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Indian Whipping

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Synopsis: The girl tells boyfriends her fantasy of being tortured as a spy and they make it come true.
                    INDIAN WHIPPING

                    INDIAN WHIPPING

  It was all my fault I should never have told the boys of my fantasy
of being a brave heroine who would endure torture as the heroine in the
cowboy movie we had seem.
   Mike laughed and said, "You can take a little spanking alright 
but a real whipping would be different. You would tell in a minute."
"No I wouldn't!"
 "We can see I can get this all set up."
"I doubt it but if you could I wouldn't tell."
I was really surprised and a little scared when the next day he 
told me everything was set.
He noticed my worried look and said, "You are going to chicken out
 aren't you?"
"No! You know I am brave. Remember how I stood still for the spanking
only held by the rope around my boobies? I won't tell. Everyone will
be impressed by my courage. You'll see." 
    " Okay. Now we start."  
    At that Kyle held my arms while Mike slowly cut off my dress 
with a big knife then cut off the panties and bra. In spite of 
myself I found I was getting excited. He stood there looking at 
my nude body a moment and I said, 
"Aren't you going to tie my boobies?" I was looking forward to the 
throbbing feeling but Mike said,
 "No. You acted like that excited you. I have come up with a
better way to torture your boobs and I have made some more 
changes. You won't be totally naked. Kyle made you a special 
    He held up a wool scarf and some leather string. I couldn't 
see anything special about it and regretted not being able to 
feel the leather of the saddle on my bare pussy.  
    They had me spread my legs then Kyle pulled the scarf up 
between my legs.When it got to my crotch I felt like a hundred 
tiny needles were poking my pussy. I flinched and said, "Oh. The 
wool is really stickery." 
    "That isn't the wool. Kyle gathered cockleburrs to stick on 
the scarf. You know what they are. don't you." 
    "Yes. Some stuck to my socks when we went riding. They are 
lttle balls with needle like barbs coming out of them. Oh. It 
will hurt to sit on them. Won't it?" 
    "You don't have to sit on them. You can stand up in the 
stirrups. Now I'll tie your boobs.  
    He brought out two spring clamps with jagged teeth on the 
ends of strings and let the jaws close on my nipples. I 
immedately began to whimper saying, "Oh it hurts. Like an animal 
was biting me." 
    "The whole idea is to make you hurt. Isn't it? Be brave! Show
me you can overcome it by thanking me for the hurt." 
    It was hard but I managed to say, "Thank you for letting me 
prove my courage." 
    They held my thighs and arms to lift me over the rear of the 
horse to bring me forward to sit in the saddle. When I sat a 
hundred needles poked my crotch with the center ones digging into
my tender inner lips and even my clit. I quickly got my feet in 
the stirrups to take off some of the weight but I found even on 
my toes I could feel them scratching. 
    Kyle brought the leash from my collar around to the back to 
tie it to a strap going under the horses tail which made me sit 
up straight then Mike brought the strings from my nipple clamps 
that were now hurting even worse than when he had first put them 
on around the horses neck then we began riding to the bunkhouse. 
    I was in constant pain. Even on my toes my body would move 
back and forth to make the burrs scratch at my pussy and when my 
legs cramped to make me sit down the needles buried themselves in
me and were still moved as my body moved. Along with that the 
horse would tug at my nipples with every movement of his head to 
take stronger bites. 
    It seemed endless and my courage began to evaporate. I think 
I would have confessed if I hadn't seen the entrance to the 
bunkhouse about a hundred yards away. 
    When we reached the yard someone yelled and the cowboys came 
out just as Mike had removed the clamps and they were lifting me 
off the horse. 
    They had been willing to join in the fantasy. All four of 
them were wearing loincloths and warpaint to make them look evil.
One of them with a hairy pot belly beat the rest over to me. He 
saw the tears running down my cheeks and said, "God she is crying
already. Is she that scared. I thought you said she was brave." 
    "She is! She suffered all the way here. See these clamps. 
They were jerking on her nipples." 
    He grabbed my nipples to stretch them out which made me 
whimper and said, "Oh yeah. I can see the marks. They look like 
they were chewed." 
    "That isn't all. Kyle. Take off her loincloth." 
    Kyle pulled the bow on the string around my waist to let it 
fall to the ground then picked it up to show the cowboy the burrs
stuck to the cloth as close as possible. The cowboy looked at my 
pussy and said, "Wow it really turned it red and scratched it. It
is really going to be sensitive for the whip." 
    That reminded me I had an even greater ordeal coming but I 
thought it would at least be over quickly not the long constant 
pain I had been experiencing. 
    Then I heard a cowboy ask Kyle, "Will we all get a chance to 
whip her? 
    "I doubt it. She will only be whipped until she tells where 
the troops are hidden. That may not take long so we thought we 
would cut cards to see who would be first in the lineup." 
    It hurt my feelings that he thought I would not be very brave
and I was about to protest when I saw Sonia. She was a pretty, 
slender girl also wearing just a loincloth to show her breasts 
which were smaller than mine but nice and round. Somehow it 
seemed much more embarrassing to have a woman see me naked. 
    Then Mike said, "Chief. This squaw has refused to tell us 
where the troops are hidden in spite of being tortured on the way
    The guy with the hairy pot-belly said, "She will be begging 
to tell us when she feels the kiss of the whip!" 
    That made it seem totally real to me. Just as I thought a 
heroine should I said, "I'll never tell. I will die first!" 
    I felt a tug on my leash and began following Mike towards a 
tree with a limb holding ropes ominously. Everyone followed on 
both sides of me and I expected to be hit by a rock at any 
    Then I heard Sonia say, "God it is great to have someone else
feel the whip. You guys will know how brave I have been." 
    That gave me hope and more resolve to be courageous since I 
thought if she could take it I could too. 
    Then I was under the limb and my cuffs were unsnapped to be 
snapped onto the ropes. 
    The ropes began going up and I began to feel the thrilling 
stretch. I hoped they would be so awed by my beauty once my waist
shrank they may not hit hard but the chief said, "Not too tight. 
I want her breasts loose enough to move." 
    They actually loosened the ropes a little to let me stand 
flat-footed rather than on my toes. 
    A couple of cowboys rolled over a log about four feet long 
and had me stand on it. They snapped a leather strap on my ankle 
cuffs and pulled my legs apart to nail the straps into the log. 
    I sobbed knowing my legs were so far apart nothing would be 
protected but as I listened to the hammers I suddenly thought of 
Jesus being nailed to the cross which increased my feeling of 
being a heroine and a martyr. 
    They let me stand there a moment and I realized my legs were 
open so far my slit had opened because I could feel a breeze 
evaporating the juices from my pussy. 
    "The Chief said, "Bring me the whip!" 
    While someone ran to get it the Chief said to Mike, "We 
soaked it in oil all night to make it flexible and a little 
    A "Brave" handed it to him and it was frightening. I expected
a thong whip but this had four skinny braided leather strings 
that I knew would dig in and hurt as much or maybe more than the 
willow switches Mom had used on me especially with the hard knots
at the ends." 
    The Chief went to my side and then brought it across my butt.
It stung bad but I knew it could be worse. That was proved when 
he hit my tummy. That made me sqeal at the pain. He continued to 
swing the whip with forehands and backhands with pauses up my 
back and tummy until I screamed at his last one across my 
breasts. I looked down to see red welts about the thickness of a 
pencil running across them. 
    He stopped and said "Are you ready to talk?" 
    It hadn't hurt any worse than the switches and although I was
stinging and hot from the combination of the whip and the hot 
sun. I thought I would be a true coward to give up after only ten
to make Kyles prophecy true. 
    "I held back my sobs to say defiantly, "No. Never!" 
    I knew then it would be a long ordeal because he handed off 
the whip to another man and held a bottle of beer to my lips I 
chugged down thirstily. 
    They stood there a moment watching my trembling body then the
man with the whip stood in front of me. he hit the outside and 
inside of my thighs. I squealed at the ones to my inner thighs 
especially the last two which hit the open lips of my pussy to 
jerk them fully open. 
    Again I was asked if I would talk but I was crying so hard I 
just shook my head,"No." They let me stand there until my sobbing
stopped then Mike took his turn. 
    I hoped he would go easy but he put all ten on my front from 
my pussy to the tops of my breasts. It was awful but I noticed my
nerves seemed to be getting numb because the last ones didn't 
seem to hurt as bad. 
    I was given another beer but I was crying so hard I just 
choked on it because I knew the delays would never let me work up
to an orgasm or even let me get numb. 
    Then there was another man then Kyle. who concentrated on my 
butt and the back of my thighs. I am not sure what happened. 
Either my nerves became deadened or something snapped in my 
brain. The lashes simply excited me and I became very lucid. I 
looked out at them and counted off the men who had whipped me and
realized there was only one left. I felt triumphant knowing that 
they could never get me to talk now. 
    When he came to me, "Someone yelled. "Last chance. You are 
going to have to hit harder to make this tough girl talk." 
    He did hit harder! One to my tummy almost knocked the wind 
out of me but my screams were caused by orgasms! 
    When he quit I just hung by my arms drenched in my sweat and 
panting as my body convulsed from orgasmic aftershocks. I was 
exhausted and glad it was over but then Sonia said, "I haven't 
had my turn." 
    Someone said, "Yeah. She should know what it is like to be on
the other end of the whip and she knows what hurts." 
    They handed her the whip while I moaned, "No. I can't take 
    She looped the whip around her neck then walked up to me and 
grabbed my poor sore and throbbing boobs to pull herself close 
and said in a low voice, "You bitch. You made me look like a 
coward.I agreed to anything after twenty. I'll make you talk." 
    She stepped back far enough so only the knots began beating 
against my breasts and pussy. The nerves weren't dead enough to 
help when the knots tore at my nipples and clit and I screamed in
terrible pain until I became unconscious. 
    I woke up lying on the floor of the bunkhouse still naked but
with a pillow under my head. The men were sitting on couches and 
chairs drinking beer and staring at me. My mouth and throat were 
dry so I croaked, "I need something to drink." 
    Kyle jumped up to offer me his beer saying, "Anything you 
want. Baby. We are all proud of how courageous you were." 
    I gulped it down and asked for another. When I finished it I 
noticed nothing was hurting except for stinging on my nipples and
clit. I said, "I don't understand. I don't hurt anymore. When I 
was being whipped I was sure I would hurt for days." 
    Mike said, "Here you could use something stronger." and gave 
me a screwdriver then explained, "While you were unconscious we 
bathed you in cool water then put some salve on you we use on the
horses. It kills all the pain." 
    I got up to look at myself in the mirror. I was covered with 
red welts and even the spaces between them were red. I said, 
"God. I am going to be solid black and blue tomorrow." 
    "Yeah but that will just prove how courageous you were. At 
least it is all over." 

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