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Martha's Prison Adventures

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Synopsis: Martha Manners, Wall Street shark, finds herself sentenced to an indeterminate stretch of hard time in a maximum security prison. She goes through a process that, in a strange way, dramatically changes her view of things. Martha is ably assisted in this voyage of self discovery by the prison warden and her former college chum, Judge Judith, who put Martha away.
				Martha's Prison Adventures

				     Chapter 1


	Martha Manners, the diva of Wall Street, found herself alone and
friendless in the maximum-security women's prison to which she was assigned. The
lady judge who sentenced her had some second thoughts on the matter and decided
that Ms. Manners had to be taken down more than a peg or two. Being unable to
immediately extend her sentence, she decided to send her to a place where Martha
was sure to start accumulating gigs, which could be turned into extended time if
the warden petitioned the judge for such a ruling. The fact that the judge and
the prison warden  were old fuck buddies from college helped things

	At school, those two had spent half their waking hours eating each
other's pussies when they weren't starring at fraternity keg parties where they
usually were the designated fuck pigs. It also helped their academic progress
that both were always in very heavy relationships with at least two or three of
their professors at any given time. They may have been fuck pigs, but they were
also smart and good-looking. Judy, now Judge Judith, had set the record one
semester when she was the steady of five different teachers, plus three spouses
who also expected to be properly serviced. That semester a little over fifteen
pounds of flesh was fucked, sucked and sweated off her slim body. By the end of
that period she looked like a survivor from a WW II German concentration camp.

	Her tits had completely disappeared, but she now sported a set of
nipples that were the envy of all the women on campus. The constant sucking
those babies received was unbelievable. The women professors she was doing and
the wives of the male professors she was also handling loved to spend the day
with Judith as she wiggled and writhed against the ropes holding her to a heavy
chair while a big vibrator buzzed and churned away inside her cunt, producing
oodles of pussy butter that drooled from her swollen-lipped fuck box. As if that
wasn't enough for this little slut, her tiny titties were hooked to a souped-up
milking machine that one of the mechanical engineering professors had designed
and built just for this purpose.

	 Those plump little bags were pumped so flat, so often, that they
disappeared except when one of the professors would shoot them up with his
patented milk-producing hormone. Judith would sometimes go up to a 38 DD within
two days of her first painful injection. On those particular occasions she'd be
pumped steady for up to eighteen hours and go through as many as three sets of
batteries for the giant vibrator that was used to plug her cunt and keep her
entertained while those big beauties were shrunk back to normal.

	 Judith claimed that she nearly quit school to do porno films and become
a full time pain slut, which in those days paid great money. She freely admitted
that she would never have made it to where she was today except for the efforts
of her fuck buddy, Suzi, whose talented tongue always had the answers to the
troubles and personal demons that harrassed her continuously when she was in

	Martha found herself in deep yogurt ten minutes after her arrival at the
stone and steel fortress. She resisted a direct order from a guard to strip to
the skin, bend over and spread her cheeks in order for her anal cavity to be
probed for concealed drugs. Five minutes later a naked Martha Manners was
handcuffed and marched to one of the special cells for recalcitrant inmates.
There she was hung by her wrists from a pipe in the ceiling with her legs spread
wide and held open by chains that anchored her ankles to ringbolts set wide
apart in the cement floor.

	 Two female guards used their batons to probe her cunt and asshole for
hidden drugs. A small amount of cocaine was "discovered" in a plastic bag
secreted within her anus. That was the guards' side of the story. The prisoner
claimed that it was deliberately planted within her person and demanded to see
her lawyer. She was immediately given a "calming" treatment, a thorough hosing
down with cold water from a high pressure firehose. Martha was revived and given
a second treatment, then left to dry and consider the wisdom of contradictng the
prison guards on this matter.

	Later the blonde robber baroness was taken to the infirmary and given a
more thorough examination. She was strapped into a chair and given a high energy
mammogram with her breasts, which were quite large and well shaped, flattened to
minimum thickness by the application of a hyraulic ram. Ms. Manners passed out
during this examination, but was roused and given a second test in order to
assure that the testings caught even the most minute amount of drugs that may
have been deliberately injected into her breasts to be drawn out later using a
breast pump.

	 As a precaution the prisoner's breasts were hooked to a high power
suctioning device and pumped flat. No evidence was found in the fluid that was
removed from her breasts which were reduced in size from 37D to 33B by this
process. Her shrunken bags were then injected with a combination of nettles and
bee venom to "restore" them to their proper size. The prisoner passed out during
this process as well.

	She was revived and taken to another room for a sigmoid colonoscopy to
make sure that there weren't other bags of drugs stored in her intestines. Prior
to this her stomach was pumped and the contents set aside for further analysis.
Her bladder received a similar treatment, pumped dry, then backfilled with ice
water that when warmed to body temperature expanded enough to cause her major
discomfort. This procedure was done twice to make certain that everything was
removed from it. She took a trio of three quart enemas, one very hot, another
very cold and the final consisting of vinegar, oil and liquid detergent laced
with a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide.

	 Then she went through a machine-operated high colonic treatment to make
sure everything of consequence was now removed from her colon, intestines and
stomach. The probe they used to perform the colonoscopy was the largest diameter
that she could accommodate and it was run through her at the slowest speed, not
once, but twice. To her credit Martha Manners was found to be drug-free, except
for the small bag that had been "discoverd" by the guards. This would extend her
sentence considerably, although she was too busy to think that far ahead
considering all the neat and nasty thing that were happening to her body.

	The prisoner was then transferred to solitary confinement where she was
hung from her wrists with weights attached to her ankles to add to the strain on
her shoulders and rib cage. Her breathing was monitored to make sure that she
did not expire from lack of oxygen during the evening. Ms. Manner's eyes were
taped open and her ears covered by headphones that played the prison's rules and
regulations along with the prescribed punishments for breaking them. Every two
hours she received a cold shower to keep her alert, the water coming from the
main supply reservoir located overhead. By morning the prisoner had become quite
docile and was released from soitary confinement so she could be sent to

	Because of the prisoner's high profile, orientation was given in private
by one of the senior administrators. Upon being quizzed on the basic rules and
regulations of the institution the prisoner became uncooperative, requesting a
lawyer, and threatening the staff and administration with severe consequences if
her demands were not met. A special guard group trained in the handling and
education of recalcitrant prisoners was called to restrain Ms. Manners and take
her to the special wing where trouble makers such as she were kept until such
time as it was determined that they could join the regular population.

	 Admission to this wing was considered to be a major offense and was
immediately reported to the warden's office. Warden Suzi Sykes personally called
Judge Judith concerning the behavior of Martha Manners and was assured that the
jurist would soon add a number of months to her original sentence. The judge
also authorized her to use any and all accepted techniques to make her into a
productive member of the prison population.

	Her exact words were "You can do anything you want to this bitch, and
I'll back you. I presume you still have that nice steep set of stairs that she
just might fall down while resisting attempts to calm her down. How many times
did that Hollywood whore have to be thrown down them with her hands cuffed
behind her back before she finally got tired of going to the infirmary and
getting that hot cunt of hers stretched with those monster dildoes that Nurse
Forbes just loves to give trouble makers? You've got lots of time to break this
cunt and I want to come out when you do and personally rearrange her colon with
my own strap on. Of course, that's after you and I have a nice long session of
atomic bomb level sixty-nine, just like the old days when we were the two
biggest fuck pigs on campus."

	As the warden was discussing this matter with her old friend, Martha was
being strapped to a metal table in Room 47. She was scheduled to remain in this
room for the next week as they worked on her naked body around the clock. Teams
of specialists were scheduled to provide her with constant attention and
punishment if she failed to show progress. She was wired up to a generator that
could send huge doses of high voltage electricity through every sensitive
portion of her body. They fried her naked body for hours sending surge after
surge of devastating jolts of electric power through her swollen tits, tight
cunt , puckered asshole, armpits, even her brain, blasting away thousands of
brain cells as the hot stream of electrons boiled them to vapor.

	Now that she was calmed down, the fun really began. They forced her to
swallow a length of plastic tubing which was hooked up to a water tap.

 	" Let's see if we can make her look like she's in her second trimester
for openers." one of the torture team commented as the tap was opened and water
began flowing into her abdomen.

	They took their time about filling her stomach, while seeing if any of
them could get their fist up her tight twat. Martha's belly slowly grew round
and then began to bulge slightly as her stomach expanded to accommodate the

	 " Time to see what she looks like in her ninth month. Increase the flow
a bit." ordered the group leader as she watched the greased fist of one of her
team slowly force its way past Martha's sore cunt mouth. She grunted and then
moaned as the fist began to punch its way deeper into her tight channel.

	" I guess Martha doesn't do much fucking. Guess she's too busy making
money and screwing the public to bother about getting any cock. I'm sure by the
time some of our dyke inmates get done with her she'll be nice and loose at both
ends." The guards laughed at that remark and watched Martha's belly grow larger
as she moaned and struggled weakly against the straps holding her to the table.

	Martha's bare body was covered with sweat as the inexorable force of the
water caused her belly to expand enormously. She did in truth appear to be big
with child. By now the guard fisting her had gotten half her forearm into the
buxom blonde woman. " There's hope for her yet." she muttered, pumping her arm
back and forth, inching deeper with each cruel thrust into the helpless woman's
rarely used fuck box.

	The water was turned off to allow their prisoner to adjust to her new
girth. "I wonder what she'd look like if it was tripets?" one of the guards
remarked with a wicked grin as she patted Martha's bulging belly.

	"Let's find out." replied the leader and she opened the tap to resume
filling Martha up. They gave her small doses, letting her take water for perhaps
ten seconds, then watching her stew before giving her another little dose.

	Martha's belly had gotten so big that it now was pushing up against her
lungs, making it harder and harder to get enough air as they were slowly
squeezed down by the ever expanding walls of her stomach. The guards were
delighted to see that Martha's face was starting to turn blue, matching the
color of the veins now  revealed covering her taut skin, stretched to nearly its
limit over her massive belly.

	 " Finish the bitch!" another exclaimed, and the leader opened the tap
to its limit and watched impassively as water began spurting like a fountain
from her mouth.

	 Martha had reached her limit and could not take on a single drop more.
This was when it really got to be fun. It took real talent to keep the bitch
alive when this phase started. The lead guard watched carefully and suddenly
shut the tap and yanked the tube from the now unconscious blonde's mouth to
allow her to puke up the tremendous quantities of water that she had absorbed.

	A few minutes later when the water issuing from her mouth had somewhat
subsided they hit her gray faced body with a jolt from the defibrillator that
had been kept in readiness. These were pros and there was no way that Martha
Manners was getting out of this on the cheap. This bitch was going to learn the
meaning of what suffering was all about, and that meant keeping her alive and
conscious so she could experience the joys of feeling as if she had died and
gone to hell.

	When Martha returned to the land of the living they introduced her to
another little surprise. A narrow length of tubing was threaded up into her
bladder, then used to backfill that tough sack of muscle with an interesting
concoction consisting of concentrated liquid jalapenos, nettles and motor oil.
No one was absolutely sure about what the motor oil did, but based on the way
prisoners reacted, the oil was a necessary ingredient that seemed to kick up the
power of this mixture.

	It certainly got a rise out of Ms. Manners. She attempted to raise
herself off the table, actually stretching the pliant leather straps somewhat,
but not enough to achieve her objective. They roared with laughter as Martha
humped herself in mid-air trying to shimmy out all that liquid fire that was
burning out the lining of her bladder. Her shreiks hurt their ears. She banged
her head against the padding in a mindless attempt to knock herself out.

	 " Damn that's a fine looking cooch dance she's doing. I'm sure the
ladies will enjoy that routine once she gets out of here." That comment brought
renewed laughter from the group of women.Their captive soon weakened and was
finally reduced to a twitching, trembling ball of tormented flesh. The guard
leader decided she'd had enough and her bladder was drained and then refilled
with a fresh solution to start her dancing in air once again.

	 The pain was so terrible that she actually pulled a number of muscles
and dislocated one shoulder trying to break free of her bonds. Not wanting her
to become too damaged at this early stage they called it quits until the medical
personnel assigned to her had a chance to repair the injuries and make sure she
would be capable of taking all the neat and nasty things they had scheduled her

	The necessary repairs were made without removing her from the room and
then they got busy on her again. She was wrapped in shrink wrap with only her
nostrils exposed. Heat guns were used to make this her second skin. There was
only one problem, now her pores had no way to get rid of her body heat. To make
it even worse tubing was forced into her nostrils so they now could control the
amount of air she received. To complete the job a final roll of shrink wrap was
shrunk over her nostrils, making the tubing wedged within them her only outlet.
They now had total control over their prisoner, and made the most of it.

	Martha's body temperature began to rise. She was rapidly dehydrated,
despite the huge amount of water that had been forced into her stomach
previously. This reserve was quickly consumed as her body attempted to control
its temperature. To make matters worse, the guards amused themselves by pinching
her breathing tubes sending her into a panic as she struggled for air. By the
time she passed out, her body's temperature had risen to in excess of 105
degrees F, the danger zone where permanent brain damage could occur. Some small
areas of the shrink wrap were peeled from her overheated body, but not enough to
bring her temperature down significantly. All this did was prolong her agony;
she was cooking in her own juices.

	This was the completion of step one in this particular torment. She was
then exposed to step two. The guards could actually feel the heat that was
slowly cooking her brain and other vital organs, as they carried her to the tank
of chilled water. Being careful to avoid fouling her breathing tubes, they
immersed her mummified body into the 45 degree F water. This offered some relief
for the overheating, but in exchange she now began to experience the combined
effects of high and low temperature areas in her body competing for control.

	Her brain became more and more scrambled from the conflicting signals it
was receiving from her frigid and at the same time overheated body. By the time
they pulled her from the tank and removed the shrink wrap from her mottled skin
she was unconscious and had lost more brain cells. She was in too much pain to
understand the damage that had just occurred to her mental faculties. The
changes were subtle, but this hard-wired, merciless, financial shark had just
been taken down a peg or two intellectually. She didn't know it yet, but
Ms.Martha Manners was now much closer to those ill-educated drudges she so

	The warden looked in on her high profile prisoner the next day. She
watched with a big smile as the darling of the finacial world knelt on the
concrete, stark naked, her wrists cuffed behind her back and her ankles manacled
together while a quartet of male guards pissed in her face. The lack of sleep,
food and water had taken its toll and poor Martha was a mere shadow of her
former robust self.

	About the only part of her that had any heft left to it was her massive
breasts, now made huge by repeated injections of toxins and irritants that made
the flesh swell to the bursting point, releasing pus and other oozing material
that dripped from her huge hangers. Suzi was happy to see that Martha's cunt was
now a closed shop. The docs had used some super glue and dissolvable stitching
to turn Martha's cunt into a smooth strip of plump pink flesh, impenetrable from
either direction. She wondered how much piss was backing up into her star
boarder as a result of this little trick.

	Four days into her stay in Room 47 Martha went into convulsions while
they were passing electricity through her temples. They'd been at it for a
couple of hours and someone got sloppy and gave her a little too much juice.
There was hell to pay for that screw-up, and their prisoner had to be tranferred
to the prison hospital, which wasn't much better than the special wing she had

	The entire matter was treated as highly confidential, but as is the case
in all closed societies, word got around and Martha began to have visitors,
usually on the graveyard shift. Since she was sedated and kept in a strait
jacket at all times in her "private" room, her visitors were able to have their
way with her easily. When word of this got back to the warden there was more
hell to pay.Naturally those affected took out their frustrations on the dazed
blonde lady who now occupied a padded cell.

	It is amazing how easy it is to violate security in a prison setting.
Had Martha been able to appreciate what was occurring to her,and by whom, she
could have had enough material for a book on prison life from the inside. There
is no doubt that it would have become a best seller and brought even more money
into the coffers of Manner Enterprises.

	During her nearly two week stay in the prison hopital Martha was
repeatedly raped by the staff and even some of the inmates. The great majority
of her assailants were naturally women, but a few of the more well connected
male guards, who worked the hard case area, had their opportunities as well to
get to know the queen of mean in the biblical sense. Martha did not respond at
all well to these invasions of her person. It didn't seem to make any difference
to the buxom blonde whether it was nine inches of thick black cock or a ten inch
dildo; she did not like it, and said so.

	 Even though her mental state was far from what it had been before her
arrival, she still retained portions of her haughty personality and vicious
temperment. Her complaints were frequent and threatened dire consequences once
she was in touch with her lawyer. Unfortunately for Martha, she was unable to
remember the name of the firm representing her or how to contact them. She was
now reduced to the empty threats of saying "I want to see my lawyer! Call my
lawyer! Just you wait until I talk to my lawyer about this!" It was very
difficult for the staff to keep a straight face when she made these inane

	 It had not been deliberately planned, but it appeared that Martha's
memory of everything that had happened to her since she entered prison had been
erased. She was interviewed by a number of doctors, a psychiatrist and an
outside consultant. All of them agreed that she had no memory of what had
happened to her since she entered prison. Of even greater interest her mind had
developed the capability of erasing her short term experiences. Tomorrow she
would be unable to remember anything that occurred today. When the warden heard
of this she could not contain herself. She immediately picked up the phone and
called her old friend and former campus fuck buddy, Judge Judith.

					( To be continued )

					   Martha's Prison Adventures

						Chapter 2

	" You just have to see this bimbo to believe it. The dumb cunt can't
remember from day to day what happened to her. Can you believe it? It's like
Groundhog Day in reverse. Yesterday a few of the guards pounded her asshole
until it looked like a big red doughnut. These modern strap-ons can really
deliver some powerful punishment to a lady's tender parts; sure glad it wasn't
me taking all that plastic. The funny part is her ladyship wakes up this morning
and can't remember how her butthole got so torn up. This is almost too good to
be true. You have just got to get that sweet ass and the rest of yourself up
here to take a crack at her after I've had a crack at that hot cunt and tight
asshole of yours. Tell me you're coming, and in more ways than one I hope."

	While Suzi regaled Judge Judith with tales of what poor Martha had been
put through to date, the lady in question was enjoying some quiet time with her
new cell mate, Big Bad. This woman was so evil that there was no noun
sufficiently powerful to describe her. She had arrived full of piss and vinegar
about four years ago, and quickly became a living legend and the one person in
the prison, including the warden, that everyone feared. What Bad wanted, Bad
got, no questions asked. How do you say no to a six-three, 200 pound black woman
with shoulders a linebacker would envy, and a disposition that made the
Tasmanian devil look like a pussy?

	Bad's cell was unique in that it had a privacy screen which blocked the
view of the guards while she entertained visitors, or in this case her new
cellmate, Martha Manners. The blonde woman was naked, hands cuffed behind her
back as she knelt and paid homage to the black woman's pussy. There are pussies
and there was Bad's pussy, against which all cunts were measured and found to be
lacking. Presently Martha's face was buried in the mass of thick, black, kinky
pubic hair that grew like a jungle between her muscular thighs and ran up in a
happy trail to Bad's navel.

	The massive woman was crooning and gently maneuvering Martha's head to
all her sweet spots so that they could be worshipped. Bad was rather pleasantly
surprised to discover that Martha knew her business when it came to eating
pussy. She had a tongue like a snake and as it wormed and slithered through one
spot to another, leaving a trail of saliva that made her pubes glisten, Bad
sighed and flexed her chiseled body.

	"Damn for a white bitch you are one fine pussy eater. Where did you ever
learn to do these things? Did you work at Mary's Wayside Inn and Whorehouse?
Tell me you did, ain't no other place in the world that teaches the tricks you
using on this girl."

	If the truth be known, poor Martha was no longer capable of remembering
her own name unless prompted. However four years at an exclusive girls college
located in the deep woods of a desolate New England state had been her training
grounds. She had done post graduate studies in Grenwich Village before it was
turned into a yuppie way station and playground. Her education had continued
when she started as an intern at one of the most prestigious financial
corporations in the entire world, literally serving under the then doyen of
corporate bonds, Ms. Janet Bluestone.

	It was Ms. Bluestone who taught her those unique secrets that set Martha
apart from the rank and file lappers and lickers who could not compete when it
came to servicing an important client. Most people forget that the majority of
the nation's wealth is in the hands of shall we say, mature women, many of whom
earned it the old fashioned way by outliving their career-driven husbands. So it
seemed ironic that Martha had come full circle and was now practicing her art on
one of the outcasts of society, like herself now incarcerated in this stone and
steel container.

	An hour later Martha was in the final stages of polishing Bad's asshole
to puckered perfection. By now the black amazon was purring like a well fed
lioness. Bad could not ever remember being treated as well as this. She felt so
good that she even dared to consider a long term relationship with this
wonderful tongue and set of lips. It was then that the reality of prison life
intruded. There was a rapping on the bars of her cell and a harsh voice broke
the mood.

	"Yo, Bad, we come for the bitch. It's time for her initiation. We'll
have her back in time for you to tuck her in at lights out."

	Bad grunted and abruptly pulled herself away from Martha's delightful
tongue. She sighed and said, " You be good now and go with these nice ladies.
They want to introduce you to prison society. It's like a coming out party and
you the deb. They be having your lily white ass back in my crib before the
lights go out. If you be good and don't make too much noise, when you get back I
kiss all your boo boos and make them better for you. Now get!" Martha yelped
when Bad's big hand smacked against her bare rump.

	The fact that inmates could wander about freely, decorate and even
shield their cells from prying eyes, and move in and out of their cells in a
maximum security setting was a tribute to the enlightened attitude of their
warden, Ms.Suzi Sykes. In the four years she had served as warden, there had
been only one minor disturbance, not even worthy of being called a riot. The
number of prisoners spending time in solitary confinement was well below one
percent of the population. Ms. Sykes ran a tight, but contented ship thanks to
the amount of freedom her ladies were given within the steel walled borders of
their world.

	In Sykes Land, it was don't ask, don't tell, see no evil, hear no evil,
and, what you don't know won't hurt you. Those responsible for prison discipline
usually depended on the inmate leadership to keep a lid on things. The prisoners
were even encouraged to develop their own bonding rituals. It was this side of
life in the joint that Martha was about to experience.

	The initiation committee consisting of eight hard faced women, six of
them black or latina, the others white. The leader was a tall, thin, latina with
a variety of tattoos on her arms and neck. She guided the trembling and very
naked Martha Manners in the direction of the showers. She and her companions
made jokes about the fact that Martha was perfectly prepared for what was about
to happen to her. Martha was amazed when the group encountered two guards making
their rounds. They laughed and asked if the group would need any help initiating
her. At this point Martha became very afraid. She was utterly helpless,
completely at the mercy of this angry group of prisoners who let her know in no
uncertain terms that they knew who she was and resented her presence in their

	"We gonna fuck you up good, rich bitch! When your candy ass gets out of
here you're gonna be carrying a few permanent souvenirs of your stay with us.
Count on it, bitch!" This ominous threat penetrated through the electro-shock
induced fog that Martha normally occupied. She shivered in fear, and strangely
enough, anticipation. There was much happening within the mind and personality
of Martha Manners.

	Once they got her into the tiled shower area and posted a look out to be
sure that they would not be interrupted, they proceeded to vent their anger on
the helpless woman as only a group of loser class criminals with no future
could. While one "lady" held her in a choke hold the others took turns kicking
her in the crotch and belly. Martha lost her last few meals and then could only
bring up bile as they worked on her midsection with a fury that defied
description. The one holding her got in her licks as she choked out the blonde

	Martha was revived and propped up once more for some new fun and games.
This time they used her for a punching bag. She screamed in agony, her shrill
cries of pain reverberating from the tiled walls. A heavy set black woman began
punching her swollen breasts with sledgehammer like blows. Each time her fist
flattened one of Martha's venom loaded bags, it felt as if it had burst into
flame. Again she sought shelter in unconsciousness.

	She awoke on her back looking up at her tormentors. A large shoe entered
her vision and she screamed anew as it crashed into her ribcage sending a lance
of terrible pain through her. They stomped Martha until she was motionless. Even
then she did not receive any mercy. Her legs were spread and they took turns
kicking her in the cunt. Her shaved pussy was a throbbing mass of agony when she
regained her senses. It would get worse for her.

	Between the eight women they had three dildos and a vibrator. For some
odd reason it was very difficult to get vibrators smuggled into the prison, even
the small pocket rockets that were so popular these days. One of the dildos had
been made in the prison workshop by one of the more gifted felons. This monster
was over a foot long. The maker had taken some artist's license and its
configuration was exaggerated in ways that made its insertion and exit extremely
painful. Martha was to learn this first hand, so to speak, from a number of

	They placed Martha's body on a low wooden bench and took turns raping
her, some using  the strap-on, and mounting her, others assaulting her swollen
pubic area with the wooden tool. This ugly weapon brought shreiks of agony from
her that were so loud that another of the women, a fat bleached blonde, sat on
her face to muffle her cries and enjoy the experience of being eaten by a
champion muff muncher. Those using the other dildo concentrated on stretching
Martha's tender asshole, so recently plundered and plumbed by another group of

	The initiation committee rotated from her pubes to her asshole to her
mouth enjoying her superb tongue and knowing lips. Their general feelings about
her oral skills could be summed up in the comment made by one of the black
women," Damn, we got to keep this bitch around, she's better than a vibrator
when it comes to getting me off."

	There was still more rituals that had to be observed before they took
what was left of Martha Manners back to her new mistress, Big Bad. While a pair
of the stronger women held her down, another pair bent to the task of tattooing
Martha. They used a set of modified knitting needles, once more compliments of
the skillful craftswoman working in the prison shop, and a special indelible ink
to locate a Chinese symbol just above the top of her cunt. Rumor had it that
this symbol translated to the words "pussy slave", not likely if one knew
anything about the system of Chinese pictographs, but it seemed to work for all
those who were marked with this symbol.

	To finish her marking, a thick copper ring was installed in her outer
pussy lip, left side for slaves such as Martha, right for mistresses such as Big
Bad. By the time this was done, Martha had lapsed into a near coma from the
trauma her bare body had experienced this evening. She had still to endure one
last humiliation. The eight women gathered around her senseless body and began
emptying their bladders all over her from head to toe. She awoke in a sputtering
panic, thinking she was drowning. The latina heading the committee smiled evilly
and directed her stream of hot piss directly into Martha's face. There was
nothing the woman could do but lie there and absorb this final degrading act.

	Then it was off for a nice long, cold shower, and a dripping wet Martha
Manners was then paraded through the cell block, on her back way to where Big
Bad awaited her arrival. She heard the voices of the other prisoners cursing and
threatening her, but she was too far gone to react normally to them.  Her
evening had not yet ended. It was well after curfew before her black mistress
was satisfied with Martha's attention to her musky dripping cunt.

	Warden Sykes had returned to her quarters located just beyond the
perimeter that separated the inmates from the long transition zone that ended in
one last barrier to the outside world. This had been her deliberate choice in
order to demonstrate to her charges that she was deeply interested in their well
being. Rumor had it that the warden sometimes entertained the inmate leadership
in the comfortably furnished rooms in which she dwelled. There had never been
confirmation from anyone about this bit of prison legend.

	In truth Suzi Sykes did entertain on occasion, but her partners were
limited to members of her elite force of women guards. Access to the warden's
body was a perk that kept these ladies focused on doing a perfect job at all
times. Once Suzi had left college and set out on her career path that had led to
this prestigious position, her tastes in sex partners had begun to narrow. In
truth, she had never gotten over her best buddy Judi, now Judge Judith Longwell.

	She discovered to her surprise and delight that becoming exclusively
addicted to women paid enormous dividends. It also allowed her to refine her
bedroom tastes, so to speak. In the early part of her career she gravitated to
strong females who were always her seniors, and quite capable of educating her
both in and out of bed. Once she ascended to a position of power it was her turn
to have protogees to entertain and amuse her as she imparted her experiences and
knowledge to their minds as easily as she insinuated her tongue and toys into
their bodies.

	Tonight Suzi was entertaining herself as she typically did, lying naked
on her bed, fresh from the shower. She moved her humming vibrator over those
little areas that only she knew about and shivered as the little buzzing tool
did it job, creating a steady dribbling of pussy juice that oozed from her
swollen cunt lips and snaked across the insides of her pebbled thighs. She was
thinking about the upcoming visit from her dearest friend and bedmate and adding
a fantasy that involved this new prisoner, Martha Manners.

	The warden was completely aware that at this very time that bundle of
blondness was ungoing a very painful experience at the hands of what was a cross
section of the prison population. It had been at her order that Martha had been
assigned to Big Bad's cell, sort of a sop to that marvelously contructed black
woman who secretly excited her tremendously. This once powerful woman, now
reduced to being Big Bad's sex toy, had been one of her idols as Suzi moved
along towards the top of her profession. Now at Suzi's bidding, she had been
broken to her will. This kept up the fantasy that she would have Martha as her
personal sex slave for as long as she inhabited this fortess. Suzi had heard the
rumors about Martha being a lesbian, and hoped they were true. Even if they
weren't, she knew she could bend this woman to her needs if it came to that.
Suzi's mind went blank as the first of what would be many powerful orgasms swept
over her body.

				( To be continued )   

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				      Chapter 3

	The next morning Big Bad was awakened by a piercing scream that nearly
punctured her left eardrum. As she would discover to her dismay, this was the
way her new roomie announced the start of each day. Since she had no idea what
happened the previous day, and therefore had no idea who this large black woman
was that was clutching her naked body, she would let out a shriek that woke
those within two hundred feet of Bad's cell.

	 It took but a moment and a few swift slaps to the unfortunate blonde's
head to calm her down to the point that Bad could instruct her on her morning
duties. Martha never failed to comply with the terse directions she received. "
Get that pussy.... Make that pussy drip..... Suck that dripping cunt slime down,
it's good for you girl...Oh my, where did you learn that little trick?.....Oh
lord, oh lord, I'm keeping you with me forever!"

	When it came to going down on a pussy Martha Manners was hard wired.
Those synaptic paths had been burned in deep from years of hard work and
dedication to her art. Even the juice that the guards had pumped through her
brain hour after hour failed to impair that almost inbred talent she possessed.
So, outside of the eerie morning wakeup cry, Bad was delighted with her hot new
pussy slave.

	The same could not be said for the inmates in Bad's cell block. It was
common knowlege that one did not want to get on the wrong side of Bad, but this
early wake-up call was not acceptable to the rank and file. In a gesture of good
will, and because she was tired of having this siren going off in her cell every
morning, Bad would securely tie up and gag her little buddy before tucking her
well fucked body in for the night.

	Word about Martha's memory problem got around the prison once Bad made
the mistake of sharing this information with a few of her trusted lieutenants.
Although Big Bad ruled the roost, some members of the coop were always on the
look out for a way to get back at the black amazon for some real or imagined
slight. Martha was the obvious conduit to get back at Bad. The trick was to do
something to her that would not be readily apparent to her mistress. If that
were possible than by morning all memory of it would have been automatically
erased. In truth Martha was the original tabula rasa.

	Every afternoon starting at half past three, Bad made her rounds to
collect tribute and gossip. About once every week, small groups of inmates would
visit Martha and take her to a preselected spot guaranteed to be free of prying
eyes. There they would rearrange her internal organs with large foreign objects,
force her to consume huge quantities of fresh and aged piss and pound her bare
body with broomsticks wrapped in burlap or wet towels filled with oranges or
whatever heavy fruit was available from the kitchen. Knowing that Bad considered
Martha's mouth and tongue to be treasures beyond compare, they were reluctant to
harm those pleasure instruments for fear that Bad would figure out what was
happening and retaliate in a way that might cause a few of the ladies to cease

	The reason they could do this with impunity was because Martha Manners
was also suffering collateral damage to the rest of her personality. Her
submissive side was gradually replacing those dominant traits that had aided her
climb to the top of her profession. She was no longer the fearless warrior that
in her heyday took on all comers and cummers. She now responded to threats of
violence on her person. When told to keep her mouth shut, she did. Naturally she
also did what Bad wanted her to do, but that always meant her mouth was open, a
good way to balance the pressures and tugging from both sides.

	Meanwhile the honorable Judge Judith Longwell was cutting a swath
through the male poulation she encountered within her court and outside. She had
a weakness for large, dominant males of all colors, a residue from her college
days when she was serving as the fuck pig for various fraternity keg parties
which always attracted a large number of student-athletes, with the accent on
athletes. As was the case even in her day, a great majority of these athletes
were men of color, mostly shades of tan to black. They also possessed impressive
lengths of cock which she happily accommodated in her ever hungry cunt and
mouth, not to mention her backdoor, which was always open to the right piece of
hard meat.

	Once out and about in her career as a junior law clerk and on up to the
top as a trial judge, she was always on the lookout for black guys with big,
hard cocks. In her circles they were few and far between. Those she did bed were
usually hit and run artists. She loved the former, but hated the latter trait.
When she finally reached the bench she realized that there was an ocean of black
meat at her beck and call if she played it right.

 	It is an unfortunate fact that blacks make up a disproportionately large
fraction of the criminal population. On a more positive note, blacks also make
up a good-sized fraction of most professional sports and are compensated
accordingly. Judith had worked one side of that equation while in college; now
it made sense to work the other side of the street.

	In her orderly fashion she set up rules to determine whether a candidate
was suitable for her home study program. After a shaky beginning due to her
inexperience, she settled down to "interviewing" approximately one candidate
every other month. Of these, roughly one half met her exacting standards. After
nearly ten years on the bench Judge Judith Longwell had a stable of black studs
stashed in three prisons all no more than a three hour flight from her home.

	Part of the deal she offered these bedroom athletes was a high
probability of early release from prison provided they behaved themselves except
when she was at their mercy. Currently there were fourteen graduates of the
Judge Judith program, and an equal number still matriculating at the various
extensions of Longwell University.

	The jurist had just returned from giving one of her star pupils,
Abdullah Jefferson, a lengthy examination at an off site location. Thanks to the
good offices of Warden Allen, a firm believer in the basic goodness of man,
provided he was under proper supervision, the prisoner had been paroled into her
care for a weekend at a local adult motel. They registered under assumed names
and for the next forty plus hours he had fucked her raw.

	This armed robber and mugger had a cock that she herself had measured to
be ten and one half inches. It looked as thick as her wrist and had a head
nearly the size of a squash ball, something Judith was familiar with. To make
things more interesting she had hinted on the way over that she might be unable
to shorten his sentence as much as he had bargained for. Once they were safely
ensconced in the motel room she allowed him to handcuff her to the big bed once
she had stripped naked.

	As she had hoped, Abdullah was not in a good mood and he proceeded to
take out his anger on her helpless and very vulnerable body. His cock made a
great gag and she nearly choked to death on the huge prong as it punched deep
down her throat while he tried to pull the hair from her head. Judith loved
these moments when it appeared as if she was at death's door.

	 Never one to take chances, their activities were being fed directly
into Warden Allen's office where it provided him and his associates a great deal
of entertainment. They,in turn, were connected by cell phone to a police cruiser
located around the block from the motel. The cruisers would rotate every three
hours until the little tryst between the judge and his prisoner was concluded.

	Once Mr. Jefferson calmed down a little, he sank most of his ten and a
fraction inches into her juicing twat and proceeded to stretch her to the
maximum while she moaned and begged him to do her harder. Finally, like a porn
star, he pulled his twitching cock with a loud pop from her greedy cunt and
blasted a month's worth of hot nut butter into the good woman's patrician face.
The guys at the prison gave this performace a round of applause. He was just
getting warmed up.

	Judith remembered that for the next hour she had tossed his salad,
licking every square inch of his asshole, suctioning it to puckered perfection,
then moving up the crack and out over his tight buttocks, before diving down to
that supersensitive region between his balls and asshole. She lovingly sucked
his large testicles and covered them with a thick coating of saliva. All this
effort paid a big dividend and once more his huge member plumbed and pummeled
the good judge until she was breathless. This time he flooded her sodden cunt
with little wigglers, hoping no doubt that one of them might make it to the
promised land and knock the bitch up.

	When she asked for more of the same, he put her off. When she started to
bug him he jammed her panties into her mouth and warned her that he'd put
something worse in there if she spit them out. Abdullah stretched out beside her
and turned on the closed circuit system to check out the porn. Having been with
her on more than a few occasions he knew what her tastes ran to, and so within
ten minutes they were watching a German S&M tape featuring a brunette, probably
in her late thirties, with huge tits and a shaved pussy. Her master was some guy
wih a hairy chest and a pot belly, his face hidden beneath the black hood he
wore to keep himself from being identified. Some of these guys were real pussies
observed Jefferson as he reached over and tweaked her nipple, noting that it was
already very stiff.

	She remembered watching him out of the corner of her eye, the other
still focused on the action taking place on the television screen. On a whim, he
decided to check out the tote bag she had brought in with her. As he got up, the
guy began to use a strap on the slave's big tits as she hung by her wrists from
the T-shaped wooden stand. Judith remembered that she began to breath hard as
the action heated up. She knew he was checking out her pert titties as they rose
and fell at a rapid rate; the action was already getting to her. It was going to
be a very enjoyable two days for her. She wasn't sure how he was going to take
it, but that was another issue altogether.

	 She watched as he rummaged through her bag and grinned as he unearthed
one thing after another that were the signals that she employed to tell him what
she wanted him to do to her. He quickly found the single edged razor, sure to be
dull, which meant he'd be dry shaving her pussy a couple of times to keep it
nice and smooth except for the nicks and cuts she always received because she
moved around while he ran the dull blade over and back on her private parts to
make sure they were ultimately smooth as a baby's behind. The real trick to it
was the motel soap that was so caustic that when rubbed into her freshly shaved
skin, she would buck like a bronco and make all sorts of funny noises into the
gag she wore for the occasion. More times than not she had debated the wisdom
and risk of letting him set off lighter fluid to singe that stubble off her
mound and even around her asshole. She was sorely tempted everytime she got him
pissed off, such as today.

	He held up the inflatable dildo, like a little kid finding a prize. He
knew that she loved to lie there in her own sweat and pray to her personal god
that this time he'd manage to force enough air into it that her pussy or asshole
might tear. He'd come awfully close once when it was up her shitter and he was
feeling really strong. If he'd been able to give it maybe a couple more good
squeezes, she might have had her wish.

	He found the new toy, a long, thick vibrator with a bulbous head covered
with hard rubber spikes. She'd added it to her collection only a week ago and
was eager to experience what it and he could deliver in the line of thrills and
chills. He was going to really enjoy moving this baby up and down her fuck
tunnel and watching her eyes roll back in her head every time he dragged the
spikes over her fat clit. Sometimes she wondered if her king-sized clit caused
her to be such a sex crazed cum freak.

	He quickly moved over the girdle, corset and garter belt, all in
utilitarian white. This was his trip. When all else failed she could always get
him up one more time by putting one or more of these items on, and strutting her
stuff, such as it was. She was no meaty bundle of tits and ass. She would
describe herself as slim to the point of being skinny with pert, read smallish,
apple-shaped tits capped with nipples that looked like the erasers on brand new
pencils. Judith was very proud of her million dollar nipples, which is the way
she liked to describe them to her lovers, men and the occasional woman as well.
What she lacked in oomph, she knew she easily made up for with ferocious animal
energy. None of her studs was ever confident that they could deliver all the
heat that she craved. This was something that she kept to herself to keep them
off balance.She knew one thing however, she would have made a great whore; she
loved fucking that much.

	She had to get his attention, intrude on his reveries. She struggled
madly against her bonds and nodded her head furiously. She remembered gasping, "
Get that pocket rocket out and do me before I burst a blood vessel.", the moment
he pulled her panties from her mouth.

	 The guy had switched to some kind of a barbed flogger and was making
minced meat out of her big tits which were covered with blood from the dozens of
wounds it had already produced.

	 He let her stew for a minute or so, feigning ignorance of the toy's
location. " Hurry up, god damn you! I have to get off and quick!..Find that damn
grinder and get busy turning my clit to a nice big pulpy mess, or you're black
ass will be back in the joint for an extra five years! " That threat got him

	He made her pay for her arrogance later after he made her come so many
times that she lost count. There was a big wet spot from all the pussy juice he
had milked out of that insatiable twat that sometimes took mastery over her more
logical side. He had noted with some amusement that the batteries operating that
marvelous buzzing tool were wearing down, and commented that he had not seen any
spares while he was searching her tote bag. Judith was too tired to care at that
point, her mind was scrambled from the nearly continuous train of orgasms that
had roared through her in the last hour or so.

	Judith recalled that she was very surprised to find that there was a new
tape running. She wondered for a moment or two where the big-titted brunette who
was being cut to pieces by the pot-bellied guy in the hood had gone. Abdullah
noticed her confusion and laughed, telling her not to worry, the tape would be
playing on some other channel and if she was so hot for it he would find it for
her. She closed her eyes and thought she'd take a little nap, it had been a very
long day considering she'd flown for almost three hours to get to her

	She remembered nodding off for what seemed like a few moments, then
awakening to find her body bent double, her ankles cuffed to the top rung of the
lattice work headboard, only inches away from her manacled wrists. She recalled
looking between her thighs to discover Mr. Jefferson squeezing out a dollop of
some kind of anal lubricant she remembered packing at the last minute. She would
never forget the big shit-eating grin on his dark face as he pressed his finger,
now coated with lubricant, against her puckered asshole. It was then when she
tried to tell him no, that she discovered her mouth was once again stuffed with
her panties and some tape held them firmly in place. She realized that she was
about to be nailed in the ass by a man she had recently insulted and threatened
as well, not a very smart move considering her precarious situation.

	It had been some time since Judith's asshole had been stretched by
anything this large, and his initial entry almost brought tears to her eyes.
Fortunately for the judge her instincts kicked in, all those years of taking it
up the ass at keg parties and the like paid a big dividend as she started to
relax and enjoy the ride or whatever it was to be. It still was slow going as
her tight sphincter gradually yielded to his steady pressure.

	Once that big head popped into her shit chute things got a bit better,
but not perfect by any means. Abdullah Jefferson fed her tight asshole inch
after thick inch of his hard cock as she struggled to accommodate this huge log
that was beginning to clog her bowels. She could hear him grunt and mumble as he
forced more and more of his fat dick into her tender asshole. Judith couldn't
help wondering what the audience at the other end of the surveillance camera
thought of her performance.

	Twenty minutes or so later, the large black man took a break from his
labors. He was in as far as he could go and she was beginning to loosen up to
the point that he could begin to pack some power into the thrusts he was
delivering. From Judith's perspective things were getting a bit more enjoyable,
but less than ideal. It still felt as if every time he shifted his hips and
plowed into her asshole he was punching her intestines, and that was not a good

	 While he rested, his cock firmly embedded in her now wide open brown
eye, his large hands fondled her hard nippled tits, occasionally pulling those
million dollar teats to their full extension while he watched the pain change
the way her eyes stared at him. He gave her another of his big grins and said,
"Time to go back to work, mama. You relax, lay back and let old Abdullah do the

	The next part of the ride was fast and furious and the slim woman began
to get fully into what he was doing. He grinned as she began trying to match his
powerful thrusts with ones of her own to maximize the impact as he lengthened
and widened her back passageway. He grabbed her pert tits in a grip of steel,
yanking and twisting them in his powerful hands as he sawed away inside her
quivering asshole. Judge Judith Longwell started to have an orgasm that was
probably eleven on a scale of ten. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she
thought to herself that this would be a perfect way to die, her ass filled with
big,black cock, her nipples hard as steel and the top of her head lifting off to
let her brains flow out.

	"It's funny", she thought to herself, "I can't remember too much of the
rest of those two days. That man really turned me inside out. I must have been
sore for a week after he did me and taking a dump was not a pleasant experience
for another week beyond that. Damn, I have to fit that black beauty into my
schedule sooner than later, or make sure that he does some added time."

	Judith's musings were interrupted by the phone ringing. It was her
private hot line, its number known only to a few of her closest friends. She
picked up and heard Warden Suzi Sykes' voice on the other end.

	"When are you coming to visit me? I'm so lonely I'm thinking of taking
Martha Manners away from her new friend and installing her in my private
quarters so I can get at her private quarters."

					( To be continued )

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				      Chapter 4

	Suzi was most disappointed to hear that the honorable Judge Judith
Longwell would be unable to visit her establishment until the middle of next
month. This news did not sit well with the warden, but there was very little she
could do to change the jurist's mind. In the case of judge Judith, as her
friends liked to refer to her, the court calendar and workload were her masters.
Suzi's last words to her old friend were to create some major changes in both
their lives.

	"I don't want to make this appear to be a threat, but I am getting
desperate for some competent tongue. Some of my guards are adequate, but they
can never provide the sensations that you create in this lady's cunt. I fear I
will have to sample the abilities of our star inmate, Martha Manners. My spies
inform me that she possesses a magic tongue. Why should I let her waste such a
talent on some inmate like Big Bad ?"

	Separating Martha from Big Bad proved to be a daunting task. The first
attempt was a miserable failure as the black amazon stone walled the two guards
tasked with the assignment to deliver Bad's little helpmate to the warden's
office. They retreated in disarray as the local inhabitants hooted at their lack
of courage, as if any of them would have done otherwise.

	 The second time Suzi used guile instead of force, having the meek
blonde intercepted on her way to the showers in the company of three of her new
found friends. Martha was a bit disappointed since they had promised to show her
how to do some tricks that would make Bad even happier than she currently was
with her.

	The warden had been keeping track of Martha's progress, but had not seen
her for a number of weeks. She was astonished at the change in Martha's
personality and demeanor. The blonde woman was no longer defiant, aggressive or
challenging, the very characteristics that had sent her to Room 47 and led to
the substantial reduction in the number of working brain cells she now

	One part of Suzi Sykes was saddened, she had genuinely enjoyed having
Martha tortured and debased, all in the name of discipline. This vacant faced
drudge was not the fiesty individual that she once knew and secretly admired. On
the other hand the idea of having the famous, no, notorious Martha Manners as
her live-in pussy slave, terrified to disobey any commands she made of her, did
have a certain appeal to Suzi's more dominant side.

	Suzi decided to find out for herself just how submissive Martha was. She
told her secretary, a trusty doing ten years to forever for trashing her lying,
married boyfriend, that she did not want to be disturbed for the next half hour.
This automatically turned on the surveillance camera in her office. Suzi was not
one to take risks out here in no woman's land.

	The warden's face lit up delightedly when Martha responded almost
immediately to her order to strip down for an inspection of her person. Her
prisoner revealed a body that was a bit more firm than she was when she arrived.
Her breasts had recovered nicely from the brutal mammograms she had endured
earlier. The warden smiled coldly when she saw the crude tattoo just above
Martha's pink slit and the copper ring embedded in the meat of her left labia,
another symbol associated with the usual welcome wagon package that prisoners of
note received.

	Suzi took a deep breath and ran her fingers across the clean shaven mons
of Martha Manners, tickling her cunt lips in passing, then retreating to insert
first one and then another finger into her snatch to check for any signs of
arousal. To her amazement she withdrew them to discover they were now coated
with a thick creamy substance obviously issuing from the prisoner. "Oh my god, I
have found the holy grail, a perfectly orgasmic female! Who would have believed
she'd be my prisoner." Suzi said to herself as she held her sticky fingers to
Martha's mouth and felt the delicate touch of her magic tongue as she quickly
and skillfully cleaned them until they glistened with her saliva. Suzi gasped
when those fingers were now captured in Martha's warm soothing mouth and sucked
dry in one quick movement that made the warden's pussy tingle.

	"Who needs judge Judith?" she thought, and then felt a stab of remorse
for such an uncaring statement. Outside, her secretary was masturbating
furiously as she watched with eyes wide to capture every moment of this epic
meeting. Her hard face broke into a wide smile as she watched her boss begin to
disrobe while the naked blonde knelt quietly and awaited whatever would be
requested of her.

	Meanwhile in another part of Suzi's steel and stone empire all hell had
broken loose. Big Bad had returned to discover that her pussy slave had been
spirited away to the warden's office. She was currently venting her frustration
on the innocent bystanders who had gathered quickly to observe this force of
nature on its rampage. The collateral damage she caused was considerable. Three
inmates soon found themselves in the prison hospital with major injuries and
another half dozen were nursing minor wounds that were determined not to be life

	The first wave of guards to arrive in an attempt to quell this one woman
riot were sent packing with kicks, blows and curses. A second, much larger force
of hard bitten ladies was not so easily dispatched. A lucky hit to the temple
soon had Bad on her knees in a daze. A volley of nightstick blows to her head
and body reduced Bad to some one more easily restrained. The unconscious amazon
was unceremoniously dragged off to solitary confinement.


	Warden Sykes felt as if the top of her head had just been unzipped. She
stood on trembling legs, supporting herself by holding on to Martha's blonde
locks for dear life. Ms Manners mouth was locked tightly to Suzi's snatch,
forming an unbreakable bond. She was creating so much suction that the pressure
differential had made the joining a perfect seal, like a  docking between two

	Suzi just hung on for dear life as Martha's knowing tongue made a
preliminary reconnaissance, searching out all those nice and nasty spots for
future reference. Martha actually was on automatic pilot during this phase. Her
mind, what was left of it, had wandered away to even stranger places while her
hard wired circuits fired off in the proper sequence, bringing gasps, squeals
and finally squeeks from her target.

	Martha's tongue lit into one of Suzi's special spots and the warden's
entire body started to quiver like a tuning fork that had been just smartly
struck. Martha's mouth did a little sucking trick that neatly vacuumed up the
first trickle of pussy juice that issued from the trembling woman. The trickle
became a dribble, then a stream and finally a tidal wave of hot salty fluid that
spurted into Martha's mouth. The blonde knew what to do with all this tribute to
her pussy eating skills. Her throat neatly disposed of the nectar after it had
been swished around inside her mouth, a neat trick that set Martha apart from
her peer group. It always evoked memories of those happy days when she was first
initiated into the special world occupied by only a few of the great lesbians,
including her mentor, Ms Janet Bluestone.

	The warden remembered very little of what happened afterward. She did
accept the fact that she never made it to that comfortable couch that served her
so well on previous liaisons, winding up instead on the carpet. She and Martha
set a new standard for rug munching in the truest sense of the word. From the
way her crotch and surrounding environs felt, Suzi had given copiously at or in
her office. Martha had proven to be a greedy taker, inhaling everything that
Suzi's winking cunt produced, and making it disappear as if she were a magician.
This meek prison inmate was a hall of fame pussy eater. Suzi could hardly wait
to get Martha on that big bed in her boudoir.

	In spite of the delightful distractions that had been provided by the
prisoner, Suzi was ever the dedicated warden. She made a mental note to have the
prison cleaning crew come in and suck out all the pussy juice that was now
marinating within the thick and quite expensive carpeting. She also realized
that Martha would have to be examined very closely before being allowed into
Suzi's quarters. That would mean a complete body examination and cavity search
to make sure that Martha was not smuggling drugs or a weapon from the prison.
Whether or not she liked it, the process would take at least an hour, perhaps
longer since Martha was going to be housed in Suzi's quarters for the evening.

	She got up and contacted her secretary who was busy rinsing out her
soaked panties prior to putting them on again. Within minutes a pair of guards
were waiting in her outer office to take the prisoner over for a very thorough
physical examination. These loyal ladies knew better than to offer any sign that
they were aware about what had taken place in the warden's office.

	Once Suzi made the rounds of her prison, paying a special visit to the
solitary confinement area to check on Bad's progress, she called it a day and
prepared to cross into the zone to rendezvous with the caretakers handling
Martha. As expected, she was clean, but very wet according to those performing
the examination. Bolt cutters had been used to cut the ring of copper from the
prisoner's cunt lip.

	To be on the safe side, Martha had received a barium enema and then was
X-rayed to check for any contraband she may have swallowed. To make her passage
through the metal detector a minimum distraction, they kept Martha stark naked
with her hands bound tightly behind her back with the type of plastic ties used
on large crates. By the time she was escorted through the detection machine, her
hands had swollen considerably and started turning an ugly purplish red.

	The two guards remained with the pair until Martha had been stretched
out on Suzi's big bed, the manacles now fitted on her wrists and ankles fastened
by links of chain to the corners. After checking to see that the prisoner was
secured properly, they took their leave. Once they were alone Suzi looked down
on her blonde captive and gave her a menacing smile, then spoke.

	"I have never been turned inside out like that. It was one of my all
time thrills, but it also bothers me that you were in control even though I
thought I was. Then you sneakily got that magic tongue into one of my most
vulnerable regions. That wasn't fair, you gave me no warning of your
extraordinary powers. So I will now have to tame this awesome force and bend it
to my will, so to speak. If you cooperate we both will have a most enjoyable
tryst. Resist me and suffer the consequences."

	Poor, nearly brain dead or was it drained of brains, Martha could do
nothing but blink her baby blues and wait for whatever this dark haired woman
intended to mete out to her. It didn't take long. Suzi Sykes took little time
getting out of her clothing. She went to one of the matching nightstands that
flanked the bed and took out a silver bullet vibrator.

	"This is not just some pedestrian store-bought vibrator; this beauty was
made for me right here in my own prison shop by a skilled female craftsperson.
It does many interesting things, but I'll let you discover that for yourself
while I take a nice long, hot shower. Don't worry my pet, I'll return to see you
sooner than later."

	She made no sign or sound when the warden slowly pushed the tapering
cylinder deep inside Martha's moistening passage way. She leaned back and stood
up to gauge Martha's response when the first part of the program caused the tip
of the vibrator to gradually expand. She gave the blonde woman a grin and a wave
before disappearing into the adjacent bath.

	Suzi returned to her boudoir refreshed and ready to go to town on her
guest. Martha on the other hand seemed to be having some trouble accommodating
herself to the tender ministrations of her mechanical lover. The warden's eyes
lit up when she saw the bubbles forming at the mouth of her guest's cunt. She
leaned forward and burst one on her outstretched finger. She took a quick lick
and smacked her lips, it was pure, high grade pussy cream, not juice, cream! Her
little toy was having a bit of an impact on the writhing blonde woman who
struggled fruitlessly to free herself from her bonds.

	"I think you've had the full program my dear. Hope you enjoyed it,
because you'll be getting an encore performance, something experienced only by
myself and two other intimate associates. I slept for ten hours after it ran the
second time. Fortunately it has a fail safe mechanism that kicks in after two
full cycles. God knows what might happen to the unfortunate woman who went
beyond. Of course in your case how many more brain cells do you have to
contribute anyway? Perhaps I just might take a chance and see what you could do
with a third cycle. Perhaps some other time I'll let you try?"

	As she finished speaking, another large cum cream bubble reached its
limit and made a soft mushy sound as it popped. She thought it strange that
Martha had not made a sound to date. She moved closer to see if her captive was
in any kind of difficulty. Martha was calmly staring at the ceiling with this
dumb grin on her face. The warden started to wonder if Martha might have gone
around the bend from her initial experience with the super toy.

	She reviewed what it was programmed to do. First the top three inches of
the vibrator would expand to a diameter of four inches, putting quite a bit of
pressure on the walls of her cunt. Then the same section would be pushed forward
as it telescoped out from a piezoeletric-controlled sleeve until it made contact
with her cervix; at least it was supposed to contact her cervix provided the
length of her vagina was the same as the statistical average that was used in
the program.

	Next the middle three inch section rotated to open slots that ran its
length. Out of these slots dozens of narrow plastic rods slid out until they
punched into the walls of her cunt.The depth to which they penetrated was
controlled by a microchip arrangement that depended on the pressure encountered
by the rods to determine when to stop its movement. Once the rods were embedded,
the entire section rotated at a very slow speed. The sensation these rods
produced was electric. It was as if there were dozens of lttle creatures
scratching away at the mucous membrane guarding the tender tube of twat meat.

	The base portion of the toy was the work of some kind of depraved
genius. Initially it expanded until it contacted the vaginal walls around it.
Then a micro-gyroscope took control causing the section to move in an elliptical
path that made it feel as if the walls of the pussy were being run through an
out of kilter car wash.

	Once all three sections were operating, the program was designed to make
changes to the critical parameters controlling each section, providing a mind
scrambling sensation that no human being could possibly tolerate for any
significant length of time. A cycle, from initial deployment to full operation
then shut down, took 8 minutes and 45 seconds flat.

	Based on her experience with the deadly tool, Suzi estimated that
Martha's cunt had started producing bubbles at around the 7 minute mark. Had
there been a second cycle she would have turned into a tiny version of the
Lawrence Welk bubble machine, a situation fraught with dangers almost too
numerous to mention.

	In principle her cunt could literally dry out and begin to hemorrhage,
one of the milder scenarios. At this point Suzi had lost interest in the lecture
she received from the convict-designer. It was just too spooky to contemplate.
Now she was doing just that in the case of Martha Manners, who had lost almost
all of her cachet since her arrival in Sykes Land. In fact the only thing Ms
Manners appeared to have that was a negotiable instrument, to put it in terms
she used to understand, was her incredible pussy eating skill.

	On a whim the warden took up a position on the bed with her cunt planted
firmly on Martha's face, leaned over and hit the start button, firing up the
ultimate bubble machine for a second run inside Martha's quivering cunt.

	Suzi's memories of her first encounter with Martha's tongue was not as
crisp and clear as she would have liked. Now she was about to experience Martha
upgraded, thanks to the magic wand that was working away inside the blonde's
money maker. It took but a few seconds to realize that Martha's souped up tongue
was now doing things to Suzi that she had never believed to be possible. The
warden felt the first orgasm arrive without warning, shake her like a tree in a
high wind, then move over to be replaced by a freight train of big Os, as the
ladies of the prison called them.

	Then Martha's magic tongue went into overdrive, doing figure eights
inside Suzi's soaking wet slot. A small atomic bomb detonated somewhere deep
inside her boiling cunt and the shock wave flattened her. Suzi got a taste of a
huge Martha cum cream bubble that seemed as big as her head; it made her tongue
tingle. The warden began to mindlessly hump Martha's face, grinding up and down
in a frenzy of sexual madness. She then did something reserved for those rare
moments when she felt very close to death by orgasm; she squirted. Poor Martha
now had to contend with a spray of pussy juice that threatened to drown her.

	The last thing Suzi Sykes remembered before the orgasm to end all
orgasms arrived, was the mental picture she formed of what was happening inside
Martha Manners' stuffed pussy. To the warden it was like listening to a German
oompah band, the base line represented by the thumping that Martha's cervix was
taking, the melody coming from the rods whirling about inside her, and the
counter point being produced by the eccentric rotation of the bottom portion of
the vibrating wonder machine. Then Suzi met her god in a flash of lightning and
a clap of thunder.

					(To be continued)       

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				       Chapter 5

	It was an exhausted warden Sykes who answered the bell for the next
round. She called over to the guard center and had them send a pair of ladies to
retrieve the prisoner. The instructions they were given caused a slight flicker
in their normally impassive faces. Martha Manners was to be placed in solitary
confinement for her own protection. Specifically she was to have an adjoining
cell to the one holding Big Bad.

	Suzi knew exactly what she was doing. By the time she reached her office
there would be an alert waiting for her. It's contents would deal with the
problems Big Bad was causing in the wing. She knew that the guards would not be
able to avoid teasing the black woman about who was being held in the cell next
to her. The rest would occur as surely as the sun rises and sets.

	The warden responded swiftly to this egregious breach of prison
discipline. A special guard team was sent to Bad's cell to take her into custody
and transfer the enraged black to Room 47. Bad did not go quietly; she took down
two guards before the team decided that there were lots easier means of bringing
the prisoner to heel. Once they got the unconscious guards out of the cell, they
pumped in a narcotic gas that tranquilized Bad to the point that a direct
frontal assault was successful.

	Suzi Sykes personally arrived at Room 47 an hour later to discover Big
Bad naked and securely restrained in a double-strength canvas strait jacket. She
discussed the discipline regime with the head of the group responsible for
operating the special facility. While they were occupied some of the guards took
out their frustrations on the helpless amazon. They managed to jam four batons
up her cunt and another three stretched her asshole to its limit, and a bit
beyond, as was evidenced by the number of small fissures that formed at the
boundary of her sphincter.

	While the guards were taking target practice on Bad's kneecaps with
their clubs, now coated with her cunt and asshole slime, Suzi was suggesting
that perhaps the type of treatment that resulted in the new Martha Manners might
work equally well in the case of Big Bad. When the guards were taking turns
knee-dropping onto Bad's belly and groin, the section leader was mentioning her
theory that Bad's behavior was the result of her ambivalence about her own
sexuality. It was her contention that a cycle or two of breast augmentation
followed by breast reduction might be the key to taming the black woman. While
the two were agreeing that a good compromise would be to carry out both
approaches in tandem, the guards were pissing down Bad's throat, nearly drowning
the senseless prisoner.

	Poor Martha still didn't understand how she wound up in solitary
confinement. She remembered nothing of her day previously, not that it would
have helped her situation much, if at all. She had been frightened by the noise
from next door. First its occupant had spit out a string of obscenities the
likes of which she could not remember ever hearing. Then there was the hubbub
that occurred when those nasty guards came and started fighting with the
prisoner. It got a bit hazy after that because there was this strange smell in
the air and she got awfully tired. Now to her amazement, these very same guards
were back again, telling her to get ready to go back across into the zone,
whatever that was.

	She was getting used to being naked despite her faulty memory. Perhaps
there were some new synaptic paths being burned into her damaged brain that made
her feel more comfortable in her natural state. Once more they bound her wrists
behind her back with plastic ties and escorted her through the metal detector, a
piece of cake these days.

	For a change, Martha had something to recall; she had been here this
morning. There had been a slim, dark-haired woman sharing the bed with her. This
time the guards marched her into the bath next to the big bedroom she'd occupied
last night. Soon Martha was securely handcuffed to the pole running the length
of the large, luxuriously appointed shower. They left her to wonder as to what
was in store for her this night.

	Martha was startled when Suzi poked her head into the bath and gave her
a malicious smile. Martha flinched as the warden ran her hand over her belly and
down to her mons. While she rummaged around inside Martha's cunt, testing it for
moisture, there was plenty, she spoke of what happened last night. To Martha
this was fresh news with the ink still drying. She cringed when she realized her
behavior last night was going to get her into a lot of trouble this evening.

	"On the good side you gave me an orgasm that was beyond belief. I've
been done by experts, but compared to you they're children playing in a sand
box. On the bad side you didn't warn me just how powerful that blast was going
to be. I've been sore half the day; my pussy was definitely not prepared for the
shock that your talented tongue caused deep down where the real feelings dwell.
So rather than stick my poor pussy in harm's way this evening, you and I are
going to play some games, some educational games. I'm going to teach you how I
like to be treated when it comes to getting me off. After your lessons tonight
I'm going to have you practice on some of my guard pals. Based on the kind of
feedback I get from the ladies, you'll either get additional training, or you'll
be a semi-permanent guest in my budoir. You and I will make magic together."

	What Suzi neglected to tell Martha was that the games were called water
sports and Martha was to be on the receiving end of most of them. Initially
Martha was relieved when she was freed from the shower pole. Within seconds she
found herself helpless once more, her hands cuffed behind her back. Suzi told
her to kneel by the commode and when Martha complied, her head was plunged into
the bowl and held fast as the blonde struggled to free herself from the warden's
iron grip. Soon Martha began to take on some of the scented water. Abruptly her
head was yanked from the bowl just long enough for her to cough up most of the
water she had just consumed. Then under she went once more and this time she
stayed down until she was nearly unconscious. A third visit to the bottom of the
bowl finished Martha off.

	When she regained her senses, such as they were, she was confronted by
Suzi's cunt in all its waxed glory. Last night it was too dark to see the
warden's money-maker. Martha's eyes wandered up and down taking in Suzi's
fleshy, wrinkled lips and the fold of flesh that hid her clitoris. Then she
heard a voice commanding her to open her mouth. Martha did as she was ordered.

	The blonde's eyes popped when the first bright stream of steaming piss
shot from Suzi's pee hole and splashed just under her nose, the yellow fluid
going up her nostrils as well as into her wide open mouth. Martha pulled her
head away from the golden torrent issuing from the warden, and at the same time
closed the entrance to her throat. She was rewarded with a vicious slap across
her face as the dark-haired woman snarled," Open that fucking mouth or I'll have
you turned into a bleeding lump!"

	Martha was smart enough to realize from the tone of voice that her
companion would do her grievous harm if she didn't. Her entry way opened for
business and was deluged. Martha gulped and gasped, coughed and gagged, but kept
swallowing for fear that the warden would hurt her severely. The prisoner looked
like a half drowned cat by the time Suzi finished emptying her bladder. To
provide even more humiliation, the warden made Martha lick up every drop that
had reached the floor. It was the ultimate degradation for the poor, bemused
queen of the puts and calls.

	As bad as it was going for Martha, her former cellmate, Big Bad, was
suffering a whole lot worse. Currently she was stark naked, on her back, wrists
and ankles manacled to the corners of the large metal table that would be her
resting place unless she was going for a horsy ride, a clever method for
enhancing the depth of her pussy, or receiving her daily hosing in order to keep
her body clean and invigorated.

	Two hard faced matrons were standing at the base of the table beating
the soles of Bad's feet with rubber truncheons loaded with metal shot. They
switched from one foot to the other after each break so that the prisoner's feet
were mistreated equally. Bad was grunting in time with the blows that fell with
monotonous regularity, causing her feet to swell horribly. Unknown to the black
woman, this was just the first step in the process.

	"I love watching and listening to what happens once we start using these
on her feet."

	The speaker smiled at her partner and flexed the limber length of rattan
in her hands. She made a mock bow and nodded. There was a whirring, whistling
sound and then both canes struck within a fraction of a second of each other.
Bad's entire body stiffened in agony, her lungs unable to draw breath. Then as
another shivering wave of pain climbed up her body, she let out a howl that was

	The matrons grinned and laid another stroke to her feet, the second
stroke created a spurt of blood on Bad's left foot, bringing a frown to the face
of the other matron. She took a deep breath and proceeded to give the amazon a
half dozen rapid strokes to the swollen sole of her foot. These drew blood, lots
of blood; in fact some splattered onto the matron's uniform bringing another
grim smile to her face.

	"Oh this one is mine. I'll teach this big mouthed slut her place and
I'll do it by flaying her alive if I have to."

	As she spoke the matron flicked a drop of blood from the front of her
tunic. It was going to be a very long night for Big Bad, one she would never be
able to forget.

	Martha was on her knees; she had just finished rinsing her mouth with a
strong, bitter tasting mouthwash that Suzi had given her. She was almost glad
when the warden ordered her to swallow the harsh liquid, which burned all the
way down to her stomach. Suzi positioned her cunt against Martha's face, and
ordered her to get busy, warning the blonde that she would box her ears if she
got too carried away with her duties.

	Unfortunately for Suzi, Martha had only two settings, off and full on.
The scrambling of her brains had eliminated all those subtle moves that used to
be part of her repertoire. She began with a triple tonguing, delivered at warp
speed, which took the dark-haired woman's breath away. Before Suzi knew what was
happening Martha began to hoover out her juicing cunt, sucking up every drop of
pussy juice and cream within a foot of her mouth. The warden began to get that
odd feeling again that she was being turned inside out.

	 Any further thoughts were washed away when the first orgasm, disguised
as a tidal wave, struck her. Suzi's knees buckled as if she had just caught a
good punch to the gut. She reached out blindly for something to steady herself,
grabbing a couple of fistfuls of Martha's hair in the process. The warden clung
to those blonde locks with a grip of steel as she rode out the monster that
rippled from her cunt to the top of her head.

	She frantically pushed the incubus that was Martha away before the demon
could do further damage. As promised she soundly boxed the poor woman's ears,
the blows coming thick and fast. Suzi Sykes for the first time in a long while
was frightened by this force of nature that knelt on the tiled floor and sobbed,
not fully understanding her incredible power. Once the warden regained her
composure she decided to see if an enema might calm her guest down sufficiently
that she could be controlled.

	This treatment evoked old memories in the blonde woman. She remembered
being bent over a tub in Janet Bluestone's bathroom taking a warm, sudsy two
quart cleansing prior to having her anus penetrated by a formidable dildo
attached to her mistress' loins. She remembered her initial fear of the nozzle
slowly sliding past that tough ring of muscle guarding her colon. She could hear
Ms Bluestone telling her to "Quit being such a tight ass or I won't use any lube
the next time." For some moments after the nozzle had penetrated her fully, she
would fall into a blissful state, secure in her place as Ms Bluestone's protegee
in more than just finance. Then the first cramping would occur, sharp and
insistent. There would be no relief, only perhaps a slap on the rump from her
mistress with the admonition to "Keep still or I'll really tear into you!"

	When, after countless cramps, some tears and at last those wonderful
words, "Hold still while I take the nozzle out, and remember keep that asshole
clenched tight, or you'll  lick up every drop you spill on the way to the
toilet.", Martha was free from the distress and humiliation caused by that red
rubber menace. Seated on the throne and voiding the contents of her lower
intestines was a moment of pure happiness. It took Martha many sessions before
she lost her fear of the treatment. A casualty of this loss was that moment of
supreme happiness.

	Martha soon realized that there was a vast difference in the way Suzi
did things. The first enema contained a mixture of tap water and crushed ice. It
was as if a cold fist, deep in her body, was pounding away at her insides. She
developed goose bumps as the amount of chilled water increased. The cramps were
like jabs with an icicle. Suzi's tubside manner was even more brusk and
intimidating than her former mentor.

	 "Don't you dare move you miserable cunt, or I'll have the guards come
and put you right next to Bad in Room 47. I'm sure you'd love that, wouldn't

	The threat stimulated some faint images of discomfort, no, terrible
pain, when she heard about that awful place. She wasn't absolutely sure, but
just maybe she had been there once. Then the next cramp thundered through her
body clearing her mind of everything except the icy pain she was suffering.

	Once again Martha's mouth docked to Suzi's dripping cunt and the results
were cataclysmic, not exactly what Suzi was looking for in an orgasm. This one
took the top of her head off and left her weak and shaking. After recovering her
equilibium and checking to see if her pussy was still attached to her body, she
lit into the prisoner with extreme prejudice, as they say in the courts.
Martha's head bounced from side to side as the warden landed nearly a dozen
solid blows with her clenched fists. Her hands would be very sore the next
morning. At this point Martha was truly dazed and confused.

	Another mammoth enema followed their little tete-a-tete; this one a
hellish mixture of nearly scalding water laced with a soupcon of drain cleanser.
This was one of the favorites down in Room 47, and came highly recommended.
Martha's screams started a few seconds after the clip on the bag was opened, and
never stopped as she took two quarts of what seemed like liquid fire. Suzi
really had her hands full trying to keep Martha from expelling the nozzle from
her tight bung hole. This was an epic cleansing and it left the blonde shaken to
her roots.

	Unfortunately it failed to have any effect whatsoever on her talented
mouth and tongue. Those synaptic paths remaining were set in concrete, and Suzi
was both the beneficiary and victim of this situation. The third orgasm left her
in a puddle of pussy juice, flat on her back, staring off into space and
wondering where all the singers in that celestial choir were hiding.

	Suzi was so angry that she summoned the guards to return Martha to
solitary confinement. She also made it plain to them that Martha was no longer a
most favored prisoner. In fact the warden hinted strongly that she'd have no
objections to them taking a crack at Martha's crack, provided they exercised
great care to avoid having their minds scrambled by her evil power. The guards
were not exactly sure of what she meant, but they were already licking their
lips at the opportunity to lay their hands and other portions of their bodies on
this strange woman.

	Back in Room 47 Bad was being introduced to Mr. Electron. She was wired
up to the generator and ready to go, her temples coated with a conducting paste
that would enhance the juice that would be pumped through her brain. At a nod
from the attending physician, the technician threw the toggle switch and Bad's
body stiffened and then tried to rise off the table, her powerful frame
straining against the straps holding her down. It took but a couple of seconds
to jam enough power through her heavy skull to light up a couple of rooms in the
prison wing. So strong was the initial jolt, that Bad nearly bit through the
rubber stop inserted in her mouth to prevent her from breaking her teeth or
swallowing her tongue.

	"Ready to go again doctor." announced the tech.

	The physician smiled coldly and replied, "This time give her the juice
until she pisses all over herself; those are the doctor's orders."

 	The toggle was thrown and Bad danced in a frenzy of agony, her head
bouncing off the table's surface while her muscles contracted, fighting
mindlessly against the forces that were tearing her body apart. A wisp of smoke
rose from her head and there was now a strange odor wafting up from her
twitching body. The doctor checked Bad's heart and then looked up to her
companion with a big grin.

	"Let's give her one more for the road to hell."

	While this was going on, Martha was being escorted toward the solitary
confinement area. The fact that she was stark naked and securely restrained with
those nasty plastic ties had little impact on her. It was the way she was
transported, and that was that in her simple frame of reference. As the trio
walked down one of the long dim corridors, there was a momentary blackout, the
few low wattage bulbs dimming, then going out for a brief second or so before
returning to their former state.

	One of the guards laughed and said to her companion,

	"I guess Bad's meeting up with Mr. Electron. I hope the bitch fries!"

	Martha did not understand what all this meant, but it was no concern of
hers. She was tired and wanted to go to sleep. It had been a very long day that
she wanted to forget about as quickly as possible.

				(To be continued)

					Martha's Prison Adventures

					       Chapter 6

	Upon returning Martha to her cell, the two guards decided to sample the
merchandise. The naked blonde offered little resistance since she still was
secured with the ties. Martha knelt on the cold concrete floor and watched the
two women strip down to reveal two very thick and unruly bushes guarding their
cunts. "Do your thing honey, and make it good." the larger of the two said,
pressing her ripe and rancid muff to Martha's face.

	For a few seconds nothing happened and then the blonde got busy with a
vengeance. The guard's eyes got wide and then her breathing went from normal to
gasping as she felt the first faint signs of something happening deep inside her
unwashed pussy. It didn't take long for the feeling to blossom into a small
internal explosion, the first of many. The guard grabbed two fistfuls of blonde
hair and held on for dear life as the talented tongue of Martha Manners went
into overdrive. It did not take long for the woman to realize that she was not
in control of the situation. At about that time the first of the big ones rolled
through her quivering body.

	Her companion was taking all this in with eyes that got wider with time
as she witnessed the transformation of her partner. To her it looked as if
Martha was chewing her way through her partner's pussy. The heavy set guard was
staring off into space, her body trembling and then quaking as one after
another, the orgasms ripped through her. She began to drool, her lips quivering.
She started pumping her hips, driving her spasming cunt into Martha's face.
Nothing she did seemed to effect the blonde who just kept on tonguing and
sucking away on her victim's private parts. The guard began to howl, her head
thrown back like a wolf baying at the moon. The hairs on the back of her
partner's neck stood at attention. She had never seen anything like this in her
entire life.

	The guard summoned up enough energy to push Martha away, but it was only
a brief respite. The woman had expended too much of her strength coping with the
powerful reactions of her nervous system to Martha's magic tongue and she fell
prey to the enticements offered by the naked woman kneeling before her. Once
more the guard hurled herself into the maelstrom created by Martha's vacuuming
mouth. Now it was as if she were a cork upon a wave, totally helpless against
the incredible sensations being generated within her sweaty body. Suddenly she
let out a loud scream that turned into a wavering warble; Martha had drained her
dry and now was consuming the husk that was left. The guard gave a great shudder
and collapsed into a puddle of sweaty remains beside the incubus that had just
feasted on her.

	The other guard decided to play it safe after what she had seen. It took
her a few minutes to get dressed and to rouse her partner from the stupor in
which she had settled once Martha was finished doing her. "What the hell
happened to you?" she asked once her companion was fully awake. The heavy set
woman gave her a blank stare followed by a deep sigh, before replying.

	"It was like being in a big washing machine at first and then after the
rinse cycle I was on a roller coaster that was doing corkscrew turns and loops.
After that I went down this black hole and there was some kind of a bright light
and I heard voices singing. Where was I? How come I didn't see you there?  I
think it might have been less scary if you were with me."

	Her partner shook her head at this almost incoherent response and helped
her get back into her uniform. All the while Martha patiently waited for them to
remove her bonds so she could get some sleep. Her long day had just gotten a bit
longer. The former titan of Wall Street was too tired to realize that she had
just added to the legend of Martha Manners.

	In another part of the prison, Big Bad was undergoing the initial
treatment recommended by the facility's section leader. She watched with great
interest as the black amazon was given injections of powerful sex stimulants.
They were being administered via the same kind of needles used by veterinarians.
To make sure that the prisoner would get the maximum effect from the drugs, she
was receiving them in her erogenous zones. A smile crossed the section leader's
face as she watched the long needle plunge straight into the clitoris of the
muscular black woman, the first of a series that would saturate her vulva and
vagina causing her to reach a state of sexual frenzy that would strain her body
to its limit, and perhaps do even worse things to her mind.

	Bad nearly ruptured herself as she reacted violently to the terrible
pain associated with both the injection process and the reaction of the drugs
with her nervous system. Bad was a simple woman with simple tastes when it came
to things sexual. There was nothing sophisticated or refined about her tastes in
that area. What she was now beginning to experience was new and after a time
quite frightening. When they injected her in the armpits she started to thrash
mindlessly against the bonds securing her to the metal table. Her reactions
became stronger after she took  shots in the hollows back of her knees. She
began to pound her head against the table in a blind attempt to render herself
unconscious when she took a second series of shots in her labia, clitoris and
then had a special flexible needle used to inject drugs directly into the walls
of her vagina. She felt as if she was aflame and at the same time she had this
overwhelming urge to have something, anything that was large, filling her cunt
to its limit.

	Her agonies intensified when at a signal from the section leader her
breasts were injected with a vicious mixture consisting of concentrated bee
venom, essence of jalapenos plus nettle oil. As her screams grew louder and then
became hoarse, the chemical cocktail that was slowly filling her breast tissue
began to cause itching and then swelling. The noise she was making was so loud
and sustained that they had to gag her with a wet towel. They continued to give
her massive breasts injection after injection as they grew larger and the skin
covering them began to be stretched to its limit. She passed out when they gave
her a big dose right through the center of one nipple. They revived her with
smelling salts so she could experience this delightful agony a second time as
her other nipple was pierced to its core.

	During the next hour Bad's breasts went from their original 39C to a
gargantuan 45DD. The swelling was so rapid that portions of the skin covering
these monsters began to give way, only adding to her agonies. Now the next phase
of the treatment went into effect. A long, very thick metal probe was inserted
between her bloated pussy lips and slowly began to move into her cunt, spreading
the pulpy flesh back into a thin line as it traversed the length of her
twitching, sodden tunnel.

	The probe stopped once it made contact with Bad's cervix. Then the
monster began to grow even thicker. It was possible to see the outline of the
probe beneath Bad's stretched skin. The prisoner was blowing snot bubbles as she
experienced the awesome power of the penetrating probe. Then it began to
oscillate, slowly at first, testing the limits of Bad's tunnel before increasing
its speed. Then it began to withdraw, slow inch by slow inch; all the while Bad
was slamming her head against the table and frantically trying to rip free of
the heavy straps that contained her. It took some minutes for all but an inch of
the probe to reappear, covered with cunt slime.

	This time its entry was much faster and it literally punched into the
black amazon's cervix, causing her to be sick to the pit of her stomach. For the
next half hour the monster assaulted every square inch of Bad's cunt, moving
faster and faster with each pass. Bad was at last getting her wish; she was
filled completely and the friction was beginning to feel good despite the
stretching and tearing of her insides. Now the probe was coated with cunt cream
mixed with blood and Bad was no longer struggling against her bonds. She had
gone catatonic, her eyes wide open but fixed on nothing. Then the first orgasm
struck her like the hammer of Thor. Her face seemed to elongate as she screamed
soundlessly into the wet towel. It was only the first of a seeming endless
stream of mind blowing explosions that radiated from her cunt which was also
squirting like a fire hose, delivering a spray of liquid love juice that had a
sickly sweet aroma to it, like some kind of rotting matter from the swamps.

	The section leader smiled coldly and directed the operator to give Bad
maximum thrust and maximum speed. The pistoning action became almost blurred as
the probe reamed out Bad's swollen, sore cunt. She began to pump her hips in
rhythm with the metal monster, hoping to get another of those massive toe
curling rushes. Bad was not to be denied and she went off like a rocket,
squirting and spurting, her sweat covered body shaking and twisting as she
ruined her insides like some crazed animal blindly pushing a lever that supplied
it with food. Abruptly the machine stopped, leaving Bad hanging in mid-air, so
to speak. It was time for the next phase to begin.

	The table to which the prisoner was bound now moved into a vertical
position, easily constraining its human cargo. Another piece of machinery was
activiated, two metal plates that glided out to encompass Bad's mammoth breasts.
Once they were in place the operator hit a switch and they moved silently
towards each other, squeezing Bad's breasts down with such force that a stream
of liquid issued from the nipples. Bad's eyes bulged from their sockets as her
giant tits were slowly flattened into a pair of misshapen lumps of bruised and
bleeding flesh. She passed out from the pain.

	After a time her breasts became numb from the constant force being
applied to them from both sides. They were able to revive her so she could
suffer even worse agonies. The plates suddenly released themselves from her
mashed mammaries, only to be replaced by a pair of steel rollers. One of the
other members of the staff guided Bad's bleeding bags of crushed flesh into the
jaws of the rollers and smiled as they began flattening those once proud
beauties to thin strips of mutilated flesh and skin. Bad once more escaped into
unconsciousness. It was time for the final phase of the process to take effect.

	The table was reset to its original position and the electric generator
was wheeled close to the table. Bad hardly noticed what was happening, her focus
was on her mutilated breasts that flopped almost into her armpits due to their
elongated shape and thinness. Bad did respond when the conducting paste was
applied to her temples. She had already taken a number of jolts during the day
or night; the poor prisoner had lost all track of time by now.

	The section leader spoke to the generator operator, discussing the
amount of power and the duration that it would be put through Bad's brain.
Finally she was satisfied with the profile that their prisoner would be
receiving, and she signaled for the procedure to begin. There was no ramp up to
a maximum for Bad; she got it all, a thirty second dose of one kilowatt plus,
for openers. The black amazon jerked and quivered, her teeth biting down on the
hard rubber insert designed to prevent her from chewing or swallowing her tongue
as she was fried. A faint wisp of smoke was noticed rising from the paste. This
was not the first time that had happened. The leader wondered how long it would
take to burn away all the flesh covering that portion of her skull. Perhaps the
final jolt, scheduled for a duration of ninety seconds might provide an answer.

	To the amazement of everyone Big Bad managed to survive without any
evidence of diminished mental capacity. The leader was bitterly disappointed at
the outcome. She dared not to go higher in power and there had been no
relationship observed between the shortest and longest duration she was juiced.
Her only theory was that Big Bad's brain was quite primitive and therefore had
fewer working synapses, but the ones that did function were much stronger than
those comprising the more sophisticated brain of someone like Martha Manners.
Whether or not this theory held water was of no consequence, electro-shock
"therapy" did not seem to be the answer to taming this prisoner.

	Naturally there were other approaches that had not been utilized up
until this point. She wondered how Bad would react to the scorpion stings, or
better still the venom of the scorpion fish. That would be fun to watch as the
prisoner was dragged through water populated with electric eels and various
poison-spined fish. For the moment she was tired, and decided to turn the
operation over to her second-in-command, a young, extremely eager woman with a
taste for violence and blood. She made a mental note to caution that individual
not to overcompensate for her lack of experience by pushing the prisoner beyond
the limits established by more senior members of the section.


	Martha had quickly fallen asleep once her two keepers had left her. She
awoke the next morning and wondered how she had gotten into these rather spartan
accommodations. The old Martha would have begun pounding on the door screaming
at the top of her lungs that someone was going to get sued over this. The new,
more subdued version merely sat on the cold floor waiting for someone to open
her door and perhaps provide something to eat. She would get her wish, but only
after a number of hours of waiting, and the meal would not be what she expected.
During her wait she needed to relieve herself and used the plastic bucket
located in the corner of her cell.

	When the door finally opened she faced two rather large muscular women
in uniform who stared coldly at her as they entered. "OK bitch, strip down and
bend over so we can check you out for any hidden contraband," one of them said
in a stern voice. Martha immediately complied with the order, shucking off her
prison dress and sliding her white cotton panties down to stand there naked. The
guards smirked at the sight of her bare body. Considering that she was on the
wrong side of forty and had spent many years carefully dieting and exercising in
order to project a physical image of strength, vibrant health and energy, her
body wasn't all that bad.

	"I see she's been properly initiated into prison society. Pussy slave
indeed! Let's just see how good this little cunt really is. You want to check
out that poop chute or shall I do the honors?" The speaker's companion gave her
a nasty grin and approached the buxom blonde, whose tits still were responding
to the concoction that had been used to reinflate them after her stringent

	"OK blondie, bend over and spread those cheeks for me. Don't act dumb,
you've done this drill before." Unfortunately for Martha every day was a brand
new start and so she was not as familiar with prison procedure as might be
expected. Her slow response was rewarded with a sharp blow across her kidney
area from the guard's baton. Martha grunted in pain and quickly grabbed her
cheeks and pulled them apart as far as she could. The next thing she felt was
the entry of the long wooden club into her wornout asshole.

	"Damn, that cunt's shitter is swallowing my club whole! This little
bitch has been around the block more than a few times since she got here; either
that or she was some kind of a part time hooker on the outside." The guard
snorted and applied some muscle to the baton and watched Martha's asshole
swallow another couple of inches before she let out a shocked squeal as the club
bottomed out inside her rectum.

	The guard amused herself by moving the embedded club from side to side,
producing gasps of distress from the blonde prisoner. Twice she attempted to see
if she could jam another inch or so of her baton into Martha's rectum, but was
rebuffed. She yanked the club free of the woman's gaping asshole and ordered her
to lick it clean of the secretions and various debris that it had dislodged from
within Martha's anal passageway. The blonde did not respond quick enough to this
disgusting request, and was rewarded with a vicious jab to her already sore
kidney area. Within seconds of recovering from the pain that blow had caused,
Martha was on her knees, her mouth working on the baton as the guard tried to
jam it down her throat.

	It was the other guard's turn to further humiliate Martha, and she
wasted little time. Soon the former diva of Wall Street was standing with her
fingers holding her cunt lips apart so the guard's baton could probe the length
of her "fuck tube". The club went in slowly and moved from side to side as more
and more of its length was wedged within the woman's vagina. Martha could not
help reacting every time the baton scraped the tender walls of her sex channel.
The prisoner cried out in agony when the club struck her cervix and attempted to
punch its way into her empty uterus.

	"She's clean as can be," remarked the guard as she pulled the baton from
Martha's cunt.

	Her companion shrugged and answered. "OK, let's take the prisoner down
to the rec room and see what all this talk about her magic tongue is all about.
The other ladies are probably wondering what's taking us so long."

	The trio marched down the long corridor, Martha still naked and her
hands cuffed behind her back. For some reason she knew that where she was going
was not a place she had ever been before, and worse still it was not going to be
a pleasant experience for her.

				(To be continued)

					Martha's Prison Adventures

					      Chapter 7

	There were six guards waiting for Martha. Most of them were lounging in
overstuffed chairs in various stages of undress. The guard leader, Pam Carmody,
a big, beefy woman in her early 40s with large breasts and a hairy pussy was
completely naked and busily playing with her big clit as she wondered what was
keeping their little playmate. It was a mixed group, a good example of the kind
of racial diversity that warden Sykes was always striving for. She had learned
very early in the game that if you gave those above you what they wanted, they
generally left you alone. To date this approach had pretty much made her an
independent operator.

	All eyes immediately turned to the door as they heard the key turn in
the lock; the entertainment had finally arrived. Only two of the group had seen
Martha previously and that was only in passing. Despite her reputation, her
demeanor made her almost invisible to these overseers. However the instructions
and hints from the warden now made her target number one for this group.

	Martha was stark naked, her hands cuffed behind her back. Her body had
thinned down some since her arrival, making her seem even less threatening than
her reputation. Carmody beckoned the escorts to bring the prisoner over to where
she was seated.

	"So this is the infamous Martha Manners, the shark of Wall Street. She
looks like a guppy to me. Now what's all this nonsense about her having the
ability to turn my strongest guards into whimpering pussies in a matter of a few
minutes? I don't believe it, but I didn't get to be guard supervisor by taking
anyone for granted."

	The guards escorting Martha pushed her to her knees before their leader
and waited for instructions. Carmody parted the thick, wrinkled lips of her cunt
and grinned down at the naked blonde before speaking.

	"In case you need some reminding, this is a cunt. This is a very special
cunt. It is the cunt that you are going to make very happy with that magic
tongue. I hear tell that you have the ability to turn strong women into sobbing
weaklings. I think that's nonsense! My guess is you sneak up on people because
you don't look very imposing, so they let their guard down and that's when you
do them in. Well honey this old cunt isn't letting her guard down for you or
anyone else."

	Carmody looked to the escorts and said, "Put that prod into her asshole
and make sure it goes in all the way. Then give me the red button and stand

	The prod was a modified dildo nearly a foot in length. An insulated wire
was attached to the base, much like a taser, and connected to a small hand-held
console that controlled the electrical power that the device could deliver. The
guard lubed it with a conducting paste and jammed it into Martha's asshole,
bringing a gasp of pain from her. She adjusted the base, causing a portion of
the device to expand, securely locking it within Martha's anal cavity.

	Pam Carmody shifted her body so that her legs were now splayed over the
arms of the chair, exposing her hairy slot. She crooked her finger in Martha's
direction and said, "Why don't you start by kissing this hot juicy cunt from top
to bottom a couple of times and make sure those kisses are nice and wet. I love
wet, sloppy kisses on my cunt; it gets me to juicing pretty quick."

	Martha scooted forward until her tongue could make contact with the
woman's hairy muff. She gave it a tentative lick, a fast probing with the tip of
her tongue to sort of calibrate herself for the job at hand. She was rewarded
with a smack across her head and a gruff warning to do only as she was told. No
free lancing would be tolerated at this point. Martha started kissing the erect
clitoris of the guard leader and then began to slowly work her way to the bottom
of her unwashed cunt mouth, leaving a trail of wet sloppy kisses in her wake.
She back-tracked and Pam sighed with pleasure. Once again she made the trek
through the increasingly wet jungle of Carmody's matted pubic hair. Then Martha
made the mistake of becoming slightly creative.

	Martha screamed into the beefy woman's cunt as the prod jolted her anal
passageway. Then she screamed even louder as another jolt followed. The guards
all laughed and made obscene comments concerning her fried asshole and the like.
Pam slammed her fist down on top of Martha's head, jamming it almost down to her
shoulders from the force of the blow.

	 " Listen you dumb cunt, you do exactly what I say or I'll fry that
asshole until smoke comes out of it. Do you understand what I'm saying?" To
emphasize what she meant, Carmody jacked the power level up and blasted the
blonde's spasming rectum once more. Martha's mouth clamped shut capturing the
woman's cunt lips in what felt like a beartrap. She hollered and then gave
Martha the maximum amount of power that the prod could deliver. The blonde lost
control of her bowels and a stream of odious material somehow squeezed past the
prod and arced onto the floor of the rec room, scattering the guards. Carmody's
fist landed against Martha's temple and she collapsed to the floor, her anus
still squirting.

	What followed would etch itself into Martha's memory. It would be
something that she remembered tomorrow and perhaps for all the rest of her
tomorrows as well. The guard supervisor crouched over the stunned blonde and
began to torture her anus with more jolts of electricity as she writhed and
thrashed in her own waste. Then Pam Carmody grabbed her by the hair and ground
her face into the waste she had produced. The guards gathered round and watched
gleefully as Martha Manners was forced to lick up every drop of the slimy,
stinking mess she had made, all the time having her rectum roasted from the
numerous blasts of power that Carmody sent into her.

	When Pam was satisfied that everything had been removed from the floor,
she told the guards to bring over the punishment bench that was used to
discipline those special prisoners that required personal and private attention.
Martha was about to join that select group. The dazed blonde found herself on
her back, hands beneath the bench and recuffed, her legs spread and hanging over
the edges of the bench. Then the fun began.

	One group of guards lined up so that they could be serviced by the
prisoner's tongue. A second line formed at the other end of the bench; these
guards would torment Martha's cunt. Pam returned to her chair and while the
others did their thing to Martha, she sizzled the hapless blonde's rectum with
jolt after jolt of electricity.

	The guards were smart enough to avoid letting her tongue get into their
cunts. Instead, they offered her their buttholes, most of them far from
sanitary. Martha was ordered to lick, kiss and suck each brown eye that was
presented for her attention. She gagged at the taste and smell of the regions
she covered with her flickering tongue. Somehow or another she regained some
memory of the proper way to treat a "puckered pooper", as Ms Bluestone always
described her anus. The guards began to gasp and shake as she did tricks with
her tongue, actually worming it past many of the sphincters she serviced in this
lengthy session.

	The other group initially tormented her cunt used fingers and hands,
then as she grew wider, substituted fists, billy clubs and batons to loosen her
up to the point that her cunt gaped even when there was nothing stretching it.
Some even went so far as to bite and chew on her vulva, especially her fat
little clit that was worried and stretched almost continuously. Martha responded
to this treatment by producing copious amounts of cunt cream that was so thick
it could be chewed. The first time she squirted, a new sexual capability that
just seemed to happen without any conscious control from her, the guard who took
the spurts in her face reacted by smashing her fist into Martha's cunt and then
rising up so she could drive her fist into the blonde's groin as well.

	Before everyone had taken a turn on both ends of their prisoner, over an
hour and a half had elapsed. Then the two guards who had originally encountered
Martha's eerie powers joined the fun. This time they came equipped with
strap-ons and a number of souped-up vibrators. They proceeded to turn Martha's
cunt into mush and battered her throat to the point that her vocal cords became
so bruised that she was incapable of anything except animal-like grunts and
snorts. This gave the other guards ideas and one by one they left the room to
retrieve their own special toys.

	Pam decided that her prisoner had been softened up sufficiently to allow
her the opportunity of providing some of that outstanding tongue to the beefy
woman's dripping cunt. That proved to be a serious mistake in judgment; one that
would cause poor benighted Miss Manners many more hours of terrible pain. At
first when the guard leader settled her hairy pussy down onto Martha's mouth,
things went well. The blonde slowly familiarized herself with the terrain she
had to cover and then launched a lingual assault that was so sudden and so
violent that it overwhelmed Pam Carmody.

	By now there were four guards in the room, each equipped with the kind
of sex toys that could easily calm their prisoner down, at least that's what
they had been led to believe based on the blonde's behavior up until now. All
that changed as she went into Martha mode and began gnawing her way through the
forest of thick pubic hair to get at the fetid flesh of Carmody's sodden snatch.
It was like a buzz saw going through pine and Pam could do nothing but gasp for
air and try to balance the incredible pleasure and awesome stimulation her
tingling twat was experiencing. Fortunately for her, the guard who had
personally felt the power of the Martha tongue was one of the four watching this
unequal contest and she stepped over and smashed her elbow down into Martha's
stomach, once, twice and then again, before the blonde finally stopped mauling
the guard leader's cunt.

	Martha's victim exacted a horrible penalty for her pain and suffering.
She found the console and proceeded to fry the blonde's rectal area, holding the
red button down for many agonizing seconds, enjoying the grimaces of agony that
played across the prisoner's face. All Martha could do was squeak and
desperately try to dislodge the vicious prod from her asshole, an impossible
task considering there was no way to physically reach the area containing the
modified vibrator. Finally the pain became too much for Martha to bear and she
lapsed into a near coma, her naked body still twitching and spasming from the
brutal amounts of electrical power that were still coursing through her rectal

	The angry guard was nowhere near done with her victim. She threw the
console aside and squatted down beside the senseless woman and began to punch
away at the mouth of her cunt. After a number of vicious blows, Martha's snatch
was breached to the point that Pam could get her entire hand inside it and form
a fist. She then proceeded to punch her way up the blonde's stretched vaginal
canal until she finally reached her cervix. Pam then began to brutally pound
away at the entrance to the prisoner's uterus. Despite her best efforts she was
unable to move into that narrow necked chamber and had to be satisfied with
trying her best to totally ruin Martha's internal sex organs.

	She now decided to spend some quality time working on Martha's butthole.
With some help she flipped the prisoner onto her stomach and used a couple of
straps to hold her firmly to the bench. Her hands were now cuffed behind her
back. Pam removed the prod from the blonde's asshole which gaped open like a
cave once it was removed. It was introduced into her well-fisted, fucked out
cunt. It took some doing to get it properly seated within Martha's loosened
vagina, and then Pam checked it out by firing a burst of electricity into the
blonde's twat which made the woman try to raise herself completely off the

	Carmody jammed a long thick piece of hard rubber into Martha's gaping
hole and then amused herself by moving it in and out and from side to side in
her sore back channel. She then donned a strap-on dildo that appeared to be
modeled after some large jungle animal and rammed it deep into Miss Manners'
spasming asshole. Then she began to saw away inside the helpless victim, working
the club-like battering ram deeper and deeper into Martha's rectum. The blonde
stock market maven raised her head in agony and tried to move herself in any
direction to escape the lancing pain that radiated from deep inside her
overstuffed passageway.

	The other guards began to use Martha's throat for their toys, choking
her with big thick pieces of plastic and rubber which also scraped her talented
tongue until it was raw and bleeding. Over and over they forced the woman to
bring up bile from the gag reflex they kept triggering. Again and again they
filled her throat to its limit, cutting off any air to her lungs. They would
take bets on how long it would take for Martha to pass out from this cruel

	It took another two hours before Pam Carmody decided that prisoner
Manners had been punished enough for her behavior. There wasn't much left of
poor Martha, both her holes were raw and bleeding, her throat muscles had been
strained to well beyond their limit, and her vocal cords had been rubbed raw,
depriving her of the power of speech. As a farewell to her, Pam held the red
button on the console down for nearly a minute, giving Martha's worn out cunt a
blistering barrage of electricity that literally burned away portions of the
mucous membrane lining that once sheathed her twat. For nearly a week afterwards
Martha could not handle so much as a finger being inserted into her cunt because
of the pain it generated. This provided great sport for the guards and became an
effective way of controlling her when she was pleasuring a  cunt with her
turbocharged tongue.

	That very night Suzie Sykes had them transfer the prisoner to her
quarters for the evening. She was very much aware of what had happened in the
guard rec room. Now she wanted to gauge for herself whether this draconian
treatment had brought about some reduction in Martha's frenzied style of
love-making. To her delight Martha proved to be quite docile, licking the
warden's pussy with skill but lacking the wild enthusiasm she normally
displayed. When Martha's mouth fastened itself to Suzi's asshole she heard a
heavenly choir singing gently in the background. It was a serene and triumphant
moment for the dark haired woman. Now if only Judge Judith Longwell would call
announcing the time for her visit to Suzi's steel and stone empire.

				(To be continued)    

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				     Chapter 8

	Initially when Suzi took the call from Judge Judith, she was ecstatic,
thinking that her old friend had finally managed to put her visit to Suzi's
empire on the calendar. Instead the conversation soon degenerated into another
set of excuses for why she could not come for at least another month. Suzi bit
her tongue until it bled as she listened to the litany of reasons that her
former fuck buddy provided for once more standing her up. To Suzi, that was the
last straw. As far as she was concerned, her old friend had gotten way too big
for her breeches and she needed someone to take her down a peg or two, someone
like Suzi. The warden began to plan for a visit that her friend, the judge,
would never forget once she did honor her with her judicial presence. In the
meantime there was always the new and improved Martha Manners to keep her well
taken care of where it mattered. Life would still be a most pleasurable

	For the first week Suzi kept Martha securely restrained while they made
passionate love, or what passed for love in this prison setting. Suzi gave
almost as much as she received, spurred on by some of the best cunt lapping and
muff munching she had ever experienced. Martha's tongue was indeed magic; it
seemed to know exactly where to go at any given moment without any urging from
the warden. All she had to do was make sure her cunt was pressed to Martha's
mouth, then relax and enjoy whatever treat the blonde sex machine decided to
give her.

	If Suzi had been a bit more perceptive, and a little less enamored with
Martha's talents, she might have realized that her bedmate was slowly but surely
becoming the dominant one in these nighty encounters of the marvelous kind. In
her defense what woman would have become suspicious of a lover who could, in the
space of a single night, produce waves of orgasms that ranged from the volcanic
to the mellow. Not only that, this bundle of blondeness could perform this
miracle nightly without seeming to ever repeat herself. To Suzi she lacked
nothing as long as she had Martha's tongue and lips to attend her after every
long hard day she spent running her prison.

	Martha also catered to Suzi's need to dominate, or so it seemed. After
all there was very little she could do to avoid becoming passive when she was
naked, with her wrists and ankles cuffed to the corners of the warden's large
bed. Suzi derived a great deal of pleasure from teasing Martha to the verge of
orgasm and then denying her that last little push that would send her over the

	For all her sexual talents, Martha was still vulnerable to the insistent
probing she received from Suzi. Gradually many of her secret places were
discovered and pillaged. Martha would writhe in agony and sometimes ecstasy as
Suzi's knowing tongue slid over her sweaty armpit, pausing to suck on that
little dimple that she had ferreted out after hours of investigating, and
laughing to herself as Martha's body stiffened and her cunt juices began to flow
from her gaping cunt that had been previously treated to a lengthy bout of
fisting or perhaps a session with the pocket rocket vibrator that could make her
clit stand up and act like a tuning fork.

	Suzi had come to know how Martha's sexual apparatus was wired together.
No matter how skilled the teaser was, the net effect was always determined by
which step followed which step. For example no amount of sucking, kissing,
licking or biting of Martha's super-sensitive armpit area could cause her to
react unless previously her cunt had been handled roughly with no concern for
her enjoyment of whatever act it was. This was why Suzi always either fisted her
or tormented Martha's clitoris prior to stimulating her secret spot. Had Suzi
not become so proficient at playing Martha Manners' body like some musical
imstrument, perhaps she would not have stimulated the development of some new
synaptic paths in the woman's brain that allowed her to slowly regain her short
and long term memory. The more Martha remembered of her former self and what she
had so far experienced in prison, the more dangerous she became to Suzi.

	The evening that Suzi freed Martha from her bonds after that magic
tongue had turned her into a quivering ball of raw cunt, was a memorable one for
both parties. By now Martha was already beginning to scheme to take control of
the warden for her own objectives which were three in number. Suzi would pay
dearly for her part in causing Martha so much pain and humiliation while she had
been in this place. The judge would suffer an even worse fate once she arrived
for her visit. Martha would exploit her control over these two women to regain
her freedom, and even more importantly, restore her good name.

	If all went well, these two haridans would spend time behind bars and be
disgraced for the rest of their lives. Perhaps when they were released, Martha
would have them kidnapped, tortured and sold into sexual servitude in some third
world brothel. The blonde shark was rapidly rounding into form.

	Since Suzi was oblivious to what was occurring within her sex toy's
mind, she had no compunctions about confiding in Martha, telling her of the
plans she was making for the judge's visit, her problems handling the prison,
and her dreams for when she had total control over her former friend. Martha was
amused at her cheek for daring to include her in a threesome with these two evil
creatures who were responsible for her degradation. Martha had a different type
of threesome in mind, one involving those two and a well endowed horse.

	However tonight she was determined to turn the tables on her former
captor, and she would do it with her favorite weapon, her astonishing ability to
bring Suzi to the limit when it came to fantastic orgasms. As soon as Martha was
free of the manacles she attacked Suzi's pussy with a fervor that took the very
breath from the warden's lungs.

	 Martha gave Suzi a taste of how triple tongue-fucking felt and was
pleased at the flow of cunt cream that little trick produced. She followed that
up with a whirlwind tour of every erogenous zone on Suzi's shivering body. It
was as if the warden was a submarine being shaken by a series of depth charges
that came closer and closer to finishing the helpless craft as it was buffeted
by wave after wave of pressure.

	Martha brought her to the edge and then let her fall for miles as she
exploded into a stream of orgasms that merged into one gigantic assault of her
very essence. Suzi swooned and went into a shock-induced sleep that lasted until
the next morning. It was truly poetic justice when Suzi Sykes awoke with only a
very vague memory of the cataclysmic experience she had endured.

	Any concerns about what Martha might have done while Suzi was in this
strange state were completely put to rest when she felt the warm, wet tongue of
her blonde lover worming its way into her cunt so that it could begin stirring
up the juices that seemed to have been frozen in situ when Suzi departed for
places unknown last evening. Moments later she was shaken gently by the first
orgasm, a shimmering wall of softness and light playing over her mind. In her
blissful state she was totally ignorant of the smile playing over Martha's face
as she began the lengthy process of sucking the life from her former captor.


	On another front, things were heating up between Bad and the young woman
now in charge of her well-being, so to speak. Since the black amazon was no
longer considered to be anything more than a minor nuisance, the Room 47 group
paid little attention to what was happening to the prisoner. To Dr. Haley Paige,
with the ink still drying on her PhD degree, this was a marvelous opportunity to
test out her hypothesis that love rather than violence could tame the more
recalcitrant prisoner. In her case love meant plenty of sex served hot and kinky
every hour on the hour if necessary. She also had no scruples about involving
herself directly in this form of therapy.

	She had been taught well by her advisor, a woman in her 50s who had a
masterful way of expanding Haley's consciousness through the judicious
application of finger, fist, tongue, lips, mouth, dildo and vibrator to her
youthful student's vagina and surrounding environs. Haley became her star pupil,
even sharing the professor's home, especially the nice big bed that was to
become the laboratory in which the professor proved her theory to her willing
understudy. To say that this young woman was of the lesbian persuasion would be
like describing the Mona Lisa as just a big post card.

	Bad on the other hand knew exactly who she was and what turned her on.
She loved young pussy, especially young pussy that enjoyed chowing down on Bad's
bush. Now technically Martha was not young pussy, far from it, but her magic
tongue made her the exception to the rule. So when this young white girl
explained what she wanted to try on Bad, the woman thought she had died and gone
to heaven.

	She signed the release form without hesitation; it gave Dr. Paige the
right to publish the results of her research, and a bit more. In fact it
released her from any responsibility for physical, mental or emotional
impairment that might result as a direct consequence of the procedures employed
in this research study. As far as Bad was concerned this little deal meant no
more prison cell, no more guards pounding her to a pulp, no enemies to watch out
for and a chance to plot and scheme so that she could once again have that tasty
tidbit, Martha Manners, polishing her private parts with her magic tongue.

	It turned out that there was a down side to this arrangement. Ms Paige
insisted that the subject be restrained during her lengthy therapy sessions.
Worse still, this piece of white bread would be calling the shots when it came
to who did what to whom. In essence, Bad had volunteered to become a sort of
crash test dummy. This proved to be a very dangerous thing for many reasons. The
good doctor's, (Haley insisted on being called Doctor Paige) version of love and
what Bad defined that word to be were distinctly different. Bad was to pay the
price every day for her lack of caution and the fact that she had a hard time
understanding words with more than one syllable.

	So for the next two weeks Bad and her former playmate, Martha Manners,
independently plotted to exact revenge on warden Sykes, while at the same time
doing their best to keep from being exposed by the prison authorities. For
Martha this was less of a problem since she had an edge on Suzi Sykes, who was
rapidly becoming addicted to the Martha tongue and all the extras that came with
it. Bad in contrast had a lot more on her mind than plotting and scheming; she
was also kept very busy trying to avoid being turned inside out by the various
treatments her little white buddy was trying out on her.

	Acting dumb was getting to be more of a chore for Martha Manners as each
day went by. Things were fairly straight forward during the evenings when she
only had to keep the warden happy, a simple matter made somewhat more
complicated by having to pull her punches, so to speak. On occasion Martha could
not resist scrambling Suzi's brains with a mind bending orgasm that just seemed
to bloom out of thin air, explode deep within the woman's body and then quickly
evaporate while her head seemed to be rotating upon her shoulders, making her
rather queasy.

	In the case of Bad there were long hours strapped down to a metal table,
usually on her back, completely naked, and utterly helpless. There was nothing
she could do to prevent the various probes, monitors, stimulators and other
mechanical contrivances that were utilized by the good doctor from wringing out
every drop of pussy juice from her perpetually sore cunt.

	When Bad wasn't being made to get off to the point that it actually
exhausted her to squeeze off another orgasm, she was watching porno films
showing all sorts of naked women of all ages, shapes and colors working out on
each other with all sorts of buzzing things made from metal, plastic and rubber.
Some of them were things Bad had never imagined existed. It got even weirder
when she would find herself having one of these very same multicolored,
blinking, pussy punishers inserted into her vagina where they would hum and spin
producing some of the wildest cums she had ever had.

	She began to develop a healthy respect for these advanced twat toys, as
she called them. Her poor body was relatively primitive when it came to what
turned it on; these toys did not respect any limits, be they physical, mental or
emotional. Bad had never passed out from having a good cum in her life. Now she
was blacking out regularly, nearly every session. Bad knew she was in trouble
when she started having super Os that knotted up her pussy for a half hour
afterwards. By the second week Bad was reduced to a shell of her former self.
Dr. Paige was delighted at the results. Unfortunately for the black amazon, her
tormentor was curious as to what kind of limits needed to be established in
order for this procedure to be applied to the prison population as a whole.

	Suddenly things were about to come to a head. Judge Judith Longwell had
unexpectedly decided to spend ten days as the guest of Warden Suzi Sykes. It was
her intention to spend part of that time in cognito, in order to truly
experience the penal environment to which she had sent many people, both men and
women. The only person who was privy to this idea was her good friend and former
fuck buddy, the warden. The judge was about to step into a situation without the
kind of protection she was accustomed to having. She did not know this of
course. Had she been aware of the potential for grave physical and mental harm,
and perhaps a threat to her very career, she never would have suggested such a
radical plan. However the die was cast. Prisoner 3435-98-4075S, AKA Judith
Longwell, was about to be processed into the prison within the next twenty-four

				(To be continued)   

				Martha's Prison Adventures

					Chapter 9

	Warden Sykes could barely contain herself at the prospect of getting her
hands on her former friend. Ever the wily one, Judith had obviously revealed
what she was doing to some one or ones in order for her to circumvent the system
and enter the prison facility as a prisoner. Despite that, Suzi had prepared a
welcome that the jurist would never forget. The night before Judith's arrival
she held a meeting with a few key members of her elite guard force concerning
this matter, providing them with specific instructions concerning the new

	"This prisoner is not who see appears to be. In fact she is an old
friend of mine looking for some cheap thrills. Although she is well connected,
that should not inhibit the way in which you handle her. My friend is a rare
bird, part nymphomaniac and part masochist. She also goes both ways with a
vengeance. I want you people to make sure that she gets everything her little
twisted mind wants and deserves. On the other hand I do not want her bones to be
broken or her body mutilated. However I do expect her to have a few mementos to
remind her of her visit, but none that would show in normal dress. I want her to
be housed in the hard case cellblock, preferably with one of the nastier inmates
such as Mean Jean, if she's out of Room 47 by now and recovered from her latest
"accident". I'm sure she will be in a perfect mood to entertain her new roomie."

	"Naturally I will want access to my dear friend on a fairly regular
basis. I want her transferred to and from my quarters in as humiliating a
fashion as you can dream up. I will provide a schedule for her arrival and
departure. Unless I specifically request her presence, my other houseguest will
be moved to a cell in the solitary confinement section whenever I am
entertaining my friend."

	That evening Suzi was particularly demanding; it was one of those rare
times that Martha was challenged. She delivered without significantly damaging
the warden's mind or pussy. Afterwards as Suzi Sykes rested up from an orgasm
that had literally curled her toes and made her heart stop beating for nearly
ten seconds, she discussed the arrival of her guest without informing Martha who
it was. She could hardly wait until the two of them were face to face in her
bedroom. That was going to be a confrontation worth attending; the clash of the
subdued titans or perhaps would it be Armageddon lite?

	Suzi sat behind a one-way mirror and witnessed her old college fuck
buddy being processed into the prison. She was one of five new inmates, and it
was obvious from her body language and demeanor that she was a different breed
of prisoner than what usually entered her stone and steel fortress.
Unfortunately for Judith, her attitude drew the guards' attention, not something
that any smart prisoner would ever want to do.

	When the judge stripped down so she could be given a body cavity search
she revealed a set of tits that brought a gasp of surprise from Suzi. " I'll be
damned! Judy has gone and gotten herself a boob job! God, I can't wait to get my
hands on those babies." The warden had to fight off this sudden, strong urge to
pull her pants down and start playing with her pussy as she watched the action
taking place only a few feet from where she sat.

	The warden watched as the judge bent over and held her butt cheeks apart
so that her anus could be probed for contraband. While one guard worked her
latex-covered finger up the woman's asshole, another took pictures of the event.
The flash startled Judith who rose up from the position she had been ordered to
assume. Quickly two guards rushed over and began hammering the jurist with their
batons, hitting her across the shoulders, her upraised arms and finally landing
a few into her rib cage, finishing her off.

	This flurry of brutality had taken only a few seconds, but it left the
middle-aged prisoner on her hands and knees with snot running from her nose.  A
guard screamed "Get the fuck up you miserable pig or I'm ram this baton up that
fat ass of yours!" as Judith tried to regain her bearings. She was taken by the
hair and forced to stand. Before she knew it, her hands had been cuffed behind
her back. She heard a voice shouting, "Take this bitch down to X-ray, I'm not
fucking with that fat pig anymore. Let them handle her."

	 Behind the one-way glass Suzi could hardly contain her glee at what had
just happened to the haughty jurist. She knew full well that the X-ray
department was peopled by sadists who delighted in performing their function in
such a manner as to make a simple process such as taking a prisoner's
temperature, an excruciating event that often caused mental as well as physical
damage to the patient. Suzi remembered what they had done to Martha when she was 
processed into the prison. It would probably be no better for Judith Longwell,
and more likely worse unless she underwent a transformation in attitude

	Unfortunately for Judith, her years of sitting in judgment over people
had made it almost impossible for her to bow to the will of others. This was the
flaw in her plan to enter as a prisoner. Being a masochist, was not enough, one
also had to have the ability to kowtow when it suited the situation. This was
something Judith had forgotten how to do. She would pay a heavy price for this

	When she was turned over to the regular guards some eight hours later,
Judith was a shell of her former self. She had been shocked literally as well as
figuratively to her core. She had absorbed more radiation than she would get
normally if she lived to be two hundred. She had been humiliated beyond belief
by all sorts of people, all of them she considered as inferior to herself.

	Her resistance to their testing regimen only brought on even worse
variations. For instance she received what they described as a super mammogram
because she dared tell them not to damage her exhanced breasts which had been
recently installed. Their response was to mash her silicone-loaded breasts until
they were flat, and then give them double the maximum allowable dose of
radiation, in order to make sure that "everything was fine" with her. Her tits
now were swollen, and black and blue, except for the burned areas caused by the
irregular pattern of the X-rays when used at such high power levels.

	Judith's insides hurt; she felt as if there were little imps beating
their fists against her intestines from one end to the other. She wasn't far
from wrong. They had started her out with a barium enema, a large bag filled to
the brim and then topped off midway through the procedure. The cramping was
acute, but there was nothing she could do about the matter since a large bung
had been forced into her rectum to guarantee that her intestines would be filled
with the solution. She was soon covered with sweat from the unending pain.

	 Then the X-ray equipment was turned on and the power run up to maximum.
She could tell because the needle on the guage marked power went into the red
zone and remained there for the entire period that this terrible test was
carried out. She remembered hearing the technician operating the machine
commenting that she would surely not have any more problems with unwanted
pregnancies now that her ovaries had been fried with radiation.

	Later she was moved to another area and received a high colonic
procedure run by a computer controlled machine. The program determined the
location, resting time and the force necessary to traverse to the next position
within her intestines. The two lengths of tubing slowly snaked through her
intestines, washing away, then capturing any fecal matter clinging to the walls
and interstices of her bowels. Every time the machine shifted to a new position
there was terrible cramping and then a dull ache as if she had just been punched
in her abdomen. She could smell and hear the exiting of this internal debris, as
it splashed into the collection bucket. The stench from her own waste was
overpowering and just added to her overall queasy feeling.

	Finally she was given a colonoscopy. They used the largest head that her
rectum could accommodate and the probe was then run very slowly through her
highly irritated intestines that had just been washed and vacuumed clean. The
pain was incredible and the judge passed out repeatedly, especially when the
head of the probe encountered a kinked area on its way through. She remembered
coming out of one of her swoons and hearing the technician announce that the
probe was almost back to the starting spot. Even as she was thanking her lucky
stars that this terrible punishing examination was completed, she heard the
doctor tell the tech to start it back up her again, because she thought she saw
something about midway through the first run. At that point Judith began
shreiking, her mind starting to lose its mooring.

	After being pronounced free of any venereal diseases as the result of a
brutally invasive examination of her genitals that left her rubbed raw, and not
in possession of any drugs or weapons, judge Judith Longwell, AKA 3435-98-4075S,
was marched, still naked and cuffed, to a solitary confinement cell and left
there for the night. The cell was small, barely long enough to allow her to
stretch out on the concrete floor, if she could. The place was unheated, with a
slops bucket instead of a toilet. She wore a collar that was chained to the damp
wall, allowing her only to sit and ponder her situation as the hours slowly
passed in utter darkness.

	Suzi Sykes was delighted with the report she received from the X-ray
department. They had put her old friend through the jumps and even included
photos. Suzi particularly enjoyed the before and after pictures of Judith's
breasts after her super mammogram test. She felt a little bit of guilt when she
realized that the judge had taken massive amounts of dangerous radiation that
might have health consequences some years in the future. She however
rationalized that if the jurist hadn't acted the way she did, or decided to
visit openly, none of this would probably have occurred.

	She shivered with guilty pleasure when she fully accepted the fact that
judge Judith was getting just what she deserved for her haughty attitude. She
was eagerly looking towards tomorrow when the judge would begin interacting with
the most hardened criminals in the prison, especially her new cellmate, Mean
Jean. In the interim, she had Martha Manners to take care of those needs that
seemed to be becoming more insistent with each passing night.

				(To be continued) 

				Martha's Prison Adventures

					Chapter 10

	Suzi Sykes attributed the fact that she waited two full days before
having Judith Longwell brought to her quarters to a hidden streak of masochism
that lurked in her psyche. Her old friend had already been shown the ropes by
the inmate welcoming committee which had taken her straight to the showers for a
vigorous initiation featuring the usual rituals of rape with various foreign
objects, the ingestion of vast quantities of urine from her hosts, and a
thorough dunking in a toilet that had been used for two entire days without once
being flushed. When it did get flushed, the honorable Judge Judith Longwell's
head happened to be occupying it as well as the ocean of fetid waste products
produced by dozens upon dozens of inmates. Finally she had been officially
identified to her peers as a pussy slave by means of the crude tattoo that had
been placed just above her wrinkled cunt and the copper ring that hung from her
left labia. It was difficult for Suzi to hold back the smile that the bedraggled
appearance of her old school chum induced in her.

	"After all these years, here you are, on my turf, naked and restrained,
the standard state for a dangeous felon such as yourself, and hopefully enjoying
my hospitality. It sure looks like old times as far as I can see. You look just
about as wasted as when they'd bring you back from one of those all night keg
parties. Remember them, you'd be the star attraction, and in lots of cases the
only attraction. I used to wonder how you could take such a going over and then
be ready to go again in less than a day. How does my little campus stack up to
the one we went to?"

	Even as she spoke, Suzi was comparing her former friend's body to what
she looked like when they were raising hell at college. Her big bruised breasts
reminded Suzi of the way she'd look after taking one of those hormone
injections. However the small paunch that she was developing certainly never
existed during those wild days when Judith always seemed to appear as if she
needed a square meal. Her hair was now an auburn color with some subtle tints to
highlight it Suzi remembered that back in college the only constant for Judith
was the changing coloration of her hair. No one could even guess what her
original hair color might have been since her pubes were always clean shaven or
sometimes waxed, a very kinky practice that she enjoyed doing for her friend.

	"Are these cuffs staying on?" Judith asked, twisting her body to show
Suzi how she was restrained. Suzi grinned and nodded her head as her eyes
twinkled, promising an interesting evening for her old college fuck buddy.
Judith grinned back at her and said, "You wouldn't have a man hiding around here
by any chance; one with a great big black cock that is looking for a nice warm
cunt to settle into?" Suzi shook her head emphatically, bringing a look of
disappointment to the jurist's face.

	"Damn, all I have been getting since I arrived here is pussy, pussy and
more pussy. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat pussy, especially if its been
washed within the last week. I also love to have my pussy eaten by someone who
knows where all those nice sweet spots are located. However to date the pussy
I've been encountering here is rank, rancid and rotting."

	Suzi smiled sardonically and replied, "I'll be sure to pass this
information along to the guards. I'm sure they will be most eager to demonstrate
that there is some very superior cunt available if one plays her cards
properly." Judith's shoulders sagged. "Now let's you and I go into my bedroom
and get comfortable. I'm sure there is plenty to talk about when I'm not getting
you off and vice-versa." With that said, Suzi pushed the judge in the direction
of her bedroom and followed.

	Suzi made sure that her guest was comfortable before stripping down.
Judith looked very vulnerable lying on her back, her ankles secured to the small
posts located at the foot of the king sized bed. Her eyes were fixed on the
warden as the brunette disrobed. "Sexy" breathed  the judge as Suzi showed off
her skimpy aqua colored bikini panties with the sheer crotch and the matching
demi-bra that seemed to be presenting her pert tits for handling, licking and
even mauling, if the occasion warranted it. The matching garter belt was a nice
touch as it framed her pussy that was peeking from beneath the sheer material
covering it. "God, you look good enough to eat." Judith murmured.

	"You say the nicest things." whispered Suzi as she slid her bikinis down
her thighs and then stepped out from them, revealing her freshly waxed cunt with
its rouged lips. She had douched just minutes before the judge had been brought
over; if she remembered properly, it was Judith's favorite flavor, cinnamon. She
leaned forward and wiggled out of her bra, exposing her now hard nippled breasts
for her guest to appreciate, and hopefully do much more than just stare at them.
Suzi left her garter belt in place as she settled her body down to join Judith's
mouth to her moist cunt.

	Despite the long absence it did not take Judith but a minute to begin
worming her hot tongue into those sweet spots that had driven her fuck buddy
crazy in the old days. Even as she relocated herself back in time she inhaled
the fragrant mixture of Suzi's douche and her very personal aromas. Judith began
to get wet, very, very wet. She hoped that Suzi would soon move into their old
tried and true favorite, end to end with warm, wet mouths pressed to even
warmer, wetter cunts.

	Judith would have been astonished if she could have been privy to the
thoughts that were racing around inside Suzi's head. Part of the warden was
being taken back to a time of innocence and freedom. The insistent probing of
Judith's tongue acted as a stimulus to make her recall those insane and yet
happy times when the future was whatever they wanted it to be and today was
always a blast, filled with new and exciting experiences. However there was
another part of her mind that was dispassionately comparing the judge's
technique to what Martha was delivering on a daily basis, and finding her old
fuck buddy to be wanting.

	Things got even more interesting when Suzi gave into temptation and took
a dive down memory lane. The going was far from smooth. There was a strange
aroma to contend with which reminded her of the clandestine activities that went
on in her stone and steel empire. Then there was the acrid taste of stale piss
and other unmentionable material that definitely got in the way of her enjoyment
of the moment. Suzi decided to take immediate action. She retreated to her
scented bathroom and prepared a mixture of soap and fragrant oils to apply to
Judith's nether regions.

	Judge Judith did not like the fact that her former lover was now
repelled by her body odor as well as the strange tastes and smell that emanated
from her cunt. She bore the imagined insult in silence, being as she was utterly
powerless to do anything about it at this moment. She vowed that there would be
other moments when she had the upper hand, so to speak, and then she would exact
her revenge for this egregious insult.

	Things got worse when Suzi sniffed her breath and declared it totally
unacceptable. "Your mouth smells like a sewer, what have you been doing over
there?" Judith gave her a nasty smile and replied, "You mean besides eating
unwashed pussy and drinking out of toilets that haven't been flushed in days?
Now let me think.." Suzi could almost feel the venom in that answer. She backed
off, realizing that there was much she had isolated herself from. She adopted a
more conciliatory tone of voice with her old friend. "I am so sorry; sometimes I
forget what kind of a world exists outside of my nice comfortable quarters. I
really wish you hadn't chosen this rather bizarre way of visiting me." Her reply
mollified the judge to the point that she submitted to the indignity of having
to swish a rather strong astringent around inside her mouth to overwhelm the
creatures that had taken up residence.

	Now satisfied that her old friend passed muster when it came to
cleanliness where it really counted, Suzi took another trip down memory lane.
Judith was a little stiff at first, still smarting somewhat over her old
friend's fastidiousness when it came to her person. But her rancor was soon
overcome by the gentle licking and nibbling her sore cunt was receiving. She had
to admit that her situation was the result of a less than accurate assessment of
what it truly meant to be a prisoner in a woman's penitentary. On the other hand
this walk on the wild side was proving to be quite an adventure; she only hoped
she could survive what was to follow during the next ten days or so.

	Judith was amazed at what Suzi's tongue was doing to her juicing cunt.
She decided to just kick back and enjoy the ride. A few minutes later a small
tremor rippled through her body, a forerunner of the orgasm that was lurking in
the wings. Suzi picked up on this early warning signal and focused on bringing
the judge to the edge, but just that far and no more. She knew how Judith loved
to be teased before finally being allowed to fall from that dizzying height to
smash to pieces on the rocks below.

	Suzi did her thing; it was amazing how quickly she remembered all those
little tricks that made Judith purr and hum and beg for release. There was this
spot just to the left and maybe down an inch from her clit that always got
Judith crazy if Suzi poked it rapidly wth the tip of her tongue. It was still
there and just as sensitive. Suzi wondered if anyone else on the planet knew
about this little trigger. Then there was the trick with her tongue that Judith
loved. First Suzi would stick her tongue as far up Judith's cunt as she could
reach and then she'd make this screaming sound and wiggle her tongue from side
to side at the same time, creating a vibration that never failed to make her
friend squeal and try to climb out of her skin. Often she tried a variation of
that move involving Judith's anus, but entry via her tongue was problematic at

	Still they had many wonderful times trying out all sorts of ideas on
each other, but Suzi by far was the more creative of the pair. She quickly
discovered that Judith was anally inclined, even though she kept this a well
guarded secret from everyone except Suzi, who had wormed it from her by spending
hours upon hours teasing and tormenting Judith by keeping her on the verge of
orgasming until she would confess her most intimate secrets to Suzi in exchange
for the bliss of release.

	Judith had offered up this particular secret one afternoon when the two
of them had engaged in a marathon session that left the sheets soaked with pussy
juice. Suzi had locked her mouth to her lover's asshole and suctioned it
relentlessly as her hands squeezed Judith's pebbled ass cheeks. She lost track
of just how long she worked her lips and knowing tongue on that chocolate
starfish. When Judith exploded into a huge orgasm that seemed to come from out
of the blue, Suzi was amazed at both its strength and duration. When Judith
returned to life she confessed to her friend that she had these rare but intense
anal orgasms on occasion, and to this day did not know exactly what trigggered
them. From then on Suzi devoted many long hours to exploring this mystery, but
never was able to fully understand what inititated these powerful waves of
emotion tht seemed to tear her friend's body into pieces.

	Suzi finally took pity on the helpless jurist and brought her off for
old times sake; creating a gusher that soaked her face. The warden didn't
remember her friend as a squirter when they were cutting a swath through the
armies of frat boys who tried their damndest to turn the girls into puddles of
exhausted sex flesh mixed with gallons of cum and pussy juice. Then it hit her,
Judith had just lost control of her bladder and baptised her old fuck buddy with
recycled holy water! Suzi was insulted to put it mildly, and decided that
retaliation was in order. First however she retreatd to her bathroom and cleaned
up, removing all traces of Judith's urine from her person. Returning to the
bedroom she made light of her little "accident".

	The fact that she did not receive so much as a "sorry about that" grated
on Suzi, who now was determined to show Judith Longwell just where she stood in
this particular food chain. However first she made some small talk to get an
idea how she was coping with this environment. Suzi did not like what she heard.

	"It was bad enough that those dyke guards running the prisoner
processing station abused me and those sadists at the infirmary early ruined my
new boob job, but the discipline in this place is non-existent! Gangs of
prisoners roam the cell block doing anything they want to the rest of us. I was
dragged off to the showers and things were done to me that I won't bother to
describe to you, because I have a suspicion that you know full well what's going
on in your little world. In truth, the inmates are running this asylum, and
that's your fault my dear."

	"My cell mate is a certifiable lunatic. She certainly lives up to her
name. So far I've made the circuit from her unwashed cunt to the unflushed
toilet for a good dunking, more times than I can keep track of. Do you know that
she has free rein to move in and out of her cell as she sees fit? I could not
believe it when the second I was placed in the cell with her, and even before
the two grinning guards left, she had plastic ties around my wrists and upper
arms so that I wouldn't give her any trouble while she broke me in as her
personal cunt rag and toilet slave."

	"How many other inmates are being brutalized this way? Quite a number
I'd guess, based on my personal experiences to date. Did you know that she has a
collection of dildos and vibrators that is bigger than mine, and she swears I'll
know how every one of them feels in my mouth, cunt and asshole before the week
is over? Do you know that this is the second time I've even seen a guard since
I've become an inmate?"

	Suzi was hard pressed to keep a straight face as her companion reeled
off a list of complaints about almost every facet of her organization. Didn't
she realize that the best way to keep order in a place filled with undisciplined
people was to let them run the place to a degree, but keep them confined to a
specific area? By doing this Suzi was able to constantly come in under budget,
which made her very popular with the politicians responsible for funding her

	They operated on the principle of "don't tell me, I don't want to know",
which left Suzi holding the bag if things ever got out of hand. It was a fairly
narrow line that the warden walked, but as the years went by she became more and
more familiar with the pitfalls that might cause her to be left standing without
a chair when the music stopped. In another five years Suzi planned to be out of
here and on to bigger and better things thanks to her sterling performance at
this difficult job. If push came to shove, Judge Longwell just might have a
terrible accident during her stay at the prison. After all, how was Warden Sykes
supposed to know of this clandestine operation that placed a justice from
another state in her prison without informing her about this ruse?

	Suzi made a phone call and within a few minutes a pair of female guards
knocked at her door. They escorted a very surprised Judith Longwell, AKA
prisoner 3435-98-4075S, back to her cell block. The naked woman trembled, not
from the coolness of the evening, but more from anticipation of what she would
have to endure once she was delivered into the clutches of Mean Jean once more.

	On the way back her group passed a trio which included a naked blonde
woman with her hands cuffed behind her back. As they passed the guards exchanged
greetings. "We're going to where you just came from. Sure wish she'd make up her
mind." The guards laughed at this remark, poking their prisoners to make them
move faster. Judith had the oddest feeling that she'd seen that buxom blonde
woman somewhere else. Then she quickly removed that thought from her mind and
began obsessing on what new torments awaited her once she was back in that cell
she shared with Mean Jean.

				(To be continued)

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				     Chapter 11

	The following morning just before roll call Judith was introduced to
another set of guards.  These hard faced ladies brooked no nonsense from Mean
Jean, beating her soundly around the head and shoulders with their batons as
they dragged the startled and very naked judge from the cell. It had been a very
long night as far as Judith was concerned and between the lack of sleep and the
pain from having a number of Mean Jean's toys jammed up her cunt and asshole,
she was in no condition to offer any resistance.

	After cuffing her hands behind her back, they hustled her away from the
cell block. Judith was too sore and tired to think, all she could imagine was
that she was being taken to see her old buddy, the warden, for reasons unknown.
Instead she was led to a door marked Room 47, which meant little to her. She did
recall something about this place, but couldn't remember the details.

	A team had been hurriedly formed to handle this important case. They
would have very little time to accomplish what one described as a "fucking
miracle". Within a week prisoner 3435-98-4075S was to become a mindless drone
suitable for only the simplest tasks. In addition there was to be no physical
evidence that she had been harmed in any way. This made it a most challenging
assignment; so challenging in fact that the young PhD now experimenting on Bad
was drafted to lead the effort.

	To say that Dr. Dawn Davis was unhappy with her new duties would be an
understatement. Her anger was to be focused on the new prisoner who had
interrupted her very important work. Once again Suzi Sykes had demonstrated the
skill to not only choose the right person for a task, but also provide that
person with a tremendous motivation to succeed. The sooner judge Judith was
permanently "calmed", the sooner Dr. Davis could return to the more interesting
activity that kept her working in this less than ideal environment. Suzi had big
plans for the young, but still relatively undisciplined scientist. This talented
young woman would soon provide the warden with even more security based on the
research she was being allowed to carry out here in the prison, far from the
prying eyes of the authorities.

	The plan developed by the team leader for Judith appeared to be a simple
one; reduce the amount of oxygen the prisoner's brain would receive. The methods
to be used would be the key to success. The first phase would involve
establishng which of the many options proved to be effective in the shortest
time. The second phase would be to enhance the degradation of Judith's mental
capacity by means of electroshock treatments. However these treatments would be,
of necessity, much less stressing than the types used on Martha Manners.
Unfortunately for the young scientist's scheme, she was unaware that Martha had
only suffered a temporary lapse in her memory and brain functions. Had she not
been under time contraints, Dawn no doubt would have reexamined the original
subject to determine her current status. Then the cat would have been out of the

	To show the prisoner who was the boss, Dr. Davis had the judge given a
gigantic enema of very hot water, as she lay strapped securely to the
examination table. Immediately after, a rubber bung was jammed up her anus to
prevent her from expelling the enormous ocean of nearly boiling water that was
eating away at her intestines. Then a length of plastic tubing hooked to a water
tap was forced down her throat. At a nod from the doctor, the tap was opened and
Judith's already rounded stomach soon began to bulge from the two bodies of
water that were now competing for the same space. The inevitable happened, the
helpless prisoner became saturated, she could hold no more and then her lungs
began to fail as her ever expanding stomach pushed up against them, reducing the
amount of air that they could capture.

	Judith Longwell thought she was about to die just before she passed out
from lack of oxygen. When they revived her after she had vomited up almost a
gallon of water, she was allowed to release the water still roiling within her
lower intestines. Then the process was repeated, only this time the enema
consisted of double boiled coffee, still steaming. The flow of water that was
admitted to her stomach was much reduced so that she would have a longer time to 
experience the effect of the enema. It took almost twice the time for her to
slowly lose consciousness from the unrelenting pressure of her swollen stomach
pressing against many of her internal organs besides her lungs.

	To demonstrate just how much power she held over the prisoner, Dr. Davis
told her assistants that she wanted the treatments to continue for the rest of
the day while she returned to work on Bad. The judge's eyes popped out of her
head and she began screaming at the top of her lungs that another treatment
might kill her. The young scientist gave her a knowing smile and said, "That's
just the chance you'll have to take, my dear. Believe me, it will look as if you
died of natural causes, that's the beauty of this procedure. Rest assured that
these people are experts at administering this treatment, they have a success
rate of over ninety percent. This means unless they give you more than lets say
eight more treatments, you should have a pretty good chance of surviving until I
get back and really make you hurt."

	Then she turned to the operators and added, "Oh, by the way I want her
catheterized for the rest of the day. She's not to be allowed to urinate. It
will be most interesting to see what her bladder's capacity really is. I'm of
the opinion that she'll be holding at least 700 cc by the time I arrive for the
real work later on today. Obviously the rest of her urine will back up into her
system and we'll have to be careful to avoid uremic poisoning, so check her
blood every three hours just to be on the safe side."

	So while judge Judith Longwell was learning a lesson about who was in
control of whom, Dawn Davis hurried back to her lab to see how the latest
treatment she had given Big Bad was working out. It was truly amazing how much
she had already changed her subject in just the last few days. The former black
amazon's body was a reflection of her inner feelings about herself. In a word,
she was "cut", "buffed" or "chiseled", the result of many thousands of lonely
hours working with the weights to build her body into a mass of perfectly
proportioned muscle. Her physical persona began to dominate every facet of her
personality including her tastes in sex partners.

	On the outside, and before she developed herself into this powerhouse on
feet, Bad's tastes in sex partners, when they were available, ran to members of
the opposite sex. Being plain of face and possessing a lanky body that at best
could be described as average, did not attract the top of the line male catches.
The few relationships she entered always fizzled out quickly. Her last partner
was a user of women for his own agenda, which had nothing to do with marrying
and having a family. That was how the young Bad, nee Georgia Jones, got into
trouble with the law. She was sentenced to ten years minimum for aiding and
abetting her boyfriend when he committed a bank robbery and she participated
unknowingly by driving the getaway car.

	Georgia quickly learned that in prison there were only two classes, the
users and the used. For the next five years she worked out with the weights six
hours a day to tansform herself from a lanky 125 pound member of the "used"
population to a chiseled, 175 pound member of the "user" class. During this
period Georgia gradually disappeared, being subsumed into her new persona, Bad.

	The new user's tastes in sex partners changed as well; there had been a
couple of very brief periods during her transformation when she became a sexual
"bottom", but after the first year her sex life went into neutral. Like most
prisoners without regular or forced partnerships she depended upon herself for
sexual pleasure, starting with her fingers and graduating up the scale to her
first prison fabricated dildo and finally to a vibrator that cost her four
months wages from her job in the prison laundry room. To celebrate her coming
out as a member of the user class, Bad, for that was her new moniker in the
joint, took the first of dozens of tongues, a sweet young thing, new to this
bipolar world, and eager to please in exchange for protection from the predators
that roamed the cell block.

	To Bad, there would never be another like the strange blonde woman who
briefly shared her cell and her life. Now even this delightful memory was being
slowly erased by this new owner, the doctor, with her cold exterior and those
damned needles. Ever since Bad had become this new white woman's property, she
started to change physically. With physical changes came a welter of new
emotions and reactions that she had never experienced before or in some cases,
had thought them to be completely buried in a past that could never be again.

	Her lack of education prevented Bad from realizing that those needles
the young doctor was putting into her arms daily contained hormones that were
changing her body's chemistry. Some of the needles also contained chemicals that
were attacking her muscles, turning them into something softer and more rounded.
The major change and the one that fascinated the black amazon the most was the
development of her breasts. Even before she started to work out, her breasts
were undersized and pancake shaped. After years of serious body building those
breasts were turned into slabs of muscle, no longer an enticement to members of
the opposite sex, even if there had been some in this strange prison world. Now
they were reappearing along with these strange feelings and the overall
softening of her chiseled form. Bad was at a loss to explain what was happening
to her.

	Things had really gotten weird this morning when the doctor injected her
tits, pussy lips, clit and even the cunt meat itself, which took three shots.
The injections made Bad feel like she was going to go through the roof from the
pain. She didn't know where she hurt the most, her tits that felt like they were
on fire, or her clit which was throbbing to beat hell and had doubled in size
and was still growing, or her fuck tunnel that felt as if someone had filled it
full of acid.

	In the last few minutes a new sensation had begun to make itself known,
Bad was starting to feel very horny. She began to wish that someone would get
busy and lick her cunt, or maybe suck on her nice soft titties, or better still,
nibble on her big clit. Bad's body started to squirm against the straps holding
her down to the table. She had tried over and over to get free of them but had
never succeeded. Despite that she tried again, this time putting everything she
had behind her struggles. She failed miserably; worse yet she was getting
hornier and also weak, something she had not experienced in years. What the hell
was happening to her, and how could she make it stop?

	By the time Dr. Dawn Davis arrived, her patient, or subject, was
literally frothing at the mouth, her naked body covered with sweat and her arms
and legs clenching as she continued to fruitlessly try to escape from her bonds.
"I'm hurt'n, lordie, I hurt so bad!" Bad kept chanting this litany as her body
twitched and shivered from the effects of the shots she had received. "I feels
like a big pussy, my pussy is as big as my body and it wants to be fucked, fuck
my pussy, damn it, fuck my pussy!" The young scientist's face lit up with joy as
she took in what was happening to Big Bad, the former scourge of the prison.
She, Dr. Dawn Davis, had figured out a technique for calming those inmates
unable to accept their lot in life. She could hardly wait until she could sit
down, go over the preliminary data, and begin to write what would be the first
of many papers on this subject.

	There remained one critical piece of information to obtain, and that was
the main reason why she had left that new prisoner in the hands of the sadistic
techs who would probably spend the rest of their shift seeing how close to death
they could bring the woman. She wondered if they would try to backfill her
bladder to the limit and beyond as they did to that other unfortunate a few
weeks ago. Her bladder had ruptured and she still was in intensive care with a
very negative prognosis for any type of normal life. Dawn rushed around her
laboratory getting the parts needed to validate her theory. Soon she had the
motorized dildo assembled and mounted between Bad's spread thighs. Even from a
distance one could easily see the stream of fluid dribbling from the subject's
cunt. Bad was in desperate need for some form of relief, and Dawn thought she
had just what the patient needed.

	Although it probably was not necessary considering the amount of cunt
juice pouring from Bad, Dawn still decided to lubricate the huge stiff piece of
rubber and composite material shaped into a replica of the erect penis belonging
to the famous porn star, Mr. Big. How appropriate that Big Bad should be
pleasured to completion by Mr. Big; it was a type of poetic justice. The
scientist took a deep breath and lined the bulbous head of the phallus against
Bad's swollen lipped vagina. She stepped back and threw the switch, setting the
machine into motion.

	She had set the stroke length to six inches for openers, using the
lowest speed to make sure that Bad's cunt wouldn't be stretched too quickly by
the monster that was beginning to bore into her. Dawn watched with great
interest as the swollen cunt lips of her subject narrowed and soon became just
pink bands as they wrapped around the huge member invading her fuck tunnel. Then
she adjusted the throw of the machine so that each stroke of the artificial cock
was going nine inches into Bad's bulging cunt. Bad shifted her hips in an
attempt to get more comfortable and groaned in rhythm with each stroke her cunt

	Now Dawn increased the speed at which each stroke was being delivered.
The sloshing sounds issuing from Bad's totally filled fuck tube indicated that
she had enough lubricant, natural or otherwise, to handle what she was taking.
After about five minutes of this steady pounding Bad was beginning to gasp for
breath and her hips were pumping furiously so that she could meet the force of
the machine with some of her own in return. Dawn ramped the machine up once more
until a foot of the Mr. Big replica was entering her subject. Bad started to
puff out her cheeks in an effort to get more air into her lungs.

	The doctor increased the speed, judging the black amazon's ability to
handle it by the way she panted and the sounds that came from her stretched and
fucked out cunt. Dawn decided she could take more. She had to take longer and
faster strokes if she was to get off and validate everything that the scientist
had worked diligently to accomplish. She carefully increased the throw of the
machine to deliver one additional inch, and let it run for a minute or two so
that Bad could once more accommodate the extra pressure she was now enduring.

	Then without warning, she erupted into the mother of all orgasms. Bad's
eyes tried to pop out of her head and she gave a keening wail that grew louder
and louder as the first and then second wave of contractions shook her body to
its foundations. It was almost as if she was giving birth, and perhaps this
catharsis was a form of birth as Bad discovered herself in this blinding flash
of insight and passion. Then as abruptly as it began, her orgasm tailed off,
leaving a quivering mass of spent flesh still twitching and quaking, but
satiated in a way as well. Dawn Davis felt a great weight lifted from her
shoulders, she had succeeded.

				(To be continued)

	`				Martha's Prison Adventures

					       Chapter 12

	Suzi had need of Martha's services once her former friend had been sent
off to meet her fate. The warden was quite confident that in a matter of a few
days, a week at most, judge Judith Longwell would effectively have ceased to
exist, replaced by a mindless drone suitable for little except the most menial
tasks that required no conscious thought. She was confident that her
organization could not be held accountable for the rash actions of an out of
control jurist with an agenda known only to herself and a few confidants. Suzi
was quite pleased with herself, she had covered all the bases, or so she

	Tonight she would put Martha through her paces with a vengeance. She was
on a high from the way she had dealt with the judge and now she would complete
the process of turning this prisoner into her totally dependent and most docile
sex slave. She was already thinking about ways to assure that even after
Martha's sentence was completed, the woman would be at her disposal on a regular

	Perhaps further electroshock treatments might turn her into a
vegetable-like creature unable to even care for herself. Then perhaps Suzi might
pull some strings to arrange for Martha to become a ward of one of her close
friends once it became apparent that she was of no value to the financial types
who used her services. There were a number of candidates that would love to have
Martha's magic tongue at their disposal in exchange for lending her to Suzi for
her own special needs as well. Then again whatever treatment that Dr. Davis came
up with for the judge might lend itself, suitably modified of course, to meeting
this objective.

	Thinking further ahead, there would come a time when managing a prison
would be in the past and more attractive positions would be available. She could
easily imagine herself in a location less than a few hours by air from where
Martha was housed. Who knows, perhaps Martha might wind up staying with Suzi for
the summer, servicing her every need. It was a time for dreaming and the warden
let her mind rove far and wide.

	By the time Dawn Davis returned to where they were softening up the
prisoner, Judith was barely able to respond to anything except the harshest of
simulants. The young scientist walked into the lab just in time to witness the
big breasted, naked woman being given a strong shock to start her heart once
more. This was the second time that it had ceased functioning in the last hour.
Dawn watched dispassionately as the water tube was once again threaded down her
throat so that her belly could be bloated to the point that she looked as if she
were pregnant with overdue twins.

	From the amount of water covering the floor and the soaked appearance of
the prisoner, it was apparent that enough liquid to float a small boat had been
forced into her. That caused the scientist to ponder over near-drowning as
another method of damaging the subject's higher brain functions. Perhaps
submersion for lengthy periods in very cold water combined with electroshock
might be the answer to the challenge that the warden had presented to her. The
ladies performing the latest lung flattening procedure acknowledged her presence
with thin lipped smiles as they busied themselves making sure that Judith got
her money's worth of watery discomfort.

	The warden had decided that it would be fun to humiliate Martha, and she
could think of no better way than some good old fashioned bathroom activities,
also known as water sports. It was Pam Carmody, the supervisor of the guards,
who delivered her guest for the evening. Suzi was a bit surprised at this, but
quickly found out that there was a very good reason for her being here.

	Carmody had been picking up vague rumors that a few of the more
desperate prisoners were planning some sort of demonstration that would occur
within the week. She wanted the warden to be aware of this and to make a
judgement on how the guards should react to this information. This bit of news
coming on top of all the other things that were going on, did not sit well with
the warden. She told Carmody to make sure that this hint of impending trouble
stayed to herself, and to have her guards keep a low profile until further

	Martha had been privy to their conversation, but Suzi was not concerned.
These days her pet prisoner was either with her, satisfying Suzi's needs, or in 
solitary confinement, away from any contact with the other prisoners. On top of
that, the poor thing could not remember what happened from day to day. By
tomorrow morning any record of this conversation would be lost as the result of
her impaired mental state, or so she thought.

	The moment Carmody left her quarters, Suzi stripped down and escorted a
naked and securely restrained Martha into her bathroom for some fun and games. A
bulging enema bag hung from the shower rod ready to deliver a couple of quarts
of a special concoction dreamed up by the folks in Room 47 to be used on their
more stubborn prisoners. It was a rather inocuous mixture of liquids, but when
heated to near body temperature there was a chemical reaction that occurred,
releasing large quantities of gas. The sudden addition of this large volume of
gas had a decidedly painful effect on the prisoner's lower intestines.

	There were apocryphal tales told about intestines bursting or colons
rupturing from this violent chemical reaction. Suzi could hardly wait to see
what would happen to her docile bedmate. To make sure that the discomfort would
be maximized, she was using a special nozzle arrangement that allowed the
subject's anus to be plugged securely once the enema had been administered.
There would be no way for Martha to relieve herself from the awesome pressure
that would be developed.

	To make the treatment even more demeaning for Martha, as soon as the
nozzle had been inserted and locked into place, Suzi made her get into the tub
and stand facing her, bent at the waist. The warden released the clip and
allowed the liquid to flow into Martha's colon. Once that was accomplished she
guided the blonde woman's face into her crotch and made sure that Martha's
tongue was able to cover all the sweet spots that made Suzi feel oh so good.

	Soon Suzi was humping her smooth shaven pubic mound against the
prisoner's face, rubbing it from brow to chin as she enjoyed the thrill that
could only be provided by that flickering snake of a tongue that never ceased
its probing and stimulating of the warden's moist cunt. Suzi grabbed Martha's
locks in her fists and used them like reins to move her face to where ever she
wanted, where ever it felt the best. Martha's face was soon covered with Suzi's
glistening cunt slime as the warden neared her first of many orgams for the

	It was just before Suzi's second cumming that the gas phase of Martha's
enema kicked in. The blonde's body stiffened as she felt the first burst of
pressure push through her guts and rebound from the wall of water that was still
entering her body. Suzi was too busy guiding Martha's tongue to just the right
spot, an inch to the left and just below her swollen clit, to notice that her
"cunt rag" was experiencing some discomfort. The pressure built up slowly as
more and more gas was generated. Martha's tonguing became spasmodic as the pain
overcame her. Suzi applied even more pressure to her head and nearly suffocated
poor Martha against her sweaty, juicing slot.

	The warden's pussy began to spurt streams of some kind of amber liquid.
This surprised Martha to the point that she stopped licking Suzi's cunt and
tried to avoid being drenched with this mystery fluid. This infuriated the
warden who viciously yanked at Martha's hair in an attempt to pull it from her
head. This new pain coupled with the growing pressure on her insides brought
Martha to tears. Suzi began to cuff the prisoner's ears with wicked chops, then
grabbbed them and twisted until Martha thought she would pass out from the pain.
She foolishly retaliated by trying to bite Suzi's cunt lips, a severe breach of
decorum on her part. The response from the furious brunette was quick and
brutal. She began to strangle Martha who was unable to defend herself, her hands
being securely cuffed behind her back and her feet hobbled by a short length of
chain. Suzi squeezed and squeezed until Martha went limp and collapsed onto her
knees with the enema nozzle still jammed deep into her asshole.

	By now the enema bag was empty and the backup from the tremendous
pressure developed by the ever expanding gas began to force some of the enema
from the tiny fissures between the nozzle and her sphincter muscle. Suzi
realized that she may have harmed Martha with her attack; she suddenly got a
sinking feeling in her stomach. What if she had indeed caused major physical
harm to her famous prisoner, who would take the rap? Before panic set in, the
blonde began to gasp and try to accommodate herself to the unending pressure
that continued to build in her intestines. She began to beg for mercy and Suzi
was so relieved that she indeed cut her some slack, but not too much. What
almost had happened was as much Martha's fault as her own, in fact perhaps more,
now that she thought about it. This steeled her resolve to continue to degrade
her helpless prey.

	Suzi climbed into the tub which now contained a few inches of Martha's
wastes plus the contents of the enema bag. The stink was enough to make her eyes
water, but she squatted over the blonde's prone body and in a voice filled with
menace said, "Open that damned mouth and keep it open until its filled up with
my piss. Then I want to see you gargling it until I say you can swallow my
delicious offering and get yourself ready for another mouthful."

	Martha's facial expression was one of disbelief as she heard Suzi speak.
After she absorbed two vicious slaps to her face, her mouth opened wide. Suzi
concentrated and released a stream of pungent urine that washed over Martha's
face before finding her mouth and filling it. The warden smiled as she heard the
sounds of her prisoner gargling with her golden offering. She let Martha perform
this utterly demeaning act for almost a minute before giving her permission to
swallow it down. Then Suzi released another torrent of yellow and Martha once
more went through this humiliating activity. Once more Suzi opened her bladder
and this time she made Martha turn  into a fountain, the urine overflowing from
her mouth as the brunette finished emptying her bladder. Martha gargled the
remaining piss for a very long time before being allowed to swallow it, then
smack her lips and praise the taste and aroma of this noxious discharge.

	Suzi was far from finished punishing Martha for her bad behavior. The
brunette gingerly got out of the bath tub and then put her foot on the edge of
the tub, presenting it for Martha to clean. A few cuffs to the blonde's head set
her to work on this disgusting task. Suzi felt a rush when Martha's talented
tongue began making its way across the top of her foot, lapping up the foul
mixture of her own body waste, the warden's urine and the enema itself.

	To her credit Martha did a very thorough job of removing whatever had
coated the warden's foot. The prisoner was most aware that her behavior might
create some suspicion about her state of her mind, so she bent herself to the
task with diligence, ignoring what she was tasting and smelling as she worked.
Suzi gloried in her dominance over this former Wall Street shark. She was
entranced by the way that pink tongue flickered and wormed itself into those
tiny spaces to seek out and gulp down all the reminders of where those feet had
been. Martha finished her oral pedicure, if such a thing could be imagined, by
lovingly sucking each one of the warden's toes until they were glistening with
her saliva.

	Martha was allowed to step from the tub and then she was unceremoniously
pushed into the shower stall and stood there shivering as the cold water
splashed down upon her naked body, making her nipples turn to stone. Suzi
ordered her out and made her stand there trembling from the cold as the brunette
took her place in the stall, taking a long, hot shower and soaping herself from
head to foot. She felt a twinge of loss when she cleaned the saliva from her
feet. Finally Suzi stepped out from the steamy shower and patted herself dry
with a large soft towel. By then Martha was suffering from the evaporation
induced chill that covered her body. Her teeth were chattering and Suzi could
actually see her skin pebbling and even appearing to move as the shivers rippled
across her bare body.

	"I guess you have had enough for now. Let me see what I can do about
getting you dried off." Martha brightened at the offer, but Suzi had one more
little surprise for the blonde. Martha's eyes got wide when the warden produced
a large blow dryer and switched it on. It released a blast of dry heat that she
could feel from four feet away. When it came closer, the warmth was transferred
into pain as her skin felt as if it was blistering. Suzi grinned and played the
blower across her breasts, pausing to make sure that her nipples shriveled from
the heat. Matters got worse when she played the heat up and down Martha's body
from her navel to her throat, pausing at each end to bake Martha's skin until
she had to blink back the tears.

	All this was prelude to the attack she launched on Martha's shaved cunt.
She slowly moved the blower head up and down that wrinkled slot, the force of
the air actually flattening her cunt lips. Martha began to beg for mercy, but
received none. In fact, the brunette spread her cunt lips with one hand and
pushed the blower head against her cunt meat, bringing a scream of agony from
Martha. She repeated this action over and over until Martha sagged to her knees
to avoid any more pain. For her troubles Suzi blasted her breasts at point blank
range and the skin began to turn red as Martha pleaded for relief.

	Suzi could not seem to stop tormenting her prisoner with the heat from
the blower. She gave the woman more than one blast directly to her face, causing
her skin to flutter from the force of the air. She used it on her ears, moving
back and forth across her face to turn her tender lobes into swollen reddened
meat. When Suzi jammed the blower between Martha's broad ass cheeks the woman
collapsed from the pain and lay on her belly sobbing and screaming from the
terrible pain she had just experienced. Suzi took the opportunity to spread her
cheeks and let her have still another dose of the terrible dry heat that
literally was blistering the sensitive skin surrounding her anus. Finally she
finished torturing Martha by turning her broad ass cheeks into two crimson balls
of pulsating pain. Martha was finished, there would be no more resistance from
her for the rest of the evening.

	Martha was marched back out to the bedroom; Suzi had big plans for the
rest of the evening. She was going to dominate her little bedmate like never
before. The warden quickly tied Martha's ankles to the posts at the foot of her
bed and then mounted her face. She dropped her wet cunt down on the woman's face
and ordered her to begin getting her off, and not to stop her efforts until she
heard different. Martha set to work with a purpose; she still had much to do to
mend the fences she had damaged by her behavior earlier this evening. It was a
fine line she walked, or perhaps her tongue drew, as she sought to pleasure the
warden in such a way as to totally please her, without getting out of control.

	Martha deliberately held back on her strong stuff, preferring to be
gentle rather than overwhelming with Suzi. The brunette cooperated by leaning
back on her arms and allowing Martha full access to her cunt. Martha licked it
up and down, moving back and forth from the base of her dripping snatch to the
little bundle of nerve endings that was her clitoris. She sucked that hot button
until it was swollen and twitching. When she gently bit down on on it, Suzi's
body quivered and her cunt began to froth as she started on her first orgasm,
almost a controlled  burn that never got out of hand. She inhaled the swampy
scent from the warden's gushing gash and lapped up every drop of cunt juice that
oozed from its maw.

	Without so much as a "by your leave" she started bringing Suzi toward
another "little death", this one a bit stronger than its predecessor. Then she
followed up by inducing a third one, this time it did more than just muss Suzi's
hair. The warden's thighs clamped down on Martha's neck in a death grip as she
rocked and rolled through a major emotional upheaval. By the time she released
the blonde from between her thighs, Martha's face was glazed with her cunt cream
that had poured forth and buried the blonde's face. Now it was Suzi's turn to
resume command and she did.

	Suzi shifted her body so that Martha's nose was now snugged between her
cheeks, a new situation heretofore tacitly considered to be out of bounds.
Martha wasted no time venturing into this unexplored territory. The tip of her
tongue poked gently and then more forcefully against Suzi's sphincter,
attempting to gain entry. Suzi gave her some assistance by prying her buttocks
apart, making it easier to apply more force to the muscle which now was being
pressured from two different directions. Martha began to lick and kiss the
little rosebud so fetchingly presented for her attentions. Suzi groaned and then
shivered as that magic tongue took command of the situation.

	Martha improvised as she began to once again take control of the
warden's body, undermining her will to resist the blonde's advances. She left a
trail of wet kisses on the warden's rounded bottom cheeks and then sucked a
string of hickies into the pebbled flesh. From there she graduated to little
nips and then more invasive love bites that made Suzi go half crazy. When she
ran her tongue up and down the length of that delicious space between her well
attended cheeks, Suzi lost control and went off like a rocket.

	Martha being a student of the female body was well aware of the rich
supply of nerve endings located around that unmentionable area of her bedmate's
anatomy. She increased her attacks in an effort to blow a few more fuses in the
warden's protective circuitry. She nearly succeeded, perhaps only one orgasm
away from total victory, when Suzi through a massive effort of her will
literally tore herself free from that insinuating snake of a tongue that was on
the verge of sapping her strength.

	Martha offered no resistance when Suzi untied her ankles so she could be
put on her stomach for more fun and games. Once Martha was retied and completely
helpless, Suzi pulled out the final surprise of the evening, her trusty dildo,
the one she called the "persuader". After donning the length of black, hard
rubber, she presented it to Martha for some sucking. "Make sure that black
beauty is well coated with plenty of saliva because it's going up your ass as
soon as you're done lubing it up."

	True to her word Suzi sank the persuader into Martha's tight asshole. It
was slow going to get the head of the monster past the tough ring of muscle
guarding her tender rear entryway. Martha gasped in pain as inch by inch the
hard rubber tool buried itself inside her sore anal passageway which was cruelly
stretched by the black invader. Finally Suzi was satisfied that Martha's ass had
swallowed enough for openers. Now she set to work widening and loosening the
tight tube of flesh that was wrapped around the dildo. She shifted her hips and
moved the dildo back until all but a few inches were withdrawn. Then she slammed
it home with all her strength, and Martha buried her face in the sheets and
screamed in agony. By the time Suzi was finished with her prisoner, the dildo
had a coating of blood that covered all but two or three inches, and Martha had
passed out from the unending pain as her anus was all but destroyed.

	Suzi called to have Martha transported back to solitary confinement.
However she showed some consideration for the brutalized blonde's condition and
instructed the guards to have her first examined by the people in the prison
infirmary so that something could be done to stop the bleeding from her asshole.
It had been a very long day and evening for the warden, and despite all the
clouds on the horizon she fell into a deep sleep within minutes after the guards
had taken Martha from her quarters.

				(To be continued)   

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				    Chapter 13

	Suzi Sykes had gotten to be the warden because she was a stickler for
details. Nothing escaped notice, no matter how trivial. The fact that Martha
Manners had bitten Suzi's pussy during their session last evening had not gone
unnoticed. This was so out of character that her interest was piqued, and then
some. Even considering all the other problems that needed to be resolved, this
one was going to get some attention now. It probably was an instinctive reaction
to what was happening at the time; Martha had merely gotten carried away in the
moment, nothing more. If however, it signaled the return of her personality and
therefore perhaps her memory, it was something that had to be immediately
addressed. To date Suzi had been able to use prison regulations to prevent
Martha from being visited by her friends and worse still, her legal people. At
best she might be able to delay visitation rights for perhaps a few more days,
but then they would be upon her. Suzi desperately needed to have a docile,
memory-impaired prisoner for them to see; one with no visible signs of any form
of mistreatment.

	Dr. Dawn Davis was livid. First she had been dragged from her important
work with the convict, Bad, who was responding quite well to her treatments, in
order to develop a solution for a problem that the warden was having with some
prisoner who she had never heard of. Now to make matters worse she was being
given another hot potato that the warden was unable to handle. Dawn felt as if
she was one of those people who clean up after the horses have gone by in a
parade. This was totally unacceptable!

	Despite her ego problems, Dawn Davis was a very intelligent woman. Once
she got over her pet, she settled down to see how she could handle both problems
in a way that could be mutually compatible. Perhaps there might be a "one
solution fits all" answer. The scientist sat down and pondered this approach.
What if she put both subjects through the same procedure to judge their
response? Suppose the responses were the same or at least similar? If that were
the case her work was well on its way to being completed. First she had to
discover rather quickly how this latest patient, Martha Manners, came to lose
her short term memory. While she was working this problem, her staff could be
putting the other one through her paces using the approach that she had laid out
for her. It would be a good example of parallel processing, a concept that had
become very popular in business as well as science.

	It was then that Dr. Davis realized that she did not have any baseline
information on the brain activities of either subject. Recently she had
complained to the warden about the lack of certain rudimentary evaluation tools
that she required for her work. Dawn decided to check on the progress of those
purchase orders that Suzi Sykes had promised to initiate. The warden's
thoroughness and attention to detail had in this case sowed the seeds of her own
ultimate destruction. To the delight of the scientist she found that the
equipment necessary for her to make an EEG had arrived. Within hours it was
delivered to her lab and she had it operational. At this point she made another
decision that would bring down the entire house of steel and stone around the
ears of the warden. She would make tests on the new prisoner, whatever her name
was, Martha Manners, and Bad, all at the same time to develop a baseline for
this work.

	The results were not as she had anticipated. In the area that she
expected to see the most difference, that pertaining to the control of memories,
there was no discernible difference. Always the careful researcher, Dawn
retested her three subjects and received the same data again. Something was
seriously amiss. She quickly developed another experiment to validate her
findings. One by one, in her presence, each woman received a moderate dose of
electroshock while she was hooked up so that her brain wave patterns could be
observed in real time. The results confirmed the scientist's suspicions; there
was no difference between the three as far as short term or for that matter,
long term, memory was concerned. Martha's little secret was out of the bag.

	Martha knew that something was up when she underwent the various tests,
and she could tell from the look on the young scientist's face that the jig was
up. It was then that Martha Manners reverted to type and attempted to take
command of the situation. She waited until she and Dawn were alone for a few
minutes and then Martha went on the offensive. "So you know that my memory is
back, don't you? You're obviously one of the more intelligent people occupying
this pesthole. You can be sure that when I reveal what's been going on here to
my legal team this place will be swarming with investigators and your warden's
days will be numbered, along with all those involved in this charade. There is a
very good chance that I will be freed on appeal, which will only compound the

	Her words got the undivided attention of Dawn Davis, who could see her
budding career going right down the toilet if what Martha said turned out to be
true. Martha sensed that the young woman was mullng her options as she stood
there in silence. She moved in for the kill.

	"By the way do you know who the older woman is? I'll bet you haven't
been told that either. I guess your warden must think you're a mushroom. You
know what I mean, don't you? You're being kept in the dark and being fed
horseshit by your boss. Well, for your information she's judge Judith Longwell,
the very same judge that sent me away to this hell hole. I wonder why she's
here? I'll bet you're involved in that little mess as well. I can just see you
sitting in one of these very cells in less than a year."

	Martha paused to let what she had said sink in, then laughed and
continued to bring her fish closer to the boat. "Perhaps sitting is not the way
you'll spend much time, it's more likely you'll either be on your knees or bent
over taking whatever passes for a cock up your loose asshole or down your raw
throat. That's what happens to tender, young white girls in this place."

	"They are going to be lined up ten deep to get a crack at you. Who
knows, maybe you're black subject might even wind up having you as her own
private cunt rag? I'll bet you'd love that, having to do down on that brute of a
prisoner every night before she decides how and with what she's going to rape
you tonight. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she'll just pimp your lily-white ass out to
the highest bidder on a nightly basis. That's what happens in prison, in case
you didn't know. I know it to be true, because I've been through it, and most of
it is indelibly imprinted in my memory."

	From the look on the scientist's face, Martha knew that she was about
ready to be gaffed and brought into the boat. "You have a wonderful opportunity
to get yourself a ton of good publicity plus the everlasting thanks of such
people as myself and the good federal judge who is currently at your mercy.
Think of it, you'll be able to pick from plenty of great positions from
organizations eager to have a dedicated and caring scientist either teaching at
their university or doing top-notch research in one of their well equipped labs
for a great salary. Who knows, there might even be a book deal or perhaps a
movie about your exploits. That's on the upside. What I told you before is the
downside of things."

	At this point Dawn Davis was flopping around in the bottom of the boat
and they both knew it. "What do you want me to do?" she said to Martha. The
blonde woman smiled and replied with a plan that if properly executed would
result in her and the judge being freed in a matter of days, perhaps less, if
certain parties could be reached in time. The scientist jotted down the
telephone numbers that she had to call and the messages she was to give those
parties that she reached. In the interim, while the proper forces were being
marshalled to free them, she had to delay any definitive answer to the warden
concerning Martha's memory situation. Martha realized that Suzi was very
suspicious and knew full well if she were taken from the laboratory and turned
over to Carmody and her pack of sadistic guards, she might become just another
unfortunate prison accident.

	The visions of fame and fortune that were conjured up by the wily
financial diva were enough to galvanize the young scientist into action. It was
she who decided that the judge would have to bear the brunt of the pain and
humiliation that would be dished out in order to make sure that the warden was
none the wiser to what was going on in this little out of the way corner of the
prison. Martha chuckled to herself over the choice that Dawn had made; she
couldn't have drawn it up any better herself. Not only was she going to be freed
very soon, her sentencer, judge Judith, was going to experience a little payback
for her actions, as she unwittingly provided a diversion that would give
Martha's plan time to work.

	Dawn's next move was to have a meeting with Suzi Sykes to discuss her
findings and make some strong recommendations for what had to be done in order
to meet the objectives that the warden had set down. She and the warden met in
Suzi's office an hour later. In that period prior to the meeting Dawn made one
of the phone calls that Martha had given her to make. In this case she was able
to speak to the right person and was assured that her efforts would be well
rewarded once the papers necessary to free Martha on appeal were obtained. To
reduce the chances of being found out, a possibility even for the staff members
since the guards randomly checked any outside phone calls made, she transferred
the responsibility for making the remaining contacts to this person, a classic
case of creating a plan that now had single point failure potential.

	The meeting with Suzi went very well; she had come armed with graphs and
data that argued strongly that the reason for Martha's loss of short term memory
had to do with her electrolytic balance. Naturally Suzi had no idea what Dawn
was talking about, but she did sense the young scientist's enthusiasm for her
subject. When Dawn told her that she would have incontrovertible evidence that
she could easily control Martha Manners'memory within the next two days, Suzi
countered with a one day deadline as expected. Dr. Davis feigned unhappiness but
at last relented and said it would require her to work around the clock with her
subject in order to meet the warden's demands.

	Dawn set the hook when she casually mentioned that the treatment that
would rebalance Martha's brain chemistry was to have her ingest her own urine
over and over until the proper balance was achieved, as measured by her alpha
wave pattern. All Suzi could remember was that Martha Manners would be
swallowing her own piss for a full day; that would even things up considerably
for her lapse in deportment. 

	The young scientist then quickly changed the topic to the other
prisoner. She showed Suzi Sykes some additional graphs and data that she claimed
proved that this one could also be controlled by the same approach. In her case
there would also have to be additional stimulus applied so that all her memory
was erased and then only that portion chosen by the warden would be returned.
This meant that the judge would have to undergo lengthy sessions of electroshock
treatments while also being stimulated sexually via drugs and mechanical means.

	Suzi was so delighted to hear this that she arranged to attend a
training session the very next day. She couldn't help thinking that her old
friend Judith, who had a strong masochistic streak in her, would probably have a
blast while she was being turned into a vegetable. Dawn winced at this news, but
was sure that she could arrange something that would show the warden that all
was going as promised. She wondered what Martha Manners would say when she
learned that she would have to drink some of her own urine in order to make the
ruse seem real.

	Dawn was soon to learn that the best laid plans of mice and men often go
astray. Unbeknown to her, the first contact took a bad fall less than ten
minutes after speaking to Dawn and was now in the emergency room of a hospital
with a prognosis of at least a few days before he would be able to communicate
properly thanks to the seriousness of the concussion he experienced. On the
other side of the coin the guards had badly misjudged both the timing, scope and
number of prisoners that would be involved when the protest occurred. These
conflicting events would in a sense cancel everything that Martha had planned,
leaving her a mere pawn in an epic struggle that would capture the attention of
the entire country.

	Returning to her lab she made sure that Bad was once more put on the sex
stimulator for a goodly amount of time while she busied herself preparing Martha
and the other prisoner for their therapies. It was no surprise when Martha
Manners got a little bent out of shape when she learned of what she would have
to do when warden Sykes visited. On the other hand she was delighted to hear
about what judge Judith would have to endure over the next few days. Dawn made a
call over to the staff in Room 47 to get some assistance in her very important
project. Within twenty minutes two members of the staff arrived, licking their
chops for the chance to get at Judith.

	During the same time period Mean Jean and her cohorts were holding their
final meeting  to make sure that everything was in readiness for their inmate
revolt. One of the key items that was discussed was the hostage list. Very near
the top was Dawn Davis as well as the manager of Room 47. It was going to be
payback time for some, despite how things turned out. The prisoners grudgingly
agreed that the odds of capturing the warden herself were slim and none, but as
one plotter commented, if they did, she'd remember what they would do to her
until her last day on earth.

	Dawn discussed what she wanted done with Judith, and the two staffers
immediately went to work removing every hair from the jurist's body. It was a
most painful process utilizing an acidic based jelly that was rubbed into the
skin and allowed to remain for exactly ten minutes to assure that every follicle
was saturated with the burning chemical. They even carefully inserted a dollop
of the jelly into her vagina and rectum, making sure that the rubber gloves
protecting their hands were free of even a pinhole. They had experienced the
pain associated with this material when it contacted the skin. Judith Longwell
tried to climb out of her skin as the jelly ate away at every hair on her body.
The two staffers laughed at the struggles of their prisoner to somehow escape
the fire that was covering her naked form.

	After hosing her down they began the arduous process of squeezing her
body into the polymer suit that looked very much like those worn by fighter
pilots. There were a number of differences; the most important as far as the
poor prisoner was concerned were the breast pockets and the brine probes. The
breast pockets were flaps that were made of another polymer material that formed
an airtight seal with the subject's skin, and could accommodate large
differences in bust size and shape. They had one other very nasty feature, a
tiny cup that fastened to the woman's nipple. In this configuration the cup
worked the same way as the brine probes, and had an added feature in that it
could also conduct electricity to the jurist's nipples even while the brine
probe feature was activated.

	There were two strategically located ports in the crotch region of the
suit. These allowed the brine probes to be inserted into the jurist's openings.
The probes were made from metal, were hollow and operated on the principle of
capillary attraction. In a sense they behaved as reverse heat pipes, creating an
arctic-like condition in the region surrounding them. The conducting medium was
brine which would liquify and flow at well below the freezing point of water.
These probes had some leeway in their design that allowed them to be almost
custom fitted to the inernal regions in which they would be operating.

	In the case of Judith, her vaginal probe was eleven inches in length and
four inches in diameter, achieving a very tight fit. The judge had a
predilection for long, thick cocks, which was the reason for her stable of well
hung black men, but this cold piece of metal was a new experience for her. The
other probe which was corkscrewed deep inside her rectum was a little shorter,
only ten inches, but just as thick. This one made her eyes water as it was
driven into place. Shortly thereafter she was encased in the polymer shroud from
her neck downward.

	Now came the helmet.It looked like a black bubble and was a fairly tight
fit despite her hair. Built into the helmet were a pair of powerful speakers
that were quite capable of deafening the occupant. There also was a small
halogen lamp that easily lit up the interior of the helmet, and was programmed
to flash randomly. Finally there was the umbilical cord that supplied the
electrical connections and air, plus anything else that the operator might
choose to pipe in. Judith would get the full treatment including tear and highly
diluted mustard gas as well as mace, plus a gas that would induce vomiting, not
too mentioned super heated air and a mist that would leave her face frost

	The suit was designed to competely restrict her movements. Her hands and
arms were locked into sleeves located on the sides of the suit and her legs were
cuffed together. To add to her discomfort, two wide bands of an elastic material
were fitted around her chest and stomach, making breathing a very laborious
process. Then Judith was lowered into a bath of silicone oil, much the same as
the material sewed into her breasts to augment their size. The tank in which she
was now immersed had the capability to heat the oil to well above the boiling
point of water. This fiendish treatment was quite simple. Her surrounding
environment would be cooking her like some overstuffed turkey, while the brine
probes were freezing her insides solid.

	Both the oil and the brine probes would be cycled in a manner guaranteed
to drive her close to insanity and well beyond any pain limit she possessed. To
add to the torment the speakers would be blasting her ear drums with white noise
while the lamp overloaded her optic nerve and the umbilical cord fed her wildly
varying odors that would superimpose a new set of terrible stimuli onto the
subject. The beauty of this treatment was that sooner or later it would start
destroying brain cells and then graduate to shorting out certain portions of the
brain itself. By monitoring Judith's brain wave pattern, Dawn Davis hoped to
demonstrate that she could literally reshape the subject's brain, making her
into a vegetable in the worst case.

				(To be continued)

					Martha's Prison Adventures

						Chapter 14

	The following morning, on their way to an inspection of the cellblock
containing the more difficult inmates, Suzi Sykes and Pam Carmody made a short
detour to check on the progress being made on judge Judith and Martha Manners.
Their very early and unannounced arrival caught Dawn and Martha unaware and
unable to hide the fact that Martha was in full control of her mental faculties.
It seems that the brain damaged blonde with the magic tongue had made a
remarkable recovery as evidenced by the fact that she was seated at a table
reading a financial journal that had been provided by the young scientist. Suzi
was furious and ordered Martha to be taken to solitary for some softening up
before Suzi personally interrogated her.

	This delay in the warden's schedule was a lucky break for her, since the
inmate demonstration had rapidly turned into a riot and a number of guards had
been taken prisoner. Suzi swiftly retreated to her quarters to direct her staff
as they sought to quell this nasty inmate protest. She still was unaware of just
how broad ths action was, and thus was unprepared to defend many outposts
located in the prison area, among them Room 47 and the laboratory where Dawn
Davis was working on judge Judith.

	Once Pam Carmody was made aware of just how serious this protest was,
she left Martha in the hands of a pair of underlings with some very imprecise
instructions, as she sought to rally her guards in order to break the back of
this riot. The two guards interpreted Carmody's instructions about making sure
Martha was unable to cause any more damage to the warden as carte' blanche for
any method of discipline that they saw fit. Minutes later they had torn off
Martha's clothing and dragged her down the corridor to the rec room, or "wreck"
room as the guards called it because any prisoner who entered came out as if
they had been in an automobile accident.

	Martha put up a gallant struggle but soon she was hanging by her
manacled wrists from a hook in the ceiling with her legs spread so wide apart
that the tendons stood out. Her manacled ankles were anchored to ring bolts in
the floor leaving her naked body totally vulnerable for any discipline that the
guards could dream up to do to her. The guards were both heavy set women in
their late 20s and had been selected for their boundless cruelty and
insensitivity towards anyone in their custody.

	Martha finally gave up trying to escape from her bonds and began taking
in the room and what it contained. She trembled when she saw the array of whips
and canes lined up neatly in their individual cases. The blonde shuddered as she
watched the two guards remove their tunics and roll up their sleeves. "Let's see
how she likes a taste of the strap", one of them commented as she pulled her
belt from her trousers. Her companion grinned and did the same. Martha's eyes
moved back and forth as she watched them approach her from both sides, holding
their thick, wide-buckled belts wrapped in their fists. "Meet you in the
middle." one of them said as she prepared to lay into Martha's naked body.

	Things could not have been worse for the blonde Wall Street shark; one
guard was left handed, her partner right handed. As a team they could do major
damage to her unprotected body. The first set of blows landed on her breasts,
flattening the soft flesh, leaving a deep pair of angry welts forming on her
tender skin. Martha caught her breath in shock as the sound of leather meeting
flesh echoed throughout the room. There was a pause and then another pair of
back to back cracks that sounded like gun shots as the leather ate into her
breasts once more. This time Martha screamed, drawing smiles from them both. Now
they attacked her nipples, trying to slice and dice those tender nubbins with
their belts. Then one of them paused and made an adjustment that allowed her to
now use the buckle end of the belt on the blonde's bare flesh. It made a
strange, almost liquid-like sound as it sliced deep into Martha's tit flesh
drawing blood.

	They soon tired of beating her tits which were now swollen, bleeding in
numerous places and mottled in shades ranging from red to purple and every
combination between those extremes. They looked over the collection of whips and
canes while Martha tried to recover her composure. This brutal assault was so
unexpected that she in a daze from what had happened so far. She also realized
that there was a great deal more to come unless somehow she was rescued. Had
Martha known what was going on in the prison as she was being beaten bloody, she
would have despaired.

	The inmates had broken containment and nearly half the prison area was
now under their control. Even as the two guards prepared to give the blonde
financier another sample of what they were capable of, a mob of inmates were
making a determined effort to breach Room 47 as well as the laboratory that
currently housed the judge, the young scientist and her two assistants as well
as Bad, who was still securely restrained and undergoing a lengthy calming
treatment that was approaching the point of causing the black amazon some
serious physical problems. She had been squeezing off one gigantic orgasm after
another as the mechanical stimulation continued unabated. It was only a matter
of time until her heart gave out from all this exertion.

	From her outpost Suzi directed the remaining guards to hold their
positions until such time as reinforcements could be obtained from the local
police or the National Guard, if it came to that. She was unaware yet of the
magnitude of her problem. It would be a few more hours before the inmates would
present her with their demands and a list of guards and other staff members that
they were holding as hostages until their demands were given to the media.

	The two guards had made their selections and taken up positions on
either side of Martha, who hung limp, her bare breasts still bleeding from the
vicious initial beating they'd absorbed. This time they concentrated on her
ribs, using lengths of mahogany, turned down almost to the diameter of pointers,
the kind used by lecturers who were too poor to afford a laser. They made a game
of it, trying to hit her between the ribs, a tricky proposition at best due to
her penchant for movement and their lack of ideal hand-eye coordination.

	Each miss brought a shreik of agony from their prisoner, as it meant
another bone bruise had been created, while a good hit evoked mostly grunts as
the pain worked its way deep into her body. Martha began to have difficulty
drawing breath since her ribcage was soon turned into twin columns of intense
pain every time she took a deep breath. Her face began to take on a reddish hue
that they failed to notice. However when her breathing turned into strangled
whistles and her face started to become bluish, they decided to take a break and
let her recover some before they started in on her again.

	The inmates had overrun Room 47, taking the staff prisoners, and now it
was payback time with a vengeance. The staff was finding out how it felt to have
their tits squashed flat and then burned with high levels of x-rays, so high in
cases that their flesh actually was cooked as they screamed and wished for
death. The enema lady, a woman who had worked hard to earn that title, was
hooked up to the high colonic machine and given a maximum speed procedure that
nearly turned her guts inside out. This was just for openers. Next they reversed
the machine and had it pump her so full of hot water that she bulged. Then
someone got the bright idea of adding acid to the pump that delivered the
pulsating liquid that loosened all that nasty stuff that was almost glued to the
walls of her intestines. The enema lady began to froth at the mouth from the
pain, convinced that she was about to die. She had no such luck as another group
of prisoners took a turn fiddling with the controls and adding some new stuff to
be pumped throughout her roiling intestines.

	The guards once more turned to the cabinets to select a new set of tools
to continue Martha's beating. One chose a blacksnake whip that she intended to
use to tear up the blonde's back and shoulders. The other picked up a knout, a
vicious implement designed for skinning the victim's flesh from her bones as it
ripped and tore into her body. The two guards took turns using their weapons on
the helpless woman, one working up and down her back turning it into a slab of
bleeding meat. The other began at the knees, alternating from one leg to the
other as she worked up to the junction of Martha's thighs and her torso. Martha
screamed and cried, begged for mercy and prayed to any god who would listen to
her pleas as her legs became two columns of blood speckled flesh, many areas
with deep crimson furrows from the multi-tipped lashes as it literally flayed
the skin from the more tender sections of her lower limbs.

	Someone found a key to the laboratory and before the startled occupants
could barricade the door it was flung open and they were quickly overwhelmed and
taken prisoners. The inmates had no idea what was going on in the vat of
silicone oil that contained a helmeted figure wearing a strange outfit with
umbilicals that led to a machine that was humming and shifting gears within its
metal housing. However when they found Bad, still squeezing off huge orgasms,
they were stunned at what she had become. Her black skin was coated with a sheen
of perspiration and her cunt was drooling a steady stream of whitish creamy
fluid which had formed a large pool between her taut, trembling thighs. They
ripped the connections and probes from her naked body and managed to free her
from the restraints holding her down to the table. They were awe-struck by the
size of the probe that had been sawing away inside her boiling cavern, but even
more amazed by the look on the black amazon's face. They left her alone to try
to rcover her wits while they interrogated their prisoners.

	Dawn Davis proved to be a very reluctant source of any information
concerning what was transpiring in this laboratory and why these particular
people were being horribly abused in ways that most of them couldn't even begin
to comprehend. When they husked what was left of judge Judith from the helmet
and suit, she looked as if she had seen the devil himself or perhaps something
even worse. One of the inmates noticed the tattoo and the hole in her labia
which must have once carried a ring denoting her prison status. This made
matters even stranger to them. It was one thing to find Bad, a legend among the
prisoners, but why this one? It took a great deal of persuasion to crack the
young scientist, but considering what they had at their disposal and the number
of angry inmates that wanted some of this uppity piece of white bread, she
finally cracked.

	They had started Dawn off by passing enough electricity through her body
and then her skull to light up a small city. Her naked body twisted and
trembled, jumped and twitched, shook and shuddered as the high voltage coursed
through her from cunt to tit and back again, from cunt lips to asshole, asshole
to clit, toe to nose and so on and so on. They even clipped leads to her tongue
and lips and fried those tender spots until they were blistered masses of
throbbing flesh. Unfortunately for Dawn, this one particuar treatment made it
very difficult to speak intelligibly. Even if they had understood what she said,
it would have made no sense to them because of their education and background.

	They tried jamming large rounded things up into her cunt until it was
reduced to a bloody, frothing maw leaking stuff from its interior that would gag
a maggot. Those with a strong stomach took turns shoving their gloved fists far
inside her torn-up fuck tunnel, a couple actually reaching her cervix which they
pummeled viciously until she went into shock. They revived her with another
massive dose of electricity through her cunt, frying what was left of her
insides, but reviving her sufficiently that she could be tortured further. By
this time they had even forgotten why they were torturing her at all.

	It was the arrival of Bad, now slightly recovered from her ordeal, and
desperately searching for her little playmate, Martha Manners, who saved Dawn
Davis from being competely obliterated by the furous inmates who had suffered so
much at the hands of people like herself. Bad knew that Martha, who she loved
with a devotion that was alien to everything that made her what she was, had
been in this very laboratory as recently as yesterday just before Bad was put on
the table and given that last treatment.

	They had the young scientist bent over the tank of silicone oil that had
been judge Judith's world. To the jurist it had been a place of darkness, bursts
of light, heat and incredible cold, all occurring within brief periods at times.
Then one or the other would dominate the landscape of her mind for a longer
duration as she tried to cope with the competing stimuli that were moving her
inexorably into madness.

	The inmates were taking turns sodomizing Dawn with a large hard rubber
strap-on dildo that had been liberated during the demonstration. To add to her
agony, a pair were stationed so they could dunk her head into the viscous liquid
and slowly count to twenty before letting her escape from the oil so she could
suck in a lungful of precious air before being submerged once more. All the time
her once tight anal passage was being relentlessly pounded and stretched further
by her angry assailants. Bad came into the room just as Dawn swallowed her first
mouthful of oil, and was hacking and wheezing as she tried to clear the film of
fluid from her throat and cough up the portion that now was coating her lungs.
She was probably within a few minutes of drowning in this almost benign chemical

	Bad rescued the woman from this precarious situation, and began
screaming questions at her, and threatening to tear her lungs out if she didn't
answer. All Dawn could do was croak and point to her throat, trying to make the
furious black woman understand that she was unable to speak. By some miracle Bad
realized her problem and demanded that a paper and pen be provided so that the
scientist could write her answers to these questions. Of course it required the
services of one of the better educated inmates to read what Dawn had written and
tell it to Bad. This too was accomplished and Bad learned of Martha's unmasking
and subsequent transfer from the lab in the company of Pam Carmody. To Bad that
meant only one place, the area reserved for those in solitary confinement.

	The black amazon led a contingent of inmates which swept through the few
guards assigned to protect this area. It took a few minutes to search through
the cells until she at last confronted the two guards who were in the midst of
turning Martha's pussy into a frothing mass of bloody pulp, birching her
sensitive flesh with bundles of limber saplings bound tightly together with
narrow bands of leather. Bad personally made short work of these two sadists,
leaving their broken bodies on the cell floor as mute testimony to her rage.
They would ultimately survive their injuries, but neither would ever be whole
for the rest of their miserable lives.

	Meanwhile at the command center that had been set up in Suzi Sykes'
quarters, things were not going well at all. More than half her prison was under
the control of the inmates, and most of her trusted staff were in their hands.
When she received word that both Room 47 and Dawn Davis' laboratory had been
taken by the rioters with all the staff of these two facilities captured as
well, she felt sick. Then to top matters off, she got word that Martha Manners
was missing, taken away from the solitary confinement area by a gang of inmates
lead by Bad. "What else could go wrong?" Suzi thought.

	An answer to that question was forming like a dark, angry storm cloud,
bulging with bad news. To make matters worse, the politicians, who she looked
down upon and used to her own selfish advantage, were exacting their pound of
quid pro quo flesh, wringing their hands and assigning blame for all this
trouble to the prison administration who refused to heed their warnings about
conditions in that institution. The media smelled blood, the kind of nasty news
that sold advertising space on TV. So it was only natural that the local
television station should send their anchor woman, Celeste Estrada, the
aggressive, over the top,  dyed-blonde bombshell whose enhanced bust size
exceeded her IQ, to cover this important news event. Suzi's day was now

				(To be continued)   

				Martha's Prison Adventures

				      Chapter 15

	To say that warden Sykes disliked Celeste Estrada would be one of those
monumental understatements. During the past year, this dyed-blonde punchboard
had taken it upon herself to do an expose' of prison conditions that featured
purported interviews with prisoners and ex-prisoners who supported her claim
that the prison was in actuality a sweat shop providing vast profits for those
running it, to wit the warden, Suzi Sykes, and her inner circle of cohorts. Suzi
made the mistake of appearing as a guest of this muckraker, and was roasted
unmercifully with a barrage of half truths, innuendos and just plain lies, all
tripping from the carmined mouth of this fugitive from a home for loose women.

	For months afterward Suzi stewed and fantasized about what she would
have done to this harebrained talking head if ever given the opportunity. She
even went so far as to accept suggestions concerning disciplines and punishments
that might be applied to this enemy of the prison should she ever fall into
their hands. Suzi kept a journal containing all the more interesting tortures
and torments that her friends from Room 47, the guard staff and some of the more
violent and sadistic inmates provided to her. She still had the journal and
often leafed through its worn pages whenever she got particularly upset about
something Celeste said about the prison in one of her daily broadcasts.

	Now, at one of the most challenging moments in her career, a time
fraught with peril, who should waltz into her world of steel and stone but that
miserable liar, that totally unreconstructed harlot, the princess of pap, the
whore of Babylon, that peroxide blonde, that blow-up doll complete with her fake
boobs, that standard against which all loose women must be measured, Celeste
Estrada! Suzi Sykes could not believe how the fates had turned against her in
this hour of need.

	Celeste flounced into Suzi's office surrounded by her entourage
consisting of two reporters, if such a word could describe these toadies, two
camera people and one sound person. Suzi literally felt like a deer in the
headlights as the floodlamps from the cameras momentarily blinded her and the
boom hovered inches from her face.

	Celeste launched into her spiel, stating that she had been contacted by
a group of inmates using a cell phone they had liberated from one of the prison
staff members they had placed under their custody. She went on to say that the
inmates had a list of demands that they wanted to negotiate with those in
authority. They went out of their way to state that the warden was not to be
trusted and that they would only deal with a representative of the media, who
would act as an intermediary between themselves and the appropriate
representative from the State Board of Prisons.

	Suzi managed to stay calm by visualizing a stark naked Celeste, bound
hand and foot, being lowered head-first into a vat of bubbling oil as the fuses
on the cannon crackers stuffed up her cunt and asshole burned down in a shower
of sparks. Celeste kept reminding Suzi that this interview was live and being
fed all over the country. Suzi gave her the set speech about not wanting to risk
her safety by allowing her entrance into the prison, which was partially in the
hands of the rioters.

	Celeste persisted, and began to push Suzi into a corner, demanding that
the warden allow her access to those in control of the prison so she could act
in the capacity of a mediator and bring this insurrection to a peaceful
conclusion. Now Suzi saw Celeste hanging by her thumbs, legs spread wide as a
two by four was hammered into her gaping cunt. The faux-blonde newscaster would
never understand why there was this almost serene expression on warden Sykes'

	Suzi thought that her stonewalling had succeeded in thwarting the grand
plans of this empty-headed troublemaker when the newscaster played her trump
card. "It is my understanding that not only is Martha Manners, an extremely high
profile inmate of your institution, in jeopardy from this outbreak of
lawlessness, but you have another even more important person, a jurist, now in
grave danger."  Suzi felt as if someone had hit her with that two by four that
had just been hammered up Celeste's cunt. Her mouth opened in shock, but no
words were forthcoming. There were no comforting visions to fall back on at this
moment; Suzi Sykes was in deep doo-doo and both she and her simpering antagonist
knew it. Suzi sighed and waited for the conditions of her surrender to be put
before her.

	Celeste had the presence of mind, an amazing thing considering her
dullness of wit, to have her feed cut just before she dropped her bombshell on
the shocked prison warden. As Suzi sat there stunned, the blonde leaned over and
told her that she knew all about Judith Longwell and her plan to evaluate the
prison from the inside. It was a convenient falsehood that took Suzi off the
hook when it came to allowing Celeste access to the prison interior so she could
track down the judge. Suzi had to admit that, for an airhead, this one was
outdoing herself. Perhaps there was more behind that simpering face than she
knew. Whatever, this bubble head had Suzi by the throat, and she had no choice
but to go with the flow.

	Less than a half hour later the warden stood by the barred gate
separating her quarters and office from the main part of her prison and watched
the little expedition of news people, escorted by a trio of prison guards,
including Pam Carmody, enter the maelstrom that was sweeping through what once
had been Suzi's orderly world and springboard to future success. She had a
horrible feeling that she was watching her career being swept away. She
shuddered when she realized that her future now was to be determined by the
actions of this publicity-happy news anchor who in all likelihood would throw
her to the wolves the first moment it suited her purpose.

	Celeste had no idea of the danger she was placing herself in as she
wended her way down the long corridors and through seemingly endless numbers of
gates that her little band had to traverse on their trek to the central portion
of the complex where the inmates held sway. Then as they rounded a corner they
were confronted by an angry mob of inmates armed with various homemade weapons
and a few pistols that had been taken from the guards.

	 Unfortunately for Celeste, this group was led by one of the prisoners
who had formerly testified about the less than ideal conditions existing within
the prison. Of course after Celeste got finished editing her comments it sounded
as if she were an inmate of Devil's Island. Naturally the prisoner suffered the
consequences once the imaginary scandal blew over. Three months in solitary was
bad enough, but the nightly visits from the guards who amused themselves by
seeing how far up her ass they could shove thir batons was what stayed in her

	"Get that honky bitch and do it now!" she screamed. The guards were
swept away in moments by the angry mob and the broadcast feed abruptly came to
an end. All over the nation there was consternation at what had just occurred on
the millions of sets tuned to this event. However in Suzi's office such was not
the case. The warden was smiling grimly at what she had just witnessed. The
bimbo had outsmarted herself and the chickens had evidently come home to roost.
Suzi had recognized the leader of that inmate group, and she understood her
reaction pefectly. "What goes around, comes around" seemed to be a fitting
epitaph for the news anchor's tombstone.

	In less than twenty-four hours after the nation had been shocked by the
brutality associated with the inmate demonstration, order was restored by the
National Guard, ably assisted by the local police. In parallel, a delegation of
lawyers and associates of Martha Manners arrived with court orders in their
hands that bade prison officials to release her immediately into the custody of
her retainers, perhaps to most a fate worse than death.

	At her first press conference Martha Manners expressed her undying
gratitude to a prisoner who went by the outrageous name of Big Bad for saving
her from being severely harmed or even killed by those involved in the prison
uprising. A few months after that national exposure, Bad was paroled into a
half-way house for abused women, and after six months was released into society.
Big Bad now wrestles professionally under the name of Uncaged Fury and is
currently the FWF(Female Wrestling Federation) North American title holder.

	The acting warden, a good friend of one of the state pols who had plenty
of influence, entertained a visit from only one representative of the honorable
judge Judith Longwell. The gentleman in question was the chief justice of the
State Supreme Court and the former speaker of the State Assembly. After their
meeting, it was agreed that all records having to do with prisoner 3435-98-4075S
would be sealed, not to be opened until one year after the death of  Judith

	After a lengthy period of rehabilitation, the jurist resigned from the
bench stating that her weakened physical condition made her no longer fit to
carry out her duties. The honorable judge Judith Longwell, retired, is now a
member of the faculty of a small private college located in another state. She
teaches law and is in the process of writing a book about her experiences on the
bench. Rumor has it that Hollywood is very interested in seeing what she can
deliver in light of the mystery surrounding her last year as a jurist.

	The retired judge has also taken a keen interest in upgrading the lives
of those less fortunate such as the school janitors and maintenance men who all
are of color and poorly educated. The judge is heavily involved in a hands-on
style of teaching that emphasizes close personal contact and role playing that
allows all concerned to become much more familiar with each other's backgrounds
as well as their likes and dislikes.

	It was a typical role playing session being held in professor Longwell's
bedroom. The retired judge was on her back, stark naked, her wrists secured by
ropes to the headboard. Straddling her was a lean black man with an enormous
cock which she was in the process of ingesting, inch by slow inch, her face
approaching a very unhealthy blue color. His companion, a stocky man of color
with a cock that was impressive for its girth was making good progress in
overcoming the tight muscle guarding her rectum.

	He shifted her legs, which were hanging over his shoulders, looked up
and peeked around the back of his companion to get a glimpse of Judith's bluish
face. "Tyrone, don't you think it's time to let the honky bitch take a breath,
she's not gonna last much longer at the rate you is stuffing that cobra down her
gullet." His companion grunted, rotated his hips and forced another couple of
inches down towards her belly. He gave a big sigh as her convulsing throat
muscles began to milk the cum from his huge cock.

	 "Damn, I knew this bitch could do it! She's taking a big load and she's
still awake. I sure would have enjoyed doin' her when she was young." Judith was
too busy trying to stay alive to appreciate the compliment her antagonist had
just given her. According to the timer that was moinitoring their session, she
had another hour and fourteen minutes left before they would have to leave her
to recover for her next class, scheduled for tomorrow night, when she would pull
a train for at least a dozen members of the downtrodden class as her way of
atoning for her lack of sensitivity towards those less fortunate when she was
dispensing justice from the bench.

	Suzie Sykes was put on administrative leave for six months while a panel
investigated the causes of the prison riot that had led to a number of deaths
including that of Celeste Estrada. Just before the findings of the panel were
released to the public, Suzie tried to make a deal with the State Board of
Prisons, offering her resignation in return for their promise not to seek prison
time for her contribution to what led to the prison uprising. This move
backfired and the former warden, Suzie Sykes, eventually had to serve a one year
sentence in a minimum security prison. Unfortunately her fame had proceeded her
and life was far from easy during her stay. When she was released, Suzie Sykes
looked as if she had spent the year in a concentration camp, which wasn't too
far from the truth.

	It was 4AM and time for Suzie's day to begin. She had spent that past
six hours naked and handcuffed to her spartan bed, consisting of a wooden
plaform and a layer of burlap upon which she was stretched nightly. For a change
no one had visited her during her sleep, rousing her as they usually did with a
baton jammed between her legs followed by a session with a strap-on dildo or
perhaps a gloved fist, until Suzie was begging for mercy.

	Now she was heading for a two quart ice water enema which she would be
forced to hold by means of a bung until she managed to get her two guards off
with her tongue. Then she'd enjoy a refreshing cold shower and be marched, still
dripping wet, across the compound for her morning birching or a session with the
rubber hose. From there it would be determined by who and what they had
scheduled her for during the day. It was rare when Suzie Sykes had less than her
normal twelve hour day in the private ward that was occupied only by herself.
Today Suzie would be spending quite a bit of time in the electroshock lab, a
place that she dreaded because it made her forget lots of things that she wanted
to tell her visitors who she could see weekly. The oddest thing about her
visitors was that she couldn't remember who they were, which may have been just
as well since they were old enemies who came just for the pleasure of seeing her
on the other side of the screen.

	When she was finally released, Suzie took a position as an advisor to a
small South American country which had a large prison population as the result
of a number of unsuccessful coup attempts. In her spare time she is writing a
book about her life as the warden of a large women's prison. In a strange
coincidence the same publisher that has an option for Judith Longwell's book has
taken an interest in Suzie's manuscript as well.

	As for what happened to Celeste Estrada; that is a subject shrouded in
controversy. She along with a prison guard, Pam Carmody, and one of the inmates,
the one who identified  and caused her to be taken prisoner, were the only ones
who died during this outbreak. Pam Carmody's body was found badly mutilated. Her
death was attributed to blunt force trauma. She had evidently been beaten to
death by persons unknown, before her body was mutilated. The inmate's body was
discovered intact. She had died of stab wounds.

	In the case of Celeste Estrada, very small portions of her body were
discovered in various parts of the prison. Identification was made by DNA
analysis. The total amount of body parts found was in the order of three pounds,
with no single portion greater than a half ounce. It was not possible due to the
small samples available to accurately determine the cause of her death. However
the fact that traces of her bones and some blood were found in the vicinity of
the laundry manglers, as well as on a few of the table saws located in the wood
working shop would indicate that her body had been dismembered.

	How nearly one hundred and twenty pounds of body parts could have
vanished into thin air is a great mystery. To this day tiny portions of her body
continue to show up around the prison. They are considered to be good luck
charms by the inmates and thus it is not possible to accurately estimate just
how much of the brave news anchor has been turned into fetish objects. There is
another group who contend that Celeste's body was eaten by the inmates during
that last day when the prison was finally taken back by the National Guard and
the local police.

	Attempts to interrogate the ringleaders yielded nothing of substance
concerning what happened to her. In summary the panel's final report merely
stated that she was the victim of persons unknown and the cause of her death
could not be established. The details of the investigation have been sealed, not
to be opened for a minimum of forty years.

	In the case of Martha Manners, she was completely exonerated, her
conviction overturned on various legal grounds. Despite the recommendations of
her lawyers she refused to sue the State Prison Board or the then-warden, Suzie
Sykes. Her magnanimous display of mercy did a great deal for her image and
allowed her to quickly regain her position of power in the financial world.
There was even talk of Martha Manners as a serious candidate for Secretary of
the Treasury, if her political party returned to power. The shark had returned,
bigger and if possible, even more hungry for the minnows who dared swim in her

	Martha even took as a protogee, one of the staff who helped her survive
her ordeal in prison. Dawn Davis proved to be a quick study and soon was ably
assisting Martha as she plowed her competition under and gained even more power,
wealth and prestige. In return, Martha was educating her underling in those
areas of finance that had nothing to do with money, and everything to do with
making the client feel loved in more than the figurative sense. Martha had come
full circle; she now was Janet Bluestone reborn. 

	It was the end of a long and tiring week and Martha felt in the need for
some tender loving care. She was stretched out on her huge bed, naked except for
the gold ring embedded in her left labia majora. Dawn Davis was in the process
of removing her dainty, sheer bikini panties revealing her perfectly waxed pubic
mound with its plump, pink, cunt lips topped by a hooded clit of impressive
size. Her eyes were fixed on Martha's thick lipped cunt and that golden ring
that symbolized her epiphany while she was in prison. Martha was too intelligent
not to have benefited tremendously from her experiences in warden Sykes' world.

	She had employed her wits and sexual prowess to stay alive and sane in a
world that was harsh and uncaring. She had learned about friendship and love
from Bad, of all people. It was a well kept secret, but she had met with her
former cellmate on a number of occasions and in a sense relived the past under
much more amiable conditions. Once they had even included Dawn, and spent the
entire time driving their "victim" to distraction with those little tricks they
had learned in prison, a world beyond Dawn's comprehension despite her proximity
to it.

	Martha smiled when her eyes took in the matching symbol that she had
made Dawn get. In fact she had watched as the tattoo artist worked her magic on
Dawn's skin. Martha had finally satisfied her curiosity concerning the meaning
of the Chinese symbol that had been crudely tattooed just above her vulva. To
her surprise and even delight it translated not to "pussy slave" but to either
"stone" or "pebble", much more meaningful to one like herself who had been
imprisoned. She stretched out her arms and waited for Dawn to settle herself
into her embrace. It was going to be a very tender and most delightful evening
for the pair. Martha had found another piece of herself that she had hidden
away. Now she was like a child with a new toy, a very happy child.


	With his chapter, the first phase of Martha's Prison Adventures comes to
a close. It has been a great deal of fun to churn this one out.  However some of
my other on-going stories have had to wait while Martha was written, and it is
now time to devote some attention to such neglected "epics" as Wayward Wife's
Punishment, The Family Vlad and Livin' In the Country. Once this has been
accomplished, I  may pick up the story which will have Martha, Suzi, Judith,
Dawn and Bad  reunited, but this time as inmates in a foreign prison where such
niceties as food and shelter require some form of payment from the prisoners.
I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

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