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Stepmomma's Dirty Lesbian Slave Girl

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Synopsis: I got pregnant and had an abortion just before Dad left for the war in Iraq. On Stepmomma's advise, Dad allowed Stepmomma to punish me by whipping me hard with a belt and be under her discipline and authority. I got my first whipping the day Dad left. That very day I also became Stepmomma's dirty lesbian slave girl.
Stepmomma's Dirty Lesbian Slave Girl

by Victoria Medusa

"Get your sweet ass in my bedroom and strip down to your panties for your first
taste of the belt," Stepmomma commanded.

I knew it was coming for the last three weeks - it had been promised by
Stepmomma. A hard striping with a leather belt on our very first day alone
together. Dad was in the Army and had left for the Iraq that morning. I panicked
and wanted to run. But I had no place to run to. I had to stay and face
Stepmomma's whipping with the belt. The first of many whippings, I was promised.
It was going to be my punishment for getting pregnant and having to have an

Stepmomma married Dad six weeks before he left Iraq, and three weeks later, I
had my abortion, two weeks after my seventeenth birthday. I was infatuated by an
older boy, and had sex with him only three times before he empregnated me. Then
he dropped me for another girl.

Dad was extremely upset that I had 'violated his trust,' and when Stepmomma
asked if she could punish me by harshly whipping me with a belt, and keep me
under very strict discipline with the belt, Dad agreed it was the best way for a
wayward daughter like me.

Dad readily agreed with Stepmomma's suggestion that she delay punishment till
the day he left for Iraq; that harsh corporal punishment would be more poignant
and instill in my mind that Stepmomma was to be obeyed without question. He
sternly lectured me about it to make sure there was no doubt in my mind. If I
wished to live under his roof, then I would have to accept Stepmomma's strict
authority and corporal punishment.

Every day afterwards, Stepmomma made a point of reminding me of how many days
were left before my first whipping - the first of many, she promised.

Finally came the morning that Dad left. After we said our good-bye's and waved
as he drove off, Stepmomma told me to wait in the lounge while she went to her
bedroom to prepare for my whipping. "You got a choice, you little slut," she
said before going upstairs. "Now's your last chance to run. But if you do, then
you're on your own. Otherwise, you just wait right here. I will be back shortly
to send you to my bedroom to prepare yourself for a hard whipping."

I thought about running the moment Stepmomma left the room. But I had no place
to run to. No friends or relations who would put me up. I sat on the sofa,
trembling with fear and pressing against the crotch of my jeans. It was
something I had been doing every night for the last three weeks, masturbating
myself in bed in order to calm the growing fear of Stepmomma's whipping. I
didn't masturbate myself, just pressed my hand tight against my pussy to provide
what little comfort I could give to myself.

Stepmomma finally returned to the lounge. She was wearing a very flimsy
half-length nightgown and nothing else! I blushed deeply as I stared at her
dark, thick pussy patch hairs and naked ass.

She smiled slightly at my embarrassment and discomfort and told me she had just
removed her panties, after wearing them a whole week without taking them off,
and that she had not bathed or washed herself during that time, either.

"I want you to be able to smell the full natural scents of the woman who's going
to whip you hard till you beg for the pleasure of washing my dirty panties clean
in your mouth," Stepmomma said. "You might as well know that mixed with my
natural scents is the strong scent of a woman in full sexual heat. I rubbed my
wet, juicy cunt off and cummed in my panties just before taking them off. God!
The thought of whipping you hard and making you beg for it makes me feel so
horny. And you better believe it, girl, I'm going to be rubbing my naked pussy
hard as I whip you. Go on, you little bitch, get your ass upstairs to my bedroom
and strip down to just your panties. Leave the door open. I will be up after I
have had a drink."

I went to Stepmomma's bedroom, and with hands that trembled, stripped down to
just my pink cotton panties. I shivered as I stared at the bed. Laying there was
the black leather belt she had shown me every day. 'The instrument of my
punishment,' she called it. Laying across the belt was Stepmomma's white satin
panties. They were turned inside out and the crotch of the panties was placed so
that it and the seat was on full display.

Surely Stepmomma didn't mean that I actually wash her panties in my own mouth, I
thought, my heart racing and my knees turning to jelly as I stared at the yellow
stains in the white satin crotch and heavy brown 'streakies' in the seat.

I felt terrified at the impending whipping. But at the same time I felt a
wetness where my panties pressed against my pussy. Oh! The things Stepmomma had
said! About being horny and rubbing her pussy when she whipped me. I had never
ever been so much as spanked, but soon I would be begging Stepmomma to whip me.
I'm not a lesbian and never had such thoughts, but I knelt down beside the bed
moved my face to sniff at the crotch of the dirty panties. God! The scent was so
strong! I was both repelled and drawn to the scent and felt rooted to the spot.
My pussy was becoming wetter as I continued to sniff Stepmomma's panties.

"Well, well, well," I suddenly heard Stepmomma's voice behind me. "Even before
being broken to it I see you are becoming a budding little lesbian slave girl."

"Stepmomma!" I gasped, standing and turning to face her. My eyes lingered on her
dark, thick pubic patch before I lowered my head in red-faced shame at being
caught smelling her dirty panties like this.

"You're wet for it, aren't you, girl slut? Wet for a whipping. There's a big wet
spot in your panties. Take them off and let me smell your wetness."

I trembled so much I had difficulty removing my panties, and in spite of my deep
shame, I couldn't help staring at her as Stepmomma sniffed my wet panty crotch.

"Mmmmmmmm... you are so horny for a whipping, aren't you, Victoria?" Stepmomma
said, moving one hand down to brazenly caress her hairy pussy as she sniffed at
my wetness. "Your panties smell sooooo horny. Touch your pussy with your
fingers. Obey me Victoria!"

Stepmomma didn't sound angry or mad, as one would imagine how one would sound
before giving a hard whipping. Her voice was husky and sounded sensual and very
horny. And seeing her smelling my panties was making me feel horny. Or maybe
more horny, I corrected myself, for I realized I had become horny by smelling
her dirty panties.

I moved one hand down between my legs and gasped softly when I felt how wet...
and how horny... I was.

"Is my little lesbian slave girl horny for her first hard whipping from
Stepmomma?" she purred.

"I...I...yes, Stepmomma," I stammered, totally under her sensual power. Please
Stepmomma... please whip me hard till I cum."

"Are you wet and horny for it?" Stepmomma asked huskily. "I wish to hear you say

Oh what I told Stepmomma! I was beside myself and couldn't help it. "Stepmomma
I've never been so horny as I am now. I... I want it... Please... whip me hard
and long and let me cum that way. I... I want it more than anything... I... I am
horny to be your... your slave girl..."

"My little LESBIAN slave girl, Slave Victoria?" Stepmomma asked sexily,
emphasizing exactly how she wished to use me.

"I...I... yes, Stepmomma," I confessed, for it was true. "I... I want to be
your... your l...little l...lesbian s...slave girl," I stammered.

"Take your fingers away from your little pussy. I don't want you to come just
yet. Not until you prove your sincerity without a shadow of a doubt," Stepmomma
said, dropping my panties and bending to rest both hands on the bed. "Kneel
behind me, Slave Victoria, and prove how much you wish to be my lesbian slave
girl. Kneel and lick my shitty asshole and ass crack clean. But I want to hear
you to beg for that pleasure first, girl. Beg for the horny lesbian pleasure of
licking my dirty ass clean." 

What Stepmomma wanted was so dirty... so nasty and filthy. But wanting me to
prove my sincerity in such an obscene way made me WANT to do it. I know it
doesn't sound plausible. Maybe it was because she wanted me. The jerk who got me
pregnant then dropped me hadn't wanted me. Maybe it was because of my
masturbation every night since, even though I only done it to console myself.
Maybe it was because I truly am a dirty, nasty, filthy slut who is meant to be
used that way as a lesbian slave girl. Maybe it was a combo of all, but my clit
tingled with hot desire in a way I never thought possible as I knelt behind
Stepmomma and stared at her plump, sexy ass.

"I want it Stepmomma. Please, let me be your lesbian slave girl. What you want
me to beg for is making me so horny I can hardly stand it, Stepmomma. I... I
want to prove it to you. I... I want to lick your dirty ass clean every single
day for you..."

Oh what a girl says in the extreme heat of passion!

"What you just said... begged for... is making me very horny. About licking my
dirty ass clean every day," came Stepmomma's husky voice. "Spread the cheeks of
my ass wide and just smell my ass crack. I want to feel your cheeks against

I hastened to obey and whimpered in arousal as I stared at her ass crack. It was
just as hairy as her mound in front. I pressed my face between her spread cheeks
and whimpered again as my senses were overwhelmed by the strong scent. Mingled
with the heady scent of her unwashed ass crack was the unmistakable scent of
shit. I whimpered once more.

"Now that you have the scent of my dirty ass I do hope you have not changed your
mind about licking it clean every day," Stepmomma murmured.

"No, Stepmomma," I replied in a muffled voice. "I... I feel more horny. It makes
me want to lick it even more. Please, Stepmomma."

"Is there a nice little smell of my shit mixed with my other sweaty, dirty ass

"Yes! Oh yes, Stepmomma. And it makes me feel so horny," came my muffled voice.
God! I was soooooo horny and really WANTED it!

"Take your face away so your voice can be heard properly," Stepmomma instructed.

I was fast to obey.

"Do you know what dingle-berries are, Slave Victoria?" questioned Stepmomma.

"I...I... They... they are little balls of... of s...s...shit stuck to ass
hairs...?" I shamefully questioned.

"Precisely, Slave Victoria." Stepmomma's voice sounded more horny. "The crack of
my ass is so hairy and they often become matted with shit when I try to wipe my
ass with toilet paper as I have this week. By the time you finish licking my ass
crack clean you will have a proper taste of my shit in your mouth. Does that
make your little clit more horny? Hmmmmmm? Is little Slave Victoria soooo horny
to lick my shit? Talk low-down dirty and sexy to me about it, girl."

" are making me more horny... My pussy loves the sound of your sexy voice
when you are horny like this, Stepmomma," I replied, completely under the sway
of Stepmomma's depraved desires. "I... I want to cum with the taste of your shit
in my mouth. Please use my tongue as toilet paper from now on, Stepmomma..."

"Mmmmmmmm. You filthy little lesbian slave slut!" Stepmomma moaned. "I will sit
backwards on the toilet and make you kneel behind me and prepare my asshole for
shitting with your tongue. I will make you watch me while I shit and make you
lick my shitty asshole after I shit."

Stepmomma was so super sexy and she was making me feel the same the same way.

"Yesss! Oh yes, Stepmomma! I will lick your shit for you as it comes out."

"Taste my shit-dirty ass now, slave slut. I want you to cum just by licking a
little taste of my shit from my dirty ass. Then I want you to tongue-fuck my
asshole till I cum BIG!"

Stepmomma sounded urgent in her need to cum and I had an equally urgent passion
to really do it. I wanted it... want to lick her dirty ass and taste her shit!

I spread Stepmomma's ass cheeks wider and pressed my face tightly between them,
my clit telling me this is what I wanted more than anything in the whole world
as I deeply inhaled the strong, so sexy scent.

The taste was sort of 'bitterish.' But not bitter like a lemon. Just slightly
bitter. Maybe 'spicey' would be a better term than 'bitterish,' for there was a
slight and sooooo sexy tingling of the tip of my tongue caused by licking her
anus area. 'Spicey' really isn't the word, either, for my tongue did not
experience a hot or burning sensation like a hot pepper or something. My tongue
tingled... it tingled lewdly so... that is the best description.

Oh! I do feel so filthy admitting it... admitting how I whimpered in extreme
sexual heat as I licked Stepmomma's shit dirty asshole and ass crack. And OMG!
Stepmomma's ass hairs really WAS matted with dingle-berries... enough so that I
got a proper taste of  Stepmomma's in my mouth.

I cummed without touching myself, just by licking and tasting Stepmomma's shit
dirty asshole and ass crack, and by hearing her moans and whimpers of intense
sexual pleasure. Immediately after I cried out in orgasm I began to tongue her
asshole. I made my tongue stiff and was thrilled with myself that I was able to
penetrate Stepmomma's tight hole as she had demanded. She really liked it, too
and was soon trembling, gasping and moaning with the pleasure of it. That I
could make her feel like that excited my slutty pussy again and I Stepmomma
wanted to cum again!

Stepmomma straightened herself and smiled down at me. "You're still horny,
aren't you?" she said, raising the belt and lashing down very hard across my
right shoulder.

"You're horny for it, aren't you, you filthy little lesbian bitch?" she said as
she brutally lashed my shoulders several times. Her voice was loud and taunting,
but not angry. Like me, Stepmomma was still horny!

Stepmomma lashed my back ten times then began to concentrate on my naked ass.
"That's it, ass-dance for me, you filthy slut!" she yelled, lashing my ass six
times. "You are making me so fucking horny!" she suddenly exclaimed, throwing
the belt down.

I looked up and watched Stepmomma recline on her back on the bed. I was at first
disappointed, wanting more of the belt and to be able to cum that way. My
disappointment vanished and made me utter a loud "Oh yesssssssss, Stepmomma,"
when she said:

"Get yourself up her on top of me in the 69 position, you filthy young cunt. We
are going to eat each other's dirty cunt and ass till we can't cum no more."

* * * * *

That happened just over a year ago. Dad was killed in Iraq six months ago, and
we celebrated his death (though we pretended to mourn at his funeral). I know I
must sound like the lowest cunt on the face of the earth, for with his death,
Stepmomma claimed me as her permanent slave girl - for the rest of our lives!
And I WANTED it and rejoiced in Dad's death with her.

During the past year Stepmomma and myself have read lots of nasty lesbian
enslavement stories on the Internet from several adult stories sites. We seem
very unsophisticated compared to some of the stories about lesbian BDSM and D/s
(D/s more accurately describes our relationship). Some of the stories make us
really hot, and Stepmomma gets the belt and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... whips the piss
out of me then we 69 together until we are exhausted.

There is a little more to our story, but we aren't sure if there are many who
might want to read any more from us. The very day Stepmomma first whipped me,
she tested my sincerity about wanting to lick her shit as she sat on the toilet
backwards. I wanted it - and begged for it. I wanted to watch her pee first...
and I just had to taste it... GOD! It turned me on so much. Stepmomma gives me
the pleasure of tasting and drinking her pee most days.

Writing this and having Stepmomma read it before I send it has made us both H O
R N Y ! ! ! We are both sorry if we offend any reader because this is not our

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