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High Tech Slavery

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Synopsis: He designed some computerized torture devices and thought they were just his fantasies. Then he got a chance to build them and he became the first victim of his own design.
A gift to all of you great folk in the a.s.b.

The following story contains extreme bd/sm, slavery, and even a love story. A
note about the author: This is a delurk! I would like to thank you all for the
experience and knowledge I have gained from you. I've been lurking for 3/4 of a
year now. I am a Connecticut based SM/BDer and I along with my lovely Mistress
belong to the United Leather Folk of CT. (ULC) founded and operated by Laura
Goodwin. If you are in the area drop me a line, all are welcome in the ULC.
Enjoy!  Comments are welcome.  Slave M. 

                      High Tech Slavery - By Slave M.

part 1/3

                      High Tech Slavery - By Slave M.

I would like to tell you about a fantasy come true. Let me start from the 

I am a computer process controls engineer and I work as a consultant for
manufacturing firms. Computer process controls involves the use of computer
controlled intelligent equipment for use in manufacturing and other related
automation. Being a BD enthusiast, I have always thought of bizarre contraptions
I could design that would be truly cruel and effective. This of course was
strictly fantasy because I was not prepared to rob a bank to fund such a
project. Here is where the fantasies come true. 

I belong to a local BD and SM support club consisting of a varied group of 
people that I have become quite close with over the past few years. We 
have biweekly meetings where we discuss varied related topics and once 
every month or two we have play parties. Members are from all walks of 
life and sexual preferences. We have some very creative people in the 
group, leather crafters, iron bondage gear, carpentry for pillories and 
whipping horses. This was the topic for a meeting about a year ago. We all 
had to discuss a bondage item that we would like to make. When it came 
around to me, I had taken out some very elaborate blue prints that I 
designed on my CAD/CAM computer. I showed the group my plan for an 
automated canning machine and a computerized bondage machine. I had 
plans for other equipment with me also but I did not want to overwhelm 
the group. As I was passing around the plans Mistress Fran, a member of 
the group, became extremely inquisitive and started asking me some very 
technical questions. Fran had been with the group for about 6 months and I 
did not know much about her accept for the fact that she was extremely 
beautiful, very dominant, enjoyed inflicting pain, and especially loved to 
tightly bind her victims for her pleasure. I asked mistress Fran how she 
knew so much about process controls and she did not answer but she told 
me she would like to see me after the meeting. 

The meeting broke up at about 10:30pm and Fran and I went to a local 
coffee shop. She asked me to pull the plans out and she started studying 
them again. I was a little thrown when the waitress came over to refill 
our cups and she looked down at the plans and asked what is that 
contraption. I was searching for something to say and Mistress Fran 
responded, "It's for torturing submissive slaves." The waitress turned a 
few shades of red and left. I finally asked mistress Fran why she had such 
a fascination for my plans. Her response floored me. She told me that she 
is the president of Bliss Manufacturing in Hartford. Her father owned the 
plant and he had died about 2 years ago leaving his estate to her. Mistress 
Fran who is in her late thirties had earned an MBA from Harvard and was 
vice president of the company when her father died. I was quite familiar 
with her company. Bliss was a major manufacturer of high strength light 
alloy frames and tubing for the aerospace industry and they had  large 
contracts with NASA. Mistress Fran told me she had fantasized about 
building a bondage and torture machine room in the basement of her home 
that her father had left her. She did not want to ask one of the engineers 
at the plant to build it because of fear that others in the plant would find 
out or even worse NASA would find out. We talked shop until almost 3 AM 
in the morning and then Mistress Fran took my phone number and told me 
to go home and get some rest. 

It was early Sunday morning and I was awoken by the telephone.  It was 
mistress Fran and she told me in a low dark voice to be at her home at 3 
pm today and to bring the CAD disks from my computer.  She left her 
address and hung up the phone without even listening for my response. My 
mind was racing. I tried to sleep a few more minutes but I could not.

I was a few minutes late when I rang the buzzer at the front gate to 
Mistress Fran's estate. Over the intercom I heard "You're late" and then the 
gate opened. As I was pulling in to her driveway the garage door opened 
and she was standing in the garage wearing a very fancy full black leather 
dress that was laced from her crotch to just above her breasts. She was 
wearing elbow length leather gloves and leather boots that went up to her 
mid thigh. She motioned for me to pull in and she closed the automatic 
garage door behind me. We walked into her kitchen and we sat down at the 
kitchen table. Mistress Fran told me that she would like to hire me as an 
independent engineer for her company. She picked up some papers that 
were on the table and told me to read the contract. The contract was 
almost 4 pages long and in a very small type face. Apparently she had been 
up the rest of the night typing it up. As I sat there reading the contract I 
couldn't help but to notice her intense beauty. She had dark brown eyes and 
her dark brunette hair flowed smoothly down to her shoulders. She had 
olive skin and her breasts were very full and round for her slender body. 
Her facial features were sharp like a foreign fashion model. I had never 
seen her with a man and at the play parties she would show up with her 
slave girl Cassandra. Cassandra was a very docile slave and I never heard 
her say much. Cassandra was usually wearing a leather training mask that 
had a rubber penis gag.

The contract was very specific. I was to be paid a small stipend to cover 
the expenses of maintaining my apartment and bills but I was to live in 
mistress Fran's home to work on the project. The contract detailed the 
project with a flow chart and completion dates for each phase. I had 25 
days to complete the design work and then 180 days to complete the 
project. Each design would be subject to her changes and would need her 
final approval. I would not be allowed to enter the Bliss facilities and I 
could only submit work orders to Bliss through a fictitious company 
Mistress Fran had setup. The last paragraph of the contract was 
interesting and sent my already fast beating heart even faster. I tried to 
swallow but my throat was dry. The contract stated that I would be a 
slave worker for Mistress Fran and that I would agree to follow any order 
or submit to any physical activity that she wished. It also had a 
commitment clause that would be enforced before signing the contract 
that would be used to prove that I had serious intentions of completing the 
project and on time. I asked her what this meant and she explained that I 
would have to spend 24 hours in her slave cage. She said I could use the 
time to think of further contraptions and designs. I would only be allowed 
drinking water. 

I sat there at her kitchen table for a few moments wondering if I could 
pull this project off physically and emotionally. It didn't take long to 
decide that I could not pass up the opportunity of a life time nor could I 
walk out on such a lovely and compelling mistress. I said yes. At that 
moment she said, wonderful, she called to another room and said "Come 
here Cassandra," my eyes light up when I discovered that Cassandra was 
her live in slave. Cassandra walked in and she was wearing a very tight 
latex body suit that squeaked when she walked. Cassandra was almost as 
tall as myself and was a striking blonde. She had long hair that was tied in 
a pony tail and her breasts were also very round and full. Her nipples were 
trying to poke through the suit she wearing and her pussy lips were well 
pronounced. Mistress Fran told Cassandra to get changed and take the key 
to my apartment and collect up my clothes and some personal items. 
Mistress Fran told me to use the bathroom because this would be the last 
chance I get for a while. 

When I returned Mistress Fran had a leather bag in her hand and she led me 
to the east end of her sprawling home and unlocked a door that was in a 
pantry. The stairway led down to a rather large open basement room. The 
space was at least 75' by 100' with poured concrete walls and no 
windows. There was a heavy metal reinforced door that led to an outside 
hatchway into the back yard. It was rather cold and musty smelling and 
she had a few bondage articles in the space. I saw some metal wrist and 
ankle cuffs attached to chains hanging from anchors in one of the walls 
and there was a cage in the center of the room. Both the cuffs and the cage 
appeared to be made of the same alloys used at Bliss. The cage was 
perfectly crafted. It was made of high tensile chrome malibdimum and the 
welds were flawless. The cage was bolted to the floor at each corner and 
was about 4 feet long, 2 feet wide and maybe 4 feet high. The bars were 
tightly spaced and the lid and floor of the cage was made out of a solid 
sheet of thick aluminum.  The lid to the cage used a piano type hinge along 
one side. Mistress Fran raised the lid to the cage and told me to remove all 
my clothes and step in. She then pulled a set of high tech looking 
handcuffs out of the leather bag and proceeded to lock my wrists behind 
my back. The cuffs were very light and were made of the same alloy. I was 
wondering how I would be able to sit in a cage for 24 hours with my arms 
locked behind me when she pulled a smaller set of cuffs from her bag and 
tightened them down on my thumbs. The 2 sets of cuffs working together 
prevented my hands from moving at all. She then pulled out a small plastic 
package from her bag that appeared to be a catheter kit. She grabbed my 
already stiff cock in her gloved hand and painfully inserted the lubricated 
tube deep into my cock. She then fed the tube through the bars of the cage 
and inserted the end into a plastic bottle attached to the outside of the 
cage. She told me to sit down in the cage and she closed the top. I was not 
very comfortable, there was not enough room to stretch out my long legs, 
nor was there room to turn around. She locked the top of the cage by 
sliding a long chrome bar through a  series of interlocking cylinders that 
the lid created with the side of the cage, similar to the piano hinge on the 
other side. She pulled two heavy pad locks from her bag and locked each 
one through holes that were drilled in the ends of the bar.  The sound of 
the large padlocks closing made my heart skip a beat. I noticed what 
appeared to be a large water bottle similar to what you would see in a 
hamster cage. I could just reach the stem of the bottle because it was at 
the end of the cage my feet were at. Mistress Fran said that at any time I 
could be let out of the cage but the contract would be torn up and I would 
be told to leave her house immediately. At this point I noticed several 
video cameras mounted on the ceiling. She must have some kind of monitor 
room upstairs so she could watch me. She started to walk back up the 
stairs and she turned around and said "Have fun" and she blew me a kiss 
She turned out the lights to the room and closed and bolted the door. 

It was very dark in the room and I was a little on the cold side. The floor 
of the cage was cold against my naked butt and balls. There was a small 
night light plugged into an outlet on the far wall that offered enough light 
for me to see my predicament and for the cameras to work. Without any 
sunlight it was hard to determine what time it was. I was wondering how 
I could possible stay in this cage for a complete day. I was already very 
uncomfortable, I was leaning back on my arms and they were aching. I 
could turn a little to each side to shift the weight from one side of my ass 
to the other. Suddenly my cock jerked and I remembered that I had a 
catheter stuck in me. My piss was flowing down the tube and into the jug. 
My cocked ached from the tube and I though of kicking the tube out by 
using my feet but then determined that this would be a bad move. Mistress 
Fran put me this way so I better stay this way, plus I had a days worth of 
pissing to do and doing it onto the bottom of the cage would make it 
worse. The cameras made me feel very helpless. At any point unknowing to 
me she could be watching me. I wonder if Cassandra is watching me too? I 
tried to nod off but I could not find an even semi comfortable position. My 
wrists and thumbs locked behind me was maddening. My shoulders ached. I 
dozed off for a few minutes and I totally lost track of time. I did not know 
if I was there 2 hours or 6 hours. I tried to listen for sounds but I think 
this part of the basement is under the garage so no one can be heard 
walking around in the house. 

It must have been the next morning by now, I spent most of the night 
thinking of new torture stations but my pain and discomfort was 
mounting. I started whimpering a little and the lack of movement and the 
coldness where getting to me. I started crying. I then snapped out of it and 
kept reminding myself of why I'm here and of the beautiful mistress that 
did this to me.  How much time have I been here? This is the most torture 
I have ever suffered. My cock has been hard most of the whole ordeal and I 
can't control it. The cage is too narrow for me to reach around and stroke 
my aching cock. I have been drinking the water from the animal feeder but 
reaching the nozzle is very difficult and causes great pain. The jug on the 
side of the cage was at least 3/4 filled with my piss. 

Suddenly I heard the bolt on the door open and in walked Cassandra. I felt so 
humiliated her seeing me like this. She told me that it has been 15 hours 
and that I had 9 more to go. I could believe it and started to whimper...I 
thought I have been in here days. She then said "just kidding" and walked 
over to the cage and unlocked the padlocks on the bar. She lifted the top and 
told me to stand up. I could not stand, my legs were cramped. Her 6 foot 
frame then grabbed me under the arms and she lifted me off the floor and 
set my ass down on the side of the cage. She walked around to the front of 
me and slowly pulled the catheter out. It hurt like hell and the tears were 
running down my face and Cassandra just smiled. She unlocked the cuffs 
and helped me out of the cage. We went up to the guest quarters and she 
helped me into bed and turned out the light. I slept until early Tuesday 
morning. When I woke up I took a long hot shower and slipped into my bath 
robe and slippers that Cassandra  had fetched from my house. I started 
walking around Mistress Fran's house room by room. I could not believe the 
size of it. I saw the monitor room where she and Cassandra watched me. 
The room had a long leather couch in front of 3 monitors that were still 
turned on and looking at the now empty cage. Mistress Fran walked in and 
greeted me and said congratulations. She asked if I was ready to sign and I 
said yes Mistress. I signed the contract. I have work to do. 

Based on the size of the space in the basement room, I designed a total of 7 
bondage and torture stations. It took me a total of 17 days to finish the 
designs. I worked 7 days a week while Cassandra brought my meals and 
massaged my back and shoulders. I think mistress Fran ordered Cassandra 
to see to my needs. There were a few times when I would have loved to fuck 
her but she let me know that there will be none of that without the 
mistress's permission. I agreed. I also remembered a clause in the contract 
that stated if went against any of mistress Fran's wishes that I would 
serve another 24 hours in the cage. I really did not want to do that again. 
The cage was going to stay in the machine room as a holding area for the 
victim. I thought it would be a good idea to make each victim stay in the 
cage for 2 hours before being subjected to the machines so they had a 
second chance to change their minds. I submitted the designs to Mistress 
Fran on the 18 day. She spent the better part of the day studying the plans 
and scribbling in changes. On each of the 7 stations I designed she added a 
few dimension changes or additional items that showed me that she is a 
very cruel person. I had found out through the course of living with her that 
she got extremely physically aroused by watching slaves being tortured and 
bound for extended periods of time. Mistress Fran could sit in front of her 
monitors for hours watching her victims while here pussy would be 
dripping wet. I had the honor of sitting with her on her leather couch while 
we watched Cassandra chained to the irons on the basement wall. We spent 
the better part of a day watching while Cassandra was in a standing 
position with her arms and legs shackled to the wall. Mistress Fran had her 
feet on my lap while she was lying down on the couch and I almost came in 
my pants from her near touch and all of the excitement. She told me some 
stories of what she has done to Cassandra that gave me great respect for 
Cassandra. Over the past days I have seen Cassandra cleaning washing and 
vacuuming while wearing full leather cover over her head and heavy chains 
locked to her ankles and wrists. I had to work in lotion under the chains on 
her ankles one afternoon because Mistress Fran went to work and left 
Cassandra locked in the gear from the night before. A few nights ago I was 
allowed to sleep in Mistress Fran's bed. She had a very large king size bed 
that was raised up on a platform with steps leading to the bed. Cassandra 
was chained to the foot of the bed on the floor and I was allowed to sleep 
in the bed with Mistress Fran. The only hitch was that she locked a set of 
hand cuffs on my wrists and attached the cuffs to a leather belt that she 
locked around my waist. She also locked a pair of padded leather leg 
restraints to my ankles with a very short chain between them. Watching 
mistress Fran get into bed was incredible. She removed her bath robe and 
was completely naked. Her skin was very smooth and her ass and pussy was 
gorgeous. I had always been a life long fantasy of mine to be a house boy for 
a sophisticated woman that knew what she wanted. Mistress Fran gave me a 
very sensuous kiss and said good night. I slept in bonds until morning and 
when I woke up mistress Fran had already gone to work and Cassandra let 
me out of my bonds. 

It was time to order materials and start construction. I had 180 days to 
finish the 7 stations and I was well ahead of schedule. I was working 7 
days a week. Every few days or so Mistress Fran would have some fun with 
me. She would make me stand in front of her video camera in the basement 
and she would order Cassandra to cane me. Yesterday Cassandra was 
ordered to give me 50 lashes with a heavy rattan cane. Cassandra was not 
holding back either. I had to stand there with my wrists around my ankles 
while Cassandra methodically caned me. She kept hitting me in the same 
spot and which was tearing my ass up. It is evident that Cassandra is just 
as masochistic as Mistress Fran is. I can't wait to get Cassandra in my 
contractions, or maybe that is why she is being so cruel with me, she 
wants to suffer in my machines. 

I was building all 7 stations at one time as the materials were delivered. I 
installed the control center that was a one way mirrored glass enclosure in 
the center of the basement room. I also enclosed the stair case so you could 
walk into the control room from upstairs without the victims seeing the 
torturer. This was one of Mistress Fran's requests. As the stations were 
nearing completion I needed to test them so I used Cassandra. Mistress Fran 
had given permission to use Cassandra to test and fine tune the machines. I 
was surprised at how much Cassandra loved the stations, she was in 
evident pain but her love for masochism was stronger. I could hardly 
control myself seeing Cassandra in these cruel torture devices and the 
anticipation that soon I may be put through these machines made me very 

The room is finished. I gave Mistress Fran the grand tour and carefully 
explained how to operate each station. I had yet to officially be bound and 
tortured in the new facility because I had been so busy trying to complete 
the project. It was a Friday night and the 3 of us celebrated with a bottle 
of champagne and a fine dinner that Cassandra prepaired for us. Mistress 
Fran decided that Cassandra and I would spend the weekend in the torture 
room. Mistress Fran ordered me and Cassandra to remove our clothes and 
follow her downstairs.  When we got downstairs Mistress Fran opened the 
lid to the slave cage and told us to step in. I never thought of putting 2 
people in this cage but apparently Mistress Fran did. The only way we could 
fit was to wrap our legs around each other while sitting face to face. 
Mistress Fran locked the top and walked back upstairs. We were locked in 
the cage for a few hours during which time we talked about what was in 
store for us. My legs were getting cramped from being wrapped around 
Cassandra beautiful waist and my cock was hard for the entire time. I 
apologized but there wasn't a lot I could do about it. Mistress Fran came  
down the stairs and walked out of the side door of the new hallway to the 
control room. She was wearing the same lace up black leather suit she was 
wearing the first day I drove to her house. She unlocked the lid to the cage 
and then went into the control room. I had installed a microphone and 
speaker so she could speak to her victims from the control room. Over the 
speaker we heard "proceed to station one." 

Station One: "Keep Real Still". 

Over the speaker we heard. "Cassandra, place the slave into the station and 
set up the sensors." This torture device was the first one that I designed 
many years ago. It consisted of a metal frame with a leather saddle similar 
to a bondage horse. The frame could be raised or lowered by use of a pump 
jack like the barbers' chairs use. Cassandra screwed the 6 inch metal dildo 
into the base of the saddle and spread lube over it. The dildo was made of a 
shiny high tensile alloy. She told me to straddle the horse and then she rose 
the horse until the dildo was well up my ass. I was almost sitting on the 
horse but was still standing on my feet. Cassandra then locked my ankles to 
metal cuffs that were fastened to the floor on each side of the horse. She 
then cuffed my hands behind my back and pulled my arms back and locked 
the cuffs to a chain that was attached to an eye hook at the rear of the 
horse. This prevented me from touching any part of my body and was also 
used for causing discomfort and stress on the victim. Cassandra now 
started to set up the sensors. She connected the electrical wire to the base 
of the dildo and set up the 4 contact sensors. The contact sensors detected 
skin capacitance where if any part of my body touched a sensor, the sensor 
would set off a signal to the computer and in turn the computer would send 
an electrical shock to the dildo. The intensity and duration of the shock 
could be adjusted in the control room under clearly labeled buttons for each 
station. Cassandra started moving the sensors into place. She was now very 
familiar with the machines and knew exactly how to set them up to cause 
the most discomfort. The sensors were mounted on adjustable arms that 
could be set up in any position or variation. She set one sensor about 1/2 
inch behind the left check of my ass. Another sensor was put under my chin 
but she had me hold me head up so I was looking slightly at the ceiling. The 
3rd sensor was put in front of my stomach and Cassandra had me hold in my 
stomach as she set up the sensor about 1/4 inch away. The 4th sensor was 
placed under my crotch behind my balls that prevented me from resting my 
weight onto the horse. Cassandra kissed me on my left ear and walked into 
the control room. At this point my cock was pulsating so hard I thought I 
was going to loose it. My heart was pounding and Mistress Fran had not even 
turned on the contraption yet. 

part 2/3

                      High Tech Slavery - By Slave M.

Several minutes went by and I was trying to stand perfectly still not 
knowing if the sensors were turned on. I designed the electrical current 
that passes through the dildo to be very uncomfortable but mostly 
harmless. It was about 60,000 volts but only about 1/10 of an amp. I had 
tried the shock on myself while testing the machine and it can be very 
stressful if used at the full setting. My legs were starting to get stiff and 
my shoulders were burning, I must have been there about 20 minutes now. I 
had not touched off a sensor but I could not hold my stomach in any more 
and I let it out. My stomach touched the sensor and I got a strong jolt of 
electricity right up my ass hole. My whole body flinched and my ass hit the 
rear sensor and set it off the shock again. I managed to stabilize myself to 
stop the shocks but I was suddenly realizing that I had designed a very 
intense torture machine. My mind was beginning to break down and it had 
only been about 30 minutes. I forgot that I had a sensor under my chin and I 
looked down to see my rock hard penis and the shock went off again. 
Mistress Fran must have increased the setting because the shock made me 
jump off the floor and yank against my leg chains. The duration seemed 
longer too. Was I ever going to be set free? Cassandra came back out of the 
control room and walked over to me. She started caressing my inner thighs 
and ass. She told me that I have a little while more to go and that I was 
exciting mistress Fran immensely. Cassandra gave my stiff cock a gentle 
stroke and then she walked back into the control room. Her bare ass was so 
beautiful. It had been over an hour but was hard to tell, my body was 
getting fatigued and I was setting off the shocks almost all the time. My 
body was jumping back and forth setting off sensors as I squirmed. I was 
worried that Mistress Fran and Cassandra were not even in the control room 
any more. Maybe they went upstairs and forgot about me. The shocks then 
stopped and Cassandra came out and slowly unlocked my legs and arms. She 
lowered the horse and it felt as if a truck was pulled out of my ass. The 
ooze that emanated from the tip of my cock was all over the saddle. I sat on 
the freshly painted concrete floor and started massaging my muscles. This 
was a cruel torture and I was exausted. Cassandra told me to take a 30 
minute break and proceed to station two. 

Station Two: "Caning devotion". 

I guess I was ready for my next torture session. Mistress Fran was still in 
the control room and the mirrored glass prevented me from seeing what she 
was doing but I would guess that she is sitting in the high back padded 
leather chair and that she had her legs up on the computer console and was 
fingering her very wet pussy. I had a bit of nervousness about being 
subjected to my inventions for the entire weekend. Right now I have only 
finished one station and already I am drained from the electric shocks my 
ass has taken. I knew Cassandra would do everything possible to make my 
experience as tough as possible. Last week I was testing station one on 
Cassandra and I had put the contact sensors in very cruel areas. I placed one 
right under her pussy lips so she could not try to rub her pussy on the 
saddle, another sensor was under her left breast so if her breast jiggled 
even the slightest it would set off the shocks. I'm sure she did not forget 
how I treated her. We heard over the speaker, "Place the victim into station 
two." It was such a turn-on watching the naked Cassandra's while she 
prepared the station. The contraption consisted of a pillory made of 2 inch 
think aluminum stock. The pillory could be adjusted to the height of the 
victim. Cassandra opened the pillory and I placed my hands and neck into 
the openings. She then closed the pillory and locked the 2 half's together 
with a long bolt that passed length wise through the center of both pieces. 
She then adjusted the height of the pillory so that I was bent over at a 
right angle. Cassandra tightend the handcuff ratchets that closed over my 
wrists in the holes of the pillory. This was designed so a person of any size 
could be locked into the pillory. Next she prepared the contraption that 
locked my legs in place. The leg lock consisted of two long cylinders 
attached to a bar that locked in the floor. The cylinders were also made of 
heavy aluminum and opened up by use of long piano type hinges running 
down the length of the tube. She opened the tubes and I placed a leg in each 
tube. The tubes were then locked with hasps that were installed at 
intervals down the length of the tube. With the tubes in place I was unable 
to move my legs, ass or upper body in any direction. This was required so 
the automatic canner would hit in the same prescribed place on my ass. 
Cassandra wheeled over the canning machine. This machine was a hydraulic 
arm that extended out of a control box. It was about the size of a small 
filing cabinet. A variety of cane types could be attached to the arm. The 
canes were all made out of a very strong but pliable nylon. Cassandra 
installed one of the heavier nylon canes which was about 3/4 inches in 
diameter. I had tried all the canes when I was building the machine and the 
heavier canes were a real thumper. Cassandra wheeled the canner into place 
and then set on the wheel locks. She hit the test button to see where the 
cane would fall. The canner whacked me on the lower portion of my ass and 
my whole body flinched against my bonds but I did not move. Cassandra then 
raised the canner machine and hit the test button again. This time it struck 
me on the most tender part of my upper ass. I know she did this for revenge. 

Now come the computer hookups. Cassandra opened a piece of paper that she 
had been carrying and on it was a sentence that Mistress Fran had written. 
Cassandra picked up the microphone attached to the computer in front of 
me and told me to read the sentence into the microphone. She hit the record 
button and I spoke "Thank you my lovely mistress Fran" into the mic. 
Cassandra then set the microphone on a stand and placed it near my mouth 
and then she kissed me on the check and said "Enjoy." I knew exactly what I 
had to do. There was a red light that was going to flash, and when it flashed 
I had to speak the sentence into the mic. The automatic canner would then 
give me a stroke. In the control room there were 3 control knobs for this 
station. One knob controls the intensity of the stroke. One knob controls the 
intensity of the punishment stroke, and the last knob controls the interval 
in seconds between light flashes. When the red light flashes I have about 3 
seconds to speak the sentence into the mic. The computer has a speech 
interpreter and is programmed to listen for the sentence that Cassandra 
had entered a few moments ago. If I spoke the correct sentence and did it in 
time I got a cane stroke. If I missed my cue or did not speak the sentence 
correctly I got a punishment stroke that usually is set at a very high 
intensity. The red light flashed and I immediately spoke "Thank you my 
lovely mistress Fran" then the cane stuck me. The nylon cane was very 
stingy and heavy. I felt the hit reverberate through my body. Mistress Fran 
had the light flashing about every 20 seconds and I continued to perform 
correctly. This was going on for about 15 minutes now. My ass was getting 
very raw. The cane strokes had all of my nerves on fire. I started to daze 
out a little and I was slow in responding to the red light. I started speaking 
but it was too late. The punishment stroke hit me and I almost fainted. The 
shock of the stroke was intense My legs buckled but I did not move an inch. 
The evil cylinders that my legs were locked into kept me very stationary. 
The red light flashed again and I did not hesitate, I was now very intentive 
to responding to the light and I did not want any more punishment strokes. 

I'm sure Mistress Fran and Cassandra were getting off on this. I felt so 
helpless and humiliated locked into this machine. My ass was on fire. 
Mistress Fran  changed the time between light flashes and it seemed like 
about every minute or so. I think she decided that my ass was getting too 
bruised and she wanted to keep me in the machine longer. I spent the better 
part of 2 hours in the machine getting a stroke every minute. I was able to 
move my ass up and down a few inches in each direction so the cane would 
not keep hitting me in the same spot. During the 2 hours I missed my cue 3 
times and suffered a punishment stroke. I will never forget those strokes. 
This machine I designed is truly evil and now I am being tortured by it. My 
mind was racing, I though that Mistress Fran and Cassandra fell asleep in 
the control room or maybe they went upstairs and they are watching me 
from the leather couch while they make love together. Were they going to 
keep me in this torture station all day? After what I suspect was about 2 
hours the light stopped. I was able to close my eyes and relax. My emotional 
state was very drained from concentrating on the light and repeating the 
same sentence "Thank you my lovely mistress Fran" over and over again. 
About a 1/2 hour later Cassandra came out of the control room door and 
undid my bonds. She told me to talk a break and get ready for the next 
station. At this point all I could say was "yes my lady." 

Station Three: "Thirsty?" 
This was a 2 person station. Any combination of sexes could be used. This 
was a station that 2 people could lock themselves into but needed a third 
person to get them out. Cassandra started with me. There was a 4 inch 
round steel column cemented into the floor and it extended to the ceiling. I 
knelt down and got into a hog tie position with the post going up between 
my legs and up behind me. Cassandra used a special set of leg and wrist 
cuffs that were interconnected. The wrists and leg cuffs were connected 
together with one link of a chain that resembled a 4 circle pattern. She 
locked my ankles and wrists together behind me on the other side of the 
post with my knees wresting on a thick rubber pad. She then attached a 4 
inch wide leather belt around my waist and the post that held me to the 
post very tightly. She then attached a ball gag in my mouth that consisted 
of a heavy rubber inflatable bag with an attached air pump. The rubber bag 
was connected to a series of leather straps that wrapped behind and around 
my head. Cassandra buckled all the leather straps snugly and then inflated 
the rubber bag. The bag filled my entire mouth. She then took out a padded 
nylon belt with velcro at the ends and attached my neck to the post. I could 
not move any part of my body. I felt very submissive in this position 
because I was on my knees and my limbs were well behind me and locked in. 
The cuff locks that bound my wrists and ankles were tight and it was 
painful if I fought against them so I had to stay very still. Cassandra then 
took out a catheter and inserted the tube down my hard penis, she was 
gentle but she did not waste any time. She then took a small piece of raw 
hide shoe lace and tied it to the handle of a 1/2 gallon plastic jug. She tied 
the other end of the lace around my balls. She wrapped the lace around 
several times and tied it off and gave my nuts a hard squeeze. I groaned 
into the gag and I was barely heard. The other end of my catheter tube was 
inserted into the plastic jug hanging from my balls. 

Next was Cassandra's setup. There was another post like mine about 3 feet 
away but instead of kneeling on the floor there was a platform about 4 feet 
high up the post. Cassandra attached the same type of gag I was wearing to 
herself and  inflated the gag. She then pulled down a clear plastic tube that 
was attached to a box in the ceiling and inserted the tube into a special 
hole in the center of the rubber inflatable bag in her mouth. She pushed the 
tube down into her throat until she had a gag reflex. Next she took out a 
catheter and lubed up the tube and inserted into her uretha. She uncoiled the 
clear plastic hose and walked over to me and inserted the other end of the 
hose into the special hole in the center of my rubber gag. She inserted the 
tube into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. She kept pushing 
it in until I gagged a little and then she pulled it out just a hair. I could
the tube touching the back of my throat.  Cassandra then climbed up on the 
platform and tightend the 4 inch leather belt around her waist and the post. 
She attached the velcro belt around her neck and the post and then she 
locked her ankles and wrists together with the special set of cuffs.  She 
was very helpless looking and her beautiful shaved pussy was already wet. 
She was extremely sexy to look at. Her nipples were very dark and 
pronounced and her fair skin looked flawless. Mistress Fran had turned on 
the valve from the control room that started the water flowing from the 
water control box on the ceiling above Cassandra. I could see the water 
flowing into her mouth and her adams apple moving up and down. The water 
was a slow trickle. It was about 12 ounces every 20 minutes. It was only a 
few minutes later that I saw the yellow urine uncontrollably come from 
Cassandra's beautiful pussy and flow down the tube. It reached my mouth 
and I had no choice but to swallow it. It tasted very sour and strong. It 
would take a while for the water she was drinking to flush her system. I 
could see Cassandra looking down at my dick that was now sticking 
straight out and was hard as a rock. I think she enjoyed watching my 
predicament of being forced to drink her piss. About 15 minutes into this 
she was flowing her clear urine into my mouth and I was slowly drinking 
Cassandra's piss. Suddenly I felt my body jerk a little and I was pissing 
into the plastic jug hanging from my balls. I could feel the jug getting 
heavier as it started to pull on my balls. The raw hide lace was cutting into 
my balls and was very uncomfortable. I heard Mistress Fran say over the 
speaker, "nice job slaves, I am setting the timer on the water for 2 hours. 
When the timer goes off and Cassandra is all done feeding you, I will let 
you out. Bon appetite." 

I spent the next 2 hours drinking Cassandra's nectar. Cassandra was getting 
very sore because I could see her fighting against her bonds but the leather 
belt holding her to the post prevented her from moving. She was getting 
fatigued and didn't want to drink any more water and she was crying. By the 
end of the 2 hours I must have swallowed at least a 1/2 gallon of her urine. 
My balls were hurting and were stretched and hanging very low from the 
weight of the jug. By now I had filled up the jug almost half way with my 
own piss.  Finally I heard the solenoid shut off on the water spigot and 
Mistress Fran walked out and unlocked Cassandra's ankle and wrist locks. 
She told Cassandra to unlock me and for the two of us to get a good night 
sleep. We had a full day ahead of us in the morning. Mistress Fran walked 
upstairs and Cassandra stood there massaging her aching body. She pulled 
her gag off and then pulled the catheter out of her pussy. She stood there 
looking at me in my helplessly bound state and said, "Maybe I should leave 
you here for a few hours and unlock you in the middle of the night." I 
whimpered at her and begged with my eyes while trying to shake my head 
no. She came over and pulled the catheter out of my dick very quickly, and I 
shrieked into my gag. She untied the cord from my balls and told me that I 
should drink my piss too and started to put the tube from my mouth into the 
jug. Again I whimpered and shock my head. She grabbed my balls and 
squeezed them very hard. My cries were so muffled in the gag you could 
barely hear me. By now I had tears streaming down my face and she 
commented that I was an ungrateful slave. She deflated my gag and pulled 
it off my face. I gasped for air and finally got to move my stiff jaw. She 
unlocked the wicked metal cuffs that were binding my limbs behind me and 
I thanked Cassandra and slowly unbent my knees and tried to stand up. I was 
too drained and broken down to even protest about what she just did to me. 
We both slowly walked upstairs and crashed into our beds. 

Station Four: "To much of a good thing." 

This one was another 2 person station any combination of sexes could be 
used. This time Mistress Fran assisted in locking me in to the station. I 
removed my clothing and got up into the narrow table. The table was made 
of metal and had leather straps that ran across from side to side from one 
end of the table to the other. The straps were connected to channels that 
are embedded in the table so the straps could slide and adjust to any size 
person. The head of the table had an extension wide enough to rest my head 
on. The extension was made of molded rubber and held the back of my head 
in a cup. Cassandra and Mistress Fran proceeded to buckle all the straps on 
the table. I was belted in with my arms to my sides and my legs together. 
There were straps at least every 6 inches from my shoulders to my feet. 
They were pulling the straps rather tightly which gave me a very helpless 
feeling. A wide rubber strap came around the head extension and wrapped 
around my forehead. I was unable to move my head nor any other part of my 
body. Mistress Fran said "open wide" and she inserted a rubber ball gag in 
my mouth and buckled the leather strap behind the head extension. She did 
not want me sticking my tongue where it wasn't allowed. Mistress Fran 
then inserted a breathing hose into the hole in the center of the ball in my 
mouth and ran the hose down beside me. She then walked over and removed 
Cassandra's very wet panties and stuck them on my nose and said, "Take a 
good whiff slave, get used to the smell." Cassandra walked over to me and 
facing my feet got up and straddled my face. Cassandra was a big boned 
woman standing at least 6 feet tall. She had thick legs and very round 
plump ass but was also very shapely. Cassandra's pussy was right over my 
mouth and her sweet asshole was setting right on my nose with her ass 
covering my face. I could not see a thing because Cassandra's ass was 
covering my eyes. Mistress Fran then hit the pump jack on my table and 
raised me up so Cassandra's weight was partially on my face with her feet 
just off the floor. Mistress Fran then strapped Cassandra's thighs to the 
end of the table just above my shoulders and she attached a pair of 
handcuffs to Cassandra's wrists and padlocked the cuffs to a chain hanging 
from the ceiling just above her. 

This was the most intimate I have ever gotten with Cassandra and I 
wanted to lick her pussy but could not get my tongue around the ball gag 
that was jammed in my mouth. I could smell Cassandra's sexy wet pussy 
and asshole. Mistress Fran attached a leather belt around Cassandra's 
thighs that caused her thighs to tightly clamp my head. My ears were 
completely blocked off with her thighs and I could not hear a thing. All the 
sudden I felt the weight of Mistress Fran sitting on my chest. She must be 
playing with Cassandra's tits. I felt Cassandra squirming around and I 
figured that Mistress Fran was probably biting Cassandra's nipples. 
Cassandra was getting hot. Her body temperature rose drastically and her 
pussy juice was flowing over my face. I was somewhat comfortable. The 
weight of Cassandra on my face was getting heavy but it was too 
enjoyable to think of it as a discomfort. Mistress Fran started playing 
with me. She attached a vicious set of nipple clamps to me. The clamps 
had a little sharp spike in the jaw that was extremely painful. I instantly 
started to moan but my cries were muffled against the gag and Cassandra 
wet crotch. The clamps were taken off and then put back on again. 
Mistress Fran did this off and on for about 15 minutes. She then moved to 
my cock. She used some kind of whip that had a single strand to it. I think 
it was one of my whip designs that consisted of a piece of mono filament 
fishing line with tiny lead shot braided over it. She was whipping my cock 
and balls and I was trying to move away from the blows but could not even 
flinch and I was sweating all over. She then attached rubber bands to my 
nuts and proceeded to tear the bands off. Cassandra's crotch was cooling 
off by now and her pussy and asshole where sticking to my face. I lost 
track of time and I guessed that we were locked together like this for at 
least 4 hours. Cassandra did not hesitate when it came time to urinate. 
Every so often she would let go and her hot piss would flow down my face. 
Some of it would leak past the gag and I would have to swallow it because 
there was no way of spitting it out. By now I was very familiar with taste 
of her piss. Finally I felt Cassandra's weight come off my face and I open 
my eyes. The 2 gorgeous females were standing in an embrace and looking 
over me. Mistress Fran asked Cassandra if they should leave me here for a 
few more hours? Cassandra said no, let him clean himself up, I want to 
watch him perform in station five. The two of them unstrapped me from 
the table and helped me to my feet. There were no clocks in the torture 
room so I had no idea what time it was. I was told to wash up and take a 
short rest. 

Station Five: "Manual Labor". 

This station was mostly Mistress Fran's design because she loved to 
watch slaves work for her. The station was a steel bared cage about 8 X 
10 feet that was in the corner of the room. Two walls of the cage where 
heavy steel bars from floor to ceiling and the other two walls were the 
concrete walls of the basement. The floor was concrete but was covered 
with a sheet of black linoleum. The door had a lock that was controlled 
by a computer connected solenoid. Mistress Fran placed a small plastic 
bucket in the cage and said "In case you have to pee." She then had me 
place my arms behind my back and she slid on a heavy latex glove that 
encased my arms from my hands up to my shoulders. She buckled the 
straps up and down the glove and I could feel my elbows pulling together. 
Mistress Fran said, "We don't want you to use your hands now." She then 
locked a set of ankle cuffs on my legs and told me to step into the cage. I 
stepped in and Mistress Fran took out a plastic jug filled with metal 
confetti. The confetti was a metallic substance made of steel. She 
poured the confetti all over the floor of the cell. She then threw a small 
device about the size of a magic marker on to the floor and shut the door 
to the cage. The lock on the door shut with a bang. Mistress Fran said, 
"You have work to do slave, get going." I got on my knees and picked up 
the small tool in my teeth. The tool had a pickup device at the end about 
the size of a 50 cent piece. The metal base was an electro magnet that 
could pick up about 5 or 10 pieces of confetti at a time. I would pick up 
some pieces using the tool and then I would have to crawl over to a bin 
that was about 4 feet off the ground on the cage wall and with my tongue 
I could depress a button at the end of tool that would shut off the electro 
magnet and the confetti would drop into the bin. My chore was to pick up 
every piece of confetti. Here was the kicker. There were computer eyes 
in the ceiling that refracted light off the confetti that told the computer 
that there was still confetti on the floor. When every bit of confetti was 
removed from the floor, the light would stop refracting into the lenses 
and the computer would open the solenoid controlled lock on the cage 
door. I knew that Mistress Fran would never open the door for me even if 
I sat there for days, so I had no choice but to get to work. The water 
feeder that was in the small cage was moved to this cage so I could get 
some water when I needed. 

I tried to calculate how long it would take me to pick up all the confetti 
by trying to guess how much was on the floor and how many I was picking 
up in one minute. My estimate told me that I would be doing this for the 
next 7 or 8 hours. It was slow going not being able to use my arms and 
the leg shackles were very frustrating because they prevented me from 
taking big steps. It was easier to crawl on the floor instead of getting up 
each time to walk over to the collection bucket. Mistress Fran had her 
video cameras set up and she and Cassandra were probably up in the 
study cuddling on the leather couch while watching me labor down here. 
It took me about 7 hours to pick up all the confetti. I took some breaks 
because of the pain in my arms. I was a mess. My ankles were raw from 
where I was fighting against the steel cuffs and my body was sore. When 
I finished, the caged door lock opened and I crawled out of the cage and 
up the stairs to mistress Fran and I kissed her leather boots and thanked 
her. It was almost 6pm on Saturday now and I was allowed to take a 
short nap and shower up for the small party that was arranged for 

part 3/3

                      High Tech Slavery - By Slave M.

Station 6: "Service station." 

It was Saturday night. I had a few hours to rest and it was time for 
Mistress Fran to have a party. The whole torture session had started 
roughly 24 hours ago and I had been through 5 grueling torture machines. 
For me, this was the wild most fantasy come true. These bizarre designs 
that had been a pipe dream have been made real by one of the loveliest and 
richest dominant woman in the nation. I had resigned myself at submitting 
to Mistress Fran and no matter what I would not complain. I wanted to be 
her perfect slave and pleasing her was my only wish.  Over the last half a 
year on several opportunities I had expressed my gratitude to mistress 
Fran. Mistress Fran acknowledged my gratitude but always kept a 
relationship between us as contractual. 

Physically I was somewhat exausted but I was holding up. I had kept in top 
physical shape throughout the past months by doing laps in mistress Fran's 
indoor lap pool and jogging on her indoor track. Mentally I was much 
weaker. I felt as if I was a puppy dog to mistress Fran. I was so 
submissive to her that I did not even have any other thoughts. Any thing 
she told me to do I did without hesitation. The torture sessions over the 
last day had broken me down. 

One portion of the torture room was a lounge and it had a long leather couch 
and two leather reclining chairs. Mistress Fran had invited some of her 
dominant friends over and took them on a tour of the new torture room. I was 
showering in my room when Cassandra came in. Cassandra told me that 
mistress Fran was showing video tapes to her guests of the sessions I had 
spent in the 5 stations. The guests were all extremely impressed at what 
Mistress Fran and I had accomplished. Cassandra was sitting on the edge of 
my bed when I was toweling off and I walked over and sat on the bed with 
her. I told Cassandra that I have never gotten this close with someone 
before. We had worked so closely and performed very intimate acts together. 
I put my arm around her shoulder and held her close and without hesitation 
we both met midway and started kissing. Her tongue darted into my mouth 
almost instantly and our lips were locked together for the next 10 minutes. 
The buzzer on Cassandra's belt rang which meant it was time for us to meet 
the guests. 

Cassandra and I walked into the torture room naked and greeted Mistress 
Fran's guests. We got on our knees and kissed their feet. There were two 
men and a woman. The three of them were dominant friends of mistress 
Fran and each had slaves of their own that were now locked into the 
torture stations.  Cassandra went to the control room to monitor and 
administer their punishment. Video tapes were being made and Mistress 
Fran would give each of the three a tape of their slave in torment. 
Mistress Fran told me to fetch the slave cart. This was a contraption that 
I had designed for servicing guests at such a gathering. The cart was made 
of stainless steel and was about the size of an end table. I rolled the cart 
over and climbed up and laid on the cart on my stomach. I placed my arms 
and legs in the cylinders that were welded to each corner of the table. My 
stomach and chest rested on the cart top and my limbs were inserted down 
each tube. Mistress Fran walked over and buckled the straps that were at 
the top and bottom of each tube. The straps locked my ankles and wrists 
and the top of arms around my biceps that the top of my thighs firmly to 
the tubes. A strap on the table top belted around my waist and locked my 
torso firmly to the table top. The top of the table around my crotch was 
cut out so full access was available to my ass, dick, and balls. Mistress 
Fran walked over and attached a ruthless device that I designed to my 
balls. The device is a ring steel ring with a ratchet that locked around my 
balls. Attached to the ring was a bag made of a woven tightly looped chain. 
Attached to the metal bag was two rings of small cable that made the bag 
compress similar to the cables on a bicycle hand break. The cables 
attached to a foot pedal that was mounted at the base of the table. When 
the foot pedal is depressed, the cables would get pulled tighter through 
the ring that would cause the metal chain bag to compress around my 
balls. Needless to say, anyone with their foot on the pedal would have 
unlimited control of me. When I was testing the table, Cassandra locked 
me into the table and experimented with the device and the results were 
even more surprising than I realized when I was designing the evil 
contraption. The pain was immense and she had me begging her to stop 
within seconds. Cassandra had some fun and made me lick her toes. She 
kept depressing the pedal and telling me I was not doing a good enough job. 
Within minutes I was licking her toes as if it was the most important 
thing I ever had to do. 

Well now I was in front of Mistress Fran and her three guests. Her woman 
friend who never told me her name was older. She was in her fifties and 
was completely naked. She had long gray hair and looked very intimidating. 
Her breasts were full and she had a ton of black hair on her crotch. The 
two men looked very young. I suspect that they were in their early 
twenties. One man was very muscular and tall. He was blond and had very 
little body hair. He was naked except for a leather bikini bottom. The other 
man was wearing a leather mask with the eyes, nose, and mouth cut out 
and I was very nervous at his appearance. His skin was dark and he looked 
either black or maybe from the islands. He was wearing a robe and I could 
not see any of his body. Mistress Fran told her guests that I was here for 
their amusement while their slaves were unavailable. I never was able to 
see who their slaves were but I knew that one of them was in station one 
because I could her a female groaning and the electric dildo going on and 
off. The other slaves may have been in the slave labor cage because I did 
not hear much of them. 

The blond man pulled the cart over to him while he was lying back on the 
leather couch. He inserted his bare foot onto the foot pedal and pressed 
down about half way. I cried out and said, please master, I will do 
anything you wish. He stood up and slid down his leather panties. His semi 
hard cock popped out. His crotch and balls were completely shaven. He sat 
back in the couch and pulled the cart closer and said start sucking. He 
lifted is cock up and placed his balls near my mouth. This was the first 
time I had ever been in a situation where I had a cock or balls near my 
mouth. At play parties I had kissed a few men but had never gotten this 
heavy. I hesitated for a moment and the blond man pressed down on the 
pedal very hard. My body went into shock, he lifted up on the pedal and 
said, "You want me to do that again?". Without hesitation I put his shaven 
balls in my mouth. I started sucking them and he again pressed down on 
the pedal and said "don't stop until I tell you to slave". I started sucking 
and tonguing his balls and he sat back in the couch and closed his eyes. 
This went on for at least 20 minutes and then he said, "Suck me off slave." 
His cock was very hard and was at least 8 inches long in its hard state. He 
put the tip of his cock to my mouth and pressed on the pedal. I pulled his 
cock into my mouth and started sucking. I spent about 15 minutes sucking 
his cock and running my lips up and down his shaft when all the sudden he 
started shaking and breathing loud and he proceeded to squirt a huge load 
of cum in my mouth. Mistress Fran said in the background, "You eat every 
bit of it now." I kept sucking and he kept squirting more cum. His cum was 
very salty and was filling my throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could 
but some of it started running down my chin. He pulled his cock out and 
pushed the cart away with his foot. He said "Very nice, but that wasn't 
enough." He pulled the cart back over to him and told me to keep sucking. 
His cock was limp and I pulled it into my mouth. I was sucking on his limp 
cock when the gray haired woman walked over to a the wall where the 
torture implements were and she grabbed one of the nylon canes. She 
walked over to me and starting wailing the cane on my naked ass. My ass 
was fully exposed because of the awkward position my legs were locked 
in. She was hitting me on the crack of my ass between my checks. The pain 
was coursing through my body and I stopped sucking the blond man's limp 
cock. He immediately stepped on the foot pedal and within a second I 
pulled his now hard cock back into my mouth and started sucking again. 
The woman continued whacking my ass with the cane and the pain was 

The dark man in the hood was watching all of this and he suddenly stood up 
and he opened his robe. His dark cock was enormous. It was becoming erect 
and it was at least 10 to twelve inches. He walked over to the bag on the 
floor and pulled out a tube of lube. He started spreading the lube on his 
cock while walking over behind me. The woman stopped caning me and he 
started to jam his huge cock up my ass. My asshole was very sore from the 
electric dildo treatment I suffered from station one last night. He started 
thrusting his hard cock in and out of my ass. My head was spinning. 
Between the blond man's cock in my mouth and his foot on the pedal that 
was crushing my balls and the dark man penetrating my ass I was in a 
daze. The blond man came again in my mouth, this time a lot less but it 
was still very thick. The dark man rammed my ass a while longer and then 
pulled out. The two men seemed very satisfied and went upstairs with 
Mistress Fran to freshen up and look at their slaves from the monitors. 
The gray haired woman stayed behind and started to play with my cock. My 
cock was getting hard from her touch and she started slapping it very 
hard. She told me that my cock loved it because look how hard it was 
getting. I could not control my cock but it was rock hard despite the fact 
that she was slapping it so hard that it stung against my stomach. She 
then sat in one of the recliners and put her legs up on the arms of the 
chair. Her pussy and ass were staring right at me. She had thick black 
crotch hair that completely covered her pussy and crack of her ass. She 
told me that she wanted me to taste her and she put her foot on the pedal 
and said, "You are going to eat my shit you worm." She said "Are you 
ready?", and she pressed the pedal all the way until it stopped. My balls 
were on fire and my body jerked violently against the straps holding me to 
the cart. I cried out and said anything you wish my mistress, and she said 
"good answer." The pain in my belly was still lingering while she sat there 
with her asshole pressed up to my mouth. This was never a fantasy of 
mine but I was so helpless to this woman that I had no choice and my nuts 
could not take one more crushing. She said "get ready, its coming, make 
sure to eat all of it." The look on her face was shear pleasure, it was 
apparent that this mistress really got into this because she was rubbing 
her wet pussy and moaning. Her asshole started to open and piece of shit 
started to emerge. I put my mouth on the shit and the taste was revolting. 
I just wanted to get this scene over with and maybe mistress Fran would 
come back down and save me. The woman produced a good size shit and I 
gagged it down. While this was going on she was rubbing her very wet 
pussy and was climaxing. She said, "Very good slave, now lick my ass and 
pussy clean." The taste of her pussy was very strong. She stood up and hit 
the pedal again as she left the lounge. She had to crush my balls one more 
time.  I heard her walk into the control room. I was still strapped to the 
portable metal cart with the taste of shit and cum in my mouth. They 
spent the next few hours watching their slaves in the stations and 
relaxing and left me in the lounge strapped to the table. 

It was late Saturday night. Mistress Fran's guests had just left and 
Mistress Fran came into the lounge and told me what a wonderful time she 
had and how impressed her guests were with the torture room. She 
unstrapped me from the metal table told me to take a hot bath in her 
whirlpool tub in the bathroom that adjoined her bedroom. She helped me up 
the stairs and we both got into the big tub while Cassandra prepared the 
bed and laid out Mistress Fran's night wear. I was exausted but the hot 
water soothed my aching muscles. Mistress Fran was using her feet to 
gently massage my legs while we sat in the warm tub. I suddenly realized 
that the 3 of us have become very accustomed to each other and I felt as if 
Mistress Fran and Cassandra were closer to me than any females I have 
ever met. I have had many dozens of dates over the last few years and none 
of them never really understood my kinkiness. With these 2 lovely ladies I 
never even gave a thought that they did not except my bizarre kinkiness. We 
got out of the tub and Mistress Fran told me that I was to sleep in my own 
bed tonight. I would be allowed to sleep with her and Cassandra on Sunday 
night if I completed the torture room stations to her standards. I knew that 
her only standard was that I do not complain and that I be totally dedicated 
to her. This would not be a problem because I have become so attached and 
dedicated to my mistress that I would do anything for her pleasure. I 
stumbled down to my bedroom and fell into bed. 

It was Sunday morning and we just finished a lovely breakfast that 
Cassandra prepared for us. I was ordered to wash the dishes and then meet 
them downstairs and start the last and final station. 

Station  7: "Torture thyself." 

This station was probably the most difficult station. I never even tested 
this station after building it because of the difficulty I have in performing 
this torture. The station uses the self locking jail cell from station 5. 
Both Cassandra and Mistress Fran were in the monitor room upstairs. I 
assume that they have an afternoon of love making planned while they 
watch my predicament over the monitors. I brought in the computerized 
paddle and cane into the cell and hooked the computer connections up the 
sockets that were built into the handles on the cane and paddle. I went 
into the control room and set the cane at 100 strokes and the paddle at 
100 strokes and set the force to medium as prescribed by Mistress Fran. I 
then walked back into the cell and closed the door behind me. The door 
automatically locked. The sound of the door locking made my stomach drop. 
I knew what was in store for me and I was the one that would have to 
administer my own punishment. The paddle and cane were my last design. I 
thought of it at the last minute and the idea came very easily. I said to 
myself, what do I hate doing the most and this design came right to mind. 
Built into the cane and paddle was a motion sensor. When the cane or 
paddle was hit on something the sensor would count the stroke. The force 
factor prescribed how hard you had to hit the paddle or cane to set off the 
sensor. A red light just outside the cage would flash letting me know if 
the sensor detected a proper strike. When the number of strokes from each 
implement reached the total prescribed amount that was set in the control 
room the cell door would open. As in station 5, I knew the agreement was 
that I would not be let out of the cell until I finished my punishment. 

I stood there looking at the paddle and cane I felt like a child having to go 
to the dentist. I have no problem taking a punishment from someone else 
but administering it to myself was tough. It was by far the most 
humiliating and probably the most painful ordeal that I faced in this 
torture room. The paddle was made of oak and was a little smaller than a 
ping pong paddle but about 3 times as thick and it was full of small holes 
that can make any paddle twice as bad. The edges were tapered and very 
smooth. The handle was about 10 inches long so the paddle could be easily 
self administered and the sensor was deep inside the paddle. The cane was 
made of 1/2 inch nylon stock and had a long rubber handle so it too could 
be easily self administered. I would have to count the strokes because the 
computer did not tell me how many I was at. The door would just unlock 
when I completed the strokes. I thought of cheating and just striking the 
implements on the floor but this was not even an option. I adore mistress 
Fran and I would never do such a thing. It was time to start. I picked up the 
paddle in my right hand and while standing I arched my back and twisted 
around so I had a clear shot at my ass. I brought the paddle down on my ass 
and looked at the light and it did not go off. I was testing to see how hard 
I would have to strike myself to set the sensor off. The medium setting 
that I set in the control room was a fairly heavy hit and I couldn't even 
imagine what the hard setting would be like. I brought the paddle down 
again on my ass and hit much harder. The light flashed and my ass was 
already on fire. That one paddle hit set my ass stinging. I paused and 
thought that I would never be able to complete this task. I had no choice, I 
was not getting out of this cage any other way but by giving myself the 
whipping of a lifetime. I gave myself about 15 stokes slowly in a row. I 
was counting and I was at sixteen. My ass was bright red and I could see 
the bruises forming. I started moving the hits around to spread the pain 
around. I gave myself about 5 strokes on each section of my ass cheeks. 5 
on my lower, 5 on the side, 5 on the upper part and then moved to the other 
cheek. My right arm was getting tired so I used my left hand for the next 
30 strokes. My ass was becoming too sore so I started hitting my thighs 
and backs of my legs. The stinging from the paddle on my inner thighs was 
so intense that I was crying and my legs were shaking. I put the paddle 
down and took a rest. I was at 60 strokes with the paddle now. 40 more to 
go. I rested on the cold floor of the cell for about 1/2 hour. Some of the 
redness on my ass went down but my ass and thighs were turning black 
and blue and were throbbing. I was still sweating through every pore in my 
body and I was getting the floor all wet. I got a drink of water from the 
water feeder on the cell wall. 

I decided that I would give myself 60 cane strokes next and then finish the 
40 with the paddle and 40 more with the cane. I walked over and picked up 
the cane in my right hand and got into my position. I brought the cane over 
my ass and the light did not flash. I used about the same strength I used on 
the paddle but because the cane was a little lighter it required a harder 
hit. I brought the cane down on the center of my ass again but much harder. 
The light flashed. The stroke left an instant cut mark across my ass and 
went red. I spent about the next 30 minutes caning myself and got in the 
60 strokes. I kept the cane mostly on my ass because it was too intense to 
strike my thighs. I got about 10 stokes on my thighs and the pain was 
shooting through my body. I put down the cane and laid down on my 
stomach on the floor, My ass and legs were too tender to sit on. I did not 
resume until about 15 minutes later. I had drained the life and energy 
right out of my body. I examined myself and could not believe the beating I 
gave myself. I would have these bruises and cane marks for many weeks. 

I decided to finish the final 40 cane stokes first. The paddle was the most 
painful part and if I did the paddle first I probably would not be able to 
complete the caning until tomorrow and I did not want to spend the night in 
the cell. I was also very motivated by mistress Fran's offer that I could 
sleep with her tonight and that I would not be restrained. I started striking 
my ass again with the cane and counting the flashing lights. My ass turned a 
deep shade of purple and the tears were streaming down my face. On each 
stroke I was moaning. I finished the 40 strokes and collapsed on the floor. I 
had been in the cell about 2 hours now. I was taking longer and longer 
breaks between stokes. This torture room did a good job at disorientating 
me. The lack of any windows prevented me from really knowing how much 
time I would spend in a torture machine. Not knowing what time it is or 
how long I have been locked up and tortured breaks me down emotionally. 

After another short break I was ready to finish my punishment. I picked up 
the paddle and looked at my ass and determined that I could not take any 
more hits there. The pain and swelling was too much. I determined that I 
would have to divide the stokes among my left and right breast and the 
inside of my thighs, 10 on each. I started paddling the meaty part over my 
nipple. I cried out on each stroke. The stinging was intense. Then I gave 
myself 10 over my right nipple. I moved to my thighs, 10 on the inside of 
my left thigh and then 10 on the inside of my right thigh. The 40 stokes 
took about 30 minutes to complete. On the last stoke I heard the lock on the 
cell door open. I was free. I walked over to the control room and turned off 
the power to the whole room and went upstairs. Cassandra and Mistress 
Fran met me at the top of the stairs and inspected my body. I had bruises 
and welts covering my entire body. They stood there and ran their hands 
around my body gently feeling the raised welts on my ass and thighs. My 
cock went hard. They took me into Mistress Fran's bedroom and laid me 
down on a silk sheet. Mistress Fran rubbed lotion over my body while much 
to my surprise Cassandra put my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking 
me. It was hard to comprehend what was happening to me. My body ached so 
bad that it felt as if I was lying beside myself. Mistress Fran and 
Cassandra's affection were overwhelming to the point that I was overtaken 
with my love for the 2 of them. Cassandra was stroking and sucking my 
cock so beautifully. Cassandra stopped sucking me and mistress Fran 
climbed on top of me and slid her soaking wet pussy right over my cock. She 
was slowly riding up and down on my cock while still massaging the lotion 
on my chest. Her tits from this view were incredibly beautiful. She started 
moaning and her body was shaking. The orgasm she was experiencing was 
gigantic. Right at that moment my body went rigid and I started pumping my 
cum into her. I looked over at the clock on the night stand and I could not 
believe that it was almost 10 pm. Mistress Fran and Cassandra got into bed 
on each side of me and turned out the light. The 2 of them wrapped around 
me and we fell asleep while holding each other. 

When Mistress Fran came home from work on Monday we had a long talk 
about my services. The torture room was completed and I was very sad 
that I may no longer may be needed. I explained how attached I had become 
to her and that I was still willing to do what ever she asked of me. To my 
pleasant surprise Mistress Fran was also thinking of this and she asked if 
I would consider being her live-in slave. I would be officially employed by 
her company and I would offer my consulting services to her engineers. 
This would enable Mistress Fran to have complete control over when I 
work. She then pulled out a piece of paper that she had in her leather file 
organizer. She was one step ahead of me...she must have typed up a 
contract when she was at work. She said the contract was similar to 
Cassandra's but a little different. I asked what was different about 
Cassandra's and she did not answer. She only said that I should read the 
contract carefully and then decide. I sat in front of her at the kitchen 
table reading the contract. It was all on one page but was very complete. 
The contract read... 
	Mistress Fran Slave Contract: 

By Signing this contract you are agreeing with your own free will to the 
conditions here stated in this contract. 

1.) As my slave you belong to me and you are my property. 
2.) You will live in my home and you can only leave the premises when 
3.) You will follow any order I give you without hesitation. 
4.) You will never show dissatisfaction or question any order given to you. 
5.) You will refer to me as Mistress and to Cassandra as My Lady. 
6.) You will only speak to me when you are spoken to. If you wish to say 
something to me you will say "Mistress, may I speak" 
7.) You are below Lady Cassandra and you will follow any order she gives 
8.) Minor offenses of this contract will result in a 24 hour stay in the 
slave cage. Any gross offense will result in your termination from this 
Signed _____________________________ 
Without hesitation I signed the contract. I handed the paper over to 
Mistress Fran and said, "May I speak Mistress?", And she said yes you may.  
I said, "I agree with all my heart Mistress." Mistress Fran put the contract 
back in her leather file and told me to ask Cassandra what duties I should 
be performing around the house. 

Cassandra was happy but also a little jealous that Mistress Fran had taken 
on another slave. Cassandra was excited that she would have help around 
the house and also to the fact that she had power over me. The first few 
weeks of being a house slave were difficult. Mistress Fran was working 
long hours so I was taking most of my orders from Cassandra. Cassandra 
had me wear large chrome chains locked to my ankles, waist and wrists 
while I mopped floors, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted and vacuumed. It 
seemed I have become Cassandra's slave and she was enjoying it. I was 
working very hard to please Cassandra because she would report to 
Mistress Fran as to my performance. One time last week Cassandra reported 
that I did not scrub one of the tubs in the second floor guest quarters 
thoroughly enough and Mistress Fran had Cassandra lock me in the slave 
cage overnight and then in the morning before Mistress Fran went to work 
she locked me into station two "caning devotion" and I had to repeat "I will 
be more thorough for Lady Cassandra" while I got whacked by this evil 
machine for 100 strokes. 

I have seen my torture equipment put to good use. Twice a month friends 
of mistress Fran bring in their slaves and use the machines. A few of the  
slaves take vicious tortures. Last week a male slave was locked in station 
five and spent almost the entire weekend picking up confetti with his 
teeth while heavily restrained. He was hog tied and had to inch around on 
his belly to pick up the mess. I would go down and watch him during the 
weekend, he was a major work horse. He was all muscle and he had a huge 
dick that would flop around and get caught underneath his leg while he 
was slithering around on the floor. 

I will keep you posted, there are plans under way of building an additional 
station to test a slaves' limitations. It will force you to drink your own 
urine while suspended upside down from the ceiling. It will administer 
shocks, canings, and clamp nipples all at one time while the victim wears 
a sound proof insulated rubber head mask with a built in white noise sound 
masker.  See you in the torture room. 

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