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Dolcett Palace

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Synopsis: Trine and Christina have persuaded their parents to take them to the popular Dolcett Palace. However, the girls are soon more involved in the entertainment than they planned for...
The Dolcett Palace


  After shaving her pussy completely in the shower, Trine looked at her body in
the full-view mirror in  the bathroom. She was not very tall, but not too short
either. She wore her dark-brown hair shoulder- long. Her seventeen years old
body was delicious, with its ripe, C-cupped breasts and fine, round  bottom. All
in all, Trine was happy with her looks. And that was good, she thought, because
not much of  her would be hidden this evening. She was a bit cross with the
outfit she had to wear, but went into her  room to put it on anyway. Then, after
having tried for ages to make it fit better, she finally shrugged her  shoulders
and walked out to her mother in the kitchen.

- Honestly, mom, you could have found something a bit more decent for us!
complained Trine and  looked down her almost naked body. She wore the set of
panties and bra that her mother had given her.  It was light green, almost
completely transparent and very, very tiny. The bra consisted of thin strings 
with two pads of the flimsy fabric that barely covered her nipples and let the
dark colour of her areola  shine through. The panties were also all strings in
the sides and back. The small area of transparent  nylon which hugged her clean
shaven pussy tight did not leave much to imagination. It could not even  fully
cover the outer parts of her cunt lips, and barely reached up to hide her clit.
If she tried to pull the  panties up further, they would slip in between her
pussy lips all together.

- No complaints, thank you! smiled her mother and answered the ringing phone.
Trine could hear her  talk to Mrs. Malcolm. It was her friend Christina's mom.
Christina and her had bugged their parents to  take them to the new Dolcett
Palace in town, because two girls from their class was going to be cooked  there
tonight and most of the other girls and guys from their high school class was
going to be there and  watch. Unfortunately, the entrance to the palace was very
expensive. There was one way around that,  though. If a family or boyfriend
brought a girl and gave her "special status", they all entered for just a 
nominal fee. To accept a girl as "special status", however, the Dolcett Palace
required that she only wore  underwear or less, and that her meat had been
prepared for immediate processing. In practice, that meant  shaven all over.
Some of the girls in their class had asked their boyfriends or just some guy
they knew if  they would take them, but Trine and Christina's parents wouldn't
let some careless young man take their  daughters there. So, like several of the
other girls in class, they had to ask their parents to come with  them. Trine's
dad had agreed without hesitation, and the girls had been all joy. Until they
saw the  degrading underwear they would be forced to wear.

- That was Mrs. Malcolm! They will meet us in the parking lot in half an hour,
so we better get going!  BRENT! ARE YOU READY?

- I'm ready! said Brent, Trine's older brother and gave his sister's body a long

- Okay, into the car, you two, dad will come and meet us in front of the palace
directly from work!


The drive was short and Trine was glad it was already almost dark when she got
out of the car. She  walked on her bare feet over the busy parking lot. It was a
hot evening and she wasn't cold, but still she  shuddered as they moved up
towards the entrance. Many other families and couples walked this way.  Most of
the girls wore underwear which was every bit as daring as Trine's set, but
surprisingly many  were also completely naked. This relaxed Trine a bit.

- Hey, Trine, finally! shouted Christina from the line of people by the doors.
She was wearing a set  identical to Trine's and with her larger breasts it was
even more revealing on her. She too had dark hair,  which she wore long. She was
a bit shorter than Trine, and also had larger breasts and a slightly wider 
bottom. In fact, she was close to being chubby, without really having gone over
the line yet. She was  flanked by her mom and dad, who smiled and said hello to
Trine's mom and brother.

- So, this is the place...! said Mr. Malcolm and looked up and down the
three-storey building with the  Casino-like facade. It was decorated by a giant
neon-sculpture of a stylistic girl spitted from end to end  and turning over a
fire. The style was kept to that of the old drawings by the legendary artist
Dolcett. His  ideas had prevailed in underground societies on the internet long
before the legalization of gynophagia.

- Yes, they say we are in for quite an experience inside! Said Trine's mom and
smiled back.

- Hm, well, I guess this is more exciting than just being drafted in the lottery
and butchered for parts  down at your local meat shop! Smiled Mrs. Malcolm and
turned to the girls, - How many girls from  your class are going to be cooked

- Just two! Said Christina, - Linda and Joanne! They must be inside already!

- Did they just decide to go here and...? asked Trine's mom curiously.

- Oh no, of course not, mom! Trine looked at her stupidly, - Linda's parents
gave her the choice between  this and being butchered for a family reunion next

- Yeah, and since she used to ...well... make out with Butcher Al's new helper,
Pete, she didn't want to  let him do her, and so she chose this! added

- And Joanne, then? smiled Trine's mom.

- She sort of... went along for the ride! grinned Christina, and seeing her moms
puzzled look she  continued, - Well, the ARE best friends, you know!

- Oh look, there comes Sam and Joel with Anne and Louise! said Trine and pointed
out to the parking  lot, - Oh my god, look at their outfits!!! Christina was
shocked. Their two friends wore thin, latex  bikinies, but the latex was clear
and transparent. They might as well have come naked.

- Well, this makes us almost decent? laughed Trine.

- Hmm, yeah, I think you both look VERY decent tonight! It was the laughing
voice of Trine's dad. He  had sneaked up on the girls while they had been busy
chattering in the line.

- Hi dad! said Trine and rolled her eyes with a deep sigh.

- Hi there pumpkin, you look all ready to eat!

- Yeah? Well, dream on! We're just here for the show, dad!

- If you say so, dear! He laughed and kissed his wife. Trine didn't like the way
they both smiled at her as  the line moved forward, but she dismissed the
thought and started to look forward to the show inside.  After a little more
waiting in line, they finally got inside. The girls were immidiately inspected
by two  brute-looking doormen, who appearently approved of their daring bikinies
and nodded to the man  selling tickets behind a counter. The man at the counter
nodded back to the two men and allowed Trine's  dad to get the discount based on
the girls' special status. The girl behind them weren't so lucky.

- I'm sorry, sir, your wife is okay, but your girl is just not ... appropriately
dressed! said one of the  doormen, - She'll have to get rid of the rest if you
want to claim the discount! The man looked very displeased, and so did his wife.
The girl's mother was wearing just a set of black  leather strings that
encircled and supported her otherwise naked breasts and a leather belt around
her  hips. She didn't wear anything to hide her shaved cunt.

- I told you this was not fit! hissed the wife and shook her daughters arm. The
girl, a slim, bigbreasted  blonde of about sixteen, looked freightened. She just
wore a standard if somewhat small, black bikini.  Nothing you couldn't wear on
the beach on a summers day.

- But mom, I...! stuttered the girl, and looked pleadingly at her dad.

- No but's here! said her dad and crossed his arms, - Get naked right now so we
can get in!

- ALL naked?! But that's not fair!!!

- Now DO IT or I'll let your dad order us both for dinner! Said her mom, who
appearently was going to  be cooked tonight. The girl reluctantly shed her
bikini and had to enter the palace all naked. Trine and  Christina giggled as
they watched the small drama. As they moved on to the cloak room, they had their
first horrific thrill of the evening.

- Will you LOOK at that?! Gasped Trine and pointed at three young girls, about
their age. They were  naked, shaved and had their hands tied behind their backs.
They stood or rather hung along the left wall  of the cloak room, each with a
garrotte tightened around their stretched necks and just barely able to  reach
the floor with their stretched toes. Their bodies squirmed and moved
desperately, while they tried  to find foothold. They were sweating heavily all
over and their faces were painted with terror, fear and  ... excitement. Trine
could hear their faint whimpering and sensed them struggling for air.

- How... how long have they been up there? asked Christina as the nude cloak
room girl marked her  bare shoulder with a red "special status" stamp.

- Oh, the blonde on the right has been up about half an hour, so she won't last
much longer, but the other  two are fresh from the stock!

- I see! Drafted girls, I guess? Christina had heard that the palace sometimes
had to buy girls from the  butchers to ensure enough meat and entertainment.

- Not really! The two fresh ones came here as "specials" just like you an hour
ago, but their boyfriends  decided to donate them to the show! The girl smiled
and gave Trine her stamp as well. Just then, the  "half-hour" girl gave up and
fainted, her neck took the full weight of her body and the thin rope  squeezed
the last bit of life out of her. Only moments after her eyes had rolled over,
two men came and  cut her body down. One of them threw her limp meat over his
shoulder and carried her away.

- She is probably soup meat now! Commented Brent. The girls just nodded and
stared in horror as a new  girl, a small-breasted brunette in her late teens was
brought in from the Palace to replace the snuffee.  The girl was smiling,
though, as the men tied her up and let her death struggles begin. Trine watched, 
almost in envy, as the other two girls' boyfriends stood just next to them and
cheered them to last a bit  longer. The two guys obviously got off on it, and
Trine suspected that the girls did too.

- Well, I'm sort of relieved that we weren't allowed to let some of the guys
from class take us here after  all! giggled Christina as they passed the hanging
girls and entered the main palace.

- Yep, we should be a lot safer with our parents ... I guess!?

- Oh, for sure, girls! laughed Christina's dad and clapped his daughters bare
butt, - If we decide to let  you join the show, it won't be out in the foyer!

- Very funny, dad! sighed Christina and jumped to escape his hand before he
squeezed her butt again.  Like Trine, she didn't feel too easy about her
parent's odd comments. Once they reached the main Plaza  inside the palace, they
all stopped dead and tried to fathom the horrific, beautiful and absolutely 
breathtaking sights around them. From the ground floor of the Plaza, one could
look up and around on  the circular balconies above them. There were many
hundreds of people inside, and at least half were  naked or half-naked girls.
Most girls were in their teens but many others looked to be in their twenties or 
thirties and some even over forty. The air was warm, humid and filled with a
spicy aroma of grilled meat  and seasoning. The Plaza was filled with
restaurants and cafes. A few restaurants occupied parts of the  main floor, but
most were located along the sides. Not surprisingly, many featured live
spittings or other  entertaining ways of cooking your meat alive. Guests filled
the tables and there was a pleasant  background noise of laughter and girl
screams; some real and many faked. What horrors could be  experienced on the
other floors was unclear when you tried to make it out from below, but sometimes
a  girl broke through even the high background noise and ripped the atmosphere
for a second with an eerie  death scream, which was often abruptly broken off.


- Girls, we're going to have a cup of coffee before we decide on a restaurant,
so you go on and look  around! smiled Trine's dad, - Unless you want to join us,
of course?

- No, we're okay! See you later! said Trine quickly and started to walk away
with Christina.

- Be back here in an hour, honey!

- Sure thing mom! Trine and Christina slid away in the mass of people and flesh.
They decided to try to  find Anne and Louise, who they had spotted outside. They
didn't have to look long. Standing over by a  desk with their boyfriends, the
two all-but-naked girls waved at them to come over. Louise looked  fantastic
with her red-brown hair cut short in a boyish style. She was long and slender,
had legs up to her  ears and an admirable set of C-cupped tits that seemed to
defy gravity all together. Trine had always  thought she looked like a young
Jamie Lee Curtis. Anne was shorter, with short blond hair and had  smaller tits

- Hi Anne! Hi Louise! What are you doing? asked Trine and tried to ignore the
boys' comments about  her and Christina's petite underwear.

- Hi girls! said Anne, - We're making some extra dough for the weekend! Have you
read this?

- Aehm, no! Trine read the sign on the desk. "Register now and get a free $200 -
No obligations apply"

- So, what's the deal? asked Christina.

- All you have to do is register your meat with the palace and they pay you 200
bucks, just like that!  Isn't it great? Louise was jumping on her toes, causing
her large breasts to swing from side to side.

- How about it, young lady? asked the man behind the counter. His round face was
lit up in a smile as he  held out a form each to Trine and Christina. Several
girls around the counter were filling out forms and  handing them to the other

- Sooo... what's in it for you? asked Trine suspiciously as she took the form
from his hand, - I mean, if  there are no obligations for us?

- Well, to be honest, sweetie, it is our experience that once meat is registered
it is far more inclined to  end up on the tables somewhere in here! But it is
still completely voluntary and if the thought scares  you, just don't register!
He held out his hand as if to take the form back again.

- No... eh, what the hell! I could use the money! she giggled and strongly
encouraged by the two boys  all four girls signed the papers. They also gave him
their account numbers so the palace could deposit  the prize money.

- Alright, girls! Please follow my colleagues here for the tagging, then! said
the man as the girls were all  just about to leave again. Two men in blue
uniforms stepped out in front of the girls.

- Eh, tagging??? Trine's face was one big question mark.

- Yeah, and get rid of the textiles all of you, please! said one of the blue men
and slipped Christina's bra  off her chest for her in one quick motion.

- Oh, yeah, we forgot to tell you! giggled Louise as she and Anne readily took
off their see-through latex  bikinies, - We can't wear anything after
registering, and they DO have to tag us as meat!

- Don't worry, I hear it's just a quick pinch and then it's over! grinned Anne
and held out one of her  smooth shaven cunt lips. The boys whistled and watched
as Trine and Christina reluctantly got naked  and let the staff dispose of their
flimsy underwear. They all followed close behind one of the men, while  the
other walked behind them. Trine already felt caught in a flytrap. She couldn't
believe this. How  would they explain this when they had to meet their parents
in less than an hour? The girls were led over  to a small holding area next to a
large restaurant which served Asian-style prepared girls. It was a fenced  area
of perhaps four by four metres, and seven or eight other naked girls were
already waiting inside.  They were all chatting and laughing. Trine was glad
that the holding pen was far away from the cafe  where their parents were

- Jeez, I feel like a cow on my way to the slaughterhouse! grinned Christina as
yet another group of girls  were led into the holding pen. They stood very close
now and almost touched each other.

- I know what you mean! sighed Trine and watched as girls ahead of her were led
out one at a time to be  tagged. After a short wait, it was Louise's turn.

- Tit or cunt? asked the man casually. Louise thought for a second and said: -
Cunt, please! She was led over to a table and asked to lean back on it, exposing
her pussy to a man in blue overalls.

- Here we are, hold still please! said the man who held a piercing gun in one
hand. He grabbed Louise's  left cunt lip between his left hands thumb and index
fingers and pulled it out a bit. Louise closed her  eyes as he shot a silver
ring through her delicate meat. The ring was rather large and thick, not like 
normal piercing rings for those body parts. In contrast, it looked very much
like the rings you would use  for tagging cows ears. Louise smiled all over her
face as the man clipped a blue plastic tag into her ring  and let her step down.
The other girls stared at her tag. Anne in awe and Trine and Christina in fear.

- Why do we get a choice of where the tag goes? asked Trine as she watched the
next girl being pierced  deep through her left nipple, - Ouch, the tit-piercing
looks painful!

- I don't know, but I'm going for the cunt lip! said Christina.

- Who's next? asked the man and Anne boldly stepped forward to let him tag her
cunt. She didn't make  a sound as he tagged her and she quickly stepped over to
Louise to giggle and compare their tags. Trine  was next and she didn't whimper
much either as her thick cunt lip was pierced. Actually, she was  surprised at
how little it hurt and how much it turned her on. She could tell from the look
in eyes as she  was pierced that she wasn't the only one feeling that way.


- Well, do I feel like a piece of meat or what? whispered Trine as they joined
the boys outside the  holding pen.

- I know! sighed Christina and didn't know whether to cover her tagged cunt with
her hands or not.

- It's one thing to getting used to being all naked, but wearing this is just...

- And what about our parents? shuddered Trine, - What do we tell them?

- What do the tags say, anyway? asked Christina and kneeled down to read Trine's

- "MEAT reg. no. 124GFX765JK - Volunteer" she read aloud.

- Volunteer my bare butt!!! He tricked us, that bastard!

- HEY GIRLS! WE FOUND THEM! It was Louise's voice calling them from a restaurant
near the  barbeque pits. Trine and Christina knew who they meant. Joanne and
Linda, who were going to cook  tonight. When they got over there, they saw that
it was a Greek theme restaurant. A row of vertical spits  were turning six girls
in a Kebab-manner just inside the restaurant area, and one of the spits turned 
Linda's unquestionably delicious body.

- Wow, look at her! said Anne and went as close as she could for the heat of the
open oven behind  Linda, - She is just ... perfect!

- Not alive anymore, though! sighed Trine. Linda had been spitted from cunt
through mouth and had  apparently already roasted for some time. She had
developed a nice, golden-brown crust and was just  about ready to be carved. Her
half-closed eyes were lifeless and stared right up in the ceiling.

- But you should have seen her fuck the spit earlier! grinned a familiar voice.
It was Joanne, still alive  and talking from behind the spits. She was wearing a
cunt tag like the others.

- Hi Jo, not cooked yet? smiled Louise and reached in behind the ovens to touch
her friends hands, -  When are you going to roast?

- Oh, I haven't been selected for the Kebab! Right now I'm serving tables and
then in a an hour or two  they are going to boil me and then they'll slice my
meat for Mousaka when I'm done.

- I see! That's cool! said Louise and looked down on Joanne's particularly large
breasts, - I bet they'll  get some good slices from them jugs, huh girl?

- I guess!!! laughed Joanne and lifted her tits up with both hands, - How about
you four? I see you are all  meat now, so how are you going to go?

- Oh no, we just registered for the 200 bucks! grinned Trine.

- Right, that's what the other five girls here next to Linda said, when they got
here earlier with their  parents or boyfriends! You just watch it, girls! I bet
I'll see most of you cook before I go into the pot  later tonight!

- I bet you are wrong about that! laughed Louise and turned to walk away, - We
will be back later to see  you boil! Good Luck!

- Sure! grinned Joanne and raised her voice to make sure the girls heard her as
they walked away, - Hell,  maybe one of you will join me in the pot! WHO KNOWS?


- Forget about her! said Christina. She could see that Joanne had made Trine all
nervous with her silly  predictions; - She is just sorry that she has to cook
and we don't!

- Yeah, I guess you're right! smiled Trine and put her arm around Christina
while they walked. Just  then, a familiar voice sounded behind them: - Well
well, if it isn't the poor racks who have been turned  into meat?

- Hi Janice! sighed Trine and reluctantly turned to face her favourite number
one hate-girl. Janice was a  real uptown, rich-parents-stupid-kid bitch. She was
a natural blonde with great legs and nice boobies,  and was always wearing a
winner-smile. She had won all the cheerleading contests on their school and  was
immensely popular among her rich friends. And then she didn't like Trine and her

- How come you are both ... well, meat?! asked Janice in a triumphant tone of
voice and looked up and  down the naked girls. Janice was fully dressed in a
short, white skirt and blue jumper. She looked as if  she had arrived here right
after cheerleading practice. Two of her stupid cheerleading friends stood 
behind her and giggled annoyingly at the girls. Trine recognised them as
Elisabeth and Monique. In  contrast to Janice, however, they wore just a
matching lingerie set, expensive looking stuff, and were  stamped as "special
status" girls. Trine knew they followed Janice everywhere in school and always 
backed her up. Seeing them standing there half naked behind their "queen", Trine
couldn't help but think  at them as Janice's personal slave girls.

- If you must know, Janice, we registered because we thought it was fun!
answered Christina and sent  her a very insincere smile, - But I bet you
wouldn't dare to!

- I wouldn't have to! I already have enough money, thank you! ,laughed Janice
and strode past the girls  with a glow of self-confidence, - See you on my plate
later, lesbo-bitches!

- Yeah, you wish! creaked Trine and whispered, - Lesbo! Look who's talking with
her "slaves"!

- Stupid cunt! I'd like to see her roast! laughed Christina and looked up an
escalator, - Let's go and see  what they do upstairs. We can't stay down here
all evening!

- Grand idea! said Trine and followed her upstairs. They decided to go all the
way up and look around  on the top floor first. There were no restaurants up
here, only bars and small cafes, among shops that  sold all kinds of
girl-cooking devices and whips and other S&M stuff. It wasn't as crowded as 
downstairs and the music was not as loud either. As they walked around the
balcony and wondered what  the action was up here, they suddenly heard a long
scream and looked in the direction of the sound.  From the balcony opposite from
them, a girl had literally walked the plank. A real, pirate-like plank was 
mounted from an opening in the railing and a small line of naked girls were
waiting behind it. They had  ropes around their necks, and the other ends of the
ropes were attached to a wire in the ceiling. The wire  was not horizontal. It
sloped down in a soft drop and ended over the balcony on the deck below Trine 
and Christina. As the girls watched, the next young lady, whose hands were tied
behind her back, was  forced out on the plank by two men in pirates costumes.
They poked her with real sabres and kept her  walking out to the tip, until she
lost her balance and dropped with a scream. She slid quickly down the  wire,
carrying all her weight by the rope around her neck. But as she got closer to
the balcony below  Trine and Christina, she slowed down dramatically and came to
a halt before reaching the steps that  could have saved her. Trine and Christina
ran around the balcony to get a better look at the end of the  slide. Suddenly,
they understood the point of the game. Down there, in the slack wire, four girls
hung  side by side and fought to keep breathing in the gallows. Each time a girl
slid down to join them, the  first one would be pushed a little further towards
the safe steps. If she was still conscious when she  reached them, she could
step right onto them and remove the rope. But if she wasn't, two men stood 
ready to cut her down and collect her meat.

- This is incredible! said Trine as they watched some more drops. It seemed that
about one third of the  girls made it out alive, while the rest were snuffed in
the ropes.

- I know! Let's go over there and see! When they reached the line of girls,
about fifteen in total, they stopped dead and stared at the three girls  talking
eagerly in the back of the line. It was Maria and Erika from their class, and
Erika's mom. Her  dad was standing next to them with his video camera ready.
They all giggled and laughed and were  apparently making plans to how they could
push each other back onto the steps below. Erika and her  mom were both slim and
tall with small hips and breasts. They had dyed their hair the same light-brown 
colour, and both had tied their long hair up. Maria was a natural blonde, with a
bit of padding and a pair  of nice, heavy tits.

- Hi Trine! And you too, Christina! laughed Erika and stepped as far out as her
neck-rope would allow  her to hug the girls. She too had her hands tied behind
her back, so Trine and Christina had to do all the  hugging, - You came just
when we needed you!

- Eh, what do you mean? asked Christina.

- Well, we are kind of nervous because we are at the end of the line! giggled
Maria, - If other girls don't  start showing up soon, we are doomed! It takes
approximately four girls to push one into the safe zone  again, and a girl won't
last more than ten minutes in the gallows!

- So, you want US to get behind you? asked Trine and dropped her jaw.

- Yeah, well, you ARE tagged for meat so what do you have to loose? sighed Erika
and her mother  nodded. Trine noticed, that they were all three tagged through
the nipples instead of the pussy lips.

- No no, we just did that for the extra money! We are not really going to get
snuffed! laughed Christina,

- I am afraid you are on your own! This game is too risky for me!

- Well, okay! Watch us go, if you like, then! smiled Erika and lifted her small
tits up to show to her dad,

- Make sure you get these cooked just the way you like them, dad! I mean, if
they cut me up after the  hanging! And don't forget to have our pouches made!

- I will remember, hon, and I'll be sure to get this on tape too! he waved his
video camera at his excited  daughter. Trine noticed how Erika, who was first in
line of the three, stood very close to Maria. When  she looked closely, she
discovered that Erika secretly rubbed Maria's wet pussy with her tied hands. 
Maria didn't seem to mind and sometimes whispered intimately into Erika's ears.
Erika's mother must  have noticed it, but she just smiled approvingly and let
them enjoy themselves. Watching all this, Trine  urged to touch herself a bit,
but that would have been too obvious standing there with Erika's dad and  all. A
little while later, Trine and Christina watched with anticipation as the three
girls slid down the  wire with short intervals.

- Come on, girls, let's go down and wait for them downstairs! suggested Erika's
dad and turned off his  camcorder. Trine looked at Christina who just shrugged
her shoulders, and they ran after him towards  the escalator.

- Oh, look at them fight it! said Erika's dad as they got down to the collection
point. He started to film  the show again. Two men were just cutting down a
thirty-something woman from the first position. She  was dead meat and her body
was thrown into a large trolley, similar to those used to transport baggage  in
airports. She landed on top of some ten other bodies in the trolley. The next
girl, a pretty, young  redhead, still had the strength to try to reach the step
with her toes, and when a girl finally slid down the  wire and pushed Erika's
mom a bit forward, she actually made it and could walk away alive. She was 
received by her two friends, whose marks on their necks showed that they had
been through the same  ride just before her. All three hugged and kissed wildly
before they left after saying a few words of  goodbye to some of their less
fortunate friends in the trolley.

- That's amazing! sighed Trine as she watched Erika, who was now closest to the
step, fight wildly to  throw her legs forward to catch the steel platform. As
the girls had sadly predicted, it took a while before  a group of new girls
joined the game. Erika got weaker and weaker and despite the cheering from Trine 
and Christina, she passed out in the rope. Behind her, Maria and Erika's mom
also let go and gave up  the fight. The men cut down all three and threw their
bodies onto the pile of meat. It was full now, and a  third man got into the
electric cart and drove off with the bodies of all the hapless girls.


- Eh, Mr. Jones! called Christina as Erika's dad had turned to leave them, -
What did Erika mean about  the "pouches"?

- Oh, that! He laughed and without hesitation he reached down and grabbed
Christina's smooth cunt lips  between his fingers and rubbed them gently
together. However chocked she was over this sudden  intimate touch, Christina
didn't move and just let him fondle her pussy as if he was feeling beef steaks 
for tenderness in the supermarket. The thought turned her on even more than she
already was and she  could feel her pussy getting wet.

- This one! he continued and let go of Christina's cunt lips, - They have a
leather shop here with a special  deal on cunt pouches! They make them in under
an hour, and you can have your monogram printed on  for free! Of course, you two
have both ruined that idea for yourself, having been tagged in the cunt lips!

- Oh, so THAT was why they gave us the choice! sighed Trine, - We hadn't
realized that!

- Where is this leather shop, anyway? asked Christina curiously.

- Just here on this floor! he said and pointed at a shop a bit further along the
balcony. Trine and Christina  hurried over to the store, which was called
"Joseph's Finest Leather". There was a small exhibition of  the products in the
window of the small shop. There were the leather pouches, which Erika's dad had 
mentioned, as well as other small leather products. Everything was made from
girl skin. The pouches  fascinated the girls. They came in different sizes,
depending on the size of the pussy lips of the girl. The  opening was
spring-activated and the clitoris was protruding discretely from the slit as if
it was still part  of a girl. There was no doubt where this leather originated

- ...and remember to have him brand your LEFT lip, Julia! Trine and Christina
were startled by the voice behind them and turned around. It was a woman in her 
forties, fully dressed, with her sixteen or seventeen years old daughter. The
girl was naked and had a  meat-tag hanging from the ring through her nipple. She
was a dark mix between a Caucasian and an  Asian.

- Yes yes, mom! You've said it a million times now!

- I know, dear! But we want to make it a perfect Fathers Day gift, don't we?

- Sure! The girl sighed and entered the store with her mother following her.
Trine and Christina followed  them in and heard them talk to the clerk, a
withering, little, old man.

- Hello, I eh...! began the girl, but then hesitated. Her mother shook her head.

- Julia here wants to have a monogram branded on her LEFT cunt lip, for a pouch!
said the mother,  pushing her daughter aside, - With the initials J.K., please!

- Oh, Fathers Day coming up, huh? giggled the clerk and asked Julia to sit down
in a special preparation  chair behind the counter. It was mounted with a rather
long butt-plug and Julia had to have her mom  help her tight ass down over the
metal handle. Once her butt was immobilized, the clerk tied her ankles  to two
poles in front of her using leather straps. Thus unable to move her lower body
or legs, she was  ready for the branding. The clerk whistled calmly as he
mounted the metal letters to form the monogram  on an iron pole. He dipped the
metal letters in ink and made a test stamp on a piece of paper to show to  the
mother. The woman nodded in approval and the clerk put the end of the pole into
a coal-fired oven  next to the helpless girl. She stared at it wide-eyed while
the clerk and her mother continued small- talking about the increase in
popularity of girl leather products.

- I could also make a handy sewing-needle holder out of the undamaged tit! he
suggested and lifted one  of the embarrassed girl's breasts up to weigh it in
his hands, - Or if you have a favourite chair you want  me to refurbish with her
butt skin?

- Hm, no thanks! smiled the woman, - We will have the rest of her butchered for
parts and I will serve  her tits for my husband on fathers Day before I give him
his pouch!

- As you wish! he said and pulled the pole out of the coals. The iron letters
were glowing red hot and  Julia started to sweat heavily as he let the tip
approach her cunt lips. She screamed of all her lungs as he  pressed the
monogram hard against the left lip. The hissing and spatter died out with her
scream, and as  he removed the pole she was just snivelling a little. The
monogram was perfectly burned into her cunt  lip, with nice, sharp edges and in
an even, dark-brown colour.

- There you go, all ready to be carved up! smiled the clerk and untied Julia's
legs. She could barely get  off the butt plug and stand on her legs, but her mom
helped her along.

- I will be back with her cunt in about an hour! she smiled and ushered the girl
along out of the shop.  Just before they left, Trine heard the mother say: -
Now, let's go meet your father down by the  guillotines and get you done, shall
we? The girl just nodded and wiped away her tears of pain.


- And what can I do for you, meat? asked the clerk with Trine and Christina left
in the shop as the only  "customers", - Do you want to give your daddies a
special Fathers Day present as well?

- Eh, no thanks, we were just browsing! laughed Trine, and they quickly left the
shop again, one more  experience richer.

- Phew, that must have hurt! said Christina and felt her slit with the back of
her hand, - I wonder if my  cunt would make a nice pouch?

- Yeah, kind of kinky, but still ... I hope dad wouldn't want a monogram then!
laughed Trine.

- I agree!

- Oh shit, it's been almost two hours! said Trine and looked at the big watch on
the wall above a head- mounting store, - We are going to get in trouble for

- We better get down there and face it right away! sighed Christina and ran
after Trine. They got a bit  lost down in the crowd on the ground floor, but
finally managed to locate their families around a table  outside one of the

- Oh, hello meatgirls! grinned Brent, - We thought we might never eat tonight!

- Eh, sorry we're late mom! said Trine, ignoring her brother's stupid comments,
- We ran into some  friends from school and...!

- I know, dear! We met Erika's father when he picked up some of his daughter's
and wife's meat just a  minute ago, and he told us you were upstairs! Did you
have fun?

- Oh yes! Lots of fun! This is a great place!

- I can see you did! grinned Christina's mom and tugged in her daughter's meat
registration tag. Trine  and Christina had both forgotten all about that and
talked in each others mouths to explain.

- We just ...  well, we could use the money! It was just for fun, mom!

- Yeah, it's not like we're real meat volunteers or anything! added Trine and
shifted her feet nervously.

- Well, volunteer or not! smiled her mom, - You two have half an hour from now
to get yourself snuffed  somehow in here, or we will have to deliver your bodies
to the kitchen alive!

- Wh... what??? stuttered Trine. This couldn't be happening. Not her. Not now.

- You heard me! said mom, - We had time to discuss this while you were late, and
we all agree that you  should provide the meat for tonight's dinner! After all,
you are responsible for delaying the food and  since you are all ready and

- But, you can't do that!!! shouted Christina and stepped back to get her mom to
let go of her meat tag,  which she was still holding between her fingers.

- Yes we can! said her mom, and held on to the tag, thus forcing Christina to
step towards the table  again, - And you can either say "Okay mom, that will be
fun" or we can do it the hard way and have you  butchered right away!

- H... how do you plan to have us cooked, then? asked Trine, still a bit
chocked, but beginning to accept  the decision, - Whole or slaughtered for parts

- Well, dear, we are willing to let the decision be yours! smiled her mom and
sipped her white wine  before continuing, - We will send Brent with you now, and
let him make sure that you are both snuffed  within half an hour! He will then
ensure that your meat is prepared in the restaurant of your choosing!

- Only condition is that you choose the same restaurant, so we can enjoy both of
you! added Christina's  dad.

- Yes, and if you would rather be delivered to the kitchen alive, then that is
entirely up to you! We  would love to watch you on a spit or see you get cooked
in some other entertaining way! ,said Trine's  dad and laughed with Christina's
father, while they finished their beers.

- Off you go, now! grinned Christina's mom and let go of her daughter's meat
tag, - Have fun and good  luck! We will see you on the table!

- Th... thank you, I guess! smiled Christina and looked at Trine. She was also
smiling, although a bit  uncertain.

- Yeah, aehm ... goodbye then! said Trine. Brent got up from his seat and joined
the girls.

- Brent, make sure they get whacked soon! said his mom, - We are starving here!

- I will, mom! Don't worry!


- Let's make the best of this! sighed Trine as they walked into the crowded
Plaza again, - Brent, have  you seen some fun things down here?

- Yeah, well! he thought for a moment, - There's the guillotine over there by
the shooting range! They  are quite entertaining, and look painless too!

- Okay, let's go have a look! said Christina, - We don't have long to decide!

- Right, follow me! said Brent and took the lead. The girls followed him over to
the other side of the  Plaza where there was a big sign saying "Shooting Range -
Big Prizes", and just next to it a small stage  with a couple of old-fashioned
guillotines. A banner over the stage carried big, red letters that formed  the
words "Great Head-giving Competition Tonight".

- Oh, hey, do we have time to just have a quick look at the shooting range?
asked Christina and stopped  in front of the booth. Five men stood there, each
holding a riffle and taking aim at the targets sixty feet  away along the end
wall. The targets were a bunch of girls, who were running back and forth along
the  wall. A fence of thin steel wires prevented them from leaving the area
along the back wall. The targets,  five or six in total, had to jump over the
dead bodies of some other five or six shot girls. The men all  took great care
to aim before they fired. One hit a girl in the stomach and she sank down on her
knees in  pain. The shooter laughed in triumph and finished her off with a shot
right through her heart. The young  girl who attended the booth congratulated
the man and gave him his prize: A voucher for a free cunt  pouch up at the
leather shop.

- Want to enter your meat, sir? asked the young girl, who was naked except for
painted shooting targets  on her tits and shaved cunt, - A kill in two shots or
less yields a prize!

- No thanks, miss! smiled Brent and ushered the fascinated girls on, - Come on,
now, you don't have  much time left to decide!

- Sh...listen! said Trine as they went over in front of the stage with the two
guillotines. A man holding a  microphone was talking to the audience.

- ...elcome gentlemen, to tonight's great Head Giving Competition, where the
first prize is a beautiful  head-mounting with the all-inclusive luxury pack
from our own Heads'n'Stuffing shop here at the  Palace! Enter your meat now and
watch them go in ten minutes when we begin the competition! You get  your meat
with you, of course, even if you don't win!

- What are the rules? asked Trine and took a booklet from the stand by the
stage, - Hey, wow, this  sounds SO cool! The girls get beheaded while eh...
giving head to a guy ...ehm, you know, a blowjob,  and then the winner is the
girl who can hold on to the guy's dick the longest after she is decapitated!

- How does that work? asked Christina and looked over her shoulder.

- Well, look at this picture! After the blade is down he pulls back holding her
head and then lets her head  go with his hands. She must then hold the weight of
her head by sucking hard on his dick, and when she  gives in and her head falls
down the basket, the timer is stopped!

- But how do they keep the head alive for so long after! asked Brent curiously.

- It says here that they give the girls an injection just prior to the
decapitation which switches the brain  metabolism completely to anaerobic
conditions, which means that she won't need oxygen to stay  conscious and alive!
According to this it works for a maximum of twenty minutes and then the brain 
slowly dies, but it should be enough for the duration of the contest! The record
"hanging time" is six  minutes and thirty seconds!

- Hmm, and I get your meat back with me anyhow! said Brent, - Okay girls, what
do you say? If you  want to go this way, all you need to do is select a
restaurant for your meat and then enter the contest!

- Oh, yes, the restaurant! sighed Christina and looked around, - What do you
say, Trine? Should we go  to the Greek one and see if we can join Joanne?

- Yeah, but then I'd actually rather go there alive! giggled Trine and suddenly
couldn't help touching her  wet pussy with one hand. Talking about yourself as
meat was too much for her. She had never been so  horny in her life.

- You're right, me too! chuckled Christina and turned to Brent, - We're going in

- Okay then! sighed Brent, who had been looking forward to seeing them in the
contest, - We have some  time left, then! Should we watch some of the contest
before we go?

- Sure! said Trine and turned to the stage. A long row of some forty naked girls
were already standing  and waiting behind the frightening machines.

- Hi Trine! Hi Christina! Are you entering too? It was Louise, and Anne was
still with her. They were both giggling and were apparently about to go up  on
the stage to enter the contest.

- Hi again! smiled Trine, somehow not surprised at all, - Did the boys come up
with this?

- Kind of! giggled Anne, - Well no, really! It was on our own initiative! So,
are you coming?

- No, we're going to be cooked alive! sighed Christina, - Over at the Greek
place where Linda and  Joanne were cooked!

- Oh, good for you! said Louise, - Joanne is still serving over there, so you
may join her in the pot after  all, then!

- Hey, isn't that our favourite bitch Janice and her two friends up there by the
guillotines! said Trine  suddenly and pointed up at the stage. And she was
right. Up there, first in line, stood the three girls.  They were all naked,
shaved and tagged, and unlike the rest of the girls up there, they didn't look
happy  at all. They had seen the girls down among the audience too, and Janice
sent them her hate-look.

- Yeah, I forgot to tell you! ,laughed Louise and smiled back at Janice before
continuing, - We met  Janice's father down by the Asian kitchens. He was having
dinner with some important business clients  and I think they had a secretary
from his office cooked for them. Anyway, I know him a little because he  used to
work with my dad, so I went over and said hello and asked him why his daughter
wasn't dinning  with them.

- Oh, this is so great! laughed Anne, - Wait till you hear this!

- Yes, well! ,continued Louise, still giggling, - He was quite surprised and it
turned out that he didn't  know that Janice was here with her friends! I pointed
her out to him, she was standing just ten metres  away with Monique and
Elisabeth! She obviously didn't know that he would be here tonight either! And 
she hadn't asked him or her mom for permission to go!

- You should have seen his face! chuckled Anne, - He was SO mad and his business
partners laughed  and made fun of him!

- So, we watched happily while Janice's dad walked right over to her! laughed
Louise, - And before long  he had called some Palace staff over to help him
strip the girls and take them over to registration! When  the staff came back
with them, her dad and the other two at the table were already having their
dinner!  So, the girls were ordered down under the table on their knees and told
to give blow-jobs while they  were eating!

- Janice had to blow her own dad twice! grinned Anne, - It was SO much fun
watching her do it! He  even forced her to swallow!

- And then they ended up here? asked Trine, smiling at the thought, - How could
he actually do that to  Elisabeth and Monique? I guess their bodies are not his
to sell or kill off!

- Oh, both their dads work for his company, so per default he has full rights
over their bodies! smiled  Anne, and watched as Janice and Elisabeth walked over
to the guillotines and kneeled down on all four  to have their necks fixed in
the holes under the blades.

- But how come they wanted to enter the contest, then? asked Christina, - I
mean, if they are that mad  they probably won't try very hard and just ... well,
drop head!

- Yes, well, that's actually my fault! laughed Louise and waved at Janice, who
sent her yet another one  of her triumphant smiles before she swallowed the dick
a well-equipped male staff member presented in  front of her. The two men in
front of the girls were not naked, but had zipped down their fly. They let  the
girls do a good bit of sucking while the speaker introduced the rules.

- As I said! continued Louise, still watching the stage, - It was my fault! I
stayed by the table and talked  to Janice's dad while the men were given
blow-jobs! Occasionally, he complained about his daughters  work and yanked her
head to have her go faster or take it in deeper! I couldn't resist and told him
that  Anne and I definitely were better at giving head than Janice!

- Why... you and your dirty mouth!!! grinned Trine.

- Yeah, well! ,Louise shrugged her shoulders and smiled, - Anyway, this made
Janice spit out her dad's  dick and almost attack me! We had a brief argument
and one of her dad's business partners suggested we  settled the matter in this
contest! Janice protested but couldn't really back out by then, so she accepted!

- And how about your parents? asked Brent.

- Oh, Janice's dad was very sweet! ,said Louise, - He promised to collect the
prime cuts from Anne and I  and bring them home to our parents, and the mounted
head, of course, if one of us wins! Hey, look, they  are about to release the
blades now! We better get up there! Bye girls!
"SSWWOOOoooooOOSSHHH...CHNKKkk!!!" The eerie sound of the two blades hurling
down simultaneously sent a warm feeling down through  Trine's body and into her
loins. The heads were separated from Janice's and Elisabeth's bodies, and the 
men lifted them free of the guillotines! The girls' headless bodies both rose up
on their knees and  shuddered for a few seconds before falling over. The men let
go of the girls' heads with their hands and  faced the audience while slowly
turning first this way and then the other, to give everybody a good look. 
Christina could see Elisabeth's darting, confused eyes while she desperately
tried to suck on to the dick.  Janice seemed calmer and was clearly very
concentrated on her task. Her head sometimes slowly sank  down the shaft, but
she repeatedly managed to suck hard enough to lift herself up again. The
audience  clapped and cheered. After only a minute, Elisabeth lost her grip and
her head dropped to the floor  where it hit with a deep thud and rolled over a
few times. The waiting girls, who now included Louise  and Anne, laughed and
shifted their feet nervously.

- Well, finally! smiled Trine as Janice's head also dropped down after four full
minutes of hard work. A  staff girl picked her up by the hair and placed her
head on a small plate on a stand between the two  guillotines. There it would
remain until her time was beaten. She sent the audience a broad smile while  the
next girls were mounted under the blades. It was Monique, who didn't look happy
at all, and some  redhead who was eagerly cheered by two waiting friends in the
line. Trine noticed how Elisabeth's head  was picked up by another staff girl
and dropped carelessly into a plastic bin. Her eyes still looked around  in
desperation when she was disposed of.

- We really should go now, girls! said Brent when they had watched the beheading
of six more pairs of  girls. To Trine's and Christina's great joy, Janice's time
had already been beaten twice and a stunning  blonde now occupied the stand.
Janice had still been conscious when she joined the other heads in the  bin. A
growing row of headless bodies now hung behind the line of waiting girls,
suspended by the feet  and ready to be butchered.

- Yeah, I guess we don't have time to wait for Louise and Anne! sighed Christina
and waved a last  goodbye to the girls on the stage before she and Trine turned
around to follow Brent to the restaurant.


- How may I help you, sir? asked the nude waitress when Brent brought his meat
into the restaurant. She  was tagged for meat as well.

- I would like a table for five! said Brent, - And these two are meat for the

- Thank you, sir! Do you want them prepared in any special ways?

- No, that is up to the girls! smiled Brent, - Maybe they could have a look
around the kitchen before they  decide, but we do need you to start cooking them

- Very good, sir! said the girl and turned to Trine, - You two, follow me into
the kitchen! They are  actually in great need of new meat right now!

- Well, it's good to be wanted! smiled Trine, - Bye Brent!

- Good luck, both of you!

- Thanks, I guess! said Christina and ran after her friend through the open door
and into the busy  kitchen. It was very hot inside and smoke and steam filled
the air. Chefs worked and shouted at the long  steel tables. The waitress led
the girls between grills and tables and down to the end wall. It was a bit 
quieter down here. Three other live girls hung suspended from their wrists in
chains from the ceiling, all  awaiting the chefs. Beside them, four headless and
gutted bodies hung from meat hooks through the  ankles.

- You girls can have a walk around the kitchen now, and then return back here
when you have made up  your minds! ,smiled the waitress, - Just call for me! My
name is Michelle!

- Well, let's go see what they have in store for us! said Trine and walked
towards the first row of grills.  Christina followed her close. There were four
large coal-fired grills near the suspended girls. Rather than  spit-roasted, the
girls being cooked were just lying on metal grills. Two of the grills were
occupied, both  by girls of their own age. The first one was hardly moving at
all. The brunette had been cooked for some  time, and she was lying on her
tummy, roasting tits and cunt now, and exposing her almost fully done  back and
rump. The other one, a small, Asian girl with big tits, was lying on her back.
She had just been  thrown on and was squirming and writhing her body as her
rump-meat spattered and hissed on the hot  metal.

- Hmm... I don't think I'd fancy that! said Christina and walked on into the
kitchen. Trine nodded in  agreement.

- I told you girls that I'd see you cook soon enough!!! It was Joanne's laughing
voice. She was sitting in what resembled a giant sauce pan. It looked almost as 
if she was just enjoying a hot bath in a big spa filled with vegetable soup. The
broth almost reached her  big tits. She was with two other girls and they
apparently enjoyed themselves down there, chatting and  laughing and making
jokes with the male cooks.

- Hi Joanne! smiled Trine, - Yeah, well, our parents ... oh, you already know
how it goes!

- Sure! said Joanne, - How are you going to be cooked then?

- We haven't made up our minds yet! said Christina and looked around her, - It's
all so big and there are  so many ways to go!

- I know! smiled Joanne and nodded in the direction behind the girls, - I didn't
really have a choice, but I  think I'd have liked the wok over there!

- Oh, they have a wok! ,said Trine and looked over her shoulder, - I'll just go
have a look!

- How is it in there? asked Christina and looked into the clear soup. She didn't
go with Trine over to the  wok.

- Just great! said Joanne and the two other teenage girls beside her nodded
eagerly, - They turn up the  heat very gradually, so we won't boil in at least
half an hour more! They do that to let our meat tenderize  better, they say!

- Do you mind if I join you? asked Christina and looked pleadingly at Joanne, -
I'd really like to be  boiled this way!

- Oh, not at all! she smiled, - Go get Michelle and see if you can't climb
straight in!

- Okay, I will! said Christina and ran down to the back. Michelle was just
taking down some decapitated  meat from the hooks, and she approved of
Christina's choice. With a set of pliers, she removed  Christina's piercing and
tag and asked her to climb in right away. Shortly after, Christina had joined 
Joanne and the other two girls in the lovely, warm soup.


In the meantime, Trine had gone over to watch the wok action. The round,
Teflon-coated wok was about  three metres in diameter. It was empty now, but for
a little oil sizzling in the bottom. A chef was  standing next to it with two
teenage girls. They were all shiny from being oiled up, and looked excited.

- Aem, do you think there would be room for me too! asked Trine discretely as
the chef led the two oily  girls over to the wok.

- Well, all right! Hurry up and oil her up, girls, so we can get you in! ,he
answered. The two girls, who  were both a year or two younger than Trine,
giggled as they took you some oil cans and poured it down  over Trine's back and
breasts. Trine helped them rub it all over her body, while the chef clipped her
meat  tag off.

- Can I just run over and say goodbye to someone? asked Trine when she too was
all slippery. The chef  nodded and asked her to hurry back. She ran over to the
sauce pan again, almost slipping on the floor  because of the oil on her feet.

- Hey, Christina, I see you chose to boil!

- Yeah, and you are going to stir fry? smiled Christina. She and Joanne were
sitting very close, their tits  touching each others on the steaming surface, -
Good luck, girl! It has been fun!

- You too! Bye Joanne! Bye Christina! ,said Trine and ran back to the wok. One
of the teenage girls was  already down there, moaning and writhing in the hot
oil. The chef  just pointed down the wok, and Trine  sat on the hot edge, flung
her legs over the side and slid feet-first down the slippery side. As her rump 
and back reached the oil, she screamed shortly, but bit down and tried to keep
it to a soft moan. She  rotated around in the hot oil, until finally the pain
receded and she could rest a bit. The last girl joined  them and when she had
browned up too, they could all sit up a bit on their elbows and chat while they 
slowly stir fried their back sides. The chef added veggies and spices and
sometimes asked the girls to  turn on their sides or tummies. After a while he
turned up the gas to max and finished off the girls in an  inferno of hot oil,
steam and flames. They were all deep fried to perfection in a matter of minutes
and  their meat was arranged on beds of green salads on rolling tables; all
ready to carve for the guests.  Christina was fortunate to get a last glimpse of
her friend as she was rolled past the sauce-pan on her  way out to the
restaurant. By then, the broth was almost boiling, and she and Joanne were the
last two  girls still alive. The other two had already gone under and cooked by
their feet. As a last, feeble sign of  her desire to make love, Joanne leaned
over and kissed Christina deeply, before they sank into the soup  together.

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