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Mom's Mistake

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Synopsis: His mom's unquenchable need for sex and pain is getting in the way of progress so her teenage son and his girlfriend solve the problem by renting mom's body to the local sex maniacs and sadists; a win-win for all concerned provided mom can keep up with the customer demand for her unique services.
					Mom's Mistake

	Even though she's my mom, the bitch deserved everything that happened to
her and more. Things were fine as long as I fucked her regularly every morning,
again when I got home from school and finally at bedtime so she could sleep
well, at least that's what she claimed. Now don't get me wrong, mom is built
like a brick shithouse, taping in at 38DD-28-40, gives great head, loves to
swallow, and takes it up the ass like a queen. Not only that she has a couple of
lady friends who go both ways and I've had plenty of fun in threesomes involving
mom and one or the other of her bisexual buddies.

	Things began to get weird when I started seeing Honey. She was a senior
in high school, a couple of years older than me, but hot for the kind of cock
that I could and did provide. She was built like mom, only firmer. You could
balance water glasses on her tits and bounce quarters off her ass. She had a
cunt that felt like it was made of velvet when you first put it in, and then
turned into butter once she opened up so I could really put the wood to her. She
was still learning how to suck, but she loved to swallow. Like mom she loved to
lick and suck my balls, but unlike mom, she also loved to do my asshole with her
tongue and mouth.

	The more time I spent with Honey, the less time I had to take care of
mom's needs which could be described as constant. She would be happy to let me
spend the entire day fucking and sucking her to one climax after another. I have
to admit that she trained me to be one of the best pussy eaters in the state,
maybe the country. Not only was I good at it, I liked to go down on women, no
matter if they were shaved smooth or had a a patch as wild and untamed as a
jungle. Mom kept hers always bare, I guess she wanted to look as young as
possible to those who used that cunt. Honey on the other hand let her bush grow
wild and also had a good crop in her pits. Personally I loved licking her pits
almost as much as rummaging around in that jungle guarding her sweet snatch.

	Well one thing led to another and mom finally decreed that Honey was off
limits to me until I learned that she came first when it came to fucking. That
did not sit well with either Honey or me and so we hatched a plan to make mom
change her mind. There was a three day weekend coming up. With some help from a
few friends, both male and female, we kidnapped mom and got her out to a very
secluded mountain cabin where we proceeded to show her the error of her ways.

	That night while Honey and I fucked each other silly, Honey's two best
buds and a pair of my good buddies kept mom entertained. They fucked her in
every hole over and over. Young guys can go all night with the right kind of
woman and to them, mom looked like a porn star. The ladies took over whenever
the guys needed a break. They both were pretty good at using a strap-on and 
sure did a good job of stirring up all the cum that had been squirted into her
cunt and asshole. Mom ate pussy and sucked cock almost continuusly for nearly
ten hours. When Honey and I took over the next morning, the four of them dragged
themselves to bed for some sleep, once they'd help me string up mom from one of
the beams in the cabin. Up until then she thought she'd died and gone to heaven
despite the fact that we kept her tied up the entire time. It took a while for
her to realize that she really had gone to hell.

	Before tearing into her I asked mom if she wanted to change her mind
about not letting me and Honey get together any more. " You will do as I say,
I'm your mother, and don't you forget  that, you ungrateful boy!" Those were not
the words I wanted to hear. Mom was totally vulnerable, hanging from her bound
wrists, her legs spread apart and anchored to bolts in the floor. I sighed and
sank my fist into her soft belly. Then I pivoted to smash my other fist into her
bald cunt. Her initial grunt turned into a choking gasp. I stepped back, then
moved in to deliver a combinination to her big tits, smashing those fun bags
flat. Her eyes got real big and it looked as if they were going to pop right out
of their sockets. I gave her a couple more to the belly and she brought up
yesterday's lunch and part of breakfast as well.

	Honey and I let her think about things while we ate an early lunch. When
we returned mom promised that once this little scene was over she'd see Honey,
our friends and even me in jail.  It sure sounded like she meant business. This
was all out of hand.

	 It was Honey who made the call. "Let's see what kind of threats she
makes after we get done with her this weekend. From here on out the only time
she opens her mouth is to suck cock or eat pussy." Mom spit at Honey and paid
the price almost immediately. My girlfriend raked her big tits from top to
bottom with her fingernails, leaving four trails of blood behind on each of
those monster mams.

	Mom let out a yell that hurt my ears and so I shut her up in mid-scream,
driving my fists into her gut and cunt until her face took on a bluish tint and
nothing came out of her except a high pitched wheezing sound as she tried to get
some air. "Looks like we have two days and nights to convince your mother that
she made a serious mistake in trying to keep us apart." Honey said as she
checked her blood-stained nails to make sure none were broken.

	Mom offered little resistance when her mouth was stuffed with rags and
then taped shut. Honey checked out the gag by sinking her fingernails into the
pebbled flesh surrounding mom's fat nipples. Her screaming wasn't loud enough to
wake the gang sleeping in the next room. We both nodded and smiled. "I saw some
willow bushes by the cabin. Let's cut some and soak them in water. They'll
really cut her up once they get nice and wet. For now you can use your belt
and..." Honey stopped talking and a big grin broke over her face. She pointed
toward the corner of the room and said, " Forget about the belt, look what's
over there, it's perfect."

	She was right. Propped up in the corner was a fishing rod, the kind
designed for catching trout, long and extremely flexible. I could imagine what
kind of damage that could do to flesh and for the next few hours we used it to
make sure that no part of mom's naked body missed being cut by this vicious
weapon. We took turns slashing her skin to ribbons, whipping her until our arms
got tired and then resting up while the other took a turn at removing some skin.
While we worked on my stubborn mother, a half dozen or so willow switches were
soaking in a pail of water. Honey figured that the others would probably like to
have at my mom without waiting for their turn to use the rod.

	Mom was out cold again, the third time in less than an hour. We were now
going over her for the second time, opening the original wounds and drawing more
blood, as we searched for fresh portions of skin to cut up. I had just started
to whip the crack of her ass, flicking the rod down and trying to bury its metal
tip between her swollen, bleeding cheeks. I'd managed to land two perfect hits
in a row when she shuddered and went limp once more. I was so angry at her
disturbing my fun that I picked out a spot on her ass and whipped it hard and
fast until my arm hurt. There was no doubt that for the rest of her life she
would have a deep scar to remember me by.

	Honey slapped mom across the face over and over, but was unable to bring
her out of it. She went to the refrigerator and returned with a long
narrow-necked bottle of beer which she jammed into mom's cunt. Mom hardly made a
sound. Honey gave it to her again, harder this time. Still there was no
reaction. So she grabbed the bottle by the neck and began to club mom's big tits
with it. I winced at the damage that heavy weapon was doing to her knockers, but
she remained in a stupor. At this point I began to worry that we'd gone too far,
and stepped in to stop Honey from doing any further damage.

	Our captive was still breathing and didn't seem to be in any obvious
trouble.I suggested that Honey and I take a fuck break so mom could have some
time to recover. She grinned and said, " Great idea, we haven't done it since
last night. You know I need it a lot more often than that." So we did the nasty
on the couch, leaving mom's bleeding body still sagging against the ropes that
held her in an inverted Y-shape.

	We went at it for over an hour and by the time she made me say "uncle",
I'd dumped two big loads of boiling cum; one deep inside her hot,juicy snatch
and the other all over her hard nippled tits. Honey was such a cum slut that she
started licking my load off her perky tits, nearly getting me back into the mood
for another go at her. Instead we went back to check on "Meat", as Honey started
calling her.

	 She was awake and struggling weakly to free herself from the tight
ropes biting into her wrists and ankles. Honey picked up the fishing rod and
gave her a few cuts across the belly and then concentrated on decorating Meat's
cunt with some fresh welts and cuts. I decided to see what effect the willow
switches would have on my mom. I started on the backs of her thighs and worked
down to her ankles leaving a trail of narrow welts on her straining flesh. By
then Honey was getting bored, there weren't too many places that were left to
chop up. She had a strange look on her face that I'd never seen before. She gave
me a thin-lipped smile and said, " I want to burn her." Things were getting very
very serious now. I wasn't sure that we should take the next step, so I pulled
the tape away and yanked the gag from Meat's mouth.

	 " You miserable bastards are all going to prison for twenty years for
what you've done to me. There is no way you little pricks are going to get away
with this!" I got a little weak in the knees when I heard her harsh threats.
This was not what I had hoped to hear from her. I glanced over at Honey and
shrugged as I said, " Guess you can start burning her now. I gave her a chance,
and she just blew it."

	I nearly lifted mom off the floor when I kicked her in the cunt. All the
air went out of her and she retched some bad-smelling stuff up from her belly.
Gagging and taping her mouth shut was no problem this time. She'd stay gagged
until someone wanted their cock or pussy sucked. Honey lit up a cigarette and
puffed on it to create a glowing coal at its tip. I turned away and went outside
for some air.

	After a long walk to think about things, I went back to the cabin. Honey
had pulled up a chair and was seated between mom's spread thighs. She was
grunting through her gag and squirming. I got closer to take a look at what was
going on. Damned if Honey hadn't got her hand all the way up mom's cunt. In fact
she had part of her arm inside as well. She looked up at me with a shit-eating
grin, pulled her arm out until only her clenched fist was stretching Meat's cunt
and then rammed it home, bringing another loud grunt from her. It took a few
moments to realize that a ring of burnt skin was now circling mom's fat lipped
cunt. I guess Honey had finally gotten tired of burning Meat, and had decided to
fist fuck her. It sure looked like a lot of fun and I was eager to take a turn
on our prisoner.

	We must have fisted her for at least a couple of hours, and I'm sure we
put a permanent tilt in her baby making parts from all the times we touched
bottom. Toward the end we used her innards like a punching bag and drubbed her
until there was nothing left to puke up. She sure looked funny with puke
shooting out of her nostrils every few minutes. A couple of times I had to
remove the gag so she wouldn't ckoke in he own vomit.

	Honey even tried to get her hand up Meat's asshole, but it was no go.
She insisted that before the weekend ended she'd be up to her elbow in mom's
shitter. Based on what I'd seen so far, there was no way I'd bet against her.
She planned to start stretching mom's asshole as soon as the rest of the gang
was available to assist her. To wile away the time before every one else woke
up, we worked out on the couch again.

	It was way past noon when our four friends finally stumbled out of bed
and started looking for food. The guys checked out the new marks on Meat and
grinned when they saw how raw and open her dripping cunt was. " You two must
have hammered that whore's hole for hours to get it into that kind of shape",
one of the guys commented as he squeezed Meat's big tits and started to nibble
on her nipples. "Damned if she don't like that!" he exclaimed when he realized
how stiff mom's nips had gotten. " Man, we have just got to make sure that
she'll shut up about what's been happening up here. I sure hate to think I'll
never be fucking this cunt or that tight asshole again." The others laughed and
nodded in agreement. As soon as everyone finished chowing down, we went back to
work on Meat.

	This time the girls took turns using the fishing rod on her,
concentrating on mom's big jugs, rounded ass and swollen pussy. After nearly an
hour of nonstop slashing and trashing mom looked like she was wearing a red two
piece bathing suit, the full cut kind; no bikini for this lady of leisure. She'd
been out cold for some time, but nobody seemed to notice since the gag did such
a great job of muffling her screams.

	Honey lit up a cigarette, I sure wished she'd stop smoking, and tried to
wake Meat up for even more punishment. Honey burned both her nipples two or
three times but mom stayed out of it. The stench of seared nipple meat was
making everybody kind of sick. Honey frowned and got around to the other side of
our weekend guest. We moved so we could watch what she would do next. My
girlfriend pulled one of mom's as cheeks to the side with one hand then jammed
the lit cigarette straight into mom's puckered asshole and held it there until
she woke up screaming. Even with the gag she was easy to hear. Honey grinned
evilly and stepped away to watch Meat shiver and quiver as the pain ripped
through her asshole. Man, that was gross, and the smell was enough to make you
puke. Holding my nose I headed for the door and some fresh air. The others
quickly followed my lead.

	We milled around outside the cabin, and were soon joined by Honey. As we
waited for the stink of burning flesh to go away we discussed what to do to mom
next. Beating her didn't seem to be the answer, although the guys did get
excited about using her for a punching bag, the heavy kind that are built to
take your best shot. I was worried that a few too many shots might just damage
or even kill mom, not a good thought. Then Honey came up with a neat idea. 
"Let's stake the bitch out in the sun and let her work on her tan. The girls
didn't think much of that idea until Honey suggested that while Meat was slowly
being broiled by the hot sun, we could be doing other things to her naked body
as well.

	After kicking around a few ideas for making my mom's life even more
miserable, we retreived her from the cabin and staked her out in the sun. One of
the guys suggested that we put splinters under her finger nails and set them on
fire. He'd read about this somewhere and thought it would be a neat thing to do.
Naturally Honey went him one step further. "Why don't we yank her toenails out
one by one until she gets with the program?" Everyone thought that was pretty
ugly, so ugly it just might work.

	 One of the girls wanted to build a fire by Meat and brand her until she
gave up to us. That wasn't bad since if we were careful the marks wouldn't show
unless she wore a bikini or was naked. If she was naked it would probably be
because she was putting out for us or some other friends of ours. Everyone
thought that it would be neat to brand her as our property once she decided to
be our slave.

	The guys wanted to take a few turns fucking mom before she got too
burned from the sun. So while they fucked her to a frazzle, "ramming the meat to
Meat" was their running gag, the girls amused themselves by either having Meat
suck their pussies or they squatted over her face and let fly, almost drowning
her in their piss. The guys complained bitterly about the smell and getting
splattered while they were stretching her cunt, but no fights broke out. Of
course Honey always had to top everyone; she squatted and spread her ass cheeks,
and said. "O.K. you hard ass, get that tongue out and make sure you clean out
every bit of shit from my asshole." The guy fucking her grimaced when he
realized what Meat was going to have to do. They put three loads of cum into mom
before Honey was satisfied with the job that Meat had done.

	By mid-afternoon mom had turned a bright shade of red, and her tongue
was hanging out from lack of water. There was a pool of stale cum drying out
almost as fast as it oozed from her raw twat. One of the guys who had just
finished nailing her for the third time today said,  "Gee, I hope your mom is on
the pill because we sure pumped her full of cum last night and now again today."
I laughed at this comment. I'd been porking mom at least three times a day for
years with no problem. If she could handle that, she could handle anything these
guys could dump into her.

	 Everyone was so busy fucking and humiliating Meat that none of these
great ideas were tried out on her during the long afternoon. Midway through that
very hot afternoon we turned Meat over so her backside could get some rays as
well. Naturally the guys tried out her asshole again, now that it was available.
The girls continued to entertain themselves by making her service their cunts
with her tongue and mouth when they weren't coating her face and hair with
recycled beer.

	We did however decide that tomorrow we were going to brand Meat until
she either agreed to become our sex slave, or there wasn't any place left to put
a mark. I'd told her that just before we untied her and dragged her back into
the cabin for some more heavy duty fucking and torture just to pass the time
away. We made her swallow a handful of uppers to keep her awake while we rested
up for the last day of her little vacation in the woods.

	Honey, as usual, had taken charge of the festivities. Mom's
lobster-colored body was bent over a barrel, arms and legs securely roped to the
splintery wood. Honey was lubing her blistered asshole, preparing to work her
fist deep into Meat's bowels as she had promised. Everyone else was standing
around waiting for the action to get started.

	 It only took Honey about ten minutes to get her hand up into mom's
asshole. She took her time closing it into a fist and once this was done, she
gave us a wicked look and began pushing her arm forward, sinking about an inch
into Meat's sore asshole. Mom grunted and began to sob. She was just beginning
to realize what was in store for her sorry ass.

	 Meat's asshole proved to be a tough opponent for Honey, but she
persisted and inch by agonizing inch she moved her fist deeper into my mom's
tender shitter. Meat began to struggle frantically, but to no avail, Honey just
kept up the pressure and Meat's asshole began to cave in. Honey paused for a
minute or two, holding her ground against the pressure that Meat's colon was
offering. Then she took a deep breath and thrust her fist forward, parting the
tight tube of flesh that still resisted her invasion, but had begun to lose its
strength, overcome by the exhausting force that Honey steadily applied.

	 Meat burst into tears and her body was wracked by the intensity of her
feelings as her asshole gave it up to Honey's fist. We all cheered when Honey's
elbow approached the space between Meat's cheeks. She had done it, just as she 
promised. Then Honey moved her other hand into mom's cunt and let out a whoop.

	 "The bitch is soaking! This cunt loves it! She loves having my fist
deep inside her miserable ass. Say it bitch! Say it or I'll pull out and start
all over and this time I won't stop until you're bleeding like a stuck pig!"
Honey snorted and tried to rotate her fist within Meat's asshole, bringing a
shrill cry from her.

	"You'll probably cream all over my arm as I split you open. You are so
fake!" Honey screamed. We were just blown away by what Honey had discovered. Mom
was into pain and humiliation in a big way, but she had been unwilling or unable
to give up that information to us. Her threats had been bogus, just a trick to
make sure that she got the kind of treatment that she wanted. Deep down Mom was
afraid to give herself up to us, fearing what might finally  happen to her if
she became the sex and pain slave of half a dozen oversexed teens.

	 Well, we were damned sure going to make her pay for putting us on in
such a big way. One thing was for sure,she was riding home in the trunk of the
car, in a closed bag filled with her own piss and shit. If there was enough time
when we got her back to my place she was going to get another good going over. I
made a mental note to make sure that the fishing rod came back with us. Between
then and now Meat was going to start learning just what being the goup's sex and
pain slave was all about.

	I looked over at my girlfriend, Honey, happy that we would be together
for as long as we wanted to be, and said to the group, "Who wants to fist fuck
Meat's asshole first? We've got all night and most of tomorrow to do anything we
want to this pig." Five hands went up in the air. I looked over at the new group
slave and the little smile on her face told me that like they say in fairy
tales, "We would live happily ever after".

						Mom's Mistake

						   Chapter 2

	Upon returning home after thoroughly destroying mom's body and half of
her mind at the cabin, there was a new pecking order and she was at the bottom.
This position made everyone, including her, very happy for a brief time.
Unfortunately "living happily ever after" came to a halt within days. Honey and
I fucked up a storm at my place. The first few days back couldn't have been
better as far as she and I were concerned. Mom however began to get on our
nerves fast.

	You'd think that after what was done to her at the cabin she would have
been satisfied for a while, but not mom. She started to whine that I wasn't
giving her any attention, once she dragged her beaten, bruised and burned body
from the bed we'd dumped her on when we got back. She picked a real bad time to
start in; I had just begun to feed my stiff cock into that winking spot between
Honey's bouncy buns and she was happily making it disappear inch by inch as I
pushed while she grunted and tried to relax that tough muscle surrounding her

	Honey was more cool about mom's interruption than I was. She suggested
that mom get down and start licking her pussy while I was reaming out her
asshole. It worked out pretty well and Honey even got off before I flooded her
colon with a huge load. Later she told me the idea of having my mom beneath her,
swamping out her cunt got her really hot. Still I had to show mom that things
had changed permanently.

	I made mom stand with her hands on the top of her head and her legs
spread wide. She hadn't bothered to put any clothes on when she barged in on us,
so I had a good chance to see all the damage that had been inflicted on her. It
got me hard to see those big tits all covered with every imaginable mark that
could be made. They must have snuffed out a carton of cigarettes on those big
boobs and it showed. Her big nipples were two black scabs from all the burning
they'd taken plus having been crushed with pliers about a dozen times. There
were so many whip marks on those swollen purple bags that you couldn't separate
any of them, because they just overlapped one another.

	Her cunt was still swollen around the mouth from all the cigarette burns
and the whipping it had taken when they weren't seeing what big thing they could
force up her cunt. I still remember not believing my eyes when her cunt
swallowed nearly an entire wine bottle, bottom first. Then when they heated the
bottle, the stench made me sick as she screamed and screamed until someone
punched her in the face to quiet her down.

	Mom had to start learning her place, and there was no time like the
present. My knee caught her dead on, lifting her off her feet as it flattened
her swollen cunt and drove all the air from her lungs. She crumpled and rolled
into a fetal position as she tried to get some air. I took this opportunity to
kick her in the ribs a couple of times. She flopped around in agony, but I
wasn't done with her yet. I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair and
started beating her head against the floor. Lucky for mom there was carpet or I
might have fractured her skull. She started blubbering that I didn't love her
and accused Honey of trying to steal me away from her. All that got her was
another kick in the crotch as she lay flat on her back gasping and crying.
Things got real quiet as soon as that kick parted her cunt lips. Mom was
finished complaining for the rest of the day.

	To make sure that she wouldn't be bothering us while we worked up a
sweat doing the nasty, I dragged her upstairs to her bedroom and with Honey's
help we spread-eagled her on the bed and roped her wrists and ankles to the
corners. Honey used a pair of mom's panties to gag her, and I finished matters
by using some duct tape to keep the gag in place. We went back downstairs and
got back to doing what came naturally. By the time we came up for air it was
dark outside and Honey took off before her mother called the cops to find her.

	I looked in on mom to discover that she had wet the bed big time. I
guess the dumb cunt hadn't bothered to make a pit stop once she woke up. Instead
she just wanted to bust my chops; well she could wallow in that piss bath until
morning, I was too tired to screw with that mess right now. After something to
eat, I crashed; it had been a very long day and I was beat.

	I awoke late and barely had time to dress, grab my books and head for
the school bus stop. On the way out, I untied one of mom's wrists from the
bedpost and let her figure out how to get herself free. The day dragged on and
on, but at last came to an end. I met Honey outside of school and we walked back
to my place so we could talk over what to do with my mom. By the time we got to
my place, a plan of sorts had been created.

	Mom had figured a way to get out of the rest of the ropes and was
waiting in the living room when we walked in. All she wore was a housecoat and
as soon as she laid eyes on me, off it came to give me a view of what she had to
offer. "Let's fuck right here on the floor, I really need some cock bad, real
bad." I glanced over at Honey, who was trying to stiffle a grin, and sighed. I
debated about kicking mom in the cunt and giving her a good stomping for her
troubles, but decided that wasn't going to solve anything either, since she was
not only a fuck pig, but a pain slut as well.

	I made mom bend over the arm of the overstuffed chair by the fake
fireplace so I could fuck her in the ass. I spit in my hand and used it to lube
up her asshole, which was still kind of loose after all the fucking she'd had at
the cabin. Honey came over and jacked me to get my dick hard enough to do the
deed. When she added a yard of tongue that slithered around inside my mouth, I
was ready to nail mom's asshole big time. It didn't take much to get mom off.
After a few minutes of power fucking, giving her bunghole a good hammering, and
yanking as hard as I could on her sore tits, she exploded into a big O. You talk
about a pain slut and fuck pig, mom was the standard for the type.

	She was too happy to notice that I was guiding her back to her bedroom,
which had been freshened up. She started getting feisty when I pushed her down
and with Honey's help began roping her to the bed. We managed to get her settled
and this time to keep her entertained, Honey found mom's vibrator, checked the
batteries to make sure it worked and stuck it as far up her cunt as she could
push it. I added a couple of pieces of duct tape to keep it in place. A minute
or so later we headed back downstairs leaving mom to enjoy her little buzzing
pal as it started her on the way to what would probably be a dozen or so orgasms
before the batteries ran down.

	Honey and I discussed our plan for mom in more detail. Since I was stuck
in school as was Honey, we had to figure out some way to have mom taken care of
while we were away. Honey knew of a few perverts who hung around the school
trying to get some teen pussy. She wondered if they'd be interested in having
someone a bit older who would do just about anything they wanted. Then I
remembered old man Watson a couple of blocks over who was a well known pussy
hound. His collection of porn tapes was legend. Then there was that swinger
couple that lived by Honey who were always trying to get her to come over and
join the fun. Another potential  source of customers were the types who hung
around the porn arcade downtown. The list of potential sponsors for mom was
growing by leaps and bounds as we talked it over. Naturally if any of these
folks wanted to keep mom overnight or even for the entire weekend, that was fine
with me.

	The next day Honey suggested that we get one of the smarter kids in her
class to draw up some kind of a contract that those using mom would have to
sign. She laughed and snapped her fingers. "I got the perfect one for this deal.
He's one of the nerds and he's always trying to get a look at my tits and ass
when he thinks I'm not looking. I wonder whether he might want a chance to fuck
your mom in exchange for doing some paperwork for us." The answer was a
resounding "yes"! Not only that, he had a bunch of nerd friends who would give
anything for the pleasure of having a real live cunt to fuck. In fact one of his
nerd buds was into sadomasochism and he and mom would be perfect for each other.

	Honey had another bright idea for a way to keep mom occupied while we
worked out all the details for donating her body to the local pervs. In the
interim we would invite some of our buddies like the ones that helped us out at
the cabin to keep mom busy after school and on weekends until we got our
operation up and running. The absence rate at school shot up like crazy when
word got around that there was free pussy at my house starting a 8 in the
morning and running until as late as 9 at night, provided they kept the noise
down and didn't park their cars anywhere near the house.
	By the time all was said and done, we had mom booked solid for most of
the day and every night we weren't using her for our own needs. As long as no
money changed hands for mom's special services, everyone was in the clear,
except mom who would have to sweat getting a variety of STDs and possibly herpes
or worse still, HIV. Considering the kind of customers we had for mom's unique
free services, I seriously doubted if she'd ever encounter anyone from those we
selected that might be able to transmit the HIV thing to her.

	We had some problems getting people to sign up guaranteeing that they
were responsible for mom's well being while she was in their custody.
"Well-being" was the operative word, and it led to many different
interpretations, especially when people began to figure out that there was more
to mom than just a cunt and asshole that never got tired of being fucked. Once
her customers realized that mom liked it rough, real rough, things got a bit
dicey for a time. So the agreement now included words such as no permanent
damage, internal injuries or broken bones.

	Now we were asking for large security deposits such as a car pinkslip or
a deed to the house or money, lots and lots of money, no checks. In this way we
hoped that no one would get carried away when they had mom in their hot little
hands. We even went so far as to make recommendations about what mom enjoyed
having done to her.  We also instituted unannounced visits, or what we called
"show and tell" trips. Things began to smooth out even better after that.

	It was truly amazing about how much mom, or the sponge, as she was now
nicknamed by her customers, could handle. It was rare when we weren't delivering
her to at least a half dozen people all with plenty of neat ideas about how to
make her wish she were dead, but never quite delivering on that promise. She was
put into some of the most stringent bondage I ever heard of and then they'd
torture her until she wasn't able to react despite their best efforts, which
were considerable. Mom was sort of a cross between that watch that could take a
licking and keep on ticking and the bunny that represented that battery company.

	I started requiring that mom's customers keep a detailed log describing
exactly what they did to her, so we knew what to do in case of trouble once she
got back to us. Lots of times she'd be unconscious, sometimes for nearly a day,
and once for almost three days. We really sweat that one out, especially
considering the backlog of disgruntled customers this caused. Now I make it a
point to go over just what has been going on with mom and compiling a book
describing the really interesting experiences mom had been having. In fact I'm
considering having a book made up which I'll probably sell to the kids at school
and possibly even publish on the Internet. In fact I'd urge people to be on the
lookout for my first effort, due out in less than a month.

				(To be continued)

			                 Mom's Mistake

			                   Chapter 3

	As I mentioned before, Mom's very first customers were a gang of nerds
from school. They ranged in age from fourteen to sixteen and had one thing in
common, none of them had ever been laid. They were a motley crew to put it
mildly. Some of them were into Dungeons and Dragons in a big way, in fact they
seemed almost  out of this world most of the time. One had a porn collection
that was awesome when you realized this monkey spanker was only fifteen and on a
tight budget. He also was one of those computer freaks and did most of his
collecting off the Internet. He knew how to get into pay sites, private sites
and those real special sites that shared stuff, most of it highly illegal. He
was even hooked into  a Japanese porn site that showed women having things done
to them that were almost indescribable. He planned on trying some of these
stunts out on mom once she was properly broken in. The ringleader, Elf, that 
wasn't his real name of course, was one mean sixteen year old with a very vivid

	In exchange for mom's services about once a month, usually for part of
the weekend, they guaranteed that neither Honey nor I would ever have to worry
about another midterm or final exam, term paper or other major take-home
assignment as long as we were in high school. This was probably the best deal we
had , since it freed us to do our thing regardless of whatever those asshole
teachers dreamed up to bring us down and get in the way of progress.

	Although at this point there were no formal requirements or checks and
balances such as surprise visits to where they were doing mom, or security
deposits to assure her safety, these guys did one hell of a job of documenting
what went down when they had mom all to themselves for nearly a day and a half.
They video-taped  lots of the action and even provided audio tapes of mom
getting fucked bowlegged and pleading for more pain and more cock. Just
listening to those tapes and imagining what was going on was a huge turn-on for
Honey and I. We'd tell each other what kind of pictures formed in our heads when
we heard those tapes. It was funny how sometimes we  totally agreed, and other
times when we couldn't believe how different our mind pictures were.

	They showed up promptly at seven in the evening on Friday night, as
scheduled. We'd  kept mom tied up and had deprived her of any kind of sex that
day, so she was a hunk of burning love, to paraphrase an old Elvis tune. These
guys were organized. They put mom in handcuffs and leg irons, gagged her with an
O-ring gag that one of them had made in the school workshop, and stuffed her
naked body into an oversized duffel bag. One of them acted as a look-out while
the other three transported mom's body from the house to the trunk of their
waiting car in about twenty seconds. They may have been nerds, but these kids
sure knew what they were doing. I felt confident that my mom was in good hands.
Had I realized some of the things they were going to do to her, I wouldn't have
had such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

	Mom doesn't remember a lot of the details of what happened to her during
the nearly thirty hours they did their level best to turn her inside out. She
remembers riding in the trunk and getting tossed around as the car carried her
and the nerds to the place they had set up for her introduction to their world
that featured all the cock that a nymphomaniac like mom could ever need and
enough pain to satisfy all but the most dedicated masochist. Unfortunately for
mom the nerds were heavy into tits and the poor bitch had a great set that bore
plenty of evidence that they could absorb almost anything a person could dream
up to do to them. By the time they got done with mom's tits she had discovered a
whole new world of hurt that she never dreamed of. These nerds were truly a 
fucked-up bunch of young perverts.

	Once they got mom inside their place, they wasted no time breaking her
in. All told there were eight teens involved, and everyone of them could come
all night. Now mom must have figured that these virgins would come in seconds
and after a round, none of them would be in any condition to want another crack
at her. She badly underestimated the sneakiness of this pack of nerds. For
openers, the group, four in all, waiting for her at the house had spent their
time watching the porn collector's top ten jerk-off specials. So by the time she
arrived they had shot off enough times to guarantee that they'd last more than
just a minute or so once they sank their dicks into mom's cunt. In addition they
planned to make sure that mom was kept gainfully employed sucking those who had
already blasted off inside her back to readiness for another round. Young
teenagers like this bunch had incredible recuperative powers, so there would be
no way that a fresh cock would not be available, no matter what time it was or
no matter how many rounds had already gone by.

	What truly blew mom's mind was when Elf announced the menu that had been
prepared for her gangbang. They would start off fucking her cunt, then she'd be
face-fucked and forced to swallow every drop. During the next round they would
concentrate on her asshole, another virgin territory for them to explore. Next
up would be the ever popular deep throating experience which would provide mom
with plenty of protein to help her keep going throughout the evening and into
the next day. Like Cinderella she had to be back at her house by midnight of the
following day since I had arranged for another group to pick her up at that time
and take her over to their place for another gangbang. Needless to say that
other gangbang had to be postponed; but that's another story for another time.

	Then in subsequent rounds they would move into the more unconventional
types of sex, based on the porn addict's collection of high quality smut. This
included such exotic couplings as double penetration; one in her ass and one in
her cunt, triple penetration which added another cock to the mix that would plug
her mouth, then double vaginal and double anal, which need no explanation, but
required a set of blueprints in order to perform properly. There would also be
the ever-popular ass to mouth move and Elf's favorite, tit fucking. This latter
exercise was to be the downfall of mom.

	Mom was placed on a mattress located in the livingroom and the fun began
once they removed her leg irons and the O-ring gag. The gang of nerds proceeded
to try to ream, wrack, wreck, warp and ruin mom's insides. What these rascals
lacked in size and finesse they more than made up for with their boundless
enthusiasm and perpetual hardons. Mom's cunt was soon saturated with boy cum and
for hour after hour her cunt oozed and leaked the white stuff as these sex
crazed teens continued to dump load after load into her cunt, mouth and asshole.
She swallowed so much cum that her belly got round. Mom lost her voice sometime
in the early morning as the relentless battering her throat was taking finally
made her vocal cords give way for the rest of the session. For that particular
exercise they used a special dental fixture that one of the nerds had liberated
from his dad's office. It propped her mouth wide open and kept her from biting
as their cocks punched away at her throat.

	At around dawn the nerds finally had their fill of what was left of mom.
During that long night and morning Mom sort of drifted in and out of
consciousness as they hammered away on and in her body. Twice during the night
and morning they had forced some pills down her throat that kept her wide awake
and made her sort of jumpy as well. She said that when it came to sheer numbers,
this was the biggest gangbang she had ever experienced. Fortunately the nerds
were still a few years away from maxing out in cock size and their practical 
knowledge of the female anatomy was so sketchy that she was able to almost fall
asleep during portions of this ordeal.  This is not to say that mom wasn't good
and sore by the time the last nerd pumped the last few million blind swimmers
deep inside her cunt or was it her asshole? At that point she couldn't remember.

	Another bad thing that happened to her during the night was many of the
nerds had nothing to do for relatively long periods of time, say twenty minutes
or so. They started to use this time to explore mom's body in a little more
detail. Her big tits got plenty of attention, the nipples were pulled, yanked,
stretched, licked, sucked and pinched. Her tits were bitten and covered with
slobber from the relentless mouths that took turns roving over those fat globes.
Worse yet some of the more inquisitive ones began to probe her well-fucked cunt.
She took lots of middle fingers up her twat as they took turns searching for her
G-spot; they never did find it. Then one of the more adventurous nerds decided
to see how many fingers he could get into mom's cunt. This naturally led to a
contest and it esculated to the point that one of the younger nerds actually got
his entire hand inside her cunt. Lucky for mom there was a shift change and he
and his buddy got a chance to try out their version of double anal on her.

	Once the sun came up, the nerds marched mom to the bathroom for her
first break of the session. So far none of them had used any form of protection,
and that policy would continue in force for the rest of her stay. Mom wasn't
concerned about getting knocked up since her tubes had been tied off a couple of
years ago after her second husband had dumped her. However just to make sure,
the nerds decided to try out some home remedies that one of them had collected
from the Internet. It was no big deal until they gave her one called the 
Mexican whorehouse super douche.

	This little bottle of concentrated hell contained such items as
liquified jalapeno peppers, a couple of teaspoonfuls of drain cleaner, a few
drops of ammonia, and some other mysterious chemicals all mixed into about a
quart of used motor oil that had been drained from the crankcase of a car engine
driven for nearly ten thousand miles before the oil was changed. The originator
of this recipe claimed that the motor oil was a critical ingredient and must
have been used for at least five thousand miles to be effective. All mom knew
was that she felt as if somebody had just set fire to her pussy, and acted
accordingly, screaming at the top of her lungs and doing everything except froth
at the mouth as the mixture ate away the mucus membrane lining her cunt. There
is no telling what might have happened had not one of them shoved a hose into
her twat and diluted this fiendish mixture before flushing it from her body.

	Mom had a bit of a hard time taking a piss, even though she hadn't peed
in nearly twelve hours. The reason for this was twofold: one, the douche had
managed to work its way up her piss hole and that short, narrow tube was mighty
sensitive, and two, the fact that the nerds crowded around, poked at her cunt
and made all sorts  of obscene remarks as she strained to release the contents
of her very full bladder. Once she was successful it seemed to inspire some of
the more freaky nerds to join her. Soon she was being drenched in the piss
issuing from about half the teens watching her pee. This in turn led to a cold
shower and a brisk rubdown that made her feel as if they were trying to scrub
ther skin right off her body. Then it was downstairs to the cellar for some more
very serious business. For the rest of the day and well into the evening her
tits were tortured mercilessly as she screamed and begged them to stop, not
really being very sincere in her pleading for death to avoid the terrible pain
they were delivering to those big knockers.

				(To be continued)

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 4

	Mom took one look around the basement which now had been turned into a
torture chamber, and realized she was far from being out of the woods when it
came to the pain and suffering she would be forced to endure. Her eyes homed in
on the large wooden frame occupying one corner of the basement. and the heavy
wooden chair situated at the center of the room. They moved from these pieces of
furniture to the objects hanging from the walls. There were all sorts of whips,
chains, leather restraints and other items that she  imagined were designed to
do even more damage to a person's body than the other implements she had noted.
Fortunately for mom, the nerds had planned to use only a few of the torture
tools during this session. Unfortunately for mom they planned to concentrate on
her big tits, with some side trips to her armpits, pussy and ass.

	She was led to the chair and her eyes got real big when she spotted the
thick metal dildo, studded with bumps, jutting up from the seat. It must have
been at least eight inches in length. What mom didn't know was the dildo was
electrified; she would discover this much later, and live to regret it. Mom
secretly gave thanks that the nerds had spent plenty of time widening her
asshole, it still was partially agape. Despite that, it was tough sledding for
her asshole to swallow the entire length of this metal monster. What made the
process so difficult and painful were the nodules that first her sphincter and
then her rectum had to adjust to on the trip down. It was a teary-eyed woman
whose butt cheeks finally settled onto the rough wooden seat of the chair.

	Mom's ankles were clamped to the chair's front legs, spreading her
thighs apart so there was some access to her well-fucked cunt for more fun and
games of the painful type. Her arms, cuffed at the wrists, were yanked up and
then pulled over and down the back of the chair forcing her to arch her back and
more importantly, stick out her big tits. Her cuffs were chained to a ring
located on the back of the chair, fixing her naked body into this awkward

	She started sweating when a wooden plank was produced and fitted into
the chair in much the same way as the table of a highchair. Now her breasts were
lying on the plank, ready for all manner of mischief. Most of the nerds took up
positions surrounding her, waiting for Elf and another nerd to begin the show.
Elf's assistant grinned stupidly as he presented an open box filled with the
kind of  tacks used for cork boards. The needle points were perhaps an inch in
length and capped with round plastic heads of different colors. The nerd made a
mocking bow in her direction and offered the box to Elf.

	The nerd leader selected two pins with red heads and before she knew
what had happened, he drove first one and then the other into her nipples,
pinning them to the wood. Mom reacted to the pain by trying to move her tits,
but the pins held the nipples in place. To make sure that she couldn't tear
free, Elf drove  a half dozen pins into the tit meat surroundng her skewered
nipples, making the nipple bonding secure. Then he stepped back and swept his
arm out as he said, "O.K. gang let's make like those big tits are Gulliver and
we're the Lilliputians. I want to see those big bags nailed to the plank so she
won't be able to give us any trouble when we fry them with electricity and pump
those babies up until they're as big as her head." Had any of them taken a peek
at what was going on betwen her legs, they might have realized that mom thought
she had died and gone to heaven.

	As the old saying goes, "the best laid plans of mice and men, etc, etc."
The nerds quickly found out that the inch long pins could only be used on the
perimeter of her big tits. Moving an inch or so inside made the pins useless as
far as helping attach her knockers to the plank; they were not long enough to
penetrate through her tit flesh. A hurried conference was called to discuss this
matter, and a pair of nerds were sent off to purchase longer pins, and lots of
them. In the meantime the rest of the boys amused themselves by smashing their
fists down on her tits, flattening them against the wood and gradually causing
them to swell and discolor.  The odor from the cunt juice oozing from mom's
pussy became noticeable. One of the bolder kids stuck his fingers deep into her
dripping snatch and then made her lick the juices from them. It was monkey see,
monkey do, in no time flat. The nerds lined up and scooped up mom's pussy juice
as fast as she could make it, feeding it to her or rubbing it on her tacked-down

	Elf and a couple of his buddies rummaged around in the basement torture
chamber to come up with other stuff to try out on their guest. They came up with
a small hand-pumped glass tube with a mouth large enough to accommodate mom's
nipples or her clit. The principle of operation was simple; the attached pumping
bulb could be used to evacuate most of the air from the tube, thus creating a
partial vacuum that was sufficient for their purposes. The loss of presssure on
one side of her nipple or clit made it swell as it attempted to arrive at
another state of equilibrium or balance between the two differing pressure
levels. They oohed and ahhed as mom's nipple would grow big as the air was drawn
away from the tube. It reached its limit in growth fairly quickly and then no
amount of pumping would change matters. However the swelling was decidedly
uncomfortable for their captive. They grew tired of this game and Elf allowed
his buddies to use the pins to once more tack her nipples to the plank. Mom
groaned loudly as they clumsily replaced them.

	The other item they came up with was truly a tool of the devil. It
didn't look like much, but the squat cylinder made of metal featuring what
looked like a spout located on the top would in truth make mom sincerely and
loudly beg for mercy when it was used on her. This device was a small steam
heater that was used in the kitchen to remove dried food stains and the like. It
took a cupful of tap water and within a minute the electrical heater element
would bring the liquid to a boil, creating the steam source. The jet of steam
could be focused to a very small spot, something less than the diameter of a
dime. The first time they used it on mom's breast, she nearly tore free of the
pins holding her tit to the wood. The area affected bythe steam quickly formed a
blister that was easily burst, bringing another strangled gasp from the helpless

	Within half an hour, mom was turned into a babbling, crying, pleading
mass of twitching flesh. Her big tits were pock-marked with small craters that
were formerly blisters created on her tit meat which had burst from handling or
the over zealous application of the steam jet to her skin. Just as they were
attempting to bring the jet to bear on her dripping cunt, the nerds returned
with a selection of sewing needles capable of totally penetrating much of her
big bags of fat.

	Two lines of nerds quickly formed at her pinned tits and started
hammering the sewing needles through her tit flesh, further securing her fun
bags to the wooden board. Mom's cunt dripped steadily as row after row of
needles punctured her beasts. A small pool of cunt juice formed between her
spread thighs and began to drip to the floor. Mom was really getting into this
nasty torture that her big titties were receiving. Elf had picked up on the fact
that this treatment was not producing the desired effect. So he intervened and
suggested that they should concentrate on seeing how many needles they could
shove under her finger and toe nails without breaking them off. Then he stood
back and watched the fun.

	Mom started to scream her head off as needles were driven haphazardly
under her toenails by pairs of nerds, while the same treatment was being dished
out to her fingernails. It got even worse when one of the nerds decided to heat
up the five needles he had managed to force under the nail on her index finger.
Her screams went up another octave; this was major pain and even a dedicated
masochist like her had limits. She passed out repeatedly as one after another,
each nail was treated to similar torture. The stink of cooking flesh soon even 
got to the nerds and they finally discontinued this terrible treatment and stood
back in awe as her unconscious body continued to react to the pain that radiated
from the burned flesh beneath her nails.

	Elf decided that their guest needed a change of scenery, and so he
directed his gang to see about detaching her tits from the plank so they could
transfer her to the wooden frame which would allow them much more access to her
naked body. Prying her tits off the wooden board proved to be a daunting task.
It was fairly trivial to yank the corkboard tacks from her swollen titties, but
the needles were another matter altogether. Many of the needles were completely
buried in her titmeat at angles going from acute to obtuse. Those that weren't,
required that they be individually removed with needle-nosed pliers.

	In some cases buried needles could be accessed by use of knife blades,
the kind used for dining rather than carving, that could pry up a section of
breast, forcing the flesh to be pulled free so that the needle could  be  bent
down  to prevent its reentry into her fun bag. The corollary to this approach
worked for the other needles. Here her tit was pressed flat, causing the needles
to become exposed so that they could be pulled from her flesh with pliers. By
the time her tits had been freed from the plank they were stippled with blood
blisters from the cruel techniques that had been used on them. However mom's
cunt was juicing once again, a sign that she was digging this level of pain.

	They dragged the rubber-legged woman over to the frame and lashed her
naked body securely to the corners using plastic ties, the kind designed for
industrail applications such as holding heavy weights in position on a pallet.
These bit into her wrists and ankles to the point that trickles of blood ran
from some areas. In this configuration mom was placed in a semi-squatting
position, her thighs spread wide, offering total access to her dripping cunt,
her arms pulled taut at an angle tha allowed her armpits to be brought into

	The nerds waited for their leader to come up with some ideas for hurting
her. Elf now faced the challenge of providing mom the kind of pain that was too
intense for her to enjoy, yet not to the level that would cause serious damage
to her body or disfigure it in any permanent way. This was the kind of problem
that the gang of nerds could really get into. So they held a discussion while
their captive hung from her bonds blinking and mumbling from the residual pain
that she was still experiencing from having her breasts and nails so cruelly

	For openers he had them use some of the ties to noose her tits
individually. They twisted them tight until she began to gasp from the pain.
Then they backed off by one turn and let nature take its course. With time, as
the blood circulation was reduced, her tits would begin to swell, thus cutting
off all circulation to those big bags of flesh. They would swell further and
turn colors, finally becoming near black. At this point she would be only a few
hours away from tissue death. Depending on the risk that her tormentors wished
to take, they might wait another hour or even two, before loosening the ties and
allowing the blood to rush back into the bloated black bags of boob flesh. Once
sensation began to return, she would be in agony, the pain peaking after a time
and then slowly subsiding as the breasts returned to something akin to normal.

	While this process was playing itself out, there were other interesting
things that the gang of nerds could do to a rapidly weakening mom. A group
decided to expand their knowledge of the female genitals. They pulled up a
couple of chairs and took turns probing mom's fleshy cunt lips, clitoris and the
entrance to her pussy, using some of the very needles that had been embedded in
her tits. They were now wise to her and paid close attention to the amount of
cunt juice that oozed from her twat.

	They quickly discovered that piercing her outer cunt lips only caused
her to secrete even more of that gooey fluid with its cloying aroma. However
when they began driving needles into her inner lips, especially around the
region close to her hooded clit, the flow dried up rather quickly. Skewering the
clit itself made her scream in genuine pain from the sensory overload her mind
and nervous system weren't able to handle. At one point her clit had six needles
penetrating that sexual hot button. Naturally it was only time before one of the
brighter members of the gang got the idea of heating those metal skewers and
soon the stink of her sizzling clit slowly cooking in its own sex juices
permeated the area. Mom's eyes rolled back into her head , her body shuddered
and twitched, then she fainted dead away.

	    			(To be continued)   

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 5

	While the nerds amused themselves learning all they could about mom's
tastes in pain, their leader worked furiously on a list of potential tortures
that they might try on their guest of honor. Once the list was fleshed out, it
became apparent that it would be more reasonable to move mom back to the wooden
chair. However he did come up with a few that would work ideally in the position
that their captive was now occupying. He figured that it would take at least
another couple of hours until the ties would provide the full effect on their
guest's tits.

	Elf called a pair of his nerd crew over and instructed them to retrieve
the fireworks that they hadn't used during last summer's celebration of our
nation's independence. This would be a good way to pass the time and also allow
them to learn even more about mom's preferences and limits for pain. To Elf
there was nothing more satisfying than discovering a way to perform parallel

	While they were searching, he told another pair to bring out the
rheostat controlled generator. This would provide lots of information on mom's
ability to take pain and how much was too much. Not only that, he was pretty
well convinced that what it took to make her beg for mercy in one spot on her
body was not the same as another. Except for her big tits which were getting
bigger by the minute and headed toward the color black, the rest of  her naked
body was open for testing.

	They would all be in nerd heaven as they got the opportunity to take a
wealth of data that would require computer analysis to develop the proper
algorithm for electrically torturing this woman. He was already thinking ahead
to other opportunities that would allow him to test other female specimens of
different ages and body weight. Elf was sure that given enough specimens and
collecting the right kind of data he would be able to come up with a practical
algorithm that would allow any male to pick the correct levels of power for any
female despite her age or differences in body weight. He began to wonder if he
could convince his mother and perhaps his cousin to join  this test group. That
would certainly make for a most enjoyable time around his place and keep his
crew gainfully employed doing something that would benefit mankind, which in his
warped world only included members of the male race of humans.

	The nerds wheeled the generator close to the frame on which mom was
roped. It took a few minutes to get the leads untangled and the alligator clips
properly attached to them. Then the fun began. Special conducting paste was
smeared over the insides of her spread thighs, and then the leads were clipped
to the pinched skin and checked to make sure they were digging in to the correct
depth before the nerds started putting the juice through her. To ascertain the
dividing point between pleasure and pain, one nerd was assigned to check her
cunt for moisture. He inserted a mini-hygrometer into her pussy that measured
the relative humidity within. The jucier the cunt, the higher the reading. With
all systems functioning and every nerd in place, the experiment started in
earnest. Over the next hour or so the wattmeter at the house spun at a fairly
rapid rate as they passed electricity through various portions of her anatomy,
lighting her up like a Christmas tree.

	As Elf had predicted, it took differing amounts of electric power to
reach the pain threshold for different portions of her anatomy. Her erogenous
zones, those places that were the most sexually sensitive, took the most power
before pain ovecame the pleasure she was experiencing. Her pussy took the
maximum dose of power, nearly smoking before her cunt juices dried up. They
checked it out from top to bottom, side to side and then from front to back,
which proved to be a very tricky measurement. For this test they inserted a
insulated metal probe deep into her fuckbox until the exposed tip contacted her
uterus. The other probe  was an alligator clip that was attached to her cunt
lip. The nerd checking her pussy for moisture swore he heard the juices in her
cunt boiling away as the power reached almost to the limit of the rheostat
controlling the generator's current output. As for mom, she screamed and begged,
all the while her body danced to the electric boogie.

	Many of the nerds were very surprised to learn that mom's asshole could
take plenty of current before she started to hurt. This proved to be a most
messy experiment since once the pain threshold was achieved, mom lost control of
her bowels and dumped the contents of her lower intestines onto the floor
beneath the frame, causing the experimenters to scatter. This combined with the
smell of her cooking flesh were considered to be the major drawbacks of this
testing program. Elf made a note to get some kind of exhaust fan in place before
they ran the next set of tests and see about situating mom over the floor drain.

	Most of the nerds reacted rather badly to the stink of mom's flesh as it
sizzled and even popped in some places, such as her big meaty ass which must
have had a higher than average fat content. Of even greater interest was the
extremely low level of power it took when electricity was passed through mom's
brain. Many people consider the brain to be the most erogenous of all the zones,
but this experiment seemed to contradict that old wive's tale.

	The head nerd was delighted with this peliminary data and vowed that
there would be further experiments, hopefully involving other subjects besides
mom, who was in a bad way after only an hour or so of testing.The poor pain
sponge wasn't used to experiencing the kind of pain that the nerds were dishing
out to her. Elf finally decided that she had gone as far as was useful for his
first experiment. Unfortunately for mom that  meant she now faced a new and even
more fiendish type of torture. Worse still her big tits were now the size and
color of two old fashioned bowling balls, so swollen that the skin covering them 
was stretched to near its bursting point. In those places where her tits had
been riddled with pins and needles as well as being scalded, the skin was
beginning to break open. Her tits were quickly becoming stippled with tiny spots
of blood that oozed up from the wounds that had been made in them previously.

	While she had been taking enough electricity to light up a small city,
the nerds tasked with obtaining the fireworks had been busy extracting the
powder from them and mixing it with a matrix that would allow the explosive
material to be painted onto mom's skin. Just for the fun of it, Elf decided that
mom's erogenous zones would be painted with the powder. Double thick layers were
painted around the entrance to her fuckbox, just touching her outer cunt lips
and butting up against the hood that protected her fat clit. Her anus and the
insides of her thighs received similar coatings, taking care not to actually
contact the supersensitive skin of her anal passageway. That would be reserved
for some later date when mom was in better shape to take that level of pain. Her
stubbled armpits received the thickest coating since Elf was into armpits, that
was his thing and so mom's would burn and smoke the most since he was in charge
of her torturing.

	Mom was so out of it by then, that she didn't realize what was in store
for her until the first match was struck and touched to the silver dollar sized
clump of black powder covering a  section of her inner thighs. At first she
spurted a gusher of cunt juice that landed nearly a foot in front of the frame
to which she was tied. Then as the stench of her charred flesh spread out from
where she writhed, she let out a cry that was part bellow, part shriek and got
louder as the powder burned away the outer layer of skin, leaving in its wake
something akin to a second degree burn.

	Mom was now wide awake and terrified as she finally got the picture.
These little fiends could do her some serious and permanent damage, perhaps
leaving her unable to enjoy being raped and tortured, a prospect that made her
head whirl. She nearly lost her mind when they lit up the entrance to her pussy.
She was sure that they had set her cunt on fire and she was going to be scarred
for life and unable to feel anything down there again. She shrieked like a
banshee and almost ruptured herself trying to escape from the ropes holding her
to the frame. She felt the pain surrounding the mouth of her cunt, but was in no
condition to realize that her fuckbox was unharmed. Except for a little
blistering of her clitoral hood she came away relatively unscathed. The area
around her cunt looked like it had been out in the sun way too long, but that
was the extent of it.

	The same could not be said for her armpits which were roasted to the
point that she was left with second degree burns in both. They had set them off
one at a time and watched her pussy squirt and then dry up as the flaming powder
burned deep into her flesh destroying  most of the protective layer of skin.
What would remain would be nothing but scar tissue that would always be a source
of some nagging pain whenever she had reason to move her arms in a certain way.

	There was a brief and very heated discussion held concerning whether to
extend the powder coating the region around her anus, with some arguing for it
to be run up the cleft between her ass cheeks. Elf was a bit concerned that
there was a possibilty that the skin of her flabby ass cheeks just might fuse
together when it was ignited, leading to some serious long term damage to a very
sensitive region of her body. Cooler heads prevailed and a compromise was
struck. A thin coating of powder was run between the bottom of her cunt and the
area just next to her sphincter muscle. To the delight of the nerds this little
bonfire finally caused mom to pass out from a combination of fear and pain.

	There were a number of high-fives exchanged between nerds as they
celebrated their complete dominance over their victim. There was no doubt in
anybody's mind that mom would give them plenty of respect the next time she was
their guest. Some even dared to dream that perhaps they might have the
opportunity to introduce mom to the newest members of their nerdette auxillary.
Elf had fired up their imaginations and the future now appeared to be limitless
to them. There still remained the fun that would be had when mom's huge
blackened tits were freed from the ties. They set about reviving the woman for
the next portion of her torture session.

				( To be continued )

				Mom's Mistake

				   Chapter 6

	The nerds had no problem in transporting their unconscious victim from
the frame back to the heavy wooden chair with its evil looking dildo protruding
from the seat. Mom began to regain consciousness as her asshole swallowed the
thick tapering metal tower. Her legs were spread and pulled up and under the
chair's seat, then anchored to the back, causing them to almost immediately
begin to cramp. Her arms were pulled up over the chair back and yanked down as
far as her shoulders would allow before being anchored to a ring set in the
wooden back. Two wide leather belts were cinched into her flesh just above and
below her massively swollen tits, which were now totally black. To finish
matters, a long thick vibrator was jammed deep inside the woman's cunt and held
in place by strips of duct tape just before the toy was activated. At a nod from
Elf the ties cutting off the blood to mom's tits were clipped, allowing the
circulation to be restored. They stood back and waited for the fun to begin.
They did not have long to wait.

	Mom began to groan and struggle against her bonds as the blood started
to work its way back into her bloated tit bags. Groans turned to screams that
grew louder and more shrill with time. Screams turned into squawks and almost
barking sounds as the pain grew even more intense. Now mom was making so much
noise that Elf had her gagged. Even with her mouth stuffed with a filthy rag
that had been used to clean up some of the mess she made when she lost control
of her bladder, mom's agonizing cries were still audible. While their captive
raved and struggled against the ropes and straps holding her naked body to the
heavy wooden chair, Elf had the tit platform and press reinstalled to allow them
to begin torturing her big tits once the pain from this little treatment

	They watched with glee as their guest worked herself into a near frenzy
from the pain she was experiencing. Her eyes were wide open and her face
contorted from the pain and now turning a bright red as she croaked and shrieked
into the gag and mindlessly thrust against the unyielding ropes that held her
fast. Elf decided to take her mind off her troubles by turning on the metal
dildo that was buried deep inside her asshole. Once again mom discovered to her
dismay that the nerds had somehow enhanced the capabilities of this fiendish
length of metal that was now beginning to make her feel as if her rectum and
part of her lower intestines were being torn apart. Soon the pain got so bad
that she was forced to ignore the agony associated with her throbbing tits that
now were turning a bright shade of red as the blood circulation was restored.

	Mom realized that the dildo was  growing in size, forcing her sphincter
to its limit of elasticity and making the tender mucus membrane lining of her
asshole feel as if it had caught fire. Not only was the metal monster expanding,
it was beginning to move up and down, slowly at first, but as time elapsed, the
pumping speed began to significantly increase making her asshole burn as the
metal bored deeper and deeper into her rectum. Just when she thought nothing
more could happen to her from this terrible tool she got the first jolt of
electricity that roared through her lower intestines, taking her breath away and
making her eyes bulge from their sockets as she tried to accommodate to the
terrible pain originating deep inside her naked body.

	One nerd was closely monitoring the amount of pussy juice drooling from
her stuffed cunt. Once Elf began shocking her asshole, the amount increased
dramatically for a time. Then as Elf upped the power and blasted away at his
captive's tender insides, her cunt juice dried up, indicating that she was no
longer enjoying the pain. Elf gave her more juice and her face began to look
like a death's head mask, so tight did her skin begin drawing over her facial
muscles. Just for the hell of it Elf gave mom full power and watched
dispassionately as her naked body jiggled and danced to the fiery tune that he
was playing in her asshole. With a shudder mom passed out, still twitching
spasmodically but not controlled by any orders from her scrambled brain.

	It took some time to revive mom so she could suffer more torments. Elf
now ordered the nerd pack to watch as he worked on her tits, now almost fully
recovered from the terrible plastic ties that had pinched off the blood supply
to those massive mounds of tit flesh. The nerds watched gleefully as their
leader loaded up a huge syringe with a clear fluid that turned out to be water,
and then injected it straight into her tit through the nipple, taking his time
puncturing that nubbin of sensitive, ercetile flesh. He repeated the procedure
on her other tit as well while mom moaned loudly into her gag, and strained
against her bonds. Elf turned to the nerds and announced that there would be a
contest to see who could squeeze the most water from mom's injected tits.

	To make it interesting he decreed that they weren't allowed to use
anything but their bare hands to force the water from their victim's big tits.
The first few nerds who took the challenge had limited success, one managing to
squeeze approximately three drops of water from one of her nipples. Then one of
the more intelligent and sadistic nerds took a new approach that got substantial
results. He had one of his buddies hold mom's tit down on the wooden platform
and then he delivered a brutal blow to that fat lump of fat and tissue with his
fist. It made a sick squishing sound as it flattened mom's boob. Even as the
first scream started issuing from her lungs he gave her a second vicious punch
to the same spot and a stream of fluid squirted from the nipple. He stepped back
wirh a grin and flexed his muscle. For the next five minutes or so the nerds
took their best shots and their attack soon emptied what little water remained
captured within her breast flesh. About midway in this nerd feeding frenzy she
passed out, but the nerds didn't seem to be bothered by whether their victim was
conscious or not. All they were focused on was to beat those big bags until no
water remained within them.

	Elf woke mom up by giving her asshole another big dose of electricity.
This loosened up a few more sections of her lower intestines and a rank smell
quickly developed, evidence that her bowels were not yet totally empty. Elf made
a mental note that the next time they had mom over for a torture session, she
should get a couple of king sized enemas to make sure that she wouldn't create a
mess and produce the kind of stench that was currently getting in the way of
their total enjoyment of her punishment. Despite this she was wide awake and
available for anything that they could dream up to do to those huge tits that
still presented a challenge to them. The nerd leader let his followers take
turns loading mom's tits with water until they looked about a cup size larger.

	Since they now knew how to make her tits squirt, it wasn't as much fun
to smash them flat with their fists. Still that's what they did and by the time
they got done, mom's tits were swollen and turning colors once more from the
bruises that had been created by the almost continuous rain of blows that they
had received over about a twenty minute period. Elf decided to kick things up a
notch and add some new tortures to further ruin mom's big breasts. This time he
loaded the big syringe with a mixture of bee venom, concentrated chili peppers
and essence of nettles. This time he injected her tits starting at the area
attached to her chest wall, then working down those big fat mounds of meat until
he at last reached her swollen nipples which took a dose three or four times
greater than  any single injection he had given her tits previously.

	It was positively amazing how much swelling developed over the next
fifteen minutes. Mom's tits looked like huge multi-colored balloons trying to
float from her chest. She was in terrible pain as evidenced by the fact that her
cunt had stopped producing any pussy cream or even the hint of juice. Her eyes
bulged from their sockets and she shook her head from side to side as her tits
continued to bloat and feel as if they had been set on fire from the inside.
Things got worse for the pain slut when the nerds produced not one, but two
small vises and mounted them side by side on the platform that supported mom's
distended bags of throbbing pain. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she
realized what they were going to do to her super swollen tits.

	She went crazy as a pair of nerds took over the vises. They carefully
centered the flat metal faces of the vises so that as much of her distended tit
flesh as could be accommodated was stuffed between the plates. Then they began
to slowly turn the chucks to begin the process of moving the flat metal faces
closer to each other. After two turns of the chucks the metal plates had begun
to sink into her super sensitive flesh and she babbled like a baby as the first
wave of pain rippled out from her swollen tits. The next turn caused some
fissures to develop in those swollen bags of pain. The next turn, which was made
with some difficulty, brought cries of amazement from the nerds as her nipples
began to squirt a stream of putrid liquid from her flattening breasts. Mom was
sure that she had died and was now in hell suffering the torments of the damned.

	It took the combined efforts of two nerds working each vise to give the
chucks one more full turn. An even stronger and more violent emission of this
foul smelling liquid spurted a distance of three or four feet before landing on
the concrete floor. Mom's face had turned white and her entire body shook as if
she had the palsy. The pain level had reached a point where she appoached
madness; her mind was beginning to fail in an effort to block out the unending
agony that she was experiencing. The nerd leader nodded to his crew and watched
as the chucks made one more very slow turn as her tits were becoming squashed
between the inexorable pressure from the closing plates of roughened metal that
were starting to dig through her skin.

	There still was a terrible surprise in store for their victim. Had she
been paying attention, mom would have noticed the wires coming from the metal
plates. They ran to a rheostat that controlled the amount of electrical power
that could be transferred to the plates. Each vise was a self contained
electrical circuit. Electricity could be run from face plate to face plate, and
through anything attached between the plates, such as mom's tits. It was also
possible to produce enough power to heat the plates as well. However power could
not be run from vise to vise, thus nearly eliminating the possibility of sending
an electric pulse through the victim's heart, which might cause the muscle to go
into ventricular fibrillation, a condition that often leads to death.

	To make it easier to electrically torture mom's tits, Elf would inject a
conducting electrolyte into her flattened knockers to allow power to be passed
through them. Mom had once more passed out from the pain as the plates squashed
her tits almost flat, tearing open some of the skin covering those bruised and
battered bags of fat. Once more she was jolted into consciousness by means of
the electrified dildo planted deep within her asshole. It took some time before
the plates on the vises began to heat up, but soon mom was struggling madly
against her bonds in a vain attempt to escape the growing pain that was
enveloping her flattened tits. The stench associated with sizzling flesh began
to permeate the cellar as the fat in her tits began to cook from the inside.

	Mom passed out once again and Elf mentally cursed himself for being too
rash with how he applied the power to his guest's tits. He stuck out his finger
and jerked it away quickly once it contacted the heated metal plates that were
still crushing mom's boobs in a grip of steel. He wondered just how much damage
those big meat bags had taken from the heated plates that perhaps were now stuck
tightly to the skin of her tits. Tearing those tits away from the plates might
prove to be a daunting task and he feared the consequences of returning mom in a
condition that would require extensive bed rest or worse still, a visit to the
emergency room and all the questions that it would cause.

				( To be continued )

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 7

	It took some doing, but somehow they managed to get mom's tits separated
from the vises without taking off too much skin. The use of a considerable
amount of vegetable oil to soften up her breast skin and a lot of patience using
model-making knives to carefully peel away the skin from the vise faces that was
only burned but not charred, did the trick. Mom didn't help matters much by
jerking around in her bonds and screaming at the top of her lungs whenever one
of the nerds using a knife slipped up and cut off some flesh with the skin. Elf
finally had enough of her noise making and ordered her to be gagged once more,
which helped matters considerably.

	Once they got mom out of her seat and free of her bonds and the gag, she
proceeded to give them an earful and for that little display she found herself
back in the soup, so to speak. Generally nerds are pretty tame, but this pack
had been getting slammed by their prisoner for much too long and so they reacted
a bit violently to her harangue. A giant nerd by the name of Atlas got mom in a
strangle hold and in no time flat her eyes were on the verge of popping out from
their sockets. While she was thus occupied, another nerd got close enough to her
flailing form to let her have a good kick to the crotch. Unfortunately for mom,
this particular nerd was a seond degree black belt and his kick nearly crippled
her for life. Another nerd landed a shot to her skull with his home-made
blackjack, and mom was out like a light. Elf called a halt to the proceedings
for fear that any further use of force might damage mom to the point that she'd
need hospitalization. This did not mean that she was off the hook, far from it.

	Elf decided that mom needed a lesson or two before they put her in the
duffel bag and transported her back to her owners. He had her dragged over to
the electric chair and strapped in once more. This time he glued the electrodes
to the unconscious pain slut's temples. Then they roused her by passing a butane
torch just beneath her big tits. As soon as she was aware of her surroundings,
the switch was thrown and she took a major jolt of juice through her befogged
brain. Elf asked her a few questions such as " Did she want to get fucked some
more?', which she responded to immediately with a vigorous nodding of her head.
He announced that was the wrong answer and she received another dose of
electrons that raced through her skull, frying all sorts of brain cells in the
process. Mom still got the answer to that question wrong, but this time it took
her a few seconds before she made a slight nod and then remained with her head
slumped against her badly burned and skinned tits. The third time proved to be
the charm. They gave her a massive blast of electricity, so much in  fact that
the lights in the house and the surrounding homes actually dimmed. This time
when she was questioned, she just gave Elf a blank stare and drooled from the
corners of her mouth.

	Although mom was no longer interested in doing the nasty with the
nerds,this didn't mean they weren't eager to get a few final sendoffs into their
guest before she was taken away from them. Elf had the gang move their living
blow-up doll to a low bench and make sure she was securely restrained. They used
plastic ties to bind her wrists so tightly that they disappeared into her
swollen flesh within minutes. For laughs they put double ties around her bloated
tits and in no time at all they were again the size of bowling balls and turning
as black as the ace of spades. To make it even more entertaining, they also tied
off her nipples, which took some doing, but the nerds could do amazingly things
once they put their minds to it.

	Two lines formed at opposite ends of the bench upon which the nearly
senseless fuck pig was bound with straps to keep her still for whatever torment
the nerds could dream up to do to her as their way of saying "Thanks it's been
fun for us and we hope it's been pure hell for you."  Elf decreed that no nerd
worth his salt would actually fornicate in any standard manner with this less
than ideal sex surrogate. He challenged his nerd posse to come up with creative
ideas to get off without allowing the fuckmeat to derive any enjoyment
whatsoever from the act. They reponded in true nerd fashion, doing their best to
bring her as close to death as she could tolerate and leaving her with memories
that would trigger off nightmares for the next month or until they had another
go at her.

	Mom's head was dangling over the edge of the bench, making it easy for
any nerd, even those not worth their salt, to stick his hard cock down her
throat to make her gag on it until she finally passed out. To make her even more
cooperative, a dental fixture was inserted into her mouth and racheted open
until her jaws were on the verge of becoming unhinged. One of the meaner and
smarter nerds came up with the idea of stuffing cotton in her nostrils to make
it even harder for her to get any air. Now she could be asphixiated even faster,
but that was too simple for the group. It was a lot more fun to slowly slide
one's dick down her throat until her eyes bulged, and then draw it out just long
enough for her to gasp for a precious gulp of air before the hard length of cock
was once more plugging her throat.

	Then they came up with the team throat gag. Two nerds stood on opposite
sides and took turns gagging her, going straight down her throat and then back
out as fast as they could, then letting the other take his turn. This was
repeated until mom's face turned blue. Attempts to turn this game into a three
nerd effort were unsuccessful, but they had a good time trying. Then they
graduated to the simultaneous throat block, two dicks jammed down her sore
gullet and held steady as she made all sorts of weird whistling sounds just
before a mixture of puke and saliva pushed the wads of cotton from her nostrils.
All the while these fun and games were taking place, mom's tits were becoming
blacker and even more bloated from the ties that had disappeared into her
swollen tit flesh. Her noosed nipples looked like a pair of black mushrooms
pushing up from the blue-black areolas on her distended tits. It was truly
amazing just how hard those bloated bags and nips got from being almost garroted
by the ties.

	There were some nerds who were more into humiliation and degradation
than their peers. However since fuckmeat was out of it, their efforts did not
come to fruition. Despite this, they did their best, taking turns to have her
lick and suck their assholes. After numerous frustrating experiences, they took
to pissing down her throat which was great fun. If she got slow on the intake
there was a good chance that she'd get piss in her lungs which would lead to
some major coughing fits, made even more painful by additional streams of piss
flowing south as she was trying to upchuck previously ingested liquid wastes
north. There were times when mom did a pretty good imitation of a fountain as
she spewed up loads of piss, only to be flooded by even more contributions. Even
the nerds who were using her cunt got into the act, moving from her swollen,
dried up cunt to empty their bladders into her propped open mouth.

	Once everyone had pissed themselves dry, a few of the more creative
nerds went upsatirs to the kitchen to see what they could scrounge up that might
go down their captive's throat without causing her any serious internal
distress. The nerds carefully read every label before making a decision on
whether it should be fed into their living blow-up doll. There were enough
acceptable items that very soon mom's belly was so swollen that she looked as if
she was at least a month overdue with triplets.

	Oxidizers like bleach and hydrogen peroxide were diluted in plenty of
water to avoid badly burning the lining of their guest's throat and innards.
However a lot less water was employed when it came to detergents and most
household cleaners, which she ingested by the quart. In the case of vinegar she
swallowed over a pint straight from the bottle and had a very hard time keeping
it down until one of the nerds followed a big slug with some bicarbonate of soda
that calmed things down in her stomach, at least enough so that she wasn't
spewing it back out after a minute or so. Finally they made her chug nearly a
quart of cooking oil mixed with some lard they found moldering in the back of
the refrigerator. Mom passed out and stayed out despite numerous efforts to
revive her.It didn't appear she was in any great difficulty, since she was still
breathing regularly and twitching only on occasion.

	Those  nerds who had opted to do bad things to her genitals and internal
sex organs were undeterred by her being unconscious. It seems that her
production of pussy juice continued unabated even while she was out cold. Thus
they had a good indicator of how she was reacting to being fisted, having her
vagina stuffed with pastes and compounds guaranteed to eat away the mucus
membrane that was the last line of defense for her fun tunnel, and blasts of
cold water that were squirted into her vagina by a high pressure hose that was
so powerful it could, and did tilt her uterus. However these treatments were
only a prelude to the process of decorating their sex slave so that all who used
her afterwards knew whose property she was. This did not make her owners very
happy, but some of the decorations proved to be rather permanent.

	One nerd had modified a Dremel tool to operate like a tattoo needle; the
details are too complicated to describe, but it worked in a sense. Unlike the
tattooist's reciprocating needle, this version worked by using micro beads of
glass to literally blast the skin away in an extremely small area.  Using tiny
stencils made from a thin but sturdy alloy that was machined using a computer
assisted design program, the subject could be effectively tattooed. The deeper
the original wound, the more permanent the tattoo. For this procedure, the nerd
operator had to wear a magnifying lens similar to those used by surgeons.

	It took nearly a half hour to emboss the area around mom's cunt  with
the words "PROPERTY OF ELF'S POSSE". Another fifteen minutes were required to
create a arrow starting just below her navel that ran down to the top of her
cunt. At the tip of the arrow were stenciled the words "INSERT COCK HERE".
Neither was very original, but by her next visit there would be plenty of novel
inscriptions ready to be applied to various portions of her anatomy, including
as it turned out, her tongue. Unfortunately mom's current comatose state
precluded the usual screams and howls that a normal woman would have produced
had she been marked with this fiendish tool.

	All good things must come to an end, and so it was with mom's first
visit to Elf and his posse. The final act of the nerds was both crude and
brutal, not at all in keeping with their claim of superior taste and
intelligence. This was one of the main reasons that nerds are nerds, they cannot
see themselves, no matter how long they stand in front of the mirror. They
hammered a number of tapered pieces of wood purloined (another nerd affectation,
others steal, nerds purloin) from the school wood shop into mom's fucked out
cunt and gaping asshole, until both orifices were closed tight with a solid ring
of wooden stakes. They got this idea from a Piccard graphic novel. Satisfied
that their work was over for this session, Elf had mom stuffed into the duffel
bag and taken out to the car for delivery back to her point of origin.

	Honey and I hit the ceiling when we saw her condition and realized that
she would be unable to fulfill the needs of the customer who would be arriving
shortly to collect her. Worse still, those stupid little pricks hadn't bothered
to remove the ties from mom's tits and nipples, not to mention her wrists. It
took us nearly ten  minutes of very hard work to manage to remove them from her
and then we had to listen to her screaming her head off until Honey forced half
a bottle of booze down her throat to shut mom up. I won't even go into the
problems we had getting those wooden stakes out of her cunt and asshole.

	There was hell to pay for this excessive mistreatment of our property
and it took some doing before an accommodation of sorts could be worked out
between Elf and us. Of interest it involved the incorporation of some members of
the newly formed Nerdette Ladies Auxilliary that sealed the deal. How this came
to pass will be the subject of a future installment of this little tale.

				( To be continued)

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 8

Abstract:  Some background on what makes a nerd a nerd is presented, using the
life of Elf as an example. His mother inspires the nerd to utilize his twisted
intellectual gifts to turn her into his home entertainment center as a minimum.
Not completely satisfied, he goes on to blackmail his highschool history
teacher, a closet nerd and masochist, into becoming a charter member of the
Nerdette Ladies Auxiliary (NLA). Elf sees an opportunity to join the NLA with
the cottage industry whose sole asset is one battered fuck-pig /pain-slut, who
is too old to handle the demands for her services. The first NLA candidates,
including Elf's mother and the teacher he is blackmailing, are taken to the
cabin that spawned mom, in order that they be initiated.

	Depending on your perspective, Elf and his posse were either the cream
of the crop or the absolute dregs of the nerd world. They were introspective to
the extreme, insecure, highly intelligent, completely orthogonal to the
standards set by "normal" society, and repelled and awed at the same time by
members of the opposite sex. Whether it had something to do with breast feeding,
toilet training, or a combination of both plus other factors too strange to even
consider, was a subject for the psychology mavens to argue about in their spare
time. The rest of their time and energy was focused on making huge amounts of
money trying to keep these unfortunates from harming themselves or those around

	The Nerdette Ladies Auxiliary was a perfect example of the extremely
bizarre world that they inhabited. All members of Elf's posse had a thing for at
least one female member of their immediate family, or a fellow female student.
In all cases this love-hate relationship could only be formed between the male
nerd and his female fixation provided she had some type of physical imperfection
that gave the male nerd a feeling of superiority to her. Once this bond was
established, it always developed into a classic obsessive-compulsive
relationship that usually was never truly actualized.

	Elf, the nerd leader, if such a position was truly possible in that
bizarre world, had a major thing for his mother and a growing thing for his
history teacher. Elf's mother was in her late 40s, with big tits, a broad ass, a
gut that was the result of drinking a case of beer every week, and an itch
between her legs that constantly nagged at her. Elf's father had left for parts
unknown when he was still in diapers, so his mother was the center of his
universe until he reached the age when he discovered that his cock had more than
one function.

	It was his mother who accidently induced his first orgasm when he was
around eight or nine. She was giving him his bath, and as usual she was wearing
only her underwear because the boy liked to play when he was in the tub. On that
particular day he was particularly rambunctious and his mother wound up removing
her bra which had become soaked. For some strange reason Elf started to suck on
one of her fat nipples and before he knew it, his little dick got stiff as a
board. It remained that way until she was drying him off. Whether by accident or
design she put her hand around his hard prick and gave it a few squeezes. The
next thing they knew a stream of watery fluid was streaming from the tip of his
dick and running over his mother's hand. She acted as if nothing of consequence
had occurred, but the twisted bond between Elf and  his mother was formed that
day and continued to grow stronger with each passing year.

	The nerd made the connection between getting off and seeing his mother
in her underwear or less. Like all young boys he masturbated relentlessly,
shooting off more and more of that sticky fluid as his prick grew and his
fantasies about his mother increased. Since Elf was gifted with a great degree
of intelligence, he put it to use to develop an elaborate spying network in the
house that allowed him to peep at his mother in most of the rooms, especially
the bathroom and her bedroom. Those two places had various peep holes that gave
him total access no matter what part of them she occupied.

	The shows that his mother put on for her son were well beyond what most
women performed in private. Elf's mother had a strong sex drive, but being
ditched by her first husband made her nervous about entering into another
relationship. Then as the years rolled by and she got fatter and more slovenly,
she too retreated into the fantasy world of "self abuse". By the time Elf was
beginning highschool, his mother was his sole sex fantasy.Why not, she did it
all for him. He could watch her shower and play with herself, take long baths
and really play with herself, or lie on her bed, stark naked with her legs
spread wide and jam her favorite vibrator into her hairy cunt. His spying places
soon had a crust of dried semen that covered perhaps a few square feet of the
floor and was at least a couple of inches thick, quite a tribute to an
overweight, blowsy woman who had little if any self-esteem left.

	At school Elf joined the photography club and in no time was setting up
remote controlled still cameras and his favorite, a fisheye video tape recorder
that could produce good pictures in low light levels. Now he was in meatbeater's
heaven as his home reconnaissance network provided him with high octane material
that kept him busy playing with himself for hours on end. Even he began to
realize that his behavior was getting too obsessive, and the thrill of watching
his overweight mother abuse herself with vibrators and now dildos was beginning
to pale. It was then that he developed a fixation for his history teacher, Ms
Manners, a recent college graduate who displayed all the signs of being a
genuine, dyed-in-the- wool, female nerd. Elf fell madly in love with her as only
a male nerd could.

	This nerd female wore no makeup and was still recovering from a
multiyear bout with acne. Her mousy brown hair was cut or chopped short and she
wore thick glasses with large plastic rims that made her look a bit like a
circus clown.  One didn't want to get downwind of her since she obviously was
allergic to soap and water. Sick fuck that he was, Elf actually enjoyed her
stink, it made his dick get hard. Her figure was another thing altogether.
Despite the terrible full cut blouses and skirts she wore, it still was obvious
to someone like Elf, who watched her like a hawk, that hidden below was a
spectacular figure featuring torpedo shaped tits and an ass that jiggled and
jounced with every step she took.

	Soon Elf realized that unless he was either watching his mother get
herself off or looking at one of his top ten tapes of his mom getting herself
off, he was jerking off  to visions of a naked Ms Manners doing all sorts of
great things to his cock. What finally cinched their  one-sided "relationship"
was when he discovered, quite by accident, that Ms Manners was a devoted student
of the Inquisition. He had noticed she always carried around this heavy book
with her and often while she was monitoring an exam or something that did not
require her to interact with the class, she would sneak a look at the book and
her breathing would get heavy and she'd lick and bite on her lips.

	One day she was called away by the principal on very short notice and
left the book in her desk drawer. Elf of all people was given responsibility for
monitoring the class because he was a nerd and would rat out anyone who made
trouble. He gave them a reading assignment and then took a look at this book. He
nearly wet his pants when he came to the dog-eared pages that were smudged from
being constantly turned, and had the more graphic parts underlined. It didn't
take a genius to figure out that Ms Manners was a full blown closet masochist
with religious overtones, and made to be his mate forever. It was only a few
weeks later that mom visited the posse and turned their stunted lives
inside-out. It was shortly afterward that Elf decided that Ms Manners would
become a charter member of the Nerdette Ladies Auxiliary, along with his own

	Getting the teacher into the boat, so to speak, didn't turn out to be
very much of a problem. Elf had access to a wealth of S&M material thanks to
members of the posse who were heavily into that sort of thing. Soon she was
receiving all manner of heavy duty torture material with little annotations that
implied strongly that she was really into this stuff from the victim's side.
Then her daily e-mail began receiving dozens upon dozens of similar photographs
and cartoons with more blunt observations that a number of people in the
community were aware of her sick personality and would soon be mounting a
campaign to rid the school of her on moral and religious grounds, unless she
agreed to submit to counseling and psychiatric evaluation.

	She foolishly agreed to a session  with the "committee", composed of
teenaged nerds, that had been established to out and then oust her. Ms Manners
left that meeting a changed woman, now totally dedicated to her masochistic life
style and unashamed to profess it for all to hear whenever she'd be forced to
disrobe in preparation for a good old fashioned thrashing with all the trimmings
as she hung from her bound wrists, weights dangling from her ankles to stretch
her naked body to its limits. She and Elf's mother were the first two charter
members of the NLA, which by the time of it's first formal meeting and orgy had
seven members.

	You can imagine the reaction that Honey and I had when the head nerd
introduced the concept of a ladies auxiliary that could fill in for mom when she
was incapacitated either from a close encounter with Elf and his posse or some
other clients. We insisted on sampling the merchandise in our own way which
meant a trip to the cabin with a few close friends for a weekend with some
nerdettes. Ever one for details, Elf produced a packet that included nude photos
and biographies of each nerdette.

	He excitedly observed that what we were proposing could become their
official initiation into the NLA. We argued that it would be impossible to
handle more than three ladies at a time, and we actually preferred two. Those
that survived the trials associated with the initiation would be considered for
joint appointments to our organization. This was a godsend since it was very
obvious from mom's first encounter with Elf and his pack that no one
pain-slut/fuck-pig could possibly handle the kind of customer traffic that our
little company was beginning to generate.

	It may have been short notice, but Honey and I were to be assisted by
two other couples, veterans of the orginal trip that produced mom. At least that
was the plan until one of the guys scheduled to help out got into a bit of a
tussle with some tough hombres from across town and got himself waxed and
whacked as well. His girlfriend opted to stay at the hospital to make sure he'd
be able to function once he came out of the coma. That left the arrangement kind
of lopsided, with four of us and three nerdettes to initiate.

	At Honey's suggestion we decided to add Elf to the package to make
things a little more balanced. Besides we both were interested in seeing how the
nerd leader would deal with his mom as well as the nerd teacher he was
blackmailing. The third nerdette kind of attracted my attention since she was
the youngest candidate, having just turned thirteen a month ago. I kind of dug
the flat chest and hairless pussy this skinny Asian baby was sporting, not to
mention her birth certificate which officially made her street legal around
these parts. Her nerd brother had nailed her fore and aft only last week, more
fallout from the session with mom which resulted in all the male nerds losing
their cherries despite the fact that mom was kept busy absorbing all sorts of
neat tortures and other  punishments besides putting out for the nerd posse.

	So right after school on Friday we loaded up the van  with the three
nerdette candidates, all tightly tied, gagged and naked as the day they were
born. Honey and I sprang the first surprise on our cargo when Biff and Buster, a
pair of male dogs trained to do the nasty with human females climbed on board. I
thought our three candidates were going to pass out from fear. Fortunately the
animals were tired from doing a local spinster who had needs that were out of
the ordinary to put it mildly. They spent the majority of the time in the van
sleeping and licking their dicks, which seemed to be a favorite activity of
dogs. Then we picked up the other couple, Jerry and Kim, who joined Elf in the
back of the van where our weekend visitors were located.

	As soon as we got on the highway, the three candidates were immediately
set upon and the assault lasted for the entire time that it took for us to reach
the cabin. The trio was poked, prodded, pinched and pummeled as the van ate up
the miles. However except for being forced to either suck cock or eat pussy,
none of the trio had anything serious of a sexual nature happen to them on the
trip to the cabin. It was going to be an interesting weekend and I was looking
forward to a very good time with my little Chinese sweetie, not to mention
watching Elf in action with his mom and the teacher.

				( To be continued)

				Mom's Mistake

				 Chapter 9

	About half way to our destination Honey leaned down, unzipped my pants
and soon had her mouth wrapped around my stiff cock. It had been some time since
I'd had any sex; last night she had to go home early so it had been almost a
full day since I'd gotten off. While I enjoyed the professional blowjob my
girlfriend was delivering, my mind wondered to thoughts of little Luci Chu, who
I planned to fuck bowlegged this weekend. I remember how stiff I got when I came
across those pictures of her, stark naked, and read down to her vital statistics
which Elf had to translate for me, since I didn't have a clue about the metric

	She was 1.45 meters tall, weighed 37 kilograms and measured 68-51-67. I
could see she was skin and bones. I also realized that the skin looked smooth as
silk and the bones were so sharply defined that it almost looked like an x-ray.
The pictures of her were posed differently than the others which were full
frontal and side views with the arms of the nerdettes-to-be at their sides. In
the first pose she was holding her immature cunt lips wide apart to show the
interior. The flesh was red and bloated and you could clearly see a little fresh
cum still oozing from that little twat. Her face was blank, but her eyes were
downcast as if she was embarrassed to be showing so much of herself. My cock
began to twitch in my pants, which all of a sudden seemed somehow to have gotten
much tighter.

	The other pose blew me away! It was a rear view showing the girl leaning
forward with her hands holding her flat ass cheeks apart to give a good view of
her gaping asshole that was raw looking and swollen. It was quite obvious that
she had just been cornholed and probably more than once. Elf casually mentioned
that the pictures had been taken by her older brother right after he had spent a
couple of hours introducing himself to his little sister the hard way with
plenty of violent fucking of both her holes. I thought I was going to cum in my
pants when he told me that.

	I nearly lost control of the van at that point. I'd gone into one of
those trances that people have when they're not concentrating on what they're
doing. The only thing that saved us was at that moment, I started coming in
Honey's mouth, which broke the mental fog I was in. The folks in the back of the
van were very unhappy with my driving and let me know in no uncertain terms, but
I told them to fuck off and let me do my thing unless one of them wanted to
trade places with me so I could go back into the van and play grab-ass with our
guests. I didn't get any takers. The rest of the trip was uneventful, and we
rolled up to the cabin a little after dark.

	It was about twenty yards from the van to the cabin, but before we moved
our three candidates, I gave them a welcoming speech and a warning about what
they should expect. "Now listen up you fuck pigs and pain sluts. Welcome to the
nerdette boot camp, I am your drill instructor, also known as your worse
nightmare if you fuck up at any time. The moment you leave the safety of the van
you are nothing but meat with holes that can be and will be fucked mercilessly.
You will demonstrate your skills in sucking cock and pussies as well as rimming
every asshole that is presented for your attention. During your time here, the
only food you'll get is cum and perhaps some worms if you're good little
nerdettes and do exactly what you're told. You will drink nothing but piss, and
they'll be plenty of it available since I don't want you sluts and pigs to get
dehydrated during your stay. I doubt if you'll get much sleep as we have a full
schedule planned for your weekend in Camp Hellhole."

	"One of the most important objectives of this weekend will be to
discover your limits to absorb pain and humiliation, as this knowledge is
absolutely critical for the  proper selection of only the most suitable
candidates, who shall become full fledged nerdettes capable of meeting the needs
of your masters and mistresses who will direct you in your future activities. I
realize that this group ranges in age from 13 to 46 and has a teacher, housewife
and a soon to be highschool student in its ranks. As far as we are concerned,
you are nothing but three cunts, three assholes and three mouths, all available
for our use. That is all you are until we decide which can be called the few,
the proud, the nerdettes." My buds and Elf broke into laughter at my takeoff on
the marine corps TV ad that ran during almost every sporting event. Then the fun

	Biff and Buster wanted out so they could take a leak, and I deputized
Elf to be the camp's dog walker. The trio were still bound hand and foot, but if
they hopped, it would be possible for them to make it from the van to the cabin
without too much trouble. I explained this to them before they were blindfolded.
Elf's mom began to mutter to herself while the other two just remained
motionless. It was my guess that none of them knew in which direction to start
moving. So to get the show on the road I pulled off my belt and began laying the
leather to Elf's mother, letting her have it across the ass and her flabby
thighs. She started to hop and promptly took a header. I stood over her and let
her have a taste of the belt across her big tits. She started to roll, and I let
her continue since she was now going in the right direction. "Good job you dumb
bitch! It took you long enough." I yelled as I continued to whip any portion of
her that was offered as she rolled over the dirt and picked up the first of many
scrapes and cuts that she'd accumulate during her stay at Camp Hellhole.

	Elf returned shortly and put the dogs back into the van. Then he and my
three buds picked up on what I was doing and soon the other two candidates were
hopping, falling, stumbling, rolling and going in all sorts of directions,
mostly wrong ones. I gave Elf's mom a kick to the ribs to let her know she had
reached her destination. "Don't you move from this spot until I get back. Move
and I'll whip those tits until they're black and blue." I could see her body
tensing as she heard my words. Returning to where the van was, I saw a very
interesting grouping. Honey was off to the rear of the van using her belt on the
young girl who was frantically trying to escape the rain of blows that she was
receiving, but unfortunately had gotten herself cornered against the van and had
no place to go.

	The other three were surrounding the teacher who was kneeling just a few
feet from where she had been standing when I started moving Elf's mother towards
the cabin. She was making no effort at all to escape the trio who were whipping
her tits, back and shoulders. I thought to myself that this one was a keeper, a
full up masochist, our first new pain-slut. It was amazing to see her in action,
actually throwing out her chest to present her tits for their best shots and
believe you me, they were taking them. I was fascinated at how those firm
torpedo shaped mounds were bouncing as the belts ate into the firm flesh without

	It was apparent to me that if left alone, my three buds would whip her
to a frazzle and not stop until she was on her face, out cold and bleeding like
a stuck pig. So I got into the act and gave the teacher a kick to her gut,
doubling her over. "Get this pain-slut moving before you whip her to death.
That's not why we got her up here, now get the slut moving in the right
direction and keep her moving." The three of them looked like they had been in a
daze. Finally Kim reached down and grabbed a handful of the teacher's hair and
yanked it hard in the direction of the cabin as she snarled for her to start
moving even if it took the skin off her knees. I laughed to myself thinking that
the pain-slut would probably get wet just thinking about all the pain moving on
her knees would cause.

	Rejoining Honey, I laid the leather to the skinny Asian, wondering how
she was going to survive the weekend since she had nothing left on that super
thin body to lose. That didn't stop me from putting welt after welt on that
sunken chest. She was sort of crammed sideways against the van and there was no
way she could move from the spot she'd worked herself into. Honey got tired of
beating her and started kicking the bony babe in the ribs. I finally had to get
in the act and stop her from crippling the kid before I even had a chance to
tear off a piece of that super tight cunt. Then I recalled the photographs and
wondered how much looser and wider that former tight pussy was. Then I thought
about using that tight asshole instead and had to restrain myself from ass
fucking her right on the spot. Instead I was Mr. Niceguy and gave her a chance
to move away from the van and start going in another direction. Unfortunately
she chose the wrong direction and started hopping and stumbling away from the
cabin. Honey made a move to redirect her, but I stopped her and watched the
child stumble into the woods. "I'll go get her later after we put the pain-slut
and Fatso to work sucking and fucking." My girlfriend gave me a puzzled look and
shrugged before following me towards the cabin.

	The gang was amusing themselves by making Fatso and the pain-slut try to
get up the stairs while they were tied hand and foot as well as blindfolded.
Neither one was doing a good job of it. I watched as the teacher hopped up onto
the first step, lost her balance and fell backwards onto the ground, hitting her
head a solid whack when she landed. Fatso didn't even make the first step,
stumbling over it and doing a face plant into the upper steps bloodying her nose
in the process. Elf let her have a vicious cut across the ass with his belt and
she whimpered through her gag. The others joined in and started cutting her up
pretty good as she writhed and rolled in a vain attempt to escape. Finally Fatso
rolled off the edge of the stairs and crashed onto her side, taking the wind out
of her. Jerry finally broke up the scene and dragged the teacher up the steps
making her knees hit every edge on the way up. Kim and Honey took care of
getting Fatso up the steps as well, but weren't so vicious about it.

	Within a few minutes of entering the cabin, the two candidates were on
their knees sucking dick while the ladies stripped down so they could have their
pussies eaten and their assholes rimmed by the pair. I brought in the dogs who
still weren't in the mood for pussy, but the weekend had just begun. Satisfied
that things were off to a good start, I went back to the van to collect some
goodies I'd brought along to keep up the candidates' spirits. One dose of this
stuff every eight hours was guaranteed to make them bright eyed and bushy tailed
for at least eight more hours. I'd heard about a teen who had been given this
stuff in even larger quantities and managed to survive being gangbanged for
three days straight without food or water, and lived to tell about it once she
slept nearly fifteen hours afterwards.

	Naturally once I was outside, I decided to find the kid and bring her
back to the cabin after giving her asshole a good stretching with my hard cock.
I had a thing for this little bitch and I wanted to get it out of my system
before getting down to the serious work of sorting these three out. It took
almost ten minutes of looking before I stumbled on her lying under a bush
shivering from the chilly air that was settling down for the night. I wasted no
time dragging her out so I could take her to a more comfortable place, deciding
it might be a blast to ass fuck her out in the woods where the only audience
might be some squirrels.

	She surprised me by putting up a bit of a struggle, and so over my
shoulder she went. I swear I could smell her pussy as I carried her like a
caveman taking a mate against her will. By the time I found a secluded clearing
with some scattered, rotting logs, I was hard as steel. She had stopped
squirming and making little noises that the gag muffled. I figured the kid knew
she was going to get fucked and had resigned herself to it..

	I dumped her on the grass and checked out a couple of the logs to see if
any were sound enough to bend her over so I could really put the wood to her
asshole in some kind of comfortable position. I knew it was my night when the
second log I looked at was almost perfect as far as height and soundness was
concerned. I could fuck that ass all night without any worries about her sliding
off or down, since the log was solid as a rock. I hauled her scrawny ass over,
and after untying her ankles, put her over it. She heaved a sigh, but made no
effort to escape, which was lucky for her. I was in no mood for any trouble and
I'd probably have beaten her half to death and then ass fucked her until she
bled anyway.

	She never moved as I straddled her frail body and placed my hands on her
shoulders to keep her pinned to the log. My cock was positively dripping and so
I began to run the oozing head of my dick up and down between her clenched ass
cheeks. I did this for perhaps half a minute or so before testing just how tight
her little butthole was going to be. I jabbed my dick against it once, twice and
then again without much success. She appeared to be tight as a drum. I had mixed
feelings about that; I liked the idea that I was doing something that was almost
cherry, but on the other hand, too tight meant less enjoyment for me. Either way
though, she was  going to be in a world of hurt. My guess was that her brother
wasn't anywhere as big as me, since he'd already cornholed her a number of times
according to Elf.

	I tried another tactic, moistening my middle finger and trying to shove
it up her asshole. She grunted into the gag and for a time I made no progress.
Then I got an  idea and gave her ass one huge slap, smashing that skinny butt
flat. Her sphincter parted like magic and my finger went into her rectum up to
the knuckle. I moved it around inside that hot and very wet tube of fuck flesh,
doing my best to loosen it up so that my stiff cock could enter and really
stretch that asshole to its limit and perhaps even tear it up some. The thought
of my cock ripping her open made it twitch with anticipation. I could feel my
blood rising. I was going to split that little cunt's asshole like it was a
piece of rotted wood or die trying!

	Once again I centered the head of my throbbing cock against her tiny
butt bud and got a good grip on her, this time my hands were almost wrapped
around her small head. As I thrust my hips forward and began banging on the
entrance to that tight tunnel I began to pull her head back, a little bit more
with every thrust I delivered. She began struggling against the force I was
applying to her neck muscles. The kid started shaking as I continued to bend her
head back. I could feel her skinny body trying to move despite the weight of my
body that crushed her almost flat against the log she was coiled around.

	She began to hyperventilate and make some strange sounds as she shook
even more violently like she was having some kind of a fit. I pressed my cock
harder against her stubborn entryway and then she collapsed, becoming limp.
Seconds later my cock popped throught her now relaxed sphincter and drove inches
deep into her loosening shit chute. I let out a howl of triumph; this little
bitch had been broken at last. Now to make her pay for all the trouble she had
caused me.

	I have a hard time remembering most of what happened after that. I have
flashes of memory, like watching my entire cock disappear between her swollen
cheeks. I must have given her quite a spanking for those flat buns to get that
big and round. Another memory still scares me;  I was strangling her and she was
shaking like a leaf in a storm; my dick was half-way out of her asshole and
there was blood coating part of it, and it was still rock hard. When I finally
came out of whatever weird funk I'd been in, I was lying on her body and she was
still shaking. My dick was buried to the hilt in her wet asshole.

	This time when I pulled it out, she started bleeding from the gaping
wound that used to be her tight asshole. My dick was only half hard meaning I
must have come at least once in that tight tunnel. I raised myself up and gave
her ass a good smack and she groaned through her gag. I was glad, very glad to
know that she was alive. By the time I got us back to the cabin the gang was
looking very, very worried. When  they saw the condition of Bones, that was her
new name, Kim and Honey started to jabber like a pair of crazy women. I gave
them a stare and told them to shut the fuck up. I'd had enough crap for one
night and all I wanted to do was go to sleep; that is once I made our three
candidates swallow some of the speed I remembered to bring back from the van.

				( To be continued )

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 10

	I woke up in the middle of the night to discover Honey sprawled on the
bed beside me, sleeping peacefully. Tossing and turning was not something I
enjoyed, so I got up and checked on the trio of nerdette candidates to see how
they were doing. All of them were wide-awake thanks to the speed I'd given them.
Elf's mom and the teacher had been tied up in a sixty-nine position, face to
crotch, and from the sounds they were making, they had found a nice way to pass
the late evening hours. I was still in a bad mood and that explains why I walked
over to where the two ladies were eating each other out with a great deal of
enthusiasm and kicked the pain-slut in the ribs. The twosome flipped over as a
result and so I gave Fatso a kick to her ribs as well. Then I spotted Bones and
the urge to fuck her ass once more took over.

	To guarantee a little privacy I carried the girl out to the van, warning
her to stay quiet or I'd beat her to a pulp and then fuck her in the ass anyway.
She gave me a wide-eyed look and nodded her head, not wanting anymore of what
I'd given her before. For a moment I almost changed my mind and thought about
taking her back to the clearing were I'd sodomized her the first time. That had
been a lot of fun to have her thin body totally at my mercy, only one small step
away from having her neck snapped as I fucked that super tight asshole until she

	On a whim I decided that I'd fuck her in the cab of the van rather than
on the metal floor in the main body. I dragged her into the cab, shut the door
and told her to suck my cock so I could fuck her. The kid hadn't learned much
about cock sucking, obviously in her family she had led a sheltered life. Well
all that was about to change for I had already selected her to be my number one
piece of fuckmeat once the weekend was over. I'd cut a deal with Elf or her nerd
brother for her exclusive services while I broke her in and trained her to be a
top quality child prostitute, my number one money maker.

	If Honey didn't like it, she knew what she could do. However I knew
Honey would love helping me turn out the kid as a good earner. I could just
imagine the nasty things she'd do to Bones if the kid got out of line. That was
the reason she and I were together, my main squeeze was one mean bitch. I
laughed when I thought of all the ugly things she had done to mom the last time
we were up here. I wondered if she'd  burn these three cunts with lit cigarettes
and do some of the other ugly things that mom had taken. I knew that the
pain-slut would love having Honey do her in any way she could dream up, as for
the other two, it was too early to tell.

	Despite her miserable technique, the fact that this 13 year-old, who
looked maybe 10, had her mouth crammed full of my cock turned me on enough to
get my dick good and stiff. I picked her frail body up and put her on my lap
with my cock standing up between her thin legs. It was a real turn on, and I
wanted to do her as much as the first time. On a whim I asked her where she
wanted to be fucked and quick as a wink she knocked my socks off with her reply.
"I want it in my puss this time. You're too big for my poor little bunghole,
only my father feels good in my ass."

	The plot thickens, I thought to myself as I raised her skinny body up.
To my surprise and delight she wiggled her butt around so I could press my cock
against the entrance to her fuckbox. She gave a gasp and then a wiggle as the
head of my dick spread her immature cunt lips apart and began stretching out her
fuck tunnel. I could not believe it, she was actually getting wet. This little
13 year-old was being turned on by having my big cock splitting her tight
fuckbox. That made me get a little crazy, just like when I had her over the log
and was jamming my dick into that super tight asshole as she grunted into the

	I was wondering when her father had taken her cherries, guessing that
he'd probably nailed her cunt initially, and then after a time he got around to
opening up a second front in her tight little asshole. I would ask her after I
finished shooting my load into that sweet little wet, warm fuck tunnel that was
wrapping itself around my joint like a second skin as it bored away inside of
her, going deeper with every bounce of her skinny body. This was turning out to
be great, all I had to do was hold on and let her do all the work. Bones was
turning into a human pogo stick and I was loving it!

	The thought of having a little sister who would be my compete fucktoy
was a turn on, and I sure was envying her brother who evidently was beginning to
take on that fantasy role. My hands were busy roaming all over her bare body,
but there seemed to be nothing but cool tight skin and knobby protrusions that
she called bones. Then my hand brushed across her flat chest and encountered
these two steel darts poking from her bony body. The second I touched them, she
went into overdrive. There was some kind of crazy bond between me and this
little girl; that's probably why I tried to break her neck the first time and
this time I was squashing those two nubbins of stiff flesh between thumb and

	She grunted and picked up the pace. I wanted to rip those nipples from
her flat chest and I guess I did a good job of trying. Suddenly she let out a
howl and that little twat clamped itself down on my cock, stopping my thrusting
cold. Then she said, "Hurt them, tear them off, do me good!" I could not believe
my ears. So this little mall rat with a nerd for a brother and a pedophile for a
father was a pain freak. I had hit the jackpot! I raked her nipples until she
screamed while her cunt convulsed and drained me dry.

	I just sat there with that tight cunt still holding my dick a prisoner.
I had  found someone special; I must have known it intuitively. Why  else did I
home in on this average looking chick with the body of a small boy? Now, what
was I going to do about it? I knew one thing for sure, Camp Hellhole had just
gotten a whole lot tougher for this little cunt. I was going to be her worst
nightmare, but then again, what the hell did that mean to a 13 year-old pain

	On the spur of the moment I got her off my dripping cock and out of the
cab. She stood there blinking in the moonlight as I opened the side of the van
and sat down on the edge. "I'm going to give you a choice. What will it be, a
nice long ass fucking, or a good spanking after you suck all that nasty cunt
sludge off my dick? I watched Bones drop to her knees and open her mouth as wide
as it could go. I leaned forward, held her head in place and fed my semi-hard
cock into her mouth.

	She wasted little time slurping on it, and this time I could detect a
lot more enthusiasm for what she was doing. Why not, after she got done, I'd put
her skinny body over my knee and whale the daylights out of that scrawny ass
until my arm got tired. She'd probably get off on that. Then if all that beating
and close proximity to that hot cunt and tight asshole got to me, I might just
welsh on my promise, take her out to the clearing, put her over that log and
give her tight asshole another serious stretching. What a nice surprise that
would be for the little teaser of a tramp. I was really in seventh heaven and
there still was all day and most of tomorrow for doing all sorts of things to
her and the other two. This time I intended to be the man, instead of my nasty

	Bones took a major walloping after she finished cleaning up my spent
cock. I held her thin body tightly, helped by the ropes that bound her hands
behind her back and kept her legs from kicking. She had winced when I again
knotted the ropes around her matchstick ankles and pulled them as tight as I
could make them. My dick was beneath her flat belly and I enjoyed the feel as I
began to lay into her with a steady pace. After a couple of dozen, she began to
cry and then another  few dozen turned crying into sobbing as her buns turned
dark from the bruising my hand caused. I took a break in order to catch my
breath. I certainly didn't want to exhaust myself by working too quickly on that
swollen butt. I rubbed the blistered flesh and she moaned pitifully. I gave her
a few hard slaps to the backs of her legs and she got quiet once more.

	She yelped when I jammed my index finger into her rectum, taking her by
surprise. I finger fucked her tight asshole to while away the time as I rested.
She very grudgingly sucked the finger clean when I finally wihdrew it and
offered it to her. Then she grunted and moaned as she took another fifty hard
ones, interspersed by some vicious pinches that must have been agony considering
the sorry state of her bare bottom. I was curious as to whether the crying and
moaning were just a cover for the fact that the beating her ass was taking had
gotten her pussy nice and  wet.

	I poked a couple of fingers into her cunt and they were sucked into a
very juicy fuck tube in nothing flat. Intrigued I tried to get my hand up her
twat, but she was too narrow to enter that way. One thing was certain however,
my spanking had gotten her hot and bothered.  I promised myself that one of
these days I would spend whatever amount of time it took to beat the wetness out
of her little twat once she got all heated up. Right now there was no way I'd
devote that amount of time on her when there were two other cunts needing my
attention as well. 

	She  bounced all over my lap as I pounded her bruised ass flat once more
despite all the swelling. I brought the spanking to a close with a flurry of
random blows that rained down on her ass, the backs of her legs and even managed
to penetrate the cleft between her ass cheeks because I pulled one cheek aside
to expose the tender meat surrounding her puckered asshole. My dick was now hard
once more and I seriously debated another round in her juicy cunt, but thought
better of it because there would be plenty of cunts and assholes needing some
very serious pounding for the rest of this weekend. No sense blowing my wad in
the immature cunt of a skinny 13 year-old who was a pain freak and probably
wasn't really turned on by straight fucking. I did however wonder how she'd
handle being fucked by Biff and Buster; time would tell. It had all the makings
of a great day. Now all I needed was a few hours of sleep to recharge my
batteries so I'd be at the top of my game. That decision made, I tossed Bones
over my shoulder and went back to the cabin, enjoying that musky smell still
emanating from her recently fucked cunt.

	It was bright when I awoke, my hard cock being suctioned by Honey's
talented mouth. My girlfriend was a major league cocksucker, of that there could
be no doubt. I toussled her hair as she continued to swallow me whole; deep
throating was another specialty of hers and I really enjoyed the way that
talented throat could inhale my joint from tip to base without gagging. I could
hear movement out in the main portion of the cabin where the nerdettes to-be
were being kept. I wondered if someone had let the dogs out yet. Then I started
thinking of what had happened earlier this morning, and my reaction right now
must have tipped Honey that I'd been a busy boy while she slept. Normally I'd
have bathed her tonsils in semen by now, but no sale this morning. I decided to
let her in on what I had discovered about the little girl, who perhaps was no
little girl.

	Honey listened and from the glint in her eyes I knew I'd done the right
thing. I explained my plans to turn Bones into a child prostitute, which meant a
steady stream of big money if I could pull it off properly. I told her that I
wanted the kid to get  all the pain and fucking that her little body could
handle while we had her here. I cautioned Honey that I didn't want her leaving
any permanent marks on the kid's body, since that would reduce the amount of
money I could charge for her sexual services. She countered with her idea to
only put marks on Bones that would not be obvious.

	"I want to burn her armpits with lit cigarettes and maybe her inner cunt
lips. That would be a double whammy if she's the pain freak you claim she is.
Can you imagine how she'd get off if someone was to give her a good pounding
right after I burned her little cunt lips a few times?' When I heard that, my
cock twitched and Honey laughed, calling me a sick fuck. At that point I
probably was, and as the weekend went on, I'd become a total freak. To this day
I wonder how Bones ever survived the things Honey and I did to that skinny body,
not to mention the extras she got from Elf, Jerry, Kim and the dogs. Camp
Hellhole lived up to its name that weekend.

				( To be continued )

				Mom's Mistake

				  Chapter 11

	It was almost ten in the morning and everyone had finally gotten up and
was looking for breakfast. I'd had Elf walk the dogs, warning him that if they
got loose, his candy ass would be joining his mother and girlfriend in Camp
Hellhole. Meanwhile Honey and Kim started throwing together something for us to
eat. I noticed that our three guests were staring hungrily at what was going on
at the stove. That was a good sign, a very good sign. I had already planned for
their first taste of Camp Hellhole right after we ate. I was sure they'd just
love it to death.

	The three candidates were now squatting over separate bowls. "Last one
to start peeing gets the strap from each of us as many times as we want to give
it to you." As soon as I finished speaking, Bones made a little grunt and her
bladder began emptying into the bowl as she pissed like a cow, splattering her
pee all over the floor as well as into the bowl. I frowned down at her and said,
"That will never do; you're going to have to pay a penalty for missing the
bowl." I caught her with a short uppercut when she looked up. Bones went back
onto the floor, hitting her head. She was still pissing as she hit the floor,
and it was going all over the place. We jumped out of the way and waited until
she stopped peeing.

	I had every intention of moving in and stomping her once she got done,
but Honey beat me to her, landing a solid kick that caught Bones in the ribs.
Things got a little crazy right about then as Jerry and Kim joined in, kicking
the girl from side to side as she struggled to escape the vicious blows that
were landing on every part of her frail form. I finally got a shot at her and
stomped her good, coming down full force on her thigh to pin her body to the
floor, then grinding a heel into her taut stomach driving the wind from her body
and making her bring up everything she'd eaten in the last day or so. It was a
pig sty by the time order was restored.

	We put Bones to work cleaning up the mess with her tongue, while we took
turns using our belts and straps on her naked body as she crawled from one
puddle of piss to another and then leaned forward and began sucking up her own
vomit, which was totally disgusting to observe. I concentrated on putting as
many welts across her flat ass as I could, while Honey used her strap to
decorate the girl's back from neck to the base of her bony spine. It was amazing
to see how much punishment this skinny skank of a girl could absorb and continue
to function.

	Meanwhile the pain-slut had the presence of mind to piss into her bowl,
filling it nearly to the brim, leaving Fatso as the loser of this contest. It
was a nice morning so I let the gang take Fatso out to the porch and start
working on her while I supervised Bones as she continued to suck up her mess.
Being the nice guy that I am, I let Elf take his new girlfriend into one of the
back bedrooms so she could entertain him while we worked on the other two
nerdette candidates. I'll give the nerd credit, he made no attempt to protect or
even find out what kind of punishment was being dealt out to his dear old
mother. On his list, fresh pussy was much higher than his sad sack of a mother;
this one had potential, he had his priorities in order.

	Still very pissed off at the bad behavior of Bones, I got an idea. There
was a big barrel by the side of the cabin that caught rainwater that came off
the pitched roof. It would make a nice way of cleaning up the girl now that she
had done about as much as possible to clean the floor. So I scooped her up and
carried her over to the barrel which was brimming with water. Then I jammed her
head-first into the water until only her legs were showing.

	They started kicking and stirring up the  contents of the barrel, but
there was no way she could get out without me pulling her out. I watched those
legs churn through the air and after a short time they began to weaken. I could
see the stream of bubbles coming up to the surface, indicating that she was
still alive. Then she gave one final kick and her legs collapsed over the side
of the barrel. I watched until the bubbles stopped, meaning she was taking water
into her lungs.

	I reached down, found her roped wrists and dragged her unconscious body
up from the water. By now I had an audience, and there were nervous faces all
around. What a bunch of pussies, I thought to myself. It took maybe two or three
minutes of pounding her back and slamming my fist into her bony chest before she
started to cough up water and show signs of coming around. At first Bones looked
like a half drown rat with her hair plastered against her head and those eyes
bulging. Her face, which had been kind of a bluish color was more white now, but
her lips were still a dark blue, making her look almost like a corpse.

	"Well, has Fatso taken a piss yet?" I asked, to break the nervous mood
of my companions. She was still holding out and that was not acceptable from a
candidate who was hanging by a thread at this early juncture in her initiation.
I had to help Jerry lift the struggling cunt and then we jammed her into the
rain barrel and let her soak for a minute or so. We dragged her out and kneed
her in the belly until she puked up at least a quart of rainwater. I asked her
if she was going to be a good nerdette and pee for us or did she want to go back
in the barrel for an even longer time. She blubbered and nodded her head until I
thought it was going to fall off her shoulders.

	Her bowl was found and we gathered round and watched her piss up a storm
into it, which she filled to overflowing. I gave thanks that I hadn't made her
pee while inside the cabin. We might not have gotten the place cleaned for the
rest of the day. She started sobbing and begging when she was told to start
drinking her own piss out of the bowl and not to spill too much of it or she'd
get more to swallow from one or more of us.

	As I watched the fat slob of a woman sucking up the yellow stuff I
decided I wasn't giving her a fair chance to show her stuff, whatever it was. I
already knew that the other two had the makings of pain-sluts, but that's all I
had to go on. Nailing Bones in the cunt and asshole once each was no real proof
that she was a good lay capable of bringing in big money for my early retirement
fund. Who knows, maybe this old lady with the sagging tits and pot belly might
be a true fuck-pig!

	So when she was done with breakfast, I marched her sorry ass into the
cabin and commandeered one of the bedroms to give her a good workout. Just as I
followed her into the room, I glanced over to see Kim and Honey dragging my
little sweetie into the cabin and making her continue to lick the rough wooden
floor with her sore tongue. I wondered when Honey would start the heavy duty
stuff on the little cunt's bod. That was what I wanted to see.

	Fatso was soon on her back, legs splayed apart, her hairy pussy open for
business. I wasted no time checking how good she gave head. If I was grading her
in school she 'd get about a C+ for skill, but a B+ for enthusiasm. My cock
developed some good wood in a few minutes, perhaps helped along by her hot
tongue that explored the inside of my mouth with lots of eagerness and energy,
once my dick got past half mast. Her reaction to the preliminaries took me by
surprise. I stuck a couple of fingers into her cunt and they came out soaked. I
offered them to her and she sucked them clean in sconds flat and asked for
another taste. This time I got three fingers into her and she wiggled her hips
to make them go further into that warm, wet fuckbox. So far this was a pleasant
surprise, but the proof of the pussy is in its tightness, at least that was my

	My cock sank in to the hilt, but progress was slow even though she kept
urging me to go deeper and let her know I was inside her. Her twat was tight,
not as tight as Bones, but I knew there was some live pussy wrapped around my
cock like an anaconda. I started to pump her with short quick strokes to loosen
that snapper up so I could begin some serious plumbing. She urged me to suck her
tits and bite them if I wanted. That was interesting, could this fat, over the
hill divorcee be a pain-slut? It turned out she just wanted to make sure that
her cunt would get a good pounding, something that hadn't happened in nearly
fifteen years. Five minutes after I'd touched bottom I was in high gear and she
was grunting and matching me thrust for thrust, pumping her hips to drive her
pussy up to meet the hard cock that was stirring up her juices in a very big

	Just before I emptied my balls of all the sperm that they'd manufactured
between fucking Bones and Fatso, I pulled out and let her have it right in her
face. To my amazement she leaned closer and opened her mouth to catch every
drop, a real turn on for this cocksman. Not only did she catch my blast, she
then swished it around in her mouth and even gargled with it before gulping it
down and smacking her lips. I was most impressed with her performance and said
so, commenting that Elf must be one happy camper to have a mother like her doing
him whenever he wanted it. That proved to be a mistake, and I heard from her in
no uncertain terms.

	It seems that despite losing his cherry to my mom, he still kept his mom
at arm's length when it came to matters having to do with fucking and sucking.
He however was nailing the pain-slut every chance he got and she was providing
as many opportunities as he could possibly want. In fact the night before we
took off for the cabin, Elf spent most of the night fucking and spanking his new
toy. That drove his mother crazy since she had to just lie there on her back,
using her vibrator to get herself off, while in the next room her son was
fucking some stranger rather than his mom, who was dying for his cock. Curious
about this weird relationship, I asked how come she and the teacher were
gobbling each other's gash with such enthusiasm last night when I was prowling

	Elf's mom confessed that she did indeed enjoy going down on the teacher,
since she was bi-sexual and had admitted as much to her husband. This was one of
the reasons for him ultimately leaving her. She was hoping to get to Elf through
the teacher, ultimately becoming involved in a threesome with her son and his
masochistic girlfriend. The other reason opened my eyes to plenty. It seems her
husband was into domination with emphasis on administering pain. She on the
other hand wanted nothing to do with  that scene, so for the first few years of
their marriage he indulged his tastes for pain by having relationships with
masochistic woman on the outside.

	That explained where Elf got his taste for hurting females. This also
explained his focus on the pain-slut, she satisfied both his needs, and took up
all his time. He didn't need any kind of backup for just one of his needs, which
neatly explained why he wasn't sticking it to his mom. Had I known all this
before, he would never have come wth us. I decided to teach Elf a lesson and
perhaps form that threesome that Fatso was dreaming about. However just to make
sure she wasn't hiding any secrets from me, I put her over my lap and walloped
her big butt until she was hoarse from yelling. The tears she shed convinced me
that this one was never going to be in the same class as the other two. I left
her sobbing on the bed and went outside to see what else was going on.

	The  sight that greeted me would have made almost any type of pervert
delirious with joy,I know it worked for me. They had tied Bones to the table,
her ankles anchored to the front legs with rope, her head dangling over the
opposite edge. Her hands were tied behind her back. A double turn of thick rope
sank into her middle, holding her frail naked body to the table. Her swollen
cunt was positioned at the front edge. Jerry was holding her little head in his
hands while he skull fucked her, jamming his long hard cock down her throat as
she drooled and gagged. I could actually see the bulge his cock was making in
her skinny neck. Kim was at the opposite end of the table and she was ramming a
fair sized strap-on dildo into the kid's cunt, putting maybe four inches into
that tight twat with every thrust she made. Every time she hammered her dildo
home, a grunt leaked from somewhere that wasn't totally shut by Jerry's cock.
From the looks of the kid's ashy face, she was on the verge of passing out from
the double attack on both ends.

	Something equally freaky was happening on the other side of the room. It
involved Elf, the pain-slut and either Buster or Biff, I wasn't sure since they
looked very much alike. The other one was on the floor, his tongue lolling out
and his red dick still out from its sheath, evidence that he'd already torn off
a piece of the teacher's pussy. The other dog had mounted the teacher who was on
all fours, her hands tightly tied in front of her body. Elf was standing before
her having his cock sucked. His hands were on her shoulders guiding her
movements as she swallowed most of his hard cock , occasionally gagging on it as
the mucus membrane lining her throat was being scraped away by his constant

				 (To be continued)

                               Mom's Mistake


                               Jethro Jodhpur

                                 Chapter 12

       I looked around the cabin to find Honey. She was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs, naked as a jaybird, one hand buried in her cunt, the other tweaking one of her hard nipples. I recognized the signs of my girlfriend preparing to take charge and give the unfortunate victim or victims a taste of hell. On occasion I've wondered how she'd react to being on the receiving end of things, but dismissed that as pretty ridiculous.

       For a moment I had this vision of a naked Honey hanging upside down with her arms tied behind her back and her legs spread apart. There was a huge industrial strength vibrator jammed into her, grinding away at her twat as she shivered and shook from the combination of pain and pleasure she was receiving. Standing behind her was Elf's mom, naked as the day she was born, with a big shit-eating grin on her face as she whipped the skin off the insides of Honey's thighs with a cat o-nine tails tipped with shards of metal. Bones was in front of Honey, also naked, and she was using a length of barbed wire to tear apart my girlfriend's big tits that dangled from her chest, exposing the supersensitive undersides to the wire as it ripped and scored them, spraying droplets of blood into the air with each lash that Bones delivered.

       Despite just having done the nasty with Elf's mom, I developed some serious wood thinking about this scene. Honey was in her own little fantasy world and didn't even see me approaching with lust written all over my face and my cock poking from my pants. I reached out and grabbed her tits and gave them an affectionate squeeze, and then a twist that made her gasp in pain. That was just for the hell of it, since I was still not completely free of that violent vision I'd created. I pulled Honey to her feet long enough for me to take her place in the chair and then she got interested in what I was trying to accomplish. Her eyes were still focused on the schoolteacher doing the nasty with one of the dogs and Jerry and Kim trying their best to split the skinny teen right down the middle of her scrawny body. However she reached back and located my hard cock before settling that warm, wet cunt down onto my throbbing shaft.

       I enjoyed the sensation of my girlfriend's cunt milking my dick as her outstanding ass bounced up and down on my groin. I cupped her great tits and tweaked those hard nipples until she grunted and switched into another gear, her fine body making like a runaway pogo stick as I took in the action before me. Jerry and Kim were doing an unbelievable job of bringing the skinny bundle of teen fuckmeat to death's door, but no one seemed to be at home to answer their insistent knocking. I loved to watch that skinny bag of bones absorb some of the most brutal pounding that my buds could deliver. Her entire body would shake and quiver every time Kim slammed her hips forward to drive that foot long dildo into her tight pussy. I noticed that Kim was now getting more than half of her monster dildo buried in the girl's tight little snatch on every stroke. Meanwhile Jerry's cock was stretching the kid's neck to the point that the shape of his hard meat could be clearly seen as it moved up and down her gullet, turning her face an eerie shade of blue from lack of air. I wondered how long it might take to off her by suffocation.

       Even though the dog was doing a tremendous job of making the schoolteacher his bitch, and Elf's cock was going clear down her throat, I focused my attention on the tiny teen as she was brought closer and closer to death by the almost uncontrollable pounding she was taking. I leaned forward to whisper that fact into Honey's ear as she kept up her maniacal pace, her tight twat skinning my cock at warp speed. I got her undivided attention to what I kept repeating concerning the health and well-being of the kid by cruelly squeezing her fine tits until she caught her breath in pain, and started screaming at the couple trying to snuff her prey to cut their victim some slack before they killed her outright.

       When the pair ignored Honey's warning, she jumped off my stiff cock and headed toward the table to stop Jerry from strangling the girl with his cock. He had lost his marbles completely at the power he held over this waif-like creature and was leaning forward to put as much pressure on the girl's spasming throat as he could. She was getting zero air and looked to be one very small step from meeting her maker and requiring us to bury what was left of her deep in the surrounding woods. I did not look forward to all the digging and sweat that would require. Honey whacked Jerry across the face a couple of times to get his attention, and then all hell broke loose.

       Things happened fast, very fast. I knew Jerry for a long time, and the one thing you never wanted to do was make him look bad in front of his peers or his girlfriend. Honey had just done that in spades. Jerry retaliated big time. His cock was still stuck down the kid's throat when he landed a roundhouse punch that caught Honey on the side of her head. She staggered away from him and right into Kim, who was royally pissed at what had just been done to her boyfriend. Honey caught a knee to her crotch that lifted her off the floor. Kim moved in quickly and landed a couple of kicks the moment Honey hit the floor, one of them catching her in the head and knocking her cold.

       I still was in the chair at the end of this sequence; it had happened that quickly. By the time I reached Honey, Kim and Jerry were stomping her flat, Kim doing a number on her big tits while Jerry flattened her belly and tried to rearrange Honey's insides, especially her cunt. The thing that got me more pissed than what was happening to Honey, was the fact that Elf made no effort to help, continuing to choke fuck the pain-slut as the dog reamed out her cunt at a mile a minute and then some. I decided then and there that the nerd was going to learn a lesson about playing with the big people.

       I got in the middle of the stomping and managed to calm Jerry down to the point that he stopped kicking Honey in the cunt. Kim was another matter altogether. I  finally had to shove her half way across the room to prevent her from reducing Honey's tits from a D to a double A cup. My girl was in a bad way, gagging and crying that her tits were ruined and she'd never be able to fuck again. I bent down and cuffed her across the head a few times to return her back to normal. She rolled over onto her side and continued to sob softly, more from fright than anything else.

       Now that everyone was calmed down, it was pretty easy to convince Jerry that Honey was way out of line, but he'd given her a lot more grief than her actions probably deserved. He mumbled and looked away, an indication that things between him and I were still cool. Kim had gotten over her fit and was busy helping Honey regain her composure, saying that her tits didn't look too bad, and probably in a week or so she wouldn't even remember what had happened to them. That was way too optimistic;  it was more like three weeks and Honey spent the entire period planning her revenge on Kim.

       I went over to where Luci Chu was, still out cold, her flat chest hardly moving as she took shallow, fluttering breaths. Her face was still an ashy color, and her skin was icy, which made me more than a bit nervous. I wondered if all that face fucking had ruined her throat, or worse still, the lack of air had maybe fucked up her brain. That would be a hard one to explain to her parents. It was then that Elf made an appearance, acting innocent as if nothing had happened while he was choke fucking his new girlfriend. He must have been surprised when I let him have it, driving my fist into his gut and following it up with a knee to his balls, if the little prick had any that is. He went down without making a sound and I kicked him in the ribs a couple of times, but stopped before I really hurt the nerd leader. I was going to let Honey have the satisfaction of turning him into a eunuch or sissy boy before the weekend was over.

       While the nerd thrashed around on the floor acting as if I'd just killed him, I took in the scene and wondered how things had gotten so out of hand in such a short time. Here lay Luci, more dead than alive. The pain slut teacher had already convinced me that she was grade A nerdette material if there ever was such a thing. Then there was Elf's mom, who looked as if she had some potential for being a fuck slut, but unless she was the world's greatest actress, she definitely was not into pain and suffering. What a mixed bag there was to handle, and the weekend had just begun.

       My first and naturally most selfish priority was to find out just how badly damaged little Luci was. I had a severe case of the hots for that tiny Chinese doll and I was hoping that her tight little pussy and all the skin and bones that went with it were not too badly harmed. I was already having  sick fantasies of pumping her so full of cum that when she walked she'd make squishing sounds from the movement of the gallons of sperm I'd dumped into her. I was also dreaming about Honey and I making a sandwich out of her, Honey driving her dildo into the kid's pussy until it was too swollen to penetrate while I did the honors in her even tighter asshole, blasting it open inch by inch as she moaned and begged me to fuck and hurt her until she passed out from the pain. I had to shake myself to clear the weird sensations that were rocketing around inside my skull.

       The little nerdette to-be turned out to have only minor damage to that hot little frame. I was of course delighted to realize that. Naturally I decided that I would take charge of most of her initiation, depending upon Jerry and Kim for some degree of assistance when it came to seeing how much pain she could or would tolerate. Elf was going to be put in charge of torturing his mom to see what her limits were. I knew that he'd be real unhappy with that assignment, but that was only half the fun. I would wait until I knew that Honey was capable of doing her part, before letting her have a go at him as well as his mom. That left Jerry and Kim to give the teacher all she could handle. I knew that they needed some outlet for their frustration over almost killing Luci. I also made a mental note to find out what pain-slut's name was. I also intended for the dogs to participate in this little initiation process. Before we broke camp I wanted all three candidates to have had the pleasure of being pumped full of doggy cum on numerous occasions this weekend. Finally to make sure that things continued in high gear, all three of the females would be taking another dose of super speed to help them get through the day and night.

                               ( To be continued )

                               Mom's Mistake


                                                                        Jethro Jodhpur

                                 Chapter 13

       Kim and Jerry decided that the teacher, her name was Gwen, needed some fresh air. They told me they were planning on taking her out to a clearing close by and stringing her up by her wrists and see how she handled a serious whipping. I cautioned them about making too much noise. Even though it was unlikely anyone was in this vicinity, it didn't hurt to be careful considering what we were doing. Kim was already getting in the swing of things literally, marching behind the naked teacher who was hobbled and had her hands tied tightly behind her back. Every few steps she let Gwen have her strap across the shoulders, back or broad ass. Jerry led the way, ignoring his victim for the moment. I thought that was a good idea. That way she would realize that she was about as far down the food chain as a body could get.

       Satisfied that Gwen was in good hands, I turned my attention to Elf, who needed a good talking to and some direction if he was to stay on the team. I found him in one of the back bedrooms just  finishing up roping his mother to the bed in a spread eagle position on her back. I noticed that the ropes were really sinking into her fleshy wrists and ankles; that was the kind of restraints I liked to see. There was hope for the nerd leader, that was certain, but this negative attitude he had toward his mother had to change right now. I beckoned for him to join me out in the main room of the cabin. I sat him down and read him the riot act; making sure he understood precisely why I was so pissed off.

       "You've got to stop thinking about Fatso as your mom, and start thinking of her as fuckmeat, a potential whore in the making. You are going to be her pimp. I wonder if you know what that means as far as your responsibilities. Your whore must be totally dependent upon you for everything, including the kind of good sex that she thinks she needs. Her customers know she's a whore and they treat her that way; she's just a hole to stick their dicks in and shoot off, nothing more. As her pimp you have to keep her hustling and that means an occasional carrot besides plenty of stick. The carrot is your cock; she must learn to love your cock and believe it's the only cock that makes what she's doing worth the wear and tear on her body. In order for you to establish yourself as her main man, you have to know what the whore needs in the way of loving. Now I'm not talking about going down on her or anything like that. No whore ever deserves having her pimp eat her out, no matter how much money she brings home to him."

       "You've got to find out what her favorite position is, how much buildup or foreplay, in your language, she needs before you stick it in,  those kinds of things. You have to give her an occasional compliment, maybe her blowjob technique is improving, so you tell her that. Naturally if she gets out of line you whale on her until she begs for mercy, and then you whale on her some more. You have to be strict with her, but not cruel.  She's a whore, whores need direction, discipline and sense of being part of something. Just remember these ideas and put them into practice; she'll make you a lot of money and will always appreciate your cock when you give it to her."

       I wasn't sure that Elf really understood my theory on what makes a good pimp, but he would have to learn or else I'd cut him loose. It was becoming clear to me that Gwen was the key to getting the right kind of nerd girls to populate my army of sex service workers. She would be the role model for all those nerd girls who aspired to being something more than just some freak with pimples, glasses and a one way ticket to nowhere. Here she is, a teacher, making reasonable money and having a great life meeting all sorts of interesting guys in her other exciting occupation, that of a good earning whore with the protection of an understanding pimp and a bright future in the adult services industry. Gwen might even one day have her own stable of whores working in her brothel. What more could a loser nerd girl have as a goal? She was too valuable to let Elf screw it up for her, not to mention, me.

       Elf listened carefully as I told him what I had  planned for the three candidates for the rest of the weekend. As far as I was concerned, Gwen was a winner. The only questions remaining were how much of a pain slut she was, and how long it would take to turn her into a well rounded whore. Kenny, me and Elf would be checking out each candidate for her ability to put out. I expected plenty of feedback on what it would take to improve the candidate to the point that she was a money maker. As far as his mom was concerned, I thought she had potential and was tired of spending her evenings in bed with her vibrator. What I had to know was did she like sex enough to be comfortable letting any guy do her? I didn't expect to know the complete answer since she was just breaking out of her shell, but I had a hunch she was going to make Elf, her pimp, and myself, Elf's mentor in the pimping business, plenty of money in a very short time.

       The nerd leader seemed to be changing before my very eyes. "Well, I guess it's time I began breaking in my newest whore. I think Marge and I are going to get along just fine provided she doesn't give me any heartburn. I may have to borrow Gwen to give me a hand training her in the beginning, but that will be strictly business until Marge understands her role and position in my stable. When do you think I'll get a chance to give that little cock teaser, Luci, a drive around the block? Remember, she was my pick hit of the week from  all the other nerd girls. I don't plan on turning her over to you on a full time basis unless we have an agreement on who does what to whom when it comes to the any qualified nerdette." I realized that it wasn't going to be a walk in the park for me. Not only did I have to choose the right nerdettes, I  also had to arm wrestle with the nerd leader on a case by case basis. However if Gwen turned out to be the magnet, I was already planning on making Elf an offer he couldn't refuse.

       I decided that it was time to check in on my little sweetie to see if she was ready for another stretching of that tight cunt. For her sake I hoped the answer was yes, because if not, she was going to find out just how mean and nasty I could be. Then once Honey recovered from the beating she had taken earlier, I intended to sic her on the kid as well. My backup plan would be to let the dogs take a turn on her, then see how much punishment and pain she could really take. My planning was interrupted by the sound of the bedsprings creaking in the room where Elf and his mom were. Then I heard a long drawn out moan from Marge that signaled that Elf had started her evaluation. It would be interesting to see how things turned out by the end of this weekend.

       Luci was half awake, curled up almost into a ball on the bed where we had left her. I approached the bed and gave her a good shaking. Her black eyes opened wide and a pout started to form on her face. I dragged her off the bed and pulled her by one leg out to the main room. She was about to get another lesson from yours truly. She was no match for me, and soon her hands were tied behind her back.

       Then over my lap she went and I started paddling that flat bottom with my open hand, blistering her butt as she began to scream and yell. To calm her down some, I gave Luci a couple of short punches, one to the base of her spine that paralyzed her briefly and another right between her shoulder blades, driving the air from her lungs. I warned her that any more noise would mean a lot more and even harder punches. She sniffled and shook, but the yelling stopped.

       I resumed her spanking and she sobbed quietly as I pounded her ass until it was crimson. It looked as if Buster and Biff would have to wait their turn before getting a chance to tear off a piece of the kid's pussy. I had a woody that hurt and there was only one way to get rid of it as far as I was concerned. I marched her back to the bedroom and dumped her onto the bed. She was still teary eyed, but offered no resistance when I climbed on board and sank my woody deep inside her very wet cunt. I could hear what was going on in the next room and it was obvious that Elf and his mother had begun to devlop a more intimate relationship that hopefully would prove to be very fruitful for all concerned.

       Fucking this slant-eyed cupcake was one of the most pleasant experiences I'd ever had, even better than the early days when Honey and I seemed to spend our waking hours fucking and sucking up a storm. Little Luci had calmed down considerably once my dick was planted firmly in her tight little twat. I supported my body on my arms and began to pound that wet hole with long hard strokes and plenty of them. She grunted wth each thrust and shifted her thin body so that I could get into her even deeper. I hammered away without any concern for when I busted my nuts. I had all weekend to fuck this tyke-teenager and I was going to pig out on Chinese cunt.

       I began to sweat and the drops started to fall on her. It looked  really sexy to see my sweat forming little pockets of fluid on her heaving chest, not to mention her rock hard nipples that told me she was really getting into it now. That just got me harder and I jackhammered that microbod for all I was worth. It was amazing how much dick that immature cunt could handle. I wondered how long it would take me, or her future customers, to finally open that super tight hole enough so she could handle the porn star types, guys with dicks going twelve inches long and maybe three inches across. Better still was the prospect of getting her to the point that she enjoyed taking my cock up her impossibly tight asshole.  While I pumped that pussy dry, I wondered just how big, or was it small her dad was?

       All  things must come to an end, and without warning, I busted a nut inside little Luci and flooded her insides. She picked up the pace the moment she realized I was hosing her ovaries, and kept the pussy coming until well after I was done filling her to capacity with millions and millions of little swimmers. Now let's face it, no girl as young as this one is going to be the best fuck I ever had, but she was sure in the top ten. It was amazing how much she liked to fuck, and how good she was at it. I was beginning to get very curious about this little cock teaser and pleaser. So soon as I caught my breath, I decided to do some asking about where she learned to fuck like that. A t  first she was reluctant to tell me anything. That was before I threatened to put her over my lap and thrash her swollen butt until she did.

       Luci Chu proceeded to tell me an amazing story that was too insane not to be the truth. No one  could make up anything like that little kid told me. It seems her "parents" weren't her parents. Until she was 13 she had been raised in an orphange in mainland China. Then Mr. and Mrs Chu, who operated a private clinic, he is a doctor and his wife a nurse, managed to fight their way through the red tape associated wth adopting little Luci and taking her to Canada to be raised.This arrangement had nothing to do with their concern for her welfare. Luci Chu was to become a guinea pig for some very weird experiments that the couple were planning on conducting.  Dr Chu, being a wealthy man was able to bring Luci into Canada subrosa. To all extents and purposes she did not exist.  Shortly afterward the Chus emigrated to the US and had their "daughter" smuggled into the country so there would be no trail to follow when it came to her.

       To illustrate just how twisted this pair was, Mrs. Chu used her favorite strap-on to relieve her adopted daughter of the burden of being a virgin. Dr. Chu found out a few months later, and although he was a bit irritated about his wife beating him to the punch, he got busy and was the first to pop her anal cherry, a few months before her fourteenth birthday. So for the last three or four years, both of them had been using her sexually, either individually or as part of a threesome. Mrs Chu taught Luci exactly what her doctor husband liked in the matter of sex from her and she proved to be the obedient daughter, spreading her legs and asshole whenever her father told her to. Putting out for her nerd "brother" was only a very recent thing and she didn't think he knew what she and his parents had been doing.

       That still did not account for her appearance. If someone held a gun to my head and asked me how old Luci was, I'd have said maybe 12 or 13 tops! How the devil could she be perhaps 17 and look like a preteen? The answer to that little question floored me. It seems that Dr.Chu catered to a very strange group of people. They ranged over the racial spectrum and shared only a few common traits. All were extremely wealthy, which was a necessity if you were interested in his unique services, and all were fixated on having children that retained their childlike appearance, be they male or female, for as long as possible. That was where Luci came into the equation.

       Dr Chu had developed a number of drugs that seemed to be able to suppress the onset of maturity. The trick was to figure out the proper dose to use. He had absolutely no interest in asking why these people wanted this service, only if they could pay the freight for the drugs he'd prescribe. Luci was one of three test subjects he had been using to answer the sixty-four dollar question. In her case he discovered a schedule of drugs and dosages that effectively kept her from developing further. Only recently had she begun to show signs of becoming resistant to the drugs, making her replaceable, shall we say. I wondered why he was effectively abandoning her to me and my budding organization. Then it hit me, he probably hadn't the faintest idea what his boy had done. It was about to hit the fan for all concerned.

       There still was the matter of checking out Gwen and Marge, not to mention finding out just how bad Honey had been hurt by Jerry and Kim. Until I could come up with some ideas for how to handle this mess and escaping with a whole skin, no one was to know what Luci had told me. I made sure she understood just how dangerous it could be for the information she gave me to get out.  In the meantime she was going to be put through the wringer just like nothing had ever happened. Perhaps that was the only advantage with any kind of a delay. Now I had a few more chances to really put the wood to her since she was operating under false pretenses, and what was a fellow to do in that case, except what I was planning to do.

                                                                    ( To be Continued )  


                               Mom's Mistake


                                                                        Jethro Jodhpur

                                 Chapter 14

       I was beginning to get a little worried about the condition of my girl friend; Honey was still out of it, complaining that her ribs were hurting her every time she tried to take a deep breath or move. I put on a happy face and told her she was overreacting; she probably just needed some cock to make her feel better. She told me in no uncertain terms what I could do with that suggestion.

       Activity in the room next to Honey's had picked up over the last hour or so. Elf was really getting into putting his mother through her paces, and she was loving every minute of it. Maybe a half hour ago Luci had been added to the mix. When I peeked into the room I saw the strange little girl, her hands still tied tightly behind her back, lying on her stomach between Marge's spread thighs, her face buried in the woman's hairy snatch. Elf was straddling his mother's big floppy tits and feeding his hard cock into her mouth as she sucked greedily on it. While I watched, Elf warned the kid, who wasn't really a kid, that she better do a good job of sucking all his cum from his mother's cunt or he'd put the wood to her scrawny ass. I glowed with pride over how my student had taken to my advice.

       I figured on letting Elf use Luci for another half hour or so. It was funny how my possessive feelings towards the little Chinese cupcake had changed once I found out that although she looked maybe twelve or thirteen, she was closer to seventeen. I could hardly wait to get my hands on her for another round of the old in and out and this time that tight asshole was going to get the reaming of her life. To kill the time I decided to take the dogs for a little outing, heading for the clearing where Jerry and Kim had taken the schoolteacher. I picked up the sound of leather meeting bare skin and followed it to the source. What I saw was really impressive.

Gwen was hanging from a low hanging branch of a tree by her bound wrists. Her legs were spread wide by ropes that ran from her ankles to stakes that had been pounded into the ground with a rock that was sitting by one of the stakes.

       She was an absolute mess, covered from neck to ankles with deep welts and cuts. From a distance it looked as if the teacher was wearing a bright red two piece bathing suit, proof positive that Jerry and his lady friend were devoting plenty of time to her best features. Kenny was standing in front of her using his belt, the buckle end eating away at those big bouncy tits that had lost some of their elasticity. I couldn't see too well at what was going on with Kim, who was on the other side whipping Gwen's back. I walked into the clearing and waited for them to acknowledge my appearance, but they were so busy turning the big titted teacher into raw hamburger that they ignored me. The dogs were getting kind of spooked and began barking, which finally brought my buds out of the trance they were in.

       The pain-slut was kind of quiet which surprised me considering the amount of damage they had done to her. When I got around to where Kim stood, I was amazed at what had been done to her back, butt, thighs and legs. She was using a bunch of thorn branches tied into a bundle that had been collected from the wild rose bushes growing around the clearing. When I got close enough to get a good look at what those switches looked like, the amount of bleeding from the teacher's naked body made a lot more sense. When one of those branches dug into her flesh, they cut deep and ripped out some skin as well as a little flesh before they pulled free of her body. That explained the look of her broad ass which was a bloody mess, bleeding from so many places it looked like one open wound.

       Then I noticed that something was jammed between those bleedings ass cheeks. On closer inspection I found myself staring at the base of a pine cone protruding from her asshole. It was covered with blood and more was still dripping from the vicinity of that terrible butt plug. I began to get a bit nervous over the amount of blood that the pain-slut was losing. When I got a good look at her front side, my concern  went off scale. An even larger cone had been pushed deep into her thick lipped cunt. Her pubic hair had turned red from all the blood that was oozing from that ruined twat. Jerry grinned at me and told me something I found hard to believe.

       "We managed to get a small one all the way up her cunt and then we put another larger one in behind it and used a stick to jam it up her as far as it could go before it started breaking up. This bitch will have a hard time ever forgetting what happened here. Not only that, but she has another one stuffed in her mouth. We had to really look hard to find one that was a good fit. It does a better  job than a gag when it comes to keeping her quiet. Care to take a turn on her. I'm getting kind of tired from beating her with my belt. Kim is real smart; she's using thorn branches, and man do they tear the bitch  up good!"

       While Jerry ran his mouth, I took a close look at Gwen, who looked completely out of it. The poor dumb bitch's eyes were wide open, but she wasn't looking at anything. I made a move like I was about to swat her, and her eyes never blinked. It was obvious that she was in shock from the terrible pain she had been enduring. I guess even a pain-slut had her limits, and Jerry and his girfriend had found them for her. I wondered how long she'd been in this state. Just about then Kim came around, swinging the thorn switches to get some of the blood off them. She looked up at the dazed, or  should I say out of it, teacher and said to no one in particular.

       "I'm gonna whip the nipples right off this pig's tits. She's beginning to bug me. No matter what I do to her she doesn't react, like she's daring me to try and hurt her. Well, I'm about to hurt her real bad."

       It was time to restore order and so I took command. Kim acted kind of surprised when I stepped between her and the piece of meat that hung from the tree branch. "Fun time is over, let's get this wasted chunk of cunt down and back to the cabin so she can rest up and be ready for more action later on today. No sense completely ruining her for the rest of the weekend." I looked over to Jerry for support and it took a few seconds before he reluctantly nodded.

       These two were beginning to get me very nervous. I didn't like to think what might have happened out here if I didn't pay them a visit when I did. We were all in this together, and if they put Gwen in the hospital or worse, we all stood to do some serious prison time for their stupidity. I made a mental note to start easing those two out of the inner circle; they were getting too out of hand to control. Thanks to his lack of self control, Honey was recovering back at the cabin, and now he and his dumb girlfriend had put the teacher somewhere that was very scary, and they didn't even understand what they had done.

       We got the teacher down, and between Jerry and I we managed to carry her back to the cabin. It was a tough job since she was no lightweight like Luci. Kim continued to screw things up, managing to let Biff and Buster get loose and head off for parts unknown. Mentally I strung the dumb bitch up by her thumbs and beat her like a drum with a tree branch, turning her into raw meat. 

       I spotted Elf standing outside the cabin as we made our way like the survivors of some battle toward him. He rushed up to me and said he knew something was wrong when the dogs came back a few minutes ago. I sighed and asked him if he knew anything about first aid. He shook his head. Then he added that Honey was awake, but in quite a bit of pain from her ribs, which she told him she thought were broken. That news just added to my irritation and cinched the departure of Jerry and his moron of a girlfriend from my inner circle.


       We got the teacher onto one of the beds and I tried to get a handle on just how serious her wounds were. She was not only bleeding from both of her lower holes, there was a goodly amount of the red stuff leaking from her mouth. What really scared me was the vacant look on her face. Elf ran to the van and brought back a blanket and the small tool chest that we carried for minor van repairs. Meanwhile I had taken a closer look at her injuries and pretty much knew that the pine cones had done the most damage. It was tough going but I managed to use a set of pliers to get inside her mouth and crush the cone to the point that Elf and his mother could start removing the pieces, being very careful to avoid making her swallow any of them.

       Those damned fools had managed to wedge one pine cone completely inside Gwen's cunt, and part of a second one had also been jammed into the mouth of her twat. Breaking up the second one proved rather easy, but it took almost ten minutes to get most of the other cone broken up sufficiently to allow Elf and Luci, with her small hands, to get to work removing the broken pieces. Once this was accomplished I managed to stop most of the bleeding from her cunt. There still was a stubborn chunk of pine cone remaining too deep inside her to get with the pliers.

       After stuffing a clean rag into her cunt to soak up the trickle of blood that was still leaking from the vicinity of the material I couldn't get  at, I rolled the teacher onto her belly so I could start work on removing the pine cone they'd jammed up her asshole. By now I had the technique down pretty good, and although it was probably a bit painful for the pain-slut, we managed to get almost all of the foreign material out of her butthole without causing any increase in the bleeding. A couple of tampons that Kim happened to have in her purse proved very effective at stopping the bleeding.

       It also turned out that she had a pair of tweezers in her purse as well. This solved the problem of getting the remaining portion of the pine cone out of Gwen's cunt, and stopped me from planning a suitable punishment to take place here and now for her part in damaging the pain-slut. Elf commented after I'd completed the task of getting the last shreds out of the teacher that I looked like a real doctor as I worked. Everyone thought that was funny, even yours truly. As far as I was concerned, we had dodged a bullet, and for the rest of the weekend nobody was taking off alone with any of our candidates for any reason. I had to admit that put a crimp in some of the plans I had for little Luci, but the sacrifice was necessary to keep everything together.

       Now that order had been restored I decided that the dogs might like to take a turn on my little playmate. I supervised Elf and Jerry as they tied the naked girl into the proper position, using the old beatup coffee table to support her upper body. After roping her securely so she couldn't move much, they pulled her thighs far apart and roped them to the legs of the table, leaving her cunt open for business. To make sure she wouldn't cause the dogs any trouble whiler they were doing her, I had Elf put a noose around her neck and anchor it to the ropes binding her wrists behind her back, forcing her head back.

       We stood around the tiny teen and watched Jerry move Biff into place. At first the  mutt didn't seem too interested in having anything to do with Luci Chu, probably because he still hadn't fully recovered from doing Gwen twice earlier this morning. So, at my suggestion Biff was moved to the other side of the table so Luci could begin sucking him. It was pretty funny to watch the dog on his hind legs, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth, his eyes looking sideways to show almost all the whites, while Kim fed his chisel shaped dick into Luci's mouth so she could get him in the mood to rip her a new one.

       It was slow going, but at last Biff got some wood and was led around to put it to the naked girl. Once again Kim did the honors, rubbing the mutt's dick against the entrance to the girl's cunt as she made some funny sounding noises which to me meant she was less than enchanted that she was about to be fucked by a dog that was almost as big as she was. We all took a collective breath as Biff mounted his human bitch and started working that red, dripping length of doggy dick into Luci Chu's tight little cunt. Kim and Jerry thought it was funny when Luci started to cry as the dog began to make some progress.

       I had to admit that watching the dog do my slant-eyed sweetie got me in the mood for taking a turn on her as well, but I restrained myself. Biff picked up the pace gradually and soon shifted into turbo, that red hot poker going a mile a minute in and out of Luci's loosening twat. Just before the frantic canine blasted a monster load of boiling cum deep into my new girlfriend's fucked out cunt he let out a howl that would curl your hair. Luci gave a scream that was almost as eerie and shuddered as her tiny body was pounded relentlessly. Then they were locked up as Biff's knot moved into her clutching channel and dropped anchor.

       It was kind of funny to watch old Biff try to disengage from his bitch now that he had gotten his rocks off. He tried to get some purchase on the wooden floor, but was unsuccessful. He lunged forward and then back in a blind attempt to get rid of the connection that held him to the slip of a girl. Like all males, now that the deed was done, he wanted to part company and find a good place to take a nap. Just before giving up his efforts to get loose, the animal nipped Luci on her shoulder bringing another shreik of terror from her. My buds Jerry and Kim thought that was hilarious. I just stood there imaging that they were hanging from their thumbs, stark naked and coated with a layer of something flammable, their faces twin masks of absolute terror as they watched Luci and I approaching them with cigarette lighters at the ready.

                                                                          ( To be continued ) 


                                          Mom's Mistake


                                                                        Jethro Jodhpur

                                                                          Chapter 15

       All the commotion got Buster going and so once Biff got himself uncoupled from Luci, Buster decided he wanted a piece of my Chinese cupcake as well. Luci was less than enchanted with the prospect of having a second dog trying his best to ram his cock completely through her narrow cunt and drilling away until the red lump of dogmeat exited her mouth. At least Luci didn't have to suck on the dog's dick to get him in the mood. With the help of Jerry, the large nondescript animal mounted the skinny girl's body and plugged into her dripping hole after one or two tentative thrusts. My buddy continued to pile up the negative points with me by deciding that since Luci had nothing much to do while the dog fucked her, she should brush up on her blowjob technique using Jerry's cock of course.

       Kim's body language indicated that she was less than thrilled that her boyfriend preferred getting head from some skinny, flat-chested skank of a girl rather than her. Since those two fools had put the school teacher out of commission until at least tomorrow, there wasn't much to do except see how much punishment and degradation Luci Chu and Elf's mom could handle in the interim. This was going to cause lots of trouble because Fats wasn't into pain at all and Bones didn't have enough strength to handle any serious pain based on what I learned about her to date. On the bright side of things Honey, who was a pain monster in the sense that she loved dishing it out, was still licking her wounds thanks to the two dodos. The more I thought of what had happened here so far, the more concerned I became.

       Jerry was not to be trusted to do the right thing when it came to examining our candidates, especially the physically retarded girl who was currently gagging on his stiff cock. He had his hands against the sides of the girl's skull and he appeared to be squeezing it for all he was worth. This just illustrated why Jerry wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. What did he expect to accomplish by that dumb maneuver? Then he jammed her head forward as he thrust his hips to drive his hard meat further down her throat. By now Kim was getting a bit itchy and so she joined the fun.

       I winced as Kim took one of Luci's ears and twisted the pinkish shell into a contorted mass of pain that brought tears to the kid's eyes. Jerry grinned stupidly at his girlfriend and kicked his face-fucking up another notch, bringing strange sounds from the girl's plugged throat as it was ravaged by the thick slab of cock that rubbed her gullet raw. Meanwhile Buster was making inroads into his bitch's cunt that were impressive. More than half of his red, dripping length of dog cock was doing a disappearing act inside Luci's sore,stretched slot. I was getting worried that there would be a repetition of what happened earlier when those two got carried away with what they were doing to my little cupcake.

       Kim, of all people, broke the mood by stripping off her jeans and peeling the bikinis from her clean shaven pussy. As she did so, she told her boyfriend that she wanted a little action from the girl. By now Luci's face was bright red from the lack of oxygen; Jerry's cock had totally plugged her windpipe and she was slowly suffocating. I was on the verge of reading those two the riot act when Jerry shrugged and pulled his cock from Luci's throat, creating a loud pop as it exited. I heaved a sigh of relief and let Kim take over tormenting the tiny teen.

       Now it was Kim who had her hands full of Luci's hair, using her grip to move the girl's head to the right spot for her to begin chowing down on Kim's cunt. Meanwhile Buster was still going to town on her tight little cunt, which by now was at least halfway to becoming a comfortable berth for the dog's cock. Jerry continued to be a pain in the ass in more ways than one. He had moved around so he was able to wallop Luci's flat bottom with his big mitts. The sound of his palm slamming against the diminutive Asian's bare ass started to spook the dog who let out a few short barks followed by a warning growl that Jerry was getting in the way of progress. My partner in crime got the message and backed off to let Buster do his dog thing. That damned mutt had another gear and his doggy dick soon became a reddish blur as he poured on the coals.

       To my amazement Luci's tongue was doing some serious business at Kim's twat, so serious that she just stood there almost as if she was in a trance, enjoying the attention her pussy was receiving. It was weird to watch that tiny pink tongue slithering and slathering all over Kim's fat lipped cunt mouth, occasionally darting into that swampy fuckbox and scooping up the pussy cream that the teen was producing in large quantities. I made a mental note to make sure that Honey got a chance to enjoy the magic tongue that Luci possessed. I could just imagine the kind of threesome that we'd make, especially if the Chinese cupcake was wearing handcuffs so we could have our way with her no matter what she thought about it.

       What a scene those two and the dog were creating; Buster was beginning to get just a bit winded from his efforts to bore through Luci's insides, while Kim was jamming Luci's face into her cunt and using it like a rag to clean off the juices that were now pouring from her twat. Whoever had taught Luci how to eat pussy, my guess was Mrs. Chu, did one hell of a job. This little girl was phenomenal! However the best was yet to come. Buster finally gave it up and started flooding Luci's pussy with an ocean of dog cum. I already was planning on having Marge eat out the tiny teen's twat before I sank my johnson into it and began boring a tunnel to China.

       I guess Kim had been paying more attention to the dog doing Luci than I realized, because she started shuddering and pumping her pussy into my little cupcake's face. Her face was red and her eyes didn't look to be focused as she hopped on the O for orgasm train and rode it down the tracks for all she was worth. I glanced over and saw that Jerry was even more amazed at what was going on than I was; his mouth was halfway open and reminded me of a goldfish that comes up to the glass and appears to be staring at you, even though you know it isn't.  All this activity was getting to me, but now Buster's knot had  firmly joined him and his bitch, which meant my chances of starting in on Bones would have to be postponed for at least the next fifteen minutes or so.

       I took a look in on Honey, who was still sort of out of it, and the two lovebirds, Elf and his mom. Elf was lying on his back, arms folded behind his head while Marge, now his top, and only whore I might add, was polishing his knob with enthusiasm. I noticed that her big ass was a nice rosy red from a very recent spanking that she must have received from her "pimp" for some stupid thing she either did or didn't do. I asked him how things were going with training his new whore and he gave me a wolfish grin and said.

       "She's catching on real fast. I'd say her blowjob has improved one hundred percent in the last couple of hours, but she still has a long way to go. When I get her back to my crib I'll start renting her out to my buds for a nominal fee so she can get lots of practice before I turn her out to handle some real customers."

       I suggested that he take his whore out to the main room and give Luci some support, since she was trying to handle Jerry, Kim, the two dogs and yours truly, which wasn't easy when she only had three working holes. He reached down and grabbed a handful of the fat lady's hair and yanked it hard, snarling at her to hurry up and get him off so he could put her to work servicing the dogs and his friends as well. It began to look like Elf was going to work out just fine based on his current performance. I wondered when he'd trash his nondescript outfits and start tricking himself out with some color and flashy threads befitting his new status as a pimp.

       It had gotten wilder in my absence. Now Kim had Luci giving her a good rimming, and from the looks of things that little Chinese firecracker was turning Kim's asshole inside out. She was leaning forward with her hands holding her cheeks apart so the girl's tongue coud swab away at the bundle of sensitive nerve endings located in the vicinity of her asshole. A gay guy had once told me about that, but I passed on his offer to give me a demonstration. Based on the look of bliss on Kim's face, the guy had told me the truth, and suddenly I was eager to have an opportunity to let Luci show me just how good her rimming skills were. However it looked as if Jerry was next in line and I didn't have the heart to pull rank on him even though he had turned out to be a grade A asshole.

       Luci was still gaping pretty good after her two rounds with the dogs. The more I saw of her tongue licking out Kim's butthole and environs, the more exciting the prospect of nailing that tight tiny asshole of hers became. Suddenly Kim started to tremble and I watched in awe as Luci switched from licking to sucking Kim's bunghole for all she was worth. Damn, I wondered just how good Mrs. Chu was in the sack. The thought of having a threesome with her and Luci really got my juices flowing. Jerry looked over and grinned at me, nodding his head in the direction of the bulge that was developing in my pants. "I'm first mother fucker, don't try to go to the head of the line unless you want to duke it out with me." At this point I was more lover than fighter, but the pressure was building fast. I gave Jerry the high sign and waited impatiently for Luci to finish off Kim, who was still bouncing her ass off the girl's face and moaning loudly.

       Now it was Jerry moaning and rubbbing his ass all over Luci's face as her talented tongue searched for his sweet spots. I was absolutely amazed at how good she was when it came to rimming. She'd been busy for the better part of half an hour and was still going strong. I had decided that it was time to put another notch in my gun when it came to Luci's tight asshole. My initial attempt was a failure despite my hard cock. That bunghole was just too tight and too small for the head of my joint to force open. Fortunately for me and Luci as well, I discovered an old bottle of cooking oil in the kitchen. Soon I was back, pouring some over her ass cheeks and working it into her butthole with first one and then two fingers, as her tight sphincter relaxed and opened up like a budding flower. Jerry was still groaning and moaning as her tongue tickled every available square inch of his  asshole.

       My dick was three inches deep in her asshole when Elf and his top whore made an appearance. Their timing was a little off as far as I was concerned, but in their defense I didn't know how may times Elf had already busted his nuts in Marge's hot mouth before my arrival. Jerry was still enjoying Luci's warm, wet mouth and fast tongue as she got him closer and closer to going off. She was so wrapped up in working on his asshole that she seemed oblivious to my cock worming its way deeper and deeper into her back channel. That was another side of this strange young lady that sort of bothered me. I felt like she was ignoring my best efforts to stretch her narrow tube, which did not make me a happy camper. I put some muscle behind my thrusts and worked another inch or two between those flat ass cheeks. Still she ignored my action and noisily suctioned Jerry's asshole as if there was no tomorrow.

       Kim took some of the edge off my thoughts by ordering Marge to busy herself with getting the dogs ready for some more pussy and perhaps even a bit of asshole to boot. I wondered how Fatso was going to handle Biff or Buster's doggy dick up her butthole. Come to think of it, the reaction of Elf to this activity would be kind of fun to watch as well. For her troubles Marge took a nip from Biff and got serious growls from Buster. By now I was too busy trying to get into a rhythm with my little Chinese dumpling, that I put all this background noise out of my mind. Soon I was touching bottom, my groin bumping against her flat butt cheeks. Slowly I picked up the pace and although that tight tube still had me in a death grip, I began to make some progress. It was surprising that she didn't respond to the fairly heavy duty prodding she was getting. Then with a very loud half cry, half scream, Jerry lost his load and began fire hosing it all over the floor, reaching some impressive distances with his first couple of spurts. Kim clapped, but I wasn't sure she was cheering or making fun of him. With that pair, one never knew.

       Now that I had Luci's undivided attention I proceeded to put the wood to that tight tube of melted butter. Considering what she'd handled so far this afternoon, her response to my torpedo poking into her colon was outstanding. She wiggled her little butt from side to side to get more of it into her tunnel, and began to push back against my thrusts, generating even more friction. I put my hands on her shoulders and slipped into a higher gear, widening the track that I was taking. She started mumbling something in Chinese. I had no clue what she was saying, but that butthole was doing tricks as I reamed her out. For someone who claimed that I was too big for her asshole a day ago, she had made a marvelous recovery to be enjoying the pounding she was getting from me now. All good things must come to an end and so this little excursion into her backhole finally ran its course, as with a series of grunts I painted the walls of her colon with my sperm.

                               ( To be continued ) 

                               Mom's Mistake                        

                                                                              Chapter 16

       Now that I was finished for the moment, it was time to get serious about putting Marge to work. Luci had a couple of loads of dog cum in her tight little twat and my contribution slowly seeping from the depths of her bowels. I figured that would keep her occupied for some time, giving the two mutts a chance to get even more rest before seeing how much they could deform the fat lady's snatch. Against my better judgment I left Jerry and Kim in charge while I took another look in on my girlfriend.

       Honey had stopped complaining about her ribs, which was encouraging news. She told me that she felt good enough to join the fun provided it didn't require too much heavy lifting. I was even more encouraged at this little joke; Honey was showing signs of rounding into form, very bad for the two Nerdette candidates working outside in the main room. I decided it was worth giving Honey a heads up on my discovery concerning Luci's true age and the fact that Gwen, the school teacher, was out of action thanks to the two dodos I'd foolishly brought along with us. My girlfriend was less than delighted that she'd only have Luci to work over, but despite her grumbling I knew she was looking forward to seeing how much damage she could do to the Chinese chick.

       Jerry and Kim were quite surprised when I made my entry accompanied by Honey. They looked a little guilty, which they were, about what had transpired earlier. I let on as if nothing was needed in the line of an apology, but I knew that sooner or later Honey was going to settle the score with the two of them. It would be something I wanted to see for myself. Knowing Honey, her first victim was going to be Kim. That was going to be brutal and yours truly was definitely going to be in attendance when it occurred.

       Somehow I was not surprised at what I saw going on in the main room. Luci was roped to a heavy wooden chair in a very weird way. The skinny babe was straddling the arms of the chair, to which her thighs were roped. Her wrists were tied behind her back and pulled up so they could be anchored to another length of rope encircling her flat chest. What frightened me was the noose around her neck. It was attached to a beam in the roof directly above the chair. Luci was struggling to hold herself still enough so that the noose wouldn't sink deeper into her neck, cutting off the air to her lungs. Marge, her ankles and wrists roped tightly, was kneeling in front of the girl working her tongue in and out of the little cupcake's dripping cunt to get all the canine cum that had been pumped into her earlier in the session. Marge's back was criss-crossed with fresh angry welts made from the strap that Kim was using to make sure she did her best to suck out every drop of dog goo and swallow it down.

       Jerry was amusing himself by yanking on the noose every minute or so, causing Luci's eyes to get real big as she tried to control her body and avoid panicking. I thanked my lucky stars that Honey had come with me, since her presence had some positive effect on Kim, who slacked off on the beating she was giving Elf's mom. Elf and the dogs were missing, and I presumed he had taken them out for a walk. I guess he was just trying to delay the inevitable, which was having his top whore, who also doubled as his mom, taking on Biff and Buster. Personally, I was kind of bothered about letting the dogs have a go at the overweight woman, but at least that would keep the dumb duo of Jerry and Kim from doing any more serious damage to the little Chinese chick. Just then Jerry yanked a little harder than normal on the noose that was choking Luci and she gagged, drool coming from the corners of her mouth. Then the dumb bastard decided to cut off her air completely to see what would happen. That lasted just long enough for me to get close enough to give him  a swift kick to the nuts and down he went in a heap. Wasting no time I kicked him in the side of the head a couple of times and stomped on his ankles bringing a scream of agony fom him.

       Now Honey got into the act and grabbed Kim by the hair and started seeing how much of it she could pull out of her scalp. Before I could separate the ladies, Honey brought her knee up between Kim's legs and that was all she wrote. The teen gurgled and started to vomit as she slumped to the floor beside her writhing boyfriend. Just to make sure they both stayed down, I let Jerry have another taste of my foot, then stomped his puking girlfriend where it would do the most good. Normally I wouldn't have done such a thing to any member of the female persuasion, but Kim had been asking for it all weekend and so I made an exception in her case. I won't say where I planted my foot, but it sure interfered with her sex life for about a week or so from what I later heard.

       Luci's face was somewhere beyond crimson, headed towards that pale blue color that meant curtains in just a minute or so. I got my fingers between the noose and her neck and managed to produce some slack. Despite that she still was in a bad way. I found a knife and sawed away at the rope until it parted, allowing the girl's head to loll against her flat chest. Through it all Marge had continued to lap up the stream of dog cum that continued to drip from Luci's well fucked cunt. I told her to lighten up and she obeyed after taking another big slug of salty goo. I began to wonder about her when I saw her lick her lips and smack them contentedly. There was obviously another side to that matronly plumper that she had hidden from her son, or should I say pimp. I intended to make sure he heard of my suspicions and acted accordingly.

       I hated to admit it, but I'd really screwed the pooch when it came to inviting dumb Jerry and his dumber girlfriend along for this opening session of the Nerdette Auxilliary boot camp. It had been one fuck up after another and I was sick and tired of looking after those two to make sure they didn't seriously harm or even kill someone. I realized that when it came down to the short strokes I much preferred to see Luci Chu alive and well than those two. It was time to take them out of the equation and make an example of them to anyone else who thought that the boot camp was just an excuse to harm our candidates.

       After tying up the pair to keep them from doing any more damage, I went out to the van and retrieved the equalizer that I kept taped under the dashboard. I never liked guns, but there were times when they were a necessary evil; this was one of those times. Jerry and Kim blanched when they saw the gun in my hand. It wasn't much, a snub-nosed .38, but at close range it could get the job done. I leaned over and let Kim see what I had for her and she turned white and began to babble that she would do anything rather then die. I nodded my head and told her that was exactly what was going to happen to her and her boyfriend. In my mind I was grinning from ear to ear. What a pair; idiot's delight squared! I glanced over at Honey who was doing her best to keep a stern face, but was fighting a losing battle of it. I screamed at my girlfriend and did a good job of acting because she got almost as pale as Kim and she actually threw up her hands in fear. Since no one but myself was aware of the existence of this weapon, their reactions were probably normal. Fatso was certainly looking terrified, but my little bundle of Asian mystery was taking it all in quite calmly.

       The weather was such that the two dodos could easily spend the night locked inside the van while the rest of us slept in the cabin. I started thinking about Honey and I making a sandwich out of Luci; that would be a nice way for the three of us to start bonding. Honey was still my girlfriend, but Luci was more than just a little fluffy cloud on the horizon. Best we all see just how flexible this three-way arrangement could become. I told Elf to get busy on checking out his new whore with the dogs while I escorted the two former members of my organization out to the van. On the walk over I remembered that there were a couple of pairs of cuffs we'd brought along, but hadn't used so far. They'd do fine as restraints for these two.

       I started off with Kim, making her strip to the skin and allow me to put her into the van and cuff her to one of the van ribs that formed the main body. For Jerry I held the cocked pistol against his head as he undressed and shook like a leaf in a wind storm. I warned him that one false move and I'd blow his ear off for starters; that took all the starch out of him and he went easy, climbing naked as a jaybird into the van and letting me cuff him close by to his girlfriend. I warned them not to start yelling for help because I'd hear them first. I promised them food and a chamber pot so they didn't have  to piss all over the van's flooring and then have to coexist with the stench of their pee as it reacted with the van's materials of construction.

       By the time I got back, Marge was taking one dog in the cunt and sucking the other's red, dripping cock to keep him interested once his furry friend got done doing the nasty. She was on her knees with her ass up to give the mutt a good target for his swift moving cock. In this position her head was low enough so that she could suck the other mutt's dong to keep him ready for her tight cunt once his partner was done drilling and swamping it out with a huge load of doggie cum. The dog was on his hind legs using her shoulders to support his body. Those animals seemed to be able to rejuvenate their balls in a matter of a fraction of an hour, unlike us who needed a hell of a lot more time before we even wanted to think about fucking.

       I glanced over at Elf and saw he was sporting a major hard-on as he watched his whore/mother being worked over by the dogs. That middle-aged woman looked to be having a grand time and almost against my will I could imagine her doing a dog act for her customers, who would naturally be a bunch of sex-crazed teens with poor social skills and hard cocks. I couldn't imagine that kind of an audience eager to take on a little girl who looked like a ten year-old and had no tits or curves. However after watching someone who reminded them of their respective mothers happily degrading herself for their pleasure, they'd be fighting with each other to get a good spot in the lineup that would follow.

       Honey and Luci had disappeared into the bedroom for some quality time. Things here seemed well under control, so I looked in on the love birds to check things out. It was freaky in the extreme, Luci was on the bed, her wrists and ankles roped to the posts, a pillow under her flat ass. My equally naked girlfriend was busily engaged in stuffing Luci's little cunt with her fist. I could clearly see the bulge that it created in her narrow channel. Honey put some muscle behind it and Luci let out a howl of pain as a little more of her super tight tunnel was opened for business.

       I couldn't help myself from asking her if she was digging a hole to China. She snorted and jammed that fist another inch closer to Luci's cervix. She commented that the kid's pussy was tight as a drum despite my attempts to widen it with my cock. I unzipped and joined the pair on the bed. Luci opened her mouth even before I asked her and so I slipped the head between her lips and started seeing how far down her throat it might go. I got my answer in a hurry as she immediately began to choke and slobber all over my joint as her throat convulsed, providing some weird sensations to my cock.

       In spite of Honey's best efforts, Luci Chu's cunt proved too tight for her fist and progress ground to a halt midway up that tight tunnel. She sighed and pulled her fist from the cupcake's cunt, creating a popping sound as the tight tube of flesh grudgingly gave up the invader. She made the girl lick off every bit of mucous and other slimy material that had been deposited on her fist and the few inches of forearm that also went inside her. I couldn't resist suggesting that she sample the girl's tongue, knowing full well what kind of a treat Luci could provide. Honey shifted her body until her pussy hovered over the little cutie's face. She very carefully settled it down onto the girl's mouth and then her eyes got wide and widened still further as that little turbo-tongue got busy burrowing into Honey's pussy.I looked over to the other bed and noticed that the school teacher was beginning to stir, a good sign. I hoped that we could put her through her paces tomorrow, because she had nerdette written all over her.

       Honey started grunting as the tiny tongue began doing tricks inside her cunt. She was looking down at the kid's chest and focusing on her very erect nipples that looked as if they could cut glass. The little China doll was really getting into making Honey go wild. My girlfriend arched her back took a deep breath and then the first orgasm roared through her body. What a mismatch, the little Asian made Honey her total slave and began to drive her toward the cliff. I'd already witnessed what happened to Kim, and I eagerly awaited seeing my nasty girlfriend turned into mush before my very eyes. Orgasm two flattened her like a pancake under a steam roller, and orgasm three, the mother of mothers, broke like a giant wave and drove her into the sand  face first. Honey 's eyes rolled back into her head and she swooned, falling forward and almost suffocating the little tiger that had done her in.

       Once I got them separated and helped Honey come back to earth, I decided it would be wise if we called it a day and got ready for dinner. I checked outside and discovered that  Elf was putting the wood to his mom like there was no tomorrow. I guess watching her take on those mutts and realizing just how much she was enjoying the hard dicks blasting away inside that steamy swamp of a cunt must have pushed Elf over the edge. Now he was getting a taste, in fact, more than a taste based on how hard he was punishing his mom's cunt. I watched him finish her off, emptying his nuts until there wasn't a drop of semen left in them. Mom looked like she was in a trance, her tits heaving and her cunt pushing out a river of pussy cream that created a widening circle between her plump, cellulite pocked thighs.

       A couple of hours later we were ready to turn in except for my chore of feeding and watering Jerry and Kim. Little Luci assisted me, carrying the makeshift chamber pot now filled with water, while I balanced the two trays of food. Our former compatriots were more than a bit happy to see us and without so much as a by your leave, they began devouring Marge's cooking, which wasn't all that bad. We bid them good night and headed back. Frankly I was getting the urge to make a detour and see how much of my cock the little cupcake could handle on a full stomach, but I reisisted temptation, knowing that tomorrow there would be plenty of opportunities to spend some quality time with little Luci in the comfort of one of the beds in the back room of the cabin.

       Honey and I shared a bed and the school teacher, who had recovered sufficiently to eat something for dinner, bunked with Luci. Elf and his mom sacked out on the floor of the main room under some blankets. The last sound I heard was whispering and giggling from the main room and the rhythmic creaking of a loose floorboard, letting us know that Elf and his mom still hadn't gotten enough of each other.

                               (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                                      Mom's Mistake                               

                                        Chapter 17

       We all slept in, Elf finally waking up to walk the dogs. This in turn aroused me and I realized by the amount of sunlight that half the morning was gone. Getting everyone out of the sack took some doing, Elf wanted to take his mom into the back bedroom and start the day off right by dumping a big load of cum into her well used cunt. Luci and the teacher tried to ignore us, but a few well-aimed slaps to their bare butts scotched that plan. Soon everyone was assembled in the main room, the candidates squatting over their respective bowls, preparing to fill them with piss while we all looked on.

       The threesome had no idea that the rest of us had already pissed into a huge pot, and all that was needed was their contribution plus whatever came from Jerry and Kim out in the van. This morning we were going to watch and see who could drink the most piss and hold it the longest. Gwen looked none the worse for wear this morning. She pissed like a cow and it was a contest between her and Marge to see who could produce the most yellow stuff. Luci, with her smaller bladder, was totally outclassed by these two heavyweights. Marge not only pissed the most, she finished before Gwen, who now had to pay a penalty.

       I took a stroll out to the van and collected the chamber pot, which was filled to near capacity. I told the two that breakfast would be served shortly and if they wanted any they better not give us any trouble. They got the picture and settled down to pass the time. Jerry asked if I could change the cuffs to allow them to get closer so they could at least do some sucking and fucking to pass the time of day. I cut them a break and left as the two were figuring out ways to get close enough to do the nasty.

       Back inside Elf had taken charge, something I hoped  he'd start doing more and more. Gwen was giving it up to Biff, while Buster licked his dick and waited patiently for his crack at the teacher. The mutt doing Gwen acted like he hadn't had any pussy, canine or otherwise, in a month of sundays. I was happy to see that so far the teacher's cunt wasn't bleeding. I guess pain sluts have a superior constitution than we normal folks. I wondered if we should let Buster take a run at the teacher's tight asshole. The worst he could do was to start her bleeding again. That we knew how to handle.

       After pouring the contents of the chamberpot into the kettle containing the rest of everyone's contribution, I let it simmer on the stove at low heat for maybe ten minutes to really kick it up another notch. What I wanted was something that the average bimbo could not hold down. That was the main part of my plan. First I'd make the Chinese cupcake drink her fill and then some. What I expected her to do was upchuck, which was why there would be another large pan available to catch her barf. Then the barf plus more piss would be forced down Marge's throat until she too had to puke up the sharp and stinking mixture, now adding her stomach acid to the mess. Then it would be Gwen's turn. Only this time after we forced her belly to bulge with the twice recycled contents, plus a huge addition from the kettle, we were going to gag her and watch as she got rid of this massive load of burning fluid through her nostrils. I was almost sorry that Jerry and Kim couldn't see that.

       I returned to the main room just in time to see Buster finishing off Gwen, who appeared none the worse for wear. Elf had done a good job of decision making, he had taken a conservative approach, letting  both animals do Gwen's cunt, rather than risk starting her asshole bleeding once more. There was hope for that nerd after all.  We took the trio of candidates outside to avoid contaminating our living quarters with the odious stench that they'd create as the heated urine got stronger and stronger with each cycle. I poured Luci a big slug of the heated piss and she gulped it down with a grimace. Then she took another big swig and still another. By now her cute little belly was rounding out and if anything she looked even sexier. Another big dose was gulped down. By now everyone, including the other candidates, was staring at the tiny teen's little body as her stomach got even larger. I had Elf hold her head tilted back and Honey kept her jaws from closing as I  poured the piss straight down her throat. She took an immense quantity, such that she looked for all the world as if she were pregnant. At this point I had visions of carrying her off into the woods, finding my favorite log and fucking her bowlegged as she puked up all that piss and we made a huge mess together.

       Honey took charge of the situation and planted her foot into Luci swollen midsection. Elf showed his dexterity as he managed to catch the majority of the spewings from her convulsing throat and roiling stomach. Luci was not done yet; Honey's knee came up and lifted the naked micro-teen off the ground from the force of the blow. The little cutie's face paled and then started to turn blue as her breathing was stopped momentarily. She thrashed around on the ground, her little body soon coated with the residue of puke, piss and her own mucous. Just to show everyone that I was in charge I stepped up and nailed her in the ribcage wth my foot, forcing her to roll over and over in the muck, moaning and mumbling in her native tongue as the pain marched through her tiny, frail body.

       Next up was Marge. Like the others, her hands  were tightly tied behind her back to make her even more vulnerable to what we had in store for her. She had seen enough not to make any trouble. She took one big swallow after another and her gut soon was bulging to the point that it almost hid her hairy cunt from view. It was then that I got the bright idea of marking the new crop of nerdettes by making sure that their pussies were as bald as cue balls. I'd put that plan into operation later today. It took some time, but Marge managed to swallow everything that Luci had thrown up.


       Then came the real fun as we now loaded more fresh, warm piss into her belly as well. Elf took the lead, massaging his mother's bloated belly so she could take even more. She took more and then even more, bringing ohhs and ahhs from the group. This was a big surprise and definitely put the heat on the school teacher. Finally Marge could take no more and I did the honors, kicking her squarely in the cunt to start her upchucking the monster load that was swishing and churning inside her swollen belly. Elf did a great job of catching the great majority of what she spewed out. It was so much that he actually staggered under the weight of what she contributed to the container. All eyes now turned to a sweating Gwen, her ass was on the line for all to see.

       Since Gwen had taken yesterday off, thanks to her injuries, I decided to handicap her a bit more. I knew where Kim had hidden the dildo she intended to use on Gwen, so I retrieved it. It was a monster worthy of only someone heavy into pain. I had Elf hold it steady while Gwen squatted over it and gingerly lowered her hairy cunt down onto the huge hunk of hard rubber. Inch by slow inch she absorbed the black beauty as we watched and urged her to get down, get down. She managed to take over eight inches before grunting and beginning to show some signs of discomfort. I didn't want her busting open her twat that was just beginning to heal from the pine cone damage, so I cut her some slack and told her to hold herself where she was and get ready to swallow a gallon of the ugliest brew ever concocted.

       I suggested that Honey whip the teacher's tits while she busied herself drinking down the first installment of the stinking, bubbling mess that Elf poured from the jug. The rest of the recycled piss plus fresh stuff donated by Honey and Elf was back into the cabin to be reheated. Elf and his mom were in charge of making sure it was ready in ten minutes or Marge would have another load of it to handle.I watched Gwen's big tits bounce in rhythm to the blows from the strap that Honey was using to decorate them. Honey really knew her business when it came to dishing out pain to a woman. She whipped those bags of fat from top to bottom and side to side, covering them completely with welts and even a few cuts. Gwen hardly noticed as she did her best to keep pace with the flow of foul smelling and probably even worse tasting gunk that was coming from the jug.

       It was a slow process, but Gwen proved to be a trooper. She seemed impervious to the effects of the whipping her big tits were absorbing. Whenever Honey took a break she had Gwen do a few squats on the dildo, moving her pussy up and down perhaps six inches of that monster, before settling down on it so she could concentrate on swallowing more of the hot, filthy brew Elf poured into her mouth.  Inch by inch Gwen's belly grew as she grunted and sweated while her throat gulped down the foul mixture. Her big stomach soon made it more and more difficult for her to keep her balance, and it showed in the way her thighs trembled. I suggested that Honey whip that bloated belly to get things churning. My girfriend went me one better by whipping up under that bulging gut to put some color into her cunt lips, and on one lucky occasion scored a direct hit on that fat clit, which had come out from its protective hood to participate in the fun.

       The contest came to an abrupt end when without warning Gwen collapsed onto her side and began vomiting up everything she'd swallowed in the last fifteen minutes. Honey began kicking the school teacher in the belly and that made matters worse. Now her face started to get red and darkened from there. I had to pull my angry girlfriend off her victim and get Gwen into a sitting position so she could at least vomit without having it get in the way of her breathing. Honey was far from finished with Gwen. She did a flanking maneuver to get around me and behind the pain slut. The next thing I knew she was rabbit punching the dazed woman, and yelling at her for chickening out of the contest.

       I had to admit she had a good point. So I decided that the two losers would have to pay a penalty. The winner, Elf's mom, would get the chance to have the dogs do her, and if he was interested, Elf could nail her as well after she'd sucked up every drop of dog cum they had pumped into her cunt. I had a feeling that she might have chosen the dogs if it were her option. I don't think that her son was quite ready for that type of revelation from his top whore, mom.

       Honey and I marched the two losers out into the woods, looking for trees with low hanging branches from which we could hang these two so they could receive the whipping they both deserved. We finally came upon a tree that met our needs; unfortunately there was no other nearby trees that foot the bill. We decided to string up Luci Chu first, so as to give Gwen more time to recover from her ordeal. To make it even more interesting we hung the little cutie by her ankles, spread wide to give us access to her coin slot of a twat as well as the rest of her goodies like that flat Asian ass. I let Honey start the kid off with her trusty strap that had done such a good job decorating Gwen's big tits.

       You should have heard that little tyke scream when the first stroke neatly split her cunt lips. Honey was in good form and she was merciless. She landed  blow after blow to the China doll's swollen cunt mouth, each sounding like a pistol shot. She took a break and let me have a go at Luci. I worked over that flat bottom, trying to whip her crack, but rarely succeeding. Honey stripped down to her panties to give herself more freedom and resumed  flogging the child-like body of the girl who sobbed and begged as her skin was striped with welt after welt. On my next turn I concentrated on her flat chest, especially those hard nubbins that would soon become nipples. She was reduced to whimpering as I slashed her chest, covering it with a layer of crimson stripes that soon melded together.

       Honey suggested she and I renew our physical relationship, which had suffered  severely on this trip. She looked damned good to me in just those tight bikinis that outlined her plump pussy mound and seemed to call to me to give it what it needed. Luci and Gwen were the audience as Honey and I went at it. It was great sex, no doubt about that. I didn't last very long, all things considered. Honey chided me and suggested that I let her give me some head to get me ready for round two. I stretched out and watched Luci's eyes homing in on what was happening. I wondered what was going through her mind.

       Little did she know that I was planning on adding her to my private stock, once I convinced Honey that she could benefit as well. Any more thoughts on that subject went out the window as Honey 's mouth turned into a vacuum cleaner and I was hoovered into a fairly decent erection in a matter of minutes. This time I was  better able to control myself and a very good time was had by all, even though I had to go down on Honey and suck out my cum from her cunt as my way of saying I was sorry to have neglected her. I held the slimy mess in my mouth until l was able to transfer it to Gwen's mouth and make her gargle with it before swallowing.

       I felt like taking a nap right about now, but knew I'd never hear the end of it from Honey. She was back at it, making hamburger out of Luci's pussy, whipping straight down between her spread thighs and doing major damage to that tender twat. She whipped the girl until snot ran out of the China doll's nose. Then Honey dropped the strap and dug her fingernails into the Luci's ass cheeks and scratched deep furrows into the flesh. The litle tyke's screams hit new highs as the pain engulfed her tiny, tremblng body. She was  finished, and Honey knew it. It was now time for the main event, the battle of the buns as Honey described it.

       Taking Luci down from the tree was a piece of cake, getting Gwen properly hung by her ankles took all our strength since she was at least twice Luci's weight. Honey and I had to take a break to recuperate. So we lay side by side just playing a little grab-ass while we watched the sweat roll off  Gwen's big body. Even after the vicious beating she'd taken yesterday, there was still plenty of places on that big meaty form well worth whipping. We discussed who would do what to which parts of her body.

       Honey naturally wanted her big tits, I think she was kind of jealous about the size and shape of those plump melons that Gwen was packing. I wanted to whip the insides of her flabby thighs and see if I could draw much blood. Then Honey chose to whip the crack in the school teacher's ass, betting me that she could draw blood before she was finished. Then it was my turn again, and so I picked her armpits which would require loosening the ropes tying her hands behind her back and devising a way to keep her arms hanging straight down. I spotted a small log that just might do the trick if it was heavy enough. Honey thought I was crazy to spend so much tme just to get at her pits, but she should have known better.

       Honey looked real good in the nude, and watching her tear into Gwen's naked and very vulnerable body did give me a charge. Honey and I were a lot alike, and that was one of our strongest bonds, seeing how much one of our victims could handle and still come back for more. The nerdettes was a stroke of genius and I could hardly wait for the next group of candidates to join us at the cabin! My girl was concentrating her attack on the undersides of Gwen's tits, a most sensitive and usually overlooked portion of the female anatomy. Too bad Luci didn't have tits, it would be fun to ruin them in this way. Knowing I could trust Honey to not get too carried away with the beating she was giving our pain slut, I wandered into the woods to see what mother nature might offer me in the line of things to make Gwen miserable, and happy at the same time.

                       (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)   

                               Mom's Mistake - Chapter 18

       Mother nature gave up some of her secrets to me on this rather long walk. I discovered a stand of willows and cut off half a dozen of the whippy lengths, imagining what they'd do to Gwen's thighs and the crack in her ass. Further along I found a forlorn looking rose bush covered with thorny limbs that were the same type as had done such awesome damage to the pain slut yesterday. Temptation won out over good sense; I just had to see the kind of damage I could do to her armpits and maybe the lips of her cunt with this ugly offspring of our national flower.

       Finally I stumbled upon a hellish combination of intertwined cockleburs and nettles. I wished I had taken this walk before we'd strung up the micropussy. These burs and nettles would have been perfect to torture the tiny teen until she lost her voice from screaming and begging for mercy. Too bad for Gwen, she would get as much pain and suffering from these little devils as I could dream up for the pain slut. If she could handle this, she could deal with almost anything short of my chili pepper enema mixed with carbolic acid, diluted slightly in order to keep the victim from going totally insane from the awesome pain this fiendish mixture could generate.

       I gingerly harvested a few segments of this devilish combination and added it to the willow switches and thorn limbs. By the time I returned with my treasure trove of natural torture instruments, Honey had shot her wad and was parked beneath the tree from which Gwen hung, the raw undersides of her purple tits bleeding in too many places to count. I grinned down at her and reeled off my collection of weapons that would be tried out on the pain slut as sort of her final examination. Honey was jazzed to put it mildly, volunteering a combined blowjob and ass fucking in return for a turn with even one of these nasty packages of natural material.

       Walking towards Gwen it was possible to see that she was conscious and in some pain, her tits swollen and still bleeding. I couldn't resist giving her a foot to the belly, nice and low, just missing her cunt. She gagged and some bile dribbled from her slack mouth.  Her eyes got wide and she licked her lips in anticipation of all the nice and nasty pain she was about to experience, once she  saw the willow switches in my hand. Gwen got her wish, in spades as they say. I lit into her thighs and crisscrossed those flabby sections with deep welts that bloomed into livid ridges of swollen flesh. The switches really worked well, and so I moved up closer to her cunt and then gave her a few diagonal slashes that caught both sets of cunt lips and made her cry out in agony. That got Honey's attention and she wandered over and watched me go at Gwen's moneymaker with a fury that even surprised me. When I tired, I offered Honey the choice of the thorn branches or the twin devils as I called the other batch of fiery pain.

       Honey used the thorns and worked carefully on her target which was the narrow and very sensitive region between her curvy ass cheeks. She landed again and again, showering both her victim and herself with drops of blood that exploded from Gwen's torn flesh. Tiring of this sport, she walked the thorns across the pain slut's ass, ripping away the flesh with every stroke. Blood ran down her back in small rivulets and dripped down to form a small puddle below her dangling head. Finally my girlfriend couldn't raise her arm to land one more blow, and so I took over.

       Dragging the small log over to where the candidate was hanging upside down proved to be a major task. After a break, and with Honey's help, we got Gwen's hands untied, the log wrapped with a number of rope loops and then attached to her wrists which dangled below her head. Now Gwen's sensitive armpits were open for business, and revealed a crop of fresh springy hair growing deep within the folds. It was reasonable to expect any candidate's armpits to be as clean shaven as her pubic mound. So now there were two reasons for working on that tender region. However first I wanted to see the effect of dragging a length of nettles and cockleburs across her swollen bleeding cunt that had been torn up freshly by my latest attack.

       Honey was all eyes as the prickly burs and hollow needles comprising the nettles were dragged between the swollen bleeding cunt lips of the school teacher. It took but a few moments before Gwen let out a shriek and began thrashing in midair to escape the fiery reaction that took place inside the folds of her cunt mouth. We both jumped back in surprise at this violent response from the pain slut. Her eyes were popping and her voice rose higher and higher as the stinging needles and burs injected their poison into her already ravaged flesh. Honey went a bit insane at this point and began whipping the woman's cunt into a frothing piece of raw, bloody meat, using the thorn branch.

       It was a spectacular scene featuring my naked girlfriend, the equally naked school teacher and what may have seemed like a blood bath at first glance. In truth most of the damage to the teacher was minor flesh wounds and would be nothing but a memory in a week or two. Honey finally ran out of energy and had to backoff and regain her composure before launching her next assault. All bets were off and the devil take the hindmost was the order of the day. The nettles and cockleburs now were marched between her bleeding ass cheeks and she did tricks in midair as the pain ripped its way through her rectal area. In retrospect we were very fortunate not to have been seen or heard by other people using the forest.

       Gwen's armpits were like a magnet and I attacked them first with the willow switches, cutting the tender flesh into bloody furrows and splattering blood everywhere. I was astonished at how much she bled, but if anything it made me even crazier, which was very dangerous for both of us. Her voice was hoarse from screaming and now she was reduced to whimpering and only an occasional shout whenI ripped a good one into that nest of springy armpit hair. I finally got control and switched from the willows to the twin tormentors.

        Gwen lost her mind when the combination of the stinging cockleburs and the histamines from the nettles went to work on her tender, raw and bloody armpit flesh. She no longer screamed or shrieked, she bellowed like a wounded animal. Her entire body shuddered and convulsed as the poisons raced through her blood stream, wrecking havoc with her nervous system as well. Gwen began to vomit, her eyes nearly popped from their sockets, and she even started chewing her tongue, creating a bloody froth that issued from her mouth, making her look inhuman.

       It was then that Honey pulled me away from the teacher and begged me to stop before I killed the woman. In a daze I backed away, and then observed the pussy cream that was bubbling from that hairy cunt. Gwen the pain slut was having a nice big orgasm, compliments of yours truly. I was vindicated and thrilled as well that I could create such a rush within her bloodied body. I wondered just where her limits were, and could anyone ever find them? I'm sure the nerds would do their best to solve this mystery even if it brought her to death's door.

       We cut Gwen down and gave her some rest to get her act together. All that activity had made Honey and I horny as hell, and so while Gwen moaned and played with her wounds to keep the pain coming in manageable doses, we went at it like a couple of animals, which is probably what we were. I pounded my cock into Honey's hot, wet cunt as it tightened like a noose around my shaft, trying to keep it buried deep inside her. I grabbed her tits and tried to tear them from her chest as she screamed and bit me on the shoulder. We rolled over and she was on top and now I punched my cock deep into her guts as she cursed me for not getting her off yet. We rolled over and this time I gave her a brutal beating with my hard cock, slamming it into her again and again as her face flushed and her eyes got big and stared off into space. Her orgasm was major and that triggered me off as well. It felt as if I pumped a gallon of hot cum into that twitching cunt that clutched my cock in a death grip of sorts. When we finally came down from our sexual high, Gwen was strumming her bloody cunt for all she was worth, trying to get herself off one more time. This was going to be some act for any other nerdette candidate to follow.

       Getting back to the cabin was a slow process thanks to Gwen, who could barely walk from her various wounds. Honey kept her moving by whipping her big ass with a willow switch whenever it looked as if she wanted to stop and lie down to enjoy a little pain trip. I took the lead holding the rope tied around the teacher's neck to keep her moving in the right direction. Honey kept threatening our candidate with even worse punishments once we got her back to the cabin. That may have incentivized the pain slut to keep moving in hopes of reaching a new pain high once we reached the cabin.

       We all knew that any further damage to that big body would mean she'd have to miss work tomorrow, which was a no-no. She didn't know it, but Elf and the gang had other plans for her after she got done teaching school. It involved welcoming her as the first official nerdette. A very good time was planned for all in attendance, except perhaps their guest of honor who would have to work very hard for her pain, very hard indeed. A nerd is first and foremost a sexual being, and they intended to prove that to her with a vengeance.

       After what seemed like an eternity we finally arrived at the cabin. We were too tired to call for Elf to come and give us a hand. I told Honey to stay put and I'd go get the nerd. As I neared the cabin I could hear Marge yelping, followed by a cruel laugh from Elf, silence, and then the sound of something striking wet flesh, creating a moan from the cupcake. Curious, I approached one of the windows and looked  in at what was happening. My guy Elf was doing himself proud. He had his mom roped to a chair with her legs hanging over the arms, exposing her hairy twat. AsI watched, he approached his mother and wrapped a few of her thick, curly pubic hairs around his finger, grinned at her and yanked them out by the roots bringing a loud gasp and yelp from her. He switched the strap that was in one hand to the other and turned towards Luci who was naked and hanging by her wrists from a rope tossed over the rafter and anchored securely. Her little chest, belly and that gash of a cunt mouth were covered with welts. Her cunt lips were blood bloated, and a stream of dog cum dribbled from between them. Then the strap put another welt across both lips, high up by her clit, bringing a grunt of pain from the Chinese chick. Biff and Buster were curled up in the corner, their red dicks unsheathed, evidence that they'd been recently busy doing the little one.

       The force of his blow made the girl's body twist around, revealing her flat ass, which was well marked with livid welts, and her asshole that gaped like an open wound. Issuing from that unblinking brown eye was another stream of dog cum. She'd had the full course, that was for sure. The strap coiled around what passed for her hips and she cried out once more. Elf was really putting the blocks to his young nerdette candidate. I began to wonder if mixed in with the dog cum was his own contribution. Did my protege' have the hots for Luci as well as his mom and Gwen? I was going to have a talk with Elf about sharing the wealth, especially when it came to pussy I was also very interested in using on a regular basis.

       I waited until Elf yanked another batch of  cunt hair from his mom's full bush before I entered and asked him to give me a hand getting Gwen into the cabin. Acting as if seeing Luci hanging naked by her wrists with her thin, tight body covered with fresh welts and cum drooling from both her holes was nothing new, I escorted him to where Honey and Gwen waited. All Elf could say was "wow!" when he came up to his school teacher and checked out the fresh damage we'd caused to that big body. Honey insisted that she could take more and was willing to prove her point. Elf just blinked before taking the rope from my girlfriend and tugging on it to get Gwen moving toward the cabin.

       One we got Gwen tied to another chair in the same way as Marge, we settled down and relaxed. Elf got back to denuding his mother's thick bush and putting another layer of welts over the last batch he'd given the girl. I was startled at the muscle he put into each blow he delivered. Luci was beyond making much noise other than an occasional grunt whenever he hit a really sensitive spot, like her clit or the tip of one of her hip bones with the buckle end of the strap. I asked him if he was trying to beat the tiny teen to death, and got no answer, just another vicious blow to her cunt, this time from top to bottom. It was probably wiser to let him get whatever was bugging him out of his system, if that didn't mean letting him cripple or kill the little kid, who I had to remind myself was at least five to seven years older than she looked.

       Elf finally ran out of steam and by then Honey was refreshed and ready to take another run at whoever deserved her attention. Unfortunately it was Luci who caught her eye, perhaps because she was still looking for payback for being run through the mill by the little doll's turbo tongue. So those two disappeared into the back bedroom for payback time, leaving me and Elf in charge of Marge and Gwen, neither of whom was in great shape. So we turned the afternoon into "pubesorama", seeing how many pubic hairs we could remove with either his technique or mine, which involved a pair of tweezers borrowed from Honey. To make things even we traded partners every fifty pubic hairs. Elf, the little pervert, got the bright idea of having each lady dispose of the pubic hairs we removed by swallowing them. This proved to be great sport as they choked and gagged and even spit up the tiny irritating tendrils.

       I took a lead in the game when I discovered that Gwen had some hairs growing from her nipple area.These little buggers were hard to pull out and when they finally yielded, they took  some skin and generated a little blood from where they used to reside. Let's face it, Gwen being the major pain slut that she was, had a tremendous advantage over Elf's mom, who was your garden variety fuck pig, with a strong tendency to become a certified doggy bitch as well. However the unequal struggle continued, with Marge taking the worst of it. It was Elf again who suggested that we put Gwen on the table, face up, her legs spread and roped to the legs while her arms were pulled over her head and tied down to the other side from her legs. In this manner her armpit hair was now also available, and perhaps with the two of us yanking away, the amount of pain might be somewhat evened out.

       So Elf and I took an armpit and yanked twenty-five hairs from each. Then we split up with one of us taking her pubes and the other working on Marge's hairy box lunch. Things were going along just fine when we heard this awful strangled scream coming from the back bedroom. We investigated and discovered that somehow Honey had managed to pierce Luci's tongue with a three-inch hatpin, preventing the little cupcake from protecting her tongue by tucking it away inside her mouth. Elf was fascinated by this situation and hovered inches away from the quivering lump of pink flesh neatly skewered almost like one of those butterflies. It seems that according to Honey, the little teaser not only made her lose her mind from having her twat teased and tickled to beyond her ability to stand it, she also performed the same trick on her tight asshole, milking an anal orgasm from my girlfriend as well. This was Honey's way of retaliating. We invited her to join the fun we were having trying to clean off the muffs guarding the cunts of our two candidates. So we left Luci tied spread-eagle to the bed, her tongue neatly pierced and held captive by the hatpin.

                             (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                                  Mom's Mistake - Chapter 19

       The only problem I had once Honey joined the game was that she took back the tweezers I'd borrowed from her. This reduced me to the level of Elf, namely wrapping the pubic hair around my finger and then yanking it out by the roots. This procedure was not to my liking. I could make reasonable progress with Marge who had a full bush that grew like a jungle. In the case of Gwen, her pubes were not as strong and broke off as often as they were plucked free and clear. This turned to my advantage once I learned the secret to deliberately causing them to break just below the skin line. This created the classic ingrown hair, a very painful malady that could make the sufferer miserable for weeks in some cases.

       In the next hour we three made good progress in thinning the jungle that grew between Marge's legs, and even the dense matted muff guarding Gwen's fat-lipped cunt. It was Honey who announced that she for one was getting bored with this approach to denuding the nerdette candidates. Once more she went into her bag of tricks and came up with a small razor. She suggested we take turns dry shaving Marge and Gwen until they were smooth as a baby's bottom. In the case of Gwen, her armpits and the happy trail running up to her navel were also to be included. Once again Elf made the observation that both candidates could use some razor work between their ass cheeks, where additional hair had migrated.

       This was a lot more fun than pulling out pubic hairs one by one. Only Honey had any expertise with that razor. However she still managed to occasionally nick them in the most sensitive places as she tirelessly went over a specific region again and again until it was clean, although often  nicked up and bleeding slightly. My heavy hand wrecked havoc wherever it touched. The ladies didn't help matters by flinching and moving, causing me to leave a bloody trail of nicks and deeper cuts. Elf was even worse, he thought the game was to make as may cuts as possible to the various spots that he covered.

       With time the razor was fouled by tufts of hair that stuck beneath the blade and were difficult to remove in many cases. As the blade grew duller the number of scrapes, cuts, dings and nicks grew by leaps and bounds. Marge was the first to burst into tears from the steady, growing pain that radiated from the dozens upon dozens of small and not so small wounds that covered her most intimate areas. I was wielding the blade when this happened and she took a deep gash just a fraction of an inch from her fat clit. She bled heavily and it required the application of a makeshift compress to staunch the bleeding. Despite that problem, I continued to work on her pubic mound to make sure that every bit of her muff was either gone or had been turned into an incipient ingrown hair.

       Gwen was in seventh heaven as we took turns scraping her skin raw. We made no attempt to be careful with our prime pain slut. She was nicked, slashed, gashed, cut, gouged and even slit in some very intimate spots by the dull blade and its ignorant operators. I put a whopper of a cut right next to her unblinking brown eye and she screamed in agony, her entire body twitching from the terrible pain that proved to be too much for her to take in her weakened condition. That was the end of my booty duty. I was relegated to cleanup work in the vicinity of her raw looking pussy mouth and the happy trail that I still managed to turn into a path of small cuts and nicks as she continuously moved when she shouldn't have. Personally I think she was just making sure she got plenty of pain, and so I didn't feel any sorrow over any of the marks I made in my work.

       We had agreed to leave Gwen's hairy armpits for last, and to let each take a turn hacking away at the hair growing in the folds of skin. Honey set the tone by not bothering to even stretch the skin before scraping it raw. While she worked away, I played with Gwen's clit, making it grow fat and hard. Elf, not to be left out of the fun, worked his hand into the school teacher's cunt and tried to make a fist . Gwen wan't able to handle the pain since she was still trying to deal with the damage caused by the pine cones that had been jammed up her twat less than a day ago. She was a quick healer, but not that quick.

       My protege' grinned when I suggested that he see about getting his cock up Gwen's asshole, which hadn't been used much since the pine cone incident. She screamed bloody murder as he worked an inch at a time up that tight shute. He was maybe four inches deep when she tried to break loose from the ropes holding her down to the table. He held his ground and let her gyrate to her heart's content. Then he fed her another agonizing inch and she bellowed in agony. I guess his cock was beginning to bust open the scabs that had been forming to assist the healing process. Now it looked as if she was back to square one, not a good sign considering the plans the nerds had for their new nerdette tomorrow. To his credit Elf figured things out just as fast as I did, and backed out with a loud pop. That's not to say that Gwen didn't pay a penalty for getting in the  way of progress, but that took place in the van on the way back.

       I had a ball adding all sorts of cuts and scrapes to Gwen's bleeding armpits. She was digging it now that her asshole had calmed down. I could not resist deliberately marking her. She wailed like a banshee as I slowly cut the initial N into her armpit, enjoying the way the blood welled up behind the stroke of the razor which I had cocked so that the tip rather than the edge did the cutting. Honey gave me the thumbs up sign and then followed my lead, carving an even deeper N into Gwen's other armpit. I could swear that our pain slut was going to break loose from the ropes, that's how painful Honey's carving was.

       Marge and Gwen were a collective mess, blood flowing from dozens upon dozens of wounds, many quite deep. By tomorrow they would be really in a world of hurt and that was a good thing as far as I was concerned. I wanted the successful candidates to know that it took a lot of suffering to make a nerdette. There still was the matter of what to do with the third nerdette wannabe. Honey was all for dry shaving her entire body for giggles. Elf thought that was a great idea. It sort of left me cold, but I couldn't really come up with a strong argument against giving our tiny teen a good send-off before we made our final decision on her fate as a nerdette. On the bright side of things it would give me a chance to fool around with her tight twat and asshole while the others were scraping her skin raw and doing their best to make her look like a small side of beef fresh from being butchered.

       It took the combined efforts of all three of us to get Luci Chu restrained and suspended in a way that made every square inch of her child-like body available for shaving. In actuality it would be more like scraping, since the razor had long since lost its edge. She hung in space in the form of an X, her spindly arms and legs stretched so tight that they trembled fom the strain put on  them by the ropes that were anchored securely to various spots in the walls that met in the corner of the room. She was elevated so that we could look her in the eye while she was tortured to her limits, and beyond. Honey had decreed that the hatpin would remain piercing Luci's tongue while we did our thing on her tight little body.

       Honey wasted no time beginning at the girl's neck and abrading her skin until Luci began to take on the look of a boiled lobster. Her squeals and squeaks were music to Honey's ears, but got on everyone else's nerves to the point that my girlfriend was forced to remove the hatpin from the girl's throbbing tongue, so she could be gagged with a pair of Gwen's ripe panties. That took some of the enjoyment away, but her eyes still told a story as the blade scraped off the top layer of skin covering her chest, making repeated passes across her pointy nipples until they bled. Elf was so heavy-handed that he might have left some permanent scarring behind when he was done with her belly. My hands trembled as I got the opportunity to grind away some minuscule portions of her thin cunt lips. I had a painful erection by the time I was done taking my "ounce of flesh" from her naked body. Luci passed out for the first time while Honey was carving away the skin between her ribs that were so well defined by her gaunt body the details of each bone could be easily seen.

       We took a break and let our candidate recover. To pass the time, Elf had Biff and Buster take turns fucking his mom bowlegged, making sure that she got a mouthful of doggy cum from each animal. I was becoming more and more convinced that Marge was an animal lover par excellence, and was likely to enjoy other members of the animal kingdom as well. I wondered about finding an animal shop owner who might rent me something like a monkey or maybe a chimp. That could make for a very fun evening when the nerds were getting bored with Marge doing her dog act.

       It took another hour and a half during which time Luci passed out twice more before we were so tired of cutting her that we just ran out of enthusiasm. I did get a chance to nick her anus, and that made my day for sure. I thought she was going to rupture every muscle in her frail body when my hand slipped and the tip of the blade scored her big time. My reaction was one of anger at my clumsiness and secret glee that I'd hurt her as bad or worse than anyone else during this weird weekend. It took many minutes for the bleeding to stop, and that ended this phase of her initiation.

       The fun never seemed to be over at Camp Hellhole. Honey suggested that we officially signify those candidates who qualified to be identified for all time as nerdettes. Gwen and Marge were unanimous choices, but to my surprise and dismay, both Honey and Elf, that turncoat, voted to keep Luci as a candidate in waiting after a lengthy discussion between the three of us. The more I thought of their decision, the better I liked it. I was still angling to get my hands on that little Chinese cupcake, come hell or high water. It was apparent that Elf may have jumped the gun by nominating her. I had a hunch that Mr and Mrs Chu would have the final say as to what happened to their "adopted" daughter.

       Honey had effectively taken over this clambake and now she was suggesting that before we pack up and leave Camp Hellhole, the two nerdettes we had chosen should be given the choice of how they would be marked. It was her intention to brand each, and for this reason she had brought with her a small branding iron with a raised letter N. Gwen's eyes got big, really really big, and she licked her lips in anticipation of being marked forever. To our surprise it was Marge who volunteered to go first, choosing to be branded on her left ass cheek. Honey heated the iron on the stove and then without so much as a "by your leave", she pressed it into the woman's fleshy hind. Marge's bellow of agony made Elf turn white, after all that was his mother who was being branded like some cow.

       After we got Marge calmed down, all eyes turned to Gwen who looked as if she had been dragged by a jeep through a stand of prickly pear bushes. She had this strange, goofy look on her face and I knew she was going to top Marge for sure. In a voice that trembled at times she announced that she wished to be branded on both ass cheeks, down low on the buttocks rather than high where it might be hidden by a bathing suit bottom. Honey's face lit up like a billboard in Vegas as  she nodded happily at Gwen's selection. Then the pain slut dropped the other shoe. That was just for openers. She also wanted to be branded on each tit, right at the top so any exposure would reveal her dedication and devotion to the sexual needs of nerd males. There was stunned silence in the room, even the dogs seemed to sense that something epic was happening. Gwen had set the bar impossibly high for those who would follow her.

       It was a shaky Honey who lined up the red hot branding iron so it could cover the lowest portion of Gwen's ass cheek. She was bent over and had grabbed her shins, not being able to reach her ankles, to keep her buttocks stretched to make the pain even greater as the iron ate its way through the thinned skin and flesh.

All we heard was the hiss of the iron searing away the flesh and Gwen's long drawn out moan that grew louder with each passing second. She shuddered and began to perspire heavily from the strain she was putting on her weakened body. She remained in this stressful position while Honey reheated the iron and prepared to do the other cheek. This time Gwen's entire body twitched and rippled as the pain hit her like a freight train. She was unable to hold her position and fell to her knees bellowing in agony. To her credit Honey never let the iron move from its target until she was certain that the mark of the nerd people had been permanently imprinted on Gwen's other buttock, down low as she requested.

       It took fifteen minutes before Gwen pronounced herself ready to go on with the rest of her branding. During that break Honey had applied some salve to both Gwen and Marge's brands, relieving them somewhat. Gwen knelt for the final brands, arching her back to offer her full tits for the iron. Elf and yours truly were asked to each take an arm and hold her tight in this position so there would be no movement while her tits were being burned. That proved to be easier said than done.

       My girlfriend's quick thinking saved Gwen from some disfigurement, when at the first touch of the burning iron she managed to break loose from our grip. So now we decided to tie Gwen to a chair and make sure that there were enough ropes and each was as tight as possible, to hold her steady. To make the process even more secure we blindfolded the pain slut to prevent her from struggling as soon as she saw the iron approaching her tits.

       This time the first branding went smoothly as Gwen screamed and screamed, but remained immobile as the hot iron seemed to melt away the flesh from her melon-like tit. The stench from all that charring flesh was becoming oppressive. I uged Honey to hurry up the last branding, but she took her time, telling me that she only had one chance, and she better have everything possible going for her when she did it. I had no answer for her argument. Gwen passed out during that final marking, just as well considering how deeply burned she was. It took many long anxious minutes to revive her and know that all was as well as could be expected.

       We packed up and headed back towards the van for the drive home. All things considered, it had been a very successful first initiation session for our nerdette candidates, and something to use as a measuring stick against future trials. There had been mistakes made, but on balance much good had been done, and I was looking forward to the next time we would have a group of candidates joining us at Camp Hellhole. However there still was the small matter of Luci Chu that had to be resolved. This meant a meeting with her foster parents, and soon.

                                                              (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                                    Mom's Mistake -  Chapter 20

       It was fairly late by the time I got home after dropping everyone off at their respective houses. It was interesting that all three nerdette candidates went with Elf. That little guy was going to be a top-drawer pimp at the rate he was attracting pussy. Tomorrow was a school day and I did not look forward to being cooped up in a classroom learning about things that didn't help my master plan for becoming rich and famous by the time I was twenty-one.

       The lights were blazing in almost every room of the house, not a good sign for well after midnight. The living room was a wreck, the sofa stained with what looked like cum, indicating that mom had guests. Whether they were invited or just crashed her place was yet to be determined. I went upstairs and looked into her room, which was a giant mess. The bed had been reduced to just a mattress that had those same telltale signs that lots of cum had been pumped into her as she lay there in bondage. It was easy to figure since the ropes that kept her helpless were still attached to the posts of the bed.

       Naturally the bathroom was my next stop, knowing mom's predilection for water sports. I opened the door and was hit with the stench of an overflowing toilet that was unable to contain all the turds, vomit and piss that had been emptied into it. Holding my breath, I took a quick look around and discovered mom sleeping it off in the tub, which contained about half a foot of various liquids, all of them stinking to high heaven. She was stark naked and lying on her back, or she probably would have drowned in the mess that surrounded her. Her wrists were tied tightly behind her back and another length of rope was buried into her belly, with a row of knots pressing against her cunt mouth from clit to base and disappearing beneath her body.

       From what I could see of her naked body, they had given her a major league going-over, and hadn't missed many spots. The smokers were well represented by the numerous cigarette burns covering her tits, belly and around the entrance to her cunt. That cunt of hers was raw and swollen from being fucked brutally by what looked to be half the North Korean army. Layer upon layer of welts, bruises and cuts competed for space on her body. It looked like one of the typical high school gangbangs that mom was so famous for in this town. She must have gotten bored and invited some of the local nasty boys over to see how much damage they could do to her senior citizen torso, which is always the way she referred to her slightly paunchy body with its big, drooping tits and cottage cheese thighs, not to mention an ass that was better than two axe handles across.

       I realized I needed to take a leak, and not trusting the overflowing toilet, I opted to give mom a golden shower in hopes of perhaps waking her up. She proved impervious to what I had to offer, which made me kind of angry. Next thing I knew, I was dragging her piss soaked body from the stinking mess until she could be flopped over the edge of the tub. I took a brief break to catch my breath, and then yanked her by the hair onto the tiled floor. The footing was kind of tricky with all the piss and vomit on the floor, but I got her up to the toilet, and then plunged her head into the stinking mess that bubbled away inside the porcelain potty.

       It didn't take long for mom to start struggling as she inhaled a collection of turds, vomit and aging piss. I held her under and waited for her to stop trying to come up for some much needed air. Finally she went limp and began to seriously fill up on the choice filth collected in the bowl. I was so tempted to drown her in this stinking mess and tell the police that is the way I found her, but after all she was my mom, and there might be some reason later on that I might need her services.

       I dragged the fuck-pig into the shower, turned the water on hot, and closed the shower stall door so she could cook for a time and maybe come out of that stupor she was in right now. It took a few minutes, but she started to scream blue murder as the scalding water stripped off the muck coating her and began parboiling that flabby body. I kept her in this torture chamber for another couple of minutes; she was still too stoned to realize all she had to do was turn off the water and the pain would stop. Come to think of it, that would be a good trick considering that her hands were tied behind her back.

       At long last I opened the door and let her scramble from the avalanche of scalding water that was turning her entire bare body a deep shade of red.  At least she was clean, but still didn't have the sense to thank me for that kindness. I was on the verge of doing her some serious bodily harm, when my common sense took over. Mom was a whore and a pain slut, all rolled into one crazy middle-aged lady, that was all she would ever be until some pervert managed to torture her to death. I untied her and left mom to lick her wounds and clean up the bathroom. I checked the answering machine and got a shock; Mrs. Chu had left a message for me, and it wasn't exactly a welcome to the family invitation.

       She was obviously a bit bent out of shape over the disappearance of Luci from her household. Her son, the nerd, had overstepped his authority by allowing little Luci to participate in the nerdette initiation program. I was getting a chill from the tone of her voice. It was apparent that she had gotten her information from brow-beating her boy. She didn't ask, she ordered me to make an appearance at her home this very evening or suffer the consequences of having to explain to the authorities how her adopted daughter came to be brutalized and raped over the weekend. When you put rape and authorities in the same sentence, you have my undivided attention. I immediately dialed the number she gave me in her message and waited for someone to pick up. I hoped that she was the type who liked to stay up late as a regular part of her daily regimen. Once she came on the line she wasted no time giving me directions to her home and urging me to be there in less than a half hour or else.

       The mysterious Mrs. Chu greeted me at the door and ushered me into the well appointed home decorated in a style decidedly non-Chinese, which surprised me. However I was too busy checking her out to take much more than a passing interest in the furnishings. She was tall, almost my height, very attractive if you liked black almond eyes, high cheekbones and carmined lips that looked as if they were stung by bees every morning. The only other characteristics I noticed were a set of tits that a porn star would kill for, and legs that seamlessly joined into an ass that was round and firm, the exact opposite of all that was Luci Chu. Oh yes, there was one other thing that really intrigued me, Mrs. Chu looked like she was in her mid-twenties.

       My blood pressure was rising fast as I watched the way her hips moved as she walked slightly ahead of me toward the sitting room as she described it. I don't know what kind of material that shimmering dress was made from, but it fitted her almost like a second skin. I also realized that I couldn't see any trace of a panty line or for that matter the bra that held those great tits under control. Her carriage and poise made me feel like I was a little kid in the presence of some important person. As soon as we were seated she got right down to business.

       "It is my understanding that you are in essence mentoring a group of antisocial teenaged males, and in the process enhancing their stunted personalities in a most distasteful way. Normally this would be of no concern to me or my husband, but you have involved my son in this venture, and he in turn has overstepped his bounds when it came to his sister, Luci. It is my understanding that he volunteered, or should I say abandoned, his sister to this group of immature males for the purpose of initiating her into some demi-slave group of girls called nerdettes. I am told by my son that this organization was your creation, and that you were effectively overseeing the process of selecting candidates for this female-only organization. Why you would choose to select my adopted daughter, Luci, a mere child, is beyond my ability to comprehend."

       Foolishly I took this time to cross swords with the gorgeous Asian babe and had my head handed to me. She confounded me at every point including Luci's age, the drugs she had been taking for years, and what had transpired while we were at the cabin. Then she got nasty and I surrendered my sword, horse and pride to this superior creature. That sign of defeat accepted, she calmed down some and decided I was worth showing some of the things she was conducting in her own right. Mr. Chu may have been the doctor, but Mrs. Chu was in command.

       "Luci was adopted by the doctor and I some number of years ago. The paperwork is such that almost any date of birth and date adopted may be filled in to suit my purposes. There is some truth in my adopted daughter's contention that her physical maturity has been deliberately stunted in my own selfish interests. Since she is at best a teenager mentally, what can she possibly know of my work and its ramifications? Let's be candid, I am in my mid-forties, do I look it? Don't bother to answer, I already know.I see the truth every morning as I stand nude before my mirror in the bedroom and see what I have created."

       "However there is a penalty I pay for my beauty, no man dare touch me! That was decreed by my husband some number of years ago. Unfortunately his decree seems to have extended to himself in more recent times, commencing approximatey six months previously. He is quite capable of achieving erection and ejaculating with other females, including our adopted daughter, Luci." 

       "Regardless of my charms and skills in the sexual arts, plus every drug known to the medical profession, he has steadfastly ignored my overtures. My situation is kind of poetic justice to balance the great success we have had in developing drugs that can halt the ravages of aging. Luci has been instrumental in our progress and has been richly rewarded in an extension of her life expectancy and a lengthening of her prime years. What can you offer to counter these gifts?"

       "Now let's address the indignities suffered by my daughter while under your supervision. I'm sure you are unaware that for scientific purposes Luci carries in her body a number of implanted sensors that provide all manner of information while she is away from us. I have done a brief analysis of the data for the time she was in your care and have incontrovertible proof that on many occasions my daughter was raped by persons or persons unknown. To make matters worse, there are a number of times when it is obvious that her sex partner was an animal, probably a member of the canine family."

       "Then there are  the instances when Luci is obviously in great pain, I would imagine this is another facet of your primitive male behavior. Be advised that this information can be used to put you and your immature, nerd friends behind bars. However I don't think this will be necessary if you are even half as smart as I think you might be. Let me show you what my son is undergoing for his role in this sordid affair. Perhaps you might take his place if I find you less than perfectly cooperative."

       I followed her downstairs to the basement , then along a corridor that led to a room that looked like something out of a science fiction movie, only it was real. There was this young Chinese kid, maybe fourteen or fifteen, strapped down to a metal table. He was naked and what got my attention was his cock, which was huge! My escort laughed in a way that told me she wasn't happy, and gave me the lowdown on the boyish teenager who looked, except for his cock, to be one meal away from starvation.

       There were wires taped to his balls, which also were jumbo sized. There was this funny looking tube coming out of the top of his cock, and attached to some kind of a pump. Then I spotted the metal hose clamp around the base of his monster cock, and a second one sunk into the meat just below the swollen head of his dick. From the look on his face, he was in a world of hurt, but there was some kind of a gag shutting him up. Mrs. Chu informed me her son had been like this for the past twelve hours and was only half-way done with this part of his punishment for turning Luci over to me. That gave me the shivers, and guaranteed that unless she ordered me to cut off my balls, I'd do anything she wanted.

       She then gave me the five dollar tour of her son's body. First she flipped a switch and zapped his balls, casually mentioning that he was getting two hundred and twenty volts instead of the usual house voltage that was half that. The smell of the perspiration being flashed off his balls was not good. Mrs. Chu smiled and zapped the boy again, this time a bit longer and I thought his body was going to break in half as it tried to go a couple of ways at the same time. She commented that she could do this all night without ruining his ability to ejaculate. Then she  gave me a demonstration of one of his ejaculations.

       She attached a lead to the tube coming from his cock and another one was slipped into his asshole and held in place with a metal sleeve. That one was in direct contact with his prostate. She slowly ramped up the power and the boy began to bounce his buns off the table as the pressure in his prostate built. His eyes bulged from their sockets as the electric stimulation drove him towards an ejaculation. She switched on the pump only seconds before he blew his nuts. It was amazing to watch the amount of cum moving from his cock into the reservoir attached to the pump.

       Mrs. Chu explained that her son had been juiced to the eyeballs with powerful sex stimulants and the tube running down his urethra was also coated with a stimulant-irritant that kept him on the verge of cumming continuously. She stated that she could force him to have repeated ejaculations until his balls were empty, and then by increasing the current to his prostate she could force him to have dry cums that made him pass out from the terrible pain they caused in his genitals. That was all I had to hear.Then I wondered if perhaps I might offer up Jerry for her to torture, after all he was the one who nearly killed the cupcake. I decided to keep that in reserve just in case things got even weirder than they currently were.

       My hostess laughed loudly and long when I observed that her son really was well hung and it would be too bad if she ruined his equipment over this matter. Then she explained that his current size was the result of special drugs injected into him that stimulated the blood flow to his groin. This coupled with another injection made directly into the affected areas, which consisted of a combination of very aggressive irritants, caused the temporary growth in his penis and testicles. The increase in size put a tremendous strain on his external sex organs, and that translated to constant and ever growing pain.

       She said that the longest any subject had taken this procedure was nearly twenty hours and afterwards he was unable to have any kind of an erection for nearly three weeks. During that period she tormented her victim, some bureaucratic functionary, for hours daily with her naked body, even going so far as to insert his limp sex organ into her vagina and attempting to have intercourse with him. He broke down and cried every time she did this to him. I knew that I was dealing with a very tough lady, and had better be on my best behavior or it might be the table for yours truly.

       We returned to her sitting room and got down to serious business. I quickly agreed to return Luci to her no later than tomorrow morning, only guaranteeing that she had sustained no permanent physical damage to her body. However I probed her concerning others like Luci, that might become available. She laughed at my "cheek" as she described my attitude, but did admit that a few of her clients had grown weary with their never-changing girl children. Perhaps my nerdette idea wasn't as far-fetched as she thought at first. This might be a way for these lost souls to gradually be assimilated into society.

       She casually mentioned that she could accelerate their maturity significantly once their clients had returned them. She would continue to house them during this transition phase, but I could have access to them for nerdette business. However once they had matured and learned to cope with the physical and mental changes that took place, she would then find "good homes " for them. I had a feeling that those words translated to sexual slavery in some foreign country.

       Mrs. Chu always was one step ahead of me, now she  sprang her trap. In exchange for accepting Luci in her current traumatized state caused by my ignorance and greed, she also wanted me to provide my girlfriend, Honey, to become her live-in sex slave. Her husband had not forbidden her to have sex with females, that was her out. However she had waited until the situation was ripe, and now my blundering had set the stage for what was to come in more ways than one. I was curious as to why she would want a teenager who was a blank slate to her. She merely smiled and remarked that she knew a little bit more about Honey than I realized. I took her at her word and the deal was struck. I hoped that Honey would take this new situation as an opportunity for a better life in the future. Then the other shoe dropped, again.

       This woman was so far ahead of me that it made me cringe. With a wolfish grin, she added to her list of demands, this time it was for my dear old mother, the ultimate pain slut and fuck-pig, all rolled into one. She made no bones about knowing plenty about my mom from her son's descriptions of how she was tortured to well beyond any normal person's limits and still wanted more. Mrs. Chu thought mom would make the perfect companion for her husband to take out his frustrations concerning his inability to have normal sex.

       Mrs Chu also had plans for the time that mom was available for things other than those devised by her husband. She even hinted that mom and Luci would make quite an interesting pair in her bed, not to mention downstairs where her son was presently wishing he was dead. It certainly looked like there were going to be some really interesting times at the Chu residence. I wondered if I might get a small piece of the action; after all I still had the hots for that little bundle of teenaged fuck energy disguised in the body of a ten-year old.

       Despite being outgunned by this gorgeous creature who made me feel like a troll, it was gut check time. Mom owed me a few and before she went over to the dark side I was determined to collect in full. So after a deep breath, I  made a counter offer to my adversary. I had lined mom up for three assignments once she recovered from the last deal, which obviously she had. I wanted her to fulfill these contracts before turning her totally over to the tender mercies of the Chus. Mrs. Chu was intrigued and agreed, provided that between these assignments, Mom would join her and her family so they could get better acquainted before the transition was complete,and she was given tapes of the events in which mom participated. This woman was nails and light years ahead of me. Before she asked for my balls as well, I agreed to her conditions.

                                                         ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )


                        Mom's Mistake - Chapter 21


      If you're smart, the longer you live, the more you learn. I'd picked up plenty from my meeting with Mrs. Chu. Breaking the news to Honey was not going to be easy, we had been together for some time and made a good team. Losing Luci would be another big hit, but on that issue I still had a fighting chance. I decided to call Elf as soon as I got home and have him make the arrangements with Mrs. Chu for her to take custody of her adopted daughter until things could get completely straightened out.


      My pimp protoge gave me a hard time about being interrupted while he was putting it to his top two moneymakers, his mom and the teacher. Those two had been great finds as far as I was concerned. I wondered if he'd pimp Gwen at school or be more discrete; I'd have to talk to him about that. He took the news about Luci with aplomb, stating he wasn't surprised that her mother wanted her back. He added that the way he saw it, she was specialty material anyway. There weren't too many studs at school that wanted to nail a piece of ass that looked like their little sister. I made a mental note to make him eat his words at some future date.


      The next day dragged because once again I was wasting it in school. The only excitement had to do with the debut of the new Gwen. I don't know how he did it, but the resourceful Elf managed to get the teacher tricked out in some finery that did everything but announce that she was available in exchange for some coin of the realm. Most of the girls were shocked, a few showed signs of jealousy, their names were secretly taken for future evaluation as nerdettes, and a small number felt threatened. Gwen even went so far as to expose some of her mementos from the weekend in camp Hell Hole. For the first time in her dreary life she was generating erections from the males in her class. That night more than one of her pupils went to sleep only after masturbating to his or her fantasies that involved them and their hot, sexy teacher.


      Promptly after the last class of the day I sat Honey down in my place and broke the bad news to her, trying to put a positive spin on it. She acted for all the world as if I had just told her we couldn't go to the movies tonight because I had a previous engagement. Then she gave me that "gotcha" grin that told me she and Mrs. Chu had already talked and cut their deal. This made me feel kind of foolish for a few moments, but what the hell.


      Honey was smart enough to know that hooking up with the Chus was her ticket out of this small town. Now she had a future that included the affection, or perhaps with time even the love of a beautiful woman, travel all over the world and being exposed to more interesting people in a month than she'd see in her lifetime here in Dullsville. Unspoken but even higher on her list was the chance that she too might be able to stay young and beautiful for the next forty years. No woman could resist that opportunity unless she was mentally unbalanced.


      That matter now history, I decided to wander over to Elf's place where I was fairly certain Gwen Manners was pulling a train of nerds and nerd wannabes before she officially turned pro for everyone except her pimp, Elf. It was amazing what was taking place in Elf's basement as well as two of the upstairs bedrooms. It was like a three ring circus, except there were no acrobats, clowns, very few animals and no ring master, just three dedicated fucking machines who were giving their all and then some to the army of youthful nerds and their guests.


      Ring one, located in the basement, featured the ever available Gwen Manners performing her patented air tight fucking trick where she took on three nerds, one in each orifice, as she jiggled and giggled while they poked, prodded, penetrated, power-fucked and pulverized every cubic inch of her fuck holes. It seemed that nerds somehow managed to channel all their frustrations and anger into their dicks that became transformed into steel bars that could not be bent by any pussy of this earth. What the typical nerd lacked in size was more than compensated by his ability to fuck at speeds approaching Mach one for periods of approximately thirty minutes in some verified cases.


      Upstairs in ring two was mom herself, back from an extended period of recuperation from the worst that could be thought up by the nerd nation to make her life miserable, painful and not worth living. She was currently equipped with brand new bolt-on tits that could absorb twice the punishment as previously recorded, and improved artificial skin that now took a minimum of fifteen minutes to char but retained the sensitivity to deliver high level pain for the entire period.


      In conjunction with her upgraded cunt capable of being stretched to twice its normal diameter and able to withstand most acidic and alkaline solutions without any major evidence of decompostion, Mom was now a challenge to all but the most sadistic clients when it came to enduring pain. A line of slavering nerds that extended from her bedroom down the stairs and out the front door paid tribute to her fame and willingness to go the extra inch, foot or mile when it came to absorbing pain and punishment.


      Next door in ring three was Elf's mom, making her debut as the first nerdette fuck pig and doing a great job satisfying nerds and their pet animals as well as nerd guests, including the distaff side, with a dedication and enthusiasm that would prove to be her hallmark. Currently she was engaged in sexually satisfying a large mixed breed, consisting of half rottweiler and half pit bull, with her asshole, while she sucked the cock of a malamute with a bad attitude, who appeared to be bent on sticking his chiseled cock clear down her throat. Lying beneath her and skewering her fat-lipped cunt at turbo speed was Atlas, the nerd with  the biggest cock in the group.


      Mom was up to her old tricks of insulting the nerds in hopes of making them come up with some new tortures. Unfortunately for her, she was getting her wish from a source least expected to provide her needs. A super-skinny goth-girl, who looked like a ten year-old but actually was fifteen, came up with the idea of making twin pin cushions from mom's new enhanced and remodeled tits for starters, then attaching them to the studs she punched through mom's tongue running the length of that straining pink slab of flesh.


      Mom took over two hundred three-inch hatpins in each tit, many driven straight through her nipples, destroying much of her milk glands and ducts. After each fifty pins the nerds were invited to use a wooden paddle to make sure each and everyone was driven as far into her swollen tit flesh as feasible. By the time the supply of hat pins was exhausted, mom's tits had a weird plastic coating of pinheads of varying colors making those big bags look like rounded Rubik's cubes.


      Mom's eyes got big, real big, when she saw the barbed fish hooks that the goth-girl produced from her big black purse. She carefully placed two barbs deep into each of mom's bloated, multicolored bags of fat and attached piano wire to them. Mom screamed her head off, bringing a mob of nerds to the door of the bedroom in an effort to see what was going on in there.


      The ever resourceful Elf, the nerd leader, if nerds can have such a person, had at the beginning of this fiendish torture session set up his camera and tape deck to record her agonies. The way he had the place wired allowed mom's torment to be shown on the three other monitors set up around the house. He also intended to make CDs of this session and sell them to the underground market overseas, which was quite substantial, especially in Japan.


      The nerd audience was blown away when the goth-girl produced from her bag of tricks a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a hand-held paper punch. She quickly grabbed Mom's tongue with the pliers and yanked it out of her mouth. With her other hand she used the paper punch to drill three holes down the middle of mom's straining tongue, nearly causing the woman to tear it from between the pliers that held it helpless in a grip of steel. There were more excited cries as blood bubbled from the three wounds the girl had just made.


      Now the fun really began. Still holding the pliers gripping mom's tongue, the girl very carefully withdrew three fat metal studs and carefully inserted them into the three holes she had made. One barb from each of mom's tits were crush fit to the center stud in her tongue, significantly increasing the amount of blood spilling into her mouth and finding its way down her throat. Then the other two barbs were driven into the front and rear tongue studs, completing the configuration and putting tremendous strain on the middle portion of mom's extended tongue once the piano wire was attached and tightened to take up any slack from the wires joining the various barbs.


      This part accomplished, the girl did something that catapulted her into the front ranks of sadists and sexually excited about half the nerd population in attendance, as well as yours truly. Who needed Honey when this creature appeared to be bidding for a spot in the NLA with this bravura performance?  She looped more piano wire around mom's swollen, sore tits and twisted until the wire disappeared into those big bags of fat. Following this she anchored the ends of the wires to the headboard of the bed mom was sitting up on. When she started tightening the wire using dowels, some nerds choked and looked away, realizing the stress that this maneuver was putting on the pain slut's tongue which was being pulled in opposite directions to the point that it threatened to tear the fleshy lump in two.


      To finish her performance, the goth-girl exposed mom's fat clit and began strumming it mercilessly, bringing the middle aged fuck pig to the verge of a titanic orgasm. Then she grinned evilly and squeezed mom's clit until she uttered some squawks and her teary eyes bulged from their sockets. It was a miracle that her tongue was not severed from its root when she finally rocketed off into outer space.


      Moments later Elf came on the scene and swiftly clipped the piano wire from her tongue and glared at the goth-girl. He was pissed off that she almost put mom out of commission again, meaning we'd lose some big buck business that had been lined up for her. Elf also was sporting an erection that said he had been truly turned on by this skinny skank's effort which had reduced mom to a pile of quivering jelly. Indeed there was a new kid in town and she was not to be fooled with unless one was looking for some serious pain.


      Once the last nerd had left the party, leaving the three rings empty except for an exhausted mom and the two nerdettes, Elf and I put our heads together so I could give him the lowdown on what had transpired last evening when I visited Mrs. Chu. He didn't know about the arrangement for Honey to join Mrs. Chu, and reacted to it negatively. He became even more unhappy when he learned that mom was a short timer when it came to her association with the nerds. In fact she had probably just completed her final performance with them a few minutes previousy. It was now imperative that the NLA get staffed and in one big hurry.


      I tasked him with the responsibility of choosing the next group for evaluation and initiation into the Nerdette Ladies Auxiliary. He immediately brought up the issue of the goth-girl, an obvious choice for a leadership role. Elf reacted with some degree of surprise when informed that she would go through exactly the same processing as any other candidate. Once she was in the NLA , assignments that utilized her obvious talents would be offered to her. That mollified Elf. He heaved a sigh of relief when I told him that Jerry and his girlfriend Kim,  were no longer involved with me or my organization. They had  blown it big time and were lucky I hadn't crippled them both.


      I went upstairs and checked out mom who was in pain heaven. It would take many hours of careful work to remove all the hatpins that were sunk deep into her tit flesh. I thanked my lucky stars that none of the heads, at least none that I could see, had broken off, making it a very painful process to get the pins free. The piano wire had just begun to break the skin and was not that obvious. Her tongue however was a mess. It made more sense to leave the studs in place, since mom didn't need to talk much, if at all. As long as she could croak, squawk or scream her users would be quite satisfied.


      Tomorrow I would seal the deal by scheduling mom to make her appearance as the main course of the annual GOMSO ( Girls Only Meeting and Sex Orgy). This yearly event catered to members of academia who were of the lesbian persuasion and interested in causing as much pain to their students as they could manage to keep under wraps. Mom would be the standard against which their efforts were judged.


                  ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                        Mom's Mistake - Chapter 22



      Things got very busy for the next week or so. Elf returned Luci Chu to her rightful owners, or was that family? I hustled up another girlfriend to replace Honey, and had to admit that I really missed my little Chinese cupcake based on who I chose. Her name was Miko Muriami and she was a foreign exchange student from Japan. That was as close to Chinese as I could get on such short notice.


      She was seventeen, a little on the plump side, but had a great set of tits and gave a professional grade blowjob. It turns out that back home lots of Japanese girls are part time hookers in order to get enough money to buy all the expensive in-things like Gucci bags and the like. Girls as young as thirteen can be found trolling for cock and selling their underwear in order to make some money. There were plenty of takers for their products. It seemed as if every man in Japan over the age of forty was hot for teenage or even younger pussy. Those who were unable to afford the real thing, bought underwear instead.


      There was only one problem with Miko, she was also putting out for the family responsible for her while she was going to school at Arnold Palmer. Mom and dad Ledbetter, not to mention their two sons, were regularly availing themselves of her services, which kept her quite busy when she wasn't going to school or studying. At their home she adhered to a severe dress code, absolutely no clothing was allowed.  She complained to me that worse still, all the cum she was swallowing every day was causing her to gain weight.


      I was really turned on by her stories concerning how she made it with Mrs. Ledbetter. It seems the woman had a collection of sex toys ranging from strap-on dildos to vibrators, not to mention her bondage gear, and intended to use every one of them on the girl before she went back home. I made a mental note to cultivate Mrs. Ledbetter once Miko returned to Japan. She might make a great nerdette den mother.


      The next weekend we were due to have another initiation for the NLA and three candidates had been chosen by Elf for the long weekend at Camp Hellhole. The couple who had been unable to go for the first initiation, Bert and Winnie, were now replacing Jerry and his girlfriend who I'd kicked out permanently. I'd worked a deal with Mrs. Chu to take care of mom while I was gone, cautioning her that I needed my mother to work the following weekend and therefore the Chus should go easy on her, or at least make sure that she didn't have too many souvenirs of her stay with them.


      Naturally the number one choice for this initiation was the goth girl who had nearly destroyed mom with her bag of tricks. She balked at the nude picture but caved when I threatened to kidnap and sell her to some white slavers. They planned to have her service rich clients in Asia, the types who loved to rape and torture young white girls, especially ones who looked prepubescent. Elf smirked and I got serious wood when later we got a look at her naked body, which was offered grudgingly.


      Hecate, her goth name, was flat chested, with big nipples that were coated with some kind of black material to call attention to them. She was totally hairless below her eyebrows and the same kind of coating had been applied to her narrow cuntlips. Just above her clit were tattooed the words "Satan's Slave". Her bones poked out from her dead pale white skin, and all I could think of was one had to be very careful fucking this one or those bones could do some serious damage. She had no hips to speak of and you could use her ass for an ironing board.


      The second candidate, Belinda, was the sister of one of the nerds. She was fifteen, plump, wore braces, thick glasses and had a nice set of tits for her age. Her brother had been trying unsuccessfully for the past year to get into her panties, but she had a thing for another nerd who wouldn't give her the time of day because of her poor hygiene. Belinda had an aversion to soap and water, only showering when her parents demanded it. Without fail her father, the one that nearly always demanded she shower, would watch her to make sure she washed thoroughly. Since she couldn't wear her glasses in the shower, she was unaware that he masturbated as she soaped her big tits, washed her underarms and lathered up her hairy twat and that crevice between her plump asscheeks.


      He didn't have to worry about his wife coming in and spoiling the show, since she was in their bedroom posing for her son. The nerd was peeping and simultaneously jacking off to the sight of his mother using her favorite vibrator to get her pussy conditioned for the hard fucking her nerd husband would be giving her in a few minutes. Once she had secretly caught him by accident masturbating as his daughter showered, and later that day before she could bring it up to him, he had given her one of the best fucks she ever got. From then on she was only too happy to know that he was watching his naked daughter in the shower, since it meant within the hour she'd be getting plenty of hard cock.


      It amused her to also realize that their nerd son was getting off watching her and his father doing the nasty. She often wondered how it would be if he was banging her brains out; better still when she was using her vibrator she sometimes fantasied that both of them were doing her at the same time, one in her cunt, the other in her mouth or sometimes going deep into her tight asshole that he hadn't used for years. You talk about a dysfunctional family; when it came to incest and sex, this group was on the verge of qualifying on all counts.


      The third candidate for the NLA was a late entry and came as a huge surprise. She was a painfully thin woman of twenty-two, who looked half that age and was volunteered by Mrs. Chu. Zeng was the first installment of her promise to provide me with recovering females who would become temporary members of the NLA. Once they began to undergo significant maturation, they would revert to the Chus, who had further plans for them.


      The story that came with this woman was truly amazing and almost put mom to shame when it came to what she had endured for over three years in a series of rehabilitation camps run by the Chinese government. At the tender age of thirteen she, along with her parents, were sent to a camp dedicated to reeducating those considered to be a danger to their fellow citizens. Three months later she saw her father for the first time since they had been arrested. He was naked and hanging by his wrists from a  wooden frame, legs spread wide and bound to the corners. Zeng was horrified at his physical condition.


      His body was covered with deep cuts and welts, some fresh and still bleeding, others crusted over. She was forced to watch as wire was looped around his scrotum which was already swollen and nearly black. Heavy weights were attached, bringing a scream of agony from his parched lips. Two guards then took up positions in front and behind him, and began using rattan canes to beat him. He screamed continuously from the wire slowly severing his scrotum and the deep welts that each blow from the cane created.


      It took nearly thirty minutes before his scrotum was torn away and fell to the ground. His wound was cauterized with a hot iron, but by then he was in shock. Poor Zeng vomited from the terrible things she had just witnessed. The authorities told her later that her father had recovered from the brutal castration and had been sent to a labor camp in the North for further indoctrination, now that they were sure he was not able to breed any more children who might be afflicted with the same disease as he, his wife and Zeng had contracted.


      From that moment on she was singled out for close attention. Within a month the officials decided she needed more aggressive training and reeducating. She was sent to another camp by truck under guard, naked except for the strait jacket into which they strapped her. During the arduous four day trip she was given  no food and just a swallow of brackish water every few hours during the heat of the day. She was also repeatedly raped by her guards and the two drivers that took turns operating the truck. By the time they arrived at their destination,  Zeng had lost count of how many times they had raped her anus once her cunt became too swollen and sore to be used. She was also unconscious from the lack of water and food, as well as being forced to swallow load after load of salty cum. The next morning she was revived and placed in her cage, where she would remain for almost a month.


      This hellish device was two feet on a side and constructed of unfinished steel rods forming a lattice work capable of slicing the skin from the occupant unless she remained quite still. Before cramming her emaciated body into this fiendish trap, her hands were cuffed behind her back and pulled up to be attached to a metal collar fitted tightly around her neck. It took the efforts of three guards to finally get her completely inside this steel torture chamber, her face pressed against one set of rods and the soles of her feet  jammed against the opposite side. Zeng had already discovered how sharp the rods were as evidenced by the cuts on the soles of her  feet, knees and shoulders.


      The cage was hoisted about four feet off the ground so her trapped body could be approached from all sides. Her compressed body was now open to the elements due to the nature of its design. It was the middle of the summer and the air temperature often reached temperatures above forty degrees Celsius. It didn't take long for Zeng to become dehydrated under these conditions, but they were quick to revive her with a minimal amount of water and wait for her to once more suffer as the heat sucked every drop of moisture from her naked body. For three days she slowly broiled under the brutal sun. For three nights she shivered from the cold as well as the insects feasting on her body thanks to the pitiless glare of the floodlight that illuminated the cage and the human food within.


      On the morning of the fourth day she lapsed into a coma from the lack of food coupled with the nearly constant dehydration and lack of sleep. They revived her by taking the cage to a large holding tank filled with brackish water covered by a layer of pond scum and dropping it and its contents into the tank where it quickly sank to the bottom. Her captors watched and made bets on when the bubbles issuing from her would cease. Then they winched the cage from the depths and waited for their prisoner to come around, which she did after a few minutes. Satisfied that she was reasonably alert, they repeated the process and allowed her to nearly drown before once again hoisting the cage from the tank.


      Somehow, someway she survived the cage, but it left her semi-crippled due to staying in one cramped position for so long. This in turn gave her torturers a valid reason to begin performing various surgical procedures on the young girl using the argument that they were attempting to rebuild her damaged body. Her arms and legs were deliberately broken in more than one place without the benefit of anesthetic. While she remained immobilized for weeks while her bones knitted, she was raped dozens of times night and day without any protection from becoming pregnant or contracting venereal diseases.


      As it turned out, her body was so weakened from the previous tortures that she was unable to conceive, much to the disappointment of her captors who had planned various tortures designed to make her pregnancy a living hell. Zeng did however contract a number of sexually transmitted diseases that gave them an excuse to perform a total hysterectomy in which her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries were removed with minimal anestheic support. The surgery was done under less than sterile conditions causing her to nearly die from post operative infections. Needless to say they did not bother to put her on any form of hormone therapy and so she suffered from severe hormonal imblances that continue to the present. 


      By the time she was sixteen they were no longer interested in her as a subject and they had long since given up any hope of reforming her beliefs. They were in the process of transferring her to a bleak work camp high up in the mountains where the average life expectancy of a worker was less than three years, when the Chus expressed interest in her. Strings were pulled, money changed hands and Zeng "Chu" was adopted by the doctor and his wife.


      All things considered, the Chu family did a remarkable job of employing their techniques and drug therapy to allow their young charge to function at a level that was close to normal for their needs. They successfully created a regressive condition that made Zeng appear to be prepubescent, a state that made her most attractive to certain clients of the doctor and his wife. Now after fve years with her "foster" family, being constantly sexually abused by them and their circle of friends who also preferred much younger sex partners,  they had tired of Zeng and returned her for another "child".


      Now all that remained was to charm Miko's foster parents into letting her come with me for a weekend in the country. They gave me a hard time of it at first, but once they realized that I had enough information from Miko on exactly what was taking place at home, that they decided a long weekend in the country would be a perfect way for their exchange student visitor to gain an even better perspective on our nation and its customs. I think if they ever found out what was going on this weekend, they would have had kittens, but that's another story for another time.



                                                     ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                        Mom's Mistake - Chapter 23


      We got an early start Saturday morning, picking up Bert and Winnie as well as the three dogs before heading to Elf's place where he and the three candidates should be waiting. The nerd leader looked like death  warmed over compared to the trio of females that awaited their initiation with mixed feelings. It seems he had spent part of the evening saying good-bye to Gwen who was going out on a weekend gangbang involving twenty to thirty studs.


      When he got to the meeting place with his top whore, it turned out that the organizers had arranged for other guests to participate, and Elf hadn't got a cut of the extra money they were getting. That led to some words, which escalated to threats. Elf did not back down and invoked my name, which put a different light on things. However he demanded the money due him before turning Gwen over to the gang waiting to do her in every hole for the next couple of days and nights. It was nearly two in the morning before everything got settled and he returned home.


      This had been a valuable learning experience for him and showed the need for some muscle on deals such as this. Without that kind of backing he'd be taken for a sap sooner or later. That in turn would probably mean the loss of respect from his whores as well, putting an end to his career as a pimp. I told him we'd discuss this matter once we had a chance to get the candidates settled at the cabin.


      With that resolved, we loaded the females into the van where they were stripped, restrained, and hooded so they were literally and figuratively kept in the dark concerning the location of the cabin. I gave Elf credit for anticipating that two of the candidates probably were so small boned that cuffs wouldn't work for them. Heavy duty pallet ties were more than adequate for keeping Hecate and Zeng out of trouble. The sight of those child-like teen and adult females started me fantasizing about my little Chinese cupcake.


      Elf went back to retrieve the three dogs that would accompany us to the cabin. The last time we had taken Biff and Buster, who had done the deed as often as they could, but towards the end of the stay they were less than eager for the strange bitches we kept bringing back to them. So reinforcements, embodied by Caesar, a mixed breed weighing about eighty pounds, was added to the dog population. I was very curious as to the ability of the new animal to match the efforts of his fellow canines. Bert thought it was cool to have a dog for each candidate, and so did my date Miko, who also informed me as soon as she climbed in the van that she was having her period and was flowing like a waterfall.


      It was a nearly four hour drive to get to our destination, which left plenty of time for Elf, Winnie and Bert to start checking out the candidates. It turned out that Zeng was absolutely terrified by the dogs, so naturally they made sure that the trio had plenty of access to her naked body. Even with the hood it was possible to hear her shrieking every time one of the dogs licked her nipples or nuzzled her crotch. Unfortunatey they literally scared the piss out of her, which ticked off poor Elf who caught the brunt of it. He used her clothing to clean up the mess and informed her in no uncertain terms that she'd be guzzling plenty of piss once they reached the cabin. I didn't find out about this little accident until the second incident involving a loss of bladder control. By then Elf had decided Zeng and Belinda were going to get all of his attention while we were running them through the mill.


      Things were much better up front where Miko and I were. I got a very nice blowjob with all the trimmings that lasted the better part of twenty-five miles. This Japanese babe sucked like a pro and really seemed to enjoy her work. After I nutted into her mouth and she didn't let so much as a drop escape, she fooled with my cum like a little kid with a new toy. She rinsed her mouth with it. She gargled with it. She blew cum bubbles, which was a new one on me.  Miko saved her best trick for last, and it blew me away.


      My new girfriend drooled a mixture of my cum and her saliva into her cupped hands and gave me a big smile before bending her neck so she could snort it. I nearly put the van into a ditch when she did that. Somehow she managed to suck the entire mess up her nose and then vacuumed it all back into her mouth. I was boggled by this performance. Then she proceeded to swish it through her teeth and finally tilted her head back and noisily swallowed every drop, thus ending this amazing trick.


      Miko wasn't through teasing me by any stretch of the imagination. She wiggled out of her slacks and revealed her bikini panties that featured a sheer crotch. There was a smell of musk with a trace of copper now filling the cab. My Japanese girlfriend couldn't help grinning as the odor intensified. Soon the bikinis joined her slacks on the floor of the van, and now I was being treated to a view of her pussy with its covering of silky black hair and the string connected to her tampon. For the next ten miles or so I watched out of the corner of my eye as she played with that string, pulling it out and using her finger tip to push it back inside her pussy. She grinned and took her time until finally the tampon itself was partially revealed and it was bloody as advertized. The smell of copper and musk was now overwhelming to the point that I rolled the window down to get some fresh air into the cab.


      When it came to modesty, the Japanese didn't seem to have any, based on what I'd been told. Miko seemed to be proving the truth to that observation. Then it hit me, why not put her attitude to good use? I formed a picture in my mind that showed the three candidates on their knees before Miko who was holding her cunt lips apart to show them what lay beyond. Each one would be required to suck out a mouthful of menstrual blood from her twat and gargle with it before spitting it into a bowl. Then she would choose one of them to swallow the contents of the bowl. Failure to keep it down would subject the unfortunate to some rather severe punishment. Any type of disobedience would result in serious consequences. During the day there would be a number of such contests depending upon how strong Miko's flow was. Then a committee consisting of Miko, Winnie and Elf would select the loser for the day and she'd get a special punishment to be determined by yours truly and Bert.


      I tried my idea out on Miko and she rewarded me with a big smile and a handjob that took over twenty miles to complete. This teenager really knew her stuff. Once she got me close she teased the hell out of me. I was sweating like a pig by the time she finally let me nut all over the front of my pants, much to her delight. She was a little minx and I was determined to pay her back before the weekend was over.


      About half an hour before we were due to arrive at the cabin a commotion broke out in the back of the van. There were the sounds of dogs barking and shouts indicating that something was going on there. By now we were off the main highway and going up a winding road that led to the forest and the cabin, a short walk from the parking area that we typically used. Fishing season was still a few weeks away, so it was almost guaranteed there would be few, if any people in the vicinity. I decided to take a chance and pull off the road to check on the trouble.


      As soon as I opened the van's door it became apparent that one of the candidates had a weak bladder and pissed all over the back of the van. It was easy to identify the culprit, Belinda, since the other two hooded figures were thin as rails. Fortunately there was a small shovel in the van and soon some dirt and pine needles took care of soaking up the rest of the piss not absorbed by Belinda's clothing plus killing the odor. I empowered Elf to deal with the troublemaker for now, and make her understand that once we reached our destination she was in for some very serious pain and suffering for causing this litte scene. No sooner were the words out of my mouth than he kicked her in the belly and whacked her across the side of the head with the shovel. Winnie gasped when he used the shovel, but I knew that the hood would offer a degree of protection and the blow from the shovel would get the message across to her that this was very serious business.


      We got to the cabin and unloaded our cargo in the order of importance, first the dogs and then the three candidates. They were still hooded which gave me an idea. Quickly the trio were connected by a length of rope around their necks and then marched into the underbrush to give them a taste of mother nature. Elf cut some switches at a stand of large bushes and soon everyone including Miko was using them on the girls, who had no idea where they were or into what they were being marched.


      We made the trio walk through brambles that stuck to their sweaty bodies making them even more uncomfortable. Bert pointed out some poison sumac and we had them tramp through it not once, but twice. Miko was really enjoying herself and had picked out Zeng to bear the brunt of her whipping and kicks. Elf on the other hand was giving Belinda hell for her misbehaving in the van. She would dearly regret her loss of control if this was any indication of how Elf felt toward her. Bert and his woman focused on Hecate, the goth girl, and laid the switches to her naked body at the slightest deviation she made as the candidates were driven deeper into the brush.


      Elf located some nettle bushes and naturally our trio of blind mice were marched into them. It didn't take long for the nettles to do their job and the three females started wiggling and hopping as the tiny needles punctured their bare flesh and made it swell and itch. To relieve the sting and take their minds off it, the candidates were whipped furiously from neck to knee as they groaned and twitched from the effects of the local plant life. Belinda lost her footing and went down in the nettles, taking her companions with her. They thrashed around helplessly, only making the situation worse. Miko stood over Zeng and tried to whip the skin off her back, while Elf kicked Belinda in the ribs over and over, screaming at her that she would never make it this weekend. This only made the nerd girl become hysterical, which forced me to end this little walk in the woods and get them back to the cabin and the real fun and games.


      Before removing their hoods and cleaning them up some, they were allowed to relieve themselves into a wooden bucket that was kept outside of the cabin. This would be used later on in another part of their initiation. All three had numerous cuts and nicks besides the swelling from their exposure to the nettles. One by one, still hooded, they went head first into the rain barrel to clean off most of the dirt and bits of leaves and such that they had accumulated on their little walk in the woods. Here too it became very apparent that Miko had it in big time for Zeng. She did her best to prevent me from pulling the Chinese retread from the barrel when I thought she'd had enough water to inhale. Her efforts delayed me just enough that Zeng was limp by the time I retrieved her naked body.


      Bert and I put our heads together and decided that until he screwed up, Elf was going to be in charge to see about his leadership skills when it came to breaking in potential NLA candidates. He was fine wth that since he and Winnie hadn't had any sex since last night and they both were getting horny. I laughed to myself when I considered that Miko had already gotten me off twice just on the way up to the cabin. When we broke the news to the nerd leader, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Poor Belinda and Zeng, I thought to myself, he'd put them through hell now for sure.


      Elf did not take long fulfilling my prediction. At his request Bert and I staked out, in spread-eagle fashion, Zeng and Hecate, facing the sun. The location behind the cabin was well chosen so as to make sure that no hiker or fisherman accidently discovered our candidates. From the looks of the hair starting to grow from her crotch and armpits, the Chu's "adopted daughter" must have already begun drug therapy to allow her to start maturing once again. That did not stop me from getting some serious wood once I got a good look at that thin, boyish body spread out and very vulnerable. Bert on the other hand was not very impressed by either of them, observing that between the two they couldn't produce one hot girl if their lives depended upon it.


      Miko wasted no time tormenting poor Zeng. She squatted over the painfully thin, Chinese female and ordered her to begin eating her bleeding pussy or be fist fucked. Bert grinned and gave me the high sign that he and Winnie were taking a sex break and I was on my own. That was fine with me, I was excited by the prospect of seeing Zeng being totally humiliated by my hot-boxed girlfriend. Later on I planned  to console her by fucking her brains out. That in turn would make Miko want to have revenge for her attempts at taking me away from her. This was going to be a great weekend; there would be no losers except the candidates. Come to think about it, becoming a member of the NLA was no booby prize either if you enjoyed being fucked stupid by an army of nerds as well as being pimped out if you looked half- way decent.


      Both Miko and I were shocked when Zeng went to work on my girlfriend's bleeding cunt with an eagerness that was mind bending. She gobbled gash like a pro and gave every indication that she was really  into sucking all the bloody mess from Miko's dripping twat. Miko decided to up the ante and turned around and presented her asshole for Zeng to worship next. Damned if she didn't start sucking it so hard that Miko thought she was being turned inside out. Zeng was ordered to give her more tongue and see  if she could get it into Miko's asshole. Miko held her cheeks wide apart and grunted as if she was about to have a bowel movement. This only made Zeng work harder and faster at her task. Miko yelped when Zeng's narrow tongue actually breached her tough sphincter and started teasing the rectum itself. That was too much for Miko who removed her bottom from the snake like tongue and declared the girl to be a freak and most digusting, warranting some serious punishment for her cheekiness.


      She straddled the bony body of her victim and began slapping her across the face, landing blow after blow to the helpless girl. Back and forth went  Zeng's head from the open-handed slaps that blistered her face, bringing tears to her eyes. Soon the slaps became punches and Miko now concentrated on boxing Zeng's ears until they were a pair of swollen, crimson hunks of flesh from the relentless beating she dished out to her captive. Still not satisfied,she raised herself from the Chinese female's bare body and then kneed her in the groin, using the entire weight of her body. Zeng vomited all over herself and partly on Miko as well. This infuriated the exchange student who kneed her victim in the crotch this time, making her bring up bile and some small bits of undigested food. I stopped the massacre at this point and dragged Miko off her captive who was on the verge of passing out from the brutal beating her emaciated body had just absorbed.


      I suggested we take a short walk so my girlfriend could calm down. I glanced over to see that Hecate's eyes were nearly popping from her head at what she had just witnessed. I took advantage of the situation and warned her that she'd get the same if she got out of line. To emphasize my threat, I used a back-hand to her face to make her understand the severity of the situation. Hecate was no fool, she apologized profusely and promised she'd do what was necessary to become a member of the NLA, come hell or high water. That was what I wanted to hear and made a mental note to put her through the wringer just to make sure she wasn't fooling.


      Miko had pulled on her panties, leaving her slacks back with the two nerdette candidates. We hadn't gone more than fifty yards when Miko suggested we find some place comfortable so we could do some fucking. This girl was insatiable thanks to her period. I began to wonder if I'd have anything left for the others, especially Zeng. We circled around for a few yards when my ears picked up a familiar sound. I hushed Miko and scouted on up ahead to confirm my hunch.


      I parted some brush and there they were. Belinda was hanging from a tree limb by her bound wrists that were tied behind her back, putting a brutal strain on her shoulders. Her legs were parted wide, revealing her thick patch of pubic hair, thanks to the lengths of leather attached to the stakes driven into the ground below her dangling body. The sound I had heard was the result of a switch cutting through the air before tearing into the girl's plump tits leaving an angry welt behind. Her belly and crotch were already crisscrossed with deep weals and cuts from previous blows. Elf took a breath and slapped Belinda's tits, bringing a wimper from the fifteen year-old. I took a deep breath myself and stepped from the bushes to confront him.



                  ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                              Mom's Mistake - Chapter 24



      The more I hung around the nerds, the stranger they became to me, especially Elf. He had changed dramatically in just the last few weeks, and had become a real challenge to handle. Based on the way he had strung up Belinda and the marks on her so far, he was in the mood to do some very serious damage to her plump body, not exactly what I had in mind for an initiation. To my way of thinking it was to be heavy on humiliation, degradation and sex to show the candidates their place in the nerd hierarchy. The objective was not to do any serious physical harm to them, just fuck with their minds, scare the piss out of them and make them feel that they were lower than whale shit.


      Confrontation was not the way to deal with this situation. There was no doubt that physically Elf was no match for me under any circumstances, but I didn't want to make him an enemy either. So I adopted a tactic that made me seem to be approving what had happened to Belinda prior to my arrival. Circling the teen I whistled at the marks covering her crotch and gave her welted tits a good hard squeeze that made her gasp in pain. His ears pricked up about my remark that the way her shoulder muscles were knotting up, it looked like they were ready to pop from their sockets, which wasn't too far from the truth.


      "Man all we need is for one of these bitches to really get herself fucked up and we will all be in deep shit. My guess is that this little piglet is a prime candidate for the emergency room of the nearest hospital unless we tie her some other way that takes some of the strain off her shoulders. If you want, I'll give you a hand to get her in another position that still let's you cut her up good, but at least we won't have to worry about her being unable to participate like the others in the initiation process. No way do we want to spook the other two as well, that would be insane, don't you agree?"


      The wheels were turning and Elf started leaning toward my suggestion. When I added that I was also interested in checking out her twat to see how tight she was, he grinned and nodded his head. That issue settled, we got busy with Belinda. In just a few minutes she was hanging by her wrists, this time pulled straight up, rather than at an extremely stressing angle. I pinched her ass good and hard making her squeal, and took my leave, hoping that he didn't cut her up too badly.


      Miko had been watching us discussing the situation with Belinda, and she expressed some disappointment that she wasn't given an opportunity to whip the teenager as well. My new girlfriend was going to be a handful, which was something I really didn't need at this point. We wound up in the van and this time she let me have her asshole and it was worth all the trouble she had caused so far. Evidently Mr. Ledbetter was an asshole bandit and he'd loosened Miko up just enough to make ass fucking her a genuine pleasure. We must have fucked for over half an hour and it was all good. Considering this was my third load of the day did impress her somewhat. Evidently Mr. Ledbetter was good for twice a day at best, despite having her wiggling around his house in the nude.


      We returned to where the other two nerdette wannabes were still staked out. Miko made a beeline for Zeng and soon the Chinese babe was gobbling gash once more, much to the disgust of Hecate. I noticed that the sun had started to make the goth girl's pale skin take on a rosy red coloring, the first step in developing a nice painful sunburn. About ten minutes later Bert wandered back from his little session with Winnie. Miko was still feeding Zeng as much gash goo as she could swallow and he grinned at the disgusting spectacle taking place. Bert also mentioned that he'd be hard pressed to fuck the skinny "chink" chick, as he described Zeng. That was fine with me, since I wanted to bang her box before the day was done, and maybe tear off another couple of pieces tomorrow if she checked out to my satisfaction.


      We decided to take the two candidates back to the cabin and let the dogs have a go at them. We had just finished freeing them from the stakes when Elf marched a beaten, bloody and blistered Belinda back from where he had been whipping her. She was a mess; he hadn't missed too many places, and some others like her ass, pussy and tits had taken more than their share. The teen was breathing through her mouth and snot was still running from her nostrils.


      I was surprised that I hadn't heard any screaming until Elf casually mentioned that he'd stuffed her mouth with pine needles to keep her quiet while he turned her tits into raw meat and did the same to her ass and pussy. He bragged that he'd used a tree limb to do most of the damage to her crotch and ass. Even Miko winced at the sight of all the blood and the ugly gashes that the tree limb had made in her body.


      Elf prodded his captive and headed her in the direction of the cabin. He had another surprise waiting for her and the other two. Sometimes you forget that nerds are very smart, even if they are also fucked up. Elf and his nerd buddies had constructed a gleaming metal fixture complete with leather straps and padding designed to restrain the NLA candidates while they were being mated to the dogs. Zeng started to tremble and then burst into tears when she saw the fixture, which looked somewhat like the crude wooden construction that the prison guards in one of the camps used to hold her in place while she was raped by packs of dogs as part of her rehabilitation.


      Belinda was in too much pain from the vicious beating she had taken to express any reaction to the fixture. Hecate just sighed and resigned herself to what was to be her fate. Miko on the other hand was delighted and could not resist urging us to put Zeng into the fixture and turn the three dogs loose on her. Once the Chinese candidate was strapped into place, it dawned on Miko that it allowed the victim to be assaulted from both directions. Naturally she substituted her bloody cunt mouth in place of the cock of one of the animals. Meanwhile Elf was putting Belinda, her hands now cuffed behind her back, to work sucking Buster's cock so that the canine could be capable of mounting his new bitch. Now a veteran based on his experience in the first initiation, the dog knew his role and was eager to begin. Thinking of everything, Elf also produced a rag saturated with the scent of a bitch in heat. He rubbed this over Zeng's hindquarters and then watched as Bert released Buster who covered the distance to his bitch in record time.


      It took the dog a few tentative pokes before he made the connection with this strange bitch, his cock plunging deep into her cunt,  bringing a scream of agony mixed with fear from his skinny prey. He added to her panic by digging his claws into her flanks to get a good grip before going into overdrive. His red, chiseled cock seemed like a blur to the onlookers. Miko, tiring of Zeng's screams, grabbed the Chinese victim's head and jammed it into her crotch to both muffle her noise and get her busy cleaning up the bloody mess that was issuing from her cunt.


      Winnie thought it was funny the way Buster's tongue lolled from his mouth as he skewered Zeng at a brutal pace. Miko's face had a little smile on it and her eyes were closed as she enjoyed Zeng's frantic efforts to satisfy her while blotting out any thoughts of what was transpiring inside her immature body. When one considers all the pain and suffering she endured for year after year as the minions of the regime did their best to break her spirit, this must have been child's play for her. It would take some time for anyone to penetrate her secret thoughts, and then they would be amazed to discover that there remained a tremendous urge to procreate that unfortunately had been thwarted by the surgical procedures she underwent while they attempted to rehabilitate her.


      Buster howled and clamped his teeth into Zeng's shoulder as he swamped her fuck canal with dog cum. As luck would have it, his knot failed to form quickly and thus his bitch was spared the additional pain and humiliation of having her dog lover attempting to tear himself free of her clutching pussy. The tired, but satisfied canine padded back to the corner of the cabin and curled up to lick his cock and balls while Biff was prepared for his performance. Elf had decided that all three animals would have a turn with Zeng as punishment for her pissing on him in the van. Bert and Winnie winced at his sentence, while Miko clapped her hands in glee, realizing she would be enjoying plenty of extra time while Zeng worshipped her bleeding fuck box as the dogs raped her.


      Biff didn't need any help in getting busy on his new found doggie friend. He was on Zeng in a flash and away he went, pounding his hard length of dog dick deep into her well greased cunt. Zeng stayed busy on Miko's pubes, gobbling and licking as if her life depended on it. Actually she was using this as an outlet and a way to detach herself from the brutal fucking her immature twat was absorbing. Unfortunately she wasn't able to blot out all the memories of those endless days tied tightly to the rough wooden frame being mindlessly raped by dog after dog until her pussy was a bloody mess and even the animals wanted nothing to do with her.


      To make things even more humiliating for the emaciated Chinese female, Miko began pissing into her mouth, warning her of the pain she'd endure if she failed to swallow this golden offering and beg for more. Biff dumped his load of dog cum and discovered that he and his bitch were now one. This did not sit well with the mutt and he did everything he could to free himself, but the fixture was unforgiving, he was trapped. Biff panicked and began nipping at Zeng's back and flanks, his paws scratching deep furrows into her bony body as he tried to get enough leverage to pull free and take a nap. To prevent further harm to the candidate, Elf jammed a stick into the jaws of the dog and made sure he didn't reject it. Biff slowly calmed down and at last with a loud, liquid pop, his dick came free from Zeng's fuck channel, which began dripping dog cum onto the floor.


      Belinda failed to respond to Elf's order to begin sucking the third dog's cock. He flared up at her disobedience and the next thing I knew he had grabbed her by the hair and was dragging her out of the cabin, screaming that she was going to get another whipping that made the first one seem like a walk in the park. Yours truly decided that it was time to calm the nerd leader and explain the facts of life to him before he got us all into deep trouble. Belinda was almost in shock, and another whipping might do more than just remove some skin. I suggested that instead of pounding her to a pulp, which was dumb, he should try a little tenderness, and take her out to the van and fuck her brains out.


      The look on his face was priceless. It was as if I had just thrown a bucket of cold water on him. Then I caught on, Elf for all his bluster had a thing for this plump, glasses-wearing teen with the braces and poor hygiene. For some odd reason he seemed to feel that it was against the nerd code or something to nail her when she had the hots for another nerd, and her nerd brother had volunteered her for the NLA. On top of that, this nerdy bundle of sex energy also was taking care of his mother and Gwen when it came to giving them the kind of cock they needed and wanted.


      The way I saw it, this was just business, and banging the box of this soon to be teen punchboard was expected by his peers. Besides, once she got back from camp Hellhole, it would be obvious to anyone in her family that their little chubby girl was now a full fledged sex strumpet and fair game for anyone with a cock and the urge to use it on her. I assured Elf I'd mind the store and make sure Zeng and Hecate got all the dog cock they could handle while he broke in Belinda, who looked kind of eager to get some cock in all her tight, unused holes. So while the lovebirds fucked up a storm in the van, I returned to the cabin to see what trouble everyone had gotten into in my absence.


      They had not disappointed me. Winnie had broken out her strap-on dildo, the butt breaker, and was using it on Zeng, who looked totally exhausted, her shaking, naked body covered with perspiration. It was amazing just how much of that monster piece of hard rubber Zeng's asshole was swallowing. Winnie had also worked up a good sweat in pounding that bad boy home, indicating she'd been at it for some time. Worse still Bert was assisting the new dog to face fuck his bitch, and Caesar was battering the Chinese candidate's mouth and throat with rapid powerful thrusts that must have felt like sandpaper was being used to abrade the lining from her gullet. To finish the sick scene Miko was laying a leather strap on Zeng's back and occasionally sneaking in a good one to her flat butt whenever Winnie was taking a break with her dildo either buried deep or just stretching the entrance to her captive's gaping asshole.


      Hecate, hands tied behind her back with plastic ties, was in the corner with the other two dogs and they seemed unconcerned wth her presence. I laughed to myself, realizing that Hecate had more brains than most teenage girls. To date she had avoided any serious pain and suffering by just keeping her mouth shut and staying out of the limelight, unlike Zeng and Belinda who had gotten off to bad starts in the van and were still suffering the consequences big time. Hecate on the other hand seemed just to blend into the background, even with the dogs. They ignored her because she just lay there nice and quiet, not drawing any attention to herself, just one of the pack even if she smelled different.


      I watched as things continued, Miko adding welts to Zeng's back and ass, Zeng trying to avoid suffocation as Caesar's dick went further and further down her throat, and Winnie pumping away inside Zeng's asshole, still doing her best to bust the China girl's butt. I figured that Caesar would shoot his load down Zeng's throat before anything else finished, but I was wrong. Miko and Winnie had gotten their heads together and decided it was time for the third dog to get some booty, even if it was flat, loose and now bleeding from the cornholing it had taken.


      Getting the animal to mount his bitch and use her asshole proved to be a challenge. Miko solved that by wadding up a pair of panties and stuffing them into Zeng's gaping cunt that was still oozing dog cum from the first two users, now curled up with Hecate in the corner of the cabin. With some help from a nervous Bert the dog was coupled with his bitch's asshole and he went crazy once he broke through the now weakened muscle guarding her rectum. Zeng went bananas from the pain and pressure, as the dog pounded away inside her sensitive colon. She started wailing and saying things in Chinese, a sure sign that her mind was finally going from the vicious treatment she had taken from them. I wondered if perhaps we had gone too far. I was to be proven wrong before the afternoon was over.



                        ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                             Mom's Mistake - Chapter 25

       Miko borrowed Winnie's strap-on and quickly attached it to her groin, evidently having more than a passing knowledge of such an item. She moved to the front of the fixture and with a smirk ordered Zeng to open her mouth.  Zeng was too absorbed with what was happening to her asshole to respond to the command. Miko began smashing the palms of her hands against the helpless female's ears and trying to push the head of the dildo past her pursed lips. This somewhat broke Zeng's focus and with a vicious thrust, Miko forced the hard rubber sex toy into the China doll's mouth.

       Between Miko and Caesar they made a sandwich of the candidate and seemed to work as a team attempting to grind their victim down to the nub. Miko managed to get the dildo partway down Zeng's throat and the fun began as the demi-woman tried to expel this invader so she could breath normally. Meanwhile Caesar had picked up the pace as her asshole gaped wider. Winnie noticed the first sign of anal bleeding and eagerly announced it to the onlookers. Soon the dog's cock was covered with gore and more blood was leaking from the seal between its dick and her asshole.

       Zeng's frantic struggles seemed to urge her attackers to greater efforts. Caesar had shifted into another gear and his dick flashed in and out of her collapsing asshole so fast it appeared to be not moving at all. The only evidence to the contrary was the steady dripping of blood from Zeng's brutalized colon. Miko was pumping her hips faster and faster as the dildo moved deeper and deeper into her victim's throat. The only sound coming from her was a very high pitched wheeze, indicating that all but a very tiny fraction of her throat was blocked securely by the hard rubber sex tool.

       Finally the big dog began blasting his cum deep into his bitch's roiling rectum. Miko meanwhile had a grip on the China doll's ears and was trying to tear them from her skull as the dildo brought her closer and closer to asphixiation. To me that was the limit and so I moved in with Bert's help to stop the slaughter. Yanking Caesar off his bitch proved to be a very tricky process since his knot had formed, joining them together until it went back to normal, which might be as long as five minutes. It was at this point that I regretted bringing the extra animal. The candidate looked to be totally exhausted and on the verge of going into shock, just what I didn't need. For a brief moment I formed a mental picture of Miko in the fixture being taken by a pack of big dogs who never got tired ripping her a new asshole and pussy on one end and ruining her throat on the other.

       It was then that I made a quick command decision, realizing that unless I put the clamps on her, Miko was going to totally ruin not only Zeng, but the entire concept of the NLA. I knew I had a digital camera in my bag, so I went and got it. Miko was only too happy to pose for pictures showing her brutalizing Zeng. I got some good ones of her using the dildo to face fuck the China doll, and once we managed to uncouple Caesar, she posed for more showing her sodomizing the helpless victim as well. Miko was too dumb to realize that no one else was in any of the pictures. She might soon regret that oversight. I called a halt to activities so that we could ascertain the injuries to Zeng and then make plans for the rest of today's initiation.

       The Chinese candidate had gone into what looked like shock moments after we got her out of the fixture. Her eyes were unfocused and her entire body was cold and shaking. We wrapped her in blankets and tried to get her to take some liquids, but nothing could get past her bluish lips. Winnie and Bert started to look very worried, and I wasn't so sure of the situation myself.  Zeng was definitely in a very bad way and unless we were very careful, this could turn into a disaster. Miko didn't look so cocksure anymore and when I suggested that she climb into the bed with Zeng and provide her some extra body heat, she complied without hesitation. I found that to be some form of poetic justice. I also decided that she and I were finished just as soon as I got her back to the Ledbetters.

       Elf finally sauntered into the cabin with his new fuck buddy. It was quite obvious from her swollen cunt and the cum dripping from it that she and Elf had been going the nasty and not just once either. Then he made Belinda turn around to show her gaping asshole as well. Bert gave him the thumbs up sign. I merely frowned because of the situation we now had with Zeng. Elf quickly picked up on the fact that things were not going as planned, but he had no idea just how bad they had gotten. When I gave him a quick recap of what happened, he flipped. Naturally I heaped as much blame on Miko as I could, even more than she deserved, since I was in charge during his absence.

       Elf and I went into the back bedroom to check on progress and were floored by what was going on! Miko and Zeng were locked in a passionate sixty-nine and gobbling gash like there was no tomorrow. My companion looked at me like I was some dullard, and there was nothing I could say in my defense considering the fuck energy that was being generated by the two Asians. What I was looking at was a miracle based on the punishment that skinny China doll had absorbed. Beyond that there was no way I could possibly explain the heat being produced by those two. We tip-toed out of the room leaving the lovers to their business and broke the news to an upbelieving audience, who like myself had witnessed the brutal going-over that Zeng had endured from Miko and the trio of dogs.

       To celebrate out good fortune we strung Hecate up by her thumbs and went to work on her thin body with fresh switches and belts. Elf once more demonstrated the superior nerd brain power that came to life when there was some poor unfortunate female under his control. He had hung her in such a way that she could barely touch the floor with the tips of her toes. However it wasn't possible for her to sustain this position due to the strain it put on her entire body that had to stretch to its limit to achieve this tenuous form of equlibrium.

       If the truth be known, we damned near beat the goth girl to death, so jacked by the news that nothing too serious had happened to Zeng. I vaguely remember homing in on her flat chest and seeing if I could tear off one of those stiff nipples with the buckle of my belt. She proved to be a tough cookie and I got so frustrated that I picked out one of the switches and joined Elf in trying to whip her cunt lips off. We got into a good rhythm and ripped into that bag of bones until she passed out. Meanwhile Bert and Winnie were taking the skin off her flat ass with a combination of his belt that tore open portions of that scrawny bottom and Winnie's switch that cut like a knife into the bleeding areas that her boyfriend created.

       Still not satisfied, we poured piss from the wooden bucket all over her bleeding body to really make her scream as the salty liquid turned those cuts into miniature forest fires. We might have continued and who knows what might have happened, except for the entry of Zeng and Miko, who looked like a loving couple despite the fact that they came from countries who still held grudges from a war that took place over fifty years ago. It seemed that all the dog cum and menstrual blood that they swallowed made them quite thirsty. Personally I felt like drowning the two of them in the rain barrel for all the grief they caused me. Since the goth girl was wasted and out of commission for a time, Belinda was too dinged up for any serious stuff and Zeng had just been through the mill big time, we took a break.

       That didn't mean the three of them got a free card. Instead Winnie and Bert took Belinda into the back bedroom to brush up on their double penetration technique, with the nerd girl as the meat in their sandwich. Miko made goo-goo eyes at Elf and suggested that they take Hecate to the other bedroom so she could show them what a goth girl could deliver in the  area of weird sex. That left me and Zeng, and I knew what I wanted to do with and to her skinny body. Although she offered no resistance, I still used some of the plastic ties to restrain her before I marched her out to the van for a good fucking, hoping that all the sex I'd had with Miko today wouldn't get in the way of sampling what Zeng could provide when it came to hot sex.

       She walked ahead of me and the sight of that welted, torn-up, flat bottom twitching from side to side as she ankled through the underbrush gave me major wood. All I could think of was whether to fuck her asshole or cunt for openers. Once inside the van and away from any prying eyes, I got on my back and directed her to get into a sixty-nine position and start chowing down on my fat cock. This way I had a good view of her gaping asshole and loose cunt. There was no evidence of any dog cum based on my close examination of both entrances. Miko had done a terrific job of sucking every drop of dog cum from her holes. Now that I was sure that nothing having to do with the dogs would be getting in the way of my hard cock, I slapped her bony ass and told her to sit on my cock.

       I almost came just watching her gaping asshole swallow inch after inch of my stiff prick. She wasn't tight, that was for sure, but my cock felt fairly comfortable buried deep in her warm shitter. I made her do all the work and just relaxed and enjoyed the show plus the sensation that her asshole created as it moved up and down the length of my cock. Her asshole was taking every inch, I was impressed! Considering that she looked like a kid of around eleven, and all she'd been through today ,and now her asshole was taking in excess of eight inches of hard cock without showing any signs of discomfort, I began to wonder what kind of drugs the Chus were feeding this fuck monster. I opted to check out her cunt to see how much dick it was able to handle.

       It slid in easily and she acted as if it wasn't even there, which did not exactly thrill me. I got up on my arms and began to bang the hell out of that pussy,and she hardly blinked as I skewered her as hard as I could. I power fucked her for at least five minutes before I tired and had to take a break, letting my entire weight rest on that bony frame. She acted as if I wasn't even there. This was one spooky chick. Her attitude began to bother me and so I went back to drilling her cunt as hard as I could, but it was no sale as far as she was concerned. Then I lost it and started choking the little slant-eyed bitch!

       Zeng's eyes got wide and her tongue began to loll from the corner of her mouth. Then I felt her pussy clamping around my cock and her body starting to push up against mine. I choked her harder and her cunt squeezed even harder in response. This frustrated me to the point that I started to pound her head against the metal floor of the van. She went into overdrive and it felt as if my cock had been sucked into a vacuum cleaner, the industrial type. Now a strange smile started moving across her face and her bony body pumped itself up and down even faster and with more passion. Her eyes were staring into my face, but her cunt was doing a job on my dick that  no other female had ever accomplished. She was wearing me out! How could this malnourished refugee from a Chinese rehabilitation camp who had been the sex toy of perverts for the last five years or more, be doing this to me?

       I finally came, not one of my better efforts, but considering the circumstances, it was not too surprising. The interesting part was her reaction, she immediately became her passive self once again. I was so confused from her reactions that it took some time to figure out a theory for what had just happened. Then it hit me, she was a pain slut! She needed pain to get her in the mood for a good fucking. She and my mom were a pair; who would have believed it? The more I thought about it, the more reasonable it became. Probably having Miko using the dildo on her throat provided enough pain that she could handle Caesar as he tried to destroy her asshole.

       Tomorrow I wanted to try out my theory. Today there would only be enough time to let Belinda introduce herself to the three dogs, who were having a rather easy day so far. Just so she didn't feel left out, I intended to have Hecate become the dogs' fluffer, getting them all hot and bothered before they made a run at their latest bitch, Belinda. As for my plans, they involved a threesome, Miko, Zeng and yours truly in the front bedroom. I wondered how she'd handle a handful of reds to keep her wide awake the entire night and ready to go the following day?

                                                                    ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Mom's Mistake - Chapter 26

       Had I known what was going on back at the Chu place, I might have been very nervous about my mom's prospects for a long and profitable life. Dr. Chu was delighted to have a new toy to keep him occupied. Mom on the other hand was always on the lookout for the next world class sadist to cross her path but his one was quite a bit off the beaten path, even for sadists. The good doctor's forte was mind games first to break down any resistance from his subject, before getting down to cases. Mom was more the meat and potatoes type of masochist, give her plenty of good old fashion pain and keep it coming until her circuits overloaded as Elf described it.

       Currently mom was learning all about the effect of rope shrinkage on the unwary. She was standing on the tips of her toes, arms contained in a single leather sheath with straps holding her flabby biceps, elbows and wrists as close together as was humanly possible. Her ankles were bound tightly using steel wire that ate into the bone. Two wide leather straps completed her ensemble, one above, the other just below her big, newly constructed tits. This made taking a deep breath out of the question, which was Dr. Chu's intention. The physician's wife had watched with great interest as he set up this scheme for mentally torturing his victim. This was one of the more important reasons she became his wife and assistant, his talent for producing pain that did more than just provide a momentary shock to the nervous system.

       Mom was glancing nervously at the noose around her neck that was attached to a hook mounted in the ceiling above her naked body. The thick rope was soaking wet, which allowed it to have a considerable amount of give to it. If not, mom would already be dangling in the air, legs kicking frantically as her lungs were deprived of life-giving oxygen. Dr. Chu was using a hair dryer to remove the moisture from the rope hanging from the ceiling. As he worked, the doctor also explained to the old pain slut what would soon happen to the rope and her ability to breathe.

       Gradually the rope would shrink as the water left it. Soon she would be unable to even stand briefly on her tip toes, leading ultimately to her slow strangulation. He chuckled at what would occur, first her eyes would start bulging, her chest heaving, and her face turning a bright red from her inability to draw enough air into her laboring lungs. This would continue and she would start mindlessly struggling against her bonds and the rope tightening around her neck. However he held out the possibility that by following his orders she could apply more pressure on the rope and make the still wet noose stretch some and once more allow her toes to touch the floor. What he did not tell her was that soon the noose itself would lose all the water now soaking it and then it too would tighten and once again she would face slow suffocation as her body was slowly lifted from the floor once again.

       This fiendishly simple procedure would take considerable time to play out, and to pass the time more productively, the good doctor decided to test a few of his latest whipping tools on the buxom, fleshy woman who looked to be in her middle forties. He selected a fiberglass rod which in principle was more flexible and produced a much more damaging impact when used properly. He stepped behind his fleshy victim and targeted her plump asscheeks. The first blow split her skin and raised a terrible welt that mushroomed quickly, surrounded by a bloody perimeter. Mom screamed to the heavens from the agonizing pain that was tripped by this cruel blow. The next blow landed seconds later and another almost identical wound was created within a few millimeters of the first. Mom's entire body trembled from the shock, and for a brief moment her feet left the floor, adding to her problems.

       Mrs. Chu couldn't help smiling as her husband replaced the fiberglass whip with one made from an exotic composite given to him on the their last trip to the mainland. The gift also came with a lovely fourteen year old girl that they took turns using it on until her bare body was bleeding from so many deep slashes, welts and gashes that she could not be brought back to consciousness despite their best efforts. It mattered not since she was scheduled for execution the following day with her parents in attendance. Secretly she was hoping that he would vent his pent up anger on this plump middle-aged woman who had a reputation for being able to survive the worst type of torture, recover and return, begging for more of the same.

       His assault was brilliant, cruel and not what she expected. Mrs. Chu could feel the crotch of her bikini panties growing moist as she witnessed his terrible treatment of the helpless pain slut. He used the composite whip, which was more like an epee with its triangular construction, to slash the tops of her bare feet. To achieve his objective it required him to almost become a dancer, using elaborate moves and gliding down to almost contact the floor as he slashed down at his target. Each blow left a bloody track; the first barely a fraction of a millimeter from the joint connecting her foot and lower leg, the next two inches further along the top of her foot, and so on until her feet were reduced to a pair of bleeding lumps of gnarled flesh.

       Still not completely satisfied, he moved to her rear and began working his way down from the back of her knee to the heel, first one leg and then the other. Two growing pools of blood centered below the soles of her twisted feet provided plenty of evidence that this terrible weapon could certainly be used to beat mom to death in a very short time if he so desired. However that was the one option that he would not tolerate. This plump piece of meat must be made to last for many long days, weeks, months even, before she was unable to respond to the torments that he had planned for her.

       Meanwhile at Camp Hellhole, things were moving right along. Hecate, despite the terrible beating she'd taken, was busily sucking Biff while Buster did his best to enlarge Belinda's asshole. That damned dog was an ass fucking fool if there ever was one. Belinda was in a state of shock, never having had the pleasure of a dog's cock operating at just below the speed of sound within her back hole. To her credit, she was doing her best to hold still for the brutal, mindless excavation that was occurring in her lower intestines. Hecate had seen the light after the murderous assault on her skinny body and did anything we asked or even hinted for her to do. Right now she was entertaining us with her deep throating of Buster, who wasn't certain he liked it. The mutt wasn't accustomed to having this kind of action from his bitch and so he growled and bared his teeth now and then just to show the goth girl who was in charge.

       I couldn't resist letting the rest of the gang in on my little secret concerning Zeng and the pain slut side of her personality. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. That was what allowed her to survive all the years of constant torture she endured. I was to learn later that tapes were made of the most disgusting things that were done to her. Zeng's parents, who at the time were still alive and being "rehabilitated' in the most brutal camps imaginable, were shown them over and over, which finally drove her mother mad and caused her father to attempt numerous failed suicides.

       Elf dragged out the whipping bench from the back bedroom, a modified version of a piece of furniture used by monks for prayer. Soon Zeng was on her belly, her thin wrists tied tightly to the front portion of the curving fixture, and her legs spread apart, ankles roped to the back set of supports. He had managed to find time to cut a bunch of switches from the local bushes and season them in a bath of salt water located at the back of the cabin. This nerd didn't miss a trick when it came to items that could be adapted to the NLA initiation process.

       We drew lots to see in which order we would get to whip Zeng. It was decided that two people would go at the same time, splitting whatever area they chose to whip. Miko and Bert went first and naturally wanted to whip the skin off her skinny butt. They took turns giving her six of the best until she had taken a total of two dozen blows, perhaps a third of them leaving her flat backside bleeding from numerous cuts in her papery skin. Except for a few gasps when Bert found the crevice between her scrawny asscheeks, she was silent. I made a few remarks concerning the inability of the first group to do any serious damage to our candidate in hopes of increasing the amount of pain she'd get.

       Elf did not disappoint me. He took dead aim at that crevice and landed all dozen dead on target. The same could not be said for Winnie, who laid a dozen across the back of the Chinese girl. Zeng was still a dry hole based on the amont of moisture I discovered by sticking my middle finger up her tight, arid cunt and moving it around to make sure it was indeed a desert. With help from Elf and Bert, we turned the girl over so she was now face up and all the rest of her goodies were exposed for the whipping that followed. Since it was my idea, I decided that she'd get thirty of the best from yours truly.

       Naturally there was some grumbling from those who had already gone before me, but that was the breaks as far as I was concerned.  Such was not to be the case. I finally had to cave and allow everyone to have an equal number of lashes, choosing fifty for each person and letting them select which part of her emaciated body they wanted to use. I also made sure that they all understood that this pain slut handled the best that could be thrown at her for three years in the worst concentration camps that existed in mainland China.

       If she could survive that, we weren't much of a threat to her overall health and safety. Secretly I wondered if anything we did, short of killing her, would make Zeng bat an eyelash. After all, she'd been tortured by experts for years who had only one thought in mind, break her will or make sure she was going to be able to endure even more new and horrible tortures from the next expert that went to work on that naked collection of skin and bones.

       My misgivings didn't stop me from trying to get that skank's pussy nice and wet. Knowing she was a pain slut sort of cooled any thoughts I had for any type of a relationship with her. Maybe Miko wasn't as bad as I thought, all things considered. With all those thoughts percolating in my fevered mind, I went after Zeng with a fury that even surprised me. Her armpits were my first target, to date no one had done anything to them yet. I think she was expecting me to whip her pussy or those things that passed for tits, so I caught her by surprise. I put some muscle behind it and as a result broke the skin in her pits, but a quick check of her pussy showed no response to what I had done. Then I got the bright idea of rubbing salt into those cuts.

       Even though the switch was soaked in salt water before I started using it, it didn't have the punch that regular salt had. Zeng's eyes got big when I rubbed the salt into her wounds. The idea of pinching her clit to get some reaction popped into my head and so I tried my best to tear that little nubbin from its mooring. A tear or two began trickling down her cheeks. For the first time I detected some traces of pussy juice when my middle finger probed her cunt this time. An overwhelming urge to fuck the piss out of her came over me. It was strong enough to make me back away from her and try to catch my breath.

       Why I chose to do her ears next is something I still don't understand. It proved to be a crowd pleaser. I caught her a good one with my first blow, the switch cutting open the delicate flesh from top to lobe. She turned her head in reflex to protect the damaged ear and so I made a match out of the other. Back and forth I went, as she tried and failed to protect those delicate swirls of flesh that my switch tore to tatters. I quit at an even dozen and this time I could smell the aroma of her pussy juice and see it oozing from between her thin cunt lips. I squeezed those flaps of rubbery flesh and she began humping her crotch upwards to get even more sensation from what I was doing.

       Elf, that little rat, had been keeping track of the number of lashes I'd deliverd to my naked victim. I was  down to six, which infuriated me. I was just getting into a groove, and felt as if I could whip her for at least an hour straight without taking even so much as a breather. Frustration made me use my brain for a change and the idea of bundling some of the switches together and using that on her vulnerable twat came up through the fog of fury that had me by the throat. I regained control by thinking of what I might do to her tomorrow once I had her strung up by the thumbs from that same tree that Elf had used to hang Belinda.

       There were knowing grins as they watched me tie three switches together and swing them through the air to get a feel for this new and more powerful whipping tool. Satisfied that I had control of this new weapon, I went to work on Zeng's drooling pussy with everything I had. I went right down the middle, splitting that thin-lipped cunt neatly with the wet, salt-crusted branches. It took four blows before she reacted, but it was some show. She deliberately timed her thrusts upwards to meet my downward lashing. The water splashed off that swollen pussy and made the air arond her whipped cunt shimmer from the tiny droplets of sweat, cunt juice and salted water that flew from her pussy mouth. On the sixth and last blow, a monster shot that tore deep into that tight wet twat, she began to bleed, bringing a cheer from Miko. I knew from that high pitched squeal that I was going to get some hot, wet, Japanese pussy before I went to sleep tonight. Who knows, maybe it might be mixed with Chinese cunt as well?

                               ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )   

                                     Mom's Mistake - Chapter 27

       Mrs. Chu had taken a seat and was shamelessly masturbating as she watched her husband torture the newest acquisition to the family. In truth the middle-aged woman was ticketed for one last appearance in the outside world before becoming their property for the rest of her life, as short as it might be. It probably wouldn't matter if she were unable to walk since in all likelihood those using her body in one way or another would have her strapped down or hanging so they could have their way with her. She could not imagine anyone becoming sexually excited by her appearance, but these white people were still strange compared to her heritage.

       There was still enough slack in the noose to allow her to stand flat-footed. After the damage her husband had done to the woman's feet, there was little possibility that she could support her pudgy body on her toes. To make her fate even more agonizing Dr. Chu had forced a length of plastic tubing down her throat and into her stomach. He was now connecting the tubing to a fixture that would supply water that would be used to fill her stomach to its limit, thus impeding her limited ability to draw breath. But the main function of this procedure was to assure that she would not be able to raise up her body under any set of circumstances as the noose tightened around her throat.

       Once mom was filled to capacity, her belly bulging out to nearly hide her swollen cunt lips from view, he began toying with her fat clit, which had swollen to nearly twice its normal size. Tiring of that he picked up the hair dryer and began playing the hot air up and down the length of the noose as well as driving more moisture from the portion girding mom's neck.There was nothing she could do but moan and make odd sounding noises whenever he held the dryer mere inches from her fat, hot button. Mom's face began to take on a ruddy color as her ability to breath was slowly taken away from her.

       At the cabin Miko and Bert were making mincemeat out of Zeng's cunt. They too were using bundled switches, Miko could handle only two, but Bert was showing off by using a scourge consisting of four switches. Each time it bit into the bloody mess that was Zeng's cunt, blood splattered everywhere, and her screams made the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention. Miko had by now moved away to begin ruining what evidently were Zeng's new breast buds, probably the result of the hormone treatment she was now receiving. Leave it to my sharp-eyed killer girlfriend to notice the almost imperceptible change in the Chinese woman's flat chest.

       By the time Miko and Bert got done with Zeng, parts of her naked body looked like pieces of skinned meat. However the stink of her pussy slime was so powerful it even overwhelmed the smell of the blood dripping from the dozens upon dozens of gashes and cuts covering her cunt, inner thighs and those little bumps that had begun growing from her chest. She was still conscious, which seemed to irritate those working on that skinny frame. How could this ugly bag of bones stand up to the tremendous amount of pain that they had just finished dealing out to her?

       Once again it was Elf who proved to be the cruelest of them all, quite fitting since he was the true nerd leader and as such would be expected to take the lead when it came to such things. It was Elf who gave Winnie directions on which portion of Zeng's bare body to whip and for how long. When he instructed her to begin by using her switch of the Chinese woman's face, there was a collective gasp that came from those in the room, including the other two candidates. How Zeng managed to avoid losing an eye from that brutal assault was a mystery to me.

       Initially she did a fairly good job of dodging the blows that fell, causing them to either miss or glance off her skull or jawline, where they did minor damage at  best. While this was going on much to the amusement of the other players, Elf was busy preparing Zeng for more heavy duty pain. He had taken strips of duct tape and used them to pull her cunt lips out to their limit and hold them in place, thus exposing the sensitive meatus of her cunt for the whipping he had planned for them. Zeng hardly batted an eyelash over this, she had taken much worse in the camps. Those monsters didn't bother with the niceties of tape, they merely skewered her cunt lips with long needles or sharp sticks to allow them to get at her tender twat.

       Miko had grown bored with watching the Chinese candidate successfully dodging Winnie's futile blows, and had taken action. She knelt by the woman and grabbed her hair in a way that held her head from moving. She urged Winnie to give her victim everything she had and soon Zeng's face was crisscrossed with deep welts and cuts as the switch ate into her gaunt countenance. Unfortunately Winnie's aim was not perfect and on a few occasions she managed to strike Miko, bringing curses in Japanese from the teenager.

       In retrospect I should never have stood still for letting Winnie tear up Zeng's face that way. One mistake and the Chinese torture toy loses an eye and we are all in the deepest of deep shit. Mrs. Chu would probably have our nuts in exchange for Zeng's eye plus Miko and Winnie would be working in a Bangcock whore house for the rest of their unnatural lives. Fortunately things worked out for all concerned. Zeng got off big time and everyone who worked on her also got off in their own sick way. I know I did, but that's a story for later on in this little expose'.

       Elf showed some intiative and once more demonstrated his growing maturity when it came to punishing females. There were some gasps from the audience when instead of a bundle of switches, like most had been using, he pulled his belt from his pants and used it, buckle first, to tear up Zeng's highly vulnerable cunt. The sound of that heavy metal eating into the wet, stinking sex flesh of the helpless Chinese woman sent a chill over the members watching this slaughter. Perhaps I was the only one who could appreciate the fact that Zeng was getting off in a big way from the high level pain that heavy metal belt buckle was providing as it ripped through her rubbery fuck channel, sending tiny chunks of sex meat flying into the air along with the shimmering droplets of blood and cunt sludge that she was releasing after each and every blow.

       Elf was smart enough to pace himself and so Winnie was done well before he was even halfway through using his allotted fifty strokes total. Quick as a wink Miko jumped in and presented her bleeding box to Zeng for cleanup. The Chinese candidate wasted no time gobbling the gory gash that had been thrust to her lips. Zeng acted as if it was manna from heaven. I began to wonder just what kind of pussy she was forced to gobble when she was in the camps. I guess if you hadn't had anything to drink or eat in a couple of days out in the broiling sun while you were constanty being raped by the guards and their dogs, anything must have tasted great no matter what kind of animal it was connected to. That explained her actions; she was regressing back to the days in the camp when it was her against the world and the world was composed of sadistic males, be they human or brute.

       After his rest Elf went to work on her hip bones, tearing the skin from the pointed joints, leaving a trail of blood in the wake of every blow. Then he homed in on her inner thighs, ripping the flesh out in small chunks as she inhaled the blood and cunt juice from Miko's fountaining pussy. Elf shortened up his grip on the belt and pounded the buckle back into her bleeding cunt over and over. Every blow had an effect on Miko, the pain being somehow transmitted into Zeng's tongue which did tricks inside Miko's twat. It was amazing how the skinny Asian managed to stay conscious. I began to worry that this terrible beating might get in the way of my plans to nail her good and proper after everyone was satisfied that she'd been properly initiated for the day.

       We were all counting as Elf finished off his victim with some major league smashes. At forty-eight Zeng started shivering and bucking against her bonds, nearly throwing Miko off her face, which was a swollen mess by then. At forty-nine she started her orgasm, leaving us speechless. The fact that she dared to have an orgasm despite the terrible beating Elf was dealing out to her, made him lose his cool for one of those rare times. He just kept on beating her pussy into a pulpy mess while I stood there with my mouth open and nothing coming out of it. Finally, after who knows how many extra shots he landed into that swamp between her bleeding thighs, I captured the belt in midflight and brought the action to a close.

       Elf just stood there almost in a stupor while Miko continued to see if she could suffocate her pussy eating companion, who had gone away to somewhere else on the wings of that stupendous orgasm. I got hard just thinking about what her torturers must have dreamed up to do to her the first time she insulted them by getting off while they were burning her clit away or maybe deciding whether to cut off her nipples, lips or  eyelids next. One thing was certain, Miko and I were going to put this pain slut through the wringer tonight, and tomorrow I intended to take her scrawny ass out to the clearing in back and see how much skin I could whip off that skinny body.

       Once Zeng returned from wherever she went, we marched her and the other two outside to hose them down and let them dry while we had supper. There is nothing like a long day traveling followed by having to discipline a trio of unruly candidates which included a freak who makes my mom seem like an amateur when it comes to absorbing pain. Oh I forgot to mention all the fucking and sucking my Japanese girlfriend provided and the hot session with Zeng where I figured out she was a pain slut as well as a nymphomaniac who needed pain to really get herself off. My worst fear was becoming too tired to work over Zeng. I had some ideas I wanted to try out on that skinny freak and there didn't appear to be much extra time available tomorrow.

       Things back at the Chu residence had gotten to the point that Dr. Chu was just hanging around waiting for mom to begin hanging around for real. His hot wife had already tried to seduce him and been rebuffed for the five hundreth time at least. Personally I never want his problem, even the thought of it scares me. She had left in a huff, not even bothering to put her clothing back on. They say that idle hands are the devil's playground, or some such nonsense. Well in the case of Dr. Chu they were. For those of you wondering how I knew all about what was going on there while I was here, it's easy. None of this story is being told in real time, remember that and everything will be fine.

       He debated on perhaps giving her an enema, a big one, one that would generate a lot of gas to make her even more uncomfortable. Then he tabled that idea for fear that he just might screw up her insides to the point that something ruptured and there would go all his fun for perhaps a month or two. Instead he decided to do a little surgery on her ruined feet. It made for a nice compromise, she would get a few more minutes of relatively ease in exchange for a few more minutes of excruciating pain, something he had been told she thrived on.

       When he returned with his instrument case she was still balanced on the soles of her feet, which surprised him somewhat. Almost all of the slack in the rope had been taken up, and by now her face should have been turning a bright shade of red while her tongue began protruding from the corner of her mouth. Her  lips were still normal color and her eyes, though slightly glassy, were definitely not popping from their sockets by any means. It took some moments for him to finally conclude that the wire binding her ankles had begun cutting off the circulation to her feet and they were starting to swell, thus giving her a new platform of sorts upon which to stand.

       To make his operating platform even more stable, Dr.Chu placed a wooden block beneath her feet. Now he could initiate his plan to torture what was left of her deformed feet. She screamed and then shrieked as he drove metal shims under her toenails, starting wth the big toe and moving slowly towards the smallest digit. That part of the procedure took the better part of half an hour, all the time enjoying the eerie sounds that he brought from her mouth. He stepped back to view his work and couldn't help noticing that her feet had swollen further, now turning a dull purplish color. This spurred him on to move more quickly before something worse happened to his subject's feet that would preclude his current efforts.

       Popping her nail from her big toe proved to be a bit more difficut than he had anticipated. Frustrated, he used a scalpel to cut away some of the flesh holding the nail in place and then once more tried levering it from its moorings. Her scream told him that he had been successful, as he watched her bloody nail separate from the skin holding it fast. He experimented on her smallest nail, discovering that he could pry it loose in a matter of less than thirty seconds and it hurt like fury every step of the way, which is what he was hoping for. It was then that he smelled her sex as she began oozing this stinking mucous-like material from her cunt mouth.

       When he looked up, he caught a glimpse of his wife, still stark naked and using a camera to record his latest triumph over his most recent challenger. The sight of her shaven cunt and those big breasts that he had lovingly created back before this malady had struck him down, sent a pang of longing through him. Then he quickly returned to the present and this pudgy white woman who dared to present herself as a worthy opponent for this talents. There were still eight toes ready for torture, but now was not the time. He wanted to see her slowly strangling as she lost control of her bladder and bowels. With that in mind, he yanked the small wooden platform from beneath her swollen feet and stepped back to watch her hang, all the time realizing that this gorgeous creature that he use to bed every evening was still taping his latest triumph.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                                     Mom's Mistake - Chapter 28

       After we and the dogs ate, it was time to divide up the meat for the evening. I had suggested that Elf take one for the team and check out the goth girl's pussy. He agreed to do it if I'd make the same sacrifice tomorrow. I was so hot to do Zeng that I foolishly promised to do the goth girl myself tomorrow just so we all could say we did her, and she could tell her girlfriends about how good or bad it was afterward. Bert was definitely not happy over this plan, but he too was outvoted when he tried to opt out of the arrangement.

       So it was Elf and Hecate in the van until he got tired of fucking her, which I thought would last probably an hour at the most. In the front bedroom Miko and I would put it to Zeng until that tight assed Chinese dumpling squeaked. Finally in the back bedroom Bert and Winnie would see how the plump, teenage, nerd girl handled her first threesome including members of both sexes. We all were in for some surprises, more good ones than bad. We went outside and collected our shivering candidates for the evening workout.

       Elf looked morose as he marched the skinny, black haired girl toward the van. He reminded me of someone who was about to do something almost against his will. I had to admit that Hecate wasn't much of a prize, but we had other plans for her. This one would not be turning tricks to help out the nerd plans  for bigger, better and more sophisticated video games. Little did I know at the time that she would indeed be turning tricks and with the exception of a few girls on the side, her sex partners would be nerds all the way.

       Winnie and Bert definitely did not look like the welcome wagon for their catch of the evening. On the bright side she was fresh and clean after being hosed down, and did have a great set of tits for her age. The fact that without her thick glasses she was almost blind as a bat was also somewhat in her favor. However her thick patch of pubic hair, not to mention the budding forest starting to grow in her armpits did turn off most people except for weirdos and perverts. Bert was about to learn he was a weirdo when it came to Belinda's hairiness plus the odor that rose from her sweaty body after she got some cock.

       As far as I was concerned, Miko and I got the pick of the litter when it came to Zeng, who combined nymphomania and masochism to a degree that I thought only my mom could achieve. More on dear old mom and her adventures with the Chu family shortly, but now it was Zeng's turn to strut her stuff for a very tough audience, yours truly and Miko, one of the nastiest teenage girls I ever ran into. I still wasn't sure about the relationship developing between Miko and Zeng, and was equally ambivalent about my feelings towards the Chinese dumpling, a nickname that didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense when you took a look at her scrawny body and flat featured face. However she had demonstrated to me at least a talent for sex and pain that was awesome. I was to find out if she had any staying power, and Miko would be the one to make her work.

       As soon as we had her in the bedroom we had our first discussion concerning how she should be restrained. Naturally Miko opted for the tightest bondage possible with Zeng spread and on her back so her cunt was easily accessible for fucking and torture. I remembered seeing some hemp cord in the kitchen. It was thin, raspy and strong enough so that it would sink to the bone. Zeng made no attempt to struggle as I wrapped and pulled on the cord until the skin and flesh around it bulged. I tied each wrist and ankle separately to get the maximum tightness and associated pain from the bond. Afterwards I anchored each limb to the corners of the bed. We were now ready to start working on Zeng. I could hardly contain myself as I stared at that fleecy-haired cunt, which made her look even more child-like.

       Miko took the initiative, straddling Zeng and presenting her with another serving of bloody pussy. The sound of Zeng gobbling that gory gash got me hard as stone and answered my concern about being able to perform as I hoped I could. It turned out that most of the damage from the brutal beating she had taken from Elf seemed superficial, with only a few spots around her cunt that were still bleeding slightly. I would later discover from a conversation with Mrs. Chu that my conclusion was totally wrong, the drugs and hormones she was taking had plenty to do with her ability to heal quickly. This girl-woman could really absorb punishment and pain, that was for sure. I was initially tempted to give her twat another dose of belt buckle, but decided against it at this point. The idea of fisting her tight cunt popped into my head and I went with it.

       Zeng's pussy was tight as a drum! I was astonished, considering all the action it had been getting. I managed to work a couple of fingers into that wet hole, but any thoughts of fisting her were just pipe dreams. That tight twat took a couple of heart felt slaps out of frustration and then yours truly just sat there fuming while Miko urged her prisoner to even greater efforts, threatening to tear her ears off if she didn't comply. Having some time to think things over, it became apparent from the way her cunt had sprung back from all the wear and tear on it that she was something more than just a candidate for the NLA. It was becoming quite evident that Mrs. Chu was playing some kind of a game with me and the nerds. Why would she be giving up a super pain slut who also doubled as the family nymphomaniac? It didn't make sense.

       Miko was still having a grand time forcing Zeng to swallow every drop of the bloody mess that was dripping from the Japanese teen's fuck box. Yours truly was just cooling his heels and watching his hard-on turn to jelly, not the way things had been originally planned. Perhaps working on the Chinese nympho's clit might get things off the dime. Squeezing, twisting and yanking at that hot button had little effect on the activities going on between the two Asians. That however got me to thinking some more.

       Zeng's clit was fat and sassy with no evidence of ever having been harmed in any way by her torturers. It was in grade A condition. How could this be? I would have imagined that they would have had a field day burning, cutting, crushing, zapping and even flaying that fat love button while she screamed and begged for death. I closed my eyes and a mental picture formed of some fat Chinese guy running a white hot needle through the middle of that pulsating nubbin of sex flesh while his assistant held it stretched to its limit with a pair of pliers. Then it morphed into a picture of a grinning doctor with a scalpel gently shaving a fraction of a fraction of an inch off that fat, hot button as Zeng babbled and promised anything if he would only stop the pain by killing her. It was then that Miko broke my train of thought by informing me that it was time to start making Zeng pay for her impertinence and behavior toward her superiors.

       I looked over at Zeng and had to admit that the way she looked reminded me of a clown because of the way Miko's menstrual blood was ringing her lips. It was also apparent that the deep facial slashes and cuts made by the switch wielded by Winnie were in the process of healing after just a few hours. This was getting very spooky. Miko's eyes were dead flat, reminding me of some type of shark hunting for its prey. Zeng had a look on her face that could almost be described as serene, unafraid of what was to occur. Was she practicing some Chinese version of Zen, preparing her mind and body for whatever we were about to bring down upon her? She didn't have long to wait. Miko smiled evilly and said " I want to burn her now. Let's see how she likes it when I melt her skin with a lit cigarette."

       I ducked out to let Bert and Winnie know that my girlfriend was going to be burning various portions of Zeng's body with lit cigarettes and not to worry that the cabin would burn down. They were well into getting to know Belinda in the biblical sense and thoroughly enjoying it from the looks of things. Bert was beneath the plump teen, his hands wrapped around her big tits, squeezing them so hard that I knew she'd be bruised by morning. I could see his dick pumping in and out of the teen's tight asshole. Belinda was matching his thrusts with grunts and groans of her own, but they didn't sound as if she was having too difficult a time handling what was happening inside her tight asshole which was being slowly widened by Bert's hard rod.

       Winnie was wearing her strap-on and using it like a pro on Belinda's cunt. I was quite impressed by the way Bert's girlfriend was handling her part of the action. That big tool was moving in and out of Belinda's cunt at a good pace and from the way it glistened, I could imagine that the myopic teen was having a pretty good time based on the thick coating of pussy juice that clung to the dildo. Having done my fire warden routine, I checked the dogs who were curled up in the corner snoozing. That's when I got the idea of using the bitch rag as a gag for Zeng. That just might freak her out, which would be fun to watch.

       Zeng was already screaming long before I returned to the bedroom. Miko had lit a cigarette and was using the glowing coal to burn away portions of the Chinese girl-woman's outer cunt lips. She smiled and gave me the thumb's up sign when she saw the gag.  Zeng freaked at the smell, it probably reminded her of the camps and the dogs that were used to fuck her to the verge of insanity. Nonetheless I filled her mouth and used some duct tape to keep the gag in place.

       Miko went back to her little project and burned away another section of Zeng's cunt lips. I figured this would be a good time to see just how tight her cunt was before I got hard and started screwing her bowlegged. I pointed to my dick and made sucking noises to get Miko's attention. She was a little miffed that I was interrupting her play time, but when I glared at her and threatened to punch her in the head, she extinguished the cigarette on Zeng's clit, which made the dumpling nearly rupture herself from the explosion of pain this simple act generated.

       While Miko provided some great head, she must have been born with this ability to suck cock, I checked out Zeng's pussy. Despite her muffled screams and efforts to break free of the cords that were so tight that her hands and feet were already swollen and starting to turn blue, Zeng's cunt was moist, on its way to wet and gushy, if there was such a word. My cock was responding nicely to Miko's liquid mouth, and I was already figuring out how to nail her so that Miko could continue burning her. There was a part of me that was not too happy with my rather clinical behavior toward the skinny Chinese chick. Unfortunately I was in a zone and focused strictly on discovering if pain was the key to her sexual excitement. Miko popped my dick from her mouth and grinned, showing off her oral skills to the round eye. For a moment it was Miko and not Zeng who was naked and stretched out like a piece of meat for whatever yours truly, the sadist, working on her bare body, wanted to do to her. Then it was back to business.

       Miko was delighted at my idea for administering another dose of heavy duty pain. So I mounted the scrawny NLA candidate and set about stuffing her cunt with my hard cock. She was still on the tight side, but I managed to fill her up with dick without losing any skin off my prong. I told Miko she was good to go and waited for the torture to begin. I could feel Zeng's body jump and hear another muffled scream as Miko held the lit cigarette between the Chinese girl's big toe and its neighbor. I pulled my cock out about halfway and then rammed it home with some muscle behind it.  Zeng responded by pushing her cunt up to meet my thrust. I started to pound her without any concern for her well being. All I wanted to know was whether or not the pain that Miko was delivering would control her response to the hard screwing she was getting. Miko burned her twice more and things didn't seem to be getting any easier as far as nailing her tight pussy.

       Suddenly she reacted strongly and caught me off guard as she nearly bucked me from her emaciated body. I heard Miko's evil laughter in the background and figured she had taken some independent action. It would turn out that she had gotten bored and held her cigarette against the top of Zeng's swollen foot. That did the trick and all hell had broken loose. My dick felt as if it was in a swamp, one that reeked, I might add. Zeng's eyes were big and staring but I doubt they saw anything worth transporting to her brain. The second time Miko burned her victim's foot was on its swollen sole, puncturing the bag of  foul smelling fluid that had built up from the lack of blood circulation. I just held on for dear life and let nature take its course.

       This time I had the upper hand and some experience with dealing with Zeng when she went off on pain. The sex was awesome and a bit frightening at the same time. I wonder if I'd have survived if she wasn't tied down and a bit worn out from everything we'd put her through today. One thing was damn well certain, there would be a meeting between yours truly and the mysterious Mrs. Chu. I couldn't help but think that we were dealing with a ticking time bomb, one that could do some very serious damage if let unchecked. I don't know how long I fucked this strange creature, but it was memorable to put it mildly. I felt a little embarrassed by the puny amount of cum I squirted deep inside that boiling cauldron she called a cunt.

       Miko quickly took command of things and began burning the rest of Zeng's outer cunt lips away as soon as yours truly rolled off the victim. I was almost too tired to deck her, but I summoned up enough energy to give her one good wallop that sent her ass over tea kettle and ended her fun and games for the evening with Zeng. However that didn't stop her from joining the others in the back bedroom where Belinda was slowly being ground into pulp by Bert and Winnie.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Mom's Mistake - Chapter 29

       It was a three-ring circus up at Camp Hellhole featuring Belinda, Zeng and Hecate. Not to be outdone, things going on at the Chu residence were just as interesting and sadistic. Had I been a mind reader or able to project myself to what was taking place with my dear old masochistic mom, I'd be more than just a little upset. Next week mom was going to be the star performer at GOMSO, but now the good Dr. Chu was turning my feature attraction into a pile of broken bones or perhaps even worse if he didn't pay some heed to the way mom's face was changing colors. Fortunately his better half wasn't as focused on his problems to the exclusion of everything else happening at her home.

       Mrs. Chu had been toying with the idea of returning to bed and once more enjoying the youthful flesh of her latest acquisition, my former girlfriend Honey. Fortunately for mom as well as the Chu family and myself she stayed long enough to realize that mom was on the verge of cashing in her chips, or as a minimum being unable to ever walk again without the aid of a cane. Bad enough that mom was on the wrong side of forty, I couldn't imagine any group that would be excited about the prospect of renting a pain slut who was well past her prime and also a gimp.

       Dr. Chu was so involved with creating a situation where the soles of mom's feet were a fraction of an inch off the floor and she was slowly strangling. Had he bothered to look up at her face he might have realized he had gone too far. Mom's face was not only contorted and turning a pale blue, her tongue had begun to protrude from between her purplish lips. Instead he seemed to be getting off with the way she was trying to turn her toes downward to provide a tiny platform that would give her time to gulp in some air. His wife was watching everything about mom, including the fact that her eyes looked to be almost out of their sockets from the pressure created in her blood stream by the lack of oxygen.

       Mom croaked like a bullfrog when the metal sliver was pushed beneath the nail on her middle toe and slowly moved from side to side to widen the beachhead it had created. By now Mrs. Chu was masturbating shamelessly, fingertips strumming her fat clit like it was some kind of stringed instrument. The aroma of her dripping pussy began filling the room and even her husband paused in his torturing of the hanging middle-aged woman to a sample it. Then he returned to his work, beginning to slide a new metal shim beneath the other middle toe as mom continued to croak and her face started to darken, almost acting as if it were about to explode.

       Meanwhile at Camp Hellhole Elf was being a good soldier and taking Hecate out to the van for some serious one on one fucking and sucking even though he was not turned on by this skinny sadist who seemed to be disinterested in swapping bodily fluids. To make sure she understood her position, that of a candidate, nothing more than that, she was naked and her hands tied tightly behind her back. He was using her bare body as a windbreak and some degree of protection from the underbrush and thickets that populated this area. For some odd reason the sight of her flat, pale ass was getting him hard and he had no idea why. The more he concentrated on it, the better it began to look, especially when it moved from side to side, almost twitching. She made little noises when her body was scratched by the thick ground cover. Then she took a header into some dense underbrush and disappeared from sight. He could hear Hecate grunting and scrambling to get to her feet without doing too much damage to her stark naked form that was totally unprotected from the thickets and ground cover.

       Elf moved carefully towards where she was struggling to regain her feet. There was enough light to see Hecate on her knees, acting dazed from her fall. He was nipped by the brush surrounding him and that put him in a foul mood that he intended to take out on his initiate once he got her into the van. She called his name and the quiver in her voice excited him even more than previously. He headed towards her and she turned to face him. She looked so vulnerable, like a little girl. For a brief moment he had this insane urge to jump her bones and fuck her bowlegged in this woodsy setting with all the stickers and nettles around them as the fucked like animals. He raised the teen from her knees, his hands digging into her underarms. That did it! Whatever was happening between them was about to burst into flame and he had no clue as to why or what to do next. Elf had fallen in lust with this strange goth girl almost against his will. What strange power did she possess to cause this violent reaction? He could hardly wait to get her into the van. He'd show her what a nerd in heat could do to someone like her. By the time he was done fucking her senseless, she'd be his slave, to do with as he pleased.

       The nerd leader spotted a stand of willows nearby and on a whim he broke off a couple and used them on his captive to keep her moving in the direction of the van. He could hardly wait to get Hecate on her back; legs spread or better still hanging over his shoulders as he skewered her impossibly tight cunt with a fury that made both of them breathless. She would know the power of nerd lust, something kept a deep dark secret except in the homes where nerd males had access to younger and weaker females. There are even apocryphal tales carried from one nerd to the other about families where the mother actually introduced the nerd to the wonders of sexual intercourse. Few believed such stories, but rumors still abound. In fact Elf wanted to channel much of the nerd energies into seeing how true these strange tales are or have been.

       Twice his female stumbled and fell. Both times she lay on her back, legs spread and a small smile on her face as he approached and began whipping her between the legs as she whimpered and asked for more. He was not in a mood to refuse her and so by the time they arrived at the van, the entire front side of her bare body, from neck to knees was crisscrossed with cruel welts and cuts from the vicious beatings she had received for being so clumsy and slowing him down. To prove to himself that he was not just a rutting male, driven by his urges, he had his captive bend over and touch the floor of the van with her nose as she stood outside in the moonlight. He began cutting her flat ass to ribbons with the switches. In truth his efforts to flog her senseless were mere posturing, but he did not let on about this to her. Somehow Hecate knew despite his efforts to act distant and superior to a mere girl. With a yell that echoed through the dense woods, he threw his switch aside and pushed her into the van.

       Hecate was no fool when it came to sexually satisfying a lust driven nerd, regardless of the facade he put up to prevent her from seeing him for what he was, a sex crazed teenager with a big brain. The flat-chested goth girl wanted to be dominated by someone smarter than she was; Elf was ideal. Soon she was on her knees trying to cram as much of his hard cock into her mouth as she could, and wishing she had bigger tits to get him even more interested in fucking her over the long term. She discovered that this was one nerd who had strong hands and they were controlling her head as if it were in a vise. She decided quickly that he was big enough as the tip of his hard prong began to tickle her tonsils. Hecate put her mind to the task at hand, getting him off and then getting him hard again for a good round of steady fucking.

       Elf surprised her with his self-control. She was no pro when it came to giving head, but she'd done it enough to realize that this nerd was no slouch when it came to holding back until the time was right to splash her insides with his sperm. She also heaved a sigh of relief since she'd just had her period and probably would be safe no matter how much sperm he pumped into her pussy this weekend. Hecate was determined that he'd be dry as a desert before she'd let him pull on his pants and take her back to the cabin where in all likelihood there would be more cock, including the dogs, waiting to use her pussy and tight asshole as well. She had been too busy making plans to realize he was ready to shoot his wad. It came as a distinct shock when she started choking and gasping for breath on the river of salty fluid that issued from his spurting cock. She made a mental note to get fitted for a diaphragm once they got back to town. As for now she wanted to see how fast she could get him hard enough to give it to her good and proper.

       Hecate was amazed at his ability to recuperate; it took something less than five minutes and he was ready to go, and he meant ready. He took his prize with her legs hanging over his shoulders, just as she had envisioned it would be. He could really fuck! Every stroke made her entire body quiver. It was amazing how this smallish teen was able to generate such power. Hecate had to get into a rhythm with her breathing, since each stroke from him took the air from her lungs. This was something she was happy to do; it made his work a little easier and gave her a little more juice when he stuck it to her. She was counting the strokes he delivered, but there were so many and they came so quickly, that she soon gave up and just let him do his thing. He pounded her for what seemed like an hour before shooting more cum deep into her cunt. As soon as he pulled out, she started sucking. However she knew that he wanted to be in total control, so she just suckled his dick and kept it from shrinking too much.

       After a time he rolled off and started to play with her pussy lips, pulling them wide apart and sticking is fingers into her dripping twat. He was quite surprised to discover how wet she was. He suggested that perhaps she was really a nympho, but wasn't attractive enough to get guys to fuck her. That remark hurt, but she held her tongue. He kept rummaging around inside her cunt and she kept getting wetter and wetter. Finally she begged him to let her get him hard enough so he could fuck her again. That was just what he wanted to hear and so she happily sucked his dick until it was rock hard. When Elf casually announced that he intended to fuck her in the ass, she gasped for effect, but secretly had been hoping for him to take the initiative and do her in the asshole before they got done tonight, no matter how long it took.

        He made her roll over on her belly and spread her legs as wide as she could. She heard him spit and then felt him rubbing his wet fingers into her butthole to make it easier for him to split that tight sphincter muscle that guarded her rectum. It hurt when he entered her, but soon she was able to accommodate his hard cock as it moved carefully deeper and deeper into her hot, wet tunnel. Then she felt his strong hands on her flat ass cheeks, spreading them wider to allow him to push his entire cock into her tight passageway. This accomplished, he began to give her a few tentative strokes, getting half his dick into her with each stroke. Gradually he picked up the pace and soon he was in to the hilt on every stroke and she was grunting and shifting her body to make sure he got every inch inside her hot, tight asshole. She couldn't believe her ears when he started humming as he ass fucked her. She couldn't resist giggling at his behavior. For her temerity she took some sharp slaps across the ass and they hurt. Hecate quickly went back to grunting as he continued to sodomize her.

       It was well past midnight by the time Elf decided he had had enough of Hecate's cunt and sweet asshole for now. He had big plans for the girl's entryways once he had her back home. There was nothing like a good old-fashioned gangbang to act as a girl's coming out party for the nerds. On the way back to the cabin he took a detour into a clearing. He had her lean over a log in the moonlight while he sodomized her one last time for this session. Elf would sleep very soundly once he got his prize back to the cabin and secured for the rest of the night. Hecate on the other hand tossed and turned, still thinking about her hot, new, nerd sex partner and hoping he would feel the same way toward her when he awoke.

       While Elf was discovering he had serious feelings for Hecate, Winnie and Bert were having a ball with Belinda. Bert corkscrewed his dick up the teen's asshole until she squeaked, and enjoyed the sensation created by Winnie's strap on that was wearing a groove inside the teen's juicing pussy. Belinda was having a grand time being the meat in the sandwich they had created. Bert also noticed that the plumpish, myopic teen's nipples were stiff as glass, a sign that she was getting off big time from what he and Winnie were doing to and for her. He'd heard the stories about Belinda, her nerd brother and their peeping tom father. He began wondering what would change once the teen became a full-fledged nerdette. Would she become her brother's sex slave at home? Would he share her with his father, mother, both? Wow! That would be one freaky household.

       Bert was so busy guessing about what kind of future this pudgy teen would have at home, that he failed to notice the aroma that had begun to issue from her underarms. Winnie smelled it first and picked up the pace at which she was pounding the girl's pussy. Her change in speed transmitted to her boyfriend and he shifted into a higher gear to stay in rhythm with her. Belinda began to moan and shift her body to allow the strap on to go even deeper and Bert's cock to reach places in her rectum that had never been touched previously. Now she was beginning to sweat and that mixed with the underarm aroma seemed to galvanize Bert into a super stud. His hands squeezed her tits until she groaned from the pressure and pain being developed. She responded by moving faster, pushing up and grunting then gasping as she dropped her weight and skewered her own asshole. The slapping of sweaty flesh on sweaty flesh grew louder and the scent of sex dominated the air around the trio and they sought to drive each other's body against the others for maximum friction and pleasure.

       It was Bert who caved first, his cock shooting jets of hot cum deep into her colon as she screamed in passion, her cheeks clenching tightly to imprison his squirting cock that was hosing her insides. Then Belinda had her first real female orgasm, and it nearly took the top of her head off. It was so powerful that she bucked Winnie from her body. Bert by this time had shot his load completely and was suddenly aware of just how tired he was. That's when Belinda's flailing arms made glancing contact with his face, especially his nostrils. He got a good whiff of one hundred percent pure sex aroma and it kept his cock rock hard despite his very recent ejaculation. The next thing he knew his tongue was licking her armpits as quickly as he could, scooping up all that sweat and other sex fluids that were being transmitted from this erogenous area. Before he even knew what had happened he was hooked, a helpless addict in love with Belinda's armpits and what they contained. What happened next must wait until the story of my evening with Zeng and Miko is concluded.

                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                             Mom's Mistake - Chapter 30

       I was still a bit more than angry about the behavior of my new girlfriend. She had really done her best to put Zeng out of commission before I could get my hands on her. It seemed that everyone else was happy with their assignments except yours truly. I was already thinking about a way to get Miko back to Camp Hellhole as an initiate. That would be payback with lots of interest. Who knows, by then Zeng and I might be an item? I'm sure she'd love to make the Japanese troublemaker pay dearly for her bad behavior. Prospects for getting to know the new Chinese dumpling were not looking good, especially after Miko burned away a good portion of her outer cunt lips. I could imagine how it would feel if a thick hard cock, such as mine would start abrading her super sensitive slit for any length of time. Of course there still remained her tight asshole that I'd breached previously.

       Miko has a knack of doing the right thing when she suspects that she's on the verge of getting into trouble. She went into action and made a great suggestion. With my help and the fact that Zeng was probably no heavier than seventy-five pounds naked, which was her uniform of the day, we managed to hang her by her ankles from an overhead beam supporting the ceiling. That was just for openers. I personally tied her hands behind her back using twine, the kind that ate through flesh when pulled tight. Then I watched as Miko braided Zeng's long hair so that it could be used to attach heavy objects. I searched inside for something appropriate and found nothing. Then I recalled seeing an old stove placed behind the cabin. It proved to be just what the doctor ordered. I managed to find a couple of rusted iron pieces from the stove that would make perfect weights to hang from Zeng's hair. With Miko's help two pieces were used; one was attached to her hair, the other to a noose around her neck, making breathing a chore. The latter was my bright idea and even Miko had to admit it was a winner.

       It took about ten minutes to get the height I wanted so I could stand comfortably and skull fuck Zeng. Miko started whining that she needed a different height. I solved that by backhanding her so hard that her neck almost popped. Then I showed her how a simple thing such as a book or a piece of wood could be used for her platform. That mollified her and she didn't cause any more trouble for the rest of the evening.  It was a rush to feel like I held the power of life and death over my little Chinese dumpling. I really got off when I managed to get the angle perfect and slip my thick cock deep into her throat. That was fun to watch as well as experience. Her throat really convulsed and gave my cock a super workout. Twice I flooded her gullet with hot cum and damned near asphyxiated her. She would blow snot bubbles of my cum and anything else she could dredge up from her shriveled belly. We hadn't bothered to feed the candidates since we picked them up for the trip to Camp Hellhole.

       Miko and I took turns strangling her, my thick cock and her bleeding cunt that she jammed securely against Zeng's face, blocking her airway and holding her helpless until the emaciated Chinese girl went limp from lack of oxygen. Little did we know that this treatment also was doing some serious harm to her brain cells, many of which she had long since given up from previous torturing at the various camps to which she had been assigned for rehabilitation. I found that it was possible to not only suffocate our candidate, but also make her ears ring from well placed slaps to them. I also enjoyed grabbing her shell-like ears and twisting them into contorted shapes as she struggled to get enough air to stay conscious. Miko was always looking for ways to top whatever I did to our little dumpling. She would pick up the weight noosed around Zeng's neck and then drop it, putting a terrific strain on the muscles of her neck. Two or three drops in a row were all it took to make our NLA candidate pass out for long periods of time.

       Miko liked to use her sharp teeth on Zeng's ruined pussy lips and even go inside to damage her inner lips as well. I had a front row seat for all the action, my stiff cock being sucked enthusiastically by Zeng now that she was getting her pain fix. Then Miko turned her back and held her ass cheeks wide apart so that the Chinese female could suck her asshole and do her level best to corkscrew her tongue past that tight muscle guarding the Japanese teen's rectum. Watching that made me decide that upside down sodomy would be in order right about now. So I rammed my hard meat deep into that tight, brown eye and worked it further as my victim grunted and reacted to the vicious attack she was getting from Miko.

       I wondered just how much action and for how long little wasted Zeng could last before we put her out again. It was Miko who provided the answer, dropping the neck weight three times in a row and after each time chowing down on the bloody furrow between the Chinese babe's legs. I felt like a spare tire after what Miko was providing. For one crazy moment I considered pouring lighter fluid on Zeng and setting her on fire. That really frightened me to imagine that I might even consider such a thing. I excused it as the environment that Miko and Zeng had created. Not even mom at her most insane could have survived what Zeng did over the years at those death camps. It was becoming quite apparent that there was more going on at the Chu residence than I dare imagine. After we got our candidates back home, I had to have a serious talk with the lady of the house to get to the bottom of Zeng and her predecessor.

       I was still kind of twitchy even after blowing a load of hot sperm deep into the dumpling's tight asshole. Miko on the other hand was getting bored with suffocating her victim and was back to cigarettes. I don't like to be around smokers on general principles, but I did make an exception for Miko because of the outstanding and varied sex she offered. She was a rare individual and I wondered just how much pussy she was providing to the Ledbetter family. I'd have to check that out and discover for myself if Mrs. Ledbetter was getting as much as her husband from the foreign exchange student. No sense in seeing how much the two boys were getting, it was obvious from the dazed looks on their faces whenever I saw them.

       I decided that some more head from Zeng might take the edge off for yours truly. Was I in for a surprise. I could watch the action between Miko and Zeng while the Chinese dumpling sucked my dick. She was getting better at it after only a little more than a day at Camp Hellhole. There was hope for her after all. Miko was burning her initials into the mouth of Zeng's cunt. Every time she touched the glowing coal to the pain freak's flesh the emaciated candidate tried her best to swallow my entire cock. What a rush that provided! I could really get hooked on that kind of blowjob in a big hurry. Miko giggled like the schoolgirl she was every time she burned another letter of her name into her rival's flesh. The stench was making me sick, but that was countered by the fantastic sensations Zeng was providing every time she got a pain fix compliments of Miko's cigarette.

       I had my eyes closed so I could concentrate on the great blowjob I was getting from the Chinese dumpling. Then I heard Miko curse in Japanese and smack Zeng's cunt mouth. I opened my eyes to see a small fountain of pussy cream shooting up from Zeng's cunt. It had snuffed out Miko's cigarette. I couldn't help laughing at Miko's predicament. She was the very cause of the blast of cunt sludge still issuing from the dumpling's spasming twat. When Miko brought her fist down onto Zeng's aching pussy I stopped laughing. That hurt the frail candidate so badly, that she expelled my stiff cock from her mouth. That did not sit well with me and so I retaliated. I took a step back and then brought up my knee into her breastbone, driving the breath from her lungs. She gasped for air, looking like a fish that had been brought up from the sea and was now flopping on the bottom of the boat. Still not satisfied I kicked Zeng squarely in the crotch as Miko jumped back in fear that I might hit her instead of my target. I panted from the exertion and watched the Chinese female's face grow pale, a small dribble of blood leaking from one side of her mouth. I thought that perhaps I'd caused some internal injury, but it turned out that she had bitten her tongue when I slammed my knee into her chest.

       That concluded the evening's entertainment as far as I was concerned. I offered to let Miko take Zeng to the van if she wanted to further torture her. I knew that the Japanese sex machine was afraid of the dark, so that was an empty gesture on my part. Miko did insist on having Zeng suck out as much menstrual blood and other unmentionables from her bleeding box lunch before joining me for a good night fuck with all the trimmings. Despite the great head I'd gotten from Zeng, there was always one more stiff cock I could develop for Miko. Too bad she had the personality of a barracuda. Our brief fling would be history once we got back and she returned to the Ledbetters, who I imagined were just slavering to get their hands on this hot sex-crazed daughter of the rising sun.

       Miko lived up to her reputation with a superior blowjob that curled my toes and made me splatter all over myself. She put Zeng to work cleaning me up and then asked if I would help her hang the Chinese candidate by her ankles for the night. I slapped her silly for even suggesting such a dangerous situation, warning her in no uncertain terms that if she tried anything while I slept, she'd regret it ten-fold when I learned about it. To make sure she wouldn't disobey me, I chained her by one ankle to the other bed in the room, away from Zeng who would be sleeping on the floor by the door.

       We woke late in the morning and it was a madhouse as we tried to cover as much ground with our trio of candidates as was possible. I managed to nail both Belinda and Hecate with an hour to spare. Belinda was some kind of a friendly fuck if there ever was one. She had a pussy that made me feel as if I was fucking a churn of warm butter. Her tits were made for fondling and teasing based on how stiff her big nipples got. I knew that she'd make her household a very warm and loving place. It was that and more.

       The moment she arrived, a member in good standing of the NLA, her brother was the first to greet her. Belinda was still hooded and naked, her bare body covered with whip and switch marks, cuts, bruises and even a burn or two. Her proud and delighted brother declared that she no longer would be allowed to wear any clothing around the house. That made her father a very happy man. There would not be any excuse needed to watch his well built, but myopic daughter take a shower. However it got better, when his nerd son appointed him as his surrogate when he was absent on nerd business. Now he had carte blanche to do whatever he thought was best for his darling daughter. That included sex education lessons, teaching her not only how to pleasure males such as her father, but women like her mother, who also blossomed in this new, sexually open environment.

       For a time the nerd's mother felt shut out of all the exciting and interesting things that were taking place around her. Her son broke the ice when one afternoon as she headed for the bathroom to take a shower, he patted her plump, rounded bottom and gave it an affectionate squeeze. The next thing she knew, her son and she were naked in the shower stall under the warm water and he was fondling her big tits while she sucked his tongue and pushed her pubic mound against is stiff cock. It didn't take long before that hard cock was worming its way up into her juicing cunt as she closed her thighs to imprison it securely within her hot, dripping fuckbox. It came as a shock to the thirty something woman to have her nerd son pumping his seed into her twat as they swapped spit and embraced.

       Later after getting out of the shower and toweling themselves dry, the nerd's mother found herself on her knees sucking his growing cock as he patted her head as if she were a pet who had learned a new trick. Her son marched his naked mother into her bedroom to discover his father using the king-sized bed to educate Belinda on the fine art of sexually satisfying an older man. The couple laughed and left the bed to Belinda and her father, opting for his bed so they could continue making mad love. Twice more he blasted his hot sperm into his mother's cunt and she sighed and begged for more after each flooding. The nerd even suggested that she bring Belinda to their narrow bed so she could suck his cum from her mother's overflowing birth canal. Today mother and her nerd son are fairly regular visitors to her king-sized bed when her husband isn't using it to teach his daughter something new to enhance her attractiveness to the male population.

       Both mother and daughter have slimmed down considerably, but they still sport plenty of tit meat that is their best feature until their new, male sex partners discover just how tight and wet their pussies can get. These days Belinda and her mom often involve themselves in three-ways that usually exhaust their male partner and gain another member for their fan club. Belinda's father insists that now his daughter must come to bed early each night so he can teach her a new trick to enhance her sexiness. Four months after Belinda became a full-fledged member of the NLA, her mother, now svelte and very self-assured, was accepted for the NLA candidates course at Camp Hellhole and passed with flying colors. They became the first family combination to achieve membership in the NLA. Immediately upon mom's return she was gangbanged for nearly two days continuously by every nerd within ten miles of her home.

       I also got an opportunity to tear off a piece of Hecate's hot ass. It was outstanding! Now I knew why Elf spent so much time in the van fucking this hard-nosed cunt, who turned out to be an amazing piece of ass. Forget the pipe stem arms and legs, the attitude, the Goth look and the aura of weirdness she presented. This was one outstanding piece of fuckmeat and just what the nerd nation needed. It got even stranger when she revealed her love of rough sex, especially when her partner had her restrained and therefore helpless to prevent the over the top things that the average nerd dreamed about doing to a girl or woman, even a relative. On the way back from Camp Hellhole I managed to nail Zeng a couple of times while Miko fumed and threatened to dump me as her number one boyfriend. It was astonishing how fast she was healing. Many of the whip marks and burns were beginning to regenerate fresh skin.

       The three dogs were kept busy from noon to dusk, doing the trio of candidates in every hole. It was like an assembly line. First each girl would be hung by her wrists from a tree located in the back area by the cabin. Elf, Bert or yours truly would do the honors, turning them into chunks of bleeding meat before being satisfied that they had been properly chastised for their failings while attending the camp. Poor Belinda took more than her share of pain and suffering because of those prime targets jutting out from her chest. I am still amazed that her nipples weren't whipped right off those big tits by every stud that took a turn on her naked body.

       Hanging Zeng upside down with her skinny legs spread wide to give maximum access to her ravaged cunt was Miko's idea and was she pissed when she found out she wasn't allowed to whip Zeng because she wasn't a member in good standing of the nerd nation. We tried to make up for it by being especially cruel to our victim. I whipped that pussy until it was raw and bloody and Elf kept it in that condition as well. Only Bert selected her budding titties to work on with a tree branch that really tore her up something fierce. Naturally she survived and was ready for another good beating before we dropped her off at the Chu residence. I wondered if the good doctor tortured her further once he had her under his thumb once again. Mrs. Chu would never reveal any of her family secrets, no matter how often I asked.

       Elf spent an inordinate amount of time whipping the skin off the front of Hecate's body. He refused to let Bert or me have a go at his new nerd lady. One thing was for sure, Hecate really got off from that beating based on the amount of cunt sludge that dripped from between her swollen cunt lips. She moved in with Elf and his nerd family and was under the family's discipline for a trial period that lasted the better part of a month. To her it was heaven, being brutally raped and beaten from morning to night by anyone deemed worthy by her new master, Elf.  By the time he was satisfied that she was properly trained Hecate looked like a skeleton. Once her probation was completed she regained her strength and even added some weight to her frail frame. So all in all every one had a good time, except Zeng, who remained under the watchful eyes of the Chus. This was to become a bone of contention between myself and them, one that ended badly.

                               (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                                    Mom's Mistake - Chapter 31 


       A couple of days after we returned from initiating our latest group of candidates for NLA membership, I made an appointment to visit Mrs. Chu and discuss Zeng and my mother, who was due to be the star attraction at GOMSO (Girls Only Meeting & Sex Orgy). As usual, the doctor's wife looked good enough to eat, suck, fuck, fist, lick, tongue and any other way to enjoy her firm, well-constructed body. I kept it a deep dark secret, but I had a wet dream featuring her only a couple of nights ago. Miko, Zeng, and Luci were also involved, but in supporting roles. The doctor's wife was stark naked and tied spread-eagle fashion to a large bed. Miko was burning Mrs. Chu's firm tits with a lit cigarette, but as fast as blisters formed and burst, they disappeared to be replaced by smooth, firm, unblemished skin and flesh. The Japanese hooker wannabe was getting very frustrated, so she stopped using cigarettes and started using a soldering iron, one of the big kinds used for heavy duty connecting of pipes and the like.

       She held the tool against the woman's nipples and watched them melt like they were made of wax. Mrs. Chu was screaming her head off, but the noise was squelched by little Luci, who was sitting on her face, using her cute little butthole to plug the woman's mouth. She too was bare-assed and showing off a set of tits that were huge. My guess is they were at least 40DD, but in terrible condition. They sagged and were covered with scabs and burns. There was a crater in the flesh that used to be occupied by a nipple. Its mate was crinkled and blackened, probably from being burned with either a lit cigarette or a soldering iron. The skin on those big swollen melons looked waxy, and in spots the reddened skin was actually splitting to release what looked like pus from the flesh beneath. The diminutive Chinese dumpling was ignoring her trashed tits, concentrating on getting herself off by strumming her clit that was the size of a walnut.

       What really blew my mind was the happening going on between Mrs. Chu's legs. Zeng had carved out this region as her territory and was busy establishing residence in her cunt. While I watched in amazement, she doubled fisted her former owner's rejuvenated pussy. I found it hard to believe that a cunt could be stretched that much without something internally bursting or tearing away. She said some words in Chinese to the dumpling and the little fireball started bouncing her tight little body up and down on their helpless victim. Then Zeng pulled one of her arms out from Mrs. Chu's loose twat and began pressing that glistening fist against the tight asshole of their captive. Gradually she forced her fist past the tough muscle guarding Mrs. Chu's anus and breached her tight passageway. It was astonishing how much force the skinny former prisoner could generate. Soon her wrist disappeared from view and then after a few minutes, about half her forearm had followed. Now she began to use a push-pull maneuver, resulting in one fist always deep inside one of Mrs. Chu's entryways while the other fist went back to the entrance of the hole it was stretching.

       Suddenly Mrs. Chu began spurting pussy and anal juice from her bottom holes. The stream was so powerful that it blew Zeng's fists out like they were made of paper. At the same time her tits exploded and sent Miko flying, hair on fire and her once sharp-featured face melting like wax. Not to be ignored, little Luci screamed in terror as her tiny body was lifted from her victim's face by a powerful rush of liquid that spurted from her mouth. Then their captive flexed her arms and legs and broke the bonds holding her to the bed. Her three tormentors shrieked and begged for mercy, but received none as Mrs. Chu hurled them against the walls of the room, breaking them into dozens of squealing pieces that did not bleed, but instead burst into flame. I awoke sweating like a pig and really shook at what I had just seen in my dream.

       Mrs. Chu looked fabulous. I guess when it came to pussy, she went both ways and loved every lick she got or gave. That was the story I got from Honey, who was in a position to know. According to her, the doctor was still checking out my mom for her limits, and to date he was most impressed after a steady diet of skinny Chinese girls. I grinned at that remark. As far as I was concerned, I'd be happy to have a steady diet of Chinese pussy sitting on my face, sucking my cock or spreading either bottom hole for my hard dick. That included the mysterious Mrs. Chu; in fact despite her advanced age, I'd do her in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. I had to give myself a pep talk to avoid making a total fool out of myself when I sat down to arm wrestle with her. Next weekend was GOMSO, and mom had better be in shape to do that scene.

       She wasted no time giving me grief over the wretched condition she found her charge. Fortunately I knew about Zeng's ability to heal fast, so I listened but made no excuses. To be a member of NLA required that extra pound of flesh and all three of the candidates had been mistreated equally. That took some of the wind out of her sails, but she just changed the subject to my mom. Evidently Dr. Chu was sending an inordinate amount of time discovering her weaknesses. When I inquired about mom's ability to deliver in less than a week to a very tough audience, her face hardened.

       It turned out she had a laundry list of problems that were the result of her husband's interest in mom's limits. Mom had evidently volunteered some brain cells from his enjoyment of using plastic bags to suffocate her. He bragged that she passed out from lack of oxygen twenty-one times over a six-hour period. During three of these episodes he had sex with her, including one bout of anal intercourse that may have gone a bit longer than prudence dictated, but was worth it for the scientific information he derived from the experience. I could see that Mrs. Chu was not amused. I was furious, and for a brief moment I felt like strangling her and seeing how much she enjoyed the sensation of having her lungs feel like they were on fire or her heart stopping.

       Mom had also donated three toenails and two fingernails to the cause. The most recent removal came only yesterday. Dr. Chu was trying out a new method that involved injecting liquid nitrogen under the nail, but wasn't too happy about what happened to the flesh that it contacted for any amount of time greater than fifteen seconds. For the rest of the week he had scheduled a number of forced liquid ingestions employing water, carbonated beverages, alcohol, coffee and if she survived, her own urine that he planned to recycle a number of times. Mrs. Chu was enjoying my discomfort as she rattled off this litany from her husband's demented mind. This was no meat and potatoes type of sadist, which I had to admit.

       My hostess returned me to the present by crossing and uncrossing her legs to get my attention. All she did was focus the sex-crazed side of my personality on her fantastic body. I'd sure love to get her out to Camp Hellhole and run this sexy woman through the mill, not to mention a rendezvous with me in the van where I would see just how hot she was when it came to providing pussy and ass plus giving head. I wondered if the dogs would be turned on as much by her as I was, probably not. To them she was just another strange looking bitch to fuck and then leave to take a nap. I guess my fantasy must have carried me away, for she was looking at me rather quizzically. Once more it was time to get serious.

       Mrs. Chu had done some research on GOMSO, which was a surprise to me. As it turned out, she knew more about the annual event than I did. She knew a friend who had a friend with a daughter enrolled in a school where many of the faculty was dedicated lesbians. In this private academy the lesbians ruled the roost.  At first Cindi didn't fit, but things changed once she was put under the discipline of one of the more aggressive lesbian teachers. It was after class detention every day of the week, except the weekend, where she spent the entire time naked and securely restrained in the quarters of her mentor. It took many weeks, but she soon learned that it was easier to bend with the wind, so to speak. Cindi proved to be a challenge at first, but her mentor was not afraid to call in reinforcements to assist her in the teenager's training.

       Detention was merely a phase in the process of converting the girl to the lesbian persuasion. Taking ten strokes of the bamboo cane across her plump bottom at the beginning and end of each detention period merely softened her up for the more serious activities that followed. Being naked with her hands cuffed behind her back was another step in the process. Reading tracts about lesbian life and its advantages was another aspect of detention. During her regular course work there were no overt references to the lesbian life style. Those few girls who were straight chose to ignore what was going on around them. They dare not do otherwise. It seemed that everyone knew of the girl who tried to complain to the authorities about the lesbian takeover of the academy and what happened to her. This was thought to be a fairy tale used to keep everyone quiet about certain things that went on at the academy, and it seemed to work very well up to the present.

       She made the mistake of telling her story to the local constable who in turn reported her accusations to his chief. The chief had a meeting with the head of the school and they agreed that something radical had to be done with the storyteller. The following week the girl was kidnapped by persons unknown who took her to another county where she was brutalized and gangbanged around the clock for days. Afterwards she was forced to have sex with a pack of dogs and photographs and video tapes were made of this event that lasted almost half a day and left her a blubbering wreck. Upon her return to the academy, she had to be institutionalized at a very private hospital, also operated by a lesbian staff. After nearly six months she was discharged as cured and returned to her home for further therapy.

       Naturally her parents had received copies of the material generated by her kidnapping. It's rumored that they took advantage of her now placid state to have their way with her. The girl's mother had a circle of lesbian leaning friends that were only too happy to take the traumatized teenager under their loving care. She responded rather positively to their efforts to convert her. Her father, on the other hand, "loaned" his daughter to various business associates for their private use. They too were favorably impressed with her social "skills", mostly taught at the private hospital, and did what they could to assist her father's business, which flourished. A year later she returned to the academy and was a very obedient student who was also a very quiet one.

       Cindi remains unconvinced that she has the makings of a lesbian, but her mentor has not given up yet. If fact during the holidays with her mother's permission, Cindi spent her time under the proverbial mistletoe with two of the teachers, who were quite demanding. In less than two weeks she went from slightly plump to almost skinny thanks to their regimen which featured lots of water to cleanse her system, a high colonic every third day, a diet of less than five hundred calories daily, hours of daily, strenuous exercise and plenty of girl-girl sex that left her exhausted. It seems that her two roommates had a number of friends who were very interested in seeing if they could convert her from the error of her ways. Cindi remains a work in progress, but they are still optimistic about her ultimate choice of life styles. Mrs. Chu did everything but lick her chops when she finished her tale. I wondered how far along the path Honey had gone by now.

       The conversation got back to my mother. Mrs. Chu commented that her husband had so many more things he wanted to try on her, that the GOMSO event would probably be her last public appearance. She regretted agreeing to my arrangement, saying that some one like Zeng or perhaps even Luci might have been as satisfactory to the holders of the event. I shrugged and reminded her that mom had a major reputation as a painslut and a person who would do anything as long as it resulted in pain. My hostess took a deep breath and focused my attention of those meaty tits struggling to escape the confines of her bra. She gave me a knowing smile and ran her tongue across her carmined lips. I nearly jumped her bones at that moment, and she knew it. All I could do was imagine having her in the van, all naked and sweaty while I drilled out her tight asshole as she promised me anything rather than face the dogs for another session, followed by Miko and her soldering iron.

       Mrs. Chu announced that our meeting was over except for the matter of Zeng. It was my educated guess that our newest NLA member had fully recovered and was ready for duty, provided her owner gave her permission. I wondered what that might cost? The deal was rather simple; if mom survived the GOMSO meeting without her faculties being destroyed, Zeng would belong to the nerd named Elf. If otherwise, Mrs. Chu would retain Zeng and mom would become my problem. I took a deep breath and nodded my head to her offer. With that, she rose and left me to find my way out.

                                (To be continued - jethro jodhpur) 

                                  Mom's Mistake - Chapter 32

       For the rest of the week I went about my business and watched with pride as my protégé, Elf, took on more responsibility and authority. He even had Zeng jumping through hoops in a manner of speaking. The NLA was a big hit with the nerds and their customers. It was Elf who laid down the law concerning the amount of NLA pussy that the nerds were to have. They had been overdoing it to the point that the paying customers were getting short-changed when it came to what kind and for how long. When it came to money and pussy, the customer was always right. That rule could not be violated unless the culprit wanted serious grief. There was only one example of this and the penalty was so severe that the rest of the nerd nation swore off cheating the customers.

       On Friday afternoon, right after school ended, the female members of the offender's family were kidnapped and taken to a secluded house out on the outskirts of town. This consisted of the mother, a woman in her mid-forties, his older sister, a plumper who had a reputation for being easy, and his younger sister, just turned thirteen and beginning to look really choice. For three nights and two full days they remained naked and securely restrained, blindfolded with their ears plugged so no one could identify any of the customers who used their bodies for sex. The nerd that caused this situation was forced to observe the entire gangbang, kept awake with uppers and the threat that he too would wind up being gangbanged as well by man-hating lesbians if he ever told a soul about this event.

       That was the same weekend that mom faced her most serious challenge as a pain slut. To keep my mind off what might be happening to the old tramp, I attended parts of the gangbang to check on progress. My first visit showed nothing out of the ordinary happening. The three victims were strapped down to the kind of tables found in a gynecologist's examining room. There were three long lines waiting for servicing. The newly minted NLA members were busy fluffing the customers. Of interest Zeng was in attendance and looking good for an emaciated, former inmate of the most hideous rehabilitation camps in China. I made a mental note to see about nailing her ass in the very near future, on the cuff of course. That was the least the nerds could do for me. The three females were grunting and struggling against the straps that held them down to the tables. None of the trio looked exactly as if they were enjoying themselves, which was expected. I had to admit that the youngest member of the nerd offender's family was looking very good. For a moment I gave serious thought to perhaps getting on line and nailing that fresh-faced bundle of pussy meat.

       On my second visit things were beginning to change. The line for the nerd's mother had gotten much longer and she was really putting everything she had into making her customers happy. She was coated with sweat and there was a huge puddle of cum on the table just below her swollen pussy mouth. I wondered what that clam might look like shaved bare. I also noticed that those bouncing tits of hers weren't half bad. They were showing signs of wear and tear, especially teeth marks. I had to admit they were pretty good sized. Elf told me that she had picked up the pace significantly in the last couple of hours and was now very popular with the customers. I kidded him about perhaps having her initiated, and the look on his face said he was way ahead of me. Then he casually mentioned the plumper was beginning to enjoy taking it up the ass and was developing a following as well. I looked over and saw that the shortest line was for the youngster, even though she had a sweet little body.

       I couldn't sleep for worrying about mom. The old pain slut had seen better days, and I was kicking myself in the ass for letting her take the GOMSO job. I feared that what they might return would be a lump of brain-dead, whipped, burned and mutilated fuckmeat that could barely breathe and would need round the clock care for the rest of its unnatural life span, which was likely to be measured in months. This recurring thought drove me out to where the trio of females was paying the price for their family nerd's screw-up. It was truly a three-ring circus by now.

       Each piece of pussy meat was working furiously to get their customers off as fast as possible so they could get some fresh cock in either hole. They had been given double doses of uppers a few hours ago when it became apparent that all thee of them had turned into fuck monsters. The plump one was buried in a sea of cocks. Somehow she was being double penetrated while another dick was opening her throat to its limit. As if this wasn't enough for her, another two studs were twisting and biting her fat tits.

       The mother was also doing double duty down below, only one was a fist that was distorting her cunt beyond belief while a big thick cock jack hammered her asshole into a pile of pulsating flesh. Two other customers were alternating between her big tits and swollen lips.  They were groping and biting those heavy bags of sex fat when they weren't sucking her face like teenagers on a hot date. Mom's body was rippling and thrusting as she tried to engulf her partners with her hot sex flesh.

       The youngest one was shifting her hips and swallowing cocks with her tight cunt and tighter asshole like there was no tomorrow and she wanted to get as much as possible before the end of the world happened. She was getting plenty of attention. One guy had a long, thick cock roto-tilling her asshole and points south. Another was buried to the hilt inside her juicy, still tight cunt that was steadily oozing a stream of mixed cum and pussy cream. Two guys had managed to get onto the table and were carefully balanced as they took turns feeding her face with their cocks. Every time they managed to stuff her mouth with both dicks at the same time they got a long, loud round of applause and cheers. I was watching when they went off inside her mouth simultaneously and she snorted cum and then cum bubbles from her nostrils. That little trick brought down the house. I was now determined that this little piece of prime fuck meat was going to join the NLA as soon as Elf and I got our heads together on that matter.

       As soon as I got outside the building and escaped the noise, the smells and the crowd of studs eager to wring the last drop of juice from the three soon to be NLA whores, mom's fate dominated my thoughts. I found it hard to believe that it was only a couple of days prior that Mrs. Chu had called me up and suggested I might want to say good-bye to mom before she was taken off to meet her fate at GOMSO. I'll never forget watching the three dykes packaging mom for her trip to the slaughterhouse. Dr. Chu had said his farewell previously, and the marks were quite obvious on mom's big new tits and the entrance to the mouth of her rejuvenated cunt. Considering the way they chose to restrain her, those marks were almost inconsequential. The trio used a bundle of barbed wire to make sure that their star attraction wasn't going to get away from them. However what they did was above and beyond what was necessary. Even Mrs. Chu's carefully plucked eyebrows rose when she saw the barbed wire being used on mom.

       Mom was naked as the day she was born and a bit unsteady on her legs. I guess the good doctor had really put her through the jumps before turning her over to these nasties. First they cuffed mom's hands behind her back and ratcheted the cuffs until she squealed and trembled from the first jolt of new pain. Another set of heavier manacles was attached just above her elbows and the same process of tightening the screws was employed and this time mom's pussy began dribbling, much to their amusement. While they were manacling her ankles, they noticed the results of some of Dr. Chu's work, namely her missing toenails. They grinned and made some hand motions that meant something to them but not to me.

       One of the packers held mom steady while the first layer of barbed wire was wound around her middle and carefully tightened using leather gloves to protect themselves. Mom groaned and squealed as the barbs cut into her flesh and blood began seeping from where those wire tangles were now embedded. That was nothing compared to the racket mom made when they pulled the double strands of wire down through her cunt lips and then up the cleft made by her plump ass cheeks. Mrs. Chu screamed at them to gag the poor woman before her screams brought the police. That was a bit of a stretch, considering the location of the Chu residence, but it got the dykes moving.

       A rubber pump gag was jammed into mom's mouth and inflated until her cheeks bulged. To check it, they pulled on the wire that cut her pussy mouth in two. All they got were some tears from her eyes, and a stronger flow of pussy sludge. Satisfied, they resumed using the barbed wire to restrain her. They looped a strand around each tit at the base and yanked it tight until the blood ran. They pulled the ends around her back and on the return made second loops that cut mom's tits in half. I started to get nervous because of all the blood my mom was losing. They didn't seem too concerned. One held her bleeding tits away from the chest wall so more barbed wire could be wrapped around her torso and pulled so tight that she was beginning to have trouble breathing. That made them smile and so mom's tits were dropped on the barbs so they could be punctured upwards from the weight of her tits. At this point, even Mrs. Chu was getting nervous. The last thing she needed was a mutilated corpse on her property.

       They ignored her concern and continued to wrap mom's body in barbed wire from her chest down to her manacled ankles. Next they carefully picked her up and deposited her barbed wire covered body into a large wooden case that was filled with fiberglass. To add the final touch, they inserted plastic plugs that only allowed a small fraction of air to enter her nose. Unfortunately for mom the plugs would still allow her inhale plenty of fiberglass needles. Those devils would ruin the lining of her nostrils before making their way down into her lungs. Mom would become her own worst enemy as she sucked furiously to get air and with it more of the needles. It wouldn't kill her, but those thin daggers of fiberglass would do some serious damage to her lungs for many months to come. Of course if mom died during the session, she wouldn't care, and neither would anyone else except maybe Dr. Chu and me. You talk about a downer, my name in the same sentence as his.

       That done, they closed up the case and carried it out to the panel truck in which they had arrived. It would be a few hours before mom was taken from the case and submitted to the assembled crowd of ladies who had all sorts of ideas about making her wish she had never been born. For a moment I had the overwhelming urge to go back inside and tear off a piece of that thirteen year-old demifox, just to get thoughts of mom out of my mind for a few minutes. According to my watch mom had less than a day to survive whatever those lesbians could dream up to do to her. Perhaps I was overreacting; she had survived some things that I could not believe any human could handle physically or mentally. That reminded me that Dr. Chu might just have done her a favor with some of the awful things he did to her. It might act as a shield against some of the insane tortures they were probably subjecting her right now as I stood in the darkness and wondered what was happening.

                                   (To be continued? - jethro jodhpur)

                              Mom's Mistake - Chapter 33

       I went home and sent a few hours tossing and turning before the first nightmare emerged. It featured mom of course. She was in the delivery room with a belly that could only have been caused by a minimum of twins. Attending her were two doctors and a pair of nurses, all of them masked. Mom was in the stirrups, her pussy oozing some type of woman's secretions. As I watched, one of the doctors clambered onto the table and managed to get his cock into mom's dilated cunt. It was hard to believe that anyone could get any pleasure from fucking a woman so close to actually delivering. As he pounded away, one of the nurses checked mom's heart with a stethoscope while the other doctor pulled on a pair of latex gloves preparing to assist in mom's delivery. Then I got a glimpse of her huge tits and couldn't believe what I saw. Those milk filled bags were covered with deep cuts, some still bleeding, burns that looked to have been made by a heavy duty soldering iron and a criss cross pattern of welts that were still blistering, indicating a very recent whipping with probably a rattan cane.

       The doctor fucking her pulled out and splashed his hot cum all over her bloated belly. Mom barely moved during the entire time. Now the other nurse wheeled a table from which hung a bulging enema bag. The doctors laughed and one spoke.

       "This will get the show on the road or we'll have to cut the sow open to get at those triplets. It's hard to believe that someone this old could carry three children to full term and live to tell about it. Each one of them is at least six and a half pounds, maybe more. Then again, she's about to get her third enema in the last four hours, that's some kind of record as well. I wonder how long she can hold this intestine eater before something inside perforates?"

       The doctor who had just finished fucking mom placed his stethoscope on her bulging belly and grinned.

       "The package she's carrying wants out in the worst way based on what I'm hearing. I just don't understand why she hasn't pushed them out by now?"

       His companion sighed and replied.

       "This enema better work. The nurses call this recipe the terminator because it never fails to end the pregnancy one-way or the other. What else can we do except cut her open and let the kids out?"

       It was then that one of the nurses said something to the doctors. Their eyes opened wide and they looked at each other and nodded. The nurse who administered the enema did her thing and soon the bag's contents were wending their way through her lower intestine. Mom groaned and tried to shift her weight to no avail. She looked like a beached whale just waiting for the seagulls to come and feast on her. The doctor began working his gloved hand up her dilated cunt, checking the walls for signals that she was about to deliver. Meanwhile the enema continued and her body was rapidly becoming saturated with this old wives' concoction that according to the other nurse featured glycerin, Epsom salts that had been ground fine, double boiled coffee, carbonated tonic water and sweet wine all dissolved in dishwashing detergent. Even with this witch's brew roiling her insides, mom refused to deliver the first package.

       The doctor's gloved hand was just clearing her cunt when he accidentally made contact with her swollen, throbbing clitoris. She let out a bellow and had a huge contraction that moved the first passenger into her birthing canal. The pressure on her tunnel was brutal and it seemed that the first delivery was stuck. The nurse took charge and screamed at the doctor to massage mom's clit. He finally got the message and two orgasms later the first passenger greeted the outside world, and immediately tried to go back to the womb. I could not believe my eyes, this child was the spitting image of Luci, my Chinese dumpling! When the nurse picked up the baby and swaddled her, that little hand reached out and pulled down her mask revealing Mrs. Chu! I woke up in a cold sweat and decided that I didn't need anymore sleep thank you.

       An hour later I was back at the only game in town. The studs had thinned out considerably, but there still was enough action going on to support a full time fluffer. It turned out to be Gwen, the schoolteacher, and Elf's first NLA appointee with my approval of his choice. She'd been hustling cock the entire weekend, but when the master calls the NLA slut responds. She gave me a first class hummer and I nearly made a deposit in her hot, wet mouth. If all went well with mom, I'd probably celebrate with Gwen, who was turning out to be a grade-A fuck monster, and Zeng, if she was available. There is nothing like nailing a teacher at your school, especially if she just happens to be teaching one of the courses you are taking. I didn't say anything about attending, that was for my stand-in, another NLA wanna-be who was trying to get on the list for her initiation.

       Gwen had done too good a job and so to get a little more relaxed, I made the rounds to check out the meat. I knew already that I wanted to dip my wick into that thirteen year-old fuck bomb. I planned on having a little chat with Elf about a talent like her going unnoticed by the nerd nation. They really weren't ready to be called an army yet. Currently she was taking on two studs, one in her asshole and the other down her throat. It was amazing to see the outline of his dick in her gullet, and the way she managed to handle that hunk of hardware despite all the pounding she was getting from the one ass fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Out of the corner of my eye I spied the nerd responsible for this gangbang. His eyes were like two tiny searchlights from the uppers he had been consuming. Just to break his balls I struck up a conversation with him about his family and who was the best fuck. His eyes got even smaller at my question and for a moment I thought I'd have to clean his clock.

       It was pathetic, he hadn't had a sniff of any of the three pussies now being gangbanged well into their forty-something hour. He looked to be fifteen, which should have made him the cock of the walk in a houseful of pussies. I explained to him that his mom and older sister were really enjoying all the attention they were getting. He gave me a look that said, "You have to be kidding." I went further and told him that I had big plans for his younger sister, and once his older sister lost some of that flab, she too would probably make it as a full-fledged member of the NLA. I even suggested that his mom also looked like a possibility and would get an opportunity to strut her stuff at camp Hellhole, maybe at the same time as one of her daughters. His beady eyes got wide when it dawned on him that he'd have three females to fuck anytime they were available at home. That seed planted, I slapped him on the back and headed for the table where his younger sister was finally getting rid of the tag team that had been doing her for the past forty minutes according to my source.

       Gwen was waiting with a condom in her hand. Considering the number of cocks that had been inside her cunt by now, it was smart to wear some protection. Who knows what these other studs might be transmitting? Then there was the issue of what happens when the cutie gets knocked up. That would be another problem entirely, one that I wanted to avoid like the plague. The sweetie greeted me like I was a long-lost, rich uncle. I wasted no time putting it to her and once I was comfortable, we took off for a quick trip around the course. After one lap she was matching her pussy and moves to my cock and its pace. I settled in and put the spurs to her to see how she reacted. She had another gear that surprised the hell out of me. This little sex morsel had been fucked bowlegged by perhaps sixty or seventy studs so far and she still was able to generate some enthusiasm for yours truly. This babe was a find!

       I leaned forward and licked her stiff nipples. She responded by slamming her still tight pussy up and down on my condom-coated cock. I nibbled on those budding tits and she went wild. This one was amazing and so we went another lap at a full gallop before I dumped my load into the condom that I fed her. She sucked it dry and even had me turn it inside out so she could lick off the few drops remaining. I couldn't resist asking her if she was a virgin before the gangbang. Her reply told me all I wanted to know. She'd been putting out for selected studs since she turned thirteen. At first it was hand and blowjobs, but soon she graduated to fucking and found out she sort of liked it. This scene had proven to her that she loved fucking and wanted to do it all the time once she got off the table and started to move in the right crowd. I laughed to myself. Her nerd brother was in for the shock of his young life once she got back home. For sure he was going to have a real problem trying to lord it over her.

       Fucking that little sweetheart had put some distance between myself and what was probably happening to my mom. She was a big girl, or whatever you called a pain slut, and knew how to handle herself. If I kept saying that, I might even start believing it. Gwen gave me the high sign and pointed toward the table where the nerd's older sister was just finishing up with some stud with a major league cock. Despite her spare tire and hairy cunt and armpits, her big, round tits made up for a lot of imperfections. From the look on her face it was also easy to see that she had just finished having a very good time and was hoping for another one just like it. I beckoned for Gwen and she soon had me protected in a condom and hard as steel.

       I was astonished when he told me her name, Alexis, and told me mine too. Evidently the blindfold had failed in her case. Alexis gave me a choice of asshole or cunt plus some deep throating if I was in the mood. The teenager, a senior at Arnold Palmer, had a smell that combined dried and wet cum, her own unique body odor that included sweat, pussy stink and armpit miasma that was capable of killing flying insects at distances up to ten feet, plus the smells that came from the various sex partners she had handled over the past two days and night. Then I made the mistake of getting too close to her and Alexis' fetid breath nearly gagged me.

       I was almost ready to pass on her, but she had a look that said volumes about the fun I could have by climbing on board and taking her for a spin. I took a chance and sank my latex covered dick into her pussy and it felt as if I was in a churn of warm butter. I started pumping away and she matched my moves. We developed a terrific rhythm and I had a ball. I managed to steer clear of the swamp that existed in her mouth, but her tits were great. They were big, firm and meaty. The next thing I knew I was tit fucking her and having a glorious time of it. She sucked my cock into her mouth and did a trick with her teeth and tongue that relieved me of my condom. Now it was between those pillowy tits and into her mouth, over and over and over until I shot a big load of cum directly into her face, getting plenty on her useless blindfold as well as some up her nose. It was an epic face blast!

       There was no way that I could leave without sampling the nerd's mother after what her two daughters had provided. Gwen was grinning like the Cheshire cat over what had transpired. I knew I was being a pig, but tonight was special and so I acted like a sex-crazed boar complete with tusks and a very bad attitude. The nerd's mother was about to get the pounding of her life; at least that was my plan. I didn't fall too short of my goal; that was for sure. For the next hour or so I watched the nerd's mother taking care of business, and doing a very professional job of it. She sucked and swallowed every drop. She took it up the ass and begged for more; even going so far as to lick off whatever had been picked up by his cock while he ass fucked her. She let herself be tag teamed by two studs who pounded her cunt into a pulpy mess, while she lay there urging them to make her feel it. I couldn't believe my ears when she gave them her phone number and said she was available anytime they wanted a rematch over at her place. That clinched it for me, and so Gwen went back on her knees and soon I was ready for battle, my cock sheathed and hard once more.

       The mother had a hairy pussy like her older daughter, but at least she shaved her armpits. She smelled bad, but considering how long she'd been on the table being plowed, pummeled, penetrated, pounded, punished and punctured, it wasn't surprising at all. I rubbed my cock up and down her slot, seeing how interested she was in more trouser snake. The way she moved her body in an attempt to capture my joint, told me all I needed to know. I grabbed her melon sized tits for leverage and proceeded to give her a hard and fast pounding, knowing that there was little risk in losing my load anytime soon. She responded in kind and the battle was joined.

       We went at it full speed for what seemed like an hour before taking a minibreak. I was dripping sweat onto her tits and the hollow beneath her throat. She was breathing hard even if I did most of the heavy work so far. When she kicked her lips that got me excited again and before I knew it, I was chewing on her big, sweaty tits and she was groaning and pushing her pussy against my captured cock. I slammed it into her wet and wild pussy for a few minutes to calm her down and then resumed making a meal of those big fat tits. They weren't as firm as those possessed by Alexis, but they would do. Suddenly she moved her head upwards and started licking my face as if she was a dog. I pounded her pussy into the ground for that breach of etiquette, and she squealed with delight and tried to match me stroke for stroke.

       My thumbs found their way into her swampy armpits and that made me crazy. Suddenly I was slamming my crotch against her pubic mound like a maniac and sucking her tongue with such violence that she claimed it was sore for the next three days. I don't remember shooting my load, but did remember to let her suck the cum from my rubber as a reward for her fantastic performance under some stressing circumstances. After all, she was blindfolded, her ears plugged and strapped down to an examining table. She'd been fucking almost nonstop for over forty hours and yet she still had enough energy to give me a great ride. This one was definitely placed on my list for camp Hellhole. Her poor nerd son had no idea what he had been missing. I wonder if they'd fuck him to death or just make a pussy whipped sissy boy out of him.

       That was it for the morning. I took my leave and while walking out the front door two carloads of fresh cocks pulled up to the house and disgorged around ten studs. I recognized a few of them from a neighboring high school, and shrugged my shoulders. That would be something for Elf to handle if things got out of hand. An hour later I was asleep and stayed that way until the phone rang. It was broad daylight, and somehow I made my way to the source of that noise to discover the voice of Mrs. Chu. My blood ran cold when I heard what she said.

       "They just delivered what was left of your mother. My husband is checking her over right now, but it doesn't look very promising. You had better come over, and do it quickly. I don't think she has much time left to her."

                               (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                                                    Mom's Mistake - Chapter 34

       I was prepared for the worst, mom looking like a reject from the local slaughterhouse.  She certainly looked pretty wasted, but she was conscious and most of her wounds had stopped bleeding. Her face was horribly contorted. I had to look away after a quick glance. One eye was swollen closed and the other just a slit. She was trying to talk, but what came out was incomprehensible. Mom had been wearing the same barbed wire as she had when she left, but it had been freshly tied based on the slightly different pattern of deep cuts between the two. According to Dr. Chu she had no broken bones of consequence, a few fingers and a couple of toes had been smashed or fractured, but nothing that wouldn't heal over time. He was much more concerned over the many puncture wounds that might fester and turn into something quite serious, even fatal. His initial prognosis that she was on her last legs was perhaps a bit extreme, but not by much. That gave me a lift of sorts. He was about to give her a shot of happy juice and afterward an IV so she could begin to replace the fluids she had lost while they were doing various terrible things to her ancient body.

       After putting mom to bed to sleep it off, the Chu's invited me to see the tape that had come with her. We settled down in their exotically furnished den and put on the tape. The first surprise was that mom was not the star attraction; she had plenty of competition. Perhaps that was why she was still breathing and might even recover sufficiently to continue to be Dr. Chu's test subject and all round "Chu" toy. I couldn't resist this play on words, especially since it appeared that mom had a fighting chance to recuperate and continue being a pain slut. The tape showed three packing crates being brought into a huge hall where almost a hundred women ranging in age from teens to seniors, had congregated.

       The first crate was opened and out came a pair of naked, emaciated teenagers who definitely looked Asian. The camera zoomed in and gave us a close-up view of their bare bodies. Almost against my will I began to develop wood. These two were my kind of teens whether consciously I liked it or not. Like mom, they were restrained by barbed wire that cut into their cunts and the clefts between their shrunken ass cheeks. They were silenced with ball gags that made their cheeks puff out like squirrels with a mouthful of acorns. The second crate revealed a pretty, blonde woman maybe ten years younger than mom, but really built. A camera close-up showed she had been through the mill plenty of times in her life. Her bare body was a patchwork of scar tissue from the usual, whips, hot things like lit cigarettes, soldering irons and the like, items for cutting into flesh, bite marks from animals, people and insects, puncture wounds made by everything from ice picks to needles, plus evidence of broken bones ranging from her limbs and digits to her ribcage and spine. Unlike mom and the teens she was merely cuffed hand and foot, but from the looks of her rounded belly, she had been forced to take an enema prior to being packed for this trip. I wondered aloud how long she had held it. Dr. Chu made a guess of six hours maximum, but more likely half that.

       Naturally the Chus were interested primarily in what happened to mom, and so was yours truly. It didn't take long at fast forward to find her. She was lying on a low bench that had two high posts attached to its base. Mom was securely strapped down with her arms stretched over her head and legs elevated and attached to the posts to keep them spread wide so both her cunt and asshole were available for whatever the attendees wished to do to her. The camera panned back to show three more similar benches, all occupied by the other pain sluts. All four benches had lines of ladies waiting for their turn to tease, torment and torture them. The camera kept moving from one bench to the other, trying to capture all the activity that was happening.

       The women used dildos, fists and gloves to work on the victims' lower holes. The dildos ranged from rubber to plastic and were uniformly huge. It soon turned into a contest to see who could force the biggest dildo into mom's cunt and asshole. The more experienced sadists waited until the relatively smaller toys loosened her sphincter to the point that the bigger tools could make an impression. From the look on mom's face she was in seventh heaven as her asshole was split wide until it looked as if just another fraction of an inch in girth could blow out her shitter. Try as they did, none of the ladies were successful, but many came very close. The camera did capture the asshole of one of the teens being blown out as she screamed to high heaven and the group surrounding her cheered and gave high-fives to each other.

       Those who preferred to fist mom fell into two categories, bare knuckles and coaters. The bareback types eschewed lubricants, making poor mom generate her own or suffer the consequences. In her case producing pussy cream was a simple process and in most cases defeated the bare-knuckle types except for the few that had extremely large hands. The coaters were the nastier of the two types. Many applied gels and creams that were designed for muscle aches, not the interior of a sensitive pussy. What made it far worse was the tactic of double fisting the victim. It took lots of time, but the screams and begging from the poor unfortunate made all the work worth it. A couple even managed to double fist mom's breached asshole after some of the monster dildos had left it gaping.

       Those who used gloves to torture their victims waited until everyone else had taken their turns. By then the assholes were gaping and half were bleeding as well. The four pussies were raw, swollen and bleeding from the battering they had received from the other two groups. Now everybody stood back and let the small group of glove people take center stage. Each wore a leather glove on one hand only. Some were smooth almost seamless, other were deliberately designed with raised ridges to add to the pain as they plowed forward into the weakened tunnels of their victims. To make matters worse all the gloves were coated with substances designed to make the tender insides of their prey feel as if they had caught fire. Mom was the only holdout when it came to screaming and begging for mercy. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her lips trembled, but she held fast. This resolve infuriated the group and now she was simultaneously being fisted in the ass as well as the cunt, which was even too much for a pain slut like my mom to endure. Her screams joined the others and more high fives now celebrated total victory. As it turned out, mom got the attention of the dedicated pain-giving specialists, which was good and bad for her well-being.

       The four meat puppets were kept busy eating pussy and sucking assholes during the entire time they were being ruined by the swarm of lesbians. A couple of heavyweights forced mom to give them full body tongue baths. While she licked one, the other fisted her cunt and asshole to make sure that her prey knew she was in the vicinity and ready for her session once her friend finished making sure that mom didn't miss any spots. This was the last time mom had it easy. For the rest of her time at the session she set the pace for the tortures that were used on the quartet of helpless victims. Two ladies settled down on opposite sides of her bench and opened the thin leather covered cases they brought with them. There were gasps and sighs from the audience they immediately drew.

       The Chus spoke to each other in rapid Chinese, their faces showing great excitement. Now the doctor was sporting a very impressive hard on that wasn't lost on his wife. Mrs. Chu kept licking her lips and rubbing her hands together, every time she glanced over in his direction. I got the feeling that she was getting very horny and her husband just might be the target for tonight.

       Both parties invited help from the group that surrounded the bench where mom waited for the fun to begin. I relaxed a bit since mom had been skewered big time in the past and loved it. These two turned out to be a lot more sophisticated than anyone previously. The one on the right had her new helper pick up mom's tit by the nipple and raise it as far as she could, giving access to the bones that lay just beneath the skin. The other woman followed the first one's lead and waited to see what would happen next. The lead torturer selected a needle that must have been two to three inches long. What made it unique and an instrument of terror was that both ends were ground to a point. The center portion had a thin stripe of sticky material that allowed it to be firmly grasped. That accomplished, she leaned forward and carefully touched the tip against mom's skin.

       She smiled broadly and thrust it straight down into the bone that lay beneath. Mom gasped and looked away, but made no effort to escape. Not disturbed that her subject had shown no fear or reacted only slightly to the needle puncturing her skin, the lead woman said something to the helper before pressing the needle into the bone at an angle so it scraped away some of the top layer of cartilage. Mom screamed from the overwhelming and totally unexpected level of pain. This was followed by her fat tit being dropped onto the other end of the needle, driving the needle a goodly distance into the flesh. That didn't cause mom any problem, but when her tit was smashed flat by the woman's fist, she reacted almost as much as a normal person might. Now the needle was buried as deep as it could go into her tit. This was the first of dozens that soon followed.

       I was exhausted after watching my mother absorb enough metal in her big tits to keep her from ever successfully going through a metal detector again. This was just the beginning. A second set of needles, these even longer, were produced and used on mom's inner thighs. They were driven so deep into the flesh that they disappeared from sight. However afterward the pair of torturers donned leather gloves for protection and began pounding the area filled with needles to force them even deeper. Mom began to lose her cool at this stage, realizing that the two lesbians might be quite capable of turning her into a human porcupine. It didn't come to that, but it was close.

       The next set of needles was more like hatpins, some as long as four and five inches. These were used on their victim's neck and face. The first set made poor mom mute. She looked like a fish gasping for air as other hatpins were driven into her voice box and did permanent damage to her ability to speak above a whisper for more than a few brief moments, which would be fine for many perverts who were merely interested in dealing out tremendous pain without drawing attention. The ones that did the most damage involved the nerves that controlled her facial muscles. By the time they finished, her face was contorted with one eye shut while it's mate remained permanently open. The lower portion of her face was frozen into an idiot's smile and half of her upper face looked as if it were melting.

       The fourth set was by far the worst. These monsters were designed for bone, not just any place on any bone, but in precise locations that would maximize the pain. It was the opposite of acupuncture. Now it was just the lead sadist, the one with that particular expertise. She began at mom's feet, between the toes to get at the special spots she knew lurked there. Mom's hoarse screaming was music to her ears, even if it faltered in seconds due to the damage of her vocal cords and voice box done previously. Mom vomited from the agony created by a monster needle being driven into the side of her ankle. The spectators scattered like leaves in a windstorm, but came back once the mess had been cleaned up by one of the servants that circulated through the huge room attending to the needs of the guests. To prevent further distractions from the subject, she was silenced with a ball gag that was so large it almost unhinged her jaw.

       It turned into an eerie event as one giant needle after another found all her pain spots from her feet to her fingertips and every area between them. It was almost impossible in many situations to see any reaction to what they were doing. Mom could not scream and her frozen face looked like a harlequin's mask. Her restrained body was unable to truly reflect the agony she was experiencing. Her audience drifted away to other things such as watching the emaciated twins having their genitals mutilated with razor blades and a vibrating tool used normally for marking metal. Their screams were ear-splitting and on more than one occasion reacting physically to the awesome pain resulted in dislocating one of their limbs.

       The next time mom came into view they were wheeling a stand towards her location from which hung two bulging enema bags. There was nothing she could do to stop what they had planned. The team leader described the contents as liquid fire and promised that the subject would be begging for death no later than five minutes after the enemas were completed. Mrs. Chu smiled and nodded her head. Evidently she was familiar with this concoction. I couldn't resist thinking that this would make a nice addition to the arsenal of treatments that were available for NLA initiations. To make the process even more painful, if such a thing were possible, two ladies took turns fisting mom's tired twat as the contents of the two bags moved slowly into her lower intestine and began to undergo a chemical change as a result of the higher temperature in the subject's body. Mom began to pound her head against the table upon which she was bound. There were smiles and clapping from the audience that had been attracted to her ordeal. Her belly began to grow until she looked as if she had swallowed a small watermelon. When the enemas were finished, the nozzle was replaced with a butt plug and the wait began. To my astonishment, mom passed out quickly, a strong sign that she was almost at her limit.

       Convinced that the subject, also known as my mom, was at her limit and needed to rest so she could take more pain and punishment, they placed mom on another table and wheeled her bloated body out of the hall to an area where she could void the enema and rest for a few minutes before facing another round of terrible torture. In her absence the twins and the other babe took care of the needs of the audience, who had more than pain and suffering on their minds. More fast forwarding soon showed a slightly refreshed subject, my mom, being wheeled out for another session of brutal torture. I was getting bummed out; this was not my idea of a good way to spend some quality time with the Chu family.

       It's difficult to remember everything I saw. There just was too much and most of it a downer in my opinion. The same could not be said for the Chus. They would often chatter to each other over something that turned my stomach. Three sections stuck in my mind for various reasons. Naturally I'm not going to let anyone know why. You are all welcome to try to figure out why these three, and I wish you good luck.

       In the first of the three, mom was stretched out on her bench once more. The camera panned to show that all four of the benches were once more in use and had long lines waiting to torment the quartet of unfortunates. It took witnessing a few of the face sitters before I understood they were using mom for a toilet. The camera zoomed in to confirm what I knew. Each lady was carefully attaching her pussy to mom's mouth and then emptying her full bladder. Failure to down every drop without any serious spilling got the toilet a number of lashes, either with a riding crop or what looked like a modified flail that did some serious damage to the skin and the flesh beneath. I was amazed to see that the two Asian concentration camp cuties were holding their own when compared to mom. Even the blonde babe's belly was bulging as much as the others. I wondered what happened to the first one to puke her guts out. I got a little taste when one of the twins let go after taking on nine full bladders without any rest between them. Almost instantly two lesbians began whipping her pussy with those modified flails and once it was turned to hamburger, they moved up to her belly and finally what passed for her tits. The Chu family was absolutely riveted to the screen as the poor wretch was nearly flogged to death by her angry assailants. I never did discover if mom upchucked, since the camera was off on another subject that I can't even remember by now.

       The next scene I remembered was flat ugly. They rubbed mom's fat clit, cunt lips, and armpits with a black powder. First they lit off the stuff covering her clit and she nearly ruptured herself trying to get rid of the awful pain coming from her frying sex button. It took most of a minute for the stuff to finally burn itself out leaving behind a bubbling mess of melting flesh. Mom had departed the real world in order to escape a level of pain she had obviously never experienced. It broke her as a pain slut. They quickly revived their victim, no longer the star attraction, made sure she was alert and then lit off the powder coating her cunt lips. The stench of her burning pussy bumpers was so strong that the group surrounding her had to move back at least ten feet. To their disappointment she once more passed out, demonstrating for all concerned that her days as a major pain slut had ended for all extents and purposes as they sometimes say.

       I looked away to regain my cool and saw that Mrs. Chu was caught up in what she was seeing. Her big, fake tits were heaving like ships in an ocean storm, and her hand was rubbing her crotch. I looked over to where her husband was seated and he had his dick out and was whacking off like a teenager. It was then the realization that the Chus knew my mom was going to survive sank into my brain. Her life would go on after a fashion, if you think that being a major source of entertainment for a pair of sadists can be described as living. Who knows, perhaps they might rebuild her into a bigger and better pain slut? That would be a trip!

       Her armpits were ground zero for the final bonfire. There was a lot more territory to burn and it took quite a bit of time. Mom kept passing out and being revived. Each time the fire was smothered in a very sick way. The pretty, blonde babe was brought over and her face used to extinguish the molten mass of flesh that was sizzling like a side of beef on a grill. I lost count of the number of times this was done. First one armpit, and then the other was set aflame and extinguished by the woman's face, so that mom could be revived to be tortured anew. The new mom, weak-willed and almost timid, was not the source of entertainment they thought she might be after such a brutal series of tortures. It was amazing to see the condition of the blonde woman's face. She had lost her eyebrows and many spots on her face showed burns, but not the kind that ruined one's skin forever. More time elapsed as the camera showed the terrible things that were taking place in this huge house of horrors. Then came the grand finale as far as yours truly was concerned.

       The quartet of cold meat was suspended from hooks located in the corners of the huge room. The blonde babe was hanging from her tits that were criss crossed with fresh whip marks. Her bare body was slowly rotating as the ropes around her blue-black, swollen tits wound and untwined. I don't remember seeing that occurrence, or any of the previous whippings that the others took. To add to her pain and suffering weights dangled from her ankles. A short metal bar was clamped at the ends to the insides of her thighs, forcing the blonde to spread them and give those whipping her pussy a better target. Currently there were two women in their late thirties-early forties doing the honors. They were using bullwhips with small weights attached to the tips. One was left handed, her companion opposite; guaranteeing no interference with each other as they whipped her cunt into a frothing sea of red, on occasion even ripping a piece of flesh from the region that was fought for by the group of lesbians watching these two sadists work.

       By far the biggest crowd watched with glittering eyes and hands buried in their twats as the two Asian teenagers were beaten to within an inch of their miserable lives. Unlike the blonde babe, these two hung by their ankles, spread apart until their tendons vibrated from the strain. Their hands were tied tightly behind their back and fixed to their bodies in a way that completely exposed the areas that they had identified for the whipping. Four lesbians, the winners of the twins' drawing, were tearing their cunts and flat asses to shreds, using a flail and cat-o'-nine-tails. They weren't wasting any energy whipping those hollow chests and flat bellies. They were standing front and back; trading places every ten or fifteen lashes to give them the same opportunities to tear up their prey. It appeared that the flails were going more damage since they could be used slightly more frequently than the other type of whip. It was amazing just how much blood the twins shed; it splattered the crowd out to fifteen feet. That was exceeded by the chunks of bloody flesh that were propelled so far that some struck the walls of the area. It was getting hard to believe that the two of them were human; to most people they were more likely two lumps of meat just carved from some animal and ready for the spit so they could be cooked properly.

       I tried my best to avoid looking at what came next, but I failed miserably. Mom was on her tiptoes, forced into this position by the chain overhead that was linked to the clamp holding her tongue out to its limit. Her head was tipped back so she was staring at the ceiling, just as well considering what was happening to her bleeding, wasted body. There was a metal collar around her neck that must have had some kind of small spikes embedded on its inside, since there was blood seeping from it. Mom had three sadists working on her bare body. Two were whipping the skin off her tits, pussy mouth and thighs using bullwhips with metal tips to really rip into her flesh. That would have been bad enough, but there was a third winner of the drawing for mom.

       Dr. and Mrs. Chu started chattering and smiling at what took place. The third member, a skinny Goth styled lesbian, was using mom's ass cheeks for target practice. She was hurling weighted darts from about fifteen feet and the damage from each was terrifying. Five darts were so far embedded deep in mom's ass cheeks. Then she buried a sixth dart to make the number in each cheek the same. I screamed for fear that mom would lose her balance from the hit and tear off her tongue. I closed my eyes at that point and kept them that way until the chattering and hissing from the Chus stopped. I opened them to discover mom had disappeared from the screen. That was the last time I ever saw her. I do know that somehow she survived, but in what kind of condition remained a deep, dark mystery.

       They say that time heals all wounds, and perhaps they are right. It has been almost six months since that terrible night at the Chus. I've never visited them since they never invited me. Honey has dried up as a source of information, which is just as well. The nerds have been fruitful and multiplied thanks to the attraction of the Nerd Ladies Auxiliary. The NLA has grown by leaps and bounds, currently standing at twenty members in good standing. To date there have been ten initiations, so the method for choosing potential candidates hasn't been too shabby. I remain the special advisor to Elf, the titular nerd leader, if such a position makes sense when it comes to the nerd nation.

       Miko and I split right after we returned from the second NLA initiation. A couple of months later she was arrested and deported for violating the regulations associated with foreign exchange students. Her foster parents and half the male population of Arnold Palmer high school were in mourning for weeks after her abrupt departure. That stopped when it became evident that she had spread some kind of Japanese STD to many of her regular customers, not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter. I was one of the lucky ones who avoided this embarrassing situation; my examination yielded no evidence of the mystery disease.

       To my amazement Zeng was released from the Chu residence and settled down with one of the nerds who was into fantasy games and the like. They make a nice couple especially since Zeng has gained twenty-five pounds in the right places including a set of tits that are awesome for her new body type. I cannot imagine Zeng staying with the nerd for much longer. She's attending high school and has become rather popular with both sexes if you get my drift. The small group of brothers has voted her an honorary "ho", which is the highest compliment they can muster under the circumstances.

       As for myself, things are definitely improving. I spend a lot of my time over at the Connovers. The three female members had to pay a steep price for the sins of the family nerd. It was then that I discovered that this trio had the potential to become members of the NLA. I was most taken with young Heather, the thirteen year-old who had a talent for things sexual and hadn't been doing anything to expand it. These days Heather spends lot of time with me learning all sorts of interesting ways to relieve men of their sexual hang-ups. That is not to say that when I visit the other female Connovers I ignore them. To the contrary, we have a most enjoyable time. Helen Connover at forty is a handful and it's all good. You hint at it and she will try it. If she likes it, you will get it in the wink of an eye. It's such a shame that this sex monster didn't bloom normally, but at least she's blooming now and very pleased with what she has. Gale Connover has gone from a nineteen year-old, overweight wallflower to a party girl who wants to do it all, even if she never tried it previously. When the three of them gang up on me it's a massacre, but we're just playing cowboys and indians and who counts? All things considered, life these days is fine and hopefully, it will remain that way.


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