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Synopsis: John gets caught by his aunt and turned into a sissy slave. And everybody seems to want to dominate the new slavegirl.
By 2NN


John had finally made it through high school and escaped from the
confines of his hometown. And now he had made it to the big city. OK, he
had no real friends and no family, but at least he wasn't harassed as
much any more. Back home in high school he was always picked on for
being too small and too weak. It didn't help that he looked slightly
feminine or that he had been caught checking out the butt of the star
quarterback. He had instantly been branded a "fucking sissy homo
asswipe". He had tried to protest his innocence, told everybody that he
had been checking out the ass of the cheerleader standing next to the
quarterback, but it had been in vain. He was branded. And he had to
admit there was some truth to it; even though he had never had sexual
relations with anyone but himself, he was attracted to both sexes. So
the rest of high school had been hell. And there was a thing about his
sexuality. He was attracted to both sexes; in fact he had fantasized
about both the cheerleader and the quarterback. But it went a little
further than that. He was also secretly in love with women's clothing.
He dreamt about dressing up in a pretty dress and putting on a pair of
high-heeled shoes. He dreamt about being pretty. When he was sure that
his uncle was away, he would dress up in women's clothes he had bought
in the next town. He would pose in front of the mirror and dream about
being taken by large and strong hands. Held by his assailant and being
dominated until he gave in to his attacker and performed some
humiliating and highly arousing service. There were endless variations,
but they all ended with him masturbating frantically. Afterwards he was
always shameful that he couldn't be more normal, couldn't be more like
everybody else. He would remove the panties, the bra, the dress and the
high-heeled shoes vowing never to put them on again. But it never
worked. He didn't dare throw them out, and sometimes he used them only a
few hours later. For all his lust he was still a virgin. It had all
remained in his fantasies. 

But he still had no friends (male or female) and the uncle he had been
living with (his parents were dead) hated his guts even before he had
been branded a homo. At least his uncle didn't suspect that he loved
women's clothing. That would have made his uncle evict him much sooner.
But he had gotten through high school, and the day after graduation he
had run away .. sort of. His uncle had made it very clear that he would
not be missed and that no authorities would be alerted if he ran away.
He had gone to the city because it was the biggest he could get to, but
also because he had heard a rumor that he had an aunt living there, his
mothers younger sister. He had no idea if she was as hostile as his
father's brother, but he thought he might find out someday. So far all
he had was a phone number.

Chapter 1

He had gotten a job with a large company doing odd jobs, mostly filing
papers and bringing out mail. It wasn't much, but it was enough to pay
for a small one-room apartment on the seedier side of town. Since he was
still very shy from his experiences in high school he hadn't made any
friends yet, but he was gaining confidence every day. No one had picked
on him yet. Since everything was going so well, he decided to try his
luck and contact his aunt. Maybe she would be nice. So Wednesday evening
he called the number he had found in his mothers belongings.
"Chamberlain residence", a soft and sexy soprano answered, catching him
somewhat by surprise. He hadn't expected someone sounding so sexy. "Is
this Helen Chamberlain?", he asked. "No. Who may I say is calling?", the
voice answered. "John Shoemaker, I am Helen Chamberlain's nephew", he
stammered back. The voice told him to wait and after a couple of minutes
another voice came on: "This is Helen Chamberlain. To whom am I
speaking?", the voice inquired. It was soft yet very commanding. "It's
John Shoemaker. I am the son of Catherine who I think was your sister",
he answered the voice. "What was your fathers name", she asked. "Tom
Shoemaker", John answered. After a small silence the voice said: "Then I
probably am your aunt." A silence followed, which he felt the need to
break: "I thought maybe we could meet? I have never met you, and mom
never spoke of you, but since we are related and I have moved to town
maybe...", he trailed of. "Excellent idea!" his aunt's voice answered,
"how about tomorrow evening?" This was far better than he had hoped for
so he eagerly agreed to meet at her place the following evening. 

The address his aunt had given him was in a very expensive part of the
suburbs, and the house itself was nothing short of amazing. It turned
out to be surrounded by a garden that was large enough to qualify as a
park. The park was surrounded by a very tall wall, maybe 30 ft, and in
the wall was a large gate made of thick sheets of steel. You could see
nothing of what went on behind the walls. He rang the bell and looked
into the camera when asked to. Then he was told to wait. After a few
minutes a door in the gates opened and a huge man beckoned him to come
inside. The large man sized him up in a slightly intimidating way,
looking him over from head to toe. John could not deny being a little
turned on by this almost brutal attention from such a well-built man.
But the large man just turned around with the words "follow me". He
followed the large man up a driveway to a giant Victorian house. A he
walked towards house he could glimpse the rest of the park behind the
main house. It literally stretched as far as he could see and behind the
main house were other buildings. He was overwhelmed. His aunt or her
husband must be extremely rich. 

When the large man opened the door for him, he was greeted by the sight
of the sexiest woman he had ever met. She was dressed in a maid's
uniform of some white shiny, clingy material and followed her every
curve. On her pitch-black pageboy hair she had small white hat, and
beneath her huge, round breasts hung a small decorative black apron on
an impossibly narrow waist. The corset must have been excruciatingly
tight. The uniform ended well above mid thigh, and as he involuntarily
followed her legs down, he saw that she wore extremely high-heeled
shoes, at least 6 inches of pencil thin heel. Around her neck was what
at first glance looked like a broad necklace. At closer inspection it
looked more like collar, but surely that couldn't be? Her lovely brown
eyes looked demurely down as she spoke to him: "Would you please come
with me?" She turned around showing her sexy ass held high. She had very
narrow waist and a full, sexy ass that swayed deliciously as she minced
along in the very high-heeled shoes. John contemplated the advantages of
swinging both ways. He had definitely been turned on be the large man
and this babe almost had his trousers bursting. The maid led him across
the hall and opened a door, letting him into large living room,
tastefully furnished in a somewhat old-fashioned style. In the center of
the room sat a woman whose looks completely blew him away. She was tall
with flaming red hair, her long hair held high on the head in a
ponytail. Her eyes were a penetrating green color and sat in a
stunningly beautiful face, with full, red lips. She wore a strapless
gown of red satin, red satin gloves and red high-heeled shoes. She was
too beautiful and sexy to be true. She rose from the couch she had been
sitting in and came towards him, completely fixating him with her eyes.
"John?" she asked. "Yes, I, I I'm John", he stammered. At this she
smiled, as confirming something to herself, and shook his hand. "Pleased
to meet you, John". "Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Chamberlain", John
managed. As she stood in front of him, he had to look almost directly
up. John was 5' 4", weighing 120 lbs soaking wet, and he was wearing
sneakers. His aunt was at least six feet tall even without the
high-heeled shoes that added another 6 inches to her height. She towered
over both the maid and John. As he looked up he looked almost directly
at the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. "Won't you come sit down,
John?" she asked, pointing him to a sofa. As they sat down, his aunt
ordered the maid to bring them some wine. She didn't ask him if he would
like some. As the maid brought the wine, she began asking him questions
about himself. The next hour went by as if in a trance: She had his
whole life's story in less than 45 minutes, and then she began some very
penetrating questions: Did he have any other relatives? Any friend?
Where did he live? How did he get here? Did anyone know where he was,
and expected him back? As it had been on the phone, her voice had been
soft but very commanding. You didn't say no to this voice. He soon told
her that no one knew where he was, and no one expected him back except
for work tomorrow. He had come by taking the train to the nearest
station and then walking for almost an hour. As he answered her
questions, she began to move closer to him and at some point she began
gently stroking his arm. "How about the opposite sex?" she asked him,
"any luck yet?" He stuttered something about a fictional fling in high
school to which she laughed. It was clear that she didn't believe him.
John was now sweating; his hands clammy and he had a huge erection.
Could she really be coming on to him just like that? And in front of the
maid? The maid stood completely still, looking passively into the air.
His aunt took the opportunity to grab his head and kiss him
passionately. As he struggled to catch his breath afterwards, she deftly
opened his fly and took out his erect member and began to masturbate
him. He tried to protest, but in vain. She brushed his hands away easily
continuing her manipulation of his member. While she did this, he had
hard time tearing his eyes of the maid. She still stood completely
still, her eyes fixed on the floor in front of her. 

"You would like to look like her, wouldn't you, you little sissy?" his
aunt whispered into his ear, "you filthy little faggot". "", he
managed, almost panting with ecstasy. He was so close. "Bullshit", she
said as she abruptly grasped his balls and squeezed. The pain was
excruciating. He doubled over, unable to say anything, trying to hold
onto his aching balls. But she wouldn't even allow him that. As he bent
over, she took hold of both his arms and held them firmly behind his
back. "Giselle. The handcuffs", she called to maid, who immediately
brought two pairs of handcuffs. In his painful condition he couldn't put
up much of a fight, and soon she had placed a pair of handcuffs on his
wrists and a pair around his elbows. This completed, she pushed him off
the sofa and onto the floor. His hands behind his back and his trousers
around his ankles, he couldn't stop his fall. He impacted painfully with
the floor. "Disgusting filthy, little sissy, faggot swine", she spat
after him, "I knew that no good sister of mine, could never produce a
man. Ah well, I have other uses for a little faggot like you." "Please.
Why are you doing this? I haven't done you ...AHHHHHHHHHHH", he cried as
she walked over to him and with one stiletto heel stepped on one of his
balls. She stepped back and kicked him just below the rib cage. All air
vanished from his lungs and he gasped for breath. She the crouched down
and grabbed hold of his longish, brown hair and pulled his face close to
hers as she hissed: "Your existence as my family insults me. Sissy boys
like you should know your place. And you will learn your place, as well
as the proper tone. The first thing you should know is what to call me.
You will call me Mistress. The first and last word of every sentence out
of your filthy mouth will be Mistress. Now what will you call me?" she
asked as she grabbed hold of his penis with her other hand.
Embarrassingly it instantly became erect, in spite of the pain. "Please,
I..." and then he screamed as she squeezed his balls, " Mistress.
Mistress, Mistress..." he babbled senselessly. "That's quite enough",
she spat as she slapped him across the face. "Maybe you'll learn fast.
Giselle, have Bryce string him up in dungeon no. 2". "Mistress, yes
Mistress", Giselle answered. And with that she was gone, her heels
clicking away across the floor. "Please help me", John tried with the
maid. She bent down with a look of fear on her face: "Please don't speak
to me. She will punish me harshly. Please don't", Giselle said with
quivering voice. While she was still bending over, the door opened and
the large man who had greeted John first came in. He stopped short as
Giselle quickly stood up, eying her suspiciously. "Mistress wants him
strung up in dungeon no. 2", Giselle said, her voice quavering, her eyes
looking at a spot on the floor in front of Bryce. "Very well then",
Bryce said moving over to John. He bent down, grabbed John by the neck
and lifted him as if he weighed nothing. "I knew you were a sissy the
moment I saw you. Mistress knows how to pick them". With that he
produced a collar, which he fastened around John's neck and a leash,
which he fastened to the collar. He then proceeded to drag John from the
room. It was far from easy walking behind Bryce. John's kept getting
entangled in the trousers still hanging around his ankles. His hands
were still behind his back and the tugging on the leash kept him bent
over. It was a very long trip to the dungeon, especially down a long set
of winding stone stairs. He felt like he was falling all the time, and
he didn't dare speak a word. After what seemed like a very long walk
through dark hallways, they came to a forbidding steel door. Bryce
opened it and they walked in. To John's surprise it was a dungeon! It
was filed with strange machines he couldn't recognize and on the wall
hung whips, chains, cuffs plus instruments he hadn't seen before. 

Bryce didn't waste any time. He removed the handcuffs on the wrists and
replaced them with a pair of wide cuffs made from some plastic material.
These were not connected by anything, but they did have D-rings so you
could fix something to the cuffs. Bryce then lowered a chain from the
ceiling. As he was doing this, John began to plead to be set free. This
was dealt with swiftly and brutally; Bryce walked over and slapped John
a number of times, until his words had been reduced to sniveling.
"Neither the Mistress or I will tolerate little sissy shits speaking out
of order. Don't speak unless someone asks you to". As he finished
speaking he unlocked the cuffs around John's elbows and put his John's
hand above his head, fixing his wrists to the chain hanging from the
ceiling with a padlock. He then removed all John's clothes by simply
cutting them away. John began to cry from the pain and humiliation. As
Bryce finished throwing his clothes away, he came over to John. He
leaned in close and grabbed John by the hair: "You like this don't you?"
he sneered as pulled John close and kissed him deeply. John was taken
completely by surprise, but soon found himself responding kissing Bryce
back with passion. As he did, Bryce's free hand slipped between his legs
and began stroking his member. Even though it was still tender from the
abuse his aunt had subjected it to, he quickly became rock hard. Soon he
was once again close to cuming. Just as he felt his orgasm building, he
heard the door open and the sound of high heel clocking across the floor
towards them. Bryce slowly pulled away from the kiss and pulled his hand
back so it only just supported the tip of John's cock. It was twitching
with the building orgasm, but with no further stimulation he couldn't
come. "Horny little bitch, eh Bryce?" his aunt asked. "Indeed she is,
Mistress", Bryce said with derision dripping from his voice as he let go
of John's cock. As Bryce let go John couldn't help a weak moan of
frustration; he wanted so badly to come. His cock stood out rock hard,
still twitching in anticipation. "Are my services required Mistress?"
Bryce asked. "Not right now, thank you Bryce. I will take it from here.
You may retire for now. But I am sure that your presence will be
appreciated tomorrow" his aunt said with a smirk. With that Bryce
disappeared and John was alone with his aunt. The change didn't seem to
affect his arousal. He was still rock hard. As she stood watching him,
John noticed that she had changed her clothes. Instead of the red dress
and shoes, she was now dressed in black. She wore skintight black latex
pants with a split crotch, her neatly trimmed red brush showing that she
was natural redhead. On her feet were shiny black stiletto lace-up boot,
going all the way up to her knees. The heels were shiny metal at least 6
inches and thinner than anything John had ever seen. The points of her
boots looked liked they could stab. On her upper body she wore a
combined jacket and bustier off black latex, clinging tightly to her
body, holding up her prefect breast sand ending just below the chest and
leaving her midriff free, exposing a smooth, flat stomach. "Please", he
managed before she cut him off, "No I'm not going to let you cum, you
filthy little slut. But I am going to let you in on a little secret",
she said with a sadistic grin. She stepped close to him and grabbed his
balls and began to grind then together. Not hard, just hard enough to
provide both pleasure and pain. John moaned in ecstasy and pain. "I knew
all about you even before you called me the other night. Your dear uncle
called a about a year ago to tell me about your nasty playing around in
girlie clothes". He was shocked! "And you thought he wouldn't spot a
pathetic little sissy in his house? Ha! He spotted you from the day you
came. So to make sure he mounted a few cameras. You are so disgusting
writhing around in that sissy suit". John was mortified. He thought no
one had known. "Ironically I am going to turn you into something like
that", she said matter-of-factly, "but it may not be quite what you had
in mind, although your obvious submissiveness will help". John blushed
at the last sentence, but the fact that he was still erect couldn't be
denied. "GISELLE!" his aunt shouted towards the door. Almost instantly
Giselle came scampering through, mincing along as quickly as her heels
would allow. As she came up to John's aunt, she curtseyed deeply and
said: "Mistress, yes Mistress?" while looking down all the while. "Pull
up your skirt, Giselle. The little sissy should know what's in store for
her". Giselle pulled up her skirt, revealing a pair of very snugly
fitting black, rubber panties. John's aunt pulled the panties down and
undid something John couldn't see above Giselle's ass. She then reached
between Giselle's legs and pulled a string out. The string was attached
to a small metal tube that contained Giselle's penis! The beautiful
submissive maid was a man! The small metal tube squeezed the penis
cruelly, so that only the head stuck out of the end. This was further
restrained by two metal bands crossing the tip, holding it back. At the
stem the tube was secured with a metal wire to the cruel metal mesh cage
that held the balls. They were tightly squeezed.

"Yes, this filthy scumbag was my husband Dean. Only now she only answers
to Giselle. You see I married him for the money, but it turned out we
both had a thing for domination. Me for feminizing and dominating. He
for being feminized and dominated. So I started to feminize him until it
became very soon became too visible. So I came up with a solution. We
faked his death in a car accident; I would inherit the lot and bring him
back as my female partner, restoring the fortune at least somewhat to
him. But it didn't turn out that way did it shithead?" she smirked at
Giselle. "Mistress, no Mistress", Giselle answered in a very low voice.
"I completed his transformation into a bitch and then I broke him
completely. He or rather she became the slave girl you see here. She
only travels outside these walls tied tightly, and she is only allowed
to cum when I permit it. When was the last time I allowed it, Giselle?"
"Mistress, 9 months ago, Mistress", Giselle said in an even lower voice.
As she said it John could see her penis begin to strain against its cage
trying to grow stiff. "You see? She is a little slave bitch that's
turned on by the abuse", John's aunt laughed, "which brings us to your
future, or lack of same. You see, I'm going to feminize you and break
you into being the perfect little slave girl. If you please me I may
keep you. Otherwise I'll sell because that's what I do. I don't really
need to work, but I just love breaking slaves in, so why not turn a
profit?" John started: "But you can't do this! I .. AHHHHHHHHHH", he
screamed as she took his right ball and twisted it hard. "It's time you
learned the rules around here, you filthy slut", his aunt spat in his
face. "We'll start with the basics: I'm the Mistress, and you will
address me as such. The first and last word of every sentence out of
your mouth will be "Mistress", understood?" "Yes Mistress", John tried
weakly, but she slapped him hard. "Wrong! Try again! Do you understand?"
"Mistress, yes Mistress", he managed this time. "Good", she said, "you
can be taught. We'll continue. Never speak unless spoken to. Never try
to think, you are too stupid. Never act on your own initiative. We'll
take the rest later. Just remember; you are a worthless slave shit. The
lowest of the low. You only have value serving a Mistress or Master.
Understood?" She moved in close painfully grabbing hold of both his
balls with one hand, while grabbing his throat with the other.
"Mistress, yes Mistress" was his weak reply. What little fight he had
had in him, he had lost to her domination and his own overwhelming lust.
He wanted to deny it, but really there was no point: he was so turned on
by the domination and the prospect of being treated as a woman, that he
had already lost.
"But before we go any further" Mistress said, now turning towards
Giselle, who still stood in the same position as before; with her skirt
raised, her rubber panties around her knees and her chastised penis
straining against its cage, the string used to pull it back between her
knees still dangling limply "there is the matter of you breaking the
rules, Giselle. Isn't there, you worthless slave slut?" Trembling
Giselle answered, "Mistress, yes Mistress. Mistress, I'm sorry
Mistress". While answering she held her pose perfectly, not mowing an
inch. She still held up her skirt while looking demurely downwards. "You
worthless piece of filth. You knew that the cameras would spot you
speaking to this nasty slut. You must be craving punishment. Is that
it?" Mistress had let go of John and was closing in on the trembling
Giselle, who bit her lip and answered in a low voice "Mistress, no
Mistress. Mistress, please I was just..." Mistress slapped Giselle
viciously across the face. "SHUT UP! Trying to explain only makes
matters worse for. Now strip" As Giselle stripped, Mistress walked
across the room to a very solid looking wooden table and took up
position on the narrow end. Giselle stripped down to her high heels, her
collar and her corset. The corset was cruel affair in black leather,
undoubtedly with steel supports. It stretched from just below Giselle
perfect round breasts (each with its own golden nipple ring) to just
above her ample ass, constricting her waist to 16 inches. Her undressing
complete, Giselle followed Mistress to the table. She apparently knew
the drill, because she walked all the way up to the narrow end of the
table and bent over, spreading her legs so that her feet were at the
legs of the table.
Mistress went right ahead. First she secured Giselle's legs at the
ankles and knees to the legs of the table with wide leather straps that
were already fixed to table legs. This made Giselle stand in a slightly
squatting position, her full plump ass sticking out. Then she made her
lean forward, resting her elbows on the table. Here she was tied to the
table with pre-existing straps on her arms at wrists and elbows. Giselle
could now wriggle her ass and her upper body and shake her head, but she
wasn't going anywhere; the table was bolted to the cement floor.
Mistress grabbed Giselle's hair and pulled her head back "never speak
unless spoken to, slut. Talking among slaves is forbidden. Is that
understood you worthless creep?" Giselle had but one answer: "Mistress,
yes Mistress". Mistress smirked and said: "Now be a good girl and beg
for your punishment". "Mistress, please Mistress. Mistress, I beg to be
punished Mistress." she begged. "Not good enough" Mistress said,
slapping Giselle's as with her open hand. "Mistress, please Mistress.
Mistress, this filthy slave slut humbly begs to be punished severely
Mistress." "Much better scum. It's good that you know that you have to
be punished severely". She then took a riding crop from a nearby trolley
loaded with torture instruments and crouched down between Giselle's
legs. From a key ring she produced a small key with which she liberated
Giselle's chastised penis. Giselle let out a moan of pleasure as her
member instantly grew erect. Mistress grabbed the balls in one hand and
the whip in the other. She then began to whip Giselle's balls. At first
she was only tapping them lightly, but soon she increased the strength
and intensity. Giselle's response followed: at first she moaned and
groaned but soon she was crying, screaming and babbling. She would be a
good girl, she would do anything! As the strength and intensity
increased she was reduced to incoherent screams. All her writhing and
struggling to break free were futile; the table didn't even shake. After
about 10 minutes of this she was nearing collapse, her struggles slowing
and her breath uneven. Mistress then rose and leaned over her again
grabbing her by the hair, pulling her face towards her own. Giselle's
faced was wet with tears, her make-up smeared all over her face. She was
gasping for breath. "Well?" Mistress asked her. "M..M..Mistress, thank
you Mistress" she managed. "Have you learned your lesson or should I
punish you more?" Mistress asked the crying slave. There was of course
only one correct answer to this question and Giselle began to cry hard.
"Mistress, please Mistress. Mistress this worthless slave begs to be
punished more Mistress," she sobbed. "Yes, I do think that you need more
punishment" Mistress said, letting go of the slave's hair. Giselle's
head hung low as she continued sobbing. Her balls were turning a deep
red and were swelling noticeably. Mistress went to the trolley and
fetched a huge black ball gag. She pulled Giselle's air back and
brutally shoved it into Giselle's mouth, tying the strap very tightly
behind her head. Giselle's crying was reduced to a bubbling, mewling
sound. Mistress then produced a thick black leather hood, which she then
pulled over Giselle's face, lacing it very tightly in the back. She then
laced the hood to Giselle's collar. From the wealth of stuff on the
trolley Mistress produced a strange dildo. Its end was shaped like a
hook ending in a D-ring. She greased it up and went over to Giselle were
she removed a butt plug that John hadn't noticed until then. He was
transfixed by the punishment, and paralyzed that it might happen to
himself. The butt plug came out with a small wet "plop". She then
brutally rammed the hook shaped dildo up Giselle's ass, with the D-ring
end pointing up towards her back. Putting the butt plug down, she took a
strap from the trolley. Or rather it was two straps connected a ratchet
in the middle. Each strap ended in a snap hook. She secured one snap
hook in the D-ring on the dildo and another in a similar snap hook on
top of Giselle's leather helmet. Mistress then used the ratchet to
tighten the straps until Giselle's back was cruelly arched, her head
pointing towards her upturned ass and her mewling had reached a
hysterical quality.
But this was not the end of Giselle's punishment. Mistress produced two
pieces of thin rope. The first piece she tied around the base of
Giselle's limp penis, leaving one end dangling. The other piece she tied
around the base of Giselle's swollen balls, again leaving one end
dangling. Again the trolley came in handy as she produced two 2-pound
weights, which she tied to the dangling pieces of rope, so that they
were swaying well above the ground by Giselle's balls and penis
respectively. Giselle's already frantic mewling increased further. Just
to cap things off Mistress grabbed the crop and began whipping Giselle's
exposed upturned ass. After 5 minutes of this Giselle sounded completely
hysterical, not even stopping her mewling screams when Mistress stopped
whipping her. Giselle had made matters worse for herself by writhing and
twisting during the whipping. This caused the weights to swing more,
pulling even harder on her bruised genitals. Mistress left the
hysterical slave girl with a satisfied smile and came over to John.

One part of John wanted to run away, while another part wanted
desperately to submit to this cruel woman. She grabbed him by the throat
and asked: "Enjoy the show?" He was still rock hard. Before he could
answer, she grabbed him by the hair causing him to cry. She then
produced a gag similar to the one she had used on Giselle and rammed it
into his open mouth. The gag stretched his jaw so much he thought it
would dislocate. "There. A little silence while working, only broken by
some soft background music". Giselle's hysterical mewling continued
undiminished. Mistress tied his ankles wide with rope, which she then
tied to rings in the concrete floor. Next she went over to the wall and
pressed a button. It activated a winch pulling the chain holding his
arms. She continued the pulling until he was pulled off the floor,
hanging only by his wrists and the rope around his ankles was taut. She
came over to him caressing his face while looking cruelly into his eyes.
Even now she was taller than him. "I'll soon have you fixed, looking
just like the slut you are. But first we need to clean you up". She went
around to his back. He tried to turn his head but his stretched arms
prevented this, pushing his head forwards. Soon he felt her touching his
ass, spreading his cheeks, followed by a cold hard intrusion into his
ass. He grunted with discomfort, a discomfort that was compounded by the
object growing inside him. He tried to expel it, but it had already
grown too big. Next he could feel his bowels being filled with warm
water, the sensation being both unpleasant and unnerving. As the water
began to fill him up completely the unpleasantness was accompanied by
real pain as his stomach was distended. He began to trash and scream,
but to no avail. The water kept coming. Just when he thought he would
burst, the filling stopped. Not that he noticed it for a while; he was
too occupied with the pain and discomfort to notice much of anything.
The room was filled with the sounds of the slaves; both mewling almost
hysterically into their gags. Mistress couldn't help but smile. A large
bowl was placed between his legs. It was standing on a four legs and had
hole in the bottom leading to a drain in the floor right beneath him.
Suddenly the obstruction in his ass was deflated and removed. He
expelled everything with wet farting sound, crying into his gag in pain
and relief. "There, there" Mistress said in a mocking tone speaking
close to his ear, just out of sight, "that wasn't so bad was it? So
we'll do it again, just to make you clean" and with that she jammed the
tube up is ass again, pumping up the bladder that kept him from
expelling it. He began to cry as he felt the water running in to him
again. "Aww, the little sissy bitch doesn't like her enema" she mocked
him "well too bad. We're just getting started". 

When they did finish, she had given 5 more enemas each one seemingly
with more in it that the one before, some with cold water, others with
hot. He was spent, shivering with cold sweat running down his entire
body, his head hanging down as he cried. In the background Giselle's
mewling had taken on a less hysterical quality. Now she was just moaning
in pain.
Mistress removed the bowl beneath him and stood before him. "Filthy
slut" she said with reference to his legs that were smeared in liquid
shit. With this she too a hose with a spray gun attached and began
hosing him down with ice cold water. He recoiled in shock, but he was of
course going nowhere. When she stopped his was shivering with cold as
well as pain and exhaustion. 
"Next I think we'll get rid of all that nasty body hair. Slave sluts are
nude". She then went to the trolley to get some items. As she passed
Giselle she smacked the girls ass hard and kicked the two weights so
that they began swinging again. Giselle's cries increased in volume. "Oh
do stop, you worthless cunt. You should have known better", Mistress
growled to Giselle. The crying died down a little. As she the came up to
John she first placed a bathing cap over his hair. The she produced a
roll of waterproof tape and put pieces of it on his eyebrows covering
them completely. Finally she closed his eyes, taping them shut. Mistress
then donned a pair of rubber gloves and fetched a large jar with foul
smelling, greasy looking substance in it. This she proceeded to apply
all over his body in thick layers, making sure that she didn't miss a
single spot, taking extra care rubbing it into the parts of his body
with hair on, even applying it in the ears and nostrils and in his ass
Not only did the substance smell very badly, it also began to burn. It
was like getting a full body rub in extra strength chili oil. Soon he
was writhing in pain, mewling pathetically into his gag. After 10
minutes or so he felt a cold, hard jet of water washing away the goo.
Although the water was ice cold, it was a relief to get rid of the
burning goo. As the water ran off his body he felt oddly nude in places
he hadn't done so previously: his crotch, his armpits. All his body hair
was gone! Before he even had time to try and shout his surprise out, he
heard Mistress voice: "There is nothing like making sure, is there?"
With that she began to lather him up in the smelly, burning goo again
not missing a single spot. Again he was left to writhe for 10 minutes
and again he was washed in icy water. He was crying again; crying with
pain and exhaustion, crying with hopelessness. This cruel woman, his own
aunt! would torture him forever. He just knew he could never escape
someone this thorough, this meticulous. Although he had dreamed about
being dominated by strong women, he had never imagined it as this cruel.
He just knew he would be subjected to things that were at least as harsh
as those Mistress had put Giselle through. And he had never fantasized
about that. They had always been much more soft and loving, the
domination scenarios of his dreams.

He was stirred from these hopeless thoughts by a gentle toweling.
Mistress was drying him ever so gently. When she was done, she removed
the tape from his face and the bathing cap from his hair. As she put on
a new pair of rubber gloves and took out a new jar, John began to
tremble in fear. "Silly slut", she remarked, "this is a nice cream that
will make much more soft an feminine. It won't hurt". And it was nice.
The cream was cool and scented with some pleasant flowery smell.
Mistress rubbed all over John's body, slowly and thoroughly again
getting into every nook and cranny. It was all very arousing and again
he became hard. "Horny little slut, aren't you", she mocked looking down
into his eyes. He couldn't hold her gaze and began to turn away. This
she wouldn't allow; she grabbed hold off his chin with one hand, while
taking a vice grip on his penis with the other. "You are a sissy slut
and slave. There is no denying it. Just look at how much you enjoy this"
she gave his penis a vicious squeeze "give in to it now. It'll make it
so much easier and a little less painful" she smiled cruelly at this
"slaves should always be tortured to some extent. After all, that is
part of their function". With this she finished rubbing him in and went
over to Giselle confused and excited, his member throbbing for a release
it wasn't granted.

Mistress set about removing some of Giselle's restraints. First she
loosened the straps that had held her so cruelly bent backwards. At this
Giselle's slumped forward, a sigh escaping the hood and gag. The she
removed the hook dildo in her ass, pulling it out not gently, but with a
powerful tug. A squeak escaped from the gag. Then she removed the hood
and gag. Giselle was a mess; hair disheveled, make-up smeared all over
her pretty face and her eyes blood red from crying. "Well?" Mistress
asked. "Mistress, thank you Mistress. Mistress, I promise you not to
disappoint Mistress again Mistress" Giselle said meekly. "Be sure that
you don't" Mistress said menacingly. She the crouched down and removed
the thin ropes securing the weights to Giselle's penis and balls, both
of which had turned a bluish, bruised color. Giselle uttered a sigh of
relief, shortly followed by a cry of anguish as the blood flowed back
into to parts, once again sensitizing them to the pain. She began to
whimper with the pain and tears began rolling down her cheeks. It was
clear that she didn't dare cry out loud. Mistress snorted contemptuously
as she walked to the far corner of the room and took a large bag of ice
cubes from a freezer. This she held with a towel, so she wouldn't freeze
her fingers off. On her way back she washed and dried Giselle's chastity
device, which she had picked up as she untied Giselle's member. She
crouched down between Giselle's legs and wrapped both the balls and the
member in the bag of ice, making sure that Giselle had no benefit from
the towel. Giselle screamed in shock and pain. "Oh shut, silly bitch.
You know this is necessary" she spat and Giselle's screams were reduced
to whimpers. She held the ice pack there for a few minutes until
Giselle's balls and penis were tiny and blue. Then she threw away the
ice, slipped the penis into its tube securing it with the metal wire
around the scrotum, and the balls into their cage. Then she locked
chastity device and pulled the string on the tube back between Giselle's
legs, fixing it on the back of the corset so that Giselle once again had
her balls crushed up between her buttocks and a smooth crotch. Giselle
writhed in pain emitting small screams through all this as the abused
parts tried in vain to regain their swollen state, only to be crushed by
the chastity device. Finally Mistress released Giselle from her bonds.
Unsteadily Giselle stood up swaying on her shaking legs and faced
Mistress, her hands clasped behind presenting herself to Mistress. "Get
dressed, you worthless slut, and clean up this mess" Mistress said
standing back to make sure Giselle behaved. Giselle dressed and began
cleaning everything up. As she finished, she stood at attention before
Mistress; her hands clasped behind her, eyes down, feet together. "Your
breach of the conduct code is going to cost you privileges" Mistress
said with ice in her voice. "Mistress, yes Mistress" Giselle replied in
the smallest of voices. "Fetch ankle shackles, a belt with wrist
shackles and a connection chain. All with the shortest possible chains"
Mistress continued. Giselle walked to one of the cupboards and brought
back the items Mistress had asked for. The first item was a wide leather
belt with a pair of leather shackles attached it via two 8-inch chains.
Mistress tied it around Giselle's waist locking it in the back with
padlock. She then secured Giselle's hands in the shackles, which she
also locked with padlocks. Next she crouched down between Giselle's legs
and attached the leg shackles, padlocking them in place. A 6-inch chain
connected the shackles. At the center of the chain Mistress fixed
another chain. The other end of this chain went up between Giselle's
legs and was fixed to her chastity device. This way when Giselle took a
(very small) step she would create tension between the chain to her
ankles and the strap tying her chastity device in place, pulling her
private parts first one way, then the other. As a finishing touch
Mistress got a ring gag from the cupboard. The ring was so large that
she had to angle it into Giselle's mouth using considerable force to
push the last bit by Giselle's teeth. Finally she tied the strap
viciously behind Giselle's head, so that the corners of her mouth were
pulled back quite a bit. "You may stand over there and watch" Mistress
commanded, pointing to a spot about 10 feet to the right of John.
"Mi't'egh, yegh Mi't'egh" Giselle drooled as she curtseyed and with tiny
mincing steps walked to the assigned spot and took up her position.

This done Mistress produced a corset from one of the cupboards in the
dungeon. It was just like the one Giselle was wearing; black leather
with steel supports. She proceeded to put it around John's waist after
which she began lacing it up. And she laced it up hard, real hard. Soon
John was taking small gasping breaths. Mistress knew what she was doing
and in no time John waist was much smaller than he had ever imagined it
could be. Mistress produced a measuring tape and placed it around his
waist. "Hmm 19 inches. We will have to work on that" she remarked with
obvious displeasure "but it will do for now". She left him to fetch some
things from the cupboards. First thing was a pair of ankle height
booties with 6-inch spike heels. "I don't believe in starting softly.
You are going to walk in shoes like these for the rest of your life so
you might as well get used to it" she explained as she put them on his
feet. Apart from the fact he wasn't used at all to wearing shoes like
these, they had to be at least one size too small. As she worked them
onto his feet he cried in pain into his gag. "Yes I know they are too
small, but you might as well get used to it. Nothing should be pleasant
when you are a slave. And you certainly are a slave of the most hopeless
and useless kind". She finished putting them on and laced them up. As if
to prove her point she took out leather strap which she tied cruelly on
his penis, just behind the head. He wailed as she led the strap between
his legs and pulled on it hard. It crushed his balls up between his
buttocks and left him with a smooth crotch. She tied the strap to the
corset, holding his privates in place.
Next was a posture collar constricting his already labored breathing and
holding his chin up. It had D-ring in front to which she fixed a leash,
leaving it hanging down his front.
His outfitting almost complete she went to wall and pressed a button
lowering him to the floor. As his feet made contact with the floor the
pain increased further as they now took all his weight. As she finished
lowering him she came over to him carrying what looked like a leather
bag. His arms were completely numb from the strain so she easily
gathered them behind his back. The leather bag turned out to be an arm
binder and she immediately began sealing his arms in it. He tried to
struggle but his arms had no strength. Mistress snorted with derision.
The arm binder was so tight that it fused his arms from the tip of his
fingers to his elbows. This made his chest stick out and his shoulders
hurt from the strain. Mistress finished the job by criss-crossing the
straps across his chest.

Without further ceremony Mistress led him by the leash to corner of the
dungeon, calling for Giselle to follow. In the corner was make-up table,
but without a mirror. Mistress sat him down on the chair in front of the
table securing him to the chair with wide leather strap across his
thighs. As Mistress finished Giselle caught up with them tiny mincing
steps coming to a halt right behind him. Mistress them freed Giselle's
hands and ordered Giselle to fix him up. She started by cutting his hair
after which she began applying make-up. She had obviously done this
before. When she was finished making John over, Mistress secured her
hands in the shackles and she took up position along the wall. Mistress
then yanked him up by the leash and led him on shaky legs, unused to
high heels to a large standing mirror. As she turned him so he could se
himself in the mirror, he was utterly shocked. Staring back at him with
a stunned look in her eyes was very beautiful and sexy slave girl. The
hair was in short but very feminine style, with a subtle part on one
side. The make-up was very subtle, hardly doing anything but enhancing
his natural feminine looks. His naturally full lips sucking on the huge
black ball gag was enough to make his penis twitch with arousal, which
of course just caused him more pain in its tied up state. But he hardly
noticed that a grunt of pain escaped his gag. He was completely
bewitched by the figure in the mirror. She had a very sexy hourglass
shape and her skin looked (and was) soft and white, her legs help in a
sexy pose by the high-heeled booties. She was flat chested, but it stuck
out in provoking manner. Her head was held high and rigid by the posture
collar a leash dangling down her front as a sign of her submission.
Mistress stepped up behind the slave girl holding her waist with one arm
and cupping her sex with her other hand. She whispered softly into the
slave girl's ear: "Now do you believe me? Don't you see? You are nothing
but a sissy slave, a little feminine plaything for some cruel Master or
Mistress. The only worth your useless slut life will ever have, will
come by providing others with a body to torment. You are made for this.
And deep down you not only know this; you want it, don't you" she
finished, still holding the slave girl gently but tightly. John was
loosing his grip on his life. The creature in the mirror was a natural
slave, no doubt about it. A slave GIRL. And he loved that creature; had
loved her ever since he had laid eyes on this slave girl's sister,
Giselle. Not only did he love the slave girl; he would love to be her.
He knew that Mistress was right.
And so with tears of defeat rolling down his cheeks nodded as best he
could, the posture collar restricting the motion of his head. "There,
there" Mistress mocked into his ear "there will be plenty of reason for
tears later. Right now I think it is time for a new name. One that fits
a little slave slut like you. I think Debbie is just right". He had to
admit to himself that Debbie was suitable name for a worthless slut like
her. With a shock he realized that Mistress had made an uncannily
perceptive choice. John could instantly feel how right the Debbie
personality felt. Debbie/John trembled with fear at this realization of
Mistress powers. She had transformed him, and the way he thought about
himself (or should she say "herself"), from an insecure teenage boy to
something like a whimpering, useless slave girl in just a few hours. And
she was just beginning. Of course he realized that the desire had been
there all along, but the speed with which she was turning him into her
shocked her beyond anything he/she had ever experienced. He/she felt
completely vulnerable and naked.

Before he/she could digest this, Mistress tugged her leash hard,
focusing the attention on Mistress: "Time to begin your training and
conditioning. We'll start by teaching you how to walk". Mistress again
tugged the leash, leading him/her stumbling into the middle of the
dungeon. His/her ankles kept twisting with each step and he/she walked
bent over because of the discomfort in his/her arms. "Straighten up!"
she yelled smacking John/Debbie on the thighs with a riding crop.
John/Debbie found that with this "incentive" he/she could indeed
straighten his/her back. Mistress now took a chain hanging from the
ceiling and fixed John's/Debbie's leash to it. She then reeled in the
chain until the slack was pulled out of the leash, using a remote
control for the winch. John/Debbie noticed that the chain ran to box
sitting on a rail than ran in a large ellipse on the ceiling, more than
40 feet at its longest. "Well Debbie, you useless little slut. In a
moment we'll start the lesson. Remember: No wobbling on those heels. Put
one foot in front of the other and wriggle that sexy ass. Keep you slut
ass high and your back straight. Here we go". With that she pressed a
button on the remote control and the box containing the winch set in
motion along its rail, dragging John/Debbie along with it. He/she almost
fell with the first step but he/she caught himself/herself and began to
stumble along. Mistress was over him/her from the first steps, not
accepting anything but perfection, shouting: "Straighten up! No
wobbling! Sway that ass!" and things like that while she whipped
John/Debbie along with her riding crop. The blows fell all over his/her
body: legs front and back, shoulders, chest and ass. When John/Debbie
instinctively tried to protect his/her ass with his/her bound hands,
Mistress exploded with rage: "You cheap, worthless bitch! Never try to
prevent ANYTHING I want to do! ANYTHING!" She then stopped the box
dragging John/Debbie along, went over to him/her and lifted up his/her
bound arms and began whipping John/Debbie's ass, only hard. In a matter
of seconds John/Debbie was screaming and crying, but too frightened to
try to move away from the blows. When Mistress finished beating
John's/Debbie's ass, she spread John's/Debbie's legs and landed a few
hard blows on John's/Debbie's bound genitals. The pain was so bad that
John's/Debbie's legs gave away as he/she tried to curl up, and suddenly
he/she was hanging from the ceiling by his/her neck. The broad posture
collar distributed the pressure so that his/her neck didn't snap, but
the pull on leash caused on of the edges to dig in to his/her throat,
cutting of his/her breathing. Choking he/she thrashed in panic, his/her
feet desperately trying to find the ground again so he/she could regain
his/her balance. Mistress stood looking by contemptuously, not giving
any sign of wanting to help. After what seemed like forever John/Debbie
found his/her footing and was able to stand again, badly shocked and
badly beaten. His/Her whole body hurt from the whippings, he/she could
only get air in small shallow breaths and he/she was still close to
panic from fear of Mistress punishment. "Before we resume your training,
you disobedient little airhead, you will take your punishment" Mistress
said. John/Debbie knew what he/she was supposed to do, but he/she
hesitated. It would hurt so bad! Mistress face tightened in anger "You
will take your punishment! Hesitation will only make it worse" she
growled at the almost panicking slave girl. With fresh tears streaming
down her/his face, whimpering her/his defeat into her/his gag, she/he
took up position facing Mistress her/his legs spread apart as far as
she/he could. "Better" Mistress said "I was only going to give you 5
more, but I think now we'll make that 15". Debbie/john mewled with fear.
Mistress took up position and swung the riding crop wide arch, so that
the blow came directly from below. Debbie/John exploded with pain,
screaming into her/his gag, almost losing her/his footing again. She/he
had almost found her/his footing when the next blow came, starting
her/his thrashing anew. When Mistress had finished the 15 blows,
Debbie/John was almost hysterical with pain, gasping for air. "Don't you
want to thank me for being so patent with you?" Mistress asked, her
voice filled with menace. Debbie/John nodded frantically. "Good. Then we
can resume. Remember what I said". Debbie/John had trouble remembering,
the pain was so bad, but the thought of more pain focused her/his mind
and she/he began walking again. At first she/he thought she/he would
faint from the pain: her/his genitals had swollen from the beating, and
the pain from their position being ground between her/his legs had
increased beyond belief. But as she/he swayed on her first step she/he
caught Mistress stern face out of the corner of her/his eye. She/he
would do anything to avoid a similar beating.

Once again her/his first steps were halting and insecure, but the fear
of Mistress focused her/his and soon she/he began walking with more
confidence, back straight, one leg in front of the other, her/his ass
swaying from side to side. 
Of course Mistress was not satisfied and she continued beating her/him
when she/he made a wrong step, but the beating wasn't as concentrated as
the beating of her/his ass and crotch had been. These blows were
corrections, not punishment. As she/he continued under the watchful eye
of Mistress, her/his walk became ever more feminine, ever more sexy.
Although her/his ass was a little too bony, the corset made it stick out
and soon she/he couldn't help but sway in the most sexy manner possible.
When she/he had finally achieved the walk Mistress wanted her/his body
was completely covered in angry red welts and she/he was sweating from
the exertion. The pain in her/his genitals had become a constant sharp
ache, but the constant rubbing between her/his thighs was oddly arousing
at the same time. Demonstrating that you could do it once wasn't enough
for Mistress though. She made Debbie/John keep on walking, round and
round along the rail until the walk was drilled into her/him, until it
became the only walk she/he was able to. Mistress kept her/him walking.
She made Giselle fetch her a chair and a drink and with Giselle at her
side, she sat watching Debbie/John walk around for hours. At some time
during the endless walk, Mistress spread her gorgeous legs and made
Giselle kneel between them. And as Debbie/John tried to watch with ever
mounting arousal, she made Giselle lick her to a series of prolonged
orgasms. There seemed little doubt that Giselle was good and the licking
went on for what seemed like hours.

Debbie/John had lost all track of time, but it had to be late in the
night when Mistress finally stopped her/him walking. Debbie/John was
completely exhausted. Her/his body ached all over from the beatings,
her/his genitals from the brutal punishment, her/his shoulders from
their unnatural position and her/his feet and legs from the shoes.
She/he was ready to collapse from pain and exhaustion. Mistress came up
to her/him with a bottle with straw and removed a small plug in her gag
that Debbie/John hadn't even noticed. She pressed the straw into the
hole in the gag and ordered: "Drink". Debbie/John needed no incentive;
she/he drank as fast as she/he could, sucking the straw until nothing
was left. The Mistress brought another bottle and the process repeated
itself. Mistress then rolled over a small trolley on which lay three
syringes, a bottle of alcohol and some cotton swabs. Debbie/John looked
apprehensively at Mistress, but dared not move and inch or utter a
sound. Mistress noticed this with a smile: "Learning some discipline,
are we? Good. We need to do something about those non-existing tits of
yours," she continued as she rubbed Debbie's/John's breasts with
alcohol. This caused Debbie/John to scream into her/his gag as Mistress
rubbed alcohol into fresh welts on her/his breast. "Oh do shut up,"
Mistress said with some annoyance as she picked up one of the syringes
and injected its contents right behind Debbie's/John's right nipple. The
liquid caused a painful swelling followed by unpleasant warmth in
her/his breast. Mistress then did the same to the left breast. "This
will help you grow real tits in no time, you'll see". She then moved
behind Debbie/John were she rubbed one ass cheek in alcohol. This was
considerably more painful than it had been on her/his breasts, since the
welt were much more raw and Debbie/John jumped from the pain as she/he
howled into her/his gag. Mistress took no heed of this and injected the
third syringe into her/his ass. As she came round to Debbie's/John from
she said: "That last shot was something to keep you awake so that you
can train all night. We want to get it right, don't we?" Debbie/John
could only nod in agreement as Mistress continued: "Don't try to cheat
by changing your walk. Don't fail at any detail. Someone is always
watching" she pointed to the cameras in the ceiling, "and you will be
punished for all failures". With that she set Debbie/John in motion
along the rail once again. Debbie/John cried with exhaustion but she/he
didn't stop and she/he didn't falter. She/he had learned that lesson
well. Mistress stood watching for few minutes to make sure that the
slave had understood. Then she leashed Giselle and led her mincing with
tiny steps, always fighting to keep up, out of the room. Debbie/John was
left alone. She/he dared not fail, so she/he concentrated on walking in
the required manner but that wasn't so hard. It was practically already
second nature. But her/his mind was reeling with confusion and lust. Not
even twelve hours ago she/he had been insecure John going to see his
aunt and now she/he was almost the slave girl Debbie, an utterly
submissive creature who was aroused at the very thought of being
dominated and punished by Mistress. Her/his old life had slipped from
her/his hands and been flushed down the drain. After a while she
accepted this fully, giving in to Mistress. It occurred to her that the
beating she/he had taken in her/his crotch had been a factor. The fact
that she/he was getting aroused thinking about it had to mean that
she/he was giving in to Mistress, becoming more and more a slave GIRL.
Just like Mistress had said. Once the thought had popped up it couldn't
be banished; she knew it to be true and she accepted it. She(he) had
accepted her status as a sissy slave, and that acceptance had come
shockingly fast, blowing her(him) away. Now there was nothing left for
her(him) to do but keep on walking. Walking precisely in the manner
Mistress had described, every movement following Mistress instructions
to the letter. All night long.

Chapter 2

There were no clocks and no windows in the dungeon, so Debbie (as she
thought of herself after a long night of pain, lust and confused
thoughts) couldn't really tell that it was morning. But she assumed it
was morning when Mistress came back. Debbie's walk was still perfect
even after walking around all night. She was nearing collapse her legs
shaking and her whole body trembling. She was covered in sweat, she was
desperately thirsty and she really needed to pee, but none of these
things kept her from keeping up the walk prescribed by Mistress
perfectly. She simply couldn't. By now she also found it very hard to
think of herself as "John" anymore. That person seemed to be so far of
in another life, more like a dream.
Mistress had two slaves with her. Giselle had been washed and given a
fresh new uniform and she looked she better than the day before, even if
she still looked a little shocked. She was still chained like the last
time Debbie had seen her and she was still struggling to keep up with
Mistress with her tiny mincing steps. The ring gag made her drool and
her chest and the front her uniform was already wet with it. In her hand
she held a leash leading the other slave after her. The slave was a
woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was wearing the same
brutally restrictive corset as Giselle and Debbie and a collar with a
leash and she wore a very tightly tied ring gag like Giselle, but here
the similarities ended. Her hands had been enclosed in leather mittens
that folded her hands, not into a fist, but rather into a cylinder
ending in a cone. At the end of this was a D-ring. The mittens were tied
tightly around the wrists with wide straps. Each arm had been folded and
encased in a black leather binder, completely fusing the forearm and the
upper arm together. The hands in their mittens were then folded back
over the shoulders by a very tight strap connecting the D-rings on the
mittens. She was walking on her elbows and knees, doggy style, her legs
tied in binders similar to those holding her arms. The feet sticking out
of these binders were encased in ballet-toed shoes made of hard black
plastic ending in a sharp point, with no heels. They were pointing
straight up and looked like they were several sizes too small. In her
ass and pussy were two huge blow-up dildos sticking out several inches
with the bulbs to pump them up swinging with each "step" she took. She
had been shaved completely bald and on her forehead had been tattooed
the word "toilet".

Debbie saw this only in a glance. Mistress took up all her attention.
She was absolutely stunning again. On her legs she wore thigh high red
leather boots with ultra-thin metal 6-inch heels. She had on a red
leather miniskirt and wore a red corset-bustier combination, red rubber
gloves going all the way up to the middle of her upper arms and she wore
a subtle red choker. Her gorgeous red hair gathered in a tight bun,
making her look even sexier in a very menacing way. Debbie was
transfixed, but she kept on walking not daring to incur Mistress' wrath

Mistress stood silently watching Debbie prance around. This silent
watching went on for several minutes before Mistress stopped Debbie just
as she came up to her. By Mistress side was the trolley from the night
before loaded up with several new syringes and bottles of one kind or
the other. "Tired slave?" she asked Debbie. Debbie nodded. "Need to
pee?" again Debbie nodded. "Need to shit?" Debbie shook her head.
Mistress removed the plug in Debbie's gag, put a straw in one off the
bottles and fed the straw through the hole. Debbie drank greedily
noticing vaguely that it was orange juice. When she had finished the
bottle, Mistress picked up another one and fed it to her. This time it
was thicker with an indeterminable taste, more like liquid food. When
Debbie has finished this, Mistress repeated the process: first a bottle
of orange juice, then liquid food. Debbie was nearly full by the time
she had drunk two sips of the second bottle of orange juice, but a
stern: "Finish up" from Mistress forced her to go through both bottles.
The last gulps had to be forced down. Her stomach couldn't hold very
much since her waist was constricted brutally by the corset, but she
didn't dare defy Mistress. She would very much have liked to have the
gag taken out since her jaw ached something awful, but Mistress made no
move in that direction. Instead she put the plug back in place in
Debbie's gag.
Mistress went behind her and released the strap holding Debbie's
genitals from the corset. She went around to Debbie's front and untied
the strap around the head of Debbie's penis. As the blood flowed back so
did the pain. Her genitals immediately began to swell from the beating
of the night before. The pain was excruciating and Debbie began to
scream and cry while she tried to writhe away from the pain. "Stand
still and shut up, you worthless slut!" Mistress shouted and slapped
Debbie's face several times, hard. Debbie stood still, shaking and
whimpering. "You are going to learn to accept the pain without making
such a fuss little whore" Mistress told her, "as a slave it is one of
your functions to be punished. Get used to it". Mistress took her
bruised member in her hand and Debbie responded immediately. In spite of
the pain she began to get hard. As Mistress released her leash from the
rail above she said: "You performed adequately in the walking exercise.
So you will be rewarded". With this stepped in the hollow behind
Debbie's left knee forcing her down on her knees. She the motioned the
slave with "Toilet" tattooed on her forehead forward. The slave crawled
forward on her knees in manner that suggested that she had been doing
this for some time. Mistress introduced the slave: "This is my mobile
toilet Shannon. She used to serve as one of my attorneys, until she one
day suddenly developed a conscience and tried to contact the police.
Nowadays she just serves me eating shit and drinking piss when it's
needed or just more practical than going to the bathroom. You will piss
in her mouth and then she will give you your reward". With that Mistress
put Debbie's swollen cock into Shannon's mouth. At first she was
hesitant, aghast at the very idea of urinating in someone's mouth. But
she really needed to urinate, so when Mistress grabbed her by the hair
and ordered her to piss, she just let go. Until she let loose, she
didn't realize how much she had needed to urinate. She tilted her head
back in relief and the urine rushed from her into the other slave's
mouth. She could hear her the other slave gulp trying to keep up with
the flow but the piss just kept on flowing. When she finally finished
Shannon sounded like she was choking, coughing desperately. Mistress
stood beside Debbie gently holding her head with both hand, stroking her
hair. She kicked Shannon in the ribs: "Stop that shit and give the bitch
her reward". So still coughing Shannon began to suck Debbie's dick.
Debbie instantly became rock hard and began to moan with pleasure. And
so she came: Mistress pressing her head gently against her thigh, she
standing on her knees with her dick in a toilet slave's mouth, screaming
with ecstasy, thrashing, feet drumming the floor, her aching body and
bruised genitals forgotten, completely embracing her new sissy self,
banishing her old life for good.

Afterwards she was completely spent, her eyes barely able to focus,
panting with exertion. Mistress stroked her hair gently and said: "Can't
rest now. We have so much to do". She yanked Debbie's leash upwards,
forcing her to get to her feet. Debbie stood up with shaking legs. She
was so tired! But Mistress was already leading her towards the trolley.
"Stow away that bitch" Mistress said to Giselle, pointing to the toilet
slave on all fours. Giselle led the slave crawling into a corner where
she tied her leash to a ring in the wall. She tied the leash with so
little slack that the toilet slave's face was touching the wall. Since
the ring was placed so high in the wall that is was above her head,
there was no way she could rest; she had to remain standing on all
Meanwhile Mistress had rubbed Debbie's breasts and ass with alcohol and
was preparing to inject Debbie again. During the night Debbie had felt a
tightness in the skin across her chest. Now as she was being injected
with the substance (presumably some kind of hormone) the feeling
increased, and Debbie understood that she was about to grow real
breasts! The shock of this realization was somewhat diminished by the
fact that she was so tired she felt ready to just fall over and sleep.
This didn't last long though as Mistress injected the third syringe into
her buttocks. Peculiar warmth spread through her and she became
strangely awake. Not less physically exhausted, but wide-awake. She
still felt like collapsing from the exertions, but no longer felt the
need for sleep. Though her brain didn't work very well and her mind was
overwhelmed and confused by the events of the last 24 hours, she could
still see that this didn't bode well for the hours to come. Mistress
wanted her awake to take whatever came her way.
This proved to be correct at once: "Let's get you washed, you filthy
little swine. Even disgusting whores like you should be cleaned up once
in while," Mistress said with cruel twist of her lips "After all; you
have big day ahead of you". She led Debbie to the place she had started
yesterday, where the chains still hung down from the ceiling. Here she
removed Debbie's collar and leash, her shoes and her arm binder.
Debbie's arms were almost numb from being in such an awkward position
for so long and it felt almost unnatural to return her shoulders to
their usual place. Her feet hurt from their confinement, and it didn't
feel right to be standing flat-footed again. As Mistress threw away the
items she removed from Debbie, Giselle minced around in the background
cleaning up after her and getting things she would need later. The first
thing Mistress did after chaining Debbie's arms above her head and
raising the chains until Debbie was once again dangling above the
ground, was to tighten the corset further. Debbie's body had adjusted to
the corset during the night and she had gotten used to constriction,
thinking at wasn't really so bad after all. Mistress saw to it that this
stopped immediately. She sent the little fiendish corset-tightening
robot to work again and before long Debbie felt like she was being
crushed and couldn't breathe. Gasping for air she didn't put up much of
a struggle; it was useless and she couldn't breathe properly. When the
machine had finished Mistress measured her waist again: "Hmm. 18 inches.
Still room lots of for improvement" she noted somewhat dismayed.

Mistress the tied her ankles again so that her legs were spread. As
Mistress went around to her back and spread her ass cheeks, Debbie knew
what was coming. She felt the intrusion in her ass and the pumping
sensation that made sure that the intruder couldn't be expelled. Once
again Mistress was thorough. After 5 enemas Debbie was crying, mewling
into her gag, trying to make Mistress stop. Of course Mistress took no
notice. She produced a water hose and washed Debbie in icy water. As she
hung there, shivering from the cold, she was pleasantly surprised as
Mistress rubbed a sweet smelling shampoo into her hair. The pleasantness
stopped abruptly as Mistress washed the shampoo out with the icy water
from the hose. As she hung there cold and wet Mistress began gently
toweling her with a nice and warm towel. The shifts between brutal and
gentle treatment from Mistress left Debbie very confused. And very
aroused. As soon as Mistress touched her gently with the towel she began
to get hard. By the time Mistress finished Debbie was throbbing with
desire. The ache from yesterday's beatings was still there but now it
seemed strangely irrelevant, like it was supposed to be there. After the
drying, Mistress rubbed her with the sweet smelling cream again. The
skin on her face and body, which would never again grow even the
smallest bit of hair, began to feel very smooth indeed, even to her.
Needless to say this was even more arousing than the drying had been,
and by the time Mistress had finished, Debbie was moaning and writhing
with lust, her cock twitching, about to explode. Mistress couldn't help
but notice and began teasing the helpless slave. Ever so gently she
would stroke Debbie' twitching member until Debbie was just about to
come and then she would take her hand away. Soon Debbie was mewling
frantically with frustration. She needed to come so bad!
After an indeterminable period of time Mistress stopped her teasing and
took out a new pair of shoes for Debbie. This time the shoes were simple
and elegant, black with lockable ankle-straps. The heels were again at
least 6 inches; ultra-thin metal spikes. They were squeezed onto her
feet, again being at least one size too small. Once the shoes were on
Debbie's feet, Mistress lowered her to the floor. As she came down
Mistress released her hands and put a broad and constrictive collar on
Debbie's neck. Her hands were left free, but Debbie wisely didn't dare
do anything with them, but letting them hang down her side. It was an
immense relief to be able to let her arms assume a normal, unrestricted

Mistress attached a leash to the collar a led Debbie to the make-up
table. Here Giselle, who of course followed Mistress like a shadow
unless told otherwise, had her hands released so that she could blow-dry
Debbie's hair and set it in the appropriate feminine style. When she had
finished, she soundlessly taught Debbie to apply make-up. More than 30
times she had Debbie first apply then remove the make-up. The first few
times she made an awful mess of it and when this happen, Mistress would
take a lipstick and make a mark on the make-up mirror which had been put
on the table since last Debbie had sat here. Mistress said nothing in
way of explanation, but it was fairly clear that Debbie was going to
When Debbie had applied the make-up to Mistress' satisfaction, that is
to perfection, she made Debbie stand and led her to the large mirror.
Debbie again saw herself, not as the boy she had been, but as the sissy
slave she was fast becoming. The creature in the mirror had long sexy
legs and her feet wore sexy high-heeled shoes locked to her feet with an
ankle strap with a padlock. The jaw-wrenching black ball-gag was still
in place and the collar looked even more restrictive than before. Her
skin looked soft, if covered in welts most of which were beginning to
take on a bluish color. Her waist was constricted into a nice hourglass
shape and if you looked very closely (which Debbie of course did) you
could see tiny breasts beginning to grow. To offset this very feminine
picture, the slave girl also had a huge throbbing erection. Debbie so
wanted to grab that erection and begin masturbating frantically.
Mistress spotted the desire at once: "I think we had better make your
filthy, throbbing little thing safe from those hands of your, don't you,
vile slut?" Debbie forced herself to nod as Mistress took first one of
her hands and encased it in a mitten of thick, black leather. It forced
her hand into a strange cone-like configuration with the thumb pressed
into the palm, while the other fingers were straight, but folded in over
each other. The mittens were strapped to her wrists with a wide leather
band and at the other end sat a ring. Soon both her hands were encased,
rendering them useless. But of course this was only the beginning.
Mistress then folded Debbie's hands behind her back up between her
shoulder blades and strapped them together at the wrist. Debbie's
shoulders strained, her chest were pushed forward in a very painful
manner. The pain caused Debbie to protest into her gag. A strap was led
through the rings on Debbie's mittens and then through a ring at the
back of Debbie's collar. Mistress pulled this strap until Debbie's hands
were touching her collar and Debbie was crying, fearing that her arms
had been broken and her shoulders pulled from their sockets. The
finishing touches were a strap pulling her elbows together and a strap
going around Debbie's front, pulling the elbows until her arms lay flush
with the her back. The pain was constant and unbearable, but of course
this only made Mistress happier: "Stop whining, you useless cunt" she
growled menacingly while grabbing Debbie's still erect member "don't
pretend you don't like it". Debbie sniffled a little and tried to take
her mind of the pain. She had to admit that she was getting turned, or
rather that she had now entered a state were she was constantly aroused.
Even when it hurt, or maybe especially when it hurt.

"It's time to punish you for those sloppy make-up jobs you did" Mistress
began, "Now that it is presented so nicely I think we will start with
that skinny little ass of yours." Debbie began to dread the oncoming
punishment. "Stand where you are, facing the mirror. Feet together. Bend
forward a little and stick that skinny ass out" Mistress instructed her
"You may scream all you like but you will not move your feet until I
think you've learned your lesson and tell you so". With that Mistress
took up position behind, picked up a riding crop and began swinging at
Debbie's upturned ass. The force of the first swing caught Debbie by
surprise and to catch her balance she took a small step forward.
Mistress instantly became incensed at this violation of her orders.
"Stupid cunt! Can't you follow orders, sissy bitch?" Mistress came
around to face her and grabbed her dick hard, pulling it upwards. Then
she swung the riding crop from beneath hitting Debbie squarely in the
balls. Debbie's world exploded with pain, but as her legs began to give
out Mistress held on tightly to her cock keeping her upright as Debbie
gasped for air. Thanks to Mistress merciless pulling of her penis Debbie
stayed upright whining in pain. Mistress leaned in close and hissed:
"We'll start again, only this time it'll be harder and longer. Hold the
position." Debbie again assumed the position; feet together, slightly
bent forward, her ass sticking out. The punishment commenced, blows
falling hard on her ass first, then the backside of her legs, moving
around to the front. Debbie was soon screaming with pain, tears ruining
her newly applied make-up. Mistress seemed to prefer the make-up of her
slaves to be destroyed by the tears of punishment.
Finally Mistress thought she had had enough. Without further comment she
grabbed Debbie's leash and began dragging her out of the room, Giselle
mincing after them, trying to keep up. They left the room leaving
Shannon, the toilet slave, behind.

As they walked down the corridor, Mistress checked to see if Debbie's
walk was satisfactory, but she needn't have checked, the long night had
drilled this into Debbie.
They soon came to another dungeon. Entering the room Debbie saw a group
of men gathered. There were six of them, just chatting. Bryce was among
them. As Mistress entered the conversation stopped and they all turned
to the newcomers. "Good morning gentlemen. Here is your pupil," Mistress
motioned towards Debbie. To Debbie she said: "These kind gentlemen will
teach you how give a good blowjob. Pay attention. I will not tolerate
anything but perfection and you will be punished for your failures. I
have one rule before I remove your gag. No speaking whatsoever. You may
scream when being punished, but not a single recognizable word comes out
of your mouth before we fix that voice of yours, understood?" Debbie
nodded. She was feeling her nakedness very acutely with all these men
staring at her, and she was very nervous about giving a blowjob for the
first time. Mistress removed Debbie's gag. Debbie had trouble closing
her mouth; it had been wrenched open for so long and her jaws were stiff
and numb. Then, with a slap on her ass Mistress pushed her in the
direction of the men, saying "Enjoy!" as she left the room together with

Debbie stood facing the men, not knowing what she should do, if
anything. She didn't dare meet their eyes and looked down, noticing that
she was again sporting a throbbing erection. As she blushed she had to
admit that she was getting turned on. For a moment nobody moved. Then
Bryce stepped forward and grabbed her by the neck. And much to her
surprise, he then kissed her deeply. Debbie's surprise soon gave way and
she found herself responding to the kiss, kissing Bryce back. She closed
her eyes and let herself be swept away by the sensation. Once again she
was confused by the sudden swings, from pain to pleasure, from
gentleness to brutality. She gave up what little fight she had left and
went with the flow. 
When Bryce pulled away she was panting, her cock once again twitching
with desire. The others were laughing, commenting what a slut she was,
but Bryce looked her deeply in the eyes. It was as if he was looking
into her, probing to see what he would find. Debbie couldn't tear her
eyes away, completely hypnotized. "You are going to suck my dick, only
good. Real good" he said in a menacing tone. His face was impassive, but
there was no mistaking his tone. She had better get it right. Debbie
shivered. Whether it was with lust or fear she couldn't be sure, but the
men saw it and snickered. Without further ado Bryce held out his hand
and someone handed him two leather straps. He bent down and buckled one
tightly around her knees and the other around her ankles. She stood
swaying a little, trying to keep her balance. While still holding her by
the back of her neck he stepped in the hollow of her knee, forcing her
to kneel down. She was now kneeling in front of Bryce. He pulled up a
chair and unbuckled his pants, taking out his member. "Before we start I
give you some instructions about what to do and what no to do. Follow
these or you will get a mark on the board" Bryce pointed to a whiteboard
on which was written:
"Poor technique", "Sloppy execution", "Lack of enthusiasm" and finally
"Speaking out of order". 
Bryce then proceeded to give Debbie very detailed instruction in blowjob
technique. She listened with rapt attention because she knew she would
be punished if she made the slightest mistake, but also because he had a
mesmerizing effect on her. When he had finished his instructions, he
pointed to his half-erect dick and said: "begin, stupid whore". She was
hesitant, unsure of herself, but slowly she bent forward and took his
cock in her mouth. As she began to lick and suck Bryce's cock quickly
became rock hard filling up her mouth, and just as quickly she found out
that she liked doing it. Soon she was completely absorbed in was she was
doing. She tried to remember what she had been taught; tried to stay
focused, but quickly she was just sucking and licking ahead with no
plan, no technique, lost in the moment. When Bryce came she swallowed
his load trying to keep up with the flow, but still some of it ran down
her chin. She savored each drop, loving every moment of it. The first
dick she had sucked and already she knew that she loved it.
Bryce, however, wasn't happy. As soon as he was done he yanked her head
away, leaned in and shouted into her face: "You stupid cow! Didn't you
hear anything I said? Or didn't you want to hear, you filth, disgusting,
worthless sissy whore?" Debbie was shocked at the ferocity of his
shouting and stammered: "Please, Bryce I just..." She was stopped by a
vicious backhand slap, making her fall over sideways, landing on the
hard cement floor. "Worthless piece of sissy shit! Mistress is going to
fucking kill you for that shit!" He stomped of to a telephone hanging on
a wall. He dialed a number and spoke: "Mistress, this is Bryce. The
stupid cunt just screwed up badly." After listening a little he spoke
again:" Yes that too. Yes; will do." Debbie lay on the floor, terrified.
She wasn't quite sure what she had done that was so bad. She was just
about to ask, when she remembered what Mistress had said about speaking.
Realizing that she had made a terrible mistake, she found it better to
shut up. Bryce came over and picked her up. "This is going to be ...
unpleasant", he said while he carried her as if she had been a sack of
potatoes. He placed her on her back on a table of sorts. Her leg went
over the end of the table where they were strapped to the legs of the
table, so that her legs were spread. Her torso was strapped to the
table; crushing her folded arms underneath her. It was a very
uncomfortable position to say the least. On top of that came the fact
that she was beginning to dread what came next. She knew that she was
going to be punished, but judging from Bryce's reaction she might get
punished far worse than she already had been. Just thinking about
yesterday's crotch beating made her shiver with fear. And excitement.
There was no denying her ever-present erection.

Mistress stormed through the door shouting: "You useless piece of shit!
You are going to pay for this!" Walking quickly up to Debbie, she leaned
in and grabbed her hair, shaking Debbie's head violently as she shouted
into Debbie's face. "Not even a simple order like "No speaking" you can
understand! Shithead! Useless bitch!" With that she threw Debbie's head
down and walked of to cupboard to fetch gear for the punishment. She
came back with a load of stuff that Debbie couldn't identify and again
she leaned in grabbing Debbie's hair, speaking to her in more reasoned
but intense tones: "I told you not to speak until we get that voice of
yours fixed. No even when you scream for mercy. Do you understand?"
Debbie opened her mouth and was just about to speak, when she saw the
warning lights in Mistress eyes. She nodded instead. Mistress continued:
"Now in addition to punishing you for giving a piss-poor blowjob, I have
to punish you for breaking a direct order. Never-ever break a direct
order!" She hissed and took out a bladder made of thick rubber with a
hose and ball for hand pumping attached. She fed the pump-gag into
Debbie's mouth and began to inflate it. As she pumped she said to
Debbie: "You won't be able to obey the order about not speaking when you
get punished in a minute, so I'm giving you this gag so you can stay out
of further trouble. You may thank me afterwards." When she had finished
Debbie thought her jaw had been dislocated. She was hardly able to
breathe, gasping, always on the verge of vomiting because the gag was so
large that it pressed against the back of her throat.
Mistress motioned to Bryce who picked up a short, massive looking
leather paddle. As Mistress watched he brought it down hard on Debbie's
genitals. Again she exploded with pain, thrashing against her bonds,
screaming so hard she almost ran out of air. Just as she was staring to
come down after a minute or so, he struck her again, this time harder.
As she screamed Mistress took hold with one hand under Debbie's chin,
fixing her between her hand and her thigh. With the other hand she
clamped down on Debbie's nose, cutting of all breath. Debbie panicked
almost immediately, thrashing to get free, but to no avail. As she
quickly ran out of air Bryce kept on beating her balls viciously. Dots
began appearing before her eyes and her vision narrowed to just a small
tunnel and her thrashing became weaker. Had she had anything left in her
bowels after the enemas it would have come out as she let go of bowl and
bladder control. As it was she just farted and pissed on the floor. She
was almost unconscious and convinced that she was going to die, when
Mistress let her breathe again. She sucked in air in great gulps,
beginning to cough. As she coughed she began cry uncontrollably, crying
with fear and relief. "Don't get your hopes up sissy," Bryce snarled,
"we're just warming up." Debbie looked at Bryce with wide, tear-filled
eyes, fear taking over her mind. Just for good measure Bryce landed a
final vicious blow on her genitals. She screamed into her gag as he
smiled into her face.
Meanwhile Mistress had gotten the implements for the next stage in
Debbie's punishment. On a trolley she had a generator with a lot of
wires connected to. The wires all ended in quite large alligator clips.
When Debbie saw this she began to cry harder, trying to plead through
her gag. Of course this didn't help as Mistress placed the first
alligator clip on one Debbie's testicles. The clip was so large that it
could hold Debbie's entire testicle, and it had a matching spring
mounted. Debbie felt as if her ball was being crushed in a vice and she
began wailing and screaming. Mistress just smiled and applied a matching
clip to Debbie's other testicle. More clips were applied: One on her
dick, one to a metal stick, which was put into her ass and finally two
clips mounted on the nipples of her non-existent breasts. Just having
them applied almost sent Debbie into hysterics from pain. Then Mistress
began to apply electricity via the generator. In a matter of seconds
Debbie was delirious with pain, thrashing, crying and screaming. The
pain was unbearable and she began hyperventilating. Soon she passed out.
This situation had of course been considered and so Mistress brought her
back with smelling salt. As soon as Debbie had regained consciousness,
Mistress began again. This time she lasted a little longer before
passing out and was awakened by Mistress. 10 times she was tortured
until she passed out and 10 times she was awakened. When they were done
Debbie was completely incoherent. She was so hysterical that Mistress
had to gently but firmly, hold Debbie's head and soothe her for quite
some time before she calmed down. When she was calm enough to think just
a little bit, she knew she would do anything, anything at all, to avoid
this kind of punishment.
Slowly, letting the slave suffer as much as possible, Mistress removed
the clips, Debbie groaning and screaming all the while. As Debbie lay
panting with relief that all the clips had been removed, Mistress said:
"You will show your gratitude by drinking everyone's piss, understood?
And you will not spill anything!" After she had been released from her
bonds and her gag, her legs were again tied at knees and ankles, and she
was once again placed in kneeling position. Mistress went first,
spreading her legs and moving her crotch a forward before pissing in
Debbie's mouth. The urine was warm, bitter and revolting, but Debbie
drank it all. After Mistress came all the men with Bryce as last man.
She drank all their piss as well. When they had all finished, Mistress
instructed her again: "The blow-job training will resume. If you try to
speak again without permission the punishment will only get worse.
Understood?" Debbie nodded with her head held bowed. Then she bent down
and kissed the tips of Mistress boot to show her submission. Mistress
seemed pleased at this as she yanked Debbie's head back up. "Good. Now
be a good little sissy student". Mistress turned and walked away,
leaving Debbie to the group of men.

Another man sat down in the chair in front of Debbie and once again gave
her instructions. When he finished Debbie tried very hard to give him
the best blowjob she could. She still enjoyed giving head very much, but
the pain and the shock from the punishment she had just received stayed
with her. This time she couldn't get an erection. After the man had
come, he grabbed her by the throat and as he told her what she had done
wrong he leisurely slapped her face hard. When he finished Debbie was
crying anew. The man went to the board and put marks at "Poor technique"
and "Sloppy execution". Then the next man took over.

By the time Bryce came over again there was no longer much critique of
her performance. But to Debbie's surprise he didn't just take his
blowjob. First he gave her a new set of pointers as to how she could
improve her performance. Debbie listened enraptured by this man. This
time she strained to obey. She had also regained her pleasure in giving
the blowjob. She seemed to be falling in love with both Mistress and
Bryce, even though they were both cruel and dominating. This domination
was far harsher and crueler than anything she had dreamt about. But
somehow they both made her feel warm and tingly inside, filling her with
a desperate need to please. As she sat there giving head, her erection
once again grew, proving to everyone what a slave slut she was.
She continued to give blowjobs for so long that she lost track of the
number and her jaw ached. All the time she was given new instructions as
how to improve. Occasionally marks were put on the board. The last
blowjob she gave, she gave to Bryce. When she had finished swallowing
she bent forward and kissed his shoes, closing her eyes, savoring her
submission. Bryce smiled cruelly at this: "You really are a useless
slut. But at least you seem to know your place". He stood up, grabbed
her by the neck and pulled her up as well. Then he removed the bonds
around her knees and ankles. Debbie desperately hoped that he would
untie her arms. Her shoulders were aching desperately and most of her
arms were numb. The parts that weren't numb were filled with a burning
ache. But of course he didn't untie her arms. Instead he took her leash
and led her out of the room. On his way out he stopped by the phone on
the wall and called Mistress. A few words were exchanged before Bryce
and Debbie left the room.

Checking that she walked in the prescribed manner, he led her to a door
where Mistress met them. "How many punishment points did the worthless
little pig earn this time?" Mistress asked. "12 points Mistress", Bryce
answered as they came up to her. "Face the wall slave stick your ass out
for a whipping. Remember: not a word", Mistress said and showed Debbie
the riding crop. Debbie instantly complied. "You will get 2 strokes for
each punishment point", Mistress informed Debbie as she took the first
swing at Debbie's ass. The pain was bad as the blow landed on welts that
were still raw, but it was nowhere near as bad as some of the other
things Mistress had subjected Debbie to. Debbie whimpered and cried,
emitting small screams, but she did not utter a single word. 

When the whipping had finished, Mistress led Debbie into a small room.
In the center of the room was a computer. In front of the computer,
mounted on a stand about 3 feet above the floor was a large, life-like
dildo. In the back some tubing went into it, and on either side of it
were mounted video cameras. Behind it, looking in the direction of the
dildo was another video camera. Debbie was led to the center of the room
and brought to kneel so that she looked straight into the dildo. At her
ankles and just below her knees she was strapped to the floor. As she
sat there waiting for instructions, Mistress once again injected her
breasts with some sort of hormone. She then proceeded to instruct
Debbie: "This machine will make sure that your lessons in giving head
stick. The dildo is filled with sensors that register how your tongue
and lips touch it, and with the input from these the computer can
determine whether or not you are using your head properly", Mistress
smirked and continued: "The cameras determine whether you display the
correct level of enthusiasm. Every time you have given a good blowjob
the dildo will squirt cum into your mouth and you will be rewarded.
Every time you fuck up, you will be punished instantly. When I tell you
to start, you start giving head. Once you have started your lips and
tongue must stay on the dildo at all times. Take them away and you will
be punished. Understood?" Debbie nodded. Mistress then produced a
tube-like sleeve and crouched down beside Debbie. Mistress proceeded to
manipulate Debbie's member until it was rock hard and Debbie was moaning
with pleasure. The she pulled the sleeve over Debbie's cock. It was
filled with some kind of goo to make Debbie slide better, and on it's
inside metal strips ran along the length of the sleeve. Both the goo and
the strips were cool and Debbie's shuddered with surprise and pleasure
as the sleeve slid all the way up her cock to its base. At the base of
the sleeve was a ring and this ring could be tightened. Using an Allen
key Mistress tightened the ring until it hurt, thus making it very hard
for Debbie to loose her erection. At the base of the sleeve two small
pouches were connected to it. Mistress inserted Debbie's balls in these,
tightening the opening of the pouches so that Debbie's ball couldn't
escape them. The inside of the pouches were like the inside of the
sleeve: lined with metal strips and filled with goo. Once again Debbie
moaned with pleasure at the attention her crotch was getting. At the end
of the sleeve, at the tip of Debbie's cock, Mistress now inserted a
smaller tube and a wire, both of which were screwed in place. As she
stood up Mistress explained: "This is the source of both your reward and
your punishment. Reward:" Mistress said as she pressed a button on the
computer. The sleeve itself began to pulsate in an extremely pleasurable
way and at the same time the metal strips pulsated with an equally
pleasurable current. Debbie squealed with pleasure, an orgasm rapidly
approaching. "Punishment", Mistress said, pushing another button. The
pleasurable pulsing of the sleeve stopped and was replaced by an
extremely painful electric shock delivered to Debbie's member as well as
her balls by the metal strips lining the sleeve and the pouches. Debbie
screamed in pain, thrashing and trying to escape. The straps held her
fixed to the floor and even prevented her from falling over. As Mistress
held the button down, Debbie continued to scream, her world filled with
pain and the overwhelming desire to please Mistress. To do anything to
avoid this kind of punishment. Mistress stopped the shocks and Debbie
collapsed onto her heels, crying and panting with the exertion. Combined
with small pleasurable pulses, the ring at the base of her cock
prevented it from turning limp after the torture.
"Do you understand, you silly bitch?" Mistress asked, pulling Debbie's
head back by her hair. Debbie almost answered her, but caught herself
and just nodded in defeat. "Good. Then start sucking!" Mistress spat as
she pulled Debbie's head up to the dildo. Debbie took the artificial
cock in her mouth and began to suck it. At first she was still a little
shaken by Mistress' little demonstration and didn't show enough
enthusiasm, just as her technique was a little off. The machine
instantly picked up on this and began to administer little shocks.
Debbie screamed and quickly tried harder, which was very difficult to do
while she was being punished. Slowly (the shocks were breaking her
concentration) she managed to get her heart and her head into giving the
blowjob. Soon the shocks had stopped, and instead of punishing her, the
machine was rewarding her. The pleasure the sleeve gave her, brought her
to the edge of a screaming orgasm ... and held her there, not allowing her
to come until the dildo "came". The frustration drove her mad, and made
her try even harder to give the perfect blowjob, which was of course the
purpose of the machine. After what seemed like forever the dildo
squirted a salty substance that tasted just like cum into her mouth. As
she swallowed, the pulsating sleeve pushed her over the edge into a
screaming orgasm. Debbie rocked and twitched, trying not to loose
contact with the dildo as she tried to scream and swallow at the same
time. Her cum was sucked away from the pulsating sleeve by the smaller
tube attached to the end sleeve.
As the orgasm was winding down, the machine gave her a small shock as a
warning to begin sucking again. Debbie immediately began sucking again
and after some sloppy work at the beginning and the punishment that came
with it, she quickly found the rhythm. Soon she was once again giving
head in the very best way she knew how, and again the machine rewarded
her by putting her into a haze of unfulfilled lust.
Mistress smiled to herself and patted the slave on the head: "I'll see
you in the morning, you silly, little cocksucker." With that she left
Debbie with yet another marathon session. Debbie spent the night in an
endless state of arousal, punctuated by fantastic orgasms. She was
incapable of thinking of anything but giving the perfect blowjob and
receiving her reward. The only other thing she felt was the tightness
across her chest, signaling that her breasts were growing. Had she been
able of a single coherent thought, she would have realized that the
semen-like substance she was being fed, was filled with hormones. As it
was she was lost in the blowjobs.

Chapter 3

When Mistress returned in the morning she found Debbie frantically
trying to please her mechanical master. Her head was going back and
forth on the dildo, her tongue moving with practiced ease. To Mistress
pleasure and surprise the silly bitch had found out that giving the
dildo the deep throat treatment paid off. The slave pumped the dildo in
and out off her throat until she almost passed out. The orgasm-counter
on the machine had registered a record number of orgasms, and the
worthless slut seemed to be working on the edge of collapse without
noticing herself. She was to far gone in the ecstasy.
As Debbie erupted in yet another mind shattering orgasm, Mistress turned
off the machine. Debbie didn't notice until Mistress yanked her head
back and said: "Time for a new drill slut." Debbie blinked
uncomprehendingly at her. She recognized Mistress' voice but she had
trouble focusing on anything but giving head. She had been so thoroughly
conditioned by the machine, that she would love giving head for the rest
of her life. The order: "Suck" would arouse her instantly, no matter how
painful the situation was otherwise.
With Debbie swaying uncertainly with an unfocused look on her face,
Mistress untied Debbie's legs and helped her to stand. As she was helped
to her feet it finally sank in that she was through giving blowjobs, at
least for now. She also realized just how exhausted she was. She hadn't
slept for more than 72 hours, and had certainly been given no rest in
that period of time; quite the contrary, she had been worked to her
limits and beyond. Just 72 hours ago she had answered to the name
"John", something that now seemed impossibly distant, almost like a
Mistress attached a leash to her collar and led her out of the room. As
Mistress checked Debbie followed her, her walk a sexy sway even in her
state of exhaustion. Mistress also noticed that Debbie's breasts were
coming along nicely. They were still tiny, but now they had become real
breasts and not just peculiar swellings on the chest.
Debbie was led back to the dungeon she had first been transformed in.
There her arms were released first. They were completely useless; almost
completely numb although feeling was returning in a most painful manner
as the blood poured back. It wasn't time for release though, and
Mistress quickly had her hanging by her wrists, her feet off the ground,
her legs spread by straps around the ankles. Her shoes and collar were
once again discarded. The process from yesterday repeated itself: first
a feeding gag was put into her mouth and she was filled to the bursting
point with drink and liquefied food. Then she was given her injections:
two in her growing tits, which were quite tender, and one in her ass.
The one in her ass made her wide-awake again, but didn't do much to
relieve her physical exhaustion; she was merely unable to sleep. Then
she was given the 5 consecutive enemas, again leaving her crying with
pain and humiliation. After this she was washed and the fiendish robot
tightened her corset even further, down to 17.5 inches. Mistress the
dressed her; she pulled impossibly tight, red rubber stockings up
Debbie's legs and fastened them with garters fixated at the other end to
her corset. Her new footwear was a pair of red lacquer booties, ankle
high. Their heels were 7-inch spikes of ultra thin metal. They hurt her
feet something awful when she was lowered to the floor, and keeping her
balance in them was very difficult. Her mind was taken off the balance
problem as Mistress proceeded to bind her hands. First they were once
again encased in the same kind of mittens as they had been bound in the
day before. Her arms were then led around to her back and her elbows
crossed. Her hands were then pulled around to her front again at her
waist, on the opposite side of the shoulder to which they "belonged". A
strap was then tightened between the mittens and the net result was that
she now hugged herself, only in reverse. Finally a very restrictive
posture collar, perhaps more correctly a neck corset, was placed around
her throat. It made her hold her head almost perfectly still; chin up.
As a finishing touch her mouth was stuffed with a pump gag, which
Mistress pumped until Debbie though her jaw would dislocate. Her eyes
looked pleadingly at Mistress as she mewled in pain. "There, you silly
slut. All set for new day of adventure" Mistress mocked. Only now did
Debbie really notice Mistress. Again she was so stunning that Debbie's
cock instantly sprang into action, even though it was tender and sore
from the exercise it had received during the night. Mistress was clad in
skin-tight, black rubber from her neck down. It clung to every curve,
leaving only her crotch free. Her hands were covered in thin rubber
gloves that seemed to be part of the suit itself. There was no opening
in the back, so she must have entered the suit through the neck opening.
Even the boots, with their 6-inch spikes, were part of the suit. She was
incredibly sexy.
Mistress grabbed Debbie's erect member and led her to the make-up table
in the corner of the dungeon. The first few steps were a little wobbly
because of the higher heels, but a stern look from Mistress soon had her
swaying as sexily as before. The booties were of course pure murder on
her feet.
At the make-up table Giselle was waiting. She was dressed so that she
matched her Mistress, wearing the same kind of whole-body suit made out
of thin, clingy, black rubber. There were, however, a few vital
differences. First of all Giselle was gagged with a huge black ball gag.
She wore a severe collar from which a leash dangled and handcuffs joined
her hands. Her ankles were tied with a chain so that only about 6 inches
separated them and on her feet were ballet-toed boots holding with
ultra-high heels. Consequently she stood a little uncertainly,
constantly adjusting her stance. But the attention-grabber was her
crotch: Her dick was erect, its shaft encased in a black plastic tube.
The balls were also encased in black plastic. At the end of the plastic
tube holding the shaft was a clear plastic bubble holding the head of
Giselle's dick. The plastic bubble was so large that it didn't touch the
head. This meant that Giselle couldn't get any stimulation, and thus
couldn't get any release either. The shaft made sure she was permanently
erect, a couple of electrodes in the shaft made sure she was always on
the brink of coming and the bubble made sure she couldn't get off.
Giselle looked very unhappy if not desperate.

Debbie was made to sit at the table as Giselle applied her make-up. When
they were done she was once again led to the mirror. And once again she
was stunned at how sexy and feminine she looked. She was now sporting
real tits! Small tits to be sure, but still.
Mistress stood behind her, holding her with and arm wrapped around her
chest. Now she leaned in over her shoulder, grabbed Debbie's erect
member in the other hand and whispered in Debbie's ear: "It's time to
pop that cherry of yours, you worthless, oversexed slut."
With that she led Debbie by her cock to a special rack. It consisted of
two horizontal bars, held up by legs and connected by several strips of
wide webbing. The webbing was about waist-high and as Debbie reached it,
Mistress pushed her so that she fell onto it. Mistress tied her legs to
the legs of the rack so that they were held wide. Debbie's upper body
was tied using the some of the webbing, and soon the effect was that she
stood bent over at the hips, her ass held invitingly high and her
ass-cheeks spread. As she lay there Mistress went around to her front so
that she could see what was in store for her. From one of the many
cupboards Mistress took out a gigantic double-ended dildo. "Might as
well break you in properly, you useless bitch", Mistress smirked as she
pushed one end up her own pussy. She closed her eyes and drew breath
through clenched teeth obviously enjoying the sensation as Debbie mewled
in panic at the prospect of having the gigantic dildo pushed up her
virgin ass. "Oh shut up", Mistress snapped as she opened her eyes. She
slapped Debbie viciously and continued: "You know you want it, horny
slut. What's more; you need this to put you in your place, so shut up
At the midpoint of the dildo some straps were fastened. These Mistress
used to strap the dildo in place so that it now looked as if she sported
an enormous erection. She got some Vaseline and greased up the dildo.
Then she moved behind Debbie's and greased up Debbie's ass as well. As a
test Mistress tried to insert a finger into Debbie's asshole, but she
was so nervous that her ass was clenched tight. Mistress became enraged
at this disobedience: "You worthless shit! You will relax that ass of
yours right now or I'll torture you so bad you won't believe it!"
Mistress shouted at the mewling slave. But this time there was no need
for the torture kit; Debbie remembered the torture from yesterday only
too well and instantly willed herself to relax. Mistress' finger slipped
into her asshole. It wasn't as painful as she had expected, but it was
by no means pleasant. Soon as second finger joined the first, and it
began hurting quite a bit. When the third finger entered her asshole and
began probing her, Debbie was crying, whimpering into her gag. "Be quiet
slave", Mistress said, "You will learn to take anything into your ass
and like it!" Debbie muted her whimpering. Mistress continued to probe
her ass for a little while, but soon stood up and grabbed Debbie by the
hips. She then moved her pelvis forward ever so slowly, pushing the
dildo into Debbie's ass. It hurt something awful as Mistress passed the
opening and Debbie was soon crying and screaming. Soon, however, the
dildo was pushed in to the hilt, and the feeling changed subtly. It
still hurt and her ass was filled up completely in the most unpleasant
way, but it was also arousing. As Mistress began to pump the dildo in
and out Debbie's cock quickly became erect, she had to admit that she
liked it. Yes, it was painful. Yes, it was humiliating. And yes, it was
unpleasant, but increasingly she had to herself that these things turned
her on. She loved being forced to do things she couldn't admit to
herself that she secretly enjoyed. Like being ordered to suck someone's
dick, like being feminized and now taking it up the ass.
The whole situation turned her on and her cock was once again throbbing
with lust. Her head was thrown as far back as the collar would allow,
her eyes were closed and her cries of pain had turned into moans of
desire. Right in front of Debbie was a large mirror so that Debbie and
Mistress could look each other in the eyes. So that Debbie could see
herself getting fucked. Behind her Mistress smiled. She had known all
along that she had the bitch, but it was still gratifying to see it
displayed so clearly. As Mistress felt her own orgasm building, she
reached around Debbie and grabbed Debbie's erect member. As Debbie
opened her eyes to look at Mistress so that she could plead for an
orgasm with her eyes, Mistress began to stroke Debbie's member. Almost
instantly Debbie could feel her orgasm building and soon both she and
Mistress came. Mistress pumped furiously both with the dildo and her
hand as she came screaming obscenities at Debbie. Debbie followed her in
the orgasm, thrashing and screaming as best she could. 
She was completely spent from the orgasm and only wanted to rest, but of
course there was no rest in sight. The orgasm had spurred Mistress on
and now she continued pumping in and out of her ass at top speed. It
hurt awfully, but it was still arousing, so soon Debbie was hard again
and soon she came again together with Mistress. This went on for some
time, the pain increasing steadily until Debbie was sobbing for breath,
crying her eyes out. As Mistress took the grease and blood covered dildo
out of Debbie's ass she cooed derisively: "Ohh, poor baby. Does your
filthy shithole hurt?" Debbie nodded without much hope of relief.
Mistress leaned forward, grabbed her by the balls and squeezed:"A filthy
little sow like you should be more than grateful that I allow you to
cum. The pain in your ass is nothing compared to what it will become
later." She gave Debbie's balls a final squeeze making Debbie spasm in
pain, before she went to one of the cupboards to get something. While
she was gone Debbie lay dreading what came next. Was she going to get
fucked more? She was sure that her ass was bleeding already and wasn't
sure she could take much more.
Her fears were confirmed when Mistress returned. In her hands she held
the same kind of "pleasure and pain sleeve" her cock had been encased in
the day and night before. Mistress quickly put it on Debbie's erect
member and once connected it proceeded to hold Debbie erect with its
pulsating stimulations. Mistress mounted a panel with two switches on it
on the rack beside Debbie. "While you are getting fucked you will be
stimulated like yesterday. If you behave well you will be rewarded. If
you behave badly, you will be punished. Pay attention to your
instructors." With that Mistress left Debbie. A few moments later the
same group of men who had taught her how to perform blowjobs entered the
dungeon led by Bryce. Over the next few hours Debbie learned how to
performed when getting fucked. She learned which muscles to contract and
when, and how to shake her ass when needed. When she performed well she
was given mind-shattering orgasms and when she failed she was sent into
screaming, thrashing hysterics by the electric shocks administered to
her genitals. All the men were careful to lubricate both themselves and
her before fucking her, but still the pain in her sore ass mounted
steadily. Just when she thought she couldn't possibly stand it anymore,
the men stopped and left her tied up. As she lay there, she could feel a
mixture of cum, blood and Vaseline running down her legs. She was
completely spent and wanted only to rest. But the drugs were still
working, keeping her awake and the sheath around her member kept
aroused, on the brink of orgasm even after being "milked" almost
continuously for two days in a row. If she had been able to think
clearly, she would probably have realized that this was part of her
conditioning and that the hormone-like substance that made her grow tits
also increased her sperm production immensely.
As it was, her mind only focused on her submission, her lust and obeying
orders - just as Mistress had intended.
When Mistress returned to the exhausted sissy-slave, it was not to
release her. Instead she brought a fucking machine mounted on wheels.
Debbie began to cry from fear when she saw it, mewling pleas through her
gag. Mistress of course only smiled at her pleas and proceeded to bring
the fucking machine into position behind Debbie. Soon Debbie felt the
monstrous dildo invading her ass as Mistress secured it in position and
connected the wires from the fucking machine with the control box for
the sleeve around her cock. "Can't stop your training before its done,
can we now?" she asked mockingly. Before she turned on the machine,
however, Mistress fetched the usual three syringes and gave Debbie her
injections; one in the ass and of in each of her growing breasts. With
that out of the way, Mistress turned on the machine, slapped Debbie's
ass hard as a parting salute and left Debbie for the night. Soon Debbie
was once again enveloped in pleasure and pain; being conditioned to love
taking it in the ass while doing everything to please the one fucking

Chapter 4

As morning came round Mistress found her newest sissy-slave completely
incoherent with pleasure and pain. Debbie was thrashing and screaming,
her eyes wild and unseeing, a thick mixture of lubricating gel and blood
running out of her ass, down her legs. The computer connected to the box
controlling the sheath around Debbie's cock, showed that her ass was
performing perfectly even with Debbie in her current state of hysterics.
Debbie was orgasming almost continuously and had been doing so for the
last couple of hours.

Mistress turned of the machine and watched as Debbie continued to pump
the dildo for all it was worth. She didn't stop until Mistress held
Debbie's head against her thigh with one hand and held her nose with the
other. As Debbie's air was cut off and she started thrashing in panic,
her focus returned to the real world and she stopped fucking the dildo.

After Debbie had returned to the real world and had calmed down a bit,
Mistress released her from the webbing and helped her stand. She was of
course even more exhausted than before and she stood swaying uncertainly
on her skyscraper heels. She did, however, notice Mistress. Once again
she was stunning, impossibly sexy. She was wearing the same kind of
costume as the day before: whole-body suit made of thin, clingy rubber
with integrated high heels and rubber gloves, only today the suit was
red. Debbie couldn't tear her exhausted eyes away from her.
Mistress smiled at the attention, fixed a leash to Debbie's collar and
said: "Come along, slut. Times a-wasting." Then she led to the cleaning
and feeding station. Here she Debbie and hung her by the wrists. Even if
Debbie had wanted to she incapable of resisting, she was simply too
weak. Mistress took advantage of this: she administered the enemas in
the most brutal manner possible, getting only tears, whimpers and token
resistance. Then she washed Debbie slowly and gently. The contrast
between the brutal enemas and the gentle washing left Debbie feeling
confused and vulnerable. So when Mistress finished the washing by
kissing Debbie deeply while taking her cock in her hand and masturbating
her ever so gently until she came, Debbie was filled with love and
affection for this brutal and domineering woman. With tears rolling down
her cheeks and without being able to speak a single word, she gave
herself up to Mistress. Mistress caressed her cheek and kissed her:
"There, there you silly slut. I'll take care of you. I'll make sure that
you're never free again, and that there is always someone to abuse you."
Debbie bowed her head in submission as Mistress went to get her feeding
gag. This time Debbie was stuffed to the bursting point with liquid
food. As she was trying desperately to cope with the flow coming through
her gag, Mistress administered her shots. Debbie's growing tits were
very sore and had she not been too busy swallowing, she would have cried
out when Mistress stuck the syringes into her tits. The shot to her
bottom was quite a bit larger and more powerful this time. Combined with
the energy provided by the food, Debbie could feel herself coming awake.
When the feeding was complete Debbie felt like she was going to burst
and she could hear her stomach trying to cope with all the food. As this
happened Mistress left her alone without inflicting some sort of
punishment scheme on her for the first time since she had arrived only
three days ago. It gave her a few moments to think about her situation,
about what she should do next, but she found that she couldn't. Her mind
was too fogged with lust, submission and sheer fatigue. She could only
focus on how much she loved Mistress and how much she wanted to please
her. As she thought about Mistress, her overworked member once again
became erect and she found herself unable to think about anything else
than being fucked by Mistress.

It was like this Mistress found her when she returned; happily
daydreaming about being abused, a little smile on her lips, and a
faraway look in her eyes and her cock at full mast. "Silly little horny
slut", Mistress sneered as she grabbed Debbie's balls and squeezed them
viciously. Debbie screamed and thrashed, thus only making things worse
as Mistress still held on to her balls. Mistress continued to squeeze
Debbie's balls until she stopped thrashing, which took some time. As she
let go Debbie had been reduced to weak little screams and a flood of

Mistress proceeded to lace Debbie into yet another corset. In spite of
the fact that Debbie had been stuffed full of food, Mistress still
managed with the help of her little robot to lace Debbie's waist down to
17.5 inches. Debbie had serious trouble breathing when Mistress was
done. Debbie was then outfitted with a thick, wide leather collar around
her neck and a pair of very pointy, black ankle-high, plastic boots with
7 inch spikes made of pencil thin metal. They hurt her feet awfully when
she was lowered, but she had begun to enjoy the feeling of walking
around in spike heels. As Mistress released her hands, they were not
retied and she wasn't gagged either. Instead Mistress grabbed her by the
cock and led her to the make-up table where Giselle waited. Or at least
Debbie thought it was Giselle. Once again she was dressed in almost
identical fashion to her Mistress: a thin, red, clingy rubber suit that
covered her whole body. But here the similarities ended. The figure wore
ballet-toed, red boots with ultra-high heels. Her hands were incased in
a red rubber armbinder and her head was sealed inside a thick, inflated
rubber hood, leaving her with a perfectly round, featureless head. A
tube with a pump at the end sticking out of the hood revealed that she
was securely pump-gagged. Next to the tube for the pump-gag were two
shorter tubes allowing Giselle to breathe.
Giselle's cock and balls were again housed in a sheath keeping the
member erect, without allowing her to cum. The head of her cock had been
left unprotected, and as Debbie watched her, she noticed that as Giselle
was adjusting her balance in the ballet-toed boots, she made tiny
thrusting movements with her hips. She was obviously desperate for some
stimulation to her erect and exposed cock.
Mistress motioned for Debbie to sit down and ordered her to apply her
make-up. As Debbie obeyed Mistress produced a riding crop, and without
warning she brought the tip of the crop down on the tip of Giselle's
exposed cock with brutal force. Giselle screamed into her gag and tried
to keep her balance. But the blow had been too sudden and the shock too
big and she lost her balance and fell over. With no arms to soften the
blow and no sight to tell her where she should fall, Giselle fell
directly on her rubber-encased face, with her cock and balls getting
crushed beneath her. She screamed in pain once more as she hit the
ground and began to sob hysterically. Debbie watched out of the corner
of her eye while she applied her make-up as Mistress turned Giselle over
on her back. She accomplished this by kicking her until she turned
around. As Giselle lay there mewling in pain, Mistress used her spiked
heel to trample Giselle's balls. The material sheathing Giselle's balls
was soft and provided little if any protection from the brutal treatment
her balls received from Mistress heels. In a matter of seconds Giselle
was screaming with renewed strength, thrashing to escape the pain.
Little did it help as Mistress with a look of utter contempt on her
face, continued to stab her heels on Giselle's balls. After a while she
began to stab Giselle's member with her heels. Giselle's screams and
thrashing had by now become completely hysterical. 

Long before Mistress had finished stepping on Giselle's genitals with
her sharp heel, Debbie had finished applying her make-up. Having been
given no new orders, she simply put her hands together in her lap,
careful not to touch her cock, looked straight ahead while she followed
Giselle's punishment. There was no indication that she was being
punished for any other reason than that Mistress enjoyed punishing her.

After some time Mistress stopped her abuse of Giselle's genitals and
stood back to watch her slave thrash. Giselle's mewling and thrashing
died down after a while and she lay quietly sobbing. Mistress stepped
forward and placed the sole of her boot on the head of Giselle's cock
and began grinding it none too gently with her boot. After an initial
nervous start at the new touch, Giselle began to press to lower part of
her body against Mistress boot. Soon she was moaning with lust,
thrusting upwards with rhythmic little movements. Debbie was mesmerized;
her cock rigid and her breathing shallow. She very carefully folded her
hands behind her head so that they wouldn't touch her genitals. She had
feeling that Mistress would not look kindly upon such transgressions.
Mistress confirmed this by casting a cold glance in Debbie's direction
and nodding subtly in approval at the way she held her hands.
Mistress continued to grind Giselle's cock with the sole of her boot and
soon Giselle's moan became louder and her thrusting more urgent. When
this happened Mistress withdrew her foot. Giselle whimpered in
disappointment, her pelvis still thrusting as if trying to find
Mistress' boot. Mistress waited until Giselle had given up and lay
passive on the floor and then she resumed her grinding of Giselle's
cock. And the process repeated itself; as soon as Giselle was just about
to cum, Mistress removed her boot. Giselle's cock looked like it had
been dragged along an asphalt road, abraded and raw. Debbie could hear
Giselle's whimpering turn into crying as the process was repeated again
and again, her cock and pelvis in the end unable to stop twitching and
thrusting. Finally, when Debbie's arms were practically numb from
holding them over her head, and Giselle had been reduced to crying,
twitching wreck, Mistress allowed her to cum. Giselle's screams reached
a peak and her body spasmed uncontrollably as she squirted her juice on
Mistress' boot and all over her rubber-clad body. Her spasming continued
for quite some time, as did her screaming, and judging from the amount
of jism she produced, Giselle must have been denied release for at least
the 9 months she had said a few days before, if not longer. When she was
finally spent, Mistress called Debbie: "Slut! Come clean up this mess."
Debbie rose and scampered over to Mistress unsure of what was expected.
Mistress set her straight immediately: "On your knees. Lick it up. Hands
behind your back." With this terse order, Debbie kneeled and began
licking. Mistress' boot was of course the first thing to be cleaned.
Debbie savored her submission and dutifully licked the sole of Mistress'
boot clean. For the sake of symmetry she was also ordered to lick the
other boot clean. When she had finished licking Mistress' boots, she
started licking Giselle and the floor beside her clean. The last thing
she cleaned was Giselle's cock. It was bloody and raw, and judging from
Giselle's whimpers, very tender.
"Suck the bitch, but don't allow her to cum" Mistress ordered Debbie as
she was finishing the cleaning. Debbie did as ordered and soon Giselle's
cock was erect again and she was moaning with passion. When Giselle's
moaning became more urgent and her hips began to thrust in earnest,
Debbie withdrew her mouth. Giselle emitted a little cry of
disappointment and tried to find Debbie's mouth by thrusting her pelvis
in random directions. Soon she gave up and lay still. Mistress gave
Debbie orders to repeat the process and Debbie complied. While Debbie
tortured Giselle on Mistress' orders, Mistress fetched an armbinder for
Debbie and began lacing her into it. Giselle was soon crying and
whimpering anew. Unable to find release in Debbie's mouth, she began
thrashing aimlessly around to find release, her movements becoming more
and more desperate. When Debbie's arms were securely bound and the
teasing had been going on for quite some time, Mistress ordered Debbie
to stop. Debbie was herself quite excited and her cock was throbbing
with lust. Mistress, however, paid no notice and instead fetched a
number of items from a nearby cupboard. First she sponge bathed
Giselle's member, igniting a new round of whimpering and thrusting, and
carefully dried it with a towel. Then she took an ice pack and wrapped
it around Giselle's cock and balls. Giselle screamed and tried to thrash
away from the pain and the cold, but of course it was in vain. Mistress
would not let her escape. She held the ice pack to Giselle's genitals
for several minutes at the end of witch Giselle's cock had shrunk to a
tiny shriveled little thing. Lastly she produced Giselle's chastity
device. As she fitted the metal tube onto Giselle's cock, Giselle began
to cry in earnest, her chest heaving with hopeless sobs. Soon the
process was complete, Giselle's member straining against the two metal
bands crossing the head of her cock, her balls tightly squeezed in their
mesh cage.

When she had finished putting Giselle into her chastity device, Mistress
turned to Debbie. She grabbed her chin and pulled her close so that she
could look directly into Debbie's eyes. "Soon I will have turned you
into my bitch and then the fun will be over," she said while she began
stroking Debbie's erect cock. "When your training is finished you will
be just as addicted to orgasms as Giselle is, and you will have just as
little release. All your existence will be about pleasing others and
hoping in vain for release for yourself. You will be unable to think
about anything but obeying orders in the hope of gaining release."
Debbie whimpered in fear and lust. Her cock was once again ready to
explode, and the prospect of being chastised like Giselle filled her
with dread and excitement at the same time. She didn't want to be a
chastised bitch like Giselle, not really, but Giselle was so sexy and
she was being dominated brutally all the time as Debbie herself had
begun to long for. She was very confused. As these thoughts went through
her mind she could feel her orgasm building. Her breath came in shallow
little gasps and her eyes became unfocused. Just as she was about to
cum, Mistress took away her had and left her hanging. A pathetic whine
escaped her throat as her cock strained for release. She looked
pleadingly at Mistress who just smiled cruelly. Not a word was spoken.
After a while Debbie's twitching stopped and as this happened Mistress
resumed her stroking. Once again she pulled back just before Debbie
could cum. This went on for some time, leaving Debbie in a state of
desperation. She twitched and thrashed as she moaned and whimpered, but
no release was given. Finally Mistress stood up, grabbed Debbie by the
ring at the front of her collar and pulled her to her feet. "Time to
learn, you worthless bitch", Mistress said and led Debbie out of the
room. Mistress left Giselle on the floor sobbing softly, her pelvis
still making little thrusting movements. 

The room Mistress led Debbie to that was occupied by a group of five
women. All of the women were obviously dominant. "Ladies," Mistress
called out to get attention, "here is your pupil. The name of the silly
slut is Debbie." All eyes fixed on Debbie and she quickly cast down her
eyes in shame and fear. She could hear a few snorts of contempt as she
did this.
She was led over to stand in front of a comfortable looking chair. There
she was once again fitted with a stimulation/punishment sheath for her
member of the type she knew so well by now. Her heart began pounding
with fear and anticipation as the sleeve was fitted and of course she
was rock hard from the very first touch. Once the sleeve had been
fitted, Mistress sat down in the chair and Debbie was made to kneel in
front of her. Mistress now spread her legs, exposing her pussy. "Today's
lesson is eating pussy," Mistress announced. "If you perform well, you
will be rewarded. If you perform poorly, you will be punished. Start
eating," she finished with a smirk. Debbie cautiously leaned in, opened
her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Then she began licking Mistress
pussy. At first she performed very poorly and had to be instructed by
Mistress all the time. Each instruction was accompanied by an electric
shock to her genitals that made her scream in pain. Soon her face was
covered in tears and she was sobbing with pain. That didn't stop her
licking though, that much she had learned.

After while she got better at the licking and Mistress began to moan
with pleasure. As Mistress began to enjoy her performance, Debbie was
rewarded with stimulation to her overworked and aching member. As
Mistress came, so did Debbie. She screamed with pleasure into Mistress
pussy as she continued her sucking. Not being ordered to stop, she
continued her licking taking a few painful instructions along the way.
After a couple of orgasms, Mistress ordered her to stop and left the
Another woman took over at once. The woman was a petite black woman. She
looked to be about fifty years old with very delicate features. She wore
black knee-high high-heeled lace-up boots, a skirt that split up the
front and a black bustier holding up her breasts. Her hair was pulled
into tight bun and she looked very menacing as she looked into Debbie's
eyes and said: "I like sluts in pain." With this she sent a very long
shock through Debbie's genitals. Debbie screamed and thrashed, but the
shock didn't stop. Debbie fell over on her side, thrashing and
screaming. After what seemed like forever the shocks stopped. As Debbie
lay crying almost hysterically, the woman leaned down and grabbed
Debbie's hair. She pulled Debbie up, leaned close and said to Debbie:
"Never displease me bitch. Never! Now start eating!" She pulled Debbie's
head into her crotch and Debbie started eating her pussy.

The woman was extremely demanding and Debbie received instructions
incessantly. Soon the pain in her genitals was so bad that she had
trouble concentrating on anything else. This of course only made matters
worse until the woman lost her patience and gave Debbie a very long and
painful shock, once again leaving Debbie thrashing on the floor. Then
Debbie was allowed to start over. This time she was determined to do
better and after a shaky start she did. Soon the number of instructions
and their accompanying shocks went down, and the woman's moaning began
to increase. When she came, she pressed Debbie's face into her snatch,
cutting off Debbie's breath. At the same time she rewarded Debbie with a
thundering orgasm and Debbie spasmed with the orgasm while she tried to
get free so she could breathe. Just when she began to see spots in front
of her eyes and her fighting died down, the woman released her head.
Debbie collapsed into her lap, heaving for air. "Better, little one,"
the woman panted, "We'll make a proper pussy eater out of you yet. Once
more," she commanded and pulled the gasping Debbie into her crotch
again. Debbie started licking as commanded.

After several hours of pussy licking Debbie had moved past the need for
punishment and had become so proficient at licking that she was
constantly rewarded. As a result she had entered a state of almost
constant orgasms. So she was completely delirious with pleasure when
Mistress ordered her to stop and thanked the other dominant women, who
then left the room.
When Mistress had removed Debbie's cock sleeve she led her, using her
cock as a leash, to the dungeon where Giselle was still lying on the
floor. As they passed her still form, Mistress took the time kick
Giselle viciously in the balls. Giselle tried to scream, but the shock
had expelled all the air from her lungs and instead she curled up as
much as she could, and began sobbing. Mistress ignored this and dragged
Debbie along. By now Debbie was again dead tired as well as aroused. The
mere presence of Mistress turned her on and as Mistress grasped her cock
it was rock hard, even after hours of orgasming. As Mistress gave her
injections in her tits, she was, however, surprised as she didn't
receive any in her ass. "You have a big day tomorrow," Mistress said,
"so tonight you will be allowed to rest a little." Debbie almost sighed
relief. Mistress then removed Debbie's armbinder and collar. Debbie's
corset and heels stayed on. Mistress then produced what looked like a
sack made of thick, black leather. It was a straightjacket and Mistress
ordered Debbie to stick out her arms in front of her. Mistress then
proceeded to put Debbie into the jacket. She did so gently, caressing
Debbie now and then, kissing her neck softly from time to time. Debbie
was completely absorbed in the gentle treatment and almost didn't notice
when Mistress tightened the straps and ordered her to hug herself
tightly. The final strap went between Debbie's legs and crushed her
genitals somewhat, making Debbie let out a yelp of pain. She then stood
hugging herself, strapped tightly as Mistress came around to her front.
There she began kissing Debbie deeply. When she finished Debbie was
panting with desire, her trapped member trying in vain to escape from
the strap going between her legs. Next Mistress produced what looked
like a long tube made of leather, which she ordered Debbie to step into.
She then pulled it up Debbie's legs. It was a hobble skirt and it fit
extremely snugly all the way down to Debbie's ankles, leaving only her
high-heeled shoes sticking out at the bottom. Mistress the gagged Debbie
with a huge black ball-gag and stuffed her ears with earplugs cutting
all but the loudest of sounds. She then produced a thick leather hood
with only tiny holes for Debbie's nostrils, which she laced tightly onto
Debbie's head. Finally she collared Debbie with a stiff posture collar
that made Debbie hold her head high all the time. Debbie stood swaying
in the silent darkness that enveloped her when she felt a tug on her
collar where Mistress had fixed a leash. With tiny little steps,
constricted by the hobble skirt, she followed the tugs Mistress gave on
the leash. When they came to a halt, she was pushed onto what felt like
a doctors couch, landing on her back. She could feel Mistress adjusting
her position on the couch. After this she could feel herself being
strapped down. As she felt the final strap pressing on her hooded
forehead, she found that she couldn't move at all. Then she was left
alone, gagged, deaf, blind and unable to move. She found that she liked
being controlled so completely, and with thoughts of Mistress kissing
her gently, she fell asleep.

Chapter 5

Debbie didn't wake up until her gag was wrenched from her jaws. Her
hood, collar and earplugs had already been removed. "Wake up,
shit-head," Mistress spat and slapped her face hard. Debbie came awake
and noticed that all the straps holing her to the couch had also been
removed. She felt almost rested, but her body was still tired from all
the exertions she had been subjected to over the last few days. As she
sat up she noticed that it was Giselle who was removing her bonds under
the supervision of Mistress. Mistress was clad in a navy blue business
suit consisting of a skirt stopping just above her knees, a blue jacket,
a white shirt and black tie. Everything accentuated her every curve,
fitting absolutely perfectly. On her feet were black 6-inch high-heeled
shoes and she looked absolutely stunning. Giselle was back in her
maids-role. She was again dressed in her white uniform with a small
black apron and a small white hat or cap perched on her back hair. All
of it was made of rubber. On her feet were black boots with 7-inch
heels, and her ankles were connected by a very short chain, perhaps 6
inches long. Around her throat was a thick black collar, from which a
leash dangled. She looked worn and subdued.

"Today you say officially goodbye to your old life," Mistress said as
Giselle removed Debbie's straightjacket, leaving her standing before
Mistress wearing only her corset and her heels. She grabbed Debbie's
member (which of course immediately sprang into action) and led her to
what looked like a gynecologist's examination chair or couch. She was
placed in it, her legs spread wide, and strapped down. When Giselle had
finished strapping her, she could only move her head. Giselle then
proceeded to give Debbie her morning meals, again force-fed through a
special gag, and then administered Debbie's enemas under Mistress
supervision. When the last enema was over, Debbie was again covered in
sweat, whimpering in defeat. 
Now Mistress took over herself. She donned a pair of surgical rubber
gloves and began washing Debbie's naked member gently, producing the
usual reaction from Debbie. When she had dried Debbie's member, she had
Giselle fetch an icebox. As Debbie saw the icebox she knew what her fate
would be and she began to cry and whimper: "Mistress, please, Mistress,"
she sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Oh, shut up, stupid slut,"
Mistress spat back, "you knew this was coming. You know that
slave-bitches like you can't run around being allowed to cum whenever
they like. Worthless sluts like the two of you have to be kept under
strict control. You exist only for the pleasure of others, not your own.
Understood?" she asked, glancing at Giselle also. "Mistress, yes
Mistress", they meekly replied in unison. "Fine. No more whining from
either of you", Mistress finished and fished a large ice bag from the
cooler and wrapped it around Debbie's genitals. Debbie cried out with
shock and pain as she felt her member shrinking and the cold spreading
through her abdomen. Soon her cock was a tiny shriveled thing, but
Mistress was nothing if not thorough. She held the ice pack around
Debbie's genitals for several minutes just to make sure. Then she
produced Debbie's chastity device. It was the same as Giselle's; a small
metal tube that was pressed over her cock. At the end of the tube were
two metal strips holding the head of her cock, so that only the head,
now squeezed by the metal strips, stuck out of the tube. At the other
end of the tube a mesh cage for Debbie's balls made from metal wire was
fixed. When this was put in place and the wires tightened Mistress used
a small lock to make sure that the chastity device couldn't be removed
without either the key or with some sort of cutting tool. Debbie was
crying inconsolably and Giselle looked pityingly at her. 
Mistress smiled broadly: "There. Now you are on your way to your proper
place in life as a chastised bitch. Oh do stop crying before I punish
you". Debbie's crying died down to a quiet sobbing. Mistress now
produced a large metal dildo, which she showed to Debbie. "Listen very
carefully now you useless cow", she said grabbing Debbie's attention
completely. "Soon I'm, for a short while anyhow, going to let you out in
to the world you came from. There you are going to perform some duties.
You are going to be under constant surveillance and if you fuck up, I'm
going kill you. Like this". She took out small remote control and
pressed a button. Out of the dildo sprang a knife's blade almost as long
as the dildo. Debbie recoiled in fear when she saw the blade and
Mistress continued: "You are going to be walking around with this in
your ass, so do as you're told!" With this she pressed another button
and the blade disappeared. Then she lubed the dildo and pressed it up
Debbie's ass. Debbie tried to resist a little but her ass had been
opened up by the treatment she had received over the last few days. When
the dildo was all the way up her ass, Mistress took a metal wire, fixed
it to the tip of Debbie's chastity device and pulled it back between her
legs. Debbie's whole ass and most of her lower back was hanging free of
the chair itself, so Mistress could easily fix the wire to the back of
Debbie's corset. Mistress had pulled the wire back so viciously that
Debbie's balls were pulled back between her legs leaving Debbie with a
smooth crotch. This of course also ensured that the dildo stayed in
Even though it hurt Debbie couldn't help but marvel at her smooth
crotch. It looked so deliciously feminine!
Debbie was now released from the chair and led to an open shower niche
in the corner of the dungeon. There Giselle removed her shoes and
Mistress ordered Debbie to take short shower. It felt weird to stand
flat-footed again, and Mistress seeing the look on her face, assured her
that this was one of the last times in her life she would be doing that.
Debbie took a shower as ordered and Giselle helped her dry herself when
she was finished. Mistress had Giselle fetch a strange piece of padding
that went around Debbie's waist. It restored her natural waistline much
to Debbie's surprise. Next came a wide band of cloth that Giselle used
to tie Debbie's budding breasts down with, so that they couldn't be seen
outside a set of clothes.
As she wondered at this she was given her boys clothes, John's clothes.
"Today John will cease to exist. He will quit his job and his apartment
and then vanish from the face of the earth. No one will miss the stupid
little creep." Debbie then dressed in her old clothes and stood before
the mirror. She looked oddly like the John of old, and then again not.
"John" had a new feminine haircut and subjugated look on "his" face but
otherwise it looked like John.

Mistress placed a number of listening devices on Debbie's body as well
two tiny cameras, one looking straight ahead and one looking down her
body. Mistress also placed an earpiece in Debbie's ear so that she could
give Debbie orders along the way. As Mistress explained a dazed Debbie
listened: "I will be hearing and seeing everything you do. If you fail
to obey one of the orders I am about to give you, I will press the
button". She took out the remote control and the fear of the dreadful
dildo lodged in her ass brought Debbie back to reality. 
She listened attentively to Mistress orders. She was to go to John's job
and resign. If anyone asked she had gotten new job in another town. She
was then to go to her apartment and say she was leaving. The actual
moving of John's things Mistress would handle. When all this had been
done, she was to walk to the nearby mall and meet Mistress in the
parking basement at a designated spot, being very careful to avoid the
surveillance cameras.

When Mistress had made sure Debbie had understood her orders, she took
her hand and led her to the garage where Bryce was waiting by a large
SUV with darkened windows. Bryce smiled contemptuously when he saw the
sissy. Debbie couldn't help but blush under Bryce's gaze. She
desperately wanted to be nice and feminine for Bryce so that maybe he
would be nice to her: Kiss, fondle, abuse and maybe even fuck her.
Debbie felt the pain from the chastity device as her cock tried to
swell, and she whimpered a little. This made both Mistress and Bryce
laugh contemptuously, and Mistress remarked: "It seems like the silly
sissy bitch fancies you Bryce." "Indeed it does Mistress", Bryce replied
with contempt. Debbie blushed further with humiliation as she climbed
into the back seat. Mistress got in beside her and as Bryce drove the
car towards town, she opened a briefcase. Inside the briefcase were a
television screen and a couple of loudspeakers. The television screen
showed two images: the view directly in front of Debbie and the view
looking down her front. The loudspeakers were filled with the sounds
from the car.

Bryce stopped the car a block from the subway station that John used to
get off at when going to work. As Debbie was let out of the car Mistress
said: "Do as ordered or I'll press the remote." The door closed and
Debbie walked towards John's workplace. After a few steps she had to
force herself to walk in a more masculine manner, since she was still
strutting along like a bitch in high-heels. It took some concentration
to get the walk right and it certainly felt wrong.
It was morning rush hour and there were thousands of people around her,
but Debbie felt utterly disconnected from them. She found that she
wanted to obey Mistress, even without the threat from the fiendish
dildo. Debbie wanted to be held prisoner, to be kept as a slave and the
uncomfortable feeling from the dildo in hers ass and the grinding that
her genitals experienced between her buttocks reminded her of this. She
loved being dominated and controlled. She had also completely rejected
the John-persona. She no longer felt male at all. She knew she wasn't
female either, but she had come to enjoy being a feminized sissy - a
dominated and controlled feminized sissy. She couldn't go back to being
a male. 

With these thoughts Debbie went to quit John's job. It was much more
painless than she had imagined. There were plenty of people waiting even
for a shitty job like the one John had had. John's boss accepted her
explanation without comment, although his expression clearly said that
he thought that the little faggot had found some stud to fuck him silly
and keep him as a wife, and that was the reason he was leaving. The
little sissy had always had "homo" written all over him, but now it
looked like he had had his ass reamed out all weekend long, and that he
had liked having it reamed out!
Debbie received John's final paycheck and left. John hadn't really had
any friends, so there was no one to say goodbye to.

To get to John's apartment, Debbie took the subway. The morning rush
hour had passed and the train was almost empty. On the way out Debbie
had a moment to think about what was going to happen to her. A chance to
think things over for the first time in days. She had accepted her
sissy-slave role, but she didn't really know what was going to happen to
her, how far the slavery would take her, what would be done to her. When
she thought about Shannon the toilet slave she became very frightened.
What if Mistress wanted to turn her into a toilet slave? The thought of
eating shit made her stomach turn, but the thought of being forced to do
anything by Mistress turned her on. She became warm all over and she
began to take small shallow breaths. Once again she was reminded of her
status as a chastised sissy slave as her cock pressed painfully against
its confinement. Already she both hated and loved the device. She hated
it because she couldn't get erect and because she couldn't cum with it
on. She loved it because it was a proof and a reminder of her
submission. She also loved the way it made her crotch look smooth and
feminine when it was pulled back between her legs. These thought didn't
exactly make her less excited, and soon all she could think about was
her chastised member and the submission it symbolized.

After a while the train came to her stop. She got off and once again she
had to concentrate on not strutting along like bitch in heat. She missed
her high-heels and her feminine clothes.
As she opened John's apartment, she found that it had already been
emptied. Not that there had been much in it, but the speed and stealth
with which it had been done amazed her. Mistress really was a
professional slave trader! Everything had been thought of and taken care
of. She got hold of John's landlady and told her she was leaving. The
landlady was greedy old snoop who accepted her notice without comment
and said goodbye without warmth. Privately the landlady thought that the
little queer had probably met a bull queer who wanted to keep him as his

Walking towards the mall Debbie thought of how easy it had all been, how
unnoticed it had all gone. Here she was, on her way into real, harsh,
unforgiving slavery - and nobody noticed! She was confused: did she
really want to be a slave? A real nobody? A voice in her ear reminded
her that she really didn't have much choice: "Get a move on you silly
slut! We haven't got all day," Mistress hissed into her ear. Debbie
walked faster and soon she was in the parking basement of the mall. She
carefully avoided the surveillance cameras and soon found herself in a
remote corner of the basement, hidden from view from most, if not all,
of the regular traffic. Here she found Mistress and Bryce waiting for
her, both standing beside the car. Without a word they removed all the
electronic devices on her. "Strip", Mistress ordered her. Debbie didn't
really want to undress in the cold, dank parking basement, but she knew
better than to question an order and soon she stood shivering before
Mistress, wearing only her corset. Mistress gave her a pair of black
shoes with 7-inch heels and locking ankle straps, which Debbie promptly
put on. Mistress and Bryce then tied her arms with a new kind of
armbinder. In this armbinder each of her hands grasped the opposite
elbow, making her arm lie folded in the small of her back. As Bryce tied
the straps on the front, securing the device, Mistress released her
tits. As her slave status thus became apparent Debbie began to cry
softly. She wasn't quite sure why, maybe it was because she lost her
freedom, maybe it was because she loved Mistress so much. Mistress
responded by caressing her gently at first and then kissing deeply for a
long time. When she pulled back Debbie's eyes were filled with absolute
love and submission. She belonged Mistress beyond a shadow of doubt.
Mistress responded by treating her like the slave that she was. She
untied Debbie's chastity device from the corset and removed the deadly
dildo from Debbie's ass. She then sat on the hood of the car, pulled up
her skirt, took off her panties and ordered Debbie to lick her. Debbie
complied at once. As she stood there licking, Bryce grabbed her hips,
lubed up her ass and thrust his big dick as far up as it would go.
Debbie groaned as he thrust it in, part in pain, part in pleasure. She
was so turned on by this and she couldn't get off! Her cock strained
against its cage, but it only caused her more pain. The frustration made
her grind her hips in way that gained her no relief but was most
pleasurable for Bryce.
When both Mistress and Bryce had cum, they finished her restraints.
First a large butt-plug was rammed up her ass and her chastity device
once more secured to the corset, restoring her smooth crotch. Debbie
whimpered in frustration as her straining member was tied down again.
Then she was ball-gagged, hooded and collared. As she stood in the
darkness, tied and gagged it struck her that all this had happened in
public! People must have passed while this had been going on, yet nobody
had noticed. The thought made her even hornier and thus more frustrated.

Mistress led her to the car and sat her down in the back seat on a towel
so that the cum leaking from her plugged ass wouldn't stain the seat.
Once inside the car Mistress strapped her legs together at the knees and
ankles while Debbie could feel the car moving. Once again she was struck
at how public it was. If it hadn't been for the darkened windows, she
would have been sitting tied, gagged and hooded in plain view of all the
other motorists.

Debbie was very frustrated and kept grinding her hips as they drove
along, until Mistress twisted her nipples viciously and ordered her to
stop. With a whimper Debbie settled down and sat still.

They drove for what seemed like a long time and Debbie almost dozed off
as the car came to a halt. She was pulled out into the cold air and
walked inside a building. There they took an elevator and walked down a
hallway. She could hear Mistress talking with someone and finally they
came through a door and she was ordered to stand still. Her hood was
removed and she saw that she stood in an office; a doctor's office it
seemed. It was filled with bookcases with medical textbooks and in a
corner was an examination table. Mistress and Bryce sat in chairs in
front of an empty desk. Debbie had been sure that they had been going
back to Mistress house to continue her training. She began to get very
afraid. What if they were going to castrate her? She began to whine
softly and cry with fear. Mistress heard this, rose and slapped her face
hard. "What is this silly whining bitch, " she asked. "Are you afraid
that we are going to cut your useless little thing off?" she mocked and
groped Debbie's smooth crotch. Debbie nodded weakly and Mistress threw
her head back and laughed. Bryce laughed in the background. "You silly
slut. I want your balls intact so I can torture them". With this she
smashed her knee into Debbie crotch. Debbie let out a groan of pain and
doubled over and she would have fallen over had Mistress not grabbed her
by the neck. She hissed into Debbie's ear: "Don't fall over unless you
really want to suffer." Debbie whined some sort of acceptance while she
tried to remain standing while she was doubled over in pain.

As she was standing doubled over in pain trying to keep her balance, the
door opened and a man came in. He was dressed in doctor's whites and on
his chest was a nametag reading "Dr. Jacobsen". "Ahh, Miss Chamberlain
always a pleasure," he said as he took Mistress' hand and gave her a
peck on the cheek. "Mr. Baker, nice to see you again." He shook Bryce's
hand. "So this is the sissy you called about," he asked as he grabbed
Debbie by the hair and pulled her upright. He scrutinized her for a
while and smiled a little as he remarked: "I see that she has been in
recent use." The cum that had run out of her ass had dried on the inside
of her thighs. Debbie blushed with shame, but couldn't put her head down
as the doctor still held her hair tightly. "Let's have a look, shall
we?" he asked to no one in particular. As he dragged her towards the
examination table, he asked Mistress: "Could you please unlock the strap
holding her chastity device up between her legs, so that I may examine
her rectum?" Mistress unlocked the strap from the corset and pulled it
out between Debbie's legs. "We'll also need to untie her arms so she can
be strapped down properly", Dr. Jacobsen continued. "Her corset will
also have to come off."
Together with Bryce, Dr. Jacobsen untied Debbie's arms, removed her
corset and sat Debbie down on the examination table, which was a lot
like the gynecologists table Mistress had in her dungeon. He placed
Debbie's legs wide apart in stirrup-like things and strapped her down,
her hands lying along her sides. The only part of her body she could
move freely was her head. For Debbie it was a strange sensation not to
have anything squeezing her midriff. It felt pleasant to be without the
corset, but she was sure that wasn't the point.
The doctor then turned around and shouted: "Nurse!" Immediately the door
opened and a nurse came timidly mincing in. She was obviously one of his
creations/slaves. On her feet were white high-heeled platform shoes; the
heels were at least 9 inches and the platforms themselves were 3 inches
high. Her legs were clad in tight, white rubber stockings and she wore a
ridiculously short nurse's uniform made of white rubber and on her head
perched a little white plastic nurse's cap. She wore a thick collar made
of white rubber with a big, shiny metal ring dangling down the front and
on her hands were little white rubber gloves. But the eye-catcher was
her tits. They were absolutely enormous! Big, round and almost
balloon-shaped, they had to be at least 60FF, if not more. Her timid
mincing could easily be explained by her difficulty in maintaining her
balance, but she also looked genuinely afraid of the doctor as she
answered him very timidly: "Yes, doctor?" She had a very light voice and
her speech seemed impeded. The speech impediment was obviously caused by
her lips, which had been made much too full for any kind of normal
speech. Debbie marveled that she could speak at all, with lips that

Dr. Jacobsen addressed Mistress: "You wanted to give the sissy-slut real
tits and a feminine voice, right Miss Chamberlain?" he asked as he
grabbed Debbie's head and began to undo her gag. "Yes", Mistress
answered, "a pair 36 or 38 D-cups, removal of her Adams apple and a
bimbo soprano to go with that". As she spoke, Dr. Jacobsen removed her
gag and collar and began examining her throat on the outside. "Nurse",
he called, "speculum, please." The nurse had been anticipating the
request and immediately produced a speculum, with which Dr. Jacobsen
cranked Debbie's mouth open. He locked the speculum in the position that
held Debbie's mouth so open that she thought her jaw would dislocate. He
then asked for a special pair of pliers, which he used to hold Debbie's
tongue while he examined her mouth. The discomfort and pain from the
rough treatment made Debbie mewl and gurgle in distress; this he
completely ignored. While he was examining Debbie's mouth he asked
Mistress: "Do you want her teeth removed or replaced?" Debbie gave a
jerk with fear and surprise and let out a gurgling little scream. "No",
Mistress answered, "leave her teeth for now."
Having finished the examination of her mouth, he left the speculum
holding her mouth wide open and turned to examine her budding tits. "I
see that you have already made a good start", he remarked and began
manhandling Debbie's tits. He squeezed and pinched them until Debbie
began to cry out, and indeed the purpose of his whole examination of her
tits seemed to be causing her pain.

When he had finished "examining" Debbie's tits they were red and sore.
Debbie was drooling copiously now, since her mouth had been forced open
for so long. The drool dribbled down her cheek and splattered her chest.
"We'll clean her out now, before we perform the rectal exam", the doctor
declared and turned towards the nurse: "four enemas should do it, nurse.
Three water and one oil. See to it." The nurse had anticipated this too
and quickly scurried into action. Before Debbie had time to clench her
buttocks, she had inserted the head of the enema tube, already lubed up,
into Debbie's ass and had begun pumping it up so that Debbie couldn't
expel it. In no time Debbie felt her stomach being filled to the
bursting point. Without the corset on she could actually see her stomach
distending. When she had gotten a noticeable bulge on her stomach, and
she felt like she was going to pop, the nurse turned towards Dr.
Jacobsen and looked questioningly at him: "More, doctor?" she asked in
her strange impeded voice. To this the doctor nodded: "Continue until I
say so, you stupid cow. You will be punished for your stupidity later."
The nurse bowed her head in submission and began using a pump to fill
Debbie up even more. Debbie went mewling to gurgling little screams as
she continued to drool while she screamed. The pain in her stomach was
unbearable. She felt like she to take a shit so badly that she would
pop. Just as Debbie's screams reached a hysterical peak, the doctor
nodded to visibly scared nurse, commanding her to stop. The nurse then
produced a rather large bucket and held it in front of Debbie's asshole.
She waited for the doctor's go-ahead, which he withheld for several
minutes while Debbie's gurgling pleas became weaker and more urgent,
before he gave the order. The nurse released the valve and removed the
tube. The shit and water mixture exploded from Debbie's ass as she
moaned with pain and relief, drool and sweat running down her chest.
This was repeated three more times, as Dr. Jacobsen ordered more and
more liquid pumped into her. When they had finished, Debbie was reduced
to a pleading, babbling wreck, drenched in sweat and drool. She weakly
tried to obtain a measure of mercy that just wouldn't come from anyone
in the room. The nurse washed Debbie's buttocks before the doctor took
over. He had donned a pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves reaching almost
to his elbows. He then lubed first Debbie ass, then his hands. Then he
kneeled down and began his examination. Except it wasn't much of an
examination, more of a torture session. If Debbie had been able to think
clearly, she would have wondered why an anal exam was necessary when the
treatment she was going to receive was concentrated on her throat and
chest. But Debbie was much more concerned with what was going on in her
ass. At first he went comparatively slowly, inserting first one, then
two fingers into her ass, probing carefully. It wasn't comfortable, but
it wasn't really unpleasant either, it was strangely exciting actually.
But then the doctor picked up the pace. He inserted four fingers and
then his whole hand. Debbie gurgled in pain and surprise and her screams
grew in strength as he pressed his hand further and further up Debbie's
ass. When he had half his forearm up Debbie's ass, her screams were
hysterical and she shook her head so much that drool sprayed all over
her surroundings. His hand made a bulge on her abdomen, which she could
see moving around. She was beside herself with pain and discomfort,
unable to think about anything but the forearm in her ass. The good
doctor soon fixed that as he grabbed Debbie's locked up balls with his
other hand and squeezed the viciously. Debbie's screaming reached a new
high and she began hyperventilating before she passed out.

She woke up when the nurse but smelling salt beneath her nose. As Debbie
opened her eyes she saw the pitying eyes of the nurse looking down on
her. She fully understood why the nurse seemed so terrified of the
doctor. Debbie also noticed to her great discomfort and pain that her
ordeal wasn't over yet. The doctor's arm was still up her ass and he now
began moving it around a little. Soon Debbie was screaming her head off
again. When the doctor once again squeezed her balls and held the
squeeze, she passed out again screaming her lungs out.

When she woke up, the arm was no longer in her ass. She began sobbing
uncontrollably. She would do anything to avoid having it there again and
babbled garbled pleas to anyone who would hear. Her pleading stopped
when Mistress slapped her hard across the face: "Shut up! Stupid bitch!
I'll not have you embarrassing me in front of friends and colleagues. So
shut up or really make you suffer!" Debbie's pleas died down to a
subdued sniffle. Meanwhile Mistress complimented Dr. Jacobsen on his
torture as he removed his gloves. "You are too kind Miss Chamberlain,"
he replied and turned to the nurse: "Remove the speculum and clean her
up so she can be dressed. And be quick about it. You're already in the
shit, so don't screw up any more." he finished on a menacing note. The
nurse scurried frantically to clean Debbie up. She removed Debbie's gag
and began giving her a sponge bath. Although she did it quickly, she was
surprisingly gentle. Debbie soon found herself thoroughly enjoying the
gentle treatment, which was a nice contract to the brutal treatment she
had just received. Her ass hurt something awful, and she was unsure if
she would able to walk normally again. It felt like someone had driven a
car up her rear.

As the nurse bathed Debbie, she removed her shoes so that Debbie was now
completely naked except for her chastity device, which caused her
considerable pain since her member was straining against it as a result
of the gentle sponge bath. The nurse had released Debbie from her
bindings and she now she stood naked and flatfooted on the floor and the
finished the bath and dried her with a towel. She felt terribly
self-conscious; naked, subjugated, tortured and humiliated as she was.

As the nurse finished drying her the doctor, who had been chatting with
Mistress and Bryce, called out to the nurse: "Standard whites for the
slut. Corset, gag and 10-inch platforms. Leash her nasty little
appendage. And make it snappy, lethargic bitch!"
The nurse once again scurried into action. She brought a white full-body
rubber suit, which she first powdered with talcum. The she powdered
Debbie's body and showed Debbie where to get into the suit. The suit had
an integrated hood and just below the neck of this hood was a zippered
opening that she could squeeze into. The zipper stretched only from the
neck to between the shoulder blades, so it took some effort to get into
the suit. Debbie was very glad that she was completely hairless and that
both she and the suit had gotten a liberal dose of talcum. After some
squeezing the suit was on. It was made of thick white rubber and covered
every inch of her except her face, her nipples her crotch area up to her
ass-crack. It fit very snugly, squeezing every inch of her body in
sensually constricting fashion. Even her hands were encased in
fingerless rubber mittens. The nurse made sure that Debbie chastised
genitals were not covered by the rubber and fixed a leash to a ring at
the end of the metal tube of the device. Debbie blushed with the sudden
realization of how controlled and subjugated she had become. Next the
nurse produced a jaw-wrenching ball-gag, which she pressed into Debbie's
mouth and tied off at the back of her head. A stiff, wide neck-corset
made of white leather came next, holding Debbie's chin up, forcing her
to look up and ahead. A pair of stiff, fingerless mittens, also made of
white leather came next. They pressed Debbie's hands into cone-shapes,
and at the end of the cone was a ring. These rings were then fixed to
D-rings on Debbie's neck-corset, so that Debbie was forced to hold her
hands at her neck. The nurse passed a white, leather strap through the
hollow at Debbie's elbows and tightened it behind her back so that
Debbie was unable to move her arms at all, as they were fixed to her
sides. A corset reaching from below her ribs to her hips was the next
item. The nurse, at Dr. Jacobsen's orders, tightened it until Debbie's
breath was shallow and labored. The final two items were a pair of shoes
and a pair of cuffs and a chain connecting her ankles. The shoes had
platforms 4-inches high and the heels were 10-inches. Both the heels and
the platforms were far narrower than Debbie had ever thought possible
and Debbie stood tottering insecurely on the towering heels. Her
tottering was severely limited when the nurse equipped her with the
ankle cuffs. The connecting chain was no more than 6 inches long, so she
had to make tiny mincing steps, tottering on the towering heels.

No sooner had the nurse finished tying Debbie up, than the doctor asked:
"Would you like to see my new facilities, Miss Chamberlain? I have made
extensive modifications to my nurse's quarters. And there is of course
the matter of this stupid bitch's punishment, "he motioned towards the
nurse, who stood eyes cast down and began to shake at his mention of
her, "I was hoping that you might want to participate?" "You are too
kind, my dear Dr. Jacobsen," Mistress replied, "I would love to hear the
cow scream." A tiny whine of fear escaped the nurse's grotesque lips.
She was trembling with fear. "Fine," the doctor said and turned to the
nurse, "you heard the order slut. You know the way."
The nurse walked out the door, her legs shaking visibly and the others
followed. Debbie brought up the rear with Bryce holding her leash. He
set her in motion with a viciously powerful tug on the chain, making
Debbie scream in pain and surprise, struggling to keep her balance on
top of the ridiculously high-heels as she minced along trying to keep up
with the others.

Dr. Jacobsen led his guests on a tour of his clinic, or more accurately
his house of horrors. It soon became clear that he catered to those with
a taste for extreme plastic surgery. Some patients were clearly there of
their own free will; women and shemales with one or more grotesquely
shaped body-part. Mostly it was breasts, but huge lips also seemed
popular. These volunteer patients greeted Dr. Jacobsen and his party
enthusiastically. However, most of the patients they met on their way
seemed to be of Debbie's variety: the slaves sent there by their Masters
or Mistresses. They were all dressed in the same manner as Debbie. There
were minor variations, but they were all dressed in full body white
rubber and wore high-heeled platform shoes. All restrained in an
inescapable manner. Debbie also noticed that all the nurses looked the
same, tight white rubber and high-heels, huge tits and lips. And they
all looked terrified of the good doctor. When he passed they looked down
and curtseyed, a timid "Doctor" coming from their lips. "All the nurses
are professionally educated" the doctor explained, "When they apply for
a position here at the clinic, they just don't know what they are
applying for: A lifetime position a slave-nurse. But they all come
around and learn to love it." He laughed cruelly at his last statement.

The little party walked through a small maze of sterile corridors,
Debbie stumbling behind, Bryce tugging her leash all the time. She was
scared out of her mind having seen all manner grotesquely transformed
slaves and she was sweating, out of breath from having to move her
bound, high-heeled feet so fast since she could only take tiny mincing
steps. Finally they came to an elevator that took them down to the
basement. The doctor introduced the place as they stepped out of the
elevator: "This is the nurse's quarters. This is were they live, this is
were I train them and this is were I punish those who need it." A small
panicky sound escaped the nurse leading the way as the doctor said this.
"Let me show you the living and training quarters first," Dr. Jacobsen
sad as he opened a door and led them through. Inside was a very large
room, occupied primarily by a number of glass cages. The cages were just
big enough for a human lying in a very special position. The cages that
were not empty held nurses. Their hands were held behind them in white
rubber armbinders. They were on their knees, sitting on their heels and
then bent forward so that their enormous tits rested on the bottom of
the cage. They were held in this position by wide, white rubber straps.
Their heads were held back, by a strap that was tied off to their arm
binders, so that they looked straight ahead. That is, if they had been
able to see. Their heads were encased in white rubber hoods that clearly
had earphones and some sort glasses for projecting images into the eyes
of the captives. The cages were obviously made to fit each individual
nurse, since at least three sides of all the cages pressed against its
occupant. The most striking, however, was the tubes. There were tubes
everywhere. Each occupant of a glass cage had a tube running into her
mouth, tubes in her nostrils, tubes going to syringes in their tits and
tubes both in their ass and pussy. And the tubes were not inactive. It
was quite clear that liquids were being pumped into their mouths and
tits. Liquids were going both ways in their asses and pussies. The
nurses were completely controlled. "Here I keep the nurses I don't need
for the day and the nurses that are still in training, but who are not
being actively trained." Dr. Jacobsen stood by one of the cages as he
explained: "I always keep a surplus of nurses so that I may offer one as
a replacement for the clients who have left their slave to my care. You
are welcome to pick one a replacement for the sissy, if you like," he
told Mistress. Mistress politely declined. The doctor continued: "It's a
service mostly used by those with only one or two slaves. People like
yourself with numerous slaves rarely use it."

They walked into another room whose purpose was instantly clear.
Although all the walls as well as the floor and ceiling were clad in
white tile, and everything was spotlessly white, bathed in bright white
light, this was clearly a punishment dungeon. Everywhere she looked
Debbie could see torture instruments and contraptions for tying people
up. Although everything looked surgical and clean the purpose of the
place was in no doubt. As the party came to a halt, the doctor sneered
at the nurse: "Well, what are you waiting for, you lazy bitch? Get
undressed. Leave your shoes and stockings." The nurse hurried to comply
and soon she stood naked, save for her white rubber stockings and
high-heeled platform shoes. As she stood naked, Debbie could see that
the nurse, like herself, was devoid of body hair. Her giant tits, now
free of the truly monstrous bra that had held them, hung down and ruined
her already precarious balance and she struggled to keep upright.
The doctor led her to a gynecologist's chair and soon had her strapped
down, arms behind the chair. Her tits flopped out to each side of her
body. The stirrups that the nurse's legs were tied in could be swung out
to the side and the doctor wasted no time in spreading her legs, as far
they would possibly go. Then the punishment started. While the doctor
focused his attention on her tits, Mistress concentrated on her pussy.
Bryce stood back and enjoyed the show. He undid Debbie's gag and forced
her to her knees. As she gave Bryce the blowjob he wanted her back to
the torture, but she could hear the nurse screaming ever more
hysterically, pleading and begging until her screams became garbled and
gurgling. Before Debbie could start her blowjob, Bryce looked deep into
her eyes and said: "Hold me on the edge until I order you to make me
cum. Don't fuck up, stupid sissy bitch." Fearfully Debbie started giving
him a very gentle and enticing blowjob, careful to always keep contact
while not sucking hard enough for him to cum. As always she loved giving
head and her trapped penis strained against its cruel confinement. She
wanted to come so badly!
Finally, after what seemed like hours of pleading and screaming, Bryce
ordered her to finish the blowjob. Debbie didn't waste any time and he
spewed his salty liquid into her mouth. With great effort Debbie managed
to swallow all of it, not spilling a drop. Without comment he gagged her
again, grabbed hold of her throat and pulled her to her feet. Debbie
ached to be allowed to cum, the head of her cock having turned blue
straining against its cage.

As Bryce stood Debbie up, he turned her around so that she could see
what Mistress and Dr. Jacobsen had done to the nurse. The nurse had had
reason to fear the doctor. The reason that her screams had been garbled,
was that hooks now pulled the corners of her mouth far apart. Hooks also
pulled her nostrils back, making her look pig-nosed. Her tongue had been
pulled out of her mouth and a string had been wound many times around
it, squeezing it like a sausage. At the other end of this string was
weight so that her tongue was held in its uncomfortable position,
leaving her drooling copiously. Tears were streaming down her face and
she looked absolutely desperate. Her screams had been reduced to weak
gurgling noises. 
Her tits had been cruelly tortured: the doctor had tied them tightly
around the base first and then again with a spacing of about half an
inch all the way out to about an inch from the nipple. The breasts were
purple and the flesh of the breasts looked like it had tried to escape
in between the strings. As if this wasn't enough tit-torture, the doctor
had also transformed her tits into pincushions. Concentrated around the
nipple, but closely spaced all the way down to the base of each breast
he had pushed needles into the tits. And he had made point of sticking
them at least one to two inches in.
Mistress had been inspired by the doctor in her torture of the nurse's
pussy, and needles had become the theme for the torture session. She had
spread each of the nurse's labia out as far as it would go and then she
had pinned it to the nurse's thigh using needles; lots of needles.
Inside her pussy Mistress had also used as many needles as there was
room for, transforming the nurse's pussy into pincushion to match her
Debbie was shocked! The torture seemed way too cruel considering her
crime, but of course it did indeed seem that there was ample reason to
fear the doctor.

Meanwhile Mistress and the doctor had been inspired by their handiwork,
and were both in the process of fucking a nurse. The two nurses must
have joined the party while Debbie had been blowing Bryce, because she
hadn't noticed them at all. The two nurses looked just like the one who
had been tortured, except for the hair color. The one who had just been
tortured was a brunette and the two being fucked were blondes.
The doctor had thrown his nurse on the floor and was fucking her tits.
Mistress placed her nurse on table and was fucking her with a
double-ended dildo. The nurse the doctor was fucking did her best to
seem like she enjoyed it, but succeeded mostly in seeming terrified and
the doctor seemed to prefer it that way. The nurse being fucked by
Mistress, however, was obviously enjoying herself. Her legs were locked
around Mistress lower back and she was fondling her enormous tits, her
eyes rolled back, her head moving from side to side while she moaned
loudly in ecstasy. Mistress was nearing her climax as well and as Debbie
watched transfixed with envy, they came together with loud screams of
pleasure. When she had come down, Mistress removed the dildo their
pussies and threw it on the floor ordering the nurse to clean it up. The
nurse complied with obvious relish, groveling on the floor around
Mistress feet as she licked first the dildo, then Mistress shoes clean.
Afterwards she remained at Mistress feet, expressing her adoration by
kissing Mistress shoes gently and with passion from time to time.
Mistress smiled at this display of affection as she watched the doctor
pull up his pants after his nurse had cleaned up the mess he had made. 

"Shall we get the sissy settled into her treatment?" the doctor asked
Mistress. "Yes," Mistress replied, "let's do that. I must admit,
however, that it has been a pleasure to see your premises, Dr.
Jacobsen." "You are too kind." the doctor replied and turned to the two
nurses that had just been fucked: "Leave the lazy bitch like this until
midnight. Then bring her to me for a check-up before you throw her in a
cage." The nurses quickly and nervously replied: "Yes doctor," buttoned
their uniforms and scurried out of the dungeon. The punished nurse gave
a weak gurgle of desperation, which no one pain any attention to except
Her thoughts were quickly turned to other matters as Bryce pulled her
leash and they left the dungeon.

They came to very small room occupied only by a single bed. On the door
was a cardboard sign reading: "Sissy-slave Debbie. Property of Mistress
Helen Chamberlain." At the door Mistress said goodbye: "The doctor can
punish you as he sees fit, and he will report all transgressions you
make to me. This means that not only will he punish you; I will punish
you when you get back. Behave!" With this she left Debbie in the care of
Dr. Jacobsen. As Mistress left, Dr. Jacobsen called for a nurse, who
quickly came mincing. "This sorry sissy bitch is having her vocal cords
fixed in the morning," he told the nurse: "make sure that she gets
settled in for the night and that she is ready first thing tomorrow
morning." He left Debbie with the nurse and walked away. 
The nurse grabbed Debbie's leash and led her into the room, closing the
door behind her. She took out a bedpan and held it under Debbie's tied
up member, ordering her to pee. It took some concentration to pee in
front of others, and when she finally managed to do it, she found that
it was painfully slow since her chastity device was so tight that it
would only allow a tiny trickle to get through. When she was done the
nurse led Debbie to the bed and made Debbie sit on the edge. She removed
Debbie's ankle-cuffs ordered Debbie to swing her legs up so that she
could lie down. Once she lay there, the nurse secured her legs wide
apart and the strapped Debbie's upper body down.

The nurse then began fondling Debbie's genitals gently. "Before I was
stupid enough to I reply to and ad to work in this place, I used to be a
dominant in the bedroom," she told Debbie, whose cock was straining
desperately against its cage. "Now the doctor has turned me into a
super-submissive freak, and I know that the only way I will escape him
is by either being sold off to some tit-loving freak and an uncertain
future or to get killed in one of the doctor's marathon torture
sessions. I know I will never be free, but just once in a while I get my
rocks off teasing submissive little sluts like you." The nurse's other
hand slipped between her legs and she began masturbating while she
teased Debbie with the other hand. Debbie was soon straining against her
bond, both the ones holding her body and the ones holding her cock,
desperately trying to get off. Debbie was mewling into her gag, trying
to plead to the nurse to let her out of the chastity device, but to no

As this went on none of them noticed that the doctor had returned. He
stood for while in the half-open door, smiling cruelly. "So you think
you can play the dominant while I turn my back, eh?" he sneered at the
nurse. The nurse screamed and jumped, turning around to face the doctor.
"Please doctor, I ... I didn't... I only..." her voice tapered into wordless
babble as she began to cry hysterically, pleading for the doctor not to
hurt her. But it was too late. He stepped forward and began to beat her.
At first he only slapped her, but soon he was administering a regular
beating. When he finished, the nurse was bleeding and bruised still
pleading hysterically. "Oh shut up, stupid slag! You'll get what's
coming to you. I'll make an example of you," he said as he tied her
hands together. At this she began to cry even harder, the last
understandable words lost in sobbing and mewling. The doctor grabbed the
nurse, who was lying on the floor and dragged her by the hair out of the
room. Debbie could hear her crying until they took the elevator down
into the dungeon. After a while another nurse came into the room. She
made sure that Debbie's bonds were tight and secure, and then she
covered Debbie from her feet to her neck with a thick, white rubber
sheet, said goodnight, turned out the lights and left, closing the door
behind her. Debbie lay there in the darkness at first unable to sleep.
At first it was the sexual excitement that kept her awake, but it
gradually died down a little and she began to notice that she was both
hungry and thirsty. She had been given neither food nor drink since
early in the morning, when Mistress had pumped her full of it. Well,
technically she had been given something, if you counted the cum she had
sucked from Bryce's cock. She lay there dreaming about Bryce and his
beautiful cock for a while, getting hot and bothered all over again. It
took it while for the excitement to die down a little. The sexual
excitement never really left her now; she was constantly thinking about
sex and slavery in one way or the other. Her current situation didn't
help one bit. Here she lay; bound, gagged, corseted and wearing heels
tightly strapped down and wrapped in rubber. The whole setup, lying
bound and waiting for further feminization at the hands of the evil
doctor, made her smolder with sexual excitement. Thus, smoldering with
submissive fantasies, Debbie fell asleep.

Chapter 6

Debbie was awakened by someone holding a hand over her nose and mouth,
so that she couldn't breathe. She struggled, weakly tossing her head
before opening her eyes. She looked straight into the eyes of Dr.
Jacobsen, smiling evilly down at her. He continued to hold her head so
that she couldn't breathe until she was absolutely sure she was going to
die. Her vision darkened, her struggling faded and she let her bladder
go. Just before she lost consciousness he removed his hand, allowing her
to breathe again. She desperately sucked in the air and it took some
time before she settled down form the scare. When she had settled down
Dr. Jacobsen addressed the nurse standing next to her: "Have the
sissy-bitch sedated and prepared for surgery in an hour. Don't keep me
waiting!" He left the room and the terrified nurse quickly produced a
syringe, which she used to sedate Debbie. The last thing Debbie saw
before loosing consciousness was the corridor flying past as the nurse
pushed her bed at breakneck speed, to avoid being punished.

When Debbie came to everything was dark and completely silent. She was
unable to move even her head. For a long she was unsure if she was even
awake, but the discomfort of her position convinced her that she was
indeed awake. She was lying on her knees, her upper folded down, resting
on her legs. Her arms were bound behind her back and her head was bent
backwards. She could feel something lodged far up her ass and her penis
had not only been enveloped, but also equipped with a very uncomfortable
catheter. Tubes ran into her nostrils, down her throat and into her
lungs and a very large tube ran all the way from her mouth to her
stomach, leaving her unable to either speak or swallow. She could feel
thick needles piercing her nipples. As she could feel glass pressing her
sides, it dawned on her that she was tied down and controlled just like
the nurses she had seen the day she had arrived at the clinic. She was
controlled completely: unable to eat, speak or even breathe on her own,
no movement allowed to her. As she lay there she could feel liquids
being pumped both in and out of her body at both ends.

But she could do nothing to change her situation, so she waited for
something to happen. For a long while nothing happened. She thought she
slept, but she wasn't sure in the silence and darkness. Then suddenly
she received an electric shock to what seemed like every sensitive place
on her body: cock, ass, mouth, nose and breasts. She tried to scream in
surprise, but nothing came out. Even her little start was quelled and
became nothing more than a slight tremor. When the tremor had passed Dr.
Jacobsen appeared before her eyes. It seemed like he stood with his face
just inches from her face. As she tried to blink him away, she became
aware that the evil doctor must have devised a way to keep her eyes
open, without them drying out, because she was unable to blink. The
evilly smiling apparition before her eyes chuckled as he addressed her:
"Well, you silly whore, as you have undoubtedly found out by now, I
control you completely. It is of course for your own good, since your
newly cut vocal cords cannot be disturbed for at least three weeks. This
is why you have been equipped with the feeding and breathing hoses. Your
throat and vocal cords are paralyzed and will remain so until I deem it
safe for you to use them. It also gives me time to grow you a pair of
decent tits. This means that you will stay in this position for the next
four weeks ... just to be sure. Pleasant dreams." The screen went blank as
Debbie tried to scream and struggle at the thought of her predicament.
All she achieved was a small, completely silent tremor, and she soon
became exhausted if not less panicky. She couldn't possibly stay tied up
like this for four weeks! But again there was nothing she could do. She
panicked again trying desperately to get free, but all she achieved was
tiring herself. After a series panic-tremors she was exhausted and cried
herself into acceptance and lay still.

As she lay there, involuntarily staring straight ahead into the
darkness, Mistress suddenly appeared before her. She looked straight
into Debbie's eyes and said: "Stupid cow. You think you're just going to
lie around for a few weeks doing nothing? Fat chance! You're going to
learn the many rules that govern the existence of slave-scum such as
yourself. So here we go. Rule number 1: Never forget that you are the
lowest piece of shit in ANY company. Everybody is better than you. Rule
number 2: You must obey any order given to you, even if it means getting
hurt or killed. You are after all the lowest scum on the face of the
planet. Rule number 3: Never speak unless spoken to. Rule..." The rules
went on and on. As Mistress spoke, the rule was displayed in text before
her eyes. Interspersed between the texts were images. These flashed by
so quickly Debbie almost couldn't see what was in them. But gradually
she began to perceive some of them. They were all scenes of sexual
When she wasn't rehearsing the rules for Debbie to learn, Mistress
lectured Debbie on any number of subjects, all of them related to
Debbie's slave status. How to behave, how to walk, how to kneel, how to
suck, fuck and lick. When Mistress wasn't teaching, Debbie was shown sex
films. Endless scenes of torture, sucking and fucking. Except when there
was some specific purpose in punishing her (there was often a purpose
with this), Debbie was kept in constant state of arousal by gentle
electrical stimulation of her caged cock, her growing breasts and her
distended ass. She was of course not allowed to cum, so she was kept in
constant state of frustrated arousal.

Them images and films, as well as the soundtrack accompanying them, was
played constantly, and soon Debbie lost all track of when she was awake
and when she was dreaming. It all became one terrible nightmare of
submission. Sometimes she thought that she was participating in the
dreams. The doctor also began featuring prominently in her "dreams".
There were images of terrible tortures performed by the good doctor, and
at one point she was shown images from the punishment of the nurse who
had teased Debbie. The doctor had indeed made an example out of her. All
the other nurses had been assembled to watch as he tortured he for hours
on end. When he was through she had been reduced to walking on all
fours, her arms and legs broken and then locked in impossible positions,
folded up so that she now walked on elbows and knees only. She had been
left completely bald and all her teeth had been removed. She was dragged
crawling on elbows and knees away from the torture chamber, her giant
tits dragging along the floor, two truly monstrous spiked dildos filling
her ass and pussy and needles sticking out from every sensitive spot on
her body. Her eyes were panicky and unfocused and she emitted a
monotonous mewling sound. A look at the nurses watching this horror
revealed that most of them were crying with fear and sympathy. Debbie
herself began to harbor an absolute fear for the doctor. She would do
anything to avoid crossing him.

Time lost all meaning. It was all one constant waking dream of torture
and submission. The only way time was marked in some small way was by
the growing, aching heaviness on her chest as her tits grew, but even
that was like a dream. She would never unlearn the slave-rules that
Mistress taught or her fear of the doctor. The brainwashing cemented her
already irrevocable slave mindset, which she would never escape, nor
want to escape.

The dreams ended abruptly with the doctor appearing before her eyes at
the same time as sharp electric shocks made her whole body scream with
pain. "Nap time is over, stupid cow," the doctor sneered. As he spoke
Debbie could feel the pressure on her body lifting. Glass no longer
pressed against her sides, the straps holding her down were removed and
she could feel the tubes in her ass being pulled out. The tube in her
throat was pulled out, triggering vomiting reflexes in her throat as it
went. She got them under control somehow and managed to hold the bile
building in the back of her throat. The tubes in her nostrils were next,
causing her an equal amount of distress. And then the hood was removed.
Suddenly she felt the coolness of the air touching her skin again, and
she had to squint at the sharp light touching her eyes. Before she had
chance of uttering any sounds a large ball-gag was showed into her mouth
and strapped in place at the back of her head.
As she was pulled upright, she could suddenly feel the weight of her new
breasts hanging on her chest. The feeling was new, slightly unnerving
yet surprisingly comfortable. They felt right, although she wasn't
allowed to see them yet. The nurse doing the work under the strict
supervision of the evil doctor, made sure that she held her chin up and
looked straight ahead. As she stood a little insecurely, she noticed
without surprise that she had been wearing high-heeled platforms during
her stay in the box. She was a little surprised that she could stand at
all. Her movements were stiff to be sure, but she was nowhere near as
stiff as she would have expected. Unbeknown to Debbie her joints had
received exercise regularly. Once a day she had been heavily sedated as
her bonds had been removed and all her joints had been exercised and
massaged while all the tubes stayed in place. Although the doctor would
have preferred to keep all his boxed slaves tied down for the duration
of their stay, he knew that it was not feasible. And he also had to look
after them to make sure that everything healed up nicely. So he looked
after them while they were heavily sedated, thus giving them the
impression that they had been tied down for weeks on end. The method had
the advantage that the straps holding the slave were tightened once a
day, so he could make sure that no slack developed.

As Debbie stood swaying a little on her heels, trying to get used to the
feeling of being awake for real and to the feeling of having real tits,
the nurse pulled the catheter from her imprisoned penis. It was
extremely unpleasant and Debbie cried out against her gag as she tried
to step away. The nurse let her step away as it helped get the catheter
out. When the nurse had finished, she stood back and the doctor stepped
forward and grabbed Debbie by the chin. He examined her throat without a
word and then turned to the nurse: "Clean the bitch up. Wash her inside
and out and dress her in the standard uniform. Then bring her to my
office." As he turned and left, the nurse replied with a meek: "Yes,
doctor," grabbed Debbie by her chastised member and led her out of the
room, away from the box she had spent four weeks in.

Debbie's steps were a little insecure at first, but the nurse set a
brisk pace so she had no choice but to keep up. They came to a bathroom
in which the nurse removed Debbie's armbinder. She quickly handcuffed
Debbie's hands in front of her and removed Debbie's shoes. Debbie found
that she couldn't stand flatfooted anymore. Her ankle joint just
wouldn't let her heels touch the ground and sharp pains shot up her
calf. The nurse equipped her with a pair of bathing sandals, a pair of
plastic sandals with a 5-inch stiletto heel. These felt so much better
than standing without shoes. Debbie was led into a shower stall were her
handcuffs were fixed to chain which was then pulled so that she stood
with her hands raised high above her head. Her gag was removed and the
nurse brushed and washed Debbie's mouth. She was then given the usual
enemas. Finally the nurse gave her a gentle shower, starting with her
After drying her and removing the shower sandals, they stepped out of
the shower stall, Debbie on tiptoes. Right in front of her was a
full-length mirror and for the first time she saw her new self. Her
Adams apple was gone, leaving her neck soft and smooth. The doctor had
done a magnificent job, only a tiny red line revealed that something had
been done, and this would disappear in time. But the real eye-catcher
was of course her tits. They were perfect! 38DD with nipples just the
right size; no too small, not too big. Debbie was stunned. She couldn't
take her eyes of her reflection. She was stunningly sexy and feminine.
Even her hips had somehow grown. The only thing that broke the feminine
image was her chastised penis. Debbie noticed that the chastity device
was slightly different than usual, being without the two crossing metal
bands at the tip, not doubt so that she could be equipped with a
catheter. Debbie was so occupied with her own mirror image that she
hardly noticed the nurse dressing her. Soon she stood dressed as the
doctor had ordered: white, full body rubber suit, leaving only her face,
nipples and genitals free. Platform shoes on her feet with 10-inch spike
heels, a brutally restrictive, white rubber corset, her hands encased in
mittens and fixed to her neck corset, a huge white ball-gag in her mouth
and finally a leash attached to her chastity device. Her elbows were
once again tied to her sides, but now they were also framing her perfect
breasts in a most flattering manner. As the nurse placed ankle-cuffs on
her feet, connected them with a 6-inch chain and led Debbie to the
doctor's office taking tiny mincing steps, Debbie couldn't take her mind
off just how feminine and sexy she had become. Her cock strained against
its confinement as her head filled with submissive fantasies.

As she was led before the doctor, it was he who noticed it first:
"Nurse! A pair of panties and a sanitary napkin for the sissy-slut.
She's beginning to dribble." To her shame Debbie noticed that the long
period of being unable to cum, combined with an almost constant sexual
excitement made her imprisoned cock dribble a thin stream of whitish
goo. She could see it in the mirror next to the doctor. It was most
embarrassing. The nurse quickly undid the chain connecting her
ankle-cuffs. She produced a sanitary napkin, which she used to tuck
Debbie's restrained cock in between her legs. She held it there while
she pulled up a pair of white rubber panties, which held the napkin and
Debbie's cock in place, ensuring that Debbie's crotch was smooth and
feminine. The panties did, however, have a hole insuring easy access to
her ass. The doctor came up Debbie and began fondling her breasts,
switching between a gentle fondling and a hard squeezing of them. It was
extremely exciting. Debbie couldn't believe how sensitive her tits were!
Soon she was moaning with passion at the doctor's touch. Her cock
strained against its prison, desperate for release that wouldn't come,
the dribble of goo from its tip increasing. The doctor was getting
excited too. Debbie could feel his erection pressing against belly as he
moved in close. Suddenly he grabbed her leash and pulled her over to an
armchair, kicked her behind her knees so she fell to them, removed her
gag, pulled down his pants and sat down pulling her head into his
crotch. As ordered she gave him head. She still loved giving head, so
her excitement mounted further as did her frustration. She wanted to
come so badly! But she knew an orgasm wouldn't be granted and that
begging would only incur the wrath of the "good" doctor. And she
certainly wouldn't want that to happen.

When Dr. Jacobsen had shot his wad into her mouth, he replaced her gag
and turned to the nurse, who had been standing unmoving by as Debbie
blew the doctor, and ordered: "She has an appointment with the speech
teacher in 15 minutes. Make sure that she is not late." The nurse
hurried to comply, helping Debbie to her feet, taking the leash and
leading her out of the room. She led Debbie to another office. Knocking
and waiting for an answer, she led Debbie before her teacher. "Thank you
nurse," the teacher said: "You may leave." The nurse left and Debbie
looked at her teacher. She was a lady in her mid-fifties, her hair
gathered in a tight bun. She was clearly a slave, just like all the
other nurses, but seemed to have slightly higher status than the rest of
the nurses. She wore the same uniform, but without the hat. Her breasts
were huge by any standard, but not nearly as large as those of the other
nurses. And most importantly her lips were normal. Full yes, but
essentially normal. Her nametag read: "Miss Cunningham". Most of the
other nurses had nametags that read things like: "Slave Kristy", "Stupid
cunt" or "Ass sucker", but this one had real name. Debbie wondered how
long she had been a slave. Miss Cunningham pointed to a chair. From the
seat of the chair rose a giant metal dildo, which clearly had been lubed
recently. "Sit down dear," she ordered Debbie, turning her around a
guiding her ass to the pole. Debbie was helpless to prevent the huge
metal pole entering her ass, as her own weight pressed her down on it.
The metal was cold and the dildo was far larger than anything she had
ever taken up her ass, and she screamed and thrashed on the way down,
but to no avail. Nurse Cunningham put her weight on Debbie's shoulders
pressing her down so that her ass rested on the set of the chair. Debbie
was panting with the exertion, squirming to get of the dildo when nurse
Cunningham made sure she couldn't, using a strap across Debbie's thighs.
The dildo and the strap held Debbie to the chair, which in turn was
bolted to the floor. "There. Isn't that so much better dear?" Miss
Cunningham asked with a happy smile. Debbie thought she had better agree
and nodded, a desperate little smile on her gagged lips. Miss Cunningham
sat down in a chair directly opposite Debbie, not three feet away.
"Before we start, let's get one thing straight," the nice lady told
Debbie: "Any transgressions and you get punished. Like this." She showed
Debbie a remote control she held in her right hand and pressed the only
button on it. Searing pain shot up Debbie ass as a large electric shock
came from the dildo. Debbie screamed and thrashed, trying desperately to
get away. But of course she was going nowhere. When the pain stopped,
tears were running down Debbie's cheeks, sobs coming from her gagged
mouth. "Understood dear?" Miss Cunningham asked. Debbie nodded eagerly.
Miss Cunningham removed Debbie's gag, but Debbie remained quiet, as she
had been trained to. "Now dear, what is your name?" the nurse asked.
"Mistress, Debbie, Mistress." Debbie replied. Her own voice caught
Debbie by surprise. It was so soft and gentle, a light soprano. Even
though it was gravelly and unpolished, it was still soft and feminine.
The kind of soft voice that made most men go wild with lust. Unpolished
as it was, Debbie loved her new voice already.
"That's good dear," Miss Cunningham replied: "Except I'm not a Mistress.
Sorry dear." She pressed the button and Debbie's new, soft and feminine
voice screamed as Debbie tried desperately to get away from the pain. As
Debbie sat sobbing, Miss Cunningham instructed her: "I'm a slave myself,
so you need only say my name once, after each sentence, Understood
dear?" "Yes Miss Cunningham," Debbie sobbed. "Excellent dear," Miss
Cunningham said: "You are here to train your new voice. How do you like
it?" "I love it Miss Cunningham," Debbie replied, having regained a
measure of composure. Reaching out and touching Debbie left breast,
fondling it gently, Miss Cunningham said: "He really does excellent work
Master." Debbie let out a low, soft moan as the nurse began kneading her
tits. Just as Debbie leaned back her head, enjoying the moment, Miss
Cunningham stopped. "We have work to do dear," she said. Debbie
reluctantly focused on the lesson again.

They began training Debbie's new voice. Not only did Debbie need to
train the voice to sound as it should, she also needed to speak in a
feminine manner. This proved to be the most difficult part and Debbie
received many punishing shocks from the fiendish metal pole. The week
that followed she spent with Miss Cunningham, training her voice from
early morning till late night. Or at least she thought it was from early
morning till late night, but the truth was that she had seen neither
natural light nor clocks since arriving at the clinic, so she had no
real way of knowing. She spent the night in the doctor's favorite
position: hooded and gagged, folded up in a glass cage. In the morning
she was fed, washed and given the customary enemas before being led to
Miss Cunningham and the lessons. A few times a day Miss Cunningham would
allow Debbie to rest her voice. In these breaks, she gagged Debbie and
told her stories while gently fondling and kneading Debbie's tits. The
stories were all about Dr. Jacobsen, and one in particular Debbie found
interesting. It was the story of how Miss Cunningham had been turned
into a slave.

She had been an experienced nurse at the hospital were the doctor had
first been employed. He had been the most talented surgeon they had seen
in years, and everyone predicted that he would do great things. She had
been one of his regular nurses in the OR and they had worked closely
together. Although she was almost 10 years older, he had started an
affair with her. The affair had been kept a closely guarded secret.
Early on he had begun tying her up and dominating her, but in a very
gentle way. She had felt completely safe when he dominated her. One day
he suggested that they go on a weeklong vacation together, to resort he
knew about. He already had the tickets and he was paying for everything.
All she had to do was to stand at the curb, her suitcase packed, when he
came by to pick her up. She had of course agreed and one fine Friday
afternoon he had picked her up. She had never been free again from that
moment on.

The resort turned out to be a castle hidden away in the countryside,
behind high walls and hedges. They had checked in like in a normal
hotel, although she had wondered why the hotel people didn't bother
getting her name. Even though the hotel was very large, there were very
few rooms, only one per floor, reached directly from the lobby by
elevator. The room had been more of an apartment, huge and dark. She
noticed that there was another exit from the room besides the elevator,
which she assumed led to the other parts of the castle. The rooms were
strangely outfitted. There wasn't much furniture. All of it was very
solid looking. The bed was a huge four-poster bed, with post made of
thick, black painted oak. In the walls were a great many solid metal
rings. They had hardly set down their luggage before he began seducing
her. In no time he had all her clothes off and she willingly allowed him
to cuff her hands behind her back. This accomplished he kissed her
deeply and stood back with a contemptuous smile on his face: "You're
mine now, stupid cunt," he said in a harsh tone he had never used
before. She opened her mouth to object when he slapped her so hard she
fell over. As she screamed for help and pleaded for him to stop, he sat
down on her chest, grabbed her by the throat cutting off her breath.
"You are about to begin your life as a slave, you fucking cunt. I've had
enough of your vanilla-bullshit. From now on its slavery for you, real
slavery and for life." She began to get very afraid as he gagged and
leashed her. He dragged her to the wall where he fixed the leash to one
of the rings. He removed his pants and fucked her more brutally than she
had ever been fucked before. He finished by spraying his cum all over
her face. There he left her crying, leashed to the wall with cum drying
on her face.

When he returned, he had changed his clothes. He was now dressed in an
ensemble of shiny black rubber. In his hands he held a pair black
high-heeled shoes. Too afraid to struggle, she allowed him to lock the
shoes on her feet without a fight. He then stood her up and led her into
the castle, which of course turned out to be one giant torture chamber,
designed for wealthy Masters and Mistresses to break in new slaves. Over
the next week he had indeed made her his property. He had broken her
spirit by the next morning using particularly brutal torture, without
marking her face or hands at all. She had pleaded to him, promising to
be his slave, that she would do anything as long as he stopped hurting
her. The rest of the week had been rigorous slave training. She had even
been indoctrinated to believe that she liked it, and soon she began
experiencing orgasms when he hurt her. Whether he had indoctrinated her
to this or simply brought out her submissive side was never clear to
her, but when they left the next Sunday she was his slave.

Once back at the hospital, he made her quit her job and move in with
him. He took all her belongings and all her money, and in return he
allowed her to sit gagged and hooded, chained to a wall in his basement
all day. At night he would inflict terrible torture on her and she would
thank him for it, because she knew she was worth no better. It was using
her he had developed and perfected his glass cage brainwashing technique
and his hormonal breast enlargement technique. With these in place, he
set up his very special clinic, catering exclusively to his growing
circle of acquaintances in the BDSM-world. She became head-nurse at the
clinic, although head-slave would have been a better word. She found out
that he had "recruited" other nurses in a similar fashion; first
courting them, then beating them into submission. His tit- and
lips-fetish soon manifested itself on all of the nurses. The first few
months of the clinic's existence he actually allowed the nurses/slaves,
who all slept on the floor together in a surprisingly small padded cell,
to talk at night. They were of course all restrained, his restraint of
choice at the time being a white rubber straightjacket. Later he
introduced the cages as sleeping quarters for the nurses as well and
forbade all conversation between the nurses. As his clinic grew, so did
his cruelty. The punishments became harsher and harsher, the sexual
release further and further in between. 
At first he had allowed the nurses occasional orgies where they were all
left naked in their small padded cell, with only their hands cuffed
behind them. The orgies were nights where everybody ate pussy and
everyone got their pussy eaten. Nowadays the only sexual gratification
any nurse got was if a client fucked them. The doctor himself rarely, if
ever, had anything but blowjobs and breast-fucks. 

As for Miss Cunningham, she was still special. As his first slave she
had been given the privilege of teaching speech to sissies who had had
their voices done, and sometimes she was even allowed into his bedroom.
But her times of being allowed to orgasm were over. The doctor never
came near her pussy and he wouldn't allow anyone else near either. To
make sure that this didn't happen, he had sown her pussy up, leaving
only a small tube for urine sticking out. Miss Cunningham had thought
that in time her sexual appetite abate, but that was not to be. The
doctor's brainwashing sessions combined with hormone treatment, both
administered every night in the glass cages made sure of that. So Miss
Cunningham had been unable to come for more than 10 years now! Always
sexually frustrated, always denied release.

Debbie wanted to scream and cry in sympathy and fear. What if Mistress
had the same in store for her?

After about a week Debbie's voice and her manner of speech was
satisfactory. Miss Cunningham celebrated the occasion by demonstrating
to both of them just how frustrating their inability to gain sexual
release was. She congratulated Debbie and sat down on Debbie's lap. As
she gently kneaded Debbie's tits she kissed Debbie deeply. Soon they
were both moaning with passion, Miss Cunningham grinding her hips
against Debbie's body. But to no avail, after about 15 minutes of
fruitless attempts at release they were both desperate and Miss
Cunningham decided to give up. She gagged Debbie, released her from the
chair and led her by her leashed cock to the doctor's office.

Chapter 7

As Debbie was led into Dr. Jacobsen's office, she saw that Mistress was
already there waiting for her. "Your property Miss Chamberlain", the
doctor proclaimed, indicating Debbie. Debbie's heart began to flutter
with love and submissive fantasies as she saw Mistress. Mistress was
dressed in a tight-fitting gray business suit, the hem of her skirt
stopping just below the knee. Underneath the jacket she wore a white
shirt and a black tie with a tight knot. On her feet were shiny black
stilettos, 6 inches high in the heel. Her beautiful red hair fell down
on her shoulders, framing her face.
Debbie longed to be dominated and abused by her. At the same time she
feared what Mistress had planned for her. What if Mistress planned to
deny her sexual release forever, like Miss Cunningham? 
Debbie had entered a state of constant sexual arousal. Her juices were
never at rest, her cock was constantly pressing against its prison. Her
arousal never went away completely, she woke up feeling horny, she was
horny while she ate and just looking at something she connected with
sex, a high-heeled shoe, a corset or a leather strap, could sent her
into frenzied hip-grinding if the she wasn't controlled properly. As a
result she was now secreting pre-cum from her chastised member at steady
rate, necessitating the use of a sanitary napkin. Not only did she have
to wear a sanitary napkin; she had to change it twice a day. The use of
the napkin chastised and feminized her further. In order to wear one,
her already crushed genitals had to be pressed further back between her
legs and up between her buttocks before the napkin was put in place. And
to hold it there, she had to wear very tightly fitting panties. The
result was a completely smooth and feminine crotch, but the price was
that every step she took produced a grinding motion in her genitals that
was both very painful but also very pleasurable. Debbie had come to like
being punished and she also liked being feminized, so the crushing of
her genitals only increased her arousal, creating further discomfort,
arousing her further. She loved being punished and controlled with the
napkins and hated not being able to cum.

Mistress stood up and came over to Debbie to scrutinize her possession.
"She certainly looks more acceptable now," Mistress said to the doctor:
"Can I examine her a little more closely?" The doctor motioned towards
the gynecologist's chair: "Why, of course. I was looking forward to
hearing your reaction to my little... adjustments." The doctor smiled
evilly as he ordered Miss Cunningham to strap Debbie in. While the
doctor and Mistress chatted Miss Cunningham quickly stripped Debbie of
everything but her chastity device and her corset. She also had Debbie
put on her 10-inch platform shoes after stepping out of the suit. Before
Debbie had time to adjust to the feeling of not being bound, Miss
Cunningham had her strapped to the chair, arms tied behind the chair,
legs spread as wide as the would possibly go. It was clear that Miss
Cunningham was too experienced a slave to waste time and thereby expose
herself to punishment by the doctor. When she had finished tying up
Debbie, she stepped to the side, hands held at her side, looking
straight down at her feet. 

For a change Debbie was left ungagged, but she wisely remained silent.
Mistress stepped up to the chair and stood beside Debbie. Without a word
she began feeling up Debbie. First fondling her breasts slowly and
gently, then kneading with increasing intensity. Debbie of course
immediately began moaning with passion. Mistress seemed pleased that the
moaning had attained a much more feminine tone with Debbie's new voice.
"Do you like your new voice slut?" Mistress asked Debbie. "Mistress,
very much, Mistress", Debbie replied: "Mistress, thank you, Mistress."
Mistress smiled with satisfaction as she heard the soft feminine voice
Debbie had gotten. "How about your tits? Do you like them as well,
stupid cunt?" Mistress sneered as she began kneading Debbie's tits
harder and faster. "Ahhh... Mistress, yes, Mistress. Oohhh...Mistress, very,
very much, Mistress. Ohhh... Mistess, ohh... thank you, ohh... Mistress ohh..."
Debbie had increasing difficulty suppressing her moaning. She was so
excited, so aroused that her whole body felt like it was on fire. She
had to cum; she simply had to! Her restrained cock produced a steady
stream of whitish fluid dribbling down on the floor.

"Nurse!" Mistress called sharply to Miss Cunningham: "Remove the silly
bitch's chastity device." Debbie's heart leapt with hope. Maybe Mistress
was going to allow her to cum! Miss Cunningham had hardly removed the
last of Debbie's penis restraint before Debbie's member stood rock hard
and throbbing and Debbie whimpered with need. She didn't dare beg so
instead she silently looked to Mistress for mercy. And Mistress seemed
to take pity in the slave. She gently took hold of Debbie's cock and
began stroking it very carefully while she looked Debbie in the eyes. In
a matter of seconds Debbie was ready to explode. But just as she felt
her orgasm building, Mistress took away her hand. Debbie emitted a
whimper filled with pure misery, her pelvis thrusting in vain and out of
control. Mistress returned to fondling Debbie's tits, leaving Debbie
hanging. After a few minutes the process repeated itself; Mistress
stroked Debbie's member until just before Debbie came only to remove her
hand, leaving Debbie hanging again. As Mistress repeated this she broke
Debbie; Debbie was reduced to a pleading babbling wreck, begging for
release that wasn't coming.

Debbie quickly lost all sense of time, but after a while Mistress asked
the doctor to join in. Soon Debbie had most of the doctor's forearm up
her ass, while Mistress stroked her cock. The combination of pain,
pleasure and discomfort reduced Debbie even further so that her pleas
were now wordless gurgling sounds. After what seemed like an eternity to
Debbie, Mistress had had enough. Dr. Jacobsen removed his arm from her
asshole and Mistress stopped teasing her. Debbie had still not received
any release and her cock still stood rock hard and throbbing. Debbie was
crying softly, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. Mistress
proceeded to put Debbie into her chastity device. First she wiped the
whitish goo of Debbie's cock. It still dribbled out, but Mistress wiped
it of regularly. Then she produced a bag filled with ice-cubes, which
she wrapped around Debbie genitals. The cold made Debbie scream and
thrash, but there was nothing she could do as her member shrank from the
cold and Mistress put the chastity tube with its two crossing metal
bands onto Debbie's cock and imprisoned her balls as well. Debbie cried
with frustration and discomfort, but soon she was imprisoned again.

Mistress turned to Miss Cunningham: "Her clothes are over there," she
said pointing to the effects: "get the bitch dressed. Make sure that her
waist doesn't exceed 16 inches. And make it snappy, big-titted cow!" As
Mistress returned to her conversation with Dr. Jacobsen, Miss Cunningham
sprang into action. She quickly released Debbie and led her to the
corner where Debbie's new clothes lay. Once there Miss Cunningham cuffed
Debbie's hands in front of her, connected the cuffs to a chain coming
from the ceiling and pulled the chain until Debbie stood stretched out
as much as she could. Debbie had not even attempted to struggle as this
went on. First of all she was much too submissive by now, and secondly
the prolonged teasing torture had taken the last tiny bit of struggle
out of her. 

Miss Cunningham removed the white corset Debbie had worn during her stay
at the clinic. It was immediately replaced by a corset made of blue
rubber with steel supports. Using the tightening robot also used by
Mistress, Miss Cunningham tightened Debbie's corset until Debbie was
gasping for breath and she felt like she was being crushed in half by
the wicked contraption. As Miss Cunningham removed the robot, Mistress
came over with a measuring tape to check on her work. "Hmmm... 15
inches," Mistress remarked, "very good, slave." Miss Cunningham blushed
at the praise and kneeled, kissing Mistress shoes with gratitude. "Get
on with it." Mistress said to the kneeling slave and returned to Dr.
Jacobsen. Miss Cunningham once again wasted no time. She removed
Debbie's shoes, which left Debbie dangling by her wrists about 3 inches
off the floor since the platforms she had been wearing were about that
high. This hurt Debbie's wrists, but neither Debbie nor Miss Cunningham
paid any heed to this. Miss Cunningham because she didn't have the time
to do anything about it and Debbie because the pain was actually welcome
this time; it took her mind off her caged member straining for release
that wasn't forthcoming. Miss Cunningham put sheer, blue nylon stockings
on Debbie's legs of the kind that needed no garters to stay up. Then she
wiped off Debbie's genitals, which had once again become slick with her
juices, pulled them brutally in between Debbie legs and as far up
between her buttocks as she could before placing a sanitary napkin over
the genitals and securing it with a pair of blue rubber panties. Debbie
crotch was once again smooth. The last item before the shoes was a blue
skirt, the hemline of which was just below the knees. The shoes were a
pair of blue stilettos with a 6-inch heel. When Miss Cunningham had
finished dressing Debbie's lower half, she lowered her to the ground and
removed her cuffs. She then dressed Debbie in a simple white shirt and a
blue jacket matching the skirt, stockings and shoes. She then directed
Debbie to a make-up table and told her to fix herself up. As Debbie sat
down in front of the mirror, she saw that her hair had grown a great
deal. She could only brush and comb it as best she could, and although
it wasn't bad it definitely wasn't very tidy. She needed a haircut. She
could, however, fix her make-up and proceeded to do so. Mistress came
over to supervise the process and as she finished and rose before the
mirror, she once again marveled at how feminine she had become. Her
hands looked delicate and feminine, she had beautiful and very delicate
face with full, red lips. Her figure was slender, thanks only in part to
the corset, with a nice round ass and a pair of very eye-catching tits
bouncing freely under the shirt. Every time she moved the fabric of the
shirt provided a very exciting friction against her tits, and after
wearing the shirt for only a few minutes her nipples were erect and
adding to her excitement.

Mistress led Debbie up before Dr. Jacobsen. "You've done a wonderful job
doctor," she said, "thank you very much." Turning to Debbie she said:
"Thank the kind doctor, silly cunt." Debbie, unsure of precisely what to
do, opted to kneel down and kiss the doctor feet while thanking him.
This seemed like the correct thing to do, as both the doctor and
Mistress were smiling when Debbie was ordered to rise. 
As they left the doctors office Debbie saw the doctor sit down and undo
his fly as he called out to Miss Cunningham: "Get your lazy bitch-ass
over here!"

Mistress took Debbie's hand and led her out of the clinic. Apart form
the chastity device Debbie was completely unrestrained, but although it
felt weird and unfamiliar she still felt controlled. With Mistress
beside her she felt as though she might as well have been tied up in a
straight jacket, hooded and gagged. Her training so far had removed all
traces of independent thinking and turned her into a submissive puppet,
unable to think or act for itself. So Debbie docilely let herself be
guided to Mistress' limo, where Mistress placed her in the back seat.
Debbie's thoughts were exclusively about her love for Mistress and her
restrained arousal. She hadn't even noticed what the outside of the
clinic looked like.

Once inside the moving limo, Mistress grabbed Debbie by the chin and
began instructing her: "It is almost time for you to begin returning my
investment, slave," Mistress said. "I'm going to make money whoring you
out, and you had better work hard." Debbie nodded eagerly, not wanting
to cross Mistress. "You still have some training left before I let you
go about the business I have made you for, but today we are going to
take a little practice run." Debbie was listening attentively; very
surprised that she apparently was going to left unrestrained. 

Although she hadn't even thought about what Mistress would use her for
once her training was complete, she wasn't really surprised that she was
destined to become a whore. If she had thought about it, she would have
assumed that the whoring would take place in a brothel, where she would
be tied up in some way, waiting for a customer to come and torture her.
From what Mistress said it sounded as if she was destined to become some
kind of streetwalker.
Debbie's attention returned to Mistress as she spoke again: "First we
are going to fix that hair of yours and give you a manicure, so you can
look presentable. Then we are going a cafe where a customer will be
waiting for you. You are going to give him a truly magnificent fuck, or
I am going to make you scream all night. Is that understood?" Debbie
nodded fearfully as the limo pulled up to the curb: "Mistress, yes,
Mistress". "One more thing slave," Mistress said, "When we step outside
this limo, you will address me as "Miss Chamberlain" and nothing else.
Understood?" Debbie understood. "Good. Let's go." As they stepped out on
the road and up on the sidewalk, Debbie suddenly became very conscious
of her femininity. It was the first time she was outside dressed as
woman, looking for that matter just like a woman and she was very
self-conscious about it. She felt like everybody was looking at her.
This was only half-true. At least half the people were looking at
Mistress, but she was absolutely right that people were looking at her.
Some women were casting envious looks at the sexy babe with long legs
and high-heels, her tits bouncing beneath her shirt, but most were just
ogling her. As she followed Mistress into the very posh-looking beauty
parlor, she caught the look of a woman casting her an openly lustful
look. The look only increased in intensity as Mistress grabbed her hand
and pulled her into the beauty parlor. Once inside she was surrounded by
hairdressers who had obviously been expecting Mistress and herself. In
no time she was placed in a chair and while one person cut her hair
(without asking her how she wanted it), two others gave her a manicure.
She had been very sexy looking when she stepped into the shop, but now
she was on her way to having an element of class added to her looks.

Debbie was thoroughly enjoying the treatment when she noticed a woman
coming into the beauty parlor. The woman walked over to Mistress, who
was sitting reading a magazine while she drank a cup of latte. As they
began talking, Debbie recognized her. It was the woman who had eyed her
openly when they had crossed the curb. She looked to be in her late
forties with beautiful blonde hair coming down on her shoulders. She
wore a red turtleneck sweater under a reddish-brown jacket, a black
skirt and black high-heeled shoes. She had some quite expensive jewelry:
two diamond rings and a thick gold necklace and she had the hard, lean
look on her face of woman who was used to getting what she wants. In the
mirror Debbie noticed that Mistress and unknown woman motioning in her
direction as the talked. 
When the hairdressers had finished, Debbie once again looked herself in
the mirror. She admitted for the first time to herself, that not only
was she sexy and feminine, she was downright beautiful. A brunette with
brown eyes and full red lips. 

Mistress paid the bill and together with the unknown woman they went out
of the store. Mistress addressed Debbie: "There has been a little change
of plans, slut. This is Mrs. Walker." Debbie gave the woman her hand and
curtseyed slightly as she said: "Pleased to meet you Mrs. Walker." Her
own curtsey surprised her until she remembered the long hours of
indoctrination spent at the clinic, while she was locked in the class
cage waiting for her breasts to reach their proper size. Both Mistress
and the woman seemed pleased at her behavior as Mistress continued: "You
are going to show Mrs. Walker a very, very good time or I will see to it
that you are punished severely. Understood?" "Yes, Miss Chamberlain, I
understand," Debbie replied. "Good." Mistress continued, "Here is your
bag with all the things you might need. I will pick you up by Mrs.
Walker's hotel in 6 hours. Behave now." And just like that she left
Debbie with a complete stranger and drove off in her limo. The bag was a
small, quite stylish shoulder bag that weighed surprisingly much. Debbie
briefly wondered what it might contain.

Mrs. Walker took Debbie's hand to get her attention: "Let's go. I'm
eager to see if your skills live up to your looks, 'cause you are one
sexy bitch." Debbie didn't answer and Mrs. Walker didn't seem to expect
She led Debbie around the corner to a very fancy hotel. On the way she
explained: "Whenever I'm away from home without my husband, I try to
indulge my lesbian side. My husband is unaware of course, but then again
he is too old to do anything about it." She turned slightly towards
Debbie: "I'm quite excited about you, though. I've never tried a
sissy-bitch before, but you are so sexy I'm just aching to get you
between my legs. It should be quite interesting to see your little
thing. I must admit I was quite surprised when your Mistress told me."
Debbie felt very uncomfortable with Mrs. Walker talking like that in
public, but she smiled politely and said: "I hope I don't disappoint you
Mrs. Walker." As they walked into the lobby Mrs. Walker replied: "See to
it that you don't."

Mrs. Walker was greeted by the hotel personnel like the valued customer
she no doubt was, but everyone ignored Debbie completely. It seemed that
the people at the hotel were quite used to Mrs. Walker bringing
strangers up to her suite. They stepped out of an elevator that was
bigger, and more quiet, than Debbie's (John's) apartment had been and
into the hallway on the penthouse floor. Debbie noticed that there were
only two doors on the floor. Mrs. Walker opened one of the doors and
walked inside and Debbie followed. As soon as the door had closed behind
Debbie, Mrs. Walker grabbed Debbie and kissed her deeply and brutally.
Debbie responded immediately, embracing the woman and returning the kiss
with gusto. Mrs. Walker didn't want to wait, however. She broke off the
kiss and pushed Debbie down on her knees. They were standing in the
middle of a large living room like area, far from any kind of furniture.
Pulling up her skirt her voice came as hoarse, horny command: "Eat me,
you fucking whore!" Debbie didn't hesitate. She pulled down Mrs.
Walker's black, lace panties and began eating pussy. Mrs. Walker was a
natural blonde and had a large hairy bush to prove it. Debbie kept
getting hairs in her mouth, but didn't let that slow her down. In a
matter of minutes Mrs. Walker's moaning increased in volume and as she
came, she screamed and pressed Debbie's head into her crotch while she
thrust her pelvis forward in irregular little jerks.

Debbie had been trained not to stop until given the command, so she
continued to lick Mrs. Walker's pussy even after she had cum the first
time. Mrs. Walker at first seemed a little surprised at this, but soon
got over it. It took a little longer for her to cum this time, but still
they remained standing in the middle of the floor. Mrs. Walker seemed to
have forgotten all about her surroundings, all her attention focused
between her legs. When she had cum the second time, she ordered Debbie
to stop. Her eyes gleaming with satisfaction she said: "You do have a
talented tongue. Now let's see what else you can do. Undress me." Debbie
had never undressed anyone but herself before and she was unsure if she
could do it in a manner Mrs. Walker found enticing enough. She needn't
have worried. It all came to her as she, still kneeling, undid Mrs.
Walker's skirt. Her hands found all the right spots as she removed the
rest of Mrs. Walker's clothes, and as Mrs. Walker stood wearing only her
black high-heels her eyes were once again alight with excitement. "Strip
for me sissy," she ordered, "but leave your shoes and stockings." Debbie
started to undress, but she was unsure of one thing: "What about my
panties Mrs. Walker? Should I remove them too?" Mrs. Walker's face lit
up with cruel little smile: "Yes. I want to see your no doubt pathetic,
tiny little man-thing."

Debbie removed her blue rubber panties and the sanitary napkin they
held, her chastised genitals hung down between her legs. They were slick
with her own juices, the pre-cum signaling her perpetual excitement.
"Spread your legs. Hands behind your head, sissy. I want to inspect
you." As Debbie complied, Mrs. Walker bent forward to examine her
restrained cock. Debbie's cock throbbed with excitement and humiliation.
"Why is your pathetic little thing so slimy?" she asked. "I can't help
it, Mrs. Walker. I'm a horny slut, but since I'm not allowed to cum my
thing dribbles all the time by way of release. The more horny I am, the
more slime it produces" Debbie said, her face burning with shame and her
member more excited than ever. "And you are one perpetually horny slut,
aren't you?" Mrs. Walker asked. "Yes, Mrs. Walker" Debbie replied. "Go
to the bathroom and fetch a towel. I want to wipe it off. You may of
course not touch it yourself." As Debbie went to fetch the towel, she
wondered why everyone, not a slave themselves, she met seemed hell-bent
on dominating her. There was nothing that seemed to indicate that Mrs.
Walker belonged to the SM-set, but the minute she laid her eyes on
Debbie she seemingly wanted to control her. Was there something about
herself that invited domination, Debbie wondered?

When she returned, Mrs. Walker took the towel from her and began wiping
off Debbie's genitals. They were in the bedroom now, Mrs. Walker sitting
at the foot of a gigantic bed, covered in cream-colored silk sheets.
Debbie stood with her hands behind her head as Mrs. Walker first wiped
her genitals and then began fondling them. Apparently she wanted to see
Debbie's pre-cum dribble from her cock. In a matter of seconds Debbie
was whining and moaning with unfulfilled excitement. After a short while
the pre-cum began to dribble much to Mrs. Walker's amusement. To
Debbie's chagrin this continued to amuse her for quite a while and
Debbie's need only increased. When Mrs. Walker was finished with her
little game, Debbie was sobbing with need pleading for her to stop.
"Cute," Mrs. Walker remarked and pulled Debbie into the bed with her,
"but now it's my turn." She lay back on the pillows and opened her legs,
an unspoken order for Debbie to begin. This time Debbie was free to use
all her skills, her hands probing every one of Mrs. Walker's openings.
Debbie channeled all her own unfulfilled excitement into pleasing Mrs.
Walker, as had of course been Mistress' intention all along. Mrs. Walker
screamed with delight, her cries after a while becoming completely
incoherent. After what seemed like an eternity, she pushed Debbie away:
"Stop. Stop." She panted, her eyes slightly unfocused. She collapsed
onto her back with a satisfied sigh, her left hand tussling Debbie's
hair, patting her head affectionately like you would a good dog. "I
would love to buy you," she said, as Debbie froze with panic at the
thought at being separated permanently from Mistress, "but it just
wouldn't be practical. Too bad, bitch. I would have loved to own you."
Debbie relaxed again and in spite of her unfulfilled need, she enjoyed
having Mrs. Walker fondling her hair. She had begun realizing that she
wasn't going to get a lot, if any, sexual release and that she might as
well take what little enjoyment wherever she could.

Debbie began to doze off as she returned Mrs. Walker's affection by
fondling and gently kissing her leg. She woke up with a start at the
realization that Mrs. Walker was no longer in bed. As she lifted her
head she saw Mrs. Walker standing at the foot of the bed. "Look what I
found," she said holding up Debbie's shoulder bag in one hand and a pair
of handcuffs in the other. They had obviously come from the bag, as had
the rather large double-ended dildo Mrs. Walker was sporting from her
crotch. "On your knees my little sissy," she ordered Debbie who promptly
complied. She stood on all fours in the bed facing Mrs. Walker. She in
turn laid down the bag and the handcuffs on the bed and stood on her
knees facing Debbie: "Suck my dick, you worthless piece of sissy shit."
Debbie began sucking Mrs. Walker's "dick" for all she was worth. She
might as well lubricate it well, since she suspected that it would go up
her ass before long. Mrs. Walker grabbed Debbie's hair and began
thrusting her pelvis back and forth. She obviously enjoyed the feeling
of having the dildo pumped in and out of her pussy by a regular blowjob.
Soon she was making Debbie deep-throat the dildo and before long she
held it in Debbie's throat for longer and longer periods of time.
Finally she took a firm hold on the back of Debbie's head and thrust the
dildo as far down Debbie's throat as it would go. She held Debbie there
until she began to loose consciousness and her body began spasming
uncontrollably. Just before Debbie's eyes rolled back in their sockets
and she lost consciousness, Mrs. Walker pulled Debbie's head free of the
dildo, once more allowing her to breathe. As Debbie coughed and heaved,
she began crying. She had been convinced that Mrs. Walker was going to
let her choke to death.
Mrs. Walker paid no attention to this. She used the time to move behind
Debbie. There she took Debbie's hands and cuffed them behind her back.
Then she lifted up Debbie's behind, so that Debbie rested on her knees
and face, her ass raised high, and without further ado she guided the
dildo into Debbie's ass none too gently. Debbie drew a sharp breath and
continued coughing as Mrs. Walker began fucking her. The ass fucking was
of course enjoyable for Debbie, but since she could get no release it
only increased her frustrated dribbling of pre-cum from her restrained
dick. Mrs. Walker, however, enjoyed it immensely. Debbie could hear her
screaming her orgasms out again and again.

After eight or ten orgasms Mrs. Walker withdrew from Debbie's ass.
Before collapsing in the pillows, she pulled Debbie's head into her lap
and ordered her to clean the dildo. When Debbie had finished cleaning
one end, Mrs. Walker removed the other end from her pussy and ordered
her to clean that too. This completed Debbie nestled between Mrs.
Walker's legs, gently licking her to an orgasm when ordered to.

After a good long while Mrs. Walker released Debbie: "You have half an
hour before you are picked up. Take a bath and fix your make-up." It was
a little awkward for Debbie since she wasn't used to being free, but
soon she found it immensely enjoyable being able to bathe on her own.
After the bath, she applied her make-up and put on her clothes. As she
walked into the living room, she saw that Mrs. Walker, now fully
dressed, was standing by the door talking to Bryce. Debbie felt a surge
of warmth as she saw Bryce. She loved him nearly as much as she loved
Mistress. Debbie saw Mrs. Walker hand Bryce a very large wad of money:
"I would love to keep the slut. She really is the best cunt-lapper I've
ever met." It was clear that Mrs. Walker was reluctant to let Debbie go.
"But things being what they are, I can't see how I would manage. Shame."
Bryce nodded in sympathy as he put away her money: "I'll let Miss
Chamberlain know that you enjoyed it. Maybe we can make arrangements
some other time?" He handed her a card, which she accepted a little
surprised: "I'm sure we can," she replied, keeping her eyes on Debbie.
Bryce ended the conversation by giving Debbie her bag and saying: "I'm
sorry Mrs. Walker, but we really must be going." "Of course," she said
opening the door. As Debbie passed Mrs. Walker briefly fondled her ass.

Out in the hallway Bryce grabbed Debbie by the hand and dragged her
towards the elevator: "Let's go, whore. You have another customer to
please." As the elevator doors closed, Debbie thought that being a
whored out like this might not be so bad. If only she could cum just
once in while.

Being alone with Bryce and a little emboldened by her newfound
femininity, she worked up the courage to declare her love for Bryce in
her own awkward way and asked him: "Master Bryce, please may I suck your
beautiful cock, Master Bryce?" Bryce seemed a little surprised at
Debbie's openness, but he quickly pressed the "STOP" button on the
control panel. He then turned to Debbie who had cast down her eyes in
submission. A quick, hard slap across the face brought her to her knees.
Bryce grabbed her hair and forced her to look him in the eyes: "Slaves
may not ask such favors, you worthless cunt. But I'll make an exception
today. Get busy." Debbie needed no incentive. Her heart swelled with
pride and love as she took out Bryce's large member and began to suck.
She just loved giving head especially to someone she cared for as much
as Bryce.
Although it took a while before he came, it was too short a period of
time for Debbie. As she swallowed his cum, she wished she could suck
Bryce for hours to show him how much she loved him.
Bryce was in no mood to dawdle. He pulled her to her feet and started
the elevator. On the way down it took on other passengers, who saw, not
a Master with a sissy-slave, but a man with drop-dead gorgeous

They reached the basement level where Bryce led Debbie to Mistress'
waiting limo. As they got in Mistress asked Bryce: "Satisfied customer?"
Bryce informed her that Mrs. Walker had indeed been satisfied. Turning
towards Debbie, Mistress said: "Lucky for you, little whore. Where we
are going now you won't get away with a little sucking and fucking and
other vanilla-stuff. Your next customer is an old friend. A real
connoisseur of the finer points of S&M. And you had better please him,
or both he and I will punish your silly ass so bad Dr. Jacobsen will
seem like a nice man." "Mistress, please, Mistress. Mistress, I will do
my very best, Mistress," Debbie replied, terrified. The mention of Dr.
Jacobsen made her hands clammy with fear. "Let's hope that's good
enough," Mistress said.

After a short drive the limo pulled up in front of a cafe. The place was
obviously up-scale. Before they left the limo Mistress gave Debbie a new
shoulder bag. It was made of blue plastic and although quite large, it
was quite stylish. It looked like an expensive bag for power shopping.
It was also quite heavy. Debbie dreaded its contents. She knew it would
be used on her. Mistress instructed Debbie: "We are going to meet my
friend, Mr. Benson, who is going to test your skills and quality. You
are going to leave with him after he and I have discussed some things,
and he is going to keep you overnight. Tomorrow morning I'll send Bryce
to pick you up." Mistress snickered a little: "Maybe "scrape you up" is
a better expression for what he'll have to do after Master Benson has
had his hands on you." She opened the door and exited, calling after
Debbie: "Let's go bitch."
They crossed the sidewalk and entered the cafe. It was full but not
crowded, with tables set far apart to provide a measure of privacy for
the customers. Mistress led the way to a table at the back of the room.
As they approached the man sitting at the table got up. Mr. Benson was
of medium height and build. His hair was black as was his finely trimmed
mustache. He wore an exquisitely tailored black suit with white shirt
and black tie. He looked just like a successful stockbroker or corporate
executive. Except for a pair of sparkling black eyes that gleamed, so
Debbie told herself, with sadistic expectation, he was completely

"Helen," he greeted Mistress "always a delight to see you." Mistress
extended her hand: "Simon, so good you could come in spite of the change
of plans." They exchanged brief pecks on the cheek as a greeting. "I
hope the delay wasn't too much of a bother?" Mistress continued. "Not at
all, Helen. Not at all." Mr. Benson replied, "And this is your newest
acquisition? Your former nephew as I understand it?" "Yes this is the
useless girl in question," Mistress informed him. Mr. Benson motioned
for them to sit down and Mistress indicated to Debbie that she should
As they sat down Mistress and Mr. Benson engaged began talking business.
They ignored Debbie completely as they talked. Debbie didn't understand
what they were talking about so her attention wandered and she began to
take in her surroundings. Most of the people in the cafe sat in groups
of two or more talking among themselves, with a few sitting by
themselves. As the discussion between Mistress and Mr. Benson droned on
in the background, Debbie noticed that more than a few were casting her
interested looks. One man sitting by himself by the window even motioned
for her to join him. Debbie blushed and looked down quickly. She
couldn't get used to the fact that she had become an object of many
people's desires. Mistress caught on immediately: "Can't let you even
sit by yourself without you exiting some poor slob, can you?" she asked
with a smirk. "No Miss Chamberlain," Debbie replied in a small voice,
"I'm sorry Miss Chamberlain." Mistress disputed this instantly: "Don't
lie, you silly slut. You love it when people ogle you. You can't stop
thinking about sex can you, you horny little bitch?" Debbie's voice was
barely audible: "No, Miss Chamberlain. I'm horny all the time, Miss
Chamberlain. I'm sorry Miss Chamberlain." Mistress and Mr. Benson
laughed discretely at this. "Well, we had better put that hot body of
yours to some use, hadn't we then?" Mistress asked Debbie rhetorically.
"Yes, Miss Chamberlain." Debbie replied.

Mistress turned to Mr. Benson: "Well, Simon, I think we are about done
here. Should I arrange the pick-up for tomorrow or the day after?" Mr.
Benson face lit up at this: "If you could spare her, I would love to
have her an extra day." "That's settled then" Mistress said, "I'll have
her picked up the day after tomorrow. Have fun now." And with a peck on
the cheek from Mr. Benson she left.

Mr. Benson remained standing after Mistress had left. He looked down on
Debbie and said: "It's time I tried you out. It's been a while since
I've had a sissy and I have some things I'm just dying to try out on
you. Let's go." He threw some money on the table and extended his hand
to Debbie. Debbie took her bag and with some trepidation, took his hand
and stood up. They left the cafe and walked to his car. It was a very
large Mercedes. As he opened the door and helped her into the front
seat, she began to feel small and helpless. And horny. That feeling had
never left her and during the visit to the cafe she had squirmed in the
seat from unfulfilled need. Now she sat squirming in the front seat of
Mr. Benson's car. As soon as got in the car, he leaned over, grabbed her
by the neck and drew her close for a deep kiss. As always Debbie melted
and surrendered at the hard insistent touch of a Master or Mistress. She
kissed him back as passionately as she could. He reached down and placed
his hand in her crotch. He slid his hand all the way back until his
fingers were over her trapped genitals. Then he squeezed them hard. As
Debbie tried to double over in pain while she screamed, he grabbed her
throat, cutting of all sound. He looked her in the eyes and spoke: "Any
more squirming from you, you fucking whore, and I'll make sure that
spend the next month recovering from your wounds. Understood?" Debbie
was shocked and scared stiff as she replied: "Master, yes Master."
"Good," he said, starting the car and pulling into the traffic, "You can
blow me while we drive." Debbie wasted no time. In spite of the pain in
her groin, she quickly leaned over and undid his fly. The she took out
his rather large member and began licking it gently, while she massaged
his balls with the utmost care. "Make sure you make it last good and
long, slave. And make sure you don't spill a single drop." Mr. Benson
commanded as he began to get stiff.

As Mr. Benson came, Debbie had a hard time swallowing it all. His load
was massive, but she managed to get it all. Not long after Mr. Benson
guided his car down into a parking basement. He parked the car, got out
and came to Debbie's side to let her out. Holding the door for her and
guiding her to the elevator, he was the perfect gentleman, keeping a
polite and correct distance to her, letting her go first. The shift in
behavior made Debbie confused, but she was distracted by her own lust.
She needed to cum so badly! Her cock was straining against its prison
and her sanitary napkin was soaked her juices by now. She was slick with
pre-cum all the way up between her buttocks.

The elevator led directly to Mr. Bensons apartment. As soon as they had
entered the very large lobby, Mr. Benson ordered her to strip. She was
to remove everything, including her panties and her shoes. Debbie
quickly followed orders and in no time she stood naked except for her
chastity device. She stood on her tiptoes since she could no longer put
her heel down as a result of all the walking around in high-heeled
shoes. Mr. Benson then told her to follow him. He led her through a very
large and tastefully decorated apartment into his bedroom. In the
bedroom was a large and very solid looking wooden door. Mr. Benson
unlocked the door and pushed Debbie through. Not surprisingly the room
was a dungeon. Mr. Benson closed the door behind them and as Debbie
stood shivering on her tiptoes, pre-cum dribbling from her straining,
imprisoned member, he went to a cabinet in one corner. He returned with
a pair red ankle height boots with 7-inch stilettos. She put them on as
ordered and locked the little padlock securing them in place. As she
stood up he motioned for her to come over to where he stood. From the
ceiling a pair of thick and wide leather handcuffs were hanging by a
chain. "Give me your hands, slave," he ordered. He secured her hands in
the cuffs and using an automatic winch, he pulled the chain up until she
could barely touch the ground.
Moving closer to her, he lifted up her chin and asked conversationally:
"Have you ever whipped, slave? Whipped hard using a real whip?" Debbie's
throat constricted and she was unable to make anything but small
croaking sound as she shook her head. "Well, it's about time then, don't
you think, slave?" Debbie definitely didn't think so, but didn't dare do
anything but nod her head in agreement. "Good. Let's get started then,
shall we?" Mr. Benson said, obviously enjoying her fear. He got two
items from the cabinet: a truly fearsome looking bullwhip and padded
leather blindfold. As he put it on her, he explained: "Can't have me
hitting your eyes, now can we?" Her world became dark and she could her
him stepping back. 

Then everything exploded with pain. The blows fell all over her, from
her arms to her calves. Soon she lost her footing and twisted above the
ground hanging by her wrists. She screamed and screamed, soon unable to
discern one blow from the other. When the whip found her genitals, the
pain was so bad she thought she was going to pass out. Instead she hung
there almost retching with pain. She got it under control and soon her
screaming resumed. The whip found her unprotected body again and again,
occasionally hitting her genitals. She lost all sense of time, all she
felt was the pain. Just before she thought she was going to pass out,
the whipping stopped. For a minute or so she continued screaming, then
the screaming passed over into hopeless sobbing.

Mr. Benson let her hang there sobbing for a while. She could hear him
put the whip away and come over to stand in front of her. As he removed
her blindfold she saw him standing in front her with a cruel little
smile on his lips. "Don't you have something to say, slave?" he asked
her innocently. She knew her reply and since she didn't want to be
whipped anymore, she answered: "Master, yes, Master. Master, thank you
for punishing this worthless slave, Master." Mr. Benson nodded in
acknowledgement. Then he knelt in front of her, and to her great
surprise he freed her imprisoned member. In spite of the pain it
instantly sprang to life, throbbing with need. He moved behind her and
as he did she noticed a full length mirror right in front of her. In the
mirror she saw herself: a beautiful brunette in high-heeled red booties
with pretty brown eyes red and swollen from crying, her entire body
covered in angry, red welts and sporting a very conspicuous hard-on. In
the mirror she saw him coming up behind her and with no warning he
thrust his rock hard cock up her ass. She let out a yelp of pain and
surprise as he entered her, but as he grabbed her hips and began make
deep regular thrusts, she soon found the rhythm and began grinding her
hips as best she could in the awkward position on her tiptoes. She
needed release more than ever. She loved being fucked up the ass almost
as much as she loved giving head and soon she lost control of herself
and began begging for him to let her cum. In response he moved his right
hand around to her crotch and began stroking her member gently. In a
matter of seconds she was on the verge of cuming, her head thrown back,
eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. She concentrated hard on
providing her Master with the pleasurable pumping and grinding expected
of her. Just as she was about to cum, he took his hand away. A cry of
need and disappointment escaped her.
He continued fucking her and after a while he reached around and began
stroking her erect cock again. And just like before he pulled away at
the last minute. When he finally came Debbie had lost count of how many
times he had brought her to the brink only to pull away.

Mr. Benson took a moment to recover after he had shot his load up
Debbie's ass. As she hung there crying with desperate need, she could
feel his cum leaking out of her ass and running down her leg. When he
came back he had a red corset with him, which he promptly laced on her
waist. Like Mistress he had a lacing robot for the last adjustments,
which reduced Debbie's waist to a mere 16 inches.

As she stood there panting out of breath he released her hands. He then
guided her to a cross. It was shaped more like an X than a regular cross
and it was coated with thick, black rubber. In no time Debbie was
strapped spread-eagled on it. The straps not only held her wrists and
ankles, they also held her just above and just below the knees, above
and below her elbows, across her thighs just below her crotch and at her
midriff. She could move her head and fingers freely, but little else.
The fingers he soon fixed with leather mittens, folding her hands into
fists and leaving them as little, useless round balls at the end of her
arms. Embarrassingly her cock still stood rock hard.
With a hint of surprise in his voice he asked her: "You really like
being dominated and punished, don't you, you useless piece of trash?"
Debbie tried to look away in shame, but he grabbed her chin and forced
her to look him in the eyes. Her voice barely audible, she answered:
"Master, yes, Master." He released her chin and began turning away
chuckling to himself. Just before he turned, he let his hand fall in a
sharp slap aimed directly at Debbie's balls. The pain was especially bad
since she couldn't pull away or curl up. All she could do was to throw
her head back and scream.

He returned with a tray full of torture equipment. When Debbie saw all
the needles she began to cry. Tears streaming down her face she implored
him not to stick the needles in her. She begged and pleaded, but all he
did was to hush her gently: "There, there. You know you want it, slave.
In fact you know that you need it, so why fight it? You are worthless
little slave-slut, who loves being punished, so why not admit it and
take the punishment you know you need? If you don't want it, then why I
your silly little thing hard and throbbing?" Debbie tried to explain
that after weeks, even months of being denied orgasms, she was
constantly aroused and her member would stand for absolutely anything as
longs as it was free. Especially when you were in effect a nymphomaniac
who was constant being teased sexually. But all she could manage was
sniveling pleas that were drowned in sobs.

Mr. Benson didn't start with the needles, however. The first things he
took from the tray were a pair of circular metal bands, each an inch
wide and with a screw that could be operated without the use of tools.
These he placed around the base of her breasts and began tightening the
screws. In a matter of seconds her breasts were being squeezed into
purplish orbs, producing both pain and increased sensitivity in them.
When he had finished tightening the screws he briefly played with her
super sensitive nipples. With all the blood pressed into them tits
reacted to the most feather light touch with a mixture of pleasure and
pain that drove Debbie to the brink of orgasm. As her moans of passion
increased in pitch, Mr. Benson withdrew and once again left her hanging,
her need unfulfilled. Debbie whimpered with disappointment and began to
Her cries were soon turned into screams as Mr. Benson returned with his
needles. He proceeded to turn her sensitive tits into pincushions. The
needles he used were meant for syringes and at one end they had the
plastic couplings for attachment to the syringe. Mr. Benson pushed the
needles into her tits until the only thing sticking out was this plastic
coupling. The pain was excruciating and from the moment he put the first
needle in her all Debbie could do was scream. It didn't stop Mr. Benson
though. He seemed to enjoy her screaming and he smiled to himself as he
carried on with his work. When he was finished he had reduced Debbie to
a babbling, screaming wreck. He had placed the needles perfectly evenly
spaced on her tits, with less than half and inch between them, leaving
only her cleavage free of needles. There simply wasn't room for them on
the sides of the tits facing each other. There were so many needles and
they were so close together that Debbie could feel several of the
needles touching each other inside her breasts.
As Debbie lay there babbling and screaming, Mr. Benson tilted the cross
so that it now lay horizontally. Then he climbed onto the cross and sat
on her midriff. As he took out his throbbing member it became clear why
he had left her cleavage free of needles. He grabbed her tits and
squeezed them together around his dick and began fucking her tits. This
made the pain go from really bad to unbearable and Debbie became
completely incoherent. His hands pressing her tits together while he
pumped his dick back and forth in her cleavage soon drove him over the
edge and Debbie saw and felt his hot, sticky load hitting her chest and
His lust temporarily sated, he slid of her leaving her with his cum
drying on her face. 

With the pressure gone the pain became somewhat tolerable again and
Debbie's screams stopped, replaced by moans and sobs. He left her in the
horizontal position, but took out an attachment for the cross to support
her head. "Support" might have been the wrong word, since what it really
did was force her head into a position looking down her body. He topped
it of with a strap across her forehead so she couldn't move at all.

She could see his preparations for the next bit of torture and the
seemed deceptively simple. All he did was take out a roll of solid
looking string. Mr. Benson then began pulling her balls. He grabbed her
nut sack and pulled it steadily. It wasn't really painful compare to the
tit torture, but it definitely wasn't a nice feeling. After a bit of
pulling Mr. Benson took out the string. First he tied it very tightly
around the base as far up towards the cock as he could. Then he began
winding it around the nut sack as tightly as he possibly could, with
each turn lying next to the one before. After a while it became clear to
Debbie what he was doing. The winding string had the effect of
stretching her nut sack so that it now resembled a thin, cylindrical
stick with string around it and two increasingly squeezed testicles at
the end. The pain in her balls from the pressure increased as Mr. Benson
wound more and more string on them. When he had finished Debbie was
emitting small panicked screams. Her balls were now two small bluish
balloons inflated at the end of something that looked like a stick with
string wound round it. A stick that was 3 inches long. Mr. Benson had,
thoughtful as he was, produced a mirror so that Debbie could se his
handiwork. To prove how sensitive her balls had become, he flicked a
nail so that it grazed her balls. This sent Debbie into a screaming fit.

Mr. Benson stood back to admire his work. As he did, he said to Debbie:
"You can't deny that you love the pain anymore, you little slut. Your
tits are pincushions and both they and your balls are squeezed to the
point of bursting and just look at your silly little thing. It's still
standing straight up, just throbbing for someone to touch it. Like so."
He demonstrated by ever so gently stroking her member. The touch made
Debbie forget all her aches and pains. She moaned in passion, her eyes
rolling back in their socket. More pre-cum began forming on the tip of
her already slick member. She was so close! But this time Mr. Benson
didn't remove his hand to leave her hanging. He did something worse and
Debbie couldn't understand how he did it. He shifted his stroking ever
so slightly so that now he not only maintained her state of arousal he
also prevented her from cuming. Debbie was growing mad with frustration.
How was this possible? His continuing touch should have sent her over
the edge a long time ago. Instead his stroking continued without her
being able to cum. She began begging and pleading. She would do
anything, anything at all if he would just let her cum. She desperately
needed to cum and tried of all her might to squirm in her bonds so that
she might thrust her hips a little and meet his hand and maybe that way
be able to cum. But it was no good. All her begging and pleading turned
into first screams and then desperate, hopeless sobbing as he kept her
on the brink for what seemed like forever. When he finally removed his
hand there was so much pre-cum that it dripped onto the floor. He cock
wouldn't stop twitching for the longest period of time after he stopped,
not even when he began the next part of the torture. Her balls, already
in pain from the squeezing were now positively screaming for release.
She had had blue balls ever since Mistress had put her first chastity
device on, but now her blue-balled state had reached its unbearable

Mr. Benson, ever the gentleman, did his best to take her mind of her
unfulfilled need. He produced a large red candle, which he lit. It had
burned for a while before Debbie could turn her attention away from her
throbbing and twitching cock and notice it. She knew that he was going
to use it to torture her, she just didn't know how. She found out as he
lifted the candle and began dripping hot wax on her tortured tits. Again
Debbie's world exploded with pain. And again Mr. Benson was patient and
methodical and over he took his time until he had coated her tits
completely with wax. The ends of the needles were blue plastic pieces
sticking out of a landscape of red wax.

Debbie felt like she had been screaming and begging for lifetime, but
Mr. Benson was clearly enjoying himself. He went around to stand at her
head. There he removed the support holding her head and managed to
squeeze himself in between her shoulder and her head so that he could
stick his dick in her mouth. The position was very painful and awkward
for Debbie, but this obviously didn't matter. She had to give him head
to the best of her ability. This time he took longer to cum, but finally
he shot his load into her mouth. He held her head tightly, forcing her
to swallow and almost choking her in the process. When he was done, he
replaced the head-support, strapping her head immovably in place.

He now moved to her crotch again, where he put a metal band around the
base of her cock. He tightened it until he was quite sure the blood
stayed in it so that it would remain erect no matter what he did. Then
he took out the candle again. Debbie began to cry when she saw it, but
of course that didn't stop him. As Debbie screamed her head off he
coated her member completely in unbearably hot wax. Finished with her
cock, he coated her balls too. This nearly caused Debbie to pass out.

As he stopped, Debbie lay there emitting small, weak and garbled
screams. She was at the end of her endurance and could take no more and
Mr. Benson knew it. He finished of the seance by fucking her ass. The
fucking caused considerable pain from the bumping against her balls, but
Debbie was too weak to scream anymore than she already did.

Debbie was almost delirious with pain when he said: "It's alright,
slave. You've done well so far. You are most entertaining when you
scream. I'll let you rest for a bit now before we continue." With this
Debbie burst out in desperate sobs. Mr. Benson produced a pair of
earplugs, a blindfold and a gag, which he put on Debbie. Soon she was in
a dark silent world where the only things she could feel were her pains
and her unfulfilled need. Although Mr. Benson had called it rest, it was
just another, more passive form of torture. There was no rest form her,
only pain and lust.

After what felt like forever, Mr. Benson removed her gag, earplugs and
blindfold. He smiled down at her as he said: "Let's get you out of the
bonds, shall we?" The first thing he did was to remove the metal band
around the base of Debbie's cock. It had cut off circulation in the
member, which was almost numb by now. But as he removed the band the
feeling returned with a vengeance. Debbie screamed as the blood rushed
back into her member, and her screaming only increased when he removed
the wax. Next came the balls where same thing happened. The pain was
driving her mad, but it was nothing compared to what came next. As he
removed the bands constricting the base of her tits, the pain was so bad
that she passed out. Debbie came to when Mr. Benson put smelling salts
under her nose. She tried to pull away from the awful smell, but of
course she couldn't. Instead she woke up to the terrible pain. This only
got worse as he first removed the wax and then the needles. Debbie
passed out several times during the process, but each time he woke her
up before he continued. At the end her screams were just weak gurgles,
all her strength sapped away. 

As he removed the rest of her bonds, she just lay completely still
unable to fight at all. He even removed her boots and her corset and
then he carried her limp form into the bathroom. There he gave her a
nice and gentle bath, and as she came gradually back to life he fed her
a light meal while lying in the tub. 
Debbie's mind was fogged and confused: Mr. Benson had tortured her worse
than anyone ever before, and yet now he was treating her gently and
kindly, caressing her softly as he dried her off and put the red boots
back on her feet. Debbie didn't even consider struggling when he
produced a red rubber straightjacket for her to put on. Oddly enough she
felt safe and protected by the cruel man who had just tortured her for
hours. The torture had made her his property to some extent and she was
unable and unwilling to disobey him or deny him anything.
The straightjacket was without the usual strap between the legs. Instead
it was held in place by tight straps around the waist. This meant that
her tortured member, that was still not imprisoned in a new chastity
device hung free. It felt very nice to have it swinging freely as Mr.
Benson led her to the bedroom. Once there he lifted her up and gently
laid her down on the bed and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back with
fervor. Even with torture as bad as he had subjected her to, she lost
her heart to anyone who could dominate her and treat her gently at the
same time. Mr. Benson climbed into bed with her and placed her on her
knees with her ass sticking up, face buried in the pillows. Then he
fucked her ass for a long, long time. A long slow, gentle fuck while
reaching around Debbie to stroke her cock. Of course he didn't allow her
to cum, but left her whimpering for release, that wasn't granted. After
he came he pulled the sheets over them both. She tried to rub her member
against him for release, but he grabbed her by the throat and ordered
her to stop. Defeated and spent she laid her head on his chest and fell

Debbie was woken by Mr. Benson shaking her by the neck. She was still
half asleep when he ordered her to suck his cock. Guiding her by holding
her neck, he soon had her lips wrapped around his cock. As Debbie began
performing her duty, she gradually woke up. Her whole body ached from
the punishments yesterday, but of course her genitals and breasts were
the worst hit areas. As usual the mere hint of sexual activity aroused
her and since she loved sucking cock, her member immediately became
hard. This was very painful as her cock was extremely sore from the
torture. Her tits were in even worse condition. She could feel that they
were bruised and swollen underneath the straightjacket.
But of course she could pay them no heed; she had to keep on sucking.
Soon Mr. Benson moaned and shot his load into her mouth and she
swallowed it all, relishing the sticky liquid as it flowed across her
tongue and down her throat.

Mr. Benson got out of bed and turned around to face her. He then removed
the sheets and ordered her to lie flat on her back with her legs spread
out wide. "If you have moved and inch from this position hen I come
back, you are going to suffer," he said and left to do his morning
routine. Since she wasn't allowed to move, there was no chance of
getting off incurring Mr. Benson's wrath. And she definitely didn't want
to do that. Yesterday's punishment had been purely for sport. Debbie
didn't even want to consider what it might be if he was angry. So she
remained in the same position and eventually she dozed off.

Again he woke her rudely, this time by squeezing her balls none too
gently. Debbie sat up with a scream. "Wake up, slut. It's to get ready
for the new day," he said with a wicked smile." He dragged her out of
bed and onto the floor. On the floor stood a doggie bowl filled with dog
food. The name on the side was "SLUT". He ordered her to eat her
breakfast like a good, little sissy-slave. As she sat on her knees
bending forward to eat she saw that the surface of the dog food was
covered with cum. Still, she knew it was best not to complain and
started eating. It definitely wasn't delicious and it both smelled and
looked foul, but it was edible. When she had been eating for a few
minutes she felt the cold softness of lubrication being applied to her
ass. "Keep on eating," he ordered her as his massive cock entered her
ass. She grunted a little and almost instantly found the rhythm,
grinding and rocking as she had been taught. It was difficult to eat
while you were rocking your hips, and the problem was compounded be her
own arousal. Being ass-fucked had the usual effect on her and soon she
was moaning and thrusting her hips, forgetting to eat. When this
happened a sharp slap on her ass reminded her to keep up the eating. She
had finished eating when he came, and he turned her around and ordered
her to clean up his dick. It was of course slick with cum but also with
her own shit. Although it was revolting, one look at Mr. Benson's face
convinced her that objecting would be to invite extreme pain. So she
licked her shit and his cum off his cock and as he got hard again, she
gave him the blowjob he wanted. It felt good to swallow his nice cum,
flushing the taste of shit out of her mouth.

Mr. Benson stood up, grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. Still
holding her hair so that she had to walk bent over to one side, he led
her into the bathroom. As he removed her straightjacket Debbie saw
herself in a large mirror mounted on the far wall. Her breasts were a
bluish color and covered in tiny circular sores from the needles and on
top this there were welts from both the whipping and from where the hot
wax had hit her. They looked terrible, like two massive, swollen bruises
sitting on her chest. Her member looked just as bad. It also was bruised
and swollen, covered in welts from both the whip and the wax. But the
most noticeable things were her balls. Her ball sack had been visibly
lengthened and her balls hung down in way they hadn't done before.
Debbie was shocked, but she could see the twisted logic in it: It would
make punishments involving her balls easier, since they were now easier
to grab.

She didn't have time to think anymore about it as Mr. Benson pushed her
into a shower stall next to the tub. First he chained her hands above
her head. Then he removed her boots and put a pair of high-heeled
sandals on her feet instead. As he fetched a large bucket, Debbie
guessed what would come next, and she was absolutely right. After three
very large enemas she was covered in cold sweat and moaning loudly as
she held in the fourth, which was much larger than the previous three.
When she looked down her body, she could see her belly, distended almost
like she was pregnant. The enema was held in by a large inflatable
butt-plug. As Mr. Benson finally removed the plug and allowed her to
shit, she expelled the revolting mixture of water and shit with a deep
groan of relief. 
After the enemas Mr. Benson gave her a quick shower and dried her off
with a soft, fluffy towel. Debbie enjoyed the drying to the fullest,
leaning into Mr. Bensons arms and sighing softly as he touched her. Of
course she was rock hard and her cock was secreting a steady stream of
pre-cum, but again there was no release. As he pulled the towel away
from her erect member, the last spot he had dried, she whimpered with
disappointment. He then put a new black, corset on her. It was brutally
constrictive but not very wide, only about 8 inches. He laced it down to
15 inches and the effect was a stunning figure with a tiny waist, and
Debbie breathing in small, controlled gasps. Next came a wide leather
collar and a pair of 7-inch high stilettos, with locking straps around
the ankles. Finally he took her arms down and put them in a black,
leather arm binder. He attached a leash to her collar and led her
through the apartment to the dungeon. In the middle of the room stood a
large TV and DVD-player and in front of this was a contraption that made
Debbie stop in her tracks and let out a small scream of fear. It was a
pole rising out of the floor. The top part of the pole was a huge, metal
dildo, bristling with ridges and knobs. It was far larger than anything
she had ever taken up her ass, larger even than Dr. Jacobsen's fist and
arm. About a foot down the pole a thick metal bar was welded to the pole
at a 90-degree angle, clearly meant to act as a seat or perch of some
sort. As Mr. Benson pushed her towards the pole, Debbie began to plead:
"Master, please, Master. Master, this useless slave can't take that
monster up her sissy-ass, Master. Master, please, Master. Master, this
worthless slut will split down the..." Mr. Benson stopped her babbling
with a sharp slap to her face: "Shut up, you worthless piece of shit,"
he spat at her, "your Mistress and I agreed that it do you good." Debbie
whimpered in defeat as he pushed her towards the pole. Once there she
was thankful to see that it had been well lubricated in advance.
Reluctantly she was positioned with her ass over the monstrous dildo and
pushed down. As it passed her sphincter she began screaming in pain, but
the pressure on her shoulders and her poor footing meant that she kept
going down. Halfway down her scream turned silent as she felt like the
air had suddenly gone out of her and all she had left were her wildly
shaking head, with eyes opened so wide it looked like they were going to
pop out of her head. When her ass finally touched the metal bar, it took
a few seconds before she managed to get a whopping breath in and let out
a desperate scream of shock and pain, before she began crying in panic.
She couldn't possibly survive this. She felt like she was being split
right down the middle and that the dildo filled her whole body. When she
looked down she could see the bulge it made on her abdomen, standing out
like a ridge she could even see the outline of the knobs on it. The
corset pressing on the upper part of the dildo definitely didn't make
things any better. Debbie was close to panic as Mr. Benson calmly tied a
wire hanging down from the ceiling to the back of her collar and pulling
it upwards, choking her a little while making sure she upright. Then he
tied the ring at the end of her arm binder to a ring in the floor and
tightened the strap, thus pulling back her shoulders and further making
sure that she sat upright with her chest out. Finally he lifted her feet
off the ground and secured her ankles to the metal bar so that her legs
were folded, knees pointing down and all of her weight rested on the
dildo and the cross bar.

Debbie's breath came in small panicky gasps and she was close to
hyperventilating, when Mr. Benson knelt in front of her. He grabbed her
chin in one hand and his other closed around her balls. He squeezed them
hard enough to get her attention and said: "Stop whining and concentrate
on breathing. Come on now: In. Out. In. Out..." Debbie gradually got
herself under control by reminding herself that she had tried worse
things. As she began breathing normally Mr. Benson fetched a large jar
of ointment of some sort. Debbie was in a lot of pain and discomfort,
she couldn't breathe properly because of the wire pulling on her collar,
but still she became aroused as Mr. Benson began to apply the ointment.
He started by applying copious amounts to her breasts and kneading it
into the sore tits. The ointment stung, but it also provided a welcome
coolness. The kneading itself was slow and sensual and very, very
arousing, something that surprised Debbie since she would have expected
the soreness in her tits to be overwhelming. The last things he did to
her tits, was to apply a thick coating of the ointment and then seal
them a plastic membrane, somewhat like cling film. The membrane stuck to
her skin, making sure her tits were covered.
He then went on to her bruised cock. Debbie let out a long-drawn whimper
of pure pleasure as Mr. Benson began applying the ointment to her
genitals. Again her cock was twitching with urgent need in seconds and
Debbie's eyes rolled back as she moaned with passion. She was so close,
if only he would let her come. But of course he wouldn't. Once again he
demonstrated his masterful touch, continuing to stroke while not
allowing her to cum, keeping her on the brink for as long as he desired.
Debbie was again reduced to begging and pleading tearfully, but to no
avail. She cried with disappointment as he sealed her cock and balls in
a plastic bag filled with ointment, closing it by tying it off at the
base of her cock. The bag with her genitals continued twitching for a
long time after he removed his hands.

He now stood up and unzipped his fly and took out his member and thrust
it into Debbie's mouth. As always she gave a passionate blowjob. Even in
a situation as painful and uncomfortable as the one she found herself in
now, she loved giving head. When he came she swallowed his cum with
relish. After she had cleaned his cock and swallowed the last drop of
cum, he smiled at her and produced a large penis gag, which he put into
her mouth and strapped in place behind her head. Then he turned on the
DVD and left with: "Enjoy the show", as his parting salute.

The first film consisted of recording of Mistress breaking in Giselle.
From the recordings it was clear that Giselle, like herself, was a
passionate slut who deep down had wanted to be dominated and feminized.
It was clear from the way she quickly gave in to the domination and gave
herself willingly to Mistress, even seeking out the domination and
abuse. The pictures were enormously arousing and even in her desperate
state of arousal; Debbie could recognize herself in Giselle. The next
film was in a way the opposite of the first. It was recordings of the
feminization, again by Mistress, of two very unwilling boys, who looked
to be kidnapped college students. They struggled every step of the way,
but eventually they were transformed into horny and squirming little
sluts, begging for cock. Towards the end of the film one of them was
sold to a huge man, a bodybuilding type with a massive cock. The film
ended with the sissy passionately sucking her new Master's cock, while
her own member strained desperately against its chastity device. The
third and final film followed the other little reluctant sissy as she
was trained to be a pony girl. As Debbie watched the sissy was fitted
with hooves, bit and harness and trained rigorously to carry her new
owner, a petite and very cruel Japanese mistress, Debbie marveled at the
eroticism of the situation. She imagined being trained and living like a
pony, ridden by Mistress every day or pulling a cart with Bryce at the
reins. The film ended with the sissy-pony being fitted to her new cart.
She wore hooves, boots encasing her feet and keeping her on her toes so
that her heels didn't touch the ground. She was severely corseted and
her arms were folded up between her shoulder blades in a leather pouch.
She was bent over at the waist and chains from her pierced nipples to
her knees secured her position there. The two long metal bars by which
she pulled the cart were secured at her sides, but there was also a
third, thick metal bar coming from the cart. This one went directly up
her ass, and by the looks of quite far up her ass. To prevent her from
looking down or to the sides, her head, which was encased in a thick,
black rubber hood, was pulled back by a strap going from the top of her
head to her corset, and two straps going from either side of her head to
her shoulders. The final shot was of the desperate look in her eyes as
her mistress set her in motion with a lash of the riding crop. She may
have looked desperate, but Debbie had seen her cock straining against
its prison, slick with pre-cum and she knew what the pony sissy had
really been desperate for.

Although there was no clock in the dungeon, Debbie estimated that the
three films in total lasted a good two hours. The DVD was set for
auto-repeat and Debbie had watched the film four and half times when Mr.
Benson finally returned. Although her constant arousal took some of he
attention away from her ass, the pain in her nether regions was now so
bad that she was close to hyperventilating and passing out. When the
door finally opened and Mr. Benson came in she began crying with relief.
But she soon found out that Mr. Benson hadn't come to provide relief for
her. In one smooth movement he undid her gag and pulled it with one
hand, while he pulled out his erect cock with the other. Debbie's
efforts to plead for release from the vicious pole were stifled by Mr.
Benson's cock being rammed down her throat. This time there was no time
for a well-performed blowjob. Mr. Benson grabbed her head with both hand
and began fucking her face so violently that he managed to press his
cock down her throat even at the very awkward angle that her head and
throat were in as she sat upright on the pole. The speed and force with
which he was fucking her face meant that she had almost no time to
breathe. When his cock was out of her throat she was retching and when
the retching paused his cock was again rammed down her throat. Just as
she was about to pass out he came, spraying his load into her mouth and
in her face. As he removed his member, she could breathe again and took
in deep breath. Taking the deep breath she also took in a lot of semen,
which sent her into a coughing fit. As soon as her coughing ceased, Mr.
Benson grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look at him. "Shabby
performance, cunt." he said, "Once more." With this he again presented
her with his cock, which was once again hard and ready. This time she
was actually allowed to suck his cock and did so to the very best of her
ability. She was scared to death of failing, as she was sure he would
just leave her on the pole. She couldn't it take much more and was close
to panicking. 
When he shot his load again she was extra careful to swallow everything
and to clean his cock well. As she looked at him with begging eyes, he
remarked casually: "That was okay." Then he walked out of the room,
leaving her behind on the pole. As the door closed behind him, she began
to cry hopelessly. She thought she was never going to get off the pole.
She didn't know for how long she had been crying when he returned. Her
sobbing stopped as she looked imploringly up at him. She hoped so
desperately for release from the pole that she held her breath. When he
began undoing the straps she cried with relief and gratitude, babbling
incoherent thanks to him.

When he had undone all the straps and her feet were once again touching
the ground, he used the wire connected to the back of her collar to
hoist her to her feet. This cut off her breathing completely and caused
her to jerk spasmodically as she was slowly and very painfully pulled
off the enormous dildo. Even though spots were dancing in front of her
eyes and she was convulsing with the need to breathe, she registered
huge relief as the dildo popped out of her ass with an unpleasantly wet
smacking sound. The moment her feet touched the ground, she collapsed in
a heap retching and coughing, trying to catch her breath.
Once this was achieved, she tried to gather herself. Her asshole felt
like it couldn't close itself anymore. It felt like someone had parked a
bus in her rear. Her legs were completely useless, numb from their
cramped position.

Mr. Benson paid no heed to her damaged asshole or her useless legs. He
flipped her onto her back and started to remove the plastic covers on
her tits and cock. After removing the plastic he wiped off the remaining
ointment, which in the case of her cock was mixed with copious amounts
of pre-cum. As he examined her surprisingly gently, Debbie began to feel
a little better. She was lying painfully on her arms, bur the pain from
them was nothing compared to the pain from her asshole, which she could
feel beginning to close ever so slowly. The feeling in her legs was also
returning slowly, but she didn't dare to move them for fear of upsetting
Mr. Benson. As she looked down herself, she saw that although both her
cock and her tits were badly bruised, the swelling had gone down
considerably. The tightness in the skin in the damaged places had also
Again Mr. Benson proved himself to be a master of manipulation. Touching
her member ever so softly he again managed to hold her on the brink
without letting her achieve an orgasm. Five minutes of Mr. Benson's soft
touch and Debbie was crying and whimpering with frustration.
After ten minutes of futile begging and whimpering from Debbie, he
stopped his manipulation of her member and stood up. Looking down on her
he commanded: "Get up, bitch." Debbie rushed to comply but her legs
wouldn't obey her. She feebly tried to stand up, but didn't achieve more
than gathering her legs beneath her. She couldn't stand up. "Lazy,
fucking bitch," he exclaimed and grabbed her hair. Then he dragged her
by the hair across the room. Here he had a collection of leather objects
lying on a small table. From the pile he picked up a large pouch-like
object, split on two sides. He ordered her to fold up her right leg,
which she reluctantly did. Next he pulled the pouch up her leg, encasing
it so that only her foot with its high-heeled shoe stuck out. On the
sides of the pouch that were split were laces, which he tightened. This
way the pouch fitted smoothly over her leg, almost fusing her calf and
her thigh. Her leg was held in its folded position, with no possibility
of stretching out. Only her foot stuck out of the pouch and she wriggled
it uselessly in a futile attempt to get free. He then tied her other leg
up in the same way. Next on the agenda were her arms. He undid the arm
binder and quickly put fingerless, leather mittens on her hands,
rendering them useless. He then produced a pair of leather pouches that
looked just like the ones on her legs, only smaller. He folded up her
arms and put these on her. Her useless hands stuck out the top of the

She had been laying on her back as he did this, but now he turned her
over and stood her up, so that she rested on her elbows and knees. There
she stood on all fours a little uncertainly. The last item was a metal
contraption inserted into her mouth. When the adjustment screws on the
sides were turned, her jaws were forced apart. Mr. Benson turned the
screws until Debbie thought her face would be ripped in two. Her eyes
were rolling wildly above her stretched face and she was only capable of
making garbled noises.

Mr. Benson knelt down before her. "Stick out your tongue," he ordered.
With some trepidation she stuck out her tongue. Mr. Benson tied a sturdy
piece of string around her tongue, winding it around many times before
tying it off. It had the effect of squeezing her tongue together on the
middle, making speech even more difficult. The final touch was a weight
of about pound added to the end of the string, forcing her to hold her
tongue out of her mouth.

Mr. Benson grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes: "Nice doggy, nice
doggy," he cooed, "Would doggy like to get fucked up the ass? Would
doggy like to get Master's hard cock rammed her backside?" Debbie didn't
really like the idea of having anything else rammed up her abused
asshole today, but she knew the answer that was expected of her and
nodded enthusiastically. Mr. Benson went behind her and soon she felt
her violated asshole being lubricated, followed by the intrusion by Mr.
Benson. Although quite painful it wasn't nearly as bad as she had
imagined it would be, and she managed to grind her hips as she had been
taught. However, she didn't manage to clench her asshole to please Mr.
Benson. For that she still had too little control over her abused hole.
Still, her conditioning kicked in and she began to get excited again
even before Mr. Benson applied his masterful touch to her cock, driving
her out of her mind with unreleased pleasure. Completely garbled screams
and pleas came from her mouth as he kept her on the brink for what
seemed like an eternity. When he finally came, he pulled his hand away
without letting her cum. As he pulled out she hung her head down, crying
and sobbing with frustration. He finished the job by plugging her with
another monster of a dildo, though not nearly as big as the one she had
spent the best part of a day sitting on it was still very large. Leaving
her standing on all fours he left the room, only to come back dressed to
go out. He attached a leash to her collar, gave it s sharp tug and said:
"Come on doggy. Time to go." She followed him; walking on elbows and
knees, drool from her open mouth and pre-cum from her overexcited cock
dripping on the floor, without really thinking about it. But as they
neared the front door she stopped in her tracks. He meant going outside!
She couldn't be seen like this! Mr. Benson felt the leash tighten and
turned around to face the panic-stricken sissy: "Yes, bitch. We are
going outside," he said to her, "and if you stop one more time, I'm
going to whip you silly, you useless cunt." The mention of whippings
unfroze her. She would do anything to avoid another whipping at the
hands of Mr. Benson. The welts from the first whipping were still
prominent on her body, and had he not hurt her even worse afterwards,
these welts would still dominate her world of pain.
He led her into the elevator. As the doors opened she followed him on
all fours into the parking basement. No one was there, but she still
felt very self-conscious as he led her to the car. He opened the trunk
and lifted her inside. He stuffed her mouth with some smelly rag and
tied her arms and legs together before covering her with a thick blanket
and shutting the trunk.

They drove for a long time before he stopped the car and shut off the
engine. The trunk popped open and he freed her from the gag and the
straps on her arms and legs. Then he lifted her out to stand on the
asphalt paving of a parking lot. Grabbing her leash he led her across
the parking lot towards a brightly lit building. It was night and a lot
of people were out on the town. Most people who saw her pointed and
giggled, while some just stared. A few greeted Mr. Benson like an old
friend. As they came closer to the building she saw a couple of Masters
and Mistresses leading their slaves towards the same place, obviously an
S&M-club of some sort. None were tied as brutally as herself and no one
but she had both tits and a cock.

At the club Mr. Benson was treated like royalty, obviously a valued
costumer. While other slaves stared at her, some wishing they were in
her position, others shuddering at her predicament, the Masters and
Mistresses at the club looked on enviously as they were let into a
special part at the back of the club. This was clearly the VIP-section.
Although Debbie didn't know it, the difference between the two sections
was that in the VIP-section only people who were in effect professional
slavers were allowed, while the rest of the club catered to the happy
amateurs. These were led to believe that the VIP-section was for special
people with money and connections that preferred to do "business" in
private. This was of course a lie, but still closer to the truth than
one would expect. It was also a stroke of genius, hiding a deeply
illegal club inside a perfectly legal one. No one would suspect that
some of the tied up people going in and out of the club were really tied
up against their will. It was an S&M club, people were supposed to be
tied up.

Inside the VIP-section the slaves were really slaves. Perhaps some had
entered slavery of their own free will, but none had imagined the extent
of their slavery. More than a few were badly bruised like Debbie and all
were tied in the most uncompromising fashion. Debbie suddenly heard a
familiar voice: "Simon," Mistress called, "I hope the worthless little
slut didn't disappoint you too much?" she asked him as they exchanged
kisses. Behind Mistress, Bryce was hovering with another sissy-slave,
this one an absolutely stunning black beauty. Except calling her black
was as always a misnomer, a label that is just plain wrong. The sissy's
skin was a beautiful coffee-with-cream color and absolutely smooth. She
had long wavy hair, gathered in a ponytail and large brown, almond
shaped eyes. She was quite tall, very slender with long legs and a
naturally slim waist, constricted impossibly by a brutal black corset.
Her breasts were perfect, perhaps 36C, with small nipples that stood
straight out. Her arms were secured behind her back in an arm binder and
on her feet were black knee-high boots with 6-inch stilettos. A chain of
no more than 6 inches connected her ankles. Her cock was imprisoned like
all Mistress' slaves; a mesh cage holding the balls connected to a tube
holding the penis itself. The tube had two metal straps running across
the head of the penis, holding it back. Her chastity device and inner
thighs were slick with her own juices, her cock straining against its
prison. She gagged with a big, black ball-gag and Bryce led her by a
leash connected to her wide leather collar. She looked demurely down but
cast the occasional loving glance at Bryce. If it hadn't been for
Mistress, Debbie wouldn't have been able to take her eyes off her.
"The slut's performance has been...satisfactory", Mr. Benson answered,
drawing out his approval. "She a gifted tongue, but not much in the way
of tolerance when it comes to pain. She was downright pitiful taking the
big one up her ass." Debbie shuddered involuntarily at the mention of
the monster she had taken up the ass. Mistress looked sternly at her:
"The low pain barrier is only good," Mistress countered, "it makes her
so much more fun to torture. And her ass shouldn't be too loose just
yet, since I plan on making some money off the bitch." Mr. Benson raised
an eyebrow in response and asked, nodding in the direction of the sissy
Bryce was leading: "New acquisition?" Mistress responded with a little
smile: "Yes. I just got her back from the good doctor's clinic." Debbie
again shuddered involuntarily and she could see the beautiful, black
sissy do the same. "A sweet story this one has actually. Fills one with
hope for the fate of humanity." She giggled a little and continued: "It
seems that the slut lived together with her sister and mother. No other
relatives. The sister was two years older than her. 19 years old and
into S&M in a big way, dominant, but without anyone in her family knew.
When their mother died, she became the guardian of her little brother.
She instantly took him out of high school and began dominating him at
home, keeping him a virtual prisoner and sissifying him to some extent.
When he turned 18, she told everyone that he had run away and sold him
to me. Sweet girl. I have given her a lucrative job, dominating people
professionally." Mistress laughed a little: "The really funny part is
that the little sissy is so much like Debbie here." Mistress kicked
Debbie in the ribs to point her out: "She really likes being a
sissy-slave and, like Debbie, she has taken a real shine to Bryce.
Haven't you, girls?" Mistress asked with a contemptuous smile. Both
sissies looked down, blushing deeply. Mistress, Bryce and Mr. Benson
laughed at the girls. Debbie wished she could look pretty for Bryce. She
felt humiliated at being tied up on all fours in front of Bryce, mouth
held open, her tongue hanging out and drool and pre-cum dripping on the
floor. Debbie wished she could look pretty like the black sissy and she
wished that she could take her place at the end of Bryce's chain.

Mistress and the two men went to the bar to talk and the slaves went
with them. As Mistress and the Masters talked, she caught the eye of the
black girl. She looked horrified at Debbie state but interested and
aroused at the same time. Debbie noticed that her hips were making
little thrusting movements, without the sissy seemingly noticing
As she and the other sissy tried to communicate with their eyes,
Mistress kicked again to get her attention. "Let's see how large your
ass has become, worthless little sissy-slut." With further ado she
quickly and brutally pulled the plug out of her ass. Debbie made a sound
of surprise and pain. Mistress went behind her and said: "Make sure you
don't move forward now, bitch." Debbie tried to steel herself, but she
was still very surprised when she felt the tip of Mistress' high-heeled,
black boot entering her asshole. But she managed to stand fast as
Mistress pushed until the whole of her forefoot was inside Debbie's ass.
Only the heel was outside, with the stiletto pressing against Debbie's
balls. Debbie groaned with the strain. Abruptly Mistress pulled out her
foot and came to Debbie's front. "Lick." she commanded as she placed the
boot before Debbie. Standing as she was on her elbows, Debbie couldn't
really bend forward; she could only crane her neck down and this didn't
bring her head down to Mistress boot. She managed to get all the way
down only by placing her elbows far apart, standing in a very stressful
situation. There she licked her own shit of Mistress boot, a disgusting
job. But she knew she had no choice, so she didn't hesitate. Meanwhile
Mr. Benson put the plug back in her ass, which had begun to feel a
little empty after Mistress removed her boot.

When she had finished cleaning the shoe, Mistress kicked her hard in the
ribs, making Debbie land on her side. Once on her side, Mistress knelt
down beside Debbie and flipped her all the way over on her back. She
inspected Debbie's bruised genitals much to Debbie's delight. Mistress
touch made her groan with pleasure and throw her head back in delight.
But like Mr. Benson, Mistress also had the masterful touch, never
allowing her to cum, and again Debbie was crying her frustrated tears.
After playing with Debbie for while, Mistress got a rag and wiped off
her fingers. She went to the bar and got some items and when Debbie saw
them, she began to cry. In her hands Mistress held an icepack and a
chastity device. Debbie shook her head and made garbled pleading noises,
but to no avail. Mistress placed the icepack directly on her genitals,
covering them completely and soon Debbie's erection had shrunk to a
pitiful, little, shriveled thing. Mistress deftly imprisoned Debbie's
cock as Debbie began crying in earnest. "Oh, do shut up, slut." Mistress
said, giving Debbie's balls a vicious slap. Debbie whimpered with pain
and tried to curl up, but she lowered the volume on her crying. "Bryce."
Mistress said, "Let's get these little horny bitches home. They need the
safety of home."

Mistress and Bryce said their goodbyes to Mr. Benson and left the club
through a side door that didn't go through the regular club area.
Outside a limo was waiting and Bryce lifted first one, then the other
sissy inside. As the limo pulled away neither Mistress nor Bryce wasted
any time: Mistress pulled up her skirt and removed her panties. Then she
shoved a double-ended dildo into Debbie's mouth. This hurt quite a bit
since her tongue was still outside and the dildo pressed it against her
teeth. Mistress also pushed it so far into her mouth that it rested
against the back of her throat so she had fight off retching all the
time. Finally Mistress pulled Debbie's head up to her crotch and ordered
Debbie: "Fuck me, you whoring piece of shit." While Debbie did as she
was told, Bryce had removed the black sissy's gag and taken out his
member. The girl was giving him a passionate blowjob, obviously enjoying
every moment.

When they arrived at Mistress mansion Debbie was standing on all fours
in the limo, dildo still lodged in her mouth, as Mistress hadn't
bothered to remove it. The black slave had been re-gagged, but you could
still see a little smile on her face and her eyes had a dreamy look in
Outside the car Giselle stood waiting for them. She was again dressed in
her maid's outfit and looked smashing as usual. Giselle was given the
leashes for both the slaves as Bryce and Mistress disappeared into the
house. Like the black sissy, Giselle's ankles were also connected by a
6-inch chain so it took a while for her to lead them where they were
going. She led them through the house to one of the basement levels.
Exiting the elevator Debbie began to appreciate how big the house really
was. In the basement Giselle led them to a room holding a truly enormous
amount of bondage equipment. There were racks, tables, lockers and
cupboards all filled with straps and chains and other implements to
restrain people. First Giselle tended to the black girl. She removed
everything from her except the corset. She put a new pair of 7-inch
stilettos with locking ankle straps on her, and then she put her in
straightjacket made of thick, black leather. A wide leather collar went
around her neck and finally a hobble skirt was put on her. She was left
un-gagged, but Giselle tied her leash off to a ring in the wall.

Debbie took a lot more work, but again Giselle was methodical, she
removed everything Debbie had on first. When Giselle had removed the
last item, one of the leg binders, Debbie lay prone on the floor.
Neither her legs nor her arms would obey her command and she was
exhausted from all the abuse and the strange ties she had been in all
day. But Giselle didn't let her rest. Instead of waiting for Debbie to
get command of her limbs, she put Debbie's hands in a pair of leather
cuffs connected to a chain coming down from the ceiling. Using a motor
winch she pulled on the chain until Debbie's toes were just touching the
ground. Then she began dressing her like the black girl. First came a
strict corset like the one the other sissy wore. Then came all the other
stuff: straightjacket, 7-inch stilettos, hobble skirt, collar and leash.
When the corset and the shoes had been put on her, Debbie had gained
enough control over her legs to stand and now she stood beside the black
girl, dressed just like her, waiting to be led somewhere by Giselle.

They didn't have to wait long. Giselle led them to another room in the
basement. Behind a huge steel door with an elaborate lock to which
Giselle had the key, lay narrow corridor. On either side of the corridor
was a row of steel doors leading to a number of cells. Giselle opened
door number 8. Inside was a cell no more than three feet across and no
more than eight feet long. The floor was raised up creating the
impression of a dais right behind the door. The floor, or dais, was
padded like a mattress. As Giselle helped them inside the cell and onto
the mattress Debbie saw that there was nothing inside the cell except a
very bright, white light bulb and a small ventilation grille. Lying down
was a tight fit. Lying shoulder to shoulder, neither could lie on her
back and they were forced to lay face-to-face, their lips and eyes
inches apart.
Before she closed the door Giselle addressed them. "Mistress has ordered
me to say that the two of you are going to get to know each other very
well. You will be living and working together when Mistress decides that
you are ready to be sent out whoring. Goodnight bitches." With that she
closed the door and the lights went out. Inside the cell it was pitch
black and the only sound that could be heard was the breathing of the
two sissies.

The other girl spoke first: "Mistress has given me the name Shawna. Who
are you?" her voice a velvet purr, so sexy that Debbie could feel
herself getting excited. Debbie answered: "Mistress gave me the name
Debbie." She couldn't help herself and stumbled on: "I thing you are
very sexy, Shawna and I can see that you love Bryce too." Debbie feared
that she had offended Shawna, when Shawna replied by finding her mouth
and kissing her deeply. Debbie returned the kiss with passion and when
they reluctantly pulled away Shawna said: "Yes it's true. I love Bryce
even more than I love Mistress. And I think you are dead sexy too,
Debbie. I would love to fuck yours brains out, but unfortunately I don't
think that is in the cards for us." She finished with a sad little
chuckle, which Debbie joined in. "No, I don't think either of us are
going to get much in the way of orgasms in the future. At least not our
own orgasms." Shawna chuckled sadly at Debbie's remark.
They lay in the dark whispering about their future, but both girls were
passionate creatures and soon the whispering turned into passionate
kissing. The kissing was accompanied by writhing movements in an effort
to get off. This was of course futile and they ended up breaking off the
kissing and both of them ended up by crying themselves to sleep.

They were awoken the next morning by the door opening and the bright
lights coming on. Giselle stood in the door and she dragged them out and
helped them to stand. Both sissies looked longingly at the other.
Giselle saw the looks and her face softened a little as she said to
them: "I see that you like each other. That's good, 'cause you will
spend a lot of time together. Just don't get your hopes up for ever
getting to fuck each other. Mistress seldom lets things like that
happen, unless the slaves have been exceptionally well-behaved." Debbie
and Shawna exchanged a desperate look, but were literally yanked back to
reality as Giselle led them out of the dungeon.

Giselle led them to a large bathroom-like area where a group of other
slaves were assembled. All had been dressed in the same manner as Debbie
and Shawna, but were now in various stages of undress. The room had a
number of shower stalls; all equipped with an enema hose coming out of
the wall and a matching drain to take the shit-water mixture. Giselle
instructed the slaves already present to make sure that Debbie and
Shawna got to know the routines and then she left. The routines were
simple: the slaves helped each other get out of the
straightjacket/hobble skirt uniform, which was the universal sleeping
uniform. Then the slaves, matched in pairs, helped each other get ready
for the coming day. After being equipped with special 6-inch plastic
sandals as their only piece of "garment", the routine began. First they
ate. The food was foul smelling goo that came out of dildos mounted on
the walls, crotch high. One slave knelt before the dildo and took it in
her mouth, while the other secured her head with a steel clamp going
behind the neck of the slave. Then automation took over: the amount of
food and drink that each slave was supposed to have was sprayed directly
into the slave's mouth at a frantic pace. When one slave had eaten to
the machine's satisfaction, the other took her place. Then the shower
stalls came into action. One slave secured the other; legs spread wide,
hands raised above her head, and began servicing her. First came five
enemas, which all had to be as brutal as possible. Then the slave was
washed, every nook and cranny, including her mouth cleaned. Finally she
was released and they switched places. When both slaves were clean, they
dressed. Unless Mistress decreed otherwise all slaves wore a standard
uniform. Black plastic booties with 6-inch stilettos, ankles connected
by a 6-inch chain. A black leather corset and a wide, black leather
collar and leash. They were gagged with black ball-gags and their hands
encased in mittens, which were secured to the collar.

To make sure that no one cheated the whole process was overseen by a
head-slave, an elderly, Chinese woman who was dressed just as the other
slaves, but was left untied and carried a riding crop. The other slaves
were mostly women. Debbie saw only two other sissies in the group, which
consisted of perhaps 30 slaves. None, however, not even the head-slave,
were without a chastity device. Without exception the slave-pairs were
passionate girls, all nymphomaniacs squirming to get off and the morning
ritual included a great deal of fondling and kissing. The slaves
couldn't help it; they had all been very thoroughly conditioned. Even
the elderly head-slave kissed and fondled the girls during the morning

When the morning ritual was over each pair was sent off to some
training- or work assignment. There were no guards leading them to their
respective assignments and it was a bizarre sight, the whole house
filling up with slaves, dressed and restrained in the same way mincing
along seemingly without supervision. But of course it was an illusion,
every corner of the house was monitored by closed circuit cameras. And
besides, none of the slaves needed supervision. They were all helplessly
tied up and not a single one of them would even contemplate disobeying

The training they received was advanced sex-training. Soon Debbie and
Shawna learned to use every part of their bodies to please both men and
women. They also learned to work seamlessly together as a team trained
to please.
When they weren't training they had chores, menial work keeping the
house clean and cooking. All the slaves had to learn domestic work, like
cooking, in case they were sold as slaves to someone who wanted them to
work in that capacity.

When they had finished the day's assignments, they went to the large
bathroom and prepared for the night. Again they were fed by dildo after
which they dressed each other in the sleeping uniform. Like in the
morning all the slaves helped each other until just one stood untied.
She was then tied up by the head-slave and they were all led to their
cells and locked up.
Mostly Debbie and Shawna were so tired that they just kissed each other
goodnight and fell to sleep, but sometimes they had energy to kiss a
little longer and talk. One of the nights spent talking before going to
sleep, Debbie heard Shawna's story.

It was true what Mistress had said about Shawna's sister taking
advantage of their mother's death to enslave her totally, but it hadn't
been the whole truth. Shawna had been called a sissy-boy her whole life,
ever since grade school. Her boy-name had been Derek. She had been too
slender, too small and too weak for the other boys and they had teased
him relentlessly. The girls had done almost the same thing. His sister
had been the dominating presence in his life since he became a teenager.
His mother had been weak from the sickness that would eventually kill
her, and his sister had been able to do whatever she wanted. She had
started by redecorating his room, painting all the walls pink, putting
pink curtains in the windows and pink bedcovers, sheets and pillow
casings on Shawna's bed. She had filled up the room with fluffy animals
and pillows. When he objected, she had demonstrated her superior
strength and put him across her knee and spanked him with a hairbrush.
He tried to change the appearance of the room, but she spotted it every
time and every time she punished him. He couldn't get any help from his
mother; she was too weak and referred everything to his sister and
refused to believe anything bad he had to say about her. He had no
friends and all the teachers looked down on him with contempt. There was
no one to turn to.
Soon she had him wear girly clothes at home. It started with a pink lace
nightgown he had to wear to bed. Then came other girly things for him to
wear, all frilly and lacy, shoes with heels and she forbade him to cut
his hair, so she could tie little feminine ribbons in it. His objections
were all met with brutal punishments. When he tried to run away from
home, she caught him and punished him so badly he had to stay home from
school for a week.
It was during this week that his sister had changed their relationship
dramatically and effectively molded him into his future sissy-shape.
After the first punishment of the week he was completely spent, unable
to offer any resistance. She had whipped him for the first time and he
couldn't believe the pain. Then she changed tactics. She tied his wrists
above his head and hung him from a hook in the ceiling. Then she gave
him a hand-job. He tried to object, but he became hard in an instant and
panting with lust he came like a cannon. Then she whipped him again and
after the whipping she gave him another hand-job.
Soon she had him addicted. If he did something that pleased her, she
gave him an orgasm. He tried to will himself to object, but soon he gave
up. He discovered that he loved being dominated. He hurried home from
school so he could dress up like a girl to please his sister. He learned
to apply make-up and walk correctly in high-heels. In a matter of weeks
he was her maid, doing all the chores wearing a cute little maids
uniform. Their mother was moved to a home, so his sister was free to
treat him any way she liked. She gave him a masturbation schedule,
mandating that he spill his sperm at least 10 times a day, but only
while wearing girly clothes.
After a while her games became more advanced. She tried out all sorts of
S&M-games with him, tying him up and torturing him in endless
variations. As this began, he dropped out of school, unable to
concentrate on anything but sex. 
This marked his final transition from boy to sissy. She threw out all
his boy's clothes and made him go out dressed as a girl, even having sex
with other men. As he began going out as a girl, she put various
restraining devices on his genitals to avoid them giving his identity
away and thus had another way of controlling him. After a day in the
chastity device he would beg her for release, often at the price of
brutal torture, which he gladly accepted as long as she touched his cock
afterwards. After a while he began to associate S&M-games with sexual
release and thus began enjoying the torture in earnest.

She had sold him to Mistress in the end, simply because she became
bored. She had tamed him completely and it was the breaking and taming
that she enjoyed the most. The sale not only got rid of him and provided
her with a lot of money; it also provided a way in to Mistress'
organization where she got job doing what she loved the most, breaking
slaves to her will.

For Shawna's part, she had cried and cried when her sister had told her
that she was going to be sold. She had become addicted to her and didn't
think that she could love someone else like she loved her. Two minutes
after she met Mistress, she knew otherwise. She loved being dominated by
Mistress, just like Debbie did. And like Debbie, she fell head over
heels in love with Bryce. She felt truly happy the first time he
penetrated her asshole, his strong hands holding her hips, his huge cock
thrusting in and out of her ass.

For the two sissies, the training went on and on. They became perfectly
trained sex-slaves; able and willing to do anything they were asked to.
Debbie developed a reputation as the best cocksucker and cuntlapper in
living memory, to the extent that trainers from other parts of Mistress'
house came to get blowjobs from her. The result was that her mouth was
almost constantly full of either cock or pussy. Many times she was
stopped on her way to some assignment by some man or woman, who yanked
her gag out and ordered her to suck. This caused both her and Shawna to
be late, for which they were of course punished.
Both Shawna and Debbie loved being sex-slaves. Being dominated into
performing sex of some sort, being punished, both for crimes committed
and at random, and being restrained all time, all turned on the girls.
All the domination turned them on, but there was no release. No matter
how much they cried and begged, they got no orgasms. Their restrained
genitals were constantly slick with pre-cum. Their incessant rubbing
against everyone and everything had been stopped by a two-day torture
session conducted by Mistress.

Apart from the lack of orgasms, their only complaint was that they
didn't see enough of Mistress and Bryce. Only rarely did one of them
inspect the training sessions and they never participated.

Their lessons became more and more repetitive until one day they were
finished with the training. One day after the morning ritual, they were
led before Mistress. They were pushed into her office by Giselle who
left closing the door behind them. It was large and the furniture and
decoration was very classy and discrete, everything in it spelled of
money. Mistress sat behind a large mahogany desk and as they stood at
attention before her she looked them over. They wore the standard
uniform of 6-inch heels, corset, collar and gag, their hands in mittens
tied to their collars. She stood up and came around to their side and
sat down on the edge of the desk. She looked so sexy that they couldn't
help ogling her. She wore full-body suit made of thin, red rubber,
clinging to her every curve. On her waist was a shiny, black corset, on
her feet were shiny, black boots with 6-inch heels and she wore elbow
length, black rubber gloves. Most spectacularly she sported a gigantic,
black double-ended strap-on dildo. "Well, you worthless slave-whores,"
she sneered, "it seems that you have a use after all. You have been
deemed adequate to serve as whores and shortly you will take your place
in your new lives." Mistress stood up and came over to Shawna. As she
began to caress the black sissy's tits, she continued: "Remember, if you
perform well there is a chance that you will be rewarded," she removed
Shawna's gag, "and if you fail, punishment will be extreme. Now suck,
slave." She grabbed Shawna's hair and guided her to the dildo, which
Shawna eagerly began to suck. As Debbie watched longingly, Mistress
began to fuck Shawna's face with long, slow strokes. After a while
Mistress pulled out of Shawna's mouth and went behind her. She bent
Shawna over the desk and began to fuck her ass. Shawna moaned with
pleasure. Just as Debbie she loved taking it up the ass. And the miracle
occurred. Mistress produced a small key, which she used to unlock
Shawna's chastity belt. And as Mistress began to stroke her rock-hard
cock Shawna's moans turned into frenzied screams of pure need just
before Mistress let her cum. As she came her eyes rolled back in their
sockets and she screamed with passion, her whole body jerking
spasmodically as her cock continued to spray sperm out for the longest
time. When she was finally spent, Mistress withdrew from her ass and
allowed her collapse on the floor. Shawna crumbled in a heap on the
floor, almost unconscious, panting for breath.

Debbie didn't notice the last bit as Mistress came towards her. "Well,
slave," Mistress growled, "I supposed that you would like to cum also?"
she asked. Debbie nodded frantically. Without a word Mistress began
fondling her. First she stroked her buttocks gently, then her breasts.
After a prolonged period of fondling, which had Debbie moaning in
passion, Mistress removed Debbie's gag. After kissing her deep and long,
she guided Debbie to the strap-on and had her clean it. Debbie savored
the taste of Shawna's shit, hoping that the strap-on would soon go up
her own ass. Mistress did things a little differently, however. She
pushed Debbie onto the desk and as she lay there on her back, she slowly
fucked Debbie's tits. This got Mistress off in a big way. As she
screamed out her orgasm, she grabbed Debbie tits hard and twisted them,
causing Debbie to cry out in pain. Releasing one tit, while still
screaming her continuing orgasm, she began slapping Debbie's face. When
Mistress' orgasm was finally over, Debbie was slightly groggy from the
slapping. Mistress climbed off Debbie and turned her around. Then she
fucked her up the ass. Debbie loved it, moaning and writhing with
pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity, Mistress released her
cock. As Mistress stroked it she proved to have the same Masterful touch
as Mr. Benson. She held Debbie on the brink of orgasm for ages; Debbie
screaming her passion mixed pleas for release only to hear Mistress
laugh. Finally Mistress allowed her to cum. Debbie screamed, every nerve
in her body vibrating with pleasure. And the orgasm just kept rolling
over her, her cock pumping load after load of cum out. In the end the
pleasure became so intense that she passed out.

She came to herself with Mistress kicking her in the ribs, commanding
her: "Clean up your mess, you filthy slut." Slowly Debbie came to and
discovered that her head was in a very large puddle of her own cum. As
she gathered herself and began licking it up from the floor, she saw
that Shawna was doing the same thing, a dreamy look of satisfaction on
her face. Debbie realized that she probably looked the same way. Every
fiber in her body felt relaxed. Even the demeaning task of licking up
her cold cum from the floor felt good. As she finished and was ordered
to stand, she felt a wave of love and gratitude for Mistress. Seeing her
two sissy-slaves looking at her with absolute adoration and love made
Mistress smile. Still smiling she said: "Useless cows. Very well then, I
guess you're ready to begin your new lives."

Chapter 8

Moira sat in her booth at the entrance to the subway station and saw
people pass by. She sat there every day selling tickets, and although
several thousand people passed her during a shift, she could now
recognize many of the regulars and she even knew when to expect them. It
was now almost 9 o'clock and she knew the two girls would come very soon
to catch the 9:04 to downtown. She looked forward to this moment every
morning. Moira had never really come to terms with her own lesbian
tendencies, but she so enjoyed looking at these two girls. They were so
sexy they made her tingle al over. And right on cue they came down the
stairs. As always they were very sexily clad, turning heads even though
they wore raincoats in the beginning winter rain. One was a beautiful
brunette, her long hair gathered in a ponytail, with full inviting lips.
The other was a stunning black girl, her hair also gathered in a
ponytail, with even more luscious lips. Both wore a shiny black
raincoat, ending just above the knee and both wore ankle-high boots with
impossibly thin stiletto heels more than 6 inches high, and both carried
a small black handbag. Moira saw them every morning except Sunday. They
didn't always wear precisely the same clothes, but they always wore
stilettos with more than 6 inches of heel and they always wore some kind
of coat so Moira couldn't see what they wore underneath. Everything
about them was sexy, from their walk, to the friendly smile they gave
her every morning, to the way they sometimes held hands. She had no idea
who they were or what they did and she had never spoken a single word
with them, but they fuelled Moira's fantasies almost every night.

Debbie and Shawna walked past the ticket booth and cast their usual
friendly smiles at the girl in the booth. As usual she couldn't keep her
eyes off them. They had often talked about how they should approach her
to offer their services. Shawna and herself were after all prostitutes
and the woman obviously wanted intimate contact with them. But they both
knew it wasn't going to happen. Mistress only sold their services to
kinky people with lots of money to spend and the woman in the booth was
obviously only a poorly paid, garden-variety repressed lesbian. She
would get a shock if she saw Debbie or Shawna's restrained cocks as they
removed their panties and pulled their genitals out from their between
their buttocks.

They were on their way to work. Unless they had a customer paying for
their services, Debbie and Shawna worked by day in one of Mistress'
shops. The shop was located discretely in a side street in the most
expensive shopping district in town. From the outside there was nothing
giving away that the shop was a sex shop. It sold all manner of sex
related clothes, toys, books, magazines, videos and DVD's, from pure
vanilla to the wildest kink. It also sold sexual services. Debbie,
Shawna and all the other shop assistants were Mistress' slaves, pimped
out by the shops proprietor Miss Robertson. Miss Robertson was an evil
woman about the same age as Mistress. She made a point of never treating
any of the slaves with anything but contempt, always making sure that
they knew that they were inadequate and worthless. If there was a lull
in business, she usually took her anger at the lack of business out on
one or more off the slaves. Her hatred was directed mostly at males and
this for her part included the two sissies. It didn't matter that the
only thing about Debbie and Shawna that was even slightly masculine, was
their pitiful, little, imprisoned members. It only increased her
contempt for them and she obviously loved to torment them.

The shop was quite big once you got inside, but the number of shop
assistants was a little over the top. They were 12 of them, 4 men, 6
women and Debbie and Shawna as the 2 sissies. All were Mistress slaves,
all wore chastity devices and all had sexual release on their minds.
They all wore the same uniform. For the men it was a white shirt and a
red tie, black pants and black shoes. For the girls it was also a white
shirt and red tie, but matched with a tight-fitting black skirt ending
well above the knee and black shoes with 6-inch stilettos. Debbie and
Shawna changed from whatever footwear they had been wearing when they
came to work. It was only when the weather was wet that they were
allowed to wear something different for work, and knee-high stiletto
boots was the most warmest they were allowed to wear. Debbie's feet
froze most of the winter.

The reason for the many shop assistants was obvious. That way it was
possible to keep the shop well staffed even while most of the shop
assistants were rented out for sexual use. In the back of the shop,
hidden behind some shelves, was a very discreet door, behind which lay a
number of small, soundproof rooms, which could be used for all kinds of
sexual activities. It was not the only shop of its kind that Mistress
owned in town, but it was the most exclusive. The prostitutes were the
most beautiful and skilled, catering to the wealthy people of the city.
The other shops Mistress owned were also tailor-made for their target
audience and as the slaves aged, or if they weren't very good or
beautiful to begin with, they were moved out to the less exclusive shops
in the suburbs or less attractive parts of town.
The slaves lived in pairs, like Debbie and Shawna, in Mistress' special
apartments all over town. They were all at work at 9:30 at the latest,
ready for inspection by Miss Robertson before the shop opened at 10
o'clock. The usual workday lasted from 10 in the morning until 9 in the
evening and the slaves had no breaks; except for a tiny lunch break in
the middle of the day. Lunch was served the only way any of the slaves
ever ate: by sucking a thick, sperm-like substance from a dildo mounted
waist-high on the wall of a back room. The slaves were "encouraged" to
eat quickly and the break seldom lasted more than three minutes.

If some lucky customer had not bought their services before and taken
them home with him or her, the job at the shop ended at 9 in the
evening. Once the shop had closed, it was time to go whoring earnest.
Both Debbie and Shawna were popular and usually they were given
assignments at the end of the workday. Sometimes together, but mostly
alone. Debbie had achieved a reputation as the best cocksucker and
cuntlapper the town had seen in years, and she spent a considerable
portion of her days and nights on her knees. The shop was open 365 days
a year and the slaves working there never had a day off. The closest
they came to a vacation was when Miss Robertson went on holiday, but
usually Mistress made a point of sending a substitute that was even

The customers never paid Debbie or Shawna directly. They were all
registered in Mistress' very discrete database and paid by credit card.
No money ever changed hands and Debbie and Shawna both looked quite
respectable, if a lot sexier than average. In fact neither Debbie nor
Shawna ever handled any money at all. Mistress had forbidden them to
have any and she expressly forbade the customers to tip the girls.
Debbie and Shawna lived their lives completely penniless. The tickets
for the subway, which they took every day, were given to them, even the
taxis they sometimes had to take home or to a customer were prepaid.
Neither had a credit card of any kind. When Debbie and Shawna stepped
outside their handbags contained only items useful for their jobs as
whores. Apart for a surprising number of sex toys; dildo, handcuffs,
Vaseline, gag, nipple clamps, surgical needles and such, their bags
contained only some make-up and a cell phone. The phone could only dial
one number and it wasn't 911. It was the number to Miss Robertson, who
coordinated all whoring activities for the sissy-whores. 

Debbie and Shawna had not achieved any noticeable degree of freedom
since moving away from the dungeons at Mistress' mansion. They lived
together in a very small apartment block owned Mistress and run by a
supervisor hired by her. In the five stories building were 9 apartments.
The ground floor was taken up by the supervisor's apartment, which was
of standard size. On each of the four other floors were two tiny
apartments and in each of these lived a pair of slaves. Debbie had never
spoken to any of the other "residents" and didn't even know their names
even though she had lived there for more than three years. The names on
the door were pure fiction. Debbie and Shawna shared a one-room
apartment, with small bathroom and no kitchen. The bathroom had no sink
and no toilet, only a shower stall with large drain and a wall-mounted
nozzle for enemas. Debbie had not sat on a toilet since Mistress had
captured her, and she was sometimes afraid that she might forget how to
shit on her own. The only way she ever got rid of her feces was by way
of forced enema. The main room had a single naked light bulb hanging
from the ceiling, and there were only a few things in the room: A bed,
barely large enough for two. Two closets, one for Debbie's clothes and
one for Shawna's. And finally there was a full-length mirror, for
checking clothes and applying make-up. There was only enough room on the
floor for two people to stand together. The front door led directly into
this room. There was no TV, no radio or stereo and no books or
magazines. On either side of the bed, between the closets and the bed,
was a narrow patch of space to dress in, and on the wall at the
headboard of the bed a dildo was mounted on either side. These were the
feeding dildos for the two sissies. Typically their day would start at 7
in the morning, when the supervisor opened the door and woke them up.
The supervisor was an elderly lady who had formerly earned her living as
a professional dominant. She was vicious and tolerated nothing, dishing
out whippings for the slightest infraction. After waking them up,
usually by slapping their faces, she undid Shawna's straightjacket and
left the rest of the work to her, leaving to wake up the other slaves.
Shawna had emerged as the more dominant of the two and she liked to boss
Debbie around whenever she could, therefore it was natural to leave her
to do the tying and untying. Debbie on the other hand was so submissive
that she found it impossible to dominate anyone, and she actually liked
surrendering to Shawna even if it was in a very small way compared to
how the rest of the world treated her. Once they had shed their
straightjackets and hobble skirts they wore only their corsets and
plastic sandals with 7-inch heels, used for sleeping and going to the
bathroom in. They then ate their morning meal by kneeling before their
own dildo and sucking the goo out of it. Once they had eaten it was time
for the morning bath. First Debbie strung Shawna up so she hung by her
wrists from the bathroom ceiling, her legs held wide by chains in the
walls. Debbie then removed her corset and proceeded to give her the
first of five enemas. The enemas finished, Debbie washed and shampooed
Shawna before drying her off and putting on a new corset. The final item
was a large butt-plug, which was held in place by the strap going
between her legs, securing her genitals between her buttocks before
being tied off to the corset. After Debbie released Shawna she did the
same thing to Debbie. Except that while Debbie tried to do all the
things to Shawna as gently as possible, using as little water as
possible for the enemas, tightening the corset only just enough, gently
easing the butt-plug in, cautiously securing Shawna's chastised member
and apologizing all the time, Shawna took a much more sadistic approach.
She pumped water up Debbie's ass until Debbie screamed on all five
enemas and every single morning, and she tightened the corset until
Debbie almost passed out. The result was that Debbie's waist had now
shrunk to an incredible 14.5 inches, while Shawna's was still 17 inches.
Shawna rammed Debbie's butt-plug in place with brute force and she
tightened the strap holing Debbie's genitals until Debbie began to cry.
And every morning she had Debbie crawl on her knees to kiss her feet
while she thanked Shawna for her loving touch. The apartment was of
course equipped with video surveillance, but Mistress tolerated this
behavior from Shawna.

There were two reasons for this. Firstly Mistress had noticed that
Shawna might have the makings of a skilled shemale mistress. They were
rare and sought after and if Mistress could turn Shawna into one, she
would. The second reason was as a consideration to Bryce. Bryce had
taken a shine to Shawna, as she had to him. This meant that on nights
when Shawna wasn't busy whoring, Bryce would come to visit then in their
tiny apartment. That Bryce had taken a shine to Shawna had initially
filled Debbie with conflicting emotions. She loved them both; the only
person in the world that she would rather submit to was Mistress, whom
she almost never saw. At the same time she was jealous because she
wanted to be the one Bryce came to see, not Shawna. Sometimes Bryce took
Shawna away to some secret place, but most of the time they stayed in
the apartment. If Debbie was not out whoring, they could then do two
things with her. Either they included her in their sex games and if this
happened it was without fail with Debbie as the victim in some kind of
torture. Or, as happened most often, they tied her up and stowed her
away somewhere. After they had secured her in her straightjacket and
hobble skirt, they gagged and hooded her, making sure that her ears were
plugged. Then they either threw her into a closet or tied a belt around
her waist and left her to dangle from the ceiling it in the bathroom.
Debbie never saw it, but she was sure that Bryce let Shawna cum from
time to time. She was always more balanced and less desperate for sex
than Debbie was. In the three and a half years since Mistress had sent
them out whoring, Debbie had only been allowed to cum once. 

A year after they were installed in the apartment, Mistress had one
evening suddenly appeared in Debbie's prison, Giselle in tow. Shawna had
been out and Debbie had just come back from the last trick of the night.
Mistress opened the door and as usual she was stunning; dressed
tight-fitting black rubber dress, high-heeled lace-up boots knee-high
and wearing a fur coat. Debbie instantly knelt before her, bending
forward to kiss her boots. Before kneeling she had caught sight of
Giselle. She was also wearing a tight-fitting rubber dress, this one
white, and on her feet were white, high-heeled shoes. Although she was
only leashed, neither tied nor gagged, she looked uncomfortable. The
reason for this became apparent as Mistress ordered her to undress. Each
of her balls had a wire tied tightly around it. This wire was tied off
to a leather strap around each of her knees. There was absolutely no
slack in the wires, so every movement Giselle made pulled sharply on her
already stretched balls. The balls themselves were a purplish color,
suggesting that Giselle had been tied up this was for some time.
Furthermore a very large dildo, vibrating furiously, was protruding
several inches out of her ass, meaning she couldn't have been sitting
for some time.

"Well slave", Mistress said to Debbie, "You have made a decent start to
your career. So I thought a little sporting fun was in order." Debbie
heart leapt with joy at the prospect of Mistress dominating her again.
Mistress ordered Giselle to make preparations and she ordered Debbie to
lick. True to her reputation, Debbie soon had Mistress moaning with
pleasure. She was on her knees; her face buried in Mistress crotch,
while her hands explored Mistress' ass and thighs. Mistress came twice
before ordering Debbie to stop. By now Giselle had finished the
preparations. She smoothed out the bed's rubber sheet and in each of the
four corners of the bed, she had secured at strap with a cuff at the
end. Coming in to the apartment she had carried a large bag, the
contents of which she had laid out on the floor beside the bed. Debbie's
heartbeat quickened with a mixture of fear and masochistic anticipation
when she saw the contents. Among the things were three large wax
candles, which were now burning, a mass of needles and clamps and an
assortment of straps and strings. Debbie was dressed only in her corset
and high-heeled sandals as Giselle tied her up spread-eagle on the bed,
making sure that the straps had no slack. Meanwhile Mistress had
undressed and she now stood before Debbie wearing only her high-heeled
boots, her gorgeous red hair hanging freely over her shoulders. Seeing
her like that made Debbie emit a strangled sound of pure lust. Her cock
tried desperately to break its metal bonds, succeeding only in causing
Debbie more pain. Giselle stood frozen with love and admiration at the
bedside. Mistress ignored Giselle as she stepped onto the bed. The first
thing she did was to plant her heel in Debbie's crotch, making her
scream with pain as she increased the pressure. She held the pressure
until Debbie ran out of air for her screaming. She withdrew her foot and
waited a few seconds as Debbie caught her breath and then she kicked
Debbie hard in the balls. Debbie tried to scream and curl up, but all
the air had gone out of her. The pain in her balls, heavy with
unreleased cum, was unbelievable. Mistress gave her no respite. She
stepped in the crotch again as the first step and then began walking up
Debbie's body, taking tiny steps and making sure she dug in her heel
before moving her foot again. She finished by standing on Debbie's
chest, her feet slightly apart, her heels on the upper part of Debbie's
tits. Debbie still didn't have air enough for screaming, so only gasping
noises came from her throat. The weight on her chest made it difficult
for her to breathe and the pain from the heels digging into her chest
was quite bad. One at a time Mistress lifted her feet and pressed most
of the tip of the boot into Debbie's mouth forcing her jaws painfully
apart in the process. When she was finished with the boot-sucking part,
she squatted slightly forward with the word: "Open wide, bitch", and let
forth a steady stream of piss directly into Debbie's mouth. Mistress
orders had been clear enough and Debbie didn't dare do anything but
swallow. When Debbie had swallowed Mistress' piss, Mistress threw her
head back and laughed: "Worthless, little piss-whore," she laughed. Then
she abruptly let herself fall to her knees, landing hard on Debbie's
chest. Slapping Debbie's face she said: "Dirty, little whore." She began
slapping Debbie first with one hand, then with the other, each time
repeating: "Dirty, little whore." Soon Debbie was crying from the pain
and the humiliation. Mistress stopped the slapping with: "We had better
had better get you clean, you worthless piss-whore. Giselle!" Giselle
immediately brought a wet piece of cloth, as if she had been waiting for
the order. First Mistress wiped Debbie's face clean then she carefully
spread the cloth out and forced it down over Debbie's face, covering her
nose and mouth. The effect was to cut off her breath. Debbie fought
desperately as she began to suffocate, shaking her head as she looked up
into Mistress smiling face. Just before she lost consciousness Mistress
removed the cloth and allowed her to breathe. She sucked in huge gulps
of air, coughing painfully as she tried to gain control over her
breathing. Then Mistress cut off her breath again. Mistress repeated
this until Debbie lay limply beneath her gasping for breath.

Mistress allowed Debbie to recover somewhat before she sat on her face,
the unspoken order perfectly clear. Although her breathing didn't
improve much with Mistress sitting on her face, Debbie nonetheless
enjoyed this a great deal. She loved licking pussy, especially
Mistress'. When Mistress had cum three times, she climbed off Debbie,
giving her a hard slap on the face as a parting gift. She returned with
a number of straps, which she used to tie up Debbie's tits. In a matter
seconds they were elongated purple things, straps going not only around
the base but cinching them impossibly hard for every inch. Debbie was
crying and pleading for Mistress to take them off. This only earned her
a couple of hard slaps on the face. Next came the needles. Debbie's
breasts resembled pincushions when Mistress had finished and Debbie was
screaming hysterically out of breath. "Oh, do shut up, you filthy,
worthless, whining whore," Mistress shouted at her, "It's only what you
deserve, and you know it, slut." Debbie tried to calm down a little, but
the success was only partial. She couldn't stop the screaming
completely, the pain was so bad. "Now let's attend to that fat ass of
yours, shall we?" Mistress asked rhetorically. She produced a dildo at
least as big as the one Mr. Benson had made her sit. Debbie began
pleading hysterically, but it didn't help. Mistress lubed the giant up
and began pushing it up Debbie's ass. It took a great deal of effort,
Debbie screaming and pleading all the way, but finally it was in her
ass, up to the hilt. Debbie screams had gradually run out of breath as
the monster moved further and further up her ass, and now she was
reduced to weak panting sounds. The monster was secured in place with a
rod pressing on the dildo in one end and against the bed-frame at the
other. Mistress rewarded herself for the hard work by planting herself
on Debbie's face. Debbie could only just muster the required
concentration it took to lick Mistress. Mistress' ass rubbing against
the needles in her tits didn't make it any less painful.

Mistress wasn't quite finished yet, however. As she dismounted, she
grabbed a whip and began beating Debbie. Apart from her face, no part of
her body was left untouched. It was the worst when Mistress hit her
needle covered tits and it was nearly as bad when she hit Debbie's
swollen genitals. Debbie lost all sense of time, screaming constantly
and passing out only to be woken up to more whipping. She was nearly
incoherent when Mistress stopped and her body was covered in red welts.
She had thought that Mistress had to be finished with her until she saw
Mistress picking up one of the candles. Crying, she tried to plead, but
Mistress just smiled and dropped the first hot wax on Debbie needle
covered tits. Debbie screamed and passed out from the pain. She came to
when Giselle held smelling salt under her nose and as soon as she got
her bearings, Mistress resumed the hot wax treatment. When she was
finally though most of Debbie's body was covered with wax and she was
completely incoherent, emitting a strangled high-pitched whining sound.
Mistress got Debbie's hysteria under control by cutting off her breath
with the cloth. As she lay coughing for breath Debbie returned to her
senses. Every part of her body hurt, her whole universe was filled with
pain. But then Mistress did something very surprising. Smiling at
Debbie's pain she produced a key and released Debbie imprisoned member.
Debbie thought that with all the abuse she and her genitals had been
subjected to, she could impossibly get it up, but she was wrong.
Mistress stroked her member gently once and she sprang to life, her cock
instantly rock-hard. Mistress once again moved to sit on her face. As
Debbie licked Mistress eagerly she heard her say to Giselle: "Start
sucking the worthless bitch, but don't let her cum until I say so."
Giselle's mouth was pure velvet and Debbie couldn't believe her own
luck. She was instantly on her way to pure ecstasy. But like herself,
Giselle had been taught how to keep someone on the edge for an
indeterminate amount of time. Debbie emitted increasingly strangled
noises as she licked, Giselle's gentle tongue driving her mad. Finally,
as Mistress' fifth orgasm approached, she heard Mistress order Giselle
to let her cum. She screamed into Mistress' pussy while she thrashed
helplessly in her bonds. The orgasm rolled over in waves of pure ecstasy
and her cock continued to spray cum for what seemed like ages. Finally
both she and Mistress were spent and Mistress climbed off her face. She
whined a little as she felt Giselle reapply her chastity device, but she
was too weak to struggle. While Giselle packed all the things into the
bag, Mistress took one of Shawna's boots and used it to gag Debbie. She
pressed the tip as far into Debbie's throat as she could get it and then
she strapped it in place. As Mistress was ready to leave, she opened the
door and let Shawna in. She had obviously been waiting for some time
outside the door. Both Giselle and Shawna obviously had their orders and
in no time Giselle had secured Shawna in her straightjacket and hobble
skirt, so she was ready for the night. Mistress addressed her: "Your job
is to get the bitch to work tomorrow. Make sure that she makes it or you
will pay. I will not tolerate slackers." Debbie was barely conscious
enough to hear this as Giselle lay Shawna down on the floor, since
Debbie took up the whole bed. Then Mistress and Giselle left, turning
off the light as they went. Debbie sank into unconsciousness.

When Shawna woke her up she thought that she must still be dreaming,
that her nightmare just continued. Every fiber in her body ached. Shawna
looked fresh on the other hand. She was already dressed. She had
obviously been helped by the elderly mistress acting as supervisor for
the building. Together they removed first the gagging shoe, then the
wax, then the needles and finally all the straps including those holding
her hands. Although Debbie was very weak, she did manage to scream
pitifully as the removed the straps on her tortured tits and the blood
flowed back into them. When they removed the monster dildo, she passed
out from the pain. But there was no mercy for Debbie. She was given her
enemas and dressed just like every other day. The only difference was
that she was given an injection to keep her on her feet and a pair of
stockings was put on her legs to hide the welts. In a daze Shawna led
her to the shop where she passed the day in a nightmarish state of pain
and near unconsciousness. In spite of her battered looks she still had
customers who wanted use of her talented tongue. And twice during the
day customers were so turned on by the obvious signs of torture, that
they changed their minds from just wanting to get a blowjob to wanting
to whip her ass with a riding crop before fucking her up her extremely
sore asshole. At the end of the day Debbie was barely able to keep
upright and luckily for her no one wanted to buy her services that
night. As she and Shawna came home, she just wanted to sleep. But first
Shawna had something to say: "You filthy, little shit!" she spat as they
closed the door. She stepped forward and slapped Debbie so hard that she
fell to the floor. Debbie was very confused and tired and began to cry:
"Please Shawna. I'm sorry, but what did I do?" This made Shawna even
angrier. "What did you do, you worthless piece of shit?" she screamed at
Debbie, who had crumbled onto the floor, as she slapped her again. "I
had to sleep on the floor because of you, stupid cunt! And don't think I
don't know that you were allowed to cum last night, useless whoring
shit!" "Please Shawna, I had no control. Please let me make it up to
you." Debbie crawled forward and began kissing Shawna's shoes. "Oh, you
will, bitch. You will. Now get undressed." Debbie undressed as fast as
she could, until she stood wearing only her corset and her high-heeled
shoes. Shawna ordered her to lie flat on her back with her legs spread
wide. Debbie complied instantly and Shawna wasted to time. She lubed up
her hand and with little warning she pushed in as far up Debbie mangled
asshole as she could. Debbie cried with the pain, but her cries soon
turned to screams as Shawna took a firm hold of her balls and squeezed.
Debbie was too well trained for her unbound hands to try preventing
Shawna from torturing her and over the half hour she tortured Debbie
ass, genitals and tits. When she finished Debbie lay crumpled and
crying, repeating again and again: "I'm sorry Shawna." Turning her back
on Debbie so she wouldn't see, Shawna smiled to herself at her effective
breaking of Debbie. Unless Mistress had any objections, and outside the
door before she left she had said that she didn't, she would now be able
to dominate the little bitch, something she had wanted to do ever since
they first met. She couldn't explain it, but there was something about
Debbie that brought out the most sadistic desires in everyone she met,
even people who where normally subs. This also solved the potential
problem with Debbie's obvious fondness for Bryce. She would never
challenge Shawna again.

Shawna prepared Debbie for the night, tightening all the straps much
more that was necessary. Debbie kept apologizing and tried to kiss her
feet and hands as a sign of submission, but Shawna would have none of
it. She kept slapping Debbie away. As Debbie stood in her straightjacket
and hobble skirt, ready to go to bed, she cried as she tried to
understand the new situation where her only ally and friend in the world
had just turned on her. Shawna saw that this was her chance to make
Debbie not only accept the situation, but perhaps also like it. Debbie
was after all so submissive that Shawna could scarcely believe it.
Shawna moved so close to Debbie that their bodies touched. She pressed
Debbie up against the wall, cutting of all escape. Debbie didn't dare
look up, but sobbed helplessly as she tried to hide under her long brown
hair now hanging disheveled over her face. "Look up, you fucking
worthless bitch." Shawna ordered her. Slowly and hesitantly Debbie
looked up. As their eyes met Shawna grabbed Debbie by the neck and
pressed her head against the wall. "You are a useless slave whore,
Debbie. And you are everybody's slave. No one is lower that you,
worthless scum. Understand?" Debbie tried to nod, but couldn't because
of Shawna's hand holding her neck. "Say it, bitch." Shawna commanded. "I
understand." Shawna used her other hand to slap her so hard Debbie would
have fallen had Shawna not held her head. "Wrong answer, bitch. Try
again." Debbie suddenly saw what Shawna was getting at and she gave in.
she realized that she would never be anyone's equal anymore, not even
equal to other slaves. She surrendered with the words: "Mistress Shawna,
I understand, Mistress Shawna." Shawna seemed only mildly pleased with
this and coolly said: "Better. Now for the new order: You will only
sleep in the bed if I feel that you have deserved it. Instead you will
sleep on the floor or in the closet. You will sleep hooded and gagged
every night. You will greet me by kneeling and licking my boots as a
sign of respect. No speaking or touching unless I tell you too. Do you
understand, you worthless cunt?" Debbie saw her defeat. She was now so
low in the pecking order that other slaves were mistresses and masters
to her. She answered Shawna: "Mistress Shawna, I understand, Mistress
Shawna." and hung her head in defeat. Shawna celebrated her victory by
having Debbie kiss her feet before she gagged and hooded her and threw
her into the closet. Then she called the supervisor so that she could by
prepared for the night herself. The supervisor was of course informed
that Mistress would try to groom Shawna to be a mistress, but that until
then she was to be treated like a slave. She tied up Shawna and laid her
down on the bed before leaving the room, turning off the light. Debbie
cried herself to sleep in the closet as she tried to reconcile herself
with her fate.

It had been two years since Shawna had established dominion over her,
but it had been far easier than she had imagined. Shawna was not hard on
her; she just liked to be the boss. In fact it was kind of nice most of
the time. It was like having a domineering friend who nonetheless loved
you. Debbie still got a little jealous when Bryce came around, but the
fact that Shawna had established her domination over Debbie made it
easier to accept. 

Her "work" involved much more straight sex than she would have imagined.
When she was first sent out whoring she had expected that she would be
used mostly for torture and abuse. But that wasn't the case. Mostly her
customers wanted use of her skilled tongue. Many got a kick out of her
slave state, obvious when she dropped her skirt (none of the slaves were
allowed underwear at any time, except maybe if someone chose to gag them
with a pair of panties, as had happened quite often), but left it at
that. More than a few of her customers were wives of wealthy men, who
tolerated their escapades. These women got off on the fact that Debbie
had once been male, but was now just a chastised sissy. These same women
usually loved to tease her member. As it was Debbie had to wipe off
pre-cum several times a day since she was constantly hot and bothered,
always aching to get off and never allowed to. But these women usually
drove her into frenzy, loosing her last scrap of dignity as she cried
and begged for release as they laughed, only to drop their own panties
and demand that Debbie got busy. The same wealthy men who tolerated
their wives escapades were also comprised a fair portion of her
customers. When they fucked Debbie it was usually as a demonstration of
power. There was no fondling and no kissing, just hard and fast sex and
maybe a slap to the face or two. They got off on her slave status and
usually demanded that she blow them while they were still in their
business suits. After that they usually preferred to ass-fuck with great
vigor, while shouting profanities at her or demand that she say things
like: "Yes, you are the greatest." or "Yes, I am your bitch." or
something of that order.

Then there was what Shawna had termed "the repressed". These were men
who tried, unsuccessfully, to repress their homosexual tendencies. They
said to themselves that fucking a little sissy-bitch with her tiny,
imprisoned member was really a completely heterosexual affair that had
nothing to do with them having a gay side. It was usually very
frustrating fucks for both the customers and for the sissy. What they
really wanted, but couldn't admit to themselves, was a pretty,
homosexual guy to fuck. The sissy they were with was just a poor
substitute and the fucking became listless and unengaged. For the part
of the sissy-slave it was frustrating not only because she had been
conditioned to like being taken hard, real hard, but also because a hard
ass-fucking actually almost gave her some release due to the pressure on
her prostate. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. Sometimes
it got ugly with "the repressed" when one of them realized what they
were doing, and what they would really rather be doing. If this happened
the sissy was in danger of receiving a beating out of sheer frustration.
It had happened twice to Debbie. The first time the guy had just smacked
her face real hard before leaving in a stream of curses. The second time
had been with a very large guy, whom Debbie suspected was a star athlete
of some sort (Debbie wouldn't know since she was never allowed to watch
TV or read anything at all). He suddenly flipped and began cursing and
swearing before he began beating her. She never could remember much from
the beating except his furious face as he came at her, but two days
later she woke up in a hospital bed. He had broken her nose and knocked
out two teeth, broken both her arms and hands and cracked five of her
ribs. Her face was so puffy from the beating that it was two more days
before she could see out of them. Of course she wasn't in a normal
hospital, but rather at Dr. Jacobsen's clinic. He was a raging sadist
but he was also an absolutely brilliant plastic surgeon. In a month she
was healed up, her face as good as new with two tooth implants ready to
go whoring again. Shawna told Debbie that the guy who had done it had
ended up paying a huge amount of money to Mistress. The incident should
have left Debbie very afraid of going out whoring again, but again Dr.
Jacobsen proved he had a full service clinic. While Debbie was healing
he made her wear one of his brainwashing helmets, and when she left the
clinic she was begging everyone she met to fuck her brains out, her
imprisoned cock spilling pre-cum at an unprecedented rate.

That the slaves were hurt badly was nothing unusual. There was after all
a great deal of sadists among Mistress' clientele. Debbie experienced
hospitalization because of a customer one other time (while Shawna never
tried it). Her customer was a very famous pop star staying at the most
expensive hotel in town. This was no problem since many of Mistress'
clients were outrageously rich and often stayed at these hotels. The
hotel staff was paid to let Debbie in. Some even demanded a sexual favor
or two in return. The singer was a petite blonde girl, no more than
nineteen years old, with a body that was already famously hot. Her image
was that of the incredibly sexy virgin, running around in stage costumes
that seasoned whores would blush at wearing, while she publicly declared
that she was saving her virginity for "Mr. Right". This was of course
all a lie. The truth was that the girl, not yet old enough to buy beer,
was a raging sadist and a nymphomaniac to boot. She came to town
regularly and the girls who had been with her before shuddered at her
name. Both had been to Dr. Jacobsen's clinic after their visit with this
girl. Mistress knew her tendencies and simply demanded more money.

Debbie was let in via a back entrance to the hotel and escorted by one
of the girl's bodyguards to her penthouse suite. There was only one
suite at the top floor and it was huge. The bodyguard pushed her inside
and closed the door behind her. There was no one in the hall so Debbie
cautiously called out: "Hello. Anybody there?" She slowly walked into
the apartment. After a short while she heard the characteristic sound of
spike heels on a tile floor. The girl was dressed like the sexy sadist
she was: On her legs were thigh high lace-up boots, with stiletto 7
inches high. On her body was what looked like a very revealing rubber
bathing suit, open at the crotch. She wore shiny, black plastic gloves
going almost to her armpits a small black collar-like necklace and on
her head was a nazi uniform cap. She looked awesome, sexy and menacing
at the same time. In her right hand was a riding crop. As soon as Debbie
saw her she dropped to her knees and leaned forward to kiss the boots of
the advancing mistress. "So you are the filthy, little sissy-slut.
Mistress Chamberlain sent over?" Her voice was a very light soprano and
she spoke with the rhythm of a little girl, but the tone of mature
woman. The effect was both sexy and menacing. Debbie replied, keeping
her head down: "Mistress, yes, Mistress." "Nasty slut." the girl said
and hit Debbie across the face with the riding crop. "Get undressed you
fucking cunt." Debbie was only halfway finished undressing when the girl
pushed her over so that she landed on her back. The girl then sat down
on Debbie's face with a command that Debbie should begin licking. As
Debbie started to lick, the girl began striking her in the crotch with
the crop. Debbie knew better than to try and prevent her from hitting
and soon she was crying out in pain while licking pussy for all she was
worth. As the girl came she grabbed Debbie by the hair and pulled her
face as close as it would come. Then she squeezed her legs together as
she screamed out her orgasm. She recovered very quickly and stood up,
still holding Debbie by the hair. She then dragged Debbie into the main
room of the penthouse. It was huge and had been decorated to the
distinguished visitor's taste. Gone were the pompous furniture and the
fancy paintings. The pop star had demanded and gotten what was
effectively a dungeon with a penthouse view. Debbie's heart sank when
she saw the large collection of implements and devices for torture and
restraint. The girl ripped the last of Debbie's clothes off and dragged
her to a pair of cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She cuffed Debbie's
hands in front of her and using a motor winch, she pulled the chain
until only the very tips of Debbie's shoes touched the ground. She had
so little foothold that she spun slowly around herself. Not the type to
pass an opportunity the girl then launched into a furious whipping
making Debbie scream and cry and leaving her covered in red welts. Sweat
ran down the face and body of the incredibly sexy girl as she stopped
and stood very close to Debbie: "I'm going hurt you like you've never
been hurt before, you sexy little sissy-shit." She smiled sweetly at
Debbie, then took a step back and kicked Debbie in groin, holding back
nothing. The tip of her pointy high-heeled boot struck Debbie's balls
dead center. Debbie wanted to scream her head off and curl up in pain,
but no sound came from her mouth and all her force drained away from
her, leaving her hanging completely out of breath and absorbed in the
pain for several seconds until she finally drew enough air to let out a
proper scream. The pain was excruciating, blinding out everything else.
That is, until the girl did it again. Debbie didn't think the pain in
her crotch could get any worse until the girl kicked her for the second
time. Then she found out that it could get plenty worse. And the girl
didn't stop there, she kicked Debbie in the groin with all her might at
least seven more times before Debbie threw up from the pain and passed

She came to when the girl held a glass of smelling salt under her nose.
She first felt, then saw, a servant cleaning up the mess she had made,
both on herself and on the floor. The servant, a maid, was a middle-aged
woman with features that looked vaguely Latino and with eyes that had
seen everything. Debbie could feel her genitals trying to swell up, but
being prevented from doing so by the chastity device. As the maid left
Debbie began to fear for her health as the girl approached her with
wicked smile on her lips. Debbie began to cry and plead: "Mistress,
please don't hurt me, Mistress. Mistress, I'll be good, Mistress.
Mistress, I promise I'll do whatever you say, Mistress." she babbled
with tears streaming down her face. The girl's smile broadened as she
said: "Why of course you will, slave. And I'll enjoy hurting you all the
more for it." Debbie began to cry in earnest. The girl produced a couple
of electrodes, which she fastened to Debbie's tits and genitals. The
wires went to a control box and power supply on a table right beside
Debbie. As Debbie pleaded with the girl, she began to whistle a merry,
little tune as she moved behind the control box and faced Debbie.
Smiling she turned a knob and Debbie's tits burned with pain as her
whole upper body spasmed from the electric shock and she screamed. Next
the shock hit her imprisoned and battered genitals, causing Debbie to
pass out from the pain. The girl patiently woke Debbie up using the
smelling salts and then resumed the torture. After half an hour of
electric torture, Debbie was completely desperate, her screams coming
out as little gasps and her whole body spasming. 

Thankfully the girl stopped and removed the electrodes while Debbie
babbled gratefully. "Don't get your hopes up, silly slut," the girl said
as she removed the last electrode, "It's definitely not over yet."
Debbie's grateful babbling turned into an alarmed silence. The girl
returned with a pair of ballet-toed boots with 8-inch heels. Debbie had
never worn a pair of boots like them but she had seen them on other
slaves. The boot touched the ground in only two pencil thin points: the
very tip of boot and the heel. The girl removed Debbie's shoes and threw
them to the side and put the boots on Debbie's feet. They forced her
feet to be completely straight and had she not hung by her wrists, all
of her weight would have been pressing her toes into the impossibly
small tips of the boots.

To Debbie great surprise the girl then removed Debbie's corset. Her
waist didn't remain free for very long as the girl produced the most
fearsome corset Debbie had ever seen. It was made from red leather and
clearly had a great many steel inserts. It was also the largest corset
Debbie had seen to date. She estimated that it would cover her from her
crotch to under her arms. Here she was mistaken; it covered a good deal
more than that. First the girl had Debbie step into what looked like
perverted trouser-legs. As the corset was pulled up Debbie saw that
these went all the way down to her knees. There was an opening allowing
access to her genitals and her ass, but above that the serious lacing
began. Using a lacing robot like the Mistress had, the corset was
tightened until it reached her lower ribs. This left a great deal of
material hanging loosely about her body, but the girl stopped here and
took Debbie's hands down. Without a word she led Debbie to a pole going
straight up from a thick metal plate on the ground. At the end of the
pole was a dildo and the pole's height could be adjusted. Debbie had
tried this before and soon she again stood on her tiptoes, this time
trying to escape the pressure from the dildo, forcing her up. It wasn't
all bad as it took a little of the pressure off her feet. It was
excruciatingly painful to walk in the ballet-toed shoes and she had
great difficulties balancing in them at all. From the ceiling the girl
lowered a noose, which she put around Debbie's neck. Debbie got very
nervous as it was tightened until her breath became labored and wheezy.
Although her hands were free, she didn't dare use them and the hung
limply at her side even as she began to get choking sensations from the

With a gentle touch the girl took her right hand and began stroking it:
"It'll be all-right, slave," she said. While holding Debbie's arm
firmly, and before Debbie realized what was happening, she then grabbed
Debbie's hand and twisted it sharply and brutally, breaking Debbie's
wrist, bending it until the hand was flush with the arm. Debbie screamed
at the top of her lungs, which meant that pretty soon she was running
out of air because the noose. The pain was unbelievable and for the
first time Debbie tried to resist using her left hand. The girl just hit
Debbie in the groin, knocking the last air out of her. While Debbie
tried to get enough air to resist, the girl took a roll of duct tape and
used it to tape Debbie's hand into position, lying flush with the lower
arm. When she finished it looked like Debbie's hand had been amputated
and that all that was left, was a tape-covered stump. Fighting to remain
conscious and trying to scream and fight off the girl was too much for
Debbie in her present state, so she could only offer weak resistance as
the girl did the same to her left hand. When the girl broke her left
wrist Debbie passed out. As Debbie slumped forward, her weight
tightening the noose, the girl released the rope allowing Debbie to
breathe normally as the girl continued to tape the hand to the lower
arm. When she had finished, she used the smelling salt to bring Debbie
back to consciousness. As Debbie came to she felt the pain again and
remembered what had happened. As she began to scream and cry the girl
produced a ball-gag and used it to gag Debbie. The pain in her hands was
some of the worst she had experienced and as the girl took Debbie's arms
and twisted then behind her back Debbie tried to resist. But it was no
use; she was too weak and in too much pain and her position with the
metal pole up her ass didn't help. Besides the girl proved to be
surprisingly strong. Soon she had Debbie's hands and arms in a
"back-prayer" with Debbie's arm resting between her shoulder blades. The
fact that her hands had been broken meant that the bulge her bound arms
made didn't go any further up than to just below her neck. This proved
to be the reason the girl had broken her hands: to reduce the size of
the bulge. The girl proceeded to lace up the rest of the corset, which
ended just below Debbie's chin and included a neck corset holding her
head in a fixed position looking straight ahead and slightly up. It had
holes at her chest through which Debbie's tits were pulled. It took some
pulling since the diameter of the holes was smaller than that of
Debbie's tits. This compressed the base of her tits making them stand
out even further as they slowly turned bluish. But getting the corset on
was only the beginning. The process of tightening all the laces as much
as they possibly could took even longer. When the last set of laces had
been tightened, the girl returned to the first and started again just to
make sure. When all the laces had been tightened to the girls
satisfaction Debbie was so compressed she couldn't believe it. The
corset had no holes for her arms, and she was left armless.

The pressure held all of her body above the knees in a completely fixed
position and the lacing had pressed her bound and broken hands far into
her back, increasing the pain tremendously and pushing Debbie so far,
that she used all of what little air she could draw in the constrictive
corset to try to scream. She was in a state of panic and just wanted to
escape. But of course she had no such luck. The girl waited until Debbie
had passed out from lack of air a few times and she calmed down a
little. Then she removed pole from Debbie's ass, allowing Debbie to
stand for herself. Debbie was to far gone to be able to concentrate on
balancing in the ballet-toed boots and she quickly fell over. She fell
on her face and because of the corset it was impossible for her to
herself turn over. Not that she would have wanted to since it meant
lying on her broken hands. Lying there she regained a little of her
composure, so she was somewhat ready when the girl flipped her over onto
her back, landing on her broken hands. Debbie screamed again but without
much force. The girl had broken her and she was feeling exhausted even
though she knew that the girl was only just getting started. The girl
squatted on her face and removed the gag, implicitly ordering Debbie
lick her pussy. A huge satisfied grin was on her face and Debbie knew
she had enjoyed the process of breaking her hands and lacing her up
tightly immensely. The girl had three orgasms before she let Debbie's
head out of the wise-grip she held it in with her thighs. "At least your
tongue is as talented as they say, slut," she commented as she rose,
"good for you."

The girl pulled Debbie to her feet. Debbie stood swaying insecurely in
her ballet-toed boots. The pain coming from them was only small part of
the excruciating pain she was experiencing. The only thing that made her
obey was her enormous fear of the girl. She knew that disobedience would
only make thing worse. "Stand still, you useless fucking slut!" the girl
spat. Debbie tried to stand still, but it was almost impossible in the
boots she was wearing. As she stood as still as she could, the girl
knelt in front of her and to her great surprise she removed Debbie's
chastity device. This was quite difficult and more than a little painful
for Debbie since her genitals were so swollen from the beating they had
taken from the girl. Once the steel prison was removed her cock and
balls swelled up and began to bruise. The pain was worse even than it
had been while the steel bands had held her genitals. Debbie moaned in
pain. The girl smiled gently and grabbed Debbie's balls in one and her
throat in the other. Debbie had thought that the abuse her cock and
balls had suffered would have made an erection impossible, but she had
been wrong. In a matter of seconds her cock was rock hard again. Debbie
blushed with shame as the girl laughed derisively. Then, without
warning, she squeezed Debbie's balls hard. As Debbie tried to scream and
she could feel her legs giving in, the girl tightened her grip on
Debbie's throat using her surprising strength to keep Debbie upright
while choking her at the same time. "Don't you dare fall over, worthless
fucking whore," she sneered at Debbie, "you are going to show me
gratitude for even touching your filthy member." Debbie managed to
overcome the pain and stood steadily after a little while. The girl
seemed pleased at this at eased her grip on Debbie's throat. Then she
turned around still holding Debbie's balls and walked towards the other
end of the room using Debbie's balls as a leash. Debbie fought to keep
up, her poor balance making her stumble along causing more pain in her
genitals as the girl pulled her balls to make her keep up.

The girl led Debbie to a low leather covered bench, in front of which
she lowered Debbie to her knees. Except that she couldn't really kneel
and bend her body forward since the corset held her thighs so rigidly
that they were just a continuation of her torso. All she could manage
was to bend her legs slightly as she lay on her stomach across the bench
facing the floor. Using a number of long straps the girl secured Debbie
to the bench. The corset held Debbie so rigidly that not only was she
unable to look up, she couldn't turn her head or body and she was unable
bend very much at the hip. The result was that she lay tied to the bench
as stiffly as a stick, her feet only just touching the ground because of
the slight flex the corset provided at the hips. So she was unable to
see what the girl did when she moved away from Debbie's highly
restricted field of vision. She did, however, feel her as she spread
Debbie's legs, kneeling between them. Even this was only accomplished
with great difficulty. Once in position the girl began stroking Debbie's
swollen and bruised member. Like Mistress she had a sweet touch and in
seconds Debbie was moaning, this time with pleasure. Soon Debbie could
feel the girl's other hand separating her buttocks and moving towards
her asshole and not long after the girls fingers began to pry open
Debbie's hole. At first it was pleasurable, since Debbie liked being
taken up the ass, but soon the girl had her whole hand up Debbie's ass.
This accomplished she began pushing it further up Debbie's ass to
Debbie's great discomfort and pain. As the girl pushed her arm further
and further up Debbie's ass, the mixture of pleasure and pain became
unbearable. Debbie needed to cum badly and the pain, now focused in her
abused asshole, made her panicky. This only spurred the girl on and
suddenly her arms was up Debbie's asshole past her elbow. The pressure
and pain was so great that Debbie's screams and pleas were silenced
completely. All that was left was Debbie's spasming ass, contorted face
and shallow little panic breaths. The pain balanced the pleasure out and
left Debbie hanging on the edge, unable to cum no matter what tricks the
girl used on her cock. After what seemed like an age, the girl withdrew
her hand from Debbie's ass and she could breathe normally again. The
torture had once again turned the girl on and she quickly strapped on a
double-ended dildo and fucked Debbie's ass frantically. Debbie could
hardly feel the dildo after having most of the girl's arm up her behind
and she relaxed a little during the frantic ass fucking. She was still
unbearably horny and her pelvis tried in vain to thrust, but she knew
that the girl wouldn't let her cum. Like always she desperately hoped
that the girl would let her cum, even though she should have known

When the girl had satisfied her need, she untied the straps and dragged
Debbie to her feet. While Debbie stood balancing precariously in the
ballet-toed boots, her feet in exquisite agony, the girl fetched a
number of items: a huge metal dildo, three metal bands, a number of long
electrical wires and the control box the girl had used for the
electrical torture. As the girl connected the wires to the control box
and then to the dildo and the metal bands, Debbie began to cry. "Oh,
shut up you worthless shit," the girl said in disgust, "You love the
abuse and the pain, so why not drop the pretence and admit it?" Debbie
just couldn't admit to herself that she enjoyed being dominated and
tortured so much, that even the treatment this girl subjected her to was
turning her on, so instead she began sobbing in earnest. But there was
no denying it; her cock was rock hard and twitching with anticipation.
As the girl had pushed the dildo up her ass and looped the metal bands
around her cock, Debbie breath had quickened with fear and excitement.
She didn't have to wait for long for the girl's intentions to become
clear: "Now, little sissy-slut, we're going to go walkies and we're
going to train posture and balance." The girl smiled sweetly as she said
this. "Every time you stumble or otherwise disobey my orders, this will
happen." She turned knob on the control box and a short, sharp and very
painful shock was delivered to her ass and cock. Debbie screamed in pain
and her whole body tried to spasm. This was made very difficult by the
corset and all she managed to do was to loose her balance and fall. As
she lay there trying to recover from the electric shock, the girl looked
down on her and said matter-of-factly: "And to stupid fucking slaves who
fall over, this happens." She turned the knob again, but this time she
turned it much farther that before and held it for much longer. Debbie
screamed and tried to convulse. When the shock stopped she was desperate
to please the girl and helplessly tried to tell her this, but in her
desperate state all that came out was senseless babble and cries. When
the babbling and the cries had died out, the girl stood Debbie up again
and gagged her with huge penis gag. Then she began commanding Debbie to
walk in a specific manner in a circle around the room. The girl stood in
the middle of the circle with the control box, and every time Debbie
took a step she disapproved of Debbie received a shock to her ass and
genitals. In spite of the frequent shocks Debbie only fell over once
more. The punishment she received for falling over was so severe that
for rest of the very long torture/training session she managed to stay
on her feet. Very soon Debbie mastered walking around in the ballet-toed
boots even though they hurt her feet badly. The smallest misstep was
punished and Debbie entered a state were she was crying and screaming
into her gag almost constantly. After what seemed like several hours of
practicing walking around in the boots, the girl stopped her and pushed
her over so that she landed on her back, the brunt of the blow landing
right on her broken hands. Debbie screamed like crazy into the gag as
the overpowering pain washed over her. But the girl had no time for
Debbie's screaming as she removed Debbie's gag and sat on Debbie's face,
commanding her to lick. Debbie obeyed even though her almost hysterical
sobbing disturbed the licking a little.

After the girl's lust had been sated once again, the gag was reinserted
and the training resumed. Now Debbie practiced standing completely
still. This was very difficult in her current footwear, but the girl
accepted nothing but perfection so Debbie spent a great deal of time
screaming in pain as the shocks ripped through her ass and genitals. She
had been shocked so much that her buttocks and cock were twitching even
when they weren't shocked. The standing still training went on for hours
and by the time the girl decided to call it a night, Debbie was on the
verge of collapse. The girl commanded Debbie to hold her position as she
herself prepared for the night. To make sure that Debbie obeyed, she
drew little chalk-marks on the floor marking where Debbie's feet were.
And since Debbie's neck corset prevented her from looking down she had
to remain in place. If she were to step away from the marks she wouldn't
be able to place her feet correctly again. Debbie fought to stay awake
and in the same place while the girl made her nightly preparations. When
she returned to the exhausted Debbie she looked at the markings on the
floor and smiled: "Well, it seems that you have learned your lesson,
slave." she said, a little disappointment creeping into her voice. To
Debbie's great relief she removed the electrodes from her genitals and
the metal dildo from her ass. 

As she put the things away Debbie noticed how sexy and beautiful the
girl was. She had long blonde hair going all the way down to her waist.
Her eyes were baby blue and all her features were delicate, her skin
soft and smooth. She wore nothing but a very short, black silk bathrobe
and a pair of black high-heeled mules and Debbie could see her perfect
breasts and perfect ass quite clearly. "Like what you see, eh slut?" the
girl asked when she noticed Debbie watching her. Debbie tried to nod,
but the neck corset stifled the movement. The girl seemed satisfied with
the response nonetheless and using Debbie's cock as a leash, she led
Debbie into the bathroom. Here she removed Debbie gag and gave her
something to drink. She also led her to the toilet so she could pee. As
the girl held her member, Debbie peed standing up for the first time
since meeting her aunt. It felt strange and unnatural to Debbie.

Debbie's business in the toilet over, the girl led Debbie into the
bedroom. It held a giant bed made up with black silk sheets. The girl
pushed Debbie onto the bed causing Debbie to cry out as she landed on
her broken hands again. As always the girl paid no attention to Debbie's
pain and instantly tied Debbie's legs together. This accomplished she
bent Debbie's legs, so that Debbie's heels touched her ass and tied them
in place there. Then she rolled Debbie all the way over onto her back.
The position was intensely painful because of her broken hands and very
uncomfortable for the rest of her body. She lay there whimpering in pain
with her cock standing straight up from her stiffly arched body when the
girl produced the two next things in her arsenal of items to torture
Debbie with. The first thing was a length of surgical tubing which she
tied very tightly around the base of Debbie's member, thus insuring that
Debbie's erection couldn't go away. The second thing was a thick rubber
hood, which the girl pulled over the head of Debbie's cock. It only
covered the very sensitive part of her cock at the very tip. Once the
girl had done these things, she took off her bathrobe and her shoes and
stood over Debbie, a leg on either side of Debbie's body. Then she
slowly slid down on Debbie's cock. Thus she became the first woman
Debbie had had her cock inside. But the intercourse that followed was
pure torture. Debbie body ached from the restricted position and the
pain in her hands was bad, but she could have ignored that if she had
gotten pleasure out of the intercourse. But of course she didn't. The
hood at the tip of her cock insured that all she could feel was vague
unsatisfactory rubbing that frustrated her enormously. She begged and
pleaded with the girl to be allowed to cum, but as the girl rode her to
one fantastic orgasm after another all she allowed Debbie was a couple
of well-placed slaps in the face. When the girl finally stopped riding
her Debbie was crying with frustration. The girl just loosened the
surgical tubing and left the hood on so that Debbie couldn't rub herself
against the sheets. Then she turned her back on Debbie and went to

In spite of the pain and the unbearable frustration of not being allowed
to cum, Debbie was finally able to fall asleep. She slept very poorly
and twice during the night the girl woke her up. The first time she
squatted on Debbie's face. She pissed Debbie in the mouth and then she
made Debbie lick her to a number of orgasms. The second time the girl
stroked Debbie's member to life and used it to fuck herself. Once again
Debbie was unable to cum because of the rubber hood.

When morning came around Debbie felt anything but well rested. Her whole
body ached from its cramped position, her hands and wrists were filled
with a burning pain, her tits were purple and filled with a terrible
ache and she was terribly frustrated. In spite of the pain all she could
think about was sexual release. As always none was forthcoming. The girl
started the day much as she had finished the night before. She used
surgical tubing to ensure that Debbie stayed hard no matter what (she
needn't have bothered) and rode the increasingly frustrated Debbie
giving herself a number of fantastic orgasms. All Debbie got was a
number of hard slaps to the face and a lot punches to her tits. When the
girl stopped, Debbie was again crying with pain and frustration.

The girl, still nude from the bed, released Debbie's legs and helped her
stand. Her feet hurt something awful from the training the day before
and the confinement they had endured during the night, but there was no
indication that the girl was going to release Debbie from any of her
terribly restricting bonds. Instead the girl led her by her cock into
the main room of the penthouse. It was still equipped like a dungeon,
but the curtains no longer obscured the windows and there was a
breathtaking view of the city. As Debbie stood very still the girl
fetched two metal rods. One of them was a connecting rod between a pair
of cuffs. These went on her ankles holding Debbie's ankles eight inches
apart. The other metal rod had a large dildo at one end, set at an angle
to the rest of the rod. Without any warning the girl pushed the dildo
brutally up Debbie's ass. Then she made Debbie kneel. As Debbie knelt
the girl guided the metal rod coming from Debbie's ass so that the other
end fitted into a hole in the rod connecting her ankle cuffs. The hole
was fitted with a locking device so that once inside the other rod could
only be released using the proper key. Debbie was locked into a kneeling
position, her body straight but her ass pushed slightly back. Next the
girl fetched a riding crop and laid it down on top of Debbie's breasts.
"If you have an unsatisfied or sadistic customer, they can let you
know," the girl giggled a little as she said this. She then called her
maid and asked her to get breakfast in order. "And let the crew know
that if the want some head, now is the time," the girl told her maid,
"And that of course goes for you as well, Maria." The maid acknowledged
the order and as the girl went to bathe, she called room service. This
done she turned her attention to Debbie. She picked up the riding crop,
caressing it as she turned it over in her hands. "My, my, chica," she
crooned with a vague Spanish accent, "you are one hot bitch. I'm going
to love whipping you until you pass out." As Debbie looked on in terror
she slipped one hand under her skirt and began caressing herself while
she used the other to whip Debbie. As first the whipping was slow and
leisurely landing mostly on her tits, but as her excitement mounted in
step with Debbie's cries and screams the blows came faster and harder,
hitting Debbie all over her body. Just as the maid had promised Debbie
lost consciousness as a massive orgasm wracked the maid's body.

The maid brought Debbie back using smelling salt. Before she left to do
her other duties she leaned close to Debbie and said: "You are a
pleasure to punish, a true pleasure. I have seen my share of slaves, but
you are a natural. You were born to be a whipped sissy-slave, a pain toy
for some lucky Master or Mistress. And don't tell me you don't enjoy
being brutally whipped." Debbie tried to look down in shame, but the
neck corset wouldn't allow her to. The maid smiled and nodded before she
continued: "Just as I thought. Well, best of luck girl. A worthless
slave bitch like you is going to need it in order to survive." With that
the maid leaned in further and kissed Debbie passionately, long and
hard. When she broke the kiss off a whining sound of loss escaped from
Debbie's throat. Debbie looked longingly after the maid. The tender
treatment had made her forget how brutal the whipping had been and now
she actually wished that the maid would come back to whip her. Instead
she heard the voice of girl: "Maria is the best at that kind of whipping
and she is soo right. You really are a natural born slave-slut." She was
sitting to Debbie's right before a huge breakfast table, dressed in a
flimsy silk bathrobe. Debbie hadn't even noticed the table being laid.
The girl made no moves to get up and start torturing Debbie again. She
began eating and instead one of the security men came in. He didn't
display muck imagination; he just unzipped his fly, took out his member
and shoved it into Debbie's mouth. It turned out the most of the girl's
staff, men and women, wanted a piece of the action and Debbie spent most
of the morning giving head. A few whipped her or twisted her nipples,
but none were as good as the maid and none lasted for long. The girl
just watched, occasionally answering questions from staffers who were
either waiting in line to use Debbie or had just used her.

This went on for most of the morning, but finally the girl had finished
her morning ritual and all of the staffers and more than a few of the
hotel staff had used Debbie in one way or the other. The last "customer"
Debbie had had was one of the receptionists from the lobby. She was a
tall girl and more than a little chubby. Unlike the other girls, who had
used stools to bring their cunts up to Debbie's mouth, this girl just
placed her legs on either side of Debbie's shoulders, enabling her to
straddle Debbie's face while standing up. Like all the others she had
loved Debbie's talented tongue and when she came, she squeezed her
thighs tightly into the sides of Debbie's head while at the same time
pressing Debbie's face as possible into her snatch. The effect was to
cut of Debbie's breath; almost drowning her in the huge thighs and
flabby cunt. Nonetheless Debbie licked until she passed out, her body
desperately trying to twitch in panic but unable to because of the
corset, the bonds and the vice grip the overweight receptionist held her

When she came to the girl had dressed for a day of sport with her rented
slave. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She wore a black, leather bra
and matching hot pants, open at the crotch. On her hands were thin,
black rubber gloves all the way up to her armpits and on her feet were
black, knee-high, lace-up leather boots with 6-inch heels. As Debbie
came to the girl moved around to front her. She had been fixing
something behind Debbie. Without a word the girl took out the surgical
tubing and the rubber hood for Debbie's cock. To Debbie's excitement and
dismay she put them on Debbie, ensuring that Debbie would remain rock
hard. Then she mounted Debbie as she stood there kneeling. The thing the
girl had been doing behind Debbie was to secure Debbie's ankles to the
floor so that she didn't loose her balance as the girl mounted her. Now
the girl rode Debbie like mad, crossing her legs behind Debbie's back
and sliding up and down, holding on to Debbie, kissing her furiously.
The fucking was of course not only frustrating, but also painful. Her
knees hurt from the pressure and the girl rubbed against Debbie's sore
tits. And she needed to cum so badly! The passionate kissing only made
it all the worse. Debbie tried to plead for release, but the girl
wouldn't allow her to speak, instead she kissed the protests away until
Debbie cried with frustration. After four orgasms the girl had had
enough and dismounted. In parting she slapped Debbie's face hard,
laughing contemptuously. The corset allowed her almost no freedom of
movement but still Debbie tried to squirm. She was going mad with
frustration and her hips desperately tried to thrust out towards the
girl. Even though she had no chance of reaching the girl or the orgasm
she so desperately wanted, her body was beyond her control, trying
wildly to thrust. Exasperated she gave up and tried to relax and in
doing so rested all her weight on her knees and on the dildo up her ass.
Not only was she in desperate need; all of her body ached. Her tits had
turned an unhealthy shade of purple, but at least they didn't hurt as
much anymore.

The girl took care of that. Around the openings in the corset, through
which Debbie's tits had been pulled, were straps to further compress the
base of the breasts. When Debbie had been put into the corset the day
before, these straps had been tightened as much as they could be. Now
the girl loosened the straps allowing blood to flow back into Debbie's
tits. With the blood flow restored the feeling returned to the abused
tits. The pain was excruciating and Debbie began to scream in pain. Her
tits felt like they were going to burst open. The girl just stood back
and enjoyed the show. Debbie had no idea how long she had been
screaming, but it seemed like an awful long time when the pain finally
became bearable. Her screaming died down to sniffles, as the pain became
a burning ache - just like ache in the rest of her body. But of course
the girl wanted value for her money, so leaving Debbie alone was out of
the question. She removed the surgical tubing around the base of Debbie
cock and the hood that had prevented Debbie from reaching an orgasm.
Once again pain came instantly as blood flowed back into the member, but
this time it was more manageable since Debbie cock hadn't been tied up
for nearly as long as her tits. As always her member was instantly and
embarrassingly erect, even now twitching with urgent need, a few drops
of pre-cum dribbling out of the tip. The girl grabbed hold of the
twitching member with exquisite gentleness, propelling Debbie to new
heights of need. "You are such a fucking slut," the girl said with
wonder in her voice. "How does someone get to like being punished and
dominated so much?" When Debbie, unsuccessfully because of the neck
corset, tried to look down in shame the girl asked harshly: "Answer me,
you stupid, worthless piece of slave meat!" Debbie was at loss:
"Mistress, please, Mistress. Mistress, this worthless sissy-slut doesn't
know, Mistress. Mistress, I'm sorry, Mistress." The girl stood up and
looked down on Debbie: "Never mind, you mindless cow. I didn't expect
you to be able answer, fucking sissy-whore." The girl then got her
riding crop and stood facing Debbie as she spoke: "I'll show you just
how much you like being punished, slave. I'll have you begging for more
even though you are screaming in pain." Debbie swallowed hard in dread.
The girl had shown herself more than capable of administering both
pleasure and pain and Debbie had no reason to doubt her words. She
started out by flicking the tip of the whip across the tip of Debbie's
member slowly and without much force. The effect was like a somewhat
brutal caress, driving Debbie's craving for release to new heights. As
she continued both the pain and the pleasure mounted and Debbie began to
plead for release. After a good long while the girl stopped. She used
two stools to straddle Debbie's face and while she used one hand to
press Debbie's face into her crotch, she used the other to flick the
whip over Debbie's cock. Debbie licked like mad in the hope that the
girl might grant her release, but after a couple of orgasms for the
girl, she dismounted to continue the torture. She started out by taking
a couple of needles and pushing then into Debbie's newly sensitized
tits. The pain was bad and Debbie's pleas and cries became louder. After
pushing in the needles the girl resumed her languid whipping of Debbie's
member, which was still rock hard and aching with need. 

The girl settled into an evil routine: first she would push a few
needles into Debbie's tits and the she would resume her whipping of
Debbie's cock. Debbie became more and more incoherent, her screams and
her pleas for release mixing into meaningless babble. The whipping of
her dick, even though it was comparatively gentle was taking its toll
also, as the member became more and more raw and abraded the whipping
became more and more painful, while still retaining its basic sexually
exciting quality. It was completely maddening and Debbie once again lost
all track of time. When her tits were completely covered in needles the
girl added one more touch: she tightened the straps around the base of
Debbie's tits, causing Debbie to pass out from the pain. As she came to
the girl held up a mirror so that Debbie could see herself. Her eyes
were red and her face wet from the tears. Her tits were completely
purple and filled with needles, small trickles of blood coming from some
of the needle holes. Her body as a whole looked quite sexy, however,
armless and encased as it was in the brutal corset. Her cock still stood
at attention, but looked raw and bruised.

With a little chuckle the girl put away the mirror and turned her
attention to causing more pain for Debbie. As she produced the fiendish
electrical control box she had used on Debbie the day before Debbie
began to cry harder, once more trying to plead with the girl. But of
course there was no mercy: firstly she connected the wires to the rod
connected with the dildo in Debbie's ass. Secondly she produced some
metal bands, which she used to tie up Debbie's cock. One went around the
base, ensuring that it stayed erect. The others went around her cock at
intervals of about an inch. Thirdly she took two fearsome looking clamps
and put one on each of Debbie's balls. Debbie's crotch exploded with
pain and she screamed her lungs out. Not finished yet, the girl took a
third clamp and put it on Debbie's tongue. Finally the girl connected
several of the needles in Debbie's tits to the control box. She stood
back and took a moment to admire her handiwork before she proceeded with
the torture. The electric shock torture that followed was the worst
Debbie had yet experienced. The girl started out by using only one
electrode at a time and for small period of time. After while she used
more and more electrodes for longer and longer periods of time. Debbie
was submerged in a sea of pain, her whole body twitching and spasming
while she screamed without end. Had the rod connecting her ankles not
been secured to the floor she would have fallen over several times. From
time to time she lost consciousness only to be brought back by the girl.
The girl enjoyed herself enormously, masturbating wildly to the sound of
Debbie's screams.

When the girl paused the torture Debbie was so far gone that she didn't
realize that the torture had stopped until the girl held a plastic bag
over her head cutting of her breath and thus getting her attention. As
the girl removed the bag Debbie saw that someone had joined the girl.
Mistress was standing right before her looking fantastic as always.
Dressed in a black leather dress and black high-heeled shoes under a fur
coat she looked contemptuously down at Debbie. "I hope the useless bitch
has been behaving?" Mistress asked the girl. "She is awfully loud," the
girl answered with a grin, "but then again, that's why she's here, isn't
it?" They both laughed at this while Mistress removed her coat. Then she
undid something at the back of her dress and elegantly and effortlessly
slid out of her dress. Wearing only her high-heeled shoes she stood
before the girl and asked: "How have you been, my dear? I have seen far
to little of you." The girl stepped up close to Mistress and said in a
low seductive voice: "I've been fine Helen, but I've missed your
company." With that they began kissing each other passionately. Soon the
kissing turned to fondling and the girl led Mistress into the bedroom
leaving Debbie in kneeling with all the electrodes still on. She looked
longingly at the bedroom door as she could hear the sound of passionate
lovemaking coming from there.

The lovemaking went on for hours but Debbie had no choice but to remain
in her increasingly painful position as she enviously heard both
Mistress and the girl reaching one orgasm after another. A waiter came
from room service with a meal, which the women enjoyed in bed. He hardly
glanced at Debbie as he passed. After they had finished eating Debbie
could hear them resume their lovemaking, although at a more sedate pace.
Finally they came out of the bedroom hand in hand, both wearing nothing
but high-heeled shoes. Mistress knelt down and gently strokes Debbie's
member, driving her mad with lust but never letting her cum. When she
tired of that, the girl continued her electrical torture of Debbie until
she was once more completely incoherent. This accomplished both the
mistresses seemed satisfied and they removed the clamps on her balls and
tongue and loosened the straps around her tits and member, but left all
the needles in. Then they said goodnight to Debbie and retreated to the
bedroom, this time shutting the door. 

After a while the maid Maria came carrying a bucket and a bottle. She
stood before Debbie looking at her twitching cock with a wry smile: "Ay
chica," she said, "you really are a sorry slut. I am almost tempted to
give you a hand-job just to make it better for you." Debbie looked at
the maid with pleading eyes, but all the maid did was to hold the water
bottle for Debbie to drink. After she had drunk greedily Debbie was
allowed to piss in the bucket. Then Maria prepared Debbie for the night.
First she gagged Debbie and then she pulled a thick rubber hood over her
head. It was laced tightly up the back and left only Debbie's nostrils
free. Debbie was left in her kneeling position all her weight resting on
her knees and on the dildo in her ass. Before she left her, Maria
stroked Debbie's cock ever so gently driving Debbie up the wall with
unfulfilled desire. Maria left Debbie without letting her cum and Debbie
sobbed with frustration as Maria retreated.

There wasn't much sleep for Debbie that night even though she was dead
tired. Every time she dozed off, she lost her balance causing the dildo
in her ass to wake her up with brutal reminder of its presence as it
tore at the sides of her ass.

Debbie was woken by a vicious kick delivered to her groin by the pointy
tip of a high-heeled boot. She tried to scream, but the surprise and
pain had sucked all breath out of her and she almost passed out instead.
Her hood was removed and she saw Mistress and the girl standing before
her. They were dressed, for lack of better word, identically, wearing
only knee-high stiletto boots. "Wake up you lazy slut," the girl said.
"It's torture time," Mistress continued. The girl removed Debbie's gag
while Mistress coaxed Debbie's aching member back to its former rock
hard state. In spite of the pain, this took almost no time at all. Once
Debbie's member was erect; Mistress again tied surgical tubing around
the base and applied the hated hood. After removing the gag the girl
tied the base of Debbie's abused tits off again. Debbie was at the end
of her endurance. Her tits felt like they were going to burst open and
fall off, and they looked that way too. Her whole body was now a mass of
pain, her cock was twitching with urgent, unfulfilled need and she
hadn't really slept for two days. But Mistress and the girl wanted more
out of Debbie and there was nothing she could do to resist them.
Surprising Debbie quite a bit, the girl went down on all fours in front
of Debbie, her ass aimed directly at Debbie cock. Then she slowly backed
up until she had taken all of Debbie's cock up her cunt from behind.
Standing on hands and knees she began to slowly slide back and forth
along Debbie's cock. It was completely maddening for Debbie to be unable
to cum and became even more so as Mistress lay down before the girl and
spread her legs so that the girl could lick her pussy. As the girl began
eating out Mistress, Mistress moved her hands to the control box for the
electrodes still attached to Debbie's tits and in her ass. She placed it
on the floor within easy reach and now she began using it to torture
Debbie. To the sounds of Debbie's increasingly desperate cries and pleas
the two women brought themselves to countless orgasms. They only stopped
when Debbie's cries began to loose intensity as Debbie reached the end
of her endurance. She simply couldn't hold it together anymore and she
was entering a near-catatonic state. The sound of Debbie's low
monotonous and incoherent mewling the two mistresses removed all the
tubing constricting Debbie's tits and member and they removed all the
needles and the hood covering Debbie's member. Then they removed the
dildo from Debbie's ass and the rod connecting her ankles. They left the
brutal corset and the ballet-toed boots on as Debbie collapsed on the
floor, finally able to take the weight off her knees and stretch her
legs. Her knees hurt something awful and it was very hard to stretch her
legs properly, but she finally managed. The two women meanwhile had
fetched an icepack and Debbie's chastity device. As Debbie saw what was
coming she wanted to scream and plead, but all she had strength to do
was to cry a little as Mistress shrunk her member using the ice and
placed it expertly in its confining cage after wiping it off. The women
said their goodbye, which involved a spate of passionate lovemaking
right next to Debbie, after which Mistress got dressed and moved to
leave. Debbie had recovered somewhat but she still needed three tried
before her legs could carry her and she stood still next to Mistress.
Mistress gagged her and fixed a leash to the front of the neck corset.
The girl walked them to the door and there the women exchanged a final
parting kiss. The girl didn't even look at Debbie as she Mistress led
her towards the door. Debbie was in terrible pain as she walked and at
the verge of collapse, but she knew it wasn't an option. The punishment
that would follow would be far too severe. They took the elevator down
to the parking basement where Bryce was waiting with a limo. Debbie was
placed in the trunk of the car where she promptly fell asleep. She woke
as Bryce lifted her out. As he helped her to stand she wished that she
could have looked sexy for him. She still ached for his attention, but
of course he hardly noticed her. Not surprisingly they were outside Dr.
Jacobsen's clinic and Mistress took the leash and delivered her into the
care of the evil doctor while Bryce waited outside.

Debbie had no idea how long she was in the "care" of the doctor, but
when Mistress came to pick her up, she was almost back to her old self.
Her abused tits had healed and she was as horny as ever, ready to do
anything she was ordered to. But her hands were another matter. Although
Dr. Jacobsen was undoubtedly a fantastic surgeon, he hand not been able
to fix her hands completely. They functioned but she had trouble holding
onto anything with a firm grip and she had trouble with handling small
things. More than a little of the feeling and mobility in her fingers
had been lost.

This didn't prevent Mistress from sending Debbie back to her old job
whoring. But as she came back to the tiny apartment that she and Shawna
occupied, she quickly found out that things had changed a great deal
during the time she had been gone. Although Debbie still went to the
shop every morning and visited customers as many times as she could be
pimped out to, Shawna had gotten a new job. She was in the final stages
of being groomed as a professional dominant. She no longer wore all the
restraints to bed, in fact the only restraint she still had on was her
chastity device signaling that she might be a dominant, but she still
belonged to Mistress. This meant that her privileges had greatly
increased, partly at Debbie's expense. The only times Debbie slept in
the bed and not tied up in the closet, were the times when Shawna used
her as a pillow. Shawna also received regular visits from Bryce and she
was regularly allowed to cum as they made love. It was quite clear that
the two were a couple, even though Shawna belonged to Mistress. Debbie
cried many frustrated and envious tears as she heard or watched Bryce
fucking Shawna up the ass while giving her a reach-around. 

One day it was over. As Debbie came home Bryce and Shawna were waiting
for her. Shawna looked stunning; her beautiful wavy, black hair gathered
in its usual ponytail, eyes sparkling mischievously at Debbie. She wore
a tight, black leather bustier and a black leather mini-skirt and on her
feet were black, knee-high boots with 6-inch stilettos. She had been
kissing Bryce when Debbie came in and there was a noticeable bulge at
the front of her skirt, clearly indicating her freedom. Debbie was of
course well trained and even though the sissy standing before her had
once been her equal as a slave, Debbie now dropped to her knees to kiss
Shawna's boots and Bryce's shoes, clearly showing her submission to
them. "Good slave." Shawna commented. Her voice was now rid of the
respectful and timid tone it had held when she had been a slave. Now
everything about her exuded confidence and dominance; she had clearly
grown into the role as a mistress, filling it completely. "I won't be
seeing anymore of you, you useless sissy-slut," she continued, "so I've
come to say goodbye and to give you a parting gift from me and Bryce."
Debbie began to cry even though she had known for a long time that this
moment would come. Bryce and Shawna paid no heed and ordered her to
strip. Finished she stood before then wearing only her corset and her
high heels. She expected the parting gift would turn out to be a furious
torture session to mark Shawna's transition, but Bryce and Shawna
surprised in the most pleasant manner possible. They ordered her to
stand on all fours on the bed, with her head and ass sticking out over
the sides of the bed. As she stood there Bryce moved to her front and
pulled out his absolutely beautiful cock and commanded Debbie to suck.
Debbie didn't need to be told twice and started an enthusiastic blowjob.
While Debbie was sucking, Shawna moved behind Debbie and rammed her cock
up Debbie's ass. Debbie loved to attention she was getting; pleasing two
of the three people in the world she cared for the most sexually, in the
ways that were most pleasurable to herself was almost like a dream come
through. And the dream became better. While fucking Debbie up the as
with long, hard strokes Shawna reached around and unlocked Debbie's
chastity device. She instantly became hard and her cock twitched with
need. Shawna applied her expert hands and soon she held Debbie at the
brink of an orgasm, without letting her go over the edge. Shawna could
have kept her there forever, but as she and Bryce neared their own
orgasms, she increased the intensity of her stroking and as she and
Bryce came simultaneously, spurting their cum into Debbie's ass and
mouth, Debbie herself came in a fireball of an orgasm. She thrashed and
twisted, writhing with ecstasy as the cum kept pumping out of her cock.
She screamed out her ecstasy and love for Bryce and Shawna as she kept
on cuming long after the two had shot their load. When Shawna had
finally milked the last cum out of Debbie she collapsed on the bed
between Bryce and Shawna. As she lay there on the rubber sheet of the
narrow bed, spent from the release of several years of sexual denial,
she felt a mixture of great gratitude towards Bryce and Shawna and great
sadness at their leaving.

She was pulled out of her chain of thoughts when Bryce ordered her to
lick up her own cum. Debbie instantly complied, licking up a truly
enormous puddle of her own pent up desires. When she finished Bryce and
Shawna wasted no time in preparing her for the night and in a matter of
minutes she was on the bed again, this time wearing her nightly attire
of straightjacket, hobble skirt and plastic sandals with 7-inch
stilettos. Shawna used a couple of long straps to secure Debbie to the
bed. Then she leaned in close to Debbie's face and whispered so that
only Debbie could hear: "Goodbye Debbie. I hope we'll meet again
sometime, but I don't think so. You are destined to live your life as a
pain toy, while I have gotten the man of my dreams. I don't see our
paths crossing again. Goodbye." With that she kissed Debbie deeply and
passionately before gagging her and lacing a leather hood on her face.
This meant that Debbie couldn't see Shawna and Bryce leaving her as she
lay in bed, tied up and gagged, crying herself to sleep.

Life soon settled in to its normal routine for Debbie. She got a new
"roommate" a petite and very pretty sissy named Lucy with a slightly
Asian look. She came directly from Mistress' training and she was very
sweet and almost as submissive as Debbie when she arrived. But there was
something about Debbie that brought the dominant side in people who
previously hadn't even known that they possessed one. Soon Lucy
established herself as the dominant one and Debbie received no reprieve
from the brutal enemas or the violent corset tightenings. Lucy wasn't
nearly as dominant as Shawna had been so Debbie slept in the same bed as
her and she was allowed to sleep without hood or gag for most of the
time. Her services were still very much in demand and most evenings she
had one or more customers to attend to, so she was very busy.

But she missed Shawna and Bryce and the loss made her think about her
life in a way she had never done before. She had come to Mistress just
after her eighteenth birthday and Mistress had now kept her as a slave
and whore for just under four years. This meant that she must be about
twenty-two years old. (Since she was much too unimportant to have a
birthday, the only way she could tell the passing of time was by the
changing of the seasons.) And she was going to be a slave for the rest
of her life! Who knew how long that might be? She guessed that given the
abuse she received daily and the harsh demands set on her, she probably
wouldn't live to old age. And she knew that there was no demand for old
slaves, but still she could remain attractive enough for whoring well
into her forties and perhaps even longer. This meant that she probably
had another twenty years of brutal sexual abuse ahead of her! The
thought chilled her to the bone and excited her at the same time. Even
in the few moments of clear thought she had, when she wasn't in the grip
of her usual state of mindless sexual arousal, the conditioning given by
Mistress and the evil doctor shone through. The thought was both
depressing and exhilarating, but mostly she shivered with anticipation
at the thought of all the brutal sex she was going to experience. Only
one thing really worried her, and she only thought about it in her
exceptionally clear moments: What happened when no one wanted her
services anymore? She hoped that she would be retired to some menial
non-sexual job; housekeeper or cook or something like that, but she knew
in her heart that that probably wouldn't happen. She knew only about sex
and torture and only about being on the receiving end, there would be no
sense in trying to train her as a cook or a housekeeper. No she guessed
that she would most probably end her life screaming in pain as some
psychopathic sadist tortured her to death. Debbie remembered Sally who
had been one of the other slaves at the store. Sally had been enslaved
in her late thirties, but had been a stunning beauty so she ad been
assigned to the same shop as Debbie, where all the best-looking slaves
worked. One day she had gone to visit a customer and hadn't come back.
Now Debbie just thought that she had been moved to one of the cheaper
and less exclusive shops or whorehouses in the suburbs, but one day she
was in the dungeon of a mistress when she saw a picture of Sally. The
mistress, a white woman in her thirties who looked completely ordinary
until she donned her leathers, had tortured Debbie viciously and it was
one of those sessions after which Debbie had been forced to stay in the
apartment for a few days to let the wounds heal. The woman scared Debbie
badly because she always seemed to be holding back, even when she
inflicted the worst torture on her. She clearly wanted to do more harm
to Debbie but couldn't, most likely because she couldn't pay for it. It
had been after the torture ended and Debbie crawled crying across the
floor the get dressed and go home that she saw the picture. Two of the
walls in the dungeon were completely covered with pictures of slaves
being tortured. As Debbie rose she noticed Sally in one of the pictures.
The picture was obviously special, since it was one of only four that
were framed. It was a wonder that Debbie even recognized Sally, but she
did. In the picture Sally was bound in the most vicious manner
thinkable, with barbed wire. Her upper body was bound with the barbed
wire, holding her arms in a back prayer, which had obviously required
them to be broken. She still wore her stilettos but apart from that she
was naked. Her whole body was covered in welts and sores and she had
obviously been tortured for hours if not days. And she was dead. She had
been strangled using a thin rope. Her face was purple, her eyes looked
like they were going to pop out of her head and her tongue was dark and
swollen and hung out of her mouth. In the picture she hung from the
rope. Debbie emitted a small squeal of fear when she saw it and as she
looked at the other three framed pictures she saw that they contained
similar motives. She was just about to turn so she could see the woman,
when she felt a piece of rope going around her throat. The woman forced
Debbie to her knees as she tightened the noose around Debbie neck. Then
she forced her to look at the pictures again. She purred menacingly into
Debbie's ear: "One day I'm going to do the same to you, bitch. I've
never done a sissy, but you'll do just fine. I'm saving money for it, so
just you wait. One of these days it's going to be you swinging from the
end of a rope." Debbie was close to panic now. The woman had cut of her
breath completely and Debbie was convinced she was going to kill her
right now. But suddenly the woman released Debbie and ordered her to
leave. Debbie fled from the house only half dressed. It was only out in
the street that she remembered how badly hurt she really was. She called
Miss Robertson and was picked up. Although Miss Robertson definitely
wasn't a nice lady and wasn't someone you confided in, Debbie
nonetheless told the story in a fit of panic when she got back to the
apartment. She didn't seem surprised at all at Sally's fate, but she
became quite interested when Debbie told what the woman had said to her.
Debbie thought that Mistress after this must have decided to protect her
investment or to quarantine the woman, because Debbie never saw her

Chapter 9

It soon turned out that Debbie wasn't destined to spend the rest of her
life as a whore. As she returned to the apartment one night one of
Mistress' men was waiting for her. She had only just opened the door,
when without a word he cuffed her hands behind her back, gagged her and
put a collar and leash on her. As he led her away she saw that she had
already been replaced: On the bed lay not one but two figures, both in
straightjackets and hobble skirts, both hooded and gagged. One was
obviously Lucy and the other one should have been herself, but wasn't.
Debbie, although at the brink of collapsing from fatigue after a very
hard day of whoring, suddenly became intensely curious. This had never
happened before. Was she being retired to one of the less exclusive
whorehouses in the suburbs? Was this the end of the road for her, was
she going to meet the same fate as Sally? As the man led her out of the
door to a waiting car, Debbie's heart began to pound with terror and she
could feel panic closing in. Again the man wasted neither words nor time
and quickly tied her legs together, pulled a hood over her head and
unceremoniously threw her into the trunk. While Debbie was beginning to
fear for her life, the man closed the trunk and drove off.

Debbie had calmed somewhat down when the trunk opened again. She had
resigned herself to her fate as her conditioning had kicked in. She was
a slave and she had no control over her own life, so she might as well
relax. The thought of her slave status brought on the usual sexual
excitement and as she was lifted out of the trunk, she squirmed
playfully against the man. But still he didn't waste time. He removed
her hood and the bonds on her legs and led her by the leash away from
the car. Debbie recognized the place now: she was at Mistress' mansion.
At the door Giselle was waiting for her. Curtseying and thanking the
man, she took Debbie's leash. As usual Giselle was stunning: this time
she was dressed in a tiny maids uniform made of red rubber, with a black
apron and lacy bits also from black rubber. She wore black rubber
stockings and red stiletto-shoes with 7-inch heels and her ankle-cuffs
were connected by a chain of no more than 6 inches. Her hands were also
cuffed and connected by a chain of about 6 inches and from the center of
this chain another chain was fastened to her collar so that she couldn't
bring her hands below waist level. In her mouth was a ring-gag holding
her mouth completely open and making her drool copiously down her front.
Her thanks to the man handing her Debbie's leash had been garbled and
gurgling. With tiny mincing steps she led Debbie, not to the dungeon,
but to Mistress' living room. There Mistress was waiting with a man.
Mistress was her usual breathtaking self, dressed in a black, strapless
satin gown, wearing black stilettos with 6-inch heels and satin opera
gloves. The man was enormous, bigger even than Bryce. He had short, dark
hair with a hint of curls and moustache. His eyes were pitch-black and
he had a look in them, commanding and domineering, that made Debbie want
to crumble and submit at once. He wore a black business suit, which was
obviously outrageously expensive and although everything about him, from
his thighs, his bulging arm muscles to his absolutely enormous hands was
big, it fit him perfectly. If anything he was even more of a dominating
presence than Mistress. Debbie had seen him before. Twice she had been
pimped out to him. Both times one thing had been absolutely clear: this
man was an expert, a true master. He had torture had been flawless and
without pause, making her scream her lungs out while begging for him to
fuck her silly, which he had done in the end. After both sessions she
had dreamt for days about his cock, which was the biggest she had ever
seen. Not only was it the biggest, he also used it in way that made her
beg and plead for release as he slammed it into her ass. Of course she
hadn't been allowed to cum, but both times she had felt privileged to
have been fucked by him, even though she had been sore for days after.
Now Debbie almost shivered with anticipation as Giselle delivered her
before Mistress and the master. "Undress and untie the useless slave,
Giselle." Mistress ordered. When Debbie stood naked except for her
corset and heels Mistress again addressed Giselle: "Get the gift
wrapping, you worthless piece of slime." As Giselle scampered out of the
room with tiny steps, Mistress spoke to the man: "She's yours if you
want her Nicholas. I certainly can't fault the price you've offered."
Debbie started at this: was she being sold to this strange man? As the
man rose from the couch where both he and Mistress had been sitting and
stood in front of Debbie, it became clear that she was: "I want her
Helen," the man said to Mistress, "As I've informed you, I am most
impressed with her tongue and with a bit of work she can be made into
something I'll enjoy for some time. If not, I'll still enjoy the
process." He smiled wickedly at Debbie as he grabbed her by the chin and
forced her to look him in the eye. His grip was firm as was his tone as
he addressed her: "I have bought you from Mistress and I will take you
into possession immediately." Debbie began to cry. The thought of this
man controlling her excited her very much, but she couldn't bear the
thought of not seeing Mistress again. "Mistress, please, Mistress," she
cried, "Mistress, can't I stay with you, Mistress?" As she spoke these
words the man delivered a vicious slap to her face making her fall to
the ground. Before she understood what was going on he had lifted her
up, holding her by the throat and cutting off her breath. As she hung
there, too afraid to offer any resistance, Mistress came into view and
spoke: "You useless piece of sissy-shit. How dare you question anything
that happens to you? You are property and property has no right to ask
questions. This is Master Farrell and he is your new owner and that's
the end of that." Master Farrell dropped Debbie to the ground where she
lay panting for breath. He leaned in and said to her: "I'll enjoy
breaking you in immensely." Turning to Giselle who had returned with an
armful of leather he said: "Wrap the slut up for me, slave." Giselle
curtseyed and tried to say yes as Master Farrell sat down next to
Mistress on the couch. As they spoke, paying no attention to the two
slaves, Giselle tied up Debbie, who was crying docilely as she let
herself be tied up to be shipped off to a new fate. Giselle started by
putting Debbie in a straightjacket. Then she removed Debbie's shoes. She
took a long leather sheath and pulled it up Debbie's legs, encasing them
completely. The sheath ended in something like a shoe, holding both her
feet like in a ballet shoe and had laces on the outside, which Giselle
used to compress Debbie's bound legs as much as she could. Finally
Debbie was gagged and hooded. And just like that her time as Mistress'
slave was over: no goodbye, no nothing, just sold of to a man she didn't
know who would undoubtedly torture her mercilessly. Debbie cried
silently in her cocoon. She had now been separated from the only people
she loved: Mistress, Shawna and Bryce. It was true that all any of them
wanted to do was to torture her and exploit her sexually, and it was
also true that she had hardly seen any of them during her years as a
slave, but they had been around, occasionally turning up to dominate
her. Now she didn't have any of that. She had been sold to a man about
whom all she knew was that he was a consummate sadist.

After a little while she felt the man's strong hands pick her up and
sling her over his shoulder. She felt herself being carried a distance
after which she was thrown into the trunk of a car.

The car hadn't driven for very long before it stopped. She was again
lifted out of the trunk and carried a distance. As the man stopped she
could feel them carrying her in an elevator. Again she was carried a
short distance and them deposit her in what felt like a chair. Straps
went around her body and she felt herself being tied very securely to
the chair before her hood was removed. As her eyes adjusted to the very
bright lights, she saw that she was at a dentist, strapped into a
dentist's chair. Master Farrell stood next to a man in dentist's whites
and said to this man: "Remove them all, and make sure that you get
everything." The dentist replied: "Very well. Does she need a local
anesthetic, or should I just stun the vocal cords?" Master Farrell
smiled wickedly down at Debbie and said: "If it's just the same to you,
I like to hear them scream. So just pull them out without giving her
anything. She's just a slave-slut after all." As Debbie realized that
they were going to remove all of her teeth, she began to cry and plead.
Of course the gag prevented the pleas as long as it was in place, but
then again pleading wouldn't help her keep her teeth. Nothing would. The
dentist started by removing her gag. Then he strapped her head down: one
strap went across her forehead and one went around her throat, cutting
off some but not all of her breath. He leaned in and looked her in the
eyes and said to terrified sissy: "It's time to remove those useless and
unnecessary teeth of yours. It will be painful for you," he smiled, "but
most satisfactory for us. Try to be in as much pain as possible." Debbie
tried to plead, but when it didn't work she shut her mouth and clenched
her teeth together. The dentist looked at Master Farrell who nodded
back. Then he took out a small hammer and smashed his way through
Debbie's front teeth. As Debbie screamed in pain he quickly inserted a
speculum into her mouth holding it open. Then he carefully removed the
pieces of broken teeth that fell into Debbie's mouth using a suction
hose. Taking his time, savoring Debbie screams and pleas he then
methodically removed all her teeth. The pain was unbelievable and Debbie
passed out twice only to be brought back with smelling salt. The process
took forever and Debbie was completely dissolved in tears when the
dentist was finished, her breath coming in ragged sobs. As the pain
receded to a dull, burning ache in her gums Master Farrell leaned in. He
looked her deeply in the eyes and immediately got her undivided
attention. Already she was absolutely terrified of this cruel man. He
spoke in soft and reasoned tones: "Listen up, you worthless sissy-bitch.
You are my property now and I'll do things to you that your old owner
was much too weak to do to you. A slave like you needs the harshest
possible treatment in order to fulfill her potential. I will make you
into the best possible slave you can be and it will cause you
indescribable pain. You will do everything to perfection without ever
getting rewarded. The only reward you will get is the satisfaction of
knowing that you are being molded into that which you were born to be: a
perfect slave. Understood?" Debbie tried to nod and said: "Master, yes,
Master." The words came out slightly garbled and lisping, but
surprisingly clear considering how brutally her gums had just been
treated. But then again, she had tried her very best, as she was
absolutely terrified of her new Master. Master Farrell seemed satisfied
with this and stepped aside so that the dentist could finish the job. He
cleaned the wounds he had made in her mouth and stopped all the
bleeding. When he had finished these tasks he undid the straps holding
her head, re-gagged Debbie and pulled the hood over her head, lacing it
tightly. Then she was untied from the chair and put into the trunk and
driven off to a new terrifying fate.

As the car drove off Debbie's mind, which had been paralyzed with shock,
began to function a little again. And as it did something strange
occurred to her. Unless she was much mistaken Master Farrell would be
much more cruel and demanding than Mistress had ever been. And this
excited Debbie! She felt her submissive side, always the one dominating
her existence, taking over her thoughts once again proving just how
well-conditioned she had been. She felt her imprisoned member trying to
swell at the thought of being taken by Master Farrell, at his immaculate
torture and complete domination of her. And it occurred to her just how
sexy it must be to give head with no teeth, just how smooth it must feel
for the one on the receiving end of such a blowjob.

And so it was that when she was picked out of the trunk and deposited in
Master Farrell's private airplane, she was deep in submissive fantasies,
squirming in her leather prison.

She was thrown onto a carpeted floor and after a while she felt the
airplane lifting off. The feeling was new and strange to Debbie as it
was the first time she had been an airplane. It didn't occupy her
thoughts much, however. Her world was dominated by Master Farrell; what
would he do to her? In the short term the answer was simple. Her hood
and gag was removed and she brought to kneeling position between Master
Farrell's legs. No command was needed as he brought out her member and
Debbie eagerly started to suck his cock. Even with all the fear and
anxiety about the new and unfamiliar situation she was in, Debbie still
loved giving head. She relished in sucking his huge and beautiful cock,
deep-throating him repeatedly. The feeling of having no teeth was
strange yet exhilarating and added a new dimension to one of her
favorite activities. When he came she struggled to swallow the river of
cum he shot down her throat, only just managing it without spilling any.
After gently cleaning Master Farrell's cock she sat back with her eyes
cast down, a dreamy look of satisfaction on her face. Her new master
patted her on the head and spoke to her: "You have a gifted mouth and as
I remember it an acceptable ass, but your attitude is lax. I will allow
nothing but perfection in all areas. You will suffer. It is your destiny
to suffer. You were born for it." With these words he re-gagged her and
laced the hood on tightly and used his foot to push her over.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and Debbie slept through most of it.
She registered being transferred from the plane to a car and from the
car inside some building. She had been lying on a cold stone floor for
some time when the pointed toe of a boot slammed into her stomach. A
woman's voice said: "Wake up slave. It's time to start your training."
Then her leather cocoon was removed and she lay on the cold cement floor
wearing only her corset. She was in a huge dungeon and she could hear
other slaves in some kind of agony from around the cage. She caught a
glimpse of a woman being flogged mercilessly while hanging from the
ceiling, slowly turning about herself. Master Farrell was nowhere to be
seen, but standing before her were three women. One acted as a mistress,
although Debbie had a sneaking suspicion that she operated only at
Master Farrell's mercy. She was a very tall blonde, her hair gathered in
a tight bun, making her face appear gaunt and menacing. She wore black,
thigh-high stiletto boots with 6-inch steel heels and a black corset
covering her from her crotch to her nipples, which just were peeking
above upper edge of the corset. Over the corset she wore a strange kind
of utility belt from which a variety of cuffs and gags hung. In her left
hand was a riding crop. The two slaves standing at either side of the
mistress put the fear into Debbie once more. On their feet were
ballet-style boots with needle sharp tips, making them balance on only
two such points for each foot: the needle sharp tip of the boot and the
equally sharp tip of the impossibly thing heel. Their ankles were cuffed
and connected by 4-inch chains. Both stood completely still despite the
brutal footwear, suggesting that they had been very well trained indeed.
Debbie's own waist was constricted as far as she thought it was
possible, to 14.5 inches measured on the outside of the corset, but the
waists of the two slaves were much thinner. Debbie guessed that their
waists were no more than 12 inches and with more than a suggestion of
pipe-stem. Around their wrists were permanent steel cuffs, but at the
moment no chain connecting them and around their necks were steel
collars, although the description might as well be "steel neck corsets"
since they were so wide that they had almost the same effect. Both
slaves were completely bald and in their noses were metal rings so large
that they rested on top of the ball-gags in slaves' mouths. On their
foreheads were tattooed the numbers "13" and "14" respectively in large,
bold letters.

The mistress looked contemptuously at Debbie and spat: "What a sorry,
fat piece of sissy-shit you are. But we'll fix that. String her up, you
useless bitches," she finished turning to the two slaves. With
surprising speed, considering the tiny steps they had to take, the two
slaves had Debbie standing and led her to a chain dangling from the
ceiling. Debbie had to take tiny cautious steps as well since she could
only walk on her tiptoes, as she was unable to put her heel in the
ground. She hadn't been out of high-heeled shoes since Mistress had
caught her and her Achilles tendon was now too short for her to walk in
footwear with less than a 6-inch heel. There was no time to worry about
that as wide metal cuffs were put around her wrists and the chain was
winched up until Debbie swung gently about a foot off the floor. With
the mistress overseeing their work, pouring her derision over all of
them while occasionally whipping them, the two slaves removed Debbie's
corset leaving her with only her chastity device. Then they produced a
new corset. It wasn't much bigger than the old one, extending from below
her tits to just above her hips, but it could be tightened more than the
old one. Much, much more as Debbie found out. As the two slaves
activated a robot to tighten the laces of the corset the mistress told
Debbie: "Master has informed us that you are a fat-ass in need of
discipline. I'll make sure that you are laced up properly before Master
takes over." She stepped up to Debbie and grabbed her balls in a most
painful manner, squeezing then hard while twisting them slowly, and
continued: "You should feel honored that Master wishes to take care of
your training personally, although I doubt you will enjoy it much." She
punctuated her remarks by squeezing Debbie's balls extra hard while
twisting the brutally. Debbie's scream was cut off almost immediately as
the corset-tightener began to do it's work. The process of tightening
her corset was a lengthy one, gradually reducing her waist to a mere 13
inches. The mistress was clearly dissatisfied that Debbie had been able
to squeeze her waist together no more, but promised to make up for it
later. Debbie shivered with fear as she gasped for breath. She could
only get air in tiny, shallow breaths and felt like she suffocating all
the time. But of course her worries didn't end there. While one slave
oversaw the tightening of the corset, the other one put Debbie's new
boots on her. Debbie almost began to cry when she saw them. They were of
the same type that the two slaves wore. Ankle-high black plastic boots
with only two tiny points to stand on per foot: the sharp tip of the
boot itself and the equally sharp tip of the impossibly high and thin
heel. These boots were much worse than the ballet-toed boots she had
worn when the sexy, little pop star had tortured her. The hurt her feet
terribly even before her feet touched the ground.

As she was lowered to the ground the pain just increased, but there was
little time to think about that as the two slaves received her and with
expert touch secured her hands in a leather pouch between her shoulder
blades. Her hands were held in this back prayer position by the bag,
which was strapped to her neck. Around her neck had gone a neck corset
holding her head completely fixed into position. Debbie tried to stand
still but failed. Instead she took little dancing steps to keep her
balance. She was determined not to scream, but found it impossible not
to at least whimper as the pain in her feet and shoulders increased. The
constant lack of breath did nothing to improve her situation.

While she stood there, a slave on either side to steady her in case she
fell, Master Farrell appeared. The mistress instantly fell to her knees,
head bowed to the ground, hands before her in supplication. The two
slaves reacted in a similar manner, but more slowly because of their
bonds. Debbie was left swaying, fighting to keep her balance. She knew
that she should react as the others, but didn't know how. In the end she
tried to just bow forward to show her submission and respect. This only
resulted in her loosing her balance, falling flat on her face in front
of Master Farrell. Recovering from the blow she heard Master Farrell
speak: "Diane, you utterly useless cow! You call this preparing my slave
for training? She still looks fat and she has no idea of how to behave.
Now I will have to punish all of you severely. Any more failure from you
and I'll be tempted to sell you as a toilet slave." Debbie felt the
slave she had landed next to tremble with fear and she heard the
mistress apologize in a voice trembling and breaking with fear: "Master,
please, Master. Master, this useless slave promises to improve, Master.
Master, please allow your property to try again, Master." While she
spoke Master Farrell had moved to stand directly in front of her and she
tried to show her submission by avidly licking his boots. When she had
cleaned them both on the top and on the soles, he spoke again: "Face up,
cow." Diane instantly complied, turning her face up for her Master. The
dominance she had displayed in front of Debbie and the two slaves was
gone. It had been replaced by open submission and fear to the extent
that Debbie almost couldn't recognize her. Master Farrell now took out
his member and pissed into Diane's open mouth. Diane swallowed Master
Farrell's piss, eager not to spill a single drop. When he had finished,
he zipped up his fly and said to Diane: "Make the final preparations and
pole the stupid sissy-cunt. Then get undressed so I can punish you three
shitheads." Diane and the two slaves, number 13 and 14, hurried to
comply. They stood Debbie up and marched her to a pole sticking out of
the ground, a monstrous metal dildo at the end. Diane first inserted a
very wide ring-gag into Debbie's mouth and then grabbed hold of Debbie's
tongue and using a few of screwdrivers she fastened a wide metal band
around Debbie's tongue. She fastened the metal band until Debbie's
tongue felt completely crushed and Debbie was unable to shake it off no
matter how hard she tried. To the underside of the metal band she
secured a steel wire. The other end of this wire was secured to a
tightening mechanism on Debbie neck corset. Diane used this mechanism to
first remove all slack from the wire and then to pull Debbie's tongue so
far out of her mouth that she thought it would be torn out all together.
Debbie was placed on the pole, the metal dildo shoved up her ass and the
pole raised until it couldn't be raised any more without lifting Debbie
off the ground. 

Debbie was left there as Diane scampered to remove her clothes so that
she could be punished together with number 13 and 14. As she removed her
clothes Debbie noticed two things: The corset Debbie had seen was just
for show. Underneath was a corset just like the one the two slaves wore,
constricting her waist just as brutally. Secondly, Diane was unable to
stand flatfooted. Like Debbie she had been forced to wear high-heels for
so long that her Achilles tendon had adapted. Needing no prompting she
quickly donned ballet-toed boots just like the ones number 13 and 14
wore, complete with the same ultra-short ankle chain. Then she joined
the two others in standing before Master Farrell with eyes cast down.
When they saw what Master Farrell had lined up for them tears rolled
down their cheeks, but none dared utter a sound.

They were all put into similar contraptions. The contraption consisted
of a pole rising out of the ground. It was considerably lower than the
one Debbie was "resting" on, and had two dildos sticking out on top. The
girls were all placed in sitting position on these, all of their weight
resting on just the two dildos. Their feet were secured to the ground
using the connecting chain between their ankles. From behind them a much
larger pole rose out of the ground. This one had an arm coming out from
it at a 90-degree angle and ending behind their heads. At the end of
this arm was a thick metal collar, which replaced the collars number 13
and 14 had been wearing. Also from the arm came two thin tubes ending in
nooses, which were put around the breasts of the slaves. Finally their
arms were secured behind them in arm-binders. 

Then the torture began. The dildos obviously began sending electric
shocks up the slaves' asses and cunt and the girls began to scream. At
the same time the thin tubes around their tits began to grow in
diameter, thus constricting the tits until they stood out completely
round and purple. The screaming went on with undiminished intensity for
a good long while, until the third part of the punishment kicked in. In
the collars were tubes similar to the ones going around the tits of the
slaves. They were now gradually pumped up until they cut off the breath
of slaves. First their screams died down only to be replaced by very
labored breathing. Then their faces slowly turned bluish, their tongues
began to stick out and their eyes rolled back in their socket as the
girls' bodies twitched before they finally lost consciousness. The rings
around their necks then deflated so that they could breathe again. After
a while the girls regained consciousness and they began to cough and cry
as they caught their breath again. Then the shocks resumed and the
process repeated itself. Already after the first round the slaves had a
wild and hopeless expression on their faces, but none dared plead.

Master Farrell turned his back on the unfortunate slaves as the machine
continued its punishment and instead turned his full attention to
Debbie. He looked thoughtfully down her entire form and then shortened
the wire pulling at Debbie's tongue, further pulling it out. Almost as
if speaking to himself he remarked: "The idea is to make your tongue
longer, further improving your blowjob abilities." Debbie was too scared
to make a sound even as she felt like her tongue was being ripped from
her mouth. Master Farrell smiled as he looked down: "Excitable little
slut, aren't you?" Debbie's cock strained against it's prison, spilling
pre-cum on the floor even though she was scared witless. Without another
word Master Farrell fetched a black box about half the size of a
telephone book. He strapped it to Debbie's back just below her bound
arms. Into the box he plugged a number of wires. Two of the wires had
needles about 3 inches long at the other end. These he pushed into
Debbie tits until it looked like the wire came straight out of her tit.
Debbie screamed as he did this, tears beginning to roll down her face. A
third wire was secured to the metal band holding her tongue. Wires
number four and five had electrodes at the ends, which Master Farrell
glued to Debbie's temples. Wire number six ended in a needle more than 4
inches long but thinner than the two in Debbie's tits. He knelt down,
pushed away her caged scrotum and stuck the needle straight up into the
flesh just behind the scrotum, where the bundle of nerves going into the
penis and the testicles is closest to the skin. And he pushed it all the
way in to the hilt. The pain was excruciating. Debbie only managed a
weak little scream before she passed out. When she came to, trying to
pull her head away from the smelling salt under her nose, Master Farrell
looked deeply into her eyes, his own eyes burning with contempt and
said: "Weak little sissy-shit! You are going to experience much more
pain than that, even when you are not being punished." Debbie was scared
stiff, all her pains forgotten as he stood back and pulled a remote
control out of his pocket. Speaking slowly, as if to a dimwitted pupil
he explained to Debbie: "You are now going to learn how to walk again.
None of my slaves use any other footwear, so you had better learn to
walk properly in them. When you fail to obey my orders satisfactorily,
you will be punished. There are levels of punishment as I will now
demonstrate." The lowest level was when only Debbie's tongue was
shocked. It filled her mouth with pain, cramping up all her facial
muscles and produced a cascade of spit, making her drool much worse than
she already was. The second level was when only Debbie's tits were
shocked - and it was bad. Debbie screamed, twitching uselessly on her
pole. The third level was when the current was applied to the needle
behind her scrotum. Already at demonstration level she passed out after
screaming her head off. When she came to he demonstrated the fourth and
final level, firing the two electrodes at her temples. The pain was
indescribable, filling her whole being with agony, causing all the
muscles in her body to twitch out of control and making her head feel
like it was about to explode. After the final demonstration it took a
while for Debbie to get over the hysteria. Master Farrell "helped" by
quickly shocking her tits, thus focusing her attention. He lowered the
pole, pulling the dildo out of her ass so that she could stand on
insecure legs, swaying slightly. He then stepped back and walked away
with a clear but unspoken order for Debbie to follow. Fighting every
step of the way to keep her balance she followed Master Farrell past the
three unfortunate slaves just as the choking was reaching its final
stage just before they passed out. Their faces were almost purple, their
tongues stuck out and their eyes were rolling sightlessly in their
sockets. She didn't have time to think about it as Master Farrell
applied a short, sharp come-along shock to her tongue.

They reached a comparatively large area at the edge of which was a
comfortable chair. Master Farrell sat down in this, pointed a direction
and commanded her to walk. The hours that followed were the most painful
in Debbie's life. She was punished for the slightest infraction and more
times than she could count, she wound up on the floor twitching
helplessly as the current ripped through her head. She learned to get up
on her own and after a period of time she was equipped with the same
short ankle chain that the other slaves had been fitted with. She
learned how to get up and how to kneel even wearing this. She had no
idea for how long the training went on. Sometimes Master Farrell stopped
her only to tighten her corset or shorten the wire pulling her tongue,
before sending her off again. A few times she was given something to
drink. When Debbie could go on no more, and not a second before, the
training stopped. She was led back to the pole, the dildo inserted in
her ass as the pole rose out of the floor, trapping her again. "You
really are a useless, weak little sissy-shit," Master Farrell lamented,
"so I guess that's it for now. You can try to get some rest. Your
training will continue soon." Debbie began to cry helplessly as she
realized that she would be spending her "rest" standing up with the pole
up her ass. Meanwhile Master Farrell released the three other slaves
from their punishment. Number 13 collapsed wordlessly on the floor,
while number 14 made little hysterical twitches as she tried to thank
Master Farrell by kissing his shoes. Diane was the most coherent of the
three and she managed to croak a weak "thank you" before kissing his
shoe and collapsing on the floor. He left then there in their corsets
and boots, their arms still secured in arm-binders. As Master Farrell
retired for the night all the needles and wires were still inserted into
Debbie's flesh.

Debbie spent one of the so far most unpleasant nights of her life trying
to get some rest while balancing atop the pole in her ballet-toed shoes.
She did manage to get a tiny bit of sleep, but she definitely didn't
feel well rested when she was woken up the next morning. It was Diane;
the unfortunate mistress Master Farrell had punished the night before,
who woke her up. She was dressed in her mistress outfit from the day
before, but she didn't look very well. She was pale and had dark shadows
under her eyes. And Debbie noticed that her mistress outfit wasn't
exactly the same as the day before: her thigh-high boots had been
replaced by the ballet-toed ones worn by all the slaves. Number 13 and
14 were nowhere to be seen. Mistress Diane lowered the pole, extracting
the dildo from Debbie's ass and Debbie fell down, her legs almost numb
from standing in the same position, too much weight on her crotch. Diane
whipped Debbie until she rose, hurling profanities at her as she
struggled. Diane's voice had been reduced to a hoarse whisper that often
broke and she seemed determined to take it out on Debbie. Debbie finally
remembered some of the skills she had learned the night before and
managed to rise in spite of the boots and the ankle chain. When she got
up she was led to the training area where Master Farrell had conducted
her training the night before. Here the training recommenced, only this
time it was Diane who controlled when Debbie got punished. The training
session was even worse than the night before. Diane punished her
mercilessly and for the smallest mistake and her feet hurt terribly, but
as Debbie began to wear out she had achieved some degree of skill in
walking in her new and cruel boots. She was now able to stand completely
still in them and she was able to kneel even when wearing the ankle
chain without looking like a complete fool. After they had finished the
training session Diane, who had also been standing up in the same kind
of boots the whole day, led her to an enclosure in a far corner of the
dungeon. The trip there took surprisingly long as the dungeon proved to
be far larger than Debbie had imagined. And no corner of the dungeon lay
unused, everywhere there were slaves of some kind being trained
mercilessly: ordinary male and female slaves, sissies, pony girls and
boys. All types of slaves were being trained by mistresses and masters
like Diane: slaves who were allowed a small measure of freedom in return
for merciless training of others. The place was truly enormous. The
enclosure was a combined feeding and cleaning area, where Debbie was fed
a lot of liquid goo directly into her throat. She was still tied up the
same way: her hands in a back prayer, tongue pulled out and all needles
and electrodes were still in place. After being fed she was allowed to
relieve herself, pissing into the mouth of a male slave being trained as
a toilet slave. Having lived on a mostly liquid diet for years now
(while Mistress had owned her she had only been fed liquid goo from the
wall mounted penises), Debbie produced very little solid waste and
usually only had to shit once every two weeks.

After the feeding Debbie was allowed to rest for the night. Once again
the word "rest" was somewhat of contradictory as she was placed on the
pole again.

Diane woke her up for another day's training after Debbie had spent
another hellish night atop the dildo-pole. When she had been training
for several hours Master Farrell came to check on her progress. Diane
threw herself down in submission as she had done the day before and lay
trembling with fear as Master Farrell put Debbie through her paces,
making sure had she proper control of her new footwear. Debbie tried her
very best and after a good long while Master Farrell spoke to Diane, who
still lay trembling on the floor: "Better, slave. You are a filthy
worthless slut, but it seems that you have succeeded with this one. You
are dismissed." Diane thanked Master Farrell profusely for his "praise"
while kissing his shoes, but was sent away with an annoyed little sound
from his throat. As she scampered away he turned his attention to Debbie
again. He removed all the electrodes and needles from Debbie's body,
causing her great pain as the needles had almost grown into the flesh
after sitting for 3 days. After removing the control box on her back, he
unzipped his fly and pulled out his member. Debbie of course knew what
to do and had also been trained in balancing in just such a situation.
She bent forward, holding her upper body straight while bending at the
waist and by putting one foot forward she was just able to keep her
balance as she gave Master Farrell the blowjob he wanted. As always
giving a blowjob was pure pleasure for Debbie and her imprisoned cock
once again stirred. She was sooo horny. She needed to cum so badly, but
she knew that begging and pleading were completely forbidden in Master
Farrell's dungeon so she would just have to do without. After swallowing
Master Farrell's load, Debbie stood waiting, eyes cast down and without
moving a muscle, as he stood looking at her. She wanted to crumble under
his stare but didn't dare move. In the end he spoke: "It's pointless for
you to train more before Dr. Jacobsen has made the modifications I
require." Debbie felt the cold hand of pure terror gripping her insides
at the mention of the evil doctor. Continuing Master Farrell said: "You
will be shipped to him immediately. Come on." Filled with trepidation
she followed Master Farrell out of the dungeon and down a corridor. They
entered a room where a pleasantly chubby female slave presided over what
was in effect a shipping office. She was dressed only in a corset and
high-heels and was secured to wall by a very long chain locked to a
large ring piecing her labia. Master Farrell pushed Debbie towards the
other slave and said: "Ship the useless sissy to Dr. Jacobsen." Without
further ado he left Debbie with the shipping-slave. The chubby girl
wasted no time. She wheeled a surprisingly small crate out on the floor
and made Debbie step up in it. There she was ordered to kneel. Once she
was kneeling, Debbie's lower legs were secured to the bottom of the
crate by long plastic straps. The girl gagged Debbie and laced a hood
tightly on her head before inserting breathing tubes in Debbie's
nostrils. Then she made Debbie first sit on her heels and then bend
forward so that her tits rested on her thighs. In this position Debbie
was tied down using long straps. Using rope, straps and tape the girl
then made sure that Debbie couldn't move a single muscle, balled up as
she was in the box. Before putting the lid on and sealing the box the
girl connected the tubes coming from Debbie's nostrils to a breathing
apparatus and then filled up the box with a plastic foam granulate of
some kind. Then she put on the lid, nailing it shut and Debbie was just
another package being shipped off to somewhere.

Debbie wasn't completely rid of her claustrophobia and the sensation of
being locked up in a dark and cramped space freaked her out a bit.
Although she had been tied for very large periods of time during the
last couple of years, sensory deprivation of the kind she was
experiencing now had been rare. Soon, however, fatigue took over and she
fell into a deep sleep, filled with horny dreams of sex and strict

She didn't know for how long she had been sleeping when she felt the
packaging material being removed and cool air touching her skin, but she
had obviously arrived. She felt the straps disappearing and someone
lifted her onto a bed or stretcher of some kind. Before her hood and gag
were removed, her boots and corset were removed and she was strapped
securely to the stretcher. If felt strange and unnatural having these
things removed, but she enjoyed it just as she enjoyed it when the hood
and gag were removed. As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw that she
was indeed strapped to a stretcher. Two nurses, wearing Dr. Jacobsen's
trademark white rubber uniforms and sporting his trademark enormous
tits, were busy making sure that Debbie was ready for Dr. Jacobsen's
examination. Presently the evil doctor arrived. He seemed in a
particularly good mood, playfully slapping the nurse's tits hard while
whistling a merry, little tune. The nurses laughed politely, fear and
nervousness clearly present on their faces. "Ahh, " the doctor began,
"It's Miss Chamberlain's former slave, Debbie. Splendid!" While
examining her perfunctorily he continued talking: "I see that you are
now the property of Master Farrell. Now there's a true master! A
consummate sadist, with some original ideas about how to treat his
slaves." In the background Debbie saw the nurses shiver with fear at the
last remark, but the doctor didn't notice and just continued: "I'm going
to remake you as per his instructions, which will result in you being
much improved. So let's get started!" He finished his examination and
motioned for the nurses to wheel Debbie into the operating room while he
made his final preparations. As they arrived at the operating room
Debbie was filled with fear. She had no idea what was going to happen to
her and she was much too afraid to ask, since she was positive that any
pleading and begging would be reported to Master Farrell, resulting in
cruel punishment. The nurses seemed to know what was going to happen and
looked pityingly down on her, one of them even stroking Debbie's cheek
gently as if to assure her that everything was going to all right. But
Debbie had a feeling that everything was not going to be all right. This
was after all the man who had only owned her for about an hour before
having her teeth removed. How could this turn out all right? There was
no time think about it, as a syringe was plunged into her arm and
darkness claimed her.

Waking up was very hard for Debbie. It took forever to clear her head
and gather enough strength just to open her eyes. Her mouth felt like it
was filled with cotton and she was terribly thirsty. She could feel a
tube going into her nose and down her throat. After a good long while
she finally gathered enough strength open her eyes. She was in a
hospital bed covered by a white sheet. Much to her surprise she seemed
to be only lightly bound. Her feet were secured to the bed with some
kind of wide strap and another wide strap went around her waist, which
was without a corset, and held her to the bed. There also appeared to be
some kind of bandage at lower end of her ribcage. Other that that she
appeared to unbound. As she became more aware of her surroundings she
decided to find out what had been done to her. The headrest of the bed
was elevated and she was in a half sitting position so she could look
down her body. She tried to feel around on her body for changes, but her
arms wouldn't obey her commands. After trying for a while she looked
down her shoulder and was shocked wide awake. Her arms were missing!
They had cut off her arms! There were only small bandages where her arm
used to be. Debbie began to scream, filled with complete and utter
hysteria her mind went blank with panic. She didn't stop screaming until
a couple of nurses arrived and holding her down, gave her a
tranquilizing injection. As she relaxed involuntarily Dr. Jacobsen came
to check on her. Debbie had been reduced to a subdued sobbing when he
lifted the sheet to check on her wounds. As he did, he explained to
Debbie what had been done to her: "The instructions your master gave
were very specific and I have followed them to the letter. Your arms
have been removed completely, leaving a smooth rounding at your
shoulders. No stumps. The two lowest ribs on either side have been
removed, so that your corset training can be taken up a few levels. All
your toenails have been removed. And finally we have begun hormone
treatment that will increase your breast size considerably as you heal.
By the time you are ready to be shipping back to your master, your tits
will be as large as those of most of my nurses." The tranquilizing
injection had pacified Debbie to the point where she didn't have the
energy to cry and as she slipped further down towards unconsciousness,
the doctor changed the bag of liquid which had supplied the tube running
into her nose and down her throat and explained to the nurses that the
hormone feed would have to be changed more often. Just before Debbie
lost consciousness completely she saw the doctor getting ready to change
her bandages.

The weeks that followed were confusing and depressing for Debbie. After
the encounter with the pop star, her hands had been damaged. Apart from
that she had never really used her hands that much for her "work". They
were mostly tied up. She wasn't known for her skills in giving handjobs,
being the clearly designated blowjob-bitch. She had been completely
controlled and enslaved since meeting her aunt for the first time
several years ago, but loosing her arms nonetheless signaled the end of
any hope for even the slightest bit if independence, not to speak of
reprieve. Not only the loss of her arms signal her complete dependence
on others but also sealed her fate as paintoy for good. Had she not been
busy going through yet another brainwashing program, all her time would
have been swallowed up by her depression. Instead she sat in bed healing
while being fed a cocktail of hormones, which made her tits grow at an
alarming rate, while at the same time being equipped with earphone and
glasses projecting images directly into her eyes. When the glasses and
earphones were removed Debbie was left completely disorientated, a state
of confusion which lasted several hours. She could never remember what
the brainwashing session had been about. Recovering from the confusion
she usually only had a short while to think about her situation before
another brainwashing session began.

So it was that when her wounds had healed Debbie was sporting a pair of
truly massive tits. She didn't know exactly how big they were, but they
were bigger even than those of the nurses, much to the delight of Dr.
Jacobsen. Debbie was also no longer depressed over the loss of her arms;
having rather resigned herself to the fact that if Master Farrell wanted
her this way, who was she to argue? She was after all just a slave, a
piece of property with no right and no say. No, she was fortunate to
have a kind master like Master Farrell to look after her, and if he
wanted her armless she should just be grateful for his attention. She
looked forward to seeing Master Farrell again. She was desperately
horny, her caged member spilling pre-cum almost constantly, and she
hoped that he in time would be pleased enough with her to allow her to
cum. She ached to show her affection for Master Farrell; longed to suck
his beautiful cock and maybe even be allowed to take up her ass. The
thought made her shiver with anticipation.

Presently she was lifted into a wooden crate like the one she had
arrived in. This time she wore only the hood with breathing tubes
sticking into her nose and gag. The straps encircled her and soon she
was enveloped in silence and darkness, shipped home to Master Farrell.

She was unpacked by the same chubby slave girl who had packed her the
first time, still chained to the wall by her labia. Debbie sat on the
floor, unable to stand both because of her feet, which were used to
high-heels and therefore wouldn't allow her to stand flatfooted, and
because of the unfamiliar weight from her new tits. She sat patiently
waiting for someone to do something to her. She was unable to do much on
her own, being almost completely helpless. Eventually two slaves came to
get her. These had the numbers "21" and "36" but were otherwise
identical to number 13 and 14, whom Debbie had met before. The only
difference was that both these slaves had their wrist-cuffs connected by
a short chain. With them they had a wheelchair of sorts. It was like a
normal wheelchair except that instead of a chair it had a narrow piece
of metal from which a large dildo protruded. The backrest was an equally
narrow piece of metal. Debbie was lifted up and lowered down on the
dildo. When she had slid all the way down, the slaves gently pushed her
back against the metal "backrest" and strapped her to it. Then they
drove off with her.

They wheeled her into the dungeon, past the usual staggering amount of
slaves being prepared, to the waiting Master Farrell. As he watched the
two slaves wasted no time in putting the standard ballet-toed boots on
Debbie. Then they tightened a wide leather belt around Debbie's upper
body, just above her now enormous tits, right about where her arm used
to be. They tightened it mercilessly. On the outside of the belt, at the
sides of Debbie's body, were D-rings attached to the belt. Number 21 and
36 secured steel wires to these and Master Farrell used a remote
controlled winch to hoist Debbie up from the ground. As she dangled
there, her feet a few inches off the ground, Master Farrell inspected
her. Much to her delight he groped her body, feeling the up her breasts.
Her passionate moaning almost became ecstatic squealing when he removed
her chastity device and her member came under his expert treatment.
Keeping her on the brink without letting her cum, he stroked her until
she was almost incoherent with unreleased desire. She wanted to beg for
release but knew it would cause her great pain if she did. She settled
for a tiny disappointed whimper as he withdrew his hand and reapplied
her chastity device. "Well, slave," he started, "it's time for your
training to continue now that you have been remade. How do you like it,
slut? Does it excite you?" Deep down Debbie hated what had been done to
her, but her naturally submissive side and the strong conditioning she
had received said otherwise as she replied: "Master, please, Master.
Master, your useless sissy-bitch loves her new look, Master. Master,
this worthless sissy-slut is most grateful for Master's loving
attention, Master. Master, thank you very much, Master." Master Farrell
smiled a little at his slaves reply and said: "Good. Then you will also
love your new corset." He nodded to the two slaves, who sprang into
action. Like her previous corset this one extended from below her tits
to just above her hips. But this one was much stricter. Because she had
had two ribs removed the corset could be tightened to an almost
ridiculous degree. As Debbie repeatedly passed out from lack of air
number 21 and 36 reduced her waist to a mere 11 inches. But more than
that, her waist now sported a pipe stem 4 inches wide. That is to say
that the narrowest part of her waist now extended for 4 inches. Debbie
had thought it was impossible to have your waist compressed that much
and it took her some time before she had mastered the technique of
small, shallow breaths which made it possible for her function. This
accomplished she was fitted with neck corset, forcing her to look
straight ahead and slightly up, allowing no movement of the neck.
Finally she was lowered to the ground. The added weight of her new tits
bearing down on her toes was pure murder. But the real shock was her
complete loss of balance. She would have to learn how to walk upright
anew. Right now Master Farrell wanted her tongue, so she was forced to
bend at the waist like she had before. As she leaned in, her mouth
opened in anticipation. But this time it was necessary for her to rest
her tits on the back of number 36, who was on all fours between herself
and Master Farrell. So it was resting on her own tits, which in turn
rested on the back of number 36 that Debbie gave Master Farrell the
blowjob he demanded. When he shot his load, she swallowed it with
relish, enjoying once again being dominated by this brutal,
uncompromising and merciless man.

Number 21 and 36 helped her stand and steadied her as she fought to
maintain her balance. Master Farrell looked at her and said: "I'll now
teach you how to walk again and we will have to do something about that
fat waist of yours. You really are a fat, weak sissy-slob." Then he
fitted her with an array of electrical torture devices similar to the
one she had been trained to walk in when she had first arrived at Master
Farrell's house. Her tongue was once again pulled out and fitted with an
electrode and her temples were also fitted with electrodes. A long
needle went deep into her flesh just behind her scrotum. Her tits were
pierced not with two needles but whole array of them. As Master Farrell
strapped the control box to her back Debbie was already crying and
whimpering. He dismissed the two slaves, who disappeared looking very
pleased that they were not in Debbie's situation, and left Debbie to
stand on her own. Not surprisingly this proved to be very difficult. A
couple of sharp shocks to her tongue focused Debbie's attention and as
Master Farrell walked away she followed, waddling awkwardly as she
desperately fought to stay upright. She succeeded in not falling as she
was led to the training area. Here the pleasant part of the trip ended
as he once again taught her how to walk wearing the brutal ballet-toed

She descended into a nightmare of training and punishment lasting for
about six weeks. Every day she practiced moving around armless and in
the brutal boots. She practiced getting up and down, kneeling, and
bending forward. She practiced sex in all its forms and much more. All
the things she had been able to do with relative ease when she had still
had her arms and her tits had been of normal size, now had to be
relearned. And all her movements had to be perfect, had to match Master
Farrell's requirements perfectly. When she had acquired a measure of
skill, she was fitted with the standard 4-inch ankle chain further
impeding her movements and the training continued. At night she "slept"
standing with a dildo-pole shoved up her ass. Her upper body was held in
place by another pole rising out of the ground, fitted with an arm
connected to Debbie's neck corset. Here she slept standing up, hooded
and gagged. Each night the punishment device she had been fitted with
was taken off, a new one fitted in the morning. The device varied but
always caused her to scream in pain. It wasn't always Master Farrell who
conducted the training. Sometimes it was female mistresses who trained
her; sometimes it was shemale mistresses. It made little difference;
everything was done exactly as he ordered.

After six weeks Debbie was completely broken. She had learned to perform
all movements as required by Master Farrell and in the process she had
been reduced to something filled with only thought: pleasing Master
Farrell. The only thing that could make her happy was the approval of
Master Farrell. She was still a hopeless natural submissive and she
loved being a slave, loved being forced to perform sexually against her
will and she was still desperately horny, longing for release every
minute of the day. But above all this had been placed the need to please
Master Farrell in whatever way he wanted. Four weeks into the training
session he had ordered her to kneel and eat his waste as he took a dump
in her mouth. The old Debbie would have balked at this and puked all
over the place after being forced to do it, but the new Debbie knew she
had to eat shit to please Master Farrell and so did it without question,
without pause.

Her tongue had by now been stretched to the point where her speech was
impeded by it, making her slobber and lisp, but Debbie didn't mind. It
made her blowjobs more pleasurable for Master Farrell and that was
enough to make her happy, enough for her to ask for her tongue to be
extended further. Master Farrell granted her wish. Her corset training
had continued and her waist was now no more than 10 inches, with a pipe
stem of almost 6 inches. Her nipples had been pierced and now sported
not only two thick rings made of stainless steel 3 inches in diameter,
but also stainless steel bars 2 inches long, piercing the nipple
perpendicularly to the rings. She had been fitted with a nose ring, also
made of stainless steel but only 1 inch in diameter so it didn't
interfere went she gave a blowjob. Finally she had been pierced behind
her scrotum, a ring placed almost right next to her asshole and the head
of her cock had been pierced with large ring made of stainless steel.
All her piercings had been painful, but the ones in her crotch had been
the worst. She still wore the same chastity device as before, but now
the head of her cock was just secured to the ring next to her ass when
it was pulled back between her legs.

She strove with her whole being to be the slave that Master Farrell
wanted her to be, only screaming in pain but not complaining when he
subjected her to inhuman torture. 

Master Farrell had one more painful transformation for Debbie to go
through. After she had finished the six weeks of training he allowed her
to be hooded, gagged, placed in a leather bag and stowed away on a
closet so that she could get some rest. Rest had never felt so good to
Debbie and she fell asleep with a profound feeling of gratitude towards
Master Farrell. The next morning a shemale mistress pulled her out her
leather prison, a beautiful black shemale, completely bald with huge
tits and chastised member. She fed Debbie before attaching a leash to
Debbie's cock-ring and leading her to Master Farrell. He waited, not in
the large dungeon as usual, but in a smaller room suited for torture in
more private circumstances. After a show of abject submission, the
shemale mistress scampered off, leaving Debbie alone with Master
Farrell. She stood completely still, her head bowed and her eyes cast
down. She wanted to profess her love for the cruel man in front of her,
but knew it was forbidden. Instead she waited for Master Farrell's
orders. Master Farrell issued no orders but picked her up and lifted her
onto a bench of sorts. A monster-dildo was protruding from it and Debbie
was lowered onto it until it was in to the hilt, filling Debbie
completely. Her insides were squeezed between the intruder and Debbie's
corset, which left room for nothing. It was most unpleasant. The bench
had a backrest, a wooden board really, to which Master Farrell strapped
her. Her legs were sticking straight out in front of her and were tied
to the bench with straps. Master Farrell now removed Debbie's boots. She
had had her feet washed and boots changed every second day during her
training session, and although it wasn't unfamiliar it still felt nice
to feel the air on her feet. She could hardly flex her toes anymore and
certainly couldn't move her feet to a more normal angle to the leg
anymore, but she still had movement in them. While she sat there
enjoying the feeling Master Farrell fetched a large hammer. When she saw
what he had brought, her heart almost stopped with fear. He stood and
caressed her foot for a moment, smiling at her terrified face. Then he
methodically smashed both her feet. Using the hammer he broke every bone
in her feet until they were broken and almost formless pieces of flesh
at the end of her legs. Debbie screamed and cried and passed out several
times during the smashing, but every time she passed out, Master Farrell
stopped what he was doing, woke Debbie up with smelling salts and
continued. Debbie was completely incoherent with pain and hysteria when
he put the hammer away. She knew she was never going to walk again. Here
she was wrong, for Master Farrell had a plan. He had a pair of boots
made just for her. They looked just like the standard ballet-toed boots,
with the same heel and everything, but instead of putting them on by
sticking your foot down in a leather boot and lacing it up, these were
made from steel and were hinged at the back, the two part held together
by tightening screws in the front. They were also smaller than the
standard boots. Master Farrell squeezed Debbie's feet into these evil
contraptions and tightened the screws in a process that was almost as
painful to Debbie as the smashing of her feet had been. When her feet
were securely trapped inside their steel prisons he spoke to the crying
Debbie: "You will spend the next few weeks here while your feet heal and
become perfectly suited for walking in this kind of footwear. I will
have much fun tormenting you while you sit there. Pleasant dreams
slave." Debbie knew what was expected of her as Master Farrell waited
before he left: "Master, please, Master. Master, this worthless
sissy-slave wishes to thank Master for making her a better slave,
Master," she cried. Before leaving he replied: "Your thanks have been
accepted, slave." Then he turned out the light, leaving Debbie with pain
and the darkness.

Master Farrell's plan for Debbie's feet was clear and cruel: Every day
of the first week she sat healing he tightened the screws, further
reducing the size of her foot. When her feet had healed up they would
only be able to fit into one kind of footwear and they would be much
smaller than before, making it even harder for Debbie to walk and stand
normally. The healing process was extremely painful and when Master
Farrell was not around to torture her she was left alone fitted with
brainwashing equipment, earphones and glasses showing her images. Once a
day the bald, black shemale mistress came with a slave and fed and
washed her. They also changed her position a little, so she wouldn't get
bedsores. The pain became almost tolerable after about a week and of
course this was an unacceptable situation for Master Farrell. Debbie was
sitting strapped to the backrest fitted with earphones and the glasses,
which projected brainwashing images directly into her eyes went he
arrived. She was unaware of anything but the messages being fed to her
and a stream of drool ran down her chin as she sat with her mouth
slightly open, whimpering weakly. Master Farrell smiled a little as he
removed the equipment and Debbie slowly returned to normal. When her
disorientation faded she quickly bowed her head in submission and waited
for his orders.

Master Farrell issued no orders. To her great delight he removed her
chastity device and her cock sprang to life. She almost cried with
gratitude when he said: "I'm going to pump all of your sperm out of you
today. When I'm done here, there won't be a drop left." She wanted to
thank him profusely, but knew that speaking out of order, even if it was
to praise him, was strictly forbidden. "But of course such a favor isn't
free," he continued. "You are going to have to pay for it. A bit of
screaming seems fair to me." Debbie's heart sank a little, but not much.
Master was going to let her cum! It would be the first time since he had
bought her and Debbie was almost bursting with need, so a little torture
for an orgasm seemed like a good bargain.

He started by strapping her head securely to the board, which made up
the headrest of her "chair". He then secured a contraption made of two
steel rods connected by a third to the board. The connecting steel rod
was at the level of her mouth; about 4 inches away from her face and the
2 other rods were screwed into the board on either side of her head. He
then made her stick out her tongue and took a steel wire, one end of
which he tied to her tongue. The other end he tied to a 2-pound weight
dangling from the connecting rod, which the wire rested on. The effect
was to pull constantly on her tongue, stretching it while causing Debbie
some pain. His next step was so tie up her tits. He cinched them
brutally at the base and then added further straps compressing her
tit-flesh at intervals of about an inch apart all the way out to her
nipples. Debbie was now emitting low moaning noises from pain and
excitement. Her cock was rock hard and twitching with need. Master
Farrell had a sweet touch with her cock, keeping her at the brink all
the time. Now it was time for needlework. Master Farrell methodically
pushed long, sharp needles into her tits until her tits resembled huge,
oblong pincushions. Debbie's moaning had turned into small out of breath
screams. Master Farrell stood back to admire his handiwork and then
produced his next torture instrument: a wide leather strap. He tied it
around Debbie's throat and used one hand to stimulate her member, while
the other tightened the strap. As her excitement rose so did the
pressure on her throat, eventually cutting off her breath completely.
Master Farrell timed it perfectly. As she approached orgasm her face
turned bluish and she began to twitch, her eyes rolling back just before
she lost consciousness. He did it to her time and again, always making
sure she lost consciousness before she could cum. Debbie loved it and
hated it. It was actually very stimulating to Debbie to have her breath
cut off as she was about to cum - but she never did cum! And towards the
end, just before she lost consciousness, she was gripped by panic,
convinced that this time she would die. When she regained consciousness
she was even more sexually frustrated and closer to panic than before.
And then the process repeated itself only this time everything was
worse: her fear and her frustration. Master Farrell continued this
torture until Debbie was completely hysterical with fear and sexual
frustration, her breath coming in short sharp little screams and her
eyes standing out of her head, staring in blind panic. He stood back and
enjoyed the sight as she slowly calmed down. When she had calmed down he
once again tightened the strap, but this once to the point where it
caused her great difficulty to breathe, not to the point of actually
cutting of her breath completely. As he tightened the strap Debbie
emitted of high-pitched whining sound of pure fear, but this turned it
to the sound of slow, rasping labored breath as he secured the strap.

Before continuing the torture Master Farrell took some time to play with
Debbie's pincushion tits. Some might have considered that torture in
itself, but Master Farrell saw it rather as a little playful interlude.
For Debbie there was nothing playful about it. The pain made her want to
scream her head of, but she didn't have the breath and instead she moved
to the point where she was constantly on the brink of passing out from
lack of air. She was of course beside herself with pain and fear when he
finally moved on.

For the next part of his torture he laid out a large selection of very
long needles, perhaps more aptly termed thin skewers. Debbie sat with
her leg spread wide apart and Master Farrell had plenty of space to
operate as he stroked Debbie's cock until it was once again about to
burst. And then he started the torture. He took once of the long needles
and with slowly pushed it straight through Debbie's cock. Debbie passed
out from lack of air as she screamed and her member became flaccid.
While she recovered Master Farrell inserted a needle into the nerve just
behind her scrotum. This needle was connected with an electrical wire to
a control box. As Master Farrell activated the control box Debbie's
member became fully erect and the pulsating current not only kept it
that way during the rest of the torture session, it also caused Debbie
great pain. As Debbie was shocked wide-awake Master Farrell picked up
another needle and continued the torture. He did everything very slowly
so it took some time before Debbie's cock had been turned into
pincushion, pierced straight through by more than 20 needles. Debbie was
completely hysterical with pain, but he wasn't through yet. Using the
last 10 needles in his arsenal he subjected her balls to the same
treatment. It was the worst Debbie had ever been subjected to. Nothing
she had ever experienced even came close to this. The smashing of her
feet seemed insignificant compared to this. Debbie blanked out with pain
and panic, screaming and passing out, screaming and passing out in a
cycle that went on for almost an hour. While Debbie screamed Master
Farrell connected some of the needles to the control box. Then he sat
back and waited for Debbie to gain some measure of control over herself.

When she finally gained control over herself she was completely
exhausted. Even her tears had run out and as her voice had broken, she
was reduced to hoarse whining sound. Her cock was held erect by the
pulsating current, and although there was now great pain associated with
her stiff cock, she still felt a great need for sexual release. Master
Farrell looked at his panicky slave and smiled as he said: "Well, you
worthless piece of slave-meat. I promised you that I would pump your
balls dry and I intend to make good on my promise, even if it was made
to a useless sissy-slut." Debbie tried to thank Master Farrell, but all
she could manage was a broken, croaking sound. She wasn't really sure
anymore that she would gain any pleasure from the experience. And she
was of course right. Master Farrell moved to the control box and turned
a knob. The pulsating current in the needles increased in strength and
thereby in the amount of pain caused. Suddenly, without Debbie feeling
the slightest bit of pleasure or even release, Debbie's cock began to
spray cum. It produced a fountain of sperm, continuing until it only
twitched without being able to produce anything. All without Debbie
experiencing even a second of release or pleasure. She had simply been
drained and all she had experienced was pain.

Master Farrell stood watching Debbie as he said: "There slave, I've kept
my promise." Debbie tried to thank him as required, but her voice was
all but gone. He accepted her thanks, however, choosing not to punish
her for this infraction. As per his calling, the black shemale mistress
arrived to the room. She crawled towards Master Farrell in submission.
He in turn took out his cock and ordered her to blow him. She of course
wasted not time and immediately began sucking his cock as Debbie
watched. The torture session had apparently excited him a great deal,
for no sooner had she swallowed the last of his cum than he threw her
down on the floor and began fucking her ass furiously. Once finished
fucking her ass he turned her around and fucked her face again. Only
after this did he get up and leave, ordering the shemale to clean Debbie
up. She kept her supplicant posture until he had left and then got up.
As she came up to Debbie her eyes almost fell out of her face with shock
and she began to tremble all over. No talking was allowed, but her fear
of ending up in the same situation and her pity for Debbie were painted
on her face. She started to cleanup by licking up all Debbie's sperm, a
very large puddle a great deal of which had run down on the floor. This
she licked up too before continuing the cleanup. She removed the needles
as gently as she could, but still Debbie passed out from time to time
from the pain. She finished by cleaning the wound and she left Debbie's
abused cock unrestrained when she left.

A few weeks later Debbie's feet had, in Master Farrell's opinion, healed
enough for her to walk again. Her feet had been reduced in size to about
half of their previous size. When the compression boots were removed
Debbie saw that her foot no longer resembled a normal foot even vaguely.
It had practically no heel and was shaped completely by the boot into a
cone-like shape. All her toes had grown together and there was
absolutely no movement left in the foot, it was for intents and purposes
a stiff extension of the leg. Thus her new footwear looked like the old
ballet-toed boots, except that they were much smaller and had a higher
heel. Standing on her newly healed feet for the first time was so
painful that she passed out, but the unspoken threat of even worse pain
if she didn't behave as expected of her, focused her mind as she
followed Master Farrell out of the small dungeon. A new round of
training began along the same lines as the ones that had gone before;
just as the brainwashing sessions did during the night as she sat atop
the dildo pole.

After four more weeks she had been completely remade into the slave
Master Farrell wanted. Her waist was at 9.5 inches and the pipe stem was
now an unbelievable 7 inches. Her feet were incased in the most
torturous boots anyone in Master Farrell's dungeon had ever seen. Her
head was encased in a special rubber hood. There was an opening for her
mouth so she could give blowjobs, but normally she was gagged with
particularly nasty penis gag, filling her mouth and extending far into
her throat. Her nostrils were free so she could breathe and there were
holes for her eyes. But around these holes were tubes 1 inch long and no
more than a quarter of an inch in diameter, narrowing her field of
vision to almost nothing. As if that wasn't enough there were special
lenses at the end of these tubes, fragmenting her vision in a strange
and insectile fashion. Effectively she was only able to recognize a few
special shapes, like Master Farrell's profile and his cock. As for the
rest of the world, she was effectively blind. In her ears were special
earphones, which replaced all sound with white noise, making her
effectively deaf. The only sound the devices had been programmed to let
through was that of Master Farrell's voice.

She existed for only one thing: to please Master Farrell. It was the
focus of her being and all she could ever think about. Unless he
actively praised her, which was almost never, she was desperate to
please him and unhappy that she wasn't doing more to please, that she
was such a useless slob who couldn't please her Master properly. She
followed him around all the time, constantly trying to keep up with him
with her tiny mincing steps, always at a respectful distance behind him,
always ready for use. She was only ever away from his side when
restrained. When he left the mansion for any length of time she was
packed away in a box, tubes making sure that she was fed and could
breathe while he was away. Master Farrell made sure that her corset,
boots and hood were changed and that Debbie was cleaned at highly
irregular intervals, insuring that she couldn't use these occasion to
mark the passing of time. When her hood was changed it was in a room
filled with bright lights and loud noises, so that Debbie could never
get her bearings before a new hood was put on her. He frequently
subjected her to horrifying torture and the only way her cock was
emptied of sperm was using the needle torture he had used on her as she
sat with healing feet. She quickly lost all sense of time, but it didn't
really matter to her anymore. All that mattered was pleasing Master

Chapter 10

Debbie might have lived out the rest of her life if it hadn't been for
some events, which started back at Mistress' mansion. Several years
after selling Debbie, Mistress Helen Chamberlain still ran her ruthless
slaving operation. Giselle was still her favorite slave, constantly
restrained and regularly punished as she performed many of the daily
duties at the mansion.
Bryce was still in her employ and although Shawna was formally Mistress'
slave, she was in effect Bryce's partner. The two were a couple,
genuinely in love. Both of them enjoyed their master and mistress roles,
Bryce in the slave training operation and Shawna both in the slave
training operation and as a professional domina. 

As time went by one thing began to annoy them, however. Shawna had long
since shed all of her submissive tendencies except when together with
Bryce. He was the only one she occasionally enjoyed being dominated by.
But once in a while Mistress demanded what she saw as her right, the
right to dominate and punish Shawna. Bryce and Shawna became more and
more annoyed at this, to the point that Bryce suggested that they run
away and start over somewhere else. Neither liked this solution, as they
in all other respects loved their work and their life together.

Before they had the chance to carry out this desperate plan, however,
another solution presented itself. Master Farrell lived across the
country in another city, from where he ran his own slaving operation. An
operation that was much larger than Mistress'. But he had wanted to
spread into Mistress' turf for a long time. So when he one night
overheard Bryce and Shawna talking about their problems, he seized the
opportunity. He was in town on other business and was just out checking
the scene at a local S&M-club where Bryce and Shawna where hanging out.
They had seen him at Mistress' house and when he introduced himself,
they instantly knew who he was. He suggested that they all go somewhere
more private and so a meeting was set up in his hotel room. Here he laid
out a plan that would solve their problems, while at the same time
giving him what he wanted. Bryce and Shawna needed no time for
consideration and instantly agreed to his plan. Master Farrell's pockets
where deep and Bryce had no problems convincing the deciding few among
the masters and mistresses in Helen Chamberlain's employ of how much
they would benefit from the scheme.

So one day as Mistress Helen Chamberlain came back from the city she
found an unfamiliar limo waiting by her house. As she opened the door
she most surprised not to find Giselle there. Giselle was always right
inside the door waiting for her mistress. She went into the living room
and here she found Giselle. She had been bound and gagged in her white
maid's uniform and she lay across a table while Shawna stood behind her,
fucking her up the ass. Shawna was dressed in a short dress made of
black leather, which clung to her every curve, accentuating her
beautiful body. It was pulled up to her hips now to make room for her
cock as she pumped it in and out of Giselle's ass. On Shawna's feet were
black stilettos 6 inches high. Shawna was giving Giselle a reach-around
and Giselle looked like she was about to cum. As Helen watched Giselle
came, writhing in ecstasy, her sperm spraying on the otherwise
immaculate carpet. On the couch sat Master Farrell and Bryce, their feet
on the coffee table as they drank beers and talked.

Helen was far from stupid. She instantly knew that this was not an
ordinary case of insulting behavior; this was a takeover. She turned to
call for her security man only to find him and 2 of his men standing
right behind her. She instantly saw that they had not come to save her.
The carried an array of chains and ropes obviously not meant for Master
Farrell or any of the others. Helen began to fear that she might not
make it out all right. Her fears came true as the men pounced on her,
ripping off her red silk dress and her panties, cuffing her hands behind
her back and gagging her with a large ball-gag. The men threw her on the
floor in front of Master Farrell and Bryce. Landing on the floor she saw
that Giselle had also landed on the floor. Giselle looked completely
exhausted, bleary-eyed and covered in sweat. Had she seen the puddle of
semen on the carpet she would have understood. Shawna had been fucking
Giselle for hours, giving her one fabulous orgasm after the other and in
effect convincing her to change sides. Not that this was strictly
necessary since she was a slave, but Master Farrell had a plan to
humiliate Helen that required some cooperation from Giselle. After the
fucking she had just received and the torture she was about to witness,
her cooperation was insured. Master Farrell nudged Helene with his foot
and said: "Helen. Your time as the queen-bitch of this town is over. You
are about to assume your proper station in life: that of a slave-bitch."
Helen began to fear the worst as he continued: "In a short while you are
going to sign over all of your property to me and my subsidiaries. When
this little formality has been taken care of you are going to be given a
small taste of what awaits you. I suggest that you sign the papers now,"
he signaled at a pile of papers held Master Farrell's lawyer, a sharp
looking young woman who had just entered the room, "since refusing will
only increase the amount of pain you are subjected to. Of course one
might argue that since you are going to spend the rest more of less in
constant pain, what difference does a little extra make? But I'll leave
that up to you, since it is the last real decision you are going to make
in your life." As he removed Helen's gag, she wanted to scream
profanities at him, but instead tested the water to see how deep she was
in: "Is no one on my side?" she asked looking around. She could see
almost all of the security people, all of the masters and mistresses in
her employ and a good deal of the legal people standing around her in
the room. The room was almost full, but no one came forward. Her stomach
sank as Shawna came forward and knelt beside her. Shawna grabbed Helen's
right nipple and said: "No sweetie. No one is on your side. You are
about to go down, bitch." Helen lost it and began to cry. She had a
pretty good idea of what awaited her. The people around her chuckled as
Bryce threw Helen over her shoulder and carried her down into the
dungeon. The flock of people followed and after a little while only
Shawna and Giselle were left. Without a word Shawna slowly began to
remove all of Giselle's clothes until only her shoes were left. Shawna
had left the gag in but had changed Giselle's bindings so that she was
now tied up in an arm-binder. The undressing had been
uncharacteristically gentle and Giselle looked at Shawna with both fear
and longing. Giselle felt pleasantly relaxed after the cascade of
orgasms Shawna had given her. She was nervous about the future, but she
had been a slave for years now. Of course things could always change for
the worse, but she had found that as a slave it was best not to think
about the future, which you had no control over. As a slave all that
mattered was obeying now so as to avoid punishment. As Giselle lay naked
wearing only heels, arm-binder and gag, Shawna began caressing her and
after kissing Giselle's nipples she even removed Giselle's gag and
kissed her deep and long. It had been years since anyone had kissed
Giselle like that and she enjoyed it in full, giving herself up to
Shawna. When Shawna broke off the kiss her eyes sparkled and Giselle saw
that Shawna's cock was fully erect under the short, leather dress.
Giselle's own member was also ready, unrestrained as it was. Shawna held
Giselle's member gently causing Giselle to draw a sharp breath of
pleasurable anticipation. Before she did anything to Giselle, Shawna
spoke: "You are going to follow Helen as she goes into slavery in Master
Farrell's dungeon." Giselle was not especially surprised, but quite
nervous. Master Farrell had a reputation as a particularly brutal man.
Shawna continued: "Helen will of course be broken and turned into the
lowest slave in Master Farrell's hierarchy, but his plans for you
constitutes a step up in life for you." Shawna had Giselle's undivided
attention now. "You will of course be his slave for the rest of your
life, but he wants to use you to humiliate Helen completely and that
means that you are going to do some dominating. How would you like that,
Giselle?" As Giselle answered, her voice was soft and full of gratitude:
"Mistress, please, Mistress. Mistress, I would love that, Mistress.
Mistress, thank you, Mistress." Shawna smiled at Giselle's answer, which
was of course expected. She then turned her attention to Giselle's cock.
Shawna positioned herself with her crotch over Giselle's face and as she
inserted her cock into Giselle's mouth, she began to suck Giselle's
erect member. For Giselle it was the best fuck she could remember. She
screamed with Shawna's cock in her mouth as she thrashed in ecstasy,
spurting her cum into Shawna's mouth. Seconds later she was swallowing
Shawna's cum.

When they had both calmed down Shawna helped Giselle to stand. "Come
on," she told Giselle, "they are breaking Helen and I don't want to miss
it. Of course you are going to have to provide some service, but I
should think that you will rather enjoy it all things considered."
Giselle answered with her head bowed in submission and gratitude:
"Mistress, please, Mistress. Mistress, I would love to, Mistress." She
took the courage to look up at Shawna. Giselle had never really had much
to do with Shawna, but she was rapidly falling for her and looked at her
with abject admiration. Shawna smiled at the sissy before leashing her
and leading her to the dungeon.

When they arrived Helen had just signed the documents transferring her
possessions to Master Farrell. She was tied to a cross, her body already
covered in welts, and with electrodes attached to all the sensitive
areas of her body. She was emitting small screams as electricity was
continually administered to her. Once the signing away had been taken
care of the festivities began. Everyone wanted to torture Helen and
everyone wanted to fuck her. Helen descended into the nightmare of her
beginning slavery. As not everyone could fuck Helen at the same time the
ones waiting took advantage of Giselle, who eagerly sucked and fucked
everyone who wanted it.

As night turned into morning Helen's strength ebbed out and Master
Farrell called an end to the torture. Helen was lying limply on the
floor, her hands tied in a back prayer, he whole body bruised and
battered and semen running out of all of her orifices. Giselle also had
sperm running out of her ass and down her legs, but unlike Helen she
seemed to enjoy herself even though she was very tired after a long
night of fucking. As Bryce gagged and hooded Helen before wrapping her
up in a leather bag, ready for shipment to Master Farrell's dungeon,
Master Farrell himself came over to Giselle. She had been instructed by
Shawna in how to behave and knelt in front of him, her face touching the
ground. He crouched down and lifted her head up by the hair, bringing
her face close to his. He looked her straight into the eyes as he spoke:
"You are my property now, slave. Shawna has told me that you are
enthusiastic about my plans for you. This is good. Opposition to my
plans causes great pain." Giselle listened with rapt attention as he
continued: "If you follow my commands properly, I will install you as a
slave handler in my dungeon, with Helen as your personal... assistant.
After she has been properly broken, of course. You will also have to go
through a phase of breaking in, but it will be easier for you. You know
that you will live out your life as a slave. She doesn't... yet. You may
thank me." Giselle thanked Master Farrell profusely, pouring her genuine
gratitude on him as he laughed derisively. Before she had finished, he
rose and signaled to Bryce. Bryce then came over and made Giselle ready
for transport. First he reattached Giselle's chastity device, then he
gagged and hooded her before stowing her away in a wooden crate. Giselle
offered no resistance, but rather enjoyed the attention and the thought
of her new status.

While his limo was being packed Master Farrell said goodbye to Bryce and
Shawna. He left them in charge of Helen's empire, which was of course
his empire now and invited then to visit him when Helen's "education"
was complete. Then he left for home. Bryce and Shawna celebrated their
new status with a spate of furious lovemaking as the sun rose.

At Master Farrell's mansion the training began for Helen and Giselle.
The first step was the brutal corsets and ballet-toed boots. While Helen
struggled getting punished all the time, Giselle rather enjoyed it. She
saw it all as a necessary bit of training in order to please Master
Farrell and assume her new duties. Master Farrell saw Giselle's
eagerness to please and smiled to himself. Even though he enjoyed
breaking slaves the hard way, indeed that was the reason he had become a
slaver, he was a bit touched by Giselle's behavior. She desperately
wanted to please, as did all his slaves, but now that she had been
promised the possibility of a more elevated state, she gladly submitted
to all the painful training he had in store for her. Helen's plight was
of course not improved by the fact that she was officially declared to
be the lowest of all Master Farrell's slaves. She was also completely
unused to having any kind of pain inflicted on her and unused to being
the exploited one. But Master Farrell knew which buttons to press and
soon she had been reduced to a pleading slave-bitch who would do
anything to please her master. Master Farrell, however, wanted more. He
wanted her to beg him to do anything to her. He wanted her to beg him to
cut her arms off so that she could be made into a proper sextoy. He
accomplished this by training her as a toilet slave. By the time she had
been installed as a toilet for a week, she was completely desperate.
When she wasn't swallowing shit or piss, she was subjected to horrific
torture. She would do anything to not be a toilet slave. When she had
been fully trained as a toilet slave, swallowing everything without the
slightest hesitation, he installed her semi-permanently in the
bathrooms. She hated it completely and would still do everything to get
out, but it was only after 4 months as a toilet that a mistress taking a
dump in her open mouth suggested that offering herself to Master Farrell
as one of his armless freaks with huge tits was the only way for her to
escape the toilet. Helen thought about the prospect of spending the rest
of her life without arms as a pain-/sex-toy and took the decision in
minutes. Better to be without arms than to eat other peoples shit for
the rest of her life. It was, however, several days before she had a
chance to offer herself to Master Farrell as an armless slave. The first
time she offered it he played it cool and ignored her. It wasn't until
the seventh time, several months after she had made the decision that he
took her up on the offer. Helen Chamberlain was shipped off to Dr.
Jacobsen, who was absolutely delighted to see her. Her transformation
took much longer than normal because the evil doctor so delighted in
torturing her. In the end he ran out of excuses to return her and one
day the chubby slave in the shipping office unpacked yet another crate,
this one containing the remade Helen Chamberlain.

Meanwhile Giselle had finished training and was now one of Master
Farrell's assistants in the dungeon. Her years as a helper in Helen's
dungeon was of great value to Master Farrell as she effortlessly handled
the training and selling of different slaves. She was most efficient and
dedicated, completely loyal in a way most of his other assistants
weren't. Giselle was by nature a submissive and loved being dominated by
Master Farrell. And he had allowed her a measure of freedom she hadn't
experienced since meeting Helen; even regularly releasing her imprisoned
cock so she could have orgasms. Giselle felt that she had the best of
both worlds. She was brutally corseted and walked around in the same
ballet-toed boots as the rest of the slaves. To mark her status she was
allowed to dress, after a measure, usually wearing full-body rubber
suits. She submitted willingly to Master Farrell, enjoying his complete
domination immensely. And at the same time he allowed her to get release
and to dominate others. She loved him passionately and one day she fell
to her knees to declare her love for him. Master Farrell smiled at his
new love-slave. Most had been tortured into adoring him, but Giselle had
submitted willingly. He liked that and decided that he had been right in
promoting her above so many others. He patted Giselle's head and moved
on, Debbie following in his footsteps.

Giselle shuddered at the sight of Debbie, as did everyone of the other
slave-handlers in the dungeon. Giselle was the only one who had known
Debbie before and she could hardly recognize her now. She was without a
doubt the most severely bound slave in Master Farrell's possession. On
her feet were the tiny ballet-toed boots; heels higher than any other
worn in the dungeon and her ankles were connected by a ridiculously
short piece of chain. Her corset was the most restrictive of all and her
tits were the largest. They had been cinched at the base by an inch wide
rubber strap and were similarly constricted at 2 inch intervals all the
way out to the tips, making them stand straight out on her chest like
fat sausages. The nipples were pierced and from the rings went a couple
of wires. One connected the tits to each other, while 2 other wires were
connected to a ring on Debbie's brutal neck corset, thus making a weird
bra of sorts. The boots, the corset, the straps and the neck corset were
all black and the thick rubber hood, which covered her head, was also
black. She was gagged with a huge penis-gag and her eyes looked out
through tubes with distorting lenses at the end, giving her a weird
insectile look. Her hair, which had grown long enough to reach her
waist, came out of the top of the hood and cascaded down her back.

Giselle knew that Debbie had been like this for more than three years,
never leaving Master Farrell's side unless stowed away in a box. She
lived only for Master Farrell. He was the only person who occupied her
universe. Apart from him she had nothing but pain to occupy her world.
Her presence scared the wits out of everyone; the mere thought that they
might end up like that being enough to scare most into submission.

Some weeks later Helen arrived back from the evil doctor's clinic. Her
arms had been removed and a pair of truly massive tits hung from her
chest. All of her hair had been removed leaving her completely bald and
on her forehead had been tattooed: "Potty-bitch". She stumbled and fell
when she came out of the box, being unable to stand with the new weight
on her chest. Master Farrell laughed derisively and said to Giselle:
"The useless slave doesn't even know how to stand. Prove yourself
Giselle. Teach her proper behavior. You have a week." With that Master
Farrell left Helen to Giselle. Giselle knew that now was the time if she
was to assume a commanding position in the dungeon and pounced on Helen.
Helen tried desperately to plead her way out of the torture she knew was
coming, Giselle would have none of it. She started immediately.

A week later Helen had been completely broken once again. Not only had
Giselle trained her more brutally than she had imagined possible, Helen
had also found out what was tattooed on her forehead. Although she
wouldn't be installed as a toilet as before, it still meant that she was
going to be used as a toilet on a regular basis. She had been lied to.
She had willingly given up her arms to get out of the position as a
toilet slave, only to find that she had been remade into a

Helen did come to terms with her position as a slave in time. Being a
"porta-potty" proved far better than being a full-time toilet and she
was more or less given to Giselle as an almost personal slave. Although
it was meant to humiliate her, which it did, she still found some
pleasure in it. With Giselle she found that she did indeed have a
submissive side and that she did gain some measure of satisfaction from
the humiliating treatment she was subjected to. Helen spent most of her
day following Giselle around on her job in the dungeon. She acted as a
handy sex slave, paintoy, and toilet and carrier of many different
items. Some she carried in her now toothless mouth, while other hung
from the rings in her nipples and labia. In the evening, if neither
Giselle nor Helen was called upon to perform in one way or the other,
they retired to Giselle's room. She had been given a small room with a
bed and an adjoining bathroom and toilet. Not that Giselle ever used the
toilet. She used Helen if she had to use the toilet. Giselle didn't
really torture Helen, but rather enjoyed humiliating her and denying her
sexual release. Giselle's member was often released by Master Farrell
and when it was she wasted no time in fucking Helen. She either fucked
Helen up the ass or cleaned her filthy mouth and fucked that. Although
Helen begged and cried Giselle never let her cum without Master
Farrell's explicit go-ahead, which never came. Giselle didn't know for
sure, but she naturally assumed that cameras were watching them and that
any transgression would be dealt with harshly. As a natural slave she
had no problems obeying all of Master Farrell's rules and this meant
that Helen was never allowed to cum. Master Farrell watched the video
images from Giselle's room and smiled. Even when she had been given the
dominant role, she still excelled in her submissive duties.

As promised Bryce and Shawna were invited to Master Farrell's mansion
when Helen had been broken in. He gave them the grand tour of his
facilities and they marveled at the completeness of his domination. Both
wowed to learn from his ideas and to change the way things were done
back at what was now their place, just as Master Farrell had intended.
During the tour Shawna found it difficult to tear her eyes away from
Debbie. She had been told when they arrived that it was Debbie and for
how long she had been like this. The sight of Debbie filled her with
pity, but that was a subordinate feeling, compared to the lust that
filled her at the thought of owning such a slave. The fact that it was
Debbie, the sissy whom she had once had very warm feelings towards only
added to her desire. Master Farrell was not late in spotting Shawna's
lust towards Debbie. As with all his possessions he was loath to let her
go. Mostly because he loved owning slaves, not because of what she was
or meant to him. In truth he was growing a little tired of her. She
still had the best tongue of all and her blind obedience and total
commitment, even if it was a product of her training, still made her
attractive. But he was a restless man and his primary pleasure would
always be in the breaking of a slave, not in the possession of one. 

Besides he had had his eye on a cute little Chinese sissy just back from
his feminization at Dr. Jacobsen's clinic. She had received practically
no slave training as he had caught her in the most old-fashioned way. He
had met the little sissy in a bar one evening. She had been a sweet boy
then, just out of high school, with no family and a who had just come
out of the closet. Master Farrell was up for any challenge and seduced
the boy. After having seduced him Master Farrell had started dominating
him mildly and eventually he had feminized him, forcing him to wear only
women's clothes. A month later the sissy-boy had willingly allowed
Master Farrell to admit him to Dr. Jacobsen's clinic. It wasn't until he
saw the nurses that he realized what he had signed up for and by then it
was far too late. The little sissy now waited anxiously in a cell as
Master Farrell thought about what should be done to him.

Master Farrell made a quick decision: "Shawna," he said grabbing her
attention, "I see that you like my slave Debbie." Shawna nodded and in
her prison Debbie heard Master Farrell's words. The name "Shawna"
stirred a weak but pleasant memory, which she couldn't quite place.
Master Farrell continued: "I propose a deal. I give you Debbie and in
return I have someone in your town I want turned into a slave. Do we
have a deal?" Shawna didn't care who she had to turn into a slave:
"Yes," she answered. Bryce overheard the conversation but didn't step
in. He saw no real problem in it and besides he knew that look on her
face. It was the "I-want"-look and there was no stopping that. The
person Master Farrell wanted captured proved to be nobody special, a
routine kidnapping really, but it provided him with a ready excuse to
get rid of Debbie, while not seeming to give her away for free. He had
decided that he would turn the pretty little Chinese sissy into Debbie's
replacement, only he would make sure that it looked like Debbie had
gotten off lightly by comparison. He had some truly evil ideas about
what he would do to his new personal slave.

So it was that Debbie was stowed away in a crate as Shawna and Bryce
flew home. Bryce knew that Shawna would spend a considerable amount of
time training Debbie to be her personal slave, but it was all right. It
was healthy for a dominant to engage in such hobbies.

At the mansion Shawna isolated Debbie in a small private dungeon, away
from the usual slave training. She tied Debbie to a chair, which had
large dildo protruding from the seat, her legs secured to the chair legs
and her torso strapped to the backrest. Then she removed Debbie's other
bindings. First she removed the chastity device and was not surprised to
see Debbie's member springing to life. Then she removed her gag, her
hood and her neck corset. Finally as Debbie sat blinking in the light,
she removed the straps around Debbie tits. 

Debbie was completely disorientated. Where was Master Farrell? She
needed to serve Master Farrell, needed to please him. Debbie whined,
unused to the situation. She thought that she might recognize the woman
in front of her, but wasn't sure. She looked friendly and smiled
invitingly at her, but Debbie's world was dominated by the need to
please Master Farrell. She grew desperate as she saw he wasn't around.
Shawna interrupted Debbie's confused and desperate thought by standing
up and sticking her cock into Debbie's mouth. She had seen that it would
be a while before Debbie calmed down and returned to a more normal
state, if ever. So instead she made Debbie perform an act she was sure
to find reassuringly familiar. It worked. Debbie calmed down as she
focused on sucking Shawna's dick. For Shawna it was almost a shock.
Debbie had always been the best cocksucker around, but her skills had
improved dramatically. She was now nothing short of fantastic and Shawna
exploded into Debbie's mouth before she knew what was happening. After a
short break to catch her breath and recover, Shawna made Debbie blow her
again. Debbie had calmed down a little after sucking Shawna's cock and
now she sat still and waited for Master Farrell. Shawna realized that it
would take some time for Debbie to return something even close to
normal. She gagged and hooded Debbie again, correctly assuming that it
would calm her down and then she got hold of Bryce.

First she demonstrated Debbie's skills as a cocksucker by taking her
man's member and sticking it in Debbie's mouth. Bryce too was shocked at
her skill. Bryce and Shawna decided that it was worth the time and
effort to bring Debbie back to a more normal state of mind. Not only
could she be retrained to respond to them instead of Master Farrell, but
she could also teach others the proper blowjob technique. Slaves trained
to Debbie's skill level would fetch a fortune.

Over the next 2 months Shawna slowly brought Debbie back to a more
normal state of mind. Her conditioning had been complete and some of it
would never leave her, but eventually she recognized both Shawna and
Bryce. She cried with gratitude when she finally realized that Shawna
and Bryce were her owners. She also cried a little when she heard of
Mistress Helen's fate. Debbie had loved Helen Chamberlain, the cruel
woman who had first realized what Debbie was and she hated the idea that
Helen was now an armless toilet slave. Debbie now taught Shawna all
about blowjob technique, but it was a slow process. One of the reasons
she was so good at it, was her elongated tongue. The tongue was so long
that Debbie had great difficulty in being understood. Her speech was
almost completely garbled and only when she demonstrated at the same
time did her gurglings make any sense. Eventually Shawna had learned all
the tricks, if not for herself then well enough to teach a new batch of
slaves without teeth and with very long tongues.

As for Debbie she enjoyed every moment of her new life, even when Shawna
decided to torture her. For Shawna, however, it was a different matter.
She liked Debbie a lot as she was now, but the Debbie that she had loved
and who had filled her with lust had been the strictly controlled figure
she had seen at Master Farrell's dungeon. The present Debbie was too
much vanilla, even if she was treated much worse than the average slave.
There was something about Debbie that brought out the most dominant and
cruel in everyone she met. Shawna decided that Debbie would have to be
transformed back into the brainwashed paintoy she had been before.

So it was that one day Debbie was led into a small private dungeon and
placed on a dildo-pole. Shawna joined her shortly and without a word she
removed Debbie's chastity device. Debbie had not been allowed to cum
since being given to Shawna and Bryce and in the almost 4 years she had
belonged to Master Farrell she had only been emptied of sperm in the
most cruel way. Her cock now stood twitching with need, pre-cum running
in steady stream down her leg. Shawna left the cock free and stood back
a little and said to Debbie: "Debbie, I don't like you as a regular
slave." Debbie's face dropped as she almost began to cry. Shawna
continued: "I've decided that I want you only as you were when you came
from Master Farrell: completely controlled and brainwashed, responding
only to me and to my needs." Debbie began to cry in earnest. She liked
things the way they were, where she a slave to Shawna, but where she was
able to sense the rest of the world as well. It was of course a very
limited world in the dungeons, but it was far larger than the one
experienced only inside her hood. Debbie tried to plead, garbled words
coming from her mouth, but Shawna cut her off: "There is nothing to
discuss. In a moment I'll put your hood back on. It'll be just as
restrictive as the old one, but this time my voice will be the only one
you'll be able to understand. Once the hood goes on, I'll torture and
brainwash you just as mercilessly as Master Farrell did. You'll stay
that way for the rest of your life." Debbie knew it was useless to
object. Instead she just sobbed helplessly. She tried to comfort herself
with the thought that it would be nicer to serve Shawna than Master
Farrell, and it was the same note Shawna struck: "Stop your crying,
useless sissy-slut. I'm a much more gentle being than Master Farrell.
And remember: you have loved me for a long time. Won't it be nice to
sacrifice yourself to someone you love? You'll have the chance to prove
your love for me every day for the rest of your life." Shawna stepped
close to Debbie and kissed her deeply. Debbie thought that maybe Shawna
was right. Maybe it would be far better to be a slave to someone you
loved. Shawna saw the change in Debbie's eyes and said: "Give yourself
up freely. Offer yourself to me and everything will be better. You'll
love your new role and once in a while there's even the chance that I'll
treat you nice." She grabbed Debbie's throbbing cock and whispered
intimately: "Give yourself up Debbie. You know you want to." And so
Debbie resigned herself to her fate and said in low voice, straining to
be understood: "Mistress, please, Mistress. Mistress, I give myself to
you. Make me into what you desire Shawna." Shawna smiled at Debbie's
words, forgiving her transgression. To mark that she accepted Debbie's
offer, she slid to her knees in front of Debbie. And to Debbie's great
delight Shawna sucked her cock. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt the
best orgasm Debbie had ever had. Four years of pent up sexual
frustration spurted out when she came, spilling down Shawna's cheeks.
When it was over and Debbie was completely exhausted and for the first
time in years feeling relaxed, Shawna sealed Debbie's fate. First came
the neck corset, then the hood with the earplugs, which allowed only
Shawna's voice to get through, and the tubes with the distorting lenses,
Allowing Debbie only to see the world in jumbled fragments. Then Shawna
added the cruel penis-gag going far down Debbie's throat and finally her
tits were constricted once again. Shawna stood back and paused a moment
before commencing Debbie's new training regimen.


It had been a full year since Master Farrell had seen Bryce and Shawna
and he looked forward to their visit. His new personal slave had been
broken and now followed him wherever he went and obeyed his every
command. She had been treated crueler even than Debbie, her feet shrunk
to an even smaller size and the heel of the ballet-toed boots had been
removed, leaving her only two point on which to stand. Her waist was
nonexistent, only 8 inches with a 9-inch pipe stem. Her hood had no
holes for her eyes; instead she followed Master Farrell by means of a
homing device. The homing device was a huge metal dildo lodged in her
ass and unless she was within a certain distance of Master Farrell it
gave her electrical shocks. The bigger the distance to Master Farrell,
the nastier the shock. She was of course armless with massive,
constricted tits. A huge penis-gag was in her throat, filling it
completely. The only way she could breathe was through a tiny hole in
the gag. Like with Debbie, the focus of her entire being was to please
Master Farrell. She had no other thoughts in her head.

Master Farrell was impressed with Shawna's treatment of Debbie. She had
managed to further decrease her waist, although not as small as Master
Farrell's slave's, and her boots were now tiny, even smaller than those
of Master Farrell's slave and like those without a heel. The hood was
still of the same type, but of a different color. Shawna preferred red
so Debbie's entire ensemble; boots, corset and hood was red. 
Inside her hood Debbie's bruised mind could handle only one thought: she
had to please Mistress Shawna. The transformation process had been
crueler than she had imagined. Shawna had started out be breaking her
feet again and constricting then further. The training had been worse
than anything before, the brainwashing more brutal. In the end Debbie
had been reduced to just that one thought: please Mistress Shawna. Like
it had been with Master Farrell there was no reward, no release only
servitude and torture. She was conditioned to remember that she loved
Shawna, but she could focus on only that one thing: please Mistress


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