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Annie's Examination

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Synopsis: Urethral torture and pleasure by a woman's master and his friend the doctor.

Annie's Examination

As he carefully washed his hands with Betadine soap, and hot water, he explained quite matter of factly to Annie that her master wanted to find out the sensitivity of her Urethra and how wide it could be stretched. He also explained that it would be uncomfortable, but no real harm would come to her as he knew how much the human body could take, and would be very careful. When the doctor had finished washing his hands, he laid her back on the cool green examination table. However, instead of using the stirrups again, he installed the knee crutches to hold her knees high and well back so he had easy access to her lower openings. This would make it easier for him to work. He explained all this as he positioned her. Mentioning the coming pain, the discomfort, and why the restraints would be necessary while he tested her. Reassuring her that the sensations would be temporary, but maybe hard for her to endure even as he ran his hands over the inside of her thighs. Brushing her intimate parts, as she held her breath. Using the fear to sensitize her nerves.

He spent the next few minutes carefully securing Annie's wrists to the top of the exam table with a pair of British tan leather restraints which where attached to the frame of the exam table. He also secured her knees to the knee crutches with padded leather straps above and below each knee. He used leather belts on her torso and hips also so they too were secured to the table frame. She was now unable to escape, but also unable to pull away or move more than a few millimeters in case of a pain reaction to any part of the procedure. As he did this the doctor noticed that Annie's nipples were becoming erect, and her breathing was becoming slightly uneven and fast. Her Master leaned over her head, and spoke low into her ear. Her eyes closed, and she nodded, biting her lip with strong white teeth. The Master stroked her cheek, softly.

The doctor then opened the disposable catheter tray set and laid out it's contents on the sterile drape contained in the set, being very careful not to contaminate its contents. As he prepared the kits contents for use, Annie's Masters eyes followed his every motion in curiosity.

Next, the doc put on a pair of exam gloves and opened both a packet of anti bacterial towelettes and one containing three Betadine swabs. He also took 3 long cotton swabs from a sterile packet and laid them into a small puddle of clear alcohol. As he told Annie to relax, he gently spread her moist pink labia with his gloved left hand and used an anti-septic towelette from the catheter kit to gently cleanse the entire area around her vaginal introitus, inward to the urethral meatus, taking care to occasionally brush her clitoris in the process. Whenever he did so, Annie’s hips would move perceptibly. When finished, he discarded the towelette and inserted a sterile Collins speculum into her slightly damp vagina. As he slowly opened it to its maximum width, Annie's urethral meatus came into clear view.

After he located Annie's urethral opening, he told her that what he was going to do next would sting somewhat, but was very necessary. He took one of the long sterile cotton applicators, dripping with alcohol, and slowly inserted it into the urethral meatus about a quarter of an inch. He spun it slowly deeper, watching Annie’s face for what he knew was coming, the sharp hiss of breath, and the tensing of muscles bound to the table as they futilely tried to free themselves from the leather restraints. The doctor was rewarded by a soft moan, and Annie was rewarded by the gentle soothing words of her master into her ear. The swab was withdrawn, and the next was inserted slightly deeper, with an even louder moan from Annie. This time the doc, went in and out slowly scrubbing her urethra. The last one was inserted until resistance was felt, and the doc knew that he was almost to the urethral sphincter. He watched a tear trace its way from the corner of Annie’s eye, and pulled the swab from her body with a rolling motion. The doctor then discarded the exam gloves he had been wearing. He then put on the sterile gloves contained in the catheter set. After doing so, he picked up one of the Iodine swabs from the kit with his gloved, sterile right hand. After warning Annie that she was about to feel the touch of the swab, he again very carefully inserted the tip of the swab about a quarter of an inch into her urethra. Annie flinched just slightly, more in surprise that there was no more burning from insertion than due to any real discomfort as he rotated the swab.

He paused and told Annie to relax for him. She quickly regained composure. He then proceeded to very gently apply the Iodine to her urethral opening and to the area surrounding, working in a spiral pattern, outward from the center. After a moment's pause, he repeated this portion of the procedure with a second Iodine swab and finished by using the third swab on the periphery of the area that he had just cleaned so carefully.

Next, he retrieved the small, 6cc, Luer tip syringe filled with sterile lubricant from the catheter tray, removing the tip cover he explained that he was going to fill Annie's urethra with lubricant, that the sensation would be unusual but should not be unduly uncomfortable. He then proceeded to gently insert the tip about an inch into her urethra. Once fully inserted, he gently injected about half the contents as far as the tip would go in, before simultaneously starting to withdraw the tip while continuing to inject lubricant. Annie drew in her breath and squirmed a bit as she came to grips with the odd sensation caused by the cool lubricant. As he withdrew the syringe, a very small amount of the lubricant oozed from her urethral opening.

When he was finished, he explained to Annie that he was about to thread the sterile catheter into her urethra until it reached her bladder, a distance of not more than two or three inches. He picked up the catheter and showed it to Annie as he removed the upper third of its length from the sterile, cellophane envelope and lubricated its tip with the contents of a small packet of sterile lubricant from the catheter tray. He explained that the insertion would be only slightly uncomfortable, just a mild urge to urinate and, at worst, a very slight burning sensation, that would last for only a few seconds because this Catheter was of a larger size. He also assured her that, after the insertion, the catheter would be mostly painless until the diuretic filled her bladder completely. As he finished telling her this, he picked up a small pair of sterile plastic forceps from the catheter tray, seized the exposed portion of the catheter and gently removed the remaining portion of the sterile envelope. He poised it at the opening of her Urethral, and started to feed it inside of her. Annie felt the foreign tip of the Foley catheter touch her urethral opening and pause there. He went on to explain that when the catheter was fully inserted, she would experience an intense urge to urinate, but that she would not be able to do so. As he finished his explanation, he asked Annie to take a deep breath, hold it, and try to bear down with her pelvic muscles. He did this knowing that she would clamp down and increase the sensations of the insertion.

As she inhaled, he began threading the catheter into her bladder. Before Annie had completely inhaled, the catheter had glided into place at the threshold of the urethral sphincter. A small push through the slight muscular resistance she was exerting and urine had began to flow into the collection bag as a sharp gasp came from Annie at the quick, sharp burning ache of the foreign objects placement within her. He immediately retrieved a pair of forceps from the instrument tray and clamped off the hose to stop the flow of urine. Next, he retrieved a syringe, pre-filled with sterile saline solution, from the catheter tray kit, inserted it into the balloon valve on the catheter and filled the tiny balloon that was now just inside of Annie's bladder with sterile water to prevent expulsion of the catheter and then very gently withdrew about two inches of catheter until the balloon inside her bladder was seated at the end of her urethra, just inside the bladder.

Once Annie was comfortable with the foreign object that was dwelling in one of the most sensitive parts of her anatomy, he began to used a small but powerful vibrator, sheathed in a condom and well lubricated with the sterile lubricant that remained in the previously used packet from the catheter kit to gently message her clitoris with his left hand. Simultaneously, he plunged the gloved ring finger of his right hand deep into her vagina and started to work over her "G" spot. As he did so, he said he could feel the catheter encased within her urethral sheath. He maneuvered his finger back and forth across the base of her clitoris. Saying that Annie’s most exquisitely sensitive erotic area was now being stimulated, simultaneously, from both the inside by his finger and the catheter and from the outside, by the vibrator. She tossed her head, and tried to pull free as the new sensations assaulted her. Erotically powerful sensations like she had never felt before. Her Master told her to breath deeply, and if the doctor’s ministrations caused her to orgasm that there was no real shame in it. This was information they wanted to know, how many areas they could tease and torment.

This stimulation continued gently but relentlessly. Annie was immediately responsive. She drew her breath in and her hips began to move against the leather bonds futilely. Her breathing became shallow. Her eyes were tightly shut and she began to make a series of guttural sounds and staccato gasps as she achieved one intense, almost convulsive, orgasm. The doctor then moved the Catheter as though fucking her with it, and she came again. After these two orgasms, he could tell that Annie was actually becoming exhausted and that the sensation was becoming too intense, even though Annie said nothing; so, he began to taper the stimulation off, bringing her down slowly, gently. He saw that her hair was damp, and her breathing ragged as he completely stopped the stimulation.

Next, he explained that there may, again, be a few seconds of discomfort as the catheter was removed; but, that Annie would then be left with a pleasant tingling sensation and a mild urge to urinate that would be nearly completely gone by the time that she left with her master.

With that, he used the syringe to evacuate the sterile water that had inflated the balloon on the catheter. He then had Annie take a breath, hold it, relax and exhale as he gently but quickly withdrew the catheter from her urethra.

As Annie relaxed, he excused himself briefly to wash his hands. Upon returning, without saying a word, he turned to the instrument tray, re-gloved with new, sterile gloves and retrieved a sterile, 18 fr. stainless steel sound, one of a set of six sounds on the instrument tray ranging from 12fr. to 30fr. He began to apply sterile lubricant to the instrument and then turned back to Annie.

She looked at the gleaming instrument in his hand, glanced at the sound set on the instrument tray and then, into her masters eyes for a long moment. Her eyes closed slowly as her master spoke to her. The doctor then told her that these were sounds, and they were used to dilate the Urethra so visual inspection or manual stimulation could be done. He asked if she knew which had been ordered for her. She said the manual, and the master patted her cheek as the doctor confirmed it. He also told her that the diuretic should be working well now, and that it would help flush her bladder of any bacteria after they had finished probing her. The Doctor then began the slow insertion of the first of the six progressively larger sounds (18 fr to 30fr.) that he would use on Annie that afternoon. It slid in easily, and he pushed it in and out a couple of times, before moving to the next larger one. One after another until he got to the last one. The 30 fr. This one he secured with a small strap that he taped to her thigh. Leaving it in place as he palpated her bladder. Asking her if she felt full at all. She said that she did, and the sound bounced as he felt her fullness.

Next the doc replaced his gloves with a new sterile pair. Dipping his large middle finger in the remains of the sterile lubricant on the catheter tray. He spoke, telling Annie that he wanted her to orgasm, even if there was pain. He knew that she would be able to take it, and her master wanted her to endure it. He slipped the sound from her body, put his sterile and lubed middle finger against the urethral meatus and forced it into her, making her cry out with pain. He pushed it in and out in a hard fucking motion, enjoying her expressions. He liked watching her head tossing in her master’s hands, and the way the Collins speculum in her cunt moved with the strong contractions induced by the intense pain of the cruel invasion. Tears formed on her cheeks and the doc told her that as long as he didn’t perforate her bladder he could fuck her with his penis in her urethra if her master wanted him to. If she didn’t relax, and let it feel good he would put a condom on a dildo and use it in her. She lay still then, gasping for air. Trying to talk herself out of the pain of his invasion of her virgin orifice.

The doc talked about how he knew she liked pain, and how the gentle movements of his finger in her urethra would stimulate her clitoris and g-spot deep within her. He knew what she liked so he took some gauze pads, and a long set of forceps. Leaving his finger in her bladder he dipped the gauze in the alcohol, and pushed it between the bills of the speculum to lay it deeply into her vagina, knowing that she would orgasm from the deep burning pain within a few seconds. She did not disappoint. Her hips bucked, and a sharp cry of pleasure pain was drawn from her. The doc and her master continued holding her tightly as the doc’s finger kept ramming her, and the sharp scent of alcohol reminded her where the burning pain was originating from.

She finally began begging weakly for relief, and the doc pulled both his finger and the alcohol soaked gauze from her body with a quick jerk. Annie orgasmed one more time as he did so, and almost fainted from relief as the burning became mere fire, and then memory with evaporation. She was exhausted, and shaking with reaction and sweaty with exertion.

The doc held up a mirror to her vagina and showed Annie how red the alcohol had made the tissues of her vagina, where it was visible in the speculum. Then he took a small syringe, pre-filled with a mild sedative, and put the needle into the floor of her vaginal introitus, depressing the plunger slowly as the liquid swelled the red tissues. He enjoyed making her watch the procedure, even when blood dotted the sore spot.

The doc then held up a small suction catheter with a funnel on the end and held it against her urethra ordering her to urinate. She shook her head, and the doc said okay. Reaching for a dildo and condom. Annie panicked as he did it and said wait, please. The doc held the funnel in place patiently, watching Annie’s face and waiting for Annie to let her bladder go. A sob escaped her at the humiliation of her position, and the reaction of what she had endured as she let this one more indignity happen. As she allowed herself to urinate, her master kissed her face, and smoothed her hair, the warm liquid being sucked into a canister and away from her body.

It was over and the doctor wiped the remains of her trial from her sore body. Removing the Collins speculum from within her vagina, and easing the angle of her legs in the knee crutches. They covered her with a warm blanket, and dimmed the lights, letting her rest before the rest of her examination.

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