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A Cellar Full of Screams

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Synopsis: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females.


A sex sadism story for adults who appreciate the difference between awful fact and delightful phantasy.

By Susan.

Chapter One.

M aria screamed,and the man who was working three fingers of his left hand round and round in her sore vulva grinned appreciatively at the masked woman who was carefully inserting the barbed fish hooks into Maria's nipples.

"Slowly,Eva…we don't want her to cheat on us by passing out just yet."

"Don't worry, Sir. I don't allow them to rest once I've started" the tall woman smiled.

Through the slits in the leather mask, Sir Murdoch Fines could see the ice blue eyes shining with pleasure. Finding Eva had been the best thing he had ever done. Cruel women were comparatively rare and they usually tended to be among the less attractive of their kind, perhaps finding some form of jealous retribution when they turned to cruelty towards other women. They also tended to be butch and almost masculine in their demeanour.

Eva most certainly was none of those things. Elegant, well-educated, extremely well proportioned and with a beauty that made her absolutely savage cruelty even more astounding, she was a rarity Sir Fines had no intention of losing. Like him, she had the sort of passion for brutality that any normal person would have found mind-blowingly horrible.

With his right hand, Murdoch was toying with his erect penis, peeling the foreskin back over the purplish dome of the glistening helmet, squeezing gently, then stroking the respectable length forward again. He had raped Maria, of course, in many different positions and in every orifice, usually with her pretty frame bound in an uncomfortable but extremely accessible position so that he could enter her at will. For almost a week, in fact, she had endured the ever more obscene sexual degradation the Murdoch had forced upon her

After those first shocking and painful days when he ravished her virginal body in three equally virginal holes he had introduced her to Eva, and Maria suddenly found that it was not just the foul lusts of man that she had to endure, but the depraved desires of a wet-pussied female sex monster upon whom she had to perform the most disgusting acts in order to prevent the awful pain that a glowing cigarette caused when it was slowly pressed to her naked bottom.

With rather astonishing ease, Murdoch turned this normal moral young girl into a sex slave ready to drop to her knees and suck his cock into her mouth at a moment's notice. She did the same for Eva, burying her pretty face into the musky depths of that blonde-curl covered pudenda to delve her tongue deep in the hot salty gash of feminine splendour. A little judicious use of a leather riding crop, and Maria submitted to opening her mouth and drinking the golden fountains offered be Murdoch and Eva,.

When they suggested she should lie back while they took turns to squat above her and deliver food to go with the golden drink, Maria had tearfully refused.

Twelve neatly burned circular scars later, a girl hoarse from screaming in unendurable pain opened her mouth to the first of many varied brown offerings her laughing tormentors delivered personally.

Murdoch enjoyed this stage of the proceedings, having a still quite innocent young lady perform the most filthy acts of scatological and sexual debauchery whilst actually hating every minute of it. The way he could make her stand on the table in front of him and spread her legs, play with herself, even push a variety of vibrators and dildoes into both her pussy and her tight little anal passage, tell her to smile and thank him for letting her stuff them into herself….and all the time he could see the shame and horror in her eyes. Absolutely delicious.

Watching her with Eva was yet another heady delight. That tall blonde Nordic goddess was so depraved it made him hard just to look at the cruelty in her ice blue eyes. What a genuinely gorgeous bitch woman.

She came, regularly and copiously, screaming out her pleasure as she ground poor Maria's face against her flowing vaginal lips, always wishing to get to the hurting games, eager to draw blood, never happier than when she heard cries of pain turn to shrieks of agony.

Unlike the so-called dominatrix ladies Murdoch had previously hired,Eva wanted blood.

His last woman, an angular German lady probably the wrong side of fifty, had promised in her advertising to be a strong disciplinarian sadist, for the first few days of sexual domination playing quite a good role. Later, when the games became a little more violent, she had cheerfully whipped the girl Murdoch had provided, even drawing a little blood when the tip of the lash caught the girl's cunt lip.

But when Murdoch gave her the whip with the spiked metal balls set in each of the five stranded thongs and told her to rip the girl's tits open, the Fraulein had backed off in horror.

At gun point, she did as she was told. First the tearing whip, some rest for the well-bloodied victim, then the skinning knife. How amusing it had been to force a so-called sadist to perform the neat fur peeling operation on the well whipped pudenda of the now gurgling captive.And Murdoch had really got to almost shoot the German lady to get her to cut off the girl's breasts and push them inside a hip to hip slash across the belly…..!

His video film of the whole thing but with all signs of reluctance on the Dominatrix's part carefully removed meant that she would never reveal that she had performed murder at Murdoch's behest.

After all, she made a living advertising her skill as a sexual sadist, so it would be difficult for her to explain away a film showing her appearing to rub her clit with bliss as she sliced off a large potion of girl-breast. She just hadn't bargained on being employed by a man with the wealth and cruelty of Murdoch, someone who actually could buy a woman to kill and had the place to do it and the means to dispose of the body afterwards.

Maria was begging for mercy. She had done everything she had been told to do and could not understand why she was now being hurt so badly. She had sucked his disgusting cock, swallowed gallons of that horrid cream he gruntingly squirted down her throat, plunged innumerable foul shaped objects into her own poor body, sucked and fondled his awful woman's sexual parts in the most disgusting ways, combined man, woman, and sex toy in whatever obscene combination they thought up for her, even eaten and drunk their waste "fresh from the hole" , dressed in whatever bizarre costume he provided, and now this dreadful woman was gleefully inserting a barbed stainless steel fish hook into the lower quarter of her left nipple, actually forcing it in and round so it broke out again…God,that hurt…and was now preparing to thread another hook through the upper part of her nipple.


Then this smiling hooded woman she knew only too intimately,strangely garbed in long black leather boots like a kinky pantomime prince, with leather peep-hole bra that her own large deep pink nipples jutted out of….obviously aroused……and a button flapped leather pair of panties…very black and weird…..had produced a little metal box of fish hooks and was even now forcing yet another shiny barbed point into the denting then breaking skin of the flinching nipple and pain exploded in poor Maria's breast.

With great care, Eva was arranging the hooks to pierce the four quarters of each dusky aureole,her, eyes sparkling with unholy pleasure, the scent of her roused femininity wafting upwards from those black leather panties as her juices began to flow now that she was actually doing one of the things that had made her cunt flow in her secret dreams….

Another squeal of pain, Maria twisting against the soft nylon ropes that held her arched and spread legged against one of the ingenius adaptable stainless steel constructions Murdoch called his fun frames.

"I haven't done anything wrong.Please don't hurt me. You'll spoil my poor breasts !" Maria sobbed.

Between her legs, Murdoch ground three fingers deep into her pussy-hole, smiling as he watched the fish hooks pierce the sensitive dark pink aureoles and saw the first little beads of blood start to ooze from the perforations, mainly where the points re-emerged from within Maria's flesh.

He curved his fingers then cruelly dragged them out of her cunt, fingernails scraping her vaginal lining and drawing a cry of pain from her throut. "It's time to continue your education,my dear," his voice thick with the anticipation of her suffering. "You see, a willing slut is something I can have at any time. There is no joy in a willing slave. That defeats the object, don't you see ? Only yesterday you stood on the dining room table after sucking me off and tonguing Eva until she had three orgasms, then you pushed that huge German dildoe up your arcehole and peed in your cup before you drank it . Now that was a very dirty thing to do, and I feel it is time to punish you for being so immoral."

"But you made me do it !" she wailed, then gave a shriek of pain as Eva slapped her punctured nipples.

"True", Murdoch smiled , pinching her clitoris and giving it a non too gentle twist, "bur we are bored with you now, so we are going to hurt you. You know we are both sadists, don't you ? And your sole purpose in life is to give me pleasure. Unfortunately for you, my pleasure will be watching your body squirm and writhe in ever increasing pain. That is what sadism is, you see. Sexual pleasure for us in causing excrutiating pain for you. Of course, you will eventually cheat us of our pleasure by simply dying, unable to take any more of the damage we will be inflicting on your body….especially the sexy bits like these…" and he viciously chopped his hand upwards into the jutting swell of Maria's breasts, laughing as they bounced wildly, drops of blood splashing his chest……"But you will have been begging us to kill you long before that happens. Some of my girls have lasted for weeks providing me with immense pleasure before they departed, usually in a multitude of different pi!

eces, and as you are such a fit young thing, I really hope you will be one of those. A body as pretty as yours can provide hours of fun for a good sadist."

"You….you're going to kill me ? " the pretty teenager gasped, still unable to believe that such a thing could happen despite already having been turned from an almost virginal innocent into a sluttish sex-whore more depraved in actions than many a hardened prostitute.

Eva gave a little giggle. She leant forward and ran her tongue around both fish-hooked nipples, careful to avoid the protruding stainless points, tasting the iron-salt tang of fresh blood.

"Got it in one, Maria. Much as I would love to do something really naughty to these soft titties, I'm afraid the boss wants me to take my time with you, so this will be quite a pleasant little introduction to your new life of pain. I'll get to the good stuff eventually, though, so you'll have plenty to look forward to. You maybe won't look very pretty by then, of course, but I can hardly wait to start to slit your fucking cunt open !"

Murdock groaned with pleasure. He was watching Eva carefully. For someone new to blood-sports, she was not showing any hesitation and it looked as though she meant every gorgeously rousing word she said. So far it had all been talk with this sensual blonde beauty, albeit the most obscene and perverted talk of the "I'd like to stick a poker up her arsehole while we burn her eyes out" type as they threshed in sexual frenzy together in approaching orgasmic delight. Murdoch had wanted to find out if reality banished the envisaged pleasure….but the way Eva's cunt had oozed with lust as she drove the hooks into the screaming girl's breasts was very re-assuring. He began to believe that he really had found the perfect woman. He brought his penis up to full erection as Eva carefully threaded and knotted lengths of fishing line to the little ring holes in the end of each buried fish hook. He positioned himself between the widespread thighs,pressed the tip of his member to the cleft o!

f that well-reamed pussy, looked into the wide frightened eyes of Maria and began to ease his length into her cunt. "Do it " he grunted,and Eva jerked both sets of fishing line upwards.

Maria screamed as her nipples were wrenched upwards, pain far more severe than when the hooks had punctured her burst from her chest into every nerve of her spread bound body.

Murdoch grinned wickedly. "Yes…do it again…I want to feel her pain…feel her fucking cunt clench on my prick every time you pull those fuckers up and make her yell…"

He began to ride the frame-tied girl. This was even better than when he had first raped her because her screams were of absolute terror , far more frightened than her yells of protest when he first thrust his cock inside her. And now he had the sight of leather-clad dominatrix bitch Eva, eyes sparkling in unholy glee as she wrenched those tortured nipples and made them start to spray little jets of crimson

Onto the man who fucked her so viciously.

This was power, this was the way to fuck a woman, this was what their tits and cunts were for….and he was only just starting !

Eva lowered her hands, watching the breasts fall, momentarily spread as their fluid weight pressed them around Maria's rib cage, then she jerked the lines taut and nearly wet herself as the wild screams bounced from the walls of the torture cellar.

It was the first time for Eva. For as long as she could remember she had found the idea of causing pain to another woman exciting. She knew when she reached her early teens that it was a sexual thing,the sort of pain that turned her on changing from just scratching, hitting or kicking to working more deliberately on sexual areas, doing things that she really shouldn't even think about…not that she had ever done even the less aggressive things. She was well brought up, and went to a convent school, a true virgin bodily but with a mind that she worried was becoming seriously disturbed. Real acts of brutality, like reports of war and famine one saw on the television screen with depressing regularity, had no affect on her, but reports of a sexual murder, of serious rape or fictional accounts of women undergoing any form of torture made her shudder with less than lady-like feelings. Add any suggestion that the tormentor was enjoying a sexual charge out of hurting a woman, and Eva!

was wet without even touching herself. The torturer could be male, but if it was a woman……that was a serious headlong dash for the nearest Ladies or the privacy of her room to get her fingers working on the blazing throb of lust generated in her loins.

She began to seek out books with passages containing sadistic scenes, went to any film that showed bondage or cruelty, and found her increasing dependance on thoughts of terrible cruelty began to alienate her from the normal boy-girl relationships most of her friends were starting to enjoy. Her otherwise healthy urges were nor aroused by fumbling boys trying to squeeze her rapidly blooming breasts or slide their hands up under the hem of her skirt. In fact, she became known as a prick-teaser and a frigid bitch among the lads who loved her blonde looks but could get no response no matter how they tried.

Going on to university gave her the skill to get a top job in the publishing industry, moving through various types of publication until reaching a classy womans' magazine. Oddly, possibly because of her upper class education and good social standing,Eva had read almost all the historical, classical, and modern erotica publications concerning sadism but never come across a real dirty book….the sort in which a vagina became a cunt. It had simply not occurred to her that she was not actually unique in having this shameful and utterly disgusting pleasure in filthy perversion !

Then one of the male secretaries at the publishing house had started reading aloud, to great guffaws of merriment from the other men….and he was laughing at the bizarre requests in a kinky contact magazine,mentioning things that rang a sudden very loud bell in Eva's ears.

Well away from the office,she found a newsagent with a top row of mens' magazines and blushingly purchased "Whip Craft" …. A mainly black and white semi-comic publication showing impossibly shaped females both bound, whipped, raped, and ….joy of joys… being the aggressor !

The text and pictures were of low quality but the effect on Eva was like being injected with a sex hormone. And at the back of the magazine were box number contact requests.

Other people liked tied up girls. They liked the idea of whipping them.Even a few suggestions of branding irons, spikes, racks to bend their bodies, and canes and dildoes in all shapes and sizes.

Not looking for sex but desparate to find someone she could confide in about her awful secret desires, Eva replied to some of the box number ads.,carefully obtaining a box number of her own in a small magazine that had nothing to do with kinky sex.

"Gentleman wishes to share stringent B/D ideas,F on F preferred, no payment just chat by letter or in person and possible mutually interesting experiences to follow.Generous host to intelligent ladies with unusual tastes."

Most of the ads were rather crude. This one was almost discreet.And after five letters she met Sir Murdoch Fines….though at first he used an alias, as did she, and to her absolute amazement found this educated gentleman soon had her talking openly about her most intimate and depraved sexual phantasies.

After some meetings on neutral but always expensive ground, the brasserie of the Hilton, the Boat house Restaurant at Marlow on Thames, the Ritz for dinner and so on, Eva accepted his invitation to his large house behind the main road through Highgate…one of the most expensive areas of the capital….and for that first visit she insisted on driving her own car and meeting him there. She did not intend to become a casualty to some white slaver….

Then he showed her his collection of pornography and every last barrier was broken down as she looked at pictures by people with strange names like Haffnium and Rizar showing women being savagely tortured, not just given a taste of the whip over their pretty derrieres but having knives thrust lethally deep into their vaginas and breasts hacked from their bodies in delicious acts of bloodthirsty sadistic cruelty.

So great was her arousal that Eva made no attempt to resist when the elderly gentleman slid one hand up her skirt and delved his finger beneath the soaking gussett of her lace panties to feel the heat of her ,strictly speaking, virginal cunt.

They made love….or rather they fucked like rutting animals.

Despite his years,Murdoch had a strong sex drive and a big cock to go with it.

More visits followed, more sweaty bouts of hot passion surrounded by lewd books and obscene pictures. He showed her videos, some were cartoons with mind-blowing lethal torture themes, some were real film, obviously not so blood-thirsty, but pretty exciting to watch and lovely to hear….screams while being fucked…sheer bliss.

He told her he had performed real tortures on real women, wanting to see her re-action.

Far from dis-approval,Eva simply wanted the details and said she wished she had been there to join in.

When he suggested she may like to join him in the degradation and enslavement of a new girl, she accepted without hesitation.

And met Maria.

After the first few sessions,when he had shown her how to make Maria kneel and suck pussy and cock, all Eva's last traces of charity went….she enjoyed her power, loved the cruelty, and wished it was more than just sexual enslavement she could perform.

And now she wrenched the lines as Murdoch thrust into the poor screaming bitch, saw the hooks opes bloodier holes in the stretching nipples, smelled the fear and tasted the terror of her helplessly bound victim, and with her free hand she was dragging orgasm after orgasm from her pouring slit,panties discarded to let her finger herself in wild debauchery.

With commendable self control, Murdoch had been thrusting into his slave girl in time with the nipple wrenching pulls, feeling the extremely special way Maria's vagina contracted briefly as pain made her muscles spasm. It was like being sucked off at the same time as shafting her….a most delightful pastime but one which his increasing lust could not permit to carry on for much longer.

"OH yes…scream you little bitch…..PULL HER….oh…Now….Oooghhh yesssss…." he gasped as he spurted into the chasm of despoiled innocence and ground his hands in her arce cheeks to pull her on just that tiny bit more to meet the spurting jets of semen.

Eva had followed his increasing tempo with speedier jerks on the hook lines, giving an extra strong pull as he ejaculated and opening the multiple holes around the pain hard buds of each nipple so that a quite pronounced flow of blood formed a tracery of red lines all over the heaving breasts.

Now she had the possibly more pleasurable task of pulling the hooks back out of Maria's aureoles, working the hooks right through rather than reversing them because the barbs meant the curved steel would only go one way. Then she sucked the blood away and took the opportunity to chew painfully on each sore teat before applying balm and plasters.

Murdoch pulled a small step lift over so he could stand with his still drooling cock at Maria's head height, and told her to suck him clean.

Sobbing and still shuddering with the affects of prolonged pain, she did as she was told.

It always amazed Murdoch that though a slave knew she was going to die, it hardly ever occurred to her that to refuse an order would not make things any worse. She would dutifully attend to his needs even when her tits hung down in shreds after a flogging with the razor wire whip.

Eva waited until he moved away, then straddled Maria's face and lowered her soaking wet pussy down on the tear-stained face. Without being told, the sex slave knew what was her duty and her tongue lapped away all traces of Eva's come.

Drained from their pleasures,the sadists decided it was time to leave Maria to rest…still bound to the steel frame, of course. They wanted her recovery to be painful, too.

And Murdoch had made it a rule that once he started to seriously mistreat his women, he never left them unsecured even in a locked torture chamber. One day, the worm may turn, and he had no desire to step into a room and meet a club-wielding vixen out for revenge. Keep the bitches chained up or well bound…that was a sensible and rather satisfying rule to follow.

They went to the snug, a small comfortable lounge with bar, soft settee, T.V., video, and plenty of soft lights ans sexy pictures on the walls.

Eva was constantly amazed how quickly this elderly man could recover from quite a strnuous sex session to be ready for more. As he stripped off her blood splashed dominatrix outfit and began to fondle her voluptuous charms, his cock was already showing signs of hardening. By the time he had put on a video showing a young Russian girl tied to a wooden cross, stark naked, being severely whipped by two naked men,it was stiff enough to be seeking entry to her welcoming cunt.

The stereo sound of the leather slashing over female flesh and the piercing screams mingling with gutteral laughter made Eva as randy as a whore on heat.

"I was impressed by your skill with the hooks" he grunted in her ear as he nuzzled her neck and eased his length fully home,lying on top of her. "I thought you might find it difficult to actually pierce her nipples."

"Why ? It was gorgeous !" Eva gasped, pushing her belly up to feel his penis go up against the nub

of her cervix and jolt that delicious tingle into her womb that ran right down her legs to her toes. I've wanted to do things like that for as long as I can remember."

"No guilt ?" he murmured, squeezing her rounded and extremely firm young breasts fondly.

"Of course not…she's a slave…all I want is to get to the bits we talk about, when I can cut the bitch open and really listen to her scream her fucking head off !"

Murdoch began to ride in earnest. "I think I must be a very lucky man ," he chuckled,

"to find such a lovely woman with such a filthy mind !"

End of Chapter One.

Coming soon : Blood and Screams.


Cellar Full of Screams...

by Susan .

Chapter Two.

A t work the following day, Eva looked at some of the other girls in the office and had to keep dashing to the Ladies room to masturbate the wet cleft between her thighs. Every girl she looked at appeared in her imagination with the flesh of her nipples denting as the fish hook points pressed harder, then bursting inwards with a delicious little bubble of blood.

One of the more well-endowed secretaries leant over Eva's desk to query some fashion picture details, and as she gazed at the deep cleavage only inches from her face, Eva could almost hear the screams as barbed wire loops sank into bloody grooves when she turned the tourniquet and forced each swollen globe out into a tortured football shape ready to face the nail-studded paddle….

She could hardly wait for the day to end so she could drive out to Highgate and the secret room of sin.

Murdoch worked, too, and had been in the City all day. He had no qualms about leaving the house with Maria chained in her cell. The house-maid who cleaned his home would have needed a top class lock smith to even get down the cellar stairs, or enter the snug where his erotica was stored.

Even if someone succeeded in entering the cellar, Maria was inside a second concealed and sound-proofed section,her bedroom shower, and mini-kitchen "bedsit" and the even more stringently secured playroom in which young women met their grisly deaths. A lot of money had been spent to create a safe storage vault for works of art. Then Murdoch had pretended to be a nuclear survivalist and had power, water, and air systems built in. Now he could have machine gunned his playthings and anyone standing in the other part of the cellar would never hear a thing.

As for Maria, she had recovered well, not really believing all that stuff about killing her and sure that her master would probably bring her some special treat to-night to make up for being so cruel.

Certainly the cigarette burn marks and the still painful sores on her nipples were not what one expected even when one had been captured and repeatedly raped.After all, the man and even that awful blonde woman were well-spoken educated folk who certainly wouldn't……

She reflected on her week of captivity. Maybe she should have refused right at the start, whatever he said he would do to her. But the pain had been worse than protecting her innocence…..surely any woman would have given in rather than face those awful fiery stripes of pain from the whip he had used to break her spirit.

It was nearly six o-clock. She turned the T.V. on, hoping that on the news she would see an item about police searching for a young Italian student reported missing.

She knew it was a pretty forlorn hope. She had no idea where she was herself…just a sudden foggy feeling after that kind gentleman in Manchester had spoken to her in the restaurant ….

Upstairs, Eva served a delicious steak dinner to her older lover. He enjoyed her culinary skill, his own being of the frozen ready meal variety. It was one of the few things he missed about his wife, a big horsey woman happily living at their large estate in Scotland, wearing her green wellies, not a perverse thought in her mind, and aware but not concerned that her husband frequently had young mistresses for his needs …….. needs she did not know included sadistic butchery.

Eva knew of his marital status. She had no desire for permanent relationships with such an elderly man. It was his ability to pander to her depravity that made her love him. And he was a pretty good lover in the sack. His generosity helped. Mention a pretty little dress she had seen in Harrods, and he would gladly offer to buy it.

As they ate, she told him how she had been thinking cruel thoughts virtually all day.

Murdoch laughed. "Darling Eva, you are becoming almost as wicked as me. You know, I must have mentally pushed a red hot poker up the cunt of every one of our employees under the age of thirty.

I was driving through Soho the other night and saw this prostitute in a short red skirt plying her trade and in the next mile or so I almost wet my trousers picturing her cheeky little arse spread open with claw-pulls and you pushing a big red hot dildoe up her back passage."

The idea of this well known man sitting in the back of his Bentley dreaming of her enjoying herself made Eva smile.

"Have you ever done that…with a hot iron?" she asked.

Previously,though telling her he had knowledge about young women dying for the amusement of sadists, Murdoch had not actually been too specific.

He drank some of the wine, pushing away his empty plate.

"Actually my second woman went rather like that," he said."I killed her by burning her all over, branding her for about three days until she was actually a bit of a mess. Then I finished her off by pushing an iron ber, suitably heated, some eighteen inches inside her vagina. She certainly screamed a lot and it was a very satisfying feeling actually ripping into her and hearing all the blood boil and smelling that lovely roast beef smell. But not as controllable or as long-lasting as it should be. Rather wasteful. A knife is much slower."

Eva shuddered.Tentacles of lust uncoiled in her belly. "Oh,God…I think it would be gorgeous, burning right up into her womb! Roasting her cunt walls. Ooogh, come on…I can't wait any longer to go and get Maria."

"You are a depraved whore ," Murdoch smiled, "so to-night I'm going to let you feel the power surge one gets from flogging a wriggling naked screaming sex slave !"

"Jesus, I'm getting wet knickers already !" Eva gasped. Her convent education had not turned out quite how it was meant to be. Jesus would certainly not have approved….though, with the benefit of adult hindsight, Eva was pretty sure it was the nuns and all those pictures of scourges and saintly suffering that turned her on to cruelty in the first place.

They had to fight Maria for the first time since her initial ravishing. As she was tethered by her ankle to a chain and there were two assaulters to one victim, the result was predictable and Maria was soon secured in the playroom, standing with handcuffed wrists above her head, feet left free so she could dance. She was wearing very sexy black lingerie………the only clothes provided……..and with her slim waist, long legs and upthrust pert breasts she looked very appealing. She was not gagged, despite her whining pleas and protests being a bit boring. Soon she would be making the sort of noise they liked to hear.

Eva tried to inspect the plaster covered nipples, but Maria tried to kick out so Eva decided to wait until later…mentally promising to take the plasters off very painfully..

Murdoch went first. That rather surprised Eva, who wanted to introduce the girl to real pain herself, but it was Murdoch's house and his slave !

He selected a thick-stocked whip with multiple thongs that looked ferocious but was actually one of those light jobs sold in kinky sex shops….flog your partner without ripping them to shreds.

Even so, when he worked the lash down from Maria's shoulder blades and over the pert roundness of her youthful buttocks, she made plenty of noise and danced in her upright, arm-raised stance, the pain burning like nettle stings. The sound of the whip thongs hissing through the air, the crackle as they met girl-flesh, and the bucking dance of pain combined to make Eva start to play with herself. The full cups of the black lace bra. bounced delightfully, the nylon cased cheeks of the shuddering arce clenched in reaction as the lashes landed, and Murdoch was swinging a few nasty strokes straight up between the dancing legs to splatter over Maria's gusset.

Before his arm grew tired, Murdoch sneaked up behind Maria and suddenly pulled her sexy knickers down to her knees, revealing bare buttocks with a healthy pink flush.

Laughing, he handed the whip to Eva, noting how wet her snatch was where she had been greedily finger-fucking herself.

"Here you are, Darling. You can do her front."

"Then I want her bra. off ," Eva said and made a sudden snatch at the back strap before Maria could think of kicking her.

One of the plasters actually fell off. The pierced aureoles showed almost no signs of their mis-treatment. The first stroke of the whip began to peel the second plaster free,and the frontal attack made Maria jerk her legs up in a reflex reaction, actually swinging from the handcuffs , blood oozing from grazes around each wrist.

A much harder stroke spread the lashes full across her belly.

Eva was using far more force than Murdoch, loving the feeling of brutal power it gave her to hit the squealing bitch without reserve.The next shot was slightly lower, catching Maria's labia and making her pee herself slightly as her muscles contracted in an attempted defence.

Maria could not understand why her breasts and belly were not torn open and bleeding. The pain seemed so great, and Eva was slashing the whip home again and again in a sort of sexual frenzy, certainly with the sort of power that could have torn Maria to shreds if the whip had been leather instead of light plastic.

Even so, the front of Maria's body was becoming discoloured with quite angry looking stripes of glowing red. She was screaming hoarsely, terrified half out of her mind, convinced that the blonde vixen was going to beat her to death in one continuous orgy of lust…..then Murdoch rested a hand on

Eva's tireless whip arm.

She looked at him, eyes shining with pure lusting joy. He reached forward and slipped his forefinger inside the slippery fold of her blonde fringed vulva,making her shudder with need.

"On the bed, Eva." He smiled. "I need some relief."

He went and lay back on the leather couch used to fuck or to spread and torture girls. His cock pointed skywards. Eva gladly straddled him, lowering her cleft onto the thick cock, groaning with pleasure as it spread her cunt petals apart and surged into her throbbing vagina. When she was horny, Eva's chasm tended to have a swollen ribbed interior. Murdoch had been intrigued when he first felt the quite hard ridges….they certainly made fucking her a special joy, like a little row of fingers gripping and stroking his manhood as it ploughed in and out of her slit.

She pumped her loins up and down on his, both of them eventually coming more or less together.

As she felt his stiffness subside and his limpness dropped out of her soaking cunt, she moved up the bed and knelt with her thighs each side of Murdoch's head so he looked up at her parted pussy lips drooling strands of his come into his open mouth. Murdoch was not one of those men who think it is degrading for a man to suck a woman's cunt. He enjoyed giving pleasure to this sensationally sadistic beauty and gladly drove his tongue inside her as she lowered her hips, feeling slightly jealous as she promptly shuddered into another orgasm. He gave her two more before even she collapsed , but when she lay down it was reversed so she could take his limp penis between her lips and gently suck the last traces of her come and his sperm from the slightly stiffening organ.

They fettered Maria in her room and left her with a promise that to-morrow would be much worse….

They came for her later than usual the following evening. She had been getting more and more nervous waiting, not knowing that Murdoch had received a particularly brutal sadistic porno video from the private courier company he used to import such illegal items without risk to him. It was so good that when Eva arrived, he told her to undress in the Snug and watch it with him.

A tall and full-figured brunette was shown having her breasts bound in steel wires. They were jerked up and down by the wire loops, the girl shrieking, twisting almost lewdly against the upright post to which she was bound. Two men, wearing only boxer shorts that showed quite clearly how the girl's screams were turning them on, stretched her breasts forward by gripping each nipple in spring clips, then pierced each aureole with long needles. They pulled the needles right through the punctured nipple tips, and Eva gave a little squeal of delight when she realised that the needles had thread in them….the men slowly pulling the two nipples together with the fine threads and tying them like that.

Both breasts creased like little Michelin men by the tight wires and distorted by the drawn together nipples, the tall girl's face was a picture, tears coursing down her cheeks, eyes dark with pain. She was either a determined masochist going to her limit, or she was genuinely suffering as the grinning men began to swat her full udders with leather belts, their jockey shorts bulging.

Eva came when the men bared their rampant tools and took turns to enter the brunette, helping each other to hoist her legs up and apart to facilitate their loveless assault, thick cocks shown pumping hard and deep into her thick lipped pussy.

"Keep watching, Darling," Murdoch grunted, his own cock well sheathed in very clinging femininity.

And the video continued, the brunette still against the post but now with her legs drawn wide apart so she hung open-legged , strands of grey sticky sperm oozing from the red slit of her vulva. And the men were enjoying themselves with lit candles, taking turns to move their flickering flame close to the struggling girl.

One seemed to prefer her tits, heating her nipples and unintentionally freeing them to spring apart as he burned the threads that went through her aureoles.

The other singed her cunt, a close-up shot actually showing her pussy hairs shrivelling into little blackened balls of ash, sperm bubbling and steaming as he slowly boiled the globules of his come on her poor defenceless pudenda.

Unfortunately, after a delightful sexy close up of real blisters forming on the brunette's nipples, the video ended.

Eva would have been more than a little disappointed, except that this was the signal for her to go down to the cellar and her own real live captive !

Strapped over one of the steel frames, Maria had her plump arse up in the air. Legs wide apart, body leaning forward so her breasts hung temptingly free, she was begging them not to hurt her. As Murdoch had wheeled in a gas-powered barbecue and was arranging a variety of skewers and other less usual items alongside the lit burners, that plea seemed to be a bit useless right from the start.

He produced two pairs of silver coloured gloves, made of an asbestos derived Japanese fibre which provided almost total insulation to the wearer whilst still feeling soft and flexible like soft leather gloves. They enabled the wearer to handle a skewer even when the far end was glowing red hot, thus allowing the most intimate feeling for a torturer as he or she inserted glowing metal into the spitting bubbling flesh of a shrieking victim.

So much better than having to hold everything in pliers or great thick old-fashioned gloves.

They only had to wave one of the glowing skewers in front of Maria's eyes for her to dissolve into a babbling nervous wreck. She was scared witless. Everything so far had been….well, it hadn't been really destructive. She had sort of hoped that when the captors tired of her they would have let her go. The idea that they would kill her was too ridiculous. People just didn't do that sort of thing, especially educated people like Murdoch. Violence was done by ill-educated yobs, street gang people with no morals……then the first skewer was pushed an inch deep into Maria's right buttock, about two inches above the bottom crease where her arce met her thigh.

She was a creature of insanity. Pain far beyond what she had imagined even in her most unhappy moments seemed to flood in, out, up,and down her body all at once. Her legs shook, nerves twitching so that her thighs actually rippled.

Her breasts hardened. Her nipples became erect…nothing to do with excitement, more a sudden surge of blood through every artery as her body responded to a massive shock.

Her forehead was beaded with sweat. Her eyes actually bulged. Eva moaned, hand delving between her thighs with instant hunger as she saw first-hand what real agony looked like.

Then Murdoch told her to put her gloves on and use a skewer on Maria's breasts.

Her blue eyes dancing, a squirming coil of pure unadulterated lust in her belly, the tall Nordic blonde took a deep breath and slowly inserted the sizzling tip of glowing metal into the upper slope of Maria's left breast.

A scream that was almost painful to hear shattered the air, bouncing off the cellar walls, reverberating around, seeming to peak in a dreadful shrieking top note before dissolving into a breath-catching gurgle of dis-belief.

"Fuck me…that must have hurt her," Eva giggled, and pulled the steaming point from the charred black hole. No blood, the red hot metal cauterising the wound.

Again, Murdoch was impressed by the lack of pity shown by his lover. It was difficult to say which gave him the most pleasure – the feeling of supreme cruelty brought about by inserting red-hot metal into the flesh of his victim or the rush of voyeuristic lust that surged in his loins to see his protege's obvious enjoyment in doing that cruel act herself. And it was obvious. Eva's nipples stuck out as though he had spent ages sucking them, her eyes shone with unholy glee, and the perfume of her roused womanhood wafted up to mingle with the sharp tang of burnt meat. Perhaps some genius would learn how to bottle such a perfume. It would be an instant aphrodisiac for every perverted sadist in the world.

Although this was an excellent torture, loss of blood being minimal and pain being extreme, it was so terribly shattering to the nervous system of a young girl never before so cruelly abused that it quickly had the affect of turning Maria into a hysterical creature who no longer really appreciated the skill with which she was being tortured. For a true sadist like Murdoch, this was not acceptable, and he reluctantly called a halt to the proceedings. Eva, shuddering with passion as she repeatedly thrust glowing skewers in the cheeks of the crazed girl, pouted prettily when Murdoch made her stop.

"The Snug ?" he smiled. "I've a rape video you haven't seen !"

With a quivering and still crying Maria tethered safely in her room, the randy sadists were quickly showered and in each others arms watching the large screen. One handcuffed girl, either a fine actress or genuinely unwilling to take part in her star role, squealed and struggled as three men took her, singly at first, then all together. One pushed his sizeable penis down her throat, one drove deep into the sperm-lubricated chasm of her cunt, and the third mounted her from the rear and widened the ring of her back passage to make her sex-crease stretch to accommodate front and rear entry at the same time.

"You know, I haven't done that to you," Murdoch grunted, cock well-implanted inside Eva's voracious cavity. "Would you like it ?"

Eva slithered downwards on the couch, thus slipping off his member. His moan of disappointment changed to a gasp of pleasure as she twisted round to hold his shaft and lick slowly up the ridged underside of his penis, toying her tongue tip around his peeled back foreskin to get the slightly cream cheese taste of him mixed with the throat drying tang of her own cunt juices.

For an older man he had a very nice cock, silk smooth glans, full foreskin that could either almost cover the purplish ehlmet or stretch back half way down his length, and tight balls in a rather firm skinned scrotum nestling among dark curls not nearly so wiry as most men Eva had touched down there.

"I've never been buggered," she purred into his groin. "It always seemed a bit dirty….you know, shit and stuff. I sort of pictured a man coming out of me all streaked with the stuff and smelling disgusting."

"Well, my dear, as you can see on the T.V. and as you doubtless saw when I arce-fucked Maria, that actually doesn't happen….or at least, not if one makes sure the lady is not about to relieve herself," Murdoch chuckled, "although I do know of one of our most eminent politicians who desires nothing better than to get his cock up the arce of a woman while she's actually defecating. To me that seems absolutely disgusting, but I'm sure he would say the same about my rather peculiar desires, wouldn't he ?"

As he spoke, Eva could feel his hand on her bottom, finger gently probing the eye of her anus. He slipped into her a little way….doctor, doctor, what are you doing to my bottom ?…..but it didn't feel uncomfortable. Up as far as one finger could go, and slowly moving around inside her. It was not much different from when he fingered her vagina…maybe slightly less pleasurable, but it didn't hurt.

"Come on, sexy bitch. On your hands and knees and let me fuck this lovely virgin arcehole !" he growled.

"Only if you put something with a bit more violence on the telly ," Eva smiled. "If I'm going to let you bugger me, I've got to be turned on by seeing some girl bleed and hearing her scream !"

With astonishing speed, Murdoch had the video changed and was arranging Eva on her hands and knees in front of the T.V.

He put a professionally made "torture" movie on that she had not seen before. Two Natzi uniformed interrogators and a very beautiful French resistance worker who just happened to be wearing extremely modern exotic underwear. As she was dragged screaming piteously to the vertical rack on which she was to suffer, the grinning men told her with brutal detail how they were going to rape her and then torture her lovely body until she told them the names of all her fellow resistors.

Watching as the men bound the captive and began to fondle and de-nude her splendid body, Eva was soon becoming quite excited, and did not resist as Murdoch knealt behind her and began to rub the tip of his cock slowly up and down the crease of her arce cheeks . He timed his entry well. As one "German" officer drove his large erection into the bound girl, the other snapped two fearsome looking crocodile clips onto the nipples of her extremely full and shapely breast. Her screams of pain made Eva gurgle with lust just as Murdoch's cock parted her sphincter and took her anal virginity in one smooth deep thrust.

The on-screen rape continued, then the "torture" started. The camera explored a leather bra lined with dozens of metal spikes about an inch long. Having made sure the viewers knew what was inside the bra.,it came as no surprise when the girl shrieked and struggled violently as the interrogators tightened it around her lovely boobs. When they then began to beat the leather cones with heavy riding crops, lots of "blood" came trickling from below the bra. cups and the girl shrieked and struggled even more prettily.

With the men making really vile and lewd comments about how the spikes would cut her tits to ribbons and make her breasts just squashed piles of minced meat , it was easy for Eva to ignore the theatre and revel in the illusion. For her, the beating was driving countless shards of metal deep in the bleeding bouncing breasts, and when a similar pair of spike-lined panties were shown and apparently fitted to the lovely Mademoiselle's sexy nether regions, the ensuing beating and pouring "Kensington Gore"

Stage blood had Eva bucking and heaving like a thing demented on the thoroughly delighted cock of her older lover.

When the "Natzi" brutes produced stage knives and slashed the French girl's belly open from hip to hip,then cursed that they had forgotten to interrogate her because hurting her was so delicious,Eva was crying "Yes…slice her open you lucky bastards…cut her fucking tits off….stab her up her cunt.."

Which caused Murdoch to cry out in absolute bliss as he spurted his seed deep in her rectum. Her first anal penetration was a most pleasant experience for both of them.

Murdoch,who had actually cut the breasts off more than one woman in his disreputable life of debauchery, was convinced that Eva was ready to progress to serious torture on Maria. She really was not pretending…she wanted to do something very nasty to a real woman's body. He told her they would make Maria really suffer the following evening, and she went to sleep to dream of blood and screams…..

Strangely, at work the following day, Eva had a certain feeling of open-ness in her bottom. After normal sex, she certainly never had any sensation of her pussy being full after the act, certainly not the next day, yet as she walked around the office there was a definite loose feeling seemingly just inside her anus. It was so odd that she actually went to the Ladies to feel her bottom and make sure she wasn't actually open.

And throughout he day she found herself slipping into erotic phantasies, so much so that she was scared she may blurt out something rude in conversation.

She wanted to announce to her work-mates that she had been buggered last night….after she and her lover had spent ages torturing their sex-slave in a sound-proofed cellar.

She tried to picture their reactions. The daffy blonde temp….would she say "I hope you wore a rubber" like she did when any of the men boasted of their love life successes.

Myrna, the slightly Oriental girl on the switchboard who figured in a lot of Eva's dirty thoughts as a fiendish Japanese torturess….would she ask what they did to their slave?

Would Johnathen, the tall good looking sales department chief, say he'd rather they ravished a twelve year old schoolgirl ?

Eva knew how her secret thoughts were far from what one would expect. Could any of her work-mates have similar hidden depths ?

Jemima, the editor in chief…..she always seemed to like getting behind the scenes at fashion shoots. Was that because she was a secret Dyke and liked to peek at the models changing, see a bit of spare pussy or a nice pair of firm little model's jugs ?

Maybe Tom, the young lad in the packing sector who always contrived to look down your blouse when passing your desk, actually wanted to see your breasts being peeled with acid or sliced into quarters with machette blades……

She grinned to herself, imagining how marvellous it would be to be able to tune in on other peoples' thoughts. She knew what men were thinking when they looked at her. A lot of them had instant naughty visions of her tall Nordic frame without clothes. Their body language and the way their eyes ran over her in a special way told her as loudly as words that they were saying "I would love to get you in bed, Darling !"

What would they think if she said "Talk to me about torturing pretty girls, detail all the most awful brutalities you can imagine, and I 'll get so turned on you can fuck me in seconds !"

And what about Murdoch ? How many people knew his secret lusts ? Did his business partners know he liked making an innocent girl a sex slave by force, that he claimed to have actually tortured quite a few to their deaths ? Did he sit in the office and say to his secretary "Buggered Eva last night. Nice tight virgin arcehole. That was after we'd stuck red hot skewers in our sex-slave's arce. You do anything exciting ?"

There were two more letters under the box number. Eva took them guiltily and went to the loo again.

She had only placed one ad. in the fetish magazine…something like "Lady with unusual tastes seeks friends with those who approve of strong discipline."

The first reply was badly scrawled on cheap paper. "I'm a 42-year old naughty boy just waiting for you to chastise me.Dress me in your used panties and smack my botty really hard."

She threw it down the pan.

The second, typed on quality notepaper, said "I enjoy bizarre ideas on the control and punishment of young ladies, having endured some fairly stringent discipline during my time as a student in a Convent school. I was taught the value of a sound thrashing, but unfortunately, instead of curbing my unruly behaviour, it served only to teach me that the one performing the chastisement has a far better time than the recipient. Now I find that my desire for arousal with my own gender is accompanied by a liking for performing acts of questionable decency upon their preferably reluctant forms. Perhaps you may find it mutually rewarding to correspond about discipline and its application to female anatomy ? I look forward to your reply. Laura G. Brannigan."

Murdoch had told her that replies to ads. on sexual matters were usually from men, often pretending to be females. Was Laura really a Larry ? But a letter to her box number would do no harm. She decided she wouldn't mention it to Murdoch. He would only ridicule it.

The evening came at last, and it was with a tingle of desire already moistening her vulva that Eva drove to Highgate and a very pleasant meal with Murdoch. Both of them tried to talk of normal things, behave like ordinary lovers, but the need to go and hurt Maria was overwhelming, and they threw off their clothes and headed for the cellar, already aroused.

Maria was surprisingly fit. The wounds on her nipples almost healed, the skewer burn marks just blisters, no sign of infection or bleeding. She fought them, shouting and pleading as they dragged her to the play room. Superior numbers overcame her struggles, and she was eventually lashed down on one of the frames,arched back over a steel bar, legs wide apart, wrists strapped to her sides,her breasts forming the high point of the arch.

"A little light relief, first, I think," Murdoch smiled, positioning himself between the wide-spread legs and almost casually forcing three fingers in to widen Maria's pussy before he pushed his manhood into her for a few deep strokes. Then he pulled out, lowered his aim a little, and thrust inside her anus, bending at the knee to get the right angle of attack. Murdoch had raped her so frequently that this was nothing new, but he just enjoyed the feeling of mastery to be able to enter her as he pleased, and he used her twin holes alternately to virtually masturbate gently, not yet wanting to come.

"Top drawer, second tool chest on the left," he smiled at Eva."There's a toy I think you'll enjoy playing with !"

She opened the drawer and gave a little squeak of pleasure as she saw a fitted selection of most alarming dildoes. The smallest was at least twice as thick as Murdoch's cock and at least twelve inches long. As the drawer opened further, the size increased and the purpose of the tools that nestled there turned from pleasure to pain. Those at the back were awesome creations designed to give a girl an instant hysterectomy!

Eva lifted the rear-most dildoe from the drawer. It was about fifteen inches long, had a variable fitting at the "balls" end so it could be triple strapped on a female "rapist" or screwed to a handle for manual insertion or a reverse dildoe so a woman could insert the friendly tool in herself and appear like a man with the unfriendly end serrated along its' length with vicious stubby spikes which looked pretty awful.But around the ridge where the glans of the imitation monster cock bulged, there were forward curving steel spines.…..just thinking how they would tear the lining of the recipients vagina made Eva feel quite weak with sexual excitement.

She walked back to Maria and raised the evil weapon in front of her dark fear-filled eyes.

"Oghhh noooghhh….Mother of God…you couldn't…please…I beg you….pleeaasseee!"

Eva ran the spikey cockhead slowly down from the tip of Maria's heaving breasts to the parted junction of her shapely thighs, pressing just hard enough for the shivering girl to feel the latent ferocity of the spikes.

"Oh yes I can, Maria. Push it right up inside you…watch the blood pour out of your shredded pussy and hear you scream louder than you think is possible. Slowly twist it round inside you, feeling it grate the walls of your cunt to pulp…..and see your fucking womb ripped out when I finally wrench this lovely toy out of you !"

Murdoch was masturbating gently. This was sheer bliss. He wouldn't interfere. If the beautiful blonde she-devil decided to lacerate Maria beyond repair in one brutal onslaught, so be it.

He poured a glass of fine port and settled down on one of the comfortable leather benches to watch his protégé become a fully-fledged torturess…..

End of Part Two.

A Cellar Full of Screams.

A torture story by Susan.

Part Three.

Extreme Violence and Terror.

Eva could feel the moisture beading on the slightly parted lips of her vulva as tremors of wicked excitement tingled through her loins. She found herself breathing deeply, almost as though she had been running, and her legs seemed slightly weak. With

a little shudder of pleasure, she slid the alarming spines of the terminator dildoe between Maria's thighs, slowly rotating the handle so the rings of glinting metal flicked over the trembling girl's skin harmlessly but suggestively.

"Imagine it inside you, Maria. All these lovely spikes digging in to the softest bits of your pussy lining, scraping deep grooves up your hole when I force them further in, then think of what they'll do when I start to turn it round and round, maybe use both hands to really fuck it in and out and round and round, listening to all the wet squishy tearing noises of cunt meat being shredded and minced to a lovely juicy pulp,loving it when your screams start to turn to gurgling whimpers of absolutely demented agony……and seeing all the blood pour out here,ooze down your thighs with tiny bits of chewed up flesh like the biggest and bloodiest period any woman's ever dreamt of…..come on, Maria… think how sexy you'll look jerking and squirming and begging me to kill you…..Oooghhh, look at me….. I'm all wet and randy, Maria, and that's just thinking about it."

The captive groaned. Her dark eyes followed the movement of the torture tool with helpless terrified fascination. She quivered at every touch, onlt too well aware of how instant her agony could be if her evil torturess decided to do as she threatened and use the horrible thing as it was obviously meant to be used. That some-one could actually make such a vile and obscene weapon was beyond Maria's comprehension, even after her days of cruel treatment and constant sexual degradation. At least all she had been through so far was understandable. Men did perform rape, and abuse women. Even the terrible sexually perverted Eva was at least understandable. Some women were lesbians, or bi-sexual, or whatever the ghastly witch was….but no-one in the world could actually contemplate inserting a thing like this into another human being….and look forward to it ?

It was a brave try, the poor girl desperately trying to convince herself that Eva really would not do what she threatened….but she had used the red hot skewers with obvious pleasure, and even Maria could smell the fishy roused woman-scent that wafted from her tormentor's blonde thatched pudenda….

Murdoch sipped his port, freeing his semi-roused cock to a more comfortable position and resisting the urge to masturbate.

Though watching his protegee taunt the bound girl was delicious and well worthy of some five fingered exercise, he knew that what was to follow would be yet more cock-tingling and he had to reserve some vigour for the stronger action. Always thought it such a shame that women, usually the less interested of the sexes in outrageous sexual excess, had the capability to achieve repeated and numerous orgasms whilst he had two or, rarely , three shots of actual climax before penile vigour deserted him for a while. When he saw Eva put down the gruesome spiked dildoe and pick up one of the double-ender ribbed black rubber jobs instead, he was agreeably surprised. He had half expected Maria to suffer a rapid departure from this world, but Eva shared his pleasure in prolonging the suffering of a captive and was now pushing the smoother and smaller half of the double-ender into her vagina, fitting the triangular pad to her loins, and fastening the three straps to hold the dildoe in place. When she straightened up, a huge ribbed black cock jutted from her lower belly like one of those Greek painted satyrs,up-curving, with a massive domed glans, a serrated "foreskin" and numerous diamond shaped nodules of hard rubber moulded along the shaft of the fearsome penis.

Eva strutted round the cellar, admiring her new addition in one of the many mirrors Murdoch liked to have around his victims….so they could see the damage being done to their bodies from different angles……..and laughed as walking made the shaft buried within her own sex move quite excitingly.

"Look at it Maria. It's going to be the biggest one you'll ever have. Do you think you'll like these nice big ridge pieces rubbing up your pussy hole ? Well, I think I'd rather fuck you up your pretty little arcehole !"

"Oh no, please miss Eva, it's too big….please don't…..I'll do anything you want….I'll suck you….please don't hurt me…please…."

Maria pleaded all the time as Eva ratchetted the steel bars to a better position, her captive's pliant body having to bend with the new angles of the posts until she was bending forward,bottom now jutting backwards, belly tight over a steel bar, buttock cheeks slightly flattened by the strain of her bonds so her crease was less deep and the tight dark rose of her anus winked its Cyclops eye invitingly between the smooth slopes of her taut buttocks.

Behind her, Eva held the giant length of the black phallus in her right hand, guiding the dome-shaped glans extremis to the puckered target, rubbing it lasciviously in Maria's crease, down to the first parting pinkness of the vaginal lips and the wispy coils of jet black pussy hair, up and over the clenched sphincter, then using the knob like a club to gently beat Maria's bottom cheeks, taunting her all the time with promises of how painful this all-girl rape would be.

Centred, pressed, the black rubber denting the tight ring.

Eva licking her lips, blue eyes positively glowing with lust, able to watch as her forceful thrusting gradually parted the eye.

Then dead stop. Butting furiously, quite delicious sensations in her own sex as the buried dong roused her ultra-turned on feelings, but total defeat by the strength of Maria's anal defences.

"Wet her, Darling," Murdoch chuckled.

Blushing slightly, feeling a bit silly for not thinking of any form of lubrication, Eva licked her fingers and used them to part and wet Maria's hole, forefinger rotating to widen the ring and stretch the muscle before returning to the attack with the rubber monster.

She watched in total delight as the butting rubber knob began to stretch Maria's hole, denting, widening, threatening to push inside but beaten so many times by the sphincter muscle, Maria sobbing and pleading, Murdoch silent but watching intently.

Then a wild scream of pain as the dome quite suddenly vanished in the taut dark ring, knob hidden from view as it broached the rear portal's defences and prepared to storm the inner temple of Maria's rectum.

Eva gathered her strength, balanced herself for the thrust, clenching her own belly muscles because such a hard push actually quite hurt her penetrated vagina, the recesses of her pussy clenching on the rubber dong, uterus neck actually meeting the knob where it rested against her os. "Now, you bitch !" she grunted, and her hips arched forward with every ounce of her strength.

If she had written the scene as a script, it could not have been better.

The enormous penis surged into Maria's bottom hole with the power of an express train, great farting noise overshadowed by the agonised shriek.

Over a foot of thick knobbly hard rubber had gone up Maria's arce-hole in one vicious thrust, every muscle in her jerking body responding as the tearing pain ripped through her nervous system like an awful blast of acid-laced electricity.

Even her fingers spasmed and clenched the air. Her neck arched up, her mouth opened as wide as it possibly could, and a shriek of disbelieving agony reverberated off the cellar walls. A little spray of urine shot from her pussy. Her stomach seemed to twist into knots and she was quite sure her bottom had split right down the crease, even feeling a splash of her own pee and assuming it to be blood from the awful wound that must have torn her arce-cheeks apart.

It was one hell of a tight fit. Having shoved so hard to get it in, Eva had a job pulling it almost out again, but soon found her rhythm and developed a fucking action similar to a man. It was rather delicious, feeling the vibrations of the knobbly bits on the dildoe rubbing in Maria transmitted to her own pussy by the smoother "pleasure" end of the brutal weapon.

The feeling of sheer power and dominance to ram the imitation cock deep in the squealing captive must have been what made rape so exciting to a man. It really was a totally different feeling from finger-fucking or even fist-fucking, despite knowing the latter hurt the recipient probably just as much. This was somehow more…..intimate ? Perhaps it was the sensation of force deep in her own sex….whatever, Eva was finding that for every five or six thrusts she had a spasm of orgasmic bliss. The way Maria's whole body squirmed and shook helped, of course. Those large naked breasts bouncing, the spread legs shuddering, the manacled wrists beginning to bleed slightly as she struggled, it all contrived to make this act of all female rape one of Eva's most erotic experiences so far…. And made her desperate to hurt her victim still more.

She reached round to cup her hand over Maria's dark cunt pelt, middle finger parting the lips to probe inside the girl, feeling the rubber penis separated by only the thinnest of layers of tissue from her finger, laughing to touch the nodules as she pumped them in and out, knowing they must be really painful for the sobbing girl.

"Wait until I push the spiked one up here,Maria. You think this is tight,do you ? I'll open you up so I can park a fucking car up your pussy, bitch. "

And as a new surge of delight triggered orgasmic tingles right down to Eva's toes, she speeded up her assault and drove three fingers into the extremely tight cunt slit, resulting in Maria cheating her of further pleasure by passing out.

"Bitch !" Eva cried, wrenching the tool from her unwilling partners' rectum and pleased to see a little flow of blood quickly followed by a rather pungent brown flow of faeces.

The hose was useful to both wash away the shit and wake the sobbing girl.

But Murdoch suggested using it to wash Maria painfully."The hot tap is near boiling, Darling. Wouldn't you like to finish off for now with a nice hot douche and enema?"

No sooner suggested than done. Squirting really hot water up the freshly ravished twin holes of a near-demented squealing and squirming naked girl must come pretty close to heaven for a sadistic bitch like Eva, still sporting her massive male appendage.

She was so wet herself that Murdoch could smell her arousal in wafts of exciting aroma as she bent over her shrieking victim and forced the hose an extra inch deeper in the steaming crevice of Maria's reddening pussy slit or pulled it out and let the near scalding spray douse Maria's breasts or jet up between her twitching thighs before it was forced with merciless brutality into the still open ring of her sphincter and gave her an enema of nightmarish pain.

"Oh Murdoch, take this thing off me and fuck me before I burst into flames!" Eva suddenly gasped, throwing down the hose and waiting impatiently as he worked the wet straps of the monster double ender free. But it wasn't her cunt he wanted. He bent her over the half-conscious Maria and plunged his cock to the hilt in her anus. No longer frightened by this rearward attack, Eva groaned with delight, grabbed hold of Maria's breasts, and brutally crushed, twisted, pulled and abused the shapely melons whilst her lover rode to a satisfied come up her arcehole.

They pushed some needles through Maria's nipples. They tied cords round the projecting needles to hang old fashioned traders' weights on the cords. Then they caned her breasts.

They pushed fearsomely large but thankfully un-spiked dildoes up both her orifices, caned the two projecting ends to send agonising shock waves of internal agony into the groaning girl.

They used candles to coat the needle-pierced nipples with hot wax, dripping it onto the flinching buds and drooling with pleasure to hear her desperate pleas for a mercy they would never show.

Then they thudded heave canes onto the wax-tipped tits to send her really mad with agony, weights dancing crazily, needles tearing the pink skin of her aureoles, and the bestial pounding weight of each blow threatening to smash her ribcage to bits.

Unconcious at last, Maria was left with the dildoes, needles, and weights all in place to gain what rest she could for the night, whilst Murdoch, sure at last of the absolute loyalty and trustworthiness of Eva, told her tales of his previous experiences…..of his exploits in torture that left the recipients dead.

Eva,pussy still burning with her passion, found it almost unbelievable that this educated wealthy man could be lying naked in bed with her, telling her in orgasm-inducing detail how he had cut the breasts from a pregnant coloured girl in Paris before slitting her open hip to hip to extract her near-due baby just in time for her eyes to register the sick recognition of what he had done to her before she died.

Of the druggie in North America, taken to an empty warehouse and skinned alive for the entertainment of four other men as well as Murdoch, of the young hitch hiker in Algeria, staked out in the sun, eye-lids cut off, a tube pushed down into her thoroughly raped and tortured cunt down which live scorpions were dropped….

Sleep was a long time coming.


Laura G.Branigan replied to Eva's letter the next day. In carefully guarded terms, the writer suggested a strong interest in advanced forms of torment applied to female flesh Certain phrases and the general use of words made Eva pretty sure the writer was indeed a woman.

Eva wrote back at once, virtually admitting her perverse desires, and suggesting they meet in a public place. Both still used box numbers. One did not lightly disclose an address.

And then Murdoch rang to say his wife was coming down from Scotland for a couple of weeks to shop and "do" London. It would mean a nice long rest for Maria, but could not be helped. Even though she tolerated his liasons, Murdoch's wife would certainly not approve of his current mistress coming to their Highgate home to play sadism games in the cellars whilst she was in town. Not that she knew of the cellar, of course. At least, not officially. Murdoch was pretty sure his dear lady wife knew a lot more than she admitted about his sexual deviance.

Depressed by her lack of the "fix" that torturing Maria had given her, Eva was delighted when she had a quick reply from the mystery woman.

A meeting at the Savoy grill. "You will recognise me as I will wear a red rose on a summer yellow dress. Be aware that, although sitting alone, I will have company in close attendance. If I am not satisfied that you are who you claim to be, I will leave at once and my escort will wait to ensure you do not attempt to follow me."


Eva was beginning to like Ms.Branigan already.

Good choice of meeting place…one simply did not make a scene at the Savoy.

One fifteen, dressed with care, walking in to the lunch time chatter and seeing the yellow dress on a rather Jewish looking woman of maybe 30-35. Strange if she had been Convent educated. Expensive dress. Long black hair wound in a chignon.

Bit of a chunky shape when she stood up as Eva introduced herself. Firm hand-shake. Not sweaty.

"Miss Branigan…very pleased to meet you." Eva smiled warmly.

"Oh, please, call me Laura" the woman purred. Throaty voice in a husky sort of way. Eyes sweeping from head to toe down Eva with obvious approval "My…you are certainly a most….well, I mean…you are younger than I expected. And much prettier. Do sit down, and let's get aquainted. Lunch is my treat. I chose this alcove because it's surprisingly private….in the sense one can not really be overheard, and I do hope we are going to have a lot to talk about. I'd like to get to know you a lot better."

And the hairs on the back of Eva's head tingled as she sensed the message. The look, the fractional pauses over boob and pubic zones, the slight hunger in the eye….this woman was a dyke! The "getting to know you" she was thinking about was a lot more intimate than a friendly chat, Eva was sure of it. Not that that was a problem. On the contrary, since forcing Maria to perform cunnilingus and other similar services,originally to please Murdoch, Eva had developed a strong taste for girl on girl herself.

As they began to eat, the buzz of traffic and hum of conversation in the brasserie made it remarkably easy to talk about things one would normally never dare mention in public places.

It transpired that Laura was of Italian origins, hence the slightly dark colouring and vaguely Jewish features, was a committed Lesbian, disliked men in any sexual way, had indeed been convent educated and had become obsessed with the tales of unfortunate female saints and martyrs being done to death in some quite horrendous ways. With the dawning of sexual awareness linked to images of Italian nuns hoisted in the air to die by sliding down the spears that impaled them, sadism had become the sexual arousal trigger for Laura, yet with a strong and seemingly unshakable distinction between phantasy and fact.

The former was exciting no matter how depraved, the latter was horrendous and not to be contemplated.

"You see, my dear, the Idea of that awful Fred West and his wife keeping poor tourist girls in their Cellar so they could do all sorts of terrible things to them and Actually Kill them … well…the idea is awfully interesting, don't you think ?……I'd love to have all the details of what they did to those poor girls…But then it is absolutely awful that it was Actually Real…I mean, he really Did Cut those poor girls up….Ogh…you see, in my phantasies I could be in that cellar hearing those naked creatures scream for mercy and I'd happily skewer them one after the other in the most disgusting ways…but if it was real…ogh…It's too horrible to think about. God, I nearly faint if some one cuts their finger !"

"I know what you mean,Laura" Eva smiled."And all the torturesses in my dreams are certainly not ugly women like Fred's dear wife, and the victims have all been abducted from charm schools and look like film starlets."

"My point excactly,my Dear. That Rose was no doubt a deliciously perverted creature but absolutely no style. I'd picture some-one devastatingly gorgeous, not unlike you, actually, roused to near climactic fervour as she performs some Hideous Cruelty on the defenceless body of her Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful captive."

Laura's tendency to emphasise certain words was slightly comical, like chat in the beauty salon….yet they were talking about sadism. Bizarre.

Eva found it easy to listen rather than talk, gently leading Laura on to talk more frankly about her naughty phantasies, seeking to guage her limits and finding that, providing it was strictly imaginary, the scenes that turned her on could include lethal and extremely sexual forms of extreme torture. She didn't seem to mind a girl being branded between the legs whilst being broken on the wheel,providing a dominatrix performed the branding. Men, it seemed, could be vaguely useful to rape the girls first, just to break them down, so to speak, but the cruelty came from strong tall women, prison guards, Mother Superiors, Russian interrogators, Royal torture mistresses….and the girl on the rack or cracking her spine as she arched over the wheel could be flogged, beaten,skewered and generally made into mincemeat without Laura expressing concern.

Naturally, by the time they were eating fresh strawberries and cream, Eva had told Laura that nothing shocked her and she enjoyed every deliciously dirty idea so far mentioned.

It transpired that at Laura's convent school in Italy, the nuns had been very keen on corporal punishment.Laura had quickly learned that a few of them had distinctly un-Godly interest in laying the strap over the bare bottoms of their young female students.Laid over the lap of one such sister, skirt pulled high, knickers dragged down,Laura had taken six stinging blows from the leather tawse before the sister, in apparent concern for the pain she was having to cause her pupil,started to stroke Laura's bare bottom tenderly, to make sure there was no damage…..but somehow her fingers seemed to delve a little lower than they should and Laura knew with absolute certainty that this Sister of God was feeling her pussy because it turned her on. On impulse, having already found the pleasure of the sin known as self-abuse,Laura wriggled her belly on the nun's lap and said how nice and soothing it felt being stroked "down there"……giving her abuser the perfect reason to smack her a little more as she told her how wicked such sinful feelings were….and stroked her fingers quite insistantly down the crease of Laura's cunt.

The paedophillic nun and her sisters in shame took increasingly frequent turns to have Laura and a few of the other girls who shared the secret fondlings, discipline requiring increasingly bare nether regions and concern for the after affects eventually getting to rubbing soothing oil over glowing buttocks and somehow finding a stray finger sliding momentarily between a down-covered virginal pair of pussy lips. "Oiled labia can be very exciting" Laura purred."Afterwards,back in the dormitory,feeling it all slippery and ever so wet."

"So you became a Lesbian and a sadist all due to the administrations of the Holy Sisters ?" Eva smiled.

Laura shrugged. "I suppose it's silly to deny it" she smiled. "I hope that doesn't cause a problem for you….me being…well,a Lesbian."

"Not at all. I approve wholeheartedly. I'm just surprised you didn't become a masochist, though. All that sexual energy after being smacked."

"No…I seemed to know how they enjoyed hurting us ,and in my own bed, afterwards, I'd think what I'd do to the nun if I had her tied down and helpless….and all those images of impaled martyrs and the stuff about Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition….I read all that in the nunnery library……. would mean me seeing her with her legs apart and a huge steel spike splitting her open like a ripe tomato. Well, that was one of my favourite images."

She smiled, reached across the table, and very briefly rested her hand on Eva's wrist.Eva gave one of her most spectacular smiles in return, not moving her hand away.

"In Italy we have a strange way about being Catholic," Laura purred in her husky voice."Paintings, cinema films, cartoon books freely on show in roadside tobacco stalls , all frequently show images of nuns being stripped, raped, and tortured. I don't know why, but it is true.It's perhaps a sort of" get your own back" on those holy souls who make us feel guilty about sex. Don't forget, our Holy Father the Pope forbids even contraception.Yet on the news stand there are comic books showing women being raped, having their breasts cut off, being hung and roasted….stuff that here in London would have the police going crazy. And when I left the Convent and began to read those comics myself….well…… I knew my sexual needs were between a womans' legs as a lover in life and a victim in imagination. So now I'm here…..with lots of my naughty Italian comics smuggled over to give me something to get going with,and telling a stranger my innermost thoughts."

Eva knew it was now or never. "Is there any chance I could come home with you to look at those lovely sounding comics?

And perhaps, if I'm not presuming too much, we could really get to know each other much more…intimately?"

Laura looked at the lovely blonde with the big deep blue eyes. She let her eyes lower slightly to the deep golden cleavage

showing above Eva's expensive dark shantung dress, then flicker momentarily to see the trim narrow waist flaring out to wide hips, the skirt of the silken sheath roushed over the thighs that then vanished below the table. And her heart missed a beat or two as she thought of pulling the no doubt flimsy panties from those shapely hips…….

"I… would bring…er…I'm afraid I would find it difficult to … er… with you..and those books…I mean, I would….perhaps not be the perfect hostess !"

"If you mean you may want us to undress, Laura, I for one would find that a very enjoyable way to look at torture pictures. Shall we go ?"

Laura lived in Fulham, a terrace of what until recently had been fairly common houses now achieving a high price and chintzy status the trendy new buyers had forced upon them.She had a car but had used a cab to get to the Ritz, as had Eva.The house was well furnished with expensive items.They spent the obligatory pennies…nice smart German porcelain, Eva noted.And they had coffee. And they talked about the house plants and the rising cost of housing in London,and……..

"Look…….will you show me your dirty books,please ?" Eva smiled. "I mean, we both know that's what we want to look at, don't we ?"

Laura actually blushed, but she led the way into her bedroom ( double bed….very big one,too ) and pulled a case from beneath it, unlocked it and motioned for Eva to sit the other side of the pile of magazines she laid in the middle of the bed.

Colour covers, black and white cheaply drawn comic picture interiors, balloon type speech for minimal story lines…but incredibly bloodthirsty depraved pictures that hit Eva's hot spot like a rampant cockhead !

Vampires, Natzis, historical tyrants and space pirates seemed to sum up the main contents. But they were all engaged almost without exception in the pleasurable art of torturing and killing voluptuous females. In these comics which Eva knew were referred to as Fumetti, the vampire girls did not seek succour from the neck of their chosen victim. It was the nice naked nipple or the hook-spread lips of a pouting vulva that attracted the blood-sucking bite. And the Gestapo Natzis had their women spread in blatant helpless nudity to receive the branding irons thrusting into their gaping cunts or the hook-tipped lashes ripping deep gashes over the slopes of proud bare breasts.

As for the nuns…. They seemed about equally divided between helpless virginal novices being stripped and ravished and fiendishly sadistic robed "sisters" who appeared to like nothing better than to punish evil-thinkers and wrong-doers in ways that Torquemada would have found delightful.

Like a child let loose in the sweet shop, Eva grabbed magazines one after the other to flick greedily through the pages, gasping with delight at particular images that caught her eye.

One showed young girl children being butchered by leering pirates in front of two older women bound to the ship's wheel, one of whom was heavily pregnant, presumably the parents of the sliced youngsters. When Eva turned the page and saw a huge-cocked pirate forcing his monstrous weapon down the throat of a savagely whipped girl child whilst a busty pirate wench slit open the over-round belly of the mother, she nearly wet herself. "What's this one saying?" she asked Laura.

"He's saying: Shame the kid won't last long enough to have a big pair of udders like yours to crush, and the captain's saying:Just let me rip her kid out and you can cut her tits off, Darling!"……the woman pirate is the captain in the story. She's a terrible sadist who raids settlements to have all the women for her men to play with before she kills them. But it is a particularly cruel story. Especially how she likes mothers-to-be. And you find that….well…acceptable?"

Eva pulled the hem of her skirt up. "Touch me and see !" she grinned.

Having had Maria in every imaginable way, the touch of another woman was nothing new to Eva. But the delicate and almost shy way Laura responded to Eva's brash invitation sent quivers of a totally new sort of pleasure running up Eva's spine. With her slave, Eva had ordered and demanded. "Rub me. Push your finger in. Slowly. Deeper.Lick me. Suck, harder." And so on, usually followed by pretence of anger that poor Maria had done it incorrectly so Eva had the excuse to begin whipping or otherwise abusing her. Now it was a whole new wonderful gentle feeling as Laura almost timidly began to stroke and explore the clothed body of the stunning blonde visitor. Her hand did not slide rapidly upwards along her stockinged thigh as any mans' would. Though the goal was the same, the method of reaching it was vastly more arousing. It was almost as if Laura thought she would break, such sensitive delicate touches, brushing her cheek, slipping down the bare skin of her upper arm, sending goosebumps of pleasure as the wandering fingers circled ever nearer erogenous zones. When they oh-so-lightly traced over the full thrust of Eva's bosom, she actually gasped out loud with the sensation of need. A man's fingers would clamp shut, the palm pressing up to flatten and roll, fingertips curling in almost as if there was a natural male urge to crush a womans' breasts rather than caress them. Eva sensed the passion of this slightly dumpy looking woman. Inside that plain Jane frame was a soul that knew all about rousing the libido of her own sort. Indeed, though she had tried not to be too much the aggressor, Eva found it impossible to calmly endure the slow progress and swung around to cuddle Laura close and kiss her hungrily full on the lips. They overbalanced, sprawling back onto the bed, lewd magazines skittering to the floor, hands suddenly becoming urgent and demanding as removing clothing became a prime concern.

Eva's panties came off first and Laura somehow had her face nestling between the wide-parted thighs, breathing in the heady aroma of a woman on heat as her tongue began to drive Eva insane with a skill she never knew existed. Maria had sucked. Even Murdoch occasionally liked to bury his tongue in the salty slit, but Laura…….. she was from a different planet.

Within moments that seemed like eternities of pleasure, Eva was screaming out loud with the first of many absolutely shattering orgasms. Her legs shook and kicked as if she had a cattle prod in her vagina. Spasmic sensations tingled from deep inside her womb to the very tingling tips of her toes. She wet herself into Laura's mouth, the little squirting jets bursting forth before she could control her loins, only to make her even more passionate as she felt Laura greedily suck and swallow every last drop of her unbidden release. The woman seemed able to bite her with just the right pressure and in just the right spot to release electrical jolts of the most glorious satisfaction. And she didn't stop. None of the male "You've come so get on and suck my dick," attitude but rather "You think that was good ? Try this !"

Later, after what seemed like a voyage in the stormiest seas of passion Eva had ever known…..maybe superseded only by the thrills she got when hurting Maria really badly……….Eva pulled Laura's soaking panties down and wriggled down to begin to return the compliment.

The taste of a woman's cunt was not strange to Eva. She quite liked it. And the response she got from Laura really turned her on, too.The dark red meat seemed to flower open, offering every hidden crevice for her tongues' caress. The flow of womanly juice was fantastic, at one time almost like a mans' ejaculation, and the groans and cries of pure delight from the thrashing now-naked body of the stocky Italian woman spurred her on to delve her fingers deeper and lash her tongue more rapidly into the swollen sex lips and the turgid tube of her vagina.

Without the support of her bra.,Lauras' breasts were like rolling plates of succulent meat, surprisingly heavy as they flowed over from side to side as she rolled on the bed. Eva had a momentary image of how well such large soft globes would stretch if they were impaled on hooks and hoisted upwards……

The huge round aureoles were very dark, almost brown, but the turgid nipples were a delight, sticking up like little cocks in the centre of her mounds, responsive to every lick and caress, delicious to suck as they stretched like teats should…….

It was a mutually wearing but brilliantly satisfying session of Lesbos.

For over two hours, thoughts of cruelty were forgotten as the two naked women twisted around together to perform acts of tenderness and mutual arousal. Whilst Eva drove her tongue deep in the black-fringed mound of Lauras' crotch, her own love nest oozed with the oral expertise that Laura lavished upon it. They went at it non-stop until they were exhausted. Although Laura may have had similar marathon sessions with her female lovers before, it was the first time Eva had found out just what it feels like to have so many orgasms that your stomach actually aches from the muscular spasms.

Only when they were together in the bathroom, already both comfortable with each other's nudity, did they begin to talk about their shared perversion once more.

"You like the very strong stuff, don't you ?" Laura asked as she showered away the come that had run all down her thighs.

"Yup. Tits cut off, pussies torn open, all the blood and gore ," Eva smiled. "Does that upset you, that I'm such a cruel bitch ?"

"No……..not at all. It's just so unusual……or, at least, I think it is. I mean, I know it's unusual to like such awful things anyway, but any of my lady friends who are in to restraint and domination……..yes, I know a few…..I've been a Lesbian for a long time………well, they are restricted to a bit of bondage, canes and maybe a bit of whipping. If we ever get to talking about pushing a needle through a nipple, that's regarded as pretty strong stuff."

"But you've got those books…..they're about as strong as anyone could get, aren't they?" Eva said.

"Why do you think I wanted to meet you? I was convinced I must be the only really perverted female in the country because reading those stories and making up all my mental images was what really turned me on the most. I mean, I like sex , only with women, of course, and a lot of my partners have had absolutely no idea about what I really like. Then one meets fellow travellers who profess to be into restraint fetishes, may be in to the rubber scene or what they call S.and M. ,but they mean spanking and so on. As soon as I venture into talking about serious kinky stuff they back of in absolute disgust. Very rarely one can talk about cases in the paper where girls really have been murdered, but it's not the same and it's all done with an Isn't it awful? sort of slant."

"Well, you can't shock me, Laura. If you said you wanted to talk about hanging the Pope up by his testicles to watch you kill every nun in a nunnery by slitting their throats or cutting their hearts out, I'd be eager to hear more. Mind you, I'd have to say that would be an awfully wasteful way of killing all that lovely girl-flesh."

They were still laughing when they went back to collect the comic books and take them in to the more comfortable lounge.

Laura pulled one out and opened it at a page showing four heavily pregnant women bound to a variety of cruel racks and wheels in a dungeon. A huge near naked torturer had his erect cock being sucked by a kneeling fully robed nun whilst he forced a smoking red hot poker up the anus of one of the pregnant victims. Her breasts were shown tearing open as she writhed at the end of the chains which terminated in a hooked bar driven sideways through both milk-filled udders.

"One of my favourites" she smiled. "They were supposed to be nuns who had sex and got pregnant, so the Mother Superior and the Priests decided to keep them as sex slaves until they were about to have their babies and then have an orgy to kill them all.I told you we Catholics have a very strange view of our religious mentors."

Eva turned the pages slowly, letting the horrors depicted in every picture flow into her mind like wine. The spiked Pear, an expanding cruel device to insert in a woman's vagina which spreads open rather like an umbrella when the protruding handle is turned, the recipient staring down over her swollen belly, her breasts well decorated with skewers driven right through both huge globes, the grinning nun turning the handle, her habit up around her waist so the male torturer can slide two fingers in her dripping cunt. A massively pregnant belly being crushed in a spiked press, nun and priest taking a breast each to cut off with serrated blades as they listen to the wet squelching noises of the rupturing womb. And the classic, legs held wide by screw parted irons,spiked dildoe protruding from well-whipped buttock cheeks, and huge spear thrusting inexorably up into the gaping labia to enter the swollen womb and impale mother and unborn child in one spectacular act of ultimate cruelty, nude breasts dripping blood as weights hooked in the nipples dance crazily to her shrieking struggles.

"Jesus!" Eva groaned, slipping one hand down to check that she wasn't drooling come onto the settee. "If you like that, we're really going to get on. How would you like to be the one pushing that spear up into her fucking cunt hole ? Wouldn't it turn you on like hell ?"

"Oh, God no," Laura gasped, seemingly quite shocked that Eva would even suggest such a thing. "I couldn't do anything like that even if my life depended on it," she shuddered. "I can't bear to think of it as real……..well, not with me there anyway. Then it just becomes absolutely horrid. I don't think I could even push a pin in some-ones' breast…….even if they liked it. I could beat them….you know, canes and things. But not blood. That's what's so strange. In my phantasies I can roast little

schoolgirls or murder whole prisons full of women in the most detailed bloodthirsty ways……….. Sad, isn't it ?"

"But you said you liked reading about Fred West and Mary, and their little killing games !"

"I know. I don't really understand it myself. But I think that's why I liked it….the way they said they killed a pregnant girl."

"Wasn't it one of their own girls ? They said they cut the baby out and it was found beside the dead mother. Must have been Mary who did that, I should think. A man would just have crushed her, stamped on her belly or kicked her to finish off the kid.

Only a woman would want to cut her open and pull the baby out. I wonder if she slit her hip to hip and reached inside, or cut her up from her cunthole ?"

"Oh, Eva ,that's disgusting !" Laura gasped, but there was a sheen of excitement already glowing on the fold between her rather thick labia…….

"I am, and I don't care ! Come on, translate some of these stories for me. I love this space ship torture factory, or whatever it is, with those squirmy spiked penis creatures splitting open those girls' pussies.And what is that thing going on in her tits ? They're like water melons!"

They looked at the Fumetti, drooling over the excesses shown. It really was remarkable that such comics could be bought on the streets of Italy and not from some sleazy back street porn shop would be the case in Britain……Not that material showing such extremes of violence could be obtained anywhere legally in Britain, hence Murdoch's expensive but reliable courier service from the Continent..

"I love comics like this ," Eva said. "Phantasy is so much more fun. I mean,look at this bitch on the spiked rack. Her arms are out of their sockets, the woman has hammered all those huge spikes through her arms and legs, the man's hammering those monstrous steel shafts up her pussy and her arcehole, and she's still screaming and writhing around and lasts another three pages while they slit her belly open and slice her tits off in little thin slices, cook them, and make her eat her own freshly fried nipples before they put that hook inside her to rip her innards out. And even then, while the woman is pulling the guts out, the man can get his cock down the bitches' throat to give her a dying taste of fresh cock juice. So brilliantly impossible. In real life,just one of those nails driven through her elbow and she'd be out cold and probably die of a heart attack before you could even start the fun stuff like peeling the skin off her pussy lips and burning her clitty with a red hot poker. You'd have to take hours over hurting her. Maybe some needles in her nipples or under her finger nails one day, then a bit of whipping the next, allowing her time to recover so she'd last a bit longer. God, I'd probably be working on her for a month before I got to cut her nipples off. Wouldn't you like to do that ? At least stick a couple of red hot needles in her tits or drip hot candle wax down onto her open pussy lips after you'd raped her with a really big painful dildoe ?"

Laura thought about it seriously for a while. "You know, this is the first time in my life that I've even heard anything like we are talking about said out loud……'s marvellous being able to say 'Cut her nipples off' and know you don't mind at all. I suppose, if I had more time to be so open about all my most secret thoughts, I might change and feel I could actually do some of the things I think about……..but I'm not sure. I have whipped a couple of women, you know. Lovers of mine in the past who enjoyed being sort of slave lovers. And one slightly odd girl I had quite a long affair with used to like me to tie her to the toilet seat and pee over her…… I have been quite a naughty girl in my time. And you ? Do you honestly think you could enjoy stuff like this if it was real ?"

"If you only knew" Eva thought, images of Maria's cunt bleeding as the dildoe tore into her momentarily flashing on the mental screen.Aloud she said "I think I'd get very excited if we had a real live girl bound and gagged and totally helpless here, right now. I think I'd love to have you licking me while I burned her nipples with cigarettes. And I think I'd come like a bitch on heat to see you clamp her clitoris in a pair of pliers and pull it off. So, yes, I think I could be a very real torturess given the right circumstances."

"Electricity would be alright," Laura said……then laughed as she realized she had lost Eva. "I mean for me…to do…..use any sort of electric shock machine. Like a cattle prod. I'm sure I could slide that up inside a girl and press the button. It's supposed to be one of the worst tortures one can actually do to a woman .But there's no blood, so I would quite like it. Make her scream and jerk in absolute agony but without any nasty mess……Silly,isn't it ? In my thoughts they squirt blood out of every orifice, they have their limbs chopped off, they even get skinned alive…..and yet in real life I switch off the television if they show you medical stuff.I must be a bit stupid,don't you think ?" Eva slipped her hand down and gently pried open Laura's willing thighs. "Not at all. I don't watch war reports of dead and dying, or open heart surgery. It's the sexual side of it that turns me on. The victim has to know I'm getting a charge out of it, getting my cunt juicy because I'm hurting her. And I don't want to just have her suffering. I could poison her for that. I want her jerking and struggling, nearly naked, watching me play with my pussy while I get the kebab skewers red hot to push through her breasts.I want to hear her screams, the terror, the disbelieving agony as I pour boiling water down a funnel jammed in her cunt. And I'd go on torturing her, on and on until she looked in the mirror and saw a hideous deformed creature burned and scarred and torn,until she begged me to let her die……….and I'd keep her alive a bit longer just to let her know that it turned me on to be so cruel !"

Laura's eyes were wide with a sort of shocked delight, her legs spread wide, her vagina pouting like a hungry lover awaiting a passionate kiss. "Oh, Eva, you awful monster………make love to me now…………."


Metal rods were inserted in both lower orifices of the girl dressed in black lace open crotch briefs,a peep-hole matching bra., black mesh net stockings, a suspender belt, and high heel black patent leather shoes which were almost immersed by the water in which she stood. Her arms were drawn out sideways. Spiked cuffs held her ankles and wrists by short chains to ring bolts secured in the dungeon walls. Totally helpless to defend herself from any attack, yet free to show off her pain by jerking and dancing when her tormentors hit the switches, Maria was wired to one of Murdochs' variable charge high voltage transformer systems. With minimum amperage but amazingly high voltage, this variation of a cattle prodder principle could give a tickle through to a totally stunning blast of electricity. With a selection of attachments, these shocks could be sent to the victim in many choice sites. Naturally, nipple clips, buttock clenching crocodile clips, and numerous forms of torture dildoe (even including a really thin flexible model designed to be inserted up a woman's urethra or inside a male's penis) were included. Less obvious were what Murdoch described as his "Charge implants". These had been made by a factory in Mexico where the normal shock wands and dildoes were made. He had visited the place, finding it incredible that in a Tijuana third World type of factory estate one could see rows of Mexican girls efficiently soldering and assembling electric torture implements as if they were in a dress factory. The owner had shown Murdoch his new device…..a diode powered storage cell that could be time set to emit its stored charge and either triggered or made safe by a variety of movement instructions. They had joked about how it could be slipped in a whores' cunt and set to blast her if she did not have her pussy fucked ten times an hour.

They were small enough to actually be implanted under the skin.

Maria was in remarkably good physical condition, her long rest and the lavish supply of soothing balms and medicine administered by Murdoch having restored her body to almost "as new" condition. Her mind, however , was not so good. She had sunk into a sort of near-catatonic depression. When she saw Eva strut into the torture chamber, wearing one of her shiny latex kinky outfits that served to show every erotic inch of her lovely body in as sexy a way as possible, there was some reaction…………..a sort of lost sigh and a tremble of fear. Murdoch was already naked, holding his semi-erect cock like a truncheon as he strolled around Maria's spread form, reaching down to thrust a finger in her cunt or pull one of the nipples thrusting helplessly exposed through the tipless points of the black bra.

He looked at Eva and smiled with approval. His wife had never looked sexy in her life. Now she had returned to the Scottish home and let him get on with his depravity it was an absolute joy to look at that tall blonde Nordic beauty in her kinky boots, breasts jutting aggressively, buttocks swinging as she strode around,and those delicious cruel blue eyes lecherously devouring her victim…………the cock rose another few centimetres.

"Darling, you look good enough to eat!",he chuckled.

"I hope you will, later !" she replied. "She looks good, doesn't she ? You haven't even whipped her while your wife was

home !"

"No…….I wanted her to be strong enough to suffer the torments of Hell to-night. You are going to hurt her in what is reputed to be the most terrible way that pain can be administered to a human being, the most successful form of interrogation ever found, and with the added advantage that not much blood will be lost. Are you ready to send this poor bitch insane ?"

"Darling, I can't wait. Let's hear the bitch scream !"

"And for starters ?" Murdoch drooled, gesturing at the laid out selection of implements.

"I think she needs waking up, Darling. She hasn't even screamed to see me. How about a little simple alarm call with these nice little screw clamps on her nipples ? She's standing in water so the current will go down rather than across. Don't want to shock her poor little heart to a standstill just yet, do we ?"

Eva was horny already. Standing so close to her victim, carefully tightening the first screw clamp of the serrated metal jaws while she held the device so that Maria's aureole would slowly be compressed…………. looking into Maria's eyes and reading the slow comprehension as the damaged brain registered what was happening and slowly understood what would happen next………seeing the eyes widen and the look of resignation turn to one of disbelieving horror.

"No…….for the Holy Mother's sake……don't hurt me any more. I haven't done anything wrong !"

"Oh, my poor little pet, it's not because you are naughty…….it's just because we like hurting you……..haven't you figured that out yet ? We want to hear you scream and watch you squirm and see your blood dripping out of your tortured flesh because it amuses us, it turns us on. That's why I'm going to kill you very slowly. This is just to wake you up, Darling !"

And Maria began to writhe and whimper as the metal jaws closed over the right dusky bud, threatening at first to simply slide off the fear-hardened teat so Eva had to pull the nipple tip and hold the clamp at the same time with her left hand whilst with her right she twisted the screw device to press the flattening plate of nipple meat ever more painfully.

A brutal tug on the closed clamp, and Maria shrieked as her breast was yanked forward momentarily into a peaked cone, crashing down and bouncing when released with the clamp firmly attached.

"Other tittie, Sweetie !"

Murdoch shuddered. This bitch really was enjoying her work. There wasn't a trace of pity or the least feeling of guilt. She was everything his most perverted dreams could have conjured up, and here she was calmly fastening the wires to the well-clamped terminals while actual silvery droplets of her feminine juices shone at the junction of her thighs where the latex parted to frame her gold-bushed pudenda ! Absolute bliss.

Eva dialled a medium figure on the control panel……..this would certainly make the cow jump ………..and she stepped back so she would have a perfect view, parted her own legs somewhat, lewdly spread open her wet labia, and, making sure Maria could see how slippery and excited her pussy was, slipped her middle finger inside herself to slowly rub her clitty.

"Now, Maria !" she purred, and her other hand operated the contact button to send the first jolt of electricity to both metal nipple clamps.

If one had put Maria on a giant vibrating platform, the result would have been similar to watch. Her eyes flew wide open, her red lips drew back as she bared her teeth in a trembling scream,her bound arms and legs strained and jerked in a sort of ultra high speed dance and a squirt of urine jetted from her crotch as her belly contracted in the spasms of reaction.

Quite dramatic….and that was just the first little jolt of torture pain. Now she was really going to dance.

Three more shocks zapped Marias' nipples.

Her ragged screams were music to the evil blonde's ears. The way the clamped tits bounced and shook it was as though they were being flogged by an invisible whip. Again, a higher charge this time. Eva knew that too many shocks to fatty tissue such as the breasts could cause the composition of the blood cells to start breaking down, a little known side effect of too severe a session with the shock machine. She didn't care. If Maria's buds turned to squidgy mush, hard fucking cheese…….they'd maybe bleed faster when she cut the fuckers off ! This was how her cruelty made her feel. No longer the least bit lady-like but crude and corrupt, a bitch intent on savagery and to Hell with the consequences for her victim……..Eva swung the control dial round even more. Voltages that numbered in the tens of thousands jetted through the wires but at minimal amperage, the result being nerve-blasting shocks fairly sizzling into Maria's nipples but at non-lethal currents.

Hot flowing cunt juices oozed down Eva's inner thighs. She had to dig her fingers in the syrup to bring her need to a quick flushing orgasm, crying out "Scream, you cunt !" at the throbbing captive who shuddered helplessly before her.

Impatient for yet more horrific cruelty, Eva selected an evil steel veined rubber and plastic dildoe, already wired to the controller. As she started to probe Maria's pussy lips with the blunt domed end of the fiendish tool, she was rewarded by a desperate scream of pleading from the hysterical victim.

"For the love of God not there ! I beg you…..please ……not THEEAGGGGHHHHRRRRR………."

"Shocking, isn't it ?" Eva drooled, letting another burst of internal agony galvanise her victim into a sort of high-powered tremble of pain as the current short-circuited her muscular control and turned her into a mindless animal.

More pee, squirting out with a trace of pink……perhaps it may be Maria's period brought on a little early by the electrical jolts. The torture dildoe was not one with spikes, so nothing should be torn to shreds….yet.

Eva wound the dial round more and sent a ten second burst through the cleverly designed torture tool. Instead of the shock bursting forth from one point of contact, resistors in the veined metal tracery allowed the shock to actually travel in an ingoing spiral from the root of the cock to the eye of the knob, resulting in a burning sensation along with the actual shock as the current earthed all along the wet pink lining of Maria's vaginal walls and exploded against the ring of her uterus entry, blasting the pain deep into her womb. Unseen blisters formed on her os as more shocks wound their way instantaniously up her cunt, her secretions actually forming wisps of steam at her gaping vulva, the pale labia swelling as the body sent spare blood to fight this invasion. She almost looked as if she was enjoying it if it was just her pussy lips you looked at. The way her body sweated and literally creaked as she struggled insanely against her bonds soon gave the lie to that idea, however, and the awful rasping sound of that characteristic electric shock scream told the true story very well.

Eva jumped when two grasping hands reached from behind her to clasp her breasts. She was bent forward, eyes almost level with the cunt her torture tool was invading, and Murdoch's cock charged into her back passage with the ferocity of pure lust.

Savagely, Eva pressed the release button and let still longer shocks burn their way up Maria's vulva and explode into her womb, spurred on to this vicious cruelty by the sheer power of sexual frenzy. Her buttocks mashed against Murdoch's thrusting loins, her victim spasmed insanely, and just as it all became too terrible for Maria,s poor brain to stand, Eva came like a bitch on heat and felt her lover's seed splatter deep in her rectal cavity.

They tried water, ice cubes pushed up the cunt, and a savage few strokes with a wire whip to slice a few bloody wealts over Maria,s rounded arce cheeks, but she remained stubbornly unconscious. Eva spread the girl's pussy lips wide as the melting ice dripped out, looking for damage her shocks had caused, surprised to see only a few tiny white blisters on the inner walls of the vagina.

"What are you doing ?" Murdoch smiled as he saw Eva on her knees between the spread legs, poking her fingers in Maria's pussy.

"Looking to see what it did to her. There's hardly any damage. I'll have to use the dilly with the nice big sharp spikes on it next time. At least I'd see a bit of blood,then."

"You really are an animal," Murdoch chuckled. "I don't think I've ever met a woman who is as heartless about hurting her victim as you are. I swear you would happily murder a whole row of women if you had the chance. You're an evil bitch !"

"Thank-you, kind Sir" Eva laughed, "But it is a bit boring not slicing her up, you know !"

"Darling, let's put her back in her room for the night and to-morrow you can kill the cow !" her lover responded, pleased to see the sparkle of absolute delight that lit up Eva's blue eyes as she threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately.

"Do you mean it ? I can finish her off ?"

"You decide what you want to do to her. She's getting a bit boring now. It's so much better when they can be shocked by a nice bit of old-fashioned sexual abuse……we need a girl with a bit of innocence about her. I like a girl to be horrified when I stick my finger in her cunt".

They carried the limp form through to the cell, Eva snapped the wander chain around the left ankle as Maria lay carelessly spread-eagled of her back over her bed With a sudden surge of cruelty, Eva drove her fist viciously up between Maria's thighs, punching her in the groin with a brutal force that actually split the left labia against the bone, resulting in a sudden flow of blood onto the sheets. "I can't wait, Bitch !" Eva growled. "See you to-morrow."

Then, as she followed Murdoch up from the cellar, she said "The only trouble is, once she's gone I won't have any-one to torture!"

"Oh yes you will, Darling. Don't worry about that. There's plenty of them around!"

And the following day, still having to go to work during the week, Eva walked around the offices in a sort of dream state. She wanted to cry out to her fellow workers "I'm going to kill a girl to-night !"……….. but even with an optimistic point of view, she knew that in reality, even Laura would be unable to swallow news like that. She was damp all day, having to go to the ladies four times to masturbate, and having to wear a sanitary pad to stop her oozing love juice from staining her clothing. She was convinced that a few of the other girls looked at her strangely. Perhaps they could smell her constant arousal ? It amused her to think that any one of the men she spoke to during the day could have pushed his cock inside her without any hesitation and been swallowed into a wet inferno of lust. And at last the day was ending. Friday night. Cries of "Have a nice week-end" from other office slaves, but with a special meaning they didn't realise for Eva. This week-end she was going to kill a girl…….for pleasure !

Arched back over a frame, stark naked, legs painfully stretched apart, black leather straps being drawn really tight by a pantie-clad Eva, Maria whimpered with sick horror as she heard Eva's constant foul descriptions of what she was going to do !

What was so absolutely terrifying was that Maria now knew that these were not empty threats. This insane blonde sadist was going to mutilate her and kill her as painfully and obscenely as she could. Indeed, Maria had started to beg, not for release…..she knew that was not an option…..but for a quick death. "Please, for God's sake, just let me die. You can't do all those things. It isn't human. Please, I beg you, just let me die !"

"Shut up, you stupid cunt. Look ! See this lovely double-ended joy toy ? The nice sexy smooth end is for me….oogh, lovely. Did you see how easily it went into my hot little pussykins, Maria ? And this great big spikey end is for you ! What do you think, Maria ? A nice deep fuck up that poor little blistered cunt of yours ? No….I think I ought to give your little bumhole a visit first. Don't want your poor little arcehole to feel neglected, do we ? There……..just getting it lined up, Maria. Push it between those taut arce cheeks…..ooogh, look it's already scratched you, hasn't it ? Christ, I bet it'll rip your arcehole to shreds, Darling….Ready ? Deep breath. Here comes Mamma!"

And Eva thrust her hips forward in the classic rape lunge, the spike-ringed dildoe jolting into Maria's sphincter, gouging scrape lines all around the muscular ring of her anal entrance. The end of the double dilly far inside Eva's cunt rammed back against the ring of her os, half threatening to part her uterus and head for her womb. She gasped with the quite strong sensation of internal pain, but the noise coming from Maria was so spectacular and so much of a turn on that her own discomfort was forgotten as she experienced what male rapists feel when they spear a virgin and rip through her hymen…..except Maria was no virgin, and it was the ring of her backside that had just been torn open. But the scream was superb. And the arched body straining and threshing in its bonds. The breasts, heaving in great gulps of air to feed the shrieks of agony and shuddering and shaking like demented jellies. And the eyes. Those dark pools of horror, rolling in a face that had terror etched in every straining line. Oh, it was good……loin-buckingly, fuck-her-deeper good. The blood, sprays of it onto Eva's thighs, making her body stick momentarily to her victim's with each mind-blowingly satisfying bestial shove of the spikes into the helpless arce-hole. Slowly, pull nearly out, actually hear the squishy sort of noise as the spikes lacerate the flesh, then jerk deep into her, sense the grooves being scored in the lining of her rectum, feel the jerky way the spikes stretch then shred the meat,press belly to belly and smile victoriously into these disbelieving eyes of agony.

Orgasm. Eva screaming "Yessss" as the flow burned inside her and exploded down every nerve, fast and furious thrusting, mincing the victim's meat to a puree of ground tissue. The climax was intense. Tingling shards of almost painful pleasure vibrated down the nerves of Eva's thighs, threatened to make her legs buckle as the sensation overwhelmed her normal muscle control.

She had to rest, pulling out of her victim and giving a little cry of bliss as the shower of torn flesh and blood spurted after the dripping dildoe and soaked her legs. The flow continued, and Eva grabbed a pair of discarded undies to push into the open rectal tube as an aid to staunch the blood.

She staggered back to admire her handiwork. Maria was shuddering and moaning, her wrists raw where her struggles had grated skin against the restraints. Her black hair was wet with sweat, her face drawn into a mask of pain, lines of dried tears like little crystalline tracery over her cheeks. Her bottom looked remarkably sound except for the raw hole where her sphincter had been rasped to pulp. Her breasts hung down and shook gently as the rasping breaths made her chest rise and fall more rapidly than usual. Eva gazed at the nipples, then switched her eyes to the cunt gash, smeared with blood from the anal assault but actually in quite good order. It was so hard to choose…..tits or pussy….maybe push the lovely accessory she wore like a rutting stallion straight into the folds of that helpless pussy and rip Maria's twin holes into one great torn slash………

At length, partly because her own inner depths were feeling more than a little bruised, Eva unbuckled the double-ender and removed it from her loins. No longer equipped to ravish, she decided instead to do a little manual destruction and spent a little time hosing down and cleaning up her victim. This not only made it more pleasant to work on her but also gave the poor bitch a little rest and resuscitation.

With two pairs of pliers, Eva started to inflict serious damage on Maria's thick juicy labia. Gripping both lips and pullin apart was interesting. Cunt lips are astonishingly elastic and stretch far more than you would imagine, looking like puppy dogs' ears before the skin gave way and Eva giggled happily as she tore two little nuggets of raw pussy meat from her shrieking victim.She pushed the little warm slivers of meat inside Maria's vagina, thrusting three fingers up her and deliberately using her long sharp nails to rasp the delicate lining of the clenching passage. That was so satisfying that she used her nails on Maria's clitoris, scraping and gouging, laughing as her poor demented victim spasmed and wet herself, scraping bloody grooves in the ring of the vulva and using the pliers more violently now to rip the girl's pussy lips into shreds.

Blood was starting to really squirt from Maria by now. In phantasy one can go on torturing a girl even when her body is crushed and torn beyond repair. Unfortunately, Maria was starting to have little black-out periods which meant she was not going to last all that long…… Eva cut off her tits.

This was orgasmic stuff……..pinch a nipple hard, pull it forward, take a serrated bread knife and saw the nipple off……..blood………the little cone of flesh suddenly parted from the mass of the shuddering breast, a little rubbery piece of girl-flesh, wet and warm……….show it to Maria, make sure she knows that it really is the first slice off her left tittie………then saw into the underflesh…Murdoch panting, standing beside his blood-splattered lover and sliding his fingers up between her legs to feel the wetness and the heat……..and a heavy wobbly kilo of raw meat suddenly free of the host, an amazing wet "plop" sound as it dropped to the floor, Eva bending, picking it up , pushing it into Maria's bloody cunt….

"Use a blunt or a serrated knife. It makes the act of severing a woman's breasts last longer. A razor sharp blade is too easy." Eva wondered where she had read or heard that advice. It was certainly true. She had to work really hard gripping the sweat-slippery cone and sawing into the meat. The second breast fell to the floor. Eva stepped on it, laughing as it slithered out from under her foot.

Maria was making a sort of mewling sound. Whether she knew what was happening or not, she most certainly was experiencing the acme of outrageous agony. It was fairly obvious that this was the end. Eva drove the point of her blade into Maria's belly, again and again, gasping and groaning in a sort of dementia of cruel lust, her sex pouring juices over Murdoch's probing fingers. Blood began to trickle from Maria's wide open mouth. Her dark eyes were wide open but no longer seeing. She began to shudder almost as if she was very cold, her teeth actually clicking, then her body spasmed twice and went still.

Eva pulled the long knife blade from the lacerated belly and it fell from her fingers as she almost swooned into Murdoch's arms.

"You wonderful merciless fucking bitch ," he was murmuring in her ear as he turned her towards the bed. His monstrous erection slithered inside her as they almost stumbled down onto the leather covered couch.

Behind their rhythmic thrusting bodies, the corpse of a young woman dripped blood onto the cold tiles, forgotten now that she could no longer scream and struggle, ready to be chain-sawed into pieces and fed to the gas furnace, another victim of perversion.

And walking to a party with her friends, a very pretty young lady in the northern part of the country had no idea that her life was about to take a monstrous change for the worse…………………

TO FOLLOW : Eva and Laura "at play" plus more awful secrets of cruelty revealed.


Part Four.

Warning : Severe torture story with violent scenes of death and suffering.

Collection and Delivery.

Eva watched Murdoch with frank admiration. He was old enough to be the girls' father but he talked to her with a friendly familiarity that gave her no cause for concern. She had no idea that her movements had been noted and her personal circumstances investigated by a paid employee of Murdoch's corporation. And with the tall blonde young woman holding his arm and smiling in such a friendly way, surely there was no reason to consider this man to be anything other than what he said…..a traveller visiting her home town and looking for somewhere to spend a pleasant evening dancing and having a few drinks. Yes, she was going to the local club herself. It wasn't very far. Just a few stops on the 47 bus. Of course…she would love a lift. Gosh. A Jaguar. She had not been in one of these before. In the back with Eva ? Yes, of course. Very kind.

Eva was sure her cunt juice was scenting the car.

Rohepnol….. One tablet dissolved in a drink. Tasteless. Doesn't do anything, really….except blunt the will, make one lose one's ability to refuse suggestions, sometimes known as the Date Rape drug because a girl won't say "No" when it takes affect, and won't even remember much about it afterwards.

"Oh my God. It's like a cocktail cabinet."

"Well, might as well get one in before we get there, eh ?"

"G and T ? Lovely. Oh, I could get used to travelling like this. My boyfriend has an old Ford van."

"Does he fuck you in it ?" Eva smiled.

"Eva. Behave," Murdoch snapped from the front seat. "Give her time."

"Did you say…….?"

"Yes…..sorry. I just tend to be a bit blunt about sex and things. Bad habit. Just sort of thought a van would be nice for a bit of fun, you know. Plenty of room."

"Not in his van. All full of tools and oily bits of engines. He's away at the moment, else I'd be with him to-night. We like a dance down the Club."

Murdoch caught himself before saying he knew.

"I was going to pick me friend up tonight, actually. She's on her own since her mum died and I'm trying to get her to come out a bit. "She's been looking after her mum for years….never had a chance to get out for a bit of fun.."

It was not usual to vary the script. Murdoch's previous victims had all been either purchased goods or researched off-the-street snatches as this one had been planned to be……..but he had never had a woman accomplice with him before, and it certainly made the prospective prisoner much less suspicious or jumpy. He decided to play his hunch. "Let's go pick her up then. We've certainly got room for four and it might be a nice surprise for her."

Eva almost wet herself. She was trying hard not to let the girl alongside her see how greedily her eyes kept straying to the big rounded breasts threatening to burst free from the tight sweater the girl had chosen to go with her short skirt. And now Murdoch was going after another one.

"What's your name, anyway, love ? I'm Eva."

"Oh..Janet. Pleased to meet you."

"And your friend ?"

"Rebecca…..but we call her Beth."

The block of flats were rather tatty. Janet excused herself and ran off to take the lift up to get her friend.

"Get a drink in her straight away. It doesn't seem to have slowed the bitch down much yet. You sure you gave her one whole tablet?"

"Yes,Darling. You said yourself that it sometimes takes a bit longer with some people and others virtually go comatose."

"She's coming. God, her friend doesn't look too bad, does she ? Fancy stripping two little chickens to-night, Sweetheart ?"

"Shut up, Murdoch. I'm nearly coming in my knickers as it is. Have you seen the size of those tits ?"

"Makes me think of crocodile clips, Darling. Go on, open the door. Safest to have the three of you in the back."

Two miles along the road and both the girls were taking no interest in their surroundings. They were awake, but just sitting silently, responding if they were spoken to directly but seemingly unaware of the conversation around them between Murdoch and Eva.

Janet was nineteen, brown haired, a strong and fairly tall North country girl with pleasant features, not a great beauty but eye-catching because of her stunning bosom. It bounced firmly and provocatively before her.

Rebecca, or Beth, was a dream. Small, seventeen, short blonde hair and a classic 36-24-36 figure which looked more curvy as she was nor very tall. And she seemed to be an innocent little thing.

Murdoch was driving swiftly but never far enough above the legal limit to generate any interest from the law. And, even if they were stopped, both the captives were totally unaware of their predicament and would have agreed somewhat drunkenly that they were going clubbing with their friends.

"How far can you go with this Rehepnol stuff, anyway ?" Eva asked. She was now alongside Murdoch in the front of the Jag.

"It takes away inhibitions but not unless someone else suggests they do something they wouldn't normally do. They are just relaxed, but if you said you would like to feel their panties they wouldn't react with shock. If you said they would really like you to feel their panties and kept saying how much you'd enjoy it,too, it would be easy for you to put your hand up their skirts. They wouldn't resist. Wouldn't help, either, unless you sort of prepared them by saying it would make them feel incredibly sexy. It works almost like a sort of hypnotism without the trance. Girls have even had men use them with a dog to fuck them, and they've been dropped back home afterwards and gone to sleep without even remembering that they were a floor show act with a Great Dane shagging them stupid.In the morning, they've got a sore pussy and can't remember how it happened. But sometimes it comes back to them days later. Too fucking late then. No semen samples to show the cops. So they tend to keep their mouths shut. One or two have committed suicide. Christ knows what was done to them that was so awful once they remembered it . Of course, we won't even touch these two until they are wide awake and fully aware of what is happening to them. No fun in torturing a bitch who doesn't know what you're doing to her."

Eva turned round in her seat. But the two girls just sat there, oblivious of their imminent introduction to terror and pain.

With the girls sitting together on the large bed in the cellar, still clothed and unmolested but with fine steel ankle chains preventing escape should they try it, Eva lay over the soft arm of the settle in the snug. Murdoch rode her gently, thrusting his manhood fully home in the tight warm tube of her rectum. He could feel her middle finger curled inside the wet eye of her vagina as she used her own hand to complement the stroke of her older lover's cock. In front of them, on the wide-screen T.V. with full stereo sound, the pornographic exploits of a South American police interrogator renowned for his skill with variants of the humble cattle prod was showing in glorious close up video clarity. It was pushed up inside a dark skinned woman who writhed and shrieked almost constantly. Fish hooks in her nipples had nylon lines running up and over her shoulders to similar hooks inserted in her rectum. Every time a shock in her vagina caused her to arch, she wrenched the lines that jerked up her nipples and tore at her sphincter. Simple, but very effective and a joy to watch.

Eva gurgled and trembled as an aftershock of a previous orgasm shuddered down her body. She would never have believed that being fucked in the bottom could be so nice. Murdoch had virtually forced her to let him do this to her during the torture of Maria and since then she was not sure which was better, front or rear. Being able to use a dildoe or one's fingers whilst being arse-fucked certainly made for full satisfaction. The other way round, playing with one's own rear whilst a man was in one's vagina was somehow nowhere near as pleasant or as convenient. The tortured soul on the T.V. was beginning to bleed rather a lot from her dark wide-spread pussy lips, the interrogator now shoving the electric probe up an impossible distance, shouting in Spanish at the poor woman. Murdoch moved faster, knowing what was coming. The camera pulled back and showed a very sexy-looking woman in leather dominatrix clothing. She moved forward and dropped to her knees in front of the policeman, deftly flipped open his pants, withdrew his already hard organ, and with a wink at the camera position, she slid her brightly lip-sticked mouth over his swollen glans to slide his weapon deep in her throat. With what sounded like Mother of God in Spanish, the interrogator jammed the prod so far up the woman that a torrent of blood suddenly flooded down her thighs, the shock now happening inside her womb causing her to react so violently that the lines in her nipples wrenched the fish-hooks clean out of her pinky brown aureoles, splitting the nipples open so the climaxing man had his victim's blood spraying over his shirt even as he sprayed thick creamy sperm down the throat of his assistant sadist.

Murdoch did the same, but inside Eva's bottom.

Seemingly exhausted by the power of his ejaculation, the man on screen let go of the electric probe and held the thick black mane of his partner's hair, rocking her head back and forth on his softening member until the last drops of sperm had been sucked from his penis.

Her task completed, she arose and looked closely at the weeping woman's bloody groin, extracting the probe. She spoke softly to the torturer and he grinned and nodded. She walked away for a moment and returned bearing a red hot poker. Murdoch extracted his own limpness from Eva and she straightened up and became enfolded in his arms, both of them gazing at the screen, watching intently as they saw the woman lick her lips obscenely, smile sweetly at the wide-eyed shrieking woman, and slowly insert the red hot iron between the fish-hooked labia and up into her vagina. An effective way to stop the bleeding. Instant cauterisation. And, after a horrendous shriek, merciful unconsciousness for the dark skinned victim.

The end of the video and time for bed. Murdoch had recently talked Eva into staying at his place most of the week. She still kept her own domicile but his home was more luxurious and convenient for her job. If it was not for his wife, Murdoch would have married her to keep her for himself for ever. One did not often come across a woman of such sexual skill and depravity who was also intelligent and beautiful. He tried very hard to talk her into letting him provide her with a nice little penthouse flat, but for various reasons Eva liked to keep her sense of freedom. Naturally, for a man who provided her with the opportunity to do for real what she had always dreamt about, she was happy to provide full sexual favours……….and, despite his age, he was a pretty good lover anyway.

And there was Laura. Eva did not want to be so tied that she could not develop that exciting liaison.

Tonight, though, it was a shared sexy shower then bed. To-morrow was Saturday. The week-end. No work to go to…….except for two young ladies locked in the torture cellar awaiting their fate.

Wearing high heeled black patent leather shoes, fine mesh black 15 dernier nylons and black suspender belt , a short soft black leather flared skirt and a low cut silk blouse that plainly revealed the lack of a bra. beneath the shiny black fabric, Eva looked like a high class prostitute or a show girl from a kinky revue. The brevity of the thong she wore to just conceal the triangle of curly blonde hairs above her quite pronounced labia re-enforced the image. And it was only 10.15 in the morning.

Murdoch really had to discipline his libidinous nature when he saw the sexual vision of his cruel lover walking in to the kitchen for breakfast. He must save his energy for the new guests.

Eva still had a sense of unreality about all of this . It seemed so ridiculously easy. Drive up North, pick up a couple of girls, bring them back to London, and prepare to deflower, degrade, despoil and ultimately destroy them with no fear of the law. Murdoch had told her what the figures for missing young women were at the Metropolitan police………..they run into thousands, not hundreds as she would have guessed………and he reminded her that it was only when the female was either extremely young or well known for some reason that the media ever reported her loss. Literally dozens a day leave all parts of the U.K. to seek a better life in the big cities. Most are not missing, keeping in touch with friends and family, but many just vanish. Usually they become drug addicts and prostitutes. And some become unwilling playthings for the cruel and the savage who can only practice their pleasures on unwilling flesh because what they enjoy is simply too destructive for willing partners.

So with excitement and a tiny flutter of apprehension, Eva followed Murdoch down to the concealed and sound-proofed living and dying area built below the imposing Hampstead residence.

Soft New Flesh.

It was amazing how righteous indignation could give even a teenager like Janet courage in the face of adversity. She had absolutely no idea why she awoke next to Beth on a comfortable bed in what seemed like a small but expensively furnished hotel bedroom. Her amazement and a certain amount of fear when she realised her ankle was secured to a fine stainless steel wander chain gave way to anger when she realised she was a prisoner in the en-suite area………though finding a small kitchenette with food and micro-wave, kettle, and sink made it seem even more like an hotel than any sort of prison she could imagine. She woke her friend and together they tried to remember how they had come to this place. But it was a hazy blank.

Her clothes, and what vague memory she had, suggested she had been going out for a drink. Beth confirmed that she would only have put on the clothes she was wearing to go out.

They both tried to free their braceletted ankle, but the chain, though fine, was virtually indestructible. The decided to make some tea, have a bit of breakfast, was and freshen up…….pretend it was like being in a hotel and await whatever happened.Neither of them seriously imagined anything dreadful about their predicament. This may have been a residue of the Rohypnol affecting their judgement, or possibly their North Country openness and innocence simply did not give their minds any idea of what could befall a young woman in chains. When the door opened and a lady dressed a bit like a tart came in, they were both shocked and intrigued. Behind her a pleasant looking slightly grey haired gentleman, fairly tall, wearing a smart pair of cream worsted sports trousers and a silk shirt in pristine white.

"Good morning,girls. Did you sleep well?" the blonde asked, smiling.

"Err…..well, yes, I suppose so. Where are we and what the fuck are these chains for ?" Janet snapped, still without any fear.

"Oh, my goodness. That's not the sort of language a young lady should use," Murdoch smiled. "I would think a girl swearing like that would deserve to have her bottom spanked, wouldn't you Eva?"

"What ?" Janet gasped, the first sense of alarm showing in her eyes.

"He said you need your arse slapped for being such a common little slut, dear!" Eva purred. "He's very good at teaching cunts like you to have good manners. Amazing how co-operative you get when Mr. Murdoch has warmed your bare bum cheeks up with a nice bit of old-fashioned caning."

Beth had been silent in a sort of shocked amazement, but when she heard Eva's crude comment it shook her into responding.

"You………..what did you say ? Who are you people ? Where are we ?"

"You are in Mr.Murdoch's home for wayward girls, dear. I'm your chief teacher or mistress. You'll learn to do just what we tell you or suffer the consequences. You see, I don't just teach you to do as Mr.Murdoch tells you. I punish you if you don't do as you're told. He joins in, of course. He likes soft new flesh to fondle and abuse. I prefer to hurt it, but you'll find that out fairly quickly. And, of course, you will be sexually abused by both of us."

There was a shocked silence, one pair of dark brown and another pair of slate blue eyes widening in realisation that things were far from good. Eva found their expressions absolutely wonderful. Their mouths open in little circles of shock, their movement seemingly frozen as they absorbed the unwelcome information. Then the sort of nervously disbelieving expression from Janet as she said "Oh, come on. You're having us on aren't you ? Stop messing about!"

Eva raised the hem of her tiny skirt, her long and lovely legs looking extremely shapely in the nylons with the erotic fingers of her suspenders crossing the creamy expanse of her firm thighs. She lewdly pulled the thong to one side to expose her wet labia, ran her forefinger over her moist lips, then deliberately and slowly pushed her forefinger into her pussy slit and with languid eroticism, gently masturbated herself for a minute. "Oh no, Pet. We are most definitely not 'messing about' as you put it. And just to make sure you understand, would you please stand up and unfasten your skirt. Then lift up your sweater and show us your tits."

Murdoch was delighted. This was so interesting, seeing how his mistress played her role and enjoying the horror the girls were beginning to experience. He had to re-arrange his swelling penis in his trousers, a movement both new girls saw with awful realisation. The outline of his cock was plainly visible and getting bigger.

"I'm not doing that……what the Hell gives you the right to think you can boss us around ?" Janet snapped.

Eva shrugged her shoulders and turned to Murdoch with a sad expression on her face. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Murdoch, but she is refusing to obey a command. I think that means she needs to have the whip on her bare bottom…… least five strokes."

"No…….ten, Eva. Be generous. The girl has to learn that your word is law. A sound thrashing should help."

And Murdoch pulled a small chrome revolver from the pocket of his tailored slacks. He aimed the gun and suddenly pulled the trigger. The report sounded deafening in the small room. The .22 bullet tore into one of the feather pillows on the bed, bursting it so a little cloud of duck down flew into the air. Both the captive girls leapt in shock, their faces suddenly turning pale with fear.

"Strip or I shoot your left foot, slut" Murdoch smiled pleasantly, swinging the smoking tiny barrel round to aim at Janet's feet.

"Jesus Christ you're fuckin' mad !" Janet gasped, but she began to unfasten her skirt as fast as her fingers could do it. Down to her ankles, but prevented from leaving her legs by the chain. She pulled the bottom of her sweater, revealing a very well filled bra. that jutted out in twin cones of black nylon edged with lace.

"Bra. off, pet. Let's see if they stay firm without support ," Eva smiled.

When she saw just how firmly those twin peaks did stand, she had a tinge of jealousy despite her own breasts being well above average in the jutting department. And then she smiled even more as she thought what she would put them through before the slut was dead.

"Bend over and hold on to the bed rail," Eva snapped.

The rounded bottom faced her, trembling slightly. Small fine nylon briefs stretched over the moons. She wore those suspender tights that had the crotchless area so one could let the boys have a feel without all that skirt-rucking tight dropping nonsense. Eve unclipped what had looked to be just a decorative belt around the waist of her tartish skirt, and it uncoiled to reveal a short thin woven leather whip.

Janet's big brown eyes grew even bigger as she looked over her shoulder to see this bizarre blonde slowly swinging a real black shiny leather whip……….

"No……..please, look, I'm sorry…….I didn't mean to be rude, I just…"

Then she shrieked.


Six times the whip hissed as it cut the air and flew with devastating accuracy across the twin cheeks of a wildly wriggling bottom, ripping tights and panties to shreds in the process.

Murdoch unzipped his immaculate cream worsteds and pulled his erection from uncomfortable containment to jut proudly forth.

Beth was horrified, cowering as far away as her ankle chain would allow, watching the whipping of her friend's buttocks and seeing the exposure of the old man's cock with increasing realisation that she was in the shit, as the saying goes.

Janet was face down on the floor, a tangle of threshing limbs but seemingly unable to evade the snapping bite of that damned whip. And her total devastation was after only the mildest of attacks.

"On your knees, bitch ," Murdoch purred almost softly. "You know what to do to this, and you know that my dear lady friend here will be delighted if you don't do it properly because then she can tie you down and really whip your ass."

Salty tears flowing down her face, cheeks crimson with shame, and whimpering with humiliation and fear, the young woman began to learn what sexual slavery really means as she parted her lips and slid them fully over the swollen glans of her master.

While she allowed this awful man to take a handful of her hair and use it to push her head down onto his penis in slow rhythmic strokes, Janet could see the blonde woman calmly masturbating, holding the lips of her vulva spread wide and using the handle of the whip like a dildoe. These people were freaks. She realised with a sick certainty that somehow her world had become one of extreme danger, controlled by strangers who had little regard for the law and certainly no regard for the concept of morality. Her hair hurt as Murdoch jerked her head with increasing speed. He was enjoying this oral attention, but it was the way the other girl's eyes were nearly popping from her head as she saw the lewd self-gratification of Eva as well as his fellated cock that really turned him on.

"Get the other bitch naked, Darling !" he grunted, and as Eva immediately leapt onto the young cowering blonde girl, he could hold back no longer and sent five surging jets of his seed into Janet's throat.

He looked after himself. Regular exercise, good food, nothing other than sexual depravity to excess, and the best medical care to ensure top performance, but even he found the rest of the day to be tiring.

He had to fuck the seventeen year old blonde bimbo who really was a virgin ! Looking after poor mummy while the other girls her age were having their cherries taken……And he had to introduce the big-boobed older bitch to anal penetration, which she had never allowed her boy friend to even get near to doing. Then make the blonde learn how to lick round the rim of his glans and bring his cock slowly back to life so she could take it deep in her throat and find out what sperm tastes like when it's squirted into your gullet. And as if that was not hard enough, he had to see Eva force both the sobbing little sluts to suck cunt, hers first, of course, then each others !

They had not even left the guest rooms. The only pain had been administered with that small whip and a bit of very satisfying breast slapping, so both girls were left to sob themselves to sleep still blissfully unaware that they had a torture chamber fit for Satan himself awaiting their pretty bodies next door…….

That all changed the following day.

Red-eyed from crying but otherwise in perfect health, the two girls were carefully cuffed and blind folded before making the short trip to the special play rooms.

Beth was strapped to a swinging beam, Janet spread out in an open "X" inside a steel frame. Both were completely naked. And when the blind folds were removed, they could see just how bad things were going to be………..

Just to make sure they had no illusions, Murdoch had fitted one of those new and rather expensive flat screen ultra thin colour T.V's against the least used wall of the torture chamber so that he could show his victims either one of the many torture videos he owned or, in a deliciously cruel way, video pictures of their own torture. This allowed them to see what they looked like from other perspectives as the whips scoured their flesh or the brands scorched into their bodies.

Close ups of the needles Eva was starting to push inside those enormous jugs Janet boasted were the first pictures shown on the new screen. As she screamed, the nineteen year old found her eyes drawn against their will to the screen and the image of one dusky red nipple and Eva's fingers pinching the crinkled tip to pull it taut as her other hand slowly drove long needles into the aureole. She could see the tiny ball of blood well up, then form a scarlet tracery as it flowed down the shuddering slope of her breast to join the others. Even as the sensory message of a fresh needle point denting her skin flashed to her brain, so the visual message of pain re-enforced her agony as she saw her nipple pierced again and again.

When the man gleefully began to heat the projecting steel needles, many of which had been thrust so far that they erupted the other side of the milk stalk on her nipple, Janet could see her skin redden, watch the steam as blood boiled, see the skin char as the smell of burning flesh assailed yet another of her senses.

And the beauty of this system was that the other girl could see her friend's torment in living close up full colour wide screen detail, too. Not only were her ears assailed by the reverberating shrieks of mad agony, her eyes could see every brutality too.

Eva and Murdoch took turns to aim and focus the four linked video cameras, to zoom in on whatever part of the naked girl was to be tortured. With a small remote, they could select which camera view should be displayed on screen.

After Janet's lush breasts it was Beth's blonde fringed cunt that featured on screen as some of the sweetly delicate fronds of her bush were jerked from her pudenda and cigarettes used to re-decorate the denuded patches with blistered burned circles.

Eva could not resist using a few needles on that extra sensitive groove that forms the upright of the Venus delta, slowly easing them in around the shrieking slut's clitoris while Murdoch pulled the cunt's cunt lips wide apart with serrated pliers.

A savage beating with pliant split bamboo canes completed the new victims' introductions to agony, Eva and Murdoch slashing the light weight canes over the embedded needles until Janet's nipples and Beth's pussy petals were grotesquely swollen and both girls had passed out well before the sadist's ceased flogging them…………..

Work interfered with pleasure, but the respite from orgasmic discharges did at least give Eva time to re-charge her batteries.

She was thinking that as she approved a new magazine lay-out. One of her colleagues asked her why she was smiling.

"Oh, nothing……just thinking about batteries," she grinned…….not telling that she had just remembered Murdoch lining up the battery powered torture dildoes to be re-charged for use on the new girls. But that would have to wait a day or two, as he had business in Paris.

So Eva had called Laura, and they were spending the night together.


"Lower……oh….there……oooghh….now….harder…….oh, Jesus….Mary……mother of God……YESSSSSS !"

Laura's dark cunt flesh was swollen and hardened, those deliciously sensitive raised bands that were the secret erection most women loved and most men didn't even know existed, tingling, sending those shivers that flow like electricity right down her legs and curling her toes as she came again. A multiplicity of orgasms. Two mouths that knew every crevice of their target, tongues with the skill to flick with light tenderness or gouge with thirsty need, fingers that could slide with incredible accuracy to explore just the region of nerve jangling pleasure that demanded to be touched…………and words that could be of soft loving tenderness, wild urgent need, or incredibly obscene encouragement and arousal.

If any man could learn to play the sweet open harp that a woman's open legs displays with the skill that a practised Lesbian employs, he would have women clamouring to share his bed. Of course, many men say the same of their own brothers in homosexuality…..that until a practised man has brought your cock to climax with his lips you have never known how good a blow job really can be. Unfortunately, moral ethics cause many brothers and sisters never to find out the true pleasures of the flesh. For Laura and Eva there was no such restraint. Not only did their lovemaking bring total satisfaction beyond the normal, they were able to add still more sensation by sharing the depravity of sadism.

Laura had just found a site on the internet on which drawn images of tortured women were displayed. There were plenty of sites on which one could see models bound and abused, but these rarely turned Laura on unless the model happened to be a particular type. But drawn images were sure to warm those folded labia……….especially the most blatant and outrageous images on the snuffart site.

Looking at the mainly black and white drawings on the small screen of Laura's computer, Eva wanted to tell her friend that she could bring her videos of pretty girls being really tortured , scenes that really did show those spikes hammering through stretched tits or spiked dildoes ripping into bleeding cuntflesh, but she knew that Laura may find the reality less than appealing. To Eva it seemed strange that they could talk about injecting acid into the belly of a pregnant woman while she hung from steel hooks driven into the milk-filled underflesh of her beaten and branded tits, yet could not gain pleasure from the sight on screen of a torturer pushing the cattle prodder into some South American pussy for a little electrical entertainment if it was real,

Maybe a cartoon film would be the answer, or at least a good introduction……….

She made a mental note to ask Murdoch if he could get a dirty torture cartoon for her to borrow. Some of those Japanese "Manga" things showed quite graphic girl-torture, but usually with hours of less interesting mechanical monsters rampaging through wastelands of post nuclear havoc.

"Dunsul"………..a site for showing ladies dying, no rescue, no last minute reprieve, just good merciless killings!

They watched, impatient as each new section took ages to load, delighted if the artistic results were of girls really being slaughtered rather than just in bondage. And warming each other up with deep probing fingers as they went from picture to picture, greedy to talk about what they saw, commenting on the styles of the artists.………Way out rough sketches or carefully drafted drawings, caricatures or neatly drawn maidens with expression and character.

Some concentrated on one form of punishment, ( hanging seemed popular) but others showed really inventive tortures with girls writhing on hooked breasts or sliding agonisingly down vaginal spears. Rape, the male sort, featured prominently of course, with huge rampant penis' thrusting into well-whipped pussy meat or rammed into widespread lips…….Laura loved these even though male cocks were not her thing. If the drawings showed women wearing torture dildoes, that was even better, of course.

The mutual finger play was having its inevitable result, both of them starting to squirm as their sexual organs became wet and pouting, the lips swelling, the clitoral ridges hardening and growing still more sensitive to further stimulation……..until even the drawings of breast-slashed girls could not hold their attention any longer and they lay down head to crotch, tongues driving deep into those sweet salty crevices to taste each other's passion. Knowledgeable touches soon brought the orgasms they wanted shuddering down their spines and jerking maddeningly along their legs . Like grounded fish their naked bodies twisted and quivered. Had outsiders been able to witness those frantic writhings they would have thought the poor bitches were being given electric shocks, so similar the quivering of ecstasy and agony.

Men are fortunate in one way…….once they have achieved ejaculation it is understood that they will need time to recover before their body can show further signs of sexual arousal. We poor women have no such respite. If a skilled lover continues to probe the right area of arousal, our bodies continue to respond even though nerves and tissues are exhausted and desperate for respite. Both Laura and Eva knew exactly where to probe and just how hard to bite, how fast to rub, how deep to thrust. With an almost cruel passion, they forced each other to jerk and scream with absolutely nerve-shattering climaxes that shuddered through every fibre of their bodies over and over again, neither wanting to be the first to break away and admit defeat. Their nipples were engorged, projecting like missile warheads, their labia swollen and out-furled, their vaginal walls expanded and ridged with corded ripples of swollen tissue. Deep in their cavities, the rings of the os had expanded and also hardened. Their bladders could not contain the waves of pressure, and they squirted unintentional little jets of urine into each other's mouths, the salty taste blending with the strong musky scent of female arousal in a heady cocktail of love juice.

Eventually, sheer exhaustion forced an honourable draw, the sweating naked women gasping for air as they broke away from their oral explorations, and after some time just lying there with little silly giggles of pure pleasure, they made it to the bathroom to share a long scented bath.

"I think I will have to let you join me when I discipline one of my maso-girls" Laura growled. "If both of us worked on one girl at the same time, she'd pee herself and go to heaven!"

Eva smiled. "One day I'll teach you that it would be fun to slit the tits off a real live girl…..maybe I'd invite you to share in a bloodbath instead of this one, eh ?"

"Oh sure" Laura laughed. "I think that's a dream scene we'll work on after we have had a bit of a rest….my poor pussy feels worn out. Fancy a coffee?"

It was an opening. Eva really would like to see Laura with one of her little subbie lesbian friends, see how far she actually went in the discipline stakes. She smiled as she pictured Janet and Beth in her mind. Well, Laura, how'd you like to come and stick a few needles in these four pretty tits? No………better not tell her anything yet. Pervert her a bit more, first. Already they were talking about things like Fred West's girls, real victims, and how much fun it must have been to hurt them. Eva could wait, and the loving between them was like nothing she had ever known before


The girls were totally rested. Using drugs normally only available on medical orders, Murdoch could restore quite a few wounds that would normally keep a victim unusable for a long time. Vitamin E liquid massaged into burns on clits and tits, together with anti biotic ointments, had made the needle scars and blisters almost invisible. Eva was sucking both cunts while Murdoch toyed with the girls' breasts. He had bet her she wouldn't be able to get them to achieve an orgasm……and Eva never backed away from a bet.

She had dressed both girls in very erotic outfits, fish net stockings, high heel patent leather shoes, peephole bras., and open crotch black lace and silk knickers. Her one allowed cheat was to let them both have a nice brandy and lemonade with their evening meal before they were taken to the punishment room and strapped open-legged, facing each other, backs against a cushioned leather support. Both girls had pleaded for mercy…… was quite surprising how they had accepted that threatening retribution and screaming for help were no longer viable options. Swearing and cursing at their captors only resulted in pain. So all that was left was to beg and to obey in the hope that the pain would not come. What they had seen on the big TV screen had convinced the girls that threats of death and disfigurement were not to be taken lightly. Without realizing that all that they said was being recorded, they had cried together, comforted each other, talked about their chances of ever leaving their cells alive, and decided that their only hope lay in doing as they were told and hoping that carelessness by their captors would offer an opportunity to escape. And now they both stared down onto Eva's blonde hair, shimmering in the bright electric light as she crouched between them, swinging from one dark haired pout to the other blonde bushed valley, dancing her tongue between the furled fleshy labias, flicking the tip of her tongue upwards in each unexcited slit so it momentarily lashed the sleeping buds of the dormant clits. Her gloved fingers were splayed over the buttocks of both girls, gently trying to squeeze and mould the cheeks of their buttocks, trying to rouse some sexual interest. Murdoch, to his credit, was resisting the temptation to gouge his fingers into those four succulent breasts. Instead, he gently brushed, rolled, stroked and squeezed the nipples pouting through the tips of the black silk bras.,occasionally bending his head to give them the briefest of tender kisses. He wasn't aroused. This was just a sort of pleasant interlude, certainly not exciting enough to rouse his manhood. He was beginning to think Eva was sure to lose the bet when, to his surprise, he saw that the nipples he was toying with were actually starting to respond. The bigger darker aureoles of Janet's massive tits were formed with two circles of what looked like oversized goosebumps, the stalk of the centre teat growing visibly. Murdoch could see in her eyes that she was fighting her bodily reactions. A mix of self-loathing and anger. Her breath was growing a little erratic, too.

And Beth, watching first Eva's swivelling face down there between their bellies, then her friend's obvious embarrassment at her body's betrayal, she started to pant , jerking her breasts slightly when Murdoch tweaked her nipples.

Eva was rewarded by the scent of the two cunts first. Instead of just licking two fleshy folds, the unmistakable musk of arousal began to assail her nostrils, and she slowed her rhythm down. Now she pressed her lips to each moist valley and wormed her tongue a little deeper each time, lowering her hands to start playing gently along the crease of arce and pussy, fluttering over those erogenous zones and feeling the tremors start in the muscles of the bound girls.

This was where a man would lose it. And Eva knew that well. Give him a whiff of pussy juice, a touch of pre-coital love slick making the Venus trap more accessible, and watch him try to stick half his fist straight up your love canal or get his cock in without hesitation. But a girl on a girl knows that this is the reluctant white flag…..the "I surrender" sign that invites more advanced arousal, the crack in the door to allow exploration, even the shame of defeat asking for justification………

Now Eva spent maybe thirty seconds a side, making encouraging dirty little noises as she started to actually suckle on the swelling love lips, pulling them between her lips while teasing the crease between them with her tongue. Her fingers started a more insistent probing along the buttock crease, almost pressing against the puckered sphincters with enough force to part the ring, but dancing away before that happened. She used her face, rolling it against the lower belly curves, feeling the almost reluctant reciprocal thrust from her bound lovers. She knew that both girls were wanting to feel her push deeper into their cunts, needing those rings of receptor nerves circled round the vaginal wall to be charged with sensation.

"Mmmmmm….ooghh yessss…..lovely sexy juices…….oooghhhhh……sexeeeeeee….." Eva growled between her swing from slit to slot. "Ooooghhh….come for me baby……oooghhh you taste soooogh juiceeeeeee".

Murdoch backed off. To his surprise, his cock was beginning to respond too. There was something remarkably sexy about two poor helpless cunts tied up and in imminent danger of having their lives ended very painfully both getting turned on by the bitch who was going to kill them ! They were starting to sway, actually writhing in a sexy sort of way, squirming from side to side and thrusting their bellies against Eva's probing tongue, moaning each time she left one to turn to the other. He rather regretted his promise not to interfere beyond stroking their tits. He'd rather like to stick his manhood in the little blonde bitch right away………God, the cunt was actually making little whimpering sounds now, wanting to have her cunt fucked………

Careful not to move too rapidly, Eva slid her hands up the back of each girl's legs, wedging the side of her hand into the crease between bum and pussy holes. Her thumbs insinuated themselves slightly into each virgin arcehole while her forefingers spread the rapidly dampening vulva petals. Now her tongue was really forcing into the girls, head turning between them in a carefully timed rhythm…….delve, lick, finger, probe. Move to the opposite cunt. Probe, suckle, finger, press, moan sexily.

Suddenly Janet began to gasp, body shuddering as her belly started to react beyond her control. A flood of come juice wetted Eva's lips. The girl was crying out. One of those noisy bitched when she came. Lots of little squeals and "Yessss" cries, trembling and shaking with remarkable lack of restraint. She really was coming, the quivering explosive little lightning bolts a woman feels surging up inside her vagina and spreading with that gorgeous trembling flow down her legs to her curling toes.

Perhaps liberated from her reluctance by the example of her older friend, Beth followed suit with a gurgling cry, throwing back her head and emitting a tiny scream of surprised pleasure as her pussy boiled into volcanic pleasure.

Generously, Eva did not spoil the captives' pleasure by biting off their clitties ( although the thought did cross her mind) but instead sucked and finger fucked furiously to wring every last spasm of delight from the exploding twin pussies.

She did rather enjoy the flood of hot wetness spreading over her face. There was a certain sense of power to be had from forcing reluctant partners to experience pleasure……true sexual sadism, perhaps.

But this was the calm before the storm. A few minutes of pleasure to be followed by many hours of pain. Eva slowly stood up, kissed both red-faced and rather ashamed girls on their faces, then turned to Murdoch. He took her in his arms and licked the shining droplets of come juice from her cheeks before kissing her deeply.

"I should know better than to bet with you, Darling. That was amazing. Our little pain toys were shaking their pretty tits like randy whores on heat. Does that mean they need to be punished for being such degenerate sluts?"

"Oh yes, Darling. They are going to scream a different tune when I get started on them. Tell me, Murdoch, what would turn you on ? Any special requests ?"

Murdoch smiled. His cock was not yet fully enlarged.

"If you cared to dry those very wet sex slits out in a nice painful way it would encourage me to fuck the bitches" he said.

"How about a soldering iron?" Eva purred. "Or the immersion heater dilly toy?"

"How about both?" Murdoch growled, his prick already starting to stiffen as he thought of red hot metal on delicate cuntflesh………

End of Part Four.


A Cellar Full of Sceams.

By Susan.

Part Five.

A torture story by Susan.

Contains descriptions of extreme sadistic perversion…..unless you are a perverted devotee of cruelty, just go somewhere else……Love, Susan.

Janet's large assets seemed to demand attention.

They were able to move in tumultuous unison as the first surge of agony made her body jerk, then somehow get out of step and dance individually as the kinetic energy of her initial reaction calmed down.

Brown haired, a tall 19 year old North country girl, Janet was learning that those awful horror movie stories about Freddie capturing pretty girls to kill were kid stuff. Reality was a thousand times worse.

And the horrors did not happen in misty dark out of focus swamps but in a brightly lit cellar in the middle of London.

Having her younger friend, Rebecca ( known to her friends as Beth ) securely strapped on a steel frame opposite her did nothing to lessen the fear she was feeling.

And seeing herself on the large flat screen television, filmed by a number of video cameras so that she could watch in close up detail the red hot tip of the soldering iron approaching the cleft of her buttocks from the rear, did not provide her with the slightest sense of satisfaction at becoming a movie star.

She begged, no longer having the power in her lungs to keep up the screams.

"Please don't touch me again…..please….I did what you wanted….I .……..AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!"

It was a very small soldering iron, specially made for Murdoch to etch a woman's skin with blisters. It heated up more than was really required to make solder flow, literally glowing a deep cherry red.

And he was finding the reaction of this big breasted captive to the delicate probing Eva was administering very arousing….his cock swelling admirably as he positioned himself between the legs of the other prisoner, Beth, the 17 year old blonde girl.

Kneeling on the floor behind Janet's widespread chained legs, Eva was using the tip of the iron to raise a line of burn blisters on the crinkly edges of the shrieking girl's cunt.

A little while ago she had licked and fingered those prominent fleshy petals to send the poor bitch into a quite astonishing series of orgasms. Now she was enjoying her own quivering spasms of sexual fulfilment as she burned an innocent, helpless, and terrified young woman in the most agonising way purely for the perverted pleasure it gave her lover and herself.

Eva groaned with delight. She could smell the scent of burning hair, strands of Janet's mid brown pubic hair shrivelling into tiny black balls with soft hissing sounds. The slightly dark skin of the vaginal lips had a sort of burnt roast beef aroma that she drew into her nostrils and savoured like a wine connoisseur enjoying an expensive bouquet.

Behind her, Beth cried out as Murdoch's penis broached her hitherto virginal asshole. The teenage blonde was chained to an oblong of stainless steel bars in the usual "X" position. Mid way up the long side bars was a cross beam that could be raised to force a girls' body into a bow shaped curve, thus making the oblong into a most effective rack. Beth was stretched taut, belly lifted painfully upwards, wrists and ankles already bruising against the steel manacles. Murdoch could enter her anus without having to bend down, able to force into her whilst having the naked front of her lovely body at his mercy. Which meant he could spread the pale pink lips of her sweet little cunt apart with the shiny steel dildoe, shoving it into her vagina at the same rate that his cock encroached up her rectum. The triple sex game with Eva and Janet had at least left Beth's vagina well lubricated. The steel prick on its own would not have been a problem. Combined with Murdochs' manhood deflowering her arcehole, however, space was not readily available and it hurt like Hell.

Had she known what was to follow, Beth would probably have tried to keep the older man interested in fucking her for as long as possible………

Eva put the branding tool to one side for a minute. She wanted to press her mouth against the smoking sex lips and let her tongue slip from behind into Janets' crack, tongueing the clitoral ridge, tasting burnt tissue. It was incredibly erotic, and she had to slide two fingers into her own dripping slit for a quick finger fuck to release the pent up orgasm.

Murdoch found her inhumanity almost as rewarding to his libido as having a screaming girl's arce speared on his cock. Only still more cruelty could make it better….so he switched on the immersion heater element that nestled inside the well sheathed dildoe and continued to fuck Beth with deep hurtful strokes whilst watching her innocent blue eyes weep with pain…….until she understood what was happening in her vagina, and her eyes suddenly widened with a new disbelieving horror.

"Oh my God…'s getting hot…..oh no….please…oh, sweet Jesus, you can't do this to me…it's…….oh, it's getting really hot…."

At which point, Murdoch rammed his surging penis as far as it would go into the depths of the terrified teenagers' bottom faster and faster until those glorious spasmic ejaculations squirted up her bowels like thick whipped cream and he quite rapidly pulled free of her arsehole before it got too hot for comfort.

Tilting the steel frame down, he straddled her face so the last dribbles of semen could drool into her screaming mouth. For Janet's benefit, he explained what was happening to Beth, how the steel dildoe would slowly dry out the juices of her vulva, start to burn the delicate sensitive lining of her vaginal walls….and then how the skin would crisp and stick to the stainless steel monster.

"If I leave it in after that, her cunt will start to boil inside…….actually cook, a combination oven of steam, boil and grill all at once. When I pull the dilly out after an hour or two, she'll have a hysterectomy the painful way !"

To create the delightful stereo sound of dual screaming, Eva ceased tossing herself off and began to burn Janet's clitoris with the sizzling tip of red hot metal.

Both girls were able to last almost a full hour before the sheer ferocity of the agonies they were enduring at last brought relief in unconsciousness.

Fortunately, Murdoch had not actually allowed the cunt burner to go beyond boiling point, so Janet would still have a cunt that could provide sexual pleasure to a rapist, but the pain and swelling would make it agony for a week or two.

Janet had lost her clitoris and both petals of her labia were peppered with burn-holes where Eva had pulled them like puppy dogs' ears and thrust her red hot soldering tool right through the lips.

It had been quite a tame session really, but delightfully rewarding to the two sadists. When

both girls had been treated with salve and carried back to their quarters, Murdoch and Eva retired to the snug to lie together naked, gently fondling each others' roused zones as they reviewed and edited the video tapes of the pleasures they had just enjoyed.

No doubt about it, two girls at once was more than twice as good as one on her own…………………………



In her dreams that night, Eva was dressed as a leather dominatrix, nipples jutting out of holes in a shiny black basque, pussy peeping between soft kid skin flaps on a pair of strange black shorts full of little pockets. In the pockets were dozens of different tiny torture tools, drills, nipple clamps,

Razor blades, screws, fish hooks, and so on. Beneath the shorts she wore black fish net stockings held up by leather suspenders, the clips little devil faces moulded in shiny black rubber, and the most erotic high heel black patent leather boots with vicious steel spurs.

What made it even more bizarre was that she was a miniature person riding a sort of space age scooter armed with burning lasers, red hot needle guns, and flailing steel wire whips.

And she was riding over fields full of half naked screaming full breasted women, all desperately trying to run away as she chased them ….

Exquisite images of her scooter flying around jiggling bare breasts, slicing deep bloody grooves in the upper slopes then making full frontal laser assaults on huge helpless nipples, diving to shoot blazing needle arrows into running cunt flesh……………..

She groaned in her sleep as her dream image tore open the milk dripping teats of a particularly pretty pregnant nun. Her habit flew open and she tripped, rolled onto her back with her shapely legs widespread and her belly huge and tautly rounded. Eva swung the attack scooter round, set the lasers to burn, and then crashed viciously over and over again into the globe like swollen belly……



In the evening the sadists went down to the cellar to play, but both girls were in a pretty bad way. Beth's cunt had swollen inside so much that she could not even pee properly, urine leaking down her legs from puffed out lips. Janet's labia were also grotesquely enlarged and covered with great blisters around the cauterised holes Eva had burned through the lips. A crusted black scar was where her little clitoris once had nestled.

So far, the captives had not been punished in their mini-bedsit accommodation, and regarded being back in their quarters as being safe. So Eva decided that she should whip the bitches for being too badly damaged to allow her to take them to the torture rooms for further punishments.

Murdoch found it quite amusing to see the poor girls dismay when Eva began to slash at their near naked bodies with a short leather quirt. He noticed that she avoided opening the wounds on their cunts, but she gave their bottoms a good thrashing.

But he was not in the mood for mild flagellation. That was the problem with getting used to having girls one could treat with real savagery……it made mere caning or spanking too mild to be interesting.

He decided to go out. There is a small discreet gentlemen's' club off Frith Street in Soho where one can relax in a comfortable lounging chair and watch extremely pornographic videos with or without the services of young ladies who are skilled in the art of cock-sucking and similar erotic services.

The club is strictly male membership only, so Eva had decided to call without pre-arrangement on Laura.

She had almost given up waiting for the doorbell to be answered ( by one of those irritating mini-tannoy devices so the flat-owner can tell who is calling before opening the lock ) when a rather breathless and slightly annoyed sounding Laura snapped "Who's there?"

On Laura's bed, bound in wide spread face down nakedness with a black blindfold and a soft silk scarf gag as her only covering, lay a young woman of about twenty three, plump, brunette, and with her generous buttocks glowing a pleasant shade of pink from a good spanking.

After a hurried whispered conference before entering the bedroom, Eva had convinced Laura to spice up the punishment her very femme girl friend was enjoying by ordering her to accept a spanking from an unseen stranger….namely Eva !

"Piglet, you have been very naughty!" Laura scolded. She was wearing a most peculiar leather apron and nothing else but rubber boots. She was the farmers' wife punishing the naughty piglet in their own little warped world of Lesbian delight. "I've brought the vet in to take a look at you. I think you need a bit more treatment !"

The brunette made quite a fine sight as she bucked and heaved on the bed, head shaking wildly, protest noises coming through the gag. Like many who enjoy perverted sexual deviations, she was very reluctant to have her secret shared with another person without the most careful vetting …. and this totally unknown person was running gloved fingers down her spine and delving very intimately between the rounded domes of her buttocks…………

Eva giggled…it was rather funny having a Lesbians' love slave struggling mightily under her touch.

She winked at Laura to re-assure her.

"I think she's sick, your poor little porky Piglet. In fact, I think the only truly successful treatment would be for me to cut these fat arcecheeks right off the bitch and turn them into bacon. Have you a good sharp carving knife, Laura?"

Laura nearly had kittens. With Piglet, her games were farmhouse romps, bottom warming spankings, tender kiss-it-betters, and good old fashioned mutual cunt-sucking ! The sort of thing she admitted to liking with Eva had never even been hinted at with Piglet !


The naked "captive" was struggling quite seriously, allowing Eva's probing fingers to delve deep between her arce cheeks to gain delicious probing entry to the fat folds of her very thick-lipped pussy.

"I don't think my Piglet wants any rough games like that, Eva !" Laura protested half heartedly…………it had actually given her quite a jolt of lust hearing Eva speak like that to her sex partner….."We just like…"

"Oh stop whining, Laura. You know a fat cunted piggy like this would look good with a nice red hot poker shoved deep in this wet sexy cunthole while we roast her titties with hot oil and candle

flames !"

"But…" Laura croaked, blushing furiously and quite convinced that "Piglet" would start to scream loud enough for the neighbours to hear in a minute.

She did not know of course, that even through her fine kid gloves, Eva could feel the quivering of excitement and the outpouring of pre-come fluids from Piglet's vulva. What she was hearing may have shocked her dreadfully, but it made her want to come like nothing she had ever known before………

On the bed, wriggling furiously, bare breasts flattened against the soft duvet cover, wide spread legs twitching and jerking between the effort to escape the soft silk scarves tying her ankles apart and the spasms caused by her nearness to orgasm, Maureen Blakeman was in an agony of excited fear.

She had always trusted Laura, good old plain dependable Laura…..masculine female with a quirky liking for being the dominant partner in silly love games. Truly sensational between the legs. Really generous in making sure her partner had a splendid climax every time. They didn't even bother with a "chicken" word as their spanking or whipping games never went beyond delicious warm up blows. By now, Laura should be re-tying her face up and, after a little bit of spanking right on her love mound,

she should be crawling on the bed between her legs, tongue wetly trailing up the inside of her thighs before the…ooogghhhh…..lovely juicy sexy sucking licking finger fucking…….

And Maureen jerked in helpless ecstasy just as Eva thrust two fingers as far as they would go in the wet vagina and said "I think I'd like to hook her up by her sexy cunt and maybe flog her fat tits for an hour or two before we roasted her, though."

Despite her shock at Eva's very brutal talk, Laura could see at once that her younger lover was enjoying herself, squirming in her bonds with shudders of total release.

Well, no sense in not enjoying it.

Laura clambered on the bed and slid her hands under Maureens' body, squeezing her breasts and straddling her back to rub her own cunt up and down Mo's spine.

The femme girl actually wet herself, soaking Lauras' duvet ,her bladder contracting with the sheer excitement of feeling four hands at once probing and abusing her helpless body.

As her "attackers" fondled and probed her, then untied her to turn her face up for more intimate fingering, she heard the unknown woman say some really disgusting things………The crude dirtiness of the language plus the thrill of fear her obvious cruelty induced had Mo in repeated climaxes that spewed milky jets of come and pee from her thick-lipped pussy.

Eva, gloves off, was pulling those wet labia apart like puppy dogs' ears. She twisted each lip in turn, just far enough to make the brunette squeak with pain, telling her how she would love to slide fish hooks in each lip and stretch it open until it ripped to shreds…

Laura was performing a particularly lezzie game…straddling the girl and rubbing her own cunt over the swollen excited nipples of the tied "victim". By holding one of the rather floppy breasts between both hands and squeezing hard, Laura could make the big nipple stick up like a red traffic cone, pointed and hard enough to rub against her own swollen clit with rewarding results.

The only one not to have any stimulation, Eva decided to join in on the bed. She pulled her knickers down, squatted over the brunettes' face, pulled away the silk scarf "gag" and mashed her hot blonde pussy against Mo's responsive mouth.

x x x x

When she went back to Murdoch's house , Eva was in a state of near exhaustion. Laura, Maureen, and herself had performed together for three and a half hours.

Six nipples, three pussies, two anal openings (Maureen was not keen on anal penetration) plus a variety of rubber and metal dildoes had worn them out.

It was almost two in the morning as Eva let herself in and re-set the elaborate security system. There was no sign of Murdoch in the snug, so she guessed he had gone to bed. She decided to have a long soak in the luxury bubble bath to refresh her tired limbs and was almost asleep in the gently bubbling sweet scented water when Murdoch came into the bathroom, stark naked and flecked with blood.

He climbed in alongside, adding fresh hot water.

She fondled him as he told her he had come back from the club with a bit of a hard on and had decided to go down to the cellars and fuck the girls. Making them scream as his cock opened the swollen burn marked pussies had got him still hotter, so he had whipped them both into unconsciousness!

Eva did not tell him about her lesbian fun and games. She liked keeping Laura to herself.

"I just went out for a meal and a few drinks, Darling. Wish I had known you were coming back so early. I hate to miss a good bit of flogging! Will they recover for tomorrow, or have you cut them up a lot?"

"No….I used the lightweight horse whip. A bit of blood from Beth's arse. Got a bit carried away slicing her in the crack. But they should be O.K. for a bit of pain tomorrow night. Have you anything special in that dirty little mind of yours?"

"Actually I have!" Eva smiled, soaping Murdochs' foreskin as she brought it to a lather by wanking it slowly and rubbing her nipples against the slit eyed tip. "I want to make Beth torture Janet's nice big titties. Forcing an innocent girl to torture her friend makes me feel very horny!"

Her mouth went down. The scented water tasted quite pleasant as she licked the swollen glans of Murdoch's cock, but she preferred the salty cheesy male taste that lurked behind the ridge of his knob when the foreskin was peeled right back. Murdoch groaned. Yet again he thanked his lucky stars that he had found this wicked woman. She was every sadists' dream girl, brutal, sexy, incredibly inventive, and extremely pretty. He slipped a finger up her sex slit, gently stroking her clitoris as she sucked his manhood between her lips and bobbed her head down to take his length deep into her throat. He wondered if his strength would last out. At the club he'd had two girls suck him off whilst he watched a very good snuff porn film……..

. . . . . . . . .

The lovely young blonde begged for mercy as Eva fixed the little screw clamps to her nipples. As they were screwed tighter, she cried out in pain, seeing her pink aureoles spread out each side of the round metal platelets. When Eva fixed the wires to each of the nipple clamps, Beth realised electricity was involved and she really started to beg.

Eva patted the teenager's face. "Don't worry, Beth. If you do as you are told, your pretty little nips won't even get a shock. Of course, I'll give you one or two just so you know how much it hurts. Then I'll tell you what I want you to do to Jenny. Of course, if you resist, I'll have to send gradually stronger and longer shocks into your breasts. But I don't think I'll have to do that. It will be much easier just to do as you're told."

Beth's hands were behind her back, hand-cuffed. Her ankles were locked in to shackles joined by a two foot fine chain. The wire from the nipple clamps went to a small leather belt round Beth's waist and then in a stretchable coil to the control box Eva held.

Jenny hung in front of them. Her ankles and wrists were lashed together and a two foot spreader bar held her legs apart enough to permit access to her nice soft sexy bits if required. A thick waist belt with steel rings fixed to each side enabled her to literally hang in mid air, a steadying line to the spreader bar allowing Eva to position the naked girl as she wished. At the moment, Jenny was almost horizontal, breasts hanging down in two wonderfully pendulous cones that almost begged to be tortured.

"Now, Beth. Stand still and prepare yourself. This is what a two second quarter power buzz feels like. Ready?"

"Jeeesusssss" squealed the young blonde, her body arching forward and at the same time staggering backwards as a savage jolt of high voltage electricity zapped from nipple to nipple.

Murdoch grinned, unzipping his cream cavalry twill pants to let his cock hang free. He knew that Eva was using a very low current….the usual shock power would be dangerous from nipple to nipple as it could easily stop the heart….but even the reduced power was enough to make poor Beth curl up in agony and sob desperately for mercy.

"Another one, just for fun !" Eva smiled sweetly, knocking Beth off her feet this time and having to help the handcuffed victim back to her feet.

"Ooogh, it's nice, isn't it?" she giggled. "Look, I'm turning it up to five seconds a shock now. You should really have time to appreciate it more like that."

"Please, mercy Mistress…….you said you wouldn't hurt me if I did what you told me…..please don't do it again. My poor breasts can't stand that pain. It will kill me…"

Eva let her finger hover over the control….."Oh, well..perhaps you have learned the lesson already. So this is what we're going to do. I'll unfasten your hands but if you try to pull the wires off, I swear I'll strap you down and cook your fucking tittie tips to hell, understand?"

Beth nodded. She knew by now that threats from this evil beauty were not to be taken lightly. And she was not going to let that damned electricity shock her poor breasts any more if she could help it.

The handcuffs came off. Beth stood nervously, wires from her squashed nipples rising and falling as she panted with fear.

"Lick Jenny's nipples, Beth."

The blonde bent slightly to position her head under Jenny's suspended torso and flicked her tongue at the big cherry nipples in turn.

"Now suck them….hold them so you can really put some effort into it. Get her nipples all hard and wet for us, Beth."

The brown haired girl groaned slightly, actually unable to stop her body responding as Beth's small hands gripped each of the big hanging mammaries in turn to squeeze them as her mouth closed over the cherry tips. Suspended from the firm belt, Jenny was not really even uncomfortable. She just knew she was very helpless, and was sure some pain was coming her way. But her tits hardened and the nipples stiffened. She knew her responses were sluttish, but pain and degradation had somehow made her body betray her far too readily. She groaned a little louder as Beth's tongue flicked the tips of her erecting teats.

"And now we want you to bite her, Beth. Make her scream. Bite her nipples until they bleed."

Murdoch's cock began to stiffen. This was interesting. Would the bitch do it, or risk having her own tits shocked?

She tried. She really did. But when her teeth bit down quite hard, poor Jenny squealed in pain and her hanging body contorted and….well, Beth just couldn't bite any harder…….

So she screamed, flying backwards as if she had been hit by a train as an explosion between her own clamped nipples seemed to be going on for ever and totally frying her brain with a sort of zig zag agony. Despite the warning, her hands grabbed for her wired tits, but the clamps were not only too tight to remove but electrified so her hands got shocked away from her own body…

She was peeing herself, squirming on her back like a fish out of water.

Eva kicked her between her legs then let another five second burst make Beth arch and shudder on the floor with that peculiar vibrating scream that electrical torture often brings.

"Please…I'll do it…please Mistress, please…."

Eva was stroking Murdoch's cock. He had one hand between her legs, forefinger just toying sexily with the wet slit of her knickers.

The blonde girl tottered to her feet, gasping, defeated, scared silly by the thought of more of those blood curdling shocks….

"You've got to bite the tip of her left nipple right off, bitch. Chew it off, or I'll fry you…."

"Oh, God, I'm sorry Janet…I'm sorry…I………AAAAAARRGHHHHH"

"Too fucking slow, cunt. Do it or I'll juice you again!"

The two sadists watched with evil delight as the young little blonde grabbed her friend's magnificent swinging breast, held it tight, and bit down on the swollen tip of the cherry red nipple really hard. Janet shrieked, body wriggling wildly in mid air but the lack of purchase gave her no way to evade the clutching fingers and grinding teeth.

Blood squirted from the first tear in the aureole, filling Beth's mouth.

Sobbing with fear, shame and self-loathing, the little blonde chewed ferociously on her friend's bleeding nipple until at last her teeth managed to chomp through the tough skin and actually separate the bud of the nipple from the stalk.

Murdoch fucked the sobbing girl while Eva laid out a selection of toys for the rest of the entertainment.

They made Beth push the long meat skewers through Jenny's breasts.

Upwards, into the rounded underflesh, deeper and further until the point erupted from the upper slope of the breast. Then sideways through the same breast, from the outer side until the skewer burst through into the deep cleavage between the magnificent globes.

Then twist both piercing skewers in towards each other, a sort of internal stretching Chinese burn torture that had Janet shrieking so loud they had to stuff Eva's wet knickers in her mouth to save their hearing.

They made Beth bite the tip of the other nipple off, then made her use a red hot iron to cauterize both disfigured nipples, a process so dreadfully painful for the well endowed victim that she passed out and could not be brought round even with amyl nitrate capsules.

They had heated the metal pincers, intending to make Beth rip and burn Janet's tits for the finale of the entertainment, but as the poor bitch was so totally out of it, they carefully unclamped little Beth's swollen nipples, told her she'd been a very good girl,………………and then tore her tits to shreds with the red hot pincers! It was a lovely climax of cruelty, Murdoch ripping her left breast to smoking shreds whilst Eva clamped the right hand breast and closed the pincers so they sizzled deep into the trapped meat before a vicious upward jerk tore the half cooked breast clean off the unconscious girl…...

The smell of burning girl flesh was one of those aphrodisiacs only true sadists appreciate. With their victims back in their cell, the couple retired to bed to make love as they talked about how good it had been in their cellar of screams.


Beth was not in a very good state. Her torn off breasts were going septic and she was demented, only vaguely responding when Eva kicked her in her crotch.

So they made Jenny kill her little friend.

Having had her own breasts de-nippled by the young blonde, Jenny did not make much fuss when she was told to stick a three foot steel stake up Beth's pussy. The stake had curved hook prongs in little ringed clusters every six inches up its length. They slid into Beth's vagina without too much of a problem The sheer length did mean her uterus was pierced and her womb split open, but that's only a sort of over zealous hysterectomy. Making Jenny pull the rod back out was the fun time. The numerous hooks impaled the length of Beth's uterus, womb, vaginal lining and outer pussy lips. In fact, Eva had to help pull the steel stake out….because in brought the whole of Beth's belly out with it.

Very messy, nauseating smell, but powerfully delicious obscenity of savagery as the de-gutted teenager died in a welter of blood and guts.

Murdoch lost his cool…..first time Eva had seen the elegant sadist go a bit blood crazed.

He grabbed a long sword stick and simply ran Jenny through from the back as she was pulling the last of the purply red guts from the hole where Beth's cunt had been……….

When the unpleasant but urgent work of severing, bagging, and commencing burning the female corpses had been done, Murdoch and Eva shared a bath and he admitted that the sight of Beth's womb being ripped from her body had temporarily given him a sort of urgent blood lust. This made him want to kill Jenny. It was a bit of a waste. She could have lasted for quite a while, and those huge tits could have been destroyed in many more exciting ways…..and now the cellar was empty.


Murdoch knew he had made a mistake. Victims are not easy to come by. It's all very well for fiction writers to invent whole collections of lovely young women ready to be abused and despoiled by the sadistic killers, but in reality it is difficult to find one woman safe to abduct.

O.K. for a mercenary in Bosnia, perhaps. Who would care if a few unfortunate ladies were disposed of in rather slow and messy ways. Stick a grenade up their nether regions once all the fun had finished, and they were simply war casualties.

A street girl in certain South American countries. No one cared…in fact, many approved…. if those young whores vanished.

A quiet hacienda well out of town, and one could string the bitches up and skin them alive with no fear of retribution. If the local police chief had a turn at fucking the best looking ones, it was not retribution but positive encouragement that was the order of the day.

Those over size tits that Jenny sported would have provided many hours, possibly days, of good sport. And he had simply run her through, quick, clean, and….worst of all….without her even knowing it was going to happen.

Eva was kneeling on two cushions, her very wet vagina above Murdoch's mouth. She groaned as he raised his head slightly and let the tip of his tongue slide up the crease of her left labia and down that of the right before flicking at the raised nub of her clitoris.

Eva dropped her weight down. The hot folds of her wetness pressed against Murdoch's mouth, her thighs straddling his head, pressing him into the bed.

She ground her hips, knowing he could not breathe.

For one or two frighteningly delicious seconds, Murdoch wondered if his merciless sadistic lover was going to kill him with her cunt.

His heartbeat rose a little, the fear edging a little more into reality as he realized her weight was on his arms so he could not grab her to push her off his face, and then she rolled sideways, laughing as he gasped for air.

"Muffled to death with a muff!" Eva giggled.

"A snuff muff!" Murdoch chuckled.

They lay still. Regaining their cool after a vigorous sex session. Unlike many men, Murdoch gave his partner a really good time. He did not demur from eating pussy……enjoyed it, actually. And was always ready to spend as much time as Eva required stroking, fingering, caressing and tuning her body into repeated orgasms. In return, she had given him free access to every orifice on her body without hesitation or reserve. Despite a large age gap, they made accomplished lovers.

But one of their main forms of arousal was administering cruelty to female flesh, and for now, this was over.

Murdoch asked what would really turn Eva on. They were in the "What if…." post coital dream talk state.

"A pregnant woman of about thirty, good looking, almost at her full term, and her teenage daughter !"

"Do the daughter in front of her big bellied mamma, eh?" Murdoch growled.

"Or the other way round…..make the young girl see what we could do to her poor mother. Either way would be rather special!"

Murdoch turned over. "Come on…sleep time. We've still got a bit more boiler work to do to-morrow before the cellar's clean.

Then I've got a couple of meetings in New York. The wife's coming with me, but I'll have plenty of time on my own to see a few friends in the …er…well, the underground system, if you know what I mean. I'll see if there's any way I can arrange a little holiday for you out in the West. There are a couple of business men I know who have some very private properties."

Eva gave a purr rather like a cat who has just been offered the cream. She knew she had excited Murdoch many times with her "what I would do to a pregnant pussy" tales…….Just maybe the next fun time could be very dirty indeed……………..


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