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Doing Babe

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Synopsis: Babe is a young blonde starlet who has been offered the lead role in a new movie. She arrives at the set and finds out that she had signed up to star in a snuff movie and reluctantly does her part.

Doing Babe

by Honda

This story is a special request by Babe. It is my first non-consensual snuff story. Maybe not entirely non-consensual, but nevertheless, very violent. Personally I prefer consensual snuff & cannibalism but you never know.

©Copyright 1999 Honda-Matic, All Rights Reserved. This story may be reproduced only in its full, original, unedited and unmodified posting where: 1) full credit is given to its author and, 2) no commercial gain of any sort is realized as a result of its reproduction. No permission is granted, actual or implied, to reproduce a modified version of this story, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the author.

Warning: This story is intended for mature adults only. Do not continue to read unless you enjoy reading snuff stories. This story is purely fictional and contains m/f snuff and cannibalism.


Babe arrived at the studio at 7:50 am. She was 10 minutes early. "Hi, you must be Babe", she was greeted. "The director told me to show you to his office when you come in. He's waiting for you already." Babe raised her eyes. "Am I late?" she asked nervously. "No, you aren't late. Don't worry, as far as I know, there's just some more paper work to be done." Hoping that it wouldn't take too long, she followed the receptionist to the director's office.

"Good morning, Babe. I see you are a little early. That's good. I like people who make an effort to be punctual." said the director. "I've heard that there is some more paper work to be done?" Babe inquired. "Well, yes. Let's get straight to the point. We've hired you to do a porno flick, but there has been a slight change in plans. Our customers want something a bit different, and you know that our customers are very important to us. We do anything to please the customers. The point is, that our customers want something more hardcore, more bizarre. Your contract doesn't include these things," explained the director, his uneasiness was very noticeable. "Are you saying you don't want me anymore?" asked Babe almost crying. She wanted this job desperately. She had always dreamed to become a porno star. This had been her greatest opportunity, and she also needed the money. She was about 5-6 tall, nicely thin shaped with dark blonde hair and brown eyes, the perfect figure and appearance for porno actresses.

"Well, we were thinking of renegotiating your contract to include a few more extreme sexual practices," explained the director. She didn't want to go through the whole process again. Reading the original contract had made her head spin; there were just so many clauses and conditions. "Ok, just tell me how extreme you are going to go. I won't do animals, water sports or any of those filthy things." Babe stated. "No worries, we weren't planning on any of those things," she was told. Relieved Babe continued to listen to the rest. "We are just doing some bondage and some more hardcore BDSM scenes, a bit of torture and something like that."

"Oh, I see", Babe, replied, "That's fine with me. I like bondage play. Where do I sign?" demanded Babe. She wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible. She just didn't want to wait any longer. The director gave her a pen and pointed at a place towards the bottom of the page. She signed it without even reading one word of the contract.

"OK, let's start", grinned the director. It had been so easy. He never imagined that his plan would actually work so perfectly. Together they walked down the stairs into a movie set which was set out like a dungeon from the times of the Romans. It was dark there and very quiet. There was almost nobody there apart from the two camera men and two men dressed like executioners with a hood over their head and two evil looking pairs of eyes staring out of them. They looked very authentic, too authentic for Babe's taste. They gave her the shivers.

"Gee, I though this was going to be a porno. Doesn't all this cost an awful lot of money? I mean the costumes and everything. This isn't Hollywood after all." asked Babe. "Well, you are right. This setup does cost a fortune, but the money we'll get for this snuff movie will easily cover everything and we will still make a huge profit from it." said the director.

"Snuff movie? What's that?" asked Babe. "It a special kind of porno. Instead of girls being fucking, we film girls being tortured to death," explained the director calmly. "Death? Wait a second; I am not doing something like that. That's not in my contract," screamed Babe. "Of course it is. It was not in your previous contract, but the new one you just signed includes this." responded the director and gave a sign. The two men dressed like executioners came forward and grabbed Babe. Their strong grips prevented Babe from moving and they dragged her to a mast in the middle of the dungeon and secured her arms and legs to the shackles attached there.

"Ok, Babe, listen carefully, this is the plot. You won't need to do much. Just act naturally. Jack and John here", he pointed to the two hooded men, "will do all the hard work. First Jack will whip you with a cat-o-nine. Then when he is tired, John will cane your ass and thighs. Don't worry; we have a whole collection of whips here. They will try out each one on you before we are through with you. Afterwards, Jack will stick some needles into your tits and John will cut them off."

"You can't do that", screamed Babe in terror. "That's inhuman and murder. It's barbaric!" "It's very erotic and it's first class snuff. Jack and John here have done it many times before. They are very experienced in this kind of stuff. Don't worry. You are in expert hands. So, where were we? Oh, yes, your tits. Before cutting them off, John will slice open your tits. I expect you to scream at this point. Try convincing our customers that you are in real pain. That shouldn't be too hard, even for a dumb cunt like you. After debreasting you, Jack will cauterize the wounds where your tits had been before to stop you from bleeding to death since we still need you alive and screaming when we rip off your arms and legs. John also knows how to use a scalpel. He will peel off some of your skin as well. Of course, the movie ends with John cutting off your head."

Babe stared at the director in terror and disbelief. She couldn't believe that he wanted to film her being butchered. It was so cruel. It made her sick inside. The two cameramen were now preparing the cameras, placing them in position and testing the lighting. She couldn't believe that it was really happening. That had to be a nightmare, her worst nightmare. She was about to be butchered. She started to scream. Suddenly she was struck by something. Pain filled her entire body. It was high voltage, which had ripped through her body. She felt like she had been fried from inside out. Jack had used a cattle prod on her. "Shut up, you bitch. Save your energy. You'll need it later for the movie. By the way, this will be in your ass during the whole movie." he showed her the cattle prod moving it around in front of her eyes so that she could get a good look at it. It was very thick, bigger than most dildos she had ever seen. It also had a metallic colour. It looked so cold. Then he pushed it into her ass. He didn't care whether it was hurting her. It didn't matter to him. Babe was in agony, but this was just the beginning. The worst was still to come.

Suddenly the light went out for a minute and returned very bright, in fact it was the brightest setting possible. Having had just enough time to adjust to the darkness, Babe was blinded by the sudden bright light. She tried to shut both her eyes. Then gradually the light became dimmer. When she opened her eyes again, an evil looking men dressed in black with red ornaments was standing in front of her holding a brutal looking bullwhip. She didn't know whether it was Jack or John, not that it really mattered. Either of them would be inflicting her with terrible things, torture so awful that the mere thought of about it made her shudder.

The camera had started to film the second the light went on, but Babe hadn't noticed and it didn't matter to her anyway. She was faced with the imminent threat of a very painful whipping. Under normal circumstances she would probably had enjoyed a whipping no matter how severe, but this time it was different. Knowing her ultimate fate, to be murdered in front of the camera for the entertainment of people she didn't even know, had spoiled her willingness to participate in such an act of violence.

She let out a horrible loud scream when the whip hit her stomach. It was so sudden and unexpected that she hadn't prepared for it. It wouldn't have mattered since she would feel the pain anyway. But this way, her surprised expression followed by the pain stricken expression on her face was much more enjoyable. The pain on her face was captured with a close up. It was horrifying, yet it was a perfect picture of her torture. That one-second expression on her face would have won an award if there were awards for snuff movies. But there wasn't. Hollywood only paid attention to high budget and over publicised movies with special effects. Artistry and realism wasn't important, at least not to the general population. But there was an elite who did appreciate such art, people who were willing to sponsor such creativity and dedication to the realism in their performances. Although Babe was tricked into consenting to these macabre acts, she did it with perfection.

Babe felt terrible pain again. This time it came from her back. She felt like her skin was being ripped to shreds. John was whipping her from behind with a modified cat-o-nine. The ends of the whip had little sharp fishing hooks attached. When it hit her, the hooks buried into her skin and ripped her skin when the whip was pulled back. Her entire back was covered in blood in just a few seconds. The wounds were very small so no great significant amount of blood was lost from them. Only the impact of the whip and the hooks gave her terrible pain when they were pulled back out of her skin. However, once they were out, the small wounds did not give her much pain. She was glad about that. Having her back whipped like that was painful enough. Suddenly the receptionist she had seen previously came into the scene. She was bringing a tray, which had a saltshaker in the middle. When she was close to Babe she glanced at Babe smilingly. "How are we doing so far? Are you enjoying yourself yet?" she asked Babe as if they were doing something in a social club. Jake took the saltshaker and she left winking back at Babe. Grinning at Jack and John she said: "Have fun, boys".

Suddenly Babe realized what the saltshaker was for. No, they couldn't be so cruel. Babe was panicking. She didn't want it. It would hurt like hell. John hit her again with the bullwhip. She felt a terrible pain in her abdomen. Seconds after that she was writhing in agony, her arms frantically pulling on her shackles, her body jerking around wildly. Jack had sprinkled some salt onto her back. She had hundreds of little cuts from the whipping before and the salt was interacting with her skin. It was good for her since the salt would heal her wounds and stop the bleeding, but it was very painful. Her eyes were filled with tears. Then she felt the whip again. This time it was worst. The salt on her back interacted straight after the whip's hooks cut her. She couldn't take it any longer and fainted. Release at last, but not for very long. In just a few seconds she was reawakened with a bucket of water, which was emptied over her.

"No, not again", she screamed when she realized where she was. The water had washed away the deposits of salt on her back so it didn't hurt as much any more. "Let's play with some electricity", John said evilly. He went to get his torture kit. Babe couldn't believe how casually he went about it. He was going to torture her again, inflicting waves of pain onto her beautiful body, torturing it until she is reduced to pieces of lifeless meat. Jack was different from John. He didn't have that calmness that John possessed. He was more impulsive, rather impatient. Jack didn't wait for John to return. He could torture Babe by himself until John returned. Electric shocks weren't a problem either. He turned to the cattle prod embedded in Babe's ass. "Ahh", Babe screamed. He had pressed the button on her cattle prod frying her ass from the inside. One massive load of current exploded inside her rectum electrifying all her tissues in the surrounding area.

Babe felt hot. In fact, she felt like she was about to explode. Her entire body turned red. Sweat poured out of all her pores. Needless to say, her eyes were soaked in tears as well.

At that moment, John returned. Seeing what was going on, he quickly grabbed a bucket of water and poured it over Babe. This cooled her down sufficiently, but also discharged the rest of the static electricity resident in her body. Her entire body shook as the current flowed through her from top to bottom. Eventually her jerking stopped, the pool of water under her was mixed with urine as she lost control and led out some squirts of piss. Jack laughed at this, but John continued with his preparations undisturbed and uncaring of what is happening beside him.

John had set up a small table on which were his torture devices. A transformer to regulate the current and two big alligator clamps. He connected the wires, which were attached to the clamps to the transformer. Then he approached Babe with the clamps in his hands grinning at her and measuring her breasts with his eyes. She was still wearing her pretty dress, however, there wasn't much left of it. The whipping had shredded most of it and only a few torn pieces were still clinging to her voluptuous body. She didn't wear a bra so her breasts were barely covered by the remaining pieces of cloths. With one mighty rip, he tore the rest of her dress away leaving her naked with only her panties left. Babe wore no stockings or any garter belt. Her big breasts were now totally bared and visibly juggling with her every breath. It was a nice sight. Two perfectly developed big breasts. What a shame that they won't be as beautiful as they were in a short moment.

John reached forward and grabbed her right tit, crushing it between his strong hands. Tears shot out of Babe again. When her tit turned purple, Jack released it and looked at the other tit. "Let me do it", interrupted Jack and grabbed her left tit. He started squeezing straight away and also slightly pulled at it. Babe screamed again, but it didn't help her but rather increased her suffering. Her screams had turned Jack on incredibly and he squeezed her tit even harder. The louder she screamed, the harder he squeezed her tit. Finally it turned purple as well and John reminded Jack to let go off her tit so he could continue with his toy.

John started by pinching her nipples making sure they got hard. Then he took one of the alligator clamps and attached it to her right nipple. The sharp rugged edges of the clamps bit deep into her nipple making her wince in pain. She wiggled around desperately trying to shake it off and she succeeded. After a couple of attempts it loosened from her tit and fell to the ground. Jake was very annoyed and slapped her across the face a few times, but John kept his calmness. "Well, if that's how you want it, then you shall have it", he told her. He turned around and produced a pair of needles which he held in front of her eyes and watched her terrified expression with amusement. Babe tried to protest and begged him not to use the needles, telling him she would rather have the clamps. "You had your chance", was his response. He slightly heated the needles with a cigarette lighter and then pierced her nipples with them. There was a sharp pain when the needles went into her delicate little nipples but the pain did not last long. "See, that wasn't too bad, was it?" John asked her quite nicely. "It will be worst when we put some bigger needles into your breasts", interjected Jack. "That's later", responded John and attached the clamps to the needles embedded in Babe's nipples. Then he took out a little chain and attached it to the needles in her nipples. The chain connected them making it look like a little bridge between her tits

He then turned on the transformer and the current started to flow to her breasts. It went through the chain connecting her breasts, thus completing the circuit. Babe's tits were shaking as the current flowed through them. Jack laughed loudly at the sight and urged John to increase the current. And that he did, but before increasing the current, he sprayed some water onto her tits to increase their conductivity. When he finally increased the current, Babe was shaking frantically in pain. Small blue sparks were visible on her breasts, which were stiff with arousement and pain. Babe opened her mouth to scream and a small spark could be seen in her mouth between her teeth. She screamed out her lungs but there was no mercy or release from this torture. Ever now and then John turned the current down to let her have a little rest and a breather but turned it up again quickly to see her renewed agony.

Babe lost track of time during this merciless torture. When John stopped the current and removed the clamps from her nipples, Jack took over. He produced a collection of variously sized needles and happily exclaimed that it was his turn and stuck the first needle into Babe's left tit. Again she screamed, her voice already coarse from all her previous screaming. Jack didn't care, he stuck in more needles until her breasts looked like a bed full of flowers but instead of flowers, there were needles. Satisfied he admired his latest masterpiece. "Enough with this playing. It's time for the real stuff", reminded John. "Ok, whatever you want", replied Jack and started to pull out all the small needles. He had had his fun sticking them in and it was all captured on film anyway so he could admire it at any later time. It was time for the big ones. He grabbed a needle as long as his hand and pointed it at Babe's left tit. She stared at it with wide-open eyes imagining how much it would hurt her once they were stuck into her. She was scared and dreaded it. Just thinking about it made her tremble with fear. But Jack did not leave it to her imagination only. He let her feel the real thing. He stuck the needle into her left tit pushing the whole needle in from the top until it reemerged at the bottom of her tit. The whole needle had been pushed through her tit. The pain was unbearable. Babe was in constant agony, her pains indescribable. Jack played with the needle, twisting and turning it. Babe couldn't take it any longer and fainted again. Another bucket full of water was at his hand straight away and she was awakened again to face the second needle. Jack placed the second needle at her right tit and drove it through. The pain was incredible. Babe was wide-awake again, feeling every single sensation of pain the needle produced when it pierced her right breast. Some blood was dripping down her breasts but nobody cared. Jack and John were not concerned with Babe's welfare and she was in too much pain to think about anything. "It's time to demonstrate my archery skills", John said and walked over to a corner and picked up a crossbow lying there. He locked in the bolt and told Jack to get ready.

Jack went out of his line of fire and stood half a meter away facing Babe. He grabbed the two big needles and pulled them towards him stretching Babe's enormous tits even wider than they were and making them an easier target. John was standing about 10 meters away from them at an exact ninety degrees angle. He was facing the side of her tit and aimed. Babe was realizing what they were trying to do and pleaded for mercy. She was ignored and John pulled the trigger. It was a perfect aim. The arrow hit her left breast from the side. It pierced through her tit and continued piercing her right breast as well and stopped when the head of the arrow emerged from her right breast. "Perfect hit!" shouted Jack happily. He was very proud of his brother and wished he had had those magnificent skills as well. John just nodded his head and came closer towards them. Babe was amazed. The arrow had skewered both her breasts and it stopped at the right time. It was so perfectly aligned that all that needed to be done was to slice off her breasts and place them on a grill. What was she thinking? Was she actually starting to enjoy her role of a snuff victim and actually visualizing her own cooking? The thought shocked her and she quickly dismissed it trying to think about something else.

In the distance, she could her the phone ringing. Was it real or was she starting to imagine things? Did she lose her mind already? No, she was totally sane. The director stopped the filming and called Jack and John over for a discussion. "I just had a call from Ms. X. I am afraid we need to change the script. She wants to see more cannibalism. Also, the premier for our movie is tonight at eleven. We need to finish filming by four this afternoon so I can get the editing done. Get your cooking gear ready and I'll give you the details in a moment." The director hurried away to quickly modify the script. It wasn't such a hard task since most of their movies use standard scripts. All he needed to do was rearrange some sequences of actions and copy some parts from the cannibal script into this one. He just needed to insert them into the right place so the movie has a continuous flow.

Jack and John then hurried away and retrieved their cooking gear. Babe was confused and wanted to know what was going on. She felt strange. One part of her wanted for the pain to stop, wanted to get out of there. Strangely another part of her wanted the exact opposite. It wanted more torture, wanted to experience the most extreme torture imaginable. "We have a slight change of plans. You will be briefed shortly", said John while passing by her. Babe watched as Jack wheeled in a little grill and John brought in a big frying pan and a pot. Next John wheeled in an electric cooker while Jack brought a big meat cleaver and a chopping block. Fascinated Babe watched in silence and amazement as the two men set up their equipment.

A short time later, the director returned with freshly printout of their new script. He looked at Babe and spoke: "I just had a call from one of our most important customer and she wanted some changes to our script. This happens all the time and we always do our best to please our customer. And don't worry about your contract. You won't need to sign another one. The one you signed this morning includes a clause for such a case, so you are perfectly covered under the contract. Our special customer wants to see you butchered and your parts roasted. There is a condition in the contract that allows us to butcher you if we torture you first. Since the rest of the movie is about torture anyway, we don't have any problems. The only changes we are making is that after each torture session, Jack and John will be cutting off some parts of your body and cook it in some way. And don't worry about how you taste. We have an excellent chef who will prepare your partially cooked meat after we finish filming and convert it to a gourmet meal for the movie premier later tonight. Let me assure you, that this movie will be a hit. You will be one of the most enjoyable stars we ever produced. Not only will your performance be first class, but your meat will also be remembered for a long time. So much I can promise you."

Babe listened to everything the director had to say without interrupting him. She was amazed about how business like and professional the director was. There was no confusion or nervousness in his words. He seemed like he did this sort of thing every day, which he actually did, but Babe didn't know that. She was lost in thoughts about cannibalism, debauchery, torture and snuff and the idea really turned her on. Then she realized that she was the victim, the one who would be enduring all the terrible pain and that it wasn't a dream or one of her fantasy sessions. This was real. She had already suffered incredible torture and she knew they were not joking. They were actually going to snuff her, torture her and cut her to pieces to be served as dinner. And this would all be captured on film to be distributed to wealthy people to watch and enjoy. She was getting aroused again but quickly got back to reality.

Meanwhile, while Babe was daydreaming, Jack and John had finished setting up their equipment. "Well, Babe, let's continue. We don't have much time left, so I can't give you a run through the new script. Jack and John have done this before, so they know exactly what to do. You are in good hands here, just relax and Jack and John will take care of you." the director told her and went back to the director's chair.

"Action", the director shouted and the camera started to roll again. Jack was holding a big pair of clippers, the kind people usually used to cut roses. "We are going to make finger soup. This will require all your fingers, thumbs and toes," said Jack as a matter of fact. Babe swallowed hard. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Fear had overtaken her and she was frozen with shock. Everything they had done to her before was just foreplay. This is where it really got rough and there was no way of going back once this step was done. She was going to be mutilated limb by limb.

Jack took hold of her right hand and held it with his strong hand. Then he placed the clipper around her little finger and with one strong clip cut it off. Babe was speechless with shock; she had just lost one of her fingers. Her agony and terror could be seen in her eyes. The despair and fear was all over her face, but she didn't make a sound at all. Jack continued to cut off her ring finger, then her middle finger. He placed each finger onto a plate on a little table in front of him. While he finished cutting off Babe's index finger and thumb, John was preparing the poker. It was already red hot, almost ready. When John had finished with Babe's right hand, John cauterized her right hand or what was left of it. This time, her screams were not voiceless. The entire room was filled with a shrill sound of agony while Babe screamed her lungs out. Then she passed out from the pain.

It was the first time Jack was not in a hurry. He picked up a pot and filled it with water and then placed it on the mobile cooking station that John had brought in. Then Jack reawakened Babe and took hold of her left hand. Babe awoke to the tender touch of her left hand. She looked up right into Jack's eyes the same way a girl normally stared into her lover's eyes. Then she remembered what he had just done to her right hand and tried to pull her left hand away from his grip. He told on to her hand tightly and she was unable to pull it away. Babe saw the clippers closing up to her helpless hand. It was still stained dark red with her blood. In shock she watched Jack clip off her little finger. Then she started screaming. This turned Jack on, but Babe didn't know that. Filled with lust he continued to cut off her finger and placed them neatly on the plate next to the other fingers. When her thumb was gone as well, John cauterized her left hand and this time she didn't pass out, but experienced the full agonizing pain of having the wounds on her hands cauterized with the red-hot poker.

"You've done well", John told her. "Jack and me will be switching jobs when we do your toes." he said and took the clippers from Jack handing him the poker. John knelt down. The camera followed him and zoomed in on Babe's feet. John positioned the clippers around Babe's right big toe and cut it off. It was much harder to do than her thumbs but John was strong. He pressed harder and it went off. John placed the toe onto the plate where the fingers were while Jack cauterized the wound. This process was repeated until Babe was toeless. After every time John cut off a toe Jack cauterized the wound straight away. This prevented Babe from loosing too much blood but also added to her torture. Staring down at her toeless feet, Babe started to sob.

John activated the cattle prod inside Babe's ass again. She buckled in pain and screamed. "No sobbing, Babe. Our customers don't like it. You can scream and trash around your head, but no sobbing. Do you understand?" Babe was scared and confused, but she didn't want to anger John so she just nodded, agreeing to anything that John said. Silently, but in great agony she watched them throw her toes and fingers into the boiling pot. When they finished John faced her again. "Next, we will be chopping off your feet and hands followed by your other limbs. Hopefully that won't take too long." John undid her shackles and Jack pushed in a big butchering table. John lifted her up onto the table with his strong hands. She was told to lie down on her back and Jack held her down while John took a big meat cleaver and got in position. He aimed and chopped off her right hand, then her left hand. Babe was in great pain again and trashed around, however, Jack was holding her tightly pinning her down to the table. Unable to move, Babe experienced the worst pain she had ever felt, more painful than anything she had ever felt so far. After loosing her hands, her feet followed. John moved the cleaver down with one precise and powerful movement cutting off her right foot. He repeated it on her left foot slicing it off like butter.

"It's my turn, now", Jack shouted excitedly. John put down the meat cleaver and changed place with Jack. He held down Babe while Jack picked up the meat cleaver and started hacking her right arm into small rolls about 2 inches wide. Babe screamed from the constant pain of loosing a piece of her arm every time Jack chopped at her arm. Finally her entire right arm was gone, chopped into small pieces. "That was fun", exclaimed Jack happily. The receptionist came back bringing in a big silver platter. She picked up every single piece of Babe's arm and placed it onto the platter, arranging the pieces carefully keeping them in their original order so that they could be recognized as an arm. Then she disappeared with the platter. John picked up Babe's feet and hands and placed them into the boiling pot where her fingers and toes were in.

"Your arm will be put into the oven", John told her. Jack placed down the meat cleaver and produced a big sledgehammer. "We also need some mincemeat," he said smiling. Babe knew what he was about to do and braced herself for the pain. However, it was worst than she expected. Jack swung the hammer down and smashed her left arm and continued until her left arm had indeed turned into mincemeat. All the while Babe screamed in agony, the camera alternating from Jack's hammering on Babe's arm and her pain filled face. When her arm was reduced to pure minced meat, the receptionist returned and scooped off the meat into a bowl and disappeared again. "That will probably be used for meat balls, but I am not too sure about it the chef can prepare it anyway she likes to, but that is what she usually does." John told her.

Jack returned with the poker and cauterized her wounds around her shoulders where her arms once were. He picked up the meat cleaver again and was about to strike at her thighs. "I don't think you can do it", John said jokingly. He knew his brother could do it, but it was part of the act for him to fail. Jack plunged the meat cleaver into Babe's leg, but not hard enough, merely parting some of her flesh and exposing the bone underneath it. Blood gushed out of the deep wound splashing into Jack's face. He turned around to face the camera. His face was covered in blood. "You'll need a saw for this", John said and Jack immediately produced a small saw. He had hidden it under the table before since it was part of the script and he had prepared properly. He placed the rugged edge of the saw onto the exposed bone on Babe's leg and started sawing. The saw went up and down and started to sink into the bone.

Babe screamed more furious than before. The pain was terrible, even worst than before. Indeed, the pain was getting more and more. Having had her limbs cut off was painful enough, but at least it had been quick. But the saw was different. Babe wished that John had used an electric saw. Then it would have been quicker, but this was cruel. Jack continued sawing. He was halfway through the bone already; just a little bit more and the leg were off. Babe was still screaming and cursing but her voice had reduced to a mere whisper. Her throat was coarse from all the screaming. Finally Jack had sawn through the bone and her leg went off. Proudly Jack held up Babe's leg. The camera zoomed in. Blood was still dripping out of the leg. Jack didn't worry about that, but the other end where it once was attached to needed to be cauterized. He grabbed the poker again and did it. The searing flesh produced the smell of cooked meat filling his nostrils and his mouth watered.

"Ok, you had your fun. Now hold her while I get my stuff", John said and bends down to retrieve something from underneath the table. Jack looked at Babe. She was in no condition to escape. She only had one leg left and no arms. John retrieved a hand-held electronic drill and some big firecrackers. "I am going to blow your leg off," he told Babe. "First I will drill some holes into your leg, put the fire crackers in and boom. Off goes the leg", he said enthusiastically. Babe's eyes widened with horror and stared at the drill. It gave her the shivers just to look at that thing. Knowing what pain it will cause her she pleaded to John. "You know, I am doing it for your benefit", he told her. "It will make you famous and very popular." he continued to tell her.

Jack was holding her leg down and John moved the drill to a position above her leg. Then he sank it down drilling his first whole into her hipbone. Babe felt extremely painful as he drilled more wholes. All together, he had drilled five holes into her hip. Then he took the firecrackers and inserted them into the holes in her hip. Some of the leaked powder came into contact with her wounded flesh and burned her. It was a horrible pain, much worst than having salt sprayed onto the open wounds. She had felt that before and this was worst than that. When John had finished, he tied the endings of all five firecrackers together and extended it with a string about a meter long. He lit it with a match and he and Jack stepped back. The camera zoomed in and followed the flame as it burned along the string. When it reached the joint it separated out into five smaller flames. Each of the flames reached their correspondent cracker at the same time and they went off with a bang. They were not strong enough to cause much damage but were enough to tear Babe's leg off.

Babe was reduced to a torso and a head. She screamed when her leg was blown off and continued to cry. John looked at her tits. The arrow was still stuck in them. "Let's cut them off now", suggested Jack. "Wait, first we need to take off her skin," replied John. Babe had resigned to her fait. She no longer was a woman, but a snuff toy about to be finished off. She had suffered too much pain already and was beyond feeling much of the pain inflicted on her anymore. When Jack cauterized her latest wounds she didn't even scream.

John took a scalpel and placed it under her right breast and cut around her breast and separated the skin between her breast and her chest. Blood oozed out the cuts. John replaced the scalpel with a knife, which he placed at her right nipple and cut it off. Then he placed the knife onto the table and grabbed her right breast and ripped the skin off it. He had to use a knife to slice off some parts of the skin because it stuck to the arrow still embedded in her breast. After that, her breast was reduced to a dark red cone. He did the same thing to her left breast, leaving Babe with two dark red cones on her chest. He used the knife to bring her breasts to blossom even more. Using the knife, he sliced into her breasts several times. They were deep cuts separating her breast meat and opening them up like blossoming flowers.

Then John placed the knife under her right breast again, this time slicing up and cutting the breast off. More blood emerged from the cuts. He placed the knife under Babe's left breast when he had cut off the right one and started cutting upwards again. When both breasts were cut off they were still nicely skewered on the arrow. John gave it to Jack who happily placed it over the small grill next to him. Then Jack took the poker and cauterized her chest. When he finished, he noticed that he had a hard on. Looking at Babe, he smiled and lowered the poker to her face and burned out her left eye totally evaporating her pupil. Then he mounted her sticking his erect cock into her eye socket. He fucked her skull while his hand rubbed her pussy. When he orgasmed he squirted his cum all over her face and noticed to his amazement that she also came. Then he noticed the director pointing at his watch. It was getting late. They had to hurry and finish soon. He stepped off the table and let John continue. John knowing that they were a little behind schedule didn't waste anymore time. He was already holding a knife and plunged it into Babe's belly and cut her open to the breastbone. Then he pulled her wide open exposing her glistering guts and intestines. Then pulled down his trousers and his member came to live. He pulled the cattle prod out of Babe's ass and replaced it with his huge cock. He pumped her into the ass while his hands slid into her wide-open belly and scooped around in her guts. Then he pulled out of her ass and climbed onto the table plunging his cock into her open belly, burying his cock in her soft wet guts and came.

After this Jack took over. He quickly scooped out her guts and intestines and cut off the ending and dropped them onto the floor. She was almost empty. Babe felt hollow and very light as if she was drifting. There wasn't much left of her. John gave Jack a glass filled with acid, which he emptied into her wide-open belly. The acid burned away what was left of her stomach. The flesh inside her was sizzling. Babe felt her insides burning. She had lost a lot of blood and was very weak. Too weak to neither scream nor move. She was almost done. John looked at her. Her face was streaked with tears and the one eye she was left with was red from all the crying. She looked exhausted and he knew she wouldn't last much longer. "You've done very well Babe. Much better than any other girl that I have snuffed before. You should be proud of your performance. I'll cut off your head now. Please try to smile", he told her caressing her soft face. Babe felt at peace. Her suffering was nearly finished. She had endured the longest and most painful torture in her life and it was about to end. "You will be going out with a big bang. A star like you deserves it." John told her as he stuffed a bundle of fire cracker up her ass and into her cunt. He attached a long string to it and lit it. Then he grabbed the axe and stepped to the other end of the table and lifted the axe above his head. "Get ready and smile", he told Babe one final time and sliced through her neck with the big axe. Her head rolled off the table and dropped to the floor. He stepped back from the table just in time. The firecrackers in Babe's cunt and ass went off blowing the lover part of Babe's remaining body apart ripping it to pieces. With this the movie ended. The director signaled the two cameramen who followed him to his office. They had to quickly edit the movie for its premier that same night.

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