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Penny's Mistake

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Synopsis: She was looking for a master and one night lust. But soon she got all kinds of penetration, humiliation and punishment she can imagine.
Author: OldBird 
Date:  1999/05/08

        Although written for a real lady this story is fiction, and
should be treated as such.
        At her request I am posting it to this group.
The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY,
and contains descriptions of explicit sex.  If you are not an
adult, or downloading such stories is prohibited in your location, or
reading sex stories upset you, do       not read any further.

        Comments appreciated, especially if nice ones

(c) 1999

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PENNY'S MISTAKE - Chapter 1 - Blackpool Here I Come

Having traveled up from London to Blackpool where she had
Been promised a night of lust, providing she came dressed as a maid.
Penny left the train at North Station and walked outside into the
Gathering dusk. She had expected to be met, but there was no-one
waiting for
her. In fact there was just one solitary taxi standing forlorn outside
the station. The taxi driver shouted across "You Penny".
Thankful that at least it didn't look as though her journey was going
to be wasted she answered in the affirmative.
The taxi driver leered at her as he loaded her tiny little case into
the back of the taxi, and she was aware that her coat did little to
cover the fishnet stockings and black high-heeled shoes she had been
instructed to wear, and she wished that she had worn something other
than the short summer coat, now so woefully hiding the shiny black of
her maids uniform against the translucent white of her 'see through'
blouse. She silently shrugged her shoulders, she had been in many a
party more exposed than this, but somehow she knew this was different,
the Taxi driver was ogling her like she was a paid whore, his tongue
sliding round and round his lips as if they were very dry indeed, and
the bulge in his trousers was unmistakable.

"In you get Darlin' " he mouthed, and as she entered the taxi she felt
his hand slide up the back of her leg, taken aback by this show of
familiarity she spun round "What the Fuck!" was all she could get out
before the taxi driver pushed her headlong into the back of the old
'Bomber'. Flat on the floor she looked up to see him sitting on the
seat watching her. "What is going on!" she spat. "Darlin' I am going
to read you my instructions. So listen carefully" The taxi driver
In a daze Penny listened as the man read the crumpled piece of paper
clasped in his hand. As each sentence was read Penny felt herself
wondering if perhaps it had been a mistake to travel all this way, just
in the hope of finding some new master that could bring some
new sexual excitement to her jaded life, as she listened though what
the man was saying began to excite her, it had obviously been well
thought out, and before arriving at her final destination she was to
dominated by not just the taxi driver, but others in fact the taxi
driver slowly spelled out five people that Penny would meet before she
ever got near to the expected destination.

Suddenly she realised the taxi driver had finished speaking, and she
looked up he hadn't moved. "Did you get all of that?" he asked. She
nodded glumly, but asked if he would repeat the final couple of
sentences as they didn't seem to make any sense at all. The Taxi
driver began to read again. "IF the bitch you have picked up from the
train station does not perform any of the tasks as outlined in this
document, you are to leave her naked on Dock Road Fleetwood just as
the Russian Trawler Men return from their night on the town, and if
she really wants to be the centre of attention lets see how she likes
those Bastards when they are 'tanked' up on British beer. If by any
chance she feels it might be fun you may inform her about the last
girl the Russians got hold of, and why not even the local scrubbers go
down Dock Road tonight." The taxi driver stopped reading and leered at
Penny. "Want to know what happened to her Girlie?" he said with a
menacing tone of voice.
Penny slowly nodded her head.
"Well", he said "She was one of the local scrubbers, well known for
having a cunt as hard and Iron, and willing to do anything for a
tenner, but after the Russians got hold of her that all changed.
It didn't make much press because she was small fry and the Russians
Have powerful friends, but they took her on board one of their ships,
And she was fucked solid for two days, without any rest. They shafted
every way it is possible and even some I'm not sure are. One of the
Russians was drunk one night and explained how six men had stuffed
their cocks into her all at one time. Two up her ass, two in her cunt,
and two in her mouth. The tears in her cunt and Ass took nearly three
months to heal after they had finished, and one of the bastards had
missed her gullet and forced his cock into her windpipe, shattering
her vocal chords, as well as leaving his spunk lodged in her lungs.
They have patched her up physically, but her mind has gone and now she
is an inmate at the local 'loony' bin. It is said that every night she
cries hysterically for eight hours as she remembers the number of men
that raped and abused her. She can't talk now just make garbled
sounds, but if she sees a man she collapses like a heap of jelly on
the floor, and shirts herself in fear."

Penny finally realised that whatever she had let herself in for with
her wish for new experiences was a one way road, whatever had been
planned for her was going to take place, despite her wish to be
dominated and abused by numbers of men and women it was always in the
understanding that there would be an escape route, but this time the
only escape would be a fate even worse that the one so far outlined
for her

Penny looked at the taxi driver now leering openly at the swell of her
breasts, and resignedly requested that he read the sentences relating
to his involvement, again as she remember they had been little more
than indications of the people she would have to meet, with notes that
each would give her specific instructions as it became their turn to
use her body.

The taxi driver took an envelope from his pocket a with a flourish
opened it and withdrew the slip of paper inside. A grin covered his
face a he read the first few sentences, and then he started to
chuckle. Penny was intrigued, and irritated by his failure to read the
note to her. how could she do as she was bidden unless he told her
what was to happen, his chuckle turned into uproarious laughter as he
reached the bottom of the page, and without a single further word he
handed the not to Penny. This is what she read.

As I do not wish your uniform to become soiled before you are able
to fulfil your duties as a maid you will strip of for Roy, making sure
it is a sensual as you can in a taxi cab, and whilst Roy drives you to
your next destination you will sit naked in the front of his cab and
give him a blow job. Providing you have managed to make Roy cum using
just your mouth he will provide you with a garment suitable for the
next leg of your journey. During this short journey Roy may play with
your breasts and nipples, but is not to touch either your Cunt or Ass.
He is well aware of the punishment if he should disobey so please
don't get overexcited and try to tempt him. Penny looked at Roy "you
mean I've to strip of here in front of the train station?"
"That's right baby he crooned, unzipping his cock and letting it
dangle from the front of his trousers. Penny was thankful that at
least it wasn't a monster, but appeared to be of normal dimensions,
but I suggest you do a good job of the strip because it is only a few
minutes to the next destination and if you haven't made me Cum the
alternative clothes are quite suitable for Dock road."

Penny, not noted for being thick, understood the threat and kneeling
on the floor of the taxi began to wriggle and squirm as seductively as
she could whilst she carefully removed first her short coat, and then
the crisp white 'pinny' before slowly lifting the shimmering black
maids outfit up over her head. As the outfit began to slide over her
face she felt Roy's hands moulding themselves to the white blouse
teasing her nipples through the flimsy fabric. Carefully, as she was
sure it would be expected later she folded the dress so that it
wouldn't crease, and started to unbutton the sheer blouse. Roy's lips
were glistening from the way his tongue kept running round and round,
and Penny responded by licking her own lips and pouting a kiss towards
the lecherous old man. As the blouse was removed his hands once again
found their way to her breasts, and Penny realised from the reaction
of his cock that this part of her anatomy had been chosen, because Roy
freaked out over breasts. His cock had already jerked to attention and
wavering vertically upwards from his trousers, and she could see the
glistening purple tip of his glans poking through the pinkness of his
distended foreskin. Quickly so as not to lose his attention she
slipped of her white silk pants as he closed his eyes in concentration
as he tweaked her growing nipples.
Frightened that her would tear her silk bra she quickly unclasped it
and let if all away from tits. Now Roy could see her breast and her
nipples already growing he went into raptures about them his lecherous
mouth enfolding first one and then the other. his teeth nibbling them
as he sucked first nearly all of one breast and then the other into
his mouth. his tongue was beginning to have the desired effect Penny's
own body was beginning to respond, but she realised suddenly that she
was forgetting she had to suck his cock off before they reached the
next stop so she gently rocked backward until he could no longer
fasten his mouth to her teats. "Come on you sexy Bastard she crooned
let's get this show on the road, and whilst we drive you can squeeze
my nipples, and every time we stop at traffic lights I'll let you suck
one whilst I watch the lights. Roy eyes glazed from lust rapidly
opened the door and ushered Penny from the back to the front of the
taxi. It was only when a passing youth wolf whistled that Penny
remembered she was completely naked, but Roy just snarled at the youth
and he went quickly on his way, no doubt to try and convince his
drinking buddies what he had just witnessed. Ensconced in the front of
the taxi Penny lost no time in placing Roy's free hand back on her
breast as she lowered her mouth towards his waiting cock. The staining
length of gristle was jerking slowly until she enfolded it in her
mouth. Her tongue licking the underside of the shaft, and her
billowing cheeks swallowing the entire length of his throbbing cock.
The bomber's motor sprang into life and Penny felt the taxi move away
from the station, concentrating on Roy's cock she was unaware of where
they were going until Roy croaked "Traffic Lights, I want to suck your
Penny surfaced to find they were in a line of traffic threading its
way through the illuminations. The flickering lights illuminating her
bare torso, not that much could be seen Roy's slavering mouth had once
more fastened upon her left nipple. It felt like he was trying to
swallow her breast completely, and as the suction increased Penny could
feel the nipple swelling, and as his
rough tongue began to lick madly at it she felt her own cunt begin to
respond, dripping love juice down onto the seat of the taxi. Suddenly
hooting horns reminded her and Roy that they were sat at traffic
lights, and he jerked upright with a snarl, and called her a "Stupid
Bitch", but his hand was still glued to her breast, twisting her
nipple first one way then the other as he accelerated away. Penny
immediately dropped back into his lap her mouth enfolding his cock
once more, avidly she sucked at it as fast as she could, aware that
soon the journey would be over and she had to make him cum before they
reached the end.
Roy's breaths were little more than gasps now his hips thrust away
from the seat, as he tried to force more and more of his cock into her
throat, when she felt his cock throb and jerk wildly in her mouth and
just as the Taxi pulled across to the curb, spurt after spurt of salty
spunk jetted into the back of Penny's mouth. She savoured the taste as
she swallowed every drop then sat up and smiled at Roy, who was
sitting gasping for breath from the powerful orgasm that had just
rocked his tired old body. "fuck me lady," he croaked "That was the
best head I've ever had I wish I didn't have to leave you here, but I
don't want to be the plaything for the fleet either". Reaching forward
into his glove compartment he said "These are the clothes you must
wear, and you must give this envelope to a woman called Gina. Through
that door over there." He indicated a bright red door set into the
wall opposite.

Penny unwrapped the parcel, inside were a matching pair of white
cotton, briefs and bra like schoolgirls wear, a white cotton blouse
and a short navy gym slip as well as white ankle socks and a pair of
Black pumps. Roy watched, gently wanking his cock as Penny slowly
dressed herself, as she pulled up the knickers and fastened the too
tight bra across her swollen tits Roy groaned and squirted another
series of cum jets all over his trousers. Penny finished dressing, and
just before leaving the taxi she leant over and wiped a couple of
gobs of Spunk from Roy's trousers held it up so that he could watch
her seductively suck it of her fingers rolling it round her mouth with
her tongue and then opening her mouth and letting him watch it slide
down her throat. As she left the taxi to cross the road she could see
the old pervert frantically wanking himself to another orgasm, or at
least trying to. Penny laughed quietly to herself as she imagined the
fucking any girl drunk enough to be propositioned would get tonight
from the Old man.

PENNY'S MISTAKE - Chapter 2 - Behind the Red Door
In keeping with the clothes she had been given Penny had removed most
of her make up, and now wore just a little blusher and a coral pink
lipstick. she assumed that whoever was behind the Red door, was
expecting a schoolgirl and she had no intention of being made to stand
on Dock Road if she could help it. She considered making a run for it
but Roy was watching her from the comfort of his taxi. Reaching the
door she was surprised to see that it was made of polished steel, not
wood, and there right in the centre was a silver steel knocker shaped
in the form of a circle with a descending cross. Penny knew what the
sign meant, this was a lesbian club, and she wondered what sort of
excesses would be practised on her here. With a flutter of
anticipation she knocked loudly three times and could hear the echoes
ringing along what sounded like an empty passageway.
Just as she was preparing to knock again she heard steady footsteps
approaching. They sounded heavy, too heavy to belong to a woman, but
just as Penny began to think that the knocker didn't perhaps mean what
she thought the door swung open. There looking down at her was the
biggest woman Penny had ever seen, at least six foot six tall the
amazon looked down at her. "Yes, my dear? Can I help you?" Her voice
was dulcet but the mouth that uttered the words looked hard. Penny
gulped, and stuttered "I .. I have to give this note to Gina?."
The woman smiled through perfect teeth, and eyed Penny up and down. "I
have been expecting you my dear. I am Gina, could I have the note
please?" without a word Penny handed over the note, and Gina opened
and read the note it contained. Once or twice she glanced at Penny
before finally folding the note up and replacing it carefully in the

Handing the envelope back to Penny she spoke words that might have
sent a lesser girl fleeing. "Keep that safe, my Dear. It says that I
am to ask you three questions, if you answer in the negative to any
one of them Roy will take you to another destination. I hasten to add
not Dock Road, but the Master has decided you should be given a chance
not to enter here."
Penny looked at the woman, her eyes were like steel and her mouth
looked hard but her figure was fantastic and Penny had always been a
sucker for a bit of Bi, and she wondered if those tits which must be
at least 48" were real, and whether when the dyke removed her bra if
they dropped to her belly. She was imagining so much that the woman
had to repeat the first question as Penny gawked at her bodice.

"Do you have any aversion to lesbian activities?"
"No, none at all" replied Penny
"Are you willing to be chastised?"
"I am willing to be chastised providing no long term physical harm
results" Penny could sense the way this was going and the cotton of
her knickers was starting to get wet as she imagined what this woman
might be going to do to her.
"The final question, my dear. then you may enter. Are you a naughty
little slut?" These words were spat at Penny and she was taken aback
by the sudden change in attitude, but she managed to  respond as was
expected (She had played the naughty schoolgirl before). Dropping her
eyes she respectfully answered "Yes madam, I have been very naughty"

The amazon cupped Penny's chin and lifted her head until she could see
straight into her eyes, then imperiously signal led Roy's taxi away.
As it disappeared down the road she gently held Penny's upturned chin,
and as it disappeared round the corner her hand gently moved round to
the nape of Penny's neck.

Penny was totally unprepared for what happened next. with no apparent
effort the amazon gripping a bunch of Penny's hair had lifted her
nearly of her feet. The sudden pain made Penny scream, as much from
the shock as the pain, but her protests were cut short as Gina placed
her other hand firmly across her mouth. "Now you little trollop!" she
hissed "it is time for you to be judged by the sisterhood", and
without further ado she frog marched Penny down the long corridor.
Penny's muffled cries echoed around the empty hall, as each step
pulled at her hair, and she struggled to breathe through the hand that
was covering her mouth and nose, struggle as she might she was half
marched half carried to the end of the corridor. Suddenly released she
nearly fell to her knees as the amazon took one step backwards, and
pushed Penny towards another door set in the end of the corridor. This
door was black, and polished like glass, but the most striking thing
about it was that there was no handle at all. It was just a glistening
sheet of total blackness. Gina pushed Penny forwards into the door and
she felt it give not sideways but falling away from her. she tried to
stop herself falling but it was too late, as the door fell she fell
with it and unable to prevent her forward movement she felt herself
sliding forwards into total darkness. Her body twisted and turned as
she sped ever downwards through the blackness. Whatever she was
sliding down was totally smooth, she could do nothing to slow her
descent until she felt the tunnel's slope lessening and her momentum
started to slow. Just as Penny thought she was going to stop in the
total darkness of the tunnel another door opened and she was pitched
forward onto a pile of cushions in a brightly lit room. She turned to
look back where she had fallen from and was amazed to see the tunnel
was shaped like a giant negresses vagina. The glistening walls forming
the outer lips and the edifice from which she had so recently shot
coloured a deep red like the love tunnel of some gigantic black woman.

Penny felt her arms being gripped and she was forced to her feet and
turned. She started to protest, but a well aimed slap silenced her.
There dressed in a severe black catsuit stood Gina, and Penny could
see that none of the gigantic woman was padding. the Catsuit was so
sheer that Penny could see  she wore no underwear and her breasts were
as firm as rocks, not only that but stretching the suit were aureoles
the size of saucers and nipples that must have been at least an inch
long. The amazon looked Penny right in the face and then reached
forward and rubbed her finger across her lips and face. In a chilling
voice she spoke to the two women holding Penny. "this slut has been
sent by the Master to be taught humility, and I see she is tarted up
like a gutter prostitute. Remove whores gaudiness at once."
Penny despite struggling was forced to her knees and one of the women,
dressed in nothing but a bright red basque moved in front of her
whilst the other pinned her arms behind her back.
"but mistress I have no water to remove this muck with" the woman
wailed.  "Then lick it off you scum sucking whore" snarled Gina.
The woman immediately dropped to her knees and began laving away at
Penny's face with her tongue, removing the blusher from her cheeks,
then beginning to lick at Penny's lips to try and remove the lipstick.
In a futile attempt to prevent the forced invasion Penny clamped her
lips together, but the woman leant against her and wormed her tongue
between Penny's lips. Penny could feel the woman's chest pressing
against hers own as her tongue slowly but surely forced its way into
her mouth. The pressure on her arms was hurting, but Penny felt
herself responding to the ministrations of the woman trying to remove
her makeup, and her mouth opened wider to allow the dyke so greedily
trying to lick her lips clean easier access. with a groan the lesbian
could contain herself no longer and gripping Penny's head began to
French kiss the kneeling girl. Suddenly a whistling sound echoed round
the room, and before her molester could withdraw there was the crack of
whip. With a scream of pain the woman jerked away from Penny, and
threw herself prostrate before the towering figure of a whip wielding
Gina. "you fucking tart, how dare you try to kiss my toy" Gina
snarled, and reaching down she grabbed the woman by the front oh her
Basque and tore it from her body. Lying there naked the woman tried to
squirm away from the enraged Gina, but could not escape the flailing
whip. again and again it crashed down onto her body as she lay there
writhing, trying to protect her tits and cunt from the stinging lash.
eventually when her prey lay still Gina ordered the other woman to
leave Penny and to restrain the now quiescent woman to 'Toby'.
Immediately the woman began to beg, and Penny could see why as from a
dark corner of the room, the woman Penny had not seen yet, wheeled a
contraption of wood that looked like a saw bench except that on each
leg there was a leather strap and extending back from one end was a
piece of spring steel attached to which was a dildo that must have
been twelve inches long and as thick as Penny's wrist.

Struggling and screaming as she was it took Gina and her helpers
nearly five minutes to fasten the woman face down over the contraption.
ample tits falling either side of the bench, and her cunt and ass
exposed towards the dildo swinging backwards and forwards on its piece
of sprung steel. Eventually she was fastened securely her tear stained
face staring at Gina she begged to be forgiven. she would do anything
but please not 'Toby'.

Gina laughed at her, and sent a shiver even down Penny's spine when
she coldly informed the prostrate penitent that " Carol, my dear, by
the time we have finished with you and this little slut over here you
will beg for 'Toby'. Now Marcia shut the whining shag bag up."
The other woman appeared again this time carrying a mouth gag and
proceeded to fasten it securely into Carol's mouth and around the back
of her head. Penny watched as Carol's body, covered in red welts from
the whipping was dragged in front of her. still kneeling where she had
been left Penny suddenly felt afraid as she saw what Gina and Marcia
intended to do. They turned Carol round until her cunt was bare inches
away from Penny's face and then Marcia proceeded to insert the tip of
the massive dildo into Carol's dry cunt. without any lubrication it
looked as though she would never manage to insert the monster, and the
tethered woman was moaning in pain from behind her gag when Gina came
and took the dildo from Marcia. "Not yet minx" she said "we have to
deal with this other slut first."
turning they stood in front of the kneeling Penny, and she was able to
see Marcia clearly for the first time, alongside Gina she appeared
normal but that was only because of Gina's great size. Marcia probably
stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and her figure was immaculate. Her breasts,
probably about 38" poked above the top of her black halter bra,
sticking out like torpedoes they were tipped with pink aureoles in the
centre of each was a chocolate brown nipple, but most noticeable was
the fact that each nipple was oozing milk. with a tapering waist and
flaring hips she stood looking with lust at Penny, her tongue circling
her lips as she ate the young girl with her eyes. Penny noticed that
curls of ginger hair, which matched the flaming glory of her head,
were poking around the sides of her tiny knickers.

Penny knelt transfixed as Gina slowly curled the lash of the whip
around her body, allowing the lash to lock around itself so that it
formed a noose around her waist. With gentle insistence the amazon
pulled, forcing Penny to her feet until she stood in front of the two

"This slut of a schoolgirl, was seen to offer her mouth to a man" Gina
told Marcia. "Not only that, but it was that old pervert Roy, and she
swallowed his spunk."
Marcia made sounds of horror, and rolling her eyes in disgust clucked
her distaste at the young girl stood in front of her. "How shall we
punish the filthy little tart Madam, she asked Gina.

"LIKE THIS" screamed Gina and heaved on the whip causing Penny to fall
forwards at her feet, lifting the helpless girl by her hair the amazon
crushed her face into her groin, and rocked the gusset of her cat suit
into Penny's face. Penny could taste the musty fluids leaking into the
cloth from Gina's cunt and instinctively tried to pull away. "You
fucking little whore" intoned Gina "you suck that old perverts cock
and pull away from my beautiful cunt. I can see you need more
punishment than I thought."

With that she lifted Penny completely clear of the floor with one
hand, pulling down the top of the catsuit to expose her massive
breasts. Forcibly she pulled Penny's mouth towards her right tit.
"open wide baby and suckle Momma" she instructed. Penny always willing
to chew on a nipple opened her mouth wide and tried to suck as much of
the massive orb into her mouth as she could. Suddenly she realised her
mistake Gina continued to pull her onto the swollen tit forcing all of
the aureole into Penny's mouth, but she didn't stop there slowly Penny
felt herself being enfolded by the giant orb. It was covering her
mouth and nose, she couldn't breathe, struggle as she might she could
not break away from the amazon's grip, and the last thing she
remembered before unconsciousness overtook her and she blacked out was
Gina laughing as she forced more and more of her tit into the young
girl's mouth.

Penny had no idea how long she had been unconscious, but when she came
too she was hanging, still fully clothed from the ceiling, her hands
were fastened together above her head, but she could feel that her
legs had been stretched sideways, the gusset of her white school
knickers cutting into the soft flesh of her fanny. Looking around she
could see nothing, she seemed to be very high up. Suddenly a noise
made her crane her head downwards, there below her were the three
women. Carol was still tied across the bench and Penny was suspended
directly above her. the noise was emanating from the tied woman who
was being forced to suck on Marcia's swollen cunt. Marcia was lying on
a small table, her legs either side of Carol's head and was holding
her cunt lips as wide as she could pushing her swollen and glistening
cunt forwards into carol's mouth. It was obvious from the way her
stomach heaved, and her swollen tits were dribbling milk that she had
had at least one orgasm, but she was instructing the tied woman to
lick her harder, to drink her love juice as she tried to reach
another. Standing straddling Marcia's head Gina was letting the supine
woman lick and suck on the outer folds of her own vagina, as she toyed
with the swollen tits bellow her, every time she squeezed a squirt of
milk would jet upwards into the air before falling on Marcia's lower
stomach and dribbling down into the recesses of her cunt. As she
watched Penny saw the latest milk deposit reach Carol's tongue, just
as Marcia's cunt squirted its own juices to join the pooling milk.
Carol tried to pull away but Gina casually reached right over her body
and gave her quivering ass an almighty swat with a riding crop she was
holding in her hand. The bound woman's ass, pink and swollen from the
battering quivered as she tried her hardest to tongue the demanding
cunt wavering before her mouth.

Penny gasped as a particularly vicious swipe made Carol's whole body
arch from the bench, and tore a wail of pain from the tortured woman.
Immediately Gina looked, and leaving her position astride Marcia,
instructed the moaning assistant to stand. With obvious reluctance
Marcia withdrew her cunt from Carol's tongue and stood alongside her
Mistress. "I see our toy has awoke, now is the time to teach her the
meaning of
good behaviour, prepare the riding horse my dear." Marcia's gleeful
response, brought a muted wail of "No!, no! please no!" from Carol,
but Penny had no idea what was intended until she saw Marcia reappearing
with what was in effect a saddle made to fit a human body, but
fastened on top of the seat were two protuberances. One glistening
black stood a full eight inches above the saddle, whilst the other
placed about two inches behind it was slimmer and Ivory white. With
great gusto Marcia fastened the saddle to Carol's back and tightened
the girth strap under her belly.

Now Penny understood, she was going to be lowered down onto the saddle
and forced to ride the poor woman tied underneath her, but she could
not understand why the woman was still wailing her, until she saw
Marcia preparing the stirrups. they were connected to the spring
steel, every time Penny put any pressure on the stirrups she would
force the massive dildo fastened to the other end towards the wailing
woman's cunt.

The preparations complete Gina and Marcia slowly lowered Penny until
she was just touching the larger of the two dildoes. She could feel it
pressing upwards into the stretched white cotton of her pants.
Gina stood in front of her and slowly and sensuously ran her hands
over the cotton of her blouse, until suddenly grasping the front in
her hand she tore the blouse open exposing Penny's breasts, pushed
outwards by the over tight bra they threatened to spill out into the
sight of the two sadistic women. Penny tried to twist her body away,
but Marcia held her thighs tight. Gina hooked a finger into each of
the cups and peeled the bra downwards. Penny felt her breasts spring
into view, her nipples crushed for so long against the rough cotton
were throbbing in anticipation of the plastic rape to come. Gina
laughed at the size of Penny's breasts and tweaked each nipple in
turn, causing Penny to gasp as jolts of delicious pain coursed through
her suspended body.  "well my dear. So you are looking forward to this
are you" quipped
Gina. "I don't think you will feel that way by the time I've finished
with you. Luckily for you the Master has instructed me to leave no
blemishes, or you would have already felt the lash of my baby tearing
at your youthful skin, but he did say we could degrade you any other
way we felt fit" So saying Penny felt her fingers cruelly tighten
around her breasts. the pressure increasing until she could contain
the scream welling up in her throat no more. The  chamber echoed to
the sound as Penny screamed and screamed. no longer because of the
fingers gripping her tits, but because fastened to each nipple was a
clamp, and from each clamp there was a wire. The witches had wired her
to a van deGraff generator powered by the movement of the woman
strapped below her and Marcia was once again trying to force the
massive dildo into the struggling woman's cunt. Each thrust forced the
woman to squirm, each squirm generated more power and sent a jolt of
harmless but painful electricity coursing through Penny's throbbing
nipples.   The two women stood back and slowly lowered Penny down. The
probing upwards was pushing the cotton of her knickers into her cunt.
The rough material scratching at her sensitive walls. Penny jerked and
tried to stand in the stirrups to lessen the penetration. The pressure
causing the spring steel to flex pushed the dildo towards the wailing
captives cunt. Her spasms as she tried to evade penetration sent jolts
of electricity through Penny's nipples. Each jolt causing them to
throb as if they were going to explode.

Gina and Marcia stood back to admire their handiwork. every movement
of one of the woman was causing discomfort to the other. but worse was
to come Gina with a grin of pure devilment on her face produced a
small salve bottle, and applied some of the cream to Penny's nipples
and moving the Gusset of her knickers to one side her cunt and ass.
Nothing happened immediately but then Penny felt as though her nipples
, cunt and ass were tingling then suddenly as if by magic the full
effect of the cream hit her. She had to get something inside her
holes, the cream was turning her into a lust driven machine. she tried
to force herself deeper onto the dildo vainly trying too impale
herself far enough to engage the slimmer one in her ass.

Gina assisted her by lowering her until she could reach both dildoes,
and Penny crying for release drove herself downwards. as the two
dildoes drove deep inside her she heard the unearthly scream as her
pressure finally forced the massive phallus past the entrance to
carol's cunt driving at least four inches of the monster into the
woman. Carol's writhing was sending jolt after jolt through Penny's
tits, but now they inflamed her even more. up and down she bounced
screaming her lust., the two dildoes were shafting her two holes as
deep as she could force them, meanwhile each downward thrust was
forcing the dildo deeper and deeper into Carol's distended cunt. Her
screams were now being cut of every time another inch forced it
inexorable way into her stretched cunt, and her body unable to resist
any longer draped itself limply over the bench. Penny didn't care she
was in heaven. Her hands released she tore the clamp[s from her
nipples and squeezing her tits a hard as she could she drove up and
down on the two dildo trying to reach an orgasm. as she felt it build
she suddenly realised that Marcia was close by her side and turning
her head she tried to swallow one of the woman's tits. Marcia fed a
nipple into Penny's mouth and she sucked greedily. The milk spurting
into her throat she sucked, and swallowed as fast as she could, until
in a frenzy of lust she felt the impending orgasm rise inside her. Her
body shook and her legs now also released, although she hadn't noticed
it, clamped around the helpless woman below her she rode herself
toward exhaustion until with one almighty wail she came flooding the
saddle with her own cum, and collapsed forward over Carol's battered

Gina looked at Penny with wonder. "You fucking little bitch, you
weren't supposed to enjoy it. It was supposed to be painful."
"Oh no" said Penny it was great, you should try it.
"It would be no good" said Gina "Carol is spent, there would be no
movement"  "Wanna bet" said Penny "If I can get you an orgasm on your
will you let me use Marcia". Marcia started to object but Gina told
her to shut up, and mounted the 'steed'. gingerly she lowered herself
down onto the dildo and then looked at Penny and asked how she
intended to get Carol moving again.
First Penny carefully attached the two clamps to Gina massive nipples,
and then smeared her with the same cream added not long ago on her own
body. Slowly Gina began to writhe on the dildo already sliding up and
down her two tubes. Her massive tits jiggled and spasmed as the cream
too effect and her aureoles swollen with blood looked like two
inflated saucers perched on top of the swollen mammaries.
Still there was no response from Carol, that is until Penny walked to
the rear of the contraption and watched the massive dildo thumping up
and down her battered and stretched cunt. Then Penny caught hold of
the steel and withdrew the massive phallus. "you can't put it up her
ass" said Gina. the last time we tried that it tore one of my bitches
in half. "I don't intend to" said Penny, "Just watch", and using some
more of the cream she smeared the bulbous head of the dildo with it
before returning the phallus to Carol's cunt. there was no immediate
reaction, but then Carol's tits hanging flaccid alongside the bar she
was fastened to began to swell, their nipples turgid and bright red.
and her ass began to twitch the muscles of her anus flexing and
pulsing  as the cream did its work deep in the bowels of her body.
suddenly her whole body went rigid, her eyes snapped open, and her
mouth opened in a gasp of orgasmic shock. Her whole body trembled and
jerked and Gina screamed as the fist jolt of electricity coursed
through her massive tits. Eyes glazed she pounded her body up and down
on the two dildoes buried into her and screamed her lust to the skies
as wave after wave of orgasms rocked her body. Reaching up Penny
slapped her tits from side to side, twisting her nipples with her
fingers Gina could do nothing but beg for more as her belly fluttered,
and her lungs gasped for air. Whilst she writhed helpless on top of
Carol, Penny turned her attention to Marcia the woman, as instructed
by her Mistress stood waiting for Penny's instructions. first Penny
made her untie Carol's restraints, and then Penny fastened the
helpless Gina into same straps. carol was still crushed under the
amazon but the helpless mistress was now spread-eagled over the top of
her. Leaving the two women locked together Penny pushed Marcia down
onto her knees in front of the sex crazed giant and fed one of her
teats into Gina's mouth. she locked onto it and began sucking as if to
swallow the whole tit, gurgling and guzzling to drain the mammary of
its milky load. Meanwhile Penny moved to the side of the squirming
giant and by pulling and pushing she was able extract Carol from
underneath her. quickly she told Carol what she was to do, and the
woman showed her where their toys were stashed. Taking two massive
dildoes from amongst the toys Penny returned to the room and with
Carol's help first gagged Marcia, and then by tying her knees behind
her head exposed the whore completely. pushing her across the floor
they positioned her right in front of Gina still writhing in ecstasy
even though the dildoes had slipped from her orifices. seeing the
gaping cunt and ass before her the dyke started to lick up and down
Marcia's slit. Unable to speak for the gag tied in her mouth the woman
just squirmed and wriggled to try and escape but Gina still under the
effects of the drugged cream had no intention of stopping her tongue
probed cunt and ass with equal abandon. Meanwhile Penny was smearing
the two dildoes with more cream and first rammed one into Gina's cunt,
and as that started to have an effect sending her body into even more
desperate lunges and tremors, added the other equally large plastic
cock to the entrance of her ass. Almost immediately the massive dyke
screamed for it to be inserted into her anus and Penny gleefully
complied driving the entire length of the cock deep into her ass hole
with one massive shove. Leaving the two dykes screaming and squirming
in a torrent of sexual excess Penny and Carol left the room.

"I don't know about you" said Penny, "but I don't like that bitch.
nobody should be treated like that just for kissing me."
Carol looked a little frightened but replied that now she couldn't use
her strength there were plenty of ladies that had been mistreated by
her that would be only to pleased to have her tied up for a day or
two, and that once they had all played with her, her power would be
broken. Thanking Penny she showed her the clothes that were to replace
the school outfit still half draped about her, and handed her the next
envelope. Indicating to Penny the way out she hoped that the Master
would consider what Penny had done acceptable, and explained that she
would phone for Roy to proceed with the journey.

With that Carol left Penny presumably to phone for Roy and some more
tormentors for the Ex-Mistress of the lesbian club.

Penny looked the clothes that she was to wear on the next leg of her
journey. Stockings, in sheer black, and a Grey two piece business suit
both exactly her size. a white silk blouse, and matching underwear in
powder blue, trimmed with lace. Penny wondered why such conservative
and formal attire, especially as she fully expected to have to undress
for Roy again. donning the clothes and the Black sensible court shoes
that went with them she walked sedately, or at least as sedately as
one can when ones cunt and ass are still throbbing from an enforced
fucking towards the outer door.

As she emerged into the quiet street she was surprised to see Roy
already waiting and climbing in she asked, what she had to do for him
this time. Roy sulkily replied that he was to take her straight to her
next appointment as they were now running a little late, but that she
was to wear the glasses he had for her. Penny was a little surprised
and told Roy that she didn't need glasses, but when she tried them on
it was clear that the were only cosmetic ones with plain glass in the
large oval frames

PENNY'S MISTAKE  - Chapter Three - Down in the Library
Driving rapidly Roy soon arrived at the town library, and asking ifshe
had her letter informed Penny that she was to ask for Mr. Fallows
at the main desk and hand him the letter.

Penny looked up at the imposing facade of the Victorian building. She
knew that there was little chance that it's staid exterior was hiding
nothing more today than shelf upon shelf of books. somewhere inside
she was going to be used, or abused again. just thinking about it made
her cunt start to dribble juices, and she could feel the gusset of the
blue knickers getting wetter, and wetter as she walked towards the
stout Oak doors.

Entering the library she had to climb a small flight of steps, and she
could feel the eyes of the few men in the foyer watching her hips swat
in the tight skirt as she swayed her way up to the inner doors. She
could imagine them watching her body, dressed as it was and thinking
to themselves how unapproachable, and businesslike she looked. If only
they knew how her nipples were rubbing against the silky smoothness of
her bra, and how her cunt craved a cock to fill it and prevent her
juices running out, but it wouldn't do she had to enter and ask for
Mr. Fallows.

Inside the main body of the library the only person she could see was
a middle aged clerk, the man with a pair of NHS framed glasses and
balding head was immersed in a pile of books he was cataloguing. Penny
stood beside him but he didn't look up. "Excuse me" Penny asked "could
you please tell me where I can find Mr Fallows."
With a sigh at being disturbed the clerk raised his tired eyes from
his work, and started to speak. that was he was going to speak, but
when he saw Penny his jaw dropped, and all he could do was gasp like
fish, his eyes travel led from the black court shoes, up penny's
calves to where the hem of the grey skirt nestled sedately above her
knee, then up, up his gaze moved, pausing to take in the swell of her
breasts confined behind the grey jacket, then up again lingering on
the shimmering silkiness of the blouse, before finally reaching her
face. He gulped not once but twice before he could stammer " O-o-over
th-there, third door on the left."
Penny smiled sweetly at the gawping clerk, and with a devilish sense
of playfulness kissed one of her fingers and laid it gently on his
lips. The clerk turned a bright beetroot red, and muttering his
excuses grabbed a pile of books and fled.
Penny hoped that Mr. Fallows was made of sterner stuff, and started to
move towards the indicated door, noticing the clerk still watching her
from behind one of the shelves she swayed her hips outrageously as she
moved away, and could imagine the poor fellow racing of to the gents
toilet to relieve himself once she had passed from sight.

Entering a long passageway, oak panel led and dimly lit she was aware
of her heels clicking on the tiled floor as she counted the doors. One
he gold letters proclaimed Miss Stirchley, and Penny imagined some
old battle axe of a spinster poring over dusty piles of manuscripts,
two Prof. Wold the letters said and once again Penny imagined an
elderly man his white hair fluffing out from the sides of his head
dreaming of ancient Greece or Rome. Three Mr. Fallows, the letters
were faded on the door, Penny couldn't believe it whoever she was
meeting must have been in this office for years, surely her latest
tormentor was not going to be some ancient octogenarian, chasing her
round his desk with a zimmer frame. Smoothing her suit she knocked
gently on the door. "Come in, come in" called a cheerful voice.

Penny entered, on the far side of the most enormous desk Penny had
ever seen sat a rotund little man, his balding head reflecting the
light from a single lamp suspended right above his chair. he didn't
even look up. "sit down, sit down" he muttered and continued to read
the ancient tomb laid on the desk before him. Penny sat on the leather
covered chair opposite his and gently pushed the letter across the
desk, "are you Mr. Fellows?" she enquired. "That's me, that's me" the
little man said without even looking up, " What can I do for you?"

Penny pushed the letter even further until it caught his eye, and he
absentmindedly reached out and took it. He hadn't even looked at
Penny. opening the letter he read it carefully, and then his eyes
slowly, as if being forced lifted themselves from the book. Looking
from Penny to the letter, then back at Penny again he tutted quietly
to himself. finally he spoke directly to the girl sat opposite him.
"Perhaps, just perhaps you'll do. We'll see, we'll see my dear. Follow
me."  without further ado he rose and led Penny back out of his door and
turning left started to move further into the bowels of the building,
round corner after corner, and down flight after flight of stairs he
led here. Penny though the must have gone down at least three floors
below street level when he suddenly stopped. "Oh dear, Oh dear" he
muttered "where are my manners" and turning he smiled gently at Penny
as if she was a schoolchild that had strayed to far from her class.
 " Follow me dear" and of he went again round at least six more
corners they went until he opened a door into what appeared to be a
small kitchen, except that around the walls were shelf upon shelf of
bottles, each with a label hand written in script in what looked to
Penny like Latin. Mr' Fallows started searching amongst the bottles
until with a gasp of triumph he surfaced with a particularly beautiful
blue bottle on the front of which was a label 'Aqua vivitorum et
.....' the end of the label had faded until it couldn't be read.
Producing a couple of glasses he filled them from the bottle and
offered one glass to Penny whilst sipping on the other himself.
"sorry, sorry" he muttered "should have given you a drink upstairs.
Never mind this is an excellent vintage, kept the best stuff hidden
down here stop old Stirchley from nicking it all. Drink it up dear
drink it up will pep you up no end."
Penny sipped at the liquid, it tasted like the best wine she had ever
had and she quickly swallowed the entire glass full. "That's it,
that's it" chortled the old man, and spat the small amount he had in
his mouth upon the floor. Penny realising too late that she had been
duped started to object, but suddenly she could not move only stand
there motionless as the genteel old man, dropped his affable manner
and suddenly spat at her "You fucking little slut, coming here dressed
like a librarian, flaunting yourself at poor Humphrey. I watched you
teasing him, but he will get his revenge in a little while, because
the drink I have just given you will force you to carry out my bidding
for at least the next two hours, which is exactly the amount of time
the Master has given me to use your body."
Inside Penny was terrified, what did this old pervert intend to do to
her, sex slut that she was the drink had a side effect, she knew she
didn't want anyone to touch her she was a prim librarian, a virgin,
untouched by another's hand. Fallows started to laugh. "I know you
little fucker it's great isn't it, the drug makes any sexual act even
kissing abhorrent to you, but you can't stop yourself you have to do
as I instruct you. I love to dominate the helpless, and the more they
squirm the more I like it. So let's get to it, I'll have to call the
others soon, but the first half hour is always mine, so follow me my
helpless cunt and lets see what I can torture your drugged mind with.
Unable to prevent herself Penny followed the little man through
another door into a sumptuously furnished room. In the centre of which
was a massive circular bed. the entire room was decorated in lavish
style, the walls hung with paintings depicting every sexual deviation
Penny had ever imagined. The pictures disgusted her and she tried to
look away but Fallows told her to look at each one, and to describe
what she saw. Faltering for words as each picture seemed more
debauched than the last Penny couldn't help herself the description of
each painting was dutiful torn from her lips, although her mind was
screaming at her that she didn't want to do this. as she reached the
last painting, a picture of a woman kneeling before a massive cock as
it sprayed spunk all over her upturned face Penny despite the drug
faltered, she could not bring herself to describe the picture, it was
just too degrading the thought of a woman sucking a man's cock until
he sprayed his spunk into her mouth and all over face.
"Fucking brilliant, exclaimed Fallows I hoped this would be the one, I
love to watch a woman fighting al the way to my climax."
Penny didn't understand until she turned and saw that he was stood
with his limp cock dangling from his trousers. "come on whore, on your
knees and suck my Cock you bitch" Penny tried with all her might to
fight the instructions but slowly she sank to her knees and found her
mouth reaching  for the limp member, her mind screamed that it was
filthy, that she couldn't do it but her drug effused body couldn't
stop itself. She felt the knob of his cock slide into her mouth, She
felt her lips tremble a she sucked on the growing pole, and even as
her mind fought she could sense her mouth filling with the cock as it
rapidly engorged itself with blood.
"come on baby, suck daddies lolly" he crooned as his cock nudged
deeper into her mouth. until it was tapping at the back of her throat,
unable to prevent herself Penny sucked it deeper and deeper into her
throat, her lips fastened around it like a child with a stick of
Blackpool rock. Fallows hips started to buck, he began fucking Penny's
mouth, her mid was screaming from the shame, but her body responded.
The glans was now sliding into her throat and she was adjusting her
position to enable more and more of the invading phallus to drive into
her, until she felt the little mans balls slap against her chin. No
longer bothering to taunt her with his debauchery he held her tight
and frantically began shagging her mouth, the pre-cum leaking from his
tip was lie poison to Penny's tortured mind, but still she swallowed
every drop as he thrust harder and harder into her, suddenly she felt
him withdrawing and watched horrified as his cock sent spurt after
spurt of spunk flying across her face and glasses. the mental
abasement had been so fierce that tears were streaming down her face,
great sobs racking her body as her mind fought the perversions her own
body was taking part in. Standing back and with a wild meanness etched
on his face he coldly said "Lick it all up, you fucking Cum swallowing
slut" Penny every drop an anathema to her mind, took of her glasses
and licked every drop of spunk from them swallowing every last bit,
then she used her fingers to wipe the spunk from her face and
swallowed that as well, just as she finished the door opened and there
stood two other people. In front was a blousey looking woman her
glasses hanging from a cord around her neck, and behind her stood
Humphrey the clerk she had teased earlier.
"Finished Frank" the woman enquired of Fellows.
"Sure have May" he replied "I suppose you want me to turn her into a
willing slut for you now. "OK get the other bottle from the back
room and give her a drink, although I don't know why you can't learn
to enjoy forcing them like I do.
Humphrey had obviously come prepared he had a green bottle in his
hands, and forcing open Penny's mouth he trickled a small amount of a
bitter tasting liquid into it. Penny revulsed by the taste tried to
spit it out, but Fallows, no doubt enjoying the control, ordered her
to drink some. she took the bottle and swallowed nearly a cup full
before he told her to desist.

Penny stayed kneeling where she was and watched as May began to
undress. She must have been in her fifties, and her breast sagged
towards a spreading waist, but what really caught Penny's eyes was the
thickness of her bush. It sprouted like a forest just below her navel
and was jet black. It tapered towards the top of her rather fat legs,
and disappeared between them to re-appear between the cheeks of her
matronly ass. Eventually the older woman was completely naked and
stood posturing in front of Penny. "It's not working, you bastard, she
complained to Frank, the slut isn't responding yet."
"Give it a minute he replied, and watch her, when her eyes glaze over
she will be ready for you and Humphrey."

Humphrey meanwhile had also laid himself fully clothed on the bed, and
unzipping his trousers had released a monster cock, even flaccid as it
was now it must have been twelve inches long. The mild mannered clerk
was built like a stallion. Gently he eased two balls out through the
zip as well and Penny could see that they were also massive each one
must have been nearly the size of a tennis ball. Humphrey leered at
Penny, "Any minute now darling, and you are going to ride my baby. He
is going to plunder your tight little twat, and then after we have had
some fun with Miss Stirchley he is going to stretch your ass so wide
your going to scream blue murder. It is a good job these rooms are
well soundproofed or the regulars will think murder is being

Penny about to deny that she would do any such perverted act,
suddenly felt a wooziness overcoming her, the new drug was kicking
in, rapidly her mind so lately horrified at the thought of a sexual
act, changed until she became the most sexually charged pervert she
could imagine. Music filled the room, and Penny noticed that #Frank
Fallows had reappeared carrying a video camera. "Come on baby, strut
your stuff" he gloated, and Penny immediately had a desire to strip
off teasing her companions until she could molest them all. Moving
towards the waiting May she began to undulate her body in time to the
music, May's eyes gleamed as Penny rubbed up against her letting the
coarse material of the suit grate over the older woman's nipples. May
gasped as Penny's right hand slid between her legs and drove upward
towards her cunt. Meanwhile Penny's left hand was undoing the buttons
of her Jacket and letting it slip from her shoulders she felt it
puddle onto the floor behind her.

Thrusting forwards the silk of her blouse was now sliding over the
melons dangling before her and her mouth greedily mashed onto the
older woman's full lips her tongue worming between them as she French
kissed Miss Stirchley so deeply that the other woman gasped for
breath. Undoing the zip of the skirt Penny shimmied it down her legs
then grasping the older woman's fleshy buttocks pulled her towards her
and ground the pale blue knickers against her companions forest.
Suddenly Penny thrust May backwards until her calves struck the edge
of the bed and she was forced to flop backwards next to the waiting
Humphrey. his cock still flaccid was lying there reaching up across
his stomach.  Penny looked down at the two and began to unbutton her
silk blouse.
They watched her, lust filling there faces as she let it slip slowly
across her straining breasts. Then without any warning she grabbed
May's ankles and spread her legs as far as they would go, there
nestling between the fleshy thighs and the jet black forest was her
gash, like a swathe through woodland it redness stark against the
black background it lay there. Penny climbed onto the bed and
squatting above May's willing and waiting mouth, pulled her own
panties  to one side and lowered her own sweet cunt onto the older
fleshy lips, meanwhile as May serviced her by licking madly at her
cunt and clitoris the sexually charged girl spread May's gash as wide
as she could and forced first two then three, then four fingers into
the wailing woman's pussy, finally she managed to squeeze her whole
hand into the matriarchs cunt and began to fist her in earnest.

May responded by sucking and licking at Penny's cunt, the juices
spraying from it covering the lower half of the larger woman's mouth.
Humphrey began to moan reminding Penny that she had 5to deal with more
than one person, and looking across she could see his mammoth cock
beginning to lengthen and swell, she reached across and gently scraped
her fingernails along the length of his shaft. his cock jerked and for
the first time raised itself up from his stomach. Penny was amazed it
must be fourteen inches long now, and as thick as her wrist but was
yet to reach full size, although half upright it was nowhere near
stiff yet, and Penny found herself thinking that she would never be
able to accommodate even half of it.
May was writhing underneath her now, as her fist slamming deeper and
deeper into her fanny began to take effect. Penny raising her self off
the older woman's face tore at the knickers with her free hand until
she was able to remove them then taking May's hand she guided it
towards her own aching cunt. Unable to do much for Humphrey she pushed
May's face towards him, then slid the tip of his cock into the gasping
woman's mouth. Lost in the explosion of her first orgasm as May's
fingers plunder her cunt Penny didn't see Humphrey getting up from the
bed, his now monster cock rigid like a tent pole, all fifteen inches
of rock hard gristle quivering horizontally out from his stomach,
clutching it in his hand he positioned himself between May's spread
legs, and began Penny's initiation.
The first Penny knew of the new assault was when the strap of her bra
was grabbed from behind, driving the edges of the silk deep into her
breasts. Her scream of surprise cut off as Humphrey lifted her bodily
from the bed and forced her onto her hands and knees between May's
spread legs. The older woman's cunt, quivered in between her wobbling
thighs as Humphrey pushed Penny's face towards the glistening chasm.
"Lick the lady you Bitch, make the sloppy old cunt wail from your
mouth and tongue" Humphrey growled as he drove one of his thumbs deep
into Penny's cunt. Forced forward by the power of his thrust Penny's
mouth was crushed against the salty tasting cunt of the older woman.
The slimy gash enfolded around her mouth as Humphrey using his free
hand grasped a handful of hair and ground her bruised lips up and down
he bottomless pit. Unable to do anything but comply Penny began
licking and sucking on the vile tasting gash as May's liberal juices
began to cover her face with its salty slime. "drink it all you gutter
slut" Humphrey groaned as his thumb pounded in and out of Penny's
cunt, "Cos I'm going to fuck you silly you little tart and Fred is
going to film your screams as you are impaled on my cock". Without
warning he removed his hands from her hair and cunt and spread the
cheeks of Penny's ass to expose both of her holes. Penny felt the
massive head of his glans pushing against the entrance to her love
tube, inexorably Humphrey thrust his giant cock forwards. As the head
of his Glans stretched and penetrated her tight little cunt Penny
screamed, the pain was excruciating. She would never be abler to
accommodate his swollen cock, still the pressure continued and his
cock continued to invade her battered fanny, scream after scream
escaped the young girls aching mouth only to be cut of to a murmur as
May shuffled forwards and forced her smelly cunt into Penny's mouth
again. "Lick me you whore" gloated the woman as Penny unable to breath
could no longer scream, " or I'll tell Humphrey to give you the other
six inches. Penny despite the pain realised that until she had
adjusted to the cunt splitting weapon buried inside her, another six
inches would do irreparable damage to her cunt began to lick and suck
at the older woman's gash. Humphrey content to rock backward and
forwards whilst she adjusted reached under Penny's lithe body, and
tore the bra from her tits, exposed at last they sprang into view
swollen and turgid from the violation her body was receiving. His
hands fastened onto them and with a groan at the pleasure he felt at
the feel of her swollen nipples he collapsed forwards over her back.
this new position eased the pain of his cock violating Penny's cunt,
and the pain was replaced with a pleasurable sensation as his giant
member twitched and thrust into her. Penny responding to the movement
of the cock deep in her body began to thrust her ass backwards to met
each and every thrust Humphrey felt the sympathetic movement of her
body, and crowed to the other two, "Look a the little bitch she is
trying to get me right inside her. I'm going to give this little slut
every inch of my baby. I'm going to fuck her so deep my cock will pop
through her womb and out of her mouth. Penny could almost believe it
his cock already nudging at the entrance to her womb was thumping time
and time again against her cervix. She could feel the sphincter
beginning to slacken until with one almighty backward push she felt
her cervix spread and the head of Humphrey's cock slid deep into her
womb.  Meanwhile Penny's ministrations on May's cunt were having the
effect, wobbling like a jelly the overweight woman was screeching and
wailing as her body seemed to pass directly from one orgasm to the
next. Penny couldn't believe how much May's clit had grown, now it was
like a small cock and she was able to suck it right into her mouth and
every time her tongue licked the little erect cock May screamed in
delight. The older woman was pulling at her own tits, stretching the
nipples and puling fist one tit then the other upward as far as she
could she was sucking her own titties. May sucked so hard that Penny
could see teeth marks around each nipple. Suddenly May reached down
and heaved her wobbling legs far into air until they framed her head.
"Suck out my Ass you fucking whore" she ordered, and Penny felt
Humphrey pushing her face towards the older woman's anus, unable to
prevent this perversion Penny tentatively licked at May's puckered ass
hole, surprisingly it tasted less revolting than her cunt had and soon
Penny was probing the orifice with her tongue, as Humphrey, unable to
contain himself any longer began to pound his cock deep, deep inside
her slender body. Both Humphrey and May were shouting foul phrases at
Penny one would call her a bitch the other a slut, but suddenly from
among the words of filth and degradation Penny heard the unmistakable
sound of her own voice joining the echoing sounds. "FUCK me you
bastards, let me suck your ass dry, I'm going to drink your juices
fist your fanny and ass. Just Screeeew meeeee!!!" The last scream was
because she had erupted in a massive orgasm of her own around
Humphrey's giant cock, just as she lapsed into the uncontrollable
throws of her orgasm Humphrey reached over and pressed firmly on May's
stomach immediately a stream of piss flew from the old bags cunt,
splattering and gurgling into Penny's face, unable to move she was
forced to swallow mouthfuls of the golden liquid as her body struggled
to breath in enough oxygen to keep her alive. Eventually the piss
slowed to a trickle and Humphrey pushed her mouth over the base of
May's gash and watched as Penny was forced to fill her mouth with the
acrid tasting water. "Don't swallow this mouthful her warned her as he
lifted her physically from the floor, his massive cock still impaling
her aching cunt he moved her up the bed until her mouth was positioned
directly above May's. May clamped her mouth shut, but Fred slapped her
across the face and told her to open up or he would let Humphrey fuck
her throat. The older woman obviously terrified by this suggestion
opened her mouth and Fred carefully placed his cock at the entrance to
her oral orifice. "Now, you little piss sucker, dribble your cargo
onto Fred's cock and watch as May gets her drink" instructed Humphrey.
Obediently Penny allowed the golden liquid to trickle splashing onto
Fred's cock, immediately she saw it begin to add its own contribution
to the golden liquid splashing into May's mouth. The older woman
gagged and gurgled, but obviously terrified of the alternative, being
throat fucked by Humphrey's fifteen inches of gristle began to swallow
each and every mouthful. not one drop was allowed to escape her lips
as  Penny watched her drink at least a pint of the golden shower. As
Frank's stream settled down to its final few drops May tried to move
away, but Humphrey his cock still solidly embedded in Penny's cunt
told her to stay still. Then he violently pushed Penny forwards away
from him. Once again the young girl screamed, this time in
disappointment, as she felt her body suddenly empty of it massive plug
jerk forward and fall on the bed alongside the body of the overweight
woman. turned around by Fred she felt herself being positioned into a
squatting position as he positioned her above the older woman's gaping
mouth. "your turn you little fucker, piss in the old bags mouth at the
same time as you wank our Humphrey into your own. but don't swallow
too much as we have something for you to do with it afterwards."

Humphrey stood in front of Penny, his engorged cock twitching and
flexing in the light as he waited for Penny to begin. she looked at
the swollen purple bonnet and reached out with both hands to cradle
the monster. Humphrey indicated his readiness to be wanked by
thrusting his cock backwards and forwards between her hands, whilst
May sobbing beneath her dripping cunt wailed at the unfairness of
being used like this. "Shut up you old bag" ordered Frank and milk
Humphrey's balls, Still with sobs racking her body, making her flabby
melons quiver and shake May reached up and gently grasped Humphrey's
massive balls, one in each hand, moulding and caressing them had the
desired effect. Penny watching the purple glans pop in and out of its
foreskin sheath saw his cock flex and with one almighty jerk it spat a
massive jet of spunk all over her tits. "In your mouth cunt" screamed
Frank and pushed her head forward. Spurt after spurt of milky spunk
jetted into Penny's mouth until she could feel it dribbling from the
corners and trickling down to her chin from where it was dropping down
onto the neck and mouth of the sobbing woman below. Suddenly Penny
felt Frank behind her his cock nudging between the crack of her ass,
expecting him to force an anal entry her ass cheeks tightened , but
instead he pressed firmly on her lower belly. Penny had forgotten what
she had been instructed to do, but the pressure on her belly was too
much, her bladder not emptied for nearly four hours since leaving the
train station was full the extra pressure opened the flood gates and
May sobbing beneath was deluged by Penny's piss as  it streamed from
her cunt. The hot liquid splashed into the mouth of the old woman,
Penny watched mesmerised as May's mouth filled time and time again
with her piss. "Now instructed Frank dribble the spunk into her mouth
as well." Penny stared speechless as the stream of spunk dribbled from
her mouth to join the pool of golden water lying in May's mouth. The
gooey spunk made strings of white in the golden pool and reminded
Penny of Egg Foo Yung. As the last drops of the seed containing
protein settled into May's mouth she opened her mouth as wide as she
could and let Penny watch as she slowly swallowed every last drop.

Spent from their exertions all four collapsed on the bed. Penny
noticed however that Humphrey's cock had was still erect, and
remembered his threat to split her with it by forcing it up her Ass.
She began to cry. Frank looked at her and where her terrified gaze was
directed, and began to laugh. Humphrey and May turned to see what was
so hilarious. Don't worry my dear scoffed Frank, today you escape, We
haven't got time left for Humphrey to wait whilst you tiny little ass
accommodates his whopper. Instead you can help us prepare May for that
honour.  With a scream of horror the older woman sprang from the bed and
to run to the door, but Frank was too quick. Catching her around the
waist he threw her back towards the bed. Begging and screaming May was
dragged back to the bed. then fastening her ankles to two restraints
at the base of the bed she was forced to stand facing the giant bed.
She begged, she pleaded, but it only seemed to make Frank and Humphrey
more excited. They piled cushions up on the side of the bed until they
reached her waist, then Frank will malicious glee tied a thin rope
around each breast, pulling each loop tight until her saggy melons
were constricted and forced to swell from the pressure. As she stood
there Penny was told to suck May's large nipples until they were
totally engorged, and then constrictors were placed around each nipple
keeping it in an aroused state. Slowly Humphrey and Frank pulled the
older woman forward until she was forced to collapse forward over the
cushions, bending from the waist her distended mammaries were crushed
into the covers of the bed, the material pressing against her
distended nipples bringing screams of pain from the poor unfortunate
woman. she tried to raise her torso from its torment, but Frank made
Penny kneel with knees either side of May's head and lean forward
until her face was looking over the wobbling as cheeks of the
terrified bitch at the distended but still puckered ring of her anus.
Fastening a strap around the two woman to bind them together Frank
couldn't resist the opportunity to smack Penny hard on her ass cheeks,
she jolted forward driving May's tits deeper into the bed clothes. The
pain of her distended nipples drew another scream from May and her
body jerked upwards away from its torment. Laughing now Frank took
swipe after swipe at Penny's ass tearing screams from both women as
first penny's ass jolted her lungs into action then her response drove
May's tits once more into their own private hell. After a few minutes
during which Penny could feel her cheeks beginning to burn from the
pounding, and  could see May's anus flexing, as her flabby ass wobbled
under the assault Penny felt Frank position himself behind her,
suddenly she was aware that in this position her anus too was exposed,
unable to move her knees backwards because of the strap she tensed
herself for the assault she now knew was going to come.
Humphrey positioned himself squarely behind May, his giant cock
resting against her tiny hole. Feeling his presence May tried
valiantly to move her ass away from  his attack but he just gripped
her hips and held her in position. Penny felt Franks cock nudging at
the entrance to her private hole and prepared herself for the
buggering that was her lot. Unable to tear her eyes away from the
sight of Humphrey's giant cock preparing to force the ass of the older
woman apart Penny felt her own juices starting to run as her mind
tried to imagine the pain that May would feel when Humphrey began to
insert his truncheon. Frank grasped Penny's hips and she winced as his
cock pushed forwards,
a gentle moan escaped her lips as she felt the sphincter of her anus
begin to weaken to allow the entrance of the invading cock. As her
body was forced forward by the pressure of the cock trying to ravish
her ass she in turn forced May backwards onto the monster waiting
behind. She could see May's ass beginning to stretch, she could feel
her own ass too, stretching to accommodate the cock pushing against it
until suddenly she felt her anus buckle, Frank's cock was driving
itself inside the tightness of her anus, deeper and deeper it
penetrated until she felt the hairs on his stomach come to rest
against her cheeks. reaching up to grip her shoulders Frank began to
fuck her ass, the pain was bad, but nothing compared to that being
felt by May. Each thrust from Frank embedded Humphrey's cock tighter
and tighter into the wailing woman's ass., scream after scream was
echoing around the room as her ass stretched further and further.
Penny could see the skin around her anus stretched until it appeared
so thin that she could see every little blood vessel under the surface
and still Humphrey's cock couldn't gain an entrance. Having
accommodated all of Frank's cock Penny could feel a warm glow
beginning to permeate out from her stretched tube, until once again
she signalled her acceptance by rocking backwards onto the impaling
machine. Frank immediately responded withdrawing his cock to the
entrance of Penny's ass he drove it deep again with every ounce of
muscle he could muster. Penny gasped but the feelings coursing through
her body took over and she began to shout "Oh SHAG ME you bastard,
FUCK my ASS, come on SHAG MEEEEE!!!!"
The effect on Frank was instantaneous his tempo increased and his
power too, until with one hefty thrust forward he caused Penny to jolt
a little more than usual. With an almighty plop Humphrey's cock
finally breached the struggling bags ass chute. to the accompaniment
of a long drawn out scream his cock slid at least eight inches into
May's distended anus. Stopping only to adjust his stance Humphrey
slowly kept up the pressure Penny could see his cock slowly
disappearing as May sobbed into the covers between her legs,
eventually every inch of the monster had disappeared, and Penny's face
was pushed up against Humphrey's stomach as now he took over the
fucking of both women. Frank enjoying the sensation of having his cock
fucked by Penny's ass stopped fucking and instead reached under the
two woman to squeeze and maul May's swollen tits, bringing further
cries of pain from the poor woman. Meanwhile Humphrey began to hump at
May's ass each time withdrawing nearly ten inches of cock before
slamming it back in again. gripped in the tightness of May's shit hole
his cock would not be able to last long, and very quickly his tempo
began to increase. Each thrust brought another groan from the impaled
May, but spent now from the assault on her ass and tits her moans were
changing, no longer screams of pain they were turning into moans of
excitement. Penny couldn't believe it the old fucking slut was
enjoying this violation her distended ass would take days to recover
and her tits swollen and twisted from frank's ministrations must be
sore as hell ,but the bag was enjoying it. so was Penny the cock
sitting in her ass as she was forced  to fuck it by the movements from
Humphrey, was sliding easily now she could feel it throbbing deep in
her tube. In a fit of glee she began to pound on May's ass cheeks
watching them wobble as each slap brought another moan of joy from the
abused woman. Penny began to pinch and bite at the wobbling mounds
raising welts from her fingernails and leaving teeth marks where she
had bitten the white flesh of May's nether regions. Watching the young
slut being driven into a sexual frenzy had its effect, Humphrey unable
to contain himself any longer gave a grunt of joy and his cock
embedded its full fifteen inches into the old shag bags ass spurted
for the second time. Penny counted fifteen distinct spasms as his cock
emptied its load deep into May's anus. Immediately he had finished he
withdrew his cock. Penny heard the slurping and sucking sound as his
cock dragged itself from the distended tube. until with one last very
sloppy slurp it dropped from the entrance. Penny couldn't believe the
gape on May's anus. It sat there farting and fluttering, easily as big
as her mouth, and from the lower portion Penny could see spunk
dribbling to run down the crack of her ass until it dripped slowly
from the lips of the poor woman's vulva down onto the carpet below. No
longer assisted by the motion initiated by Humphrey, her own enjoyment
had been cut short, the cock embedded in her own ass was no longer
moving and in desperation to have her own anus filled with spunk she
began to drive backwards onto Frank's cock. He responded by matching
her thrusts whilst reaching between the two women and grasping her
tits in his hands. Mauling her tits she felt his cock seem to lengthen
and swell as his own climax approached and wailing for her own
fulfilment she fucked him as hard as she could. Suddenly she felt a
hand invading her cunt, Humphrey had come around behind her and was
pushing three fingers into her cunt. She could feel the fingers and
cock sandwiching the skin that separated her two tunnels. The effect
was electric with a scream of total joy she began to Cum, her ass
muscles gripping the cock imbedded in them until with a grunt Frank
also began to Cum. his hot seed spurting far up her ass, she could
feel the heat of his spunk as it lodged deep inside her anus until
with one last gasp of fulfilment Frank's cock finally began to limpen
and withdraw.

Gasping for breath Penny, released from the strap holding her was
stood up and positioned where she could watch as first Frank and then
Humphrey gave May a urine enema, and the last sound she heard as Frank
led her staggering from the room was the sound of May groaning
slightly to herself as the piss tube gurgled its contents downwards
into her belly.

Taking Penny into a washroom Frank insisted that she have a shower, as
the next stop on route was to be somewhere very special, and the
occupants didn't like cum smelling women. As she showered and cleaned
herself up Penny wondered where on earth the next place would be. Her
body in the last five hours had been so used and abuse that she felt
there was little else it could possibly accommodate. She imagined
arriving at her final destination in no fit state to meet the man
everyone had referred to as Master only to find him no longer
interested, and her battered body consigned to the Russian fleet in
Fleetwood. Having seen the amount of pain that could be inflicted very
quickly by just a couple of men she had no wish to be abused by maybe
forty or fifty Russians.

Finally clean, she was given yet another set of clothes, if that was
hat they could be called. Her new outfit consisted of nothing more
than the tiniest bikini she had ever seen. It barely covered her tits
and they threatened to spill out if she even moved suddenly and the
knickers were no more than a thong, the rear of which insisted on
embedding itself into the crack of her ass. She knew that from the
back it would look as though she was wearing nothing other than a tiny

Eyeing her up and down Frank declared himself satisfied that she was
ready for her next assignment, and handed her another letter. Taking
her to a small door outside was sat a waiting taxi, he wished her well
and expressed his hope that the Master would allow him the use of her
body at some other time.

Approaching the taxi her bare feet padding on the pavement Penny was
aware of every eye on the street watching her. The women with open
dislike as her youthful, scantily clad, body swayed its way towards
the waiting taxi, whilst the men could hardly contain their excitement
as they watched her walk by. Ruefully Penny though what a waste, it
would be their wives and girlfriends that would receive the benefit of
their lustful stares. Surprisingly the taxi driver was not Roy but a
young man. He stared with unabashed enjoyment as he watched her moving
towards him and kept looking down at a piece of paper in his hand then
back to Penny. She had no doubt that he was to receive his fare in
much the same way Roy had.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 4 - Glory, glory three holes
Penny assuming a warm reception from the good looking young driver
opened the door and began to climb in to the front seat.
"Where you Fucking goin' you slut" he snarled at her "Cum sucking
whores travel in the back. Now shift your tart's ass and get in."
Taken aback by his violent tone Penny stood undecided whether to get
in the cab, or run like hell. As she stood there she noticed the
driver was trying to read the piece of paper grasped in his hands, and
was mouthing the words as if memorising them. As if they had finally
clicked he turned to her once more. "Come on you Cunt, get in! Else
I'll tear your fucking clothes off, and take you to Fleetwood where
I'll toss you out naked on Dock Road." Almost unable to stifle her
laughter at this play acting Penny opened the rear door climbed in and
waited for the taxi to move off.

Once again the driver was studying his instructions, until he managed
to get the sentence fixed in his mind "Put the stinking blindfold on
you Fucking Cock Sucking Whore, and keep it on else I'll push your
head so far down you'll be able to lick your own fanny."
Penny looked around, there on the seat beside her was a silk bag with
a drawstring. She gingerly placed it over her head, and was thankful
that it didn't obscure everything (She didn't enjoy being totally in
the dark). Through the translucent fabric she could make out light and
shadow but nothing else. She heard the taxi driver open the sliding
glass between front and back, and he checked the drawstring had been
fastened tightly. Then he instructed Penny to present her hands and
carefully tied them together, before fastening them to the door
handle.  Penny now had no chance of moving the hood, and was a little
apprehensive, especially when she felt him pulling her tiny bra down
to expose her breasts. "What do you think your doing?" she enquired
"We're in the middle of town."

The young man's reply sent shivers through the young girl's body.
"I know exactly where we are you whore. My instructions are to parade
you past certain venues with a sign in the window offering your body
to anyone that wants it for £20. After I've finished you will be taken
to a place and thirty men will either fuck your mouth, ass or cunt,
and you won't be able to do a thing about it."
"what do you mean?" asked Penny her trepidation growing by the minute.
"You'll find out slut. Now sit back and enjoy the ride."

Penny sat in the back of the taxi as it moved out into the traffic,
and was acutely conscious that every time they stopped people could
see her sitting hooded on the back seat, naked except for a tiny pair
of knickers. It wasn't so bad when they were moving she couldn't hear
anything, but once they stopped at what she thought were traffic
lights and she heard some drunken youths commenting on the bitch in
the back and she felt herself blush underneath the hood. The taxi
moved off, and in an area where there were no street lights it pulled
up and she heard the driver climb out. He opened the back door, and in
a much kinder voice than he had used earlier explained that now he was
going to put the sign up and move to the venues where he had been
instructed to collect the offers for her ordeal, but that he wouldn't
pass many areas where they would have to stop, except the venues
stipulated by the Master. Penny thanked him for his consideration, but
he responded that he didn't give a shit about her but one of the girls
she would meet later had been promised to him for the night once they
finished this task, and he'd been trying to bed her for months.
Tonight was his lucky night so he would be as kind as he could.

Climbing back into the front, he started the taxi and drove on. Under
her hood Penny could see nothing, but a cool breeze indicated that he
had left a window open, by rocking from side to side she worked out
that it was the same side as the handle she had been fastened to and
she wondered why he had left the window down. She soon found out, the
taxi pulled up underneath a dim light, Penny could just make out the
glow as it lightened the darkness inside the hood. Suddenly she heard
the sound of voices and realised that people were looking in at her.
"£20 quid, you must be joking" one voice said "She could be as ugly as
sin under that."  "Take it or leave it" the taxi driver replied,
"although if you are
lucky you might draw a late number and then there are other diversions
to entertain you"  Suddenly Penny's tit was gripped, and her nipple
tweaked. She stifled
a scream from the unexpected assault, and heard the sound of a thump,
and a groan as her assailant was forced away from the car.
"You know better than that Harry" growled the driver, "don't pinch the
plums unless you've paid for them. now have I got any takers"
Penny heard the sound of money changing hands and wondered what type
of men were paying to use her body.
She sat there getting excited at the thought of total strangers
staring at her exposed breasts and she felt her nipples begin to
swell, whether from the desire welling up inside her, or from the cool
breeze blowing across her torso she couldn't tell but one of the men
noticed and exclaimed "Look at the little fucker, the little cunt is
getting randy. I've got to have some of that, James lend me a tenner,
I'll give it you back tomorrow." The unseen James obviously handed
over the requested expenses because Penny heard the same voice again
"Sid, Sid don't go, put me down for a mouth job. I'll flood the little
bitch until she chokes"  Sid (Penny now knew her drivers name), wound
down his window and took
the unnamed man's money. Then immediately started up the taxi and
left the group of men discussing their good fortune.
Five times Sid stopped, and five times Penny sat quiescent in the back
of the taxi as men joked about her body, and how ugly she must be
under the hood, but each time she heard more money being passed to
Sid.  Eventually Sid pulled up, but before getting out he said "Just
more and then it starts." So Penny knew that 27 men had signed up to
use her body, and she trembled with excitement at the thought of
trying to accommodate so many. After what she had been through already
she wasn't sure her body could take that sort of pounding, but surely
that would be preferable to the other option of crying off and being
deposited as a toy for maybe hundreds of drunken Russians.
It started again the good tempered bantering over her body, but then
Penny heard a noise that made her squirm, a woman's voice broke
through the gabble. "Can I fuck the bitch as well?"
Everything stopped, there was deadly silence until Sid said " Is there
anyone else?". Not a sound, but then Penny heard a murmur from the
collected throng, and eventually a voice spoke. "We should let Beryl
fuck the tart, lets see how she likes being fucked by a dyke with a
ten inch strap on".  Sid, Penny didn't know if it was in his
instruction, said he would
accept on two conditions 1) That Penny must agree, and 2) That Beryl
was only allowed the same time as the man before her took to unload
his sperm into Penny's cunt.  Beryl complained that she wanted to fuck
Penny's ass, but Sid was
adamant it would be a cunt fuck because he already had the specified
limit for Ass and Mouth. then turning to Penny he asked if she was
willing to be fucked by a lesbian. Under her hood Penny nodded and she
heard Sid give instructions to the lucky few that had paid to use her
body where they were to meet. The place meant nothing to Penny but the
three people seemed to think it was acceptable.

Climbing into his taxi for the last time on his run around Sid
explained that now he would take Penny to the place of her debauchery,
and that once there she would be dressed and prepared by two girls,
but that his instructions were that she was at no time to see anything
until all thirty of the people that had paid to use her body were
finished, and had left. Once more Penny felt the throb of the diesel
engine as the taxi move off, and all was quiet until the taxi left the
road and started to bump over stony ground. Penny wondered where she
was, but there were no clues, all the street lights had been left
behind and it was pitch black inside the hood. the taxi pulled up and
Penny heard a large door being opened, light flooded through the hood
as Penny was assisted from the taxi and escorted carefully into a
building. There was a strange smell, and a rustling noise which Penny
couldn't make out but she soon forgot to worry about it as Sid
explained the next stage of the proceedings.

What was proposed was so unnerving that Penny felt her knees buckle,
and she had to be held up by Sid. She was to be placed in a rubber
suit with only her mouth, nose, cunt and ass exposed. Once dressed she
would be fastened in position so that the participants could each
fulfil their chosen method of debasing her and that there were a few
surprises that Penny would only find out about later. The entire
spectacle was going to be filmed for the Master's enjoyment so he
suggested that she might like to make sure she didn't cry 'enough' as
the Master liked his sluts insatiable. Inside her hood Penny knew she
had turned white, the thought of being fastened down like a piece of
furniture for thirty people to abuse was terrifying, but at the same
time she felt the quivers of excitement coursing through her cunt and
hoped she would be able to get at least one climax during the
abasement of her trussed body.

Penny heard a click and once again she was in total darkness, She felt
Sid remove her hood to replace it immediately with a balaclava made of
rubber which he rolled down over her head. The constricting rubber
covered her head completely except for a triangular shaped whole where
her mouth and nose were. "Comfortable" asked Sid, and when Penny
replied in the affirmative she heard him say "OK girls light back
on, and start the cameras." Penny heard the whirr of the cameras, and
although she couldn't see she could feel the heat of large lighting
units. She was being filmed with commercial machinery. For a second
the fear that her now enforced debasement would be shown around the
world as a sex film frightened her, but then she realised that she
could not be identified wrapped completely in rubber. The realisation
that the unthinkable orgy might be seen, and turn on thousands, without
being recognised made her cunt throb and her nipples stiffen.
Gently she felt new hands touching her, and female voices instructed
how to move as they stripped her pants from her and replaced them with
a pair of rubber trouser that clung to her like glue. Every part of
Penny's body from the waist down was covered except for a slit that
ran from just above her puckered ass hole to just above the swelling
of her now excited vulva. The girls chatted as if they were fitting
her in a shop, and she heard one girl whisper to the other "What a
fucking gorgeous sight, I wish the Master would let me do this once,
instead he says I've got to sleep with Sid, and you know how useless
that pansy is"  Having made sure the trousers were positioned correctly
the girls
struggled to fit a very tight bodice piece, again of rubber, with two
holes through which they carefully fed Penny's tits until apart from
the openings at her crotch and face the only part of her body exposed
were her two breasts, forced to jut out by the constricting rubber the
tightness of which was causing not only her tits but her nipples to
swell. One of the girls began to massage Penny's breasts explaining
that many of the punters would be pawing at them when they fucked her
face or ass, and that she had to make sure they wouldn't get friction
burns off the rubber. Gently she massaged each breast until every bit
of flesh that could be brought through the hole had been exposed.
Penny could feel her breasts drum tight outside the rubber, swelling
around the constrictive openings in the rubber bodice and was able to
imagine her swollen tits jutting out like two pink melons surmounted
by blood red aureoles finally topped by her swollen and crimson
nipples. The thought of it was making her body tremble with

Now said the other girl we are going to coat your suit with lubricant
so that no-one else gets burns either, and that includes you.
Penny felt the two girls massaging what felt like Vaseline over the
exterior of the suit. The feel of their hands exciting her more than
she already was, one of the girls playfully ran her hand up Penny's
slit and laughed when the encased girl gave a grunt of passionate
acceptance. "You'll do" she chortled as Penny automatically tried to
follow the trailing fingers with the burning lips of her cunt, "Now we
just have to lubricate you. Stand very still we don't want this
coconut oil going everywhere."
Suddenly Penny felt a coldness creeping down from her neck as the two
girls squirted the unwarned oil into her suit. They massaged it until
it had filled the entire top of the suit right down to her fingers.
Then they repeated the procedure in her trousers, and Penny could feel
the rubber slipping and sliding over her body as she moved. Eventually
the girls were satisfied and taking Penny by the arms led her froward,
and instructing her how to position herself, prostrate on her stomach
on what felt like a padded bench about three feet from the floor.
Penny's legs were brought forward until they were fastened in position
under here belly, her knees pulled up towards her tits. She knew that
now her cunt and ass were exposed and spread for anyone standing
behind, and this was proved when one of the girls positioned herself
at the back and gently rubbed some lubricant over the lips of her
cunt, before inserting one finger coated with lubricant into her ass
and gently massaging the tiny sphincter. "Don't want you getting torn
to shreds by the first customer" the girl explained.
Penny lay there thankful that she couldn't see how exposed she was
trussed up like a Turkey at Christmas, but then she realised her
breasts were crushed against the padded board, and asked how anyone
would be able to play with them in that position.
Both girls laughed and explained Penny would soon wish she hadn't
mentioned it because they were going to prepare her front end now.
Penny soon found out why they found it so funny, as her arms were
stretched sideways and fastened to two bars which brought her breasts
up slightly from the board, and then she felt a piece of board being
removed and realised she was suspended  on her arms alone. She was on
a horizontal crucifix with her breasts dangling beneath her.
"Nearly ready?" She heard Sid call, "The gang are arriving."
"We're ready said the girls, we'll raise her head once you have done
the draw"

With that Penny felt a draught right up the crack of her ass as the
doors were opened again, and she heard the people that had paid to
assault her body entering the barn. Murmurs of appreciation filtered
through the rubber of the mask as the assembled thirty looked at the
girl so exposed, and yet hidden from their gaze.
Sid reminded the assembly that there would be a draw and that everyone
would get their turn, although both Sandra and Michelle would be
available to service any that got too excited by accepting their sperm
in their mouths at any time, but that once the draw had been made
there would be no variation from the running order. If a participant
was unable to respond when it was their turn the cunt would get a
break. Everyone agreed to the terms and Penny heard them drawing their

Suddenly silence descended over the room and except for the shuffling
of feet Penny could hear nothing until Sid spoke in a clear voice.
"Remember no excessive violence else you'll be thrown out, otherwise
take your positions."  "READY the FUCK SLUT" and Penny
 felt her head which had been left with
her face looking at the floor being lifted until it faced forward, and
being fastened into position. Unable to see she assumed she was being
held up by a strap fastened to the rubber helmet. Now her mouth was
inline with her throat and anyone in front of her would be able to
penetrate right down her throat.
"TAKE POSITIONS!" Penny heard two pairs of feet moving one to the
back, one to the front, and then something she hadn't expected
happened hands held her whilst the two ends of the table were moved.
It reminded her of a hydraulic lift like an operating table and
suddenly despite being unable to see she realised they were adjusting
her top and bottom to allow an easy entry for the waiting customers.
"GO!!!!" The word echoed around the room and immediately there was a
gable of voices as first a pair of hands forced her cunt lips wide and
she felt a cock pushing forward into her love tube. She was glad of
the small amount of lubricant that had been smeared onto her crack as
this cock had no intention of stopping before it had embedded itself
completely into her. Despite herself Penny was forced to gasp and
immediately felt another rampant cock filling her mouth.
"Suck you Cunt" growled a deep voice, and Penny sucked. The cock
tasted nice and clean, and wasn't too large, she was able to
accommodate it easily especially as the man in front of her was
enjoying the sensation and wasn't trying to force it any further into
her mouth. the same could not be said for the man at her cunt he was
pounding his cock back and forth like a madman, even the lubricant
couldn't prevent a small amount of pain as he ravished her cunt.
Penny remembered thinking how lucky she was that it wasn't very long
with a grunt the mans cock exploded. Spurt after spurt of spunk
flooded her tube, and Penny turned her attention to the cock in front
of her. Her assailant had begun to get excited and was pushing his
cock further and further into her mouth, Penny opened as wide as she
could and laved at  the underside of his member trying to suck the
spunk out of it as fast as she could. Just as the cock in her mouth
finally found its way past her tonsils into her throat she felt
another pair of hands at her fanny. Two fingers were pushed roughly up
into her cunt and another was pushing at her ass, unable to speak or
even moan because of the cock sliding up and down her throat she
tensed her ass as tight as she could. "Fucking Bitch" shouted a voice
"I want to finger your ASS. Let me in you SLUT, or I'll tear your
fucking ass open."   Sid's voice rose above the babble "Harry pack it
in, your a cunt man,
do your turn or leave."  With a muttered curse the unseen man positioned
his cock at the
entrance of Penny's cunt, but he had no intention of being gentle
about it, madly he prodded at her, his cock banging against her
clitoris and then the space between her cunt and ass. Penny groaned at
indignity but could do little to prevent the abuse, until she heard
one of the girls speak  "Come on Harry, let Sandra guide your whopper
into the Cum sluts hole. You'll enjoy this she is still tight, and you
should make her jerk around a bit."
Penny fastened in her suit realised that this was the man that had
tweaked her nipple, and received a smack of Sid for his trouble and
prayed that he wouldn't take it out on her, but her hopes were short
lived when she heard his next comment.
"I want to split the fucker's slit wide open" groaned Harry.
"come on then darling, Sandra has opened up the passage for you, come
on give me your cock" Penny felt cool hands spreading her outer lips
wide exposing the very depths of her cunt, and then she felt Harry's
cock being guided into position. "Come on lover" she heard Sandra say
"Fuck the slut senseless".
Penny would have screamed out loud from the force of that first
penetration except that her throat was being flooded with spunk from
the cock so long down her throat. Pulse after pulse of hot jism was
rolling down towards her stomach as she felt the cock being withdrawn
to spatter the last few drops across her lips.
At her rear end Harry was doing his best to keep his word to split her
wide open. time after time his cock drove deep, Penny could feel it
nudging at the entrance to her womb, and hoped the bastard wouldn't be
able to penetrate deep enough. She didn't want the sadistic bastards
seed in her belly.

At the front another cock was nudging at her lips and she opened her
mouth to accept the violating member when with a jerk it spurted cum
all over her lower face, covering her nose. Shouts of derision echoed
around the room as the embarrassed owner rapidly removed himself from
the scene. Penny blew down her nose hard to expel the spunk that had
lodged in it so that she could breathe.
 Suddenly a scream of agony was forced from her mouth Harry had
started slapping her Ass. Whack!, whack, whack every time he slapped
he thrust his iron hard rod deep in her cunt. To shouts of
encouragement he pounded at her. Penny sobbed wondering how much pain
she would be forced to take, before Sid would prevent the attack, when
at her mouth another cock was forcing its way in between her trembling
lips. This was a real monster, as the throbbing glans was pushed
firmly passed her lips she felt the skin on the side of her mouth
stretch almost to tearing point. The cock was flexing and throbbing,
her teeth were scrapping up and down just past the glans as its owner
gently fucked her mouth. Penny was glad that he wasn't trying to force
it down her throat she thought she might die if he did. At her rear
Harry's attack had lessened, his slaps were gentler now as he
approached orgasm she could feel him grasping her just in front of her
hips as he tried to force his cock deeper into her belly, but with
satisfaction Penny realised he wouldn't breech her cervix and invade
her womb. Try as he might the sadist behind her could get no deeper
she could feel his balls slamming against her clit, and then she felt
something else, again a cool hand was there, it was Sandra. Gently
squeezing Harry's balls she was milking him to climax. With a grunt
Harry's cock sputtered and Penny felt one little drop of sperm dribble
from the end as his cock collapsed like a popped balloon. Penny
gleefully thought how she would tease him with that performance if
ever she found out who he was.
At the side of her Penny could just make out slurping sounds as one of
the guest took advantage of the offer to deposit in the girl's mouths
and since Sandra had been busy with Harry she assumed that Michelle
was servicing the other unknown member of the crowd.

The giant cock filling her mouth was edging backwards towards her
throat. Penny felt it cross  over the back of her tongue and gagged as
it closed of her airways, but its owner was not to be denied, with
controlled force the unseen assailant waited until Penny had managed
to suck some air through her constricted nose then deeper and deeper
the cock slid, luckily for Penny her throat was already coated from
the earlier deposit and as her face fucking giant slid slowly back and
forward she found it easier to breathe until suddenly it seemed to
swell, and as Penny nearly fainted she sensed great gushes of spunk
barrelling their way towards her stomach there was so much that she
felt it forcing its way back up her throat and dribbling out of her
mouth to drip onto the floor below. The monster subsiding and leaving
her battered throat Penny wondered why she had not been assaulted by
another cock, she was soon to find out.
Once again silence had descended upon the room, and Penny in the total
darkness of her rubber suit wondered if everyone had left. Then she
felt soft hands touching her anus, and fluttering down towards her
battered cunt. Sid's voice rang out, "whilst the Shagging horse
recovers there will be a short intermission" still there was silence,
and as the hands at her rear smoothed soothing cream into her battered
pussy Penny felt a pair of hands gently lifting her face. She felt a
pair of soft lips fastening over her own, and as she responded and
tried to French kiss the mouth (She assumed Sandra's or Michelle's)
her tongue found a slimy gooey mess. The mouth was full of spunk. The
mouth withdrew a little from Penny's and fingers gently opened her
lips until Penny realising what was expected let her tongue protrude
drip after drip of spunk fell upon her waiting tongue. To murmurs of
encouragement she swallowed tongueful after tongueful until finally
empty the mouth returned once more to kiss her full on the lips
letting Penny's tongue roam around inside it, cleaning every last drop
of spunk from inside.

Finally the two girls had finished their ministrations. Penny felt
better for the cool cream on her battered cunt the sadist Harry had
bruised her quite badly and she knew there were still most of the
cocks to come. What worried her now was that her Ass had not been
violated yet and Sid had said that there would be ten in each hole so
she was still going to be buggered ten times.
Sid came up to her "There is another bout in this position and then we
will change your position for those that want to fuck you lying on
your back. Finally if you are still up to it there will be a session
with you untied so that you can do the work. Are you ready to continue?"
Penny wanted to say no, but the thought of the alternative was even
more unpleasant than what was happening here , and anyway she had seen
off five cocks, Two fucks and three facials so there were only twenty
five to go. Despite the fact that the battering she had received from
Harry had bruised her she could feel her body responding to the
attacks and if she could get just one gentle soul she should be able
to reach an orgasm of her own and that always refreshed her. "I'm
ready" she replied, "bring on the cocks let me suck a few more, and get
up my Ass it's feeling all lonely." this quip listened to by the
gathered mob, was just the right answer. They called for an Ass fucker
to teach the slut a lesson. Stepping forward Penny heard the name
Charlie, was he an Ass man, or was her throat, or cunt going to be
assailed again. Penny felt his hands, placed in the middle of her
back. They started to move up and down over the rubber causing the oil
to glide sensuously over her body. then she felt one hand moving under
her stomach whilst the other slid into the top of the crack of her
Ass. He was stood on her left so it was his left hand that ranged up
her stomach to squeeze her exposed tit. The flat of his hand rubbing
over her distended nipple was causing her to gasp. The crowd shouted
for him to make her cum. They wanted to have her screaming for more as
she climaxed.   His hand still rubbing her nipple, distracted her from
his right, it
had crept slowly down until his finger was tickling her anus. the
puckered hole
exposed for all to see was flexing in the bright lights, as it opened
just a
little his index finger lodged into the opening and stayed there. Penny
unable to
prevent herself gave a great moan as his finger sent waves of sensation
coursing through her body. Squeezing her nipple and tugging it he thrust
his finger deeper
and deeper, all the time his body was pressing against her and she
could feel his rampant cock through he rubber. Suddenly she wanted
his cock. She wanted it in her Ass. She wanted this expert who had
aroused her so easily to rape her Ass and make her Cum.
"Head held up by the strap on the helmet she couldn't hide her mouth
as the words were torn from it by her rebelling body. With a wail she
begged "Oh Fuck Me, Please FUCK MY AAAASSSSSS!!!!"
The crowd cheered as Charlie positioned himself. Thumbs either side,
hooked into the fleshy cheeks of her Ass he pulled her exposed anus
even further open as he positioned the purple head of his cock against
the tiny opening. "Sure you want this darlin'" he quipped as he
pressed his glans forwards "Oh YES, Fuck me, Fuck me Fuck MEEEEE!!"
The last extra loud wail signalled Penny's final surrender as Charlie
drove his cock past the sphincter defending her private parts. She
could feel the ridges on his cock forcing their way up her forbidden
tube as he plundered her Ass. Everyone in the room watched silently as
Penny begged him to shaft her, begged him to ravish her anus. Having
finally forced his cock right up her ass as far as it would go he
reached over and grasping her tits began to pluck her nipples, the
sensations became unbearable her tits felt like they were going to
burst from the pressure her nipples felt like they were two or three
inches long and the invading cock in her ass was like a red hot poker.
Her tube responded wave after wave of muscles gripped his cock and he
grunted and moaned as he felt his cock being milked by her ass. "You
fucking whore" he grunted "I'm going to fill your shit hole with
spunk, and after I've finished you can clean my cock with your
tongue."  Penny couldn't have cared less, she would have agreed to
anything if
only she could have a climax, (anyway she knew that when she had had a
shower at the library she had made sure to douche herself well and her
anus would be as clean as a whistle)
"Oh yes, oh yes" she cried "Fuck my Ass, Squeeze my tits, Fill my shit
hole with your spunk" and taking one deep breath she clamped his
pistoning cock, in a velvet vice as she screamed "Fuck MEEE!! You
BASTARD, Stuff me with your fucking Cock!!."
It was all too much for Charlie, unable to contain himself any longer
his pumping cock jettisoned its load of cream right in the depths of
Penny's cunt, as she felt the hot sperm jetting up her ass towards her
stomach her own orgasm overtook her with wails and sobs she reached
her own earth shattering climax.
Like a shot Charlie was out of her Ass, and he was replaced by another
shorter cock pumping into her soaking wet cunt. Penny's cunt juices
running from her fanny made the cock driving into her cunt squelch
with each thrust and withdrawal, the sound echoing round the room. The
hot juices running over her clit as it was banged time and time again
by the thundering balls of her assailant kept her on the peak as mini
climax after mini climax forced its way through her body. Charlie's
cock in front of her mouth was a lollipop. She sucked it deep into her
mouth, and her cheeks hollowed as she used her tongue to remove every
drop of spunk from his rapidly diminishing member. Penny didn't care
where it had been it was the instrument of her release, now as long as
they kept coming so would she, her fanny was on fire, the spunk
dribbling from her anus was mixing with her own juices and dribbling
like a hot stream over her sensitised clit. It throbbed and pulsed as
the cock shagging her reached its own climax and spattered her Ass
with another load of spunk the owner having decided that what was good
for Charlie was good for him. Cleaning the spunk up onto his hands he
approached the front as Charlie moved away, his now limp dick as clean
as if he had just had a bath. Behind Penny another man pushed his rod
into her distended ass hole and reaching underneath tickled her
engorged clitoris, with a scream of delight Penny shuddered, and she
felt something happen that had never happened in her life before, her
nipples distended to mammoth proportions began to leak. My god she was
giving milk, but never having been pregnant how could she. Penny
didn't know but it felt fucking fantastic, her ass was being plundered
again, her tits were dripping milk, her clit was on fire and now
someone was offering her delicious spunk on a hand sandwich.
Her tongue licked all around the offered hands trying to get every
last drop of spunk from them, then glory be she was being offered a
limp cum covered cock to clean. Avidly she licked all the spunk from
the shaft then rolled the glans around in her mouth until she felt it
start to harden.
Penny wailed in frustration when she heard Sid order the swelling cock
away to see Sandra but her wails soon turned to cries of joy as
another rampant rod was proffered up to her willing mouth.
Suddenly with a cock touching her lips, she felt the one ravishing her
anus withdraw. It hadn't cum, she would have felt the hot sperm
rushing inside her. With a wail of frustration she cried "NO! don't
stop, fuck me , fuck my ass, fuck my cunt , shag me you bastards, Use
This Fucking Cunt, Shag this slut."
Penny heard the two men speak "Ready?" said one "I'm ready said the
other" and Penny felt hands either side of her head opening her mouth,
and presenting her oral orifice, whilst her Ass was spread wide, she
could feel the breeze penetrating deep inside her as her distended
sphincter could no longer close her shit hole off from the watching
"NOW!" shouted one of the men and both drove violently forward at the
same time. Penny thought they were going to meet in her stomach.
straight down her throat went one, deep inside her aching anus
penetrated the other . Then in perfect unison the two men began to
shag the helpless girl. In, out, in ,out, like a rag doll Penny was
pulled one way then another as the men grabbed anything they could to
increase the force of their plunges. The man holding her head had hold
of the back of the rubber skull cap, she could feel his fingers
digging into the rubber, The other had reached right round and had
managed to fasten his fingers around the edge of the rubber where it
opened at her cunt. Both men were pumping like their lives depended on
it Penny felt the rubber in her gusset give way and suddenly the cold
air was striking her upper thighs and ass cheeks as the rubber was
peeled away exposing her milky globes, against the black it was
electric . "Oh fuck" moaned the man shafting her ass. I can't last any
longer ""Nor me" shouted the other as both came at exactly the same
time. With uncanny precision spurt after spurt thundered into Penny's
ass and throat. Each wad at one end matched by an equivalent from the
other. Penny wailed her way to another earth shattering climax as both
men withdrew there cocks to thunderous applause from the audience.
"Now that's what I call a twin fucking" shouted a man from the
audience as the two twin brothers returned smiling to their seats.
Penny lay semi-comatose on the bench spunk dribbling from both her ass
and mouth as she tried desperately to recover from the latest
violation. Her body unable to respond to the latest climax was
screaming for rest, but her mind cried out for more. "Shag me, shag me,
shag me"
her abused mouth muttered, but Sid signalled the next man
away and sent him back to his seat.
Signalling Sandra and Michelle. Sid had Penny removed from the bench
and taken a comfortable chair. Sandra and Michelle removed the
remainder of the rubber trousers and looked in awe at Penny's tits
still dribbling milk. I've only ever seen that once before Sid said
when it was pointed out to him, but it should make for some fun later
when that dyke gets hold of her. She'll milk this slut real good.
Still give her a drink and lets get this show on the road we've got to
be finished before 4 O'clock and its nearly twelve now.
The two girls gently fed Penny sip after sip of cool juice and as she
returned to consciousness she asked if it was over yet. The girls told
her that she was soon going back, for her second bout on the bench and
that it would be easier now that she would have both her legs and arms
free, but she would not be able to leave the bench.

As she managed to recover her wits Penny asked just how many men had
had her so far. Michelle consulted a small pad she had in her pocket
and informed Penny that, including the young lad who had sprayed his
spunk all over her face the total was four facials, three cunt fucks
and two anal. Penny couldn't believe it there were still another
twenty men and the dyke to go, she couldn't manage it, even though her
fast recovering body was itching for more sex she felt that it was all
to much and her lip began to tremble at the thought of another
extended session. Sid called over by one of the girls whispered in
Penny's ear "Listen to me you little fucker, the Master has arrived
and will be watching the proceedings. No-one else knows he's here but
he has given strict instructions that if you don't return to the bench
under your own volition I am to drag you there and then let everybody
loose without any restraint, and when they have finished you are to be
given to the Russians, now get your fanny off the seat and return to
the stage or you'll be really sorry." Penny unable to see Sid's face
had no way of telling if he meant what he said, but a whisper from
Sandra that if she didn't return the Master had instructed she and
Michelle were to satisfy any customers that weren't satisfied which
meant she wouldn't have to go with Sid left her with no hope at all
that Sid wouldn't do as he said. Steeling herself for the onslaught to
come she dragged her spent body upright, and led by the girls returned
to the bench. Without her trousers she knew that everyone would be
watching the spunk still dripping from her cunt and ass as she crossed
the floor. It felt soft underfoot but not like a carpet and Penny
found herself wondering once again where they were, but she didn't
have long to wonder as once again she was fastened to the bench. This
time she was lying on her back with her buttocks just clearing the end
of the bench and her head projecting from the end so that it could be
tipped back to present her throat to the waiting cocks. The girls
fastened her firmly to the bench by passing two straps around her
body, one just above her hips would prevent her sliding up the bench
as the men fucked her whilst the other seemed to split and passed
below her breasts but had straps coming up between them and over her
shoulders. Penny knew that her breasts forced upwards by the
constricting rubber were swollen to nearly twice their normal size, and
were pointing straight up at the ceiling, the cold breeze crossing the
room was making her distended nipples tingle and she hoped that they
had stopped oozing milk, as they were now so tender from being
constantly stretched that she thought she would scream if anyone so
much as touched them. Sid knelt down beside her and whispered once
again his warning that she was being watched by the Master, and she
better give a good show or he would assign her to Fleet Duties, but
then in an act of kindness he fastened a spring loaded headrest to the
end of the board so that when not being pushed down to allow access to
her mouth and throat her head would sit in a more comfortable position.

Penny lay there for what seemed ages, but was probably seconds before
Sid called out the first men to continue her ordeal.
"Brian ass fuck, Tony mouth" Sid called out and Penny steeled herself
for the new assault. She felt a body kneeling between her thighs and
nearly screamed as a finger was pushed deep into her ass. Her mouth
opened wide in a silent scream as it was joined by another the two
fingers widening forcibly her ass hole so that the buggery could
commence. As she lay there praying for the pain to stop she felt her
head being tipped sharply downwards and a cock was pressing its way
between her lips. It wasn't particularly thick but the man behind it
was inexperienced and cursed when he banged it against her teeth.
"fucking bitch" he snarled "I'll teach you to hurt my willy" pulling
back he slapped her face, driven to the side by the stinging slap
Penny could only gasp as the assailant at her ass added two more
fingers to stinging anus. Again the unseen hand hit her cheek and even
through the rubber Penny felt the pain and cried out in agony.
Immediately she heard Sid instruct the man to stop "Tony, pack it in
or you will be strapped down next to her, and Beryl will be allowed to
rape your ass with her Dildo. Penny heard the crowd erupt in paroxysms
of laughter as the chastised youth promised to behave. She could tell
from the sound of his voice that he was only young, and wondered if
she was the first girl he had ever had a blow job off. this time his
cock was presented more carefully and despite the pain still erupting
between her legs she folded her mouth around his small cock and began
to slowly draw it into her mouth. Her tongue tickling the underside of
his member could feel the excitement as it probed her warm mouth.
Hollowing her cheeks she sucked it further in until she could feel the
knob pushing against her tonsils. Suddenly she gave an involuntary
jerk as the fingers that had been so roughly plundering her ass were
jerked out to be replaced by a cock. Like the fingers it was driven in
roughly, and despite the restraints she felt her body move forwards
this forced the cock in her mouth deeper into her throat and she heard
Tony mutter "Oh! fuck me" as his youthful member was milked by her
throat muscles. She could sense him stood there unsure of what to do
as the invading penis in her nether regions continued to pound. Tony
didn't have to move the Ass Fucking Bastard in her anus was fucking
Tony's cock with Penny's mouth her throat was sliding up and down the
boys cock and all he could do was stand there and repeat "Oh! fuck me,

Oh! fuck me" as Penny's mouth  was forced to masturbate his youthful
cock. an experienced man couldn't last long when his cock was being
milked by Penny's throat muscles and suddenly the youth thrust forward
driving his cock another inch, and Penny felt his scalding hot sperm
shooting into her throat. his body had pressed up against her nose,
his cock filled her mouth and she couldn't breathe, in desperation she
tried to shake him free, but the youth caught up in the spasms of his
release couldn't or wouldn't move. Penny was beginning to black out
when she felt the lad being lifted away from her to be replaced by
someone else. "You fucking stupid twat the voice said you've nearly
killed the bitch. God! I don't know why you sixteen year old virgins
don't stick with your dollies. Mumbling apologies the youth hastened

The man stood now at Penny's head, began to stroke her rubber clad
cranium and gently brushed away the spunk dribbling from her lips.
Penny sucked gasp after gasp of life giving air back into her lungs,
the violation of her ass forgotten in her fight to stay alive. As she
regained her faculties she was aware that the cock in her ass was
moving faster, and then she felt her ankles being grasped and her legs
lifted until they were sticking straight up into the air. Her
assailant's own breathing was ragged now as he tried desperately to
drive his cock farther and farther into her stretched ass. Penny
realising how close he was to coming used her anal muscles to grip his
slippery tool, and with a final violent jerk he impaled her so deeply
that a cry of pain was torn from her lips as she felt his seed filling
her tunnel, coating his cock which lessened the friction so that the
pain quickly decreased and Penny was able to take stock of the
situation. Brian unable to maintain his erection any longer was forced
to relinquish her body.
Now Penny sensed the man from her head moving towards her crotch, and
shuddered as he knelt between her legs, lifting them high she could
feel his eyes burning into her. What was he going to do? Was her body
to be treated to more violent abuses. She could hear the crowd
murmuring as he knelt there, suddenly a voice rose above the rest
"Come on Joe. Get on with it!" and Penny felt the man begin to move.
Expecting his cock she jerked and gasped when his tongue licked from
her ass all the way up to her clit, moaning as the soft caress brought
her battered body back to a heightened sexual awareness. "Watch and
learn how to make a cum slut beg" rang the voice from between her
legs. Penny didn't think she could have felt the feelings this tongue
was arousing her twat was on fire as time and time again his tongue
flicked out, then she felt his hands sliding up her body and lightly,
oh so lightly resting on her breasts. Penny couldn't help herself "Oh!
my god lick Meeee!" she heard herself scream and Joe responded his
tongue worming deep into her cunt was reaming her fanny. Penny's body
writhed on the bench as his expert tongue took her up into heaven,
then his hands tightened around her swollen tits and she screamed in
ecstasy as a climax throbbed through her body, "I'm a mouth fucker"
roared Joe, "Who wants the best fuck they've ever had."
voices raised to fever pitch as everyone still left claimed the right
to Penny's cunt, but Sid imperiously called forth someone called John.
Joe took control "stand there John, don't stick her yet and I'll give
you the best fuck you've ever had" standing by Penny's head his cock
just touching her lips Joe began to gently rub Penny's nipples. The
effect, and every one saw it was electric. Penny's whole body went
rigid, her arms out to the side her legs stretched straight out from
the end of the bench. john stood between them could feel the muscles
quivering as Joe milked yet another orgasm from her tortured body.
spent Penny's legs collapsed and in a haze of sexual desire she heard
Joe's voice giving John his instructions. "Move forward and put about
two inches into her fanny, Now place your hand over her clit and when
I say go fuck the bitch hard and pinch her clit. Don't rub it just
pinch the damn thing as hard as you can. Are you ready?"
Penny terrified of the pain she was sure was to come grit her teeth
only to forget everything as Joe tweaked her left nipple. Penny felt a
jet of milk spray from the swollen tip fall in droplets on her
stomach. Then Joe's mouth fastened around the other nipple and to the
roar of the crowd he sucked, not just her nipple but most of her
breast disappeared into his mouth. Penny's scream of release as
another climax hit her was the key. "Now!" Joe shouted as he plunged
his cock into Penny's mouth. Penny broke the strap around her waist as
John's cock embedded itself deep inside her and she felt her cunt
muscles spasm as her body went into uncontrollable overdrive. John
wasn't pumping his cock he was too busy being milked as the strongest
muscles in her body went to work. The feelings in her clit as he
pinched it were excruciating, but at the same time heightened her
release and Joe's cock spilling spurt after spurt of spunk into her
mouth was a pacifier. She suckled it like a baby and gurgled and mewed
as she swallowed his life giving milk. At the same time Joe  was
swallowing jet after jet of Penny's own secretions from one tit
whilst his fingers expressed an equal amount to fall onto her heaving
belly from the other. John unable to control his cock was spilling
spunk into her cunt. He produced so much, and Penny's muscles were
holding his cock so tight that it was being forced back down her love
tube and was jetting from around the base of his cock. spent john
began to withdraw but Joe told him to stand still as the best was yet
to come, and looking around the crowd he said "Now watch as a man
who's just Cum gets hard, so hard that he will be able to face fuck
Sandra. Sandra come here and kneel by John, and get ready to receive
his next load of spunk.  Voices called out that it couldn't happen, but
Penny still reeling
from the intensity of her last orgasm didn't have long to wait. Joe
down and flicked her clit, one , two three times she felt his nails
snap across the swollen bud. Each time there was a second of pain
followed by her muscles tightening round John's cock, already swelling
in her cunt again. the fourth time John's cock jerked into full life
and she heard him groan, and suddenly Joe's hand moved and he pressed
firmly on her belly whilst squeezing her tit as hard as he could. The
jolt of pain from her tit and the pressure on her belly caused an
amazing reaction in Penny's body. Her mouth opened in a scream of
release as the most amazing climax she had ever had sent every nerve
haywire , lights flared before her eyes, she mouthed gibberish and she
PEE'D.  Unable to control even her bladder she pissed jets of hot pee,
them around John's swollen cock. He groaned from the unexpected surge
of hot water surrounding his knob and immediately felt his balls
tighten ready to explode, as the stream lessened and Penny collapsed
he spun towards Sandra's waiting mouth, wanking like mad he sent his
second set of Cum in less than five minutes jetting into Sandra's
orifice. She held her mouth open and accepted every drop, tilting her
head back so that none would be lost. with a final flourish John
sprayed a last few drop before collapsing exhausted.
Joe still enjoying his demonstration of sexual techniques raised
Sandra to her feet and led her to where Penny was gasping for breath.
Sandra prepared to dribble the spunk into Penny's mouth, but Joe
indicated a better place.
Drop by drop he made Sandra drip the spunk onto Penny's nipples, each
drop made the writhing girl squeal, and immediately reach to remove
the spunk from her over sensitive tits, each time she touched a
swollen nipple another jet of milk sprayed into the air, and she
shuddered into another climax. Twenty drops of spunk, and twenty
climaxes later Penny was totally spent. Unable even to speak she was
in a world of total sexual ecstasy, even a breath blown onto her
breast was making her body writhe, and already the next three people
queuing up to use her writhing body.

Up in his room behind the gang now raping the moaning girl. The Master
watched as one by one they violated her. Now they were trying to
discover new ways to abuse her. Some would fuck her tits watching them
quiver and jet sprays of milk into the air as she sobbed and screamed
from the pain of their attack. Her breast were now so engorged with
blood that her nipples and aureoles were a deep purple and her breasts
themselves looked like they were sunburnt. As each person that had
chosen her breasts was ready to come another would raise her head and
open her mouth ready for the spunk to find a home. Penny's lower face,
and the rubber hood were caked with cum. Others were fisting her cunt
or ass before spraying their spunk over her lower belly. Her holes
were so used they had become slack and no-one was bothering to fuck
her anymore until two lads getting two others to stretch her legs into
a side ways split and forced both their cock into her ass at the same
time. Whilst they were brutally raping her ass, another man was
squirting jet after jet of milk into his mouth whilst fucking her
throat. In one of those strange coincidences from life they all came
together and as they retired all that was left was the sight of young
Penny moaning quietly to herself as spunk mixed with milk dribbled
from her tits and dripped from her gaping mouth and ass.

In the last half hour the Master had watched his new slut raped by no
less than thirteen different people and there were only three left to
ravish her when he decided enough was enough. Pressing a button by the
opening where he sat a blue light bathed the entire scene below.
Immediately everyone stopped and stood very, very still. Some looked
sheepish, others scared as the  Master came down from his lofty perch.
As Penny moaned in her oblivion he berated the assembled crowd. Then
turning on Sid who had lost his way and joined in the raping of the
helpless girl he reminded them that he was in control, and that the
final acts of the night would be played out to his tune, and that if
anyone wanted to object they should say so now as there would be no
pulling back afterwards.  Terrified of his anger, and the possible
repercussions they all agreed to his terms.

He had Penny removed from the bench and laid gently onto a couch
against the wall. The rubber bodice was carefully cut from her swollen
breasts and Sandra and Michelle bathed her battered body. Then the
Master proffered a small glass to the sobbing girl, unable to see she
drank some of the liquid and gagged, but he gently made her drink some
more. Penny could feel the pain that racked her body diminishing as
whatever was in the drink took effect, until eventually she felt fit
enough to move. The Master told her quietly to sit still, and sent
everyone away from them. Speaking softly the Master asked Penny if she
wanted to complete her task and have sex with the other three, or
would she prefer to go to Fleetwood. Penny broke down in tears at the
thought of being raped again by the Russians and gabled that she would
do anything, anything he wanted, but she couldn't have sex with anyone
more tonight. Her body was too racked with pain. The Master reminded
the terrified girl of the deal, either thirty or the Russians. Unable
to control herself she collapsed sobbing at his feet begging for
forgiveness she would try to do as he wished, she really would. That
was what he had been waiting for. This night's film would earn him big
money, and now his new Cum slut was going to make it even more
profitable, and what's more he had planned something out sat up in his
room that would make it even better.
Giving Penny another drink of his special cordial He called over Sid.
Sid was trembling and terrified, he knew this man who appeared so
inoffensive could turn in a second into a cold hard killer. He had
seen him once slice of a man's cock and stuff it into the man's own
mouth while he was still alive and laugh when the man had choked on

The Master looked at everyone and began selecting some people to
leave, and some to stay. When he had finished Sid, Beryl, Sandra,
Michelle, and two men called Stuart and Lofty were left standing
before him. All looked terrified and were fidgeting from one foot to
another when the Master instructed Penny to stand. Staggering to her
feet the young girl still unable to see felt her way forward. The
Master looked at her and smiled "My dear, these animals have
mistreated you. So I relieve you of your obligation. Instead you will
help me to punish them. you will be my director. They will do whatever
you say, and I will tell you what I want you to do. The film I am sure
you are aware was taken, stopped the moment I appeared and will
restart the moment I leave, but you will listen to my instructions via
an ear piece, and theses miscreants will do as you say."
Penny still unable to see was listening intently, hardly able to stand
she was having difficulty understanding the words but they slowly
filtered through into her befuddled mind. With a strength of character
few there had witnessed before she collected her garbled thoughts and
turned towards the unseen voice. Drawing herself up as straight as her
poor battered body could manage she uttered the words the Master
always expected to hear from his sluts. "Whatever you say Master, If
you wish I shall finish my original task, but if not I shall do
whatever you wish."
The Master smiled and acknowledged her offer, but concluded that what
was now planned suited his purposes much better. Then instructing
Sandra and Michelle to remove Penny's hood he wheeled and left the
room. The lights were dimmed so that Penny should not be blinded and
the two girls carefully lifted the hood from her battered body. As the
hood was removed Penny rubbed her eyes, red raw from the crying that
she had done under the mask, and looked around the room. There was the
bench, all around it could be seen pools of semen and milk, and she
shuddered to think of the way she had been treated, but at the same
time deep in her belly she felt a stirring and realised if the Master
told her to, she would do it all again.
Carol held out a tiny ear piece and following the instructions she had
been given Penny fitted it into her ear. Immediately she heard the
soothing voice of the Master. "My dear we are going to punish these
people Sandra and Michelle have also drunk of the drink that is now
affecting you, but the others have not. Sandra and Michelle will do
whatever you tell them to because they are bound to me by the drugs in
the drink. The others may argue a little, but they will do as you say
from fear so listen carefully and I will explain the scenario and you
will put it into effect. you may add to it, but you must leave nothing
out. If I think of anything else as the scene unfolds I will pas it on
to you via the earpiece.

As the others watched Penny listened intently, nodding every now and
then in agreement with her instructions. suddenly the voice said
something and Penny wheeled around and stared into the darkness
outside the lights. Slowly her eyes adjusted until she could see what
had been indicated and a smile began to plat across her lips, and she
turned towards the waiting group of very frightened looking people and
informed them she was ready to start.

With clear tones she instructed Stuart and Lofty to strip Sid and
strap him chest down to the bench as she intended to begin the
punishment with him since he was the chief failure of this nights
fiasco, and turning to a spot indicated by the voice above she picked
up a small but lethal looking whip. Sid began to babble, but struggled
little as the two men strapped him to the bench. Under the lights his
ass shone white, as they spread his knees and fastened them to the
sides of the bench. As Sid moaned into the padded cover Penny turned
and looked at Beryl. She had imagined the dyke would be very butch,
instead she was looking at a woman in her twenties, slim with large
breasts and long tapered legs. Her oval face was framed with a
tumbling set of auburn curls that would have been proud to grace any
super models head. In fact she was beautiful. In her ear Penny heard
the Master explaining that Beryl was an out and out misogynist, She
hated men so her punishment would be probably the worst of all, but
for now she could be the instrument of Sid's torture.

Penny understood and looking at the dyke standing there chewing her
bottom lip in indecision instructed her to remove the trouser suit she
was wearing. With obvious reluctance until prompted by the whips lash
the proud lesbian hesitated but eventually Beryl stood there, her
breasts heaving from the indignity of being made to undress in front
of men. Her silk bra and knickers hardly hiding her assets. In fact
everyone could see the curls of auburn hair framing the gusset of her
tiny pants. Penny watched Beryl as she stood unsure of what was going
to happen next and asked the haughty but trembling lesbian where the
dildo was she had intended to fuck her with. Beryl with a smirk, no
doubt thinking Penny intended to turn the tables and fuck her, went
and fetched the offending weapon. It was a monster, a full ten inches
long, its shaft covered with ridges and little bubbles of rubber the
dildo glistened in the bright lights. Penny looked at it and taking it
from Beryl weighed it in her hand. Suddenly she swung the dildo
catching Beryl on the jaw knocking the lesbian to the floor. As the
beautiful lesbian lay there, her frightened eyes staring up at Penny
looming over her with the whip raised. Penny reached down and grasping
the centre of the flimsy brassiere, tore it from her body. Then
standing over Beryl who was vainly trying to hide her jutting breasts
from the gaze of the watching men she made the trembling woman remove
her knickers and spread her legs wide for the men to watch.
Crying from shame the dyke was forced to masturbate herself in front
of the men, even Sid strapped to his bench was aroused by the sight of
the perfect breasts of the woman he had considered untouchable
jiggling in front of him, and when Penny instructed her to straddle
the bench and place her cunt against his lips he nearly came.
The lesbian cringed as Sid following Penny's instructions began to
lick her cunt lips and positively wept when Penny forced her to open
them wide and pull back the hood so that he could nibble on her clit.
Leaving the lesbian to her torture Penny took Sandra to one side and
explained what she was too do with the massive dildo that she had
taken from Beryl. The girl first looked shocked but when Penny
explained why she had been chosen she rapidly disrobed and strapped on
the dildo. Then making sure Sid did not see her approaching she placed
herself directly behind him.
Beryl her eyes tight shut was mutely accepting the ministrations of
Sid's tongue, and despite herself was beginning to respond, her
breasts growing taut as her nipples hardened her cunt lips fluttering as
licked at their inner lips. Meanwhile Michelle had taken Stuart and
Lofty to the other end of the barn and was instructing them in their
duties. The two men looked back at the trio by the bench and rapidly
began to disrobe. They were not to be punished they were punishers,
and from what Michelle had just told them they were going to enjoy
their duty. The two naked men stood before Michelle as she settled
onto her knees and slowly sucked each offered cock to full erection.
Then she led them back until they were stood behind Beryl and left
them there as she went to prepare the rest of her task.

Penny noticing the two men had returned and mounted the bench behind
the lesbian. No longer fighting the man avidly licking at her cunt the
dyke was playing with her nipples, running her hands over her breasts
and down her belly towards her glistening slit. Penny whispered in her
ear 'was she enjoying it' and Beryl answered that she would have
preferred a woman to lick her but it was very nice.
Penny then asked Sid if he was enjoying the taste of lesbian cunt and he
grunted his assent.
Then it happened - Penny stepped back from the two and with a vicious
lunge struck Beryl across the back with the whip. Beryl screamed and
her eyes flew open. "You fucking trollop" shouted Penny "call yourself
a misogynist. Look a you letting a worm of a man suck your Fanny. you
need fucking. Get Her!"
Before Beryl could move the two men waiting behind her had dragged the
struggling woman clear of Sid, stretched across the bench she was
being attacked at both ends Lofty was mauling her tits and biting her
nipples, whilst Stuart had three of his fingers driven up her cunt.
The lesbian struggled and cursed, screamed rape and tried to bite them
but it was no good. slowly but surely the two men forced her into
submission. Her legs were spread and raised up into air until they were
close to her shoulders and then taped into position. then she was
turned so that Sid still tied could see her stretched cunt and
puckered ass. Stuart asked him which hole they should plunder first,
and when Sid wouldn't or couldn't say they started talking about how
he had always said he would like to suck and fuck the bitches ass. Sid
finally agreed he had always wanted to punish the lesbian for being
such a cow, and that he considered a good ass fucking, especially if
she was unprepared with any lubrication, a suitable punishment. Penny
clapped her hands in glee and Sid looked up at her with a tentative
smile forming on his face thinking he had made her happy and hoping
for a reprieve. So you think an Ass fucking is suitable as a
punishment do you Penny said leaning close to the bemused Sid. "Suit
that fucking lesbian bitch right if somebody did" said Sid. "Very
well" said Penny softly the punishment will be an Ass Fucking. Then
Sid screamed. He felt the end of Beryl's dildo forced against his anus
and unable to more than squirm he screamed. Then he cried as Sandra
drove the unlubricated dildo right into his tunnel. The hard plastic
balls at the base of the massive machine smashed into Sid's balls and
he began to cry. Like a baby he cried as Sandra released all the pent
up tension she had carried from thinking he was going to be given her
for a night. The babbling Sid his ass torn from the pounding, was being
buggered by the girl he had hoped to fuck, and she was enjoying it.
Her long nails raking his chest, her teeth nibbling an his shoulders
the poor man babbled into the padding of the bench as minute after
minute the girl vent her spleen and frustration upon him.
As the cameras recorded Sid's rape, Beryl was suffering her own fate
worse than death. Lofty had his cock forced so far down her throat
that her eyes were bulging whilst Stuart not content with four fingers
up her cunt had found the whip and was using the handle up her Ass.
The cameras recorded the beautiful lesbian being treated to every
indignity imaginable except that neither of the men touched her cunt
or Ass with their cocks. They raped her mouth and dribbled sperm
across her face, they bit her nipples and fucked her tits so that
their spunk sprayed over her belly. She was made to lick their anuses
until they could get her tongue no further up them and then they
lubricated their hands and took it in turn fisting both her cunt and
Ass. As  Lofty pushed his hand completely into the screaming dykes
cunt he could contain himself no longer and using the hand embedded
inside her he tipped her up onto her shoulders and looking a the
distended ass hole so recently vacated by Stuart's hand still gaping
before him he pissed a full bladder of water into her Ass. As she felt
this final violation of her body never before touched by a man the
lesbian unable to take the torment any more screamed one earth
shattering final scream and fainted.

Keeping her Ass in the air they dragged her towards the sobbing Sid,
and holding his mouth up they tipped the unconscious woman until the
piss dribbled from her still gaping ass into Sid's mouth. Penny and
Michelle massaged his throat until he had swallowed every last drop.
Spent and worn out from her rape of his anus Sandra passed the dildo
to Michelle who forced it between Sid's lips and made him kneel there
sucking on the violator so recently in his own Ass.

At the other end of the bench the unconscious lesbian was slowly
coming round and Michelle went and fetched a tall bottle full of
liquid and offered it to the semi conscious woman. She took a drink
and her eyes flew open. "You bitch" she spat at Michelle "Your trying
to make me drink a man's Cum." No dear said Michelle remember when you
and your cronies got me drunk and filmed me being licked out by your
dog"  "Well you queer fucking bitch, it's pay back time" With that the
men held the lesbian still as Michelle tipped what must have been a
pint of spunk slowly into the lesbian's mouth, holding their hands
over her mouth they made her drink every bit, and then Michelle
brought another bottle and they forced Beryl to coat herself with the
sticky slime, laughing at the way she wrinkled her nose and tried to
ignore the way great gobs of it stuck to her fingers. Finally in total
and abject terror the babbling woman was made to fill her own cunt and
ass with two more pints of the slippery slimy mess and to frig herself
until she came. Every action carefully recorded by the still whirring
cameras. As she wailed her way towards a climax with the sperm like
substance oozing from her cunt mouth and ass, smeared over her tits
and in her hair. Beryl was awash with the substance but now the two
girls joined forces to insert Beryl's own dildo up her cunt and raped
her with it until she was sobbing from exhaustion.

Then they untied Sid, Stuart and Lofty dragged the babbling wreck of a
man away leaving just the four girls alone in the room. Beryl lay
cowering on the floor as Michelle and Sandra in turn reminded her of
the times she had either fucked their ass or cunt against their
wishes. how she had inflamed men with her body then let them loose on
the girls because the Master had let her. The sobbing lesbian no
longer a svelte image of sexuality glistened in the film lights as the
sticky substance slithered over her body. All the fight had left her
as Michelle and Sandra placed her over the bench again. Face down they
poured yet another pint of the gooey mess over her back and rubbed it
down the crack of her Ass and into her hair before carefully tying her
much the same as they had Sid except that they pumped the end of the
table up slightly and carefully inserted a large cone into her cunt
forcing it to gape wide. Looking at the inside of the lesbian's cunt
Penny wondered wistfully whether it would be large enough to take what
was to come.  The now trussed lesbian being forced to swallow even more
of the
sticky substance being dribbled into her mouth gagged and pleaded to
be told what she was being forced to drink and what was coming.

Michelle smirked down at her, " Have you forgotten where we are my
dear. Whilst you were all busy I was too. Milking all but one of the
residents." Suddenly Beryl's eyes jerked wide with terror "OH! NO! NO!
she screamed as from the darkness Sandra led the real inhabitant of
the building out of the darkness and into the film lights. There with a
cock about a
yard long stood one of Blackpool's famous beach donkeys. "Meet
Hannibal" Crowed Sandra as she positioned the lucky animal behind
Beryl's jerking buttocks and fed the rampant stallions member into the
cone. "We knew you didn't want to be fucked by a man. so we saved him
for you instead"

Retiring to sit and watch the three young girls fingered their own and
each others cunts as Hannibal lived out his donkey dream of fucking
one of these two legged mares. Eventually the screams stopped and the
Donkey concluded his fuck in an almost silent simpering wreck. Beryl
her womb flooded with donkey cum shit herself and fell into
unconsciousness as the girls quietly got dressed.

The lights went out and in the dark the Masters voice spoke. "You have
done well my Children, but tomorrow Penny must undergo her final task
before being allowed to serve my friends as a maid, but I promise you
my dear after tonight it will be a test of nerve rather then of
stamina. Sandra take her home with you tonight and I will send Roy for
her in the morning"

In the silence the girls began to leave, following the unknown man
when a moaning from the bench reminded them of Beryl still tied there.
"Don't worry" said Michelle "You two get off I'll clean her up and
leave the Donkey men a present. They'll be here soon and I expect
they'll release her sometime."

Penny's Mistake - Chapter five - Gwen gets stuffed
Penny awoke the next morning with a start. She could remember leaving
the Donkey stables with Sandra the previous night, but after the cold
air of the night had hit her shattered body she had fainted from her
exertions. She remembered someone carrying her up a flight of stairs,
and seemed to recollect passing through a waterfall, but why and where
was a mystery to her.

Slowly she sat up in the bed. She was in a small but well decorated
room, the tasteful covers on the bed and the cute pictures on the
walls indicated that wherever she was it wasn't some evil house of ill
repute where she would be treated as a sex slave. Thankful for that
small mercy Penny tried to get out of bed. Her whole body ached from
the sexual excesses of the previous night, her breasts were terribly
sore from the mauling they had take, and her fanny throbbed
mercilessly as she tried to move towards the door. She needed the
toilet, and was only too pleased that someone had taken the liberty of
putting her to bed with a long flannel night-dress on. She hadn't worn
anything as old fashioned as this since she was ten, but this morning
she was glad to have her aching body covered, just in case she met
someone on her way to the toilet.

Opening the door carefully she was surprised to find she was in what
appeared a normal little semi, and crossing the small landing she
found the toilet and wearily sat herself down to relieve herself and
take stock of her situation. She realised that she had no idea where
she was, she might not even be in Blackpool any more. or what trials
might meet her once the owners of this house realised she was awake.
As she sat and wondered what her fate was likely to be Sandra's voice
echoed up the stairwell. "Penny, now that you are up why don't you
come down and have some breakfast, Michelle is here and is waiting for
you to tell you what happened after we left last night."

Her curiosity aroused by the Sandra's words Penny finished her
ablutions and winced as she tried to dab herself dry. Every tiny bit
of her private parts felt as though they were on fire. "My god", she
thought, "I did take a battering last night". Slowly, simply because
every step was sending waves of pain through her aching muscles Penny
descended the stairs. At the bottom she could see Sandra and Michelle
sitting in a small but well equipped kitchenette, drinking coffee. The
smell of the fresh coffee made Penny's mouth water, and then she smelt
bacon grilling and realised she was terribly hungry, she hadn't eaten
since dinner time the day before as she travel led up from London.
Entering the kitchen she lowered herself gingerly into a chair, both
Sandra and Michelle stared at her with concern. "You poor thing"
Michelle said "I hadn't realised just how badly they were treating
you, still I've got a story about that bitch Beryl that will cheer you
up."  Sandra placing a steaming cup of coffee in front of Penny told her
friend to shut up for a bit, they would have plenty of time after
breakfast to listen about Beryl getting her comeuppance, but now Penny
needed to have a cuppa and something to eat. The three girls were
silent, the only sound was the munching of crisp bacon on fresh bread
as Penny made up for being without food for nearly twenty four hours.
Eventually she sat back, draining her second cup of coffee and
expressed an interest in the story Michelle had to tell.

"No!" Sandra firmly interjected, "First you are going to take a nice
long bath, the shower we managed to give you last night was only
enough to wash the worst off. So off you go, and don't come back down
until you've had a good soak and are fully refreshed. Meanwhile
Michelle and I have a few little errands to run for the Master. At the
sound of the secretive man's nom-de-plume Penny, her curiosity roused
asked for information about this powerful man.
All either Michelle or Sandra would say that never in their experience
had he prevented an orgy from reaching it's conclusion by advertising
his presence so Penny must have something that interested him, but
beyond that they were very cagey and would tell her nothing. In fact
neither girl had ever seen him, other than in the shadows, and the
only thing they knew was that he wasn't very tall, and appeared rather
bulky, but that might be because he always wore large coats. With that
Michelle was sent up to run Penny's bath, and Sandra busied herself
making another pot of coffee. She gave Penny one and then left her
sitting alone in the kitchen whilst she went into the adjacent room
and began tidying up in what appeared to be a lounge. Just as Penny
finished her coffee both girls reappeared and helped Penny back up the
stairs, gently disrobing her and helping her bruised and battered body
into the bath full of sumptuously scented hot bubbly water. With relief
Penny felt the
soothing water enclosing her, and settled back to relax, and take in
the atmosphere whilst the bubbles did their work.

Sandra, putting on her matronly voice instructed Penny she was not to
leave the bath until they returned, by which time she should be
feeling better as Michelle had added some special healing balms, and
aromatic oils to the water. Left alone in her watery envelopment Penny
had time to think about everything that had happened in the previous
twenty four hours, and as the soothing water decreased the painful
sensations her body began to respond to her thoughts. Her nipples
bruised as they were began to stiffen, and her battered cunt already
feeling better began to itch. Looking around Penny spotted a back
brush with a nicely rounded end and gingerly pushed it under the water
and inserted it gently into her aching cunt, immediately wave after
wave of feeling coursed through her body as her cunt still
hyper-sensitive from Penny's previous exploits, gripped onto the
shaft. Kneading her own breasts Penny let her cunt soak up the
sensation of the smooth shaft of the back brush as she gently fucked
herself with its slippery plastic. Lost in her own world of sexual
freedom as she climbed slowly towards a climax she didn't hear the
door open and was unaware of Sandra return until she felt her hair
being gently swept away from her face. Looking up startled by the
intrusion Penny gasped a sigh of relief that it was only Sandra, and
as the other girls mouth settled onto her own she moaned her first
climax of the day as their tongues met and the Sandra gently rubbed
her clit under the water. Once Penny had subsided from her sexual
excitement Sandra told her to leave the bath and come down stairs,
without towelling herself off as they  now had something to relieve
her aches and pains completely.

Wondering what Sandra proposed, and hoping they didn't mean something
like drugs, Penny hesitatingly descended the stairs and following the
sound  voices went into the room where Sandra had disappeared after
breakfast. "come in, Come in" boomed a deep female voice, and Sandra
appeared  round the door and said "It's alright, this is Gwen, she
will soon remove the rest of your aches and pains."
As Penny blushing entered, naked into the strange woman's sight, She
uttered clucks and tuts about the sight before her. for the first time
Penny realised she was covered in bruises, and although she might now
be clean, she looked as though she had done ten rounds with Mike
Tyson. Crossing the room Gwen, a Jolly looking mountain of a woman
gently turned Penny round to tutting to herself all the time as she
looked at the marks left on Penny's body by the battering she had
taken. Eventually she finished her inspection and tapping Penny's firm
buttock gently instructed her to mount the table. Penny not having had
a chance to really look around the room, suddenly noticed a table,
like the one they used for patients in hospitals underneath a battery
of lights at the far end of the room. Climbing with some difficulty
onto the padded top she was made to lie down on her stomachs as Gwen,
explained that by using special creams, massage and infra red lights
she would soon have her feeling better and that Penny was just to
relax and enjoy the sensations as her body was returned to fighting

Penny jumped as the first dollop of cream hit her back, it was
freezing cold, but Gwen using just one hand held her face down on the
table whilst the other began to massage the cream into the bruises on
her upper torso, suddenly Penny felt a sensation of heat as the cream
began to work. The sensation grew and grew as Gwen working with both
hands now began to pummel and stretch the young girls skin. with a
moan Penny gritted her teeth as the heat grew into dancing needles
under her skin before suffusing outwards in healing waves of warmth.
Gwen was working her way down Penny's back her skilful fingers leaving
no area untouched towards Penny's black and blue ass cheeks.
Another dollop of freezing cream made Penny jump but she tried to
relax as Gwen's fingers, each as large as a small banana fondled her
battered bum. Then the heat, then the suffusing warmth and Penny began
to feel light headed as her battered body surrendered itself to the
healing warmth, eventually Gwen had coated all of her from her neck
down to her toes in the cream and helped her to turn over. Penny could
feel her back tingling from the cream as it did her work, but with a
start realised that one of the lights above her was on, and tried to
frame a question to Sandra (Stood a little to one side). Seeing her
gaze Sandra explained that every action, even the taxi rides had been
filmed for the Master, in fact she had not been unfilmed for a single
second since arriving in Blackpool. It was his instructions that this
should also be filmed, so Penny had better lie back and enjoy the
ride. Gwen meanwhile had started at Penny's neck and was applying the
cream to her shoulders and arms. As the giant woman moved down to her
breasts Penny could see her tongue licking her lips as her mighty
fists moulded themselves to the first tit she gave a gurgled cry, and
Penny realised the woman was having an orgasm as she massaged Penny's
body. Gathering herself back together Gwen apologised but explained
that she was a lesbian that loved working on younger women as it gave
her a fantastic turn on, but that unlike Beryl she never forced
herself on anyone, and anyway the Master would have her hide if she
touched one of his girls unbidden. She only hoped that one day he
would let her make love to Penny as the sight of her was turning her
on more than any other girl she had ever had to work on, usually they
screamed and cried as she worked but Penny had taken it nicely and
hadn't looked at her with horror like so many of the little whippets
he usually sent did. Penny realising that then older woman was ashamed
of her bulk reached up and cradled the woman's face, looking deep into
her eyes Penny muttered a few words of comfort and said "If the Master
asks me to lie with you I shall be pleased too. I feel no repulsion
when I look at you I only see a lady who loves and needs loving"

Gwen tears streaming down her face at the kindness of Penny's
response, returned to her work, her fingers fluttering swiftly down
Penny's legs applying the cream liberally to every bruise and muscle,
eventually she reached the soles of Penny's feet and with her tear
stained face wobbling above them sobbed that she was sorry but now she
had to see to Penny's private orifices, and that the cream although
effective stung terribly as it did its work inside. Penny lifting her
knees to expose her cunt told Gwen to do what she had to do, that she
would try not to scream too loud and that she knew Gwen would not be
hurting here on purpose and that she forgave her for any pain that she
might have to inflict.

It was all too much for Gwen, sobbing uncontrollably, her rotund face
and massive tits wobbling from the sobs wracking her body she stood
looking at Penny's exposed cunt and cried "I can't do it, I can't do
it" she sobbed until Penny reached up and guided her cream covered
hand towards her waiting cunt. Gwen muttered "No!, No!, no" as Penny's
guiding hand brought her own against the lips of Penny's cunt.
Immediately Penny felt the pain, it was like red hot pokers being
forced into her body, unable to prevent herself she screamed from the
agony. Gwen snatched her hand away and tried to wipe the cream from
her fingers on her white masseurs coat, whilst Penny writhed and
squirmed on the table top her whole lower body aflame with the cream
so cruelly repairing her battered body. Eventually the sensation
subsided and Penny tears now streaming down her own face from the
effort caught hold of Gwen's hand and told her to do her work. The
blubbering woman wouldn't continue until Penny levering herself off
the table stood firmly in front of her opening her own cunt wide
thrust two of her own fingers into the aching void. "Look at me you
bitch," she screamed at Gwen, "Get your fucking fingers up my cunt and
make me better. I WANT YOU to fist me you CUNT!" At the sound of the
last explosive utterance Gwen shuddered and slowly managed to raise
her sobbing head, her eyes stared at Penny in disbelief as the girl
slowly pulled her mighty fingers back towards her waiting cunt. With a
moan the older woman inserted a finger into Penny's slippery cunt and
slowly forced it as deep as she could. Penny holding the older woman's
hand fast began to ride the finger like it was a cock and despite the
pains still shooting through her body she muttered "Oh my God! Yes
fuck me, fuck my cunt you beautiful big fucker."

Suddenly the scene was frozen as in the corner a telephone jangled its
insistent demand. Sandra moved to answer it as both Penny and Gwen
stared towards the wailing instrument. Sandra snapped "YES" into the
mouthpiece and immediately, everyone saw her irate manner at the
interruption change, her voice became low and submissive as whoever
was on the other end talked to her. Gwen realising that only one voice
could silence Sandra so quickly sank to her knees in horror. The
Master had been watching, surely he would punish her for her outburst.
Gwen remembered with trepidation the last time she had failed to carry
out his bidding she had been made to suck off twenty men at one of his
parties whilst they laughed at her oversized body, some had even
pissed over her tits and cunt, it had been the worst day of her life.
Now she was going to be punished again, with a wail of terror she
crumpled to the carpet her flabby body like a piece of jelly as she
imagined the worst.

Penny nonplussed by the effect a telephone call could have, stood
still watching with wide eyes as the older woman grovelled on the floor.
was so terrified that she had wet herself and a puddle was forming
between her thighs as she wailed her terror to the skies. Suddenly
Sandra called to Penny "The Master, The Master wants to talk to you."
Penny crossed the room and taking the telephone from Sandra who, also
obviously worried by this turn of events, hastily retreated out of
earshot. Penny listened as the disembodied voice at the other end of
the telephone passed on its instructions, nodding every now and then
Penny's eyes ranged around the room, fist towards the cowering Gwen,
then across to Sandra, before with a final firm "Yes Sir" she returned
the telephone to it cradle. Both Sandra and Gwen watched her as she
returned across the room. Kneeling beside the writhing woman Penny
cradled her head in her arms and told her to cheer up. although she
was to be punished it wouldn't be that bad as Penny was to carry it
out, and anyway she thought Gwen might even like it. The sobbing woman
gathered herself together as Penny rounded on Sandra and informed her
that the Master had also given her instructions that Sandra was to
carry out, but first Sandra was to turn off the Cameras whilst she
explained the Master's scenario to them both.
Sandra bolted across the room and flicked a switch. In the silence
that descended Penny noticed that a faint whirring she hadn't noticed
before had stopped, then placing herself firmly in front of the two
women she began to explain the scenario that the Master had outlined
to her, and also made it clear that apart from the short set of
instructions he had given her she had a free hand to bring in any
variations she wished, that for the next hour she was to have full
control over what occurred, and that if either woman refused to do
anything she asked they would be punished severely. Gwen having
managed to contain her sobbing listened with growing disbelief as
Penny outlined what was to occur, but slowly her face became wreathed
in a massive smile, Sandra too was not looking too concerned about the
outline being discussed nodding her assent to all of the suggested
actions. Eventually Penny finished speaking, before suggesting that
Gwen might like to go and change her pants before they continued. The
now smiling woman waddled her way from the room. Whilst they were
waiting for her to return Sandra was showing Penny where the articles
she had mentioned in her outline were stored and then they waited
quietly for Gwen to return.

Sandra clicked the switch to restart the camera and the three women
stood as they had been when the telephone first rang. Penny impaled
once more on Gwen's finger continued to fuck herself muttering filthy
epithets to the woman stood before her. Suddenly Gwen seemed to lose
her temper. "You little bitch," she thundered "and I thought you were
a nice girl. how could I risk myself for you. YOU TROLLOP!" As she
uttered this last she spun Penny round and forced her face down over
the end of the table, kicking Penny's legs outwards she exposed the
struggling girls Ass. The puckered hole shining in the lights. With
one plunge Gwen rammed a cream coated finger as far up Penny's ass as
it would go. Penny's scream of pain wasn't fake. The cream sent rods
of pain shooting up through her entire body, her head snapped back and
tears coursed from her eyes as Gwen using all of her strength reamed
the sobbing girl's ass as if her life depended on it. Suddenly from
the side Sandra flung herself onto the masseuse "you fucking bitch"
she screamed as she tried to force the massive woman away. Her hands
clawing at the older woman caught in her coat and it was torn open
exposing her massive tits wobbling inside an enormous bra. Releasing
Penny to try and protect herself from this sudden attack Gwen found
herself disadvantaged by the coat still fastened around her arms.
Sandra behind her held the coat tight and Gwen's arms were effectively
tied to her sides. Penny spinning up from the table slapped the giant
woman across the face, then punched her hard in the midriff. Penny's
fist sank deep into the mountain of flesh, and Gwen doubled up in
pain. together the two girls pushed and pulled the masseuse towards
the table and by pure effort forced her backwards until she was lying
across the bottom half of the table her legs nearly touching the floor
waved ineffectively about as the girls strapped her arms above her
head and passed a large leather strap around her waist.
Lying there her giant breast heaving inside the mammoth brassiere Gwen
screamed abuse at the two girls now looking down at her. "Let me go
you fucking shit holes. The Master will have your fannies for table
mats." Her voice rising to a crescendo the older woman tried to wrench
herself free. "Let me go you cunts, fucking whores, trollops, sluts,
bit....." She never got to finish the sentence as Penny forced a ball
gag between her lips and fastening it behind the fat woman's head
looked her straight in the eye, and with steel in her voice spoke
"Quiet you fucking barrel of lard. you hurt me and now you twisted
bitch we are going to have some fun with you. We know you like to fuck
around with young girls, well we are going to fuck around with you!!"

With that Penny grabbed the front of Gwen's brassiere and heaved, with
the sound of tearing cloth it parted and Gwen's tits flopped out, like
two giant creamy bags topped with brown aureoles surmounted by nipples
nearly as large as someone's small finger they lay there Penny grabbed
a nipple and squeezed Sandra fastened her mouth around the other and
bit. Gwen inside her gag screamed, and her body thrashed about on the
table, but the straps held and her scream tailed off as the girls
stood back to look a their handiwork. Both nipples were now bright red,
Gwen's breasts were streaked with red where their fingers had gripped
them tight. Inside the gag the older woman groaned with the pain and
indignity of the situation. Used to forcing her attentions onto
younger women she had never suffered the indignity of an attack upon
now she was at the mercy of theses two enraged bitches, what would
they do next?

Gwen soon found out as both girls reappeared carrying scissors and
began to remove all her clothes, with each snip she could feel the
cold steel crossing her skin, and as they worked the girls kept up a
running commentary about her body, and what they were going to do to

As she stripped the remains of cloth from Gwen's upper body Penny took
delight in torturing the tied woman by telling her how she was going
to whip her tits and attach clothes pins to her nipples, how she would
make the cringing bag suck her fanny until her love cream was
funnelling into her mouth. how she would force a gag between her lips
and use her as a toilet, before finally tying her tits to the ceiling
and removing the table so that she would dangle until they stretched
far enough for her to sit on the floor. Meanwhile Sandra at the other
end  was improvising her own tortures, explaining to the sobbing and
crying woman how her fanny and ass would be used to accommodate
various objects until they were stretched beyond endurance, how her
cunt lips would be stretched until they could be tied and her filthy
clit exposed to allow it to be tortured, and when Penny tied her tits
she was personally going to position a marrow she had found in the
garden so that her cunt would be forced around it as she sank.

Gwen her fears obvious, was sobbing and pleading inside her mask, her
legs quivered in fright as the two girls increased the descriptive
nature of their banter until with one final flourish they met at her
knickers, taking a side each they cut the cloth and as the two girls
lips in a lesbian embrace of their own they pulled the strips away to
expose the wailing woman's cunt. She tried to close her thighs but
together they forced their hands between them and pinched the fleshy
tops of her legs until she was forced to relax then they tied her
ankles to the sides of the table so that she couldn't hide her sex
from them and gloated at the fleshy  lips of her vulva and the
pinkness of her ass. The tied woman mortified by what they were
proposing to do was no longer struggling but moaned helplessly into
the gag covering her mouth. As a final insult Sandra appeared carrying
a hand held camera and began filming Gwen's wobbling frame as Penny
tweaked and twisted each and every tender part. Removing the gag Penny
imperiously glared down at the woman so lately her torturer and with
obvious glee informed her that Sandra was going to film everything
especially the first course. Stepping back Penny unfolded the whip and
impervious to Gwen's entreaties brought the thong down across her
heaving breasts. Gwen's body arched up as each blow fell, her screams
and pleadings for mercy filling the air with the sound of her voice.
Eventually Penny stopped and stepped forward to appreciate her
handiwork, Gwen's breast were criss-crossed with thin red lines of
pink where the whip had landed but with obvious disappointment Penny
declared it wasn't good enough and began to bind Gwen's massive tits
with clothes line. Working up from the bottom she circled each breast
tightly with the line forcing them to become erect the aureoles now
suffused with engorging blood topped the creamy mountains like a
bowler of brownish purple, and surmounting these were her nipples now
easily three inches long they were bright pink and each girls took
turns in sucking them until they were as distended as they could go.
Gwen watched horrified as Penny to complete the preparation fastened
elastic bands around each nipple. Looking at her friends handiwork
Sandra enquired if she could do this whipping, and leering down at the
wide eyed woman watching her tits stretch towards the ceiling and
pulse as the blood was forced through them, gloated about how she was
going to crack those tiny little pricks poking up from the top of each
mountain and feed them to her one by one.
Gwen shuddered as Sandra took aim, and screamed as the lash curled
around a tit, again and again Sandra hit her exposed tits. Making
matters worse Gwen now that her tits had been forced to stick right up
could see the marks left by the whip. Eventually Sandra tired of her
fun and with one final crack she threw the whip to one side. Gwen
shuddered as Penny appeared. "No please don't not that" Gwen pleaded
as Penny took a dollop of the special cream and held it above her
swollen breasts. Penny just laughed as she climbed onto the table and
kneeling either side of Gwen's head instructed Sandra to begin work
down below. Gwen staring up at Penny's cunt was prepared to keep her
mouth closed as long as she could, but it didn't last long. She felt
Sandra open the flaps hiding her love tube, and jerked upwards her
mouth opened in a silent scream as Sandra applied some of the cream to
her cunt. smashing into Penny's waiting cunt Gwen was forced to suck
her tongue licking and poking as far as she could up Penny's slit.
Suddenly she felt the cream being applied to her swollen tits, and as
Penny massaged the cream in she felt the first few drops of cunt juice
sliding into her throat. with a last groan of submission she
capitulated to the desires rushing through her. The cream in her cunt
wasn't causing pain now, but the desire to make this girl face fucking
her tongue cum was driving her mad. unable to move her arms she raised
her face as far up as she could and laved at Penny's fanny. Penny
developed a rhythm either Gwen was told to stick her tongue out,
holding it stiffly up whilst Penny rode it like a cock or she was
allowed to spend a few moments swallowing Penny's cum juice or sucking
on her clit.  At the other end Sandra had managed to push her whole hand
into Gwen's
loose twat and was fisting it for all she was worth whist her spare
hand was playing with Gwen's own clitoris.
With a great wail both Gwen and Penny climaxed at the same time and
Penny ground her cunt tight onto Gwen's face covering her mouth and
nose so that Gwen couldn't breathe at all. On the table the masseuse
felt herself beginning to black out as Sandra removed her hand from
Gwen's cunt and replaced it with a long cylindrical object. The large
ladies body was jerking about from the combination of her own orgasm
and a fight to breathe when Penny recovered and lifting herself from
the old broads mouth spat down at her "round one complete, now for
round two."

The two girls heaving Gwen's massive legs up into the air positioned
them as far up towards her shoulders as her massive erect tits would
allow before fastening them to her arms stretched far above her head.
Now she could see what Sandra had pushed into her cunt. There like a
giant stick of green rock, at least eight inches still exposed was a
cucumber. It glistening skin wet with her juices. Gwen felt her cunt
muscles trying to expel the invading monster and it slowly began to
edge it's way out of her cunt. "I don't think so you slut" crooned
Penny as she thrust it deep again, just to watch it being pushed back
out. Penny complained to Sandra that it wasn't tight enough, and Gwen
was left tied to the table as the two girls withdrew for a whispered
conversation at the other end of the room. Reappearing Penny told Gwen
they had changed their plans, providing Gwen would agree to fuck
herself with anything they said they would release her, and she could
watch them as they had their own lesbian interlude, because Sandra
still had to receive her punishment, and time was pressing on.

Gwen without a second thought agreed, she knew that her cunt could
stretch to surround nearly any object these two would consider, she
had had eight children before her hubby had died and her cunt was as
slack as anything, that was when she had found solace in lesbianism as
no man had a cock that could even begin to stimulate her. Penny looked
at the woman lying on the table as if to judge whether or not she
could trust her, and with one flick of her wrist withdrew the
cucumber. Gwen didn't feel a thing, and although Penny and Sandra
looked at the vegetable with awe she knew that at only fourteen inches
long and five inches across it would easily slide all the way into her

"Very well" said Penny "You will stand and watch us, using the tools
we have placed on the coffee table to fuck yourself with whilst we
watch you", and cutting Gwen's bonds she left her lying on the table.
slowly Gwen rolled over until she could see down the room. Her face
went white, there on the coffee table were just two items. The
cucumber so lately inserted into her cunt was lying by a piece of
paper denoting ASS, but next to it was a Marrow, nearly two foot long
the almost straight vegetable was at least eight inches across. Gwen
shuddered and stared at Penny as she spoke "Well - you fucking bitch -
There it is either fuck yourself with those two or its down to the
Donkey stables for you"

With faltering steps Gwen approached the two vegetables, and slowly
picked up the cucumber. opening her legs and turning round so that the
two girls could watch the entry she held it against her anus. Slowly
very slowly, Gwen grunting with the exertion of each inch she forced
it up her ass chute. at ten inches she felt it prevented by her own
contents from going any further and stopped. Her ass not used to being
invaded was tingling with the exertion, but Sandra's next words
brought panic to her mind. "All the way, you slut. We want to see it
"I can't, I can't moaned Gwen as she tried to force another inch out of
the invading green whopper."
"'Course you can", said Penny, rising from the couch and approaching
Gwen, "or perhaps you would prefer the Donkey Stables."
With a groan of resignation Gwen tried to force the cucumber a little
further but reaching between her legs was forcing her to stand too
Penny signal led Sandra to rise and position herself in front of the
straining woman and pushing Gwen forwards until she was in Sandra's
arms she exposed the older lesbian's stretched ass. The opportunity
was too good to miss, Sandra helping they led the panting behemoth to
the couch and let her grip the back with her hands. Then Penny and
Sandra stood behind her twisting the cucumber in her ass and tickling
the stretched skin around her anus until Gwen was begging for release
as the cucumber moving round and round up her ass and two girls
tickling was taking towards an orgasm. On a signal from Penny the two
girls reached round and grasped the old bitches breasts still
constrained in their bonding and as she screamed her final release
Penny pushed the cucumber as hard as she could. With an almighty plop
it shot into Gwen's Ass and her anus closed until only the very tip of
the cucumber could be seen poking through the tight sphincter. Gwen
with an almighty gasp stood upright and pressed on her belly. "My God!
I can feel it right up here she moaned". "Good replied Penny, now get
on with the other as we want to watch you shafting that Marrow.

With careful steps the older woman returned to her place by the coffee
table and positioning the Marrow upright on a cushion, so that it
wouldn't be squashed, she edged herself forwards until her fat legs
had straddled the might phallus and her cunt was positioned above the
blunt end.
Meanwhile Penny had moved behind Sandra, the only woman still with any
clothes on, and was unbuttoning the girls dress. The buttons ran right
down the front and as she exposed Sandra's torso she instructed Gwen
to watch what she couldn't have. Gwen her eyes filled with lust
watched as Penny slipped the dress from Sandra's shoulders and let it
drop to the floor before sliding her hands between the cups of
Sandra's pink brassiere and lifting her breasts free. The old lesbian
watched mesmerised, her tongue running round and round her lips, her
fingers trying to spread her cunt wide enough to impale herself on the
Marrow as Penny discussed Sandra's beautiful tits forced up and out by
the bra still fastened beneath them, and played with them, tweaking
the nipples and rubbing her hands lasciviously over the rapidly
growing mounds. Gwen now had four fingers of each hand lodged in her
cunt and was trying to stretch it as wide as she could, but still the
monster vegetable hadn't entered into her.
"Ready for the next bit," you slimy slut Penny taunted as she let her
hands slide down over Sandra's taught belly and began to slip them
under the waist band of the girl's knickers. Gwen grunted her assent,
and her eyes popped as Penny peeled the knickers down exposing
Sandra's soaking wet and shaved cunt lips. This final revelation was
enough the lusty les gave an almighty groan, followed by a stifled
scream as she drove her cunt downwards onto the enormous phallus. With
a perceptible bulge appearing in her lower belly, she managed to drive
about five inches of the thick green Marrow into her gaping cunt. The
two girls watched amazed as the slag now tried to fuck the monster
rising up an inch and driving down again, each time releasing a tiny
scream of pain as it stretched her admitably big cunt further than
even her children had when they were born. Gasping for breath the fat
old woman watched as Penny subconsciously began to kiss Sandra's neck
her fingers reaching round to slip into the other girls moist love

Both Penny and Sandra were mesmerised watching Gwen fuck herself with
the Marrow, it was obscene and beautiful at the same time. The older
woman's spare tyre wobbled and quivered, and below it could be seen
the bulge of the Marrow inside her body, but she was obviously
sexually excited, her breathing coming in great gasps was interspersed
with moans of pleasure as her cunt was impaled further and further onto
the massive vegetable.
Suddenly the spell was broken as Sandra squealed herself to a climax
on Penny's fingers and immediately fell to the floor and tried to
fasten her mouth onto Penny's cunt. Penny opening her legs whilst
still watching Gwen allowed Sandra to reach her cunt and begin
licking, but it was the sight of Gwen grunting and groaning her own
way towards a climax that was exciting her. She had never watched
anyone take anything so big. As she watched Gwen descending even
further onto the Marrow she felt her own juices start to run and
stepping towards the older woman, with Sandra crawling across the
floor to continue licking and sucking her cunt she placed her hands on
Gwen's shoulders and looking her in the eyes pushed down. For a second
Gwen's eyes filled with tears, but then her own climax brought a cry
of triumph to her lips as she finally swallowed the Marrow. Fourteen
inches of the monster bedded inside her , a cucumber embedded totally
into her ass Gwen grabbed at her tits and squeezed until they turned
bright red and squealed her way to an earth shattering orgasm so
powerful that her muscles squashed the Marrow to a pulp  and it was
ejected as a sloppy mess surrounded by her own love juices. Gasping
with the exertion the old lesbian smiled at Penny and tenderly offered
her mouth to be kissed.  for a second only their lips met before Penny
backed away, and barked "Now it is time for your punishment slut!"
Both Sandra and Gwen stared at her as she pointed at Sandra, and
grabbing the girl by the hair hoisted her onto the coffee table,
forcing Sandra onto her back she positioned Gwen above her. "Suck the
old slut to another climax, I'm going to fuck your Ass" she growled as
Sandra looked up into the gaping maw of Gwen's cunt that was
descending towards her face and moaned.
Straddling the licking girl Gwen felt her cunt flaps enfolding her
face. Sandra's mouth was inside her stretched cunt, her tongue
reaching nearly five inches into the distended twat, as she used its
rough edge to inflame the sensitive sides of Gwen's tube. Never had
Gwen been so excited, in desperation for more sensation she was
forcing her bound breast upwards towards her own mouth and finally
managed to fasten her lips around one of her stupendous nipples, and
sucking on it like a dummy she wailed her way towards another orgasm.
Underneath the wailing mountain Sandra felt her legs being pushed up
into the air as Penny having strapped on a dildo positioned it at the
entrance to her ass. Reaching back around her own buttocks Sandra dug
her nails in and stretched her anus wide, ready to receive the
invading instrument. Penny careful not to push too hard slowly began
to fuck Sandra's anus, watching as the effect of being shafted in her
shit hole drove Sandra to even greater extremes of penetration up
Gwen's massive cunt. now Sandra had her hands either side and was
levering Gwen's cunt open as wide as she could, Sandra's head had
almost disappeared into the gaping maw when Gwen shuddered to another
orgasm. As the old bag came her juices squirted down onto Sandra's
face. It was amazing, like a stream of urine they poured and Sandra
stuck underneath the stream had two choices drink or drown. She chose
to drink and for nearly a minute she was forced to swallow jet after
jet of pussy cum as Gwen's body responded to a sensation she hadn't
felt for nearly twenty years. At Sandra's ass, Penny seeing the havoc
drove deeply into the tube presented before her and reaching forwards
he mauled Sandra's tits until Sandra too climbed the heights and
wailed her own way towards an orgasm.

Spent the three retired to the kitchen, where over a cup of coffee
Gwen professed her gratitude to Penny for her punishment as it was the
most pleasurable she had ever received, and Sandra smirking like the
Cheshire cat agreed that if ever she should need punishing again Gwen
could fill her up with those sweet tasting juices any day.

"Well," said Penny "I'm glad that everybody's happy because the Master
had me turn on the switch behind the sofa."
you bitch" laughed Sandra "that turns on about four other cameras in
the room he will have seen everything."

Just then the doorbell rang and when Sandra hastily throwing her dress
back on answered it. Having taken the letter offered she returned and
handed it to Penny. "Impeccable timing," muttered Penny as she read
the note. "I'll have to get a shower I've to go out in about half an
hour to complete my assignments for today" and with an skip and a jump
she danced away up the stairs. Sandra looked at Gwen and with a smile
suggested "That cream does work well doesn't it?"               

Penny's Mistake - Chapter Six - Can I score enough
Meanwhile as she showered Penny was reliving the last hour. The sight
of Gwen fucking the giant Marrow had really turned her on, and she
used the shower gel to act as a lubricant as she relieved herself
before preparing her body for whatever was to come. Although Gwen's
magic cream had worked wonders Penny hoped that today would not be too
difficult as her body was beginning to feel tired from the excesses it
had been exposed to since arriving in Blackpool and she needed some
time to recover.

Finishing her preparations with an anal douche, just in case, she
trotted into the bedroom and opening the wardrobe doors, found as the
letter had specified a number of sets of clothing. each set comprised
of a short skirt and thin blouse with matching accessories of bra,
suspender and stockings. There were no knickers to be seen anywhere,
and Penny, never renowned for being stupid assumed that it was
expected that she would leave for her tasks for today with the
Blackpool breezes blowing across her exposed femininity.
Selecting a bright red skirt, with a pink blouse and matching pink bra
and suspenders, she rapidly prepared herself. surprisingly the
stocking fastened to the outfit were white with a flower pattern, and
Penny thought that they didn't fit together well at all, but she had
no intention of upsetting the Master by picking one of the other
pairs, and slowly rolled the sheer silk stockings up her smooth legs.
As they stretched she could se that in fact they fitted perfectly, the
glow of her legs shining through the stretched white material gave
them a pinkish lustre which set of the subtle pink of the blouse.
Admiring the effect in the mirror Penny realised that with the bright
red shoes with their six inch stiletto heels she looked just like the
pictures she had seen in magazines of high class whores and wondered
if her task was to be in any way similar. Finally ready she made her
way, somewhat unsteadily back to the kitchen where Gwen and Sandra
stared at her with obvious lust. "My dear" crooned Gwen "You look
divine. I wish I could take you to Lucy's bar the dykes in there would
piss themselves if you were on my arm." Laughing gaily Penny lifted
the short skirt and Gwen staring at her exposed cunt had a fit of the
vapors and had to be given a glass of water before she could catch her
breath. She just stared at Penny and slowly masturbated herself, all
the time grinning a the girl stood before her. eventually the older
woman managed to croak "Penny, you are without doubt the sexiest two
legged creature I have ever set eyes on. I shall dream of you for
weeks" Penny gave the old dyke a kiss for luck and twirled herself for
Sandra's approval. The younger woman just whistled and announced that
whatever Penny had to do today, she would be lucky if she made it past
the first corner in the street before someone propositioned her.
Together the three women tried to guess what the Master might have in
store for Penny, whether she was going of to be gang banged by a load
of men or just sent to service a special someone, but Gwen summed it
all up when she said that beautiful as she was Penny looked like a
hooker on the pull, and they all laughed at the thought of her
standing on a street corner offering herself to any Tom, Dick or Harry
that might wander past.

Ding Dong, the sound of the door bell made them all jump, and Sandra
rose to go and answer the door, only to return with a grinning Roy in
tow. "Morning ladies" he cheerfully greeted them "I'm here to pick up
Blackpool's newest." Penny rose and the old taxi driver, his cock
jumping to attention and sticking out like a truncheon in his trousers
just gawped "Fuck me" he stuttered "Don't you look fucking beautiful.
What are you up to today?" "I'm not sure" replied Penny giving his old
cock a quick squeeze
through the material of his pants, "I thought you would be telling
me." "Nope, I was just sent to fetch you. I assumed you would know where
go." They all looked at each other when the doorbell rang again. This
it was a telegram boy with a telegram addressed to Penny. Opening it
Penny started to read it then sat down and stared at the other three.
In muted tones she informed them that the Master had enjoyed their
earlier conversation, at which Gwen gave a shudder, none of them had
realised that he could hear them here, and that as Penny had been such
a good girl so far he had decided that she should have a quiet day.
Her task was to move to certain positions in the town, and in each one
to seduce and perform a specified act with whichever man she saw,
following a set pattern. Penny was to have Roy in attendance, or
nearby at all times, and he would check that she performed as
specified. Penny then read out the list to the assembled small group.

1) North Station - A ticket collector - Oral in the men's toilet
2) Pleasure Beach - To stand by the fun house and after a signal from
Roy to seduce and be fucked by the third single man to pass by.
3) Woolworth's Cafe - To manage to get a man with his partner to leave
the cafe and shaft her in the toilets before taking his cum in her
mouth. Then to return to the cafe and show the man's wife his cum in
her mouth.
4) North Pier - To be Anally fucked by a man within half an hour of
reaching the pier. Stood looking out to sea at the end of the pier.
5) Central Car Park - To gain access to the top floor of the Car Park,
and to be stripped completely and to give oral whilst being fucked
both in her cunt and ass by three of the crew demolishing the unsafe Car
6) To stand on the 'Leap of Faith', dribbling Cum from the Car Park onto
the glass before pissing herself.
7) In Yates's wine lodge - again at Roy's instigation to persuade an
elderly man to lick her to orgasm, on a table top in the bar.
8) On the open topped tram to stand at the front topless whilst
travelling up the prom, whilst being Ass fucked.
9) To persuade a couple to join her in a Car Park lift which Roy would
arrange to break down, and to get them both naked and to provide oral
satisfaction for them both. Finally somehow getting the Attendant to
give her the tape at any cost.
10) Her final task was to go into C&A and to seduce a shop assistant,
if a man to be fucked both cunt and ass, before finishing him orally.
If a woman to persuade her to strip and perform both cunnilingus, and
to fuck with a strap on the same woman both in the cunt and ass until
she SCREAMED in relief.

Each task completed satisfactorily would earn Penny ten points,
partial completion only five, and if she failed to reach a score of 75
points or more she was aware of the punishment. Fleetwood docks had
been empty of prostitutes for five days now because the Russian fleet
had been kept in port by bad weather, and there were a lot of
frustrated Ruskies out there.

Apart from the few instances where Roy was to have an input she had a
free hand to use any means at her disposal to obtain her objectives,
but they had to be completed by Ten O'clock that evening, when she was
to return either to this house, or if she had failed to Fleetwood. The
final proviso tacked on the end of the letter was that if arrested of
course she would fail to reach her required score, and although the
Master would pull strings to get her released she would be treated as
a failure.

Penny finished reading the letter, her voice trailing off as the cruel
enormity of her task sank in, She stared around the faces watching
her. Each was looking at her with pity, as they all considered the
impossibility of the tasks and the humiliation of carrying them out in
public, or in public places.

Finally Penny turned to Roy. The old man was sat  with tears in his
eyes at the thought of what Penny had been told she had to do. Trying
to sound cheerful she quipped "Oh well, my old scoremaster, better get
going. One thing is for sure Blackpool will never forget the day Penny
came to town" and grasping the taxi driver by the hand she dragged him
towards the door.

Once in the taxi Penny told Roy to get her to the Station as fast as
he could. It was now nearly 11 a.m. so she only had nine hours in
to complete her tasks. Roy responded by flooring the accelerator pedal
and the old bomber shot forward and within a few minutes Penny was
alighting at the entrance to North Station. Standing there on the
concourse she considered how easy it would be to just hop on a Train
and run back to London, but then she steeled herself and checked out
the men on duty. Ignoring the younger ones she selected a middle aged
myopic looking fellow and began to give him the eye. He ogled her ,
then pretended he couldn't see her. Penny desperate to get things
moving brazenly positioned herself so that only he could see her and
lifted the hem of her skirt. The poor fellows eyes nearly popped out
of his head, and it looked as though he was going to run  like a
scared rabbit. Quickly Penny moved in close, and rubbing herself up
against him whispered in his ear that she was as horny as hell and if
he liked he could fuck her mouth. his jaw slack the railwayman allowed
himself to be steered toward the toilets and watched by one or two of
the other staff was dragged into the toilets. Penny pushed him against
the wall and unzipped his trousers there inside was the smallest cock
she had ever seen. The poor man was mortified and tried to push her
away, but using every wile she had ever learnt Penny placed his hand
on her tits and begged this adonis to let her suck his cock. With
almost awe on his face as probably for the first time in his life a
young girl came on to him the man pushed his tiny cock forward and
Penny fastened her mouth around it. Licking and sucking she groaned
and whined about his manhood, extolling its proportions. The man
responded by grunting and pushing his crotch forwards into her face
whilst reaching down and grabbing her tits. Penny felt the man reach
inside her blouse and under her bra cups to grab her tits and then he
squeezed, not the gentle squeeze of a lover, but the pain giving
squeeze of a frustrated pervert, Penny gasped and tried to pull away,
but the ticket collector now that he was aroused had no intention of
relinquishing his fun. Gripping her tits tight he started to hump her
face shouting at Penny so loud that she thought everyone in the
station would hear. "Slut, bitch, I'll teach you to fuck with me.
Tease me will you, you little slut. I'm going to fill your face full
of spunk then let's see if you tease men anymore." Penny was gagging
from the force of his assault, but he wouldn't stop, with increasing
fury his tiny cock was pounding into her face she could feel his
pre-cum making it slick and prayed that he would soon finish and leave
her with her prize.

Just then the door opened and two more railwaymen entered. "Put the
sign  up" one growled and Penny heard the sound of the bolt being
slammed across and realised that she was about to be seen to by at
least three men. The one that had growled lifted her skirt. "Fuck look
at the bitch, she ain't wearing any frigging knickers." and without
further preamble he heaved Penny to her feet. Still impaled on the
first mans cock which continued to plunder her mouth she felt the
second's cock slam against her cunt, with a grunt he was inside her
shafting her as deep as he could go. Luckily for Penny the effect of
the cream applied by Gwen earlier was still working and although he
hurt her it wasn't unbearable. Her cunt fastened round his cock like a
steel glove and it was only a few seconds before he grunted his
release and she felt his cock pumping its sperm into her nice clean
cunt. immediately the other man replaced him and whilst the man she
had intended to seduce raped her face the third man was shagging her
slippery cunt. Suddenly she felt both cocks jerk and jism filled her
at both ends. The man behind her stepped back but the man that had so
brutally raped her face pulled her up until she was standing in front
of him. He spat at her and she felt his spittle dribbling down her
chin "you fucking cock teasing bitch. Get out of here before I call
the Police" to the sound of the three men's laughter Penny fled and to
the ribald hoots of a least six other workers and the disgusted stares
of a number of women on the concourse as she staggered as fast as she
could on the six inch heels back to Roy.
Gasping fore breath she told Roy to hurry on to the next place, and
immediately he roared away from the station and headed for the
Pleasure Beach. during the ten minutes the journey took Penny cleaned
herself up and redid her make up. The fact that she had to seduce a
set person meant that she would have to work especially hard. She
couldn't afford to lose a challenge this early in the race especially
as it reduced her chances of completion by almost a sixth.
Once at the pleasure Beach, Roy, darling that he was, told Penny that
he was single he could be her conquest, but Penny having found out
that morning how pervasive the Master's reach was thought it wouldn't
work, and told Roy to pick the first unattended man that went past. He
pointed to a youth about eighteen and Penny rigid from anticipation
waited for the next two single men. In groups and with girlfriends
they passed her then around the corner stepped a gorgeous man. Penny
groaned inwardly, why couldn't he have been the third. Again she
waited and then around the corner appeared another single man. In an
instant she knew that she had little chance, the man was obviously as
bent as a nine bob note. Closer he came, ignoring Penny, only
following other men with his eyes. As he went to walk past her Penny
pretended to trip on her heels, and fell into his arms. It was obvious
that he was embarrassed, and it gave Penny  her chance, summing up
that he was weak and spineless She snapped "How dare You!!".
The young man stared around in consternation, as Penny grasping the
upper hand sternly berated him " How dare You, young man. Clutching at
me like that. Who do You think you are!!." totally thrown by the turn
of events he tried to pull away, but Penny clutching his arm let her
body collapse into him, unable to prevent himself he had to catch her
or let her fall to the floor, and with everyone around watching him he
didn't want to do that. "Take me over there" hissed Penny, and the
bemused and befuddled youth responded. She led him down the side of
the fun house and turned to press him back against a wall. "Listen to
me you little shit" She snapped, "either do as I say or I'll scream
rape, and they'll have you inside so fast your fairy ass will be
battered by the big boy's before you can cry mommy"
"What do you want?" his tremulous voice giving some indication of his
fear, "I'll give you all my money. Look I've got about a hundred -
take it".
"I don't want your fucking money you queer" spat Penny "I want your
cock, and I'm going to have it. now drop your pants or I scream"
With terrified haste he tore his zip down and dropped his pants around
his knees. without further preamble Penny ignoring her usual wiles of
flashing tits and bum at a man to get him hard, pumped at his limp
dick. The terrified man's willy stayed as limp as the day it was born.
In desperation Penny slapped it and felt it jerk in her hand. suddenly
it dawned on her that this guy was a total sub. so she pushed him to
the floor and straddling his face snarled disgusting taunts at the
shaking boy. "You little queer, I'm going to bite your cock off and
they'll call you Bobbit. I'm going to piss in your face and make you
drink it. Then I'll sit on your face and make you eat my cum juice
whilst photographing it. then the photographs will be sent to your
homo friends and they'll know that your just a big sissy". Each insult
had the effect of making the blubbering boys cock harder until  Penny
knew she could mount it. to keep it hard she resolved to keep
insulting the boy. It was so obvious that he was so subservient and
masochistic that this was how he got his kicks. so turning to squat
above his now rigid member Penny spat on his face and snarled at the
cowering youth. " You fucking Pansy, I'm going to rape you little
cock, and when I've finished I'm going to chop it of and stick it in
your fucking mouth!"
Slapping his face she rode his cock jamming her cunt cruelly down onto
the sobbing boy, grinding her fanny around and around until she
thought his cock might be broken from the mauling she was giving it.
but surprisingly it was obviously the sort of attack the young
homosexual craved his hips responded and his face flushed as his cock
began to jerk inside her. to speed things up Penny pinched his nipples
making him whimper from the pain and continued her verbal abuse of his
likelihood ever to become a man. finally dropping forward and
releasing her breasts she forced then into his mouth and told him to
suck like the baby he was. It was the trigger, suckling her tits he
wailed and ga-ga'd like a baby and she felt his cock sputter a few
drops of spunk up her tube. Satisfied that task two had been completed
Penny levered herself off the youth now sucking his thumb with a look
of contentment on his face and left him lying curled up in the natal
position in the dusty alleyway and returned to Roy.

As they returned to the taxi Roy expressed his total disbelief at what
he had just witnessed, he had never seen a man raped before and hadn't
considered it possible, but now he had to believe that Penny was
capable of anything. Any woman that could make a confirmed homosexual
fuck her had to be pretty much capable of anything. "You better
believe it" sobbed Penny as the enormity of what she had done came
home to her, "I've never done anything so beastly to anyone before,
but I'll not be fucked to death in Fleetwood for lack of trying. I'm
only glad that no else saw what I had to do"
Mutely Roy turned her round and pointed at the security camera
fastened high on the wall it was following their every move. Mortified
Penny began to shake, and tears coursed down her cheeks as she
realised the Master was manipulating her for his own ends and that he
probably had a film of her raping the youth, and could show it to
anyone he liked. She would be terrified for the rest of her life that
someone might see it and recognise her.

Back a the taxi Roy took the list and checked the next destination,
realising that Penny was in no state to manage the third task at the
moment he decided that option five seemed the most probable and slowly
drove towards central Car Park. By the time they had arrived Penny had
managed to regain her composure and thanked Roy for his quick wits in
choosing this task. Leaving the taxi she strolled towards the site's
safety fence.

Eventually a workman strolled into view and Penny, before he saw her,
prepared for action. She leant back against the fence letting the
weldmesh bite into the short skirt, and waited. Suddenly she sensed
him moving up behind her, and had the graciousness to act really
surprised as she felt his hand tap her ass. spinning round with an
exclamation she found herself looking into a pair of steel blue eyes.
The contractor looked her up and down, taking in the thrust of her
breasts, and the way the skirt was clinging to her thighs outlining
the straps of her suspenders and he whistled, a low wolf whistle that
sent shivers down Penny's spine. "Well lady, what is a nice girl like
you doing round this rough neighbourhood?" His question was loaded
with sarcasm and Penny thought he was suggesting she was a prostitute,
nearly lost her temper, but containing herself she smiled at him and
responded with a wiggle of her hips as she smoothed the skirt down. "I
was just wondering how quiet it must be up there on top of the Car
Park, now that it is all closed off. Could little old me go up and
have a look from the top?"
The man looked at her as she let her tongue walk around her mouth and
smiled salaciously up at his face nearly a foot above her own. He
stepped closer and leaning against the fence stated "No-one, but
No-one is going up there. It is too dangerous." Penny too leant
forward and let her body rest against his through the fence, she could
feel her nipples pressing into his chest as she huskily  mooted "But
living dangerously is so much fun, isn't it. I bet a big chap like you
knows the thrill it can give someone living dangerously" His eyes
never left hers as he stood and reaching through the fence caught here
around the waist and pulled her towards him. "How dangerous you want
lady." His intentions clear it was now time for Penny to play her
final card. "Dangerous enough for four" and she winked. The giant
muscle clad man grinned let his hand stray up her thigh lifting the
skirt until he felt the gap above her stockings and he squeezed the
flesh of her upper thigh. Penny responded by loosing a little groan
and thrusting her hips towards the fence. "Come on Big boy, surely
you've a brother or two that fancies a good time high in the open air,
but it's got to be three of you. I'm not climbing all the way up there
unless I can be filled up right."
The man grunted his assent and signalled Penny to move towards the
compound gate. Penny her hips swaying and her tits bouncing as she
tripped along on her high heels teased the giant as he let her in. "I
mean it," she said "there must be three of you I want to feel three
big cocks filling me at the same time, whilst standing on top of the
Car Park for the last time.
"Fuck me, you randy bitch. won't I do. If I tell the others they'll
all want to come, and even two of us shagging up there could bring the
building down."
Penny turned as if to leave, and over her shoulder gave her parting
shot "If you haven't got the guts. you shou...." Her voice trailed of
as he spun her round and with a flick of his wrist hoisted her over
his shoulder in a fireman's lift. "No you don't girlie, three you want
three you'll get" and he marched purposefully towards the shuttered of
building. Climbing the stairs three at a time he finally entered the
first floor. There were three other men there, two of them were
Negroes and he simply said "Follow me."
Grinning from ear to ear the two men left their companion and began to
follow him up the stairs. Penny still slung over her captors shoulder
could see the Negroes grinning at her, and as they walked both men
unzipped their trousers and exposed their cocks. (This was obviously a
scenario the men had played out before) Penny couldn't believe what
she was seeing, both men's cocks were at least ten inches long and
glistened in the dappled light penetrating the grimy stairwells. The
purple heads of their circumcised manhood bouncing up and down as they
walked. Each slowly rubbed their cocks causing them to stiffen and
Penny felt the menace of their well muscled movements and realised
that no matter what she wanted they intended to use her body any way
they wanted.
The man carrying her hadn't even begun to pant when they finally
passed through the last doorway and stood on top of the roof. Penny
could feel the Sea breezes blowing, and heard the waves pounding upon
the shore, when her attention was drawn to another sound, as the man
that carried her so effortlessly up the stairwell placed her standing
on the ground she turned and gasped. There standing watching the
spectacle stood at least twenty workmen their faces leering at the
single sexily dressed woman as she was propelled forwards into the
rough circle they had formed. Penny stared, and slowly rotated until
she was facing the man who had let her into the compound. "Like living
dangerously, do we bitch" he said "Well now you can. Harry make with
the music", and across the concrete sea wailed the sound of Radio Wave
as he flicked the switch on a transistor radio.
"Now then" growled Penny's captor "let's see you give us a show. you
stuck up bitch. coming down here for a bit of rough. Trying to seduce
a man who's cock has fucked more posh tarts than you've had hot
dinners." To the laughter of the rowdy crowd Penny was pushed from
pillar to post, rough hands grabbing at her as she was spun endlessly
around until with a jolt she was in front of the man again. Her hair
had been mussed up and her blouse opened by the groping hands, but
otherwise she was untouched. Looking down at her heaving chest the man
licked his lips, and informed Penny that she would give his mates a
sex show the like of which she had never imagined, and that if she
worked well she might escape with her pussy still in one piece, but she
better be prepared to act good because he couldn't control them all if
she disappointed them. Penny stared around a the grinning crowd, and
noticed there was a bulge in every trouser when the man spoke again.
"Harry turn of that crap, and give the lady some real music to work
too" The unseen Harry stopped the radio's noise and Penny heard him
inserting a tape into the machine, before the strains of 'The stripper'
wafted across the roof.
"Come on slut, DANCE", and slapping her the man sent her spinning to
the floor. to cheers from the crowd he grabbed a handful of Penny's
hair and lifted her upright, afraid of being gang raped by them all
Penny began to dance, her feet moving in time to the music she began
to unbutton her blouse. The men started to clap the rhythm, and Penny
forced to comply slipped her blouse from her body. It immediately
disappeared and a murmur went up from the assembled crowd "Get 'em off,
Get 'em off"
Next the skirt fell and a great cheer erupted as the gang saw she was
wearing no knickers. Penny started to remove a stocking, but a rough
voice shouted "Keep 'em on" and she switched her attention to her bra.
Dressed only in suspender and stocking now her shoes long ago kicked
of and forgotten she was propelled around the circle again, rough
hands grasping at her tits and ass, some trying to thrust themselves
between her legs until suddenly she was hoisted like a ballet dancer
high into the air. Arched over the hands holding her suspended she was
spun round, every man reached forward and poked a gnarled and work
roughened finger into her cunt, before eventually her legs were
grabbed and she felt a man drew her cunt towards his face, covered in
two days growth of beard. To roars of approval from the crowd he
buried his face between her legs, his beard scratching the soft tops
of her inner thighs, and sucked on her fanny. Gasping for breath as
she was turned slowly still suspended far into the air Penny her head
dangling as if over the side of a bed was french kissed by every man
in the circle. Their tongues driving between her lips and deep towards
her throat. Each one would fasten his smelly mouth over hers and
whilst mauling her tits high above him he would dribble spittle into
her whilst his tongue was busy trying to remove her tonsils. Her back
was beginning to hurt from being held so long curved over just a pair
of strong hands, she could feel red rashes forming at the top of her
legs where the beard was scratching at her thighs, and her mouth was
beginning to feel like a sewer lining as the beer and fag polluted
tongues cleaned themselves inside it. Unable to scream Penny felt
herself begin to shake as another tongue drove deep into her, and
another pair of hands fastened themselves on her tits and squeezed.
Dangling there above their heads Penny was being sucked off and her
tits were being mauled. knowing how many filthy bastards were getting
to fuck her terrified Penny but she couldn't prevent the feelings
beginning to course through her body as the first few dribbles of her
cunt juice began to trickle into the fanny licker's face. When she saw
the two Negroes, waiting at the back of the crowd their lewd stares
shocked her but what was throbbing between their legs terrified her.
Cocks swollen and turgid from watching her perform they were gently
wanking on rods the size of the cucumber she had watched Gwen absorb
earlier, but Penny knew she wasn't as large as the old woman and knew
that if they entered her together she would almost certainly be
seriously hurt. She began to struggle prepared to do anything to
prevent those two monsters filling her a the same time when the hands
holding her high were finally weakened , and Penny felt herself being
rolled until her body was vertical her head pointing down towards the
floor. Lowering her until she was level with his Zip her captor told
everyone to stand back and watch as the cunt sucked him off upside
down. "open my Zip bitch" he ordered and Penny unable to do otherwise
released his straining cock. As it sprang forth he thrust it at her
mouth banging it against her lips. "Suck it you fucking slut. give me
some head"
as Penny's mouth opened and the head of his cock was forced inside she
felt fingers running over her ass, and then hands were pulling her ass
cheeks apart. A finger wormed its way into her tight little hole and
as her face was being fucked by the cock driving into her from the
front her ass was reamed by someone's index finger.
Unable, in the position she was in to take the cock into her throat
she could feel it banging at the top of her mouth, until suddenly a
voice, cutting through the cheering, and filthy remarks, echoed across
the raging crowd of men.
"What's going on here" the voice rumbled and Penny was dropped like a
hot potato. Lying on the floor she looked up to see a man even bigger
than those surrounding her, and as they stepped back he moved forward
to stand by her side.
"But boss she wanted it. She asked to come up here and to be fucked
by three men all at the same time. It's not my fault the bitch is a
horny cunt looking for a bit of rough" The man's gabbling explanation
was cut off in mid sentence. "Quiet", and turning to Penny the man
asked "Is this true?". Mutely Penny nodded her head, and the man
looking down at her smiled. A nice smile, but one that spoke volumes.
"Very well then the lady will get her wish. Toby, Samuel you stay
here. The rest of you get back to work or I'm cracking skulls. NOW
The crowd melted away until just the newcomer and the two negroes
stood before Penny. Alright lady if a triple is what you want a triple
you will get, and he hefted Penny to her feet and marched her towards
a saw bench stood in the middle of the roof. holding her casually with
one hand he asked "Toby, Samuel any preferences?". "No Sir", "No Boss"
the two men replied and Penny hoping to prevent the two negroes from
plundering her Ass and cunt at he same time with their monster cocks
muttered I've never sucked off a black man.
"Alright then" the leader whispered "Toby, you fuck the ladies mouth,
and don't choke her with you dong. Samuel after I'm in her cunt you
can shag her Ass, and the same goes for you you fucking stallion cock.
I want her gagging and pleading, not getting torn apart"
The two men grinned their understanding as the man stripped of his
shirt and Penny gazed in awe at a torso that would have made Arnold
Swartzenegger proud. Unzipping his trouser the man presented his still
soft cock to Penny, and she took it willingly into her mouth feeling
it expand inside until the bulbous head was forcing her jaws apart,
unable to accept the pure bulk of it any longer she kissed the
gleaming end and without a murmur turned bent over and reaching back
with her hands spread her buttocks wide. "fuck me" muttered the man
"you are a real randy cum slut aren't you" as Penny felt herself being
lifted and then rolled sideways until she was perched prone across his
hip, like a doll Penny lay there her stomach resting against his right
hip and wondered what he intended to do with her in this position.
Toby was holding her upper torso to prevent her toppling forwards and
she could feel Samuel gently holding her feet. As the grinning
blackamoor supported her shoulders with one hand and massaged her
breasts with the other. Penny felt herself being fed forwards until
the massive bulb on the tip of his rod was nudging at the entrance to
her pulsating cunt. Samuel lifted her left leg until it rested on the
man's shoulder and with insistent if gentle pressure he drove his cock
between her sodden lips. Penny gasped as she felt his monster settling
into her, her love tube was being stretched, the shaft of his cock was
thicker than most girls wrists, and the bulb itself reared away from
it's supporting rod like a throbbing tennis ball. Grunting with the
effort she tried to drive herself downwards onto the invading phallus
until she felt the hairs of his lower abdomen pressing against her
clit. still Samuel stood behind her next to the white man and Toby
whilst still supporting her was nibbling on her nipples. Then Samuel
began to lick at her anus and Penny felt a finger slowly force its way
into her Ass. The Negro was preparing the way for his giant cock to
slice her in half. Gasping for breath as she slowly accommodated the
giant if gentle throbbing ball lodged between her thighs Penny knew
that as soon as Samuel began his assault that she would degenerate
into a real gutter slut begging for them to fuck her as hard as they

The sensation of the might ball in her cunt was sending pulses of
electricity coursing through her body and Penny felt herself begin to
moan with lust as the man impaling her began to quicken his strokes.
Penny had never been fucked by a standing man sideways before and the
sensation was completely different to when she had been screwed from
the side on a bed. Now her body weight was sliding the upper wall of
her cunt over the ridges at the  back of his glans and every stroke
was making her gasp and beg for more.
"Oh Yees! fuck me" she moaned as his cock pumped itself deep inside
her she could feel it thumping against the entrance to her womb, and was
glad that at least it wasn't long enough to penetrate as she didn't
think it would ever become unjammed once her cervix had fastened
around its massive bulk. A new sensation began to pervade her
throbbing body. The walls of her anus were stretching and she felt
Samuel's black cock push its way into her shit tube. With a wail of
lust the impaled girl begged him to shaft her, and the Negro responded
by driving his cock deep alongside the monster already embedded in her
cunt. Sobbing with passion Penny felt him move forward and realised
that his cock tip had already travelled further than the other man's,
and she still couldn't sense his body touching her Ass cheeks.
"Boss, I gotta go deeper" groaned the Negro and Penny screamed for him
to fuck her at the top of her voice. At the front Toby's grinning
teeth no longer played with her nipples as he stood, and holding her
head still, pushed her body backwards. She felt the cock in her cunt
flex and the knob pressed against her cervix seemed to jump. Oh fuck
Penny though he's inside, and indeed he was, not only that but she
felt Samuel's cock drive another inch or two up her ass and the black
mans legs slapped against her wobbling behind. Now the two men were
forced to work together rocking her body up and down their cocks as
they gripped her under her thigh and prevented her from falling. Penny
her body flopping about like a rag doll was in heaven. The two cocks
shafting her were running up and down the thin separator between her
two tubes. She could feel them pressing together to stimulate her into
paroxysm's of desire she had never felt before when during one long
scream of pleasure her voice was cut off. Toby had joined in and now
she was being forced to accommodate his big black cock in her mouth
she could see the dark throbbing length of gristle sliding backwards
and forwards between her stretched lips. The red of her lipstick
bright against the ebony of his shaft, and Penny started to come.
again and again her body trembled it way to the heights and even
though choking on Toby's cock she screamed one release only to feel
another climax building inside her when with a shudder she felt the
ball inside her womb explode, filled with a gush of scalding spunk she
felt her anal muscles tighten around Samuel's cock and he responded by
flooding her anus with his seed. Now only Toby was pumping his swollen
member sliding into her throat, her teeth unable to move scrapping up
and down his shaft. Grunting from the exertion the Negro grinned down
at the girl, impaled between them and groaned "I'se a givin da cream
boss." Penny although semi-conscious from her exertions had the
presence of mind to swallow, or she would have drowned as the Negro
stimulated by her mouth beyond his endurance sent what felt like pints
of sperm rolling down her throat. All three spent, they carefully
withdrew from their sex toy, and sending the two Negroes back to work
the man, Penny still didn't know his name helped her dress and
escorted her from the site. Hardly able to keep her cunt lips closed
and her ass cheeks clenched Penny was mortified to hear the men
discussing the great video they had copped of her using the security
cameras, but the Boss reminded them that they belonged to The Master
and Penny knew that once more she had been recorded in another
degrading act. Blushing not only from her exertions, but also from the
shame of knowing that her exploits were always being filmed she
staggered towards the waiting taxi. Roy waited patiently whilst she
gingerly seated herself and then reminded her that she had to keep the
spunk in until she was on 'the leap and faith' and handed two short
stubby dildoes adorned with flanges to plug her aching orifices.
Watched by the gathered men, and horrified by their ribald taunts
Penny carefully inserted the two plugs to keep the spunk swilling
around inside her until she could deposit it in the allotted place.

As he drove her round to the tower Roy explained, in answer to Penny's
question, the 'leap of faith' was a sheet of glass at the top of the
Tower. It was the new craze to stand so far up and step out onto a
sheet of glass, but that for Penny a more embarrassing action he
couldn't imagine as some entrepreneur had hit on the idea of renting
opera glasses out to men on the street below and there were always one
or two staring up at the underside of the glass in the hope of seeing
the flash of a pair of knickers. Penny realised that anyone watching
as she carried out the next task would get a real eyeful, as her skirt
was too short to allow her to push it between her legs and anyway she
would have to reach between her thighs with her legs spread to remove
the two plugs. Mentioning this to Roy he reminded her that she also
had to pee whilst on the glass, and that he knew the Master had
arranged for a camera to be positioned just underneath the glass
because he had been shown various snatches of film when the Master
played nasty by blackmailing girls with unusual knickers by
threatening to expose them to their families. He had gained at least
six new slaves using this method, and of course they never escaped his
clutches as he entrapped them into undertaking filthier and filthier
acts until there was no way they would ever risk being exposed. Penny
sitting in the back of the taxi realised that she too was already past
the point of no return. If ever the films of what she had endured
already were shown she could never face her parents, or her brother

Arriving at the tower, Roy apologised but informed Penny he had to be
one of the crowd watching her from below as he had to report to the
Master immediately if Penny was able to carry out this particular
task.  Entering the opulent Tower Penny drew a few admiring glances from
men, and a few scowls from the women, but her only wish was to get
this over with as soon as possible. She just hoped that there would be
no one near the 'leap of faith' when she got there as knowing that
people were watching her from below would be bad enough, but to piss
in front of anyone at the top of the Tower would be so embarrassing she
thought she might cry.
Leaving the lift at the top of the Tower, Penny was relieved to see
that she was the only person there.  The lift attendant asked if she
wanted him to watch so that he could corroborate she had stepped out
onto the glass void, but penny thanking him explained it was her wish
to do it just for herself and she didn't care if anyone else ever
found out. Listening to the lift travelling back down for another
group of passengers Penny was suddenly afraid there in front of her the
sheet of glass reached out into space, never mind the instructions she
was terrified, no wonder they called it 'the leap of faith' the sheer
thought of stepping out into thin air this high up was making her legs
tremble, but then she thought of the consequences if she should fail
and closing her eyes she pretended she was stood in someone's front
room. Slowly she stepped onto the glass sheet and once her
outstretched hands touched the glass of the front wall she reached
between her legs and tore the two plugs out. As she felt a steady
stream of Spunk dribbling down her inner thighs, Penny was mortified
to hear voices and through a small speaker located above her head she
heard the exclamations from the watchers below as first one and then
another noticed she wasn't wearing any knickers. Then the spunk slowly
moving down from the depths of her womb, found the entrance to her
fanny and in small globules dripped onto the glass sheet. Penny
cringed as she heard a voice from below "shitting hell, look, that
fucking bitch in red is dropping spunk" voice after voice joined the
babble leaving the speaker as Penny so ashamed of the spectacle she
was making of herself began to shudder, tears welled in her eyes and
her body was wracked with sobs of despair. Her shaking body was
causing more and more spunk to be expelled, and someone below had
noticed the spillage from her Ass. The comments got coarser and more
lewd with each second as Penny stood mortified, pressed against the
glass. Trying to put the comments from her mind she prayed for the
piss that would let her escape, but it wouldn't come and minute after
minute Penny stood knowing the gathering crowd below was staring up at
her dripping cunt and ass. Then it happened, she heard the sound of
the lift climbing its weary way back to the platform and the mind
numbing fear that she would be seen by the entering crowd forced
Penny's bladder to constrict. As the lift stopped she broke into full
stream, water gushing from between her legs to puddle on the glass
floor obscuring the view for the group staring upwards from below.
unable to move Penny watched as the lift doors opened, and out stepped
the attendant. The old man was across to Penny in a flash, and taking
her hand he solicitously led her from her degradation. Unaware of what
had happened the man thought Penny had frozen with fear and promised
to keep the glass off line until he had cleaned it up. Taking the
shaking girl down into the service basement he waited as she cleaned
herself up then took her to the staff entrance and watched bemused at
the folly of some women as she bolted across the road onto the first
sanctuary she could see. Terrified that the group still stood at the
base of the Tower discussing the sight they had just seen, might see
her distinctive clothes She just wanted to escape, and the tram
standing at the stop opposite was an expedient way out. Climbing the
stairs she suddenly realised that this was the one tram she didn't
want to be on at this moment. It was the open topped tourist tram.
Penny moved to the front and crouched down in the seat just as the
tram rumbled to a stop right opposite the tower. Penny saw Roy looking
about for her and signalled to him. Immediately understanding her
situation the old man darted off to fetch his taxi, and as the tram
rumbled away again Penny waited for the taxi to catch up so that she
could have a breather. But today was not Penny's lucky day, another
man had seen her signal, and had darted across the road and boarded
the tram just before it left. Climbing the stairs he quietly moved up
behind Penny as she crouched in her seat. The first she knew about it
was when heavy hands fell upon her shoulder, and a deep voice intoned
" for behaviour likely to incur a breach of the Peace" Penny spun
round, there stood behind her was a policeman, now it was all over she
was about to be arrested. Gabbling from fear she begged him not to
arrest her, she would do anything for him as long a she let her go.
The constable looked at the slut he had just observed peeing in the
Tower, and having heard the discussion going on from the men grouped
staring up he knew she was a shag happy bitch, but my god she looked
sexy in that red skirt and nearly see through blouse. with a wicked
grin he sat down next to Penny. "Anything, you'll do anything?"
"Yes, yes" Penny gabbled aware only of the thought that if she didn't
she would be arrested, and then it would be Fleetwood for her. Tearing
her blouse open she offered her tits to the copper, but he only
laughed and spun her round, then taking his truncheon from its sheath
he inserted it into her sloppy cunt and waggled it about. The cold
plastic made Penny squeal, but his next action made her shriek. He
drove the implement hard up her fanny and she felt the hand grip lodge
between the lips of her cunt and the constable with a cruel
gleefulness informed her that his cock was waiting, that she should
sit down. My god he was going to fuck her ass, with his truncheon
forced up her cunt. Penny felt him grip her hips and she was levered
backwards down onto his waiting cock. Painful as its entry was it was
nothing compared to the effect of having both his cock and truncheon
forced inside her. The truncheon wouldn't flex and she felt it tipping
and prodding deep towards her belly. The coppers cock was embedded
deep in her ass and he reached round tearing her bra from her tits and
cruelly began to grip them, his large hands circling each tit and
forcing them straight out from her body like two taut cone. his
fingers met around the base of each tit and Penny felt her aureoles
and nipples stretch out as blood was prevented from leaving her
constricted breast. The pain was awful as using these cruel handgrips
he was raising and lowering Penny onto the two impaling articles by
the simple expedient of yanking her tits up and down. The pain was
intolerable, but Penny's screams were lost in the roar of the wind and
the rumbling of the tram as it travelled along the prom. People turned
to watch as it passed, all they could see was Penny apparently naked
on top of the tourist bus. Unaware of her predicament they laughed and
shouted abuse towards the sexy girl so shamelessly exposing herself,
and then turned and carried on their way.
Meanwhile the rapist sat underneath Penny had moved his hands to her
hips and was lifting her bodily up from his cock before smashing her
down again. She could feel his cock smashing against the truncheon
with only the thin membrane separating them. eventually her abuser
tired of banging his cock against the plastic stick and withdrawing it
from her cunt told her to lick it clean. The taste of the spunk still
embedded in her cunt coursed across her tongue as the sadistic bastard
shafting her Ass reached around and drove all four of his fingers into
her cunt. Writhing in pain from the battering Penny breathless from
being so savagely mauled gasped for release. Her body was weakening
and she was beginning to collapse when with an oath the policeman
shoved his cock deep for the final time and Penny felt his spunk
shooting deep into her Ass. rolling her from him and onto the floor he
forced his cock covered in the taste of her own anus between her lips
and with a final grunt of sadistic satisfaction he let loose a stream
of piss. Unable to prevent it Penny felt the acrid water spilling down
her chest over her boobs before finally soaking the now torn and
stained skirt. With one last disdainful look the brutal rapist
fastened his trouser, reclaimed his helmet from the seat behind and
jamming it on his head informed Penny that if he saw her again
in Blackpool after today he would arrest her as a common prostitute.
Leaving her shattered and pummelled body he marched down the tram and
disembarked at the next stop.
It was another two miles before Roy found Penny and helped her
battered body from the tram. Ignoring the conductors entreaties that
they report the matter to the police he helped her into his waiting
taxi, and sped off back to Sandra's house where Penny told Sandra
about the sadistic copper and tried to clean herself up. So solicitous
during the recounting of her tale Sandra suddenly started to giggle.
Penny outraged at the girls apparent lack of compassion glowered at
her until Sandra explained. She had just realised that although brutal
the policeman's rape had in effect covered one of Penny's tasks and
now she was ten points closer to her goal. Penny incomprehension
leaving her face also began to smile, and checking the list read out
carefully task number eight  "On the open topped tram to stand at the
front topless whilst travelling up the prom, whilst being Ass fucked."
with a giggle of glee Penny began to count up her points. 10 for the
tram, 10 for 'the leap of faith', 10 for the fun house, 10 for the Car
Park and 10 for the Train Station.
Could she possibly manage the rest? Looking at Roy she asked what was
the chance of having a quiet time being licked out in Yates's. The old
man grinned and said "With the wino's that go in there you'll have no
trouble, just buy a bottle of wine and trickle it over your fanny.
They'll not even notice where they are getting it from.

Finishing her coffee that Sandra had prepared on their arrival Penny
stretched her battered body and declared herself ready to continue,
with only three more tasks to complete to pass the test she was ready
for anything. Gingerly as her body, especially her battered anus,
ached all over, she mounted the stairs and changed herself into an
outfit identical to the one she had worn earlier, except that this
time the skirt and accoutrements were black and the blouse was snow
white. appearing back downstairs after freshening up her face and hair
she asked Roy just how long they had to complete the tasks. Roy looked
at his watch and groaned "It's six thirty so you've only got three and
a half hours left."

"Come on then" Penny whispered "Let's go get busy" and together she
and Roy left. Sandra left sitting at her table reached for the
telephone and as instructed passed on everything she had heard to the
Master. With grim satisfaction she heard the Master instruct one of
his henchmen to find out which constable would have been on the beat
that day, and she knew that the town would have either one policeman
less, or at least one that had been punished for his abuse of Penny.

While Sandra was making her telephone call, Roy and Penny had driven
down into town. Parking his taxi Roy was showing Penny where Yates's
was. As they moved through the town the Old man visibly glowed as they
heard the muttered comments from youths as they walked by. Most of
them were about the gorgeous daughter the old man had although a few
reckoned he was just a rich pervert, and that she must be a gold
digging slut. Neither of them seemed to mind, and eventually Penny
slipping her arm through Roy's added fuel to the discussions by
leaning sexily against the old man. "Stop it he whispered, you'll give
me a hard on."
"Never mind replied Penny it doesn't say in the rules that I can't
give you a treat for being nice to me. In fact if I make the score
tonight I'm going to ask Sandra if she will help me treat you to a
lovely night-cap"
His face red from the thought of both the beautiful girls being nice
to him Roy opened the door of Yates's and ushered Penny inside. It
didn't take them long to find what they were looking for, an old wino,
smelling of cheap booze and lack of soap was hunkered down in a
corner, his rheumy eyes flicking this way and that in the faint hope
that someone if only to watch him fall over into oblivion would buy
him a drink. When Penny stood in front of him and obscured his view of
the bar he tried to move his head to one side to see round her, and
when Penny again interposed her young body he looked up irritated. His
lust for sex having disappeared nearly twenty years before in the bottom
of a bottle.
Penny showed him the bottle she had in her hand, and his shaking hand
tried to reach out and grab it, but she pushed his hand away. Whining
the old sot begged for "Just one drop" and Penny hitching her ass up
onto the table pulled up her skirt, and spread her legs. With no sign
of comprehension the drunk stared at the tops of Penny's legs but he
was watching the bottle, as she slowly unscrewed the metal cap on the
cheap wine his rough tongue licked at cracked lips.
Slowly Penny dribbled the first few drops of cold liquid onto her
gaping cunt, immediately the man leant forward and with a sigh of
gratitude slurped at the wine trickling across her slit. Penny
shuddered as his rough tongue lashed across her lips, and waited for
him to lick again. But the supply of all he was interested in had
dried up, the sot sat back and stared up at her. "Granddad, you lick
my cunt until I'm gasping for breath, and climax, and I'll buy you two
bottles Penny promised, but the old man just watched the bottle. It
was as if he didn't even know the words she was saying. With a sigh
Penny dribbled more of the wine into her crack and immediately his
tongue and mouth fastened upon her waiting twat, with a groan she
pushed her cunt forwards and watched as the dirty old tramp suckled
her fanny trying to remove every last drop of the liquid he desired so
much. Penny looked at Roy and calling him over suggested that if she
lay further back he might be able to keep a steady stream of the blood
red concoction running over her lower lips long enough for the drunken
sot to raise her to a climax, although she doubted if it would work as
the very though of him tonguing her was making her sick to her

Roy helped her to lie back, until her body lay across the table, her
head dangling down so that she couldn't see the filthy tramp, then Roy
went to work. Opening Penny's cunt he let the tramp see him dribble
about half a glass full into her cunt, then he let the man come
forward. Probing at Penny's cunt with his tongue the man began to suck
deeply trying to suck the life giving liquid into his mouth, Roy
dribbled more wine across Penny's clit. The cold wine making her jump,
but the man's cracked lips fastened over her love button and she felt
the familiar stirrings as his attempts to reach his salvation, started
Penny towards hers.

Each little dribble of wine produced a fresh burst of activity as the
sot probed, sucked and slurped to obtain every last drop. The sound of
his slurping was echoing round the dark bar eventually attracting the
attention of a youth sitting on his own at the far end. Moving closer
he could make out the shape of something on the table and someone
slurping away at it like there was no tomorrow, as his eyes grew
accustomed to the darkness he finally made out the shape of a woman's
head, tilted back over the table edge her eyes tight shut but her
mouth hanging slack as she moulded and squeezed her own tits. Between
her legs an old drunk was licking his dinner from her cunt as another
old man dribbled cheap wine across her tender lips. The young man's
cock grew hard in his trousers as he watched the debauchery going on
before him and edging closer he freed his now swollen rod and creeping
as softly as he could, edged closer to the girl. Her breath coming in
short pants now, her tongue rolling round her mouth she had exposed
her breasts and was puling on her nipples and moaning softly. It was
all too much one more step and the youths cock settled at the entrance
to Penny's mouth, her eyes flew open and her lips fastened onto him
like a milking machine sucks in a cows teat. Her arms encircled his
young ass and she pulled him into her swallowing the whole length of
his cock as easily as he could down a pint. At the other end he
watched fascinated as the old man holding the bottle winked at him and
pulled the girls cunt wide exposing the inner sheath and poured even
more wine into the gaping maw of her fanny. The drunk incensed at
seeing so much wine being poured inside her was slobbering his way
towards oblivion as the youth felt Penny tighten beneath him her
nipples now standing straight up quivered on top of her taut tits as
she wrapped her legs around the old man and crushed his face into her
bush. Still licking and trying to get the last drops of wine the old
man ended up drinking a whole lot of cunt juice as well as Penny her
release finally there  came all over the old mans face. Roy passed the
drunk another bottle and Penny tried to rise only to find herself
still pinned to the table with a cock fixed firmly in her throat.
Taking the empty bottle from Roy's hand she inserted the neck into her
cunt and began to frig herself, pushing the bottle deeper and deeper
with each thrust at the same time suckling on the cock now fucking her
face. She could feel the youths cock, long and slender as it plundered
her throat, easing its way past her larynx, and as she finally forced
the bottle deep enough for the shoulder to pass beyond her swollen
outer lips the youth moaning in his release began to twitch and jerk.
Obviously unused to oral sex he flushed a crimson red and tried to
withdraw, but Penny held his ass tight and digging her nails into his
buttocks she pulled him even deeper into her and savoured the lovely
taste of his young spunk as it shot into her throat coating the
surface of the muscular pipe with a creamy saltiness that always drove
her wild. Rising from the spent youth she positioned herself in front
of him and with devilish glee watched his jaw drop slack, and his cock
twitch back to life as she slowly fucked herself on the bottle. Her
cunt had fastened itself firmly around the entire body of the bottle
and every time she settled onto the glass cock inside her, her cunt
was gurgling and squelching. The noises were affecting the youth as he
stood eyes wide watching a woman do something he might only have
dreamed of and as Penny came again she felt her juices running into
the bottle mixing with the little wine left there. The youth
mesmerised by what he had seen stood immobile as Penny lifted the
bottle to his lips and watched him drain every last drop of the cunt
juice and wine cocktail. As he sipped the potent drink his cock
twitched with a life of its own and spasming wildly deposited the
youths second cum of the night across the top of the table so recently
covered by Penny.
Smiling sweetly she kissed him full on the mouth, leaving some of his
own spunk there and then lightly kissing his still twitching cock she
headed for the door. The youth still standing there gawping a the mess
he had made was heard to mutter "Shit" as a blousey big titted barmaid
seized her chance and grabbing his cock in her ham like hand dragged
him of into the back of the bar to atone for messing up her tables.

Laughing and joking as they passed along the street Penny mentioned to
Roy that she loved giving a man a taste of his own spunk. to which the
old man replied "I'd rather taste pussy thank you very much, spunk is
much too salty". Leaving the taxi where Roy had parked it, they walked
down to Woolworth's Roy reminding Penny that if they didn't get a move
on this task would be foiled by closing time. Once inside Roy showed
her where the toilets were by the cafe and then retired to a table
with a pot of tea and waited for Penny to make her move. As each
couple entered Penny gauged the chance of getting the male away from
the female, and was about to give up hope when she saw them. In fact
they had seen her first. The woman dressed severely in a grey suit was
attended by a mousy little man who literally trotted behind her. As
the woman came closer Penny could see that she was watching her with
piercing grey eyes and as she passed she stared right into Penny's
face and licked her lips. Seating herself at a table she imperiously
ordered the man to fetch her a cappuccino and as he rushed to comply
she turned once again and stared at Penny. Penny lifted her skirt and
the woman's eyes flashed. She began to rise but Penny pantomimed the
act of giving oral to a cock and pointed towards the little man busy
at the counter before making another sign which puzzled Roy but
brought a smile to the woman's face. Penny then turned and moved
towards the toilets, and Roy guessing that he might miss something
bolted after her. He arrived just in time to see her opening the door
to the Gents, signalling Roy into a cubicle she hastily moved until
she was positioned behind the door. They didn't have long to wait before
they heard the woman order her consort to fetch her some tissue as the
cappuccino had smudged her lipstick, and that she would wait at the
table, and the door opened.

The little man entered the toilet and began to remove a paper towel
from the rack when Penny moved directly behind him and in a sluts
drone drawled "Well helloooo big boy." The mousy little man looked
terrified and tried to push his way passed Penny but she shoved him
back until he was stood firmly against the wall. He looked as if he
was going to burst into tears as Penny nonchalantly reached down and
unzipped his fly. He did whimper when she reached inside and gripped
his balls, and told him "I'm going to suck your cock, baby. Then I'm
going to take you back to mommy you naughty boy"
"No, no" he whispered "She'll kill me, please don't, let me go, she's
cruel"  "Sorry lover" quipped Penny "I promised myself I'd fill her
mouth with
you spunk, and watch it dribble down her throat"
The man went white, and tried to pull away but Penny crouching before
him had his balls gripped tight in her hand, and as he moved she
tugged and he froze. It was obvious that he was used to doing as he
was told, and even the thought of what might happen to him afterwards
he couldn't overcome his reluctance to disobey. Penny expertly wanking
his cock to attention, and rolling his balls between her fingers
continued to tell him how she was going to lead him back into the full
lights of the cafe, and kiss his mistress, flooding her mouth with his
spunk, and wouldn't that be fun when she got him home. If he was lucky
she might let him sleep in the dog's basket, but then again maybe a
worm like him should be out in the garden, perhaps she might suggest
it. Her words of abasement were having their effect the man groaned
and his head fell to his chest and in a little boy's voice he begged
"Please nursey, teach Geoffrey to be good, Smack Geoffrey's bottom for
dirtying his sheets."
Penny laughed out loud at the subserviant's antics as he begged and
pleaded with her to punish him for having dirty thoughts, and
suggesting that "Mommy would be very cross, and would spank him,
especially if nursey didn't chastise him for having dirty thoughts"
In a firm voice Penny, playing to his fetish, enquired "what dirty
thoughts you RUDE BOY" simpering the man told her he imagined her in
her knickers after he'd seen them on the washing line., and Penny now
positioned directly in front of his six inch cock lifted her skirt and
made him look at her. Literally ordered to lift his eyes the man took
one look and with a wail of despair, and an impassioned plea for
chastisement he came. Expertly Penny milked every drop of his spunk
into her mouth and closing her mouth but not swallowing she grabbed
his penis and clutching it tight she led him back towards the main
body of the shop. Through the door of the toilet she marched, the
little man trotting behind her, her high heels clicking on the floor.
the blubbering man simpering in her wake she walked right up to the
waiting dominatrix, and tipping the woman's flawless face up she
opened her mouth and allowed spunk to begin to dribble down into the
woman's waiting mouth. The man giving a wail of despair dropped to the
floor and grovelled around his mistresses feet kissing her shoes and
allowing her to stand on his hands with her high heels whilst above
him Penny locked lips with the beautiful woman and french kissed all
of Geoffrey's spunk into her mouth.
Watching the grovelling man Penny leant over and whispered something
to the dominatrix, who smiled sweetly and rising, ordered her sub to
follow them. Roy signalled by Penny to stay back watched and wondered
as they moved out of the store and headed for the Hounds Hill Car
Park. Suddenly Roy clicked Penny, had suggested the lift to the
dominatrix and she had agreed. Roy wondered though how Penny was going
to manage to persuade the imperious woman to disrobe, and how on earth
she would get another erection out of the simpering man.
Although he didn't know it Roy's thoughts were prophetic. Penny moving
towards the lifts knew she only needed another five points to meet her
quota. All she had to do was service the imperious dominatrix and her
cringing slave in the lift to finish her tasks, then she would no
longer have to fear the docks at Fleetwood and the thought of being
raped mercilessly, possibly to death by the Russian's. This was going
to be a cinch. She knew Roy would bribe the attendant to stop the lift
so that they wouldn't be disturbed, and she was sure that she could
easily cajole the woman walking with such poise beside her to allow
her to worship her cunt with her tongue, the simpering fool might take
a little longer but she had a few tricks up her sleeve to bring his
little prick up to steam again. Roy had made it clear that once the
lift had stopped he would make the attendant turn of the monitor until
she sounded the alarm bell, but that the tapes would still be running
and the Master would have a record of this task as he had of all the
others. Penny was beginning to wonder just how powerful this man was,
he seemed to be able to arrange to photograph her anywhere.

Finally reaching the lift the dominatrix prodded her slave forward to
summon the gleaming metal cage, and as he grovelled by the door she
let him lick her shoes until the leather shone with his spittle. With
a grinding of gears the lift arrived and Penny waited until the woman
had entered then moved into the lift herself. Behind her she could
hear the man muttering to himself as he crouched in the far corner.
Pressing the button for the top floor Penny waited for the doors to
shut then turned and pressed her body against the haughty woman.
Their lips met and whilst the lift trundled upwards their tongues
explored each others mouths, their hands wandering over each others
bodies as they felt for the spots that would increase their pleasure.
Cocky with the ease of her conquest Penny undid the buttons on the
front of the grey suit and slid them over the gleaming white of the
pressed blouse. Just then the lift shuddered to a stop and Penny now
sure that they wouldn't be disturbed, as she now had faith that Roy
had carried out his plan began to undo the buttons down the front of
the woman's blouse.  Suddenly she felt a stinging slap on the side of
her face, and jolted
backwards she saw the woman's face change. No longer haughty it was
now harsh and cruel. "You little slut, how DARE you touch me.
Geoffrey hold her"  Penny felt her arms pinned from behind as the man
gripped them
tightly, and pulled her backwards against the far wall. His simpering
manner now gone she felt a rock hard cock pressing into her back as
the dominatrix stepped forward and slapped her not once but three or
four times across the face. Each slap was punctuated with a comment
"Gutter slut", "Slimy bitch", "Fucking whore". Penny her head reeling
from the assault lost count of the slaps as the pain in her now bright
red cheeks brought tears to her eyes. Stepping back once more the
woman carefully did the buttons of her blouse back up, then her suit,
looked Penny up and down. After a long perusal of the frightened girl
held captive before her she began to speak in cold measured tones.
"You little slut, first you molest my man, then you have the
effrontery to kiss me in public, and now you try to maul me in this
dirty lift" Her voice beginning to become more strident she explained
to Penny that now it was her turn to degrade the common gutter tramp
before her, and by the time she had finished Penny would know never to
interfere with her little man again. Finishing her tirade she lit a
cigarette and blowing the smoke into Penny's face, laughed as the
young girl coughed. "Oh dear me, is our baby coughing we better give
her a health check." She reached out and tore Penny's blouse wide
open, exposing the black bra, with a grunt of satisfaction the vicious
woman grabbed the flimsy material and Penny felt her breasts
spill out as the material tore. Her whole upper body exposed
she watched helpless as the woman her hands like two eagles claws, the
long fingernails shimmering red in the light of the lift, like talons
grabbed her breasts. Penny screamed, a long drawn out wail of pain as
the woman dug in, her claw like nails digging into the soft flesh.
Eventually she dragged her hands away, each nail leaving a gouge mark
across Penny's breast leading from the base right up to her aureole.
"Lungs good" pronounced the woman, and turning she bent to retrieve
her large bag from the floor. Penny gasped as she turned round and held
the bag open for Penny to see, inside were numerous articles, many of
which she had only seen in books. "First you slut, we need to get
those nipples stretched" intoned the cruel bitch as she produced a
light chain on the ends of which were two slips. "Meet the 'crocs'".
Penny wide eyed could do nothing as each nipple was firmly gripped by
the clips, well named they had small teeth and she could feel them
encircling the base of her nipples. The pain increased as the woman
pressed the clips together and Penny's nipples sticking out from the
encircling rings grew larger than she had ever seen them before. Like
two bright red jalapino peppers they stood out angrily from her
aureoles. "Very nice, but not big enough" commented the woman and began
flicking them with her fingers, each viscous flick bringing a wail
of pain from Penny's lips. "That's it you fuck slut, before I finish
with you, you will beg Mistress for forgiveness. but first Geoffrey
must have his fun "Suckle you pig!!"
Geoffrey forgotten until now except as a restraining force spun Penny
round and crushing her to him took first one nipple then the other
into his mouth. No longer simpering he sucked like a vacuum cleaner, and
when his Mistress still wasn't satisfied and began to whack him across
his ass with a short cane chewed on Penny's aching nipples, all the
time tugging on the chain stretched between them. Unable to prevent
herself Penny began to sob and groan. "Stop, stop PLEASE STOP!!"
the final cry rising to a blood curdling scream as Geoffrey drew blood
with his teeth. "Enough" barked the woman and Geoffrey threw Penny
into the corner of the lift. slamming against the wall she slid down
to the floor and cowered there as the sadistic woman turned to her bag
again and brought forth a length of rope.
 "Up there I think" she gestured towards the overhead light covers
and Geoffrey reached up and punched them free.
Taking the rope he threaded it up through one
opening and down through the other, tugging hard on the ropes he
simpered that he thought it would do.
The haughty woman approached the cowering Penny and standing in front
of her slowly lifted her skirt to display a pair of bright red silk
knickers slipping them down she stepped out of them and then turned
and kicked Penny. "LIE DOWN YOU BITCH" she screamed, and kicked at
Penny again as she scrabbled to obey, finally Penny lay on her back
staring straight up the woman's legs as they straddled her face. "What

do you see, slut" ordered the woman. "A cunt" ventured Penny.
Another kick in the ribs, brought a gasp of pain. "At all times you
will address me as Mistress, you fucking dim witted cretin. What do
you see". "A cunt...Mistress."
Again Penny gasped as another toe met her ribs. "Just a cunt, do you
have no taste". "A lovely cunt, Mistress" Penny was willing to say
anything to stop the sound of shoe leather hitting her flesh.
"That's better. What comes out of cunts you fucker?"
"Piss... Mistress."
The woman hoisted her skirt, spread her cunt lips and Penny prepared
to be soaked closed her eyes. "Open them, or Geoffrey will open them for
you" ordered the woman, and Penny reluctantly opened her eyes and
watched as the towering bitch pissed all over her. Jet after jet of
golden liquid splashed down over Penny's face and breast, then backing
down her body the pissing woman soaked every inch of Penny until she
was lying in a pool of golden water.
Stepping clear, and smoothing her skirt down as if she had just risen
from a chair the woman turned to her man. Geoffrey obviously used to
this sort of scenario was watching with an evil gleam in his eyes.
Seeing his Mistress watching him, he begged to be allowed to piss on
the slut too. "Later, later my little lap dog" she consoled him
"first place the article into position."
Penny still lying on the floor wondered what the article was. She soon
found out. Geoffrey reached down and hauled on the chain attached to
her nipple clips, with another scream of pain Penny was brought
lurching to her feet. holding her arms behind her back Geoffrey tied
her wrists together with one end of the rope then began to haul on the
other. Her arms being hoisted into the air forced Penny to bend at the
waist. She could feel her arms trying to tear themselves out of their
sockets as he kicked first one foot then the other outwards. Penny was
forced to stand her legs spread wide, bent at the waist with her arms
extending nearly vertically upward towards the ceiling, and her head
pointing down towards the floor. "The object has been prepared
Mistress" stated Geoffrey.
"PrePARED!!" Her voice rising to a scream the woman slapped Geoffrey
hard across his face. Falling to his knees the simpering man begged
her forgiveness and asked what was wrong.
"Wrong, WRONG YOU FOOL. I Can't see her face"
Penny felt her hair grabbed and something was being fastened to it,
Suddenly she screamed again as 1,000 needles of pain tore at her
scalp.  Geoffrey had tied a handful of hair with stout cord and was
using it
as a lever to drag her head upwards until she looked forward. Sobbing
from the pain Penny felt him fasten a strap around her waist and tie
the cord to it. Now her head could not fall forward and she was forced
to watch as from her bag of tricks the dominatrix lifted yet more
items. Penny watched unable to move as a leather tawse, followed by
what looked like a cat-of-nine-tails were hefted in turn, and their
weight tested. satisfied that she was ready the dominatrix ordered
Geoffrey to remove his clothes. With indecent haste the subordinate
tore off his clothes and faced the wall exposing his back to his
Mistresses whim.
"Thwack, Thwack, Thwack" Penny watched mesmerised as his back was
criss-crossed with tiny pink lines from the cat. not a single sound
did he make, but Penny could see his buttocks clench and unclench with
each blow. After about twenty lashes the cat was thrown into the
corner and the Mistress still dressed in her business suit turned her
attention to Penny. First she lifted Penny's skirt and began to spank
her ass. Penny moaned as the slaps rained down upon her black
knickers, then the woman ordered Geoffrey to sit between Penny's legs.
Penny couldn't see him, but she could imagine him sitting there
looking up at his mistresses hand as it descended again and again upon
her stinging buttocks. tied as she was all she could do was squirm a
little as she felt the cheeks of her ass begin to throb from the
continual hammering, and she knew her own buttocks were clenching and
unclenching as Geoffrey's had. Suddenly the spanking stopped and
Penny heard Geoffrey being instructed to open wide. Expecting him to
tear her knickers of and spread her cunt, or ass to be violated Penny
was unprepared for what happened next. With an almighty crack the
tawse hit her rump, despite her position she felt herself jump, as a
scream was torn from her lungs. Once, twice the tawse descended, each
blow on top the previous one, and Penny felt another pain growing
inside her, her bladder was beginning to constrict. Whether from
fear, or just because of the pain Penny didn't know, or care. She just
knew she had to pee, and as her own waters gurgled and filled her
pants she felt Geoffrey's mouth attach itself to her gusset. He was
avidly drinking her piss as it forced it's way through her panties,
not only that but he was making greedy sounds of appreciation as he
did. Finally spent Penny realised that the battering had ceased and
suspended from her rope she waited for the next assault.
"Did Mommies little dog enjoy his drinkies?" purred the cat as
Geoffrey crawled the floor behind her. "Well Mommy wants to fuck now,
so baby can give the slut a drink if he wants"
With comments of appreciation Geoffrey stood up and positioned himself
in front of Penny. Moving forward he pinched her cheeks to make her
open her mouth, and standing about six inches from her lips let loose
a steady stream of his own piss. The acrid rain filled Penny's mouth and
spluttered out again to fall onto the floor.
"STOP!" immediately Geoffrey's cock twitched and the stream subsided.
glowering down at Penny the domineering bitch snarled at the helpless
girl. "Drink it all you slut, or I'll have him shit all over you and
make you eat it"
Terrified that she meant the threat Penny opened her mouth wide and
begged Geoffrey to spill more piss into her waiting mouth.
"I can't hear you" spat the dominatrix as she began to remove her skirt.
"Oh please piss in my mouth, let me drink your golden rain" begged
Penny "Please fill me with your water, I'm so thirsty"
This seemed to appease the woman now standing with just the top of
her outfit on "START" she ordered, and like a tap being opened
Geoffrey began to emit another stream of piss directly into Penny's
waiting mouth. this time she swallowed as rapidly as she could. she
could feel her belly filling with his offering, but still it didn't
lessen. Jet after jet was spurting across her tongue and barrelling
its way down her throat. just as she thought she would drown from the
amount of liquid he was producing his stream began to lessen and
stepping closer he placed the head of his cock into her mouth so that
even the last few drops would find their way into her belly.
Penny could feel the fluids gurgling around in her stomach, constricted
by the rope that held her suspended the fluids were moving up and down
her abdomen like the tides on Blackpool beach. Gasping for breath
Penny heard the sound of the bag being opened again and from the
corner of her eye she saw a sight that made her blubber for mercy. The
dominatrix had brought out a strap on dildo, only this one was bigger
than anything she had ever seen before, with two prongs the dildo was
easily ten inches long, but its girth was as large as the Negroes that
had fucked Penny on the building site.
Standing in front of the begging girl the cruel slut suggested that
since she was going to be fucked by both prongs perhaps she would
like to lubricate them whilst Geoffrey prepared her holes to accept her
little toys.
Penny begged and pleaded that there was no way she could accommodate
such monsters but the woman just laughed and pointed out that both
could inflated even bigger after insertion.
Tears streaming down her face Penny screamed for help, but the woman
only laughed and reminded her that she was the one that had arranged
they wouldn't be disturbed. Lost in her own self pity Penny promised
to do anything even eat shit if only the woman would desist from
splitting her in two. The crowing dominatrix reminded Penny that she
was in no position to bargain and that if she wanted her to eat shit
she would eat shit, but since that was Geoffrey's job she didn't think
she would really make her as it was demeaning for a woman even such a
poor specimen as Penny.
Then moving forwards she choked of any more of Penny's pleading by
forcing the first of the dildoes into Penny's mouth. Gagging on the
massive phallus Penny tried to coat it with saliva, but her glands had
seized up, her mouth was bone dry. Suddenly, despite the plastic gag
clogging her mouth Penny screamed as Geoffrey with no warning punched
three of his fingers into her exposed cunt, again and again his
fingers drilled into her each time when fully embedded trying to
spread her cunt wide. Eventually he forced his fourth finger in and
Penny felt the phallus being forced in and out of her mouth getting
wetter, as his thumb joined the fingers Penny realise that her mouth
was still dry, the moisture lubricating the rod fucking her mouth was
not saliva, but tears streaming down her face and coating the plastic
At her rear Geoffrey stretched her cunt even further and Penny nearly
died when she felt his whole hand thrust up her stretched cunt,
driving it deep the excuse for a man felt for her cervix with his
fingers and as Penny gurgled and screamed around the second plastic
cock as it was forced into her mouth he broached her private sanctum
and she felt him reaming the entrance to her womb. Terror at the
thought that he might attempt to force his hand even deeper caused
Penny's bladder to erupt again and with a few moments of thankfulness
she felt his hand withdrawing from her stretched cunt.
The imitation cocks left her face and as she frantically tried to draw
enough air into her lungs she heard the voice of doom "Very good baby,
that cunt is stretched very nicely. Now do the other hole so that
Mommy can have some fun"
Penny didn't wait for the pain she screamed even before Geoffrey had
touched her, but it didn't stop him. As the dominatrix stood leaning
against the wall, playing with her own tits through the suit top she
still wore, and watched Penny's face, Geoffrey repeated his
performance on her cunt. Only this time the hole he was attacking
started much smaller and Penny felt him dribbling his own saliva
around his fingers as he attempted to force then into her. Every time
screamed the woman in front of her shuddered with joy, and when
Geoffrey finally forced four finger up Penny's ass she could contain
herself no longer and moving close to Penny's mouth she pushed the
dildoes to one side and opening her own cunt lips began to frig
herself. Penny watched mesmerised as her clit seemed to grow. with
each scream wrenched from the girls mouth it jerked like a cock
about to come and grew even larger. When Geoffrey grunting from the
effort finally forced his hand completely into her Ass the scream
torn from Penny's lips was so earth shattering that the bitch came and
Penny saw creamy white juices dripping from her Fanny.
At her rear it felt as though Geoffrey was trying to reach her throat
and at the front her mouth was invaded by a clit at least three inches
long "Suck me, you shagging slut" grunted the woman as Penny felt her
clit throb inside her mouth, and the hapless girl with creamy cum
juice spurting into her mouth was forced to suck on the minuscule cock
attached to the woman's hood. As she sucked the bitch pounded on her
back and screamed her own release, again and again penny felt the clit
jerk and throb inside her mouth but she wasn't allowed to stop, until
with a final shuddering climax the dominatrix expelled the most dense
cream Penny had ever met, like cream cheese it settled on her tongue
and slid towards her throat, swallowing like mad to prevent herself
choking on the thick cum juice Penny realised that now it would get
worse.  Moving from Penny's mouth the dominating woman moved towards her
and pronouncing herself satisfied she sent Geoffrey to plunder Penny's
face whilst she would consummate her lust by raping both her Ass and
her cunt.  Geoffrey, obviously well trained stood back his little cock
rigid and
swollen as his Mistress prepared to shag the life out of Penny.
Positioning herself until the two plastic cocks were just lodged into
the gaping maws spread before her she grasped Penny's hips, and
heaved. Penny didn't scream she couldn't the invaders drove all the
air from her body as with one thrust she felt the soft tops of the
cunts legs smash into her buttocks, waiting only for Penny to croak
in pain the dominatrix began to fuck her. time after time Penny
gurgled and moaned as the two cocks  slammed into her ravished body.
time and time again she thought that she felt her skin tear as the two
giant dicks ploughed into her, but slowly she felt the pain
lessen as her body despite the brutality of it all began to respond.
She felt her cunt stretch even further to accommodate what was being
offered and even her ass which she had thought stretched beyond
endurance started to flex its muscles around the invading plastic.
Just before Geoffrey cut of any sound by poking his cock into her
mouth she heard as if from far away a voice pleading "Oh! Fuck me, shag
ass, make me come you bitch."
Then there was silence except for the heavy breathing of the
dominatrix, and the grunts of Geoffrey as they fucked Penny from both
ends. Slowly but surely Penny felt her body climbing towards her own
orgasm as the Mistress stimulated no doubt by the dildoes smacking
against her giant clitoris screamed herself as her body was racked
again and again by orgasms of her own. Eventually spent she unstrapped
the harness and leaving the dildoes embedded in Penny stood and
watched as Geoffrey humped the moaning girls face. The man unused to
being allowed to abuse any woman was fucking her face lie a cunt. More
times than she could count his little cock had hit the back of her
throat hard enough to bruise and now , goaded on by his Mistress he
reached under Penny and grabbed her swollen tits, yanking on them to
impale her even further onto his little cock. Still trying to reach
her own orgasm Penny sucked on his cock and prayed for his spunk as
she knew there would be no other chance of release. Her breasts being
so sorely used were throbbing with desire as panting like a madman
Geoffrey begged his Mistress to help him reach a climax. Picking up
the tawse she began striking both Geoffrey and Penny with the cruel
leather strap. The pain of the strikes only threw Penny into greater
need as her orgasm approached and Geoffrey moaned and groaned as his
cock jerked and spewed a few spurts of cum into Penny's mouth. It was
enough the first drop hitting her tongue had triggered a response and
she shuddered to her own climax as he collapsed spent on the floor
before her.  Five minutes later, having got dressed the two rang the
bell. Down in his cabin the attendant as instructed by Roy restarted
the lift and it groaned the final few feet to the top floor. Leaving
the lift the dominatrix turned and looked at Penny still tied in the
position where they had fastened her with two giant dildoes embedded
in her body and said. "Never, never touch my man" and used the tawse to
jam the door. Penny unable to move watched as they walked away and
prayed for someone to find her before she died of exposure on the open
air roof of the Car Park.
Roy having had to climb the stairs found her dangling from her bonds,
groaning from the pain of the two giant dildoes still embedded inside
her. Returning the lift to the ground floor he carefully released her
and helping her too his taxi held her as she recovered enough to
gabble out what had happened.
Sobbing uncontrollably, all Penny could think of was the fact that she
had failed. this task had not been completed and she still needed five
points to escape being sent to Fleetwood. Roy was all for ending the
trial right then, he even offered to drive her back to London
even though it meant he would never be able to come back to Blackpool
as otherwise the Master would surely deal with him severely. Penny
slowly recovered and told him she had no intention of leaving, and
that he was to take her too the pier. Roy pointed out that she had no
and her clothes were filthy and covered in piss. She would have no
hope of getting anyone to shaft her, but she insisted so the old man
reluctant though he was drove her to the pier.
In desperation Penny tried to proposition a man, any man, to shag her
ass, but they looked at her as if she was mad and pushed her away.
Eventually she managed to get one man to go to the end of the pier
with her but when he lifted her skirt and saw the gaping size of her
Ass hole he ran away from her and wouldn't let her near him. Broken
and lost Penny started screaming for someone to fuck her ass, she
would pay them, she would do anything they wanted as long as they
fucked her ass first. The sight of an apparently deranged female tramp
was too much within a couple of minutes security had arrived and
despite her promises to suck, shag and drink piss from every one she
was ejected from the pier. Roy found her sobbing in a pool of her own
piss as she felt her life draining away. The fear of being made to
stand on Dock road as the Russian's advanced on her naked body was too
much, she would rather die.
Roy looked a this watch and shook his head. Her only chance was the
one task they hadn't tried yet. He didn't think it would work but
they only had an hour left and C & A shut in thirty minutes. Looking
down at Penny sobbing uncontrollably he felt a great sense of shame,
it wasn't fair she was so close. Lifting her gently he put her into the
taxi, and as he drove towards C & A he felt the germ of an idea
forming in his old mind.
Arriving outside the store he parked on the double yellow lines and
ran. looking around he tried to spy a woman that looked as matronly as
possible. Spotting one he beckoned her over, He told her of Penny's
plight and begged her to help the poor girl out. At first incredulous,
then solicitous the elderly lady went with Roy to see the young girl.
She took one look at he battered and piss stained Penny, and her heart
melted. Without another word she led Penny into the shop. Waving all
the other assistants away she led the stumbling and incoherent Penny
to the changing rooms and taking only enough time to gauge her size
let her fall into a chair and ran back into the shop. throwing orders
around she arranged for at least six different costumes to be brought
to the fitting rooms and left outside then she re-entered and finding
Penny still sobbing and rocking with hysteria where she had left her
Left the room again. Grabbing a manager she instructed him to fetch
warm water, towels and toiletries. Without a murmur the august gent
marched of to complete his errand. Roy standing helplessly by watched
in amazement as piles of clothes appeared from everywhere, and the
requested water appeared. Looking at him the elderly assistant smiled
and suggested he go and move his taxi before the police arranged to
have it moved for him. A bemused Roy went outside and just in time
moved  his taxi across the road onto the rank. Standing there mutely
being berated by the policeman that had observed his illegally parked
taxi Roy squirmed as he saw the front doors of C&A being locked.
Finally released after his dressing down he ran back to the shop only
to find a security guard waiting by the door to let him in. As Roy
walked back towards the dressing rooms the security guard locked the
door from outside, and puzzled about the events that had just occurred
went home to explain to his wife why he had been given the night off
on full pay.  Roy arrived back at the dressing rooms to find the elderly
gently cleansing Penny's body. No longer crying, and apparently
totally drained, her eyes just stared lifelessly ahead.
Roy embarrassed about his part in Penny's day sat
downcast as he retold the events that had led up to this state of
affairs. As he reached the final chapter the elderly assistant took
his shaking hands in hers and asked a simple question. "What do you
think she wants?" Roy not knowing if she would understand explained
how some people like to be controlled and used sexually, and that
Penny although enjoying sex seemed to find greater release when she
felt compelled. "Very well dear, we'll have to see she gets it then
won't we. She found a good friend in you Roy, and you should be proud
you have helped her"
With downcast eyes Roy told her that Penny's trial wasn't over she
only had twenty five minutes left to complete her tasks, and she
couldn't do that now because the store was closed.
With a quizzical look the assistant asked what Roy meant, and when he
wouldn't answer she badgered him. In desperation Roy told her of
the final task, and how he was supposed to verify it had taken place,
but that since the Master had access to all the security cameras and
even a few that people didn't know existed they couldn't fool him
by saying it had been done when it hadn't.
Without a word the elderly lady stood up, staring firmly down at him
"Well, where is this dildo thing?" Roy glumly reached into his pocket
and extracted the eight inch strap on. "I see, and she was supposed to
make love to someone wearing this?" Roy nodded. "Very well, turn your
back" Roy looked at her incredulously.
"I'm not going to let her lick my privates with you watching, and as
for putting it up my anus I'm not sure I can, but she deserves to be
given the chance." Roy just stared not moving as the elderly lady
looked at him "COME ON, TURN ROUND! She only has twenty minutes left"
The old man with a sob of gratitude spun and turned his back on the two
In the ensuing silence he heard the sound of Penny moaning, then a
zipper was pulled down and clothes rustled. "Right, since you have
top observe you better turn back now"
Roy hesitatingly turned back round to find Penny still apparently
comatose lying flat on the floor and above her the elderly lady stood
completely naked. Strapped to Penny's waist the dildo black and ridged
stuck up like a column of coal. "What's cunni..... cunnilingus" asked
the older woman. When Roy explained she pulled a face but positioned
herself above the unmoving girl. Lowering her body towards Penny's
mouth she opened the lips of her cunt and gently rubbed her slit up
and down the static girls mouth. a drip of moisture fell from her
fanny onto Penny's lips and she reached down solicitously to remove it
when Penny's tongue flicked out and subconsciously removed the
glistening drop. Still gently the assistant replaced her cunt at
the entrance to Penny's mouth, and again her tongue flicked out and
met the waiting softer lips of the older lady. "Come on dear"
muttered the elderly assistant, "give Phoebe some fun" and as Penny's
tongue wormed it's way out again she pushed her fanny down onto the
protruding organ. Although subconsciously Penny's tongue began to do
it's work sliding up and down the proffered cunt, slurping and
sucking her mouth began to respond to the slippery tube now pushing
insistently down upon it.
Th elderly assistant her face flushed was rocking backwards and
forwards little moans escaping from her as she absentmindedly squeezed
her dangling breasts, until with a shudder she extricated herself from
the probing tongue and unconsciously willing lips.
Repositioning herself above Penny's thighs she gingerly lowered
herself onto the black cock rising up above them, and with a grunt
sank down on the plastic shaft until it was embedded about three inches
into her puffy tube. With a smile of enjoyment she began to rise and
fall on the black plastic her eyes staring straight ahead as if she
didn't want to acknowledge the effect the slipping and sliding dildo
was having. Eventually she had impaled all of the black phallus inside
her and she began to ride it for real her breath coming faster and
faster as she found new feelings being torn from her willing but
unpractised body. With a croak Roy reminded her that there were only
ten minutes left and she lifted her cunt from the silent girls
attachment. "I don't think I can do this" she said to Roy as she
looked at the gleaming upright plastic, "I've never ever been licked
before, and that was nice, but to put that up my anus, it's unnatural"
Roy watching her sacrifice for a girl that didn't even know what was
happening moved closer and with tears in his eyes begged her to try.
She was Penny's last hope and time was so short. Perhaps she had some
lubrication, some Vaseline or cold cream. Looking at him as if he was
mad she rummaged in her handbag and found a tiny tub of cream, handing
it to Roy she asked him to help. Moving behind her Roy massaged some
of the cream around her puckered hole then telling her to try not to
cry out he inserted a finger slowly into the tight ring of her
sphincter. With a groan she accepted his finger and he quickly and
expertly reamed her ass until the sphincter relaxed. Then standing
behind her he lowered her expanded ass toward the waiting dildo.
another gasp as it entered the first inch and the elderly lady began
to moan. "Oh! my god, what a feeling, married forty years and never
felt like this before". Roy lifted and lowered her until she began to
take the rhythm over herself increasing the pace her mouth open wide
she grunted and gasped as the black plastic cock pushed its way
completely into her ass. With a wail she managed to sit up and
began to hump the glistening rod. Roy moving to the front offered to
suck her tits and as she rode the dildo she held them out for him to
suck and lick her nipples. Faster and faster she moved her gasps
replaced by a repetitive, panting "Oh! Oh! Oh!" as her body responded
to the new sensation until with one tremendous scream of release she
shuddered her old body to a climax. Roy suckling her tits like a baby
felt his own body respond to her new-found freedom and in is trousers
his cock unnoticed in his panic for Penny dribbled spunk down his leg.
Collapsed over the young girl the elderly lady moaned the question
"Were we in time" as outside the Town hall Clock began to strike the
tenth hour.  Holding her in his arms and sobbing his thanks Roy kissed
her fully on
the mouth. She responded and soon the two of them were locked in a
carnal embrace of their own Penny forgotten for a moment as their
old bodies flew towards their own release.
Penny coming round was muggily trying to understand why she had a
dildo strapped to her when she noticed the old couple humping away in
the corner. Just as they came together in a tangled heap of old arms
and legs she let out a massive cry of despair as she remembered that
she had no hope of attaining her target.
Startled by her cry the two people shot up and stared at her. "How
could you, you bastard" Penny screamed at Roy, "Now he'll send me to
Fleetwood"  With a big grin Roy explained the sacrifice that Phoebe had
undertaken, and that Penny had exceeded her points requirement right on
the stroke
of ten. What's more the Master would have another willing disciple
who wanted to explore her sexuality not only that but would Penny
like to meet the widow of the owner of C & A.
Penny sat there dumfounded, not only had she done her last task
unconscious from fear but she had shafted one of the richest women in
the country up the Ass.
Trying to stand she winced as pain from her lift encounter coursed
through her battered body, but all three were laughing when they left
the store at half past ten.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 7
Penny had been dropped of at Sandra's by Roy and she had taken a
shower and was sitting in the kitchen drinking a last cup of coffee
before dragging herself of to bed when Sandra and Michelle came back
from their night out.

Joining her in the kitchen the two girls wanted to know everything
that had happened, but Penny explained that some of it was too painful
to think about just now and she would tell them later after her body
had time to recover. They chatted for a while then Penny remembered
that Michelle had never told them about what had happened at the
donkey stables, to Beryl, after they had left. Michelle and Sandra
giggled and led Penny into the front room. sitting her on the sofa,
Michelle explained that she had something better than a story. she had
managed to get a copy of the tape that had been taken after the girls
had gone home, and if Penny wanted to she could watch it with them as
they hadn't had a chance to see much of it. despite her tiredness the
excitement in the girls eyes told Penny she would enjoy this so she
accepted a stiff brandy and settled down between the two beautiful
women to watch the tape.

The first few minutes showed Michelle as she tidied up the moaning
lesbian, removing the masses of Donkey Cum covering her body and
sweeping up the faeces that Beryl had deposited when the massive
stallion had shafted her cunt. throughout most of this section Beryl
did little but moan, her body still stretched over the bench was
covered in red bruises and Michelle applied cream to them to soothe
the pain. Beryl slowly appeared to come around and eventually began to
look around and take stock of her surroundings.
she had begged Michelle to untie her, promising the young girl
anything she wanted if only she would let her go, and when that didn't
work she had strained at her bonds and screamed obscenities at
Michelle until the young girl sat on the bench facing her and slapped
her face until she had ceased her swearing. Her face red from
Michelle's slaps the lesbian had begun to cry, once again begging
Michelle to release her before the Donkey Men arrived. But Michelle
was enjoying the humiliation of the previously imperious dyke and
instead of letting her go she had hitched her skirt up and slid
forwards until her cunt was positioned in front of the dykes mouth.
The three girls laughed as they heard Michelle's words.
"Shut up you slag, and give me some tongue" Beryl tried to move her
head away, but Michelle held her ears and pulled her lips to meet her
own lower ones. "Lick it bitch, or I'll tear your fucking ears off"
With tear streaming down her face the butch lesbian had been forced to
lick and suck at Michelle's cunt, until writhing even tighter against
the lesbian's unwilling lips she had cum, great gobs of pussy cum had
dribbled onto the whore's tongue. trying to spit it out Beryl had felt
Michelle's ire again and had her face ground into the bench until she
licked up and swallowed every last drop.
Then Michele had found a thin stick and had spent five minutes
thrashing the bitch's Ass laughing as it wobbled and pulsed under her
onslaught. Penny watching Beryl scream remember her own torture at the
hands of the bitch in the lift, and her body began to throb in time to
the rhythmic strokes of the stick. They watched as Beryl begged for
mercy, and pissed herself, her cunt spraying water all over her thighs
and calves as she started to cry again. Michelle standing in front of
her again lifted the woman's head and looking her straight in the eyes
told her that now she was going but before she did she was going to
put some cream on her buttocks to relieve the pain so Beryl better lie
very still or she would batter her again. The sobbing lesbian froze as
Michelle began to rub the cream over her buttocks, but this time it
was not the soothing cream, but the same cream that Penny had met the
day before, as it began its work Beryl arched up from the bench her
breasts rising away far enough for Michelle to quickly smear cream
over her nipples. As the lesbian writhed in the initial agony the
cream caused Michelle with devilish abandon smeared both hands with
cream then as the lesbian whimpered in her torment plunged fingers
into both her cunt and ass. Beryl's scream would have woke the dead as
the cream invaded both sensitive areas at once, and Michelle as a
final insult coated a dildo with the devilish concoction and drove it
deep into her pussy. Then sitting on Beryl's back to keep her still
she had written across the lesbian's back in bright red lipstick

"Your Donkey Fucked Me Why Don't You"

Composing herself and allowing her features to assume her usual
angelic pose she smiled sweetly at the writhing woman-lover and hoped
she would have a good time. As Michelle left the three girls sat ion
the sofa watched as the lesbian tried in vain to break the leather
straps holding her to the bench. eventually tired out from her efforts
she lay gasping for breath, but the cream was beginning to work its
marvellous effects and the girls watched as first her cunt, then her
anus began to pulse with lust, groaning for release the lesbian tried
to grind her clit against the end of the bench but she couldn't quite
get it far enough forward. Then the cream on her breasts started and
the girls watched as her aureoles began to swell, and her nipples now
super sensitive ground against the rough surface of the bench.
Beryl lost in her own attempt to reach orgasm didn't hear the door
open, or the two men enter behind her. With astonishment they watched,
until not making a sound they slowly unzipped their trousers and
lifted out cocks that the donkey's would have been proud of. with lewd
grins they watched Beryl sobbing for release, rubbing their monsters
into rigid poles of gristle, until finally ready one of the men moved
in front of the writhing lesbian. "Hello Darlin' " he muttered. Beryl
struggled to lift her head and screamed as he straddled the bench "No,
no don't, please let me go!" she wailed.
"Don't think so" the man replied hitching himself closer, "you been
fucking my donkeys, and so you can just get fucked by us now"
As he said us Beryl's head snapped round to see the man stood behind
her, his cock pointing at her swollen cunt, his face a mixture of lust
and sadism as he too moved froward.
The helpless Beryl was unable to prevent them. One forced entry into
her cunt driving her forward then the other drove into her mouth
forcing her backwards, like a rag doll she was fucked from pillar to
post her body jerking and shuddering as their giant cocks slammed into
her, before long both men had impaled her. Their cocks has disappeared
inside her body. the writhing woman was moaning from fright mixed with
desire as the cream did its work. The man at her rear began to slap
her buttocks making them wobble even more whilst the man fucking her
face reached underneath and grabbed her tits. "fuck me Jake, This
cunts tits have aureoles as big as a cows udder, and I think we could
milk her fucking giant nipples. reaching forward Jake felt the
tightness of Beryl's tits "Let's turn the bitch over. I want to bite
those mams" he grunted.

They withdrew their shafts from Beryl's orifices and as she moaned and
begged they released her from her bonds and turned her over. looking
at her lying there both men's cocks seemed to grow, until with an oath
the man that had been fucking her cunt raised her legs high and
spreading them wide drove them back until they were either side of her
face. his friend held her still whilst he positioned himself and
despite her pleas, placed his cock at the entrance to her Ass. Beryl
incoherent now felt his assault and once more her screams were ones of
pain as he shagged her ass, with no preamble he drove his cock up to
the hilt in her tight anus then reaching forward he grabbed her taut
nipples and pinched, Beryl's eyes rolled up in her head, and her
tongue lolled from her mouth as mercifully her body switched itself
off from the pain. Jake didn't care he was loving every thrust his
cock held tight in her unprepared ass was being milked by her
involuntary muscles with a roar of release he sent his load deep
inside her, and then watched still inside her as his friend tipped
Beryl's head back and prepared to finish fucking her mouth. The almost
unconscious woman did nothing but groan as his cock slid deep into her
throat, but he had no intention of sending his spunk easily into her
stomach, as he felt his cum rising he dragged Beryl onto her knees and
making sure she understood told her she better drink every drop as it
cascaded onto her tongue. Her face full of anguish she opened her
mouth and let her tongue protrude. With careful control he let his
spunk drop, one slimy length after another dribbled onto her taste
organ, and the lesbian had to tip back her head and swallow every
drop. she gagged and choked but he wouldn't let he relax. eventually
he finished and watched her follow his instructions to lick his cock
The girls could plainly see the anguish on Beryl's face, but sensing
she may be allowed to leave she sucked and licked his cock until it
was spotlessly clean.

Staggering to her feet the lesbian started to move towards the door
"Where you going bitch?" asked Jake, and Beryl totally naked bolted.
she didn't make it, dragged back by her hair she was thrown to the
floor and the two men laughed as they poked and prodded her. "We ain't
finished with you yet lady" smirked Jake " Tony and Fred got to come
yet, and I'm not sure but Mabel might be here today with Jasper and
Khan" Beryl stared at him as he prodded and tweaked her body.
"whilst we'm waiting why don't you entertain us"
Beryl looked at him uncertain what he meant, but Jake soon enlightened
her. "your back says you was fucked by a donkey, now you been fucked
and sucked a donkey man. don't seem fair somehow that the donkeys
ain't had a suck"
Beryl tried to run again, but they caught her and dragged her back
"listen you stupid slut" snarled Jake "either give head to Horatio, or
we'll tie you fucking down again and let him shag your mouth." Beryl
remembering the size of a donkey's cock knew that if ever one shagged
her mouth she would choke to death collapsed beaten on the floor.

The three girls sitting on their sofa had gripped each others hands as
they had watched Beryl's torture, but now as the donkey was led
forward each and every one of them subconsciously rested a hand on
their own crotch. Watching the grovelling woman as she knelt alongside
the donkey and wanked his cock to erection, they frigged themselves.
Lost in the moment their eyes met and all three reached out and felt
for another's silky lips as Beryl groaning but otherwise unforced
brought the donkeys cock to her lips and opened her mouth to swallow
the massive bulb on the end of his flexing shaft. Sandra dropped to
Penny's cunt and began to lick at her love tube whilst Michelle slid
four of her fingers into Sandra's willing moist cunt. Penny  caught up
in the moment was tickling Michelle's clit. All three girls reached
for their own climax as they watched Beryl frantically sucking the
donkeys black and pink cock. not realising it each of the girls was
holding he release back until the lesbian finally caused the donkey to
drown her with his spunk, and as his mighty cock finally jerked and
spilt cupful after cupful of stringy spunk over Beryl's face and chest
all three girls climaxed and fell into a heap of writhing femininity
on the carpet.
Recovering from their exertions the three girls sat back on the sofa
and watched as Beryl was made to clean the spunk form her own tits and
swallow it as the donkey was led back to its stable the men discussed
how best to deal with their good fortune in having an animal sucker/
fucker at their disposal. Beryl was past fighting and when Jake threw
a gleaming white parsnip from amongst the donkeys food at her she knew
what he wanted. like a real pro she stood in front of the two grinning
men and pushing her pelvis forward allowed them to watch her impale
herself on the long white vegetable, deeper and deeper she pushed it
until it had disappeared totally into her cunt then opening he lower
lips wide she exposed the big bulbous tip embedded inside her
stretched and abused tube. Jake then made her bend over and buggered
her ass with a broomstick whilst the other man let her suck his cock
again. The lesbian was so degraded now that nothing they offered her
was beyond her like a four pound street tramp she took anything they
said, and did anything they told her too, all the time telling them
how much she was loving it. lost for more horrors to pour upon her the
two men let her rest, whilst they started to groom the donkeys. Beryl
no longer an imperious misogynist had turned into a cheap donkey cock
sucking gutter whore, her whole body still inflamed by the cream was
crying out for more sex, even though being allowed to rest she frigged
herself, touching her cunt and poking her ass as well as constantly
squeezing her own tits and nipples.   

As Penny, Sandra and Michelle watched the once haughty lesbian now
reduced to a grovelling cock sucking, sex mad whore they each felt
their own libido's writhing up inside them and with bated breath they
waited for the next chapter of her degradation to unfold. they didn't
have long to wait, the outer door opened and in walked two more men.
As soon as they entered Jake and his friend greeted them warmly and
told them today the punters would have to wait as they had a present
for them. taking them to the far end of the stable they showed the two
newcomers the whore lying in the straw quietly frigging herself.
seeing the new men she immediately moved forward and offered herself
to them. The men needed no second hint and fell upon her in the straw
they tore of their trousers and began a violent abusal of Beryl's
body. Tony a small man drove his whole hand up her cunt and as she
opened her legs wide to receive him, begging him to push harder Fred
mounted her body and slapping his engorged cock between her tits
watched as she pushed the two swollen globes together to form a tube
around his cock. As he fucked her tits he tugged her engorged nipples
and the three girls could see her climaxing again and again as his
brutal twisting sent waves of pain coursing through her battered body.
His thrusts were so violent now that his cock was slamming into the
underside of her chin and she tipped her head as far down as she could
and each time his cock reared from between her heaving tits she opened
her mouth and let the tip slip in between her spunk covered lips. down
below Tony tiring of not getting much response to fisting her cunt had
positioned his other hand at the entrance to her anus and was forcing
three fingers up her back passage. This abuse sent her into paroxysms
of lust and she grabbed her own engorged nipples and squeezed them so
hard that they looked like they might pop. moving up her body Fred was
now shagging her mouth in earnest his cock thumping into the back of
her throat, her lips sliding up and down the shaft coating it with her
saliva as she grunted for Tony to push even harder. The little man
didn't need a second bidding and bunching his fingers together
inserted his whole hand into her Ass. Now impaled on two fists Beryl
appeared to reach another plateau. Her screams of desire muted by the
cock embedded in her throat echoed around the stables as her body
responded to the fresh assault by arching up from the floor her belly
throwing Fred forward so that his cock penetrated even further into
her mouth. With a grunt of surprise Fred 's cock began to spurt.
Pulling it from her mouth he watched fascinated as it shot jet after
jet of spunk across her face and into her hair. Then climbing off he
watched as Tony actually lifted her by the simple expedient of balling
his fist inside her tubes and standing up. all her weight now being
taken on her shoulders the cum slut could see his arms pistoning into
her stretched cunt her juices acting as a lubricant falling from his
arm on each withdrawal as the drips fell she was trying to lick them
up and the men laughed when Tony deliberately cupped his fingers on
withdrawal and with a great slurping sound pulled out of her gaping
cunt with a hand covered in woman cum. Offering it to her they watched
and laughed as she sucked his greasy fingers and licked every last
drop of her cream from his hand.  Then in what the three watching
girls thought would be her final debasement he did the same with the
fist that was still embedded in her Ass. Without a murmur the half
crazy slut did the same, licking and sucking until his hands matched
each other in their cleanliness.
As a final insult the four men pissed all over her as she grovelled in
the straw, and begged them to shag her again, but they had no further
interest in her and smacking her down they went back to grooming their
Sat in Sandra's front room the three girls had degenerated into a
squirming nest of cunts and fingers as the degradation they had
watched affected their own hormones. Sandra had fastened onto one of
Penny's tits and was suckling it like a baby whilst Michelle had
spread her legs and offered her cunt to Penny's willing fingers. The
three girls were testing and trying out each others bodies when a
noise from the screen drew their attention back to the television.
There in the doorway stood a very butch looking girl, but it was the
growling of the two dogs with her that had snapped the three girls
attention back to the screen. Two magnificent Dobermans were circling
the stranger in their territory, sniffing and growling at the object
grovelling on the floor before them. "Jasper, Khan Heel!" snapped the
girl as her hard eyes took in the scene of devastation before her.
"What the fuck is going here" she shouted at the four men. Grinning
like a loon Jake explained how they had found her and what had been
written on her back. turning back to the grovelling Beryl the newcomer
roughly turned her over and looked at the word now faint on her back.
"So bitch, you fucked one of my donkey's did you. Well then perhaps
you can see to my dogs too" and grabbing Beryl by the hair she lifted
the wailing woman to her feet and dragged her out by the bench.
Sitting on the bench she opened her legs and hitching her skirt up
dragged her knickers to one side, exposing a veritable forest of pubic
hair. "On your hands and knees slut" Beryl like an obedient dog fell
onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the woman. "Come on
bitch, lick me out!" Beryl buried her head between the girls thighs
and in the silence that followed the sound of her sucking on the
girl's cunt could be clearly heard echoing round the room. the four
men stopped their work and moved to watch as Beryl sucked and licked
at Mabel's hairy cunt. " That's good bitch keep it up. Jasper attend!"
The dog sitting patiently by the door immediately loped forward and at
his mistresses bidding thrust his nose in between Beryl's legs, unable
to rise because of Mabel's hands holding her head down the wail of
release as the dog's tongue wormed its way into her cunt could be
heard by everyone. Her stifled screams appeared to excite the dog and
his hackles rose, with a growl he buried his nose again, and between
his legs everyone could see his canine penis as it leapt from its
sheath and grew until it poked between his front legs. Stepping back
the large dog licked the tip, of his own cock and cleared the droplets
of pre cum already oozing from its pointed tip. Feeling the loss of
her stimulation Beryl groaned and begged for more. "You want more
slut? Shall I let my dog fuck you?" When Beryl heard the word fuck her
face lit up and without comprehending what the woman had said she
begged for one of the men to fuck her. Mabel, a grin of malicious
intent on her face, phrased her next question very carefully. tipping
Beryl's sex besotted face up to look at her own she quietly asked
"would you like a nice big cock embedded in your cunt?"
"Yes, yes oh please yes" responded Beryl "I want a good fucking, I
want to feel sperm rolling in my belly"
Everyone laughed and the bemused Beryl stared around at the men as if
she couldn't understand the joke. Then it struck her, and with a wail
of despair she realised it was a dog's cock she had been offered.
"No, no, nooo!" she screamed as Jasper at a signal from his mistress
straddled her hips his claws leaving red welts down her waist as he
positioned himself. Gripping her with his forepaws his cock probing at
her slit the dog began humping. Whimpering from the pain of his
misdirected plunges Beryl's head dropped to the floor, presenting the
humping dog with an even juicier target. Finally his tip found its
mark and he shuffled forward each step driving his throbbing cock
another inch or two into the sobbing woman's body. despite her
protests everyone could see her body reacting to the new stimulus as
her hips thrust back towards the dog and her begging for it to stop
slowly dwindled away, until with an almighty effort she pushed herself
back up onto her hand and knees , the docks cock firmly in place in
her cunt she howled like a bitch and started rocking her own body back
around the canines member.

Watching the slut had turned everybody on, three of the men had hard
cocks again, one was trying to grope Mabel's tits but she slapped him
down and told him to wait.

Stripping of the big girl stood before them and told all four men to
strip completely too. Whilst Beryl squealed and screamed beneath the
dog still twitching in her cunt Mabel made each man piss into Beryl's
mouth and watched her drink his water then she positioned herself
above Beryl's head and let forth a stream of piss that soaked Beryl's
hair and dribbled down her back. The smell of his mistresses piss
seemed to send Jasper wild with a bark of joy his humping speed
increased and everyone could see his cock thicken as it formed a dogs
nuptial knot then as it pulsed its seed into Beryl he twisted until
his cock stretched out between his back legs. fastened to him by his
knot deep inside her womb Beryl was dragged sobbing towards the other
waiting Dobermans. Khan sat as instructed his cock already inflamed
jutted between his legs and he occasionally licked the tip and growled
softly as his tongue caused it to judder in  its sheath. Watching the
two dogs , and the woman still impaled on Jasper's cock Mabel shouted
"suck my Khan off you slut, or he'll tear you throat out" Beryl
sobbing with desire and disgust watched as Khan was released and
immediately approached her face. opening her mouth she reached up and
grasped his swollen cock and licking the shuddering point began to
wank his long cock and sucked as much as she could into her mouth.

In their room the three girls were watching with rapt attention, each
had had at least three orgasms as she had watched the abusing of
Beryl, but this latest indignity had sent them all wild, the sound of
fingers slipping and sliding in and out of cunt filled the room as
each girl thrust at another's cunt and fingers found and teased turgid
nipples. They watched and shuddered as Mabel positioned all four men
around her. Instructing Fred to lie on the bench she had mounted him
facing his feet and slowly engulfed his cock in her ass, then she had
lain back and let Jake slide into her cunt. tipping back her head she
sank Tony's cock into her mouth and the last man straddled her chest
and moulding her massive breast around his cock began to fuck her
tits. Penny gasped as she watched Mabel willingly accommodate four men
at once the butch girl writhed and moaned under the onslaught of the
four men but reminded them that none were to come inside her as that
honour was being reserved for Beryl

Meanwhile Beryl was still tied to Jasper as the dog whimpered now and
tried to pull his cock loose, at her face Khan's cock was dripping
fluids into her mouth and as her cheeks hollowed around his pistoning
cock the dog howled and began to spray his seed into her mouth unable
to swallow it all it dripped down her chin and pooled on the floor
beneath her. finally Jasper managed to tear his cock free with a plop
that could be heard around the room his knot finally emerged from her
cunt just as Khan backed off his cock spent. Kneeling there in the
middle of the floor her breast heaving as she tried to compose
herself Beryl looked at the four men as they mounted their assault on
Mabel, and started to rise. Khan growled and she froze, looking over
form he position in amongst the four men Mabel just said "clean that
mess up cunt" and pointed a the pool of Khan's spunk lying on the
floor. Beryl, her body wracked with sobs of humiliation, lowered her
face to the concrete floor and laboriously licked up every drop of the
dogs spunk. "Now come here slut and stand by me" ordered Mabel. The
hapless woman moved across and stood compliant before the writhing
donkey girl. "Open your legs bitch, and stretch that cunt" Beryl
spread her legs and pulled on the flaps surrounding her cunt. Mabel
reached out from amongst the men still labouring in every hole she
could offer pointed her fingers and drove them upwards into Beryl's
dog spunk filled hole. Despite her earlier stretching Beryl's cunt
wasn't prepared for the size of Mabel's hand and with a scream of pain
she rose up on tip toe as Mabel's massive hand pushed itself into her,
right up to the knuckles at the base of her fingers the donkey girl's
hand disappeared and suspended on her large arm Beryl wailed with pain
as her legs unable to maintain her weight slowly forced her own cunt
downwards. Mabel's mighty arm never wavered, slowly, a sob at every
little step, Beryl's cunt impaled itself onto the massive hand, until
eventually Mabel's entire hand was inside her cunt. "Now fuck me you
slut" ordered Mabel. Beryl her painful cunt making her sob with every
movement sank down even further onto the hand then with her cunt
clinging to the hand embedded inside her raised herself up again.
Below her the sadistic Mabel crowed at her discomfort and began trying
to force her hand even further up Beryl's abused orifice. with a
scream Beryl once more stood on tip toe and screamed in real pain.
collapsing over the man fucking Mabel's breasts she begged and wailed
to die, but she was not going to be released that easy. Telling the
men to leave her Mabel rearranged Beryl until she was lying on the
bench and looking down at the sobbing lesbian informed her that she
didn't think she could have been fucked by a donkey and she wanted to
see it herself. Beryl willing to do anything to relieve the pain up
her cunt promised that she would let a donkey fuck her without being
tied down if only Mabel would release her hand. Smiling grimly the
donkey girl pushed Beryl's face down into the bench covering and
instructed Fred to fetch Samson. He led forward a donkey nearly as
large as a horse. Making Beryl wank the donkeys cock as he stood
beside her Mabel asked her if she still wanted the donkey to fuck her
or would she prefer Mabel's hand. With tears in her eyes the now
completely broken woman begged for the donkey.
"OK" said Mabel, "remember everybody she asked for this, but because
I'm kind you can lubricate her first," and reaching up to Beryl's Ass
cheeks she cruelly pulled them apart and instructed each of the men to
wank over her crack. One after another the  men released their pent up
sperm into the top of Beryl Ass crack and as it ran down Mabel rubbed
it into Beryl's Ass and cunt lips. the blubbering woman thanked Mabel
for being so kind, but why was she pushing spunk into her Ass as well
as her cunt. "Because you stupid, fucking cum loving slut. Samson if
going to ........ BUGGER YOU"
Beryl tried to get up but the much bigger Mabel held her down as the
men positioned the donkey either side of her spread Ass cheeks and
positioned his tip against the entrance to her Ass. Despite being
stretched Beryl's hole didn't look big enough to accept the monster
member, but digging her nails into the rim Mabel heaved its entrance
apart and as the donkeys cock penetrated up her shit tube, Beryl's
scrams of pain escalated until finally she could make no sound and her
mouth gaped silent, her eyes nearly popping from her face as the
donkey slowly edged forward. his cock never seemed to end, and in fact
nearly a foot still remained outside Beryl's body when it could
penetrate no further. Keeping the donkey still Mabel sat in front of
Beryl  and pushing on the sobbing woman's shoulder began to fuck the
donkeys cock with the unwilling woman's anus. Laughing like a maniac
the donkey girl's pushes became more and more violent. Beryl nearly
unconscious now, dribbled spittle down between Mabel's legs as the
girls used the donkey's cock to rape her Ass. Eventually, just as the
donkey began to try and move forward again. the now shattered body of
the lesbian could take no more and she fainted. With a snarl of
disgust the donkey girl heaved her down onto the floor and wanked the
donkey's cock herself until his spunk spouted from the end. pointing
it at the unconscious woman the donkey girl covered her from the top
of her head to her toes with the masses of spunk spurting from the
donkey's throbbing cock, then tossing her torn and tattered clothes
beside her the five people calmly left the cum covered sluts body
lying in the middle of the floor, hitched up their donkey's and left.

Her own cunt on fire Penny was thrusting a dildo into herself
wondering what would happen now. After a few minutes Beryl came
around, struggling into her tattered dress the lesbian staggered out
of the door, leaving it wide open, and the film ended with a sight of
the shagged, buggered and cum covered woman as she staggered bow
legged away across the Car Park.

Penny with a sigh of relief that Beryl would recover, after a week or
two of rest, felt her own climax approach as she though of the dogs
and the way Beryl had sucked on Khan's cock. With a moan she reached
her own release, just as ........... the doorbell rang.

Sandra, Penny and Michelle looked at each other in fright, who could
it be this time of night. Rapidly throwing on a housecoat Sandra went
to answer the door, only to return a few seconds later whiter than she
had left. Without a word she removed the tape from the machine and
left the room. Glancing at each other Penny and Michelle knew the
doorbell had been a messenger from the Master.

Returning a few moments later Sandra dropped white faced into a chair
and handed Penny a sealed letter. Opening the offered missive Penny
read the enclosed note silently, then with a grin passed it to Sandra
and Michelle. Together they read the note and then looked in unison
towards the top corner of the room. Finally they spotted it, hidden in
the cornice a tiny camera lens had watched them as they watched the
film. Handing the note back to Penny the two girls lay down in the
middle of the floor and turning their legs towards the lens spread
them wide and lifted their knees until their cunts would be clearly
Then Penny read the note out loud. "You, naughty, dirty little sluts.
How dare you abscond with one of my films. Since you have given me
much pleasure watching the way you reacted watching a woman being
fucked by a dog, your punishment will be minor." Now as Penny read,
each girl carried out the instructions as she relayed them. "Michelle
take the black dildo and insert it up your Ass" Michelle grunted as
the eight inch black dildo slipped snugly into her anal tube. "Sandra
place the pink dildo in your Ass" this dildo was larger and it took
Sandra nearly two minutes to push the nine inch long thick dildo into
her anus." Now you are to turn over onto your hands and knees" The two
girls did as they were told. Then reading the script that had been
delivered Penny fastened their upper arms and hands together then
passed a strap around their thighs, and finally one around their
ankles. Once the two girls were firmly strapped together Penny
gags into their mouths until the only sounds they could make were
muffled. Sandra and Michelle looked up at Penny as she read the final
line. then she turned to the envelope and removed a smaller sealed one
from inside it. Watching her face as she read the letter inside the
two girls looked at each other and their eyes filled with
tears, eventually with a sigh Penny lowered the letter looked at
and Michelle and said "I'm sorry, I daren't disobey him, he said I've
to open the door then go to bed" The two girls looked at her as she
read the final sentence out loud "Since you two girls enjoyed watching
Beryl so much. I thought I'd see just how much you liked it"

As Penny left the room she could hear Sandra and Michelle groaning
inside their gags as she opened the door to let in a man with two
German Shepherds. Terrified that she was still being observed Penny
ran upstairs and threw herself sobbing on the bed as from downstairs
she imagined  the two girls screaming  as the dogs were allowed to
rape them. Tears streaming down her face Penny lay there for what
seemed hours before she heard the dogs leave and footsteps coming up
the stairs. Cringing under the sheets she waited for the accusations
to come and felt the bed creak as the two girls sat one either side of
her. Then nothing no sound, no hands pummelling her, she slowly let
sheet drop to find two grinning faces staring down at her. "you
unlucky bitch" smirked Michelle "that was the best fuck I've ever had.
Tied there unable to move whilst being fucked by a big dog. I was in
heaven" Sandra agreed with her friend and added that there was another
letter for Penny which she was to read in the morning.
Sobbing from relief Penny lay in bed and wondered if the Master was
ever really cruel, everything that had happened seemed to work out all
right in the end, even the girls being raped by the dogs had turned
out to be enjoyable for them, and she knew despite the hammering she
had taken over the last two days that she had never been beyond her
own ability to recover. Slowly she dozed of and dreamt of a man
standing over her a devilish grin on his face as he explained he was
the Master and he was going to deal with her as his own private little
cum slut until he tired of her.

Bang on eight O'clock the next morning the jangling of the alarm woke
Penny, as she tried to leave the bed her abasement of the day before
reminded her that she ached from the sexual excesses she had endure,
but a quick shower made her feel better, and after tidying her hair
she got dressed and went down to see if the girls were in the kitchen.
They weren't up yet so Penny put the kettle on and started cooking
some breakfast. Penny didn't know if it was the smell of cooking bacon
or something else but she heard Sandra and Michelle rising and gaily
tripping down the stairs. Popping her head around the kitchen door
Sandra asked if Penny had seen any alsatians about this morning
because she wanted to feel as good as she had last night. When Penny
said she hadn't seen any her friend pretended to cry and flopped at
the table.
"Was it really that good" asked Penny.
"Better" responded Sandra "The dildo up my Ass made sure he couldn't
bugger me and the feel of his cock was delicious, and his claws had
been trimmed so he didn't scratch, and the friction from his furry
belly really turned me on. I'm glad we stole the film else I'd never
have found out how gorgeous dog fucking can be"
Just then Michelle also appeared and agreed with her friend that the
experience was unforgettable, but for Michelle it was the massive
amounts of spunk she could feel being pumped up her cunt when he came
that sent her into ecstasy.
Penny remembering about the knot that had lodged inside Beryl was
worried about the pain of having something that big inside her, but
the girls seemed to think it was something about Alsatians they hadn't
had a big one and it went down as soon as they came.
Both girls assured Penny that if ever they had another chance they
would let a dog fuck them again and she should try it.
Unconvinced Penny suggested they were just being nice so that she
didn't have any bad feelings, but the girls just laughed at her and
promised they weren't lying.

Munching on their bacon butties the girls talked about this and that,
and it wasn't until they were drinking their second cups of coffee
that Sandra remembered Penny's letter. Fetching it from the front room
she handed it to Penny. Unlike all the others which had been delivered
in plain typed envelopes this one was hand-written, and on the left
a printed crest. turning it over Penny was intrigued the flap had been
sealed with wax in which was embossed a copy of the crest on the
front. Joking the girls ribbed her about going up in the world, and
pressed her to open it, but Penny teased them by saying she wouldn't
open it in front of commoners and would wait until she was alone.
After a few minutes banter she relented and using a butter knife as
her letter opener she made a great show of opening the envelope.
Inside nestled a gold edged card on which were a few hand written
words " Congleton Hall,    8.00 p.m. , Come as instructed on the
reverse "
"Ooh lordy lordy" quipped Sandra as Penny turned the card over.
On the back were instructions she was to wear the outfit that would be
delivered for her later that day, and that until then she could do as
she wished.

After a few minutes chatting the girls decided they would take Penny
to town and they could window shop and maybe get some lunch at one of
the many restaurants. Which is what they did having a quiet day moving
from shop to shop and having their dinner in the White Tower
restaurant down at the Pleasure Beach. Arriving back at about five
O'clock to give Penny plenty of time to get ready they found a parcel
had been delivered whilst they were out, and together the three girls
trooped up to the bedroom. Opening her package Penny found inside a
full maids outfit. The dress of Black satin clung to her like a leech,
showing every curve of her body, whilst the pinafore was also of satin
and shimmered in the light as she moved. The dress was very short and
the hem was about half way between her crotch and her knees and the
top was cut low enough that if she bent forward her breasts threatened
to spill out of the cleavage. Putting it on Penny posed in front of
the mirror and had to put up with a ribbing from the girls about how
little would get served if she was wearing that outfit. Looking back
in the box she found a pair of sheer black stockings and a jet black
suspender belt, but no bra or pants. Attached to the bottom of the box
was a note that indicated that this uniform was complete except for
shoes and they would be delivered separately. just then the doorbell
rang and as Sandra went down to answer it Penny tried on the rest of
the outfit. The stockings were short, and the suspender belt had long
straps, putting it on Penny realised that the hem of the stockings
would show as she walked and if she bent over her legs above the
stockings would show. Just then Sandra came back holding a shoe box,
opening it Penny found a pair of black high heeled shoes the six inch
stiletto heels pushed her feet nearly vertical and she could feel her
calf muscles defined sharply through the sheer stockings. Practising
walking she soon found that she had to take mincing little steps to
maintain her balance on the slender heels and turning in front of the
mirror she felt that she couldn't look any less like a real waitress
if she tried.

Taking the uniform off she went into the bathroom and ran herself a
tub of hot water and whilst having a soak pondered why the outfit was
so revealing. Assuming it was yet another test she shrugged her
shoulders and climbing from the bath towelled herself off, noticing
that her body thanks to the special cream showed no ill effects from
her sexual excesses of the last two days. finally dressed she went
down to await for her taxi which had been ordered to take her to her
appointment. as she entered the front room both Sandra and Michelle
wolf whistled at the sight of Penny in such a sexy outfit and
suggested she better make sure  she wore a coat else she would
probably be dragged of into the bushes somewhere and offered a few
quid for a quick blow job by some dirty old man. Laughing at the girls
Penny fetched her coat and putting it on waited for her taxi. Bang on
7.30  Roy arrived and ensconced in the passenger seat Penny tried to
probe him as to what to expect at the house, but all Roy could tell
her was that it was frequented by some of the poshest people in the
Dropping her off at exactly five minutes to eight he immediately
turned his taxi round and left. Penny walking carefully approached the
imposing doors to the country house and pulled on the bell rope
beside the front door. Swinging open she found herself looking into a
pair of haughty grey eyes as the butler eyed her up and down "Yees"
the single word sent shivers down her spine. Blushing Penny handed him
the card. "Oh I see Miss, you should have gone to the trade entrance,
but come in Mrs Growel with see to you presently"
Leading her down long dark corridors the butler eventually left her
with the housekeeper Mrs Growel. Penny still not sure what she was
supposed to be doing, but realising she was not a guest followed the
older woman down even more  dark corridors until opening a door the
passageway was flooded with light and Penny was taken into a large
room. In the centre of the room stood a circular table, the top of
which was polished like glass. set into the top were sets of straps,
and Mrs Growel indicated that Penny should climb onto the table and
then without another word placed her hands face up under the
restraints and then strapped her ankles and just behind the knees in
others. Penny felt her legs and arms settle into padded grooves and as
Mrs Growel fluffed and moulded her clothes she realised she was to be
a living centrepiece for the room. Penny knew that her thighs above
the stockings could be seen by anyone standing behind her and then Mrs
Growel stood in front of Penny and with a quizzical smile rearranged
her little waitresses cap. "Now you do understand your duties my dear"
the kindly housekeeper asked,
"well actually no" replied Penny completely bemused by events.
"Tut, tut ,tut" went Mrs Growel "You're to be the condiment set dear.
visitors will deposit things which you will keep until someone else
requires them. Now keep very still " and she placed a silver circled
glass dish on each of Penny's upturned palms. "Now don't drop these
dear they are very old and very valuable. The Master would be most
upset if one of his dishes was broken"
"Penny wanted to ask if her master was the same as Mrs Growel's but
though it might not be good politics so stayed silent.
Now Mrs Growel produced a mask which would cover the whole top of
Penny's head and cover her face right down to her nose. The mask was
made of some sort of plastic and Penny could feel it moulding itself
to her face as darkness descended she heard Mrs Growel's final words.
"Don't forget dear any deposits are to be kept until someone else
retrieves them"

Kneeling in the centre of the room, totally exposed, but unable to see
anything Penny waited, suddenly she heard footsteps hastening towards
her and froze as she heard them stop at the table "Oh dear me dear,
I'd forget my wages if I wasn't careful, I forgot to prepare your
bosom" Penny felt the housekeeper warm hands gently reach inside her
top and move her breasts so that they were pushed together and fell
through the plunging cleavage of her top. Declaring herself satisfies
after rubbing Penny's nipples until they started to swell Mrs Growel
once more left Penny alone.

After about five minutes Penny heard the sound of people entering the
room and heard the butler's voice as he directed his staff where to
place various pieces of refreshments and occasional tables to carry
them. One young man passed a comment about the whore on the table, and
Penny was gratified to hear the butler choke of his remark with a
comment "that the young lady was a favourite of the Masters and he
wouldn't like a minion passing comment" The youth never made another
sound. Eventually the staff seemed to leave the room as Penny was once
more alone. She was thankful for the padding as her position crouched
as she was, was not very comfortable, unable to move she just stayed
there waiting. Music could be heard spilling from another room and
then she felt a door open and the sound of voices in conversation
drifted to her ears as a number of people entered the room. Penny
tried to count the different voices, but lost count at about twenty,
the gathering appeared to be about fifty- fifty women and men.
Listening Penny was surprised that not a single voice mentioned her
and she wondered if they had been instructed not to mention her when a
bell sounded and over an intercom she heard a chilling sound.
"Ladies and Gentlemen the films you will see this evening are of a new
girl in the borough, up from London Penny is a very pliant young lady.
I am sure you will enjoy her exploits. As usual please feel free to
use the receptacle on the round table for any deposits there are
plenty of  nibbles that need dipping. I wish you an enjoyable evening"

The talking stopped and Penny heard the whirring of a big projector.
She could imagine all those people watching film of her, and the gasps
of admiration from the audience as her exploits unfolded were enough
to make her blush. She hoped they didn't know it was her under the
mask as they watched the films of what she had done. For the first
five minutes there was hardly a sound but slowly she heard breathing
become laboured as people became excited then suddenly a hand caressed
her leg and rose steadily above her stocking tops. The hand was
she could feel the woman's nails as they traced the tops of her
stockings. "Geoffrey dear pass me a carrot stick" The upper class
voice attached to the hand said and Penny felt her skirt being lifted
and a cold wet piece of something hard was pushed into her cunt. Penny
gasped as it was twizzled around then withdrawn and she heard the
sound of the juice coated stick being chewed slowly "Mmmm very sweet"
said the same cultured voice, and immediately Penny felt more sticks
being slipped into her cunt. The feel of the carrot sticks was making
her wet and they slid in easier and easier until one woman pushed to
hard and the stick disappeared right inside her tube. "Oh dear, now
I'll have to fish it out" and Penny felt a long nailed finger slip
into her fanny and root around until it found the errant stick and
pinning it against the side of her now quite wet tube slowly withdraw
the vegetable. Penny hear the sound of a finger being sucked and could
imagine the woman sucking her cunt juice from a long slender manicured
digit. Around her the noise level was increasing as people began to
pass comment on the films they were watching. A male voice spoke "Look
at that slut go being fucked by two Kaffirs by Jove" and Penny knew
they were watching her on top of the Car Park. "Deirdre dear do come
her my darling" spoke the voice and Penny heard the sound of tearing
cloth as the man made contact with the woman of his choice. almost
immediately the room was a babble of voices as ladies and men called
for their choices to come to them and Penny heard the sound of Zips
being undone and squeals of pleasure as one woman or another was
enfolded into someone's arms. In front of her Penny heard a male ask
for the table to be freed and she was spun round, the whole table top
moving with her bound on top of it. "Open you mouth my dear" spoke the
voice that had asked for the table to be freed "and suck my johnny
whilst I watch this delectable whore being shafted" Penny obligingly
opened her mouth and felt a smooth cock being placed on her tongue,
hollowing her cheeks she sucked on the proffered organ as the man
describe to her the pictures he could see how the woman on top of the
Car Park was being shafted by a giant white man and two blacks and how
beautiful she looked lying there between them her mouth fastened on a
massive black cock. Penny felt his hands creep down to squeeze her
breasts as his cock twitched inside her mouth. suddenly his cock
jerked and spat a generous amount of sperm directly onto her tongue.
Penny was about to close her mouth to swallow when a female mouth
fastened over hers and she felt the spunk being licked out, and Penny
realised she wasn't supposed to swallow the sperm, she was the
condiment set.
Another prick immediately replaced the one that had left and another
deposit was made this time Penny kept her mouth open and let the spunk
pool inside her mouth. within a few seconds she felt a stick of celery
probing her mouth to scoop up the sticky, salty spunk. With a gurgle
of enjoyment whoever had just retrieved the spunk moved away and for a
couple of minutes Penny could hear nothing but the sound of bodies in
carnal embraces all around her. Women and men moaned and groaned their
way towards completion.

A voice suddenly raised itself above the general hubbub "Look at that,
up the tower" and all around her Penny heard the sound of silence as
all eyes in the room turned once more to the scream. Penny felt
herself blushing crimson red as she imagined all these people watching
her cunt drip spunk all over the glass of the 'leap of faith', then
her body was being assailed from both ends as someone pushed a cock
into her mouth and she felt another embedding itself not her cunt
tightening muscles at both ends she constricted around the organs as
the men at either end turned the table until they could both see. At
the side she felt someone climb onto the table and felt a woman's legs
straddle her back, riding her like  a horse the woman's sloppy wet
cunt was sliding up and down her back as the two cocks increased their
pace as she remembered how she had leant across the glass and dribbled
cum down her legs. "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful" said the voice
behind her, whether from the film or because of her cunt muscles
rippling up and down his cock Penny didn't know but whichever it was
seemed to have an effect she felt his cock removed and jet spurts of
cum all over her back. the woman riding her was sweeping the spunk up
and down her back with her sliding cunt and Penny could feel her
juices joining the spunk and just as the woman shuddered to a stop and
wailed her own orgasm Penny felt the cock in her mouth also removed
and jets of hot sperm splattered over the mask and dripped down her
face. People all round her now were passing comment on how much spunk
had dripped from her cunt on screen when another cock probed its way
between the outer lips of her fanny and rest there she could feel it
throbbing as though ready to come but nothing happened the man behind
it seemed to be waiting for something. His breathing was ragged and
his hands rested on her Ass cheeks and kneaded them like a cat when it
sits in your lap. Suddenly Penny heard the whistle of a whip and
tensed expecting it to crack down on her but instead with a grunt the
cock in her cunt jerked froward and she heard the man moan. It was him
being hit and every time the whip landed he jerked forward and gripped
her buttocks his cock seemed to grow with each lash until he was
stretching her cunt. Hidden in her mask Penny could only guess at the
scene behind as another cock invaded her face. Around her an almighty
roar filled the room with wild cheering, instinctively Penny knew the
film had reached the place where her piss was cascading down onto the
glass screen. Behind her the man groaned and his cock jerked, but it
wasn't spunk that flooded her fanny, instead she felt a stead stream
of piss invading her love tube steadily she felt herself being filled
until his cock still jerking backwards and forwards was gurgling and
slipping in and out of his own piss as it was forced back up her tubes
to drip onto the table between her legs. Penny felt him being moved
away to be replaced by a pair of feminine lips lapping at the piss as
it dribbled from her cunt. The tongue fluttered over Penny's labia,
tickling her clit. Tensing herself Penny knew she was about to cum,
and with a shudder of joy and a groan she added her own thick juices
to the stream of piss being ejected from her lips. Her involuntary
shaking as she came sent the cock in her mouth into overdrive and her
face was tipped up to accept its offering.
Again and again cocks were depositing their load in her mouth in an
almost endless stream they came to be replaced by carrot, celery or
asparagus tips to remove the sticky deposits. Penny's mouth was
becoming sore from being held open and despite herself she eventually
was forced to swallow. a stinging slap on the rump reminded her that
she wasn't allowed to eat any of the goodies herself and with grim
determination she held her mouth wide.
The sound of another tinkling bell and the room fell silent. Penny in
the dark waited for the next invasion of her body, but instead the
loudspeakers buzzed again and Penny heard with a sense of foreboding
the next announcement.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time to remind you all of the rules,
some of you haven't sampled the centre piece yet, but I am sure that
during the next section of film you will be driven to distraction, not
least because it displays the rape of Penny as she travels up the
prom, but also for your enlightenment as you will also witness how I
punish those that
abuse my girls unnecessarily"
To a general muttering Penny felt the table being dropped slightly and
her legs were repositioned so that her knees were forced even further
forward. She knew that now her puckered and as yet untouched Ass was
being displayed at a nice height for fucking, but no one moved forward
to touch her. The room stood in a hushed silence. Suddenly Penny's
ears could hear the sound of moaning and wheels? She couldn't work out
what was happening but then the loudspeakers blared again.
"Meet the miscreant that brutally raped MY Penny, and witness his
crime later he will be punished, but now watch as his crime unfolds"
"The centrepiece is their for your use, but remember I never like my
displays permanently marked"

Suddenly another sound filled the air. It was the sound of Penny
sobbing on top of the tram as she crouched down in the front of the
rumbling machine . With a flood the memories of that night filled her
mind, and Penny unable to stop herself began to shudder as the
memories of his brutal assault raced through her mind. She knew that
everyone was watching her abasement and as the first cock pressed
itself against her puckered Ass her mind remembered the pain of the
truncheon being forced into her cunt and her body shook. The cock at
her Ass pushed insistently forward and slowly forced its way into her
rectum, another cock was seeking her mouth and underneath her mask,
all alone in the dark Penny knew the men now assaulting her were
watching the film, as each of her screams echoed across the room the
two cocks moved in unison to her torment they fucked her, strong hands
gripped her hips as the man ravaging her anus timed his thrusts to
those of the rapist, whilst in her mouth she could feel the cock being
jerked of by someone's hand as the scene on the screen inflamed the
people around the room . She could hear, all around her the sounds of
frantic and brutal sex as men played out their fantasies on the
willing women. Moans and small screams filled the air as spurred on by
the sight of Penny being brutally sodomised on top of an open tram
inflamed all who watched it. As the scene reached its climax Penny
felt the hands gripping her hips tighten into steel claws as the cock
driven so deep into her Ass thrust as deep as possible and deposited
its load into her gaping shit tube. Immediately another replaced it
seeking her depths. Sliding through her cum laden tube the new cock
slurped and slithered its way towards her belly, unable to stop
herself Penny felt another orgasm approaching. Unable to beg for
release as yet another cock filled her mouth she squirmed and trembled
on the table. Hands were all over her now she felt a mouth fasten on
one nipple from beneath to be followed at the other side by a softer
one and she knew that a man and a woman were suckling on her tits.
Between her legs a hand reached for her slit and began rubbing her
clit whilst in her ass the latest in a series of never ending cocks
forced itself into her. Penny was in heaven at least five people were
using her body at the same time. Not only that but from the sounds
around her she sensed that each person that was using her was in turn
being used. The woman fastened to her tit was sucking irregularly and
gasping as someone shafted her cunt. Penny could feel her rocking
backwards and forwards at each thrust. The man fastened to her other
nipple sucked her tit deep into his mouth every second or two and bit
onto it gently. Penny could feel her whole aureole expanding to fill
his grasping mouth as she heard the sound of someone slurping on his
cock. Between her legs the hand at her cunt was now filling her
slippery tube as it was pushed backwards and forwards by some other
force and Penny assumed that this was a woman's hand and the woman was
probably bent over the table being shagged herself. during this Penny
had felt at least four cocks enter and leave their deposit in her Ass.
The sounds of the film were rising to a crescendo now and Penny knew
that everyone was watching her reaching her own climax under the
assault of the police bastard. Her tits flying in the wind as he had
forced her up and down on his cock. Her licking his plastic truncheon
clean of her own juices.
Suddenly everything stopped, the cock embedded in her cunt twitching
in her anus was the only movement Penny could feel. Slowly it was
withdrawn Penny alone again untouched in a silent room felt herself
being unstrapped. Gently she was lifted from the table and, on legs
cramped from being held in position for so long, led across the room.
Whispers around her let her know this was not normal, and as she felt
herself guided up a couple of steps and turned to face the audience of
hedonists she heard right by her side the voice that had echoed across
the loudspeakers. "Ladies and Gentleman, before you, you see a
miscreant who raped Penny my latest girl, hanging on his frame he now
regrets his impulsive action. you have just buggered my centrepiece
twelve times. Watch as your juices drip from her Ass." Penny felt
herself being turned again and under the mask flushed a deep crimson
as hands gently stretched her Ass cheeks so that everyone could see
the creamy fluids running down her legs to soak into the top of her
black stockings. As murmurs of appreciation rippled across the
assembly Penny was turned back to face the room
"This ladies and Gentleman is a body to be enjoyed and worshipped,
able to take almost unlimited punishment as you have seen, I want you
to put your hands together for ............ PENNY ..y...y.."
Her mask whipped from her face Penny stood blinking in the bright
lights and stared down at a sea of faces, as the room exploded into
thunderous applause, turning to finally look at the Master, Penny
couldn't believe her eyes there was no one there. alone on the stage
she stood and blushed as the cheers rumbled on. All around the room
men naked or dressed in tiny leather thongs, women dressed in every
sort of dream clothing you could imagine stood and applauded her,
until stepping up from the floor a tall man probably in his sixties
but very regal looking despite being naked with a fourteen inch cock
dangling between his legs took Penny's hand and led her towards the
far side of the room. There hanging spread-eagled his bollocks
stretched downwards toward the floor by the simple expedient of having
weights attached to a cord wound around his scrotum hung the rapist.
Watching Penny approach his mouth opened and another scream rent the
Handing Penny a whip the august gentleman stepped back and indicated
that Penny was free to do anything she wanted.
The trials and tribulations of the last few days welled up inside her
body and with a scream of anger she let rip. The lash hit him square
between the shoulder blades and a red welt sprang up where the lash
had fallen again and again Penny released her pent up anger, again and
again his body jerked as the lash bit deep. Al around her she could
see the hedonists their sexual appetites aroused fornicating in one
fashion or another but she didn't care, she would make the bastard
pay. his back was now criss-crossed with welts and Penny turned and
looked around the room. There on a table she saw what she wanted and
striding across she picked up a small glass bottle. Moaning on his
gantry the policeman begged as she approached him, but to roars of
approval from the crowd Penny administered another torture to the man.
As she used the bottles contents and rubbed them into his wounds his
body jerked and unable to prevent himself his cock jerked as he pissed
himself then uncontrollably his anus expelled line after line of shit
as his body wracked with pain underwent an excruciating spasm. Penny
with grim determination threw the Salt cellar to one side and scooped
up his shit coating his back with the brown mess she rubbed it into
his wounds then in a final act of degradation she forced some into his
mouth and laughed as he gagged on the foul brown food. Still not
satisfied Penny picked up the whip again and spreading his ass cheeks
drove it handle first deep into his unprepared anus with a scream of
horror the man jerked and bounced on his cross as to finally finish
her revenge Penny looked around and gently jerked on the weights. The
entire room turned to watch as Penny fingering her own clit in a sense
of total abandonment signalled six of the men to come forward and as
each watched the jerking man on the cross his cock solid in his hand
told them to  wanked their rampant members onto her outstretched hand.

Covered in spunk she lifted her hand to the man's face and made him
the spunk from her fingers then Penny turned and as she wailed her own
sexual release she gripped his balls and ....SQUEEZED.
With an unearthly scream his body arched
against the restraints the man frothed at the mouth and fell forward
senseless on his cross his scrotum jerking the weights up and down as
his shattered balls sent their messages of pain to his unconscious
body. Penny turned and as everyone watched she stalked among the crowd
selecting a cock her e and a cock there she took six men with her to
the centre table. Pushing one back onto the table she mounted above
him and slowly lowered her Ass onto his waiting rod. Ever since
watching Mabel in the Stables Penny had thought how to deal with six
men at once and now she was going to do it. In front of an audience of
nearly fifty people she was going to get six men to come all over and
inside her at the same time. Waiting for his cock to settle deep
inside her still flooded shit hole Penny signalled the next man to get
ready then lowering herself backwards she spread her glistening cunt
lips and suggested he might like to fuck her slit. With a grin of
anticipation he stepped froward and slowly impregnated her waiting
cunt with his cock. A good ten inches long and thick it ploughed into
her cunt. As used as she had been she felt her tube forced to stretch
to accommodate him. As his crotch hairs finally settled against her
clit she shuddered and had a mini orgasm, but the man stood still and
waited. Tipping her head back Penny accepted the cock offered to her
mouth and adjusting her tilt made sure that when the fun started she
would be able to accommodate all of this dong when the time came. Next
a man mounted her chest and positioned himself between her breasts.
With glee Penny noticed that one aureole was still larger than the
other after the sucking it had been given earlier but her nipples were
so swollen that the man touching them made her gasp as pleasure swept
through her body. The final act Penny reached out sideways and gripped
a cock in each hand.
Giving her final instructions that they were to all try to cum at the
same time she signalled her readiness for them to begin.
Slowly at first, matching their strokes to each other they started to
fuck the willing slut. Moaning with pleasure Penny felt her body come
alive, every nerve jangled, every fibre of her body felt as though it
was on fire as together six manly organs began to ravage her body.
Up her Ass. in her cunt, between her swollen breasts they thundered
only the man at her head kept still, gently wanking his cock he
watched as Penny reached for her first climax. Her body jerking
between the five cocks she already controlled she started to babble
her lust to the watching crowd "I'm a cum slut fill me up you
bastards, shag me, fuck me wank all over me" the men responded by
moving faster, and between them female hands reached in to tickle her
clit, and rub her nipples. Penny exploded she had never felt like this
before. As at least nine people surrounded her, her vision clouded her
eyes swam with nothing but swirling colours as a woman's nails gripped
a nipple and another scratched across her clit her body jerked up from
the table. "Mouth, mouth,  mouth" she heard herself mutter, and the
last cock slid deftly into place preventing her from saying any more.
six cocks pounded all around her she could feel them one by one they
signalled they were ready to release their seed, but each held back as
in her Ass the man beneath the pile struggled to reach his own climax.
Her hands around the two cocks were being held to prevent her jacking
them to completion the man in her mouth held his cock just inside her
mouth, and the one between her tits let them fall slightly apart. just
the man in her Ass was thrusting into her now trying to find his
release, suddenly Penny felt a female hand slip between the cock
invading her lower body to grip his shaft and speed up his final act.
"Oh! baby squeeze my balls" he moaned then with a grunt of pent up
frustration she felt his cock shudder. "Now!" shouted the man at her
cunt, and Penny left the earth as immediately all the cocks thrust
deep inside her, fingers gripped her nipples and clit and she flew
into the realms of total sexual release her body climbed as all around
her people watched this slut give a demonstration of cock handling
like they had never seen before. As one six jerking monsters flooded
her with spunk. The man in her throat sent seed spiralling down into
her belly whilst the man between her tits yelled his release and
sprayed her chin, tits and face with his cum. Between her legs two
deeply embedded hoses filed her tubes and in her hands two more sent
jet after jet spraying across her body. As one they left her. Her
spent body being lifted from the man underneath her to release him
before being deposited back onto the table. Moaning from her
cataclysmic release Penny thought it was all over, but women from the
crowd moved forward and lifting her legs they sent her screaming back
towards heaven. One licking her cunt and ass slit probed and stretched
both open to drink as much of the cum oozing out as she could, another
vying for the best bit attacked her clit from above whilst two more
licked their way over her torso removing every bit of the spunk that
covered her before sucking her nipples into their mouths and suckling
them to rampant peaks of fire. Penny moaned and groaned as her body
was wracked with spasm after spasm of electricity. Like waves it
coursed through her, until clean and spent she was left only her face
still covered in cum.

Lying unmoving on the table her cunt and anus still flexing and moving
as if still impaled she lay there spent. From amongst the crowd a lady
stepped. Imperious in her nakedness she moved to Penny's side and
leaning sedately forward she extended her tongue and with everyone
watching slowly removed every drop of spunk from Penny's face and fed
it dripping into her moaning mouth . The satiated girl's head rose
from the table to meet the proffered offering and slowly their mouths
met. Penny felt the woman's fingers slide into her slippery cunt and
as the older stately woman french kissed her Penny felt the fire
return. The old biddies finger were coated with the special cream.
This time though there was no pain only the gradual increase in her
desires as the cream began work. From her cunt the finger slipped and
Penny felt them sliding down her crack towards her stretched ass with
a groan she heaved it upward to allow the woman entry and as the long
tapered fingers found their mark Penny shuddered to a cataclysmic
orgasm of such proportions that she sucked the still probing tongue
inside her mouth like a cock and felt her cunt flare as her body rose
once again to the heights.

Standing back the woman declared that Penny was now ready. She was
sure the darling would enjoy the next act, and perhaps everyone would
like to move back and give her room as now was the time for her to
prepare to meet his lordships best.

Penny her mind fuddled allowed herself to be moved from the table and
led without resistance into another room. Here she was left on her own
with only her raging cunt for company as the cream began to do its
Looking around her Penny was surprised to see that the room only had
two pieces of furniture. The sumptuous chair she was sitting on and a
small article that looked like a foot stool except that the sides were
too high and the seat too rounded. Every wall, including the ceiling
appeared to be sheets of mirror glass her reflection bounced back from
every quarter Penny sat and took stock of herself. Bedraggled, and
unkempt her stockings torn and her dress covered in so many stains she
knew it would never be fit to wear again she stood there slowly
turning. Her body still inflamed from the fucking she had just
received looked radiant. Her cunt still dripped small amounts of cum
onto the carpeted floor. Looking down penny was surprised everything
else about this room spoke of decadence and opulence but the carpet
was cheap cord and in places looked as though it had been cut with a
knife. just as she began to wonder why the door opened and a footman
entered pushing a dolly on which was a lovely long silk evening dress,
complete with bra and pants to match. The shimmering dress was
gorgeous and Penny watched as the man poured steaming water into a
bowl and offered her a small tray containing cosmetics and hair
implements. "The Master requests that you spruce yourself up madam.
best will be arriving soon and he wants you to be ready to meet them"
Puzzled by his statement Penny innocently asked "Who are his best?"
The footman with a grin from ear to ear suggested that the sooner she
had cleaned up the sooner she would find out, but suggested that "The
Master always requires you to attend with your fanny uncleaned Madam
and suggests the douche is only used upon your rear orifice" and left.
Puzzled Penny began her ablutions , and using the hot water cleaned
herself thoroughly using the large syringe that was on the tray to
douche her Ass, until the water ran clear. then sitting
alone she made her face up and tidied her hair before finally dressing
herself in the lovely garments that had been left for her. There was
even a diamond necklace and tiara sitting underneath the dress, and
placing them on Penny looked at herself in the mirrors and felt that
perhaps she had died and gone to heaven for now she looked every bit
the princess. Just as she finished the footman returned. Gawped at
Penny, and whistled low "My God miss you are really gorgeous. his
lordships best will have a great time meeting you".
Penny enquire about the fact that no shoes had come with the dress but
the footman explained that in this room no footwear was ever worn, and
once again excusing himself left without a further word. He collected
up her old clothes and the placing them on the dolly with the rest of
the bits and pieces he had brought in before left the room. Penny sat
demurely and waited. Eventually the efforts of the last few hours
overtook her and she fell into a fitful doze. In her sleep she dreamt
prince after prince filing before her as she sat on high,  and smiled
down at the best his lordship could provide...........................

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 8 - His Lordships Best
Penny woke with a start, to find Mrs Growel tutting like a mother hen
about the room. "Sorry dear" the kindly housekeeper muttered "but the
Master insist you prepare to meet his best, you've been asleep for
nearly three hours you know and the guests are becoming impatient."
Smiling indulgently at Penny the old woman produced another pot of
cream and insisted in the most polite way that she remove her clothes
so that they weren't spoilt as the cream was worked into Penny's skin.
Like a child losing her candy Penny reluctantly handed over the dress
and underwear. Standing there naked she had a feeling that she was
being watched, but put it down to the fact that the Master was
probably filming her even now. She had given up trying to work out how
he did it, and just accepted that he was able to watch her every move.
Mrs Growel knelt before her and gently smoothed cream over her pubic
mound then with an apology inserted her finger liberally coated with
cream into Penny's cunt. Immediately Penny felt the effects, her
muscular walls tightened around the housekeepers finger and Penny felt
the first gentle wave of sexual tension building. Blushing a bright
red Mrs Growel told Penny she had to "Do her back door too."
Penny turned and leant forward against the glass exposing her anus for
the housekeepers probing finger, with a shudder as it entered Penny
felt immediate sensations coursing through her body. Mrs Growel
noticing her body's tension explained this was a special strength kept
only for girls that were allowed to meet his lordships best. The
administration of the unguent finally completed Penny turned back
round with difficulty as her lower body inflamed to fever pitch by the
cream was betraying her appear calm and collected. "There, there my
dear" cooed Mrs Growel as she pasted a dollop on each of Penny's
breasts this will make them stand nice and proud. The Master likes his
best to be excited when they meet a girl for the first time"
Penny thought that whoever his lordships best were they would surely
get a good time with her as her nipples hardened and her aureoles
filled with blood until they puffed out like a young teenager just
budding into womanhood, her cunt and ass were literally on fire with
lust as Mrs Growel assisted her to get dressed again. Finally looking
resplendent again in her silk dress Penny looked at herself in the
mirror and wondered if every haughty lady she had ever seen gliding
coldly along was boiling beneath her slinky skirts the same way she
was now.
"All right dear, your done now. I'll let the Master know" said Mrs
Growel and picking up the cream jar she left the room.
As she left Penny noticed that there was no handle on the door this
side, in fact someone had opened it for her as she approached it.
Penny moved to where she knew the door was but no sign of it could be
seen. All Penny could see was her own reflection in the mirrors and
there was no sign of the doors existence at all.
Turning back into the room she walked all round it nowhere was there
any sign of an exit. She knew there were at least two doors because on
this wall was the entrance she had been brought in by, and that wall
over their held the door used by Mrs Growel and the footman, but Penny
couldn't see them.
Moving around had caused her heated cunt to begin itching and she sat
on the chair and absentmindedly began to rub her hand over the mound
of her pubis. that made her feel a little better but the itching in
her anus was becoming unbearable she wanted to tear off the dress and
plunge her own fingers into the fiery hole to relieve herself, but
afraid that the Master was probably watching her she sat as still as
she could and squirmed on the chair.
Five, ten minutes? Penny didn't know how long she waited but every now
and then she thought she heard a chair scrape nearby, or a cough, but
unable to see anything she assumed the sound was echoing down one of
the long passageways.
Standing once more she moved towards the wall where she had seen Mrs
Growel leave and inspected the mirrored surface again. Inspecting it
closely and absorbed in  her work she didn't hear the click of the
panel opening and into the room quietly came his lordships best. Penny
inspecting the glass wall suddenly saw, reflected in the glass, the
four moving shapes as they glided into the room and spread out
watching the figure in white silk stood before them. Whirling Penny
pressed herself back against the cold glass, and with a gasp of fear
stared at the advancing bodies. Each one must have weighed about eight
stone, and on their beautiful muscled frames were heads with dark
brown eyes which studied her intently, but most unnerving of all was
the way they drooled as they inspected the beautifully dressed but
horrified girl trembling before them.

Penny, recovering from the shock, watched unmoving as the largest
moved steadily towards her. The way his muscles moved reminded her of
the rippling of water. Finally standing right in front of her he
buried his nose deep into her crotch driving the silken dress upwards
against her cream inflamed lips. Penny screamed, and lashed out at him
with her foot.
Immediately he jumped backwards a puzzled look on his face. Then
raising his head to stare at her frightened face he growled.

Penny had never seen a full grown Foxhound before and the sight of his
teeth barred choked the next scream in her throat to a whisper. The
dog moved forward again and plunged his nose once more into Penny's
crotch, she tried to move away but he followed her his nostrils
flaring as he scented her growing tension. Suddenly he growled again
and Penny froze whimpering against the glass, with a snap of his jaws
she felt his teeth graze her thighs and grip the silk of the dress.
shaking his massive head the beast backed away from Penny and she felt
herself being dragged away from the wall, into the middle of the room.
Despite her pleas of "go..od dog, leave it boy"  he continued to pull
at the bunch of dress held in his strong white teeth, just as Penny
reached the centre of the room an extra strong tug forced the
stretched cloth to part and Penny felt the lower front panel of the
dress tear away. With a toss of his head the hound sent the piece of
cloth flying across the room where the three subordinate dogs worried
and tore at the cloth. Penny watched in dismay as they tore the cloth
to bits then turned their gaze once more upon her.
In front of her the slavering beast now stared at her tiny panties and
with an intensity that terrified her moved forward again his drooling
tongue licking his lips as his nose crinkled and snuffled her scent.
Once again Penny backed away from the beast as his slavering tongue
approached her crotch. Backing away Penny could do nothing but stare
at his gleaming white teeth and imagining them buried into the tops of
her creamy thighs begged and pleaded with the beast " No, please
stop... Go away... nice dog"  tears streaming down her face she tried
to keep her hands in front of her to protect her sensitive fanny from
his mouth. With deliberate steps he forced her backwards, a 'grin'
crossing his face as he smelt her sex, and his tongue lolled even
further from his mouth and raising his head he howled. Penny frozen to
the spot by the outlandish noise echoing around the room pissed
herself from fear, and felt her waters squirting around the edges of
the tiny silk knickers, dribbling down her thighs the terrified girl
whimpered for release from this devil dog that she was sure was going
to tear her limb from limb.
Unknown to Penny another of the dogs had circled behind her and as she
desperately begged the beast in front of her, her quavering voice
sobbing  "Good doggie, nice dog..gie" in a vain attempt to avert the
impending attack. It grabbed at the back of her dress and pulled, with
a shriek of fear Penny jumped forward, straight into the waiting nose
of the leader, and her legs buckled as his black cold organ drove
harshly into her piss soaked cunt. The dog behind retired with its
prize, the whole of Penny's dress had been torn from her body, and
dressed only in piss soaked pants and a silk bra she stood impaled on
the growling dogs probing nose. To terrified to move she stood stock
still as he smelt her crotch and tentatively licked her with his
tongue. Enjoying the taste he lashed at her thighs and crotch removing
the piss still dribbling from her terrified cunt. Finishing cleaning
her dribbling fluids the dog turned his attention once more to her
knickers and gripping the cloth gently in between two teeth began to
pull, Hoping to gain a respite as he worried the sodden cloth Penny
pushed them down her legs and kicked them off, but his intention was
not the smell that emanated from her pants but the cream dribbling
from her cunt. Once again he advanced and pinning Penny against the
glass wall drove his tongue deep into her cunt. She screamed as she
felt his teeth graze her pubic mound but could do nothing as his
probing tongue tried to remove every vestige of the cream from her
swollen twat. It was all to much, the feeling of his canine tongue up
her sensitive tube and the sight of the other dogs circling behind him
gave Penny new strength, she pushed him away and as he tried to return
she hit him hard on top of the head. As he stood shaking his head in
disbelief she ran to the glass wall and pounding on the mirror
screamed to be released from this hell hole to be saved from this
torment, her terrified pleas echoing around and around the room. Penny
heard a click in the far wall and turning to run to the door she was
sure would open stood in disbelief as instead the whole mirror wall
slid to one side to expose a sheet of crystal clear glass, the other
side of which sat every person (Except the policeman rapist) that had
been in the large room earlier. Scanning the faces, full of lust Penny
finally realised that she had met his lordships finest. His finest
four Foxhounds.

The sight of so many people intent on watching her molestation by the
dogs was too much for poor Penny, with a wail of despair she collapsed
to her knees and waited head bowed for the next assault. She didn't
have long to wait the lead hound recovering from the shock of the blow
to the head approached he from the rear and once again drove his long
tongue into the crack between her cheeks, with a wail of fear Penny
was pushed forwards onto her hands as his tongue lapped up and down
her crack searching out the stimulant cream so adroitly placed there
earlier by Mrs Growel. Further and further forward Penny was pushed
until with a groan she toppled forward onto the floor his tongue was
now probing her anus trying to remove the last of the cream from her
back passage. In an attempt to protect herself from this attack Penny
rolled onto her back. Immediately the dog smelt the one remaining
place where the smell of the cream was strong and leaping forward he
buried his face into Penny's chest. The sobbing girl felt his tongue
slip under the cup of her bra to slither over her engorged breasts,
with a moan she felt her body arch up from the floor as this new
assault, on her distended aureoles and nipples sent waves of
pleasurable feelings throbbing through her terrified body. from one
breast to the other the dogs tongue moved without stopping
Penny's cries of fear slowly gave way to moans of desire as the
lapping tongue, rasping over her sensitised breasts began to have the
effect intended when the cream was first applied.
His leader otherwise occupied another of the dogs began attending to
Penny's cunt. his nose buried between her legs his tongue lapping at
her exposed labia he was intent on getting his share. Penny sobbing
once more from fear as she felt this new assault tried to pull her
legs away from his invading tongue, only to feel it worm up her Ass.
She tried to push her legs straight again but his muscular shoulders
were stopping her in desperation she kicked out only to hear him growl
and she felt his teeth fasten around her leg. Frozen with fear she lay
there as the dog carefully moved her leg to one side then returned and
using the same technique stretched her other leg wide. totally exposed
Penny's cunt once again became the subject of his tongue but now he
wasn't licking for the cream a new taste was driving him on. his
ministrations, and the fear that he was about to bite her had made
Penny piss herself again. the hound at her tits sensed the new smell
and barking at the other dog drove him away then circling Penny he
drew his lips back exposing all his teeth and crawled between her legs
to the site of the fresh aroma. Sobbing Penny lay there as he wormed
his tongue right up her cunt and as the last drops of her wetness fell
upon his tongue she saw his haunches bunch and he stood staring into
her eyes. With wonder Penny watched as his cock burst from its sheath
and sprang to between his front legs. His massive paws prodded and
pushed her. Trying to shuffle away Penny was stopped with a growl and
the dog prodded her again with his paw. Slowly it dawned on Penny what
the hound expected and she rolled onto her stomach. The dog moved
forward and nipped her buttocks a terrified Penny didn't understand
and wailed her fear to the watching crowd, until the dog pushed his
nose under her cunt and levered her upwards, sobbing with fear Penny
realised he was trying to position her like a bitch and rose onto her
hands and knees, her breast dangling beneath her she waited for his
Now he had her in position he was in no hurry and his tongue returned
to its work. As the rough, long projectile buried itself first in her
cunt and then deep into her anus Penny felt the familiar tingles of
sexual arousal in her own limbs and sobbing from shame that her body
should put on such a display she pushed backwards onto the waiting
dogs tongue. Immediately she felt him step forward his paws coming
either side of her waist and in between her legs she felt his cock
tremble as he tried to line it up on her juicy hole. Once , twice the
quivering tip failed to connect, and growling at Penny he pushed
again. Unable to find the hole he wanted so much the dog nipped her
shoulders and Penny's head was forced to the floor pushing her Ass
high into the air and exposing both holes to the dogs attack. This
time he connected and Penny screamed as his cock buried itself into
her snatch. With her face buried into the floor her taut breasts were
being ground backwards and forwards across the rough carpet eventually
she felt the bra give way and her sensitised breast spilled out to rub
across the coarse matting. With groans of delight the girl abandoned
herself to the dog. his cock embedded deep inside her was jerking and
flexing inside her cunt tube when she felt his body tremble and, with
an extra loud whine, his seed began to pour into her. Penny remembered
Michelle's comment about the amounts a dog could shoot and was forced
to believe her friend as for nearly a minute his trembling hips sent
jet after jet of spunk furrowing toward her belly. Like the Alsatians
the girls had talked about his knot, once he had finished dwindled
almost immediately and he left her easily. loping of to the other side
of room he flopped down and watched as Penny crawled toward the low
stool, now she understood its purpose, the padded stool was to provide
a stable platform for whoever was being fucked by the dogs, preventing
them from falling and perhaps injuring one of his lordships prized
hounds. Placing herself over the cushioned curve Penny waited as the
second dog circled around her. As he moved in front of her and licked
her face she reached up and held his neck, pulling him sideways on
Penny reached under his belly and tickled his black sheath, almost
immediately she felt the  pointed tip of his cock pop out of its
protective sheath and holding it in her hand she pulled him forwards
until he stood squarely in front of her and wanking it gently watched
as inch after inch of his angry red cock crept out of the sheath.
Finally it appeared to stop growing and Penny watching it buck in her
hands noticed a globule of pre-cum form on the tip. Her body now on
fire, she wanted to find out if doggy cum tasted as good as a man's
and pushed her head under his flank and sticking out her tongue licked
at the slender tip. A heady aroma filled her nostrils as the drop grew
to become a dollop resting like a spoonful of cream on her tongue.
Rolling her tongue back into her mouth she savoured the taste. Penny
wanted more, sod those bastards out there she'd show them how a really
good whore could act. Tickling his belly Penny coaxed the dog to lie
down and rolled him until he was on his back beneath her. Then holding
his exposed balls in one hand she used the other to lift his throbbing
cock to her mouth and quite deliberately smiled at the watching
audience as she sucked it deep into her throat. Her cheeks hollowed as
she increased the suction on his flexing shaft. At her exposed  rear
another of the hounds made his presence felt. Penny had no intention
of leaving her cock sucking and reached back to grab the cock trying
to find her hole. as the dog moved up to straddle her hips she guided
it towards the one hole as yet unexplored. The dog didn't seem to mind
where she placed his member and with a growl of doggy joy he unleashed
a savage thrust which sent his thick if pointed rod deep into Penny's
Ass. with a grunt she accommodated him then left him to fuck her back
door, as she turned her attention once again to the dog lying on the
floor in front of her. Once again her mouth enfolded him and she
sucked his cock deep inside her mouth. As her cheeks hollowed the dog
whimpered and Penny wanked his long shaft whilst gently  squeezing his
balls. She felt them constrict in her hands and increasing the
friction on his shaft she kept his spunk from shooting forward whilst
lifting her mouth away from the tip. Holding her open mouth above his
twitching knob she released her grip and skilfully milked his cock.
Plumes of pent up spunk flew up to cover her face, splashing over her
hair and dripping from her nose strings of dog cum created a
glittering counterpoint to the diamond necklace. As his spurts
diminished Penny caught more and more in her mouth. Each time turning
to the watching crowd and letting them watch it sliding down her
throat. At her rear the other dog was whining pitifully as his thrusts
pounded into her rectum each thrust driving him deeper and deeper.
Leaving the dog still stretched out before her she reached back and
cradled his wobbling bollocks as he finally embedded all two foot of
his turgid tool into her Ass. Penny screamed her own release as his
cock finally managed to send its load crashing up her ass. Penny was
sure that he must have delivered at least a pint of sticky cum  into
her shit hole before he too withdrew exhausted and plonked himself
down to recover on the floor.
The last dog trotted forward but Penny now master of the situation
snarled a stay command at him and the low ranking hound obeyed. With
as much aplomb as she could muster Penny rose from her prone position
and with sluttish pride exposed her battered Ass to the watching
Holding it open she stretched her gaping shit hole as wide as she
could so that they could watch the doggy spunk dribbling from her
tender anus. As it dribbled down her thighs she scooped it off, and
licking it from her hands let the hedonists sat outside observe the
way her tongue lifted it and slid it to the back of her mouth before
letting it slide down her waiting gullet.

Then picking up the only thing in the room she could find to write
with... Dog cum, she wrote backward son the glass screen.

"Is there any cunt out there brave enough to join me"

Watching the reaction of the people outside, she waited. It was
obvious that most of the people were highly aroused, men wanked their
cocks and women played with their own cunts. No one had turned their
heads away from the sight of Penny being ravaged by the hounds now
each sat intent on their own release. Slowly it dawned on the crowd
that Penny hadn't just smeared the glass but that she had written
something and she could see them trying to decipher the words written
on the glass with spunk which was rapidly turning into a clear liquid.
Suddenly with a hiss the mirror wall slid back into place and Penny
was left alone again with three spent dogs and one lowly one waiting
patiently to do his mistresses bidding.

After about a minute the wall once more whispered itself away and
Penny looked out on the sea of faces. Would anyone take up her offer?

A hidden speaker in the corner clicked on and she heard the Masters
voice "Penny one or two of the ladies here are swooning at the
thought, but since they are guests you will have to ensure they are
not harmed"
Penny glowered at the tiny speaker but realising that it probably
worked both ways turned to face the watching crowd. "Put your fucking
hands up you bitches if you think you can make it with a real dog?"
Out in the crowd most women turned away and hid their eyes but four
finally let their hands creep up to indicate the desires that Penny
was sure they all felt. Peering through the glass she pointed out two,
and told them they would need to strip completely before coming in.
Watching them disrobe Penny called over the lead dog and taking the
fourth and the lead in hand she began to wank their cocks until they
were excited again. Penny intended to have some fun with the stuck up
bitches when they came in and wanted the dogs ready.

Finally the two women appeared by the door and Penny eyed them up and
down. One a willowy blond was stood laconically waiting as though
entering a room to be molested by a dog was an everyday event. Nearly
five foot ten tall her breasts were quite small but firm and Penny
watching her haughty expression decided there and then that this bitch
would leave screaming for more if she had to fuck her herself to make
the cold cunt react. The other woman was a different kettle of fish
all together, a dark haired, dark skinned woman probably of Italian
descent her olive skin already coated with the sweat droplets of
anticipation, hopping from foot to foot her short , slightly
overweight body was trembling, he tongue running round and round her
lips as she watched the dogs. Penny watched her large tits jiggling as
she hopped about and wondered if it was possible for a dog to tit fuck
a woman, well she would soon find out.

Moving between the dogs and the door, she called into the speaker
again. " You better put some cream on them I don't want the dogs
upsetting by strange smells". From nowhere Mrs Growel appeared and
winking through the glass at Penny made the two women lean forwards
and spread liberal amounts of the cream onto their lower regions and
into their exposed holes. immediately  the shorter woman's face
betrayed her inner feelings as the cream began to work her jaw dropped
and she moaned her hands flying to her itching cunt she played with
herself the taller woman however was trying to ignore the sensation of
the cream and apart from a slight tensing of her leg muscles gave no
indication that it was affecting her. A footman stepped froward and
the door, still invisible except for the handle on the outside opened.
Penny quickly ushered the two women inside and placing them with
their back against the wall, so that everyone could see their buttocks
flattened against the glass she led forward the two dogs. Placing the
leader his swollen cock still jutting out between his front legs in
front of Miss haughty she waited just long enough for him to catch the
scent of the cream then left to take the lowest ranked dog towards the
other waiting woman.
The dog took one sniff at the waiting dark skinned cunt of the shorter
and buried his nose into her crotch, with a wail of delight she spread
her cunt lips to allow him access and Penny stood back to watch as she
thrust her pelvis forward to allow him access to her love tube, and
groaned happily as he probed her cunt with his tongue. Leaving her to
her enjoyment Penny turned to watch the other woman, cornered by the
powerful leader she was trying to keep her legs closed, but his
insistent poking was forcing her up onto her toes, her back pressed
tight against the glass. Seeing Penny coming towards him he growled,
fearing he was going to lose his treat, but Penny stood well back and
started to give the blond woman instructions if she wanted to leave
with her cunt in one piece. Penny told her to open her legs, as
otherwise he would snap at her thighs. With a low moan the blond let
her legs open a shade, the dog sensed his opportunity an drove his
nose into the welcoming area from which the smell was emanating.
thoughtlessly the blond jerked her legs shut catching the hounds snout
between her thighs. He backed of and barked at her, then snarled
showing all his teeth. The blond fear in her eyes pressed herself even
tighter against the glass. With the dark woman cooing and moaning in
ecstasy behind her Penny concentrated on the haughty, but frightened
bitch. "Let him in or he will attack you" she snapped at the woman
"what on earth did you come in for if you didn't want him" the woman
turned to her with tears dripping down her face and said her husband
had insisted she enter to prove she loved him. Now all she wanted to
do was leave. "Sorry" said Penny but if you try to leave he'll tear
you apart, stand still now and we'll move you to where you'll be more
comfortable and moving in front of the vicious looking hound she
ordered him back. He moved about an inch and Penny screamed at him to
back off, reluctantly the dog withdrew, but all the time his eyes were
on the blond. He knew where his treat was and he had no intention of
relinquishing his prize. Slowly keeping herself between the dog and
the sobbing woman Penny moved her towards the little stool. Then
screaming a the dog to sit she lay the blond backwards over the stool
her arched back forced her pubic region forward and Penny told her no
matter what she mustn't close her legs again as she wouldn't be able
to control him once he got another whiff of the cream's scent.
Choking back her sobs the now distraught woman signalled she
and Penny let him move forward. Tentatively he nosed towards her cunt
his tongue flicking over the exposed lips. Although she shivered she
didn't try to move her legs away and getting bolder the hound buried
his nose once more into her waiting snatch, slurping and licking the
dog was forcing half his snout into her cunt as he reached for the
last drop of cream. despite the blonde's fears the dog's attack had
affected her internal mechanisms and her cunt fluttered open to allow
him access, her lubricating juices flowing to let him probe deeper and
deeper into her sensitive chute As she watched Penny saw the groaning
blonde's nipples harden and her small but perfect breasts fill with
blood as his constant barrage stimulated the walls of her
cunt. Realising that both dog and woman would be alright now she
her attention back to the darker woman. Still with a dog licking her
fanny she was groaning towards an orgasm her hands grasping and
ungrasping around her giant tits, no longer wobbling they were rock
hard and
as Penny watched her nipples already engorged seemed to grow even
further, and from each trickled a steady stream of milk as she tugged
on them and whimpered her way to release. Her orgasm made her wobble
and the dog sensing something was changing stepped back and looked at
her with quizzical eyes . The dog noticed the liquid running down her
belly and as dogs will, licked at it, finding it to his liking he
reared up and placing a paw either side of the woman went straight to
the source, lapping at her nipples he caused a fresh burst of milk to
erupt, and the woman gasping for breath held her breasts out to him.
Penny signalled two of the men in the front row to crouch on the floor
and, kneeling herself, she guided the dogs cock into the wide open
cunt of the wailing woman.
Sensing his cock embedded in a hot tube the dogs instinct took over
and whilst still licking the milk from her breast he started to hump
at her love tunnel. Her eyes closed the brunette moaned and groaned as
she matched him thrust for thrust, and let her cunt swallow his
pistoning rod.
Penny turned her attention back to the other side of the room to find
the blond writhing on the big dog's tongue as he finished of the last
of the cream in her cunt, and began to try and reach her hidden anus,
with an evil sense of enjoyment Penny knelt above the blonde's flushed
face and lifting her feet drew the slender bitches legs right back
until the brown ring of her puckered  Ass was totally exposed. With
one lunge the dog's tongue disappeared inside her still tight shit
hole  and as she screamed and writhed Penny lowered her own cunt,
still coated with dog cum onto the haughty blonde's open mouth. "Lick
me you bitch" hissed Penny as at the other end the dog licked his
The blond unable to do anything for fear of being bitten tentatively
pressed her mouth against Penny's cunt, but releasing one of her feet
Penny reached between her own legs and spread the lips of her own cum
soaked cunt wide, and drove them down onto the unwilling woman's
tongue. "Come on you slut, drink some cunt juice" yelled Penny as she
frigged her fanny until dribbles of her own juice, mixed with stale
dog seed dripped into the woman's captured mouth.  Unable to do
anything but comply the woman sucked and gurgled as more and more of
the captive spunk dripped down to fill her mouth. Meanwhile the dog
tonguing her Ass was reaching the end of his supply of cream and began
to think of other things.
Penny reached over and pulled him towards her then guided his rampant
cock into the entrance of the struggling woman's cunt. Lifting his
legs she positioned him over the wailing woman and smearing some of
her cunt cream over the tart's little tits she stood up. The woman
looked at the hound licking avidly at her small but tight tits and
groaned in anguish, but he didn't care his cock was embedded in a
tight tube and now his body took over, growling at her he humped her
cunt, his cock sinking deeper and deeper as he move up her body until
finally embedded as deep as he could go he started to lick the salty
tears from her face, whilst his cock pounded into her cunt.
Back with the others Penny carefully disengaged the young dog from the
brunette and helping her to stand on legs that had sustained her
through three orgasms, led the gasping woman to lie on the floor with
her head resting against that of the blond then positioning the dog's
cock between her massive tits she tickled his balls and was overjoyed
to see the brunette clutching her breasts together to fasten them
around his pistoning cock. He'd never had a fuck like this before his
balls being tickled and squeezed whilst his cock pistoned between two
rock hard globes of fleshy resistance, and with a howl of release he
sent his spunk flying. as Penny had hoped with him being kept on edge
for so long his spunk flew right over the brunettes head and landed
squarely on top of the blond. with a scream of surprise she squirmed
as the first jolt of red hot spunk landed across her face and chest.
The dog above her growled at the interruption and then pumped even
harder as the scent of another dog's cum reached his nostrils. Again
and again the young dog's spunk cleared the brunette, despite her
attempts to fasten her mouth around his flexing tool, until in
desperation she grabbed his cock and folded it down into her mouth.
Then with a gargled grunt of joy she drank every drop of spunk that
the poor animal could produce. Finished he ambled away leaving the
brunette lying on the floor frigging herself as lust overtook her.
Calling up the second dog Penny made her turn onto her hands and
knees, and then sitting in front of the cock hungry slut she forced
her head down and her ass up until the dog could mount her. As his
cock slipped past her puckered sphincter the swarthy woman lost in her
own world of spunk and fucking sensed Penny's cunt only inches in
front of her face and edged forward to sink her tongue into Penny's
waiting slit. With a groan of pleasure she began to tongue Penny and
reaching forward she grabbed Penny's buttocks and pulling her onto her
mouth ground her lips against Penny's still engorged clit. Unable to
prevent herself Penny rocketed skyward the feeling of the woman's
rubbery lips sucking and rubbing over her clitoris was too much and
she descended into a lump of blubbering fuck fodder her cunt streaming
cum juice as she came again and again. Lost in her own release, being
sucked of by a woman whose ass was being ravaged by a dog Penny
completely forgot about the blond. Her eyes staring sightlessly toward
the ceiling the haughty bitch had reached a zenith of her own, lying
there being raped by a dog she had seen a glowing cock out the corner
of her eye and without thinking she had accepted the proffered red
organ. too late she realised this was also a dog and now the third dog
was shagging her face, his cock had slipped past the entrance to her
throat and as she gasped for breath all sixteen inches of his rod
disappeared into her throat. Almost choked by the massive member and
too frightened to move because of the Ass fucking dog growling at her
every time she so much as squirmed she was being raped by two dogs,
but the worse thing about it all was that she felt her body
responding. With a groan of despair she felt her cunt flexing with a
life of it's own as her anus constricted around the large dog's cock
and her throat muscles rippled along the length of her face fucking
canine's shaft as he licked at her spunk encrusted body. In her as she
felt the pack leader drive even deeper his balls slapping against her
ass cheeks as his muscles bunched and he began the final assault, as
his boiling sperm filled her shit tube, she moaned and screamed
obscenities. her body finally out of control she begged him to keep
shafting her Ass, but needing to rest he trotted away, to flop down on
the other side of the room. With only the cock embedded in her gullet
she endeavoured to suck it right of its owner's body her frantic
sucking bringing whines from the poor dogs throat, but the bitch
didn't care anymore she had to have his spunk. she wanted all his
spunk and with a desperation born of lust she reached up and cradled
his balls. It was too much for the poor dog his hind legs heaved
another inch of cock down her throat and she felt the end twitch and
pulse before disgorging spray after spray of stringy dog cum deep into
her belly. spent he withdrew but the haughty cunt hadn't finished she
needed more stimulation and seeing Penny writhing on the end of the
brunettes tongue as a dog shafted the wailing woman's Ass she moved
from the stool and coming up behind Penny who was sitting with her
hands back supporting her weight, as she lifted her cunt to the
brunettes hungry lips. Watching the woman who had forced her into this
disgusting state the blond prepared to get her revenge.
Kicking Penny's arms from under her she pounced on the unsuspecting
girl and straddling her she grabbed Penny's tits. "Now you little fuck
slut. It's my turn" and she drove her aching anus down onto Penny's
mouth "Drink dog cum bitch" she screamed as the deposit so recently
left there gushed from her shit hole. Lying underneath her Penny tried
to swallow as much of the sticky cream as she could but it kept coming
and slowly it overwhelmed her. running from the corners of her mouth
it dribbled all over her face and mixed with the drying spunk already
lodged in her hair. "Lick me you fucking bitch" groaned the woman and
shifting herself backwards she placed her cunt firmly over Penny's
mouth. Still being licked in her own cunt by the brunette Penny
tasting the sweetness of a cunt pressing on her own mouth went mad.
Grabbing the blonde's thighs she pulled her down tight and sucked the
whole of her outer lips into her mouth. chewing on the soft flaps she
felt the woman's muscles tighten and waited for the flood of cum juice
as her expert mouth sent the blond hurtling into a body shattering
orgasm. her mouth now full of spunk and cum juice Penny struggled to
keep as much as she could and as the blond rolled from her she pulled
the blonde's flushed face to meet her own and kissing the spent woman
full on the mouth Penny passed every drop of moisture she had kept
from her own mouth to the blonde's silken tooth lined pocket. Together
they passed the mixture of cum and spunk from mouth to mouth as their
frantic hands mauled and squeezed each others breasts. the brunette
forgotten the two girls rolled about on the floor and slowly but
surely turned until they were top to tail, their heads buried between
each others thighs, sucking and licking each others sensitive tubes
their tongues first probing a cunt and then an anus they both reached
another joint climax and completely spent, rolled apart from each
other and moaned their release in unison, breasts heaving as they
tried to regain some composure .

Recovering they looked at each other and laughed and hugged
themselves, before carefully licking the mixture of spunk and cum
juice from each others bodies. Forgotten for the moment the brunette
was still being fucked by the dog, unable to reach conclusion in her
Ass he had remounted her fitting his swollen cock into her pulsating
cunt and as she grunted and gasped beneath him his front paws had
locked around her waist. his muscular body arched he pumped and pumped
but her cunt was too slippery from her own juices and he couldn't get
enough friction to make himself cum. the upshot was that the poor dog
was fast tiring on top of his victim who was loving every minute of
his attack. Writhing and moaning her own fingers reaching between her
legs to clutch and squeeze her sensitive clit she constantly squirmed
from on cataclysmic shudder to another as his cock so deep, inside her
that it had invaded her womb sent her into paroxysms of pleasure.
Penny hearing the dog whimper in frustration looked up just in time to
see him trying to dismount, but his knot still engorged because of his
failure to expel his load was locked inside the brunette's exploding
fanny. As he tried again to disengage she screamed not from pleasure
but pain and Penny and the blond leapt to help her straightening the
dog up they both licked and wanked his cock. Then the blond moved
behind him and Penny holding his cock tight watched as she sucked
first one ball then the other into her mouth. the brunette lying
moaning on the floor was no help as together they brought the poor
hound to completion and holding him as still as they could they milked
his spunk from his shuddering cock and once his knot had subsided they
gently released the two tied 'lovers' and allowed him to move away. On
the floor the brunette was lost in haze of pain and pleasure but Penny
and the blond had no intention of wasting all that good doggy cum and
together they lifted her and placed her leaning forwards against the
glass spread her legs then lying down they looked up opened their
mouths and waited. After a few seconds the copious amounts sent flying
into her womb by the overworked dog began to cascade down onto their
upturned faces and watched by the crowd outside they caught and
swallowed every drop. Totally fucked out the brunette staggered to the
door and was released but Penny and the blond still had one dog that
hadn't finished the smallest recovered from his one fuck was
patrolling the room looking for a chance when the two women pounced on
him. tickling and pushing they brought him close to the glass, and
getting him to roll onto his back they took turns sucking on his
pointed prick licking and tickling his distended member until to a
roar of approval from the watching crowd his cock jerked and sprayed
both their faces with his jism. Sucking his cock back into her mouth
Penny cleaned it until it shone. Then as the dogs limped away through
their own door the two girls ignored the crowd and using the spunk
scraped from their faces as a lubricant gave a display of lesbian
fisting that is still talked about in Blackpool today.

Penny couldn't remember much of what happened afterwards, until she
was back in the taxi being taken home by Roy. Still on a sexual high
she had made him stop at the side of the road and had let the old man
fuck her face, until he was ready to cum then making sure his spunk
was deposited on her bush she had spent the rest of the journey gently
wanking her aching cunt using his spunk as a lubricant for her
fluttering fingers. Arriving home she had tried to get Sandra and
Michelle to join her in a threesome, but the two girls realising Penny
was still in adrenaline rush made her sit down and relax until it
disappeared and then when tiredness finally overcame her they helped
her weary body up the stairs and of to bed. Penny didn't wake again
until nearly dinnertime to find the girls had left and on the kitchen
table an invitation from the Master himself for her to arrive at his
place for seven O'clock. As usual there was a box containing the
clothes she was to wear, but Penny left it unopened until she had gone
for a shower. Her body still covered in dog's spunk from the night
before stank and she wanted to get herself cleaned up.

Standing under the shower jets, their blasting pellets revitalising
her body she dreamt of what might happen when she met the Master, and
hoped that the last few days were only a lead up to the final
debauchery she felt was to come.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter nine - Meeting the Master
Coming down from her shower Penny read the note again, Seven O'clock
she had nearly nine hours before she was to meet the shadowy figure
that had recently controlled her life, but just thinking about the way
he had manipulated her and had gained such a hold over her body made
her feel randy and she decided that she would go and have a real
relaxing bath before having her hair done. She was going to face the
man at her best.
Soaking in the bath, the aromatic oils she had sprinkled into the hot
water relaxing her body she remembered the last few days, the good
times and the bad, and as she thought about it she realised that each
day had been a step further down the slope towards total sluttishness.
She thought of some of the things she had done in her life, the people
that abused her by covering her in shit and piss, and realised that
this man was different, although she had been through a lot, the one
time she had been forced to do something she didn't really want to the
man had been punished, and Penny remembered the way she had taken her
revenge on the screaming police constable as he writhed on the cross.
But the Master had only made her do things she really wanted to, not
once had she been severely hurt or felt as though she had been used
purely for someone else's gratification. The thought fixed in her
mind. He had taught her a valuable lesson. To be a slut was OK, to
be used as a shag happy whore was great, but to be fucked around just
to make someone else happy was not only stupid it was really
degrading, and lying there in the hot water Penny gained something all
her years of fucking around had never given her. a feeling that she,
and she alone should decide what she should do, with whom and when.
She knew she would still be a slut, fucking multiple men and women
whenever she could, but now it would be because she wanted to not
because some bastard told her she had to.

Rising from the bath and with new purpose to her sex life Penny went
downstairs and opened the package from her new mentor. Looking at the
clothes inside she knew he had realised what would happen. There
nestled in the box was the most gorgeous two piece. Nothing slutty
about it at all, the underwear and blouse were all of silk, and the
accompanying accessories were an understatement of svelte. It screamed
sexuality in a well tailored understated way, and trying it on Penny
knew that when she had her hair done it would be forget the bleach, a
nice auburn maybe, cut quite severe, possibly a page boy bob, and in
the suit she would pull any man she wanted to.

Moving in front of the large Mirror upstairs Penny couldn't believe
just how exciting she looked. The silver grey suit, screamed class,
and the feel of the supplied nylons and underwear was like an oil
slick moving over her skin. In disbelief Penny pirouetted and twirled
until checking her make up she realised she had nothing suitable for
this outfit. This didn't call for bright reds and garish colours it
wanted a much more subtle treatment. Taking of the lovely clothes
Penny dressed herself in everyday clothes and after making phone calls
to a hairdressers, a beauty parlour, and a health studio she left the
house. It was now just twelve O'clock she had six hours to get herself
ready and she intended to use every one of them.

At the hairdressers the girl looked at her hair decided that she could
overcome the bleaching, and began work, attempting to create the style
Penny had asked for. Two hours later when she left Penny's hair glowed
like autumn leaves, a deep copper gold, suffused in sunlight and as
she walked down the street she knew men were looking twice, not at a
common slut but, at a beautiful woman.
In the beauty parlour she watched as attendants toned her muscles with
massage, and removed every piece of hair from her legs, until they
felt like silk themselves, finally before handing her over to the
make-up artists they trimmed her bush to a quaint little heart and
manicured her nails, both her fingers and toes were treated, and as
she moved to face the beautician Penny felt like a million dollars.
Eyeing her up and down the beautician summed up her complexion and
suggested coral pink to offset her hair and then began to work on her.
for nearly an hour the woman rubbed, tugged inked and moulded her
features until finally satisfied that she could do no more she allowed
Penny to sit up and look in a mirror. Penny couldn't believe it
looking back at her was a beautiful upper class, polished sex bomb. It
couldn't be her, but the beautician explained the tricks she had used
to highlight her best points, and suggested that to complete the
transformation Penny should have nail extensions fitted. Unable to
believe the change that had occurred Penny mutely accepted the offer
and sat completely still as another assistant carefully measured her
fingers and glued on, sanded and finally coloured her new nails. Penny
reached for her credit card to pay, but the smiling proprietor
explained that she had been expected and that the Master had already
covered the cost. Even here his influence was obvious and Penny
wondered if this transformation had been filmed too.

Returning home she found Sandra sitting in the kitchen. As she entered
the young girl gave a cheeky wolf-whistle and asked who she was.
Laughing and giggling the two chatted about Penny's transformation and
Sandra made a great pretend show of being upset because the Master
never let her spend his money at the beauty shop.
Sitting there giggling and laughing the two girls lost track of time
until Sandra asked what time Penny had to go to see the Master. "Oh
seven O'clock" Penny replied and looked up at the kitchen clock. With
a shout of alarm she shot to her feet. It was six thirty and she
hadn't even got dressed yet. Rushing upstairs Penny and Sandra dressed
her in the beautiful clothes and just as they adjusted the last
flounce on the skirt the doorbell rang. Sandra ran down to answer the
door, and as her friend stalled for time with the taxi waiting there
Penny took a few deep breaths to steady her nerves then collecting the
evening bag that had come as part of the ensemble she walked sedately
down the stairs.
Stood at the bottom the taxi driver, dressed in full chauffeurs
regalia, watched her as she descended and Penny loved the way his
manner changed, expecting to see one of the Masters usual, beautiful
but tarty women he was flabbergasted to see a vision of upper class
womanhood gliding towards him. his jaw dropped and Penny smiled
sweetly at him and gave him the instructions she had received with the
letter. "La Fontaine de Mer" she instructed him. Hearing the name of
the single most expensive restaurant in the town the taxi driver had
no intention of making cheeky comments and bolted to open the rear
door of his gleaming limousine. Penny settled herself sedately into
the leather seat and waited politely for the machine to move off. It
was so quiet that until Sandra started to wave she didn't even realise
that he had started the engine, and as they wafted sedately down the
roads towards the town centre she had time to consider what might be
going to occur. Pulling up directly outside the large portico of the
imposing building the Chauffeur opened the door and watched as Penny
made her imperious way to the main entrance. The sight of a woman
attending the restaurant alone turned a few heads and they all stayed
turned as she approached the Maitre d'hôte. The august gentleman
looked at her walking past the waiting line of people and his face
hardened into a sneer. Penny her heart thumping like a hammer in her
chest looked up at him and said the two words that had been written on
her instructions "Table Ten". Immediately with a snap of his fingers
the Maitre dropped the entrance rope and Penny found herself being
escorted towards a small table set in the centre of the room close to
the dance floor and lit by one solitary lamp. As she sat in the
proffered chair Penny suddenly realised that her instructions had not
gone past this point and sat amongst so many people sporting diamonds
and pearls she felt very inadequate. If this was a cruel joke, it was
perfect she had no idea how to act in this company, and what's more
she knew that a meal here would overwhelm her credit card in a flash.
Trying to look unconcerned she watched as the waiter arrived and
offered her a menu with the frightening words "Le Maitre demander
votre pardon  pas que i'll arrive dans une heure" Penny gulped, her
french not up to the rapidly spoken words as the waiter leant forward
and whispered  "The Master is sorry he'll be late, but enjoy the meal
he'll be here in about an hour" Penny relieved that he had understood
her confusion smiled at the young man and responded with the one word
of french she did know "Merci". The waiter left her perusing the menu,
and Penny was relieved to see that the items were described in both
French and English so she had no trouble choosing a light salad,
following a starter of melon in port. She didn't know what would
happen tonight and had no intention of eating a large meal. The waiter
brought her melon and as he placed it on the table whispered
conspiratorially "The wine waiter is a snob, he likes making people
look small. Tell him you want the Frascati de'Florence. That'll floor
him it's the best light wine we've got" Hastening away the nice young
man appeared to completely forget Penny as he worked on other tables.
Penny inspected her melon, not the usual few grubby balls of honeydew
with a splattering of cheap port. here she could see at least four
different types, Galia, Ogen, honeydew and one she didn't recognise,
each tastefully trimmed to expose the beautiful flesh was dimpled with
tiny holes and in these she could see and smell the port, a rich ruby
red it oozed from the succulent flesh.
With enjoyment Penny began to savour each piece. Like melted honey
they dissolved in her mouth and she could discern the subtle
differences in taste and texture between them. just as she was
beginning her second round of the bowl of glistening fruit the wine
waiter glided in by her elbow and glowering down at her as if to
intimidate her asked "And would Modom like some wine with that?"
Penny was intimidated alright she felt her knees lock together as his
eyes looked haughtily down his nose at her, but with an effort of will
she kept her voice steady and guessing like mad that no one would ruin
the taste of the port with wine turned to look a the hawkish man. "I
think I'll leave my wine until I am eating my salad thank you" with an
imperceptibly shrug of his shoulders he started to turn away, grasping
the moment Penny clearly asked "what would you suggest with my
Etruscan Salad" He turned back and she sensed the veiled threat as his
sickly voice suggested "Modom would do very well to sample the
Piersporter" In the silence that followed Penny struggled to remember
the name the nice waiter had suggested, keeping the imperious waiter
standing there she suddenly realised he was intentionally trying to
make her look small, and as anger filled her chest she remembered the
"NO! Thank you!" Taken aback the wine waiter took a half step away
from the table. "I think I would prefer something lighter, do you
perchance have a bottle of Frascati d'Florence"
The wine waiter's face burst into a glorious smile, the snob had been
outmanoeuvred but didn't realise it he thought he had an aficionado in
the restaurant instead of the usual plebs, and with alacrity he
congratulated Penny on her choice and suggested that she might like it
only slightly chilled as otherwise the bouquet would strangle. Penny
left it to him and returned as if unconcerned to her melon. The wine
waiter hurried back to his pantry and fussed over the preparations,
carefully chilling the wine to its perfect temperature then polishing
the bucket himself he did something no one in his charge had ever seen
happen before, he checked through twenty or so crystal glasses,
discarding one after the other until he found one he felt perfect
enough for this classic to sit in and washed and polished it himself.
with awe his staff watched, as Penny sat silently, he removed all
other glasses from the table and placing her glass on a silver tray,
opened the bottle with a flourish and carefully poured the first few
drops of the crystal clear, slightly fizzy liquid into the carefully
prepared glass. Penny lifted the glass to her nose took one quick
sniff, then tasted the wine. It was exquisite, and she thought I must
reward that nice waiter later if I can.
Looking at the wine she seemed to consider her answer as the now
cringing wine waiter waited for her verdict.
"Beautiful, quite beautiful" she exclaimed and the wine
waiter beaming all over his face ushered his troops away, back to
their duties and moved around the room quietly telling everyone that
whoever she was she knew a great wine when she saw one.
More than one head turned and studied Penny more closely now. her
original appearance had been memorable, but they had assumed she was
just another of their friends lady friends, but now the wine waiter
was extolling her viniary skills and all around the room people
wandered if perhaps she was more than she seemed.

Penny unconcerned now continued with her meal, sipping at the nectar
in her glass and enjoying the delicate flavours of the assembled herbs
and salad vegetables that graced her plate. Lost in the enjoyment she
didn't notice him enter, until a hush settled over the room and in the
silence she looked up to see why everyone had gone quiet. moving
through the tables a very ordinary looking man, in his mid-forties,
not particularly good looking, but not ugly either moved steadily
through the crowd. At every table the dinners greeted him with
deference and Penny just knew this was the Master. He was nothing like
she had expected, in fact the looked almost commonplace, but around
him  there appeared to be an aura of power as he moved effortlessly,
nodding to people as they stood to greet him, a word here a word there
he moved steadily towards the table where Penny sat.
As she watched him move closer she noticed he was a little overweight,
his face looked a little drawn, but something about the way he moved
was making
her legs turn to jelly, her heart was thudding in her chest, and she
knew her cheeks were beginning to flush as she watched the man that
had been controlling her life for the last few days. Finally reaching
her table he beckoned her to stay seated as he greeted her. "Good
evening Miss Truman. I do apologise for my delayed entrance,
unavoidable business I'm afraid". His voice rolled over her and Penny
felt her eyes shine as he extended the compliment of appreciating her
looks and especially her new hair style. Sitting he noticed the wine.
"Ah good, Justin managed to get to you before old pompous Felipe. I
hope the old fart had a heart attack" Penny nearly guffawed out loud
as she imagined him setting up the prank on the wine waiter and
thanked him for choosing such a glorious wine. Leaning over he said
something that made Penny nearly pee herself with joy. "I've had that
bottle in stock for ten years, and you are the first woman I have felt
deserved it"

Flushing again from the compliment Penny felt like an angel, and his
next words sent her spiralling upwards towards a personal cloud, where
she hoped she would stay, at least for tonight. "I ate whilst I was
out, but you must finish your meal. I see you have completed your main
course. Have you ordered dessert?" Penny tried to explain that she
hadn't ordered anything else on purpose but smiling at her he clicked
his fingers and as the Maitre d'hôte appeared like magic at his elbow
enquired who was the Head Chef this evening. The Maitre explained that
Maurice was in charge this evening, was there anything that he could
get for either of them. The Master whispered in his ear, and the
Maitre hurried away. To Penny he explained he had just ordered this
particular Chef's speciality sweet and that since it would take about
twenty minutes to prepare perhaps they should enjoy another bottle of
wine. signalling the wine waiter he ordered a chilled bottle of Elder
flower and the startled man shot away to prepare the exquisite
beverage. As they waited the five minutes or so for it to arrive Penny
was entertained by the history of this particular drink and how
refreshing it was. She would marvel at its subtlety, and since it was
only very mildly alcoholic she need have no fear that she would become
intoxicated, Penny already felt intoxicated from his presence it was
like waves of power emanated from this unassuming man, and she knew
that if he told her too she would strip in the middle of the floor
right now and do anything he asked her too. Just as she thought she
might explode and do something silly the wine arrived. Smoky grey,
it's bouquet reminded her of summer meadows and the taste slightly
sweet but at the same time slightly astringent cleared her tongue of
every taste that had passed across it this evening, in wonder she
tasted the ambrosia of the gods and knew she would never taste
anything as nice ever again. finishing her glass she saw him watching
her, his face a subtle smile as he took in her new look, and obviously
approved, and Penny felt her cunt constrict at the thought that he
might after all be intending to ravish her in front of all these
snobs. She hoped it wasn't so and as he looked about to speak she held
her breath, fearing the worst but hoping he would take her away before
the debauchery began so that she would be able to treasure this night
for ever.
Instead he suggested she might like to close her eyes as the Chef had
signalled his creation was ready and before she saw it she had to
taste. Hardly daring to breath for fear the bubble would pop Penny
closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth letting her tongue just
poke between her coral covered lips. suddenly she felt something
light, sweet, and sensual slip into her mouth. The taste was divine
and her eyes flew open to see a great hulking giant of a man a
teaspoon in his bear like hand watching her with rapt attention. "Does
Madam like Maurice's creation?"
Penny couldn't get the words out, the flavours drifting around her
mouth were so sublime she wanted to savour every last drop. The Chef
stood and waited his great body tensed like a prize-fighter as he
waited for her verdict. Finally Penny could maintain the tension no
longer. "It's gorgeous" she blurted out. With a shout of pleasure the
great Chef turned to the room and bellowed "Madam likes the Angels
Pillows of Maurice" and with a great flourish he placed a bowl in
front of her containing six little round balls of fluff and proffered
her a fresh silver spoon. "Enjoy, enjoy" he crooned as his minions
distributed the same concoction to every table in the room.
The room fell silent as every customer tried the speciality, and not a
sound was heard as the roomful of people tasted the masterpiece of
culinary work. Penny popped another pillow into her mouth and as the
flavours dissolved and rotated she tried to recognise them. Meringue,
Vanilla, Lemon, something she couldn't decipher but slightly tangy
assailed her senses, and as the great Chef watched her with rapt
attention she slowly ate every pillow. as she ate she felt a warmth
grow inside her, like sex the food was causing her senses to heighten
and as she ate each pillow the feeling grew until with a shudder the
last little ball of fluff made its gentle way towards her stomach.
Pushing the dish away she thanked the Chef for this most exquisite
memory. She would never forget the day Maurice created Angel's Pillows
just for her. Clapping his hands the chef ushered his crew away from
the table, and as he marched back towards the kitchen, his great voice
boomed across the room "The beautiful lady was my inspiration, Never
again will I make this dish for anyone else".

Penny sat there blushing modestly as all around people smiled and
nodded in her direction. Then at a loss as to what to do next she
looked at The Master. He seemed to find it all very amusing, and
looking straight into Penny's eyes he calmly asked "Do you think they
would react like this if they saw your films?"
Penny felt herself go bright red as he watched her. She was sure that
now he was going to destroy her, a screen would appear from somewhere
and all these people would see her cavorting with men, women and dogs.
She hung her head and waited for the lights to dim, but he hadn't
moved. instead when she finally lifted her eyes she saw that he was
looking quite disturbed. "Penny, Oh Penny my little slut. did you
really think I would destroy your night, have you learnt so little?"
Penny stared at him and realised it would have been out of character
for him to humiliate her in such a way. There was no way she could
ever have wanted to be exposed here, where everyone seemed to think
she was someone of importance and not just a cock sucking harlot, who
loved to be thrown to the floor by greasy, beer swilling, fat gutted
Canadians to have her brains fucked out.
Rising he held out his hand to Penny and taking her arm he escorted
her from the room. Waiting in the bar for his car to be brought round
he explained that now it was time for him to have his personal fun
with her, and whilst they were exploring just how much her body could
take she must remember that in his house no one ever had to do
anything they didn't want to. that in fact he would give her a
'safety' word, which if she uttered it would stop anything and
everything that was happening to her. From now on it was up to Penny
what she did with whom, and how often. He hoped she would allow him to
test her but if she declined the only punishment would be that she
would receive a first class ticket back to London, and a suitcase to
carry all the clothes she had worn since arriving in Blackpool. Penny
stared at him and muttered "Even these."
"Of course, when I make a promise I keep it my dear. Here's the car,
lets go"
The chauffeur from earlier had appeared and the Master directed him to
take them straight to his 'small' house. As they sat in the car
trundling along towards the suburbs the Master explained that from now
on Penny was to observe the role of a submissive. She would be treated
kindly but if she didn't react as expected she would be chastised.
Penny bit her lip and thought of the train home, but agreed to his
offer, and then he told her, her 'safety' word was to be
Penny looked at him and asked why such a strange word. his explanation
was simple and direct, any word she might normally be expected to use
would bring up the possibility of her uttering it by accident, and
since she would only ever utter the word once, before being placed on
a train to London then she better have a word that if she used it both
would know it was intentional.
Penny sat back on the seat and waited. she didn't have long to wait
the car rounded a corner into a street of small semi-detached houses
and pulled up before a pair that stood slightly apart from the rest.
Dismounting he led her to the front door and taking a key from his
pocket he let them in. Penny immediately noticed how warm it was, and
sensing her curiosity had been aroused he explained that in this house
most people were totally naked and it saved a lot of colds keeping it
at a temperature that suited his naked guests.
Closing the door he held out his arms to her and Penny's heart skipped
a beat as he pulled her gently to him. She melted into the waiting
grip and he gently kissed her on the mouth, like a pair of lovers they
stood in the hall and held each other gently. Then he stepped back and
suggested she go upstairs and dress in something more comfortable as
he had something he wanted to show her.

Penny almost ran up the stairs and looking into the largest bedroom
she found a very ordinary looking bed, but lay on it was a sheer
negligee, made of white it was interwoven with gold and silver
Literally throwing off her suit she donned the flimsy garment over her
underwear and looking at herself in the full length mirror she
marvelled at how different she looked to her usual sluttish self and
hoped that the Master would not decide to reject her as being too
Tripping back downstairs she followed the sound of soft music as it
wafted through the small house, and found him siting eyes closed
listening to the refrain as it echoed around the room. He sat there
eyes closed his hands moving gently in time to the music and Penny
moved quietly across the room, unnoticed she stood before him and
waited patiently for him to notice her. for five minutes she stood
still as he continued to listen, her body becoming more and more
agitated as he continued to be oblivious to her present. Eventually
overcome by the wish to touch him she reached out and laid her hand on
his knee.
Immediately Penny realised she had breached the etiquette of this
place his hand short our and gripping her wrist forced her to the
floor, on her knees tears in her eyes from the sudden pain in her
wrist she gasped as his eyes opened and she saw real anger lying
there. "How dare you disturb me" he snarled. "Sit quietly whilst I
listen to my music" He released her hand and Penny slumped to the
floor holding her wrist and wondered if this was such a good idea
after all. despite her love of sex, hard and dirty with whoever took
her fancy she had never enjoyed pain and this man had just hurt her,
not a lot but it was enough to make it clear that his statement
earlier in the evening was for real. She had to be submissive, or pick
up her ticket back to London. Sitting there she practised the word
under her breath and convinced herself that as soon as he started to
hurt her again she would scream it in his face.

Like a statue he sat there once again lost in his own world as the
music ebbed and flowed around the room and Penny watching him
realised that this was a real passion with him and slowly she
convinced herself that it was because she had interrupted his
enjoyment that he had hurt her, and probably didn't really mean it.
Softly the music dwindled and as the last refrains echoed around the
room he opened his eyes and looked at Penny, with a firmness she
couldn't resist he told her that she had been informed of her position
and that unless she was submissive then punishment would follow until
she called time. Penny hung her head and listened as he outlined her
'crime', to interrupt  his music was to show disrespect and that could
not be tolerated. He would have to spank her before they could
continue with her education. was she willing to receive her
Penny bit her lip and thinking to herself that it couldn't be that bad
nodded her agreement.

"Very well you disobedient girl, over my knee"
Penny unsure of what was expected positioned herself to one side of
him and gingerly lowered herself across his knees. She felt one hand
pin her to his thighs and as her hands fell to the floor to support
herself she felt his hand running softly over her bottom. She squirmed
a little as his hand slipped down her leg and lifted the negligee to
expose her silk clad ass. Now his hands were testing the flesh of her
buttocks and underneath her belly she felt the first stirrings of his
cock as he rubbed her cheeks with a circular motion.
Penny felt his hand leave and gritting her teeth waited for the first
slap. Suddenly she heard the swoosh and a stinging slap planted itself
firmly onto her left buttock. She jerked and immediately another slap
descended this time on her right. With a steady rhythm he pounded her
cheeks until she was sobbing, not so much from the pain, but from the
humiliation. After about twenty solid slaps he stopped and as she
gasped and sobbed beneath him he asked if she was penitent. Penny
sobbed her apologies for displeasing him, and felt his hand once more
circling her now warm bottom. Just as she thought he was going to let
her rise his hand gripped the waistband of her panties and they were
torn downwards at the same time as he pushed her forward so that her
face was driven towards the floor. Hanging there across his knees she
knew that now her ass was sticking high into the air and once again
the blows rained down this time on her unprotected bottom, screaming
with the shock of this second assault she felt his cock poking upwards
into her lower stomach and then he was gripping her cheeks and
stretching them sideways, both hands pulling them apart so that he
could look at her puckered little ass hole.
Penny begged him not to hurt her as she felt one of his fingers
sliding into the opening of her ass, and as she quivered beneath his
assault her puckered hole was breached and she felt his finger driven
up the second knuckle. the fire in her ass, exploded through her as
she felt the finger flex in her ass, the red hot spears from her
unprepared anus sent small arrows of pain, and pleasure deep into her
body and Penny realised that his ass fucking finger was making her
horny. The heat in her cheeks from the punishment permeated to her
cunt and she felt it start to leak as his free hand came underneath to
grip her breasts through the cloth of the brassiere. Moaning now
with lust Penny begged him to fuck her but he just laughed and said
"No my little slut, you are going to fuck me" and his assault
continued. Penny felt her nipples harden as his hand groped under the
cup of her bra and tweaked them into full arousal.
Then letting her chest alone he centred his flexing fingers on her
cunt and ass. still suspended over his knee Penny squirmed and
squealed as he probed deep into her now sodden cunt and then with one
final resounding slap sent her tumbling to the floor.
Penny lay there stifling her sobs and looked up at him with hatred in
her eyes. He had said no one had to do anything they didn't want but
now he had spanked her Ass and she didn't think she liked it. But then
staring up at him she sensed this was just the beginning and as he
stared down at her  his eyes laughed as he watched her find a new
feeling drifting over her, slowly very slowly a feeling of euphoria
settled over her as the feeling in her ass cheeks became an all
suffusing warm glow, and Penny realised that perhaps she hadn't wanted
to do it before but if he asked her to lie over his knee again she
would have an orgasm at the first or second slap. She had been naughty
and deserved his punishment, as the realisation came over her that she
would willingly submit to this man's decisions she felt her burning
ass retreat into a glowing warmth and in between her legs her cunt
yearned for this man to fuck her, helpless in her feelings she licked
her lips and stared up at him, her eyes begging his forgiveness and
His next word sent tremors of desire rushing through her body. "Stand
up and remove your panties" with indecent haste she tore them of and
stood her cunt dripping its juices her breasts heaving waiting for his
next command " Now lift your tits from the bra cups and pinch your
nipples to make them puff up" Penny did as she was told reaching
through the flimsy negligee she lifted her breasts one by one from
their restraints and running her fingers over her nipples she felt
them grow taut and throb under her squeezing fingers.
"Penny you are a little fuck slut, aren't you"
"Yes" she replied
"Yes what?" the question caught her unawares and she stared blankly at
him. for nearly a minute they stared at each other but slowly Penny's
gaze wavered and her eyes dropped. "you will always address me as
Master, or I shall punish you. Is That clear?"
"Yes ... Ma.. ster"
"Good now keeping the clothes on you are wearing you must fuck me by
straddling my cock, but with your face towards my feet. Do you
understand? "
Penny nodded but a stinging slap reminded her of her new status and
she quickly blurted "Yes Master"
She couldn't believe it in a few short minutes he had reduced her to a
virtual slave, yet she was enjoying the feeling of being totally
controlled by him and as he lay back and unzipped his trousers to
release his cock she lifted her one leg high and placed herself across
his thighs.
Moving backwards she felt for his cock and slowly positioned it in the
entrance to her cunt. then as his hand held her hips she lowered
herself slowly onto the rigid pole, feeling her cunt fasten around the
purple helmet and her juices run around the swollen shaft. With a moan
of pleasure she let herself descend until her cunt lips pressed
against his hairy crotch.
Then feeling his hands lift her she rose again until his cock was just
lodged inside her cunt. Now his hands left her and for five minutes
there was only the sound of her heavy breathing as she shafted him,
with each slow and deliberate stroke she felt his cock sliding up
inside her and wished it was a little longer so that she could swallow
it into her womb.
As she rose and sank onto his shaft her body began to tingle, she had
never felt like this before, it was like electricity was running over
her entire body, coursing through her skin to set the very nerve
endings of her body on fire. What was causing the effect, suddenly she
understood, as a lot of power made every muscle in her being tense.
She felt he cunt muscles grab hold of his cock so tightly that she
couldn't move in either direction, and through the haze of her
thoughts she heard his voice "Like my little toy Penny. The threads in
the negligee are excellent conductors."
Looking down she saw that he had fastened wires to the hem of the
negligee and craning her head around she could see that he held a
small controller, as he turned it the tension subsided and she
collapsed downwards across his legs, only to be sent shooting upright
by a hefty slap on her rump. She turned to tell him to stop it, but
another surge of electrical energy froze her in her tracks and once
again her lips sealed themselves around his rod and she wailed in the
throes of an orgasm as strong as any she had ever felt. He kept her
there as her cunt exploded, the waves of pure tension making her grab
at her tits, the throbbing in her body was so intense she thought she
might feint, but just as she screamed her release for the second time
he let the power surge diminish and as Penny tried to stay upright he
informed her that this was only the beginning after he had turned her
into a sex crazy, orgasm begging slut, he was going to introduce her
to instruments that would turn her into a total sex maniac, they would
make her come so constantly that she would be unable to walk without
her cunt creaming and sending her juices flying, but before she got to
see these wonderful toys she would beg him to let her have just one
more orgasm.
Straddling his still firm cock Penny thought she would never beg for
that, he had already forced her to have two orgasms and her cunt was
becoming sore from the constant tension.
Then he lifted her from his cock and standing her at the side of his
chair he stood and pushing her forward so that her torso was forced to
rest over the arms he penetrated her again from behind but each time
he drove forward into her he sent electricity crashing through her
body. She felt his cock forcing her tensed muscles apart and she was
sure he was tearing her tube to bits from the friction, but the
feeling of his cock was divine. at the end of each stroke he released
the electric field and withdrew with a slurping sound as she orgasmed
again and again. He was laughing now as Penny writhed beneath him and
she realised that her body was going into overdrive, the fluids
spilling from her cut were soaking into the negligee making every
charge increase in strength as it found the easiest way to earth.
Slowly she felt the electricity begin to funnel directly into her cunt
and as the surges flooded into her tube she felt her womb explode, it
seemed to be pulsing with a life of its own and there deep inside her
she felt a tiny glow begin to surface, it spread and grew with each
and every thrust until it swallowed all of her and lost in the first
total body orgasm she had ever encountered she sobbed for him to make
her cum again. withdrawing from her he moved away, but Penny crawled
after him and clinging to his leg begged him to give her one more
orgasm. Looking down at her he said softly "Told you, you would beg
didn't I" now I want to fuck your Ass, but I'm going to make you piss
whist I do it. Pulling Penny to her feet her led her unresisting body
to one side and there in the wall she saw two leather wrist bands.
Strapping her into them, she found that she had to bend from the waist
and as she stood there he moved her feet apart and fastened a spreader
to her ankles, the padded leather cuffs didn't hurt but Penny could no
longer move. He stood behind her and reached around to cradle her
distended breasts, still on fire from the electricity so recently
coursing through her body his touch was like flames as he softly
squeezed each  nipple and tugged on her breasts. Just the touch of his
fingers was making her cream herself again and she felt the honey
juice of her womanhood trickling down her leg. He scooped it up and
let her lick it from his fingers then almost casually he used some to
lubricate her ass. Penny realised that her normally tight hole was now
gaping open, the effect of multiple orgasms had been to relax the
sphincter muscle to the state where his cock easily penetrated her
shit tube and he grunted with joy as his cock embedded itself to the
hilt in her anal orifice. The feel of his cock rippling up and down
her chute sent Penny once more into paroxysms as her body climaxed
again. If she hadn't been fastened to the wall she would have fallen
but just as she reached the zenith of this cycle she felt his hand
pushing into her cunt.
"My God!" she thought "he is going to fist me whilst shagging my ass.
something will give way, he will damage me"
But it was too late his hand was inside her and as his fingers reached
for the tiny opening of her piss tube she felt his cock rammed so deep
inside her that it pushed on her bladder. With a moan she tried to
pee, but his fingers were blocking the exit and as the pain of the
enforced enclosure flooded her she screamed again, as she felt his
cock jerk and flood her ass with spunk then letting his cock slip free
he released the fingers and allowed her piss to course down her cunt
to gush into the open air. Placing his now shit covered cock in the
stream of golden piss he let the coursing gold liquid wash it clean
and as Penny hung drained from the two wrist straps, unable to fall
because of the bar keeping her legs apart and straight he moved to her
head and ducking under her arm stood in front of her and let his cock
dangle in front of her face.
Penny stared at the still dripping cock, but as another mini orgasm
shook her body she couldn't resist the shiny cock dangling in front of
her. Her tongue reached out and licked the tip of his soft cock,
immediately it jerked and she was able to reach more of the wet shaft
licking up and down it she watched as it grew back to full size, and
with a moan of total surrender she sucked the piss sodden cock into
her mouth and sucked it deep towards her throat.
Holding her head he began to shaft her face his cock burying itself
into her now willing mouth. The coral lipstick left streaks up his
shaft, but as Penny's lust soaked body drove her to greater and
greater heights Penny knew she wanted whatever he was willing to
deliver and let her throat muscles work on his distended piece of
hardware. Holding her face close against his lower stomach he stood
with his cock jerking in her throat and Penny gasping for breath her
throat nearly closed by the invading cock prayed that he would cum,
sending his spunk into her belly, but he stood there and let his cock
twitch and jerk in her throat until yet another climax built inside
her now over-sensitised body and as she shook and trembled in the grip
of yet another orgasm her throat muscles coaxed his cock into action.
With a groan of release he emptied his second load of spunk into her
throat but this time it was not only spunk that flooded her throat he
was pissing into her mouth, and unable to do anything else she
swallowed the acrid water and felt it slide down to join his spunk
swilling around in her belly. He never seemed to stop jet after jet of
his liquid spilled into her and Penny found herself waiting for each
stream, anticipating its arrival, and every stream sent another
shudder throughout her body and as his final few drops dribbled into
her throat she felt her own bladder constrict again and she felt the
gush of her own urine as it cascaded out between her aching thighs and
splashed down onto the expensive carpet covering the floor.

Finished he stepped back under her arm and released her wrists, unable
to stand she collapsed onto the sodden floor and looked up expecting
words of comfort, just in time to see him walking towards a door in
the wall. turning to look a the slut he had just debauched he spoke a
sentence that sent waves of joy, and tremors of fear coursing through
her battered body. "Penny in about five minutes you will remove the
spreader from your feet. When you do I will be downstairs. If you
enter my domain I will give you pain and pleasure to remember for the
rest of your life. BUT, and I repeat BUT down here there is no safe
word, no release, unless I will it. You must come of your own accord.
If you do not come within half an hour, I shall return and you will be
sent back to London. Do you understand?"
Penny unable to talk nodded her understanding as he turned and left
the room. She could hear him moving down some steps, and realised that
this 'little' semi was not all it seemed. Sitting there she undid the
straps that held her legs spread and felt the battered lips of her
poor cunt, but every touch sent waves of sexual energy racing through
her body, her breasts still throbbed on her chest, and Penny's throat
craved more cock. In a dilemma she sat and stared first from the door
then over to the clock and watched the hands as they slowly ticked
away her choices. Terrified but excited at what lay down the stairs ,
twice she moved towards the open door only to turn and stare at where
she had been bound to the wall, imagining her uncomplicated life of
just fucking and being fucked. could she take the next step and
surrender herself completely to him, or should she just wait for his
return and take herself of home?

Penny doesn't know what to do - What would you DO?

Penny's Mistake - Chapter Ten - Into the depths
In a dilemma she sat and stared first from the door
then over to the clock and watched the hands as they slowly ticked
away her choices. Terrified but excited at what lay down the stairs ,
twice she moved towards the open door only to turn and stare at where
she had been bound to the wall, imagining her uncomplicated life of
just fucking and being fucked. could she take the next step and
surrender herself completely to him, or should she just wait for his
return and take herself of home?

With dragging feet she found herself moving towards the door. In front
of her a set of stairs descended downwards into a narrow passageway.
Still undecided Penny stood and stared, if she went down there would
be no turning back, he had made sure she understood there was no
'safe' word down there. Penny's mind told her to turn and run, but her
cunt screamed for her to move forward and one step at a time she moved
towards the point of no return. From below came nothing but silence,
and Penny trying to see what lay before her took first one step then
another onto the stairs.

SLAM!! Behind her the door closed, Penny turned and scrabbled back to
the door her only thought now was to escape. With a wail of despair
she realised the door was locked shut and she had nowhere to go but
downwards. Her back to the door her lips trembling she stood there,
terrified of what might lay below, unable to move backwards, and
unwilling to move forwards. At the bottom of the stairs he appeared,
"Come here slut!" he barked, but Penny couldn't move tears sprang into
her eyes as she saw in his hand a dog collar and lead. Penny
instinctively knew they were for her and she shrank back against the
door pressing her nearly naked body against the unyielding wood.
"Come here you fucking bitch, or I'll drag you down and beat you like
a dog!" Again his voice cut through her thoughts, but still her feet
refused to take a step.
Moving up the stairs he slapped her across the face. "You stupid
little cum slut. Here when I tell you to move you fucking move!!" and
grabbing a handful of hair he dragged her forcibly down the stairs at
the bottom the short corridor opened out into a large room and dragged
into the centre Penny was thrown to the floor. Still holding her hair
he pulled her up onto her knees, and whilst she cried and begged to be
allowed to return to the room upstairs he fastened the collar around
her throat, and stood back to watch her trembling tear stained face as
she begged hi to release her.
For a long time he just watched as she cried and begged, until
eventually her sobs subsided and she looked up at him. "Please just
shag me anyway you want then let me go" she pleaded.

Stepping forward he helped her to her feet and standing in front of
her he smiled. Penny thinking he was going to give her, her wish moved
closer. his hand reached up and stroked her cheek, almost with a sigh
his soft voice penetrated her frightened brain.
"Of course, of course, I'll let you go my little London cum drinker."
Penny hugged him "When I've turned you into a raving shag happy slut
who'll do anything I say when i say it" Penny realised too late that
he had no intention of releasing her and tried to jump back only to
find his hand was gripping the collar of the negligee. The flimsy
material tore so easily it might have been tissue paper and Penny
unable to stop her backwards rush stood there with only the bra still
on her body and a dog collar. As she threw herself backwards the dog
collar suddenly went tight as he pulled on the lead and she fell once
more to the floor. This time he didn't wait but immediately yanked her
back to her knees and kneeling there her last vestige of clothing was
torn from her body and totally exposed she saw his cock approaching
her face. She tried to turn her head away but a stinging slap made her
face the cock as it pressed against her lips. Trying yo keep her mouth
closed Penny felt his hands grip the side of her head and slowly, he
pressed until the pain in her cheeks forced her to open her mouth.
"Now you little bitch, let see how you like your first lesson" His
cock forced its way into the back of her throat and as she gurgled in
pain he started to shag her face. Penny could feel the helmet as it
rasped across her tonsils, and nearly gagged as it penetrated into her
throat but he didn't stop, with real force he fucked her face. his
balls smashing against her chin, his pubic hair mashing into her nose.
holding her hair he pulled her head backwards and forwards all the
time reminding her that now she was his to do with as he pleased and
soon she would beg him to be this nice.
Penny unable to make any sound clung to his thighs and prayed for the
battering to cease, but his pounding continued as time after time she
felt his cock jerk in her throat and hoped it signalled the end, his
release would surely become hers. All she had to do now was drink his
spunk and she would be allowed to rest. But his spunk didn't come for
nearly ten minutes he fucked her tight throat and just as she was
about to feint from lack of oxygen he threw her from him and grabbing
her hips turned her over and pulling her hips upwards until she was on
her hands and feet he rammed his cock into her unprepared anus. Red
hot fire travelled all the way to her belly and Penny screamed. She
sure he had split her tiny hole and expected to feel the warm trickle
of blood as it spilled down the crack of her ass. Instead the pain
grew as he buggered her without respite, for another ten minutes the
poor girl had to endure his cock pummelling her shit tube and again
again she felt his helmet withdraw to where her sphincter stretched
but still muscular could grip it tight before driving his invading
member deep into her entrails again. Scream after scream echoed around
his dungeon as he buggered Penny, the pain was not getting less and
now she felt a new pain. the savage assault was making her want to
shit and as her body tried to expel the contents of her shit tube his
cock was driving it back up into her rectum. something had to give and
it was his cock with a curse he pulled it out and spun Penny around to
face him again. holding her head he once more presented his cock to
her mouth, she tried to pull away from the foul smelling rod, but he
slapped her across the face again and gave her an option. "Suck my
cock, bitch or I'll make you eat the shit your going to drop on my
clean floor." Sobbing Penny opened her mouth and crouched before him
licked and sucked on his shit coated cock as between her legs she felt
the steady movement of her bowels and fearing he would force her to
eat her own wastes she sucked for all she was worth. holding her tits
and squeezing them tight he watched as from between her legs a turd
rolled onto the floor and with a grunt he drove his cock deep and
Penny felt his release flowing down her throat as another turd
stretched her ass wide and he pushed her down onto it so that it was
crushed by her ass cheeks to spread all over them.

Standing back a string of cum dripping from his cock he shouted at her
"YOU FILTHY GUTTER SLUT, LOOK AT MY FLOOR" Dragging her by the collar
and chain he forced her to a small cupboard and making her use a
dustpan he found there, and her own hands, clean up every little piece
of her shit. Then once more dragging her behind him he took her to a
toilet and watched as she flushed the shit away and cleaned herself up
with the water from the bowl.
Still sobbing Penny abused and really frightened was dragged back into
the large room and taking her to the wall he fastened the leash to a
ring then from nearby he produced a pair on manacles and fastened her
hands behind her back.
Standing there Penny knew that this was just the beginning. this man
was going to break her into a total slut, without any will of her own,
and resigned to her fate she dropped to her knees and waited for his
next perverse act. 

Turning to her he said something which made Penny quail "You will be
pleased to know slut that I never film myself, so what I do to you
here will never be seen by another living being, but after I finish
with you tomorrow. I'm goring to film you being raped by my men.
Hopelessly Penny watched as he left, the last thing she saw before he
switched of the light and the room went dark. was the sight of the
room he was entering. Its walls were covered with manacles, and
chaining points and hanging from one set was a woman. In the darkness
Penny wondering when she would be released heard the crack of a whip
and a woman's full blooded scream sent shivers through her body. She
didn't know how long it continued but the woman in the next room would
first scream then beg for more, and Penny could imagine her tortured
body writhing from the manacles as he struck her again and again with
the whip. Then there was silence and as Penny waited in the dark she
imagined herself in the poor woman's place and cried until she finally
fell into a fitful sleep.

When she awoke Penny had no idea how long she had been asleep. The
room was still in darkness, and her ass hurt where he had buggered her
so brutally, but worse than that her arms pinned behind her were
aching and the manacle shad chaffed her wrists until they were sore.

Penny sat in the dark and tried to asses her situation. It was obvious
that the Master intended to break her completely, until she would do
anything he told her too without a murmur. She guessed that her only
hope was to be as compliant as she could in the hopes that he would be
less severe if she tried to please him, and she made her mind up that,
no matter what, she would do her best to satisfy his appetites.
As she pondered the door opened and into the room crawled a young
woman, probably not more than sixteen the girl wriggled like a snake
towards Penny and keeping her eyes turned towards the floor held out a
small key. Penny not understanding, asked what the key was for.
Immediately the young girl began to sob and choosing her words
carefully answered in between her gasps for breath "Handcuffs, undo,
every word another whip, Please quiet!"
Penny stared at the girl, her body covered in bruises and immediately
knew that this could be how she would be soon. silently she turned so
that the handcuffs could be undone, and knelt beside the cringing girl
to rub life back into her aching wrists. Eventually the feeling
returned and looking down at the still quivering girl wondered what to
do next. tipping the girls head up she raised her eyebrows in a silent
question and the girl began to slither back towards the door.
following her Penny passed into the room she had glimpsed the day
before. All around were benches, tables and weird frames. The walls
were covered with rings from which hung chains and manacles, and
hanging from one set another young girl her head hanging loosely
moaned and writhed as the Master inserted a humming dildo into her
tiny cunt.
finishing his task he turned and looked at Penny. "I see you've met my
latest trainee, how are you?"
forgetting everything he had shouted at her last night Penny replied
"Sore and Hungry" at her feet she heard the young girl gasp and looked
down in time to see her curl into the foetal position her hands and
arms covering her head, her knees tucked up into her chest. Penny
started to drop to her knees but a word cut through the silence
Penny shot round ready to remonstrate with the owner of the voice and
seeing his hand raised it all flooded back. "I'm sorry Master, your
slave Penny forgot. Please chastise me for my error" In mid
preparation to strike her he stopped. "Penny I don't wish to hurt you,
but you must remember you begged me to turn you into a real sex slave
and that means total obedience. this is your last chance, any more
indiscreet reactions and you will feel the pain I can deliver.
Penny her cunt tight from his words mumbled her understanding as he
moved to the young girl. cowering at his feet she kissed his toes and
clung to his legs as he lifted her upright. standing her in front of
Penny he carefully told her to answer his questions. the girl her head
downcast agreed to answer anything he asked.
Penny watched inwardly horrified as he asked her the following.
"How old are you?"
"Sixteen and one day Master"
"When did you come to me"
"Yesterday Master"
"Did you wan to come?"
"NO Master"
"Then why are you here"
"My father cheated you Master and fucked done of your girls without
Penny listened as the girl only in his hands for one day answered like
a robot, her head didn't lift from the floor and her body stood ramrod
straight as his 'interrogation' continued.
"Are you a Virgin"
Her body trembled and her voice quavered as she answered this question
"Not now Master"
"Why Not?"
"Because the Master deflowered me then let men use me one after the
"When did it stop?"
"When I begged for more men to shag my tight cunt, and tried to drink
their spunk without crying?"
"What are you doing today?"
"If my Master allows it I'm going to bugger myself on someone's cock?"
"Will you enjoy that?"
"NO I will hate it but the Master must be obeyed"
"Good girl Charlotte, you have been honest, you may go now"

The girl dropped to the floor, but didn't move instead she sobbed and
moaned as if expecting him to hit her. Puzzled he looked down at her
young body and tapped her small tit with his toe. "What is it girl, I
said you could go."
"But Master you'd said I had to tell you how many words I spoke in the
other room and said the lady would deal out my punishment"
"You're quite right, So I did. Penny how many words did she say?"
Penny trying to help the girl quickly replied "Just two"
"Is that right Charlotte" He asked.
The sobbing girl squirmed and as Penny watched dumfounded at his hold
over her repeated exactly what she had said, concluding that this was
eight in total.
"Now tell Penny what her lie means"
The young girls head came up and her blue eyes stared right into
Penny's face as she said "You will hit me twice with the whip, which
doesn't hurt much. Then for every word you lied about I will receive
six strokes of the cane which hurts terrible, and you will be made to
watch them all"
Penny felt the colour drain from her face as the girl turned and moved
to a table in the middle of the room and leaning over it caught hold
of the far edge and then spread her legs until on tip toe her feet
just touched the base of the tables legs on the floor.
The Master moved and using the restraints already there fastened her
young wrists and ankles into position. then he rang a small bell and
into the room came a giant of a man. In his hand was a thin cane and
he took up position alongside the young girl as she turned her tear
stained face towards the Master and pleaded with her blue eyes.
Turning to Penny the Master held out a small leather 'Cat of nine
Tails and calmly told her. "either hit her as hard as you can or for
the two strokes you do give her Phillip will administer an extra six
with his cane"
Penny her own eyes streaming tears for the young girl looked at him in
disbelief, but he just signalled she was to begin.
Hesitating she stood there undecided, but he started to count "Five,
Four ............."
"For fuck's sake screamed the girl hit ME!"
Penny lifted the whip high and crashed it down on the young girls
bottom her shoulders jerked upward but she didn't make a sound, again
Penny raised the whip and again the girl shuddered under the lash
without complaining.
Now said the Master you will see what happens when you lie to me, and
remember I always know when you lie.
"Phillip six times six. BEGIN"
Holding Penny so that she couldn't move her head away he stood there
and she was forced to watch as blow after blow fell upon the young
girls unprotected Ass. The first few blows made her whole body shake,
but then the screaming began and Penny was forced to watch as the
merciless pounding turned her once white cheeks into a mass of red
welts, and her body jerking around on the table was causing the
restraints to cut into the skin of her wrists. After twenty strokes
the girl stopped screaming, she had fainted and the Master signaled
Phillip to stop. The giant dripping with sweat from his exertions
placed the cane on the table and moved to pick up a bucket of water.
With a fluid motion he tipped the entire contents over the girls head
and back. The cold water brought her round and gasping for breath she
arched from the table and a single unearthly scream echoed around the
room. Penny felt her guts tighten and her bladder no longer able to
contain itself emptied itself all down her legs she could feel her
piss running down the inside of her legs as The Master calculating the
effect gave her a choice. "She could administer the rest of the
strokes, or Phillip would use all his strength to finish the task"

Penny looked at him as he waited for her reply and saw no pity in his
eyes. Stepping forward she lifted the cane from the table, and as the
young girl writhed on the table she brought it down in a stinging arc
on the girls lower back. The girl arched up and wailed, and between
her legs Penny felt her cunt tighten. One, Two, Three the strokes
rained down on the unfortunate girl, but now a new feeling was
coursing through Penny her cunt was on fire and her tits had begun to
swell, abusing the young girl was making her horny. Ashamed of
enjoying the pain she was inflicting Penny cried and tears streamed
down her face as her arm lifted and descended in rhythmic sweeps each
contact wringing another scream from the battered girl writhing on the
table beneath her. At ten strokes Penny felt her body begin to tremble
she was going to have a climax and as she lifted the cane for the
eleventh time it was torn from her hand and the Master pushed her
roughly on top of the writhing girls body. Penny could feel the heat,
generated by the beating and under her belly the welts dug into her
skin as he lifted the cane and brought it down on Penny's cheeks, She
too screamed but his time not with real pain, but pleasure as the
stinging cane sent her body over the edge and she felt her cum
shooting from her cunt to land in big dollops on the floor between her
feet. six strokes later the cane was thrown to one side and as Phillip
slipped his cock into her slippery cunt from behind she watched as the
Master placed his in the mouth of the young girl. Like a pro her lips
fastened around his shaft and Penny sobbed in frustration as she
watched him giving his spunk to the young so recently deflowered
virgin. She didn't care about the beef cake screwing her cunt she
wanted the Masters spunk in her mouth and she wailed her
disappointment as she watched his cock send spurt after spurt of seed
into the young harlots greedy mouth.

Stepping back and signalling Phillip away he released the girl then
turning to Penny he shrugged his shoulders and said "NEVER lie to me,
now go and eat, Charlotte will show you where but be back here cleaned
up in exactly half an hour."
Holding the young girl, who could hardly stand, up  Penny following
directions went down a corridor where she found a room with some food
on a table and quickly wolfed down some cold ham and bread before
being shown to a shower by the very red assed Charlotte. The young
girl made it clear she thanked Penny for trying to lie for her but
that it was not a good idea to try to trick the Master he knew

Once cleaned up Penny still naked returned to the room to find no one
there, even the girl that had been hanging from the wall was gone.
Looking around she noticed that many of the tables and benches
appeared to be polished from much use, but in the corner was one piece
of apparatus like a padded saw bench that seemed to be brand new the
wood although smooth was creamy white, and the leather padding had no
creases or cracks in its surface as she looked over the machine and
wondered what it was for the Master reappeared and sitting on the
table in the middle of the room he signalled Penny to approach.
Mindful of the demonstration of his power she kept her eyes lowered
and diffidently approached him as he sat there waiting. "Yes Master?"
she asked when she felt her belly touch his knees.
"Do you see the new equipment Penny?"
"Yes Master?"
"Do you know what it is for?"
"No Master"
"That is the instrument you will be attached to tomorrow when you are
Penn felt the tears start in her eyes again, and her face turned red
from the shame of listening to his quiet promise, but between her legs
her cunt was on fire and she felt drops of cum juice dribbling down
her inner thighs. He noticed it too and she felt his hand slide down
to wipe the telltale spots away. "you see Penny, you lust for my men
to force themselves upon you, and tomorrow I promise you will be
violently fucked on that table and I will record every second of the
debauchery. You will scream from the pain then beg for them to do it
all again" Penny her knees weak felt her tear stained face lifted
until he looked her squarely in the eye, and you know what Penny, when
they finish and you are released you will crawl to me and beg for even
worse things to happen. Penny shook her head in disbelief at his
claim, but he just smiled and then she felt her arms being pinned.
Either side of her stood two large women, not fat just large.
He looked at Penny and she felt a cold chill of fear course through
her body at his next statement "But now my dear little slut it is time
for you to realise that there are tortures much worse than being
beaten and raped, my ladies here are going to turn you into a lump of
begging jelly with kindness"
Penny stared at him and for a second forgot her new position. "What do
you mean?" As soon as she spoke she realised her mistake, his foot
idly dangling over the table leg flew upwards into her crotch, and as
she doubled over in pain the two girls heaved upwards on her arms. Her
face forced forwards towards his cock he snarled at her. "You stupid
fucking slave, when will you learn not to question me" Sobbing in the
girls grasp she begged his forgiveness as he reached down and gripped
her nipples twisting them until she screamed he pinched them until she
could feel his nails digging into the tender flesh. "What do you say
now SLAVE."
Penny the pain in her nipples causing her to bite her lip to stop
crying sobbed "Oh Master your slave is sorry, please do anything you
want. I will do anything"
"Very well then" he said "Open your mouth." Penny's mouth shot open so
far that she could feel the skin on the side of her lips stretched so
far it threatened to crack the stretched skin at the corners, but
still she tried to open it further. She felt his penis touch her lips
and tried to suck it into her mouth, but the two amazons held her so
tight she couldn't and as she was held there she felt his piss
streaming into her mouth and with a groan of submission she gulped
down mouthful after mouthful of his steaming urine. Not one drop did
she allow to fall from her mouth, until finished he wiped his wet cock
on her face and gave specific instructions to the two girls. "Not one
mark, not one single stripe, but by the time I return she must act
properly, or you two lesbians will be joining her on the raping
horses. Understand?"
"Yes Master, you're wish is our command" The two answered in unison
and holding Penny tight they marched her towards a padded table in the
centre of the room. Lifting her onto the table the two just placed her
hands above her head, and her legs together and told Penny on no
account was she to move.
Leaving her there, she watched as they returned to the Master and he
whispered to them his final instructions before leaving.
Once he had gone the two girls returned and the taller crouched to
stare into Penny's eyes. "I don't know why you little slut, but he
seems to like you. Instead of being broken with the whip and constant
fuckings he has instructed us that not only are we to use the torture
of a thousand butterflies, but that although you must be blindfolded
we are to allow you to talk."
Penny grasping the significance of this statement, asked what their
names were, and what they were going to do.
Smiling the woman said "you may call me Rose, and my assistant is
Leila. As for what we are going to do that would ruin the surprise
you'll find out in a little while, but first you are to be allowed to
watch us prepare, before we attach your blindfold"

The two girls, walked to the side of the room and returned each
pushing a trolley like the ones you see in hospitals with a cloth over
whatever was on them. Then each girl stood in front of Penny and
slowly, and seductively began to strip. As she watched Penny felt her
cunt get wetter and wetter as each girl in turn removed her outer
clothing to display breasts held in tiny strap bras that made them
lift straight out, attached to each nipple was a clip joined across
the girls waist by a small gold chain and as they dropped their skirts
Penny nearly came when she realised that not only were they completely
hairless except for the flowing manes on their heads but that the hood
of their clitorises had been surgically removed to expose their
sensitive buttons. The girls both rubbed their little button and Penny
watched enthralled as their cunts streamed juices until their thighs
were coated and shiny. Watching her Rose finally expressed the belief
that the randy little cow was ready and whipped the sheets of the
carts. On one Penny could see a number of whips, manacles, and other
instruments of torture, on the other table were a number of boxes and
what looked like glass tanks covered with cloths they puzzled Penny
but the sight of the weapons of torture worried her more at the
Looking at Rose Penny enquired about the vicious looking instruments
on the one tray. "That's right slut we're going to make you scream"
"But," Penny complained "the Master said you weren't to mark me"
Both girls laughed as she watched them, until Leila leant down and
stared straight into her eyes. "So he did my little cock sucker, but
then he also allowed our friend to be shafted by a Donkey didn't he"
Penny tried to rise from the table but they pinned her struggling body
and she felt her hands being stretched upwards until they could be
fastened to the top corners of the table and then each ankle was
fastened to the bottom corner. Penny terrified the two girls were
going to really harm her fought as best she could but they were too
strong and eventually she was spread face down her body the centre of
a human cross on the table top.
Rose moved towards her head holding a leather mask and despite Penny's
attempts to shake it off slowly and with obvious relish fastened it
securely over her head. Unable to see Penny could only listen as the
girls started discuss which of the instruments to use first. At the
mention of each barbaric weapon Penny felt her Ass cheeks clench
expecting to feel the pain of a stinging whip, or the cut of a cane.
slowly her leg muscles grew tired from the continual flinching and her
thighs began to tremble from the thought of what they were going to
do. When she felt the leather thongs of a Cat of nine tails dragged
slowly across her ass, she clenched her buttocks with such force that
belly was forced downward onto the table and Penny pissed herself from
fear. As the golden water poured from her cunt and formed a puddle
between her legs she cried with relief as she heard the two girls
giggling and Leila insisted that Rose pay her the five pounds because
she said Penny would piss herself in less than five minutes.
Grudgingly Rose accepted that it had taken only three and that they
better get on, or he would come back before they had finished.
Waiting for the next instalment, her every sense trying to work out
their next devilish torture Penny lay there, unable to see, her whole
body screamed for something to happen as around her there was nothing
but silence.
Alone and afraid she heard Rose whisper to Leila "The spider first I
think" and she felt the brush of a hairy leg as something was dropped
onto the small of her back. With a scream of terror she squirmed and
thrashed on the table as the spider crawled around her thigh and then
moved towards the warm crack of her ass. Penny beside herself begged
the girls, the Master, anybody to remove the vile arachnid as she felt
it hairy legs tickling the tops of her legs where her skin creased at
the junction of her thighs and ass cheeks. Unable to contain herself
anymore the terror of the spider moving into her private parts sent
her wild and in total fear that they had placed a tarantula on her she
shit herself. The brown turd squeezed its way from her ass as she
writhed on the table and she prayed out loud for someone to help her.
when suddenly she felt a cloth removing the sticky brown mess from
between her legs and this time it was Rose who insisted that Leila pay
her because this time it had taken longer than they expected, but
wasn't the woollen spider great fun. Now every time Penny felt
she would not know whether it was real or not.
Sobbing with relief Penny called the two girls every bad name she
could think of and even a few she didn't know, but they just laughed a
them and reminded her that this was the torture of a thousand
butterflies. She would never know if what assailed her imagination was
real or not, but by the time they finished if they said squeal she
would squeal. If they said piss she would piss, and if they said eat
shit she would eat shit. Penny couldn't believe what she was hearing,
surely they wouldn't make her eat shit? but then she remembered other
things she had seen in the last few days and her body was wracked with
violent sobs as the hopelessness of her situation dawned upon her. The
only hope she had was to believe what the Master had said about them
not marking her and she tried to keep that in mind when they began
discussing what to do to her next.
Rose suggested the snake, but Leila thought the acid would be better
and lying strapped to the table Penny kept repeating over and over
again in her head that whatever it was it wouldn't hurt her they were
just playing mind games, but a snake, she was really terrified of them
and silently prayed they would use the acid at least it couldn't
slither and bite.
Something cold rubbed against her leg and she felt the slithering body
of the snake as it slid over her leg and up onto her back. Penny
closed her eyes underneath the hood and kept repeating to herself "It
isn't real it is only a plastic one they are trying to make me
It might have worked but the slithering animal worked its way up her
body and as it reached the spot between her shoulder blades she felt
its tongue flick over her skin. Immediately she knew they had placed a
real snake on her and her body arched up from the table, her back
ached from the pressure as she tried to dislodged the reptile. Slowly
she felt it turn and crawl back down, begging the girls to remove it
she felt it's head slide into the crack of her ass, and as it slipped
down across her cunt she screamed so loud that she thought her lungs
would burst and tried to close her legs.
"No, no  slut" She heard Roses voice, as the girls held her legs wide
"Horace loves warm places" Penny sobbing uncontrollably felt his
tongue flick out over the outer lips of her cunt then his head was
pushing between them spreading her wet lips and she felt a flicking
tongue sensing the heat of her cunt and she screamed again as her cunt
was forced open and she felt the snakes head slip into her cunt. time
and again Penny screamed as the snake slid deeper and deeper into her
cunt, there was nearly eight inches of muscular reptile inside her now
as she begged them to remove it, and promised to perform any
perversion they suggested if only they would remove the snake from
her. "Will you eat Shit" asked Rose.
Even now Penny couldn't bring herself to say yes and she felt her legs
being pulled even further apart and the girls stretched her cunt lips
to enable the snake to tunnel even further into her warm tunnel. Penny
felt the snakes head turn this way and that within her and screamed
her agreement to Roses demand, if only she would remove the serpent
from her twat. Penny felt something pressed against her lips, and
Leila pinched her nose then said "Come on then cunt eat SHIT!"
Penny was nearly sick as she felt a small piece of shit being forced
into her mouth and with real disgust in her heart swallowed the small
morsel. "Was that nice?" asked Leila "Yes. Yes it was gorgeous"
screamed Penny "Just get the snake out of my cunt"
"Another piece first you shag happy cunt" said Rose and Penny felt a
large piece being slotted into her mouth "Now don't swallow until
we've removed Horace"
Penny was forced to lie there a piece of brown turd between her lips
whilst Rose tried to dislodge the snake. Penny held her breath as
between her legs she could feel Rose tugging on the snake but its head
hardly seemed to move and in her tortured mind Penny imagined the
snake crawling all the way into her and being lost inside. Her whole
body tensed as she felt the snake begin to writhe inside her terrified
twat and it head thrashed against the walls of her love tube. At her
mouth Leila pushed the turd even further in an Penny could feel the
sticky lump pressed against her tongue. Unable to make a noise she
began to shiver from the degradation and fear as her body convulsed
around the squirming reptile and she felt another orgasm rising in her
loins. Penny couldn't believe the feelings she was being fucked by a
snake, eating shit and having an orgasm, whilst two girls watched and
called her filthy names. Under the hood tears streamed down her face
as she realised that the fear of the snake had turned her on so much
she would do anything and her body would enjoy it.

Then suddenly between her legs Penny felt the buzz of a vibrator and
it flooded across her terrified mind that they had tricked her. The
snake was false, and now they had her eating shit. She tried to spit
it out but Leila held her mouth closed and released her nose. Suddenly
able to smell again Penny felt the soft texture of chocolate and
realised that this too had been a trick. Her mouth had believed she
was eating shit, she had even tasted shit but in fact it had been a
lump of softened and shaped chocolate.
Totally demoralised as she realised she could not believe her own
senses she sobbed her relief that the girls hadn't fed her shit, but
just as she started to relax Leila her mouth right by Penny's ear
whispered "But my little shirt eater we did! The first piece was real
shit and we're going to watch as you eat some more or else we are
going to put leaches on you tits, and with this they undid her bonds
so quickly that she couldn't respond and flipped her onto her back
before refastening her to the table.

Lying there Penny felt really light touches criss-crossing her body it
felt like tiny little claws but she calmed herself and rationalised
that they were tricking her by touching her very lightly with their
nails and forced herself to remain calm. Above her she heard one of
the girls sigh and then the simple little scratches were replaced with
much more complex patterns, it felt like little claws, but there was
something else a soft dragging across her skin. Penny didn't know what
they were doing now but the tiny touches were making her randy her
breathing got shallower as within her body her cunt responded and
began to heat up its juices rolling round were threatening to spill
out across the table, as the tiny touches continued to increase her
pleasure Penny felt her nipples harden and her breasts reach for the
ceiling as time after time the tiny touches moved across her belly and
down towards her cunt. She was arching up now trying to get the girls
to touch her sensitive cunt lips, to let her feel their long nails
scraping across her wet and shiny vulva. Under the mask she groaned as
they took her almost to orgasm then moved away to start again
somewhere else. Now Penny knew what they meant by the torture of a
thousand butterflies the tiny touches had inflamed her entire body,
every little move was making her writhe  in ecstasy on the table, but
her cunt was on fire with lust and she wanted to cum so bad that her
belly ached, her tits ached from the amount of blood being forced into
them, then she felt something new the girls had stretched big rubber
bands and were letting them constrict around the base of her tits,
immediately the nipples and aureoles grew even more sensitive and now
every touch was sending waves of pleasurable pain coursing through her
tied tits and Penny nearly cried when she felt a soft pair of lips
brush across her distended nipples only to be replaced by another band
this time smaller that surrounded her nipple and forced it to stretch
tight on top of her heaving breasts. Gasping for breath now her whole
body rose up from the table and she felt someone place a cushion under
the cheeks of her ass so that she was held stretched upwards in a bow
shape. Her stretched legs were quivering with lust as the mouth
returned to her other nipple and she felt the elastic band slip over
to keep it taut and full of throbbing passion. Her breasts were now so
sore that every touch was making her flinch, but she begged for more
as the girls went back to work on her cunt. Penny felt the lips being
stretched sideways then something was being clamped onto them and they
were being slowly pulled farther and farther down her legs until
satisfied they had stretched her lips as far as they could the girls
fastened them to her inner thighs with some form of sticky tape. Now
as her legs trembled Penny felt the stretched lips of her cunt quiver
and pull away from her exposed hole and she writhed, and begged for
the girls to just take her a little bit farther, to let her come. Just
as she was sure they would finish her off. Everything stopped and
Penny lying in the dark, in silence once more, begged and pleaded for
them to finish her off. The tightness in her breasts was almost
agonising but she begged Leila to suck them into her mouth. every
tremble of her thighs was pulling on the tightly stretched lips of her
cunt, but she begged Rose to pull them tighter and lick her clitoris.
Still the silence as Penny felt a new sensation, her whole body felt
like it was going to burst, she had never been kept on the edge like
this for so long, every nerve was super sensitive when she felt a cool
breeze blow across her tits. Penny shouted for them to let her cum,
but the two girls just kept moving from one sensitive area to another
blowing very gently on the sensitive skin until Penny was sure that
she would black out from the feeling of pure delight as each tiny
breath of air made her body squeal in torment. She couldn't believe
that something that didn't even touch her was keeping her this high
and she was sure that any moment something would break, and she would
get her release.

She felt the hood being removed from her eyes and looked down her
body. Her tits were deep red from the constriction, her aureoles stuck
up like mountains and surmounting each a nipple distended, and the
colour of blood, throbbed and wobbled on top like a cherry on a cake.
Leila watching Penny very carefully licked first one nipple then the
other. Each pass of the girls tongue made Penny shout for joy as
electric shocks coursed through her body. Eventually Leila stopped and
climbing onto the table placed her cunt right above Penny's face.
"Drink my Piss bitch and I might let you come"
Penny strained upwards with her mouth to enclose the girls cunt lips
and as Leila shivered above, felt the first few drips of her acrid
piss spill into her mouth. Gurgling Penny felt yet another feeling,
this abasement was taking her to even greater heights was there
nothing she wouldn't do now to gain her release. Would she do anything
they told her to just so that they would let her cum?

Her mouth full of the girls piss Penny swallowed and felt the golden
warm liquid travel down to her stomach as it settled there she felt
her own bladder respond and once again her own urine poured out
between her legs, the warm fluid made the feelings in her cunt worse
now her whole body trembled uncontrollably as tremors of lust overtook
her, no longer a thinking woman she had become a perverted sex
machine. The effect the girls had been striving for had been reached
Penny no longer had a will of her own. now she would do anything to
gain just one orgasm, and knew that as soon as that had occurred her
body would crave another. Her release finished Leila climbed down from
the table and moved toward Penny's feet. Standing between her flexing
legs and ignoring her cries for them to finish her off the two girls
picked up a shaving brush and Penny watched as they first clipped away
at her pubic hair with a pair of scissors. Every now and again the
scissors pulled on her coarse hairs and Penny jerked from the pain
then immediately begged them to do it again as each jolt edged her a
little close to her own climax, but they were too clever and never let
her get excited enough to progress from the heightened state she was
in. Then they smoothed cool cream into her pubic hairs and Penny
praying the feeling would let her cum moaned in despair as she felt
the cream deadening her feeling between her legs. "Local anaesthetic"
explained Rose as she lifted a cut throat razor from its protective
sleeve and held it up for Penny to see. "Now keep very still" she told
the writhing girl "I wouldn't want to chop your clitoris off would I"
Penny froze her face a mask of concentration as Rose lifted the hood
of her now numb clitoris and used it as a handle to manipulate the
skin around her still aching cunt. Penny watched, unblinking, as they
removed every last vestige of hair until the top of her legs looked
like a young schoolgirls. declaring themselves satisfied the two girls
showed Penny a small pot of cream, and gleefully suggested she might
like to cry now as this would make her think the feelings coursing
through her body now were mere dreams.
Across the just shaved area Rose started to spread the cool cream,
whilst Leila very gently applied little dollops to Penny's breasts. At
first the only feeling was one of coolness, but then she felt it, a
warmth that turned into a fire, spread over her entire body, even
areas where the cream hadn't touched grew extremely sensitive, every
time she squirmed her back against the table was unbearable and then
between her legs she saw him the Master stood watching her his cock
dangling down towards the floor. Penny begged and begged for him to
put it in her but he just watched as her body grew ever more taut
under the influence of the insidious cream.
"Is she ready? He asked.
The two girls grovelled before him and Rose looking up with terrified
eyes sobbed that "They had been unable as yet to get Penny to eat shit
except by fooling her , but it would only be a matter of time"
"Quiet you fucking useless whore" he spat at the terrified girl.
"Leila untie my cum slut and before she does it herself she can
administer the final insult to this useless slut"
As Rose squirmed on the floor her eyes wide with the thought of his
statement, he turned to look at Penny writhing helpless on the table.
Her bloated breasts, her stretched cunt lips and every other part of
her being screaming for release, as Leila with trembling fingers
hastened to release her from the restraints. Once Penny was free Leila
fell to the floor beside Rose and waited for the Master's wrath to
subside, but his next statement made both girls gasp with fear.
"And tomorrow you both join her in my latest rape film" The two girls
grovelled on the floor as Penny her hands free reached for her cunt to
bring herself off.
"No, No Penny" his voice cut through her intentions and she stopped
dead still, hardly breathing she moaned "But Master I want to come"
"You'll come my little slut, You will lose track of how many times
you'll come in just a minute"
Gently he lifted her from the table and positioned her standing above
Rose's trembling face, " But first you have to administer the
punishment, and when you do I promise you, you will cream all over her
as your body gets that first orgasm of many"

Penny looked at him with disbelief as he gently spread her legs and
tipped her head down to watch the degradation of the woman so lately
her tormentor. "Now Bitch, SHIT"
Penny couldn't believe it his words drilled into her mind and she felt
her anal canal ripple. holding her Ass cheeks wide she felt her turd
slide towards freedom and watched fascinated as the tip of the brown
log appeared between her spread legs. Inside her belly she could feel
the climax she so desired approaching, but it didn't explode within
her until she watched Rose tears streaming down her face open her
mouth and reach up to enclose the brown log dropping slowly from her
Ass. As the girl let it slide into her waiting mouth Penny screamed ,
her anguish of the last few hours finally released as her body jerked
to the beat of the devil's drum and her belly exploded in a mind
shattering series of muscle contractions. Her womb contracted so much
that she felt she might be having a baby and her breasts still taut
within their elastic bands shuddered as she grabbed them and wailing
her release squeezed. Between her quivering legs she felt another turd
rip free and watched fascinated as Rose obviously disgusted by her own
behaviour filled her mouth with Penny's waste products and smeared
them all over her upper body and breasts.
The most powerful thing which sent Penny into another climax was that
the woman so obviously distraught at the action he had forced upon her
was cumming. from between her legs issued streams of her own cunt
juices and she gasped her climax out on the floor.
Penny recovering from her own series of Climaxes looked at the Master
as his cock started to grow, until it stood out firmly from his body.
"Do you want it Penny?" He asked.
"Oh yes Master, I want your cock, I want you to fuck me, to shag my
filthy ass"
"Will you clean my cock after Penny?"
"your slave will do whatever you tell her to Master"
"Right then whilst I shaft your Ass lick that bitch clean" He
indicated Rose covered in Penny's own shit, and as he talked he pushed
her until she was in a doggy position on the floor and kneeling behind
her he slotted his helmet into her now tight anus.

"Come on Penny LICK" He shouted as gripping her hips he thrust his
cock deep into her tight ass chute. Penny didn't hesitate, grabbing
Roes taut tits she dragged the crying girl towards her and sucked one
of her mounds right into he mouth. The shit tasted awful, but the
taste also made her cunt tighten again and as promised she started to
have recurring orgasms. His cock pounded in and out of her ass as
beneath him the totally degraded Penny sucked her own shit of the tits
of a girl the had been torturing her only a few minutes before.
Screaming again and again as climaxes pounded throughout her now
totally sensitised body she finally took her hand and scooped up as
much of the shit still clinging to Rose as she could and pushed her
fingers into the slobbering girls mouth. Crowing with joy she came
again as Rose, her eyes begging, collapsed into another earth
shattering orgasm of her own.
Behind her the Master his cock now resting tight inside Penny's ass
said "Get your own back and fist the two bitches" Penny had forgotten
Leila in her corrupt attack on Rose and now noticed the girl lying
next to her friend and letting her head fall between them so that her
tight breasts supported her on the floor Penny without a seconds
hesitation drove her fingers into their cunts. The two girls screamed
in pain as she tore into them but she wouldn't stop time and again she
powered her hand into them until, Penny had nothing showing below her
wrists. Her hands were embedded in the girls cunts and she turned her
fingers into fists and felt her own cunt cream again as they writhed
on her closed fists as they pumped up and down their Twats.

Now the Master was fucking her Ass again as he watched his latest
total fuck slut, tear the cunts out of two of his lesbians and he
smiled with glee at the thought of the three of them earning him lots
of money for the film they would make tomorrow. He would have to make
sure Penny acted the part of a girl being raped, but Rose and Leila
would need no coaching they had never been fucked by a man before as
they were both confirmed lesbians. The thought of their screams as his
troop of men took them made his cock throb and spit its load into
Penny's ass. Without looking back he pulled his now flaccid cock from
her stretched ass tube and started to leave the room.
Penny with a wail of despair flew after him and threw herself at his
feet begging to be told if she had displeased him.
Puzzled he looked down a the squirming girl and asked "Displeased,
what makes you think I'm displeased?"
"You said I could clean your cock Master, now you are leaving. Are you
going to let another of your slaves do my work?"
Lifting her he let her fasten her mouth around his cock still coated
with the juices from her ass, and as she licked and sucked it clean he

"Wow now I've got me a real slave. This one has gone completely shag

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 11 - Ready to trot
Early the next morning Penny awoke in a bed covered in fresh linen,
the room was quite small and there was no window. Penny's hand
immediately dropped to her cunt, and as her fingers touched it, it
came alive and called for sex. Penny wondered if she had been drugged,
she didn't normally do this first thing in the morning and what's more
she couldn't remember anything after sucking the Master's shit covered
cock into her mouth the day before. Perhaps they had given a knockout
drug. Climbing slowly from the bed she looked around the room, in one
corner was a shower and washbasin with a mirror. Moving to the mirror
Penny looked at her body so abused the previous day and noticed that
her nipples were still rigid and as her gaze travelled down toward her
aching cunt she could see her belly muscles tighter than she had felt
them for years but her gaze was forced down between her legs as her cunt
screamed to be touched. finally her eyes reached her crotch and
suddenly she remembered, the two girls shaving her pubic hairs. There
atop her legs was a hairless mound from which poked two pink lips, her
fingers traced across the smooth skin and she watched fascinated as
the pink lips seemed to grow and descend and open to display a moist
wet hole just waiting to be filled. Penny felt her fingers tickling
the dripping slit and her body responded. Standing in front of the
mirror she seductively frigged herself towards her first orgasm of the
day, her spare hand clutching at her swollen breast she watched as her
face turned into a mask of lust and wondered just how powerful was a
drug that it could force her to abuse herself before she had even
cleaned her teeth.
Grinding her hips downwards  onto her plunging fingers she felt
herself coming alive every nerve tingled and inside her breast her
heart pounded as she brought herself nearly to fruition, but just as
she was reaching the climax she longed for so much the door opened and
The Master spoke one word "Stop!"
 Immediately Penny's fingers flew from her body and she stood rigidly
to attention her body on fire waiting for his next command.
"Penny, Come Here"
With indecent haste she moved across the room, dropping to her knees
she placed her mouth over his crotch and begged him to let her eat his
"No, No my dear, not this morning. It appears that Rose and Leila did
a better job than I had given them credit for. Your body has flipped
into total slut mode. You'll be no good to me in a rape scene now"
Penny's head snapped up and she looked in disbelief into his hard
eyes. "But Master you promised I was going to be raped today. I want
to be abused. I want men and women to force me to do things." She
started to cry in disappointment, he had promise her, and now he was
saying NO!
Penny couldn't belief it, she promised to pretend, she promised to do
anything they told her too and to scream all the time. She grovelled
and squirmed at his feet as he moved slowly towards the bed. She flung
herself on the bed and spread her legs wide. Imploring him to let them
ravage her aching cunt.
Eventually he signalled her to silence and sat there for a long time
apparently forgetting her body lying there so wantonly displaying
hairless cunt. Then he turned and smiled at her, and she felt her
muscles contract and she had a small climax just from his words.
"I have the answer my little fuck slut. We will arrange for you to be
a schoolgirl again, and you will believe you are a modest little
virgin. Yes, Yes that's it we'll do the old virgin schoolgirl and her
Unsure of what he was talking about Penny lay there and ground her ass
into the bed as the thought of being forcibly taken flooded her mind.
Suddenly he stood and looking down at her issued his instructions for
the day.
She was to stop touching herself, and keeping her new found wantonness
in check she must get cleaned up then go and have some breakfast. At
Ten O'clock she was to find the Doc. and he would see that she was
prepared for her ordeal.
As he spoke Penny felt the fires in her belly subside, her fingers
moved away from her cunt and she wondered why his voice could control
her so effectively that just telling her to stop sent her feelings of
sex filed lust back into the darkness. It must have shown on her face
for he watched her then said.
"No, Penny we didn't use drugs, except those produced by your own
body. What Rose and Leila did was to take you past the state most
people think of as fulfilment into a state beyond where the body
loses control of the basic sexual drive and the brain is driven to
extremes of desire by the sexual chemicals. They override the brains
commands and you become nothing more than a sex machine. I learnt long
ago that a certain tone is able to stimulate the brain and override
the feelings and that is the basis of my power. Throughout this town,
men and women know that with one word I can switch their sexual,
desires on and off. On a few occasions I have demonstrated it to
enforce my rules. remember the Judge that ran naked around London, and
tried to rape a schoolgirl on Westminster Bridge. I told him too
because he tried to attack my empire.
But now I need something more subtle than my powers. I have switched
off your desires, but now we need to make you believe you are an
innocent schoolgirl and that is Doc's job, so don't be late"
He wheeled and marched from the room as Penny her body devoid of any
sexual feeling moved to the shower and carefully cleaned herself all
over. Complete with hose attachments the shower enabled her to clean
deep inside her pussy and her ass but she felt no sensations of desire
just an emptiness that seemed to linger in her mind. like a robot she
brushed her teeth, and checked her face was spotlessly clean before
moving to the one small wardrobe that graced one corner of the tiny
room. Inside she found only a cotton night-gown, plain white and
reaching completely to the floor and a pair of slippers, putting them
on she moved to the door and opening it found a corridor stretching in
both directions. Not being sure where to go she moved to her right
until she came across a junction and there on the wall was one of
those signs like you see in hospitals indicating areas and colours to
be followed. Penny noticed that she was in blue corridor and noted her
room number as 10. following the signs for Dining hall she traced the
Yellow line on the floor and following its lead transversed what
seemed like a long way until entering a room capable of holding about
twenty people. In one corner was a serving counter and Penny moved to
the counter to be met by a smiling middle aged woman dressed just like
a dinner lady.
"Yes dear?" the lady asked and Penny selected a giant meal of English
Breakfast, Cereals and Toast.
"My you are hungry, been busy have we?" The cook asked. Penny just
smirked and seated herself at one of the tables to begin her
breakfast, slowly it came back to her ,no wonder she was so hungry she
had, had nothing to eat since the bit of ham and bread she had grabbed
the day before, and wolfing down her large meal she mulled over in her
mind just what she would be doing today.
As she ate Rose and Leila came into the room. They welcomed Penny
kindly and sat with her as she ate. They ate little and explained they
had received their breakfast much earlier but they were to make sure
she didn't get into any trouble before the filming began. Penny
recollected their abject fear of the previous night and wondered why
they didn't hate her, for it was her slowness in responding that had
caused them to be included in her ordeals later.
She mouthed the question, but he two girls looked at her blankly, and
when Penny tried to take it further they laughed at her and told her
not to come out with such girlish dreams she knew that after she had
seen the doctor they had to go to the gym and get ready for the big
acrobatics competition, which the Headmaster had arranged to have
Penny stared at the two girls in disbelief as they gabbled excitedly
on about how they would whip the other school. How Rose had been
practising on the rings and Leila was so supple she could place her
legs behind her head. Penny thought they were having her on until the
cook appeared carrying mugs of orange juice and wished the girls well
in their competition this afternoon although she didn't know how Penny
could eat so much when her speciality was the horse.
Totally bemused Penny finished her breakfast and was escorted by Leila
to meet the team doctor.
Left in a room just like a doctor's office Penny sat herself down and
waited for him to arrive. She wondered if she was going mad, as
everyone else seemed to be sure they were in a school and today was
going to be an acrobatics competition., Shaking her head in disbelief
she began to pace around the office. Her mind in turmoil as she tried
again and again to convince herself she was not going mad. she
remembered everything that had happened to her since coming to
Blackpool, but her body didn't react. it felt dead as though sex
hadn't ever been a part of her life. Pacing there she felt the terror
rising within her, was she imagining all of the past few days? was she
really just a young girl, getting ready for a school competition?

Behind her the door opened and a oldish man entered, dressed in a
white coat, with a stethoscope around his neck Penny guessed this was
"Good morning Penny, ready for your ordeal?"
Penny watched him did he mean her 'rape' or was he relating to the
"Sit down, sit down" He said as he moved behind the big desk.
Penny frightened that she had finally flipped dropped into the
indicated seat. "Now my dear, I bet your wondering what this is all
about? The Master tells me ......."
Penny's sudden in drawn gasp brought the Doctors eyes up to look at
her face.
"Oh, I see" The doctors face was serene as he studied her. "He didn't
explain the torment caused when he switches of the body's drug system.
did he?"
With an outpouring of emotion Penny sobbed that she thought she was
going mad, everybody seemed to think she was a schoolgirl, and she
knew she was a total slut that had been fucking and sucking everything
in sight for the last few days.
The Doctor let her finish then explained that when the brain took over
from the sexual stimulation it tended to block out all feelings as it
adjusted, but that he would induce certain pathways that would enable
her to compartmentalise her feelings so that she would know the truth
whilst being able to react to different situations as the Master
expected. Penny looked at him totally dumfounded as he explained that
it was his job to prepare her for this afternoon's filming. that to
all intents and purposes her body and mind would act as thought she
was a schoolgirl, a virgin, never even touched by a man, but that
inside herself she would know this wasn't the case.
Penny listening to his explanation wondered why she couldn't just act
out the fantasy, but he explained that the Master not only received a
lot of money because his films were so powerful, but that the
participants were also people that had paid a lot of money to be
allowed to abuse schoolgirl gymnasts.
Since the Master never believed in underage rape he insisted that they
too were treated by the doctor. then they too believed what ever story
had been planted in their minds and acted accordingly. It was
important that every single participant believed wholeheartedly that
what they were doing was the truth, that much was done to ensure no
one taking part believed anything else. for that reason he would place
Penny into deep hypnosis and implant the belief that she was a
schoolgirl, and a virgin. Then when they took her she would fight and
scream as if it was real, but inside her mind would be a small area
that knew the truth.
Penny tremulously asked "Why leave any of me knowing the truth"
"That's quite simple my dear, if we didn't you would go completely
mad. From the early days before we perfected this technique there were
a number of accidents, and girls ended up on the wards of local mental
institutions. however we have now rehabilitated them all using my
partial brain enclosure technique. now if your ready I'll proceed, is
there anything you want to do before I hypnotise you"
Penny wanted lots of things, she wanted to go home, she wanted her
feelings back, and most of all she wanted to know her body could still
feel the great feelings she experienced whenever a man was using her,
but how did she put that across to this elderly man. finally she
plucked up her courage and it all spilled out. he sat there silently
as she poured out her fears and aspirations, finally spent she sat and
looked at him as he rose from the desk and came around to where she
was sat.
"Listen to me Penny, there is nothing to fear, like the Master I can
switch your brain on and off, but what's more I can promise you that
when he has finished with you and you are allowed to leave we will
return you to your normal self. the only residual will be a small
voice operated control to ensure you never disclose his operation, and
to allow him to call you back. apart from that you will remember
everything and will return to London in full command of your
Unzipping his flies in front of the unresponsive Penny he calmly let
this cock flop out. it dangled nearly eight inches down his leg, and
wasn't even hard. Penny looked at it and couldn't believe that she
hadn't responded to such a gorgeous monster. But then he demonstrated
his ability.
"Penny, you are a slut"
Immediately her body tensed and all the feelings she normally felt
flooded back, her cunt was on fire and her mouth filled with saliva as
he lifted his cock to her lips, with a groan of lust she enfolded it
and gently ran her tongue around the tip, sensing the taste of another
woman's juices still lingering behind the swelling head of his cock.
The Doctor watched as she sucked his monster to a full erection then
just as she was getting ready to deep throat it he said. "Penny you're
a young girl"
She spat the cock from her mouth, and flung herself backwards in
horror into the chair, tears filled her eyes as she stared up at him.
"What are you doing Doctor?"
"Penny normal" She looked at him with amazement, she knew what had
just happened but again his rampant cock did nothing for her.
Sitting upright in her chair again she looked at him with disinterest.
"Now I'll make it so that you understand what is happening, and enjoy
everything instead of this disinterest, but when you are told you are
something by a control voice you will become that thing"
Leading her to a leather couch his cock once more hanging limply down
his leg he talked softly to her as above her head a little light
twinkled on and off. Mesmerised by the light Penny felt herself
drifting off, and his voice seemed  to come from far away as he
instructed her mind to prepare its defence box, and Penny felt all the
thoughts she had ever had about sex being tucked into a part that felt
separated from all her other experience. Things that had happened to
her years ago resurfaced to be filed away. The Doctor that used to
Rape her, tearing her clothes off. the couple that used to make her
drink piss and clean up shit, it was all filed neatly into the dark
recess until she could even remember the first man to squeeze one of
her little tits, and the first person to give her a french kiss. Stuff
she thought she had forgotten years ago was brought into her head and
filed, until the happenings this morning when his cock had disgusted
her young girl mentality. now she could sense her disgust, but it was
not frightening only a fact to be noted and she realised that this was
the brain setting up the receptacle where any act she found
distasteful during the belief that she was a virgin schoolgirl would
be stored so that her mind wasn't overwhelmed.
watching her relax the 'doctor brought her out of her 'sleep' and
asked how she felt now. Penny felt like her normal whorish self, and
she reached out to stroke his flaccid cock. It jerked slightly in her
hand as she expressed her pleasure at everything she could remember so
The doctor explained that now was the final test that his system had
worked he was going to let her suck his cock, but would give her
various instructions as she did so to ensure that the hypnosis was
complete, was she ready.
Penny nodded her agreement and he started.
"Penny slut!"
She grabbed his cock and fed it deep into her mouth, her cheeks
hollowed and her tongue slaved at the underside of his swelling
"Penny virgin"
She spat it out and felt her tears start to fall as she sobbed and
"Penny first cock suck"
Tentatively she reached out and cradled his massive cock, her tongue
darted out and flicked across the head. then she gently enfolded it
around the glans. She felt him jump when her inexpert teeth caught the
back of his glans, and she was nearly sick when a drop of pre-cum
dropped onto her tongue.
"Penny frigid"
Her mouth froze around his cock as he pumped into and out of her mouth
and she felt nothing, only a wish that he would stop soon so she could
get on with the housework.
"Penny WHORE!"
Immediately she heard herself making sounds of pretend pleasure as she
sucked and wanked his cock expertly. When it came in her mouth she
balled the spunk up on her tongue and pulling away from him spat the
sticky mess onto the floor then immediately stood and went to leave.
"Penny Cum Slut"
She dropped to her knees and crawled to the pool of spunk glistening
on the floor, sucking it up onto her tongue she turned and let him
watch it slide down her throat before reaching to clean his cock.
"Penny normal"
She sat back and grinned at the Doctor. "I can remember it all, it was
best when you made me a virgin I could feel her revulsion at your cock
and the taste of you pre-cum I was nearly sick"
"Good, good, now you see that we can make you anything we want, and
you will not be harmed by the experience. I'll let the Master know you
are ready for this afternoon. just before we start filming you will be
given certain instructions and then we will turn you into a virgin
schoolgirl again. now pop of and clean yourself up. I think you will
find a new set of clothes waiting in your room"
Penny left the Doctors office a happy woman. every sexual act she had
ever done was in place in her mind and she sorted through them one by
one, but they didn't make her too randy and for the first time in her
life she knew that daft as it sounded she was in real control of her
emotions now when she did something really perverted her mind would
just file it away for her to enjoy any time she wanted.
following the blue line she finally found her room and moving straight
to the shower, she took a luxurious twenty minutes to clean herself
again, and using nothing more than talc to give her body a gentle
scenting dropped onto the bed and dreamed away the next half hour.

Popping her head round the door Rose asked if she was ready to come to
the gym, and Penny looked up to see the gorgeous lesbian, like herself
with only minimal make, up dressed in a school uniform.
"Come on, come on" moaned Rose as Penny quickly opened the wardrobe
and found her uniform hanging there.
"Hurry up Penny, Leila is going to meet us at the gym, and you know
Miss is always cross when we are late"
Penny lifted out the navy blue knickers and stretched them over her
tight ass cheeks then reached in and put on the regulation bra, topped
of with a white blouse. the pleated navy skirt seemed a little short,
but the knee length white school socks fitted her like a glove.
slipping on the pair of plimsolls sitting by her bed she expressed
herself ready.
"Don't forget your braids silly" said Rose and tossed her head, her
long hair held in place by two simple bobbles.
Penny found hers sitting on the sink and puling her hair tight into
bunches either side of her head fastened the bands until she had two
little pony tails.
"That's better now grab your tie and jacket and let's find Leila"

Just outside the door the Master was waiting and as they emerged he
looked them up and down. "Excuse me Rose I wish to have a word with
Penny" Rose like any well behaved schoolgirl moved away to allow the
Master to talk to her friend.
Penny still herself waited for him to speak.
"Listen carefully Penny from now on you will believe you are a
schoolgirl going to support her friends in a gymnastic competition.
you are an expert on the vaulting horse, do you understand?"
"Penny her cunt beginning to heat up as she anticipated the
afternoon's fun responded in the affirmative.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Oh! Yes Master I'm getting wet thinking about it"
"Penny Schoolgirl Virgin!" he barked and immediately she felt like a
"Please Sir I have to go we are taking part in a gym competition and
if we are late Miss will be angry"
"Very well Penny and good luck"
"Thank your sir"
totally changed Penny rejoined her friend and they skipped arm in arm
towards the gymnasium. "He's a dish isn't he" said Penny.
"What old grumble, Leila told me she saw him kiss Miss Tomkins behind
the bike shed"
"What our gym Mistress? She kissed Grumble"
"That's right, and he used his tongue!"
"Ugh! how gross" said Penny as they finally reached the gym.

Arriving at the gym, the two girls were surprised to find not only
Leila but Miss Tomkins the gym mistress already there. The tall
willowy teacher, dressed in the regulation grey skirt and white blouse
worn by all the teachers apologised to the girls and explained that
their opponents had cancelled the match because their coach had broken
down. She had managed to contact all the other members of the team,
but since today was Saturday and none of the three was on the
telephone she had come to inform them that the match was off, but if
they wanted she would give them extra lessons so that their journey to
the deserted gymnasium wasn't wasted. However she wanted to catch the
Master before he left so she would be back in a few minutes and after
they had practiced she would run them all home in her car.
Miss Tomkins car was a legend in the school a big old Humber, the
girls said she only kept it because the front bench seat meant she
didn't have to get in the back to cuddle with Old Grumble, but they
all loved to drive in the car looking out through the dark tinted
glass at people that couldn't see in and sometimes when they thought
she couldn't see them they would blow kisses at the young boys.

Left to their own devices the three girls took of their school blazers
and began their warming up exercises, stretching and pirouetting on
the floor they talked about boys, and which one of the their class
they liked most. Rose said she fancied Joe Farmer, and she heard he
had touched up Maggie Smith in the toilets and hoped he would do the
same to her soon, then she could kiss him. The other two poked fun at
her and said she wouldn't know how to kiss a boy even if he would let
Rosa got shirty and pushed Penny who responded by tugging her hair and
the two, laughing and giggling poked and prodded each other taunting
the other about her small breasts or spotty face.
Leila watching them decide to join in and as they clung together
laughing in the middle of the floor mats she gave them both a push and
shouted with joy when they tumbled into a heap on the floor.
The two girls grabbed her legs and as Leila fell on top of the heap
they pretended to touch her up like a boy would. Leila wriggled and
squealed as they grabbed her small breasts and when Penny stuck her
hand on her knickers she went bright red with embarrassment. Penny
pulled her hand away quickly and looked at it.
"Look Rose Leila has wet her pants"
Rose stopped tickling the smaller girl and looked at Penny.
"What do you mean, she's wet her pants?"
"Yes, look said Penny and held out her hand to the older girl, my
fingers are all sticky"
In her schoolgirl; innocence Penny didn't realise that other fluids
could run from a girl's vulva, and it took Rose only a second to start
to poke fun at her.
"Penny is a baby, doesn't know love juice. Penny is a baby doesn't
"Stop it, Stop it" shouted Penny and put her hands over her ears.
Leila seeing a chance to avert attention from her wet fanny joined in
"Penny can't kiss, doesn't know how, never kissed a boy I'm going to
Penny writhing under the insults flared back "Can too, I've kissed
loads of boys!"
"No you haven't" said Leila "You don't know how to kiss."
"Can too" said Penny "I can kiss, I've kissed lots"
"Prove it then" Rose butted in.

Penny looked around the room in mock search for a boy. "Ha! can't
there nobody here to kiss, but I could too if there was someone"
Rose nudged Leila in the back and winked at her friend, and turning to
Penny craftily said.
"You could pretend Leila was a boy"
Penny looked from one to the other of the girls to see if they were
joking, but from the looks on their faces it was obvious that they
weren't. If she chickened out now they would tell everybody she didn't
know how to kiss, she would be the laughing stock of the entire
The two girls, had never been with boys themselves but they had
experimented in the privacy of their bedrooms and learnt that they
could excite themselves without boys, and now they were going to teach
Penny the joys of mutual fondling, perhaps she would get to like it as
much as they did.
"Come on then" taunted Leila "Show us how you kiss a boy."
Penny was stuck, unable to back out she stood awkwardly in front of
Leila and pressed her lips lightly on to the other girls mouth, then
pulled away.
"Call that a kiss? Here let us show you how it is really done" and
Penny watched as the two girls melted into each others arms and their
lips met and moulded to each their bodies gyrating slowly together.
Finally parting the two girls looked at Penny. She stood there her
face bright red with embarrassment realising she had been caught out
in a lie. They would surely tell the whole school now.
Leila sidled up to Penny, "We'll teach you if you like, and we promise
never to tell anybody that you can't kiss"
Penny believed the slightly built girl and said she wanted to learn,
but was it alright to kiss another girl.
"Its OK for practice, but its got to be a secret" Said Rose. "do you
swear never to tell anybody what we show you"
"Of course I do!" said Penny her girlish curiosity aroused, "I just
want to learn about boys and things like that."
Leila took her hand and led her towards the storage cupboard. "Come on
Rose will keep watch in case Miss Tomkins comes back, and after five
minutes she can come and teach you while I keep watch"
Rose didn't look to happy about this, but went to the gym door and
opening it a crack stood looking up the corridor.

Leila gently pulled Penny into the storage room, but left the door
open so they could hear if Rose called and turned Penny to face her.
"Now I'm going to kiss you, but you must pretend I'm a boy. OK?"
Penny nodded her pony tails and Leila gently pressed her warm lips
against Penny's as the lithe girls legs pressed against her own Penny
felt a sudden itching between her legs and her eyes flew open to find
Leila's own almond coloured orbs looking softly back at her.
"Don't pull away" whispered the girl, "You'll feel real good in a
Penny her own lips moving now in perfect formation with Leila's felt
the girls hand slip over the gusset of her navy knickers and between
her legs she felt a heat beginning to build, and as if it had a life
of its own her vulva squirmed against the probing fingers.
Penny shot backwards and stared at Leila, her breath coming in short
gasps, her face flushed she gulped as Leila said "That's your sex,
Rose and I found we can make our cunnies wet by doing this. It feels
good doesn't it?"
Penny nodded her head unable to speak.
"Go on touch it yourself, it feels just as good"
Penny slowly let her fingers travel where Leila's had been a minute
ago, and felt the same sticky dampness on her pants she had felt on
Leila's a few minutes earlier, but as her finger move over her tiny
slit she felt her cunny respond and a glowing warmth settled over her
lower stomach and she wanted to stroke harder.
Watching her Leila reached over and gently removed Penny's hand from
her their pleasurable exploration and drew Penny's hand between her
own legs. Penny didn't stop moving her hand backwards and forwards as
Leila move close again and this time pressed her lips to Penny's with
more force. clutching each other now the two young girls were grinding
their hips together when from outside they heard Rose's whistle of
warning and separating quickly from each other they moved back into
the gymnasium.
"Miss Tomkins is coming, quick lets look busy"
The three girls moved onto the mat and started doing stretching
exercises as if they had been limbering up all the time Miss Tomkins
had been away.
The gym mistress popped her head round the door and surveyed the three
girls working diligently on the floor mats." I'll only be a minute
girls I've just got to go and lock the fire escape, back in a jiffy.
Why don't you try doing synchronised splits"
The three girls stood side by side and slowly let their feet spread
until they were all sat on the floor their legs wide, and then they
drew their feet back together and laughed at the two small damp
patches on the floor where Leila and Penny's cunts had pressed their
damp knickers onto the matting.
"Hope Miss Tomkins doesn't see, she'll think we've pee'd ourselves"
laughed Penny and the three girls descended again. just as they
reached the floor the door burst open, and a screaming Miss Tomkins
went skidding across the floor on her Ass.
The three girls shocked into immobility watched as a group of ten men
filed in behind the sliding teacher.
One a giant black man looked at the three girls and said "Hello my
dears. We were so sorry to hear you couldn't play today we've come to
play with you"

Not understanding what he meant the three young schoolgirls just
watched bemused as he walked to Miss Tomkins and pulled her to her
feet. Gripping the sobbing teachers hair in his hand he dragged her in
front of the three girls. Already on one cheek of her face there was
an angry red mark, and the coloured man shook her by her hair, making
the woman scream with pain as her weight fell onto the hair he held so
cruelly in his hand. Grinning at the girls, still frozen in the
splits, he said.
"Your lovely gym mistress has decided that instead of gym practice
today she will give you a sex education lesson, and if she doesn't we
Penny, Rose and Leila all realised at the same time what he meant and
with squeals of fright tried to rise to their feet. The girls tried to
make a bolt for the door but each was trapped by one or two of the
men, who heaved them over his shoulder and carried the squealing
wriggling bundle of schoolgirl back to where the coloured man still
held Miss Tomkins tight. Standing the girls in front of the waiting
giant their arms griped tightly to prevent them trying to escape again
the men waited for him to speak. Watching the young girls their faces
drained of colour as they surveyed his massive frame the man still
held Miss Tomkins by her hair lifting her one handed from the floor.
He turned her dangling body until she was looking straight into his
face "Well lady, what lessons shall we teach the girls today?"

Miss Tomkins tears streaming down her face promised to do anything
they wanted , as long as they let the girls go. They were to young to
be any use and she would give all the men a fantastic time if only
they would let the girls leave. The leader started to laugh and then
smashed Miss Tomkins across the face again "Shut up SLUT! We're going
to have some real fun here, but if you are really good I promise we
won't do anything to the girls other than feel them up a bit"
Miss Tomkins body sagged into his arms as he instructed his men to
take the girls over to the line of chairs positioned ready for the
competition judges at the end of the gymnasium.

Penny, Rose and Leila, terrified and crying were dragged to the
chairs, forced to sit and one of the men taped their legs to the
chairs so that they couldn't run away.
The three girls as yet unmolested  were flanked on either side by two
men, whilst the rest stood behind them. In front of the little
audience Miss Tomkins, her head forced painfully back and up by the
Coloured man, stood trying to control her sobs as the giant surveyed
his little party. Waiting for silence he started to speak.
"Now listen Slut I'm going to tell you just once. These girls need to
learn about fucking and sucking"
Miss Tomkins shivered in his grasp.
"And it is up to you, either they can learn from watching you, or
we'll teach them the hard way. Do you understand fuck slut?"
Miss Tomkins, her hair released stared into his face and slowly
"Good, good, I love a bit of co-operation. now listen carefully you
will dance for me and my men, and every time you don't do as I say a
piece of girls clothing will be removed."

Miss Tomkins her face flushed stared into his eyes, and biting her lip
nodded her understanding. Her legs trembled and her heaving breasts
threatened to burst the buttons on her blouse, but she just stood and
watched as he moved to the gym doors and turned the key. Coming back
to stand beside the rigid teacher he leered at the frightened girls
and shouted at them "Shut the hell up you little tarts or I'll give
you something to moan about"
Slowly Penny, Rose and Leila managed to stop their blubbering and
still he stood there unmoving. In the silence his voice was full of
malice as he instructed one of his men to search around for 'stuff'
and others to stand the girls behind the chairs instead of sitting in
them and to tape their legs again once they were standing up.
"Harry hurry up will you" he shouted after the man he had sent
searching, "or you'll miss the start of the show."
>From the stockroom a voice bellowed "Boss come here I've found some
good stuff"
"Hold everything Mick" he snarled as one of his men moved in front of
the terrified schoolgirls to undo their legs. "I want to watch you
stand them up"
The man knelt in front of Penny leered up into her face and reaching
up tapped her lightly on the cheek. "You know why darlin', when i pull
the tape off, you're goin' to scream. Cos it's a goin' to tear the
hairs out of your pretty legs" The renewed sobs of anguish from the
girls sent him into paroxysms of laughter which continued until Miss
Tomkins, screaming abuse, threw herself at his head. Catching him
unawares she knocked him onto his back and threw herself on him her
long nails scratching at his face as he tried vainly to protect his
eyes from her attack.
 His startled oaths drew a  round of laughter from the rest of the
men. One of them stepped forward and heaved Miss Tomkins off him.
Still struggling the teacher spat at the man and hissed "If you touch
one of these girls I'll kill you, you fucking bastard"
Coming to his feet, he lashed out at the captive woman and all three
girls saw her head snap back and a line of red trickle down her face
where his blow had cut her lip.
"You fucking bitch, I'll cut you for that you cunt" and in his hand
appeared a long thin knife. moving towards her he flexed the long
shiny blade, and drew it over her cheek, a small thin red line welled
up on her cheek where the sharp blade had nicked her skin and she
stared terrified at the flashing blade as it travelled down toward her
"MICK!!" the single word rang out across the gymnasium and the
assailants head snapped towards the sound. "You touch her again before
I say so and you'll be the bastard in need of a doctor" Standing just
outside the stockroom the giant black man stood, behind him Harry was
weighed down under an assortment of sports equipment, skipping ropes,
Indian clubs, weights and other such dropped from his overworked arms
as he crossed towards the chairs. "George, Archie, Sam" there's lots
more where these came from. Were going to have real fun. go and fetch
some more stuff"
The three men moved reluctantly from their position by the girls ,but
a curse from the leader sent them scuttling into the stock room to
return a few moment later dragging the equipment boxes full of all the
games equipment the school possessed.
Whilst they were dragging the boxes to the end of the gym where the
girls were fastened on their chairs the leader moved to where his men
still held Miss Tomkins.
"So cunt , you think you can attack my men do you?"
Her eyes flared with hate.
His hand flashed out and she screamed as his fist sank into her
stomach, doubling up her face met a stinging slap from his other hand
and she was sent sprawling on the floor. Her grey skirt up around her
waist she lay there sobbing as everyone saw the bright red silk
panties she was wearing.
One of the men muttered "Fuck Me! Look at her fucking knickers. I've
seen prossies dressed with more taste"
Miss Tomkins climbed slowly to her feet and tried to pull her skirt
down, only to be told to leave it by the black man. She stood there
her face with small lines of blood crossing her cheeks, her usually
well groomed hair in disarray, and quietly sobbed as the men made
numerous filthy comments about her lovely red knickers.
Eventually the leader tired of the taunts and told her to tidy herself
up. He didn't want some common tart dancing for him, he was looking
forward to the best exotic dance a trained gym teacher could deliver.
Throwing her handbag at her he said "Go on bitch, get yourself
presentable" and turned to see what his men had found. searching
through the boxes he lifted out some skipping ropes and tossed them to
Harry. "You stand the little cunts up and tie them with these"
Harry move towards the girls who flinched away from him as he knelt
before them to undo the sticky tape, Kneeling in front of Rose he
sliced up one side of the tape with his knife then suddenly yanked the
three inch wide sticky tape away from her leg. Her scream echoed
around the gym as she pulled her leg up and rubbed vigorously at the
red patch where the tape had pulled all the hairs from her leg.
Despite rose's pleas the sadistic man did the same to the other leg
and she hopped around the room her legs circled with two bright red
rings where the tape had stuck to her skin. Collapsing sobbing on the
floor she rubbed at the sore patches and slowly got herself under
control again as the pain subsided. Sniffling still she was hoisted to
her feet and marched behind the chairs where Sam held her whilst Harry
turned his attentions to Leila. The youngest of the three girls she
started to blubber as he approached her and he took great pleasure in
yanking really hard on the tape so that everybody heard it dragged
from her protesting skin. Leila didn't scream she just stood there and
wailed like a baby as he tore first one and then the other strip of
tape from her legs. like Rose she was marched to the back and forced
to stand holding onto the back of a chair. Miss Tomkins grovelled at
the Bosses feet and begged him to stop the torture of the young girls
but he just pushed her away and signalled Harry to release Penny. Her
eyes wide she watched as he moved towards her. his knife twinkled in
the lights of the gymnasium and his filthy leer cut through her young
mind. As he knelt to tear the first strip from her leg she gritted her
teeth and tried to think of anything but the pain she knew was to
come. It didn't help much but she did manage not to scream as the tape
was pulled from her leg. Harry looked up at her face as she tried not
to cry. "Shit!" he snarled "this bitch ain't got any hairs on her
legs, she's been waxed" with obvious distaste because he couldn't make
her scream he yanked downwards on the tape around her other leg and
Penny felt the red hot needles of pain shoot high into her crotch as
her very skin was pulled downwards by his sadistic movement. The pain
continued to increase until with one almighty scream as the pain in
her crotch passed the point she could stand she felt her bladder
contract and piss started to run into her knickers and down her legs.
"Got the cunt" crowed Harry as he pointed out her discomfort to the
watching men. who crowded round and made lewd comments as her piss
continued to dribble down her legs. Penny the pain receding lowered
her head and tried to avert her eyes from the raucous men surrounding
her. Her sopping knickers clung to her young cunt lips and down her
legs the stream of yellow water ran to soak into her socks. Distraught
that so many men were watching her wet herself Penny closed her eyes
and tried to pretend she was somewhere else, but a savage yanking on
her arm brought her back to reality and she was move behind the row of
chairs to stand like Rose and Leila grasping the back of the chairs.
Harry cut the wooden ends from six of the skipping ropes and cutting
each in half he created twelve lengths of rope. With these he tied
each girl's ankles to a chair by the floor then pulling her knees
sideways he tied them just below the knee so that each girl was stood
with her legs unnaturally spread like a set of bow legged ducks. Penny
her thighs being forced outwards by the rope holding to knee to the
chair, and guessed that Leila and Rose were suffering the same
indignity as they were forced to stand with their feet turned out by
the simple expedient of having their knees lined up over their ankles.
Harry stepped back and admired his handiwork.
"Hey Boss look its the corps de ballet" The Boss looked at the three
girls their legs spread so grotesquely and declared they did look a
bit like a line of ballet dancers. Perhaps they could do some
exercises later to ease the pain.
The three girls looked at each other bemused at his statement, it
seemed ordinary enough but every man in the room was laughing his head
of and some even made rude gestures at them. Sam even cupped his
crotch in his hand and thrust his hips towards the girls claiming he
knew plenty of stretching exercises.
Miss Tomkins flew in front of the big man and reminded him of his
promise about not touching the girls providing she entertained them.
"true, true" he agreed so we better get started we've only got until
Monday morning.
Miss Tomkins stared at him and the girls could see her face trying to
make sense of his statement, until it dawned on her today was
Saturday, the gym was nearly a quarter mile from the road, and nobody
would come near until school restarted on Monday. She and the girls
were his captives until then.
She physically seemed to wilt as the realisation that they were going
to be his captives for nearly two whole days dawned and with a moan of
despair she dropped to her knees in front of him and stayed there her
head collapsed onto her chest in total submission.

Just as he reached down to pull her back to her feet another shout
echoed out of the store room and one of the men dragged a brand new
horse out into the room. Smaller than the usual horses she did her
exercises on Penny could see that this one had a padded leather top
but dangling from the sides were four leather straps that looked out
of place. At the sight of the strange apparatus Penny felt something
echoing in her brain, she was sure she had seen it somewhere before
but couldn't remember where. They dragged it down the other end of the
room by the boxing ring and most of the men crowded round the strange
contraption inspecting it.
Finally the boss came back and standing in front of Miss Tomkins asked
since when had the school had a whipping horse. The teacher looked
glumly up at him and said it had been purchased only the week before
the Masters instructions as some of the boys were becoming very
Penny silently mouthed the question to Leila and Rose but they
shrugged their shoulders they didn't know what it was for either.

Moving back toward the girls the Boss instructed Miss Tomkins to join
him and ranging his men either side of him in a line turned to the
three frightened girls and spoke quietly.
"Young ladies, today you teacher........ What's your name slut"
"Miss Tomkins" she replied hanging her head.
"No! your first name you stupid cow"
"La..La.. Lavinia" she stuttered and the girls sniggered at her
discomfort as her face turned bright red.
"Lavinia here has agreed to demonstrate with my troupe of fine men,
the art of sex to you young ladies."

This last sentence was greeted with hearty laughter and a few more
swear words from the men around him.
"Since you have not been introduced properly, I shall do so now" On my
left are Jim, Archie, Tony and George. Lads show the young ladies your
credentials" four zips slid down and the three girls gasped as four
flaccid penises flopped into view.
Now their faces as bright red as their teachers the girls watched
frightened but fascinated as he indicated the men on his right.
"And on my right we have Mick, Harry, Sam, John" As he said each name
another zip descended and another penis was presented to the girls
young eyes. " and last but far from least Donkey" The man at the end
grinned as he undid his zip and looking straight at Penny asked "Do
you know why they call me Donkey darling?"
She shook her head in denial, and around her voices called for him to
show her why.
Slowly very slowly his hand delved deep inside his trousers and
finally pulled forth a monster penis, nearly as thick as Penny's wrist
it dangled nearly to his knees and he stroked it gently, "Ever seen a
cock as big as this kid?"
Penny her eyes round like saucers whispered "I've never seen a man's
cock before"
"Well well," crowed the Boss, "so you've never seen a cock before,
that's interesting. What about you two?" both Rose and Leila nervously
admitted they had never seen a cock before and all three girls stared,
afraid but to fascinated to turn their heads away as the giant said
"Well my little darlings, feast your eyes on a black man's dong"
Unzipping his own trousers he drew forth a shining black rod of
gristle and pointed it at them. the circumcised head was a dull purple
and Penny felt herself shudder as he turned to show it to the silent
Miss Tomkins.
"This Lavinia is going to be your lucky day. My baby like tight cunts
and luscious lips and I think you'll have both." Then stepping up to
the cringing teacher he grabbed her hair and pulled her lips onto his
own, and to the cheers of his men he kissed her full on the mouth.
She wrenched herself away from him and stood her breasts heaving,
staring at him with loathing written all over her face.

"You didn't listen, did you bitch, every time you do something i don't
like one of them loses some clothing"
"No, please No" begged Miss Tomkins as he moved towards a cringing
Rose and reaching out undid her tie and threw it at Miss Tomkins feet.
"There you go Lavinia, now you now I am a man of my word"
Miss Tomkins face collapsed as he continued. "Now teach you're going
to give me and my men a strip show to end all strip shows, and these
girls are going to watch you make us all horny. Come on lads sit down"
The gang came and sat on the chairs in front of the girls, and each
could see their cocks lying quiescent along their thighs. Stood ramrod
straight in front of the group Miss Tomkins tears streaming down he
cheeks started to dance, slowly at first she gyrated and moved in
front of the cheering men. Until the Boss reached up and removed
Penny's tie and throwing it toward her shouted
 "Come on bitch I want a sexy dance, not a parlour party"
Sobbing Miss Tomkins moved her hands over her body and started to
speed up her movements, she kicked off her shoes and dance in her
stockinged feet as the men clapped out the time and shouted dirty
comments at her. Her dance though seductive was obviously still not up
to the standards the black man expected.
Miss Tomkins gave a wail of submission as Leila's tie flew in next to
land draped across her shoulder, and the men shouted "Get em Off, Get
em OFF!!"
Miss Tomkins movements became a sultry sinuous tease and her hand
slipped to the buttons of her blouse and first one then another popped
open under her fluttering fingers. Behind the cheering men Penny
turned and watched Leila and Rose as they, their young eyes wide open,
stared at their gym teacher as she peeled her blouse from her and
tossed it high into the air of the gym. Faster and faster she moved
her hands sliding over her tits, encased in a bra of the same bright
red silk as her panties, and Penny felt herself being excited by the
seductive dance as her teacher slowly let her hand drop to her skirt
and even in the middle of the noise made by the coarse and tumultuous
men Penny heard her zip rasp down and her schoolgirl hands moved to
her own crotch as her teacher gasping for breath in amongst her tears
let the skirt slip to the floor.
Dressed now only in a red bra and pants her stockings held up by a
garter belt of the same red silk Miss Tomkins slowed the dance down
and staring at the Boss with her tear stained face slowly reached up
and fondled her breasts, letting her tongue run around her crimson
lips she unsnapped the front fastening bra and to shouts of
encouragement from the men she let it fall away exposing her gorgeous
tits. Penny felt her own breath being sucked in as she watched her
teacher usually so staid dancing like a stripper for these men, and
looking to her right she could see Leila and Rose acting exactly as
she was their young schoolgirl bodies were being turned on watching
the sexy dance of the woman before them.
A groan below her made Penny look down, Archie his cock in his hand
was stroking it but now it was no longer flaccid now it stood up from
his crotch and bobbed about, a rod of solid gristle about eight inches
long. Penny could see a bead of fluid on the tip as he jumped to his
feet and grabbed Miss Tomkins, dragging her face towards his swollen
She jerked backwards from his advance and tried to elude his grasp,
but he clung to her arm and reached for her crotch.
"STOP" bellowed the boss and both Miss Tomkins and Archie stood stock
still, as he rose up. his own cock although not rigid had grown to
nearly ten inches and he crossed the floor in two strides to where
Archie grovelled. "You shit!" He snarled at the cringing man "you know
the rules, No touching unless I tell you too. Harry, Tony, tie this
bastard up to those bars"
The two men dragged the cursing Archie across the room and used a
couple of ropes to lash his hands to the wall bars. he stood there his
cock standing out like a frozen sausage and the Boss walked over and
slapped it hard. Archie's scream of pain cut across everything as the
Boss snarled "You'll fucking stay there until I'm ready, and if you
ever jump the gun again I'll cut the fucking thing off, Understand?"
The tied man cringed and whimpered to himself as the Boss returned to
his seat. Standing in front of his men he looked at the three
schoolgirls, their terrified faces were blushing with the excitement
of watching their teacher being forced to strip and he summed it all
up in a second
"Moving to where their teacher stood her breasts heaving in the lights
of the gym he pulled her towards the girls.
"Look Lavinia, your lesson is working, you pupils are getting hot
watching you. Perhaps we'll teach them everything they need to know."
Miss Tomkins clung to him and begged "Please don't, their too young
I'll do it, I'll do anything, just don't hurt them"

"Come on then slut let see you offer you boobs to my men so they can
have a suck.......... Watch this girls your teacher is going to give
some titty to the good boys...... Boys one hand and no clothes
Miss Tomkins started at one end of then line and moved to each man in
turn. some gripped her tits and pinched her nipples so that she
whimpered, other used their hand to grind her knickers into her cunt,
but all sucked loudly one on tit or the other. Reaching the end of the
line the teacher both breasts now red with love bites and her nipples
sucked to swell them until they perched on her heaving tits like two
small red fingers, stood uncertain of what to do now.
The Boss holding her arms pinned to her sides moved her behind the
chairs, and pushed her towards Leila. Miss Tomkins struggled as he
forced her tit toward the young girls face. Leila tried to move
backwards away from the invading mammary.
"Hold the little cunt Harry, and make her suck the ladies tits"
Harry didn't need telling twice, he was round the chairs like a shot
and holding the squirming Leila he forced her chin down until he mouth
was wide open.
"Listen you little shit" he growled "Suck that tit or I'm going to
knock your fucking head of your shoulders" Leila tears streaming down
her face tried to move her mouth away from Miss Tomkins nipple as it
was forced into her mouth, but Harry just pushed her hard into the
firm flesh
"Eat it cunt, or I'll push that hard you'll suffocate " he shouted and
Leila unable to anything else sucked on the proffered nipple.
"Harder cunt I want to hear you suck it right into your mouth" from
amongst the sobs of terror the girls could hear Leila's mouth sucking
on the teacher's tit and slowly she started to suck it deeper and
deeper into her mouth until with a groan she grabbed Miss Tomkins and
pulled her close her little mouth working at the nipple like a baby.
"That's better crooned the boss and let go of the teacher. She
immediately jerked away from the girl sucking on her tit and tried to
push Leila away. The Boss stopped Leila from falling and cracked Miss
Tomkins across the side of the head. As she lay stunned on the floor
he very quietly spoke.
"You stupid cunt, now look what you've done"
As Miss Tomkins eyes watched wide open in horror he signalled to
With a look of glee Harry grabbed the back of Leila's blouse collar
and heaved.
"Pop, pop, pop" The buttons flew across the room as Leila's blouse was
torn open the impetus of his attack pulled the entire blouse from her
body, only her arms stuck in the tight sleeves prevented it from being
torn completely off, but Harry seemed to enjoy the result as Leila her
hand forced backwards by the sleeves had her tiny little tits pushed
up and out by his yank.
"Look Boss another pair of titties that need sucking" He crowed as the
Boss reached forward and grasped the tiny band joining the two small
cups of Leila's bra together.
"Not for you yet old son" he said and heaved. The sound of the flimsy
cotton bra giving way rang across the gym. The young girl shrieked her
exposed tits quivering as the men reached out and squeezed them, one
after another each man kneaded the screaming girls tiny tits then the
Boss reached down and dragged Miss Tomkins to her feet. "Now you suck
them titties and you suck them good you fucking slut, or we'll strip
the other tow as well"
Miss Tomkins gulped and settled herself in front of the still
screaming girl. "Shush child, This won't hurt, keep still"
Holding Leila in her arms the older woman enfolded the young girl's
tit in her mouth and sucked. Leila's eyes bulged and she tried to pull
her body backwards, but Harry slapped her hard across her bottom and
she jerked forward again. Standing there like a frozen statue Leila
was forced to watch as her tiny breast responded to the movements of
Miss Tomkins' mouth.
The other two girls watched as Leila her head thrown back started to
push her budding breast further and further into the mouth so avidly
sucking on her nubile young body, with a groan she pulled her arms
free of the sleeves from the blouse and grasped her teacher behind the
head, then to murmurs of encouragement from the crowd she ground Miss
Tomkins face against her, moving it from one tit to the other she
moaned her desire as the teacher tried to pull herself away.
"Oh Lavinia, suck my titty , please suck my titty"
The men roared with laughter as the young girl lost in her own little
world begged her teacher to suck on her tits. just as Leila started to
beg again the boss pulled Miss Tomkins away and allowed Jim to take
over. Leila suddenly assailed by a rougher tongue tried to pull away
but he held her tight and as Penny and Rose were made to watch he
sucked he tiny tit deep into his mouth that they couldn't see any of
it at all. Then Leila screamed, her earth shattering scream echoed
around the empty gymnasium, and her fists pounded on Jim's back as he
twisted and pulled with his mouth.
Jim pulled his mouth away and everybody could see the marks his teeth
had left around the base of her tiny tit where he had bitten deep into
the young girls breast. Tears streaming from her eyes Leila clutched
her damaged tit in her hands and wept.

The boss watched as a white faced Miss Tomkins clambered to her feet.
"Now the other two." He said. She looked at him as he indicated Rose
and Penny.
"But you said, if I sucked Leila's tits you wouldn't strip them" she
tried to reason.
"I know" he sad grinning "I'm not they are"
Rose fire in her eyes, young as she was  stared at him "I'm not taking
my clothes of you.... you .... pervert" she shouted.
"Oh I think you will" He replied "Harry, the rope"
Harry passed him one of the skipping ropes and using a knife he cut
the wooden handle of one end then standing behind Rose he knotted the
rope into a large lump and tapped it against his hand.
Rose her eyes wide with fear watched as he prepared himself, but
didn't move to remove her blouse.
"Take it off"
The knot hit her on her buttocks and she screamed her hands flying to
her battered ass.
"Take it off"
"no, please" her sobbing response seemed to anger him and he told Jim
to hold her over the chair. Grasping her hands Jim pulled here forward
until she was stretched over the back of the chair her face nearly on
the seat. flicking her short skirt up the boss muttered "Six I think"
and the blows rained down. Rose's ass jerked and bounced under the
assault, her voice screamed on strokes one and two but then the pain
was so intense all she could do was scream silently, after six Jim
released her and the Boss quietly said
"Take it off"
Rose her fingers trembling unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed
the garment to expose her bra. far from being the regulation white her
bra was covered in little rosebuds and the guffawing men laughed as
with tears streaming down her face she removed it to expose her tits.
large than Leila's each tit had a large pink aureole surrounding a
bright red button of a nipple. As soon as she had dropped the bra Rose
clasped her hands over her breasts and tried to hide them from the
grasping hands around her but they just pulled her hands away and as
Miss Tomkins was forced to watch each and every man sucked Rose's tits
into his mouth and sucked until she was moaning like Leila had before
her then the Boss turned to Penny,
"your turn baby, but first your going to do something special for me"
Penny tried to back away as he approached her, but the chair prevented
any escape.
"You've seen them all suck titty girl, haven't you"
Penny silently nodded her agreement.
"And if I tel you to you'll suck as well wont you?"
Penny watched the rope twirling in his hands and mutely nodded.
To one side Miss Tomkins was moaning as two of the men continued to
suck on her tits and Leila and Rose watched their faces red from
crying as the Boss climbed onto the chair in front of Penny's face and
caught hold of her either side of her head.
"Well then my little bitch.... Suck this!" and he pushed his swollen
cock towards her face. She tried to move away but he was to strong and
Penny felt his dirty man thing slip into her mouth. It tasted horrible
and she wanted to be sick but he slid it in and out of her mouth all
the time crooning about the little virgin giving him head.
Miss Tomkins writhing under the assault on he tits, heard Penny's
gurgling and seeing the black man shafting her pupils face screamed in
anger and tried to rise.
"Shut that fucking slut up" he ordered and immediately one of the men
pinned her to the floor and pressed his large penis into her mouth.
Miss Tomkins scream was cut off as the man's cock filled her mouth and
all she could do was gurgle as she watched Penny's mouth being filled
with black cock.
Penny still didn't like the taste of his rod, but at least it wasn't
hurting, and he was moving slowly, not like the man making Miss
Tomkins suck his prick. He was pushing it very hard into the teacher
and every time he pushed it in her body was jerking in pain and she
was trying to scream. The other two girls just stood terrified as they
watched Penny and Miss Tomkins being mad to suck on the  men's cocks.
They weren't left alone for long George approached Leila and as she
tried to move from his short stubby cock he grabbed her tits and
pulled the young girl screaming in terror towards his thick shiny
head. Twisting her nipples he forced her to open her mouth and take
his cock into her mouth. Then holding the young girls body tight
against his belly he started violently to shaft the young girls
moaning mouth, her lips were stretched so wide by his thick cock that
Penny could see the corners turn white as his shaft buried itself into
the squirming girl.
Only Rose was still unmolested and moving towards her three of the men
taunted her with their cocks. Wild eyed she looked for somewhere to
run, but fastened to the chair there was nowhere to go. Kneeling by
her legs Sam undid the knots that held the young girl fastened and
they took her out into the centre of the floor.
Forming a circle round her they pushed her from one to another, each
grabbing at her tits or waving their cock at her until she fell
exhausted in the middle of the mats. Then they called the man still
face fucking Leila to hurry up.
Hearing their shout the boss looked round and withdrew his cock from
Penny's mouth. Unfastening her he dragged her into the circle then
fetched Leila, her lips bruised from the pounding she had received
from George. Then calling the man shagging Miss Tomkins mouth to join
them he waited until all four women were in the centre of the circle.
"On your hands and knees girls"
The three girls and one woman forlornly did as they were told,
"Right this is musical cocks, each of you will suck on the cock in
front of you till you hear the bell, then you will move one cock to
the right. you will fucking continue until one of my men has cum"
The girls looked up at him not understanding his words, but Miss
Tomkins just moaned, and began to pray.
"Enough of that slut, just hope you can suck better than these, else
they'll be getting a load early. Oh and if any of you think your going
to take it easy just look at what we've all got"
Penny and her friends winced as every man in the circle produced a
knotted piece of rope and slapped the heavy knots into their palms.
Harry the sadist grinned at the girls and they squirmed as he promised
to "Smack them good if they didn't suck him right"
The Boss instructed them to spread out and to open their mouths wide
in front of one of his men. Once they were all ready he began the
count down.
"Ready, steady go""

Taking their lead from Miss Tomkins who fastened onto the cock in
front of her and started to suck the girls each chose a cock and
filled their young mouth with it.
Penny noticed that this cock tasted different to the Bosses and tried
to suck it without gagging. "Boing" the bell sounded and Penny moved
one man to the left.
This one tasted like peppermint and he fitted her mouth easily and
whilst she sucked she had time to take in what was happening around
her. Leila was coughing and gagging as Mick glowered down at her and
screamed for her to get on with her job. When the poor girl didn't
respond he let fly with his rope and Leila screaming in pain rolled in
agony on the floor. He had hit her right between the cheeks of her
ass, and the slightly built girl rolled about clutching her stinging
cheeks and sobbed, only to be dragged back onto her hands and knees
and told to carry on. Sobbing she fastened her tiny mouth around the
proffered cock and valiantly tried to suck the man's shaft. Rose was
sucking on the Boss and Penny could see her whole body rocking
backwards and forwards as she tried to take his cock in her mouth.
Miss Tomkins had drawn George and as he pounded into her mouth like he
had Leila's, Miss Tomkins was whimpering in pain but Penny noticed she
cradled the mans bag in her hand and rocked it about.
"Boing" the bell sounded again and they all shuffled round Penny
looked up to see Archie grinning down at her. "They let me down to
face fuck you my little bitch" he gloated as holding his cock in his
hand he edged towards her. He was rubbing it up and down as he waited
for her mouth to connect. Using what she had seen Miss Tomkins do
Penny reached up and cradled his bag in her hands, in her mouth she
felt Archie's cock jerk and something salty dripped onto her tongue,
she wanted to spit it tout but guessed that if she did she would get
beaten so she mentally gritted her teeth and sucked. She felt Archie's
bag jerk upward and suddenly her mouth was full of something sticky
and above her Archie moaned like he was in pain, his whole body
trembled as her mouth was filled with the sickly stuff and Penny
jerked backwards only to feel something splashing over her face and
dribbling off her chin.
She stared up at Archie expecting him to hit her, but instead he was
beaming and shouted "The little bitch, she's had my spunk"
Terrified she had done something wrong Penny cowered on the mat and
waited for the blows to fall instead the men were crowding round her
cheering the others girls for the moment forgotten.
>From amongst the Hubbub Donkey's voice moaned that he hadn't had a
chance none of the girls had got to him.
Turning to look at the man his gigantic cock swollen to nearly
eighteen inches the Boss told him not to worry. He had an idea that
Donkey would get his rocks off pretty soon. Which of them did he
Donkey, abig grin on his face walked around the cowering girls, until
he stood towering over Miss Tomkins. "I think this ones the only one
could take me just now. Can I shag her everywhere?"
Miss Tomkins stared up at the giant cock her face a mixture of terror
and lust as he swung the monster piece of meat in front of her face.
The Boss looked around his men, then knelt in front of the cowering
woman "I think you should make this sexy bitch show the girls how to
............DEEP THROAT" he shouted.
Miss Tomkins took one look at Donkeys cock and shot to her feet, she
started to run. Into the locked door she cannoned, in blind panic the
woman terrified at his suggestion scrambled round and round the
gymnasium, every now and then turning to stare at the group of men as
they laughed at her terror. The three girls huddled in the centre of
the floor and whispered to each other
"what does he mean?" asked Penny
Rose her face white looked at the naive girl and said "I've seen it on
my dads porno films. He will make her swallow all of his cock"
Penny stared at the man's giant cock as he lifted and wanked it
gently, even his large hands had to work together to hold the pulsing
rod as all the time he watched the terrified teacher as she scrabbled
around the sides of the room trying to find a way out.
"Sam, Tony fetch that small table over here."
The two men ran to fetch the indicated table and once it had been
positioned in front of the chairs, the girls were pushed into seats
and made to told to sit still.
The Boss, made a little speech, like a headmaster, that the girls must
make sure they watched everything as later they would be doing a
practical test on the theory of what they were about to see.
His men found this very funny but the girls shrank into their seats
and watched hollow eyed as men started to chase their teacher round
and round. Finally cornering Miss Tomkins by the wall bars they held
her screaming against the horizontal struts whilst Donkey tore the few
remaining clothes from her body. Totally naked her cunt covered by a
thick mound of hair the whimpering teacher was paraded in front of the
girls and the Boss stood behind her and spread her red lips wide
making each girl look into the bright red tunnel between her legs.
"young ladies you have just seen a ladies cunt, now I am sure that you
all know that this is where piss and babies come from. Luckily for you
all the woman's vagina is able to stretch enormously and Donkey will
shortly demonstrate just how far" Watching the girls faces he leered
at Leila. "As you are the smallest my dear we will give you a special
seat when the demonstration begins, but you will need to be naked to
get the best effect. Please stand up and take of the rest of your
Leila just stared at him her lower lip trembling as he repeated the
instruction. Still she didn't move her tiny breasts trembled as he
turned to Penny.
"You! , yes you girl come here!"
Penny terrified of refusing stood up and moved hesitatingly to his
Then letting the knotted end of rope dangle so that it brushed against
her legs, he tilted her head up until she could look straight into his
eyes. "Do you want to be stripped instead?" Penny violently nodded her
denial. "Well then go over there and take the little girls clothes off
and bring them to me"
Penny stared in horror a the giant man as he smiled down at her. He
was giving her a choice of being naked or undressing her friend. As if
to reinforce his intent he reached out and undid the top button of
Penny's blouse. She jerked away and once again he softly repeated the
threat. Penny on legs of lead walked towards Leila. The young girl
begged her not to do it, but Penny spurred on by the shouting crowd
and further threats from the black man tugged at Leila's skirt until
the claps gave way and pulled it away from the sobbing girl. As Leila
tried vainly to cover herself against the pawing hands all around her
Penny carried the skirt to the Boss and silently handed it to him.
"Good girl, now fetch me her socks.
Penny tried to lift Leila's foot to remove a sock, but the young girl
struggled and kicked Penny in the mouth. In blind anger Penny heaved
her down to the floor and sat on her writhing abdomen whilst she
tugged and pulled at the long socks until they were both in her hands.
Perspiring now she carried them back to the black man whilst Leila was
stood back up by the men and made to spread her legs then fold forward
so that her hands were on the floor. In this position the wispy blond
hairs of her crotch could be seen poking round the edge of her navy
knickers and more than one man placed his hand on her cunt and
squeezed. The young girl unable to move just shook and shuddered under
their assault until one man used his finger to push the cotton gusset
into her crack. Her virgin fanny griping the unaccustomed invasion
Leila collapsed sobbing on the floor, vainly trying to keep her tiny
legs closed as Penny goaded by a solid whack on her ass from the
knotted rope moved in to try and get her knickers of.
As the young girl struggled beneath her Penny tugged and pulled the
navy knickers. With Penny pulling one way and Leila tugging with all
her might the other the cotton just wasn't strong enough and suddenly
with a tearing sound that silenced everybody the knickers parted and
Penny stood up holding the navy cloth in her hand. giving it to the
black man she cried as he told her what a good girl she was and kissed
her on the cheek for her trouble. Then patting her gently on the
bottom he told her to sit down again.

Turning back to Miss Tomkins the negro instructed his men she was to
be tied to the table so that her head hung over the end and her knees
were pulled up and separated.
The teacher, struggled in vain as they strapped her lying on her back,
her arms cruelly bent so they could be tied to the table legs, which
forced her breasts to jut vertically upwards her nipples pointing
towards the ceiling. Then her feet were placed flat on the corners of
the table and using a number of ropes to stop them slipping in any
direction fastened there. As a final insult the table was turned to
face the cowering girls and they were forced to watch as her knees
were pulled sideways until her cunt gaped at them like a giant pink
eye and the boss pointed out her tiny chocolate covered anus, and how
it seemed to throb from excitement.
Miss Tomkins completely exhausted lay there as the boss instructed his
men they were to draw straws to see whose lap Rose was gong to sit on
to watch Donkey give his demonstration of slut shagging, in all her
holes, to the young ladies.
One or two of the men asked about Leila and Penny but the Boss made it
clear Penny was going to sit on his lap, and that he had special plans
for little Leila.
Reminding them that the girls were not to be touched below the waist,
although he reckoned they could stroke a cock or two he sat himself
down and indicated to Penny she was to sit on his lap. he lifted her
and spread her legs so that his cock stuck up between them, then
whispered in her ear. "Watch this closely my little one, your teacher
is going to be filled up by Donkey"
Penny noticed that Rose was sat like she was except that men stood
either side of her and she had been made to hold a cock in each hand.
The men were showing her how to stroke up and down the length of their
gristle to make them happy.
Rose didn't look happy, but mechanically stroked the offered cocks as
she had been shown.
The Boss took Penny's hands and placed them round his giant cock as it
stood upright between her legs , but he didn't tell he to stroke it.
He just sat there and watched as Donkeys approached the woman tied to
the table. Dragging a struggling Leila behind him the man gloated at
Miss Tomkins as she glowered up at him and told her that the 'baby'
was going to get a grandstand view of everything and that if she
didn't scream loud enough he would transfer his attention to the
little girl.
Miss Tomkins spat at him but he just dragged Leila to the spot between
her legs and using the young girls hand, plunged it into the teachers
writhing cunt. Miss Tomkins screamed as the small fist was forced up
her totally unprepared cunt and Leila sobbing her apologies felt her
hand being swallowed into the warm depths of her teachers cunt. Again
and again Donkey forced her hand deep until Miss Tomkins grew used to
the girls fist and stoically lay there unmoving.
Then Donkey hoisted the young girl high into the air and placed her on
the woman's lower stomach. crouching there Leila with her teachers
tits behind her, and her thighs propped up in front looked for all the
world like a child riding on a big western saddle, except that the
saddle was pink and wobbled every time Donkey plunged his fingers into
Miss Tomkins' cunt.
Wide eyed Leila watched as Donkey pulled her forward and made her hold
the teachers cunt flaps wide spread. Around the room not a sound was
heard, and the girls their faces turned to watch as Donkey used both
hands to lift his giant member and rest it against Lavinia's pink
pussy. The Rapist, enjoying the audience began to describe to the
girls in the most graphic detail what he was going to, or was doing as
they sat hardly breathing and watched the total degradation of their
gym mistress.
"You will forgive me if my subject makes a few rude noises, but the
implements I am using today are of the larger than normal variety"
To shouts of laughter from the men and a groan from Miss Tomkins, he
flexed his hips and the tip of his cock started to force her cunt lips
wider. Everybody could see her muscles tighten as his hips drove
forward again and about three inches of cock stretched her cunt lips
like rubber, and to a whimper from the bound woman he grunted his joy
at the tightness of her cunt.
"Of course it is much better if your subject is 'enjoying' the
Penny couldn't believe that he thought Miss Tomkins might, but
reaching forwards her pulled Leila's head down toward her teachers
quivering cunt and peeling back the hood of her clitoris pointed at
her tiny love button and told Leila.
"Lick that for all your worth little Missy, or Donkey will fuck you
Leila looked in terror at his giant cock stretching her teachers cunt
so cruelly, and immediately began licking at the tiny red button.
Beneath her Miss Tomkins began to moan as she realised it was one of
her pupils licking at her clit.
Donkey just stood there leering at the two as her moans of denial
slowly turned into shouts of lust.
"No, no Leila, you mustn't" she moaned as the young girl licked as
fast as she could at her teachers clit, but slowly the shouts of
denial turned until her writhing buttocks moved up to meet Leila's
rasping tongue and her shouts turned into. "God YES! you little slut,
lick my clit, suck my cunt!"
As Lavinia screamed for Leila to suck harder Donkey signalled to all
that he was about ready.
Up from the table Lavinia's ass flew as Leila unwittingly drove her
body towards a climax, at the moment when she screamed her forced
release Donkey grabbed her hips and drove his cock nearly twelve
inches deep into the writhing woman. Her scream made Penny jump, as
Lavinia tried to move away from the red hot rod driving so deep into
her cunt. Penny felt the boss reach round to fondle her breasts, but
surprisingly it didn't seem to matter, her hand mechanically moved up
and down his cock as she watched the Donkey fuck her teacher. Miss
Tomkins still being licked by Leila was now begging for him to fuck
her harder and the man responded, his giant cock flying in and out of
her cunt as she writhed and begged for more. Leila trying to stay in
place on her thrashing hips had gripped her thighs and was watching
Donkey's cock sluicing in and out of her teacher with rapt attention.
Reaching down the young girl tried to place her hands around the
monster but it was too big and all she could do was cradle it as it
funnelled up and down her gym mistresses twat.
To her right Penny heard Rose gurgle and turned to see her friend
impaled on a cock as it forced its way into her mouth another
throbbing between her knickers jerked and spat its sticky juice all
over the navy pants whilst in the girls hands another two spat their
white cream all over her face and tits. The man in Rose's mouth
groaned and Penny watched as his cock spat streams of cum into the
young girls mouth then they held her mouth shut until she had
swallowed all the spunk.
Rose her eyes wild with fright tried to get off the man's lap but
immediately another three cocks were placed at her disposal and she
was being forced to deal with those as well.

Suddenly an unearthly scram from the table jerked Penny's attention
back. Donkey had taken his cock out of Miss Tomkins' cunt and as her
juices trickled down the crack of her ass he had lifted her buttocks
and placed a cushion underneath. Penny couldn't see why her teacher,
lately begging the man to fuck her, was screaming so much until she
saw Leila's tears and the young girl tried to hide her face crying
"Not her ASS, not her ASS"
The boss lifted Penny from him and half led half dragged her to the
table, made to stand and watch Penny felt herself feeling sick as the
giant cock pressed against the tiny puckered hole of Miss Tomkins'
anus. To the accompaniment of an unending scream of pain the man
pushed his cock into her tight ass hole. above her stomach Leila sat
tears streaming down her face as one of the men appeared and waved his
cock in her direction. "Come on baby, give daddy some head" and Leila
was lifted from Penny's view to be heard choking as he slid his cock
into her mouth.
Penny didn't want to watch but the boss held her tight as inch by inch
the Donkey's cock forced her anus wider and wider. then started to
pump and down her tight hole. Penny could see her blood red tube being
dragged out by the monster cock every time it pulled back only to
disappear again as it pushed another inch into the teachers abused
body. Lavinia lost to her own pain now just screamed and screamed as
the Donkey filled her shit tube with his rod, until eventually every
single inch of his cock had invaded her struggling tube. Leaving
Donkey to his fun the boss turned Penny to face him and pushing her
down onto her knees, placed his cock against her lips. opening her
young mouth Penny felt it slip over her lips to rest on her tongue and
as he move very slightly in her mouth she knew what he wanted and
terrified that if she didn't respond her would treat her like Miss
Tomkins, still screaming above them, she sucked on his shaft and felt
it jerk on her tongue, reaching up she cradled his ball sack as he
started slowly rocking backwards and forwards in her mouth. Her young
lips closed around the rippling shaft and she felt his tip touch the
back of her throat, her tongue rasped under the bottom of the rod and
she could feel a big bump running all the way along and wondered what
it was.
Now he was moving her around until she squatted in front of him and
she felt his cock jerk in her mouth and thought she would die as it
spat its load. She felt her mouth fill with his slimy spunk as jerk
after jerk of his cock slammed more and more spunk into her mouth, but
she gamely tried to keep it all in, and eventually his cock slipped
from her mouth and she felt herself being lifted to her feet. Penny
tried to hide the fact that she hadn't swallowed the slimy mess in the
hope she would be able to spit it out somewhere but the black man led
her to Miss Tomkins screaming face and pressed Penny's lips down over
the open mouth of the woman. Miss Tomkins' eyes flew open and she
stared at the young girls above her only to find her mouth invaded by
a man's spunk and as Penny pushed tighter against her by the big man
was forced to kiss her Lavinia felt her mouth filling with a supply of
spunk. unable to prevent it her muscles went into spasm and she
swallowed. gob after gob of the slimy spunk dripped down to her throat
as above her Penny unable to move allowed every drop of the Bosses
seed to spill into her teachers mouth.

The boss lifted Penny away from Lavinia's mouth and pulled her back to
sit on the chairs, Then calling Donkey over, he waited whilst the man
withdrew his monster cock from Lavinia's stretched shit hole. Even
from where she sat Penny could see the gaping black void as her ass
unable to return to normal flexed and fluttered from the battering it
had just taken. Calling out to his men the boss asked if anybody
wanted to bugger the body on the table, but all declined the offer
moaning that her shit hole was so stretched it would be no use now
until the morning. Then Harry suggested that if it was time for Donkey
to shag her mouth perhaps one of the little sluts could fist the big
bitch as to add to the excitement.
The boss seemed to like the idea. "Harry you are a fucking sadistic
bastard, aren't you? Do you think any of these young ladies would want
to put their hand up there?"
All around the room men laughed as the three girls all shouted their
unwillingness to push their hands up somebody's shit tunnel.
Studying the three girl's apprehensive faces the boss appeared to come
to a decision, and taking Penny and Rose by the arm he dragged them to
stand in between their moaning teachers legs, pushing them down until
their faces were a mere inch or two away from her expanded hole he
asked. "Which of you wants to stick their fist up there?" The two
girls pulled back from the gaping maw with wide eyes begged him not to
make them do it.
As his men shouted for one of them to fist the teacher the boss called
over Tony. "Tony you can decide, each of the girls will kiss you and
the one you like best will fist the teacher."
Tony grinning from ear to ear looked from one girl to the other, then
reached out and pulled Rose towards him, pressing his lips onto hers
he crushed her to him and ground his hips against her navy knickers.
As she struggled to squirm from his embrace he grabbed her tit and
squeezed. The young girl screamed into his mouth and he thrust his
tongue deep inside her. without thinking, in her fear, Rose bit down
on the invading tongue and Tony threw her from him with a curse. The
unfortunate girl rammed into Mick who in turn gave her a hefty shove
so that she skidded across the floor straight into Archie's waiting
arms. He just held her and squeezed. Rose the breath knocked out of
her body slumped to the floor in a dead faint and lay there
"That settles that" said the boss and taking Penny's hand he pushed it
towards the gaping maw of her teachers ass. She struggled to keep her
hand away from the brown coated tube. "The boss slapped her hard
across the face "Listen you little cum sucker, either you push your
hand up there or we'll tie your face to it and make you suck it until
her shit shoots into your mouth."
Penny stopped struggling and dropped to her knees, her eyes wild with
fear. "you wouldn't, wouldn't make somebody eat shit?"
"Oh, but I would my little pretty and before you get to go home
tomorrow one of you at least will learn to like the taste of brown
Penny gulped and screwed her eyes up in disgust at the thought of
anybody eating shit"
Grabbing her hair the Boss pushed her lips towards the teachers shit
covered hole and let her smell the foetid scents as they drifted from
the stretched tube. Penny gagged and was nearly sick as he pushed her
closer and closer.
With shivers of fear wracking her body the young girl sobbed "I'll
fist it, I'll fist it"
"You'll fist what, you little slut?"
"I'll fist her ass, I promISE" her voice rising to a scream Penny knew
she would do anything rather than have her face tied to Miss Tomkins'
steaming ass hole.
Releasing her the boss, to the obvious merriment of his men, continued
his little game.
"Penny stand up!"
Dutifully the young girl her body heaving with revulsion at the
thought of being made to eat shit stood.
"What do you want to do?"
"Put my hand up her ass" the words little more than a whisper Penny
shook and trembled.
"WHAT! come on girl, ask properly and in the correct detail"
"Please sir,,,,, can I, stick my fingers up her ass"
"No I don't think so you are not asking nicely enough"
"Dropping to her knees Penny clung to his legs and pleaded "Please,
please Sir let me fi... fi.... FIST Lavinia's stinking ass hole, let
me put my hand all the way into her shit tube"
"That's better my dear. Very well you may, but only so long as you
enjoy the pleasure"
Penny shot to her feet, her hand driving straight into her teachers
distended chute, and trying not to think about what she was doing she
pumped it in and out. On the table Lavinia feeling the new violation
opened her eyes. Seeing Penny stood between her legs the teacher gave
a wail of despair. "you bastards, why are you making her do this?"
"What me?" grinned the boss in mock innocence. "Penny do you like
doing it?"
Penny seeing the scowl that her teacher couldn't, pumped harder and
deeper into the shitty hole. "Oh, yes Sir I love it. I love making my
teacher wail as I stick my fist up her smelly ass."
On the table Lavinia stared at the young girl as she rammed her fist
just past the wrist into her anal canal and her body began to shake
and shudder as she wailed her despair to the empty and uncaring hall.

Standing next to the sweating girl as she concentrated on her filthy
job the boss whispered in her ear
"Now listen Penny whilst you stand there you MUST drive your fist
right up her Ass. If you don't one of my men will do the job, and of
course guess who will get the job of licking his hand clean
Penny gulped and began to push her hand deeper inside Lavinia's
stretched chute. The teacher moaned but didn't scream as Penny's hand,
not as large as Donkey's cock, slid up and down her battered and
distended anus.

Looking at Rose still lying silent, but awake, on the floor the boss
instructed them to pick her up and when she was standing in front of
him told her that Tony, as reward for her biting his tongue, would be
the first of his men to touch the bottom half of a young girl. Rose
staring wide eyed as his words drifted into her scrambled brains,
began to shake as the boss asked which hole Tony would like.

Mechanically pumping her hand up and down her teachers shit hole Penny
could see everything as Tony grabbed Rose and threw her face down
across Miss Tomkins quiescent body. Tearing her navy knickers down he
forced her legs apart and as she sobbed and cried hooked his fingers
into the crack of her ass and spread her wobbling cheeks wide. He
looked at her pink cunt, and tiny brown puckered ass. And using a
finger prodded and poked at both as Rose sobbed and begged. Finally
Tony said "I'm going to shag the little sluts cunt I've never
deflowered a virgin and I reckon she'll scream loud enough when I fuck
Rose tried to scrabble away across Miss Tomkins' belly but was dragged
back and her hands were pulled under the table and fastened by a rope
stretched over just above her buttocks. The wailing girl was left her
head exposed on one side and her buttocks sticking out over the other.
Underneath her Miss Tomkins cursed and screamed at the group of men,
as she saw Tony take up position behind the young girl. Pulling Rose's
legs wide he stepped inside them so that she couldn't close them again
and stood his cock just resting against the lips of her young virgin
cunt waiting for the boss to give the signal to start.

Donkey his giant cock dangling in front of him like a great ribbed
hose approached Lavinia. tied to the table she could do nothing but
watch as he leant over her gorgeous mounds and sucked first one nipple
then the other into his mouth. his hands grabbed her breasts and
squeezed. The helpless woman's screamed in of pain as his fingers dug
into her wobbling mountains if womanhood and the lecherous man gloated
over her discomfort and stood so she could see his cock as he wanked
it to full erection. "I'm going to feed this right into your belly
slut!" he gloated as Lavinia twitched and pleaded on the table. In
front of her as she continued to fist her teachers tube Penny heard
Rose sobbing softly as
Tony let this rigid cock just rest in the tiny gap between her virgin
cunt lips. whilst on the chairs Leila, sat straddling another man, his
rampant cock sticking up between her legs wanked two cocks right in
front of her face and watched mesmerised as Donkey positioned his
gigantic cock above Lavinia's thrashing head.
"Keep still you bitch" he growled and reached forward to hold her head
Her eyes bulging in terror the woman on the table tried to pull her
head away, but the man slowly forced her head downwards towards the
floor until her neck was stretched and his cock pressed against her
lips. With superhuman effort Miss Tomkins kept her mouth shut until
Harry moved next to her a lit cigarette in his hand and lowered it to
almost touch her nipple. As the heat built up Lavinia opened her mouth
to scream, and Donkey seizing his chance thrust his hips forwards. All
three of the girls cried out as Miss Tomkins body arched up from the
table in torment. They could see her throat stretching as his giant
cock forced its way past her larynx and thundered towards her belly.
Her body didn't move as his stiff rod cut of her air supply and her
throat muscles instinctively tried to swallow the mass filling her
throat. with a groan the man moved even closer, and as Lavinia gurgled
on his monster Penny felt the Boss rubbing her tits. Still with her
blouse on the young girl felt her nipples harden inside her bra as she
watched the violations of her teacher. The poor woman unable to
breathe was shaking all over her legs thrashed against their
restraints and her eyes flew upwards into her head. Penny didn't know
it but she was watching her first near death struggle and it excited
her young body as the Boss kneaded her tits her hand flew up and down
her thrashing teachers ass, further and further her hand reached until
she was prevented by her bent elbow from going any deeper.
Tony stood his hips just touching Rose's virgin cunt, and watched the
rape of Miss Tomkins from both ends with a massive leer he leant
forward and whispered in Rose's ear "your turn next, my little virgin"
Rose struggled on the teachers body but could do nothing as she
watched the violent rape.

to Penny's left Leila screamed as the two cocks in her hands spawned
their loads of cum all over her face and tits. Her tiny body held
captive around another cock as she felt the man's hips jerk beneath
her and suddenly his cock to sent spurts of white cum splashing all
over her skirt and knickers.

Rose lying tied across her teachers arched body opened her mouth and
added her own scream to Leila's, unable to resist any longer Tony had
thrust his cock straight up to the hilt inside her tiny cunt. Rose
frothed a the mouth as he began to saw in and out of her  virgin cunt,
and to add to the effect he was smacking her ass cheeks with both
hands. Rose arched up almost as far as her teacher only to find
another cock ready to drive deep into her own mouth. Penny stared open
mouthed and gasping for breath as she watched the two women in front
of her being raped. Her hand now driving so deep that she could feel
her teachers turds mashing around her fingers, she moaned herself as
the boss reached under her belly and slipped her knickers to one side
to feed a finger into her own tiny cunt. The finger although large
didn't cause any pain only a feeling of warmth and Penny felt herself
pushing backwards onto the delving digit as her hand inside her
teachers cunt turned itself into a fist and pounded up and down the
poor woman's rectum.

Gargling almost as violently as her teacher Rose unable to escape from
the two cocks invading her small body was thrashing about in agony as
fist Tony in her cunt then Jim at her head drove their gristle sticks
into her unwilling orifices. Jim pulled his cock out of Roses mouth
and let his sticky cum flood across her screaming face as now free to
release her feelings the young girl wailed and shouted her pain for
everyone to hear. In between her jerking buttocks Tony grabbed her
hips and tried to bury both his cock and his balls into her writhing
cunt as he screamed "Watch the little slut get her first cunt full of
Penny knew exactly when Tony's cock spat it first jet of seed into
Rose's virgin cunt. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream and her
eyes rolled up in her head as her tortured mind felt the red hot spunk
of a man flooding into her womb and the young girl, well taught about
biological principles imagined the baby already growing inside her.
Tony cut Rose loose and let the weeping girl on unsteady legs back to
the chairs then turned, like every other man, and girl to watch Donkey
face fucking the nearly dead teacher's distended mouth.
Lavinia had gone blue in the face from lack of oxygen and as everybody
watched her bladder no longer able to restrain itself let fly and piss
jetted from her cunt over Penny's arm as it continued to pump in and
out of her ass. Penny tried to move her arm, out of the way but the
boss pulling her from her task pushed her to her knees beneath the
yellow stream and how the crowd laughed as Penny's blouse and skirt
were soaked by the flying liquid. As the piss continued to spurt the
boos made Penny open her mouth and tilting her head backwards held her
so that the golden stream would shoot straight between her open lips.
Penny her mouth full of acrid piss tried to spit it out but he just
held her noise until she was forced to swallow and as each mouthful
cascaded down into her stomach he let her grab one quick breath before
making her drink another mouthful. Finally the stream ended and Penny
was lifted to her feet and taken like the other girls to sit and watch
as their teacher was literally being fucked to death. Left alone now
the three girls clung to each other as the men crowded round the
nearly dead woman and egged Donkey on to even greater heights. Four or
five of the crowd were jerking on their cocks as they watched, totally
turned on by the extreme event they shot their wads all over the
nearly comatose woman, covering her tits and belly with great pools of
white spunk.

Donkey like a madman continued to fuck the poor woman's throat until
with a gleeful shout he screamed "I'm a cummin, I'm a cummin and
withdrew his giant cock to lay it pulsing its seed across the poor
woman's tits.
Gasping for breath Miss Tomkins gasped and moaned on the table as his
cock lying right over her face lay in the valley between her tits and
jerked its load all over her.
Then stepping back as his cock subsided the dirty bastard suggested
someone should clean up the mess.
Penny, Leila and Rose clutched each other even tighter. Young as they
were they guessed that one of them had just got another job and they
weren't looking forward to what they were sure would come next.
Looking at his troops the Boss declared that the young ladies should
look after their mistress.
The three girls were dragged to stand by the table and the Boss told
them they had one chance and one chance only. Either they licked their
Mistress clean or he would let Donkey do exactly the same to them.

The girls took one look at Donkey's cock and fell on Miss Tomkins like
she was a veritable feast. Their young tongues licked up the smelly,
stringy spunk and terrified he might change his mind they showed him
great gobs of the yellow cream as it stuck to their tongues and tried
to outdo each other in their haste to pacify the black man.
Penny and Rose each had the end of one stringy piece of the grisly
spunk and ate it like spaghetti until meeting in the middle their lips
met, and to a cheer from the watching men they fought for control of
the disgusting piece of stringy spunk.
"Kiss her, kiss her" they shouted as Penny and Rose their tongues,
trying to get the last bit of spunk, intertwined. Pushed together by
Donkey the two girls found their mouths interlocked and their tongues
delved in and out of each others mouths trying to get the very last
piece of spunk away from the other. In the end Rose won the sticky
prize and turned to display her prize to the boss.

Young breast heaving the three girls beamed in relief as the Boss
clapped his hands in glee and assured them that Donkey wouldn't be
allowed to fuck their faces. Then turning to Rose he innocently asked.
"What is your favourite piece of apparatus"
Rose obviously hoping to impress and maybe get some relief from the
sexual battering indicated the rings suspended far above the floor.
Leila fearing she might be losing out screamed "look at me!"
and turned back flips over and over then sat on the floor and placed
her legs behind her head.
One of the men muttered "Fuck me" as he watched the young girl contort
herself into such a grotesque shape but the Boss looked thoughtful and
turning to Penny asked if she was the specialist on the horse.
Penny her pride piqued by his tone stood to full height and promised
she was the best on the horse in the school.

The Boss turned to his men and suggested they might like to see the
girls 'perform' on their specialist apparatus. the grinning gang all
agreed that sounded fun. As the boss considered his next statement
Leila tugged on his shirt sleeve until with a snarl he asked her what
the fuck she wanted. The young girl cowered back and eyes downcast
muttered "Please Sir, I need to go to the toilet. I need a pee"
He looked at her incredulously as if he didn't believe he request, but
the girl hopping from one foot to the other repeated her request.
Poor Leila if she had known what they would do next she would have
just pissed all over the floor. Two of the men lifted her high into
the air and settled her onto Miss Tomkins' mouth as she lay still tied
to the table. Then whilst the young girl cried from the shame they
tickled her little clit until with a wail of remorse her bladder
contracted and her pee poured down onto the teachers face. Like the
boss had done with Penny the men held Lavinia's nose as the young
girl's piss poured into her mouth and kept her mouth closed until she
had swallowed every last little bit. lying there gagging from her
forced drink the teacher was made to watch as one after another the
men put their hands in the air, like schoolboys, and asked the boss if
they too might be excused as they needed to relieve themselves as
well. Lined up leaning over Miss Tomkins' spent body the three girls
had to open their mouths as one after another the men relieved
themselves . After the third one Penny noticed that neither she or the
other two girls were gagging they were drinking the piss like it was a
natural thing to do, in fact Leila was sucking the cocks into her
mouth to make sure non of their piss escaped, and finally Donkey
presented himself. The girls all backed away but the man with the
giant cock signalled them to lie on the floor and standing over them
pissed onto their bodies, he expressed his satisfaction that Penny's
blouse stuck to her like a glove when it was soaking wet and she
remembered that as yet she, except for her tie and shoes was still
fully clothed.
That state of affairs wasn't to last much longer as the boss
instructed his men to release the gym teacher and detailing four men
to take the girls and the woman to the showers to clean up he sent
four more to the nearest supermarket with instructions to bring both
solid and liquid refreshments as after the girls had got themselves
clean nobody would be able to leave the hall again before tomorrow.

In the showers Miss Tomkins Leila and Rose were shoved under the
streaming jets and roughly told to scrub themselves all over.
Remembering to use the hose pipe provided to clean themselves
thoroughly, at both ends. Rose and Leila looked at Miss Tomkins as she
tried to explain what the men went, but they couldn't comprehend the
idea of sticking a hose pipe up their cunt, or ass and tried to hide
up the corner cringing away from Harry as he threatened to do it
himself unless they hurried up.
Penny held by Sam wondered why she hadn't been put in the shower, but
she was soon to find out. Still dressed in her uniform even though it
was covered in Piss and spunk the men wanted her to do a strip for
them. Despite everything they had seen they wanted her to dance until
she wa snaked, and sitting where they could watch the others cleaning
themselves the men waited for Penny to begin.
She'd never done a strip for a man before and stood sobbing in front
of the lecherous four as they taunted her with lewd comments and
suggestions as to what they might do if she didn't get on with it.
Suddenly the men stopped taunting Penny as Jim muttered "Oh shit look
a the tiny bitch" turning Penny could see Miss Tomkins holding Leila
bent over and she was inserting the hose pipe up Leila's ass. The
young girl was crying her body shuddering as the teacher held her
firmly and pushed the invading hose pipe further up her complaining
anus. Miss Tomkins her own body wracked with tears was giving the
young girl an anal enema. She had decided that it was probably better
the disgusting act was done kindly by her than with force by Harry and
held the screaming girl tight as her shit tube filled with water until
it squirted out round the hose and dribbled down the drain. The brown
water cascaded around the hose until it ran clear then Miss Tomkins
gently removed the streaming pipe and watched as Leila's ass pumped a
mixture of bits of brown turd and water out onto the floor.
"AGAIN!" shouted Harry as Leila tried to stand, and Lavinia once more
pushed the running hose into her tiny shit hole. Five times they made
the teacher fill Leila's shit tube until the water ran clear and then
the young girl was released and Rose was told to take her place.
Rose was made of sterner stuff and with dignity stood in front of her
teacher and reached up to touch her gently on the cheek "It's all
right Miss. I know you've got no choice. I'll bend over for you" and
with all the dignity the pink titted girl could muster she pirouetted
and opening her legs leant forward until her hands were flat on the
floor. Miss Tomkins started to repeat the procedure as Rose gritted
her teeth and tried not to groan as the waters filled her virgin ass.
It took six insertions before her tubes were clear and the water ran
clear, and the men lost interest in the squirming girl as she
stoically refused to scream or cry.
Turning their attention back to Penny who stood watching the spectacle
with fear all over her face they laughed and told her she would have
the same done to her after they had watched her strip, so the sooner
she finished the sooner she could get clean.
Penny still unsure started to move, jerky and stilted as her movements
were the men watched with rapt attention as she reached up and undid a
button of her blouse, then another, her fingers were shaking so much
that each button caused her to stop dancing, and eventually after she
had reached the third button Harry lost his temper. "you little slut
you saw your teacher do a strip in the gym. Now DO IT PROPERLY, or
I'll fucking strip you and give you a good hiding"
Penny stared at the man and started to sob great shudders racked her
body as she saw him stand and remove his belt then moving towards her
he lunged at her blouse. With a shriek of terror Penny jumped
backwards only to feel the thin white cotton tear apart and her blouse
spit right down the back and as the arms caught on her wrists she was
jerked forward into the man's arms. Screaming with fear she was
dragged back to the benches and Harry stretched her across his knees
and jerked her skirt up over her squirming buttocks until he had
exposed the knickers sticking to her young cunt. "Look a this men" he
shouted and slapped her hard on the ass. Penny's body jerked under the
pain as again and again he smashed his hand down onto her wet
knickers. Penny could feel her cheeks begriming to smart as his
assault continued and turned her eyes full of tears to see Miss
Tomkins, Leila and Rose all watching the spectacle. Miss Tomkins
started to move forward but a growled warning from one of the men made
her stand eyes wide watching her pupil receiving a good ass slapping
from the sadist. Harry his hand beginning to hurt from the attack
heaved Penny upright and tore her skirt from her. Dressed only in the
soaking wet navy knickers and her white school bra Penny stood tears
streaming down her face in front of him. She wanted to cover herself
but her hands instead insisted on flying to her stinging ass cheeks
and as she rubbed to relieve the pressure he reached up and pulled the
cups of her bra from her tits. The men watched as Penny's nipples
rigid from fear popped into view and Jim moved closer to reach up and
squeeze her budding breasts. Penny shuddered from his touch but
couldn't make her feet move as Harry gripped the waistband of her
panties and pulled then down to her knees. "God almighty lads, look a
this" he breathed as Penny's totally hairless cunt came into view, "a
bald beaver, now won't that be fun tonight"
Penny her face already flushed turned bright scarlet as his finger
traced the edges of her cunt and he bemoaned the fact that the boss
had made it clear that only he was going to deflower this one.
Penny shuddering at the thought felt herself being propelled under the
hot water of the shower and screamed as the jets hit her stinging ass,
but Miss Tomkins moved close and held the sobbing girl, soaping her
shit covered arm and gently washing away the strings of spunk that
had dripped through her blouse. Slowly Penny was able to stop crying
as the men reminded Miss Tomkins that neither she or Penny had cleaned
themselves out yet and maybe they ought to get on with it. The teacher
held Penny close and told her "This will feel funny, but it won't hurt
too much. I've got to clean out your bottom until, there are no faeces
Penny asked the question every girl had wondered about "Why Miss?"
Lavinia looked down with pity at the small girl and to the raucous
catcalls of the watching men explained that they had no choice the men
were going to rape and bugger them all, and it was only a matter of
time all they could do was whatever the men told them to and she hoped
that her girls would show these beasts just how brave a girl form her
school could act.
Harry seemed to think this was a great idea as he loved to watch
strong women crumble and beg at his feet. Giving him a look of pure
hatred Miss Tomkins continued to soap Penny all over.
Leila and Rose were dragged from the showers and told to dry off and
tidy their hair, and as Miss Tomkins gently inserted the running hose
up Penny's anus she was turned  to watch as Rose and Leila, clean now
were allowed to sit and comb their hair. Dressed in white towels the
young girls looked almost normal as they concentrated on getting their
hair straightened out.
Penny felt her belly stretching as the water filled her rectum, then
the hose was removed and she felt her muscles ripple to expel the
muddy brown mess, then again her stomach was being stretched, but as
Miss Tomkins had said it didn't hurt, just felt funny as she was first
filled then allowed to empty her shit tube. After the third time Penny
could feel a warmth growing inside her and actually began to enjoy the
feeling of being stretched, and shuddering slightly she tried to hold
the water in instead of forcing it out, until Miss Tomkins massaged
her stomach and made her let go. The teacher whispered in her ear that
Penny was being very brave, and the young girl flashed her a grin of
gratitude as Miss Tomkins declared that Penny was finished.
Penny started to move to leave the shower but Harry, bastard as usual,
informed her it was her job to clean out Miss Tomkins and not only her
ass but her cunt as well. Penny looked at the man as he cruelly
explained the boss had said only asses for the youngsters as their
tight cunts wouldn't need it and anyway two of them were still
virgin's and he hadn't wanted their cherries popped by a hose pipe,
whilst Lavinia was a shagging slut so should be deep cleansed ready
for his men to enjoy.
Penny hesitatingly inserted the pipe up her teachers bottom and pushed
it inside a couple of inches but every time she let go the pipe slid
back out of her teachers distended ass which still hadn't recovered
from its fisting and eventually Harry told the teacher to lean against
the wall and made Penny shove the pipe at least as far as her arm had
gone. With nearly fifteen inches of pipe up Lavinia's ass Pennyweight
fascinated as the water ran brown from between her trembling legs and
then sliding the pipe up and down her teacher's shit tube Penny made
sure that every bit of water ran clear. Then as Miss Tomkins was
forced to spread her legs and lean even further forward the young girl
had to hose off her cunt and then slide the pipe inside. Unlike her
ass Miss Tomkins cunt gripped the hose and Penny could see her belly
stretching as her body filled with the warm water.Once, twice, three
times Penny had to fill her teacher with warm water and Miss Tomkins
was making funny noises and her legs were trembling as Penny filled
her for the third time.
"Look a the big cunt" shouted Jim "She's cumming on an enema" and as
Penny watched her teachers mouth opened and a moan not of pain but of
joy escaped the tortured woman's body. Writhing on the hose she wailed
her feeling around the shower room, only to suddenly shoot vertically
upwards with a shout of dismay as Harry turned the tap from warm to
cold and her aching cunt was flooded with freezing cold water. Miss
Tomkins grabbed her cunt lips and ignoring everybody pulled them as
wide as she could hopping up and down to try and dislodge the freezing
fluids from her sensitive tubes. Laughing at her discomfort Harry told
Penny and Miss Tomkins to hurry up and get dry as they had an
appointment in the gym in ten minutes and he didn't think they would
like it if they were late.

Unmolested, in fact the men once they had checked there was no way out
except through the door, had drifted into the corridor outside, and
waited there smoking cigarettes and chatting whilst the 'ladies'
prepared themselves.
The three girls and one woman were left alone tried to follow the
instructions they had been given about their hair. They had been told
to fasten it either into braids or pony tails.
Miss Tomkins her hair plaited in a single plait that reached nearly to
her swelling buttocks stood dressed like the girls in a single white
towel and inspected their attempts at trying to model their hair with
nothing more than a few elastic bobbles. Leila had opted for two
plaits which hung to her shoulders, Rose her hair in a high pony tail
swished it about and expressed her hope that nobody would pull her
around by it. Penny her hair done as it was when she arrived that
morning looked at them all and said "Miss I'm frightened, what will
they do to us?"
Miss Tomkins held them close and looking into their terrified eyes
explained. "Girls, their is absolutely nothing we can do but hope that
these men will tire of us and let us go. I am not too sure that they
will but it is our only hope. Your young bodies will be made to do
disgusting things, but I can only hope that your minds are able to
deal with the disgraceful men out there. Just remember, nothing you
will be made to do is your fault. They will rape and sodomise you but
always keep in your mind that you did nothing to make them do this, IT
Hearing her voice raised Harry popped his face around the door and
expressing his delight at the way they looked in their white towels he
told them it was time to return to the gym for the next round of fun.
Leading her girls with what dignity she could muster Miss Tomkins
walked upright back towards the gymnasium. Behind her Penny, Rose and
Leila following her lead strode purposefully towards their fate.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 12 - Gymnastic antics
The three girls and their teacher strode heads high back into the hall
to find the men had returned from their shopping trip and were sitting
on the floor drinking cans of beer and chomping their way through mounds
of sandwiches.
The Boss signalled the girls to sit off to one side, but his men moaned
and eventually he consented to let them join the circle and have
something to eat.
Miss Tomkins sat by the boss, and the other three were made to sit
spaced out, one at each quarter point of the circle. The men gave them
sandwiches and cans of beer. Leila took a swig of her beer and
spluttering sprayed it all over the man next to her. With an oath he
slapped her across the face and she fell backwards, sobbing to the
"Now, now lads" the boss chided, "don't be nasty. The young ladies are
not used to alcohol. It's a good job I made sure we had a drink suitable
for such lovely girls" Each girl was given a glass containing a drink
that tasted like fizzy schloer, and having had nothing for hours they
gulped it down and held out their glasses for a refill. The boss told
them to drink this more slowly as they didn't want their stomachs too
full when they did their exercises, and they sat amongst the men and
sipped the bubbly drink. Penny noticed that the men seemed to be getting
louder and that both Rose and Leila looked a little flushed, but put it
down to the trepidation she was beginning to feel as the men finished
eating and their thoughts turned back to the girls.
Their voices grew louder as they discussed which girl should do her
display first, and how she would look as she undertook her exercise. 
Penny slowly realised as their words filtered into her brain that they
were discussing the girls tits and cunts as if they would be able to see
them and  watching the other two she could see they were reaching the
same conclusion. Leila sat staring fixedly across the circle at rose who
had stopped eating and was staring down at the floor. The men didn't
seem to notice as the two girls became more and more withdrawn until
with a wail of anguish Leila started to cry. Her tiny frame shuddered as
the sobs coursed through her body and her voice keened across the room
"No, No, No! I can't do it naked. i have to have my leotard" Miss
Tomkins rose from her seat and cradled the sobbing girl in her arms
gently trying to comfort her and Penny and Rose moved unmolested to join
the two women and together they huddled as Miss Tomkins explained that
there was no way these men would allow them the dignity of working
dressed, and that they should be prepared for the trials ahead. It was
no good crying and screaming it only made the men worse as they enjoyed
seeing the girls terrified faces and would continue to tease them to
watch them get frightened. Slowly Leila managed to control her sobs and
her pretty little face crept up to her teachers and she nestled into the
woman's neck and whispered "I'll do my best to be brave, but I'm
frightened of what they will do" Lavinia held all three girls close and
promised she would do all she could to moderate the men's behaviour but
all the girls could do was remember that nothing that would happen today
was their fault and they were to try and shut the horrors out of their
minds and think of other things.  Suddenly the rowdy banter stopped as
the boss crossed to the little group and lifting Miss Tomkins to her
feet, signalled the girls to rise.
Penny, Rose and Leila were made to stand in a line in front of the men,
and told to remove their towels. All three hesitated until Miss Tomkins,
to wolf whistles from the watching men let her white towel fall in a
pool of freshly laundered cotton around her feet and moved to each girl
in turn.
"Come on Penny dear, don't let them see your frightened, be brave" and
she slipped the towel from Penny's body and left her stood totally naked
in front of the jeering gang.  Penny her fists clenched tight at her
sides stood and stared back at the men as they passed comments on her
body. She wouldn't cry and give them the satisfaction of seeing that
their comments hurt, although the tears welling up in her eyes were
making it hard to see and she knew her lower lip was trembling.  To one
side she heard Rose give a moan as Miss Tomkins gently pulled the towel
away and exposed her pink crested tits to the men. Penny turned slightly
to watch as Rose also trying to be brave bit her lip. The men's shouts
became coarser and coarser and suddenly Rose shuddered as a voice
crossed the room threatening to suck her pink aureoles until they were
swollen then cut them off with a knife, and down her legs trickled a
yellow stream of pee.
The men laughed to see her so distraught and the boss stepped forward
and told them to stop. He didn't want the girls too frightened to
This innocent statement brought great cheers from the crowd and Rose
unable to maintain her composure broke down into tears and her tits
wobbled enticingly on her chest as she sobbed her heart out.  Meanwhile
Miss Tomkins had reached Leila, the youngest and smallest of the three
girls clung to her towel in a vain hope of preventing it being removed.
Miss Tomkins gently tried to take it from her but the young girl just
screamed and clutched it even tighter. "Thwack" the sound of Miss
Tomkins hand slapping her face brought immediate silence.
"You stupid little bitch" Screamed the teacher, "give me the fucking
towel or by god you'll have your virginity taken by donkey instead of
In the following silence, three young faces stared in disbelief at their
teacher, their idol had changed beyond recognition, no longer a
solicitous kind leader she had turned into a cursing slut threatening to
rape one of them. Leila looked up stunned at the big breasted woman as
she towered above her. Roughly pushing Leila back alongside Penny and
Rose, their teacher leered at them "That's right my little fuck sluts. I
arranged it all, and my price was to deflower little Leila. Now you
stupid cunt give me that fucking towel" Leila was too stunned to resist
and her towel flew across the gym leaving her stood completely nude
alongside the other two.  As the girls stared in disbelief at the change
that had come over their teacher the boss stepped forward and eyeing the
girls up and down suggested they begin their stretching exercises a she
didn't want any pulled muscles to spoil the fun afterwards.
With nonchalant ease he tossed Miss Tomkins a knotted rope and told her
"Lavinia, Put the cunts through their paces, and now they know you are
one of us, use this. If they don't work hard enough give them a good
pasting but don't leave any marks I want them in pristine condition for
part two. Now get busy I want them ready to perform in five minutes!"
The girls watched their former teacher in disbelief as she cradled the
heavy knot and suddenly it curled out and caught Rose around a thigh.
"Come on cunts limber up" demanded the dominant teacher, and the girls
quickly moved to comply.
Although not one man touched them during this period what happened was
even worse, every time one of the girls moved a leering face was peering
at one piece or another of her anatomy and the comment were endless.
"Look at them tits, could suck them nipples good" "What a juicy cunt,
stretch a bit further girlie lets see inside" The three girls continued
through their exercise patterns, faces bright red from embarrassment as
well as effort until the boss called everyone to order and said.
"Right I'm ready to watch you work. Lavinia knows your routines so I
suggest you act as if you are in competition and do everything you
normally would."
Lavinia her body glistening under the lights informed the girls that
they would follow the order "Rose on rings, Leila Floor and finally
Penny vaulting horse and beam" Penny started to object but was silenced
by a withering look from her former teacher. "Yes you little slut the
beam. The boss wants to see you on it and you better not disappoint him"
Taking Rose by the arm she led her to the rings, and told her that she
better ignore the men and just do her best routine. Rose body gleaming
with sweat from her exercises stepped up to the rings and raised her
arms, ready to mount. A murmur rose from the watching men as her tits
were stretched upwards and one man moved froward to tweak a nipple. Rose
stared at him as he reached out to touch her and as his fingers closed
around her breast she gasped horrified and began to cry. Great sobs
wracked her body and the boss yanked the man away with a curse and
promised the next man to touch any of the girls before he said so would
be castrated with a penknife. The men seemed to believe him and pulled
back leaving a sobbing Rose stood desolately underneath the gleaming
silver rings.  The boss signalled Lavinia to move forward. As she
approached Rose tried to step back but Lavinia's cruel hand grabbed her
hair and yanked her into the teachers body. Reaching between the
squirming girls legs Lavinia hissed "Shut Up! or I'm going to lift you
up there by your pubic hairs your snivelling little tart, now mount
properly or I'll fasten your tits to the fucking rings and let you
dangle" Rose eyes wide with fear, gulped and tried to control her
sobbing frame before once again raising her arms to mount. Lavinia let
her hands slide down to the young girls waist and lifted her to the
rings then stepped backwards as Rose began to perform her routine.
Despite being naked the young girl had been well trained and once she
started to swing her face settled into a mask of concentration and as
her young body flexed and twirled she forgot the men and their ribald
comments and her body started to flow. Position after position was
executed flawlessly until reaching the climax of her display she
executed the extremely difficult double crucifix. Arms held rigidly at
right angles she held the position for a few seconds then slowly her
legs also stretched out sideways until they too were horizontal. The
room exploded into rapturous applause as the gang of men watched her
young cunt stretched sideways to expose its bright pink inner lining and
from her clit a drop of sweat glistened before dripping to the floor
below. with consummate ease the young girl still enclosed in her own
private world swung into a series of giant swings followed by a  double
back somersault dismount and landed perfectly her body arched backwards
her hands pointing straight to the roof, and her tits bobbling up and
down as she gulped great gasps of air to replenish her depleted oxygen
levels.  She acknowledged the applause with a wide smile and turned to
her audience only to remember who and what they were. With a wail of
anguish the young girl collapsed to the floor, sobbing her little heart
out as she realised just how lewd her body must have looked as she held
crucifix. Bright red from shame she was lifted to her feet and dragged
along with Penny and Leila to the exercise mat.  Leila was pushed out
onto the blue surface and stood like a cornered deer, eyes darting this
way and that. Here young body shuddered and shook with terror as she
watched the men gawping at her nubile young form. In desperation she
cried she couldn't work without her music and the boss demanded Lavinia
go and find it at once. As the woman passed him he swatted her on the
rump and the men cheered as she broke into a sprint towards the end of
the room where the pile of tapes and  player stood ready. Impatient the
Boss decided he was going to alter the running order. He wanted to watch
Penny next, and Leila could do the last act before the real games began.
Penny placed at the end of the vault run up, waited whilst Rose and
Leila ensured that the springboard and horse were correct, stood and
trembled. She knew that the pounding run up would make her breasts fly
up and down, not enclosed in a sport bra she wondered if they would hurt
as she ran, and gritted her teeth in concentration. Hers was the hardest
task, the vault was so fast that few uninitiated into its complexities
could grasp the skill needed to execute a good vault and she thought the
boss might think she wasn't trying.  Finally Miss Tomkins returned music
tape and player in hand and signalled  that the horse was ready, and
Penny taking a deep breath stepped forward raising one hand to signify
she was ready. she took another deep breath to charge her muscles with
oxygen and thundered down the runway.
She could feel her breasts slapping against her body and her ass was
jiggling as she hit the springboard. up, up she flew into a sukahara,
just touching the horse with her finger tips she flew of into a twisting
somersault and landed facing the horse her body arched perfectly in the
proper formation as Miss Tomkins clapped and beamed at the young girl
her breasts heaving as she tried to regain her composure. The boss
listening to Miss Tomkins explanation of the complexity of the leap
smiled at Penny and suggested she might like to start on the beam now.
Piqued that none of the men had cheered her efforts she strode to the
beam and mounting began a series of exercises that had every man
clapping and cheering. Penny knew she hadn't the skill to execute
back-flips and somersaults so she used slow rotations and splits to move
up and down the slender piece of apparatus. As she slowly descended into
a sideways split the men cheered but when she lifted it slowly into a
handstand and let her legs drop into an inverted split they went wild.
Penny didn't care that they were cheering because they could see her
gaping cunt and her breasts dangling, just that she was getting better
applause than Rose. As she reached the end of her exercises she stood
single legged on the beam and lifted one leg to her shoulder. The men
stamped and clapped so loud that the bar vibrated and Penny so close to
toppling already fell from the beam.  Landing in a heap on the floor she
sobbed her frustration as the men turned and dragged Leila towards the
exercise matting.  The boss helped her to her feet and holding her round
the shoulders took her to watch as Leila was propelled into the centre
of the large blue mat. She stood there, her eyes wide and staring as she
looked from one man to the other. She didn't move and the boss shouted
"Come on girl do your party piece!" Leila shook her head dumbly and
started to cry "I can't, I can't, I need my music" One of the men
stepped froward brandishing a knotted piece of rope, but Lavinia pulled
him back and explained the girl couldn't work without her music, all her
exercises were geared to passages in the music. They would have to be
patient whilst she found the correct portion on the tape.
Whilst they waited the men poked fun at Leila as she stared from one to
the other her young breasts flushed with fear and her eyes full of tears
she trembled in the centre of the mat and waited.  Suddenly across the
gymnasium thundered the strains of music and immediately the young
trained gymnast changed. Keyed by the music her arms flew up into the
standard salute of a gymnast and her feet began to move. Her young body
flowed across the mat and every man fell silent as he watched her
youthful firm breasted body spiral and pirouette into the corner. Rising
on her toes she launched herself into her first tumble. Flick flap,
flick flap double somersault, backwards somersault. All executed
flawlessly she ended with a subtle twist and flick of her hair, then
flowed once more into a series of stretches and splits that brought
applause from the watching men. As the music carried on the young girl
lost in her art put in the best performance of her young life and as she
progressed from tumble run to tumble run the cheering grew until as the
music rose into its final crescendo Leila flew across the mat for the
final time her young body a blur as she launched into a triple
somersault, landing it flawlessly she pirouetted once and slid into
perfect splits in the very centre of the ring.  The men cheered so
loudly that Penny thought they would never stop and Leila beaming from
ear to ear at getting more applause than either of the others lifted
herself to her feet and bowed to the audience of half drunk bastards. If
she had known what was coming next she would never have finished.
The Boss stepping forwards asked why she hadn't done the trick of
placing her feet behind her head, and Leila still pumped on adrenaline
said. "It doesn't fit in with music, but I can do it if you want." The
poor child in her innocence thought displaying her skills would avert
the coming ordeals but the boss just signalled she should move to a low
table of to one side and do it there. With the boss by her head and
Lavinia at her feet the young girl sat on the table and lifted first one
foot and then the other until she was perched on the points of her young
ass cheeks her cunt stretched wide by the effort and she beamed around
waiting for the applause. To late she realised it wasn't going to come.
Instead the boss grabbed her ankles and quickly fastened a piece of
skipping rope around them.  Leila her ankles tied behind her head was
trussed up in a ball, and as the enormity of her situation descended on
her she started to scream. Groping hands ran all over her body as the
men surged forward to gloat over the trussed child, and Leila's screams
echoed around the hall as first one then another of the men let his cock
flop onto her body. Her arms flailed about in an impossible attempt to
prevent the groping hands, but it was all to no avail. first one arm
then the other was brought behind her knees and tied there until Leila
could do nothing but sob as the callused fingers stroked and pinched her
shaking body. As Penny and Rose were made to watch Miss Tomkins pushed
the men away and moved to Leila's head. Staring down at the frightened
girl the sadistic woman gloated over her prize and told Leila in
explicit terms what she would be doing to her virgin body during the
next hour or two. As Lavinia spoke Leila's eyes grew wider and wider
until it looked as though they would pop from her head, and her voice
broke into an animal moaning as the lesbian explained she would son be
unable to scream as her first job was to suck out Lavinia's cunt until
she had made the woman have an orgasm, and if she failed then Lavinia
would let Donkey fill her mouth with his cock.
Begging for any torture but the giant cock Leila stopped screaming long
enough to promise any debauchery as long as Donkey wasn't allowed to
rape her mouth. Grinning down at the cowering girl Lavinia asked. "will
you lick out my fanny?" "Yes, YES!" shouted Leila as Donkey lifted his
cock from his trousers. "Will you beg me to fuck your virgin cunt?"
"" moaned Leila until Donkey stepped close and let his cock rest
on her cheek. Staring at the bulbous end Leila gulped and babbled "Yes,
oh yes please fuck my virgin cunt make me a woman, anything but that!"
With a real sadistic twist Lavinia leant over and offered her mouth to
the babbling girl "Kiss me you little slut" Leila strained up from the
table to fasten her mouth around Lavinia's and in desperation forced her
tongue deep into the lesbian's mouth. The gang of men laughed and jeered
as the young girl 'frenched' her teacher and then Lavinia reached over
and stroked Leila's exposed cunt. The young girl shuddered but made no
objection as the cruel woman probed with a finger into the tight pink
hole, before standing up and straddling the young girls face she ordered
her to start licking.
Leila her face wet with tears pushed her tongue out and allowed it to
stroke the older woman's cunt lips. Lavinia gave a moan of pleasure and
everybody saw the thick creamy juices dripping from her cunt as she
groaned "Oh yes, my little fuck slut, drink momma's juices until she
screams from a climax then momma's going to shag your tight cunt and
ass" Unable to escape the deluge of cream Leila was forced to swallow as
much as she could whilst her face became coated with the gooey mess, and
above her Lavinia moaned and groaned as her cunt came alive and throbbed
to the feel of the young girls tongue.  Watching the debauchery Penny
felt sick and tried to pull away but the boss held her tight and made
her watch as Lavinia reached under the table and pulled forth a leather
girdle to which was attached a plastic cock, about seven inches long the
plastic phallus was a copy in pink of a man's tool and as she saw her
former teacher stroking the rude pole Leila licked and sucked like a
madwoman in an attempt to keep Lavinia at her head rather than in
between her legs. It was a forlorn hope as Rose and Penny were forced to
watch Lavinia's breathing shortened and her groans grew louder until
with a shudder that made her whole body shake she reached an orgasm and
Leila's face was covered in so much creamy cunt juice that it made her
gag.  It had filled her mouth and covered her nose. The young girl
unable to breathe was drowning in pussy juice until the boss pushed
Penny forward and told her to lick her friend clean or watch her die.
Rose held between two men, each holding an arm and squeezing a tit was
also pushed forward and together the two girls were forced to lick up
the cunt cream and swallow it before their friend asphyxiated.
As they worked Lavinia was strapping on the dildo, and as they stepped
back Leila's face now gleaming from their saliva the young girl gasping
to get life giving oxygen back into her lungs, Miss Tomkins stepped
between the young girls legs and leant down to begin licking at her tiny
cunt lips. Whilst everybody watched the young girl, her sensitive areas
being attacked by an expert, began to rock backwards and forwards her
moans of despair turning to lust as her young virgin body was awakened
by the lustful licking of the lesbian.  Eventually Leila was gasping out
for release and begging Lavinia to lick harder, her tiny cunt lips
glowing and swollen with lust dripped clear fluids down the crack of her
ass to form a pool on the table. Just as Leila's pleas reached the state
where everyone expected her scream in climax the vicious woman stood up
and leered down at the young girl. Leila tried desperately to throw her
aching cunt up toward the waiting woman and begged her to continue. 
"I'm going to continue alright you little whore. I'm going to fuck your
As Lavinia's words sank in the young girls voice rose into a wailing
scream "No.... NO! please N.ooooooo" It was no use Lavinia gripped her
thighs and flexed her hips forward. The tip entered just an inch into
the virgins cunt, before the boss pulled Penny away. "Don't worry my
little fuck cake. nobody is going to rape your cunt" Penny stared at him
as the men wheeled to stare at their boss.
"What do you mean" Harry moaned we're going to fuck all the bitches you
"I know said the boss, but his beauty isn't going to be raped by one of
us. She is going to rape herself on my cock" Penny gasped, and spat "No
way I'll never willingly fuck myself" "Oh, but you will Penny before I
finish with you you'll not only fuck yourself but you'll turn round
afterwards and shag your own ass."
A muttering came from the men that it wasn't fair Lavinia had the little
one and the boss was keeping Penny to himself. What would they have to
do for the next hour or two. Grinning the boss eyed his men "Well to my
way of thinking you've got two choices lads. You can watch what we're
doing, wanking yourself silly, or of course you could always............
The men turned as one and looked at Rose, forgotten during the last few
seconds no-one was holding her and as she saw the men turn to face her
she fled. Straight for the line of climbing ropes she ran, the men in
hot pursuit, but fear lent her speed and she took a flying leap up the
first rope and clambered upwards. just out of the grasping hands of the
men she continued until she reached the ceiling, whilst below her the 
men cursed and shouted for her to come down.
Rose her arms and legs locked around the rope, hung on for dear life as
first one man then the other tried to shake her loose. Fear gave her
strength and for five minutes the gang tried unsuccessfully to dislodge
her, until the boss dragging Penny after him came and stood underneath
the ropes. "Lost you toy boys?" Harry, the sadistic bastard, snarled
"When I get my hands on that cunt I'm going to split her wide open. I'll
drive my hand so far up her ass I'll drag her fucking tonsils out!"
"Now, now Harry" the boss chided him, "that's no way to talk about such
a pretty girl. Look how her leg muscles shake as she demonstrates their
power, see how her tits have grown from fear. I bet you could only just
get your mouth round those lovely pink aureoles now. And that face,
those rosebud lips fastened around a thick cock. I think you should
thank  the girl for displaying her charms so eloquently. Why doesn't one
of you climb up and fetch her down?"
The men tried but not one could climb the rope, and with a final dig at
their prowess the boss handed Penny over to two of the men with
instructions they could fondle her tits and kiss her but nothing else.
As the two men grabbed at their chance to touch at least one of the
girls the boss climbed the rope next to Rose's until he was alongside
the terrified girl.
"Come on Rose, down you go"
"No!" she shouted and clung even tighter to her precarious support. 
"Listen Rose, either you climb down or I'll make you fall and then I'll
leave you to them. Can you imagine how painful a gang rape can be?"
Rose's eyes flared and she spat at him across the gap.  "Bad move
darling" nonchalantly he reached across the gap and slapped her hard on
the thigh, she just clung on tighter. The next slap made her scream in
pain and her leg jerked loose from the rope.  grabbing her flailing foot
the boss held it tight to prevent her rewinding it round the rope. Below
Penny her eyes wide with concern watched her friend being prised loose.
she hardly noticed the two men holding her as they kneaded her breasts
and one even leant down and suckled on her nipple until it hardened, and
still Penny was unaware as she held her breath and watched the boss
prise her friends other leg away from the rope. With both legs flailing
in thin air Rose her hands taking all her weight was beginning to lose
the battle and a final heave from the boss sent her screaming towards
the floor. her young body twisting in the air. As she watched  Penny
sucked in a deep breath, and flinched her eyes closed, expecting to hear
the thud of her landing. Instead a shout of triumph echoed around the
gym as Tony emerged from the pack. A shocked and immobile Rose in his
arms. "I caught her, I get first goes" he crowed and threw the
distraught girl onto a pile blue mats.  She lay there winded as he
dropped his trousers and crawled between her legs, yanking them apart he
positioned himself at the entrance to her young cunt and with one great
shout of triumph he drove his prick balls deep into her virgin cunt.
Rose's body shot vertically of the mats as the pain of his assault
rocketed through her loins only to fall back again as he withdrew. Her
animal screams of pain were bloodcurdling and Penny once more in the
boss's firm grasp was led to watch as Tony hammered the young girls cunt
again and again. Rose her arms flailing was frothing at the mouth and
her screams rose higher and higher until Sam kneeling by her head filled
her mouth with his cock and choked of all but a few guttural grunts.
Watching aghast Penny tried to close her eyes but the boss made her
watch until Rose went limp and allowed any further invasion to occur
without more than a whimper. Men were tugging at her tits, filling her
mouth and mauling any piece of flesh they could reach and the young girl
her mind blown was doing nothing other than lie there and allow their
intrusion. Penny tears streaming down her face cried softly and muttered
over and over again "Why? why? why?" The boss pulled her away and led
her towards the chairs. Sitting down he stood the shaking girl in front
of him and softly warned her that any second now she would begin her
ordeal and that it was up to her whether it went quietly or if she too
would be raped like Rose and Leila. Her terrified eyes expressed that
she wanted anything rather than such a violent end to her virginity and
the boss told her that providing she followed his instructions the pain
would be a lot less as she raped herself, even the ass fucking she would
do would not cause the screams she was about to hear.  Penny looked at
him quizzically wondering what he had just said meant when the air in
the gymnasium was torn apart by two screams so piercing that a light
bulb at the far end of the room shattered showering glass all over the
Penny her eyes wide with fear tried to turn, but the boss held her tight
and simply said "sounds like the anal fucking has started. do you want
to go and watch?"
Penny shook her head violently and collapsed into his arms at the
thought of the abuse that must have caused those screams. holding her
sobbing and shaking body close, he lifted her chin with his finger and
his mouth found hers.
Despite her reluctance he kissed her gently and she could feel his hands
roaming over her body. Hardly resisting she let him touch and feel her
all over. It was only when his finger brushed against her cunt that she
tried to move away, but even then it was half hearted, and his fingers
slid her cunt lips apart and stroked up and down her dry slit. Penny
never renowned for being stupid had learnt the lesson of the screams and
didn't intend to make any like it herself if she could help it.
Slowly she felt herself responding to his gentle caresses and her lips
opened to allow his tongue to delve into her mouth. Unlike Leila's kiss
of only a few hours ago this one was more insistent, his tongue slaving
around her mouth and almost to prevent it driving into her throat she
closed her mouth around it and sucked gently. he left it there as she
slid backwards and forwards on it and she could feel the rough top of it
resting against the roof of her mouth as his hands cupped her breasts
and tickled her nipples. Penny could feel her young breasts responding
to his caress, her aureoles and nipples swelling to meet his fingers
when suddenly something jerked under her legs and she felt his cock come
to life. Throbbing against her ass cheeks she could feel it swelling and
becoming harder by the second as his tongue was withdrawn from her mouth
to travel seductively down her throat across her upper torso and down
onto her budding tits.
She felt him suck her left aureole into his warm wetness and then his
rough tongue was tracing round and round the sensitive cherry of her
nipple as he enjoyed making her young body come alive. After a few
minutes of this Penny's breathing was getting ragged and her face was
flushed as he slowly slid her from his lap down into a kneeling position
on the floor. There she looked up between his legs to see his throbbing
cock, the tip coated with drops of liquid, standing like a red headed
black soldier on parade. He pulled her head towards it and although she
didn't want to she knew he expected her to suck the vile stick into her
mouth. Another scream from the other side of the room, indicated the
rape of her friends continued, and deciding sucking cock was better than
being forcibly buggered Penny swallowed hard and leant forward to lick
from his balls to the slimy glans as she reached the tip she saw a drop
of liquid squeeze itself out of the little hole and steeling herself she
used her tongue to bring the salty tasting pre-cum into her mouth. Then
shuddering slightly, Penny opened her mouth and cradling the big cock in
her hands she let her tongue travel slowly over the glistening glans,
and her young lips pouted to kiss the tip as the tiny hole opened and
closed like a minute little fanny. His hips moved forwards slightly and
pushed the tip hard against her lips and despite herself Penny felt her
mouth open wider and his sticky tipped cock slid inside. Resting it
there he let her get used to its girth before reaching forward to hold
her head and start pushing her up and down his thick gristle.  Penny
wanted to gag but knew that he wouldn't like that, and the continuing
screams and shouts told her that the other two girls were having a far
worse time. Steeling herself she forced her mouth farther onto his cock
and sucked it like a giant lollipop. The boss's face was flushed now and
beads of perspiration beaded his forehead as he tried to keep his urges
under control, but Penny felt little drips of salty cum being smeared
across her tongue and guessed that he was about to come. She took a deep
breath and thrust her young head forward towards his bollocks and felt
the bulbous glans stretch the entrance to her throat but then it was
passed and she could feel the throbbing member as it flexed and churned
inside her, spilling wad after wad of his seed into her throat. It was
so thick she could feel it clinging to her throat lining as it slowly
dribbled down into her belly and despite herself she felt her little
cunt beginning to glow with a fire and as she pulled back to allow his
cock to slip from her mouth she smiled up at him and  asked "did I do
"Penny you were fucking marvellous, but now it is time for you to rape
yourself, and you won't find that quite as easy. Although I'll do my
best to reduce the pain" Penny felt her stomach churn a she lifted her
to her feet and she considered bolting, but he held her hands  and
looking her straight in the eye said.
"You stupid little cunt, did you really think a quick blow job would get
you of the hook. COME WITH ME" and he dragged her across the room to
where Lavinia was still raping Leila. The poor girl had been rolled onto
her front. Her face pushed down into the table and her back end obscene
because of the position of her legs still tied behind her head. The
young girl had been pulled right to the edge of the table so that her
ass and cunt cruelly spread were available to anyone stood against the
table edge, and as Penny was forced to take in the scene of the young
girls debauchery she could see scratch marks all across Leila's back
where Lavinia had used her nails to rake the young girls previously
flawless body. The lesbian had forsaken Leila's  cunt and had rammed the
dildo up the young girls ass. She was driving it in and out as Leila
moaned in pain with every thrust. Every now and then Lavinia would reach
around to grab a nipple and pinch it between her long nails whilst
pulling the dildo back as far as it would go before slamming it home
again. When she did this  Leila's  scream of pain and humiliation would
echo around the room.
Penny stared aghast at her friend as the lesbian turned and grinning at
the boss said "We'll soon be finished here. The little slut bled like a
stuck pig when I shagged her but now she's beginning to beg for it when
I stop and I think she'll be ready for even Donkey soon" At the words
about Leila bleeding Penny looked again at the pool of moisture she had
thought was piss between her friends legs and realised, as Lavinia
withdrew the dildo and turned to leer at her, that the teachers lower
stomach and crotch were covered with blood.  The pool of liquid was
Leila's blood from having her hymen so viciously ruptured and as Penny
watched another dribble of rich red blood oozed from her battered and
bruised cunt lips and dripped onto the table, but even more
disconcerting was Leila's response as she felt the dildo withdrawn. Her
tiny face screwed up like a spoilt brats and she moaned for the woman to
return to her body and to fuck her. Her voice little more than a whisper
Leila was begging to be buggered and fucked again.
"Good work Lavi" muttered the boss as he dragged Penny away, "but my
little tart needs to see how Rose is enjoying herself." Still on the
matting it didn't look as though Rose was enjoying herself at all. Her
breasts had been tied round with rope until they had swollen to twice
their normal size and a man was suckling on each distended and
hypersensitive  nipple greedily whilst another shafted her bruised mouth
and yet another prepared to slide his cock into her cunt or ass,
whichever took his fancy. Rose stared at the ceiling with unseeing eyes
her nose spread to gasp what air she could as between her legs Penny
could see spunk dribbling from her love tube and her blood red anus as
her body tried to expel the deposits of her multiple rapists. Penny
gasped as she watched her friend lift her battered sex tubes up toward
the man between her legs and try to hook him forward with a foot to
speed up his penetration.
The boss signalled for the man raping her mouth to withdraw and pushed
Penny close to hear the ravaged girl as she whispered "Fuck me, Shag me
fill me with spunk. Shag my ass, I'm just a sex mad cunt" Penny stood
and stared at the boss as he smiled at her and said "Now my dear it is
your turn. These two are shagged out so everybody is going to watch you
rape yourself on my cock, and then you can bugger yourself before I let
you loose on them"
Penny looked at him to see if he was joking, but it was obvious that his
earlier kindness had only been to extend the time before her subjugation
so that everyone would be ready to watch. It was all too much she felt
her belly tighten and the first few drips of pee dribbled down her legs
as the import of his words filtered into her mind. "EVERYBODY would
watch her RAPE HERSELF." Seeing her state the boss guided the unseeing
girl forward and making her open her legs he forced her squat right over
Rose's face.  The battered girl sensing another object near her face
stretched up and fastened her mouth around it. Her tongue snaked out and
as Penny shuddered in shame and pissed. Rose opened her mouth to allow
the yellow water to splash into it and Penny could hear her spluttering
and swallowing as her piss provided her poor friends mouth with a
reviving drink.
Lifting Penny off the Boss threw her over his shoulder and calling
everybody to the chairs explained that now it was time to watch a virgin
rape herself and that once she had made him come up her cunt and then
her ass she would be anybody's for the following hour.  Sitting himself
on the chair again her told Penny to climb onto the chairs and straddle
his thighs.
The men, Lavinia, Rose and even poor Leila were ranged in a rough semi
circle behind her and horrified at the thought of everybody watching her
she numbly shook her head until he reached forward and grabbed a breast.
As the pressure increased Penny felt the pain spreading across her torso
and threw her head back and screamed. His other hand latched onto her
other tit and again she screamed as his fingers tightened into a grip of
steel and he unceremoniously lifted her high in the air and placed her
dangling feet on the chairs.  Penny stood facing the black bastard as he
turned her feet outwards and pushed them away from him. like an Indian
dancer Penny grotesque in her fear stood or is it squatted above his
crotch as he forced her head down to look at his cock.
Once more stiff it stood up from his thighs like a rod of iron and Penny
tears streaming down her face watched as he positioned just below the
entrance of her virgin cunt.
The position she was in with her legs wide and her knees bent meant she
looked like a giant frog as she tried to maintain herself just above his
He didn't pull her down but would not let her rise one inch. He just sat
there and played with her nipples as her leg muscles slowly tired and
she sank a tiny fraction towards his purple glans. Slowly inch by inch
as the boss taunted her with how close she was coming her cunt dropped
as her legs weakened until  Penny could feel it nudging her cunt lips
In between taunting her he suckled her breasts and tweaked her nipples
or fingered her dry cunt and tickled her clit. Penny resigned and silent
sobbed quietly, tears streaming down her face to drip from her chin and
she heard herself begin to moan "Oh my god No" over and over again as
her legs began to shake with fatigue and every now and then another tiny
bit of cock would feel her cunt drop around it. Penny every muscle in
her legs on fire tried valiantly to stay as high as she could but
slowly, very slowly his cock pushed its way into her tight cunt, until
with a stabbing pain she felt something bar its progress. Penny's mouth
opened in a soundless scream as the pain increased and the boss shouted
"The bitch is sitting on her cherry, any second now".
The pressure increased as her legs gave way until with a tearing
sensation her hymen gave way and she collapsed downwards his cock
embedding itself right up to the hilt in one giant leap forward. Her
head thrown back Penny screamed out loud as the pain of her hymen
rupturing welled up inside her, and around her the men cheered and
stamped as they saw the telltale drips of virgin blood coating the
boss's thigh. He didn't give Penny long to recover before lifting her
back up to the tip and letting her fall again. Again and again she
screamed as his cock forced her tube wide, but then a new sensation
began to invade her loins a sensation of warmth and she felt the blood
coating her tube start  lubricate his rod its passage became easier and
her cunt started to feel warm and throb to her own lust as her body took
over from here mind and she began to rise without his assistance and
drop down readily onto the giant cock.  Now he was squeezing her tits
hard and she didn't care, she just wanted his cock to keep flying up and
down her shaft. the feelings were coming in waves now and her pleas had
turned from No! no! no!  to Yes! Yes! Yes! as inside her a new
sensation, one of impending joy, overtook her and she held his shoulders
and kissed him as she shagged herself. Her cunt was sending gush after
gush of fluid to coat his cock and she could feel it squirting out onto
his legs.  Their bodies were squelching with each up and down thrust as
she pounded onto him and begged him to fuck her, when suddenly her body
jolted down onto a new feeling and looking down she law Leila. The girl
had crawled unaided between the boss's legs and was licking up Penny's
cunt juice as it spilled out. Her little face a picture of saturnalian
lust as she gobble down Penny's juices, and as she watched Penny's
disbelieving face the petite girl gave a lascivious smile and reached up
to squeezed the boss's balls.
With a shout he drove his cock so hard into Penny that she thought he
would shoot out of her mouth and she felt his cock erupt into a red hot
dispenser of even hotter spunk and Penny wailed her first ever orgasm as
the sticky white cream coated every tiny crack inside her inflamed
tunnel. Shuddering on his cock she moaned her release only to feel
herself being lifted of his rod.  As she groaned her displeasure she was
turned round to face the cheering crowd and her cunt lips spread wide to
allow both Leila and Rose to attack her cunt with their tongues. As
everyone watched the two girls jockeyed for position and sucked her lips
and clit until Penny was writhing on their faces smearing them with
spunk as it dribbled in apparently endless streams from her swollen
cunt. Unable to stop herself Penny pushed Rose backwards and knelt above
the girls face cramming her cunt down onto the girls tongue and she
wailed her way to yet another orgasm and watched Rose struggle as she
gagged on a flood of Penny's own juices.
Trying to make Rose lick her even more Penny wailed in frustration as
strong hands lifted her to her feet and she was placed above the boss's
crotch once again, only this time she faced the crowd as they waited
with bated breath for the climax of their fun. Penny still on a high
from the multiple orgasms promptly tried to settle her aching cunt onto
the boss's once again rigid cock and cried her displeasure as he lifted
her forwards a couple of inches then let her settle again.
In her muddled mind she wondered why he wouldn't let her fuck him again
until a stabbing red hot pain drove spears of agony up her anus and she
remembered his words "you will bugger yourself" . She was buggering her
own tight virgin anus. With a scream of pain she tried to stand but felt
his strong hands hold her tight as her eyes flew wide and she felt him
urge his giant cock against her tight puckered shit hole.
Penny heard her own scream as it forced an entrance "NO! not my
AAASSSSSS" the job was done the stretched walls of her rectum, allowed a
few seconds to accommodate the overlarge object, were on fire. Her whole
body shook with pain as he slowly but surely let her slip further and
further down his shaft.
Each inch felt like her guts were being torn from her body and Penny
sobbed and screamed constantly as she slowly settled farther and farther
towards his balls. The final inch felt as though his cock had reached
her stomach and her young face, contorted in pain, gasped for air as he
allowed her just a few seconds to get her breath before lifting her up
again. Unlike the penetration of her cunt this hurt as much coming out
as going in and Penny found her screams forming a sort of music as he
lifted her up and down. On the up stroke his cock funnelled into her
burning tube forcing a high pitched scream from her throat, whilst on
the way out it dragged her anus down with it causing a tearing feeling
in her bowels and the sounds torn from Penny's tortured throat were more
like the inrush of air as someone gasps for breath after nearly
drowning. Beneath her the boss himself was groaning as her tight shit
tube clung to his cock and threatened to squeeze all life from the
turgid instrument, and the watching crowd cheered and moved closer as
they watched. Penny's tits jiggling up and down and her face contorted
in pain become redder and redder with the terrible exertion.
Even so the young girl was beginning to respond and everyone could see
that he boss was no longer having to lift and drop her she was rising
and falling of her own accord as his cock a sentient partner allowed her
to rape her own ass. Two of the men had moved close enough for Penny to
grab their cocks and as she buggered herself she was giving each cock a
good wanking as her tiny body went into overdrive. Sucking one cock into
her mouth she let her hand drop to her clit, and she frantically frigged
herself whilst wanking one cock and gurgled her joy as the other spilled
its seed into her mouth.
In her ass the boss unable to contain himself was starting to drive
upwards on every stroke and Penny was being lifted higher and higher
from the chairs until in a flurry of arms and legs she toppled forwards
onto the floor her face buried into a mat and her stretched ass sticking
invitingly up into the air. Like a shot the boss leapt forward and
thrust his cock deep again. his legs either side of Penny's haunches and
his bollocks thrashing against her ass he fucked her ass so violently
that she was thrust forward an inch or two on every stroke and he had to
hold her hips in a vice like grip and drag her backwards onto his cock
to prevent her from skidding away across the floor. Penny grunted with
joy as she felt his cock twitch again deep up her red hot and still
painful ass, but then she felt a new sensation, he was filling her not
with spunk, but was pissing into her battered ass and his hot waters
were flooding her and stretching her even deeper than his cock had.  The
crowd jeered as she begged him not to fill her with piss but he held her
hips tight and told anybody else that was ready to get their cocks out
as it was time to fill the gas tank.  Finishing he withdrew and
immediately another cock replaced him, another burst of red hot urine
made Penny scream with pain as her belly was stretched tight and she
begged them to let her expel the yellow rain, but as each cock withdrew
they forced a plastic plug into her ass until another cock was ready.
After three cocks had filled her, her belly was so tight that she
grunted with pain every time it touched anything and when the butt plug
was inserted to wait for the next piss happy cock piss began to leak out
from around the plug. Penny her stomach so tight that any movement was
painful was placed face down on a chair and pushed forwards until her
body lay on the floor and her shit hole was the highest point on her
tortured body. Still they pissed into her and Penny could feel her belly
stretching further and further. Finally every man in the room had pumped
his piss into her ass. Nine men, Donkey thankfully hadn't tried to force
his cock into her ass, at an average of just over half a pint a time. no
wonder the poor girls body was bloated swilling about inside her was
five or six pints of piss. As she lay there and moaned the men replaced
the plastic butt  plug with another and Penny felt the plug expand to
fix itself firmly against the walls of her rectum as they inflated it.
When the plug was deemed irremovable they stood her up and made her walk
around. With every step Penny could feel the piss as it gurgled  and
sloshed inside her and one by one the men called her to them and pressed
her belly to watch her face contort in pain and then they would suck her
tits until they too were bloated and distended.
Standing her in front of a mirror they gloated about how she would look
when she was having their baby, and Penny saw a bloated misshapen
caricature staring back at her. Her belly button had been forced
outwards and her nipples were nearly an inch long, but worse of all her
cunt under the extreme pressure had inverted and the lips had curled
back to expose the inner lining and as she watched her cunt dripped
endless strings of juice down her thighs. looking at herself Penny knew
that she would never be pretty again and cried her lament to the four
walls as the men led her back to chair and placed her as before. Penny
couldn't believe they intended to do anything else. Thank god thought
Penny they are going to remove the plug and make  me empty myself. She
didn't care that the piss would run all over her body, only that at last
the pain would subside.  The next moment she sobbed in anguish as above
her Leila was settled into position and told to piss. The young girl
sobbed that she couldn't but a quick punch in the stomach and sever
pressure from the flat of a hand on hr belly and another stream of piss
was forced into Penny's objecting ass. Then Rose her face a mixture of
lust and terror was placed above Penny and allowed to add her
Penny's belly was so tight now that the effects could be seen just below
her breasts, as the last of the women, namely Lavinia, took her
position. There was no terror on the teacher's face as she placed her
cunt over Penny's shit hole only a sadistic mask as she grunted and
released a veritable torrent of piss down the stinging tube to join the
rest. As Penny watched and moaned the teacher gloated "I think I've got
about two pints stored up dear, but just in case your not full Donkey is
getting ready to add his input before he buggers your ass.
Penny screamed then and her whole body struggled violently to break
loose as the massive cock of the black man hove into view. He only
placed the tip in her ass but distended as it was she felt the walls
stretch even further and as his hot water gushed into her she blacked
It was probably a good job because the black as well as having a massive
cock had a massive bladder and he poured a further two pints into
Penny's body as she hung senseless.  Her belly was so taut now that if
anyone pressed it her tits sprang out like two cones and they could hear
the water gurgling round in her belly. Replacing the expanding butt plug
they pumped it up and laid Penny, on her back, on a table to come round.
One or two of the men passed the time by pulling on her nipples to
stretch them even further but they soon tired of that as the unconscious
girl didn't object or scream.
Meanwhile Donkey kept his cock ready by having Lavinia suck it every now
and then.
The sight of the grown woman struggling to swallow the man's giant cock
started the other men of, and Rose and Leila were pressed into service
sucking and wanking cocks whilst everyone waited. Not that the girls
were made to drink any more spunk, every time a man could hold out no
longer their spunk was squirted into a glass, until the girls were each
carrying a small glass nearly a half full of stringy spunk from at least
five or six different men.
Finally Penny moaned and started to come around. immediately her legs
were drawn up to expose and stretch her ass. Before she was fully awake
Donkey placed his cock at the entrance to  her ass and the butt plug was
removed as nearly a gallon of piss streamed out he pushed his giant cock
into her distended rectum and plugged it slowly. So as not to alarm her
he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass until he could
go no further and they waited, Lavinia by her head as the young girl
came around.  Gasping at the pain still in her stomach Penny begged them
to let her expel the piss and groggily wondered why they had all laughed
as Lavinia leant forward and offered her a drink. Still confused Penny
gulped down the first glass and it was only as she was half way down the
second that she realised what was coating her tonsils, and she gagged,
her eyes flew wide open as Lavinia tipped the last of the smelly stringy
cum down her throat and massaged it until it had all been swallowed.
Again Penny begged to be allowed to empty herself of the piss and this
time Lavinia lifted her head so she could see what was between her legs
as she said "It's all gone you little fucker what you can feel is
Donkey" Penny screamed again then as she watched her belly rise and fall
with every movement of the black man's giant cock and as he continued to
shaft her stretched anus she fainted again.
Penny awoke deep into the night to find herself lying next to Rose and
Leila. Her body ached and her ass felt as though it was still stretched
wide. In the dark she felt between her legs to find that her fingers
could easily enter the gaping hole that only a few hours before had been
tight, and lying there afraid to make a noise she felt over her whole
body to discover that her breasts were still pumped up and sensitive
whilst her cunt burst into flames at the slightest touch, and as she lay
there and remembered how she had forced her own cunt down onto the
boss's cock her clit began to throb and her fingers flew back and forth
across her sensitive love button until she reached a gasping orgasm yet
again and lay there in the dark wishing she could fuck the boss again. 
The two girls were sleeping restlessly, and Penny summoning up the last
dregs of decency left in her body refrained from waking them to continue
her lustful release. Penny could see a group of men on the far side of
the gym drinking and playing cards and considered joining them to see if
she could get fucked again but hearing the sadist Harry's voice she
decided she'd rather stay unfulfilled rather than risk his attentions so 
silently she snuggled up to the two girls and drifted off herself. It
was not until the next morning that Penny and the girls found out that
today was just a quiet opener for what would happen tomorrow.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 13 - Lavinia's Lost
It was about seven O'clock in the morning when the girls were woken by
Lavinia. "Come on my little fuck sluts" she crowed "Time to eat then
more fun" Throwing three bath robes at the girls their former teacher
totally naked spread her cunt lips and wiggled her tube at the girls. 
Laughing as they shrank back from her lewd display she said "Only ten
minutes my young sluts then we all start the really hard stuff" Laughing
the woman strutted back to the group of men eating their breakfast and
joked with them about the frightened girls on the other side of the gym.
The three girls examined each other. Roses tits were covered in love
bites and Leila's cunt was covered in dried blood, and her back was sore
from the scratches inflicted by Lavinia the day before. Penny had no
outward signs of her torment, but as she rose to get dressed she felt
her slack ass muscles open and drips of anal fluid fell to the floor.
Mortified she glumly dressed herself in the robe and together the three
girls edged closer to the group of rowdy men as they ate their
Noticing their arrival the men threw them pieces of toast and roared
with laughter as the girls scrabbled on the floor to try and get
something to eat.
With a wicked sense of humour Harry asked Leila if she was hungry and
when she said yes he held out a piece of toast. As the young girl
stretched out her hand he grabbed it and heaved her close.  Pushing the
sobbing girl down towards his crotch he gloated "Come on then slut have
some real meat" and forced his half erect penis into her mouth. Heaving
her head down everyone could hear Leila gagging as his cock filled her
throat and suddenly her body started to convulse as the lack of air and
the trials of the previous day finally overtook her and Harry was forced
to let her go, or watch her choke on his cock. The gasping girl lay at
the sadistic bastard's feet and gasped for breath, until with a shudder
her young body gave up and she fainted. with a shrug of his shoulders
the sex mad sadist looked around. Rose shrank from his gaze but, with a
grunt of approval at her fear, he stepped up to the cowering girl and
heaved her to her knees by her hair. "Come on missy, I want my first
suck of the day" Rose forced forward had her mouth filled with his
gristle and she too gagged and spluttered on his meat as he shagged her
mouth. The other men watched almost with disinterest as he fucked Rose's
mouth and then turned back to their breakfast.  Throwing Penny some food
and placing a cup of coffee in front of her Lavinia said "As soon as
greedy pig over there has finished make sure Leila and Rose get
something to eat we've got to go and get cleaned up in about fifteen
Harry pounding into Rose's mouth was having great fun as the girl
gurgled and gagged on his thick cock. Crowing that he would supply her
breakfast he held her head tipped up as he wanked his spunk into her
mouth and watched as she swallowed it. Then deciding she needed a drink
he held her there whilst he pissed into her open mouth as well, and made
her drink his urine.  thrown down by Penny, Rose grabbed a cup of tea
and tried to expunge the filthy taste of the bastard from her mouth.
Grimacing at having to accept abuse so early in the morning she
whispered to Penny that if she got the chance she was going to get her
own back and piss all over him later.
Dragged to join the two girls Leila slowly came around and helped by her
two friends managed to eat a little toast, and drink some coffee before
Lavinia returned and told the girls it was time for the showers again.
Half carrying Leila the girls glumly followed their former teacher to
the showers and were surprised to find the Master stood there waiting.
The three girls threw themselves at his feet and begged him to stop
their torment but he just smiled indulgently down at them and said.
"Rose normal"
"Leila normal"
"Penny normal"
"Lavinia normal"
The four women stood stock still, each looked as though she had been
lost in thought, then one by one they collapsed onto the hard benches.
Penny was the first to speak "My god, when i raped myself it felt so
real. I thought I would die of shame" And Rose blurted "Yes and when
they dragged me into the middle of the floor I really thought I was a
virgin, and it terrified me, but now its just another memory. I can
treasure it now" Lavinia had blushed a deep red and turning to Leila she
apologised for being so brutal. She knew now that Leila hadn't really
been hurt, but at the time her conditioning led her to believe she was
really raping a tiny virgin and she'd enjoyed every minute.  Leila
turned to the Master and asked "But I bled, there was tons of it and I
was so terrified of getting pregnant if a man touched me?" The Master
listened to the four as they catalogued their experiences but then
explained that the conditioning allowed him to implant any scenario he
liked into their minds, as for Leila's blood it was easily created by
fastening false hymens into the girls whilst they were hypnotised and in
Leila's case filling above the false skin with a blood like substance so
that she would bleed profusely. Men all around the world paid good money
for his films because they were so realistic.
In fact they might be pleased to know that yesterday netted him a cool
£10,000 from a private collector that had specified how they should all
be 'raped'.
For some reason the thought that they had earned the Master so much made
the girls feel proud and they immediately perked up.  The Master then
explained that they were to get cleaned up then report to him in the
second room down the corridor where they would be given their
assignments for today.
The three girls begged him to let them go as they were battered from
yesterday but he just looked them up and down and then smiled his cruel
smile and said. "you've got two choices girls, either come to me and be
prepared properly or I'll just change the scenario and let you get gang
raped for real, either way I'm going to make a lot more money today" As
the girls gawped at him he turned on his heel and left them alone in the
shower room.
With no choices left the four women showered and scrubbed themselves
then assisting each other they cleaned out every orifice on their
battered bodies. Penny's ass was still stretched so much from Donkey's
massive cock that the hose pipe had to be held inside her to prevent it
slipping out and her anus ached from the stretched muscles as they tried
to realign themselves to close her rectum.  eventually the girls gave up
trying to get it closed and they dressed themselves in towelling robes
and trudged down to the door the Master had indicated. Inside they found
the doctor that had hypnotised them before and two older women with
trolleys on which were arranged creams and potions. One by one they were
laid onto a table and the women fussed over them, applying a cream here
an aromatic oil there and slowly but surely their marks disappeared and
even Penny's stretched ass moved back to its normal size.  Then the
hypnotist took each girl in turn and prepared her to receive the Masters
instructions for today. All that is except Lavinia, for some reason she
wasn't hypnotised instead the Master took her to one side and gave her
some instructions, on what was to come, before he snapped his fingers in
her face and told her "Lavinia, showgirls chastisement and defilement"
Immediately Lavinia became Miss Tomkins again and left the room.
The three girls were taken through into another room and dressed in
school uniforms. Leila's fitted her perfectly, her hair in two small
bunches either side of her head. With almost no make up she looked about
thirteen, but rose and Penny had been given uniforms that were too tight
and made up like tarts. Their skirts were too short and both wore
stockings whereas Leila had been dressed in white ankle socks. Rose's
stockings reached almost to her knickers but Penny's were short and if
she bent more than an inch a glimpse of white thigh flashed. Standing
there waiting the three girls wondered what they would be expected to do
today. it was obvious that the Master intended them to be schoolgirls
again, but why the disparity in their uniforms. Leila could easily pass
as a real schoolgirl, but Penny and Rose looked like the version you saw
in cheap porno films.  They discussed what might happen but none of them
were even close as they were to find out very soon.
The Master reappeared with his tame doctor and the girls were taken one
by one into a small room. Leila went first and when she reappeared she
acted like she looked, a young innocent schoolgirl.  Rose went next and
as she was closeted with the doctor the Master came and stood by Penny.
"Enjoying it so far?" He asked.
Penny here eyes shining, and fully in control of her sluttish senses
told him she was loving every minute of it, but his next comment knocked
her sideways. "Well in this scene Penny, you and Rose will initially be
the aggressors. I know it's not your real longing, but I do assure you
that you will get plenty of action later on and this film is a special.
It has been ordered by the headmistress of a large girl's school and she
was quite specific about the format so you'll just have to be patient,
although once the doctor has finished I do assure you that you will
enjoy what you do this morning."
Penny intrigued by his cryptic statements tried to pump him for
information, but he just smiled and added an even more cryptic thought
to tease her even further. "Penny this morning you will travel into the
realm of the dominant. you who dream of being used and abused will taste
the other side and the feeling of power it bestows."
Penny begged him for more information and even offered her body if only
he would explain more, but he just laughed and told her "you'll find out
soon enough my favourite little slut, just be patient. look  here comes
Rose, your turn. Off you go"
Penny literally skipped into the small room where the doctor waited. 
The Masters comment about her being his favourite slut ringing in her
ears, and sitting down in front of the hypnotist she beamed at him as he
readied his tools.
"come on hurry up I want to get on with it" she blurted The doctor
looked at her and sighed "The Master seems to think I can work miracles,
are you sure you want me to do this" Penny stared at him, her face
twisted into an enquiring stare as he looked her up and down. "What do
you mean?" she asked.
The doctor looked worried and tutted to himself "didn't even tell her,
hope it works" turning back to Penny he held her hand and explained she
was to be transformed from a fuck loving slut into a scheming sadistic
schoolgirl. it was to be her job to punish her teacher and defile Leila
and Lavinia in the most painful an degrading ways imaginable.
Penny felt her heartbeat quicken as his words sank in. She never enjoyed
being the one in control, how could the Master expect her to act out
this part. She just knew she would fail.  Hesitatingly she asked "Can
you hypnotize me to do it?" "I'm not sure, but unless you really want to
spend the rest of your life on a Russian trawler we'd better do our
best, but I'll have to use deep hypnosis to block your tendencies to be
the underdog. do you agree to this?"
Penny wasn't sure, the thought of being raped by the Russians was no
longer terrifying. In fact on the occasions that people used it to try
and frighten her she had discovered her cunt dripping with juices at the
thought, and for a second she considered telling the doctor to sod off,
she would take the fleet, but his next sentence drove the thought from
her mind. At least for the moment.  " Of course if that happened you'd
never get to take part in the really good bit this afternoon and then
you'd never know the feeling of being totally used" Penny quickly
acquiesced to the hypnosis and lay down on the couch.  above her head
the spinning disk twirled and she felt herself getting drowsy. The last
thing she remembered was the doctors voice telling her she had wonderful
tits as his fingers stroked her nipples into full erection.
It seemed only a second to her young hard schoolgirl mind that she had
been asleep, when she jerked awake to find a man touching her cunt.
Dressed in a white coat the man was sliding a finger up and down her
young slit. Penny held her breath as the man intent on his work moved
his head closer. By her right hand she could see his crotch and a big
bulge in his trousers. without thinking she reached out and grabbed his
balls and SQUEEZED.  The man shot upright with a shout of pain and tried
to pull away, but Penny had his balls tight in her hand and she sat up
to stare into his face.
contorted in pain the man writhed in her grasp and Penny felt a feeling
of raw power course through her as she brought him to his knees.
"You fucking wimp. I'll teach you to touch my body you slime ball" The
viciousness of her response to his unbidden touch boded ill for the
doctor as he squirmed in her grasp, until a voice from behind her
stopped her attack in mid squeeze.
"Penny NORMAL"
Immediately she jumped away from the grovelling man as if he was red
hot, and spun round to see the Master watching her. She gasped as she
realised that whatever the doctor had done she had been transformed into
a dominating sadist, she had enjoyed giving pain, but now her body
screamed to be used again and she crawled to the Master and begged him
to abuse her for her attack.
Pushing her away he helped the doctor to his feet and clapped the man,
groaning and holding his crushed balls, on the shoulder. "My god, you
did it. She's just what I hoped. Has she been given her instructions?"
Through his tears the man nodded and the Master turned back to Penny.
"OK baby. It's play time, back into character.
Penny sadistic teacher fucker"
Immediately as if a switch had been thrown Penny stood up and glared at
the doctor as he tried to regain his composure. walking over to him she
spat at him and added "Don't you EVER touch me again without my
permission WORM" and turning on her heel she followed the Master back to
the other two girls.
Taking the girls back to the gym the Master led them into the hall. 
There in one corner the men had arranged a few desks to resemble a class
room. Facing the blackboard were three school desks, the old fashioned
sort that had a hinged bench for a seat and facing them was a large
teachers desk without a modesty panel. In between stood the Whipping
Horse its white wood and gleaming black leather looking rather out of
place. The only other furniture was an old fashioned wooden coat stand,
and a wooden cupboard. all in all the corner of the gym looked as though
it had transported from a school, of the sixties, even the pictures and
maps on the walls looked old fashioned.
The Master instructed the three girls to sit down and they sat Penny and
Leila in the front two desks with Rose behind them.
Most surprising of all was that none of the girls seemed to notice that
all around their 'classroom' were professional lights and cameras and a
full crew of technicians to operate the machinery.  They just sat as if
waiting for school to start.
Across the room echoed the sound of a school bell and the door opened to
admit Miss Tomkins. Dressed in the regulation Grey Suit, with a white
blouse the teacher stalked into the classroom and took her place at the
teachers desk. Lifting a pair of large lensed spectacles their teacher
glowered at the girls, and rapping on the desk with a ruler called them
to order. The three girls dutifully answered as their names were called,
but as Miss Tomkins glanced down and opened a drawer in her desk to
reach for a text book. Rose leant forward and tugged on Leila's hair.
The young girl squealed in fright and the teacher shot upright.
glowering a the girls she snapped "Who did that?"
Leila slowly raised her hand and Miss Tomkins rose from her chair and
moved to the front of her desk. Glowering at the cringing girl,
Lavinia's eyebrow arched upwards "would you like to tell me why?" Leila
her schoolgirl honour preventing her from squealing on another girl
mumbled "Don't know Miss" "Don't know, DON'T KNOW!" The teachers voice
rose to a scream as she towered above the young girl. "I'm not in the
mood for you three today, any more and somebody is getting a
spanking......... Do you all understand?"
The chorus of "Yes Miss" seemed to mollify the woman and she stalked
back around her desk.
Whilst her back was turned Penny whispered to Rose "Lez day?" and Rose
Regaining her seat the teacher had no sooner sat down than Penny
pretended to drop her pencil and as it rolled in front of her desk she
leant down to retrieve it. Staring hard under the teacher's desk she
surfaced to whisper "Red Silk."
Every girl in the school, or at least those taught by Miss Tomkins new
the danger signs. Short temper, fancy underwear, If the teacher was
wearing a basque it meant one of them was going to receive a special
punishment. The two older girls had been planning this day for months,
they had both been Miss Tomkins' special detainees before and knew just
how the pattern would develop but they needed to make sure she wasn't
just getting ready, if she wasn't wearing the basque she never detained
a girl.  for a few minutes the girls pretended to study then Rose moved
to her feet and went to the desk. "Excuse me Miss, but I don't
understand this passage." She placed her book in front of the teacher
and as Miss Tomkins leant forward she leant nonchalantly against the
teacher, her hand resting softly on the teachers back as Miss Tomkins
explained the passage in the text book. Thanking her teacher profusely
Rose turned to come back to her seat and with hand gestures indicated
that as they suspected she was fully dressed to make one of the girls
her unfortunate plaything.
Penny and Rose, had been Miss Tomkins students for nearly four years but
Leila was new and didn't know what was coming. It was the easiest thing
in the world to set the young girl up.  Together Rose an Penny raised
their hands.  "YES!" The single word barked from their teacher signalled
trouble and the two asked to be excused as they needed the toilet. 
"What! both of you?"
"Please Miss" Penny made a big show of her discomfort "We had some milk
at breakfast and we think it may have been off.  We both keep needing to
go" Would their teacher rise to the bait? they had guessed that the new
girl, young and innocent had fired up their teachers lust, now she would
give them an excuse to stay away from the classroom so that she could
find a reason to punish Leila. The two girls had already calculated how
to do that, but now Miss Tomkins had to fall into their trap.
"Oh very well. you better go and see the school nurse" It had worked she
was sending them right to the other side of the school, and wouldn't
expect them back for at least half an hour. Now all they had to do was
finish the set up. Rising from her seat as Rose reached the door Penny
watched to make sure that their teacher wasn't watching and as she
walked past Leila's desk her hand flicked out and Leila's books went
flying across the floor.  Miss Tomkins head snapped up and she stared at
the leaving girls. As the door closed she rose from her desk and stalked
around to where Leila was hastily trying to collect her books together.
towering over the young girl the teachers voice hard as steel echoed
across the room.
"Well young lady, and what have you to say for yourself?" Leila looked
up into those hard eyes and quailed "Pl.. ease Miss" she stuttered "I
dr... dropped my books" "I can see that madam" said the teacher
sarcastically, " and such clumsiness is not acceptable behaviour for a
young lady. you will have to be punished" Leila looked wide eyed at her
teacher as she moved purposefully towards the coat stand and peeled off
her jacket. Placing it carefully on the stand Miss Tomkins reached up
and removed the thin strap that always hung on one of the pegs.
As Leila watched her, Miss Tomkins brought her chair to the front of her
desk and sat on it. "Come her!" she ordered and Leila with faltering
steps move to stand in front of the older woman.  As the frightened
schoolgirl stood trembling in front of her Miss Tomkins studied her
young body. Innocent face, tight cheeks on her ass, and tiny budding
tits. The lesbian teacher nearly drooled as she considered her next
move. it was always hard when the girls were new, but she had never had
one squeal and as she watched Leila's trembling lip she knew this one
wouldn't tell either.  Putting on her most matronly smile the teacher
asked "Why did you throw your books onto the floor?"
Leila couldn't tell the truth it would get her school friend into
trouble, instead she just shrugged and muttered "I don't know miss" "It
wasn't very ladylike was it?" Lavinia knew she had the little cunt now,
there was no way she could tell the truth and make out it was Penny, and
if she did Miss Tomkins would just make her feel even smaller by
pretending to think it was an attempt to blame someone else to escape
"Well young lady I think that not only should you apologise for your
misbehaviour, but I shall have to teach you that such unladylike
behaviour will not be tolerated in my class." The young girl hung her
head and mumbled an apology so quietly that Miss Tomkins could only just
make it out.
She loved this bit, their young minds knew what was coming even though
it wasn't a conscious thought and they always made it easy for her.
"Grabbing Leila's arm she jerked her forwards and glowered into the
terrified eyes of her prey. "WHAT! Don't we teach you manners! DON'T
MUMBLE" Now really frightened Leila stammered "I...I...I'm So.......rry
Miss" "Now your stammering, this is disgraceful behaviour. I had
intended mild correction but his display of misbehaviour is
disgraceful!" Tears welled up in Leila's eyes as her teacher ranted at
her and her lip already trembling, drooped as Miss Tomkins stood and
dragged her towards the Whipping Horse.  Holding the weeping girl, the
vicious teacher asked "What do you want young lady, to be strapped to
that like the boys, and given a caning. Or since it is your first
offence I shall be kind and just spank your bottom with my hand" Leila
her eyes now so wide that they looked as though they might pop from her
head grasped the greek gift "Please Miss, I don't want to be caned" she
whispered "could I just have a spanking please" almost grovelling in her
desire to be spanked rather than caned the young girl was playing
straight into the teachers hands. Leila had seen a boy caned and she
didn't want to scream like that, or have to stand up for the rest of the
day either.
Miss Tomkins returned to her chair pulling Leila behind her. Sitting
down she sternly informed the weeping girl that the punishment would be
administered to a bare bottom and that Leila was to remove her knickers
before lying across her knees. Leila's eyes already brimming with tears
became a veritable stream, tears trickled down her cheeks to drip onto
the pristine white of her school blouse, as the young girl swallowed
hard and gasped at the instruction.  Lavinia waited with bated breath as
the young girl wavered uncertain of what to do.
"would you prefer the Horse" Miss Tomkins statement was loaded with
intent and Leila shook her head violently in denial.  "Well come on then
girl. I haven't all day. I'll count to ten if your not over my knees
it's the horse for you" Leila nearly fell over in her haste to remove
her knickers , and as the sobbing girl stumbled,  the lesbian watching
her plan unfold felt her own breath sharpen as she glimpsed the young
girls wispy cunt hair, so blond it was almost transparent and the
glimpse of Leila's pink treasure nestled between her young thighs made
Lavinia's cunt throb and she knew that this one was going all the way.
Still sobbing in shame the young girl stood to one side and allowed
herself to be pulled over her teachers strong thighs.
Miss Tomkins could feel the tremors of embarrassment as they coursed
through the young girls body, and her hand lingered on the material of
her skirt as it rested on her naked buttocks. Miss Tomkins felt her
prey's cheeks clench as her hand rubbed across them and the lesbian
almost came in her own knickers as her thigh felt the small damp patch
on Leila's skirt as the young girl, unable to stop herself dribbled piss
from her young cunt.
With almost sadistic pleasure the teacher lifted the skirt high up the
young girls back and leered down at the two tight cheeks trembling in
anticipation of the pain to come. Slowly she let her hand cycle across
them and enjoyed the response from Leila as the young girl sobbed in
embarrassment and gritted her teeth in fear.  Eventually Lavinia lifted
her hand high, tensed her thighs to take the strain and.....
"WHACK!" The stinging slap crashed onto Leila's milk white skin.  With a
shriek of pain the young girl arched upwards her mouth open wide as the
fire barrelled up from her ass cheek into her brain.  with a sob the
young girl fell forward again, just as the second blow fell.  this time
Leila's hands flew back to try and protect her stinging ass, and Miss
Tomkins with unhurried movements captured the tiny wrists and held them
tight, high up Leila's young back.  The teacher could feel the damp
patch on her thighs growing as each blow forced more urine from Leila's
tiny cunt, and on her thigh the teacher, despite the crisp white blouse
and school bra could feel the hardened nipples of the school girl
pressing down.  Together the two  indications of the girls fear drove
Miss Tomkins to even greater heights and as the girl wriggled and sobbed
another four heavy slaps turned her pert ass cheeks into glowing orbs of
red hot skin. Six blows and the young girl was crying helplessly as Miss
Tomkins rotated her upwards onto her lap and held the young shaking body
close, her own large breasts flattened against the heaving chest of the
frightened young girl.
Feigning her own distaste the teacher apologised to Leila, but explained
that discipline must be maintained. She was only sorry that the young
girl had to be spanked, but Leila must realise that not to punish her
for her misdemeanours was the road to delinquency.
Crying into her solicitous teacher's shoulder the young girl nestled
close in the hope of finding further solace and Miss Tomkins, used to
manipulating the girls in her care, lifted her tiny chin and stared down
into the tear filled eyes. Gently she kissed Leila on the forehead and
felt the girl snuggle closer, her small hands clutching her teacher
close the schoolgirl whimpered for forgiveness. Slowly Lavinia's  hands
rubbed the girls stinging cheeks and as Leila nestled closer here young
cunt pressing against Lavinia's own bush the teacher could hardly stop
her shout of glee.  The little cunt would soon be hers, just a couple
more steps and the girl would be opening her legs to allow the violation
of her virgin cunt and it was all through fear, but once she had done so
willingly the threat of being exposed would keep the little slut in line
and she would become another toy for the lesbian teacher to play with at
will. Miss Tomkins despite having at least ten girls servicing her every
need always enjoyed the conquest of a new one and this one was a real
prize, much sweeter than Penny and Rose, they had become hard and boring
as their innocence wilted and Lavinia knew she needed new innocence to
revive her flagging sex life.
She had planned this, it was lucky that the two girls had felt ill and
she could send them to the matron, now she would have nearly an hour
before the bell sounded for the next lesson, and she was sure that Penny
and Rose would not return, they never missed a chance to skip lessons.
Coming out of her daydreams the teacher felt Leila's little face pressed
between her large breasts and realised that she had been on auto-pilot,
her hands had continued to rub at Leila's burning cheeks and the young
girl had spread her legs wide across her teachers thighs pushing her
stinging cheeks back onto the soothing hands and melted in between the
soft pillows of Lavinia's magnificent breasts.  No longer crying Leila
just lay there and shuddered as Miss Tomkins continued to gently rub her
ass. Leaning down again the teacher kissed Leila gently on top of her
head and the young girl lifted her face to meet her teachers lips and
the crafty lesbian softly moulded herself to the young girls mouth and 
they melted together. Leila might think that she was being kissed by a
mother figure, and Lavinia made sure that she kept herself in check as
her hand moved into the crack of Leila's ass. The young girl didn't seem
to notice as Lavinia's finger caressed her crack and the teachers
probing digits moved further and further forward until with a gasp
Leila's eyes shot wide open.
Miss Tomkins fingers had reached all the way round to Leila's cunt, and
had slipped softly inside. If she had any reservations the lesbian gym
mistress felt them evaporate as she realised that Leila had pushed her
ass backwards to facilitate the entrance and her young face beamed up at
her teacher, like a puppy eager to please the schoolgirl was waiting to
be shown what to do.
Perhaps at this time a warning bell should have rung in Miss Tomkins
head. The girls never gave in willingly they always struggled a little
as she taught them how to be her sex slaves. Instead her head flooded
with lust as Leila ran her tongue around her lips and whispered
"Please Miss make love to me. I love you"
Even more disturbing for Lavinia if she had but known it would be the
sight of the camera lens poking through the gap in the doors, and the
occasional click of the shutter release as Penny and Rose took Polaroid
after Polaroid of their teachers actions. But Miss Tomkins didn't see
them and as she leant down to kiss Leila deeply on the mouth she plunged
her fingers deep into the tight cunt and was rewarded with a gasp from
the young girl who immediately reached up to cradle her teachers massive
bosom, kneading the teachers mammaries the young girl moaned how she
wanted to pretend Miss Tomkins was her mom and to suckle on those big
boobs.  It was too much for Lavinia her lustful thoughts took over and
she reached down to undo her blouse and free one of her massive tits. 
Pulling Leila's head forward she fed her nipple into the young girls
mouth and as Leila suckled like a baby the gym mistress lifted her in
her arms and carefully placed the young girl onto her table. Now the
older woman stripped of her blouse as Leila continued to paw at her
breast and suck her nipple deep then puling the top of her bright red
basque down to expose the other breast the teacher let Leila move from
one to the other.
The young girl suckling and moaning seemed to be in heaven as she
kneaded and sucked on the giant orbs, but when Lavinia's fingers plunged
once again into her cunt she groaned as if in pain and tried to wriggle
away. "Please Miss" she begged "don't make me do this" Miss Tomkins her
face flushed from having her tits sucked so voraciously looked down at
the girl as she begged, and started to withdraw her fingers. Leila came
up from the table and whispered in her teachers ear "I want you to
'force' me. I want you to make me squeal as you lick my cunt. Will you
force your fingers into my ass and make me scream?"
The teacher couldn't believe what she was hearing, a pupil begging to be
abused, but she didn't hesitate. (Perhaps if she wasn't so aroused she
might have thought it funny, but now she just wanted to violate the
little minx)
Driving a now wailing Leila back onto the table she tore at the young
girls blouse and a few seconds later Leila's bra was flying across the
'classroom' as her teacher grabbed her tiny tits and squeezed. Leila's
scream of pain was real as the teacher forced her legs wide and still
holding her young tits in a grip of steel dropped between her
outstretched legs and fastened her mouth to the virgin cunt.
Leila's entreaties only inflamed the teacher even further and despite
the girls begging she licked and probed the virgin cunt with her tongue
then as Leila cried in shame she brought first one hand then the other
down to the moist pink gash and spread it wide. As Leila pounded on her
back and screamed 'rape' the teacher plunged her fingers in and out of
the young girls cunt. Then suddenly, so suddenly that Leila could do
nothing about it the sadistic teacher grabbed her legs and heaved them
up until the young girls puckered ass, framed by the red cheeks still
glowing from their earlier spanking could be clearly seen.
"Now my little fuck slut, Mommies going to ream your shit hole" she
crowed as beneath her Leila wriggled and sobbed in fear, but the teacher
had no pity and flexing a finger in the puckered brown opening slowly
forced it deeper and deeper until with one final push it disappeared up
to the last joint, and as Leila sobbed in despair Miss Tomkins growled
her lust and told Leila that next on the agenda was for the young girl
to lick out her sopping wet cunt then she would really show her what
fucking was about.  Pulling her finger, coated in shit from the young
girls hole Lavinia made a great show of smelling the brown digit and
then dragging Leila round on the table the teacher positioned the young
girls face between her legs then slowly dropped her gaping red tube
toward the writhing babies mouth.
Leila tried to turn her head away but the sadistic teacher positioned
her finger at the brown hole again and scratched at the entrance. "Lick
or be reamed" growled the lesbian and Leila with a sob of despair let
her tongue reach  to touch the gaping gash.
Just as Miss Tomkins settled even further to force the tongue deeper a
round of applause caused her to jerk upright. forgetting the girl on the
table her eyes swept the room to find Rose and Penny clapping and wolf
whistling. In Rose's hand was a small video camera, whilst Penny
clutched a handful of Polaroid photographs
It had only taken Miss Tomkins a second to understand the scene and she
had no intention of these two slaves preventing her fun. Instead of
cowering as usual, Penny and Rose held their ground.  "Not today bitch!"
Penny shouted, and threw a picture onto the table. It showed Miss
Tomkins reaming a crying Leila's ass. "I think now its time for our fun"
Unused to this Miss Tomkins strode towards them, expecting the girls to
back off. Instead they grabbed her and pushed her backwards towards the
table where Leila was waiting.  "Hello slut, grinned the young girl.
We're going to pay you back for all the times you've fucked my friends.
Now its your turn" Forced backwards the teacher's knees hit the table
edge and she collapsed flat on her back. "Girls, release me at once or
the headmaster will hear of this" "Don't think so gloated Penny as first
one picture then another was placed in front of the angry teachers face.
If we show these to the headmaster, especially the film of you 'raping'
young innocent Leila here with your finger and reaming her poor ass,
you'll never work in a school again. In fact we reckon you'll probably
get ten years in prison, especially when we tell how you treat us the
same" Slowly the situation dawned inside the teachers brain and she
wilted on the table, only to feel her legs being fastened securely to
the legs. struggling to rise she managed to get one hand free and struck
Rose across the cheek.
"You bitch!" screamed Rose as she staggered back "I'll make you pay for
that" The other two girls struggled to pull Lavinia flat again and
despite her extra strength the teacher was no match for them as they
pulled her hands above her head and fastened them to the other table
legs.  Spread-eagled, her massive tits pointing vertically at the
ceiling the cowed teacher watched as the girls gleefully hugged each
other.  "Now we get our own back" they crowed at their trussed teacher. 
"We're going to make you beg for release. After we're finished you'll be
our slave for ever unless you want to be finished as a school teacher"
Frightened now Miss Tomkins looked at their young faces as they leered
down at her. "What do you mean?" she asked a tinge of terror in her
Penny stepped forward "Well miss big tits. We got fed up of you slapping
us around and using us to gratify your pleasure so we planned today to
change the order of things. After we finish with you, you will be our
sex slave" "NEVER!" screamed the teacher as she struggled against her
"I'd rather lose my job, than be your slave"
"We'll see" was all that Rose said as she led Leila to the cupboard in
the corner of the room. "Let's see what toys we can find in here"
Miss Tomkins' heart sank as she watched the two girls rummaging in the
cupboard, and when they surfaced with her private box of toys her belly
tightened. Lavinia knew that inside were some really nasty pieces of
equipment and she just hoped they didn't know. Their young faces a
mixture of sadistic pleasure and lustful anticipation they placed the
box alongside their teacher on the table.
Penny opened the box and started taking out bits and pieces. Item after
item was placed on the table and the girls inspected each one trying to
guess its use. The selection of large and small dildoes was easy but
then they found some nipple clamps and crocodile clips with their
attendant chains, and that stymied them for a while, but they finally
guessed what they might be used for and gloated at Miss Tomkins as her
face blanched when they guessed the crocodile clips were for fixing to
cunt flaps. Then from near the bottom of the box Penny pulled a set of
rubber straps, like big elastic bands in black they were in various
sizes and the girls were totally stumped by the thick stretchy material
until Penny pulled out a small envelope. As she saw it emerge Miss
Tomkins felt a lump in her throat, now the girls would know what the
bands were for. Opening the envelope Penny lifted out the picture inside
and together the three girls studied the picture as Miss Tomkins
squirmed inside at what she knew was coming next.
Turning to grin at her teacher Rose grabbed a big tit and squeezed it as
Lavinia grunted from the pressure the young girl laughed and giggled
"Soon look a lot bigger won't they Miss. I'm going to put every band in
that box on your tits until they are twice the size they are now and
then I'm going to whip them like in the picture" Lavinia groaned out
loud as the girls went back to their delving.  Out of the box came a
gag, its red rubber ball at least three inches across. Lavinia had used
it on some girls when their screams were to loud, but now she hoped the
girls wouldn't force it into her mouth.  Then right from the bottom of
the box, so old that Miss Tomkins had forgotten they were there came two
items that made her heart sink.  If the girls learnt how to use those
she was sunk, and she silently prayed that they would not learn the
secret of the two slender skin coloured rods. finally from the very
bottom of the box Penny pulled another forgotten item the teacher had
never used in this school.  almost nonchalantly the girl tossed it to
one side and Lavinia gave a shudder of relief that Penny didn't know
what that could be used for either.
The girls ignored their teacher tied to the table and played with the
collection of sex toys for a minute or two, giggling and laughing at the
odder ones and pretending to insert the obvious ones into their own
bodies, but slowly their attention returned to the teacher they had tied
to the table.
Penny climbed onto the table. her knees either side of Miss Tomkins, and
looking down at the older woman asked. "Where's the cane and the strap"
Lavinia looked at the girl and said nothing.  Penny leant forward until
her blouse rested on the tips of Lavinia's breasts. "Where are the cane
and the straps you bitch" Again Lavinia refused to speak.
With a calmness that frightened the tied woman Penny calmly dug her
nails into a breast and squeezed. Lavinia's face slowly turned red from
the effort but eventually she could hold out no longer and from her
tortured mouth was rent a scream of pain. "Where are they?" demanded
Gritting her teeth Lavinia shook her head in denial, and then watched
goggle eyed as Rose stepped forward a thick black band of rubber
stretched in her hands and as Penny left her teachers breast the girl
placed the thick band over the giant globe. then Penny grabbed a nipple
and heaved the breast upwards.  Even though she knew what was coming,
having watched a number of subs succumb to the breast bands Miss Tomkins
couldn't help herself.  As Rose let the band snap tight around the base
of her tit the teacher screamed again. The stinging pain of the
constricting band as it snapped against her tender skin was like red hot
needles and as she watched - her breast, the blood flow constricted,
started to grow. First red then purple. Her face a study in terror the
teacher begged them to remove the constriction it was too tight. That
one was meant for a smaller breast. The girls just laughed as they
watched the swollen gland turn bright purple and the aureole and nipple
slowly grow larger and larger until they looked as though they were
perched on top of a purple blamanche.  Penny still straddling her
teacher leered down at the distraught woman. "Tell me where the cane and
straps are, or we'll add the smaller ones" to emphasise her point the
young girl flicked the distended nipple on every word. Another shake of
the head and Lavinia had to watch as the same treatment was handed out
to the other tit. Like a bloated pair of purple balloons her tits stood
rigid on her chest as she fought to hold back the tears that threatened
to stream from her eyes, until Leila came and stood beside her teacher.
"I worked out what this is" she said, and grinned as Miss Tomkins began
to beg. "No, please No not those I'll tell you where the cane is but not
those PL.....EEEEE.......ASE" The final please rose to a scream as the
young girl reached up and fastened the suction cups one by one to her
nipples. Then as Miss Tomkins writhed in agony the young girl pumped on
the rubber bulb and the suction increased.
Lavinia's nipples already at full stretch from the blood pounding inside
her tits gave an audible pop as each was sucked into its receiving jar.
Miss Tomkins tried to turn here head away but the three girls grabbed
her hair and dragged her back to watch as her nipples usually only about
an inch long stretched to three times their normal length. Then as
Lavinia squirmed in pain the young girl so lately the object of her
sadistic pleasure fastened the circle of a clamp around the base of each
nipple and joined the two clips with a light piece of chain. Almost
gibbering now Miss Tomkins gave a sigh of relief as the suction was
released only to scream again as Leila tugged on the clamps.
"Now Miss where did you say the cane was"
Lavinia her whole upper body a raging inferno of pain grunted that they
were at the top of the cupboard at the back of the shelf. the three
girls ran to the cupboard and by lifting Leila recovered the cane and a
selection of leather straps that Lavinia kept there for her private
enjoyment of the girls. Returning to their teacher her face now flushed
almost as deep as her bloated breasts the girls gloated over her body as
the took delight in telling her how they intended to use the Whipping
Horse to take out their revenge on her.
Babbling almost incoherently Miss Tomkins promised " I'll do anything
you want, but please don't do this. you can make me lick out your sweet
cunts and I'll even drink your piss but please don't beat me" Rose
stepped forward a leather tawse in her hand and let it drop across her
cringing teachers breast. "Think I'd let you of after the number of
times you've spanked and whipped me you bitch.  I'm going to enjoy
watching you bounce on that horse, and Penny has a few scores to settle
too. Think we'll let you of with a quick lick. NOT FUCKING LIKELY!" and
the tawse slashed down onto Lavinia's belly.
Screaming in pain the tortured woman arched up from the table as from
the other side Penny let fly with a cat-of nine tails. Across the
teachers belly and upper legs the girls worked until every inch was red.
In places there were deep welts where one or the other had struck too
hard but they didn't care. Revenge was sweet.
Eventually Lavinia stopped screaming and just twitched as their blows
tailed off, until Leila asked them to stop. it wasn't fun any more Miss
Tomkins wasn't screaming and the three girls stood and watched as their
teacher now a purple titted red thighed slut whimpered and begged on the
"Let's move her to the horse" Penny suggested and the three girls untied
their now submissive teacher and led her stumbling to the wicked looking
contraption. Fastening her ankles to the straps at one end. They let her
stand there until she recovered enough to understand what was coming
next then as Rose appeared with a strap on dildo fastened to her crotch
they forced her forward, her purple tits dangling either side of the
black leather and strapped her wrists close to the floor. Their teacher
her head dangling over one end and her ass cheeks well clear at the
other waited with glum anticipation as Rose moved to her head. "See this
cunt" gloated the girl "It's going up your cunt. then when its coated in
your own cum I'm going to stuff it in your face and watch you lick it
clean, but first we're going to make you beg.
Miss Tomkins had no idea what the girls intended and flinched as she
felt a finger slide over her cunt lips, but instead of inflicting pain
Leila was stroking up and down the dry entrance to her teachers sex,
slowly Lavinia felt her cunt respond as the girl worked closer and
closer to her clit. She ground her hips in an attempt to place Leila's
fingers where they would set her body on fire but the girl was too
clever, time and time again she moved back just as Lavinia was sure that
her clit was going to be touched until gasping for breath she heard
herself beg. "Please touch my clit, make me squirm.
Oh please touch me"
Then and only then did Rose step between her teachers legs. As Lavinia
felt the end of the plastic cock slide into her now wet tube she moaned
with joy. As Rose pushed it deep Miss Tomkins  voice rose into a cry of
pleasure, choked of as across her buttocks Penny brought down the thin
cane in a swingeing arc.  Miss Tomkins couldn't cope, first a shout of
joy as Rose shafted her deep with the plastic cock and Leila tweaked her
clit, only to know that next would come a shriek of pain as Penny hit
her cheeks with the cane. After the first few times the feelings were so
intermixed that she didn't know if the pain was making her shout more or
the cock, and finally as Rose shagged her hard, as deep as the cock
would go, she begged them to hammer her ass at the same time as Rose
fucked her.
Again and again her body exploded in painful paroxysms as the girls
abused her lower half then there was a respite as Rose moved to the
front and watched her teacher sucking the juices of her own lust from
the plastic cock. Once the dildo was clean again Rose searched through
the selection until she found one with two prongs the large cock shaped
phallus was fitted with a vibrator and from the base another slender
piece reared out just nicely for throbbing against a clit. Rose inserted
it into her own tender cunt and switched the machine on. Within seconds
her face had turned into a mask of lust as the throbbing vibrator sent
its mechanical messages through the walls of her young cunt and clit.
With a big grin she switched it off and pulled it from her soaking slit.
"Try this" she said to Penny who was watching her with unconcealed 
Penny took the big vibrator and moved in front of Lavinia's drooping
face. "Cunt when I'm squirming you better be licking" she growled at the
tied woman and rammed the dildo its protruding stump facing toward her
ass into her cunt switching it on she moved legs spread towards Lavinia
and pulling the groaning lesbians face up to her mound ground her young
clit against the teachers face. "Come on slut suck" Screamed Penny as
her cunt began to oscillate in time to the buzzing plastic cock, and
Lavinia her face rammed into Penny's mound was made to lick the young
girls clit as she wailed her way towards a climax. "Lick, lick,
LI...III......CK me you fucking bitch" screamed Penny as her cunt
clutched the big vibrator.  As Penny screamed her delight, and ground
her clit hard against Miss Tomkins red lips, Leila grabbed the dildo and
pulled it from Penny's cunt. Free and open Penny's dripping pussy
descended onto Miss Tomkins face and the young girl held the bound woman
tight against her crotch as her juices ran out to fill her teachers
mouth. Lavinia had but one choice to swallow or drown and her gullet was
jerking up and down as her airways were cut off by Penny's sweet pink
flaps and the young girl ground her running cunt over her teachers mouth
"Come on you fucking bitch, swallow my cum juices or you'll frigging
drown" bellowed Penny as her teacher shuddered beneath her.  Meanwhile
Leila climbed onto her teachers back and lying there reached round to
grab her bound tits, as Lavinia bucked and tried to scream up Penny's
gushing cunt the young girl laughed and dug her nails into the distended
purple flesh.
Penny stepped back, her cunt lips fluttering an dribbles of female cum
dribbling down her inner thighs,  to watch as the young girl continued
to tear at her teachers breasts. Lavinia mouth was wide open and from it
escaped a prolonged scream of agony as Leila's nails dragged across her
already painful tits.
Rose watching the abuse quietly frigged herself, the dildo coated with
Penny's juices being used to tickle her pink tits, making her beautiful
pink nipples stand out like two cherries on her puffy pink aureoles. As
Penny recovered from her climax and turned to smile at her friend Rose
moved back in front of Miss Tomkins. The tied teacher was gasping in
pain as Leila continued to maul her swollen tits, but as Rose stood in
front of her and showed her the dildo the woman begged them not to ram
it up her cunt again and Rose gleefully committed herself not too. As
Lavinia's bruised mouth tried to thank her the young girl knelt and
placed the dildo against her teachers bruised lips. "Kiss the stick,
cunt, and I promise it won't go near your pussy" Miss Tomkins kissed and
slurped over the plastic cock in her gratitude only to have her hopes
dashed as Rose started to slap her across the face with it " Keep
licking and kissing slut" demanded Rose and Lavinia a her cheeks turning
red from the constant slapping tried to comply.
"Is it good, do you love this plastic cock whore?"
"Yes, oh yes I love it, I love the plastic cock" moaned Lavinia in the
hope that Rose would stop.
"Do you really, really love this big plastic cock teacher dear" Rose
"Yes. yes" moaned Lavinia as the cock was pushed in and out of her mouth
"I'm glad you really, really love this plastic cock" Rose's tone was
sickly with sugar, and Lavinia almost cried relief as Rose let her kiss
it again " BECAUSE NOW you bitch I'm going to ram this up your ass and
leave it there until you pass out" Lavinia's tear stained face jerked up
to stare in disbelief at her former slave and she begged "No .. Please
not my ass, anything but that up my ass. I'll do anything!"
Rose grinned at the begging face and smiled sweetly "But you'll do
anything anyway Miss. This is just the beginning"
Moving slowly down the tied body Rose tapped the thrumming phallus every
inch or two against Lavinia's body, and despite the bonds holding her
tight and Leila's weight on her back the teacher squirmed as Rose moved
closer and closer to her exposed shit tube, each step brought a further
plea for clemency and each step saw the plea rise higher and higher
until just as Rose reached the puckered orifice Lavinia's voice rose to
a deafening climax "NO.O.O....OOOOOO" she screamed as with malicious
zeal Rose rammed the vibrator up to its hilt into Miss Tomkins' tight
little hole.
Her reaction was so severe that Leila was nearly thrown off, and only by
gripping her purple handholds as tight as she could, could the young
girl stay in place. Miss Tomkins shuddered from the dildo throbbing
busily inside her stretched ass, and jerked again as Leila's nails dug
into her bloated breasts. The pain at both ends drew a long drawn out
scream from her lips and strings of saliva dribbled from her mouth as
the scream went on and on. Penny ran to the pile of goodies and grabbed
the gag, moving to her former teachers head she forced the large ball
between Lavinia's lips and fastened the strap behind her head. Now all
the girls could hear was a muffled moaning as Miss Tomkins body
shuddered and shook on the Whipping Horse.
For five minutes the girls left her alone watching her as she became
more and more agitated until finally Penny suggested that since her tits
were now turning almost black they should remove the rubber bands, and
then it would be time for the final humiliation of the lesbian bitch.
they should make her suck each one of them to a climax, whilst the
others fucked her with the strap on and made her come again and again,
the little jar of cream they had found would make her cunt red hot and
she would be unable to stop begging for them to fuck her. The girls
agreed it was a good idea but they wanted it to be more humiliating so
Penny suggested that they should make her ask to drink their piss. Leila
and Rose thought this was a great idea, especially if they could get her
crawling round begging them to let her.
The mention of making the lesbian drink their piss gave Leila an idea
and she whispered it to Penny, who laughed and told her to try.
Then Penny suggested that before they released their new toy Rose might
like to fist her cunt before they let her go. Rose intrigued by what
ever it was Leila had suggested demurred, but Penny and Leila called her
chicken and like any child tempted by that taunt she promptly positioned
herself behind the squirming teacher.  As Leila moved to Lavinia's head
and removed the gag Rose began to stuff fingers into her teachers cunt.
Lavinia her tits on fire and her ass stinging from the violently buzzing
vibrator squealed as Rose managed to get four fingers into the pink love
tube and started to rotate them violently trying to expand the soft
flesh to make enough room for her thumb.
Afraid to beg any more the abused teacher watched as Leila leant close
and whispered in her ear. With a moan the woman screwed up her eyes and
clenched her ass cheeks together. The whole of here body went rigid as
Rose finally stretched her pussy wide enough to insert her thumb then
with sadistic glee Rose rammed her hand deeper and deeper into the
straining teacher. It was a strange sight Rose her hand completely
inside her teachers cunt whilst a big dildo thrummed inside the poor
woman's ass, and to top it of as Lavinia held her body taut Leila
reached under and slapped the purple distended tits.  Lavinia jerked but
made no sound as Rose tried to push her hand deeper, until with a shout
of glee Rose shouted "the bitch is coming again she's flooding around my
Penny and Leila collapsed laughing on the floor as Rose looked puzzled,
then it dawned on her. "You shits" she shouted "you got the bitch to pee
all over my hand" and she tried to pull her hand free.  With a loud
slurping sound her hand slipped from Lavinia's cunt to be followed by a
great spurt of pent up pee. All over Rose's legs it cascaded and the
young girl just stood and watched as Lavinia emptied her bladder all
over the floor.
Stalking to her teachers head an angry Rose pulled her head up by the
hair and shoved her soaking hand toward the woman's mouth. "Lick it
clean you bitch, suck you fucking piss of my fingers, or by god I'm
going to hit your tits with the cane!"
Lavinia  already certain of the risk after Leila had whispered what was
to happen in her ear opened her lips and allowed Rose to plunge her
fingers one by one into her mouth. The older woman gagged as her own
acrid piss coated her tongue but Rose made her lick of every drop of the
golden water then slapping the humiliated teacher across the face she
said. "Now you bitch we're going to watch you drink all our piss"
Lavinia weakly shook her head at the thought, but the three girls just
stood and leered at her refusal.
"I think you will do it Miss Tomkins" said Penny "I've got a few ideas
that will make you change your mind" Totally spent the teacher collapsed
into a stupor and her body still being pounded by the vibrator humming
in her ass went limp.
"She'll never be able to it" moaned Leila, "look at the bitch she's
nearly unconscious" "Just watch" Penny said and moved to where the
vibrator was still humming deep in the almost comatose teachers ass.
Pulling out the throbbing phallus she applied a spot of cream to the tip
and rammed it home again. Then taking a finger she lifted a dollop of
the cream and spread it across Lavinia's cunt and clit before finally
taking nearly half a jar she plunged the cream far into the teacher's
They untied Miss Tomkins and laid her on her back on the floor, whilst
Leila claiming first fuck strapped on a big nine inch long three inches
wide dildo and knelt between her teacher's thighs. They removed the gag,
and then turned their attention to the black rubber bands on her tits.
The tight black rubber straps had bitten so deep they had to cut them
off. They were so tight that once removed two deep red weals where the
constricting band had sat made the teacher's tits look as though they
were fastened onto her body in a botched operation. Slowly the purple
hue cleared and their teacher was left with two massive mounds topped
with gigantic nipples. the girls kept them at full size by sucking and
tweaking them. Rose even sucked one tit far into her mouth and sucked so
violently that Lavinia's breast surfaced with a hickey the size of a
saucer surrounding the pumped up aureole.
Lavinia still almost unconscious lay still as the girls waited with
bated breath to see what would happen next. For about five minutes her
body did little but jerk occasionally as the vibrator continue do to
buzz inside her ass. Then as the girls watched her eyes flew wide open
and her head flew back as her body arched up from the floor. "Oh my
God!" she gasped as the first inkling of what the girls had done to her
flooded her brain. "you've filled me up with the cream" The girls
laughed as Lavinia tried to reach for her cunt but they held her hands
as their teacher struggled and wailed for someone to frig her burning
clit Leila moved between her legs. "Does Miss want me to fuck her?" she
mildly asked "Oh yes! FUCK ME" screamed the teacher.  The young girl
pushed  an inch of dildo into Miss Tomkins cunt the teacher her body,
stimulated by the cream, went wild her legs flew around Leila and she
tried to pull the grinning girl deeper into her aching, if battered,
cunt "PLEASE" begged the teacher "Fuck my cunt, make me cum" "Will you
suck my friends cunts if I do?"
"yes...YES" shouted Miss Tomkins as Penny knelt above her face. "Look
Leila I'm licking Penny out" reaching up the teacher pulled Penny's
gaping cunt towards her face and plunged her tongue far into the little
pink tube. Leila inched the dildo in another inch, and as the distraught
woman tried to push her tongue even further into Penny's wet tube Leila
asked "Will you lick Penny's ass hole" Miss Tomkins shuddered in shame
but responded "Yes, I'll lick Penny's asshole, but please fuck me"
Hardly more than a whisper he response brought a gloating murmur from
the girls and Penny turned round to deposit her shit hole just above her
teacher's mouth "Come on cunt" she gloated "open it up and lick it deep,
and Leila will give you all the dildo"
Unable to stop herself Lavinia reached up as Rose filmed her. She prised
Penny's ass cheeks apart until Penny's puckered ass hole could be seen
to open then her tongue out as far as it would go their teacher reamed
Penny's shit hole. Penny squirmed and grunted as Lavinia pushed her
tongue nearly three inches deep into her anus and Leila with a shout of
triumph hammered the dildo deep into Miss Tomkins cunt.
With a dildo up her ass and another in her cunt the teacher being
hyper-stimulate by the cream screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped
through her body. Unable to control herself she dragged Penny further
onto her tongue and slurped and licked at Penny's shit hole until it
expanded and a tiny brown turd was squeezed out. Still screaming her
release Miss Tomkins felt something on her tongue and instinctively
swallowed it.
Rose eyes wide with triumph crowed that she had the bitch eating shit on
film and moved closer as another dribble of shit juice dripped from
Penny's ass. "watch the slut" crowed Rose as again and again their
teacher licked up the brown water then immediately squirmed as another
cream induced orgasm ripped through her body.  Penny her own climax
building could hardly keep still as her teacher reamed her ass, but
remembering their plan she pulled away and squatted above Lavinia's open
"Stop fucking the bitch and take the dildo out" Penny instructed Leila
was enjoying fucking her teacher but did as she was told and Miss
Tomkins lay gasping on the floor.
Like a fish out of water she writhed there her body still demanding more
as Penny held her cunt lips open and showed her teacher the gleaming
pink inside of her love tube.
"You shit eating whore. What are you?"
"A shit eating whore" whispered Lavinia
"Do you want us to fuck you again?"
Miss Tomkins shuddered as the cream continued to work "Fuck, yes Fuck
me. Use my cunt" "We will if you drink our piss" Penny grinned down at
the squirming woman "you will drink our piss won't you?"
Beside herself Lavinia, her body screaming for release yet again agreed
"Yes I'll drink your piss. I'll do anything you want. Just let me
relieve myself"
"Not yet cunt! touch your own pussy and we'll tie you up and ram another
dollop of cream in your cunt. then watch your squirm until you go mad"
Penny indicated the other two girls, "They want to watch you beg for my
piss. so come on slut crawl over here and beg"
Standing Penny moved away from Miss Tomkins and the unfortunate woman
rolled onto her stomach , then lifted herself to her hands and knees and
crawled after Penny.
"Please let me drink your piss" she begged.
Penny pretended not to hear her and stood looking around as if alone.
Lavinia moving on hands and knees towards the young girl continued to
beg. "Please, please let this slut drink your piss. I want to swallow
your urine" Rose, video camera trained on the begging woman chuckled as
Penny opened her legs and allowed Lavinia to tilt her head up under her
cunt. Penny leant down and whispered "It would look better if you
kneaded your tits" Miss Tomkins gritted her teeth and reached for her
aching mounds, the slightest touch and she groaned in pain as Penny
glowered at her and started to close her legs.  "NO!" screamed the
debauched teacher and pulled her nipples hard, stretched away from her
the distended milk ducts flared crimson as she pulled them even tighter
and Penny stepped back towards the groaning woman's open mouth, opened
her legs, stretched the flaps of her cunt wide and squirted urine into
her teacher's mouth. gush after gush filled the sobbing woman's mouth
and filmed by Rose she gulped and drank every drop until Penny, with a
groan of disappointment, felt her outpouring dwindle to a trickle. "Get
it all Lavinia" she gloated and the teacher moved to lick the last few
drops as they appeared on Penny's young cunt lips. As soon as Penny
finished Rose handed the camera to Penny and called her teacher to her
and repeated the process, except that Rose made Lavinia suckle her own
nipples first before she would give her the water she craved so much.
not that Miss Tomkins wanted to drink piss, but her aching body demanded
she get fucked again and this was the only way she could get Leila to
continue moving in and out of her inflamed love tube.  Rose's piss
seemed to go on forever and Miss Tomkins was forced to gag once or twice
as her mouth was filled faster than she could swallow and some of the
urine splattered across the floor.  As her stream finished Rose pointed
out that Lavinia had missed some and the distraught woman dropped her
face to the floor and licked up every splash until Rose was satisfied.
Leila withdrew the large dildo from Miss Tomkins twat and despite
herself the totally subdued woman begged the young girl for her offering
but Leila showing just how quickly one can become perverted when so
totally in control of another human being told her to lie on her back as
she wanted to put her deposit onto Miss Tomkins big tits and the slut
had better rub it all in or she would ram whatever cream the other two
didn't push up her cunt so far up her ass that her stomach would be
trying to have orgasms.
Sobbing in frustration and humiliation the previously haughty teacher
lay back on the floor as Penny placed a tiny smear of cream on each
nipple and watched as Lavinia's face contorted and grimaced as the cream
began to work. The terrified woman wanted so badly to knead her breasts
but was terrified if she did anything the girls would carry out their
threat to fill her with cream and tie her down. Again and again her
hands move up only to drop away again as one or other of the girls
scowled at her. now her cunt ass and tits were on fire and she knew that
soon she would not be able to stop herself. just as she was reaching the
point of no return Penny said "you can squeeze your tits now bitch"
Immediately Miss Tomkins' fingers clutched her engorged boobs and eyes
closed she started to knead her mammoth orbs only to feel the first of
Leila's piss dribbling down onto her fingers with a moan of desire she
started to rub, like a maniac, eyes closed hands a blur she rubbed piss
from her neck down to her belly all over her tits she spread the warm
water as above her Leila grunted and giggled.  Lavinia  couldn't
understand why Leila should be giggling, and just for this moment she
didn't care, the feel of the sticky piss as she spread it over her tits
was glorious soon they would give her the fucking she so desired and
then she would feel better.  Slowly ... her ... hands ... stopped, until
resting on top of her nipples her mind snapped to one fact. The feel of 
STICKY urine?
Miss Tomkins eyes snapped open and she gasped. Her tits weren't wet and
gleaming they were filthy and brown Leila had shit all over her and she
had been spreading shit all over her body. Miss Tomkins screamed then as
the girls just laughed and tossed the dildo onto her shit caked belly.
Making sounds of disgust they walked away and as they left the hall
Lavinia already pushing the dildo into her aching cunt heard Penny shout
"Fuck yourself you dirty shit covered slut, we're going to get a shower"            
In the hall Penny, Rose and Leila were surprised to see the Master
waiting for them. signalling them to wait he quietly said the words
"Penny, Leila, Rose all normal" A few seconds as their minds snapped
back to the present and they relived the last couple of hours.
Penny gasped "Oh shit!" she moaned, "what have I done" The Master
grinned at her "Knew it would work. did you enjoy being a dominant
"I loved it" said Penny " but now I want to be a sub again" "Don't worry
Penny, the hypnosis only works whist you are controlled, we can't change
you permanently. How about you two?" Rose and Leila stood their heads
bowed as they remembered what they had just done to Lavinia and
eventually Rose looked up at the Master. With a quiver in her voice she
asked "Will Lavinia be alright?"
The Master, his eyes ice cold, looked at the three girls, and they
quailed. "Lavinia is the reason you have been brought round so early.
She is to be severely punished for trying to harm my organisation, and
you three are to be shown what happens to people that displease me. NOW
Like three frightened sheep the girls returned to the gym where Lavinia
the dildo stuffed up her cunt was groaning out yet another orgasm on the
floor. Now awake they noticed the entire film crew as they filmed the
writhing woman, but the Master signalled the filming to stop. Then
taking the men to one side he issued a number of instruction before
moving to where Lavinia still ground her hips down onto the plastic
"Lavinia normal" was all he said.
Almost immediately Lavinia came to her senses, looked down at her shit
covered body and groaned. jumping to her feet she went to bolt from the
room, but two of the men held her and dragged her before the Master.
As the wide eyed woman stared at his face he reached out and slapped her
"You fucking bitch, you tried to blackmail one of my clients" Lavinia's
mouth dropped open and she began to shake. Her head shook wildly from
side to side as she tried to refute the charge, but the Master just
stood and watched until her frightened face stopped shaking, and watched
him again.
"No one, but no one ever crosses me Lavinia without feeling my wrath.
For what you have done I have devised a salutary lesson for everyone,
especially these three."
Lavinia's knees buckled and she groaned for pity as his finger indicated
the rings. Two of the men dragged the squirming woman to the gleaming
silver circles and Lavinia was hoisted up until her hands could be
strapped to the metal. Dangling there her tears streaming down her face
she whispered for forgiveness as Harry picked up a large vicious looking
whip and moved behind her.
The single word from the Master left three heaps of jelly sobbing on the
floor "TWENTY"
Harry pulled back his arm as Lavinia's face screwed up in  anticipation
and "CRACK" The vicious bullwhip curled across her buttocks. Her scram
of pain had hardly stopped echoing round the room when the whip
descended again "CRACK"
After the sixth stroke she didn't scream any more, but her body jerked
like a rag doll every time the lash hit her and down her back trickled
rivulets of blood as the lash tore thin strips of skin from her body.
finally a sweating Harry announced she had received twenty lashes and as
three tear stained faces looked up at the Master he turned to the girls
and calmly suggested they should watch this next bit, just in case they
ever considered crossing him.
At his signal the men dragged a really weird piece of apparatus across
the room, built like a walking machine where the feet were placed on two
boards and as one went down the other rose, unless you stood still in
which case slowly the two boards descend to horizontal, this machine had
been modified. From the inner side of each board rose a metal bracket to
which were attached two wooden sticks, each about the same thickness as
a rounders bat they stood pointing skyward, polished and gleaming, one
about two inches behind the other.  As Penny, Rose and Leila watched
this contraption was placed under Lavinia's dangling legs. The platforms
were pulled to their highest point and chocked so that they wouldn't
descend. Lavinia's feet were placed on the boards, but then one of the
men climbed the rope and lowered a noose that was placed around
Lavinia's neck. The almost comatose woman, hardly moved as these
preparations took place but once finished the Master signalled the
cameraman to stop, stepped forward and held smelling salts under her
nose. Jerking her head away from the acrid salts Lavinia shook her head
and, as her senses returned, stared around at the gathered crowd "I'm
sorry" she whispered to the Master. "You will be Lavinia. Just so we all
understand let me explain. you are going to fuck yourself silly. The
contraption you are on will drive these two wooden pricks into your ass
and cunt" As he spoke Lavinia looked down. her face turned white, and
her gasp of fear echoed around the room, as she saw the size of the two
polished wooden bats.
"Around your neck, is a noose if you don't keep moving the two platforms
will descend and you will strangle yourself. no one will come to help
you" Lavinia's face turned even whiter, and trickles of golden water ran
down her inner thighs, as she realised the choices. She could walk until
she dropped ramming the giant rods into her own body, or she could stop
and die.
"Since I have sold this film to an Arab for £50,000 pounds I am sure you
realise you really have no choice, but I will coat the tips with the
cream so that you can enjoy yourself my dear" Lavinia opened her mouth
as if to beg, her eyes pleaded for forgiveness but the Master turned on
his heel and marched away.  The camera man moved close as Harry smeared
each of the bats with cream then stepped back and released the chocks.
for a second Lavinia stood still and the platforms dropped together,
until with a gurgle she felt the noose tighten about her throat. With a
gasp she transferred her weight to her left foot and lifted her right
immediately the wooden stake moved upwards as the platform descended.
Lavinia's groan as the thick wooden rod impaled her cunt was one of real
pain, but she let it rise another four inches until she could take no
more and transferred her weight to the other foot up came the back rod
as the first was sucked from her cunt, a seconds respite then the second
shaft was forcing its way up her ass.
Lavinia screamed and her mouth flew so wide that everybody could see the
back of her throat as she felt the thick rod tear into her ass.  Up,
down, up, down the endless cycle began. Lavinia moving from one foot to
the other as each penetration became easier. Then the cream began to
work and her screams of pain turned slowly to those of pleasure as her
tubes responded to the sensitising cream and she began to feel orgasms
rising up in her body.  Still she had to constantly move from one foot
to the other to prevent herself being strangled and as the three
terrified girls were led away Lavinia moaned out the first of her
climaxes as one rod reached nearly eight inches up her stretched shit
Taken to the showers the girls listened as the Master made it clear that
Lavinia was finished with his organisation, that after today she would
never want to fuck anybody, her body would be torn apart by her own
efforts to stay alive and the girls better remember that this sort of
punishment was what they could expect if ever they tried to double cross
Nervously the three watched him for signs that he was joking, but none
came and slowly it became clear that the punishment was real not another
trick being played on their minds.  Once he was sure that they knew the
truth he told them to get cleaned up ready for their next assignment. He
was sure they would enjoy it, as he had devised something really up
their street for each of them. They had half an hour before someone
would come to take them for preparation, they would do well to ensure
they were well cleaned out as this was to be the most intensive time for
each of them.
After he had gone the girls hugged each other in fear as they thought of
Lavinia still pounding up and down shagging herself mercilessly in an
attempt to mollify the Master, and together they prayed that he would
never decide they needed punishing.
After a few minutes Penny reminded the others that they better get
clean, and the three girls started the ritual with the hose pipe, and
the shampoo and soap as they got themselves ready for their final scene.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 14 - Spring in the Ring
Finally clean, both inside and out the three girls waited to be told
what they were doing next.
Quietly they discussed the horrors they had just seen being meted out to
Lavinia and all agreed that no matter what was to ensue they better do
whatever the Master wanted.
That was one hard hombre.
Any man that could treat a woman so callously would have no qualms when
it came to dealing with them in the same way.
Not for the first time Penny wondered if coming to Blackpool was a
sensible idea, and concluded that she wouldn't have missed it for the
world. Despite the cruelty handed out to Lavinia, she had been used and
abused, but never beyond her capacity to recover, and always there had
been the Master ensuring that his girls were not permanently harmed,
even Rose and Leila who she had learnt were nothing better than sex
slaves for the man agreed that since he had picked them up from the
streets of Manchester at sixteen they had been treated with some
They had learnt to fulfil the wishes of anyone he sent to them in return
for his protection, and a good life except when he needed their
services. In fact as they sat discussing the possibilities both girls
agreed that Lavinia's punishment was unusual he rarely did more than
force the girls to work the 'dirty' streets for a week or two if they
upset him.
Rose even explained that sometimes if they had undergone a particularly
strenuous series of scenarios he would pack them of to Spain or even
Tenerife to recover before putting them back to work.  Both girls had
amassed quite large bank accounts as any tips they received were theirs
although everything else was his and they were only to grateful to be
kept in good clothes, with generous pocket money and a roof over their
As Penny listened she could almost believe this man was a saint, Leila
even pointed out that he was against all the hard drugs and worked hard
to keep his girls away from them. No clients were allowed that used
anything but a little grass, and the girls were allowed some
occasionally. Apart from his abhorrence of drugs the only condition he
enforced rigidly was total obedience at all times.  girls did disappear
if they tried to cross him and some that had taken hard drugs were
rumoured to be made to work as street prostitutes, but even then he made
sure they were protected and not attacked, and every girl had regular
check ups with a doctor to make sure they were clean.
Penny piqued by their obvious feelings for a man that used their bodies
as flippantly as another man might utilise a piece of timber, probed the
two girls to find out why.
Rose summed it all up as succinctly as she could "At sixteen, I'd run
away from home. Picked up in Birmingham by woman I was taken to a dirty
house where they beat me and let men rape me for fun, before being
forced to work the streets. Four times I was sold on to another man who
would treat me worse, until I was working fourteen hours a day on the
streets, getting only just enough to eat and being forced to sleep on a
bare floor whilst my pimp used the money to buy drugs for himself.
One day HE came, and was kind. He took me for a meal and when my pimp
tried to drag me away HE dropped the bastard, and when the pimp claimed
I was his because he had paid £500 for me HE went really mad and kicked
him round the floor until he was unconscious. HE brought me here, and
gave me a choice, either a new wardrobe and back to my parents with no
questions asked or to stay and work for him.  Now I have money in the
bank, good clothes and as much as I want to eat, with a nice house to
live in. Some girls he has taken from the streets have married customers
and others have retired.  Marlene who was twenty when I came here now
owns her own business, selling flowers, and he makes sure nobody
interferes with her. Not one of his old girls is ever left to fend for
herself, even Charlotte who asked to leave then went back to street
prostitution is protected. He is a filthy minded avaricious saint, but
as much as I like any man I love him not because he idolises me, but
because he never reminds me where I came from and except when using my
body treats me as a human being" Leila sat and nodded in agreement with
her friend, until she turned to Penny and asked "But you're different,
you came here by choice, tell us why you would allow him to control you
when you obviously have no need of his help?"
Penny sat and thought for a minute or two, then explained how perhaps
she did need his help. for years she had moved around the swapping
circuit, being use by various men, but always at the end of it for their
satisfaction not hers, until in desperation she had placed an advert on
the Usenet hoping to find someone who would treat her as she desired,
like a slut, but still be able to realise that she had needs too. A lot
of men had answered her advert, and some had written her stories, but
one and only one had piqued her interest by writing in a style that
despite the subject matter, made it clear that subjugation was a game
not a driving need. In the end she had agreed to meet him here in
Blackpool and she had not been disappointed.
This man, the Master, had given her the blend she needed, total
subjugation with an underlying understanding that she wasn't just a
piece of meat to be thrown away after fucking. Despite everything she
had gone through there in the background was the unspoken understanding
that if she ever cried enough he would find a way to let her escape,
even if it meant being shagged by a load of drunken Russians and that
for the first time Penny had felt safe even when being forcibly 'raped'
and knew that in the final analysis she would recover, and not end up
dead in some back alley with her throat cut.             
The three girls finally understood what it was that tied each of them to
this man. He might be a bastard, but he was a bastard with his own code
of honour. Unless they crossed him  they would be safe, and despite
anything else he would make sure they could recover from their ordeals
with their minds intact and their bodies unscarred. He was giving Penny
what she had always dreamed of. A chance to be a complete slut in
safety, she might be raped, sodomised and made to fuck dogs, but when it
was over she would still be able to walk down any street with her head
held high, sure in the knowledge that the choices had been hers all the
way through.
As she thought about it Penny shuddered, what had happened over the last
week had altered her, now for the first time someone really owned her
and she realised that if he had asked it she would trade places with
Lavinia, for the first time in her sluttish life she knew there was a
man who abused her as much for her satisfaction as for his own. She
found it disconcerting but exciting to imagine him devising further
degrading scenarios for her degradation whilst continuing to let her
keep her self respect afterwards. What would her final trick be today.
She could think of nothing he hadn't already made her do perhaps he was
running out of ideas and that was why they had waited so long.
As usual when it came to the Master Penny was wrong, just as she was
sure that they would all be sent home he reappeared. Behind him were two
elderly women. "Girls meet Mavis and Betty they will be taking you to
get ready for your final scenes today. Please don't try and find out
what is going to happen from them as they will just ignore you. I shall
expect you back in the gymnasium in about an hour, please don't be late
there is a lot to do before we wrap " He turned to leave, but then
turned, as if deep in thought and looked at the three.
They waited with bated breath as he eyed them up one by one and then
seemed to make a decision.
"Penny you will do this last scene completely unhypnotised, so may I
suggest that before the ladies start preparing you, that you come and
see me. Betty will show you the way in a minute or two. Ladies you know
how the others are to be prepared. Let's get to it!" Almost imperiously
his body left the room and the three girls were led by the two older
ladies along a corridor to another room. On the way they passed the gym
and could hear Lavinia's sobs as she moaned either in pain or approached
another climax.  "Come on dears" said Mavis, "He insisted we let you see
the bitch just to remind you what happens if you cross him" and the two
older women grabbed an arm each and pulled the girls through the doors. 
Leila gasped and collapsed to her knees whilst Rose tried to hide her
eyes, but Penny just stared in misbelief at the sight.  There on the
rings Lavinia her entire body covered in sweat was still pumping up and
down on the boards. The thick wooden bats were coated in cum cream and
shit, and as each pushed it way into her body, her face would jerk
towards the ceiling and she would climax whilst screaming in pain.
Dragged over to where the shattered woman did her dance the three were
made to look at the way the thick bat had inverted her anal tube, now on
every out stroke four or five inches of rectum was being pulled out of
her ass to gleam like a scarlet rubber over the bat. At the front, her
cunt had cum so much that now it was dry and cracked, the lips had
chaffed and as the girls were made to watch Lavinia stopped walking For
a second everything stopped then slowly her feet dropped and she coughed
as the noose tightened a little.
With unseeing eyes the once proud whore began to move again, the bat
plugging her ass drove upwards to be matched by her scream as it
funnelled up her shit tube and Penny her eyes streaming with tears
staggered away. Leila and Rose were in an even worse state as they tried
to get away from the sight, but Mavis and Betty had other ideas.
Dragging the three girls back they made it clear that his was what they
could expect if ever they crossed their Lord and now to reinforce this
he had left a task for each of them.  Rose and Leila were to attach a
rope to each of Lavinia's nipples and tie it to her ankles, whilst Penny
had the best job of all she was to fasten a ring to Lavinia's clit
through which she would pass a chain and fasten it to the front edge of
each board.  Then the girls were to watch as their additions completed
Lavinia's punishment.
With shaking hands the two girls looped the thin cord around Lavinia's
nipples and then as her feet rose to the top of their stroke they were
made to tie the cord around her ankles. Now every time her feet dropped
the cord dragged her breast down until on nearly every stroke Lavinia's
tits were dragged down to her belly button. As the girls watched this
new torture drove Lavinia into overdrive her feet moved shorter on each
stroke to relieve the pain on her tits but instead now both bats were
constantly inside her. the two bats hardly moved, but the three
horrified girls could see the bulge in her belly where everything had
been pushed forward by the two monstrous wooden dildoes.
As the wicked bit into her breasts the nipples on her tits grew into
giant red tomatoes of distended and stretched flesh. Engorged with
trapped blood each nipple seemed to throb with a life of its own, and
each and every girl was made to reach up and flick the swollen glands
causing Lavinia to moan and scream in agony.  Lavinia's mouth opened in
one unending scream of sexual delirium, as she was torn apart by the two
giant wooden cocks and her tits were stretched further and further down.
Her once gigantic boobs were now just giant flaps of skin covering her
stomach, and her nipples now nearly five inches long looked like two
angry red fingers as the cord bit into the flesh.
Mavis and Betty were delighted with the result and holding the girls in
front of the battered woman reminded them that this was what they could
expect if ever they tried to cross their Lord. Penny shaking with fear
at the sight of the tortured woman picked up on the older women's use of
the word Lord, and tremulously asked why.  Mavis giving Lavinia's nipple
a final flick turned and looked at the quaking girl. Her face radiant
with a fanaticism Penny had only seen on 'born again Christians' looked
at Penny, and another piece of the puzzle that was the Master fell into
place. "He took us both in, battered and diseased after a life on the
streets. Our pimps had used us all up, and then thrown us out as
useless. He arranged doctors to treat us and brought us here. He gave us
somewhere to live and we help him when we can by preparing girls for his
shows, but he is never unkind to us as long as we do what he wants. We
would do anything for him. There are twenty of us now, all old prossies
that he has rescued from the gutter, and we will follow him until we
die" Penny stared open eyed at the old woman, and imagined herself
twenty years from now, perhaps in the same situation, hardened from
years of being used and abused, then cast aside for something younger,
and she could see why these women would follow him anywhere.  Above her
Lavinia screamed and shook on the device and Penny understood now why
the women would gleefully watch her tortured. She had threatened their
very existence. If ever the Masters world fell apart, all the 'good' he
had done would disappear, and these girls and women would once again be
"Come on dear" Betty held Penny's arm and led her forward, "you get to
do the last bit" Penny her hands almost unable to hold the ring stepped
froward and attached the cruel grip to Lavinia's clit.
Lavinia jerked as it bit into her tender flesh and for the first time
her eyes flew open and she stared down at Penny as she threaded the
slender chain through the ring.
"Oh my god NO!" croaked Lavinia as Penny fastened the end to one of the
boards and Penny stopped unable to complete the operation, just stood
watching as Betty reached past her and fastened the other end to the
second board.
Immediately everyone saw why Lavinia had begged. The chain being pulled
first one way and then the other was causing the ring to vibrate and her
clitoris as if with a life of its own was swelling until it looked like
a small penis. Each movement of the boards increased the effect until
Lavinia's feet became a blur as her body screamed onwards to total
sexual release. Over and over again she trembled as climaxes pounded
through her but she couldn't stop.  There was no pleasure any more only
pain as her body totally abused fought to stay alive and within the
shell that had been a woman rose up a sex slut beyond the normal, every
muscle in her body twitched and jerked to the rhythm of her own internal
destruction by her own glands as the girls were led away to get ready
the last sounds they heard were Lavinia begging, through cracked and
swollen lips, for more.
Taken into yet another room the three girls were immediately surrounded
by women. Leila guided to a makeup chair was transformed into a freckle
faced schoolgirl, whilst Rose was being transformed into something else.
As Penny watched the make up artist clipped and snipped at her hair then
quickly washed it and gave it a henna rinse. After only about ten
minutes Rose surfaced, her hair had been trimmed until it could be
fashioned into a deep amber shoulder length bob. the ends turned in she
looked for all the world the picture of an American High School girl and
as Penny watched amazed at the way in which the Masters plan fell into
place she was dressed.  First a blue cotton bra and high waisted
knickers, followed by a three quarter length pleated skirt, topped of by
a crisp white blouse and a cardigan the same colour as her underwear.
Stood on a low table Rose was asked to twirl and Penny watched as
instead of the young woman she knew there appeared a typical high school
teenager of the late sixties and seventies. With her red lips and soft
make up Rose looked the epitome of American High school Virgin and Penny
wondered what they would do to Leila. She didn't have  long to wait,
only a minute or two after they had finished with Rose, Leila surfaced,
dressed in the flashy uniform of  a cheerleader the smaller girls make
up was a little heavy and her skirt a little short. Coloured Green and
White her uniform flared up to show lime green knickers as she twirled
and Penny smiled to herself to see a darker patch through the thin
fabric where Leila's prominent mound of Venus pushed and stretched the
light knickers.  Finally declaring the girls ready the women turned
towards Penny.  "Sorry dear, spoke the oldest can't do you yet. We're
waiting for Adrian" They didn't explain who Adrian was and Penny and her
two friends had to sit and wait to find out.
The women had left them alone when in through the door walked the Master
with the doctor and another man. As the girls clustered around him he
explained that this scene although their last could possibly be the
hardest so he had brought the doctor to prepare Rose and Leila for their
Turning to Penny he smiled at her and lifted her face to caress his
lips. "and you my little London slut. for you, if you choose it, I have
devised the most humiliating action you may ever see. If you are willing
you will do this without any controls but I warn you that it will not be
easy, and once started there will be no stopping. The film you are going
to make has been tried a number of times before but never convincingly
enough. The doctor despite his skills had been unable to create quite
the right 'feel' and now it's your turn." As Penny watched his face, she
felt her thumping heart swell with pride that he could consider her able
to fulfil something no one else could do, and  her  legs went weak at
the knees.  "If you accept this Penny you will be, for a night a real
street prostitute, although in a studio, the only controls will be that
you believe firmly that you are in Fleetwood. nothing else, the
degradation, the abuse, will be real and you will experience every last
Some of it is planned but the men taking part in much of your scene will
be 'normal' punters picked up by my scouts and conditioned like yourself
to belief they are in Fleetwood, but nothing else. I will be unable to
control them, they may be vicious, and although I will prevent any
permanent damage to you I will NOT stop anything short of actual
permanent harm."
Penny nearly wet herself at the thought of being a real prostitute, but
his admission that it would all be real terrified her at the same time
and she searched his eyes for a sign that he might be joking. None came,
instead he just waited for her response.
For maybe five minutes Penny stood in front of him as he watched her,
then as if finally making a  momentous decision her eyes dropped to the
floor, and she whispered "I will do it Master, for you I will be a real
slut, used and abused by any and every man that pays me"
He lifted her face again and picking her up in his arms he kissed her
lightly on her forehead "Penny if you survive this you will go home, not
only with my blessing, but you have my word that not one command will be
left of your imprinting. you will be a free slave.  Do you understand?"
Her eyes gleaming Penny acknowledged that his gift was beyond price. 
not only would she be free to remember everything, but he would remove
all the blocks that prevented her telling of his operation.  such a
promise of his trust filled her with untold pride and as he lowered her
slowly back to the floor tears of joy sprang into her eyes, and she
clutched his hand and kissed it again and again.  Gently the Master
pulled himself free, and holding Penny, her radiant face staring up into
his eyes, asked "Are you sure Penny, once I let Adrian here loose on you
there will be no turning back.
Even if you beg I will refuse to let you back out. Do you understand"
Once again Penny searched his face but it was an unreadable mask. In her
chest her heart pounded wildly as she wondered just how far he would
allow her degradation to go. this was what she had dreamed of, being a
prostitute at the whim of any man, but now the chance was here she
wasn't sure. Could she do it?
As she pondered the potential of realising her dream against the risk of
being abused beyond her capacity she felt her cunt begin to heat up,
until with juices dripping down her thighs she knew. SHE HAD TO DO THIS.
"I am ready Master, I have just one wish, before I am turned into a
whore. Will you fuck me" As she spoke the tears started to fall, and the
Master his face smiling picked her up and carried her to the far side of
the room. Placing her face down on a table he peeled the bathrobe from
her body, and gently spread her legs. Penny waited her cunt on fire for
his cock to enter her as he reached froward and cupped her breasts.
There was no powerful penetration this time he took her slowly, his cock
gently forcing its way past her swollen cunt lips and as she screamed
her pleasure his deep thrusts reached far inside her shaft and she felt
the head of his cock pressing against her cervix. "Fuck me, please fuck
me" she begged as he held her hips and pushed the extra inch.
Penny's screams rose to fever pitch as her cervix clutched at his glans
and her whole body exploded into an orgasm so intense that she arched up
from the table and wailed her lust to the room "Oh YES, Oh YES, fill me
with your spunk, shag my cunt and coat my womb with your SE...EEEEEEED"
The final word was torn from her wide open mouth as deep inside her she
felt his red hot cum splashing against the top of her womb and sobbing
her own cataclysmic release she collapsed immobile on the table.
Penny never felt him leave her, the next time she knew what was
happening, her body was trembling to the feel of warm water, and someone
smoothing something onto her skin. She tried to sit up but two of the
older women held her firm and counselled her to lie still, she would
ruin the effect.
As she came fully round Penny wondered what the effect they were talking
about was, in front of her a cloth positioned to prevent her seeing
allowed her only to see the top of Adrian's head as he worked down
between her thighs. She felt him smooth something onto her damp thigh
then almost immediately a blast of warm air as he used a hairdryer to
remove the damp.
Penny felt him work all the way up her belly and by her breasts and
wondered just what it was he was doing.  Finally happy with the effects
of his work Adrian stood up and suggested perhaps Penny  would like to
see his creation.  With fluttering heart she was stood up and, with the
cloth still covering her body, was taken to a large mirror. As the cloth
was dropped away Penny screamed.
Across her breasts were written in big letters - SQUEEZE and SUCK HARD
On her belly an arrow surmounted with the words "FUCK SLUT" pointed down
to her hairless mound and from between her thighs a snake wound round
her leg to rise across her belly and curl around her left breast. It's
tongue in the act of flicking out just touched her nipple, but worst of
all down the left side of her stomach was a list of charges as Penny
read them her heart sank, and in disbelief she read them out loud :
Fuck £10
Suck £  5
Anal  £15
Wet  £20            
Anything else ASK!!
and down the right side of were stencilled the words "Fuck Slut, loves
it hard, don't be gentle" Penny shuddered and began to cry, how could
the Master treat her like this, she loved him and she turned to see his
laughing eyes watching her. "Do you like your adornment, my little
fucker" he jibed as Penny threw herself at his feet and begged him not
to make her act like this.
"Sorry my little cunt, but you haven't seen the best yet. Adrian show
Penny your masterpiece" Lifting Penny to her feet Adrian pulled her back
to the mirror and getting one of the women to hold another so she could
see behind her angled her so she could see what was on her back. 
Penny's knees buckled as the import of what was there registered on her
anguished mind.
On one shoulder blade was an exact picture of her face, mouth wide open
and tongue sticking out, whilst on the other was a rampant penis
spitting spunk towards her face.
But worst of all written above the pictures were the words "PENNY TRUMAN
CUM DRINKER" As she collapsed once again sobbing Penny realised that
once this was filmed her name would go around the world and everybody
would know the sort of sex craving slut she was. If ever the people at
work saw it she would be finished, and she crawled towards the Master
begging and pleading for him to have the tattoos removed, she didn't
care if they left scars but she couldn't go through life with these
disgusting messages all over her body.
His deep belly laugh stopped her in mid plea as he lifted her to her
feet. "You really can be so stupid some times you glorious little
fucker. They can be removed, although you will find that you can't rub
them off. Adrian has special pastes that remove them completely.  As for
your name being on film,  that's just tough titty Penny. I have decided
to advertise you to all my clients" Penny stared up at him and her
entreaties were choked of in her mouth as he lifted her and marched her
back to the mirrors.  "You've not seen the best bit yet my little cum
sucker, WATCH THIS" and holding Penny he stood behind here and pulled
her arms backwards. As her shoulder blades were forced together Penny
screamed, not in pain, but mental anguish as the cum spitting cock
appeared to disappear into her waiting mouth. As he moved her arms
backwards and forwards the obscene picture burnt itself into Penny's
mind and she took two or three deep breaths to try and calm herself. as
he released her she stood with what dignity she could and looked him
squarely in the eye.
"You bastard, well I'm not going to beg any more. I'll give you your
fucking film, but as each one shafts me I'm going to scream your bloody
"Fine Penny that will be fine, you'll sound like a real sex slave
calling every punter Master, and I'll watch it knowing you wish it was
me" Beaten Penny just stood and looked blankly at him as he smiled at
her and her face crumpled from the realisation that he was right. It
would sound good if she kept screaming Master at every John that used
her body as a receptacle for his spunk.
Totally dejected she started to move away, ready now for any degradation
he was willing to heap upon her, or at least she thought she was. He
called her back, and as she turned with hope in her heart he pointed to
Adrian. "He's got another couple of transfers to put on, but I thought
you might like to choose them. go and see which one's you want on your
ass" Penny couldn't believe it, as if what was already plastered all
over wasn't enough he wanted her to choose more, and with a sinking
feeling in the pit of her stomach she moved across to Adrian.  There on
the table were laid out three sets of transfers, and as Penny read them
her heart already in her boots dropped another couple of feet, her
choices were all so degrading that she didn't know where to start. As
she read each one her lips moved in silent understanding of her final
humiliation and she squirmed.  The first pair were so disgusting that
she dismissed them out of hand for her left buttock in screaming red the
word SHIT, and for her right the word EATER. She couldn't do it, not
that one, and she turned to read the second.
PIN CUSHION and there by the side of it were packs of pins. Penny stared
at the sadistic implements and her head silently shook in denial. She
didn't want people ramming pins into her as they fucked her, and she
turned to the final choice, as she read it tears streamed down her face.
it was obvious that the Master had decided to humiliate her totally.
just two words were there, and a leather strap. They just said HIT HERE
and as the import of the three choices swept across her numb mind Penny
knew that  this scene was going to be absolutely disgusting. The men
wouldn't be controlled and some men with a choice like that would enjoy
making her scream as they fucked her. This wasn't going to be a game she
was going to be HAMMERED.
With a trembling hand she pointed to the third set and Adrian moved
close. Bending her over the table he applied some warm water and she
felt the two transfers being placed on her ass cheeks, as she sobbed her
fear into the table top Adrian dried the transfers and then fastened the
short leather strap round her waist with a leather belt so that it
dangled right between her ass cheeks and Penny stood up to see the line
of black leather swinging between her legs.  She looked at the Master
for one last time, but his eyes gave her no comfort as the elderly women
moved her over to the racks of clothes and began to dress her.
Choosing carefully they selected a Black half cup bra, trimmed with
crimson lace and then came a suspender belt of the same material. As
Penny watched they sorted through a box of stockings and finally chose
some in silver spandex, and stretched them up her legs.  As the short
stockings were pulled up and stretched Penny could see interwoven in the
fabric outlines of spunking cocks and her heart nearly broke, at the top
of each stocking the words FUCK SLUT were embroidered in bright red
As she stood there the women had a long discussion what else they should
choose, until finally reaching agreement they took from the racks a twin
set in black. As they brought it to her Penny couldn't understand why
such a conservative choice until they started to dress her.
The skirt was of elastene and it stretched tight around her upper legs,
the cloth stretched, as it was, left nothing to the imagination and as
Penny looked down she could see the outline of her cunt as the cloth
stretched over her mound and taking her to the mirror the two old women
gleefully showed her how every time she opened her legs the outline of
her cunt lips could be clearly seen through the thin cloth. Not even
reaching to top of the stockings Penny looked a real slut. Every bit of
her womanhood was on display, and as she walked the flash of her thighs
above the silver stockings was like two beacons beckoning customers to
her honey pot.
Taking her back the two women made her shut her eyes as they finished
their work and placed the short, bolero style, jacket on her unresisting
arms. Penny wondered why the secrecy until they claimed it was time for
make up, and she opened her eyes to see her breasts forced up by the
half bra, pressed against clear plastic windows. Her aureoles and
nipples could be clearly seen, and Penny realised that dressed like
this, if she couldn't get customers she never would. Between the bottom
of the jacket and the waist band of the skirt glowed the transfers.
Penny looked aghast as the words rippled on her heaving stomach. Any
person, not actively looking for a prostitute would know immediately how
much of a slut she was, and as she stood there she realised that dressed
like this her chances of remaining unarrested on a real street were just
about nil, and she thanked her lucky stars that this was only for a film
set.  To finish the preparations they did her make up, Crimson lipstick,
rouge and bright blue eyeliner that made her look really cheap. She
watched horrified as they took her pretty face and turned it into a mask
of lust. The final straw, a heavy layer of mascara all around her eyes
and coated so heavy on her lashes that they looked like solid bands of
black rubber, started her crying again.  The women just laughed and said
"It doesn't matter dear. It's all waterproof, except the lipstick which
will make a lovely red ring round every cock you suck" As Penny sat and
stared at the face of a real gutter slut, staring back at her from the
mirror she felt her cunt start to throb.  As her mind was taking  in the
enormity of her situation she was getting horny, and with as much levity
as she could muster she stood and turned to the bastard that had turned
her into this "Well Master, does your Penny meet with your approval.
When do we start" If he had been expecting her to beg again he hid it
well. "first Penny we are going to watch Rose and Leila do their bit.
Then afterwards you can play whore for me" taking her by the hand he led
her back towards the gym.
As she entered the gymnasium Penny stopped, there on one side where
their classroom had stood only this morning was a section of dingy
street, with a single lamppost and an alleyway.  "Yes, Penny that's to
be your patch" explained the Master "but first we are going to watch the
other two as they fight for their boyfriend. Puzzled by his remark Penny
followed him past a seedy looking hotel front, and a set that looked
like a piece of waste ground with abandoned mattresses and old fridges
and things scattered around to the corner of the gym where the boxing
ring was.  Taking her to one side the Master sat her down in a chair and
sitting next to her clapped his hands.
Immediately into the gym came a group of about twelve young men.  none
looked older than sixteen, and the Master explained they had paid to
take part in this particular scene. Most of them were the sons of rich
business men and if they only knew it they would be concreting his hold
over the town. Their fathers sometimes tried to be difficult, but when
they saw the behaviour of their sons, and were told the ages of the
girls involved they invariably crumbled.  Penny watched enthralled as
the boys started exercising until they were coated in sweat and even
from where she sat Penny could smell the lifelike aroma of hard work.
Turning to the Master she asked "But, if they have paid how do you get
them to do what you want" He just smiled and said "The poor, dirty
minded little fools have all been conditioned although unlike you they
don't know it. See that one there?" He pointed at a blond haired youth
doing push ups by the wall bars. "He's going to 'rape' Leila, and bugger
her ass whilst being particularly nasty to her."
"That boy" he indicated a dark haired , well muscled youth stood in the
boxing ring "He's going to take the blame for setting it all up, unless
his father, who is a prosecuting lawyer manages to lose a case against
one of my men" One by one he explained what each boy would be doing,
because the doctor had programmed them, and why they had been chosen for
today's filming.
As she listened Penny became more and more excited. What power he had,
and how he manipulate so many people, and she finally realised that
whatever he had done to her was nothing special he did this all the time
manipulating and controlling and inside she felt a little disappointed
that she wasn't special.
Turning to her the Master held her hand, and as if he read her mind said
"But you are special Penny, of all the people I have dealt with you are
the only one I have ever put myself out for. You have had your dreams
fulfilled without any advantage for me, and I have enjoyed teaching you
the limits of your own sexuality. Once it is all over I would like you
to come back and visit me of your own free will, and we will see if you
still fancy me after a week or two of me alone without the panoply of my
organisation. I'm getting fed up of controlling everyone and would love
to turn my attention to just one girl." Penny stared at him, all this
power and he was offering to leave it to take her as his personal sex
slave when he could have taken any one of his entire stable of beauties
and she felt her heart melt.
"Master, if you desire it Penny will come, just tell me where and when"
Absentmindedly he stroked her hand and she settled into his shoulder to
watch the scene in front of her unfold.  The boys were moving around now
almost as if they were waiting for something to happen, and it did.
In through the door of the gym came Leila her cheerleaders uniform crisp
and clean she minced across to the side of the ring and looked up at the
boy inside.
"Harvey" her voice called out "why didn't you come to the field? You
knew I was waiting" Harvey pretended he didn't hear her, until she
climbed into the ring and caught hold of his arm. "Harvey Roberts! I
told you I'd meet you at the field. Why didn't you come?"
"Shucks Leila you know I'm Rose's man. I won't leave her" The young girl
nestled against him and wiggled her hips into his crotch. As the gang of
boys crowded around she reached up and pulled his face down. "Come on
Harvey, You know Rose won't let you touch her. She's saving herself.
Come and have some fun with me" Harvey tried to pull away but to the
sound of wolf whistles and cheers the young cheerleader jumped and threw
her legs around Harvey's waist. clinging to him she planted her moist
lips to his and as the boys around clapped she kissed him.
Harvey tried, not very hard, to push her away, but as Penny watched his
hands cupped the young girls bottom and kneaded the firm flesh.  The
young cheerleader tightened her grip as around the ring the noise
subsided to a deadly hush as into view strode Rose. Like an avenging
angel, hair bouncing up and down, skirt flying she crossed the floor and
climbed into the ring. Approaching the two kissing teenagers she reached
out and yanked backwards on Leila's hair.  With a startled shout the
young cheerleader tumbled backward to the canvas her legs spread
exposing her lime green knickers sucked in between her cunt lips, and
Rose swirled to look down at her with disgust before turning back to the
dark haired youth.  "HARVEY ROBERTS! Just what do you think you're
doing?" with hands on hips and scarlet mouth pouting Rose stood facing
the blushing youth.
"Gee Rose, wasn't my fault. She jumped on me"
Turning her attention back to the girl on the floor Rose sneered down at
the cringing girl. "You little slut, aren't the football team good
enough for you. Leave my boy alone"
Coming to her feet Leila smirked and said "He KISSED ME, miss goody two
shoes. If you won't give him what every boy wants then someone else
Just then, into ring climbed another boy. "Now, now girls that's enough
of that. you both want him. Which one of you wants him most?" The two
girls eyed each other up and down as around the ring voices were raised,
"Score run, score run, score run" went the chant and as the two girls
turned to look at the chanting crowd the newcomer in the ring held up
his hands for attention. Slowly the chant died, until Rose turned to the
boy and asked "Zak, what do they mean" "Well Rose since you are in the
gym, and you and Leila here have a score to settle the boys are
suggesting you fight for him" Rose turned pink and flounced her hair
"Why I've never heard of anything so ridiculous - COME ON Harvey" and
she clutched at the dark haired boy's hand only to find Leila hanging
onto his other arm. Tugged from pillar to post Harvey just stood in the
middle of the ring and didn't move.
Zak turned to little Leila "Are you willing to fight for Harvey?" The
cheerleader spat "I'll tear the bitches eyes out!!" Zak then turned to
Rose "Are you willing to fight for Harvey, or do you give him up?"
Rose looked around at the grinning crowd of boys, and then at
Harvey, who was standing looking amused in the rings centre. Then
she looked at Leila as the young girl smirked at her. With grim
determination Rose declared "I'll fight for him"
"Very well" said Zak "Harvey, out you go" and Harvey climbed from the
ring to join the other boys around the edge of the mat.
Once again holding his hands up for silence Zak sent one of the boys to
lock the gym doors then turned to the girls and with a wicked grin,
rubbed his hands together, and then unzipped his fly.  Rose eyes wide,
stared at the boy as he lifted his young cock free from its restraints.
Red faced she stuttered "Za..a..k, what are you doing?"
"Oh did I forget to tell you the rules" His smirk became a wide mouthed
grin "you two fight until one of you is naked, and gets this stuffed up
her CUNT by the winner" As the word Cunt exploded from his mouth he
tossed a thick black dildo into the centre of the ring.  Two horrified
girls watched terrified, as the 9" thick rubber dildo bounced about. He
continued. "Of course you might refuse to fight, then both of you will
be treated as LOSERS and the loser, you beautiful tight assed fuck
sluts, gets to be gang raped by us all" The tumultuous cheering from the
boys, allied with their sudden urge to unzip their flies, left the girls
in no doubt that he wasn't joking, and as one the two girls backed into
the centre of the ring.  Back to back they faced the group of horny boys
as Zak moved to climb out of the ring.
Rose, mouth wide open stuttered "but.. yo..o..ou ca..aaaan't do this"
She didn't get a chance to go any further Leila took one look at the
size of the dildo, stared at the twelve exposed cocks, and leering
faces, and decided she had no intention of losing.  With a scream she
launched herself at Rose. She grabbed Rose's cardigan and heaved it
downwards. Rose hampered by the woollen garment tight around her upper
arms, kicked out as Leila grabbed her skirt, and to cheers from the boys
dragged it from the taller girls waist. The young cheerleader threw the
skirt to one side and returned to the attack.
Her blue knickers exposed Rose managed to hitch the cardigan back up,
just in time, and turned to face the cheerleader as she attacked again.
Catching the lighter, shorter girl by the hair Rose tore at her bodice
and as the skimpy material parted to expose Leila's small budding
breasts thrusting against a too small sports bra the boys cheered and
shouted. From around the ring howls of lust filled the air as the boys
began to chant for which ever girl they fancied to win.
Circling each other the girls, hair all messed up and livid pink
lines across their skin where the others nails had raked, eyed up
their opponent looking for an opening. Rose sensed a chance and
fingers outstretched like claws, at Leila's face only to find the
younger more athletic girl had twisted out of the way. As Rose blundered
past her Leila jumped onto her back and reached around to grab at Rose's
chest. With a scream of pain Rose felt the young girls finger nails bite
into her tits, and she instinctively curled into a ball.
Taken by surprise Leila sailed over Rose's head to land with a crash
onto the matting. Rose dropped on her like a ton of bricks and crushed
the squirming girl beneath her. Pinning Leila's arms under her knees and
with her crotch on the young girls face Rose tore at her skirt, until
with a tearing sound the green and white material gave way and with a
cry of triumph Rose turned her attention to Leila's knickers. Feeling
the cloth being pulled hard up between her cunt lips Leila did the only
thing she could. opening her mouth wide she BIT!!!
With a scream of pain Rose fell backwards, clutching at her distressed
cunt lips. Around the ring boys shouted with glee as Leila surfaced
Roses gusset locked between her teeth. Spitting the pale blue cotton
from her mouth the young cheerleader shook her head to clear her mind
and tugged the gusset of her own knickers out of her young cunt. As Rose
squirmed in pain on the floor the younger girl heaved her onto her face
and sitting on Rose's back clawed at the blue cardigan. slowly Rose's
hands were forced from her tortured cunt to be stretched behind her as
if she was swimming butterfly.  Heaving and cursing, inch by inch Leila
dragged the woollen garment from her adversaries arms, until with a cry
of triumph from Leila and the sound of buttons being torn from their
mounts the cardigan came free. As it sailed across the ring Leila
grabbed Rose's chin and HEAVED.
Arched upwards by the young girl Rose's tits pushed against the
restraining blouse. Stretched beyond endurance one by one buttons popped
and boys cheered lewdly as Rose's blue bra sprang into view.  Leila
tried to shift position to grab the blouse only to find Rose, tears
streaming down her face from the pain and a trickle of blood oozing down
her thigh from where Leila's teeth had sunk into her sensitive lips,
rolling to meet her.
Despite being on top the lighter girl's face was raked by Rose's nails
and as she screamed from the pain and jerked backwards Rose grabbed to
one handhold she could, Leila's bra, with a ping the catch gave and as
the two girls broke apart, and came to their feet, the only sound around
the ring was heavy breathing as each and every boy took in the sight of
Leila, chest heaving stood only in a pair of knickers. Across the
cheerleader's face were livid streaks of crimson where Rose's nails had
scratched at her, whilst Rose relatively unscathed except for the
trickle of blood running down her thigh tried to pull her blouse back
across her tits.
It looked as though Rose still with blouse, bra and knickers, even if
they were flapping in the breeze would have an easy victory, and one by
one the boys began to shout what they wanted to do to the young
With eyes wild from fear Leila circled the larger girl and waited.  Rose
sensing her victory became rash and pounced forward, only to find the
black dildo smashed into her face. Unnoticed by anyone Leila had picked
up the  heavy black rubber phallus, and now used it as a cosh. Screaming
her rage she hit Rose again and again with the rubber dick. Rose's face
covered now with red marks had a trickle of blood oozing from the corner
of her mouth where the heavy black cock had smashed her lip back onto
pearly white teeth. Staggering back into the corner she shook her head
just as Leila caught the flying sleeve of her blouse.
With a shout of triumph the young girl heaved and Rose spiralled across
the ring her blouse being peeled from her body as she went. As Rose hit
the other corner Leila jumped onto her back and grabbed  at the blue
Sensing the attack Rose instinctively used her hands to clutch the cups
tight to her tits, and in a macabre dance the two girls pirouetted
around the ring, Rose trying to shake Leila loose whilst the lighter
girl was intent on only one prize, Rose's bra. Unable to heave it free
using strength alone the young cheerleader, fighting to maintain her
dominant position sank her teeth into Rose's shoulder. As the pain
welled up inside her Rose let go of the cups and reached back to grab at
Leila's hair. A tactical error, without her help the bra couldn't last
and as Leila fell backwards the light blue cups slid up exposing Rose's
large pink aureoled breasts. As the boys cheered to see them Rose
gagged, her bra had lodged around her throat and Leila pulling backward
with all her might was trying to choke her senseless. To howls of
triumph from Leila, Rose was dragged around the ring, frantically trying
to shake the constriction from around her neck, her face was flushed,
and her pink tits wobbled and shook on her chest as she fought for
breath.  With one last effort she slammed backwards into the corner
post, sandwiching Leila between the hard turnbuckles and her own body. 
With a whoosh Leila's breath was driven from her body and both girls
collapsed gasping to the floor.
On hands and knees the two girls faced each other, tits dangling they
struggled to their feet and once more faced each other in the centre of
the ring.
Naked except for what was left of their knickers, their breasts heaving,
nipples tight with exertion they warily watched each other.  Leila still
had the dildo and occasionally she would flick it out at Rose's face,
but the taller girl kept just out of reach.
Watching the two girls circling each other their breasts heaving, and
the knowledge that one was going to be gang raped was making Penny's own
juices flow and as she watched enthralled by the viciousness with which
the two girls had attacked each other, she felt the Master's fingers
stroking her cunt and she slipped forward in the chair lifting her
spandex skirt up around her waist to make his entry easier.
"I'm going to frig you to orgasm when that dildo goes in" he whispered
"and your voice will go onto the sound track" The thought that her
shouts of orgasm would impinge on the visual sight of one of the girls
being stuffed with the dildo made Penny so hot she reached down and
spread her moist lips to allow his fingers deeper into her sopping
pussy, and she watched almost without breathing as the two girls spat
and clawed at each other.
For maybe two minutes neither felt able to attack, and around the ring
the boys grew restive, and Penny grew wetter and wetter as the Master's
fingers delved and tickled her sensitive pink tube.  Suddenly with a
high pitched scream Leila pitched face first onto the canvas, Rose had
grabbed her hand and wrenched her off balance.  The large girl fell
across Leila's waist and tore at her knickers, bit by bit they were
stretched further and further up her ass cheeks until they had
disappeared and as the young girl screamed in agony from the pain Rose
clawed at the stretched cotton and as it tore and was pulled free the
boys cheered. Rose unable to grab the dildo began to pound on Leila's
ass cheeks, until the young girl was wailing in agony and her tight buns
glowed red from the assault. As Leila seemed to grow weaker beneath her
Rose sensed the time was right to make a grab for the dildo and leant
back to try and wrench it from Leila's hand.
Under the bigger girl the cheerleader felt the shift in weight, the move
she had been waiting for and heaved her buttocks up high.  Every person
in the room saw her gaping cunt and puckered ass as her thighs jerked
upwards and Rose with a gasp of surprise fell backwards onto the mat.
Leila came up still holding the black dildo and threw herself onto
Rose's flailing legs. Folding them upward she forced the bigger girls
knees either side of her head, and sitting on the back of Rose's knees
Leila clawed away the remnants of her knickers.  Folded as she was
Rose's private parts were clearly visible to everybody as Leila
positioned the giant dildo above her opponents tight cunt.
Penny nearly screamed herself as the Master's fingers plunged deep into
her own willing cunt and she watched spellbound as Leila rammed the
dildo downwards. Beneath the apparently victorious girl Rose screamed as
the Black phallus hit her cunt, but it was too large and Leila was
unable to penetrate the virgin lips. With a cry of frustration the young
girl grabbed at Rose's tender pink fringe and heaved them apart. Looking
at the dry entrance to Rose's cunt, and her prize, the cheerleader tried
again and again to plunge the dildo in. Finally defeated Leila heaved
and pulled on Rose's cunt lips then as every boy in the gym howled his
approval she leant forward and spat into the tight, dry hole. Then
licking like mad she began to try and moisten the larger girls twat to
enable the penetration she so needed. Beneath her Rose squirmed and
begged as the young cheerleader, licked up and down the virgin cunt
trying to get enough play to drive the black dildo into place. Lying
pinned her cunt and ass expose to everyone's eyes, Rose unable to do
anything but moan was throwing her head from side to side as the
cheerleader's tongue delved into her now glistening pink tube, until
with a shout of fear Rose pissed herself. Her mouth full of the acrid
water Leila jerked backwards and toppled from her safe perch only to
find Rose now in control.  Trying to reach with one hand for the dildo
Rose was spread-eagled over Leila's body her left hand reached for the
dildo and her right grabbed whatever it could to keep the screaming
cheerleader still.
Rose's right hand finally found a handhold. Her fingers plunged
violently into Leila's more experienced cunt and as all four fingers
flew deep into her young cunt the cheerleader tried to arch herself  of
the floor. The frantic movements of the young girls body forced Rose's
fingers in and out of her stretched hole. It looked for all the world as
if Rose was trying to frig her opponent into submission.
Groaning and screaming the two girls fought for control of the dildo,
until Leila sensing something to bite, let her teeth fasten onto Rose
In her attempt to reach the dildo Rose had moved up the young girls body
and her tit had fallen onto Leila's mouth. Rose shot upright in pain
dragging Leila with her. The cheerleader wasn't going to lose this
advantage and her teeth sawed on the aureole she had connected with, and
as Rose screamed in agony and tore at Leila's hair the young cheerleader
felt downwards for the black rubber dick and positioned it upright on
the floor beneath Rose's squirming hips .  With a final shout of triumph
Leila managed to position the dildo and with one almighty heave she
drove Rose's weight downwards onto the big black phallus.
As the black monster tore through Rose's hymen, Penny's own voice
screamed her release. The Master had thrust his fingers deep and his
thumb was flying up and down over her clitoris.  Despite her climax
Penny's eyes still watched the ring, Rose knelt sobbing in the centre of
the ring, the obscene dildo sticking from her virgin cunt, Penny felt
herself go over the top and again and again her screams of pleasure
echoed around the gym.  Leila jumping to her feet, danced round and
round shouting "I win, I win" as Zak and five or six other boys climbed
into the ring. Zak walked up to Rose and callously pushed her backwards
onto the canvas, as she lay there crying he pushed the dildo completely
into place and as she watched with terrified eyes he signalled the other
boys to begin.
Moving to Leila he caught her in the middle of her wild dance, and
turned her to face him "On Your Knees bitch!" he ordered and Leila a
look of amazement on her face stopped dead still and stared at him.
"But I won, I get to go free"
"You stupid little bitch, what on earth makes you think you go free? 
I've waited months to watch you suck my cock. DOWN ON YOU FUCKING
As Leila tried to back away he grabbed her hair and forced her to the
floor, and as the young girl struggled and sobbed he hit her hard across
the face. Then with a callousness that made even Penny squirm he turned
her to watch as the boys moved towards Rose. Each one held a length of
Bungee rubber , and as the virgin girl impaled on the black dildo,
sobbed and moaned, they were attaching it to her wrists and ankles. As
Zak held her Leila saw what they intended to do.
Pulling her back to face him Zak gave her an option "Now cunt, either
give me good head, or we've enough rope to fasten you alongside her.
Gulping back her tears Leila reached up and cradled his cock, with a
single sob of submission she leant forward and opened her mouth. 
"That's it baby, suck old Zak" crowed the boy, as across the ring echoed
Rose's shouts of fear as the boys lifted her waist high and stretched
her arms and legs into an obscene spread-eagle. From each wrist and
ankle a thick piece of rubber stretched to each corner post and there in
the middle of the ring Rose, a giant black dildo sticking from her cunt
shook uncontrollably as the boys clustered around her and told her what
they were going to do. Pawing and prodding the boys sucked and mauled
her tits as Rose her eyes wide with fear convulsed on her enforced
cross. Eventually one boy moved close to her head and smirking down at
the terrified girl he showed her his rampant cock. A full eight inches
long the circumcised rod dribbled pre-cum from its tip as he gloated at
Rose and said "See this baby. I'm going to stuff it right up your ASS!!"
Rose screamed and tried to tear herself free from her bonds as he moved
towards her feet. Her head jerked up to watch him as he stood between
her legs and taking her hips in his hands he moved between her thighs.
with a moan of pure terror the terrified virgin a giant black dildo
stuffed up her cunt screamed again, convulsed and SHIT HERSELF. The
brown turds squeezing from her ass only inflamed the youth waiting to
sodomise her and he punched her in the belly. "You fucking slut. Now
I'll have to piss up your shit tube as well, to get you clean enough to
shag". Rose's head fell back sobbing uncontrollably as he stepped
forward and spread her ass cheeks. "Anybody need a piss" he shouted, and
four boys lined up beside him as he held Rose's ass cheeks spread wide
and guided cock after cock into the brown opening of her shit tube. As
each boy released his stream of urine Rose would scream and shudder. Her
rectum filled with piss he would hold her ass open until it had all
streamed out again. After the four boys had finished pissing up Rose's
ass he declared her clean enough and once more he stood between her legs
his cock resting against her tiny shit hole.  "Ready to scream loud
baby?" he leered into Rose's streaming eyes and thrust forwards. not
just an inch or two but the whole length of his cock was thrust into the
young girls ass, and with one almighty scream of pain she jerked
uncontrollably on her ropes and fainted.  "SHIT!" muttered the boy
"Where's the fun in raping an unconscious bitch" "That's your hard luck
Tony" shouted Zak "You won the draw now fill her with your spunk and let
the others have a go" Muttering to himself the young buck rammed his
cock mercilessly into rose's unresponsive shit hole, until with a groan
of release he sent his spunk flooding inside her.
Withdrawing he moved to watch Zak as he continued to stand Leila's mouth
fastened around his cock. "enjoy your bit of Ass fucking Tony" asked Zak
as the youth stood beside him "Now watch and see how it can be more fun
if you keep them awake" As Penny watched Zak grabbed Leila's hair and
began to fuck her face. The young cheerleader gagged and tried to squirm
away as more and more of his cock disappeared. "Keep still bitch, or
I'll fucking drive my cock so deep you'll choke" threatened Zak, and
Leila her nostrils flaring to try and get some air gurgled and quivered
on his shaft. "watch Tony and see a cunt deep throat a real prick" Zak
tipped Leila's head into position and holding her tight her pushed the
final three inches of his cock into her mouth. As the two boys grinned
Leila, her airway closed by his invading gristle turned bright red, her
eyes bulging as he fucked her throat. just before she too became
unconscious Zak withdrew and telling her to keep her mouth open wanked
his cock all over her tongue. As the slimy spunk sprayed into her mouth
Leila tried to spit it out, but Zak screaming abuse at the young girl
held her mouth tipped up until she was forced to swallow every last
drop. finished with her Zak pushed her to the floor and turned his
attention to the unconscious girl in the middle of the ring. Rose's head
hung lifeless from her shoulders and Zak shouted at the boys to lift it
up before she was no good to any of them. Then sending Tony to fetch the
smelling salts and two water glasses he walked to the unconscious girl.
"Bring the other one here" he instructed and two boys grabbed the
cringing Leila and dragged her to the ringleaders side.
Looking at Leila as she cringed at his feet he reached over and pulled
the black dildo from Rose's cunt. coated in her virgin blood the dildo
gleamed under the gym's lights and Leila her eyes wide watched as Zak
held it in front of her face. "You're not a virgin are you Leila?" "No"
the young cheerleader whispered.  "Well I'll give you a choice. you can
either lick this clean, or you can sit on her belly and fuck yourself
with it. which do you prefer?" It was obvious to everyone that Leila
would prefer to do neither and as she looked at the blood covered
phallus her gullet jerked soundlessly, and she climbed to her feet, and
clinging to Rose's tits heaved herself up onto the unconscious girls
belly.  "that's a good girl now lift yourself up and I'll position this
nice black cock for your cunt to fuck.
Tears streaming down her face the cheerleader, with boys all around her
lifted her hairless cunt up and Zak with a wicked grin placed the blood
coated dildo vertically upwards on Rose's belly button.  "come on slut
fuck yourself good, or I'll ream your ass at the same time" Zak's threat
was enough, with a strangled moan Leila drove her young cunt deep onto
the black rubber, and as she thrust downwards her tight lips peeled the
blood away from the rubber and everyone could see the arterial red ring
around her cunt lips as she pounded up and down on the plastic cock.
holding onto Rose's tits for leverage the young girl started to moan
with unbidden lust as the rubber cock funnelled up and down her tight
tube.  "Oh god!" she moaned I'm going to cum, and as every boy cheered
the young girl shook and shuddered the black cock driven so deep that
none of it could be seen. Her fingers locked around Rose's tits were
leaving bright red marks as she fought to stay in place on the other
girl's belly, but she had crossed over now, all that mattered was her
own lust and she screamed her release to the ceiling, not caring how
many boys watched her as her own juices diluted the red ring and slowly
the black cock slipped from her slippery cunt.  Gasping in the throes of
her climax Leila was lifted from Rose's body and dragged to one side
where three boys immediately filled every hole.
One lying on the floor watched enthralled as Leila sank moaning around
his cock, only to be forced forward to allow another boy to enter her
tight shit hole. The scream that issued from her mouth was a mixture of
pain and pleasure as two cocks filled her tunnels and as she gasped and
moaned at the pounding, the third boy offered her his in the only hole
left. Reaching out Leila. stuffed his young cock into her waiting mouth
and for a few minutes the only sounds heard in the gym were muffled
sounds of joy as the boys filled her in three places at once with their
As a now wide eyed Leila lay back to accept another boy between her legs
Tony returned with the smelling salts and glasses.  Zak in answer to his
quizzical request about the use of the glasses, moved towards Rose's
tits. One by one he placed the glasses over her aureoles and taking a
straw pushed it inside the glass. Sucking on the straw, the boys cheered
as first one and then the other aureole and nipple were sucked into the
clear glass vacuum chamber. When Zak stood back Rose's tits were topped
with two glass enclosed bright red, puffed up aureoles and on top of
each her nipples usually only tiny buds of pink stood rigid and proud
nearly an inch long, quivering under the suction.
"Now its nearly time to wake her up" explained Zak, but first I need a
volunteer. Ten hands flew into the air and Zak chose the youngest
looking of the boys. "you can do it James. you can be the first to fill
her cunt with spunk. Are you ready?" The young boy went pink as he
looked down at his cock, dangling soft between his legs was a monster,
even flaccid it was nearly eight inches long, and Penny sat now on the
Master's lap creamed herself as she imagined it funnelling full sized
into her willing cunt.  Underneath her the Master laughed quietly "You'd
like that in you wouldn't you Penny Truman. Well you can't have him, not
today anyway, perhaps when you come back I'll get him to be your toy for
a night. right now I need you to keep focussed on being a prostitute and
you're not working very hard on me are you?" Penny turned to look into
his face as he smiled up at her, and she leant to kiss him. "I'm sorry
Master, I was saving myself for after.  Can I do anything for you?"
"Watch the ring, and when Rose wakes to find that cock inside her I want
you to fuck my cock. do you understand?" "Yes Master. I'll shag you so
good you'll cream up into my throat" "Now, now Penny he chided, don't
make promises I can't complete, just make sure I'm ready" Penny felt for
his cock as it rested along his thigh and gently squeezed it, reaching
down further she cradled his balls and rolled them in her hands. As she
felt his cock jerk she heard a quiet moan underneath her and her
sluttish heart was glad. He was enjoying her playing with his body.
In the ring Zak called out to the boy humping Leila's cunt. "Billy I
need that tart, you'll have to shag her doggy style. Bring her over
here" Climbing off the cheerleader Billy dragged her toward the centre
of the ring, and pushed her onto her hands and knees. "shit I was
enjoying that, can't she fuck me instead?"
"OK" said Zak "lie down on the floor", and Billy his cock sticking up
like a truncheon did as he was told.
"OK Leila sit on him and grind his cock, but at the same time I need you
to suck little James here into an erection" Leila her tits jiggling
settled onto Billy's engorged organ and groaned as it penetrated even
further than when he was between her thighs. Grinding her hips round and
round she had the boy underneath her gasping within a few seconds and
looked around for James.  The young boy, possibly no older than thirteen
moved forward, and when Leila saw the size of his dong her mouth dropped
open "What a whopper" she managed to say as he stood unsure of what to
do and Leila reached out to lift his eight inches to her waiting lips. 
running her hands up and down the shaft she peeled back his foreskin to
expose a shiny pink head and leaning forward she planted her lips on the
boys young member in a big sloppy kiss. James groaned and his eyes flew
wide open as the sluttish cheerleader sucked the tip of his cock into
her mouth, running her tongue round his glans she looked up to see the
teenager stood transfixed a beaming smile across his face as his cock
jerked and swelled. within a minute Leila was no longer able to
accommodate the swollen rod as it just seemed to grow and grow, and
eventually she had to settle for licking up and down the growing shaft
occasionally licking the pre-cum as it dripped from the tiny hole in the
centre of his helmet. Finally as his cock reached an amazing twelve
inches, and so thick that Leila couldn't get her hand round it James
pulled away. With a grunt of satisfaction the young boy turned to Zak
and said "I'm ready, can I really lose my virginity in her cunt?"
Hearing his admission of virginity Leila begged to be allowed to
accommodate him, but Zak slapped her down saying "Shut up slut, It's
only right that James should lose his virginity in another virgin.
Sluts like you will be queuing up for him later. I want him to feel at
least one tight cunt before he starts fucking slack sluts like you"
Turning back to the young boy Zak stared at the gigantic cock swelling
up between the young legs of the thirteen year old. With a whistle of
appreciation Zak grinned at him "James if the girls in your school knew
how big your prick was you'd have lost your virginity years ago. but now
you can deflower Rose and lose your virginity all at the same time" Zak
looked at the giant cock as it wavered in front of the young boy "Do you
think you can get that thing up her pussy?" "Don't know, but I'm going
to try" James stepped between the unconscious girls legs and whilst Tony
held her cunt lips wide worked his cock inside her pink, blood
splattered tube. Even unconscious Rose groaned as his cock stretched her
cunt wide and James a look of concentration on his face pushed harder.
"I've hit the top of her tube" he said as his cock hit an obstruction
with still four inches sticking out. "Now what do I do?" Zak called for
quiet, and Penny sitting with the Masters rampant cock rising between
her thighs licked her lips. she was ready, she was going to give the
Master the ride of his life, and rising up she positioned the Master's
thick cock at the entrance to her womanhood and waited, holding her
breath as Zak moved towards Rose's head.  "James, you're at the entrance
to her womb. When she wakes up I want you to drive forward as hard as
you can, until you feel your cock inside her womb. Then you can fuck her
silly. Understand?" The young boy, nearly on tiptoe to get level with
Rose's cunt nodded his readiness, and as he gripped Rose's hips Zak
placed the open bottle of smelling salts under her nose. For a few
seconds nothing happened then Rose coughed and helped by Zak lifted her
head. Her eyes opened wide as she registered the glasses sucking her
nipples so obscenely.
"NOW" shouted Zak, and with a grunt James lurched forwards. The final
four inches of his cock funnelled into Rose just as Penny dropped her
waiting cunt all the way onto the Masters prick. Rose eyes bulging, her
mouth in a silent scream, writhed on the elastic ropes as her virgin
cunt felt the size of the cock embedded in it and as  her cervix was
forced open to allow James's glans to slide into her very womb she
gurgled and froth appeared in her mouth. Eyes glassy she jerked herself
up and down as James raped her very essence.
The young man with whoops of joy crowed at the loss of his virginity as
beneath him Rose cried at the loss of hers and together they jerked and
juddered between the Bungee ropes. One in an ecstasy of joy the other in
paroxysms of fear and despair, as over to one side Penny ground her cunt
around the Master's cock and tickled his balls until his moans too were
endless, his pleasure complete as his London fuck slut shagged him
toward an unforgettable orgasm.
In the ring all the boys and Leila, stood silently watching as James,
his face flushed and sweating, pounded all twelve inches of his thirteen
year old monster up and down inside Rose's cunt. Reaching forward he
tore the glasses from her tits and grabbed the turgid handholds to
increase his leverage, and around his pounding cock, Rose's cunt began
to release fluids of its own to lubricate the way.  On every stroke now
the slurping sound as James pulled back was matched by the sound of
breath escaping from Rose's lungs as he plunged forward again, until
just as Penny felt the Master's cock embedded deep in her own body
shudder and begin to pulse jet after jet of life giving seed into her,
James screamed his release and fell froward across Rose's body. Even
from where she sat impaled on the Masters turgid rod Penny could see his
young balls jerking as his cock sent its own load of spunk barrelling
into Rose's virgin womb.
Pulling his still large cock from rose's cunt the young boy grinned and
moved to her head. With a gentleness that seemed to surprise everyone he
leant over and held her head up. Kissing her tenderly on her mouth he
said a simple "thank you" and walked away. Rose stared after him as he
left the ring, then turned her frightened eyes back to the crowd of boys
still standing around her and with grim determination croaked "Well come
on you bastards, if you're going to do it get on with it before I pass
out again" The first boy stepped between her legs and wiped his hand up
her cunt, then lifted it to show Rose his fingers coated in blood and
James's spunk. Already as the adrenaline rush left her from James's
pounding she was frightened again and she threw her head back in
disgust. A bit of a mistake as immediately another boy stepped forward
and held her head stretched down. Showing the sobbing girl a knife he
snarled "Open wide baby, I'm going to fill your mouth, and if you bite
I'll slice one of your tits off" Sobbing quietly Rose opened her crimson
lips and his cock slotted in between them as he moved backwards and
forwards Penny could see the ring of lipstick around his rod and
wondered how many of the boys would have such a ring before the night
was out.  As Rose struggled to take the cock invading her face the boy
between her legs positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and
holding her hips thrust forward. With a squeal that cold be heard even
through the cock gag in her mouth Rose jerked on the rope. Then working
in concert the two boys stood still and pushed her backwards and
forwards on the elastic ropes, so that she was fucking one and sucking
the other.
The Master lifted Penny of his lap and turned her to look at him, as her
cunt dripped gobs of his own spunk onto his thighs "You are a little
whore aren't you Penny. you're actually enjoying watching their
Penny grinned down at him as she gently wanked herself again with one
hand whilst the other was busy lifting gob after gob of his spunk to her
lips, and smiled. "Seeing them there I'm nearly pissing myself wondering
what you intend for me"He threw his head back and laughed "You'll find
out soon enough, You incorrigible little slut, but first I want you to
watch this"
Her attention once more on the two girls Penny felt her stomach muscles
tighten as one boy jumped onto Rose's belly and as she bounced up and
down with cocks at both ends he slotted his cock between her pink
breasts and squeezing them together began to fuck her tits. Penny could
see his thick cock slipping in and out between the tortured orbs as he
cruelly forced them together to make a warm soft tube for his cock and
just as both boys pulled their cocks out of Rose and let their spunk fly
over her face and lower belly the boy between her tits grunted and his
cock released streams of spunk all across her tits.
Leila left for the moment was siting on the floor trying to get her
breath when Zak hoisted her to her feet and brought her forwards "Does
little Leila like the taste of spunk?" jeered Zak, as the fucked ,
buggered and filled girl squirmed he pushed her towards Rose. "come on
Leila show us how much you love good spunk, lick all this off Rose. As
Penny stared in disbelief the young girl had her face pushed onto Rose's
body and slowly, very slowly she was made to lick up every drop of the
spunk the boys had deposited. When she reached Rose's lower belly the
young girl tried to pull back but Zak held her tight and snarled "It's
only a little virgin blood slut.
LICK IT UP or I'll tie you to her fanny"
Leila gagging and sobbing licked up the pink tinged spunk and as soon as
she had swallowed it staggered to the side of the ring and collapsed
heaving into a water bucket.
The boys laughed at her discomfort, then dragged her back to the centre
and threw her face down over Rose's tortured body.  Rose revived enough
to scream as the extra weight nearly dragged her arms from their
sockets, and her wails were joined by Leila's as the boys dragged her
knees and elbows together under Rose's back and tied them there. With
both her cunt and ass exposed Leila stared wide eyed at Harvey as he
stood in front of her, his large circumcised cock jerking in front of 
her face, he smirked down and said "Now my little cheerleader cum slut,
Whilst the boys shag Roses face and cunt I'm going to make you scream"
The sobbing girl looked up at him and pleaded "what are you going to do?
I've been shagged , buggered, and made to swallow spunk what else can
you do to me?"
The Master lifted Penny from her chair and started to lead her away.
"Come on Penny time for your ordeal now?"
But Penny held back she watched enthralled as Harvey took a deep breath
and shouted "I'm going to give you a drink of ..................PISS"
The last thing Penny heard as the Master led her from the set was a
strident and never ending "NOOO...oooooooooooooooooooooooo" as Harvey
moved closer to Leila's mouth.

Penny's Mistake - Chapter 15 - A Whore at Last
Taking Penny back to the set she had seen earlier The Master introduced
her to Vince. A vicious looking man with dark greasy hair, He looked
latin and the Master explained that Vince was her pimp. He was all that
stood between Penny and the punters so she better do whatever he
instructed her too, as he could be a right bastard if the mood took him.
Penny stared at the man as he licked his lips and tapped one fist into
the palm of his other hand and eyed her up and down. Reaching out to
squeeze one of Penny's breasts through the plastic sleeve he asked "This
one been giving you trouble boss?" His question to the Master left Penny
in no doubt this man had ben conditioned, She could expect nothing but
what he would mete out to any girl the Master sent to work these dingy
streets.  And the Master's reply sent shivers of fear coursing through
her body "Yes, this cunt can be used for anything you like. Nothing is
too low for her. Understand?"
Vince's face cracked into a grin that showed a mouthful of grimy teeth
and Penny cringed away as he reached out. "Come here slut!" He barked
and dragged her close. She could smell the stench of his rotten teeth as
he held her close. "You and Me is going to make good money tonight
Darlin'. I've already passed the word that there's a new girl available.
The perv's will be out in force tonight"
The Master signalled him away and Vince as if interested in the cracks
in the pavement drifted across the road. Turning to Penny the Master
asked "Can you do it my little London slut?" Penny eyes aglow with fear
and excitement looked up into his face, he had given her, her most
fervent wish, a chance to be a real, anything goes, prostitute. Common
as Muck she would serve any man that wanted to abuse her body, any way
they paid her to.
"Master, I'll do it I'll give you a film that will earn you thousands.
I'm ready to do anything for you"
He smiled at her, and his final words would ring in her brain for weeks.
"If you survive this Penny Truman. I'll fulfil any wish you make short
of marrying you"
As he walked away Penny's heart leapt into her throat, could she
possibly do this without conditioning or would she shy away at the last
minute. Oh well it was too late to worry now Vince was returning and any
minute her ordeal would begin.
Vince stood and looked her up and down, once again he licked his lips,
and as Penny watched he reached out and once again fondled her tits
through the plastic. Then turning her slowly round he read the tattoos
on her exposed body. As she turned back towards him he leered into her
face. "Fuck me Sister, the boss got it in for you, your going to earn me
at least fifty quid before ten, then the perv's will really start
arriving, and at those prices you're going to have to work real hard."
Penny gulped as his hand reached for her cunt and without any preamble
he dragged her towards him. "We've got about half an hour before anyone
starts arriving here. Why don't you and me get acquainted cunt" As his
foetid breath cascaded over her senses Penny reeled back, only to feel
his fingers tighten in her hair, and he dragged her struggling into the
dark alley. "You fucking bitch" he snarled, "don't you ever pull away
from me again" and Penny held tight in his grip felt herself being
forced to the floor. As the cold cobbles smashed into her knees Penny
felt her face being pulled tight into his crotch. "come on you cunt,
show me how you work, you slut!"
Penny, eyes full of tears from the pain in her knees reached up and
fondled the filthy man's dick through his trousers. "Get it out, you
fuck slut!" He shouted. "We haven't got all fucking night. Whip it out
and suck me off into your mouth"
With trembling hands Penny unzipped his fly and reached past a pair of
filthy underpants to release his cock. As it sprang into view she nearly
chocked. Even from arms length she could smell the unwashed cock, and as
his hand pulled her forwards she silently prayed that he would let her
use a rubber on the disgusting flesh. Vince had no such intention and
bucking wildly rammed his already hard cock at her face. "Come on slut,
suck my cock or by god I'll fucking pound you into the floor and give
you to the perverts" As he spoke his hand slapped the side of her head
and Penny, tears streaming down her face, opened her mouth and allowed
the slimy, dirty cock to fill her  mouth. more in self defence than
desire she reached up and started to wank the filthy rod with one hand
whilst cradling his balls with the other.
Vince's head rolled back and he grabbed the back of her head "Yeah
that's it baby, give old Vince good head and he might let you off
without a fucking."
Penny gagging on the filthy cock, grunted as it filled her mouth and
prodded the back of her throat. With anguished fervour her hand flew up
and down his shaft and she could feel the slimy stale 'cheese' from his
unwashed tool coating her hand. She felt defiled and dirty as the
vicious pimp shagged her mouth and as he grunted once more she felt the
tip of his cock flex and a stream of spunk flew to the back of her
throat. Just a couple of spurts late ran Vince was done.  Shoving Penny
backwards away from him.
As she sat there, in the dirty alleyway, her skirt up around her waist
he snarled "You'll have to do, now get out there and earn me some money.
If I've not got my fifty by Ten your going to wish you'd never been
As the pimp moved away Penny struggled to her feet and spat as much of
his filthy spunk from her mouth as she could, but the taste of his
filthy cock haunted her as she re-arranged her skirt and on the four
inch stiletto's the old women had dressed her in staggered out to the
Stood under the dim light, on that dingy backstreet in Fleetwood Penny
Truman felt her resolve start to crumble. If Vince was any indication of
what the night would hold she knew there was no way she could maintain
the illusion, another bastard like him and she would be crying for the
Master to save her. She watched as Vince disappeared into the shadows
and she was left alone.  For half an hour she stood and watched as man
after man walked by, some would look at her body and grin, others just
stared at the floor and hurried past as if she was an undesirable alien,
but then she noticed him, in his fifties he wandered past once, then
again, his eyes raking her body. Penny could see that he wanted her, but
was either too shy or afraid to make the first move.  As he sauntered
past again she slid in front of him, and as his gullet pounded up and
down in his throat she begged "Hello darlin' got a cigarette?"
He flushed red and reached into his pocket to produce a pack of Embassy,
with shaking hands he held the pack out, and Penny made sure her fingers
lingered on his as she took the proffered cigarette. As he jerked away
and went to move on she slinked closer.  "Got a light lover?"
Once again his startled eyes raked up and down her body as she leant
close and cradled his hands in hers. sucking on the cigarette she smiled
up into his blushing face. "Come on darlin' how's about a good time.
Only five for a blow job, and I'll even swallow it all for ten" His
mouth opened, but no sound came out, and Penny clutching her advantage,
squirmed against him. "Come on lover, I can feel your big cock, wouldn't
you love to see it shagging my ass" Her hand reached down to stroke his
growing cock, and through the thin trousers Penny could feel a measly
six inches of gristle, but she had no intention of letting this one
escape, and she caught his hand and pulled it between her legs. "Feel
how wet I am Mister, I lust for your big cock to shag me" His eyes were
like two saucers as he groaned "how much to do it naked, and let me suck
your tits" Penny holding his hand dragged him towards the alley. "For
thirty I'll suck you good then let you fuck my cunt, but I'm not
stripping right off outside. you can suck my tits, but no kissing" All
he said was "OK" and Penny held out her hand.  With shaking fingers he
opened his wallet and handed her three ten pound notes, but Penny saw
the thick wad nestled inside and knew that once she had him aroused she
would get more.  Leading him by the hand she hurried down the alley onto
the waste ground and picking a worn mattress she pushed him down. As he
lay there his face turned upward she reached out and undid his zip. From
inside she levered his tiny cock and making sounds of lust fastened her
hand around the measly six inches "What a whopper she said as her mouth
slotted over his trembling cock, I'm going to love fucking it." As he
gasped beneath her she expertly wanked it to full size and hitching her
skirt up and reaching down to spread her uncovered cunt lips she
straddled his heaving stomach. His hands reached up to grab at her tits
but she batted him away. "You paid to suck, not squeeze, baby" she
reminded him "now get your mouth ready". As his tongue ran round his
lips she lifted the top of her jacket and pulled it over her tits. Then
grinding on his cock she leant forward and fed first one nipple then the
other into his mouth. Penny nearly screamed as he suctioned on her tits
like a vacuum cleaner and it was all she could do to stop herself from
coming as his tongue raked across her nipples, but she held on and
moaned "Oh big boy, I bet you'd love to stick your big prick up my Ass"
Underneath her the man groaned and bucked upwards.  "Come on baby
another ten and you can shag my ass, and squeeze my tits. come on baby,
use me like a real man" The taunt was enough, he lifted her bodily from
him and reached for his wallet again. "you little slut, I'm going to
make you scream" he boasted as he threw another note at Penny. Then
hoisting her over he positioned her doggie fashion and knelt between her
thighs. "You're going to scream now cunt!" and he heaved forwards. 
Penny did scream, not because his tiny cock hurt her, but because his
fingers had clenched like iron rods around her tits and as he grunted
and heaved like a madman into her shit hole he yanked and pulled on her
tits until she thought they would be torn from her body. Luckily for
Penny it only lasted a few seconds. She felt him judder and a small
amount of spunk dribbled into her cunt, and with a presence of mind that
surprised her she moaned a pretend orgasm as his tiny cock dwindled and
fell from her anus.
clambering to her feet Penny pulled her top down, and rearranged her
skirt. She didn't need to worry about his cum seeping out there hadn't
been enough to worry about, but he was beaming all over his face as he
tossed another fiver at her and said "Best shag I've had for ages. how
much to use the strap?"
Penny had forgotten about the strap, but now she wondered just how much
someone would pay and quoted the first figure that came into her head.
"Fifty, minimum  then fiver a shot after ten, and that includes a fuck"
"How much to hire you by the hour?"
"Depends what you want lover boy, but I don't come cheap" As he fastened
his trousers and walked resolutely away he called back over his
shoulder. "I'm going to see some friends might come back later"
Penny arrived back at her lamppost to find Vince waiting "Give" was all
he said and held out his hand.
Penny handed him the thirty pounds, but a fist ploughing into her
stomach dropped her gasping to the floor and Vince fist ready to strike
again grinned down at her "NO you fucking stupid bitch. I get ALL the
money. I saw him give you more to fuck your ass, and a tip now hand it
Penny handed him the other two notes and he looked at her with
undisguised wonder. "Fuck ME! you little slut Forty five quid and its
not even eight O'clock. I'm going to the pub you'd better have another
fifty ready for when I get back" and dragging her to her feet he held
her dangling by her hair, and threatened  "Don't get any ideas about
welching on me darlin', if you've not got fifty when I get back. I know
a few rough lads that would love to fuck you senseless to make the
money" Dropping Penny back to the floor he stuffed her money into his
pocket and wandered jauntily off down the road whistling tunelessly to
Left on her own Penny, without any protection now, was forced to try and
stay as close to the light as she could. For half an  hour she saw
nobody, except a couple of cars that sped by and she was beginning to
wonder whether or not she would get any more customers when round the
corner came two burly Irish Navies. Penny took one look and backed into
the alleyway, two massive drunken Irishmen was not her idea of fun
especially without Vince around to protect her if anything went wrong.
But it was too late they had seen her and without so much as a break in
their step they walked directly towards her.
Penny stared at the two men as they positioned themselves either side of
her, and she could smell the beer on their breath as they eyed her up
and down.
"Jeezuz" muttered one "Will you look at the colleen Michael, She's got a
fucking price list" "Indeed, indeed" muttered Michael as his ham like
fist fastened over Penny's mouth. "and do you think she'll earn her
money" The two men lifted Penny's arms high above her head and as she
opened her mouth to scream the first stuffed it full of paper. "There's
forty quid there darlin'. That's all were giving you. Now be a good girl
and shut up" Penny tried to spit the paper out, but one of the men
reached up and placed a piece of wide sticky tape over her mouth.  "Now
then darlin' let's see what we've bought" With a big grin he heaved her
skirt up around her waist and reached down to cradle her cunt in his
hand. Still held with her hands high Penny squirmed on his hand as it
clutched her mound and the Irishman laughed. "Patrick my son, This one
will give us lots of fun. Here or there?" On the other side of her Penny
heard a zip being pulled down as Patrick got ready "Here Michael, here.
I can't wait to fuck the slut" Penny groaned through her paper gag as
she felt her self being forced forward, and Michael heaved her tight top
over her head and pushed her arms down. "Will you look at them titties
Patrick, they'll be good for a nice squeeze" "Never mind that" groaned
the Man behind her as she felt his cock pressing against her cunt. "look
at her ass" Penny's knees buckled as she heard the men read the crude
words on her buttocks and then they saw the tattoo on her shoulder
blades.  "Fuck me!" was all Michael said as his cock barrelled into
Penny's cunt. Lifted from the floor by his monster cock Penny felt the
tears spring into her eyes as he stroked the leather strap across her
wobbling ass cheeks, and held suspended above the floor she screamed
into here gag as his cock at one end and Patrick's hands at the other
held her of the floor.
"WHACK" the leather strap hit her cheeks and she juddered, Again and
again Michael hit her buttocks with the strap and Penny felt her cunt
tighten around his cock with fear as in front of her Patrick unzipped
his cock and placed it in front of her mouth. "See this bitch it's going
down your throat. If you'se scream when I take the tape of. I'll smash
your pretty face to a pulp" Penny did scream a little as the tape was
torn from her mouth and the paper money that had been filling it fell
onto the floor, but not for long.
You can't scream when your mouth is filled with nine inches of thick
gristle and as Penny gurgled and gagged on his cock the Irishman reached
under and gripped her tits. Unable to do more than pray for it to end
Penny shafted from both ends at once shuddered and jerked as the two men
took her. This wasn't sex, it was pure unadulterated rape. With no
feelings for Penny at all the two men thundered in and out of both ends
of her body. The pain in her mouth, as one cock stretched and tore at
her lips  was only matched by the throbbing of her ass cheeks as Michael
used the strap to pound her buttocks into a flaring furnace .
Just as she was about to black out Penny felt Michael shudder and her
cunt was filled with a stream of spunk that seemed to go on and on.
Behind her she heard the Irishman swear "Shit, Patrick I've gone and
pissed up the cunts twat" Horrified, Penny now knew that what was
filling her wasn't endless streams of life giving spunk but the bastards
urine as he relieved himself of pint after pint of beer. She could feel
her belly swelling as he continue to piss, and in her face Patrick
stopped his cock just inside her mouth and grunted "fuck, Michael did
you have to say that, now look what you made me do" and his own cock
jerked and Penny's mouth was filled with the acrid taste of yet more
urine as he too unloaded his beer tally.
She tried to twist sideways to allow the acrid gushes of stinging piss
to fall from her mouth but her held her lips closed around his cock and
laughed as she nearly choked on the steady stream. "Come on girl drink
it all down, seems a shame to waste good beer" Gagging and spluttering
Penny swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the stinking stream as in her
cunt Michael his own stream ended waited for Patrick to finish. The pain
in Penny's belly from the distended muscles was beginning to become
unbearable when Patrick finished and withdrew his now soft cock from her
mouth. The two men lifted Penny upright and she staggered back against
the wall, only to be pulled out into the light of the lamppost.
"Come on slut, piss it out" snarled Patrick and Penny spreading her cunt
lips wide watched as pint after pint of golden water cascaded from her
sore twat to splatter on the ground, bouncing up the golden stream
splashed against her tights and as the two Irishmen staggered away
laughing uproariously at how they had debased her Penny sobbed under the
light, as the last trickles of pee trickled down her thigh to soak into
the top of her stockings.
Penny didn't know how long she stood there in her shame, but slowly she
recovered her senses and staggered back into the alleyway. There on the
floor, soaked in urine lay a bundle of wet notes and as she carefully
counted the money it crossed her mind that at least she only needed ten
more pounds to keep Vince off her back when her returned.
Trying to dry herself as best she could Penny carefully removed and
wrung out her tights. Then as the pain of her buttocks returned to haunt
her she tore of the belt and threw the strap into the bushes.  Enough
was enough. being fucked and buggered was one thing but if she was going
to stay here all night the Master would have to do without watching her
being pounded into a bloody pulp.  Then it hit her she had threatened to
scream his name every time she had a customer and so far she hadn't done
it. Inside her fevered brain came the realisation that he would be
disappointed with her attempt to be a real gutter slut. Smoothing her
clothes down she walked steadfastly back to her post. She would show
him. nothing would be too degrading she would do whatever anybody asked
her too. She would make him proud of her and she stepped back into the
light. The yellow light caused her tights and top to shimmer from their
dampness but Penny didn't care any more. As a car came round the corner
she moved into full view and pouted her lips towards the driver and
hitched her skirt high to show her exposed hairless cunt and wiggled her
With a screech of brakes the car skidded to a stop and a fresh faced
youngster, hardly old enough to drive gawped at her. Sliding into the
passenger seat she reached over and stroked his thigh. "looking for
business?" she leered at him. "I'll give you a good blow job for a
fiver, and I'll even let you fuck my nice tight pussy for ten.  what do
you say lover boy?"
The youth just sat staring at her tits through their plastic coating, as
she stroked his growing young cock through his trousers, and silently
handed over ten pounds.
"This way you big cocked stud" indicated Penny and the car leapt
forward. Within a couple of minutes she had taken him to a small dimly
lit car park and as he put the handbrake on she reached across and undid
his zip.
As he levered himself up from the seat she fastened her mouth around his
swelling cock and as her tongue rasped across his young helmet she
wanked it to full arousal. Then settling back into the passenger seat
she lifted her legs high  and spread her cunt lips wide. "Come on lover,
fill my love tube. fuck me with your great bog cock you are my MASTER"
The youth struggled across his gear stick and holding her legs under the
knees stabbed at her cunt. Once, twice his bulb missed then Penny
reached down and guided his inexperienced shaft into her waiting maw.
With the haste of youth he plundered her fanny as Penny screamed her
lust to the sky. "Oh yes MASTER, Fuck me you big bastard, give me your
seed you fucking big cocked stud" Driven by her screams the young man
increased his stroke rate and Penny imagining the man she most wanted to
ravage her, came around his young cock as he pounded her cunt with every
muscle he had.  Moaning "Master, Master, Master" on every stroke Penny 
felt his cock jerk and suddenly as he gasped in her face she felt his
seed spilling into her. She couldn't stop herself, out of character or
not she cradled his fresh face in her hands and kissed him. He jerked
back alarmed and almost pushed Penny from the car in his haste to escape
his wanton lust. As she stood in the dark car park and watched the car
scream away Penny realised that now she had to walk back to the lamppost
and resolved to make sure they took her back in future.  Leaving the
dismal car park. Her cunt dripping spunk she noticed an old man huddled
in the shadows. "Get a good look grandpa?" she quipped as she walked
past only to find the old man shuffling along behind her. "I wanna blow
job" he croaked as he drew level.  Penny stared a the dishevelled old
tramp. "you got the money granddad?"
He fumbled in his pockets and as Penny watched drew forth from amongst
dirty old hankies and bits of paper a small collection of coins. He
stumbled over to a nearby bus shelter and sat on the bench counting his
money. Penny watched his avaricious old face as he mumble to himself and
considered running as fast as her stilettos would let her away from the
disgusting smelly tramp, but inside her a voice reminded her that this
was the Master's film, and he had said some of it was scripted, perhaps
this was a test of her resolve to be a slut for any and everybody that
wanted to use her. Taking a deep breath she moved froward to where the
old man still muttered and mumbled to himself " Eight twenty, Eight
forty, Eight ninety" Penny move closer and crouched at his feet. "It's
only a fiver for a blow job, old man, you've got enough. Come on let
Penny get your cock" and she reached for his flies.
With an oath he jerked backwards and for a second his face showed alarm.
"No, no" he muttered and carried on counting. "Nine sixty five, Nine
seventy" Again Penny tried to tell him that he already had enough but
his rheumy eyes swivelled up to stare into her face and his lips cracked
into an avaricious grin. "No, no missy, I want piss" Penny hands on hips
stared down into his sad eyes and holding herself as erect as she could
said "It's twenty for you to piss over me, you dirty old bastard, and
that includes a blow job first" He shook his old head and sat head bowed
on the seat of the bus shelter. Penny reaching forward reminded him he
already had enough for a blow job, and she would swallow it for free if
he wanted.
He shuddered then, and his eyes slowly turned up to watch her face, as
he slipped from the seat onto the floor and opened his mouth. his tongue
darted in and out as his eyes tried to focus on Penny stood towering
above "No, no" he muttered again " I want to lick you and feel your piss
in my mouth"
Penny nearly laughed at the thought of a man paying her to abuse him but
held out her hand for his money and carefully counted out exactly ten
pounds before handing him back the rest.  Hitching up her skirt she
moved towards him and as his tongue flicked out to slide across her cunt
lips she shuddered. The old man, his hands firmly on the floor behind
him used nothing but his tongue, as moment by moment Penny felt her cunt
become alive. She reached down and pushed her hips forward to allow him
easier entry by spreading her cunt lips wide, and up inside her tube she
felt his tongue snake like a length of mobile rubber and she groaned
with lust as he started to lick as far back between her legs as he
could.  Penny groaned as he managed to reach back as far as her ass hole
and she felt his tongue probe her tight puckered opening.  Legs spread
as wide as she could she shuffled forward and then leaning against the
side of the shelter exposed every bit of her crack to his delving,
prehensile organ. As she gasped and grunted with lust  above him the old
man sucked and slurped between her cunt and her ass, until with a scream
of pleasure Penny started to climax. Shuddering on his tongue she lost
all idea of where she was, and as she groaned "Yes Master lick me out
make me scream with joy" her mind was flooded with light. Writhing on
the old man's tongue she sensed the light wasn't in her head and looked
up to see a line of faces staring at her from the windows of the bus.
Grinning men and horrified women watched as the beautiful slut squirmed
in ecstasy on the old tramps tongue and as the enormity of it hit her
Penny felt her stomach constrict in shame and the last thing anyone on
the bus saw, as it pulled away, was Penny a stream of piss flowing from
her cunt as beneath her an old tramp swallowed mouthful after mouthful 
of the yellow liquid.
Gasping Penny staggered away from him as the tramp wiped a grimy hand
over his wet lips and grunted. "For another fiver will you crap on me
Penny stumbled  away from the dirty minded old man, her one thought to
get as far away from the perverted dirty old tramp as she could.  Head
reeling as she moved back towards the street where Vince would be
expecting her, and through her mind passed the disgrace of being watched
pissing into a tramp's mouth by a bus full of people.  What did she
think she was doing? she only wanted to be a slut, having sex with
whoever would pay her , why had the Master let this happen, this was
totally degrading.
Then. like a blow to her head, it hit her and she stuttered to a
complete stop. Then  with a radiant smile on her face she turned and
marched back to where the old tramp still sat. There clutched in his
grubby hand was a crisp clean brand new five pound note. The disparity
between the dirty old man and the mint condition note was as clear an
indication as Penny could imagine that the Master was sending her a sign
that this was a real test of her desire. First taking the proffered note
she slipped it into her bra then lifting her skirt high again she turned
her back to the old man and crouched above his face again.  Now his
tongue worked one hole only. Funnelling up inside her anus she could
feel the rough sides scratching against her sensitive lining and as she
gritted her teeth and tried to think of other things her rectum grew
tight around his probing tongue, and then she felt it. The ripple of ass
muscles as they went into peristalsis and down her shit tube was
squeezed a big brown turd. As it entered the world she felt the old man
reach up and spread it over her ass, and staring between her legs, ready
to tell him to stop, she saw his eyes. Hidden from the cameras, no
,longer rheumy and unable to focus, instead as her crap was moulded into
her buttocks she saw the eyes of the man who was testing her. The old
tramp was none other than her Master and as she realised it Penny crowed 
the words "Oh Master , YE..EES, cover me with my own SHIT!!!!" Propelled
forwards by the force of the hands spreading her own shit all over her
ass Penny suddenly shot upright with a shout of alarm as two resounding
slaps crashed against her buttocks, and turning her hands rubbing her
stinging cheeks she saw him disappear back into the shadows.
Still rubbing Penny descended from her sexual high to realise she was
smearing her own shit over her buttocks, and as the realisation crowded
into her mind she started to shiver in disgust and searched for
somewhere to hide whilst she worked out what to do next.  Across the
road, the public conveniences beckoned and as soon as the road appeared
clear of traffic she staggered as fast as she could, her high stilettos
clicking on the tarmac as she raced across the road skirt still held up
round her waist, towards the safety of the ladies toilet.
Once inside Penny  looked at herself. Her ass coated brown was sore from
the pounding the Irishman had given her, and between her legs her cunt
inflamed by the old tramp's tongue glowed bright red. Penny backed up to
one of the sinks and using the cold water, and some toilet roll from one
of the cubicles slowly cleaned herself up. God did she look a sight, her
skirt was flecked with piss spots and although she had removed the crap
from her buttocks she could still smell her faeces where they had been
rubbed into the fabric of her skirt. Penny shuddered as she went to a
cubicle and flushed the used paper away. Sitting there head in hands on
a cold toilet seat she relived the indignities already heaped on her
this evening and considered whether or not she should just sit here and
wait for the Master to find her. But it was no good the thought of more
men to fuck and suck started to impinge on her sluttish brain and Penny
with the realisation that despite everything she was enjoying this
straightened herself out combing her hair and straightening her skirt
and top she didn't look too bad, and even though her bottom still
tingled the pain was diminishing. As a final preparation for returning 
to her lamppost she started to adjust her stocking seams.  Heavy
footfalls approaching up the gravel path sent Penny scurrying back into
her cubicle just as into the toilets walked a pair of policewomen.
Holding her breath Penny held the door closed as they washed their
hands, and she waited for them to leave so that she could get back to
her own beat and Vince.
Then her heart froze as a deep, but feminine voice echoed around the
toilet "Did you see that slut in the bus stop. That old tramp was
smearing shit all over ass. I bet she's been well paid for THAT!" Penny
fearing discovery nearly pissed herself with fear and clasped a hand
over her mouth to stifle the small scream that had nearly escaped, as
the other replied "Better paid than we are Sarge, although I'd have
given her a few quid to let me do that" "What do you mean Constable, you 
like playing with shit!" Penny could almost feel the confusion in the
younger policewoman's reply.  "No, No I didn't mean that Sarge it's just
that this job, well we're always bossing blokes around. That slut was
being used, I wish, just sometimes someone would use me like that."
Penny heard the door slam shut, and then the young woman's voice crept
up half an octave "Sarge, what are you doing?" "I'm going to teach you
about being used, my little flower petal.  now come here!"
Penny couldn't resist raising her head to watch as the burly policewoman
pushed the young constable back against the wall, and pinning her there
kissed her full on her pouting mouth.  The young constable wriggled and
struggled as her Sergeant held her close and ran her hands all over the
younger woman's body. "This what you mean petal, being made to perform
for someone against your will. Feeling used enough?"
The young constable her skirt up around her waist with the sergeant's
thick fingers stroking over her mound, didn't answer she couldn't, her
mouth was being held tight against the sergeant's mighty boob, and even
from where she stood peeping wide eyed over the top of the door Penny
could see her throat jerking up and down as she suckled on the sergeants
giant nipple. For maybe five minutes the macabre dance continued as the
sergeant peeled the younger woman's black tights down round her knees
then pulled the gusset of the girls knickers to one side and ground two
of her fingers into a ginger framed pussy, the young constable moaned
and her hands reached up to free the sergeants other breast. Willingly
now the young constable was moulding the plump breasts between her hands
and feeding first one nipple then the other into her mouth. As Penny
watched the sergeant's face became redder and redder, her breath
shortening into gasps of delight as the young firm bodied constable
writhed on her fingers and suckled her giant bouncing tits.  Older and
more experienced the sergeant judged the time was right to move things
forward, and suddenly she stepped back leaving the young constable
gasping in front of her.
The  constable stood mouth open, chest heaving in front of her. "Oh
Sarge" moaned the young girl and fell to her knees in front of the older
woman. "Will you take me? Use me please" The Older woman reached behind
herself and produced her handcuffs.  "Over there!" she ordered and
taking the younger woman to the washbasin, handcuffed her wrists to the
waste pipe of the sink so that she had to stand bent forward her
regulation skirt stretched across muscular buttocks and thighs. Then
taking her truncheon from her pocket she lifted the younger woman's
skirt to expose the stretched tights still round the constable's knees,
then continued lifting until her large white knickers were fully exposed
and very slowly using the jet black shaft of wood she teased the gusset
to one side and leered at the younger woman. "I'm going to take you my
dear, but whilst I do you're going to do a bit of cunt cleaning for me."
"What do you mean?" asked the young obscenely spread constable, "how can
I lick your cunt whilst you are doing me?" Wheeling with a speed that
surprised Penny the older woman turned and faced her. Hard blue eyes
bored into Penny's terrified face peeping over the toilet door "Come
here SLUT!" she barked, and Penny terrified of what might happen if she
refused and fearing the possibility that she might be arrested slowly
opened the door and stepped into the main body of the toilet.
Seeing Penny step out of the cubicle the young policewoman eye's wide
and framed with a mass of blond curls groaned "No Sarge, please No. Not
with her she's a prostitute" "Oh shut up constable, this is my patch and
I don't allow any dirty prostitutes to work it, so you can clean her out
while I shaft you.  And if you don't my dear little constable a quick
radio call to the nick and we'll have a really nice party of our own
with the watch won't we?"
Turning to Penny she looked her up and down, then prodding her tits
through their clear plastic with her truncheon she said "you can take
that off" Penny hastened to do as she was told.
"Now climb onto the wash basin in front of my young friend" Again Penny
did as she was told and sat facing the young constable now pulling
backwards as far as she could from Penny's presence.  "Lift your skirt
and spread your legs tart. and when my young friend here comes back to
you make her lick you clean. Do you understand me?" Penny wide eyed
nodded her understanding as between her legs the constable begging and
struggling moaned "No Sarge, not like this. I don't want to do this"
"That's not what you said when the Inspector shagged you in the staff
kitchens, and filled your cunt with cream was it  constable.  Everybody
knows he got the cook to lick it our again didn't she Now shut up and
get ready to be filled by my trusty friend" As Penny watched the
Sergeant forced the young constables legs wider and wider apart until
her knickers were deep into the crack of her ass then the older woman
rubbed soap over the tip of her truncheon and positioned it at the
entrance to the sobbing constables cunt.  As the young woman fought to
stay away from Penny's glistening cunt her mouth opened into a wide 'O'
as behind her six inches of polished ebony funnelled into her cunt. As
the soap began to froth inside her Penny could see the foam around the
black shaft as the sergeant stroked it backward sand forward inside her
young partners snatch.  For maybe five minutes the sergeant moved the
truncheon slowly in and out and all the time the young constable edged
closer and closer to Penny's waiting cunt. Holding her lips wide Penny
waited her cunt still coated with minute speckles of shit quivered as
the young constable finally met it with her face.
"Hold her head!" Ordered the sergeant and Penny her legs locked around
the constable's shoulders pulled her blond mop further into her belly.
Between her legs she could feel the constables tongue as it licked and
flicked around her cunt hole and Penny watching the sergeant fucking the
constable with the truncheon felt her own juices begin to flow. Moaning
her own lust now Penny clutched at the constables hair and despite the
screams of pain from the young woman dragged her closer into her sopping
wet maw. Grinding her cunt against the constable Penny felt the juices
pouring from her soaking tunnel and could hear the constable gagging on
her cum as behind her the sergeant with savage glee fucked her silly
with the truncheon.  Eventually Penny unable to stop came fully and
wailed her release to the toilets only to find the sergeant leaving her
young partner, truncheon still sticking wobbling out of her cunt to
stride to where Penny moaned in ecstasy on the washbasin. Grabbing
Penny's legs the large woman heaved and Penny screaming in surprise felt
herself tipped upwards.  Pushing her legs back until they reached her
shoulders the sergeant told Penny. "hold them there and wait, or I'll
ram my truncheon up your twat until it disappears" Penny watched
terrified at he thought of the entire length of polished wood being
plunged completely into her cunt, as so far the young constable had been
unable to accept more than half of the black sticks length then as the
sergeant moved behind her young protege again Penny saw what she
intended and gripping the back of her knees hard pushed her buttocks
forward as far as she could.  Stood behind the gasping constable the
sergeant simply said.  "When I fucked your cunt, you licked her cunt.
Now guess what?" The constable managed little more than a sob as the
sergeant positioned the now well lubricated truncheon higher between her
cheeks and pushed. With a moan the girl was shoved forward and her mouth
was pressed against Penny's shit hole. "come on bitch, LICK" screamed
the sergeant as she thrust  the dark wood into her constable's rectum.
"lick the whore clean!" and Penny despite the hard rim of the sink
pressing onto her back groaned in delight as the young girls tongue
wormed up inside her still dirty shit tube.  As Penny moaned and groaned
the young constable probed and licked until Penny's ass was totally
clean and then as the young girl moaned yet another orgasm the sergeant
came and hoisted Penny from her perch.  Placing Penny underneath the
young constables jerking cunt she tipped back Penny's head until it
rested on the stretched black tights and looking up Penny could see the
swollen lips, their red edges fluttering against the mass of ginger
pubes framing them poised above her and expected to be told to suck the
young constable off.  The sergeant however had other ideas.  "Now it's
your turn you prossie' bitch, drink her piss and clean my stick or we'll
run you in and you can spend the next few months satisfying my dyke
friends in Holloway" Penny sure  that the authoritative woman meant what
she said reached up and opened the young constables lips to expose her
glistening tube, as she sat underneath the red raw cunt she watched the
sergeant slowly insert the now brown truncheon back into the constables
twat.  Then as Penny waited, her heart in her mouth, the older woman
used both hands to press upwards on the young girls stomach. One, Two,
Three times she pressed then as Penny tried to blot out what she was
having to do the constable shuddered and from around the black stick
issued a stream of brownish Yellow water. Penny eyes closed felt it
spill into her mouth and as her throat jerked and spasmed in disgust she
gulped down the shit infused piss as fast as she could. As the stream
came to an end the sergeant released her friend from the cuffs and made
her stand firmly in front of Penny sitting on the floor.
"The next time, you consider how nice it would be to be used and abused
remember this constable" and she pulled the truncheon still coated with
small pieces of the girls shit from constables cunt and handed the
gleaming black truncheon to Penny.  "Well, what's it going to be, the
nick or a clean truncheon?" Penny tears streaming from her eyes opened
her mouth and slowly ran the truncheon across her tongue, as the tiny
pieces of shit gathered on her tongue she was nearly sick, but watching
the horrified face of the constable and the stern face of the sergeant
she continued right to the end then grimacing threw back her head and
swallowed.  Again and again the sergeant made her lick down the shaft,
until not one piece of brown turd remained and finally pocketing her
ebony tool the sergeant said "Now fuck of tart! or you'll be in
Holloway" Penny scrambled to her feet and grabbing her top fled from the
toilets. As she left she heard the sergeant laughing as in one of the
cubicles her young inexperienced constable gagged and spewed her dinner
into the bowl. The last words she heard before she was far enough away
to stop and put her top on were "And that young lady is total
subjugation. Don't ever ask for it again" Stood in the dark, Penny
realised that the only pay she had received for this latest abasement
was her 'freedom' to return to her pitch, and with a heavy heart she
retraced her steps.
As she teetered back under the light Vince materialised from the shadows
and giving her a good cuffing asked "Where the fuck you been bitch?"
Penny never got a chance to answer as he grabbed her bag and turned it
out onto the floor.
Counting the sodden notes Vince's voice changed and when he'd finished
and found that Penny had amassed sixty pounds he turned and grinned up
at her. "Who's been a busy little fucker then and it's not even half
past Ten. You should be able to get another hundred before the clubs
close" Penny cunt aching, abused in the most degrading way stared at him
and winged "Vince I'm hungry can't I have some to get some food" Like a
panther he uncoiled from the pavement and whirled in front of her.
"Hungry, HUNGRY! you bitch. Suck a few more cocks if you're hungry. Now
get back to work!" as Penny staggered away from his anger the vicious
pimp reached out and grabbed her cunt, two fingers drove upward into her
love tunnel and Penny screaming in pain was lifted clear of the floor.
"Listen to me bitch. I'm going back to the pub again. I might be late
back. You better have a ton ready or you're going to pay my gambling
debts to the boys. UNDERSTAND!" Penny understood alright, either she got
more money, or Vince would use her to pay of his gambling debts, and the
men he owed money too were as unsavoury as he was.
As he walked away Penny positioned herself under the lamp again. Her
cunt still ached from the two lickings she had just received and her
body ached for a chance to rest, but she had to stand here offering
herself to every man that came past. For half an hour, apart from one
'kneetrembler' in the alleyway, all she managed to do was cadge a few
cigarettes. Most men took one look at her crumpled clothes and smelt her
sex scented body to hasten away. almost in desperation she became more
and more brazen, until one man sidled up to her and asked "How much?"
She turned to show him the list of prices and he carefully read them,
she waited holding her breath as he read the tariff tattooed to her
belly then looked her up and down.
He handed her a ten pound note and grabbing her hand silently dragged
her towards the alley. As they entered he turned and she saw his cock
sticking straight out a good nine inches. Thick and gnarled its red bulb
glowed angrily in the small amount of light that spilled in from the
lamp. "Come on then slut, suck me off!"
She leant froward to fasten her mouth around his cock only to feel him
thrusting forward. She tried to pull back but he her held her tight, and
his cock slammed into the back of her throat. She struggled to pull free
and he glowered down at her "Come on slut. I paid my money I want my
blow job" Penny looked up not his eyes and saw no pity. With a feeling
of despair she lowered herself once again towards his waiting rod. This
time he allowed her to suck it into her mouth herself and she rolled it
around on her tongue feeling his thighs tense as his cock grew and grew
in her mouth. She couldn't believe how thick it was It stretched her
lips until they hurt and still it seemed to be growing. She could hardly
breath and as it pushed against her tongue she knew that if her didn't
cum soon she  would be unable to breathe. As she shuddered up and down
his cock the man took pleasure in swearing down at her "come on slut,
"Call yourself a prostitute I've had better Nuns"
Then it happened, she felt herself losing consciousness as he held her
struggling body against him, and the last words she heard were his
taunts of "Now I'm going to fill your throat BITCH" and she blacked out.
Penny didn't know how long she'd been unconscious but she came to with a
throat full of spunk and tried to sit up, coughing and spluttering, the
cold pavement chilled her bones and her throat full of the bastards
spunk felt as though it was on fire when she saw him watching her.
Hunched over he watched as she struggled to her knees then tears
streaming down his face he moaned "I'm sorry I'm sorry" and staggered
away. Penny couldn't believe it he had almost killed her with his cock
and then waited to see if she recovered, and she followed the stumbling
man down the street screaming and shouting at him. She pounded on his
shoulders and called him a bastard only to find a crowd gathering round
her as railed at the man. "This bastard nearly fucking killed me" she
gasped as men surged around "He choked me with his stinking cock" The
uproarious laughter stopped her in mid wail and she stared around at the
circle of men. Each and every one was leering at her body and more than
one were stroking growing cocks inside their trousers when one moved
forward and muttered "If I was you darlin' I'd forget that statement. If
he sent you unconscious you ain't got a pimp, and you know what that
means" Penny backed away from the crowd as one by one they followed her
and she clung to the lamppost and screamed for Vince. The laughing gang
closed in on her, hands pawed at her clothing and then a hand grabbed
her skirt. She felt it stretch. yielding before the unseen hand when
from the back of the crowd came a solid thud. Wading through the men
came Vince. He wasn't alone, two other men moved with him and as quickly
as the crowd had materialised it disappeared until just Vince and his
two cronies stood before the a terrified and crying Penny. "What
happened cunt" Vince's question cut through her tears and struggling to
control her sobs she told them about the man with the giant cock and how
he had cut of her air supply until she had blacked out.
All Vince said was "I hope the bastard paid you", and reaching for her
bag took the twenty pounds. "Back to work bitch " he said and turned on
his heels leaving two grinning men stood watching Penny.  "you two
coming" he snarled.
"We'll be along in a minute" answered the taller of the two, as Vince
wheeled to look at them.
"Aw come on fellows, you know I don't like to drink alone" "How much for
her Vince?" 
"What do you want to do?"
"You know us Vince, you now what we like and this one's new" "Later
guys. She's got to earn her keep first. let's go back to the pub and
discuss it"
Penny watched and wondered as the two men turned to follow Vince. Why
wouldn't he let them fuck her now, surely that way he'd be sure to get
his money. Vince turned and came back. "If they cough up enough I've got
an idea they might want you later slut. so make sure you're here when we
come back. What they want earns good money"
Penny watched his receding back and shivered. If Vince wasn't willing to
let them have her now and whatever they wanted earnt good money she was
sure of one thing she wasn't going to enjoy it, and once more she
wondered about the Master and his promise that if she survived....... It
didn't bear thinking about and Penny disappeared into the alleyway to
relieve herself before facing any more customers. It was lucky for her
that she chose then to go into the dark as from one end of the street a
squad car cruised up to the lamppost and out climbed one of the biggest
men Penny had ever seen.  Swinging his truncheon like a pencil in his
hands the constable leant back into his car and Penny heard him
reporting she wasn't there any more. The returning crackly voice from
the other end of the radio sent shivers up and down Penny's spine "Roger
427, Message received, proceed to Bus station four girls working there,
bring them in the Super wants a party" The giant policeman climbed
slowly back into his car and just as slowly cruised off down the street.
Penny's breath whooshed out of her lungs, and she realised she had been
holding it all the time he had stood by the lamppost. Terrified that he
might return she stood for a long time in the shadows. She lost at least
a dozen chances to make a score as her terrified ears strained to listen
for the sound of the squad car, but eventually she knew she would have
to return to the street or Vince would be back demanding more money and
so far she hadn't got any since he took the ten pounds the man had given
her that knocked her unconscious.
Frightened and alone now Penny stood uncertain of herself as punter
after punter cruised past. The time was getting on and more and more
cars cruised the streets looking for girls and in the following hour
Penny made just over a hundred pounds. Two quick fumbles in the alley
wanking and sucking cocks that spat their spunk almost as soon as her
mouth fastened around them, and one man in a Jaguar that wanted her
naked on the back seat. He's pulled out of her cunt before he came and
sprayed it all over the seat and then made her squirm her cunt juice all
over the leather. He'd given her forty pounds and explained that it was
his wife's car and she'd been shagging her tennis coach so this was her
payback. The rest had come from a man that wanted to shag her cunt and
ass before finishing in her mouth. She'd made him wear a rubber up her
ass, but he seemed satisfied as his spunk spilled into her mouth and
she'd really made his day by tipping her head back and swallowing the
load right in front of him. That had earnt her another forty and now
Penny was determined that anything else was going to be hers and she
searched the alleyway looking for a hiding place for any money she took
until Vince returned.
She finally found a loose stone and worked at it until the cobble came
up in her hand. Then scrapping away underneath she made a little pit to
put her stash in and waited for her next customer.  From the darkness on
the other side of the street materialised a little fat man, he sidled
towards her and muttered "Do you do photographs?"
Penny nearly laughed he was so comical, but keeping her head she asked
"What you got in mind" "I want to take some photographs of you in my
hotel room, with my video camera."
Penny thought for a second and then spouted what she considered a
ridiculous set of figures "Glamour £100 for half an hour, any sex shots
extra, and negotiable now" His piggy eyes glittered as he thought about
her offer and when she lifted her skirt and he saw the tattoos on her
ass cheeks he nearly had a coughing fit. "How much to film you naked
fucking yourself with vegetables?"
Penny looked at him in disbelief. My god he was willing to pay more than
£100 pounds just to take her photograph. "£150 but another fifty and you
can join in" It wasn't only the man's hands that shook as he counted out
the crisp, straight from 'the hole in the wall' machine notes. Penny
counted the full two hundred into her hand again then spinning round so
he could see her trim figure waltzed into the alley way. The little fat
man stood undecided by the lamp and called "Miss, Miss, where are you
Penny considered just carrying on, but she couldn't do it. He'd paid her 
a lot of money for nothing surely he should get his photos.  Caching her
cash she strutted back to the sweating little man and linking her arm
with his quoted "Lead on Mcduff" and together they moved of down then
Reaching his seedy hotel, she watched him pay another twenty to the
doorman, an unshaved gaunt faced man who leered at her and winked
suggestively as they walked to the lift . Penny leant against the fat
man and suggestively rubbed her hand over his belly, but he seemed
nervous and she finally stopped teasing him and just stood waiting until
they reached his room. As he entered the room Penny looked at the
threadbare room. the only thing with any class was a big full size VHS
camera sat on a tripod at the far end and a battery of lights. But on
the bedside table was a selection of 'toys' that made her gasp. Dildoes
and candles of various sizes, but there on the edge closet to the bed
were a selection of vegetables ranging from a carrot right up to a small
marrow. Penny looked at the little man as he busied himself with his
equipment and waited.  After a couple of minutes he turned to face her.
his entire body seemed to have changed as he surveyed the girl patiently
waiting for his commands. he exuded an air of authority, no longer a
little perv, he knew exactly what he wanted and started to direct Penny
into various poses. For nearly fifteen minutes all she heard was "A
little left, pout, lift your skirt" and the whirr of the camera as it
captured her body in various stages of undress. Finally, when she was
divested of al but her top he asked her to lift the top over her breasts
and as her pert tits sprang into view he visibly became more and more
excited. "what beautiful tits" he crooned as he moved close and tweaked
her nipples, " What a fine pair, now remove the entire top and spin
slowly. I want to get the full feel of your bra before you remove it" In
her following of his instructions Penny had completely forgotten the
tattoo between her shoulder blades, until she heard his gasp of surprise
as her back swung in front of his lens. With a sense of devilment she
pushed her arms back and was gratified to hear the inrush of breath as
his eyes took in the effect of the spitting cock plunging into her
mouth. She turned back to find him goggle eyed his camera pointed at the
floor, and dribble was slowly reaching his chin as he just stared at
Penny. Shaking himself he righted the camera and stuttered  "you are
without doubt the sexiest woman I have ever photographed Penny Truman"
It was Penny's turn to stand stock still, she had forgotten her name was
plastered across her shoulder blades and she felt herself turn bright
red as he directed her to the bed. He came to her and gently patted her
hand "I didn't film that bit, I was too gob smacked, your name is safe
with me. I'm just grateful to have a chance to film such a glorious
lady. I will wank to these shots for months" Penny smiled up at him. "Do
you want me to give you a blow job on camera so that you can watch that
His face turned bright red and flustered he backed away "I'm old and fat
Penny. There would be no fun in it for you. Let's just do the
vegetables" Penny looked at this earnest little man and she felt his
anguish, totally cowed by his appearance he paid girls to let him
photograph them so that he could wank in private at their lust as they
sank the vegetables into their twats and she nearly cried. Men had been
using her as a sex object for years, and here was one so lost in his own
failure to control his weight that he didn't think she would like him.
"What's your name?" she asked, and his muttered reply sent her feelings
for this little man into the clouds "Al... Al.phonso" he stuttered. And
Penny her heart melting mildly asked "Do you mind if I call you Al" He
grinned a self conscious grin at her and turned back to his camera. "Is
the sound on Al" "No it doesn't sound right when I give the
instructions" "Well you lovely little man put the sound on and come and
sit by me" His fingers trembled as he fixed the camera back to the
tripod and he moved self consciously the bed.
"Now Al be prepared to have the tape of your life" said Penny and lying
back on the pillow she closed her legs and started to move her hands
over her body, slowly she moulded her breasts until they were firm and
her nipples stuck up, then as he watched she move down her belly to her
hairless mound and slowly opened her legs until her fingers could reach
inside her warm slit. Then pulling his head close so he could watch
every insertion she reached up to the table and started with the carrot.
As the orange vegetable disappeared into her glistening tube Al's
breathing got faster and faster, and as she pulled the orange cock
shaped veg. from her cunt and held it up to his mouth he ran his tongue
up and down the cunt juice covered vegetable.  Penny at her sluttish
best reached for the cucumber and placing it in his hand held her cunt
open whilst he slowly inserted the green monster. As he watched gob
smacked she writhed on the bed and called his name over and over again.
"Al, my darling, stuff me fill me with cuke, make me come on the green
machine" Grunting now his face beaded with sweat he rotated and slid the
cucumber in and out of Penny's sopping wet tube until in an act of total
abandonment she writhed to a climax on the green vegetable and lifting
her knees spread her cunt so wide that the gaping lips of her sex
slurped up and down the slippery green shaft. Pulling this too from her
steamy cunt she grinned at the little fat man and reached over to stroke
his thigh. Smiling up into his beaming face she watched him gulp as she
said "Al, my darling Al will you force it up my ass, and make me come
again by licking my cunt. Please do me you fucking stud, make me scream"
Rolling onto her belly she lifted her self onto all fours and then
dropping her shoulders to the bed she pulled her ass cheeks wide. Al
groaned as he saw her puckered little ass hole being stretched wide and
with a gurgle of delight positioned the cucumber right at the entrance
to her anus. Penny enjoying herself immensely now begged him "Please,
please shaft me with it, stuff it deep" and as her fingers worked on her
clit he pushed the  cucumber deeper and deeper into her stretched shit
hole. The feeling was delicious the cool vegetable slid easily into her
crap hole and once there her muscles clenched around it to prevent it
slipping out again and Al rolled onto his back and despite his big belly
slipped underneath her legs and she felt his tongue worm up between her
legs to contact her clit. As she felt his surprisingly long tongue
fasten onto her clit she moaned as another small climax shuddered
through her and she decided whether he wanted to or not she was going to
have his cock, and still wriggling she turned to reach out for his
trousers.  Underneath her Al shuddered and tried to say no as he felt
her reaching through his open Zip to pull his cock out into the air. 
When she saw it Penny gasped, she had expected a small worthless cock
but what met her eyes was a slender seven or eight inch long beauty.
lost in her lust now she moved round to suck it into her mouth as Al
capitulating beneath her fastened his mouth around her cunt and sucked.
The sound of her cunt lips being slurped inside his mouth sent Penny
wild and she bucked up and down on his belly as he sucked her cunt and
she sucked his cock, until it was rigid with lust.  Then still with the
cucumber deep in her ass she dragged him into the middle of the bed so
that his camera would miss nothing and turning so the camera could see
everything she lowered her throbbing cunt onto his rampant rod. Penny
didn't need to play act much his cock although slender twitched and
jerked wildly inside her and she could feel it pressing against the
green monster in her ass as she wailed her way toward another orgasm. 
Al grunted and heaved his hips up to meet her and just as he came she
felt the cucumber spill from her ass to slide right down between his
legs. together they lay on the bed recovering when Al moaned and tried
to rise. "What's the rush, lover grinned Penny as the fat man tried to
get of the bed" "My time, my time it's all up" he groaned " and I
haven't got any more money" Penny knelt on the bed and faced the camera
"This one is for free Al, just keep that camera rolling" and she reached
for the Marrow.  Nearly eighteen inches long the yellow smooth skinned
marrow was at least five inches across. Penny didn't know if she could
get it into her cunt, but by harry she intended to try.
As Al stood staring into his viewfinder Penny coated the tip of the
monster with Vaseline then holding it upright on the counterpane she
stretched her lips as far apart as she could and slotted the giant
vegetable into her cunt. She felt her walls slipping and sliding over
the tip of the Marrow and grunted. With Al holding his erect cock in his
hand she pushed downwards onto the yellow skinned monster and felt it
push its way slowly up her cunt. She had never been so full and groan
after groan escaped from her lips as she rocked backwards and forwards
on the Marrow. Just as she was sure she would have to give up she
imagined the Master standing behind the camera and with a scream that
echoed around the room she thrust downwards. Her cunt felt like it was
on fire, it was stretched so far, but as she sank onto the gigantic
vegetable she came. Her whole body shook and lost in her throws of
groaning passion she felt hands pushing her forwards onto the bed and
the Marrow was slowly pushed further and further inside her. Penny eyes
closed to hold back her tears heard Al chuckling to himself and suddenly
she felt something snap around her wrists. She jerked her eyes open to
find that he had fastened soft cuffs around each wrist and her hands
were tied to the foot of the bed. Before she could say anything his fat
face appeared staring at her and his bland expression had disappeared to
be replaced by a mask of pure sardonic lust.
"Hiya Penny" he smirked I've got it all on tape "and now I'm going to add the cucumber to
your ass. won't that be fun watching you scream and cream on two veggies
at once?" "You bastard" sobbed Penny "and I was being nice to you" "I
know darling but no one has ever managed the Marrow and I can't miss
this chance to see how far a slut will writhe on my vegetables now can
I" Penny tried to raise herself up only to feel the bonds around her
ankles tighten and then as she screamed in fear that he would split her
from stem to stern he positioned the cucumber at the entrance to her
shit hole. Coming back to face her again he looked gloatingly at her as
she grit her teeth and stared down at the bedspread. "Come on Penny
don't spoil the show. I want he camera to record your screams." Dumbly
she shook her head and stared resolutely downwards, he might abuse her
but she didn't have to co-operate. there was no way she was going to let
the camera see the fear and pain on her face.
"Have it your own way my dear but I must record your screams fully or I
won't enjoy watching the tape now will I" His fat face wobbled as he
thought of the girl in his power and he climbed onto the bed and stroked
her hair.
Penny writhing on the massive Marrow tried to swear at him but he just
chuckled and said "That's it Penny I'll enjoy your anger so much, but
now I must insist. I must have your face on film"
Trying not to give him that satisfaction Penny held her head down and
kept quiet as his hand continued stroking her hair into a bundle behind
her neck, suddenly Penny felt a sharp pain at the back of her head, he
had tied string around her hair and yanking and pulling he wrenched her
head back until he could thread the string between her legs then back up
her belly towards her tits. Penny saw what was going to happen and
shuddered, like Lavinia, as far as she knew still
treading up and down on the boards that were tearing her apart, she had
two choices pull her head down and tear her nipples of or face the
camera and let her screams be recorded for ever on his tape.  Kneeling
behind her on the bed Al watched his camera's red light winking on and
off as he looked down at Penny's distended cunt. With clinical precision
he reached down and twisted the Marrow. Penny's head jerked up and she
screamed in pain. Her eyes wide she shouted "you bastard, you didn't pay
for this" "Don't worry darling' he muttered I'll leave you something
when I've finished, although the doorman will take his cut when he comes
to release you. Through her tears his words burnt into her brain. The
doorman would be releasing her, she didn't want that lecherous unshaven
git seeing her like this and she began to beg. "Please Al, don't leave
me tied here. I'll do whatever you want, but I don't want that old
lecher to see me like this. He looks really nasty.  Please, please, se."
Her final plea stretched into a real scream as the fat bastard shoved
the cucumber deep into her ass, and Al started to laugh.  "come on baby
scream your head off. I'm going to call him now and if her wants I'll
let him shag your pretty little ass, whilst I film the Marrow tearing
your cunt to bits.
Sobbing almost incoherently now Penny heard him lift the telephone and
ask for the front desk. Full of vegetables she moaned in despair as she
listened to him inviting the dirty old doorman up to the room. And when
her replaced the telephone and strolled back in front of her tortured
face she nearly died. In his hand he held a small leather
cat-of-nine-tails and stroking it down the side of her face started to
tell her what was left in store for her body.  "When he arrives he wants
to fuck your face whilst I tickle your tender bits with 'harry' here.
And when you are really writhing in pain he's going to force the Marrow
completely into your cunt and together we are going to hold you up and
squeeze your belly until you pop it out again. Won't that be fun. All
kept on film for me to wank to for months to come. If you're really,
really good we might even let you wank us into a glass and then watch as
you drink it." As he listed his obscene ideas Penny felt something
happen deep inside her and her brain, unfettered by hypnosis began to
sort out a strange reality. The Master must know what was happening, and
if he really wanted to he would arrange for her to be saved so even
though it felt as though her cunt was being torn to bits by the giant
vegetables she must be alright and she grit her teeth and smiled at the
camera. "Oh, yes" she mouthed "come on fart boy make me writhe and
scream, and when you've finished why don't you shag me with a wine
bottle or even a coke can. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you fat boy?"
As she taunted him Al went redder and redder until with a shout of rage
he slashed her across the back with his whip. Penny felt it but didn't
scream instead she shouted "Come on weak willy, hit me again, you can't
hurt me I'm a real slut I can take it" Again and again blows rained down
upon her back and buttocks but slowly as she writhed and cursed the
sweating man she realised she was beginning to enjoy herself the pain
from the soft leather was bearable, but between her legs, her cunt was
beginning to grip the Marrow as he ass muscles rippled up and down the
green cucumber and despite herself Penny's shouts slowly changed to
one's of lust.  Al his original intention, to make her scream and beg
for pity, thwarted was watching as for the first time since he had
started luring girls to this room to terrify them watched one grinding
her hips onto the Marrow as if she was cumming and his sweating brow
furrowed in thought. Perhaps it would be an even better piece of film to
watch the cunt fucking the giant Vegetable her face contorted in lust as
she drove it deeper and deeper into her belly of her own free will.
Just a she was considering the chances of the sexy slut doing what he
wanted if he released her the doorman arrived.  Used to seeing screaming
prostitutes being torn apart by his friends massive implements the
doorman stepped into the room and stood stock still "Fucking Hell, the
bitch is enjoying it" he croaked as in his pants his cock jerked to
attention. "Al what do we do now?" "Feed her your donger" instructed the
fat man as he moved to untie Penny's ankles. Instead of trying to escape
the groaning slut used her freedom to try and push the Marrow against
the headboard and hurriedly Al unfastened her hands.
Immediately Penny used one hand to guide the doorkeeper's sweaty cock
into her mouth and the other dived between her legs to stroke he clit.
Al reached under her belly to remove the rope from her nipples but Penny
groaned at him to leave it there and slowly so as not to lose the
doorman's cock she climbed from the bed. Breasts dragged down by cords
and two giant vegetable sticking from between her legs she moaned and
groaned as the doorman held his cock inside her mouth and her fingers
became a blur over her stretched clitoral hood.
Neither man said a word as she sucked the doorman deep and reached out
to start wanking Al's cock back into life. Whilst in full view of the
camera she came. Jerking and shuddering she tugged her swollen nipples
and reached back to push the giant Marrow further up her cunt.
Stood alone in the centre of the room now, the two men watched
enthralled as Penny reached under her belly and grunted, her hand pushed
first the Marrow then the cucumber higher and higher, and two riveted
faces watched as her belly started to be pushed outwards by the mammoth
vegetables. Her head thrown back Penny wailed another orgasm as first
the cucumber, all twelve inches, disappeared totally inside her ass,
then mouth wide gasping for air she waddled to a small coffee table and
settled her legs either side to squat down onto the last four inches of
Clutching both breasts so hard that her nipple were stuck out like angry
red plums Penny pushed her cunt downwards, The Yellow Marrow seemed to
buckle then as both men stopped breathing she wailed.  "I'm going to
swallow this in my fanny then you bastards I'm going to drink your
spunk" Almost like a robot Al fetched a glass from the small sink and
two cocks became a blur as their hands flew up and down, but not one eye
turned from Penny as she grunted and groaned and as the bulge in her
belly grew larger the giant yellow Marrow slowly but surely sank into
her bright red mouth of a cunt. Eventually as their cocks spilled more
seed than either man knew he possessed into the waiting glass Penny
bellowed her triumph to the world as the final inch disappeared and
apart from the massive bulge in her belly stood up in front of them and
"Now give me that spunk then watch as I show you weak little turds how
powerful a woman's cunt muscles are" Al silently handed her the glass,
and smiling salaciously at the two men Penny waddled directly in front
of the camera, rolled their spunk around in the glass like a good
brandy, then opening her mouth wide lifted the glass and dribbled all of
their spunk down onto her waiting tongue. Smacking her lips in
appreciation she waggled her cum coated tongue at he camera and then
tipped her head once more and let every drop of their slime trickle down
her throat.  Two avaricious men stood and watched as Penny waddled to
the bed and picked up the short whip. Then standing wide legged in the
middle of the floor she ordered them to crawl to her.
Like two puppy dogs they came and she struck out at each back until the
men were writhing from the tingling lashes, then ordered them to lie on
their backs and watch as she allowed her muscles to grind the vegetables
to a pulp.
Without a murmur the two men lay faces staring up at her dripping cunt
lips, hands once more wanking erect cocks as Penny clutched her stomach
and the camera picked up every detail of her rippling abdominal muscles
as they fastened around the giant intrusions. The Marrow was the first
to give, even inside Penny belly the sound of the crushing flesh could
be heard and from her gaping lips trickled skin and flesh. Dropping onto
the faces below it coated them with the crushed slime and skin of the
massive vegetable and as Penny groaned and heaved more and more of the
Marrow slipped from her cunt. The swelling in her belly was reducing as
piece by piece the Marrow gave up the ghost until all that was left
inside her was the very centre of the mangled monster. "open your mouths
boys" crowed Penny as she fought to hold back the last few pieces of
pips and mushed flesh Momma's going to give you a drink." Underneath her
wide open slit two mouths arched up to meet the stream, as from her cunt
flew a mixture of Marrow pips and piss. for nearly a minute Penny sent
gush after gush from her body as her heavily pressurised bladder
released every drop of urine it contained.  As the two men groaned and
rolled on the floor Penny silently removed the string from her tits and
hair. Then reaching down as if to cradle their swollen cocks she smiled
into their faces. "did you enjoy that boys?".
Two sweating faces grinned like imbeciles up at the now dominant woman
as she loomed above them, and their grunts of enjoyment as she cradled
their balls in her hands increased in line with their smiles.
Or at least they smiled until Penny finished her preparations. Unnoticed
by the pair she had slipped a loop of string around their scrotums and
as they lay on the floor of the room she tugged. Two screams of pain
tore through the room, and two pairs of hands flew to stinging spunk
sacs. Releasing the string just a little Penny grinned down at the two
men. "Now it's my turn slime balls. don't try to get loose or I'll tear
your balls off. Now you can do something for me"
She made them turn head to tail and standing like a goddess above them
promised that whichever could hold out the longest she would allow to
cover her tits with spunk. On the floor Al and the doorman grovelled to
do whatever she wanted until with a wicked sense of her own power she
spread her ass cheeks and showed them the green tip of the cucumber.
"Alright boys, one of you gets to suck this out and eat it, whilst the
other spunks on my tits which is it to be." Al eyes wide stared up at
the brown coated tip and blubbered "How are you going to choose. We'll
do it just tell us what? Just don't, please don't pull on the string" Of
course having been asked not too Penny tugged gently on the strings and
two bodies arched up from the carpet to relieve the pressure on their
ball sacks. With wicked glee Penny straightened them out again by
placing a stiletto on each stomach and pressing. Now two bundles of
total fear lay beneath her and she considered them ready.
Penny spitting on the grovelling men laid out her terms, they were to
suck each others cocks, whilst she filmed them. The first to come had to
eat he cucumber whilst the other could have the honour of spunking on
her tits.
Both men stared up at her in disbelief until she tugged their strings.
Then with a moan of disgust the doorman fastened his mouth around the
fat man's cock. sensing hr had lost the first edge Al responded and for
nearly five minutes as each tried to think of anything but what they
were doing two men sucked another man's cock. The fat man was groaning
as he fought to prevent the heavy suction from the doorman pulling his
spunk from his unwilling cock and in a final act of desperation he
reached up and jiggled the other man's ball sack. With a moan of despair
the doorman jerked and, as his balls jerked up and down, filled Al's
mouth with his spunk. Rolling away from the loser All went to spit his
victory over the floor. "Swallow it Pig" Penny shouted as he gagged and,
as she tightened his cord, was forced to take another man's spunk into
his belly.
"Now hold that bastard ready under my ass and make him eat the cucumber
crowed Penny and Al jumped to pinion the sobbing doorman.  Whilst Penny
held her two pieces of string neither was willing to try and refuse and
Al, positioned the doorman, eyes wide with fear underneath her spread
legs. Penny grunted and from her shit tube slipped a couple of inches of
brown coated cucumber. "Eat it up, you dirty bastard" she grunted and
beneath her the doorman's mouth opened to allow a tiny bit of the shit
covered vegetable to enter.
grimaced and spat it out again, until screaming in agony, Penny jerking
on his balls he fell backwards onto the floor. Squatting above his face
Penny forced the brown slippery tube into his mouth and spat "Eat it or
lose your balls, you fucking shit" Gagging and moaning the distraught
man chewed and swallowed inch after inch of the brown coated vegetable.
eyes wide  he watched as slowly but surely more and more of the stinking
shit covered green tube was forced into his mouth. He had no choices and
lost to his fate he grunted and chewed, swallowed and moaned as inch by
inch he ate the cucumber.
The fat man still tethered stood in front of Penny and she wanked his
cock until he came over her tits then grinning at him she asked "did you
enjoy his spunk?" He shook his head in wild denial.  "The I guess you
won't enjoy yours either then. ON YOUR KNEES PIGGY!!" and yanking on the
string she dragged him down until his face was level with her chest and
one by one she fed her cum coated breasts into his unwilling mouth and
gurgled her pleasure as beneath her the last bits of cucumber
disappeared into a shit coated mouth and in front of her Al gagged on
his own spunk.  Finally as both men finished their task Penny dragged
them backwards across the floor and tying them buttock to buttock left
them unable to move for fear of tearing their own bollocks off as she
carefully remove the tape from the machine and dressing herself waved
the two men goodbye.
Unable to walk properly her stretched cunt leaking all down her thighs
she staggered back to her lamppost and stood waiting for Vince to
return. She didn't try too hard to get customers and those that asked
for a fuck were disappointed as her stretched cunt slipped around their
tools like an oversized wellington and in the end she gave up and just
offered everybody a full blow job for a couple of quid. At that price
she was soon covered in spunk. It trickled from her hair down her back,
and covered her tits where she had pulled her top up to expose her
aching tits to the night breeze as men shot over her face and hair, then
staggered back to whichever boozer they had come from to tell their
mates.  Before long Penny had a queue waiting in the entrance to the
alleyway as she worked herself sore trying to accommodate them all. 
Without even time to stand up from the cobbles she knelt there her mouth
filled with a new cock as fast as the one before was withdrawn. Her
hands ached from constant wanking of cocks. In desperation to try and
please everybody she started dealing with two or three at once, and many
a man walked away goggle eyed having seen his prick lodged alongside
another in her mouth. By her side a pile of pound coins started to grow
as man after man tossed his coins down to get the best blow job she
could muster until as the church clock struck eleven. Vince returned.
Her pimp was as pissed as a newt, and as he staggered into the alleyway
men scattered to disappear. Penny lost now in her abandonment reached up
unseeing, unzipped his trousers and levered his cock out into the pale
light. "Two quid for a nice blow job gorgeous?" She mouthed.
Vince shook himself to clear his head, and stared down at his slut. 
Hair matted, face dripping white cream from every projection, her tits
totally covered with men's spunk her open mouth showed strands from top
to bottom. He looked down as she tried to slot his cock into her mouth
and drew back his hand.
The stinging slap to the side of her head woke her up and as she tumbled
back onto the hard cobbles Vince glowered at her. "What the fuck do you
mean two quid. you know the prices. how much you fucking got you slut!"
Penny pointed silently to the pile of pound coins and Vince's eyes
opened wide "fuck me, you tart how many have you done?" Penny didn't
know but Vince soon found out under the lamppost Penny stood
subserviently at his side as the pimp started counting. "Eighty, eighty
two, eighty four,............" his voice rose higher and higher until
almost in falsetto he finished "One hundred and twenty two fucking quid"
He stared up at Penny, and his dirty teeth flashed in the lamplight
"Shit, baby you've given..." his forehead furrowed in thought, his
fingers moving as he tried to work it out "Sixty one John's blow jobs"
He stood and filed his pockets with the coins, and with what probably
amounted to pride in his warped brain conceded "Penny, you're the
dirtiest little slut I've ever had. now get out there and charge right"
Jingling as he walked Vince started of back to the pub. Penny heaved a
sigh of relief that he hadn't hit her again and as the bastard walked
away with her money she moved into the darkness of the alley and sat
counting her own stash. With the notes she had intended to give him, and
the two hundred from Al, Penny had just over three hundred pounds.
Enlarging the cache she added the video she had taken from Al and
wondered if she should just stay in the dark.  Her cunt was sore and her
ass was still stinging from the deep penetration of the cucumber but her
body still cried out for more.  Should she do some more? She wasn't sure
but just then a drunk, staggering after two too many pints, crossed the
mouth of the alley.  Smoothing her skirt Penny prepared herself, and
stepped out into the light. The drunk was leaning against a wall pissing
and didn't notice as she clattered up behind him on her wobbly heels. In
fact he was nearly unconscious as she reached out and gripped his hose
pipe. Stood behind him, her hands reaching round to hold him. she rubbed
her body up against his back and moaned in false lust "Hello big boy,
want to make me happy, and screw me?" His head tried to turn but he
almost fell over and Penny gagged as the scent of beer and whisky flowed
over her. "How mush' you wan'" he mumbled as she slowly turned him
round. So pissed he could hardly stand the drunk fell backwards against
the wall and stared bleary eyed at Penny as she sensed victory and moved
in for the final barter. "Oh you gorgeous man" she groaned into his ear
"I'll wank your big cock into my mouth for five, and if you got ten you
can shag my tight cunt with that monster of yours and make me scream
with joy" He shook his head and stared up at the lamppost. His slurred
voice, cracked and tuneless sang "By the li' o' the sliv...ery moo" and
his hands pawed Penny's body. "I'll gish ye ten If I can sha ' you fro'
behin'" he managed to say and nearly fell as he reached for his pocket.
Penny held the drink sodden lush up whilst he took a note from his
pocket and held it out "'ere you goesh" he muttered and Penny tucked the
twenty into her stocking tops.
"Come on then gorgeous. Let Penny show you where" Leading him by the
hand she tugged the unsteady old drunk into the dark and as he leant
unable to stand against the wall she undid his flies and levered out a
totally limp dick. "Shit !" she thought now what do I do. The drunk was
too far gone to care but Penny knowing she had already got twenty from
him, knelt before him and sucked his cock into her mouth. It didn't
respond to her sucking and slowly the drunk slithered down until he was
sitting, straight legged, on the floor, staring at her with unseeing
Penny knew that any prostitute worth the name would just take whatever
other money he had and leave him there, but she couldn't do it. With a
gentleness that surprise her she lifted his hand to her breast and as he
pawed the offering worked hard on his flaccid cock.  Slowly she managed
to get it half erect and lifting her skirt she crouched over the half
risen cock and guided it into her cunt.  Sitting there literally fucking
herself on the cock of a man who didn't even know what was happening,
Penny wondered why her cunt was red hot, why her tits were aching for
him to reach out and touch them. Then it came to her. for the first time
in her life a man was ignoring her beautiful body. Drink had turned him
into a shell and inside her Penny made a decision. This sot was going to
do what he asked for She was going to make his cock hard and he WAS
going to FUCK her.
She slapped his face until groaning he shook his head and his bloodshot
eyes stared at her. "Come on you fucker, Don't you want to shag me?" His
eyes bulged as she lifted her top up to expose her tits, and leaning
forward stuffed one into his mouth. She felt his tongue slide over her
nipple and gripped the back of his head "Yeah, come on stud, show me how
you fuck a girl!" His mouth opened wider and he started to suck in
earnest. Penny felt her nipples swelling and she moaned as her tit
filling his mouth was nibbled by his teeth and in between the flopping
lips of her cunt she felt his cock twitch and grow a little. "you said
you were going to shag me from behind, have you forgot" His tired eyes
tried to focus as Penny stood and heaved him upright, still hardly able
to stand the drunk watched as Penny lifted her skirt to her waist and
leant hands against the wall. "Look man, look at my lovely ass. Wouldn't
you love to slide in between those, to give my cunt a good seeing to?"
Almost as she spoke his cock levered itself up into a horizontal
position and he staggered forward to grip her extended hips. Drunk he
may have been, but his instinct took over and Penny felt a sizeable
helmet slipping between her cunt lips. He gripped her hips tighter and
heaved. Penny groaned as her hands her pushed hard into the coarse brick
face of the wall and she was forced up onto tip toe by his cock as it
slammed into her. Grunting and groaning the old sot shafted her so
violently that she thought he was trying to send his balls into her
Gasping for breath she hung on as his strokes forced deeper and deeper
and she could feel his glans sucking at the sides of her cunt as his
cock grew to full size inside her steamy hole.  From deep within herself
Penny felt her own sexual excitement rising again as for minute after
minute the drunk brutally shagged her. his cock deep inside her he
reached forward pushing her top up around her neck.
Penny did nothing to stop him as his fingers clutched at her distended
nipples and she moaned with pleasure as he started to tug on them
pulling them downwards until her tits ached, whilst between her legs his
cock trembled and jerked inside her now red hot tube and she felt the
first flushes of cunt cream coating the massive bulbous end of his rod.
Pulling her upright his hands enclosed the whole of her breasts as he
held her tight and his stroke changed from in and out to up and down.
Each time his knees straightened she was lifted clear of the floor and
impaled on his cock she felt it holding her up as her cunt strained to
grip his pulsing shaft. Faster and faster went the jerks as he built
towards his own climax and despite his beer soaked breath pouring over
her Penny gasped her own releases as his big hands crushed her breasts
and his cock lifted her again from the floor.
Then in one cataclysmic explosion she felt his spunk shooting upwards
from his flaring tip. She felt it spraying deep inside her as he
screamed his release and Penny was lifted a good foot from the floor,
her legs flailing  as her cunt fastened his cock in a grip of iron and
milked every last drop of spunk from his turgid shaft.  Shaking from the
exertion Penny turned as the drunk once more lost in his own world of
beer and whisky wandered away, only to see another man watching her.
Cock in hand he stepped toward her and taking one look at the 'price
list' tattooed on her stomach shoved a fiver into her hand. Penny
dropped to her knees and opening her mouth let him hold her head as he
frantically wanked his own cock. "Open wider baby" he grunted and Penny
sensing his haste opened her mouth and felt his spunk filling it. spasm
after spasm shot onto her tongue as the man grunted and wanked, wanked
and grunted. Again and again she was forced to swallow as more and more
spunk seemed to fly from his tip, until with a shudder his cock jerked
one last time and stopped trembling in front of her face. Penny leant
froward and licked the glistening bulb, then as the man groaned she
sucked it deep into her mouth and used her tongue to remove every last
drop of dribbling spunk from his swollen tip.
Kneeling there her knees on the cobbles Penny watched as the man, who
hadn't said a single word turned and walked away. Left there she
suddenly felt for the first time that she had been simply used, a
chattel to deposit his spunk in. As far as he was concerned she could
have been a toilet bowl, and as it swept across her how low she had
sunk, her fingers flew to her cunt and she frigged herself silly. Hand
flashing in the half light she wanked herself to a fever pitch then
staggered out into the street. Under the light she lifted her skirt and
pulled her cunt lips wide as another man walked towards her "Fuck Me"
she wailed as the man stared dumfounded at her "FUCK ME YOU BASTARD" She
grabbed his hand and dragged him into the shadows.  Tearing at his zip
she yanked out his cock and like a real slut slurped and slobbered over
it as she wanked it to full size.  The man tried to pull away but Penny
wanted a cock and throwing her legs around his waist fastened her mouth
on his in an unmistakable lunge of pure animal passion.
She felt his hands grip her buttocks and hoist her higher then as her
tongue tried to find his tonsils he slotted his cock into her aching
cunt. As she felt it drive deep up her shaft Penny began to cry. Great
sobs racked her body as time after time he hoisted her up only to drop
her writhing body onto his shaft again.  Her cunt was streaming juices
and as her muscles sucked at his cock, the slurping sound on each lift
was matched only by her moans of passion as she descended again. Then
his finger plunged into her ass, and the erstwhile prostitute lost all
reason and screamed again and again in lust as a punter she hadn't
charged shafted her towards the best orgasm she had ever had.
As he fucked her the man had turned and as she writhed on his cock he
walked slowly back under the light and watched her lust contorted face
as she came again and again on his rod.  He pushed her away from him and
suckled her tits, leaving love bites all over them as Penny held his
head, tightened her legs around his waist and moaned for him to cum
inside her  Almost incoherent now she gibbered as he held her round the
waist and lowered her even further until horizontal her flailing hands
me the lamppost. as Penny clung to the hard steel he reached under and
held her buttocks then growled "Undo your legs bitch and let me pound
your cunt" Penny's legs flew wide and spittle poured from her mouth as
he started to thunder in and out of her snatch. With measured but
forceful strokes he pulled his cock right back until the glans nearly
left her shuddering tube. Then with  one thrust he would drive the
entire length of his cock back inside her. All that could be heard were
mewing sounds as Penny writhed on his cock, supplemented by deep grunts
as his balls smashed against her ass cheeks. Finally he could take no
more and burying his cock as deep as he could he moved his hands to a
new position.
One hand under her ass, the other reaching to maul first one tit then
the other. He laughed as Penny ground her cunt around his cock then just
as she felt he was going to cum he left her tits and his fingers moved
to her mound. Then as Penny shuddered in the uncontrollable throws of
yet another orgasm he rubbed her clit violently with his thumb.
Penny's screams echoed around the street as she collapsed, her hands no
longer able to hold the lamppost, to the floor and looked up to see his
cock above her face.
As she lay there gasping for breath and unable to move she watched it
jerk, and as if in slow motion one great spray of spunk after another
arched up into the light and she felt it as it coated her from her
eyebrows right down to her shuddering cunt.  Looking down at her the man
stuck his cock back into his trousers and grinned "Perhaps I should
charge you" turned and walked away.
Unable to stand Penny lay there for what seemed like hours but was
probably only minutes. Then on shaking legs, hardly able to breathe she
staggered back into the alleyway and in the dark, using her finger she
scraped every drop of his spunk from her body and sucked it into her
She needed a piss and crouching there in the dark she pissed, she no
longer cared where, and it dribbled over her now filthy stockings and
formed a puddle between her shoes. Penny had become the victim of her
own desires and was now a real gutter slut.  Climbing slowly to her feet
she pulled her top down, straightened her skirt and considered if she
would ever be able to go home. She had never experienced such a violent
orgasm, and what's more she hadn't even charged him for it. Shaking her
head in disbelief she went to her cache and checked her money was still
there. Now was the time to leave, to get out whilst she still could, and
she slowly gathered herself together and cleaning herself up as best she
could Penny  got ready to leave. Stood in the dark with just one
thought, to leave this place and her own dirty disgusting behaviour as
far behind her as she could.
Then she saw him, a tall dark man dressed in a long black raincoat.  he
kept to the shadows but Penny was sure he could see her. From beneath
his large brimmed hat a pair of piercing eyes glittered and Penny felt
herself rise to move, like an automaton back under the lamppost. The
Master was right, she was a total slut, just the chance of another
punter and her cunt was on fire again. Mincing across the road she
followed the man as he walked away, she was going to lose him. "got a
cigarette Mister?" she shouted. He turned, easily six foot six he
towered above her and a quiet almost diffident voice answered "I'm sorry
young lady I don't smoke" It gave her a chance to catch up to him and
she leant against his body "Want business darlin'?"
His eyes flashed but he pulled gently away. "I don't think you are what
I am looking for" his explanation inflamed Penny and she grabbed him and
reached for his crotch. "Come on man I'm a good fuck, you can do my Ass
as well  if you want. I'll even let you suckle my titties and she heaved
the tight top up to expose her breasts. his eyes glittered as he took in
the snake, its tongue still flicking her red distended nipple and he
reached out to touch the swollen gland. As his finger made contact Penny
sucked her breath as if aroused and pulled back. "You want them? Money
first" As if in a daze the tall stranger said quietly "I like it rough"
Penny didn't care, here was a score, and Vince would be here soon she
needed a paying customer and she wriggled her hips and lifted her
spandex skirt "As rough as you like my friend, but no cutting.
Sixty Quid for anything you want"
The man smiled and she glimpse a set of white teeth glowing in the dim
light. "Under the lamppost?"
Penny considered his request for a moment, despite her madness of a few
minutes ago she didn't relish the thought of being shafted in full view
of anybody passing, most people wanted to hide in the shadows and she
shook her head. Taking it as a denial the man started to move away, but
Penny clutched at his arm and pulled him back again. The though of
losing what seemed to be such a refined customer and sixty quid was too
"Alright under the lamppost, but you'll have to be quick" "Can I tie
your hands to the lamppost?"
Penny felt her belly tighten, was he going to be really nasty? Then she
considered -  under the light, if he tried to attack her she would be
easily seen people would help her, but she shook her head "No, I'll hold
the post but I'm not going to be tied to it"
Once more his eyes glittered and he swayed as if making a decision "Very
well then Sixty Pounds, let's go back to the lamp where I can see my
As she reached the lamp Penny turned to hold out her hand for the money,
only for everything to go black.
The man chuckled to himself as he prepared her. Having felled her with
one punch he was going to teach this slut the error of her ways.
Removing his coat to display a gaunt leather clad frame he slowly
removed a panel from his crotch to expose a patch of skin that led from
his waist in front to his waist behind, and in the lamplight his large
if not monstrous circumcised cock dangled like a pink, purple tipped
column of soft sausage. Leaning over the recumbent girl he quickly
removed her filthy stockings and stuffed them into a pocket then heaving
and yanking he pulled the spandex skirt down over her legs until it too
was discarded. Naked now from the waist down the unconscious girl was
levered upright and fastened to the lamppost by a leather strap tight
around her waist.
Still unconscious Penny's body flopped forward against her restraints
and her head lolled around her knees. Kneeling the leather clad maniac
stretched her legs sideways and fastened them by the simple expedient of
dragging a length of timber from the waste ground and tying her ankles
to it then and only then did he lift her head. Spittle ran from the
corners of her mouth as he looked at her peaceful face. Then with a
grunt of disgust the man wiped all of Penny's heavy makeup off, except
for her lips which he touched almost gently then with great care he
reached into another pocket and began to add a fluorescent pink lipstick
to her already crimson mouth. Finished he held her head up and kissed
the glowing lips, leaving their mark on his own as he stepped back and
allowed her head to fall again.  Reaching over her unresponsive back he
heaved the black top upwards until it slid over her head and with a
grunt he tore it from her arms and tossed the jacket into the dark. With
only the black and red bra still on her body the unconscious Penny
slumped over her waist strap looked for all the world like a swimmer
about to dive into a pool of water, her arms draped down and her fingers
touched her toes as the gaunt man studied the picture tattooed on her
back.  Reaching down he lifted her arms backwards and watched as the
obscene spitting cock disappeared into the picture of her waiting mouth.
In between his legs his flaccid cock began to rise and turning his head
skywards the man roared. "And their iniquities shall be shown unto you,
and you shall make them suffer" Fastening her hands lightly behind her
he lifted Penny's unconscious face level with his growing prick and
reached into yet another pocket. Bringing out a small phial he held it
under Penny's nose and in the silence of the street was heard the
'click' as he snapped the tip of the ampoule and waited for the acrid
contents of the smelling salts to have the desired effect.
Groaning Penny shook her head and her eyes opened to feel her hands
fastened behind her back and in her face a cock pressed against her
lips. Above her a voice echoed from the darkness "And you will fill
their belly with the seed of your loins" Still fighting to regain 
consciousness Penny felt his cock pushing against her lips and she tried
to pull away only to feel her arms nearly pulled from their sockets, and
she screamed. Almost immediately she heard the man above her "open wide
bitch and accept my seed, for it is shown unto me on your back what I
must do" Still groggy the memory of the picture flooded Penny's fuddled
mind and she opened her mouth and allowed his cock to bury itself into
her throat.
Tied to the lamppost she could do little as he fucked her mouth and
every time his cock pushed forwards she felt her arms being pulled up to
make the tattoo repeat the swallowing of the sperm and she prayed for it
to finish so that the would leave her alone.  Faster and faster his cock
moved, filling her mouth and pushing down her throat, and Penny slowly
regaining her senses felt the strap biting into her stomach and the cool
breeze blowing across her naked body and realised that she had been tied
naked to the lamppost.  Unable to scream as her mouth was stuffed full
of cock she trembled in fear as his thrusts went deeper and deeper until
she could hardly breathe and the sockets of her arms, being jerked up
violently every time he filed her throat, were on fire with pain as his
breath shortened and he moaned "And so shall the harlot be cleansed, by
the seed of a goodly man" In her gagging throat Penny felt the first
spurts of his spunk as it spat into her throat and she was nearly sick.
It was so thick and creamy that she thought it would never roll down
into her belly and as he continued to shaft her she felt her throat
filling with the sticky exudates from his pulsing prick and Penny knew
then that this man intended to choke her on his jism, and in fear she
felt her bladder contract and down the inside of her legs streams of
piss ran like rivers of yellow as the zealot filling her mouth shuddered
to a stop and lifted her up to look into his face. Her throat muscles
working overtime to force the sticky spunk downwards away from her
windpipe, Penny gurgled and gagged to gain enough air to placate her
aching lungs.
Eyes wide and streaming with tears Penny looked into the skull mask and
started to scream. Choked off as he pushed her filthy tights between her
open lips she was forced to watch as he tied another strap around her
body just below her armpits then one by one her arms were lifted
vertically and fastened far above her head.  Now he stepped back again
and looked at her as she stood completely naked, legs crudely spread, a
mouth full of filthy tights and her breasts covered in love bites from
earlier. Unable to make a noise Penny squirmed in the lamp light and
watched terrified as he turned away from her and began to walk up and
She couldn't see what he was doing, but his hands seemed to be clasped
in prayer and Penny unable to do anything but watch and squirm waited
for him to return.
When he turned back towards her she nearly died. In his left hand was a
short whip, the butt of which glittered in the  dull light.  Shaped like
a prick the shiny metallic handle in between his leather covered fingers
looked cold and hard, but in his right hand was an object that caused
Penny's eyes to stare and her already frightened body trembled with
fear. A dildo at least fourteen inches long and as thick as her wrist
flexed in his hand. But most terrifying of all the top was made in the
shape of a rams head complete with backward curving horns. Penny knew
that if they were solid then once inserted that object would leave no
woman's cunt without tearing her to bits and she struggled vainly to
break her bonds.
Stepping up to the shaking girl, the insane character stroked her cheek
with the silver handle of his whip and as she shuddered away from the
cold metal grinned at her and said. "first shall the whore be scourged,
and then the noble metal of purity shall cleanse her" As Penny shook
uncontrollably against he cold steel of the lamppost she felt the whip's
leather thong tracing its way over her shoulders down to her breasts,
and down, down across her terrified belly to her crotch. Again and again
he stroked her quivering flesh with the cruel instrument until Penny
began to relax, perhaps he got his kicks from this, perhaps it was all a
game and he wouldn't hurt her.  Eyes closed she felt the leather sliding
over her nipples again and she felt them respond to the soft touch,
firming up they sprang tight on her chest, and "CRACK" her body jerked
as the lash flailed against her skin. Jerking and moaning Penny bounced
at the mercy of the cruel lash as it was wielded with uncanny skill
against any part of her body that it could reach. Again and again she
felt it crash across her breasts and thighs until with one ear piercing
scream of rage the man flicked it up right between her legs. She felt
the lash curl across her cunt to reach right through and crack against
her ass. The pain coursed upwards and as Penny collapsed she felt her
anal muscles tighten and as she tried to shit herself he stepped close
and rammed the silver handle deep into her straining rectum. Unable to
relieve herself Penny felt the shit being squeezed around the metal of
his obscene whip handle until as he finished his penetration the silver
cock plugged her ass and Penny felt her shit backed up inside her as her
muscles tried, without success to expel the foreign object. The feelings
of total degradation were compounded as he used the lash to tie the
devilish contraption inside her. Pulling the lash up and around Penny's
throat she felt the sideways drag on the silver prick as it was pulled
backwards by the leather, and its metal end pushed forwards deep inside
her red hot crack it pushed soft tissue away and stretched her inner
membranes forward into the space usually occupied by her womb. Her belly
stretched out into an obscene parody of a pregnant woman and he
Penny writhing on the metal cock felt something happen deep in her ass,
tiny little currents coursed from the tip and filled her rectum with
fire  as he leant close and whispered "Inside is a battery and every few
seconds it will fill you with power until you shit tube is having
orgasms of its own then and only then you perverted purveyor of filth
shall I begin to cleanse your filthy, wanton slut's pussy" Penny stared
dumfounded as he stepped back again and watched her, whilst between her
cheeks shock after shock coursed upwards from her stretched shit hole to
funnel into the deepest recesses of her brain. He was right, Penny
enjoyed anal sex, but she had never had a real orgasm from it, but now
as the current increased she felt her body start to react until in
anticipation of each shock she was tensing all her muscles her legs
became cords of iron and her stomach pulled so flat that the shape of
the silver head was outlined clearly against her skin.
Then she felt it, the sliver dildo was moving. The tip rotating in her
intestines was throbbing and pulsing up and down. Unstoppable now her
body shook in the throes of an orgasm, and her head rolled from side to
side with lust as he moved back close to her face and began to stroke
her with the second obscene dildo.  "And this you daughter of Satan will
purify your cunt. From the head of the devil will pour forth the blood
of a virgin to cleanse your very soul of its impurities" Penny stared at
him as he stroked her cheek, and across her face, then despite the gag
she screamed. something warm, wet and salty had trickled onto her lip
and as he pulled the grotesque head back she could see, even under the
pale light the bright red arterial blood as it seeped from the nostrils
and mouth of the goats head.  Sliding it over her tits she felt the
blood oozing onto her body and she shuddered in fear of what she knew he
was going to do.  He was going to force the obscene phallus deep into
her cunt and fill her womanhood with a virgin's blood. As the enormity
of his prophesy hit her she fought like a tiger to free herself. she
could feel the bonds biting into her skin, but if he had killed a young
girl to obtain his cleansing fluid. What would he do to her?  With a
maniacal cackle of laughter he placed the ram's head at the opening of
her cunt and she felt the pressure as it was forced upwards into her.
Dry from fear her tight lips made it difficult, but he just squeezed the
bulb on the end of the shaft and Penny felt the thick liquid oozing from
the head to lubricate her, and her entire body writhed in disgust as she
imagined the thick blood coating her love tube to allow access for this
grotesque parody of a sex toy.
She could feel the horns dragging against the sides of her tunnel and
every time he stopped pushing and stood to watch her she felt her body
fastening around the head of the monster phallus, gripping it tight, the
horns digging into the soft lining of her body preventing any backward
movement at all. Strain as her muscles might there was no way to force
the shameful head downwards away from her deepest private parts.
As fear flooded her mind Penny knew there was no way it would ever leave
her body again and Penny rolled her eyes to heaven and prayed for a
quick death as he pushed upwards again and she felt the vicious head
pressing against her cervix. her whole body shook as it forced her last
barrier to stretch and allow it entry. As she felt the tip of the
invader press against the top of her womb Penny's mind broke and she
poured gurgled threats against the world, the Master and this subhuman
monster into the inside of the tights gagging her mouth. But he just
laughed a maniacal laugh of triumph as his voice rose to a scream and he
shouted.  "So shall the virgin's blood cleanse the sinner!!" and he
pushed the tip of the dildo hard up against Penny's womb top and she
felt the thick blood being pumped to fill her body with its essence.
As the maniac danced and laughed at her fear, Penny felt the life
draining from her as the lash around her throat tightened and just as he
pulled the tights from her mouth so that her screams could be heard by
all, her eyes grew dim and her head fell forward in defeat on her chest,
and the last thing she remembered as the darkness came was his skulls
head mask as he disappeared into the shadows.
Coming round to the sensation of rocking too and fro, the single bright
light filling her mind Penny knew she was going to meet her maker and
looking around she could see the shiny smooth surface of heaven and into
sight fluttered a white dove. Penny reached out and grasped the white
bird, only to find herself looking at a piece of paper on which were
written the words.
Well done Penny, Whoring  slut you came to Blackpool all in rut I threw
at you all that I had for what you took I'm VERY GLAD             
In the case beside you there you'll find the clothes you did wear and in
my house will welcome be if ever you come back to me on the table there
in front you'll see the tale of crossing cunt so don't think you can
escape me for now my slave you'll always be with your clothes, all
neatly packed  you'll find your store of tape and cash I hope that when
you watch it through you'll think of me just screwing you.
As the words fell into place in her fevered mind Penny felt the days she
had spent in Blackpool fall slowly into place. Even the fanatic that had
stuffed her so full of fear had been planned and now she was going home.
Her mind slowly cleared to allow her to focus along the empty carriage
of the train to London, and her sluttishness calmed, at least for a
while, she could relive every moment of her time with the Master.
Sobbing quietly in thanks that she was still alive. Penny turned and
picked up the paper from in front of her.
For a long time she did nothing but look at the headline. Then her
finger drifted down to her crotch and felt for her fiery cunt as she
read it again and again, and remembered the woman that had given rise to
And Penny smiled softly to herself as she frigged to the memory of
Lavinia on her final road to the ultimate sexual experience.


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