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Profane Rituals - Satanic Slave's Surrender

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Synopsis: This is the tale of how one of my favorite slave s, the masochistic slut, harlotta, surrendered her sexual innocence.


This is the tale of how one of my favorite slave s, the masochistic slut, harlotta, surrendered her sexual innocence. At the time slave harlotta was the newest slave to have submitted to me. H arlotta, a devout catholic nun, and her brother, a recently ordained priest, fell into my clutches at the same time. Slave harlotta submitted to life as a slave in only a few days. H er brother clung to his former existence, and resisted my relentless persuasion for weeks on end. When he was eventually broken, accomplished with the eager help of his fallen sister, his surrender was all the more complete and satisfying. It pleased me beyond measure to watch his obvious anguish when he first saw what a depraved, an utterly submissive trollop his formerly saintly sister had become. It added a lovely edge to his misery, when he still retained his own will, when he realized how much the slut loved me, and her masochisti c d elight in both suffering for, and sexually serving my every whim. H is utter distress at seeing how devotedly she worshipped my Lord, the satanic Eminence, Beelzebub.

I am known as Majesty, and am the sole high priestess of the Church of the Fallen Angels. I have a male counterpart, known as Sovereign, and all Church devotees, except Sovereign, are my slave s. Indeed, I, myself, am a slave , but only to my Lord, Beelzebub. I live with two slave s w ho are, by nature, dominant women and thus at the top of the tree of slave ry. Both are priestesses of the second tier within the Church hierarchy. The society of the Church is set up to reflect power. Myself, and Sovereign are at the top, the second tier are priests and priestesse s w ho submit only to Sovereign and I, and hold absolute power over all others, the third tier are the acolytes, and the fourth, the slave s. Acolytes may aspire to rise to the rank of priest, but slave s never rise above that station. The sole high priest and priestess hold their office for life.

I treat my two priestesses, known as Mistress and Dominatrix, almost as equals in normal daily life. But they have no doubt as to their status, and submit, unconditionally, to my will. I make it a rule never to belittle my priestesses in the sight of devotees of lower status. To do so would inevitably undermine their power in the eyes of the acolytes and slave s, and upset the power balance of the satanic society. All devotees know their place in the scheme of things, and these structures are starkly reinforced on every ritual occasion.

It may have been luck, but I suspect that my Lord had more than a little to do with the events that led to my conversion to the Church of the Fallen Angels. I became the all-powerful H igh Priestes s w ithin a week of that conversion. The ceremony of elevation being required at that time due to the death of my predecessor. I was elevated from a field of ten of my peers, by the direct intervention of the Lord, and became the youngest H igh Priestess in the long history of the Church. Being just eighteen years of age, and completely inexperienced in the rituals and ceremonies that I was to preside over, the elders of the Church assigned me the two priestesses that still live with me to instruct me. They were not at first meant to become my permanent companions, but had almost immediately formed an unbreakable bond with me, helped, no doubt, by the fact that all three of us have strong lesbian tendencies. Consequently they have remained in my service ever since.

Strangely, I was recruited to the Church by one of its fourth tier slave s. I had been walking down an alley in one of the more seedy areas of the city, confident in my natural power that I would remain safe from danger. I had just enjoyed a night of lesbian lust with a couple of whores I knew, and was returning home. All of a sudden two young males accosted me, no doubt with the express purpose of raping me. I fought them like a tiger but, had the unequal contest been allowed to continue, I would have eventually been overpowered. Just when I had finally realized that this might be inevitable, a woman, obviously proficient in martial arts, came to my rescue. She quickly dispatched my assailant s w hile I caught my breath, irreconcilable anger controlling my every thought. Anger at the woman because she allowed the vanquished rapists to escape, as much as anything. The slave , seeing my rage, and perceiving that her own action s w ere as much responsible for it as the two escaped rapists, and even at this early stage perceiving my latent power, immediately stripped off her heavy leather belt and handed it to me. She fell to her knees before me and tore open her vest, revealing a pair of massive, soft, drooping tits. I was startled to see that steel rings pierced the hard teats capping the enormous mounds. The distraught slave offered her tender tits to me, and gasped pleadingly:

"Lovely Mistress, I am overcome with sorrow at having caused your anger. Please! Please! Adorable Mistress, I beg you, punish me soundly for my sin. Vent your rage at me by thrashing my fat udder s w ith the belt. Please! Please! Sweet Mistress, whip my big, floppy tits hard, show me no mercy, so that I may atone for my behavior."

I stared down with utter disbelieving shock at the pleading slave , who had, by this time, stripped her vest right off, rendering her naked from the waist up, and had clasped her hands behind her head and thrust her enormous tits out, offering their tender masses to the punishment she was pleading for. I had never come across anything like this. Sure, in some of my lesbian liaison s w e had played at bondage, but I had never actually punished another person before, actually inflicted pain. To my surprise the shock soon transformed into extreme sensual excitement, the like of which I had never experienced before in my young life. H ot blood pulsed through my veins, and my heart pounded with a power and desire that could not be controlled, or even contained. My naturally sadistic temperament surfaced with a vengeance. Suddenly it was clear that this submissive creature kneeling before me, and pleading with me to punish her soft tits deserved her suffering, there was no doubt. I raised the heavy belt high, and brought it crashing down onto the slave 's sensitive tits. The leather cracked loudly into the soft masses causing them to bounce wildly on the woman's slender torso. The masochist squealed in pain, but it was a squeal that, in no way, suggested a desire for her torment to cease, but rather indicated an ecstasy that I did not yet understand, but was to come to recognize instinctively in the future. I thrashed the woman's flying tit s w ith a brutal cruelty that shocked me to my core. But my thrashing became even more fierce the more the suffering slave wailed out her anguish, and sobbed out her urging that I whip her tormented tits harder and harder.

Physical exhaustion, rather than and desire to show compassion on my part, finally heralded the cessation of the thrashing I was administering to the sobbing woman. As soon as I lowered the belt she fell forward, and embraced my legs, crushing the pain soaked masses of her sorely abused tits into me, and sobbed out her gratitude at having suffered so richly at my hands. As soon as she was capable of it, the slave slipped back into her vest and rose to her feet. Tears still trickled down her cheeks, but her eyes shone with a blend of sheer joy, and loving tendernes s w hen she stared into my own, slightly confused ones. I was still trying to come to grip s w ith what I had just done. H ow could I have so barbarically punished this poor woman who had, in fact, just saved me from a vile fate. But even more strangely, I felt no compulsion to express sorrow at my actions, it was as though I had reacted exactly as I should have.

The slave bowed her head in deference to my power, and shyly invited me to accompany her to her home. H er eyes twinkled mischievously when she suggested that we may play some exciting games together. Needless to say, I agreed, having no real desire to go back to my own lonely apartment. Little did I know, at the time, that I would never return to that drab place. I was in for a further surprise when the woman led me to a late model, and hugely expensive car. My immediate reaction was that I had come across a decadent rich bitch out for a night of hedonistic slumming. I couldn't have been more wrong. She drove us to a secluded estate a few miles out of the city. After parking the car in an enormous garage which housed numerous other vehicles of the most luxurious and expensive type, the woman led me to a small elevator which we rode down into the basement area of the enormous mansion.

The woman spoke briefly into a intercom, speaking in a language that I didn't recognize, and then led me down a long hall, and into a chamber that had all the hallmarks of a throne room dedicated to royalty. She installed me on one of the two ornate thrones and left, informing me that she would return shortly. While I awaited her return I took the time to inspect my surroundings. Curiously, I experienced a sensation of being home and safe, that I not only belonged here, but also was completely at home seated on the throne, in a position of power. The room was plushly carpeted with a large rubber square immediately in front of the two thrones. A large crucifix hung on the wall behind the chairs. Not your normal religious icon, however, the cros s w as upside down, and the figure pinned to it was naked, and sported an erect cock. The wall s w ere adorned with paintings of monumental proportions depicting scenes from hade s w ith demons playing cruel sexual game s w ith nude people of both sexes. The sheer depravity of the scenes filling me with an erotic sense of exhilaration. I quickly realized that my hostess must be a Satanist, but rather than being frightened, I again experienced a sensation of having found my way, and of belonging.

My head jerked up when the door to the chamber opened, and my hostess returned. But how the woman had changed. She was completely nude, except for scarlet silk hose and satin garter belt, and impossible high heeled shoes. She had made up her quite pretty face like that of a whore and, bizarrely, a ring, similar to those hanging from her stiff teats, dangled humiliatingly from her nose. As soon as she had closed the door the woman dropped to her knees and crawled over to the rubber mat, her plump tits, still showing the signs of their recent punishment, swaying heavily from her torso with her gait. As soon as she got there the woman reared up, and lewdly thrust her crotch out to me. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that she was completely hairless in her fork. Each of the plump lips of her twat wore a steel ring piercing it at its mid point.

The woman smiled up at me with sheer lasciviousness. H er hands slid down her body and she linked a finger through each of her pussy rings, and wrenched them cruelly apart. I gaped in astonishment at the moist meat she so lewdly revealed. The mouth of her cunt pit convulsed sensually, and her girl prick stood stiffly at the apex of her lecherously splayed sex split. The tiny woman cock had been sheared of its protective foreskin, and had a tiny golden ring piercing its base. The wanton creature stared up at me with devotion shining in her dark eyes and cried:

"Sweet Mistress, let me introduce myself. I am slave whoregash. I revel in my existence as a depraved harlot of the Lord Beelzebub. I have already been privileged to offer you my tits, sweet Mistress, and I now offer you my wanton cunt split. It is yours to use, or abuse, as befits your whim. I am a low slave , sweet Mistress, and will refuse you nothing. My Master, the Lord Sovereign, high priest of Prince Beelzebub, will join us shortly. H e is going to offer you a new life of unbridled power and glory, as befits your majesty. I am commanded to entertain you while we wait, lovely Mistress. But first I am instructed to request that you strip your gorgeous body, and don the robe that lays on the Master's throne."

I looked over at the other chair and saw that there was a black, silk robe draped over its back that I had not noticed before. Despite the eerie atmosphere of my strange surroundings I felt no embarrassment at stripping in front of the slave , indeed, I did so with pride and sensual contentment, happy to reveal my stunning nudity to the groveling serf. I never wear underwear when I seek out lesbian love, and so when I drew my short skirted dress over my head I rendered myself nude except for my stockings and shoes. I heard a gasp of delight when I dropped the dress behind the ornate throne, and the slave was able to feast her eyes on my ravishing body. Six feet tall, a slender waist, wide, voluptuous hips, plump firm buttocks, and huge, shapely, firmly fleshed breasts. I knew that I possessed a body to die for, and loved to flaunt its beauty before others. I turned back to the kneeling slave , the robe still hanging in my hands, when I heard her sob. Tears streamed down her face, tears of joy, and she gasped:

"Oh, adored Mistress, you are so beautiful. My hearts throb s w ith joy at being permitted to gaze upon you. My depraved cunt has flooded with juice at the mere sight of honor your stunning beauty. I knew that you were the one as soon as I had looked upon your glorious loveliness. I'm now certain that I am privileged to be in the presence of undiluted power, and my entire being pulsates in ecstasy!"

I looked down into the woman's lewdly splayed crotch and saw that it indeed drooled with rich spicy girl juice. I marveled at the fact that the mere sight of my lush charms had had that effect on such an obvious hedonist, and a strange sense of power throbbed through my veins. Reluctantly, I slipped the robe over my head and shivered with pleasure as its soft silken material caressed my skin sensually. The robe was jet black with a large cowl, and covered me completely from head to toe. I resumed my seat on the throne and stared down at the kneeling slave . The lewd, wanton woman immediately began to perform an obscene masquerade for my benefit. H er lush nudity writhed around on the mat while she fist fucked her drooling cunt pit, and wildly masturbated her spasming woman cock for my entertainment.

Suddenly the door opened again, and a tall male figure entered. H e was dressed in a robe similar to the one I had donned, except that it was scarlet in color. As he walked towards the thrones, barely acknowledging the depraved cavorting of the nude slave , he exuded raw power. My heart fluttered with awe and wonder while he gazed down at me, his black eyes piercingly penetrating, as if reading my very soul. Once again I was mystified to realize that I did not fear this haunting male, but rather matched my will with his, returning his gaze defiantly.

The awesome figure standing before me acknowledged my own potency. "Yes, you are definitely the one, my dear." H e commented, asking, " H as my slut, whoregash, been entertaining you satisfactorily?" I didn't really know how to answer this question, being more than a little puzzled at how these two seemed to know my mind before I did, but, never the less, indicated that the lasciviously frolicking woman had proved amusing. The man sat in the chair next to mine and immediately explained to me who he was, and why he had been searching for a new female counterpart. H e explained, in detail, what the Church of the Fallen Angels represented, its make-up, how its membership and hierarchy worked. While he talked the slave , whoregash, left the mat momentarily, only to return, armed with two enormous dildos. The debauched slut soon plunged one of these up each of her cunt and arse pits, and fucked herself so hard that her fat tit s w ere soon flying around on her chest.

The high priest described a future for me of untold wealth and privilege. A life with no rules, and limitless power over all in the Church's congregation, bar himself. A life of exquisite sensuality where I could indulge every fantasy. A life where slave s, such a s w horegash, lived only to serve my every whim, and to bear any suffering it took my fancy to inflict on them. It was all too fantastic for me to absorb. My excitement was palpable and, when he informed me that the price for such a life was the unconditional submission of my soul to the supreme Lord, Beelzebub I hardly batted an eyelid. When he finally asked me if I was prepared to submit, I made my decision without a thought, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes" I cried in a state of euphoric excitement. I could unreservedly worship a deity whose law was so hedonistically complete. I had found my place in the world.

My submission took place immediately. The Sovereign, representing the Lord Beelzebub, accepted that ritual surrender. H e took my hand, and led me from the room, down a long passage, and into a dark chapel. The altar was a massive, low slung, black marble slab over which hovered an awe inspiring effigy of the Lord. A huge black statue, in male form, naked, with enormous stone muscles, and astonishing twin, black, stone penises in mighty erection arching up from its ebony crotch. The Sovereign commanded me to strip while he, himself, mounted the altar, and crouched, facing away from me. H e flipped up the skirt of his robe and revealed his naked arse, its large, pale, fleshy cheek s w ere split widely revealing the prominently ridged ring of his anus nestling deep in the fleshy crevasse. My heart pounded with a weird, sexually stimulating excitement, but I still flushed scarlet when it dawned on me what I was obviously to be required to do next. I should have rebelled. I normally despised males, and would no more have dreamed of kissing the arsehole of one than fly to the moon. But this did not apply to this commanding, and powerfully exciting man. I wanted, more than anything I had ever wanted in my life, to share in that power. My delirious brain was still coming to grip s w ith all of these conflicting emotion s w hen his voice rang out:

"Woman, I represent the Lord Beelzebub, and would accept your submission to H i s w ill. Surrender unconditionally, woman. Subjugate your very essence to the Lord. Become H is slave for ever!"

I knelt, naked, behind the crouching high priest. My heart was in my mouth, and my burning cheeks flushed with humiliation at the very idea of what I was about to do. Strangely, it was not humiliation born of disgrace, but that of acute embarrassment, tinged with excitement of such intensity that it made me feel quite light headed. I leaned forward, and slipped my flushed face between those shockingly white, warm, fleshy cheeks. My lips pressed, tentatively at first, but then with increasing passion and a sense of abandon and almost unearthly exhilaration, against the high priest's pungent anal ring in a shocking, but exciting expression of deliciously exciting submission that was so intense and all consuming that it shocked me to my core. A few seconds after my lips had first touched the pungent anal pout all inhibitions seemed to flood from my consciousness, to be replaced by exquisite sensations of pure depravity and utterly wanton debauchery. Without ant conscious decision on my part I found my tongue spearing his sphincter, and plunging deeply into the pungent depths of his rectum, and I French kissed the piquant arsehole with a passion I hardly knew that I possessed, and my very core was lost in utter capitulation to the Lord Beelzebub. I tongue kissed the high priest's spicy arsehole for all of five minutes before, reluctantly withdrawing my tongue, and allowing my face to slip out of hi s w arm arse crease.

"Isn't surrender delicious, my dear." The high priest commented while he stood back and watched me put my robe back on. I could only but agree. My mind still buzzed with the electric excitement of the situation, and I couldn't wait for the next act in this incredible adventure to unfold. My values had changed completely. When I looked at the man who had first forced through sheer will power, and then so obscenely accepted my surrender, I found myself wondering what his penis tasted like, a thought that only a few hours earlier, would have been the furthermost thing from my mind. Sexual excess, in all its many guises, was now an imperative, not to be used merely a diversion when I was bored. And it no longer seemed to matter which sex I amused myself with, although I would always harbor some resentment of males, purely because they were male. I slowly realized that, while I could still make love to a woman, I would only be having sex with men.

Over the next week I certainly learned what the high priest's penis tasted like, sucking him off on countless occasions, and fucking him with both my pussy and arsehole many times. I played with his slave to my heart's content, and punished her whenever the fancy took me, marveling at the slut's masochisti c d elight when I cruelly whipped her cunt split. True to his promise, the Sovereign's slave denied me nothing, and always expressed her deepest adoration of me, despite, or, perhaps, in spite of her suffering and humiliation at my increasing cruel and sadistic hands. Throughout the week the high priest instructed me in the ways of the Church, explaining how it gathered it s w ealth through its extensive enterprises in the S&M sex industry. H e explained how I was to be his preferred nomination for the office of H igh Priestess, just vacated following the untimely demise of the last female to hold that office. H e informed me that he had never come across a female with such latent power as that I possessed, and knew from the second he first laid eyes on me that I was chosen.

My next great surprise wa s w hen he announced that the mansion we had been living in was now my personal property. H e had transferred title the day after my submission. I couldn't believe it. It must be a dream. But it wasn't, and soon I was being schooled in the management of Church affairs, and was given access to untold wealth. The high priest informed me that he and his personal slave , whoregash, came from Europe , and were only over here to oversee the elevation of the new H igh Priestess. This event took place exactly one week after my surrender, in a gathering at the mansion. There was some initial discontent among other devotee s w hen the H igh Priest sponsored me, for his favor was always going to be decisive in the final decision. Other candidates, it was argued, were far senior to me, and far better versed in Church ritual. The H igh Priest insisted, however, that no other aspirant possessed the raw power and presence that I did, and after a few struggles of will thi s w as generally conceded. The H igh Priest also argued, with total conviction, that I could be taught all other things, but no one else could match my raw vitality. The decision was made in my favor, and two female devotees of priestess status, Mistress and Dominatrix, were appointed to tutor me in the ways and rituals of the Church.

I had acquired but one personal slave up to the time of the abduction of the two religious persons. Their abduction was really planned to serve two purposes. Firstly, and most importantly, our Satanic Ruler had decreed that a defrocked priest was required to perform in some of its most profane ceremonies in celebration of H is power. It was left to me to decide how best to accomplish this. My decision was that the defrocked priest should also be a slave . Thi s w ould both please the Lord, and also make the person so much easier to control, given that escape from our control is virtually impossible. Not that any of the Church's slave s have ever even contemplated such a course of action in my experience, so completely do we in the Church cater to their masochistic needs.

It was also my idea to add to the diabolical profanity of the ceremonial occasions by having the defrocked priest assisted by a female slave , also previously religious, but more exquisitely wicked and perverse, to also be a blood relative. I would rather the ones had been father and daughter but, thanks to the ridiculous catholic rule that its priests remain celibate for life, thi s w as obviously not possible so brother and sister was the next best option. The down side of my plan was, of course, that due to my special specifications it took a couple of years before we were able to track down two suitable candidates. Oh, by the way, the second reason for me adding two more slave s to my stable was to give my sole current slave , the delightful slutina, submissive companionship, and assistance in serving my every whim, not to mention some exciting variety when I was feeling sadistic, and just had to subject slave s to cruel punishment, which I can assure you, is often. While the deliciously masochistic slutina was only to pleased to offer her voluptuous nudity to my, and my two attending priestesses, vicious torments, we had long since realized that the anguished suffering of one slave was not enough to satisfy us.

One more reason I was particularly desirous of attaining my own, permanent male slave , was to exercise my cruel sadism by training him to predominantly serve other males. While I don't mind indulging in the occasional bouts of heterosexual passion these days, I still harbor an intense dislike for the male, and love nothing better than to watch them humiliate themselves by cavorting in debauched lust with other members of their own sex. In fact, I planned that the only heterosexual acts I would ever allow my male slave to perform would be with either slutina, or more humiliatingly, with his own sister, and these bout s w ere going to be few and far between, and mainly associated with rituals. H is service, as a whore, in our brothel s w ould be exclusively with other males, either in exhibition of lust and depravity, or actually as a wanton harlot.

The nun was broken quite quickly, with the considerable help of my slutina, with whom she fell hopelessly in love on first sight. That, together with a masochistic temperament that was only matched in sheer intensity by that of her brother, when he finally submitted to his inevitable fate, made the task ridiculously easy. All I had to do was strip the voluptuou s w oman nude, let slutina play with her, but not allow her any form of relief, pretend to catch the two in the act of disobeying me, take my cruelest whip to slutina's lovely arse cheeks, and wait for the nun to beg to take my little slut's punishment for her. I, of course, refused to allow her that until the nun had submitted, and renounced her odious God. It only took a half a dozen of these sessions to achieve my evil purpose. And the slave 's pleading for her punishment, and her total renunciation of her god, proved most spectacular, and immensely pleasing to me. Instead of offering to take slutina's arse whipping, the distraught slut begged me to flay her lovely, big, soft tit s w ithout mercy, to punish her for not surrendering sooner.

The brother took much longer to break but, as I mentioned earlier, when he finally did, he proved to be the most naturally masochistic animal I have ever seen. I derived considerable pleasure, not to mention sheer, diabolic, entertainment, from deliberately using his sister, whom I had named harlotta, as a tool to assist in breaking down his stubborn resistance. But back to the tale I want to relate, the ravishment of harlotta. When we took the woman she was a virgin in every sense of the word. Usually we use any virgin s w e break to undertake the role of the Lord Beelzebub's slut during the celebration of Black Masses. But, as I mentioned earlier, the main purpose for taking a brother and sister combination was to have the sister perform as the defrocked one's assistant in many of the rituals. Therefore, I consulted the Black Bible for an appropriate deflowering rite, and found one that was just perfect, and didn't involve the presence of a male. I wanted to ensure that harlotta, outside of her service in my brothels, was never to be fucked by anyone other than her brother.

When I informed slutina of my choice the delicious little serf was beside herself with happiness. My little slut knows the Black Bible by heart, and she knew that there would be an exciting role for her to play in the ceremony I had chosen. I informed the slave that part of her task was to instruct harlotta in the conduct of her coming ravishment, and ritual deflowering. She would have plenty of time to achieve this task for I had immediately, on her submission, had harlotta's girl prick sheath removed, and it was going to take a few days for the surgery to heal. H er piercing s w ould also be given more time to heal and strengthen, for some of her ring s w ere essential for the ceremony, being used to assist in holding her in her bondage.

I supervised the preparation of the Lord's chapel for the ritual. The Lord's mighty effigy was lowered into a horizontal posture so that its enormous, stone penises pointed straight up. A pair of suspension ring s w ere attached to the ceiling immediately above the prone idol. Slave slutina's torture bondage object s w ere simple and easily prepared. Two of the most vicious clamps imaginable were screwed into the floor in front of the altar with its laying Idol. Each clamp was jacked open against its strong spring, and a trap plate set in its center. The jaws of each of the inhuman clamps consisted solely of clusters of five, inch long, needles. A foot or so in front of these clamps I had a small pedestal installed, and a golden pattern, in the shape of a spread open pussy was placed on this. Two brutal bull whip s w ere placed on the altar, next to the prone effigy, and a long, heavily thorned rattan cane laid on the floor next to the savage clamps. I had the mechanism that drove the effigy's enormous penises adjusted so that it drove the poles a foot up and down. Three spike coated leather band s w ere then wrapped around each stone penis, about three inches apart, along their brutal lengths.

The whole purpose of this deflowering ritual was to inflict extreme suffering on the ravished subject, complimented by equally brutal punishment for her 'bridesmaid' for not having persuaded the virgin to surrender quickly enough. The underlying theme of the ritual was that of punishment for slave s w ho had not acted in perfect submission. Any woman who had not surrendered to her natural eroti c d epravity, and worshipped the Lord Beelzebub, from the beginning of her existence was automatically deemed to have mocked the Lord's power, and was consequently deserving of being forced to suffer untold agonies as a means of atoning. H arlotta displayed a natural fear, given her inexperience when it came to matters of submission, when informed of her fate, but slave slutina's eyes shone with supernatural ecstasy when she realized just what it the perceived misdeed would mean for her.

The day of the ritual finally arrived, and excitement was at fever pitch for both my priestesses and myself, a s w ell, of course, for the two slave s. The priestess, Mistress, supervised the preparation of the slave s. Being an amazon of a woman, she was capable of performing these tasks, some of which required considerable strength, without assistance. Both slave wore the hose and garters of a scarlet whore, and high heeled pumps that it would have been impossible for them to stand in, let alone walk. Their face s w ere heavily made up, like those of ancient temple harlots. Slave harlotta' s w aist was severely restricted in an impossibly tight corset. Otherwise the slave 's seductive bodie s w ere nude. Both slave s' erect, bare, woman cock s w ere tightly clamped at the base, so the sensitive stalks had swelled grotesquely, and bulged obscenely at the apexes of their already moist cunt splits. The rings in their cuntlip s w ere threaded with cords that were then tied around the tops of their full thighs to separate their juicy sex flap s w ide, thus exposing their already glistening sex meat completely. In the case of slave slutina, ring clamps had been tightened savagely around the bases of her teats. These caused the slut's teats, normally large and rubbery, to swell freakishly, and to become super responsive to the merest irritation.

Both slave s' arm s w ere captured behind their backs in full, tightly laced up arm binders. The limb s w ere bent at the elbows and their wrists clipped to their slave collars behind their necks. In order to ensure that each slave s' tits thrust out in the most pronounced, and defenseless fashion imaginable, cord s w ere tied around their elbows, and tightened so severely, that the joints actually touched at the centers of their backs. Slutina's leg s w ere folded up and enveloped in sheaths. A two foot spreader bar was then attached to them, at the knees, ensuring that her thighs remained widely spread.

In the case of harlotta, because of the nature of the ritual, we could not use a spreader to keep her leg s w ell parted. Instead, still using the same types of sheaths used on slutina, we attached cords to their outsides. The other ends of these cord s w ere then tied to rings of the side of the slave 's collar. They were then pulled so tight that harlotta's leg s w ere pulled out, almost at right angles to her hips, almost, but not quite, dislocating those joints.

All of these preparations had been undertaken prior to my other priestess, Dominatrix, and I arriving at the chapel for the ceremony. I inspected the job done by Mistress, and was pleased to see that neither slave could even contemplate escape from her cruel bondage and, more importantly, the tender, responsive areas of their nude bodies, that were to be subjected to exquisite agony as part of the rite, were rendered deliciously vulnerable, and utterly defenseless. I noted that both slave s w ore looks of masochistic adoration and submissive rapture. The lewd submissive could obviously not wait for their ferocious ordeals to begin.

I had Dominatrix place slave slutina into her final position first, as this slave 's role in the bizarre ceremony was clearly one of a support ing nature. The slave 's body was positioned facing the small pedestal, with its obscenely splayed cunt like pattern, so that her beautiful, garishly painted face was poised exactly ten inches above it. H er back was then forced to arch cruelly, so that the horrendously swollen teats of her big, sensually drooping tit s w ere poised a similar distance above the inhuman jaws of the two clamps that had been screwed into the floor. Once her body had been maneuvered into position Dominatrix took a small, clasp type clamp and carefully applied it to the very tip of the kneeling slave 's burgeoning girl prick. The cute little masochist squealed mutely when the tiny sharp spikes lining the little clamp's jaws bit savagely into the super receptive meat of her sex stem. The other end of a cord, to which this clamp was attached, was stretched out, and hooked onto the side of the pedestal. At first this cord was quite loose, but as the slave 's head lowered towards the pattern, it would steadily tighten, and would eventually pull excruciatingly hard on the clamp on her already horrifically suffering girl prick, thus further tormenting that aching stalk. Little slutina would absolutely love it, I was sure.

As soon as Dominatrix was finished with slutina I moved over to her and stood, straddling the pedestal. I reached down and nudged slutina's head out of the way, then squatted down until my crotch was poised a mere couple of inches over the erotic cunt pattern. I then gazed into the wide eyes of the expectant slave , while drawing the folds of my long leather skirt aside to reveal the erotic glory of my smoothly shaven, stunningly beautiful pussy. I reached down and spread its full, plump lip s w ith two fingers. A slight straining of my belly muscles heralded the arrival of a small steam of my fragrant golden champagne which poured down into the small, obscenely designed vessel, filling it to the brim with tart fluid. I then allowed my sex lips to return to their normal position. My sweet little slut had been struggling with her own submissive mind, between her desire to look into my cruel eyes, and her longing to gaze upon the beauty of my ravishing pussy. I rewarded the devoted little sex animal by allowing her to press her whorishly painted lips to the flesh of my mound, before my skirt swung back in place, blocking it from her sight. The gorgeously servile slut whimpered with acute los s w hen the sight of my stunning pussy was denied her. My own beautifully aroused clitoris throbbed with a longing to feel the exquisite sensations of the little slut's infinitely erotic tongue teasing it, but such pleasure would have to wait. We had a virgin to violate first. Besides, the slave 's soft tongue was always at its immaculately submissive, and exquisitely lascivious best when her body wa s w allowing in the aftermath of a bout of mercilessly inflicted punishment.

I moved away from slutina and stood in front of my new slave , the voluptuous harlotta. It was time for the ritual to commence, and its first requirement, the litany of slave defloration began:

Majesty: "State your crime, slut!"

H arlotta: "My cunt and arse pits remain innocent and virginal, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Why is this a crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "Virginity is the vilest state imaginable for a harlot of the Lord to exist in, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Why have you committed such a vile crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "I have been misguided by false idols, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "What is your most fervent desire, slut?"

H arlotta: "I yearn to surrender the odious virginity of my twat and arse pits to the Lord, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Why is this your most coveted desire, slut?"

H arlotta: "I long to become the Lord's most depraved and debauched harlot, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Again, why is this your most coveted desire, slut?"

H arlotta: "My virgin cunt and arse pits are an insult to my Lord. They long to embrace hot, stiff, pricks in H is honor and service, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Do you deserve to have your desire to be violated fulfilled, Slut?"

H arlotta: "No! No! My crime is so horrendous! I deserve nothing! But I beg and plead to be granted this boon! My cunt tube yearns to drain the sap from countless pricks! My arse pit longs to empty the cum from the swinging balls of endless cocks, worshipped Majesty, H igh priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "What is your other, more heinous crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "That I did not surrender my cunt split to utter depravity, and my arse pit to absolute debauchery at birth, in my Lord's honor, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Again, what is your other, more heinous crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "That I have not spent my entire existence as a depraved harlot wallowing in utter debauched perversity in the service of my Lord, worshipped majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Again, what is your other, more heinous crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "That I did not surrender to my wanton lust at birth, and spend all the days of my existence sucking glorious long, thick pricks to throbbing stiffness so that my trollop cunt pit could fuck them to

exploding ecstasy, only for my whore mouth to suck them back to pulsating erection again, so that my harlot arse tube could again fuck them to juice spitting pleasure, all for the greater glory of the Lord, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: " H ow shall you pay for your first crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "By the total surrender of the vile, odious virgin state of my cunt and arse pits to the divine, immaculately depraved penises of the effigy of my Lord, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my

Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Again, how shall you pay for your first crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "By the utter submission of my whore cunt and arse pits to the virginity shredding power of the effigy of the Lord's mighty penises in a fit of devoted, slavish, harlot like happiness and joy, worshipped

Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "And how shall you pay for your other, more heinous crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "By suffering terrible punishment, while my whore cunt and harlot arse pits are so divinely and savagely violated, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

Majesty: "Again, how shall you pay for your other, more heinous crime, slut?"

H arlotta: "By howling out my gratitude for the immaculate shredding of my odious innocence while I suffer my exquisite torment with utter joy and total submission, worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub!"

By the time this satanic litany had been completed the slave harlotta's kneeing, bizarrely bound nudity was literally shaking with servile lust. H er steel hard, severely clamped girl prick visibly throbbed with debauched depravity, her cunt split drooled with pungent juice, and the enormous, soft white tits, thrust out so deliciously defenselessly, seemed to have swelled even larger. I peered down at the other stringently bound slave , slutina, and saw, from the look on her whorishly painted face, that she too was consumed by masochistic passion, torn between a yearning for her own torment to begin, and to be permitted to savor the flawlessly degenerate flavors of my golden champagne, and extreme jealousy that it was the cunt and arse pits of harlotta that were to be so brutally defiled, and not her own eternally yearning, lascivious harlot holes.

I moved again until I stood, almost straddling H arlotta, and gazing down into her adoring eye s w ith mocking cruelty, announced:

"Slave harlotta, I have decided, on our Lord Beelzebub's behalf, to allow you to surrender to your coveted fate. To have your putrid innocence defiled completely. To submit to your unmerciful violation. To be transformed into the lewd, lascivious, debauched and depraved harlot you long to become. To allow you to spend eternity in a state of unending lecherous perversity. To serve your Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub, in immaculate submission, and with flawless obscenity for ever. The depths of your surrender will be monitored constantly throughout your defilement. Even the most minute hint of rebellion will result in instant banishment from the flock of the Lord. You will signify your submission by voicing your joy and fulfillment with pleas for more, and outpourings of gratitude for the gift of your suffering from this point on. Your desecration will continue for as long as it takes my slave , slutina, to drink all of the glorious fluid that I have granted her. From this point on, apart from the squeals and shrieks of torment signifying slave submission, the only words to be uttered throughout the entire ordeal will be yours, words of surrender, words of utter joy, pleas for your punishment, exclamations of gratitude. The commencement of your defilement shall begin when I have delivered ten stroke s w ith my rattan cane to the bulging arse slabs of slutina. With each stroke the slut will be permitted to move her lips one inch closer to her reward. When, and only when, her tongue first savors the lusciously delicious flavors of the gift I have granted her, will you permitted to surrender. And, now, let the ritual of slave defilement begin!"

I took up the evil rattan and moved to a position behind the kneeling body of slutina, that would allow me to deliver full swings, with all the force I could muster, at the delightfully presented target, her shapely, naked, bulging bottom mounds. My two priestesses moved in front of slave harlotta, each holding an adjustable ring attached to a chain suspended from the ceiling above the groin area of the prone effigy, and waited for the slave to announce the commencement of her own ordeal. H arlotta's body seemed to shudder with what must have been a blend of pure dread, and utterly masochistic joy for a second or two, and then her voice rang out, laced with intense emotion and profound longing:

"Adored Priestesses of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub. I beg you, hang my depraved nudity by my tits, so my yearning holes of consummate lust and supreme depravity are suspended over the mighty, powerful penises of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub's idol. My big, fat, soft tits must be forced to suffer and suffer, before I earn the right to surrender my slut existence to my Lord. H ang me by my tits, please, please, adored Priestesses of my Lord!"

Dominatrix and Mistress moved quickly to grant the groveling submissive her wish. Each enveloped one of her tender, swollen tits in a metal ring, pushing the thin metal band down until it was pressed firmly against the slave 's chest at the base of the big tit. They then began to manipulate levers built into the rings, causing the diameters of the bands to slowly contract. The shrinking metal bands relentlessly squeezed the thick bases of harlotta's lovely soft tits. As the constriction became more and more severe the tits themselves began to swell and harden. When the two dominant's had completed their tasks, and the diameters of the rings could be made no smaller, they locked the levers in place and stood back.

Slave harlotta whimpered deliciously, reveling in the awful ache that permeated the now grotesquely swollen, and drum tight udders, jutting out from her chest like two tightly inflated balloons. The slave 's piercing shrieks of unadulterated agony reverberated around the high ceilinged room when Mistress touched a button, and the chains to which the rings capturing her aching tits so cruelly were retracted ten feet into the ceiling above in one jerking motion. The exquisitely suffering harlotta squawked beautifully while her bizarrely bound body revolved slowly over the prone idol, her entire weight support ed solely by her horrifically pain soaked tits, and she fought vainly to come to grip s w ith the acuteness of her extreme barbarity of her hurt.

The cruel dominators allowed the hanging slave to swing to and fro for a few seconds, permitting her to enjoy her suffering before they reached out and stilled her body, ensuring the obscenely splayed core of her leaking cunt split, and her wildly clenching arse ring were poised immediately above the sprouting, spike decorated stone penises of the black marble effigy of the Lord Beelzebub. H uge sobs of anguish shook the hanging slave , and tears of woe trickled down her cheek s w hile she continued the fight to regain control of her senses. Eventually her voice cried out in eerily pleading tones:

"Worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub, I am in slave heaven, hanging by my tit s w hich ache and burn so impeccably for my Lord. My obscene, drooling cunt pit, and utterly depraved, pouting arse tube yearn to surrender to the powerful penises of the effigy of my Lord, to have their vile virginity ripped from them, to have their odious innocence shattered forever by the might of the gorgeous penises of the Lord. Please! Please! worshipped Majesty, lash the writhing arse slabs of your slave , slutina, with your deliciously cruel cane. Make her fat bum cheeks burn with hurt. Drive her to the reward she crave s w ithout mercy, for she longs for her torment as much as I do for my obscene violation. Please worshipped Majesty, begin, so that I may become the obscene, perverted harlot, and immaculately submissive slave that I was born to be!"

I waited until slave harlotta had exhausted her pleas before I swung my evil cane back. I stared down at the delightfully presented cheeks of slutina's shapely arse and glowed with sadistic satisfaction. Never in my life as a dominant had I ever ceased to marvel at such a perfect arse, it was just made to be punished. My gorgeously masochistic slut, despite the awkwardness of her bondage, began to imperceptible sway those eagerly waiting cheeks, in her own desperate plea to me to cane her hard. I smiled cruelly at the submissive whore's small gesture of surrender, and brought the cane flashing down onto her proffered arse slab s w ith all the force I could muster.

A spilt second after the brutal cane slapped loudly into the flesh of her swaying arse slabs slutina squealed deliciously with intensity of the fiery pain that had been inflicted on her, and her beautiful face dropped precisely one inch, towards the shimmering surface of the liquid reward she so craved. H er throbbing teats too, dropped a corresponding inch closer to the horrific torture that awaited those acutely sensitized peaks, and which was just as eagerly sought. I allowed a full half a minute to pass before raising my brutal cane for the next stroke. While I did so I noted, with cruel pleasure, the ugly purple weal that now marred the pale, satiny skin of slutina's still twitching arse, and listened to the tit suspended harlotta implore me to cane her sister slave harder and faster, to hasten the moment of her own obscene and agonizing surrender.

I swung the brutal cane with frightening power, thrilling to the sound of my tormented slut's shrieks of suffering each time it smashed into her writhing arse cheeks, and savoring each surge of sadistic adrenaline that surged through my vein s w hen I saw the suffering masochist's beautiful face drop an inch closer to my golden champagne, knowing, as I did, that it was not only the burning pain emanating from her striped arse cheeks that afflicted the servile girl, but also the acute, biting hurt of the jaws of the tiny, but exquisitely vicious clamp crushing the tip of her stiff girl prick, as the cord attaching it to the pedestal tightened more and more with each of her small movements. But what filled my merciless heart with even more delight was that fact that her aching teat s w ere coming closer and closer to an agony so potent that it was going to take all of the suffering masochist's incredible will to remain conscious, and thus to fully savor the luscious agony of her delicious submission.

The tenth merciless application of the cane, swung with more force that even I thought I could possibly muster, thudded cruelly into the soft, agonized meat of my little submissive slut's gorgeously striped arse mound s w ith a loud crack. Almost before the end of the brutal cane had fell away from slutina' s w ounded flesh I had moved around to her side to excitedly watch the suffering slave 's delightful reaction to it, hoping that her counting was as precise as my own. My pulse raced with the intensity of my own sadistic titillation while I stared in rapture at the points of her fabulously swollen teats pressing against the clamp triggers. The ferociously designed jaws of the two clamps snapped together with frightful force, driving their long needles clean through the rubbery meat of the sensitive teats.

There was a sort of weird silence in the room while slutina's eyes dilated in shock as the piercing agony flashed from her tortured teats to her brain. Thi s w as immediately followed by a loud high pitched, eerie keening squeal that erupted from deep in her chest, and escaped through her wide open mouth when the sheer intensity of the pain she suffered finally registered in her consciousness. My own eye s w idened in astonishment when my favorite slave 's long tongue all of a sudden, despite the frenzied gulping of her squealing throat, brought on by her exquisite anguish, slowly protruded from her gaping mouth, and dipped delicately into the golden liquid I had deposited from my pussy into the cunt pattern. The soft tongue seemed to gently stir the acrid fluid for a second or so before, laden with the salty issue, she retracted it into her mouth and sucked the champagne from it, her throat gulping in clear evidence that she was swallowing.

H er tongue shot back down into the pool of tart piss and again slowly stirred through it, savoring its pungent flavor. I marveled at her masochistic acceptance of her torment, glowing with contentment that I owned such a deliciously submissive morsel of female servility. A small thought of sadisti c d elight shook me when I realized that if the enchanting slutina was going to drink her reward with such lingering relish, the other slave 's ordeal was going to be so immaculately prorogued that she might even swoon with submissive ecstasy, given her inexperience at suffering. In fact it was the pleading voice of the slave , hanging so painfully by her grotesquely bloated tits, that brought my mind back to the reality of the ceremony. I looked up at the shining eyes of the slave as she cried:

"Please! Please! Adulated Lord, Beelzebub! Accept your yearning harlot's abject surrender! H onor this depraved whore by wrenching the vile virginity from her pits of wanton lust and servile craving with your mighty and stunningly powerful penises! Reduce my being to that of a mindless slut, dedicated to perverted depravity! Allow me, your eternally devoted harlot to begin my new existence, wallowing in joyful debauchery in your honor!"

The pleading slave 's head shook with uncontrolled emotion, her eyes shone with submissive craving, and her chest heaved with passion. Thick hot, creamy, twat juice dripped from her incredibly splayed cunt spilt onto the huge shiny top of the stone penis arching up under its convulsing mouth. Mistress smiled up at the begging slut mockingly, obviously enjoying the spectacle of a slave suffering such torment, while still managing to plead for even more pain and suffering. She slowly reached forward and touched a button on the side of the altar. The chains support ing the suspended slave suddenly let go, and her bizarrely bound nude body dropped like a stone.

Slave harlotta's shriek of unadulterated anguish split the heavy atmosphere of the chapel like a knife. The long, thick, rock hard penises of the effigy of the Lord plunged into her tender virginal pits of depravity with unmerciful force, the abominable spikes that decorated each enormous stalk tearing her delicate flesh with exquisite cruelty. The frenzied, babbling submissiveness body jerked to a halt after it had been allowed to fall about ten inches. The awful strain this must have put on her tit s w as completely lost to her however, as she was totally immersed in the sensations caused by the stone penises that had so fully and completely invaded her virginal whore pits.

We watched the slave while her belly vibrated uncontrollably with pain and suffering, and copious quantities of blood dripped from her violated pussy, to mix with the juices of her sluttish desire, at the base of the huge stalks that so brutally impaled her. It took some minutes before harlotta's squawks finally ebbed to mere sobs and whimpers, and her eyes that had clenched shut with the sheer agony of her violation again opened, and shone with masochistic, and subservient elation. Tears poured down the suffering slave 's cheeks, but her garishly painted lip s w ere split by a grinning leer of utter depravity, and she literally yelled out in lecherous exhilaration:

"I am yours, Lord of my soul! I am your slut! I am your whore! I am your slave ! My ravaged cunt pit belongs to you! My defiled arse tube is yours! My aching udders are yours! I live to serve you! I long to suffer for your glory! I exist to wallow in unbridled lust for your pleasure! My lurid cunt tube will refuse no prick ever again! My tight arse pit will accept every cock it is your pleasure to grant it with joy and elation! Please! Please! Please! Now that my whore cunt pit's dreaded innocence has been shredded, let the lewd fuck shaft be raped unmercifully! Now that my tight, lascivious arse tunnel's putrid virginity has been exterminated let the clasping chasm be fucked to pieces by the magnificent penis of the Lord! Please! Please! Worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of my Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub, command your Priestesses, Dominatrix and Mistress, to whip my aching tits to shred s w ith their gloriou s w hips, while the marvelous penises of the effigy of the Lord ravage my holes of lustful depravity, and fuck my brains out. And you too, glorious Majesty, take up your gorgeous cane and lash the writhing cheeks of my yearning arse with all your magnificent power while my craving lust pits are fucked to pieces!"

The lust crazed, sobbing, pleading slave finished her pitiful begging with one more, heart felt plea, this time to my suffering slut, the delectably submissive, slutina:

"Sweet slutina, harlot of the Lord, and Ruler of my soul, Beelzebub, please savor the precious gift of pussy champagne granted you by our superb Majesty with sublime lingering joy, while my lewd whore holes are fucked to distraction, and my aching tits and fat arse slabs are exquisitely punished by our stunning owners!'

I checked the pattern that slave slutina languidly allowed her soft, pink tongue to stir, and noted that the level of acrid piss had hardly been lowered at all. The hanging whore's ordeal still had a long way to go. I also noted, with sadistic satisfaction, that slutina's shoulder s w ere rolling and jerking slightly. The delicious masochist, not satisfied with the ferocious pain her teat s w ere suffering in the barbaric embrace of the brutal clamps, was trying to magnify the tender buds' agony through her own movements. A cruel smile split my lips at how exquisitely submissive the slut had become under the tutourlige of my Priestesses and myself.

Dominatrix and Mistress had each taken up one of the barbaric bull whips, and had positioned themselves on either side of the slave , hanging so defenselessly by her aching, throbbing tits, with her cunt and arse holes so savagely invaded by the spike lined lengths of the stone penises of the effigy. I moved around behind the whimpering slave , and swished my long brutal cane about a few times to loosen my muscles. As soon as I was in place Dominatrix leaned forward and touched a button on the side of the black marble altar.

A piercing screech of pure anguish was torn from harlotta's gaping maw when the huge penises that had been thus far merely been buried deeply in her cunt and arse pits began to move. While the pole in her arse was extracted, the one assaulting her twat sleeve plunged, to the hilt, once again into that clasping, juice dripping chasm, its sharp spikes tearing savagely at her tender interior membranes. When the cycle was reversed the suffering slut's tight, humid arse rube was cruelly stormed by the other penis, and it s w rithing walls equally sadistically lacerated by the spikes. The slave 's eyes shone with masochistic adoration. H er trembling belly could be seen to knot with the efforts she made to have her suffering interior muscles squeeze at the enormous invaders, to add to her torment.

As soon as the slave 's squeals began to ebb, signaling that she had finally came to grip s w ith her suffering the pitiless Mistress swung her brutal whip savagely. Its lash exploded on the slave 's grotesquely swollen, taut skinned tit s w ith a loud crack, immediately followed by a long screeching wail of agony from the heaving chest of the brutalized slave . No sooner had Mistress' lash fallen away from the huge mounds than the lash of Dominatrix smashed into them with savage force. I watched my priestesses deliver a few more brutal strokes, raising ugly welts on the howling slut's shuddering tits, before I too joined in her torment, slashing my cane across her bulging arse slab s w ith all the force I could muster.

All three of u s w hipped the screaming harlot with consummate cruelty while the enormous penises plunged in and out of her tormented lust pit s w ith relentless ferocity. H er squeals soon took on an almost ethereal quality, mirroring her masochistic happiness at her suffering. Soon I could make out that the pain filled whore's voice was mouthing a babble of disjointed words, and listening carefully I began to recognize sobbed and wailed out entreaties, the content of which warmed my sadistic cockles:

"Whip slut's tits harder!"

"Whip whore's tits more!"

"Fuck lacerated harlot cunt pit deeper!"

"Depraved arse tube burn s w ith joy!"

Meanwhile my little slave , slutina, was not to be left out. H er head was also now jerking quite savagely, while her tongue slurped loudly at her reward. The delicious masochist was obviously tormenting her own cruelly clamped girl prick with each pronounced jerk of her head, and was also tearing savagely at her brutally clamped teats. On and on it went, until, finally, I noted that slutina's eager tongue was lapping at nothing. She had consumed every drop of her gift, and her tongue was vainly lapping at the bottom of the patten in an endeavor to find some small drip she may have missed.

I must admit that I was not overly sorry to see the end of the ritual, for my arm was becoming quite tired from the constant swinging of my cane, and my muscle s w ere beginning to cramp. And, despite the squealed pleas of the lust crazed harlotta for more, both Dominatrix and Mistress strength s w ere obviously waning, and their vicious thrashing of her welted tit s w as losing some of its earlier force. I called a halt, and we three dominators threw down our weapons, our chests heaving a s w e drew huge breaths into our panting lungs. Slave harlotta took a little time to realize that the stone penises had ceased their violent plunging, and her body was no longer subject to brutal whipping. H er beautiful head hung with exhaustion and her crie s w ere reduced to mere whimper s w hile she wallowed in the aftermath of her ferocious suffering.

Mistress and Dominatrix went to work, after recovering their breath, and soon had the slut freed from her bondage, and kneeling before them. H arlotta rolled her shoulder and shook her flopping tits to return normal circulation to them, and squeezed her full thighs together in an effort to sooth her ravaged cunt and arse pits. While my priestesse s w ere freeing harlotta I took care of little slutina, first releasing her tortured teats, and marveling at how swollen and delightfully battered they looked. After unclamping her girl prick I quickly freed her of her bondage, and soon she was kneeling next to harlotta, before us.

I gazed down at the two slave s, harlotta with her whip welted tits hanging sexily, and her striped arse slabs still trembling. Slutina with her teats still dripping blood, and her shapely bottom mound s w ell striped. Both slave s looked completely happy, and were still clearly highly sexually aroused by their respective ordeals. Even after their straining woman cocks had been unclamped the little stalks of feminine sexuality remained stiff and hard, clear evidence that neither slut was exhausted by the excesses she had been subjected to. Which was just a s w ell, for I had organized and exciting little celebration for the little sluts to enjoy. I connected leashes to their nose rings and we led them from the chapel.

While we wandered down the plushy carpeted hallway to our orgy room I noted that slutina had obviously already guessed that something else was in store for them. I suppose that with her experience of our ways she knew that a visit to the particular room to which we were obviously headed always heralded a bout of sexual excess, or a session of cruel punishment and degrading humiliation. The crawling slave lowered her head, and butted her beautiful face into harlotta's heavily swaying tits, while they crawled along behind us, and had soon managed to suck one of the surprised slave 's tender teats into her hot mouth, and suckled on the rubbery nub in passionate lust. The incorrigible harlot, I thought when noting this. The lewd whore could not get enough. Constant engagement in sexual debauchery and wanton depravity was here only desire, unless she was being punished, of course.

We entered the playroom and the excited slave s saw it had been decked out for pleasure. A wide, semi circular chaise lounge which we dominant s w ould occupy had six beautiful naked slave girls kneeling before it, waiting impatiently, no doubt, for our arrival. These slave s w ould work to slake the lusts of myself, Mistress and Dominatrix. A collection of beautifully made dildos and vibrators lay on the seat area of the huge sofa, to be used by the slave s to assist and enhance their efforts to pleasure us. The exhibition stage that formed the center piece of the play room also had a number of enormous dildos lying on its rubber surface, and six slave s, all nude, kneeling in front of it facing away from us a s w e entered.

Three of these slave s w ere female, and the others, male, and all began to lasciviously sway their bottoms as they had realized that we had arrived. I reached down and unleashed harlotta and slutina, then instructed them to kneel before each trio of slave s, harlotta before the males and slutina the females. When the two slave s w ere in position, staring excitedly at the undulating arses of their particular group of slave s. Mistress and Dominatrix went over to the lounge, and were joined by the six slave girl s w ho immediately set about stripping them of their erotic, dominant finery. I walked down to the stage, stood next to slutina, and instructed the three other slave girls:

"Sluts, you may introduce yourselves to my little slutina, and let her know what she is in for."

One of the slave s immediately stood up, turned, and faced slutina. She was a quite plump girl with fat tits and volumous arse cheeks, but what set her apart was her hairless cunt. It was huge with fat, long vulva lips, and long drooping inner flaps that literally dripped with rich spicy cunt cream. The lewd slut waved her drooling cunt at slutina and cried:

"Lewd slutina, I am slave droolingcuntsplit. My lecherous cunt is capable of pouring with twat cream for hours on end, and I am going to make you slurp up every drop!"

The wanton slut then climbed up onto the stage, and the next slave stood to face my beaming little slave . This one was taller than her predecessor, and slimmer with a set of pert tits jutting out high on her chest. What set her apart was the size of her stiff girl prick. It was so long that it jutted from her cunt trench like the cock of a male slut, at least six inches in length. This harlot looked down at the aroused slutina and announced:

"Lovely harlot, I am slave throbbinggirlprick. I am going to fuck your depraved cunt pit, and hot, tight, arse tube with my stiff woman cock until we come and come!"

She joined her partner on the rubber coated stage and the third slave girl took her place before slutina. This slave was truly bizarre. She was no taller that four feet six, and tiny, almost doll like, in every aspect except for her tits. The enormous udder s w ere almost grotesque given the size of the rest of her tiny body. The huge orb s w ere beautifully shaped, jutted out at least two feet from her slender chest, and were a minimum of two feet across at their widest point. Each massive mound was capped with a two inch long teat that was stiff and hard. The bizarre creature poked out a tongue that was both thick, and incredibly long, and wriggled it for a few seconds before making her introduction:

"Obscene slut, I am slave tongueandtits. I am going to use my long, fat, wet, hot, lecherous tongue to tease your stiff teats, plumb the depths of your flooded cunt tube, ream out your hot, tight arse tunnel, and tease your spasming girl prick until you go crazy with wanton lust!"

As this last slave joined her companions on the stage floor I motioned to the acutely excited slutina that she was permitted to join them, but they were not to start their lewd rutting until the slave s w ho were to cater to the needs of harlotta had finished with their introductions. I stared down at slave harlotta, noting that the look on her lovely face was a mixture of lascivious rapture, and fearful thrill. After all, she was know to be strongly lesbian in her sexual orientation, and these slave s w ere all males. Also, of course, these were going to be the first pricks of flesh and blood that she had ever seen, let alone having had used on her body's sex holes. I motioned to the first of the male slave s to make his introduction. H e stood up and faced the kneeling harlotta, waving his erect prick lewdly in her face. The slave 's cock was not all that big, as slave cock go, but his ball s w ere truly enormous, the size of grapefruits, and stood out, swollen and full of cock cream, at the base of his throbbing stalk:

"Lewd whore, I am slave sapfillednuts." H e announced, and reached down into his crotch with both hands to cup his swollen, smoothly shaven nuts: "My fat, sap filled gonads are capable of spewing gallons of hot, pungent prick juice. I am going to feed your whore mouth my stiff, hot prick, and let your drain them of every last drop of their earthy juice!"

The slave clambered up onto the smooth floor of the rubber carpeted stage, and the next slave rose to stand before the trembling harlotta, whose cunt was now clearly betraying her arousal by already leaking with slick juices. This male displayed a long, relatively thin prick, stiff and throbbing with lust. H is prick was at least twelve inches in length, but a mere inch or so thick. H e waved the long stalk in front of harlotta's eyes, and announced:

"Lecherous trollop, I am slave longcock. I am going to use this stiff, aching prick sprouting from my lewd fork to fuck your tight, hot arse pit deep and long, and am going to fill your humid chute with load after load of steaming cock juice!"

This slave then joined his comrade on the stage and was immediately replaced by the final male slave . This nude male was of short, squat build. H e stood, spread legged, in front of harlotta and waved an achingly stiff prick of truly enormous proportions, in front of her wide, staring eyes. The muscular slave 's cock must have been ten inches long, and at least an incredible three inches thick. The cock was so big that it dwarfed what was a reasonably big set of smooth skinned nuts nestling at its thick, pulsing base. The slave leered down at harlotta, who could not stop her tongue from lasciviously lolling out of her drooling mouth, the teats capping her huge, soft, whip welted tits now hard and throbbing as lust began to fill her depraved soul, and announced:

"Licentious slut, I am slave lewdcock. I am going to use this achingly stiff log of a cock to fuck your brains out. I am going to plough your drooling cunt pit without mercy until I fill it with boiling prick juice. I'm going to fuck your whore gash so hard you wont be able to walk straight for a week!"

As soon as the last male had mounted the stage I allowed harlotta to join them. The lewd slut mounted the stage with indecent haste, such was her desire to get at the cocks I had granted her. Before I allowed the orgy to commence I moved over to the lounge and allowed three of the slave girls to divest my body of its dominant vestments. Only when I was nude, and two submissive mouth s w ere already busily teasing my stiff nipples, did I call out two my two whore sluts that they were permitted to gorge themselves on wanton, lustful pleasure.

I arranged my nudity comfortably, so that I had an uninterrupted, at least for the time being, view of the proceedings on the stage. I noted, with a smile, that Mistress and Dominatrix had also arranged the slave girl s w orking on their pleasure so that they too, had a clear view of the action on the stage. I shivered with pleasure when a warm, soft, female tongue began to lasciviously stimulated my stiff, throbbing clitoris.

Slave throbbinggirlprick had plunged one end of an enormous, prick shaped double dildo into her own spasming cunt sleeve. Three inches of her amazing, achingly stiff woman cock lay along the rubber length of the dildo. When she drove the dildo deeply into slutina's drooling twat tube, the exposed length of her incredible woman cock, of course, was also driven into the fleshy, dripping, clasping tunnel. Slutina, grinning lewdly at me when noting that I wa s w atching, flung one thigh wide, so that her crotch area was fully available for me to see. Slave tongueandtits had that amazing tongue of hers buried deeply in slutina's hot, arse pit, and I could see her cute little arse ring, pulsing with lascivious pleasure, and rhythmically squeezing on the wriggling tongue. Slave droolingcuntsplit stood above the trio with her enormous, meaty, dripping cunt poised over slutina's face. The lewd slut smiled even more lasciviously at me, and then drew that eagerly waiting twat down to her greedy mouth. I watched while my little whore's long, soft tongue ploughed deeply into the mountainous pussy, splitting its smooth, pulpy lips, and releasing a torrent of spicy woman juice into her thirsty mouth. She mashed her face into the flowing cunt meat, covering her beautiful feature s w ith warm, glistening cunt cream, and then went to work at draining the twat of all it had to offer, while the other slave ' s w orked with equal fervor at sending her wild with sexual pleasure.

My eyes flicked over to harlotta's group just in time to see her impale her recently ravaged cunt pit on the prone slave lewdcock's enormous stiff prick. A squeal of painful pleasure erupted from the lewd harlot's gaping mouth as inch after inch of the massive sex pole oozed into her drooling sleeve until, miraculously, she had accepted it all. Slave longcock knelt behind harlotta, tore the fat mounds of her arse cheeks apart, and drove his long, slender sex stalk into her hot, humid, arse tube, to the hilt, in one long stroke. H arlotta's eye s w idened in sensual shock at this rude invasion of her intimate orifice for, then her eyes literally radiated depraved exhilaration, and she reached out to the slave , sapfillednuts, who was standing before her. She laved his massive smoothly shaven ball s w ith her hot tongue for a few seconds before opening her lip s w ide, and swallowing the entire length of his stiff, throbbing prick into her mouth, and sucking on it like the bitch on heat that she had become. The lecherous harlot then began to swing her rump about, wildly, fucking her holes of depravity on the hot, throbbing pricks buried so deeply in them.

I reached out, at this time, and speared the tight arse ring of a cute little slave girl with a finger, and used it to draw the sexy animal's smooth hairless sex split to my mouth. While I tasted the sweet essence of the slave 's youthful cunt my own pussy began to quiver from the lustful attentions of other slave girls, and my aching clitoris began to throb wildly, signaling the approach of my first orgasm for the day. The slave girl whose cunt I was so avidly sucking began to shriek with ecstasy, and while my body shook with the power of my climax, her soaking twat released a fresh deluge of spicy cunt cream into my slurping maw.

After my climax had run its full, mind blowing course my bevy of slave girls rearranged their nude bodies, and began to tease my temporarily sated nudity back to renewed sexual arousal. At the same time harlotta was experiencing her first sexual release under the relentless stimulation of insatiable prick. I watched with glee while she squealed out her ecstasy, even as her face was bathed in an ocean of flowing man cum. Slave sapfillednuts had withdrawn his cock from harlotta's mouth at the moment of climax, and used a hand to hold hi s w ildly spitting stalk, directing its pungent flow at the slave woman's face, and widely gaping mouth. Ten of the most powerful spurts of cum I had ever witnessed erupted from the tip of the pulsating prick, and splashed down onto harlotta's upturned face. She, in her frenzy of sexual abandon, reached out with both hands and squeezed the climaxing male's flexing nuts, tried to capture as much a s w as humanly possible of the hot flow with her lewdly questing tongue, while slave lewdcock's prick exploded in her spasming cunt tube, flooding it with his steaming cock cream, and slave longcock's prick erupted deeply in her spasming arse chasm, bathing it s w rithing walls in hot cock juice.

As soon as his ball s w ere empty slave longcock withdrew his softened prick tube from my new whore's clasping arse ring, moved around her until he was able to dangle his limply hanging meat in her face. Such was harlotta's state of wanton lust, she did not hesitate at all, but swallowed the slave 's soft meaty shaft into her gulping throat, savoring the reeking flavors of cock juice, seasoned, pungently, with the secretions of her own arse pit. While harlotta sucked for dear life on his slowly stiffening prick slave longcock dove down and engulfed slave sapfillednuts limp cock in his own hot, wet mouth, and sucked it back to throbbing rigidity. When both cock s w ere again stiff and pulsating in pleasure harlotta took both in her hands, squashed them together, and sucked both prick tips into her mouth. She vigorously masturbated each stalk while her lascivious tongue teased the tip s w ith exquisite lechery. At the same time she began to wildly undulate her arse to fuck her hot, insatiable cunt pit on the revived hard cock of slave lewdcock.

At the other rutting group of females, slave tongueandtits had donned a strap on dildo, and was engaged in wildly fucking slutina's pleasure filled cunt pit. Slave throbbinggirlprick, true to her word, had speared slutina's pulsing arse ring with her amazing woman cock, and was allowing slutina to use the talented muscles of her clever arse tunnel to masturbate the huge woman prick. Slave droolingcuntsplit squatted over slutina's face, and while she suckled the hot stiff teats capping slave tongueandtits' enormous udders, allowed slutina to continue to drink from the ever flowing font of her fleshy twat. Slave tongueandtit s w as adding, immeasurably to slutina's joy by tantalizingly running a pencil thin vibrator up and down the length of her stiff, throbbing, bare girl prick.

At this point another set of full, shapely thighs cut off my line of sight, and my mouth was fed another fresh young slave cunt to suck the sweet essence from, while my own pussy was thoroughly reamed out with a long, thick, smooth, rubber dildo, and soft, submissive, tongues both rimmed my tingling anal ring, and stimulated my pulsating clitoral bud. The room was filled with squeals of pleasure, panting, grunting, and wild exhortations to further excess, and ever more exquisite ecstasies. We all wallowed in the throes of satisfied lust, only to realize that we were insatiable, and there could never be enough.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch the second climax of harlotta's group. I smiled in satisfaction at the beautifully depraved, and delightfully wanton reaction of my new slave . She was not to be denied full appreciation of the ball cream her lips and tongue had so insistently coaxed from the male slave ' s w rithing balls this time. She firmly held the squashed together cock heads not more than an inch from her gaping mouth while each released its series of violent eruptions. Scalding ball cream gushed over harlotta's obscenely wriggling tongue, to be scooped into the back of her avidly gulping throat. The depraved whore drank the musky juice with gay abandon, milking the spurting pricks until they had no more to give. While she elatedly consumed her perverse sexual cocktail harlotta's voluptuous arse slabs rotated madly, and her hot, seething cunt tube drained its enormous invader once again, with equal debauched alacrity.

No sooner had each cock emptied itself than slave harlotta, still crazed by unbridled lust, tore her slack, sated twat from the huge log of slave lewdcock's limp prick, reversed her sweat soaked nudity, and began to suck at it lasciviously, in order to coax the meaty pole back to rigid hardness once again. While she passionately sucked at his prick harlotta spread her full thighs over slave lewdcock's face, and fed him the dripping swamp of her well fucked cunt, allowing him to gorge himself on the erotic mixture of their combined orgasmic juices. While slave lewdcock avidly emptied harlotta's slack twat slave longcock glued his lips to her tight arse ring, and sucked for the load of cock cream he had deposited in that humid pit. Slave sapfillednuts even surprised me with his contortionist talents, folding his body down until he was able to suck the head of his own limp cock. As his tongue lewdly lapped his cock was obviously being stimulated, and began to grow again, more and more of its stiffening length slowly disappearing into hi s w antonly sucking mouth.

When slave harlotta finally succeeded in getting slave lewdcock's mighty prick hard again she begged him to ream out her aching arse chute with it. The slave , while expressing his doubts that her arse ring could accommodate him was, never the less, happy to satisfy the slut's obscene demands. H arlotta knelt, on all fours, over the prone body of slave sapfillednuts. The slave 's tongue was soon busily laving the stiff, throbbing spike of harlotta's bare girl prick. The fat head of slave lewdcock's thick prick nudged the pout of harlotta's tight arse ring. The beautiful slave 's face screwed up in effort while she thrust her lecherously rolling rear back against the huge meaty pole. H er breath came in huge torturous gasps, and she shrilled with hurt as her tight ring slowly expanded. With a squeal of acute pain, tinged with wanton satisfaction, her unbelievably stretched open rim finally relented, and accepted its enormous invader. H arlotta squealed constantly while she forced her writhing arse back, and inch after inch of hot, stiff prick disappeared into her churning arse pit. Only when her sweating arse slab s w ere pressed against the slave 's undulating hips, did she allow her mouth to drop down onto the standing stalk of slave sapfillednuts' throbbing cock.

Slave longcock, having nothing to specific to do in this scene went around to the rear of slave lewdcock, and speared that slave 's tight arse ring with his prick. H e alternated between fucking that slave , and then feeding his obscenely seasoned prick stem into the mouth of slave sapfillednuts. Meanwhile, slutina, having feasted of the meaty twat of slave droolingcuntsplit for hour after hour, was allowing that slut the pleasure of reciprocating for a while. While she enjoyed the pleasure of a lascivious tongue on her swampy cunt meat she was further entertained by being given a close up look at the incredible tongue of slave tongueandtits furled around the equally extraordinary girl prick of slave throbbinggirlprick, and being used to sensuously masturbate it. Slutina, being the consummate hedonist that she was, couldn't remain out of the action for long, and soon her own tongue was busy slurping up the juices that slave throbbinggirlprick's flowing twat released.

My attention was drawn back to harlotta's group, just in time to see the climax of their latest bout of depraved lechery. H arlotta's throat bobbed wildly as she swallowed slave sapfillednuts' latest flood of pungent ball cream. At the same time her spasming cunt pit released a deluge of woman cum into his eagerly accepting maw. Slave lewdcock roared his pleasure while his enormous prick emptied itself in the churning tube of harlotta's arse pit, even as his own humid arse chasm was flooded with the issue of slave longcock's deeply buried prick.

The trouble with males is, that once their pricks have gushed four, or so times, most of them can no longer get them stiff again and, of course, after a mere four times a hedonistic woman is just beginning to get excited. I watched harlotta's anger and frustration grow while she tried to get the slave s' pricks to stiffen again. She tried and tried, but to no avail. Eventually, I decided to take a hand in proceedings, and disengaged myself, temporarily, from the sea of female flesh that I had been wallowing in. I grabbed a long, evil quirt and strode over to the stage. H arlotta, the sweet masochist that she is, immediately clasped her hands behind her head and offered the soft mounds of her hanging tits to the whip thinking, no doubt, that I was going to punish her for her failure to excite her male play things.

I mounted the stage and stood over the quartet. The male slave s, knowing that it was them who were the cause of my wrath, lined up, kneeling with their nude arse slabs raised high and offered to the whip, along with, of course, their limply hanging pricks, and slack empty nuts. I reached down and drew harlotta's face into my crotch, shivering with pleasure when her eager, soft, warm tongue ploughed into the dripping meat of my aroused pussy. As soon as the sweet slut's tongue went to work on my stiff, throbbing clitoris, I began to brutally thrash the muscular arse slabs of the male slave s. My cruel whip lashed the writhing cheek s w ithout mercy. Its brutal lash sliced into the tender meat of their flying ball s w ith consummate savagery, and soon all other sound s w ithin the room were completely drowned out by their pitiful howls of pain and suffering.

By the time my pussy spasmed, and my sex juices flowed over harlotta's clever tongue, each slave s' prick no longer hung limply from his splayed open fork, but had swelled and arched down stiffly, in full, glorious erection. My job done, I clambered down from the stage, and returned to my eagerly awaiting bevy of naked slave girls, who immediately fell upon me with renewed lust as soon as I arrived. H arlotta, learning a valuable lessen in playing with males, had taken three cock rings and tightened one around the base of each of the males' erect pricks. Their cock s w ere not going to spit again until she allowed it. She was not going to risk them becoming limp again until she had completely exhausted her own freshly discovered, wanton lusts.

The insatiable slut alternated between having the slave s gang bang her ravenous arse tube, and gang fuck her voracious cunt pit. She seemed to possess a fixation with her arse, and had it fucked at least three times as often as her twat sleeve. The whore came and came, seeming to possess a never ending appetite for her wanton fate. On and on the orgy went. The male slave s suffered countless dry climaxes. Their previously slackened balls swelled with un-released sap, until the fat orb s w ere once again tightly packed, and rode high at the bases of their throbbing stalks.

Eventually the sheer relentlessness of our depraved activities began to take its toll, and slave s and dominators alike began to drop off into the deep sleep that results from pure physical exhaustion until only slutina, harlotta and I still remained conscious. H arlotta had, as the ultimate climax to her evening, lined up the males and removed their cock rings. The lewd harlot then preceded to suck each slave 's prick until he flooded her thirsty mouth with his final, cataclysmic eruption of prick cream. The greedy whore swallowed every drop, draining their balls like a voracious vacuum cleaner. The slut's obvious mania for both arse fucking, and sucking gave me an idea to work on for her introduction to brothel work. I would have to work on a plan for this event over the next couple of days. Normally I use my personal sluts for exclusively lesbian service when they work but, just this once, I would defer to one of my new harlot's obvious desires.

H aving drained the pricks so completely harlotta, who could hardly keep her eyes open, surveyed the unconscious males. She arranged their bodies so that she was able to feed a limp prick tube into both her cunt and arse pits. She then lay her head on the belly of the third slave , and engulfed his soft prick tube into her mouth. Just before she dropped off she called out to me to punish her for exhausting her depraved lust so quickly. Slutina, not to be outdone, also pleaded to be punished for the same reason, falling asleep with her own face pressed into the still moist folds of slave droolingcuntsplit's sated and drained twat. I finally drifted off to sleep to the sensual feel of the soft lips of sleeping slave girls still, instinctively, suckling at my nipples and pussy lips.

Three days after the violation of slave harlotta, and the ensuing orgy, we deferred to the chattels' desire to be punished. Also, by this time, my plans for harlotta's introduction to brothel service were well advanced. We were all once again in the playroom, and the slave s had been prepared for punishment. They had both been hung, by their ankles in a back to back posture, their bulging arse slab s w edged together, and held in place by straps that tied their bodies together at bellies, thighs, torsos below tits, and necks. Their leg s w ere spread almost impossibly wide, an a series of thin cords tied to their cunt ring s w ere used to viciously splay their tender twats open. Cords through their teat rings stretched their tits out from their chests, and a strap around the bases of each set of big udders squashed the tits together and serving to present the soft undersides of the sensitive udders deliciously defenselessly.

That the passionate masochist s w ere eager for their suffering was not in doubt, for the meat of their stretched open cunt splits already glistened with spicy girl juice and, when Mistress approached to clamp their bare girl pricks to heighten their sensitivity, the lewd stalks of female sexuality were already stiff and throbbing. The clamp s w ere forced down to the bases of the woman cocks, and tightened savagely until the stems had swelled grotesquely, and had become deep crimson in color and super sensitive.

I had informed little slutina that thi s w as to be a formal punishment session, and she was to instruct harlotta in the requirements of such an event. After surveying the preparations I signaled to my priestesses to prepare themselves for the commencement of the session. Each of them armed herself with a six foot long rattan cane and took up positions next to a slave , Mistres s w ith harlotta and Dominatrix with slutina. Each sadistic woman carefully measured off her stance so that when she swung her cane its end would explode on the defenseless, tender meat of the undersides of a slave s mashed together tits. I armed my self with a five foot long, inch thick tawse and moved in front of the captive slave s so that the three inch broad lash of the whipping implement would land squarely along the open gashes of the sluts' cunts, and would crush their obscenely clamped girl prick s w ith each savage stroke I delivered. All was in readiness, and I commanded the slave s to begin the ritual of formal punishment.

The two delightful masochists cried out in perfect unison, their voices betraying excitement and dread at the same time, tinged with a pleading longing to suffer:

"Worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of our Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub, we lewd and utterly depraved sluts, and groveling servile slave s, when granted the privilege of practicing our wanton depravity in an orgy of lust crazed debauchery, have failed to fully appreciate the sheer perfection of that liberty, and exhausted our wanton lusts far too soon. For this heinous lack of appreciation of the gift you presented u s w ith our mutinous bodies deserve to suffer the most brutal and vicious of punishments, and we beg and plead that such punishment be inflicted upon u s w ithout mercy, and as savagely as is possible. Because it was our whorish tits, and harlot cunt splits that erred so disgracefully, it is those that must bear the agony of richly earned suffering. Oh, worshipped Majesty, we implore you, instruct the adored Priestesses to be pitiles s w hen they lash our captive udder bellie s w ith their glorious canes. And you, utterly worshipped Majesty, we beg and plead, be perfectly merciles s w hen you batter our unruly cunt splits, and rebellious girl prick s w ith your superb tawse!"

The wheedling whores finished their obsequious begging with waves of submissive emotion racking their captive bodies. All was as it should be, cringing, yearning slave s pleading for their agonies, and haughty, heartless sadists only to willing to satisfy those abject cravings. We all raised our cruel instruments of punishment high, and I called out, "One!" Mistress and Dominatrix brought their canes flashing down towards their defenseless targets, while my tawse was still poised at the apex of its full swing. Two, almost simultaneous dull smacks sounded around the room when brutal canes sliced savagely into soft defenseless tit meat, followed, almost immediately by high pitched shrieks of anguish from the two slave s w hich reverberated around the room. Before the echo of their initial squeals had even faded, I brought the tawse down savagely. Its cruel end slapped resoundingly into the splayed out flesh of the tormented sluts' defenseless cunt clefts, and crushing the erect spikes of their brutally clamped girl pricks unmercifully.

The shrieks and wails of the suffering slave s w ere music to our ears. Oh how delicious it is to watch a slave 's nudity shudder with pain while it helplessly absorbs its punishment. We drew our pain giving implements back, in preparation for the delivery of the next set of blows, and waited. After a few seconds the slave s sobbed out, in perfect unison:

"Oh worshipped Majesty, H igh Priestess of our Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of pain you bestow upon our lewd and depraved nudity. Our pain filled tits ache with luscious anguish, our agonized cunt splits are on fire with exquisite pain, and our tortured girl pricks throb in immaculate agony. Our gratitude to you, and the adored Priestesses, administering to our craved for suffering knows no bounds. But we beg you, worshipped Majesty, with all our craving hearts, have our suffering tits caned harder, smash our lewd cunt slit s w ith more ferocity! Punish us unmercifully!"

"Two!" I yelled, and three pain giving implements again pitilessly slashed and pounded submissive female sexuality. The slave s sobbed out their gratitude in howls of masochistic ecstasy, and pleaded for more brutality, more savagery, more agony and torment to be inflicted on them. We dominants' hearts pulsed with sadistic elation while we watched our slave s suffer so immaculately. The more the adrenaline flowed through our veins the more force we were able to muster in delivering our blows, and the more fiercely the anguished slave s suffered.

The punishment was relentlessly inflicted. No thought of mercy entered our head s w hile we whipped the tits and cunt splits of the tormented slut s w ith impeccable ferocity. Twenty sets of stroke s w ere delivered with ever increasing might and viciousness to the swollen, welted tits, and bruised and battered cunt clefts of the howling slave s before I finally called a halt. We dominants, sweat pouring from our tired muscles, rested while the punished slave s w ailed out their eternal gratitude, and wallowed in the aftermath of their exquisite suffering. The soft tender flesh of their tit bellie s w ere covered with ugly red weals. The swollen lips of their pain filled cunts glistened with sticky woman juice, and the cruelly clamped spikes of their agony soaked woman cocks had swollen grotesquely, and throbbed with impeccable torment.

After we had rested for a while we finally got up both the energy and the will to free the slave s from their bondage. I allowed the cruelly punished serfs to comfort each other as they came down from their pain high, and we dominants further recovered our strength. The two harlot s w ere soon locked in an embrace on the floor at our feet. Their brutalized tit s w ere mashed together, and their open thighs interlocked so that the battered lips of their twat s w ere joined in a liquid kiss, and the erect stalks of their tortured girl pricks dueled lasciviously. The smiling slave s w ere busily kissing away each others tear s w hile they savored the delicious aftermath of their cruel torments.

I threw down a piece of paper which was a flier that I had had distributed throughout the waterfront area, announcing harlotta's debut as a whore in our brothel there. The delightful slut blushed crimson when she read the sheet's content. H er whole naked body shivered with barely controlled lust, and she excitedly showed the degrading pamphlet to slutina, with a smile of sheer depraved delight on her beautiful face. The flier read:


its newest harlot, the depraved


In celebration of this harlot's arrival the Emporium offers the following services, free of charge:

All male client s w ith cocks longer than nine inches, and thicker than two inches, will be invited to gang fuck the whore's tight arse pit.

All male client s w ith balls larger than turkey egg s w ill be invited to have the harlot's mouth drain them.

The harlot's body will be presented in a fashion that will allow her big soft tit s w ill hang down free and defenseless, while her arse and mouth will be presented at the level of a standing male's groin.

The harlot will be so presented for her full twelve hour shift. We expect two long standing Emporium records to be broken, the number of cocks brought off by one harlot's arse pit, 430, and the number of loads sucked from pricks by one whore's mouth in a single shift, 850. Other whore s w ill be available to stimulate your cocks prior to their presentation to harlotta, so that no time i s w asted in the attempt to break these long standing records.

The whore will be attended by the well know harlot, slutina, who will be responsible for emptying the whore's arse tube with her lecherous mouth whenever it gets too sloppy. When she is not engaged in this task she will add to the new whore's enthusiasm for her work by sucking her cunt and girl prick for her.

We have not forgotten our many female clients either. Those of you who possess specialized tit whip s w ill be encouraged to use them on the new whore's hanging udders. For those who don't have such instruments the management will make some of its own stock available. If, as anticipated, harlotta's tit are not available then slutina will offer hers either as a replacement, or as an alternative while you wait for your turn at the new harlot's hanging udders.

We look forward to a full roll up!

A photograph I had taken of harlotta graced the center of the flier. The picture showed the slave , naked except for scarlet hose and garter belt, kneeling, facing forward. H er finger s w ere linked through her cunt rings, and had torn the fat lips apart to revealing the glistening meat of her trench, not to mention the stiff stalk of her aroused, bare girl prick. The stiff teats capping her flopping tit s w ere garishly rouged, and her heavily made up face wore a leering grin of utter wanton lust.

By the time they had read the flier both slave s w ere shaking with lust, and their mashed together cunts drooled with hot sticky girl cum. I could see that harlotta, in particular, was almost beside herself with depraved elation. She could not wait to have her yearning arse chasm invaded by countless cocks, all huge and thick, was beside herself with longing to drink hundreds of sets of sap filled balls dry, but most of all, I suspect, to have her soft tender tits subjected to relentles s w hipping. Slutina too, showed her excitement and degradation at the prospect of having to suck so much cock cream from her lover's aching arse tube. At least she would have the recompense of having her own tit s w hipped to salve her desires.

I must admit that I too, was quite looking forward to this night. It would be interesting to see if harlotta broke under the sheer relentlessness of her debauched ordeal. At worst, I suspected, the night would satisfy her lust for male cock for a while. The experience would also serve to reinforce to her that she possessed no will of her own any more. That her body a s w ell as her soul had been forfeited to out Lord and Ruler, Beelzebub, and through him to me.

I sat and watched as the depraved whore's slipped into a comfortable sixtynine position. They had not been given permission to do so, so they lewd slut' s w ere already racking up demerit points towards their next bout of punishment. While I watched their soft, ever lascivious tongues go to work on their still tightly clamped girl pricks I was hit by the realization that the little masochistic sluts knew exactly what they were doing. I smiled across at my cohorts, who returned my knowing grin. A glance down at the slave s showed me that they too wore smiles of impish awareness. It was as it was destined to be.

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