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The Roommate

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Synopsis: Lynn is a freshman just starting college and she becomes the slave of her roommate.



Lynn and Tiffany were roommates in college. Lynn just turned 21 years old last month. She didn't go to college right away she wanted to explore the world and visit some countries. Lynn was a freshman and just moved in with Tiffany over the summer. Lynn has not been initiated to the college as of yet. But by nature she will be initiated all year by the senior girls. Tiffany has been Shannon slave for last three years, but Lynn didn't know that she was her slave. One day Lynn left early from her house to go to class and she forgot her art notes for a quiz that she had today. She got back to the house and heard some loud noises upstairs in Tiffany's bedroom. She thought Tiffany was getting laid by her boyfriend and they were just having some good sex. As she walked up the steps she heard another female voice screaming Tiffany's name. The door was partially open and Lynn could see something in the mirror that was by the bed. As Lynn looked closer she could see there was a female by the toilet and another straddling her. All of a sudden she heard a loud whap and then she heard Tiffany scream. Tiffany said "Yes Mistress Stephanie I promise to be ready for you at all times when you come over to the house."

Lynn opened the door a little wider and got a better look, she could see Tiffany on her knees with her ass high in the air completely naked with her head in the toilet. Then she seen her Mistress Stephanie standing over her slave in a leather outfit with a dildo strapped around her waist. She could see that Stephanie was Asian, and it looked like she was very mad at Tiffany. Lynn could see Tiffany's ass beet red and she could see in Stephanie's hand a hair brush.

Lynn was starting to get excited from the domination that her roommate was taken. Stephanie would be pushing Tiffany's head in the toilet and she could hear Stephanie tell her to drink up and keep playing with her pussy. That is when Lynn looked between Tiffany's legs she could see Tiffany's fingers playing with her little pussy.

Lynn then snuck into her room and got her book and was heading out when she seen Stephanie get behind Tiffany and from what she could see was Stephanie stick the dildo in her ass. Mistress Stephanie then told her to crawl into the kitchen and get the dog they tied up. Lynn then hid in the closet and thought about what the dog was for and now she will see why Tiffany had to keep the dog.

Tiffany crawled to the kitchen and got the dog and the Mistress got some spray and made Tiffany bend over a little table they had in the corner of the kitchen. She sprayed Tiffany's pussy and that got the dog all hot and bothered. Suddenly he mounted her from behind and the Mistress got in front of her and took off her leather outfit and told her to get busy and eat her pussy. From Lynn's position in the closet all she could see is the dog fucking her brains out and the mistress moaning from Tiffany eating the pussy.

After about an hour she could see Tiffany was wore out from the screwing she just got. Mistress Stephanie then made Tiffany get up and crawl upstairs to the bedroom. As Tiffany was crawling by Lynn in the closet the mistress spanked her ass all the way up the stairs. Lynn could see that Tiffany's ass was black and blue.



Lynn got out of the closet and went out the front door. As she was going to school she was imagining Tiffany in different positions and different locations. At lunch she had some more daydreams but this time it was as if she was in control of Tiffany.

It was the afternoon and Lynn went into the bathroom to go pee, she picked out the last stall and was relaxing she wasn't in a hurry to go to her last class. When all of a sudden she heard some commotion in the bathroom. She kept real quiet. She heard a bunch of girls come into the bathroom and this black freshman girl was washing her face at the sink. The girls surrounded her and told her they wanted her to get down on her knees. The girl tried to leave that bathroom. When Lynn heard a smack. She tried to get a better look but she heard the girl crying. And then the girls told her to get on her knees and take her clothes off. The girl was crying but she did as she was told. She took off her blouse and her jeans. This one girl took off her belt while the girl was undressing and hit the girl hard on the ass. She told her she wasn't undressing fast enough.

The black girl was down to her panties and bra when one of the girls grabbed her hair and said to pull off the rest. The little black girl was crying hard and begging not to be humiliated. Then one girl ripped off her bra and pulled down the panties. The black girl had some nice tits. One girl had some string and tied the black girl's hands behind her back. Another girl pushed the girl up to the sink and bent her over. She had grabbed her pussy from behind and stuck a few fingers in the girl. The black girl begged but to no avail she was getting finger fucked.

The women led the girl to a stall and put her face in the toilet and flushed the toilet a few times. Another girl spanked the black ass. These women had this girl at there mercy. They wanted to embarrass the girl more so she would jump next time they were around her. One woman put a collar around the girl's neck. Another grabbed her clothes and told her she would not need them she was there pussy slave and she would be kept naked. While one girl was throwing her clothes in the trash she noticed a used tampon. She grabbed it and told the other women she had an idea. So she went to the black girl and opened her mouth and forced the pad in. She told the black girl she would be their bathroom slut that would take care of them when their periods were there. The black girl was told to clean the pad and it better be clean. At that moment one girl grabbed the girl's clit and squeezed it hard, the black girl screamed and got busy cleaning the pad.

The women then led the girl out of the bathroom between them and down the hallway. One girl said that something was missing. They had a hairbrush from the black girl's purse that they were going to use on her ass when one put it right in her asshole. She said "hey that's what this slut needed was a tail"

Lynn came out of the bathroom all shocked from what she just heard and saw. She was scared that someone might come and try to do it to her. So she quickly left the bathroom and went to her last class. In class she thought about the black girl. Now she was there slave and had to do what they wanted.



Lynn left school and headed for home. She had one hell of a day seeing her roommate and the poor little black girl. She had a lot of homework from classes today so she needed to get caught up. She got to the house she seen another car in the driveway. She walked in the door and seen her roommate had a few friends over drinking beer. She knew then her homework wouldn't get done if she stayed there. So she went to her room and got a few things and went back to the school library. It was getting late and she was walking by literature II classroom and she could hear some sounds coming from the room. She peaked in and she could see this heavyset teacher and one of the senior class females that she has seen around campus. The girl didn't act at all like she was happy with the teacher. From what Lynn could see is that she had this teacher against her desk. Then Lynn seen that the girl had a paddle and seen the teacher raise her dress up and the girl hit her ass with it.

Then all she heard was some screaming and it was the girl telling the teacher she better have her clothes off fast or she was going to get a pussy whipping. Lynn was shocked to hear and see the teacher obeying her. She seen the teacher take off her pantyhose then her dress and was forced to fold up the dress and put it on the chair. Then the teacher took off her bra and she seen some big fat flabby tits. While she was bending down to pull off her panties the student hit her left tit with the ruler she took off the desk. It left a big red mark, and then she did the same to the other side. Lynn could see the teacher crying and begging for mercy but the student then told her she wanted her ass on the desk on all fours.

The panties dropped to the floor and the student picked them up, Lynn started to feel a tingle between her legs watching all the fun the girl was having with the embarrassed teacher. Then the student went around to the front of the desk and showed the teacher she was a nasty pig. The panties were all wet and gooey from the teacher coming in her panties without her permission. Then Lynn seen the rage in the students eyes and she paddled her ass 10 times. The teacher's ass was glowing red. The student the made the teacher spread her legs very wide and arch her ass high and put her shoulders on the desk. Then the student got behind her and Lynn could see she spread her pussy lips apart and the teacher was so wet and glistening an elephant could have fucked her. The student reached in and teased her clit and Lynn could hear her moan.

All of a sudden the student went around to the front and in the drawer of the teacher and got some duct tape and told the teacher from now on you are going to have a smooth pussy and you will not wear any panties here to school. I will come and check on occasion, do you understand that slave. Then she pinched her tit and the teacher agreed. She walked back behind the desk and took some tape off the roll and attached to her pussy. Then grabbed some thick markers from the drawer and stuck it in her fat ass and wiggled it around.

The teacher was at her mercy when all of a sudden the tape was ripped off and most of her pussy hair was on the tape. She did the project a few times till all the pussy hair was gone. Then it was time to parade her bitch around the classroom. She had her teacher get down on all fours. Her breast touched the floor in this position. Then the student got some string out of her teacher's desk and tied some string to her nipples. She told the teacher that the string would be pulled to the direction she wanted to go. She pulled her belt off her pants to use as a whip to get her teacher to go faster.



Lynn watched the student mount the teacher and seen her pull the strings and her tits were yanked one direction to another. Then she watched as the student hit her ass with the belt to move on as they were going by the door she ducked and then looked in she seen the student use the belt one more time and this time it hit the teacher right in the pussy. The teacher yelled out in pain. Suddenly the student got upset and told the teacher to get up and go to her desk. Then she made her sit on her desk and spread her legs wide apart. Now Lynn could see her fat pussy in broad view. It was red from the duct tape and wet as hell from the torture. She then told her to play with her pussy till she tells her to stop and then she hit her tits with the belt. The teacher's eyes were pleading her to stop but she was playing hard with her pussy to come.

Then the student stopped hitting her tits and you could see they were all red. She then grabbed the teacher's panties again and wiped the teacher's pussy with them and put them to the teachers face. They were all wet then she stuck them in the teacher's top drawer to remind her of the day. She told her teacher they better stay in there or else. Then she came back around to the front of the teacher and told her to spread her legs wider. She then swung the belt directly on her pussy and the teacher screamed in pain. The teacher then curled in a fetal position. The student then demanded her to spread them again. So she did and got hit again.

The student said there was five more coming for her because she came in her panties earlier. After she was done her teacher was crying from the pain. She then told her teacher to get up and get dressed. She said she would come see her on visits between classes and before and after school. The teacher said in a soft voice. "Yes mistress I will be waiting."

Lynn hurried up and scampered down the hall to the library and watched the student come out and leave. Then a few minutes later the teacher came out dressed and started walking down the hall. She was walking awkwardly and Lynn knew why. Lynn then sat down and started studying for her classes.

At about midnight Lynn was tired and went home. She got to the house and it was all a mess from the party. Everyone was gone so she went to the kitchen and got some food. As she walked up stairs she could hear her roommate again making a lot of noise. This time she peaked in her room she could see her roommate had her mouth over a door knob and was tied there and couldn't move. Then she peaked a little better and seen that she was being severely tortured. Her mistress was sitting by a door and connected to that door was a spring.

Every time she pushed the door the spring would stretch and she would hear her roommate Tiffany would moan real loud. At closer looking in she could see that Mistress Steffanie was closing the door and the spring was connected to Tiffany's pussy, so every time the door closed it pulled Tiffany's pussy lips tight and made her scream out in pain. Steffanie loved it to see her bitch moan and beg. Lynn then left and went to her room to go to bed and then she heard some more screams from the kitchen this time so she snuck down the steps to see what Mistress Steffanie was doing to Tiffany this time. She got down to the living room she could hear Steffanie give orders to Tiffany but couldn't understand what she was doing. As she got to the door she heard Steffanie tell her to get something out of the freezer.



Tiffany got this dildo made of ice and the strap that goes with it. Mistress Steffanie then told Tiffany to go strap the dildo to the kitchen chair and then she told her to straddle the chair but not to insert it as of yet. She then had Tiffany lean forward and she had some clips in her hand. She clipped her nipples and there was a string connecting the clips together. Then Mistress Steffanie tied her hands behind her back she told her that she wanted her to squat and guide the dildo in her pussy and not help it in. From Lynn's position she could see the pain in Tiffany's face and the pleasure on Mistress Steffanie's face. She did not want her to be comfortable at all. As Tiffany was squatting on the dildo Mistress Steffanie would yank hard on her nipple clips. That would knock her off balance and she would have to reposition the dildo again. As she slowly inserted the dildo her pussy got real cold the mistress got upset and she stood up and applied pressure on Tiffany's shoulders, the weight pushed her all the way down on the dildo. She made her stay in that position until she got done smoking a cigarette.

Tiffany's eyes were begging her for mercy when Mistress reached over and pulled a nipple hard with her right hand she pulled hard enough to make Tiffany yell. At that time of her yell Mistress was not happy she told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Mistress Steffanie then put her cigarette ashes on her tongue and made Tiffany hold her tongue there a minute.

She then grabbed her cheeks and told her to swallow the ashes and she didn't want to see any evidence when she inspected later. Tiffany's pussy was frozen and her mouth was filled with cigarette ashes, and her tits ached from Mistress pulling on them. She was felling miserable. Mistress Steffanie finished her cigarette and then put it in Tiffany's mouth, she told her to have it disappear while she goes and gets her stuff from the room. Lynn quickly hid behind the door and watched Tiffany swallow the cigarette. Mistress Steffanie came back down to the kitchen and told her slave she could get off the chair. She then escorted her mistress to the door. She gave her mistress a deep kiss while Mistress steffanie played with her pussy warming it up.

Mistress Steffanie left and Tiffany scampered to her room. Lynn then came out from behind the door and went upstairs to her room. Lynn had a tough time sleeping that night thinking of punishments that the women had gone through.

The next day Lynn got up and was getting dressed for school, she heard her roommate answer the phone and Lynn could hear Tiffany say "yes mistress I am on my way, I will be over there in fifteen minutes." Then she heard her say "yes mistress I will be there in twelve minutes or my pussy will get whipped." So Lynn decided that she was going to make her late, so she yelled out to Tiffany to come to her room and help her put a curl in her hair in back. Tiffany told her she didn't have time and she had to get going. But Lynn pleaded so she finally agreed. Lynn looked at her watch and seen that she had distracted her for a few minutes.

Tiffany got out to her car and was on her cell phone with Mistress Steffanie pleading for a few more minutes. She sped off in a hurry and Lynn knew she would be late for the appointment.



Lynn took off to school and got in the parking lot and pulled into her parking spot. She bent down to get something off the floor when she heard some commotion outside by her car. Lynn peaked out the back of her car window and she seen the group of girls and they had the little black girl between them. She was told to take her clothes off and she refused to take her clothes off outside in the grass. The women got pissed and hit the girl a few times in the stomach. The girl went down on her knees. Then the women started ripping her clothes off her. Another girl was behind her with her belt off. They got all the girls clothes off and threw them and landed on Lynn's car. Lynn could see the scared girls face for not doing what the girls wanted.

She was put on her hands and knees when the woman swung the belt and hit her left breast. The poor black girl fell to the ground. One girl quickly grabbed her by her hair and then they looked at this other girl that took off her panties and leaned against a tree. She spread her legs and the other women guided the black girls face to her pussy. The black girl tried to back away when all of a sudden the girl swung the belt between her legs and hit her directly on her pussy. The black girl started crying very loudly but was forced to go between her legs. Lynn could see a little string and she knew that the girl was on her time of the month. They forced her to grab the string and pull it out with her teeth. From what Lynn could see was that one girl was using the belt on the black girl's ass and the other girls were holding her down while she was licking the girl's pussy clean. One girl went to her car and came back with a rope and threw it over a branch in the tree. The black girl finished cleaning the girl and then one girl put the tampon in the black girl's mouth and told to clean it off. The pulled the girl and hung her up on the branch. Now she was spread and vulnerable. The leader came up to her and told her not to drop the tampon when she grabbed a bullwhip from one of the girls and stood back and swung the whip. It wrapped around and hit her tits. She screamed though the tampon and the next three she was begging for mercy. Then all of a sudden the Leader brought it up between her legs and it hit her little pussy. The tampon fell out and landed on the ground. The Leader came to her and told her now she will pay for it. Another girl tied her legs up to the tree limb above her head.

The leader then grabbed her pussy lips and told the girl now she was going to pay for it. She had one of the girls get a toolbox out of the back of their car. Came back and she opened the box. One girl grabbed a dildo gag out of the box and put it in the girl's mouth. All she could do is watch what they were going to do to her pussy. The leader then grabbed her outer pussy lips and attached clamps to them. She then taped the clamp so that her pussy was wide open. Lynn could hear the black girl begging to be freed. Then the leader grabbed some clamps with hooks on them and attached them to the black girl's inner pussy lips. The black girl pleaded and begged to no avail, but she was about to feel the worst pain she has never felt before. The Leader then asked the other girls to bet and see how much weight the pussy lips could stand. Lynn could not believe what these girls were doing to the poor girl's pussy but the black girl did talk back to them earlier. Lynn now believes the girl will now do anything anywhere these girls want her to do it. The leader then added her first two weights to the lips. She could see her screaming through the dildo gag. Then all of a sudden the mistress grabbed vice grips out of her toolbox and told her she will never tell her no, ever again and she looked the girl in the eyes and then she spread her pussy lips and clamped her clit with the vice grips and then she let it go and fall.



Then each girl came to the girl's ear and told her that she will now pay the rest of her life for disobeying the leader. Each girl picked up the vice grips and dropped them to further punish the bitch. The poor girl was crying so hard she was at there mercy. After about twenty minutes of torturing the girl they let her go.

The women then told the girl they would see her at lunchtime in the girl's locker room and she was told to be sitting on the toilet in the corner stall when they got there.

They all left and the girl got ready and went into the school. Lynn then got out of her car and walked into the school; she got to her locker and got her books for the day. She started walking to the bathroom and she seen the heavyset girl walk in to the bathroom. A minute later she saw the same student that dominated her walk into the bathroom behind her. Lynn walked into the bathroom and peaked around the corner where she could see what was happening. The student had walked in behind the teacher without her knowing she was in school and grabbed her by the hair. The student then reached up under her dress and noticed that the teacher had panties on.

The teacher begged and told her mistress that she was on her time of the month and needed to wear a pad. The mistress didn't want to hear any excuses from her. She told her that she was going to take off her panties and put them in her mouth while the mistress walks her dog to class. The teacher begged that she would do anything but not to embarrass her like that. The student didn't want to hear any excuses she smacked her teacher on her ass and told her to hurry up and get them panties off. The student then reached around and grabbed her teacher's tit and gave it a good pull to hurry her teacher up. The teacher started to take the panties off when there was a noise at the door. The student told her she better hurry up or there will be a student that will see that little pussy.

The teacher hurried and got the panties off and gave them to the mistress. By that time a female junior came in and went into the stall to take a leak. The mistress then grabbed her teacher and made her get on the floor and crawl out the bathroom down the hall to her classroom. To the teacher's luck there was no one in the hallway.

Lynn then quietly stepped out in the hall and looked down where the teacher and the student were just getting to the room. Lynn could see the teacher have her own panties hanging from her mouth and she could see her big ass move side to side as she crawled in the door to her classroom.

Lynn then went to the door and she could see the teacher bend over a student's desk in the front of the classroom. Behind her she saw the student grab the big spanking board that was on wall. Lynn heard the student to count each stroke that she hits on her ass. The student then tells the teacher she was bad and hits her ass 10 times with the board and she could see the teacher crying from each hit. Then the student tells her teacher to go in the corner and leave her dress up so she could see her fat red ass. She then tells the teacher that she will see her after school back in the bathroom, to have her panties in her mouth and to be ready for a long night. The teacher then was able to put her dress down and get ready for class.



Lynn didn't want to be seen so she left to her first class. Lynn got through her first three classes for the day and then it was lunchtime for her. Lynn decided she would eat lunch and then go down to the girl's locker room to see how the little black girl would do with her gang mistresses.

Lynn snuck down about 20 minutes early and got in the corner in the janitors closet. From her view she could see anything that the women would do to the girl. Five minutes later the girl came into the bathroom and looked very scared. She went into the last stall and was sitting in the stall talking to herself. She didn't remember if her mistresses wanted her naked sitting on the toilet or just sitting there waiting for her punishment.

Ten minutes later in the hallway Lynn could here the ladies coming and she heard one of the girls say that she wanted to whip the black tits because all the boys were staring at her in class. The women walked in the bathroom of the locker room and told their slave to come out of the stall. The little black girl was still dressed and that made the leader all mad. She told her she had five seconds to have all her clothes off and on her hands and knees and head down and ass high in the air.

The girls did everything to distract her and she had no chance to get her clothes off in time. She pulled off her blouse and took down her skirt when all of a sudden a girl came up behind her and gave her a wedge. She pulled the girls panties up so tight the black girl started begging for release. The panties pulled right up between her pussy lips and was rubbing hard on her clit. All the other women were laughing at the girl. Finally the girl let go of her panties and the black girl pulled them off. She pulled off her bra and got down on her knees in front of her mistresses. One mistress went behind the girl and stuck a finger in the girl's pussy and told the others she was wet as hell. One girl took off her belt while another sat on the black girls back and grabbed her arms and pulled them back. That arched out the black girls breasts and had them vulnerable for their punishment. The girl then swung her belt and hit her left breast right below her nipple. She screamed at the girl that she is flirting with the guys and all the guys are looking at her breasts. She said she is going to torture her for flaunting them out in front of the guys. She hit each breast 10 times and she could see the girl begging for mercy and pleaded with the gang's leader that she would do anything to have her stop.

The leader then came up with an idea. She knew about this bar that hated blacks and she wanted to see what they would do to this girl if she would be left there alone with these guys and women. She told her little black bitch to be at the front doors when school gets let out. The black girl was in pain severely so she agreed to that.

They let the poor black girl get dressed and let her go to her next class. At that time Lynn made a move in the closet and knocked over the mop into the bucket. That got the attention on the leader and she went over to the closet and opened the door. She seen Lynn in there and made her come out. She asked Lynn what she was doing in there and Lynn lied to her and she knew that was it. The women didn't believe Lynn and told her to take her clothes off. Lynn told them no!!!!!!!



Lynn came out of the closet in front of all the mistresses. She was wearing this green dress and the ladies talked about what they were going to do to her since she was spying on them torturing their little black slave. The leader grabbed Lynn's hair and told her to get her dress off now. Lynn was scared these girls would beat her up if she didn't do as they told her. Lynn said she would do it, so she quickly reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. The leader then grabbed her hair and pulled it hard down. Lynn was forced bent over and she finally got off her dress as it fell to the floor.

Lynn then was in her bra and panties in front of the girls and one girl reached over and pulled Lynn's panties down to her knees. One of the girls told her she has a nice ass for the whipping. She said it was to white and it needed some color. At that moment the leader told Lynn to get the bra off or it would be ripped off. Lynn did as she was told and took the bra off, releasing her nice breasts.

One girl reached between Lynn's legs and seen that her pussy was soaking wet. The leader told her new toy that she wanted her to play with her pussy and cum for them. Lynn knew she better not tell them no or she would be in some serious trouble.

Lynn reached between her legs and started fingering her pussy as the other girls did things to distract her. One girl grabbed her belt as Lynn was playing with her pussy, she smacked Lynn on the ass several times distracting her from coming. Then another girl had pulled out a strap on dildo from her purse and put it on, she then told the leader to grab the new toy's hair and bend her over. The other girls in the group then grabbed Lynn's legs and kept them wide. The girl with the strap on came behind Lynn and forced the dildo in Lynn's ass. Lynn moaned in pain but couldn't move from her. She was held down. The leader of the group still made Lynn finger fuck herself the whole time she was getting ass raped.

After an hour of ass fucking one of the junior girls came into the locker room and seen Lynn being dominated by these ladies. The leader then told the other girl unless she wanted to trade positions with Lynn she better leave the locker room. The girl left as fast as she came in.

The ladies finally got tired of torturing her asshole so they said it was time for class, One girl told the leader that she needed to punish her new toy for not telling her the truth. The leader agreed and told one girl to take the enema bag she had and go put ice water in it.

The lady came back with the bag full off ice water and the mistress forced Lynn to bend over and touch her toes while they emptied the contents in her ass. Lynn's ass was filled full and the women then put a butt plug in Lynn so she couldn't relieve herself. They told Lynn to come back to the locker room the last class of the day.



Lynn was finally free from the girls but her stomach hurt from the cramps all day. So she couldn't concentrate on anything until she relieved herself. Lynn then went to class and thought about what these women would do to her.

A few hours later she went into the classroom where the teacher was at when the mistress walked in and went to the teacher's desk. She saw the expression in the teacher's eyes. The teacher then told everyone that she would be back; she said she had to take the student to the principal's office to have a meeting. The teacher then got up and followed the mistress out the door. As they got out the door the mistress pinned her teacher against the wall outside the door and then she grabbed her teacher's nipples and yanked hard on both.

She then told the teacher to get in the bathroom, the teacher quickly followed her mistress to the bathroom and she was forced in the last stall and told to take off her dress and lay it over the stall and was told to stand on the toilet and squat so she could have access to her pussy. The mistress then reached between her teacher's legs and grabbed the tampon that she had in her pussy and pulled it out and it was all soaking wet with her blood. She then told her teacher to beg and told her to stick her tongue out to accept the tampon.

The mistress put the tampon in her mouth and told her to clean it by the time she was done cleaning her pussy. The teacher didn't know what she was going to do until she seen the toilet brush come up to her pussy. The mistress then aimed the bristles right into her pussy and brushed her pussy real hard. She could hear that the teacher was in some pain by the moans the teacher was doing. She was pleased what she was doing. When she got done with her pussy she had the teacher then grab the toilet plunger that was beside the toilet and she had her put it in the toilet and the handle was sticking out of the toilet.

The mistress then grabbed a small whip from her purse and she told her to fuck the toilet plunger in her ass. The teacher reached under her ass and guided the plunger in her asshole while her mistress whipped her tits. The teacher was forced down on the plunger 8 inches and the mistress wanted her to take more. So she hit each tit harder, finally the teacher was almost 11 inches on it and she could see the face of the teacher was in a lot of pain.

Lynn was still sitting in the classroom with her cramps and was hoping the class to be over faster then it was going. A few minutes later the teacher and the student came back and she could see the teacher was not walking straight. Thirty minutes later the class was over. Lynn walked slowly to her locker and opened it when all of a sudden one of the girl's in the gang came behind her and squeezed her stomach. She moaned in pain when the lady then grabbed the dildo in her ass and forced it farther in her ass. Lynn looked at her and begged to stop. The lady then said what are you going to do for me if I stop. Lynn couldn't think of anything at the moment. Because she was so distracted from the pain. Well class was almost over for the day and it was now the last class of the day. Lynn was happy because it was now time to go see the leader and the gang to get relief of the enema.



Lynn went down to the locker room to get relief from her enema, when she walked in she seen the gang over against the wall waiting for her to get there. They told Lynn to get her clothes off so they could inspect her body. Lynn quickly did as she was told and took off all her clothes.

The leader looked at Lynn's eyes as she was pleading with her eyes to be relieved of the pain. The leader then grabbed her nipples and told her that she will never lie to her again when she was asked questions. Then she told her to get over to the toilet and pull out the dildo and insert it in her mouth while she was relieving herself. Lynn did not even complain she did as she was told. She pulled out the dildo and inserted it in her mouth and sat on the toilet.

After she was done one of the girls picked up her clothes as they put a collar and a leash on her neck. The leader then pulled the leash as they left the locker room. Lynn was so embarrassed because she was being led in public completely nude and she has never let any guys or women see her nude in public.

The leader led her new slave to the front door where her little black bitch was supposed to be waiting. As they got closer to the door she could see past the leader and she seen the black girl there holding her books. The leader of the group of women then told one of the girls to go get the jeep and another to get the car. These women were going to embarrass the sluts by driving to this bar.

The leader then told the little black girl to take off her clothes right there. The little girl then quickly did as she was told and took off all her clothes. As she was taking off her clothes one of the girls would grab her ass and another would pinch her nipple. She would just quench in pain but would go on finishing taking off her clothes. The leader then grabbed another collar and put it on the little black girl and connected the leash.

The leader then led both girls by their leash to the jeep and told the girls to get in the back and stand up by the roll bar. As each girl was getting into the jeep one of the other girls would spank their ass with her hand to leave nice handprints. Then the leader of the gang got in the front of the jeep and told the girls to stand by the roll bar and then she told each girl that they were suppose to squat during the whole trip to the bar and the women did agree.

The women then tied each girl's hands to the ends of the bar so they couldn't defend themselves. One mistress then got some nipple clips with strings attached and clamped the nipples but the strings were over the bar and the leader then attached some weights to each nipple. The girls both knew that in the jeep with the suspension it had, they knew they would have sensitive nipples by the time they reached the bar because of all the bouncing they were going to be doing.

The girls squatted and had to keep their legs wide open for inspection or for their mistresses to play with their pussies. The leader had one of the other girls drive the jeep while she tenderized her little pussies and asses. The leader first grabbed the little black girl's nipple strings and pulled hard so she would feel the sharp pain in each tit. Then she reached over and put her finger in Lynn's pussy.



At the touch of the leader of the gang touching her pussy, Lynn got seriously wet and everyone in the jeep knew it. She then stuck several fingers in her pussy and Lynn was moaning with each thrust. The little black girl was watching Lynn enjoy her probing. Down the highway these women were driving and the leader had Lynn humping three fingers now and they knew she was ready for what about to happen.

The leader then focused her attention on the little black girl's pussy and started forcing her fingers in one at a time. She was tighter then Lynn was because she wasn't sexually active like Lynn liked to do. By the time the jeep got to the bar both girl's pussies were wet and both women were so excited because the leader and the other girls would let them cum.

The ladies pulled up to the bar front door and the leader and another girl got out and went into the bar. They went into the bar to get the drunk guys all rowdy by the time they let the girls in the bar. The leader told the men that there were some women coming in the bar that called the men losers, scum, and wastes of dicks. This got the men all excited and they were going to make the women pay for their mouths.

The leader told the men she didn't think any man it that place could put these women in their spots on their knees begging for them to treat them like whores.

At that moment the leader went out to the jeep and pulled the girls off the back and into the bar with their clamps still attached to their nipples. The guys seen the women were naked and they all talked about fucking each girls brains out.

Lynn and the little black girl raised their heads and looked around the bar and seen it was a bunch of Mexican men and some black men playing pool. The leader of the gang then told the guys they have till midnight to fuck the brains out of the women and show them who is boss of their pussies.

The leader took the little black girl to the Mexican men and told them to do what they wanted to her. The little black girl knew that she was in trouble because the men then grabbed her collar and forced her to bend over the table. They then tied her hands and legs to each table leg and then each man got down to business on fucking her. Several guys would get their chance each time. The first Mexican guy pulled his pants down and stuck his dick right in her already wet pussy and both started moaning very fast. The other Mexican said she had three holes and he was going to get his rod ready so he stuck it in her mouth. He told her that after his friend was done he was going to fuck her asshole raw.

The first Mexican took 10 minutes to cum the first time and then the other pulled his dick out of her mouth and went right to her ass and spread it wide. He stuck it right in and she screamed bloody murder.

As the black girl was getting her ass and pussy fucked bloody raw, Lynn on the other hand was given to the black men to take care of her



Lynn was led over to the pool tables where the black men were at and her leash was given to this big black guy winning the pool table. The guy then made Lynn get on the pool table and do a table dance for the guys. As she was dancing around the nipple weights were tenderizing her nipples. A few minutes later one of the guys got very horny and told her to turn around and stick her ass out and the guy grabbed a cue stick and put the tip right up to her ass and he told her to fuck the stick and stick it as far in her pussy as she could. Lynn was already very excited and knew the stick would slip right in.

Lynn then slowly guided the stick deeper into her pussy and started humping it, she got six inches in and she was going to town when the guys got angry and said she wasn't doing it sexy enough for them so one guy pulled her down and each of the black men had forced her ass over the pool table and the took turns fucking her very roughly against the table.

The little black girl did her men several times already and they were not happy with her movement of fucking so they tied her over a chair and had her ass accessible to them. They tied her feet and hands down to each leg of the chair. She was totally at their mercy. One Mexican guy then got behind her ass and took off his belt and hit her ass twenty times in rhythm. She was crying and begging that she will do better and please all the men.

One guy said he had some things out in his car; he went out to the car and came back in with a battery charger. The little black girl screamed and pleaded with the men and promised to do anything they wanted. One guy then spread the little black girl's legs as wide as they could to watch the show that was about to happen to her little pussy. The guy with the battery charger the sat the charger on the floor and went and plugged in the charger to the electric socket. One other guy then got some water and sprinkled it all around her little pussy. Then the battery charger guy grabbed the negative terminal connector and attached it to her pussy lip, and she screamed from the pinch on her lip. He then grabbed the positive terminal connector and attached it to her other pussy lip.

Now she was set for the fun of the guys and she couldn't move at all. The guy then asks if everyone is ready for her to jump around. The Mexican then reached over and turned on the switch, the little black girl screamed the top of her lungs and tried to jump away from the pain in her pussy. All the guys were laughing at her and they also decided that she will at all times please each of us without any problems. The Mexican men did the battery jump on the girl for 10 more minutes before they quit. She was now exhausted from the pain and the strain she was put through.

Back at the pool table the guys were getting bored of fucking their slave but they had to do better then the battery charger thing on the black girl.

One black guy had a great idea and he tied Lynn to where her ass was in a corner pocket of the pool table and the guys tied her feet to the side pocket of one pocket and the other foot to the other corner pocket. Now she was tied spread eagle on the pool table and her pussy was accessible to everyone.



Then one guy tied her hands and arms behind her and to the ceiling and tied them off so she was now bent forward over the table. One guy then went and got some strings and tied it to each of her nipples and tied the strings off to the opposite end of the table. So now she was totally vulnerable and she couldn't move. If she tried to pull backwards her nipples would be pulled to the max.

Then the guys said there was going to be a challenge. Who ever would hit Lynn's pussy the most and get the loudest screams from her they would get to fuck her asshole. Five guys took the challenge and each guy also put a bet of a $100 each. So the winner of the contest would get to fuck her ass and get the five hundred dollars.

The first guy got up to the table when one of the guys said they should blindfold the bitch so she doesn't know when the shot would strike her pussy. Everyone agreed about that. The man chalked his cue stick and another guy teased Lynn by putting his hand down to her pussy and finger flicking her clit. Lynn quickly chirped and jumped when the pain hit her pussy, but then when she jumped the pain was also in her nipples. So no matter what she did she was going to be in constant pain.

The first guy then took his first shot and it hit directly right on he outer pussy lips and she screamed and quickly jerked back and dam near pulled off her nipples. She was in severe pain and that was only the first guy. The next guy got the pool stick and he was more stocky built so when he hit shot that directly hit her clit and pussy she screamed out and then passed out from the pain.

Back at the little black girl the men then decided that she needed to be cleaned out one guy brought a six back of long neck bottles and opened each one up and one guy told another to let her hands free so she could assist keeping her ass cheeks spread open. The guy freed her hands, and the guy behind her yelled at her to reach behind and spread her ass cheeks apart for her beer enema. She slowly reached behind when all of a sudden the battery charger guy turned on the charger and gave a quick jolt of electricity to her pussy.

The black girl then reached back and did exactly as she was told. The guy behind her ass then told her that he wants her asshole spread wider. He tells the other guys that these bottles were wide necks. She knew she was in pain from the pulling of her cheeks, when all of a sudden she felt the cold beer filling her asshole. This position she was in she had no chance to refuse anything these guys wanted to do to her.

After they had emptied four beer bottles in her ass, she was then told that if a drop was spilled she would be permanently attached to a corner of the bar and every man and woman would use her for their pleasures and enjoyment. And she would not be pleased ever again.

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