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The Agony of Simone

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Synopsis: A beautiful young French Resistance girl is captured and brutally tortured by three nasty Gestapo women and their pet Doberman.

THE AGONY OF SIMONE A fantasy tale by Cordoza

"Very well then you little slut, don't talk! We really don't care if it means we can gain so much more pleasure from watching your beautiful body writhe in torment," the colonel cupped her firm breast and whispered into her ear, "You have no idea what we can and 'will' do to the most intimate parts of you body if you continue to keep silent," then she twisted the girl's nipple painfully.

The beginning

April, 1942, and in a small French provincial town a young girl sat trembling with fear. It was exactly forty three minutes since her bedroom door had been kicked in, at last they had found her with her radio set. She had no time to tap a warning message, the Gestapo agent in the black leather trench coat and fedora had seized her wrist then slapped her hard across the face. She spun across the room onto the bed. He grabbed her arms and cuffed them behind her back, then pulled her to her feet.

An SS soldier picked up the radio set while two others took hold of the young French girl and dragged her out of the door and down the stairs. They waited in the hallway while outside a platoon of soldiers savagely beat back the small inquisitive crowd. Having cleared a path they took her out of the door and bundled her into the back of a military police van. Two SS soldiers sat opposite her leering at her legs and breasts. Then one of them looked into her eyes and smiled. She thought for one stupid moment that he was showing a glimpse of humanity, but then shivered with fright as he tauntingly drew his finger across his throat and laughed.

And now here she was, awaiting her fate in a cold office of Gestapo headquarters, a sinister grey stone building covered in red, white and black swastika flags at the center point of the now notorious Rue De Douleur.

Simone was barely eighteen, five feet two inches tall, and a stunningly beautiful young woman with a curvaceous figure that instantly turned the heads of both Frenchmen and German soldier alike. Her pretty short straight dark hair was now disheveled, wisps of softest black hung over her pretty brown eyes, and in their corners two teardrops started to form.

A woman dressed in the hated black uniform of the SS entered the room. Simone looked at her coldly. She noted that the officer was tall, she guessed her to be in her late thirties, with fine neatly combed shoulder length blond hair, a typical Arian maiden of the Nazi Reich. The older woman glanced sideways at the girl with steely blue eyes, set in what would otherwise be considered a very beautiful face. Her long black leather boots squeaked as she strode across the floor and sat down behind the plain wooden table.

"Bonjour Mademoiselle. I am SS Standartenfuhrer Helga Schmidt." she began, glancing quickly through a thick brown folder of papers. Nodding with satisfaction she looked up at Simone with ice cold insensitive eyes, "Good, good. …So, we have caught you at last! You are the radio operator we have been seeking for some considerable time. We know that your codename is 'Swift', … but regrettably not swift enough this time mademoiselle! Now, I would like you to tell me the names of your resistance contacts. "

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Simone replied defiantly, her lip quivering.

The Colonel laughed.

"Oh! and I suppose you are going to tell me that you were just listening on your little radio to the Paris Symphony Orchestra!"

The girl didn't answer and gazed determinedly out of the window. Agitated by her coolness, Colonel Schmidt slammed the folder down on the desk making Simone jump with fright. A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought of her lover George.

Schmidt shouted at her…


The girl turned quickly to face her again.

"GO FUCK YOURSELF COLONEL!" she replied, and spat in her face.

The older woman took out her handkerchief and delicately wiped the spittle from her cheek, then shook her head in despair.

"Madame! You are either very brave, or very stupid. Do you think we have the time to play silly schoolgirl games!" there was no answer, "Very well, you stubborn little French Bitch!" then she waved to the guards. "Take her down to Sturmscharfuhrer Gruber," she commanded.

Simone cursed and fought desperately as the soldiers grabbed her arms, lifted her up and bundled her out of the door and into the lift. In her mind Simone knew she had entered an unending horrendous nightmare as the machinery hummed loudly in her ears, taking her on a journey into the very depths of hell. Her thoughts were only of her lover George coming home to find her gone. What would he say? she wondered, what would he do? There was a jolt and they had reached the cellars.

The two guards pulled back the gate then walked her quickly down a long concrete corridor lined with cell doors. Suddenly she heard a lonely pitiful scream behind one of them. Twisting around she tried to run, but the guards held her firmly by her arms and propelled her forward again, she protested loudly, her feet dragging along the ground until they reached a grey steel door at the far end, marked 'Entry Verboten'.

The guards knocked. High up, a small trap door opened and an ugly woman's face peered at them. Then she noticed the raven haired beauty and grinned. The door opened and Simone was thrown inside.

It could have been just another featureless room, but far from it. The young girl almost peed with fright as she saw the two huge valkyrian thugs standing under two rusty chains that hung from the ceiling. She shuddered as she looked around the room that was full of equipment that could only be for the purpose of torture. Racks of whips of varying size and design, and terrifying tools of unknown torment hung in neat rows on the filthy stained walls. Wood and steel furniture of a strange design were scattered about, and in the corner there smoldered a huge iron brazier, it's orange and red coals glowing brightly. The two women seized her.

"NEEOOO! … NON! … YOU FILTHY PIGS! … LET ME GO!" she squealed angrily as she struggled against the rough pawing hands. She slapped one thug in the face and the huge woman retaliated by punching her hard in the stomach. Simone doubled over in pain and retched. They grabbed her wrists and pulled them up to the chains where they were locked securely into two bloodstained steel cuffs.

The tall blond tore open the front of the girl's blouse, while her brunette companion ripped apart the hem of her flimsy black skirt. Simone kicked out wildly as piece by piece her outer clothes and shoes were cut away from her body, until at last she hung there in her bra, panties and long black stockings. She whimpered quietly, her breasts barely restrained in the lacy black half cup bra heaved up and down, while her nervous breaths scattered the wisps of black hair that clung to her face. The blond squeezed her tits painfully. Her big ugly face grinned as she grabbed the delicate material of her brassiere and ripped it away. Her black panties quickly followed, as did her stockings and garter belt.

The colonel entered the room and locked it behind her.

"Ah, that is good! Our young friend is ready to play with us." She strode towards the hanging girl and gently spoke to her…

"I will ask you again. Will you tell me who your contacts are?"

"NON!" Simone replied and bravely spat at the blond thug next to her. The huge Valkyrie winced, and was about to punch her again when her commander held up her hand. She spoke to the angry sergeant …

"Heidi my dear, I think we will start with the long whip. This little bitch needs to learn a few manners!"

The blonde guard smiled with delight and removed her black shirt. At almost six feet she was very tall, her light blond hair was braided but caught up on her head in a severe bun. Her name was Staff Sergeant Heidi Gruber, maniacally loyal to the party, and a particularly nasty piece of work. Her huge Teutonic breasts, naked now, and her muscular body gleamed with sweat in the strong lights as she went to the wall and took down a long vicious looking black snake whip. She tested it by striking it hard along the concrete floor. The whip cracked like a gun shot and Simone cringed then shivered as the evil bitch grinned at her with her perfect white teeth. She flexed the powerful muscles in her naked arms and chest just to show the girl what little mercy she would receive, then took up position behind the young girl's naked defenseless body.

Simone gritted her teeth and tried to concentrate her mind on her lover George's face. She could see him now, walking that last time down the street towards her. In her dream he stopped and smiled, then their lips met and …


Her back exploded with searing pain. An angry red stripe burned across her tender young flesh and licked around her side. Several spots of blood formed and trickled downward and into the crease of her buttocks. She didn't even have time to prepare as there was another swish and her thighs caught fire.


A pair of stripes glowed a vivid scarlet in a ring round her slender legs. Tears oozed from the corners of Simone's eyes and ran down her cheeks. Her lips quivered and she shook with fear and anger as the horrendous pain screamed upward from her nerve endings to her brain.

"Enough!" said the colonel. She walked to Simone's side and whispered again, "Well, my little dove, do you wish to say anything to me before Heidi continues?" The young French girl hung her head in silence, "Very well then you little slut, don't talk! We really don't care if it means we can gain so much more pleasure from watching your beautiful body writhe in torment," the colonel cupped her firm breast and whispered into her ear, "You, have no idea what we can and WILL do to the most intimate parts of you anatomy if you continue to keep silent." She twisted her nipple painfully. "You are a stupid young fool," Then she nodded to the sergeant who shifted her position, grinning in sadistic delight as she swung back her arm.


This time the long rope of tightly braided hide landed partly on her lower back and snaked around her flank blazing a trail of fire across her flat toned stomach. The evil whip fell away and the soft white flesh trembled, then turned to a strip of deep angry bluish red.

The valkyrie continued whipping her for ten agonizing minutes, making her way slowly around the naked sweating body, taking her time as she scourged the young girl's most sensitive areas of skin. Simone grunted and yelled with pain as the savage whip seared her buttocks, her thighs and her calves. Each time the whip recoiled, it sprayed a shower of hot sweat across the concrete floor. Simone constantly wailed and blubbed, the tears flooding down her cheeks. Her skin was now a spiders web of deep red stripes and black bruises. Long trickles of scarlet flowed from the places where the skin had been torn and dripped into small puddles on the floor. But the young French girl swung defiantly in her shackles, her stubborn silence remained.

Up till now her breasts had been spared, but that ended when the colonel handed the brunette a long thin cane from the wall. Trude knew her job well and taking the cane stood to one side of the girl. Simone looked down at the rod as it was rested momentarily on her cleavage, then it rose high into the air. There was a pause, then a blur, and all feeling suddenly ceased in her heaving breasts. They froze into ice for a second then melted in an instant as the skin temperature in their sensitive tips soared to incandescence. The pain was so bad it winded her. She could only stand and stare ahead of her as she fought to breathe once more. Finally she gasped, then screamed louder than ever … and in a moment of weakness she cried out George's name.

The colonel held up her arm and the whipping ceased.

"So my little dove!" Schmidt whispered, "You are missing your lover, yes?"

Simone quickly stared at the woman in panic. How could she know about him?

"Please …" she whimpered, "he knows nothing. Pleeeeeeeease don't hurt him!"

Helga Schmidt laughed.

"Do not worry little one, we know he is nothing to us. Just a poor simple fool… No, it is 'you' we are interested in…but maybe…" she added thoughtfully, "yes, maybe the love he gives you can loosen your tongue."

"Why!!!?... wh' … what do you mean!" Simone looked at her in terror.

"I mean my little whore, that 'we' can love you as he can," Helga purred in a deep sexy voice and started to undo the buttons on her shirt. Her two assistants grinned with expectant glee and also began to strip off their uniforms.

Simone watched them with puzzlement for a moment, then wailed as she realized the horror of what she meant!


"Oh, I think YES my little French dove," Helga cooed, her large breasts exposed to the girl's frightened stare. She walked forward and stopped directly in front of her, then reached out to caress the side of her face and neck. Simone turned away, but Schmidt grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head forward, then kissed her full on the lips. The woman's powerful hand squeezed the girl's cheeks forcing her mouth open and permitting Helga to push her tongue deep inside.

"UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!" Simone squealed against the rough mouth, then squealed again as she felt another pair of naked breasts press into her back.

The tall blonde guard leaned her clammy sweating body against the girl, then bent her head and breathed hotly into her ear. She nibbled the soft little lobe before moving down to kiss and lick the side of her neck and the top of her shoulder. Gripping her tightly around the waist with her hands, she ground her already moist sticky cunt in circles against the girl's naked butt.

The brunette, Trude, was by now also naked and stood by Simone's other side, her hand cupping the girl's soft breast and firmly squeezing the tender orb. She bent her head and kissed the other side of her neck, then paused and bit the girl hard on the shoulder. After a couple of minutes, Schmidt released the girl's mouth and looked deeply and lustfully into her frightened tearful eyes.

"I have a couple of toys that I had specially made for pretty little things like you. I think you will enjoy them as they will so remind you of dear George." She winked at her companions, "Enjoy her for a moment my dears, while I get ready."

Simone screeched as the two women set about kissing and fondling her body while the colonel went over to a table and removed her uniform. Heidi kneeled on the floor between the girl's legs. Prizing apart the slim thighs she buried her face in the small black triangle of pubic hair. Simone screamed as the blonde licked the lips of her labia, tugging at the folds of skin with her teeth. She pushed her nose between them and sniffed the girl's wonderful intimate perfume of sexual youth.

The brunette cupped the girl's breasts in her hands. She squeezed the soft fleshy orbs, delighting in their smooth voluptuousness gliding against the coarseness of her palms. Leaning inward she head butted the side of Simone's face, the girl squealed in pain and turned her head away. The brunette dived inward and fastened her teeth onto the slender neck. She sucked hungrily at her neck and throat, making it gleam wetly with her saliva, then she suddenly growled in her sexual frenzy and bent down to bite hard on the girl's nipple.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" screamed Simone in agony.

Trude sucked hard and the soft bud shot deep into her mouth. She clamped her lips around it and pulled her head back, stretching the soft flesh into a tiny cone. Gazing up into Simone's startled eyes, she let go then sucked in a whole mouthful of tit, her cheeks hollowing deeply as she sucked and chewed on the hot sweaty flesh.

Down below, the blond Valkyrie had first lifted and now gripped Simone's legs firmly over her shoulders, her blond hair bun bobbing backward and forwards. She searched and found the girl's clit, then tugged at it, making it grow and throb between her lips, and was rewarded by a squirt of the girl's intimate juices that spattered her cheeks. She sucked hard at the swollen button of flesh, worrying it with her tongue and occasionally nipping it between her sharp teeth, making the girl squeal in both pain and reluctant pleasure.

Trude acted in perfect synchronization with her colleague, she stood behind her and clamped her powerful muscular thighs around Simone's calves to keep then in place against her partner's back. Heidi increased the girl's degradation by reaching up under her crotch and forcing apart her buttocks, then she pushed two of her fingers deep into her tight little anus. She wiggled them about as she sucked on her clit, sending powerful and ecstatic signals racing to the poor girl's fuddled and confused brain.

Helga Schmidt had crossed to a cupboard and taken two large black objects from the shelf. She laid one on the table, then bending down, she stepped into a web of black leather straps and pulled the object up her long legs. It was a primitive type of strap on dildo made from hard rubber. Heidi had requested that the rubber used for the prick part should be manufactured with small studs, to add some very unpleasant friction when worked inside a tender young pussy.

Picking up the other long object, she came back to the three writhing lovers and stood in front of the French girl. Simone looked down at the huge black penis and realized that the woman was going to rape her with it. She was too shocked to say anything.

"Now my little French dove. I think you need to be in a more comfortable position, don't you think?"

Heidi and Trude unfastened Simone's wrist cuffs and dragged her over to a strange looking bench. The device was a sort of wooden platform with two vertical steel posts bolted on either side about half way along, these were fitted with restraining cuffs top and bottom. The bench platform was V shaped. At the narrow end was a vertical steel rod rising up from the base, attached to the top was a steel collar.

Simone was forced to kneel up on the platform with her legs spread wide apart. Trude took each of her wrists and strapped them to the top of the posts, holding her arms open behind her. Then she took each knee and strapped it to the bottom of each post to hold the girl's thighs wide apart. Heidi sized Simone's hair and pulled her head and chest downward, then she fastened the steel collar around her neck with a padlock. The young girl was now kneeling on the bench, bending downward with her butt high in the air.

Helga moved between Simone's thighs and rubbed the dildo up and down the crack of her widespread pussy. Trude reached between the two lovers and spread apart the swollen pink lips of the girl's labia, then helped guide the dildo as Helga pushed her hips forward, driving the prick deep into the girl's cunt. The girl screamed at the full realization of her rape. Heidi fetched a long cane from the wall and stood at the girl's head. Judging the right moment she brought the whip down hard on her naked back, making her scream again as the woman drove the dildo deeply inside her. Helga now held up the other object, another dildo fitted to a wooden handle. The rubber device was also studded and the woman positioned the bulging tip against the girl's anus and began to twist and push it home.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! STOP! STOP! … NOT THERE! … PLEASE NON! NON!" she screamed, but Helga took no notice and was soon plunging the ass dildo in and out in time with her rapid fucking.

Schmidt held the girl around her slender waist with her other arm to enable her hips to thrust freely backwards and forwards. She set up a steady rhythm, the huge muscles in her butt and thighs flexed and bulged as she pumped both pricks in and out. Simone's body jerked, and she groaned with pain as the greasy rubber invaders pounded into her belly and bowels. She screamed every time the whip struck her back and shoulders, again and again and again. Meanwhile, Heidi and the brunette were squeezing her breasts upward in their palms, bending down to alternately suck on the soft sensitive throbbing nipples.

"COME ON BITCH, MOVE THAT ASS!" Helga screamed as she rode the sweating young girl.

"UGH! … UGH! … UGH! … UGH!" moaned Simone as the rutting woman's hips and thighs slammed into her butt with a loud sticky slapping noise. Hot sweat dripped from the young girl's body as she was viciously fucked and sodomized. The two guards were sucking and biting hard on her nipples, causing her intense pain in their tender tips as the rough lips and sharp teeth pulled and tugged at them.

"You know … little one," the woman grunted as she fucked, "this is just the nice … part of this … interrogation. If you tell us … what we want to know, then you … will be free to become … our sex slave. How about it … my little French whore?"


"OH!" Helga paused her humping and leaned down across her back, "Then maybe you would prefer a nice male cock then, mmmm?" she pulled her dildos out of the girl then turned to the brunette.

"Trude, I think that she would prefer Wolfgang. Why don't you go and fetch him for our little bitch."

"But of course Frau Commandant!" she replied, "He will be delighted with his new toy." And so she went to the end door and disappeared for a few minutes.

Schmidt and her sergeant undid the girl's straps and released her, taking care to keep her wrists firmly cuffed tightly together in front. Heidi then told her to lie on the ground, and when she refused, she beat her with the cane until she lay down. Schmidt looked down at her as she lay sniveling on the concrete floor.

"I want you to meet a dear friend of Trude's. He has been very patient waiting to make love to you." There was the sound of growling outside the door and the brunette entered leading a big Doberman on a heavy leash. The dog barked frantically when he saw the naked Simone and excitedly tried to drag his mistress over to her. He sniffed at her legs and crotch, and then buried his snout deep between the girl's thighs, lapping hungrily at her cunt. Simone screamed and tried to scramble away, but Heidi lashed her several times with the whip.

"STAY STILL YOU LITTLE BITCH!" she shouted, "Let him have his way with you!"

"NON! NON! … NON! … TAKE HIM AWAY! … IT IS DISGUSTING!" screamed Simone, struggling to get up on her knees. She kicked out at the dog's nose and it yelped in pain.

"DON'T YOU DARE HARM MY POOR LITTLE BABY!" Trude screamed at her, then crossed over to the brazier and took out a red hot smoking iron.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!" screamed Simone, as the iron tip burned a nasty red hole in her shoulder.

"YOU WILL GET MORE … MUCH MORE GIRL IF YOU DON'T STAY STILL!" Trude screamed, "Now lie on your back and open your legs wide for him!"

Simone sobbed loudly with the pain in her shoulder as she lay back on the floor and reluctantly spread her thighs. The dog growled at her then sniffed and buried his eager nose once more. He licked her cunt and inner thighs with renewed vigour, occasionally baring his razor sharp teeth which grazed the soft skin and left angry red bloody smears.

"That is good!" Trude praised her, "Now lean under Wolfe and suck him until he's hard enough to fuck you, … OR ELSE!" She waved the still smoking iron menacingly in front of the girl's face.

Simone whimpered as she crawled sideways under the dogs furry belly and stared fearfully at his prick. She jumped when she felt something touch her thigh, but it was only the dog's wet nose, and she quickly pressed down on the floor with her cuffed hands to raise her mouth to the dog's organ. She sniffed at it cautiously, It didn't smell as bad as she thought it would, and she gingerly opened her mouth and closed her lips over the small pink shaft. Gradually she began to suck. The animal stood perfectly still and made strange whimpering noises as it's prick began to grow longer and swell in the French girl's sucking mouth. She felt filthy and ashamed as she lay there under the dog, bobbing her head up and down, the muscles in her arms and back ached as she crouched in such a painful position. The dog's penis rapidly grew longer, fat and swollen, his balls churned and became bloated with cum.

"That's enough!" said Trude, "He's hard, now get up onto your hands and knees so that he can have some of that delicious pussy, and be quick about it!"

Simone wriggled sideways and rolled over onto her belly. She pushed down onto the floor with her cuffed palms and raised herself onto her knees, her butt pushed high in the air.

"Spread those thighs wide girl, and keep your face pressed down to the floor on its side, so you can be a proper little bitch and we can see you enjoy him."

The girl instantly obeyed and the Doberman rushed eagerly around to her butt where he started sniffing again. Satisfied that he had a real bitch, Simone sniveled and blubbed as the dog scrambled up onto her back, it's long claws tearing a trail of bloody streaks down her flanks as he rutted his hips. He soon found the soft wet target and rammed his doggy prick home. Simone cried loudly as she lay there feeling the hard pumping rod deep in her belly. The animal panted hard and hotly against the back of her head as he worked her.

Trude knew her pet's most intimate passions, so she bent down and pushed Simone's black hair to either side exposing the soft whiteness of her neck. The dog barked with delight and snapped his teeth shut on the exposed skin. Getting a firm grip with his mouth, he growled, his drool running in a vile sticky river down the young girl's cheek to enter the corner of her open gasping mouth. She tasted it, wretched, then vomited across the floor.

For half an hour the huge Doberman worked the girl's sweat soaked body. She tried to keep still, all she could do was be a bitch, his bitch, and sweat like a pig. The dog shook her like a rag doll as he pounded her with his huge prick, his balls swollen with cum, slapped loudly against her soft white underbelly. Then his teeth released her bloody neck. Lifting his head he howled as his prick jerked and spurted inside her, his bloated balls pumping their boiling jism deep into her womb.

At last the huge animal scrambled off, leaving a trail of white sticky sperm on the French girl's inner thighs which trickled slowly down to her knees. Trude patted the dog's head, then snapped his leash back on and led him out of the door. The girl slumped down onto the floor, curled herself up into a ball, and wept.

But Helga and Heidi pulled the sniveling Simone to her feet, mostly by her hair, and dragged her over to the wall and sat her on a heavily built high backed wooden chair. It looked like something straight out of a medieval torture chamber, with rows of spikes on the back, seat and arms that were fitted with four heavy leather straps. The young girl screeched when her naked butt was pierced by the spikes and her soft skin started to bleed. Heidi pulled her wrists high above her head and clipped a heavy chain to her wrist cuffs. Then she turned a handle. Simone was pulled up onto her toes, up until she swung slightly in the air, the backs of her thighs brushing against the chair arms. Heidi pulled up the girl's left ankle and bent her knee back, then she strapped both her ankle and knee to the spiked left arm of the chair. Taking her right leg she strapped it the same way to the right arm of the chair. Simone was now kneeling at about waist height above the chair seat, her thighs and cunt spread wide apart and freely open to access. She constantly wailed in terrible pain as the arm spikes shredded her shins. Schmidt whispered to her…

"Now tell me Mademoiselle, do you still refuse to talk? …because if you don't then I warn you that what has happened so far will seem like a picnic compared to what we are going to do with your body now."

Simone breathed quietly in short sharp agonized gasps. She kept her head down and said nothing, her short black hair was soaked with sweat, and her body greasy with running sweat, drool and dog cum. She tried to focus with her eyes that were red and raw from crying.

"Very well then little one, we will continue."

Helga nodded to Heidi who fetched a large bakelite control box that trailed a set of thick coloured wires. Setting it down beside the girl on a trolley, she reached underneath and picked up a stainless steel cylinder, about ten inches long and two inches thick. Bending between Simone's thighs she twisted the shiny probe deep into her raw red cunt. The girl could only gasp in pain as she looked down and saw the woman clip a green wire to the exposed end of the shaft.

Heidi then picked up the ends of two red wires that each had a vicious looking sprung serrated clip attached. She held them patiently as Trude picked up a pair of heavy steel pliers. The brunette took up position on the girl's right and closed the tool over her nipple, then taking a tight grip, she pulled the breast outward into a cone.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Simone screamed in agony.

Trude released the nipple and inspected it. Unsatisfied with the result, she then gripped it again with the pliers and pulled until it stood out half an inch.


"Then tell me what I want to know!" Helga coaxed her, gently stroking her hair.

"I CAN'T … I JUST CAN'T!" she blubbed.

"Than I can't help you!" Schmidt answered with a frown and nodded to her sergeant.

Simone's nipple was very swollen and bright red with pain, it throbbed with blood. Heidi reached forward and closed the bright steel clip over the highly sensitive tip.


They ignored her as Trude once more used the pliers to pull on Simone's other nipple until it was also erect. There were further screams as a second clip was attached to the tender bud and the young girl's chest heaved with the awful pain making her young tits wobble, the clips and sinister red wires dancing wildly in the air. Helga gave the wires a sadistic playful tug to make sure they were firmly attached, she smiled when she saw a trickle of blood ooze from the savaged tips, then nodded to the blond. Heidi flicked a switch then held the control box firmly as she turned a large handle on the side.

A heavy current flowed through the girl's nipples straight to her cunt. The effect was instant. In agony she arched her body upward and outward, no sound came from her lips as her mind was paralyzed with shock. After about ten seconds the current ceased and she slumped down onto the chair arms, panting heavily, her body a gleaming sheen of hot sweat.

Trude crossed to the brazier and pulled out a fresh smoking iron, it was red hot. Returning to the girl she pressed the glowing tip against the side of her thigh.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Simone screamed as a cloud of white smoke rose from her skin, which blistered and bubbled, tainting the air once more with the sickly odour of scorched meat. She screamed in earnest now, sniveling and blubbering like a child as the brutal brunette pulled out fresh irons and took turns burning her hips, her thighs and her armpits. The brunette stood back as the blond turned the generator handle and transported Simone once more into hell.

As the current died away the young girl hung like a rag doll in her shackles, a scarlet striped bloody mess of humanity, her chest heaving violently as she gasped for breath. Heidi removed the nipple clips and smooth steel dildo. Reaching to the wall she then took down a device that looked like a huge old fashioned welded pair of steel wrist restraints. She opened the two half ring collars and closed them around the girl's breasts, then turned two large compression screws on either side until both breasts bulged outward like huge pink bullets. Trude stirred the heating rods in the brazier and selected a glowing red steel comb, this was about an inch wide and welded to the end of a rod. Standing once more at the young girl's right hand side she stroked the comb across the taught breast, causing agonized screams as the sharp tips left a parallel trail of tiny red stripes. She lovingly scarified all around the tender globe, carefully avoiding the nipple. Satisfied with her bloody artistic work, the brunette returned to the brazier.

Heidi took another device from the wall that looked like a copper and steel mechanical crab. It had two large claws either side and one smaller central claw, underneath which protruded an eight inch copper tube. At the center of the device was an oblong copper tray. Bending down, Heidi positioned the device between the girl's thighs and pushed the copper tube into the girl's cunt, she then closed the two larger steel sprung jaws onto both lips of her labia. Then holding the small central jaw clip, she rolled and squeezed the girl's clit until it was firm, then clamped the small jaws onto it. Trude returned from the brazier with a large piece of glowing iron held in a pair of tongs. She bent down and placed the smoking iron in the copper tray. It took only a few seconds for the heat to take effect and travel along the tube and to the tips of the three claws. Simone's piercing screams echoed around the room as the intense heat roasted her cunt, lips and clitoris.

"TELL ME LITTLE SLUT! … GIVE ME THE NAMES OF YOUR CONTACTS!" Helga screamed again. Simone was in too much pain and too incoherent to answer.

Assuming the girl was refusing to talk, Heidi picked up the pliers again and ignoring the screams pulled hard at both of the girl's nipples until they were erect once more. Trude picked out a set of glowing bronze tongs and carried them back to the trembling girl trailing a feint wisp of white smoke. Holding the tong tips over the end of her right breast, she allowed the young girl to feel the bright heat scorch the outer regions of the tender purple tip. Simone looked down at the instrument of torture in wide eyed horror.

"DEAR GOD NON! … NOOOOOOOOOO!" she wailed.

Then the woman slowly opened the jaws about an inch, paused for a terrifying moment, then closed them over the nipple. There was cloud of steam and the soft bud of flesh disappeared into a bubbling blob of black jelly.


Heidi picked up a bucket of water and threw it in the girl's face. She came to, eventually, spluttering and gasping in agony.

"Don't go to sleep little one, we have your other beautiful breast to warm up now. And then my sweet, we will start to pull out your toenails, your fingernails and those pretty white teeth!"

"STOP! … OH GOD STOP!" she pleaded, "I WILL TELL YOU!" she screamed, "PLEEEEEEEEASE! ... I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!"

"NAMES, I WANT NAMES!" Schmidt demanded, picking up a notepad and pencil.

The girl told them everything she knew, all her contacts, their addresses. Then she felt sick with shame.

"Please … you must shoot me now!" she pleaded.

"Shoot you! What, and spoil our fun!" Helga exclaimed, "… we are only just getting started, … and I think that Trude has a few more pets that she wants you to meet, my little French dove."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Simone screamed and fainted again as the glowing tongs hissed once more, extinguishing the life in her other beautiful nipple.


It was late into the early hours of the morning when Simone was dragged to a stinking cell. The young girl was a terrible raw bloody mess, raped by woman and beast, and tortured to within an inch of her miserable life. She lay in the corner on a heap of dirty straw, her toes and fingers bleeding where the nails had been torn out. She sobbed, her agonizing toothless gums bleeding, and now she prayed for death.

But death never came. The next day, the resistance alerted by George that she had been caught, mounted a heavy attack on the building and freed her. A few brave men died in the attempt, but young Simone was carried to safety deep in the mountains, to be with her lover George.

Helga, Heidi and Trude escaped, but during the rescue a grenade had destroyed all the information they had obtained from Simone.

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