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Synopsis: A fictional account of how a female executive who attempts to divulge the wrong doings of her employer is brought to heel by senior management. Kidnapped, savagely raped and tortured then forced to watch and abet the gang rape of her daughter are among the steps taken to foster company loyalty.

Chapter 1

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"How do we know for sure they will give you the account," said Barbara Tuchman as she started to unbutton her blouse.

"They'll do it, quit worrying. These are stand up guys, the kind that if they say it will happen it will happen," said Tom her husband a tone of exasperation creeping into his voice.

"And you'll get the promotion and a bonus, Simon won't give it to that cunt Martha Dyer for sucking his dick," said Barbara.

Simon Kale was Tom's boss at Merrill Lynch. Martha was another M-L financial consultant that was competing with Tom for promotion. Martha and Simon had recently been seen together entering the downtown Houston Sheraton.

"For the one hundredth time, Merrill has been desperate to get some Enron business for the last decade. Enron is the hottest company in America. The fact that Merrill has never landed a single dime of their money is a serious black eye for the Houston office. If we do this, Andy will give me an $85million deal. My bonus will be over a $300k. I'll be promoted for certain. I don't care if Martha has been sucking Simon dry ever day for the last year. We'll put a down payment on a custom home in Patterson Estates with a lot right on the golf course. We can join the country club. You know how much you like to golf."

"All right, I guess I just need to hear it again," said Barbara dropping her skirt to the floor.

I won't have to play at that lousy public course with all those stupid housewives whose husbands are going nowhere thought Barbara. I can really concentrate on my game maybe join the LPGA. At twenty-four, I'm still young enough to do it. And with my looks and figure I can grab major endorsements and make real money. I better quit worrying Tom. He has enough on his mind. After all, its not the first time I've traded sex for something I wanted. All women do it in one way or another. Still I wish it were only one at a time. I've never done it with more than one man except that once during spring break in Cancun. That was wild.

As Barbara slid her panties down her thighs, she recalled that night when she won the wet tee shirt contest. It was her junior year. She and Tom were dating but hadn't gotten serious. He hadn't been able to go to Cancun. He was in Lubbock helping his dad with the ranch.

Her best friend Mary Beth had come in second. The two of them had stood on stage bare breasted in thong bikinis making out while the crowd went wild. Afterwards, Barbara had passed out from too many tequila shots.

The bastards took me into a back room and gang banged me recalled Barbara. Mary Beth said she lost count of how many guys screwed me. The cunt was too busy sucking cock to watch out for me. Shit, my pussy was sore as a boil for days.

They say that the LPGA Tour is one continuous party ending with the Ladies Open in Palm Springs. I've heard stories about what goes on there. I need to have my fun while I'm young enough to enjoy it.

Barbara had been captain of the women's golf team at the University of Texas. Her coach said she had the potential to go professional. But after graduation she'd had to put off her plans and get a job to support them while Tom finished his MBA.

"We're a team honey, a team that's going far," said Tom taking his wife in his arms. He reached around and unsnapped her bra then pulled it off. "These guys get one look at these gorgeous titties and they will be pressing money in my hands. This is just the start. The Tuchman's are headed to the top."

"You're right. I'm being a really ninny. I'm just a tiny bit worried that your watching me with the three of them might cause you to loose respect for me."

"Now you're being silly. We've discussed all this before. Didn't we agree before we got married that fidelity was not as important as success. Sweetheart, our first priority is making it, becoming somebody that other people point to and say, 'That's Tom and Barbara Tuchman. There's Houston's power couple.' Remember that talk we had when I asked you to marry me."

"Again, you're right. I'll shut up. But so I don't mess up. Go over the arrangements one more time."

"We undress and put on those robes hanging over there. When we hear the buzzer, we slip these bags over our heads. The driver will come in and take us to the limo. That's so we can't see where they are driving us. The rumor I've heard is that it's a very exclusive club where the movers and shakers of southeast Texas meet for a little fun."

"Of the S&M variety?"

"Yes, but that's nothing we haven't done before. Your safe word is, 'Raptor' and mine is "Pterodactyl'. Andy promised it would be S&M lyte."

"No marks or cuts."

"Maybe just a little red bottom. You can handle that," said Tom reaching down to cradle his wife's bottom. "After this is over, I am going to be so horny for you."

"And we'll be back here in four hours."

"Yes, although I don't want to put a stop watch on them. Just relax and enjoy it. You do at home when we play."

"I'll do my very best. I promise."

"Good now finish getting undressed. He'll be here soon."


"God how I love the smell of burning pussy in the morning," said Ken paraphrasing a quote from one of his favorite films.

"The look on her face when Andy pulled that branding iron out of the coals. It was priceless," said Jeffrey laughing.

It was 7:15AM the next morning. Jeffrey, Ken, and Andy were seated in a Denny's on Westheimer enjoying breakfast.

"I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she visits her pussy doctor. What could you possibly say to explain how you got the Enron logo branded on your cunt lips," said Ken.

"I accidentally sat on a branding iron," said Andy.

"Or I didn't know that was there. I wonder who did it," said Jeffrey.

"I was born with it," said Ken. "They're birthmarks."

"I made so much money on the stock, I wanted to show my appreciation," said Andy.

"She was a real looker, at least she was until last night," said Ken.

"Miss Texas, second runner up in the Miss America Pageant," said Andy. "Bitch is a scratch golfer too."

"What did she marry that loser for?" said Jeffrey.

"She's pretty but not that smart. Tom Tuchman was a big man on campus at Austin, President of Sigma Chi, head of the Young Republicans and somebody that everyone thought would make it quickly into the big time. He's just done a so-so job at Merrill-Lynch. College isn't the real world you know," said Andy.

"So where did you meet him and the missus?" asked Ken.

"Charity gala for Big Brothers of America. He'd made several not very impressive sales pitches. I had just about told him to get lost but then I got a look at Barbara all decked out in a dress that showed those big knockers. I could tell right away they were both hungry, hungry enough to go the distance. I played it real cool. When Tom told me he would do anything to get some of our business. I asked if that included his wife. He took a big gulp and said yes it did," said Andy.

"Willing to trade his wife's piece for a piece of out business, I can respect that," said Jeffrey. "So what is he going to get?"

"$120million Raptor deal, that should do it for now," said Andy.

"Why did the cunt keep yelling, 'Raptor,' over and over again?" asked Ken.

"She was under the mistaken impression that it was her safe word,' said Andy.

"I can guess who was responsible for that," laughed Jeffrey.

"Her ass was tight. Emphasis on the word was," said Ken.

"She and hubby can stop at Walgreen on the way home and buy a package of Depends," said Jeffrey.

"Andy, what was that thing called you stuck up her ass after we butt fucked her?" asked Ken.

"The Pear, it was invented by the Inquisition in the fourteen hundreds," said Andy.

"She sure did scream when you cranked her open," said Jeffrey. "Bitch ain't going to shit right for a month."

While we are on the topic of fun with females, is everything all set for that little problem in your area?" asked Jeffrey.

"By next Monday morning that ungrateful traitorous cunt will be the most dedicated and loyal employee on the payroll," said Andy.

"Where are you going to take her?" asked Ken.

"The ranch for the time of her life. Everything is planned right down to her last scream.


"I'm going to be sick again," said Barbara reaching for a nearby trash can to throw up in. It was early morning and Tom and she were back where they started. On the drive back they'd had to stop the limo twice to let Barbara vomit. They'd been given strict orders not to take the hoods off until they returned but Barbara was nauseated and she had offered the limo driver a choice of letting her puke by the side of the road or cleaning the vomit out of his backseat. He'd quickly pulled over.

"I hope you didn't ruin the deal by taking your hood off before we got back. Andy was pretty specific about that," said Tom.

"I was sick God damn it. Sick from drinking piss and swallowing dog cum. Some of the piss was yours. You seemed to enjoy adding your peepee to the pitcher"

"Like I had a choice. They had my nuts in a vise.

"I'd never tasted urine before. It's god awful."

"As soon as we get home, I'll get you something for your tummy. You can go to bed and stay there until you feel better."

"What are you going to do about this?" said Barbara removing a compact from her purse and using it to look between her legs.

"It's hideous," cried Barbara breaking into sobs as she spread her legs and used her hand to carefully part her labia. There was a large circular brand that was clearly the Enron logo burnt into the flesh on the inner side of each labium. "Oh God it hurts."

"We've got some Vicodin in the medicine cabinet. You can take two of them."

"And what happens when I go to Doctor Blevins. I've got an appointment for a Pap smear next week. How do I explain this?" said Barbara holding her labia gingerly apart to inspect her burnt flesh.

"We'll have to think of something," said Tom. "They got carried away. Maybe you can go to a plastic surgeon and have him remove it."

"That would cost a fortune."

"I said I'll think of something," said Tom who had finished dressing. Barbara was sitting on a bench not moving or making any attempt to put her clothes on. "Here, let me help you get dressed."

"No underwear, my boobs and pussy are too sore. God I can't bear to touch myself down there. That wedge thing was pure torture. I'll be sore for a month."

"It was much worse than I thought it was going to be," said Tom. Straddling a wedge was only one of the many tortures they had both been subjected to. The area from his scrotum to his asshole was so painful he was having trouble walking.

"God I need to shower and douche. What kind of a dogs were those anyway?" said Barbara removing her hand from between her legs. Her hand was coated with a milky liquid.


"I never saw a dog with that big a prick. It felt like he was splitting me in two. What did they say about the video they shot?"

"Just that it was an insurance policy in case we decided to go to the police. Andy offered to send me a copy."

"What did you say?"

"I told him to send it."

"So you and your perverted friends can sit around jerking off watching your wife suck and fuck a dog. You're sick, Tom Tuchman."

"Barbara, you know I only asked for a copy so I know what its contains. None of our friends will ever see that. Getting a copy is just being smart. I admit they took advantage of the situation and acted like bastards. I take full responsibility for that. I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about it."

"How does my back look?" said Barbara turning her back toward Tom. It was covered with a combination of raised whelps and whip cuts.

"I'll put some ointment on it as soon as we get home," said Tom.

"It's that bad, huh?"

"Nothing that will not heal."

"Motherfucker," spat Barbara.

"I'm not going to fight with you," said Tom. "They worked on me pretty good too."

"Yeah, I watched poor little Tom take it up the ass. Fuck me harder, Andy. Use my manpussy, Jeffrey. Ken, blow your load on my tongue," mimicked Barbara.

"I was just doing what I had to. You seemed to enjoy it when they were screwing you in all three holes," said Tom.

"Queer, faggot, you fucking loved it. You must be sucking somebody's cock because you went at it like a pro. Who have you been queering around with? It's Kevin. That's why Kevin and you are always together."

"Barbara, you're upset and understandably so. You're saying things you don't mean and will be sorry for later," said Tom trying to calm the situation down. "Here, let's finish dressing and get out of here. Things will look different after you've had some sleep. If you feel up to it, tomorrow, we'll drive out to Patterson Estates and pick out a lot."

Chapter 2

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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"TGIF," whispered Katie Parker to her empty corner office. I'm going to take Saturday off for a change she thought. Maybe just do a little work at home. Or hang around the pool and seduce the pool boy thought Katie laughingly before she reminded herself that Salvador was only nineteen and she had to banish those kind of thoughts from her head before she made a fool out of herself.

Get a grip, Katherine Parker she admonished herself. You're forty-one years old. Keep your mind out of the gutter and your knees together. Lately, I've had sex on the brain. It must be a hormone imbalance. My period has become irregular. Old girl you are heading into menopause and your glands are demanding a final fling.

Last night for the first time in months, Katie had given in to her desires and masturbated. The sound of the neighbor's car alarm had awakened her. She hadn't been able to get back to sleep after it was turned off. Why not thought Katie as she pulled up the hem of her nightgown and put her hand on her sex. I used to masturbate all the time. It was part of my nightly ritual. I'd get myself off then sleep like a baby.

She took the oversized vibrating dildo the women in her department had given her as a gag birthday gift. She inserted fresh batteries and twisted the cap to switch it on. Katie squeezed some K-Y Warming Jelly on her fingers then smeared it over the end of the dildo.

"Oh that feels fine," whispered Katie to the dark as she used her fingers to apply some of the warming jelly to her clit. "Just like Salvador's hot Latin mouth when he goes down on me."

Katie twisted the base of the dildo to start the vibrator.

"That's it," moaned Katie as touched the tip of the dildo against her clit enjoying the sensation created by the vibrating latex against her love button.

At least my clit still works realized Katie. And I know what would feel even better. Katie opened the nightstand drawer again to remove a much smaller hard plastic vibrator. She flipped the switch to ON then worked the tip of the smaller vibrator around her button as she pressed the lifelike head of the other dildo into her vaginal opening. She gasped as she pushed the large head into her opening fantasizing her lover's cock was forcing her passage. Katie kicked the covers off and raised her legs for easier access to her sex.

"Oh that's more like it," Katie whispered in the dark. "Who needs a man when you got marital aids and fresh batteries?" Katie groaned as the dildo slipped several inches into her vagina. "Just pretend it's a hard cock and some unknown stud is going to fuck your brains out."

There's nothing wrong with masturbating reasoned Katie as she pressed the tip of the vibrator hard against the base of her clit. In fact it's a good thing because it helps me to maintain control. Katie sighed then melted down into her bed spreading her legs wider and bending her knees. In fact, the pamphlet that Doctor Gibbons gave me after my last Pap smear said it was healthy, especially for a pre-menopausal female who is not having frequent sexual intercourse. Frequent, how about never? Well at least not in years admitted Katie.

It wasn't long before Katie experienced an orgasm causing her to writhe back and forth across her bed.

"Well, old girl, you can still pump out lube like a stripper well," whispered Katie as she felt how she had coated her thighs with glandular secretions. After that she had fallen sound asleep until her alarm sounded at 6:30AM.

But I need to stop fantasizing about Salvador decided Katie as she looked out over the city of Houston. Her corner office in Enron Center had a terrific view of the Houston skyline. I won't allow myself to get carried away and do something stupid. He's a handsome virile young man helping his father during school vacation. I'll keep busy elsewhere when he's cleaning the pool. There won't be a repeat of last week.

That brought to Katie the image of Salvador sweating in the hot Houston sun skimming the leaves out of her pool. Katie had been home the previous Sunday afternoon and watched from the kitchen window as Salvador clad only in a pair of cutoffs checked the chlorine level. She pictured herself kneeling before him sliding her tongue up his hard muscular thighs. One hand unfastened the brass snap in the waistband as the other unzipped his fly. His cock was already hard as she freed it from the cutoffs. Her hands clutched his muscular buttocks as she took his manhood in her mouth. The smell of his crotch acted as an aphrodisiac exciting Katie. After she'd licked his balls and tickled his anus with her index finger, he'd carried her to a nearby chaise where he'd kissed her lips and breasts as he removed her bathing suit. Katie pictured herself lying there with her legs spread offering her sex to the boy.

"Salvador, take me and use me," she mouthed to the kitchen window.

Embarrassed by such behavior, she'd shaken off those thoughts and retreated to her home office to work.

After last night, it's no wonder I've got sex on the brain. The next time the girls in the office invite me to go with them, I'm going to cancel. I'll tell them I have a headache. Last night had been girl's night out for her group. They'd gone out after work for drinks at the Houston Gentlemen's Club on Westheimer Blvd. The women always surprised Katie with how freely they talked about sex. Did they watch anything on television other than Sex and the City?

Brenda, the buxom red head in Cash Accounting shocked Katie by describing how she liked to roam the dance clubs on weekends picking up different men and taking them home for sex. Brenda had openly expressed a preference for threesomes and something she referred to as 'sandwich fucks'.

"One cock is great but two are even better," was how Brenda expressed it.

The employees decided at the last minute to go to club to watch male strippers. Thursday night was ladies only night at the Houston's Gentlemen's Club. Katie as management felt she had to go along to show she was a good sport. After several drinks the women including Katie loosened up and became rowdier. Katie had changed a twenty into singles. She enjoyed herself tucking the bills into the waistbands of the men's briefs. One of them had playfully grabbed her wrist and pushed it down his front touching his cock. Katie had shrieked in amused embarrassment as her hand came in contact with his manhood.

Later, she was seated at the edge of the dance floor when she looked up to find a young Hispanic boy gyrating his hips to the music. He reminded her of Salvador. The tight Spandex thong he was wearing clearly outlined his large cock. Katie was mesmerized by the presence of his cock only inches from her face. The other women were laughing and giggling as he moved even closer brushing that bulge across her cheek. I wish he would rip my clothes off and fuck me right here on the floor thought Katie.

Right before they left she noticed Brenda talking with the Hispanic dancer. As everyone was walking out, Brenda had pressed a business card in Katie's hands.

"Reynaldo charges $100 an hour but he's worth it. At least that's what my sister Wanda, says," whispered Brenda.

"Your sister's married," replied Katie. She knew Wanda. Wanda had worked for Katie until recently when she left to have a baby. Katie had been to Wanda and Cole's wedding.

"Wanda likes variety. You should give him a try. All work and no play makes for a lousy life," said Brenda.

"Thanks," muttered Katie not knowing what to say.

When Katie got home, she'd put the card in the trash. Later she'd had second thoughts and taken it out and put it in her desk drawer. When did I get to be such a prude Katie scolded herself? When I was in college, I was wild and slept around. I even participated into some group gropes at those fraternity parties when we got high and took our clothes off to play naked Twister. One night Mary Sewell and I got drunk and ate each other while everybody watched. Now I've become a middle-aged prude whose only lover is Enron. Maybe just maybe I should call Reynaldo and have him stop by and screw me.

At the club Katie had gotten a little drunk from two cosmopolitans and a tequila shot. She tumbled into bed as soon as she got home and slept soundly until her neighbor's car woke her.

What had bothered her about last night was that just as she reached her climax, she realized she was repeating, "Salvador, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me," as she plunged the large dildo into her cunt. "Salvador, stick your dick up my ass," she cried as she put the tip of the smaller vibrator just inside her anus.

That next morning a chastened Katie had promised herself she would banish those sexual thoughts and laser focus on her career and family responsibilities.

Katie was a full vice president in Enron's Accounting Department. She supervised a staff of over eighty professionals. Her hours were long and the demands of the job left almost no time for a social life. She worked half a day most Saturdays, often all day. It wasn't uncommon that Katie and other members of the senior accounting staff were in work on Sundays. But it was the end of the first quarter; taxes and financial reports were finished and filed with the SEC. It was customary that the Accounting Department executives took a little breather after weeks of twelve-hour days. Katie knew, based on her three years at Enron, that things would quickly get busy again. There was a dizzying pace at the company but the work was challenging and one thing you could say that unlike her previous employer, Arthur Anderson, it was never dull.

Katie smiled at the pictures of Beth Ann on her desk. She was definitely growing up, eighteen in three months, all happening too fast Katie reflected. I sometimes wish she could stay my little girl forever. She looks like her father thought Katie and that's a good thing. Ellis might have been an irresponsible prick but he was damn good looking, too good looking considering the way women were attracted to him. I wonder where that bastard is. Katie's husband and Beth Ann's father had moved out right after Beth Ann was born. Katie came home one day and found a note stating, "Married life and kids are not for me". He disappeared without a trace. Before he left, he emptied their checking and saving accounts. Katie was forced to borrow money from her parents to feed the baby. Katie had never heard from Ellis again. Good riddance she concluded years ago.

Raising Beth Ann as a single parent had not been easy; but Beth Ann would be a high school senior next school year and off to college after that. She's a good girl, one a mother can be proud of thought Katie. No drugs, no trouble with the law, very studious, I'm lucky. And some young boy is going to be lucky when he gets Beth Ann.

Although sometimes I wish she was just a little less of a good girl. Katie's feeling about Beth Ann's membership in Not Me Now was ambivalent. Katie had lost her virginity when she was fifteen when she was a sophomore in high school. Her date to the prom had gotten her drunk and taken her virginity when she passed out. After that Katie had sex on a regular basis with whomever she was dating. It might be better if Beth Ann had some practical sexual experiences before her wedding night though Katie. But Beth Ann was adamant and it did not seem to be a position one could argue with. How you tell you daughter it might be better to get laid a few times so you know which end is up on your wedding night was a question Katie was not prepared to answer.

It would be nice if I had a man in my life but I lived without one for the last sixteen years and I can probably last another sixteen thought Katie. Katie decided many years ago that between her job and her daughter, there was no time for a relationship. Katie was certainly attractive enough to snare a man; but it was a question of priorities. Still it would be exciting to have a steady beau especially on weekends like this when Beth Ann was invited by the Roberson's to go to the lake. The Roberson's daughter, Cheryl, was Beth Ann's best friend and the girls had been looking forward to spending the weekend at the Roberson's lakefront home. They planned to water ski every day. Cheryl's father, Matt Roberson worked at Enron as VP of the Human Resources Department. Katie would be alone all weekend for the first time in a long time. Might as well get used to being by myself. Beth Ann was hoping to attend college back east in the Ivy League.

Katie's mood darkened when she thought about what she had done exactly four weeks ago tomorrow. She wondered why her letter to the SEC had not produced at least a minor blowup. Andy Fastow, Enron's CFO and Katie's boss, looked like he hadn't a worry in the world. Katie thought about how she had arrived at her decision to post a detailed statement outlining exactly what was devious, wrong, misleading and outright illegal with Enron's use of off shore financial entities to overstate the company's profits. Of course, she had sent it anonymously. She had even worn latex gloves to print the letter and prepare the envelope. Enron's senior management could be amazingly aggressive in searching out employees who tried to secretly double-cross management. Katie didn't want her fingerprints on that letter. Anyone who openly questioned what Andy was doing, quickly found themselves unemployed.

With Beth Ann starting to college in less than two years and tuition in the stratosphere, Katie needed her job. The pay and bonuses from Enron would be hard to match anywhere else. Katie had not easily arrived at her decision to rat out her CFO to the SEC. She had spent hours of her own time reviewing documentation of the several hundred incredibly complex off shore deals that Andy had fashioned. She kept trying to convince herself they were sound business deals in the company's interests. But, ultimately there were only two conclusions that any person knowledgeable in corporate finance could reach. One was that Andrew and his wife Lea were personally benefiting from the agreements and secondly that that the agreements were being used to vastly overstate Enron's profits.

Katie had told herself she was motivated by company loyalty. She loved her job and considered Enron a great place to work. Why would I let that bastard screw it up? He can destroy Enron with his actions. Investors and lenders would walk away leaving the company in bankruptcy if they knew half of what was going on here. Katie had considered going to the CEO, Jeffrey Skilling or maybe even Kenneth Lay, the Chairman, but every time she saw them together with Andy, they treated each other like a band of brothers. Skilling or Lay would probably assume that Katie was just a disgruntled employee, pissed off because they didn't like the size of their bonus or passed over for promotion.

Still it had been four weeks, since she had dropped the letter in the mail to the SEC and nothing had happened. Katie rationalized that the SEC was a government agency and it would take them forever to react. Katie had been careful about the letter. She had driven almost 100 miles out of Houston to post the letter from a small rural post office. She was certain there was no way they could trace it back to her. There were over 1400 employees in Enron's Accounting Department. Any of them could have sent it or for that matter, the whistle blower could even be an Arthur Andersen employee or maybe one of the myriad consultants running around Enron Center.

Katie told herself to relax and enjoy the weekend. She planned to spend Saturday shopping and maybe ever have her hair restyled. There was a new day spa at the mall near her home. Maybe she would treat herself to a half day of pampering including a massage and a manicure. Perhaps I'll buy a new bathing suit and relax around the pool. Salvador will be there. My God Katie Parker stop it thought Katie. I'll just take it easy tonight and really enjoy myself tomorrow. I'll go to a movie in the afternoon and not even be there when Salvador arrives.

Out of habit, Katie threw some work in her briefcase and headed toward her reserved parking place in the garage underneath Enron Center. The garage was nearly empty. It was after 8:00. Katie had stayed late to create an analysis that Andy said he had to have for a Saturday meeting. Andy had sprung this on her at the last minute. She was lucky she had all the necessary raw data; all she had to do was feed it into the analytical model she used for calculating the profit/loss of each subsidiary.

Strange thought Katie as she approached her car. Instead of Karl Butcher's Lexus parked beside her Audi, there was a white panel truck. Although this was the area of the garage where spaces were reserved for VPs and above, things were less restrictive after office hours. Maybe Karl sold the Lexus and bought a truck. Not likely thought Katie. He was always telling her what a terrific car the Lexus was and that she should trade her Audi in for a new SC430 sports coupe.

As Katie reached down to open her car door she heard the side door of the panel truck slide open behind her. Startled, Katie began to turn when she heard a popping sound and felt a sharp jab in the back of her neck. Almost instantly, her vision blurred and she felt herself falling. Before she could hit the ground, someone grabbed her from behind. Everything went black as something covered her head. Her last memory was being lifted into the panel truck and hearing the large door sliding closed. She heard someone say, "There's her purse and keys. Let's go."

Chapter 3

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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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Oh God what's happened to me thought Katie as she slowly returned to consciousness? I feel awful. Don't panic. Stay calm. Deep breathes.

Where the fuck am I? Ugh, my mouth feels like it's full of cotton. And my arms are killing me. I was leaving work, in the parking garage, and getting into my car when someone came up behind me. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed. They mist have drugged me.

It took several minutes for the dizziness to clear enough for her to focus her thoughts. Katie still felt drugged and nauseated.

Something's wrong with my eyes. I'm blind thought Katie panicking as she opened her eyes but couldn't see.

Seconds later she realized her eyes were covered with something. She could feel tape wrapped around her head and something soft, maybe cotton, covering her eyes. There was some sort of cloth bag covering her head. She could feel the bag's drawstring around her neck. It was hot inside the bag and she was perspiring.

I'm hanging by my arms realized Katie. That's what was causing all the pain.

The pain in her shoulders was numbing her brain. Katie sensed that her feet were barely touching the floor. Her back was scraping against what felt like a masonry wall. Katie struggled to adjust her stance transferring her weight from arms to feet. Straps attached to her ankles caused her to assume a wide legged stance. Still, standing on her feet brought enough relief to Katie's body that her mind began to function. As the mental fog cleared her emotions changed quickly to fear.

Jesus thought Katie I'm chained up naked to a wall. There's not a stitch of clothing on my body. I've been kidnapped. My God, maybe a serial killer or a rapist has kidnapped me. I'll be tortured and killed.

"Help! Anyone! I'm here." Katie called out in a plaintive voice. The thought of being in the control of some horrible demented murderer terrified her. Katie heard a door open and sensed someone entering the room.

"She's awake. Call Andy," a male voice said calling outward as if he was talking to a person in another room.

"Will do," responded an older, deeper male voice.

From the sound, Katie knew that one of the two men had left the room. There was the sound of footsteps as someone walked over and put his hand on her breast.

Katie jumped and yelled, "Don't, I'll scream for help."

"Go ahead, this place is sound proof and in the middle of nowhere. Scream all you want, screaming gets me creaming," said the man laughing quietly at his own word play. "Here, let me take this sack off your head so you can really scream."

Katie felt the drawstring of the cloth sack being loosened then pulled off. She still couldn't see but breathing was easier. She took a deep inhale that was cut short when her assailant placed both his hands on her naked breasts and squeezed them hard.

"Ow, you're hurting me," said Katie.

"Ow is that all I get, what happened to the scream? You promised you would yell your head off. Nice tits," said the voice relaxing his grip then cupping and lifting them. "Cup size?"


"Don't make me walk all the way across the room to look at the tag in your bra, what's your cup size Katie?" He squeezed her nipples hard to emphasize his point.

"36C," said Katie reacting quickly to the man's threatening gesture. Her mind registered the fact that he knew her name. They must have rifled her purse.

"Nice, good shape, real?"


"Are they real, stupid, is this a boob job?"

"Yes, they're real."

"Good, thought so, real is best, those silicone jobs look weird and they're hard as rocks. Nipples, nipples, nipples, how I love to play with nipples," said the voice as he rolled Katie's nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

"Please don't," whimpered the terrified Katie.

"Oh, quit being a wimp. If I was some guy you picked up in bar, you'd be moaning your head off and begging me for this."

His mouth replaced the hand on her left breast. His lips made a sucking sound as they pursed around her nipple and sucked it. Katie could feel the presence of his saliva on her skin. Katie moaned in fear and despair. His hands reached around and cupped her buttocks pulling her pubic region against his groin. She could feel his manhood through his trousers. He rubbed the lump against her pubic region using her cupped buttocks to pull her tight against him.

"That's a good moan. You women are all the same. Love to grind it. My daddy used to say women come in two models: whores and sluts. Now ask me what's the difference?" After speaking the man switched his mouth to Katie's other nipple.

"Stop, please," pleased Katie.

"God there's nothing like sucking on a tit," exclaimed the man. I never got over being breast-fed. My Mom had a great set of jugs when she was young."

"Don't," was all Katie could manage

"What's the difference? You didn't answer my question."

Katie had recently attended a company sponsored woman's self defense class. She recalled that one of the recommendations was to keep the rapists talking. The instructor had cited cases where the woman had actually talked the rapists out of it. Somehow she didn't think that was going to work in her situation.

"I don't know."

"None, get it, none," said the voice. "So which one are you, a whore or a slut?"

"I still don't know," said Katie not wanting anything other than to get away from this horrible man who was sucking on her nipples.

"Based on the way your nips are standing up, I guess you're both. You got big zickers. I'd say two inches across at least. " Katie felt the man's fingers on both sides of her areola making his estimate.

"Yes, whatever you say," said Katie who then groaned as a finger lightly flicked her nipples.

"Let's not patronize our rapist. But, yes it's definitely whatever I say. You tied up, naked and helpless. You're going to get fucked, more than once, deal with it."

"I understand," said Katie.

"Good, now give me a kiss," said the man placing his lips against Katie's.

Katie reacted automatically by clinching her lips shut. The man drew back and hesitated for a moment like he was thinking about something before he spoke

"Lack of cooperation will not be acceptable. See that tool bench across the room. Oh, sorry, you can see anything. Well there's a decent collection of hand tools I could use to make you cooperate. Understand?" said the man whose hands were still kneading Katie's breasts His face was only inches from hers.

"Yes," said Katie.

"There's a ball peen hammer that I could use to smash a couple of your toes against the concrete floor. Oh, that's going to hurt like hell. How about that?'

"Please don't." quailed Katie.

"Or there's a soldering iron that I could plug in and burn little designs in your boobs, maybe a swastika or a pentangle. Leave an ugly scar and hurt like hell. Burns take forever to heal too," said the man.

"No, please, not that."

"Or just a pair of ordinary pliers that I could use to flatten these pink little nipples, maybe even try a little home dentistry, got a tooth that's bothering you?"

"No, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me. I'll cooperate."

"I'll give you another chance. This time you better act like you're kissing Brad Pitt," said the man leaning his lips against Katie's. Driven by fear, she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her against his hardness. Too frightened to resist, she found herself kissing him like they were lovers. His hands massaged her buttocks as their lips met and tongues intertwined.

"I think you're getting the idea. Let's swap some more spit,' said the man kissing Katie with more passion. Once again, Katie found herself unwilling to resist. His remarks about using the tools on her had frightened her into submission.

"Men love rape you know. And so do a lot of women,' said the man.

"I don't," said Katie not wanting to verbally agree to all her captors' sick remarks.

"I read in my wife's Cosmo that the number one sexual fantasy by far of adult females is the rape fantasy. Is it yours?" said the man.

"I don't know. I never thought about it."

"I'll tell you another thing I read. Women who are raped often feel responsible for what happened even though it's not there fault, especially if they cooperate out of fear with their rapist. That's because their fantasizing about rape makes them feel guilty, like it's some sort of wish fulfillment, true or just psychobabble. What's your opinion?"

"I'm not sure. I don't know."

"You don't know much. Do you? Tell you what. I'll come around a year from now and ask you again. You can provide an answer based on experience. Where were we? Yea, you and I were making out just like we were in high school on a first date."

The man pressed his body against Katie kissing her lips and rubbing her breasts. His hands played across her butt cheeks. Katie was too terrified to do anything other than respond. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue. She pursued his tongue with her own. When he moved away for a second, she decided to make a plea.

"Please let me go. I won't go to the police."

The man ignored her plea and took her nipples in his fingers.

"They're nice and pink. I prefer pink. Latinos have these ugly dark brown tits, look like shit. I better you got a pink pussy, too."

"Why are you doing this?" said Katie desperate to find a way to reach the man and somehow establish a human connection.

"It's my job. My boss gave me specific instructions that my partner and I were to bring you here. The boss will be along in a little while. He said we were to entertain you until he arrived. He'll tell you what he has planned."

"Boss, who's your boss?"

"Let's save that as a surprise," said the voice.

Katie squirmed as a hand touched her crotch. Two fingers parted her labia and worked their way across her clitoris toward her vagina. One of the fingers probed her opening pressing slightly inward.

"I bet you're tight," said the voice.

"Please don't. I'm the mother of a teen-age daughter. I've never done anything to you. There's cash and credit cards in my purse. Just take what you want and let me go. I won't tell anyone," said Katie as she felt his the pad of his finger move into the entrance to her vagina and begin a gentle stroking. His thumb was slowly windshield wiping across her clitoris.

"Katie, Katie, Katie, here I am being nice and gentle and you're not appreciating it one bit. Your average rapist would probably beat the shit out of you then ram his cock into your dry cunt to make you scream. But I come on like a nice guy, practicing a little foreplay to make it interesting and you keep on whining. Now take your pick. Mean rapist or nice rapist?"

"Nice rapist," responded Katie realizing he was right. She was helpless. He could be pounding her with his fists. She was in no position to resist.

"Good, you shave your snatch but leave a little rat tail, that's the way I like it. Nice pink nipples, rat-tail pussy hair, it's my lucky day. Bung hole's probably pink too, we'll get around to that later," said the voice. "No cotton pony, when was your last period?"

"A week ago," said Katie.

"You have a strong flow?" said the voice. Katie realized he was enjoying the conversation.

"Normal for me," Katie said.

"Tampons or Maxi-Pad?" asked the voice.

"Maxi-Pads," said Katie.

"I'd figure you for external protection. That snatch of yours has been empty for a long time," said the voice as he pushed a finger just inside the entrance to Katie's vagina. "Ever been screwed while menstruating?"

"No, once, it was a long time ago," said Katie exasperated by the conversation.

"With your husband?" asked the voice.

"Yes," said Katie.

"How was it?"

"Messy, I bled a lot," said Katie. "We put a towel on the bed."

"Of course at your age, you bleed a lot less," said the voice.

"Yes, not as much," said Katie wondering what kind of sick individual she was dealing with.

"Still it would have been fun to pull a bloody Tampon out of your hole and make you suck on it while I fuck you," said the voice whose hands continued to travel over her body feeling her private parts.

"Oh Jesus, let's talk about something else," said Katie.

"Just trying to get to know you Katie, making conversation. I'm seeking to establish a rapport so that in a little while when my cock is inside you it won't be all that anonymous."

"Just don't kill me," whispered Katie.

"I don't think killing is part of the plan," said the voice. "But rape definitely is."

Katie's mind was in turmoil. She was terrified they planned to rape and kill her. She took some comfort from his statement that they did not intend to kill her. The man's fingers were gently stimulating her left breast while his other hand was slowly circling her clitoris creating a host of sensations that were causing confusion in Katie's normally orderly thought processes.

I can't die thought Katie. I can't leave Beth Ann alone. The thought of Beth Ann becoming an orphan panicked her. Katie's parents were dead. She'd have no one to look after her. Beth Ann needs me. I have to do what it takes to survive. If he and the other man want to rape me, I can't stop them. And if I cooperate they're less likely to harm me. With my eyes covered I can't identify them. His fingers are arousing me sexually. I need to stay calm and not panic.

"Look, you can do what you want. I'll cooperate. Just don't hurt me," said Katie. Hadn't the self-defense instructor said that if all else fails, you should go along to avoid a beating and possibly death?

"We already plan to do exactly what we want," said the voice.

"I have a daughter to raise. She needs me," said Katie.

"We know all about you. I've read your dossier. You're an open book, Ms. Katherine Simpson Parker. Both parents are deceased. No brothers or sisters. Married and divorced once, single mom. Forty-two years old. No man in your life. Married to the job. We know about Beth Ann. Rising Senior at Drummond Park High next year, good student, cheerleader, on the swim team, our information is very complete. You're getting wet by the way," said the voice moving a finger to the entrance to Katie's vagina then pushing slightly into the entrance.

"Oh God, please," said Katie forced by her senses to acknowledge that his clitoral stimulation had caused her glands to react.

"Don't get all twisted around just because you find yourself getting a little worked up by a pussy rub. I've seen it happen before. You're not the first female that old Ed has entertained without her consent."

"I don't understand," said Katie sobbing at the humiliation and terrified that her abductor knew so much about her and Beth Ann.

"You will in a while. But until the boss shows up, you're all ours. You might as well relax. Remember the old Chinese proverb: If rape is inevitable, you might as well lay back and enjoy it."

"No, Please don't, please," trying to squirm away from his touch.

"Now what are you getting all tense and stressed out for. A minute ago, you were making the proper attitude adjustment. Go with the flow. Bad things happen to good people. What's going to happen is going to happen? It will be easier for you if you relax and allow my partner and I to have some fun. We're like you; just a couple of hard working guys who do the grunt work and then the suits take all the credit and the fucking money. Having a good-looking woman like you to party with is one of the few perks of my shitty job."

Katie stiffened as a finger moved further inside her vagina then forced herself to relax by taking a deep breath.

"Breathe," she told herself. Just breathe and stay relaxed. He's right you know. Just follow his advice and cooperate. I have to survive for Beth Ann. She needs me.

"Maybe this will help," said the man. "Most women love to have their rug munched."

Katie felt the man slide down her body. He buried his face in her crotch, licking around her clit. His hands reached up and massaged her nipples.

"Your lucky you're being raped by me, someone who loves to eat pussy and likes to take it slow and enjoy it. Your average rapist would hold a knife to your throat while he rams his cock up your dry ass. How does this feel?" said the voice as he applied his tongue to her clit.

"Good, its good. Look, I'll do anything you want. Just don't hurt me," said Katie.

"Nice smelling snatch, just a hint of pee, of course, you've worked a long day and didn't get a chance to freshen up," said the man taking his mouth off her sex. "We got a shower. You can douche later. Get all that stinky sperm out of your cunt."

Katie took a deep inhale filling her lungs and feeling her abdomen swell followed by a long exhale. A sigh involuntarily escaped her lips as he moved his tongue back and forth over her sex, tugging gently at her clitoris with his teeth. The deep breathing increased her level of relaxation and with it her sensations of physical pleasure coming from her sex.

"Oh God yes," moaned Katie conscious that his tongue was creating an emotionally unwelcome response that was physically irresistible.

"Big thick pussy lips and a clit the size of my little finger, you're certainly equipped for some serious fucking. Bill's going to love your cunt. He goes ape shit over big pussy lips." Fingers tweaked the thick folds of flesh that framed her vagina.

"I always thought they were ugly," said Katie wincing at his remark. She'd always wished she were different down there. Katie recalled how she was teased in her high school gymnastics class for the way her sex appeared in the team uniform. The thin material formed into the deep folds of her labia and you could even see an outline of her clitoris. Her mother had sewn some extra material into the uniform's crotch to make it decent.

"Look good to me." He said as he gently tugged on the folds of skin with his teeth.

Katie moaned as his warm tongue passed over her clit and his finger stimulated the nerve endings concentrated at the entrance to her vagina.

"See, you're getting there. The best anything you could do for yourself is to get all horned up and ready for a fuck. Don't worry, we'll take good care of you," said the man. "Ever do a three way?"


"Well, you're in for a treat. I know a girl who swears two cocks are better than one."

"Why are you doing this? I've never done anything to you?"

"Why, because we can. Remember what Hillary said when they asked him why he climbed Everest. Because it's there. Well, you're here and we plan to climb you. Look, let's can the debate shit. You're here and helpless. Bill and I are going to rape you, end of story, understand?"

"Yes, I understand," said Katie defeated.

"Good, let's get that puss nice and slick so my cock slides right in. That's what I want. Here, I'll even help you out," said the man using his fingers to part her labia and applying his mouth noisily to her clit.

Katie tried to move away but she was tightly restrained and movement of more than a few inches was impossible. Once again, she reversed her motion and pressed her sex into his mouth. "Breathe," Katie whispered to herself. "Just breathe and relax. Don't give him an excuse to knock you around."

"Love to suck that little button. When was the last time, you got eaten out, Katie?"

"I don't know. It's been a while."

"My wife loves it when I go down on her. Lots of guys refuse to go down. Black guys believe eating pussy is for skinny white whimps. Did you know that?"

"No, yes, I heard that somewhere before."

"Your husband like to eat your pussy when he was around?"

"That's personal."

"Since I'm licking your snatch, I don't think we could get more personal. Tell me about your husband or I might decide to bite something off down here."

"Sometimes, we weren't together very long."

"And did you like it, be truthful?"

"Yes, I liked it," said Katie as she felt him gently suck her clitoris. Stupid question thought Katie. Women in general like for men to provide oral sex. Her ex had eaten her countless times. Katie exhaled again as she experienced a warm sensation flow from the tissue surrounding her vagina. Her assailant had spread her labia and was tracing the tip of his tongue from the top of her clit down to her vagina swirling it around coating her sex with his warm saliva.

"Of course old Ellis didn't hang around long. Hardly two years, just enough for him to knock you up. He split right after you got home from the hospital with Beth Ann. Ellis was a bad choice unfortunately not your last."

Katie was horrified that he knew so much about her. Her earlier assumption that unknown robbers or rapists had grabbed her was turning out to be wrong. These men know whom I am and are informed of details of my personal life that not a lot of people knew. How could that be?

"I like to eat pussy. Love the taste and smell of a warm wet twat, nothing like it. You're getting downright squishy. Here, let me see if old puss is starting to flow on the inside," said the man as he moved his finger to the entrance of Katie's vagina. Katie felt the man's blunt finger slowly force its way inside her. A second finger entered her and began a slow back and forth motion.

Katie found herself moaning and pushing against his fingers.

"Good and tight, wet and hot, you're almost ready for a dick in your hole," said the man.

"This isn't right," moaned Katie her mind swirling with contradictory feelings.

"What you did wasn't right either. Mrs. Parker," spoke the older sounding voice of another man. "You could ruin things for all of us."

Katie realized that the other man had re-entered the room and she hadn't noticed until he spoke. His voice was deeper, mellower, and older, almost as if he had once been a radio announcer

"Doing a little muff diving, Ed?"

"Mrs. Parker insisted I eat her pussy before we fuck her, didn't you, Mrs. Parker?"

Katie leaned forward feeling the shame and humiliation of his remarks.

"So is she a juicer or do we need to break out the K-Y?" asked the older voice.

"She's creaming like a high school girl who knows she's going to get fucked," said Ed.

"You pussy eating motherfucker," laughed the older voice.

"Can't help it. Love to eat snatch. My old man used to say the worst pussy he ever ate was wonderful," said Ed.

"Your old man was an asshole, Ed."

"Don't say mean things about my daddy."

"Here, let me have a feel," said the newcomer.

"Sure Bill."

Katie felt the man kneeling at her feet lean back, his hands holding onto her naked hips. She sensed the presence of the other man stepping closer. She immediately felt blunt thick fingers probe her vaginal opening, push inward and slip inside her now well-lubricated opening.

"Wet and warm, you two ought to get married. She's hot for you Ed, Fits my finger like a glove. Won't be so tight when we're done."

"Mrs. Parker is going to give us a really awesome fuck. Aren't you Mrs. Parker?"

"Yes," said Katie. "I'll do what you want."

"Good, let's have some fun together. You're a fine looking woman for forty-two. Tits are nice," said the newcomer as he placed his hand on Katie's nipple and squeezed it.

"How much time you think we got?" said the kneeling Ed.

"We got at least an hour, probably longer. Andy says he can't leave for 30 minutes then he has to pick up Lea. With traffic, it will take another 30 minutes to drive out here," said the newcomer.

"Bringing Lea, huh, this is going to get kinky. Ever do any muff diving, Mrs. Parker?"

"No, of course not," responded Katie incredulous that the two kidnappers could be referring to her boss, Andrew Fastow and his wife, Lea. Until last year, Lea had been Katie's fellow VP in the Accounting Department. Lea had resigned ostensibly to spend more time with her and Andy's three children. Katie and Lea had been friends and lunched together almost every day in the company cafeteria. Surely, it couldn't be them. But whom else did she know named Andy and Lea?

"Douglas that little asshole is coming too," said Bill the older man.

"I hate that prick," said Ed. "Don't tell him what we said, okay, Mrs. Parker?"

"I won't tell," said Katie. She knew who Douglas was and she was starting to understand what this was all about.

"Let's see if she's made the correct attitude adjustment," said Bill brushing his lips against Katie's. "You ready, Ed?"

"I've been ready since we stripped her."

"Ready, Mrs. Parker?" said Bill his face inches from hers.

"Yes," said Katie.

"Prove it," said Bill as he pressed his lips against hers. Ed still kneeling attacked her sex with his mouth, his tongue tracing warm liquid paths around her clitoris. A forefinger reached inside her vagina and found that special place that amplified her pleasure many fold. Another finger worked its way between her buttocks and came to rest against her anus. Katie's upper lip felt the stiff bristles of a mustache. She met Bill's tongue with hers and took turns invading each other's mouth. Bill's hands pressed and massaged her breasts.

Ed's saliva-coated finger pressed firmly against the pucker of her anus then slipped past the sphincter creating a sensation of pleasure that engulfed her emotions overwhelming everything but the need for the pleasure not to stop.

Rape can't be like this thought Katie. What's happening to me? I'm only doing what's necessary to survive and get back alive to my daughter. I can't think about this any other way. If pretending to enjoy this keeps me from being harmed or killed and gets me back safe and sound to take care of my daughter, then it's the right thing.

Chapter 4

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"We haven't lost our touch. First orgasm goes to Katie Parker," said Ed slowly taking his mouth off Katie's clit. Moments before he had been alternating long swirls of his tongue around the small nubbin of tissue with a vigorous sucking action. Katie's love button was reddish, slightly extended, and dripping with saliva.

"I couldn't help myself," said Katie wishing her hands were free so she could touch her sex. Somehow the fact that she was helpless and couldn't use her hands on her sex had created an erotic impulse that when combined with the high degree of tactile stimulation she was receiving resulted in an orgasm that left Katie both breathless and deeply humiliated.

There was no denying I reached a climax being manipulated by two strangers thought Katie. That only proves I'm a survivor rationalized the still shaking women. I'm a mother who's determined to stay alive for her daughter's sake. Stop worrying about issues of morality and live for God's sake.

"All the unmistakable signs, sweating, moaning, rapid breath, involuntary vaginal muscular contractions," said Ed. "You should be ashamed of yourself for giving into to your body like that. It's not supposed to happen that way to a decent woman. When you go into therapy over your rape, I would be very interested in your explanation of why you reached orgasm."

"Let's just fuck her, Ed, can the psychological bullshit. Who gives a damn what she tells her shrink," said Bill.

"Sorry Katie, Bill's into the basics when it comes to non-consensual sex," said Ed delivering a friendly slap to the side of Katie's thigh.

Bill had bee kissing Katie and massaging her breasts for the last several minutes. Ed had been on his knees licking around Katie's clitoris while his fingers probed her vagina and anus. Two of Ed's fingers rubbing hard against Katie's G-spot combined with rapid clitoral stimulation had brought Katie to a quick and strong orgasm in spite of her situation. Katie had never had a problem reaching an orgasm even though it was self-induced. Still, it had left her breathless and shaking as her body took over causing her to convulse and shake for several seconds.

"Strong, unmistakable muscle contractions in her pussy, that's the one they can't fake. Those walls were pulsing like they were desperate for dick," said Ed.

"Even though you can be an asshole, we make a great team, Ed," said Bill. "I just hope Katie appreciates our efforts."

"I do," said Katie feeling humiliated by what had happened but determined to cooperate in order to survive.

"Katie, how would you say your rape is progressing? Be honest. Is it meeting your expectations?" said Ed.

"You fucking comedienne," said Bill.

"It's fine, its great," said Katie not knowing what or how to reply to Ed's off the wall remarks.

"Let's get naked for some serious fucking. All this foreplay has gotten me in the mood to unload my gun," said Bill right before he planted a light kiss on Katie's lips.

Katie tried to think of something to say as she listened to the two men undress. Katie heard the sound of shoes hitting the floor and clothes being tossed onto some nearby furnishing.

"You've got good wood already, Bill, have you had one of those penile implants?" said Ed.

"Let you in on a little secret, Edward, Viagra," said Bill.

"No shit, why, you never had any trouble getting it up," said Ed.

"And still don't, no erectile dysfunction for me, but those little blue pills are terrific at keeping you hard. They make you like the Energizer Bunny, I can just keep going and going and going," said Bill.

"Damn, maybe I should try them when we have a guest."

"Just ask the company doc for a prescription. He gave me a free sample," said Ed. "Katie, I wish you could see Bill's cock. Well, you'll know soon enough how big it is."

"Let's cut the chatter and get Katie on the mattress. The little lady's horny as hell and anxious as a ten dollar whore, aren't you Katie?" said Ed. "Right now, she's probably saying to herself I wish these assholes would shut the fuck up and screw me."

"I'm ready," said Katie sticking to her decision to go along with whatever they proposed. Katie felt them lift her up. Her tied wrists came off the hook that was holding them.

"We're going to untie your hands and feet. But remember, any scratching, hitting, biting, or gouging and there's that supply of hand tools I mentioned," said Ed.

"I'm not going to fight," said Katie rubbing her arms to restore the circulation.

Katie felt each man take one of her hands as they led her several steps.

"Stop," said Ed. "Now kneel down, there's a mattress right in front of you on the floor."

Katie moved her foot slightly forward until it touched the side of a mattress. She knelt then sat down on the mattress.

"Water," said Bill placing a plastic bottle of mineral water in her hand.

"Thanks," said Katie unscrewing the cap and taking a swallow. She immediately realized how thirsty she was and took several more.

"Heads or tails," said Bill.

"Heads," replied Ed.

Katie listened to the sound of a coin landing on the concrete floor and bouncing.

"Tails, I'm first in the hole," said Bill.

"So I get first in her back door," said Ed.

"You'll get shit on your dick, you did last time," said Bill.

"If I do, Katie will lick it off. Won't you, Katie?" said Ed.

"If I have to," said Katie concealing her slight panic at the thought of anal intercourse. At the woman's self defense class, the instructor had mentioned that rapists often penetrate their victim's rectum in order to cause them pain and increase their sense of control. But up to this point Katie had not realized they intended to rape her anally. She recalled that years ago, she and Ellis had engaged in anal intercourse. It wasn't all that bad thought Katie. It hurt at first but I quickly relaxed. I remember that I got off by playing with my clit while Ellis fucked my butthole.

"That's my girl. A little scan never hurt anyone. Lots of animals eat their own shit. Dogs love it," said Ed.

"Let's can the shit eating talk, Ed. that's disgusting," said Bill.

Katie felt her wrists being grabbed and she scooted in the direction they pulled her.

"Get you centered on this, ready for a good old fashioned missionary position screwing? On your back and spread them," said Bill.

Katie felt her ankles being grabbed and pulled apart. She made a slight 'oof' sound as she felt Bill's body weight press her into the mattress. He was naked and she could feel his hairy legs against her. She also felt his sizeable cock resting on her belly. It was hard.

"Irma always makes that same sound when I get on top of her," said Bill molding his body against Katie's.

"She makes a different noise when I fuck her, sort of a squeal," said Ed.

"Asshole, Irma wouldn't screw a pencil dick like you," said Bill.

Katie felt Bill reach down with his hand to grab his cock and rub it up and down across her sex. He was fully erect and the mushroom head easily parted her labia. She also sensed that he was well endowed and the blunt end of his cock was poised over a much smaller opening.

"Please take it slow. I haven't done this in a while," breathed Katie spreading her hips to accommodate Bill's cock.

"We know. However, that's one hell of a dildo you keep in your nightstand. If you been sticking that in your twat, you should have no problem with Bill's Johnson," said Ed.

My God they've been in my house and gone through my things realized Katie.

"I'll go easy. You show how grateful you are by fucking back. It's going to be nice straight fuck to start with," said Bill pressing his cock head further into Katie's opening. "We'll get fancy on the next one."

Katie further adjusted her legs then titled her pelvis to accommodate Bill as she felt her vagina accept his penis.

"Slow, slow, slow," breathed Katie as she felt her initial penetration.

There was a moment of sharp discomfort as his cock wedged open her vaginal opening. Fortunately their previous stimulation had lubricated her sex and there wasn't a lot of friction just pressure as Bill's cock wedged open her vagina. Bill pushed inside an inch or two and stopped. He placed his ear against her chest.

"Sometimes I think this is the best part. Just before you sink it home you listen to their heart. Katie's ticker is beating like a trip hammer. It's excited. It knows a peter is going in the well," said Bill.

"They nothing's better than rape for a man or a woman, it's the best, bitches just don't like to admit it, a month from now, Katie will remember this when she jerks off, won't you, Katie?" said Ed.

"Yes, I will remember," replied Katie wondering whether what Ed said was true. She had fantasized about being raped. And the current reality was close to her imaginings.

At first, she'd been terrified out of her mind that they intended to kill her. However, the way Ed and Bill acted convinced her they were merely having their fun with her before Andy arrived. Andy must have found out somehow she sent the letter to the SEC. God knows what Andy and Lea might do to her but Katie for reasons she couldn't explain assumed it would not include murder. Maybe they will just warn me and let me go. Andy may be a crook but he's not a killer Katie told herself. Until he arrives, I'll cooperate with these two so they don't hurt me.

"Oh that's a warm tight pussy," said Bill pushing deeper. Katie sensed he was taking it slow to savor each moment. Katie grunted in response to serious pressure in her vagina. She made another attempt to adjust her body to accommodate what she sensed was a sizeable cock. It felt much larger than the dildos she had been using. A low moan escaped her mouth as the intruder produced a wave of pleasure from the flesh lining the walls of her vagina.

"Bill's got a big one, hasn't he, Katie?" said Ed.

"It's huge," said Katie and she meant it.

"How is it, stud?" asked Ed from close by. Katie guessed that he was sitting on the edge of the mattress.

"Warm and wonderful, hear that moan, she's loving it," said Bill leaning forward to kiss Katie. Katie responded to the kiss by opening her lips and sticking her tongue out to touch against Bill's. She pressed the soles of her feet against the mattress to gain leverage and pushed upward to force Bill's cock deeper.

"See that. Bitch is hungry for my cock," said Bill as he pushed in to where his ball sack smacked against Katie's asshole.

Katie groaned and whispered, "That's good, that's good."

"All the way to the nut sack," exclaimed Bill moving in a way that caused his ball sack to windshield wipe across Katie's buttocks.

"Fuck her, Bill, fuck the shit out of her," said Ed encouraging his partner.

Screwing is like ridding a bicycle thought Katie as she fell into a rhythm of responding to Bill's thrusts. This isn't so bad Katie told herself. At some point, Bill rose to his knees and grabbed her breasts mauling them with his hard hands. His male hands pawing her sensitive breasts and twisting her nipples caused her passion to become more intense. It was at that point that Katie let go of her inhibitions.

"Yes, that's it. Maul my tits, make them hurt," hissed Katie through clinched teeth. Bill responded by grasping her nipples in his fingers and pinching and pulling them hard as if her was trying to lift her off the mattress by her buds.

"There's a real woman inside that vice president. One that likes hard cock and her nipples screaming in pain," said Bill.

"Fuck yes, that's the way, hurt them mother fuckers," said Katie. Katie had recalled something her yoga instructor had said about dealing with difficult and uncomfortable postures. Bake them until you can make them. That meant pretend you enjoy and love it until you actually do. Bake this fuck until I can make this fuck work whispered Katie. A woman can easily fuck two men and wear them out if she wants. I can do this. I'm a survivor.

"She's getting into it," said Bill.

"I thought she would if we played it right. Ride that tiger, Bill," said Ed.

As soon as Bill lay back down on Katie she used her long arms and legs to reach around and grab Bill's buttocks pulling him hard against her sex. She ground her groin against Bill's maximizing the pressure against her clit. Katie climaxed as his coarse pubic hair scraped over her tender flesh. As she climaxed, she raised her body wrapped herself tight around Bill and clutched him to her as she screamed, "I'm going to cum again,"

"Our little Katie's a cock humper, look at her, she's hitting her mark again,' said Ed.

"Oh fucking yes, fuck me baby, that's the way to screw my horny cunt," said Katie her face in a grimace as once more she reached an intense sexual climax. Her body convulsed as she wrapped her arms around Bill and hugged him to her with all her strength.

Katie's reaction brought on Bill's climax. He pressed her back hard against the mattress as he pounded away in her hole. He placed both hands on her breasts and transferred most of his body weight to his palms. Katie's flattened titties cushioned his hands as he delivered a dozen thrusts before his sperm spewed into her cunt. A final half dozen hard half thrusts completely emptied his ball sack. He fell forward onto Katie then slipped off to the side breathing heavily. Katie was covered in sweat and gasping for air as she placed a hand between her legs and felt Bill's sperm oozing out of her cunt.

"That was truly a thing of beauty," said Ed.

"Man that was a classic simple straight out fuck, the best kind," said Bill between deep breaths. "You see the way she grabbed my ass and hugged me to her pussy."

"You're off to an excellent start, Katie," said Ed.

"Nice piece of ass," said Bill his breath slowing. "Look at that pussy oozing out spunk. Wish the boss would let us take some pictures."

"Yea, we could put them in an album," said Ed.

"I suppose we better follow the rules and keep our jobs. But that sure is a pretty sight," said Bill rubbing his index finger across Katie's sex smearing the semen around.

Katie felt fingers touch her vagina and spread the spunk around in a circle. When the semen-covered fingers stroked her clit she realized she wanted more sex.

"No rest for the weary, here, have a drink," said Ed placing a bottle of water in Katie's hand.

Katie rose up on one elbow, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a long drink.

"All fours," said Ed pushing on Katie's hip to move her onto her hands and knees.

"I haven't done anal in a long time," said Katie nervously.

"Not a problem, I'm an expert. My girl friend takes it up the ass all the time whether she wants it or not. Last week, Kim had one too many at her sister's birthday party. Dumb bitch drove home drunk way over the legal limit. Surprised she didn't get arrested for DUI. She passed out beside our bed. When I got home, I screwed her in the butt to punish her for being so stupid. She cried and carried on but she was too drunk to stop me, "said Ed.

"You butt fucked Kim when she was passed out?" said Bill.

"She woke up when I rammed it in without getting her prepped. She was dry and tight. Damn straight I did. Stupid cunt could have killed herself or someone else," said Ed.

"What did she say about it the next morning," said Bill?

"Yea, she said her butt was sore as hell and if I ever did that to her again, she'd cut it off. I told her the next time she pulled a stupid stunt like that, I'd do something she'd never forget," said Ed.

"You ought to marry that girl. She's the only one that would put up with your sorry ass," said Bill.

"What would you do if Irma drove home drunk, parked the car half in the street, left the keys in it and passed out on the bedroom floor?" said Ed.

"Irma's got too much sense to do anything that dumb," said Bill. "Let's get going again before Katie's snatch cools off."

"Right, so when was the last time you were butt fucked?" said Ed.

"When I was married," said Katie coming into the desired position. She felt Ed moving to where he was kneeling at her rear. Katie felt something warm and wet being sprayed around her anus.

"Astro-Glide, the preferred lubricant of butt fuckers, it's what the gays use. Was your husband the only one who ever screwed you in the ass?" said Ed sensing her curiosity.

"Yes, only Ellis," said Katie.

"Well then you're practically an anal virgin," said Ed.

"I'm going to get a beer, you want one?" said Bill.

"Sure, raping makes me thirsty? Want a beer, Katie?' said Ed.

"Yes, thanks," said Katie thinking that alcohol might serve to relax her. She was afraid that anal intercourse would prove painful.

"Okay, let's work that hole open," said Ed. "Katie, just spread your knees a little bit further apart and put your head down on the mattress and arch your back. Just rest it on the arms and think about how terrific it's going to be having my cock in your ass. Positive thoughts are the secret to anal intercourse according to Cosmo. There was a great article in the June issue about how to really enjoy anal."

"Here, Katie," said Bill placing a cold bottle of beer in Katie's hand. Katie took a long swallow as she felt Ed's fingers working and stretching her anal ring. He was placing two fingers in her anal ring and slowly pulling outward in different directions.

"Flick your button while I prep you," said Ed.

Katie took a swallow of beer then reached between her legs to stroke her clitoris with her fingers. She started a slow rubbing motion. Katie moaned from the dual stimulation of her clit and her anus.

"See, good advice from the anal master, you know the Dutch are really into anal," said Ed slowly stretching Katie's sphincter.

"What's the fuck has that got to do with anything?" said Bill.

"This Heineken's beer is brewed in Holland," said Ed.

"And exactly where did you learn that the Hollanders were a bunch of shit packers?" said Bill.

"On the Internet, they're not Hollanders, they're Dutch," said Ed.

"Fucking Internet, full of perverts," said Bill. "How's her butthole coming?"

"Opening up very nicely. I'll hold it open," said Ed. "Just squirt some Glide inside."

"Let me see," said Bill. Katie felt movement at her rear. She also sensed the splash of lubricant inside her rectum then she felt some run out of her butt and down to her pussy.

"Isn't that a pretty sight?" said Ed as he put his fingers inside Katie's anal ring and pulled it open.

"Seen up one girl's asshole, you've seen them all,' said Bill.

"You lack poetry in your soul. Don't you want Katie to have good memories of her anal rape?" said Ed.

"From the way the cunt is jerking her clit I'd say her memories are going to be just fine," said Bill.

Katie felt another splash of lubricant in her rectum. Ed's fingers immediately entered her bottom as he worked her hole open. Ed's stretching has been uncomfortable but not really painful.

"You got enough oil in there to run a Chevy V-8," said Bill.

"Yea, but I've lost my hardon. Don't move Katie. I need a little mouth action. Stay still or all your oil will run out. I need a little help here, Bill, want to seal the hole for me?" said Ed.

"Viagra, look at me, still hard and ready to go," said Bill. "I'll put my fingers in her hole to keep her opened up. Weird, how it looks inside there."

"How'd you like to be one of those doctors that looks up pussies and assholes all day?" said Ed.

"I guess you'd get use to it. My doctor wants me to have one of those exams where they put a TV up your ass to look for cancer," said Bill.

"Yea, what do they call those things?" said Ed.

"I don't know, Katie, you know," said Bill

"Sigmoidoscope," said Katie.

"That's why she's a VP and we're hourly," said Ed.

Katie felt Ed move directly in front of her face. She grunted as she sensed another thick finger slip into her rectum.

"Oh that is a hungry hole, grabbing all three fingers, looks like our Katherine is looking forward to having her shit packed," said Bill.

"Raise up a little," said Ed. "And demonstrate your oral talents."

Katie rose slightly up into a tabletop position and immediately felt Ed's cock press against her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed the semi-soft cock to enter.

I haven't had a man's cock in my mouth since I was dating Robert Stalsworth thought Katie. Robert was a married man she had met and had an affair with soon after she had divorced Ellis. Katie blamed the affair on the fact she was on the rebound and her judgment was impaired. She had allowed Robert to stop by after work for a quick blowjob on far too many occasions. His booty calls had taken a serious toll on her pride and self esteem.

What kind of a no self esteem women would allow a man to come by without calling, drop his trousers and expect a blowjob before hurrying home to the wife and kids was the conclusion that led Katie to finally break off the affair.

Of course when their affair started, Robert promised to leave his wife. A year later, Katie had ended it realizing that Robert had no intentions of seeking a divorce. Robert loved for Katie to suck his cock and an infatuated Katie had at first worked hard to please him even researching articles on how to provide the perfect blowjob.

"How's her cocksucking?" said Bill.

"Good, not great, but good, she's no Maria," said Ed.

"Maria, that little Latina slut, I got to do something about her. She's sucked off every guard at Enron Center. Last week, I caught her coming out of the fourth floor janitor's closet with Roger. She was wiping his spunk off her chin," said Bill.

"Roger says she swallows his prick right down to his balls," said Ed. "And she provides a two finger prostate massage until he delivers every ounce."

"Mexican whore's going to catch some fucking STD and give it to half of Enron Center," said Bill.

Katie was working hard to bring Ed to a full erection. Katie had just figured out that Ed and Bill were not only Enron employees but were members of the uniformed security detail that constantly prowled Enron Center. She reasoned they were talking about the pretty Latina named Maria that normally manned the main entrance's guard station when Katie was leaving after normal work hours. Katie recalled that the other guard was a tall black man whose nametag read "Roger". After normal working hours, employees were required to sign in and out. Katie had always exchanged a few pleasant words with the guards.

Katie forced Ed's cockhead to the back of her throat burying her nose and lips in his pubic hair. Recalling what Robert liked, she snaked her tongue out and licked the bottom ridge of Ed's cock as she rhythmically forced his cock head against the opening of her throat. She alternated that with ducking under his cock to lick and suck his balls. Ed held his cock to allow her to take each testicle in her mouth and give it a gentle tongue massage. It didn't take long for Ed to get hard.

"Katie knows how to tea bag. Good, actually better than good cocksucking, I'm ready for backdoor action," said Ed moving quickly back to Katie's rear.

Katie sensed Bill moving away as Ed took his place standing at her rear.

"She's all yours, let's see you pack her shit down to where it comes out her mouth," said Bill.

"Head down, butt up, arch your back, like you were trying to poop on the ceiling," said Ed his hand pushing Katie's hips to adjust her position.

A hard cock easily slipped inside Katie's relaxed and well-lubricated anus.

"Jerk your clit and breath, Katie, don't forget to breathe," said Ed pushing several inches of penis inside Katie's rectum.

Katie felt a fiery pain that caused her butt to clinch. A hard open palmed slap on her buttocks caused her to cry out.

"That smack relaxes those muscles just inside your rectum. That's what squeezes your turds out," said Ed. "Katie, if Irma hasn't thrown it out, I'll Xerox that Cosmo article and send it to you."

"Spare me the anatomy lesson, ass fuck the bitch," said Bill.

"No poetry and no soul," commented Ed.

Katie concentrated and managed to return to stimulating her clit and taking deep breaths as she felt Ed's cock inch slowly into her bowels. His hands gripped her hips as he pulled himself into her. When his groin came in contact with Katie's buttocks, his grip tightened as he pulled her hard against him, penetrating her bowels to the maximum possible depth.

"Oh that's good and deep, it's warm inside there, how you doing Katie? Are you loving it?" said Ed halting to savor the moment.

"It feels like there's a log inside my ass. It's huge," said Katie her hand working hard on her clit.

"Just old Eddie's prick and its normal size. Wait till Bill rides your Hershey highway. Now that's a saw log," said Ed pulling his cock out to where only the tip was inside Katie's anus the sinking it home again. Katie responded with a loud grunt.

"Verbal feedback is appreciated, grunts, moans, foul language, it's very helpful, beg me to fuck you ass," said Katie.

"Please fuck my ass. I want you in my butt packing my shit," groaned a compliant Katie.

"Excellent, that's right, let those inhibitions disappear and let's get down to some serious butt fucking," said Ed starting a regular downward rhythm of pushing his cock to its maximum depth then withdrawing it only to swiftly plunge it back it. Katie could feel Ed's feet alongside her calves. Ed was standing over Katie's upturned rear screwing almost straight downward. His hands separated her buttocks. He alternated lightly slapping her left buttock then her right as he screwed her asshole.

"Yea, that's right, you motherfucker, fuck my ass, spank me harder, much harder," yelled Katie her mind focused on the commitment to make the best of the situation. The better the fuck the quicker he'll finish thought Katie.

"When I'm in deep, squeeze my cock just like you were trying to take a dump," said Ed going in as far as his cock would go. Katie pretended Ed's cock was a turd and squeezed it hard just as if she was having a serious bowel movement.

Ed delivered a series of hard smacks to Katie's buttocks. He alternated cheeks slowly turning each buttock a bright red.

Katie hit her climax as she reacted to the fiery explosions on her butt. Her hand was rubbing against her clit, tugging the small nub of flesh outward then pinching it with her nails. Her rectum was tightly clinched around Ed's cock.

Katie spontaneously began bitch slapping her pussy harder and harder as Ed increased his tempo. He was pulling his cock all the way out then stabbing through her anal ring and storming into her rectum. There was a sucking sensation in her rectal tube each time Ed withdrew.

"Bad pussy, bad pussy," yelled Katie as she delivered hard open palmed bitch slaps to her own sex.

"Bitch is cumming again. I can feel it in her asshole," said Ed almost out of breath. Sensing he was on the downward spiral toward dropping his load, Ed tightened his grip on Katie's hips.

"Screw my ass, stud, show me everything you got, slam my asshole motherfucker," said Katie her face in a grimace that pulled her lips away from her teeth allowing drool to drop on the mattress. Her hair was matted with sweat.

"Yea, fuck you bitch," yelled Ed as he allowed himself to move into the state where his cock was in total control. Ed's body responded to the signals from his groin as he pounded his prick up Katie Parker asshole until at last he couldn't hold back. He went as deep as possible when he felt his troops exit their fort and surge toward the tip of his pecker.

"Take it, take it, cunt, take it," screamed Ed as he climaxed.

Katie was flattened to the mattress as Ed's sweat covered torso allowed its weight to rest on her back. He lay on top of her not moving. Katie experienced the sensation of Ed's cock softening in her rectum and slowly retracting. Finally it plopped out and Katie felt empty.

Ed rolled off her back. She felt her ankles being nudged apart and she heard a click.

"I thought the boss said no pictures," said Ed.

Katie realized that Bill must have gone somewhere and brought back a camera.

"I'm not getting any faces, just cum seeping out her asshole. He doesn't have to know," said Bill.

"It is an awesome sight," said Ed. "But you better hide the camera before Andy gets here."

"Of course, what do you think I am stupid," said Bill. "Raise up a bit Katie and spread your legs a bit further. Spread your pussy lips and try to squeeze cum out of both holes. Say cheese with your pussy."

Katie did as she was told. She heard another click.

"Squeeze your bowels and force more cum out," said Bill.

Katie did as she was instructed. She felt semen dripping out her asshole.

"Green goop, that's what you get when you mix spunk and shit," said Ed.

"Nice, real nice," said Bill. Katie heard the camera click twice.

"And Katie won't tell Andy, will you?" said Ed.

"No, I won't," said Katie.

"Want a set of prints?" said Ed.

"Yes," said Katie more in the habit of being agreeable than thinking about her answer.

"ATM time," said Ed who had moved to where his cock was inches from Katie's nose. Katie detected the odor of feces.

"ATM," said Katie.

"ATM, Ass to Mouth, shit, everyone knows what ATM stands for," sad Ed pushing his cock against Katie's lips.

Most people think ATM stands for Anytime Teller Machine, that is the ones that aren't out on the computer all day looking for porn instead of doing their job," said Bill.

"Open up Katie and lick my dick. There's not much shit on it, I promise," said Ed gripping a handful of Katie's hair.

Katie opened her mouth and Ed's shit streaked cock passed inside. The taste and aroma of shit filled her mouth and nostrils. Katie quickly used her tongue and lips to clean Ed's cock.

"Clean as a whistle, you are now officially an ATM girl. That means you are hardcore, triple x, an Internet certified piece of shit eating girl trash," said Ed.

"Can I have some water," said Katie.

"Sure, darling," said Ed placing a bottle of mineral water in Katie's hand.

Katie took several long swallows to wash her mouth out.

"Never tasted your own shit, darling," said Ed.

"No, never," said Katie.

"Well, how was it?" said Ed.

"Awful," said Katie taking another swallow of water.

"What you up for now, William?" said Ed.

"If you'll hand me that pillow, I'm going to have some MTA action," said Bill.

"MTA, what the fuck is that?" said Ed.

"Mouth To Ass, smarty pants, known on the street as a rim job," said Bill.

"Oh that does sound dirty. Katie you ready to tongue fuck Bill's hairy asshole," said Ed.

"Can't we do something else?' said Katie. "You can fuck me again."

"We'll give you a choice either you can suck my asshole open and clean the inside with your tongue or I can go get that hammer over there and we can ruin your pedicure. That'd be a shame. You have pretty little toes. They wouldn't be so pretty after we smashed them flat," said Bill.

"Or there's a vise we can use on your tits. Wonder how these would look after we squished down to the thickness of a piece of cardboard," said Ed placing his hand on Katie's breast.

"All right, what do you want me to do?" said Katie.

"Rim me, you've never rimmed anybody, even when you were drunk," said Bill.

"No, I can't recall," said Katie. She did have a vague memory of getting a little drunk with Ellis one night and licking his asshole. But that was years ago.

"Nothing to it, you work my A-hole with your mouth, licking and sucking until it's all nice and sloppy with spit. You slip your tongue inside and worm it around. Tongue fuck me," said Bill.

"Bill will try not to fart," laughed Ed.

"Go get everyone another beer, Ed," said Bill. "Here, let me get into position."

Katie sensed movement. She heard Ed walking away to get the beer. She considered pulling off the blindfold and trying to run then decided that was not unlikely to succeed. Bill was probably much larger and stronger than her and Ed was probably only a few feet away. Failure would probably earn her several smashed toes. As unappetizing as sticking her tongue up Bill's ass was, it was still better than having the small bones in her toes pulverized.

"Scoot forward," said Bill.

Katie crawled forward until her forehead touched Bill's scrotum. He had elevated his butt using a pillow and his rectum was the same level as Katie's mouth.

"Give it a little lick," said Bill. "You can take your time. It's not all that awful. I shower daily."

Katie passed her tongue over Bill's anus. Katie had expected to taste shit but her tongue only encountered a slightly musky odor and taste.

"I'm clean. Now work it with your lips and tongue, suck it, slobber on it and get it nice and gooey," said Bill taking his cock in hand as Katie went to work on his rectum.

Katie did her best to comply with Bill's directions. Before long, his sphincter relaxed under her warm and wet attack. It opened easily when she pushed her pointed tongue inside.

"Oh that's good, spear that shit hole with your tongue, you butt munching whore,' said Bill.

Katie surprised herself by getting into the action. She had been rimming Bill for several minutes when Ed returned.

"Here's your beer," said Ed.

"Where you been?" said Bill.

"Checking the weather channel, supposed to rain tomorrow. I don't think I'm going fishing with little Ed. How's she doing?" said Ed.

"Opened me right up with a mouth massage, she's licking out the insides of my shitter," said Bill.

"For a divorcee who's lived a quiet life, she's pretty wild," said Bill. "You're doing it right, Katie, make love to my asshole. It loves you."

"Maybe she's been fucking around on the sly, picking up guys in bars and screwing them in the back of their SUVs," said Ed.

I don't think so. Not with the hours she works. You've seen the access logs. Katie practically lives at Enron, only goes home to sleep and change clothes," said Bill.

"Let's fuck her some more," said Ed.

"Let's do the thing we did to that black bitch," said Bill.

"You like that, you old dog. Bethany certainly liked it, squealed like a pig," said Ed.

"On your back, Katie, you're in for a treat," said Bill.

Katie centered herself on the mattress and spread her legs.

"Don't she look pretty, pussy all spayed open, just waiting for a prick," said Ed.

"And we're going to give it to her," said Bill moving to where once more he was between Katie's legs mounting her.

Bill's cock slipped into her vagina and Katie responded by with a sigh of pleasure. As Bill started to stroke her, Katie felt a hands grab her ankles and pull her legs directly upward. It took half a second for Katie to realize that it was Ed that had a firm grip on her feet.

"Put your foot in the crack of my ass," said Bill.

"All right Bill but it sounds a little homo to me," said Ed.

"I'm not a homo. I just like it there," said Bill.

"Okay, let's go," said Ed pulling up abruptly on Katie's ankles pulling her crotch to Bill's as he stroked downward.

Katie found herself grunting with pleasure each time Bill slammed into her.

"For obvious reasons, we call this a slam fuck," said Ed. "How is it, Katie?"

"Good, it's good," said Katie wiggling her hips to rub her clit laterally across Bill's crotch when their groins met.

"I think she likes it," said Ed picking up the place.

"Stick your toes in my ass," said Bill.

"Right, get that big toe in your hind end and wiggle that sucker around. You're queer as a three dollar bill, Bill," said Ed.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, do it, do it," whispered Katie through clinched teeth as Bill's groin smashed into her clit.

"You're going to take another load, bitch, tell me how much you want it," said Bill.

"Dump that hot cum in my cunt, motherfucker, shoot that load, shoot it," said Katie desperate to slam her clit against Bill when Ed jerked her ankles toward the ceiling.

"Now, whore, here it cums," yelled Bill.

"Fill my whore pussy, Bill, dump that load, dump that load," said Katie.

"Yea, take it slut," said Bill as he released his cum into Katie's vagina.

Ed pulled hard on Katie's legs as his foot firmly wedged in the crack of Bill's ass pushed downward to grind their sexes together.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," Katie kept repeating as her orgasm washed over her in waves, each one riding higher then crashing down before sending up shocks to the pleasure center in her thalamus.

"Another great fuck," said Bill sliding off to the side of the mattress.

"We may vote you our favorite rapee, Katie darling. Here take a drink," said Ed taking Bill's place between her legs.

Katie reached out and found a beer bottle and took a quick swallow as Ed placed her ankles on his shoulders.

"Lift your butt," said Ed.

When Katie applied pressure to the back of her ankles, her rear came off the floor and a pillow was wedged underneath.

"Need a better angle when you going to switch between holes," said Bill as he leaned forward and shoved his cock in Katie's vagina. Katie felt a rush of semen flow out and trickle downward toward her anus.

"Hold on a minute, got to get a picture of that," said Ed withdrawing.

Katie heard another click, then another.

"Worth two shots," said Bill.

"Nothing more beautiful than a cunt just oozing jism, Bill, that Viagra must double your load, it looks like you dropped a pint in her cooze," said Ed.

"Just my usual," said Bill matter of factly.

"Usual my ass, I'm going to make an appointment Monday with the doctor. I can't have you out fucking me and you twenty years older," said Ed.

"I'm fifteen years older, asshole," said Bill.

Katie squirmed into a more comfortable position when once again Ed entered her. He counted under his breath as he fucked her vagina twenty strokes then withdrew, applied some Astro-Glide to his cock and Katie's rectum then counted out twenty strokes into Katie's asshole.

"Suck my cock," said Bill placing his peter against Katie's lips. Katie came up on one elbow and turned her head to take Bill's cock in her mouth.

"Double penetration, is this your first DP, Katie?" said Bill.

"Yes," said Katie taking Bill's cock out of her mouth to answer.

Katie sucked Bill while Ed executed his ritual of counting out twenty strokes then changing holes. Katie used her hand to lift and stroke Bill's cock as she licked and sucked his balls. At some point, they decided to change positions.

"Katie, I'm getting on bottom," said Ed forcing them to roll over. Katie rose to a sitting position to ride Ed. Bill stepped straddle of Ed and placed his cock in Katie's mouth.

Katie rode Ed's cock and sucked Bill until they made another change.

"Butt fuck her, Bill, I want to feel your cock inside her next to mine," said Ed.

Katie told herself she would be all right although the idea of having two cocks inside her body was scary. She and Ellis had watched porn where the star had taken two and even three cocks but those girls were professionals and more than likely prostitutes. Katie did recall that Ellis had fitted a thick anal plug inside her butt while he fucked her pussy on several occasions.

There's no point in my getting emotional thought Katie. These guys are going to do whatever they want whether I like it or not.

Katie stopped and remained motionless as Bill's cock pushed against her rosebud. Meeting little resistance, the cock head slipped inside. Katie felt Bill adjust his position grab on to her hips and push slowly forward.

A loud groan escaped Katie's lips as what felt like the blunt end of a baseball bat moved into her lower bowel.

"Oh that's wicked and wild," said Katie when she experienced the sensation of Bill's cock passing by Ed's separated by a thin wall of tissue.

Bill reached around and grabbed Katie's breasts to use as hand holds to pull himself forward as he began to fuck Katie's asshole. Katie leaned forward to kiss Ed. He placed her hands on his nipples and encouraged her to pinch and pull his buds.

The three fucked in that position for a while then switched again with Katie still on top facing toward Bill. Ed's cock went into her ass and Bill took her pussy. They fucked for a long time in that position and were approaching another climax when a cell phone rang.

Bill hopped up to get the phone.

"Enron Security, Bill Watkins speaking," said Bill.

"Oh no, Andy, she's in the other room, she can't hear me."

"Ten minutes, she'll be ready."

"Will do."

"Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Bill ended the call and hurried back to the mattress.

"That was Andy. They'll be here in ten minutes. Get on your knees, Katie, Andy want you to have a cum facial when gets here," said Bill.

"Don't know why he insists that you cannot identify us, like it makes a fucking difference," said Ed.

"Listen Katie, we've been pretty decent to you, haven't knocked you around, it'd be appreciated if you kept quiet about knowing out names and where we work. Andy would be pissed if he found out you knew," said Bill.

"And we don't want the big boss pissed," said Ed.

"I'll do as you say. I'll keep quiet," said Katie.

"Good, that's terrific, now open up and stick out your tongue," said Bill.

Katie realized they were going to jerk off in her mouth and on her face. She sensed their rapid hand motion. She felt a jerking cock touch her tongue, then a splat of semen landed on the roof of her mouth. Several more spurts landed on her face.

"Don't move, leave it there," said Bill when Katie reached up to wipe her cheek.

In a matter of seconds, another cock load of cum splashed into her mouth and onto her face.

"Now don't move and don't wipe anything. That's the way Andy wants you when he gets here," said Bill.

"He's into humiliation," said Ed.

"One more thing and we're done, come into a tabletop position," said Bill moving to Katie's rear.

Katie complied and stayed completely still as Bill with difficulty slipped his almost soft cock into her asshole. Katie felt an odd sensation in her rectum and almost panicked when she realized that Bill was urinating.

"What's that?" cried Katie as she felt the warm fluid entering her bowels.

"Hold still, Katie. Piss enema, compliments of Lea," said Bill. "Ed, get in quick or it will run out."

Stay calm Katie told herself as she felt Bill replace Ed at her rear. It's vile and disgusting but it's not physically hurtful. Katie relaxed down on to her forearms as Ed urinated inside her bowels.

Both men had been drinking beer and it took them a while to finish. Katie felt very full when they were done.

When Ed pulled out, Katie felt a large cold object being forced into her butt hole.

"What are you doing?" said Katie.

"Beer bottle to keep our piss inside until they arrive," said Bill. "Lea's idea. You didn't hear it from us but Lea's into water sports."

"Lea is even weirder than Andy sometimes," said Ed.

Even Katie's well-stretched rectum had difficulty accepting the glass stopper. Katie groaned as the bottle's girth painfully expanded her anal ring.

"Sweet," whispered Bill as Katie heard the click of a camera shutter.

"Now that'll keep everything inside till they get here," said Ed.

Katie heard the sound of tape being torn off a roll. Katie remained calm as the two applied strips of duct tape in an X-pattern to hold the beer bottle in place. She tried not to think how she must look with a beer bottle stuck in her ass being held in place with duct tape..

"Don't move now until the boss and his bimbo arrive," said Bill.

Chapter 5

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"You guys have fun with her? " asked a voice that Katie immediately recognized as Andy Fastow, her boss.

"She kept begging us to fuck her. She even wanted it in her ass and her pussy at the same time. I never saw a woman so desperate for cock," said Ed.

"She couldn't get enough, a real nympho. We had to screw her just to keep her calm. It was a tough job but someone had to do it," said Bill.

"She looks pretty fucked over," said Dougie. "You guys even gave her a facial."

"I'd say from the looks of her you fucked her silly," said a voice that Katie recognized as Andy's wife Lea. To Katie, Lea had always been the short, chubby co-worker who happened to be married to the CFO.

"You want us to stay, Boss," asked Bill.

"No, Lea, Dougie and I will take it from here. Looks like a job well done. You guys go home and get some sleep. There'll be a little something extra in your next paycheck," said Andy.

"Thanks Mr. Fastow," said Bill.

"Yea, thanks boss, enjoy," said Ed.

Katie sensed that the two men were leaving.

"Doesn't she look sweet, cum on her face and a beer bottle in her ass," said Lea.

Katie felt the intense humiliation of her predicament.

"Take off her blindfold, Dougie" said Lea.

"Hold still, Katie, this will only take a minute," said Dougie.

Katie winced when the tape was pulled off face. It felt like her eyebrows departed with the tape. It took several tries for Dougie to get the tape out of her hair. Katie opened her eyes slowly. In front of her was Andy dressed in Western casual and Lea in jeans and a blouse. Dougie was also dressed casual. There were two large canvas bags on the floor beside Andy and Lea.

Once the blindfold was removed and Katie's eyes adjusted to the light, she realized how overwhelmingly humiliating it was that she was kneeling completely naked in front of Andy and Lea Fastow and his executive assistant, Douglas Powell. Katie had never cared for Douglas or Dougie as everyone called him. He had been hired right out of Wharton School of Business less than a year ago to join Enron's fast track management training program. He was always at Andy's side, sucking up to the boss. On the organization chart, Dougie carried the title Special Assistant to the CFO. Around the office, Dougie was known as Andy's ass-kisser and hatchet man.

Recently, Katie had noticed him looking at her during staff meeting and a few weeks ago, she had met him coming out of her office. He told her that he had thought she was inside and had walked in to talk with her about the taxes for the Indian Power Plant subsidiary. Katie remembered thinking at the time that he was a sneaky little bastard.

Now she was a thoroughly raped woman with a cum splattered face and a beer bottle sealing two bladder loads of beer piss in her asshole. I wish I could die thought Katie but I have to remember Beth Ann needs me. Doug was looking at her with disgust on his face and the Fastow's acted like her predicament was funny as hell. Even worse was that her intestines were cramping and she had begun to feel an overwhelming need to take a shit.

"So how was the rape, Katie," asked Andy looking around.

"They rape me repeatedly," said Katie deciding it might be a good strategy to exaggerate how bad it was.

"I don't see any cuts or bruises," said Lea.

"They violate you in all three orifices," said Andy?

"Yes, they raped me anally and they forced me to suck their cocks," said Katie.

"Good, I figured they would. You must have cooperated since they didn't beat the shit out of you," said Dougie.

"I need to use the bathroom," said Katie.

"Oh poor thing, piss in your butt dying to escape," taunted Andy.

"Yes, it hurts. I'm cramping," said Katie.

"Permission to use the can will be given once you kiss my feet," said Lea. She kicked off her shoes and stepped forward directly in front of Katie.

"Let me use the bathroom first then I'll do what you want," said Katie clutching her abdomen. Her rectum was straining to expel the beer bottle but the tape was keeping it in place.

"You don't make the rules and I don't bargain with worthless sluts like you," said Lea before delivering a kick to Katie's rib cage that sent her on to her side clutching her ribs and howling in pain.

"Oh God, that hurts," whined Katie rolling up in a tight ball.

"Now, put each little toe in your mouth and suck it or that beer bottle will keep your ass plugged all night," said Lea.

Katie's guts were now on fire but she leaned down to take in Lea's big toe. She sucked it briefly then licked and kissed it. She worked her way through all five toes then the toes of her other foot.

"Now say thank you Lea for allowing me to kiss your feet," said Lea.

"Thank you Lea for letting me kiss your feet," said Katie out of her mind with intestinal cramps.

"Bring the camera, Dougie. Let's put her on the commode," said Andy. "I'm anxious to get started."

Katie got painfully to her feet with the aid of Doug who grabbed her under the armpit and lifted. Katie hobbled in a stooped position. The beer bottle in her ass caused her to take small halting steps. She ignored the camera flash as she stepped to the bathroom.

Luckily for Katie, the bathroom was close by. The three followed her into the room. My God are they planning to watch me shit thought Katie mildly panicked at the idea of having to do her business while they watched.

"Dougie is going to pull the tape off and I expect you to control yourself. If you have an accident, Dougie is going to be very angry. Do you know what he might do?" said Lea.

"No, but I'll try to hold it but it hurts like hell. I'm not sure that I can," said Katie who was bent double with both hands clutching her abdomen. Shooting pains were coursing through her bowels.

"Dougie went to two years of dental school before deciding dentistry wasn't for him. He's still got his dental instruments and a portable drill. Dougie, if Katie gets poop on you or the floor, you can give her a root canal without any Novocain," said Lea.

"Fuck that would be awesome. Talk about hurting, drilling in to those nerves would be totally off the pain charts," said Dougie.

"So I suggest you control your bowels because Dougie is very eager to practice a little home dentistry," said Lea.

Katie took slow deep breaths as Dougie fumbled with the tape holding the beer bottle. The year before Katie had a root canal from one of the most expensive and skilled dentists in Houston. He's given her several shots of Novocain to deaden the entire side of her face and it still hurt like hell when he had expatiated the nerve. Katie tried to relax her rectum telling herself only a few more minutes. The tape came off and Dougie slowly backed her up to the commode. As the backs of her legs touched the porcelain, Dougie eased the beer bottle out.

"Keep your butt closed and don't squat until Lea says so," said Dougie.

When the beer bottle popped free the need to shit became more than urgent.

"Please let me shit, Lea," whimpered Katie.

"Say pretty please," said Lea.

"Pretty please," said Katie clutching her stomach and rocking on the balls of her feet.

"Say pretty please with sugar on it," said Lea.

"Pretty please with sugar on it," said Katie out of her mind with the need to empty her bowels.

"All right Katie, take a dump," said Lea laughingly.

Katie sat quickly down and relaxed her sphincter. There was an immediate explosion of beer piss and shit out of her asshole. Several other smaller explosions followed the initial surge. The foul smell of fresh shit filled the restroom.

"Look at me and smile for the camera," said Dougie. Katie managed to raise her head but she doubted that the grimace of pain on her face would be interpreted as a smile.

"Do you find watching a woman shit erotic, Dougie," said Andy.

"In a way," said Dougie.

"How so," said Andy?

"I suspect it's been a long time since Katie took a dump in front of an audience if ever. Even worse for her, we're making a photographic record of the event. When was the last time you shit for a crowd, Katie," said Dougie.

"I'm not sure I ever have, maybe when I was a little girl," said Katie feeling highly embarrassed that she was moving her bowels in a bathroom of other people. The loud noises from her butthole as feces and gas forced its way past her sphincter had to be talked over.

"Probably not since your potty training days. Did that husband of yours ever watch you shit?" said Dougie.

"No, never," said Katie recalling how modest she was about not only the toilet but about displaying her body in general. Katie recalled the mental anguish of the girl's locker room in high school.

"He probably at least watched you take a piss, men like to watch the little woman making her water," said Dougie.

"Maybe a couple of times," said Katie grunting to force her bowels to empty completely.

"My point is this. Our watching Katie shit her brains out and sensing her humiliation and embarrassment because we're watching is what makes it erotic," said Dougie.

"You're right, Dougie. You certainly learned something in business school besides good management skills," said Andy.

"Katie, our being here makes it horrible for you," said Lea. "Doesn't it dear? I know I don't like to tinkle when others are watching."

"Yes," said Katie.

"You feel embarrassed, humiliated, defiled, debased, less than human, etc," said Lea?

"Yes, " responded Katie wearily.

"Good, that's excellent, humiliation is erotic but it's too subtle for me. I prefer my eroticism more straightforward like the sounds of a flogger landing on naked buttocks ending in a loud scream," said Lea.

"You're lucky those two didn't have time to get into water sports with you. The last girl was here for a whole day with them. She gave them a hard time and kept talking about what low life shits they were. That wasn't smart," said Andy.

"They seem like such nice guys," said Dougie.

"They are as long as the rapee shows a decent respect for the working man. Ed and Bill engaged in what they called a Beer & Water Sports party. They tied the bitch up to where she couldn't move a muscle but her ass and cunt were available. Then they put a plastic funnel down the girl's throat. The funnel had a soft flexible tube that went into her esophagus and straight into her stomach. Bill was an EMT before he came to work for Enron. So while they raped her holes they killed several six packs of Lone Star. When they needed to take a leak they'd step up to the funnel and let the golden river flow. Beer piss flowed right into her belly," said Andy.

"Her navel became an outtie," said Lea. "It looked obscene. We've got some shots of her looking like she swallowed a watermelon."

"By the time, we showed up the girl was about to bust a gut. I put her on the bathroom floor face up and set on her belly. That caused her to regurgitate spewed like a busted water main. It was a little messy but awfully damn satisfying to see that bitch rolling around on the floor vomiting up beer piss mixed with puke," said Andy.

"You guys certainly had your fun with her," said Lea.

"Enough bull shit. I have a plane waiting for me at the airport. Let's get started," said Andy.

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked Katie pulling toilet paper off the roll to wipe her ass.

"Come on Katie, let's not play stupid. Do you recall sending a letter to the SEC accusing me of wrong doing?" asked Andy.

"I didn't send anything to the SEC," said Katie.

"Then why is your DNA on the stamp and the envelope flap? Jesus, you should watch that television show CSI. The DNA on the envelope matches the DNA Doug took off the hairbrush you keep in your desk. We had to test over 40 employees before we got a match. I was very surprised and extremely disappointed when I found out it was you. I thought you were a team player, " said Andy.

Katie was silent. She had been a fool. She knew about DNA but never dreamed they would go to those lengths to find her.

"Katie, you should know that Enron has a lot of connections. There is a special friend in the SEC who got your letter and brought it to me. The company has many supporters in Congress in both houses and parties not only the Texas contingent. And by the way, the Houston police department contains some especially close contacts who'd go to great lengths to protect Enron, the Police Commissioner for one and the Lt. Simmons, head of the vice squad for another. Later Dougie will tell you why having a relationship with vice is so critical. But you know who is not a friend?" said Andy.

"No." Katie replied in a weak voice as she wiped her ass.

"You're not. I hired you, made you a VP gave you terrific annual raises and a hell of a bonus and you betrayed me. I despise ingratitude more than any other human failing. That's why you're here. Lea and I are going to personally punish you for bring an ungrateful, lying whore. Doug is going to spend the rest of the weekend making sure you behave in the future," said Andy.

"Please, I've already been punished enough. Those two men raped me and did awful things to me," pleaded Katie

Andy moved to where his face was less than an inch from Katie's who was still seated on the commode. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head up.

"That was just a warm-up. In a little while, you will wish they were back on that mattress with them raping the shit out of you," said Andy.

"Please, I can't take any more," whined Katie

"Let's get started, Dougie," said Andy.

"You empty," said Dougie grabbing Katie under the arm and lifting her off the commode?

"Yes, I think so," said Katie.

At the moment Katie stood up on unsteady legs, Lea stepped forward and delivered another powerful kick directly to Katie's groin. The top of her foot landed squarely on Katie's already tender sex organs. The force of the blow lifted Katie almost off the floor. Instantly, Katie screamed in pain grabbed her crotch and fell to the floor screaming and jerking.

"I've been dying to do that," said Lea.

"Nice shot, Lea," said Andy.

Lea kneeled down besides Katie grabbed a handful of Katie's hair to twist and lift Katie's face. Lea's face was only inches a way when she spoke. Flecks of her spit landed on Katie's face.

"That's for trying to ruin out lives and harm the Fastows. Nobody tries to take the food out of my children's mouths and gets away with it."

"Get her cleaned up and strung up while we change," said Andy to Dougie.

"Quick in the shower and wash up," said Dougie as soon as the Fastow's had left.

Katie was allowed to stand under the warm water for several minutes. Her crotch ached from Lea's kick. Her clit hurt to the touch. She was terrified at what they might do to her. After five minutes, Dougie took her out. He handed her one towel to dry herself and used another to dry her back.

"The sooner they get started the sooner it will be over with," said Dougie.

"What are they going to do to me?" asked Katie.

"My guess is that they are going to whip the shit out of you."

"Oh no," whined Katie.

"Oh yes, those two are into the S&M lifestyle. But you'll live."

Quickly he led her back into the main room. Katie stood quietly shivering under the towel she'd wrapped around herself. Dougie became a whirlwind of activity. He grabbed a step stool out of the corner and placed it in the center of the room. From a nearby chest he removed an apparatus that was in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The triangle was constructed of hollow metal tubes connected by chains. The apex of the triangle had an S-hook. Dougie climbed up on the stool and attached the S-hook to a large hook screwed into an overhead floor joist.

"Stick out your hand, hurry, let's not piss them off by not being ready," ordered Dougie. When Katie complied, he fastened a leather cuff around her wrist and buckled it.

"Other hand," said Dougie who proceeded to cuff Katie's other wrist.

Similar wider cuffs were placed around Katie's ankles.

"Stand right here and put your arms straight over your head. Reach for the ceiling," said Dougie.

Katie thought of resisting or at the least arguing but decided it was to no avail. Any resistance would only result in there doing even worse things to her. The cuffs had a ring on one side that Dougie attached to hooks at the end of the overhead bar that turned out to be adjustable.

"Stand flat on your feet and extend your arms as high as they will go," said Dougie.

Katie did as instructed as Dougie made adjustments to the length of the spreader bar and the height that the chains dropped from the ceiling. When Dougie stepped off the stool, Katie was left standing with her arms restrained in a wide V pointing toward the ceiling. She found she had very little freedom of movement in her upper body.

"What are you doing to me," said Katie.

"Putting you into restraint. Andy and Lea are going to have an S&M session with you. Like I said, they're into that," said Dougie. "You ever do an S&M?"

"No, never,' said Katie.

"Well I guess there is always a first time."

Dougie took too small chains out of the chest and attached them to Katie's ankle cuffs and then to steel rings embedded in the concrete floor. Dougie adjusted the ankle chains to remove any slack. He pushed Katie's shoulders and her buttocks to determine how much freedom of movement remained. When he was finished, he surveyed his work and pronounced it good.

"You look damn enticing Katie. Even though there's almost twenty years difference in our ages, I plan on fucking you a few times myself this weekend. Now for the finishing touches."

Katie listened as Dougie retrieved something from the chest. She felt him climb up on the stool behind her. He carefully gathered her damp hair in his fist and fastened a clamp over the hair right below his fist. He tightened the wing nuts until Katie' hair was firmly clamped. Next he ran a chain from the ring on the hair clamp to a ring in the center of the overhead spreader bar. He adjusted the length of the chain to remove any slack. When he was finished, Katie's head was almost immobilized in an upright position.

"Ouch, you're pulling my hair," said Katie.

"That's the idea, but what the hell, I'll give you a quarter inch just to prove what a nice guy I am," said Dougie making a slight adjustment.

Moments later, Dougie appeared in front of Katie with several lengths of white sash cord. He wrapped several strands immediately above and below her breasts.

"That's too tight. What are you doing?" asked Katie as Dougie tied off the cord.

"Tight it has to be or Andy would just make me redo it," said Dougie using a short length to bring the two parallel strands together in the center and sides of her breasts.

"It's good you got big tits so we can loop them at the base," said Dougie as he make a slip knot loop in the cord and positioned it around the base of Katie's right breast. Dougie grabbed Katie's nipple and pulled her breast out as he tightened it. His fingers slowly worked Katie's breast tissue to where the cord constricted at the very base.

"That's hurts, what are you doing?' said Katie watching as Dougie tightly wrapped several turns of the cord around her boob. Almost immediately her breast started to swell.

"Balloon titties, ever had balloon titties?" said Dougie putting a loop around Katie's other breast and tightening it.

"No, you're cutting off the circulation," said Katie alarmed at how her breasts were swelling.

"I don't thing it totally cuts off the circulation. You won't get gangrene. At least, I don't think you will."

"Why are you doing this?"

"For the fifth time, Andy and Lea are into BDSM. They plan on having a punishment session with you. You ever do any of that?"

"No, never."

"Hubby never spanked your butt while he pounded away."

"Yes, but nothing like this." Actually Katie recalled that on several occasions a drunken Ellis had taken her over his knee and turned her ass bright red. He used a paddle he'd kept from his days as Pledge Master for Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Katie had been drunk too on those occasions and it was the next day before she realized that her butt was too sore to sit.

"Between you and me, Andy and Lea belong to an exclusive club where the movers and shakers of Houston society get together and as they call it engage in the lifestyle. Rumor has it that if a pretty Latina wants to make five hundred she can go there and let them pound the shit out of her ass for a couple of hours. That's how they get their rocks off."

"So they practice S&M as a couple?" asked Katie.

"Yes, but there's a problem. They are both dominants which means they're both pain givers not pain receivers. You with me so far?"

"Yes, but I'm not into S&M."

"That's not the point. The way Andy described it this club brings together the dominants and the submissives. Lea and he torture submissive type who are either in it for the money or gets their jollies off from a good ass whipping. But since these are real people there are all kind of limits and rules. They even have something called safe words that bring the action to a halt if the whippee feels like the whipper is laying it on too strong. The Fastows find it a little tame. Still follow?"

"Yes. I think so."

"So when they get the infrequent opportunity to really let their dominant sides swing free so to speak, they take advantage of it. You betrayed them so in punishing you they are able to have an S&M session where they make the rules and set the limits and you don't have a safe word."

"What will they do to me?" said a now terrified Katie.

"They're going to hurt you, hurt you bad and get their rocks off doing it."

"Oh my God."

"Oh my God in deed," said Dougie knotting the cord around Katie's swelling boobs.

Katie looked down at her breasts that were turning dark red. The blood vessels were appearing through the tightly stretched skin, even making little crooked ridgelines.

"Funny, how tits do that," said Dougie flicking the nipple of Katie's left breast with his fingernail.

"That hurt," exclaimed Katie.

"They become hyper sensitive too, tight as a balloon. That's why they call them balloon titties. One more thing and we're done."

Dougie went away and came back with two more pieces of leather that he belted around Katie's upper thighs. He let his hand brush against Katie's sex as he buckled the top buckle that was at the top of her thigh.

"How many times did Ed and Bill screw you?" said Dougie using his fingers to separate Katie's labia. He blew his breath across her clitoris causing it to move in reflex.

"I don't know. They kept changing positions, several times each," said Katie feeling utterly helpless and degraded as Dougie manipulated her sex.

"I'm going to get a piece of your pussy before the weekend's over, several actually," said Dougie lightly flicking his finger back and forth across Katie's clitoris.

"I don't know how much more pain and degradation I can stand," sobbed Katie.

"You'll surprise yourself," said Dougie proceeding to fasten the other leather around Katie's opposite thigh.

"What is that on my legs?" Katie could not look down to see.

"I'd call it a pussy spreader for lack of a better term," said Dougie talking one of Katie's labia and attaching an alligator clamp to the tissue then releasing it. The short elastic band attached to the leather thigh belt pulled her labia open and outward.

"Ouch, take if off," hissed Katie trying to deal with the sharp pain as the clamps sharp teeth bit into her tender flesh.

Dougie ignored her and attached two more alligator clamps to her labial lips then the three on the opposite side. When finished, he stepped back to examine his work.

"Ooh, that does look hot, snatch is spread wide and ready for action. The Fastows will be able t whip you right on the hole. I bet that's going to hurt," said Dougie reaching once again for the camera to take several shots of Katie.

"This is killing me," whined Katie aware that her body was already suffering in several places and the Fastows were still changing.

"You'll live," said Dougie stepping back into Katie and fingering the opening of her vagina.

"I'm sore from being rapped,' said Katie twisting her hips as Dougie's finger penetrated her vaginal opening.

"Wish we had time to fuck in that position. Do you stranding up right here and now. But I hear Andy and Lea coming back. Rank has it privileges."

Katie startled at the loud crack of a whip on the concrete floor.

"Master Andrew and Mistress Lea, your slave is ready for her punishment," said Dougie bending over and making a poor imitation of courtier's bow.

Chapter 6

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Copyright 2004


Katie did not live her life in a nunnery and she had at least a rough idea how S&M attire looked but she was still astonished at the apparel of Andy and Lea when they stepped in front of her. My God they certainly look the part thought Katie as the two did a quick turn in front of her.

"Wa-la," sounded Andy as he pivoted and spun around on the high Cuban heels of his boots.

Lea's black leather boots topped out mid way up her hefty thighs. Platform soles and five-inch heels increased Lea's stature to where she was eye level with the taller Katie. Net stocking ended right below her leather clad crotch. Three large brass snaps closed the crotch over Lea's sex. A short plastic fitting protruded from Lea's crotch that Katie figured was the mounting for a strap on cock.

I hope she doesn't plan to use a strap on dildo on me thought Katie. I'm already sore from being raped. Katie shuddered at the idea of Lea forcing a pillar of hard latex into her already painfully raw orifices. Katie wondered if it was possible to be fucked to death.

A well-made leather corset lifted Lea's sizeable breasts up and over the top of the garment. The corset drew Lea's waist in several inches. Elbow length leather gloves completed the outfit. There were several whips of different types hanging from a leather belt. When Lea did a pirouette, Katie saw that her butt cheeks were uncovered. A narrow leather strap traversed the crack of her ass.

Andy was dressed in a leather pants and boots. The crotch of the pants didn't exist and his hairy cock was exposed. It was semi-hard.

"When Lea and I are done, you'll be begging to suck this cock," said Andy fisting his cock and shaking it toward Katie.

"I'll suck it now if you'll let me go," said Katie anxious to avoid any more pain. She shuddered when she looked at her breasts that had swollen to an obscene state and turned a bright red.

"All in good time, bitch," said Andy.

Lea bent over directly in front of Katie and spoke to her between in her legs.

"And she'll want to eat my pussy and suck my asshole," said Lea sticking out her tongue toward Katie.

"Where shall we start, Master Andrew?" said Lea straightening up.

"Let's whip the hide off her ass," said Andy reaching down into one of the canvas bags to remove a pair of flexible leather whips. He handed one to Lea then swirled his through the air making a swish sound that terrified Katie.

"Please, don't hit me with that. I couldn't stand it," said Katie.

"But you could stand doing something that could put Andy and me in jail, bitch," said Lea cutting the air in front of Katie. Katie saw that the whip was at least a yard long. Andy demonstrated its suppleness by bending it into a U shape as Katie watched.

"You ever get a whipping when you were a little girl," asked Andy?

"No, never," Katie's parents hadn't believed in corporal punishment. She'd gotten her share of timeouts.

"You missed out. Maybe that's why you were disloyal to your employer. Your parents never taught you proper values. My daddy used to take a switch to me at least once a week. Momma would tell him who misbehaved while he was at work. Daddy would gather my brother Larry and my sisters, Alice and Mary, in the living room as soon as he got home. If Momma said one of us had acted up, he'd make us pull out pants down and wail the living daylights out of our bare ass. We all go to watch. Spare the rod and spoil the child was his creed. He whipped all of us even my older sister Mary until she went away to college," said Andy.

"Your father whipped your sister's bare bottom while you and your brother watched," asked Dougie. Dougie's parents had been college professors and like Katie's not into corporal punishment.

"Dad believed that the shame and humiliation of being exposed was almost as important as the pain," said Andy. "Daddy in his own way was a master psychologist."

"How old was she when she left for college," said Dougie genuinely curious as to the cause of his boss's perverse nature.

"Nineteen, she'd won a scholarship to Rice," said Andy.

"That must have been something watching your nineteen year old sister take a whipping on her bare butt," said Dougie.

"It sure was. And he made it interesting. He landed a couple of blows right on her clam, like this," said Andy snapping the whip directly up between Katie's legs to strike directly on her bare pussy.

"Fuck, that hurt," yelled Katie when she managed to get enough breath to react. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"If you thing that hurt, try this,' said Lea landing a vicious upward blow that bisected Katie's labia perfectly. Katie's loud scream punctured the air as she twisted in her bonds unable to move more than a half-inch. Katie desperately wanted to grab her burning sex with both hands to soothe her pain.

"Little surprise for you Katie. I used to get a hard on when Mary had to drop her drawers and bend over the arm of the couch. Larry and I would get in bed together after we'd watched Daddy whip her butt and jerk each other off."

"How many," said Lea?

"Twenty from each of us," said Andy who had taken up a position beside Katie and was rubbing her naked bottom.

"Oh my God, no," said Katie breaking into more sobs.

"And you get to count, Katie, since you're an accountant just yell out the number. If you mess up, we start all over," said Lea.

"Being left handed, I'll take the left side," said Andy taking up a position behind and to the left of Katie. Lea was on the opposite side. "Lea and I make a good couple for a joint whipping since I'm left handed and she's right."

"I never thought of that but you're right," commented Dougie. His admiration for Andy Fastow knew no bounds. I'm always learning something new from that bastard concluded Dougie.

"Don't forget to count, slut," said Lea.

Katie heard the two behind her warming up. The whirring sound of the whips as they cut the air terrified her. How can I possibly stand this thought Katie? But I have no other choice. They can do what they want and all I can do is suffer.

Dougie returned from somewhere with a beer in one hand and sat down on the couch directly in front of Katie. He relaxed back into the soft upholstery obviously planning to enjoy the proceedings.

Katie heard the dual swish and her buttocks caught fire the instant her ears heard the near simultaneous crack of the leather across her butt cheeks. Both whips had landed within milliseconds of one another. Katie didn't have to focus any effort to scream, it was wrenched from her involuntarily. Dougie clapped his hands over his ears in mock horror and laughed.

"Stop," screamed Katie when her body got enough control for her to function.

"Did you hear a one, Mistress Lea," said Andy.

"No I most certainly did not, Master Andrew. We must recommence our efforts to punish this disloyal slave," said Lea.

Again Katie heard the powerful swish as the whips cut through the air. Katie managed to retain enough control to scream 'One' with all her might.

"Excellent, now let's hear a Two," said Lea.

Katie managed to scream 'Two' within seconds after the blows landed. Andy and Lea settled into an even pace of blows that left Katie babbling her pain after the delivery of the twentieth stroke. Her rear end was on fire.

Katie was brought back to awareness by the flash of a camera behind her.

"Did you ever see such a red ass," said Andy?

"Nope, it's almost a tomato red and it feels warm to the touch, feel those whelps, they feel like tire marks," said Dougie who had gotten off the couch to take images of the damage performed on Katie's rear. Katie felt several hands touching her naked bottom. It was throbbing with pain.

"Hold her cheeks apart," said Andy.

Katie was too out of it to understand what was about to happen. She felt Dougie's hands grab her buttocks and pull them roughly apart. A lash straight down her butt crack immediately followed. Katie screamed then fainted.

"Nothing like a good one across the old asshole to send them off to Never Never Land," said Andy.

"Look at her brown eye. It's all wrinkled up, like it's trying to turn inside out," said Dougie.

"Use the poppers to bring her around," said Lea. "I wouldn't want the traitorous cunt to miss anything."

"It's giving off heat like a stove," said Dougie his hand feeling Katie's bottom as he held a bottle of poppers to Katie's nose.

Katie head jerked reacting to the strong aroma. She began to sob from the pain in her buttocks as soon as she was awake.

"That's where the phrase warming your ass up comes from," said Andy.

"Why don't you relax, Andy, while I practice with my bull ship, said Lea.

"Sure, let's see you land it right on her love button," said Andy walking over to the couch and sitting down. Andy removed a beer from a nearby cooler and took a swig.

"This is S&M at its best," said Andy as Dougie sat down beside him.

"What do you mean," asked Dougie.

"At the S&M club where we practice they got all kind of rules to insure safety and that no one gets hurt. How can you have true S&M if no one gets hurt? S&M is all about pain and hurting. That's what makes my cock hard and Lea's pussy wet."

"So what are these rules?" said Dougie.

"There are all kinds of hygiene rules about cleaning your whips after they come in contact with blood, bullshit like that. They even get to wear safety goggles so you don't accidentally take an eye out. But the thing that takes all the fun out of it are those fucking safe words."

What's that," said Dougie.

"Slaves are given safe words or phrases. The favorite is 'red light'. If the submissive wants you to stop all they have to do is speak the safe word and you're required to put your whip down and stop. So about the time you're getting into it, whipping the shit out of someone, they yell 'red light' and you have to stop. That's supposed to keep the submissives from getting hurt but most of the time, the chicken shit motherfuckers scream 'red light' the moment they feel the slightest twinge."

"Amanda hardly ever uses her safe word," said Lea taking a bullwhip off her belt and uncoiling it.

"Yea, I admit it. Amanda is the exception to the rule. She's a true painslut. You can whip that cunt until your arm is falling off and she's begging for more," said Andy.

"We didn't give Katie a safe word," said Dougie.

"Yea, must be an oversight," said Andy laughing.

"So Lea and you can whip her hide off and enjoy yourselves," said Dougie.

"Fucking A we can. We can peel the skin right off her and make us a lamp shade," said Andy.

"How you coming Lea? Going to lay that metal tip right on her button, darling?" said Andy.

"Please no more. I'll go insane," said Katie.

"I don't think insanity is in your future but if you do, we'll see that you get the best of care. Enron's medical policy covers mental illness," said Lea appearing in front of Katie measuring the distance to Katie in terms of the length of the bullwhip.

"What are you going to do with that," said Katie.

"Whip your pussy to start," said Lea unfurling the whip and loosening up her arm.

"Listen, I'll do anything. Just don't use that on me," pleaded Katie.

"Sorry, Katie, your fate was sealed when you licked that stamp and dropped that letter to the SEC in the box," said Lea her arm going back then moving rapidly forward.

The first blow landed on Katie's upper right thigh. Katie screamed and writhed in her restraints. The whip made a loud crack. A thin line of blood appeared where the whip landed.

"The noise would scare me shitless," commented Dougie. "Look, you cut her."

"Just a practice swing," said Lea.

The next blow landed on Katie's navel causing her to shriek her agony. Katie had never been able to stand physical pain. A trickle of blood flowed from her navel down to her groin. Katie had never known such instantaneous anguish. Seconds after the whip's metal tip cut into her flesh, she was screaming her lungs out. She wanted to fall to the floor at Lea's feet and beg her not to use the whip again.

"I seem to be off tonight," said Lea.

"Just relax, sweetheart and take a deep breath," offered Andy being supportive.

Katie watched in terror as Lea took careful aim. Her arm went back slowly then moved quickly forward and the end of the moved streaked across the room and landed directly on Katie's clitoris. The pain was so intense that Katie lost control and what emerged at first was more of a chortle than a scream. Katie's crotch was a ball of fire. A stream of piss sprayed from Katie's urethra, Katie's eyes bugged out and every muscle in her body convulsed.

"You caused her to piss herself," said Dougie in a voice denoting triumph.

"That put a grove in her clit," commented Lea.

"I'll get you those diamond studs you've been wanting if you lay the next one across her cunt. Put it in her hole," said Andy.

Lea took careful aim and the next time, the end of the whip land directly on Katie's vagina even curling into her opening. Katie's piteous scream filled the room.

Why can't I pass out thought Katie? This is inhuman. I will go insane if she hits me again.

"I just cost myself some money," said Andy.

"You know I'm a money player," said Lea. "Watch this."

This time the whip landed directly on Katie's left nipple. Before she could stop screaming, her right nipple exploded. In rapid succession, blows landed on her navel, clitoris, vagina and then once again both her areola. The pain was too much for Katie and she passed out

Moments later, Katie jerked awake when the odor of amyl nitrate invaded her nostrils.

"She's awake. You can go to work on her again, " said Dougie stepping away as he closed the small bottle of poppers.

When she looked down she saw that Andy and Lea were approaching her each carrying a small tray of hypodermic needles.

"Oh God no," shrieked Katie.

"Oh God yes," said Andy pushing a large gage hypodermic needle into the side of her swollen breasts. They had swollen enormously since Dougie had wrapped them in sash cord. They were large and red and the ridges of veins were visible through the translucent skin.

Katie ground her teeth in pain as she felt the hard metal slide inside her boob and travel several inches before it reached its maximum penetration.

"Hurts like hell, doesn't it? We use a large gage needle for just that reason," commented a smiling Andy his face inches from Katie's.

"God yes, please, I can't take any more," whined Katie.

"My turn," said Lea pushing a needle through Katie's other breast.

Andy and Lea proceeded in turn to force the needles into Katie's breasts. When there were ten needles in each breast, Andy and Lea stepped back to admire the result. Dougie appeared with a camera and took several close ups of Katie's boobs. Blood was seeping out of the places where the needles punctured her flesh.

Katie looked down at her bloody tits and wanted to scream.

"Let's give her five minutes to contemplate the errors of her ways," said Andy.

The three returned to the couch to watch Katie suffer. Dougie sat down on the couch taking a long swallow of his beer. Lea was sipping white wine and Andy beer. Andy and Lea started making out. Andy placed his hand on Lea's breasts and began to massage them as they kissed. His hand traveled down to her crotch and he began rubbing her sex.

Katie hung almost lifeless in her restraints. Her body was racked with pain. Her buttocks still burned and throbbed. Since she was bullwhipped, Katie had lost feeling between her legs. Now her breasts felt like they had been subjected to a thousand bee stings.

"I think its time to give her some more," said Lea standing up and walking over to Katie. Lea placed her wine glass to Katie's lip and Katie took a drink.

"Sauvignon Blanc, Heitz Select," offered Lea.

"Light those candles," said Andy to Dougie.

Katie was vaguely aware that Dougie had used a lighter to ignite two long tapers.

"Quality bees wax candles, no paraffin here, only the best, bees wax burn the hottest and it holds the heat," said Andy tilting the candle so a drop of hot wax landed right where one of the needles penetrated Katie's breasts. There was a slight hiss and Katie reacted with a full-throated scream.

"She's still got some life in her," said Dougie.

Andy and Lea worked in tandem. Each took a turn dropping a large glob of fiery hot wax right at the point where the needle penetrated. Katie responded with a loud scream each time. Once more she was screamed out by the time that Andy and Lea had deposited hot wax on each of her puncture wounds.

"Give her some water, Dougie," said Andy stepping away. "She's gotten too dry to yell."

Katie sucked on the plastic straw that Dougie placed in her mouth. She hadn't realized how desperately thirsty she was.

"No more, please, I'll do anything you want," murmured Katie when the water partially revived her.

"Damn straight you will, slut," said Lea.

Katie watched in horror as once more Andy approached with a lighted candle.

"Guess where hot wax hurts the most, Dougie," said Andy.

"Pussy maybe," offered Dougie.

"Nope, arm pits," said Andy reaching up to drip wax on the center of Katie's underarm.

Katie opened her mouth and sounded the piteous cry of an animal in horrible pain.

"You sure know your pain centers," said Dougie.

"I've been at this a while. Haven't we sweetheart?" said Andy.

"Since before we were married. We met in college at an S&M club in Puerto Vallarta. We were on spring break," said Lea.

"I walked into this place called The Devil's Dungeon and found the love of my life whipping the shit out of these two coeds," said Andy.

"No safe word in Mexico," said Dougie.

"Fortunately these two University of California at San Diego coeds passed out on tequila shots at a downtown bar. The bar owner also owned The Devil's Dungeon. After he and his brothers fucked them a couple of times, he rolled them up in blanket and took them there to entertain his guests," said Lea.

"UCSD was known as a party school so we gave those two a party they'll never forget," said Andy.

"You must have realized that Lea was a soul mate," said Dougie.

"Yes, especially when she landed a perfect blow on one of their nipples leaving it hanging by a tiny strip of flesh," said Andy. "Tell Dougie what you did next."

"I walked up to her, made sure she could see that her nipple was almost off. I gave it a yank to finish the job and then put it in her mouth and made her chew it up and swallow it," said Lea.

"Man that sounds hot. How did you get her to eat her own nipple?" said Dougie.

"I whispered that if she didn't I was going to cut the other one off and she'd have to eat that too. And then I was going to chop off her clit," said Lea.

"I was in love the minute that cunt masticated and swallowed her nipple," said Andy.

"What happened to the girls," said Dougie.

"Later, they took them in the back room and let the patrons fuck them for a couple of days. After they were completely fucked out, they drove them back to Tijuana and handed them to the guards at the border crossing. Must have been the Spring Break of a lifetime," said Andy.

"Andy and I exchanged numbers and he called me for a date as soon as I got back to Berkley," said Lea.

Katie once again passed out before Andy and Lea finished dropping searing hot wax on her armpits. The wax burned this sensitive part of her body to the point that she thought she was going mad with pain. Unconsciousness was welcome. Katie did not regain consciousness until Dougie held a fresh bottle of poppers under her nostrils.

"We accessorized you while you were out. It's easier that way. Look at your nipples," said Lea.

When Katie looked down she saw that each nipple was now pierced with a large gold ring. They were the size of a silver dollar.

"Oh my God, what have you done to me?" wailed Katie.

"Made you a more interesting person, given you some style," said Lea.

"And we gave you some more body jewelry where it counts," said Dougie reaching down to fondle the three gold rings piercing each labia.

"That does look hot," said Dougie.

"Now Katie, these rings are to stay in until Lea and I give you permission to remove them. That'll probably be a few years from now, if then," said Andy.

"You know a woman's a real slut when her pussy looks like that," said Dougie touching the rings and giving them a slight pull.

"You ready to eat my pussy, Katie or you want us to work on you some more," said Lea?

"Yes, I'll do it," said Katie unwilling to endure more hellish pain.

"Get her down, Dougie and bring her over here," said Lea unsnapping the leather crotch covering her sex. Lea sat down on the couch and spread her legs. He began to finger her cunt teasing out and separating her labia.

Dougie removed the cuffs from Katie's wrists and ankles. He freed her hair and unwrapped the cord binding her breasts. Katie's body shook in agony as blood rushed into the capillaries emptied by her bindings. Katie collapsed to the floor as soon as her wrists and hair were free.

"Crawl over here, whore," said Lea.

Painfully, Katie crawled to the couch. Lea had spread her legs and had used her fingers to open her vagina.

"Beg for it, bitch," said Lea grabbing a handful of Katie's hair and pulling her upright to look into her face.

"Please," whispered Katie whose will to resist had been completely broken by what she had endured. She would do anything to avoid more torture.

"Nowhere good enough, say Mistress Lea please let me eat your pussy," said Lea.

"Mistress Lea, please let me eat your pussy," said Katie working hard to sound like she was pleading.

"Go to it, whore," said Lea using Katie's hair to pull her face onto Lea's sex.

Katie began to slowly lick Lea's clit.

"You better show more enthusiasm and talent than that or we'll hang you back up and skin you like a rabbit," said Lea.

Katie put more effort into it. She felt someone grab her hips. A hard cock pressed into her sex.

"Here's the fucking I promised you," said Andy pushing his cock into Katie's very sore vagina. Katie did her best to demonstrate her eagerness to please.

"Eat my asshole, Katie," ordered Lea grabbing her ankles and pulling them back to expose her back door to Katie's mouth. Katie was too conscious of the painful alternative to even consider non-compliance. Repeated childbirth had left Lea's sphincter with more than its share of lose hemmorhoidal tissue. Katie ignored the loose flaps of skin and placed her lips on the anal ring and began the tongue massage that would open Lea's backdoor.

"Dougie, there's some lube in my bag, get it for me," said Andy.

"Probe, is this what you use?" said Dougie fishing through the bag.

"Yes, it's the preferred product of queers and butt fuckers, Squirt some on her brown hole and work it in," said Andy.

Katie felt the slippery fluid land on her butthole. Fingers pushed roughly inside her raw anus and she whimpered from the discomfort.

"Look how red it is," commented Dougie as he poked and probed Katie's anus with his fingers.

"Little Katie has been butt fucked, pissed in and corked with a beer bottle. Plus Lea's whip landed there. Damn right, her butthole is red. That's right, use your fingers to stretch her out," said Andy.

"You love sucking my asshole, don't you Katie?" said Lea.

"Yes, I love it, its great," said Katie.

"You won't a piss cocktail?" said Lea.

"You're going to pee in my mouth," questioned a horrified Katie.

"Sure am, Katie, unless you want me to go back to work on you with my bullwhip?" said Lea.

"No, I'll do it," said Katie willing to do anything to avoid more pain, although the idea of ingesting Lea's urine was repellant to the extreme.

"Suck my pisshole and I'll give you a squirt," said Lea. "You better swallow every drop or else."

As Katie placed her mouth over Lea's urethra, she felt Andy shift positions. A cock head pushed inside her anal ring. It slowly slid further causing Katie to moan. Oh God how much more of this can I stand wondered Katie as she felt her mouth fill with Lea's urine.

"I smell Lea pee," announced Andy.

"Katie loves piss, especially Fastow piss," said Lea. "Just keep swallowing bitch. Don't spill a drop."

Katie swallowed slowly until Lea's bladder was empty.

"You getting full?" asked Lea.

"Yes," said Katie sensing that her stomach was filled with Lea's urine.

"Now, suck my butt while I finger my clit. I'm about to get off," said Lea. "Suck that butt with everything you got."

Katie went to work on Lea's asshole as Andy pounded his cock in her rectum.

Katie sensed that Lea was beginning her climax. Lea grabbed the back of Katie's head smashing her mouth against her anus. Lea madly fingered her clit as she climaxed. As Lea writhed in orgasm, Katie sensed Lea's sphincter opening and an onrush of gas as Lea delivered several large and noisy farts directly into her mouth.

"You are such a ticket, Lea," said Andy unabashedly admiring his wife's talents.

Katie's lungs breathed Lea's farts for several seconds before Lea's GI tract emptied.

"Get the camera, Dougie. I want a cum shot," said Andy shifting positions. "On your knees, slut, suck my cock."

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Don't move," ordered Andy as he took his cock in his hand and began to jerk it.

Katie knelt with her head reclined and mouth open. Andy's cock rested on the tip of her tongue

"You don't move until we tell you to swallow then you stick your tongue out to prove you swallowed my load," said Andy.

Katie remained motionless as a glob of semen was deposited on her tongue.

"Perfect," said Dougie as the flash of a camera blinded her. Katie closed her eyes as repeated spurts of semen landed on her face and in her mouth.

"Now swallow and stick your tongue out to show you ate it. And smile too. We want the camera to show you just loved swallowing a mouthful of Andrew's special elixir," said Andy.

Katie did as she was told then collapsed to the floor exhausted.

"Dougie, a little crystal meth to re-energize Katie for the high tech round," said Andy.

"Here swallow," said Dougie forcing two tablets into Katie's mouth. She washed the tablets down with a bottle of Evian water Dougie handed her.

Chapter 7

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Katie lay on the couch sipping Evian and praying her ordeal was over. She had decided as soon as Andy returned she'd get down on her knees and swear she'd be a good and loyal employee from now on. She'd promise to keep her mouth shut about any accounting irregularities and follow orders, be a team player. Katie glanced down at the gold rings piercing her nipples. Thankfully the bleeding had stopped.

How will I explain those to Beth Ann wondered Katie? I'll just have to keep her from seeing my boobs until Andy lets me take them out. No more walking around the house naked. Beth Ann and I have gotten pretty casual about nudity over the years. That's not surprising in a house with only two women. Still, she'd freak out if she saw these rings. Especially after I made a huge deal out of refusing her permission to have her ears pierced until she was sixteen.

Ever worse, what will Doctor Keenan say at my next genealogical exam thought Katie as she gingerly passed her hands over the six rings decorating her labium. God I look like some kind of European fetishist who grew up in Berlin. Grace Keenan will think I have lost my mind. Doctor Keenan had been Katie's gynecologist for the last twenty years. She'll recommend I seek psychiatric help and she'll want me to remove them.

"We've done the low tech now for the high tech," announced Andy as he and Lea entered the room. They'd changed back into their normal clothes. Dougie trailed close behind.

Katie quickly got off the couch and on her knees. The crystal meth was having an effect. Katie's exhaustion had vanished. She felt energized. The various places on her body that were throbbing felt almost normal. Katie quickly passed her hand over her buttocks. The whelps raised by the Andy and Lea were still there but they didn't burn near as much.

"Andy, I'm sorry I wrote the letter to the SEC. I promise not to do anything like that ever again," blurted out Katie.

"Now isn't that sweet of you. But the question is do you really mean it or are you just saying it to avoid any more pain," said Andy.

"I really mean it. Just let me go and I'll be the most loyal and dependable employee at Enron," said Katie.

"Sorry, Katie, it's not going to be that easy," said Andy.

"But you'll whipped the shit out of me. I've been raped. I can't take any more," said Katie starting to cry.

"I'm willing to bet you can take a lot more. Dougie go get it," said Andy.

"Is this the surprise?" asked Lea.

"Yes, honey, you know how I love to tinker. I did the design and Louis Camarado built it," said Andy referring to a friend of theirs in the S&M community who owned a fabrication business.

Katie watched as Dougie wheeled in a large piece of equipment covered by a sheet of blue plastic. Dougie rolled it to the center of the room and pulled the cover off. Using his foot he set the wheel brakes. Then he stood aside for everyone to see.

To Katie it resembled a large clear plastic doghouse on wheels. It's size suitable for a Great Dane. The doghouse had a sharply pitched roof. There were several electric motors visible in the bottom connecting a large number of cables and pulleys. There was a separate control panel containing dials and switches. The panel was connected by a control cable to a logic board in the base of the doghouse.

Dougie plugged in an extension cord, flipped a switch on the control panel and the machine lighted up. Incandescent bulbs lined the interior of the clear roof. Small colored lights illuminated in series along the roof peak.

"Oh wow, it looks fabulous. I can't wait to see the stupid cunt taking a ride," said Lea clapping her hands in delight.

Dougie pulled a large flat panel monitor from its storage place in the bottom of the doghouse and set it up on a table facing the front end of the machine. Next he powered the monitor on and the screen displayed the top of the machine. Katie saw there was a tiny video camera located at one end of the peak of the roof. It was driving the monitor.

"It's gorgeous. You're a genius. I'm so proud of you," said Lea leaning in to kiss her husband.

"Hold on, you haven't seen it work yet," said Andy.

Katie found herself staring at what appeared to be a very complicated piece of equipment. It was constructed mainly of plexi-glass so it was possible to see its inner workings. Large hospital gurney style wheels had allowed Dougie to easily roll what was obviously a very heavy device.

"Has it been tested?' asked Lea.

"Sure has, Louis picked up a prostitute last Thursday, drugged her and brought her here for a test. He called me on my cell phone and let me listen to her screams. Based on how loud she was squalling, I'd say we have a winner."

"So how does it work," said Lea her face expressing the delight she was feeling.

"You are looking at a twenty first century version of what the Inquisition used to call the Spanish Donkey. Tomas de Torquemada, the hammer of heretics, used the Donkey to extract confessions from heretics who had withstood every other torture device available to the Inquisition. He also converted Jewish women to the Christian faith by the droves. It works better for women but it's highly effective for men also."

"How did the original work?" said Lea.

"Like most great ideas, very simply. See how these two sheets of plexi-glass form a sharp angle. In Torquemada's version, they used metal or wood to create the wedge. The heretic was placed straddling the wedge. Iron weights were attached to each ankle to add to the downward pressure Sometimes they didn't have to use weights. In many cases Torquemada could extract a full confession merely by threatening a ride on the Spanish Donkey. It developed a reputation throughout Medieval Europe as one of the most agonizing tortures ever visited on a human being."

"It doesn't look that bad," said Lea.

"Just the mention of the Spanish Donkey frightened the living shit out of heretics. Jews all over Spain rushed to be baptized as Roman Catholics to avoid taking a ride. Hell of a recruiting tool."

"Let me see if I've got this right. You know I'm not very mechanical. Katie will be sitting on the peak where the roof meets. The area where Katie's legs join will be resting right where these two large pieces of plexi-glass come together in a point, am I correct so far?" said Lea.

"Exactly, right on the area that connects the puss to the asshole," said Andy.

"Katie's body weight will cause this highly sensitive area to press painfully against the edge. That's all there is to it. It doesn't sound like much," said Lea placing her hands low on her crotch to illustrate.

"I know but that's the beauty of it. At first it's not that bad but the pain builds quickly over time," said Andy.

"I want to try it," said Lea unzipping her jeans and sliding them down her hips.

"Are you sure? I don't think that's a good idea. I made a number of improvements based on technology not available to Torquemada. The pain is off the charts," said Andy

"You said it's not so bad at the start. They say a good dominatrix tries all her tools on herself in order to better understand how the submissive feels," said Lea. "Besides the fact that you designed it means that I as your wife should give it a try. I want to be supportive."

"All right if you insist but just for a minute or two," said Andy. Andy knew all too well that once Lea set her mind to something there was no stopping her.

"Andrew Fastow, two minutes my ass, I happen to have an unusually high pain threshold. I've had three children by natural childbirth," said Lea.

"Whatever you say. I just hate to think of that sweet wonderful pussy of yours suffering," said Andy taking Lea in his arms. Andy's hand stroked her panty-clad cunt as they kissed. He pushed the material of the crotch aside and slipped a finger in her wet cunt. "Just looking at it has got you all hot and bothered."

"You going to get me horny, stud. How did you improve it?" said Lea breaking their embrace.

"Several ways, now you can make it tilt back and forth," said Andy turning a dial on the machine's control panel. The wedge slowly raised on one end then the other like a ship bobbing in the ocean. "Louis and I figure these oscillations will increase the pain by several factors."

"What else," said Lea?

"Vibration effect," once again Andy turned a dial and the machine produced a slight hum. Lea placed her hand on the apex.

"Nice, feels like one of my dildos," said Lea.

"It will amplify the pain," said Andy.

"What are these?" said Lea holding up one of the elastic straps that were on each side of the machine.

"Our high tech replacement for the iron weights, you strap this around their ankles. Then you set the dial to say thirty pounds. The pressure gradually builds to thirty pounds then slowly decreases to fifteen then builds again to thirty. The variability will be agonizing."

"And the monitor," said Lea.

"Louis's idea, the rider gets to watch themselves suffer. He claims that adds to their mental anguish," said Andy.

"Let's say ten minutes and thirty pounds on each ankle. And just to prove to you I can take it, I want you to gag me so I can't order you to take me down," said Lea slipping out of her panty. She handed Andy a ball gag she'd removed from their carrying bag of fetish toys.

"Ten minutes is a long ride, are you sure?' said Andy looking doubtful.

"How long did Louis let the hooker ride?" said Lea.

"Ninety minutes but she was some kind of crack whore he picked up down on Drumheller Blvd," said Andy.

"Ten will be fine. After ten, I may decide to do more," said Lea pulling her shirt over her head then removing her bra. Lea rubbed her large breasts as soon as she freed them.

"All right but don't say I didn't tell you so. And don't get mad at me later," said Andy.

It'll serve her right thought Andy as he cuffed Lea's hands behind her back. Pride goeth before a fall Andy repeated to himself.

Andy had not mentioned that the street whore that Louis had given a ninety-minute ride had been totally incoherent and babbling like a lunatic when Louis took her off the Spanish Donkey.

"She went insane, you could tell it in her eyes. She was gonzo. I dropped her off at the free clinic. I gave this rummie a $20 to carry her inside. She was gone, totally fucking nuts, crazy as a Goddamn loon," was how Louis described her when he and Andy had met for a beer.

"Wish I could have been there to see that," said Andy.

"After the first five, she was offering to suck my dick free for a year if I would take her off. After ten all she could do was scream," said Louis.

"God man, you have all the fun. I plan to use it this weekend. I got an employee relations problem that needs solving," said Andy.

"If you want the person to be able to work and still have a brain, I suggest no more than thirty minutes, " said Louis.

"I'm going for forty five maybe sixty in this case. Bitch needs to have a major attitude adjustment," said Andy.

"Well, if she's totally bonkers when you're done, don't blame me," said Louis.

"Dougie, help me get her up," said Andy after fixing the ball gag in Lea's mouth as they fastened her arms behind her back.

Andy and Dougie lifted Lea on to the machine. They fitted the elastic bands around her ankles fastening them with Velcro then they set the timer for ten minutes. The machine started to hum and tilt. Andy watched as the elastic bands around Lea's ankles tightened. The tension in her legs increased as the bands pulled her legs downward.

When Andy looked us, Lea looked at him and smiled. He gave her a thumb up sign.

"We got ten minutes. I could use a sandwich," said Andy leading Dougie away toward the stairway leading to the kitchen.

This will teach her a lesson thought Andy. She's been getting a little too bossy and cock sure of herself lately. She needs humbling and she's going to get it.

Katie watched from the couch as Lea rode Andy's high tech version of Torquemada's favorite torture device.

I'll be up there soon thought Katie. I wonder if I could escape. But the only way out of this basement is up those steps and Andy and Dougie are up there. They'd just catch me and beat the shit out of me, maybe even kill me for not cooperating. Look at the expression on Lea's face. She's really hurting. It serves the bitch right. That fat ass of hers hasn't done a lick of exercise in years. She's soft and out of shape. At least with my yoga and aerobics classes, I'm in reasonable shape. Look at her shake. She really wants off and I doubt its been two minutes. That thing must be awful.

Katie stood up and stepped closer. She saw that Lea's body was writhing and twisting. Beads of sweat were dripping off the tip of her nose. Muffled screams were sounding through the ball gag.

She looks desperate decided Katie. The timer says only four minutes have gone by. Her eyes are bugging out and she's trying to scream but the ball gag prevents her. There's blood between her legs. The edge has cut her and she's bleeding. I could stop the machine but Andy wouldn't like that. He'd just make it worse for me. I can't watch anymore. I'm going to go back to the couch and drink more water to stay hydrated. Lea's sweating and I will be too.

Katie sat on the couch and drank heavily from a large bottle of Evian. She kept her back to Lea. She didn't want to watch the woman's agony knowing that in a matter off minutes she would be enduring the same hellish pain. Katie drank slowly and tried to ignore what was going on behind her.

It seemed like forever before Katie heard the loud click of the timer. Andy and Dougie were walking down the stairs when it sounded.

"Right on time," said Dougie.

Andy and Dougie lifted Lea off the machine. They stood her on her feet only to discover she wasn't capable of standing. Andy had to support her as he unfastened the handcuffs while Dougie removed the ball gag. Lea's hands went immediately to her crotch. She hobbled a few steps to a nearby chair and sat down. Her hands clutched her crotch.

"Andy Fastow, I could kill you for leaving me up there," said Lea.

"I told you not to do ten minutes, but you had to prove what a painslut you are, Miss Natural Childbirth," said Andy laughing.

"You ride that for ten minutes, don't you laugh at me you bastard, my pussy is killing me," said Lea starting to cry.

"I tried to talk you out of it," said Andy walking over to put his arm around his sobbing wife.

"Get me that bottle of Vicodin out of my purse," said Lea.

"How many?" said Andy opening Lea's purse and removing a prescription vial.


"You're only supposed to take two. These things are addictive," said Andy.

"You give me four or so help me God, I'll cut your nuts off while you sleep," said Lea.

"All right, four it is but if you wind up in rehab, don't blame me," said Andy handing Lea the pills and a bottle of water.

"That bad, huh," said Andy sympathetically after Lea had swallowed the pills and taken several swallows of water.

"The worst, it makes having a baby look easy," said Lea drying her tears. "I thought I was going insane. The pain just keeps getting worse by the second. You start praying for God to strike you dead."

"It's getting late. Let's see how Katie likes it," said Andy.

"No, dear God know, I'll do anything, just not that," yelled Katie throwing herself at Andy's feet.

Dougie took that as an opportunity to pull Katie's arms behind her back and apply the handcuffs.

"Let's get her mounted. I got a plane to catch," said Andy pulling a sobbing screaming Katie up off the floor using her hair as a handle. Andy and Dougie carried a fighting and screaming Katie over to the machine and mounted her on the apex.

"Make sure the edge bisects her pussy in the dead center," said Andy lifting Katie slightly to adjust her position. They attached the cuffs to Katie's ankles.

"It's right on her snatch," said Dougie attaching the strapping Katie's ankles.

"Thirty minutes at most," said Lea.

"I was thinking an hour," said Andy standing in front of the timer.

"She'll be a vegetable," said Lea.

"Thirty it is," said Andy setting the timer and pressing the on button. The machine began a gentle rocking motion and a quiet hum filled the air.

"You bastard you didn't gag her, you gagged me," said Lea.

"You told me to. Besides don't you want to listen to Katie scream and beg?' said Andy leading Lea over to the couch.

"How do you feel about this kind of torture versus doing it yourself? I mean would you rather whip them with your own hand or just sit back and watch?" asked Dougie as he joined the two on the couch.

"That is a lazy man's torture device. But I'm getting too old for whipping the shit out of someone. My arm gets tired. Maybe in the future, I'll just watch. There are some other machines that Louis and I have on the drawing boards. I got an idea about using vacuums pumps on a slave's boobs that I think will bring tit torture to a whole new level," said Andy.

"You enjoy it too much to stand around and not get your licks in.," said Dougie.

"I admit it is a kick to raise whelps on someone's ass and know that you're the reason they're screaming their lungs out. Over the years, I got a lot of personal satisfaction out of causing other's pain. Ninety five percent of my job is dull as shit. Maybe in another life, I was a professional torturer, working for the Spanish Inquisition. That would have been something. You didn't have to concern yourself with the subject surviving or the law or anything," said Andy.

"Hell, the Inquisition was the law from what I read," said Dougie.

"The Inquisition knew what it was doing when it came to modifying people's behavior. I keep imaging what it must have been like to use one of those breast rippers. Heat that baby up till it was glowing, then sink those sharp prongs into a big tit and just rip that knocker right off. Too bad we can't go that far," said Andy pulling on Lea's breast then kissing and licking her nipples.

"You're kind of a sick son-of-a-bitch for the CFO of a $80 billion corporation," said Dougie.

"Being CFO of Enron made me that way, I was a pretty nice guy until I took this job," said Andy.

"Look at the expression on her face. Does Katie's little pussy hurt," taunted Lea.

"It's been less than five minutes but look at her, she's suffering," said Dougie noting that Katie had started to squirm and moan.

"The suffering of the human female gives me a hardon," said Andy taking Lea's hand and placing it in lap.

"You want a blowjob while we watch her," said Lea.

"I'd prefer a fuck," said Andy.

"This pussy is not going to get fucked until it heals up," said Lea.

"Anal then?"

"There's some Astro-Glide in my purse," said Lea resignedly.

"Hand me her purse, would you Dougie," said Andy gesturing toward the handbag sitting on a nearby table. "I suppose I should be suspicious of a wife that carried a bottle of ass lube in the purse."

Dougie quickly stood up and walked over to a nearby table picked up Lea's handbag and returned.

"Thanks Dougie, since when are we suspicious of one another? If you want to know who's plowing me all you got to do is ask," said Lea taking the small plastic bottle of clear lube out of her purse and squeezing a portion in the palm of Andy's outstretched hand.

"Please take me off this. I'll do anything you say," said Katie interrupting the continual little cries she had been making.

"Quiet bitch or we'll double your time," said Andy. "Besides Mason, who else have you been screwing?" Andy was referring to the personal trainer at the health club where they belonged.

"Cornelius, work it inside my asshole. I'm sore enough already," said Lea draping herself over the couch arm her rear toward Andy.

"Cornelius, that skinny little black guy who works the desk at the country club?" said Andy parting Lea's cheeks and rubbing the lubricant on her sphincter.

"Cornelius is only little in stature. He's practically a tripod. All the women at the club want to adopt him," said Lea

"You do anal with those guys?" said Andy squiring more Astro-Glide on Lea's anus and working it inside her rectum with his fingers.

"Mason refers to himself as a three hole man. Last time, he screwed me, he made a deposit in all three of my apertures," said Lea.

"Men are at such a disadvantage compared to women when it comes to fucking, Dougie," said Andy leaning in to kiss and gently bite Lea's buttocks as his fingers penetrated and stretched her anal ring.

"How so," said Dougie?

"A man gets old and he's good for one maybe two orgasms a night. But a woman my age can spend the afternoon with some young stud and fuck him until her pussy's raw and she can hit the big O a dozen times. It just ain't fair," said Andy standing up to remove his trousers.

Katie could no longer see her face on the monitor. The pain was blinding. When she opened her eyes there was a white flash. Her entire being was focused on a six-inch area between her legs where Andy's machine was creating a hell on earth. The pain was growing. At first, Katie had tried to control the pain by concentrating on her breathing. She tried to follow the directions of her Power Yoga instructor. She kept the tip of her tongue firmly placed against the back of her front teeth. She breathed in and out of her nose concentrating on her breath trying to prevent any other sensation from entering her mind. She reminded herself how yoga masters could lay on a bed of nails or walk across burning coals without feeling pain. That worked for a while.

But the pain kept growing and moved from the area in contact with the peak to deeper into her pelvic girdle. Before long the vibration and the tilting caused her sockets in her hips to burn and the pain moved eve higher into her lower spine.

Katie saw that Andy and Lea were watching her. Andy was crouched over Lea's upturned rear working his cock into her rectum.

"Pack my shit, lover," said Lea feeling Andy's cock head slip past her anal ring and enter her rectum.

"You have a good ride, Katie," said a voice immediately beside Katie. Katie felt a hand on her naked thigh and realized that Dougie had gotten off the couch and was standing beside her.

"It's awful, please take me off this. I'm going to go insane," said Katie.

"Will you let me fuck you in the ass like Andy's doing Lea?" said Dougie.

"Yes, as many times as you want," whispered Katie through clinched teeth. It was difficult to talk.

"Suppose I offered to put Beth Ann in your place. It'd be her young pussy not yours. You want that?" said Dougie reaching between Katie's legs to rub her clitoris.

"Beth Ann, she's just a child, this would kill her, no, I couldn't do that," said Katie.

"You sure. I've got Matt Roberson's cell number. I could call him up at the lake and he could bring Beth Ann here. We could take you off and put her in your place, " said Dougie.

"Have you no mercy, she's only seventeen," said Katie terrified that Beth Ann's name had been brought into the conversation.

"Maybe, but the younger you are the quicker they get over this sort of thing. Woman your age takes time to recover. But have it your way. You can stay there; but if you decide that you want Beth Ann to serve your time on this contraption, just let me know and I'll make it happen," said Dougie looking over at the couch where Andy was slowly stroking his cock into Lea's ass. Lea was talking dirty to increase Andy's enjoyment.

"Ass fuck my shitter, pack my turds," whispered Lea.

Dougie stepped back and watched. Katie had been riding for twenty minutes. The slanted sides of the machine were covered in her sweat. Dougie sipped beer and waited. At twenty-five minutes, Katie broke.

"Anything, anything, just get me off," begged Katie. "I can bear this."

"Does anything include letting Beth Ann take your place? It would be her sweet little pussy resting there on top of that wedge," said Dougie.

"Yes, put her here, I don't care. I'll help you. Just take me off," screamed Katie out of her mind with pain.

"You're positive about this? We're talking about Beth Ann, the child you raised by yourself when your husband split. You would let her ride the Spanish Donkey and endure the same kind of pain you're feeling," said Andy joining in as he approached his orgasm.

"Yes, get her, bring her, I will make her ride," shrieked Katie.

"Would you help us attach the straps to her ankles? Would you enjoy seeing the little bitch suffer?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, go get her. I'll attach the straps. I'll enjoy her screams," screamed Katie having totally lost control of any desire other than not having that horrible thing pressing into her sex.

"I guess we are seeing some results. Let's get her off," said Andy who had just deposited a load of semen in Lea's ass. Lea was working her clit to get herself off.

Dougie and Andy removed Katie and let her crumple to the floor. Katie rolled on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could get them. She grabbed a bottle of ice cold Evian and poured it over her tortured sex.

"I got to head to the airport. You can handle things from here. The Lopez's are scheduled for Sunday," said Andy.

"It's all arranged. I should be done here by late Sunday afternoon," said Dougie. "I'm going to finish up and get out of here as soon as you leave. I'll get an early start tomorrow."

"I'll be back in the office Monday morning," said Andy. He and Lea gathered up their belongings and quickly left.

"Now that the boss man has gone. I need a blowjob then you're almost done for the day. Torturing naked women makes me horny. In case you hadn't noticed, everyone got a piece of ass except me," said Doug.

"You want me to suck your cock?" asked Katie disbelievingly. She was still spread out on the floor trying to soothe her burning sex with cool water.

"Or I could put you back up on Spanish Donkey," said Dougie.

"No, I'll do it. I want to do it," said Katie reaching up for the zipper on Dougie's trousers. There was no way Katie was going to be mounted on that horrible cusp of pain again.

"Let's go over to the couch and get comfortable," said Dougie. "There's no rush."

Katie rolled to her feet and walked on unsteady legs to couch.

"Unbuckle my pants and take my shorts down. I like the whore to do all the work," said Dougie standing beside the couch.

Katie did as Dougie instructed. She placed her hand on Dougie's hairless cock as soon as she freed it from his jockey shorts.

"I had laser hair removal. You won't get any pubic hairs in your teeth," said Dougie sitting down on the couch and spreading his legs. He motioned for Katie to kneel on the floor between his knees.

Katie still had enough energy from the crystal meth to follow Dougie's instructions.

"What's going to happen to me?" said Katie leaning forward and licking the underside of Dougie's cock.

"Let's see, it's 2:00AM Saturday morning. After you suck me off and swallow my cum, I'm going home and get some sleep."

"And me?" said Katie focusing her efforts of pleasing Dougie. She was licking his cock head and massaging his nuts.

"You're sleeping here."

"When do I go home?"

"Rim me and I'll tell you," said Dougie reaching up to grab the inside of his feet and pulling them back toward his head. That caused his bottom to rotate upward and Katie found herself facing Dougie's brown hole.

Katie did not hesitate to place her mouth on Dougie's asshole and work it with her tongue and lips.

"Tongue fuck my ass, Katie," said Dougie.

Katie had been through too much to have any quandaries about pushing her tongue inside Dougie's asshole. She pushed the tip past his anal ring and began to probe the first inches of his rectum. She forced herself to overlook the fact that she tasted and felt Dougie's shit.

"Get it nice and wet then put your finger inside as far as it will go," said Dougie.

Katie slipped her index finger inside Dougie's asshole. She went in past her second knuckle.

"Now pull it out and show it to me," said Dougie.

Katie pulled her finger out. It was covered with shit.

"Now, use your tongue to lick the shit off, do it slow so I can watch," said Dougie.

Katie held the shit stained finger in front of her and deliberately licked the brown goo off each side. She opened her mouth to show Dougie that her tongue was coated with shit then swallowed it.

"Very elegant, you'd make a good scat queen," said Dougie.

"So what happens to me?' said Katie.

"If you are a good girl and cooperate, you go home in one piece late Sunday afternoon," said Dougie.

"Why not now?" asked Katie once more leaning forward to suck Dougie's cock.

"We're not through with you. Andy needs something on you to make sure you don't try to blow the whistle again."

"I wouldn't do that. I can't stand any more pain," said Katie.

"And if you cooperate, you will be pain free, although you may find your sleeping arrangements tonight a little uncomfortable. Finger fuck my ass while you blow me. I like the old prostate worked."

'What else will happen to me?" said Katie putting a finger back in Dougie's ass to locate his prostrate gland. She recalled from her earlier days of sucking dick how to locate the walnut sized gland.

"That's going to have to be a surprise but I can assure you that as long as you cooperate, there will be no pain involved. Of course, if you give me any trouble, I'll put you on the Spanish Donkey for a half hour or maybe even an hour."

"You won't have to do that," said Katie earnestly working on Dougie's cock with her hand and mouth.

"What was it like? It looked like hell on earth," said Dougie.

"It's hard to describe. The pain doubles every minute you are there. There's nothing I wouldn't do to avoid being up there again."

"I have to agree with Andy about the Spanish Donkey. It is definitely a great attitude changer. Who would have thought it? I guess that's why he's such a great CFO. That's right, Katie, you suck my cock and swallow my cum and you won't have to ride anymore," said Dougie.

Although Katie was growing exhausted and every part of her body was sore, especially her crotch which burned in slow agony, she focused her mind and mouth on Doug's cock. Before too long, she felt warm sperm flood into her mouth and she swallowed it.

"Good, excellent in fact. If I had known you were that good, I would have let you service me at work instead of Greta. Maybe you and Greta can alternate in the future," said Doug referring to his secretary, Greta Thyssen.

Katie was finished. She lay down on the floor, too tired to move.

"Almost done for the day. Andy left specific instructions on how I was to leave you overnight. You really pissed him off. He liked you and then you went and stabbed him in the back. He's having a hard time processing his disappointment and feelings of betrayal. I feel sorry for him. But with your help, I think he will get through this," said Dougie as he left the room.

In a few minutes, Katie looked up to see Doug rolling a large rubber barrel into the room.

"What's that for?' said Katie.

"Your sleeping quarters. Into the barrel for nighty night. Don't worry there plenty of air holes in the lid." said Dougie.

Dougie had to help Katie clamber inside what appeared to be an empty chemical storage barrel. Katie noted that Dougie had not lied; someone had cut air holes in the top of the barrel.

"Now, Andy says that before I close the barrel, you have to drink this," said Doug handing Katie a small brown medicine bottle.

"What is it?" asked Katie.

"Believe it or not, castor oil. Andy learned this reading about Mussolini and the Italian Fascists. Apparently, they made their prisoners drink a bottle of castor oil." said Dougie.

"What is castor oil for?" asked Katie

"It's a medicine, a laxative actually. Years ago they gave it to kids who had an upset stomach. It's a hell of a laxative when you drink a lot of it. Anyway, it tastes awful but Andy was very insistent. I bought the cherry flavored version to help you get it down. Take it with water."

"No, can't we skip it. I won't tell Andy," pleaded Katie.
"I don't lie to Andy. That how I keep my job. It's either drink the castor oil or get back on you know what," said Dougie.

Katie took the medicine bottle and opened it. She took it to her mouth. There was a strong cherry flavor. She needed half a dozen large swallows to empty the contents. The cherry flavor barely hid the awful taste. As soon as she was done, Doug handed her six one-liter bottles of Evian water and motioned for her to sit down in the barrel.

"Drink lots of water or you'll get dehydrated," said Dougie.

As Doug fastened the barrel lid, Katie's intestines begin to churn. In a few more seconds the pressure became irresistible and her asshole opened and shit sprayed out onto her feet.

"God its' working already. That's strong too. I can smell it up here. Andy says that as you sit there in your own shit where you are to spend the night, recall the old proverb 'that you should not shit where you eat'. He did this to remind you that you did shit where you eat, metaphorically speaking by betraying or at least attempting to betray Enron to the SEC. Goodnight, Katie, pleasant dreams," said Dougie as he fastened the barrel lid.

Katie was too busy emptying her bowels to hear Dougie's final words. There were already several inches of loose shit in the bottom of the barrel. Katie's intestines emptied time and time again over the next several hours. She found herself sitting in five inches of shit that smelled of cherries and castor oil. Exhausted, cramping, and in terrible pain from the rapes, beating, and donkey ride, she finally fell asleep in her own feces. In the final minutes before she passed out, Katie thought about Dougie's comment that tomorrow would be easier. It had to be. She couldn't possibly live through another day like day. Katie guiltily recalled when she begged them to put Beth Ann on the Spanish Donkey in her place. She silently asked Beth Ann to forgive her hoping that she would never find out what horrible things had happened to her mother. I know I offered them my own daughter but I just could stand one more minute of being on the donkey. It was an agony beyond description. The mere memory of it made Katie visibly shudder.

Katie had been frightened by several references to Beth Ann. They even knew she was at the lake with the Roberson's. Katie wondered if Andy and Doug had considered bringing Beth Ann to this awful place and torturing the both of them together. In spite of the overpowering stench, Katie finally slept from sheer exhaustion.

Chapter 8

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"Rise and shine," yelled Dougie slapping the side of the barrel startling Katie awake. Dougie took the top off and immediately stepped back.

"God you stink. That's the worst shit smell this nose has ever encountered. Don't get out yet. You'll get shit everywhere. I'll roll you into the shower room and you can climb out there."

Katie tried to move but her body was too stiff. She braced herself as Dougie rolled the barrel on its edge. Then Katie felt the barrel tip over. She spilled out on to the shower room floor along with a quantity of loose shit.

"Impressive, you filled the whole bottom of the barrel. Talk about shitting your brains out. I never dreamed that stuff worked so well. I guess Mussolini knew what he was doing. Can you stand up?"

"No, I can't move," was all Katie could manage. She was so stiff from sleeping in a confined space and sore from her ordeal that her body was incapable of movement.

Dougie turned a shower on and adjusted the water temperature. Next he grabbed Katie's arm and pulled her over under the cascading warm water.

"Just lay there until your joints loosen up. I'll be back in a while," said Dougie leaving the shower room.

It took several minutes for the water to do its work; Katie's joints began to loosen. Straighten her legs was pure agony but she managed to get them under her and slowly come to a standing position. Katie picked up the bar of soap that Dougie had placed unwrapped in the tray. Katie noted that the full sized bath bar was from Crabtree & Evelyn's. It was heavily scented. For some reason, Katie read the label on the wrapper, Strawberry Mango Fine Milled Soap. The irony of her captors providing luxury soap after forcing her to sleep in a barrel of her own shit caused her to laugh out loud.

"You okay in there?' yelled Dougie from the other room.

"Yes, just starting to shower," replied Katie as she started to work the soap into a lather.

Gingerly, she began to wash herself. Her whole lower body had been covered in shit that had dried and was difficult to wash off. After a few minutes, she was able to move more freely.

"Not done yet, " said Dougie returning to the shower room.

"I can't get the shit off me," answered Katie

"Move around so you loosen up," said Dougie handing Katie a small plastic bottle of shampoo.

. Dougie got busy with a hose washing shit down a center drain. Slowly, greater movement came back to her body. Katie leaned against the shower wall and lathered her filthy hair.

"Hurry, get cleaned up, I brought you some breakfast. We have a busy day ahead," said Dougie handing Katie a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Dougie left her to wash. The hot water brought her back to where she could at least feel her body. The area between her legs was still excruciatingly sore from the ride on the Spanish Donkey. It was painful to the touch.

Katie's mind returned to the time she spent on Andy's version of the Spanish Donkey. She recalled how the constant rocking motion moved the pain from her vagina to her sphincter never allowing a moment when the agony was not growing. That was complemented by the pull on her ankles that slowly increased the pressure of the knife like edge against that sensitive area between her legs. What was almost as bad was the psychological torture of watching her face in the display monitor. Her expression had seemed demented as the torture slowly reduced her sanity until she found it hard to recognize herself.

As long as I live I'll never get over that. That was the most unbearable agony I could possibly imagine thought Katie. Katie recalled how the ride had brought her to the very edge of madness. Continuing her inventory of ills, Katie looked in the mirror at her bruised and still red butt. There were bright red stripes across her ass. She could feel the stripes with her fingers.

There were small cuts where Lea's bullwhip had slashed her flesh. Her nipples felt raw and her breasts were still sore from being wrapped in sash cord. The rings in her nipples and labia added to her feelings of humiliation. Those degraded her permanently. I look like some sicko fetishist who thinks that sort of trashy jewelry is sexy thought Katie.

Those rings were not something that would heal up in a few days and go away. A month from now, she'd sit down to take a piss and feel them when she wiped.

"Ouch," said Katie when she touched her anus. The surrounding skin felt like it had been rubbed raw and her rectum ached from being stretched.

"And double ouch," added Katie after placing a finger just inside the entrance to her vagina. No sex for years and then I get gang banged and tortured. No wonder I'm sore realized Katie.

Still it feels good to be clean thought Katie as she finished brushing her teeth.

"Here, rub this where you hurt,' said Dougie coming back to hand her a large squeeze bottle of ointment. Katie gently rubbed the hydrocortisone cream onto her sore places. It did soothe the burning.

Katie saw there were several pairs of shower thongs and bath towels near the shower room door. She placed her feet in a pair that looked like a fit and toweled off.

"Let's eat. Its just fast food but I bet you're hungry," said Dougie who appeared from somewhere and motioned her to return to the room she had been tortured in yesterday.

Katie wrapped a towel around her hair and another one around her body. She thought to herself it was the first time in many hours she wasn't naked. Katie realized how hungry she was when she saw the Styrofoam container of breakfast. It wasn't hot but she ate it anyway. Dougie came back into the room.

"I rolled your sleeping quarters outside. I couldn't handle the smell. Castor oil is amazing stuff. Leave it to Andy to come up with something like that. He must spend a lot of time on the Internet doing Google searches on 'torture'."

"What are you going to do with me? I promise I'll never tell anyone about the off shore accounts. Just let me go back to work. I'll be a loyal employee," said Katie.

"Will you come to my office anytime I ask and let me fuck you on my desk while Greta watches and maybe joins in?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, if that's what you want," said Katie wondering if she would really have to do that. After all, she was at least fifteen years older than Dougie. Greta was even younger than Dougie and drop dead gorgeous.

"Good, I like to watch lesbians have sex. You seem to be making the proper attitude adjustments," said Dougie.

"I can't take any more pain," said Katie.

"Today, all you're going to have to do is watch. No one is going to hurt you. I told you it would be easy," said Dougie.

"I'm exhausted. I need to sleep in a real bed," pleaded Katie.

"Later, for now you are still on Andy's agenda," said Dougie. "Let's go in the next room and get you set up. You can bring your coffee."

Katie followed Dougie into a smaller room. She immediately saw that she was looking through a one-way mirror into the room where she had been raped and tortured the night before.

"This is the viewing room. Have a seat," said Dougie pointing toward a large upholstered chair facing the one-way glass.

Katie sat down. Dougie quickly buckled leg restraints around Katie's ankles.

" I'm only going to restrain one arm for now so you can drink your coffee," said Dougie.

"Thank you," replied Katie relaxing somewhat at being allowed to sit in what felt to be a Lazy-Boy chair with BDSM features.

"Here, get real comfy," said Dougie pushing the wooden lever arm to extent the footrest and tilt the chair back.

"What's going to happen?" said Katie.

"You'll find out soon enough. See that corkboard looking stuff on the walls, industrial soundproofing. This place is really well designed. When I flip this switch, microphones allow you to hear everything happening in the main room but they can't hear us."

"What is this place?" said Katie.

"The ranch house Andy inherited from his father. They fixed it up as some sort of BDSM hide-a-way. He and Lea have parties out here. They import kids from Mexico, whip the shit out of them and send them back across the border."

"From Mexico," asked Katie.

Andy knows some very influential people in Mexico that are into the same things that he and Lea are. I sort of deduced that if you survived one of their parties, you are going to carry the scars to your grave. Jeffrey, Ken and their wives come here too."

"Skilling and Lay," said Katie?

"Yea, they're all into the scene as they call it. I hear someone so I need to restrain your other arm," said Dougie taking the coffee cup out of Katie's hand before buckling her other wrist to the armrest.

"I have to go set things up. But I'll be back to watch with you," said Dougie leaving.

Moments later, Katie was shocked to see a dozen young men with incredible physiques being ushered into the room. Two of them left with Dougie then quickly returned carrying a full size bed with no headboard or footboard. They positioned the bed directly in front of the one-way mirror.

Dougie said something to the young men but Katie couldn't hear a word. At that point, they started undressing.

Weight lifters or football players said Katie watching closely as some incredible bodies came into view. Look at the cock on the tall blonde thought Katie. The girls in the office would call him a tripod. God I wonder what this is all about? I hope it doesn't involve me. Maybe I wasn't the only one who tried to blow the whistle on Andy.

Katie's question was answered in short order when Matt Roberson came into the room dragging a young girl. Her hands were taped together and a cloth bag covered her head. Although Katie couldn't see her face, she immediately recognized the clothes and the long legs of her daughter, Beth Anne.

"Oh my God no," screamed Katie as Matt removed the bag. Katie began to cry and struggle against her restraints.

Katie could see the fear in Beth Anne's eyes as she realized she was in the room with twelve oversized and nude males.

"Well, what do you think?" said Dougie coming back into the room.

"You bastard, how could you?" said Katie.

"This is your true punishment. Andy decided that hurting you wasn't enough. He wanted you to understand that you were trying to harm the entire Enron family, not just the Fastows. He intends to punish your family in return. If you had a husband, he'd be bent over a barrel being butt fucked by a dozen well-hung queers."

"What are they going to do to her?"

"What do you think that a dozen University of Houston football players are going to do to a sweet young thing like Beth Anne?"

"It'll kill her. She's a virgin."

"So I've heard, the leader of her school's chapter of Not Me Now, active in the President's Abstinence Only program and the lead off speaker at the Day of Purity celebration, impressive but not going to change what's about to happen one damn bit. Beth Anne's going to take a crash course in the diametrical opposite of abstinence by pulling a train," said Dougie.

"Let her go. They can have me instead."

"Nope, that's not Andy's plan. He wants you to pay for what you did in more ways than one. Like I said. Andy believes in family, the Enron family. One member screws up; the whole family pays. That's the way it works in a lot of countries like China and Russia."

"Please Dougie, I'm her mother. She's all I have. I had to raise her all by myself after her dad abandoned us."

"Should have thought of that before you licked that stamp."

"Oh Jesus what have I done?" whined a sobbing Katie.

"Hey, all that's going to happen is that she's going to get screwed. She's young and strong. She'll get over it. She just may decide she likes cock and abstinence is a crock of ship. Let's listen," said Dougie reaching over to flip the intercom button on.

Katie wept quietly as she watched the proceedings.

"Who are these men? Why are they naked? Why did you bring me here, Mr. Roberson?" said Beth Anne obviously terrified.

Katie felt a moment of pride that Beth Anne wasn't acting like a ninny. She was at least standing up to them.

"These young men are on the football team at the University of Houston. They're doing me a favor. I'm on UH's Board of Governors, but you know all that from Cheryl."

Matt had been an All American wide receiver at UH. He was president of the team's Alumni Booster Club and active in raising funds for the athletic programs.

"I want to go home now," said Beth Anne spiritedly.

"Don't be rude. All these handsome young athletes drove all this way to be with you and you want to leave. That's not polite."

"I want my mother," said Beth Anne sobbing. The brave front had suddenly disappeared.

"Katie's nearby. In fact she's watching everything that's happening. You'll see her before the day is out. She's the reason you're here."


"We'll let her explain when it's just the two of you, undress," said Matt pulling the tape off Beth Anne's hands.

"Undress, take my clothes off?" asked Beth Anne?

"I understand that the word undress means to disrobe, to remove one's apparel, as you can see, the fellows here have already undressed."

"No, I won't"

"You take them off or they will. It's as simple as that."

"What are they going to do to me?"

"For a smart girl who scored almost 1600 on her SAT, you can sure ask some stupid questions."

"You'll all go to jail for rape. I'll press charges."

"Enough already," said Matt before lashing out with his hand to bitch slap Beth Anne. The force of the blow knocked her back on the bed.

"Don't hit her, Matt, please," scream Katie.

"He can't hear you," commented Dougie.

"Earl, you and Clyde help the lady disrobe," said Matt. "Where's the beer and cigars, Dougie?"

"Excuse me a minute," said Dougie hurrying off.

Katie watched as two of the men untied and removed a struggling Beth Anne's canvas sneakers and socks. One man reached up to unsnap Beth Anne's shorts. Her hand moved quickly to stop him but he easily pushed her away.

"Don't make this hard on yourself, ain't no big thing," said a big hulk of a black man named Clyde. "Girls from where I come from expect this kind of treatment when they reach fourteen."

Clyde unzipped Beth Anne's shorts and pulled them down. Friction caused her panties to partially follow. Earl grabbed the waistband and pulled them off, took a sniff and tossed them to the one of the others.

"Nothing smells sweeter than young pussy," said the panty catcher before he handed them off to another athlete who buried his nose in them.

You're supposed to smell them not wipe your boogers on them," said one of the others causing laughter all around.

Clyde pulled Beth Anne to sitting so Earl could pull her tee shirt over her head. He pulled her further forward so Earl could unsnap her bra and pull it off.

"32B," said Earl reading the tag in Beth Anne's bra before he tossed it to one of the guys.

"I just love little titties," roared the one who caught the bra.

"That's cause no woman will big titties will give you any pussy, Sam,' said another generating more laughter.

Beth Anne was sitting on the bed not moving and not attempting to cover her nakedness with her hands.

Dougie arrived with a large plastic cooler and a box of cigars. He took two beers out of the cooler and left. In a few seconds, he re-entered the viewing room.

"Want a beer?" asked Dougie.

"Yes," said a defeated Katie. Alcohol might dull the emotional agony she was feeling for bringing about what was about to happen to Beth Anne. There was nothing she could do but watch. Maybe Beth Anne would eventually forgive her. Katie had told herself that Beth Anne was a survivor and that she could deal with what was about to happen. I just wish it was me instead of her Katie told herself for the hundredth time.

"Okay, I'll unbuckle your left arm so you can drink but any funny business and you take a sixty minute ride on the Spanish Donkey."

"I have been assured that this young lady is a virgin," announced Matt Roberson.

His remarks were greeted by loud derisive hoots.

"Ain't no virgins her age in Houston," avowed Clyde.

"Not true, she's a leader in the abstinence movement."

"What the fuck is that?" said someone.

"Ron, your high school coach must have fixed your transcript. Abstinence means no cock in Beth Anne's case," laughed Matt.

"Oh yea, I remember that. All the ugly girls joined." That occasioned general laugher among the athletes.

"Well Beth Anne's not one little bit ugly. Stand up girl and show the boys what a pretty young thing you are," said Matt taking Beth Anne's wrist and pulling her to her feet.

"Now turn around darling and show your booty to the fellows," said Matt forcing Beth Anne to turn in a circle.

"See, look at that sweet little bottom," said Matt reaching down to run his hand over Beth Anne's flanks. "We got two cherries to bust here, men."

Beth Anne allowed herself to be slowly turned around. She shivered as she felt Mr. Roberson's large hands grasp her flanks and

"Mighty fine, my cocks hard already," said someone.

"Isn't that sweet, just barely seventeen and everything's so smooth and tight," said Matt reaching down to cup Beth Anne's rear.

Katie wanted to scream, "Get your fucking hands off my daughter," but knew it was pointless and stayed quiet.

"Lean forward on the bed so the fellas can see what you got,' said Matt pushing Beth Anne to where her elbows rested on the mattress.

Beth Anne didn't move as she felt Matt's huge hands part her buttocks.

"Got a cute brown hole that's virgin too," said Matt. "Reach back and hold your butt checks apart so the fellows can see." Beth Anne was too terrified not to comply.

"You really a virgin?" said Clyde sounding incredulous. Clyde was born and raised in a south Philadelphia ghetto. The idea of a seventeen-year-old virgin sounded far-fetched to him. He and his homeboys had systematically deflowered every girl in the neighborhood when they reached the age of twelve.

"Yes," said Beth Anne barely audible.

""Speak louder, darling, everyone wants to hear you say it," said Matt who had helped himself to a beer and was lighting a cigar.

"I'm a virgin," said Beth Anne.

"Sucked cock?"


"Ever been kissed?" said Clyde.

"Of course," said Beth Anne.

"Had your nipples sucked?"


"Goddamn, this is wild. Houston school's got to be full of dickless wonders," said Clyde.

"Everybody take a number out of my hat," said Matt walking around the room holding a baseball cap high over his head.

Each athlete reached in and grabbed a small square of paper.

"Numbers run from one to twelve. Number one busts her cherry and earns a extra $100," said Matt.

"How about her back door? I'm a butt man?" said Clyde.

"Number two can take the hole of his choice. Here's a bottle of Astro-Glide for you fellows that want to ride the Hershey Highway," said Matt throwing a plastic bottle on the bed.

"I want her to suck my cock first," said Clyde. "I like a hummer to get started."

"You guys are killing me," laughed Matt. "We'll teach her to suck cock after she's pulled every car in the train. Who's going first?"

"Oh my God," murmured Katie.

"Will you can the drama? All that's going to happen is that she's going to get fucked by some very large and healthy cocks. It could be a lot worse," said Dougie taking a swallow of beer.

"How could it be worse? Beth Anne's is so innocent," sad Katie.

"We could drop her off at a crack house and let a bunch of AIDS infected druggies fuck her. Wouldn't that be worse?"

"Yes, that would be worse," admitted Katie.

"So, relax and let's watch the show. She'll be okay. There was a set of twins at my high schools, the Andersons, Carole and Veronica. Every time the football team won, they'd go to the dressing room and screw the players and coaches, almost fifty guys. Next day they didn't look any the worse for wear."

Chapter 9

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The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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"Me," said one of the larger black men stepping forward to present the square of white paper to Matt. His cock was already hard and it looked as formidable as the rest of him.

Beth Anne quailed in fear as the man approached with a large grin on his face. She scooted away to the other side of the bed backing right into the arms of one of the other football players. He grabbed her breasts in both his hands and squeezed them hard. Then using her hair for leverage he pulled Beth Anne's head back and kissed her then let her go, pushing her back to the center of the bed.

"Man that is prime young pussy," exclaimed the player as he allowed Beth Anne to escape his grasp.

"Reggie, introduce yourself to Beth Anne. They say a girl always remembers her first time and Beth Anne deserves to know the name of the man who busted her cherry and made her a real woman," said Matt exhibiting a degree of excitement as he contemplated taking his own turn with Beth Anne.

"Name's Reggie Maynard. I'm from Bishop Thomas O'Malley High in the Bronx, NY. I'm a junior and oh yea, I play defensive tackle and I'm on the punt return team," said Reggie.

"He's an animal. He'll kill her. He's rip her apart," cried Katie noting that Reggie's cock was in proportion to the rest of him.

"Seems like a pretty nice guy to me. Stop being such a drama queen," said Dougie opening another beer. How'd you lose your cherry?"

"I can't talk about it now with my little girl in there," replied Katie angrily.

Almost instantly, an open palmed slap snapped Katie's head around.

"You can either get that nasty tone out of your voice and answer my question or I'll get one of Andy's pimp sticks and go to work on your tits. You want that?" said Dougie raising his hand to strike again.

"No, I'm sorry. Please don't hit me again. It's just that I'm afraid for her," sobbed Katie.

"You didn't learn anything last night," said Dougie walking over to a nearby cabinet to open a drawer.

Katie watched in horror as Dougie extracted a man's walking cane with an elaborate gold handle. Before Katie could react, Dougie whirled about and brought the thin end of the cane down on the middle of her left boob. It took several minutes before Katie stopped screaming.

"Any more shit out of that mouth of yours and I'll really go to work on you," yelled Dougie.

"All right, I'm sorry just don't him me again," sobbed Katie her breast throbbing with pain.

"You better be afraid for yourself. Ever seen a whore after her pimp's worked on her with one of these?"


"Tits swell up like balloons and turn purple. They don't go down for a month. It hurts like hell. My dad was a Philadelphia cop and he used to tell us about finding whores in the alley after their pimp was done with them. Not a pretty sight."

"All right, I'm sorry," repeated Katie watching through the glass as Reggie climbed up on the bed taking Beth Anne's ankles in his powerful hands and separating them.

"So how did Katie loose her cherry? Someone arrange a gang bang?'

"Not like this, my older brothers raped me."

"Where were Mom and Dad? Did they watch?

"No, my parents went on vacation and left me with them for a week. They had no idea what would happen. They trusted Steve and Kyle."

"How old were you?"


"And they were?"

"Steve was sixteen and Kyle was eighteen."

"Wow, they do you together?"


"Who went first?" asked Dougie tugging at his crotch as he watched the black football player prepare to mount a terrified Beth Anne.

"Kyle, no it was Steve. His was the first cock inside me."

"The younger brother, how did that get decided?"

"Rock-paper-scissors, they decided everything that way."


"At home, my bedroom, we drank some beer and smoked. I got high. When I got too drunk to object they took me upstairs and raped me."

"So you don't remember much about it?"

"Not really. I was in and out from the beer and the dope. But of course, I knew the next day what they had done."

"How'd you know?"

"I was so sore I could barely walk. I'd bled on the sheets."

"You bleed a lot?"

"Apparently, they put a towel under me and I saw it in the trash the next day. It was pretty bloody."

"Did they ever do your again?"

"Yes, they raped me every day that week and from then on when they got the chance. They also let their friends have me in exchange for their sisters. Later, they even made me have sex with Erik, my younger brother."

"Mostly just fucking?" asked Dougie as he unzipped his trousers and hauled his cock out.

"Yes, they made me do other things."

"Like sucking their cocks?"

"Yes, but I'd already done that before they raped me."

"So you were only half a virgin, who with?"

"A boy I liked."


"I thought if I did it he would like me. All my girl friends were giving blowjobs to boys trying to be popular."

"Did it work?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did he like you?"

"He said he did. My God is there nothing I can do to stop them."

"I certainly can't think of a way," said Dougie as he slowly stroked his cock. "Before we're done here, I'm going to get me a piece of your precious daughter. We can do a three way. It will be my first mother and daughter combination."

"Whatever you want," said Katie conscious of the pimp stick resting beside Dougie's chair. There's no point in getting my breasts beaten to a pulp thought Katie. I've suffered enough.

Katie watched as Reggie pushed a reluctant Beth Anne into position. He was taking his time. Katie noted that he had been considerate enough to wet several of his fingers and use them to massage Beth Anne's clit. But Beth Anne was too terrified to respond to physical stimulation.

Beth Anne was sobbing but not physically resisting. Katie could hear her daughter muttering, "please don't do this to me. I've never done anything to you."

Reggie took a kneeling position between Beth Anne's legs. He was stroking his cock to a full erection.

"Hand me that pillow. I want to do this right," said Reggie to Clyde who reached down to the floor and picked up a foam pillow that had fallen off the bed. He tossed it to Reggie.

"Need to get you at the right angle for my dangle," chuckled Reggie encircling both Beth Anne's ankles in one giant hand and lifting her butt up so he could slide the pillow underneath.

Beth Anne placed her forearm over her eyes unwilling to watch what was about to happen.

"She doesn't want to look at your ugly face. It's cause you're black," said Clyde who was a light skinned black man. Reggie was very black even for an Afro-American.

"That's not true. I haven't got anything against black people. Cheryl, my best friend is black," sobbed Beth Anne removing her forearm.

"Since you're not a racist, I get you all nice and lubed up so my black cock will slide right in," said Reggie.

Reggie grabbed the bottle of Astro-Glide and squirted the viscous fluid over Beth Anne's vagina.

"Slick you up sweetheart so big Reggie will slide right in," said Reggie using one hand to part her labia while he gently probed the entrance of Beth Anne's vagina with his index finger. Applying more Astro-Glide and pressure, his index finger slipped inside to the first knuckle.

"Eek," said Beth Anne in response to being penetrated.

"She's tight," said Reggie. This hole is virgin."

"How's it feel?" asked someone.

"Warm and soft, going to fit like OJ's glove," replied Reggie who squirted more Astro-Glide on his cock and began to stroke it.

"Oh God, please, no, its too big," said Beth Anne who had removed her hand to look at the almost fully erect cock that Reggie was stroking.

"Yea, baby, once it's inside that tight little snatch of yours, you'll think it's the Lord God, the Saviour and the Holy Ghost," said Reggie moving forward to work his cockhead into the entrance.

"It hurts," sobbed Beth Anne who had balled her fists together.

"Damn straight it does, better relax sweetheart, here comes the Reginald," said Reggie pushing hard and downward to force the passageway.

"What you waiting for Reggie, someone to sing the Star Spangled Banner, split the bitch open, make her understand how it feels to have a black cock in her pussy," said Clyde.

Reggie turned his head to smile at the watchers as he used his two hundred and ninety five pounds to drive his cock deep inside a screaming kicking Beth Anne.

Katie watched in horror as her daughter's long legs kicked in the air, the thigh muscles straining in reaction to the intruder that had forced her narrow virgin passageway.

"Oh that's fine, might fine," said Reggie once he felt his groin come in contact with Beth Anne's. He twisted from side to side savoring the feel of his cock in a place where no other dick had ever been.

"Oh it hurts, it hurts," sobbed Beth Anne kicking her legs trying to find a position that lessened the pain.

"The slut's grabbing my cock," said Reggie stopping to enjoy the sensation of Beth Anne's vaginal walls responding to a presence whose girth easily exceeded that offered by her love canal. Beth Anne's heels beat against the mattress as she struggled to somehow find a way to accommodate Reggie's cock. The pressure of so much manhood inside her created a tidal wave of pain as the muscle and tissue struggled to cope with the intruder.

Beth Anne inhaled deeply then exhaled attempting to relax her body yoga-style that was an automatic not a conscious decision as her body attempted to cope with the sensation of having such a large member inside her previously untrammeled passage. The breath helped and she repeated the breath as Reggie withdrew his cock preparing for another downward thrust.

"Got a little blood on my dick," said Reggie displaying the crimson stained cock to the others.

"Fuck, she was a virgin," commented Clyde.

"Now that you're just another whore, sweetheart, wrap you legs around me and let's fuck," said Reggie. This time Reggie pressed down more quickly causing Beth Anne's face to grimace with pain.

"Stop him, he's killing her," whined Katie to Dougie.

"Bullshit, a couple more strokes and she'll relax and start humping him back," said Dougie.

It was more than a couple but somewhere in the middle of Reggie's assault, Beth Anne's vagina did mange to adapt to its intruder. It never became pleasurable but it did grow less painful. The tempo of Reggie's assault increased. The others shouted encouragement.

"Fuck the bitch."

"Show her what a black man can do."

"Nail her hard."

"Make her squeal, Reg."

These and other lewd remarks assailed Katie's ears as she watched her daughter writhe in agony underneath the giant athlete. Reggie captured one of Beth Anne's nipples in his mouth and sucked with such force that Beth Anne twisted and squirmed to escape the pain. As Reggie neared his climax, he clamped his hand on Beth Anne's jaw and forced her mouth open. Katie watched I horror as a large glob of saliva formed on Reggie's lips then disconnected from their source and fell into Beth Anne's open mouth.

"Swallow a black man's spit, white whore," said Reggie. "Now take a black man's jism, give you a sweet little black baby boy to raise."

Reggie increased his pace and furiously stroked into Beth Anne until at last he released his semen into her. Reggie rolled off leaving a sobbing Beth Anne whose hands immediately grabbed her aching sex.

"What a go, Reggie," yelled someone.

"That's what I call nailing it," added another of the athletes.

"I'm next," said Sam stepping forward to hand Matt a piece of paper inscribed with the number two.

Sam unlike Reggie did not take his time. He quickly mounted Beth Anne and screwed her quivering and shaking body like a rag doll until he too flooded her aching cunt.

"There's something about a gang rape that brings out the animal in men. Look at how they're all crowding around anxious for their turn stroking their cocks. They're like apes desperate to breed," commented Dougie.

"I don't think she can take much more," said Katie as another man climbed on the bed. He turned Beth Anne over and positioned her on all fours position and mounted her dog style.

"Doing the dog thing," shouted one of the crowd.

"That's what we call a shit fuck in Phili," said Dougie. "You play with her asshole while you fuck her pussy."

The man's hands had a firm grip on Beth Anne's slender flanks and he was aggressively pulling her against him as the thrust forward. It was an act of pounding violence that that caused Beth Anne to grimace in pain each time his hard muscled thighs landed against her rear. To make matters worse, the athlete started fingering her sphincter preparing her for anal.

Beth Anne felt Astro-Glide land on her anus then a finger explored her rectum. She wanted to die from the pain and the humiliation she was experiencing.

"I'm loosening up her back door for you, Connelly," said the athlete as he worked his fingers in and out of Beth Anne's anus.

"Look at the cock on the blonde guy. You always hear about how well endowed Afro-American men are but just look at that guy. He's huge," said Dougie referring to the tall fair skinned athlete that Katie had noticed at first.

"My poor Beth Anne," sobbed Katie.

"Looks like Number Five is loosening up her backdoor for Number Six," commented Dougie.

"She can't take anal, I'm begging you to stop them. I'll do anything you and Andy say," said Katie.

"You think I could walk out there, yell, 'Stop,' and those three hundred pound guys would say, 'Yes. Boss, anything you say.' They'd shove my head up my ass."

"There must be something you can do," said Katie.

"Yes as a matter of fact there is. The Fastows anticipated that you would be willing to do anything to help your daughter. I have been empowered by Andy and Lea to make you an offer. If you agree to follow my instructions to the letter, you will be allowed to come to Beth Anne's aid," said Dougie.

"Anything to help her, what are you talking about?" said Katie.

"You get to go out there and get fucked along with Beth Anne. You share in the responsibilities for making sure those twelve are totally satisfied."

Katie glanced through the one-way mirror as one of the athlete's was forcing his cock into Beth Anne's rectum. One of his buddies was pinning Beth Anne's shoulders to the mattress to hold her still. Her screams of pain were filling the small viewing room to the degree that Dougie lowered the speaker volume.

"Anything, just explain it quickly, she's hurting," said a desperate Katie.

"First of all, you have to wear this," said Dougie throwing a bag of clothes in Katie's lap. Dougie was executing part of a well thought out plan that he had worked out with the Fastow's earlier in the week.

"I'll wear them," said Katie without even looking in the bag.

"And you have to pretend if pretense is required that you are the most enthusiastic and sex crazed whore that ever lived and that Beth Anne's just being a big baby. If you screw that part up, I'll drag you away for a long ride on Andy's high tech Spanish Donkey. I'll even put Beth Anne up there with you."

"I'll do it," said Katie watching the two-way mirror as the blonde man with the huge cock approached Beth Anne.

"I'll tell the boys you are Beth Anne's mom and that you are there to suck their cocks before they fuck her. You're her fluffer. You apologize for being late then you enthusiastically spend the next couple of hours on your knees with a schlong in your throat. And I mean you are to be enthusiastic, no complaining, no gripes other than you need more cock. Agreed?' said Dougie.

"Yes, please hurry," said Katie.

"Before it's over, they'll want you and Beth Ann to do a sixty nine. Agree to that?"

"Yes," said Katie. "If we have to."

Dougie unbuckled the restraints. Katie reached in the bag and pulled out a pair of net stay up stockings.

"Lea picked everything out for maximum slut impact. I have to get pictures of you dressed that way for her," said Dougie. "She wants them for some kind of album she keeps."

Katie had already shed the towels. She pulled the stockings on. Dougie handed her a black Spandex mini-skirt that she quickly pulled over her hips.

"Read the front," said Dougie holding up a cut off tee shirt.

"Beth Anne's Mother Is A Slut," read Katie.

"And the back."

"She Sucks Cock Like A Pro."

"Cute huh, wonder where Lea had that printed, here, put these on," said Dougie handing Katie two kneepads.

"What are they?" Katie did not understand their purpose.

"Knee pads, wearing them makes a statement."

Katie slipped the pads over her feet and up to her knees.

"Shoes," said Dougie handing Katie a pair of four-inch platform pumps.

"Brush your hair, there's a mirror," said Dougie handing Katie a hairbrush as he pointed toward a mirror.

As Katie brushed her hair, she realized how sluttish she looked. The bottom half of her boobs were visible below the tee. Raising the skirt a half-inch displayed her ringed vagina. The trashy hose, shoes, and kneepads made her look worse than the prostitutes that worked the streets of downtown Houston.

I don't care how I look thought Katie. What's important is that I help my daughter before those animals rape her to death. Katie glanced through the one-way where an enormous lineman had mounted Beth Anne missionary style. Beth Anne had stopped screaming. Her small thin arms were wrapped around the XXL shoulders as he pumped away in her.

"That's right sweetheart, just calm down, don't fight and let them have what they want, Mother's on the way to help," whispered Katie to the mirror.

"Put these on," said Dougie filling Katie's hand with gaudy rhinestone jewelry.

Katie slipped the dangling earrings and bracelets on then turned around and held her hair up so Dougie could fasten the clasp of the necklace.

"Lipstick, mascara, really go for the down low street whore look," said Dougie handing her a small make-up bag.

Katie glanced in the mirror as she applied far more make-up than normal. I look like the whore of Babylon realized Katie as she finished.

"Turn around and smile," said Dougie holding up a Sony digital camera.

Katie did as she was told.

"Now stick your tongue and ass out," said Dougie who took the image as soon as Katie complied.

"Wet your lips, expose one tit and pull your skirt and shine your pussy and smile," said Dougie.

One hand grabbed the hem of her skirt to pull it up several inches. The other hand pushed up the tee to expose her ringed nipple.

"Now think about all that great cock in the next room and give me a great big smile, Momma," said Dougie.

Chapter 10

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Email with your comments.

Copyright 2004


"Hello fellows," said Katie walking determinedly into the room of naked men. Katie swung her hips as she walked. Her heart was beating loudly and she was scared to death but she was determined to play this out as Dougie had instructed. By doing so, she hoped to gain some measure of control and help her daughter.

"Everybody, this is Katie, Beth Anne's mother," announced Dougie trailing behind. The group looked a little surprised and uncomfortable at meeting the mother of the girl they had been raping for the last hour.

"Mother, thank God, you're here, they've been raping me," said an exhausted Beth Anne who was being slowly pumped by a long lean wide receiver.

"Hi sweetheart," said Katie marching over to the bed. She leaned down and engaged in a prolonged tongue kiss with the athlete fucking Beth Anne. Kiss over, she took his hand and placed it on her breast raising the tee-short.

"That's the tit she nursed from when she was a babe," said Katie pressing his hand against her nipple ring. Katie's plan was to gain control of the situation by sheer brazenness.

"Really," said the athlete taken back. There was some nervous laughter from the others.

"And this is the hole she dropped out of," said Dougie who had come up behind Katie and raised her skirt displaying her pussy.

"What's your name, lover?" said Katie to the man fucking her daughter.

"Bill, William," he replied all the while maintaining a slow steady pumping action. Beth Anne grunted on each down stroke.

"Is she a good piece of ass?" asked Katie placing her hand on his buttocks allowing her finger tips to land in the crack of his ass.

"We're breaking her in. You really her Mom?" said Bill disbelievingly.

"Fucking right I am stud. Sorry, I'm late everybody, wreck on the I-10. I see you started without me. Which one of you busted the little cunt's cherry?" said Katie.

"I did," said Reggie stepping forward.

"Here's a Ben Franklin. Wish I had been here to see her take her first high hard one," said Katie handing Reggie the bill. "She cry much?"

"She squealed a little. But she's learning to like it," said Reggie.

"She's a big baby and you guys are just what she needed, little twat of hers was begging for a good fuck," said Katie.

"Did it hurt, darling, when Reggie stuck his mean old peter in your sweet virgin pussy? I bet it did. My first time hurt like hell but I was too drunk to know it," said Katie laughing. All the while she had her wet fingers deep in Bill's ass crack gently rubbing his butt hole. Bill's cheeks were spasmodically squeezing her fingers as his pace increased.

"You don't mind if I play with your ass while you fuck my daughter, do you Bill?" said Katie.

"No, love a little ass play. Wet a finger and stick it in my butthole, Momma," whispered Bill.

"I'll do better than that. How about a rim job?" said Katie leaning over to bury her face between Bill's buttocks and licking his asshole?

"Look everyone, Momma is a player. That's right Momma, eat that asshole, suck the shit right out of there," said Clyde.

Katie coated Bill's sphincter with saliva and worked her tongue past his anal ring. She used her lips to work his anal ring as she pushed the tip of her tongue past the tight band of muscle.

"Oh yeah, rim that ass, Momma, fucking the daughter while the mother sucks on my butthole," sighed Bill as he slowly pumped into Beth Anne.

Once Bill was lubricated, she stuck two fingers in her mouth to wet them. She pushed her fingers in Bill's butt found his prostate and began a slow massage of the sensitive gland.

"Oh that's good, Momma, finger fuck my shithole," grunted out Bill as he pounded his cock in Beth Anne. He was picking up speed approaching an orgasm.

Beth Anne didn't answer her mother's question. She was too overwhelmed by what had happened. Her fervent belief in abstinence until marriage had been rendered moot in a matter of hours. Her commitment to allow no man to have her even her fiancé until after nuptials had been central to her views on love and life. That had all been shattered in a matter of minutes. Her fantasies of a romantic honeymoon night had been supplanted by a multi-racial gang rape in a basement. What was almost as disconcerting was the appearance of her mother and her willing participation. Her workaholic mother who provided so much in terms of material support and so little of her time had shown up dressed like a tramp. Beth Anne was finding it hard to reconcile her image of her mom as a no nonsense pantsuit-wearing executive with the trashy female adorned with rings in nipples and labia that was standing beside the bed bantering with her rapists.

I have to trust Mom's judgment thought Beth Anne as she relaxed somewhat in response to Bill's thrusting. She has always acted in my best interest before. She must be trying to help.

Beth Anne was aware that many of the boys and girls in her 'Not Me Now' group had already had sexual intercourse and for whatever reason had decided to forgo it in the future. But the ones who were still virgins considered themselves something special. For Beth Anne that feeling of being special was especially important but she had lost it in a single afternoon.

The serial rape had been the worst experience of Beth Anne's young life. The penetration of her vagina and anus had been horribly painful. The sensation of their semen oozing out of her orifices was disgusting and vile.

Regardless, the arrival of Katie and her confident demeanor did serve to reassure Beth Anne that her rapists would not be her murders. Before her mother's arrival, she feared that they would take her life once they had satisfied their lust. Beth Anne took hope that her highly intelligent and determined mother would somehow protect her and bring this nightmare to an end.

"What are you here for, Momma?' said Reggie.

"What do you think?" said Katie pointing toward her kneepads.

"Now that's my kind of whore. She's got her kneepads on. This lady came to suck some dick," said Reggie.

"And I want to get right to it. What number are you?" Katie asked Bill who had redoubled his efforts at pounding his cock into Beth Anne. The slap of his thighs against her buttocks filled the room. He had modified his position raising her legs to rest her knee pits on her arms to bend her double. That was Bill's preferred way to finish

"Seven," he replied breathing hard conscious of how good Beth Anne's young pussy felt and the feeling that Katie was creating in his prostate.

"Number eight, you're up, let's see what you got?" said Katie taking her fingers out of Bill's ass and dropping to her knees.

Another enormous lineman stepped forward.

"You going to suck my cock, Momma?"

"Goddamn right I am. What's you name?"


"Well, Lewis, you ever do a mother and daughter together?"

"Can't say as I have," said Lewis.

"Your lucky day," said Katie placing her hand on the large cock and licking the head as she looked up into his eyes.

Behind the one-way glass, Dougie trained the video camera in for a close-up of Katie's tongue passing over Lewis's cockhead.

"That's right, Katie, make whore's love to that cock, show the camera what a slut you are," whispered Dougie

Andy is a genius when it comes to the human psyche. He certainly knows people thought Dougie, as he looked though the camera's view port. That's why he's such a terrific CFO. He predicted Katie would cooperate to the maximum and act like a whore to help Beth Anne. I hope Andy and Lea get their rocks off watching this. Everything was working perfectly. Dougie had just completed a cursory check of the four hidden cameras that had captured Beth Anne's rape from the beginning. Dougie was using the zoom feature to capture close-ups that would be edited into a single DVD by one of Andy's associates. They planned to show it the next time their S&M club got together.

The high quality tripod mounted camera was focused on the action as Katie enthusiastically stroked Lewis's cock while she licked and sucked his nuts.

"Go bitch go. I'm going to have to get some mother and daughter pussy later," whispered Dougie to himself as he unzipped his jeans and extracted his cock. He wrapped his fist about his dick and began slowly stroking himself.

Mom's only trying to help me realized Beth Anne glancing to the side of the bed where Katie was eagerly using her mouth on Lewis's cock and balls. Somehow they are making her do this. Beth Anne encouraged by her mother's presence relaxed somewhat for the first time since she had been kidnapped from the Roberson's lake house.

And with relaxation, her body began to experience less physical discomfort from Bill's forceful thrusts.

"Lewis, I'm going to take a deep breath and relax my throat and swallow you whole," said Katie working his balls with both hands.

Beth Anne watched as Katie her hands grasping Lewis's buttocks pressed his hard cock to the entrance of her throat, inhaled deeply through her nose then pressed forward. Beth Anne was astounded to see a sizeable swelling in the side of her mother's throat as Katie's nose was buried in forest of black curly hair above Lewis's pole.

"This bitch can suck dick," exclaimed Lewis to the others. "She's swallowed my meat. You don't see that every day."

She's telling me to relax and do what I can to make this easier thought Beth Anne. She's right. The sooner these guys are satisfied the sooner they'll leave us alone. You can only lose your virginity once. I can process how I feel about that when I'm back home and safe.

"Great cock sucking requires not only great skill but attitude, you communicate the proper attitude by establishing eye contact," Ellis her ex husband told Katie the first time they went to bed together. He had taught her to look and act like she was madly in love with the idea of having a cock in her mouth and that it was just as big a thrill for her as him.

In the early days of their relationship, Katie had been madly in love with Ellis and worked hard to please him sexually. His taste had been varied and she was forced to admit that he had given her the greatest sex of her life. He was a two-timing bastard but a terrific lover concluded Katie.

"Fake it until you can make it," was how Ellis phrased it. He explained that until she reached the point she really adored cock sucking and was enormously turned on by it, she should pretend she felt that way. It wasn't long before Katie did not have to fake it and she truly loved the feeling and taste of Ellis's cock in her mouth. Katie had been worried that she was rusty since it had been years since she had put a peter in her mouth but she discovered that cock sucking was like riding a bicycle.

"Just let go, relax, pretend you're in a glorious cock heaven, doing something you love," Katie told herself recalling Ellis's instructions as she ran her tongue along the underside of the large cock.
"The daughter may have been a virgin but Momma is a slut," commented Lewis slowly thrusting in Katie's warm mouth.

"That's what the tee shirt says," said Katie pulling up her tee shirt to fully expose her breasts.

"Is she better than Marjorie Taylor?" asked Clyde referring to one of the team's groupies. Marjorie was a baton-twirling majorette known for both her skill and willingness when it comes to oral sex. Only a few members of the team had not experienced the oral ministration of the university's most accomplished blowjob artist.

"She's mighty fine. And she has the added benefit that as soon as she gets me hard, I get to fuck her daughter," said Lewis.

"You look pretty good, Katie. You going to give me a piece?" said Matt Roberson who had quickly arrived at the idea of fucking Katie when he saw how she was dressed.

"Sure, I could use a fuck. Just slide under and I'll ride you while I suck these boys off," said Katie pulling up her spandex skirt to expose her pussy.

"I didn't know you were ringed," said Matt as he ran his hand over the three pairs of rings. Beth Anne glanced down unable to believe her eyes. What had come over her mother? Something was definitely wrong.

At that moment, Beth Anne's rapist finished and rolled off. Beth Anne looked at her mother in total amazement as she sucked the next in line. While Lewis climbed up on the bed and mounted Beth Anne, Matt Roberson lay down and Katie straddled him. Katie had borrowed the Astro-Glide to lubricate her sore pussy.

This is going to hurt though Katie taking Matt's cock in one hand as she parted her labia to open her hole with the other. The moment his cock touched her entrance Katie felt a sharp pain.

Got to get through this Katie told herself as she lowered her body.

"Oh that feels good," exclaimed Katie to cover the real hurt that was coming from her love canal as Matt's cock forced its way inside.

Matt's hands reached up and grabbed her tender breasts and squeezed them.

"Nice tits, Katie," said Matt pinching down hard on her nipples.

"You play with them all you want," said Katie fighting hard to control the pain.

"Where's number nine?" yelled Katie. "I need more cock to suck."

Katie found herself slowly ridding Matt's cock as she sucked the next four athletes's before they mounted Beth Anne. Katie noted with satisfaction that each of the four quickly climaxed inside Beth Anne. As the twelfth mounted Beth Anne, she concentrated on getting Matt off. He blew his load, stood up and ordered Katie to clean his cock with her mouth. She obliged him.

"Let's take a break before we go again," said Matt.

The athletes gathered on the other side of the room around the beer cooler allowing Katie and Beth Anne to exchange a few words. Katie had climbed up on the bed lying down beside Beth Anne.

"What's happening? Why are they doing this to us?" sobbed Beth Anne.

"I'll go into that later. How do you feel?" said Katie.

"How do you think I feel?" said Beth Anne truculently. "I can't believe you gave him $100 for deflowering me."

"They made me do that. I know it's been awful. They made me watch everything from the next room."

"Why are you dressed that way? And when did you get all those rings in your vagina?"

"They did that. I had to dress and act like a slut or they'd wouldn't let me help you."

"How are you going to help?"

"I just did. If I suck them before they have sex with you, they will orgasm quicker."

"Some help that was. I'm so sore and tired. I want to die."

"Don't talk like that. We're going to get out of this. It's the only way they'll let me assist you. If we wear these guys out and they leave, it will be over."

"And they'll let us go?" said Beth Anne.

"Eventually," said Katie.

"Then we'll go to the police."

"No, we can't do that."

"Why not? I've been raped."

"So have I. I'll explain it all later. For now, just stay calm and follow my lead. Don't give them a reason to hurt you."

"Hurt me! I've been raped."

"I know but you haven't had your teeth knocked out or broken your nose. You're going to have to trust me and follow my example," said Katie.

"All right," agreed Beth Anne.

"The fellows want to see a little mother and daughter action," said Matt interrupting their whispered conversation.

"What did you have in mind, Matt," asked Katie.


"Why don't I just go down on Beth Anne?"

"No, you two start munching each other's rug," said Matt.

"You want top or bottom?" Katie asked Beth Anne.

"God, I don't think I can do that, Mother."

"Yes, you can Beth Anne. We have to do what they say. You get on top," said Katie reversing her position then grabbing Beth Anne's hips and pulling her on top of her. Katie was heartened by the fact that Beth Anne cooperated and eased into proper position.

"Now do to me what I do to you," said Katie before taking a long lick around Beth Anne's clitoris.

Katie blocked out of her mind she was now engaged in lesbian sex with her own daughter.

"Go Momma, eat that pussy," shouted someone.

"How does it feel, Beth Anne, to be eating the cunt that gave you birth?" asked Matt standing by the bed stroking cock as the two women engaged in oral sex. "Seventeen years ago, that hole opened up and you popped out."

Beth Anne didn't reply as she felt Matt was not really looking for an answer. The taste of Matt's semen and her mother's glandular secretions filled her mouth as she followed Katie's lead and licked clit and vagina in a random circular pattern.

Just don't think about it Beth Anne told herself. What Mom's doing does not hurt in fact it feels very good. Beth Anne recalled that in last week's after school meeting of 'Not Me Now' Nancy, a pretty thin brunette had asked if a girl was still a virgin if she had engaged in oral sex with another girl. Most of the members of the group were evangelical Christians and they immediately condemned the idea of lesbian sex. There was the usual argument between members who condemned any form of sexual contact and those who felt that anything short of vaginal penetration was allowed. The discussion had been heated and Nancy's question hadn't been really answered.

During the discussion, Beth Anne wondered whether Nancy's question was not just rhetorical. Had Nancy engaged in oral sex with another girl? Later that night in her bed, Beth Anne had masturbated as she fantasized Nancy between her legs slowly licking her sex. The masturbation had resulted in the most prolonged and satisfying orgasm that Beth Anne had ever experienced. But it left her with the dilemma of whether she too was a lesbian. Now as she and her mother ate each other's pussy Beth Anne found herself seriously questioning her gender preference.

Andy and Lea will love this. Look at them go. Beth Anne is eating her mom's twat like a pro. Little cunt likes pussy," said Dougie as he made close-up video images of the Katie and Beth Ann having oral sex.

Chapter 11

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"Thank God they're gone," said Katie to Beth Anne. It was late Saturday afternoon. Matt Roberson and his dozen football giants had departed. Katie's jaw hurt when she talked and the back of her throat was raw. When she looked down at her pussy, she could see that her labia were puffy and red from irritation. Katie felt a serious need for a shower. Her body was covered with dried cum.

Too much sucking and fucking she told herself. Some of their cocks were huge. No wonder my pussy and asshole are rubbed raw. I feel bruised all over and my butt is burning. Why did that last guy insist on slapping my butt as he fucked my ass? I suppose he was just being a bastard like most men.

Katie and Beth Anne were sprawled naked across the bed. They'd spent the last several hours being fucked in ever hole.

"I need a shower and a douche," announced Katie.

"I hope I don't get pregnant," said Beth Anne.

"That's right. You're not on birth control. We'll face that if it comes. Maybe you'll be lucky," said Katie

"I didn't realize sex was so exhausting," muttered Beth Anne. "I can barely move."

"If ever two women have been fucked to the point of exhaustion, it has to be us," said Katie. "At least we got through it, although I may never walk normally again. I feel like they dislocated my hips."

"Our having sex together really turned them on. Men are so perverted. They kept making me suck their cock after they pulled it out of your pussy and ass," said Beth Anne.

"Ass to mouth they kept calling it. Men like to watch women having sex especially nasty disgusting sex. Forcing us to provide oral sex to a cock that's just been inside another woman orifices is something that's deeply embedded in the male psyche. They love to degrade and humiliate a woman as they have sex with her. Don't ask me why. They're just that way," said Katie.

"Some of it wasn't as bad as I imagined," said Beth Anne.

"What part wasn't that bad?" asked Katie.

"Blowjobs, letting them cum in my mouth. It was just a couple of teaspoons except for that one guy and he made me swallow a pint," said Beth Anne.

"It's an acquired taste," said Katie. "You get used to it. Most girls your age are experienced at oral sex. I was at your age."

"In Not Me Now, some of the girls who've had oral sex talk about how disgusting it is. They call it pecker snot."

"I'm not sure that group is a good place for balanced information about sexual practices. Most women these days suck cock and there are very few males especially husbands who don't expect the female to play the mouth organ. I certainly did with your father."

"Mouth organ, I never heard that expression," said Beth Anne smiling.

"That's because it's older than you are."

"Did you suck daddy frequently?" asked Beth Anne.

"Almost every time we had intercourse. He loved me blowing him. And he expected me to swallow it and tell him how delicious it was," said Katie. "Most times, I used my mouth to get him hard and then we had vaginal sex. That's called a half and half."

"Before today, the most daring sexual act I've performed is a hand job. I let Robert play with my breasts when we were dating. God, my butthole is sore. Is yours?"

"It feels like it has been sandpapered. Mine was sore from last night. The last time I had anal was with your father. And he was very gentle, took his time and used lots of lubricant. The guys today spit on my asshole and forced it in. Last night, anal was one of the least painful things that was done to me," said Katie.

"Thanks Mom for helping me out. I know you could have stayed away and let me suffer through. But I don't think I could have gotten through today without you. I really appreciate what you did."

"You seemed to get a second wind this afternoon. I couldn't allow my little girl to get all that great cock without getting my share," laughed Katie putting her arm around Beth Anne and kissing her. "I know that sounds strange coming from your mother but the only way we're going to survive this is to adopt the right aggressive attitude."

"It's hard to believe we had oral sex with one another," said Beth Anne looking thoughtful.

"You sort of came alive after I ate you to a climax," said Katie recalling how Beth Anne had flopped around the bed in the throes of a powerful climax after Katie had eaten her pussy.

After the two had performed oral sex on one another for the group, Beth Anne had found the energy and will power to endure. In fact, Katie had been surprised when at the end Beth Anne was energetically accommodating three cocks in her simultaneously.

"Let us go now. We did everything you asked," said Katie to Dougie who had come back into the room.

"I told you at the beginning that you weren't leaving until late Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow will be even easier," said Dougie sitting on the edge of the bed. "A little kinkier but easier on the old pussy."

Dougie placed the beer bottle he was holding against Katie's sex.

"That's cold," said Katie twisting way.

"Do you realize that Enron just spent over $12,000 having Beth Anne's cherry popped in a way she'll always remember? You should thank Andy and me," said Dougie sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Dougie handed each of the football players an envelope containing a $1,000 in hundred dollar bills as they left.

"Thanking someone for raping my daughter and me is a stretch," said Katie.

"I thought it was a class gangbang. Healthy, college athletes with big cocks, did you see the schlong on Williams, he was the tall blonde guy. He was the smallest in size but had the biggest dick."

"What do you mean did I see it? I took it in my pussy. Mouth, and ass, so did Beth Anne," said Katie.

"Tell me Beth Anne, what are you going to tell Mr. Wonderful when he asks you who was first during one of those quiet intimate moments," said Dougie putting his hand on Katie's leg and rubbing her calf.

"At least let Beth Anne go. You've made your point," said Katie.

"No can do, your sweet used to be innocent daughter is a key player in tomorrow's program."

"What else can you do to us?"

"Lots but if you cooperate, it won't be painful," said Dougie. "You did good today, Katie. You too, Beth Anne, you were a natural when it came to playing the innocent virgin being violated by enormous cocks of the football team. It's going to make a helluva DVD."

"I was an innocent virgin. DVD, you captured it on film?" asked Beth Anne rising on one elbow.

"A Fastow production coming to select theatres in your neighborhood," said Dougie.

"Oh Jesus, my life is over," said Beth Anne dropping back down and sobbing.

"What's going to happen to the DVD?" said Katie.

"Stays in a safe place, its Andy's way of making sure you don't try anything again. I'm starving, what do you want on your pizza?" said Dougie flipping open a cell phone.

"What," said Katie?

"Mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, anyone for anchovies," asked Dougie. "What does Beth Anne like?"

"Mushrooms, black olives, sausage, and pepperoni," said Katie.

"And you Katie," asked Dougie?

"Same," said Katie.

Katie and Beth Anne listened as Dougie ordered two large pizzas.

"I'll pick up some wine, chardonnay all right?" said Dougie getting to leave.

"Yeah, fine," said Katie.

"I'm locking you two in, don't try anything," said Dougie as he locked the door to the basement behind him.

"I can't believe that the man who had us raped just went out for pizza," said Beth Anne.

"Let's take a shower. It'll make you feel better," said Katie getting up and reaching down to pull Beth Anne to her feet.

"Oh fuck it hurts to walk," said Beth Anne after a few bowlegged steps.

"They were so big. I thought my hips were going to be dislocated,' said Katie.

"Mom, what about the things we did together? Is it something we need to talk about?"

"Let's leave that for now. We had too. It isn't like it was something we chose," said Katie.

"You know I had an orgasm when you were eating me."

"And so did I when you were eating me," said Katie.

"It was my only one this afternoon. Does that make me a lesbian?"

"No, silly, why would you think that?" said Katie.

"Well, it was the only thing I really liked best of all the things I did this afternoon. I mean it felt okay when one of the guys was eating my pussy or licking my asshole but it felt much better when you were doing it."

"It was just the situation," said Katie. "We're not going to become lesbians or start having sex regularly with one another."

"Mom, sometimes after physical education when we're showering I catch myself looking at other girls, you know looking at their breasts and their sex and thinking things."

"What kind of things?" said Katie turning on the shower.

"You know about kissing their breasts or going down on them like we did. Gloria is gay and she's asked me over to her house to study but I didn't go. I'm afraid of finding out I really like girls more than boys."

"You should not think of what happened today as representative of what sex with men will be like. However, it's not all that unnatural to find yourself attracted to your own sex as you're growing up," said Katie standing under shower allowing the hot water to pull the soreness out of her muscles and joints.

"Were you?" asked Beth Anne reaching for the shampoo.

"What does it matter after today? No point in keeping secrets. Yes, to be perfectly honest it was in college before I met your father. Her name was Isabella Stratford and she was beautiful," said Katie looking thoughtful as she lathered her body.

"Did you ever do anything with her?" said Beth Anne.

"Yes, I thought I was in love with her and we did things," said Katie.

"Things like we did this afternoon," said Beth Anne.

"Yes, but without a football team present."

"Wow, you never told me that," said Beth Anne.

"It was a long time ago," said Katie rubbing the bath sponge over her sex and recalling how Isabella and she used to shower together.

"How did you get together?"

"She was my freshman year college roommate. We went out together one night to a club. We drank, danced, and got high. We were excited and young. Guys had been all over us. Isabella was a looker and she knew how to dress to attract men."

"You're a looker Mom," said Beth Anne.

"Thanks, you're sweet, but I'm in my forties now and time and Enron has taken a toll," said Katie.

"Enron, this is about Enron, isn't it?"

"I found some irregularities in accounting. I tried to blow the whistle. They caught me. This is their way of punishing me and shutting me up," said Katie.

"Wow, I thought there were auditors and government regulations, the SEC, you're always talking about SEC regulations," said Beth Anne.

"They're not that hard to fool. Anyway you must never mention this to anyone. These are very dangerous people and they'll do anything to protect themselves. They might even have us killed."

"Even put rings in your breasts and pussy," said Beth Anne reaching over to touch the ring in Katie's breast.

"That was one of the least painful things they did to me last night," said Katie.

"My god, what else?"

"I was raped, whipped, tortured almost out of my mind and for a finale, they gave me these permanent decorations," said Katie.

"But you can take them out after they let us go."

"I have to keep them in until they say I can remove them," said Katie.

"Well, they are kind of sexy," said Beth Anne.

"I look like I belong in a double-wide drinking cheap beer and fucking a different cowboy every Saturday night," said Katie.

"Well, I think they're kind of cute.

"In a white trash kind of way," said Katie.

"Pizzas here," yelled Dougie from the other room.

The women finished their shower, dried off and put on terry cloth robes and went into the other room.

"Let's watch the news while we eat," said Dougie turning in the large flat panel television. Both women ate heartily and had several glasses of chardonnay.

"You know what I need before I drive back into town?" said Dougie.

"What," said Katie?

"A little mother and daughter sex," said Dougie standing up and pulling his shirt off.

"We're sore and exhausted," said Katie.

"One more fuck won't hurt. You can handle another cock, can't you Beth Anne?" said Dougie unbuckling his belt and pushing his trousers.

"I guess," said Beth Anne.

"Here, show your mother what you learned today," said Dougie as he positioned his cock in front of Beth Anne's face.

Beth Anne leaned forward and wrapped her fist around Dougie's cock.

"Lose the robes," said Dougie.

Katie stood up to take off her robe. Katie reconciled herself to the fact that she and Beth Anne would have to satisfy Dougie. She placed her arms around his neck and drew their faces together for a long passionate kiss. Beth Anne was seated on the couch noisily sucking Dougie's cock.

Katie stepped behind Dougie firmly rubbing her ringed titties against his back as her hands massaged his buttocks. Katie traced her tongue down his spine her mouth pushing into the crack of his ass.

Katie used her hands to separate his ass cheeks and ran her tongue over the brown pucker ring of flesh. She allowed her tongue to circle his anus before bringing her mouth over the anal ring and beginning a slow pulsating massage with her tongue and lips.

"Oh yeah, what a team, suck that cock and eat that ass," breathed Dougie leaning slightly forward to allow Katie better access to his asshole.

Katie reached between Dougie's legs and took his balls in her hand and gently pulled them toward her.

"Let's get on the bed," said Dougie after a few moments. "I'm going to lay on my back. Beth Anne gets my cock and Katie straddles my face. That way mom and daughter can play with each other's tits while they ride me."

"Ugh," groaned Beth Anne as she placed Dougie's cock in her vagina entrance and lowered herself. Beth Anne grimaced as she felt the hard cock press against the sore walls of her vagina.

"Scoot forward, I want to suck your butt first," said Dougie as Katie straddled his face.

Katie was surprised when Beth Anne leaned forward and took one of her nipples in her mouth and sucked it. Katie noticed that Beth Anne was riding Dougie's cock hard and pressing her clit against his pubic mound. Katie reached down and flicked Beth Anne's clitoris with her finger.

"Oh that's good," breathed Beth Anne with her eyes closed.

"Oh baby squeeze it, yeah, squeeze my cock with your cunt, that's right, grab that motherfucker," said Dougie his voice muffled by Katie's buttocks.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum," yelled Beth Anne pressing her clit against Katie's fingers.

Katie was mildly surprised to see Beth Anne orgasm. Dougie followed seconds later. The three lay together for a while catching their breathe.

"That was fucking terrific, best mother and daughter fuck I've had in a long while," said Dougie.

"How many mother and daughter fucks have you had?" asked Katie.

"At least one," said Dougie. "I hate to fuck and run but I got places to be and people to meet."

Dougie rolled out of bed, hurriedly dressed and left.

"Feel like another shower," asked Beth Anne?

"Not really, I'm too tired," said Katie.

"You didn't cum?" said Beth Anne.

"No, Dougie doesn't give good head," said Katie.

"Here, let me take care of you," said Beth Anne climbing between Katie's legs.

"Are you sure? You don't have to," said Katie spreading her legs and parting her ringed labia with her fingers.

"I want to do this for you," said Beth Anne taking a long slow lick across Katie's clit.

"Put your finger inside me," said Katie after Beth Anne had been kissing and tonguing her clit and the entrance to her vagina for a while.

"You're wet inside," said Beth Anne surprised at the fluids that were seeping from her mother's pussy.

"Dougie got my motor running. He just didn't finish the race."

"How that?" said Beth Anne referring to the sensations created by her fingers inside her mother's pussy.

"A little deeper and toward the front, feel that patch of skin, it's more leathery, rougher than the rest, oh yeah, that's it," said Katie as her breath quickened.

"I feel it. Is that the famous spot?"

"Fuck yes, that the G-spot discovered by Doctor Grafenberg, keep gently rubbing it while you tongue around my clit and I'll climax," said Katie. You can give me a Dirty Sanchez if you want."

"Dirty Sanchez, what's that?"

"Put your finger in my ass while you eat me," said Katie.

"Why do they call it a Dirty Sanchez?"

"Because if you pulled your finger out of my asshole and it was covered in shit and you held it over my lip it would look like Mexican's mustache. At least that's what your father told me."

Beth Anne lubricated her finger using her mother's vagina then slipped it past her anal ring. Katie moaned as she felt her asshole penetrated.

"Oh fuck this is good, eat that pussy, finger that ass, eat it, make me cum," whispered Katie.

"You are so fucking hot, Mom, so fucking hot, I love eating your cunt," said Beth Anne.

"Oh fuck yes, finger my ass and pussy while you lick my twat," said Katie.

"Come on, mom, I can feel your cunt walls pulsing, cum for your baby girl, show me how you can cum while I'm girl fucking you," said Beth Anne her fingers a blur as her mother's orgasm started.

Katie felt Beth Anne take her clit in her mouth and suck hard. Beth Anne gently scrapped a fingernail across Katie's clit and she twisted the index finger of her other hand pulling the sensitive tissues of Katie's sphincter. Katie screamed and convulsed allowing the orgasm to take its course. Katie twisted from side to side feeling the release of all her pent up energy as her body thrashed about on the bed.

"Wow, that was really something," said Beth Anne climbing on top of Katie and kissing her lips once Katie had calmed down.

"I thought I was going to pass out or pee myself," said Katie returning Beth Anne's kiss.

"Sometime you'll have to show me how you do that," said Beth Anne curling up in her mother's arms.

"Let's get some sleep," said Katie rolling over to spoon with Beth Anne. "Knowing Dougie and Andy, we're going to have an interesting day tomorrow."

"What else can they do to us?" asked Beth Anne.

"Dougie said they're wouldn't be any pain. That's the good part. I have a feeling it's going to be perverted. And they'll film it," said Katie.

"Jesus Christ, if that DVD Dougie mentioned ever got out, I'd just die. My life would be over," said Beth Anne.

"It won't as long as I don't do anything stupid," said Katie. "Now let's get some rest. Tomorrow we take things as they come it's only for a day. We can do anything sexual for a few hours no matter how disgusting. After that you'll never have to do things like that again."

"All right, mom, I'm in survivor mode."

Chapter 12

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The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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Copyright 2004


"Ah, the Lopez's are here," said Doug looking over to the other side of the basement.

Katie and Beth Anne were startled to see a Latino family consisting of a father, mother, son, and daughter standing a few feet away. Katie and Beth Anne had been too busy fucking Dougie to hear them enter the room.

"Just keep on fucking and ignore them. I'll introduce you when we're done," said Dougie. Katie was methodically raising and lowering herself on Dougie's cock. Beth Anne was also straddling Dougie but facing her mother. The two women were passionately embracing. They exchanged porn kisses, fondled and suck each other's breasts and massaged their opposite's delta as they gave themselves to one another.

Damn right I can ignore them thought Katie as she plunged her tongue into her daughter's mouth.

Katie and Beth Anne's ordeal had started several hours earlier.

It was mid morning Sunday when Dougie had arrived with a fast food breakfast neatly packed in polystyrene containers.

"Hurry up and eat. We got a lot to do," ordered Dougie to the two.

"Why not let us go?" asked Katie. "We're sore and tired. You have enough video images of Beth Anne and me to make sure I don't ever go against Andy again."

"Katie, I'm not in charge. I take my orders from the same guy you do and he personally approved every phase of this weekend. If I fail to follow his specific directions, I'll be the one being butt fucked by U of Houston's football team. Just shut the hell up and quit arguing. All will be done by dark, sooner if you quit bitching and do as you are told."

"All right," said Katie defeated.

"I can handle it Mother whatever it is," said Beth Anne giving her mother's hand a comforting squeeze.

"Excellent, Beth Anne, at least you got your head right. Keep your mother in line today. She's getting a little cranky on us" said Dougie.

"All right, what's next?" asked Katie resigning herself to getting through the day.

"We got some time to kill before we start. And there's nothing better for a sore pussy than a good fucking to loosen up those cunt muscles and get your juices flowing. After breakfast, I'm going to be in the mood for another round of mother and daughter action.

Katie and Beth Anne found themselves very hungry and ate with a will.

"Nothing like a gang bang to work up a girl's appetite," said Dougie noting that the women had completely finished their breakfast. "I'll order in a big lunch."

"What do you want us to do?" asked Beth Anne standing up to remove her bathrobe.

"Let's start by having you two undress me," said Dougie also standing up. "That's what a good whore does for her John. She helps him get undressed."

Katie recalled that Ellis loved for her to undress him. Like Dougie, he would stand there patiently as she removed each article of clothing.

This will go easier if I get my attitude right thought Katie as she put her lips around Dougie's nipple and sucked hard. She was pulling his polo shirt over his head as she fiercely attached his tiny bud with her mouth.

"That's right Katie, suck that man tit. Beth Anne you do the other one," said Dougie.

Katie and Beth Anne unbuckled Dougie's belt and pushed his trouser and briefs down as they worked on his nipples.

"You two kiss. I want to see plenty of lesbo action between you two," said Dougie pushing the women's heads together. After some passionate tongue kisses, Katie and Beth Anne moved to Dougie's lips as they jointly massaged his cock and balls.

Katie extended her tongue and porn kissed Beth Anne then the three of them performed a long wet series of porn kisses as they rubbed each other's breasts and sex.

"Shit, that's hot," said Dougie coming up for air. "You two whores should hire out as a mother and daughter escort on the weekends. Make some serious green."

"My mother's a hottie," breathed Beth Anne in a voice husky with passion.

"You two get on the bed and sixty nine," said Dougie once Katie and Beth Anne had removed his shoes and socks and were taking turns sucking his cock. "I want to take my time and enjoy since this will probably be my last piece of ass for today."

Katie and Beth Anne climbed on the bed and assumed the position.

"I'll get on top this time," said Beth Anne climbing on Katie and positioning her pussy over Katie's mouth.

Based on how wet her pussy is I think my daughter is not only a survivor when it comes to sex but someone who has had a change in attitude thought Katie as she placed her tongue in Bath Anne's sopping wet vagina. I don't see that Not Me Now organization in her future. Instinctively, Katie wet her fingers in Beth Anne's opening then placed the moistened digits against the center of her crinkled brown anus and pushed.

"Oh that feels good, Mom, you finger my ass and I'll do yours," moaned Katie.

Look at those two sluts go thought Dougie seated nearby in a cushioned armchair. His legs were thrown over the chair arms. He was stroking his hard cock. Let's just see how hardcore those two are. Andy said to take them to the limit. The video cameras are capturing all the action. I just hope Andy and Lea likes what they see.

Dougie picked up a plastic bottle of K-Y Warming Jell from a nearby table. He walked over and climbed up on the bed positioning himself at Katie's bottom.

"Grab your Mom's ankles and pull them back," said Dougie lifting Katie's legs. "Trap her knee pits under your arms and bend her double. Make her backdoor available."

"Like this," asked Beth Anne doing as Dougie instructed.

Katie felt her bottom tilt upward.

"Yeah, you got it. Now suck her ass to loosen her up," said Dougie as he squirted a small amount of the lubricant in his hand then began stroking his cock. Dougie was pleased to see Beth Anne bend over and plant her lips around Katie's sphincter.

"Such that shit hole and tongue Momma's ass," whispered Dougie surprised at Beth Anne's willingness to engage in a practice that more mature women might demure at.

"Oh that feels good, Beth Anne," added Katie.

"See, Momma approves of your ass eating," said Dougie leaning forward to slap his cock hard across Beth Anne's cheek. Beth Anne darted her tongue out to flick it across Dougie's cockhead as he slapped and rubbed his wet slimy cock across Beth Anne's face.

"That's how you treat a whore," laugher Dougie. "You cock slap them to teach them who is boss. Now open your slut mouth wide."

Beth Anne did as she was told. Immediately, Dougie grabbed her ears to hold her head still as he pushed his cock into her mouth. When he felt his cockhead arrive at the entrance to Beth Anne's throat, he forced it as far down her throat as it would reach.

"And that's called skull fucking. Choke on that dick bitch," said Dougie holding a struggling choking Beth Anne as her gag reflex reacted to the insertion of suck a large object in her passageway.

"Those guys were too easy on you two yesterday. They should have made it hurt more," said Dougie finally allowing Beth Anne to breathe.

"You're choking me. I can't breathe," sobbed Beth Anne once Dougie had removed his cock.

"Damn right I was. Breathe through your nose. You need to learn what's its like to be a slut. Now help me get my dick in your mother's ass," said Dougie.

"Take it easy," groaned Katie as Dougie's cock entered her sore backdoor.

"No, take it hard," countered Dougie slamming his cock in Katie's rear. "Fuck your ass till it bleeds."

Dougie furiously assaulted Katie's rear. Katie writhed from side to side attempting to find an acceptable level of pain. Beth Anne furiously sucked her mother's engorged clit to distract her from the pain in her rectum.

Finally Dougie pulled his cock out. There were dark brown streaks of shit and blood along the sides of the shaft and a dollop of feces on the very tip of his pecker.

"Oh good, you get to eat Mom's shit. Clean my cock with your mouth," ordered Dougie reaching down to hook two fingers in Beth Anne's nostrils and pulling her head up.

I can do this thought Beth Anne as her sense of smell was overwhelmed by the scent of her mother's turds. I won't think about it. I'll just do it.

Beth Anne leaned forward to take Dougie's cock in her mouth ignoring the foul odor and taste. She used her tongue to lick the gritty substance of the side and managed to swallow the teaspoon-sized piece of shit off the tip.

"Good girl, Katie, your little baby just ate your shit off my dick. Isn't that sweet?" laughed Dougie. "Now, Beth Anne, lick your Mom's dirty ass clean."

"Oh God," was the only reply that Katie made.

Beth Anne looked down to see that Katie's sphincter was covered in light brown feces. Before she could lean down to begin, Dougie passed his index finger sphincter across Katie's anus coating it. He then rubbed his finger over Beth Anne's upper lip.

"Katie, Beth Anne's got her first Dirty Sanchez. You know what that is?" said Dougie.

"Yes, I know. Why are you degrading us like this?" whined Katie.

"Orders from the CFO," replied Dougie. "Time to switch sides."

Dougie moved to the other side where he took a sobbing Beth Anne anally.

"Look, Katie, we should have made Beth Anne douche before I butt fucked her. Now I got shit all over my dick. You're going to have to clean it off."

Having completed that part of Andy's program, Dougie chose to lie on his back letting the women take turns ridding him. The fact that both women had a thick brown streak of dried shit covering their upper lip excited him. Their obvious humiliation and degradation added to his feelings of eroticism as he fucked them.

"Hola, amigos, grab a cerveza from the cooler while I finish fucking these shit eating sluts," said Dougie to the family.

"Now for the finale, you two lay end to end with your heads together," ordered Dougie pushing Katie and Beth Anne off him.

Moments later, both women were rubbing their clit as they lay ear to ear in opposite directions. Dougie straddled their faces jerking his cock.

"Grab my camera, Martine, and take some close-up shots of their facials," said Dougie speaking to the Lopez's son who reacted quickly by grabbing the Nikon Cool Pix 8.1 mega pixel camera off a nearby table. He got into position to take the images.

"Open up sluts and stick your tongues out," ordered Dougie. "It's going to rain jism."

Both women felt warm semen splatter on their faces and tongues. Dougie groaned and gasped as he emptied his load on their faces.

"Now you two kiss and lick my spunk off each other's faces. Smile, act like you're enjoying it," ordered Dougie.

"Nice, Senor Douglass, can we have a set?" asked Martine making repeated images.

"Sure just download the memory stick," said Dougie.

"You two go take a quick and I mean quick shower. We're not done," said Dougie.

The two women anxious to clean the filth off their bodies quickly moved off the bed and ran to the shower.

When they returned, Dougie and the four Mexicans were looking at the images of Katie and Beth Anne displayed on the large wall mounted flat panel monitor. Martine had connected one of the digital ports on the display to the camera and was stepping through the images.

"Martine can really frame a shot," said Dougie referring to the onscreen image of Katie and Beth Anne, their upper lip covered with a thick brown square of brown and their face and eyes were splattered with semen.

Katie was shocked at the images. We must be good actresses because we almost seemed to be enjoying it thought Katie as she watched the images click by.

I never believed it was possible to take pleasure from being forced to perform vile and disgusting acts but it is possible thought Beth Anne. I climaxed when I was licking semen off Mom's face. How could I have done that unless I received pleasure from being degraded?

"Katie and Beth Anne, this is Jose, his wife Maria, their son, Martine, and daughter Consuela. Say hola," said Doug.

Katie murmured hola still conscious that she had no clothes on.

"Jose, you bring everything we need? Where are the pups?" asked Doug.

"Everything, I have the new cameras that Senor Fastow bought. Everything is digital, no film. The dogs are in the truck," said Jose.

"Katie, Beth Anne, I need to bring you up to date. The Lopez's are here to make a porno film and you are going to be the star along with Consuelo and four horny Dalmatians," said Doug.

"Dalmatians, you mean dogs?" said Beth Anne in an unbelieving voice.

"No, I mean four good-looking Croatians here straight from the Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic," laughed Dougie.

"We can't have sex with animals," said Katie ignoring Dougie's remark.

"You can and will plus you will act enthusiastic about it or else," said Dougie.

"Or else what?" said Beth Anne.

"I'll let you ride the Spanish Donkey until you change your mind," said Dougie. "In fact, maybe a donkey ride is required. Mom offered to let you finish hers Friday night," said Dougie.

"If we don't have sex with the dogs we have to ride a donkey," said Beth Anne not comprehending.

"Stupid cunt, I'll wheel it in and let you try it out," said Dougie turning to go to the other room.

"No, that won't be necessary. We'll do what you say," said Katie grabbing Dougie's hand.

"What's a Spanish Donkey ride?" demanded Beth Anne.

"It a torture device. They made me ride it. The pain is unbearable," said Katie.

"I would love to see the Senorita ride the donkey," said Jose.

"Me too. Martine, give me a hand," said Dougie shaking off Katie's hand.

Katie tried to intervene but Maria and Consuelo stopped her.

"Quiet, putana," said Maria slapping Katie so hard it knocked her off her feet. She lay on the floor sobbing as Dougie and the others rolled in the Plexiglas monster. Matters moved swiftly as the men grabbed a screaming Beth Anne and strapped her to the machine.

"Muy interesante," murmured Jose admiring the machine.

"Fifteen minutes ought to do it,' said Dougie setting the timer and starting the machine's motion.

"Doug, why are we doing this? I promise Beth Anne and I will cooperate. I'll be a loyal employee and do everything you asked, everything?" asked Katie groveling on the floor. Beth Anne had already started to squirm as the sharp edge bit into her tender sex.

"Andy is what I call a 'belt and suspenders' kind of guy. Here where you can see the Spanish donkey working on Beth Anne's sweet your pussy you feel the need to cooperate. But later, you two get back to your normal life you just might decide to call the FBI and tell them your story. But if we have a little insurance policy like a hardcore triple x video of you and your daughter willingly engaging in canine sex, then we have a way to discredit you. No one will believe a woman who is willing to appear in the type of film we're going to make. Nobody will listen to someone impugning the integrity of one of America's greatest corporation when she and her daughter are known bestiality freaks. I might also add that child services after they get a copy of the DVD will be out to take Beth Ann away and place her in the safety of a foster home." said Doug.

"We'll do it, just take her down now," pleaded Katie as Beth Anne started to sob and beg.

"She stays there for the entire fifteen. You're lucky that Andy knows the Lopez's. Their animals are clean and well trained. The Lopez's are known for having the best fuck dogs in all Mexico. Right Jose," said Doug

"The best fuck dogs in all of North America, Maria and I raised them from puppies. Maria and Consuelo has been training them since they were six months old," said Jose.

"Let's all relax, have a beer and enjoy the show that Beth Anne is putting on,' said Dougie.

"May I film it, Senor Douglass," asked Martine.

"Sure, now come over here, Katie and sit in my lap," said Dougie.

Katie accepted the beer that Jose placed in her hand. She took a long swallow hopping to dull her senses. She followed Dougie's instructions seating herself in his lap in a nearby armchair. For ten minutes she and the others watched as Beth Anne screamed her agony begging to be taken off the Spanish Donkey.

Chapter 13

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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"My pussy hurts. I wish I were dead," whined Beth Anne rolling slowly back and forth on the floor clutching herself. Jose and Dougie had just pulled the screaming girl off the Spanish Donkey. She collapsed to the floor. She was doubled over her hands holding her sex as she rocked back and forth and sobbed. Katie her face still smarting from Maria's bitch slaps crawled over to take her daughter in her arms.

"I know. My time on that infernal device was the worst experience in my life," said Katie holding her weeping daughter attempting to comfort her.

"No more arguing Mother. I don't care what it is. I'll do it. Having sex with dogs can't be as painful as what I just went through," said Beth Anne.

"All right, we'll do whatever they say and with a will. Let's just concentrate on getting this over and done with," agreed Katie.

"At first it hurt just a little then the pain grew and grew until I wanted to die," said Beth Anne. "At the end I thought I would go mad."

"I know. I spent a half hour on the Spanish Donkey. I thought I would go out of my mind," said Katie. "Andy told me that they tested it with a street whore they kidnapped. They rode her for ninety minutes. She was a mumbling idiot when they took her off," said Katie.

"Senor Fastow is a genius," said Jose standing beside Dougie admiring the Spanish Donkey. "I could make mucho pesos with one of these in Juarez or Tijuana."

"How could you make money?" asked Dougie.

"Gringos would come and make their wives and girlfriends who displease them ride. I know a man in Laredo who would love to put his woman on this and make her scream," said Jose.

"I'll talk to Andy about it. Maybe you and he could go into business together. Start a franchise," said Dougie.

"Now, ladies, do we have a change of attitude about making love with the best fuck dogs in all NorteAmericano?" asked Dougie turning to Katie and Beth Anne who were still on the floor.

"Yes, we'll do anything you say," said Beth Anne. "Just no more rides on that thing."

"Andy said it would be a real attitude changer. Great, we don't have all day, so listen. Maria and Consuelo will fix your hair and make-up and dress you in a sexy little costume. Andy was very clear about this. The final DVD that Jose edits and delivers will have to show you two and Consuelo enthusiastically screwing the kennel. It's got to look like Katie and Beth Anne Parker decided on her own free will and volition to make a hardcore bestiality video without any coercion. Understood or do we need another ride on the pussy torture machine?"

"Yes," said Beth Anne. "We're going to participate willingly."

"So when it comes time to put a dog cock in your mouth, there won't be any wrinkled noses?" said Dougie.

"We'll act like we love it,' said Katie.

"Wonderful, now according to Andy's write- up, the first scene opens with the three of you arriving carrying shopping bags like you just came from the mall. The bags are in the other room. Lea made them up. You sit down on that couch. Katie walks over to the DVD player and puts this into the player," said Dougie placing a DVD disc on the player.

"That's a hard core lesbian torture film. You three start watching then begin to imitate the action on the screen. Here's a box of toys. It contains among a lot of other shit, three strapon cocks you wear when I say so. You go at it like three horny dykes," said Dougie.

"I have a selection of costumes in the next room," said Maria.

"Great, and you're going to make them up like sluts?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, whores of the streets,' said Maria.

"All right, everyone get busy," said Dougie. "We got a lot of work to do."


"Put them on your nipples to darken them," said Maria to Beth Anne and Katie handing them a small container of dark rouge.

"They show up for the camera better," added Consuela. "Gringa women have such light pink nipples."

Katie and Beth Anne rubbed the make-up over their nipples darkening them.

"Put some on your clit too," added Consuela.

Katie and Beth Anne sat quietly as Maria and Consuela applied heavy make-up to their faces. After that, their hair was combed out and a pair of large ornate hoop earrings added.

Katie wasn't sure she could walk in the five-inch platform heels that Maria handed her. She managed to totter around the small room.

"Here put these on," said Consuela handing Beth Anne a pair of extreme daisy dukes shorts.

"Wow, my butt cheeks show," said Beth Anne noting how the material was cut away to expose her buttocks.

"And my ass hangs below the hem line," said Katie modeling the short skirt she had just slipped over her hips.

Consuela was wearing hose and a garter belt. Her short skirt exposed the tops of her stockings.

"No one wears panties. Whores don't wear panties," said Maria with an air of finality.


"You two certainly look the part," said Dougie when Katie and Beth Anne reappeared. Bright studio lighting had been placed in a semi-circle around the couch. The pasteboard box of sex toys was placed beside the couch. The only other item in the set was the large screen home entertainment center.

"You two come here a minute. I need some souvenirs. Martine, camera," said Dougie gesturing for the women to stand on each side of him with their arms interlocked around their waists

"Smile," said Dougie as Martine clicked though several images.

"Raise your skirt, Katie, show Martine your pussy," ordered Dougie.

Katie did as she was told. She smiled broadly at the camera as she pulled the hem of her skirt up to expose her sex fingerling her clit.

"Now the two of you kneel down and take turns sucking my dick. Martine, get some close ups for the family album," ordered Dougie.

Katie and Beth Anne knelt down on each side of Dougie. Katie unzipped his trousers as Beth Anne fished out his cock.

"Put the head in our mouth, Beth Anne, turn toward the camera and give Martine a big grin. Anyone viewing the picture should think that having my pecker in your mouth is the greatest thrill of your life," said Dougie.

"She is good, Senor Dougie, a natural slut on the image," commented Martine.

"That figures, she's a whore like her mother. It just took the genius of Andy Fastow to bring it out in her. Your turn, Katie, show Beth Anne how much you like to suck my dick," said Dougie.

Katie performed as instructed, telling herself that she was an actress having to do a job.

"Now the two of you take a side, start licking dick, then look toward the camera and smile," ordered Dougie.

"Excellente, Senor Dougie," said an admiring Martine.

"Gringa women are all whores," commented Maria. They are nothing but sluts and trash. No respectable man would want one for his woman."

"You and Jose can have a piece of their ass when we're done. That all right with you two, isn't it?" said Dougie to the two women who were busily each licking a side of his cock as Martine, the camera lens inches away captured the images of their smiling faces.

"Anything you say, Dougie,' responded Beth Anne.

"You two need your make-up repaired. You got dick all over your faces," ordered Dougie ending the still photo shoot.

Moments later, Dougie shouted, "Action" and the three women walked in chatting excitedly carrying shopping bags displaying the names of expensive designer shops in the local Galleria Mall. Beth Anne and Katie put their Neiman-Marcus and Prada bags down and flopped on the couch.

Consuela sat down more carefully opened her handbag, took out a small leather case and unzipped it. She tapped a small amount of white powder out in the small glass coffee table in front of the couch. Consuela removed a razor blade from the pouch and got busy chopping and organizing multiple lines of cocaine on the tabletop. Behind her, Katie and Beth Anne were kissing. Beth Anne playfully bit her Mother's lip and tugged it out then released it before kissing Katie passionately.

"That right, we start slow and build. Get the blow ready, Consuela,' whispered Dougie from behind one of the fixed cameras. Martine with the hand held camera was moving about taking close-ups, looking for unusual and interesting camera angles.

Consuela interrupted Beth Anne and Katie's kissing to hand each a glass straw. Katie went first to show Beth Anne how to snort cocaine. It had been two years since Katie had last tried cocaine. Around Enron, there were staff members that swore that the only way to maintain the expected work output was to use blow as an energy booster. Katie had tried coke during an especially demanding period when employees were required to work almost around the clock to complete a due diligence analyses for a major acquisition. The coke had given Katie the stamina to complete the analyses but she had not used it since.

"Oh that's good dope," said Katie to the camera as the coke ignited a fire in her brain. She rubbed the residue of powder over her gums.

"Rub some on your clit," said Dougie. "Coke using, pussy eating, dog fucking sluts, that's what we want, nothing but trash, that's what Andy and lea expect on the DVD."

Katie felt a tingling sensation as she massaged her clit with her little finger that was covered with a film of blow.

"Your turn, Beth Anne," said Katie. "It's great stuff "

"Thanks Mother," said Beth Anne taking the straw and inhaling the line of power into a nostril.

"Wow, what a fucking rush," yelled Beth Anne rubbing her nose then inhaling the other line.

Consuela deftly snorted the last two lines.

"Man, Andy Fastow will have you two bitches by the short hairs when this is over. Here in Texas, cocaine possession to five to ten and you did it on film," whispered Dougie. "Queue the DVD, Katie."

Katie stepped over to the player and inserted the disc. Behind her on the couch, Beth Anne and Consuela were making out. They were exposing each other's breasts sucking each other's nipples.

"Let's watch some porn and party," announced Katie as the sixty-inch HDTV panel came to life.

Katie took a quick glance at the display. The action appeared to be taking place in a Mexican prison cell. A heavyset matron in a guard's uniform was ordering three young girls to strip. The three were crying and pleading with the matron to call their parents.

"Yeah Katie, its real," whispered Dougie from behind the lights. "One of Andy's friends at Enron Mexico got it for him. Those three UCSD drum majorettes were busted buying a kilo of grass while on Spring Break in Cancun. It gets real ugly. Now walk back to the couch and suck your daughter's pussy."

Energized by the coke, Beth Anne and Consuela were passionately kissing when Katie arrived to join the action. The three stopped for a moment to watch the screen. The matron and several of her comrades were watching intently as the coeds removed their clothes. The matron was speaking in rapid Spanish as she was slowly putting on a pair of latex gloves. The coeds were loudly protesting their innocence. The prettiest of the three, a true California strawberry blonde was demanding to call her parents.

"My father is a lawyer, un abogado, in San Diego and friends with the governor. If anything happens to me, he'll sue Mexico for everything you got," said the pretty college student defiantly.

In response the matron stepped forward and slammed her baton into the coed's midsection. The blow empted the girl's lungs in a rush as her diaphragm reacted to the pain. One of the other guards stepped forward and kicked the bent over girl in the face sending her screaming to the ground. The matron grabbed the girl by the hair and raised her face to the camera. The kick had broken her nose and she was bleeding heavily. The matron took the end of her club and rammed it into the girl's mouth. The girl fell to the floor spitting out several bloody front teeth.

"Rough shit, huh," commented Dougie. "Those caps must have cost her old man a fortune."

Katie, Beth Anne, and Consuela powered by cocaine were stripping one another as they kissed and fondled each other's breast and pussy.

"Katie, lean over the back of the cock. Pull your skirt up to show your ass and pussy. Squirm around like you're dying to be eaten," whispered Dougie.

Katie pulled herself forward over the back of the couch. Her dress was around her waist. She moaned with pleasure as she felt two tongues go to work on her vagina and asshole.

"Get her wet and stick your fingers inside her cunt," whispered Dougie.

"She's already wet as a Tijuana whore," said Consuela pulling two very slick fingers out of Katie's cunt to show the camera.

As Katie moaned her pleasure she opened her eyes to see that Martine's lens was inches from her face. Katie opened her mouth and pressed her quivering tongue toward the camera.

"God I love it when my daughter and Consuela eat my pussy and ass. Suck my butt, girlfriends," spoke Katie into the camera.

"Muy caliente," whispered Martine.

"That's right, Beth Anne suck Momma's ass open. Use your lips and tongue to make love to her shithole," whispered Dougie.

"Turn your head slightly," whispered Martine to Beth Anne who was busily slipping the tip of her tongue past Katie's sphincter.

"Bien, tongue fuck mama then suck on her ring," whispered Martine.

Beth Anne felt Consuela's hand on her shoulder pulling her away from Katie's ass for a moment. Consuelo inserted a soft plastic ringed anal dildo in Katie's rectum then drove it inside four inches.

"Oh shit, that feels good, fuck my horny ass, moaned Katie.

"Pull it out for a second," whispered Martine.

Beth Anne removed the anal dildo. Katie's anus did not fully close. Martine flipped a switch on the camera and a light shone several inches up Katie's rectum.

"Hay, it stays open. Up the ass makes for a good shot," said Martine placing the lens only millimeters from Katie's open asshole.

"Beth Anne, blow and suck your Mom's asshole while Consuela eats her snatch and dildo fucks her pussy," directed Dougie. "Let's get those holes open so we can take a look at what's inside."

Katie relaxed and reveled in the pleasurable sensations as the two women make passionate oral love to her. Finally, Katie felt a rising irresistible title wave of pleasure breaking over her.

Katie couldn't see the screen but she could hear the pleading and sobbing coeds. I know the DVD shouldn't be turning me on but it is thought Katie. Unable to resist the lure of the coed's torture, Katie craned her head to one side to see the screen.

The skinny brunette with the large breasts was being placed on an examination table. Guards pulled the girl's legs back to where her kneecaps rested on their shoulders. The camera lingered on the girl's exposed pussy and asshole. The matron in charge methodically covered her latex covered glove in lubricant. Then without any preliminaries, the matron forced her hand inside the girl's vagina. The girl sounded a long plaintive wail of agony then fainted. The matron her hand still inside the girl's cunt laughed and said something in Spanish to the camera that Katie couldn't make out. One of the guards held a small brown bottle to the girl's nose. The girl jerked awake, was quiet for a few seconds then started screaming again. The matron began working the fingers of her other hand into the girl's sphincter. The matron gave the impression that sticking her hands inside another woman's orifices was all in a day's work. The guards struggled to hold the coed down as the matron's hand slipped past the girl's anal ring. The matron started to rhythmically pump her arms inside the girl. You could see a large ripple cross the girl's abdomen each time the matron pushed forward.

This is just so god damn fucking hot thought Katie caught up in the eroticism of the DVD. I should be watching anything so horrible but I can't stop myself. The matron's face was a mask of cruelty. Her enjoyment of the girl's agony was obvious to the camera. The girl's face reflected the agonizing pain of being fist fucked in both orifices.

Finally the matron pulled her arms out of the girl. The hand that had been inside the girl's rectum was covered in feces. The camera panned in to reveal that the matron was holding a handful of soft shit. The matron calmly walked to the other end of the table. She hooked two fingers in the girl's nostrils pulling her head back forcing her mouth open. The camera captured the moment when the matron pushed the handful of shit into the terrified girl's open mouth. The matron gripped the girl's head in her powerful arms forcing her to keep her mouth closed. The matron screamed something into the girl's ear that Katie could not understand. The camera came on for a close-up of the coed's face as she chewed and swallowed her own shit.

"Oh fuck, she's eating her own shit," groaned Katie. "This is so fucking hot."

"Little scat torture got Katie's motor running," commented Dougie.

Katie ignored Dougie's remark as she gave herself up to the moment. She turned her head away enjoying the sounds the coed was making as she was forced to eat her own shit. Katie felt her orgasm approaching. It was going to be a very good cum.

"I'm cumming," screamed Katie as she felt the walls of her cunt spasm. She writhed and jerked as her orgasm hit.

"Great cum shot," whispered Martine holding the camera inches from Katie's face.

"Your turn to get off, Beth Anne," said Dougie causing Beth Anne to take her mother's place.

Beth Anne eagerly took up her position reaching back to separate her butt cheeks to expose her anus.

Katie's little girl is eager to get some tongue up her ass," commented Dougie. "Beth Anne, can you pucker and unpucker your asshole?"

Beth Anne groaned as she first drew in her anal ring pulling it inside using her abdominal muscles then reversing the contraction to expand her anal ring.

"Bien," whispered Martine capturing the contractions of Beth Anne's anal ring.

"Katie, put your tongue in the center of her brown eye and let's see if we can get a shot of Beth Anne opening her hole for Momma's tongue," said Dougie.

Katie placed her tongue into Beth Anne's contracting and expanding anus as Martine captured everything in an extreme close-up.

"Put these up her ass," said Dougie placing a string of large anal beads in Katie's hand. Consuela was fucking Beth Anne's pussy with a large dildo all the while sucking Katie's clit.

Katie was surprised to hear Beth Anne verbally respond.

"That's right, sluts, eat my pussy, suck that asshole," yelled Beth Anne as she rocked back and forth.

Katie glanced at the screen as she lubricated each of the golf ball size soft rubber beads and shoved it past Beth Anne's sphincter. The DVD had been edited to remove dead time. The scene had changed. The action was now taking place in the courtyard of a jail or prison.

The coeds were on all fours in wooden stocks. Those are like the ones the Puritan's used thought Katie. Their heads and hands were held firmly. The cameraman slowly walked around the three pausing for a moment to admire their well-tanned rear ends. The Mexican had added some refinements. There was an adjustable metal rod with ankle cuffs on each end spreading the girl's legs wide apart. That allowed the cameraman to capture a close up of each girl's sex.

Katie saw the other refinement when the camera focused on the girls' head and hands. There was a brace coming out from the base of the stock. It had a curved metal semicircle on one end that fit nicely under each girl's chin. It forced her head erect. The faces of all three girls were smeared with excrement. The pretty blonde's nose was flattened to one side and when she opened her mouth, she was missing several of her front teeth.

"That's right pack my shitty ass, Mom," groaned Beth Anne as Katie slipped one more of the beads past her sphincter.

On the screen, the matron and two assistants appeared rolling a cart. The carton was trailing an extension chord. The matron announced something to the coeds. Katie's Spanish was not good enough to understand. However, given the coed's terrified reaction, it wasn't a good thing.

The matron and her assistants picked up rough hair shears from the cart. They went to work cutting off the coed's hair.

"Wow, they're going to cut all their hair off," said Katie aloud.

"Damn straight they are," said Dougie. "Nothing uglier than a bald woman."

"You bitches are going to make me cum,' screamed Beth Anne.

"Do it Beth Anne, show your Mom what a total whore you've become,' responded Katie joining the moment.

Consuela screamed something in Spanish then started delivering loud stinging blows to Beth Anne's buttocks.

I'm cumming," screamed Beth Anne.

Katie began to slowly pull the anal beads out of Beth Anne's asshole. As each one appeared, it drove Beth Anne to a new level of frenzy. Finally, as the last bead popped free, Beth Anne screamed and collapsed.

When Katie glanced at the screen, she saw that all three coeds had been sheared. The staff was now using electric shears to take their hair down to their scalp.

"Strapon time," intoned Dougie handing out the leather harnesses holding the dildos.

Chapter 14

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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Copyright 2004


"Cover the dildos with coke then stick them up Beth Anne's pussy and ass. That should give her a rush to end all rushes," ordered Dougie. "I've been told that a twat full of cocaine is the best high possible."

God but this is a lot of fun thought Dougie as he watched the naked women prepping the dildos. And the insane part is that I'm getting paid to do it. It looks like Katie's virgin daughter has joined the dark side. She's working her pussy right out here in front of God and everybody and doesn't even know it.

Consuela, Katie, and Beth Anne were seated on the couch. Maria was fussing with their hair and make-up. They were nude except for the leather harness circling their waist and thighs. Fixed to the center of the harness was a ten-inch realistic dildo. The base of the dildo contained a small area of hard latex nodules that stimulated the female's clit when she thrust the dildo into another woman's orifices. Beth Anne was unconsciously holding the dildo with one hand forcing the nodules against her clitoris.

"Now in the next scene, Andy wants to see enthusiastic and high energy lesbian dildo fucking especially between mother and daughter. He also specified that the dildos were to be coated with a thick layer of cocaine. Per Andy when the coke passes through the capillary dense porous tissues of your cervix and rectum, it will produce an incredible rush. God, how does the man find time to research shit like that? He's a fucking genius," exclaimed Dougie reading his notes.

Katie had already coated the strapon dildo in Astro-Glide. Beth Anne was going to be fucked first so she had raised her legs to give her mother access to her sphincter. Katie was gently working two Astro-Glide covered fingers in Beth Anne's ass to loosen her up.

"Oh Mother, that feels so good," moaned Beth Anne responding to her Mother's anal stimulation. Beth Anne's one hand was busily stimulating her clit and the other was pinching and pulling a nipple as she sunk further into the couch to deepen the penetration of her mother's fingers.

"Wait till you feel this, Chica" said Consuela as she worked an atomizer to cover the ten inches of her latex cock in a light dusting of white power.

"Put a heavy coat on the tip. We want to see energy when its dog fucking time," said Dougie.

Next, Consuela coated Katie's faux cock head with the powder then re-doused her own in the white substance.

We're using hundreds no thousands of dollars worth of cocaine thought Katie as she rubbed her gums with the powder. Moments before Beth Anne and she had snorted more lines of blow. Katie felt completely energized as the drug reached her brain. I could fuck a whole army of dogs and not think anything of it realized Katie feeling her gums tingle from the effect of the drug. I don't give a shit. This is an incredible high. I'm going to fuck my brains out and enjoy myself.

Katie kept glancing at the monitor displaying the DVD. Her fascination with the three coed's fate was hard for her to understand and she felt guilty that she found it erotically stimulating. Nevertheless, Katie looked at the monitor every chance she got. Several female prisoners were just finishing up large colorful tattoos on the shaved skulls and bodies of the three coeds. The coeds were seated in chairs their arms and feet tightly manacled to the arms and legs. For all the violence implied by the application of disfiguring skin art to the coed's face and shaved skull, it was a peaceful scene. They were sitting quietly as the prison's resident tattoo artists worked on them. Occasionally, there was a small cry of pain as the tattoo needle struck a sensitive area.

Tattoos that large and complicated must take days to complete thought Katie as the camera showed the electric needle forcing ink under the coed's skin. The DVD must have been made over a number of days if not several weeks realized Katie. The coeds were dressed in short prison dresses identical to those of the women applying the tattoos. Katie saw that all three of the coeds had received the identical set of tattoos.

"They always tattoo the gringa prisoners that way," said Jose rubbing his cock through his trousers as he watched the coeds.

"Man, how would you like to live with that for the rest of your life," commented Dougie looking at the large carefully detailed scorpion tattoo covering one entire side of each coed's face. The scorpion's head began at the girl's temple and his tail ended right above their jaw. On the other side of their faces was a stylized lighting bolt that also covered the entire side of their face. "Those bitches are really fucked. What's that covering the top of their skulls and backs?"

"El Diablo," said Jose who was familiar with the way the prison matrons of Cancun used tattoos to permanent disfigure attractive gringa prisoners.

"Yeah, I can see that now. It covers the entire back of their heads and shoulders," said Dougie referring to the large black and red figure that started at the crown of the girl's heads and traveled downward to cover their upper backs.

"That's practically a work of art. I bet that hurt like hell," said Dougie.

"They say that you can stand outside the prison for hours and listen to the gringa women scream," said Jose.

"How long does it take to do something like that?" asked Dougie.

"Usually a week, if the girls are young and pretty they like to make sure they tattoo the face because they are the most difficult to remove and they leave a scar," said Jose.

"Gringa whores like that deserve their fate. If I had my way, I would cut their little titties off and feed them to the perros," said Maria.

"I'll get on bottom and fuck her pussy. Katie, you screw her ass. Ready Martine?" asked Consuela lying down on her back holding the dildo skyward. Beth Anne got on top of Consuela then leaned down to kiss her with an open mouth. Both girl's tongues met and intertwined in mid air.

"All is ready, muy caliente," said Martine coming in close to capture their dueling saliva covered tongues. Jose checked the tripod-mounted cameras surrounding the set.

"All is ready, Senor Dougie. The whores can start,' said Jose.

"All right, I better see some enthusiasm and energy or two ladies are going for a long ride on the Spanish Donkey. Now everyone mount up and ride," said Dougie. "

"Just squat over the dildo and guide it home," said Katie to Beth Anne.

"Mother, I know how," said Beth Anne as she spread her labia apart and positioned her vaginal opening over the erect powder coated cock. Beth Anne made sure the tip was just inside her entrance then lowered herself.

"Oh fuck, what a rush," hissed Beth Anne as the drug coated dildo slid in her pussy delivering a strong dose of coke directly into the blood enriched tissue of her cervix.

"Let's have some dirty talk," whispered Dougie from behind the camera.

"Fuck my ass, Mother, go deep, make it hurt," groaned Beth Anne grinding her pussy against Consuela's mound.

"Here is comes, you little whore," said Katie.

Katie placed the tip of her dildo directly against the center of her daughter's well-lubricated sphincter. Katie was squatting over Beth Anne's up turned bottom holding her cheeks apart to reveal her anus.

"It's in, Beth Anne, tell your mother that you need more," said Katie pushing slightly forcing the head into Beth Anne's rectum.

"All the way, Mother, all the Goddamn way, now," screamed Beth Anne pushing back attempting to get more of Katie's strapon up her asshole.

Katie grabbed Beth Anne's hips and used them to pull herself rapidly forward.

"Oh Goddamn, now that is what I call a fuck," said Beth Anne as she experienced the large object push into her rectum delivering the cocaine directly into her blood stream. "Pinch my tits, Consuela."

Consuelo and Katie began to slowly and rhythmically push the dildos into Beth Anne's orifices. Beth Anne sounded long moans of pleasure.

"Look at the DVD. This is the part that I love. You know I went to dental school for a year," said Dougie. "Jose, how long would you say that the three girls were in jail? They look like they've lost a lot of weight since the DVD started."

"Two or three months, Senior Dougie, they don't make them ugly until they have tired of fucking them. They like to send them home to their mamma and papa looking like that. Sometimes they cut off their ears and slit their noses for fun," said Jose.

"I bet the guards fucked those three every night. They weren't bad looking when this started," said Dougie.

"Si, those three were probably taken to a brothel todo noche to earn some money for the warden," said Jose.

"But now that the new has worn off, its time to fuck them up permanently then put them on a plane to the Estados Unidos," said Dougie.

"It happens all the time," said Jose.

"Now, this is where it gets interesting,' said Dougie.

On the screen, the three coeds were back in the chairs tightly restrained. Their heads were titled back by hooks placed in their nostrils. A metal brace attached to their lower jaw forced their mouths wide open. The camera went in for a close up of their faces. There's was a look of sheer terror.

Their tattoos are all heeled up thought Katie. Weeks must have gone by. What the hell are they going to do now to those poor girls?

"Nothing like amateur dentistry, Mexican style," whispered Dougie.

The hefty matron approached with a gleaming pair of dental pliers. She walked up to the first coed making sure the terrified girl saw the pliers. The cameraman focused a light inside the girl's mouth. The pliers clamped down on the rear most molar. The tooth slowly lifted out of the socket.

"Wow, no pain killers, no nitrous oxide, you think that doesn't hurt," said Dougie.

The girl was sounding sharp little screams as blood poured over her lower lips.

Katie watched fascinated as the matron moved to the second girl who was making little mewling sounds. This time a camera focused on the flexing muscles in the matron's arms as she captured a molar in the pliers. The arm muscles strained as the matron slowly extracted the tooth from the screaming girl. The matron calmly dropped the bloody hunk of enamel in a metal pan then went on to the third girl.

"Oh God, I love being fucked," moaned Beth Anne squeezing her cunt and ass around the thrusting latex columns.

"Especially when your mother is one of the whore fucking you," said Katie.

"That's right, Momma, shove that rubber dick up my ass.

On screen the matron was methodically working from girl to girl taking one tooth at a time then moving on to the next girl. The front of the girl's prison dresses were soaked in blood. The camera looked down at the metal pan containing a growing pile of bloody teeth.

Once more the DVD collapsed time and the matron was pulling out the last remaining incisor of the brunette coed. Other matrons removed the metal brace and nostril hooks holding the coed's mouths open. A matron grabbed the coed's skull forcing her to look directly into the camera.

"They don't look so good without their teeth," said Dougie noting how the formerly pretty faces of the girls had collapsed.

"I'm going to cum. fuck me harder you bitches," demanded Beth Anne.

Katie went into overdrive pounding Beth Anne's ass. She began to land hard open palm slaps to Beth Anne's flanks.

"That's right, Mom, beat my ass," screamed Beth Anne swept up in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Moments later after a brief recovery to catch their breaths and reapply cocaine to Consuela and Beth Anne's dildos, Katie found herself positioning her vaginal opening over Consuela's freshly coated strapon. There was a thick smudge of coke on the cock head.

That's going to drive my cervix insane thought Katie as she carefully worked the latex point into her opening.

"You going to fuck your Momma's ass?" asked Katie over her shoulder.

"Till you scream, bitch," responded Beth Anne. "I'm going to rip your asshole wide open."

"Grab my hair and slap my ass," demanded Katie. "Ride me hard."

"Jesus, this is hot fucking shit," said Beth Anne taking a handful of her mother's hair in on hand as she guided the tip of the dildo past Katie's sphincter.

"God that is wild. You two whores give me everything you got," said Katie as Consuela's dildo reached her cervix and the cocaine entered her blood stream.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of your ass," said Beth Anne lunging forward driving ten inches of latex up her mother's ass in one swift motion.

Katie felt like her entire body was on fire as the dildo and coke combination ignited her senses. Katie reached between her legs and grabbed her clit and pinched it hard. Katie realized she was making low growling noises as her fingers grabbed her clit inducing an immediate orgasmic high.

"Oh shit, yes," screamed Katie as Beth Anne landed an imprint leaving slap to her flank.

"Bite her tits, Consuela, bit them hard, make the gringa whore suffer," said Maria from behind the camera.

Katie screamed as Consuela's incisors captured her nipple and sunk into her flesh drawing blood.

"Man this is some hot fucking," said Dougie. "You girls fuck the shit out of her."

Katie's orgasm lasted until sheer exhaustion set in. The three women collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Katie looked up at the screen. The three coeds had been released into a prison yard of male convicts. The camera focused in on the toothless blonde coed who like her two friends was being fucked in both ends.

"Straight skull fucking, don't you just love it?' said Dougie watching a heavily muscled prisoner forcing his cock down the girl's throat.

"Sometimes they choke to death," said Jose. "Those men are killers. They care nothing for human life."

It was a scene of violence and chaos as the men fought over who got to enter the coed's orifices.

A small clock appeared in the corner of the screen to graphically illustrate that several hours were passing as the video's frame rate went into fast forward. Katie wondered what it would be like to be fucked by dozens of dangerous men for hours on end. Then she recalled that only yesterday, a good part of the University of Houston's football team had been inside her body.

"You girls get yourself cleaned up and ready for the second part of our little film.

Powered by cocaine, Katie and Beth Anne jumped up to return to the small room where Maria was waiting to reapply their makeup. Consuela trailed behind.

Twenty minutes later, the three women returned with fresh makeup and combed hair. There was a large wicker hamper sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Katie had expected to find a half dozen panting dogs.

"We have a surprise, rather Andy had a surprise. Show them Consuela," said Dougie.

Consuela casually reached over to open the hamper. She quickly reached in and pulled out a large albino python and dropped it in Katie's naked lap.

Katie screamed and tried to rise but Consuela stopped her. Beth Anne who was not afraid of snakes quickly snatched the gleaming white constrictor off her mother's lap.

"Be careful, don't hurt it," cautioned Beth Anne stroking the python.

"Before we let you two perform something so down right common and tacky as fucking dogs, Andy decided that a little sophisticated reptile sex was in order.

Katie looked up at the monitor where the three coeds were obscured by piles of males seeking to enter their orifices. The DVD ended with the destroyed face of the blonde coed as her head momentarily emerged from the pile of seething flesh.

Chapter 15

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

Email with your comments.

Copyright 2004


"There's a cult in southern India where they still practice snake worship. Andy showed me this video of a bunch of Hindu types chanting and dancing as they handle King Cobras. Bastards got guts. I'll give them that. The cobras represent the snake God Naga who serves Vishnu whoever the fuck that is. Man I wouldn't go near a King Cobra but these priestesses dance and the fucking snakes imitate their movement," said Dougie reading from the notes that he took when Andy was explaining what he wanted in the porn video.

"They actually worship snakes?" asked Katie who over the last few minutes under Beth Anne's guidance had become comfortable in the presence of the reptiles. There was a reticulated python sitting in her naked lap and a smaller snake crawling over her chest.

"See they won't bite you. They love the feel of warm human skin," said Beth Anne to her mother.

"In Mexico, the girls stick them in their pussies to entertain the gringos," said Jose. "These snakes are not for worship. They are to stick in the pussy."

"It is sacrilege to worship las serpeintes," said Maria crossing herself. "But these putas already belong to Satanas."

"Keep in mind, Jose and you too Maria, that it is Senor Andrew Fastow that pays the bills and he's calling the shots," said Dougie feeling the need to assert his authority.

"Pardon, Senor Dougie, but I was only saying that we do not worship snakes in Mexico. We kill them. We eat them. And some of our whores entertain the NorteAmericano by letting them crawl into their holes," said Jose.

"Understood, now this is to be the dance floor so we need to move the couch and table back. Get up for a minute, girls," said Dougie grabbing one end of the couch while Martine took the other. They relocated it about six feet.

"Consuela, have you got the CD that Andy selected?" asked Dougie.

"Si," said Consuela walking to the other side of the room to extract a disc from a leather satchel.

"Now, listen up, putas, this is how it is going to work. Consuela will be off camera here facing you two. She will dance and you imitate her. First we will go through the dance a few times without the snakes so you're comfortable with the steps. Then we'll rehearse with snakes. Once you got the steps down, we'll turn on the cameras. Let's try to get it right so we can get out of here before midnight. Cause we're not done after this, you two got to make love with Jose's mutts. I guess we are ready," said Dougie.

"No, the make up and body paint, Senor Dougie. We need to paint the whore's bodies with the image of the serpent and Senor Fastow gave us jewelry for them to wear," said Maria.

"Shit, I almost forgot. Andy would have been highly pissed. You two go with Maria. She's going to jazz up your appearance. Make you look reptilian," said Dougie


"You're really very talented, Maria. You are too, Consuela," said Katie admiring her appearance in the mirror. She and Beth Anne had been sitting in the make-up chairs for almost an hour. Maria and Consuela had been working on their makeup and body paint. The overall effect made Katie and Beth Anne look like the brothel girls who performed with snakes in the Mexican border towns. A vivid green and gold snake was painted coiled around the bicep of their left arm. The head of a boa constrictor covered the area between their breasts. Their breasts featured a snake's head covering each areola. A smaller snake image appeared to be slithering out of their vagina to coil on their pubic mound. Faux snake scales had been applied to their eye makeup and there was a long trail of scales trailing out of the side of their eyes. Anklets, bracelets, a necklace, and earrings each covered with designs of serpents adorned their body. Katie noted that Mexican, Inca, Aztec, and Hindu motifs were mixed in a totally irrational fashion but decided to keep her mouth shut. Ignoring the lack of a consistent design seemed far superior to taking another ride on the Spanish Donkey

"Keep your whore's complements to yourself," said Maria.

"Mother, quit being such a bitch," said Consuela.

"You call your own mother a bitch. You are nothing better than these gringa sluts who will suck a dog's dick for drugs," said Maria finishing the elaborate snake design that she was painting on Beth Anne's chest.

Katie and Beth Anne's hair was pulled straight back heavily coated with mousse. Their eye makeup succeeded in giving them a very exotic look.

"Did I hear someone mention drugs?" said Dougie walking into the room as he opened a zippered leather case. Dougie sat down at the make-up tables between Katie and Beth Anne and arranged several lines of cocaine on the glass tabletop.

"You girls need to look eager. Andy insists on a high energy product," said Dougie.

Beth Anne eagerly took the glass straw and snorted one line then another. She had learned to imitate her mother's practice of rubbing the residue on her gums. Katie inhaled two long lines of blow into her nostrils.

"God, that's good dope," said Katie feeling the drug create a firestorm in her brain.

Dougie laid down lines for Consuela and himself.

"That's going to cost you a fuck later," said Dougie to Consuela reaching over to place a hand on her bare breasts.

"Senor Fastow paid for my family's services for the entire weekend," said Consuela putting her hand on the back of Dougie's and pressing it against her breast.

"Nothing quite as available as a paid-up Mexican whore," said Dougie. "Want some blow, Maria?" asked Dougie teasingly when he had finished and was rubbing his nose.

"Never, it is the powder of the devil," said Maria making the sign of the cross.

"Maria's of the old school. Porn and bestiality are okay but drugs are evil. I suppose that is something we can all agree to. Are we about done?" asked Dougie.

"Yes," said Mara applying the finishing touches to the body art.

"Stand up and let me see," said Dougie.

Katie and Beth Anne stood up and turned around.

"Very nice, my cock is hard already and I'm not a snake," said Dougie grabbing his crotch.


Snakes are not bad kissers thought Katie as she opened her mouth to accept the long thin forked tongue of a boa constrictor that was draped across her shoulders. She and Beth Anne were dancing sinuously facing the camera. They would dance apart for a while then at Consuela's direction they would meet and rub their bodies over one another. The music playing in the background reminded Katie of her three times a week yoga class.

Katie and Beth Anne exchanged kisses their tongue twirling in mid air. Then they opened their mouths and allowed the constrictors to slither their long narrow tongues into their mouths. It became a four way mid air tongue kiss with the active participation of the long flickering tongues of the constrictors.

"Shit man, this is fucking hot. I may drop a load in my shorts," whispered Dougie standing behind one of the cameras rubbing his crotch. Jose standing beside Dougie had unzipped his jeans and was slowly stroking his cock as he watched.

How incredibly depraved but it's setting my pussy on fire thought Beth Anne as she gently rubbed the snakes head across her vagina imitating the movements of Consuela. The snake's body coiled between her lets applying pressure to her clit and vagina. God it feels so good the way they writhe against my pussy. Mom is really getting off on this. You can tell from the way she's rubbing her cunt with that python.

"Katie, kneel down in front of Beth Anne and lick her pussy while she dances," whispered Consuela.

Following Consuela's instructions, Katie licked her daughter's vagina as Beth Anne and the constrictor exchanged kisses while she rubbed the snake's body over her breasts.

"Your turn Beth Anne, eat your Mom's snatch," whispered Dougie.

Beth Anne slowly knelt before Katie. Mom and I are really getting into this thought Beth Anne. Who would have thought it? But snakes are clean and they feel so good on your skin. Jesus, Mom's pussy is working like a fountain.

Beth Anne pressed her mouth to Katie's sex that had become so wet from her glands that Beth Anne's face became smeared with Bartholin secretions.

"That's right, smear that goo all over your face then show it to the camera," whispered Dougie.

Oh fuck this feels good thought Katie as she rolled her hips keeping her clit in contact with Beth Anne's mouth. I should be horrified at the very idea of committing incest with my daughter while we make a bestiality video. But I'm ignoring morality and letting my pleasure centers rule me. It must be the cocaine or the fact that I couldn't stand another minute of that horrible edge biting into my sex. Andy is right. I'd do anything to avoid another ride on the Spanish Donkey and so would Beth Anne. Still, I'm not the kind of person who under normal circumstances would engage in bestiality. This is the most perverted thing I have ever done in my life and if this video ever gets out I'll kill myself.

"Somebody's pussy loves snakes. Wait till Andy sees how you reacted to making love with a serpent. He said you had hidden talents that only the Fastow magic could bring out," said Dougie. "Beth Anne, dip a couple of fingers in her well and show the camera how much pussy juice she's pumping out."

Beth Anne stuck several fingers in Katie's cunt then pulled them out and held them up to Martine's camera. The close-up camera captured the viscous fluid dripping from Beth Anne's fingers. Beth Anne slowly licked her dripping fingers then offered them to the python whose tongue flicked over them.

"Fucking amazing, shit, you're going to get dehydrated if you keep drooling with your cunt," said Dougie.

"You're really getting off on this," whispered Beth Anne to her mother. Beth Anne placed her fingers against the other python's snout. His tongue immediately flicked out to sample the fluid.

"Good boy, you like Mom's pussy juice," said Beth Anne before she went back to eating her Mom's pussy.

"And how, it's just one long orgasm," said Katie pressing her clit into Beth Anne's mouth rolling her hips in time to the music.

"Katie, lay back on the snake chair and spread your legs apart and lift them into the stirrups," directed Consuela as she reached for another container of snakes.

When Katie and Beth Anne returned to the stage they had found a narrow bench that was parallel to the ground at one end and rose at a forty-five degree angle at the other. Except for the fact that it's vinyl surface was covered with a detailed design of two intertwined snakes it resembled the kind of benches that were in the free weight area of Katie's health club. There was one more difference. Poles attached to the base could be raised to function as stirrups. The stirrups that constituted the footrest were formed in the shape of a large serpent's head.

"It looks like some freak's idea of a gynecological table," commented Beth Anne when they had first saw the bench.

"You lie on your back and put your feet in the back of the snake's head. We raise your legs like so," said Consuela demonstrating how the stirrups swung upward into a vertical locked position. "A craftsmen in Nueva Leon makes them and sells them all over Mexico. Many married men buy them for their wives."

"What happens after you lie down and put your legs in the stirrups?" asked Katie.

"We open your holes and let the snakes crawl inside you," said Consuela.

"My God, you mean they'll crawl inside our pussy and asshole,' said Katie.

"Yes, and you will cooperate willingly or you and Beth Anne can go for a ride on Spanish Donkey this time for twice as long,' said Dougie.

"Mother, just do what they ask. These snakes won't hurt us but I'll kill myself it I have to ride that damn thing again," said Beth Anne.

"I was just making a remark. I didn't say I wouldn't do it," said Katie anxious to reassure her daughter.

Katie's qualm disappeared once the dancing started. She found herself very turned on as she and Beth Anne danced with the reptiles to the hypnotic music. Katie in a dream like trance settled back into the lounger then raised her legs to the stirrups and rested them there. Katie continued to exchange kisses with the constrictor as Beth Anne and the other constrictor pleasured her vagina.

"Let me have that one and you take these two smaller ones," whispered Consuela taking the constrictor from Beth Anne while handing her two smaller black snakes.

Instinctively, Beth Anne knew what was expected. She parted her mother's labia then gently pushed the snake's head into the opening of her vagina. The snake slowly undulated his way into Katie's cunt. Martine camera only inches away captured the entry.

"Oh Jesus, is that what I think it is," moaned Katie responding to the presence of the snake's body inside her body.

"Yes, and here is his twin. Now enjoy," said Beth Anne placing a second black snake at Katie's opening. The snake unhesitatingly slithered inside disappearing completely.

"Lick her snake filled twat, Beth Anne," directed Dougie. "How does it feel, Katie? I'd say in terms of human depravity, you've gone about as far down the line as a human can go."

"Oh God, I can feel them moving inside me. I'm going to cum. Shit, oh shit, this is awesome," breathed a sweat covered Katie.

"Put this in her asshole," whispered Consuela handing Beth Anne a well-lubricated disposable hospital speculum for her anus.

"God Mom, wait till you feel this. It's going to blow your mind," said Beth Anne inserting the device into Katie's anus then opening it.

"Made it as wide as it will go," whispered Consuela.

Katie moaned as she felt her anal ring being stretched.

Beth Anne accepted the three larger black snakes from Consuela. One by one she allowed them to slither into Katie's rectum.

"They're inside you, Katie, eating your shit. Wow, this is really something," said Dougie.

"Move so I can film inside her," said Martine to Beth Anne.

Martine flicked on the small light attached to his hand held camera. The light penetrated several inches inside Katie's rectum. The image of the snake's bodies writhing against one another as they hungrily consumed Katie's feces was captured in video.

"Andy and Lea will love it," said Dougie watching the monitor. "Shit man, we may be making cinema history. I've never seen a picture of snakes up a woman's butthole eating her shit."

"Eat your mother's pussy and make her cum," directed Consuela to Beth Anne.

"When do I get my turn?" asked Beth Anne.

"Don't worry. You're next, sweet cheeks," said Dougie.

The pleasure was so intense that Katie lost all sense of self. The presence of living creatures writhing inside her two orifices sent her on a mind trip that had no equal in her life. Beth Anne's demanding mouth brought her to an orgasmic high that proved so intense she lost consciousness.

"It's my turn, Mom, wake up," brought Katie back to the present. Beth Anne was gently patting the side of her mother's face.

Beth Anne helped her mother to her feet then quickly took her place on the bench placing her feet in the stirrups and scooting down to maximize access to her orifices.

"Put them in me," said Beth Anne with a look of unbridled lust in her eyes.

"This is Enrique. He is very strong and he loves pussy," said Consuela handing a large thick brown and gold snake to Katie who was now kneeling in front of Beth Anne licking her pussy.

God this one is so fucking strong I can barely hold him thought Katie as she struggled to control Enrique.

Katie parted Beth Anne's labia with her fingers and placed Enrique's snout into the opening. The snake hesitated for only a second then quickly slithered inside Beth Anne.

"Awesome, totally fucking awesome," whispered Dougie.

"Fuck me, Enrique, fuck me deep," yelled Beth Anne conscious of the large living presence writhing inside her.

Katie watched in awe as her daughter's abdomen rose and fell as the snake moved deep into her birth canal.

"Put this in her asshole," said Consuela handing Katie the speculum.

"Enrique is making her tummy move like the ocean," commented Martine as he took a close-up of Beth Anne's stomach rising and falling.

Katie slipped the hard plastic device inside Beth Anne's anus then opened it to the maximum setting.

"Oh year, Mother, open my up wide," moaned Beth Anne.

"Here," said Consuela handing Katie two large powerful dark green serpents.

One by one Katie watched as the snakes disappeared in Beth Anne's asshole.

"God this is so fucking intense," said Beth Anne sensing the presence of additional living creatures inside her.

"Pedro and Juan love to eat the shit of a young girl," said Consuela.

"I can feel them chewing on my turds," said Beth Anne.

Katie ate her daughter's pussy as Beth Anne entered into a multi-orgasmic state. The intensity of Beth Anne's orgasms grew as the snakes continued to writhe within her.

"Katie, bend over and hold your ass apart,' said Consuela to Katie. When Katie reached back to pull her buttocks apart she saw that Consuela was holding a pair of bright yellow snakes. Katie continued to lick and suck Beth Anne's pussy as she felt Consuela insert the reptiles into her anus.

"I'm going to cum big time," said Beth Anne suffering from an incredible case of sensory overload.

"You must suck your mother's ass as you do," said Consuela signaling Katie to stand then take a position where she was straddle Beth Anne. Her butt was poised over Beth Anne's face.

"Now, chica, suck the two snakes out of your mother's ass," said Consuela.

Katie lowered her bottom to where she felt Beth Anne's lips surround her anus. Katie bent over and used her fingers and tongue to stimulate Beth Anne's clit.

"Suck hard, chica, suck with everything you have and you will get your reward," whispered Consuela.

Beth Anne used her tongue to part her mother's well-lubricated asshole. She sucked on the opening. As her final climax set her brain on fire, she sucked harder. All of a sudden her mouth filled with the shit-covered presence of first one then the other snake. As the two coiled and moved in her mouth smearing the lining with her mother's feces, Beth Anne's climax reached its crescendo. The last things she remembered before she lost consciousness were the two snakes sliding out between her lips onto her naked chest.

"That's a wrap," said Dougie. "I may have just made the Casablanca of snake fucking movies."

Chapter 16

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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Copyright 2004


"Smile, Dougie said you were to look happy and smile," said Martine focusing his hand held camera on Katie's face.

"Go get it, Paco, Puncho," Katie said as she tossed the Frisbee out across the lawn. The two large muscular dogs flew after the plastic disc that sailed across the wide well kept lawn that comprised the back yard of the ranch house. It was the same building where Katie and Beth Anne had spent the last days in the basement dungeon.

Paco leaped in the air to catch the disc in his mouth. Both dogs trotted back to Katie for her to repeat the throw.

Katie was dressed like a street whore. Gaudy rhinestone-covered white platform heels, white Daisy Duke shorts cut so they exposed the greater part of her ass cheeks and a white bikini top that barely covered her nipples comprised her costume. Consuela was beside Katie dressed identically except all in red and nearby off camera was Beth Anne in the blue version. The three were Andy Fastow's phantasmagoric idea of how three patriotic whores would dress for an Independence Day picnic that included sex with canines.

"Per Andy's instructions, you need to exhibit a positive attitude for the next video," Dougie had said as Maria and Consuela were working on Beth Anne and Katie's make-up and hair.

"Sort of the Happy Hooker look," Katie said looking in the mirror as she put on the big hoop gold earrings that Consuela had just handed her.

"Exactly, at first you and Consuela are out on the terrace playing with two of the dogs. Then Beth Anne shows up with the rest of the dogs. You three start making out with the pups and we let things develop from there."

"How many dogs are there?" Katie asked not that it mattered whether she had to fuck two or ten. The threat of more time on Andy's high tech Spanish Donkey had quelled any spark of resistance. Katie and Beth Anne were willing to do anything to keep their pussies from being placed on that knife like edge of hard Plexiglas for another ride.

"Six," responded Consuela.

"We'll be outside on the terrace," Katie queried. She had no idea the ranch had a terrace. Beth Anne and she had seen only the several rooms in the basement. The idea of being outside in the open air sounded good to Katie even if she would be expected to have sex with another species.

We've already screwed snakes. What does it matter if I get my ass fucked by a dog thought Beth Anne? It's hard to believe that less than 72 hours ago, I was a virgin. Now I've lost track of the number of times I've had a cock in me. Plus Mother and I just made a video of us putting snakes inside our orifices. All I want is to make Dougie happy and get out of this without having to ride the Spanish Donkey again. I swear that if Mom causes any more trouble I'll slap her face. I don't care who or what they want me to fuck as long as I don't have to do that again.

"Most of the action will take place on the terrace and around the pool. There are picnic table we will be using for most of the fuck scenes," said Dougie.

Katie breathed in the fresh air as she and the crew emerged into the bright sunlight. Ranch was something of a misnomer. The back of the large one story structure had a wide patio or terrace surrounding a swimming pool. There were two large trestle style picnic tables to one side. A well-kept lawn sloped down to a sizeable pond. In the distance, Katie could see a small herd of cattle.

"Drop your shorts and hop up on the table," said Dougie to Katie once they were on the terrace. Consuela was standing nearby holding the leash of two muscular dogs of a breed that Katie did not recognize.

"Why," asked Katie noting that once again Dougie was unzipping a leather valise?

"Andy wants a high energy performance and you two need a speedball. You looked fucked out," said Dougie taking a syringe out of the open valise.

"Speedball?" questioned Katie as she unsnapped the front of her shorts and pushed them down to her knees.

"Yeah, great stuff, half coke and half heroin. It'll pick you right up and get you in the mood for a little doggie dick," said Dougie filling the syringe half from one bottle then another.

Katie ignored the pinch as the needle pricked the skin of her upper inner thigh. The effect was almost immediate as the large veins in her legs quickly spread the drugs through her body.

"Wow, that's quite a rush," said Katie.

"Gets you in the mood, sweetheart," said Dougie rubbing his fingers over Katie's clit as he tongue kissed her.

"I want some," said Beth Anne who was standing nearby watching Dougie play with her mother's pussy.

"Eager little whore," commented Dougie as he continued to masturbate Katie. "How about you, Katherine? Ready to start in 'Canine Love Picnic #1'?"

"Yes, I'm ready," said Katie pushing her sex against Dougie's hand.

"Your turn, Beth Anne," said Dougie motioning for Beth Anne to replace her mother.

"Oh fuck, that's great," said Beth Anne responding to the two drugs spreading through her blood stream.

"All right, let's get set up. Consuela, introduce Katie and Beth Anne to the puppies. The hounds both look like they're ready for a little female pussy," said Dougie removing his wet fingers from Beth Anne's cunt and placing them on her lips. Beth Anne's mouth opened and she took Dougie's fingers in and sucked them.

"Somehow I think you're looking forward to getting dog fucked," said Dougie.

"Their cocks are huge," said Beth Anne.

"Don't worry, honey, you can handle it," said Dougie.

"Paco and Puncho are love dogs not like the rape dogs that Uncle Ramon raises," said Consuela to Katie and Beth Anne. Paco's nose was nuzzling Beth Anne's crotch. The three females and the two dogs were seated together relaxing in lounge chairs waiting for Jose and Martine to finish setting up everything for the film. Maria was seated nearby fanning herself against the warm mid day sun.

"They are love dogs. They're so sweet," said Beth Anne spreading her legs slightly so Paco could push his snout deeper into her crotch. Katie stroked and scratched Puncho behind his ears. Both women had noticed that the dogs had unusually large cocks that at the moment were partially out of their sheaths.

"Your Uncle Ramon has rape dogs?" asked a curious Katie.

"Uncle Ramon was the one who got the Ortega's into the dog love business. Years ago, he married a Chilean woman who had a large hacienda outside Bogotá. Aunt Miranda's family owned several brothels in the capital. The brothels provided shows for wealthy customers who wanted to watch the whores have sex with burros and perros," said Consuela.

"Perros?" questioned Katie.

"Dogs," said Maria. "All the women in Miranda's family were whores. They even sold the girl children to rich gringos. Miranda's virtue was taken by a gringo banker for a few pesos when she was ten."

"Mama, let me tell the story," protested Consuela. "Uncle Ramon became interested in the perros and that became his job in the family business. He is muy intelligent about animals and he bred dogs that became famous throughout Chile for the size of their cocks and their stamina. He carefully selected dogs that had larger cocks and that could perform more than once. Few dogs want to do anything but sleep after they have been bred a single time. Customers came to the brothels just to see Uncle Ramon's dogs perform with the whores. Wealthy senoras heard about Uncle Ramon's kennel and before long he was selling them throughout the country. Women said they were better lovers than their husbands," said Consuela.

"Even to the nuns, he sold them," added Maria. "It was not enough for them to be married to Christ. They had to be sleep with one of his poorest creatures."

"One day, an emissary of General Pinochet himself came to see Uncle Ramon. The General wanted my uncle to breed a dog capable of raping a woman. The dog would force the female to have sex with her taking her against her will. The dogs would also rape a man or woman in the ass. My Uncle did not think such a thing was possible. His dogs depended on the cooperation of the female and he had never had a dog that would fuck a man in the ass. But the General insisted my Uncle try. And one did not ignore the General's wishes unless he wanted to disappear and never be heard from again," said Consuela.

"The General was a man of religion but he understood that the enemies of the church must be punished with the ways of Satanas," said Maria.

"Uncle Ramon searched for a certain type of dog throughout the Latino world but could not find anything suitable. Finally as he was about to give up and tell the General of his failure, he heard of a man who had such dogs," said Consuela.

"Where," asked Beth Anne?

"Outside of Chicago, a black man had bred such dogs. He was a retired professor of Animal Husbandry in the state's college for agriculture. On a farm outside of Moline, the professor accidentally discovered a breed of dogs that would attack women. The farmer who owned them was very old and sick. He sold the dogs to the black professor who took them to his small farm where he developed them further," said Consuela.

"The professor was not with God and he deserved his fate," said Maria crossing herself.

"He would pick up a prostitute off the streets of Chicago. He would drug her then take her to his farm. There he would lock her in his barn with the dogs and watch as the perros raped her until she was worn out. Afterwards he would slit her throat and let the dogs drink her blood. He buried the bodies on his farm," said Consuela.

"How did your Uncle hear of this?" asked Katie.

"The professor was caught and it made the newspapers. Instead of whores from the street, the professor kidnapped two schoolgirls from a shopping center. Someone saw him and wrote down his license plate number. When the police arrived, the girls were still alive but had been raped many times. The professor killed himself rather than face justice," said Consuela.

"So how did Uncle Ramon get the dogs?" asked Beth Anne.

"When he read that the dogs were to be destroyed by the authorities, he flew to Chicago and bribed the owner of the dog pound. He brought the animals back to Bogotá where he bred them with his brothel dogs," said Consuela.

"The General was very pleased with my brother," said Maria.

"A year after he had got back from Chicago, my Uncle had a private audience with General Pinochet where he was able to show what he had accomplished," said Consuela.

"General Pinochet had kidnapped the family of a supporter of the Communists," said Maria.

"The dog, his name was Nero, first raped the two young daughters while the mama and papa watched. The mama begged the General to take her instead but General Pinochet just laughed and said that the entire family was responsible for the sins of the papa. The girls were virgins until Nero mounted them and took them. Nero's strength and the size of his cock astounded the great man and the General gave Uncle Ramon a jeweled dagger that he had received as a gift from the ruler of Saudi Arabia," said Consuela.

"The dagger is on the mantle of our hacienda in Guadalajara. It is in a place of honor," added Maria.

"After that, he raped the Mama who was pregnant and then the Papa. Nero had raped the entire family," said Consuela.

"Whatever happened to the family?" asked Beth Anne.

"Who knows? Asking such questions in Chile is dangerous," said Consuela.

"But your Uncle is back in Mexico," said Katie.

"After Allende was killed by the CIA, General Pinochet used Uncle Ramon's dogs to restore order. The General ordered my Uncle and all his rape dogs to the Esmeralda," said Consuela.

"Esmeralda, like in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?" said Katie.

"No, the Esmeralda is a large sailing ship that the Navy of Chile uses to train its cadets. It is one of the largest sailing ships in the world," said Consuela.

"So your Uncle and the dogs were on a sailing ship," said Beth Anne.

"Yes, and the General sent enemies of the church and state there to interrogate them," said Consuela. "My Uncle and the dogs were busy morning and night. The General insisted that every woman and many of the men be given to the dogs as part of their punishment. Husband and wives were made to watch as their spouses were raped. Some women went mad. Others killed themselves because of the shame," said Consuela.

"Communists and atheists, they deserved their fate," said Maria.

"How else did they punish them?" asked Katie.

"Beatings, electrical shock, various ways. Some they let go to warn the others what would happen to enemies of the General but most were taken out to sea and dropped overboard. After the General returned the government to the civilian authority, my Uncle decided it would be better to return to Mexico. The authorities were starting to talk about trials for those who served aboard the Esmeralda. Miranda had died and Uncle Ramon had a considerable fortune. He brought all of his dogs to Guadalajara and invited Mama and Papa to join him in the business. Uncle Ramon still works with the rape dogs but Papa raises the love dogs," said Consuela.

"And you sell the dogs?" asked Katie.

"Uncle Ramon sells his rape dogs throughout the world. His customers include many of the Security forces in the world. The Egyptians and Jordanians buy all the dogs he will sell them. Wealthy landowners in Brazil buy them to terrify their farm workers. If a worker causes trouble by suggesting a union, he and his family wind up with a dog's cock in their asshole. He has many customers in Columbia among the government, the paramilitaries, the terrorists, and the drug dealers," said Consuela.

"And the love dogs, who buys them?" said Beth Anne.

"Makers of pornography but mostly wealthy women in the US and Europe who have heard what a great fuck they are. There is a widow living her in Houston who has two of my Papa's dogs. She has put a $10,000 deposit on Paco's next puppy," said Consuela.

"Her husband's cock is useless," added Maria.

"Senor Fastow's wife has one of Poncho's puppies. His name is Esteban and he has an enormous curved cock that few men could match in length and girth," said Consuela. "Senor Fastow has also asked Uncle Ramon to reserve one of the rape dog puppies for him. It is to be the property of the special club that he and the Senora belong too."

"We're ready, ladies," interrupted Dougie. "Katie, you and Consuela start off innocent playing Frisbee with the pups.

"And what about me?" asked Beth Anne.

"Sweetheart, you are coming on later in the DVD. In the meantime, Jose and I need to fuck that sweet little butt off yours so hustle your ass over to him and get started," said Dougie.

As Katie prepared to throw the Frisbee again, she glanced back toward the house. Her daughter was on top of one of the picnic tables. Fat, hairy Jose was between her legs fucking her. Her tanned girlish legs were wrapped around his pudgy waist pulling him into her each time he thrust forward. Beth Anne's head was hanging down off the end of the table. Dougie was thrusting his cock into her mouth. The sides of Beth Anne's throat bulged each time Dougie pushed inward. Beth Anne's nose and chin were buried in his pubic hair as he ground his cock into her throat. Drool was dripping out of Beth Anne's mouth and nose.

Katie returned her gaze to Paco and Punch who were eagerly waiting her to throw the Frisbee again. She felt her cunt stir as she contemplated the size of the animal's cock and the muscles that rippled through their back legs and haunches. This may be one of the best fucks I've ever had thought Katie as she threw the plastic disc again.

Chapter 17

Please take note! Adults Only Literature

The text in this story contains erotic material and is expressly written for adults only.

If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc.

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Copyright 2004


"Muy bien?" questioned Consuela as Paco's flexible and clinging tongue swirled over Katie's nipple leaving a visible sheen of warm saliva.

"Si, muy bien," responded Katie her eyes closed to allow her mind and body to concentrate on the sensations being created by Paco's tongue.

My God this is incredible thought Katie to herself as she allowed the dog's tongue to work on her sensitive breasts. If two days ago, you had asked me whether I would even consider sex with a dog, I would have been disgusted by the question and responded in no uncertain terms that it wasn't even worthy of an answer. But that was then and this is now and Paco's tongue is working its magic on my boobs. My cunt is lighting up like the scoreboard at Enron Stadium when the home team scores a touchdown.

Paco and Puncho were on top of one of the two trestle picnic tables on the ranch's patio. That elevated the canines to a point that their tongues had easy access to the breasts and mouths of Katie and Consuela. Martine was circling the table taking close-ups of the dog's tongues working their breasts and the resulting looks of passion. Maria was manning the tripod mounted full scene camera.

Moments before, Katie following Consuela's lead had pushed aside the narrow band of material covering her nipples and offered them to Paco.

"Come and kiss your mother's titties," cooed Katie reading the lines from the nearby prompter.

"Smile as you hold your knockers up for Paco. Look eager and excited," whispered Dougie in his role as director.

Katie's hands cupped her breasts as she first offered the left to Paco then the right.

"Look like you are loving it," said Dougie. "Good, that's what Andy wants from his VP of Accounting when she's about to be fucked by a dog."

I don't have to pretend realized Katie as Paco's tongue created an intense pleasure center at the end of each breast. My pussy is on fire. I can't wait to feel Paco's cock in my pussy. I want to suck his cock too. Jesus, what's happening to me? Did Andy realize how I would ultimately react in this situation?

"It's incredible, Consuela, just incredible," said Katie responding to the sensations. Katie was leaning her sex against the edge of the table pushing hard to increase the sensation of her clit rubbing against the rough wood. A few passes of her clothe covered button across the table edge and Katie was rewarded with the first of what would be dozens of orgasms.

"Now, give your lover a kiss," directed Dougie. "Do it slow and let your face show how much you are enjoying yourself. Show me passion, lots of it."

Katie offered Paco her lips and tongue and the well trained love dog responded. Consuela wrapped her arms around Puncho's neck drawing the animal into a lover's embrace. Katie mimicked Consuela allowing herself to sink into the fantasy that Paco was her lover.

Dougie was surprised that Katie was so obviously turned on by Paco's attention. Shit, we've tortured and fucked her to the point that she's lost all her self-respect decided Dougie. She's so beaten down and fucked silly she no longer cares about anything except what makes her pussy feel good. Dig deep enough and every woman is a slut no matter how prim and proper on the exterior.

"Bestiality may be your thing, Katie. Too bad, you and Paco can't settle down and have some puppies or is that children," laughed Dougie.

Katie ignored Dougie's comments as Paco and she exchanged deep tongue kisses with the animal. Warm salvia filled her mouth as the excited dog energized from chasing the Frisbee responded to his training.

Katie's parted lips accepted Paco's far more flexible and capable tongue whose greater dimensions invaded her oral cavity in a fashion never before experienced. Katie found herself sucking on Paco's flexible and strong flesh as she intertwined it with her own.

"Good, now without stopping the lip action, drop your drawers and show that pussy," ordered Dougie.

Katie unsnapped her Daisy Dukes and allowed them to slip down over her hips. Her hand automatically went to her cunt that was already wet with her secretions.

"I'm so wet, Paco. I want you to make love to me. I can't control myself. I need you my darling, darling Paco," whispered Katie creating dialogue not in the script.

"This is getting weird," whispered Dougie quietly.

"I have seen this before," whispered Consuela. "The woman's passion become so overcome by the love dogs, she loses control and succumbs to lust."

"It only happens if the woman is a true whore in both her body and soul. A woman of virtue that follows the Virgin would never offer herself to these animals," added Maria.

I've come a long way in just a short period of time mused Beth Anne as she watched her Mother experiencing the throes of intense passion. Mom is really into this just as I got into the snakes. I can see that what we learned in Not Me Now was true. Once you start having sex, it sort of takes over and makes the decision for you. You let a boy feel you up in the back seat of a car and that creates sensations that take control and bam, first thing you know his cock is inside you.

I wonder if Mom and I are normal. Normal women don't have sex with animals or do they. All I can say is that my body is reacting contrary to my moral and ethical beliefs. On the other hand I don't have a choice and neither does Mom. I suppose that given our situation our behavior is what could be expected. I'll have to process all this later. Right now all I can say is that I just had a very good fuck on top of the table and thinking about it is getting me ready to join Mom and have sex with these beautiful dogs.

"When do I get to fuck a dog?" asked Beth Anne of Jose. They were standing on the periphery of the set. Only moments before she had finished blowing Dougie as Jose fucked her. The memory of what turned out to be very enjoyable sex was fresh in Beth Anne's mind. Beth Anne had been turned on by the off handed way they treated her like she was a piece of meat something to be used for their pleasure. In her Not Me Now instruction the leaders had said that pornography and anonymous impersonal sex lead to women becoming nothing other than sex objects in men's eyes. Women's bodies become objectified was how the Not Me Now literature put it. The sense of personhood is lost, as the woman in the man's mind is just something to have sex with not a real person. Beth Anne was discovering that in her case, being objectified added to her pleasure. It was the offhandedness of Jose and Dougie as they prepared to fuck her that turned her on. Her lack of choice in the matter had gotten her pussy wet before the sex had even started. Is that the true definition of a whore or slut, a woman who cares only for the sex and nothing for the one or ones she has it with wondered Beth Anne?

"Jose, pussy or mouth," said Dougie giving the older man his choice. On the nearby set, Consuela was introducing Katie to Paco and Puncho. Martine was busily taking light meter readings.

"For an old man like me, young pussy is always the best," answered Jose who was standing in front of Beth Anne fondling her young breasts.

"Climb up on the table and lay on this," said Dougie to Beth Anne pulling the cushion off a nearby lounger and placing it on the top of the other picnic table.

Beth Anne, anxious not to anger Dougie and the memory of her agonizing ride on the Spanish Donkey fresh in her mind quickly complied. She felt the table shudder as the older and slightly overweight Jose clambered up on the table. He slowly moved between her bare legs.

"Lose the shorts, Beth Anne. How do you expect to be fucked if you keep your pants on?" ordered Dougie.

"Sorry, said Beth Anne as she unsnapped and unzipped then bridged her bottom off the table to push the shorts down to her knees. She raised her legs to the sky kicking the shorts off to one side. The rhinestones on her platform heels reflected the hot South Texas sun. Beth Anne kept her legs straight and spread then wide in a V-shape as she reached down to rub her sex.

"Ready, I'm ready," said Beth Anne eagerly.

"Virgin to whore in forty eight hours. You and your mother are a lot a like," commented Dougie as he unzipped his pants.

"How are we alike?" asked Beth Anne taking Dougie's cock in her hand and slowly stroking it.

"Whatever you're into, you give it all you got. I did a thorough background check on Katie. When she was in college, she was a terrific student worked her ass off to get good grades. She also took time out to fuck half of the male student and quite a few female students. Later, when she went to work for Enron, she was a terrific employee. What I'm saying is that you two don't do anything half way. Last week, you were President of your school's chapter of Not Me Now and coordinator for the entire Houston school district. Now, you're anxious to get over there and sample some dog dick. When you were a virgin your knees were locked together. Now that you've become a whore, you're spreading your legs and inviting Jose and me to feed you cock."

"I never thought of that," answered Beth Anne thoughtfully.

"How are you doing, Jose. Need Beth Anne to suck it to get you started?" said Dougie.

"Yes, she can make sure I have good wood when I enter her pussy," said Jose unbuckling the large belt buckle formed in the shape of an eagle and made of hand-worked silver.

"Beth Anne, you're a lucky cunt getting a chance to screw Jose Ortega. You are about to get a chance to re-enact some important moments in the history of American pornography," said Dougie.

"I don't understand," said Beth Anne coming up to a sitting position in preparation for sucking Jose's cock.

"Jose was a porn star in Los Angeles a couple of decades ago," said Dougie. "He was in the business when it was getting started and they still shot sixteen millimeter films that were shown in what were loosely called Art Houses in the big towns of the USA. Guys in raincoats watched and jerked off."

"I fucked all the women in porn, Linda Russell, T. J. Lang, Marilyn Chambers, even that stupid cunt Linda Lovelace. Names that no one knows of today but in my time they were the stars of the business," said Jose pushing his pants down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his large cock flopped free.

"Yes, sweet cheeks, you are about to wrap your lips around a piece of your country's cultural history. How big is it, Jose?" said Dougie.

"Ten inches," responded Jose fisting his cock as he placed one hand on the back of Beth Anne's head.

"Isn't that a beautiful site, Beth Anne? This is quite an honor for a young slut like you, getting to suck Jose Ortega's prick. How many films did you make, Jose?" said Dougie.

"Over one hundred and forty, plus more loops than I can remember, maybe a thousand," said Jose holding his cock straight as Beth Anne stuck her tongue out and licked the underside of the mushroom head. Her tongue lingered on the ridge exploring the rough surface. The aroma of warm male flesh filled her nostrils causing her passion to intensify.

Dougie is right about Mom and I being plungers thought Beth Anne. I do throw myself into whatever I am tasked to do and right now I am going to give sucking this incredibly large and beautiful cock everything I have.

Beth Anne passed her tongue over Jose's cock head sensing it twitch in response to her warm mouth.

"Jose, you should be helping Martine not letting that puta suck your cock," said Maria.

"Shut your fucking mouth, Maria or I'll make you lick my cum out of the puta's pussy," warned Jose. Maria did not respond other than to give him a dirty look then she moved away.

"Puta, look me in the eyes when you suck my dick. That's right. A whore must always look hungry for the cock, like it is the air and she needs it to live," said Jose.

Jose's cock quickly got hard reaching its maximum ten inches. Beth Anne followed Jose's instructions switching from sucking the head to licking his balls.

"Ready to be fucked, Senorita?" asked Jose.

"Yes, I'm ready," responded Beth Anne.

"We begin in the dog position," said Jose helping Beth Anne to turn around and assume the all fours position.

Beth Anne grunted when she fell the large cock push into her opening. In spite of the discomfort she pushed back forcing several inches of Jose's cock into her vagina. God how I want and need this thought Beth Anne responding to the sensations emanating from the walls of her vagina. These were immediately enhanced when Jose's thumb pressed against her anus. Beth Anne moaned with pleasure and pushed back seeking further penetration.

"Aiyee, the Senorita is eager for Jose's big dick," exclaimed Jose as he took a firm grip on Beth Anne's hips and slowly pulled her onto his cock. Once fully embedded in Beth Anne's pussy, he parted her buttocks then leaned down to dribble saliva on her asshole. He smeared the saliva over her brown eye working it into her anus.

"Oh fuck that is good," groaned Beth Anne as she felt a mixture of intense pleasure and pain as the walls of her vagina expanded to accommodate the girth and length of Jose's cock.

"Well, Beth Anne you've now joined that select company of whores that have experienced the cock of Jose Ortega who performed under the name of the Johnny Jalisco.

"Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me," breathed Beth Anne settling into a rhythm as she pushed back each time Jose pushed forward. Beth Anne's right hand was between her legs stroking her clit.

Don't worry, sweetheart, Jose will switch to that tight little asshole of yours in a minute. He's going to fuck the shit right out of your butt," said Dougie. "Now wrap your lips around this and show me how much you love having my dick in your mouth."

Beth Anne opened her mouth when she felt Dougie's cock touch her lips. Her tongue played over the pink surface before she moved forward to envelop it in her mouth. Beth Anne reached down between her legs to stroke her clit. The effect was near instantaneous as her touch set off a powerful climax.

"Ay, I feel her pussy talking to me," said Jose his cock experiencing the muscular contractions of Beth Anne's vaginal walls as she orgasmed.

"Jose, I'd say Beth Anne is a natural slut who was denying her own potential. We've done her a big favor this weekend by introducing her to her true self.

"Si, it is good that she learns these things now not when she is an old lady with a dried up cunt like Maria," responded Jose rhythmically stroking his cock in Beth Anne's cunt.

"You're a slut like your mother. Aren't you, Beth Anne?" asked Dougie deciding that a little verbal humiliation was called for.

"Yeah, a slut like my mother," responded Beth Anne taking Dougie's cock out of her mouth for a second to respond.

"Look at your mother. Getting it on with a couple of dogs. She can't wait to get those canine cocks in her holes. Right?"

"Mom and I are dog fucking whores. Screw me harder, Jose. Slap my ass," gasped Beth Anne as she rubbed Dougie's wet cock over her face.

Immediately, Jose landed a powerful slap to Beth Anne's buttocks.

"Harder, motherfucker, harder," cried Beth Anne responding to the pain.

"All that crap about abstinence was just bullshit. You've seen the light. You love being fucked. Look over at your mother. She's got a dog dick in her mouth. She's the worst kind of whore just like you," said Dougie.

"Fuck yeah, I'm like my mom. I'll fuck anything. Hurt my tits, please," gasped Beth Anne.

Dougie reached forward to capture Beth Anne's nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He rotated his thumb slightly so the nail pressed into the soft flesh. Then he squeezed hard. Beth Anne's body twisted in agony as it reacted to the pain in her breasts.

"Oh Jesus motherfucking Christ, that hurts," gasped Beth Anne all the while continuing to push back driving Jose's cock into her cunt to its maximum depth.

"You like that. Don't you, little bitch?" said Dougie. "Jose you ready to ream her ass out?"

"Si, let's make her butt bleed," answered Jose.

"Roll over, cunt, roll over like you're a bitch in heat offering your pussy for a sniff," said Dougie.

Beth Anne did as Dougie commanded. She quickly turned over on her back anxious for the fucking to continue.

"Here, scoot down until your head is hanging off the end of the table," said Dougie.

Katie moved her body until she felt there was noting under her head. Her head hung toward the concrete patio floor.

"Little further, the crown of your head needs to point straight at the concrete. That way your throat is lined up for a deep skull fucking," said Dougie. "Hand me her ankles, Jose."

Beth Anne made the adjustments as ordered. She now had an upside down view of her mother, Consuela and the two dogs having sex. Katie's mouth was full of Paco's cock. One hand was working her obviously wet pussy as the other massaged the animal's testicles. Beth Anne grunted as she was bent double. Dougie's hands were holding her ankles pulling her legs toward him. Her knees were almost touching her shoulders.

"Fuck my ass, Jose. Stick that big dick up my shithole and make me love it," said Beth Anne.

"You heard the whore, Jose. Pack her shit down," said Dougie.

Beth Anne whimpered as she felt the massive cock stretch her anal ring.

"That's right, Jose, split my ass," yelled Beth Anne.

"You've said enough, whore. Open up," said Dougie as leaned forward to push his cock into her mouth.

"Feel that, the head of my peter nudging against the entrance of your throat," said Dougie.

Yes I can feel it realized Beth Anne sensing the soft cock head pushing against the lining of her throat.

"I suggest you take a deep breath and learn to breathe through your nose," said Dougie.

Beth Anne whimpered as she felt the fiery pain created by Jose's cock traveling through her rectum.

"Oh does it hurt, honey, having that big cock up your ass. Mommie can't come to help. She's too busy sucking dog dick," taunted Dougie as he took hold of Beth Anne's head and pushed his penis into the lining of her throat.

"Play with your pussy, darling. It'll take your mind off things and help you relax," said Jose taking Beth Anne's hand and placing it on her clit.

"She got a tight ass, Jose," asked Dougie?

"Yes, fits like OJ's gloves," said Jose as he rocked back and forth.

"Gullet's tight too," said Dougie moving his cock a couple of inches back and forth in her warm slimy throat.

"Let's make her squirm a little,' said Jose taking Beth Anne's nipples in his fingers and twisting them.

Beth Anne writhed in agony as the pain from her breasts shot through her body. She concentrated on breathing through her nose when Dougie's testicles did not block her nasal passage.

"Oh yeah, does that hurt, baby? See if you can pull those buds off, Jose?" said Dougie pulling Beth Anne's ankles further back.

These guys are real sadists thought Beth Anne. In spite of the pain in her breasts, Beth Anne felt herself building toward another climax. She forced herself to relax and let the pleasure and pain of her situation wash over her.

"Shit, the bitch is busting her nut again. This one's a genuine slut. Make no mistake about it," said Jose.

"Let's finish in her mouth," said Dougie. "Martine, come over here and bring your still camera."

Moments later, Beth Anne was kneeling on the patio between Dougie and Jose. She was switching between cocks sucking one while jerking another. One hand was busily working her pussy toward another climax. She could taste and smell her own shit when she first put Jose's cock in her mouth.

"Ready to shoot, Jose?" asked Dougie.

"Johnny Jalisco was always ready to dump his load when the director called for the cum shot," said Jose.

"Open wide and stick your tongue out, Beth Anne," said Dougie. "Martine, these will be for my private collection so make them good."

Beth Anne felt Dougie's semen land on her tongue and face.

"Your turn, Jose. Cream her," said Dougie.

Several thick ropes of cum splattered on Beth Anne's face.

"Just like the old days. Only Peter North could blow as big a load as Johnny Jalisco. And I taught Peter my trick," said Jose.

"Beth Anne, stay still a minute while Martine takes some shots," directed Dougie.

Beth Anne listened to the click and whirr of the still camera as Martine took a series of shots.

"Now use your finger to scrape the rest of the jism into your mouth. But do it slow so Martine can capture it for posterity," said Dougie.

"Open wide so the camera can see the cum in your mouth," said Dougie.

Beth Anne did as instructed. A small puddle of rapidly cooling semen rested on her tongue.

"Now swallow slowly then open wide to show all gone," ordered Dougie.

Beth Anne knelt quietly as Jose wiped off his cock using her long blonde hair.

"Let's have a beer and relax, Jose. That was pretty decent pussy," said Dougie. "Go clean up, Beth Anne. The pups are looking forward to meeting their new bitch."

Chapter 18

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Copyright 2004


"Paco loves to have his ass licked, Katie. Show him you are his bitch," said Consuela turning Paco around.

"Si, I am Paco's bitch," said Katie anxious to demonstrate that her lust for the dogs had no limits.

"Raise your tail, Paco, so the lovely Senora can make love to your asshole," said Consuela.

Katie was surprised by the quickness with which Paco responded. The animals were extremely well trained. The dog's large tail promptly elevated exposing his whitish pucker.

"All right, Katie, show the camera you're the kind of woman that loves sucking dog butt," whispered Dougie from this director's chair. "Andy and Lea will be so impressed. I bet they show this to Ken and Jeffrey. You may get a bigger raise and bonus than you were expecting."

Katie leaned forward and swiped her tongue back and forth across Paco's butthole. She held Paco's tail in one hand as she worked her tongue inside the animal's sphincter.

This is so fucking hot thought Beth Anne watching her mother's mouth work Paco's sphincter open. I can't wait until my tongue is up Punch's butt and Martine has it on film. The more depraved a thing is the more I want it.

"That's a good girl, Katie. You just joined a very small club, Depraved Women Who Have Rimmed A Dog's Ass. Your parents should be proud," laughed Dougie. "Now get busy and suck some more dog butt. Make the camera believe it's the thrill of a lifetime or we can always put you back on the Spanish Donkey. Let's say for an hour this time."

Katie responded to Dougie's threat by planting her lips around the dog's anus and energetically pushing her tongue past the opening.

"Work it Mom, work that hole,' whispered Beth Anne from off screen. Beth Anne's hand was working her clit.

"There you go, sweetheart, I knew you had it in you. Dog shit isn't so bad. I remember watching Devine eat a dog turd in that John Water's film, Pink Flamingos," said Dougie. "Now look at the camera, smile, and stick out your shit covered tongue for all the world to see. Play with your pussy with one hand just to prove how hot it makes you."

Katie's hand worked her well-lubricated pussy as she first demonstrated for the camera that her tongue held a dollop of Paco's shit then she dramatically chewed and swallowed the dog turd finally smiling with brown stained teeth directly into the camera lens.

"Awesome, now that was fucking hot," declared Dougie. "Now with the other hand, gently grab Paco's cock and give him a hand job. That's great. You're really getting off on this, Katie. You should have gotten into dog fucking a long time ago."

Katie realized that the utter depravity of her situation had engulfed her entirely. She had no will other than to do as Dougie commanded. Katie's hand formed around Paco's cock. My God thought Katie. What an incredibly strong muscular cock the kind of demanding cock that any woman would want in her pussy. Katie slowly stroked the dg's penis fascinated by the way it continued to grow and emerge from its sheath. I can't wait to have this inside me. I wonder how it much it will hurt when he's pounding his dog dick in my pussy and then my ass.

"Lay down, Paco, so the Senora can suck your cock," commanded a nearby Consuela.

Paco immediately complied rolling over almost on his back. Katie could have sworn the dog was smiling.

"Bet you can't wait to wrap your mouth around that," said Dougie warming to the task. Watching a woman have sex with a dog was a new experience for him. "Just start slow with a few licks then take that baby in your mouth and work it. Make love to Paco's pecker."

Katie ignored the faint odor of urine as she passed her lips over the three inches of slimy dog cock that had emerged from its sheath. Katie sensed the energy and strength of the specially bred dog as she slowly took more of the cock in her mouth.

"Gently work his balls as you suck him," whispered Consuela. "Be very gentle."

Martine's camera was inches away from Katie's face as she focused on giving Paco head. Her tongue softly caressed Paco's cock traveling over its length swirling over the head. Paco's cock was fully extended out of the sheath when Katie took it deep into her mouth.

"Consuela, can you tell when he is going to blow his load?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, Paco will start to thump his tail on the ground. Sometimes he barks," answered Consuela.

"Is she sucking him right?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, the Senora is obviously turned on by Paco. He is a beautiful animal and a wonderful lover who has many female admirers. See, his tail is moving. It will be in a matter of seconds."

"Good, now Katie, we're going to need some shots of you with a mouthful of dog cum so don't swallow it immediately," said Dougie.

In a matter of seconds, Paco barked twice and Katie felt her mouth fill with canine semen.

Katie was surprised at the quantity of bitter liquid filling her mouth. It was far more than the couple of teaspoonfuls that she had received yesterday when several of the football players dumped his load in her mouth.

"Now face the camera and open wide. Martine, have you got a good shot?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, Senor," responded Martine noting that the light was excellent and that there was a pool of whitish fluid covering the floor of Katie's mouth.

"Now swallow it bitch then open up to prove it's all gone," said Dougie.

Katie allowed the warm liquid to slide down her throat. She marveled at both the warmth and quantity as she felt it fill her belly.

My Mom sucks dog cocks and swallows their load thought Beth Anne her hand working her pussy. I can't wait until it is my turn. How odd that I feel so competitive with my own mother as to who can give a dog the best sex.

This is so fucking hot thought Katie as her senses savored the effect of Paco's semen. Nothing had ever turned me on like the sheer depravity and wickedness of this act. I Katherine Parker just swallowed a mouthful of Paco's semen causing me to orgasm. My pussy is flowing like a river and I can't wait to suck and fuck another love dog. I've been reduced to the lowest depths of human depravity and Andy Fastow will have it on a DVD.

"That's it for the first scene. You're up, Beth Anne, you lucky little slut," said Dougie.

After a brief respite, Beth Anne found herself repeating exactly the same acts as her mother but this time with Poncho. Katie was nearby straddling a prone Jose. Jose was lying on a lounger cushion. Katie's feet were under her and she was raising and lowering herself squeezing her cunt muscles to take maximum advantage of the king size cock that reached all the way to the bottom of her uterus.

Jose's hands kneaded Katie's breasts pulling and stretching her nipples. All the while Katie watched her daughter's enthusiastic love making with the animal. Like Katie's session, Beth Anne had first offered her titties to Poncho then engaged in a prolonged session of tongue kissing followed by rimming Poncho's asshole. The scene ended in a doggie blowjob that left Beth Anne with a mouthful of canine semen.

"Great, you nailed it, Beth Anne. You're a natural dog sucker. In the next scene, you and your Mom are going to be the subject of a canine gang bang," said Dougie.

"Here, lubricate your pussy and asshole with this ointment," said Consuela handing Katie and Beth Anne small tubes of ointment. Katie read, 'University of Kansas Agricultural College, Serial #74595' from the small white label on her tube.

"What is it?" asked Katie.

"When the dogs smell it, they will think you are a bitch in heat," said Consuela. "A professor developed it to help dog breeders. Sometimes over bred show dogs are reluctant to mount the female. This makes them eager," said Consuela.

"But I thought the love dogs were always eager for sex," said Beth Anne still savoring the taste of canine semen in the mouth.

"True, but Senor Fastow wanted to see pure lust and aggressiveness on the part of the animals. This lubricating ointment will make them want to penetrate your holes as rapidly as possible," said Consuela.

"Viagra for mutts, I'll apply Professor Benson's magic dog fucking ointment. Bend over and grab your ankles, girls," said Dougie taking the tube from Beth Anne's hand. Beth Anne did as she was instructed putting her upturned rear end at Dougie's disposal.

Dougie squeezed a large dollop onto the center of his palm. He coated two fingers with the substance then stuck his fingers inside Beth Anne's cunt and rubbed them around.

"Let's give the pups something to get excited about," said Dougie repeating the process until the ointment was oozing out of Beth Anne's vagina.

"It feels funny," said Beth Anne. "It's making my pussy tingle."

"It will really tingle when its got eight inches of rock hard dog dick slamming away inside. Now reach back and grab you ass cheeks and pull them as wide apart as you can. Andy wants to see how you feel about taking it up the ass from an inferior species," said Dougie as he applied the ointment to Beth Anne's rectum.

"Consuela, hold her butt open," said Dougie. Consuela put the index finger of each hand inside Beth Anne's anus and pulled her anus apart. Beth Anne grunted in pain, as her sphincter was forced open. Dougie placed a nozzle on the end of the tube, inserted it in Beth Anne's hole and squirted the salve deep into Beth Anne's open rectum.

"Now, we apply it like it was lipstick and your canine lovers will think that all three of your orifices are Lassie's pussy. Your turn, Katie, grab your ankles," said Dougie.

Katie obediently spread her legs and bent over until the crown of her head was pointed directly toward the ground. She grunted when Dougie stuck the ointment tube in her vagina and filled it with salve.

This is incredibly humiliating thought Katie when she felt Consuela pulled her anus open so Dougie could fill her with the ointment. Nearby, Paco and Poncho detecting the scent of the ointment were becoming excited. They were recovering their erections.

"Everyone ready?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, all is ready," said Martine. Several large lounger cushions had been placed on the concrete patio. Katie and Beth Anne were surprised when Jose appeared with six large dogs. The dogs were excitedly straining against their leashes.

"Get down on all fours facing in opposite directions," directed Consuela.

"Eight dogs total, four per slut," said Dougie. "I hope you two can take it because you are going to get the dog shit fucked out of you."

Over the next forty minutes, Mother and daughter allowed themselves to descend as far into human depravity as humanity would consider possible.

"Kind of ruins you for homo sapiens sex," commented Dougie as he watched the dogs mounted each of the women and fuck them with a fury and strength that few men could approach. Katie and Beth Anne were fucked in several different positions. At the end, Consuela helped two of the dogs penetrate the women's assholes.

Loud moans emerged from both females as the animals cocks savaged their rectal walls. Finally, both women and dogs were sexually exhausted. Katie and Beth Anne lay still soaked in dog semen unable to move.

I've swallowed so much dog spunk I feel full realized Katie noting the swelling of her belly.

"You girls look totally fucked out. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen two more fucked out whores. Even at the fraternity party where I got my fiancé drunk and gave her to brothers. The stupid whore thought I was going to marry her. Well, after she been fucked a hundred times while I cheered the guys on, she knew she was officially dumped."

"We are ready for the finale," said Jose noting that the day was almost over and he had a long drive ahead of him.

"Finale, I thought you said that was the end," said Katie. "My pussy and ass are so sore. I can't fuck anymore. My jaw feels like it is going to fall off"

"We need to rest," declared Beth Anne.

"We've saved the best for last," said Jose struggling to hold the two enormous dogs that he had just retrieved from the van.

From their prone position, Katie and Beth Anne looked up to see two powerful canines straining at their leash. They were more than twice as large as the other dogs.

"Katie, Beth Anne, meet Montezuma and Cortez, the ultimate in dog fucking. These are super dogs. Aren't you boys? And they really know how to treat a lady. Look at the whang on these pups. I'd say you two are in for the fuck of your life."

"They're huge. They're too large," said an opened mouth Katie noting the size of the prick that swayed below each animal. It seemed out of proportion to the size of the dog.

"No fucking way," said Beth Anne terrified at the thought of a cock that size inside her body. Beth Anne panicked and started running. Unfortunately for Beth Anne, Martine had anticipated her reaction. He moved quickly to land his balled fist in her midsection. The blow caught her in mid stride. A loud whoosh escaped her lips as she sunk to her knees then rolled into a ball hand hands tightly clasped over her abdomen. She lay on the ground moaning. Martine displaying his sadistic side placed the tip of his boot on Beth Anne's tit and pressed downward crushing it against the concrete surface. Beth Anne screamed in pain her arms flailing at his leg.

"Don't hurt her," yelled Katie running toward Martine who deftly met her advance with a kick to her groin. Katie immediately went down screaming both hands clasping her crotch. Katie rolled back and forth on the concrete patio clutching her sex with both hands and sobbing. The kick had flattened Katie's clitoris against her pubic bone unleashing a torrent of pain.

"Nice move, Martine, bring them over here. They need to get acquainted with their fabulously hung lovers," said Dougie.

Martine grabbed both sobbing women by the hair and lifted them upright. He walked them back to the table and sat them down.

"Listen, you stupid cunts, this isn't as tough as it looks, right Jose," said Dougie.

"In Nuevo Laredo, the whores perform with several of these dogs, all from the same litter," said Jose.

"Hear that, a bunch of Latina whores in a Mexican border town take cocks this size every day for the tourists. Now, if a Mexican whore can do it so can an American whore. Where's your sense of patriotism? Where's your pride in being a citizen of the greatest country on the planet? You need to buck up, open your snatch, and show those Mexicans what an American slut is made of," said Dougie reaching into his pocket to extract a vial of cocaine. "Take a snort. It'll fix you right up."

"I just can't imagine how their cocks will fit inside us. They're deformed freaks of nature," said Katie inhaling the cocaine.

"It's rupture something and we'll bleed to death," added Beth Anne also partaking in the drug.

"Bullshit, you forget that women routinely give birth to nine pound babies," answered Dougie.

"That looks like more than nine pounds of dog cock," said Beth Anne reaching down to heft Montezuma's prick in her hand.

"You can take it, sweetheart. Trust me. That tight little eighteen-year-old pussy is going to get the thrill of a lifetime. You may decide on a career in a Matamoras whorehouse. I've heard they do a show at the Twisted Titty where a girl younger than you takes eighteen inches of burro cock up her twat. What's the size of their cock, Jose?" said Dougie.

"Fourteen inches," answered Jose.

"Shit, John Holmes had fifteen. This is nothing," said Dougie.

"But it's so thick. It's not the length but the girth," said Katie noting that both cocks were as thick as a man's forearm.

"Don't worry. We'll lube you up and it will slide right in. And once its inside, these hounds really know how to go at it. Besides you don't have a choice. Does anyone want to spend an hour on the Spanish Donkey getting their mind's changed?"

"No, we'll do it," said a reluctant Beth Anne reacting to the cocaine.

"I thought you would see it my way. For being so cooperative, you get to choose first, Beth Anne, black or white?" said Dougie.

"Black or white what?" asked an uncomprehending Beth Anne.

"You have really been fucked stupid this weekend. Montezuma is the black dog and Cortez is white," said Dougie.

"I'll take Cortez," answered Beth Anne.

"All right, this is truly the finale. We are done after this. I promise. Get this right and we all go home. Maria, make-up," said Dougie.

"We got a little wrinkle for this scene that you girls should like," said Dougie when Katie and Beth Anne returned to the set. They noticed that there were now two rather odd furnishing resting on the cushions placed on the patio. They resembled pillows or bolsters formed in an odd half moon shape.

"What are those?" asked Katie.

"Those are the latest in canine sex apparatus. You two are going to be dog fucked in the missionary position. I know that sounds contradictory. Show them how it works, Consuela," said Dougie.

"It will be my pleasure, Senor Dougie," said Consuela. Having spent several hours watching Katie and Beth Anne perform sexually, Consuela felt neglected. She intended to turn the demonstration into an opportunity to satisfy her own needs.

Consuela took Paco's leash from her mother then lay down on the specially designed mat and positioned her hips on the elevated end of the semi-circle.

"Come, Paco, make love to your mistress," said Consuela spreading her legs wide. She made the hand signal for Paco to mount her. Paco eagerly took up a position straddling Consuela. His warm tongue hungrily licked her breasts. Consuela reached down for the animal's cock. She positioned Paco's cock at the entrance to her sex then whispered a command. Paco immediately began to pump his cock into Consuela's sex.

"See, it brings your pussy up to the proper level, simple but brilliant," said Dougie.

Katie and Beth Anne watched as Consuela and Paco had intercourse. Consuela's pelvis tilted forward each time Paco thrust his cock into her. She matched the animal's motion with her own.

I should not be getting turned on watching this but I am thought Katie her hand drifting down to her sex. Katie's fingers circled her clit causing her to shiver with pleasure.

"We can do this, Mom. I don't care how big their cocks are," whispered Beth Anne to her Mother. Beth Anne's hand was also busy between her legs.

"Damn right, we can. Like Dougie said, we're just as good as any Mexican whores," said Katie.

"Sometime I would love to go to one of those shows that Dougie mentioned. The one in Matamoras sounded interesting," said Beth Anne.

It was only a few minutes until Paco climaxed, spewing his semen in Consuela's cunt. Consuela writhed in her own climax as she felt the warm semen fill her cunt.

"See, what a whore your daughter has become," spat Maria at Jose. "She prefers sex with dogs. I will never see any grandchildren from her thighs."

"Shut the fuck up, woman or so help me I will put you on Senor Fastow's donkey and make your ride until you are muerta," said Jose.

"Thank you for the demonstration, Consuela,' said Dougie reaching out his hand to help Consuela to her feet.

"You get lots of clit action in that position," said Consuela to Katie and Beth Anne. Consuela was busily using a paper towel to mop up the semen streaming down her legs.

"All right, let's shoot the final scene of our epic, Katie and Beth Anne's Mexican Holiday," said Dougie.

The scene started pretty much as before with the women offering the dogs their mouths and then their breasts. The salve from the University of Kansas had been liberally applied and had a powerful effect on both animals. Katie and Beth Anne noted that Montezuma and Cortez grew more savage and aggressive when they detected the odor of the salve. The dogs began to growl at the women and their cocks were poking several inches out of the sheath.

"Just to show you what a nice guy I am, you two sit down in those chairs and we'll have them go down on you," said Dougie. "That should help you get ready for your ordeal."

Katie and Beth Anne seated themselves in two cushioned patio chairs with their legs thrown over the chair arms. Cortez and Montezuma proved to be aggressive pussy lickers and in less than a minute, the two women experienced an orgasm.

"This may not be so bad," said Beth Anne once she had caught her breath.

"I hope you are right. I just wish their cocks were smaller. Fitting something that large inside our vagina may rupture something," replied Katie.

These animals are much more skilled than the other dogs thought Katie as she leaned back in her chair enjoying the sensations created by Montezuma's tongue. They've trained these dogs to eat pussy exactly like it should be eaten. If more men could eat cunt like these canines, the divorce rate would dwindle.

God this is fucking incredible though Beth Anne as one in a series of orgasms exploded through her being. Cortez's tongue is taking me deeper into sexual ecstasy than I imagined possible. I'm going to pursue a career in the biological sciences. I want every woman to be able to experience what I'm feeling.

"Martine, you get enough close-ups of their faces when they climax?" asked Dougie.

"Yes, their passion and lust showed beautifully. These women remind me of the whores in Matamoras,' said Martine.

"All right, whores, it's time to suck some dog cock," said Dougie.

The oral sex proved a quick preliminary as the two women were ordered onto their back for what turned out to be a most vicious and aggressive act of sexual intercourse that either woman had ever experienced. Thanks to the creative geniuses at the University of Kansas, the two animals went immediately into overdrive when their cocks came in contact with the ointment.

The dog's initial penetration of the women was quick and ferocious. In spite of the amount of lubrication the women felt the walls of their vaginas being forced outward stretching their tissue to the breaking point.

"Oh God, no, take it out. It's killing me," wailed Beth Anne.

Man this is really something thought Dougie as he watched the powerful animals force their oversized cocks in the shrieking women. If those cunts hadn't spent the last two days having their pussy stretched, this would split them wide open. I wonder if Jose has got any film of them fucking younger girls, maybe a virgin. That would be nice watching her lose her cherry to one of those mutts.

Both women shrieked in agony as the product of many generations of selective breeding combined with recent DNA gene splicing savagely attacked their vaginas. Katie writhed in pain as Montezuma's cock traveled to the very depth of the reproductive organs stretching and bruising all it encountered. Beth Anne humped herself against Cortez as the animal's teeth and tongue attacked her breasts. Sharp canine incisors punctured her smallish breasts drawing blood. His sharp teeth bit into her soft breast flesh drawing out her loudest screams. Cortez's growls combined with her cries as the dog following his training bit Beth Anne's tits as he fucked her pussy.

Through pain fogged eyes Beth Anne saw that Montezuma had one of Katie's breasts in his giant maw crushing it. Blood and saliva dripped from his fangs as he mauled her breasts.

Katie her breast on fire as Montezuma's fangs punctured her flesh screamed even louder when she felt Montezuma's knot force its way inside the entrance to her vagina. There was ungodly pain as the knot expanded locking itself into place. Beth Anne sobbed as Cortez's knot slipped past her entrance. It quickly grew until the pressure against the walls of her vagina was unbearable.

"Awesome, you two have now tied with these dogs. Andy will be pleased," commented Dougie. "Being tied to a dog's knot is the penultimate in canine bestiality. You are now at the lowest level of human depravity. You are citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah and we have it all on film."

Thankfully, it finally ended in a crescendo of animal savagery. The dogs sounded a loud howl of triumph as their final strokes flooded the women's vaginas with semen. Katie and Beth Anne lay perfectly still afraid to move. The animal's giant knot prevented the dogs from withdrawing their cocks. Finally, the knots plopped free causing both of the women to moan in pain as the walls of their pussy were allowed to contract.

Both women lay moaning in awful pain. Their chests were covered in blood. Blood and semen slowly oozed from their vaginas.

"You whores are truly finished," announced Dougie. "Unless you want another go at Montezuma and Cortez. Just kidding. We are done."

"What happens to us now?" asked Katie.

"Right now you need some first aid. Consuela will take care of that," said Dougie.

"And later?" asked Katie.

"Andy says that you can take a couple of days off before you come back to work," said Dougie.

"That's it?"

"Not completely, Andy has plans for you two down the road. He'll let you know," said Dougie.

Chapter 19

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Loud voices startled Ron awake. Groggy with a mind-numbing headache it took him several minutes to realize he was in a pitch-black room strapped into some kind of wrap-around chair with built in speakers located inches from his eardrums. The fact that he was totally naked added to his anxiety. It took another minute for him to recognize the voices having the short conversation that was being repeated over and over again. Oh my God, this is what this is all about realized Ron squirming in fear when the conversation started over.

"Ron Jeffers, Nevada Power." Ron had answered the phone as usual

"Enron Energy Trading, It's Kay Rawlings."

"Hi Kay, what's up?" said Ron relaxing at the sound of a familiar voice. He'd forgotten he'd left the tape recorder on that was connected to his telephone. Ron often secretly recorded his conversations with managers and subordinates of the giant energy company. He liked to play them back later and see if he had missed some subtlety in the caller's conversation. Ron was a cautious person with a streak of paranoia developed in his years as a manager and executive. At the time of Kay's call, he was the Director of his company's largest coal fired power plant located on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

"They want you to find an excuse to go off line this afternoon," said Kay sounding nervous.

"Who are they?" asked an incredulous Ron. For the last several days, Ron had been devoting his full attention and considerable expertise to maximizing the huge plant's kilowatts of output.

"My management, Enron, they think California Power Authority needs a little push to agree to our revised pricing."

"Kay, you're talking about creating havoc in the entire state of California. The grid is barely keeping up with demand as it is and it's not peak for another two hours. Temperatures are supposed to go into the nineties in the Los Angeles basin."

"They know that. And that's why we need you to find some excuse to take your station offline. Tell them a turbine fan has developed cracks and has to be shut down for repair. Just think of something."

"No way, Kay. People will die. You're talking about cutting off the electricity to hospitals, sanitariums, and old people who can't take the heat."

"I'm asking you to do this as a favor to me. Don't I count for something to you?"

"Whoa, you think just cause we made love a few times, that I should cut the power to forty million people?"

"My job is ridding on it," said Kay a tone of desperation creeping into her voice.

"Then get another job."

"This is serious, Ron. Do it or I'll tell your wife about us. I'd hate to have to do that."

"Tell her what?" asked Ron although he knew the answer to the question. He had met Kay Rawlings a year ago in Washington DC. He was attending a conference organized by the Federal Power Commission. After a long day of boring workshops and seminars, he was helping himself to the free drinks in the Enron hospitality suite when Kay introduced herself. Ron was pushing fifty, balding, and thirty pounds overweight. He ego took a serious boost based on the fact that a younger and highly attractive female was paying attention to him hanging on his ever word and laughing at his jokes.

Things progressed rapidly as the two hit it off. Ron was flattered when Kay invited him to dinner. Over a delicious meal accompanied by several bottles of wine at a four star restaurant, Kay let it be known that she was a single mom with a thirteen-year-old daughter.

"The pace is a killer. I work twelve hours a day in Enron's Energy Trading Operation," was how Kay described her job. "Every quarter they adjust my quota. It's harder and harder to make my numbers."

. She also informed Ron that she found him attractive and did not have much opportunity to enjoy herself between work and taking care of a thirteen year old.

"The bottom line is that I'm available for a one night stand," was how Kay candidly summed it up. "Whatever happens at this conference stays at this conference. I just hope you don't think I am a total slut,' was her follow on comment that served as a prelude to an invitation to spend the night.

The two made a trail of discarded clothes from the door of her hotel room to the bed. The sex had been torrid reminding Ron how in comparison sex with his wife had grown routine and passionless over the last few years.

"I'd always heard that Mormon men were incredible in bed but I didn't believe it. You're an incredible fuck," said Kay after a long session of lovemaking that had left them breathless.

"A result of following the teaching of Brigham Young. He encouraged us to go forth and multiply," was Ron's less than witty reply.

Twice since then he and Kay had gotten together. He'd been invited to Houston to address a symposium on future growth in demand sponsored by Enron. Kay had spent several nights in his hotel suite. Two months ago, Kay had vacationed in Las Vegas. She had greeted him in her suite at the Mirage dressed in sheer black lingerie that gave him an instant erection. The sex had been incredible, the best ever in Ron's experience.

Kay called occasionally to discuss business. Ron provided her with tidbits of inside information about the plant's power output and scheduled downtime .He figured those were small favors in return for some unbelievable sex. Still it was one thing to hand out snippets of practically public information and another to impact the lives of millions. Kay had not realized that at his core, Ron had a sense of decency and responsibility.

"I hate to think that you're kind of person," said Ron genuinely surprised that he had misjudged her to that extent.

"Listen, I've told management that you would cooperate. Please do this for me. My job is truly on the line. I have a daughter to support."

"Kay, you're working for the wrong people. What you are asking me to do is just plain wrong."

"I meant it about telling Maureen," said Kay referring to Ron's wife by name.

"That's something I will just have to deal with. But I'm asking you not to."

"Please, I'll fly out there next week. We can get together. I'll do anything you want," said Kay. "Anything, I mean it."

"Kay, you are embarrassing yourself. I thought you were a better person than that," said Ron. "I've got to go, now. Don't ever call me again."

A half hour later, the CEO had called to tell Ron that he was being immediately replaced as Plant Manager. His replacement promptly took the plant offline for the afternoon resulting in rolling blackouts throughout the state of California. Several deaths were blamed on the power outages. Ron was left to function in a meaningless job as consultant to a plant that he had managed for almost a decade. A month ago Ron in a spate of bitterness had duplicated the recording he secretly made of his conversation with Kay and anonymously sent the copy to the Federal Power Commission. The FPC was currently investigating the incredible run up in prices that forced California to pay additional billions for electrical power during that summer of shortages. The state was suing Enron to recover the overcharges. Ron felt that the recording proved Enron's complicity in price fixing.

But in the weeks that had gone by since he dropped the cassette in the mail to an FPC Commissioner, Ron had not heard a word about the case. Sometime close to midnight Friday, he heard a noise in his bedroom. He awakened just in time to see men with ski mask covered faces in his bedroom. As he was about to scream, he saw a small blue light and immediately became paralyzed.

"Tasers make abductions a cinch," said the man standing over a paralyzed twitching Ron holding a small black plastic object.

"His wife's got a nice set of tits," said a voice from the other side of the bed.

"Plenty time for that later, sedate her," said the man taking a syringe out of his pocket uncapping it and plunging it into Ron's arm.

"Guy's got quite a family," said the other man.

"Typical Mormon family, lots of kids, makes it fun for us."

"Yeah, wonder if any of his girls still got their cherry," was the last thing Ron heard.

After that it was blackness until Ron woke up with the conversation he'd recorded blasting his ears. He sat there in the pitch black terrified.

It's hard to believe that Enron would have an executive and his family kidnapped thought Ron trying to ignore his far too loud audio input. I've heard they were a cutthroat operation but kidnapping is a serious crime. Did they take Maureen and the kids? Surely not, you don't abduct an entire family of eight. That's insane. We'll be missed.

Ron's reverie was interrupted by the click of a light being switched on. He was immediately bathed in bright light from an overhead source. It formed a tight circle on the floor around him. Other than the small area, the rest of the area remained in darkness.

"Hi, I'm Katie," said a woman appearing suddenly before his face. Ron had been so startled he sounded a little yelp like a small dog whose tail had been stepped on. Kate was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.

"What?" was all Ron managed before the face of a younger female face appeared right beside that of the one who called herself Katie. She was quite pretty, dressed similarly but her short shirt revealed a jeweled belly button.

"And I'm Beth Anne. She's my Mom," said the new arrival.

"Where am I?" muttered Ron.

"You are at the Enron Punishment Center. Beth Anne and I have been assigned to your case," said Katie.

"Punished for what?" asked Ron. "Let me go this instant."

"Let's not waste time with stupid evasions. You secretly recorded a conversation with one of our associates. The conversation was potentially very damaging to Enron in a case currently in the courts. Enron is very committed to punishing those who would do or attempt to do it harm. That's why you and your family have been brought here," said Beth Anne.

"My family had nothing to do with that. They don't know anything about the tape. Let them go," said Ron.

"Enron's senior management takes a broader, more paternalistic view of guilt. You tried to hurt the Enron family therefore your entire family must suffer. It's our job to make sure that the Jeffers family suffers horribly for what you did," said Katie.

"Suffer, you mean torture?" said Ron having difficulty processing what was happening.

"Torture is such a passé term. Mother and I like to think of ourselves as Pain Engineers," said Beth Anne.

"Since you are awake, we can get started. Beth Anne and I put a lot of thought into what was an appropriate to begin and decided on the obvious. Since you manage a plant that produces electricity, it seems only fair that we shock you out of your mind," said Katie picking up a handful of wires from a nearby table.

"Don't do this, I beg you," said Ron. "I've got a bad heart. I might die."

"No, you don't Ron. Your last stress test showed you were in decent shape for a chubby dude approaching fifty," said Beth Anne.

"We are not going to kill you but you will wish you were dead," said Katie attaching an electrical lead to his big toe.

Ron watched in horror as they attached leads to his toes, fingers, back of his knees, nipples, and ears. They placed a metal band around his head.

"Ready to tilt him, Mom?" asked Beth Anne.

"Yes, tilt away. We have a schedule to keep," said Katie.

Ron could see Beth Anne reach down and push a button. His chair slowed rotated backward elevating his feet and lowering his head. Ron saw the circle of steel tubing on each side of the chair.

"This chair model is a big improvement over the old one," commented Katie.

"It has more positions than the driver's seat in a Mercedes Benz 500S," added Beth Anne

They could turn me upside down realized Ron as the electric motor smoothly titled him backwards.

Ron felt movement under his butt. Airflow caused him to realize that his naked bottom was now exposed.

"Got to connect up the dickie," said Beth Anne taking Ron's cock in his hands and pulling it out straight.

"Don't mix up the wires. We wouldn't want to shock the wrong ball," said Katie.

"Sheesh, Mother, like I haven't done this a half dozen times," responded Beth Anne. "The lead marked with an L is on his left nut and the R lead is on the right."

"Just checking, you know how Andy feels about mistakes," said Katie.

"Like he would ever know what nut we shocked," said Beth Anne.

"Andy, no but Lea might. You know what a stickler she is when it comes to causing pain," said Katie.

Ron felt a warm mouth engulf the head of his cock. The easily recognizable sound of someone noisily sucking cock filled the room.

"My God," whined Ron.

"Beth Anne, what are you doing?" asked Katie.

"Sucking his dick," answered Beth Anne. "He's got a big one with a perfect mushroom head. You know how much I love mushrooms."

"May I ask why? We have a tight schedule to keep."

"Just felt like it. He's well hung and I'm orally in need."

"He could stand to lose some weight. Hold his cheeks apart," said Katie.

"For the love of God, don't," cried Ron as a pair of hands grabbed his buttocks and pulled them apart. Seconds later, a lubricated finger pushed past his anus. He felt the finger pressing his anal ring. He squeezed to stop the penetration.

"Relax, Ron, absolutely no point in resisting. This is going up your ass if I have to hammer it inside," said Katie.

Katie turned out to be right. Ron moaned when his rectum was filled with a slender metal cylinder. For a moment, it was fiery pain but that quickly subsided. Beth Anne had returned to sucking his cock. In spite of his very real terror, he was getting an erection.

"Are you actually going to blow him?" Katie asked Beth Anne.

"You know how I love to suck cock," answered Beth Anne as she swirled her tongue around the head of Ron's manhood.

"Children, you work hard to raise them right and they turn out to be cock sucking whores in spite of everything. Ron, any of your girls into oral?"

"My girls, No, they're good girls," said Ron with a touch of indignation.

"Hate to disillusion you, Ron, but even good girls like the way a man's cock feels in their mouth. There is nothing quite as satisfying as having a fat roll of warm man meat grow from soft to hard as you suck it. It's as if you are making it come alive. And the musky smell makes even the best of good girls start to generate lube and feel an itch in her twat. Add to that a slight hint of urine with a trace of salty pre-cum and cock sucking is definitely a treat. Let's not forget the grande finale when a good girl's tongue is coated in semen that she rolls over her taste buds filling her mouth with flavor. Personally, I get off on the experience of swallowing the load. I adore the sensation of cum slowly passing down my esophagus into my tummy," said Katie.

"You're sick," said Ron.

"True, but I'm not the one who's about to experience the most painful moments of their life," said Katie. "Need any help, Beth Anne?"

"Not really, but I am always willing to share my toys. You taught me that," responded Beth Anne.

"Ron, you like the way my daughter is sucking your cock?" asked Katie.

"Yes, I can't help it. I'm only human," responded Ron.

"Have you ever had two woman suck your dick at the same time?"

"No, I can't recall," said Ron unable to control his response to Beth Anne's skilled ministrations.

"How about a mother and daughter at the same time?"

"No, never," said Ron.

"Well, let me expand your horizons," said Katie kneeling down beside Beth Anne.

Ron in spite of his situation and the attendant fear of electrical torture began building toward a climax. The sound of two females loudly slurping and licking his cock filled the room. Ron had tried to hold back but the warm mouths of the two women overcame his will power.

"I'm going to cum," shouted Ron when he could no longer hold back.

Ron convulsed as his muscles contracted to force as much semen as possible into the mouth that was sucking greedily on his piss hole. Fingers pressed his balls to extract the last drop of jism.

Ron watched in amazement as Mother and Daughter slowly stood up together. They were wrapped in a tight embrace kissing passionately.

"You give a great snowball, Mom," said Beth Anne once the embrace was broken.

"You too, darling. Now we need to get changed. We got a man to torture."

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