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Conditioned Coeds Become Obedient Sex Slaves

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Synopsis: Two professors and a group of students had devised a fool proof method of transforming innocent coeds into becoming obedient sex slaves.
Conditioned Coeds Become Obedient Sex Slaves
by Dreamer

Conditioned Coeds Become Obedient Sex Slaves
by Dreamer

This unique club called The Group has stumbled upon a foolproof means of
completely converting innocent coed beauties into becoming obedient sex slaves
for the sole purpose of satisfying any and all members of  The Group. Their
conditioning was done  through a very sadistic process that would break down
both their physical and mental barriers, then new values would be deeply planted
into their subconscious.

This was achieved with the help of a machine used by doctors in the treating of
sport type injuries to the muscles and nerves. The machine was used to stimulate
the injured area. The machine had a number of sensors that could be attached to
the areas being treated. These sensors were cordless and were easily attached.
The area would first have to be moistened.

Now a little background on the club members. Our club was formed by two of the
colleges young professors. Professor Ann Warren was the psychology professor and
Professor Bill Maxwell was the anatomy professor. Between the both of them, they
were experts on how the human body and mind functioned. They lived together in a
old Victorian house conveniently located off campus. 

The Victorian house they shared was perfect for their little club. They could
have the members meet secretly without any one noticing. Also the house had a
completely finished basement, but the best part was it also had under the
basement a subbasement, also completely finished and also soundproof. No one
knew this room existed. Bill and Ann stumbled upon it while moving some
furniture around. It seemed the sub area had a very indiscreet entrance. Friends
would never be able to detect it was there. That was because they arranged the
room to keep it hidden.

Now we'll introduce our club members. Bill and Ann choose them very carefully.
They were screened through various methods, then once satisfied, they approached
them with their plans. They were all very much excited and joined without
hesitation. There were eight members total. All were sophomores which was great.
They would be around for quite a while.

The girls were very attractive, all were about five feet ten inches tall. Renee
and June were both lovely blondes with golden brown skin. Both girls had blue
eyes, their figures were slender and had perfect muscle tone. They were on the
university's tennis team. April and Babs had long brown hair with matching
brown eyes. Their bodies could also be described as lean and very athletic. They
both were on the swimming team.

The boys were also athletic and stood six feet. Jim and Bart were on the
baseball team, while Bob and Tom played on the basketball team.

It was important that the members were active in sports, this would make it much   
easier to find perfect recruits for our club.

They all shared the same dark secret. Each one has had many fantasies. Much to
their surprise even though they were looked upon on campus as good solid kids
that came from the best backgrounds, Bill and Ann uncovered their innermost dark

They all had fantasies of sadistically violating and sexually abusing some
gorgeous innocent coed. They all wanted their victim to be clueless about sex,
completely naive. She also had to be flawless, her body must be perfect. They
wanted her to have a strong character with much self esteem. Her background had
to posses the highest of moral ethics.

These qualities would cause our members much excitement, knowing our lovely
recruit would  be humiliated beyond her wildest dreams. They could work ever so
slowly conditioning their lovely captor into become their future sex toy. She
would be made to perform any thing our member's imagination could devise. She
would be broken most effectively. We could not imagine how this would be done.
Bill and Ann guaranteed success, everytime. 

It was Friday morning and the group met at Ann and Bill's to discuss their
plan. "It looks like we all agree on our first recruit, right?" Everyone spoke
up with an excited yes. Ann said, "Make sure everyone  thinks that plans were
made and everyone will be away until Monday sometime, April make arrangements
for our guest Heather." "She must not be missed either."

"We already planned to lure Heather here sometime in the afternoon, telling her
Renee and myself have some school papers to pick up." April replied.

Heather was one of the most attractive freshmen coeds, since the school year
just started she hasn't made many friends. She also had no roommate, at the
last minute she withdrew. The university still haven't assigned Heather with
another roommate.

Heather was about five feet eight inches tall, her straight blonde hair hung
just below her shoulders. Her skin was blemish free and silky smooth. Heather's
breast were the size of two medium melons, her legs were perfectly proportioned.
Her ankles were also perfectly chiseled and her dainty feet were lovely. This
was important because Renee and Bob  revealed they both had a foot fetish.
Heather's well formed rear was also nice and tight.

She was the daughter of a wealthy couple, her mother traveled a lot being a
buyer for a large department store. Her father was a CEO of a large chemical
company. Heather was raised very proper, she attended all private schools and
learned  proper etiquette.

About three in the afternoon the girls arrived at Ann and Bill's. " Hi girls
come on in and I'll get those papers." "Who is your friend?" April announced
" Heather this is Professor Ann Warren and her friend Professor Bill Maxwell."
"Hi" replied Heather "nice to meet both of you.."  Ann quickly asked " What
would you girls like to drink, I have diet soda and bottled water." Heather
replied " A bottled water would be nice." April and Renee agreed. Ann went to
the refrigerator and opened three bottles of water, then quickly added a few
knock out drops to Heather's. The drops were clear so they wouldn't be
noticed. The girls each were talking about school with Professor Maxwell when
Ann returned. She handed the girls their water and watched as Heather gulped
hers down. Ann smiled knowing soon Heather would be theirs.

 Soon Heather announced she was feeling sort of dizzy. Then she slumped back on
the couch. Heather was now  drifting into  deep unconsciousness. The girls
smiled when Ann said " Bill carry Heather downstairs so we can prepare her.
Girls go back to campus and make sure Heather as well as yourselves won't be
missed." "Come back about six and tell the boys to pull into the large garage
so their car won't be noticed." As the girls left they turned and watched Bill
carry the unconscious Heather down to the soundproof subbasement.

Around six the girls arrived back at Ann's, right behind them were the boys.
They all carried overnight bags. This was so their stories would be more
convincing. April even left word at the main office that they would be back
sometime Monday. Then Renee called saying she was Heather and also said she
would be back sometime Monday or maybe Tuesday because her classes did not start
till Wednesday. This was the school policy.

"How's our little playmate." April asked. "See for yourself ." Replied Ann
.With that Ann shut the lights and turned on the night lights so any passerby's
would think they were either out or asleep.  

They all headed down the stairs to the subbasement. Ann then turned on the
lights. Everyone just sighed at the sight before them.

Heather was thrashing about with fear in her blue tear stained eyes, not knowing
what was happening. She had been nicely bound and gagged. She was positioned on
a large leather recliner. Her arms were pulled tightly above her head, her
wrists and elbows were tightly tied. Then a rope was secured to her wrists and
tied behind the recliner. Her midsection was secured with a wide belt. She could
not pull herself up not even a fraction. Her legs were tied around her knees and
another rope was tightly wrapped around her ankles. Then her ankles were secured
to the bottom of the recliner. It was such a lovely sight. Heather was still
fully clothed. Even her sneakers and socks were still on. Ann wanted Heather to
be fully aware of what was happening when we started to strip her.

" Hi Heather I guess you must be wondering what is going on, gather round our
lovely guest gang and we'll explain to her what we have planned."

"Well Heather we want to start a little club, these will be the members, you
already know Renee and April, this is Babs and June." The girls smiled down at
the now whimpering struggling Heather. " Bob, Tom, Jim and Bart meet Heather."
Ann continued " Our club is going to need many more girls like yourself, but
you'll have the honors of being the first."

" Heather we all have so many sexual urges but they may not seem normal to most
people. So we decided to form our little club, abduct some great looking
beauties like yourself, then sadistically condition them into becoming our own
personal sex slaves. Then we could fulfill all our sexual fantasies upon our
lovely slaves. Once you have been broken into becoming obedient. We would
arrange for you to spend entire weekends with us to be used to perform any and
all requests our members ask of you . Everything asked of you must be done. You
have no choice or you will be punished in many different severe ways.

We have found a unique way to completely both physically and mentally condition
you into becoming broken in just a matter of hours. This method is foolproof, no
matter how much you resist I guarantee results. Soon you will begin your
conditioning but I will explain each step to you. I want you to understand
everything that we will enjoy doing to you." Heather thrashed about struggling
to free herself, never had she been tied up like some animal. The ballgag
tightly tied in her mouth was humiliating. But soon she would really know the
meaning of humiliation.

Ann smiled then said. " You see Heather my enjoyment in this is to completely
explain in painful detail  step by step everything we plan on doing to your
innocent delicate virginal sweet body. I'll love the look of horror that I'll
experience on your lovely face." Ann s words came out with much excitement.
" We took the liberty of notifying the university that you'll be gone maybe as
late as Tuesday, you know what this means?"

Ann continued "It means for the next two or three days you'll be constantly
bound and gagged. We'll have you in many different positions. In about twenty
minutes you'll be completely naked. We'll also keep you gagged with  various
types of gags. The only time the gag will be removed is to feed you and also you
will be gag less  when you'll be either sucking on a members cock or a juicy
pussy, Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Heather could not believe this was happening to her, no way would she give in to
such ludicrous demands.

Bill continued " Why don't all our lovely members strip down to your underwear
while I further explain to Heather the plans we have for her." With that the
girls started removing their clothing, so did the boys. They were all excited
about finally being able to live out their innermost dark passions. Knowing
Heather would be used in any way they could imagine.

"Heather while we work on converting your lovely mind and body to become our
obedient little sex toy we'll have our video camera recording every delicious
moment. Maybe some day you would like to watch it, we already have some discreet
customers interested."

Our members were waiting patiently to begin. The girls were quite gorgeous
standing in bra and panties. Their legs were so smooth, also their bare feet
were lovely, the aroma coming from their now sweating bodies was also

Heather was starting to sweat, a little from fear and also because they have
raised the room temperature to further help to loosen up her muscles.

Ann brought out the muscle stimulator then said to Bob and Renee,

" While I'm getting the equipment ready why don't you guys prepare Heather's
bare feet for  the sensors. I think judging from the way she is starting to
sweat that her little feet must already be moist enough. But I want you guys to
fulfill your secret lust."

Bob and  Renee did not waste another moment. The each started to remove
Heather's sneakers from her wriggling feet. They untied the laces then pulled
off her sneakers. Now they slowly peeled off her now damp socks. What a lovely
site they each thought.

 Renee remembered her conversation with Heather about looking good when summer
came. She said she liked to exercise to keep her muscles well toned. She also
was very fond of her feet and mentioned how she kept them nicely pedicure and
bought lotions to keep them soft and callous free. Boy was she right  Heather's
bare feet were exquisite. Renee ran her fingers along her bare heels , then up
along her deep insteps. Heather's toes were slim and delicate. Renee and Bob
were suppose to moisten  the bare bottoms of Heather's feet. But they couldn't
resist starting with her bare wriggling toes. They spread her toes apart and
started sucking on her little pinkies. Bob sniffed in the sweet smell of what
must have been the lotion Heather used. It had the aroma of baby lotion, even
in-between her sweating little toes the aroma was pleasant. They each sucked and
licked around her pinkies then moved to the next wriggling toe, each slender toe
was starting to drip with Renee and Bob's hot saliva. Soon it started dripping
down her bare bottoms. They now used their tongues to start coating Heather's
bare soles right down to her pinkish heels.

" She looks about ready guys lets attach the sensors, I'll explain to Heather
what we are doing." "Heather this is the machine that will render any
resistance from you totally impossible. The  bottoms of the feet is where all
your nerve endings begin, then they travel the full length of the body. This
machine is only supposed to be applied for two to three minutes. We found that
left on for longer lengths of time the body reacts very strangely."

Meanwhile Bob and Renee started attaching the sensors, they were cordless. This
was nice,  wouldn't have to worry about cords becoming tangled. One was place
on each soft pinkish heel, the next one was applied to her soft insteps, then
the third was added just below her wriggling toes.

" Soon Heather as I put the machine on low you'll start to feel a little
tingling sensation in your feet, then soon it will travel slowly up through your
entire body and soon you'll find yourself becoming very calm. I would say then
in about fifteen minutes it will become impossible for you to move your arms or
legs. You will remain very alert but your body will become very sedate, movement
will become impossible."

Everyone watched as Ann put on the machine, Heather moaned loudly through the
gag, her body struggled violently to free herself. Soon everyone noticed her
struggling starting to slow down. One of the girls said " Wow!" The machine is
starting to take effect on Heather." another one added "Her body is starting
to relax ." Soon Heather laid perfectly still, her eyes still wide open but her
body in less then fifteen minutes has become completely immobilized. The group
was enjoying this immensely.

"That was faster then I anticipated Heather. The next step now is to remove all
of your clothing. We're going to strip you completely naked, and there is
nothing you can do to resist. Then Heather before we again turn on the machine
to achieve the next phase which I'll explain to you shortly, we our going to
bind you into a much more vulnerable position so that all your most intimate
area's will be fully exposed."

Ann had the members quickly untie Heather. When she was completely untied Ann
pulled her arms down and put them on her lap. "Heather" Ann said if you can
lift your arms we'll let you leave we'll give you one last chance before we
start stripping off your clothing" Ann was teasing Heather knowing she could
not move a muscle. Heather's only reaction was the tears rolling down her
cheeks. This was all she was capable of doing. " Oh well I gave you one last
chance, okay guys let's strip our little beauty of all of her clothing, let's
put everything with her sneakers and socks. She won't be needing them a couple
of days."

The girls lifted her arms and pulled off Heather's jersey exposing her pink
little bra. Now her bra was unhooked and was pulled off her breasts. Her breasts
were perfectly formed with small pinkish nipples.

The boys unsnapped her jeans then unzipped them, then they lifted her hips and
pulled them down her lovely legs, off her bare feet. Now they pulled down her
lace pink panties. Ann quickly gathered up her clothing and put them with her
sneakers and socks in the closet.

"Wow" one of the girls said "We sure picked a beauty." Everyone quickly
agreed as they all starting fondling her now naked and defenseless body.

"Let's tie Heather up in a more vulnerable position then we can spend  some
time examining her." Ann said  " Let's pull her arms up and back but first
tie her elbows and wrists." The girls started binding her wrists and elbows.
Then they pulled them up and back causing her breasts to become taut. Now they
were tied securely behind the recliner.

"Now guy's let's bind her calves to her thighs." This was quickly done. "
Okay" Ann said "Now we'll pull each leg up so we can secure it to each  arm
rest, this will fully expose her sweet little pussy as well as her puckered
little anus."

What a beautiful sight everyone agreed, Heather's bound and gagged naked body
laid fully exposed. The members spent the next half hour caressing her bare
sweet nipples Bob and Renee sucked on her bare sweating toes and licked up and
down the bare bottoms of her sensitive feet. Ann and Bill inspected her bare
pussy, she was hairless Heather shaved that cute little pussy, even her puckered
asshole was inviting.

"It's time to start Heather on the next step of her conditioning." With them
Bill came over with the EKG monitor, this was also wireless. He attached it to
Heather. "This is very important Heather, it will enable us to monitor your
reactions very closely."

With that Ann told one of the boys to start examining Heather's pussy, he
excitingly started probing into Heather's tight little pussy. "You see Heather
everyone has what is called a G spot. This is a much sensitive area deep in your
pussy that is much more sensitive then you can imagine. Bill was studying the
monitor, while the boys were searching around . Bill yelled out " That's it
the needle spiked above the highest reading."

Ann quickly announced " Guy's guess what ,we'll jumping ahead of ourselves.
We first have to put Heather through the next phase remember." Heather first we
have to turn the stimulator back on to the next power level. This will send much
more powerful  surges of stimulation through the bottoms of your sensitive
little feet through your entire body. Soon your body will respond by becoming
quite warm, then your body will start to become much more sensitive." Ann was
becoming excited knowing Heather hated what was being done to her but was
completely helpless. Ann continued "It will become so sensitive that first your
face will become flush from the heat, then your nipples will stiffen to the
point you think they are going to break off. Now the best part Heather, your
pussy will start to release your love juices . Soon after that your anus will
start to become itchy. That last clue we will be waiting for is your bare toes
will start to twitch uncontrollably. The machine will continue to do it's work
for another fifteen minutes. At this point Heather your  body will become
unnaturally and extremely sensitive.

" Also" Ann continued Your mind and body will be stripped of all resistance,
you will have no will. We will be able to condition you and you will not be able
to resist in even the slightest way." With that Ann turned on the machine.
Everyone sat around Heather. 

About fifteen minutes passed and the members noticed a change coming over
Heather's nude gagged and bound body. Her face was becoming flushed as Ann said
it would. Then her nipples stiffened,  sweat covered her sweet little body. Then
her pussy started to drip uncontrollably, Heather's blue eyes again started to
become wet with tears. She knew she could not prevent this awful change the
group was going to enjoy bestowing upon her helpless and defenseless body.

Heather started feeling a strong itching in her anus it was unbearable. Now the
group became extremely excited, Heather's toes started twitching
uncontrollable. Ann said " Fifteen more minutes gang then will start her next

Ann and Bill looked down at Heather's profusely sweating body. Ann was quite
pleased with the progress they have made with Heather in such a short time.
Heather's body  was experiencing many sensations she could not comprehend. The
club members lightly caressed her sensitive nipples, just the slightest touch 
caused her body to twitch uncontrollably. Ann enjoyed watching the juice flow
from her virgin pussy, it dripped down between her legs onto her itching little
anus, then created a puddle just below her tied up legs. Ann knew Heather was
starting to experience the changes her body was feeling. Her entire body was
becoming extremely sensitive. Just the slightest touch made her twitch and

In a short length of time she would become a vessel to be used by the club
members. Her body's natural resistance was slowly disappearing, her mind was
very alert but powerless. Her body could now feel the heat from the excessive 
stimulation she was forced to endure. She was coming closer and closer to the
point of total humiliation. She knew it would be much worse.

" I think she is ready guy's, let's find that important spot in her dripping
pussy. Then I can get started." One of the boys quickly pushed his fingers into
her pussy and probed around until he heard Bill say. " That's it" Ann then
showed Heather these two thin cylinders, they were about six inches long and
were quite flexible. Ann told the girls to remove the sensors from the bottoms
of Heather's feet, then turned to Heather and started to explain the purpose of
these cylinders.

" These are also sensors they are normally wrapped around the injured muscle,
they can be twisted into any position Heather and will remain that way. In your
case one will be inserted into your moist little pussy and positioned right next
to your sensitive G spot, meanwhile the other will be pushed firmly into your
anus." With that she handed them to the girls and further explained to Heather
their purpose. Once the girls secured them in place with some rather nasty
waterproof tape. Then I will turn on the stimulator, each member will start
working quite expertly on all your sensitive intimate areas plus any area they
think will cause you to become aroused."  Ann continued " These sensors will
do their work on your rather vulnerable susceptible little vagina." " Soon you
will start to experience a strong rather pleasant sensation, otherwords you will
experience a rather mind shattering orgasm, you will come. Then another will
approach causing you to come again, each one will be stronger then the latter.
We're monitor each one Heather on the EKG."

" Between the machine and the help of our anxious club members you will
continue to come stronger and stronger each time. Once you come around ten times
which you will in a very short time Heather I'll explain what will follow."

The members now started working on Heather, two of the boys started licking and
sucking on Heather's warm face each whirling their tongues in and out of her
ears. Then sucking on her sensitive neck then licking her smooth cheeks.

Her breast were being attended to by a inquisitive female member as well as  one
of the guys. Her breast were so sensitive they had to very lightly touch them.
They used their tongues, this caused Heather's body to react with constant
quivering at it's touch.

Meanwhile her legs were being caressed as well as her bare belly. They were
using feathers to further cause Heather to become aroused. Heather's body
started to react she could not ignore what her body was feeling. Resistance was
impossible, her pussy was burning up with sensation. The members relentless and
constant caressing of her body sent Heather into her first powerful orgasm, she
shook violently before she finally subsided. Ann proudly said " Good work 
let's shoot for number two."

Everyone was having a great time working on Heather's fine tuned body, even 
Renee and Bob were doing things to her wriggling feet that sent shivers through
her veins. Besides sucking and licking her wriggling toes, they used Mini strong
vibrators given to them by Bill. They traced up and down the sensitive bottoms
of her feet causing Heather to shake uncontrollably. Soon she came again,
judging by the uncontrollable thrashing of her body you knew it had to be much
stronger then the first.    

Heather has just experienced her fourth orgasm, she could not believe how her
body was portraying her. Ann now thought to herself how highly successful
Heather's conditioning had been. The slightest touch or caress on her sensitive
body sent shock waves coursing through her body. That plus the relentless
pulsating sensors buried deep within her intimate love channels kept Heather in
a stupor. Heather had no control what so ever.

The students worked as a team attacking every part of her body, the girls came
up with the idea of using feathers to caress her quite ticklish armpits. This
brought a new strange sensation to Heather's already dazzled mind.

Heather's body shook and shuddered once more reaching another highly powerful
orgasm. Once Ann saw this see went into the next phase. She pulled out a silk
scarf and a set of headphones. She tied the scarf securely over Heather's eyes,
then positioned the headphones over Heather's ears. She then turned on the
small cassette player.

The message was to work on her mind, it would slowly deteriorate and destroy her
mind into believing she was a worthless sex slave for the group and her main
purpose was to satisfy each member's sexual wishes. Her reward would be in the
form of constant bondage teamed up with repetitive orgasms. 

Bill noticed how excessive amounts of  juices were finding their way through the
perforated tape covering her twitching pussy, forming a puddle beneath her
upraised asscheeks. He put a towel on that area of the recliner.

The students now continued working on her orgasm ridden body. Her eighth orgasm
made her thrash about so violently that the ropes binding her strained to
contain her bound body. Soon Ann would use this to her advantage.			

The group talked about how anxious they were to see Heather broken. A couple of
the boys wanted to sink their stiff cocks into her virgin ass, while the girls
wanted to experience the touch of her tongue on their moist little pussies. This
would be a first for all of them. The other boys wanted to feel her soft tender
lips kissing their cocks, then experience her sucking on their cocks until they
would come. Thinking about watching her swallow every drop of their hot spent
come further excited them.

Heather would become a vessel to be used to satisfy each members sexual wishes
and they had quite a few of them in store for her.

The blindfold and the headphones set up a new environment for Heather. It
stripped away all outside distractions, she would become deeply focused on
everything that was now being done to her body.

Now that Heather had come for the tenth time, Ann wanted to retie her in a new
position. The group quickly untied Heather. Ann told the group to carefully lay
her down on the pad that had been prepared for her in the center of  the room.

Ann explained " Heather's body is receiving these orgasms quite strongly now.
Let's retie her in a very stringent hog-tie. This way if we do it properly and
she can't move a muscle when she comes the effect will be so severe that
instead of twitching uncontrollably the full effect of her orgasm will be
contained with thin her sensitive body." "It will become bottled up and surge
inward. Heather will experience something that will completely reduce her to the
condition of  submission.

The students now gathered around Heather's fatigued body. Ann would instruct
them on how to rebind Heather. Her arms were pulled behind her back and while a
couple of the students held them tightly together other students started tying

Ropes were wrapped around her wrists securing them tightly together, then her
elbows were tied, now another rope was used to bind her upper arms. Then leather
mittens were pulled onto her sweating hands, they were a size to small. This
would keep her fingers still. Now her hands were also tied.

Next her upper thighs were bound , then her knees and finally her ankles.
Heather's legs were now bent back until her bare feet touched her hands. Now
they were bound to one another. This put Heather into a hog-tie position.

Now a series of belts were carefully pulled under her body starting at her
shoulders and then tightly secured behind her back, another at her elbows then
one down at her wrists. This pulled her arms forcefully inward to her back. The
same was now done to her legs. First around her upper thighs, the around at the
knees, than her ankles. Her legs were now drawn tightly together.

Next Heather's toes were being attended to. Her big toes were tied together.
Then with a pair of athletic laces they bound her toes together.

Ann now removed Heather's blindfold. Heather was so tightly bound she did not
even have the luxury of wriggling her fingers or toes.

Her body was now ready for the stimulator. This will be the final treatment,
Heather soon would become the group's sex toy.

Ann removed the headphones so she could explain to Heather what to expect. 
"Well Heather, your body has been rendered completely immobilized. Once I turn
the machine back on and our members return to work on further stimulating your
much sensitive body. Your orgasms will become something of a new experience to
you, soon you will experience such powerful sensations that we'll have to keep
a close eye on you. We don't want you to slip to far into oblivion.

Before Ann started the machine she looked down at Heather's tightly bound body
she remarked to herself on what an efficient job they done on tying Heather. The
girl was completely still she could not even flex a muscle. This was going to be
much more effective. She now told the members to lay Heather down on her side.
This would enable the group to have access to all her tender intimate areas.
Once this was done, Ann placed the headphones back over Heather's ears  then
started the machine.

In a short length of time Ann noticed the needle on the monitor start to move
upward. The members were working on various parts of Heather's body. They used
feathers to stimulate her. Her stiff nipples were given constant attention as
well as her tender and sensitive asscheeks. Other members were caressing her
silky and smooth legs. Her feet were also being  attended to . They glided the
feathers up and down her smooth and soft bare bottoms, then slowly around her
bound toes. Her belly was also being caressed.

The needle now spiked indicating Heather had come. One would not be able to
notice this by just looking at Heather's body. She could not relieve herself 
with sheer twitching and shuddering. The full extent of the orgasm would be
drawled inward and travel throughout her body. Ann could tell what Heather was
experiencing just by looking into her blue eyes. They had become very glassy and

With thin minutes Heather was experiencing another one, her eyes started tearing
and became glazed again. This time they rolled back into her head and Heather
lost consciousness. Ann quickly applied smelling salt to her nose. Heather
sprung back to life. Within minutes Heather again felt the surging of another
strong orgasm, again she passed out. Ann again brought her around again. Between
the voice in her ears and the powerful feelings between her legs and anus
Heather could not resist any longer. She felt degraded and humiliated but had to
continue coming.

Ann started to tease Heather by turning the machine slowly off, then in a couple
of minutes she turned it back on at a lower setting, bringing it up until she
saw the needle start to move upward. Then she again would turn it off.

Everytime she done this she would notice a pleading look in Heather's eyes.
That's when Ann knew they had seceded and Heather had been broken. Ann now
removed the headphones from Heather's ears. Then spoke softly to her. " I know
you cannot move or speak so just with the blinking of your eyes you can answer
my next question. Blink once for  no, twice for yes." " Do you want me to turn
the machine back on?" Ann waited for Heather's reply. Ann smiled Heather
through teary eyes blinked twice.

Ann turned it on and watched Heather, soon through the expression in Heather's
eyes and the monitor she knew she was coming again, then she came again, Heather
could not stop coming. She kept coming until she again lost consciousness. Ann
now shut down the machine. She had the girls  untie Heather. She would let her
rest for an hour or so before she would start Heather's training. She would
explain to Heather what would be expected of her.

Ann now addressed the group " We now have our first sex slave, the first of
many, I told you we would be successful. Now we have the entire weekend to enjoy
our little sex toy.

It had been an hour or so now so Heather was wakened. Ann now pulled the tape
off of Heather's  mouth and spoke to her. " Heather  you will only speak to
answer what we ask you, do you understand?" Heather shamelessly answered "
Yes" "Good now we are going to use your body and mind to please our members,
if you resist or disobey us in any way you will be severely punished, do you
understand this?" Again Heather answered " Yes."

Ann noticed Heather's body started to twitch uncontrollably without anyone even
touching her. She was coming involuntarily with no control. Ann realized the
sensors were no longer needed. She now pulled the tape off Heather's sensitive
pussy, then stuck her fingers into her moist pussy fishing around until she
located the sensor. She now roughly pulled it out of Heather's cunt. Then she
inserted a couple of fingers into Heather's anus then pushed them deeply into
her tiny opening trying to locate the other sensor, she finally felt it. She
gripped it and pulled it out while Heather moaned. All the while Ann was fishing
in her cunt and anus Heather had experienced multiple orgasms. This made Ann
realize just how enjoyable a weekend it was going to be.

Heather was now taken off the recliner and made to kneel on the floor. Her
wrists  and ankles were untied, then retied. Each wrist was now tied to each of
her ankles. Then she was laid down in a forward position. Now her cunt and pussy
were both accessible.

Now the first cock was pressed against Heather's soft virgin lips, then pushed
slowly into her hot mouth. It was now pushing it's way deeper into her throat.
Heather knew what was expected of her. She started licking around the shaft,
then started sucking on it. She had felt so humiliated, never had she ever been
exposed to such depravities. Meanwhile behind Heather another large stiff cock
was finding it's way into her tiny little anus. It pushed until the elasticity
of her puckered anus stretched allowing this uncomfortable intrusion to enter
her sensitive ass. Soon he pushed hard and it slid deeply into her. He piston in
and out of her, enjoying the tightness around his stiff cock.

These two members were enjoying their fantasies. They continued their attacks on
Heather. She worked hard sucking and licking the cock in her mouth, while
feeling the discomfort of have her sensitive ass stretched to it's limit.

Heather's deflowerment has begun, never in her wildest dreams did she think
something like this would happen to her.

Heather was now brought back to reality when the cock in her mouth erupted,
sending spurts of hot come down her throat. She was made to swallow every drop.

Now this spent cock was replaced with a fresh scented pussy. One of the blondes
pushed her cunt against Heather's lips and ordered her to stick her tongue
deeply into her hot little slit. Heather stuck her tongue deeply into it then
started sucking and licking feverishly, she worked her tongue in and out, then
sucked the blondes swollen clit.

Another cock replaced the one behind her, though this one pushed it's way into
her virgin cunt. This was also a place where a cock had never been. He pushed
into her with great force then pulled back. He now piston in and out of her with
much excitement. The tight walls of her pussy sent shock waves through his body.

Heather's body wracked with pain from the many different ways she was being
violated. But then to her surprise she started to come, not only once but many
powerful times. She was programmed to come through these acts of total
depravity. She could not control her mind or body.

The pussy in her face now squirted pussy juice all over her sweating face, the
other members were becoming to excited. Each of her bare feet were being used as
cocks were rubbed along her bare soles and heels, soon they lost their loads 
between Heather's wriggling toes. The come soaked her toes, then rolled down
her soft insteps sending more humiliation through Heather's mind. Other cocks
and moist cunts pushed themselves onto  stiff sensitive nipples. Heather's body
had become a vessel to be used by the members to satisfy their deeply depraved

This once innocent beauty had now been transformed into an obedient little sex
slave, she was broken  totally.

Heather spent the entire weekend being abused in every way imaginable, she
sucked on all their cocks, licked all their cunts. Had cocks and dildoes shoved
into her sore pussy and asshole. The group never tired of abusing her. When they
did, battery operated dildoes were jammed into her pussy and asshole, then a
penis shaped gag would be put into her mouth. Then she would be hog-tied, the
dildoes would then start to do their work, she would experience constant

They would every few hours bring Heather's unresisting body into the bathroom
and clean her up. she would be returned  smelling powder fresh. Then she would
be sat in the recliner, her legs were spread and tied to the arms of the chair.
The members would then order Heather to insert her fingers into her little
pussy. She was made to play with herself until she came. They enjoyed doing this
with her for hours. Her fingers would play with her nipples, push their way into
her tight anus, then play with her cunt until she came. She was many times
ordered to suck on her fingers to lick off  her cunt juices.

Soon the weekend was coming to a close. The members instructed her, she was
given a beeper, when ever she was beeped she would make arrangement so she could
slip away for the weekend and not be missed. The group would pick her up and
spend the weekend further conditioning  and sexually abusing her.

A couple of more weekends with Heather would be most enjoyable. Then Heather
would be used to lure another innocent and virginal beauty into the groups
clutches to become their next sex slave. 

Heather was observed throughout the week by the club members. The conditioning
was highly successful, Heather mingled with her classmates very well. She acted
very normal, one would not ever think this teen beauty has been conditioned to
become a sex slave.

It was now Friday night and sitting in the recliner in Bill and Ann's residence
was our obedient little Heather. She had answered the page and came on her own
free, after she made arrangements not to be missed for the entire weekend.

The group now instructed Heather to remove all of her clothing and put them on
the shelf in the closet. Heather first pulled her jersey up and over her head,
then unsnapped her bra and let it slip off her lovely little breasts. Now she
bent over and untied her sneakers and removed them from her feet, then she
slipped off her socks. Her jeans were unsnapped and zipper pulled down, now she
pushed them down her hips and removed them from around her bare little feet. Now
she removed her last piece of clothing, her panties were slipped down and
removed. Heather now placed all of her clothing into the closet on the shelf.
She then sat back down on the recliner waiting for the group's next command.

Heather was ordered to sit back and stretch her legs over the chair's armrests,
this position exposed her pussy and anus quite nicely. Heather was now
instructed to play with herself until she exploded into a number of mind
shattering orgasms. They would tell her when to stop. Heather played with her
breasts until her nipples stiffen, then she vigorously massaged the tender tips.

She was now told to pull her bare foot up to her mouth and suck and lick them.
She pulled up her bare foot and started sucking on her bare toes, starting with
first her big toe and worked her way down to her pinkie, now her tongue glided
over the bottom of her bare and smooth foot, she licked her heel, then her
sensitive instep, then stuck her tongue in-between her already glistening toes.
Heather now continued sucking and licking her other foot until they both
glistened with her saliva.

Now she was instructed to start on her already hot pussy, she pulled and spread
the lips of her vagina, then inserted her fingers into her moist pussy. She
worked her fingers around until she found what she was looking for. Her
sensitive area of arousal. She was told to use her other hand to explore her
pinkish anus. Her fingers lubricated themselves by rubbing them in her warm
pussy, then she forced her fingers into her tight anus. She pushed until they
spread open the rubbery walls of her anus. Her fingers worked feverishly on her
pussy and her anus, soon she exploded with a mind shattering orgasm, then her
body erupted with another, then another. Her body twitched and shuddered
uncontrollably. The group had enough, she was ordered to kneel on the floor. Her
wrists were now bound to each of her ankles. It was time for Heather to suck and
lick some cocks and pussies.

The first cock was inserted into her warm mouth, Heather sucked on the stiff
shaft, then she backed off it until only the head was in her mouth, she
playfully licked and sucked all around it, then she pushed forward swallowing
the large penis, letting her tongue glide along the sensitive underside of his
cock. Soon it erupted and shot large spurts of come down Heather's throat.

It was now replaced with one of the girl's hot moist pussy,  Heather nipped at
the girl's tender clit, she stuck her tongue deeply into her hot moist opening,
this was one of the pretty little blondes. Soon she came and her love juices
squirted onto Heather's already perspiring face.

Heather continued pleasuring each group member for a couple of more hours. Her
hair was matted from all the come and pussy juices that shot all over her moist
and pretty little face. Heather was now taken and cleaned up, it was now time to
satisfy another dark passion of a few of the club's members.

Heather's now sparkling clean nude body was brought into another small room,
and placed onto another recliner, this recliner was also made of leather. But
was equipped with leather straps in various positions. They now strapped
Heather's body into the chair, once they had sat her down they pulled her
ankles forward over the chair's arms, then pulled her arms forward until her
wrists met her ankles. This also stretched open her legs revealing her
vulnerable little pussy as well as her pinkish anus. Once her wrists were tied
to her ankles, they then strapped them to the chair's arms. Now a penis shaped
gag was inserted into her mouth and strapped behind her head. It was not tied to
tightly though, Heather could be heard moaning, the sounds could be heard by the
members. This was done for a reason. Next a blindfold was placed over her eyes.

Ann now approached the members and handed each of them a type of wand. They were
electrical probes. They were capable of sending out strong surges of electrical
charges. Something like that of one of those zappers used for self protection.
Now our excited members could experience how it would feel to torture this
helpless and unknowing victim.

They started on Heather's bare toes, they zapped each toe starting with her big
toes, then worked their way down to her tender little pinkies. Now the area
between her toes was zapped. Heather's body reacted with uncontrollable
twitching and thrashing about. Now they worked on her sensitive sweating insteps
down to her soft heels.

The other members started on her breasts, they worked all around her breasts,
sending strong surges of current through each soft breast, then they applied the
probes to her stiffen nipples.

Heather's body shook violently and through her gag they heard muffled screams.
"aaaggghhhhh" escaped from Heather, then they heard " nnnnnggghhhhh." They
smiled for now they realized why Ann had them tie the gag loosely. Heather again
moaned and struggled. " nnnooooooo." The pain was something Heather had never
experienced before, it was something of a nightmare for poor Heather. But was
joy for the club members.

The sensitive area under her arms and the vulnerable area behind her knees were
now being attended to. The member's worked her sweating body over with great
joy. Watching Heather writhe and convulse in great pain excited them.

To finish up this enjoyable event they started zapping her tender pussy, around
her moist vagina lips then into her defenseless pussy. Heather's anus was not
neglected, the probes were slowly inserted into her anus opening about three
inches, then they were turned on.

" unnnnngghhhhhh" Heather cried then " nnnnggghhhhh" before she finally
collapsed in unconsciousness.

Heather was allowed to rest shortly, but then to finish up the weekend they once
again  reduced her body to becoming acutely sensitive, she was now gagged and

Then they had her experience another couple of hours of constant orgasms. They
wanted her to further experience some  sexual conditioning to push her mind
deeper into realizing how much she needed these dark and abusive weekends.

The group would soon release Heather, but not before she was informed that she
would pick our next candidate to be broken and conditioned to become a willing
sex slave like herself. This was only the beginning, the group wanted many more
delectable little beauties to abuse.

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