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A Roman Entertainment in the Colosseum

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Synopsis: The story is about one of the most popular and exotic spectacles ever seen in ancient Roman colosseum. It's fiction, but carefully based on the facts of what went on in the decadent Roman arena.

A Roman Entertainment in the Colosseum

It's a warm mid day in the Colosseum, and a breeze is wafting along. The audience are a bit restless because they've been promised a great spectacle but nothing seems to be happening yet.

But in the big vaulted room just inside the entrance some preparations are underway. A pretty young woman is sitting partially undressed, while servant girls rush around her, some fixing her hair, another putting oil and gold dust on her bared nipples. A tall man in a toga stands a few feet away, and there are a few Colosseum stagehands standing by the door. But how can one women entertain a crowd of 50,000 better than opposing armies of tough gladiators?

The girl is Aemillia, a slave who'd murdered her master, a Senator. Instead of being killed almost immediately, the attractive slave girl was spared. She's been kept in considerable comfort until today when she's playing a dramatic role in a 'special feature' at the games.

She's will soon 'star' of one of the most exotic and unusual forms of dramatic punishment ever devised. A re-enactment of the old myth of Pasiphae and the Bull, which will have the dramatic finish of her execution by the three foot long erection of a massive bull, which had been trained to ravish women.

The man in the toga is the presenter of the show. After the woman have finished dressing Aemillia and putting the crown on her head, he fills her in at last on what her part as Pasiphae demands.

"As you know in the myth Queen Pasiphae fell in love with a white bull and mated with it by concealing herself in a wooden cow. With your help, we'll make that myth reality in the Colosseum today. Of course, in your arena appearance today, you'll be completely naked when you're being fucked by their bull. The main reason for this that the modern audience want to see and savour every detail of your pornographic execution. You can keep your modesty in the arena for a short while in your majestic costume, though.

The bull we'll use with you today is a very well trained specimen. He'll first penetrate you to about seven or eight inches depth. I'm sure you'll appreciate that this will be an incredible experience. The sticky juices will pour down your legs and your body will sweat and shake with multiple orgasms.

If you want to try to make the bull cum, give him two deep squeezes just as his dick is nearly out, on the more sensitive tip. He may investigate your anus with a couple of nudges but will always fuck your cunt.

If the bull doesn't cum, then the 'full penetration' dissillio or split will take place. This is done only rarely - I've only seen it once - but 'the split' is the super-spectacle that drives the audience wild. For instance, during the ordinary show it's common to see Roman women discreetly masturbating, but during a dissilio crowds of them strip naked and writhe together.

For some reason it seems to appeal particularly to upper-class women - men like the initial sexual spectacle, happy to see a bull's cock slide into a woman's tight wet cunt, but noble women are fascinated by the notion of a woman being split in two by a bull.

After watching a woman take the full length, I have to say that it is very spectacular and doesn't seem too cruel with a skilful bull. When the bull that you're paired did the dissilio, the woman sighed with passion most of the time and only cried out a couple of times. The bull must have a better instinctive knowledge of anatomy than most of our doctors to complete a split without doing much damage. His victory over the woman took about two minutes.

When his victory was nearly complete, I signalled to the honoured guest that bull's dick was about to emerge from the girl's mouth. She disrobed, then took the tip bending over, before sucking it - and so kissing the girl - then pulled away to allow a fountain spray of bull semen to cascade in jets over the arena."

Aemillia found the notion of a bull's dick emerging from a condemned girl's mouth hard to believe - it was funny but also scary. Still, the notion of full, complete penetration was arousing. The ultimate fuck, even if it was the last one. The Roman audience most enjoyed watching condemned girls like Aemillia who gave a sort of semi-consent to their erotic execution. To Roman eyes nothing was more beautiful or entrancing than when the condemned girl accepted her bull-impalement. They loved to watch the magic moment when a girl actually returned the bull's thrusts, taking the hot cock deep into her cunt of her own free will.

Now it was time for the appearance. Aemillia, walked in procession wearing a crown and long gold robe, was accompanied by five attendants in similar but simpler outfits.

The show began a full theatre production of the myth of Pasiphae and the Bull. Aemillia, as Pasiphae, sat on a marble and gilded wood throne. Behind the throne was a real mosaic background stretching for forty feet. She wore a long flowing gown, crown and pearl necklace with her hair done in high curls, the contemporary Flavian style. The audience had a frisson of anticipation as they knew what a spectacular violent sexual contrast the next scenes would make.

The men in the audience smacked their lips as the attendants gradually stripped naked.

Aemillia gradually slipped down the top of her gown, playing with the stiff end of a nipple, as she spoke to her servants about how much she wanted the bull. Then the five nude female attendants pulled the bull in across the arena.

When they reached a little before the throne, all five - almost in a frenzy - began to handle, suck, lick the bull's enormous ...and growing ..dick. They took hold of the monster erection and held it ot for the condemned girl's inspection, sitting on ther throne four feet away. 'It's so big - I must have it inside me', Aemillia said as she slowly opened her gown more to reveal a neatly shaven pubic mound.

Her servants led the bull away and knelt in front of the throne while they removed Aemillia's gold robe, then poured oil all over her body until it glistened in the midday sun that shone down in the Colosseum. The servants led her back to the throne but this time slide her legs in the gaps at the sides of the throne, so she sat backwards with her bare bottom fully displayed to the arena crowds. Aemillia then moved her legs a little further apart, meaning that the rosebud of her anus began to come into view. A servant girl bent forward, slipping her long tongue round to lick Aemillia's hairless mound, then her cunt hole - already beginning to drip clear pre-cum fluid - and finally probing the anus.

After these preliminaries, it was time for the execution to begin. Aemellia - naked and oiled - confidently walked the few yards to the marble plinth that had been set up in the middle of the arena. It looked like it was built for a special purpose - it was low and shaped like a large Y when seen from above. The plinth was special - the craftsmen building it had carefully measured its height to match the level of the bull's dick. It was simple but effective solution - the bull could penetrate the girl offered to him easily just by moving forward.

The crowd found the spectacle uniquely arousing. A few remembered a 'Pasiphae and the Bull' spectacle of about a year earlier. This staging was done as part of a series of myths. It had featured a bull being slowly lowered in a harness on to his human female partner, who knelt on all fours. The crowd found that spectacle very appealing because it emphasised the vulnerability of the condemned girl to the massive bull. But the mechanics of lowering the bull meant that the whole sex act and execution could become clumsy or ridiculous.

Aemellia had reached the plinth. It was hard to realise what her feelings and thoughts were. She had been give wine before appearing, and had literally been treated and - just a few minutes before - acted like a Queen. She was also overwhelmingly grateful not have suffered the dreadful fate of crucifixion, and intrigued by the progress of this execution that was nothing like any execution she was familiar with.

She noticed a chair and ewer of water at the top end of the plinth where her head would go. She climbed up on the plinth, spread her legs to match the arms of the 'Y' and was then tied in with leather bands attached to golden chains.

The white bull first circled the plinth, lightly brushing against her body before halting a few feet behind Aemillia's spread legs. When bulls were used for this special exotic spectacle, their horns were always neatly removed beforehand to avoid damage to the girl. To the open-eyed Aemilia, the bull's dick seemed unusually long but at the same time thin, with a fairly hard and horny tip.

Now the bull was in position for the act that was the greatest spectacle offered by the Colosseum, whose different stages were sometimes described by the words Dilato , Deturbo , Dirumo ... in English spread, thrust and divide.

The crowd watched closely as he just penetrated a couple of inches, to giving a perfect living tableaux of Pasiphae and the Bull, allowing the audience to see her fuck flaps curl and flare around the tip of the enormous, over three foot long, shiny red and light black erection. Somehow, it was an almost dreamy sight.

In the dark corridors of the Colosseum, quite a few men were excited enough to seek out prostitutes - easily recognised by their dyed blond hair - and got them to spread their legs, and bend over for sex while the men continued to eye the scene in the arena through gaps in the stone. Men and women, and woman and bull coupled together. But while the women and men did it in semi-privacy, the woman and bull fucked away in full public view.

Aemillia thought, as the juices trickled down her legs, that this bull was like no lover she'd ever known, hard and filling with 6 thick inches in her. But there was much more to come. The Roman were very clever in the way they made sure by thorough training of the bull that the initial experience wasn't too unpleasant. To the artistic theatre director, nothing would be worse than a girl who didn't at least partially consent.

The crowd stirred again when the honoured guest, the princess Domitilla, niece of the Emperor, entered the arena, to sit by the plinth for a really up close and personal view of the sexual execution. The bull began to thrust away with more energy into Aemilia's wet and juicy cunt. With real tenderness, Domitilla gave a kiss to the mouth just after Aemilia caught her breath under the animal's rapid assault. Even more determined thrusts followed which started to 'split' the girl as the bull's cock began to enter her abdomen. Aemillia began to quiver and pant, but on the whole did not seem to suffer too much as the bull's organ was fleshy, thin and flexible, something very different - and much less painful than - being impaled by wood or metal.

Domitilla smoothed water over Aemilia's face, then slid a couple of fingers into Aemilia's mouth. A few moments later and some smooth movements from the bull had brought the horny tip of the bull's dick into contact with Aemilia's stomach.

She didn't scream out at all, but her body shook even more, quivering rapidly as though it was rotating on the invading bull dick.

Hardly any time later the bull had twisted its cock so it was moving along her upper throat. Gasps of astonishment and ripples of loud applause could be heard as the tip of the bull's erection emerged from Aemilia's open mouth. The woman musician on the water-organ also played a few dramatic notes so everyone towards the back of the Colosseum could realise what had happened. Eventually nearly six inches were clear.

Domitilla gave a few licks to the engorged organ, before lifting her tunic to bare her bottom. She then bent over and took just the tip inside her shaven hole. Aemillia, though dazed due to shock, revived a little to watch as a broad bottom descended onto the very same cock that still throbbed between her own now well-used (or abused) dangling fuck flaps. Domitilla's cunt opened wide, a pink fleshy oval against the shiny red-brown tip of bull cock.

Domitilla slipped off the glans just before bull's orgasm exploded, making him spray a big spurt of cum over the arena. It was also the moment of Aemilia's execution. Because as the bull finally came, its long cock swelled to around double its normal girth, filling every part of Aemillia's gullet and throat so suffocating her.

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