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Synopsis: The girl desperate for job goes to work for an attorney who punishes for mistakes. punishments get worse but happy ending.

                      PART ONE

         I finally graduated from high school just in time for
the 90's recession. I was really anxious to get a job because my
mother had remarried a cowboy from eastern Montana and had only
left me enough money to last a couple of months. If I didn't get
a job to support myself in that time I would have to leave
Seattle to live with them. I hated the idea! He had a ranch way
out in the boonies and I knew I would be terrifically bored. I
was a city girl and had no intention of walking in cow shit.
    I was really getting discouraged I had found that I was only
qualified for part-time jobs in fast food restaurants with just
my education and no experience.
    Finally I saw an ad for a secretary-receptionist that I hoped
I qualified for since I had taken typing in school.The ad didn't
ask for experience and the salary was twice that of the jobs I
had found. I sent the resume my teacher had helped me type. In a
few days I received a note giving me a time for an appointment.
    I arrived ahead of time in my best dress and was instantly
discouraged when I saw two older women in the office waiting to
be interviewed. They were talking about all their experience and
bitching about being laid off because of the recession in spite
of all the memos they had received from their bosses
complimenting them on their good work.
    One of them agreed and said her resume took two pages to hold
her qualifications and she had four letters of recommendation.
    That really discouraged me. My resume was only two paragraphs
with a note from my teacher and on re-reading my copy I sounded
desperate for work in saying I would do anything to prove I could
do the job since I had no where to turn.
    I almost walked out but then I decided I might as well get
some experience in handling job interviews that might help me.
    I had to wait about forty minutes and was discouraged even
more by the confident look of the women when they came out.
    After I had read all his diploma's from college and law
school and letters from politicians and large companies
congratulating him on his good work as an attorney he finally
opened his door and waved me in.
    He was very distinguished wearing an expensive suit and just
grey at the temples. He was evidentally athletic since there were
pictures all over his office of him and other people sailing,
hunting, golfing, and skiing. I recognized our governor in one of
the pictures. Needless to say I was very impressed.
    I soon as I sat down he began to tell me about himself and
the job.
    "You will find this job to be pretty easy. My friends refer
to me as a hobby attorney since I don't need the money and have a
very select clientele. You will be answering the phone and typing
letters and contracts. Most of the legal papers are already in
the computer so you will be filling in blanks and making some
revisions. Are you familiar with Word Perfect?"
    I was delighted as this is the program I had used in school.
    "Oh yes! I can do everything with it."
    "Good. You know the starting salary. In addition I have a
heath plan, and you will have an expense account for the times
you will go out of town with me for meetings and to go to court.
Are you interested in the job?"
    "Oh yes sir. It sounds wonderful."
    "Unfortunately you have only two things in your favor in that
you are pretty and you are familiar with the computer. As you
must know other girls have more experience and had letters of
recommendation. Your only letter was from your teacher. I am
going to have to spend a lot of time training you."
    I was happy he thought I was pretty and sat up straight to
show off my breasts which in spite of their size did not need a
bra and my flat stomach.
    "Oh yes I appreciate that and I will work very hard to please
    "Law is very exact. A mistake in a letter or contract can be
very costly and there may be times I am not available to proof
read the things you send out under my signature. My best
secretary who left to marry a client learned quickly with the
help of corporal punishment. I plan to use that method in
training a new one. Do you understand."
    I flashed back to the spankings I had been given by my father
when I had been naughty which had stopped when I reached puberty.
Since he was about the same age it did not seem strange.
    I gulped then replied, "I guess you mean I could be spanked
for making mistakes."
    "Yes or some other form of pain. How else could I punish you.
The only other alternative is docking your pay or firing you
which would cause you financial hardship and force me to start
over with another girl."
    That made sense to me and I thought that must be standard
training because I assumed he had told the other women the same
thing and they had come out smiling and looking confident. If
they had disagreed I thought they would look angry upon leaving.
My teacher had told me that I should refuse any sexual advances
from employers but at the time this did not seem remotely related
to sex.
    "Yes that makes sense I just thought I was too old to be
spanked but that would be much better than getting less money. I
will need every dime to support myself since my folks are gone."
    "Just because they don't spank in high schools anymore does
not mean you are too old. Girls are spanked at the sororities in
college to keep them in line."
    "Oh yes. An older girl friend told me she was spanked two or
three times a week at her sorority." I remembered that I thought
it could not have been too bad since she giggled as she told us
about it. Then I remembered another detail that had made me
    "She said she had to raise her skirt to be spanked on her
panties to add embarrassment. Would you do that?"
    "Yes. You wouldn't even feel it over that thick skirt."
    I blushed but said, "Yes I know. I had to lift my skirt for
my Dad."
    This seemed to encourage him as he said, "Fine. I have to
know you agree completely." He pushed back his chair and went on,
"Lay over my lap for your first spanking."
    "But I haven't done anything wrong."
    "I know that. I have to make sure you won't change your mind
later on. If you want the job say please give me twenty spanks."
    "Oh God. That seems bad. My Dad never hit me over ten times.
Will you use a strap like him?"
    "No. This will be just a simple hand spanking. I don't plan
to hurt you much. I just want you to prove you are willing to
submit to help you learn."
    I could see his point so I went over next to him and said,
"Please give me twenty spanks so you will know I am sincere."
    I started to lay over his lap but he stopped me and I
realized I would be embarrassed as well as hurt when he pulled my
skirt up to my waist before he had me lie across his lap. I was
extra embarrassed because I was wearing bikini panties which I
knew had a tendency to crawl between the cheeks of my butt after
walking awhile which would leave most of my butt nude. It turned
out to be fully nude since the first thing he did was pull my
panties into the crack of my butt to expose everything.
    "Oh please! Do I have to be spanked on the bare bottom? I am
    "Of course, the embarrassment is part of the punishment. You
can count. When you say 'One' I will commence."
    Being bare would bring it much closer to the area my teacher
had warned me about but I knew that if the spanking was to be
painful my bottom would have to be bare or else he would have to
hit much harder or use a thick strap like Dad had used that would
bruise me. A sting to my bare bottom would be better than that.
    This made it seem worse because I would be asking for them. I
was even more embarrassed as he rubbed the cheeks of my butt
until I braced myself and said,"One."
    I heard a "Splat!" and felt a sting and burn to the top of my
left cheek. At "Two" he hit the right cheek and then at each
count went a little lower till at ten he was hitting at the
junction of my thighs and the tips of his fingers was hitting my
pussy! I began counting faster hoping he would start back up but
the last ten all hit on my tender upper thighs with his fingers
hitting my pussy every other one. To my surprise the spanking was
creating more excitement than pain. By the time he had finished I
was actually panting with excitement.
    When I had reached twenty he helped me up and led me over to
a mirror. He pulled my skirt up saying, "Look at your bottom. You
weren't hurt. It is just a little red."
    Even that did not seem sexy because my skirt hid my pussy and
it seemed natural for him to show me I was not bruised or
    I had to agree while I rubbed my cheeks which were still
tingling and my caresses seemed to make the tingles go to my
pussy. I was embarrassed again when I pulled my panties back into
place and realized the crotch was wet. I knew the spanking had
excited me but I didn't know that much. I hoped he had not
    My butt was still tingling when he had me sit down and gave
me a paper saying, "As a lawyer I want everything perfectly
legal. Read this and if you agree print your name in the top
blank and sign it at the bottom. Then you will be able to go to
work tomorrow morning.
    The paper said,
                     TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
         I________________ agree that it is in my best
         interest to receive painful punishments to aid me
         in my training to become a good secretary for this
         or any future job. I want my employer to punish me
         for my mistakes so I can be a better person and an      
         employee completely obedient to him.


    It looked very legal and I realized signing it gave me only
two options. Accept any punishment or resign. This worried me a
little so I said, "Sir this doesn't seem to limit my punishment
to hand spankings."
    "No. I found my other secretary began to enjoy the spanking
so I had to use other punishments. You may be the same. I noticed
you did not cry out or try to escape and seem to be in no
discomfort now."
    I blushed as I realized he was right. My butt didn't hurt at
all now and the pain I felt at the time did not seem bad. Since
it excited me I could understand his other secretary learning to
enjoy them. I was still curious.
    "Yes but what other kinds of punishments?"
    "Whatever works. I may have to use a paddle or something of
    I was alarmed and said, "Oh God. That will hurt awful. My Dad
used to give me ten spanks with his big thick belt and it left
terrible bruises. I don't think I could stand twenty of those."
    "You are much too pretty to bruise. I would rather give you a
whipping with many light lashes than few hard ones."
    I was relieved because I now realized my bottom was very
durable as there was no pain now. I printed my name at the top
and signed at the bottom.
    He notarized my signature to make it even more legal then
said, "My clients are quite wealthy and will expect my secretary
to be well dressed. You can use my credit card to buy some
dresses and pay me back at fifty dollars a month."
    He gave me a card for an exclusive women's store and told me
he preferred short dresses with low cut necklines to show off my
"Perfect" body. I had no objection to this since I was very proud
of my breasts and legs.
    I went to the store and told the sales girl proudly that I
had just got a great job with Mr. Dumas and that he would finance
my clothes.
    She congratulated me saying his prior secretaries had gone on
to even better jobs or had married rich men. She told me she knew
the type of clothes he liked. Everything she showed me was very
sexy with low-cut necklines and very short skirts but everything
was in the fashion magazines so they had to be okay.
    I ended up shopping in the store till it was almost closing
time. None of the dresses had price tags but that didn't bother
me since as far as I was concerned it was just fifty dollars per
month which would be a snap on my salary. I was shocked to find I
had charged eighteen hundred dollars but again just thought I
could pay the fifty dollars a month forever because I had never
owned such beautiful clothes.
    The next morning I told him what I had spent but it didn't
seem to bother him. He just said, "Don't worry about it. I won't
get the bill for a month and your payments won't start till then.
Incidentally since nudity seems to bother you I don't want you to
wear panties in the office from now on. That should give you an
extra incentive to avoid a spanking."
    I went to the bathroom and took off the panties. When I came
back he felt my bottom to make sure they were off and told me it
made the dress look better without panty lines.
    The job was really easy. He only dictated three or four
letters per day so I had plenty of time to check and double check
them before I took them in for his signature. Only three clients
came in and he made me proud by introducing me as the most
beautiful secretary in the state when I brought them coffee.
    By Friday morning I was very proud of the way I was handling
the job. I had easily been able to avoid the humiliation of being
spanked and knew I should never get one if I was careful. I
decided that if I did get a spanking I would certainly deserve
it. I was delighted when I took in his coffee and he told me I
had made such a good impression on his clients and doing the job
so well that he was going to raise my salary.
    I guess the excitement made me careless because that
afternoon I brought him a contract in which I had left out a zero
making his fee twenty-five hundred rather than the twenty-five
thousand it should have been.
    He called me into his office. I brought coffee since I
assumed that was the reason he called but he sat at his desk
glowering at me while I put down the cup. then he said,
    "Look at this! Are you so stupid you would think I would do
this work for a stinking twenty-five hundred? That is chump
    I looked at the contract and felt very guilty to make such a
stupid mistake. If I had proof-read it I would have seen it.
    "I am so sorry Sir. I have no excuse. Should I lie on your
lap for my spanking?"
    "No. Lock the front door then come into the conference room."
    I was really scared going to the room and the fright
increased when I saw him standing there idly swinging the belt he
had taken from his pants. I stood in front of him sniffling till
he said, "Take off your dress."
    I was shocked! "Oh please Sir don't make me do that. I am not
wearing panties or bra. I have never been naked in front of a
    "Good. The embarrassment will add to your punishment. Just do
    I began to sob while I slipped the dress over my head. I had
these terribly mixed feelings. It was true that being naked would
be embarrassing but I had to admit the idea also excited me.
    He added to my embarrassment but also excitement by turning
me slowly in front of him while commenting on my body as he
fondled me.
    "You have a nice round firm ass, and good tight abdominal
muscles. You have really firm tits we may have to spank them some
    "Oh that would hurt awful. They are real sensitive. I won't
do anything to deserve having them hit."
    "But if you did something bad enough you wouldn't object to a
breast spanking would you?"
    I sniffed and said, "I guess not if I did something to
deserve it."
    He said, "Good girl." and smiled making me realize a breast
spanking was inevitable but rather than being frightened I
wondered what that would feel like. If it excited me to have my
butt spanked it might be even more exciting to have my tummy and
breasts punished.
    He led me over to the corner of the conference table and had
me bend over it with my breasts flattened against it and my arms
stretched out in front of my head. Then he spread my legs
slightly to press my pussy tight against the carved, rounded
corner of the table.
    I laid there trembling as I waited for what I thought would
be terrible pain. When the first lash hit both cheeks of my ass I
was surprised to discover it was no worse than his hand but
different. there was a sharp sting followed by tingling that was
allowed to spread as he paused between lashes to caress the stung
spot. As lash after lash slowly fell my body would flinch causing
the lips of my pussy and my clit to rub on the corner creating
excitement that over-rode the pain even when he began on my inner
thighs. At the end the end of his belt was hitting the lips of my
pussy. Incredibly I was sorry when he stopped because I was on
the verge of a tremendous orgasm. He didn't seem to notice, he
just told me to put on my dress, gave me a check for my first
week and told me to go home to recover and reflect on my mistake.
    This was my first paycheck and I discovered there was a lot
of difference between gross pay and the check after the taxes and
health insurance was taken out. I was so excited I could barely
get dressed and had to sit in my car for awhile before becoming
calm enough to drive home. I sat there squirming in my seat to
maintain the tingling feeling as I reflected on my reaction to
"Punishment." It was nothing like I had anticipated. I had been
very careful to avoid mistakes thinking it would be terribly
humiliating to have to bare my butt and yet being naked which
should have been even more humiliating had simply excited me.
Even stranger the pain I had been afraid of had also excited me
to the point I admitted that I was wishing he would hit harder
toward the end.
    When I got home I took off the dress to look at my butt in
the mirror. I was pink from the top of my butt to mid-thigh but
it didn't hurt anymore and there were only a few red welts.
Looking at it made me excited again so I played with my clitoris
till I came and fell into my bed and to sleep.
    The next morning I woke up very early and since I was
disgusted with myself for getting excited by the spanking and
masturbating I decided to drive up to the mountains. All of a
sudden there was a loud noise from the motor and smoke started
rolling out of the exhaust pipe. I managed to nurse it to the
next exit and pulled into an auto repair and wrecking yard. The
man at the shop said I had blown a piston what ever that meant
and would need a new motor which would cost $1200.00. That was
more than I had paid for the car so I sold him my car for $35.00
and walked down the street to a used car lot. I found a cute
little car that I could buy for $300.00 down  and $300.00 per
month for four years. I decided to finish my drive and really
enjoyed myself till I got home and found the down payment had
left me almost broke. Then I added my rent, electricity, and car
payment together to discover I would have very little left of my
salary at the end of the month. My consolation was the fact that
I now had great clothes and a cute car also there was the
possibility of another raise if I kept my boss, Mr. Dumas happy
    When I went back to work Mr. Dumas seemed to be in a good
mood. He had me hold up my dress to see if I had any marks from
the spanking and seemed delighted when I complied with no
argument showing I had left off my panties and that every mark
had faded.
    It didn't embarrass me to show him since he had already seen
me completely nude and his gentle caresses to the few small
bruises felt very nice.
    "That's wonderful! You heal beautifully. Since you took your
punishment bravely I have another reward for you. I have made an
appointment for you at a beauty salon to have your hair done,
facial,massage, etcetera. I will pay the bill. I am taking the
day off for golf with clients so you can close the office to go
to the salon. Incidentally I have received the bill for your
dresses and have prepared your installment contract to pay for
    He took a paper out of his desk and handed it to me.

         I freely admit I have taken eighteen hundred dollars,
         $1800.00, from my employer Mr. Dumas.

         I agree to repay this sum at the rate of fifty dollars
         $50.00 per month at no interest till it is repaid. 


    I thought it was very generous of him not charging interest
and did not think it was strange to sign it in two places. 
    It was a beautiful salon. I had never been so pampered. I had
the full treatment. A new hairdo, mud packs, full body massage
with warm scented oils, manicure, pedicure, and finally hot
waxing my legs and bikini waxing. The last thing was the only
thing that bothered me. I had expected them just to trim my
crotch hair around the edges as I had done so no hair would show
around my bikini but they took off every bit of hair. My crotch
looked like a baby's and it made me feel incredibly naked. When I
got home I felt my legs and crotch and had to admit they were
much better than I had been able to do with shaving.
    I had stopped wearing panties even out of the office but now
that my pussy was so naked I could feel cool breezes on it to
keep me constantly aware of it I began wearing them again. I was
still wearing them when I went back to work.
    Mr. Dumas made me feel proud when he raved about how good I
looked but then he had me stand next to him so he could feel my
legs to see how well they had removed my hair. He started at my
knees and proceeded upwards stroking and fondling every inch. I
had never thought my thighs were very sensitive but I found the
stroking was getting me excited. Eventually his hand came into
contact with my panties.
    "What the hell is this! I told you not to wear panties in the
office. You are not only wearing panties but big cotton ones that
cover you completely. Have you forgotten you agreed to be
obedient in your employee contract?"
    "Yes but the salon removed all the hair from my crotch. I am
just too naked to go without panties. I won't wear them when my
hair grows back."
    "That was the whole idea behind removing the hair. You will
never let it grow back. It is to make you concentrate harder to
avoid punishment. Now of course you must be punished for
    He had me lock the door then I joined him in the conference
room. I hoped he would be easy on me if I was very cooperative so
I took off my dress and positioned myself lying at the corner of
the table so my pussy was again pressed into the lump on the
corner that had brought me excitement. I was still wearing my
panties and was relieved that he did not tell me to take them
    "No. I think we will do this with you standing this time. I
noticed you used the table to take your mind off the spanking."
    I was embarrassed that he had noticed. I had hoped he thought
my pressing against the corner was a result of the lashes. I was
wondering if I could hold onto something to keep me from dancing
around when he went over to a closet and brought back some padded
wrist-cuffs and some rope.
    He threaded the rope through a chain link on the chandelier
then tied the ropes to my cuffs and pulled my arms over my head.
I noticed a large mirror in front of me and thought this might be
good since I could push forward when I saw the belt coming to
lessen the impact. This was not to be. He tied ropes to other
cuffs at my ankles and pulled my legs apart so I was stretched so
tight I could barely move. I was glad he had let me wear the
panties because I was sure I would look obscene with my legs
pulled so far apart.
    He left me hanging there for a few moments while he went back
to his office. When he returned he was carrying a felt pen marker
and some scissors.
    He said, "I think it is appropriate to punish only the area
you tried to hide."
    After saying that he proceeded to draw a line just above the
waist of my panties and then around the leg openings. I was
puzzled since he could just use the panties for a target. My
puzzlement ended when he used the scissors to cut off my panties.
I blushed when I looked in the mirror. I had never been this
naked even in private. My legs were spread so wide my outer lips
were open to the point you could see the pink flesh inside.
    He went back to the closet and brought back a rubber ball
with straps on it which he forced into my mouth. Then he went
back again and brought back a leather strap wider and thicker
than the belt he had used before.
    "This place is soundproof but I am tired of giving you little
punishments that don't seem to bother you and this might make you
scream loud enough to bother the neighbors."
    I would have if I could. I watched in the mirror while he
brought the strap behind him and then forward so fast it was a
blur. Both cheeks of my ass exploded in pain. This wasn't just a
sting like his hand or his belt it burned and after the first
three my whole butt was throbbing and seemed to swell along with
the burn. Just when the nerves in my butt began to deaden from
overload I saw the strap come up between my legs to twist and
burn the lips of my pussy. He hit twice more while I nearly
dislocated my shoulders trying to get away then he stepped to my
side and began bringing the strap down at an angle to burn my
pussy while the tip ripped into my asshole. Finally he quit and I
let my head fall forward to cover my breasts with my tears.
    Through a fog I heard him talking to me, "Are you in a lot of
pain, dear?"
    "Did you hear me? Just nod your head if you are."
    It was a ridiculous question, it was obvious I was. I nodded
my head weakly.
    "In that case I will give you a break. I am curious about how
your tits will react to this strap. If you agree by nodding your
head I will just give you five to them and quit rather than
continuing on the panty area."
    I was very proud of my firm tits and was afraid he would ruin
them besides my nerves in my butt had deadened so I shook my head
    "All right that is your decision."
    He brought the strap up from the floor right to the crack of
my pussy. I saw it sink in out of sight just as the most terrible
pain travelled through my entire body. He gave me four more then
quit just as I was about to pass out. 
    He grabbed my hair to pull my head up to face him then said,
"Just relax a minute. I have worked up a thirst. I'll be back in
a minute"
    It seemed like an hour. My hip and shoulder joints were
aching and my pussy and ass was on fire and throbbing. He held up
my head again and said softly while sliding the strap between my
legs against my pussy, "Would you like me to give you five on
your breasts?"
    It dawned on me that there would be no end to the whipping
until I agreed. I was sure anymore on my pussy would ruin me for
life so I weakly nodded my head.
    To my surprise the lashes to my tits were much lighter. They
stung and compressed them but the pain was nothing next to what I
had suffered to my pussy. He hit them one at a time. The first to
the outside of my right breast to make it slap into my left then
he paused to let the sting and tingle spread before hitting the
outside of my left breast. then he hit at the cleavage to move
them outward. This was more like my first spanking and like it I
felt excitement rising. The only one that really stung was the
last across both nipples but by then I was so excited I relished
the sting.
    Then he began caressing my reddened boobs as he said,  "You
see. It is better to be cooperative."
    When I thought about it much later I realized he was training
me to agree to any of his demands rather than risk a possibly
much worse punishment.
    He loosened the ropes but left me tied to go back to his
office. I stood there panting in excitement staring at my body in
the mirror. My boobs were just a light red but my pussy was much
darker and had swollen to make it look puffy. Along with the
sting was a dull ache and throbbing. I should have hated him for
treating it so cruelly but instead I hated myself. I could have
avoided the extra punishment to it simply by being obedient as I
had promised and asked for the lashes to my breasts. Only the
last lashes to my pussy were terrible and they could have been
avoided. He came back in about a half hour to put some salve on
my butt and pussy. His light caresses felt wonderful and when he
asked if I wanted more I nodded my head frantically. The pain
went away to be replaced by pure excitement. He must have known
how excited I was by the way I was pushing my pussy into his hand
and especially when he hand became wet from my juices but he left
again leaving me frustrated on the edge of orgasm.
At least two clients came into the office and I lived in fear he
might bring them in to admire his handiwork. The salve worked as
far as stopping the pain and he had removed the gag and gave me a
drink. I watched my pussy slowly turn from dark red to a lighter
red no worse than a light sunburn. I was sure my butt looked the
same. I managed to twist in the ropes enough to see that part of
my ass cheeks had large welts.
    Finally he came in and told me my body looked fine. Then he
said, "You would like me to kiss your breasts to make them well
and to put my finger in your pussy to check for damage, wouldn't
    I had learned my lesson. I answered quickly "Yes. Yes please
do it."
    He stuck his middle finger into his mouth then gently stuck
it in my pussy and began stroking my clit while he licked and
sucked on my nipples.
    That brought back the excitement. Soon he had three fingers
in my pussy and I was near climax then he said, "You are very
wet. Would you like me to fuck you?"
    I agreed immediately but not out of fear if I said "No" but
just because I needed my orgasm desperately.
    I ended up with more than one because it took him some time
to cum standing up. I hardly noticed when he tore through my
    I was exhausted when he untied me and then took me into his
private bathroom which had a large shower where he gently
lathered my whole body then rinsed me and began kissing me all
over, even my butt and pussy.
    After he had dried me by dabbing me with large soft towels he
said, "Becky, remember that you will only get small punishments
for mistakes. The bad punishments like today will only come from
    I hugged and kissed him saying, "I deserved the bad
punishment. I will never disobey you again."
    I hoped he would want to fuck me again but his dick stayed
soft and he just said, "Good girl," with a smile and slipped on
my dress. Then said, "You have had a big day. Go home."
    I was amazed when I got in my car and looked at the clock. It
was only one o'clock. The strapping and hanging had seemed to
last much longer. I expected the time to be after five.
    I was exhausted and fell in to bed and slept till midnight.
When I woke up I inspected my body in my mirror. Almost all the
redness had gone with only a few black and blue places where the
end of the strap had hit. I began to think my mind had
exaggerated the damage I had seen in his mirror.
    I was up most of the night wondering what I should do. I was
sure no other secretaries  were treated that way and was ashamed
that it had made me excited to let him fuck me. That was
definitely against my teachers advice to avoid sexual advances.
but I loved my little car and my apartment and knew I would lose
both if I quit. I began to rationalize. I decided I must have
exaggerated the pain. If it had been as bad as I thought I would
have fainted. Then I thought that I had asked for the punishment.
I knew he would be mad at me for wearing panties. Then I thought
I had asked for those last five lashes to my pussy. If I had
agreed to having my tits spanked it wouldn't have been so bad. It
would have thrilled me more than it hurt. I also thought that
there would be no reason to be disobedient now. He had already
seen me totally naked, whipped me, and had fucked me. What else
could he ask for? Then I blushed when I remembered I had asked,
no begged, him to fuck me and had orgasms twice as powerful as
any I had managed by masturbation. I ended up blaming myself. It
was my fault I had been so greedy on the dresses and I should
have bought a cheaper car to lessen my debts to make it possible
to quit. I had agreed to be punished and had earned them. I
finally decided I would watch the want ads to see if there was a
better job but I really didn't expect to find one.
    On Monday I was at the office before him. When he came in he
waved me into his office and locked his door. He complimented me
on my dress then said, "You look lovely but how do you feel?"
    "I am okay I guess. I do have a few bruised places."
    "No. I meant how do you feel mentally? You had the week-end
to think about it. Do you realize that you had the punishment
coming to you and did you resolve to be more obedient?"
    "Yes but are other employees punished? I talked to a high
school friend and she didn't mention punishment at her job at a
    "Did you tell her you were spanked?"
    "No. I guess I was ashamed I needed to be punished. Also I
guess I was more interested in letting her know my salary and
that I had a new car since she said she was just getting minimum
wage and had to ride the bus to work."
    "If she had been punished she would not tell you either but
in those kinds of jobs there is so little training and employees
are so easily replaced no-one would bother to train them
properly. Once you are trained you will be able to get a high
paying job anywhere while her experience will do nothing for
    That made sense to me. One of the reasons I had avoided those
jobs was because they seemed like a dead-end. I could see that he
would want me to work hard to learn since my job was so critical.
    "You are right. She said they treat the girls as if they were
    "I am glad you agree but you said you were bruised. Let me
see them."
    I turned my back and lifted the hem of my skirt to show my
    "Just take off the dress. I want to check your breasts too."
    I hesitated briefly then slid off the dress. He told me to
come closer so I backed up to him. He massaged my butt and pushed
at the bruises asking on each push if it hurt. When I told him it
didn't hurt he turned me around to face him and began doing the
same to my pussy except he spread the lips to look inside. I was
blushing and trembling when he got to my breasts which seemed to
swell as he massaged them and pulled on my nipples.
    "You are trembling. What is wrong?"
    "I am embarrassed to be so naked in front of you and I guess
it reminds me of being punished and scares me."
    Actually the trembling was because his action was getting me
excited in spite of my embarrassment.
    "That is unfortunate. I don't want you to feel you will be
punished every time you are nude. I want you to get over your
modesty. After all you will want to marry and your husband will
hate your modesty. Come over and sit on the edge of my desk in
front of me."
    When I had complied he had me put my feet on the arms of his
chair and lie back. Then he did the most incredible thing! He
leaned over and began to lick my clitoris. I had never heard of
such a thing. I had been a virgin till I met him but even my girl
friends who had made it with their boy-friends had never
mentioned this. It felt wonderful, twice as good as masturbation
and in no time my stomach was pulsating while I squeezed my
breasts and nipples, moaned and went into a fantastic orgasm. He
leaned back and I sat up to say, "Oh Sir. That was fantastic!
What do you call that?"
    He seemed surprised I didn't know as he answered, "It is
called cunnilingus. Have you ever performed fellatio?
    "No. What is it?"
    "It is much the same as I did for you in that you lick my
penis but also put it in your mouth and suck while moving your
tongue on it. Would you like to try it?"
    That seemed fair. After all he had given me fantastic orgasms
and I should repay him but it seemed slutty to offer to do it.
    "That sounds gross but I will do it if you tell me to."
    "No that is something a woman should offer to do just as I
did. It will be no good for me if I think I forced you to do it."
    It seemed the least I could do after all the pleasure he had
given me so I said softly, "I want to do fellatio on you."
    I don't think you are serious. You said it would be gross. I
will be convinced you want to if you say, 'I am willing to have
you give me five lashes with your belt on my breasts if I can
perform fellatio."
    I remembered that even the thick strap had not hurt too
badly. The belt might add to the excitement. with the slightest
hesitation, I said, "Yes please lash my breasts five times so I
can do fellatio. I really want to do it."
    He had me kneel in front of his chair with my hands on my
head while he took out his belt and wrapped it around his hand so
a little over a foot was hanging out. Then I felt a sharp sting
to the outside of my left breast and then to my right. Tears
sprang to my eyes but also excitement. Then he told me to take
hold of my nipples and pull my breasts apart so he could get to
the inner sides. He kept saying "Wider. Wider" till my nipples
had stretched as far as they would go then I felt the sharp
stings again as I panted with excitement. He had me turn sideways
again with my hands on my head. He aimed carefully then brought
it sharply against both nipples. This hurt a lot more but my mind
was taken off of it when he stood up to drop his pants and shorts
then sat back down on the edge of his chair. I had not really
paid that much attention to his penis when he had fucked me. It
seemed huge! The head reached above his navel and it was as thick
as my wrist.
    I gave it a tentative lick then led it into my mouth with my
hands. He must have kept it very clean because it did not taste
bad and I found the only bad part was when he pulled my head
forward till it hit the back of my throat and made me gag.I
followed his direction on using my tongue and keeping my teeth
away. I looked up at his face and I knew I was doing it right
from the smile on his face but then he began making faces until
he got this look of great pain suddenly his dick began to jump in
my mouth and I felt his cum going into my mouth and throat. It
was a little gross kind of like snot but it didn't taste bad so I
swallowed it. He kind of sighed after he came then smiled again.
I was pleased I had given him pleasure but at the same time I
kind of felt sorry for him since he had only one orgasm while I
had several. He seemed pleased, he kissed me and said we had
better get to work.
    I started to put on my dress but he said, "No! I want you to
get over your silly modesty. Leave it off and lock the outer
door. If someone comes you can hide in the conference room while
I answer it.
    I was amazed I could get any work done being nude. It was
hard to resist fondling myself. I went into his office several
times to have him sign letters or pick up more work. I found I
was not just getting used to being nude I gloried in it. I looked
at myself in mirrors at every opportunity.
    Later that afternoon I found I was typing with my right hand
while I fondled my pussy with my left. For some reason this
brought on a terrible feeling of guilt. I remembered that even
though I was alone in my apartment I never played with myself
until I was under covers in my bed and was only nude long enough
to shower. Then I remembered why I was modest. When I was about
nine a neighbor boy had wanted to play "Doctor." My mom had
caught us with me lying on a table naked for my "Examination."
She had called me a slut and gave me a terrible spanking with her
hairbrush that had left bruises for several days. If she thought
"Doctor" was so bad she would have killed me for what I had done
today. I put on my dress and went crying into his office.
    "Mr. Dumas I can't work for you anymore. I am turning into a
terrible pervert. I got excited by having my breasts spanked and
I am beginning to love being naked. I love this job but I am
afraid of what I am becoming, a slut and a pervert."
    "Now just a minute. I have anticipated this. It is obvious
you have been repressed by some trauma in your childhood. I have
already arranged to have a psychiatrist talk to you tomorrow
afternoon while I play golf. You may wear your dress till after
you have seen her and if you still want to quit you can. Now go
on home and get a good nights sleep."
    I had a lot of time to think and began to believe that I was
abnormally modest. I had always worn thick one-piece bathing
suits while my girl friends were in spandex bikinis. I also
remembered the girls spent a lot of time in the shower after phys
ed giggling and slapping each other's butts while I wore a robe
right to the shower door and took a very quick one or skipped the
shower altogether. Then I remembered that when the girls had
begun to talk about sex I had left and agreed with my mother to
not take sex education. I still felt guilty and wore flannel
pajamas to bed and made sure my hands stayed on top of the
    The next day Mr. Dumas made no comment about my dress
although straps were visible at my shoulders to indicate I was
wearing a bra and a slip. He was very business like and left at
eleven reminding me to get back from lunch by one as that was
when the psychiatrist would arrive.
    I got back about 12:30 which gave me some time to think. The
more I had thought about it the more convinced I became that my
actions prior to meeting Mr. Dumas were not normal. I began to
remember a lot of little incidents like the time I had a date to
a drive-in movie and huddled against the door while my girl-
friend in the back seat was kissing and everyone in the cars
around us were holding each other. then I knew why I remained
virgin. After a few dates where I avoided contact boys stopped
asking me out. that reminded me of something else. My girl-
friends parents often held each other and kissed goodbye. My
folks never showed any affection right up to the time Dad moved


                      PART TWO

    About this time the "Psychiatrist" arrived. It did not seem
strange to me that a psychiatrist would make calls at an office.
She was not what I expected. She wore a lot of makeup and a short
tight dress that showed off her figure.
    She had me lie down on a leather couch and told me to relax
and to tell her about myself.
    By this time I had begun to believe I had been repressed and
was resenting my mother for making me this way. I told her
everything I told you and added that I was very confused because
I felt good being nude and at the same time felt guilty.
    She was angry! "Your mother should be jailed for what she did
to you. Isn't it obvious she was wrong? After all she drove your
father away. Just remember if it feels good do it! If God had not
wanted you to do things he would not have made them feel good.
Think about it. Nature and God tells you what is right. If you
eat or drink too much you will get sick or fat. If you were meant
to have sex just to get children God would have made you come
into heat at the time of ovulation like animals. God obviously
wants you to have sex at every opportunity which explains why
nudity feels good as well as sex."
    "Oh thank you! I had already thought about it and thought I
was too reserved but I did not have the proof that I should be
less inhibited. There is one other thing I don't understand. My
boss spanks me for mistakes or disobedience which is painful but
I can understand why it is necessary. The thing I don't
understand is that yesterday he spanked my breasts and I didn't
mind the pain, it just excited me."
    "Again that is perfectly normal. The bible says that we are
to obey men. This feminist movement is totally perverse. For
thousands of years women have obeyed men and the men have taken
care of them in return. Now everything is screwed up. Women work
and won't obey and men in return don't want to marry anymore. Now
women just date and wonder why they are not happy. If a man finds
an old fashioned girl he will marry her and love and take care of
her the rest of her life. 
    "As far as enjoying the spanking is concerned if you had
taken sex education you would know that your breasts, your
crotch, and your butt are erogenous zones. You enjoy feeling your
vagina and nipples don't you?"
    I blushed but admitted I did enjoy touching myself.
    "Fine. That is normal and the more they are stimulated up to
a point the more excited you will become. The other thing is that
if you have done something wrong and feel guilty about it the
spanking or whipping will just hurt.
    "When he spanked your breasts did it hurt terribly?"
    "No. Not really. There was a sharp sting but then it was
followed by a tingle that felt good and brought on excitement."
    "That is perfectly normal. All women like to have erogenous
zones stimulated and many of us need more stimulation. I know I
    "Oh yes now I understand! When I asked to have my breasts
spanked I just got terribly excited because it was not for
punishment but really kind of foreplay."
    "Alright but just to be sure you are cured I want to perform
a little experiment. You have a lovely body and you should be
proud of it. Your boss told me where you got your clothes so I
got your measurements. This should fit you very well. Take off
your clothes and put these on."
    She held up a spandex band to go around my breasts and a very
short spandex skirt.
    When I had them on I saw they were very sexy. The top just
covered the bottom of my breasts and just above my nipples. The
skirt top was just above the crack of my butt showing the dimples
back there and the bottom just hid the curve of my butt.
    "How do you like it?
    "Oh wow! It is very sexy but it does make my body look good."
    She had me parade around for awhile in front of the mirror
and then said "I think you are ready for the second part."
    She drove me downtown where we parked and got out with the
hundreds of people leaving work. I was embarrassed till I thought
that girls wore bikinis in front of people.
    The psychiatrist said, "Just ignore the women, they will be
jealous of you, just concentrate on the men."
    I was embarrassed at first but then it became a real ego
trip. Men were staring at me in obvious admiration and when I
looked back I giggled to see men walking backward to keep me in
sight causing them to collide with other people. We walked on
till she pulled me into a store called "THE SEX SHOPPE."
    "I am going to tell your employer not to use the belt or
strap he has anymore since it may remind you of childhood
punishments. You need something more exotic."
    She went to a display of whips and picked out one that had
several leather thongs coming out of a handle and another that
was a single braided thong with a knot on the end.
    She said, "The whip with all the thongs catches a lot of air
and will not leave bad welts or bruises. The other whip is when
you need real punishment. It will hurt and leave welts."
    She went to another counter and picked up a thing that looked
just like Mr. Dumas's penis. She turned a knob at the base and it
began to vibrate. Then she picked up a magazine and went to the
counter to pay for them. I stood there and looked around at
hundreds of video tapes and magazines showing women tied in
different positions and being whipped. I began to think being
whipped was very common.
    By the time I got to the car I was beginning to feel like a
movie star from all the admiration from the men. She took me back
to my car and told me to use the penis she had bought every night
because I would find that every time I reached orgasm it would
make it easier to get the next one.
    When I got home I looked in the mirror and decided my body
was great and was sorry I had hidden it for so long. I sucked in
my tummy real tight and decided to diet and exercise to make my
waist even smaller so my butt and breasts would look even bigger.
    I took the whips out of the bag and decided to see what they
would feel like. I  got another mirror to put on the chair in
front of me so I could see the effect. I swung the whip in front
of me so the thongs would bend around and hit my butt. She was
right! There was a sting and half my butt turned pink but the
thrill was much greater than the pain. I hit myself about ten
times then tried the other whip. It was too stiff to bend around
my butt so I hit the front of my thighs. This was totally
different. It stung and burned and left a red line even though I
had not hit as hard as I had with the other one. I decided I
would try very hard to avoid the second whip.Then I fell on the
bed and took out the rubber penis. This was a great new
experience. Between the vibration of that thing against my clit
and rubbing my spanked butt on the bedspread I had a great orgasm
in a short time.
    When I calmed down I began reading the magazine. It was full
of letters and stories with women saying what great orgasms they
received from various types of pain. I read it from cover to
cover including the circulation statement of over a million. I
decided there must be a lot more than a million girls out there
that loved being whipped since there were a lot of little towns
that didn't have a place to get these magazines and there were
hundreds of magazines that also had large circulation.
    There was one letter that really fascinated me. A woman told
how her husband and two friends had tied her spread-eagle then
whipped her butt, pussy and tits at the same time until she was
in orgasm then fucked her pussy and ass to keep them going until
she passed out. It was a long letter since she described the
sound and feel of each lash. I read it slowly while I had the
rubber penis in me. My new experiences allowed me to know just
how she felt so I soon had another orgasm then went to sleep.
    I got up early which gave me time to use hair removal cream
on my legs and crotch and to take a long bubble bath. It felt
very sensual caressing my slick soft skin and I began to
fantasize  about sex and being whipped. I pulled my breasts apart
by my nipples as I had for him and then sunk my fingernails into
them. The pain sent thrills directly to my crotch which made my
clitoris hard so I pinched it too. The excitement came
immediately rather than the minutes it took just by rubbing it.
This confirmed what the psychiatrist said about pain to an
erogenous zone. This also showed that I could be aroused by pain
other than that by whipping. When I got up I noticed the straight
pins I had removed from my new clothes and as an experiment stuck
one in the lip of my pussy. This brought on thrills so I put in
more then I pulled out my nipple, braced my self then jammed it
clear through it. I had an instant orgasm! I could have
excitement and orgasms by pain alone! I left the pins in till it
was time to get dressed and stayed in a state of excitement by
leaving them in and reviving excitement by moving them.
    I felt incredibly sensual when I put on my sexiest dress and
carried the bag of whips to the car. At the first stop light I
pushed the thongs of the whip against my pussy and squeezed my
legs together to feel the leather rubbing against it. By the time
I got to the office I was very aroused. He was waiting for me.
    "Well. Do you still wish to resign?"
    "Oh no sir. The psychiatrist made me understand I had not
been normal before. I want to enjoy the sensuality of being a
normal girl. She said I should have you help me to get rid of all
my old inhibitions my cruel mother caused so I can be happy."
    "Yes. Your psychiatrist called me last night. She said that
you had been trained for years to be inhibited by punishment. Now
it may take some time to reverse that training by punishment at
any sign of inhibition. Do you agree?"
    "Oh yes. I want that to happen. I will make myself tell you
anytime I feel myself slipping back to my old way of thinking. It
is so nice not to feel guilty all the time."
    "Fine. The only times you should feel guilty is for poor
workmanship or unwillingness to explore the depths of your
sensuality. Do you have something for me.?"
    "Oh yes. I'll get them."
    I rushed back to my desk and got the bag to lay the whips on
his desk saying, "She said the thronged whip was to help me fight
my inhibitions. The braided one is for when I have done something
I should feel guilty about."
    "Yes. She told me that too."
    My excitement built up watching him fondle the whips and when
he hit his desk with the thronged whip to make a loud "Splat!" I
got so wet I thought I might drip on the floor. I was trembling
so much I spoke with a quaver in my voice.
    "Would you like to use that on me?"
    "But you haven't done anything wrong."
    "Yes I have. I am still wearing my dress I should be nude for
    "You are right but I think you also deserve a reward for
volunteering. If you ask for fifteen lashes I will fuck you and
if you ask for thirty I will fuck you and also give you
    "Please give me thirty."
    "Fine. Since you are volunteering you may choose your
position to get them. You can lie on your stomach for lashes to
your buttocks and thighs, your back so I can lash your front, or
tied spread eagle to get them all over."
    "Oh tie me please! Make it tight, I want to be stretched."
    I took off my dress while he got the cuffs and ropes.
    He lifted me till just my toes were on the floor then pulled
my legs apart about four feet. My whole body was stretched
tightly but he didn't start the whipping right away. He turned
the lights up as high as they would go then pulled and fondled my
butt, breasts and pussy till I could see the moisture at my slit
glistening in the bright light then he said,
    "This makes your body look fantastic. Look in the mirror.
Your breasts are high and your abdominal muscles are really
tight. You should be proud."
    "Thank you. I am proud you think I am beautiful. I am very
excited. Please whip me. You haven't hit my tummy yet. Please
just hit my front. Make me red from the top of my breasts to my
    He  started at my navel then moved from there up and down. I
watched myself in the mirror totally fascinated as my skin
reddened and the stings spread to make me wet and my nipples
harden. He gave me several on my breasts as fascinated as I was
to see them compress, stretch and bobble under the lash with the
nipples popping out in maximum hardness begging for more. They
began to swell to just vibrate under the lash when he moved to my
crotch. He smiled as I strained to push it out for him as orgasms
began making my whole body pulsate. I was in full orgasm when he
began to lick and nibble on my clit. The orgasms got more and
more intense till my senses overloaded and I passed out while he
was fucking me.
    I woke up lying on his leather couch. My whole body was
tingling and drenched with my perspiration. He helped me to the
shower and gently lathered me all over then used the shower head
at the end of a hose with a needle spray to rinse me. The spray
was hard enough to compress my skin and make me tingle all over.I
found out the shower had a detachable head. He took off the
shower head and put on a douche nozzle. The nozzle was big and it
and the warm water filled me completely and I began to moan and
whimper as he twisted it around inside me till I went into
another orgasm.
    After that I was totally exhausted and loved him for taking
me to the couch and gently massaging my front with scented oil
till I went to sleep. He woke me about an hour later and told me
to put on my dress and go home.  I ran to the mirror first to see
my welts. To my surprise there were none. I had recovered
completely and felt incredibly alive with my pink incredibly
sensitive skin. I hugged and kissed him thanking him for the
wonderful orgasms and told him I loved him. He said, "I love you
too but since that only excited you it is going to be interesting
to see what it may take to punish you."
    On my way home I thought about that and it frightened me a
little. Although it had eventually brought orgasms it had hurt a
lot at first. Pain any worse may not bring on the relief of
    As I laid in my bed caressing myself it suddenly occurred to
me how ashamed my mother would be to know how perverted I had
become and began feeling guilty. I began re-reading the magazine
and convinced myself that I had just got lucky to discover the
thrill of being whipped and actually felt sorry for girls that
may never know true excitement.
    I woke up incredibly horny and when I got to the office I
took off my dress then got an idea that may excite him as much. I
laid across his desk face up and laid the whip across my stomach
but then got another idea and tucked the handle into my gash and
spread the thongs over my stomach to lie on my breasts. I laid
there pulsing with excitement as I waited for him to arrive.
    I was disappointed when he came in and grinned at me saying,
"That is very tempting but we have clients coming in so put on
your dress."
  I dived into my work to get myself calmed down and when the
clients came in I showed them into Mr. Dumas's office and brought
them coffee. The intercom buzzed and Mr. Dumas asked me to come
into his office. I brought my pad in case he wanted to dictate
something. It turned out he just wanted to introduce me.
    "You haven't met my new secretary. Becky, meet Mr.Gladden and
Mr.Stokes. I then recognized Mr.Stokes. He was our congressman. I
was impressed and shook their hands telling Mr. Stokes that I was
proud to meet him and would have voted for him in the last
election if I had been old enough. He thanked me then Mr. Dumas
said, "Isn't she lovely? It is too bad girls are wearing longer
skirts again. She has wonderful legs and thighs. Becky lift your
dress a little so they can see."
    I hesitated then raised it a couple of inches. This wasn't
good enough. Mr. Dumas said "Higher, Higher" till the hem was
just below my pussy. It was strange I wouldn't have minded them
looking if I had been wearing a micro-skirt but it seemed
humiliating to hold up my skirt in front of these strange men. I
did like the obvious admiration and compliments while he had me
turn around slowly so they could see me from all sides. I began
to feel the pride I had experienced in the mini-outfit I had worn
 He stopped my turn when I faced them again and said, Aren't they
wonderful. They are very firm too. Feel them."
    This was really humiliating to have total strangers touch me.
I had become used to being naked in front of Mr. Dumas and didn't
mind showing off down town but they hadn't touched me. I was sure
this was a test of my inhibitions though and knew disobedience
may bring on more pain than I could cope with. I tried to
concentrate on how nice it felt as Mr. Gladden gently stoked my
thighs and put his hand back in his lap. Mr. Stokes was something
else. He stroked my inner thigh higher and higher till his thumb
bumped into my pussy and I gasped and pulled back. Mr Dumas
frowned and said, "You know better than that." I knew my backing
off would be construed as disobedience and moved back even closer
to straddle his leg. He grinned and gripped my thighs to pull me
closer to him then continued to stroke and squeeze my thighs
while I blushed and gasped. Then he said, "These are marvelous.
Is her butt this firm?"
    Mr. Dumas laughed and said, "See for yourself."
    He slid his hands under my skirt then said, "Oh Good. She
doesn't wear panties. Just begging for a spanking." He began to
squeeze my butt cheeks while I blushed even more and trembled
from rising excitement  till he let go saying, "Ah yes. They are
very spankable. Just like my secretary's."
    This confirmed that all men spanked their secretaries and I
suddenly wondered how his big hands would sting me. I just stood
there trembling until I noticed they were staring at my crotch
and realized I had lifted my skirt unconsciously higher as his
hands had gone higher. 
    I was wondering if it would be all right to put my skirt back
down when Mr Dumas said, "Oh yes very spankable and unlike your
secretary she likes being spanked."
    I was shocked by his statement and even more when Mr Stokes
said, "Really! Becky, turn around and bend over."
    I looked at Mr. Dumas beseechingly hoping he would say I
didn't have to but he got up from his chair and said, "Here, I'll
    By then I had dropped my dress back down. He had me turn
around and bend over to hold on to his knees. I was glad my skirt
was long enough to keep my butt covered but this was not to last.
Mr. Dumas said, "You can each take a cheek to give her a birthday
spanking. She is nineteen." as he said this he pulled my dress
clear down over my head and arms to bare me completely. They
began to spank me with their hands. It didn't hurt that much and
they were just hitting the round part of my butt and I was able
to keep my legs together to hide my pussy but it seemed to go on
forever since they took turns pausing after each spank to rub the
red mark they left and I was humiliated further to find I was
getting very excited. Mr. Dumas must have noticed I was clenching
my thighs together because he said, "The top of her butt is red
enough, Aim lower."  He pushed down on my shoulders and told me
to hold on to his ankles and open my legs. That really made me
blush since I knew that position would make my pussy pooch out
between my thighs. that was confirmed when Mr. Stokes palm hit
the lower part of my butt while the ends of his fingers stung and
pulled open the lips of my pussy. Mr. Gladden did the same which
made me jerk convulsively at Mr. Dumas's ankles. That just gave
them more enjoyment as Mr. Stokes laughed and said, "We have her
attention now. Lack at her shake her boobs."
    Finally Mr. Dumas counted "Nineteen." and let me get up. I
simply stretched my arms over my head to let the dress slide into
position. Mr. Stokes said, "Jesus! She looks great stretching
like that." I was afraid Mr. Dumas may show them how I looked
stretched by ropes but he said I could go after giving them both
a kiss to show I was not mad at them.
    When I got to the outer office I lifted my hem to look at my
butt in the mirror. It was red and tingling but there was no
bruises and no marks at all on my pussy.I felt frustrated having
been so close to orgasm and wondered if I would have become
excited enough to cum if they had hit harder or longer. I barely
had my dress back down when they walked out of the office. I
blushed again but felt better when Mr. Stokes said, "You are a
wonderful girl Becky. If you ever need a job I will be happy to
have you." Mr Gladden said, "That goes double for me. Whatever
your salary is I will raise it."
    After they left Mr. Dumas called me back into his office to
say, "I am proud of you. You managed to control your inhibitions
even though you were blushing and trembling. They were very
impressed and were jealous of me. How do you feel about having an
appreciative audience?"
    I said petulantly "It was really embarrassing. You never said
you would let other people hit me especially since I had done
nothing wrong." 
    "It was just a test to make sure you would obey in spite of
any inhibitions you still have."
    "How can you call it a test when I had no choice. I was
afraid you would whip me even harder than the last time."
    "What are you talking about. You asked me to just hit your
front and you know it made you excited."
    "You don't understand. It hurts awful at first. It only gets
exciting when it goes on a long time. I am afraid any harder
would never let me get excited."
    "Well that wasn't the case today. We all knew you weren't
being hurt. You didn't even whimper and at the end you opened
your legs even more to let them get to your pussy."
    "Today was different. I felt really ashamed to have two
strange men feeling me up and thought I deserved to be hurt. They
weren't hitting hard enough and too slow so I opened my legs to
make it hurt more not to get excited but to pay for my
sluttiness. It didn't work. It hurt at first but it became
exciting. I guess I feel proud I was so brave though because they
were so impressed they both offered me a job!"
    That seemed to worry him a little, he went on to say, "They
can't offer what I can. I have more good news for you. One of my
tenants is moving out of their house. It normally rents for seven
hundred but you can have it for five."
    My submissiveness was paying off. That sounded wonderful. I
had never lived in a real house. I was raised in an apartment but
I was only paying three hundred in my small apt in a poor
    "Gee that sounds wonderful but I don't think I can afford it.
I bought a car and with the payments on it and $300.00 rent and
utilities I am barely keeping up now."
    "Don't worry about that. You will be getting some over time
and I will need you to act as hostess for my get togethers which
will give you extra money. For being so brave today I won't
charge you for this month. Again I want to let you know I am
happy you proved today you have managed to overcome your
    That was really generous there were nearly three weeks left
in the month. It didn't even occur to me at the time I was being
paid for a sex act just like a whore. I suddenly felt guilty. He
had rewarded me for something that had only excited me.
    "I am afraid I haven't completely. I thought you noticed I
was blushing and I did not volunteer to lift my dress or be
spanked. You told me to. I am not sure I would have offered to do
it on my own."
    He looked thoughtful then said, "Of course you are right. I
should have let you volunteer. I have an idea. There is a amateur
nude dance contest at a club in Lake city tonight. There will be
hundreds of men there. If you are truly free of inhibitions you
may want to compete. I am not asking you to do it. It is your
decision. If you think you aren't ready to do it I will
understand and we will just continue your treatment.
    The idea of being naked in front of hundreds of people
frightened me but I said, "I'll do it if you want me to do it for
    "You are missing the point. If you do it will be because you
want to. I may not even be there."
    That did it for me. The only way I could justify doing it was
to please him, without that excuse I just couldn't do it.
    "I'm sorry. I don't think I am ready."
    "I understand. Do you think you should be punished because
you would not have volunteered to bare yourself today?"
    I thought about it then said, "Yes I should be. I should
either have had the courage to refuse and be punished for it or
show myself proudly. I took the easy way out and just
accepted.Will you tie me?"
    "No you should stand still voluntarily because you know you
deserve the punishment. Take off your dress and stand in front of
    I stood in front of him nude again and trembling while he
stoked and squeezed my upper thighs.
    "Did it bother you to show these?"
    "Oh yes. Especially when he touched them."
    He reached behind me and began to squeeze my tingling butt.
    "And this too?"
    "Yes a lot."
    Then he began stroking and kneading my breasts while he was
pulling the nipples out to their maximum stretch and I was
beginning to pant and tremble.
    "And these?"
    I just nodded my head. 
    He slid his hands down my stomach and then pulled on my pussy
lips finally opening them with one hand while he stoked my clit
with his other hand.
    "They really got a good look at this, didn't they?"
    I pushed my pussy against his hand and blurted, "Oh yes! They
should all be punished."
    He smiled then said "Go get your whip."
    I was so shaky I could barely walk when I brought it to him
and stood there till he pushed me back a little with the whip
against my pussy to give him room to swing. Then he used it to
push my legs apart and said,
    "I am going to give you ten lashes to each thigh."
    It was all I could do to stand there quietly while the lash
hit the tender inside of my thigh then wrapped around it to cover
it with stinging and burning sensations. It hurt terribly at
first but as my excitement rose I found I was letting my body
down lower to meet the lash crawling up my legs. At twenty he
stopped and I closed my eyes and braced myself for the first lash
to my pussy. He fooled me! He had me turn sideways for ten to my
butt. I was panting and trembling with excitement when he stopped
and said, "Did it bother you to bare your breasts?"
    "Oh yes. Yes a lot!"   
    He made a production of it. He had me face him to lash the
sides. Then had me put my hands behind my head and push out my
breasts for five to the nipples. Finally he had me lean over so
my breasts were dangling to hit the tops. My poor boobies were
flopping all over the place.
    I was so out of it I was barely coherent when he helped me up
on his desk and spread my legs and raised my knees up to fall to
the sides. Then he slid me toward him till my head fell off the
desk to see his dick in front of my eyes.
    This might hurt more so I decided to let you take your mind
off it. Put my dick in your mouth."
    At each lash to my pussy he lunged forward as I screamed. I
found my gag reflex went away and with my head back his dick went
down my throat. I don't know how many times he hit me. They began
coming closer together as he fucked my mouth faster and faster
when he was close to cumming. I was in full orgasm when I choked
on his semen. He just stepped back and watched me trying to catch
my breath as his cum rolled out of my mouth onto my cheeks.
    He let me lay there until I could breathe normally then told
me to dress and go home. I was disappointed that I would not be
getting a shower or salve but I dutifully put on my dress. When I
got to the door he kissed me and said, "Remember you volunteered
for that punishment. If you screw up from now on I will know you
want to be punished. I know you get orgasms from them."
    I realized I would have to be very careful. What he said was
not fair. It was true that I would eventually climax but I had to
suffer a lot before the excitement overrode the pain and the
aftermath just hurt as it did now. When I got to my car I lifted
my dress so the cool leather seat could soothe my butt and pussy
and folded it back as high as I could so the air conditioner vent
could blow on my crotch.
    At a stoplight I glanced to my left and noticed the passenger
was staring at my legs.I decided to tease him so I put my hand
between my legs and began fondling my pussy. I peeked over and
saw the driver's head was now at the window too.It was a mistake.
They were really stupid, they began whistling and banging on the
side of their door making a big scene.
    I made a right turn and sped off to lose them. If they hadn't
been such animals I would have shown them my whipped pussy at the
next light. I felt good about myself. A year ago I would not have
even been driving around with my dress up.  
    When I got home I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still
red but there didn't seem to be any damage. My breasts seemed to
be swollen a little and very tender. I didn't mind since it gave
me an excuse to caress them. About then a song I liked came on
the stereo and I began to dance shaking my breasts and making my
butt jiggle.
    I decided I might enjoy the dance contest so I threw on my
dress and ran down to the corner to get a paper to see if it was
advertised. He was wrong about the time. It wasn't on that night
but the next one. I called the number in the ad to ask about it.
The man said there were three prizes for first second and third
and that a winner could work there permanently if she wanted. I
asked him what I should wear and was told just panties, bra and
dress or sweater and skirt I could get out of easily. He also
said I could pick up some easy money by table dancing after the
    The next morning I arrived early. As soon as Mr. Dumas came
in I took off my dress, spread my legs slightly and put my hands
behind my back.
    "Very good! Leave the dress off but keep it handy in case
someone comes to the office."
    I followed him into his office to pick up some files to work
on. I bent over more than I needed to with my legs spread so he
could see my pussy from the back hoping he might want to fuck or
spank me but he was pre-occupied gathering material to take to
court. He left about ten. He said I should tell anyone who called
that he was in court for the day and to take messages. 
    I finished my work in a couple of hours and since I wasn't
hungry decided to skip lunch and just have coffee and some yogurt
I had put in the little fridge in the coffee and copy room.
    I was wandering around sipping my coffee and ended up in the
conference room. I decided it might be a turn on to wear the
cuffs he had used to hang me with. When I opened the door I  saw
several whips of all kinds hanging on the wall. One looked really
evil. It had nine tightly braided leather thongs with little lead
balls on the ends. I opened a drawer and found some metal clips
with lead weights on a chain. I decided they must be for nipples
and tightened one on my right nipple. It sent shocks to my pussy
so I put another on the other nipple. Then I put some rock music
on the stereo and began to dance. This caused the weights to jerk
on my nipples but I decided I could stand more weight so I went
back to see if there were any more weights I could add. I found
some clamps with metal teeth and bigger weights. They had strong
springs so when I clipped it on my pussy it felt like a little
animal was biting me. I clipped on three more and began to dance
again. I was getting terribly excited so I went back to see if
there was anything else I might use to get me over the final
threshold to orgasm. I found more teethed clamps with chains long
enough to go around my neck or waist but the next drawer had just
what I was looking for. It was a rubber dick like mine except it
had metal spikes at the base attached to replica testicles. I
pushed it in to me until I was excited enough to let the spikes
poke my pussy till I got to orgasm. Then I decided to let it do
the work and pushed it into me till the spikes were causing an
ache then pushed the button on the end. Instead of the vibration
I expected I got a terrible jolt of electricity that made my
muscles convulse. It scared me so much I flipped it across the
room and had to crawl around to find it under a table. I put it
back and took off the clips that were now causing a terrible ache
and began opening other drawers. One drawer had magazines like
mine but they were doing terrible things to girls not just
spanking and whipping like mine. They were being burned with
cigarettes on their nipples and clits and big needles were being
pushed through their nipples and lips of their pussy. One girl
was tied to a post and her tits were pulled clear up to her face
by hooks in her nipples. 
    There was also a video tape obviously made in Asia since no-
one spoke english. and the titles were in asian writing. Two men
dragged a nude screaming girl into a room filled with chains and
torture instruments. They tied her to an X frame then burned the
hair off her pussy and armpits with candles. When all the hair
was gone they jammed the flaming end of the candle into her pussy
while she screamed so loud her eyes bugged out. Then they whipped
her from her ankles to her neck with a duplicate of the lead
tipped whip I saw in the closet. At every lash round dots
appeared where the lead tips hit and many of them were bleeding.
This was the last straw for her and she passed out but it didn't
help. They threw buckets of ice water on her until she came to,
spluttering, and then held smelling salts under her nose. When
they were satisfied she was awake they stuck large fish hooks
 through her nipples then pulled them out in front of her till
the nipples would stretch no further and her tits were cone
shaped. To my horror they whipped her tits with barbed wire until
the hooks were ripped out of her nipples. By then I was sick and
turned it off. After I turned it off I remembered all the
Japanese horror movies I had seen and decided it had to be faked.
After all no-one could be that cruel and even if they were they
would surely be put in jail since it should be easy to find out
who made the film since it had titles and everything.
    What I had found scared me though since I thought Mr. Dumas
would not have all that stuff if he did not plan to use it. 
    I rewound the tape and put it away then took out the
magazines. I decided that most of their photos were faked too
except for the needles through the nipples and pussy. That
wouldn't be so terrible. I had put pins in mine without too much
pain. I looked at photos and read till closing time. Then I
decided to go to "THE SEX SHOPPE" to buy a video tape. There were
several but I could only afford one so settled on "Secretary
    I slipped off my dress as soon as I was home then laid back
on my bed to watch the tape. This was more like real life! She
was spanked with paddles and riding quirts then whipped on her
front with a whip like mine. My TV was black and white but I
could tell by the grey shade on her skin that she was turning red
like me with no real damage. Two things fascinated me. He had put
a dog collar around her neck and led her around saying "Heel,
Sit, and Stay" just as if she was a dog. It seemed an ideal way
to prove to Mr. Dumas that I was totally submissive to him. The
other item was a whip about a foot long that looked like it was
made of leather boot strings. He had her hold her pussy lips
apart while he whipped the pink part including her clit. It
obviously made her go into orgasm and I decided to see if the
shop had one like it. By now I was really turned on and looking
forward to the contest. I dressed in panties and bra then a loose
sweater I could pull off easily and a skirt with an elastic waist
so I wouldn't have to fuss with buttons or zippers. I got to the
topless bar an hour before the contest to sign up and get the
instructions. I thought there would be a lot of girls and I would
only be dancing to one song. I was given a drink and told to wait
on a long bench by the bar till the other girls were all there
then I would be given instructions.
    It turned out there were only six contestants which I thought
gave me a better chance of winning.
    The boss explained that we would have three rounds of dancing
going from the right stage, to center stage, to the left stage.
He warned us to do our best on each stage since judges would be
at each stage picked from the audience. I realized I would dance
nine times and thought I would be tired but there was big gaps
between contests to keep the audience as long as possible so I
would have plenty of time to rest.
    One of the girls asked if she had to get totally naked. 
    He grinned and said,"Only if you want to win."
    Then he told us the house would buy us two drinks before the
contest and after that we were on our own. The men would pay ten
dollars to buy us a drink and sit with us. We were to get the
drinks and the bartender would charge us six so we could keep
four. Then he said we could table dance for five dollars or couch
dance for twenty. "Remember Seattle has a funny law. When table
dancing or couch dancing you can touch the men but they can't
touch you. If a vice cop comes in and sees someone feeling you up
we could both be arrested. I don't need that hassle!"
    One of the girls asked what table and couch dancing amounted
to. He explained that in a table dance you just danced close to
the man so he could get a good look but in couch dancing we might
sit on their laps. I decided I might do a table dance but couch
dancing seemed a little much.
    I was a little clumsy on the first stage since I was so
nervous but the applause helped and I did better on the center
and left stage. Unfortunately I had been picked to be first and
when I went back to the bench to watch the other girls it was
obvious my dancing was not as spectacular. Other girls could do
splits and back bends and I was not that limber. The whistles and
applause was greater when the girls shook their titties and
crawled on the floor opening their legs. At least this didn't
take athletic ability so I planned to do it too.
    At each round I became more relaxed and really began to enjoy
the attention and applause. The contest was over at midnight. I
was disappointed I only won third place and forty dollars but I
had to admit the girls that beat me were just as pretty and did
dance better.
    Forty dollars wouldn't help me much so I tried table
dancing.I decided after a few of those that it was a lot of work
for three bucks so when a man asked for a couch dance I agreed. I
had been watching the girls and it looked easy. They just gyrated
around on the mens laps and brushed their bra clad tits against
the man's face.
    I didn't realize it would turn me on. The men got hardons
that made a lump in their pants that my pussy rubbed on. Even
through his clothes and my panties it felt good. Then I noticed
one of the professional girls next to me pushed her bra down far
enough to expose her nipples and the man was kissing and sucking
on them. I decided to let my guy do it too. Then I did another
and another getting more excited each time. The last guy pushed
my panties to the side then put one, then. two, then three
fingers in my pussy. I was just about to go into orgasm  when I
was suddenly jerked off him by my arm.
    The boss was livid! "You stupid bitch. You are going to get
me busted."
    He dragged me to his office and slammed and locked the door.
It suddenly got quiet. I could barely hear the blaring music
outside. He began to yell at me again and in contrition I said,
    "I am sorry. I just got carried away. Are you going to spank
    He seemed surprised then said, " Do you usually get spanked
when you have done wrong?"
    I was feeling very horny after all the fondling and rubbing
my pussy on hard dicks and decided a whipping may bring on the
orgasm I needed so badly.
    I said, "Not always. When I have been real bad I get whipped
all over."
    "What do you mean by all over?"
    I guess some of my inhibitions came back because I blushed
when I answered, "Not just on my bottom. On my boobies, stomach
and even on my pussy."
    That obviously excited him as he said, "Yeah! I guess that
would make me forgive you."
    I bent over his desk but he stopped me. he put a chair in
front of the desk and told me to take off my panties and bra. He
went to a closet and came back with a handful of neckties. He had
me spread my legs so he could tie them to the desk legs. I leaned
forward to put my hands on the chair in front of me but he didn't
like that.
    "No. Your butt isn't what got you in trouble."
    He pulled me upright then bent me back to tie my wrists to
the drawer handles on the other side. My pussy seemed terribly
vulnerable so I strained to get my knees closer together. He
didn't like that and tied neckties to my knees to pull them apart
and tight against the desk. I sobbed when he cupped my pussy with
his hand to let two fingers slide into my slit letting me know it
had opened to expose my clit.
    Then he took off the wide thick belt from his jeans saying,
"You are going to feel this baby."
    That frightened me and I begged, "Please, I know I deserve to
be hurt but don't hit too hard. Please."
    "Don't worry if you start to bleed I will quit."
    That was no consolation. The worst whipping I had experienced
had not made me bleed. I hoped he thought I may bleed easily.
    He sat on the chair in front of me then I felt a horrendous
pain and a loud "Splat!" when his belt stung the whole length of
my torso from my left nipple to my pussy. It was horrible! I
screamed hysterically but I knew no-one could hear me outside. He
made it last forever. He waited until I stopped struggling
against my bonds then brought down another from my right nipple
down dragging the belt down my slit to bring on another scream.
He continued alternating from one side to the other until I
became hoarse and stopped screaming to cry hysterically. I think
the worst thing was that he had never said how many times I would
be hit so there was no end in sight.
    Finally in self-defense my body  became numb and my reaction
to the lash was just a shudder and gasp.
    He stood up and I thought it was over but he was still not
    He began letting the tip of his belt hit the outside and
inside of my breasts in the still white area to make them jump
violently. That brought back my hoarse screams to make him give
me an evil smile. My poor boobs began to swell so even though I
was lying on my back they stood out like cantaloupes to let him
find and hit any white area. Finally even they became numb so he
started hitting my open gash. That brought back the hoarse
screams as the edge of the belt slipped in to hit my clitoris. It
was just too much. After five or six I slipped into
    When I woke up I was lying on the floor. My tits and pussy
were burning and had swollen until the skin felt tight. I
struggled up to look at them in the mirror. They were maroon in
color and I whimpered as I caressed them gently.
    He came back in carrying my dress and a bucket of ice.
    I looked at him angrily and said, "You are a monster! Look
what you did to me!"
    He looked a little sheepish as he said, "Yeah I did get a
little carried away. Lie back down. This ice will help."
    That sounded good so I laid on my back while he filled bar-
rags with ice to lie on my breasts and pussy. That helped. They
weren't burning anymore but my tits and clitoris were aching and
throbbing. He left again while I continued lying there until the
swelling went down. I took off the ice to go back to caressing
    He came back in to give me a glass of whiskey and held out a
bottle of sunburn lotion saying, "This should help." I sipped on
the whiskey as he caressed the  lotion on me.
    It really felt good but to my shame I realized it was making
me excited so I jumped up to grab my dress.
    "Check it out baby. You have some welts but no cuts.You have
a permanent job if you want it baby. I don't think you will make
that mistake again."
    "No Thanks! You are really mean. I have never been hurt that
bad before and I am afraid you would find an excuse to do it
    He looked real disappointed which seemed to prove he would
want to do it again. I finished the whisky then slid on my dress
and jammed my panties and bra into my purse hurriedly to get out
of there.
    I hurried home because I felt my slit getting wet and I was
afraid I was bleeding. At home I found that it was not blood but
cum. He must have fucked me while I was unconscious.
    I had the weekend to put on ice and salve so by Monday my
bruises were very faint. I had the weekend to think about my
situation. I remembered that in high school all the pretty girls
were cheerleaders or pom-pom girls so they could show off their
bodies. It was the homely ones that kept all covered up. I had
been the exception proving I was not normal then. I was sure the
cheerleaders would dance naked if they got a chance. Then I
thought about my options. I had a great job and would soon have a
house! The disadvantage is that I was kept naked and could be
punished for almost any reason. I could go to work for Mr. Stokes
or Mr. Gladden but they got so much pleasure from spanking me   I
was sure I would be spanked or whipped everyday. I could go to
work at the bar and make more money but if what I got was an
introductory whipping I shuddered at what they would become


                          PART 3 BECKY
    I finally decided I had no real options. I couldn't quit
while I owed so much money  and it was obvious now that no matter
who I worked for I would get pain. At least Mr. Dumas had not
hurt me too awful and seemed to want me to have orgasms.
    When I got to work Mr. Dumas waved me into his office. I
started to take off my dress but he stopped me.
    " Don't bother to take it off. We are leaving. I have good
news and better news. I won the case and my percentage come to
one hundred K. I feel extra rich so I hired a moving company to
move you. The tenants moved out early! The house is yours."
    I followed him back to my apartment I still didn't know if I
should be happy or not. By the time I paid the rent, my car
payment, and the fifty for my clothes I would only have about
twenty dollars a week to live on.
    It turned out I had little to move since he said my living
room furniture was just junk which was true. It was cast offs
from my folks and stuff from Goodwill. I just took my bed, my
dresser, my clothes, my stereo, and the kitchen stuff. We were
loaded in an hour. Mr. Dumas said it was really complicated to
get to the house so he had the van follow him and I followed the
van. We headed east to Capital hill then began meandering north
west. We finally got onto a gravel road with trees and brush so
thick you couldn't see anything. I saw the brake lights come on
the van so I stopped behind him to get out and run forward. I
broke out of the brush to see a cute white house looking over a
fantastic view of the city and Lake Union. Mr. Dumas had the back
door open so I ran in to look around. It was small but it had two
bedrooms, a fabulous bathroom with a big Jacuzzi tub. The
kitchen, dining, and living area were on the west side behind a
glass wall to provide a view wherever you were.  I loved it! I
was bouncing around and feeling things like a kid.
    Mr. Dumas grinned and said,"Do you think this will be
    "Alright! It is fabulous! I have seen this place from the
freeway. I always wondered why there wasn't a whole line of
houses here. It is all by itself."
    "Yes it was built a long time ago before you had to get
building permits and environmental statements. I bought it cheap
because you can't get a permit to add on to it and if it should
burn down I won't be able to rebuild because they want the whole
hill to be brush to avoid a mud-slide. It has been here since
1934 so you don't have to worry about slides. Whoever built it
built it hell for strong. There are concrete and steel pillars
going twenty feet in the ground. If you are worried about being
alone I can put a steel gate in the driveway."
    "I am not afraid of being alone, I was alone in my
    "Yeah and that dump was probably ten times more dangerous
than here. Didn't you realize that you were in the heart of the
drug district?"
    "Yes I just stayed off the street at night."
    By then the moving people had set up my bed and put my
clothes in the closet. I bustled around to put away my dishes and
fill my dresser. When they left the place looked really bare
especially the west side that just had the folding table and
chairs I used for a kitchen table. I went out the sliding glass
doors to the deck to feel the sun and breeze as I enjoyed the
view. Mr. Dumas came up behind me and hugged me.
    "Oh this is wonderful. I can even be naked outside. No-one
can see me. I have wanted an all over tan but was too embarrassed
to go to a tanning salon."
    "Well I suppose people with telescopes could see you but they
certainly would not complain. Speaking of naked, your house is
bare. Let's do some furniture shopping."
    We went downtown in his car. I made a map as I went to make
sure I could find the place again."
    I didn't plan to buy anything but he made notes when I liked
a davenport of black leather and a matching recliner. I saw a
dining room table and chair that were beautiful and wondered how
long it would take me to save up for it. He reminded me I needed
a color television and when I said I could live without it he
said, "Bullshit. The place is wired for cable. Movies look twice
as good in color."
    The TV had a tag saying payments as low as $25.00 per month.
I decided I planned to diet anyway so agreed.
    He went over to the counter and began filling out a form
which he brought back to me to sign. Then he had them load the TV
in his car. We went back to the house and he hooked it up to the
cable. It was great! My little black and white TV just had rabbit
ears and the reception was so bad I usually just rented movies to
play on my VCR when I wanted to watch it. I was just like a kid
again. I found there were three movie channels and MTV. I
wouldn't get bored at night again. Then he said something that
put me in shock.
    "The store will deliver the furniture tomorrow at two. I will
let you off work so you can let them in."
    I grabbed the contract out of my purse and looked at it. The
payments were $186.00 per month.
    "Oh Mr. Dumas I was just shopping and dreaming for the
future. I can't pay this. My payments for rent, car, clothes and
this is more than I make."
    "Don't worry about it. I told you I would have extra work and
I plan to give you another raise soon if you continue to please
    "Oh I want to please you! I had a fantasy that you were lying
on my bed naked on your back and I kissed you all over then
sucked on your penis till it was real hard. I sat on it and moved
up and down while you whipped my breasts. Would you like to do
    "That sounds good but I think you are ready for something
new. Get some vaseline or lotion. We will put my dick in your
    " I won't be able to do it. Your penis is too big to go in
    "Sure it will. You just have to relax the muscles."
    I still didn't believe it but decided the only way I could
prove it was by trying it. I took off my dress and shoes then dug
into the box of bathroom stuff till I found some hand lotion. He
had gone into the bedroom and had started to undress. I noticed
he was wearing suspenders. he had nothing to whip me with. I
remembered there was a weeping willow tree in the small yard. I
told him I would be right back and ran to the kitchen to get a
cleaver to cut a switch. It excited me to be out in the open
naked, making a whip that would hurt me so I stayed out there
till I had stripped off the branches and leaves to have a wand a
half inch thick and a couple of feet long.
    I carried it in and gave it to him then began kissing his
chest and nipples slowly working down his body which had a
slightly salty taste from the sweat he had worked up lugging in
the TV. I didn't get to kiss every inch because when I pushed my
tongue in his belly-button he pushed my head down to his dick.
    I licked and sucked on it till it was obvious it could not
get any harder then picked up the lotion and spread it on his
dick. I also pushed some into my anus.
    I had a hard time getting it in but by wiggling it with my
hand and with the help of his hands pulling my butt-cheeks apart
the head finally went in. After that it was easy except I felt
like I needed to poop and it was really stretched. Little by
little I sunk down till my cheeks were resting on his leg. I
began to pump up and down. Each time I came down he would hit a
breast. The pain was much worse than the whip since it was
concentrated in a small area but after a few pumps it began to
convert to excitement. When I began to moan and pant he pushed me
back and began hitting the top of my pussy as well as my tits. My
pussy lips protected my clitoris but I could feel the pressure on
it at each lash. He stuck with the routine of hitting me on the
upstroke when most of my pussy was available. I could control the
speed of the lashes by pumping faster or slower. I began having
stronger and stronger orgasms till his dick got soft and slid out
of my anus.
    We hugged each others sweaty bodies till we fell into sleep.
    I woke up as he was caressing my pussy with the lotion. I
looked down at myself and saw I had dark red lines all over my
breasts, stomach, and pussy. Amazingly it didn't seem like I was
being hurt bad at the time and they didn't hurt they just tingled
as he caressed them.
    When he saw I was awake he kissed me then said, "You made a
mess of my dick. You had better wash it off."
    I looked at it and saw it had stains on it from the shit in
my tunnel. I knew I could just get a wash cloth to clean it but
for some reason I still don't understand I slid down the bed and
took his soft dick in my mouth. Since it was soft I could get it
all in my mouth. Surprisingly the taste of my shit did not make
me sick. It began to grow in my mouth so I moved around so it
could slip into my throat. When it began to twitch he pulled me
up by my hair then slid it into my pussy. I pushed back from his
chest to get upright so he could whip me but he didn't. He lasted
a long time since it was his second time but I didn't get to
orgasm. It felt very good but the excitement was not there.
    After we hugged and kissed a while he said he had to go. I
had hoped he would stay all night but I understood that he had no
change of clothes to go to work. I followed him out to his car to
kiss him good night. There was a bright flood light in the
driveway that evidentally came on automatically when it got dark.
It thrilled me to walk around naked in the bright light so I
walked over to my car to move it into the carport. Then I laid on
my back in the sharp gravel directly under the light and fondled
myself while I imagined I was in a big auditorium and gobs of
people were looking at me from the dark above the light. I
squirmed around awhile letting the sharp gravel dig into my butt,
thighs, and back. I couldn't quite get off on it so I went back
in to put away the bath stuff and to explore.
    When I went into the spare bedroom I saw that someone had
screwed big hooks into the ceiling and floor about five feet
apart. I assumed the former tenants must have also been into S&M
and confirmed it when I found a big pipe in the corner of the
closet with willow switches soaking in water. I took one out and
found out that although it was thicker than the one Mr. Dumas had
used on me it was very flexible. I got my switch and slid it into
the pipe too.
    I made myself a drink and looked at the view of all the city
lights then decided to see what was on TV. Since I had no chair I
sat on the floor and flipped through the channels with the remote
till I saw a naked woman. It was some kind of foreign sex movie
but I was amazed these movies were on TV. I watched it to the end
because it was about a girl that needed money so bad she agreed
to dance naked. She found she enjoyed the attention and got into
it more and more. It could have been my story except she got into
drugs and was killed. I was puzzled because I could see no
connection between sex and drugs so decided they just wanted to
show that sex would bring death. That was ridiculous. I decided
to watch my video tape again now that it was in color. It was
much better now. I could see her skin turn from pink to red with
the lashes. I then used the slow motion to better see her breasts
flatten under the lash. 
    It was getting late so I went to bed and played with myself
but I couldn't get real excited. This made me think the
psychiatrist was wrong when she said it would become easier and
easier to get orgasms. When I was fourteen I could get a little
climax in a short time by rubbing my clitoris with my finger. Now
I was having trouble getting there even when he fucked me without
the added stimulus of pain.
    I finally decided that I must still feel guilty deep down and
could only forgive myself with pain. That worried me because If I
subconsciously became more guilty I may need so much pain to get
off that I could be scarred. I hoped he would fuck me again the
next day in the hope I didn't get off last time just because I
was tired from my multiple orgasms just before.
    I finally went into a deep sleep. I forgot to set my alarm
clock and woke up too late to get to the office on time. When I
arrived he was waiting impatiently for me.
    "You are late what is your excuse?"
    "I am sorry. I really don't have one. I just overslept."
    "Well I was late too but I have an excuse. I got stuck in
traffic. You have cost me a lot. Listen to this."
    He pushed the playback button on the answering machine to
hear this message.
    "Hello Jon. This is Don Garrett. I was hoping you or your
secretary was there so I could drop off a case on the way to the
airport. But that is okay I'll just check with a lawyer when I
get to D.C."
    When it was over he said, "In case you don't know, that is
our Senator. I have been trying to get him for a client for
years. I called the airport and his plane is still there. I am
going to try to catch him at Boeing Field. Meanwhile you can
think about how you should be punished."
    I really felt guilty because I knew he wanted clients high in
politics because of their power and influence.. I had cost him
prestige and a lot of money. I was pacing around trying to think
of a way to make it up when there was a knock on the door. I
slipped on my dress and went to it barefooted. It was a messenger
and when I went out to sign for it I stepped on our straw welcome
mat. I yipped when It felt like a bunch of needles went into my
foot. I dropped the package with his other mail. Then I had an
idea. I got the mat and put it on my chair. I sat down gingerly
until it felt like a million needles were puncturing me and when
I leaned forward a bit the needles dug into my pussy. Even the
slightest move lessened the pain in one area to add to another.
It didn't get better with time it got worse because my ass began
to ache along with the punctures. I had planned to offer to sit
on it the rest of the day but then I looked at my watch and saw
that five minutes had me in agony. I decided to think of
something else to volunteer for and put the mat back on the step.
I thought about a lot of things then decided he had a right to
punish me at least as much as the guy in the bar and decided to
ask him to whip my pussy and breasts as long as he liked.
    About that time he walked in angrier than ever. Along with
missing the Senator someone had taken his parking place and he
had to find one on the street.
    "Well have you thought of punishments? I hope you have an
alternative in case I don't like the first one."
    I felt really guilty and told him about the mat. He didn't
seem too interested but got the mat and pushed his palm into it.
He jerked back his hand and looked to see if there were stickers
in his hand.
    "Yes this has possibilities but the area it touches should be
made tender with a whipping."
    "Oh no sir that isn't necessary it hurts terribly all by
    "Did I just hear the 'N' word?"
    "I'm sorry! I deserve the whipping too!"
    "I am glad you agree. I have a new mat. Lets see if it is
    He laid the mats on the conference table and pushed his palms
into them then said, "No, they seem to be about the same."
    He scooped the mats off the table and told me to climb up on
it. I laid on my stomach for the "Tenderizing" of my butt. He
told me to roll over saying, "It would be a shame to waste a
    I realized the mats would be against my pussy and breasts and
it scared me only to become more frightened when he came back
from the closet not with the thong whip I had become used to but
the single braided one I had been told would really hurt.
    I began to cry as he pulled my hands behind my head and
pulled my legs apart.
    "Quit bawling. I won't hit you very hard unless you try to
bring your hands forward or try to close your legs. I just want
to get you nice and red."
    He may not have thought he was hitting me very hard but the
pain was terrible and it took all my courage to keep my hands
away from my burning tits or to close my legs. At first he hit
pretty fast but toward the end there would be pauses while he
looked for a white spot he had missed so I could never convert
the pain to excitement.
    He had me lay on the floor on my stomach then he folded one
mat to put under my breasts then rolled up the other and used his
belt to squeeze my thighs together to hold it in place. He got a
chair to put beside me and walked off.
    I was in agony but was able to keep off most of my weight by
pushing down on my arms and knees. He thought of that!
    He had me put my arms by my sides so I couldn't lift myself
then showed me two eggs.
    "See these eggs? They are going under your knees. If you
break either one of them you will get twenty hard lashes while
you are on the mat."
    That was terrible. Now all my weight was on the mats sticking
my tits and sinking into the slit of my pussy while I had to keep
my leg muscles tense so the weight of my legs would not break the
    incredibly after a while I began to overcome the pain a
little but then he piled huge law books on my shoulder blades and
butt till my boobies went totally flat and every inch of them was
being punctured and the mat at my crotch was buried in my pussy
enough to start stabbing my clit.
    I was in agony again with most of the pain centered on my
nipples and clit. Gradually I began to overcome the pain again
and began to gently rock my body to make the stickers move in my
skin. He must have noticed because he got up and went to his desk
then pulled my tearstained face up by my hair to look at him.
    "If you like that you are going to love these in your butt."
    He showed me a jar of short map pins with round colored heads
on them.
    I murmured "No. Please no." but he just ignored me and knelt
by my butt to take off the books.
    "Let's see. I need a pattern. I know. It is your birthday
tomorrow, you will be nineteen."
    He pushed them into my butt very slowly from the top of the
round part to the crease at the bottom. At each pin I flinched to
move the stickers of the mat in my skin and began the trip to
    I was in full orgasm when he finally finished and decided to
give me my birthday spanking. Thankfully he used his hand on the
pin heads to move and drive them in instead of that nasty whip. I
went higher and higher till he suddenly roIled me over ripped off
the belt around my legs tossed away the rolled mat and dropped
his pants to jam his rock hard dick into my sensitive pussy. My
orgasms kept coming till he made a loud grunt and pushed into me
as hard as he could while his dick twitched inside me as he came.
    He rolled off me and said, "God that was great! I came so
hard I thought I was going to blow my dick off. Are you alright?"
    "I am totally wasted! The pins in my ass really ache. Would
you take them out please?"
    "Not quite yet. I am proud of my work. Go look in the
    I went over to the mirror. Even just walking seemed to make
them move. He had put three rows of pins on my left cheek to make
the number one and three more rows on my right to make a nine. I
had to admit he did a great job but they were aching so I asked
again if I could take them out.
    "Not yet. I think that is great! I want a picture."
    He ended up shooting a whole roll while I posed in all kinds
of positions with most of them in front of the mirror so the
picture could show my front and back at the same time. He used up
the roll by giving me the thick strap and having me spank myself
while he shot several pictures trying to catch the exact time the
strap was buried in my cheeks.
    After that I was really sore so he helped me to pull the pins
and put them back in the jar. I was astonished there was so
little blood.
    He said, "Let's start your Birthday celebration. Go look in
the closet. I was afraid there would be another instrument of
torture for another Birthday spanking but it contained a
beautiful white cashmere cocktail dress.
    He had me put it on and repair the mascara that had run from
my tears then led me to the door. On the way out he noticed the
package and opened it. He gave a whoop of joy when he found it
was the case Mr. Garrett had asked about and a note that he would
be back in three weeks to go over it with him. He said, "You
simpleton. You wouldn't have been punished if you had taken the
time to open this." 
    I had such great orgasms from what he had done I didn't know
whether I regretted not opening it. 
    He decided I should have a special treat so he took me to the
Space Needle for dinner. I had never been there before and was
really impressed. I really felt adult when he ordered wine and
the waiter filled my glass without asking for ID.
    He was very loving and attentive all through the meal. It was
hard to believe this was the same man who had hurt me so much.
    On the way home he had me pull up my dress and slide forward
on the seat so he could play with my pussy all the way home. I
didn't even care if the cars next to us saw him do it. By the
time we got to my house I was panting and sweating with
    I showed him the video tape I bought. He sat me on his lap so
we could both watch it during our leisurely fuck.  When he came I
hadn't yet and I loved him for licking my clit till I did too.
    He said the videotape was pretty good but we could make a
better one.
    I didn't do anything wrong for the rest of the week so he
didn't punish me. He did fuck me but I just couldn't cum. When he
was disappointed, I began faking it but by Friday I couldn't face
the prospect of going any longer without one of my wonderful
mind-blowing orgasms. I had watched a national stripping contest
at Las vegas on TV. It excited me to imagine performing in front
of an audience again as I watched them and imitated their
movements. I decided to do a strip for him to see if I could get
him really excited. I wore a sweater,skirt,slip, bra, panties, a
garter belt, mesh stockings, and my shoes with the longest
heels.I had taped the contest so I copied the longest and sexiest
song on a cassette tape.
    When I walked in he said, "What are you doing in that outfit?
I told you to wear dresses in the office."
    "I know but I wanted to show you something I saw on TV."
    I put on the tape and pulled out his chair so I could work
close to him. I did my best and it worked! His cock was making a
tent in his pants when I finished. He reached for me but I ran to
the closet and got my whip. When I returned I said, "I was
wearing six article of clothing more than I should have. You
should give me five lashes for each."
    I bent over so he could put ten lashes on my butt and thighs
then turned and put my hands behind my neck so he could cover my
front.I was so excited by the time he got to my wide-spread cunt
the whip got wet. I was in heaven when I fell back on the floor
and his throbbing dick plowed into me. By the time he came I had
several orgasms. When we got our breath I said, "Oh thank you.
That was wonderful. Did you like my strip show?"
    "God yes! It was great. It gave me an idea too. I am having a
little cocktail party at my house next week. You need money so I
will give you a hundred for the strip and to be our waitress.
Would that bother you? I know you were afraid to try the nude
dance contest but there will only be ten of us." 
    I decided not to tell him I was in the contest but I was
curious as to his reaction. "They might get excited. Won't you
get jealous of them wanting to fuck me."
    "God no! It will make me proud to know my girl is sexy enough
to get men excited. I hope you get them to drool. I won't let
them fuck you. Only I get to fuck you If I find out you are
fucking anyone else you are out of here."
    I really felt good. That seemed to prove he loved me and was
at least jealous of that part. Actually I found out later that he
was just afraid of AIDS.
    That night I went to a strip club and sat in the back to
study the girl's moves and see what parts the men liked the most.
    I practiced dancing all weekend till I found the perfect song
with slow passages for my stretching and crawling parts and fast
areas to make my tits and butt-cheeks shake.
    The anticipation made me very horny and I rushed to work
Monday in the hope he would want to fuck me.
    I was devastated when he said that he wanted my body perfect
and for me to be really horny for the Friday party so we would
not make love and he wouldn't punish me. If I did anything wrong
he would just list them on our bulletin board for punishment
    It was terrible to see him everyday and not to be able to
make love to him. On Thursday I was glad to escape for awhile
when he sent me to the salon. He told me to pay attention to the
way they made me up because that is the way wanted to see me
Friday. I was bathed and massaged with oil and then they went
over me to pluck out any hair they found. The make-up and hairdo
was easy. Just a pale lipstick and then they pulled back my hair
into a ponytail.  When they were through I looked about fourteen
years old. When I put on my sexy dress I looked like a kid
wearing her mom's clothes.   
    When I got back to the office he told me he had bought a
costume for me. It was a little girls school uniform  with a mid-
thigh blue skirt, a matching blazer, a white blouse, white cotton
panties,white cotton bra and saddle-shoes with white anklets.
    To complete the illusion he wrapped an elastic bandage around
my back and tits to compress them tight against my chest.
    When I had it on my age dropped to about twelve. 
    He really liked it! He had me twirl around while he chuckled
and applauded. He gave me his address and directions to it and
told me to go home and practice getting it off.  He had me go
home wearing it. I felt a little silly when a man at the corner
smiled and said, "Hello, little girl." He got a shocked look on
his face when I got into my car and drove off.
    I practiced and practiced to learn to unbutton all the
buttons while continuing to move around then slowly removing the
bandage to let my breasts come back out.
 The next morning I practiced some more to get my act perfect.
The wait till it was time to meet him was killing me but I
resisted using my fake penis and walked around in my costume so I
would not wrinkle it till it was time to go.
    I found his house easily thanks to his directions. It was a
beautiful place in Mercer Island on Lake washington. There was a
beach and a dock with a sail boat tied to it. I couldn't see any
other houses in any direction because of the trees and big
    He met me at the door and made me proud by saying, "Becky,
You look fantastic. It is going to be hard to hold off making
love to you till they leave. If you do good I will make love to
you until you just can't cum anymore."
    I didn't need that! I was already terribly horny and that
statement made it worse. I could feel my clitoris tingle as it
    "Oh yes there is another thing. You may be right. Your dance
may get them so excited they will demand relief. You can do that
without sucking, or fucking them. You can use your hands to jerk
them off, or they could fuck your tits."
    "I don't understand. How can they fuck my tits?"
    "Easy. They just squeeze your tits around their dicks and
pump away in the valley. You won't get off on that so I have
decided they should pay for that privilege which will help your
money problem. Say twenty-five for a hand-job, fifty to fuck your
    "Gee I don't know. Wouldn't that make me a whore"
    "Of course not! Whores fuck or suck for money. You are just
    "Well I could sure use the money. Are you sure it is okay.
You won't lose respect for me will you?"
    "Just the opposite. If you are sexy enough to get them to pay
for that little entertainment I will be proud of you."
    "Okay. I got my bills. I need a lot of money."
    "You should have no problem. There are ten of them and they
are all rich. They would also pay to whip you."
    I felt my clit twinge again as the thought of all those men
whipping and watching both terrified and excited me but I didn't
want to admit how much I needed it. I stammered. "Y-yes I guess I
should be punished for being so lewd."
    He just grinned and I am sure he saw right through me but he
just agreed. "Yes and who better to punish you than the
recipients of your lewdness. Don't worry you won't be hurt beyond
your limits."
    I did not know what that meant. I had been hurt a lot but at
the time I thought I could take more. I didn't know what my limit
was but my consolation was that I would pass out if it got too
    The guests began arriving about five. Mr. Dumas introduced me
to all of them but I didn't pay any attention to their names I
was just too excited by what I would be doing and all the
compliments. The only one I recognized was Mr Stokes. He looked
shocked then said, "Becky! Is that you, my God you look twelve
years old. This is going to be an exciting night!"
    Mr. Dumas acted as bartender while I served drinks with my
ego growing when they all agreed I was either pretty or cute. I
served the canapes the caterer had left. They looked at me so
hungrily I felt like a star.
    After a few drinks Mr. Dumas announced that I would provide
some entertainment. He took us into another room that had chairs
placed in a circle. He led me to the center and said, "Gentlemen
you are in luck. Becky has agreed to drive you crazy with
    The applause was still going when he started the tape. This
was even better than the contest. All of them paid full attention
to me and clapped and whistled as each piece of clothes came off.
They went crazy when they saw my hair-less pussy and again when I
slowly took off the bandage and shook my now normal sized
breasts.I laid on my back and brought my legs up to my head to
take off the shoes and socks. Then I got up to do my routines. I
danced around the circle to give them a good look. Some of them
reached out to touch my breasts or pussy or lightly spank my
butt. By then I was so excited I wanted a lot of touches so I got
on my hands and knees to crawl slowly around the ring to have two
or three hands at a time touching me. Mr Stokes started
everything. When I got to him he spanked my butt as long as he
could reach me. When I didn't complain the others joined in and
by my second round they were also slapping my tits and pussy.
When the song ended I just fell to the floor trembling from my
    I heard them talking through a fog.
    Mr Stokes said, "Shit! I am so horny I am going to pop. Jon!
Can we fuck her?" before he answered others were loudly agreeing
with him.
    Mr. Dumas said, "I am sorry gang but I can't let you. She was
a virgin when I met her and I don't know where your dick's have
been. I shudder to think where Stokes dick has been, he would
fuck a snake if someone would hold it's head." They all laughed
and Mr. Stokes took it in good humor saying, "Hey! Don't knock it
if you haven't tried it." 
    They laughed again then became quiet when Mr. Dumas began to
    "I will make something of an exception but it won't be a
freebie like the dance or spanking. Becky needs money. She is
behind on her bills and is willing to give hand-jobs for twenty-
five bucks or tit fucks for fifty."
     In no time Mr Stokes had ripped off his pants and shorts and
rolled me on my back to stick his gnarly dick between my tits and
then squeezed them very tightly around it. He began pumping back
and forth with his fat stomach hitting my nose on the upstroke.
Then I felt my hands being picked up and being wrapped around
other pricks. I was glad I was sweaty to let Mr Stokes dick
slide. From then on that was no problem it seemed I had dicks
between my tits or in my hands forever. It got really gross!
Every time they came they directed their cum on my face or tits.
I didn't care! I was bombarded by sensations to my tits and
fingers going into my pussy and ass-hole. By the time they were
all satisfied with some of them cumming twice I was slippery with
cum from my eyebrows to my stomach. I hoped Mr. Dumas had kept
track of how many times they had used me and then was ashamed I
was thinking about the money.
    Mr. Dumas helped me up and looked disgusted as he directed me
to the bathroom to shower. I showered for a long time until every
trace of cum was gone. I felt disgusted with myself for being
excited by their actions and Mr. Dumas look of disgust at my cum
smeared body. My tits were really sensitive from being squeezed
so tightly by so many excited hands. I was glad because I wanted
them to really hurt so I could make up for what I had done. I put
on a bathrobe I found in the bathroom and went back to them.
    They were sitting around drinking fully clothed and listening
to Mr. Dumas. When he noticed I was there he came over and took
off my robe and threw it in the corner. He held me by my
shoulders to face them. It made ne feel awfully naked with all of
them fully dressed and looking at me greedily. 
    Mr. Dumas began talking, "Becky, we have been talking about
you. The general consensus is that you enjoyed getting them all
off. Is that true?"
    "Yes I did get excited by it but I didn't have an orgasm.
    "That wasn't the idea. You were supposed to be doing it for
the money. You were covered in cum! Don't you think it was a
little slutty on your part to enjoy it."
    I felt terribly guilty that they had noticed my excitement
and whimpered, "Yes I am ashamed. I should be punished a lot."
    "I told them you would feel this way but as I told you I
don't want to go past your limits so you can set the number of
lashes you deserve."
    I thought for a moment then said, "No I think they should
decide. I still need money. You can give me as many lashes as you
want as long as you are willing to pay five dollars per lash.
That may encourage you to hit hard to get your money's worth and
If you are willing to pay I will feel I deserve the punishment."
    Mr. Stokes stared at my tits then said, "Are we just talking
about butt spanking? That would be pretty repetitious."
    I was excited just at the idea that my nipples and pussy
would soon be stinging and said defiantly, "No. You can hit me
anywhere that will be hidden by a blouse and mini-skirt." His
look of excitement made me be even more explicit. "My back, my
butt, my thighs, my tummy, even my breasts and crotch."
    They seemed surprised then someone started to applaud. The
others joined in and someone said, "You are really brave Becky,
we are proud of you."
    Mr. Dumas said, "I think you have bitten off more than you
can chew. Money means nothing to these people. When you can't
stand anymore tell us and we will stop."
    "Thank you but you will only have to quit if I faint. I want
to see how much I can stand."
    "Alright we will have it so you can stop us at anytime. You
will stand here with your hands on your head and your legs
spread. If you take down your hands or close your legs we will
    I had expected to be tied. I was sure I did not have the
willpower. "No. Please tie me or at least let me hold on to
something. I am afraid I can't stand still for that many."
    At that one of the men said excitedly, "She is right! She
should be tied so she won't have to concentrate on keeping her
hands up. Let her do what she wants."
    Mr Dumas agreed and went to a closet to get ropes with
leather padded cuffs and thankfully the thonged whip I had come
to love.
    My arms were tied to the chandelier and my legs tied to the
legs of heavy cabinets by the wall. They cheered when I said
"Tighter!" until my waist got small and my legs spread as far as
they would go. I resolved to take all they wanted to give if it
killed me.
    I thought it might! They didn't do it right. Mr. Dumas
started slow and easy then increased the speed and severity as my
excitement built up to the point I could go into orgasm. these
men wanted it to last as long as possible. The man with the whip
would hit once then walk around me to decide on the next place to
hit. I could never brace for it because I never knew when or
where it would come. Worst of all they hit non-sexy places like
my ribs or shoulder blades and never hit a place long enough to
let the nerves get numb. I became hoarse from screaming since all
the lashes were so hard. It dragged on so long they decided to
let me sit down after fifty to have a drink. I begged them to hit
me faster saying it was alright to hit my breasts and pussy more
as long as they did it faster to let me get a little numb. I
guess they did not know I could take many lashes to those
sensitive areas because they cheered again and one man shouted, "
If you can take that all mine will land there."
    This was good and bad. The good was that the faster speed
allowed the nerves to be deadened a little and my excitement
could rise. The bad part was that now all the lashes hit my boobs
or pussy. Even when they hit my back they stood close enough to
have the tips come around to burn my nipples or hit my butt from
lashes from the floor so the tips hit my splayed pussy.
 I was doing the splits so my pussy and anus made great targets.
Incredibly I still went into orgasms and finally passed out not
from pain but from the crashing orgasms when Mr. Dumas put all
ten of his lashes right into my gaping pussy to create so much
excitement I did not notice pain at all. Just crashing orgasms.
    When I woke up I was in Mr. Dumas's bed and he was putting
salve on my welts. 
    When he realized I was awake he said, "You were really a hit,
Becky. Everyone agreed it was the most exciting night of their
life! Although they felt a little guilty that you passed out from
the pain rather than tell them to stop. I don't think they
realized how much you were hurting because you stopped screaming
and just moaned or grunted even at real hard ones that sunk
thongs clear inside your pussy or threw your tits clear into your
    "I was too hoarse to scream but at the end I didn't feel pain
at all. Just unreal orgasms until I passed out from the
    "You also made nine hundred dollars but judging from your
reactions I think you would have done it for nothing."
    "I don't know. I would have done it for free if you asked me
but I don't think I would have volunteered. It hurt awful until
they went faster so my excitement could overcome the pain."
    "Yes but now that you know that the exhibition of stripping
and whipping can give you fantastic orgasms you would volunteer
wouldn't you?"
    I thought for a minute then had to admit he was right.
    "Yes I suppose I would. Do you think I am crazy?"
    "Maybe but I like it. I was pretty sure you had orgasms from
punishment but you really proved it tonight. You got so wet pussy
juice splattered when they hit your cunt. The problem is that I
don't know how to punish you when you really deserve it and I am
afraid you will make mistakes on purpose so you can be punished."
    "Don't worry about that. I discovered tonight that it was not
exciting at all to be hit on my shoulder blades, ribs, or lower
legs. That just hurts awful and is not sexy."
    "Maybe you shouldn't have told me."
    "No! I know that there will be times that you are really mad
at me and I would rather have bad pain than feel guilty."
    The other problem is that I get as excited from giving you
pain as you do from receiving it. I am afraid I might hurt you
very badly."
    "I love you and I think you love me enough not to really hurt
me. Besides I will lose consciousness if it gets too bad."
    "I do love you baby, but you make me crazy when I see you
starting to cum from the whip."
    I wanted to change the subject because he was frightening me.
    "My pussy is really sore. If you love me you will kiss it and
make it well."
    He didn't say a word he just began kissing my breasts and
then slowly working down my stomach till I got an electric thrill
when his tongue began circling my clit. My pussy was so sensitive
I began a series of orgasms in a few moments.
    We hugged and rested then I kissed down his front till I was
licking his dick, balls and even his rectum. I sucked his dick
very slowly till he panted. "Faster. Faster!" I had to giggle
because now he knew just how I had felt with the slow whipping."
    We slept late then I got up to look in the mirror amazed that
the throbbing pain I felt when I went to sleep was now gone.
Incredibly I only had bruises around my nipples and on my
pussy.The rest of my body was normal.
    I woke him to say excitedly, "Look at me. I am all well! I
thought my body would be a mess but it is almost normal."
    He said, "Yes. I am amazed too. Your skin was maroon colored
last night. I guess being so young gives you great recuperative
    He put some more salve on my bruises which got us horny again
for a slow satisfying fuck but no fantastic orgasm.
    He said, "You are amazing just a bikini bathing suit will
hide your bruises. 
    Then we went sailing. He had me wear a string bikini his ex
wife had left. It just consisted of a vee just big enough to hide
my pussy. The top was two smaller vees just big enough to cover
my nipples. He got a kick out of sailing up and down the floating
bridge so hundreds of people could see me stretched out on the
bow. He laughed to see the traffic slowing to a crawl but it made
me excited not only to be seen so close to naked but also to bask
in the idea I was sailing with a martini in my hand with a man
that loved and whipped me while they led their humdrum lives.
    When we got back to the dock I told him that I had enjoyed
showing off my body in front of all those strangers and he should
punish me for being so vain.
    He laughed and said, "Bad punishment?"
    "Oh no! Good punishment. I had a fantasy about being whipped
while tied outside to a tree. Would your neighbors see us?"
    "No. In fact you can take off that bikini now. I think I know
what you mean. Joanie got off on this. Wait here, if a boat comes
by I want you to face them proudly."
    I stood on the beach hoping someone would come by and
wondering what he would do.
    He came back carrying a leather paddle and lengths of rope.
    "Joanie loved this she said it tested her bravery."
    "Who is Joanie?"
    "Oh that's right you don't know her. She is the girl that
worked for me before you. She married one of my clients since I
did not want to commit myself. I won't make that mistake with
    "I was elated! It seemed to be all but a proposal of
marriage. I gushed, "I will make you happier than Joanie.
Whatever she did for you I want to do more."
    He gave me the paddle to carry. It was about the size of a
tennis racquet and would cover all of my butt or breasts at each
lash. I was sure it would bruise me but I didn't care. If Joanie
did it I wanted to as well.
    He stopped me where a pine tree had blown over. The roots
held it up at about a twenty degree angle. The bark was dry and
looked awful stickery.


                       BECKY PART 4

    He picked me up and sat me down straddling it. I gasped as
what felt like hundreds of pins stuck into my inner thighs and
crotch. He tied my knees together to make my thighs grip the log.
Then he pulled me slowly forward by my arms so the stickers
slowly punctured my stomach on the way to my breasts. Finally my
breasts were pressed into the log and with the angle of the log I
had to grip the log with my thighs to keep from sliding forward
on them. He tied my wrists together then went around me pressing
my thighs, crotch and breasts into the stickers while he talked.
    "This is where the bravery comes in. You will have to grip
the log very tightly driving the stickers in. If you fight or
squirm you will be ripping the stickers off with your skin.
Joanie asked for fifty swats on her butt. Do you think you can
stand that many?"
    By that time the punctures near my clit and on my nipples had
me very excited. I found I was slowly rocking my body from side
to side to increase the area of punctures. I said, "If Joanie
took fifty give me sixty!"
    Oh God that paddle stung and it made my body jerk forward at
each spank. Eventually I gloried in it and pulled myself forward
at each spank to pick up more splinters. I began to have orgasms
at about the thirtieth spank. By the time he quit I just couldn't
cum anymore as I became totally exhausted. My body felt like it
was on fire.
    When he helped me off the log the whole front of my body was
bloody. He said, "Goddamnit I told you to stay still. Now look at
    "I know. Don't feel bad it is my fault."
    "No I should have known this would happen the way you are
excited by pain. I'll help you to the house and fix you up."
    I was so weak he ended up carrying me. He put me into a cool
bath to rinse off the blood then took me to his bed to pull out
stickers with tweezers. The bed had a mirror in the ceiling and I
saw why he was so concerned. I had abraded the top layer of skin
off my body especially my tits and crotch and there were hundreds
of stickers poking out of me. It must have taken him an hour to
pull them all. The worst were the ones in my nipples and clit.
They hurt me much more coming out than they had going in. When he
had them all he sprayed me with disinfectant. It burned so much I
began to bawl but he just kept spraying saying that we had to
make sure I did not get infected. I was so sore I couldn't stand
having covers on me.  I woke up at daybreak shivering from the
cool breeze coming through the window. I looked up at the ceiling
to see my whole front was scabbed over. It looked ugly and I
pulled a satin comforter over me. It took quite awhile to get
back to sleep because I was afraid I would be scarred.
    The next morning while he gently put salve on me he said,
"You really tore yourself up. Maybe I should let you devise your
own punishments. You are harder on yourself than I am." 
    I didn't think that was fair since he was the one that put me
on the log and he knew how I could lose control but I let it go
when he made me feel so courageous by going on.
    "I can't tell you how proud I am of you. You are
fantastically brave. Do you realize you didn't scream once even
though I was hitting you very hard and you were squirming on the
stickers like crazy."
    I admitted that I was not all that brave and it was just that
the situation got me so excited I needed the pain. He still
insisted no other girl could do it. I was glad he was proud of me
and was sure he would never want anyone else but me.
    He had me stay at his place for three days with instructions
to put on some salve every couple of hours.  He was very nice to
me and even taught me how to sail his boat. Naturally I did it
naked since clothes would pull at my scabs. Finally the scabs
started flaking off and I was very happy to see the skin was
normal under the scabs. There was even a benefit. The skin under
the scabs seemed to be softer and much more sensitive. I was
finally able to masturbate and to get off on it. It was a good
thing because he decided not to fuck me till I was completely
well. Naturally I felt he should not be deprived so I sucked his
cock at least once a day while he spanked my uninjured ass.
    When all the scabs came off I went back to work. I found that
my show had started a precedent. Every time a client who had been
at the party came to the office I had to dance naked for him and
then ask him to whip or spank me.
    "Mr. Dumas changed his mind about sex. He decided it was
alright for me to give them blow-jobs as long as they wore a
rubber. I didn't mind. The rubber made it seem like I was not
really sucking a dick and they couldn't cum on my face. Best of
all if the whipping was severe enough Mr. Dumas would fuck me
doggie style while I sucked his client.
    One day Mr Stokes came and after dancing for him he said, "I
have a couple of presents for you. If I can use the first on you
I will give you the second present."
    I opened the box he gave me and saw the pussy whip from my
movie. I held it up and decided to appear innocent forgetting Mr.
Dumas had seen my movie.
    "This doesn't look like it would hurt much."
    Mr Stokes became red in the face as he explained.
    "That is a pussy whip. You hold your outer lips open so the
tender pink parts can be whipped. Can I do it?"
    I pretended to be frightened but I could feel my pussy
getting wet. "I  guess it will be alright but Mr. Dumas will have
to agree and whip me too if he thinks it will be alright."
    Mr. Dumas seemed to get much more excited than he had from
the other clients whipping me.
    "Yeah! I think it will be great. That should give us all
orgasms. To take your mind off it you can suck me while he whips
you. Lay on your back on the desk and let your head hang off the
    I crawled up on the desk practically dripping and lifted my
knees and spread my legs. Then I pulled my lips apart with my
thumbs as I let my head fall back. Mr. Dumas said loudly, "Wait!
I want her hands free so she can finger my ass-hole while she
sucks me."
    He rushed to the closet then began threading fish-line
through alligator clips. They clamped my lips with three clips on
each lip then tied them tightly to my thigh to hold them open.
Again I had the feeling that rats were biting me. They had me
open my legs till my knees were nearly touching the desk-top. I
could feel the coolness as the moisture of my pussy evaporated
under the ceiling fan.
    Mr Stokes waited till Mr. Dumas's dick was in my throat then
brought the whip down directly on my exposed clit. The pain was
worse than I expected and it was all I could do to keep from
biting Mr. Dumas's dick. He kept hitting me till Mr. Dumas came
then they switched positions. I was in orgasm and was grateful
they hurried. By the time Mr. Stokes came I was so out of it I
did not notice he was not wearing a rubber until he nastily
pulled out his dick to shoot cum over my eyes and nose. He
humiliated me even more by scraping the cum off my face with his
finger and put his finger in my mouth to clean it off.
    He fell back in a chair while I just laid there gasping for
breath while the fan dried my sweat and cooled my burning pussy.
    I finally calmed down enough to say, "Will you take off the
clips please? They are really hurting."
    "In a minute. I want to see what that looks like when you
walk. Walk backwards to the bar and get us some drinks."
    It was wild! every step jerked my lips open. They loved the
look. When I came back they had me run in place lifting my knees
as high as I could and then do high kicks that caused a couple of
clips to rip out causing excruciating pain to make me scream.
That made them take pity on me and took out the rest of the
clips. Mr. Dumas went down on me while Mr. Stokes nibbled my
nipples till I slid into a gentle orgasm  unlike the crushing
ones from the whipping and high-kicks.
    "When I calmed down again and we were on our second drink Mr.
Stokes brought out a black velvet box saying, "Here Becky, you
sure as hell earned it."
    I opened the box to see gold hoop earrings with three little
diamonds set in them. I took out my earring and opened the catch
to put it in but it was too big to go through the hole.
    "They don't fit. I have never seen a catch this big, Usually
it is just a little wire."
    Mr Stokes laughed, "That is because they are not for your
ears. They go in your nipples. The catch has to be big so they
aren't pulled loose by your clothes. Look under the velvet."
    I lifted the velvet the rings had been attached to and found
a thick gold needle. I pulled it out and said softly, " This is
really going to hurt. Isn't it?"
    "Probably. Don't you want them."
    "Oh yes. They are beautiful but could you whip my nipples
first with the pussy whip to make them numb?"
    They were happy to oblige but the whip was not big enough to
numb them. They just became super sensitive which brought me
nearly to orgasm. When my nipple was pulled out and the needle
pushed through I came and came again when they did the other one.
They put in the rings and I bled a little so Mr. Dumas dabbed at
them with rubbing alcohol. That set them afire and I came again.
    Out of gratefulness I gave Mr.Stokes another blow-job and
enjoyed it because Mr. Dumas fucked my ass while they both stuck
fingers in my pussy.
    Mr. Dumas found a lot of uses for the rings. He would tie me
with them for whipping and when we went out to dinner he strung a
gold chain through them and around my neck to lift my breasts and
give me cleavage. Needless to say it kept me so excited during
the meal and the walk to the car I could hardly wait to be
    There was no longer any pretense that I was being punished
for doing anything wrong. He just whipped or spanked me whenever
he felt like it or I asked him to do it. He began to take off his
clothes too when he was ready to whip me so I knew I would be
fucked afterward. Knowing this made me want the pain so he would
get excited since just having me naked and kissing him did not
excite him anymore.
    One day I bought him a riding crop and asked him to spank me
with it. He agreed but did not hit very hard and when he stopped
and I rolled over for my fuck I saw that his dick was not hard. I
was puzzled since this had never happened before.
    "What is wrong? You are not hard."
    "It just isn't exciting anymore to spank you. You just want
it for foreplay. I feel you are just using me to get yourself
excited. When it used to hurt you I felt proud you loved me
enough to be willing to suffer for me and it made me feel real
manly and excited. Now that is gone."
    "But I thought you loved me and didn't want to hurt me badly.
Remember how sorry you were when I was hurt when you spanked me
on the log and I bled?"
    "Yes I do feel remorse afterwards but while it was happening
I got fantastically excited."
    I didn't know what to say. The fact that I would have to
suffer more and more to keep him excited frightened me but I
couldn't stand the idea of him losing interest. He broke my train
of thought by saying, "We will have some time to think about it.
Mr. Garrett has asked me to go to Bangkok with him for two weeks.
The government is picking up the tab. Your paycheck is in my
drawer. I am going home to pack. Feel free to use the sailboat.
The key to my house is in the drawer by your check."
    He gave me a quick kiss and went out the door. I was so
surprised I forgot to say goodbye."
    I spent the day thinking of things that might excite him
without causing me permanent harm. The phone never rang so I set
the answering machine and deposited my check then started going
to sex shops to look for things that might excite him. We already
had most of the things. I ended up buying a g-string made of
chain that would be pulled into my pussy to rub on my clit and
anus. I thought even if he didn't like it I could still use it at
home to get me excited. I also found a wood paddle with holes
drilled in it. The clerk said it would cause polka dots on my
ass. At another shop I found a chain bra that had little nails
welded to the chain to press on my nipples. I bought it to match
my g-string. 
    When I got home I put on the G-string and bra. Just walking
around was exciting. Each step caused the chain to rub on my clit
and the nails to poke and scrape my nipples. I put on a rock tape
and went out on the deck to do bump and grinds. The combination
of pain, friction, and the thought people below me could see me
if they had binoculars brought me to a climax in a short time.
    Now that I had relieved my tension I decided to reconcile my
checkbook and pay some bills with the money I had deposited. I
knew I had spent quite a bit of money on more videotapes, erotic
things and clothes but I was shocked to find my check had been
deposited just in time to avoid having the last few checks
bounce. I had made extra money entertaining his clients but I
realized I had spent it as fast as it came in. My car payment and
insurance was past due and I couldn't pay them because Mr. Dumas
had begun deducting my rent and clothes payment from my check,
"To save me the trouble of writing a check." I worried about it
all night. The next morning I bought a paper to see if there was
a amateur contest I might enter. Even if I didn't win I could
make some money couch dancing. There weren't any advertized in
the paper so I called every club in town except the one that had
gotten me whipped. I finally found one that was having a contest
in two days. After I had opened the mail and checked the
answering service I decided to practice. I got discouraged
because although I was smoother now I still was not athletic. I
decided third place was the best I could hope for. I would have
to do a lot of couch dances to get the money I needed.
    Then the phone rang. I was ready to impress the caller by
telling them Mr. Dumas was with Senator Garrett but the caller
said "Is this Becky Blake?"  
    I thought I recognized the voice and said, "Yes. May I help
    "God I hope so. This is Bob Adams remember me? You were in
our amateur contest and I had to give you a spanking."
    "How could I forget. You hurt me something awful and I am not
coming back!"
    "Wait a minute. You didn't seem to mind that spanking that
much. After all you asked for it. I am in a bind. One of my
customers bought a colonial style house and wants to throw a
plantation party. I have girls to be slaves but he wants to have
one whipped at midnight. It won't be bad. Just other girls will
do the whipping. I'll tell them to just hit hard enough to turn
the skin red. You can make five hundred bucks in a few minutes."
    The idea of being whipped in front of a lot of people made me
excited but I was cautious. "I don't think so. You hurt me a lot!
I was sore for days."
    "Come on loosen up. This is just a show. You won't be hurt
bad. These are prominent people they don't want to see someone
really get hurt
    "Do I need a costume?"
    That encouraged him. " I am providing slave outfits for all
the girls. The deal is You will serve drinks and just before
midnight you will spill a drink on the host then you will be
stripped, tied to a tree, and whipped a little for your
clumsiness. I saw you work. You love being naked in front of a
crowd. This will be a turn-on for you."
    "Well I do need the money. When and where is it?"
    "It's tonight. The girl that was going to do it got strung
out on drugs."
    "God, I wanted to think about it for a few days but I guess I
will do it if you promise not to whip me."
    He agreed and gave me the address. He told me to get there
about ten so the customers would have a chance to see me up close
before the whipping. 
    I was on pins and needles all day and when I got home I was
so excited I couldn't eat. The time dragged so I had a few drinks
then put in a videotape I bought that had a slave theme. This
girl was black and they used a long leather whip with a tassel on
the end that wrapped around her legs then butt then back to leave
a faint red line where it had hit. When the big white guy got to
her tits she was obviously excited and begged, "Fuck me Master.
Please fuck me."
    I had been playing with myself all through the hour long tape
so I had to take another shower to wash my sweaty body.
    He had said it would take about an hour to get there so I
left about nine to find the place in the woods behind Lake City.
He said I couldn't miss because the house number would be lit. I
almost missed it because there was no house at the number. I
pulled into the driveway and almost hit a big iron gate. There
was a speaker box at my window. A deep voice came out of it
asking who I was. When I identified myself the gate swung slowly
open, It was very impressive.
    I drove about a quarter of a mile into dense fir tees Then
saw a big white house with columns in front. The man with the
deep voice led me to a bedroom that was being used as a dressing
room. I could see why he was willing to provide costumes. The
cheap bastard just gave me a piece of rope to go around my waist
and a rag to hang over it to hide my cunt.
    He gave me a silver tray and told me to find out what they
wanted to drink. I soon felt like a slave nearly naked while
everyone was dressed elegantly in period costumes. The women wore
ball gowns with gobs of expensive jewelry. Everybody treated me
like dirt calling me a bitch. Unlike the club everybody would
grab me or stick fingers in me. Even the women would pinch my
nipples or butt. I was glad I had taken out the gold rings, they
would have loved to jerk on them. As the night went on they got
even bolder some of the "slaves" were pulled over laps for hand
spankings. One of the men pulled a girls arms around his neck and
held her while his wife spanked her butt with an umbrella. The
man must have been deafened by her screams in his ear.
    If any girl protested at all about having a finger jammed
into her or a slap or pinch to her tits or pussy she was spanked.
    I had no problem with that. I was sinking into the role
calling them Master Or Madam and thanking them for each poke or
pinch abjectly. Time flew as someone was paying attention to me
constantly. A lot of men said I was beautiful only the women were
really nasty. One of them lifted my breast by the nipple as if it
was dirty and told her friend I had huge gross breasts that would
be hanging to my navel by the time I was forty. I was hurt. I was
very proud of my breasts.
    At my next trip to the bar the boss told me I was waiting on
the host and to spill his drink on him. I reflected on the fact I
was about to ask to be whipped.
    As soon as I spilled it he jumped up and yelled, "You clumsy
bitch, you will be whipped for that!"
    Two men grabbed me and lifted me off the ground by my armpits
to carry me between two trees with chains and cuffs hanging off
the limbs above me. They pulled up my arms till I was on my toes
then pulled my legs apart with ropes from the trunks.
    Just as they were cutting off my tiny costume I saw a woman
walking toward me that looked evil. She was wearing all black.
Mid-thigh black boots, black leather g-string, leather bra with
nails coming out of the nipple area and a black leather hood
covering her head. She must have been a body builder, she had
muscles visible everywhere and was about six feet tall. Most
frightening was the whip she carried. It was also black leather,
a single braided thong about six feet long.
    She waited till the crowd gathered around us then stood at my
side and hit the back of my thigh. The tip whirred around to
leave a dark red line on the front. She was talented with it. She
slowly worked up leaving red lines evenly spaced up each thigh
then around my butt to have the tip cause a red blossom at the
end of the red line on my front. 
    I was screaming but also getting very excited. When she had
worked high enough to have the tip hit my nipple I screamed very
loud and then came. She came over to me and with me hung up my
breasts were level with hers. She put her arms around me and
drove the nails at the tip of her bra into my nipples! She began
to squeeze my tits at the sides to push the nails deeper in my
nipples while saying softly in my ear, "Act like you are passing
out you stupid bitch. I was told to whip you till you passed
    I didn't want her to stop! I felt a mind crushing orgasm
coming and whimpered, "I can't. I am too excited!"
    She said, "Alright. You asked for it and stepped back.
    I hung there trembling from the excitement as sensations from
my tortured nipples coursed thorough my body. She moved to my
side so the audience could see everything and began whipping my
front even harder than my back starting at my breasts and slowly
working down. When the tip of the whip dug into the crack of my
pussy The pain was so intense I let my head fall to my chest.
    They took my convulsing body over to lie on the grass at the
edge of the crowd where they gathered around to feel my weals.
    It turned out I was the opening act. A man dressed in black
leather pants and jacket yelled, "You don't know shit about
whipping. String her up!"
    She fought them but they soon had her stripped and hung up. I
found out in spite of the pain I felt and the throbbing of the
welts that I was lucky.
    He was really good with the whip. He was able to place the
tip on both her nipples, in her pussy and into the crack of her
ass. She screamed till she was hoarse while blood dripped from
the areas the tip hit. I was wondering why she didn't follow her
own advice and pass out. Just before she did she was so out of it
her body no longer jumped when the tip hit.
    I thought that had to be the finale. I was standing there
wide eyed watching them release her limp body hardly noticing the
people pinching my welts.
    Just as they had her down the host on the other side of her
grabbed his wife or girl friends arm and yelled, "Take this
bitch! I caught her with a nigger!"
    She began to cry instantly so must have known what was
coming. They began to pull the clothes off her struggling body.
It was quite a deal because she was wearing a ton of clothes. The
dress, petticoats, a full slip, a waist cincher, panties, bra,
and white stockings held up with garters. By the time she was
naked she and her strippers were glistening with sweat. 
    It took four of them to hold her while they put cuffs around
her ankles and pulled her up so she was upside down with widely
spread legs. Then they tied a stickery hemp rope around her waist
then brought the end through her legs burying the rope in the
crack of her pussy to tie her hands behind her back to expose the
firm tits she had been hiding with her hands.
    Someone handed the host a whip. I recognized it. It was just
like the whip in the closet with the lead tips. 
    It became obvious the rope in her pussy was the best thing
she could have since it protected her clit and rectum when he
brought the whip down directly on her gash. That whip was really
nasty the lead tips brought blood at almost every lash. He
covered her entire body from her knees to her neck. Front, back,
and sides. Her tits, stomach and pussy were bleeding so much
blood was running down her face. When he finally stopped she had
still not lost consciousness since being hung that way kept blood
in her head although she had become so hoarse she just grunted
when hit and her whole body went limp only moving from the force
of the whip.
    When he quit the whole place erupted into a sex orgy. There
were a lot of extra men so we "Slave girls" were satisfying at
least two at a time with our mouth, pussy, or ass-holes till
everyone was lying on the ground totally satiated. 
    When I looked over at the last girl to be whipped I saw the
host sitting on the ground using her hair to pull her mouth back
and forth on his dick. When he came he began letting her down and
unbuckling her. She just laid there whimpering.
    A little later people began getting up to go to the bar still
naked. About that time the boss gathered the "Slaves" to take us
back to the house. He began to pay everyone. He gave me Eight
hundred dollars and the girl that whipped me fifteen hundred
saying, "You got lucky. The host was happy with you and gave you
a bonus."
    "Wow that is great! How much did the last girl get?"
    He looked at me funny then said, "Nothing. That is his wife.
They both get off on this shit."
    I left off my panties and bra. When I got in my car I bunched
my dress under my armpits so I could play with myself on the way
home. I lost interest in that when my mind began to race. I could
not get the image of the host's wife bleeding body out of my
mind. I began to realize that if I wanted to keep Mr. Dumas happy
I would soon be suffering that much myself. I didn't know how to
feel about that. Up to then I had never suffered so much I
couldn't climax from it. I began to wonder what I would have to
suffer before I reached my limit and if Mr. Dumas would be
satisfied to go no further.
    In the morning my welts had subsided to red lines. The skin
had only been broken in a few places and as I recounted my money
I decided it was well worth it. I went to work but the phone
didn't ring all morning so I decided to spend the rest of the day
at Mr. Dumas's house since I could check the answering machine
from an outside phone. 
    I wandered around the estate and house and pictured myself
living in the luxury. It was not unlikely since he had said he
would marry me rather than lose me as he had Joanie. I checked
the answering machine every half hour until five then went
sailing. It was wonderful. I pictured myself on the TV program
about rich and famous people. I had no doubt that with the
contacts Mr. Dumas was making he would end up in politics. I
pictured us as the President and First lady.
    I had worn my skimpiest thong bikini and sailed close to
other boats and finally alongside the floating bridge to give all
the commuters a look. All the admiration helped convince me I was
pretty enough to be Mr. Dumas's wife.
    When I got back to the house I decided to stay over night to
enjoy the luxury. I got naked and began to explore the house. I
ended up in his office which had a big screen TV and a VCR. I
decided he must have some video tapes so began a search. In the
top drawer I found a tape and played it. It was a tape about a
girls school. It was pretty tame after what I had seen and
experienced since the girls were just spanked with hands or a
ping-pong paddle. I guess what made it exciting for him was the
fact that all the girls were very young. Probably nine or ten
because they only had wispy hair on their pussies and only
budding breasts. I kind of felt sorry for them since they were
obviously frightened since they began crying as they were
stripped of their clothes even before they were hit. 
    I decided to look for something wilder and went back to the
desk. I didn't find any tapes but found an electric push button
at the back of the bottom drawer. Out of curiosity I pushed it
and to my amazement a section of bookshelves started rising into
the ceiling.
    I went over to see a storage space with shelves to hold tapes
and a bigger shelf that held a photo album. I pulled it out and
saw my name on the cover. I opened it up to see the pictures he
had taken of me with the pins in my butt. I looked at all of them
and then found others I had not known he had taken with me being
spanked by his clients and sucking them. 
    I went back to the shelves and picked up a video tape when I
turned the flat face to me I saw it was titled Becky 1 the other
tapes went from Becky 2 through 5.
    When I plugged in Becky 1 I discovered he must have hidden
camcorders in his office. The tapes covered all my punishments or
sex sessions from my very first spanking on. I was also amazed to
see the session where I was paddled on the log proving he planned
to do that to me in advance far enough to install the camera. I
didn't mind. I was just wondering why he hadn't told me so we
could watch them together while he fucked me.
    I decided to see what else was in there. I found a heavy
cardboard box, lifted it out and untied the string around it. It
was full of money! There were banded 100s 50s, and 20s. I counted
it and discovered it contained one hundred and fifty thousand
dollars. The discovery made me angry because it really
demonstrated the difference in our income. He was so rich he
could have all that money just sitting around while I had to go
through a lot of pain and humiliation just to pay my small bills.
Suddenly the eight hundred I earned just looked like small
change. I began to think that if he really loved me he would be
happy to pay my bills.
    I went back and found another box. It was too big to lift out
so I just opened it where it was. When the flaps came apart the
first thing I saw was a large photo album with the name, "Joanie"
on the face. Naturally I opened it.
    The first set of pictures were of a cute little brunette with
a tiny waist and big boobs and round butt. She was posing to show
off a very red bottom. She seemed proud of it! She was grinning
like an idiot as she bent over and looked through her legs at the
    She was not grinning in the next set where she was tied from
the ceiling in the conference room where he took pictures to show
every inch of her body covered with red lines.
    In the next set she was hung horizontally from the ceiling
with her back bent backwards by her weight with gobs of alligator
clips with the four ounce fish weights on her nipples pulling her
tits into cone shapes. A shot from the back showed her cunt lips
being pulled down with clips and weights put on as close together
as possible. The lips were pulled out almost to the bottom of her
    In the next set she was grinning again as she made several
poses showing off gold rings in her nipples and six more in the
lips of her pussy.
    The next several pages showed her sucking dozens of different
cocks. The men's faces were never shown but I was sure I
recognized Mr. Stokes gnarly dick with grey crotch hair.
    The last set showed her tied by her hair to one wall and her
nipple rings tied to the opposite wall. Her hands were tied to a
large hemp rope that ran from her neck to her hands then jammed
between the lips of her pussy and then to the ceiling. It was
obvious her slightest move would cause the rope to saw back and
forth in her pussy. Then there were close-ups of thin red lines
dripping blood on every inch of the top of her grotesquely
stretched tits.
    That was the end of that album. I looked for another and
decided if there was one it must be under the pile of video
tapes. I began to pull them out and arrange them from Joanie 1 to
Joanie 12.
    I put in Joanie 1. 
    The tapes had sound and it was obvious she was being
interviewed for a job. She told him this sad story about her
parents being killed in a car wreck and how she had moved in with
her grand-mother until she died. Now her money had run out and
she was desperate for a job. She looked pathetic in a shabby but
clean shapeless dress that looked as if it may have belonged to
her grand-mother.
    He looked at her and said, "In the ad I said The applicant
should be attractive. How can I tell what you look like in that
dress? Take it off."
    She looked frightened and replied, "Oh no sir. I couldn't do
that. I am too bashful."
    "Alright. Go home. I have other girls to interview."
    "No! I understand, you have a beautiful office and should
have a pretty girl. I'll do it."
    She clumsily took off the dress and when he insisted took off
her slip too revealing herself in cotton bra and panties. I
wondered why she had hesitated, the pants and bra hid more than a
two piece bathing suit. She nervously obeyed his orders to turn
around slowly and assume poses until I could tell she was
beginning to enjoy it as he gave her compliments at each pose.
    Then it was deja vu time. He told her almost exactly what he
had told me before my first spanking. I knew just what she was
feeling as she said, "I guess it would be alright. Mom, Dad, and
grandma spanked me when I was bad. Will you use a belt? They used
a belt and it hurt awful."
    "No. This is just a test spanking. I will just use my hand.
come lay across my lap."
    She laid across his lap and gasped when he twisted the back
of her panties and pulled them into the crack of her butt. He
spanked her lightly at first turning her buns pink then slowly
redder as he worked down to her crotch and began hitting her
pussy with the tips of his fingers. It became obvious she was
getting off on it. She moaned and squirmed while her panties at
her crotch became transparent as they got wet from her pussy
juice. He kept spanking until she began to pump her butt in
orgasm. Then he lifted her up and said, "Give me a kiss so I will
know you aren't mad at me."
    She straddled his legs and jammed her crotch into the lump in
his pants while she gave him a long kiss. 
    Then like me he gave her his credit card and told her to buy
five dresses one for everyday. The dresses you get should reveal
these marks. He took out a felt tip pen and made a short line on
her legs just below her butt and then pulled down her bra a
little and made other marks on her breasts. 
    She protested that if the dress was cut that low her bra
would show. When he told her she would not be wearing a bra she
said, "Yes I noticed a lot of girls don't wear bra's anymore. I
guess I am out of style."
    There was a little static on the screen when it was turned
off then cleared up to show her in a cute black dress holding a
large sack with the stores name on it. He had her turn around
while she pirouetted giggling pointing out the fact all the marks
he put on her showed. Then he told her the panty lines showed. He
had her come over to him and he reached under her skirt to pull
them off. She blushed but didn't protest.
    She did hesitate when he told her to model her other dresses
but her blushes eventually turned to a look of excitement and she
began to change while facing him a few feet away. At the last
dress she began gushing thanks and saying she did not know how to
repay him.
    He said, "You can earn them. I will give you a dollar for
each spank."
    "She looked puzzled. "I thought I would just be spanked when
I was bad."
    "You have been bad. You just blew enough money on dresses to
take care of a homeless family for months."
    She seemed happy for the excuse. She came over to him and
lifted her dress to her waist then laid across his lap saying she
was ready to make the first payment. While he was spanking her
the little slut worked her dress down and began squeezing her
breasts then began to squeal when she began to climax.
    From then on she was spanked again and again a little harder
and longer each time. I got bored with it and began to run the
tape at double speed. I stopped and backed it up when I saw her
kneeling in front of him looking up at him adoringly.
    She was saying, "Don't you think I am attractive? You see me
naked all the time and make me awfully excited but you never try
to make love to me. I read about sex in my romance novels. It
sounds wonderful and I would like you to be my first lover."
    "Don't you think it is a little slutty to ask your boss to
fuck you?"
 "Oh do you think so? Maybe I should be punished for it."
    He just laughed. "Yeah right! Don't you think I know having
your cute butt spanked just excites you?"
    Maybe she didn't because she blushed but then said, "No I
mean really punished. In one of my novels the heroine was hung up
and whipped to try to get her to tell them where her lover was so
they could kill him. She suffered terribly as they hit her all
over even her breasts but didn't tell them. I wonder if I could
be that brave. You have extra neckties in the closet you could
use to tie me to the chandelier."
    That obviously excited him. His penis made a tent out of his
pants as he said, "I see. If you ask me to stop that will be when
you betray your lover."
    "Yes, but I won't betray him."
    He got up to go to the closet while she slid off her dress.
She was obviously excited because she couldn't resist caressing
her nipples and pussy while his back was turned.
    That brought on her first whipping with his belt while strung
up in the conference room. He started at her back but when that
only brought little gasps he hit her tummy. That brought a low
moan and he went higher to cover her breasts. He hit hard making
her tits jump but she still only made little squeals as he
started back down. He seemed surprised then pleased when one
across her pubic brought a squeal and then she opened her legs to
expose her pussy. From then on he alternated lashes back and
forth to her tits and pussy while she panted and her skin began
to glow from her perspiration. Finally he became so excited he
dropped the belt and slid down his pants to fuck her while she
was still tied.
    When he turned her loose she hugged and kissed him as if he
had given her the world.
    That is where I found out where all the whips and things in
the closet had come from.
    At almost every tape from then on she was giving him a new
strap, paddle, or other thing to use on her.
    Unlike me when he used the electric dildo on her she screamed
and came when the electric spikes dug into the pink part of her
pussy exposed by the alligator clips tied to her thighs.
    I began to realize that I was sure to have all these things
used on me eventually.
    On the next tape she gave him the lead tipped cat of nine
tails while saying she knew he would not hurt her badly with it.
    She was wrong! He hit so hard every lash caused blood to
appear at each tip. She didn't get off on that! She screamed and
begged him to stop but he kept it up till she fainted then fucked
her unconscious body while he spread her blood around on her
    She woke up while he was washing off the blood. She begged
groggily to be let down but he told her that the cuts needed to
be disinfected. He mixed a whole bag of epsom salts in a mop
bucket and then used a towel to soak her body with it. It must
have burned terribly and it was unnecessarily cruel. He could
have put it on her while she was unconscious. She screamed until
she passed out again. He took her down and when the bleeding
stopped he slipped her dress on her. When she was fully conscious
he kissed her and told her to go home.
    On the next tape it seemed he had gone too far. She took off
her dress showing large scabs and said, "I have to get away from
you. Look at me. I am going to be scarred. I thought you loved
me. How could you hurt me so bad?"
    "Remember that you brought me that whip. You know you love
being whipped. Just admit it."
    "That is what frightens me. I am afraid I might even get to
like that terrible whip. I had no idea you would hit so hard. I
just have to quit and meet someone who will be nice to me."
    "Get real! A nice guy will bore the shit out of you."
    "I know he will if I don't get away from you now. Goodbye. It
is your fault you were so cruel."
    She started to walk to the door while slipping on her dress
but he stopped her.
    "Wait a minute. I want you to listen to this. He went to his
safe and came back with a paper he read from aloud.
    "I Joanie Becks admit I took fifteen hundred dollars from my
employer Mr. Dumas. Signed Joanie Becks. Do you know what this
    "Yes that is for the money I borrowed from you to buy my car.
You let me pay it off at one dollar for spanks and two dollars
for lashes. It is all paid off."
    "No. What this amounts to is a confession that you have
stolen money from me. If I give this to the police you will go to
jail for ten years. Those butch dykes in prison will love you.
You will be sucking pussies and ass-holes every night."
    "But it was a loan! It says underneath how I would pay it
    "I can fix that." He took the paper to a paper cutter and cut
off the bottom part, wadded it up and burned it in an ashtray."
    Jesus, that made me bolt upright as I realized I had signed
that same paper for even more money. I had no receipts or
anything to show I was paying it back.
    He went on, "Well what is it going to be. Are you going to be
a good girl and stay with me or go to jail until one of the butch
dykes kill you. I'll give you a break and not use that whip
unless you piss me off."
    She hung her head and moaned, "I'll stay with you. I saw a
movie about women's prisons. That would be even worse."
    "Good from now on you will beg me for whipping. Get off that
dress and go get the thronged whip.
    She walked to the closet whimpering. When she came back he
had her lie back on his desk with her legs spread and told her to
rub the thongs along her slit till they were wet. 
    I could understand her getting excited I became wet just
watching and began rubbing my clit.
    Then he made her beg him to whip her tits while she pushed
them up with her hands squeezing the sides till her cleavage was
a tight crack. After that he made her hold her pussy lips apart
while he whipped her clit. She got off on it! When he quit she
begged him to fuck her but he said she didn't deserve it. She
seemed grateful he let her suck his cock while she dug at her
    From that point on he must have moved her into his house
because there were no more tapes shot in the office. I wondered
if this is when I was hired.
    From that point on her tortures become worse and worse. Every
whipping caused blood because he whipped her with clothes hanger
wire, rose branches, and even barbed wire with her often
straddling the log I had been on. She must have tried to run away
because she began to wear a manacle on her ankle with a long
chain. He asked her to beg him to burn her nipples! When she
refused he tied her and whipped her nipples till they were raw
then put out cigarettes by pushing them in her nipples.
    On another tape he tied her upside down and stuck a long
candle in her pussy then jerked off while she screamed as the hot
wax burned her until it burned so low her pussy lips closed over
the flame and put it out.
    It was just terrible! He never let her completely heal and
her body began to look awful as it was covered with scars and
scabs. He had burned off her pussy hair and her pussy was just
one big scar. She became almost like a zombie. She didn't bother
to beg for mercy anymore for anything he wanted to do. Until the
last tape.
    When it came on she was hanging from the ceiling upside down
with a long big iron pipe with manacles on the ends holding her
legs open widely. Her body was stretched by bar bell weights tied
to her wrists. She was moaning. She had lost a lot of weight,
every rib was showing. He threw a bucket of ice water on her and
    "Wake up bitch! I have a present for you. Take a look."
    He took a whip out of a box that was unreal. It looked like a
soft ball bat with a chain about two feet long that had nails
welded to every link.
    She began screaming as soon as she saw it. He just laughed
and hit her ass. It was awful! Every time the chain came back
pieces of her skin came with it. He kept it up until you could no
longer see skin for the blood. Then he began on her front ripping
pieces of skin from her breasts.until blood was running down her
neck. When he hit her pussy pulling the nails toward him she let
out a blood curdling scream and stopped moving. Her eyes were
open and I realized she was dead when blood no longer gushed out
of her wounds. I was sick and threw up on the carpet.
    I had watched the tapes all night but I was not the slightest
bit tired. I knew what I had to do. I loaded the money into my
car and then came back and got my tapes and photo album. At the
last minute I loaded up Joanie's album and tapes and after I had
packed my clothes and closed my checking account I dropped off
the tapes and album at UPS to ship to the police department.
    I still had nine days to get away so I drove to Reno then
caught a plane to Florida where I got a passport to go on to
    I love it here. I found out it was a cheap place to live if
you stay in small towns. I bought a little house on the beach to
have a constant vacation. I met a man who is an investment
counselor. We are living together and the interest on the money
will easily support me the rest of my life. Best of all he loves
the way I submit and when I had a birthday and told him he should
give me a birthday spanking he loved it. He is more than happy
just with spankings or light whipping with a little thong whip I
made for him. We both get fantastic climaxes. 
    He has asked me to marry him and down deep I have to admit I
owe Mr. Dumas a lot for my introduction to S&M and my financial
security. I didn't follow the stateside papers so I don't know
what happened to Mr. Dumas I realize he had a mental problem and
hope they gave him a chance to be cured.

                             The End

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