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Synopsis: The trials and tribulations of a less than bright teen stud who has the uncanny knack of getting into trouble with any female who crosses his path, from his mom and sister to the entire female faculty of his high school. Close your mind, forget about such distractions as character development, background, plot and all those other things that get in the way of a gigantic dose of down and dirty sex, bondage, discipline, domination, water sports and anything else that crosses the author's depraved imagination.
      				     Teenage Sex Slave

         				Chapter 1

	I was awakened as usual by my mom sucking me off. I was naked and
securely cuffed in spread eagle fashion to my bed. As usual there was a big wet
spot just under my balls. Sis and her best friend had started to work on my cock
around 9 last night and Connie, her nympho friend, didn't leave until a little
past one. Sis made sure I would sleep soundly, jacking me off for nearly a half
hour without stopping after Connie left with at least six loads of my cum
soaking into her cunt. I managed to shoot a couple of weak rounds, the last one
sure did hurt and nothing but a little water dribbled out of the red, sore head
of my cock.

	I looked at the clock as mom sucked noisily on the head of my cock while
her finger moved in and out of my asshole. It was only 6, which meant that mom
was planning on having me fuck her for at least an hour before letting me get
out of bed. We've been doing it this way for the last year and a half and mom
hasn't missed a day. My boner was real hard and she got on top of me and fed it
into her hot, juicy cunt for a quick ride. I knew what the drill would be since
we did it the same way almost every week day morning.

	First I'd fuck her cunt until it was nice and filled with my first and
second loads of the morning. Then she'd blow me for a couple of minutes to get
me good and hard again so I could then fuck her up the ass. I never can do her
just once that way, she likes it too much. So I have to shoot a load, keep
fucking and then hope she'll jack me for a minute so I can come fast. If not I
have to fuck her so long that I have barely enough time to shower, dress and
catch the bus for school. Today I was lucky and she jacked me off between
fuckings so I was able to blow a big load up her asshole before it was time to
get up.

	For a change I got to school on time. I had to check in with the nurse
because a number of the teachers had complained that I was distracting them
because of the big boners I developed when they showed me what kind of panties
they had on or weren't wearing that day. I didn't understand their problem since
it was the teachers that kept me after class with no one around so they could
show me what they did or didn't have on under their dresses.  No matter, I
always had to serve detention after school because of my bad behavior. Seeing
the nurse was something that just started yesterday.

	 The school principal had heard about my misbehaving and decided that I
should get ice water enemas at least three times a day to calm me down.
Yesterday the nurse had given them to me while she was wearing just her
underpants, claiming that she didn't want to get her clothing wet. Also I had to
take off all my clothes and let her handcuff my hands behind my back so I
wouldn't give her any trouble when she was filling me up.

	It was kind of embarrassing when the principal checked in to see how
things were going. I had just taken a two-quart enema that was half crushed ice
and my cock had shrunk to half its size and my balls had got so tight they felt
like they were glued to my cock. I was on the examining table and the nurse was
putting a big vibrator up my asshole. She said she wanted to massage my prostate
to make sure that my cock could still work when I was all filled up.

	 The principal watched for a minute or so and then she took off her
skirt and panties. She had a real thick bush and when she pulled her cunt lips
apart and showed me her pink, my dick started to twitch. By then the nurse had
the vibrator pressing against my prostate and I started to get real big, really
fast. The next thing I knew the principal climbed up on the table and sat on my
face, telling me that she wanted me to eat out her cunt until she came. I did
and she did.

 	Just before I got her off, I shot a big load of cum about a foot into
the air. The nurse was amazed that I could do this holding a full enema that
still was very cold. She got the principal's permission to give me another enema
before releasing me to go to class. After my belly was bulging she got up on the
table and made me eat her hairy cunt for a half hour straight. She made a big
mess all over my face twice before the timer went off.

	Today both the principal and the nurse were waiting for me and neither
of them were wearing anything. Even though the nurse was kind of old and fat and
the principal didn't have much in the tit department I got an instant boner. The
nurse made me strip and get on the table. This time she pulled out the wings and
made me put my feet in the stirrups that she used when she wanted to look in a
girl's pussy. My hands were cuffed over my head and my feet were clamped into
the stirrups. The principal informed me that she had excused me from the first
two classes this morning because she wanted to punish me for my bad behavior

 	The nurse clucked like a hen as she poured a mixture of crushed ice and
water into the big enema bag that was hanging from the stand by the table. This
one was a lot bigger than what she had used on me yesterday. Soon I was getting
filled up with the icy enema and my cock started to shrink as the cold got to
it. Then the principal jacked me to make my prick get hard and big again, which
it did after a few minutes of hard stroking and a few licks from her long
tongue. Then the nurse put a cock ring on it and screwed it tight, so tight that
I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head from the pain.

	It really hurt bad when the principal began to bite my stiff cock,
starting at the head and working her way down to the base. After the first pass
my dick was covered with teeth marks, but she didn't draw blood. Then she began
whacking my poor dick with a metal ruler. When she hit the head I nearly passed
out from the pain. It was even worse when she got going on my balls. By the time
she was done my balls were twice as big and hurt like fury. Then she gave me
another taste of her teeth and this time she drew some blood, breaking the skin
around the top of my prick and really opening up a part at the bottom. The nurse
stopped the bleeding with something that stung like crazy.

	The nurse sat on my face while the principal kept an eye on the enema
bag refilled with crushed ice and water that was slowly draining into my guts.
She amused herself by jacking me off until I was ready to shoot off, then
squeezing my nuts to make me lose my hard on. I don't think the nurse had
bothered to shower this morning because she was ripe and rancid. Still I managed
to get her off twice. The second time she got herself into a sixty-nine position
and let the principal jack me off into her mouth. Man I was so close just as the
principal squashed my balls. The pain she caused made me sort of forget about
the cramps that were shooting through my gut from the monster enema I had taken.

 	The principal decided that perhaps if I didn't come during my day at
school, I'd being easier to handle. Naturally once school was over for the day
and my detention began, the teachers were authorized to do what they thought was
necessary in order to discipline me properly. Just to be on the safe side she
let the nurse give me a third ice water enema. My balls were twisted and punched
by the two naked ladies while the enema filled me up until I couldn't see over
it. Now that was big, my belly was really bulging. The nurse said I looked like
I was five months pregnant. The principal promised that if I didn't behave she'd
let the nurse see if she could make look like I was on the verge of having a
baby, maybe twins even. This one was so huge that the bung could barely hold it
inside me. Somehow I managed to survive even though both ladies made me eat them
out while the enema was doing its thing. So began my new life at school.

	The next morning I reported to the nurse and was fitted with a cock
ring, a cap for the head of my dick and a rubber fixture that kept my balls
tightly squeezed. She then cuffed my hands behind my back and announced that
from now on I would be naked during regular school hours. I soon discovered that
in each of my classes a special seat had been set up for me consisting of a
thick dildo screwed into the seat, manacles that held my legs wide apart and a
series of straps that fastened me tightly into the proper position for learning,
head up and eyes forward. To make sure that I wouldn't doze off my eyes were
taped open. I was also assigned two special seatmates who were to be responsible
to making sure that I didn't cause any distraction by having an unwanted
erection or some such activity. I soon discovered that my seatmates were always
girls and they rotated daily. I also discovered that they took every opportunity
to humiliate, tease and torment me.

	The fat and ugly ones were the worst. There would always be a hand
playing with my ringed cock and taut ball sack. My armpits would be tickled
unmercifully causing me to giggle uncontrollably. My pubic hair would be plucked
out strand by strand as I writhed in pain. My balls would be coated with horse
liniment or some other burning ointments. My nipples would be stretched,
scratched raw and bitten until they bled.

 	Worse yet the teachers would usually come down to my seat and punish me
for causing a disturbance in class. They would always home in on my sore balls
and swollen cock, slapping my private parts until I thought I'd throw up from
the pain or using a ruler to redden my privates. Most used rulers or paddles on
me. The worst was the old hag that taught history; she used an eighteen-inch
metal ruler, smashing it down on the capped head of my cock, driving the metal
plug into the flesh around the head of my dick.

	Detention had now turned into a nightmare. Almost every teacher I had
wanted to discipline me after hours. On many an evening the school janitor would
simply hand the keys to the building over to the teachers who were still working
on my naked body and tell them to lock up when they got finished with me. Mom
started to get very pissed off as I dragged my ass home later and later each day
and could barely get it up for her more than once or twice before passing out
into a deep sleep of exhaustion. Sis was so mad that she vowed revenge on me for
not being able to adequately satisfy her any more.

 	It got much worse when the principal visited and informed mom that
unless she agreed to let me attend a special Saturday session at school so I
could receive more intensive discipline, I would be expelled. What this meant
was that then I could legally be taken away from mom and sis and sent to a
foster home. In fact the principal had already made arrangements to let a pair
of spinster nympho teachers she knew handle my upbringing. Mom was no dummy, she
knew what that meant, her days of daily hot sex would be terminated forever and
she'd probably attend my funeral in less than a year.

	The session started at school, but after signing in I was taken to the
principal's home for the actual session. She had a huge place, which she shared
with her girl friend as well as her husband, a wimpy guy they kept around for
fun and games when they needed a break from all that pussy eating. Waiting for
me was the school nurse, my history teacher, the PE teacher, a diesel dyke who
absolutely hated me, and a young substitute teacher who was a very close and
extremely personal friend of both the principal and her sexy roommate. I was
ordered to strip and then my hands were cuffed behind my back and I was marched
out to the sheltered swimming pool area for the first round of my punishment.

				(More to Cum)

				    Teenage Sex Slave

				       Chapter 2

	It was a wild scene out there by the pool. The principal and her blonde
roommate, who was easily the prettiest one there, were locked in a sixty-nine
and lapping away like crazy on each other's pussy. A few feet from where they
were, the PE teacher, a muscular German babe with a huge rack and a super hairy
pussy was putting the moves on the substitute teacher, a small lady with a cute
set of titties and a shaved cunt that made her look like a twelve year old.

	My history teacher, who until now I'd never seen naked, and the nurse
were doing bad things to the principal's husband. The wimpy guy was standing up
between the two old women who were seated on pool lounges. He had a weird cock,
it was amazing. It must have been nearly a foot long and real narrow; no wonder
I heard him called needle dick by the teachers. The wrinkled old hag, that
absolutely hated me, had both hands around that cock; she was sure choking that
chicken for all she was worth. The nurse had the guy's cheeks spread and she was
tonguing his asshole like there was no tomorrow. A few seconds later the old hag
caught a face full of wimp cum, nailing her from her eyebrows to her chin. She
didn't flinch either when it hit. The nurse hustled herself around and began
licking the cum off the wrinkled hag's face.

	The teacher escorting me, a gray-haired babe with a pretty good body for
her age, shouted out to the gang that fresh meat, namely me, had arrived. Her
announcement was met with loud cheers. I suddenly felt like the last meatball at
an all-you-can-eat joint. It was going to be a very long afternoon.

	There is no way I could remember all of the details of all the neat and
nasty things they did to me during the day and long into the evening. About the
only thing that didn't happen to me was being fucked up the ass by a dog. I did
see that happen too, but thank goodness it was the principal's husband that took
that big doggy dick in his candy ass.

	They started me off with a round robin grudge fucking. I was on a lounge
with my legs pulled back past my ears and held in a grip of steel by the big
German babe. The ladies shared a couple of big dildos donated to the cause by
the principal. To make matters worse, those not direcly involved in rearranging
my asshole and whatever was beyond it, would jack me off until I was just ready
to pop, and then some bitch would squeezed my nuts to soften my stiff cock. Then
they would start playing with it again. Naturally the history teacher had to do
things her way, which meant when I got ready to blow my nuts she'd whack the
hell out of my dick with her trusty metal ruler. That always got some cheers
from the ladies.

	Let me tell you, when that big German diesel dyke took her turn, I
started to blubber like a little fag, it hurt that much. To make matters worse,
half way through reaming me open she pulled out that huge dildo strapped to her
crotch, so her little friend could slather some kind of cream all over the top
half. When it went back into my gaping asshole I thought the top of my head
would come off. It was like someone had set a bonfire in my asshole. I yelled my
head off so much that the gray-haired teacher, her name was Lil, had to sit on
my face to stiffle me.

	Onne everybody had their chance at my poor asshole, the next round
started to see how much punishment my cock could take from plowing out their
cunts. The first thing they did was to try to cut off the path from my balls to
my cock. First they got me good and hard, which wasn't too difficult once the
principal's blonde lady friend started sucking my cock. Then they wrapped some
plastic ties around my ball sack and tightened them until I thought my nuts were
going to be cut off. In step two they put a cock ring around the base of my
johnson and screwed it down hard. In a few minutes my dick was numb, but hard as
steel because all the blood was trapped inside it.

	They formed two lines, one at my head the other besides my stiff dick.
The dyke squatted over my face and settled her hairy, rancid cunt down on me and
then shifted her beefy body until she was comfortable. The fact that I could
hardly breath just made her happier. The principal led off, mounting my stiff
dick and wiggling her cunt until it had taken nearly all eight inches of hard
meat. Then she slapped my side and hollered, "Let's fuck, little boy." That got
me hot and so I started pouring the coals to that nasty twat. The rest of them
gathered round and cheered her on as we fucked up a storm. The only problem I
had was my dick had no feeling in it. By the time she was finished getting her
ashes hauled, my cock was red and sore looking. The dyke hardly moved the entire

	My tongue was getting sore from licking her hairy cunt and my mouth felt
like a sewer once her cunt drippings began to seep past my tongue. I wasn't sure
which was worse, the taste or smell of that sloppy, wet, nasty box. Every so
often she'd hunch forward to plant even more pussy against my face. The smell
was enough to gag a maggot. The sub teacher, who may also have been a sub, come
to think about it, wanted a taste of my tongue. The beefy babe grudgingly gave
up her seat on my face to her little friend.

	Most of the time I had nothing to do but eat pussy and try not to throw
up at the taste and smells attached to pussies that hadn't been washed in days
or just got finished unloading a pint of piss without wiping. My dick was
somewhere else as far as I was concerned, and that was beginning to bug me.
After all, a pussy is a pussy, and fucking should be enjoyable or why do it?

	I began to figure out that except for the PE teacher the rest of them
went both ways. I sure would like to get a shot at the blonde fuck buddy of the
principal when my cock was working. It really burned my ass when she was
bouncing her twat up and down on my dead to the world dick with her C-cup
titties going one way and then the other. I couldn't feel a damned thing, what a
horrible waste of good pussy!

	The only time it got worse was when that old hag who taught history,
Mrs. Landers, climbed aboard and plugged my cock into her white-haired cunt,
with creases instead of lips, for a nice horsy ride. All I could see was
wrinkles, even her tits had wrinkles and they looked like two sausages except
for her super long nips. Someone must have been sucking on those droopers for
years to make those nips look like that. I wondered what it must have been like
to fuck her when she was in her twenties or so. Maybe she was a great fuck, who

	She got this weird, crazy look on her face after she hunkered down and
did some serious riding. I fucking could not believe it, the old bitch was
getting off! That must have been a Guinness book of records entry; oldest babe
to ever have an orgasm. That's a word I learned from one of the girls in school
I used to fuck. She was real smart, but not much of a fuck. She was real funny,
she even called her cunt a vagina; now that's a butt ugly word as far as I am

	By the time they got done riding the baloney pony, I was beginning to
get a good sunburn on those places that didn't have a cunt blocking the sun. The
principal did the honors, unscrewing the cock ring and opening the ties cutting
off the blood to my balls. I felt a tingling sensation, and then the pain kicked
in, major, major pain. It was bad shit, very very bad shit! I started yelling
and screaming as the pain got worse and worse. It felt like my cock and balls
were being hit with a baseball bat just about the time they were set on fire. I
passed out cold.

	The first thing I saw was the grinning face of the nurse, Ms Manners.
She began to croon and coo at the same time, putting me down big time for being
a pansy and probably a fag as well.

	"Is the little man awake now? Did his poor little weiner hurt bad? Good,
glad it did. Maybe the little boy has started to learn his lesson. Maybe the
poor little boy just needs his mommy. Do you need your mommy? We can have her
over here in no time. Maybe that would be fun, don't you think so? We could take
lots of pictures of you and your nice mommy fucking each other and maybe even
doing the dog, wouldn't that be nice? I guess the poor little boy can't handle
real grownups. I guess the poor little boy should be wearing panties and maybe a
little training bra. Wouldn't that be nice?"

	All I could do was lay there and take it. The whole time she was putting
me down I was thinking how nice it would be to shove a two by four up her ass,
or maybe tie weights to her sagging tits and see how much they could stretch.

	When the principal suggested I go for a swim, I thought my luck had
changed. Sure it had, it got worse. They dragged me over to the deep end and
tossed me in. Let me tell you, it's tough to stay afloat with your hands cuffed
behind your back. I did pretty good for a minute or so and then the PE teacher
dove in, and started dunking me.

	That babe was strong. She took a hunk of my hair in her big hand and
played with me like I was some kind of a toy. I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls
of water and then she decided to see how much water I could inhale as well. That
was very scary; I started to panic and that was that. The next thing I knew I
was on my back by the pool getting artificial respiration from the German
babe,and did she have bad breath. I sputtered and got away from that foul mouth
as fast as I could.

	Then they really got busy on me. I went over the principal's lap and got
a good going over from the weighted paddle she used to blister my sorry ass. It
hurt, it hurt a whole lot. It got worse when I went over the nurse's knees. She
held me down and let the little babe give me a couple of dozen whacks. She was
kind of weak, but coming on top of the damage the principal had made, it hurt
like fire. Naturally Mrs. Landers insisted on using her metal ruler to add a
fresh set of marks on my poor sore ass; in fact she drew blood which brought a
big cheer from the ladies.

	After two more of the ladies did their best to take the rest of the skin
off my ass, up stepped the blonde babe that I had the hots for. This bitch could
hit like a man. I was amazed at the kind of force she could bring down on me. I
started bawling like a baby, the pain was that bad. I caught a ration of shit
from the assembled group who were digging my pain and humiliation. Being forced
to cry was the pits as far as I was concerned. She bistered my butt until I
thought I'd puke from the pain and the heat.

	 I don't even want to talk about what happened when the clean up batter,
the big German, got to the plate. She hit a grand slam, in fact she probably hit
a couple. I was screaming like a baby by then and begging her to stop, when I
wasn't asking for my mommy or promising to drink her piss if she'd stop. She
finally did, giving me a going-away shot that made my ass go numb. It sounded as
if a firecracker had gone off. It felt even worse when the feeling came back.
Later she took me up on my offer to drink her piss, but that came quite a bit
later and by then I was nearly out of it.

				(To be continued) 

				Teenage Sex Slave

				   Chapter 3

	It got even freakier when they dragged my sunburned ass into the house
and really went to town on it. I guess the dip in the pool was sort of an
introduction to the more serious water sports that I played well into the night.
That damned nurse had brought along a few of her toys such as a three-quart
enema bag and a few different nozzles and attachments that made what I got in
school seem like a walk in the park.

	While the nurse started fixing my first enema, Lil, the gray haired
teacher with the good bod, decided she wanted a little more of my cock. So I
took her for a nice long ride as the old nurse fiddled around with her stuff,
adding a little of this and a little of that into the bag. I shot a good sized
load into Lil's fuck box and she scooted up and pressed her fresh fucked cunt
down on my face and told me to suck my cum out and make sure I didn't miss any.
That brought a laugh from the old hag who seemed interested in seeing how much
of her metal ruler my dick could handle and still stay attached to my balls.
Everyone else had peeled off and gone with the principal to fuck over her wimp
husband some more. I was the lucky one because they decided that the dog should
continue doing his candy ass, and not mine.

	They bent me over the edge of the tub and the nurse slipped a big nozzle
up my asshole and wiggled it around until she was satisfied with its location.
She then pumped another bulb attached to the enema tubing and that acted to seal
everything to my ass. There was now no way I could release whatever she was
going to give me without her opening that bulb.  "You'll really appreciate this
one you nasty pervert!" the nurse exclaimed as she opened the valve and started
the enema flowing into me.

	At first it wasn't too bad, kind of cool, but nothing I couldn't handle.
The nurse made some kind of cooing noise as more and more of the stuff entered.
I began to feel kind of full, but not a problem. It didn't seem to be much
different from the kinds she gave me at school. Then the first explosion went
off in my guts. I felt as if I had just swallowed a football made of lead. Then
things got worse. I got this overwhelming urge to upchuck and I could actually
feel my belly beginning to swell. The way I was positioned over the edge of the
tub made the pain worse. I tried to raise myself up to relieve the pressure and
the nurse jammed me back down and gave my ass cheek a vicious pinch for my

	Whatever she was giving me was not good for my insides. My gut kept
feeling as if it was taking the best shots from the heavyweight champ of the
world. My belly was blowing up fast and the pain was major league. Once more I
tried to escape from the edge of the tub, and this time I did. That was not
smart, because it exposed my cock.

	The old hag of a history teacher began whacking away on it with her
trusty 18-incher. I was in agony, unable to escape the pain from the enema that
was still flowing into me, and unable to get out of the way of that vicious
metal ruler. Mrs Landers hit me a good one right across the middle of my cock
and I nearly passed out. Then the nurse kicked me squarely in the nuts and I
toppled over into the tub, the enema nozzle still held securely in place. I was
well and truly screwed. The last thing I remember was watching that ruler
explode over the head of my cock, then it was lights out.

	When I was out, they must have yanked the nozzle from my asshole,
because I woke up in a big puddle of my shit and did it stink! Worse still, both
the nurse and Mrs Landers were squatting over the tub getting ready to piss all
over me. As soon as I made a move to get up they let go and I was sprayed with
some of the worse smelling piss in the known universe. That bitch of a nurse
even managed to pee into my face for a couple of seconds. The history teacher
concentrated on covering my cock and balls with her warm wet stuff. It was
utterly humiliating, and there wasn't much I could do about it except try to
keep my eyes and mouth shut until they ran out of piss, which didn't take too
long, thank goodness.

	They let me get out of the tub, but then I had to get into the stall for
a nice cold shower. By the time they let me out, my dick and balls could fit
into a golf ball with room left over. Lil and Mrs Landers ragged on me good, but
the nurse was too busy preparing the next big bag of ugliness to be bothered.
Lil jammed her middle finger up my asshole and began diddling my prostate. By
the time the nurse was ready to give me another enema I had major wood. Well it
was major until my history teacher beat the stiffness out of it with the edge of
her metal ruler. Lil laughed at my condition and helped get me bent over for
another load of liquid dynamite. This one felt hot and then got hotter.

	 I was hollering and shaking myself in an effort to get rid of the four
alarm fire that had broken out in my lower intestines. The nurse just laughed
and smacked my ass over and over as more and more of that liqid fire flowed into
me. I started to sweat and soon I was begging  for  mercy.

	"Shut up you little fag and take it like a man!" she exclaimed. I
clenched my cheeks in a vain attempt to stem the fiery flow, but was unable to
do a thing against it. The nurse closed the clip on the tubing and let me savor
the pain from what I had already absorbed. Mrs Landers started in on my sore ass
with that damned ruler again. It did take my mind off the pain I was
experiencing, but once the nurse opened the clip again I felt as if I had died
and gone to hell.

	By the time that bitch of a nurse got done, I had taken three big bags
of her best recipes for taming oversexed teens, which is the way she described
what I'd been given. I didn't think I could ever take a dump again based on the
way my asshole and its surroundings felt. Even though the enema bag was empty
and the nozzle had been out of my asshole for many minutes, it still felt as if
someone was lighting up matches inside my ass. What really scared me was the
threat from the Ms Manners for more enemas once the "girls" had a chance to fuck
me over good.

	To finish the session off I had to kneel on the cold tile of the floor
and take another piss shower, this time all of them participated and Lil even
held my head still so the Ms Manners could squirt her hot piss directly into my
face. I stubbornly refused to open my mouth until Mrs Landers kicked me in the
balls. Then I gargled piss for at least a couple of minutes as they took turns
blasting me from point blank range. What made things even worse was that the
little substitute teacher popped in with a camera and took plenty of shots of
yours truly acting like a toilet for the trio of nasty bitches. I wondered if I
would ever live this down. If those pics ever circulated at school, my
reputation as a stud would be permanently trashed.

	I was then marched downstairs to the basement which was a combination
workshop and storage area. On the way I got a look at what was going on in the
rec room; it was flat ugly. The wimp husband was stark naked and his ass was
taking a brutal beating from the PE teacher who was using the same weapon that
nearly destroyed my ass out by the pool. To make matters worse he was sucking
off the damned dog who was supporting himself by using his front paws to dig
into the poor bastard's shoulders. The rest of the teachers were standing or
sitting, most of them with their hands buried in their exposed cunts, obviously
getting off on the total domination and humiliation of the pricipal's wimp
husband. I wondered how long it would be before these ladies from hell descended
on my sorry ass once more.

	I've heard of getting a tit caught in a wringer, but having my balls in
a vise was a new and scary experience. Lil was currently manning the vise and
was on the verge of turning my balls into mush. I was at their mercy completely
and they were making the most of it. My cock sat on top of the metal faces, and
Mrs Landers was going to town on it with her favorite weapon. "I'll beat the
stiffness out of that nasty thing if it's the last thing I do!" she exclaimed as
she whacked away at my meat which was turning black and blue from the vicious
hits she was delivering.

	It was the young teacher who saved my genitals, another word that I
learned from that weird girl I mentioned before. She got the bright idea of
using pliers to rip out my pubic hair so I'd be nice and smooth when I fucked
her later. So there I was screaming at the top of my lungs as the four fiends
from hell took turns ripping out big chunks of hair and some skin as well. There
was plenty of bleeding in the areas that they worked on, but nothing fatal I was
told by the nurse. I was thankful for that news, but I feared that once there
was nothing left to yank out, my old history teacher would resume destroying my
cock an inch at a time.

 	Talk about being saved by the bell; just minutes before they would have
been done with their fun, they were joined by the rest of the teachers who had
been drawn to the noise I was making. I could see the disappointment written all
over Mrs Landers face. On the other hand I wondered what new trouble I was about
to get myself into. I didn't have long to wait. The PE teacher wasted no time
taking the helm of the vise and within seconds I fainted dead away from the
horrible pain she caused.

	I woke up in the rec room with an ice bag on my sore balls that hadn't
been turned into peanut butter like I thought. I was still handcuffed and
considering the state of my scrotum they weren't paying much attention to me.
All eyes were focused on the wimpy guy taking the dog's stiff, red cock up his
ass. That mutt's dick was moving at warp speed and the wimp husband was crying
like a baby as the animal ruined his candy ass. The funny thing was his cock was
hard as steel, which didn't make too much sense to me. If he was getting off on
this action, why was he sobbing like a little wuss. I found out the answer to
that one first hand.

	At about that point one of the teachers caught sight of me waking up and
they were upon me like a pack of sex crazed wolves. Believe it or not the first
to try me out was dear old Mrs Landers, in all her wrinkled glory. The sub and
Lil tag-teamed my cock, passing it back and forth from one mouth to the other
with the result that sore balls or not, my dick got rock solid. I was watching
the hot blonde roommate of the principal enjoying the view of the wimp getting
totally destroyed by the mutt. As she watched she strummed her big clit like it
was a musical intrument. That was all it took to give me major wood.

	When the old hag mounted me, I got the shock of my young life. This
wrinkled old prune of a woman this time had a cunt that felt like a bucket of
warm butter. When she squeezed her cunt muscles it felt like my cock was being
rubbed in velvet. It was unreal! I went nuts and nearly punched my dick through
her backbone, I rammed it up her so hard. Her eyes popped and she let out a big
grunt as if I had drilled her in the gut with my fist. That only made me get
even crazier. I was pumping her so hard that she bounced up and down every time
I laid the wood to her. Considering she was on top and I had handcuffs on, it
was an amazing performance, even for me, the top stud in school.

	The rest of the gang, which now included the blonde hottie, gathered
round and enjoyed the show. I was really doing some damage to that old hag's
insides. Her mouth was wide open as she gasped for air and her tiny titties were
flopping in the breeze as I continued to bury the bone in that super wet cunt.
It dawned on me that the first time I'd fucked her, she came like a fountain.
What was with this strange old woman who one second was trying to destroy my
cock and the next was riding it like there was no tomorrow and loving every
minute of it. I was in a very weird world this evening. Then Mrs Landers, I
wonder what ever happened to Mr. Landers, went off like an atom bomb and I swear
it felt like my cock was being squeezed in that damned vise again as she
screamed and quivered through whatever big orgasm she was having. "Damn I'm
good!" I said to myself.

	As before, the PE teacher passed on an opportunity to go for a pony
ride, which was a lucky break for yours truly. For the past hour my sore balls
had been churning away trying to keep up with the demands from the ladies. I was
far from being out of the woods since the blonde hottie, the principal and Ms
Manners still remained. Ms Manners was a real ball buster, interrupting the ride
I was giving her anytime she felt that I was getting close to getting off. Every
time she did it I got a shit-eating grin from the old bitch. I just gritted my
teeth and hoped for the best. Somehow or another my youth, combined with clean
living, that's a joke, allowed me to overcome the school nurse one more time. I
realized that she'd naturally have her revenge, probably the first day I
returned to school.

	The break I'd caught when the PE teacher passed was now coming back to
haunt me, because my next rider was the blonde bombshell, and I was far from my
normal self. I cursed my bad luck; this was the second time I'd had an
opportunity to nail this lovely and once more I had a problem. I did my best,
but it was none too good and she knew it as well as I did. When she hopped off
there was an annoyed look on her face. She and her buddy, the principal, put
their heads together and I knew the result would not be anything that I'd be
happy about.

	I was a bit surprised when the blonde produced a silver bullet vibrator,
the kind my mom used when I wasn't available to scratch her itch. She lubed it,
ran it up my asshole and found my prostate, no challenge considering the
exercise it had been getting. At the same time I began to feel a burning
sensation starting in the same neighborhood as the vibrator. It didn't take a
rocket scientist to figure out that the silver bullet had been lubed with
something like hot sauce. Despite the irritation, my prostate responded to the
buzzing action and soon my semi-limp cock began to raise its head once more.

	I should have known better when the principal rolled the rubber on my
newly hardened dick and mounted up with a nasty smile on her face. It didn't
take me long to realize that the rubber contained more of the stuff that had
lubed the vibrator. My cock began to sizzle as the principal bounced up and down
on my burning fuck stick. I knew there was only one chance to avoid a total
wipeout, and that was to get the woman off as quickly as I could. I started
corkscrewing my irritated length of hard cock up and in as far as I could get,
hoping that maybe enough friction might roll part of the rubber off and let her
cunt have a taste of what I was experiencing. That approach did not work and so
I went to the strength move, ramming her twat as hard as I could with each
stroke, timing my thrusts to meet her downward motion. She shook and shivered,
but hung on like a bronc rider.

	I kept at her, trying one thing and then another, watching her smallish
tits bounce and jiggle as I pounded her cunt into a pulpy mass of tired flesh.
Finally she gasped, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started
quivering through a big old orgasm that seemed to come out of the woodwork when
she least expected it. She was one tired old lady when she slid off my rammer.
However she got some revenge when her roommate began to jack me off furiously
causing the burning to intensify to the point that tears started rolling down my
cheeks. The principal looked down and then gave me the finger for my efforts.
"We are far from done with you. I still have a few ideas for further discipline
and I'm sure you will not enjoy them either, but I certainly will."

	At that point, the mutt, who had been licking his balls while me and
principal did the horizontal mambo, got with the program once more. The ladies
crowded around the wimp and watched with obvious enjoyment as the PE teacher
helped the dog mount its "bitch" for another go round.  That mutt's dick was
just a blur as he drilled out the poor slob's asshole.

	Watching the pathetic bastard being humiliated in front of all these
bitches and realizing that this was what he had to expect for the rest of his
unnatural life with the wife from hell, made me understand that what I was going
through was nothing compared to that poor asshole. In a few hours I'd be out of
here and on my way home to get a good night's sleep. By morning I'd be rarin' to
go with mom, sis and any other female dumb enough to cross my path. Things would
have to get a whole lot worse for me to begin doubting myself.

	The few hours that I thought I had left turned into a lot longer. They
marched me back into the bathroom for another one of Ms Manners special enemas.
Once I was filled to the bursting point the sub teacher and the blonde hottie
took turns jacking me off. The school nurse gave me an evil smile and said,
"You'll hold this one until they get you off, and I don't care how long it
takes. Then I've got another bag for you that just might ruin your colon for the
next week or so. It's a real winner, mineral oil mixed with jalapeno pepper oil
with a little ammmonia and bleach. This one is guaranteed to burn the lining off
your lower intestines if you hold it for more than ten minutes. Now what's going
to happen is after I load you up, you're going to eat my pussy until I get off
or your insides turn to jelly."

	I don't know how I managed to cum, but I did. It was a weak, watery
dribble, but it was enough to get me off the hook. After dumping the load into
the tub I got another ice cold shower that made my dick turn into a little lump
of tired flesh. Once again I got bent over the tub and this time it hurt from
start to finish. It did feel as if there was a little guy with a blowtorch
working on my insides. I was sweating and the pain was right up there with
anything I had gone through this evening. Next thing I knew Ms Manners rancid
pussy was bring jammed into my face for some serious attention. If I have one
weakness it's eating pussy. I do it when I have to, but I'm not an expert at it.
So far the women had made me eat them out not so much to get off, but to
humiliate me, and that they manged to do. This time it was different.

	I did my best, but that wasn't good enough. I passed out from the pain
with my tongue buried inside the nurse's dripping cunt, still not ready to get
off. When I came to, my asshole and surrounding areas felt as if they were on
fire. The pain actually made me cry which amused the ladies no end. Ms Manners
took pity on me and gave me an enema that calmed things down considerably. She
also informed me that for the next week I was to report to her an hour before
school began for some instructions on how to properly eat her cunt.

	 Next weekend I would get my final exam at Mrs Landers place. It seems
that those two were an item, and both had decided that having a boy toy at their
beck and call wouldn't be such a bad idea. I began to realize that this little
get together had more than one objective. Things were about to take a more
interesting turn. I had never really been with older women, except for my mom,
who didn't really count since she was family.

	They dragged my sorry ass back to the rec room where the PE teacher was
fucking the principal's wimp husband in the asshole as he sucked on the dog's
dick. I don't know how that poor fucker put up with all this crap. Then I
noticed that the guy was getting a hard on from what was happening. I was
stunned; the guy was digging all this horrible shit that was happening to him.
He was some kind of a freak! Here I had been wasting sympathy on this little
fucker when all the time this kind of weirdness was his thing. Any more thoughts
on that subject flew out the window when the ladies decided to work on my
asshole as well.

	The principal supervised the ladies as they strapped me to a low bench.
Then they had a round robin consisting of having me suck their assholes while my
asshole was stretched with dildos including an inflatable type that damned near
ruptured my sphincter thanks to the efforts of the PE teacher who had strength
comparable to a man, a big man. Worse yet the sub teacher greased her hand and
tried to get it up my gaping asshole after the inflatable had been used to open
it to the max. That was the single worst pain I endured. Somehow she managed to
work her little fist into my asshole and with some help from the PE teacher, she
got about six inches of her arm inside me as well. I couldn't take this
treatment after everything else that had happened, so I passed out.

	An hour or so later they dumped what was left of me onto the front
doorstep of my house, rang the bell, and when mom answered, they told her I was
all hers until monday. They added that I was expected to show up bright and
early for a little more disciplining and training in the fine art of satisfying
real women. They also warned mom that she was still on the hot seat and very bad
things would happen to both me and her if she did anything funny like go to the
local authorities.

					(To be continued)

					Teenage Sex Slave

					    Chapter 4

	Despite everything I'd been through, mom wanted some cock, and she
wanted it immediately. She hustled me off to my bedroom, and in no time I was
naked and cuffed in my usual spread-eagle position with a pillow stuffed under
my ass. Normally the pillow meant that mom wanted to fool around with my
asshole, and tonight was no different. It just took her a while to get around to

	  I watched mom get naked. Compared to most of the teachers that had
been doing me all day, mom looked pretty good. She had big tits. One day I'd
checked out one of her bras and it read 38D. The bad part of having big tits was
that they sagged when the babe got older, like past thirty. Mom's tits really
sagged a lot. She also had the beginnings of a beer gut and her ass and thighs
looked kind of cheesy in spots.

	I always liked it that she kept her pussy nice and smooth. She shaved it
every Saturday and usually that was the night she wanted me to eat her out
between fucks. It looked like I was in for a long hot session tonight, not
exactly what I needed after having my balls absolutely and totally drained dry a
couple of times and my cock used so much it was sore. I asked mom if she could
put some salve on my dick because it was hurting. She told me that she would do
it after I fucked her a couple of times, not exactly the answer I wanted to

	I did catch one break, my sister was going to be gone until tomorrow
afternoon. I knew what that meant; she was probably getting gang fucked by one
of the school's athletic teams, or clubs. She was a big favorite of the camera
club and pictures of her doing the nasty in every position you could think of
were always circulating around the school. That was another reason why I was
always in trouble; the teachers were jealous of her popularity with the guys,
and they took it out on me.

	Mom got busy waking my dick up, she gobbled away on my sore cock until
it was standing tall, ready for action. Her cunt wrapped itself around my tired
rod and started sliding up and down on it as the bedsprings began to squeak. All
the fucking and sucking, not to mention the other funny stuff they did to me all
day made it really tough to work up a good head of steam. Mom just kept moving
that pussy and slipping her tongue into my mouth so I could suck on it. I just
concentrated on imagining that it was the blonde friend of the principal who was
riding me for all she was worth. That did the trick and I managed to blast her
with a few good squirts, which I knew I'd be sucking out of her cunt later on in
the session.

	She surprised me with her next move. Before I knew what happened she was
shoving her puckered asshole into my face and rubbing it around trying to locate
my mouth. That was not one of my favorite things to do, but she was calling the
shots and so I stuck out my tongue and hoped mom had wiped herself good the last
time she took a dump.

	I got lucky, she'd taken a shower while waiting for me to get home and
so mom was nice and fresh back there. I then gave her a good tongue lashing
which she really enjoyed. She reached back and spread her cheeks so I could work
on every bit of her asshole. While I licked and smooched it, she moaned and
groaned. Her big ass kept smothering me when she got excited, so I had to really
be careful that I didn't get her too excited, because she could probably smother
me to death with that big butt.

	When she had enough of my tongue action, she leaned forward and tried to
swallow my limp dick whole. She even managed to get her tongue working on my
balls, and that action began to get my tool hard. Mom wasn't fooling around this
time. As soon as I started getting wood she began jacking me to beat hell. Next
thing I knew, she was feeding my cock into her wet cunt for another round. She
bounced her big body up and down on my stiffy and told me what a good stud I
was, and how she wanted me to fuck her all night. That was not what I wanted to
hear at this point. All I really wanted to do was cum in her pussy and go to
sleep. She had other ideas.

	I have to hand it to my mom, she knows more tricks than any of the girls
I fuck at school. That night and morning she tried out most of them to keep me
going. I lost count of the number of times I fucked her cunt, which always
seemed to be dripping. I remember at least two times when she plopped that nasty
snatch down on my mouth and made me suck out every drop of pussy juice and cum
that was sloshing around inside of her.

	She used her silver bullet vibrator to get me hard when no amount of
sucking or jacking would do the trick. She'd slobber all over it and then push
it up into my ass and move it around until my cock started to twitch. That was a
sign that she had found my sweet spot and so she'd turn it on and leave it there
while she got busy sucking my dick. I am always amazed at how stiff I get when
that damn buzzer is up my butt like that.

	The only problem is that it takes me forever to cum when she has to do
this to get me up for another round of fucking. I swear I passed out in the
middle of fucking her one time, that's how beat I was. I had no idea when she
finally decided she had enough, but she did and I was asleep in less than a
minute after she got up and headed for her bedroom, leaving me to lay in this
pool of cum and pussy juice that had collected under me from all the sucking and
fucking that took place. I was out of it, really wasted.

	I woke up to discover mom's mouth at the end of my dick, hoovering for
all she was worth. When she realized I was awake, she popped my cock from her
mouth and gave me a big smile. "That was nice last night. Now that the edge is
sort of off, I want you to really give me some good solid cock and I mean hard,
deep and fast, just like in the porn movies. Close your eyes and imagine I'm
Bettina Buttfuk with the best boobs in the business and a super smooth pussy
that is made out of velvet." I did what she suggested, except my favorite is
Mandi Randy, a redhead with perfect tits, a thick bush and an ass that must be
mounted on ball bearing the way it moves when she's fucking up a storm. I soon
had mom gasping for breath as I made like a roto-tiller and tore her cunt up.

	My dick felt great as I reamed mom out with the kind of action she
loved. She was hanging on for dear life, her mouth open and her eyes kind of
crossing as I plowed my way up her soaking wet fuck box. When I blasted off, I
nearly drove my stiff cock into her belly, that's how hard   I was drilling her.
It felt like I was shooting a machine gun when I started fire hosing her cunt
walls with my big load of thick hot cum. Mom almost passed out from the action I
gave her. When I was done, she just lay there like sack of sand, breathing
heavily and mumbling to herself. She had really gotten off big time and it was
going to take her plenty of time to recover and want some more of the dynamite
dick, which is what she liked to call my cock when it was doing her really good.

	Before we went back to doing the nasty, mom and I went to the kitchen
and she fed me breakfast as we played grab-ass. Mom was a sight with my cum
dripping from her well fucked cunt and running down her thighs as I opened her
robe to get at her droopy tits. We french kissed and my cock started to harden.
She reached down and put it into her cunt. I fucked her as she leaned back on
the kitchen table, her robe wide open and her head bouncing around like she was
one of those bobble-head dolls. We went at it hot and heavy for a few minutes
and then I gave her cunt walls another paint job. When I slipped out of her
soaking wet slot, she sighed and asked if I wanted some more breakfast. I  did,
fucking always gives me an appetite. By the time I finished my second helping,
mom was beginning to look like Mandi Randy. "I want to fuck you some more" I
announced, and her face broke out into this big smile. We went back to the
bedroom and stained the sheets for the next couple of hours until mom had to beg
off because her pussy was too sore to take any more of my hard dick.

	The next morning, bright and early I reported to the nurse's station to
be greeted by Ms Manners and not one, but two full enema bags. They were hanging
from a fixture set up right by the table I now spent time on every school day.
She had a big shit-eating grin on her puss and as I took off my clothes she
asked me how I enjoyed the little party we had on Saturday. I shrugged and said
it was OK. "Wait until we get our hands on you next weekend when you get your
final exam. Then let's see if you can say that one was OK." I didn't like the
tone of her voice, but I figured I should be able to take anything they could
dish out based on what happened on Saturday. The only ones I really worried
about were Mrs. Landers and that PE bitch. In fact I was really looking forward
to taking another run at that hot blonde who seemed to spend most of her time at
the "party" munching the principal's hairy muff.

	While she was loading me up with the first enema, a real cold one that
made my cock shrivel up and my balls try to disappear up into my belly, Ms
Manners asked me if I had been doing anything dirty with mom or sis. I kept my
trap shut and sweated out the series of cramps that spread out from deep inside
my ass. I guess she didn't like my silence, so she stopped the enema and
exchanged the nozzle in my ass for a butt plug that hurt as it went in. This one
felt like it belonged to a horse. " OK young man, have it your way. Let's see
how long you can handle what just went inside you. By the way there's another
half a bag left that you'll get once you tell me in detail the dirty things you
did wiith those degenerates in your family."

	Even as she was talking I knew my ass was grass unless I spilled the
beans about what went on between me and mom. So I started to tell her what
happened right after I got home. She got this strange look on her face as I told
her about fucking mom until early the next morning. When I mentioned that we
must have fucked for three or four hours and I must have blown at least half a
dozen loads into her cunt and asshole her eyes nearly popped out of her head.
"Wait until the principal hears about this!" she exclaimed with a really shocked
look on her face.

	 I didn't get it, she was around while I was going off like a cannon for
nearly the entire time I was over at the principal's place. I decided to shut up
about what happened this morning when both mom and sis came in for a good
morning fuck. Sis had gotten back very late from the gangbang yesterday; it
turned out that there were a lot more guys than she had expected and so she had
to put in some overtime. She was totally wasted and at that time had no interest
in getting some extra cock from me.

	By the time the principal arrived to squat on my face and feed me her
dripping twat for a good sucking, I was taking the second enema, one that felt
like liquid fire. The nurse wasted no time informing her about what I'd been up
to since they dropped me off at my house very late on Saturday night. The
principal thought it was kind of funny and asked if I'd done anything with my
sister, who was also enrolled at this school, a couple of years ahead of me. My
mouth was too full to answer, so she lifted her hairy cunt up long enough for me
to tell her all the juicy details.

	My story seemed to scandalize Ms Manners, but it merely made the
principal laugh harder. "So, the litle slut is taking on half the male
population of my school these days. Perhaps that little bitch should be beside
you every morning getting her intestines straightened out by Ms Manners as

	The thought of sis taking a gigantic enema that would make her belly
blow up like a balloon got me hard. The nurse gasped at my reaction, and the
principal looked over her shoulder to see my stiff cock rising to stand over my
bulging belly. She shifted herself until my hard meat was pointing straight up
into her cunt and then she carefully settled down on it and began to ride me
hard. All this time my guts were churning and burning as more and more of that
enema pushed its way into me.

	The nurse slowed the flow as the principal fucked up and down on my
stiff joint. Since I'd fucked her a couple of times on Saturday, my cock
remembered her cunt and what it liked. She got it, in spades, and she shook like
a car with a bad front alignment. We sort of blasted off together as my guts
felt like they were melting. I thought my insides were trying to come out of my
dick. It was the weirdest feeling I'd ever had except for the time sis and
Connie hooked the head of my cock up to the vacuum cleaner intake hose and
turned it on.

	By the time I had sucked all my cum from the principal's cunt, and
polished Ms Manners' cunt and asshole until they shined with the coating of
saliva I left behind, I was informed that as of now I was going into the special
education class. Special education, wasn't that for the dummies who couldn't tie
their own shoe laces or needed someone to wipe their asses? I was soon to
discover that this special education class made anything that I'd had done to me
previously seem like a walk in the park.

				(To be continued)

					Teenage Sex Slave

					   Chapter 5

	The principal herself escorted me down to the special education room
located in the sub basement. I didn't even know about this level, let alone the
room marked "Spec Ed". She had deliberately picked just before the start of the
first class for the day, when there were mobs of kids running and walking
towards their various homerooms. I was stark naked with my hands cuffed behind
my back, and she was leading me by a leash that was attached to the dog collar
around my neck. The students gave us plenty of space as we passed through.

	My cock was hanging down between my legs, sore and limp from the furious
session of meat beating it had taken from the nurse, who used a leather glove to
provide plenty of friction as she jacked me to one big cum after another. I'd
probably be out of commission for maybe thirty minutes, but it was the wrong
thirty minutes as far as my reputation as a super stud was concerned. A number
of the better loking girls made faces at me or gave me the finger, as they
stared at my worn-out love muscle. A couple of the gay guys blew me kisses and
gave me the sign that they would love to suck my cock when it was available. I
just kept my head down and followed the principal's scrawny ass as she
wiggle-walked in front of me.

	We finally arrived at this metal door and she whipped out a key to let
us inside. It was freaky! It was one big room with a desk and a big television
screen up front and these weird looking chairs circling the desk and screen.
Three of them were occupied, all by girls, none of whom I recognized. They were
all stark naked.

	If that wasn't enough of a shock, I heard a familiar voice welcoming me
to the class. It was the substitute teacher who had been at my little party last
Saturday. She introduced herself as Ms Joyce and gave a brief sketch of the
three chicks and yours truly. While she talked I began to get a hard-on from
looking at the outstanding pussy that was seated before me. This was going to be
a ball as far as I was concerned.

	"Welcome to special education; you are the first male that we've had in
some time. I'm sure the ladies will be thrilled to have a member of the opposite
sex to ogle while you are being trained. Allow me to introduce your three
charming companions. The blonde with the rather large breasts is Carol; she's a
junior and is majoring in boys. Her most recent claim to fame is that she took
on twenty-six members of her home room in the boys' rest room."

	"On her left is Taunisha, a sophmore like yourself, who has this
overwhelming urge to have oral sex with every boy or girl she meets regardless
of their race, creed or sexual persuation. She is what I would describe as an
equal opportunity oral sex maniac. I think it's fitting that she comes from a
racially mixed marriage, and seems to have the best features of both races when
it comes to physical beauty. I must confess that I keep her after class almost
every afternoon so we can explore in more detail her sexual urges."

	"Finally, the little one is Wendy; don't let that innocent look and
child-like body fool you. This senior is a full blown nymphomaniac with
masochistic tendencies. Her specialty runs to athletic males of the school who
she entices into compromising situations and then eggs them on until they
violate her, usually with a great deal of accompanying violence. She has been
responsible for the suspension of fourteen of our best athletes, something that
our alumni do not find amusing."

	"Ladies, this is Tommy who fancies himself a stud at the tender age of
fifteen. He has been a particularly disruptive force when it comes to the
school's female faculty members. I have become personally involved in his
rehabilitation along with a number of other faculty personnel. His attendance in
this class will be limited to this week only, so don't get your hopes up. If he
fails his final examination next weekend he will be expelled from school and
likely placed in a foster home as his mother has already been determined to be
an unfit parent."

	Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the principal checking out the
tawny babe with the perfect body and licking her lips. I guess I wasn't the only
one getting her personal attention these days. I wondered where Taunisha was
spending her weekends. I'd get a partial answer very soon.

	I got my next shock when I approached my seat. There was this nasty
looking dildo poking up from the bottom; I was kind of familiar with that, but
the one they used on me in regular class wasn't as long or big around as this
bad boy. The straps and cuffs looked the same, but there was this fixture in the
back of the seat that was new to me. I knew I'd find out what it was pretty
soon. Then I got a closer look at the girls and discovered that all of them had
huge vibrators crammed into their cunts and I could hear them buzzing away. I
also noticed that all of them were sweating and trying to get themselves into a
more comfortable position. Now I knew what the back fixture was for, it made you
arch your back. These babes were really bent, in more ways than one.

	I heard the door open and shut; I thought the principal had taken off, I
was wrong. One, two, three and then a fouth girl came into view. Ms Joyce
introduced them as our personal trainers, explaining that she would supervise
them as they put us through our paces. Each of these babes was on the plain
side, and a couple could only be described as porkers. What was even more
interesting was that they were all naked, just like us. It didn't take long for
me to figure out the reason for no clothes.

	Lucky me, my new trainer was a porker with acne, bad breath, arm pits
that smelled as if something had died in them a few months ago, and the
disposition of a wolverine with a corn cob stuck up its ass. Ms Joyce personally
supervised my seating. First the porker stuck a glob of vaseline up my bunghole
and moved it around until I grunted from the rough treatment she gave me. I got
an evil grin and my first wiff of her armpits combined with the world's worse
case of halitosis. It was enough to gag a maggot.

	Getting seated on that redwood tree sticking out of the bottom of my
chair was a very painful proposition. It didn't help that Ms Joyce cheerfully
told everyone that my dildo was an exact replica of the cock of some porn star
called Mr. Big. I decided I'd never watch any of his stuff if I could help it.
It took a couple of tries before my anal ring was stretched to the point that
some of the dildo could start stretchng my insides. This thing made any enema
I'd ever taken from that nasty nurse look like nothing. I started sweating as my
asshole took more and more of the hard rubber.

	I tried to take my mind off things by homing in on the chick with the
perfect body. Damn, she looked fantastic. Her skin was a kind of tan and her
hair was long with a little curl to it. Every time she took a deep breath, her
tits seemed to be saying "squeeze me". Her pussy had a neatly trimmed bush of
dark curly hair surrounding most of the giant vibrator that was churning away
inside that juicy box. I could see she was oozing some cunt juice out of that
stuffed twat despite how stretched it was by that hummer buried inside her. Then
I got an eyeful of what her "trainer" was doing to her. The dirty blonde with
droppy tits started sucking on Taunisha's tits, making those nipples get hard as

	I felt my cock getting bigger as I got turned on by seeing her tits
getting sucked. The other two started laughing at me. The blonde with the big
tits said I was getting turned on by having my asshole cornholed by that big
rubber dick. "He must be queer if that gets him hard." she said. All I could do
was grit my teeth and hope that the damned hunk of rubber would touch bottom
soon. I started to get the strong urge to take a dump as the dildo filled my ass
to capacity.

	For some strange reason my dick started twitching and I realized that I
was on the verge of blowing my load. That's when the mean bitch in charge of me
reached down and started to squeeze my balls. She grinned at me as she slowly
increased the pressure on my nut sack. The pain was heavy duty and slowly my
cock began to wilt as the pain increased. I thought I was going to either throw
up or pass out, but I didn't do either. Finally my asshole swallowed the entire
length of the monster dildo and I got some sarcastic applause from the trainers.
The bitch decided to kiss me and she took her time pressing her cold lips to
mine as she continued to toy with my balls. I knew when I was outgunned, so I
opened my mouth and she slipped her fat tongue inside and began seeing how much
of my mouth she could run her tongue over. It was not one of my finer moments,
that was for damn sure!

	After we broke for air she finished the job of strapping me into the
chair with my legs wide spread. Then she produced a black condom and rolled it
onto my limp cock. It only took a few seconds before my cock began to burn; I
quickly realized that there was something inside the rubber that was causing my
problem. The pain sort of leveled off after a minute or so, but I was not a
happy camper. Ms Joyce came over and stroked my cock, increasing the pain as my
dick hardened. "In case you're wondering, that's a paste made from hot chili
peppers. It's supposed to keep naughty boys like you from displaying those nasty
erections that can be so distracting to the other students. Wendy has a whole
jar of it, and if you're not a very good little boy she'll start putting some on
your balls next." I was so screwed it was pathetic.

	Things went down hill from there. Ms Joyce turned on the television and
the screen was quickly filled with this hot looking blonde chick being eaten by
an equally hot looking brunette. Neither one had a stitch on and they were built
like brick shithouses with huge natural tits. I reacted like any red-blooded
American boy would, and my dick now felt like it was on fire; that paste was
really doing a number on my tool. I started to blink back the tears that the
pain was causing and my fellow students began to rag on me big time. I had no
friends in this room. "Keep your eyes focused on the screen; there will be a
quiz after this is over." Those words from Ms Joyce made me realize that this
special education class was going to be murder. I really started worrying. What
was going to happen if things got even hotter between the two lovelies who now
were getting into a sixty-nine? I was completely fucked at this point.

	I managed to survive the first video, but it took some doing. The two
babes were eventually joined by a stud with a fairly big dick and they tried to
turn him inside out with rotating blowjobs, but he soon turned the tables on
them and finally got to ass fuck them both. There was some pretty hot stuff when
he would be ass fucking one, then he'd pull out so the other could suck his dick
back to maximum hardness. They did this four or five times before the two babes
took turns jacking him off until he shot a huge load into the air that
splattered down on both girls, who then spent a minute or so licking each other
clean. I figure another few minutes and I might have gone off. Another thing
that helped was my trainer, Wanda; she got carried away and started kissing me.
Her bad breath took the starch out of my cock just long enough for me to get
through the tape.

	I wasn't so lucky afterward. I was questioned carefully about all sorts
of details in the tape, and got most of them correct. It turned out that in
special education, it's all or nothing; "most" did not cut it. Then I got an
introduction to another way that this class was different. Ms Joyce allowed the
three other "students" and the four trainers to decide my penalty by a voice
vote. She wrote three choices on the board; I didn't like any of them. Number
one said I had to drink the piss of my trainer. Number two said I had to drink
the piss of Ms Joyce, and number three said I had to drink the piss of all three

	Number three won going away, Ms Joyce receiving one vote from one of the
trainers, the one handling Wendy. Later that day my teacher had her revenge for
this slight, and then some. It didn't take too long before Wendy was making me
chug over a quart of fresh warm piss; Taunisha must have contributed at least
half of it, that girl had some kind of powerful bladder. I made a promise to
myself to pay back that tawny piece of ass once I was out of this crazy place.
While I did my thing, the trainers stuffed the vibrators back up the cunts of
the three girls and switched them back on.

	For the next couple of hours we watched more tapes, saw each of us get
strung out by the detailed questions Ms Joyce asked, and got a chance to vote on
what kind of penalty the unfortunate loser had to pay. I watched Carol's big
tits get bigger and turn almost black after we voted to have them noosed with
industrial sized cable ties. By lunch break those ties had disappeared into her
very nasty looking tit meat. Taunisha almost got all the questions right, but
slipped up on the last one, which was a killer. Her tape showed a black girl,
actually she was about the same color as Taunisha, being gangbanged by an army
of angry white guys. The last question that Ms Joyce asked her was to identify
the first and last cock that went into the babe's asshole. Believe it or not,
she got half of it correct; this babe not only had a fantastic body, she also
possessed a brain. I don't like girls who are smart, they kind of make me
nervous because I can't game them very easily. That really cuts down on the
chances to get pussy.

	Even though she came really close, she had to pay, and pay she did. They
put a glass tube on her clit and pumped on it until that fat love button
actually swelled to fill the tube. I never saw anything like that in my life.
Then they popped the vacuum so one of the trainers could start nibbling on her
big red clit, which drove Taunisha out of her ever loving mind. Then they put
her clit back under the tube and pumped it some more. It got even bigger this
time because it hadn't gone back to its original size. Another trainer took a
shot at seeing if she could bite that hard hunk of meat.Taunisha nearly passed
out this time. She was shaking like a leaf and breathing so fast and hard that
her face turned colors. Ms Joyce decided she'd had enough and so another tape
was started.

	This was the freakiest one of them all. I didn't know what the hell was
going on in this one. It was an amateur tape; the lighting was real bright and
the guy running the camera kept coughing and spitting up something, at least
that's what it sounded like. He didn't do so good holding it steady either. This
absolute skank came out and he asked her a whole bunch of stupid questions.

	She was naked, and her body looked really bad. She had big tits, but
they looked like pillows because they were so droopy. This was hard to believe
because she looked like she was maybe twenty five, tops. Her pussy was shaved
and her fat cunt lips were fire engine red. From the looks of her dripping
pussy, she must have been playing with herself for an hour at least before she
got out on the set. Her belly was hanging over her cunt and you could see the
cheese in her thighs and ass.

	 She said it was her first video, but she expected to make a bunch of
them real soon. The guy asked he if she did anal as part of her personal life,
whatever that meant. She said she was getting it in the ass regularly from two
guys right now and before then she'd had maybe another half dozen cocks do her
that way. She said the guy who got her anal cherry did her that way all the
time, and they lasted almost six months before he dumped her.

	Then this guy comes out and he has a cock that looks like it belongs on
a horse, it's that big! He says his name is Peter Python and no woman has ever
been able to take his cock competely up her ass. He looks at this dumpy dame and
shakes his head. The guy tells them to get it on, and after a few seconds he
gets the camera in focus and they start going at it.

	The guy makes her get on her hands and knees, then he shoves his dick in
her mouth, grabs her by the hair and starts face-fucking her like there's no
tomorrow. She's gasping and gagging as he slowly begins to get hard. His cock is
so thick that it stretches her mouth and after a while she looks like a pasty
faced chipmunk. He pulls out almost completely and there are long stringers
hanging off that monster cock. Then he slams it full force into her mouth, and I
thought it was going to come out the back of her head. She going nuts because
he's fucking choking her. Her face starts to turn red, then the picture goes
black. Somebody is yelling in the background, "He's killing my little
moneymaker, get him the fuck away from her."

	Next thing you know she's on her knees, her face buried in the mattress
and his huge cock is pushing down on her shithole. She screams into the mattress
as her asshole starts separating. He puts some muscle into it and the head of
his dick pops into her shitter. It seemed to take him forever, but he manages to
get that whole fucking piece of meat up her asshole, I mean every inch. He's
into her to his balls. Her asshole has swallowed his entire salami.

	By now she's looking up at the shaky camera and there's tears pouring
out of her eyes and her mouth is opening and closing like some fish in a
goldfish bowl. I don't know how long it took the guy to cum, but it was ugly the
whole time. She was screaming and begging him to pull out of her asshole. She
kept saying she was bleeding. When he finally did pull it out there was a little
blood on it, plus  some othe stuff that I didn't want to know about, if you get
my meaning. Then he jammed it into her mouth and made her suck it until it was
covered with spit and there was no sign of blood or stuff on it. Then the
screeen went black again.

	The next thing I know, I hear someone grunting and moaning. It's Wendy,
and she's out of her mind. The girl handling her is on her knees chowing down on
Wendy's box. Even Ms Joyce is kind of shocked by what's going on. Wendy's cunt
looked like a mad dog foaming at the mouth. She started screaming at the top of
her lungs and telling the girl doing her to bite her clit off, make her hurt
good for being the slut she was. When she started begging for someone to ruin
her asshole and make it bleed, we all knew that the tape had triggered off those
weird things that were running around in her head. This was one very fucked up
cunt, not the kind I ever would get in the sack with.

	The penalty that Wendy got didn't make sense to me. Each of the trainers
gave her a big kiss on the lips followed by a gentle squeezing of her little
boobs. It suddenly hit me that this was the last thing this fruitcake wanted to
get; she was looking for some pain, and that is not what she got. So in her
fucked up corner of the world being nice to her was being bad to her. There was
a hell of a lot about women that I didn't understand. This was the kind of stuff
that I didn't even want to think about. That's why I always hit on the dumb
ones, they had no real hangups.

	We got a break for lunch, but that didn't mean we had lunch. It was more
like we were lunch. The girls had gotten used to being entertainment for the
rest of the faculty, but to me this was a new experience and one I did not want
to be involved in. I knew I was in deep shit when in walked Mrs. Landers. As
always she carried her trusty metal ruler under her arm. I cringed at the
prospect of that vicious weapon making hamburger out of my dick again. I
couldn't believe my luck; instead of homing in on me she headed for Taunisha who
definitely did not enjoy the attention she was about to receive. It was then
that I felt Ms Joyce's hand hefting my balls while she bent my cock into a
painful arc. It was going to be a long lunch hour.

				(To be continued)  

				Teenage Sex Slave

				      Chapter 6

	Miss Joyce took full advantage of the situation, playing with my cock as
she whispered in my ear all the nasty things that she intended to do to me next
weekend. "What happens here my darling piece of male fuckmeat will be nothing
but a prelude to the real event, your probable abdication as school stud,
sophomore class division. I think after next weekend a number of major changes
will occur in your miserable life. Your dear mother and that whorish sister of
yours will most likely wind up in women's prison, leaving you at the mercy of
the child welfare system. Don't worry my little morsel, you have important and
most influential friends who will make certain that you are taken into a good
home, a home that emphasizes plenty of love and stern discipline which are the
two things that you lack in order to become fully developed as an adult. I think
you will be very pleasantly surprised to discover who your new foster parents
will be; I know, but I am sworn to secrecy in this matter."

	I definitely did not like the tone of her voice and not having mom and
Connie around in case I ran out of pussy some day really scared me.  I started
worrying about who was going to take over as my boss; I just hoped it wasn't any
of the teachers I'd met so far, they were all kind of weird and even sick,
especially that principal and her wimp husband and sexy girlfriend. Now that was
one strange relationship. Ms Joyce put her tongue in my ear and jacked my cock
until I was ready to blast off. Then the bitch put the hammer down, grabbing my
nuts in a death grip and giving them a combination twist and squeeze that took
the starch out of my pecker and made me see stars at the same time. I almost
barfed up what passed for breakfast at my house. Ms Joyce nibbled on my ear and
gave me this mean laugh, promising me a very interesting afternoon, and an even
more exciting detention period afterward. "I have a nice surprise for you, at
least I think it's nice, perhaps you might disagree, but we'll see."

	She moved away, deliberately wiggling her ass for me as she moved over
to begin teasing Wendy, the sicko of the group. I went back to watching Mrs.
Landers beating the snot out of Taunisha. She had one of the chocolate honey's
tits in the palm of her hand, supporting the goody as she whacked hell out of it
with her steel ruler. Having tasted what that foot and a half piece of nastiness
could do, I winced as it ate that fat tit up, turning it into a lump of swollen
meat that already had started to turn colors. However I never took my eyes off
what was going down. I had to admit one thing, that tawny honey was one tough
cookie to take what Landers was dishing out without crying and begging.

	I guess her stone walling got under Landers' skin and so the old hag
started chopping up that poor tit using the edge of her ruler. That was cold,
really cold. After all she should have known that teacher or not,  fucking up
another cunt's tit, especially a young cunt, was going somewhere that was out of
bounds. Regardless, there she was, whaling away at that lump of bleeding meat
and waiting for Taunisha to break down and beg. I watched as the tears started
trickling down her cheeks and then she started trembling as the ruler ate deeper
and deeper into that titty flesh, bringing up more and more blood.

	I guess Ms Joyce finally felt that Landers was overstepping her
authority and making Joyce look like some weak-assed pussy who would let just
anyone walk in and do one of her own students in front of her. She walked over
and grabbed the ruler out of that old hag's hand and told her to get the fuck
out if she thought she could just waste one of Joyce's punks without permission.
When she mentioned talking to the principal about this little matter, Landers
gave her a look that spelled trouble, but backed out and left, not before
telling Taunisha that her black ass was getting it good after class. Man this
was a freak show and I was in it up to my ass!

	What Ms Joyce did next was insane. She balled up her hands into fists
and proceeded to beat the hell out of Taunisha. She stood flatfooted and hit the
helpless honey as hard as she could, right in the face! It was amazing to watch
Taunisha bob and weave like some pro boxer, causing most of Joyce's punches
either to miss or hit her glancing shots that looked bad, but didn't do much
damge. That was until Joyce moved in a little closer to cut down the angle and
then it was a massacre. She split the honey's lip open and landed a couple of
good ones on one eye, back to back shots with plenty on them. Taunisha would be
using one less eye in class tomorrow, that was for sure. Then she moved down to
the girl's tits and gave them the old one-two about half a dozen times, and
every time she landed on the one Landers had done up good, Taunisha let out a
groan which soon turned into a scream. That was one sore tit by the time Joyce
got done with it.

	Just then, my keeper, the bitch that made sure I didn't cause any
trouble, walked in. Ms Joyce motioned for her to come over. Soon she had the
battered girl's head in a choke hold, and then she yanked Taunisha's head back.
That's when Joyce punched the girl right in her exposed throat. The sound of her
fist making contact with Taunisha's throat was flat ugly. I had never heard
anything like it. I watched as the girl's eyes tried to pop out of her head as
she tried to get some air, but the punch must have paralyzed her throat muscles
or something because she wasn't making any sounds at all. Her face started to
get real dark in color and then her tongue flopped out of her mouth.

	She looked to be in a bad way to me, but neither Joyce nor the student
monitor seemed troubled by what she was happening to her. Then all of a sudden
she started wheezing and then coughing. The cough sounded like a dog barking, it
was that weird. Joyce cuffed her across the side of the head, compared to what
she had delivered previously, this was nothing but a love tap. Then she went
back to beating on Wendy, screaming at the top of her lungs that Wendy was a
sick bitch who shouldn't be allowed out in public without being muzzled and on a
leash to keep her from attacking innocent boys for sex.

	I made the mistake of asking my handler how I was supposed to take a
leak considering that my asshole was effectively glued to the seat by that big
dildo. She gave me a smirk and then repeated my question in a loud voice so
everyone in the room could hear it. This caused a wave of laughter; even the
badly beaten Taunisha joined in, making me feel like some kind of dickhead. My
monitor, whose name I still didn't know for sure, gave me the lowdown once the
laughter stopped.

	 "No one gets to piss unless we say they can. We usually don't have boys
in this room, so I guess Ms Manners forgot to put a catheter up your cock. All
the girls have them stuck into their bladders and we make sure they stay closed
tight unless they've been real good girls. For example Taunisha won't be having
hers opened this afternoon, you can bet the farm on that. As for you, you better
learn to hold it, because if you piss without permission, there will be hell to

	I grumbled and the urge to take a pee grew the more she talked about it.
Then my handler leaned over and whispered "If you're a good boy and don't give
me any grief, I might let you piss during the afternoon break, that is if you
lick my armpits and get all the sweat off of them. I haven't had time to take a
shower the last couple of days and I'm getting kind of ripe." I groaned to
myself at the thought of licking those buffalo pits. What kind of a deal was
that? Then the fat bitch leaned over and put her pudgy hand on top of my bladder
and gave it a quick push, almost forcing the piss from me. I was so screwed!

	The highlight of the very long afternoon session was "Did You Know?"
This was Ms Joyce's way of introducing everyone to me and vice-versa. She gave
me a big smile and started things off by discussing the stuff she knew about me
that would be embarrassing. "Did you know that Tommy thinks he's a big, bad stud
muffin, but his mother still ties him down to his bed every night and makes him
fuck and suck her before she goes to bed and then again as soon as she wakes up?
She's been doing him this way since he was thirteen and he's just a perfect
little momma's boy. His big sister, Connie, who is a senior at the school, also
does him every time she needs a quick fuck to take the edge off not having a
cock in her used-up, whore's cunt in the last hour or so. Did you know that
little Tommy's mother is such a whore and a slut that there is a very good
chance that he will be taken away from her and put into a foster home? Did you
know that Tommy has been kept after school for detention every single day for
the last three months? Did you know that he has to report to the school nurse
every morning so she can give him multiple enemas in an effort to keep him from
having erections during his classes and distracting the other students? Did you
know that Tommy was the guest of honor at a special disciplining session held at
the principals's home and attended by many teachers from the school, including
myself. Did you know that by the time we were done with him his cock was so limp
that we could have tied it into a knot?" That last one brought down the house
and as far as I was concerned was  a damned lie!

	Next was Carol, the blonde nymphomaniac, who was a year ahead of me in
school. Ms Joyce got right to it with Carol. "Did you know that this teenager is
one of the biggest sluts in the city? Not only does she fuck anyone with a cock
at our school, she also puts out for gangs from at least three other schools in
the city. Did you know that she is on the hit list of at least half a dozen
pimps who have contracts out on her because she takes away business from their
whores who get paid for what she gives away for free? Did you know that Carol is
such a big slut that her own parents have disowned her and so she lives in a
local hot pillow motel where she works as their resident prostitute for room and
board? Did you know that Carol is the leading candidate for a spot on TV that
warns about the dangers associated with not using condoms when having sex?"

	I made a note to look up Carol when all this stuff blew over. She
sounded like the kind of girlfriend I could really be happy having, and those
tits were world class, at least they were so far, but I didn't know how many
more times they could handle being choked off for hours on end. Then Ms Joyce
positively beamed as she introduced Wendy to us.

	"Did you know that Wendy has tried to commit suicide twice in the last
six months and botched the job both times? I would hope she'd have the good
sense to involve a friend, if she has any, in the processs the next time she
wants to end it all. Did you know that Wendy wanted to be a nun when she was
growing up until one of those penguins took her cherry with a yardstick as
punishment for consistently causing trouble in class? Did you know that Wendy
became this penguin's fuck toy for two years before her parents moved, which
broke up the relationship?"

	"Did you know that to celebrate her majority, Wendy plans to have
herself circumsized without the benefit of anesthetic? Immediately afterward she
will have her tongue, navel, nipples, and what remains of her clitoris pierced
and then large rings will be installed. She then plans to have her belly and
buttocks branded with cabalistic signs showing her allegiance to Satan. Did you
know that Wendy has made arrangements to be the only woman to accompany a local
chapter of Hell's Angels on a two week run into Mexico to celebrate her
graduation from high school? She will pay her keep by working as a whore to
provide the money they need for expenses on the trip. Did you know that Wendy's
goal is to be dead before her nineteenth birthday as the result of being snuffed
after prolonged torture and mutiliation of her body which by then will be
ravaged with various incurable venereal diseases as well as massive drug

	Wendy was the ultimate freak. I wondered how long she'd last on a biker
trip; perhaps a week, maybe ten days tops. Then they'd probably burn the body
and bury the ashes and what bones didn't completely burn in some deep hole out
in the desert. I sort of felt sorry for her because it seemed that she got
thrown a number of curves in her early life, but that's the way it is sometimes.
Now I really paid attention as Ms Joyce got set to let us in on all the juicy
stuff about Taunisha.

	I looked over at her and she did not look well at all. Her eye was
swollen shut and her face was kind of lop-sided. The tit that Mrs Landers had
worked over with her ruler had turned all sorts of ugly shades and was swollen
to half again as big as the other one. I winced at the thought of what was going
to happen to her once Landers got her hands on her later this afternoon. I
wondered if she's take the girl over to her place and really put it to her, or
just make her wish she was dead here at school, down in the janitors' room where
she'd have room to whale the tar out of her victim. Just thinking about all that
prime fuckmeat being turned into raw hamburger got me hard as stone. I realized
that Ms Joyce was staring at me. That was not a good sign, so I tried to sit up
even straighter than the bonds made me.

	"Did you know that Taunisha's white father raped her when she was eleven
years old? He did it to get even with his black wife who he was arguing with. A
couple of days later they had a reconciliation and nothing more was said about
what happened to their little girl. Did you know that the next time they had a
big row it was her mother who did her, ass fucking her with a huge black dildo
that nearly ruptured her sphincter and left the girl bleeding from the rectum
for almost a week? Did you know that Taunisha started giving blowjobs to all the
boys in the neighborhood to get back at her parents for being so cruel to her?
Did you know that they took her out of school for a month and nearly beat her to
death for embarrassing them with the neighbors? Did you know that they began
pimping her out to the neighbors to humiliate her? However they insisted that
she only eat pussy and suck cock. Did you know that she was  the most unpopular
girl in middle school because of this and was regularly beaten up by the
students after school? Did you know that she is currently under the care of a
psychiatrist who thinks she should be put away in an asylum for at least a year
so she can be properly disciplined and then rehabilitated? Did you know that she
has given blowjobs to nearly half the boys in this school and eaten out at least
one hundred  girls as well? Did you know that Mrs. Landers is going to tear her
a new asshole once she gets her hands on her after school today?"

	I watched the tawny chick as Ms Joyce laid into her with this string of
ugly happenings. She looked as if she was on drugs, her one eye sort of staring
at the ceiling and the rest of her bruised and beaten body now and then
twitching like she was a horse trying to shoo flies. I could not believe the
damage that had been done to her by the two teachers in such a short time. I
wondered what she'd look like when Landers and maybe a few of her good buddies
got done doing her up after class. What a waste of prime fuckmeat that was going
to be!

	At the afternoon break I was so desperate to piss that I licked the
armpits of my handler until they were squeaky clean. Then she produced a
specimen bottle and told me to fill it, but not to let it overflow or I'd catch
hell from her and Ms Joyce who had a cleanliness fetish thing going on in the
class. While I relieved myself she made me suck her tits, which weren't bad even
though they hadn't seen soap or water for a couple of days at least. Then she
sprang her surprise on me. She announced that since Ms Joyce always wanted her
room kept clean and fresh smelling, I would have to get rid of the piss I'd just
dumped into the specimen bottle. I was so screwed it was pathetic. Suddenly all
eyes were focused on me, even Taunisha the cyclops; that was what Ms Joyce
started calling her and I picked up on it. The fat girl cut me a break and held
my nose closed while I chugged the warm piss down as fast as I could swallow. I
got a round of mock applause from the monitors and Ms Joyce when I finished. At
this point I wanted to just get real small and disappear under the floor boards.

	I nearly jumped out of my skin when the buzzer announcing the end of the
school day went off. I watched as the monitors let their charges, that's what
they called the girls under their control, up off the dildos that by then were
glistening with ass sweat and who knows what else. The girls had to bend over
and suck those monsters until they were super clean before being allowed to
leave the special education class room. I could see old Mrs. Landers waiting
outside the door for Taunisha.She had a pair of handcuffs as well as her trusty
ruler. I couldn't help noticing the big, beefy German PE teacher who had damned
near destroyed my ass on the weekend, standing next to Landers. I presumed she
was there to pick up her little submissive buddy, Ms Joyce, but I was wrong.

	When Taunisha saw her standing there she started to shake and cry like a
little baby. That really freaked me out. What could they be plannng to do to her
that would turn this foxy, sassy honey into a blubbering baby? Whatever it was,
I guess she'd already been through it before, which explained the crying and
shaking. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to try to figure out
what nasty things were in store for poor Taunisha. I wondered if she'd show up
tomorrow and if she did, what she'd look like?

	Ms Joyce told my monitor, whose name turned out to be Katrina, that she
would take care of me. I wondered what she had planned. It didn't take long to
find out. She walked over and began to get rid of her clothing, humming to
herself as she got down to a pair of thong bikinis that were soaked and smelled
like rotted fish. I guess she must have had a very enjoyable time tormenting the
four of us and it showed. Now I guess I was going to be the one who took the
edge off whatever had been building all day. That was fine with me, it had been
many a moon since I'd gone this long without getting off. I remembered that she
had a pretty nice set of tits, not  big, but good and firm. Those perky boobs
didn't budge when she unhooked her bra, a see-through that sort of cupped rather
than supported them. I compared this action to what happened when mom took her
big jugs out of her bra;  they sagged, big time!

	"I guess you're wondering what you and I are going to do to pass the
time for the next hour or so. I won't keep you in  suspense. You are going to
fuck me in the cunt and then you're going to do my asshole as well. In between
you're going to eat my pussy until I come and rim my asshole until it's loose
enough for you to fuck without causing me any discomfort. Then if you've done
everything the way I expect, I'll let you off that big black dildo and send you
on your way so you can give that tramp you call your mother and that whore of a
sister what they are probably hoping they'll get from you when he get home."

	"You should be very thankful that my good friend Uta is assisting Mrs
Landers with that nasty little troublemaker, Taunisha. Otherwise you and she
would be having a meeting and you definitely would not come from that with much
sexual energy, or for that matter, any type of energy at all. You look somewhat
surprised that I'm interested in having sex with you. Yes, you're right,
currently I'm with Uta and she totally satisfies me."

	"She is an almost perfect lover. Uta is a woman and knows what makes a
woman wet. Better yet, she has the strength and stamina of a man. You have no
idea what it feels like to have Uta thrusting her custom-made dildo deep inside
me over and over while I approach one of my earth-moving orgasms that sometimes
can take as long as an hour to actually happen. Uta is strong enough and always
hard enough to give me whatever for as long as I need to attain that glorious

	"You can relax, I don't expect that type of performance from you, not
yet at least. Perhaps once you are broken and can be retrained, I might make
that demand. As for now, I am only interested in satisfying my curiosity.
Protocol dictated that I refrain from having sex with you at the party; after
all I was an invited guest and everyone there knew that Uta and I were a couple.
It would not have been appropriate for me to do other than what I did."

	"However I have been informed by Mrs. Landers that she was quite taken
by your sexual prowess, very high praise indeed coming from one of her senior
status. For your information she has buried four husbands in her some forty
years of marriage. Each one died of a heart attack  brought on by attempting to
sexually satisfy her on a daily basis. According to her that meant morning and
evening bouts of intercourse, and even more frequent and lengthier couplings
during the weekend, vacations and holidays "

	"It is interesting to note that three of them died during or shortly
after the Christmas holidays or summer vacations. Only her last husband, a
widower who was briefly married to her until his untimely death one afternoon,
broke the pattern. I believe she says it was late on a delightful Sunday
afternoon while they were engaged in love-making that had begun some time that
morning and had continued nonstop until his tragic death in her arms once he
managed to finally ejaculate after nearly an hour of continuous sex."

	Without any warning, she shoved her sodden crotch into my face without
even removing her thong.  I was so horny that I tried to chew my way through
that cum soaked strip of cloth to get at her dripping, smooth shaven snatch.
Man, she had one juicy, tasty twat. I sucked hard enough to collapse her like a
blowup doll who was loosing air. She kept moaning and pushing that soaking wet
snatch as hard as she could against my face. It was touch and go for a time as I
began to worry about being suffocated by her cunt. What a way to go; no one
would believe the autopsy report on this one!

				( To be continued )

				Teenage Sex Slave

				     Chapter 7

	Ms Joyce's sudden move took me off guard, but I managed to regain
control, sort of, and give the hot young teacher exactly what she wanted. I
almost gnawed through her thong before she decided to sit down for a rest on my
lap, well more exactly, on my stiff cock. Her cunt was wet, real wet, liquid
lust as one of my buddies described a nympho's pussy that he claimed he banged
nonstop for an hour and a half; at least that was his story. This little lady's
cunt wasn't just wet, it was hot, very fucking-A hot! To top it off, that snatch
molded itself around my dick like a second skin made of velvet. It was as close
to the perfect fit as I've ever had.

	Then she put her arms around me like she was going to give me a big hug
and then those hips, which must have been mounted on ball bearings, started to
move up and down and side to side, slow at first then she picked up the pace and
started to do some very serious fucking. She arched her back and poked those
stiff nippled, B-cup tits into my face for a time, then started rubbing them
across from ear to ear as I frantically tried to lick them as they acted like
rounded windshield wipers, wiping the sweat from my face. Soon she was fucking
up a storm and I was just along for the ride. In my position and state of
helplessness, there was very little I could contribute to the party that was
going on in my lap. Now I knew what it was like to be a human dildo, because
that is what she had turned me into.

	The shapely brunette leaned forward and fed me a yard of hot tongue
which seemed to not only swab the insides of my mouth , but also managed to
tickle my tonsils as well. When she broke for air, Ms Joyce looked me square in
the eye and whispered, "You come only after I do, got it?" All I could do was
give her one of my dumb and dumber looks and nod my head. Even while I was doing
this, I felt this tightening in my balls that told me something was beginning to
get ready to go into serious mode. It was then that she did one of her tricks.

	Her cunt kept its grip on my cock while the rest of her body did a
one-eighty. It  happened so fast I would have needed a slow motion replay to
show you actually how she did this. All I knew for sure was her buns were now
bouncing up and down in a new area of my lap and the pressure on my balls was
growing by the second as I stared stupidly at those glistening globes jouncing
and bouncing while her hot wet cunt slipped and slided over my super hard dick.
Then I heard, "I'm commmmmmmmming!" Those wonderful words made my day, and
believe me, she did not lie.

	For a few brief moments I felt this awesome pressure developing around
my imprisoned cock as the first wave of what proved to be a long drawn out
orgasm washed over us. She shook, she quivered, she moaned, she groaned. Her ass
kept on bouncing and those thighs tightened their grip on what was left of me.
She started to make some funny sounds that were a kind of cross between a scream
and a bark and came one after another for the rest of the time that she came and
came and came. Her orgasm was so awesome that I nearly forgot to come myself,
but mother nature saved my ass as usual.

	I hosed her pussy walls with cum that I didn't even know was lurking
deep within my churning balls. It was epic! I felt like someone had turned me
inside out and was sucking away every drop of moisture that remained in my body.
Ms Joyce was a fuck monster supreme and the idea that a super talent like this
was bisexual at best and probably a stone lesbian at worst brought tears to my
eyes. On second thought the tears were the result of the unbelievable pressure
that clutching cunt she possessed was still applying to my spent and rapidly
deflating prong.

	She disengaged her cum filled pussy and my cock popped free with a
squishing sound. She put her hands on my shoulders for balance and then pressed
her oozing, drooling cunt to my face as she ordered me to commence cleaning her
up. "You put that mess inside me, now you can suck it out and you better not
miss any spots either!" I have this problem with eating pussy which I may have
said something about earlier. Eating out a pussy that is loaded with my cum is
the second worst thing I can imagine. I'll let you figure out what's the worst,
it's too ugly to even think about. Since I had no choice in the matter I stuck
out my tongue, shut my eyes tight and tried not to breathe as I started swamping
out my cum from her crack.

	While I licked she gave me very specific instructions. "Go a little to
the right, stop! No, not there, lower!...Yes, there, now suck, suck harder!" I
discovered if I just paid attention to her orders and followed them to the
letter, it sort of made me forget exactly what I was actually doing. My cum
certainly tasted salty, but that was about it. It also had the consistency of
slime, which was not good at all. It felt like I was swallowing snot, not a good
thing at all to do. Somehow I managed to clean her up to the point that she just
had me concentrate on licking around the mouth of her cunt so she could start
building up another head of steam. I found out that licking and smooching that
pink clam wasn't half bad once my cum was out of the way. I really liked the
feeling of her cunt pressing up against my mouth when I hit one of her sweet
spots. Who knows, with enough practice and the right pussy I might even learn to
like doing this...not!

	Ms Joyce gave me a surprise when she leaned over and gave me a kiss,
running her tongue over my lips before slipping inside my mouth for a quick turn
around the course. When she broke the kiss she whispered, " You did pretty good.
Think you can do my asshole as good as you just did my pussy?" I misinterpreted
her question as an invitation to prepare to cornhole her lucious ass. I soon
discovered what she really meant, but after swamping my cum from her cunt, what
could be worse?

	It turned out that rimming and sucking Ms Joyce's asshole was a fairly
easy and almost enjoyable job, especially since it was the prelude to doing the
nasty inside that buttery butthole. "Prelude" was another big word that I picked
up from that smart cunt I once hung around with. She was only an average lay,
but she was real bright and taught me lots of interesting words that I
occasionally use to show off my smarts.

	It seems that Ms Joyce was a cleanliness freak when it came to her
butthole. I could almost swear that it tasted like lemon at times, especially
when my tongue was jammed up inside and my nose was buried between those two
firm, warm, meaty mounds. It was amazing how easy it got to make her starfish
open up. Almost every girl I ever nailed in the ass had a super tight hole until
I managed to get into it deep enough to loosen it up to where my cock felt
comfortable moving in and out of the chick's tight snapper.

	We finished up with her bending over and holding her cheeks wide apart
so my tongue could worm up inside that super clean butthole to make sure it was
loose enough for plenty of hard dick to work away in that tasty tunnel. Then I
was directed to kiss and lick every square inch of her firm asscheeks until they
glistened. Only then did she devote any attention to stiffening me up so I could
do the job properly. Let's be honest, by the time I was done grooming her
fantastic butt my cock was at ninety-five percent maximum hardness, but I was
happy to let her get me to maximum. All it took was a few passes with her wet
tongue and a couple of sloppy kisses on the head of my throbbing dick to get me

	Just to make sure there would be no trouble, Ms Joyce sucked my rigid
rammer until it was coated with her saliva. Then she turned, bent forward with
her hands on her knees for balance and sat on my cock. I had a fantastic view of
those sweet cheeks swallowing my johnson whole. I could not believe how easy it
was for me to pentrate her to the limit. Once I was fully inside, she shifted
around a bit and then began to move up and down releasing and then recapturing
my cock with every cycle. Gradually she picked up speed and then it got very
interesting. I needed some idea from her when enough action was enough. I didn't
know how to do that now, so I just gritted my teeth and thought good thoughts to
avoid blasting a huge load of wigglers deep inside her asshole.

	She started to grunt as she pounded her butt down on my lap with a loud
smacking sound. It was a real challenge not to go off after listening to those
butt cheeks slamming down on my lap for a few minutes. I started to do some
moving of my own even with that fat dildo buried deep in my asshole. I could not
help myself, this was getting to be too much for me. She turned her head to
catch my eye. Her face was contorted and her eyes had this crazy look in them.
"Let's do it, flood me with your cum. Fill me to the brim with that hot juice,
now!" I didn't need another word, I started to squirt my load into her and like
the first time, it was amazing how long it took to empty my balls. She kept
bouncing up and down as I unloaded into her super tight asshole which seemed to
get tighter as I continued to shoot the juice into her caboose. All good things
must come to any end and so this too finally was finished, but would not be
forgotten easily.

	Ms Joyce sighed and laid back on me to relax and I guess get her act
together before she got off my dick, which was still hard as steel. Finally she
got off  and wiggled her ass at me. "Guess what I want you to do for me now?" Ms
Joyce said with a giggle. I sighed and tried not to think of what I had to do
before she'd release me off that damned dildo which was warping my asshole
permanently. I willed myself to focus on the job before me as she pushed her
tush back towards my face. I stuck out my tongue and she successfully docked her
asshole dead center.

	She was oozing plenty of my cum. Initially my taste buds only reacted to
the salty flavor of the goo that was coating my tongue. Mr Joyce slowly moved
her ass from side to side so I could get all the drippings that had begun to run
down between her sweaty cheeks. Gradually I detected a new, harsher taste in the
cum that I was beginning to suck from deeper inside her asshole. I tried not to
think about the source that created this new flavoring in my spent cum. I had a
hard time getting a good lungful of air which did not help matters. Then my
teacher decided she needed to stretch so she stood up. Then she got the bright
idea that perhaps I could lick some of the sweat from her thighs since I was now
not gainfully occupied. That turned out to be a good thing, since it got rid of
that funky taste that had been taking over as I continued to suck my cum from
her shitter.

	Ms Joyce asssumed the position once more and put me back to work sucking
my cum from her back hole. Now she was straining as if trying to take a dump.
This scared me shitless when it first began. I thought that any second I might
have to deal with a brown log pushing its way from her chocolate starfish.
Fortunately the only thing that came from her brownie were cum bubbles and
dribbles of stuff that had that same awful taste as before. Somehow I managed to
finish the job to her satisfaction.

	Getting off that length of hard black rubber was an eerie sensation. It
still felt as if that monster dildo was stuck deep inside my asshole. It would
take many hours for things to get back to normal. I had a great deal of
difficulty walking normally, which she thought was funny. Ms Joyce commented
that the principal's slave husband walked around the house the same way that I
was walking, only in  his case that was his normal walk. I shuddered at what he
must be going through every day and night if that was the result.

	Before I was let go to make my way back home, Ms Joyce informed me that
she would be contacting my mom with instructions as to what should be done with
me when I arrived. She warned me that if I disobeyed her instructions in any way
and she heard about it from my mom, there would be hell to pay tomorrow. "I'll
probably let Ms Landers and Uta have you after my class. I have a feeling they
won't be meeting with Taunisha tomorrow." Her remark sent a cold chill down my
spine. I remembered the terrified look on the brown beauty's face as they took
her away for a private session. I resolved to do whatever my mom wanted, no
matter how freaky.

	By the time I trudged through the door I was beat. The thought of having
to fuck mom and my sister for probably half the night was not too appealing
right about now. I knew that all I needed was a few hours of sleep and a decent
meal and I'd be able to handle both of them for at least three or four rounds
each. Whether I'd get either one of those things was up in the air.

	I wasn't in the house more than a minute when I heard mom pounding down
the stairs. All she had on was her old ratty bathrobe. That meant she might have
been just getting ready or just finishing up from taking a shower, or possibly
she'd been diddling herself with one of her collection of vibrators and dildos.
It wasn't likely that she'd be entertaining some stud at this hour of the day
since most of the available cock was either working or chasing teen pussy.

	Mom had a funny look on her face which made me wonder what Ms Joyce had
said to her while I was on my way home. She announced that indeed she'd been
talking to my teacher and she had been given her marching orders. They also
included my sister as well. Right now I was to go to my room,strip down to the
skin and stretch out on the bed with my hands and legs in spreadeagle position.
That didn't sound like the best news I'd heard today, not by any stretch of the
imagination. I wondered what she and sis were up to and if I'd be able to
survive it. It had been a very long day and I was truly bushed.

	I must have fallen asleep as soon as I stretched out on my bed, for when
mom woke me I  was already secured to the bed corners by cuffs. Worse still my
sister was standing next to her and grinning like the cat that had swallowed a
cageful of canaries. "Hello little brother, guess what you have to do for me and
mom? It's your homework assignment direct from your new teacher, Ms Joyce. I
hear that as a substitute teacher she's already a major ball buster. I sure am
going to enjoy having you do me until I come twice. That should take all night
the way you eat pussy." I groaned to myself; I'd been had big time. That ball
buster of a teacher hadn't taken as kindly to my pussy eating technique as I

	As bad as the day at school had gone, it was nothing compared to the
night I spent in my own bed trying to get my mom and sister off. Up until that
night mom was what I called a meat and potatoes kind of fuck buddy. She got you
hard, you stuck it in her cunt or asshole and pumped her full of cum. If you had
the time you did the whole operation again and on occasion one or two times more
after that. I think our record was made one cool, dreary, rainy day when somehow
I managed to put five loads in her cunt and another couple in her asshole over a
period of almost eight hours. That doesn't count ther three times I blew my nuts
in her mouth or on her puss. Let's face it, my mom is not exactly a hottie
anymore and it takes plenty of imagination to think that you're fucking some
hard bodied teen with a tight twat and big firm tits when it's good old sloppy
fat mom with her saggy tits, loose pussy and bad breath urging you to give it to
her harder, faster and deeper.

	The idea of getting off before being filled with lengths of thick hard
cock had never crossed her feeble mind. Let's face it, mom was just a lame-assed
over the hill piece of fuckmeat that needed cock, even if it was attached to
someone who was blind, dead drunk or just plain desperate for any kind of pussy
to get off in. Now she had a young stud, me, completely under her thumb or was
it pussy. Off came the robe revealing her sagging tits with those big dark
nipples, the beer gut hanging over the hairy, wrinkled lipped cunt,  patches of
cellulite that covered her hips and broad ass plus the flabby legs and thighs.
Now she decided to get cute and flirt with me. She yanked her cunt flaps apart
to show me her pink and made kissing sounds as she pranced to and fro like she
was on stage. I was in a bad way, wondering how in the world I was going to be
able to chow down on that loose-lipped snatch which probably hadn't been douched
in a week, and with my luck she'd also forgotten to wipe it the last time she
took a piss.

	Sis could not keep a straight face as she watched mom prance around like
she was some teenie bopper on her first date.  It wasn't funny to me, especially
when she got on the bed and presented that hairy twat for me to eat. "Now you
lick momma nice and slow and do exactly what momma tells you to or momma is
gonna have to tell that nice Ms. Joyce that you didn't do what you were supposed
to do to your dear old momma."  I began to imagine my hands around mom's wattled
neck, squeezing the air from her like she was a leaking blow-up doll. I swear if
she said "momma" one more time I was going to puke all over her smelly slot. I
closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as I
imagined. It was worse!

	Almost immediately I discovered that mom hadn't douched probably in a
month and there was so much stale cum crusting her twat that it make me sick to
my stomach. Then I detected the tang that could only be mom's dried and drying
piss lurking  in all those nooks and crannies that made up her flabby cunt
mouth. The last thing I heard before I was buried by mom's rancid smelling cunt
was sis telling her she was going out for a few hours, but she'd be back before
midnight to check up on how things were going. "Maybe I'll bring Connie back
with me so little brother can eat her cunt out too." I groaned inwardly and
resigned myself to my fate.

	I don't know how long it was before I realized that mom had taken
complete control of me, at least for this session. I guess it was when she sat
herself down on my chest and fed me her rancid pussy as she held me by my ears
and controlled me like I was some kind of animal. I was being slowly turned into
a cunt rag, and the feelings that ran through me were kind of crazy. I began to
get hard, I couldn't believe it! Mom noticed, I guess because when I started to
get hard, mom's pussy started to taste a whole lot better than it did earlier. I
thought it was just because I'd cleaned out the mess that was buried in her cunt
folds, but I soon found out that was just BS.

	I was beginning to enjoy eating my mom's pussy, especially when it began
to loosen up and start dripping pussy juice all over my face.The next thing I
knew, I was tongue fucking her twat like it was made out of  rare prime grade
steak. I started to wonder if I was losing my mind. What the hell had all those
damned teachers done to me? I was turning into some kind of a sissy. Well this
sissy got his mom off big time, and I was jazzed when she pressed that warm, wet
mound of fuckmeat against my face and held my head firmly to keep it in just the
right place for when she went off and flooded me with pussy juice. I swear I
almost came right then and there! It was very, very spooky what was going on.

	Then mom rotated her plump body and moved her big ass right against my
face and began wiggling it. I knew what she wanted and like the sissy boy she
had turned me into, I stuck out my tongue and began searching for her puckered
asshole. Things had turned completely freaky. The only thing that kept me going
was no one would believe her if she ever told then about what she made me do
this evening. Unfortunately for me I had forgot about my sister and her best
friend, that cum bucket, Connie!

	There I was, eating out mom's asshole like there was no tomorrow and in
walked, or should I say slithered, my sister and her best friend, Connie. Now to
be very honest, my sister was a pretty good looking girl even though she dressed
like what she was , a whore in training. She was on the slim side, but had big
tits which she probably inherited from mom. My sister's tits were 36C and still
growing. I know because I liked to check her bras out when I wasn't sniffing the
panties that she'd just put in the hamper. I started doing that when I was
twelve and didn't know any better. Like mom she kept her pussy shaved, which
made it easy to see that her cunt had real thin lips and a very big clit that
never seemed to be soft. I used to peek at her while she jilled herself off in
the bathroom, strumming that fat clit like it was a banjo. Her fingers would
move so fast that they seemed to be just a blur. I always shot off a big load
when I watched her get herself off.

	Connie was thin as a rail. She must have weighed less than 100 pounds.
Her little tits were shaped like pancakes, but she had big nipples that always
were stiff. She never wore a bra, and to be honest she didn't need one since she
was as flat as most guys. I think she jilled off even more than my sister,
probably because she was considered a skank by the in-crowd at school, which
meant she wasn't getting the good cock, just some sex crazed nerds on occasion
or a teacher who was extremely desperate. On the other hand, because she was
best buds with my sister, she got to have me, the super stud, fuck her as much
as she wanted whenever she got a shot at me. Tonight she was going to get all
she wanted since mom's cunt and asshole seemed to be off limits for my cock, and
I wasn't sure what sis had been told to do by Ms Joyce.

				( To be continued )

				Teenage Sex Slave

				     Chapter 8

	I should have guessed from the shit-eating grins on their faces that sis
and Connie had some very unpleasant tricks up their sleeves, or in this case
hidden deep inside their cunts. Mom ignored the two teens and settled herself
back down onto my face and let me continue licking her asshole while she played
with my stiff cock, slow jacking it so I couldn't get off.

	It was impossible to see what was going on, and mom's flabby ass cheeks
even made it difficult to hear what was happening as well. Suddenly I felt a
warm wet mouth trying to swallow my cock whole. That in turn got my tongue
really moving and mom shifted her ass to get even more comfortable. Then a
strange hand took over jacking my cock, which by now was wet with the other's
saliva. I heard mom cautioning those two that I wasn't supposed to get off until
I made her come twice and she still hadn't gotten off since the first one about
a half hour or so ago.

	Connie and my sister took turns sucking my cock, passing it back and
forth. Usually one would be licking my balls while her bud sucked me to the
brink and then laughed, as the other would squeeze my nuts until my cock began
to get soft. Then they'd start all over again. Meanwhile I was actually getting
my tongue almost entirely inside mom's asshole and that was an eerie sensation.
Then mom went  off like a bomb and nearly suffocated me as her big body began to
shiver and shake and that big ass started grinding away on my face. I almost
passed out before she stopped writhing and groaning. Finally she lifted her
broad ass from my face and let the girls take over while she rested up for
whatever action would occur during the rest of this very long fuck session.

	Actually the only one who got any cock was Connie, and she got plenty.
For some crazy reason Connie began licking mom's pussy and ass juice from my
face and smacking her lips with pleasure. I always wondered about her and my
sister and it dawned on me that these best buds were also fuck buddies! Why else
would my sister, who could get all the top grade cock she wanted, hang around
with a skinny, flat-chested skank? The thought of sis chowing down on Connie's
skanky cunt really got me hot and bothered. My cock started twitching and sis
had to squeeze my balls down to the size of beebees to calm me down.

	"What was that all about?" she asked Connie. The skinny teen shrugged
her shoulders and kept licking mom's juices from my face. Then I began to wonder
if Connie was making it with mom as well. That got me half crazy imagining mom
thrashing around naked with her pussy frothing like some rabid dog's mouth as
Connie sucked her cunt like a vacuum cleaner gone wild.

	As soon as Connie lapped up the last trace of juice from my face, she
looked over to my sister and asked, "Think he's ready for our big surprise?" I
had no idea what she was talking about, so I cooled it and waited for whatever
was about to come down. Sis gave me one of her big nasty smiles that meant
trouble and scooted over to where I lay helpless. By now she had lost all her
clothes and I was enjoying the sight of her big firm tits and that coin slot of
a cunt.  When she straddled me I thought that I was going to be expected to eat
her pussy until she got off, and I was really up for something like that now
that I thought she and Connie were doing the lesbian thing in their spare time.

	She leaned down and gave me a long, hot french kiss, her tongue
exploring every square inch of the inside of my mouth. This was another first
and my cock got rock hard. Damn, my own sister was turning me on big time even
after a day spent fucking and sucking with other women such as that hottie, Ms
Joyce. Come to think of it I had been turned on like crazy by just the taste of
my own mom's cunt and asshole. I wondered whether they had slipped something
into the drink of water I got late int the day at the special education or
whatever they called that class I was in now. "OK little brother, now I want you
to suck my pussy until it turns inside out and I have a nice big orgasm. Get to
work and don't stop until I get off!"

	That was when I got my first unpleasant surprise. As soon as she settled
her cunt onto my face and tilted her body, I began to taste something totally
unexpected, and it wasn't nice. I tried to turn my head but she dug in her heels
and clamped my head between her thighs. "What's the matter little brother? Don't
you like the taste of cum by now? I thought they were turning you into a total
sissy boy and your coming out party was this weekend. Now be a good litttle
sissy boy and swallow all that nice chewy cum that all those basketball players
shot into me a few hours ago. Connie has even a bigger load for you after I get
done squeezing all this messy stuff into your mouth and watch you gulp it down.
I expect to hear you tell me that you want even more than what I have inside,
and then Connie will give you some more to eat up. Isn't that a trip?"

	As far as I was concerned, it was a bad trip and there was not much I
could do to stop it. I kept my mouth shut and refused to open up despite her
cunt pushing hard against my lips. She tried pulling my hair and that damned
near worked, but at the last moment I still held out. That's when she told
Connie to punch me in the nuts. I could not believe how much that hurt!. I felt
as if I was about to puke my guts out. "Hit him again and make it hard this
time." I was just starting to open my mouth when my balls sort of exploded.
That's exactly how it felt when Connie rammed her bony hand into my slighly
swollen balls. I gagged and fought to prevent all the ugly crap that was trying
to come up from my gut. Sis leaned forward and tried to smother me with her
pussy, and for a moment or so I thought she was going to put me out like a
light. Then she backed off and told me to open up and follow every order she
gave or Connie would turn me into a fairy a lot sooner than this weekend. I
sighed and opened wide.

	Her twat was balanced on my chin and it made me cross-eyed to stare at
the mouth of it too long. I could smell her cunt and it reeked of cum, some
still drying, other parts already turned into cum cake and the rest able to run
down her fuck tunnel and exit into my waiting mouth. After I took the first load
or so, sis decided that she wanted me to stick my togue out and let the cum coat
it first before I transported it into my mouth.  She got even more creative
after that.

	First I'd catch the cum oysters on my tongue until it was well coated;
then into my mouth to mix with my saliva and swish it around for thirty seconds
just as if I was using mouth wash. Then came the nasty part, leaning back a few
inches so I could gargle with the gunk until she said "swallow". Then down the
hatch and after licking my lips I'd have to say, "Can I have some more of that
great tasting man juice. Please Mistress Mona, can I have more of that great
tasty cum from those hot looking studs that creamed you so good." All the while
Connie would be watching me and laughing her scrawny ass off at my humiliation.

	"Too bad you couldn't sweet talk Marquis out of his jock. I'm sure your
queer brother would love a chance to lick all Marquis' ball and dick sweat out
of it. The next time they invite us over to their place so they can fuck us
bowlegged again we should get his jock or maybe Alonso's instead; he's got one
huge hunk of meat hanging out from his crotch." They kept up the patter as I
downed one load of basketball player cum after another, all the while gargling
with the gunk and then begging my sister for another helping of man juice. She
could not keep a straight face when I uttered those humiliating words.

	Just before I was set to down the very last load, a monster offering
from Marquis himself, sis got the bright idea of taking some pictures to use as
blackmail to keep me in line in case I survived what was going to happen to me
on Saturday or possibly earlier if I wasn't a good boy. Connie must have taken
half a role of pictures before finally recording for posterity me swallowing
Marquis the Dream's load of fuck sauce and smiling sickly as I faked enjoying
this scene. It didn't help matters that before every shot, Connie captured my
nuts in her cupped hands and kept making like she was about to squash them
together. I was freaking out big time, and it only got worse. Now it was time
for Connie to do the feeding and she was loaded to the gunnels, another word I
learned from that smart girl I used to fuck out of sympathy.

	The skinny skank bellied up to the bar and got ready to feed me her
collection of cum. While my sister had concentrated her efforts on the first
team, Connie took on everyone else including the student manager, who turned out
to be almost as well hung as some of he members of the first team. Sis acted as
Connie's handler and gave me detailed instructions on how to access all the
juicy treats that were hidden away inside her friend's well fucked snatch.
However to my surprise and disgust she wanted me to eat her out and continue
doing her until she had a big orgasm. Sis clapped her hands gleefully and
hovered over the meeting place of Connie's cunt and my mouth.

	Connie ordered me to kiss her cunt from bottom to top and make each kiss
wet and noisy to show her that I loved what I was doing. Mentally I was shoving
my fist, covered by a metal glove, up her twat and twisting it around to rip her
cunt walls apart. Next I had to use the flat portion of my tongue and run it up
between her fat cunt lips, moving the oozing cum that had already started
collecting in that stinking trench. She moaned and groaned as I made my first
pass and then insisted on another from top to bottom, which required me to drag
the bottom of my tongue down to the base of that salty ravine of flesh. Then
back up again, this time moving all the way to her little clit that had begun to
peek out from its hood. I had to kiss and lick the nubbin which made her get
even wetter and fill that crevice with more cum from her gangbang.

	At that point I took some independent action and began to nibble on her
clit and move down to her cunt lips. Then I crisscrossed those swollen strips of
pink flesh and she started humping my face, a sure sign that she was close to
getting off. I worked even harder and buried my tongue inside her cunt and
scooped up a wave of relatively fresh cum that was seeping from her. I actually
managed to blow some cum bubbles, which brought more applause from my sister.
Then I got that tiny clit between my teeth and began tapping it harder and
harder as Connie squirmed and finally blasted off to parts unknown. My sister
was most impressed and informed me that once I finished with her best bud she
wanted some more of the kind of action I'd just provided Connie, who was still
blissed out.

	While I waited for Connie to come back down to earth I thought about
what had just happened. I'd made this skanky cunt get off without using my cock
at all. This was kind of weird; first mom and now Connie, with my own sister
looking like she wanted some more of my tongue instead of my cock. How weird was
that? Before I could go any further in my thinking, Connie wiggled her butt to
get herself propery seated so she could feed me even a bigger load of basketball
player cum than sis had. To make my humiliation even worse she insisted that I
address her as Mistress Connie and beg for the cum that was sloshing around in
her well stretched cunt. She also ordered me to go through the same routine that
I used when sis was unloading into my mouth.

	Mom and sis took over on my cock, keeping it rock hard as I swallowed
one load after another, thanking my mistress like the sex slave pussy boy they
were creating. I started thinking about the principal's fruit of a husband and
wondered if that was what I was going to finally become once they got through
working on my dick and everything else that was attached to it.  That was one
nasty thought and despite mom and sis, my cock began to wilt. Sis started
playing snap the whip with my limp cock, smacking it against the palm of her
hand in hopes of reviving it. I heard mom suggest that maybe it needed to have
some hot wet cunt to play in, and she quickly volunteered her twat to give my
cock a good home until it got big and hard once more.

	Don't ask me to explain why my cock began to immediately harden the
moment mom began rubbing it up and down between her wrinkled cunt lips. Sis was
most impressed and asked mom what her secret was. When she heard that it was a
mother's love, she burst into laughter. "Mistress" Connie just muttered and
shifted her cunt so another river of stale cum could flow onto my tongue and
ultimately wind up in my belly. I was beginning to realize that I could tell the
difference between the various samples of cum the girls were feeding me. I  knew
I'd be drummed out of the straight world if someone ever found out about this
new trick I could do. I wondered if I could do the same thing when it came to
pussy juice. Then and there I decided to see if I had the same kind of talent
when it came to telling who was who in the pussy world. Now that might be a
talent that could get me some strange pussy if I ever survived whatever was
waiting for me over at Mrs Landers' place.

	Connie finally ran out of cum for me to handle, at least that's what I
thought when she strained her cunt muscles and nothing dribbled out for my
tongue to handle. She backed off and I began to relax, thinking that all I had
to do now was give my sister's twat a good tongue lashing and I'd be off the
hook. The next thing I knew I was staring at Connie's flat ass as it was lowered
toward my face. What was this all about I wondered? Then I saw the string
hanging out of her puckered asshole, and I began to worry some. What was the
reason for Connie having a tampon shoved up her asshole? I answered my own
question and winced. To hold something inside, that's why! Now all I had to
figure out was what was she holding. I figured it out just as she giggled and
yanked the tampon out from her butthole, releasing a stream of bubbling cum. I
groaned to myself and realized that I was about to get a new and truly
disgusting taste sensation, aged cum mixed with whatever was waiting its turn to
exit her shitter. I was so screwed it almost made me start bawling.

	My sister cracked up as she watched me trying to deal with the brownish
cum bubbles that Connie was pushing from her puckered asshole. That stuff tasted
as bad as I thought it would. It didn't take Connie, I mean Mistress Connie,
long to figure out that the normal method of sucking up this muck wouldn't work.
So I was ordered to put my mouth up against her straining asshole and suck the
mung out as she pushed for all she was worth. This was the low point of a very
long and trying day. The only thing I could think of was that it could not get
any worse. For a change, I was right about something. It took lots of time and
lots of will power on my part to hold down whatever I sucked out from her
asshole. I can guarantee no one wanted to kiss me for the rest of the night.

	That did not mean that I was off the hook. Mom jumped on my bones as
soon as Connie rolled away, having transferred what she claimed was a grand
total of nine loads of cum from her cunt and asshole into my mouth and then down
to my belly. Mom wanted me to give her ass a nice licking and not to miss any of
the good spots such as her well washed asshole. I must have kissed that puckered
starfish for fifteen minutes straight. To my amazement and the disgust of both
girls, my cock kept getting harder and harder as I worked on mom's big butt,
licking and kissing every spot on that flabby bottom she presented for my
attention. Once mom was happy with my peformance she demanded an encore, this
time feeding me her big pillowy tits so they could be licked until they were
coated with a nice layer of saliva and the nipples were sucked into twin steel
points. To finish off her demands I had to see how much of each tit I could get
into my mouth without biting them.

	Connie claimed me for the next round, and she wanted the real thing,
none of this kissing and sucking nonsense. She wanted hard dick and plenty of
it. Sis decided it was time for a little lesson in how to eat pussy and so she
mounted up and started giving me instructions on how deep to put my tongue, and
what to do with it once it was in the right place. While this was going on,
Connie was bouncing  her skinny body up  and down on my hard dick like she
hadn't any in a month. For me not having some hot  pussy wrapping around my cock
for longer than an hour seemed like an eternity.  That was the main reason I was
always getting boners in class. I acted like a hog and just got off as soon as I
could, flooding that skank's cunt with a tidal wave of cum that felt as if it
made it to her uterus on the fly.

	It was just about then that Connie chuckled and remarked that one of my
fellow students in special education would be missing tomorrow, and perhaps
permanently based on what one of the guys gangbanging them tonight told her. I
was all ears and she knew it, so she gave me the story she'd been told. After
class, one of the players had reason to visit the janitor's area to pick up
something he had left with the man to avoid any embarrassing discovery in case
he was frisked during that day at school. Outside the door he heard the sound of
women's voices and some other sounds that indicated that they were whaling away
on somebody.

	He took a quick look through a peep hole he knew about and saw two
teachers beating the stuffing out of Taunisha who was naked as a jaybird,
hanging in the air by her hair,  and tightly tied with her legs bent double and
tied together separately. Her  hair had been plaited into a long braid that was
anchored to a hook in the ceiling above her head. Because of this arrangement
she was a sitting duck since she couldn't move her head to dodge or slip the
punches that she was catching, especially from the big PE teacher.

	After she caught a couple of punches right in the mouth splitting her
lips open and making her spit out lots of  blood, the old greyhaired woman who
was using a steel ruler on her swollen titties, cutting them to pieces,
suggested they give her a taste of the "fucking machine". The guy was positive
that was what they called the machine. Once he saw it in operation and what it
did to the tawny skinned teen, he became a believer.

	It didn't look like much, just a round metal housing maybe a foot and a
half tall, from which poked a long rod with a hard rubber cylinder attached to
the end of it. It must have a been over a foot long and it had three different
colored circles marked along its length. They pushed it under Taunisha and moved
the rod until the cylinder was into her cunt up to the first marking. It was so
big around that it made Taunisha's cunt lips almost disappear.  Then they
fiddled with some screws to hold it in this position and turned on the machine.

	That thing started pumping the hard rubber in and out of Taunisha's
pussy, slowly at first and then faster as the old teacher made some adjustments
to the machine. Then they stood back and laughed as the machine fucked the teen
to a frazzle. She started to make some noise as it really began tearing her
insides up, so the PE teacher jammed a rag in her mouth and used some duct tape
to hold it in place. At that point the guy watching took off for practice,
wondering how long the machine was going to fuck her.

	He came back nearly an hour later and Taunisha was still hanging by her
hair and the machine was still drilling away inside her. By now she was taking
the rubber to the second circle and her cunt was so swollen it didn't look like
a cunt anymore, just a big raw piece of liver that was being pounded by this
mechanical torture machine. He split back to the court, and when he came back
with a couple of his team mates once practice was over, Taunisha was gone.
However the janitor was hanging around and so he told hm what he had seen.
That's when he heard what happened to the girl.

	When the janitor walked in on them, they had Taunisha tied up in a sling
that held her body parallel to the floor. They were swinging her body back and
forth and then letting it go so her head crashed into the wall. He had no idea
how long they had been doing this, but the teen was out cold and her head was
all bloody from being smashed against the plaster wall over and over. He got
scared and told them to get the girl out of his place so he wouldn't be involved
in any investigation that might take place later on. He was afraid that the girl
was on the verge of being killed by these two. They were really pissed off at
him, but they took her down and dragged her off. He heard the old one say that
they were going to take the girl over to her place and finish the job there.

	I was so freaked out by what I heard that my dick got soft. I still
couldn't understand why those two were doing all this evil stuff to Taunisha.
She didn't seem to be any worse than anyone else that was in the class. Why were
they so hard over about her? I began to get a very bad feeling about what might
happen to me over the weekend. I decided then and there that I was going to find
out one way or another what happened to Taunisha and why were those two trying
to ruin her for life or perhaps even kill her?

	Unfortunately I still had plenty of unfinished business here. Connie
wanted me to give her another round of fucking, claiming that my first load
needed some company. Mom jumped into the action declaring that she wanted to see
if she could get me up all by herself. Connie and sis smirked at her optimism,
but sat back and watched her go to work on my  limp cock.

	First she kissed the head a couple of times and then gave me a tongue
swirl, something I didn't even think she knew how to do. Mom was turning out to
be a big surprise. Then she guided my hardening dick up and down the mouth of
her cunt which was wet despite the fact that she hadn't had much action after
her second cum. Then she scooped up the precum that was oozing out from my piss
slit. Mom smacked her lips and pronounced it to be tasty, but thought it needed
another run through her cunt mouth to add some pussy flavoring to the mix. I was
getting really hard now. I never heard her talk this way before, and it was
turning me on. I could see from the looks on the girls that they hadn't seen
this side of mom either.

	After mom sucked all the precum and pussy juice off my stiff dick,
Connie jumped into the action and soon had my cock buried to the hilt in her wet
cunt. She started bouncing up and down on my dick, giving me plenty of action.
If she wasn't such a skank she might be fun to fuck since she really enjoyed
getting pronged. Then mom joined the act and dropped her plump, super wet cunt
down on my face and ordered me to get busy and get her off before she lost
control. The last thing I wanted was to be helpless when mom went bananas.

	I licked, I kissed, I sucked, I triple tongued her, and then I blew
retreat on her fat lipped cunt until she went off like an atom bomb, drenching
me in an ocean of salty cunt cream that dissolved into pussy juice and then
finished off as twat slime mixed with snatch sludge. Man that was one epic
orgasm that ran through mom like a freight train. She was done for the night,
but I paid a price the next morning. Mom's explosion was just what I needed to
launch another blast of hot cum into Connie's twitching fuckbox. From the look
on her face it was just what the mistress ordered. Then she did a nasty thing
that told me the night had a ways to go before it would be over.

				 ( To be continued)

Teenage Sex Slave

				     Chapter 9

	"Mistress" Connie decided that she needed a tongue bath to get rid of
the sex odor she had contracted as a result of her lengthy day and night of
fucking. She began to give me detailed instructions on how I was to perform this
service. "I want you to start on the soles of my feet and lick every square inch
until I'm satisfied. Then I want that tongue to coat my ankles with plenty of
saliva before you do each toe and make sure that every little bit of whatever is
lodged between then is properly sucked up and swallowed. Then you can follow the
contours of my feet, going from side to side and back and forth until you leave
a uniform coating. Then I want you to blow on my feet until I know they're dry.
To reward you for doing a good job you'll be allowed to suck my pussy until I
have a nice big orgasm and then you can vacuum out all the pussy juice that I
produce and swallow every drop. I want to see and hear you smacking your lips
and telling me just how much you love the salty-sweet taste of my precious
essence as well as the filth that you removed from my dainty feet."

	I groaned inwardly, realizing that just to do that part of the tongue
bath could easily take an hour, that is, provided I could bring her off in a
normal amount of time. Mistress Connie must have read my mind, because she gave
me a nasty laugh and remarked that there wouldn't be enough time this evening
for me to complete this task, especially since my sister was also in the market
for a tongue bath. "What we expect from you now is a perfect job of cleaning off
our feet, then the insides of our upper thighs, plus our bellies and then after
you make us come again with your mouth and tongue, you can polish our assholes
until they glisten. "Mistress" Mona will check out your work on my brownie, and
I'll do the same for her. If you do a good job, we'll let you lick us until we
come one more time. By then you'll probably have a couple of hours to rest up
before your mom starts her day off draining your balls. Upon your return from
school tomorrow afternoon, very late is my guess, we will expect you to continue
the tongue baths as well as some other exercises that Ms Joyce will suggest."

	The one break I got out of this assignment was they uncuffed my wrists
and ankles from the spread eagle position and then recuffed my hands behind my
back. This left me in a position where I had plenty of freedom to move around,
which was necessary if they expected me to handle the job they had just
described. So I started my new life, on my belly, doing a good imitation of a
skin cleanser.

	The only way to describe the way their feet tasted and smelled was to
imagine a combination of salty dried sweat mixed with dirt and a sharp, bitter
taste like I once had when I ate a cockroach on a dare. I knew all this
punishment and humiliation I was getting was slowly but surely turning me into
some kind of a sicko like this guy in school who got hard-ons whenever he
smelled the farts from any girl, no matter how fat or skanky she looked. He used
to make it a point always to sit right behind this fat girl with pimples who ate
things that caused her to produce some of the worst farts that had ever stunk up
a classroom. He even tried to date her, but she thought he was too weird to be
alone with. Worse still, as far as I was concerned, was the strange mung that
accumulated between their toes. It smelled and tasted like the rest of their
feet, but it had a very disgusting texture, kind of soft, but at the same time
real rubbery, so you had to swallow it whole rather than chew it.

	By the time I was done satisfying my two "mistresses" as far as their
feet were concerned, I was actually looking forward to eating their rank pussies
as a break from this disgusting task. Both still contained traces of the school
basketball team's cum contributions, but the known is always better than the
unknown, especially when you're being forced to suck out god knows what from the
totally used and abused pussies of two of the skankiest whores that ever
attended our high school. I perhaps got carried away by describing Mistress
Mona, formerly known as my sister the whore, as skanky. If she wasn't my sister
I would have been hustling her into the sack every chance I got. However since
she was my sister, and therefore a natural enemy because she was older than I,
her sexy body seemed to have a burlap sack over it on most occasions.

	Mistress Connie just loved my tongue. I don't know how many times she
would tell my sister of this fantasy she had that I was married to her and
totally addicted to her pussy which I gobbled first thing in the morning and
chowed down on until she fell asleep at night. Naturally my sister was also
living with us and when I wasn't working to support them, or eating Connie's
pussy, I'd be either fucking or eating Mona's cunt while Connie and her swapped
kisses. Girls can have the weirdest ideas, but come to think of it, here I was
in the hands of a whole bunch of crazy women at school. Compared to them, mom,
sis and Connie were almost normal. At least they didn't always try to hurt and
humiliate me like the teachers did.

	The pussy eating took a lot longer than I thought. The start of the
tongue bath had gotten them in the mood for an extended session of boy's tongue
and mouth meet girls' pussies. I lapped away as they gave very precise
instructions as to where to lick, kiss and nibble and just how long to do it. I
got a couple of mouthfuls of pussy juice mixed with basketball player cum and
some unknown goo gash that was something new to me. My sister, bitch that she
is, hinted that she was starting her period and was looking forward to me
becoming her tampon for the next four or five days. You talk about a fate worst
than death, that was it!

	Doing Mistress Connie's inner thighs was no sweat at all. There was
hardly any meat on those bones and what there was tasted a bit salty, but did
not have any of those strange flavors of the month that I detected while doing
her feet. However there was a fly in the ointment and that was the skin rash and
collection of pimples that I encountered as I neared the entrance to her oozing
slot, leaving a trail of wet kisses and deep hickies in my wake. She made me rub
my lips and closed mouth against her rash to reduce the itching she was feeling
from it. That did not thrill me at all, as I wondered if it was contagious and
whether my face would look like a baboon's ass by the next day.

	My sister on the other hand had pretty good thighs, tapering and firm,
with almost no imperfections to talk about. I really got into sucking those
columns and leaving love bites that would stay for perhaps a week or longer.
Mistress Mona let me actually get to the point that I could lick her cunt lips
on the way from one thigh to the other, lapping up whatever my salty saliva
dissolved from her skin. Between enjoying my sister's firm thighs and having
Connie pulling my ass cheeks apart so she could blow on my rosebud to drive me
nuts, I was hard pressed not to shoot off.

	My cock throbbed like crazy when I went over Connie's flat stomach and
sucked all the lint and other goodies from her navel as she giggled like a
little girl. That was the first time I ever heard her laugh like a normal
person. Usually it was a nasty chuckle or sinister giggle that I heard as either
she or my sister did something nasty to my dick, balls or asshole. I managed to
collect a considerable amount of dried cum along with the other things that
coated her belly. Those guys from the team must have really delivered major meat
to this skinny skank, and evidently even pulling out caused some of their
contributions to be vacuumed out of her gang-fucked snatch.

	The highlight of this part of the bath was when she pulled the hood back
from her clit just as my tongue was crossing about two or three inches above it.
Once more she giggled like a simpering teenager instead of a nasty whore-skank,
and ordered me to take a detour and suck that little sex button until it got her
off. It took a few minutes and Mistress Mona was crying "no fair" the whole
time, but I got her juices flowing, or should I say spurting, and Mistress
Connie bucked and bounced that skinny flat-chested body up and down on the bed
and dribbled a nice stream of cunt sauce that dripped down onto the sheet.
Naturally when I did a repeat peformance on my sister's rounded belly, she also
demanded a detour to her hot button and once more my face took a pounding as she
twisted and writhed from the nice, big orgasm that developed from all the
nibbling and sucking I provided to her oversized clit.

	They took a short bathroom break before returning for the next portion
of the tongue bath. I could tell immediately that I was in for more trouble,
both of them had shit-eating grins on their faces. I was told to roll over on my
back this time. Connie, or Mistress Connie, as she wanted to be called at all
times, carefully settled her cunt down until my tongue, which she had ordered me
to stick out, made contact with her twat. Then I got surprise number one, she
hadn't bothered to wipe herself after pissing. For a moment I was irritated, but
then decided that something like this was small potatoes considering what they
might have dreamed up. I was in for another shock very shortly.

	I'd just about finished licking all the droplets of piss from Mistress
Connie's cunt when I felt my sister's hand wrapping itself around my joint. I
hadn't dumped a load in a few hours and I welcomed her little overture. That's
another word I like to use, thanks to that smart girl I gave a few mercy fucks
to a long time ago. She started stripping the skin with long slow strokes and my
dick got progressively harder with each pass of her magic hand. Mistress Connie
started to move her pussy mouth up and down my face, pausing when she knew she
had my nose trapped within the folds of her oozing twat. It was amazing just how
much cunt juice could drip from these two whores. Mistress Mona kept her hand
moving at a steady pace, but it wasn't fast enough or firm enough to produce
what was needed to get me over the top. I began to get frustrated, trying to
move my hips in a way to increase the friction and speed of her hand action.

	I heard Connie's voice as she told me to pay attention to what I was
doing. She wasn't exactly thrilled with the way I was doing her cunt. I tried to
concentrate on getting her off, but Mona's moves were too strong to ignore. I
started to gnaw on Connie's cunt lips and get into a position where my mouth
could start sucking on her clit. She wouldn't stand still for my efforts and
told me so. I was ordered to kiss my mistress' cunt lips one hundred times and
show her some enthusiasm when I did. She suggested that smacking my lips after
every kiss would be a reasonable way for me to show her just how tasty I thought
her cunt and whatever was dripping from it tasted. I was so screwed, and they
both knew it.

	I slowly smooched my way up her dripping trench, wondering just how much
of what was getting past my lips was basketball players' cum. While I made my
trip up to her clit, that bitch of a sister of mine tormented me by the teasing
she was giving my twitching cock. I was at her mercy, she had me by the balls,
and she knew it. Then she tried something new, jacking me at warp speed, but
only for maybe five seconds at a time. That was just enough to get me to the
edge, but not enough to get me off. Mona had spent a lot of time over the last
few months working on my dick, and she knew it almost as well as I did. It was
weird to realize that she was using her smarts about my joint to stop me from
coming, rather than making me come.

	When I got to the promised land of Mistress Connie's clit, she had me
give it a major tongue lashing to get it up and ready, and then she made me suck
it real slow and nibble on it as well. Finally she told me to kiss it like I
meant it and keep it up until she gave me further orders. All that time Mona was
bringing me closer and closer to shooting what felt like a gallon of boiling cum
onto the ceiling. Then just seconds from blasting off, the miserable bitch of a
whore grabbed my swollen balls and started to turn them into nut butter. My dick
started to shrivel and the pain from my strangled nads raced up to my brain and
spread out to the rest of my body. Mistress Connie cursed and slapped me across
the head as my teeth raked her fat clit because of all the pain Mona was giving
me. I arched my back and tried to roll over onto my stomach to protect my cock
and balls from further damage. That turned out to be a big error.

	I tried to kick the two of them off the bed, but my sister got a good
grip on my stones and tried to yank them off. Meanwhile Connie tried to tear the
hair from my head at the same time. I couldn't get away from both of them no
matter how much I twisted and turned. Finally Connie grabbed my ears in a death
gerip and threatened to rip them off if I gave them any more trouble. While I
was trying to deal with that, my miserable bitch of a whore sister kneed me in
the groin and followed that up by punching me in the nads. That was the end of
the fight. I doubled up and tried not to puke,that's how much I hurt. I cursed
them and swore revenge if it took the rest of my life. They ignored my threats
and got me on my back. Once more Connie's skanky cunt and ass came down on my
face. Mona was now straddling my thighs and slapping my cock from side to side,
using both hands. I was finished and let them know I was whimping out. The rest
was ugliness. I have no idea how much time it took to get Mistress Connie off,
but my tongue was sore as a boil before she finally moved that swampy snatch off
my face.

	Eating Mistress Mona's cunt was an exercise in embarrassment. Midway
through getting her to the point that she wanted to be, she decided to teach me
the kind of lesson I'd never forget, or so she thought. She leaned over, looked
me in the eyes and announced that she needed to take a piss, and since the
toilet was down the hall, she wanted to use me instead. Her skanky girlfriend
took the opportunity to grab my balls and give them a twist, telling me that
she'd squash them flat if I didn't do as Mona told me. It was one of the most
humiliating moments of my life to have to open my mouth so my sister could piss
down my throat. She only added to the feeling of total degradation by ordering
me to gargle with her piss before swallowing it. She controlled the flow and it
took many long minutes before she emptied her bladder into my belly. All that
time Mistress Connie kept reminding me that I was only moments away from
becoming one of those harem guys who couldn't fuck anymore. I was so whipped by
then that I almost started crying.

	Mistress Mona then proceeded to drop her pussy onto my face and had me
continue eating her putrid snatch until she grunted, clenched her thighs against
my head and came with a long, drawn-out moan while her bud simpered and tried to
bend my stiff cock back until it stood straight out from my guts. She didn't
make it, but she sure took most of the starch from it. Then she decided that she
needed to take a piss as well. My bitch whore sister laughed evilly as she
watched her girl friend position her skanky body to piss into my mouth. I opened
wide, feeling like the ultimate pussy whipped sissy boy and let her start
filling my mouth with some of the worst piss it had been my misfortune to ever
sample. I wondered what this skank ate to make her piss taste this bad. I
gargled and played with her piss until she couldn't pee any more. After
swallowing the last acid tasting drop of her yellow stream, my belly was rounded
from what was rumbling around inside my gut. 

	It was then that I caught the first and last break of this bad to the
bone session. The two bitches were too tired to have me do their assholes, so
they put that little task off until our next session which would be as soon as I
got home from special education, whenever that would be. My sister went out of
her way to let me know that mom would be in bright and early for some attention,
then she punched me in the balls again. I remember hearing her say that mom had
some new stuff to try out on me and she wished she was around to see me get it,
but she needed her beauty sleep. So after cuffing my ankles to the bottom posts
of the bed, they turned off the light and left me. I couldn't help but think
that those two would be chowing down on each other as soon as they found an
empty bed.

				( To be continued)

                                       Teenage Sex Slave               


                                                                                     Jethro Jodhpur

                                            Chapter 10

       Despite the fact that I was totally exhausted from my long day in Spec Ed, followed by the insanity having to do with my sister and her skanky friend, my sleep was anything but restful. I kept waking up with my heart racing and the sheets beneath my body soaked from the sweating that was obviously caused by the nightmares that kept being played over and over inside my head. Today had almost exceeded what had occurred on my visit to the principal's place.

       I began to seriously consider cutting out and trying to survive in another state. Perhaps I could find a rich old woman who would keep me in exchange for all the hot sex I could provide her. The more I thought of that idea, the better it sounded. Unfortunately I was lying in my bed securely restrained, waiting for the morning and the new surprises that were in store for me starting with my dear old mom and extending to all those folks in school that were waiting to make my day as miserable as was humanly possible.

       My last nightmare of the evening involved Ms Joyce, the principal, the school nurse and Mrs. Landers. I was strapped down to the gyno table in the school nurse's station. The principal was sitting on my chest, keeping her wet, hairy cunt glued to my mouth. My chest didn't feel right, it was really hard to take a deep breath. Then I felt the ultra-thick, cold nozzle being worked into my bunghole. Naturally it hadn't been lubricated because nurse Manners didn't think it was necessary for the kind of student that she knew me to be. She kept referring to me as a whore, which was kind of strange. My sister is a whore, I'm a stud.

       Anticipating what kind of enema I'd be getting and how large it would be were things I always thought about when I felt that nozzle pushing its way into me. It was cold, ice cold; I could feel the frigid hand beginning to expand as the stuff ran into my lower intestines. That was a word I had picked up from nurse Manners, who liked me to know what the technical terms for a lot of the things she did to me were  called. My bunghole was my anus, the first place the enema hit was my rectal area and the part that it really filled up was called the colon. In fact it wasn't an enema she was giving me, it was an irrigation. Whatever it was, it hurt. The straps, she called them restraints, kept me from moving very much during the process, another word she liked using.

       I heard Ms. Joyce's voice as she talked to Mrs.Landers. Once again some of it didn't make any sense to me. I wondered if the nurse had given me something to scramble my wits. I sort of remember that once or twice she made me drink some stuff that made things look funny and after a few minutes I got scared, really scared of something, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

       " Mrs. Landers, I do believe you have the honors this morning. What have you planned for this little slut, latex or leather? The way she's dilating you can probably get the leather glove up that whore's cunt without using any grease. That's what I'd do, put that gloved fist right up against her cervix and say hello to the baby. I really feel sorry for the poor kid. Can you imagine having a mother who is a certified slut before she turns sixteen? "

       The principal laughed, said she had to see this and moved her dripping pussy off my face. As she climbed off the table, I was now staring at my bloated belly between these huge tits resting on my chest. It was enormous. Just before I woke up screaming, it dawned on me that no enema in the world could make my belly grow like that. Somehow those bitches had turned me into a cunt and worse still I'd been knocked up!

       It took me a minute or so before I understood it was just another weird dream. I was too frightened to go back to sleep, so I just lay there in the darkness staring up at the ceiling and thinking about what they had in store for me today. There were still three days before the big day at the principal's house, and I began to seriously wonder if I was going to survive them ,let alone what was being cooked up for me on the weekend. I was still awake when mom flipped on the light and grinned at me. It was still dark outside, and I wondered what she was doing in my room at this early hour. I was soon sorry I had asked.

       Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that all mom was wearing was a pair of her typical full cut panties. However these were soaked in the crotch area. No amount of jilling could make a mess like that, she had pissed her panties! Seconds after that observation, my nose picked up the rank odor of piss. What the devil was going on? Mom wasted little time informing me that she was following the instructions that Ms. Joyce had given her last night. Not only had she deliberately pissed herself, now I was going to have the task of sucking all the piss that I could get from those panties. Then I was to start cleaning up mom's bare crotch as soon as she was satisfied that I'd done a proper job.

       It took forever before mom was happy with the job I'd done. By then the sun was up, but my day had just started. Off came the panties and now I faced mom's stubbled pubes descending onto my face, and it was coated with a crust of dried piss. Licking something like that off an unwashed pussy is like a fate worst than death. My tongue was sore as a boil and my lips were swollen from this ugly encounter with my mom's bristly muff and the surrounding area. I also was thirsty as all get out and my back teeth were floating from the pressure being applied by my full bladder.

       Mom began slow jacking my cock and giving it little kisses on the top. Then she abruptly backed off on the oral action and left me hanging. My hard-on prevented me from pissing, something I hadn't taken into consideration when she started working on me. When she pressed her fingers against my bladder area I thought I would explode. She seemed happy over my reaction and sat back on her knees to spread her cunt lips to show me the pink.

       Then she announced that I wasn't going to be able to relieve myself until she dropped me off at school. That was something new, and I knew that it wasn't going to make my life any easier. She casually added that there was no way I was going to get off unless one of my teachers took pity on me today. I strained to get the flow started, but mom was too quick for me. She moved fast when she wanted, and before I knew what hit me she was rubbing my cock head against her juicy, well licked cunt. Nature did not intend over sexed teen studs to ignore any contact with any pussy without responding, and so I did. I was so screwed, and she knew it.

       She freed me from the manacles holding me down to the bed, but was careful not to let me get the upper hand while she opened and reshut the cuffs until my hands were secured behind my back and I still had a hard-on. It got worse when she knelt by the bed and began giving me head just to make sure my bladder would stay on full. Then she marched me by the cock down to her bedroom so she could dress. That was when she finished totally fucking me over.

       She took a large hatpin with a big round stud and jammed that bad boy into my piss hole, stud first, effectively blocking the only path out from my straining bladder. I thought I was going to go crazy from the pain. However in a few minutes the pain backed off, but now I was done and we both knew it. To make her victory complete she wadded up the pissed panties I'd sucked and pushed them into my mouth. I made no effort to resist since she threatened to poke me in the bladder unless I did as I was told. Some adhesive tape kept those foul tasting underpants in place and so I was ready for another day of torment at the high school.

       By the time mom dropped me off at the nurse's entrance, I was in a world of hurt. She couldn't resist leaning down and sucking my cock to full erection, being careful not to dislodge the stud holding back an ocean of piss. In fact as she was swirling her tongue around the top of my throbbing cock, mom made sure the stud stayed in place by poking it with the tip of the darting snake that was swabbing the top of my rigid dick. By the time she gave me a peck on the cheek and a farewell poke to my bloated bladder, I was sweating like a pig and praying that Ms.Manners was at her station and would do something before my piss started backing up into my kidneys, which I've been told is not a good thing for one's health.

       I was hopping from one foot to the other waiting for someone, anyone to open the door so I could get some relief. Without warning it opened and there stood my angel of mercy with a big shit-eating grin on her chubby face. She led me into her little examining room and told me to get up on the gyno table. The next thing I knew I was strapped down and getting poked and prodded as I grunted and groaned through the wad of piss soaked panties that prevented me from telling her just how painful things were. From the look on her face she knew I was hurting bad.

       " Looks like your mom did a good job on you. I'm sure that Ms. Joyce will be delighted to hear about it. You appear to be suffering from a distended bladder, something that I can easily remedy..........provided you do something for me. Are you interested? If so, nod your head and then I'll tell you what I want. "

       I almost put a crimp in my neck nodding. She smiled and teased me a bit by pressing gently on my sore, swollen piss reservoir, another word I learned from that smart, skanky girl I used to fuck out of pity. Then she told me what the deal was and warned me that it was that or a lot of piss backing up into my kidneys. The idea of drinking my own piss right after she collected it in the bedpan was flat unsanitary and gross to boot. I'd already had plenty of piss drinking so far today thanks to Ms. Joyce and my dear old mom, who was going to get some payback one way or another from yours truly. I stared at the ceiling, winced from the pain radiating from my groin, and nodded my head slowly as she chuckled. Once again I was so screwed.

        The top of my head felt like it was coming off when the nurse slowly worked the head of the hatpin out of my piss slit. That was nothing compared to the feeling when I started pissing up a storm into the bedpan. It felt as if I was peeing fire that ran from the tip of my cock all the way down to its base. I was  hurting big time, so bad that I was shedding tears that made the old nurse grin with satisfaction that I was getting mine, but good. All I could focus on was pissing and trying to ignore the sharp pain that was ripping through the inside of my cock. Gradually the pain got less and less as the flow of piss ran down to just a trickle and a few last squirts. My cock was still hurting, but nothing like when I started to pee.

       Nurse Manners wasted no time transferring what felt like a gallon of nitrogeneous waste, the only thing I remember from Health class, into a large graduated cyclinder. She held up the tube and eyeballed the markings on the side before telling me that I'd just pissed 460ccs of pee from my aching bladder. That sounded like a bunch , but the number meant nothing to me. Then she told me that I was about half way to what she wanted, which was a quart of the yellow stuff.

       The next thing I knew, she was hiking up her skirt and pulling down her panties. I could not believe it when she held the cylinder under her crotch and began taking a major wizz, her pee causing the contents of the cylinder to get foamy as her piss stream mixed with mine. When she got done the tube was almost filled to the top and she told me that she had pissed more than me, which made me cringe. I began to wonder what the hell was wrong? Were they right about me? My self confidence was taking a major dump. What else could go wrong, I asked myself. As it turned out, there were a number of surprises still waiting for me this day in Special Education.

       There still remained her daily routine for me. I took a two quart ice water enema for openers and then she plugged my butthole and jacked my cock until it was hard, but not too hard. Then she grabbed my nuts and squeezed slowly until my hard-on was competely gone. Three times she did this, each one edging me closer and closer to getting off, but each time failing as her iron grip on my sore balls always won the battle. Next she put an ice bag against my balls and kept it there until my nads were the size of marbles. Quickly she wrapped twine around my frozen nuts and tied it off. This was something new, but it wouldn't take long for me to wish I left them on some other planet once those BBs warmed up.

       Ms. Manners proceeded to tell me that as long as an ice bag was applied to my testicles, as she called them, every couple of hours, things would be fine. Of course if I didn't obey my teacher's instructions during Special Education class, it was likely that she'd refuse to allow my testicles to receive the proper treatment, thus causing me substantial pain. A chill, unrelated to the ice water enema, ran through me when I heard that. The ice water enema had done its work, my cock was limp from the cold. The nurse clucked and allowed me to get rid of the contents from my intestines. Enema number two followed quickly and this one was closer to three than two quarts according to the smiling nurse. I was bulging pretty good,which reminded me on that nightmare. When I craned my neck to look down at my limp cock, Ms. Manners grew quizzical about my behavior, but I made no further moves and so she relaxed. The enema did its thing and my guts knotted up big time. That pair of piss soaked panties was  beginning to get on my nerves. I began to worry about choking on them, not to mention the foul taste that filled my mouth.

       The arrival of Katrina saved me from further misery. I was so beat down by now that I started looking up to this pimply faced, fat girl with strong body odor and the worse tasting armpits I'd ever had the misfortune of having to lick. She simpered at the pitiful remains of my once rock hard cock, and watched with interest as nurse Manners finished off my enema, letting it out to splash noisily into the large basin that was situated just below my spasming asshole. She wrinkled her pudgy nose, then pinched it shut to avoid inhaling the foul odor rising from the catch basin. The girl could not resist running her hand over my tightly bagged balls that looked like they belonged on a little boy. She giggled and made a comment to the nurse about what happened to my equipment. I started to think bad thoughts about having her under my thumb for a day or so. That took my mind off my troubles for the moment.

       So while nurse Manners cleaned me up, removed the panties from my mouth and gave Katrina some specific instructions concerning the care of my family jewels, I was in another world. In my world Katrina was naked and strapped down on the gyno table with her legs spread wide. I'd just finished giving her a good whipping and she was crisscrossed with deep welts from her neck to her knees. Her cunt had taken some major attention and the lips were so swollen that all that remained was a thin angry red colored line that once was her pussy mouth. My assistant, the blonde nympho, Carol from Spec Ed, had just finished knotting thin laces around Katrina's welted tits. As I watched those small bags of tit flesh grow larger and change color from pale white to angry red, Carol was preparing the first of what would be a series of special enemas for the pimply faced girl to take and hold for as long as I wanted. I wondered if we might be able to make her swallow some plastic tubing that we could then hook up to the water tap and begin filling her belly until it made the girl look as if she were carrying twins and was a month overdue.

       It was then that nurse Manners slapped me across the head and told me to get off the table so that I could be hobbled in preparation for the walk to the classroom downstairs. Today was much worse than previous. Instead of my leash being around my neck, Katrina decided to loop it around my limp cock and tiny balls to call attention to their pitiful condition. The trip through the mob of students seemed like it took forever. The guys laughed in my face and called me a sissy faggot, while the girls hurled all sorts of insults and even went so far as to goose me as I was led slowly toward the staircase. This was about as low as I'd ever been.  Finally we reached the door to the class and entered.

       I had my head down to avoid eye contact with the girls, not to mention Ms. Joyce. I could hear the gasps and then the roars of laughter and derision over the state of my genitals. It took me some time to realize that there was a very familiar voice among the insults and giggling. Not believing my ears I looked up to where Taunisha normally sat, and stared into the eyes of my sister. I almost passed out from shock. What the hell was she doing here?

                                                                   ( To be continued )

                               Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 11

       It seems that my dear sister Mona had called attention to herself once too often. Her latest escapade involved giving blowjobs in the boys' bathroom between classes. Word spread pretty quickly and someone decided to rat on my sister for some past insult or oversight on her part. With Taunisha's spot in Spec Ed available, it seemed like a good fit since the tawny troublemaker would be out at least a couple of weeks as she recuperated from the bad "fall" she took down the stairs.

       Ms. Joyce called for order in the class, and to establish who was who she ordered the monitor taking care of Mona to give her a taste of what she could expect if she got mouthy or out of line in anyway. Everyone in the room stopped and stared at what Wanda, the monitor, brought out from her handbag. Katrina giggled and showed me hers, a copy of the strange looking gun that Wanda was now aiming at my sister's tits. Just before she nailed sis with it, I realized it was one of those taser guns that the cops were starting to use these days.

       Mona nearly managed to separate herself from the inflatable dildo mounted to her seat that was jammed at least six inches up her asshole. It was nice to see my sister in such pain and then the monitor triggered the gun again and my sister's face turned white as she took another big dose of electrons to the tits. The monitors were all laughing at her distress and egging on her handler to give Mona one more for the road. Ms. Joyce smiled and nodded when the monitor looked to her for guidance. Sis nearly puked her guts out when the bolt of electricity blasted through her tits one more time, causing her to lose the ability to breathe for maybe ten seconds. It must have felt like an hour to my sister. She let out another yelp when the wires were yanked out of her tits.

       Now with order restored, the monitors went about their business of making sure their charges were properly secured for the day. Katrina gave me a big grin and sucked my cock until it was twitching and ready to explode. Then she slipped the cock ring around the base and tightened it until my eyes nearly popped from their sockets. She finished by giving the head of my dick a nice juicy kiss that brought laughter from those around us. I glanced over to my sister and watched as her monitor cinched a strap around her chest until she could barely take a breath. Then she screwed a pair of metal spiders to Mona's nipples that brought tears to her eyes. She finished the job by rubbing my sister's clit until her hot button came out of the hood so she could attach a screw clamp to it.

       Then the roll was taken and it was duly noted that Taunisha was absent and her place taken by my sister. Ms. Joyce than addressed the class, observing that for the first time in the history of Spec Ed two members of the same family were enrolled, not only that, both at the same time. She formally introduced Mona to the class and declared that we were all in for a treat today as she had some very interesting video tapes to show to us involving one member of the group. Everyone looked around to see who it might be. I homed in on my sister who had started to shift nervously in her chair despite the dildo stretching her asshole. I'd already heard rumors and broad hints that she was doing amateur porn tapes for one of the sleaze merchants down in the red light district. My sister's body language told me those rumors were true. I could hardly wait to see her in action.

       Katrina leaned over and stuck her tongue in my ear and licked all around that sensitive area, knowing full well her action got me hot and bothered. Then she whispered that as soon as the lights went off she intended to see how interested I was in getting off, especially in view of the fact that it was my sister starring in these tapes. All I could do was groan softly and nod my head, bringing a titter from my handler. I found out why she was in such a good mood; she had landed a new boyfriend after nearly three months of auditioning in the back seats of cars and on a couple of occasions even sharing some guy's bed for part of an evening.

       There was a flip side to this news that did not make me a happy camper. Her new guy had a thing for her hairy armpits. That in itself was not a problem as far as I was concerned. However she dropped the bomb when I learned that he loved to shoot his loads into those hairy pits and she in turn kept them trapped in that forest of hair until they were crusty. Normally, if that could be considered normal, he liked to watch her lick his crusted cum from her hairy pits, a neat trick I might add, while he jacked off. However last night he was too  busy fucking her in the ass to get her to do that trick. So guess who was going to get the honor of sucking her boyfriend's cum from her hairy armpits? I'll give you one guess.

       Ms. Joyce supervised setting up the tapes to be shown on the TV monitor. Satisfied, she had them dim the lights and the fun began. On came the first tape, and there she was, my sister on her knees, hands bound behind her back, facing a line of masked studs. The lighting wasn't the best, but there was no doubt who it was sucking cock as if there was no tomorrow. There were a few neat close-ups of Mona inhaling cock, the guy's balls dangling just below her chin. After a few minutes of guy after guy stepping up to the plate and not delivering the money shot, the girls began to boo and hiss. The sound of a slap and a muffled curse coming from the direction of my sister told me that one of the handlers was not at all impressed with her debut into the world of porn.

       Suddenly the lights were switched on and two of the handlers were caught in shall we say "in flagrante delicto". Now you may ask how can a fifteen year-old C-minus student know what those words mean? Once more I learned them from that mousey looking girl who just loved to fuck. One of these days that one will be a great teacher and I sincerely hope as her reward she gets as much teen cock as her pussy can handle.

       Getting back to the story, it turns out that two of the keepers were caught with their panties down, enjoying the great head that their students were providing. Ms. Joyce couldn't keep a staight face at what was going down in her classroom. Being an intelligent as well as sexy teacher, she declared today as an undies day, and started stripping down as fast as her fingers could handle buttons and zippers. I really liked her thong bikinis and that matching shelf bra that seemed to be offering her firm, pert jugs to anyone interested in them.

       Katrina was already down to her panties and bra that looked and smelled as if she had worn them for a few days straight. When she wiggled her tongue out at me I understood immediately. She was about to get lots of tongue from yours truly, especially in those hairy, cum-crusted armpits. It might take some time, but there was plenty of that. I had a long, hard job ahead of me to rid her stinking armpits of all the cum that her boyfriend had deposited in them last night. I'll say one thing, this guy must be some kind of a stud to deliver that much cum in a single night. From the looks of things I was going to be kept rather busy for the rest of the day, and not just from Katrina.

       My handler was feeling frisky. First thing I know she's sitting on my lap with my cock buried in her twat. She starts grinding her pubes against mine at the same time she feeds me about a yard and a half of hot tongue. I'm tied up so tight, there is very little I can do but accept her offerings. In the background Mona the porn star has gotten down to business and is blowing these guys one after another now that she has most of them stiff and ready. I can only take quick glances at the monitor since Katrina was bouncing up and down on my cock and feeding me one tit and then the other, urging me to suck the nipples and lick the sweat off her tits. The salt, grease, dirt and sweat I collect from her stiff-nippled tits form an unappetizing mess in my mouth, but she's in command and I go along with anything she suggests.

       She dismounts only long enough to turn around so she's facing away from me, and the angle that my cock enters her tight cunt is different. She bounces and I try to meet her half-way, but the restraints forbid that from happening. She is still the rider and I'm just the horse. Katrina leans back and presents one of her cum crusted armpits for my consideration, as they say in those foreign flicks that my mousy girlfriend used to take me to as her treat. I always gave better than I got though. I know she loved my dick more than those weird movies.

       Straining the cum from her hairy armpits is one of the worst jobs I ever took on, but she held all the cards. Her pits smelled even worse than they tasted. Man, I was working in a salt mine as far as taste was concerned. My tongue started burning from all the acid generated by her sweaty armpits and the fact she needed a shower really bad. Every so often I 'd get a chunk of dried cum and it made me want to puke. To realize that I was only about a quarter of the way done with only one armpit was a depressing realization. Then she decided to get cute, by dismounting and giving me some heavy duty head to match what was happpening on the monitor. Then abruptly on the screen my sister's face began to be hit by one huge load of cum after another until she looked like a glazed doughnut. That brought some polite applause from those in the room actually watching this piece of crap. Then the monitor went black for a few seconds before the next video started rolling. This one was a whole lot better, but still not anywhere near the top of the stroke meter.

       For a pudgy girl Katrina sure was agile. Somehow she climbed up onto my seat and grabbed me around the neck to keep herself balanced. Then she poked her hairy, unwashed pussy into my face and began rubbing it all over me for starters. What she was doing got people's attention and at least one other monitor came over to get a better look at what was going on. She finally docked that rancid cunt to my mouth and started humping me for all she was worth, ordering me to stick out my tongue so she had something to fuck. It was even more impressive when she managed to turn herself around, hanging onto any part of me that she could grip securely. It was then that I faced my biggest challenge, her asshole, her hairy asshole. I still give thanks to the fact that it was pitch dark except for the monitor showing my sister getting ready to be gangbanged by a bunch of black guys with huge cocks.

       I won't go into all the gory details of how her asshole smelled, what it tasted like and how long she made me tongue and suck it. I will admit that a small part of me was pleased when she commented afterwards that she wished her new boyfriend could do her asshole as well as I just did. Her next comment sent a chill through me. She started talking about her mother, who hadn't had any cock for almost a year, and her older sister who just got divorced and would love to have a stud like me banging her until she found another meal ticket. She started to babble about the entire family being big-boned, Katrina being the family runt. She mentioned her sister's double Ds that made her jealous everytime she put on her bra, and finished by saying that her mom would love me to give her a full body tongue bath once a week so she didn't ever have to bother taking a shower. I nearly puked when I heard that.

                        (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)

                               Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 12

       The highlight of this tape was right at the end when three big, black bucks made my sister air tight as the rest of the bunch stood around playing with their spent cocks. One of them was lying beneath Mona with his cock buried to the hilt in her asshole. The second buck was on top of her, ramming his big, black sword into her sloppy, stretched-out cunt that was gushing cum on every stroke. The third dude was straddling her tits and feeding his massive dong into my sister's mouth. She looked like a squirrel with a month's worth of acorns in her cheeks. The camera angle was terrible and the lighting made it tough to see much except for a few times when all the studs were in a position that didn't block out most of the light. There were mock boos and a few laughs when the tape ended.

       Katrina managed to clmb down without falling on her ass, and she wandered away after giving my cock a big smooch and a few seconds worth of sucking just to tease me. I wasn't alone for long. A mystery mouth attached itself to my cock and began giving me some good head. Unfortunately there wasn't enough light to see who it was. The only other keeper I knew even vaguely was named Wanda, but that meant I had two chances in three of pissing this chick off, unless I just kept my yap shut and let her do her thing. My only problem was that damned cock ring that was putting a crimp in my style in more ways than one. Talk about being saved by the bell. A fracas broke out involving my sister and her handler, which rapidly escalated into a screaming match. If there was one thing that wasn't  tolerated in this class, it was a riot by the inmates.

       The lights came on and the shit hit the fan, in this case crapping all over my sister. Ms. Joyce, now wearing only her shelf bra, moved swiftly away from the vicinity of the big-titted blonde, and headed for her desk. I guess she and Carol were renewing old acquaintances. I'd heard some rumors that the two of them were playing house at the principal's place on occasion,and she even joined in as part payment for lending her home for their little trysts. Based on what I saw at my visit to that insane asylum, these rumors probably had some truth to them.

       When Ms. Joyce returned from rummaging around in her desk drawers, she held a rubber hose in her hand. Poor Mona never had a chance.The poor bitch was pinned to her seat by the dildo lodged in her asshole and she was securely restrained with straps on her hands and feet, not to mention the one trying to cut her tits in half and putting a real crimp in her breathing. Without setting her feet, the teacher began to swing the hose at Mona's head. Sis did a pretty good job of dodging most of them until she zigged when she should have zagged, and caught one right across the bridge of her nose, immediately turning it into a fountain of blood.

       Mona's handler put in an appearance at that time.It was my guess that it was her working on my joint. Like the rest of them she was chubby and no beauty, perfect for the job she filled. She stopped and let Mona have it to the chops, landing a roundhouse right  that caught sis on the cheek, snapping her head around. That's when the teacher caught her with a good shot to the mouth and now Mona was bleeding from two places on her face. I almost flipped when the chubby handler proceeded to wrap a length of cord around Mona's neck and started strangling her. My sister's eyes bulged and soon her tongue was forced from her mouth as her face started to turn an ugly shade of bright red. All the while the teacher was drubbing her tits with the rubber hose, just adding to my sister's misery.

       Finally Ms. Joyce called off her attack dog long enough to allow Mona to catch some air. Then at her nod, the girl put sis into a choke hold and started squeezing the life from her. The teacher stepped close and spit into Mona's face, cursing her out and telling her she was going to regret being an asshole once class was dismissed. I winced as the other monitors grinned and gave Mona the finger. It looked as if she was going  to meet up with Ms. Landers and her ruler, not to mention her side kick, Uta, the lesbian PE teacher. I got to wondering if sis was going to have a bad accident like Taunisha. Even though she was often a ball breaker, she was my sister, and I didn't want to hear that she fell down some stairs and was turned into a vegetable as a result. On the brighter side, if she kept screwing up, maybe she'd replace me this weekend. Wouldn't that be great!

       Our hot sexy teacher still wasn't done with Mona. She had her gagged with a filthy rag that Wanda dredged up from her tote bag. To check the gag's effectiveness, she had the spiders on my  sister's tits screwed down another turn and watched Mona's eyes try to jump from their sockets. She had the clit clamp tightened until tears ran down my sister's cheeks. Then she slapped Mona half a dozen times across the face, rocking her head back and forth like she was some kind of a bobble-head doll. The worst was yet to come; she had Wanda jam a short length of tubing up Mona's pee hole. That must have hurt like fury based on the way my sister tried to struggle against her bonds. She leaned forward and told sis that the catheter would remain in place until she drank at least a quart of piss donated by the monitors, and held it for another hour minimum. I never saw my sister look so scared in her entire life. What just happened to her made me realize that I needed to take a leak pretty soon or I'd be in deep doo-doo as well.

       Katrina made me an offer I couldn't refuse. In exchange for allowing me to relieve my full bladder on a regular basis for the rest of the week, I had to visit her house after shool ended and take care of her mother and big sister's sexual needs, which proved to be substantial. When I thought about it, the deal wasn't too bad. I would be fucking some new pussy, even if it wasn't top of the line, and Katrina would protect me from doing stupid things while I was in class. Naturally I'd be servicing her on demand, which wasn't any more than what I was doing now. Mona would be so wasted after detention she probably wouldn't  have any extra energy to torment me. In fact, if she did, I'd sic Katrina and her pals on her. That left mom, but I always had enough for her. Come to think of it, she was probably as much on the hook as I was, based on what I knew about the principal's threat.

       The break for lunch was as usual a zoo. Ms. Landers paid Wendy a visit and spent most of the period whacking the pain freak's left tit as the girl taunted her to do her worst. Katrina, who was bouncing up and down on my cock, informed me that this was a routine that took place perhaps two or three times a week, always with the same result. She stopped talking at this point and concentrated on getting off from the action she was getting from my swollen and very sore dick. She promised that once I made her cum, she would let me pee. She confided that it was her intention to make my sister drink it as part of her contribution.

       I delivered and so did Katrina. As I pissed into the milk carton she provided, the history teacher shifted from using the flat part of the eighteen inch stainless steel discipliner to its edge. That turned Wendy into a sobbing wreck as the ruler transformed her tit into something that looked like road kill. It was amazing to see that a couple of hours later her chewed-up hunk of tit meat had returned to something looking like a tit, except for the marks left by the ruler's edge. However just before she left, the history teacher used some catgut to noose Wendy's nipples and pull them together. This provided some added low level pain to go along with that left over from the beating her tit had taken. I also heard her say that she would be waiting for Wendy after class was dismissed so she could do her right tit as well.  Wendy looked as if she was going to wet her panties at the prospect of more heavy duty pain that she seemed to live for.

       With that little scene now history, I searched around and discovered Ms. Joyce and  Carol in a lip-lock. My teacher was really into her student, that was apparent from her one hand pawing the blonde's big tits and the other with four fngers inserted into her dripping cunt. To be honest, I got a little jealous of what was going down considering how my teacher had come on to me yesterday after class. Katrina had ducked out to make a telephone call, alerting her mom and sister that she was bringing company home for dinner and lots of fucking afterward. I never did get that promised meal, but they more than made up for it with the amount of sucking and fucking we did.

       She returned with a smug look on he face and gave me a big wet kiss with plenty of tongue.Then she whispered that her mom and big sister were going bonkers over the prospect of lots of cock tonight. They were hoping that this would be the beginning of some regular attention in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and any other place that could handle three naked bodies doing the nasty. Katrina laughed and casually mentioned that she would occasionally join the fun, especially during her period when her boyfriend refused to have anything to do with her.

       The highlight of the afternoon session was watching my sister chug down a quart of piss while the rest of us cheered her on. Mona's belly was pooching out pretty good by the time she finished it. For most of the remaining session the monitors took turns pressing on her bladder as she groaned and broke out into a sweat from the pressure of all that piss running through her kidneys and filling her up to the bursting point. About an hour before the end of class, the catheter was opened so her bladder could drain. You should have seen the look on her face. Then she was forced to recycle her piss, swallowing every drop as her tits were twisted and her nipples stretched to their limit while she bawled like a little baby. Katrina whispered into my ear that this was nothing compared to what she'd get during detention. I shuddered, remembering all the terrible things that had happened to me at the various detention sessions I attended.

                       (To be continued-jethro jodhpur)


                          Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 13

       Katrina's mom, Heda, and her older sister, Getchen, greeted me at the door, all smiles. Katrina introduced me to them and said I was a real stud and could fuck all night. Their eyes got big and I could almost see them smacking their lips in anticipation of getting some good cock for a change. Heda took charge and ordered me to strip down and put my clothing in the closet. When my cock came into view they really got excited, Gretchen rubbing at her cunt and Heda making kissing noises in my direction. The next thing I knew my hands were being cuffed behind my back. I could not believe it! Heda explained that they didn't want me getting any ideas about running away before they got as much as I could deliver. Gretchen had already dropped to her knees and was inhaling my cock. She managed to get almost all of it in her mouth and down her throat; I was very impressed.

       They quick marched me down the hall and into what appeared to be Heda's bedroom, which featured a king sized bed. I was treated to a quick strip tease from the two of them that revealed some major league tits, the mother's sagging, but still impressive,and her daughter's every bit as large and still firm. I also took in the thick pelts of pubic hair guarding their cunts. Getchen's had a happy trail running up to her navel, while Heda's just ran wild, covering most of her lower belly and extending to her asshole. Mom had a gut that was the result of lots of beer and very little exercise. Gretchen was in better shape, but she had a spare tire and a rounded belly that looked kind of sexy to me. Both of these women had plump thighs and sturdy legs with asses that were at least two handaxe handles across.

       Heda got on her back and spread her thighs in welcome. Her daughter pushed me onto the bed and got me positioned so my face was buried in her mom's snatch, the springy pubic hair tickling my nose.Her cunt was already drippng, but it smelled fine. She had evidently taken a shower recently, a very good sign as far as I was concerned. Then I felt Gretchen's hands prying my ass cheeks apart, then her fat tongue teasing my bunghole. That girl knew what she was doing. I thought I had a good hard-on, but she improved it considerably. Spurred on by that tongue burrowing deeper and deeper into my asshole, I chowed down on her mom with everything I had. All those hours of servicing my mom, sister and her friend Connie with my tongue were now paying off big time. Katrina's mom was really having a good time as I worked my tongue into her twat and started licking her cunt walls.

       Heda decided it was time for me to stand and deliver. With Gretchen's assistance I was able to mount my new fuck partner. She decided to tease her mom a little, so she held my cock in her hand and rubbed it up and down Heda's slot until my cock was covered with pussy sludge that was oozing out at a good clip. All that friction wasn't helping my self-control and I let her know about it. She gave me a shit-eating grin and dared me to do something about my situation. Then to make matters worse, she french kissed me, and damned if she wasn't good at that too! While we swapped spit I wondered how come she was divorced. Look, she was no raving beauty, but she had great tits, a nice round ass and knew all sorts of things about getting a guy hot and bothered. What else did any man want? I soon had a good answer to that question.

       Somehow I got my cock moving in and out of Heda's cunt and we established a nice solid rhythm that made the bedsprings creak. Gretchen began tonguing my asshole on the down strokes and sucking it on the up strokes as her mother grunted and sighed. We must have fucked for maybe fifteen minutes before Heda gave a big sigh and pushed her belly up to meet my down stroke as she clicked off her first orgasm of the session. It wasn't a gusher, but it was a good start. I still hadn't gotten off and Gretchen knew it. She told me to keep fucking her mom because the lady was "multiorgasmic". It took me a few strokes to regain my rhythm and also figure out what that multi-something word meant. I guess Heda could click those big-Os off every few minutes as long as her pussy was filled with hard cock. So I throttled back a bit to conserve my cum and let the lady call the shots. A few minutes later I realized I was getting winded from the tricky position I was in. My lower back muscles were starting to hurt and my breathing got more ragged.

       Heda realized my probem and so she rolled onto her side and let me do her in the spoon position until she had a nice big O. The next thing I knew I was on my back and she was doing a pretty good impression of a pogo stick as she bounced her big-boned body up and down on my stiff rod. Her pussy really felt good as it wrapped around my johnson like a velvet fist. Gretchen got into the act, giving me some tongue as her mom worked towards big O number three. It was almost hypnotic the way Heda's tits moved as that big body pumped away on my captive dick and we both got closer to what fucking is all about, that is, cumming. She beat me to it by only an eyelash, that tight pussy turning into a vise as another freight train of an orgasm rolled through her beefy body. I groaned and my churning balls finally released the load of wigglers that had been trying to free themselves for the last few minutes. I bathed her cunt with a flood of hot boy-cum as some of my lady friends described the white stuff that issued from my twitching cock. Damn, this old lady was one fine fuck as far as this teenage sex slave was concerned.

       Three big-Os seemed to be Heda's limit for a session, so she gave me back to her daughter and the fun started all over again. Gretchen got busy sucking my half-hard cock back to full stiffness. Heda helped by feeding me her fat tits one at a time so I could nurse on them like I was a baby again. She urged me to bite down on those big fat bags of fatty flesh and really make her feel it. I did as she ordered and Heda grunted and moaned as my teeth sank deep into her flesh, but never broke the skin. She laughed and made the comment that my mom had trained me well. As it turned out, it was another older woman who taught me that trick, but who was I to argue with a woman who had just given me a very nice fuck. There was something to these older women, even old wrinkled Ms. Manners who had a cunt that felt like being in a vat of a warm butter. She was a great fuck for her advanced age, in fact that old snapper was better than probably three quarters of the teen pussy I nailed regularly.

       I guess all the fucking I'd done with Katrina during class slowed my recovery down to a crawl, not a good situation when I had two beefy, hot-holed bundles of sexually frustrated pussy to satisfy. Once again Heda took pity on me and shifted herself so she could suck my cock while her daughter licked and kissed my balls. Of course there was something I had to do in return. By now I was getting used to swallowing my own cum mixed with pussy juice and cunt sludge. So it was no surprise when Heda's hairy pubic mound settled down on my face and wiggled itself around until my tongue made contact with her dripping slot. I could barely hear Gretchen's command to start face fucking her mom. Heda pressed her lips together to give me more friction as I moved my cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth. Gretchen shifted her efforts to sucking my balls, capturing each in her mouth to give it a good tonguing while I sucked my cum from her mom's pussy and tried to get my entire dick into her mouth.

       Gretchen pronounced herself satisfied that my dick could do the job of fucking her, and so she mounted me and started bouncing that tight pussy up and down my shaft. Heda did a one-eighty and now my mouth was glued to her cunt with my nose being tickled by that springy pubic hair guarding her cunt. I sucked for all I was worth and she struggled to force out every drop of boy-cum that I'd blasted into her twat. Every time I heard a grunt from her, another few drops of cum mixed with her cunt juices trickled into my suctioning mouth. Gretchen was taking a more active role in our fucking, rotating her big body around my stiff dick so every part of her tight cunt could get some of my cock friction. When she got into the side-saddle position, she used her arms to tilt her twat from side to side giving me some new areas to contact. This was really doing a job of keeping me very interested in fucking her. For the life of me I couldn't understand why she was divorced! For her age and experience she was a grade-A fuck, and her big beefy body still had enough curves to keep most guys happy that they were getting access to something like that on a regular basis.

       Heda made another shift and now I was confronted with her hairy ass. The way I figured things, if she showered before we started, it was likely that her butthole would be sort of clean as well. It was, that I realized once my tongue took a few tentative swipes across and then between her plump ass cheeks. I couldn't help but notice that anywhere my tongue licked became goose flesh, a very good sign that she was really digging what I was doing. All this success translated into my dick becoming even harder, and Gretchen noticed that immediately. She hollered to her mom to keep on doing whatever she was doing to me because my cock was rock hard and really turning her on big time. Then she moved so she was facing away from me. It must have looked weird to see two big women sitting on me back to back, one with my cock buried in her hairy cunt, the other enjoying my tongue worming its way up her butthole.

       The two of them got into synch, their butts bouncing up and down in tandem, giving me a feeling that was a whole new experience. I'd never been tag-teamed this way before and it was a real trip. Then without any warning Gretchen went off like a small atomic bomb, her big body quivering like a leaf in a wind storm. I tried to turn her mom's asshole inside out as her daughter shook, jerked, danced and bounced up and down like a blowup doll with a huge leak. All I could think of was that I still hadn't gotten off yet and this meant I might be able to give her mom another set of big Os before Gretchen got another crack at me. These two had really gotten to me and I was motivated in the extreme to make them feel as good as me. What the hell, I didn't have much to worry about once I returned home; only the possibility of facing my own mom who always wanted my hard dick. She'd just have to work harder than usual if she wanted any tonight.

       Heda wasted no time claiming my hard cock for another long ride. She was on top, her cunt  clamped around my thrusting cock, her tongue in my mouth as we frenched like a couple of love starved teens.

I actually chewed her lips as we went at it, my cock ramming up into her wet cunt that I swear made squishing noises every time I managed to bury it entirely. Then she told me to relax and let her do some of the heavy work. I took a breather as she pounded her cunt up and down on my dick, really getting me hot and bothered. Then I looked into her face and it went blank, her eyes open but not seeing anything. I steeled myself for the explosion and it was a huge one, her entire body quaking and lifting itself off my stiff dick as this monster orgasm of a train wreck took center stage. That's when she peed all over me; at least I thought it was pee.

       Gretchen started laughing at my reaction to what had just happened. Then she explained to me that her mom had just squirted some pussy juice. This only happened when Heda really got her ashes hauled in a big way. The last time her mom had something like this occur was over a year ago. Now I had just become a member of the family and she'd be expecting plenty more of those soakers. Naturally I'd get my rocks off as well. In fact mom would probably offer to let me have her asshole once she recovered from this awesome orgasm.

       I heaved a sigh, realizing that this pair was too much of a good thing, and how was I going to satisfy them alll night and Katrina all day and then still have something left over for mom? Then it dawned on me that this weekend I'd be put through the wringer big time by Ms Landers and her friend, nurse Manners, not to mention whoever else they invited over to help them turn me into a little wimpy pussy like the principal's weird husband. This was definitely too much for this teenage sex slave to handle and live to tell about.  Just then I heard a deep sigh from Heda and when I looked over she was grinning and crooking her finger, a sign that she was in the mood for more cock. So what was a guy to do, I nodded and asked Gretchen to help me up so I could begin fucking her mother doggy style. That was when Heda decided that I could be trusted not to run off leaving them high and dry. So off came the handcuffs and yours truly was a free man, or at least able to use his hands to make fucking these two big-boned babes a hell of a lot easier.

                       (To be continued - jethro jodhpur)

                       Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 14

       At about 3AM Heda decided that she'd had enough cock for one session, and told me I could go home. I explained to her that daughter Katrina was supposed to be taking me to and from their place as part of the deal we had. That brought laughter from both of them. Gretchen was noisily sucking my limp cock in hopes that I might have more hard-on hidden away for her. The babe was to be disappointed for the first time tonight, or was it this morning?

       Heda carefully explained that Katrina had a new boyfriend, and she'd be staying over with him almost every night this week to make sure that he got enough pussy and wasn't tempted to go looking for any strange stuff as well. She suggested I call my mother and have her come over and pick me up. I thought that would be a fine idea. I was way too beat to do any fucking for at least a few hours, and with luck my mom would be back to sleep by then. All I would need was a lift from Katrina on the way to school, or if worse came to worse, a ride on the school bus with all the dweebs and nerds.

       Things worked out great! Mom picked me up and drove me home then wandered off to bed without so much as a hint of wanting some hard teenage cock to make her sleep better. The next morning, bright and early Katrina picked me up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and whisked me off to the nurse's station for my morning enemas and sperm withdrawal.

       Katrina watched and filled her in on the kind of action I delivered to her mom and older sister, which impressed nurse Manners to the point that she wondered if she could join the party tonight. Katrina laughed and told her I'd be entertaining not only her mom and sister, but a few close, personal friends of Heda were also on the schedule for tonight as well. The nurse wasn't too happy about her answer, but she bought it, warning the girl that I had better be ready, willing and very able to satisfy the ladies that had been invited to attend the little hen party on Saturday and maybe Sunday as well if I wasn't too dehydrated by then.

       I groaned and wondered just where I was going to get the energy to deliver that much hard cock to that many horny females, especially after taking on Katrina's mother, sister and friends every night prior. Later on Katrina confessed that she made that story up just to make sure that only our arrangement would remain in force until the weekend. I felt like a man on death row who just got a reprieve minutes before taking the long walk to the little green room.

       Katrina cut me some more slack by taking me on a different route to the Spec Ed room that avoided the main body of students. I still was securely cuffed and led by the leash connected to my balls, but that wasn't too great a problem to handle. We were among the first to show up this morning, and Katrina came up with another little surprise, and it was little. The dildo that ordinarily was screwed into my seat had been replaced by one only half the diameter and maybe a couple of inches less in length. That blew me away, but there was more., She made a big production of lubing the plastic buttplug before having me take my seat. Evidently I'd gotten rave reviews from her mother and sister, and this was my reward. Things were definitely looking up for yours truly.

       The same could not be said for my poor sister, who was led in just before the bell sounded. One of her eyes was swollen shut, her lips were split and both her ears were about twice their normal size. Her tits were black and blue, and upon closer inspection showed evidence of cigarette burns. Marks that could only have been made by the steel ruler of Ms Landers overlaid her sore looking tits and also showed up in the vicinity of her pussy mouth, especially on her big floppy cunt lips.

       I could see what looked like relatively fresh cum drooling from her slack cunt. Mona had been pulling one long train until maybe an hour or so before. When she was turned around to show off her blown-out asshole I was absolutely positive. It looked as if the combined football and basketball teams had taken a run at her, since only real big dicks could do the kind of damage she was displaying.

       Deep impressions left by extremely tight ropes or plastic ties decorated her biceps, thighs and ankles. It was hard to see her wrists since they were cuffed and really ratcheted down so that the steel ate into her bones. Mona was in a world of hurt and the day was just beginning. I wondered where they kept her last night after detention, because she sure never made it home according to mom.

       Our teacher, Ms. Joyce, ordered the normal dildo on Mona's seat be replaced with one she called "jumbo". Under normal circumstances there would be no way that any asshole, except maybe a pro whore's who'd been hooking for years, could take. My sister made so much noise when they tried to jam her onto the monster, that Ms. Joyce used her taser gun to stun Mona into submission. Still it was not possible to get her asshole to wrap around that huge hunk of hard rubber until jumbo was slightly greased.

       It took two monitors to muscle Mona down onto that tree trunk. Then to make sure that she didn't cause any additional distractions to her classmates, they gagged her with a special cloth impregnated with stuff that made her tongue and the inside of her mouth swell up to the point that she could hardly breathe. Her monitor was warned to keep an eye on her at all times to prevent her from passing out and suffocating. To prevent her from spitting out the gag, a strip of duct tape was put over her mouth. Her monitor, who was a mean bitch, couldn't resist pinching off Mona's nostrils and watching her face turn bright red.

       The morning flew by as I concentrated my efforts on making Katrina happy, tonguing her cum crusted armpits like they were covered with honey, kissing every square inch of her broad ass and then licking that deep crevice between her plump cheeks until it was spotless and as fresh tasting as my saliva could make it. Every so often Ms. Joyce would pull on a padded leather glove, walk over to Mona and punch her in the face or head a few times while the monitor gawked at this rare display of anger with the student, who was on the verge of passing out and therefore causing absolutely no trouble. I had to find out why Mona was getting this special treatment. It was as mysterious as what happened to Taunesha.

       At the morning break Katrina did a funny thing, she farmed me out to one of the other monitors, a fat girl with pimples, bad breath, small apple shaped tits, armpits that made a garbage dump smell like a bed of roses and a cunt covered with the thickest pelt of springy hair I'd ever seen on a teen. She was a transfer from some oil-rich middle Eastern country where the men would rather fuck each other and their camels than the women. Why that country's population hadn't gone to zero was due to the influx of men from other countries who were so desperate for work that they took on the women as a type of fringe benefit, which shows how fucked up they were.

       No one could pronouce her name, but everyone called her Fateena, a very bad joke considering how rich she was. Well the next thing I know she 's on my lap, with my cock buried to the hilt in her tight warm cunt and her fat tongue investigating the hell out of the inside of my mouth. This kid had picked up on our country's way of doing the nasty in a big hurry. Rumor had it that she and her mother rented gigolos to do them properly and paid top dollar for their ability to get them off without passing out from the body odors. No one wanted to admit it, but certain members of the student population were known to have frequented the garish mansion that the pair occupied. What I had done to draw her attention was a mystery to me, but here we were, doing the nasty before my hot assed teacher and our classmates.

       She took me through the jumps, all very quick, but we made most of them. I sucked her tits until the nipples were stiff as glass, she really liked that based on her moans and the way her tight cunt clamped down on my captured dick. If anything, her armpits held even worse things than Katrina's boyfriend's dried cum. Some of what I picked up was kind of squishy and burned my tongue and lips. There were all sorts of ingrown hairs that roughened my tongue as I licked my way across this jungle that seemed filled with surprises, all bad. She insisted I cum in her quickly and started bouncing faster and with more oomph to her landings.

       I shot my load out of self preservation, for this was a lot of meat coming down in the vicinity of my family jewels. Fateena leaned close and nearly asphixiated me with her breath as I was informed that at the next break she wanted  me to suck my cum from her pussy, and swallow every drop, so she wouldn't get pregnant, as she was probably ovulating while we did it. My cock immediately began to shrivel at these words. Just before break ended she got up and rubbed her hairy butt all over my face, asking me if I liked to do girls in the ass. I admitted that I had a taste for such activities and she simpered while pulling up her panties that looked and smelled like she'd been wearing them all week.

       When Katrina returned, she refused to answer any questions on why she had turned me over to Fateena. My monitor seemed sort of distant during the afternoon session. So far today she hadn't had me do her even once, which was very strange considering her appetite when it came to cock. The only break in the monotony came when my sister had some kind of a seizure and was taken from the class room. Katrina remarked that Mona would do anything to avoid another session like they put her through yesterday. When I asked for some details she clammed up and threatened to put the regular dildo back on my seat. I shut up instantly and waited for further developments, which didn't take long in happening.

       Ms. Joyce showed a thirty minute tape of my sister at yesterday's detention. In most of it she was hanging from her wrists, legs spread and anchored to cinder blocks. A couple of studs from the football team were whaling away on her naked body with straps, going from her chest down to her ankles with stops at her tits, pussy and ass for extra attention. When they got tired of turning Mona, or was it Connie, into a barber pole, Ms. Landers, the history teacher, took a turn with her trusty eighteen inch steel ruler and did her best to ruin my sister's tits and pussy mound.

       None of what I saw could explain the battered face on Connie, or was it Mona? In case you're confused about what my sister's name is, so am I. She and her girlfriend have been playing this game with me ever since I was around ten and they have managed to keep me in a state of perpetual guessing, thanks to mom, their friends in school and even the teachers who feign ignorance of which one is which. Such is the life of the low boy on the totem pole.

       The last break of the day and Fateena was on me like I was a pork chop and she was a wolf who hadn't had a decent meal in a month. If anything her body odor was up considerably. Just before she poked her fat tongue in my mouth the monitor admitted she had been playing with herself for the past hour so I'd have something more than just my own cum to suck from her juicy cunt.

       This was my greatest challenge, to try to avoid passing out from the stench as I drained her swampy twat of every drop of her and my cum. Twice I had to come up for air or puke all over her hairy cunt mouth. Once I did gag, but managed to swallow the acrid mess that jumped from my stomach into my mouth. Somehow her cunt ran dry and my belly grudgingly accepted what I poured into it. Fateena was thrilled and bounded away after promising me that  I'd be able to nail her asshole the next time we were together. I could hardly wait, not!

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                        Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 15


      At last the session for today had ended and yours truly had escaped detention once more, a new record. It was then that Katrina broke the bad news, tonight was double date night. I would be expected to take care of the needs of Fateena and her mother before tending to Heda and Gretchen. There also was the possibility I might be handling a third party on my first date. Suddenly my little sessions with Fateena today made a lot more sense. She had been checking me out, and I guessed I passed inspection.


      Although Fateena was delighted to get some good teenage cock from yours truly, her mother was kind of repressed. It seems she wanted to leave her native country in one piece, and with her assets intact. One out of two wasn't bad. It seems she left quite a bit of skin behind, but her assets were successfully smuggled from the country while the authorities were busy torturing her to make her reveal their location. She still hadn't recovered from that ordeal and was very leery of strange men, including those from America.


      According to Katrina the deal had just been concluded an hour ago,and her mother would see some serious money as compensation for the absence of yours truly. It wouldn't be the equal of what Fateena's mother was paying gigolos, but now all parties stood to benefit from this three way deal. That was when I inquired what my piece of the action involved. Katrina gave me a glance that spoke volumes, and then she sighed and explained the facts of life to me.


      Mrs. Shalawadi, Fateena's mother, was not without influence at the school. That explained how the teen got to be a monitor so quickly, mom had pull with the principal. If I did well tonight she just might put in a good word for me. After all if she could get good, young, American cock for less money than she was paying for older men who didn't have the same enthusiasm for fucking as teenagers did, she'd come out ahead. It made lots of sense to me. If I fit the needs of her and her daughter I'd manage to escape the firing squad that I'd normally be facing on the weekend.


      Katrina wasn't sure that nurse Manners and her buddy Ms. Landers, the history teacher, were going to let me off the hook completely, but half a skin was better than none. I wish she had picked a better metaphor to illustrate the possible outcome of my visit to the ladies this weekend. Then I blurted out what Fateena had told me about ovulating and the possibility that perhaps I'd knocked her up today.


      Katrina smiled and said that was the girl's hole card in case I didn't go along with the new arrangement, which would be long term in nature. She quickly corrected herself, letting me know that long term did not mean every night. All parties involved agreed that once or twice a week at the most would be the bill of fare, and I'd share in the wealth that went from party to party, since I was the asset they all were using. The deal wasn't perfect but it was better than any other offer I'd been given recently.


      Fateena personally drove me to her home gushing about how happy she and her mother were going to be having their own private teen cock to service them on a regular basis. I was silent,  but she took no offense. The smell emanating from her unwashed body was overpowering and cracking the car window to get a breath of fresh air was my only option. My new "owner" giggled and told me that as soon as we got to her place we were going to take a shower together before we started having sex.


      "Having sex", I couldn't believe this one. I teased her by innocently asking if her mother might also join us in the shower. She giggled some more and informed me that by now her mother was probably taking her third bath of the day and that would be followed by her third douche as well. I began to wonder what this woman looked like, and her fetish for cleanliness, then thought better of it.


      Hard to believe, but once we got into the shower, my cock quickly developed major wood. Maybe it was because Fateena had immediately started to give me a hand job and encouraged me to bite her tits as hard as I could. She got what she asked for and next her hand was guiding my stiffy into that jungle of wet fur guarding her cunt. This girl had some moves, she got credit for that. She kissed my nipples back and forth and gave my cock a slow trip in and out of her warm and very wet cunt. The cascading water carried away her body odor and she asked me to soap her up starting with her tits. They might have been small but the nipples were gigantic. I like the way they popped through my fingers when I squeezed the soap from them.


      She turned her back and gave me a good view of her plump ass. It was big, broad and meaty, the kind you dreamed of spanking before you shoved your cock between those crimson swollen cheeks and gave her a pounding such as she never could have imagined. I'm not sure how she did it, but she managed to capture my steel bar of a cock between her thighs and then she bent her knees and started doing squat thrusts on my dick. Man, that was freaky and I had a grand time mauling her tits and pinching her butt every chance she gave me.


      For her next trick my pudgy partner turned around, took the bar of soap from my hand and proceeded to take a big chunk out of it and started chewing as I gawked. She even blew some bubbles out of her mouth and I nearly freaked. She used the rest of the soap on her bush, lathering it it up until that jungle looked like some creature foaming at the mouth. She invited me to go down on her and see how good she tasted now. She had me under some kind of a spell because I went to my knees, grabbed hold of her chunky  thighs and buried my face into her soapy snatch and started chowing down like it was filet mignon. All that time she grabbed my hair and made sure I kept my face glued to her cunt mouth and working hard at getting her started off with a nice big orgasm that shortly followed and nearly drowned me in pussy juice.


      At long last I was about to meet Fateena's mother, the mysterious Mrs. Shalawadi. My teenage "pimp" led me into her mother's bedroom and there she was, sitting primly on the huge, super-sized bed wearing only a big smile of welcome on her face. Without a word she patted the area beside her, and I walked over, almost in a trance. Physically the mother was almost the exact opposite of her child. Her tits were big and well shaped, but the skin covering them was waxy looking, sort of reminding me of artificial fruit.


      She was quite slim, which only emphasized her tits, and was as bald as a cue ball downstairs. Once again the skin tone wasn't right, bright, too bright and like her tits almost looking fake. If that wasn't enough, her cunt lips looked like someone had used a fine brush to paint them on. They were so narrow and yet perfectly formed until you saw the top portion which would normally be guarding her clit. There was no break in the smooth thin line, it merely continued to complete the narrowed oval entrance to her cunt.


      It was hard to believe that this slim woman, who looked to be in her thirties or perhaps older, was related to Fateena. She must have read my mind because she beat me to the punch by observing that her daughter, Fausi, had escaped to American while she was captured and held incommunicado by those who had overthrown the government. A few months before this upheaval, her husband passed away and left her his fortune which was considerable.


      It ranged from a Swiss bank account holding many millions, through stocks and bonds issued by the foremost corporations of the world to jewelry and art worth another small fortune. The new regime was intent upon getting their hands on this wealth, and had set up a special prison located away from any large city in the country to house those individuals who were deemed noncooperative in achieving the aims of the new order of things. Fortunately for Fausi, she and a faithful retainer named Shabaz had taken flight to America only weeks before the coup occurred, bearing the majority of the wealth that had been bequeathed to Fausi's mother.


      When Mrs. Shalawadi entered the prison, she weighed seventy-eight kilos. In the four months they held her captive she endured a steady diet of terrible tortures, near starvation and brutal rapes. On the day they released her, she had lost a little over thirty kilos. It comprised flesh such as her nipples, parts of her tits, cunt lips and clit, plus substantial amounts of skin flayed from her naked body during lengthy torture sessions that sometimes drove her to the point that given an opportunity, she would have killed herself rather than face those grinning sadists again.


      Her hearing was greatly diminished from a fiendish torture know as the  "phone call". She would hang naked from two sets of metal rods, securely restrained, with special ear phones taped to her ears. Not only could these phones transmit sound, they could also deliver bursts of high voltage electricity that raced through her brain leaving the "guest" drooling and unable to answer the simplest questions such as "What is your name?"


      By the time she was released, she suffered from acute incontinence, unable to control either her bladder or bowels thanks to the dozens of rapes she endured daily. Her vagina and rectum were turned into gaping wounds that never shut and constantly oozed foul smelling liquids such that her rapists were forced to employ condoms to protect themselves from whatever STDs she had contracted. Even this was turned against her, as they took to coating their condoms with pastes made from the local plant life that made Mrs. Shalawadi think her insides had caught fire.


      She'd been mated to every breed of dog in the country and some shipped in from other places for the expressed purpose of raping her and others like her. Photographs were often taken and posted on the Internet from rogue servers located in the country. Many times she was knocked senseless by the bigger animals who were drugged to make their assaults even more frenzied and painful.


      The worst things that were done to her involved her external sex organs and breasts. Initially her torturers amused themselves by tearing out hunks of her thick pubic hair.For a time they used tweezers to pluck those hard to get hairs from her anal region and inner thighs. Dull razors became the instrument of choice for a time, as they did terrible damage to her smooth skin and left armies of ingrown hair that tormented her for the entire time she stayed a prisoner. By far the worst thing they did to her pubes was to soak the skin in a slow acting acid solution that took over half a day to remove all the remaining hair and the skin beneath. They used uppers to keep her awake the entire time and her vocal cords finally failed, leaving her to grimace her agony as they roared with laughter.


      Mrs. Shalawadi was one tough cookie and it got to be a game of chicken between her and her torturers as to see who would flinch first. They were becoming quite worried that she might die without yielding her wealth and become a cause celebre that might topple their shaky hold on the country. That led them to their ultimate weapon, the mutilation of her sex organs and breasts. It was done without any form of anesthetic and took nearly a week to perform competely due to the loss of blood and her weakened condition.


      They began with her breasts, injecting them with a solution that infused itself into her tit tissue, causing them to grow larger. It took nearly a day to make the thirty plus injections that were required. Her swollen breasts were then encased in wet leather bags with sharpened slivers of metal sewn inside so that any movement of those big jugs would cut or carve away the flesh it encountered. The bags were heated with hair dryers to make them fit like a second skin, and then the fun began. When they peeled the bags from her casabas the next day, the skin covering her tits was almost totally flayed, and Mrs. Shalawadi had gone into shock. For a few days it was touch and go whether she would recover.


                  ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )    

                        Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 16


      Little did she know that the former government had mounted an effort to retake power and was on the verge of achieving their objective. Her torturers were only too aware of the serious situation they found themselves facing. However the commander wanted one last chance to have his way with this tough woman who had survived everything he could do to her.


      The prison doctor was ordered to prepare her for the operations he had planned for his "star boarder", as he called her. She screamed herself hoarse as they burned away her cunt lips, first the majora and then the smaller set that were hidden away from sight. Her naked body shivered and bucked like a maddened animal against the straps that held her fast to the operating table. Each time she passed out they revived her with a gaseous compound that stimulated her heart and increased her sensitivity to pain.


      Realizing that burning away her clitoris might give her heart failure, depriving him of his vengeance, he ordered the surgeons to surgically remove it while she was kept conscious. The pain was so great that she chewed her tongue and the insides of her mouth as the scalpel peeled away one layer of sensitive tissue after another until there was just an open wound where her clitoris once resided. She would never know normal sexual pleasure after the terrible things they had done to her.


      Two days later she was released from prison and taken out of the country by chartered aircraft. The following day the country was returned to the former government and as part of the terms of surrender all those participating in the torture and rape of civilians were given amnesty provided they left the country for a period of ten years. So Mrs. Shalawadi never saw justice for the terrible things that had been done to her.


      She wasted little time feeling sorry for herself. The ravaged survivor hired the best doctors and surgeons that money could buy and effectively had her damaged body restored to something almost normal except for the loss of her vaginal sensitivity, caused by the ravages of sexually transmitted diseases, and the mutilation of her external sex organs. Of interest the only portion of her lower body that retained any sexual response was her anus. Mrs. Shalawadi was now a dedicated devotee of sodomy.


      To break the somber mood that hung over the room after her story, I tried to make her laugh by suggesting that Fausi, or Fateena, as she was known by her contemporaries, should be put on a starvation diet and exposed to a few trained dogs to slightly enhance her appreciation of what her mother endured. My hostess smiled and replied she might seriously consider such an idea provided I was able to properly supervise her daughter as she went through her training.


      I mentioned my upcoming weekend with Ms. Landers and Manners and she laughed, stating that she and the principal were good friends and more than likely could work something out that would satisfy all parties, that is if I managed to convince her here and now of my abilities. Then she did a very strange thing, asking Fausi to cuff her hands behind her back and make them as tight as she could. Once this was accomplished, she told the girl to fetch the commandant for his orders. It was soon after that I met the third person that lived in this mansion.


      Commandant Shabaz was certainly no man based on the tits that were stretching her tight pullover. She was short, quite thin with sharp features, and looked to be perhaps ten years older than Mrs. Shalawandi. My eye was caught by her riding britches and the leather crop she held in her hand.


      "Is this the new dog? I hope he's better than the other two who spent more time licking their dicks than ass fucking this willful slut!"


      Things were getting weirder by the minute. Now I was supposed to be a dog? Who was in charge of this crazy place? Then it got wilder as Fausi climbed on the bed and settled herself against the ornate headboard and spread her thighs. She made some clucking sounds and her mother began inching her way towards that hairy snatch her daughter was presenting. 


      "Don't stand there on your hind legs, get busy and fuck this slut good and hard, that's what she needs, some hard dog cock to stretch that tight asshole of hers."


      To emphasize her words she let the crawling woman have a vicious cut across the top portion of her ass, bringing a muffled sob from her. Fausi reached  down and grabbed her mother's hair and used it like reins, directing her face into that jungle of pubic hair. The look on the girl's face was one of bliss as her mother began grunting like a pig as she chowed down on her daughter's box lunch.


      Fausi looked up and realized that my cock was at half staff, no wonder considering what was happening. She patted the bed next to her and pointed down towards her mother's bobbing head. I caught on quick, mom was going to suck me off so I could  fuck her in the ass, how weird could things get? It was soon apparent that I hadn't seen all of the act yet, not by a long shot!  While Mrs. Shalawadi gave me some fairly decent head, Shabaz stripped off to reveal a taut body featuring a great set of jugs and some fat cunt lips flaring out over her hairless pussy mound.


      My hard dick sank inch by inch between the black haired woman's tight buns as she gulped down anything that ran from her daughter's drooling cunt. Then I felt a warm, wet tongue licking my ass cheeks and then beginning to worm its way toward my tight bunghole. I picked up the pace and sank the rest of my cock deep into the woman's super tight asshole. I wondered if the surgeons tightened that for her too.


      Now I slipped into another gear and really put the blocks to her, yielding some grunts from my bitch and bringing a look of happiness to her daughter's face as mom's tongue went to turbo charged. I heard a demanding voice telling me to fuck the pig harder and make her bleed. I thought Shabaz, the commandant, must have really had it in for Fausi's mom, how right I was!


      It took quite a bit of hard pounding to draw even a hint of blood from Mrs. S's tight tube of grasping flesh, and that didn't occur until round three. By then Mrs. Shalawadi's ass was crisscrossed with dozens of welts from the riding crop that the "commandant" wielded so well and with such venom. During this entire hour or so she never stopped eating her daughter's pussy and Fausi grunted her way through a couple of fairly obvious orgasms.


      That only spurred me on to greater heights. I was now able to hurt Mrs. S good and proper by adjusting the angle at which my cock entered her gaping asshole. I was literally scraping off the mucous membrane that protected her anal passageway. She started to cry and then sob. That only got me hotter and made my efforts redouble until my cock was a blur as it ripped in and out of that bleeding hole. Finally after making another deposit of creamy cum into that black, bleeding hole I had to take a break.


      Shabaz took over for a time using a strap-on that was longer and thicker than my equipment, but she wasn't able to navigate it with the same skill as your truly did his. Still, she did some more damage to her victim and as another example of her animosity, she made the woman suck off and swallow whatever had accumulated on the fat piece of plastic.


      It was nervous time when we all ganged up on the poor pain freak that was Fateena's mother. I was on my back while Fausi jacked my flaccid cock into her mother's mouth. That woman really knew her stuff. I wondered if that was something she picked up in prison or maybe her husband had taught her. Her tongue wrapped around the head of my dick on almost every stroke, and I was really getting into this scene. Then mom arched her back and tried to swallow my dick whole as Shabaz's riding crop nailed her ass but good. I lost about half my stiffness in one fell swoop, imagining how it might feel if mom got too excited from the pain and bit down hard on my joint.


      Fateena grabbed her mother's head of black hair and yanked until her head was pulled back so far that she could look up at the ceiling. She berated the poor woman using some interesting combinations of the words "slut", "freak", "pig", "fuck", "asshole", "pain" and some very nasty-sounding words in her native tongue that seemed to really get under her mother's skin. All the while Shabaz was laying the leather to her tight ass and the backs of her thighs. I was amazed at how Mrs. Shalawadi kept her legs spread wide without them being roped to the bed frame. That took plenty of discipline, whether or not she learned that at prison or here, it still was really impressive.


      It took a few minutes, but my wood returned and I gave Skabaz the high sign that this dog was ready to have another go at the bitch. She grinned and waved me over, but I had to wait while she put a few more welts on the sensitive area behind her victim's knees. Now it was my turn and with one quick thrust I buried the bone more than halfway inside Mrs. S's tight shitter. Two more thrusts and I was in to the limit and checking out how much I could make her canal expand. I  put my hands flat on her lower back as if I was preparing to give her a massage, then started pounding, putting plenty of muscle behind each blow I delivered. It was kind of fun to watch those swollen, cut-up buns bounce as I touched bottom with every stroke. The commandant was so pleased that she started to rub my butt as I continued to rape the fuck out of Mrs.Shalawadi. Technically it probably was rape, she was restrained against her will, probably, but she seemed to be enjoying it too much to really be convincing.


      You talk about being in a zone; every stroke was perfect and each one got a response from her. It felt as if my dick could stay hard forever. Who knows what might happen after another hour of hard, pile driving blows to her insides? Maybe she'd bust some blood vessels and there would be crimson liquid all over the sheets and Shabaz, the commandant, would be smiling and calling me her good dog. Fateena would be begging for some of my cock in her asshole, as she had promised previously, and even Shabaz would be asking for a little cock as well, even though she was busy beating her victim so hard that Mrs. S was turning into a lump of bleeding raw meat.


      All good things must come to pass, and so it was with this scene. Shabaz announced that it was time for the pain slut to take the waters. Fausi or Fateena clapped her hands in excitement and nearly suffocated her mother between her thick thighs. Then I remembered the teen's comment  about her mother taking her third bath of the day and a follow-up douche. Now those things meant something all together different than I originally thought. The girl and I had to half-carry, half-drag her mother's bare body down the long hall that led to the main bathroom which shortly would become a version of one of the torture rooms that Mrs. Shalawadi had visited over and over as they made her do all manner of humiliating, ugly and degrading things in their efforts to make her reveal the location of her wealth.


                  ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                        Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 17


      You talk about a strange place, that bathroom sure qualified. The room was huge and had a number of shower stalls, all glass and tile. There was a tub that was large enough to handle a small boat. There was a toilet you could go swimming in that had a fold up platform attached. Along one wall were a collection of tubes, hoses, fittings and enema bags ranging from one quart to a gallon. What really made the place look like something out of a bad scare um movie were the hooks hanging from the ceiling at various spots. Looking at the floor, one could see at least four fairly good-sized drains. Mrs. Shalawadi started struggling once she realized where she was.


      I provided the muscle and Fateena did the honors, unfolding the platform which came equipped with straps at strategic points. We wrestled Mrs. S to the table-like structure and strapped her down on her back. Now the thin woman with the riding crop took charge and Fateena's mother began sobbing and begging. The overweight teen pushed a button and the top portion of the platform fell away leaving the woman's head supported only by the closed toilet seat.


      Shabaz now straddled her victim's chest and grabbed her hair firmly in both hands. At a nod from her, the teen pushed anther button and the toilet seat swung away revealing a revolting mass of piss and turds, both floating and submerged. The stench was awful. Mrs. S began wailing, but that quickly ended as the commandant pushed her head down into the bubbling swamp and held her there despite her struggles. A sudden burst of bubbles signaled that Mrs. S was now taking on as much of the mess as her belly could hold.


      Fateena began rubbing her crotch furiously at the sight of her mother drowning in piss and shit, some of which the girl probably contributed. The older woman tightened her grip on Mrs. S who was in a bad way and getting worse as the seconds elapsed. I guessed they had done this little treatment more than just a few times the way neither of them acted as Fateena's mom continued to chow down on those big fat turds and the golden nectar that had probably been aging for at least a day. At last she was brought to the surface, her face ashen and skin cold and clammy. Shabaz began punching Mrs. S in the belly, dealing her rapid, sharp blows that had the desired effect, forcing the woman to start vomiting up everything she had consumed since she went under.


      Twice more Mrs. Shalawadi went  for a nice long swim in the filth contained in that big toilet bowl. After the third trip we had to unstrap and put her over the edge of the huge tub and pound on her back until she upchucked half the contents of the bowl. Fateena whispered that her mom was given this treatment by the hour while she was in prison, and three or four times she nearly died. The commandant ordered me to get hard and start ass fucking Mrs. S again and make it hurt! Fateena dropped to her knees and inhaled my cock until she could tongue the bottom of my ball sack. She might be a fat slob, but she was real good at oral. I was still wondering when she was going to deliver that asshole as she promised previously.


      It took a little more time than usual to get the big fella awake and ready for another stroll down Mrs S's shit shute, but with a little help from the other woman in Mrs. Shalawadi's life, I was hard as steel  and ready to turn the bitch inside out. She was made to stand before the bathtub, bent at the waist while Fateena hopped into it and positioned her hairy crotch so that her mother could begin tasting something in her mouth besides turds and piss. I pried Mrs. S's cheeks apart and stuck my dick where the sun never shined, bringing a loud scream from her.


      That really got my juices flowing and in no time I was operating at warp speed and she was bouncing around like a bobble head doll. The commandant began fondling my ass as I drilled out the asshole of Fateena's mother. I was ordered to make sure that I came in Mrs S's mouth this time and that she swished it around until she was told to swallow it, and not before. That sounded like a great idea to me and so I went into  turbo mode and made her think there was a four alarm fire burning in her bowels.


      The thin woman went to work on the woman's tits, twisting the flesh into odd shapes and raking her fingernails across the sensitive flesh and her hard nipples. Those nipples were really the tip-off that she was into most of the stuff that we were doing to her. I guess that prison had done much more to her mind than her body, which is saying something considering the things she claimed they did. I started working on a scam that might just work if I could convince the principal that her good buddy was a real pain freak and she'd be a lot more fun to torment than this punk high school student who just couldn't keep his dick in his pants.


      Mrs. S must have taken my cock up her ass for nearly an hour, with only a few short breaks for me to catch my breath, before I finally got tired of doing her and so she turned around and knelt before me, mouth wide open and her eyes staring straight ahead as I nutted a huge load of cum  that nearly filled her mouth. Even I was surprised at the amount of goo that was transferred from my dick to her mouth.


      The commandant, Shabaz, took over and ran her through the drill, making her swish it around until her cheek muscles started to cramp. Then she had Mrs. S tilt her head back and gargle with it for almost a minute straight until she choked and spewed some of it out her nostrils. For her troubles she took a couple of cracks across the tits from the riding crop and that made her choke on the rest as well.


      More of my muscle was needed to hoist Mrs. S into the air so her ankles could be attached to one of the hooks located in the ceiling of a shower stall. Once this was done Shabaz turned the water to hot and we stepped from the stall and closed the door. The water temperature was set to just below what would cause the occupant's skin to begin to suffer severe burns. It must have been just on the edge because the noise coming from Fateena's mother could be heard over the roar of the shower.


      There was too much steam to get a good look at what the hot water was doing to the woman's skin, but after a ten minute soaking she looked like a cooked lobster and was barely conscious. It really looked weird to see her body shaking like it was cold. Next she took another ten minute shower with water so cold that it stung. She was nearly blue, her eyes open, but unfocused, and covered with goose flesh when we took her down and got her ready for the next water sport.


      Thanks to my mornings with nurse Manners, I had developed a strong aversion to enemas. To be honest, I learned to have a very healthy repect for those fiendish treatments when I was much younger and mom  would cure my constipation with one of those turd busters. I almost felt sorry for Mrs. Shalawadi as the thin woman mixed up the first solution and filled a three quart bag to the brim with it. It had that medicinal smell, so sharp it made your nostrils dry out.


      Once again Mrs. S was in front of the tub bent at the waist, eating her daughter's pussy like she was starved. My guess is she was trying to take her mind off of what was to come. Shabaz clued me into what was in the bag and I shuddered. The base was double boiled coffee, stored near its boiling point in a special flask before being used. Additions such as epsom salts, finely ground dried chili peppers, a couple of eyedroppers of alum and a quart of glycerine completed the recipe for this turd buster.


      This bomb would burn, scrape, dissolve, tighten and stress the bowels of Mrs. Shalawadi to their limit. Each element of the purge had a single job to do and they were designed to do it perfectly. The coffee would be quickly absorbed into her blood stream and give Mrs. S a rush that would make some drug addicts jealous. Worse than all of that, she would have to hold it until she sucked me off, thanks to the butt plug that was to be slammed up into her asshole once the enema was adminstered. It took nearly twenty minutes to give her the entire three quarts and her belly was pooching out big time by the time the last few cupfuls found some place to settle.


      All went as planned and a securely plugged Mrs. Shalawadi was made to kneel before me as I sat on the edge of the tub and offered my licorice stick for her to suck on. She went after my dick like a two dollar whore who hadn't had any business for most of her shift. I teased her by acting like I was getting ready to blow my wad and then slapping her across the head and pulling it from her suctioning mouth as she whimpered.


      While this unequal struggle continued, I had time to realize that this crazy woman would indeed be the perfect substitute for yours truly at the Saturday bash over at Ms. Landers and Manners; better still she could be the star attraction at the principal's place. The only fly in the ointment was my long history of being a fuck-up at school. I had built up a reservoir of ill will that might be too strong to overcome despite the truth  of what I was suggesting.


      Mrs. S was sweating and her eyes were getting bigger and bigger as the coffee kicked in. Every minute or so she 'd be wracked by cramps that grew stronger with each wave that rippled through her bloated  body. I didn't help matters by deciding to tit fuck her after maybe twenty minutes of on and off cock sucking on her part. After getting her all hot and bothered, not to mention my cock on the verge of going off, I made her lick my balls, which reduced her to tears.


      Her bawling irritated Shabaz and she began whipping her prisoner across the shoulders and then down her back. After every cut there were little droplets of blood flying off into the air, so I knew Fateena's mother was in a world of hurt. I almost felt sorry for her, but not just yet. I began seeing how far down her throat I could cram my dick and she took it like the good trouper she was. Then it dawned on me that she was trying to knock herself out doing this. So I punished her by slapping my rock hard dick across her face until it lost some of its stiffness. Fateena thought that was funny and Shabaz clapped her hands gleefully. I was now one of the gang. It looked as if I had passed my examination, now would Mrs. S survive hers?


                                                           ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                            Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 18

       I don't know what got into me. After all I was the one usually on the receiving end of things, and here I was now, doing my worse to this helpless older woman. Even as I thought about this change, my hands were gripping her head securely so I could plow out her throat. Her eyes popped and she shivered from the pain in her bloated belly and contorted intestines. My dick managed to block her throat and cut off her air supply. I watched dispassionately as her face went from pink to red, to dark blue and then a pale blue that I knew meant she was close to cashing in her chips. I glanced over to where Fateena was strumming her fat clit like it was a ukulele; lost in whatever hot sexy dream she was living. I wondered which movie star was pumping away inside her hot wet cunt as she humped him shamelessly.

       It was Shabaz who stepped in at last and signaled for me to give the prisoner some air before she died. I was almost disappointed that I had to cut Mrs. S some slack. I was on a big power trip and loving every minute of it. My leader made some obscene gestures to me in hopes that I would finish my job which was to load her up with my cum before she exploded from the pressure building up from the enema she'd been holding for more than a half hour. I made her lick my balls until they glistened before taking dead aim and flooding her face with a huge load of hot creamy cum that got into her eyes and coated Mrs. Shalawadi's nose and cheeks as well.

       The fun really began when we made her squat on the toilet, which still contained a goodly amount of piss and turds. Now it was also going to accept at least three quarts of the heavy-duty enema, plus whatever was loosened up from her roiling intestinal walls . It was when she started voiding this fiendish combination of items that the evil genius of Shabaz, her retainer, was demonstrated.

       The finely ground chili peppers had eaten away at the mucous membrane guarding her intestines, turning them into areas where bundles of raw nerves now transmitted pain at a greatly enhanced intensity. The rough texture of the Epsom salts had scraped opened many tiny fissures in her bowels, adding to her agony as she grunted and tried to rid herself of this terrible burden. The coffee had wired her for sound, and the glycerin made it feel like she was trying to give birth to a boat anchor through her distended and bleeding asshole. Finally the alum had sucked the moisture from her bowels so to her it felt as if she was shitting fire.

       Mrs. S bellowed like an animal in distress as gradually she managed to rid herself of the witch's brew of materials that made up her enema. She was on the verge of passing out, but there was still more pain, degradation and humiliation for her to endure before what was left of her bare body was removed and put to bed so she could recover and be ready for the next time I visited. Looking over at Fateena it was apparent that she was crazy for my cock, but it was getting late and I had another appointment to keep before this night was finished.

       When the prisoner finally finished voiding, she was strapped down to the platform attached to the toilet and reintroduced to its contents. It took less than ten minutes of steady dunking before she lost her composure and started swallowing her enema and blood, plus the turds and piss. They slowed down the dunking, but kept her under for progressively longer periods, watching the bubbles as an indicator of when to allow her a gulp or two of air.

       Slowly her belly began to swell from everything that she was forced to swallow. Now Fateena and Shabaz were taking turns punching Mrs. S in her bulging belly, making her add vomit to the foul mixture in the bowl. Finally their victim could take no more and as soon as she was submerged, Mrs. Shalawadi began inhaling the caustic, foul smelling mixture that was actually beginning to leave burn marks on her face. It was then that the thin woman decided that her prisoner had enough for one day.

       On the way over to Heda's house, Fateena flipped up her dress to expose her hairy snatch and suggested strongly that l get down and start licking her to a nice big orgasm before she'd let me from the car. So it was that we parked in the driveway of Katrina's mom and I finished getting her off, being thankful that at least her crotch wasn't drawing flies like earlier before we showered together. Once more she solemnly promised that her asshole would be at my disposal the next time I visited her and Mrs. Shalawadi. When she added that it might take her mother a few days at least to recover from what she'd been through tonight, I heaved a sigh of relief. She fed me a yard of tongue and squeezed my balls affectionately before allowing me to exit her car. She backed out and was long gone before Gretchen opened the door and gave me a big smile of welcome.

       All she was wearing was panty hose over a pair of full cut panties, an odd combination of attire if you asked me. It didn't take long for me to understand why both mother and daughter were wearig the same outfits. She had me strip to the skin and allow her to put me in cuffs, a big disappointment , since it indicated that my reservoir of trust had been used up entirely since last I saw them. Upstairs we went and into a new room, which was to be the place for the ladies and myself to play some serious games. As Getchen put it, the new room was a lot closer to the bathroom. This way they didn't have far to walk to begin playing whatever water sports they had planned for yours truly. Considering how I'd just participated in a raft of water sports, if you'll pardon the pun, playing Mrs. S's role was not exactly what I was hot to do.

       Heda made her grand entrance once I was on my back and ready to service the pair. Like her daughter, she too was wearing panty hose over panties. It seems they got the bright idea of really getting their pussies smelling funky and tasting like some rotten mystery meat that had been marinating in a garbage can out in the hot sun for a few days. Heda had gone one up on her daughter, having just pissed in her panties. Now I understood why the bed I was lying on had a rubber sheet covering it.

       I just knew who was going to settle herself on my face and start grinding her stinking wet crotch up and down on it. Just before Heda blocked my view, Getchen took her position between my spread legs and started licking the head of my cock and fondling my balls to check out my readiness for some hot sex. I've had plenty of tough times handling the quirks of my sister and her skanky girlfriend, not to mention the principal and her gang, and Heda ranked right up there. Her piss was even worse than if she just squirted it directly into my mouth. Now it was filtered through two extra layers of material, picking up some new mysterious stuff that made her piss taste even worse. On top of that I swear my tongue and the insides of my mouth began to burn as more and more of that piss filtered its way through those barriers.

       Heda really distracted me from the goal of getting my cock hard and ready to service Gretchen, who was itching and raring to go. She went to her deep throat moves and that did the trick. I got hard, real hard, despite all the screwing that had happened at Mrs. Shalawadi's mansion. It was still kind of strange how Gretchen could be divorced and having a difficult time landing some regular cock. She had nice big firm titties, and her body still was curvy and meaty in all the right places.

       In her case more was better, and even if now she was maybe ten or fifteen pounds over her fighting weight, she still was one hot cunt in the sack. On top of that she knew plenty of tricks when it came to getting a guy interested and keeping him that way. I sure wouldn't mind being her boy toy for a few months even as an exclusive. She sure was hotter than my mom and the other two that were my steady dirt of pussy these days.

       Then for some crazy reason, Ms.Landers popped into my head. I remembered how fantastic her hot pussy was when it wrapped itself around my stiff dick. It was like being in a lake of warm butter; what a feeling! That got me to thinking about what made good pussy, and it wasn't what I thought, at least not anymore. Age had nothing to do with it; experience and keeping your body in good condition was the real key to the puzzle. That explained Ms. Landers, Heda, Mrs. Shalawadi, Ms. Joyce, even Gretchen. On the other hand it also explained that smart girl with the big vocabulary, my sister's skanky girlfriend, Katrina and Fateena. Frankly I didn't know where to put my mom, because she was still screwed up from when pop split on her.

       But there was still more to the puzzle; why was I able to get it up even for skanks like my sister's fuck buddy, Katrina, Fateena, not to mention nurse Manners, the principal and almost any older woman who gave me the eye? Was there something wrong with me? Even while I was thinking about my strange response to nasty things happening to me, more aged piss was leaking through Heda's panty hose and I was sucking it up without any thought about what it was and where it came from. Suddenly Gretchen got my attention by punching me in the family jewels, and I almost choked as I gasped from the pain and Heda at that moment decided to press her piss drenched crotch even harder against my face. I was in a world of hurt and my dick shriveled up to the size of a meatball.

       Now I was in very big trouble. I was not capable of delivering the meat, which made both of my partners very unhappy. Gretchen grabbed my limp cock and began slapping it silly, all the time cursing me for being worthless and unable to even get a good hard-on for her. To stop her from ruining my cock, I let her have a swift kick that caught her right between those big tits and knocked the wind out of her. The next thing I knew, Heda raked her nails down my back leaving a trail of bloody furrows and I yelped from the pain. That distracted me enough that Gretchen got in a good solid kick to my nuts and that was all she wrote. I puked up everything I'd eaten in the last day all over the rubber sheet, sending both of them scurrying. That was all I remembered until I woke up in the bathroom with Gretchen holding my head and Heda wiping my face free of my vomit and her pee.

       They welcomed me back from the darkness with hugs and kisses, something I was not expecting. I figured they'd be taking turns trying to flush me down the toilet or maybe seeing how big an enema I could hold while they took turns kicking me in the belly and balls. Things had really gotten out of hand for the three of us and this close call had sobered them up.  As  for me, I was happy to be able to draw breath and realize that my nuts were still whole and my dick was in good working order. This I demonstrated to their satisfaction for quite some time that evening and well into the morning as well.

       However before we got back down to business, off came my handcuffs and the three of us wedged ourselves into the shower and played grab ass and soaped each other until we were squeakly clean. Somehow I managed to get both of the ladies off with a good turbo tonguing while they took turns feeding me pussy until both  had been launched.By then I had major wood and they hustled me to Heda's bedroom to reap or was it rape their rewards?

       I'd like to provide all the gory details, but this scene was so intense that I rarely had time to remember what had just occurred since one or the other was already hardening me for another round featuring one of her special tricks. One thing I remember vividly was nailing Gretchen in the ass while Heda was sucking and tonguing my puckered asshole at the same time. What a rush! Another time Gretchen was trying to swallow my nuts while her mother deep throated me to the hilt, something I didn't believe was possible at the same time. They pulled it off and Heda was spewing cum from her nostrils for the better part of a minute as I just kept shooting and shooting. What a way to end a very long day!

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                               Teenage Sex Slave - Chapter 19

       I awoke the next morning refreshed and eager for some pussy. Mom was still sleeping, so I climbed into her bed and tried to stick my morning hard on into her very wet twat. For a moment or two she mumbled and tried to get as much of my hard dick as possible into that never dry hole she called her cunt. I was just beginning to get into good fast rhythm so I could drop my load and have her suck me for a while until I was ready to go again. All of a sudden she lets out a yelp and pulls her twat off my cock, leaving me hanging. Like a crab she sidled away and yells that I could get her in trouble with the principal if we did any fucking without her permission.

       "So what do I do with this hard on, jack off?"

       Mom shrugged and climbed out of bed to drain her bladder, leaving me high and dry. Then she shouted that I better not be beating my meat or we'd both be in trouble. Then it all came back. She was on probation at least until I finished the week, which also included my day with Ms. Landers and nurse Manners. I wondered if that included Mona, my ball-breaking sister. Mom must have been reading my mind because she yelled out that Mona was also off limits. I was so screwed it was pathetic.

       Mom dropped me off at the school and let me know that she had a date with her vibrator as soon as she got home and later was going over to a lesbian friend's place for some serious rug munching while I was wasting my time at school, learning absolutely nothing that she couldn't teach me at home. I had to admit she was probably correct on that score. I sighed as the door to the side entrance of the school opened to reveal nurse Manners with a big shit-eating grin on her face.

       "Right on time like the good little pussy, disguised as a stud, you are. I have a little surprise for my favorite sissy boy this morning. I just know you'll love it. Principal Janet will be along for her morning orgasm later on and you better be able to deliver the goods or I'll invite Ms. Landers to join us for some early morning fun."

       It looked like it was going to be another long day with nothing but trouble. I wondered just what the surprise was going to be. I just hoped it wasn't furry and on four legs. I stripped down and followed her to the little room where I knew there would be at least one bulging enema bag hanging by the table she used to strap me down for the fun and games that always followed. To my amazement it was occupied by none other than my dear sister, Mona, and she looked thrashed. I began to wonder where she spent the night and what she did there?

       Sis was naked, so what else is new? Her tits were swollen so badly that they looked like two eggplants. Worst still they were noosed with wire attached to each tit and hanging off the sides of the table. I wondered just how long that wire had been cutting into her tit meat and would those big purple bags of meat drop to the floor as I was watching? Her belly was blown up so big it looked like she was pregnant with triplets that were at least a month overdue. I got closer and saw the giant dildo peaking out from between her swollen cunt lips. I could also see some cum seeping from the sides of the monster rubber tool.

       As if that wasn't enough, nurse Manners bragged that my whorish sister had just finished taking a three-quart enema that would make her feel as if her insides were melting. It couldn't happen to a nicer slut I thought. Up close like this it was also apparent that the beating she had taken from Ms. Joyce yesterday had done plenty of damage to her face. It was lopsided since the teacher's right arm was a lot stronger than her left. One eye was swollen shut and the other looked out from a purplish slit. Her lips were split in a number of places and one side of her jaw was badly swollen. I wondered if her nose was broken as well, since she seemed to be having a hard time breathing.

         The heavyset nurse bragged about what Mona had gone through last night. It was no simple gangbang. This one had both sexes plus animals. There were at least twenty studs all eager to ruin her cunt with their big cocks, plus another dozen or so cunts that wanted some payback for various insults and worse that Mona had heaped on them over the year. For most of the session there were always two happenings going on at the same time, one in her twat and the other stretching her asshole. When everyone was finally satisfied that they had done as much to her as they could without killing her, they let the animals have a go at what was left of her.

       The dogs utterly destroyed her insides for hours with the only breaks caused when a knot got stuck in the whore's asshole or cunt. Then for the grand finale they brought out a ram followed by a pony and between them they turned her cunt inside out and back again while those still hanging around cheered them on. I sure hope she 's a fast healer because nurse Manners says she's scheduled for another discipline session over at the principal's place on Sunday whether she's able to walk or not. Then with a big shit-eating grin she added that other troublemakers were also going to be performing at the session. Of course yours truly would likely be a no-show after what she and Ms. Manners had planned for me. I shuddered at her remark.

       I watched as my ruined sister's butt plug was yanked from her destroyed asshole so she could void the monster enema that had been turning her insides into mush. She still had a big belly, which meant lots of water or some liquid had been pumped into her stomach until she bulged. Nurse Manners clipped the wire that had been holding the weights, releasing a lot of the strain being put on Mona's ballooning tits. I guessed that it would be some time before she complained again about the size of her knockers. It wasn't until I got a real close look at Mona's face that I realized she had been gagged and taped. The poor bitch would have to be very careful not to get the contents of her big belly moving around too much or it would try to get out through her nostrils, which was not a good idea for her health.


       A couple of minutes later Mona's handler came by to escort her to the Spec Ed room for another day of torment and humiliation, probably followed by another lengthy detention session. I couldn't resist giving her the finger as she waddled past me, concentrating on keeping her balance and not falling onto her bulging belly from a misstep. Now it was my turn in the barrel so to speak.

       I knew by now it wasn't smart to fight with nurse Manners. All it did was get me in more trouble and ultimately I wound up on this table with one of her special enemas making me think my insides had caught fire. She strapped me in and noted that my cock was rock hard thanks to the lack of pussy this morning and being forbidden to even jerk-off before arriving here. To make sure I was a good little tool, she was going to take a sample of my cum before this little session ended. However she had a few surprises for me before the grand finale, as she liked to describe it. That was when my dick went off and shot cum in a nice big arc that often ended up on my face or at least my chest. Quite often she would invite the principal or even a few of the handlers to watch the trick she could make me do. The last part of the trick was disgusting because she scooped up most of my cum and made me lick it off her fingers and ask for more like a good little pussy boy.

       To make sure I wouldn't go off before she wanted, nurse Manners started by noosing my balls with twine so tightly I squeaked. Then with that shit-eating grin of hers spread all over her face, she clamped the base of my stiff dick with a metal cock ring that used the same principle as a hose clamp, choking off any migration of my cum that might occur by accident. Mentally I felt like I wanted to explode, my dick was that ready. Then she nailed the door shut by inserting a narrow piece of metal tubing into the moist eye of my rigid cock and blocked off the only exit left when she capped it with a metal plug. I was totally at her mercy and I knew that old hag didn't have much under any circumstances.

       I watched as she got rid of the uniform to reveal her big, beefy body covered only by a pair of panties that were battling to contain her beer gut and a cheap bra with straps straining to hold back those giant tits that must have been something else when she was young. I wonder how many guys were lucky enough to get her in the backseat of their cars or better still on a bed in a cheap motel so they could enjoy those big balloons without worrying about being hassled by the local law enforcement types. While I was dreaming she rolled those panties down to reveal that thick bush guarding her cunt. I'll bet I've strained that jungle more than any other guy alive. As it would turn out, I'd be wrong.

       For a woman of her impressive size, she was still agile and got on the table easily. She knew the drill better than I did, and before I could take a deep breath, she planted that hairy muff down onto my face and cuffed my ears to get me started. They were still ringing when I slipped my tongue into her twat and searched for that fat clitoris, which was still hiding. Nurse Manners shifted her bulk to grind my nose against her dripping cunt. Her grunts acted as a guide and soon I was in the promised land and she was panting and still grinding that pussy in smaller and smaller circles as she neared her first orgasm of the day. I heard a gasp and then she went off like a cannon, flooding my face with a tidal wave of gash grease and pussy cream. I knew what she expected and her little pussy boy didn't let big momma down, sucking her pussy until it was dry and ready for a second round.

       She turned her big body so my nose was buried between her big sloppy ass cheeks. We both got comfortable and away she went, this time doing her rocking chair moves while I struggled to avoid suffocation. It was while I was meshing my gears with the nurse that I realized I really was getting into some of this scene. All it lacked was my dick slamming up into her hot box making her grunt and then purr as it got her closer and closer to another big O as she described them. When I tongue fucked her asshole she took off in no time flat. I guess her girlfriends didn't do that one to her enough for her tastes. I made a mental note to make sure she got plenty while I was being reduced to a lump of quivering flesh at her place on the weekend. While my fuck buddy recovered, in walked the principal. Round two was about to begin and it would be a tag team match.

       About the only things I liked about the principal was at least she understood what personal hygiene was and always wore clean underwear. Other than that she was a bitch like the rest of them. She was a no nonsense sex partner, only taking off what needed to go and wasting no time getting her pussy glued to my face. I gobbled gash and she bounced up and down on my face to keep me aware of what she wanted at all times. Smooth regular bounces were a good sign, but when it got erratic it meant I wasn't hitting all the right spots and better start finding them quickly or else. She was really into clit sucking and so I usually had to do some fancy maneuvering before I got that little love button between my teeth. When that happened she got real quiet, knowing full well that now I was in control. There were plenty of times when the temptation to just bite the damned thing off came to mind, but I always backed off, knowing full well what the penalty for that would be.

       It was then that I realized what Taunisha must have done to merit the damage that was done to her. Did she actually nail Ms. Landers this way and live to tell about it? No, I'll bet it was a friend of the history teacher. That would make more sense. Was it possible to make her tell me what happened? That was not likely unless I had something to hang over her head. My musings were interrupted by some erratic bounces from my rider, forcing me back to the job at hand. I got the principal off finally after sucking her clit for at least ten minutes without a break. She needed a break and so while she rested the nurse filled me up with the first of three giant enemas. She informed me that it was loaded with uppers that would keep me awake and focused while I was in class. I groaned knowing full well that uppers would string me out and make me look like some dope addict. Just the excuse my handlers needed to work me over good and hard and for as long as Ms. Joyce enjoyed watching me get turned into a lump of quivering flesh. Nurse Manners slammed home the butt plug that prevented the enema from being dumped before she wanted it to be. I started shaking as the uppers raced into my blood stream and quickly I started turning into an addict that needed his fix. Instead I got more pussy to eat and assholes to worship with my tongue. Somehow I managed to get the principal up and away just before I started feeling the insects crawling all over my sweating, naked body.

       The principal took her leave and promised me another session tomorrow morning, warning me that I'd better be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for her or I'd regret it but good. Katrina showed up a few minutes later and while I took my second enema, ice water and sweet wine that would get me drunk as a skunk long before I started my day in Spec Ed. Katrina had a nice surprise for me, a cunt full of cum probably pumped into her twat perhaps eight hours ago. She bragged that her current boyfriend did her three times and then let his two buddies do her for good luck while he watched and beat his meat so he could ass fuck her afterwards. I groaned, knowing what that meant. By the time I started sucking her boyfriend's watery offering from her asshole, I was feeling no pain.

       That was when nurse Manners gave me a very nasty surprise. I didn't see it coming since I was busy sucking Katrina's asshole. I heard a funny noise and then it felt as if my balls had been set on fire. The feeling quickly spread to the rest of my body and I started upchucking despite the nearness of Katrina's big broad behind that caught my puke at close range and made her act like a wolverine with a corn con up its ass. I had just been Tasered and it was something I didn't want to experience again. I remembered what Mona looked like when the Taser was used on her tits. I was afraid to see what my zapped balls looked like after getting the same type of treatment.

       As Katrina led me through the halls so the rest of the students could witness by utter degradation, there were lots of comments about my poor purple cock. Some of the girls laughed, others winced and still others said they'd go crazy if they had a chance to sample that purple pussy pounder. All I could do was whimper and hope that it would still work once the cock ring and that rod buried in my dick were removed along with the noose around my swollen, sore, Tasered balls. I was also beginning to react big time to the uppers and alcohol that were now flowing through my blood stream. My walk had turned into a weaving motion. I had no idea where my next step was going to take me, and didn't care. Then I fell to my knees and nearly strangled on the leash around my neck. I was too wasted to get back on my feet, which was probably a break for Katrina, since I would have tried to tear her head off for starters and then see if I could shove it up her asshole.

       Somehow she got me to class but that was all she wrote. I puked my guts out as they were trying to get me to take the big dildo up my butt hole. That was all I could remember until I woke up in the nurse's station watching nurse Manners check out some dweeb who was complaining bitterly about the cramps from her first period. I must have scared her out of her training bra by suggesting that she let me fuck her and take her mind off that nasty period. The nurse could hardly stop laughing at what I said. When she finally recovered, she suggested that the dweeb go back to class and pay more attention to the teacher than her period. Nothing like a little tough love from the school nurse who hated almost everyone at this place. The way she behaved toward me said that she had screwed up with those enemas and had caught some hell from the principal. Oh how lucky could one guy be than to have the school nurse pissed off at him less than two days before his visit to her place for some serious pain and suffering.

       A lot had happened since I passed out in Spec Ed class. The first thing I realized was that my dick was now free of everything that had kept me from getting off. Better yet, I had no pain thanks to the little pills they had forced down my throat when I was unconscious. Next, nurse Manners broke the news to me and I could barely keep from laughing at what she told me. As of today our little get-together at her place was postponed for at least a month, perhaps longer depending on what happened at the principal's place. Before I could thank the gods, she added that I would now be one of the featured guests at the orgy on Sunday. While I was still digesting that little tidbit, she added that my mom and Mona were also invited to attend. Those failing to attend would be subject to some rather serious penalties for their absence, no matter what the excuse. Having mom and sis sharing the pain was a godsend, so I couldn't complain about this deal.

       Then she dropped the bombshell that really blew me away. Ms. Shabaz had managed to talk the principal into taking Mrs. Shalawadi under her wing for at least the next month. Fateena's mother was now out of the closet when it came to being a first class pain slut and an eager sex partner for anyone who wanted her regardless of their sexual persuasions or other factors. That last comment had me frowning as I tried to figure it out. I almost busted my gut laughing when nurse Manners began barking.

       When I recovered, she asked me innocently if I would like to check out my cock to see if it was working properly. I grinned and nodded, then watched as she set a new record for getting her clothing off, all of it. My cock came to attention in no time flat and for openers I had nurse Manners kneel down and give me a first class blowjob. That was so good I asked if she'd like to have some company after school. Her head almost fell off as she nodded and cupped her big jugs in my direction. It was going to be a very good night and perhaps I might even be able to nail her roommate, Ms. Landers, the devil with the 18-inch steel ruler and personality to match.

                          (To be continued - jethro jodhpur )

                       Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 20

       Nurse Manners made sure I remained in good spirits during the rest of the day in her little world. She even found time to give me a very enthusiastic blowjob, sort of a prevue of coming attractions. By the time we were ready to leave school and go to her place, a very secluded apartment toward the back of a low-rise building, yours truly was ready, willing and definitely able. On the way over she told me mom had been informed of my change of plans but assured that nothing would get in the way of my education or visit to the principals home on Sunday. She grinned over at me like I was a lamb chop when she told her story. Then she casually announced that her roommate, Ms. Landers, would be delayed somewhat as she had to finish a little business involving some troublemakers. It was rare when I hoped that my sister wasnt the troublemaker, but I just hoped that shed be ready for Sunday. If not there would be a very angry principal and whoever else she had invited to this sex orgy and punishment session.

       We climbed the stairs to the apartment shared by the two members of the schools staff, and it proved to be a messy place littered with all sorts of strange items. There was a vibrator lying on the floor by the overstuffed couch that was covered with the type of stains normally associated with things having to do with sex, lots and lots of sex. A bra hung on the door to the bedroom, a big bra, obviously belonging to Ms. Manners or one of her heavy weight friends. A strap-on dildo was on top of the television set, along with a few cassettes that proved to be porn featuring women dominating men, boys and young girls. Id be given the opportunity to enjoy these reels, which must have fired the imagination of both ladies as well as their friends. Did they ever have members of the opposite sex over to their place of filth? It didnt take long for me to realize I was definitely not the first, nor would I be the last if they had anything to do with it.

       While I was getting my bearings, the school nurse was stripping down rapidly, licking her lips with the anticipation of some fresh meat that didnt need to be tied to the bed. She barked at me to get busy because she needed some cock in the worst way. While I got naked she let the cat out of the bag. Recently she and her roommate had enticed a runaway teenager to stay at their place for free. They made sure he overdosed on pussy and the teen, Billy was his name, awoke to find himself tied to the bed with a pair of her panties stuffed into his mouth which was sealed by some duct tape. They told him they would swear that he had raped and held them hostage for the entire weekend. To add fuel to the fire they also would claim that he forced them to perform sexual acts between them while he photographed their shame and humiliation.  He was smart enough to agree to their terms, which involved him servicing the ladies for nearly a week before they let him go with a twenty-dollar bill for his trouble.

The story told me all I wanted to know about trying to escape their clutches. On the other hand if I managed to get Ms. Landers on my side, life would become almost enjoyable. There was something about that skinny, mean bag of bones that turned me on but good. Until I mastered my emotions when she was concerned, my chances to become one of her sex outlets were slim at best. Of course Ms. Manners wasnt going to be out in the cold when it came to me keeping her pussy wet and dripping. There was enough for all of us if we played our cards right. The more I thought of this arrangement, the better I liked it. Who wouldnt want to bed down every night with not one but two sex-crazed women who knew lots of tricks to keep a stud like me happy and in good standing at school?

I followed Ms. Manners big, swaying ass as she led me into their bedroom that reeked of pussy juice, sweat and other unmentionables. A king-sized bed dominated the room with rumpled sheets that had two huge stains in a circular pattern. It was pretty obvious that the pair spent lots of time getting off with or without any assistance from the other. I wondered if poor Billy spent his week or so on these stained sheets. The nurse beat me to the punch, observing that their last guest had indeed spent a lot of quality time on these very sheets, which were washed as soon as he left. What soaked through to the mattress was another kettle of fish entirely. It was so much for the formalities, as my sex partner to-be crooked her finger in my direction and settled back, spreading her thick thighs. She didnt say a word, just pointed down to her hairy cunt mouth. I did the rest and not just once either.

Round one started slow and developed a good head of steam after some tonguing, groping and licking got certain portions of Ms. Manners heavy-duty body into the proper state of mind. To the best of my knowledge this was the first time Id ever nailed the school nurse without some form of restraint. My freedom paid large dividends for both of us. Just before I began banging her, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and stroked my stuff cock to make sure it was in proper working order. From there I took over and in a few minutes we broke into a gallop. Being on top allowed me to play with those big tits and even suck her tongue as I continued to slam my cock in and out of her rapidly moistening twat. It took lots of discipline to avoid losing my load too quickly. Meanwhile my bed partner groaned and sighed as my dick pistoned away inside her dripping pussy.

At risk to life and limb I elevated her legs so they hung over my shoulders, giving me a slightly better angle that gave more contact with the walls of her twat. The additional weight I was now bearing was a problem, but I soldiered on, doing my best to keep her hot and bothered, but not enough to make her shudder and quake through one of her big orgasms. I was beginning to really get into this being on top situation. My nurse buddy didnt seem to have an opinion based on the way she continued to react to my dick doing a good imitation of a roto-rooter. I stepped up the pace and she reacted by using her legs to put me into a bear hold that put a crimp in my ability to feed the furnace that was her pussy. My face was almost swallowed whole by her massive mammary glands. It worked to my advantage, allowing me to use my teeth on those big knockers, bringing her to heel in a sense. I could feel that she was getting close, and that was fine with me. I was ready to unload at the first command from my fuck buddy. When she nipped my lip, I knew it was time and so we damn near came together.

The school nurse looked like a patient; her eyes were focused on the ceiling and those big, floppy tits were heaving as if she had just run a marathon. I bent over to make contact with her ruddy face, licking her cheeks and then slipping my tongue into her open mouth. She nearly sucked it from my mouth, which caught me by surprise. I put my palms on her tits and pushed my body up to disconnect with Ms. Manners. When my dick unplugged from her tight twat, a river of my initial offering and her drippings ran down onto the sheets adding to one of the big stains that she and her roommate created previously. Without thinking I leaned back down and french kissed her and she reacted strongly, pushing her groin up to make contact with my less than erect cock. I suggested we take a shower together and then resume fucking until Ms. Landers arrived. She grinned and pushed me off her big, sweaty body.

On the way to the shower I couldnt resist those big jiggling hams that moved from side to side, making the meat look good enough to eat. First there were a few pinches that brought little giggles from my awesome fuck buddy. I followed that up with a pair of handfuls that made her whoop and stop. I massaged the meat and rubbed my growing cock into the cleft between those big chunks of sexiness. I was rapidly turning into a fat fan, something I never thought Id ever be. She sighed and ordered me to back off unless I could deliver the goods here and now. That calmed me down somewhat and so we continued our walk into the bathroom. Ms. Manners took a detour and soon she was emptying her bladder into the toilet, giving me her big tits to suck while I waited for her to finish.

Once under the warm water that cascaded down upon us we got busy cleaning up. My sex partner offered me her back and bottom to soap while she lathered up that thick forest of springy salt and pepper pubic hair. I cheated by reaching around and squeezing her tits. That got me a nice bump from her big bottom, which added another inch to my growing cock. I got busy soaping up her broad backside and making sure my fingers worked plenty of lather into the crevice between those big buns. I even got my middle finger into her asshole, bringing a loud groan from her. I filed that reaction away for future reference. Could it be that Ms. Manners was ready for some anal activity? I planned to find out before I left the apartment. Shortly after this little adventure we turned to face each other. I got busy making sure the lathering her pussy mouth had experienced left it squeaky clean and ready for my tongue. She soaped my cock and rubbed it up and down her potbelly and I got short of breath. I was going to fuck her right here in the shower stall unless she cut me some slack. Then she warned me about having a premature ejaculation and that sort of calmed me down for the moment.

Id never quite heard losing my load described in such clinical terms before now. To make sure I understood clearly what she had said, the nurse forced me to kneel down with my hands behind my back.  Then she fed me her freshly washed pubic air followed quickly by some of that juicy pussy, now free of all the nasty sperm that I used to nearly fill up her tunnel of fun. To keep my interest high she even hinted that there was a remote possibility that I just might get an opportunity to ass fuck either Ms. Landers or her before the session was concluded. Now I really had something to bring out the best in me. I could hardly wait for her roommate to arrive so I could begin fucking her good and hard while the school nurse smirked and watched the uneven struggle.

When we returned to the bedroom my dick was as hard as it had ever been. Ms. Manners, who also answered to Maxine or Max, wasted no time making sure my cock was properly inserted into the right hole. Her fresh pussy did wonders for my attitude. Soon my prick was pumping away inside that tender trap and we were swapping spit like two teenagers in the backseat of a car. I dont know what possessed me, but I grabbed her arms and pulled them up and away from her big, beefy body. Her pussy began to clamp down on my cock as it sawed away inside that wet tunnel. Things were under control and I concentrated on putting the wood to that hot cunt. She grunted and snorted, as her dripping twat was scraped raw from the way my dick deliberately corkscrewed on each thrust to make maximum contact with the walls of her twat. To my delight she kept her arms where Id put them and now was allowing me to maul those big floppy tits. I squeezed them, yanked them, kissed them, and bit them. All the time she moaned and urged me to give it to her harder and faster. Then shed ask for more attention to her tits. The more pain I dished out to her, the better she seemed to like it. Soon my balls were churning so hard they hurt. Come hell or high water she was going to get another injection of teenage sperm into that grasping glove of a cunt.

I was within a few strokes of unloading my latest offering when Ms. Landers barged into the apartment. It was evident from the way she talked that today had not been a good day for her. Fortunately she disappeared into the bathroom, which allowed me to pump my load deep into Maxines convulsing pussy. My big sex machine clenched her twat around my exploding cock and kept it there until she was ready to return from wherever that blast of cum had sent her. I was still locked inside the school nurse when Ms. Landers entered in a foul mood and gave me the fish eye. Then she launched into a tirade concerning some new students who had just arrived from India and thought they were something special.

We lay there our genitals still locked tightly and did some necking, which made Ms. Landers almost go ballistic. For my impertinence I took two cuts from her famous steel ruler and for a few brief seconds thought about responding. Maxine giggled like a schoolgirl and suggested I suck her tits in order to keep from irritating her roommate even more than she was right now. Old people sometimes knew more than we gave them credit for; this was one of those cases. We got comfortable and listened to Ms. Landers tale of woe. It was quite a story and yours truly wished he had been there to see the punishment she dealt out to these two plump teenage twins.

First she put one of the imps upside down on the wheel constructed by the school wood shop.  This let her trusty steel ruler come into play. It wasnt play for the plump Indian teen who broke into tears after taking ten between her legs, leaving the mouth of her cunt swollen and raw. The girl made so much noise that she was gagged with her own panties held in place by duct tape. That accomplished, she put her ruler to work on the undersides of the teens big, firm tits, now exposed by her bodys position on the wheel. To hear her tell the story, those casabas went up at least another cup size, but were so sore a bra was out of the question for at least another couple of days. Still not completely satisfied she traded her ruler for a rubber hose that she used to go over the very same areas the ruler had covered. To finish the imps punishment she used duct tape to tear off the underarm hair of the girl whose eyes nearly popped out of her head when that happened.

By now I was on my back, while Maxine played with my balls and sucked my cock with great skill, preparing me for her roommate, who still hadnt gotten naked. I looked over to where the thin, white-haired teacher stood, giving me the evil eye for not being ready to service her. Then she cleared her throat to get our attention, stopping Maxine, who had just swallowed my entire dick. She spit my orphaned cock from her mouth and waited for either another speech or a surprise from Ms. Landers. She got neither; instead the old teacher began to peel off her clothing and quickly got down to just her underwear. Id seen her naked previously at the principals place, so her little striptease didnt mean a thing to me. She grinned and popped her bra, revealing a set of sausage-like tits with long thick nipples, which excited me for reasons I could never figure out. Then came the shock as she peeled off her bikini panties and stood there holding them in one hand as she smiled at our surprised looks. She was as bald as a cue ball and I immediately began to slaver, so eager was I to go down on that smooth surface and see how far up her dry as dust cunt I could get my prick. Maxine whistled and threw kisses to her roommate before asking who gave her the bikini wax, if that was what caused her new look.

Ms. Caroline Landers shamelessly masturbated for my pleasure and at a nod from her, Maxine resumed sucking my cock for all she was worth. It would take more time than I thought, and while my new bed mate got herself all juiced up and ready for my big cock, she told us the story of how she was talked into the bikini wax. A few days ago she was preparing one of her favorite troublemakers for some serious disciplining when she couldnt help but notice that the young lady was bald as a little girl and it certainly made her best feature more obvious. In exchange for a reduction in her disciplining for the rest of the week, the teenager told her where she got the work done and recommended them highly. She also remarked that the number of guys lined up to do her this weekend was a new record; not bad for a skinny, sixteen-year-old with small titties, glasses and an attitude. The white-haired woman admitted that shed tried to have the girl visit the apartment for special education a number of times, but she wouldnt take the bait. We all laughed at that and Maxine managed to almost choke since she was sucking my cock when she tried to laugh. At his point Ms. Landers decided to get close up and very personal as she told us the story of how she came to be bald.

She made an appointment and arranged for another teacher who owed her to baby-sit her class. The place she entered was in a small strip mall in a run-down section of town. There were two women in their thirties working there. Later she was to discover that there were also other women occupied in providing more exotic treatments for both sexes. While she was being denuded, Ms. Landers could hear other customers being sexually satisfied. She didnt see anyone except the two fiends who turned her into a sixty-year-old baby. Caroline, Ms. Landers first name, was made to undress and lie on the sheet-covered table so they could begin the process of removing her pubic and underarm hair. Before she knew it Ms. Landers was strapped to the table, her legs parted and her arms pulled over her head to allow them access to her hairy underarms. Then the fun began, at least for the two Koreans.

When one of them ran her fingernails through Carolines white pubic hair ending just between her cunt lips, she let out a howl that immediately led to her being gagged with a towel that evidently hadnt been washed in weeks and contained various foreign odors and strange tastes that were not to Ms. Landers liking. She liked it even less when the other bent over and stuck her tongue deep into her twat and wiggled it around for almost a minute before raising up with a grin on her face and smacked her lips. The two women conversed in their foreign tongue before starting the torture. A thick, foul smelling paste was painted over her entire crotch and tamped down between her cunt lips as well. They chattered back and forth as they pressed strips of tape over the paste.

While they waited for the paste to adhere properly to the tapes they amused themselves by sucking and nibbling on her sausage-like tits. Soon her nipples were as hard as stone and her captors clucked and smiled as their fingers and nails continued to tease her wrinkled tit flesh. It was astonishing, but Ms. Landers felt an orgasm approaching and a big one at that. The two harridans seemed to sense the impending explosion and kept teasing her flesh to enhance whatever was about to occur. When it happened, it was cataclysmic, almost lifting her bare body from the table. She knew that another one like that might give her a heart attack or send her to places she knew existed, but had remained closed to her.

Ms. Landers took a break from her story. Evidently it had gotten her hot and bothered. The next thing I knew she was slipping what felt like a large snake into my mouth and it began to investigate the new territory. My dick began to harden despite the exertions that Maxine had previously required. Now Caroline started to nibble on my lower lip and run her fingernails across my nipples. My cock started to pulsate in response, a sure sign that it was ready for action. Her story would have to wait until I blew this large load into her cobwebbed twat. I was in lust or was it love?

       (To be continued very soon jethro jodhpur)

               Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 21

       Ms. Landers wasted no time inhaling my cock. She also pushed her roommate off my body and planted her bald cunt mouth squarely on my face. She hadnt showered since either last night or this morning, based on the tastes and aromas my nose and tongue detected. The other thing yours truly quickly discovered, once my tongue made a foray up her very wet pussy, was her readiness for fucking. That fact added another fraction of an inch to my twitching dick and so I took command. Caroline, that was her first name, was apparently not used to being under the thumb of her sex partner, regardless of its sex. That was something shed have to work out while I drove my knee between her skinny thighs and rammed my dick past those piss flaps. She grunted in surprise as my cock almost totally disappeared into her twat and my hands grabbed her sausage tits and started mauling them like a wild animal. I knew I was in control when her cunt clamped around my dick and she stuck her tongue halfway down my throat.

       For the next few minutes I fucked her mercilessly, not giving her a chance to catch her breath as my prong moved like a piston in and out of that old, tight, hungry pussy as it oozed a steady stream of twat sauce all over my joint. She gurgled and gasped as I got up on my arms and did push-ups, slamming into her cunt with powerful thrusts on each downward movement. When that tired me out I switched to a more comfortable position and gave her twat a brutal beating with my cock, using it as a weapon. My sex partners face turned red and her breath became harsh and erratic as she was pumped, pounded and pulverized by my hard dick. Then without any warning, my cock began hosing the wet walls of her cunt as she moaned and made incoherent sounds as my tidal wave of hot, teen cum splashed against the sides of her convulsing pussy. She looked like she had just been run through a mixer set at its highest speed. Ever the gentleman, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and got some hot, wiggling tongue in return. I suggested a shower and more sex and she just groaned and begged for a rest.

       Maxine took this as an opportunity; after all she had been the one who brought me to the pairs apartment. I sucked her pussy and got a mouthful of cunt juice, indicating that she was hot to trot. Unfortunately my recent go-round with her roommate had tired me out. I took advantage of her offer to give me a blowjob and she went down immediately, making sure I understood that once my dick was ready for more action, her twat was at the head of the line. I grumbled and crossed my fingers behind my back on that one. I was still extremely hot to fuck Ms. Landers at least two or three more times before leaving. Seconds after Maxine started sucking my prong; Caroline came out of her stupor and continued her tale of how she got a bald pussy.

       The two Koreans talked while they checked on the strips which still hadnt set up to their satisfaction. Then one of them pulled down her slacks and panties as poor Ms. Landers stared, wondering what they were planning next. She didnt have long to wait. The half-naked one scrambled up on the table and settled herself inches from Carolines face to display her bald mound. Ms. Landers moved her head as far to the side as she could, but the woman just smiled and inched even closer; so close that the odor from her cunt overwhelmed the taste and smell of the towel gagging her customer. The other woman resumed tormenting her tits, pulling and twisting them and even sinking her teeth into the wrinkled flesh on occasion. The one nearly sitting on her face removed the gag and put her finger to her lips, signaling for Caroline to be silent.

       Without warning the Korean slammed her bare mound against Carolines mouth at the same time as the other Korean yanked the first strip from her customers crotch. The pain was hard to describe; for a brief few seconds there was no pain whatsoever and then it came sharp and very intense. It felt as if her skin had been removed with a blowtorch. She screamed soundlessly into her captors cunt mouth for a brief time and then a second strip was pulled free, covered with her white hair. The pain level was still quite high, but tolerable. The torture continued unabated and by the time her crotch was devoid of pubic hair she had gotten used to the quick stabs of pain associated with the removal of a strip. She also confessed that  she developed a taste for Korean pussy based on her experience, and was determined to return for further treatments in the future. However her story was far from over, there was still the matter of her underarms.

       For this part of the treatment the Koreans switched places and Caroline eagerly started sampling the juicy outpouring from the other Koreans twat. If anything it was even tastier and thicker than the previous sampling she had. She gobbled gash as her underarms were denuded of years worth of hair. The pain level was even higher than the previous part of the treatment, but the distraction of all that pussy cream oozing from the Koreans dark hole kept her relatively calm. Her freshly exposed skin tingled and felt as if it had been scorched with a steam iron. One of them applied some type of balm to the stinging areas and within a few minutes things began to calm down. Now came what was to be the worst part of the treatment, the removal of all those hairs hidden away in the folds of her wrinkled skin.

       The two Koreans used tweezers to pluck out every hair their sharp eyes could find. The removal of each hair was greeted with a sharp intake of breath from their customer, and brought smiles from the twin demons that worked on her wrinkled skin. Perhaps the worst part of this phase was getting those hidden hairs that lurked in the region of her flat backside. This area required Caroline to be reconfigured with her legs pulled back over her head and spread wide to allow them the access required to get at these outliers. One would find the culprit and shed stretch the skin in its vicinity so the others tweezers could get a good grip and then pluck it out. For those, a hand would be pressed against her mouth to stifle the noise that was created. They even discovered moles that their customer didnt even know she possessed. Usually they would have a single very strong bristly hair that took careful work to totally remove. They even found a few hiding on her sausage shaped tits. By the time they finally were satisfied, Ms. Landers was exhausted from her ordeal. Despite the cost and the inconvenience she soon realized that it was worth the time, money and pain associated with the process. In fact she already had made another appointment for the ”works”, which included some hot girl-girl sex and a session in one of the other rooms where a stud would make sure she was properly serviced before allowing her to leave.

       Yours truly had some fantasies surrounding the story she had told. I would have loved to be an assistant and keep Ms. Landers quiet by making her suck my cock while the two Koreans worked on removing all the hair from that skinny, wrinkled body. Better yet Id climb up on that table and feed my dick into her tight asshole before the Koreans freed her from the restraints. Just before I came, Id pull out and shoot my load all over her face and rub it in afterward as she licked the white stuff she managed to capture with her tongue. Naturally shed beg me to take her home so I could continue to fuck her in every hole and thrash her good every time she did something that bugged me.

My fantasies switched to here and now, but old Ms. Landers was still the star. Now she was handcuffed and on her way to the bathroom for some water sports. I was right behind and poking her in the small of the back with my trusty rubber hose as she staggered towards the open door. She started begging when she saw the two bulging enema bags waiting to be emptied into her frail body. I just laughed and gave her a good whack across the base of her spine with my rubber hose. Suddenly reality intruded and I heard Ms. Landers suggesting that I join her in the bathroom and wash her back and other spots on her body while she took a nice, warm shower. There were giggles coming from my two sex partners, and I suddenly realized my cock was stiff as a board. Then I heard Maxine reminding me that my cock belonged to her and there would be trouble if I returned from the shower with my dick at half-mast.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That girl I used to bang when there was nothing better to do told me that one. The older I get the better she looks; too bad she moved away to another state. Now some lucky guy, or maybe more, is having a grand time stretching her tight little cunt and letting her swallow his thick cock when she isnt letting him use her nice, firm knockers for a relaxing tunnel fuck. On the other hand I was escorting a skinny, ill-tempered, sex-crazed woman pushing sixty toward a nice warm shower. Our shower would probably feature plenty of grab-assing, spit and tongue swapping, plus other activities normally performed by two consenting adults, not a twosome separated by well over forty years. I must be going crazy, but I had the hots for this old bag of bones and her bad attitude. The thought of putting her over my knee and spanking that shriveled ass until it was crimson and swollen only made my dick throb and start homing in on that mean old woman.

Ms. Landers had seen my cock twitching and decided to do something about calming it down. No sooner did we get under the warm shower than she made her move, grabbing my cock and jerking it with practiced skill. I pushed her away, but she returned and it was hand-to-hand combat for the next few moments. Finally I got her into a corner and out-muscled her, which I thoroughly enjoyed, regardless of the consequences. She called me some nasty names that I didnt know she had in her vocabulary. I retaliated with a knee to her bald pussy and a few slaps across her head. Her eyes got real big when I grabbed her by the throat and yanked a surprised and very frightened Caroline Landers off her feet for a few brief seconds. That was time enough for her to lose control and piss all over my belly and stiff cock. This made me get really crazy and so without thinking too much about it, my hands closed around her throat and started squeezing as she struggled madly to escape my grip. She went limp after a brief struggle and that brought me back to something like being normal, but not quite. Still angry, I decided to fuck her senseless right there under the nice warm water and then drag that scrawny frame out of the shower and let her roommate decide the punishment she deserved. As it turned out, that last part was a stroke of genius.

Grudge fucking Ms. Landers really gave me a rush. At long last the shoe was on the other foot, and my hard dick was slamming away inside that scrawny troublemakers cunt. Her eyes were open but they didnt seem to be reacting to anything I did to that skinny body. Her legs were hanging over my shoulders and my hands were stretching her tits to their limit. My hard dick was pounding and pounding that tight black hole, trying to warp her cunt to the point that the next stud that wanted to fuck her would make her scream her head off as he destroyed her twat. I got tired of fucking her in this position and so I rolled her over onto her belly and continued making her regret being such a hard ass when it came to guys like me and girls like my sister. Id take a break; catch my breath and resume fucking her moldy pussy as hard as I could. It wasnt fun anymore since she was in some kind of a trance.

I was sorely tempted to spread her wrinkled butt cheeks and ass fuck her until she bled, but the craziness that was controlling me finally went away, leaving my victim still in one piece.  However she remained in deep trouble once I dumped my load of hot, sizzling cum into that dark place she called her vagina, another word I also heard from that other girl I used to fuck pretty regularly. I concentrated on her for a time and gave Caroline a few rabbit punches right between her bony shoulder blades to let her know she was still under my thumb. Finally my balls churned up a load of cum that squirted from the head of my dick and flooded her musty twat. It was amazing how fast my feelings towards her had changed. Was this new feeling the real one or just a reaction to her getting out of hand and needing some discipline?

Maxine looked up with a knowing smile as I pushed a naked, wet, shaking and very frightened roommate into the bedroom. It was then that I realized this was a game and yours truly a tool. She looked over at me and pointed at what was once my stiff cock. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and put out my hands. Maxine laughed loudly and prepared to let me in on the game she and her little buddy liked to play. Then her face got serious and she began explaining what was going on and what was to follow.

“ I see that Caroline fooled you into screwing her even though you knew it was my turn. Now she will pay a penalty for her treachery and you shall be the instrument. Nothing that happens here from now until weve made her pay is ever to be discussed with anyone unless you want to walk around with certain parts of your anatomy missing and a very high-pitched voice. Caroline and I like to play this game with a third party, either male or female depending on our mood. A long time ago we decided who was the top in this apartment. Outside we are equals, but not here. You do a good job and well arrange to make your life in school much better; screw this up and youll wish you were dead!”

This was a no-brainer and yours truly joined the fun; wondering what role I was going to play. By now Ms. Landers was shivering from her wet condition. Things started to get interesting when Maxine produced a pair of handcuffs and our new sex slave allowed her to cuff her hands behind her back. That accomplished, she produced a pack of cards and asked me to select one after she shuffled them. I pulled the queen of spades and Maxines face broke into a big smile while her roommate sighed. She pointed at the door and told me to march our prisoner back to where we came from, and treat her like a common criminal who has no rights at all. Then with a twinkle in her eyes she added that the prisoner could and should be fucked as often as possible in order to make sure she understands her lack of status in this apartment. I was all for that!

It was interesting just how fast Ms. Landers got into her role. I had a grand time spanking her wet ass cheeks and letting her know that my dick was going to be in her ass the moment she got out of line. In reality my dick was already swelling and yours truly could hardly wait for the criminal to step over the imaginary line I had drawn in my head. It helped that Ms. Manners also took the opportunity to play with my joint as we slowly walked her roommate into the water sports room. According to Maxine, our skinny prisoner was going to be entered in almost every event, some more than once.  For openers she described the enema relay where Caroline would be forced to hold a monster enema consisting of various mysterious ingredients, which she would then swallow, while yours truly fucked her worn out cunt from the rear. That sounded good to me, but it only got better later when the criminal took it up the ass with her belly bulging from being forced to drink over three quarts of an unmentionable liquid.

Once we had Ms. Landers in the bathroom with the door shut, Maxine produced a ball gag and with my help managed to get it into Ms. Landers mouth without breaking her jaw. At her command I put our victim over my knee and turned her scrawny ass crimson as she made funny muffled noises that barely got past the gag. I couldnt resist letting her know that my cock was going up her tight asshole whenever she got out of hand, and Id decide when that was. To make sure she understood her situation, I continued to spank that butt and even moved down to the backs of her skinny thighs. This old bag of bones could really take it and my cock was almost ready for business by the time I turned her over to Maxine for the first of many enemas.

The bottom of the cabinet was open, revealing all sorts of containers. None of those had been involved in making the first gigantic enema for our prisoner. Maxine ticked off the names of just a few that were bubbling in the big, red, rubber bag that now hung on the pole over the rather large tub. Ms. Landers would spend a considerable amount of time in that deep tub being punished for her various infractions of Maxines rules for the house. There were two bottles of detergents, one of hydrogen peroxide, another holding Tabasco sauce, a box of salt crystals, some window cleaner and a bottle marked grease cutter. Off to one side sat a small vial with a dropper. Maxine warned me not to get any of that stuff on my hands, as it would burn the skin in one big hurry. I mentally winced at the prospect of Ms. Landers colon being set on fire by this devilish mixture. However it must have been used in the past and that old lady, who I had the hots for, was still alive and kicking.

Maxine ordered me to get the criminal ready for her first punishment. I dragged a struggling Ms. Landers over to the tub and manhandled her into the proper position while Maxine fiddled with the thick nozzle. Soon it would be pressed, without the use of lubricant, into that ancient bag of bones which was going to get exactly what she deserved for all the nasty things she did to her students over the years. I couldnt resist giving her one hellacious slap across the ass just before that big nozzle began nuzzling against her tight asshole. The real fun was about to begin.

       ( To be continued jethro jodhpur )       

               Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 22

       Ill have to admit that Ms. Landers can really take it. I was holding that scrawny body in place when the nozzle dragged half her sphincter into her bowel with it. It took almost all my strength to keep her steady as Maxine opened the clip that allowed the contents of that bulging enema bag to start emptying into Carolines lower intestine. Almost immediately that skinny body began to shake and strange sounds made their way around the ball gag. Maxine slapped her victims butt and laughed as her roommate trembled and struggled to escape my grip on her neck and back. The more she tried to get away from me the harder I pinched her neck. I must have hit a nerve, for she tried to get up from the tubs edge. I sighed and gave the old teacher a rabbit punch between her shoulder blades, forcing the air from her lungs. Id learned that trick from an older student in exchange for taking his younger and not so attractive sister on a date. She may not have looked so good, but she put out like a pro, and not just once either. It turned out shed been getting it regularly from not only her older brother, but her new dad as well. So as far as she was concerned, I was a nice change of pace. I hear shed turned pro not so long ago and was doing fine. Her pimp was an ex-cop who knew all the tricks of this trade and managed to keep his girls from getting into trouble with the law.

       Maxine leaned over to threaten her roommate with some special punishment if she didnt stop acting like a little pussy girl. As she spoke she slapped Ms. Landers across the face like she was some kind of machine, and the shots she delivered definitely were going to leave marks for a few days. I didnt help my victim by pinching that nerve in her neck every time she even looked like she was getting ready to cause trouble. It was getting boring and so I picked up the action by working on those long sausages she called tits. I managed to bring tears to her eyes with some of the tricks I used to twist and stretch those saggy lumps of wrinkled flesh and skin. Her painful reaction to all the things that were happening to her at once made me think of asking Maxine if I could tape her tits to the edge of the tub and beat them with an empty bottle or even my fists. Her eyebrows went up at my suggestion and she said shed think about it. One way or another, I was going to get a chance to do something like that to Carolines saggy tits, even if it meant kidnapping her and taking her to my house. Ill bet my sister and mom would be delighted to see how much they could wring from that scrawny body.

       She was still conscious by the time the big enema bag was empty. Once the nozzle had been replaced by a butt plug, I jerked Ms. Landers to her feet and got a good look at her bulging belly which had gotten so large that her bald pussy mound was partially blocked from view. Maxine asked if I was ready to fuck her roommate. Id been so busy holding her down and making sure she didnt cause too much trouble that my erection had almost disappeared. My partner suggested that Caroline be put to work hardening my cock so I could fuck her silly as the enema she was holding twisted her guts. I took her place on the tub and made her kneel down between my spread legs. Even with her face distorted by the ball gag, it was painfully obvious that she was in a world of hurt thanks to whatever had been in that enema she just took. I held her lower jaw in one hand and slapped her across the face with the other, as I warned her that any attempt on her part to harm my cock would cause her to lose lots and lots of skin from that scrawny body. Her eyes blinked erratically, which sort of bothered me about her ability to understand what I had just told her. Ms. Manners assured me that there would be no trouble from our captive. Encouraged by her observation I unbuckled Carolines ball gag and freed her.

       That old bag of bones sucked my cock like her life depended upon it. I held her head steady and fed her inch after inch as she coated my joint with saliva. Her mouth was wet and warm, just what my dick needed to regain its size. I made her suck even harder, teasing her by suggesting I still wasnt able to let her have a big load of hot fuck sauce. She went crazy, forcing part of my cock down her gullet so she could massage it with her throat muscles. Despite her best efforts to control my prong, her wet mouth and throat failed to get me off, just as I had planned. She began crying and begging as the ball gag was once more wedged between her jaws and cinched tight. I certainly was ready, but her long wrinkled tits still attracted me. I began wrapping them around my stiff dick to make me even harder.

It required some care and discipline to keep me from flooding her pleading face with my hot cum, but I stayed in control of the situation. All the time whatever was in that enema was churning and bubbling, adding more and more pressure to her belly and peeling the skin from her insides. It was Maxine who calmed my concerns by letting me know that her roommate had once held an enema of this kind and amount for over an hour while two studs, who hated her guts, took turns fucking her senseless. After she voided the enema, the studs continued taking turns drilling out her weakened asshole that was so sore any contact with her bowels made her throw up from the pain. By the time they left she crawled from the bathroom into the bedroom, where she remained for three days.

Knowing how Ms. Landers had taken much more than what shed get from me, I didnt hold anything back. Down she went on her back, legs parted, that big belly a magnet for me. Those tiles were cold and very hard, but a few towels protected my knees and she was in no condition to resist the way I arranged her bare body. It was kind of tricky to get my dick in her twat with that big belly overhanging her cunt mouth, but this stud was not going to be denied. She grunted through the gag but made no effort to prevent my cock from ramming past her piss flaps and diving deep into that dark place. Id never had to be as careful as in this situation. Time passed and still I was less than happy over the way her cunt felt. Maxine solved the problem by having her roommate stand up and bend forward so she could eat her pussy as she sat on the edge of the tub, her legs parted. Then it was a simple matter for yours truly to come up behind her and ram it home. My arms wrapped around her body and squeezed her tits flat as my rod acted like a piston and worked its magic in that now loosening cunt. Id plow her hard and fast for a minute or so, then take a breather before repeating it. The minutes flew by and both Maxine and I were in a nice rhythm as we made a sandwich with Caroline as the meat.

I didnt know it then, but each time I grudge fucked her it felt as if a small bomb had gone off in her asshole. All good things must come to an end, and so it was with fucking that scrawny, miserable excuse for a teacher. It was funny how I looked at her two ways; one being a hot fuck that I wanted exclusively for a long while, the other as a nasty schoolteacher who made my life miserable. Afterward for the longest time I flipped back and forth and damn near wore that poor woman to a frazzle. One day she was welcomed into my family and all that meant; then a few days later sent back to Maxine who was waiting with sex toys and bondage gear to make her suffer for her indiscretions. She lost so much weight that it was like fucking a skeleton, but she still begged for my cock whenever I was available. How it finally worked out will be a story for another time, but it seems that Ms. Landers was hiding a little dark secret that I finally beat out of her. This changed everything and brought things to a head in more ways than one.

Back to my story, we finally finished her off for the moment and Maxine let her roommate straddle the toilet and evacuate her bowels. Sometimes the words she used bugged me, but in general we worked pretty well as a team. When she was done I strong-armed the bony creature into taking a long, very cold shower that left her shivering and covered with goose bumps. I felt like pounding my chest when I saw a trickle of my latest fuck making its way past her wrinkled cunt lips and down the insides of her skinny thighs. While I was having my fun with Ms. Landers by seeing if I could get my fist up her cunt, Maxine was elsewhere working on a surprise for her good friend and fuck buddy. Finally she showed up with a steaming pot of coffee that she had boiled for fifteen minutes. She told me to get the second pot that was still boiling and bring it to her for the next enema. Ms. Landers eyes popped when she saw what she was going to get shortly. She panicked and made a run for it, a poor plan considering what we did to her before giving her the enema.

I saw her coming and when she got close enough Ms. Landers met the hot coffee pot as it was pressed against her belly. Her eyes bulged and her whole body shook from the pain of that hot metal eating into her flesh. To this day she still has a faint scar from our encounter. Just about then Maxine caught up with our wayward troublemaker, delivered a couple of blows to her head with her clenched fists and finished the helpless old woman with a knee to her crotch. That blow actually lifted our captive off the floor for a brief moment before she collapsed at our feet, her face turning red from her inability to get any air into her lungs. Maxine had me drag her roommate back to the bathroom so she could take some more pain and suffering. Dont ask me why, but pulling her by the hair across the rough wooden floor got me excited to the point that by the time we were inside the bathroom I was fully hard and ready to fuck her again. Maxine noticed my hard cock as well and made sure that I knew it was her turn to ride the baloney pony.

This enema had more than just coffee, but Maxine refused to tell me what the secret ingredients were. I knew it was mad hot, and when I sniffed it, my nose started running and my eyes acted like they were being rubbed with onions. It sort of reminded me of paint thinner. My partner in crime laughed at my response and told me it would feel a while lot worse when it started running through Ms. Landers insides. In went the nozzle and in the blink of an eye our captive began dancing and twisting as she did her best to escape the pain that was being generated by the hot liquid that rushed through her intestines, making her feel as if the lower part of her body was burning like a forest fire. I must have rabbit punched her half a dozen times to keep her in the right position, the last one catching her in the back of her neck because she moved into the line of fire and paid the price. She went out like a light, but Ms. Manners insisted she take the entire contents of the enema before she would allow me to revive her. That accomplished, she let me wake Caroline after she plugged her roommates asshole with an inflatable bung and suggested we take a break and do some serious fucking while Ms. Landers regained her wits and had some time to ponder what might happen to her next.

I eagerly followed Ms. Manners twitching hips and big, round bottom, as she led me to the bedroom for some serious fucking. My concentration on her roommate kept me from appreciating all the flesh that hung off her big body. Sure her tits were sagging, but what the hell! Those big bags with nipples the size of quarters, her hairy snatch that was surprisingly tight and that great ass made for all sorts of fun and games that made her a great bed partner. Despite all those advantages, she still couldnt get me away from my thing for the old harridan with the steel ruler. However regardless of my feelings for Ms. Landers, I would be an idiot if I didnt make sure to keep this big bundle of fuck flesh sexually satisfied whether it was at her apartment or school. Who knows, she might even hook me up with some strange pussy that only she knew about? Id only recently begun to realize that some of the best pussy at school was not those with big tits, great butts and pretty faces. If that were true Id be pumping my big sister night and day, even though she was definitely one of the biggest whores in the school.

There was no doubt about who was in charge when it came to this apartment, and it sure wasnt yours truly. We started off with me eating her pussy and she doing the directing. Id move from one spot to the next depending entirely on her orders. I had to admit she sure had a tasty pussy despite the thick pubic hair that tickled my nose. I got into a nice routine and she sighed and made minor changes to her cunts position, and I just followed the bouncing ball like a good little weenie. Around ten minutes that wet pussy began dripping some very tasty cunt sauce, almost as good as Ms. Landers. It took me a few minutes to understand that she expected me to take charge by slipping my cock into her very wet snatch and starting to hammer her good and proper. This was a big woman with a large appetite when it came to sex. I was doing her from the top and looking down at those big sweaty tits and monster nipples while my dick seemed to be on autopilot. She groaned occasionally and once ordered me to pick up the pace, which I did in one big hurry.

We took a brief break so she could move into another position where I could spoon-fuck her and at the same time fondle the hell out of those huge knockers. Motoring between those mammoth hams was really a trip, especially when she started to sweat from the way I was doing her tight twat. I began thinking just how often she was getting it from members of the opposite sex, and concluding whatever it was, wasnt enough. Just when I was building up a good head of steam, she decided it was time for my prick to tunnel between those big tits to get ready for the grand finale, those were her words, not mine. Damn! Those nipples were hard as stone. This bundle of fuck meat was on the verge of exploding. I started corkscrewing in and out of that soaking tunnel of flesh as she moaned and hissed for more. It was about then that I decided to take command. She mumbled some weak argument but shut up as soon as my prong slammed into her hot, super wet fuck tunnel.

You talk about putting your back into it. I did that and more. I fucked her so hard I was gasping for breath and still that cavern of lust needed even more action. I felt like I was about to pass out, but then my churning balls finally released the latest load of hot teen sperm and it flooded the big nurses cunt like a dam had just broken. As for me, I felt as if my head was about to explode, thats the kind of pressure that had built up from the preliminaries. There could be no doubt that nurse Manners was going to get some attention from yours truly no matter how demanding her roommate might get. For some crazy reason the words Today I am a man. rolled across my eyeballs. My life was about to change and big time at that.

Nurse Manners stretched out on the bed, legs spread wide, and her arms up over her head. She sighed contentedly and gave me a big shit-eating grin. I got the feeling I wasnt done as far as she was concerned. My feelings were correct. It was tongue bath time and she pointed down toward her hairy muff. At issue was just how far up that still oozing twat my tongue had to go. She decided that a tongue length was sufficient since wed be taking a shower together once we got back to check on our captives health. So she turned me into a gash gobbler just as easy as pie. This woman had a lot more presence than she showed at school, something to remember in the future. Her pussy didnt taste bad at all, considering how much fucking it had just taken. I said nothing about the pubic hair, but made it something that I wanted to see her change. She giggled like a schoolgirl when I huffed her cunt mouth and followed with some nibbling around her hard, fat clit. She pushed her crotch up against my face as I did her clit, a sure sign she was digging it.

       Next stop for my tongue and mouth were her big tits. I sucked those nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass. Then they got even more attention as my teeth nibbled those stiff nipples and turned the little circles around them a different color from the way the blood was flowing in and out of that area. She gasped and moaned when my teeth began to march across each of her big fun bags, leaving behind a trail of imprints and in some places little dots of blood. Then I doubled back and tormented her nipples once more and she really started making noise. Her body odor was overpowering by now and I wondered if Id be able to do her armpits and keep my stomach from rebelling. She demanded a detour and back to her pussy mouth I returned to lap up the lake of lady lust, as she called it. It was a race against time now. Could I suck up all the cunt juice and whatever else was oozing from her twat or would there be an accident that might ruin all my plans for both of these hot women?

       She saved me from myself by simply rolling over onto her stomach and presenting me with her big, rounded ass cheeks and the darkness between them. Now the focus was on those hams and what lurked in the crevice that attracted me like filings to a magnet. This was a first as far as I was concerned, and yours truly wasted no time attacking those big ass cheeks with tongue, teeth and lips. I left a trail of hickies across both of those massive lumps of fuck flesh before diving into the unknown and living to tell about it. My first experience was so good I dove back into her crevice and tongue fucked her asshole as she moaned and shifted her big body to make sure I contacted all her sweet spots. My focus was on Ms. Manners so much that my dick slowly shrank. She giggled when I started sucking her asshole like I really meant it, which I did. For a change of pace I licked every square inch of her bottom and didnt miss anything including a few large pimples and what looked like old teeth marks. I wondered if they belonged to the old woman who was still holding a monster enema while we enjoyed our fuck break. To finish this part of our little sex party, I spread her cheeks and ran my tongue up and down the exposed area as she tittered like a little schoolgirl. I was really into licking the school nurses big bottom and made a note to see if Ms. Landers butt tasted as good, even though I knew it couldnt. This last exercise did very little to harden my cock for what was to follow. I had promised the school nurse lots of sex and so far Id not lived up to my word.

       That plump bottom gave me an idea, and I put it to work immediately. I began sliding my semi hard cock up and down that crack between her cheeks and at the same time leaned forward and kissed her neck. After a few strokes of my dick between her sweaty ass cheeks, my kisses turned into love bites and she responded very enthusiastically. Without any warning she began thrusting her bottom up to make the friction between her ass and my dick increase substantially. It didnt take much time for my prick to be restored to full size and hardness. Now it was time to haul some ashes and realize just how hot to trot I was right now. However before settling down to some steady fucking, I teased her butthole with the head of my dick and watched her body stiffen. I chuckled and leaned a bit more, that really made her nervous. The fun had reached its limit and so I slapped her big bottom and told nurse Manners to roll over and spread her legs for a good old-fashioned fucking. Now she would learn just how sex crazed she had made me.

       Ms. Manners did as she was told and soon my hard prick was burrowing into her darkest places. While getting properly adjusted to her twat, I played with those big fun bags and watched as her nipples hardened and the flesh surrounding them started to pebble. This was a good sign that she was getting into what was happening to her body. She responded very fast to my cock picking up the pace, her cunt delivering plenty of fish sauce and her twat closing around my prong to provide even more friction. She started to gasp and wheeze as I poured on the coal and got that engine heading toward the red line. Her skin started to grow little goose bumps and Maxines entire body began quivering as she felt her orgasm approaching. I picked up the pace further and put my back into it. The slick, moist sound from her fuck tunnel grew louder as my dick moved even faster. It was now a race to see which of us would get off first, and she won by a half-minute or so, but there was no loser in this race. We lay there in a giant puddle of cunt sauce, sweat and driblets of my offering. We just kicked back and savored what had just happened. Then Maxine rose quickly and headed for the bathroom where her roommate was still waiting for relief. I guess we had gotten too confident that her roommate would be able to handle anything we could dream up for her to endure. Perhaps that wasnt true, meaning some type of trouble if that was the case.

               (To be continued jethro jodhpur)

                       Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 23

       Hearing nothing from the bathroom, yours truly assumed incorrectly that all was well. The silence from where the two ladies were got me interested. Was I missing some new, kinky happening? That got me interested, so down the corridor and into the bathroom I went to discover things had gotten a little out of whack. Ms. Landers was lying on her side facing me eyes open but not blinking. Her belly was bulging meaning she was still holding that monster enema. It took me a few seconds to realize that the nurse was not having an easy time of it getting the butt plug to release from the teachers asshole. Ms. Manners might be a big woman, but yours truly was stronger. I pushed her aside, grabbed the bung, twisted it back and forth a couple of times and then tried to yank it from between Ms. Landers ass cheeks without success. Then for one of those rare moments I used my brain instead of my brawn.

In a loud voice I told the nurse to grab the teachers ass cheeks and pull them apart as much as she could. Her first two attempts were unsuccessful since the area was slippery, no great surprise there. I made her wipe Carolines butt cheeks with a towel so she could get a firmer grip the next time. That done I grabbed the bung, twisted and yanked it free with a loud pop followed by a storm of shit and whatever the enema contained that flooded the bathroom floor. I dragged Ms. Landers into the shower stall and turned on the water to flush her clean as she tried to regain her senses. Maxine was still standing in the muck trying to get her act together as well. It was apparent that without my efforts there would have been hell to pay for what almost happened. So ended the enema portion of water sports, but other events in this area were still in the offing for our captive once she regained her wits.

The nurse took out her anger by dragging poor Ms. Landers from the shower and forcing her to begin cleaning up the mess she had made with her tongue. That was really cold I thought, but these two had played these games before and so I just became a spectator. Things did not workout well at all. After a few minutes Ms. Landers began barfing up everything she had swallowed from the mess on the floor. So ended that bright idea. Ms. Manners found a mop and bucket, freed her roommate from the cuffs and put her to work cleaning up the mess she had caused. It was apparent that the old lady wasnt yet in one piece mentally, which kind of bothered me. By the time she finished mopping up most of the mess she stopped and stood there like a statue. Maxine wasted no time teaching her another lesson. She kicked the old teacher right in the crotch and when she doubled over, she caught a rabbit punch to the back of her neck, driving her to her knees. I winced at the prospect of her breaking a kneecap or something else. That didnt seem to bother the nurse who kicked her right between the tits, sending her onto her back and causing her head to hit the tile with a sickening thud. I pushed the heavyset woman away from her victim, fearing she might hurt her seriously. Maxine seemed to snap out of whatever had a grip on her, which made life here much better. Caroline on the other hand was in an even deeper funk.

It was amazing the way Maxine handled, or should I say brutalized, her roommate. She literally yanked Ms. Landers to her feet by her hair after she had cuffed her hands behind her back once more. The silver-haired teacher looked dazed and what happened next didnt help matters at all. She took another knee to her crotch that dropped her like a sack of potatoes. The school nurse screamed at her to begin licking up the residue of what shed puked up previously. To my amazement the old woman began licking the tiles until they glistened. As she did Maxine followed behind her and if she saw a spot that had been overlooked, her foot would make contact with her captives flat, skinny butt, knocking her over onto her side. Twice I was warned that Ms. Landers was able to take what she was getting and more, and I was talking out of turn considering who I was and whom she was. Silence can be golden and so it was for me. Watching the naked, old teacher crawling around on her knees got my blood pressure rising again. Blood was flowing into my prick at a rapid rate, but neither lady saw what was happening. I was tempted to wait until Ms. Landers finished polishing the floor with her tongue before I jumped her bones and ass fucked her right here on the bathroom floor. Unfortunately the nurse finally got a look at my growing cock and warned me in no uncertain terms that any thoughts of nailing her roommate without permission would bring some serious hurt down on my entire family.

The nurse came up with a fancy piece of metal that she substituted for the ball gag that kept Ms. Landers quiet while we did bad things to her skinny frame. She put up quite a struggle before the fixture was jammed into her grill and opened until her mouth was stretched as wide as it could go without breaking her jaw. Lots of strange sounds came from her open mouth, but nothing to get the neighbors worried. Then Maxine and I took turns pissing in her face, aiming at her eyes and then down her throat. My bladder was really full by now and unloading it took a long time. Maxine stood by her roommate and made sure her head didnt move as I painted her eyes and nose before finishing in her mouth. That fixture made it tough for the old teacher to swallow, which just added to the fun of what we were doing to her. Id fill her mouth until it started to overflow and then Id wait while she got rid of that load and was ready for another taste. Maxine was most impressed by my ability to piss down the skinny skanks throat, making her choke and spew some of it from her nose. I even managed to piss up her nose before my bladder ran dry. That little trick almost made her choke to death.

Maxine wasted no energy or time unloading her bladder down Ms. Landers throat from point blank range. Our captors face turned a bright red since Maxines piss never seemed to stop, making it tough to breath under these conditions. I wondered if Maxine would lend me that fixture so I could try it out on my sister or her plump girlfriend when they got out of hand. She must have read my mind because she started explaining just how dangerous this fixture could be in the wrong hands, Early in her use of it on her roommate she nearly suffocated the old woman on more than one occasion before she figured out exactly what she could do and not do. It seemed like forever before Maxine got done feeding her bladder into Ms. Landers belly, which was pooching out nicely and giving me blue balls from wanting to fuck her stupid.

It seems that there were a few more events for Ms. Landers to enter. While I squeezed grannys sausage tits and rubbed her rounded belly I whispered what I would do to her sooner or later and nibbled on her ear lobe as she made funny noises. Maxine now retrieved a length of rubber tubing, maybe six feet long, and attached one end to the hot water spigot in the tub. The old teacher made louder noises and struggled to escape my grip when she saw what was happening. It was apparent that shed been given this little treatment in the past. I held granny in an arm bar to prevent her from escaping and Maxine threaded the hose into our captives mouth and began forcing it down her throat, blocking most of the air from getting into her lungs.

Then the fun began and it was ugly. Maxine opened the spigot wide and a torrent of hot water began pouring into Ms. Landers belly, which quickly began to change shape, becoming rounder and rounder as she struggled like a crazy woman to escape the pain of the hot water and the pressure in her stomach. I started to get worried when grannys face started turning colors, ending in a pale blue. Maxine smiled and cut off the flow of water long enough to switch to the other spigot. Now cold water was mingling with the hot water, decreasing the temperature, but only increasing the enormous pressure on her bloated belly that made her look as if she was in her sixth month. Suddenly she started to puke up the water filling her guts. That was a bad thing to do since she already was getting close to passing out from the lack of air. Maxine yanked the hose from her throat and I twisted her head so she could empty her belly into the tub. She was unconscious by now and I was getting scared out of my jock by what was happening. Maxine didnt seem to be concerned in the slightest.

She bragged about doing this to her roommate three times one day when some of her male friends paid them a visit. Ms. Landers had been getting out of hand and so they agreed to teach her a lesson or two. By the time they finished with her she was unconscious from the battering and raping she got during that long day. The one or two lessons turned into the entire book without missing a page. Once they almost killed her because after filling the old teacher to the limit and perhaps even a little more than safety would allow, they took turns fucking her until the contents of her bulging belly were emptied, a process that took almost two hours. No one had noticed that she was out like a light and had been that way for a very long period of time. That and the bluish tinge to her face gave everyone pause until she regained her senses. To celebrate her return to the land of the living, they ass fucked her for another hour until she bled like a stuck pig. Ms. Landers missed a week of school from that little demonstration of Maxines power over her, and made a sincere effort not to get on the wrong side of her dominant mistress.

Maxine slapped her roommate across the face half a dozen times to wake her up for more of the same. Her eyes spilled tears and her entire body trembled since she knew what was going to happen once more. The hose went back on the hot water spigot and I put her in a choke hold to keep her still as Maxine took her time threading the hose down the old bag of bones throat and into her belly that already started to make some strange noises. This time Maxine took her sweet time and it took many minutes before there was any sign of her belly beginning to grow. Maxine tortured her roommate by turning the water on and off over and over to make the torture last longer than the first time. Ms. Landers passed out suddenly and started choking in her own spit. Maxine hit her in the chest between those long wrinkled tits to wake her up and at the same time clear her chest of any saliva that remained.

The moment our victims eyes opened the hot water was turned on full blast to really make it hurt. In a few minutes she was out again and the hose had to be removed to allow her to breath. Our captive proceeded to puke all over herself as well as the floor that she had just cleaned. Maxine called a halt to this punishment but demanded that her roommate get busy and lick up everything she had just upchucked onto the floor. By now the old silver-haired teacher was so disoriented that we could have made her try to walk the ledge that ran around the roof of the apartment house. I got her to stand up and then bend forward while I squeezed her bulging belly to force out the remaining water that spewed into the tub. It bothered me to see some red in what came up, but Maxine shrugged it off as just Caroline being Caroline.

The evil look on the nurses face told that that poor Ms. Landers was no where near getting off without something bad happening to her in this bathroom. First there was the matter of all that water she emptied out onto the floor. Someone was going to have to clean it up and it wasnt the nurse or yours truly doing that chore. Mentally I was substituting my hot and nasty sister for the job, with me as her probation officer. What that meant was her tight asshole was going to get enlarged in a most painful way. My guess is that even though she was a whore, my sister hadnt given up the back door to any of the losers she was going out with these days. There was a lot of anger in me and butt fucking my dear older sister would just about make up for a few weeks of Spec Ed. The sound of the nurses foot making contact with Ms. Landers crotch woke me up just in time to see the old woman collapsing onto the floor. Maxines foot caught her in the belly this time making the old lady whimper like a little girl. Then she grabbed her roommate by the hair and jerked her to her knees, all the time screaming at her.

I watched as Ms. Landers was dragged by her hair to the toilet, which hadnt been flushed since our arrival. The old teacher went head first into the bowl as Maxine cursed and threatened her captive with the fires of hell for her behavior. The nurse was showing some muscle in that overstuffed body as she plunged her roommate over and over into the bubbling mess in the toilet. She took a break for a moment to catch her breath but the poor old teacher was still being held under and her struggles were weakening. She looked over and told me to kick Ms. Landers in the ribs, but not to break them. My first few attempts brought only scorn from the nurse, so I hauled off and gave the old bag a killer kick that caused her to swallow a mouthful of filth. I deliberately aimed the next kick to dig into her hip and her whole body shook from the pain. The nurse jerked her roommates head from the foul smelling toilet for a brief moment, then plunged it back under while she flushed the contents of the bowl holding Ms. Landers under the entire time. From there our captive went back into the shower stall for an extended cold shower that left her shivering and glassy eyed. I was given the unenviable task of toweling off the waterlogged teacher. I made sure that her wrinkled, bald pussy mound was dry as a desert and took the opportunity to finger fuck her in both lower holes. She hardly noticed what I was doing to her, which kind of made me angry. Maxine thought it was funny that I couldnt get her roommate hot enough to let me fuck her. With that remark still ringing in my ears, the three of us headed for the bedroom and more fun and games.

While Maxine disappeared into the closet, I took advantage of the situation and tried to get my fist up Ms. Landers cunt, but was unsuccessful. Over my knee she went for a major spanking. That flat bottom was soon red as a beet, but I continued. I rearranged that scrawny body so I could spank her pussy. She made no effort to struggle as I turned that bald mound into a red, raw sore. I was getting more irritated by the minute at her lack of reaction. The only thing that saved her was the appearance of the nurse carrying some more toys and the like. Under her direction I tied the old bag of bones to the chair by the bed and made the ropes really dig into her skin. Maxine added some straps to hold her in a very uncomfortable position. Satisfied by the way her captive was restrained; she now added a vibrator that she jammed deep into the old teachers cunt. I whistled when she stuffed another one into that stretched pussy, forcing some noise from her gagged victim. Satisfied she crooked her finger in my direction and patted the damp wrinkled sheet.

We got into a sixty-nine with Maxine on top, her pussy grinding up and down my face while she jacked and sucked my cock into a state of readiness. Once that was accomplished she arranged her big body so I was on the bottom and doing all the work. It almost reminded me of past sessions in her little cubicle as she worked on my cock until she could tie it into a knot. The only thing missing was the principal; Ms. Janet Gilder-Haust, who loved to drop in on us and get her sex fix for the day. My sex partner had a large tongue to go along with her large physique, and it moved like a jungle snake. She loved to have me suck her fat wiggler to get her in the mood for some dirty sex, as she liked to describe her needs. There was no way to avoid her hairy pubic mound; it was like being swallowed by an anaconda, not a good way to go. Still in all once that hot, wet, clinging pussy wrapped around my stiff dick it was a fight to the finish with no holds barred.

It had been a long day and yours truly was tired from all the demands that had been made for my services. My partner had plenty of history when it came to what I could deliver when it came to sex, so she backed off a little and let me roll her over so I could be on top. Now things were more favorable for me in this position and I picked up the pace and proceeded to give my heavyset partner a fairly decent ride that she certainly enjoyed. It had been a long day and all I wanted to do was go home and get some sleep without someone demanding my services. Just before we left to get me home, she boxed Ms. Landers ears soundly and promised her a lot more once she returned. I got the feeling that my old history teacher wasnt going to be in attendance come Sunday when yours truly and the rest of my fucked up family had to stand and deliver for Ms. Gilder-Haust and her friends.

                                       (To be continued jethro jodhpur)

               Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 24

       Despite the temptation to jump my mom, who wore nothing but a bra, not panties, around the house, I resisted the urge to jump her bones. Poor mom just didnt understand the gravity of the situation. The following day the entire family was going to visit the principals place and submit to whatever she wished until they were incapable of serving her needs. Then each of us would be auctioned off to the lucky winner, to do with as they saw fit for a period of one week. Mom and yours truly were in pretty good shape, but my sister, the whore, was more than just a little dinged up. It would be just her luck if she were forced by her new owner to become a full time prostitute and handle the rough trade in a nearby city. If she survived that it might have also changed her attitude toward people, especially her devoted brother. One thing was for sure; she wasnt going to do what she wanted, no matter how foolish or dangerous it might be. If I played my cards right, mom was going to make me the sergeant of arms at our place and my sister was going to be gigged until her eyes crossed. Mom on the other hand was going to get as much of my meat torpedo as that sloppy snatch of hers could handle.

       Mom never gave up, hoping that sooner or later her charms would entice me into fucking her. Shed follow me around describing how badly she needed my cock. She made sure that there was a porn tape showing on our big screen set in the living room, and strictly by accident shed appear stark naked crooking her finger in my direction while she slammed one of her hands into her soaking wet snatch. Then I had a brilliant idea, at least for me; convince mom that all she needed to get me hot and bothered was for her to allow herself to be restrained. If she was tied up tight and even gagged what trouble could she cause yours truly? My plan worked like a charm.

       I arranged to be seated in the living room watching one of my favorite porn tapes featuring two big-busted bimbos getting it on with a stud hung like a horse. The last few weeks had been rough but one thing I began to learn was how to harness the stallion that hung between my legs. Mom took the bait; hook, line and sinker. Off came her bra and without any invitation she cuddled up to me and put her hand on the stallion. I slapped it away and for good measure grabbed one of her big floppy tits and twisted the nipple until she yelped like a little animal caught in a trap. Then I gave her the conditions for any friendly physical interactions. That damned girl told me that one the first time I put some moves on her. The more I thought about her, the angrier I got about myself. My anger made the way I was roping moms wrists together really painful. To prevent any more outbursts I went to the hamper in the bathroom and fished out a pair of panties worn by my sister, the whore. The crotch had a layer of dried cum that must have been an inch thick. Mona must have been a busy little punchboard that day or evening or both.

       My sex-crazed mother wrinkled her nose at the sight of her daughters cum crusted panties. I told her it was this or back she went to playing with her toys in hopes of a decent orgasm. She sighed and opened her mouth to receive whatever had once been alive in her daughters well-used cunt. I used some duct tape to hold the gag in place. To make sure it would hold, I gave mom the screech test. I sucked the nipples on one of those pillowy tits to relax her, and then without any warning I bit down on the nipple and yanked it from side to side. The muffled sound that came out of the gag was hard to hear, and I was only a few inches from it. I was so proud of myself I rubbed moms furry cunt mound as she wiggled her bare body in hopes of getting some action very shortly. Too bad for her, it was not to be. I intended to keep her restrained right up until we were at the house of the principal, Janet Gilder-Haust. Knowing what had taken place on my last visit, I was certain mom would be getting a lot of attention, perhaps not exactly the kind she was hoping for, but thats life.

       Mom gave me a little struggle and paid a price for being such a disobedient pussy that now was going to be punished properly. First I looped rope around her flabby upper arms and cinched it as tight as I could pull. She was making a lot of muffled noise, but no one outside of this room could have heard anything. Mom got quiet, very quiet and not a muscle in her out of shape body moved as I slipped a noose around her neck and cinched it to the rope around her wrists. I slapped her belly and ordered mom to stand up, which she did giving me a look that might frighten someone else, but not yours truly. This piece of well aged fuckmeat was mine, simply because she was a lazy slut, too pampered to look for some strange cock that might be attached to a man worth putting out for regularly. It was time to give the doggie a treat.

       Her pubic hair was no problem; it had gotten long enough to begin curling. To her credit, my sister did it right. Every two weeks she and one of her dumb girlfriends would get together and take off each others pubic hair. Then theyd take turns sampling each others pussy, sticking their tongues as far up as possible. More than once Id looked through one of my carefully crafted peep holes and watch this passion of lesbian love. Once when she had a younger teen with her, I lost my load. That cutie was a perverts wet dream from her blonde hair, pretty face, great tits with plenty of room to still grow and flourish, flat stomach, pussy lips that made you want to lick them all night, and long shapely legs that never seemed to end. If that wasnt bad enough for a wanker, which is what I was, she and my sister did a girl-girl that made my porn tapes look like something from a convent. I was hyperventilating and had to leave before they discovered there was a watcher looking in on their little ritual.

       I positioned her sagging body so it was available for some high-octane cunt licking. I reached around and grabbed her sagging, plump ass cheeks to keep her still and then I started to lick her pussy lips until she started moving to get more of my tongue up her snatch. She got a swat to that broad bottom and another for being disobedient. I warned mom that any other attempt to get away from what I was doing would cause some heavy duty hurt to her flabby body. She calmed down and I got back to eating her pussy. My dear old mother had not only showered, she had also douched, candied apples I think it was. I made a pig of myself, but she seemed to be able to handle it. Moms twat was manufacturing pussy cream at a rate that was awesome. I had lunch and dinner in one sitting and still she pushed more of the creamy stuff out for my tongue to scoop up. Finally I reached out, grabbed those big hangers and gave them a workout that left them positively glowing. I couldnt resist having her stiff nipples for dessert.

       It was time to tease her. I had her sit on my lap with her thighs spread. I maneuvered my hard cock into a position that allowed it to rub up and down the length of her pussy mouth. She got hot and bothered in a big hurry. I could smell the cunt slime oozing from that well-fucked snatch as we did a little dance. Naturally being tied with her head pulled back put her at a disadvantage. I massaged those big pillowy tits and tweaked the nipples while at the same time licking the side of her neck and promising to fuck her all night once we got back from the principals place. I was just leading her on, the chances of either of us being able to do any serious fucking after what was probably going to happen was close to zero.

       Mom started to get out of hand and quickly found herself face first on the rug. I got up and showed her who was who. My foot met her ass a number of times as she frantically tried to roll away from me. I followed her as she rolled one-way and then the other. I got in some good kicks to her belly that made her stop rolling and lay there waiting for whatever else I was going to dish out to her. Fortunately for her I wasnt wearing shoes or shed be a mess. However I decided that a few good kicks to her moneymaker were in order, and so that flabby housewife absorbed some pain as she blindly struggled to escape me. That was enough fun and games. I got mom to her feet and walked her into the bedroom, enjoying the way her butt cheeks swayed from side to side. There could be no doubt that if dear old mom lost some weight and toned up the rest of her body, she could attract men, lots of men. I had a mental picture of mom on her hands and knees taking a huge cock up her asshole while another stud fed his hard cock down her throat. That almost got me going, but I resisted temptation to nail mom good and proper to tide her over until tomorrow.

       Moms ropes were causing her problems with blood circulation; that had to be solved quickly. I remembered that my evil sister had a set of handcuffs hidden in one of the drawers. I knew since my peephole allowed me to observe her and her weird friends doing strange things to each other, including bondage using handcuffs. I invaded my sisters lair, found the handcuffs along with a key and uncovered her dildo collection. It was impressive considering how old my sister is. Here is one of the biggest tramps in the school and up until lately she did her thing regardless of the rules. I wondered why she needed toys? I selected two, one for moms tight asshole and the other for her loose sloppy cunt. I cut mom some slack and lubricated the one going into her asshole. It was a two by ten-inch bottom buster and would keep her entertained for quite some time since I had changed out the batteries. The one for her twat was a mammoth monster, a three by twelve-inch cunt stretcher. It was fitted with high-energy batteries that would last for at least six hours of continuous operation according to the little brochure that came with it.

       Mom was untied and allowed to do her business in the bathroom with yours truly watching and enjoying the way she modestly pissed all over the toilet seat. I had a major league boner by the time mom got off the throne. She made her last move, trying to get me to scratch the itch deep inside her pussy. I slapped her fanny a couple of times and ordered her to start marching towards her bedroom. Moms ass still got me all hot and bothered ever since I used my first peephole to see her in the bathtub giving her pussy a good lathering, then pulling on her big tits to get the nipples rock hard. At that point I shot a load for the record books. A second load was splashed against the door when she stood up and I had my first good look at her bare ass. In those days I was an ass man and proud of it.

       Once in the bedroom I had mom lie on her belly with cuffed hands behind her back. Her panty gag was changed. It looked like my sister wouldnt need to wash this pair since mom had sucked them dry. I took another look at what was available in the hamper and came up with another pair of panties almost as crusty as the other. My sister must be putting out for a lot of studs to get panties that soiled. Mom gave me a hard time when I shoved the new gag into her mouth despite her struggling. Another piece of duct tape made sure that the gag would remain in place. Now the fun really began. First I spread her legs apart and roped them to the corners of her bed to make sure she didnt get up and wander about in my absence.

       Now that she was helpless yours truly couldnt resist giving her a few tastes to make her even hornier than she was. I settled down between her flabby thighs and began tonguing her pussy, going from top to bottom and spending plenty of time between those points. Sure enough old mom started releasing twat sauce at a very impressive rate. It was so much I had to take breaks between pussy sauce meals. Now it was time to let mom meet and greet the mammoth monster dildo Id borrowed from my sisters room. My mood was getting a bit funky, so I decided that moms snatch would have to swallow the giant toy without benefit of lubrication. Without any warning I slammed the head into her cunt and she strained against the ropes and cuffs keeping her captive. I really had to put some muscle into making that big piece of plastic move, but gradually moms sloppy, wet cunt worked to her advantage and inch by slow inch it disappeared into that cavern from which I appeared many years ago. By the time it was fully inserted with only the end showing, yours truly was tired. However there was a button that would start the dildo to vibrate. Once I hit that, mom sort of relaxed as the vibrations began milking her cunt of still more pussy sauce.

       I took a break and just watched as my moms cunt made love to the vibrating dildo. A stain had formed quickly just below her spread thighs and was getting larger with every minute that toy tickled her twat. I sat back and watched the way moms cunt mouth quivered and swelled from the sexual excitement that tool was creating in her. Then temptation struck yours truly. All I had to do was pry moms ass cheeks apart and slam my hard cock deep into that dark slimy part of her body. Im sure shed be grateful and cooperate to the fullest, as if the old slut had any other choice. Almost without thinking I reached out and pried moms ass cheeks wide apart and stared at the unblinking eye she presented. My resolve was weakening, something that could turn things bad for me. My cock was hardening as I battled against my other more evil self. Somehow or another, my good or was it dumb, side took over and saved the day. Still my evil side wouldnt go away completely.

Less than a minute later I was pressing the head of the second vibrator against moms tight asshole. It wasnt lubricated at all. Instead there was a thin coating of hot sauce from the tip to the base of the toy. She realized what Id done and tried once more to escape her bonds, with no luck. I took my own sweet time drilling that tool deeper and deeper into moms shitter while she continued to struggle. Then to tease her more, I slipped it out completely just long enough to put a thicker coat of hot sauce on it. I played a little game with my helpless mother, slipping only a part of the toy into her asshole and watching as she used her butt muscle to push it out of her butthole. Every time she succeeded I gave that flabby butt a hard smack that made the flesh jiggle. It took a little time, but moms flabby muscles started to fail and the toy went deeper and stayed longer. By then her butt was nice and rosy, so without warning I slammed the entire length of the vibrator into her asshole and used a piece of duct tape to keep it in place.

My dear sister was still missing in action and I wondered just what kind of trouble she had gotten into. Id find out one way or another by the time we were supposed to attend the little get-together planned by the school principal. I was tired from all the activity so I took a nap on the floor by moms bed and feel asleep to the hum of the two vibrators turning moms cunt and asshole into swamps.

               (To be continued jethro jodhpur)

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