. Her face was all angles and points, flat where one normally expected
curves, concave rather than convex, and seemingly devoid of the protection of
flesh. It gave me the creeps to stare at this skeleton like visage. The rest of
her body from neck to ankles was cloaked in something akin to a serape so there
was no way to judge what lay beneath.

	Finally WooWoo stopped blubbering long enough to say, "Want to see what
has happened to my lover? Perhaps then you'll understand wny I'm crying. With
those words she looked up at the motionless scarecrow of a girl and said, " Take
off that ugly thing and let him see what you have become."

	I was utterly stunned speechless. Although I'd seen many things foreign
to my sight in the last few weeks I was totally unprepared for what Willa
revealed. Her body replicated her face in its geometry, texture and starkness.
There did not seem to be an ounce of flesh on this cadaver that still drew
breath. Worse still her totally vulnerable form was covered in a mosaic of cuts,
bruises, welts, burns, sores and open wounds. They began in the unbelievably
deep hollow below her neck and continued down past her amazingly flat chest
whose contour was unbroken even by nipples. The scars and marks blanketed her
ribcage that stretched the papery skin covering it to its limit and cascaded
down to her jutting hip bones, so unprotected by flesh that the sockets in which
they fit could be easily seen.

	Her belly fascinated me. I'd never seen one that was a hollow. Beneath
the welter of scar tissue and fresh markings one could see the spidery network
of blood vessels as well as the ropy tendons arcing across the groin area,
seeming to draw attention to her cunt. It was almost as if I could see  through
her. Willa's cunt was totally hairless and strangely swollen; it looked so out
of place among the bleak planes of her body.  It had obviously been brutally
ravaged for a long period of time based on the amount of scar tissue and wounds
in various stages of healing that radiated from that crimson gash between her
legs. Its lips were flaccid and tattered. I was too shocked to even want to
imagine what might have caused this condition.

	Supporting her fragile torso were a pair of pipe stem legs, all bone and
sinews with a tracery of blue veins. There was so little flesh on these tubes of
skin and bone that her kneecaps seemed oddly misshapen, almost bulging. She
stood there oblivious to the fact that she was stark naked, her long, stick-like
arms hanging down by her shrunken flanks. It was then that I noticed that her
fingers were twisted, almost deformed and many were missing nails. I shuddered
to think what demon from hell had been reponsible for that. It turned out that I
wasn't far wrong.

	To say that things had become very uncomfortable would have been an
understatement. I was shocked and more than a bit upset with what I was
witnessing, Shirley was on the verge of hysteria and Willa didn't appear to be
with us at all. Finally WooWoo broke the silence and what she said blew me away.
"Willa needs someone to fuck her good and proper before she leaves me. You're it
by default."

	It took a few seconds for me to react, but as images of me screwing this
corpse flashed across my eyes, I cringed. Then there was the fact that her cunt
looked to have been taking some serious dick for quite a long time. I shouted,
"No way! Are you kidding? I'm not into necrophilia! Why don't you offer this
deal to all those guys that obviously have been screwing her bowlegged for god
knows how long?" WooWoo acted like I'd kicked her in the belly,or maybe even
lower down than that. I expected her to come back with something sarcastic or
venomous, but instead she heaved a big sigh and started crying again. Don't ever
underestimate the power of a woman's tears, even a hot tempered skinny one in
her teens.

	Shirley's renewed tears seemed to wake her companion from the trance she
had been in. The stick figure of a woman reached down and put a bony hand on the
girl's shaking shoulder. She muttered something that was impossible for me to
understand, but it seemed to bring the girl out of her fit of sorrow. She
reached out and wrapped her arm around Willa's waist and hugged her to her
breast as if she was suckling a child. It was a weird sight because Willa did
look like a small child, a very badly abused small child. For the first time in
a long time I experienced something akin to compassion. I was totally vulnerable
to whatever Shirley would suggest.

	WooWoo made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The details are unimportant,
but I escorted them into the bedroom. During those few moments I got a view of
Willa's backside that showed the same terrible pattern of damage. Her shrunken
bottom had been repeatedly shredded, leaving strange, interlayered patterns that
indicated that many different implements of pain had ripped into her flesh over
a long period of time. Worse still each blistered cheek bore the slightly
blurred imprint of a cabalistic symbol that had been burned deep into her flesh
numerous times with some type of crude branding iron.

	Once we were in my bedroom things began to get strange. Shirley rummaged
around in that big tote bag and came out with what loked like a child's leather
belt and a handful of plastic ties, the type used for industrial applications.
Willa turned and held her hands together behind her back and allowed Shirley to
secure her pitifully thin arms together starting at the upper portion, then just
above the elbows and finally around the wrists, twisting them until the
emaciated girl gasped in pain. Then she looped the belt around Willa's shrunken
midsection and pulled until the girl's waist was compressed to the point that
the belt nearly disappeared into the folds of skin it had created.

	"What the hell is going on?" I exclaimed. "What's with the bondage? Is
this some kind of sick game you two are playing?"

	Shirley gave me a look of resignation and patted Willa's bottom
affectionately."There is a lot you don't know right now and I don't really have
the time or stomach to tell you what happened to this poor thing during the past
year. You're just going to have to trust me on this one. Do what I ask and
you'll find out everything that I know, but not today."

	I still was far from convinced that I was getting the truth. A raft of
questions lined up in my head and threatened to spill out unless I got more than
this enigmatic "trust me" routine. "Look you claimed she hadn't had sex with a
man for almost a year. Then who the hell tore up her cunt this bad, the Jolly
Green Giant?"

	Shirley winced at my question. Her answer made my blood run cold. "For
nearly a year she's been raped over and over by brutes, degenerates, perverts,
crazy people, even animals. Rape is not sex! Rape is torture, humiliation,
inhuman behavior, degradation. It is pure hate fueled by anger and violence.
Look at her; she's a victim of her own weaknesses. She has almost lost her soul
to these monsters and there is nothing I can do about it but tend to her wounds
and try my best to comfort her. Please stop the cross examination and give me
some help!"

	I shut up at that point and let things take their course. Shirley
stripped down, exposing her naked body, which in contrast to Willa now seemed
robust. "Well, do I have undress you too, or have you suddenly become shy?" Her
sarcastic remark woke me up and soon I was ready for action except for the small
matter of the very small matter dangling between my legs. This "stud" was
definitely not in any condition to perform, a situation that never before had
happened to me. Then again I'd never seen anything resembling Willa. Then things
got worse. She opened her mouth and revealed a tongue pierced in more places
that I could count.There were a mixture of studs and rings distributed randomly
over its surface. That explained her silence except for the muttering that I
could not understand. Now things had entered the weirdness zone, a higher level
of strange.

	The next thing I knew I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Willa was
standing off to the side while WooWoo knelt between my legs diligently
suctioning my limp cock with practiced skill. She sucked it. She kissed it. She
ran her tongue up and down its flaccid length, nothing happened. She licked my
balls. She sucked them. She tickled them while her mouth and tongue did tricks
on the tip of my whang, nothing worked. I don't know which of us was the more
frustrated. "Lie back you miserable worm so I have more room to work." Shirley
hissed. It was then that Willa entered the lists and all hell broke loose.

	With Shirley acting as the ring master, Willa and I were soon properly
positioned on the bed with her stick chick friend on her belly between my spread
thighs. The next thing I knew WooWoo's freshly shaven and delightfully scented
cunt was seating itself ondmy face. "Maybe eating some pussy will get your mind
on your job", the teen whispered. She proceeded to grind that thin lipped slit
up and down my face and then made a press fit so tight that I was unable to
breathe. "On the other hand if you don't deliver I just might smother you to
death. How does that sound?" To me it didn't sound well at all. I decided for
the sake of my physical well-being I had better focus my attention on the job at
hand which was to develop some wood. Around that time I felt Willa's metaloid
tongue move slowly across my balls. It was a rush the likes of which I couldn't

	"We have ignition" I thought to myself as I flicked my tongue up into
Shirley's tasty trench and enjoyed the sensation that the collection of rings
and studs embedded in Willa's tongue produced. As long as I didn't see Willa
everything was great. Shirley made it more interesting, shifting her weight and
repositioning her skinny body to give her access to my rapidly growing cock. The
combination of her suctioning mouth and Willa's magic tongue soon had me ready
and willing for whatever fun and games had been planned. Once more I heard the
sound of Shirley rummaging around in that bottomless tote bag, and a satisfied
grunt indicating that she had found whatever it was. I recognized the sound of a
rubber being unwrapped and a few seconds later my stiff cock was being sheathed
in latex. It was showtime.

	"Ready to go stud?" WooWoo asked in a tone of voice that seemed to be
saying, "Iknew you could get it up; good boy." She continued to block my view of
whatever was going on, but the sounds of her grunting and then the sensation of
some weight on my thighs could only mean one thing. I'll give the Asian teen
lots of credit for the way she handled the matter, including my stiff dick. She
kept her flat ass between me and Willa, blocking out any distraction that might
interfere with the job at hand. "Here we go baby." WooWoo said in a soft voice.
Who she was talking to was a moot point, but I didn't care too much once my hard
rod of throbbing flesh was enveloped by Willa's cunt. " She likes it very hard
and very fast, don't wimp out on me now." WooWoo said, moving back on her
haunches so that my nose was buried between her flat ass cheeks.

	The comment I'd heard repeatedly over the years that there was no such
thing as too much pussy was disproved with a vengeance that long and utterly
exhausting afternoon. Coming on top of last evenings romp with the "staid"
Jillian Jones, this farewell fuckfest damned near killed me! I'm not completely
sure just how many rubbers WooWoo retrieved from her bag, but it may have
approached a half dozen since I distinctly remember very late in the afternoon
Shirley muttering that she hoped a pair of three packs would be enough.

	The absolutely amazing thing was that during the entire session I
neither saw nor made any contact with Willa except for my rubber coated cock.
Shirley had effectively turned me into a big, well maybe medium sized now that I
think about it, dildo. Her skinny body acted as a buffer between Willa and me,
no matter what position she had us assume. I remember doing Willa in the doggie
position as Shirley stood with her legs spread over the girl's child-like ass,
hugging me for balance and offering her crepe shaped tits for me to suckle and
bite as my cock ripped away inside her badly abused friend. Another memorable
tableau involved WooWoo straddling Willa's body from a kneeling position,
fenching me passionately while I supported my body against her willowy frame and
jabbed away inside Willa's well loosened channel. Whenever I had to rest, quite
often as the afternoon wore on, her cunt or ass would be locked to my face,
preventing me from viewing my sex partner. It was as if Willa was a gorgon,
capable of turning my sexual fervor into ashes with one withering stare.

	Shirley seemed to know exactly what Willa wanted from me. She was like a
drill master, shouting orders to me, "Harder! Do her harder!.... She needs to
feel you inside her... Get those arms extended and thrust, thrust! You can do
it!" Between her monomaniacal desire to wring everything I had to offer from me
and the passive way that Willa accepted everything that I provided it felt as if
I was completely under their control. During this time I lost my sense of self,
became upset, frustrated, even angry for submitting to Shirley's shrill commands
and exhortations, and accepting the lack of response from Willa. It was later,
many weeks later that I finally realized that long afternoon had been a
tremendous growth experience, one that would make it less taxing to cope with
the opposite, or should I say other, sex in the future.

	At long last WooWoo and Willa freed me from slavery, but not yet
totally. " I want you to kiss Willa's cunt from top to bottom. Don't ask why,
just do it. Do it well and you can have me  for as long as you want. Without my
poor Willa, my life has no direction. Perhaps you can give me some incentive to
renew myself. If not then you can sell me to the devil or those animals that did
this to her. That might be my just reward for letting this happen to her. No
matter,I won't care by then." It was difficult to believe that this was coming
from the mouth of one so young, but then again she was an "other" and what did I
know of that peculiar race of beings?

	Shirley popped my limp dick into her warm, wet mouth and chewed on it
gently , hefting my depleted balls in her small hands as she feasted. Willa, her
cunt lips swollen from all the action she'd had this afternoon, began to settle
her childlike body down toward my face so I could begin my final chore of the
session. As her cunt loomed into my field of vision I noticed for the first time
that interspersed in all the cruel evidence of the horrible torments her body
had endured were faint letters that had been crudely cut or scratched into her
flesh some time ago.  I began to focus on piecing the letters together and then
my blood froze. Circling her worn out cunt were the words "SATAN'S WHORE".
Although I'd never actually seen them on Nancy, they were the exact words and
location she had carried her mark of the devil when she ran with the mtorcycle
gang. Things had now gone from strange and weird to eerie. I could only wonder
whether this was a coincidence or if there was a connection between these two
women, and what did this have to do with me? My mind kept turning over as I
mechanically worked my lips over her papery skin. Later when it was finished
WooWoo complimented me on my thoroughness and tenderness, never realizing that I
had been in a trance the entire time.

					Chapter 12

	The next day I was very stiff and sore in some of the damnedest places.
This new life had its drawbacks. I vowed to hit the gym regularly and get into
condition, wondering how many other men were having the same problem. Mondays
were usually full of surprises; the machines had an entire weekend to plot and
execute new ways of getting out of work. This one was no different; two copiers,
a server and one bank of special high speed switches had gone on strike. To make
matters more interesting JJ called to complain about an intermittent problem
with her work station.

	By the time I could get to her problem it had mysteriously cured itself.
She was her usual buttoned up self and most apologetic for causing this needless
visit on my part. All I could think of was what she looked like Saturday night
while we were testing the mattress on that spartan bed. Despite a marathon of
sexual fun and games that had stressed me to my limit, the other me began to
surface quite literally. I quickly took my leave, but for the briefest of
moments a glint of amusement broke the planes of her face. She knew her bait had
been taken and it would be only a matter of time before this fish was flopping
around in the boat. I wondered what was in that metal locker that sat beside the
bed and how those manacles would feel.

	Considering the breakneck speed at which my life was going, this
relatively uneventful week was most welcome. It was not completely tranquil,
there was something on the horizon. One of the previously faceless females that
prowled the halls in search of romance and adventure was signaling that she was
very interested in the new me. I let it pass, needing some time to recover my
strength and equilibrium. This particular firefly had turned off his light for
the moment.

	Late in the week I decided to invest in a call to Allie and Rod.
According to her last note this was to have been a very busy period for my
faithless wife. I was more than a little interested in news about the swing club
meeting plus Jill's "interview" with nurse Nora. My call triggered this
mechanical voice announcing that I could leave a message for this number after
the beep. It beeped and I hung up. An hour later, having exhausted my channel
selector, I called again. This time Rod picked up.

	We had a long talk as he brought me up to date on the various adventures
of Jill. As luck would have it he was "entertaining and educating" a sweet young
thing who had turned 16 this week. They had just taken a break from their
activities, and while she did what teens usually do after a lengthy bout of
strenuous sex, pig out and use the bathroom, he decided to answer the phone. Rod
was quick to assure me, as if I cared, that this rather well endowed girl had
received Allie's seal of approval as a suitable playmate for him  while she and
Jill were off to do their thing at the hospital. It seems that Allie had been
devoting a considerable amount of her free time to Jill's rehabilitation and
their love life had suffered as a consequence.

	My tramp wife had been a big hit at the joint meeting of the local swing
clubs. A good time had been had by those who attended, except possibly for Jill
who was kept extremely busy with her fuck pig duties and didn't have much of a
chance to socialize. He told me gleefully that it took nearly a day for her
asshole to shrink back to normal. Since Allie had declared her sister's cunt to
be a condom free zone, the more considerate men had decided to use her asshole
initially to decrease the chances of impregnating her. On the other hand most of
the woman preferred to fist her cunt and use their strap ons to widen her
asshole; this being the best way to provide her the most discomfort. At this
stage Jill was still a very good looking woman, and some of the ladies felt a
bit threatened by her presence and the fact that she was a certified home
wrecker. It also didn't help that a few of the larger membered members teamed up
with more normally endowed folk to provide her with the double anal experience,
a special memento of her first, but certainly not last, visit to the local swing
club meetings.

	Plenty of pictures were taken at the meeting by all sorts of people.
Jill naturally figured prominently in them. Many of the ladies took the
opportunity to sample my wife's pussy eating and ass rimming skills. In fact her
tongue remained sore and swollen for days after the meeting plus her lips were
chapped severely and developed a few sores from being in places where hygiene
was given lip service at best. Allie was still trying to assemble a scrapbook of
pictures taken by the members, and if all else failed, she would be sending me
the ones she took.

	Shagger and his coworkers had a go at Jill earlier this week and tore
her up good, literally as well as figuratively. Sheriff Vlad caught an earful
from Allie about the damage done to her sister, and made him agree that until
the mutts were outfitted with protective booties, there would be no more
meetings with their prize bitch. Rod added that the department was considering
making Jill an honorary member of the canine corps, and that cracked me up good.

	Negotiations were still going on between Allie and a local farmer
concerning the use of his stock. Plans were being formulated for a trip to the
farm within two or three weeks to introduce my wayward wife to a few well-hung
ponies, and if she survived that, a full grown stallion. The farmer was
beginning to weaken on his demand for a stud fee. In fact he was leaning
strongly to accepting the services of the very same young lady that Rod was
doing this evening in lieu of his fee. "It sure must be nice to live in an area
of the country where the age of consent was 16." I thought.

	Rod let me know that the meeting with nurse Nora had gone well for
Allie, perhaps not so well for Jill. During the discussions my cheating wife had
swallowed a lot of piss, got to sample a few of the nurse's exotic collection of
enema recipes, and ate plenty of pussy including the oozing slit of Nora's
slave, Bones. Nora agreed that she would bring up the matter of Jill's admission
to the special ward, on an out patient basis, to the administrator, a good
friend of hers from the days when they were in training to become nurses. It
looked as if Jill would become sort of a crash test dummy for some of the more
radical treatments that were being evaluated for use on some of the special
cases now in residence at this very private hospital, which began to sound more
like a sanatorium to me.

	The hospital people were very zealous in guarding the identity of their
patients and the type of treatments that they underwent. This meant that the
chances of photographing or taping Jill while she was being treated or
performing her duties were zero. I was naturally disappointed but Rod assured me
that Allie would be only too glad to call me and personally provide a blow by
blow description of what was going on whenever things got interesting. He also
clued me into the fact that Jill would be appearing on Nora's web site, and on
those occasions I would be hooked into her very private site so I could enjoy
the show.

	It took a bit of coaxing on my part before Rod gave up what was
happening between his and my wife. As I suspected, Jill was really paying a high
price for her past life, not to mention what had brought her back to her roots.
Those pictures of Jill hanging by her tits, hands cuffed behind her back,
inspired Allie. For the past week she had taken her sister out to the back of
their property where it was well protected from the casual passerby and hung her
by her tits using a block and tackle arrangement provided by Rod as well as a
custom made double noose made from coarse rope he had braided special for his
sister-in-law. To make it more interesting she was hanging weights from Jill's
ankles to put additional strain on those big bouncy funbags. As Allie remarked
to her husband when she told him of her plan, "I'm only looking out for my
sister's well-being. This way she gets some fresh air, has some quiet time with
me and can work on her all over tan." Those sounded like good arguments to me.

	I began to imagine the hot sun beating down on Jill's naked body
twisting slowly in one direction and then the other, adding to the pain as she
dangled by her swollen tits like a hooked worm. There was Allie keeping the
flies and other winged insects from doing too much damage to her skin by shooing
them away with a leather strap. In my mind's eye I could see Allie sitting in
the shade reading a book when she wasn't laying the leather to her sister's
sweat soaked body. My reverie was shattered by Rod's voice describing how Jill
was gagged to prevent her from disturbing the tranquility of the area with her
screams and pleading. "After the first session Allie made sure that her sister's
mouth was properly stuffed with a bag of rock salt held in place by a piece of
duct tape." He went on to say that Allie was already noticing some minor changes
in Jill's big tits and she was gradually lengthening the time of each stretching

	To make things worse, Allie thought it was only a matter of time before
Jill would start taking injections to make her lactate. She had already begun
planning for the time when her sister's milk-laden breasts would be bulging and
desperately in need of suckling to relieve the pressure that would build in
them. Couple this with the near starvation diet Jill had been put on in order to
make her get rid of approximately fifteen pounds and the future did not look
very promising for my wayward wife. On this happy note Rod ended our
conversation since his teen "fuck toy" was  now fed, freshly douched and eager
for more lessons from the professor.

	Before turning in for the night I reviewed what had happened this week
and was pretty satisfied. I'd had a chance to rest and recharge my batteries.
The fact that I'd not heard from JJ or WooWoo was a blessing, but something that
had to be dealt with next week. Then there was that young lady that had been
showing up fairly regularly this week. I couldn't remember her name, it was
something like Brenda or Glenda, but she certainly had a great rack and a very
nice ass, something to consider for the future. Tomorrow was Friday and then
there was the weekend with its endless possibilities.

				   Wayward Wife's Punishment

					Chapter 13

	Friday I received an interoffice memo from Jillian Jones announcing that
in her absence for the next three business weeks a Ms. Frances Forbes would be
assuming her duties.  I was a little puzzled that she hadn't given me a heads up
prior, then decided that in her orderly world a one night stand did not warrant
any special treatment. This woman was beginning to intrigue me more than I
wanted to admit.

	 Things got even stranger that evening when my answering machine coughed
up a phone message from WooWoo informing me that she would be out of the country
for the next six weeks. There was no reason given for this rather sudden
departure nor did she pledge her undying love. I muttered about what the hell to
do with the strange paraphernalia that was cluttering up my bathroom. Then the
humor of it all hit me and I must have laughed for a couple of minutes before
regaining my composure and at least part of my rather dented self esteem.
Nothing like being dumped by not one but two women on the same day. That was
definitely a new record for me.

	On Monday Glinda, that was her name, not Brenda or Glenda, homed in on
me like a heat seeking missile. I must have presented quite an easy target for
this young lady, and she made the most of her opportunity. She chatted me up
which was a switch for her I guess; nothing these days made much sense, so I
just rolled with the punches. One thing led to another and after work she and I
met for cocktails and more talk.

	 It was a little strange to realize that this tall, blue-eyed brunette
with the incredible rack had done her homework and this was not just a random
hit and run accident which was the norm these days. Glinda knew about my
"personal problem" and was most solicitous about the health of my sister-in-law
and sympathetic to the strain that being separated from my wife must be causing.
It was difficult to keep a straight face when she played that card. She prattled
on about her background; raised in a farming community, attended a local college
and then made the big move to the city. This was her first job and she loved the
activity and meeting all these new people. She lived in a nice little apartment
with a girlfriend who also worked at the company.

	 I was beginning to nod off when I think she propositioned me. Now fully
alert, my mind digested what she had just said about missing her brothers and
dad, who truly enjoyed the meals she and her mom prepared for them when she
lived at home. Glinda followed this up by comparing me to her older brother who
she always looked up to. Then she moved in for the kill, offering to come over
to my place so I could enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by this young,
innocent, angel of mercy. I immediately began to think about the dessert, having
recently experienced that kind of home cooking from JJ. The little man who lived
downstairs in my pants immediately put his two cents in, stating in a loud clear
voice, "Bring it on!"

	 I smiled at this charming young lady, appreciating the fact that unlike
JJ, her assets were right out front and center, while in parallel making a
mental note to hide WooWoo's little keepsakes. I cleared my throat, watching her
quiver like a bird dog on point, and accepted with pleasure her gracious offer.
The merry-go-round that was now my life began to crank up once more, its music
sounding in my ears. "Just remember to hold on tight." I said to myself.

	Wednesday evening Glinda Garman showed up at my door bearing gifts
wrapped in tinfoil. However all I could notice was that dessert was bursting out
of that tight green dress from top to bottom. This girl was built! My little
buddy started to stretch and wake up with a vengeance as Glinda wiggled her way
into my kitchen to heat things up in more ways than one. For some odd reason my
mind began to wander as this heavenly body disappeared from view. What is it
about this pattern in the names of the women that pick me up at work I wondered?
First there was JJ and now GG. Was this just a coincidence like the same tattoos
in the very same place that Nancy and Willa once carried? Then WooWoo popped
into mind. That one was my own doing, but it fit the pattern in some weird way.
Was it possible that I could go to the company phone book and check out in
advance all those women that would be hitting on me in the weeks and months to
come? If only foretelling the future could be that easy.

	Dinner proved to be quite a challenge. Glinda put an impressive spread
on the table, but every time she bent over, I lost my appetite for food as this
overhelming urge to tear her clothes off took control. Things got a little
better when she sat down, hiding her totally distracting ass from sight. I did
my best to shovel sufficient food into my face to make her feel good about her
work of mercy, thus softening her up for the moves I was prepared to make in the
event that I had misjudged her intentions. I had to control more than my urges,
there was enough food on the table to feed me for a week and under normal
circumstances I would have been very thankful for this bounty. However the
thought of entering the lists severely handicapped by a belly bulging with beef,
broccoli, bread and a lot of other foods that didn't even begin with the letter
"B" gave me pause.

	One way to avoid hurting Glinda's feelings by not gorging myself was to
pay attention to what she was saying between very carefully spaced mouthfuls of
food. So I listened and then tried to respond when appropriate. I nodded sagely
as she rattled on about how much she dearly loved and missed her brothers. Then
I stuck my foot in it, or did I just fall into a carefully laid trap?

	 I innocently asked when she had last been with them. She paused in mid
fork lift and responded, "What kind of a girl do you think I am? I would never
get involved in a threesome, especially with my brothers." I suddenly could
clearly hear the music from the Twilight Zone playing in my head.

	There is an old adage concerning making the best out of a bad situation.
I couldn't remember it exactly, but it translated to "Oh what the hell!" So I
stuck my head into the lioness' mouth and picked up on the thread by asking,
"Does that mean you only take them on one at a time?" Glinda gave me a withering
look before answering.

	"I've always done them separately, ever since we started doing it when I
was 13." The music playing in my head had now shifted to the Funeral March of
the Marionettes. I am well and truly done. Then the lioness growls and her
throat muscles tighten so that she can say, "Dad started doing me a few months
before they got into the act, and I got used to being with only one person at a
time. That's the way I am." That last sentence fired up an image of a pipe
smoking, squinting sailor with a huge jaw flexing his muscles. Now a calliope
began to play in the background.

	I'm so flabbergasted that I stick both feet in my mouth. "How did you
ever keep this from your mom?", I asked.

	"Who do you think put me up to doing it with dad in the first place?"
Glinda responded triumphantly. It's game, set and match for Glinda Garman. My
life, such as it was, now was flashing before my eyes.

	Somehow we managed to find the bedroom and things got a lot better after
we got naked. Glinda had the body of a porn star. Imagine your favorite porn
punchboard, then add a couple of inches and a cup size to her tits without those
puppies giving anything up to gravity. Next subtract an inch or so from her
midriff and do away with the pierced navel. Try to imagine her hips flaring out,
forming two perfectly rounded spheres of firm flesh that you could bounce a
quarter off of. Finally think of those two mounds of buttery perfection mounted
on ball bearings that are attached to a pair of the shapliest legs that ever
supported an ass. That's what Glinda looked like. After one slow pirouette to
give me the full effect of that awesome body,she threw up her hands and let that
magnificent form free fall onto my king sized bed. Seconds later I too crash
landed on the fresh sheets I'd personally changed that very morning.

	I'd love to say the sex was unworldly, but it wasn't. It was what I
would describe as mostly vanilla. Glinda may have been doing the nasty with the
male members of her immediate family for almost ten years, but she hadn't
learned much. When I tried to go down on the springy curls of dark hair guarding
her "tunnel of love" as she described it during our less than passionate tryst,
she pushed me away. "That's for lesbians!" she whispered in a tone that was
definitely judgemental. I thanked my lucky stars that I hadn't flipped her over
and started rimming her asshole.

	The best that happened was my little buddy got a few affectionate pecks
from her bee stung lips and a vigorous massage by hand whenever he began to lay
down on the job. Other than that there is little to report for nearly four hours
of close quarters combat. It was however a very educational experience and
offered a conduit that might enable me to reform her rather stunted views
concerning sex. It was apparent from her pillow talk that the strict
fundamentalist religion that most farm folk adhere to was responsible for her
meat and potatoes approach to this very entertaining indoor sport. It was also
evident that she was growing more and more isolated from the home and family she
so treasured.

	Dear old dad had passed away from a heart attack when she was a senior
in high school. Say what you will about his lack of imagination and technique,
he was a randy old goat of a man. It was for this reason that his wife had
foisted him off on Glinda; she had grown tired of his relentless assaults on her
person as the years went by. If he only had some kind of outlet for his nervous
energy such as a hobby like wood carving or the like Glinda would no doubt have
turned out to be a competely different person. On the down side of that thought,
she wouldn't be lying next to me idly toying with my flacid member as she told
me the story of her life.

	Glinda's older brother, Will, had married less than a year after his
dad's death and was happily fathering children to keep his jolly, plump wife
occupied and satisifed with her own little dream world. There was no longer room
in his busy life for his younger sister. Jeff, her younger brother was now in
college and had discovered a new type of female; one that liked change and
taking chances. There were a lot of these girls around campus and he was
learning a lot from them. The more they taught him about life in the sack, the
more distant he became to her.

	 She was ripe for change, and I decided to be the one to affect that
change; her guru when it came to expanding her sexual horizons and that tight
asshole. Silly me, this bundle of supressed fuck energy proved to be a quick
study and damned near killed me in the process of turning into every man's wet
dream in a matter of weeks. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride while it

	Friday evening she was back for more, her resolve buttressed by serious
talks with her room mate, who was a bit wiser in the ways of the world beyond
the farm, and her aging mom who urged her to spread her wings,or was it her
legs, and enjoy the foolish pleasures that made life interesting. That night we
soaked the sheets. What she lacked in knowledge she made up for with enthusiasm.
I'm only human and after demonstrating that there were numerous and very
creative ways for a man and woman to couple, begged off further lessons until
the following day.

	Upon waking I was confronted with about 115 pounds of eager young
womanhood, just raring to go and go and go like some frenzied drum beating
bunny. This was not acceptable. I could easily imagine the coroner pronouncing
the cause of my death as being acute dedydration coupled with extremely high
blood pressure that led to a massive heart attack, strange for one so young. To
divert her attention until I could regain control of the situation I suggested
we go out for a hearty breakfast and then pay a visit to one of the neighborhood
purveyors of fine filth in order to purchase some educational material. Glinda
was up for all of that. At my insistence we showered separately, I was terrified
at what might happen if we were brought into close proximity. Then refreshed and
eager for what lay ahead we left my apartment.

	Glinda had put on the same baggy sweat pants and pullover she'd worn
last evening, for about five minutes. It did a great job of disguising her
awesome body, a good thing considering our ultimate destination this morning. As
we sauntered from the restaurant and headed for my car, it hit me that Glinda's
underwear was about as plain and functional as my desk at work. Perhaps there
might be a few extra things that we needed to pick up before returning to my
place for some more lessons in love, or was it lust.

	We entered The Nook Adult Shoppe through the rear entrance and began
wandering through the place. Glinda at first was shocked by the covers of the
magazines encased in plastic. Then she giggled and pointed to one depicting a
couple of bored, bare assed models doing the nasty in a position that we had
tried out last evening. That seemed to break the ice a bit and so I steered her
toward the hard core video tapes. I'd been in this store on a number of
occasions during the last few months as my marriage slowly disintegrated, and
was somewhat familiar with the material available.

	I decided that a potpourri of filth was appropiate for my purposes.
Within fifteen minutes half a dozen tapes covering the waterfront from lesbian
through rough sex had been carefully selected. Included in this package was one
of my personal favorites, a German porn flick titled Der Pflaumenbaum, which
featured a bevy of buxom Teutonic ladies of various ages involved in such exotic
activities as fisting and golden showers not to mention the more conventional
anal action that seemed to be the staple of the German porn industry. What I
particularly enjoyed was the fact that the women appearing in these tapes were
not the raving beauties that populate most of the material shot in this country.
Considering the fantasy woman that I was actually doing and going to be doing
some more very shortly, this tape might be just what the doctor ordered when it
came to raising Glinda's consciousness about the joys that lay beyond things

	As we approached the check-out counter, manned by a tattooed fellow with
a surly attitude, Glinda clutched my arm and pointed excitedly toward a display
case containing a goodly selection of buzzing things and rubber models of sex
organs that were definitely not of standard girth and length. "My room mate,
Candi, has one of those!" she breathlessly announced, causing the bored sales
clerk to come out of his stupor. Glinda tapped the glass to indicate a sleek
silvery cylinder approximately nine inches in length, a battery operated
vibrator, standard issue for the sexually frustrated female. I started to wonder
what Candi looked like, then gave my ass a swift mental kick to bring myself
back to reality.

	Sensing a live one, the formerly surly, bored sales representative(his
title, not mine) approached us, his sleepy eyes widening as he realized that
Glinda did not fit the physical profile of the ladies that usually frequented
his establishment. We fell victim to his  expertise in the field of enhancement
devices (his words, not mine), and added a pocket rocket and an inflatible dildo
to our purchases. I was not at all sure that Glinda was ready for such advanced
sex toys, but it was her pussy not mine.

	My poor attempt at sophisticated humor cost me another large sum of
money. She absolutely lit up when I joked that all we needed to complete our
collection of adult toys and marital aids (his words, not mine) was a pair of
handcuffs. She tried on a number of different models before making her choice,
the one with the padded inserts guaranteed not to leave any unsightly marks. My
credit card was offered, swallowed up by the machine on the counter by the cash
register, and accepted. There would be hell to pay when this month's statement
rolled around. In the interests of fiscal reponsibility I tabled my idea of
taking Glinda to buy some decent or should I say indecent lingerie. We headed
back to my apartment with my young friend and pupil clutching her bag of fun to
her awesome chest.    

					  Chapter 14

	Upon returning to the apartment Glinda and I had a serious one-sided
discussion on what was on the agenda for her during the rest of the weekend. She
never flinched as she heard that she needed lots of work in order to become the
kind of woman that men would want to seriously consider as a long term partner.
"The way to a man's heart is not through his stomach until you're married, have
a legal right to at least half his assets and have him totally pussy whipped.
The average guy is a prisoner of his dick, it runs his life until it's been
satisfied. If you can't make that little guy roll over and play dead he will
have your man out looking for better pussy than you are providing. You can take
that to the bank."

	Glinda never uttered a word as I ran on and on about my theory of what a
woman needed to know in order to be successful in the battle of the sexes. As I
lectured her, a part of my brain was whispering, "You are so full of shit;
that's the reason for your brown eyes." Undeterred I continued my lecture,
watching her blue eyes blink occasionally while that all-world chest rose and
fell in rhythm with the words that tripped from my liar's tongue. My recent
experiences hadn't taught me any humility. My fall from grace would be quick and
very painful. There would be a lot more crow than pussy to eat in the coming
weeks. That being said, I proceeded to have the time of my life in the next day
and a half at poor Glinda's expense.

	"OK young lady it's time I started to show you the ropes and maybe also
those handcuffs you liked so much. Now get naked and be quick about it!" I was
once more treated to the sight of that fabulous body being unveiled as she shed
her sweat suit and kicked off her designer sneakers. The urge to simply attack
her on the spot took hold and it required an effort of the will to resist.

	"Spread those legs! I said spread them, wide, wider... Now get those
hands on the top of your head and hold that position until I return." She
complied without hesitation; this was going to be a fun day, at least for me. I
retreived the coils of rope that WooWoo had left in my care. I wondered if she'd
mind me putting them to use on another woman. That thought made me laugh to
myself. WooWoo had seemingly dropped me like a bad habit. What the hell did I
care about a few lengths of dumb rope? Plenty as I would discover in the months
to come.

	For the first time since my dear tramp of a wife bought it, it was a
delight to see the simple but quite functional coffee table, now ready to be
used for something practical, holding Glinda helpless while she watched and
learned from the collection of smut that I had selected earlier. It took a while
before I had this farmer's daughter securely tied to the table, legs tucked
beneath it and bent to present her hairy pubes for my viewing pleasure. I'd put
a pillow under that fabulous ass in order to make getting to her goodies easier
and more comfortable for me. A second pillow cradled her neck so she could watch
the action without much discomfort. The only things that I wanted to be stiff
today were my cock and perhaps her nipples and clit. I popped the first tape
into the VCR, hit the start button and settled down on the couch which gave me a
clear view of my lovely captive and the televison screen.

	The first tape was entitled "The Violation of Vicky Vlad". I thought it
rather unusual that the star of this lesbian fuck film had the same name as that
callous sheriff that had arrested Jill for public lewdness or some such
nonsense. I immediately forgot about it as the action began. Vicky and her much
younger partner began to go through their paces, licking and munching each
other's cunt, then progressing to mutual finger fucking, ass licking, and then
into a sixty-nine position for some serious labial lubrication. All these moves
were accompanied by a steady moaning and groaning from each lady. When they took
turns licking and then tongue fucking each other's asshole, I noticed that
Glinda's breathing had become a bit irregular. Her perfect breasts were rising
and falling erratically and she was squirming against her bonds, signs that
something was getting to her. Whether it meant something good or bad for yours
truly was not evident yet. I settled back and let things develop further.

	The second half of the tape was a gang rape of Vicky Vlad by a small
army of young, angry lesbians who assaulted the helpless woman with a wide
variety of colorful dildos of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and vibrators
ranging from the small but powerful pocket rockets to an industrial strength
wheel vibrator that looked powerful enough to take the lips off Vicky's cunt. As
a nice change of pace Vicky was skewered fore and aft by two lesbians using
strap-ons while the others cheered them on, screaming out instructions and some
rather ugly wishes for additional things that might be done to poor Vicky. The
grand finale featured some simulated fisting of Vickys' tired and well stretched
cunt by a couple of the ring leaders who appeared to be playing the roles of
dykes. At this point Glinda let out a low mournful sound and started quivering.
I detected the slight scent of musk and realized that the tape had at last
gotten to her.

	I quickly moved to the front of the coffee table and peeled back her
cunt lips which were  wet and swollen. She began humping up against my hand,
desperately trying to get herself off. It was an amazing sight to see this
goddess totally in the throes of something new and powerful. I pushed a finger
into her soaking wet slot and wiggled it around as her hips whipped back and
forth and her body shook like a tree in a gale. Her nipples were hard as stone
and the flesh around them was pebbled. When I tweaked one she let out a gasp and
went off like a bomb. Her body nearly tore itself free of its bonds, which gave
a bit, but held. Obviously WooWoo knew her ropes. Glinda's eyes were open but
unfocused and she was drooling. Without thinking I parted her cunt lips and
captured her stiff clit between thumb and forefinger. I jerked the nubbin of
flesh from side to side and then stretched it to its limit. She bellowed and the
flow of salty slime that oozed from her twitching cunt increased dramatically.
She was having the mother of all orgasms and probably her first as well. It was
a scary sight to behold. I sort of felt embarrassed as if I was intruding on
something that was very private and personal. It was going to be a very
interesting day if this was just the overture.

	The old Jon would have never taken advantage of the situation, but he
was fast receding into the past. Without further ado I sank my hard cock into
that oozing fuckbox and commenced giving her a major league pounding. She was so
wet I was surprised she even knew I was inside her. After a few preliminary
strokes to make sure my hard dick was properly seated I commenced drilling her
with a fervor that shocked me for a moment. Then my hands closed around her
stiff nippled tits and I concentrated on seeing how hard and fast I could do
her. I found myself staring into those vacant blue eyes as she began to grunt
and then match her movements to mine. Even though the bondage was getting in the
way of progress I kept driving in and out of her clutching channel, making her
body shake from the force of my assault. Without much warning my little buddy
began spurting deep inside Glinda, lauching an armada of wigglers into her
swampy birth canal. It was great! It was better than great, it was stupendous!

	Glinda hadn't said one word during the entire time I was drilling her
out. That was not good. I gingerly uncoupled myself from her, allowing a few
million sperm to dribble from her swollen lipped cunt and join the mess that had
built up between her spread thighs. There was no doubt that the coffee table
would soon be a featured buy at the local thrift shop. "Well, game for another
video or would you rather suck my cock so I can fuck you some more?"

	She was silent, her tongue running over her perfect lips, lips that I
soon hoped would be wrapped around my cock. This wasn't like me I thought. "Oh
yes it is big boy." the little man below piped up. It took only a moment to
start rationalizing my less than gentlemanly behavior. It was for her own good,
not my pleasure. ..A stiff dick has no conscience....She knew what she was
getting into.....This is a necessary part of her growth process.. Even what was
left of my former self wouldn't buy into this crap. Maybe what I'd just done was
revenge for her bad performance last evening. That one even made the new me
become nauseous. Finally I sighed and owned up to the fact that I was having a
hell of a good time tormenting this gorgeous sexy girl and looked forward to
making the top of her head lift off a number of times before I sent her home to
meditate and hopefully return for another lesson. I rubbed her heaving belly
affectionately, leaned over and said, "Want to see another tape?" She blinked
her eyes a couple of times and sighed. I interpreted that as a yes and popped in
a new tape.

	This was one of those old New York City made jobs featuring the usual
cast of sexual acrobats doing what they did best. Included in the cast were two
Hall of Famers, one being Tina Russell,  the most beautiful woman who ever did
porn. This fuck goddess would be dead before she was thirty from some pedestrian
illness having nothing to do with sex, drugs, or rock and roll. Also playing a
ditsy fuck maniac who sort of innocently wandered in and finished off the entire
male cast in some of the most hilarious sex ever filmed was Georgina Spelvin.
Georgina was literally a walk on into the business. She was in her mid thirties,
with an average body and a face you wouldn't look at twice. However this
housewife type had more sexual magnetism in her pinky than most of these
amateurs possessed in their entire bodies.

	This was back in the good old days when pubic hair was in along with
natural tits, garish lighting, scratchy audio and some of the most inventive
plots ever produced in this tawdry business. In those days some of the
directors, who rarely got credits, thought they were actually making movies.
Bedroom Bedlam was a prime example of the times. I sat back and immersed myself
in the madcap adventures of this classic ensemble of part time hookers, wannabe
actors and actresses and people who were just in the business for the thrills
and fun it created in their lonely lives.

	From the looks of Glinda, this one wasn't getting to her. During the
entire hour that this sexual roundelay played out its course the only sounds
that came from her were the sucking, squishing noises generated by her body
attempting to break free of the drying pool of liquid lust that evidently was
gluing her thighs and pubic hair to the surface of the table. " Oh well, one out
of two isn't a bad start" I thought as I went to get a wet towel to free my
visitor from this most embarrassing position.

	"You'd have fit right in with those ladies." Glinda was not amused,
merely grunting as the wet towel dissolved some of the gunk that speckled her
thick pubic bush. "Want to take a break?" I asked. She gave me a tired smile and
nodded her head. What followed wasn't exactly a break.

	We had another round, practicing our horizontal mambo movements. Glinda
was showing some improvement, no longer chewing on her lips while I searched for
the pool of oil that lay buried inside her. We swapped some spit and then once
more marched out to the living room for another tape session. This time I used
the handcuffs to keep her arms bent beneath the freshly wiped coffee table.

	This little gem was entitled "Never a Tender Moment", a Mitchell
Brothers tape that starred Marilyn Chambers. It had been shot at their theater
located in San Francisco and showed Miss Chambers being bound, beaten, fisted
and sodomized with a dildo by two dominatrices. What made it special was it also
showed the aforementioned porn superstar discussing her feelings and the rush it
gave her to be abused in this way. Glinda had taken this one in with great
interest and the look on her face was priceless as Marilyn and one of the
dominatrices held a postmortem of their act in the dressing room.

	Again she had the opportunity to practice her fellatio technique, but
Glinda once more refused to give into her darker side. Undeterred I decided to
satisfy one of my private fantasies, tit fucking, and for this one Glinda was
extremely well qualified. I dribbled some baby oil between those twin torpedoes,
slipped my stiff shaft in that moist valley and commenced burrowing between
those slippery, firm mounds of flesh while Glinda stared at what was being done
to her defenseless body. I should have felt guilty at taking advantage of her
situation but a stiff dick definitely has no conscience. The feeling was
intense, too intense. Whoever said sex is mental knew what they were talking
about. Within a few minutes there was a mixture of her sweat, the baby oil, and
my semen, now much depleted, becoming one within the valley of her hard nippled
breasts. There was a look on her face that was hard to interprete: part shock,
part puzzlement, part satisfaction and perhaps part realization. It is difficult
to explain why I grinned down at her. It was even harder to explain why she
grinned back at me.

	A moratorium was in order after what had just occurred. Glinda soon was
free and we adjourned to the shower. She offered no resistance when I soaped up
her firm breasts and toyed with those superb nipples while mindlessly rubbing
the suds into her flawless skin. I was pleasantly surprised when her soapy hands
found my flacid cock and began lathering it up in more ways than one. My little
buddy had decided to take a nap after all the fun and games so it took Glinda a
few minutes to get him out of bed. By then we were kissing and seeing if we
could exchange bodies, our limbs entwining as the warm water cascaded down on
us. The next thing I knew I was sliding down her sleek, wet body, finally
kneeling to worship that slippery thatch of matted pubic hair guarding her cunt.
At first her body seemed to be rigid, unyielding, then Glinda's hands moved down
to my head and guided my face into that secret place. I don't remember too much
after that. All I can say is it was a magical moment, one I'd never forget
despite losing the details.

	All this activity had given us an appetite for something other than sex,
namely fuel that might allow us to continue our sexual adventures. We ordered
out and after devouring a nourishing repast of thick crust pizza, Glinda
suggested another tape, but this time without the coffee table bondage. So we
curled up on the couch and watched a mid-ninties tape made by Bruce Seven, the
master of lesbian and anal action porn. This one covered the waterfront, ranging
from a mini-gangbang, through a lesbian threesome and ending with some over the
top anal action. Twice it was necessary to stop the tape because of extenuating
circumstances, to wit Glinda removing most of my clothing, such as it was, and
yours truly doing the same with her attire which consisted of one of my shirts
and a pair of those full cut panties that were her underwear uniform of the day.
I watched the last fifteen minutes of the tape under severe duress as Glinda's
right hand jacked my aching cock with slow teasing strokes while her left hand
fed me first one hard nippled breast and then the other once I'd slobbered all
over the first. I damn near got a stiff neck from trying to see over those
heavenly spheres she kept putting to my lips.

	I'm human, my only excuse for losing control and spurting a rather
impressive amount of watery semen onto my chest and stomach. Glinda was
delighted to see that for the moment she had taken command. She giggled and
pointed at the evidence of her power before leaning over and licking up a few
drops from my chest. She smacked her lips and said, "It tastes like salty
mustard." I was speechless, my mind trying to make some sense from what had just
occurred. However my musings were quickly distracted by her fingers moving up
and down my chest and belly, rubbing the semen into my skin. " I've been told
that it's good for the skin. Do you think so?", she asked mischievously. I
mumbled something about taking a shower and she offered to scrub my back, an
offer no sane man would refuse.

	Fresh from the shower we turned in for the night, but sleep was still
some time off. One thing led to another and she provided one more little
surprise, rolling up and onto me. "I want you to do all the work this time, just
like that guy in the movie we saw tonight." I quickly reran the tape at fast
forward in my mind, trying to find the particular scene to which she was
referring. There were a couple and in each case they ended in anal intercourse.
My hopes were up along with the little man, I called him Mikey in more private
moments, who began thumping against her belly, blindly searching for the path
that ran through that forest of pubic hair.

	Glinda put me through the wringer in the next hour or so. She was in
control and made sure that I realized it. Her instructions were brief and barked
out like a drill sergeant to a raw recuit. " Harder, do me harder!.....No, I
said harder!... I want to feel that gut slapping against me."....."Pick up the
pace, don't dwadle, do me, do me!" I started to wonder whether we had looked at
the same tapes today; this little lady had turned into a tiger. For the record
that's a 400 pound pussy that eats you. I huffed and puffed and Mikey slipped in
and out of that hairy hole as fast as my body could propel him. Glinda certainly
wasn't providing any resistance, her cunt was warm, wet and form-fitting. The
fact that her perfect tits were bouncing off my chest and occasionally
suffocating me when she moved to get into a better position also was a
distraction that got in the way of progress. She finally gave me a break,
lifting her tight twat off my tired dick, doing a 180 and settling that heart
shaped ass down on my sweaty face, making sure that my nose was buried between
those superb cheeks. While I gasped for breath, her hand wrapped around my dick
and began to jack it with firm, slow, oh so slow, strokes. I stayed hard and
after a minute or two of this treatment she  resumed her position, slipped Mikey
back into the tunnel of love and we commenced doing the nasty with renewed

	On the next break she snuggled next to me and proceeded to kiss my cock
from base to tip, slobbering as she went. On her second pass she began to gently
bite my saliva coated prick, playing with it like a dog with a chew toy. This
was a little more than I was expecting and I teetered between joy and fear as
she kept nipping at my most precious natural resource. Once more she mounted up
and this time she put the spurs to me and just as my heart was on the verge of
leaping completely through my chest I heard the launch chief announce that "we
have ignition." It was a fine launch with no deviation from the flight plan. I
guess Glinda was satisfied as well since her cunt clamped a death grip on my
well traveled member all during launch. There was no pillow talk afterward, and
almost as if someone had flipped a switch I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

	I woke up tired the next morning. Glinda had damned near killed me. I
was almost afraid to look over at her for fear that she was awake and ready for
another close encounter of the exhausting kind. She got up while I was in the
kitchen working on my second cup of coffee. I heard her padding towards the
bathroom and steeled myself for whoever would show up this morning.

	 Private Glinda Garman was reporting for duty this time, a great relief
to yours truly. The tigress was once more a pussy,and a hairy one at that. Her
bush was so thick and dark that I could see it clearly through the crotch of her
granny panties, which was all she had on this morning. The tiredness that dogged
me was immediately banished by the sight of her fabulous breasts and bright
smile. I could hardly wait to tie her down to the coffee table and start giving
her some payback for last night. She was hungry for some odd reason and since
there was nothing of consequence in the refrigerator we dressed and departed for
a little place nearby that served a mean breakfast.

	We returned at noon, and I suggested we take in another tape. She gave
me one of her breathless, little girl smiles and began to strip. It had the
makings of a fun afternoon. This time she got another chance to try out her new
handcuffs and soon she was neatly trussed up, ready to be sacrificed to the gods
of porn. The tape started and we settled down to watch one of the latest from
Joey S, a disciple of Stagliano, who in turn was tutored by the late, great
Bruce Seven, already represented yesterday. Naturally there was no way for my
lovely pupil to know this, but I dug that little tidbit of porn history anyway.

	This tape contained all the fetishes that Joey doted on; bondage,
domination and submission, exotic costumes, very young looking girls and some of
the hottest boy-girl sex, with the emphasis on anal, being shot today. Unlike
your typical fetish tapes, his were well lit with traditional backdrops and
awesomely attractive women ranging from teens to those on the wrong side of 30
representing a welter of races and nationalities. It was almost surreal to watch
his cast of clean-cut men and extremely attractive women doing their thing in
bright sunshine or opulently furnished homes. The ladies did such bizarre things
as pitching softball, shooting hoops, ironing clothes, even wrapping each other
in tape and blindfolds. These creatures ruled his roost; simulating bondage
during sex by how they positioned their hands, wearing fantastic costumes, and
the young teens, all new to the business, dominating Joey, who seemed to spend
his time muttering the words, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," almost like a
mantra as he kept introducing some of the freshest, most attractive women and
teens who ever did porn. I was very curious to see how Glinda would respond to
this type of off the wall material.

	Nothing happened until the end of the second scene. Suddenly Glinda
announced in a very loud voice that she wanted me to fuck her silly, or
something like that. I was too stunned by this outburst to remember exactly what
I heard. Complying with this request proved to be a daunting task. Once was
definitely not enough for this young lady and she made it perfectly clear that
it would take quite a bit more stimulation of her private parts before she would
consider herself satiated for the moment. I didn't like to hear the words,
"'satiated" and "for the moment" in the same sentence. Then it hit me, how dumb
could I be. What about the pocket rocket I'd bought for her yesterday? Now if
only it had batteries. Unfortunately the little buzzer was barren of batteries,
but fortunately the inflatable dildo didn't need any.

	I returned to my impatient prisoner and attempted to calm her down.
Despite that unruly forest of pubic hair, my tongue wormed its way into her wet
cunt, tasting my salty semen, and her juices. Glinda humped herself against my
face, trying to get my head inside that hot wet channel. It was time to fill up
that squeeze box. Her eyes got big when she saw the rubber toy in my hand. She
was so wet that it slipped easily into her hot box. I found her stiff clit and
began to strum it with my thumb while my other hand began to pump up the dildo.
Initially there was little reaction from Glinda. Then her body stiffened and her
legs began to shake as I continued to inflate the dildo. Her eyes popped and her
breathing changed to a pattern of gasps as I paused to let her twat adjust to
the size of the invader. She sighed and shifted her hips as much as she could,
considering her bonds. "I want it bigger. Stretch me!" The way she said it was
more like a command rather than a request.

	 I squeezed her hot button and pulled it free of its hood, as I said
"You want it big, I'll give you big." As the dildo expanded still more, her cunt
lips began to narrow. I could see part of the black rubber bulb beginning to
bulge out from her cunt. Her breathing was becoming more ragged, and a sheen of
perspiration started to coat her goose-bumped flesh. Her nipples were starting
to swell and stiffen as her fuck box strained to accommodate the ever expanding
rubber ball lodged deep within her.

	It was damned near impossible to pump any more air into the dildo. I
paused to let my hand rest and watched her body begin to thrash against its
bonds. Her fat clit felt like a marble, solid with blood and twitching nerve
endings. Abruptly she went off like a breaching whale, her sweaty body
convulsing madly against the ropes that held her fast, her head slamming  up and
down against the pillow that supported her neck, and a sound issuing from her
gaping mouth that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This my friends
was a full blown, adult sized orgasm.

	To make a long story short, that was that. When Glinda returned to earth
she discovered she had pulled some muscles and had developed a severe headache,
probably from beating her head against the coffee table while she was climaxing.
I was almost in a panic, worried that my boorish behavior might have caused her
discomfort. It took a few minutes to free her from her bonds and get her
comfortable. She waved off my apologies, gave me a teary smile and announced
that she wanted to go home. We never did see the rest of the tapes, but upon
returning to my apartment after seeing her home I discoverd that the tape we
were watching and my favorite German video were both missing. 

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					       Chapter 15

	If I hadn't been too busy being a male chauvinist pig, it might have
dawned on me that my little porn marathon had stirred up some things in Glinda.
In retrospect they had probably been buried and festering all the years she had
been doing the nasty with her dad and brothers. What I had naively thought were
positive responses to my training program, were instead signs that someone else
was coming out of the closet. There were some bizarre events about ready to go
down, and I'd be in the eye of the storm, so to speak.

	I saw Glinda a number of times at work during the next week. She
appeared to be none the worse for her experience on Sunday, but my pupil seemed
to be kind of distant, even unfocused. However I didn't pick up any feelings of
anger towards me, which was a very good sign. Things were busy at the thought
factory, so there wasn't much time to dwell on her behavior. A very enjoyable
distraction surfaced in my mail at midweek, a fat folder from Allie, the long
awaited pictures of the swing club meeting.

	There were sixty-nine photos in this latest care package. I'd have to
ask Allie one of these days if the number had any significance. Unlike the first
batch of pictures, very few of these bore any notes from Allie. After a quick
pass through the stack, I separated the choice ones for closer scrutiny,
noticing only a couple had any additional information posted on the back. It may
not have been a gangbang, but Jill had certainly made a lot of new friends,
almost equally divided between men and women. Her partners covered the spectrum
in terms of age, shape, and in the case of the men, size. The ladies had even
more granularity, splitting into such subgroups as fisters, lickers, face
sitters, plus dildo (strap-on and hand operated) and vibrator users.

	One picture seemed to sum up the kind of fun and games that occurred at
the meeting. It showed a rather heavy-set, moon faced woman with gray hair, big
sagging tits and a beer belly seated on Jill's face with a look that could only
be described as contented. A thick dildo was protruding from my wife's asshole.
Another skinny, middle-aged lady with close cropped black hair had about half
her arm below the elbow wedged up Jill's cunt. To complete the tableau, a
good-looking blonde was holding a pocket rocket vibrator against my wayward
wife's fully exposed clit, the fingers of her other hand spread to keep the hood
of Jill's hot button out of the way. I would have given anything to see the look
on my slutty wife's face as the trio did their best to turn her inside out.

	Another great shot was a close up of the gaping asshole of the "guest of
honor". Her raw, swollen, cum leaking backdoor looked like an infected wound.
Allie had scribbled "Six hours into the party and counting". There were shots of
Jill being simultaneously plugged fore and aft while her throat bulged from a
long thick cock that was tickling her tonsils. I enjoyed looking at the
photograph of her being pissed on by three guys. Her head was bent back by a
naked brunette with a hairy bush who had Jill's hair wrapped around her fist.
Piss was overflowing from her mouth while twin streams splattered across her
tightly shut eyes and teeth marked tits.

	Over the next couple of evenings I spent considerable time revisiting
the record of Jill's first encounter with the local swingers. Trying to put them
into some kind of chronological order became an amusing pastime. After a few
tries the pictures fell into three segments beginning with Jill and one or two
partners, moving to her as part, usually the focus, of various groups, and then
finishing with a totally wasted "fuck pig" being used and abused by a small
number of hard core folks.

	What the last bunch lacked in energy and looks, they made up for in
nastiness. Jill's body bore rings of teeth marks, especially on her big breasts,
rounded ass and the insides of her smooth tapering thighs. She also had a host
of minor cuts, scrapes and bruises that she'd picked up mostly from her stay
with the mean bunch. I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that the sight of
her very hot naked body caused some shortness of breath and some growth in
another part of my anatomy.

	During one of my passes through the picture stack I realized that the
cuffs Jill wore during this lengthy session looked identical to the pair that
Glinda had selected for herself, and that I had used to restrain her during part
of our wild weekend. The number of coincidences was beginning to pile up. The
voice in my head asked, "Can you spell nexus?" as the calliope wheezed back into
life in the background.

	Late that week Glinda called me at home and we had a nice friendly chat. 
She apologized for snubbing me, saying that she had some issues to get
straightened out with her roommate, Cindi. My student hinted that she could fit
another "lesson" into her weekend schedule. A time, Saturday afternoon, and a
place, my apartment, were quickly negotiated. Her parting comment, "I'll be
bringing my toys, all my toys." made me quiver with suppressed lust as my mind
began to develop this weekend's lesson plan.

	Promptly at one o'clock came a knock at my door. There stood Glinda in
her sweat suit holding the hand of a plump brunette a few years older than she.
"This is Cindi, my new toy." Glinda announced as she shoved her companion across
the threshold. "Never a dull day", I thought as my plans for the session went
out the window.

	Glinda dropped the gym bag she'd been carrying and barked "Strip bitch!
Let my teacher see the merchandise." While the plump babe wiggled out of her
clothing, Glinda quickly freed her body of the baggy sweats and her utilitarian
underwear. I wondered if she bought those stodgy undies by the dozen at some
grubby outlet warehouse store. That musing was instantly erased when her
fabulous form was revealed. It was now marred by patches of bruised flesh, teeth
marks, plus a goodly number of scratches and cuts, many obviously caused by some
one's fingernails. The thick mat of springy pubic hair that had been the source
of much teasing on my part was gone except for a small strip that outlined her
cunt. That particular new look certainly worked for me.  For a few moments I
just gawked at Glinda's naked body, my mind trying to make sense out of the
marks it now carried. Then Cindi came into focus and confusion reigned supreme.

	Her body was also decorated with similar cuts, bruises, scratches and
what looked to be burns. Not only that, most of the damage seemed to be located
in the same general areas as Glinda's. Cindi had a set of pear shaped tits that
already were beginning to droop. However they were topped off nicely with long,
thick nipples that flared out from the almost black areolas surrounding them.
She had the beginnings of a little pot belly that pooched over the fleshy flaps
of wrinkled skin guarding her cunt. Cindi was devoid of pubic hair. Her thighs
were thick columns when compared to the flowing geometry of Glinda's. My
examination was interrupted when Glinda delivered a loud slap to her companion's
ass. "Show him your butt so he can see what a bad girl you've been." The
brunette snapped to, turning to display her broad cheeks now criss-crossed with
welts and bruises. Someone, no doubt my rather precocious student, had been
laying the leather, big time, to that plump posterior.

	I guess I was becoming jaded, because it wasn't a shock or even a big
surprise when Glinda did a slow turn and wiggled her well whipped, heart shaped
ass for my inspection. My whistle brought a silvery laugh from her. "I've also
been a bad girl, a very bad girl. My slave complains that her arm aches after
she gives me the sound strapping that I so richly deserve."

	Perhaps I'd been living a sheltered life. Where were all the "normal"
women who liked, or at least pretended to like, fairly conventional sex done
with care, some degree of competence and an appreciation of their partner's
feelings about the matter? My life had taken a decided turn for the strange, no
doubt about that.

	It didn't take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that these two were doing
some serious domination and submission game playing. Evidently they were
switchng roles,perhaps daily, which would explain the matching marks they
carried. Today Glinda was the top. My role was yet to be determined, but it
looked as if Cindi was in for a very stressful afternoon and perhaps evening. I
was curious about what happened at midnight, would Glinda turn into a wimpering
slave like some warped version of Cinderella?

	Glinda's voice broke the spell as she shouted, " On your knees you
cock-crazed slut, and keep those hands behind your back! Show me how you can
suck, and you better make it good for him or I'll take the skin off that fat
ass!" I was the lucky beneficiary of Cindi's efforts to demonstrate her talent.
What she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. As her head bobbed back
and forth on my stiff joint, slobbering all over its rigid length,I realized
that as I had suspected, Glinda was the culprit who lifted the tapes. She was
evidently trying to recreate one of the later scenes in the tape we were
watching just before her "seizure".

	 Thinking ahead I wondered if her gym bag contained a dildo matching the
segmented monster used on the young, tastefully tattooed porn star wannabe in
the final scene of that tape. Even better, would Cindi finally have to take my
now twitching cock up her asshole before this little scene played itself out?
These questions were soon answered.

	All good things must come to an end, and so after a time Glinda
commanded her slave to cease her efforts. This was not to my  liking, but I
persevered. While Cindi sat back on her haunches, hands on her knees, awaiting
further instructions, Glinda rummaged around in the gym bag, pulling a variety
of very interesting items from its depths. "I need a pillow." Glinda said as she
organized her toys on the floor beside the coffee table. She pointed to that
piece of well worn furniture and said, "On your back with those legs spread."
While Cindi assumed the position,I came up with a pillow slightly stained from
the activities of the previous weekend.

	As I watched, becoming more impressed by the minute, Glinda proceeded to
truss Cindi up like a Christmas turkey, her legs bent beneath the table and
anchored to its legs with short lengths of rope. Her cuffed wrists were pulled
over her head and joined to one of the support rungs below with another length
of rope. Her broad bottom rested on the pillow, elevating her bald cunt for easy
access and making her puckered asshole vulnerable as well. I was already
calculating what position would be best for me when I would be given permission
to sodomize her.

	It got real kinky. Glinda was putting progressively larger and larger
toys into Cindi that buzzed, hummed or were just designed to scrape and stretch
the female innards. Cindi in turn was taking her mind off the wicked sensations
that these toys created by licking and sucking my asshole, a uniquely delightful
experience new to me. My little buddy was standing at attention, waiting for his
treat from the plump brunette.

	 Glinda really knew what she was doing when it came to teasing Cindi. I
could tell when the slave was getting close to climaxing by the way her tongue
moved, getting faster and trying to cover more territory than usual. It was then
that I would always hear the buzzing, humming or strange suctioning sounds that
the monster dildos made, slow or stop. This would be followed by a long drawn
out groan from the helpless woman. The vibration this produced in my bottom was
a real treat. One slave's frustration was this teacher's joy. The laughter from
Glinda indicated that she too was getting off on Cindi's plight.

	Although I was repeatedly urged to "Slap her tits! Twist those nipples
until she screams! Yank those saggy bags off her chest! Pull her hair! Pound her
head against the table!", I declined with thanks. I knew, or at least thought I
knew, that violence was not my thing. Hopefully I was a lover, not a fighter.
Glinda was less than enchanted with my attitude. She tried to gain my sympathy
by describing all the terrible things that Cindi had done to her during the past
week. That didn't fly either. Then she started to insult my manhood, declaring
that I was a wimp or even worse, a pussy with a dick. At that point I invited
her to take a hike along with her companion.

	When Glinda realized that I was deadly serious, she backed off and tried
to worm her way back into my good graces. "OK, I got a little crazy, but that
damned bitch has really gone to town on me. Not only that, she's threatening to
have some guys she knows work on me next Saturday. You call that fair?" Then she
played her trump card, saying with a knowing smile, " The least you could do for
me is give this bitch a good ass fucking. Is that asking too much? Why don't you
practice on her today and maybe I'll let you take a crack at my crack the next
time we get together." You talk about an offer you can't refuse, this was it!

	I suggested that we take Cindi into my bedroom where it was more
comfortable, especially for me. The thought of doing her in the ass while she
was propped up on a pillow on the small coffee table didn't do much for me. Soon
the three of us were ensconced in my bedroom. Cindi,  her hands still cuffed
behind her back, lay face up with her legs free of any bonds. Glinda was
straddling her, forcing her head against her pubic mound so Cindi's tongue could
be pleasuring  her mistress while I reamed out her back channel. I had gotten
her legs up over my shoulders and had her in almost a jackknife position as I
knelt between her spread thighs.

	I tongued her puckered entrance to provide some lubrication and relax
the tough muscle that guarded her colon. Meanwhile I could hear her slobbering
all over Glinda's pubes. The sounds and scents that soon enveloped the room
worked like some kind of aphrodisiac,making my cock as hard as stone. She
yielded easily to my initial thrust, her sphincter offering almost no resistance
as the head of my hard dick slid smoothly into her tight tunnel. I wondered if
the lack of resistance had anything to do with the enormous dildos that were in
Glinda's possession. It also crossed my mind that perhaps Glinda's anal
passageway would be just as accommodating for the same reason. I was determined
to find out sooner than later.

	The three of us made the bedsprings squeak big time. My cock wormed its
way deeper into Cindi's bowels while Glinda ground her pussy up and down on her
face, smothering her grunts as I picked up the pace. I discovered that on the
downstroke Glinda's back was in range of my tongue. She shifted her body
somewhat and I was able to lick her shoulders and nuzzle her neck while I probed
Cindi's poop chute. Just as I was developing a good rhythm, Cindi's asshole
began to pulse in concert with my strokes. That was a new sensation which
quickly sent me over the edge. I filled Cindi's bottom with a goodly amount of
wigglers and withdrew with a loud pop. Glinda hardly noticed as she concentrated
on flattening Cindi's face with her pussy, seemingly more interested in
punishing her slave rather than deriving any sexual pleasure from this odd

	Cindi looked like a glazed donut by the time Glinda finished polishing
her face with her cunt. The drill sergeant quickly rearranged us; now Cindi was
on her stomach between my legs, giving my cock a thorough cleaning with lips and
tongue. Glinda was seated beside us playing with her slave's rump. She
alternated between delivering some vicious spanks to the woman's cheeks or
sticking her middle finger into her asshole to collect some of my spent
offering. Every time she whacked Cindi, the woman reacted by clamping down on my
joint or trying to swallow it, depending upon where she was working when she was
so rudely interrupted. Periodically Glinda would intrude and force Cindi to lick
off the goo that had coated her probing finger. When she got bored with that
routine she settled down and began to stroke my cock while Cindi kept the head
in her mouth. Now that is every man's dream, two women on his cock, trying to
get it hard or off, depending on your fantasy.  Personally I wanted another go
at Cindi's bottom.

	During the rest of the session which ended just about sunset, Glida put
Cindi through her paces. I was given ample time to familiarize myself with
Cindi's colon and to evaluate her oral capabilities. However Glinda skillfully
avoided any congress between us, devoting her time and attention to making Cindi
as uncomfortable as possible. Some of the highlights of our day involved
watching Glinda grind Cindi's cunt to a blistered strip of oozing crimson with
an industrial strength wheel vibrator so powerful that it required her to use
both hands to control it. Then there was the thrill of taking turns pumping air
into the inflatable dildo, trying to simulate the birthing experience for
Glinda's slave.

	Another unique experience revolved around Cindi giving me an extended
blowjob while Glinda brought her to repeated climaxes with the pocket rocket in
combination with a large, pulsating, ribbed monster that was buried to the hilt
in her puffy cunt. Every time she came it felt as if my cock was being swallowed
whole. Unfortunately this little adventure came to an abrupt and unhappy
conclusion when Cindi, in the throes of a particularly intense meeting with her
maker, accidently bit down rather hard on my stiff cock, catching it in a death
grip about midway along its length.After determining that the damage to my
favorite external organ was minor and apologizing profusely for boxing Cindi's
ears in a mad effort to escape her teeth, I was given a chance to take my little
buddy for a test drive in Cindi's very sore, well stretched cunt. 

	This one happened in the bathroom. What made it so interesting was the
fact that she was holding the contents of a rather large enema thanks to the
collared bung that Glinda had worked up her asshole once she was done
administering the contents of the rubber bag that she had fished from the
recesses of that gym tote. Ever the gentleman, I took Cindi from the rear in a
standing position to avoid putting any additional stress on her bloated
midsection.While she shuddered and sweated from the strain the roiling contents
of her lower intestine were creating, I gave her a leisurely prodding, taking my
good old time. She was moaning and pleading hysterically by the time I dumped my
load into her loose cunt, wondering if there was a chance that one of my
weakened sperm might make the trek and somehow strike gold within her. That
would be some kind of warped form of justice for her attempt to turn me into a

	When they took their leave Glinda let me know that my less than
enthusiastic response to her requests for assistance in disciplining her slave
for the day had put a dent, its size to be determined later, in our
relationship. At least she was honest enough to let me know what the problem
was. Deep down inside I doubted that I'd ever be able to deal out major doses of
physical pain and suffering to anyone. It would hurt to lose someone as gorgeous
as Glinda, but she had issues that hadn't even been addressed yet. I wasn't sure
I wanted to get more deeply involved with this bundle of conflicts, confusion
and contradictions. Besides there was a remote chance that Jill might see the
light and be returned to me as my loving wife. "Sure" that little voice
answered, "she'll probably fly back to you on a pig."

					( To be continued )    

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					             Chapter 16

	The next day was Sunday and so I tried to catch Allie at home. The
second time proved to be the charm, she had just returned after dropping Jill
off at nurse Nora's place for a little one on one session. Rod was out carousing
with some of his rowdy friends and so she was happy to bring me up to date on
what was happening with my wayward wife, especially since it was my nickel for
the call.

	According to Allie, Jill was fitting right in after a bumpy first week.
She was undergoing therapy for her social problems, a polite way to describe the
whoring she had been doing behind my back. In addition she was assisting the
doctors in evaluating various treatments and medications they were considering
for use on the hospital patients. She laughed and described Jill's job as being
a "crash test dummy".

	She gave me the lowdown on Lockhaven Hospital, "a private oasis for
those in need of a break from the stresses of daily life", a quote directly from
the brochure that was only mailed to an A-list of very wealthy people with very
unique problems. Currently there were only four patients staying at the "oasis",
three females and a male.

	 Two were 16 year old teenaged twins who were being treated for deviant
sexual behavior, namely their two year lesbian relationship that had recently
led to the attempted suicide of one of them. The other was a woman in her late
40s who was suffering from anxiety attacks caused by her fear that her husband
would discover her predilection for well hung young men.

	Now that her husband had finally gotten wind of this behavior, she was
well on her way to being cured, because she no longer had to worry about being
discovered. Allie said that the story got very weird and she didn't want it to
sidetrack her from detailing what was going on with my wife. However she did
promise to give me all the gory details at another time.

	Allie couldn't resist saying a few words about the guy that had been
admitted recently.He was the boy toy of a rich widow. She'd caught him fooling
around with some young cuties and given him a choice, leave the comfort of her
estate or submit to some intensive "rehabilitation" at Lockhaven. It was
difficult to get what she said through the peals of laughter, but evidently he
was regularly servicing a few of the nurses and other hospital personnel as part
of his therapy. What made it so funny was they were generally fat, old and
nasty, sort of like his present keeper. The staff had started a pool to pick the
day when he couldn't get it up regardless of the threats that were being used to
incentivize him.

	Jill was currently undergoing aversion therapy in hopes of curing her
itch for strange cock. She'd be brought to orgasm by mechanical means that were
much more sophisticated than the dildos and vibrators used by most women. Jill's
cunt was being reamed and rodded out by a  machine designed to simulate the
action of a well hung gigolo. While this was happening, an array of  sensors
glued to various portions of her body was feeding data to a computer programmed
to identify a woman's impending orgasm.

	 When the computer said "Bingo", all hell broke loose. At first Jill was
treated with electroshock, the kind that fried some brain cells everytime it was
used. My slut wife proved to be quite resistant to this approach. She soon was
taking maximum power for the maximum time and showing no signs of change in her
attitude toward her mechanical lover. Even after a few days straight of maximum
everything she still would start getting wet before they turned on the machine.
Running the power through the long, thick, ribbed and studded cylinder that was
a reasonable facsimile of the diseased sex organ of some farm animal had no
effect whatsoever, despite the awful smell her cunt released when the funk she
generated was instantly vaporized in situ.

	Ice water enemas delivered by means of a small pump for maximum effect
proved no panacea either. This was an extremely dangerous procedure because of
the force required to speedily flood her bowels. There had been some unfortunate
accidents in the past, one causing a perforated bowel that required surgery.
Then someone got the bright idea of combining the two therapies. That worked
like a charm the first time, except Jill went into shock for hours and two days
later demonstrated that she had become resistant to this approach as well.

	Presently the doctors were examining the use of pain as an orgasm
inhibitor, but it was too early to assess progress because there were so many
ways to cause pain and so many different types of pain that could be created.
Allie observed that this stage of her sister's treatment matched well with her
hospital assignment.

	My wayward wife was being used as a test bed for new types of enemas
dreamed up by nurse Nora and a few of her disciples at the hospital. Some were
designed to dehydrate the patient, but naturally there was a fine line between
sucking most of the juice from a body and turning it into a corpse. Allie
laughed as she described how easy it was to get Jill to drink piss after a day
taking a few of these experimental solutions.

	 Others were created to cause the patient to wish that he or she was
dead, but never giving them their wish. These were predicated on the idea of
mixing different chemicals that did not react at room temperature. However once
they were released into the body's intestines, the elevated temperature would
set off a chemical reaction causing the release of huge amounts of gaseous
byproducts. To Jill this was akin to having a bomb go off inside her gut. The
doctors were interested in developing a precisely controlled solution with a
known yield. To date Jill had been tested with twenty-six candidate solutions
and was still functioning. The nurses joked that the rapid expansion of her
belly from these various mixtures was soon going to give her stretch marks,
which made her crazy with anxiety. It didn't help that Allie was still forcing
her to drink perhaps a gallon of whatever noxious liquid was available whenever
Rod wanted to exercise his fetish for fucking pregnant women, which could not be
easily satisfied in this sparsely populated community.

	Jill continued to be less than thrilled by her encounters with Shagger
and his canine cohorts, but Sheriff Vlad claims that sooner or later she'll
acquire a taste for doggy dick. Allie said that when that happened she was going
to buy a dog, a big dog. Good progress had been made to find a place that could
provide equine servicing for Allie's sister. It turned out that a local lawyer,a
man named Kurtz, owned a rather large working farm an hour's drive from the
town. He and his brother were involved in the making of specialty videos for
distribution and sale to Asia and Europe. On more than one occasion he provided
such services as Allie was seeking. Allie also claimed that rumor had it that
lawyer Kurtz's daughter, a member of the sheriff's staff, had appeared in this
type of video on occasion.

	Finally Allie got around to the subject of Jill's pending meeting with
the parson and Nancy. It was tentatively scheduled for the weekend after next
and I could expect to be receiving a tape of the proceedings shortly thereafter.
According to my sister-in-law, the parson was still quite put out about my
behavior towards his slave-wife and the big city attitude that Jill had
developed after she left the area. He intended to put her in her place with a
vengeance. Allie was so concerned that she was trying to have the sheriff attend
the taping to provide some degree of protection in the event that things got out
of hand.

	Glinda failed to show up for work, calling in sick. To me that meant
that Cindi had probably done a good job of payback, since Sunday would have been
Glinda's turn in the barrel. However when she was missing in action the
following day, I checked up and discovered that Cindi also hadn't reported for
work this week either.  At noon I called Glinda and got no answer from her or
her answering machine. At that point I started to worry. After work I drove over
to the girls' apartment and discovered they weren't home. Things had turned
decidedly strange. That night I called three times with no answer. Their
answering machine had obviously been turned off, which was another sign they
wanted to be incommunicado. Where had they gone, and for what purpose? I drew a

	Wednesday was just full of surprises. It seemed that Glinda had called
in early that morning and given notice without an explanation, asking that all
salary due her be sent to a post office box in St.Paul. Checking around further,
I found out that Cindi had also abruptly terminated her relationship with the
company. That evening I got a call from Cindi. As I listened to what she told
me, it all began to make sense.

	Upon returning to their apartment Sunday, there was a quick reversal in
roles, probably sparked by the going over that she had gotten that afternoon.
They stayed up nearly the entire night as Cindi worked on her beautiful well
built roommate who was securely bound and gagged, when appropriate. A few hours
before dawn, the other Glinda, full blown in a sense, finally came out of the
closet. Cindi had suspected that a personality change might be in the offing,
and she took full advantage of this opportunity.

	Glinda 2 was almost child-like, very insecure in her new surroundings
and suffering the torments of the damned brought about by her lengthy incestuous
relationship with the male members of her family. She sought forgiveness and
redemption for the sins of the past. Cindi seized the day, taking command of
this frightened waif. The new Glinda proved to be easily controlled, almost
reveling in her submissive position with respect to her roommate. There was a
darker side to Cindi as well, and it too flowered. No longer was she the
plumpish, faceless cog in the machine. Now she had some power and she would make
the most of it.

	In her other life Cindi had been attracted to those living on the edge,
discipline problems at school, angry at the injustice of the system that kept
them down. Then evolving into hoodlums, petty criminals, some becoming members
in good standing of the biker culture, the last of the modern outlaws,so they
claimed. Cindi may have been attracted, but she was frightened of the
consequences. She dreaded losing her identity, becoming the slave of a gang of
mindless, angry malcontents.

	 Now she had an entry into this culture that would offer her some status
and power. The new Glinda, fabulously built, very pretty and completely
submissive, her slave, would be the perfect foil for Cindi. Glinda sought
redemption. She was willing to pay the price to eliminate the nightmares she
suffered. In her simplistic way of thinking, she would be cleansed by the fires
of hell, but return from the pit, reborn. Cindi would be her guide.

	I began to gt a bit nervous as Cindi ran on about her grandiose plans
for herself and her slave. I asked if I could speak to Glinda, but was rebuffed.
" Glinda is not here. She is in another place being purified before she begins
her new life." They way Cindi said those words only got me more worried.
"Purified" was the kind of word that could mean anything unless you knew the
context in which it resided.

	Sometimes it's best not to challenge a person, especially one who claims
to have discovered the truth about things. My approach was quickly rewarded.
Cindi invited me to Glinda's rebirthing ceremony. Naturally I immediately
accepted with thanks. Cindi did not offer any information concerning the time or
place of the ceremony at this time. All she would say before she hung up was,
"You will learn all you need to know a few hours before the ceremony is to take
place. I will be in touch."

	It was pretty obvious that this get-together would occur sometime over
the weekend. I could not imagine Cindi being utterly confident that she could
reach me while I was a work, or expect me to drop everything I was doing to
attend. I stewed about the situation and rejected such options as going to the
authorities or trying to stake out their apartment. On a hunch I dialed Glinda's
number and received a recorded message informing me that the number I had dialed
was no longer in service. It looked as if the pair had flown the coop; now all I
could do was wait.

	My wait was a long one, not until late in the afternoon on Saturday did
I hear from Cindi. She gave me an address and said I was to be there in two
hours. As I took West 35 out of the city headed towards the little town of
Falcon Heights located close to the University's Institute of Agriculture I
pondered over many things. Darkness was closing fast and I could see the first
indications that another bitter winter was only weeks away.

	 What was I getting myself into? No one knew where I was, and in the
event of trouble it wouldn't be until Monday, midmorning at the best, before
someone started wondering why I hadn't called in sick. By then I could be dead
and buried or lying out in the woods badly injured. Looking on the brighter
sight of things I might be enjoying the soft, warm flesh of Glinda, my reward
for rescuing her from the foul fiends that were ready to do her in. I dismissed
that thought as the ravings of some oversexed teenager.

	Then it struck me that Jillian Jones, JJ, would be back running her
little enclave and perhaps also wondering why I hadn't tried to contact her. I'd
been so wrapped up with the saga of Glinda and Cindi that the return of my hot
bodied bed partner of three weeks ago had completely slipped my mind. I sighed
at the prospect of having no one to keep me warm during the coming winter.           

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

						Chapter 17

	My destination turned out to be some kind of a meeting hall, perhaps a
grange considering the territory surrounding it. To reach the building I had to
go through a gate and follow the winding road to the rear of the building where
I discovered a large parking lot already occupied by perhaps twenty cars, most
of them luxury or high end models. This certainly had not been what I expected.
Where were the bikes, the trucks, the modified muscle cars that I associated
with those I imagined were holding Glinda?

	It got even stranger when I entered through the illuminated side door
after telling the large gentleman at the door my name, and showing him some ID
as if I was about to enter an exclusive dance club. Another gentleman, almost as
large as his buddy out front, handed me a hooded cloak. I donned the garment and
pulled the cowl over my head and snapped a flap that covered my face below the
eyes. The attendant gave me the once over, nodded his head, and directed me with
a pointed finger toward another large, wooden door.

	I entered a hall that already contained dozens of robed figures who
formed small groups, chatting quietly among themselves. I looked around at the
dark paneling of the walls, partially covered by framed pictures and tapestries.
I approached one of the pictures which was of a man in his mid 50s with an
impassive visage topped off by a set of glittering eyes that seemed to see right
through me. I felt a tug on my robe and turned to confront a smaller figure,
most likely a woman. "I'm so glad you could come to Glinda's rebirthing" Cindi

	Before I could overwhelm her with the welter of questions that were
whirling about in my head, she waved them off with a sweep of her cloaked arm,
and continued, "The ceremony will begin in a few minutes once everyone has been
assembled. Stay with me and try not to make yourself conspicuous. Just remember
that everything that you are about to see is what Glinda has desperately wanted
for the last ten years."

	We waited until the final few stragglers had arrived. A muted gong-like
signal resounded throughout the hall. Cindi and I followed the train of hooded
figures as they began to leave the large paneled holding area. What I was to
experience in the next hours was something that would remain burned into my
brain for the rest of my life. Beyond the hall lay five doors, each with a light
above it.I could not help being reminded of a peep show setting. That was not
too far from the truth. The lights above two of the rooms were already lit, a
signal that they were fully occupied. Cindi and I chose the one closest to us
that still had space, and we entered. One small bulb in the ceiling provided
enough light to allow us to seat ourselves on a long cushioned bench situated
against one of the white walls. It took a minute or two before the room reached
its seating limit, then the door swung shut and the show began.

	Suddenly on the wall before us, from floor to ceiling, was something so
unexpected and so terrible that my heart almost jumped from its chest. Then the
sound struck with unbelievable force, nearly deafening me. The room was filled
with the noise of barking and snarling dogs. My eyes adjusted to the harshly lit
images flashing intermittently on the wall. I realized that it was Glinda
kneeling with her head and wrists poking through a wooden stock that held her
fast. She was being fucked by a big mongrel dog whose front paws were digging
into her flanks as his long red cock moved at an impossible rate in and out of
her cunt. Before what I had seen sank in, the picture changed to one featuring a
huge Great Dane taking his turn on Glinda's raw snatch, dripping from her
previous attacker's deposit. No, it was a German shepherd, no it was a
rottweiler, huge and black, the animals kept changing with each new flashing
image as the sound of barking, yelping, snarling and now the screams being
forced from Glinda built up to one crescendo after another. Then came the smell;
musky, musty, wet fur, that odd hint of chlorine, the stink of fish and sweat. I
felt myself becoming disoriented as one image after another strobed itself into
my memory. All I could see was Glinda's cunt becoming more and more distended
and the animal cum oozing, then dripping and finally streaming from the swollen
wound that was her cunt.

	It ended abruptly, the dim light returning as my ears still echoed the
brutal sounds. I was numb. Gradually my suroundings intruded and it became
apparent that others had reacted to this assault on the senses in more basic
ways. A couple a few seats away from us were on the floor duplicating as best
they could what they had just witnessed, complete to the barks that came from
the man who was furiously drilling his companion from the rear as she moaned and
shook. I grasped Cindi's hand for some feeling of security and we made our way
from the chamber while others entered to take the few places that were now
becoming available.

	We stood outside with people who had come from the other rooms. Many
were talking softly and acted almost as if they were part of a theater crowd
during intermission. It was difficult to regain my equilibrium. There was this
unsettling feeling about what waited behind the other four doors, coupled with
an urge to run from this place. If Cindi hadn't been with me, I'm sure I would
have fled into the night.

	"There's one", my companion said, pointing toward one of the unlighted
doors. I took a deep breath and held her hand tightly as we entered. This place
was identical to the other, no difference in its dimensions or seating
arrangements. This time the initial onslaught did not catch me totally
unprepared. An image of Glinda, stark naked, arms raised over her head, wrists
bound with rope that was attached to a hook above her flashed on the wall for a
brief moment. It quickly disappeared to be replaced by a close up image of her
head. Then she vomited into the camera lens and the sick suctioning sound that
came from her echoed through the room, following by the sickening odor of vomit.
I was disgusted! Then we were treated to a side view of the same, or perhaps a
different incident, I could never tell.

	Again and again and again images of Glinda vomiting were shown from
different angles and even in slow motion, the sound track distorting the
horrible choking and gasping sounds she made. Then there was a series showing
her stomach distended then slowly flattening as she spewed unbelievable volumes
of liquid from her gaping mouth. The sounds that she made changed over time,
perhaps her throat muscles were beginning to fail from the seemingly endless
convulsions she was experiencing. When the disembodied hand appeared and
disappeared down her throat I shut my eyes, afraid of what it might cause. Then
I heard the gurgling and the awful noise of Glinda choking and panting as her
stomach gave up its contents yet again. The stench in this closed minitheater
had reached a point where some of the audience were beginning to choke and
cough. Then the light came on and powerful fans swept the foul odors from the
room before the door opened and allowed us to leave.

	Once outside we had words, not an argument, just words of concern from
me and words of confidence about Glinda's well being from her. I followed her
into the third room. In many ways this presentation was almost peaceful and at
the same time completely horrifying. There was no loud noise, no screaming,
barking ,choking sounds, just the steady drip drip of blood being drained from
Glinda's veins.

	 She lay on her back with eyes closed and bare breasts rising and
falling in rhythm with her breathing. Plastic tubing filled with her blood ran
from both arms,spilling this precious fluid into a pair of glass beakers on the
floor. What made this scene so disconcerting was the use of time lapse
photography which accelerated the loss of color in her face and the first
tremors announcing the approach of unconsciousness. When the camera zoomed in to
focus on her cunt it revealed the glistening evidence that somehow this process
was inducing a sexual response in the pale woman. This quickly brought forth a
response from members of the audience. One could hear the sound of fingers and
hands moving rapidly over slippery flesh and the muffled moans and groans of
ecstasy that soon followed. A musky smell began to permeate the room as the
images of Glinda slowly fading into a stupor continued to flash upon the wall.
When the light came on, a number of women quickly shielded their hot sticky
cunts from view, wiping their wet fingers across the coarse material of the
robes that now hid their bodies.

	Cindi was not as confident about Glinda's health and welfare after
witnessing the blood letting ceremony. However we had reached the point where it
was necessary to finish this part of the initiation process, knowing that we
would then have an opportunity to see for ourselves how Glinda was holding up.
Leaving now would only mean abandoning the blue eyed beauty to the tender
mercies of the cult. When I used that word to describe the group that now
controlled Cindi's "slave", she winced, but did not argue the point. We waited
for another room to become available, biding our time by observing the reactions
of the others to what they had seen so far.

	By now I was somewhat accustomed to the bombardment of my senses and the
frenetic pace of the activities being spooled upon the wall. This one was no
exception, beginning abruptly with a closeup of Glinda's pee hole as it
fountained a seemingly endless stream of piss into the air. This morphed into
her sphincter flowering and then passing an enormous turd. The shots alternated
between her uncontrollable pissing and ever changing bowel movements, each one
totally different as turds narrowed, fattened, shortened, lengthened, became
darker or lighter in color, were emitted spasmodically or with agonizing
slowness, then turned into violent streams of brown watery fluid, which in turn
became crystal clear. God knows how many enemas she must have taken to get this
sequence. Her piss also changed from scene to scene, dark yellow, almost orange
at other times, then gradually shifting in volume and color until there was just
a trickle of clear fluid dribbling from the hole, the droplets coating her pale
skin, glistening like dew.

	The sounds that accompanied these visions rose and fell in concert with
the type of effort coming from Glinda. Sometimes her grunts and sighs were soft
and prolonged, other times the sound was deafening as her colon convulsed, its
contents exploding from her spasming, distended hole. The combination of
Glinda's voice and her body's natural sounds formed a bizarre duet that was
fully exploited by whoever had mixed the tape. I had become so tolerant of this
environment that my mind could begin to appreciate the intelligence that had
produced these terrible works of art. Later when I had some days to ponder over
what I had experienced, or thought I had experienced, it would become very clear
that this "cult" was unlike any organization that I could ever imagine.

	In the previous settings either sound or sight dominated, aroma or odor
was a secondary characteristic of the work. This was most definitely not the
case in this one. The stench was at times unbearable, the smells perfectly
matched to what was flashing on the wall. How this was accomplished I did not
know. What kind of machinery could produce the abrupt changes in odors that
occurred continuously throughout this display? This was just another example of
the power that this strange group had at its disposal. The ending was not
abrupt, it seemed almost natural, even restful. I began to understand what
purification meant in this context.

	My confidence that I was beginning to penetrate the meaning of these
scenes took a major hit once the last one began. There was no sound or scent at
first, just another harshly lit scene showing Glinda tightly strapped to what
looked like an operating table, legs spread and elevated, feet held in the
stirrups of wing shaped supports that flared from the sides of the table. A pair
of masked and gowned figures appeared their hands covered with rubber gloves.
The camera moved to the table located to one side of the table. A group of
clamps, forceps, small metal bars, burnished rings, and some other gleaming
metal tools were lined up in orderly rows.  " My god! " I thought, "Is she about
to have an abortion. How can that be?"

	My mind was still trying to deal with what I think I saw when the images
on the wall began to appear and disappear at breakneck speed. Accompanying this
was a sound that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Later I
understood that it had been modified and tricked up to match the speed of the
film, but the eerie wail was so intense and yet so inhuman that I actually was
frightened by it. I soon picked up what was occurring at this blinding speed.
Glinda's cunt lips were spread with the forceps, held wide in clamps, holes
punctured in the sensitive flesh with the punch and then a series of rings were
installed until the entrance to her vagina was lost in the forest of rings now
guarding it. The forceps then yanked her clitoris free of its protective hood
and the taut nubbin of flesh was skewered to allow a set of the tiny bars to be
implanted in and just above its top portion.

	Between blinks the camera shifted to Glinda's full, firm breasts. The
breast meat itself was pierced with a gleaming icepick-like tool and began to
spurt blood. A large heavy ring was forced through the bleeding flesh and closed
using another clamping tool. Her nipple received a similar treatment. Then the
process was performed on her other breast as the hideous wailing grew louder and
louder. The bleeding nipples and breasts were cauterized. For a split second
there was darkness, then her tongue was pulled to its limit from her mouth and
held by the forceps. This was all done in closeups. Immediately a gaping hole
was punched through the organ about an inch or so from its tip and a ring
similar to those placed through her nipples was fixed in place.  For a few
seconds there was total darkness and then the tape rolled again, this time at a
slower speed. This time the entire process perhaps took a few minutes to show.
The background sound now became a bit more recognizable. It was a shriek, a
wavering drawn out cry from the throat of someone in agony. This time as the
loop came to its end I detected a slight whiff of something overheating.

	Twice more the scene played out against the wall, each time at a slower
speed, but still so rapid as to require ones undivided attention. With each pass
the amount of information that could be absorbed increased. The shrieking also
drew louder and more nuanced, the compression that was necessary to properly
link sound to sight had forced the elimination of a portion of the signal, which
was now being returned. The last loop only provided real time highlights, one or
two rings installed in Glinda's labia, the piercing of her clit, one nipple ring
installed, the other breast skewered, the cauterization of the four bleeding
wounds and her tongue being punched. The stench of sizzling flesh was by then
overwhelming. Even more terrifying was the knowledge that Glinda's throat
muscles had failed some time during the installation of the first breast ring.
The rasping sounds that issued from her toward the end were animal-like.

	What I'd had experienced left me exhausted and extremely worried about
Glinda. Cindi tried to put on a brave front, but her eyes betrayed her words. We
returned to the hall where we had first assembled. Drinks were served and we had
a chance to recover from what we'd witnessed in those five rooms. Cindi and I
felt like an island, the others acted as if we did not exist, carrying on their
conversations and moving from group to group speaking in muted tones as if
fearing that we might overhear whatever they were discussing. Once again the
gong-like signal rang out and we took up our position at the rear of the line of
people who moved into still another room within this large building.

	We waited impatiently for something to happen, hoping to see Glinda. At
one end of the room was a curtain that hung down from the high ceiling and
nearly touched the wooden floor. It opened without fanfare and my heart almost
stopped. Next to me Cindi began to whimper and shake, cluching my arm with her
trembling hands.

	She was suspended in space, her naked body festooned with links of
chains that joined her nipples and breasts, as well as heavier links connecting
the rings embedded in her labia. She was supported by three cables, one attached
to her ankles that were manacled together, a second pulling her cuffed wrists
almost perpendicular to her straining body and the third joined to her hair
which had been woven into a single, thick braid. The cable for her hair was much
shorter than the other two, forcing her head up and back. Weights of various
sizes hung from the chains and also dangled from the ring in her tongue and the
bar running through her clitoris.

	Glinda's breasts had become twin cones from the weights that hung from
the chains connecting them. Her nipples were long columns of straining pulp,
pulled taut by the weights hooked to the metal festoon that linked them. The
largest weights, four in number, had caused her cunt lips to stretch to the
point that they were nearly transparent. The weight attached to the bar in her
clitoris had pulled the sensitive lump of nerve endings free of its protective
hood and caused it to swell from the unyielding pressure placed upon it.
Glinda's tongue was extended to its limit. So great was the strain that it had
narrowed in an effort to accommodate the force being applied to the soft tissue.

	Her body trembled as she tried to maintain a precarious balance between
the various forces threatening her helpless form. The brunette beauty's eyes
were wide and staring at the lights that shone down on her naked form. Beads of
sweat had begun to form on her pale skin. It had only been a week since I'd seen
her last, but her body had undergone substantial change. Not only was she pale
from the bleeding she had endured, Glinda had lost weight. It showed in her
ribcage, her concave stomach, even her stretched breasts. I wondered if she had
been deliberately starved or was this the result of the purging that was so
graphically shown in those terrible scenes we'd just witnessed.

	Further speculation was tabled when the silence was broken by a voice
welcoming us to this rebirthing ceremony. "This child of Satan has come to us
for refuge. She has begged for freedom from his dominance and expressed a
willingness to undergo that which must happen in order for her to be liberated.
This will not be a quick process, nor will it be free of pain and degradation as
we battle the prince of darkness for his minion. Join with me as we begin the
struggle." The hooded speaker nodded to the two robed figures flanking Glinda. A
brazier of glowing coals was wheeled out to where she hung. Two irons protruded
from the bowl. Each of the figures picked up one with a gloved hand and without
pause they plunged them down into the naked woman's ass cheeks and held them as
her flesh sizzled and charred while her body attempted to defy gravity in a
blind effort to escape the searing pain that lanced through her.

	The array of weights swung wildly from their moorings, twisting and even
tearing the flesh that ultimately supported them. She howled, she yelled, she
bellowed as the stink of cooking meat filled the air. One, then another ring
embedded in her thinned labia tore free, bringing new shrieks and cries from
Glinda. The irons were withdrawn but she continued to fill the room with her
now-raspy screams. Then with a shudder that ran the length of her straining body
she fainted. Her two tormentors quickly stepped forward and supported her body
in their arms to prevent her from doing further damage to herself.

	There was one more ritual that had to be observed before the ceremony
was considered to be complete. The speaker invited us to witness the marks that
had been branded into Glinda's cheeks and to touch them with our forefingers as
a sign that we approved what had been done. He also exhorted us to be always
prepared to participate in those events that would be required to bring her back
from the darkness. When I saw the symbols that had ruined her perfect flesh I
nearly passed out. I had seen these marks on Willa. The music once more started
up in my head, playing a dirge while tinkling peals of insane laughter welled up
in the background.

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					    Chapter 18

	Cindi slept with me that night.There was no sex; it was the furthest
thing from our minds. We clung together like two lost souls, still shaken by
what we had experienced at that strange place. I slept fitfully as did she. Long
before dawn we gave up and settled down in the kitchen with some coffee. We
began to rehash what we had seen, trying to make some sense of it. She knew
something of this cult, having had a peripheral encounter that started during
college. A friend of a friend's parent knew a member of the nameless group and
had made some oblique references to their objective and the incredible influence
they wielded in certain financial circles.

	Cindi had kept in touch with her friend and over time began to obsess
about this mysterious organization. One thing led to another and there came a
day when she was interviewed by a person who hinted that she was a
representative, not a member, of this secretive group. At the time Cindi was
found wanting, but she and the representative made a connection of sorts that
led to an on-again, off-again sexual realationship that lasted for nearly a
year. During this period she learned a little more about the group and became
even more determined to be accepted into this unique circle of people.

	 When Glinda moved in with her and she had an opportunity to understand
the forces that were driving her life, she decided to use this tormented, lost
soul as her entry into membership. Her plan had some limited success. Currently
she was considered to be an acolyte, one in training to assume the rights and
responsibilities of membership. In this capacity she would become Glinda's
caretaker as she went through the rebirthing process. What we had seen last
night was only the first step of a long journey. The parallels between what I
was hearing and my strange relationship with WooWoo and her charge, Willa, could
lead to only one conclusion.

	That revelation I chose not to share with Cindi. Whatever I had stumbled
into was very big, very powerful and very dangerous. The last thing I wanted to
become was roadkill. Life had changed for me already in many ways, most of them
good, albeit "challenging", to use a popular buzzword.

	 My confidant gave me a glimpse into the hiearchy of this shadowy bunch.
The one who had welcomed us to the ceremony was a "trainer", a senior member
knowledgeable in the methods needed to lead people into their sphere of
contentment or peace. This sounded like some metaphysical mumbo jumbo, but I
held my tongue, not sure which side Cindi would ultimately come down on. There
was not too much more that she could, or would tell me. She did promise to keep
me informed of Glinda's progress, but made sure I understood that this choice
had been Glinda's, and ony Glinda could call a halt to it.

	 We went back to bed and got some sleep. When we awoke it was almost
noon. She made a phone call and told me that a car would be arriving soon to
take her to where she would await the arrival of Glinda. There was nothing more
that could be said. We had shared something that was terrible and unforgettable,
what effect it would have on either of us was yet to be determined. When she
left I felt relieved of some tremendous burden and at the same time saddened at
the loss of that poor beautiful, benighted spirit who so desperately wanted to
come into the light.

	That afternoon I took a drive to clear my head, and soon found myself at
the locked gates that led to that building from which Cindi and I had literally
fled last night. The place looked deserted, not a surprise as far as I was
concerned. I turned the car around and headed back into the city without looking
back. There was a message on my answering machine from Jillian Jones, returned
from her holiday in the mother country. She pleaded tiredness from her flight
and the change of time zones for not calling me sooner and regretted that I had
not been home to answer.I smiled at the next words.  "I was hoping you might
want to visit and have a spot of tea and me. I can only hope that some younger,
prettier woman hasn't stolen you away in my absence."

	If she only knew. The last three weeks were not going to be a subject of
any conversation between JJ and I. Too much had happened. How could she ever
understand the emotional rollercoaster that had been my life for the time she
was away? That night I did not sleep well. You just don't shrug off the kind of
thing that had just occurred. I awoke to the sound of barking dogs, a remnant
from the nightmare that I couldn't or wouldn't remember.

	The next day I made it a point to swing by JJ's work area just before
lunch. My paramour looked a bit thrashed. She had no color at all and this
emphasized the dark circles under her eyes. It may have been my imagination, but
it appeared that there was less of JJ beneath that tweed skirt and heavy sweater
that concealed her rounded form. We exchanged pleasantries while in parallel
there was a mutual and very subtle search for any signs that our budding
relationship had deteriorated.

	That evening Jillian gave me a ring. Her trip back home had turned out
to be less than restful. She had stayed with her recently married niece. It
seems that Miriam, the newly wed, was in the family way, just beginning her
second trimester, and not reacting well at all to her condition. The tension
between her and Ian,the husband, was quite palpable. The basic problem involved
their sex life, which had declined severely as her body struggled to cope with
the chemical imbalances and her mind began to focus on preparing for a sea
change in their lives. Ian was decidedly not the sensitive type; men worked and
women had babies. The wife had certain duties to perform for her husband's
benefit. In return he provided food and shelter. JJ laughed for the first time
when she described Ian's atavistic view of marriage. She compared her visit to
being in some kind of time machine.

	For some odd reason I got the feeling that I was only getting a part of
the real story. I began to probe a bit and her reaction told me to back off;
there was more to this than she was sharing. I decided to wait until we were
together before trying to find out what really went on during her visit. It was
no problem to change the subject, but I quickly regretted that move.

	It seems her substitute, Ms. Forbes, was one of those people who
entertained themselves by staying abreast of all the office gossip.
Unfortunately in her debriefing to JJ, she chose to tell her about the abrupt
departure from the company of Glinda and Cindi, mentioning in passing that I had
been seen talking to Glinda on more than one occasion. I soon found myself on
the defensive, parrying her questions and insinuations. I decided that some
truth was better than a lie. It's amazing how one can compromise their standards
when it involves the issue of pussy. JJ was one hot lady and I wasn't going to
let her escape from my clutches that easily. Let's face it, I was becoming
addicted to kinky sex, it seemed to be the only game in town these days.

	I took a deep breath and told JJ the true part, that Glinda had hit on
me. I told her the half truth that we had met for drinks and she had
demonstrated that she was not playing with a full deck. Then I finished it off
with a big fat lie, saying that her behavior led me to discourage her advances.
That part made me wince inside, but the stakes were too high to chance the
honesty move. I still wasn't very good at reading JJ, but she gave me the
distinct impression that further questions would be forthcoming in due time. Our
next get-together was going to be a doozie.

	Jillian, claiming fatigue and the need to get some sleep, said good
night, actually it was "ta ta", and hung up. It was evident that it would be a
few days before she was ready to deal with continuing our relationship. Although
it would have been nice to hear something on that subject, I didn't want to push
the issue and put myself under her thumb. Those manacles hanging from that bed
we'd occupied some very long time ago were a reminder of what might occur to
yours truly in the event Jillian got the upper hand.

	My patience was rewarded a few nights later when she called and invited
me to come to her place for dinner on Saturday evening. I made no jokes, merely
accepting with thanks and asking if there was anything I might bring. "Just a
good appetite and be sure you are well rested. I have  plans for after dinner
and beyond." Her reply woke up little Mikey from his long slumber. Things were
definitely taking a turn for the better.

	Thank the gods for the home entertainment marvels that were now
available to the common man. The ones I had were state of the art, many
recommended and even installed by the technical folk tht supported me at work.
Without them I would have been shafted, big time, since on Friday night Rod
called to let me know that Jill, the tramp once known as my wife, was making her
debut tomorrow evening on nurse Nora's web site. He gave me the necessary
information that would allow me to hook into the site. My initial reaction was
one of panic until I realized I had the capability of downloading and storing
Jill's comeuppance on my computer, while I was at JJ's dandling the lady on
whatever worked for her. That night I went to bed early. I also planned on
taking a nap tomorrow afternoon before I got ready for my dinner date and what
lay beyond.

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					     Chapter 19

	Considering all the strangeness that seemed to surround me these days, I
shouldn't have been surprised at what, or should I say who, greeted me as my
hostess ushered me into the living room. Rising with a thin-lipped smile was
none other than Frances Forbes, the woman who had substituted for JJ when she
went on holiday. All I could remember about her was the glasses and her short
red hair. Close up she appeared to be in her early 40s with a face that at best
could be described as strong. We were almost eye to eye, and the knit dress she
wore clung to her slim body. I guess I must have been a great source of
amusement to this pair, especially since my mouth was open, but no sound came
out. Then it hit me. Frances Forbes, FF; there it was again! What the hell was
with this alliteration in their names?

	Without a by your leave, I collapsed onto the couch and took a deep
breath. "Pardon me, but I seem to be having some kind of a dizzy spell. Let me
catch my breath and everything should be all right." They exchanged a knowing
glance that convinced me that everything was not going to be all right at all.

	JJ gave me a warm smile and asked, "Care for a drink before we sit down
to dinner? I'd guess that we'll be dining in about a half hour. Perhaps you and
Frances would like to get to know each other a little while I take care of
what's in the oven." All I could do was nod dumbly and stare at the redhead's
impressively flat midsection.

	Dinner did not go well at all. The two of them played ping-pong, using
me as the ball. First one would ask a question about Glinda. I'd provide the
best answer I could under the circumstances and then the other would blow a hole
in my fabrication. I began to get really tired of their overhead smashes. I felt
like the guy with his pants down around his ankles, his dick hanging out and an
angry wife or girlfriend confronting him about the naked blonde curled up behind
him with a silly grin on her face. Gradually they worked me into a corner and
pounced. I did the only thing possible, I stonewalled them. That move probably
saved my ass for the moment, but it turned out they had plenty of other tricks
up their sleeves.

	At JJ's insistence we returned to the living room and had an after
dinner drink and some more conversation. I learned that JJ and her companion had
been sharing the place for a number of years, except when Frances "had her
little flings with the opposite sex" to use JJ's words. The back and forth
between the two also revealed that both were bisexual and happily serviced each
other on a regular basis. As luck would have it Frances was having a "little
fling" with someone the last time I'd visited. I began to calculate the
probability that I'd be lucky this evening with either of them and didn't like
the odds.

	The subject finally got around to what were they to do with their
naughty house guest for being less than honest with JJ about my little
assignation with Glinda. Frances played the heavy, suggesting I be cast out into
the darkness, never to return. The charade continued with JJ arguing facetiously
that instead I should be allowed to atone for my sins in the "quiet room", her
name for that stark area in which she and I had sported a month ago. The two of
them looked at me as if I were some tasty morsel, nodded their heads in mock
seriousness, then broke into big smiles. "I wonder how long he'll last this
evening?" Frances asked. JJ's face hardened a bit and she replied in a tone
tinged with menace, "As long as it takes to make you and I quite satisfied." The
fat was in the fire so to speak. We adjorned to that closed-in room.

	A much larger bed now occupied the room, making the place seem even more
cramped.I wondered how long it had taken them to set it up. Certainly they had
spent some time planning this little tryst. The women quickly disrobed. JJ was
soon down to a pair of high cut panties covered with a pattern of bright
flowers, a gift from her niece. The only thing Fran had beneath that knit dress
was hose and a black lace garter belt that framed the small  patch of reddish
curls guarding her cunt.

	I think at some time or another every man has had the fantasy of being
in bed with two hot women taking turns draining him of his "precious essence" to
quote Jack D. Ripper. It was hard to believe that I was embarking on my third
three-way in less than a month. Technically the previous two encounters
qualified, but neither featured the level of interaction between parties that
this one did.

	For openers JJ straddled my chest and reintroduced her wet fragrant cunt
to my mouth, swiveling her hips to make sure that we were properly coupled. Her
companion had settled down between my thighs and was giving my balls and cock a
tongue bath, on occasion moving down to that sensitive region between my balls
and asshole. JJ began face fucking me, her hips thrusting back and forth,
driving her wet slot against my face. In return I was worming my flickering
tongue in and out of her and laving her pubes with as much saliva as I could
generate. Our little battle was almost evenly contested.The same was not true
for the skirmish going on at my groin area. My genitals were being overwhelmed
by Fran's vigorous assault. This woman knew what she was doing, there was
absolutely no doubt about her skill.

	Fran showed me some mercy just a few brief moments before my resistance
totally collapsed, which would have released a torrent of liquid lust that had
been approaching the boiling point within my tight, churning balls. Damn, this
woman was good! She paused to allow JJ to have total command over me. Their long
association had made them acutely sensitive to each other's impending orgasms.
JJ was about to have a major event,perhaps an 8 on the Big O scale. Without
further ado the plumpish British lady slammed her spasming snatch against my
face and clamped her meaty thighs tight around my head,imprisoning me within
this quaking maelstrom and damn near causing me to pass out from lack of air.

	When I returned to the land of the living Fran was lying beside me,
licking up the juices that JJ had sprayed and dribbled all over my face. JJ was
still astride my heaving chest, leaning back  with her arms extended for
support. I could hear her gasps and panting as she recovered from the little
explosion that had just ripped through her body. "Not bad for one so young.
There may be hope for you yet." JJ said, her voice soft and free of the rancor
that she had exhibited previously this evening.

	Once Fran was satisfied that my face was free of JJ's spendings, she
rearranged herself so that she presented her flat bottom for some attention and
still was able to assist JJ in treating my genitals to an even more vigorous
treatment. My rigid member was held in Fran's firm grip while JJ did her best to
deep throat it. She gagged on more than one occasion, but finally achieved her
objective. It was a very odd sensation to feel one's cock surrounded by wet
tissue that moved convulsively. While I was enjoying this unique pleasure, Fran
was rocking her bottom up and down on my face and then pushing it back and
forth, offering me opportunities to sample her ass cheeks and that secret crack
that separated them. More times than not I had the chance to poke my stiff
tongue against her puckered asshole, something she seemed to enjoy.

	JJ decided she wanted to take a pony ride, and away we went, my stiff
cock pistoning away inside her warm, wet tunnel. Fran sat up to get a better
view of the action, burying my nose between her cheeks. "Lick me you naughty
boy!" she hissed while JJ alternated between bouncing up and down on little
Mikey and resting her entire weight on me as I pumped away inside that clutching
cunt. I detected a lemony flavor and scent as my tongue stretched to its limit
to tickle Fran's labia for a brief moment before the strain forced it to relax
back into that area below her juicy snatch. She got high marks for the douching
solution she had chosen. Serving two demanding women at the same time had one
advantage, my lack of concentration on either one kept the pot from boiling over
too soon.

	All good things must come to an end, and the efforts of the tandem
finally brought matters to a head. JJ took a hosing that surprised me, despite
the fact that I'd led a chaste existence for the past week. I got an even bigger
surprise when Fran went down on JJ, slurping and slobbering with an enthusiasm
that was truly amazing. I could hear JJ moan with pleasure as the contents of
her cunt were suctioned into Fran's mouth. It was a sight I'd never expected to
witness in person, but then again almost everything I'd experienced in the last
six weeks or so seemed to be some kind of first.

	Rounds two and three came, in more ways than one, and went as the uneven
struggle between me and my two opponents continued. I had to admit that they
worked well together. Rarely was there a lull in the action and most of the time
they waged a two front campaign. They were taking no prisoners and leaving
nothing but scorched earth behind. Now I knew how the Germans must have felt
during the last days before Berlin fell.

	The ladies declared a bathroom break, which included showering. We
managed to fit into the stall and a good time was had by all. Afterwards they
let me watch as they both douched and Fran reloaded her diaphragm. This got me
all hot and bothered and they were quick to make the most of my revitalized
state. JJ started the ball rolling by lying on her belly holding her plump
cheeks apart. I quickly sank the entire length of my hard tool into her asshole
which opened easily. My memory of our previous anal escapade was that it was
slow going for a few minutes before she was sufficiently relaxed to take a full
stroke. Someone had evidently been busy on her back entrance in the interim. My
guess was that her holiday included plenty of the old in and out. The only
remaining question was with who, or was it whom?

	Fran got into the act, her knowing finger slipping past my sphincter and
probing until it found my prostate. Things got interesting after that, very
interesting. I picked up the pace and JJ responded by matching my pushes with
some thrusts of her own that added to the force that her asshole was
experiencing. Despite the prostate massage and the warm wraparound stimulation
of JJ's buuthole, lttle Mikey was unable to pull the lanyard. I finally had to
take a break and admit that my two fuck buddies were wearing me out. That proved
to be a big mistake. JJ suggested that I stretch out, close my eyes and even
consider taking a brief nap, promising that she and Fran would keep watch over
me. Fool that I was, I took the bait and soon was fast asleep.

	I was having this great sex dream where my cock was being sucked by my
favorite porn star, while her companion, another sex symbol from the past ably
assisted her by licking my balls. Then I woke up to reality. Indeed my cock and
balls were being skillfully stimulated, but not by a pair of big titted, dyed
blonde, tastefully tattooed, semi-pro whores. When I tried to move, it hit me.
My wrists and ankles were securely held by those manacles that used to hang by
the corners of the bed. I stared down at the two bobbing heads working away on
me, just beginnig to realize the gravity of the situation. One of the heads
popped up, it was JJ, and she said, " Having a nice dream I presume, welcome
back." She was quickly joined by a smirking Fran who kept gently stroking my
stiff cock as JJ continued.  "It's not polite or very nice to leave your
partners unsatisfied. Too bad, you were doing so well. Now it appears that
sterner measures must be used to make you live up to your part of the bargain."
At that point I realized that I was well and truly screwed to the wall, or was
it the bed?

	A few tentative pulls on my bonds made it official, I was at their
mercy. JJ climbed off the bed and I heard the click of a lock being opened. At
least my curiosity about the contents of that metal box was going to be
satisfied. Fran continued to make sure that all my systems were in working
order, her hand picking up the pace whenever Mikey started to slouch. A smiling
JJ surfaced, a number of "adult novelties" in her hands. I wondered if she
shopped at the same place Glinda and I had patronized.

	In retrospect my evening wasn't a total waste. I learned that I never
wanted to be a bottom. My general unease about kinky women and their ability to
screw up my life was reinforced. I also learned that it could be very painful to
ejaculate when one's seminal fluid level was at zero; it's akin to passing fire
instead of piss. On the subject of piss I learned that it didn't taste that bad
in small quantities, but in large amounts it left a residue, real or imagined,
that took plenty of toothpaste and mouthwash to eliminate. Finally I learned
that one woman was fine, but two could be extremely hazardous to one's health
and self esteem. It would be less than honest or manly to avoid providing some
of the gory details. Perhaps by reliving my humiliating experience it may be
possible to avoid long term damage to my psyche.

	It is difficult to select the low point of my evening in bondage.
Kissing Fran's asshole exactly one hundred times and counting every one aloud is
right up there with giving JJ's armpits a thorough tongue bath and developing an
erection that even impressed my two tormentors. Naturally they had to see if
licking any other portions of their anatomies would create the same reaction.
JJ's bottom proved to be somewhat stimulating, but Fran and I seemed to be
incompatible. I then learned another lesson about being with more than one woman
at the same time. Women are quite competitive when it comes to demonstrating
their attractiveness. Woe to the poor male who by accident or design causes some
embarrassment in this arena to a woman before her peer or peers. Let me just say
that kissing her asshole the second time was done while she was demonstrating
extreme prejudice to my efforts. JJ thought it was hilarious, but I was not

	A cock ring can be of benefit in some circumstances.However it can also
be turned against the hapless and helpless male. Once the ladies got bored with
bouncing up and down on their human dildo, albeit one lacking in the type of
length and girth that they usually employ, it was time for some experimentation.
They discovered that no matter how much they tightened this simple device my
cock was incapable of storing any additional blood within its confines. In turn
I  discovered what it must be like to be a eunuch; a numbing sense of loss that
totally debilitated my spirit. On the other hand having a numbed cock had
advantages as well as disadvantages. I didn't feel much except pressure when
Fran decided to cover my stiff length of swollen meat with teeth marks. However
I went through the roof when she nipped my scrotum, misjudging the force she
applied. Later when my sore dick was freed from the cock ring I literally cried
from the pain associated with the return of feeling. Fortunately neither woman
noticed because my face was buried in Fran's crotch, providing some little
shocks of pleasure as I nibbled my way from the base of her wet cunt to the fat
clit that sat atop her gaping maw.

	A particularly fiendish toy was the wand, a vibrator mounted to a long
piece of molded plastic that was configured to make contacting the prostate
almost automatic. The first time that lubed length of plastic entered my anal
passage and docked against that walnut sized trigger, my feelings were
ambivalent to put it mildly. On the one hand there was a degree of humiliation
to having a woman, JJ in this case, working a buzzing device up ones asshole in
full view of another woman who was obviously enjoying my embarrassment. Then
there was the delightful sensation of having this internal massage stimulate
that bundle of nerve endings.

	 My tired cock began to respond, and in minutes I was the possessor of a
rather impressive erection. Then the fun really began. Fran slathered some kind
of oil all over my stiff cock and commenced jacking me off with enthusiasm.
Silly me, I thought I was going to get off. Well I finally did, but between her
fast start and very slow finish, my balls were squeezed mercilessly every time I
gave signs of an impending discharge, taking the edge off things so to speak.
Toward the end all I could think of was getting off, no matter what. I found
myself mindlessly thrusting my hips in rhythm with her stroking in hopes that
some extra pressure might do the trick. When I finally shot a watery stream of
semen-poor juice onto my heaving belly, the ladies gave me a mock cheer and a
slow round of applause. At that point I didn't care, I had gotten off, my holy
grail had been found, my reason for existence validated. In other words I was
completely and totally fucked up beyond belief by these two harpies from hell.
The worse part was I was beginning to like it.

	I have to admit that there were times during this ordeal that I just let
myself go and went with whatever the ladies were dishing out. During these
periods I didn't seem to have a care in the world; someone else was doing all
the thinking and and making all the choices for me. This was not a bad thing.
Perhaps that is what's so appealing to people who want to be totally submissive
to an authority figure. Maybe it's another way of returning to the womb. I do
know one thing, that evening I took a walk on the other side of the street and
it wasn't all that bad.

	During my period in bondage they made me pop my nuts three times.
Considering that prior to having the tables turned on me I'd managed to make
three deposits of little wigglers, what occurred afterwards bordered on cruel
and unusual punishment. The second time they forced a few dribbles from my sore,
twitching cock required plenty of teamwork from the pair. My depleted balls and
that super sensitive region between my asshole and cock were treated with a
pocket rocket as well as the wand. While my rod remained rigid, no action was
forthcoming until JJ produced the silver bullet, a tapering ten-inch vibrating
cylinder that she slipped into my asshole. While Fran grinned and mercilessly
jacked my dick, using a leather glove to protect her tender skin and produce
even more friction, JJ began to ass fuck me with that tool of the devil. I hate
to admit it, but I really got into being sodomized by her. I started to
speculate on what it might feel to be bent over while she drilled my ass with a
strap-on dildo. Some time later my cock twitched and a few drops of clear fluid
dribbled onto Fran's gloved hand. The ladies celebrated their latest triumph as
I gasped for air, totally depleted.

	They disappeared for a few minutes, reminding me that my bladder needed
draining. They seemed refreshed and eager for more fun and games upon their
return. As far as I was concerned, this party was over because the guest of
honor was on the verge of death from dehydration. Fran must have been a mind
reader because she ordered me to open my mouth for a treat. By this time I was
completely under their control, their wish was my command. I opened wide and
Fran hawked up a dollop of phlegm for my consideration. I was too stunned to do
anything but hold the mixture of saliva and mucus in my mouth. JJ followed suit
and a second, even larger amount of spit joined Fran's contribution. "Don't you
dare swallow that or I'll take the skin off that miserable little worm of a
cock." JJ snarled. If it were possible for my dick to get any more shriveled it
would have, so great was my fear. These two women were really getting crazy and
there was not a damned thing I could do about it.

	They took turns spitting into my mouth until they were dry. Then it got
worse. JJ produced a small bottle filled with a rich yellow fluid and leaned
over to put it to my lips while she said, "Here's a little something that Fran
and I thought you'd enjoy to wash down all that nice saliva we gave you. Drink
up!" At this point they owned me; I made no effort to prevnt her from pouring
the contents of the bottle into my mouth. " Swish it around before you swallow."
Fran crooned, her hand cupping my balls and giving them a good hard squeeze. I
followed her instructions to the letter and soon the combination of their piss,
saliva and mucus went sliding down into my belly. The foul mixture was very
salty and had a finish that could only be described as harsh and pungent.

	While the contents of my stomach roiled and rumbled my two torturers
amused themselves by toying with my limp cock. Fran actually played crack the
whip with poor Mikey, slapping the head sharply against the palm of her hand. "
How about coming for us on more time? Once you do that we'll let you go." Fran
said. That tight lipped smile told me she knew I was finished. All this bitch
wanted to do was degrade me a little bit more. Visions of what I'd be doing to
her the first chance I got flashed before my eyes. I glanced over to JJ to see
where she stood. The look on her face was neutral, as if she was just an
innocent bystander. I made some more room for her in my vision. She'd look real
good with her cunt stuffed with a mechanically pumped inflatible dildo.

	For the next hour they put me through the wringer, using all their
feminine charm and wiles to revive me. Getting me hard was one thing, getting me
off was another altogether different animal. I kissed Fran's asshole while JJ
ran the wand up my asshole. I licked JJ armpits as Fran ran the pocket rocket
from my asshole to my balls. Fran jerked me off into JJ's mouth and after some
fruitless minutes, they switched positions. My aching balls were licked, sucked
and Fran even tried to swallow them. JJ produced another larger bottle of piss,
one that had been aging in the refrigerator since midday.

	It took some time and a lot of coaxing before I downed almost a quart of
their cold, nearly tasteless piss. The need to pee became acute, but as luck
would have it a second pass through JJ's damp armpits did the trick and my
little buddy slowly came to attention. The rest was all down hill. JJ alternated
between the silver bullet and the wand while Fran did double duty, her gloved
hand jacking my poor sore cock relentlessly as she ran the pocket rocket up and
down my groin, occasionally letting it roam around the top of my throbbing cock.
Without any warning my prostate began to pulsate, signaling my tight shrunken
balls to begin producing some baby-making fluid. It is impossible to describe
the sensation of having a phantom ejaculation. It's as if every part of you,
from your asshole to the tip of your dick has burst into flame. That was my last
recollection before I passed out.

	They had freed me while I was unconscious. In fact when I awoke Fran was
holding a bag of ice against my aching balls and shriveled cock while JJ used a
soft towel to wipe the sweat from my chest and face. I needed assistance to make
the walk to the bathroom so I could rid myself of what seemed like a gallon of
piss. When I left the house the sun was just beginning to pierce the darkness. I
had declined their kind offer to sleep at their place, deciding to take my
chances on the road rather than put myself into more jeopardy. I was too tired
even to think about planning a suitable revenge for their cruel trickery.  

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					      Chapter 20

	I dragged myself into my apartment, checked to see if my fancy
electronics had captured my wife's session with nurse Nora, it had, and went to
bed. It was dark outside when I awoke. When I moved to get out of bed I got this
shooting pain in my groin. Gingerly I slipped from beneath the covers and sat
up. The pain was still there, but not as strong. I shuffled down to the bathroom
to take a leak and discovered that little Mikey was in very bad shape. My cock
was shriveled up to the size of a peanut and its color was definitely not
normal. I'd heard of blue balls, but this was ridiculous. That was nothing once
I started to pee. The pain was sharp and steady, running from the tip of my
shrunken dick to my asshole. I doubled over and pissed on the bathroom floor and
even put some on the wall beside the toilet.

	Somehow I managed to pull on my clothes and call a cab to take me to the
nearest hospital. There was no way I could drive in this condition. An hour
later I was being examined by a bemused young intern who clucked when he saw the
teeth marks decorating my dick, asked a few rather personal questions, then did
his best to cover up his grin as he diagnosed my condition. It was not life
threatening, would respond to certain medications he would prescribe, and
required that I stay off my feet for at least a week. He then added insult to
injury, stating that under no circumstances should I engage in any sexual
activity, including masturbation, for at least two weeks. I'll bet he and his
buddies must have laughed themselve sick once he told them my story.

	 As I limped out of the examining area and headed for the pharmacy, it
dawned on me that I was a lucky man. Those two women had almost crippled me for
life, and it had been mostly my fault. I had misjudged JJ badly. She is what she
is, a cruel, domineering woman. I was just lunch meat as far as she was
concerned. My earlier successes with Allie, Nancy, WooWoo and Glinda had either
been charity or dumb luck. I had learned little, if anything, about the workings
of the "different" sex mind.

	During my convalescence JJ called twice, reaching my answering machine
both times. She was smart enough to realize that my failure to respond to these
overtures indicated less than warm feelings toward her. She did not call again.
I refrained from viewing the nurse Nora session for fear that it might cause
more harm than good to me at this point in my recovery; but did  contact my
in-laws down South to check on Jill's progress.

	Her aversion therapy had moved to a new level, but she still was not
properly responding. Every day last week she had been strapped down to an
examining table, legs spread and held in position by straps while her innards
were rearranged by a huge, motor-driven metal probe programmed to give her the
fucking of her life. Each time she went over the edge, her wet pussy was blasted
with a powerful jolt of high voltage electricity. Unlike the electroshock
treatments, this one did not kill brain cells and could be used for much longer
periods of time. The staff was impressed by her ability to have one orgasm after
another despite the fact that her cunt was being fried to a crisp. Things came
to a head last weekend when they gave her a double session that lasted nearly
three hours. She passed out twice during the second session, but kept on
squeezing off climaxes once she regained her senses.

	Starting this week she was undergoing some minor surgery aimed at
preventing or making it more difficult to experience an orgasm. The blood flow
to her genitals was going to be surpressed, plus a time released anesthetic was
going to be implanted in the region of her clitoris which would keep it in a
numbed condition around the clock for at least a week. Beyond this they were
considering an approach where Jill would be given a series of drugs that would
make her experience all the discomforts of being pregnant, such as continuous
morning sickness, water retention, swollen ankles, and kidneys that worked
overtime to keep her bladder filled to capacity.

	Because of Jill's unique status at the hospital, being both a patient
and a nurse's aide, it was necessary that the various members of the medical
staff who interacted with her in either capacity coordinate their activities. In
this case the "phantom pregnancy" was going to neatly dovetail with her new
assignment that involved breast modification through drugs. The gory details of
this new challenge for the hospital's crash test dummy were still being kept
under wraps.

	Naturally my in-laws were curious about my reaction to the nurse Nora
session. Without going into details, I told them I had it in my computer, but
was unable to retrieve it for viewing. Currently the local cyber doctor, a
rather precocious high school student, was working diligently to get it
unlocked. It was a day-to-day proposition as far as when I'd be able to access
it. I begged them to refrain from saying anything that would get in the way of
my enjoyment once the guru solved the problem. My ability to lie was improving
with practice, something else that was beginning to eat at me.

	As the medication did its thing and my equipment began to return to
normal, I found myself spending time devising all sorts of torments that could
be visited upon JJ and Fran. Many of them were pretty far-fetched, such as
running JJ's big tits through a set of laundry rollers  while a large dog reamed
out her asshole, or dunking a securely restrained Fran in a vat filled with her
own piss, shit and vomit. I'd close my eyes, turn on the projector and enjoy the
sights and sounds associated with their humiliating torments. Sometimes I'd
imagine them being interrogated by Vlad and his buddy, the parson. I could
almost smell the stink of sizzling flesh as they were raped with cattle prods,
burned with soldering irons and had cannon crackers exploded inside their cunts
and assholes. The nice thing about these fantasies was that the two bitches
never died, never got tired of begging and screaming for relief, and always
bounced back in perfect condition for another round of fun and games.

	At first when the dangerous visions began scrolling I was a bit
uncomfortable with my guilty pleasures. Then as they became more detailed and
refined, the sense of my power to create and control them quickly overcame any
residue of guilt left behind by too many years in the boy scouts. I became
somewhat instrospective, examining and analyzing these warped images that sprang
full blown from the darker side of my personality. Of interest my creations
never featured mutilation or disfigurement.  JJ and Fran never lost any parts,
no matter how extreme the violence to their bodies. I never was part of the
fantasies, always just there with a great seat from which to observe the action.

	 They never were raped by people, just dogs of all sizes and varieties,
singularly or in packs depending upon my mood. On occasion they would couple,
under duress of course, with a burro or two, perhaps a troop of apes or an
occasional pony. For some odd reason I never dreamed up a scenario for them that
featured a horse. Could it be that I had reserved that idea exclusively for my
tramp of a wife?  To the best of my knowledge Allie was still negotiating to
have Jill mated to a horse. I made a mental note to inquire about that deal the
next time I spoke to her or Rod.

	After a week of solitude it was good to get back to work. The
organization had managed to function without me, something that no employee
wants to hear. However there was the usual  backlog of weekend strangeness to
deal with. A few folk dropped by to check up on me, and all those I ran into on
my daily rounds seemed glad to see me back at the old stand. Since there was no
good reason to be in JJ's work area, I did not have to deal with that issue for
at least today. It would take a major effort of the will not to react in a less
than professional manner when it became necessary to interact with that harridan
disguised as somebody's maiden aunt. Hopefully this little bump in the road
would be soon forgotten. "Don't bet on it asshole." remarked the little voice in
my head.

	When I got home that evening there was a message from Allie on the
machine. The date for my wayward wife's session with the parson had been
finalized. Next Saturday she'd meet the man mountain on his home turf and a good
time would be had by all except Jill. Then she shifted gears and casually
mentioned that her sister had begun to take injections that would have her
lactating within the week. I could almost see the evil smile on my
sister-in-law's face as she broke the news. Things were really going to get
interesting in the weeks to come. Hopefully I'd be in good enough condition to
properly enjoy the nurse Nora session next weekend.

	My thoughts shifted back to Jill's encounter with the parson. That was
going to be one hell of a mismatch. I only hoped that he'd at least ship me the
promised tape by express mail. I thought back to the time I'd watched his last
tape in the company of WooWoo. That had been an excellent afternoon for me. I
think WooWoo got some kicks from it as well. Then it dawned on me that my little
Asian fuck buddy should be returning next weekend from where ever she went. I
wondered if that meant I'd also perhaps be seeing Willa again. Deep down I knew
that was not in the cards.

                        Wayward Wife's Punishment

				Chapter 21

	The week went by rather quickly. Fortunately for me there was plenty to
do at work, plus I was under the gun to make up for all that time I'd lost
thanks to JJ.  Speaking of the wicked witch, or was that bitch, she kept her
distance except for one quick foray toward the end of the week. It was as close
to an apology as I would get, as she hinted strongly that both she and Fran
would be more than willing to submit themselves to my tender mercies as a way of
balancing the scales, thus allowing our relationship to continue. I gave her a
noncommittal response which did not sit well based on her body language, but at
this point I frankly didn't care at all about how she felt about anything.

	Saturday evening I decided to take a look at the nurse Nora tape. Nora
turned out to be not what I expected. She was a tall brunette, on the thin side,
and appeared to be in her early forties. She was wearing only a frilly garter
belt that framed her hairy pubes. This woman had a major muff, it curled up her
thighs and featured a happy trail that ended at her navel.

	 The lighting was strictly industrial, a harsh glare from a bank of
bright bare bulbs that overhung the stage upon which she stood. Kneeling beside
her was an emaciated young girl with close cropped blonde hair who looked to be
in her mid teens. She was stark naked and had heavy metal rings hanging from her
shrunken breasts. The nipples were capped with some kind of spider-like metal
fasteners, and she wore a leather dog collar to which a chain leash was
attached. Currently nurse Nora was holding said chain in her hand. This had to
be Bones, her latest slave. The tall brunette produced a large bowl and placed
it on the floor in front of the girl, who quickly picked it up and held it at
arms length.

	Nora opened her mouth and jammed two fingers down her throat, gagging
herself and producing a stream of vomit that was captured in the bowl held by
her slave. I looked away from the disgusting spectacle, but still could hear the
sound of vomiting and the little gasps from Bones as she tried to catch every
bit of the foul mess that issued from Nora's mouth. I remembered Rod's
description of this event and waited for the rest of this scene to unfold. It
did not take long at all.

	The thin brunette squatted over the bowl that was still being held by
her slave and began to piss, releasing a powerful stream of dark yellow liquid
that quickly mingled with the vomit that she had previously produced. She
continued to flood the bowl, splattering the girl with a spray of vomit and piss
as she struggled to make sure that every drop was collected. Seeing is believing
and soon the large bowl was filled to the brim. Nora kept going and a puddle
began forming on the floor beneath the full bowl.

	The camera zoomed in on Nora's scowling face, then panned back to
include her hapless slave struggling to hold her position. Then the tall woman
moved forward so that her stream of piss was now splashing over Bones, soaking
her head and then moving down over her chest. Suddenly Nora grabbed her slave's
head and jammed it into the forest of pubic hair guarding her cunt. "Drink it
all you miserable pig!" Nora exclaimed. The bowl fell from the girl's shaking
hands and shattered on the floor.

	Once and again Nora boxed the ears of her slave with her open hands,
then balled them into fists and smashed them against the girl's neck. All the
while Bones' mouth remained glued to her cunt, sucking up every drop of pee that
issued from her mistress. I lost count of the number of times that Nora slammed
her fists into the head and neck of the bony teen, but at last she stopped.

	"Clean up that mess you made and be quick about it!" Nora screamed, once
more cuffing the girl. Bones turned away and her head went down to the floor so
she could begin to vacuum up the slops. Fortunately for her the bowl had broken
into large pieces and she was able to avoid swallowing any of the shards that
littered the floor. The tall brunette followed the girl around, kicking her
viciously every minute or so as a spur to make sure she got every drop licked
up. A particularly vicious kick to the ribs made Bones collapse on her side.
Nora aimed kick after kick to her stomach until the girl began to vomit. The
nurse held out her hand and a shadowy figure placed a riding crop into her hand
as smoothly as if the two of them were passing a baton.

	"You have only a few minutes to get every drop up from this floor or
I'll have every inch of your skin whipped from your miserable ass and back."

	To emphasize her threat the nurse landed a cruel cut across the lower
portion of the girl's back, bringing a gasp of pain from her. For the next few
minutes nurse Nora slashed away at the girl's unprotected body as she
frantically tried to literally vacuum up every drop of vomit and piss that
covered the stage. At this point curiosity got the better of me and I decided to
fast forward to the debut of my wayward wife.

	Suddenly there she was, or was it her? I took a good look at the
obviously pregnant woman who was securely strapped to the medical examination
table while my mind tried to make sense out of what I was seeing. She had auburn
colored hair like Jill, but it was unkempt and had been crudely chopped short,
not at all like the most recent pictures I had of my untrustworthy mate. This
woman's face was round, almost pig-like, her eyes nearly hidden by her puffy
cheeks. Her breasts were huge, the swollen gourd shaped mounds not only spread
across her chest, they actually flowed into her armpits as well.

	 Then I saw the deep furrows that were located at the base of each tit,
and my mind quickly flashed back to what Rod had told me about his wife
regularly hanging Jill by her breasts from a tree located on their property.
That would explain not only the furrows, but the shape of this woman's pillowy
breasts, slowly formed over time by hour after hour of steady force stretching
the muscle and skin into this configuration. I mentally went through all the
photos I had received of Jill and realized that none of the most recent package
clearly showed  either her face or her breasts, mainly focusing on her cunt,
asshole and mouth as they were stretched and reamed by all manner of things. As
my mind scrambled to make sense of all this conflicting information, the voice
of nurse Nora caught my attention.

	 "I'd like to introduce a special guest, she is the sister of a good
friend of mine and is currently undergoing treatments aimed at correcting her
morbid need for excessive amounts of sexual intercourse. To date she has proven
to be most resistant to the standard approaches typically used to correct this
form of aberrant behavior."

	It was Jill, but how could it be? What I was about to hear from nurse
Nora made no sense at all. What happened after her little lecture consisting of
pseudo science mixed with metaphysical mumbo-jumbo made me doubt my own sanity
for a time.

	"The wages of sin is death, sayeth the prophet, and so the result of
uncontrollable sexual urges can be disease and perhaps pregnancy, especially if
the possessed one is fecund and makes no attempt to protect herself as she
wallows in her lusts. What you see before you is not natural, it is a treatment
that I have developed after many long years of labor. I have been assisted by
many people who believe as I do. Neither I nor they however may take credit for
what you see before you; that is reserved for He who has no name, the spirit
form that guided my search and revealed things to me that were not previously

	As she spoke, the camera zoomed in on Jill and stayed there as nurse
Nora continued her story. As I listened my eyes took in much more detail of my
absent wife's condition. Although her breasts were much larger than I'd ever
seen, the nipples and areolae had not changed in size or color. There was no
doubt that her belly was distended to near its limit. The way she was secured to
the table gave a clear view of both her vulva and anus. There was no evidence
that either entrance was plugged. I did however notice that she was
catheterized. Her mouth was also free of any obvious obstruction. That pretty
much eliminated the idea that some type of liquid had been pumped into her to
create the appearance that she was pregnant. There is no way she could possibly
avoid trying to reflexively rid herself of such a large quantity of liquid. Her
breathing was labored, most likely caused by the pressure that her bloated belly
must be exerting against her lungs, especially in this prone position. I shook
myself and concentrated on listening to nurse Nora as she went on about this
treatment that Jill had experienced.

	"One week ago I began by injecting a special solution into this
slattern's uterus that toughened it to the point that its rapid expansion could
be tolerated without rupturing. The next day I pumped another solution of
chemicals into her that was activated by the temperature of her body to produce
a dense foam which expanded and stretched the walls of the birthing chamber.
Each day thereafter she received more of the solution, causing her uterus to
swell further to accommodate the growing pressure from the ever expanding foam.
My measurements indicate that for her height and bone structure, she has the
girth typical of a woman well into her eighth month of pregnancy. To make her
"pregnancy" even more realistic she has been receiving doses of diuretics to
stimulate her kidneys. To make matters even more uncomfortable a catheter has
been inserted into her bladder to control her ability to void its contents. She
has also been given drugs that have caused her breasts to become swollen and
itchy, her ankles to swell and her body in general to retain large quantities of

	"Today I intend to give her a final injection which should bring her to
full term and perhaps a bit beyond. Once this state has been achieved she will
receive as much sexual stimulation as she can tolerate. This will be done to
make what follows even more traumatic. She will then be forced to, in a sense,
give "birth" without the benefit of sedatives or undergoing any dilation. It
should be a memorable experience for this unfortunate creature and one that
hopefully will correct her aborrhent behavior when it comes to matters sexual."

	Almost against my will I was hanging on every word from nurse Nora. The
temptation to fast forward grew with each passing second, but I resisted. What
happened next took me completely by surprise. Nora walked quickly over to where
Jill lay, and yanked the catheter free, bringing a grunt of pain from the
helpless woman.  Then she reached down and came up holding a syringe that looked
to me more like a caulking gun in size. In a blink of an eye she plunged it deep
into Jill's bulging belly and I almost came off my chair in shock. My wayward
wife hardly reacted to what appeared to be almost a death blow. Pushing one hand
down against Jill's bloated body for leverage, the nurse began to thumb the
plunger, slowly injecting its contents into her abdomen. The camera zoomed in to
capture a close-up of the actual injection. It was then possible for me to see
the circle that had been drawn on Jill's midsection. The syringe was perfectly
centered within the circle.I had been deliberately victimized by a cheap trick
not even worthy of a second-rate magician.

	Nurse Nora stepped back after finishing the injection and broke into a
smile that was more like a grimace. The camera panned out, which allowed me to
see Jill's entire body. As predicted, her belly began to slowly expand, causing
her to grunt and moan. I could not help but wonder if this treatment, short term
as it might be, would leave Jill with stretch marks. I thought that would be a
fitting punishment for her whoring ways, to carry around stretch marks from a
phantom pregnancy that would make her less attractive to the type of men that
she seemed to favor. I was fascinated by the sight of the spidery blue lines
that covered the taut skin of her abdomen. Her midsection continued to gradually
expand, and Jill responded with louder groans and then cries for relief. The
smile on Nora's face broadened, reacting strongly to the struggles and screams
that issued from Jill as she fought against the leather straps holding her body
onto the table.

	Once again a disembodied hand gave something to nurse Nora. She held it
out and once again the camera zoomed to closeup. It was a metal cylinder perhaps
eight inches in length that I initially took to be a flashlight. Nora touched
the base and a second metal section moved smoothly from its nested position
within the cylinder. The diameter of this part expanded to nearly twice that of
the orginal cylinder as it locked into position, now adding about six extra
inches to the instrument's original length. Then Nora pressed the base once more
and the new section returned to its nested state, the girth shrinking to allow
its return. She twisted the base and this time the little machine reconfigured
itself at a much more rapid rate. It was then that I got the eerie feeling that
this tool was going to wind up inside Jill's body, and there seemed to be only
two choices for its new home.

	My suspicion was almost immediately confirmed. Nora held the tool in her
hands and went through the previous motions, only more rapidly. The machine
hummed into life, getting longer and thicker, then returning to its original
state briefly before repeating itself. I wondered what institution of higher
learning had produced the evil mechanical engineer who designed and built this
combination pussy and colon punisher and whether the US Patent Department fully
understood its purpose. It turned out to have another obvious use that I had
overlooked, probably because my focus was only on a very narrow portion of
Jill's anatomy.

	The slim brunette approached Jill who by now was making one hell of a
lot of noise. Her screams and moans were so loud that I had to turn down the
volume control on my set for fear of alarming the neighbors. Nora leaned over
Jill's bulging belly and pinched her nostrils together. My slut of a wife took a
big mouthful of air, probably planning to deafen all within the sound of her
voice. At that moment Nora slid the cylinder into her mouth and jammed it deep
down her throat. If that wasn't punishment enough, she then flicked the tool
into motion and Jill's eyes tried to pop out of her head as the extension tube
made its way even deeper, further stretching her throat as it expanded.

	 Nora was one merciless bitch. Even I, her outraged cuckold of a
husband, was appalled at the woman's cruelty towards Jill. She held the tube
steady allowing the little machine to cycle through its routine a number of
times. My wayward wife's face began to change color rapidly as her air supply
was shut off completely by the intruder. Her bloated body thrashed mindlessly
against its bonds while her eyes rolled back into her head. I was so captured by
the scene that I forgot to breathe, perhaps acting in sympathy  to the plight of
the former light of my life. Immediately after Nora pulled the mucous coated
cylinder from Jill's throat I resumed breathing and hit the stop button in order
to get myself together before seeing what else lay ahead for my less than
faithful wife.

	The screen came up and the fun began once more. Nora coated the little
machine with some lubricant and then slowly worked it into Jill's vagina. It was
slow going, which surprised me. After all that portion of her anatomy had been
getting plenty of exercise in the past few months. Nora took her sweet time,
pausing every inch or so to rock the tube from side to side and move it up and
down within her victim. Jill mumbled and yelled as much as her very sore throat
would allow. It was apparent that the tube had done some damage to her throat
lining and perhaps even her vocal cords. With about half the original length of
the tube now inside the helpless woman, Nora started to ratchet up the pain

	She must have fired up the tool because my bloated wife went absolutely
nuts. The shreiks and other eerie sounds that came from her made the hair on the
back of my neck stand at attention. In my mind's eye I could visualize the
pressure that the extending section of this machine must have been causing in
her formerly tight pussy. The grin on Nora's face said it all. She had Jill
totally at her mercy and was going to make her wish she never had been born.
Nora did a pretty good job of it over the next ten minutes. She never did get
the entire thing inside Jill, but she gave it the old college try, even ignoring
the sprays of urine that spurted from the juncture beween Jill's nearly
transparent cunt lips and the bright metal of the buzzing tool from hell.

	When she realized that her victim's cunt had taken all it could possibly
handle, she left the cylinder in place, perhaps two inches showing, and enjoyed
the sight of Jill trying to climb out of her skin as her insides were battered
bloody. Nora looked directly into the camera and spoke. I could have sworn she
was in the room with me as she said, " This bitch lives for sex, for having hard
cocks plowing away inside her dirty, wet cunt as she glories in her animalistic
urges. Tonight she will have the ultimate in pleasure as often as she can
tolerate it. Beyond that she will give birth, a horribly painful birth, to a
monstrosity that is the evil that has dwelled in her womb for year after year.
If all goes as it should she will be free of the demon that has dwelled within.
She will be able to renounce Satan and break free of his domain, no longer known
as Satan's Whore."

	I just sat there with my mouth open and my dick in my hand, figuratively
speaking. Once again I had encountered the secret phrase and began looking for
the duck from "You Bet Your Life" to drop from the ceiling as Groucho arched his
eyebrows, leered knowingly and knocked the ashes from his cigar.

	A few things happened that I had to catch later because my mind had
started to wander big time. A particularly passionate scream that seemed to come
from Jill's black heart roused me from my stupor. She was beating her head
against the padding that covered the examination table, trying desperately, but
unsuccessfully, to knock herself out. Nora busied herself between Jill's splayed
thighs, spreading her cunt lips to get at the little sex button that was still
hidden away behind its hood of flesh. The nurse was not to be denied and shortly
she coaxed the pink bud out from it home, captured it securely between thumb and
forefinger and placed a metal cap over it, locking it into place with a twist. I
couldn't help wondering if this little trinket was another creation of the evil
genius that built the cylinder that was still hard at work simultaneously
widening Jill's vagina and pummeling her cervix.

	Another baton pass between Nora and the mystery hand provided her with
something that looked like a tuning fork except for the battery pack at its
base. She pressed a button on its side and started moving it over the mouth of
Jill's well stretched pussy. The almost transparent labia began to take on
color. Nora moved the fork to the capped clitoris of her victim and Jill  arched
immediately and then her body began to undulate, the hips swiveling to slam her
body down against the padded surface and lift it upwards to meet the tuning fork
again. Whatever that metal thing was doing sure had changed Jill's attitude in a
big hurry. She began to grunt in rhythm with her body's movements. Her cunt lips
grew fatter and more colorful. Believe me, I'm no expert on the female orgasm,
but in recent times I've been around enough of them to know that what I was
witnessing had to be the beginning of a major league blowoff, the gusher to end
all gushers.

	Nora started teasing her victim, deliberately withholding the magic wand
just as she was on the verge of a mindblowing release of her sexual tensions. I
even got frustrated with her actions as over and over she brought my slutty wife
closer and closer to her holy grail, the perfect orgasm. Then Nora stopped
playing games and set Jill off on a journey that she probably never remembered.
Her bloated body bounced and shuddered madly as wave after wave of sensations
that no man could begin to describe rippled, raced and rammed their way through
her. Her mouth was open but no sound came from it. The camera moved in to show
her nipples, now stiff and swollen, as if they had been dipped in molten steel.
A spray of mysterious fluid made the air appear to shimmer as it arced from her
in wave after wave, matching the thrusts her pelvis was making as she squeezed
off orgasm after orgasm. Once again I felt light-headed and there was a
heaviness in my chest as what was occurring took all of my energy to assimilate.

	I guess I wasn't the only one to get swept up in this awesome event. In
retrospect, that is after I reran the tape a few times, it appeared that Nora
had lost it as well. She began to use the fork as a baton, conducting a concerto
of pain and pleasure that was being played over her victim's writhing form.
She'd hold her baton against the cylinder protruding from her cunt, and Jill's
body would literally rise into the air as monsterous, magnified waves of sexual
energy blasted deep inside that tunnel of frenzied lust. Jill's cunt lips were
crimson by now and swollen to unbelievable proportions, nearly obscuring that
part of the fat cylinder poking from the maelstrom of frothing sexual madness
churning within her. Then it would be time for another section of the orchestra
to be heard from and so the wand would move to her capped clitoris. Nora would
actually touch the tuning fork to the metal cap and create sparks. Jill in turn
would literally begin to foam at the mouth as her senses were overloaded. By now
her fat nipples were black and the region surrounding them was approaching the
color of her swollen labia. Her chest was scarlet from the constant orgasms that
rolled through the quaking lump of sex flesh that she had become. This was no
thing of beauty, no butterfly evolving from its chrysalis, it was a sheer,
blind, primordial force that had been unlocked.

	Even though I have run this tape repeatedly, I have never been able to
go beyond this point without taking a lengthy respite from the raw energy and
conflicts that flowed from this scene worthy of a twentieth century Hieronymus

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				     Chapter 22

	Nurse Nora knew exactly what she was doing. She checked Jill's heart
with a stethoscope and took her pulse before turning to the camera and
announcing, "This creature has reached her limit of endurance, further
stimulation will not change the situation. It's time for her body to rid itself
of this foul intruder responsible for her obsessive, antisocial behavior."

	I gave her little speech a big thumbs down for being cliched, obtuse and
florid in the extreme. All she should have said was, "Folks, it's show time".
Settling back in my comfortable lounger that by now had conformed itself
perfectly to my less than ideal body, I awaited the main event. It started with
an enema; a sort of pedestrian opening for such a momentous occasion. That just
goes to show how much I knew about inducing labor.

	I watched out of the corner of my eye as Jill squirted the contents of
the enema bag into a large economy sized bedpan and finished off with a number
of loud, juicy farts announcing that this part of the process had been
completed. Seconds later she let out a yelp, as if someone had pinched her ass
without permission. This was followed by a moan that turned into a groan; they
are different in case you didn't know that. I could see that my dear wife's
belly had continued to grow slightly. I was almost expecting something to pop
out from her navel announcing that she was ready to drop a lot of weight really
quick. Such was not the case.

	She treated the audience to a potpourri of sounds that included the ever
popular scream, the more discrete yip or yipes, and a variety of low sounds that
could be interpreted as eithr moans or groans. She then graduated to the upper
ranges providing my stereo system, in particular the tweeter, with a great
workout. She delivered a series of shrill sounds that were either shreiks,
wails, keens, squeals, squeaks or screeches, every one guaranteed to make you
feel as if someone was running their fingernails up and down a chalk board, one
of my very favorite sounds.

	While all this commotion was occurring, the camera zoomed in on her
bulging belly so one could see the flesh rippling as she strained to rid herself
of this unwanted obstacle to a better sex life, whore that she was. The camera
moved back to include her face, now nearly scarlet, with a torrent of tears
pouring down her puffed out cheeks, and her eyes bulging from their sockets as
she tried to will the massive lump in her uterus into motion. This sight
combined with the background noise she was delivering made for an eerie scene. I
hit the pause button to catch my breath. It looked as if I was in for a long

	I raided the frig and returned, fortified with a bag of chips and a
beer. "Let there be noise" I said to myself as I hit start on the recorder. Jill
delivered big time. She was now screaming for very lengthy periods before
pausing to grab some oxygen. I clicked on the screen timer and watched as she
provided a series of yells that clocked in at from 35 seconds to the big one, a
screamer lasting one minute and twelve seconds. I'll say one thing for my
faithless wife, she had a great pair of lungs, in more ways than one.

	Nora returned to center stage and mugged shamelessly for the camera
before announcing that it was time for Jill to receive a little more help. I
winced when she produced a thick strap and buckled it in place on the stops
mounted on the sides of the table. Without as much as a by your leave she
proceeded to cinch the wide composite belt as tight as Jill's big belly would
allow. She cut her off in mid scream for maybe a half minute and then all hell
broke loose.

	My wayward wife began to bellow like some kind of a wounded animal. The
tendons in her neck nearly split the skin covering them. Her face was beginning
to move from red to some kind of mottled color that was difficult to describe,
it was kind of blotchy, super ugly, sort of the onset of death look.

	Almost on cue the camera homed in on her pussy which was doing tricks.
Her cunt lips were moving and I swear I expected that pussy to start talking, or
maybe joining in on Jill's screaming, possibly doing the bass line. She began to
bounce her bloated body up and down against the straps and the belt now cutting
her midsection in half. It was not a pretty sight. I was so caught up in what
was happening I never opened the bag of chips, but I did take a big swig of that
cold beer, the first of many swigs from quite a number of cans.

	In a normal pregnancy contractions are generated to cause the fetus to
begin moving down the chute while at the same time the opening of the vagina
begins to dialate. So much for the myths about pregnancy that I learned from
some of my drinking buddies who were forced to witness this alien activity. In
Jill's case nothing like this happened. In a word, the bitch was screwed, big
time; I guess that's more than one word, but you get my drift.

	Nurse Nora got the ball rolling with another massive injection from one
of her caulking guns that always seemed to materialize out of thin air. It
didn't take long for whatever she shot into Jill to take effect. Her struggling
slowed and the volume of noise issuing from her open wound of a mouth was
reduced by many decibels. Things began to happen on all fronts. Jill began to
experience cramps that made her start screaming again, but only in spurts as
they rolled through. The mouth of her cunt began to wink at me, a thoroughly
disconcerting phenomenon. I'd done a lot of time on and in that twitching clam,
and never had I experienced this kind of motion, despite whatever illegal sexual
activity we found ourselves engaging in. This was very freaky.

	What happened next was flat ugly. The thin brunette produced a number of
double-headed fish hooks from beneath the table and before I knew it she began
skewering Jill's cunt lips, going from one side to the other as Jill sent up a
barrage of agonized gasps and screams. Then she grabbed them in pairs, first
pulling them up and out to stretch Jill's cunt lips to the max before jamming
them down onto her thighs and holding them in place while a disembodied hand,
there seemed to be a lot of them around there, squeezed some kind of super glue
on the barbs to help hold them in place. In less time than it takes to tell,
Jill's cunt lips were spread to their limit and anchored firmly to the insides
of her thighs by eight, count them, eight fishhooks. I decided that I didn't
need those chips after all, but another beer was in order. So I hit pause and
headed for the frig.

	It didn't get any better when I started the show again. Now Nora the
magician produced another set of smaller barbs and used them to spread Jill's
inner lips as well. Her cunt now sort of reminded me of that character Jaws,
from one of the James Bond movies. Now it was time for more high tech stuff.
Nurse Nora began to work a flexible cable into Jill's gaping pussy. It turned
out to be a small fiber optical camera that produced close up pictures of my
cheating spouse's uterus as it began to slowly unfold in preparation for
delivering whatever was clogging her insides. The pictures sort of reminded me
of my first and last sigmoid colonoscopy, a rather demeaning experience that
involved some disinterested nurse jamming a cable up my ass while I lay on my
side and watched my innards on a TV screen.

	Things really got rolling when some kind of an IV drip was poked into
Jill's arm. Inside of a minute the doors to the hanger, so to speak, started to
open to reveal a mass of ugly looking gunk. Jill started hollering her head off
again, but nothing appeared to be happening where it counted. Nora did her magic
act once more and this time she came up with the piece de resistance. She held a
dome-shaped hunk of metal with some kind of a cable attached to its center. Nora
placed the shiny dome right on top of Jill's bloated belly and then pressed a
button to start it up.

	All this was captured by the zoom camera. I was kind of impressed with
the high tech stuff. There were now two cameras going, one inside Jill's cunt,
the pussy cam, and the other capturing all the interesting things that were
happening to the outside of her body. There was some kind of a switching station
that allowed the audience and yours truly to catch all the action as the two
cameras did their thing.

	Whatever that gadget was, it got results. Jill's voice cracked as she
unleashed a window shattering scream. Her body strained the straps holding her
down as she gave out this terrible grunting sound. The pussy cam revealed that a
wall of ugliness was advancing towards the gaping mouth of her skewered cunt. It
was moving slowly; I couldn't estimate at what speed, but it looked like Jill
was in for a long night. I watched another minute or so with the sound turned
down to its lowest setting; I could still hear Jill yelling, sobbing and begging
for relief. I began to wonder if that gunk was doing something to the lining of
her cunt, because the volume of her screaming had gone up considerably once it
got moving.

	I had another beer and then did some fast forwarding, pausing every few
minutes to check on Jill's progress. Sometime between pauses she evidently lost
her voice, no surprise considering the workout her vocal cords were getting. Now
she was giving a pretty good imitation of one of those whistling teapots.
Finally the wall of mung reached the promised land and began oozing out onto her
thighs, then down to the table, making a mound of messiness. From the way she
was writhing whatever this stuff was, it was something else once it got out into
the air for a time. The camera moved in to show the rash that was developing on
those areas of her body that had come into contact with this stuff. It was
sickening; I found myself looking away, it was that bad.

	My wife may have been a cheating, lying, sneaky, slutty, tramp of a
whore, but she was also a human being. No one should have to go through what was
happening to her. At her worst, she only hurt my pride, which was nothing
compared to someone who might have mugged me for the contents of my wallet.

	I know I had a buzz going by now since I am not what one would call a
drinking man. However, even with the mental impairment caused by my overuse of
alcohol, I found myself feeling some small amount of sympathy for what my
wayward wife was going through at the hands of her sister and all her strange
friends that lived in that part of the country. I turned off the tape and
decided to sleep on what I had just seen and what I had just thought.

					( To be continued )

				   Wayward Wife's Punishment

					 Chapter 23

	The next morning I awoke with a slightly sour taste in my mouth and a
mild headache from imbibing a bit too much. I had a few recollections of brief
parts of what had played out on the movie screen located somewhere inside my
head, but they meant nothing, a good sign. Over some strong coffee I mulled over
last night's ugly little surprise. I still was greatly concerned that things
were getting way out of hand down South.

	 I tried to reach Allie and Rod, but there was no answer; not too
meaningful since it was the weekend, the time most swingers did their thing. For
all I knew, they could be in another state doing the nasty. There were other
things to be done at home, important things like doing the damned laundry,
replenishing my refrigerator and planning for what would be required of me when
I returned to the rabbit warrens tomorrow. I dreaded Mondays, and now I had a
new reason to add to the regular pack of concerns, Jillian Jones.

	There were slim pickings at the supermarket and the trim at the
laundromat was deplorable. Most of the hot chicks were not wasting their
weekends doing the laundry. They were too busy picking and choosing from the
hordes of sex-mad males desperately trying to land some ass before the winter
set in.

	You have no idea how bad the winters can be in Minneapolis. Below zero
is a way of life and god help you if it snows early, because you'll be slipping
and sliding through that crap for three months. Sure, some of the locals lived
for driving their snowmobiles through the wilderness, and others with money
could fly out and do some weekend skiing. The rest of us had to hunker down in
the stygian darkness of a Minnesota winter and tough it out with only the
assistance of massive quantities of alcohol which had the potential to kill lots
and lots of brain cells.

	Returning late in the afternoon, I took a chance and gave my in-laws
another call and got through to Allie. As I had suspected, they had been out and
about, swapping bodily fluids with some friends and acquaintances. As soon as I
brought up the subject of Jill and the Nurse Nora tape she started getting very
defensive. I pressed her for information on Jill's health and current location;
I did not like the answers I got.

	My wayward wife was in the hospital, this time as an in-patient,
recovering from the injuries she suffered from her encounter with Nora and her
nasty friends. Allie made light of this, stating that her sister had just gotten
what she deserved, and wasn't worth my time or sympathy.

	"Your wife is a whore; she's still a whore, and it's my guess that once
she gets out of the hospital and meets up with the parson she may just turn into
a dead whore. That's no great loss to society since she wasn't even smart enough
to get paid for it."

	I sputtered and fussed, trying to figure out what to say next. I had
just been told to mind my own business and let nature take its course, even if
it meant my tramp of a wife would no longer be occupying the same dimension as
those of us who claimed to be alive. Rather than continue this one-sided
exchange, I inquired as to when Allie expected her sister to be well enough to
face the meat grinder known as the parson.

	There was a long pause, a sigh, and then Allie broke the news that her
sister might be permanently crippled as a result of the damage done while she
gave "birth". There were some rather severe internal injuries that might take
months to fully heal, and there were other problems that would never be totally
resolved. Then Allie laughed and added.

	 "She's got a nest of hemorrhoids from this little clambake that will
make taking it in the ass nothing but major pain and suffering for as long as
she lives. That's poetic justice if you ask me."

	I took my leave at this point, telling her to send my regards to Rod and
let me know if there were any major changes in my wife's situation. Allie
grunted and mumbled something to the effect that she didn't think she'd be
calling me for at least a couple of months. I sat there listening to the dial
tone for quite some time before I hung up.

	Ten minutes later it was a whole new ballgame. I picked up the phone and
heard a familiar voice cursing my ancestry and asking if I'd missed her. WooWoo
had returned from the wars. All I could do was stutter and try to think up
something clever to say. I gave up and told her the truth.

	"I've been thinking about you lately. I'm glad to hear your voice, very
glad. Sorry I didn't plan a welcome home speech that might have impressed you.
Things have not been going well these days."

	The little man in my head responsible for dialogue kicked me squarely in
what passed for my slats in the metaworld in which he lived. I noted having been
suitably chastised for my breach of propriety. Shirley's giggle interrupted my
musing; it was good to hear laughter, even if I was the butt of the joke.

	"I've been kind of busy taking care of some personal business and now
that it's done I decided to come back to the land of ice and snow to see if a
certain rat-bastard of a round eye was still in town. Looks as if he is. Wanna
fuck, big boy?" Her offer floored me to put it mildly.

	"To tell the truth I'd much rather just cuddle if you don't mind my
wimpiness too much." I replied.

	Shirley snorted and said, "Nice try asshole. Who do you think you're
dealing with, some dumb, gum chewing bimbo whose IQ is less than her bust size?
That line is out, old, stale, dated, passe, all words that sort of describe you.
I must be suffering from some disease to even bother thinking about you, let
alone waste my time on this lame call."

	There was one of those pregnant pauses and then her silvery giggle
tickled my eardrum. Actually it felt more like she had just stuck her narrow
tongue inside my ear and was cleaning the wax out. Little Mikey woke from his
long slumber and stretched his worm-like shape into something resembling
rigidity. A variety of fantasy scenes involving me and a naked Shirley Wu
flashed across the silver screen as the trailer repeated the words " Coming
Attractions". All was well in Minneapolis.

	"Look Jon, I just got in today and my place is a fucking mess. I did
miss you and yes, I do want you to fuck my brains out among other things when we
get together. The best I can offer is my bare body in your bed no later than 9PM
tomorrow night. That means you provide the take out and it damned well better
not be Chinese either; I am so fucking tired of eating Chinese food I could

	Her words made me more than just a happy camper. They sort of restored
my faith in myself. I hadn't been lying to her when I said things had not gone
well. I debated about whether or not to make a clean breast of it all, but
tabled that decision until I survived tomorrow at the tunnels.

	All things considered, the day went as well as could be expected for a
Monday. The only real downer was another close encounter of the nasty kind with
Mistress JJ, my new nickname for the ball buster. She had upped her generous
offer for my services, promising me access to her roommate on an on-demand basis
for the next three months. As she so nastily put it, "This will keep all of us
busy during those long, cold, dark months of winter, and solidify my position as
the mistress of the house when it comes to the relationship between me and dear

	It was a tempting offer, but it still let her get off the hook without
allowing me to do any payback when it came to putting things right with her. I
told her a little white lie, I was getting good at shading the truth, and said
her offer was a most tempting one and I'd like some time to consider it more
closely. From the look on her face, I knew that was not the answer she was
expecting. Things between us were far from settled, and we both knew it. I still
wanted the chance to tear up that broad ass as a down payment on what she owed

	My bell rang a little after 7 that evening and there she was, or what
was left of her, Shirley Wu. It was hard to believe that she could have lost any
weight considering her skinny frame, but it looked as if she had perhaps dumped
ten percent of her body mass, which put her in the concentration camp category.
I was almost afraid of hurting her when we got close enough to embrace, but I
chanced it and was richly rewarded with perhaps a foot of WooWoo tongue that
snaked its way into my mouth as she rubbed her super bony bod against mine. In
contrast to her I felt like the Pillsbury doughboy or maybe that weird character
that represents the radial tire maker.

	"I guess you didn't like Chinese food much, or is this a ploy to get
some sympathy from me so I won't punish you for not dropping me a postcard?" I
said, trying to make light of matters. Then I added, "No enema for you tonight
young lady, not until I can crawl in bed with you without worrying that one of
your sharp elbows or hip bones will stab me in some vital place."

	WooWoo was still quick on the uptake as she shot back, "Hey, no fair!
I've been counting the days until some nice guy will give me two or three quarts
of really hot soapy water and make me hold it while he abuses my naked body.
Don't tell me that in my absence you've turned into one of those sensitive,
smarmy, wimpy excuses for a man."

	"Any more talk like that trooper and it will go hard on you, very hard
and in many places." I said, doing my best imitation of a British sergeant

	"Promises, promises, that's all I've been getting for the last six
weeks. No one in Hong Kong seems to want to fuck anymore. They're all too busy
making money to spend any time making a nice Chinese girl happy for the few
brief moments they need to shoot their little peckers off. I don't know how many
batteries I've gone through since I left. If I'd been smart I would have bought
stock in the company that made them."

	The emaciated, but still exotic-looking, black haired teen wolfed down a
pizza that was bigger than her head, a sure sign that she was happy to be back
and hanging around with yours truly; at least that's what I was hoping. She may
have her quirks, who doesn't, but at least she seemed to be able to play things
pretty straight unlike a large portion of the female population. I, for one, was
getting tired of being the victim or fall guy for something that some other
asshole had done to the woman who was making me pay for it.

	A few minutes after finishing the pizza WooWoo made a beeline for the
bathroom where I could hear her puking her guts out. I waited discretely until
the sounds of her upchucking were replaced by coughing and then a few choice
curse words in what was probably her native tongue. I knocked on the bathroom
door, inquiring if there was anything I could do for her. She hollered for me to
get lost and then I heard her start to cry big time, and it wasn't about that
damned pizza either.

	These are the moments most men try to avoid like the plague, because
there isn't usually a damned thing you can do about what triggered off the
crying jag in the first place. I had a pretty good idea, but broaching that
matter was like sticking your head into a lioness' mouth after she's spent the
night being jumped by a randy lion thirty times or so. That is, by the way, the
only reason that this pile of lazy big cat holds the title of king of the
beasts. For a moment I had an image of JJ staked out in the veldt being jumped
by a pack of randy lions. Now that's something I'd pay to see.

	In time WooWoo exited from the bathroom and joined me in the kitchen.
"My eyes were too big for my stomach. Got any bread?" Shirley asked. I did and
watched as she ate three slices without anything on them, chewing slowly and
seeming to relish the taste of such pedestrian fare. When she was done I
suggested she join me for a nice hot shower before we called it a night.

	Seeing her naked wasn't the turn on I thought it would be. There was way
too much bone poking out of her pale skin. Counting her ribs was now a no
brainer, and I noticed that for some reason her pussy was freshly shaven. I
dismissed the idea that it was an invitation for me to go down on her, since
pubic hair was never an issue when it came to having lunch at the Y. I remember
we had discussed this matter one afternoon while we were resting up for round
three or was it four?

	We played a little grab ass in the shower, but our hearts weren't really
in it. I did however rub the palm of my hand up and down her slick slit and she
gave a shiver that told me there was still some life in that shrunken form. I
toweled her off and she stood there like a little girl and let daddy do all the
work. I started to get aroused for the first time this evening. Little Mikey was
up and about, sensing that there might be work for him shortly.

	Once in bed we made a half hearted attempt to do the nasty. Although the
spirit may have been willing, the body, namely Shirley's, was dry, too dry for
Mikey to get any kind of a purchase. She suggested we try some lubricant which
meant I had to remove myself from the warmth we had just begun to create. When I
returned, tube in hand, daddy's little girl was fast asleep. I could only hope
that her dreams were pleasant ones, possibly involving a bulked-up version of
yours truly. Slipping beneath the covers I cuddled her against my body and fell
into a dreamless sleep. It's funny how my little joke of last night had come

	The next morning it took a major effort of the will to leave the warmth
and comfort of my bed, not to mention having to release the physical bond that
had joined the two of us together as though our bodies had fused into one. To
add insult to injury there was that eerie sound known to those of us who have
previously dealt with a Minnesota winter. Sometime during the night a mass of
cold air had dropped down from our neighbor to the North, the first of many. It
was a bit ahead of schedule if one dared to attempt to understand the vagaries
of Mother Nature. WooWoo was still asleep when I left for another day in the

	Two calls drew nothing but my answering machine telling me to leave a
message. Even though I shouted into the phone for WooWoo to pick up I never got
her. That evening after returning home and freezing my butt just going from my
car to the apartment door, I discovered that Shirley had left me something. I
picked up the composition book, the kind we used in grade and high school, and
opened to the first page. My heart nearly stopped when I read what was written

					Trainers Log

				      Subject: Willa Cabot

					( To be continued )

				  Wayward Wife's Punishment

				        Chapter 24

				     September 19, 1994

	A member suggested that I look into a potential situation that appeared
to be worth my time. The ad hinted at something well beyond what was being
asked. It simply read: "Former world-class gymnast who has gone to seed seeks
live-in trainer to instill discipline so that I can regain control over my life.
Compensation will be determined by the willingness of the successful candidate
to exchange services for services."

	There was also a photo of a painfully thin woman who looked to be in her
late 30s or early 40s. She was wearing a pair of panties that hung from her hips
and a training bra with straps pulled tight against her bony shoulders. A small
smile was etched on her gaunt face. I was curious enough to send a response to
the address she provided.

	A week or so later I received a reply along with another photo of her.
In this one she was stark naked, her hands by her side, facing the camera! There
did not appear to be much excess flesh on that sleek collection of skin and
bones. Her message confirmed what I had suspected.

	"This body is yours to do with as you please as long as you assist me in
achieving my ultimate goal to be free of the temptations of the flesh. I
challenge you to mercilessly shape both my mind and body as you see fit in order
that I may be liberated and pure."

	Two days later I moved into her little house located at the end of a
treacherous two-mile long dirt road.

				    October 17, 1994

	It is difficult to believe that I have been Willa's guide for nearly a
month now. She is an amazing creature; a nymphomaniac, anorexic, and a masochist
with seemingly no limits to what she can tolerate. The regime I have prescribed
would have killed most women her age (38), and physical condition by now.

	Her blood pressure has been raised substantially and she finds it nearly
impossible to sleep more than a few hours each day because I force her to drink
at least a gallon of double-boiled coffee daily. Threats to mutilate her
genitals had no effect on her refusal to consume so much of the liquid at first.
The repeated application of a hot soldering iron to her clitoris and the
realization on her part that losing that little hot button would significantly
impede her enjoyment of matters sexual, finally convinced her to obey me.

	This combined with the diuretics she gets every day constantly overloads
her kidneys. I collect the copious quantities of urine that she generates and
use it as part of her enemas and to satisfy her need for liquids after certain
processes that I make her undergo.

	During the day Willa is securely restrained with cable ties twisted
tightly around her wrists, elbows and biceps. I use a wider and heavier tie to
constrain her stomach. I love the way she screams when I bury the plastic deep
into her flesh. She currently is cinched down to sixteen and a half inches most
of the day. I use a second set to flatten what is left of her breasts and to
make breathing difficult, thus forcing her to burn more calories on what would
normally be a low energy expenditure of resources.

	I am confident that she will ultimately handle a fourteen-inch tie and
nearly all traces of her breasts will have disappeared except for the nipples. I
am also sure that once this has been achieved, Willa's time on this plane of
fleshy existence will be brief at best. At night her ankles, knees and thighs
are also trussed in the same fashion unless I am using her for my sexual needs.

	She receives three enemas daily, each one an opportunity to exercise her
waist by removing and then refitting it with the tie. The first one she gets is
usually composed of ice water laced with finely ground rock salt that makes her
bleed from the rectum after she voids. The second combines the essence of those
fiery peppers that grow in Mexico with water just below the boiling point.

	 I plug her rectum after giving her three quarts and then enjoy sex with
her. I have tried numerous positions, seeking the one that gives me pleasure and
her the most pain. To date the male superior, standard missionary position
appears to be optimum due to the pressure it applies to her swollen midsection.

	Willa becomes severely dehydrated from this particular treatment and I
rehydrate her by filling her stomach with water and any available urine, all
transferred via rubber tubing that I force her to swallow.

	She is an amazing sight after taking her limit, with belly bulging as if
she were in the final stages of a pregnancy. Her emaciated body will tremble
from head to toe as she reacts to the pressure radiating from her distended
abdomen. I can rarely resist the urge to have sex with her in this condition,
naturally in the same position as when she was retaining her enema. It is
strange and yet delightful to thrust deep inside her cunt which is always wet,
and watch her face slowly take on a pale bluish tinge as she struggles to draw
air into her lungs that are being mercilessly squeezed down by her swollen
stomach and the cinches around her shrunken breasts.

	Willa's third enema is the most challenging. It is equal parts of
glycerine and mineral oil, both heavy, inert liquids designed to put enormous
pressure on her colon. I give her about two quarts,a slow process that takes
nearly half an hour. She holds this one for at least an hour before I remove the
bung that has been wedged into her rectum. During this retention period I may
beat her with a rubber truncheon, concentrating on her chest, upper arms and
shoulders. When she is ready to void, I make her squat over a plastic bucket
before she is unplugged, allowing her to eliminate the enema.

	Even with help from gravity and her spasming colon, voiding this enema
is an agonizing process that exhausts her. By the time she has filled the
bucket, her bony body is coated with sweat and shaking uncontrollably from the
effort she has had to exert in order to rid herself of this intrusive invader. I
keep the contents of the bucket in the refrigerator for reuse, glycerine being
rather expensive. There are times that I have been tempted to give her two of
these procedures in a day, but to date my better judgment has prevailed. Perhaps
later when she is closer to liberation I can satisy my curiosity on this matter.

	Willa is kept on a strict semi-starvation diet. She only gets water,
urine and double-boiled coffee for two days. On the third day I force feed her
large quantities of salted foods such as oatmeal and fatback, which I make her
vomit up once her shriveled stomach can no longer accept further food. This
process is repeated every three hours until evening. In the interim I will
either beat or fuck her, depending on my mood and needs.

	This cycle seems to be optimal for weight reduction. Willa has lost
nearly eight pounds and now weighs ninety-two pounds since I became her personal
trainer. My goal for her is seventy-eight pounds; a weight that I calculate will
barely allow Willa's life to be sustained. Beyond that I do not know what is her

    				    November 15, 1994

	To lose weight one must burn calories, which implies a certain amount of
physical exertion. However as more and more weight is lost, the person is unable
to do many things, nature's way of conserving the body. The procedures that she
undergoes are mainly passive in nature, but cause Willa to burn calories at an
accelerated rate.

	Making it difficult for her to draw breath by breast cinching is a
simple example. The double-boiled coffee makes her heart race, and the diuretics
force her kidneys to function at many times their normal rate. This increases
the number of calories that she burns and thus sooner or later results in loss
of weight. Keeping her awake for more than twenty-one hours a day has many
effects both physical and psychological, but its primary purpose is to keep her
in a higher calorie burning state as is practical. Going beyond that has
required me to devise procedures that exploit her nymphomania.

	Sexual stimulation causes an elevation in the body's metabolism; more
calories are expended. Another treatment that I devised also works well. I
position her so that she is hunched over a long thick dildo fixed firmly to the
floor by a suction cup. I then make her do squat thrusts so that in a sense she
is fucking herself. When she tires, I beat her tightly cinched breast bags with
a length of heavy gage twisted wire until she resumes her exercise. Only when
Willa passes out from exhaustion will I let her rest. By then most of the dildo
is coated with a thick layer of her cunt cream, another very slight loss in body
weight to be sure.

	The treatment that gets the best results is simplicity itself. It uses
her body's reactions to, in a sense, damage itself. I immerse her in a bath of
ice water with her arms and legs securely restrained. After a number of trial
runs I have determined that a stay of twenty minutes will lower her body
temperature to where she is on the verge of hypothermia, sufficient for my

	I'll sit beside the tub and watch her face as the icy water sucks the
heat from her emaciated body. Her teeth will chatter so violently that I have
had to use a rubber wedge to prevent her from breaking them. By the time I
remove her from the water, she will be semiconscious and her skin will have
taken on a bluish color, signs that her body has drained itself of its small
energy reserve of calories fighting to stay alive.

	I must admit that I have underestimated her attractiveness. As her body
grudgingly gives up its flesh, what remains becomes more stimulating. It's as if
her sexual essence has become more concentrated, more intense, more exciting.
What makes this even stranger is the fact that in her weakened state she has
become less responsive to the pounding I give her cunt and asshole. She seems
unable to generate much enthusiasm when she gives me oral sex, where there is
always the potential that she might manage to make me come in her mouth,
providing a treat for her depleted body. Yet, she still reacts strongly when I
go down on her hairy cunt and try to burrow completely into that perpetually wet

	I have begun to use fisting as a major component of our sex lives.
Willa's positive reaction to this activity is probably due to the streak of
masochism that is part of her personality. She will actually beg me to pound her
harder as I work my fist up and down the length of her fuck channel. Her orgasms
are quite powerful and she literally breaks out in a sweat, an amazing sight
especially when she is just fresh from her ice bath. I am saving anal fisting
for that time later when her enthusiasm for this treatment has begun to ebb.

                                      December 25, 1994

	A day of joy and happiness for most of the Western world, but not here
in Willa's little house at the end of the long dirt road. Today was just another
typical day in my pupil's life. I did weigh her this morning, she is now
eighty-four pounds of concentrated desire, yearning to reach the other side that
she knows is her destiny. This morning I awoke, emptied my bladder and then had
her suck my cock. Once I was hard, I pumped a nice load of hot cum into that
hairy, bone bordered hole she calls a cunt. I have all but given up on the
possibility of getting her pregnant, but by coming deep inside her I frustrate
her faint hopes that by some miracle, or because it's Christmas, I will lose
control and come in her face, giving her a chance to consume my protein rich

	Recently I've plaited her long hair into a single braid that I use to
drag Willa from one room to another for her various treatments and procedures.
I'll pull her down the wooden stairs, making every effort to exposed her jutting
hips, bony chest and knobby kneecaps to sharp contact with the unyielding steps.
Bone  bruises are extremely painful, even to a masochist. The healing process is
lengthy and naturally consumes a few more precious calories that could otherwise
be dedicated to sustaining her weight.

	Once we were in the kitchen she lay on the floor as I had a nourishing
breakfast. I love to see that look in her staring eyes as she watches me chew
and swallow my food. Then it was off to the bathroom for her first enema of the

	I removed the ties from her legs and stomach, but took the opportunity
to see if it was possible that I could tighten the cinchers crossing her pancake
shaped breasts. This done, I made her lean forward at the waist in preparation
for the enema.  Her buttocks have shrunk to the point that the bones beneath her
stretched skin are beginning to surface, giving that portion of her body an
alien look.

	She whimpered as I jammed the dry nozzle into her rectum with one quick
shove and started the flow. As the icy solution flooded her bowels she began to
shake, reacting to the coldness that was robbing the heat from her body. I
surveyed her pale buttocks, noting the cuts in various stages of healing,  deep
welts from the regular canings she enjoys so much, plus the minute burns made by
the sharpened tip of the soldering iron, one of my favorite training tools.

	The fun really begins once she has taken the full enema, a bag and a
half. She'll hold it for the time it takes me to torment her bulging belly and
finger fuck her dripping cunt to a mild, by her standards, orgasm. She does not
disappoint me, squeezing off that little death as her bloated bowels strain
against the bung preventing her from loosing the churning maelstrom inside her.

	I pull the plug free and allow her to quickly settle down on the toilet
and release the enema, realizing full well that it will be an agonizing process
as the tiny salt particles tear at the lining of her colon and rectum. Today is
no different; I watch her grimace as the spasms ripple through her intestines,
causing more and more pain. The bloody froth that explodes from her rectum also
carries away any hidden particles of undigested food that may be hiding in her
body. The associated muscular contractions sap a little more energy from her
dwindling reserves.

	Now she begins to experience the first signs of dehydration, panting
like an overheated dog even though the tiled room is very cold. I rarely have
the heat on in the house as part of my treatment. My discomfort is a very small
price to pay in order for her to reach the next level of existence, the one that
needs no body.

	Christmas or no Christmas, my daily agenda for my pupil remains
constant. She must ride her bike as she always does after her morning enema. I
drag Willa into the exercise room and place her spindly body onto the stationary
bike that has been modified so that when she's properly seated, her bleeding
rectum is filled with a length of hard rubber. As usual she begins to slowly
pedal once I have positioned myself so that I can use my cane on her ribs and
thighs if she slows her pace.

	These days she is not capable of covering more than a mile before
collapsing, no matter how hard or long I hit her, and I have no mercy. I'll
generally get in at least a dozen good blows before allowing her to sag against
the handlebars. Willa knows that she will experience more pain in the next hour
or so, and she eagerly awaits it.

	She always says the same thing, "Spare me nothing". I always do my best
to make her happy, even though she has become frail in the last few weeks,
unable to endure the type of beatings and other punishments that were part of
her normal routine in the initial phase of her training.

	Today I am in a thoughtful mood, perhaps somewhat influenced by the
season of good cheer. I think about my method of addressing Willa's unquenchable
thirst for pain. It is my philosphy that any process or procedure I employ on
her is primarily focused on the goal of removing some small amount of flesh from
her body. The fact that Willa enjoys pain is a challenge, since my main
objective is not to give her pleasure, but rather damage her body so that it
will have to use additional resources to heal itself.

 	I would normally expect feedback from the subject that would guide the
severity of my processes. Unfortunately Willa's approach to things could be
summed up as, "Show no mercy. For me there are no limits. I have no fear of
pain, rather I welcome it; it is my friend." To counteract this I have devised a
two-phase treatment. Initially I concentrate on immobilizing her mentally. Once
this is accomplished then I can begin to damage her body, depending on her
reflexive actions to guide the level of harm that she can physically tolerate
during the session.

	For some reason I am wondering what the new year will bring for both of
us. I can guess her fate, but its timing is unknown to me because of her nature.
As for myself, I will move on to another pupil, although I seriously doubt if
that individual will provide me with  the challenge and enjoyment I have derived
from my association with Willa. I do wish her well in her new life, whenever
that begins.

				    January 20, 1995

	Today is Willa's birthday; she has finished thirty-nine years on this
earth. I doubt she will ever see another. Today I have hung her by her wrists,
putting the main strain on her shoulders and upper arms. I then spread her legs
apart to their limit by using small hose clamps on her toes, screwing them tight
until they dig into the bone, then anchoring them with wire cabling to bolts in
the floor. To check on the degree of discomfort I find out how wet her cunt is.
This test never fails. Today she is positively dripping, which means that I have
probably come close to the limit of her crotch tendons. Now I want to refocus
her mind from fixating on the pleasure she derives from the pain.

	Originally I used a modified cattle prod to shock her into
insensibility. It usually took four or five strategically placed jolts to
achieve the desired effect. However in her weakened state, this is too
dangerous. I am precluded from using the prod above her waist. Unfortunately 
her cunt and asshole are capable of taking the maximum dose of electricity until
she literally passes out; this defeats the purpose of using it.

	These days I am using a hand-cranked generator normally employed to
power a portable phone. I have discovered that gluing the leads to the sides of
her skull is the best way of transmitting electricity through her brain,
shocking it into a temporary neutral state that significantly reduces all of her
personality traits. This is basically what electroshock treatment causes in most
patients. The generator works quite well.

	I must admit that I do derive some enjoyment from making Willa
experience pain undiluted by her masochism.  For this reason I will clip the
leads to other parts of her head once she has been put into a neutral state. She
most certainly does not enjoy having electricity flow from between her tongue
and nose, or between her teeth, especially the ones that having fillings. I
rationalize my behavior by telling myself that I am merely calibrating her
body's response to some standard electrical input. Deep down I know that is less
than the truth, but I am not perfect.

	As I prepare to shock her, Willa opens her mouth wide and sticks out her
tongue, her eyes pleading for me to give her the kind of pain that she enjoys.
Today I am in a generous mood and she gets her wish. I wedge her mouth open with
rubber shims that fit behind her teeth and clip the leads to molars with
fillings on either side of her jaw.

	When I crank the generator her body goes stiff. I stop and she relaxes
against her bonds. The next time I crank the generator longer and faster,
sending a powerful surge of electricity through her teeth and jaw. She screams
and shakes her head from side to side as her skeleton-like body thrashes madly.
Her screams and frantic struggles continue even after I stop cranking.

	Once more the generator whirrs as I crank it as hard as I can. Her
screams go higher and then stop abruptly. Willa's head sags against her bony
chest and she foams at the mouth while her body twitches and dances in mid-air
like some frenzied puppet struggling against the strings controlling it.

	I reach inside her mouth to unclip the leads and receive a nasty
surprise that explains her behavior. The clips are too hot to touch! For a few
seconds I am at a loss. Then I realize that the teeth must be under tremendous
stress as the heated fillings expand against the enamel jacketing them. I decide
that I must take action or risk doing severe damage to Willa.

	Suddenly I hear a loud click, the another and another. The two teeth are
beginning to shatter. There is now little I can do except watch as my pupil
savors a new level of pain. It is not necessary to wonder how she is reacting to
it. I can see the cunt sludge drooling from her hairy slit. I can smell the tart
fragrance that it emits as it reacts with the air. Willa has gone to a different
place and I can do nothing but wait for her return.

	I survey her emaciated body, noting the sites of previous damage that I
have inflicted upon her. Her armpits are now devoid of the abundant hair that
thrived only a month ago. I note the smooth pink flesh that has formed over that
forest of unruly growth, and recall her screams and thrashing as first I ripped
every single strand from her armpits with a pair of pliers, tearing the flesh
open in dozens of places as I denuded it.

	I remember her moaning with pleasure as I rubbed the black powder into
her bleeding flesh, then the look on her face as I ignited first one and then
the other armpit. The powder literally exploded, searing away a layer of flesh
as Willa shrieked and squealed, her body shivering from the pain. In less than a
minute she went into shock and remained in that state for nearly half a day.

	Today she returns to me after only an hour. That time has been well
spent. I've filed her two shattered teeth down to the gum line and used a layer
of epoxy to protect the stumps from further damage. Willa seems none the worse
for wear; she's a bit dazed but does not seem to be in too much pain. I conceal
my relief by quickly gluing the leads to her temples in preparation for a bit of
mind scrambling. I give Willa a couple of lengthy jolts and note her reactions.
Her eyes are blinking rapidly and she shakes her head from side to side,
mumbling incoherently. I decide that she is ready to be damaged.

	Needle nosed pliers are just the tool for tearing and worrying the thin
layer of flesh hiding beneath her stretched skin. The area around her bony
crotch receives my attention first and then it shifts to the insides of her
straining thighs. Willa bucks and grunts through clenched teeth as I open up
fresh patches of raw, bleeding flesh. I debate removing the chest cinchers so I
can rip away at the nearly flat bags of skin that were once her breasts. Instead
I compromise by using the specially shaped soldering iron to burn away some of
the skin beneath each rib on her left side. When she finally passes out, I know
that she has reached her limit for this session. There will be more chances to
torture her in the future if I practice discipline now. Tomorrow might be a good
time to give her joints a sound thrashing with the sawed off broom handle that
does such a marvelous job.

					February 16, 1995

	Willa now weighs just a few ounces less than eighty pounds. She has
begun to appear almost ephemeral as she nears her goal. I stay the course,
refusing to deviate from my master plan despite the obvious changes that have
occurred in her behavior over the past month. They seem to be accelerating by
the day, and I wonder if the end is not approaching faster than I thought.

	This morning, like every morning, I drag her bony body into the kitchen
fora big swallow of my special double-boiled  coffee. She gulps it down with
some difficulty. I have noticed that she is beginning to have problems taking
even liquids, food is nearly impossible unless I turn it into gruel by mixing it
with some of the urine I still collect from her. Despite the diuretics, the
quantity that she has been producng in recent days is significantly reduced.

	As she slowly drinks, her stomach fights against the confines of the
waist cincher and compromises by expanding around the wide plastic band. Her
waist is now reduced to a fraction less than fifteen inches. Willa, as usual,
presents an erotic sight to me and I immediately enjoy that wet cunt of hers. I
am sometimes amazed at how I still respond to this wraith of a woman. I have
seen her naked every day since I began our quest, and yet the sight of that
hairy wound between her legs still excites me as much today as when I first sank
into it last September. It is hard to believe that I am now fucking her
ultra-thin body more frequently and for longer periods of time.

	My cock is normal sized and it is now that I wish I was better endowed.
Soon this problem will be solved when I finally take delivery of the customized
extender that is being made for me. I wonder how Willa will react to taking a
nearly foot long monster that is five inches around. She will certainly be
spared nothing when I strap this brute over my hard cock.

	Because I am in a strange frame of mind, fucking her once is now not
enough. I am still hard even after filling her cunt with my seed. I flip Willa,
my fuck toy, onto her stomach and spread her saggy cheeks apart. She grunts and
wiggles her ass as I wedge my still hard meat into her rectum. The sight of my
stiff cock sandwiched between her shrunken cheeks excites me tremendously and my
thrusts become harder and faster. It takes a very long time before I manage to
spew my depleted semen deep inside her asshole. She has begun to bleed once
more, but I pay no heed. The next enema will only cause her to bleed more, so
there is no reason for me to be concerned at this point.

					(To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				      Chapter 25

	I know that it's a breach of male security to let anyone know that I was
moved to tears by what I had just finished reading. It was a stunning document,
and the more I thought of it, the more I began to get that very uncomfortable
feeling that this was also part of the mosaic that was being slowly revealed to

	How did Shirley become in a sense Willa's guardian? How did Willa manage
to survive in almost total isolation, nearly dead from her terrible ordeal, and
with not a soul aware of her predicament? I had no answer for either question,
but I was beginning to get another vague feeling, one that seemed to be hinting
at a connection between Shirley Wu and all the coincidences that seemed to be
dogging me these days. They weren't coincidences, were they?

	 I had to stop speculating because I knew it would only lead to a major
case of paranoia. I dismissed calling Shirley, since I felt drained and the last
thing I wanted to do was to have a serious discussion of what her connection to
all of this is. A few minutes later I was in bed, hiding under the covers, as I
realized that there was a bogeyman under my bed.

	The buzzer on the clock radio went off like a huge angry hornet,
interrupting a rather nasty scene that was being played out in my dream world.
Shirley Wu, now a towering stick figure, was chasing me with a large book in her
hand. I was running for my life, but was going nowhere fast. It was gloomy and
there didn't seem to be anything else of consequence around the two of us. I had
just turned and realized she was above me, and the book was coming down from the
darkness as I stood there frozen in my tracks. Talk about getting saved by the
bell, or buzzer in this case.

	The commute to work was the usual stop and go for nearly an hour. Worse
yet was the weather forecast of an early dusting of snow beginning just in time
to screw up the evening scramble to get back home and prepare for the next day
on the merry-go-round. I was in no mood for trouble today. How to handle Shirley
was still an issue, but perhaps the weather might turn out to be a blessing in
disguise. I was sure she wasn't eager to drive across town in the snow and ice.
That would give me even more time to plan how to get to the bottom of this
newest mystery.

	The hive was really buzzing this morning; there was a rumor going around
that the department head, JJ's boss, was being replaced as of the start of next
week. As far as I was concerned it made no difference to me; I was too far down
the food chain to be affected by a move at the top. A couple of hours later I
wasn't so sure.

	At break I bumped into one of the prime company gossips and was speedily
informed that the new boss, who was on the premises, was a woman by the name of
Lilith Landry. I choked on my coffee as it set in that this was another member
of the alliteration mob, another woman who was about to enter and probably screw
up my life even more than it was. I started reeling them off in my mind, and
decided that was not a good thing to do for the sake of my mental health. I
wondered what the connection between LL and JJ might be as my paranoia increased
by leaps and bounds.

	By end of day I had learned a few more things about this woman, and they
did not sit well with me. Lilith was in her early 40s, divorced and had
transferred from the Dallas office. I wondered what kind of incentive she'd been
given to move up to the frigid North where snowmobiling and ice fishing were the
local pastimes for about four months and being eaten by gigantic mosquitoes was
the major summer sport in the land of the thousand lakes and one hundred
thousand motorboats. What turned me completely around was the latest piece of
info, she had been raised and educated in England, having moved to the good ole
USA only four years ago. I wondered how that was sitting with Jillian baby; then
I wondered how Lilith liked American men, or was it perhaps women?

	Those SOBs at the Weather Channel had hit the nail on the head and the
commute home was fraught with peril as folks relearned how to drive during
inclement weather. Twice I was witness to the aftermath of failure to heed the
warning about fooling with Mother Nature. Despite this and the usual snafus
associated with belonging to the herd of cars all headed in the same general
direction, I managed to arrive at my apartment in a single piece with most of my
mental faculties intact. To my astonishment there was Shirley Wu camped out at
my door, looking like she'd been through the wringer.

	I hustled the chilled teen into the warmth of my apartment, and poured
her a stiff one. While she defrosted I put a couple of frozen things that could
pass for food, if one was extremely hungry, into the microwave. Then I poured
myself a double and joined her on the couch. She looked over at me and said, "I
was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by to check on how you've been
taking care of my toys."

	It was good to hear the old wise-cracking Shirley once again. All I
could do was give her a silly smile and squeeze her hand, which was still cool
to the touch. "I have a few thousand questions to ask you, but I'll defer them
until after we've fed our faces and got a bit more comfortable." She gave me a
little smile and returned my squeeze with one of her own. "You read it; I know
by that look on your face when you saw me at your door. What did you think?" I
sighed deeply before trying to give her a sensible answer.

	"It explained some things, but it also created some more questions. I
want to discuss the whole thing with you, but not until we've had something to
eat and perhaps another drink." Now it was her turn to sigh. I got up and fussed
around in the kitchen just to have something to do. She watched me and sipped on
her drink. "Got any dirty movies that I can watch? I need some help to get my
juices flowing. Can you believe that I spent nearly any hour diddling myself
with my favorite vibrator and didn't even get off. Now that's not a good thing.
Maybe I lost my interest in sex because of all those greedy, money-grubbing guys
that have taken over the night life in Hong Kong."

	 Her remarks forced a chuckle from me. "I was planning on maybe making a
dirty movie tonight starring my favorite Chinese sex maniac. How does that
sound?" She laughed and replied, "Does she get a big enema while she's all tied
up? Does she get a good spanking for being such a needy, greedy kind of a girl?
Then does she get screwed until her eyes cross, I hope?" I gave her my best
Groucho Marx leer and replied as I flicked my imaginary cigar, "Young lady, who
showed you a copy of my script for tonight?" At that point the bell rang,
announcing that dinner, such as it was, was ready to be served.

	After eating we settled back down on the couch for an after dinner
drink. Shirley knew what was coming and as soon as I launched the first
question, she waved her hand and told me to be quiet so she could tell me about
her and Willa. It seems that the connection between Shirley and Willa was
Shirley's mother. Mrs. Wu was a rather well known gymnastics coach with a great
reputation. In fact so good that she was invited to assist the UK gymnastic team
in preparation for the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul. Willa Cabot was a young
alternate who suffered a serious injury during training and failed to qualify.
However she and Mrs. Wu kept in contact and when Willa emigrated to the US in
the late 90s, she came into contact with Shirley who at the time was enrolled in
a prep school located in of all places Minneapolis, Minnesota.

	Willa had never quite recovered from her missed opportunity. She had
inherited a small sum of money from her parents' estate, enough for her to buy
that little house near French Lake. It was strictly by chance that Shirley had
chosen to visit her when she did. The fact that she had been unable to reach
Willa by phone for a number of days had her concerned enough to take the drive
out to her place in the woods.

	Shirley had never before seen the car that was parked beside the house.
She got no answer when she rang the door bell. She became concerned and went
around to the rear to discover a window slightly open. She entered to find the
trainer on the floor, dead of evidently a heart attack or stroke. There was no
blood and he didn't have any obvious wounds on his face and head. Despite the
shock of finding a dead man in Willa's house, Shirley continued to search and
found her friend lying unconscious in one of the other rooms. At first Shirley
thought she was dead, that's how bad Willa looked.

	Somehow she managed to rouse her friend. Willa succeeded in convincing
Shirley that she should not be taken to a hospital. Instead Shirley got her to
the point that she was able to collect her meager possessions, one being the
journal I'd read, and accompany Shirley back to her place. Mrs. Wu made the
arrangements that allowed Shirley and Willa to go to Hong Kong so that she could
be properly cared for. I was elated to hear that part of her story, for I had
given up on Willa being able to survive. It would take some time, perhaps years
before Willa would be ready to face reality in all its aspects, but there was
some hope that she just might be able to do it. For the second time in a little
over a day, I felt the urge to cry, this time for joy. However being a typically
conflicted member of the male race, I resisted. After all, what would Shirley
say? I had an image to uphold, silly me!

	It suddenly dawned on me that I'd been wool gathering; there was this
funny look on Shirley's face. I wondered how long I'd been away. I reached over
and tousled her straight black hair, hardly mussing it. She playfully slapped at
me, declaring that I was assaulting this fragile little Chinese girl for my own
nefarious reasons. Come to think about it, I suddenly did feel like assaulting,
in a good way of course, this lithe lovely, just for the hell of it, to
celebrate one small victory in this weird battle I was having with an unknown
enemy. Shirley picked up on my mood and gleefully slapped away at me. Between
giggles she challenged me to do my worst, because she was in no mood for any
more pussyfooting around when it came to scratching her kinky itches.

	I made WooWoo strip down to her white cotton lollipop panties and
strapless bra, a strange combination of underwear as far as I was concerned.
Then I produced a little surprise for my kinky Asian friend, plastic ties, the
type used for heavy duty industrial applications. When one of these babies
wrapped itself around any portion of your anatomy, you knew about it in no
uncertain terms. Shirley had a puzzled look on her face when I showed them to
her. I made her turn her back to me and then I used the first one to bring the
upper portions of her pipe-stem arms together.

	She practically purred when she felt the plastic dig into what passed
for her biceps. Her purring got louder when I joined her elbows and then her
wrists together, actually making her skin pop up through the slots in the
material. " Oh wow, this is fucking neat! I didn't know you had it in you. Who
have you been fooling around with while I've been away?"

	I responded to that remark with a vicious pinch to the bottom portion of
her scrawny ass. "I'm getting wet already and you haven't even stuck anything up
my butt yet. This is going to be a fun evening. Come on tiger, make me beg." I
gave her another pinch, this time nipping mostly skin covering her flat belly.

	Little Mikey was wide awake and eager to join in the fun. I was sorely
tempted to just throw her down on the bed and fuck her brains out, but the wimp
part of me was scandalized by this crude idea and declined to play. So I slapped
Shirley on her flat ass and told her to get moving toward the bathroom. There, I
made her cool her heels while I dug up that strange contraption I'd used on her
the last time.

	I hung the bag on the shower rod above the tub and then started to pull
down her panties. The next thing I knew I was staring at her recently waxed
pubes. You talk about a coin slot for a cunt, her's would only take dimes, it
was that tight. I took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of a pussy marinating
in its own juices. My little friend was eager for fun and games. I lost cntrol
for a brief moment and grabbed her cheeks and pressed my face into that moist
slit and gave it one swift lick, my tongue flat to get the most traction as I
slipped and slid up that tight trench. Shirley didn't help matters when she
began humping my face and moaning. Things were really beginning to get out of

	Somehow I managed to extricate myself from her clutches, reluctantly I
might add. Then I whipped out surprise number two, an elastic sleeve normally
used by athletes to prevent pulled thigh muscles. I made WooWoo step into it and
then I slowly pulled it up until it encircled her waist, running from just above
her hairless cunt to just beyond her innie navel. I couldn't resist sticking my
tongue into that little cup of flesh and giving it a taste. It was a bit on the
salty side and I detected some traces of mystery material embedded within the
folds of skin.

	I now began to tighten the sleeve using the Velcro flap. After a couple
of yanks she started to pant for breath. I gave her a moment to accustom herself
to the constraining pressure, and then give it one last yank bringing a squeak
from the little Chinese doll. Now I moved to step two. Off came the bra
revealing her apple sized tits capped by nipples that were definitely in the
erected state. I couldn't help myself, I had to tweak those brown nubbins. She
rewarded me with a yelp this time.

	When she got a look at the second sleeve her eyes got big, real big. It
didn't take a genius to figure out where this one was going. "You miserable
bastard! How could you be so mean to me? Why are you taking advantage of this
poor little orphan from the storm?" Neither she nor I could keep a straight face
at this point. I could tell she was really turned on by all these neat surprises
and she didn't know it yet, but there was more to come, in more ways than one.
By the time I finished tightening this sleeve she was really gasping for air.
"It hurts to breath." she wheezed. I laughed and smacked her on the butt. "I've
got another little surprise left,but you'll have to stay put while I retrieve it
from the fridge."

	Shirley was still standing where I left her when I got back with the
bucket of crushed ice that I'd kept in the freezer and the two quart jug of ice
water I'd also stored in the fridge for just this occasion. "Just the thing to
calm down a hot-holed honey who thinks she can fuck all night and expects to
turn me into a dried out husk with her demands for more and more cum." My words
and the sight of the frosted plastic container plus the jug of water got her
undivided attention. I poured the crushed ice into the enema bag and added the
two quarts of ice water, creating a frigid bath for her bowels to accept. 

	As before, I had to follow her instructions to squeeze this bulb, then
push that nozzle up her butt hole, and so on and so on. She gave me a wicked
grin when I made her suck on the nozzle to make it easier to slide into her.
"What, no vaseline?.....What kind of a monster are you anyway?" Shirley said
between gasps. When I opted for the Loch Ness monster as an answer, she laughed
out loud. "Not too bad for a guy with no sense of humor." she replied, when she
finally was able to speak. I forced her to lean forward, and as she did, I
opened the clip and started filling her insides with the slushy mixture of ice
and cold water.

	She began responding to the cold and pressure almost immediately, her
body shaking, her feet moving back and forth. I ran my hand over her smooth ass
and noticed the pebbling of the skin. I slipped a finger into her cunt and
wiggled it around to check the amount of moisture. It felt dry to the touch, as
if the cold was freezing her cunt juices into ice. Soon her teeth began to
chatter and the first wave of cramps hit. WooWoo let out a strangled grunt and
her head came up, as if she was trying to escape from the rising tide of water
filling her lower intestines. Another set of cramps, much stronger this time
raced through her trembling body. I gave her pebbled ass a few good spanks to
break the mood. She seemed oblivious to the blows, her feet still doing their
little dance and the shaking and chattering increasing by the minute. The next
burst of cramping brought more strangled gasps from between her clenched teeth.
The goose bumps had now expanded to her thighs and pubic mound, as the icy
mixture made further inroads.

	"Oh, baby........oh, baby....this fucking....hurtsssssss" She was
hissing now because the shaking, the pain and the unyielding pressure from the
two sleeves were crushing her as if she was in the folds of some giant python
that was squeezing the life from her. When she started to cry I got a little
concerned. I reached beneath her trembling body and pressed the palm of my hand
against the cold skin of her pubes. I could feel the muscle contractions that
were occurring from the combination of the enema and the force from the elastic
bands squeezing her abdomen and chest. I decided to stop the flow and allow her
body heat to begin increasing the temperature of the icy slush inside her. She
tried to stand to relieve some of the pressure, but this did not prove to be a
good move, especially when another wave of cramps made her body twitch from the
pain. I watched as she sobbed and began bending herself in half to try to
relieve some of the pain that was rumbling through her intestines.

	The icy enema and the elastic sleeves were working almost too well. I
was starting to get worried about my little bundle of kinkiness. I hugged her
trembling body and asked if she had enough. She gasped out a few choice words in
Chinese which I interpreted as a wish for something bad to happen to me based on
the timbre of her shaky voice. For some reason her response teed me off and so I
retaliated, no more Mister Nice Guy as far as she was concerned. My hug turned
quickly into a squeeze that grew stronger as she began to struggle against this
new and unexpected threat to her ability to draw breath. I released her from my
bear hug and started giving that skinny butt a good spanking, being careful not
to hit the nozzle or hose that protruded from between those skinny cheeks. I got
a stream of angry Chinese for my efforts. I opened the clip and let her asshole
swallow some more of the frigid water. She'd learn who was who around here or
wind up a block of frozen meat before this little scene was over.

	Her little dance got a bit faster and featured some new moves. The
cramps kept rolling on through and she continued to shake and whine as the
contents of the enema bag slowly drained into her bowels and began to seek more
space in which to expand. The sleeve around her belly was doing a good job of
containing things. To make it more interesting I did some adjusting to the
sleeve girdling her chest, making it even more difficult to get enough air to
sustain her. Shirley Wu's face began to go from white to red. I checked the
enema bag and there was still perhaps a quarter left. I whacked her across the
ass and snarled, "No mercy you bitch, you'll take it all and then I'm going to
make you hold it while I drill out that tight cunt." I got more strangled
Chinese from her and then a few words I recognized, none of them very
complimentary to my ancestry or manhood.

	I had developed some major wood by now; little Mikey had grown into big
Mikey and was rarin' to take a crack at that tight slit of WooWoo's. The enema
seemed to have reached a stand-off with the water already backed up right to the
entry to her colon. I pumped one of the other bulbs and closed her off. She was
effectively shut for business until I released the pressure that was plugging
her tight as a drum. It was kind of tricky to take her from the rear, but I
managed after a few near misses. Finally I worked my way into her surprisingly
wet slot and commenced doing what comes naturally, but at a pace guaranteed to
lead to an early and unwanted discharge of about a million plus little wigglers.
To my astonishment Shirley began to fuck back at me despite the cramps and the
shaking and the fact that she was having a very hard time breathing. This little
girl was a real trooper. I managed to plow a nice furrow inside her and unloaded
with a whoop and a holler as Shirley sagged, nearly unconscious from lack of
air. By now her face had taken on a bluish tint, not a very good sign.

	Twenty minutes later I was stuffing WooWoo into the shower after she had
finished dumping the contents of her roiling bowels. She was still battling the
twin sleeves that imprisoned nearly half of her tiny body, but I had loosened
the chest sleeve just enough to allow her to get a good lungful of air if she
remained quiet, something that she was loath to do. She hollered and yelped as
the hot water blasted down on her shivering body. After she was cleaned up as
well as out, I released her from the sleeves just long enough to towel her down,
becoming somewhat distracted from the task at hand when she began rubbing her
crotch against my hand as I worked to get her pussy reasonably dry. The
temptation to bend her at the waist and give her another good prodding crossed
my mind, but I resisted, having much more detailed plans for once I got her into
bed. She was going to get the whole enchilada before I was finished with her for
the night.

	She was none too pleased at having to wear a very tight sleeve around
her middle that made her feel as if she was being cut in two. As it turned out
she soon stopped bitching about it since she was too busy trying to swallow my
newly stiffened member. My little China doll was a very greedy young lady that
evening and I must say that I gave her as much as she could handle and still had
a few tricks left for crunch time.

	A little after midnight my visitor was on her belly working
enthusiastically on getting me hard enough to give her another good shagging, as
she described it. Three loads of cum were percolating within her well stretched
twat; some of it oozing out to stain the sheets. She was definitely sleeping on
the wet spot tonight, since I needed my rest in order to put up with the
insanity associated with being a member of a "for profit" organization. I was
feeling pretty chipper when this idea of doing her in the ass popped into my
head. Since I was on a roll I decided to surprise her with this one.

	After a time my cock was firm and ready for another round. Shirley was
polishing it with her tongue and mouth, just to keep in practice. She didn't
think too much of it when I patted her on the ass. She went to roll over, but I
pressed down on her butt to keep her on her belly. I could feel her body
stiffening as it sank into her that I was planning on taking a trip up her ass.
Later she confessed that she was an anal vigin, despite her kinky ways. However
she was a pretty happy camper at this moment and knew that sooner or later
someone was going to get lucky and take her anal cherry. Yours truly was that
lucky guy.

	Her only condition was that I use a condom; a minor price to pay for the
pleasure of being the first to plumb the depths of her anus. She insisted on
coating my latex sheath with her saliva. I had intended to use some lube, but
she wanted it this way. "The first time it should hurt; how else can I remember
it when I'm old and gray? Besides I want to dedicate the pain to you for a
wonderful evening. For a round eye you aren't half bad and tonight you showed me
another side that I really didn't think you had. So you get the prize, hope you
enjoy it." Being a gentleman on occasion comes in handy at times, this was one
of them. The rest, as they say, is history, a very personal set of experiences
that were most unique and probably will stay with me for the rest of my days. We
wound up sharing the wet spot, it was the least I could do for a truly memorable

				(To be continued)

					Wayward Wife's Punishment

					        Chapter 26

	For the rest of the week, that is up until Friday, things went as well
as they could at work and even better at home.  At the rabbit warrens people
left me alone and the machines took it easy on me. Most of them hummed, buzzed
and clicked like they were supposed to, and the few that acted a bit more
off-kilter, turned out to be just looking for a little love and attention in the
form of a fresh battery or a squirt of silicone oil. Silicone oil is an amazing
compound, it keeps most machines purring and it also allows women to enhance
their figures to attract those unfortunates that never recovered from being
weaned from their mothers' teats.

	WooWoo hung around and made my life interesting with her constant desire
to play games, all sorts of games that always resulted in me delivering large
amounts of semen into the various orifices of her body. However I also enjoyed
snuggling with my little Asian tomcat just before drifting off to sleep. I was
beginning to realize that perhaps she and I had some kind of a long-term future,
and that thought both warmed and chilled me, depending on how I viewed it. I
never said I was the most stable of men, now did I? Don't get me started about
male insecurity, or we'll all be sorry.

	On Friday I was sitting in my cubbyhole catching up on some paperwork
when who should casually drop in to chat with me but Ms Lilith Landry, in the
flesh, and showing quite a bit of it at present. My antenna began vibrating at
the scent of trouble, big trouble. I went into safe mode and awaited her
assault. We made small talk for a minute or two and I began to relax; Ms Landry
was just pressing the flesh in a sense, making all us peons know that she wanted
us to feel free to approach her in our hour of need. I had heard that one a few
times before in my life. After all, why else would she be wasting her time even
talking to me?  I just made sure all those electronic doodads stayed happy so
management could continue to play their silly games. At that point I switched to
auto mode and started thinking about what WooWoo and I would be doing over the
weekend. A minute or so later I felt her pressing the flesh some more, only this
time it wasn't my hand she was squeezing.

	"My secretary Ms Jones tells me you are quite the ladies man around
here. She tells me that you have harassed her on a number of occasions, but her
immediate supervisor took no action despite her complaints about your behavior.
What do you have to say for yourself Mr. Ellison?" It took me a moment to
realize that I was being gamed, but by whom? My initial reaction, which I
quickly supressed, was to tell this woman where she could put this wonderful
job. Then my urge for economic self-preservation came to the fore and so I
adopted a different tactic.

	"Ms. Jones and I had a brief and most unsatisfying relationship. It was
discrete and had no impact on her or my job performance. Why she has chosen to
poison the waters isn't unexpected, since I've refused her recent overtures to
reunite. If you want to accept what's she's said as the truth, than I better
pack up and find another place to ply my trade. I don't expect any difficulty in
finding future employment provided I'm not stabbed in the back by this unfounded
accusation. Oh, while we are on that subject, I'm sure her good friend and
roommate, Frances Forbes, will support her accusations. That woman played a
large part in breaking up the relationship I had with Ms. Jones. That's all I'm
going to say, so I'd appreciate it if you either tell me to start looking for
another job or let me go back to doing what I'm paid to do."

	At this point I didn't give a hoot or holler in hell about how Lilith
Landry reacted to what she'd heard. My blood was up, big time! I finally looked
over at the lady in question to be confronted by a knowing grin and a nod of her
head. "Well spoke young man, we must continue this little chat at some later
time since I have other more important things to do at the moment. Do me one
small favor and write your phone number down for me. It would be so much easier
for all concerned if I didn't have to bother the HR people with a request for it

	This was one cool customer and someone that I'd have to be very careful
around. I couldn't help but think about the latest coincidence, another member
of the alliteration gang had arrived to pull my chain, send me to heaven or
hell, confound and confuse me and probably do all of the above at one time or
another before kicking me to the curb. In restrospect my feelings of being
put-upon were masking the other part of my personality which was jumping around,
doing cartwheels. My true feelings towards L squared, as I now named her, were
more ones of curiosity and even excitement. I was becoming a coincidence junkie,
eager to stick my head in the lion's or was it the lioness' mouth in hopes of
getting my action fix. Once again my life was about to get more complicated; I
could hardly contain myself with anticipation.

	If my life were a novel, instead of real, no self respecting author
could write the next few pages without his or her tongue in cheek. Things just
don't happen the way they were playing out; sure they don't! The rest of the day
passed uneventfully and I escaped for what I hoped would be a freaky, fun-filled
weekend with my little Chinese playmate, who I was beginning to tease by calling
her Micropussy. She was not amused, but somehow, for reasons only known to her,
she still allowed me to live and play in her little part of the universe.

	All this quickly changed on Saturday evening while we were resting up
from the latest kinky endeavor which had involved WooWoo and three quarts of hot
water laced liberally with pickled jalapino peppers guaranteed to remove the
lining from your mouth, or in her case the mucous membrane from an even more
sensitive region of her tight little bod. By this time I had finally gotten my
license as a full fledged operator of that rubber contraption that she called
her delivery system. This meant I could now gag her after I'd forced her to
swallow enough of a mutually agreed upon liquid to cause her little belly to
pooch out as if she were approaching her fifth month.

	All this was merely the precursor to the main event which involved
administering mammoth quantities of still another mutually agreed upon liquid
into her innards via the "delivery system". WooWoo utterly abhorred using the
word "enema" interchangeably to describe the procedure as well as its method of
delivery. On this matter she was intransigent, and I went along with her demands
in the interests in keeping the peace. That last word can be spelled two ways,
and in this situation both ways would be most appropriate.

	Without so much as a tear or a catch in her voice Shirley Wu announced
she was leaving to go to school in a place called Palo Alto, home to Stanford
University. "At least I won't be freezing my tush any longer." she observed, as
my head spun and my chest felt constricted. "By the way, the delivery system is
going with me. It's too bad you won't come along with it as well. It's tough
finding qualified people to operate it." At that point she sniffed, a sign that
in a sense she was sorry to see our relationship end this way, but she had other
fish to fry and yours truly had just been a bump in the road. At that moment I
suddenly felt old, an unexpected reaction to my loss of this kinky little girl
who made me laugh so often and had spoiled me forever when it came to the
younger and fairer sex. I won't go into any further details for they would add
nothing to the story I'm recounting. The next morning she bid me farewell and
departed the premises carrying her delivery system in a shopping bag. She did
however leave me the coils of rope as a momento. I wondered if I'd ever see her

	Late that bleak, lonely afternoon the phone rang and I grabbed it like I
was a drowning man and it was a lifejacket. In my rather confused state it was
not possible to identify the voice on the other end once I realized it was not
WooWoo telling me she couldn't bear to be away from me. The voice said she was
Lilith Landry and hoped she'd not called at a bad time. What could I say? I went
on automatic pilot and lied through my teeth, saying all was going well and
aologizing profusely for not recognizing her voice.

	 I'll give L squared high marks for directness; she promptly invited me
to join her for dinner at a downtown restaurant well known for its excellent
food and drinks that were served in a bowl. Despite my misgivings I accepted her
invitation and promised to be there at the appointed time, not even going
through the charade of inquiring as to the why of this sudden invitation. I was
sure of one thing, I wasn't getting laid this evening, that was just not in the
cards at this stage of the dance we were about to perform.

	I arrived a few minutes before the appointed time and located my "date"
for the evening in the bar, sucking up one of those giant drinks. Lilith was
dressed casually in pants and a bulky sweater beneath her outer matching jacket.
The outfit did an excellent job of concealing her figure, but in this light her
face was softer, almost pretty. She could have easily passed for one of those
soccer moms, but had not yet developed that ruddy complexion that identified her
as the outdoors kind that seemed to thrive in this arctic environment which was
probably no more than a week from settling in for the long dark winter that made
living here so stressful unless you drank a lot, a whole lot.

	We made small talk once we were seated, waiting for our hostess to
appear with the menus and the little spiel about what the specials for the
evening were. Lilith still had a portion of her drink and she occasionally
sipped it as we got a bit more comfortable. I soon joined her in sucking up some
alcohol, which I certainly needed after all that had transpired this day. After
the salad she made her initial move, probing me about Jill, and after being
satisfied with my laconic replies to her set of questions, moved on to the
subject of Glinda.

	I had to admit that she was demonstrating a gift for organization and
logic that made me even more cautious about revealing anything of a personal
nature to her at this time. I parried her rapid fire series of questions
concerning my brief interlude with GG, and we took a break for the main course,
which proved to be well prepared and properly cooked. I could see that her years
in Dallas had given her an appreciation for well aged beef, something to file
away for future reference.

	While we were waiting for dessert she got down to cases, to wit her
secretary, Jillian Jones. You talk about it being a small world, this was
ridiculous! Once more in my mind I could hear the faint wheezing coming from the
calliope as it began to build up a head of steam. For a very brief moment I felt
like Dorothy in the knowledge that I wasn't where I thought I was. I mentally
sat back and got ready to enjoy the ride.

	It seems that last summer Lilith had taken her holiday, as she still
called it, back in her shire, revisiting the area in which she had grown up and
been educated. One of the people she visited was the daughter of an old friend.
She had been recently married to a man from the area and was expecting her first
child in about four months. This young lady, Miriam was her name, confided to
Lilith that her husband of less than a year had confessed to her that he had
been having an affair with Miriam's aunt who had been staying with them for the
better part of a month. I just sat there and began to feel that numbness set in
that signaled it was time to go for a ride on the merry-go-round as the calliope
lurched into the first few notes of the Funeral March of the Marionettes.

	 I couldn't resist, today had been just too, too stressful to deal with
this news on top of all else. "His name wasn't Ian by any chance, was it?" I
asked, watching her face begin to collapse and run like some kind of an abstract
painting. Lilith Landry looked as if she had seen a ghost or maybe an imp from
hell. That solid facade began to come apart, so taken aback was she by my most
accurate stab in the dark. I now was in that weird position of being able to see
into parts, not all, of the future. It was going to be a wild, E-ticket ride and
I could hardly wait for it to start.

	Lilith downed the rest of that huge drink she had been nursing all
during dinner, and did her best to recover from the shock that she was having
dinner with a mindreader, or worse. I like to see this efficient lady a bit
disorganized, it made her more human. That was good, since I could tell that she
was going to involve me somehow in some kind of vengeance scenario, and I was
definitely going to be up for it! I patted her hand and gave Lilith my small
boy's smile, which usually worked with older women. She brightened up
considerably and even squeezed my hand in response. For some insane reason I
just knew that if I played my cards right, this very night I could be unwrapping
Lilith Landry from all that tweedy, bulky clothing and seeing what was really
beneath the facade and the garments. Then one of the other guys who live in my
head came out and gave me a quick one to the nads, and that made all those nasty
thoughts disappear.

	Now, her equilibrium fully restored, Lilith claimed control over the
conversation once more. I quickly apologized for raining on her parade in a
manner of speaking, but I had been very suspicious of the story JJ had given me
upon returning from her visit to England, and as Lilith started to reveal the
time of her visit and the name of JJ's niece, I just put two and two together
multiplied by the speed of light in centimeters per second and divided it by
JJ's bust measurement to arrive at my conclusion.

	That little flight of fancy seemed to break the ice between us and
suddenly we were two co-conspirators. Lilith even went so far as to ask me what
JJ's bust size was, and when I told her she giggled and said she had her beat by
a good two inches. That little come hither comment woke little Mikey up from a
sound sleep and he began stirring around, a source of distraction and some
embarrassment to yours truly. I put that remark behind me for the moment and
laid some of my cards on the table.

	I have no idea why I told this woman, who I hardly knew, as much as I
did that evening. We had adjourned to the cozy little bar that served as the
waiting area for the place's patrons and over another one of those gargantuan
drinks I gave her some of the highlights of my last five months, leaving out all
of the juicier portions which I could see her filling in as fast as I moved on
to the next event. Then she gave me a surprise of sorts. Leaning forward she
took my hand and gave it more than a squeeze as she said, "You appear to be a
nexus. I've heard about people like you, but you're the first I've ever
encountered. I shan't let you go, be certain of that"

	By then the alcohol had diminished my senses just enough so that I
passed on what seemed to be an invitation from her. Luckily for me that had not
been her intention and so I scored big points without even knowing it. As I had
suspected, she was very interested in knowing whether or not I might be willing
to assist her in gaining some degree of revenge for the trouble JJ had visited
upon Miriam. Before we parted company, the framework for our alliance had been
established and it was agreed that we would rendezvous at her place sometime
during the upcoming week to develop the plan further.

	As I carefully drove back to my apartment, I couldn't help but wonder
what role this woman would ultimately play in my future. The pain associated
with WooWoo's sudden departure had been tempered greatly by this latest
adventure I was about to experience. In truth I had become addicted to action,
or was it the turmoil that also accompanied it? I'd have to cogitate on that
matter some time when my brain was not befogged by alcohol and angst. In the
meantime I whistled along with the calliope as it steamed away inside my head
and I heard those strange silvery voices tee-heeing in the background.

				(To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				       Chapter 27

	Normally I dread Monday mornings. Considering my body was still in the
process of ridding itself of some residual alcohol, a souvenir of last evening,
and the fact that it was Monday morning, I felt strangely excited, eager to get
to work and dive into another exciting adventure featuring JJ, L-squared and
yours truly in a cage match with only one person standing when it was all over.
I made a mental note to stop watching wrestling; it was beginning to kill off
more brain cells than my drinking.

	My mechanical children had been bad over the weekend and I was kept busy
well into mid afternoon before all was once more quiet on the Northern front.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully and I returned home a bit disappointed
that my services weren't yet required. The weather forecaster was gleefully
promising at least four inches of snow overnight followed by a drop in
temperature during the day, leading to well below zero by Wednesday morning. I
cannot describe how thrilled I was concerning this epic news.

	I slept fitfully, waking two or three times, remembering the tail end of
my strange dreams that featured WooWoo, JJ and The Rock, not necessarily in that
order. I remember wondering why The Rock was wearing a bra and carrying a purse
as he entered the ring to face his opponents, a trio of midgets all wearing body
armor and standing on each other's shoulders to tower over him. Now that was a
match I might pay to watch; unfortunately the dream did not pick up after I went
back to sleep so all my unanswered questions would remain unanswered. Dreaming
could be a bitch some times.

	The WooWoo dream was short and bittersweet. She was bent over my tub
getting an enema from her delivery system, but it wasn't me operating this
bizarre version that featured what looked to be an accordion that played God
Save the Queen as she got her fill up and waved her Stanford University pompoms.
In the other dream that unfortunately I could recall, JJ was sitting in her
cubicle typing away. She wasn't wearing anything below the waist and I stopped
to gawk. She looked up at me, frowned and darted her tongue out a distance of a
couple of feet to lick me. However it wasn't saliva that began coating my face,
it was something that burned like fire and I started screaming. I was afraid to
go back to sleep for fear that the dream might pick up where it left off, but
moments later I went under and remembered nothing more until I awoke to the
insistent whine of my clock radio, announcing it was time to rise and open my

	By Wednesday evening I was convinced that I had misinterpreted my
discussion wth Ms Landry concerning her plans for JJ's comeuppance, a word she
had used, and I thought to be so British. Just before I was about to trundle off
to bed, my co-conspirator rang me up. She was certainly a cool one, launching
right into the next phase of the plan without so much as a "by your leave", or
"how are you", or "I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you". So while I
listened, biting my tongue, and she talked, the next part of the conspiracy

	JJ would be visiting Ms Landry promptly at 9AM Saturday morning and, as
instructed, would be spending the remainder of the weekend until rather late
Sunday evening atoning for her totally unacceptable behavior in seducing the
husband of her niece, who also happened to be the daughter of a good friend of
L-squared. Then without missing a beat she told me she expected my presence at
her place before JJ's arrival. I groaned inwardly about the fact that I'd have
to get up extra early on one of my two weekly days' off to comply with her

	I tried to make it as easy on myself as I could by suggesting perhaps an
8AM arrival Saturday morning. Her voice took on a harder edge, one covered with
ice, as she replied. "I was thinking more along 8PM on Friday evening. That will
give us both a chance to have dinner and prepare ourselves for a rather
intensive evening; there is much ground to be covered before the arrival of my
secretary." Another of the occupants that time-shared my brain when it wasn't
operating started to laugh and didn't stop until L-squared asked if I had heard
what she just said.

	Silly me, all I could do was nod into the phone as it dawned on me that
the lady from Dallas and I were going to be very busy covering lots of ground,
mostly in her bed. My mental miasma lifted slightly, just enough for me to reply
that I'd be delighted to see her on Friday evening at 8PM sharp. She gave me her
address which I carefully wrote down, along with precise instructions on how to
get there. Then there was a click and a dial tone crooned, or was it droned,
into my ear.

	There I was with nothing but time on my hands for approximately the next
forty-eight hours. To show you how this particular male brain operates, be it
known that the majority of my conscious hours, that is those not taken up with
eating, sleeping, driving and working were almost entirely devoted to mentally
undressing Lilith Landry and fantasizing about her sex life. I had little to
work with except the knowledge that she had once been married, when and for how
long were unknown. Did her marriage fail because of her lack of interest in sex?
On the other hand was it the result of her unbridled lust for sex in all its
myriad forms which finally drove her exhausted husband to seek shelter in a
divorce? I leaned heavily towards the latter fantasy and Mikey, who was awake
more than normal, heartily concurred.

	I spent many happy hours trying to figure out what my new playmate would
look like once I unwrapped her. I recalled her comment that she had JJ beat by a
couple of inches in the bust measurement department. Considering that JJ was
really built for comfort and her headlights were major league when it came to
size, I figured Lilith for a 42D, possibly even a double D. My mouth began to
water at the prospect of having those fat melons available for some licking,
kissing, sucking, biting, nibbling, gnawing, squeezing, rubbing, pinching and
any other way I could possibly stimulate them.

	 It was fun to wonder if her nipples were as fat and did they get as
stiff as JJ's did once I figured out the combination to her lock box. Did she
have a gut? If so, was it the kind that came from drinking plenty of beer and
stuffing one's face? I had noticed her healthy appetite at our dinner last
weekend. I opted for a belly that was gently rounded and acted as a porch to
keep the sun off that shaved, fat lipped cunt with the huge clitoris peeking
from the thick hood of flesh that guarded it from intruders such as myself.
Mikey was doing cartwheels and bumping his head against the fly on my slacks. My
little man was in the mood for some fun and games and was going to be very
difficult to control until then.

	A low profile was the only way to go at work. I prayed for my machines
to throw a shoe or do anything that would give me a chance to leap into action
and forget about looking at my watch to discover that what seemed like an hour
had only been twelve minutes. My one great fear was that Ms Landry's computer or
other electronic goodies would go down, requiring my appearance. I wasn't all
that confident that I could behave myself in her presence, given the current
state of my mind. There was no one happier than this employee when it was time
to get away from the rabbit warrens for another weekend. On the way home my
euphoria turned into nervousness about my impending rendezvous with L-squared.

	My appetite wasn't up to my normal high standards, and the prospect of
arriving at Lilith's place with alcohol on my breath was probably not the
smartest thing to do. My overnight bag was already packed and waiting. I'd
agonized over almost every item I'd stowed away in the leather satchel, which
was the classiest piece of luggage that I owned. I double checked the directions
she gave me, and even factoring in the weather, which wasn't too bad, maybe ten
above wih only a couple of inches of snow on the ground, it would take less than
a half hour to get to the address she'd given me on Old Shakopee Road in

	I had ten minutes to spare upon my arrival at Ms Landry's home, a two
story affair set back from the thoroghfare, reachable via a paved road that
ended at her circular driveway. I parked, leaving my satchel in the trunk,
walked up to the door and rang. I could make out the garage that appeared to be
attached to the side of her place. This was not your run of the mill suburban
breeding ground of a home; this one had some style and was well out of my league
when it came to price. I was so busy checking out her place that when the door
opened, I was looking over my shoulder, which must have made an excellent first
impression on my hostess and fellow plotter.

	She ushered me into her tastefully decorated home. I couldn't help but
notice that she was wearing one of those robe-like coverings similar to what JJ
wore when we had our first tryst. I wondered what kind of a bedroom I'd
ultimately wind up in tonight, and hoped it was better than that stark,
cell-like room where JJ and I had initially cavorted, and later on where she and
Frances had lorded it over me.

	L-squared wasted little time getting down to business, which made me
happy I'd left my overnight bag in the car. Nothing like acting overconfident
when the boss invites you over to her home to help her hatch a plot, and you
show up ready to do the nasty without even getting a hint from the lady that
it's an item on her agenda. I couldn't help noticing that Lilith was wearing a
subtle fragrance that must have cost a pretty penny. The bolder, the cheaper,
was my rule after spending many years being overwhelmed by inexpensive perfumes
worn by very expense dates.

	Lilith made sure that I knew my place in the grand scheme of things;
yours tuly would play a rather challenging role, one I was decidedly unfamiliar
with. "You are here to provide muscle to support me in whatever I have in store
for this old trollop. I anticipate that you will have the opportunity to give
her a taste of brute force in some areas. I also expect you to give her a good
shagging on more than one occasion and most assuredly I expect you to give this
home wrecker a good taste of what it feels like to be taken anally. I am told
that done properly, it can be made a most traumatic and quite uncomfortable

	A warning light went on in my head. It's one thing to be helping out
some, but it's something else to be the one doing the dirty work. I was many
things, but the word "rapist" had never been written in my dossier, and I didn't
plan on starting now after all I'd been through in the last few months. To her
credit L-squared picked up on my discomfort immediately. "I detect a feeling of
unease on your part about what I envision your role being in this little revenge
scenario. What seems to be the problem? You are essential to my plan and I'm
willing to discuss any type of reasonable compromise to guarantee your

	She sat back and waited for my response. For a moment I was thinking of
taking off and going back to my crummy apartment and curling up with a bottle of
Jack and a good book. I most definitely did not need to be involved in her
little revenge plan in the capacity of a modern Igor, the hunchbacked assistant
to the good Dr.Frankenstein. Based on what I'd already experienced with JJ, this
one seemed to be cut from the same cloth; these two deserved each other.

	"My bottom line is that rape is not an instrument for revenge in my
narrow little world. To be totally honest, violence sort of repels me as well.
The more I see and the more I experience, the less enamoured I am with it. On
the other hand I am discovering that humiliation, done properly, really tickles
the kinky side of my personality. It doesn't take much intelligence to beat the
hell out of somebody or to rape them for that matter. On the other hand it takes
lots of brains to devise a treatment that will stay with the person it's done to
for a very long time. My goal for JJ would be to have her dream about what
happened to her for maybe the next five years. That would really turn me on.
What your plan seems to require is someone who walks on his knuckles. That's not

	Lilith leaned forward and squeezed my hand as she broke into this huge
smile. "I knew I had you figured correctly. I am so happy for us both. Mr
Ellison, you have won the prize tonight and I can hardly wait, in one sense, for
tomorrow to come so we can put your ideas into the mix. I presume that you,
being the circumspect person I thought you were, have something of yours in the
car that should really be brought inside. Why don't you fetch it while I make us
something to ward off the evening's chill." The band inside my head struck up
the opening chords of Queen's "We Are the Champions" as I headed for my car to
bring in my satchel.

	Unlike the situation with JJ, I got to unwrap my hostess in the bathroom
since she had hinted that a shower might be a refreshing way to break the ice
between us. She had a tremendous advantage because there was nothing to remove
once she shed her robe. So while I stripped, giving her the opportunity to note
that I did not possess a paunch, but I also was a bit deficient in muscular
development, she bided her time until little Mikey, now growing by the moment
popped into view. It was then that I got the grand unveiling. There were so many
things I wanted to simultaneously check out on my bedmate-to-be that it took a
moment to capture the whole picture.

	Mikey came to attention very quickly as my eyes roamed over her
pendulous breasts with fat brown nipples that were hardening either from the
coolness in the bathroom (not likely), or her eagerness to get things going. She
did have a cute little pot belly and it did overhang a smooth mound of Venus, or
mons veneris for all you medical folk. Her cunt lips, if I may be so blunt and
bold, were slightly wrinkled and thick. Her clitoris was not as prominent as in
my fantasies, but as I would soon discover, it was more than adequate for
stimulating my partner to the heights which she wished to attain. In summation
she turned me on. To be honest it seemed I was beng turned on by more and more
women despite their flaws and failings. This was the kind of trend that I could
peacefully coexist with.

	The shower was most invigorating. I had an erection that made me feel as
if I had a steel bar coming from my groin. It was actually poking up almost to
my navel, an impressive vote of confidence in the charms of Lilith Landry. We
made out under the avalanche of warm then hot water that poured down upon us
from the showerhead. I hefted her heavy breasts and thumbed those fat and now
very stiff nipples while her hands cupped my tight scrotum and played musical
chairs with my testicles. When we kissed, my cock started to jump and thump in
her hands as she slipped about a foot of hot tongue inside my mouth and began
stroking Mikey with a gentle rhythm that only got him crazier. I was seconds
away from one of those embarrassing social accidents, so I took the offense and
pinched her nipples until she backed off, freeing Mikey from the death grip she
had on him.

	We helped each other get dry, patting our bodies down with big fluffy
towels that probably cost more than all of my bedsheets combined. To my surprise
she offered me a bathrobe; I had to admit that L-squared seemed to plan for any
eventuality. Soon I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. It was quite
large with an adjoining bathroom. From the large window one could see the lights
of cars negotiating the 494, moving to and fro from the twin cities area. We
crawled between the sheets and prepared to enjoy each other.

				(To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				         Chapter 28

	The guy responsible for the statement that in the dark all women are the
same probably never ate pussy in his life. I got busy becoming acquainted with
L-squared's honey pot as soon as the lights went off. It didn't take long before
a small trickle of pussy juice began to seep from her. It was salty-sweet with
an aftertaste that could only be described as tangy. She shifted her body to
guide me to the sweet spots that exist in every woman's secret place. The
trickle increased as I tongued and kissed my way up and down her smooth shaven
vulva, nibbling here and there to get some feel for what my lady enjoyed. When I
reached her clitoris and began sucking gently on that fat little nubbin of
concentrated sexuality, she gasped and pressed her moist cunt harder against my
lips. For the next few minutes or so I sucked and kissed her clit and lapped up
as much as I could of that viscous fluid that was now bubbling from between her
swelling cunt lips. Then without any warning whatsoever her hands came down on
the back of my head and she jammed my face into her hot, wet slit and uttered a
little moan as she squeezed off the first of what would prove to be numerous

	My introduction to Lilith's pussy gave me a good indication that when it
came to bedroom protocol, this one was more of a taker than a giver. In that
respect she was like JJ, which was neither good nor bad, unless she too had a
locked metal chest under her bed. I came up for some air and decided to check
out her pillowy breasts. The nipples were already stiff and when I started
sucking on them she groaned and tossed from side to side. I tried to nip at her
big soft mounds and got a very intense response, which included jamming my face
down onto her tits and rubbing it across the pebbled skin. I began to wander
when it would be my turn to be explored; it was some time in coming. For sure
Lilith was taker and expected lots and lots of donations from yours truly as the
evening wore on.

	By the time she got around to checking out my equipment to see if it was
in good working order, Mikey was rarin' to go. "Oh, how nice of you to be ready.
Let's get busy and put this stiff thing where it belongs." I wasted no time
complying with her request, which sounded more like a demand when I finally got
around to thinking about it. So I climbed aboard; Lilith was wet, very wet, and
as soon as I entered her she clamped her thighs closed and urged me to, "Pound
me good my darling, don't hold anything back! We have all night so don't worry
about anything but making me happy." I got busy and away we went at a brisk
canter that soon turned into a gallop as her hips swiveled more than a woman of
her age should be able  to swivel . She was moving up to meet my thrusts and
grunting with every stroke I delivered. "Harder darling, harder!" she urged and
I went into overdrive, such as it was. She insisted that I deliver more and
immediately, so I kicked in the afterburners and went all out .

	I didn't last more than a few minutes before flooding her cunt with a
good sized load of blind swimmers that began the trek up her birth canal,
seeking the holy grail that had long since been removed from her tabernacle. For
the moment we just lay motionless, our arms entwined, fingers exploring each
other's body. "I didn't come you naughty boy. You'll have to do me again and
soon. I'm an impatient woman as you will soon discover." I mentally sighed, and
then one of the tenants who occupied some of the open space within my mind
opined that I was in for a long, rough evening, and it was my own fault for
being such a pussy hound.

	Lilith Landry crawled from her bed, donned a robe and padded off to the
bathroom, leaving me to lie there wondering what I had gotten myself into this
time. Perhaps the reason she had come here from Dallas was that she had run out
of men down there who would take the kind of orders she was already dishing out
to yours truly. I vowed to be more than a doormat for this bossy lady. She
returned and crawled back into bed. "Well, are you going down on me or shall I
start diddling myself?" Her words cut to the quick, whatever that was. I
grumbled and assumed the position, hands on her parted thighs, mouth attached to
her freshly douched pussy and tongue sliding in and out of that now dry tunnel
that had just minutes ago housed an armada of my blind tadpoles. Mikey was still
curled up in something resembling a fetal position, awaiting some signal from
either of us that it was time to rise and shine once more.

	I decided to do some exploring with my tongue. I knew what happened when
I washed her fat clitoris and tickled that hot button with the tip of my tongue.
I wondered what would happen when I sucked a few hickies into her fleshy inner
thighs. I soon discovered that this activity made her thrash around a bit and
moan when I sucked especially hard and popped the puckered skin from my mouth.
Emboldened by my success, I moved downward to that sensitive region of skin
separating her anus from the bottom of her cunt. It only took a few seconds for
me to realize I was getting warm, very warm. She gasped and elevated her ass
from the sheets. I moved in for the kill, the tip of my tongue tracing a path of
pebbled skin that led to her sphincter. When I poked the tip of my tongue
against that tough muscle she shuddered. On the second poke she breached like a
whale and to my amazement turned her body over so that when she rested once more
on the sheets I was presented with her broad bottom with its two loaves of soft
rounded flesh, now held apart by her hands, opening her anus for my probing.

	 "Suck my asshole and make me come. DO IT!" I obeyed my commander and
chief, suctioning that chocolate starfish for all I was worth. This may sound
insane, but her asshole tasted almost sweet, and I could smell the scent of
lemon as my tongue burrowed past her winking brown eye. Then all hell broke
loose and I hung on for dear life as she exploded into one gigantic spasm that
made her shake from head to toes. The noises she made were eerie and loud, very
loud. I thanked my lucky stars that her house was set back from the road. It
would be kind of embarrassing to have to explain to the police why it sounded
like I had just committed some dastardly act on this fine upstanding citizen of
our fair city.

	She just laid there gasping for breath, while Mikey packed up and limped
off the field of battle, still unsatisfied. Lilith Landry was one strange
bedmate. I dared not even speculate on what new perversion she wished me to
perform on her well upholstered body. I had almost drifted off to sleep when I
felt her hand groping for what was left of my erection. I heard her chuckle, or
was it cackle as she ascertained that I was not in the mood to continue. "Oh my,
this old lady has gotten a bit greedy, hasn't she? It's partially your fault for
being so willing to do my selfish bidding. Would you like me to make amends or
do you want to pout all by yourself?" That did it and I retaliated by giving her
rump a sound swat. "Oh my, you are a bit miffed I see! Why don't you save the
violence for our visitor tomorrow." This woman was obviously used to getting her
way and would brook no temper tantrums or wounded ego trips. I decided to make
the best of this rather unequal situation. I remembered the old cliche', "my
field, my rules"

	"Whatever my mistress thinks best for this poor churl." I replied with a
harrumph that brought a giggle from Lilith. "Well spoke, peasant. How about a
nice blowjob? I promise to swallow every drop and smack my lips as well." I
realized that I definitely was not in her league and began to  wonder why she
had dropped down in class to entertain me this way. While I was musing, she
wrapped her lips around what was left of Mikey and in less time than it takes to
tell, Lilith Landry had Mikey standing at attention, saluting  for all he was

	I just laid back and enjoyed the sensation that her practiced mouth,
lips and tongue produced. She took her own sweet time, varying the suction,  and
taking some or all of my steely cock in and out of her mouth, coating it with
her saliva and tickling the head with that knowing tongue. It was when she began
to nibble on me that things got really interesting. A portion of me was
complaining bitterly that I'd been had again; this woman was truly a maneater
and my poor cock was going to be her next meal. Another part said just lay back
and enjoy the ride. Lilith gently bit my cock from tip to base and then back
again. Then she did some triple tonguing and proceeded to apply enough suction
that I felt as if my poor cock was about to collapse from the vacuum she

	Then I came. I was amazed that without any warning I was shooting off
like a roman candle at a fireworks display. I thought I would never stop
spurting; it was one of the most intense ejaculations I had ever had. True to
her word she captured every drop. Then she put her head down on the pillow and
began gargling with my offering. I was stunned speechless. Finally she gulped it
down with gusto and smacked her lips noisily as she declared that my cum was
quite tasty for a colonist. I could do nothing but moan. It had been worth all
the preliminaries to experience what she had just produced in me. "I'll do
anything to avoid having to sleep in a wet spot, or get up and douche again.
Remember that in the future young man." Those words were the last thing I
remember until morning.

	As soon as I awoke I hopped from the bed, leaving Lilith to her dreams
as I headed for the bathroom to clean up and prepare for the arrival of Jillian
Jones. I still wasn't sure what Lilith had in store for JJ; we had never gotten
around to discussing that matter. To pass the time I made a list of some
treatments that would thoroughly humiliate her secretary without harming or
leaving any physical signs on Jillian's body.  By now it was nearly seven, and
our guest was a mere two hours from being at the doorstep. I woke my hostess and
told her the time. She yawned and declared that there was enough time for me to
come back to bed and get her off with my tongue. I knew better than to argue.
Her cunt still tasted and smelled fine and so I had little difficulty wringing
an orgasm from my employer.

	She went off like a rocket after about twenty minutes of steady licking,
sucking, kissing and nibbling of various intimate regions of her full figured
frame. I was dutifully lapping my way back and forth between her asshole and
cunt when the first rumblings occurred. I decided it would be safer to be
located at her cunt when she went off, and so that is where I was when she let
out a loud groan as my teeth clamped down on her fat clit and worried it like a
terrier with a rat, if you'll pardon my tasteless analogy. She shivered, shook
and gave me a mouthful of cunt juice that I handled with some difficulty. It was
kind of funny tasting stuff, not like anything I'd ever experienced from any of
the ladies I had enjoyed in recent times. As it turned out, L-squared was a
squirter, and the stuff she was squirting came from her Bartholin's gland, don't
ask me for its exact location, for I haven't the faintest. All I knew that it
was somewhere in her cunt; that was close enough for me.

	At her invitation we showered together and fooled around just for the
hell of it, I guess. I was developing a pretty good head of steam from the way
her hand was toying with Mikey. So I retaliated by worming one then two and
finally three fingers up her snatch, which proved to be quite moist. We started
swapping spit and for a brief moment I thought we were going to wind up doing it
on the bathroom floor. Then she broke our lip lock and breathlessly informed me
that we had to get ready to host our weekend guest. I suggested we could adjourn
to the bedroom for a romp in the hay and let JJ feeze her fanny outside waiting
for us to let her into the place. Lilith granted that was a nice thought, but
decided in favor of the business at hand.

	Over coffee she discussed the types of items that she intended to use to
make JJ rue her wicked ways. "I have a sturdy wooden paddle that I intend to use
on that hussy's bottom until it's so swollen the skin cracks apart. That is just
to get her warmed up for the cane. My secretary will spend the next few days
standing, or lying on her stomach. I can hardly wait to get her into my office
during the week  and add to the welts that are going to be covering that big
behind and the rest of her body. I wonder what she'll say when I start giving
her a nice big enema of hot coffee, double boiled. Did you know that the body
can absorb things very quickly provided they are delivered via an enema? My dear
old secretary is going to be wired for sound after a couple of these very
special irrigations. Then of course I have a collection of douching solutions
that I intend to try out on her after I've stirred things up with my strap-on.
It's called Mr. Big, and it certainly is well named."

	I was most impressed with her preparations, and began to wonder what my
role in this little soiree was going to be.  Almost as if she could read my mind
she smiled and added, "I'll bet you are wondering where you fit in the grand
scheme of things?" It was my turn to be surprised. I admitted that the thought
had crossed my mind. Then she let me know why I was involved. "Since this woman
has chosen  to besmirch your good name and has already badly treated you, I
thought it would make her punishment more demeaning still, if you were to
observe her in this most embarrassing situation. Of course I  am  hoping that
the role you choose to play will be more than a brief cameo appearance. I am
still waiting for you to make some additional suggestions for things that will
cause Ms Jones a great deal of humiliation."

	Now the ball was in my court, so to speak, and I tried to rise to the
occasion. "How do you think she'd enjoy eating a nice big bar of soap, the
industrial strength type? Do you have something in the house that can block her
urethra? That would make for a good time if used in conjunction with a diuretic,
the kind that you can purchase at the local apothecary. I wonder how much tea or
coffee or perhaps urine she can swallow and hold down?" I took a break to see if
any of my suggestions had met with her approval. Her smiling face and the
clapping of her hands were the type of response that I'd hoped for.

	"Well spoke my dear co-conspirator, apothecary indeed. How about a
medical supply house, wouldn't they have all sorts of gadgets that we might use
on Ms Jones?" I knew she was correct, but most of the things we might wish to
purchase could be only done by a physician. Then she smiled and snapped her
finger. "Let's improvise; why don't you draw up a list of interesting items that
might be used on the wicked witch and then you can go shopping for them at
perhaps the local hardware store or the like. In the interim I think that you
and I had better think about collecting our urine today. It should make for a
very distressing situation for our guest on the morrow. In fact, why don't you
nip off to the nearest hardware store as well as the local druggist , and see
what items you can accumulate . I will take responsibility for getting our guest 
comfortably situated. Your arrival should make for a most unpleasant surprise
for my dear secretary." I had to give my boss a great deal of credit for
deviousness, and thanked my lucky stars that we were both on the same side.

	I found a local contractor supplier and joined the small army of
carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other members of the various building 
trades who were there at this early hour. As I discovered later in the hour, the
do-it-yourself types also frequented this huge hanger-like structure. I wandered
aimlessly throughout the place and in less than forty-five minutes had
accumulated an impressive collection of odds and ends all oriented toward making
JJ's weekend with us a most uncomfortable time.

	I wondered if there were other people like myself rooting through the
aisles seeking out that special item to really torment their girl friend, wife,
daughter, husband, boy friend and the like. I began to get paranoid as the
female checker rang up my purchases that ranged from industrial strength ties to
oil soap, with stops to ring up hose clamps of various sizes, lengths of cables,
a coil of heavy rope, a spool of wire, velcro fasteners, insecticide, a set of
engraving tools and drain cleaner. She never batted an eyelash at my pile of
items, but did tell me that my credit card was in backwards, thus preventing her
from generating one of those neat computer printouts that I had to sign.

	My trip through one of those chain drug stores that sell lots more than
just suppositories, aspirin, cough syrup and the like was equally enjoyable. I
picked up things to loosen up JJ's bowels and kidneys, linaments with dire
warnings about using too much or for too long, candidates that might be useful
for that special enema or douche that we might want to try out on our weekend
guest, ingredients that should not be used on the skin, certain mucous membranes
and internally. I even wandered far afield to purchase some upholstery grade
thread and a set of large sewing needles. This was for a special surprise I had
in store for my former tormentor. Then just as I was prepared to hit the
checkout counter, my eyes fell on these binder clips, a truly innovative torture
item disguised as school or office supplies. I could just imagine JJ's well
upholstered body covered with these little devils, biting into her soft flesh
mercilessly, making her feel as if any second they would break the skin and
begin chewing their way deeper and deeper into her bleeding flesh. As I paid the
clerk, I could not avoid breaking into a big smile at how successful my little
foray into this store had been.

	Upon my return to Lilith's home I became a bit uneasy when I noticed
there wasn't any sign of what should have transported JJ to our little house
party. I tramped through the light covering of recent snow and rang the
doorbell. I stamped my feet to ward off the chill and waited, and waited. I rang
the bell once again and this time only let a minute or so elapse before pounding
on the door. At this point all sorts of thoughts were  going through my head.
What if JJ had brought Frances with her and they had kidnapped Lilith , or
perhaps overpowered her and were holding her captive in her own home. Then where
was their car? Perhaps it was parked in her garage. Perhaps I ought to check out
the garage and make plans according to what I saw. I gave the bell another long
ring, then pounded on the door as hard as I could. I counted to ten very slowly
and turned around to head in the direction of the garage. I had taken maybe two
steps when I heard Lilith Landry's voice from inside the house shouting for me
to hold my horses, she was on her way.

	The door opened and I entered. Lilith was wearing a set of exercise
sweats that did a good job of hiding her assets. Her face was a bit flushed, but
her eyes were dancing. I heaved a sigh of relief and blurted out, "I was getting
worried; there wasn't any car and I started to have all sorts of bad visions
about what that meant. I'm glad to see you  looking so well. In fact I'd say you
look a bit smug. I take it our guest has arrived."

	Lilith broke into a big smile and replied, "I was just putting the
finishing touches on securing our guest when you rang. Your timing was just a
bit off, sorry to have caused you any concern. Her roommate dropped her off and
will pick her up whenever I call her. Ms Jones has no clue that you are
involved;  I did however inform her that I have a gentleman friend that would be
assisting me in her chastisement and I expected her to be properly deferential
towards him or suffer the consequences. So don't be at all surprised if she
propositions or begs you to use the paddle on her. One other thing, I've taken
the liberty of stopping up her ears so she won't be able to identify you until
we want her to know who my gentleman friend is." "

	I followed her upstairs to another bedroom located on the opposite wing
of her home. She ushered me in and I got my first look at JJ. The woman was
naked as the day she was born. She was bent over a rectangular table, her ankles
bound to its legs, her wrists tightly roped and arms pulled taut by the rope
that anchored them to a ring on the side opposite her. She wore a sleeping mask
that acted as a blindfold, and I could see the tenseness in her body as she
awaited her fate. "Say hello to my friend you miserable tramp!" As she spoke,
Lilith landed a hard slap to JJ's broad bottom, leaving ther imprint of her open
hand on it. The fun had begun.

				(To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				         Chapter 29

	Lilith Landry was one inventive lady. She was in another altogether
different and higher league than the one I occupied. Her opening move, aimed at
turning JJ into some frightened subservient female eager to do exactly as she
was ordered, was sheer genius. After slapping JJ's big broad bottom a couple
more times she gave me this wicked grin, pointed toward the closet and nodded. I
opened it and jumped back in surprise as I found myself confronted by a very
realistic gorilla suit, the kind you could rent for a party or Halloween.
However this little item was more than just a suit. It had a musky, animal odor
attached to it that was rank to put it mildly.

	Lilith pantomimed putting the suit on and I grudgingly complied, not
exactly thrilled at the smell or the discomfort of wearing this heavy costume.
Attached at the crotch was a wicked looking dildo, short and very fat, sort of
what a gorilla's cock might feel like if you were a blindfolded, tied-up woman
and thought one of those big apes was raping you. If that wasn't enough, there
was more, much more. Lilith produced a little tape recorder and held it up,
pointing to the little box and then toward JJ's bottom, hunching herself
obscenely. I got the picture and realized I was in the presence of a dementedly
brilliant practioner of the art of mental torture, and one who I sincerely hoped
would never think unkindly toward me.

	She carefully placed the tape recorder down on the table and produced
still another little tool that completed the ruse she had created to perfection.
I was a little confused as to why she was holding what looked to be a perfume
atomizer. Then she sprayed a few puffs from it and I thought I was in a monkey
house, so overwhelming were the odors of wet fur and animal waste. JJ picked up
the odor as well and her head came up from the table. At that point Lilith
turned on the tape recorder and the room was filled with the roars of some huge
ape, probably taped at the same place as she got the scent. She pointed at me
and nodded her head as if to say "It's show time!" Part of me had always wanted
to experience the adulation of an audience captivated by my talents as I moved
effortlessly about the brightly lit stage. Well here was my chance.

	The sounds and smells combined with the oppressive feeling of being
trapped beneath this heavy costume that reeked of smells whose origin I did not
want to think about for too long, was all that was necessary to turn me into a
sex mad gorilla who was about to cornhole this brazen white explorer who dared
to intrude on my territory. I'd show that fat-assed bitch who ruled this part of
the misty hills.

	I approached her, swinging my arms from side to side and grunting along
with the roars emanating from the recorder. I brushed one of my hairy arms
across her back and her whole body went rigid with terror. Even with the ear
plugs, I was sure that JJ was picking up the sound of those roars coming from
the tape recorder. Then I bent my knees and got as good a grip on her hips as
the costume would allow. I moved closer and began to stab the dildo, or was it
my cock, in the general direction of her asshole. JJ made things none too easy
for me by shifting her body from side to side and rearing up every chance she
got. I was frustrated at first, but kept on stabbing until I got lucky and hit
the bull's eye, that chocolate starfish was now wrapped around the head of my
thick cock and I was about to plow this bitch open like she was a rotted log.

	Just about then she started shaking all over as if she was having a fit,
and proceeded to piss all over the place, including part of my costume, or was
it me by then? All I remember from that point on was driving my short fat cock
as deep into her tight shitter as it could go as I pounded my chest and roared
along with my fellow apes. This bitch was mine! The next thing I recall was
Lilith shaking me and calling my name. I returned to my real body to discover
that JJ had fainted dead away and the dildo was buried to the hilt in her
spasming asshole.

	"You were spectacular! I almost thought you had changed into a gorilla,
it was marvelous! Without your performance this would have been mildly amusing,
but thanks to you my dear co-conspirator, it was great theater and something I
shall always remember. Now what do you say to getting that dildo out of Ms
Jones' asshole so I can put something else into it.?" Her words penetrated my
fog and perked me up immediately. I was not going to be just a spear carrier in
this opera after all. The opening scene had really gotten me enthused. I started
to look forward to doing some very nasty things to the helpless body of Jillian

	Once I was free from the gorilla suit, I helped Lilith take a most
subdued JJ down the hall to the bathroom for the first round of water sports she
had planned for her adversary. While I showered to remove the smell of that
costume from my body, my companion prepared the first of what would be numerous
killer enemas that would make poor JJ believe sincerely that her intestines were
on fire or on the verge of either exploding or collapsing, not to mention that
the mucus membrane guarding the region of her rectum along with the sensitive
skin surrounding her anus had been removed with a sandblaster.

	I declined Lilith's generous offer of JJ's mouth to reward me for my
sterling performance as "King Kong", which was from now on her pet name for
yours truly. I had been called worse, but let's face it,  that name was like
stroking me behind the ear as far as I was concerned. This is not to say that I
was merely a passive onlooker as JJ's asshole swallowed over two quarts of a
mixture consisting primarily of dishwasher detergent laced liberally with
powdered alum plus a soupcon of turpentine to kick it up a notch. Actually
Lilith confessed that it was more like a half cupful, since she felt in a
creative mood at the time she mixed this one.

	This whole scene brought back memories of WooWoo and I got sort of
choked up as I relived some of the happier moments of my life as I watched that
little Chinese firecracker groan and beg for mercy, all the while knowing that
she was approaching her own private nirvana as she did. To avoid getting maudlin
I got busy making JJ sweat as her belly slowly began to round from the water
coursing through her lower intestines, seeking room to expand. At first I
pressed my hand against her belly and pushed until she groaned. From there her
pussy got some teasing and prodding along with more, less gentle, stomach
pushes. Finally I thumped her stretched stomach as if it were a drum and she
alternated between groans and tears as her limit was approached.

	L-squared joined in the fun once she replaced the enema nozzle with a
butt plug that she jammed into JJ's quivering asshole before she could begin
eliminating the contents of her enema. Lilith spanked the helpless woman with
good solid swats that had some muscle behind them. I felt honor bound to elevate
the pain I was providing. Now I was punching her bulging belly, not with hard
blows, but with enough force to move the ball of water from one location to
another and then have it return, causing a new set of cramps to ripple through
her body.

	JJ's body was soon covered with sweat as the cramps kept coming and
there was no way for her to relieve this awful pressure that seemed to be
unending. I got busy working first two and then four fingers into her cunt,
moving them in as far as they'd go and then working them from side to side to
stretch her pussy to its limits. It really got interesting when I slipped the
hood from her clit and began to torment that hot button. JJ's brain was getting
scrambled from the conflicting signals it was receiving. There were pleasure
signals countermanding pain responses; then everything would scatter and return
in still another guise. The plumpish middle-aged woman was shaking and crying
uncontrollably as she was totally frustrated in her efforts to escape the pain
she was experiencing.

	Without warning, JJ began to vomit. The pain was intensified as her
stomach muscles convulsed over and over, each time forcing up whatever was
lodged in her bulging belly. Chunks of undigested food plopped into the tub,
followed by waves of a brownish mixture that was predominately digested food
that was unable to start its journey through her intestines, which were now
blocked with the heavy detergent. I didn't realize at the time that the alum
mixed into the detergent had been quickly absorbed into her system and was
causing the uncontrollable vomiting that she was experiencing. Lilith really
knew her enemas. This woman had a great future as the chief torturer of some
small third world country or even as a member of one of the clandestine
organizations that we failed to acknowledge as belonging to our country.

	Things took a turn for the worse when Lilith finally allowed JJ to void
the enema. The woman was forced to stand in he center of the tub before the butt
plug was pulled from her anus. Then the second fiendish characteristic of the
alum kicked into play. The very fine particles proved to be quite abrasive to
the tender lining of JJ's intestines and did even worse damage to the skin
surrounding her anus. JJ screamed and screamed as she pushed the viscous mixture
from her bowels, causing the alum particles to tear away at any mucus membrance
or other sensitive covering that was encountered on the trip out from her
insides. Then when she was almost finished ridding her body of the vicious
invader, the astringent properties of the alum came into focus. It felt as if
every drop of moisture or lubricant had been wrung from her insides, causing a
burning, itching sensation that grew stronger with time.

	JJ begged for relief from this terrible torment, promising anything if
only the burning pain would subside. Lilith laughed and gave her some choices
that might cause her to make the pain go away for now. JJ agreed to all the
tortures and humiliations that Lilith suggested without reservation. She looked
over to me and smiled. "You heard what she said. Now do you have any scruples
about sodomizing her or having her swallow your cock and drink your piss? You
just heard her say she'd love to have you do those things to her as often as you
wished during her stay. What say you to this most generous offer?" What could I
do in those circumstances but accept with thanks.

	I watched as JJ took an even larger enema than the first, this being the
answer to her prayers. The warm soapy water did the job of neutralizing the alum
that remained inside her body. JJ didn't realize how beneficial this enema was
to her plight until perhaps five minutes after she was plugged tight once more.
Naturally I took this opportunity to torment her further. I even put a few of
the spring loaded binder clips on strategic portions of her naked body and
enjoyed the tears that flowed like a waterfall from her eyes. She made a strange
sight, hopping up and down in the tub, her bloated belly bouncing wildly from
her movements, the clips anchored securely to her nipples as well as another
pair shutting her cunt nearly air tight. Gradually she began to notice the
lessening of the pain associated with the first enema. Of course there was
additional pain now superimposed over the orginal pattern, but it too soon
proved bearable.

	Lilith made her captive squat and relieve herself in the tub, a most
embarrassing situation for one such as JJ. She didn't help matters by smirking
and making vulgar comments to me about what a pig our guest had turned out to
be. "If it was a bit warmer I'd turn her out into the back yard and let her do
her business there so as not to befoul the air. Then I'd hang the plump bitch
from one of the tree limbs and see how much skin I could whip from that broad
rump of hers." These demeaning remarks affected the woman and it showed in her
body language even as she expended much of her energy expelling the soapy
solution that had worked its magic at a price. A this point Lilith declared that
it was time for a nice cold shower to invigorate our guest before taking her to
the recreation room for further punishment.

	We marched a still blindfolded, wet, shivering JJ down the hall toward
the stairs that led to a room located on the second floor. I slapped her big
bottom as she mounted the steps. I had a good view of her cunt winking back at
me as she moved. It began to tempt me and I recalled her frantic promises of
less than an hour ago, and began contemplating taking her up on one or more of

	The recreation room was located at the back of the house and was in
essence an unfinished area with exposed beams and unpainted  walls with holes
cut into them for light fixtures and such that had not been installed yet. Of
even more significance there was a rough cut window that had been boarded up. It
was also obvious that the heating duct had not been completed either, for the
room was quite chilly. I watched JJ hop from one foot to the other in a vain
attempt to ward off the chill that was intensified by the sheen of cold water
that still dripped from her naked body.

	Lilith had done some preparation for JJ's visit. There was a heavy metal
hook screwed into one of the beams in the ceiling. A few feet from the hook was
a crude light fixture consisting of a bare bulb screwed into a length of
flexible cabling that was hooked into one of the two outlets located along the
baseboard of the room. There was a large rectangular construction made of rough
wood that must have measured nearly four by four feet. At its corners were large
eyebolts screwed into the wood. Half way down the sides were another set of
eyebolts as well. Then there was a heavy wooden chair featuring arm rests and
absolutely no padding anywhere. It was solidly made with a network of rungs
connecting the legs and a rather elaborate grillwork of woodwork forming the
back of the chair. Completing the furniture were two cheap cushion type chairs
that one could purchase at the local hardware store for use in the backyard
during summer. Finally there was a metal chest very much akin to the type that
JJ had stored beneath her bed in that horrible torture chamber that she called a
bedroom. That brought back memories and gave me chills that had nothing to do
with the coolness of the room.

	I assisted Lilith as we removed the handcuffs JJ wore and hung her by
her wrists from the hook in the ceiling, using some of the rope I'd purchased
earlier this morning. I had to readjust her bonds a number of times before
L-squared was satisfied. JJ's feet barely touched the cold wooden floor by the
time we were done. Her arms were trembling from the strained position they had
to assume in order for her toes to just touch the floor. Lilith amused herself
by stepping on JJ's feet, causing her to lift them and put all her weight on her
strained shoulders.

	She waved her arm in a grand gesture  and said, "Well, what do you think
of my little torture chamber? I know its not much yet, but it should do the job
on this bitch for now. I'm sure that by the time I get this big bag of blubber
back up here again, it will be more suitably appointed. As for now we'll have to
make do with it as is. One thing that has been finished is the soundproofing.
This bitch can scream her bloody head off, and I intend to make her do just
that, and no one will be the wiser outside this room, unless they're listening
at the keyhole. If they are, I think I'll invite them in to take a turn making
this home wrecker scream bloody murder as she gets her just desserts."

	At my hostess' request, I retrieved the rest of my bag of goodies from
the hardware and drug store and brought them up to the "torture chamber". Lilith
had become impatient and was now busily engaged in employing her special paddle
to flatten JJ's broad bottom. I had the opportunity of evaluating the securityof
this room, and it wasn't until I was reaching for the door handle that I heard
the pistol-lke sound of that paddle exploding against JJ's bare flesh, followed
by her yelping response to the assault.

	Lilith had taken off her sweat shirt to give herself more freedom of
movement as she pulverized her victim's hind quarters. I was most impressed by
the way her big breasts fought to escape from the full cut bra containing them.
This very tough lady was beginning to turn me on big time and I wondered if we
might have a chance to renew old acquaintances before finishing off JJ for the
day. Perhaps a long lunch might be in order, especially if JJ was so beaten up
by then that she needed some extra time to recover so she could be punished

	The paddle L-squared wielded was custom-made according to what she had
told me last evening. Calling it a paddle was a bit of an understatement. The
paddle portion was almost rectangular, rounded at the edges. There were holes
drilled through the center portion of this weapon to allow it to generate more
speed due to the reduction in air resistance. The paddle portion looked to be
nearly a foot long and perhaps eight inches across at its broadest point. The
handle to which it was joined was a good two feet in length and padded at the
end to give a firm grip to the person using it. It all honesty it looked more
like a cricket bat than a paddle. The way Lilith was swinging it confirmed my
view. She was using both her hands to hold it and she had a short compact swing
that would be the envy of some baseball players. The results it obtained were

	I walked around so that I could watch the paddle making contact with
JJ's big broad bottom. What a sight it was! Already her plump cheeks were a dark
angry shade of red and there were even blood blisters surfacing after each swat.
Each blow ruptured more blood vessels beneath the skin and soon her ass would be
turning purple and perhaps even black unless Lilith tired herself out by
overdoing the fury of her attack. I had to admit that I was sexually excited by
the sight of Jillian's buttocks being so brutally damaged. I started imaging how
it would feel to be sodomizing her, my hard cock burrowing between those
horribly swollen, bruised and  blood splotched  hams, listening to her screams
of agony from the combination of the terrible pain emanating from her blistered
butt and the additional agony that was radiating from deep within her rectum as
I pounded away inside her sore, abraded channel.

	My companion offered me a turn, but I declined, explaining that I'd
prefer to do some redecorating of our guest's body. Lilith shrugged and let the
paddle hang loosely from her hand. "Perhaps after you've had your fun you might
reconsider my offer." she observed. I set about coming up with half a dozen of
my favorite toys, the spring loaded clips that had been an afterthought when I
went shopping at the drug store. I put two of the small one on her nipples,
making sure they bit into the sensitive nubs with all the force they were
designed to provide. Our blindfolded guest whimpered  in pain and fear. Her
whimpers turned to screams when I put a pair of heavier clips on the insides of
her pebbled thighs. Lilirth laughed delightedly when I managed to attach another
pair into the flesh forming the cleft in her well bruised behind.

	I gave her a thumbs up sign and rummaged around in my bag to find more
that I wanted to use on her cunt. That supersensitive region soon was covered
with four of these little devils, going from her tingling clit to the base of
her dripping cunt. The fact that she was seeping pussy juice was a very
interesting sign. Our little guest was just full of dirty little secrets. This
latest one was a true revelation, she seemed to be enjoying some, perhaps all,
of the pain we were dishing out to her. Wait until Lilith discovered that little
surprise. I could hardly wait to start teasing her curiosity.

				( To be continued )

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				        Chapter 30

Abstract: 	After a pep talk from Lilith, our hero steps up to his
responsibilities and proceeds to do some serious damage to JJ's bare body, and
even reveals himself to her. He also comes up with an innovative method of
hanging Lilith's adversary out like a rug that needs a good beating. All good
things must soon come to an end, and finally they give JJ a change of scenery
and time to recover from the savage beating she received. So it's off to the
bathroom for a killer enema, compliments of Lilith, and a series of refreshing
golden showers for Lilith's house guest.

	Lilith suggested we retire for lunch and let our guest ponder her fate.
All this activity had given me an appetite and made me horny as well. I was
sorely tempted to see if I could entice Lilith into bed for a little romp to
take the edge off my needs that were becoming a bit more than I could reasonably
handle. I should have known better than to presume that my companion was unaware
of what I was contemplating.

	Lunch turned into lecture and then morphed into lesson before my very
eyes. Lilith not only beat me to the punch, she just plain beat me to a pulp,
figuratively thank the gods. I was reminded rather forcefully that my presence
was requested because I was an aggrieved party, and being a male in reasonably
good physical condition could ensure that Lilith would not be overmatched by Ms
Jones. Currently Lilith was not seeking stud service, wishing to focus her
energies entirely on exacting the proper amount of revenge on her guest. If I
felt the need for sexual relief, Ms Jones was available for that purpose as
well. If I had scruples that interferred with my ability to rationally separate
"imagined" rape from "actual" vengeance, that was my problem, not hers.

	I debated whether to grovel at her feet and beg forgiveness for being a
male and rather stupid, or just take my lumps and move on, a sadder but wiser
person for it. However one look into Lilith Landry's flashing eyes indicated
that being a good steward and assisting her in the destruction of JJ's attitude
of superiority, which I abhored with all the fiber of my being, was the best
answer to what had just transpired. My choice was the proper one for which I was
richly rewarded, not exactly by Ms Landry either.

	We returned to the "exercise room" as Lilith described her bare bones
torture chamber, and resumed turning JJ into a docile and totally humiliated
drudge that would be the perfect foil for Lilith whenever she got irritated or
even  bored with the requirements placed upon her as our corporation's
representative of high level management here in the frozen wilds of the American
heartland. My guess was that Lilith Landry would probably not see more than a
couple of winters here before moving on to bigger and better things. I couldn't
help wondering what lucky man or was it woman, would be keeping her warm and
sexually fulfilled over that length of time. I knew it certainly wasn't this
churl, but it sure could be a lot of fun to hang around as long as possible and
just enjoy the ride. That was one of the smarter decisions I'd made in a while,
and I sure did have plenty of fun over the next day or so with my old nemesis

	Lilith, now refreshed and fortified by lunch as well as tearing me a new
one, took up her cricket bat and resumed walloping the daylights out of JJ. When
she tired, I stepped up to the plate and lined a few extra base hits off JJ's
badly bruised rump before deciding that it would be a good time to tryout a few
of those liniments and creams on her blood blistered bottom. Her screams and the
way she wiggled and writhed indicated that the warning on the labels was truth
in advertizing at its best. While our guest shimmied and shook her bare body in
a fruitless effort to extinguish the fire that was burning out of control across
her broad ass, I took up  the cudgel and started in on the backs of her thighs
and legs, working up a good sweat before Lilith interrupted my fun and demanded
I return her paddle.

	I rummaged around in my bag of goodies and came up with the hose clamps.
By now Lilith had done a good job of working in the creams and liniments I'd
applied to JJ's swollen ass. Her face broke into a great big smile when I held
up the clamps and nodded my head toward her victm. "By all means. I can hardly
wait to see how they look on her." Encouraged by Lilith's comment I approached
our blindfolded guest and decided to reveal myself to her so she knew what else
she had to face over the next day or so. I yanked off the sleep mask that had
doubled as her blindfold and grinned into her shocked face.

	"Small world, isn't it?" was all I said before hefting one of her big
soft tits and letting her see what was in store for it. She started to really
struggle at this point and so I twisted her tit until tears came to her eyes.
Still not satisfied, I captured the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and
gave it a good hard squeeze until she let out a yelp. "You're hurting me!" JJ
exclaimed. I nodded like some halfwit, playing to my audience of one. Then I did
a number on her other nipple and she let out a howl this time beause I used my
fingernails as well. While JJ sniffled and moaned I opened the hose clamp and
got the band of metal wrapped around the base of her right tit. I asked Liith to
give me a hand so I could secure the screw into the coil and start tightening it
down. JJ really gave the sound proofing a good test as I screwed the metal band
down into her pale, soft flesh and watched it actually flow through the openings
in the clamp. Lilith gave me the thumbs up sign and asked if she could put the
other one on. I nodded and let her take over.

	I got another idea as I watched Lilith happily screwing down the metal
clamp to completely capture JJ's other tit. She even went a little further than
I did, based on the screams and screeches that came from JJ. While this was
happening I got another nasty idea of a way to use a few more of those hose
clamps. Soon I was kneeling between JJ's legs and fastening one of these little
demons around her big toe. I scrunched it down to the bone as she shrieked in
pain. Lilith looked at me quizzically as I proceeded to put another clamp on
JJ's other big toe. Now for the fun to begin I thought to myself. 

	I'd noticed some concrete blocks left behind by the builder who
evidently had used this room for a storage area. I pulled one over and then
looped some of the wire I'd purchased through the excess metal  that resulted
from screwing the clamp tight. Next I looped the wire through one of the open
portions of the block. Then I dragged the concrete block as far as JJ's leg
could be pulled sideways. Lilith clapped her hands as she realized what I was in
the process of doing. With her assistance we soon had JJ's legs spread to their
limit; now her bound wrists and trembling shoulders were supporting the entire
weight of her body.

	"Well done my boon companion, I see you have some imagination after all!
It will stand us in good stead as we work to reduce this mass of resisting flesh
before us to something more amenable to suggestion." I had to hand it to
L-squared, she was really into this fanciful activity to the limit. All we
lacked was an audience, because we both were really hamming it up with our
florid speech and gestures. It's a shame they were wasted on that old frump, JJ,
who did not seem to see the humor in what was occurring.

	Lilith's eyes got real wide when I fished a couple of lengths of
electrical cabling from my bag. These babies were designed to carry plenty of
current which meant they were mostly copper wire surrounded by some neoprene
housing. I slapped one of the cables, it was about two feet long and at least
three inches around, against the palm of my hand and realized just how dangerous
this could be if used improperly. Fortunately for JJ, my compatriot was not
strong enough to generate the kind of force that could cause deep welts or worse
yet, severe bruising that would extend deep into the flesh of its target.

	JJ's eyes darted back and forth from me to Lilith, watching to see which
of us would begin to use these evil looking rubber hoses on her body. I suggestd
to Lilith that she choose an area to work over and that she use both hands in
order to not only to be able to generate enough force to do some damage, but
also be able to control it so that she could hit what she wanted to hit. I could
see that she was a bit uncomfortable with this kind of a club, even though the
paddle she had used to destroy JJ's bottom was in its class. As for me, I wanted
to home in on the insides of my former lover's thighs, hoping to give them
enough punishment so that she would have a hard time walking for two reasons,
one from the aching flesh of her thighs and the other due to the fact that
they'd be so swollen that they'd brush against each other causing additional
pain from a new source.

	When L-squared chose to start in on JJ's clamped and rapidly swelling
tits I winced sympathetically. I had to admit that Jillian Jones was nowhere  to
be found on my list of people I enjoy being around. However the thought of those
big, soft bags of fat, nerve endings and skin being turned into a pair of black
bowling balls was not something I was interested in witnessing. Then again I
didn't have a good friend's marriage badly damaged by our guest either. Then I
did a mental double-take and realized that I did so, namely myself! Come to
think of it, my wayward wife's punishment would make what was happening to JJ
seem like a walk in the park.	

	That debate now concluded, I let the buxom lady from merry old England
have one right across the belly , just inches above her thick lipped cunt. She
immediately brought up a mouthful of bile that dribbled down the front of her
body and was splattered about by the first blow from Lilith that caught her left
tit dead center. My companion was obviously a quick study or had just gotten
lucky . I don't think that JJ cared much which was correct, she was in way too
much pain to even think. I put that thought from my mind and concentrated on
beating her belly like it was a drum.

	Lilith and I worked like a team that had been together for years. We
drubbed the naked middle-aged lady from pillar to post and then back again. I
kept making her puke up this strange almost transparent fluid that she sometimes
reswallowed and then coughed uncontrollably as I landed one crisp blow after
another to whatever target I chose. I liked to make the cable move from her
navel down to the top of her cunt in increments of perhaps an inch. It was so
much fun that I hardly paid attention to what was going on upstairs where Lilith
was making JJ's tits go from D to FF cup size by sheer force of numbers. Of
course she missed her targets as often as she hit them, but who was counting?
Naturally Lilith had to soon stop her exertion and rest, but I just kept on
going as I had developed a nice comfortable rhythm much to JJ's dismay.

	L-squared pulled rank and decreed that our guest needed a trip to the
bathroom for some additional freshening up. By now her tits were gigantic and
approaching an ebony coloration. Despite Lilith's frown I began loosening the
metal bands that had almost disappeared into JJ's swollen tit flesh. In spots
the metal had actually eaten into the flesh sufficiently to draw blood. JJ began
to scream as the blood circulation was restored to her bulging breasts and the
pain grew steadily. Lilith's face was beaming as she watched her adversary's
face grow pale and sweaty even though the room was decidedly cold. I realized
that the woman was close to going into shock from all the pain and punishment
she had endured. To her credit it also dawned on Lilith that we might have gone
a wee bit too far. She got busy unscrewing JJ's toe clamps and somehow we got
her limp body down to the floor.

	Our guest was strictly dead weight, and there was plenty of it to move.
I got my hands under her armpits and started to drag her bare body across the
floor, which picked up some splinters that added to her discomfort. She was
still conscious, but barely. I could feel her body shaking and hear her low,
drawn out sobbing. Somehow we got her out of the cold room and down the hall
where it was warm. Lilith found a robe and we got our guest swaddled in its
folds while she continued to shake uncontrollably. I had to admit that I was a
little uneasy about the situation we found ourselves in, but to her credit
Lilith stayed the course. "We are going to get this sow down the hall and into
the bathroom. There we'll put her in the shower and wake her up with a nice cold
drenching until she returns to us so we can humilate her some more. I've got a
recipe for an enema that will make her wish she were dead, and I intend to use
it on Miss Piggy this very day."

	Lilith proved to be a woman of her word. I was bushed by the time I
rolled JJ into the shower stall. I jumped back to avoid the avalanche of icy
water that flooded the stall. For a brief time JJ didn't respond, adding to my
anxiety. Then the cold penetrated her befogged mind and she started to react
normally, teeth chattering and her arms moving up to try to fend off the
stinging stream of cold water that poured down from the shower head. Then Lilith
turned off the flow and asked me to drag her soaked secretary from the stall and
put her in cuffs once more.

	Soon the shivering woman was bent over the edge of the tub as Lilith
filled the red rubber enema bag with a solution of items that she guaranteed
would have JJ up and running full speed as soon as it started working on her
intestines. I knew this one was going to be murder when I was told to make sure
she was thoroughly gagged. I couldn't resist giving her nipples a good twist
just for old times, and I was complimented for my participation, followed by a
dig concerning my reluctance to avail myself of JJ's orifices to relieve my
tensions. For a brief moment in my mind, Lilith exchanged places with JJ and it
was yours truly giving her my special mixture of nettle oil, jalapeno peppers,
turpentine and drain cleaner, all carried along by water that was just a few
degrees below its boiling point. Then I cleared my head of this latest fantasy
and waited to carry out any further orders from my commander, the notorious
"Lethal Lilith".

	Whatever was in that bulging bag was soon transferred into JJ's bloated
intestines where all hell broke loose. I had to put her into a choke hold to
calm JJ down and that didn't work for more than a minute or so. I finally had to
push her over into the tub, nearly breaking her neck as she did a face plant
into the unyielding porcelain with the enema hose still attached to her spasming
rectum. Lilith smiled grimly, then reached down to yank the nozzle free and
quickly substitute a butt plug to keep whatever was ruining JJ's insides
contained. Tears were streaming down the plump woman's face and she was gyrating
around in the tub like some demented break dancer in a frantic effort to somehow
get some relief from the terrible pain she was experiencing. I wondered what
Lilith had put into the bag that caused this type of unbelievable response. I
also wondered if she would give me her recipe so if the opportunity ever
presented itself, I could let WooWoo have a taste of pure hellfire in an enema

	Lilith finally relented and pulled the bung from JJ's puckered pooper
and we watched her void the mixture of liquid fire into the tub. The stench was
so bad that we were forced to retreat from the bathroom leaving JJ to cope with
the smell and her cramping intestines that continued to shoot streams of this
witch's brew from her quivering body. While we stood outside and listened to the
disgusting sounds coming from behind the closed door, Lilith remarked that our
guest was probably going to be quite thirsty , especially after having her
insides effectively sucked dry of  any moisture by that special enema she had
just taken.

	My attempt to coax the recipe from her was quickly rebuffed, which
disappointed me no end. I resolved to continue my quest for this enema to end
all enemas, but at a later date. There was still plenty of pain and humiliation
remaining to be dished out to our house guest. I also wanted to pursue my
observation that JJ seemed to derive some type of sexual pleasure from pain. I
hadn't paid much attention to that aspect of things since we were kept rather
busy, which left no time for other investigations.

	Lilith's remark about JJ being thirsty meant that the next round of 
water sports was about to begin. That in turn reminded me that I needed to
relieve myself very soon. I decided to wait a bit in hopes that I could empty my
full bladder into JJ's open mouth and watch her greedily swallow every drop.
Lilith sent me in first to air out the bathroom and get rid of the mess that JJ
had made in the tub. So much for any idea of equality in this partnership. She
pointed and I did her bidding. On the other hand things could be worse, a lot
worse. At least I wasn't naked, helpless and lying in my own wastes waiting for
whatever new things my captors were planning for me.

	I was less than gentle as I grabbed JJ by her hair and half dragged her
from the tub. Her skin was covered with a layer of goose bumps caused by the
open window that not only let the foul air our, but also sucked away most of the
heat from the room. I pushed her into the shower stall and turned on the water
to complete her cleanup. I was a nice guy and let her take a hot shower this
time; very hot, in fact so hot that she struggled to escape after a few minutes.
When I let her out, she had skin the color of a boiled lobster. By then Lilith
had entered and was quite amused at the condition of her secretary.

	The fun began shortly thereafter. I made JJ kneel on the tile floor
while L-squared stripped off her sweat suit bottoms and pulled down her panties.
Despite the lecture she'd given me earlier, the little guy who lived in my
shorts put in an appearance which she noticed. I received a stern look which
unfortunately did not intimidate Mikey, who started to grow in response to the
display of her lucious pink clam. Ignoring this public or was it pubic display
of affection, she strode to where JJ knelt and took her hair in both hands. Then
she slammed her bare crotch against the older woman's face and before the
startled JJ could prepare herself, she began drenching her in urine that spurted
like a fountain from her pee hole. I was still awed by this display even though
I knew it was coming. Lilith screamed at her captive to open her mouth and start
swallowing or she'd tear the hair out of her head. I watched in fascination as
JJ began gulping down the acrid yellow stream that poured from L-squared.

	I have no idea how long Lilith fed her golden outpouring into JJ's open
mouth, but it was considerable. When  she was finished she looked over to me and
asked loudly, "Don't you have anything to contribute beside that hardon?" That
woman sure knew how to hurt a guy and once again through the power concealed
within my perverted mind,  JJ morphed into Lilith and little Mikey turned into a
firehose and proceeded to drown her in a blitz of piss. My fantasy dissolved and
I became very aware of the pressure from my full bladder. So I stepped up and
took over the job of making sure that JJ was rehydrated. My aim was a bit off
and on occasion I bathed her eyes and other parts of her face with my golden

	When I finished, the floor of the bathroom was awash in piss. Lilith
decided that JJ should clean it up with her tongue and to incentivize her, she
stood over the plump, battered, dazed, piss soaked, punching bag of a woman and
used a length of electrical cabling which she had stashed in the hamper to whack
her soundly every time she slowed down in her efforts to suck up all the piss
that covered a good portion of the tiled floor. For the first time today I felt
sorry for JJ. One look at Lilith convinced me that she still harbored nothing
but thoughts of revenge for the trouble that poor JJ had caused her friends in
the mother country. It was going to be a very long night and day for our guest.I
wondered if she'd be capable of surviving it intact, both mentally as well as

				( To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

				        Chapter 31

	This time I beat Lilith to the punch by suggesting the next torture to
try out on her houseguest. This time we marched her downstairs before getting
her set up for the fun to follow. First the sleep mask went back on, and I used
some cotton balls to deaden her hearing. I refused to let Lilith fill JJ's ears
with molten wax, even though it would obviously do a better job of reducing her
ability to hear than the cotton balls. I did however compromise by removing the
originals and soaking another set in warm water before stuffing them deep inside
her ears using a pencil point. I could just imagine the legions of doctors
across the nation fainting from the thought that I was putting more than my
elbow into her shell-like ears.

	Finding the heavy duty Velcro I could have sworn I bought proved a
problem until I consulted my sales receipts to discover that I had indeed bought
some at the hardware store. Naturally it was at the bottom of the bag containing
my purchases. I made JJ stand at attention with her arms by her sides. First I
applied the adhesive strips around her thighs and then used the hook portion
around her wrists. Then I locked her wrists into position and stepped back to
survey what she looked like and to test the bonds.

	I could not resist pinching her cunt lips to get a reaction. She yelped
and hopped around, but was unable to free her wrists from their attachment
points on her thighs. Lilith had to get into the act and she pulled one of Ms
Jones' nipples straight out from her chest and enjoyed her reaction and
inability to protect herself from whatever we chose to do to her. I used lenghts
of rope to finish the job of restraining her before we started to decorate her
naked body. She was bound at the knees and her ankles were hobbled enough for
her to be able to stay erect if she concentrated on keeping her balance.
Naturally this would be very hard to do because she could not see and the balls
of wet cotton in her eyes would have some effect on her balance as well.

	At my suggestion, Lilith tried to replicate the situation I'd placed her
secretary into, and within seconds she started to lose her balance. Her eyes
flew open and then a huge grin broke her features. "I am once more impressed at
what you are capable of doing once you receive a little push from someone." Her
words sounded like a left-handed compliment to me, but I let it slide. Now the
fun could really begin. I couldn't resist hamming it up for my audience of one.
I pulled out a handful of those little snapping demons I'd purchased at the drug
store and approached my victim who had no idea what was coming. I looked for
some easy targets that could be attacked with a minimum of effort.

	Her big tits were obvious candidates, but I was looking for something
more original. I decided to tease Jillian for a time. I took a large pinch of
her belly flesh and pulled it taut. Her breath came in gasps and she began to
make little hopping movements, preparing herself for whatever was going to
happen. Nothing happened and she relaxed for a moment. Then I pinched her
clitoral hood and she stiffened. This time I opened the jaws of a small clip and
then clamped it to this most sensitive region and let her feel the full force of
that snapping demon. Even through the gag she made some significant sounds, and
at the same time she lost her balance and plunged towards the floor until I
caught her. She was shaking like a leaf by this time and the fun had not even
started in earnest. I took a glance at Lilith and saw her hunched over the bag,
fishing out a few clips that she wanted to put onto certain portions of JJ's

	It turned into a contest to see who could be the more inventive. Lilith
should have had a big advantage being a woman plus having the motivation to
deliver pain that I didn't have the heart for, or so it seemed. Ever the
gentleman, I allowed my employer to stake out her territory, knowing full well
that there was plenty of skin and flesh to go around. She homed in on JJ's big
jugs and sensitive nipples, putting a number of heavy duty clips onto the
woman's tits and smaller ones to her nipples.

	I moved to the other side and started a string of clips that hung from
the perimeter of her bottom. In all she had over a dozen outlining her sagging
butt cheeks. Then I moved in for the kill, that super sensitive region in the
cleft between those sagging cheeks. JJ started making big time noises when I put
the first one deep down, almost reaching her puckered asshole. I managed to get
three more well dug into her tender flesh and she was going half crazy from the
growing pain. Everytime she moved, those teeth seemed to dig in a little bit
deeper, which due to the locations I had chosen, was the truth.

	My biggest reward was the annoyed look on Lilith's face when she stepped
around to find out what was causing JJ so much pain. At first glance she
overlooked the four small clips tearing up the insides of JJ's butt cheeks. Then
it dawned on her what I had accomplished and she gave me a sickly grin. The
pupil had outdone the mistress in this preliminary round, but there was plenty
of time left before this contest would end. It was equally apparent to us that
there were not enough spring loaded clips to satisfy our combined needs. I
suggested that we take turns using the entire stock to create our own unique
design covering JJ's naked body. Once this was done, the other would remove only
those clips they intended to put on other areas of her body.

	It was fairly obvious that certain locations would not be touched once
clips had been properly installed. I was concerned that this would give the one
going first an unfair advantage. So another compromise was worked out. We would
jointly select areas of mutual agreement and take turns placing clips to them,
reserving the others for our more creative tendencies. We also agreed that one
of us would always be stationed close to JJ to prevent her from seriously
injuring herself in any fall she might take. That in turn led me to have another
one of my nasty ideas. I might not have been up for raping JJ, but that didn't
prevent me from coming up with other ways to make her pay for some of the
terrible things she and her live-in lover, Frances Forbes, did to me.

	Lilith listened intently as I described in a whispery voice my latest
plan to terrify JJ. Her face was wreathed in a smile and her head nodded in
concert wih my suggestions on this matter. "You are really on top of your game
it seems. I may have to reevaluate my estimate of your potential if you keep
this up."  Her words were music to my ears, up to a point. So while Lilith stood
guard to prevent her house guest from taking a spill, I collected a number of
cushions that I carefully placed in a semi circle around Lilith's secretary.
Then I suggested we get busy and do her tits up properly, each of us taking care
of one of them.

	JJ hopped up and down and wimpered steadily as we clamped those spring
loaded demons onto her nipples and various portions of her big tits. At my
suggestion we used the largest clips on her nipples. When we locked them in
place the sounds tha came from our prisoner indicated that she was in a world of
hurt from just those two clips. That in turn incentivized us to do our best to
make her pain increase substantially as we chose each location and what type of
clip or clamp to put on it. By pulling the skin around the edges of her soft,
pillowy tits taut, we were able to lock exactly twenty of the clips to each.
That's when the fun really began.

	I allowed Lilith to do the honors with a strap. She took her stance and
began lashing away at the clips dangling from JJ's tits. Naturally they stayed
in place, but the pain of each lash caused the secretary to shiver in pain and
as the relentless beating continued she lost track of her situation and fell
backwards. It was almost as if she was in slow motion, her stiff body knifing
through the air in an arc that would result in her head striking the floor
first. I wondered what kind of thoughts were going through her mind as she
plummeted towards a crash landing on what she thought would be the cold,
unyielding surface that awaited her.

	Even though her head was cushioned by the throw pillow it landed upon,
the collision still sent a bolt of pain through her tense body. The sound that
her head made striking the pillow was quite audible and there did appear to be a
degree of whiplash created by the impact of her fall. The plump woman lay
motionless for a few seconds, probably her mind was frantically assessing the
real versus the perceived damage that this frightening fall had caused.

	The look on Lilith's face was priceless. It was obvious that she could
hardly wait to repeat this on her helpless victim over and over. I could almost
see the wheels turning as she started thinking about ways to make the chances of
a major impact greater. When she walked over to her adversary's fallen body and
deliberately kicked her as hard as she could in the ribs I knew that JJ's ordeal
still had a long way to go before L-squared was going to be satisfied.

	We got JJ back up onto her feet. Lilith couldn't resist yanking a few of
the clips off her tits, causing her guest to scream into the gag that was
keeping her outcries fairly well muffled. We got busy on JJ's cunt. I pinched
her cunt lips and pulled those flaps out as far as I could so Lilith could clip
them into another fold of flesh she was creating with her pinch. In no time at
all JJ's cunt took on an alien look to it, her red-pink inner flesh now totally
exposed and so very vulnerable. I knew what Lilith was planning to do with this
tempting target, and she did not disappoint me.

	JJ lost her balance and crashed to the floor before I could catch her.
The pain that Lilith had caused when she used one of the sharp toothed clips on
that inner flesh of the woman's cunt must have been off scale the way she
reacted. I could plainly hear a sickening thud as her head made partial contact
with the flooring composed of high impact strength plastic tiles that could stop
a small caliber bullet fired from a hundred feet away. The woman was not moving,
but I could detect the rise and fall of her big tits, indicating that she was
alive. I quickly tore off the sleep mask and got the gag out from her mouth so
she could breathe freely.

	My compatriot just stood there, making no effort to check on JJ's
condition. She seemed to be in some kind of a daze. That got me pissed off but
good, and I shouted at her in irritation and some fear because of what she had
done. That seemed to snap her out from her funk and she knelt down beside JJ's
unconscious body and stroked her hair almost as if the older woman was a pet. At
this point I felt like wringing Lilith's neck, but thought better of it, since
she was the boss and I was her accomplice, and legally just as guilty as she
when it came to the law.

	Our prisoner came around in a few minutes, but it seemed like an hour to
this felon to-be. JJ complained of a headache and asked for a drink of water.
Lilith immediately became Lilith, refusing this request and demanding that I put
the mask and gag back in place so we could continue torturing her. I argued that
we should take a break to make sure that JJ hadn't suffered a more serious
injury. My employer smirked and asked if I was a doctor, because if I wasn't,
what reason did I have to stop the fun just as it was getting interesting. I had
no good answer for her retort except my urge for self preservation. In Lilith's
book that translated to being a coward which pressed one of my hot buttons.

	Even as I reached for her so I could begin pounding that smirk off
L-squared's face there was a frantic emergency meeting going on to save all the
occupants, including myself, that resided in that thing known as my mind.
Usually when I began to behave irrationally there was some grace period which
allowed cooler heads to prevail before I did myself and my companions
irreparable damage. This one proved to be touch and go. As a point of reference,
I did more than touch Lilith Landry before I managed to get myself reigned in by
those cooler heads that had saved my butt many times previously. As a matter of
fact I treated or more correctly mistreated her in a manner that she had rarely

	Since most of what transpired was reflexive in nature, all I can truly
say was that somehow I got my hands on Lilith's sweat shirt up near the throat
and managed to lift this buxom woman clear of the floor so we could have an
eyeball  to eyeball discussion, with me doing all the talking and she doing all
the listening. I could have sworn I detected the odor of fear in the air
surrounding my boon companion. However when I started shaking her, causing those
double Ds to bounce wildly around inside that flannel or whatever material her
shirt was made from, there was a new scent in the room, sexual excitement; that
was one I was very familiar with these days.

	The moment the committee's cease and desist order was served to the
irrational side of my brain, things calmed down. I dumped Lilith onto the floor
like she was sack of grain and glared down at her. She gave me the damndest look
in response; it was a cross between a little girl caught doing something naughty
and a haughty lady who had just been put in her place to her utter shock and
disbelief. All this information was transmitted to and from my brain in the
twinkling of an eye. Now the postmortem took place and yours truly came away
smelling like a rose for the moment, which included most of a very pleasant
evening spent rearranging certain parts of Lilith Landry's interior as much to
my satisfaction as well as hers. I don't know who said it, but the words "It is
good to be king." seemed to periodically run across my eyes like it was on one
of those ribbon news tapes that have come to be so popular these days.

	When Lilith realized she was not about to get her tush paddled she was
either relieved or disappointed; I couldn't tell much from reading either her
face or her body language. She took her time getting to her feet, but once up
she ignored my breach of discipline and homed in on JJ, who was still a bit
woozy, but had seen and heard enough of the little  tete-a-tete between us to be
slightly amused. Suddenly there was this one-sided cat fight going on before me,
as Lilith grabbed JJ by the hair and began trying to tear it out by the roots.
There were loud screams and shreiks exchanged along with some saliva as JJ spit
into her direct supervisor's face. I just stood back and let the ladies blow off
some steam, thankful that I was not under an attack. However when Lilith managed
to straddle her fallen opponent and start pounding her head against the floor, I
stepped into the fray to put an end to this massacre.

	On rare occasions I have the power to say the right thing at the right
time to the right person. This was one of those moments. I wonder which
committee member was responsible for the words that came forth from my mouth.
They broke the tension between my boss and myself and refocused her energy on
disciplining rather than annihilating her secretary. "Damn it Lilith, act
responsibly! Take the bitch over your knee and whale away on that broad ass of
hers until she thanks you for being a generous mistress. Then we can get back to
doing her in by degrees instead of in one fell swoop."

	My employer lit up like a Christmas tree at my suggestion. The next
thing JJ knew she was over the lap of her boss taking a good sound swatting
delivered with plenty of gusto. Lilith had removed her jogging shoe and was
using it to tattoo JJ's big broad bottom. It was a most impressive beating that
she dealt out to her underling, one that would leave a lasting impression which
was refreshed quite often in the weeks to come. I just stood there and beamed
like a proud teacher watching my pupil excel in her lesson.

	After JJ had blubbered and begged for a lengthy period of time, Lilith
Landry relented, but only for a time. She suggested that considering all the
energy that had been expended this afternoon, it was time for some relaxation
and a good meal. We did indeed relax with the aid of a couple of strong drinks,
which made the take-out food that was delivered to the house acceptable. While
we were enjoying a little peace and quiet, JJ was tied in spreadeagle fashion to
a bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms. To keep her occupied in our absence,
Lilith had inserted a rather large vibrator with a set of fresh batteries deep
inside her gaping vagina, now totally exposed thanks to the clips that held her
inner and outer cunt lips wide. Always the caring hostess she had also turned
off the heat to the room to keep her guest alert and stimulated.

	Lilith became her old self long before we were ready for another drink.
We danced around the confrontation that had occurred between us earlier, and
that was fine with me. Lilith outlined some ideas she had for our guest after
dinner. She wanted to try out another one of her enema recipes on the woman and
then as she so delicately put it, "Load the bitch to the gunnels with our piss
and strap her down in my torture chamber without any heat and see how much of a
mess she makes by morning." I cautioned her that winter in Minnesota made what
she was used to seem like living in the tropics. Her quick recovery was
impressive and guaranteed to further humiliate JJ. "Well then, we'll dress her
for the weather. That will make an interesting challenge for her if she feels
the need to relieve herself during the evening." I gave her a deep bow for that
nasty idea. It was then that she made her move on yours truly.

	"In light of your foolish, but noble efforts to save me from myself, I
think you deserve a proper thank you. It will however require your presence in
my bed this evening after we have finished our work with my evil secretary. I do
believe you  have no scruples when it comes to having sex with a woman who is
willing to accommodate your needs." I winced as she opened that old wound in
typical fashion. This woman was implacable. It would take a man or woman with a
lot more fiber than I had to handle this package of conflicting wants and needs.
One thing was for sure, as far as this employee was concerned, Jillian Jones was
wearing a stainless steel chastity belt and she had swallowed its key.

	It was early nine that night before we looked in on our semi-frozen
visitor. The vibrator was still churning away iniside her and evidently had done
a reasonable job of distracting her from the cold that had invaded the bedroom.
On closer examination I could see that she was covered with goose bumps from the
chill, and there was a semicircular area  beneath her crotch that was soaked
with her juices that had been unloosed by the insistent stimulation she 'd been
receiving from the buzzing toy still locked securely within her cunt. I assisted
Lilith in freeing JJ from her bonds and escorting her to the bathroom. As soon
as she realized her destination, she began to struggle, but I was too strong for
her and did enjoy manhandling her  naked body as I forced her toward the tiled
torture chamber as Lilith had once described it.

	Shortly thereafter our prisoner was leaning over the edge of the tub,
her hands securely tied behind her back. We'd removed her cunt clips so she
could focus all her attention on the enema she was about to receive. As before,
Lilith refused my attempts to discover the ingredients that made up this latest
batch of liquid pain in a bag. I kept thinking about how WooWoo would react if
she was here waiting impatiently for her colon to be filled to bursting with
this nasty concoction. Once again I got a little taste of longing as I thought
about my skinny Chinese firecracker gone to the Coast, perhaps never to be seen
again. I was in a strange funk over this and so when JJ got a little
rambunctious I responded with a heavy hand, giving her a couple of cracks across
the back of her head that caused Lilith to arch her eyebrows in surprise at my
viciousness towards her house guest.

	Midway through the enema it was necessary to gag JJ, she was making that
much noise, a good indication about just how nasty this latest bag of mysterious
chemicals was. It took almost all my strength to restrain the woman sufficiently
so that the enema could be completed. I could see the tremendous expansion that
was taking place in her midsection, it was unlike anything I'd ever witnessed.
Lilith boasted that this particular enema recipe she got from an old nurse who
had specialized in collecting such information over the course of her forty-five
years working in some of the best private hospitals in the UK. In these
institutions the enema had a twofold purpose, an aid to relieve constipation and
a method of discipling unruly patients.

	Lilith proved herself to be a serious student of this esoteric activity.
She informed me that this very enema had been developed specifically for a young
man from a family that once ruled one of the many principalities that dotted the
Continent. He would receive one of these daily and once filled to his limit, his
rectum would be plugged and two nurses would take turns manipulating his totally
undisciplined sex organ until he had ejaculated three times. This procedure
eventually cured him of what was almost a textbook case of priapism. There is
however another school of thought that thinks that his cure was only partial
since once he was discharged from the hospital he married one of the nurses who
regularly forced him to ejaculate as part of his cure.

	I was left in charge of JJ as Lilith excused herself to find some
suitable protection against the cold for her guest. I watched with some pleasure
as my former lover rolled around inside the tub, her rectum securely plugged and
the enema eating up her insides. She proved to be something of an acrobat as she
tried to contort her body into some shape that might lessen the pressure and
pain she was experiencing. I decided to try my best to sweet talk Lilith out of
this enema formula. Perhaps after scratching her itch she might be in a more
generous mood.

	It was almost eleven before Lilith was satisfied that JJ's belly was
filled with as much of our collective piss as she could hold, and was dressed
properly for an evening without heat in her little cell. I was most impressed at
the way she went about things.  She resurrected a wornout exercise outfit
similar to the one she was wearing today, however she made some modifications in
it, cutting out the crotch and making holes in the shirt through which JJ's tits
were pulled out. She produced an adult diaper and a tight fitting pair of rubber
underpants to contain any urine that might be released by her guest during the
long ,cold night.

	Prior to putting on the diaper and underpants she used a number of large
spring loaded clamps to effectively shut JJ's vagina, finishing the job by
putting two of the smaller clips directly on the woman's clit. Just before
turning out the light in this already very chilly room, I took one more look at
JJ. She was lying on her back, spreadeagled by her tightly bound wrists and
ankles to the corners of the bed. Her mouth was taped shut and her bare breasts,
covered with dozens of clips, poked from the holes cut in her sweatshirt. Those
devilish clips were already beginning to eat into her pebbled flesh and would
keep her awake as the night grew colder and she lost track of time. As for
myself I was looking forward to a little entertainment of the sexual kind and
then curling up under the covers and enjoying a long, dreamless sleep.

				( To be continued)

				Wayward Wife's Punishment

                                      Chapter 32

	The way I saw it, Lilith Landry was a take charge and take no prisoners
bedmate as well as being one hard driving corporate shark disguised as a buxom
woman sneaking up on middle age, if I dare be so bold. Now I will admit to
having lived a sheltered life sexually up until about six months ago, but this
lady was one for the books. Over the last half year or so, I had acquitted
myself fairly well when it came to the infighting between the sexes, but I was
most definitely overmatched in the limited bouts I had with this tigress. By the
way, in case you don't already know, a tigress is a 400-pound pussy that eats
you. As it turned out, I was once more proven to be wanting when it came to
figuring out the members of the opposite, or was it the different sex.

	So it was with a bit of trepidation that I crawled between the sheets
and prepared myself for the onslaught that was likely to follow. I was so busy
getting myself situated that I failed to notice that Lilith was taking her own
sweet time preparing for our close encounter of the loins. Finally she got under
the covers and then there was a pregnant pause of sorts, followed by a girlish
giggle that made me think she had been kidnapped by aliens who had left someone
else in bed with me. Then I received conformation that it was indeed Lilith
Landry who had joined me in her bed. A warm hand closed around Mikey and began
fondling my little soldier with easy, but very knowledgeable strokes that had
him at attention, saluting his commander and chief.

	I reached out blindly and my hand felt  warm skin over firm, bare flesh
that was rounded into a shape that definitely could only belong to one of those
female human types. It also evoked another girlish giggle that made me even more
uncomfortable. I couldn't help wondering what the tigress was up to. Then I got
the shock of my young life. I heard this soft low voice asking me if I'd ever
dominated a woman in bed. The hand teasing Mikey became a talon for just a brief
moment, indicating to me that whoever it was sharing this bed, was someone not
to be taken lightly. I decided to play it safe which was the wrong approach to
take. I professed not to be very sure of the concept, and was quickly told to
stop behaving like a pussy and act like a man. The velvet glove had been removed
to reveal the iron fist, or so I thought.

	In the meantime there was a hurried conference going on inside my head
to determine the proper strategy to minimize damage to the vessel that housed
its various occupants. Suddenly I was standing in Times Square watching the
ribbon running around the huge building that dominated the area. It was snowing
rather heavily and it took some doing to finally make out the news flash that
was cascading across my eyes. "Bold Frontal Assault Sends Enemy Into Full
Retreat" The committee had spoken and who was I to argue with them?

	"Lilith, there are times when I want to fuck your brains out so bad I
can't see straight. That may not be exactly what you want to hear, but on the
flip side of things there are times, like right now, when  I want to put you
over my knee and give you the thrashing of your life for being such a
ballbreaker. Then when you know your place, I want to jump your bones and
swallow you whole. You can fire my ass on Monday, but right now I feel like
kicking your sorry butt around this room until you start acting like we're a
little bit more than mistress and lackey."

	As I ranted, her hand tightened around poor Mikey. When I removed her
grip from my stiff soldier with some muscle behind my movement, she gasped in
surprise. Then she had the temerity to slap my poor defenseless appendage and
things rapidly got out of hand. I guess she realized she'd gotten me pissed off,
and so she rolled away in full retreat, doing her best to get out of bed and
escape into the bathroom before I could react to her bold move. She almost made
it, but I managed to grab her around the waist and wrestle her back onto the
bed. I soon had one hand on her throat and the other twisting one of those large
fun bags in an effort to get her attention. There was enough light from the
window to allow me to see that she was rather badly frightened. That was
fortunate for her, had I continued my attack, there might have been more serious
consequences than Lilith having to wear a turtleneck sweater for a couple of
days to conceal the bruise I'd left on her throat.

	My employer, hostess and co-conspirator, altogether was one frightened
lady at this time and I knew that any display of weakness on my part was
tantamount to committing suicide. So mentally crossing my fingers, I went for
the jugular, in more than a metaphoric sense, now wrapping both hands around her
neck and pressing just enough to make Lilith realize that she was in deep
doo-doo. For a brief moment I became distracted by the way her pillowy breasts
were heaving, and of even more interest, the way her nipples were hardening. "Oh
no, not again!" I exclaimed under my breath. What was it about me that attracted
women with major flaws and in many cases the desire to be bodily and mentally
abused and demeaned? I ticked off Nancy, Glinda and even Woo-Woo at times,
wondering if it was about to become a quartet. Lilith had the presence of mind
to relax and try her best not to further provoke me. Then she played to an
inside straight and pulled it off.

	"Try to calm down, I don't want you to hurt me. I have the knack
sometimes to go too far with my male acquaintances, and I've paid a very stiff
price in some cases for my lack of judgment. Hear me out before you do anything
that we will both regret. If my story doesn't convince you that I have cause to
be aggressive at times, then you can put me over your knee and swat me from now
until morning, but not beyond, since we have so very much more to accomplish
with my cheating secretary. As for your desire to "fuck my brains out", that
will have to wait for another time if you insist on pounding my poor bottom into
mush" Then she closed the deal as only Lilith Landry could.

	I was directed to open the drawer of the end table on her side of the
bed and use the handcuffs I found to restrain her as proof of her sincerity. The
moment I closed the cuffs and heard the click of them locking, both of us let
out a big sigh of relief. By now she was prone and I couldn't resist pinching
one of those plump cheeks, bringing a muffled gasp from my captive, followed by
some mumbling that seemed to infer that my ancestory was not as legitimate as it
could be. I decided to let that one slip in the interests of hearing her story.

	"I emigrated to the wild West some ten years ago, leaving behind my
friends and family as well as my ex-husband. We had a rather boring marriage
that lasted nearly six years, the final year positively suffocating. We had
fallen into a routine that was decidedly inimical to a healthy sex life, among
other things. I realized it was just a matter of time before I had to resort to
taking a lover in order to get my itches addressed properly. Then came this
opportunity to cross the pond and start my life anew. Charles was only too happy
to let me go once he found out that I would not be putting any financial
contraints upon him as part of the divorce. The rest was a matter of signing
some forms and waiting for certain processes to run their course. By the time I
had my divorce papers with all the right seals and stamps on them, I was setting
up house in Dallas, Texas."

	"I took a position with the company and have remained with them ever
since, rising in the ranks, so to speak until reaching this exalted spot in the
corporate hierarchy that I now occupy.I am quite proud of the fact that I, a
woman as well as in immigrant to your shores, am the only member of my sex to
reach such a level. I am even prouder of the fact that I did it without
resorting to sleeping with my immediate supervisors, although many suggested
some rather interesting arrangements over  the course of my career.I would be
less than honest if I did not admit to a long term relationship with the current
CEO, who bedded me less than a year after I joined the company."

	"At the time we were together, he was between divorces, and I was
nothing more than a diversion. Our relationship was founded on the principle of
quid pro quo, and proved mutually satisfying to us. It was this man who
introduced me to one of the most exciting men I have ever had the pleasure, as
well as the misfortune to know, in the "biblical" sense. I did more kinky and
quirky things with that man in a week than I had done in my entire previous
life. Then it got even more bizarre and still we remained together. Perhaps I
should backtrack a little and describe in more detail some of the lurid things
that took place once we met and began to develop this odd but intensely exciting

	"One day, on a whim, my lover, Charles, took me to a football game held
in a small stadium in nearby Fort Worth. I had never seen American football and
this proved to be a rather interesting, if not oft confusing, time as I watched
these huge padded men run and stop, then run and stop again, only occasionally
throwing and even more rarely kicking the strangely shaped ball they used.
Finally the game, such as it was, concluded, and I was escorted down to meet
some of the players and their coach. I shall never forget my first glimpse of
Cactus Bill Santee, a man an inch or so below six feet tall, well muscled, with
short dark hair and eyes that seemed to glow when he looked at you. He appeared
to be in his late thirties, and yet was introduced as the coach of the Fort
Worth Firebirds, an odd name for any type of football team, so I thought."

	"You talk about love at first sight; this was lust, and as it turned
out, it was mutual. I will always remember our first meeting, a brief handshake,
everything up to my wrist engulfed by his powerful grip, and a look that seemed
to tunnel through my clothing and an even briefer smile that blinked on and off
in the twinkling of an eye, but signaled a degree of interest that made me
suddenly lose my composure. This was a perfect example of animal magnetism, such
as I had never experienced, although I had heard much about this type of
phenomenon. I did my best to regain control of the strange emotions that were
beginning to stir deep within me, but he knew he'd made contact, with a
vengeance, and would take advantage of this knowledge in the very near future."

	"I spent a very uncomfortable few days waiting for Cactus Bill to get
around to calling me. Wednesday I was entertaining Charles at a local adult
motel complete with porn tapes on six channels as well as a king-sized bed with
a mirror on the ceiling above it, when I admitted my infatuation with the
football coach. He gave me a grin and a swat on my bare bottom, the very same
bottom that he had just skewered only minutes ago. I confessed my mental
infidelity and warned him that my interest in this strange man with the glowing
eyes was beginning to have a serious effect on my personal equilibrium. It was
then that Charles confessed that he had set me up with coach Santee, as he
referred to him, since he had recently met a woman who did a bit more than just
strike his fancy. Initially I was insulted at his cheek, then rather touched at
his concern for my well-being. He went on to guarantee that the feeling I had
for Cactus Bill was shared as well, by his friend, the coach, and to keep the
weekend open. I could not resist giving him a big kiss and sometime later, after
watching a few tapes, we had our final coupling, and it was an excellent moment
for us both as we prepared to go on to other partners."

	"He called the very next day and I eagerly accepted his invitation for a
night on the town. Saturday evening he picked me up at my apartment and took me
to of all places, one of those trendy pubs that purported to be English in both
decor and what it served. I happen to have a weakness for good stout, something
that I picked up during my student days. I also fancied myself a fairly good
darts player and proceeded to demonstrate my skill which deteriorated over the
course of the evening as he fed me round after round of a fairly decent stout. I
think it was during my third or was it fourth trip to the loo, that I realized I
was not in complete control of my faculties. For a brief moment I became
fearful, imagining my escort turning into some type of rapist or worst. My fears
proved to be unfounded, but nonetheless I did not make it home that evening, or
for that matter not until quite late on the following evening."

	"I vaguely recall him helping me into the car and then I planted a very
wet kiss on his lips and snuggled up against him, enjoying the feel of his hard
muscled body against mine. My next recollection was leaning against him as he
fished for his keys. I needed to go in the worst possible way and didn't care
where I was, as long as there was a loo close by. I don't remember losing
control of my bladder, but according to him I pissed like a cow as he tried to
get me settled over the commode once he had taken down my panty hose and the
knickers I wore beneath them."

	"The next thing I knew it was morning and I was starkers! I had a
murderous headache, but my bare body appeared to be untouched. I was in a
strange bed, under a warm blanket, in a room I'd never seen before in my life. I
could hear nothing for a time, and then I detected the faint sound of a telley
playing somewhere in this place. I began to reconstruct the events that I could
remember from my date with Cactus Bill. The more I remembered, the more
embarrassed I became. The realization that I was probably occupying his bed
dawned on me along with the overwhelming urge to once more visit the loo. I sat
up and regretted my impetuousness as a lancing pain shot through my temples. I
searched the room for my clothing, but found nothing. Wrapping the banket around
my naked body I decided to make a dash for the loo."

	"As soon as I opened the door to the room, I heard his voice calling out 
instructions to get to the loo. I was totally mortified, but followed his
directions and made it safely to the tiled sanctuary where I relieved myself and
then freshened up as much as was possible. I also noticed the robe hanging from
the hook, and discovered that it was a passable fit. This man evidently had
thought of everything except my ability to hold my liquor or whatever it was
that I drank last evening. I donned the robe and went out to face the music, so
to speak."

	"Cactus Bill, since shortened to Cactus, was sitting in his livingroom
watching one of those things he called a football game. He looked fresh and none
the worse for wear, unlike myself. He glanced away from the screen long enough
to give me a quick look before asking me if I wouldn't mind waiting until half
time, whatever that was, before he took me back to my place. I have no idea what
possessed me to say what I said, but I replied that we had some unfinished
business to attend to and I had no intention of leaving until that was

	"For a moment his face hardened and I thought I was about to wet myself
from fear. Then he broke into laughter and slapped his thigh, while I stood
there wondering what had gotten into me. To this day I wonder what might have
happened, had I not spoken. All I can say at this moment is that I am damned
glad I did. What happened afterward was a time in my life that was strange, no,
bizarre and at times sublimely intoxicating, well worth the occasional pain and
humiliation that came with occupying a place in his world."

	By this time the entire crew that took up space inside my cranium was
hanging on every word. To a man or whatever some of them were, we were
collectively hooked. I gave L-squared a love tap on her outstanding butt, once
more setting her into motion. Scheherazade herself would have been proud of this
woman who had weaved a net that held me fast. Lilith took a deep breath and
continued her story.

	"The next thing I knew, I was in the shower with Cactus, who stood
behind me with his hands cupping my breasts, his fingers tweaking my nipples
which were rock hard by now. I could feel something poking insistently against
my bottom, something rather large and quite hard. Cactus began sucking on the
side of my neck while his hands squeezed and hefted my hard nippled boobs with
considerable enthusiasm. I slowly made a turn so I was facing him. He looked
down and told me that my pubic hair had to go before my next visit. I thought
that to be a bit cheeky on his part, but then any such thoughts flew out the
window as his rampant shaft came into my vision. It was huge! I never did
discover exactly how long it was, or how thick around it was, but I've seen only
one that could compare to it, and that belonged to one of his football players
aptly nicknamed "Python."

	"I felt as if I was in a stupor as he led me back to the bedroom, naked
as the dayI was born, fresh from the shower and a surprisingly gentle toweling
from my companion. I kept my eyes straight ahead, fearful of appearing gauche if
my eyes wandered down to that enormous cudgel of flesh jutting from his groin.
He dealt my bare bottom a swat with his open hand, bringing me out of my trance.
"It's now or never. Just say the word and I'll take you home and it's no hard
feelings; stay and they'll be lots of hard feelings, and I think you'll enjoy
most of them." Naturally I stayed, and he lived up to his promises, and then

	"The details of our first tryst are, to this day, a bit fuzzy. He got
into places that had previously never experienced contact with the male sex
organ. He stretched my "pussy", a word he used frequently that afternoon, until
I thought it might burst from the pressure that mighty weapon developed within
me. When he came I thought he was using a fire hose to splash his seed against
the walls of my quivering channel. I have no idea how many times he mounted me
or which positions he made me assume so he could explore some new area that I
never knew I possessed. At times it was like being in the middle of a maelstrom,
and others it was almost a religious experience, if I dare use such words. When
it was finally over I was totally exhausted, ravenously hungry and felt as if
some prize fighter had used my insides as a punching bag."

	"Once more we showered, and there were moments when it seemed that we
might just return to that mussed bed and continue to carry on until we were
unable to move. The spirit may have been willing, but my body was much too sore
from the pummeling it had taken for the better part of the day. My new lover was
considerate enough to order pizza and beer and while we waited for the delivery
to arrive, he laid down some rules that I was expected to follow. He announced
that he was confiscating my knickers as a souvenir and in the future expected me
to wear underthings that were more enticing than what I had displayed. Had he
ordered me to appear at his door stark naked and in chains I would have. The
chains would come later as I was to discover. My pubic hair was to be sacrificed
in order that my private parts were to be made easily accessible for more than
just penetration. Somehow this little conceit tipped the scales and at that
moment I became his to do with as he pleased."

	"His availability would be determined in large part by the
responsibilities he had to his football team, which often traveled to other
cities nearby to play. His team was a collection of players who had not been
able to catch on with teams playing in a higher league. He was their last hope
for moving up to another higher paying league. I was most impressed by the
loyalty he displayed towards these people. By the time he dropped me off at my
place, I was too excited even to sleep despite the terrible toll that his
violent lovemaking had taken on my body which was not yet in shape to handle
such ardor on a regular basis."

	"Over the next month we managed to connect on a number of occasions, one
epic session lasting the better part of the weekend. I modeled one outrageous
kit after another for his edification and amusement, the most popular items
being garter belts and a lace trimmed corset in black that he insisted I keep on
while he shagged me senseless, showing me little courtesy or mercy and I loved
every sweaty minute of these assaults on my person. By the end of the month I
was rounding into shape and was able to keep up with his demands most of the

	"Cactus displayed a degree of sophistication in the bedroom arts that
proved to be a delight and only made me more determined to become his sex slave
for the remainder of my days, such was his growing power over me. My shaven
pubes received plenty of attention and he demonstrated an amazing skill in the
lingual arts department, bringing me to some shattering orgasms at the most
unexpected moments. The more time he spent "down below" as he described it, the
more knowledgeable he became about my little fetches. I began to realize that in
out little skirmishes he was far superior when it came to reconnaissance and
intelligence gathering techniques which put me at a disadvantage in areas that
normally were my specialty. However it meant little to me, so carried away was

	"He began calling me by the name Caddy which somewhat perplexed me when
he began doing it. At last my curiousity was piqued to the point that during one
of our infrequent truces from the friendly strife that took place between us, he
deigned to explain the reason for choosing such an odd pet name for me. As usual
his answer only made me more dependent. According to Cactus Bill Santee I was
one of those women that he described as a "comfortable fuck", his words not
mine. In those days the Cadillac sedan was still treasured by the noveau rich in
Texas for its smooth ride and almost total isolation from the bumps of the road
as it moved serenely over the highways. I was being complimented in a rather odd
but genuine manner by this man of mystery. So we became C and C to his friends,
Cactus and Caddy, and I was most honored to be part of this bond. At about this
point things took a turn towards the bizarre, but I was too infatuated with this
relationship to see the pitfalls that lay ahead."

				(To be continued )   

                               Wayward Wife's Punishment


                                           Lex Ludite

                                          Chapter 33

       "Relations between Cactus Bill and I couldn't have been better. Despite our busy schedules, we still managed to see each other enough to keep the magic alive. The sex just kept getting better and better which utterly amazed me. He began to nudge me more and more into new areas, and I became his willing pupil and fellow explorer. Those cuffs I'm now wearing were one of the first gifts I received from him as we moved into the world of bondage. I quickly realized that I had many predecessors in this journey, but as the old saying goes, "Love is blind, or is it stupefying?" I've never truly been able to accept the standard version based on my experiences with Bill."

       "To his credit, he never took full advantage of the situation, but he was definitely not averse to constantly pushing the envelope as we continued our exploration, taking newer and even more challenging paths on our way to nirvana, or some such construct of thought. The sex got a lot more interesting when I was  shall we say, the submissive partner. I was helpless to prevent him from skewering me from every angle possible, which he did with great enthusiasm and gusto. To be quite honest I enjoyed most of what took place almost as much as he did. Then there was the matter of just how deep he could plumb my depths. Often I thought what he planned for me was not possible, until I felt his cudgel making contact with areas that had never known the touch of a man's sex organ."

       "Bondage is an issue of trust and love. You are placing your very life into the hands of your partner and trusting that he will know not only your limits, but his own. Such was the case when he began to train me to accept his long, thick prong down my throat without panicking. That took a great deal of willpower on my part, stretching my resolve to its limits on more than one occasion. He enjoyed announcing that he was training me to become his own personal sword swallower. Privately I wondered how many pupils of his had taken and successfully passed his rigorous course. Generally I'd use this specific thought to block out the fear that I'd initially experienced when I first felt his thick slab of pulsating flesh totally closing off the airways to my lungs. My proudest moments were those when I willingly gave myself up to the darkness that fell when my lungs were completely devoid of air. Awakening from this to the sight of his face hovering over me, a degree of concern showing on his features, always made whatever I had experienced previously well worth the effort and fear it had entailed."

       "It was during one of these extended sword swallowing sessions that Cactus first broached the idea of sodomizing me. The mere thought of trying to accommodate my narrow rear passageway to his huge penis

made me sweat with fear. I was rewarded for my negative reaction almost immediately. At the time I was prone, lying on my stomach, hands cuffed behind my back, and a pillow beneath me to elevate my buttocks for some erotic teasing that he had planned for me. He hunched himself down onto the bed so he could begin feeding his massive member into my mouth and ultimately lodge it somewhere deep within my throat. I was almost hypnotized by the sight of that bulbous head approaching my open mouth."

       "Inch by inch he wedged it into my mouth and then started pushing it into the entrance to my throat. Soon I was having a great deal of difficulty getting enough air to keep me conscious. He realized my problem and backed off slightly. I was most grateful, but still showed no sign of being interested in his suggestion that I consider anal intercourse. It was then that he leaned forward, driving his penis deep into my gullet, and began spanking me with hard blows from his big hand. I was unable to get even a puff of air into my lungs and soon it began to grow dark. The last thing I remember was the sound and sensation of his heavy hand flattening my bottom with ferocious blows that made my entire naked body quiver from the shock."

       "He must have continued the spanking for some time after I fainted. When I awoke my throat felt quite raw and very sore. I gasped in pain as I tried to swallow and provide some relief to my raspy gullet. Then the dull ache from my badly swollen bottom intruded as well. He was seated back on his haunches, my face only inches from his penis that had lost most of its rigidity. It was then that I realized he had ejaculated into my hair and onto my brow. I remember his words, and they nearly brought me to tears."

        "I am disappointed in your progress. A number of my former partners accepted the challenge I gave you; many of them after far fewer sessions. They all successfully overcame their fears and we went on to even more interesting ways of celebrating the union of our flesh. You give me no choice but to free you, so you can go back to what seems more suitable for one such as yourself."

       "With that, he reached down and unlocked the handcuffs holding me helpless and got up from the bed. He told me he would be leaving for some time and did not want to find me here when he returned. It took me some time before I could collect my wits, make myself presentable and take my leave. For the next three weeks he made no effort to get in touch with me. At first I reasoned that we were just having a lovers' spat, but then it began to sink in that unless I did something quickly, our relationship was permanently terminated. I was having a great deal of difficulty sleeping soundly and concentrating on those things necessary for me to do my job and enjoy life. I determined to throw myself at his feet and do whatever penance he decreed."

       "I swear that there were times when I thought he could read my mind, and this was one of them. The very next day I received a call at work from one of the cheerleaders, her name was Bambi, how very quaint. I couldn't even remember what she looked like. The Fort Worth Firebirds cheerleaders looked to me as if they came from some cookie cutter that produced vacant faced blondes with large breasts and very little intelligence. I was to be proven wrong in the weeks that followed. Bambi, that's all I ever heard anyone call her, inquired if I was interested in getting back with Cactus Bill. My first reaction was to act coy, which resulted in me hearing a click on the other end of the line. I fought to hold back the tears that theatened to overwhelm me. I had blown my opportunity, things would never be the same. I have no idea how I managed to get through the day."

       "I returned to my apartment to discover a message from Bambi. I was told that she did not have any time for playing games, and as far as she was concerned, did not need any more competition for the affections of Cactus Bill. She used much more colorful language to let me know this, but that's neither here nor there. She proceeded to instruct me to come to a location on the outskirts of the city on Friday evening promptly at 8 o'clock, and be prepared to remain there for the entire weekend. Then she added that I shouldn't be concerned about what to wear since I wouldn't be needing any clothing during my stay. Then I heard that ominous click at the other end of the line. I could hardly wait for the next two days to go by, despite the realization that being naked for the entire weekend implied a situation "fraught with peril" as they say in those romantic novels written for young girls and spinsters."

       "Friday evening at twenty minutes to eight I found myself in the thriving metropolis of Euless, a few miles outside of Fort Worth. Finding the isolated house proved to be a bit tricky, but promptly at eight I was able to present myself at the door. I rang the bell and was ushered inside by my hostess, the mysterious Bambi, who was attired only in a vest and high heeled boots. To say that I was taken aback by the displayof bare flesh was an understatement. I followed her into the main room, not being able to take my eyes off her twitching hips that made her exposed rump bounce erotically with every step she took. There I was greeted by the rest of the cheerleading squad, all attired exactly the same as Bambi."

       "As you know full well, I am rather well endowed when it comes to the size of my breasts. In this room I was merely average. I found myself surrounded by bare breasts, flat stomachs and shaved vulvas, all topped off with long blonde hair that appeared genuine. I immediately became rather overawed by the physical charms of the group, the first step in my journey to a more humble place. Bambi took the lead, introducing me to Babs, Bonnie and Brenda, the killer bees as they called themselves. Then I was ordered to strip to the skin and allow myself to be handcuffed prior to being informed of my fate. I could not help but notice the knowing smirks on their faces as I disrobed to reveal my drooping breasts, slightly protruding belly, cellulite streaked thighs, plumpish bottom and wrinkled labia framing the entrance to my well used vagina, that is "well used" since I'd been seeing Cactus Bill."

       "I was bombarded with hateful comments, most of them unfortunately accurate, cutting  me to the quick. This was my introduction to the initiation that was to follow for the next two nights and days. It appeared that Bambi was the one in charge, but I took my punishment and enormous amounts of humiliation from all of them. They wasted no time letting me know what was in store for me and warning me that failure to comply with their instructions would immediately end my initiation and thus automatically terminate my now suspended relationship with Bill, who it seemed had bedded every one of these buxom, blonde bitches who delighted in degrading and humiliating me to the point that I was often reduced to tears of frustration and embarrassment at what they forced me to do."

       "It would take more time that we have for me to give you all the gory details. However let me provide some of the highlights or is it the depths of depravity that I was forced to visit. At least half a dozen times I was hobbled and then forced to "run the gauntlet", totally unable to protect myself from the assault that befell me as I staggered and even crawled from one end to the other. Each time these hellions would use a different implement to mark my bare body. On my first run they used the belts they wore as part of their costumes. The belt was made of leather and had a large ornate buckle with the initials FWF, for the team name. Bambi and one other member of the squad used the buckle end to whip me as I staggered and weaved between the quartet as they did their best to turn my body into something resembling hamburger meat from all the marks they produced. The other two walked along side of me and whipped my bare breasts until they were swollen and covered with nasty welts. I finally fell face first onto the floor and lay there exhausted as they continued to rain blows down upon my back and bottom until Bambi at last called a halt to this punishment."

       "The worst run was when they used sawed-off broom handles like small clubs to decorate my battered and bruised body to the point that I lay unconscious for nearly an hour before they were able to revive me. When I returned to work in the middle of the week, I claimed to have taken a bad fall in my apartment. My former lover heard about my injuries and called me to discuss the matter, managing to ferret out what did happen to me. He was only partially sympathetic, claiming I had brought this upon myself and had to suffer the consequences. He even threatened to have me make myself available for a private session with him and his new lover to teach me a lesson I would never forget. I was petrified, but he was only joking, at least I think he was."

       "By the way, the hour or so I spent unconscious was the only time I was not kept awake so I could absorb some new form of punishment or humiliation. In one particularly degrading session, I was made to kneel and they blindfolded me. Then each of them took a turn having me lick them to orgasm. My tongue was sore and swollen after the first round which must have taken hours, since they kept interrupting my efforts so that they could hold out longer. Worse still, after I finished each cheerleader, I was forced to guess who it was I had just satisfied. Failure to name her properly resulted in further punishment. My breasts were scratched with their long fingernails until they bled. My nipples were stretched and twisted until I begged for mercy. My cheeks and ears were pinched cruelly by my tormetors. I was continuously insulted and called such names as "sow, pig and cow", as I frantically licked, sucked and smooched one smooth skinned vulva after another, worming my tongue as far inside each as was humanly possible. All in all I must have spent the better part of a half day pleasuring these hoydens orally. By then my lips were chapped and swollen, and my tired tongue felt as if it weighed a few pounds. Then it was their turn to make me orgasm and that was nightmarish."

       "They marched me into one of the bedrooms and tied me down to the bed, arms and legs spread wide and tied to the posts. One of them settled herself on my chest and ordered me to begin eating her out. A second started to lick my wrinkled lips, while a third sucked my clitoris until it was swollen and rock hard. This pair seated themselves comfortably on chairs beside the bed. The last one settled down between my spread thighs and began to use a vibrator on me.They would tease me until I was shaking, teetering on the verge of an orgasm, then they'd abruptly stop their efforts, leaving me high and dry. This torment went on for hours, the blonde bitches rotating so that everyone had a chance to tease and torment me to the limit. The vibrator changed from time to time, being replaced by one which was thicker, and another that could go even deeper into my sopping wet vagina."

       "They began to explore my body to discover all my sweet spots so they could use this knowledge to cause me even greater distress. I did so want to squeeze off at least one trembler to retain my sanity. I remember hearing Bambi laugh as one of the blonde hoydens licked my armpit, a very sensitive area, teasing me with the tip of her dainty tongue as I shook and beads of sweat formed over my entire body. A second vibrator was added to the suite of instruments now working to bring me closer and closer to that wonderful moment when there would be sparks and the feeling of having a wave of electric energy surging through my body. That was not to be for many long hours to come."

       "I had the insides of my cottage cheese mottled thighs sucked and kissed, leaving a band of hickies in the wake of those knowing lips and mouths. I began to plead with the blondes as one sexual being to another and was rewarded with cruel twisting of my nipples, fingernails scratching the interior of my vagina, just inches past the entry way, and devilish tickling of my armpits and groin. These demons seemed to be able to play me as if I was some kind of a musical instrument. How could they gain such insight in such a short time? Then I began to despair, thinking that Cactus Bill had given away all those little secrets that I had confided to him in the throes of passion."

       "At long last they allowed me to have an orgasm. Even this was done in such a manner as to temper my reaction. For a long time prior to my release, one of them, who possessed a long tongue and an uncanny knack for working it into the most out of the way portions of my genitals, steadily lapped away at my labia, moving her snake-like tongue from the outer to the inner set in a smooth unhurried fashion that soon had me in some type of trance from the constant, delicate treatment she was providing. I lost track of what her companions were doing, only occasionally becoming aware of them when something new was instituted, such as a change of the vibrator that was now circulating from my swollen nippled breasts, up to make a tour of my sweaty armpits and then pausing to kiss my throat before resuming its stimulation of my breasts, which felt as if they were twice their normal size. I remember Bambi pressing her moist lips to the hollow below my throat and then moving up so that she could work her knowing tongue into my slack mouth and follow this foray by capturing and sucking my tongue until it felt as if she had removed the top layer of skin from it. While this was going on the talented tongue teasing my tender vagina moved up to envelop my swollen, throbbing clitoris, while a set of teeth began nibbling at its base."

       "I was midway through my orgasm before I even realized it. The tongue never stopped swabbing my fat clit as I arched my back and tried in some way to intensify the feeling that was gently rolling through my naked body. Now another set of mouths simultaneously captured my swollen nipples and began worrying them to the point that it became painful. This triggered another more intense orgasm that ripped through me like a freight train as I groaned and writhed against the ropes holding me down to the bed. Meanwhile Bambi was still sucking my tongue and pulling it to its maximum length. I was on the verge of a sensory overload, not being able to concentrate on any one thing that was happening to me. Then abruptly the two mouths stopped working on my sensitive nipples, but the tongue swabbing my clitoris, that felt like it was now the size of a golf ball, continued its stimulation of that super sensitive nubbin of flesh. Then Bambi broke contact and released my stretched tongue, allowing me at last to focus on the activity taking place at the seat of my very being. That long tongue never stopped, even when the second orgasm had run its course. Then I heard the sound of one of the vibrators being turned on; seconds later a second buzzing announced that its mate was about to join it in some further teasing of my sweat soaked body."

       "I don't know how many more orgasms I had or how long it took for them to be produced, before I began to realize that there was such a thing as too much. An orgasm takes a lot out of a woman, especially if she's my age and not used to having a half dozen or more in a matter of a few hours or so. The last one that rumbled through my quaking body like a herd of elephants stomping through a forest utterly left me breathless and totally exhausted. My clitoris was numb from all the stimulation that perpetually moving tongue had provided, so it was necessary for someone to pinch that poor piece of sex flesh and twist it cruelly to get it to respond to the vibrator that was pressed down on it. I was finished, but the cheerleaders appeared to have other plans for me. That's when I had my first experience with a strap-on dildo. It was something I'll never forget."

       "I knew of this device, but until now I'd never seen it used. Bambi was the first to try it on me. The dildo was constructed of hard rubber and had what looked to be ridges carved into its sides. It was every bit as massive as Bill's fully erect sex organ, and made me wonder if perhaps his was the model for this weapon that I was about to experience. Once more I was subjected to rude remarks concerning my abdomen, which interferred with the way that Bambi wished to penetrate me. So they untied my ankles from the posts and two of them spread my legs until I thought that the tendons would be pulled free of their moorings. Bambi directed the blondes to push my legs back until I was basically balanced on the base of my spine, a most uncomfortable position. I would rather not go into the gory details of what happened to me for the rest of the evening, but suffice to say I was thoroughly skewered by each and every cheerleader, and not just once."

       "The initial penetration was not as bad as I had imagined, but once she was satisfied with the angle and the way the dildo was seated within my vagina, she began to give me a workout that became most uncomfortable as she developed more confidence in how I was accommodating this invader. To my way of thinking this was a far cry from the way Bill felt while he and I were having sex, but it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. I was to be proven incorrect on that observation rather quickly. By the time Bambi was finished plumbing my depths, I was becoming rather sore from the rubbing of the ridges as the dildo bored away inside my well stretched vagina. Things became even more painful when the next hoyden took over for Bambi. This one was no nonsense and she managed to drive it even further into me than my first assailant."

       "It is a bit difficult to exactly describe when the pain became unbearable and when they finally stopped making me wish I were dead, for this round of rapes, that is. All told I endured four more sessions; every time a new and more viciously designed dildo was employed. Each was slightly longer than the one used previously, a bit thicker around and decorated with either bumps, studs or special grooves designed to scrape my vaginal lining until I bled rather freely. The factor that made the most difference had to do with the material from which the dildo was constructed. I took hard rubber versions, composite types, plastic and even one made from,I believe, stainless steel. That one made my insides feel as if they were being cut to ribbons, yet the amount of bleeding was minimal in comparison to the other types. However that may have been more the result of the carvings rather than the material. I am loathe to ever consider enduring any of them in the future."

       All this talk had gotten me randy, to put it mildly. I think L-squared was aware that her tale was getting to me. She stopped talking, cleared her throat and suggested that perhaps in the interests of solidifying our working relationship and demonstrating a degree of appreciation for all my services and suggestions, I might wish to once more "sample the merchandise", so to speak. When I made a move to unlock the handcuffs, she rolled away from my efforts and laughed, declaring that for a man of the world I was in need of a better compass when it came to orienting myself correctly to the wants and needs of one's partner. I sighed the sigh of a man who knew he was outmatched and outgunned, despite the fact that my prey was naked and securely restrained, totally vulnerable for whatever I wished to visit upon her. Sure I was, I told myself as she chuckled in a husky voice and inquired whether I wanted her on her stomach or back.

                               ( To be continued )

                               Wayward Wife's Punishment


                                             Lex Ludite

                                                                                     Chapter 34

       Despite the long day and my skirmish with Lilith L this evening, I still had enough nervous energy left to surprise myself and her when it came to pillaging her opulent body. Perhaps it was the handcuffs or just spending so much time assisting one female in doing substantial damage to the other, but I felt a bit left out of things. So what was a fella to do when given the opportunity to do anything within reason to his boss who seemed to be looking for someone to take her down a peg or two just for the thrill of it. I'm sure the story of her initiation into the cheerleader squad had a great deal to do with what I might manage to get away with doing to my helpless victim this cold winter night.

       For some crazy reason I decided to step up to the plate, in a manner of speaking, and take my best swings. When I answered her loaded question by stating that half and half sounded good to me, there was a brief intake of breath on her part. I was warned not to make a pig of myself, but I pressed on despite the veiled threat. The story about her initiation obviously left a lot to be desired, or was it imagined. I decided to see how much I could squeeze out of her, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying the use of her plumpish body that was so fetchingly presented to me, thanks to the light from the window that illuminated our tableau.

       Lilith grumbled a bit and even issued an unladylike grunt as I clambered onto her bare body and situated myself so she could begin getting Mikey into fighting shape, not to imply that the little rascal wasn't just a few heartbeats away from readiness. I couldn't resist telling her to open her mouth and say ahh, as if I were a doctor checking her health. When she went along with the joke I became bolder. The next thing I knew Mikey was halfway down her throat, doing a good job of impeding the flow of air into her lungs. I could see her eyes getting big as she discovered that breathing had become a chore, not something one wants to realize in the dead of night while she's relatively helpless and at the mercy of someone she really doesn't know all that well.

       I pulled back quickly and let her regain her composure. She took a couple of deep breaths and needled me, claiming I didn't have the killer instinct when it came to dominating and controlling women. Perhaps she was correct, after all what was I; just a cuckold when it came down to it. Sure Jill, my wayward wife, was suffering grieviously for her sins and offenses, but still in all she had taken me for a ride and almost gotten away with it. What if she didn't have a sister who was happy to get a chance to even up some old scores? The more I thought of it, the angrier I got with myself. Unfortunately there was Lilith Landry, naked and available for me to vent my frustrations. I'm not exactly thrilled by some of the things I did to that woman during the next few hours, but she certainly was a willing accessory to the crime.

       Lilith had quite a set of major league breasts, and there they were, ripe for the picking, or should I say "tunneling". Despite all I had experienced since leaving Jill to the tender mercies of her sister, I still thoroughly enjoyed the excitement generated by running my hard cock back and forth through a buxom woman's cleavage. So it became item number one on my to-do list for the evening. Lilith initially joined the party by arching her neck so that I finished in her warm, wet mouth. That made things even better and I really went to town. In fact I made a pig of myself and paid the price, leaving a trail of warm seminal fluid starting at her lips and ending in a pool that collected between her hard nippled breasts. Once I went off, it was great for perhaps ten seconds or so. This was immediately followed by that empty feeling, which evolved into the realization that I had committed a major faux pas. I had insulted Lilith Landry, my paramour for the moment, as well as she who held my livelihood in the palm of her hand, and left her high and dry, so to speak.

       "Well, I guess it beats sleeping on a wet spot for the rest of the night........just barely" You talk about looking for a place to hide. There I was with my bare face hanging out and that traitor, Mikey, doing his best to shrivel up and disappear, leaving me to face the wrath of my boon companion. I cringed at her words and the way she used that little pause before she stuck the knife between my third and fourth ribs and twisted it back and forth. Lilith continued to mutter to herself and shift her body from one position to another while I just sat back on my heels staring down at her glistening tits that looked kind of sexy in the moonlight. She certainly had been baptized. In fact it looked as if I had used the entire contents of the holy water font in christening those big beauties. I guess my lack of reaction to her barbed tongue got under her skin just a wee bit and so she launched into another diatribe.

       "Do something you damned fool! Here I am covered with cum and all you can do is sit there with your tongue lolling out as if you were a dog who just got finished with his bitch. What do you intend to do next, lick your balls and curl up for a nap? I want you to clean up this mess you've made, and be quick about it!"

       That got me out of my self induced trance, but what happened afterward shocked the hell out of both of us. The gang that lived upstairs in my skull held their collective breaths as I bent down and began massaging my cum into those big firm bags, every so often tweaking her thick, rapidly stiffening nipples. She was speechless, a sign that perhaps she thought I had taken total leave of my senses. This thought had two results.

       First and foremost it scared her somewhat to realize that here she was, stark naked, hands cuffed behind her back and at the mercy of a man who she hardly knew. Worse still, she and he had spent the better part of the day humiliating and tormenting another member of her sex, treating their victim like she was some lower form of life. Perhaps he had lost his ability to differentiate between her and the other one who was freezing in a room not far from this place.

       In contrast to that scenario was one that featured those dark sinful images that sometime flashed across her mind when she knew she was treating her partner with disdain and secretly wishing that he would shed his inhibitions and give her what she truly deserved and deep within actually wished for. Cactus Jack was the one man who had discovered and unlocked her secret wishes, doing something about them. Before and after she hated him for it, but in between he assumed god-like power over her and she reveled in her misery, frightened that it would never end and yet praying that it would continue until she and he merged as one. Was this rough and yet very stimulating mauling she was getting a hint of what was to follow as she lay there helpless and almost against her will getting wet, very wet. God help her if he discovered that! Then she was doomed to an night of utter degradation, and she could hardly wait for it to begin!

       Naturally I was so preoccupied with playing with Lilith's most impressive mammary glands, that I was unaware of what was going through the lady's mind. However even I, the deformed assistant  (I believe his name was Igor), to the mad doctor could not help but detect certain signs that indicated that my mistress was not all that irritated by my current actions. It became noticeable every time I tweaked her nipples; they were getting fuller and harder. Her breathing was altogether different as well, much more rapid. Then there was all the noise Lilith was making under her breath, gasping and hissing whenever I yanked a little harder than normal on her swollen nipples, or twisted them slowly. Finally I took the bull by the horns, or in this case her tits by the nipples and began lifting them from her chest wall. She arched her back to prevent me from initially having my way with them, so I just pulled them a bit harder and lo and behold I got the first direct indication that I was on to something.

       "Give them a good twisting you ninny! They won't fall off!" Mikey came out of his coma and the gang gave me a round of applause. I in turn followed my leader's order to the letter, putting a maximum effort into seeing just how much those nips could stretch. She grit her teeth and hissed like a snake getting ready to  strike. Damn this was fun!

       "You sir are no gentleman, thank goodness....Oh, that hurts!.....Don't you dare stop now you bastard!.......Make it hurt more....You can do that, can't you?" The more the lady babbled, the harder I worked at briefly deforming her breasts. In a way, there wasn't much difference between Lilith and JJ, and considering what we'd done to JJ, this was sort of a strange form of payback. How crazy was this, that in a sense yours truly was acting as my enemy's surrogate when it came to dishing out some pain and suffering to her enemy. I hate to admit it, but I really enjoyed being in control of this powerful, demanding woman, even if for just a few minutes. As it turned out, it was more like a few hours and a good time was had by all, at least I know I did.

       Without giving it too much thought, I offered one of my sticky fingers to Lilith so she could suck it clean. She wrinkled her nose and moved her head away from the offending digit. Being deceived by my own false pride into believing that there was no fight left in her, I persisted and she nearly took off my finger at the first joint. Once I recovered from the shock of her attack I set about making my helpless captive pay for her temerity. That was when the lady gave up her dirty little secret; she was more than just a little wet down below. Now that was something to use to my advantage. So instead of diddling Lilith in order for her to reach a state she had long since passed, the challenge was to use her current state to my advantage.

       Mikey was still an undetermined number of minutes from full readiness, and I dared not try to utilize her to speed up the process considering what almost had happened to my finger. Then it struck me, if she was so ready, why not substitute my hand, or more properly my fist, and see how far it could travel up her birth canal. I knew that Lilith had not had the pleasure of giving birth, so this might be something worth experiencing. It took my boss a little time before she realized my intention. She told me in no uncertain terms that my assault on her person would result in extremely serious consequences for me in many ways. It was at that point that I had an epiphany of sorts.

       Despite all my adventures since realizing that my wayward wife had been cheating on me regularly, I still had yet to redefine myself. I was still passive, a chip on the wave, moving wherever it took me. I was turning into an action junkie and that was not good for a person like myself who already spent way too much time in introspection. What the devil did I want from my own life? It was getting tiresome to just be part of other people's lives. It seemed that all I ever did was act as some conduit for forces that I hardly understood. What was going on here was just another example of the passive side of Jon Ellison. All this took place in a matter of a few seconds, and I know that Lilith had no idea that she was occupying ground zero.

       My boon companion put up quite a struggle for a time. Unfortunately the handcuffs really cramped her style and there was the matter of those very vulnerable breasts that she was unable to protect from my flanking movements. However the battle ended once I managed to put a choke hold on her. Nothing like the feel of an arm bar as it slowly flattens your trachea to get one's attention. That and the threat of gagging her made Lilith a bit more tractable. Let me tell you that fisting is not something to be taken lightly. I remember watching my brother-in-law work his big fist up my wayward wife's vagina. He broke a sweat while entering her tunnel of fun and then really had to put some muscle behind it to make any progress up her dry, tight channel.

       To my amazement and delight, Lilith made no attempt to resist as I started pushing one finger after another into that warm, very wet grotto. She gave a little gasp and wiggled her hips to get into a better position to accommodate my intrusion. Getting the first four digits fully inserted proved to be no problem whatsoever thanks to her abundant spending and ability to relax her muscles. I couldn't help but inquire if all was well with her and she hissed back for me to stop fooling around and get on with it.  Then it dawned on me that Lilith had probably been used this way fairly regularly by her cheerleading companions, and thus this was nothing new to her. That took away some of the zing I'd been getting as I worked diligently to force my fist into her vagina, to use the correct technical term.

       Forming a fist was another story; her snapper held my fingers together with force that was amazing.  I found that by trying to spread them, it was possible to loosen my companion's death grip somewhat. After repeatedly spreading my fingers and rocking my wrist from side to side, she gave enough for me to close my hand into a semi-fist. Now the fun began. Lilith began breathing harder and shifting her body to allow my fist to start moving deeper into her tight channel. With my free hand I poked around until I located that fat hot button hidden at the top of her stretched vagina. She grunted and gasped as I groped my way to that nubbin of flesh to begin adding to her stimulation, figuring that she would get even looser once her mind was distracted by what was happening to her clit.

       Things were going according to plan, and my fist was gaining more and more territory as it inched up her canal. Then without any warning she went off like a sky rocket and that tight, wet pussy clamped down on my arm like a vise. She did some moves that covered every possible dimension and let out a shrill scream that sounded almost like an air raid siren as it warbled, gaining in volume with every passing second. It all happened so quickly that I was just pulled along for the ride. Lilith Landy, my boss and coconspirator, was in the throes of a fairly impressive orgasm. There was little to do except accompany her on this wild journey which lasted for some time and resulted in a series of tremors that raced through her body and my imprisoned limb as well. All things, good and bad, ultimately come to an end and so it was with Lilith's orgasm.

       While she slowly recovered her equilibium, I took the opportunity to free that portion of my arm as well as my still clenched fist from her tight tube of flesh. It made a soft popping sound as it was released and brought a short giggle from her. I gave a sigh of relief that she seemed to be in a better mood than previous to her little journey to another world or was it dimension. Further proof came when she asked me if I'd like her to lick her spendings from my fist. To be more accurate she used the words "suck my cunt cream off your hand", which was not exactly the kind of vocabulary I was expecting from my employer. Despite my misgivings I presented my slimy hand to her, hoping that my interpretation of her offer as a form of peace offering was accurate and not just a ruse to accomplish what she had failed to do previously.

       Mikey came to attention and saluted as Lilith's wet tongue curled around my sticky fist and got very busy lapping her juices off my skin as if she was a cat having a bowl of milk, or was it cream. Although it was a very enjoyable few  minutes, I was in a stew trying to come up wth a proper response to her capitulation. Mikey wan't helping matters by repeatedly voting for a major shagging in lieu of flowers or any other expression of my happiness that she was allowing me to stay alive. Ultimately I hoped that we would swap some bodily fluids, but as in most endeavors, the timing was critical. There would be only one chance to redeem myself for the evening, and a full frontal assault did not sound like the proper choice under the circumstances, since I had not yet established myself as her equal, despite how I felt about myself.

       I've never been able to figure out the rationale I used to justify going down on L-squared once she finished her repast. Perhaps it was my peace offering, I'll never be able to sort it all out, but it carried the day, or in this case the rest of the evening. My move took her completely by surprise and she gave a pretty good impression of a woman in a coma for what seemed like a very long time. The only thing that kept me going was the growing amount of salty fluid she was dribbling on my tongue and the increase in the musky aroma that rose from her well maintained vulva. To paraphrase an old saying, "All women cum to he who has a tireless tongue and some adequate technique." Lilith gave it up with a very loud groan and a thrust of her pubic mound that nearly suffocated me. Somehow I rode out the storm that followed by holding tight to her voluptuous body as she breached and breached again like some leviathan from the depths of the ocean.

       "Cheated death again" I thought to myself. It was then that something gave way deep inside my mind, sending the rabbit in me scurrying for safety and releasing this other creature that had been poking and snuffling around inside my head for longer than I wished to admit. Here I was in bed with a very well built woman who had an itch worth scratching and a quirky or was it kinky side that was aching to come out and play. I'd just finished her off with some fairly decent pussy eating and prior to that I'd had my fist where only a few brave or kinky folks had been before. If this was a meal, I'd only had the soup and the salad. No more rabbit food and the like for this carnivore.I  was about to tear off a nice piece of ass in almost the literal sense of the word.

       Lilith yelped when I slapped her on the hip and ordered her to turn over. My unexpected physical assault had interrupted her reverie, broken the afterglow, so to speak. When I whacked her a little harder the second time and reminded her that she was in a rather vulnerable position there was a sharp intake of breath from my bedmate. "You'll pay dearly for this when I'm free" she threatened. When I replied that one more word would get her fanny tanned but good, she muttered and turned over.

       Mikey was cocked and at the ready. I pulled her pale cheeks apart and ran the head of my litte man up and down that deep crevice formed by her meaty buttocks. She tensed her buns as she felt Mikey exploring this new territory, and so I slapped her smartly, once on each cheek and whispered for her to relax, this wouldn't hurt at all unless she tried to resist. In spite of the gravity of the situation, I  could not help recalling that great line from Star Trek when the Borg says "Resistance is futile, you must be assimilated", and that's exactly what happened next to Mikey. The lttle rascal began his headfirst entry into that dark mysterious tunnel as I pushed my hips forward and did a modified pushup upon my prey.

                                                                     ( To be continued )

                       Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 35

       So there I was with Mikey buried to the hilt in L-squared's fundamental on a moonlit night in frigid snowy Minneapolis. It was a truly strange feeling, perhaps akin to the first man on the moon. My partner had given out a little squeak followed by a grunt when the eagle, so to speak, landed. All I needed was an American flag to stab into Lilith's hindquarters to stake my eternal claim to her plump bottom. I shifted my hips and moved Mikey from side to side so he could do a more effective job of reconnoitering the terrain before moving forward into the abyss.

       I pulled my little man back a few paces and then jammed him home with a whoop that brought another squeak and grunt from my boss. She tried to buck me off, but I held fast and began to pound away at that tight, wet channel. This was turning into one hell of a lot of fun, despite the general silence from Lilith. I slapped her rump smartly and ordered her to spread her legs a bit further so I could gain an even better purchase. She grudgingly complied and I bored deeper into that mysterious crevice, hoping that Mikey would not turn turtle on me.

       Lilith began to groan and then purr as my hands began giving her back a deep body massage that indeed loosened up her tense muscles and made her even more accommodating. When I kissed her on the neck she raised her head and turned swiftly to give me a quick peck that spoke volumes. My boss was having a good time, a very good time. We developed a good rhythm, she pushing up when I pressed down, driving my little man even deeper into that yielding tunnel that was opening like a flower in sunlight.

       My hands got a good grip on her upper arms that reminded me of the cuffs that were keeping her restrained and pretty much at my mercy. That thought translated to an increase in the size of Mikey that she acknowledged with a breathy groan and a wiggle of her hips. I put some muscle behind what I was doing and off we went at a brisk gallop that soon led to a transfer of bodily fluids that we both throughly enjoyed. She damned me with faint praise at first, observing that I was no Cactus Jack. However she quickly offered an olive branch by stating that under the circumstances I'd aquitted myself surprisingly well and perhaps we might have some type of future provided I didn't get too possessive. I accepted her generous offer by keeping my big mouth shut.

       Off came the cuffs and quickly my partner in crime padded off to the bathroom for repairs, inquiring whether or not I'd like to join her. In truth I was very comfortable right where I was, and could have very easily slipped off into a dreamless sleep. However I was dealing with a woman who implied rather than ordered, and so I slipped from beneath the covers and braved the chill of the room in my effort to catch up with her. While I fiddled with the shower to get the water temperature just right, Lilith noisily voided into the toilet bowl and heaved a deep sigh, commenting  that her bladder had  been on the verge of exploding thanks to my dilly dallying in properly satisfying her. I gave her one of my faux fierce looks and she smiled and puckered her lips into an air kiss.

       Lilith insisted that I soap her body, starting at the shoulders and working down to her calves. This required me to get down on one knee and she joked that no proposals would be considered this evening. Things got a bit heated when I soaped her breasts and discovered that she still had some residual passion left over from out previous tryst. We exchanged saliva and investigated each other's mouth with eager tongues. I approached her vulva with some degree of trepidation, but managed to soap the area without losing too much focus. I must confess that I did slip a couple of soapy fingers a little deeper into her cleft that I had orginally intended. For  my troubles I got a smack on the hand followed by a quick kiss on the lips to balance the ledger and show me that everything was well between us.

       Perhaps despite the shower and the cuddling under the covers with Lilith, my day had been sufficiently stressful  to induce a series of bizarre dreams involving myself, Lilith and JJ. The one that stayed with me featured the three of us. JJ was wrapped in bandages from her ankles to her neck, except for the region of her protruding stomach. I was using a bicycle pump connected to her anus to fill her with air. Every time I pumped, her belly got bigger. Lilith was wringing her hands and urging me to stop before JJ burst into a million pieces. I ignored her and continued to pump and pump. Suddenly my victim began to float up towards to the ceiling of the bathroom as Lilith berated me for being so uncaring about the woman. I looked up to see her pinned against the ceiling, looking for all the world like one of those balloons that make up the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York.

       I awoke the next morning to find myself glued to Lilith in the spoon position. One hand gripped a plump, hard-nippled breast while the other was buried between her closed thighs, neatly preventing me from making any further advances. I also quickly realized that Mikey was awake and eager for more fun with his new play pal, L-squared. The little rascal was thumping and bumping against her bottom, searching for the route to her rectum. Lilith must have sensed I was awake and so she grunted and rubbed her fanny against my groin and giggled at the way my hard cock reacted to her little snuggle. Then reality intruded and I was informed that we had a long day ahead and JJ was probably awake and wondering when the fun would begin.

       After a quick breakfast, we put our heads together and outlined the plan for the day. Mine had changed dramatically and Lilith's face was creased by one of the biggest smiles I'd yet seen from her. I'd be damned if I was going to let this opportunity to give JJ some serious payback get away from me. I personally dragged her shivering body downstairs and ripped off the meager clothing we'd provided for her to survive the night 's cold in that drafty, unfinished room. With my partner's help, I retied JJ's hands behind her back and cinched the rope until she gasped in pain. I looped more rope around each ankle but left some room so that she could hobble rather than have to be carried from place to place. Lilith volunteered a pair of her overripe panties for a gag, and I used some duct tape to hold it in place. Then I put JJ over my lap and proceeded to give her the spanking of her unnatural life.

       There is something personal and highly visceral with a spanking. There is a bonding of sorts that weds the two protagonists; it reeks of dominance and submission and except for sex there can be no better contact than skin to skin. All this was not however going through my mind. All I wanted to do was hurt and humiliate Jillian Jones half as much as she and her friend did to me that dreadful evening. I was so concentrated on making those plump, rounded cheeks dance and quiver, I lost total contact with Lilith who told me later that she felt as if she was intruding on something highly personal. She wasn't far from the truth.

       It had been years since my involvement in this type of activity, yet I intuitively knew exactly how to hold my enemy to give me maximum freedom and for her almost total immobility. I had hooked my leg over her hobbled ankles, creating an anchor point that was further strengthened by my arm which locked her down tightly onto my lap. She did her best to struggle but I was too strong and fast for her. All I could see were those plump, milky-white cheeks that probably had rarely seen the light of day under any circumstances. My first few blows were sort of a warmup and a lock-in on my targets. Once I was satisfied that I could reach any part of the target that I chose, I went to work with a vengeance.

       I started out just behind her knees, delivering a volley of hard slaps that turned the stretched skin to a crimson shade. My heavy hand moved to the backs of her thighs, landing one solid blow after another. To give my palms time to recover from the stinging contact with her flesh, I closed them into fists and pounded away as she grunted and shivered from the pain of my brutal assault. I went back to spanking, paying close attention to that highly sensitive region just below her sagging buttocks. Her kicking became irritating and I closed my fist once more and punched the discolored area, causing the little blood vessels beneath the skin to rupture, leaving livid marks. I took my first break, but JJ got no respite. I pinched the thick roll of extra flesh padding her bottom and she yelped so loudly that her muffled screams could be heard by both Lilith as well as myself.

       Pinching proved to be a most effective way to spread the pain without doing much damage to the palms of my hands. I could not resist pinching her fat cunt lips and feeling her breach like a wounded whale to escape the pain. I'd  follow this with another volley of hard slaps to her milky-white cheeks, reddening them slowly. Using my fist on those chunks of rounded flesh did not have the desired effect it had earlier on other, less fortified, portions of her body. It was there that I took another longer break,still using pinches and an occasional punch to remind her that she was far from finished with her spanking, if that was what it finally turned out to be. It was at this point that Lilith entered the lists with a vengeance.

       I had no idea where she was hiding the paddle she held, but it was a formidible weapon, made of sturdy oak with a large, round surface area made for flattening my lady's buttocks. She took her stance directly  opposite me and used two hands to wield that frightful hunk of wood. JJ never saw it coming and she nearly escaped my grip when the first blow struck with a sound akin to a pistol shot. Lilith proved to be a natural when it came to this kind of clubbing. I was at ground zero and enjoyed watching the way JJ's bountiful buttocks would flattened, then bloom into raised flesh pancakes, slowly going from white to red and beyond. I helped matters along by selectively pinching those areas that had just taken a good battering, as well as those parts of her bottom that proved difficult or even impossible to strike. The more I explored that crevice between her blistered cheeks the louder her muffled screams became. The only thing that silenced them was the next explosion that took place on that field of blooming purplish flesh.

       Lilith finally ran out of steam as evidenced by her last blow which skidded off JJ's swollen bottom and nearly got me! I took a deep breath and gave her a nasty look before starting to wallop JJ's crimson-cheeked butt with my hand. I alternated between spanks and pinches, but I too soon lost interest. It was then that I spied the table to which our guest had been secured before she was visited by the gorilla. It gave me an idea or two that I'm sure Lilith would be most pleased to see me put into effect. I realized that I had a pack of condoms in the glove compartment of my car for just such an eventuality as this. I also had noticed a packet of chili powder in the cupboard which Lilith said was a souvenir from Cactus Jack who liked things hot be it sex or food. I was about to put two and two together and get a world of hurt for JJ from the total.

       I had a little confab with my co-conspirator, who clapped her hands in glee and heartily approved of my plan for Ms. Jones. So while L-squared made up a broth of white fire, as Jack described the chili powder, I retrieved the rubbers. When I returned we moved a sobbing JJ over to the table. She offered little resistance as I retied her so that her legs were now secured to the table legs, and her upper body was bent over the table's edge at the hips, her arms outstretched and wrists tied tightly to one of the supports located beneath the table top. Her bottom was a mess; the cheeks swollen grotesquely with bruises and weals ranging in color from red to black. My pinching had left a trail of dark bruises from the backs of her knees, supposedly one of the lady's erogenous zones, up to the juncture of her buttocks and thighs.

       Lilith returned to the kitchen to get the steaming surprise, and so to kill some time before we set up the ruse, I amused myself by using some of those devilishly painful metal binder clips on the insides of JJ's thighs. Her reaction was top drawer, her body shivered from the pain and she struggled fruitlessly to escape the ropes that held her in position. I was up to four on each thigh before I was joined by a smiling Lilith Landry carrying a small bowl that contained a nasty shock for our guest. Playing her role to the hilt, Lilith offered JJ a respite from the terrible pain she was experiencing provided she'd toss me off as Lilith described the act. On the other hand, if she wasn't  up to the task, there would be more of the paddle to contend with in very short order. To emphasize what that meant, Lilith gave the woman a tap on the bottom with it, and JJ almost pulled a muscle straining against the ropes that held her securely.

       Yours truly entered left on L-squared's cue, and grabbed JJ by the hair, jerking her head up so she could stare into my grim face. I tightened my grip on that fine hair and pulled slightly to give her another little taste of pain. Her eyes blinked back the tears and her head tried to nod. I released my grip and watched as she bobbed up and down looking like one of those drinking birds that were a popular fad many years ago.  I warned her in a loud voice that any attempt to harm me would likely lead to her being ruined for life in one way or another. She continued to nod as her face grew flushed from the exertion she was putting into her plea to be allowed to "toss me off".  I was hard pressed to avoid smiling at Lilith who was making faces at me as well as obscene gestures in the direction of Jillian Jones. I unzipped and let a sleepy Mikey out to play.

       The duct tape was stuck tightly to Jillian's face and she let out a strangled scream as some skin went with the tape. I pulled the panty gag from her mouth and she took some time to regain control of the muscles that controlled her facial movements. Then the little game continued as I slid Mikey into her mouth and watched her face as she did her best to take it all. I thrust my hips forward to jam more of my rapidly hardening joint into her. I managed to gag her and she choked and coughed for a time before regaining her composure and addressing the task before her. I didn't make things any easier for her, stopping her once it appeared she just might bring me off in record time, then slowly teasing her to the point that she felt confident enough to try some more sophisticated movements using her lips and tongue in concert. It was then that the trap was sprung. Mikey was in full flower and it was time for the little guy to get some protection from the chili broth.

       Lilith did the honors, rolling the condom over Mikey and giving him a kiss on the head before holding the bowl in place so that I could coat the condom with the fiery liquid. Somehow I managed to get a little bit on a couple of my fingers and it felt like they had been dipped in fire. The burning sensation in my fingers continued for a good minute or so as I positioned Mikey for his journey into JJ's anus. Lilith clapped her hand over JJ's mouth as I slipped the flame coated condom against her anus and started to push. JJ almost bit off one of L-squared's fingers as the first wave of heat hit her. Lilith managed to gag her and hold her head in place so she couldn't spit out the sodden panties.

       Meanwhile I got a firm grip on JJ's hips and rammed Mikey home for all I was worth. He entered perhaps a few inches at best, meeting fierce resistance. I withdrew and repeated my assault, this time getting another inch under control. By now the chili broth was doing a great job of burning away all her resistance as well as the mucous membrane lining her rectum. JJ was in a world of hurt and it was only going to get worse. I push-pulled over and over, gradually establishing a beachhead deep in enemy territory, The  napalm and the flame throwers had done their work and now there were only some minor skirmishes before total surrender. To her credit my adversary, JJ, made a superhuman effort to avoid the flames of hell and managed to pull free of the support that was holding her wrists. It was now hand to hand combat between the two women, with Lilith still having an advantage since JJ's hands were still tied together.

       I continued to grind away inside JJ's smoking, burned-out wreck of a rectum as she fought with L-squared. Suddenly little Mikey decided it was time to do what he does. Without thinking, I tore off the chili broth coated rubber to free my little soldier from the confines of that wall of latex. Off he went, all over JJ's back, a few small drops actually reaching her shoulders. By then the broth had kicked in to my consciousness and I found myself in a world of hurt. I was too worried about losing my fingers to pay much attention to the cat fight that was still taking place on the table. I headed for the bathroom to get some type of relief, leaving the two of them still locked in a death struggle.

       There was some type of ointment in plain sight and I grabbed it like a drowning man going for a piece of timber. That seemed to solve my problem, and I thought it also might assist JJ in recovering sufficiently so she would be available for more fun and games before we sent her home to lick her wounds and ready herself for another day at the office, L-squared style. It was then that I heard the sound of screaming and a loud thud. I rushed out to find Lilith on the floor looking dazed, and JJ desperately trying to free herself from the ropes holding her legs to the table. I almost felt bad about having to punch her in the head to get her attention and then hooking her to the ribcage to put her out of commission long enough for me to see to my boss and make sure she wasn't seriously hurt.

       Ten minutes later an angry Lilith Landry was assembling the fixings for the mother of all enemas to be adminstered with extreme predjudice to her rival. I'd got JJ under control and properly restrained with her hands bound tightly, and then some, behind her back. She'd be wearing long sleeve dresses and suit jackets for quite some time in order  to conceal the marks these ropes were going to leave. I'd already used a rubber bulb injector to put some of the magic ointment into JJ's rectum and she was feeling no pain at least to the first approximation. What she was going to ingest next might stir up more trouble than she anticipated.

       It was one of those special enema recipes that Lilith had obtained from an old nurse who collected such things. What made them so unique was their ingredients, all of which could be easily purchased in any drug store or supermarket. I was grumbling to myself over the fact that the emetic I'd purchased expressly for JJ was not likely to be employed today. I was already dreaming up some new torments that might replace that one. We still had most of the day and if need be, part of the evening, before her friend, Frances, had to come out to pick up what was left of her companion.

                                                                (To be continued-lex ludite)     

                              Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 36

       I had dragged JJ into the bathroom and with the help of Lilith put her into the tub for safe-keeping. Jillian Jones had  been obviousy living high off the hog since she and I were an item. L-squared started off the killer enema with a base of liquid detergent, the heavy-duty stuff that eschewed any perfumes, dirt busters and the like; designed strictly to get rid of dirt by burning it off if necessary. Next she added a bar of soap julienne made predominantly of lye that yours truly had carved carefully into pieces that would dissolve without too much heat being required. With a grin that was pure evil she produced a pint of glycerin and folded it into this witch's brew. Finally she signaled for me to bring the three-quart pot of water that had been simmering on the stove.

       By the time I arrived with the pot of steaming water, Lilith had blended this concoction to her satisfaction and poured it into the large enema bag hanging from the rod above the edge of the tub. There still were a couple of ingredients required to make his gut busting answer to constipation ready to go to work on JJ's insides. I watched as Lilith made a paste consisting of a two to one mixture of flour and talcum powder, a devilish combination that she assured me would make our guest's next hour a prevue of hell, a place she richly deserved to occupy. All the remained for me was to pour the near boiing water into the bag and "let her rip" as we say in the colonies.

       I poured, but there were a few more things that had to be done before L-squared was satisfied. She told me to fish a pair of panties from the hamper, making sure to get a ripe one from near or at the bottom and let her have them. Next she handed me a spreader bar; I didn't dare ask where she got it. I was told to use it to keep JJ's legs apart at the knees, so a rope could be run from her hair to her bound ankles and drawn tight, causing her body to be bent like a bow as she lay on her stomach. By the time I was done with my task, Lilith handed me the panties I'd dug out from the hamper, but now they were sodden and soapy. I was to gag JJ with them and then my boss could begin the enema. I'd never heard of an enema adminstered that way before, but as usual she was well ahead of me in this particular endeavor.

       First Lilith made sure that the contents of the enema bag were properly mixed, by using a long handled brush to stir the pot so to speak. Getting the nozzle inserted properly was a big challenge because of the way our guest was restrained and her positioning inside the tub. Lilith proved to be very patient and in time despite JJ's struggling, the enema commenced. She then provided a running commentary as the hot solution began flowing into Ms Jones' bowels. The trick with this beauty was its density and caustic nature, not the amount of gas it created within the intestines. To be effective it had to be adminstered slowly with pauses so that the patient, or in this case the victim, could fully absorb the hot, heavy irritating irrigation. The irritation came from the talcum powder which would slowly abrade away the mucous lining of the lower bowel as the very high density enema drove these tiny particles deep into her sensitive flesh.

       I noticed that JJ was beginning to react to what was happening within her bowels. Lilith slowed the flow to barely a trickle, giving the enema more time to work on her country woman. Even then Lilith couldn't resist reaching down and pinching the flabby thighs of her secretary. JJ began to writhe and make muffled sounds, the soapy panties doing an effective job of stifling any serious outbursts on her part. Lilith then confessed that she had slightly modified the recipe, substituting flour for part of the recommended amount of talcum. I couldn't resist teasing her about becoming soft on her secretary, and got a nasty look.

       My boss commented that it was a shame that the rope and the cramped space in the tub precluded either she or I from sodomizing JJ during this painful process. This made little sense since to remove the nozzle meant dealing with the outflow that would almost immediately follow. That's when she explained the principle behind this fiendish torture. My appreciation of her killer instinct was significantly altered once I understood the way this unique enema worked. The majority of ingredients were high density, very difficult to expel, especially in the position that we had placed JJ. The difficuty increased as more and more of the solution found its way deeper and deeper into any available space within her body. Lilith pointed out that our guest was now beginning to rock her body, a sure sign that her belly was starting to fill. She told me to keep a sharp eye out for any major changes in the color of JJ's face, a sign that her breathing was becoming hampered.The enema pauses became more frequent and lengthier as the plump woman tried to cope with the feeling of fullness and the pain that the talcum particles were beginning to produce.

       To demonstrate she knew what she was saying abut the enema, L-squared pulled the nozzle from JJ's asshole and quickly moved away, just in case she was proven wrong. There was a weak watery spurt, followed by a slow outflow that soon died away. I could see JJ tensing her body in an effort to rid it of this vicious intruder, but alas she was unable to do more than generate a few weak spurts before she exhausted herself. In this case gravity was too much to overcome, a truly fiendish variation to standard  water sports. Lilith replaced the nozzle and opened the clip to send another wave of this intrusive liquid into her secretary's bowels. This time she let the enema go for a few minutes and JJ's rocking became almost frantic as she tried to cope with the steady unrelenting pressure build-up taking place within her body.

       Things began to pall as the enema took its time making the transfer from the bag to JJ's bowels and swollen belly. Finally Lilith announced that the enema was finished, but now the fun wold really begin. She casually mentioned that in the time it would take for our guest to rid herself of the enema, we could take a break and perhaps enjoy a little more of the fun and games we played last evening, except there would not be any handcuffs this time. Little Mikey awoke from his slumber and started doing some nip-ups to show his interest in burrowing into Lilith's warm insides. My co-conspirator noticed this vote of approval for her idea, and without further discussion we left the bathroom once she had made sure the stopper in the tub was in place, and the window was open, despite the chilly air it would let into the room.

       Without the advantage of restraints, I quickly fell victim to my hostess. She took the high ground, grinding her plump pudenda up and down my face while she made liitle Mikey become big Mikey. I had to admit she owned one hot mouth and the snake that lived inside wasn't bad either. As for my opinion on the fragrant, wet flesh that was currently scubbing my face clean, well, it was nice and juicy, had a salty taste to it and smelled of the sea. The last observation was a bit odd considering our location was about as far from a major body of water, ( lakes don't count, even great lakes) as one could get  in this grand and glorious country of ours. Lilith decided it was time to put Mikey to work , but once again on her terms.

       There was something very erotic to watching her mount up, take a good grip on my cock and then raise her body just enough so that she could rub the head up and down the mouth of her cunt to make sure it was hard and ready. Her expression was one of deep concentration, as if she was trying to solve a problem. I took matters in hand and thrust up as hard as I could to get the show on the road. This surprised her somewhat, but she quickly resumed command, pressing her plump, curvy body down with authority to quash this rebellion on my part. Leaning forward she issued her orders in no uncertain terms.

       "I'm running this little show and you'll do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you, and for as long as I want you to do it, whatever it is! Under no circumstances will you cum without my permission or it will go very hard on you. I want to enjoy myself first and foremost; naturally you being a man with a quick trigger like most of your kind, can get your pleasure whenever it suits me. Remember that and we both will have a most enjoyable time."

       For a brief moment I could swear she was wearing boots, an open nipple leather bra and had a whip in one hand. Then I blinked and Lilith returned, sans the bra, whip and boots, but still possessing those large round breasts with very stiff nipples, a sign that the lady was getting into this with a vengeance. She dug her knees into my sides in much the same way a skilled horsewoman would start her animal trotting. I did everything but whinny as she rode me to one orgasm after another; between each cautioning me about getting too excited before she decided it was my turn to have a nice big ejaculation.

       One of her favorite techniques for calming me down was to shift her body so that my face was effectively swallowed up by her smooth shaven vulva. There were a few moments when I thought I'd have to buck the lady off me so I could get some air. I don't know just how long this unequal struggle lasted, but finally she leaned forward and started to suck my tongue as her hips did a dirty dance and that tight pussy vacuumed the life from poor tired Mikey. Like a good soldier, he saluted his commander and fell over from acute exhaustion. I was then treated to french kissing the likes of which I hadn't experienced in many a year. The fun abruptly stopped when my mistress rolled off and announced it was time for us to go back to work on Ms. Jillian Jones.

       The lady was just about where we left her, but even with the window open, the stench of her desperate bowel movement or movements hung over us like a blanket of filth. L-squared was reduced to digging a pair of recently worn panties from the hamper and holding them to her nose as protection. Not to be outdone, I did the same, but came up with a pair of rather fragrant undergarments that did the job of blocking JJ's contribution to air pollution, but also made me horny all over again. Lilith gave me an affectionate slap to the ear when she realized I was getting diverted from my assignment.

       Even as we prepared to extricate our guest from the mess she'd produced, there was another small outpouring of pink tinged liquid from her gaping anus. A cruel smile broke over Lilith's face as it seemed that the enema still had not been totally voided. She joked that perhaps we had time to return to the bedroom for a brief encore and I immediately perked up. JJ groaned with such sincerity that I knew there was still some time left before the enema ran its course. Lilith motioned for us to exit the room and let JJ stew in her own juices for a bit more time. That was fine with me, sniffing Lilith's ripe panties was getting to me. 

       We stood outside the door to the bathroom and discussed the rest of the day's schedule. Without telling her what I planned, I asked that just before she called Frances, I be allowed to give JJ a going away present that might take the better part of thirty minutes to do correctly. L-squared was more than a little curious concerning what it was that might take that length of time, considering the punishment JJ would be getting for the rest of the day. I refused to answer, but did offer to let her make the final decision on letting me do what it was. That mollified her to a degree, but she still hectored me to reveal my little secret to her now. I stone-walled her and she gave me one of those boss to employee stares, but all I did was smile. 

       Once we returned to the bathroom, Lilith was all business. She pointed into the tub and signaled me to pull the stopper and turn the water on to flush the remnants of the enema down the drain. Meanwhile a totally exhausted Jillian Jones was doing her best to hold her head up as much as the bondage would allow.That accomplished, we untied our guest and got her up and out of the tub. We shoved her into the shower stall and turned the water on to hot before slamming the shower door shut. In no time at all JJ was crying and pounding on the door to escape the scalding avalanche of water pouring down upon her bare body. Evidently she was so dazed from her enema experience that her mind was not operating normally. So rather than let her scald herself, I opened the door and let her stumble out.

       From the look on Lilith's face, her enema had been a rip-roaring success. In fact she almost looked smug, which made me rise to the challenge. I still had all sorts of things I hadn't tried out on the guest, and there was time enough to do plenty of damage before her roommate Frances, my mortal enemy, arrived to pick up what was left of JJ. For a brief instant I gave serious thought to suggesting that we invite Frances to join the fun and torture the both of them for the rest of the evening before sending them out into the cold night air wearing only their underwear.

       Then for some odd reason the thought of my little Chinese girlfriend, Woo Woo the enema queen, who had left me to go the to the West coast intruded into my consciousness and the pain of separation nearly tore me in half. I guess it must have shown, because Lilith got real quiet and then did a strange thing, touching her fingers to her lips as if to tell me to hush. Possibly she had some variation of my hidden talent that drove me to distraction most of the time and made me feel like a cork on the outer reaches of some massive maelstrom that sooner or later would devour me whole.

       We spent the rest of the day in the recreation room; perhaps JJ didn't get the joke, but we did. It had an open beam ceiling which made hanging her naked body simple. To spread her legs required that I move some heavy cinder blocks from the back yard into the rec room to act as places to which her ankles could be anchored by ropes. This was done under considerable duress, as Lilith supervised, telling me to be very careful not to drop one of them on her precious wooden floor. The irritation that built up from her comments and whining I took out on JJ, probably that was L-squared's plan all along. I laid out all my purchases that hadn't yet been put to good use on a nearby table and we took turns picking and using them on our victim.

       At the beginning Lilith staked out JJ's genitals, seating herself between the secretary's spread thighs and tormenting her vulnerable twat with all sorts of liniments and other medicinal products that all bore caution labels concerning their use. It was an easy matter for Lilith Landry to do the exact opposite from the caution labels, resulting in some very interesting reactions from her helpless victim. I on the other hand roamed the rest of her naked body using hose clamps, binder clips and pins. I homed in on her big soft tits and protruding stomach, occasionally intruding on Lilith's space, but for a good cause.

       At one time I put thirty-six binder clips on JJ's belly and enjoyed watching Lilith take my belt and buckle first, whip those demons off her secretary's flabby gut as the tears streamed down her face. Lilith also selected a few of my ointments and coated them onto the latex glove she wore prior to fisting her arch enemy's cunt. Watching part of Lilith's forearm disappear between those fat cunt lips was a real turn-on for yours truly. My boss grinned wolfishly when she observed me rolling on a condom in preparation for a sodomizing session with that nasty bitch. She gave me the thumbs-up sign as I got into position to skewer JJ but good.

       I guess that previous killer enema had done more damage to her insides than I originally thought. Jillian Jones nearly ruptured herself trying to escape the bonds holding her body helpless once I began burrowing into her gaping asshole. Since this was a grudge fuck, it was relatively easy for me to control Mikey from losing his head and getting in the way of all the fun I was having scraping the mucous membrane from off the walls of her fuck channel. Lilith later told me that she thought JJ's eyes were going to pop straight out from their sockets as I tortured her colon to its limits and a little beyond.

       Not to be outdone by a mere employee, Lilith retrieved her dildo and proceeded to join in the fun, using her hand to drive that piece of hard rubber into JJ's worn out twat. We soon developed a nice rhythm and worked in tandem to utterly destroy the insides of our house guest. By the time I filled my condom, she was bleeding from both holes, not too much, but enough to make us realize we were in a position to seriously harm her if we continued this extreme torture. This is not to say that we cut her much slack as the day slowly turned into early evening.

       I finally got around to using the hose clamps I'd purchased on those big bags of tit meat. Over a period of half an hour I tightened and retightened the clamps, watching the metal sink deeper and deeper into her blue-black tits which by the end had nearly doubled in size from the loss of circulation. I let Lilith do the honors, slowly releasing JJ's bloated tits from the grip of steel to torment her further. She'd open the clamps by two notches, then snug them up by one, a process that drive the poor woman half-insane as the blood seeped back into her bruised and swollen breasts.

       Lilith discovered the metal engraving tools and fell in love with them. She experimented and developed her touch by using them on JJ's bruised and battered buttocks. I was a bit taken aback at just how ugly the results of using these nasty little wheels could be. Lilith cut some deep gashes into JJ's butt by making little errors in applying pressure; flesh required only a kiss from the blades as they rotated at the lowest speed possible.

       I had taken a bathroom break when Lilith began "engraving" Jillian Jones permanently. When I returned, she was halfway finished. The letters were cut into the flesh bordering her cunt lips, covering the entire perimeter before she was finished. I busied myself with my surprise for JJ, and thus was absolutely blown away when I realized what she was cutting into her enemy's flesh. I'd seen those words before, always on the same place, exactly where Lilith was working. She was just completing the "H", only three letters to go. When she finished JJ would be marked forever by the words "SATAN'S WHORE"!

                                    (To be continued-lex ludite) 

                             Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 37

       I felt light-headed and looked around for some place to sit and try to recover from whatever had taken control over me. The shock at seeing those words once again had made me feel as if I had just taken a blow to the stomach. L-squared was so busy with her "engraving" that she didn't notice my distress for some time. Getting rid of this sensation was no easy task, and it still had me in its grip when Lilith realized that something was afoot with Igor, her deformed assistant.

       Her proximity surprised me, that's how focused I was at trying to relieve the pressure on my skull and its inhabitants. "What's wrong? Don't tell me you're queasy over what I'm doing to that sow." Responding to her comments was difficult. How do you explain all the goings-on that I had been privy to that revolved around the very words that she was in essence tattooing into JJ's flesh, in the very same spot as all the others? The mystery remained a mystery despite its latest manifestation.

       "What made you decide on those particular words to use? Did you hear a voice, have a vision, or did they just pop into your head?" Lilith was silent for a moment or two before answering that they just sounded like the right words to describe her feelings toward Ms Jones, and they also fit perfectly in her mind's eye before she even started to etch them into JJ's skin. Then she turned the tables, and asked what made me decide to purchase this nasty little set of tools in the first place?

       Once more, I had no answer. They just popped into my field of vision as I was walking down an aisle looking for something else entirely. Yes, I knew they could and would probably be used on JJ, but by me not Lilith. That led me to ask what my intention was at the time, but there was no answer forthcoming. It was as if I was in the impulse buying mode, selecting things that I knew could hurt my former lover and also please my employer who was running the show.

       Lilith reminded me of our first meeting at dinner and how I revealed that I was some kind of a nexus, but had no idea what my true purpose was. Evidently she also had a role to play in my journey, or perhaps she had just finished it. That did not comfort me in the slightest, since I had no idea how many more nodes I would encounter before everything became clear, or my function ceased to be needed. Then it all became background or wallpaper if you're into computer speak. It wasn't a voice I heard commanding me to build an ark or anything like that. It was my marching orders unscrolling before my eyes. I wondered which of the many tenants in my head was running this portion of the show?

       I vaguely remember telling Lilith to go back to her etching, which brought a hearty laugh from my boon companion. Once she was dismissed from my consciousness, I settled down to the task of reading my instructions very carefully. The gang and I were about to pull up stakes and make a perilous journey across the face of this once great country that somehow had lost its way.

       I liked the direction, south, even though it probably meant closing at last any relationship with my wayward wife, Jill, who I rarely thought of anymore. The next stop required us to go west, another direction I looked upon with favor. My destination was shrouded, but I sensed that proper directions would come from someone I'd meet while visiting Jill and her sister for the last time. There was more, much more, but even absorbing this much had exhausted me.

       Lilith was still hard at it with JJ. There was blood dripping from numerous small cuts that the high speed cutting wheel had made in her flesh. The boss was wearing a pair of latex gloves as she rubbed some type of astringent into the bleeding areas to stem the flow. Whatever it was, it carried a considerable punch and the tears were rolling down JJ's cheeks at a goodly rate. She looked up from her labors and gave me a smile of welcome. Making our naked guest even more uncomfortable would give me some time to digest the vision I'd just experienced.

       It was still not time for the grand finale, so something else was in order. Her tits were so swollen from all the mistreatment they had taken, mostly from L-squared, that it would have been a challenge to devise new ones that could substantially add to the pain she was currently enduring. For a brief moment when the forces of evil took control, I was sorely tempted to start punching JJ in the belly and work down to where the fresh tattoo was located. In my mind's eye I could see the vomit sprewing from her nostrils as her eyes bulged and her face became mottled.

       JJ's bottom was in even worse shape than her tits. Those fleshy loaves had been torn to shreds by all sorts of implements. Even now there were spots of fresh blood dotting those meaty mounds. Upon careful inspection it appeared that recently a cane had been used on her as well. I counted dozens of cross-hatched welts overlaying the cuts, dings, bruises and burns that had been accumulated over this weekend. I couldn't resist giving one of her cheeks a vicious pinch, but got almost no reaction. Lilith was still keeping her arch enemy focused on what she was dishing out to her. The latex gloves that L-squared wore gave me an idea. A little rummaging in the kitchen produced a pair of rubber gloves normally used for dish washing, and as luck would have it, I managed to squeeze my hands into them and even flex them into fists.

       Lilith's eyebrows arched as she saw me enter the rec room wearing those yellow rubber gloves. She tried to make a  joke about them, but I guess the look on my face warned her to back off and let me do what I was going to do. I walked around JJ's body to take its measure and let her know that something bad was about to happen to her. Those big tits were tempting targets, but I resisted. Someone in the mob living upstairs clued me into the fact that those big pillowy lumps of fat could not possibly provide enough raw material to bring me down from my current agitated state. It was her plump posterior that was calling me siren-like, and I responded.

       I circled her before taking my stance behind her back, letting JJ sweat for a few moments before making the first attack, a volley of blows that rained down on the top portions of her ass cheeks. They made a strange sound as my gloved fists pounded into her flesh, which proved to be quite tough when compared to the more tender meat located only inches below where my fists were now landing. The shock of each blow ran up my arm like low voltage electricity. I stepped  back, took a deep breath and waded into her once more, this time my punches sank into her welted buttocks. I tried some hooks and they brought muffled grunts from the punching bag that was Jillian Jones.

       I took another breather and looked at Lilith, who was almost gawking at what was taking place.  This gave me another rush of adrenalin, and the beating resumed. I landed some vicious blows to her kidney area and a wicked one-two to the base of her spine. I was so intent on dishing out this brutal beating, the fact that the overstuffed Brit had lost control of her bladder and was pissing on Lilith's prized wooden floor hardly penetrated my fog of fury.

       Had someone barged into our little room, they would have been hard pressed to explain the strange behavior of most of the parties. There was a naked JJ, hanging from her wrists, legs spread wide and fixed to concrete blocks. Covering the front of her bare body was a collection of cuts, bruises, burns, gashes, welts, weals and a fresh, crude tattoo on her pudenda announcing her allegiance to Satan. Behind her, wearing a pair of yellow rubber gloves and a maniacal look on his face, was a man intent on punching his way through her body. On her knees, clad in a sweat suit, was this plump, buxom woman frantically sponging up the urine that was still trickling down the thighs of the bound Brit.

       Each of us were in their own little portion of the universe. The boundaries of mine were JJ's big bottom and cottage cheesed thighs. I had just discovered that relatively virgin territory and was planting my flag into it with one hard blow after another, occasionally stepping back to view the blotches that my fists created. JJ would have a very difficult time getting out of bed tomorrow morning, that was a certainty.

       Knowing the cruel streak in Lilith, she would force her secretary to report for work just to enjoy watching her wimper and grimace every time she had to make any type of movement. By now I was delivering roundhouse blows to the sides as well as the backs of her flabby thighs, thrilling to the sight of each burst blood vessel that I created.

       Suddenly it dawned that JJ's cunt mouth was only an uppercut away. I danced around, bobbing and weaving as if she was an opponent capable of delivering a blow. Then I feinted and stepped into her, bringing my left hand up and into that gash between her legs. I quickly moved back and surveyed her reaction. She struggled weakly against her bonds and then slumped forward, a helpless target. I wasted no time  moving in for the kill, so to speak.

       This time I gave her a right and as I withdrew, another quick left hand smash that landed with as they say, a sickening thud, to her vulva. It was then that Lilith called a halt to the massacre, since a stream of vomit was pouring from JJ's nostrils and her face had taken on a bright red cast. It took me a moment to recover my senses, and move around to the front so I could survey the damage my last two blows had caused.

       Lilith looked a bit queasy at what I'd produced, which made no sense to me. JJ was a bitch and deserved everything she got and more. In fact I happened to remember seeing a broom handle leaning in the corner of the kitchen. For a moment aIl I wanted was to get it and give JJ a few good ones to the kneecaps and maybe jam it into her cunt and as far up her asshole as I could force it, while I had the chance. All the bad things that had happened that terrible night as JJ and her friend Frances nearly ruined me for life came rushing back and nearly took control for a time. I often wondered what might have happened had Lilith just let me go at JJ until I had my fill. Even to this day I shudder at the possibilities.

       For the first time my boss looked frightened at whom she was confronting. When I took a step in her direction, she almost fell backing away from me. That was when I realized that I'd lost it for a brief few moments. Indeed there was a dark side to Jon Ellison, and it might yet stand me in good stead. I made the universal sign for peace, holding my hands out, palms up. She was still suspicious, so I sighed and dropped them to my sides and waited for her next move. Lilith ordered me to take JJ down so she could make sure that no serious or permanent damage had been done. Once more I morphed into Igor and things returned to normal, such as it was in this household.

       The odds of JJ making it to work tomorrow decreased significantly when the results of my loss of control were factored into the equation. No bones had been broken, but the blows to her spine had made certain motions impossible for at least a few days. Lilith made sure that JJ understood the situation vis-a-vis a third party such as a doctor. Any attempt on her part to associate her cuts and bruises with the visit to Lilith's would lead to some very severe penalties, such as another meeting here with her assistant Igor present as well. I felt the hump on my back growing with pride at her reference to me. I was fitting into team Lilith quite well, too bad I was about to desert her for greener pastures. Since Lilith was incapable of escaping  due to her injuries, we left her on the floor and had a caucus.

       When I described what I intended to do to our guest, Lilith's face broke into a huge smile. For a moment I thought I saw some surprise at my ferocity mix into that smile. "What a concept! You'll stitch up the bitch's quim so she can't use it until she has your permission. I presume she'll have to bargain with you for relief. I wonder what you'll ask in return for freeing her. I have some very interesting thoughts on the subject that I want to share before you begin. I'm sure it has crossed your mind that JJ's roommate, Frances, is also worthy of our attention once JJ returns to work."

       Lilith's revelation that Frances would also have to pay for her sins caught me by surprise. I'd already dismissed her from the equation, consoling myself with the fact that JJ had paid dearly for their association, and at some other time Frances would overstep her bounds and at last suffer her well-deserved fate at someone else's hands. The temptation to postpone my journey elbowed into my consciousness, but I remained fixed on my objective. The call to go south was too strong for any significant delay, even for a chance at revenge. Frances would have to be the prey of another.

       With L-squared's help, we half-carried, half-dragged JJ into the downstairs room we'd used yesterday. She was semi-comatose, so getting her up onto the table so we could bind her wrists and ankles to the table legs proved to be an easy task. A couple of pillows elevated her vulva to the proper position for her grand closing.

       The thread was the kind used to sew up leather handbags and the like. The needle was almost as long as a hatpin but about three times thicker. I couldn't help smiling inwardly as I prepared to start closing up JJ's place of business except for a small region at the top of her slit that would allow her to pass urine. For a moment I had the bright idea of inserting a small diameter piece of solid plastic to prevent her bladder from emptying, but thought better of that cruel idea.

       To minimize her struggling, Lilith settled onto JJ's chest, squashing her brutalized tits nearly flat, and bringing some loud yelps and moans from our guest. That led to her being once again gagged with her own panties so no one might get curious about all the noise issuing from Lilith's home.  It was then that Lilith made her suggestion, and it was a doozy!

       "Wouldn't it be a nice gesture on your part to give our guest a little going away memento before sewing her up? I'd be quite willing to assist you in the event that you found it difficult to get into the mood to deliver her gift." I was not at the top of my game when it came to interpreting her words. so Lilith drew me a picture of sorts, causing me to blush at my stupidity. My initial reaction was a resounding no! Why would I want to have sex with this harpy after what had happened previously? Then my boss used words of one syllable to explain why I should do the deed. The more I heard, the better it sounded.

       Since Jillian Jones would be unable to douche afterwards, my little wigglers would take up residence in her twat until they died and some of them festered into a yeast infection or worse. Lilith had some ideas for enhancing the probability that something ugly would start growing in JJ to match her evil ways and sparkling personality. My boss generously offered to assist Mikey in this endeavor with manual or oral stimulation until my little man was ready to do his duty and bury JJ's cunt in a tsunami of spermatozoa. The most difficult part of the process turned out to be climbing on the table with a full blown erection and then  managing to insert it properly and pound away inside the lady until every little wiggler produced by my churning testicles was properly deposited where it would cause the most devilment.

       That task accomplished to Lilith's satisfaction, I took one of the binder clips and used it to compress JJ's outer cunt lips. I had decided that I wasn't proficient enough to do the kind of stitching required to close her inner set. I was almost as nervous as Lilith, who was breathing rather heavily as her head hovered over my work area. JJ lunged against her bonds when the needle pierced  the double layer of tissue.

       I worked slowly and very carefully, not wanting to show bad workmanship. It was rather tedious and took quite a bit of strength to keep the stitching orderly. Despite L-squared's weight, JJ was making enough movements to slow progress down at times. To make her stop fighting against my efforts, I jabbed the needle into the region of her new tattoo a few times in rapid succession and warned her I'd skewer her from top to bottom if she continued to fight me. That calmed her down sufficiently that I finished the first set of stitches without too much more difficulty. I couldn' t resist squeezing her fat clitoris to celebrate the successful conclusion of phase one.

       Naturally Lilith had to make some suggestions about how she might have done it. They sounded great, but required a lot more time, which we were running out of unless the plan was changed to keep our guest overnight. The more we thought about that option, the better it sounded to us. Lilith would have Frances come over early in the morning, say five AM, and fetch JJ. Nothing like a little inconvenience when you have to respond to the outside work demands of your boss. Of course I too would have to be an early riser, but the advantages of staying over with the ladies more than outweighed such a minor problem, especially since I had accepted my fate, which meant being a short timer at Lilith's company.

       Removing the stitches was a rather painful process for JJ, something that we both enjoyed witnessing. The Lilith design,as it came to be called, was predicated on the observation that JJ's outer lips were more like wrinkled flaps; she called them elephant ears. They could easily be folded over and sewn together, still leaving plenty of tissue to allow them to be overlapped and joined with additional thread, thus sealing her cunt mouth except for the small opening at the top so she could pee.

       Each of us took a flap and stitched it once it was folded over. The binder clamps worked beautifully and it hardly required any additional assistance for the doubled cunt lip to be produced. JJ really fought us tooth and nail every step of the way. I lost track of the number of times I either punched her in the belly or jabbed that crude tattoo with my needle. Lilith was even worse, actually skewering JJ's clit on two occasions because she moved and forced L-squared to have to restitch a portion of her seam.

       Sewing the doubled flaps together was more of a challenge , and required an extra set of hands which were available. We double stitched JJ's vulva from top to bottom and it was a struggle for all concerned. Lilith developed a nasty habit of shoving her needle beneath JJ's fingernails when she got rambunctious. The pain must have been extraordinary based on her reaction to this punishment. Finally we had JJ looking like an overstuffed turkey ready for the oven.

       It was time for celebration, and leaving our guest to stew on the table, we took a break in the bedroom and a good time was had by all. I'll not bother with the details but there was plenty of giving as well as receiving in all sorts of novel positions and configurations. Lilith confessed that she felt young again for a brief moment while we swapped spit and ground our loins together in a paroxysm of teenage lust, the type that was all passion and no expertise.

       Later, after Lilith had broken the bad news to Frances about the change in pickup time, we very slowly marched an aching Jillian Jones up to her quarters and tucked her in for the night. Lilith couldn't avoid being Lilith, and so she very carefully inserted a sterilized length of hollow plastic tubing into JJ's bladder and clipped it shut with a smirk. Then we used up most of the binder clips to cover her sore tits and even sorer vulva, both areas exposed to the elements thanks to the clever way L-squared redesigned her old sweat suit.

       We each took one of the largest and most powerful spring loaded binder clips and used them on her stiff nipples that were responding to the cold in the partially finished room. Rather than gag her we used a few more of the clips to seal JJ's lips shut. To check out its effectiveness, Lilith raked her fingernails across the bottom of her secretary's foot, and the sound she made was quickly dissipated by the steady wind that had sprung up around midday. An hour later, warmed by a few drinks, we were eating take-out and doing a post-mortem on the weekend which we graded very highly. It was a good way to end what might have been an extremely stressful situation for all concerned.

                               ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                     Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 38


      Oh joy, oh boy! We awoke to that strange silence that can only be caused by an overnight snowfall. As a youth I remember being galvanized by this sign that nature had once more taken over the world, and perhaps school might be canceled so I and my cohorts could go out and frolic in the very same snow that seemed to paralyze the adult world. Now all I could do was curse the fates and wonder just how bad it would be to drive anywhere, like back to my apartment and then fight the traffic into the rabbit warrens. Then I consoled myself by the thought of Frances Forbes having to drive over here in the snow to pick up the remains of her roommate and take her back to their place so she could begin the recovery process.


      My bedmate rolled over and groaned, realizing as I had that there was fresh snow on the ground. A glance at the clock told me that it was time to rise and open our eyes. We were sitting at the kitchen table nursing our coffee when Frances pulled up to the door, come for her friend. While Lilith let her in, I hot-footed it upstairs to free JJ from her bonds and other adornments so she could be transported to the safety of her home by a friendly face. Considering what she had experienced in the past two days she was in pretty good shape. I took this opportunity to warn her that if she tried to undo my sewing, she'd be in a world of hurt in no time flat once Lilith got wind of it. All she did was nod and then limp slowly as we went down to the main floor of Lilith's home.


      We set the prisoner free and watched as Frances navigated the driveway and fishtailed onto the main road leading to 35West. At least she was driving at a time when there was minimal traffic. It looked as if the worst of the snow was history, and now appeared if one acted as if his or her head were screwed on properly, driving would not be the bugbear the TV yahoos tried to make it out to be. I made my exit shortly afterward, using the very same excuse I mocked only moments ago, the weather. I went out of my way not to use such expressions as "See you at work." "Have a good day." "I sure had a good time boss." Instead I grunted and cursed the traffic I'd be facing shortly, the proper way to end an assignation of the type we had shared.


      By some miracle or a gift from the gods I made it back to my apartment, showered and dressed for success, ho ho ho, and managed to make it to work a few minutes early with most of my mental equilibrium intact.There had been only one minor brush with death caused by a woman putting on her lipstick as she changed lanes before noticing that I was occupying the very space she had intended to fill. "Cheated death again" was all I could say as I mentally attached her body to four cars and watched them drive off in four different directions.


      My mechanical children had behaved themselves very well over the weekend. A couple of backup systems had to kick in to save a few machines from frying their innards, but that in essence was all there was to discuss, that is if anyone ever asked me. I made my rounds of the various departments to make sure that all was well before hunkering down in my cubby hole and working on some paperwork. I was surprised to hear Frances Forbes on the other end of my line when the phone rang.


      Her voice was low and dripping with venom, threatening me for the terrible things I'd done to her dear friend. For just a brief moment I wanted to go upstairs and strangle the bitch with her own damned telephone cord. Instead I hung up. She would not leave well enough alone, well that was going to be just too damned bad for her. Frances had rung my bell, that was certain. Little did she realize that I was a short timer, which made me very dangerous for a person like herself. I owed her one for that nightmare evening, and perhaps it might yet be feasible to leave the area with the slate wiped clean or the scales balanced, or whatever cliche one could dream up for taking my revenge.


      I guess Frances forgot that I had JJ's phone number. I called the dear lady and naturally got her answering machine and that clipped British voice intoning she was unable to come to the phone but  would get back to me straight away if I left my name and phone number. I did a bit more than that, informing the lady in question that her dear friend, Frances, had effectively declared war on me over the nasty things that had been done to her good friend. Since this would require a joint apology from Ms Forbes and herself, no earlier than 7AM  tomorrow, the date for removing her stitches was now moved back one day. In the event that no apology was forthcoming by end of day, 5PM, the date would be moved back another two days.


      That evening I checked my mail, looking for perhaps a missive from my sister-in-law, at least I think she still qualified. All there was were the usual bills and special offers attempting to separate me from my hard earned money. There was no doubt that something was pulling me strongly to initially move in a southernly direction and soon. Despite the miserable weather, Spring was not far off, except in this neck of the woods. Suddenly it hit me that I would in all likelihood see my cheating, wayward wife, Jill, for the last time when I went to visit my in-laws and oh by the way, how's Jill these days? I was curious as to their reply.


      My anxiety level was beginning to rise. It felt as if every day I stayed in the Stygian darkness of another Minnesota winter, my soul was diminished as another twenty-four hours that I would never have again were flushed down the toilet along with my morning bowel movement. Tomorrow I would give notice, two weeks, the absolute minimum I could get away with based on my years running the maze. Before I turned in for the night I had made a list of things to do, which gave me a slight feeling of accomplishment for the day. That did not prevent the nightmares from coming, peopled by a cast of characters designed to fox and fool me about who was doing what to whom.


       The surly representative of management known as "human resources" accepted my resignation after a brief but intense inquisition as to my reasons for leaving this outstanding position with its unlimited opportunites and unbelievable security. Whoever thought that name up is probably permanently ensconced in the Liars Hall of Fame, if such a place exists. The very next day my replacement arrived, a young bright-eyed, bushy-tailed graduate of one of the local technical trade schools. Outside of being awed by the equipment and a bit too eager to shove me out the door, he was fine. In fact he fit in so well that I had a few opportunities over the next week or so to violate company regulations by extending my lunch or even going home early to do some of the things that were required before I could have my fetters removed.


      I caught a fantastic break when my landlord managed to land a young lady who was in desperate need of an apartment within the next two weeks. I took it as a sign from the heavens that what I was doing was in concert with the spheres that those of us insiders knew made the world go round. To add to my good fortune, the five year old Honda that transported me from one trouble spot to the next was pronounced good to go by the local mechanic once a belt or two and various fluids were replaced at a cost that was outrageous. I couldn't help remembering the advertizing guru who almost destroyed his career by coming up with the slogan, "Brought to you by the friendly folk who gave us Pearl Harbor". That did not go over well even after forty some odd years.


      While all this was going on around me, the war with the bitches was still in full swing. JJ and her cohort had waited until ten minutes before the deadline to call and offer their snide apologies. I accepted them in the spirit in which they were given and set a date for the grand unveiing of JJ's vagina, to be held at my apartment. I demanded that Frances be in attendance as well and announced that both would be expected to pose for photographs that would capture this great moment for posterity, and offer me some degree of protection from future harassment on their part. At this point I was sure that neither had any inkling of my imminent departure from the rabbit warrens.


                  ( To be continued - lex ludite )



                     Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 39


      Three days after my resignation Lilith Landry got around to phoning me at home. She was not too thrilled over what I had done, especially the part where I didn't consult with her on this matter. I did my best to let her down gently, which proved to be a serious error. My former co-conspirator and current boss nearly melted the phone that remained glued to my ear as she tore me a new one.


      Then she giggled like a school girl and shyly confessed that Cactus Bill had blown into town on a scouting trip and they had been renewing old acquaintances at his hotel every evening after work. Cheated death again, I thought to myself. L-squared had this great idea that Bill and I ought to meet each other since we had something in common, namely her. It took some tact on my part to explain that men didn't operate the same way as women when it came to such things as sexual rivalries, even if the woman didn't see it as any type of rivalry at all.


      For once I made sense to Lilith and she backed off and wished me luck on what I had to do. She made me swear that once I got to wherever it was I was going, something even I wasn't that sure about, to drop her a line or better still call her at home. I said I would, but my heart wasn't in it. Then I casually mentioned the details of the grand unveiling at my place for JJ and she burst into laughter and demanded that a set of the photographs be mailed to her home or I would suffer from boils and carbuncles for the remainder of my life. My last official act before leaving on my journey was to mail her a copy of the evidence, knowing full well that she would use that as a weapon  to keep JJ and Frances in line.


      Right on time my two enemies made their appearance. JJ had a problem walking, a very good sign that my effort to cripple the bitch had worked as planned. Frances looked as if she was ready to pounce on me once my back was turned; unfortunately she remained in my sights for the entire time the two witches or bitches were in my apartment. JJ was obviously in a world of hurt and as I had planned, the odor emanating from her trussed up vagina was overwhelmingly foul. She offered no resistance to my order for her to disrobe, only it came out as "Strip bitch!"


      Half of the stitching was surrounded by red, raw, swollen flesh, infection had set in. In some places pus was oozing from the areas that had been double stitched. She would be in need of some serious antibiotics once the heavy duty thread was removed. Let her make up some cock and bull story to explain her situation, that was her problem! I felt no pity for her, merely regret that her dear friend Frances wasn't double stitiched as well, only in her case both her cunt and asshole would be closed. Now the fun began.


      Frances was seething, but could do nothing but undress while I took pictures. It took a tearful plea from JJ to make her start removing the thread from her cunt lips. She grimaced instead of smiling when I asked her to say "cheese". Poor JJ started wailing once she realized that the thread was literally buried in her swollen, infected flesh. Ever the gentleman, I offered JJ the panties that her companion had been wearing when the two of them entered, to be used as a gag. She had no choice and soon she looked like a chipmunk with a pound of acorns in her mouth. It was slow going and I must have shot sixty images using my digital camera.


      Between the pus, blood and stench of her putrifying flesh, it was difficult to breathe in my apartment, so I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, leaving the two to continue the process of releasing JJ's pussy from the prison it had occupied for five days. When I returned, the two of them were on the verge of hysteria. A point had been reached when it was not feasible to just yank the thread through the decaying flesh. I had anticipated such an event and produced the surgical scissors, bought at great expense the other day for just such an eventuality.


      To get them, all Frances and JJ had to do was pose for me in a sixty-nine position with big smiles on their faces. When they performed my request and it had been properly documented, I gave them the scissors and told them to leave, since my apartment was reeking from the stink of rotted flesh. Better they finish this at their own place so they'd have to deal with the odor and be reminded of my victory over them.


      Payback can be a bitch, especially if you're the bitch! I slept very soundly that night and awoke unable to recall dreaming, a situation that might be considered either very good or very bad. Today I was an optimist. Then I heard the pitter patter of little snow pellets bouncing off my window. Winter's cold, dead hand still held the city as its thrall, time to shake the snow from my boots and escape south.


      One week later, just as the sun was beginning to announce its leaden presence, I pulled onto Interstate 35 heading south, leaving my past behind. Anything of value had either been sold, put into storage or was packed inside the car's trunk. I had a charge card that was a virgin, a letter of credit from my bank and  approximately a thousand dollars in cash for emergencies. I felt elated and that stayed with me until the leading edge of a blizzard that had been discounted by the local forecasters announced its arrival.


      It got progressively nastier and nastier as I crossed the Iowa state line and finally convinced me to hole up at a truckstop in a place called Clear Lake. There were a number of big rigs parked around the restaurant, evidence that the storm had made driving a very hazardous proposition until the edge of the blizzard blew through these parts. Inside it was warm and smelled of steaming coffee and flapjacks and bacon, one of my favorite meals. After ordering I took a look around and there she was.


      Standing off to the side was this girl, maybe sixteen or so with pale blue eyes and long straight blonde hair. She was carrying what looked like a basket and there was a knapsack on her back. From the way she was looking around, it seemed as if she had lost her way. Our eyes met and she gave me a nervous smile. I couldn't resist and so I gave her a wave to join me. It took her some time before she decided I wasn't a child molester and approached my table.


      She settled down and it was then that I saw that  the basket contained a nondescript striped cat, I think they're called tabbies. I asked her if she was interested in something to eat since we were doing to be here for some time, and she nodded. We made some small talk before breakfast arrived and then she concentrated on wolfing down her order, occasionally slipping the cat a little tidbit. Then we talked some more and she admitted that she had been picked up just north of St. Paul by a trucker who had roaming hands.They had parted company here, leaving her and the cat stranded.


      Her destination was Kansas City, which just happened to be on my way. I asked her if anyone was going to meet her there, but she was silent on that score for a moment until she said. "I have a few kin that live close by and they'll come get me if I call them." I figured we were maybe three hundred miles from there, but if the weather broke within the next hour or so, we could make it before darkness fell.


      My luck seemed to be holding as an hour later the sun broke through and a snowplow went by clearing out the entrance to the Interstate. We headed for my car, and as she trudged through the crackling snow she finally told me her first name; it was Dottie. Then she introduced me to her cat who was called Toto. Everything seemed to freeze solid as I heard the wheezing associated with the calliope warming up to play a tune that I was afraid to hear. What would be appropriate for a man who is helping Dottie and Toto return to Kansas?


                                                           ( To be continued - lex ludite )

                           Wayward Wife's Punishment - 40


      After filling the tank we got onto Interstate 35 and headed south through the flat lands of Iowa. The wind had picked up and there was lots of blowing snow to make navigating the highway a white-knuckle experience. The local weather forecaster was having a hard time explaining why this semi-blizzard was so unpredictable, a sure sign that he was clueless. We pressed on, at about thirty miles per hour, noting the lack of traffic and the few mounds of snow on the shoulders that contained autos that either slid off the road or had mechanical difficulties.


      I'd foolishly estimated we'd make Des Moines in two hours; it took four.  My passengers, who chose to sit in the back where there was more room, were very quiet. I was too busy trying to avoid joining the other hulks by the side of the highway to make small talk, depending on the radio to keep the young girl and her cat entertained. Dottie and Toto, on their way back to Kansas. Who would believe this one?


      Whoever was in charge among the many souls who occupied my brain these days, foolishly decided to press on instead of holing up in the thriving metropolis of Des Moines. Here we were still on Interstate 35, all by our lonesome, and darkness fast approaching. At least the visibility was improving, but I had no clue as to where or when to stop. Then for the first time since we had begun this little jaunt from Clear Lake, Dottie spoke more than two or three words at a time, almost making me swerve off the road.


      She said there was an inn at the next exit. She had seen a sign for it about two miles ago. Hallelujah, we'd been saved from my macho pride which sometimes gets in the way of progress. We got off the Interstate and went down a long grade on snow that had never been plowed, looking for this inn that Dottie claimed was in the vicinity. I was about to give into panic and start screaming we were lost and our bodies might not be found until Spring. It was then that she announced the inn was ahead on our right side. She must have had the eyes of an eagle to spot the small white two-story house set back perhaps twenty yards from the road. I very carefully drove up a narrow path that led to the inn. Now darkness was settling in fast and I thanked my lucky stars that Miss Eagle-Eye had seen the sign on the Interstate.


      We made our way through the snow drifts piled against the fence surrounding the white house which was rapidly disappearing in the early evening darkness made more opaque by the leaden clouds. Reaching the door, I knocked and waited for some response. There were lights on within, a very good sign. Just as I was about to knock a second time, the door opened slightly and a woman's voice urged us to come in and make it quick before the wind blew the snow inside. We eagerly complied and found ourselves in a little alcove; beyond there was a wood paneled room with a fireplace crackling a warm welcome. We were saved, or so I thought.


      Our hostess was a plump, cheery lady in her late fifties to early sixties who looked like the standard issue mother that was used by photographers and graphic artists across the spectrum. She seemed to radiate cheerfulness and that aura that most of us attributed to our mothers as well, especially when we were in our cups, so to speak. As we followed her into the livingroom, a place of warmth and coziness that almost seemed staged, she chattered away about the terrible weather and the fact that she had a roast in the oven that needed her attention immediately.


      She left us to warm ourselves in front of that fantastic fire while she did some magic things in the kitchen and returned bearing a tray of ambrosia and cups of spiced tea that Dottie and I fell upon like a pair of ravenous animals of the forest as she beamed happily at our delighted reaction to her cooking. I had not had food and drink like this since I was a child and those previous memories came tip-toeing out from my memory almost bringing me to tears.


      We were invited to avail ourselves of the facilities upstairs since it would be another hour before dinner would be ready. Always the gentleman, I suggested Dottie go first. She disappeared up the stairs and I relaxed, staring into the flames that almost seemed to be artificial. I had never seen such a uniform blaze as this one, not that I am an afficionado of such things. Between the tea and hors d'oeuvres and the crackling fire I nodded off. I couldn't have slept for long, but it was enough to have an unsettling dream.


      We were lost in the blowing snow and couldn't even find a station on the car radio that worked. Gradually I recognized the sound of Toto purring; it grew until the inside of the car began vibrating as I fought to keep it on the road. I looked up into the rear view mirror but couldn't see my passenger, just a dark space whose outline seemed to shimmer, reminding me of something that was radiating tremendous heat. How odd, I thought, if anything the car heater had been overwhelmed by the cold from outside. Then a raspy tongue licked the back of my neck and I screamed, losing control of the car.


      You talk about an embarrassing moment, this was right up there with picking your nose in public. It took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't a raspy tongue on the nape of my neck, it was Dottie's warm hand trying to rouse me from my slumbers. Then our hostess came running from the kitchen, a look of concern on her face. It took a moment or so to convince everyone that it had just been a dream that caused my reaction and everything was fine. Then it dawned on me that Dottie was wearing this white fluffy robe that fit her perfectly. Almost as if she could read my mind she mentioned that in our room she found two robes laid out on the big bed, and trying one on before she showered, discovered it molded itself to her body, not like any garment she'd ever worn.


      After assuring our hostess that all was well, I went upstairs and took a shower, luxuriating under the torrent of warm water that washed away the remnants of my brief dream. What are the odds that two randomly distributed robes could exactly fit two randomly distributed people? In most cases they'd be large, very large. However, if the truth be told, in this case they were astronomical. I don't like to talk about it, but something happened in the womb that left me with one arm exactly one inch longer than the other, or vice-versa depending upon your perspective. It was for this reason that I needed to have my shirts and jackets modified after their purchase, a minor nuisance to which I had grown accustomed. It became necessary to take a seat on the bed and regroup. First that brief warning of a dream, and now this. For sure I wasn't in Kansas any more, that is metaphorically, considering my immediate destination was indeed Kansas.


      Dinner was unbelievable, perfection in both quality and quantity, every item cooked just right for my palate. Remember you are talking to someone who has been baching it for nearly a year and thinks take-out is the staff of life. My companion was obviously enjoying herself as much as I was, eating with a gusto that both belied her slender form and was indicative of one who rarely had the opportunity to encounter a home cooked meal, especially one done as well as this marvel. Between mouthfuls I engaged our charming hostess in polite conversation, gleaning from her the fact that the "mister" was away on business in Des Moines and would likely be back tomorrow.


      When I innocently mentioned the sign that Dottie had seen on the Interstate, there was no reply at first, which I thought strange. For the only time since we had entered this delightful refuge from the storm there seemed to be a slight chill in the air. Dottie had even stopped shoveling food into her mouth, and was just staring at the apple-cheeked, motherly personage who had taken us in from the snow and cold.


      The woman broke the tension quickly by commenting that there was a sign for a bed and breakfast establishment some distance from her home that had on occasion mistakenly brought people to this location. She made a little joke that this was one of those rare times that such an error had paid off so handsomely, seeing as they were not a for-profit endeavor, but rather just a couple who had managed to retire a little earlier than most, and were spending the rest of their years happily communing with their surroundings. Fortunately they had a guest room available, but not for a fee she was quick to add. That seemed to relieve the tension and we all went back to demolishing this extraordinary repast that she had prepared.


      After a marvelous dessert and more spiced tea we sat by the fire and watched the local TV channel, which promised much better weather by morning, except it would be quite cold behind the little blizzard that had brought us to this place. Once more I thanked our lucky stars for this refuge. Before we turned in for the evening our hostess even came up with a kitty litter box for Toto's use, having lost their cat some years ago. How fortuitous I thought. What great good fortune to stumble upon out in the wilderness. I became optimistic it was a sign that my move from the snow and cold to the more forgiving climate of the South was the correct one.


      Since we were going to need to leave rather early tomorrow morning in order to drop off Dottie and her cat in Kansas City, we needed to take our leave and get a good night's sleep. Our hostess smiled and bid us good night, promising to prepare something for us to take on our trip tomorrow. I could not believe our good fortune in meeting this charming, helpful person. Dottie went up prior and a few minutes later I took my leave and headed up the stairs while the woman continued to stare at the flickering picture on the television. When I got into our room there was just a small night light burning, enough for me to find my way into the bathroom to change and then join Dottie in bed. All I could make out of her was this bump under the blankets. Being quiet as a mouse I slipped under the covers and wasted no time falling into a sound sleep.


                  ( To be continued - lex ludite )



                  Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 41         


      Considering the great meal and the comfortable surroundings, I should have experienced a good night's sleep; such was not to be the case. I was in an ice covered forest, the thick layer of glistening, frozen water making the limbs of the trees bend from the added weight. My body was covered in fur, even my hands and feet. I was pulling a large, covered basket by a rope that was attached to its base. It was slow going and the basket was so wide that negotiating the trees was a challenge that kept me moving from side to side rather than straight ahead.


      Every so often there would come this dry coughing from the basket, a sound much akin to that made by the big cats that hunted the veldt just before they made their charge to capture and kill their prey. My whole body would tremble at the prospect of whatever was in the basket coming out and stalking me for its needs. Somehow I managed to get the basket moved from the ice forest and onto a frozen lake, where the effort to move it took much less energy and progress was significantly improved. For reasons that I could not understand I became overheated to the point that I began to strip off the fur covering my body. Soon, except for my feet, I was naked as the day I was born. Strangely enough Mikey was dangling between my legs, shriveled as if he was still exposed to the cold.


      Then the lake ice began to suddenly break apart, and within a few minutes the basket and its contents plus myself were isolated on a large piece of shrinking ice. I was petrified with fear and for good reason as the cover of the basket began to move. Then she appeared, a slim blonde with pale blue eyes, mounted on a coal black creature that looked to be part tiger with a horn that  belonged on a rhino. I turned to flee, but could not get any kind of traction because of the slippery surface of the melting ice. I heard the cough and felt the warm breath of this creature just before I woke up in a sweat.


      The odor of warm bread surrounded me, and my bedmate had not budged, which made me thankful considering the dream I'd just had. The house was silent as a tomb, perhaps not the best way to describe things. Straining my ears for a brief moment, it sounded as if Toto was softly purring. Did cats dream? Then sleep captured me once more and the nightmares began anew.


      How in the world did JJ manage to regain her power over me? There could be no doubt as I was naked and securely restrained to the pallet in her "playroom". Stranger yet, Mikey was standing erect and saluting his new commmander and chief. Then from the darkness she stepped, bearing a tray of warm, fresh from the oven cookies. She looked very much like that charming woman who had taken us into her home, but she couldn't fool me, it was my arch enemy, Jillian Jones. She offered me one of those fragrant morsels of dough, sugar, spices and love, and I was sorely tempted, but resisted. My refusal infuriated her and she set the tray down beside the pallet, mumbling about my rudeness.


      "So my pretty, you choose to defy and insult me, well that won't do at all!"


      As she spoke, JJ's features began to melt and change into that of a witch, complete with warts, a black, pointed hat and a greenish cast to her deformed features. From the folds of her black cloak she pulled a huge, glittering knife and proceeded to open me from my groin to just above my navel. I was too shocked to feel pain for the moment. Then she began to stuff the cookies into my gutted belly, cackling as she did and uttering a lengthy incantation as she crammed what seemed like dozens of hard, sharp-edged lumps of dried mud into the open wound she had created.


      Finally satisified that the hole she had made was packed to its limit, she pulled out a huge needle from her shapeless cloak and began using it to sew me closed, using an appoach that involved double stitching and made me feel as if she had just turned me into a football. It was then that I felt the first cramp from my bloated midsection. Something was going on beneath the stitches, something was fermenting and attempting to find room to expand. I began yelling for JJ to cut the laces so my belly could accommodate the additional pressure that the cookies or mud or whatever they were had created. She cackled and tormented me further.


      "Here's something to take your mind off your troubles, my pretty!"


      A striped tabby leaped up onto my bound, bare body and settled down between my spread thighs, mere inches away from Mikey, who still stood at attention. My blood ran cold at the prospect that lay in wait before me and my boon companion who had been through the wars with me since the beginning of time as far as I could recollect. JJ was right about one thing, the introduction of her pet cat had certainly shifted the focus of my concern away from the growing pressure developing in my belly. I willed my litttle soldier to keep a stiff upper lip and everything else attached.


      The tabby playfully swatted at Mikey who quivered like a struck tuning fork. Then it arched itself so its raspy tongue could begin sampling Mikey's wares, which suddenly were oozing from the top of his bald head. How strange, I thought, here we had been boon companions for all these years and now Mikey was ignoring me in favor of this intruder that made purring sounds that seemed to excite him to levels that we had never experienced. What an ingrate!


      It was as if the actions of the cat were having a hypnotic effect on both Mikey and myself. It was so easy to just lie there and stare at the raspy tongue making the circuit from the tip of Mikey's bare face to the base and everywhere in between. Mikey was soon glistening in the darkness as if the cat was able to secrete some kind of phosphor over its prey, its way of marking ownership. The amount of material exiting from Mikey was outrageous, and the cat was soon hard pressed to keep up with the flow.


      By now there was no feeling in my gut, but I felt weary, very weary, as if all my energy was being drained from my body. Now there was a second tongue entering this unequal struggle, and lodging itself inside my ear. JJ was taking a more active role in this struggle and I felt my will to resist slipping away. Then in the harshest of tones she announced that she was about to induce labor so I could give birth to her latest creation. I looked up into her greenish countenance, noting the bloody froth coating her lips, as she raised the knife and brought it down into my bulging belly as she cackled hideously.


      I awoke and sat upright, dislodging Toto from the warm cave he had discovered between Dottie and yours truly. The grip on me of that nightmare had not totally loosened and I took a wild swipe in its direction, arousing Dottie. She captured Toto in her bare arms, giving me a quick glimpse of her equally bare breasts, a fine perky set with nipples that were stiff as glass. In another time and place I might have made a move on her, but  this was now and I was still very frightened.


      "You had a bad dream. That's all it was, just a bad dream. People have them a lot when they are troubled by something that they don't want to talk about. Don't worry, yours will pass. I used to dream about wicked witches until I faced them. Now they no longer exist in my dreams."


      It wasn't so much what she said, it was the way she said it; as if I was some frightened child who needed some help to get over my immediate fears. The fact that she chose to use a witch as an example did not sit well with me in my current state. Was she a witch, a demon, someone come on the earth to steal my soul? For sure I was losing it now, that was certain. It was just about then that I detected the aroma of cookies baking and nearly had a heart attack until I realized this was no dream. In all likelihood our charming hostess was preparing our care package for the trip we were going to take this very morning. This saved me from the prospect of returning to sleep and perhaps picking up where I had left off the last time.


      I hopped into the bathroom and got ready to relieve myself. As soon as my hand made contact with little Mikey, who was indeed little and quite sore, I knew that something very eerie had taken place in that big warm bed last night. Strangely there was no tell-tale evidence of any type of ejaculation, yet I was sore and very weak now that I thought about it. The hair on the back of my neck got very stiff and for a moment I almost panicked. What had taken place, and how was it accomplished without waking me? Finally, who was it that did the deed? I threw on my robe, the one that fit me perfectly despite my built-in asymmetry, and made a bee line for the kitchen and hopefully the safety of another human being for company.


      There stood my smiling hostess, whose name I didn't even know. There was a tray of warm cookies that smelled like the food of the gods and some spiced tea simmering in the kettle. She smiled and offered one of the cookies to me for a sample. Without thinking I took it and bit into the sweet, firm, warm triumph of ingredients that could produce such a joy to the palate as this. Her smile seemed to warm the confines of the kitchen as she asked if I slept well. I lied and said yes. A few minutes later Dottie, fully dressed, joined us with Toto in tow. We sat there in the warm cozy kitchen and had a delightful breakfast that had been waiting in the oven for our arrival.


      Our farewell was almost perfunctory. What could be said when so much was being deliberately not said. It was bitter cold, the temperature was hovering around zero, and a wind had sprung up that went right through a person's body if they were outside more than a minute or so. I insisted that Dottie ride up front with me and when she countered with the condition that Toto stay with her in his basket, I agreed. The sun was just painting the horizon with its pale light when we pulled onto the highway and headed south for Kansas City and Dottie's kinfolks.


      We had not gone more than a few miles when a sign came into view that I managed to read as we flew by at nearly the speed limit. It was advertizing a bed and breakfast located some ten miles north of here. It dawned on me that this was the sign our hostess had mentioned. Out of the corner of my eye I glanced at Dottie who was playing with her cat and oblivious to what I had just seen. I did a very smart thing, and said nothing. With luck we'd be in Kansas City in about two hours, and then I could let my passengers disembark and go about their business while I headed south for my destiny as well.


      The rest of the drive was uneventful, not even a close call to get the juices flowing. Considering how exhausted I was from last evening's activities, whatever they were, it was just as well. She guided me through the intricacies created by the confluence of a number of Interstate highways until we came to an area called Roeland Park on the Kansas side. It was still cold and there was blowing snow, but the sky was clearing when Dottie and Toto took their leave. Just before she exited the car the pale-eyed blonde gave me an enigmatic smile and for the first time hinted that she and I were not from the same genetic stock.


      "Considering what you are, it is to your credit that you are often an honorable person, and are not too overawed at what I am. Be advised Jon Ellison that your destiny is not where you think it to be. It is still a mystery for you to unravel and you must make a long trek to reach what you are seeking, even though you will not recognize it until it is in your grasp."


      With those mysterious words, she and her cat set out into the blowing snow and quickly vanished, even her footprints being erased by the wind as it howled from the northwest. I turned the car around and headed back to hook up with route 71 which would take me south into the country and a meeting with my wayward wife.




                       Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 42

       It had taken the better part of the day, once I had dropped off my strange passengers, to reach my destination, the Ozarks, more specifically the plateau region of Arkansas. It had been some time since I'd been in contact with my wife's sister and her taciturn husband. I had decided to rent a motel for the time I'd be spending in the area. After all, how long would it take to find where my wayward wife was staying, locate it on a map and introduce myself by phone before dropping in on wherever she was staying these days?

       Returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak, had its effect. There was no joy concerning what may have befallen Jill, still my lawful, wedded wife. There was plenty of anxiety about coming face to face with Allie and Rod on their home turf. Our relationship had cooled somewhat with the passage of time. I couldn't even remember with any degree of accuracy when we had been in contact the last time, and what was happening to Jill at that point. Compounding all this was the hangover associated with Dottie and her cat, not to mention the fairy tale adventure in that strange house that was too perfect from its construction to whatever was occupying it. I had the odd sensation that we might have been reliving Hansel and Gretel and like those fairy tale children had managed to overcome the evil witch who had set a trap for us. Somehow I couldn't see myself as Hansel, especially when I folded in the brief revelation that Dottie provided just before she and Toto disappeared in a swirl of blowing snow.

       It turned out that the nearest source of food was located a good ten miles away, although the road to get there was in good shape. I was surprised at the size of the place, very large, and the variety of its menu. I hadn't spent enough time in the area or I would have realized this was vacation country during ther summer. During the off-season, which was nothing compared to the desolation and depression of Minneapolis, the restaurant kept a skeleton crew to feed the locals and the few folks who came even in the dead of winter. I was to learn that the main branch of the University of Arkansas was located only an hour's drive from here as well. What I truly appreciated was the fact that this establishment was just outside of Benton county, which meant they served alcohol, and if anyone needed that tonight, it was yours truly.

       I sandwiched a fairly decent dinner around two rather potent drinks and spent more time that I should reminiscing about Allie and Rod, Nancy and the Parson, her master, Woo-Woo and Willa, Jillian Jones and Frances Forbes, not to mention Glinda Garman, Cindi and Lilith Landry to name a few. Getting back to the motel was a bit of  a challenge in the dark, but I arrived safe and sound, ready for a good night's rest. However my next door neighbors had decided otherwise. It was bad enough that they had the television blaring at a few decibels above the pain threshold. It got even more frustrating when the tube went off, to be replaced by the sounds associated with doing the nasty. From the way the bedsprings were creaking, coupled with the grunts and moans plus the whispered instructions from the couple involved, they were not your average tourists. I was sorely tempted to pound on the walls, but thought better of it, since I had no idea of the size of the male member involved. I have no idea just how long this went on, as exhaustion plus the two drinks took hold of me  and I fell into a deep sleep.

       Why the folks in the next room woke me from a dreamless sleep is a great mystery? All I could hear was some whispering and giggling, which for some reason caught my attention. Then it dawned on me; the woman's voice sounded very much like Allie. How could that be, I thought? Why would she be in a motel with Rod when they had a comfortable home and a lot more privacy than here? The next thing I heard was the door opening, and the sounds of the two of them walking past my door. Whoever was with the woman who sounded like Allie certainly wasn't Rod! I hopped from my warm and comfortable bed to peek through the curtains to see just who these two were. That's when I got my second surprise and the realization that my curse was still working. What were the odds that tonight of all nights I'd be located next door to my sister-in-law, who evidently was fooling around with one of the local deputies. Welcome to the Ozarks; all that was missing was the damned calliope.

       The next morning after breakfast I gave Allie and Rod a call, and got no answer. I wasn't exactly certain about how to get to their place from here, so I checked them out in the phone book for an address, and came up empty. Now I was confused. I was just about ready to start at the desk with my inquiry in hopes of getting some kind of a lead. Then it hit me, Allie worked at the hospital, at least I thought she did. They would certainly be able to tell me where she lived. I put in a call and got stonewalled by whoever answered. My only recourse was to visit the hospital and try to talk to someone who knew Allie. If that failed there was always the local law enforcement folks who might help. With my luck perhaps I'd  even get to speak directly to whoever was boinking Allie last night.

       The hospital looked nothing like a hospital. It was a group of two story buildings set back off the road. I counted five identical in construction and color buildings, all clustered around a much larger structure that I guessed was the main building. What struck me was the level of security displayed in this place. There was only one guard on duty and he was packing. Surrounding his station was a bank of monitors that gave him a good view of everything going on in the entire complex. I was most impressed. The system must have cost a small fortune to set up and another one to operate. He gave me the once over as I approached his desk.

       I explained to him that I was Allie's bother-in-law, and was having a great deal of difficulty tracking down her address. He was silent, so I continued wth my tale of woe and got nowhere, so it seemed. Something I said must have closed a connection in his brain, because he picked up the phone and spoke to someone concerning my presence. Then he told me to have a seat and Ms. Dobson would see me shortly. For some odd reason I started in on female first names beginning with the letter D. I was up to Dolly when this tall, thirtish brunette with a great set of headlights made an appearance and introduced herself as Darla Dobson. I was most impressed. The gang that lived in my head all came out for a good look and cheered, a good first sign that this lovely might be someone worth cultivating while I was in the area.

       Darla, she insisted on being called by her first name, grasped my hand and gave it a squeeze that hinted at the possibility of a great, but very short physical relationship. All I could do was try my best to keep a straight face and see what time would tell. She wasted no time taking the offensive, inquiring if I wasn't the husband of a former employee of the hospital, a Jill Ellison. That took me completely by surprise; I was expecting some kind of coverup as a minimum when it came to my wayward wife. I played dumb, which wasn't too far from the truth, and let things play out. Once more she beat me to the punch by observing that Jill's sister, Allie, was no longer with the  hospital either, for reasons she didn't wish to discuss here. I took a deep breath and put most of my cards on the table, which seemed to make Darla more at ease. I was beginning to learn how to read certain females, and had the scars to prove it.

       She had me badged so we could go to her office for more detailed discussions of both Allie and Jill. I was all ears. Darla offered me some coffee and then we settled down so she could talk concerning what had happened about three months ago that resulted in Jill and Allie being required to terminate their association with the hospital. Darla was very careful not to describe Jill's duties at the hospital, since she didn't know how much I knew. I made some references to Allie telling  me that her sister was assisting members of the staff in some experimental activities that were considered company private. I watched as Darla's fabulous breasts rose and fell regularly as I told my lies, but her pupils dilated somewhat. She wasn't buying my story entirely; too bad, I thought.

       The more Darla and I parried, the more irritated I became. Her eyes got really big when I finally snapped and told her that my only purpose in visiting was to make sure that Jill was alive and well. To do that I needed to find out from her sister where she was and when could I see her. Once that was accomplished, I was heading to the West coast and likely would never be back in this area again. What happened to her once I left the area was between Jill and her keeper or keepers. My story seemed to pass muster and I could see Darla's entire body relaxing. I laid it on thick by also mentioning that I was seeking a divorce on the grounds of desertion. That seemed to clinch it. Now it was Darla's turn to tell me some half-truths, which she did.

       Allie and her husband separated and it affected her performance at the hospital. She became tardy, made some serious mistakes that caused problems for the doctors and their patients, and threatened to sue the hospital if she was terminated. This behavior was unacceptable and led to a hearing which determined that she be let go with a reasonable severance provided she signed an affidavit stating that the hospital could not be sued afterward by her or her family. To be sure that she would carry out her part of the bargain, the local authorities were asked to keep her under surveillance for a period of two months to be certain that she didn't cause the hospital any difficulty. During this period however she was arrested for lewd contact on two occasions, the second time spending a month in the local jail. Since her release she had been frequently seen in the company of various deputies, but to date has caused no problems for the hospital.

       Watching Darla's body language, and it certainly spoke volumes, while she spun her tale was a most enjoyable period. Even Mikey came out to inquire if we were going to play with this one. I had that sinking feeling that any opportunity for some sexual congress between Darla and myself was doomed to failure. My mind had lost focus and so her first mention of Jill's whereabouts went right over my head. Then I heard the words jail and Jill in the same sentence, which woke me up. It seems my wayward wife had been taken under the roof and other things I was sure, by one of the nurses who took pity on her while Allie was in  jail. The relationship flowered to the point that Jill and Allie parted company. Unfortunately for Jill she had been recently arrested  for solicitation and was doing a six month stretch in the local jail, the maximum time she could spend in their facility.

       That's when Darla dropped the bombshell. The hospital was offering to take Jill back in a work-study parole program, that if successful, would allow her to resume her former activities under the direction of the hospital staff. It sounded like white slavery to me, but what did I know. Leaning forward to give me a better view of those awesome boobs that were fighting to escape the confines of her bra, Darla whispered that for reasons unknown to the sheriff or hospital management, Jill was unwilling to accept this marvelous offer. The temporary sheriff, now replacing sheriff Vlad who was on assignment in another county, was most eager to get the additional funding the hospital was offering him for Jill's services. The hospital had some urgent research that required someone with her unique experience. Every day that she remained in jail put the program further behind schedule and impacted a number of patients and their doctors, who were in need of the test results. Jill's reluctance made no sense to me as well, unless there was more to her story than Darla sweetie was giving me. Gee, imagine that!

       Darla read my face, which unfortunately is like a book most times, and reached for a tape located in her top drawer. She got up and ankled over to a recorder, giving me a view of her bottom, which was almost as outstanding as what was struggling to escape from her bra. She put in the tape and turned on the overhead monitor. It was Jill, that was for sure. This version was at least twenty pounds lighter than last time I'd seen her, and naked as a jay bird. She was hanging from her wrists in what appeared to be a prison cell, and looked as if she had just taken a long swim based on the amount of water dripping from her shivering body. My companion observed that Jill had just taken a cold shower provided by one of the facility's fire hoses. This was standard operating procedure for the daily session that she endured.

       There were two persons conducting this session, a tall, thin man and a heavyset woman, both wearing the uniforms of county deputies. Now that I'd gotten over the shock of seeing my wayward wife in the flesh, I paid much more attention to the condition of her body. Her tits were a mess; those melons used to make my mouth water whenever I saw them exposed. Now they sagged and appeared to be severely swollen, ruining their former ideal shape. Her left nipple was gone completely, leaving behind only a deep indentation where it once resided. The region surrounding the healed up wound was dotted with burn marks and what looked like scars made by pliers or perhaps binder clips like the ones L-squared and I used on Jillian Jones. Both of her tits were mottled from being beaten with a variety of implements. My guess was that those melons got plenty of attention on a daily basis considering they had every color of the rainbow covering them.

       I glanced over at Darla and saw that she was obviously enjoying the tape. The hospital functionary had her skirt up around her thighs and her panties pulled to the side so her fingers could do some walking. As far as she was concerned, I wasn't even in the room. You talk about trying to do two things at once; this was one of those challenges. My eyes went  back and forth from the monitor to Ms. Dobson until the muscles controlling them ached. By now the heavyset guard had taken center stage and was seeing how far up Jill's birth canal she could jam her nightstick. This also called attention to the tattoo work located around the entryway to Jill's cunt. It showed that she was a member in good standing of the same group to which Glinda and Willa belonged. I  wondered if Woo-Woo had been initiated into the club by now as well. Then the tape ended abruptly just as the nightstick coated with gash grease mixed with blood was withdrawn from Jill's pussy.

       It took my escort a few moments to recover her equilibrium. It was amazing just how unaffected  Darla was about her behavior during the running of Jill's tape. She made some offhand remark about how much she enjoyed watching the tape and hoped it had been an enjoyable experience for me as well. Any reference to the way she shamelessly exposed herself to yours truly never happened. In fact she took her time before putting away her goodies from my prying eyes. I discovered from the little smile creeping from the corners of her mouth that Mikey also had a good time as well. The little rascal had raised the flag in her honor.

       Before I could fully recover from the viewing of my treacherous wife's current difficulties, Darla was busy trying to make inroads concerning Jill's situation. She began by making a little confession about what had been happening to my wife in the time she had been a member in good standing of the hospital's staff. When she got to the part where Jill "volunteered" to be the subject of a most stressing experiment having to do with the effect of long term submersion in extremely cold water, I knew the punch line and was not disappointed. Ms. Dobson put on her most officious face coupled with a hand that absentmindedly stroked Mikey's head, as she described the heroic behavior of my wife under these most stressing circumstances.

       It seems that the conditions for the test were well above those determined by the committee that formulated them.  This was caused by an inexperienced technician who misread the data she entered for the initial submersion. Since no one was able to predict the effect on Jill's synapses, especially those operating in her cortex, it was too late to avoid the damage that resulted. Attempts to reverse the damage failed, but it was determined that Jill still was able to be useful for other experiments that were ongoing at the hospital. However getting her cooperation had proven to be most difficult. This explained why Jill currently was being "treated" in some rather nontraditional ways at the local penal facility, under careful supervision of its staff.

       I gave Darla high marks for chutzpah, but other than that she was rapidly becoming a member of my exclusive ladies club whose membership included Jillian Jones and Frances Forbes, not to mention the bitch that turned down my request for a student loan so I could continue my education. Had we been anywhere outside the walls of this prison/hospital, with no witnesses, I might have tried to take her out permanently, that's how angry she had made me. As it was, I gave her a stare that I wish could have melted flesh and bone, then  informed her that I wanted my wife returned to me or I'd make trouble for her and this damned insane asylum. Her reply was to smirk and inform me that unless I cooperated, I just might find myself admitted to this hospital, and who knows perhaps become another test subject to keep my dear, brain-dead wife company until either one of us gave our all for the institution. The committee that lived in my skull all voted for cooperation, arguing quite correctly that being brain dead was not a good way to live out one's golden years.

       It took nearly an hour for one of the hospital adminstrators to generate the proper paperwork. Once it was signed by yours truly and witnessed by Darla Dobson plus another member of the administrative staff, it gave them the ability to seek a divorce from me by my soon to be ex-wife, Jill. This accomplished, it would be a simple matter to have her confined to the hospital for the rest of her natural life, no matter how short it might be. Naturally neither of the parties was interested in any monetary compensation for this action. I turned down Darla's generous offer of letting me see Jill one last time. I also passed on her offer of some pussy as well as an opportunity to watch her own personal tape of Jill taking on half a dozen of the sheriff's canine corps.

       I could not get out of this area fast enough, but once again, coincidence was waiting to rear its ugly head. Who was I kidding? I'm a nexus and coincidence is the name of my game. As I pointed my faithful carbon emitter due West, a line from T. S. Eliot seemed to sum up the relationship with my wayward wife; "Not with a bang, but a whimper". What lie ahead in waiting had already been foretold by Dottie just before she disappeared from my life forever. Who was I to avoid a destiny that had been planned by those who lived in the interstices of our world,  perhaps watching and waiting for us to evolve sufficently to carry out whatever it was?   

                                     ( To be continued - lex ludite ) 

                                  Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 43

        My encounter with Darla Dobson had taken a lot more out of me than I realized. Instead of heading west on Route 40, feeling mildly exhausted from what had transpired at the private hospital, I took the first place that offered lodging and food. I turned in early, not realizing what awaited me that evening.

       I was feeling my way down a long, dark hall, depending upon the sounds I heard to keep me moving. The sounds sometimes were high-pitched, often cut off in mid-scream. Other times there were more than one source of the sounds; it was possible to distinguish both men and women as the originators. There was no way to understand exactly what was happening since there were no words to finish the composition that was being created in my mind. My hands slid over more rough material, perhaps concrete, and my body followed. It was at this point that a faint beacon of light came into view. I squinted to try to determine the size and shape of the light, but failed at first. My pace increased as my eyes widened to gather more light and my confidence grew.

       The light was coming from a cutout portion in the metal door. Behind that door was also the source of all the strange noises as well. I glanced down to realize that I was wearing a uniform and it wasn't military. Just then the door flew open to outline a bear of a man who must have stood six and a half feet tall and weighed over three hundred pounds. His tunic was missing, but the rest of his uniform was the same as what I wore. He barked rather than spoke to me as I tried to gather myself and understand where I fit in the grand scheme of things.

       "Ellison, it's about damned time you showed your ugly face! We got tired of waiting, so we started without you. That's a hell of a note considering the prisoner is your whore of a wife. We thought for sure you'd want first crack at her, maybe even first crack at her crack."

       I was still trying to fit myself into this situation and not embarrass myself further. He reached out one giant hand and dragged me into the room where three other members of the squad, also stripped to the waist, were using rubber hoses to turn my wayward wife, Jill, into a lump of swollen flesh. From the looks of what used to be her face, they had been working on her for quite some time. It all started to come back to me. She had been picked up in a sweep of the city's unwanted and purely by accident coughed up some information that was rather important to an ongoing undercover activity.

       The how and why of her possession of this "for your eyes only" stuff was what caused these sessions down in the bowels of the building that housed almost all the city departments. The parson and his merry men had been doing their worst to Jill and it showed. I thought that chief Vlad had ordered that I not be involved in the interrogation sessions because of my marriage to the prisoner. Evidently the parson had either ignored or overridden the chief's order. Whatever, it didn't matter to me anymore; this was not the first session for Jill, quite to the contrary. Even so, it was plain to see that I hadn't missed much after all.

       Even after a number of "getting to know you" sessions and the ravages associated with the life of a street prostitute, Jill still had a body that was sexually exciting to me, fairly amazing considering what she had done to our marriage. They had stripped her to the skin, not a big surprise, and tied her to a chair. Two deputies were softening Jill up at the moment. They stood on either side of her and their hoses created a pattern, moving from her head to her face and then down to her shoulders and finally her big, firm tits. I had to correct myself since those big firm tits that I loved to fondle and even bite when she got me into a frenzy in bed were no longer firm. On the other hand, they were at least a cup size bigger thanks to the swelling from all the beatings they had taken over the last week or so.

       The parson suggested that I take a turn for old times sake. I understood what was happening; this was a test of sorts. Someone slapped a rubber hose into my hand and urged me to enjoy myself. For some, strange, twisted reason I lost my mind for the next few minutes. I took out all my frustrations concerning Jill's fooling around behind my back. I started on her swollen tits and slammed the hose back and forth doing my best to spread out the anger and pain fairly between them. When I got tired of flattening those multi-colored globes of bruised flesh I made my way into unexplored territory, her belly and on a few occasions even managing to get the hose between her spread thighs, bringing cheers from my fellow deputies. One lucky blow even caused her to bring up some bile that ran down her chin and then dropped on her battered breasts. Whatever actually transpired was sufficient to give me a passing grade and the promise of taking a regular turn down here while we sweated the truth from the prisoner.

       They left me alone to my thoughts as they prepared Jill for the next phase of the session. I watched dispassionately as they hung her by her wrists from an overhead water pipe, legs spread wide and anchored to ringbolts set in the concrete floor. Chief Vlad had personally designed this interrogation room for his pleasure, tiring of using the basement of his home. After they hosed her down with the high pressure water hose, she looked like a half-drowned cat, body beaded with water and perhaps her sweat as well. Her head lolled against her chest, a cheek resting against one of her swollen breasts that was covered with bruises and the like in every color of the rainbow. It was possible to pick out the new markings from the color, and so I did just that until the parson rudely brought me back to reality.

       The parson goes to the metal cabinet that holds most of the stuff we use to interrogate prisoners. He has a funny look on his face as he opens the door and then withdraws a cane made from bamboo. He gives it a few practice swings and we all listen to the singing sound it makes. I know that somehow my wayward ex-wife is going to be doing some very serious singing before he's done with her. He looks me straight in the eye and grins.

       "We liberated this from a dominatrix who thought she was above the law when it came to paying her fair share to the deputies retirement fund. She wasn't bad looking according to the deputies who took her out to the woods for a little exercise. They say she was really tight at first but they managed to loosen her up and after a time she even started to enjoy herself, at least that's their side of the story. It seems she left town the next day and we confiscated the rest of her equipment. This little beauty is my share, and your whore of a wife is going to be my first customer."

       He must have whipped her for twenty minutes without even taking a breather. By then Jill was barely conscious and bleeding in dozens of places. I think he must have practiced some the way he handled that limber length of bamboo. The big man started on her back and it sounded like a muffled gunshot every time the cane sliced into her flesh. At first Jill screamed to the high heavens, but after he got down to her ass she just moaned steadily since the blows were falling so fast she couldn't respond to each. He raised welts on her ass that bloomed like snakes expanding. Then he came back over them and turned those snakes into bands of bleeding meat. He sliced her ribcage open, going between each rib and drawing blood every time. Jill was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm by then, and a pool of blood had formed beneath her bare body. He saved the best for last, caning those big tits from top to bottom and then side to side, leaving a checkerboard pattern of bleeding welts. By then she was out cold and no fun at all. The parson looked over at me and licked his lips like an animal that just finished tearing its prey apart. 

       "Ellison, I'm tired of us using this lying bitch to practice handling my new toy. So today I intend to turn this filthy whore into a blowup doll, a real live one, not the kind the raincoaters buy in the adult bookstores. You ought to appreciate this considering what she did to you."

       They take Jill down and put her on the gyno table. It doesn't take much time to have her secured and ready for a bloating that she'll never forget, if it doesn't kill her that is. First she is forced to swallow a length of rubber tubing. It takes some convincing, but lit cigarettes pressed against her exposed clit do the trick. The other end of the hose is attached to a tap jutting from the wall. Next a three-quart enema bag is filled and hung from a stand located by the table. It has been modified so that the bag can be kept constantly filled to its maximum thanks to the second water tap located by the one feeding her belly with water. The parson laughs and comments that she'll either set a new world record for taking an enema or explode in the process of trying. There is still more for my wayward wife to accommodate. A narrow tube of glass is threaded into her bladder. This one will not pass water; instead it will jolt her with bursts of high-pressure air from still another tap on the wall. Vlad had really spent some time and money to make sure this was the best-equipped interrogation room in the state and those surrounding it. I'd seen this innocent piece of work in action on a number of occasions and it never failed to do the job for which it was intended.

       Just before the parson rammed the enema nozzle up Jill's asshole, he looked over at me and grinned. For a big man he could move; he corkscrewed his big fist in such a way as to avoid striking the glass tube, but managed to bury it between Jill's fat cunt lips. For a few seconds there was silence, and then the naked prisoner tried to swallow the rest of the tubing that connected the water tap to her belly, as her face started to lose it color. Except for yours truly, everyone else laughed at Jill's reaction to the brutal blow. For laughs he feigned another blow and my wife's eyes nearly popped from anticipation. Then it was back to business, making sure that everything was in readiness. I got a bit nervous since the prison doctor who was supposed to supervise activities such as this was not present. The parson nodded his head and one of the guards turned both water taps about a half turn and stepped away to watch what occurred.

       Jill started reacting almost instantly, moving her legs and shifting her body to get into a more comfortable position. At a nod from the parson one tap was opened further. The man-mountain leaned over Jill and pressed her stomach to gauge its fullness. He glanced up and gave us a smile just before dealing the prisoner a vicious forearm blow to her belly. A few spurts of water issued from her mouth, but the hose she had been forced to swallow acted like a block for the remainder of the liquid sloshing around in her slowly rounding belly. It was my guess that she was ingesting a lot more water than what she was getting from the enema bag. The parson announced that the prisoner would take the waters until he decided when she had enough and might be ready to tell them who spilled the beans. Secretly I knew that Jill wouldn't be taking this kind of going over if she really knew anything. My guess is she had heard something from someone, but in her drunken state, normal for her these days, Jill had already forgotten the source of what she had heard. That was too bad for my wayward wife, but that's life.

       The first pulse of high-pressure air is a big success. Jill's eyes bulge and she strains against the heavy straps that hold her body to the table. The next three are delivered rapidly and strange squeals come from her. Both taps are opened further and it is now very apparent that the prisoner's belly is more than just filled; it's approaching bloated. The parson rubs his massive hands together and chortles at the prisoner's discomfort. She definitely looks pregnant at this stage. Once more she gets a forearm shiver to her bloated belly, compliments of the parson whose face is wreathed in a terrible smile as his prisoner struggles to get air into her lungs and at the same time avoid drowning from the massive amounts of water her belly and bowels now retain from the combined enema and "water cure" she is taking. Her struggles begin to diminish, a sure sign that her lungs are now laboring to gain enough air to allow her to survive. Jill's belly is now so large that the parson has been reduced to pounding his fist down on the bloated dome she presents. He plays with the high pressure and is rewarded by the red froth that begins to emanate from her urethra. Jill's eyes roll back into her head and her face turns. Still the parson lets the water continue to enter her belly and bowels. Then to my amazement a red button pops from her navel. Spotting it the parson screams that she's cooked and ready for carving.

       I awoke bathed in sweat. It took a minute or so to convince myself that it had just been a bad dream. I attributed it to signing the papers that turned my wife over to the not so tender mercies of the private hospital's staff. The more I reviewed what I'd dreamt, the more ridiculous it seemed to become. A glance at the clock by the bed told me it was definitely not time to get out of bed and prepare myself for a day on the road. I fell back to sleep and soon the curtain rose for another strange, kinky dream.

       Here I was behind the wheel of a Detroit behemoth, trying to stay on the rutted dirt road that seemed to wind back onto itself more times than not. Why and how I managed to sentence myself to this cruel and unusual punishment remained mysteries to me. One minute I was on a solid two-lane road with nothing of substance before or behind me. Next came chaos and by the time I recovered my composure, the slug or Silly Useless Vehicle  (SUV) had taken control and gotten me totally lost. As it lumbered down the pothole littered dirt road with ruts made from various cloudbursts, I tried to recall what transpired during that period of strangeness, and came up empty. Everywhere I looked was the same; masses of trees the likes of which I'd never seen in my life, all being strangled by the rope-like kudzu vines that were winning the battle for this territory.

       Suddenly the narrow road ended in a large clearing surrounded by a panoply of huge trees that appeared to be redwoods. This was not possible I thought. Redwoods needed a much different climate and soil than what had created these ugly, twisted deformities masquerading as trees. I reined the behemoth to a halt and considered the situation. The tall trees were blotting out the sunlight to the point that it appeared to be dusk. What made it more eerie was the lack of sounds, any sound. There must be something inhabiting this area, but what and where were they? I disembarked from this battleship on wheels, a symbol of corporate greed and ignorance, easily passed off as an improvement in lifestyle, and did some reconnoitering. I hadn't taken more than half a dozen steps when they appeared, entering from the forest of quasi-redwoods.

       From a distance it was difficult to make out much about them. There were four all told, one towering over the other three. In the perpetual dusk of day it was still impossible to see any features. I began to carefully move toward them, watching the quartet for any suspicious activity. After another few steps it became apparent that none of them were wearing clothing. That stopped me in my tracks, but they continued to close the gap between us. None of the group carried anything in their hands and they were soon near enough for me to discern that the three short ones were female. They were now at a distance to allow me, even in this nearly sunless environment, to make out their figures. This was choice material; in my days of dealing with wild, wanton women, I had become adept at ranking my partners for their beauty and sexual attractiveness. This trio passed with honors when it came to face and figure.

       For the moment I merely enjoyed the sight of those firm breasts, flat stomachs, hairless pussies and the long legs upon which said pussies were mounted. One was a buxom brunette, slim and smaller than the two blondes that flanked her. A quick check of the blondes indicated they looked too similar not to be related. At this point the male member of the group intruded into my consciousness. He was carrying around a few extra pounds and was taller than average. He looked to be perhaps fifteen, maybe as much as twenty years older than the females. When he spoke he startled me, so rapt was I on the three lovelies.

       "Thank the powers that have brought you to rescue me from this burden. Take them now and leave this land; there is little time before sheriff Vlad realizes I have stolen them from their former place of refuge. My youthful charges will be lost forever if he regains power over them. You are their only hope for redemption."

       I had no idea what he was talking about. The sheriff's name seemed to tickle my memory but so far I failed to connect it to what was happening in this clearing. To my astonishment the three naked beauties started walking towards my behemoth without even so much as acknowledging my existence. I had to admit that the view of their heart-shaped bottoms and swaying hips seemed to hypnotize me for a time. Then all hell broke loose!

       Suddenly there were all sorts of police cars pouring from all sides with sirens screaming and lights flashing. The females stopped dead in their tracks and huddled together as they were quickly surrounded. Deputies and state troopers exited from various vehicles and took the trio of naked females captive, roughly groping them as they cuffed their hands behind their backs and placed chain link hobbles around their ankles. That was bad enough, but what was happening to the male was many times worse. He went down like a sack of sand after one of the state troopers, frothing at the mouth from fear or anger, kicked him squarely in the balls and followed that with a brutal blow from his baton to the back of the man's head as he hit the earth. Then I saw chief Vlad approaching, screaming at the trooper to stop hurting his prisoner.

       "I want that cocksucker in shape so I can grind his balls to paste, cut them off and make him eat them before he bleeds to death. Now leave that piece of shit alone; he's mine until he dies."

       The chief glanced around at what was taking place where the trio of naked females had been put under arrest. All of them were on the ground being pawed by members of law enforcement. In fact at least two men, one trooper and the other a deputy, were doing their level best to nail the struggling blondes beneath them. It looked as if the chief was on the verge of having a stroke. He waded into the unruly mob of deputies and troopers, shoving them out of his way so he could get to his prisoners. They all scattered when his voice announced his displeasure in no uncertain terms.

       "These are my prisoners and mine to do with as I see fit! At the moment they are under my protection. They will remain in this state until I determine different. Now pick yourselves up from the ground and get back to searching these people for weapons and drugs. Make sure you check every hole they got and do them twice. Then you can take them to my cruiser and I'll handle them until they are checked in at the jail."

       His last comment brought knowing elbows and even an occasional chuckle from his audience of law enforcement people. Chief Vlad sighed and walked away from the mob scene, shaking his head. Somehow no one seemed to notice my presence except one of the captives who caught my eye and pleaded for me to help her as a baton was shoved with maximum force into her tight little pussy, bringing hoots of laughter from the group of deputies watching her being defiled under the guise of performing a search of her person. At that point the nightmare or dream dissolved and I awoke gasping for breath. I was still somehow connected to my dream and in a panic. My heart was pounding and it felt as if any second it would jump out of my chest. It felt as if perspiration was dripping from every pore in my body. First there was the parson and now chief Vlad, all in the same night. That was that, I was too wired from the nightmares to let myself be lulled back to sleep. It was nearly two in the morning and nowhere to go, or was there? 

       The shortest route to Palo Alto does not run through Louisiana. Then why am I heading south, not west, as if I know where I'm going? Don't tell me that I have been rerouted by the powers that be in order to perform my function in a place yet to be unveiled to me by my handlers. Naturally the thrill junkies that live in my head are excited by the prospect of another detour in my trip that has not been planned by yours truly. I realized as soon as I awoke from my super dreams/nightmares that my careful planning had been put on hold or totally trashed. So here I am, driving a route that's not familiar to me, in darkness except for signs directing me to motels or small towns that can offer me food and gasoline at any hour of the day or night. Beckoning in the distance is the thriving metropolis of Little Rock. Perhaps this is my destination; how can I tell?

                          (To be continued - lex ludite)

                                Wayward Wife's Punishment - Chapter 44

       Little Rock came and went; now my car was on U. S. 65 going south.  It was the little hamlet of Wrightsville, population 300 or thereabouts, where I stopped to fill the tank. The little pumping station was ringed in darkness, but the operator was happy to take my money in exchange for gas. He warned me to take it slow and easy for the next three or four miles since there was some type of road construction going on down there. I thanked him for the tip and drove off into the blackness, headlights on high beam. It was less than two miles before I spotted those dream creatures, now clothed, stepping from behind a huge earthmover. There was a large man and three smaller figures. Without thinking, I pulled to the side of the road and waited for my passengers to approach.

       "Normally I'm not a praying man, but this time I did and here you are. Something told me to wait here and the messenger would arrive. So here you are and just in the nick of time. The sheriff is not far behind us and the little ladies need to be gone from here as fast as that machine can carry them."

       Without thinking I told them to get into the car and be quick about it. The three females got into the backseat, but their companion refused to move from where he stood. I leaned over to open the car door, but he shook his head.

       "I'll lead old Vlad a merry chase and you can put some distance between him and you while I'm doing it. Get across the state line and you have a decent chance to get them where they're supposed to be going, wherever that is. Don't you worry about ole Jethro. I'll be fine. I know this area a whole lot better than the sheriff does."

       With those words and a salute to the trio in the backseat, he disappeared into the blackness and we sped away, still being careful to watch for any obstacles for at least the next few miles. It was close to three hours with the morning sun coming up before we cleared the sovereign state of Arkansas and crossed into Louisiana. I'd changed highways about forty miles from the Louisiana border to throw off any Arkansas state troopers who might be looking for a man with a carload of females in the backseat. Some might think me paranoid, but I'd seen and experienced way too much in recent times not to worry about everything around me.

       At my insistence two of the ladies hopped in the trunk long enough for me and the other twin to make an appearance at the first island we found, a place called Bonita. There we took on some gasoline and what passed for food and drink. I would soon learn a great deal about Cajun cuisine and even enjoy some of it from time to time. Thanks to the detailed map I had the good sense to buy at some outrageous price from the same fellow who sold me the food, I was able to orient myself. However all I had to go on was the direction, south. I decided to have faith in my masters and wait patiently until they deigned to give me more to go on.  We were hardly in the car for a minute when the teenage blonde lovely, her name proved to be Terri Tolliver, began inhaling this strange smelling provender without even taking a deep breath.

       I for one had a hard time steering since my brain was now being seduced by these strange smells. This was quickly followed by a very brief serenade from the calliope, reminding me that her name, like so many of my past female encounters, had the same first letter in both names. In just the blink of an eye I suddenly felt very low on the food chain. I was on the verge of despair, reminding me of some of the old Testament types who wrestled with the concept of Jehovah. Then this strange revelation was gone back into whatever dimension it had originally occupied, and I was kept busy keeping my eyes on the road for a good place to exchange Teri for the brunette.

       My nervous system took another jolt when the diminutive brunette with the big tits announced her name to be Marie Mason. She babbled on about her husband Marty and how they had been traded into white slavery by Jethro, the man that had been their escort until I had taken over the job. Their new owner was a schoolteacher by the name of Mimi Marlow, who had all sorts of connections in and beyond the limits of the county. To make it even more complicated and interesting, the Tolliver twins were the other part of the swap. However that portion of the deal had never been truly consummated according to Jethro. Thus he had no compunctions about assisting in freeing them from the teacher. Unfortunately the sheriff's deputies managed to wrest her husband away from Jethro, and he was probably having terrible things done to his slim, almost girlish form by the minions of Vlad, the county sheriff. The only thing that saved my sanity at this point was another roadside store located in the thriving metropolis of Mer Rouge.

       We loaded up on additional quantities of the local product disguised as food. I also took this opportunity to open up the wonderful map of the state for which I had paid an exorbitant amount of money. The map was contained in a plastic envelope that broke apart as I fumbled to get it open. My first inclination, when I saw the bold, red magic marker connecting where I was to a little town called Belle Rose, was to think that I'd been sold a used map. Then I remembered how the envelope had broken apart. My chest grew tight and I felt flushed. Marie started to panic, thinking I was having a heart attack. I looked at her, shook my head and showed her my open palms to signal that I was in one piece, sort of.

       It took a few more minutes for me to recover fully. Fortunately everyone around us was either napping or dozing. I started the car and we took off, driving slowly to avoid drawing any attention. At last there was a side road that allowed me to park and let the trio get out so they could stretch their legs. I took this opportunity to study what my masters had given me as a guide; it was pretty straightforward. This time I also noticed a small card for a hotel the just so happened to be located at my destination. My guide certainly covered all the bases except the damage that was being done to my sanity. I heaved a sigh and calculated that with any kind of luck we could make Belle Rose before sunset. Could this be my ultimate destination, not if I had anything to do with it? There was this skinny Chinese babe with an enema fixation that had driven me to finally escape the cold and dark of Minneapolis, and I was bound and determined to play through until I saw her again.

       In order to retain my composure after too many shocks over too short a time, I rotated the threesome so that one always sat by me while the other two occupied the back seat. As the miles rolled by I asked questions of my ever-changing seat companion and slowly came to the c0nclusion that the trio was clueless about almost everything in which I had any interest. Still in all I had to admit that having a beautiful, well built female sitting less than a few feet away did allow me to fantasize when all efforts at adult communication failed. One thing became very apparent; these three were afraid of lots of things, some silly and some that were the stuff of nightmares. I certainly knew about the latter.

       It was fairly apparent that Marie had been through a lot ever since she and her husband, Marty, came down to visit Rhonda and Jethro. Having to deal with a full bladder for hours on end just to get to their hosts must have been murder. Then upon their arrival they were forced to strip naked and perform acts that were not spoken about in polite conversation. I pressed her for details just to keep the conversation going, and damned if she didn't! She and Marty took turns swallowing the contents of each other's full bladders while their humiliation was recorded so that it could be turned into a tape for sale to the large audience that Rhonda had for such material. Marie quickly skipped over being sodomized by Jethro but gave me lots of details about witnessing Rhonda sodomizing her poor husband with a huge strap on dildo while he whimpered and begged for mercy. She tried to skip over the water sports that followed, but I persisted and she obeyed. By now I realized she was quite submissive, a perfect wife for most men myself included. So she chattered on about she and her dear husband getting huge enemas and having to rid them into each other's face while naturally the action was recorded.

       Then without any prompting from me, Marie opened up and confessed that she had been having sex with her lawyer almost all the time she was married to Marty. He even forbid her from having sex with her husband under any circumstances and she did so except for one incident over which she had no control. I regretted listening to this tale of duplicity as it brought back memories of my dear cheating slut of a wife, Jill. Marie was so busy unburdening herself that she didn't notice the way my face changed as I clenched my jaw and turned my eyes into slits as I relived those terrible days. I cut off Marie just as she started to describe how she and her sweetheart of a husband were raped by gangs of teenagers. I had just about enough of her life as a slut for the moment. Naturally after another round with the twins I'd be eager for Marie's whining voice once more.

       Both Terri and Traci sometimes acted like they were brain damaged, and as their stories began to unfold after my prompting, it seemed realistic to assume that their occasional return to childishness was no act. That made me quite sad to realize that these beautiful teenagers had been so brutalized that their mental development had been stunted. I wondered what part they would play in the grand scheme of things being developed by those pulling the strings behind the scenes. At this point I went into my usual rant about "Why me? Why me?" Then I'd remember all the fun things, the weird things, the bad things, the sex and more sex with a variety of great and not so great sex partners. I was living the life! How many humans on the planet knew what I knew? How many of my species had almost a dozen separate, functioning entities living in their brain? Damned few, I'd wager.

       So here I was taking a detour to ferry three gorgeous creatures that between them might have one functioning brain. Meanwhile I still had this eerie feeling that there were a number of Arkansas deputies who had crossed the state line and were closing in on my precious cargo and me. That thought caused me to accelerate to well beyond the speed limit. My passengers thought this was great fun, and their excitement overcame my instinct for survival. In less time than it takes to tell, there was a red light in my rear view mirror. The long arm of the law had run me to earth. "What now?" I thought, pulling over to the side of the road.

       Out from the La Salle county police car stepped a tall, slim deputy wearing dark sunglasses, one hand on the holster housing a large caliber weapon. I was definitely overmatched. As the deputy came closer, her gait tipped off her sex. My eyes were glued to her tunic opened at the throat and down two buttons. It revealed the tops of a pair of tits fighting to be free of the bra confining them. My eyebrows shot up at the sight and I leaned forward to get a better view of what this deputy possessed besides that large handgun.

       "License and registration please. I clocked you at fifteen miles over the local speed limit."

       While I fumbled to come up with the appropriate documentation, she peered into the car and frightened the bejabbers out of my passengers. The three of them huddled together, staring up at this dark monolith of a policewoman, whose skin was the color of caramel. She studied what I gave her and then walked to the front of the car to check the license plate. Satisfied she went to her cruiser and called in what I'd provided. After a few minutes she returned and handed me my documentation. Then the more serious interrogation began. When I admitted that I'd picked up my passengers in Arkansas, she laughed. Now it was Marie and the Tolliver twins who answered her queries. I've noticed there seems to be some kind of unspoken communication that sometimes takes place between females that we males don't possess. This was one of those occasions when I knew it to be true.

       The deputy suggested that she and I take a walk over to her cruiser. I thought the jig was up at that moment, but trying to overcome her and make a run for it made little if any sense. When we got there she smiled for the first time and told me a very interesting story about a recent stop she made and the result of it. It seems she arrested two members of the Arkansas state troopers for speeding and being out of their jurisdiction. Since they had no paperwork to support their story about chasing some pervert who had kidnapped three young women and taken them across state lines in violation of the Mann Act, she disarmed them and called for backup. They were decidedly unhappy over this result, but currently their police car was impounded and they were being held in protective custody until this matter could be settled. She estimated that to take perhaps another half day.

       It was then that she asked my destination and when I told her Belle Rose, she took off her dark glasses and stared me in the eyes. I took the liberty of showing her the card indicating the hotel at which we should stay. The deputy shook her head and told me that place had a bad reputation among the townsfolk who claimed it housed people who practiced black magic and the like. Then she added a final grace note, telling me that if I met Helene Corday, I should tell her that Mariah said hello. With that she told me I was free to go and handed me a medallion for my use if any member of the various Louisiana law enforcement organizations stopped me.

       The voices in my head clamored to be the one that informed me that was no coincidence. That was as obvious as the nose on my face. For the next two hundred miles I listened to the strange stories that the Tolliver twins related. According to them they thought they were sixteen or thereabouts. They couldn't agree on just how many foster homes they had been placed since their parents died in a fire, leaving them with no close relatives and very little money. They did however agree that for the first three years one or more persons at every home they were placed sexually abused them. After a time I gave up trying to censor their vocabularies.


       Often it was the foster parents who fucked them bowlegged. Usually it started with the husband and then the wife joining in once the twins were broken and ready for the treatment she had planned for them. In some of the homes the foster parents sold their bodies to other people as well. In two they were also fucked and even whipped by the person who was responsible for supervising their foster parents. In every place they were it was home schooling, where they learned new sex positions, how to eat pussy, suck and lick assholes and give blowjobs. Corporal punishment was meted out for any infraction and for almost a year and a half their asses were constantly covered with welts in various states of healing. Their budding tits and shaved cunt mouths were also whipped and caned quite frequently. In one home after a good pussy caning they would be bound and gagged then gangbanged for hours by both men and women who paid for the opportunity to further degrade the twins. They claimed that the women were the worst because their strap-on dildos never got soft.

       It was a miracle they never got pregnant, but reading between the lines it was apparent that they both had a number of early term abortions done at home by local doctors who took most of their fee in pussy or their assholes. The worst place they stayed was only for three and a half months and they nearly died from the beatings, raping and torture they endured. The favorite torture, and it was used often towards the end of their stay, was to push the girl's head into a nearly overflowing toilet filled with turds and piss and then sodomize her until she lost consciousness. How they managed to survive and wind up with the Tolliver family, who treated them as human beings and truly part of their extended family, was a miracle to them. Until now I thought I had heard it all. It was unbelievable that such monsters could be alive and preying on orphans.

       When my seatmate was Marie, it was talk, talk, talk about her darling cuckold of a husband. She gushed about his faithfulness and understanding. Despite his noble characteristics, once her parents died she started having sex with her lawyer every few days. He enjoyed doing her in his office with the door open so his sluttish secretary could watch them going at it on his couch or the top of his massive mahogany desk. However she was always a little uncomfortable when they would stain the sheets in her own bed, insisting that they not be removed until she and her husband slept on them for at least one night. Marty never, ever complained about anything, even when she told him they could not have sex anymore for reasons she kept to herself. On occasion, as a treat, she allowed him the pleasure of masturbating in her presence while he lay on those stained sheets and she slowly played with her well-fucked pussy. His ejaculations were so powerful that his sperm sometimes could reach his neck. Usually she had a nice orgasm watching as he scooped up every drop of his sperm and swallowed it. She never let on that at those times she thought only about being fucked by her lawyer.

       Marie was certainly quirky when it came to her husband. When she wasn't describing how she cheated on him, she wondered just what those nasty state troopers were doing to him now. That was worse than listening about her orgasms while the well-hung lawyer's big thick cock opened her cunt to its limits.

       " I just know they strung him up like a piece of meat and took turns beating him senseless with rubber hoses. Poor Marty, he doesn't know anything about how the twins and I escaped from Mimi Marlow's clutches. My husband is shy about his physique; they probably stripped him to the skin and made fun of him until he was knocked cold. I wouldn't put it past that nasty sheriff Vlad if he didn't have his storm troopers hook Marty's balls up to a generator so they could fry them over and over until he told them all he knew. My husband is a real hero to protect me that way. By now they're ramming their batons up his tight asshole, and he'll be screaming his head off from the pain. "

       I glanced over to my companion to discover that she had pulled down her black harem pajama bottoms and was diddling her clit as the gash grease oozed from her cunt. Her eyes were shut and she carried on as if no one else was watching. It was at that point that one of the twins leaned over and observed that Marie did that to herself quite often, usually telling about how hard the lawyer fucked her in the ass or came in her mouth. She and her sister would bet when she climaxed, which was easy to tell since her whole body trembled and her nipples got real pointy. Without thinking I reached over and slapped Marie's big tits to break the spell she had created for herself. She got red as a beet and quickly covered up her swollen pussy. I would have bet money she was no more than a minute or so from her climax. She was silent for the remainder of the trip to Belle Rose.

                       (To be continued - lex ludite)

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