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Cum Filled Panties

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Synopsis: A young man gets caught in his sisters room.
Cum Filled Panties
By submlmaid

	One day, when my sister had gone out, I snuck into her room. This has
been a bad habit of mine for some years. I've been caught several times by
Sarah, but she never told anyone, and she hadn't caught me in a long time. I
don't do this that often, and after the first few times I'd learned to be

	Our parents were gone to a familywedding out of state. They would be
gone for two weeks. Sarah and I hadn't gone because we both had school. She was
having her first year of college, and I had my junior year of high school.

	So I took advantage of the empty house, and tried on some interesting
underwear. I was wearing white satin panties, and a matching bra when Sarah
returned. I didn't notice at first. I had thought she'd be gone for the evening
as it was a friday night. I wasn't aware she'd returned until she stepped into
the room.

	I jumped and turned to her just as she cried out. "What the hell are you

	At that moment I didn't know what to say, I was rooted to the spot,
nonsensical words tumbled out of my mouth; I'm sure I promised I wouldn't do it
again. When I my words stopped tumbling, I noticed she was looking at my still
erect dick tenting her panties. I was embarresed, and the odd look she was
giving me just made things worse.

	My body shook with panic when she finally looked to my face, thoughtful.
I didn't know what to say or what she wanted, I was just stuck. I honestly had
to keep myself from crying I was so desperate. I was started looking everywhere
but at her.

	She startled me when she settled on the bed, the plastic bag in her hand
dropped onto the nightstand. "You really like this don't you?" She asked

	I wondered how she could be so calm when I was so terrified. I felt like
a train wreck, I mumbled something about being unable to stop myself. She gave
me a look of sympathy. I didn't understand what she was doing. I was unable to
read her mood. By all accounts she should have been furious. But here she was
relaxed and thoughtful, just looking me up and down.

	You have to understand that my sister is very calculating. She will
never do anything unless she can somehow profit by it. She doesn't do anything
impulsively. Asking her a favor requires serious negotiations. She was lookng at
me like she was negotiating. I was just nervous. I kept looking down.

	I didn't notice the camera in her hands until she brought it to her
face. By then it was too late, she'd taken a shocked picture of me in her bra
and panties. "If you don't want anyone else to see this you are going to stand
still." she said.

	I frantically thought of how I could get a hold of the camera, but still
I just couldn't move. I realised she was just trying to get me to stop coming in
her room, I could just wait until she let me go.

	This was too embarressing, too humiliating to be caught like this. I
stood there dumb as a post, waiting. She took several pictures. I didn't know
what to do. When I looked at her again, I saw the same calulating face. I

	"Jerk off." She told me.

	"What?" disbelief drove the words out of my mouth. I finally found some
backbone and got angry. "What do you want from me? Do you want to embarress me,
fine I'm, completely humiliated! Do you want me to stop this, fine, I'll stop,
for good! Just let me go to my room to change."

	She seemed to find some strenght from what I said,  she sat up
straighter, and a heavy strength entered her voice. "You came to my room to play
with my underwear! If you want out of this room, then you get to earn your way
out of this room! Now start jerking off!"

	My resolve weakened under her command. "I'm not going to jerk off in
front of my sister!" I reasoned as a picture flashed.

	"I still have friends in highschool, I can make sure these pictures
haunt you for the next two years. Do you want Mom and Dad to see these? Do as I

	I thought of making a grab for the camera. I wanted to. "You're sick." I

	"So are you, if I hadn't come back, you'd be jerking off in here anyway,
so why don't you just do it!" While she said it, another flash came from the

	This was too much. I readied myself to grab the camera, but fear held my
actions. She had always been more domineering than me. She was also always put
in charge. I was used to obeying her, it was easier to. My hard eyes watched
hers as she sat smugly on the bed. I wanted so much to break away, but at the
moment I knew I should act, my arms went flacid, and my eyes left hers.

	My will broke, and my dick betrayed me. It had gone limp in the moments
of the argument, but now throbbed again, and began pressing against the satin.

	Sarah saw my hesitation, "Do it." She said. Again my dick shifted the

	I hesitated, she took another picture, this one focused on my crotch.

	"I need some tissue." I hedged. My face flushed. Maybe I believed that
would stop her. The moment I said it I knew I was going to jerk off in front of
my sister. I felt very wrong, My body didn't. I was looking for a way out,
hoping to melt into the floor. I didn't.

	She sighed. She was about to get up when she testily said, "Grab
something cotton from the drawer." I turned, and looked into the drawer that had
been my shrine not minutes ago. Hesitantly I picked something from the drawer,
it was white with a dark blue star pattern. I held it. My cock throbbed, the
head poked out of the panties.

	"I can't do this." I said. I was begging to be let go.

	"Looks to me like you can." She replied sarcastically. "Do it."

	My face, felt beet red. I put the cloth to my dick, and lifted it from
the white satin. I started wanking. The word itself rolled through my head. I
closed my eyes. I pretended I was somewhere else. It didn't work,  a lump rose
in my throat. I was in my sisters room jerking off, with her watching.

	I held the tears in, and after a while I came into the cotton.

	I opened my eyes, I noticed that the whole time she'd been taking
pictures. I determined to somehow get the camera. Later. "You really do like
this don't you?" She asked. I stood mute with her cum filled panties in my hand.

	There was an uncomfortable moment where I think we both didn't know what
to do or say. She looked me up and down again, thoughtful. I felt I should put
my dick away, but then wasn't sure if she'd want that. I stood like a moron.

	The doorbell rang.

	Like a spring, I jumped. Whatever spell that had rooted me to the spot
since my sister arrived broke. I made for the door.

	"Get in the closet!" Sarah said quickly. I looked at her confused.

	"My boyfriend's here, I didn't expect him so soon, but he's here now.
Get in the closet." she said it urgently.

	"Why don't I go to my room?" I countered.

	"If you don't want Jason to see you like this you will get in the
closet, if you don't want him to see the pictures." She added, pointing at the
open closet. Again my will wavered, my eyes dropped, my nerves betrayed me. She
guided me in. The door closed quickly, hiding me in her underwear and a handful
of cum.

	I heard her leave, and go downstairs. I almost leapt back through the
door, and through the bathroom between our two rooms. But the darkness enclosed
me, I was afraid of what she would do. In here, he wouldn't see me, in here
Sarah wouldn't expose me.

	Again I almost left, but soon heard Sarah and Jason coming up the
stairs. I'd lost my chance. "Mike won't be here until later tonight, so we can
be alone." I heard my sister say. They were in the room now. My heart leapt, I
saw the shadows of feet at the bottom of the door.

	But the feet moved, and I heard the bed creek. They wispered to each
other, and talked some. I listened as they made out. They fooled around for a
bit. It felt odd to think of some of the things they were doing. I had done some
of it myself, but I didn't want to think of my sister doing it. The thought
suddenly skewed with what I'd just done.

	Jason said something. Sarah demurred. They talked for a bit, low. I
heard nothing but my sisters grudging assent. She then added, "But let me turn
out the light. And cover your face." Jason questioned her quietly, they talked
more. Their voices paused. The lights went out. I heard quite clearly "Please
keep the pillow over your face. I'm not kidding, if you want it, do as I say." I
heard him relent.

	The door opened. Terror gripped me, I panicked. Used to the dark as I
was I could see Sarah in a dark bra, and her mini skirt. If not for the need for
silence I would have gibbered. She grabbed  my arm and pulled me out of the
closet. If not for the need for silence I would have done something, resisted.
The firm pressure told me I couldn't leave without causing a commotion.

	Jason was lying back on the bed, the pillow thankfully covered his face.
In the dim light I saw is pants around his ankles, and his dick semi-hard. I
looked to Sarah. She made the motions of sucking a dick. I shook my head
frantically, tried to go back to the closet, but her firm hand left me no silent
choice. She pulled me along, and set me between his legs. Terror paralyzed my

	On my knees, I pleaded silently before Jason spoke up, "Are you going to
do this?" He started to move the pillow.

	"Yes, just keep you face covered, please?" He let go of the pillow.
Sarah grabbed my hair and forced me to face the dick. I was terrified. I didn't
want to touch it. It looked ugly, and hairy. But my head was forced into the
tangle fo pupic hair. I almost cried out.

	"What are you doing?" Jasons muffled voice came to me.

	She pulled my hair back, "Just trying to excite you, baby." She pushed
my head back to the cock, it throbbed. "Do it!" she dared just below a whisper.
I started licking, trying not to gag. I was trying to excite him, as she'd said.
I licked up the shaft, and it sprang to life. Sarah's hand still wrapped in my
hair, aimed my mouth at the head. There was nothing I could do to hide myself,
to get away. I couldn't avoid this and not be seen as the humiliating creature I

	He entered me. I sucked his dick. Sarah's hand on my head guided me the
whole time. I don' know how I did, but I can assume Jason enjoyed it. I didn't.
His hips started to buck in time with my motions. Before I knew it, Jason
spasmed, and a jet of cum spurted into my mouth just as Sarah pulled me off his
dick. Just in time to get a face full. The dick twiched for a while, and spurted
twice more, my sister made sure it hit my face.

	I started crying. I hated this, it tasted foul. Sarah pulled me up by my
neck, "Wait until I've turned on the light before you take the pillow off." She
said to Jason. She put me back in the closet. I almost lost it completely, but I
did manage to prevent myeself from sobbing. This was the worst thing that ever
happened to me.

	The lights came on. There was a muffled conversation. I heard them make
out. I started to hear other noises. Pretty soon my sister was moaning. The
tears flowed freely over the cum on my face.

	I don't know how long I was standing there. I lost contact with the
world for a bit, lost in my thoughts. The next thing I knew the door opened, and
Sarah took my picture. I'm sure it was great, me looking like a sodden wreck
with cum I didn't want wipe away with my hand. I then realised I had the cotton
panties in my hand the whole time. I felt even more stupid.

	I stepped out of the closet. More tears flowed. I waited.

	"From now on you will do what I want. Alright?" She cooed. She
sympathised as she fiddled with my hair. There was an odd look on her face,

	I looked at her, anger seethed in me. I wanted to grab the camera and
smash it in her face. The thought of what I'd done halted me. The humiliation
broke my will again. I nodded. I wanted to just crawl into a ball.

	"Go get changed." She said, "Then you will do the laundry, you will wash
my underwear then give it back to me." As an afterthought she added. "Keep the
cotton pair, they're yours."

	I nodded again, mute. I did as I was told.

Cum Filled Panties Ch. 2

	I spent Saturday, and much of Sunday moping. I really could not believe
what my sister had made me do. I couldn't believe that I had done it without
objection. My sister noticed my depression, and on Sunday told me to do things.
Mostly just clean dishes and such. It didn't cheer me, I don't think she
expected it to. I didn't object, we both knew what she would say if I did, and I
was too humiliated to face it. When I finished my chores, I hid in my room.

	In the evening, after dinner, she came to my room through the bathroom.
She didn't knock. I couldn't find the will to be affronted. She threw an old
training bra at me and told me to put it and my panties on. "Why?" I finally
found the strenght to say it. "You already got what you wanted."

	"Because I told you to. Just put on the bra and panties and wait for me,
I'll be back." She left before I could muster a response.

	By the time she got back I still had the bra and panties in my hand; I
was trying to build some strength to resist her. "Why haven't you done as you
were told?" she demanded.

	"Why should I?" I wavered, "I don't want to do this. I hate this."

	Her hand came up with the camera, she now had a picture of me holding
the underwear. "You know why you are doing this. Don't worry about why I'm doing
it. Just do as I tell you, and no one else needs to know about it. If you do
well, I might even let you keep the bra." She acted like it was a treat, part of
me saw it as one. She went to her room. I thought of running, maybe if I wasn't
in my room she would forget about it. I didn't think she would. She still had
the pictures. She would haunt me with them. I swallowed.

	I did as I was told.

	I was sitting on the bed, shivering at the thought of being confronted
by my sister in nothing but panties and a bra. She seemed comfortable with it
when she returned. I was nervous again. She held rope. She told me to lie down.

	"What are you doing?" I asked again, but all she did was grasp my arm
and bind it firmly. I pulled away, but she firmly held me. I hung my head, and
saw the bra, It was too late to resist. I started breathing heavily. Despite
this being my sister, the thought of what was being done to me turned me on. My
face flushed. She tied my wrist to the corner of the headboard. She did the same
to my other arm. I noticed the quality of her ties, I shouldn't have been
surprised, she had been a girlscout.

	When she started binding my ankle, she decided to answer me. "I'm trying
to make you realise that you really do enjoy this." My dick twitched the cotton
panties. Sarah was looking right at it. She smirked at me.

	When she finished, I was spread and helpless, the ties had been deftly
placed out of reach of my fingers. Sarah left me for the moment and I explored
the ropes as much as I could, it got me nowhere. She returned with two things.

	In her hands was the camera which she used to take several pictures of
me. She also had in her hand a vibrator. I'd never seen it before, but then I
never paid much attention to anything but the underwear drawer. The vibrator was
nothing but a white shaft about a hand length long.

	Once she'd stopped taking pictures, she put the camera aside, and
brought the dildo close. She methodically reached for my penis. Shocked, I tried
to avoid her grasp, but the ropes held firm, and soon my dick was in her hands.
It responded to her touch. She looked like she was cutting chicken.

	"Please stop this." I begged. She ignored me. The feel of her hand
brought me fully erect. Again I felt wrong, my body didn't. She taped the dildo
to my cock. It felt strange as she turned it on. If I wasn't so upset I might
have enjoyed it. As such, my sister watched as my dick tried to grow even more.
To be honest, I had never been so hard in my life.

	Sarah bent low over me, and kissed my forhead. "Be a good girl, my
little cocksucker. I'll see you in the morning. Try not to make too much noise."
She got up and turned out the light. She closed the door and left me.

	I called to her several times, but she ignored me. It would be twelve
hours before She would take me to school. I tried to relax. The vibration
wouldn't let me be. Before long I was close to orgasm, but unable close the gap.
I needed to touch myself. I called to Sarah again. It wouldn't be the last time.

	She never came. I never came. Suspended as I was on my bed, over the
brink. I never could let go. All night I was held there, and I felt every

	When morning light finally showed, I felt relief flood through me.
Still, she took her time. I heard her alarm go off several time before she
stirred. I heard her in the bathroom. I called to her again, but still she
didn't listen. I almost thought she'd leave me.

	When she finally came to my room, fully dressed in jeans and a sweater,
she stood over me watching thoughtfully. "Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked.

	"Please let me go" I begged her again. She knelt close to my dick, she
gave a gentle breath to it. My eyes almost rolled back into my head. If she
would just let me go.

	"Tell me how much you like this." she commanded softly.

	I realised in that moment that she was right, I like this. I realised
that I didn't want to be released so I could be free, I wanted to come. I wanted
nothing more than to jerk myself into oblivion. "I need this." I admitted, "I
need to come. Please Sarah, just let me go." She still waited for something,
expected me to say something. "I love this." I finally answered.

	It was true, I did love this. It had even been one of my fantasies,
though never with my sister. But I also hated it. I hated the humiliation I now
felt. I hated the helplessness as much as I loved it. I hated not being able to
come when I needed it so much. And hating it, made me want it that much more. I
hated myself for being such a disgusting creature. I hated that my sister
inspired such a sexual desire in me. I didn't want her. But what she was doing
made me want her. I loved that she was playing with me. I hated that too.

	Sarah turned off the vibrator, carefully, so as not to set me off. She
again kissed my forhead, "Good girl." She said. She unbound my arms and legs.
She then told me to get dressed, "We have to go to school. Wear the bra and
panties. You have done well, but you still have to earn the bra. No jerking

	I needed to come, and she wouldn't let me. I almost ignored her, but I
still felt humiliated at the idea of jerking off in front of her. She waited
right there as I dressed. You could see the outline of the training bra through
my clothes, so I put on a heavy sweater to cover it.

	Sarah drove me to school.

	Today of all days was the worst to be in 6th period spanish class. The
teacher for that class was Ms. Stanley, she was 24, and hot. She wore her hair
short, and loved to wear tight clothes. She was wearing a close fitting dress
today. You could see the outline of the thong come out of her ass. In my present
state, it made things difficult. I had a constant hard-on all day. This just
made things worse. When I wasn't looking at the teacher, Jessica Ming sat in
front of me. When she sat forward, her thin sweater pulled up so I could see the
small of her back. I could see her panties poking out above her jeans, white
cotton with a dark blue star pattern. What were the odds? There was another girl
wearing a short skirt that I could furtivley look right up. Pink. Truly fate had
it in for me.

	By the time my sister picked me up, at the end of the day, my nerves had
frayed to breaking. Sarah didn't help when she said, "From now on when you wear
girls clothes I will call you Michelle. Understand?" I nodded. Even this was
turning me on. I was going nuts. "Looks like you had fun, Michelle." My pants
had tented. "Did you have a good day?"

	"Fine." I replied dumbly.

	"Good." She said as she got onto the highway. "Take off your pants." I
looked at her horrified. "Relax, Michelle, no one will see you." I started to
dislike that name. "Or would you rather I punished you?" She threatened me with
those words, but I started to doubt if she would actually show the pictures to
anyone. I was too much on edge. I hadn't slept, I was harder than chinese
algebra. I hadn't had a coherent thought all day. I did as a I was told.

	I removed my pants and sat there hard as a rock in a pair of panties.
"Enjoying this are you? How much do you like wearing panties?" she asked slyly.

	My face was red again. I tried to melt into the seat. "I love it." I
replied, I looked out the window, not seeing anything. Not feeling anything.

	"How much do you like me telling you what to do?"

	Again I kept my face looking out, "I love it, Sarah." I cringed inside.
I felt disgusting. Why did she want to keep this sort of thing going? Why did
she seem to enjoy humiliating me? A flagpole stretched the cotton.

	"Look at me." She ordered. I turned. "How much do you love me telling
you what to do? And call me Mistress." Excitement flushed through me.
Humiliation as well. I looked her in the eye, her gaze held me. I wanted to look

	"More than anything." I replied. The lump was in my throat again. This
was too much. I turned away, my vision blurred. It was a disgusting truth. I
held it together. We sat in silence the rest of the trip home.

	When we pulled into the driveway she told me to take off my shirt.
Again, excitement thrilled through me against my will. I wanted this I tried not
to realise. I was too terrified to resist. I did as I was told. Once I was
wearing nothing but the bra and panties she told me to get the mail.

	I pleaded with her silently once more. Somewhere between now and last
night, I lost my ability to say no to her, to even put up a meager resistance. I
just hoped she would change her mind.

	She didn't. I slowly  stepped out of the car. The cold driveway curdled
my feet. I took long deliberate steps. I only saw my goal.

	The mail box is at the end of our driveway. The neigbors can't see our
house or into the back yard, or even to the mailbox, but cars do pass
frequently. I was panicked as I marched; I was shaking. Behind me I heard the
car pull into the garage, the door came down. Suddeny, I was alone out there,
staring at the garage. Tears welled up, but I kept them in check.

	A car passed quickly in the road. It was a bare instant, and was gone by
the time I turned. I bolted to the mailbox and fetched the mail. Once in hand I
flew to the front door. It was still locked. I pounded frantically while ringing
the doorbell. I could feel Sarah waiting behind the door. Finally I heard the
lock click, the door opened.

	Sarah looked back at me, took the mail from my hands. I tried to pass
her. "Stop." she commanded. The hand on my chest, between the breasts of the
bra, pushed me back from the door. My cock pointed right at her. I looked at her
bewildered. I begged with my body, hoping she would relent. "You want to come
in?" I nodded. "Go around to the back door." She said, then slammed the door in
my face. I heard the lock click again. Another car passed.

	I darted at the gate to the backyard. I was getting cold by the time I
made it to the door. It was also locked. I couldn't understand how Sarah could
be so cruel to her brother. I sat on the stoop before the door. The thin cotton
panties were no insulation to the cold stone. I was crying again, looking down
on my still hard penis.

	A man doesn't cry. I hadn't cried in years. Now I was bawling. What kind
of man wears women's underwear? What kind of man sits outside his house and
cries? I was sobbing now, all the emotions came from me in that iover of tears.
What kind of man gets turned on by his sister?

	I am not a man. I am a disgusting creature. A pervert. A transvestite. A
worthless animal. I should live in the yard like an animal, chained to a peg in
the ground. My dick would not go down. I sobbed these thoughts to it; raining my
self loathing onto the tower of my humiliation.

	"Are you okay Michelle?" I hadn't heard the door open. I sat there
letting the tears run, not daring myself to respond. Sarah sat next to me. She
hugged me. I had no strength left in me. I sagged against her; I sobbed into her

	"Why am I so disgusting? Why do I like this so much? Why can't I be a
good,  normal person? Why am I such a disgusting thing?" I sobbed. I don't know
why I sought comfort from her, she had been the one to instigate this. This was
her fault. I should be yelling at her, screaming, telling her how fucked up she

	She was too soft, too warm. Her arm around me was a blessing. I sought
no comfort from her, but she still gave it. She hurt me so much, but she had
been right the whole time. She knew what needed to be done, she always had.

	"I don't know why you are so disgusting, Michelle. But as long as you do
what I tell you, as long as you stay with me, I will make sure that no one else
knows." Michelle. Thats my name, my dirty disgusting name. I was born Michael
Caring, but I couldn't think of myself with that name. Michelle was much more
fitting. Sarah thought so too.

	"You are a good girl, Michelle. You get to keep the bra." Why that made
me happy I have no idea. I laughed at the absurdity of it. "You're a big girl
now." She was right. I sat up, not proudly, never proud. Cheerful. I felt like a
little sister. "How about we get you a nice dress to wear."

	We went inside.

Cum Filled Panties Ch.4

	Jessica Ming has been my sisters friend for years. Sarah was a year
older than her, but they met in fourth grade when their girlsout troups
combined. Since then Jessica has become well known to my family. She and I talk
every once in a while, but it is well understood that she is Sarah's friend. The
difference in social circles as well as the fact that she's a senior established
a distinct gulf between us.

	I saw her in spanish class every day that week.

	The next friday came slowly. I spent the week learning to be my sisters
maid. It was a task I'd fantasized about, though not with my sister. She made me
wear dresses, and clean up after her. When I had completed my homework, and
tasks, she would have me wait on her. It was a time of mixed emotions. She
didn't humiliate me in public again, but waiting on her exposed me to her praise
for obedience, as well as her disdain for my perversity.

	Friday went much in the same way the week did, but when late evening
came, she had me bring up the cage for our old dog Pimples. As per her orders, I
placed it in her closet, then took off my dress so she could lock me inside
"This is to be your bed from now on." She told me. "Even when the parents get
back." She then stood and turned away.

	She didn't say a word to me, but she left the closet door open. I
assumed my sister would go to bed soon because she got undressed, which was a
little while after she put me away. She left the room in her underwear, and came
back with the phone. She paced the room clad in white satin panties and bra. The
same satin she'd found me in. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was lost in

	The angle was wonderful, I hated to realise. Her steps graceful, I
didn't want to admire. Her hips swayed alluringly, I tried not to notice. Her
breasts bounced with her stride, I failed not to see.

	After a painful amount of time, her conversation ended. Two hours by the

	Her back to me, she faced her dresser. She removed her bra, and bent to
retrieve a t-shirt. I knew it was wrong, but I could not stop myself from
following the sinuous curve of her hips. After she stood to pull the black shirt
over her head, she turned to the closet. She looked down at me.

	I knew she knew that I'd been watching her. I knew she knew my eyes even
now kept drifting down to the white satin panties. I cringed as she stood over
me, her hand on the door. I looked right back up at her. My glance unwillingly
looked right up the soft, shimmering cloth over her pussy.

	I finally found her eyes. They were looking at my erection.

	"You are a sad man, Michelle." There was no mask to her disgust. I was
crushed by her disdain. She was right. I was pathetic. Somewhere inside I found
that I'd hoped she'd been doing this because she had some attraction for me. Now
it seemed she was just proving what a horrid thing I was becoming.

	It was fitting for me to sleep in a dogs cage. The door closed, and the
lights went out. It took me a while to sleep. Not for the space, the cage was
fairly comfortable. But the thoughts, I couldn't avoid them. The look of disgust
said it all. Sarah thought I was attracted to her.

	I had the feeling that she'd still taunt me with it. The strongest part
of my soul welcomed it. I started to question if Sarah really did love me, or if
she was just fooling with me. If she just enjoyed the power she'd found over her

	The night was long in passing. I knew, though; I would make up the lost
sleep,  Sarah always sleeps in on weekends.

	I woke when the closet was opened. Bright morning light flared about me.
Sarah stood in the open door just looking down on me. When I could see I looked
up at her. She was wearing a skirt, and stockings. I could see right up it. The
panties were blue cotton, with white moons.

	I didn't recognise the pattern. When I finally looked up at my sister,
the first thing I noticed was that it wasn't her.

	Jessica Ming looked down on me with absolute shock.

	There was no way to hide my shame. My wrists bound behind my back made
it difficult to pull the blanket over my head. Failing that I managed to reveal
the bra I was wearing. Franiclally I tried to hide in my cage.

	I was panicked. When it occured to me that I couldn't hide form her gaze
I just lay there face down praying that I would not live another moment.

	Jessica knelt close to the cage. "When you told me about this, I didn't
believe you." Her voice carried very close to my ears. I dare not look up. More
tears leaked out as I buried my face into the pillow.

	"Yeah, he is a real pervert. Last night Michelle couldn't stop staring
at my ass. He had a hard on the whole time." I willed myself out of existence,
but only tears dribbled from my eyes.

	"You call him Michelle?"

	"Oh yeah, he likes that name, don't you, Michelle?" Sarah was sitting on
the bed. "Here's the key." The clink of metal jangled Jessica's hand. "Get him
up, its already getting late." Sarah began bustling about the room.

	Jessica looked at me for a time.

	"Come on Michelle don't cry." She unlocked the door. "Come on, we get to
play today." She held my leash, I felt it tug. I resisted. I had no will to
rise. How many people had she told?

	Her fingers deftly carressed my hair. "Oh come on, are you going to tell
me you don't like me?" Another tug at my neck. "You want to know something?" She
leaned close. "I had a fantasy about this."

	My curiousity tugged harder than the leash. "Quite elaborate actually."
Her hand found my cheek, and carressed my jaw. Despite myself I found I was
looking into her eyes. Interesting to note that I had a clear view up her skirt.
I didn't see it. Her words held me like a glove. Her face flushed.

	"I actually had a small crush on you. But I figured you for a straight
and narrow kind." She was moments from my skin, her eyes held me tighter than
the cuffs. "I kinda still do have a crush, I guess." Her eyes faltered for a
moment. I could not move away, nor could I move any closer, there was no gap
between us but for our breath.

	The leash was taut in her hand. Bewilderment flashed through my
thoughts. Her words didn't fit my situation. "I now know I can have you the way
I always wanted you." She pressed her lips on mine. She held me like that for
longer than I can recall. It ended too quickly.

	When I could think again, I rose from my prison, and followed the
commands she gave through the leash.

	Sarah explained that ever since a fateful game of truth or dare, they'd
both known of each others similar proclivities, and had decided to work together
to explore them. The first thing that came to my mind was lesbians, but they
quickly disabused me of that with a smack to my ass.

	When I entered high school, and Jessica had gotten to know me, she
developed the small crush that she still had, but both she and Sarah didn't
think I could go for this kind of sex. It wasn't until Sarah had found me a week
ago that they got together to plan how to put the two of us together. Sarah
mentioned that she still expected me to be her slave, but they had agreed that
she would share me with Jessica until she tired of me.

	While this explanation was given, I changed into my brown flowered

	I stood before my sisters computer while Jessica watched Sarah's
slideshow of my humiliation. Sarah liked to show me the pictures she'd taken of
me, and the ones she'd been adding all week. Holding my leash, Jessica kept me
close, while fondling the bulge in my crotch.

	Once again the image of me with cum on my face confronted me. "Who's
jizz is that?" Jessica asked.

	"Jason's" Sarah replied. She gave her a brief explanation of the events.

	"Didn't he break up with you?"

	"It was kinda mutual, I figured that he wanted me to put out. When I
told him that it simply wasn't going to happen, he told me that he loved me and
that he cared so much, but needed to know just how much I love him. I told him
"Not that much." He then said he'd break up with me. I told him It didn't matter
to me if thats what it takes for him to love me."

	I heaved a great sigh. I didn't care hat they were talking as though I
didn't exist; I wouldn't have to do that again. I felt Jessica's hand reach up
under the skirt to grab my dick. It is a thrilling feeling to have somone reach
up your thigh like that. I wondered if thats how girls felt. "You seem to enjoy
the idea of eating Jason's cock. Maybe I could fool around with him, and then
make you take my place." She seemed to be joking.

	"Please no, I don't like it." I begged as she stroked me while watching
my humiliating week unfold. This was different from submitting to my sister. I
was really enjoying it.

	"I have to go now." My sister said to me. "Take care of him." She said
to Jessica. She then gathered her purse and left. A little later I heard the
garage door open, then close.

	During the rest of the slideshow, she spoke to me of her fantasy in
general terms. It had not consisted of crossdressing, but the reality of it, she
said, she found more exctiing. "I still can't believe you like this." she added.
When the slideshow began to repeat she stood and led me to my room.

	I was surprised that despite her being less than five feet, she seemed
tower over me using slight, silent commands through the leash. I was still
floored by the idea that she liked me, and wasn't disgusted by this. She locked
my leash around a rung in the head board. With her hand she sat me down on the
bed. The skirt tented.

	She kissed me again, the force of it pushing me to lie down. On my back,
Jessica climbed up over me to lie down next to me. We kissed more. She held my
head, and I lay close to her breasts. I wanted so much to touch them. The cuffs
rattled. One hand reached under my skirt again. This time she caressed my leg.

	She seemed to enjoy the agony of my anticipation. She didn't touch my
dick again. She held her hand their, softly touching me, heightening the
tension. Her lips, and her touch. I could feel my body tense, ready to climax.
All she needed was to touch it. Deftly she played my body like a piccolo,
shrilly holding my note.

	She leaned in once more to kiss me, pressing her lips intensely. She
drew even closer, pressing her breasts to my chest. Her knee came between my
legs, and pressed my dick between her leg and mine. It was a touch, but it did
not send me over the edge. The tension grew through her masculine gesture. She
rose and removed her shirt. She didn't have a masculine body.

	She didn't kiss me again, my face was directed into her cleavage, and I
willingly buried my head in it. Her breasts weren't huge by any means, but they
were ample, and round beneath her light blue bra. Her arms entwined me as I
wished mine could do the same to her.

	She grabbed my hair, directing my mouth under the cups that supported
her. She turned her body, and I followed rising to be over her, but the leash
jerked me back. I leaned back then, straining against the taught chain, hoping
to gain ground to renew my assault on her body.

	Instead she came to me, burying her head in my cleavage. I fell back on
my wrists, there was pain, but I didn't notice. She straddled me as she licked
my nipples, the tent going right up under her skirt.

	Time passed, our positions shifted often. I found myself between her
legs, the panties I'd seen before were now over my head like a hat, a damp spot
at my crown. My tongue flicked about her damp lips, the darkness of the cave of
her skirt surrounded me. I teased. I enjoyed what I was being forced to do this

	I had not done it before, but in my limited experience, I'd learned to
be deft with my fingers. My tounge lashed out just as well, and the memories of
my hand fed the sensations of my mouth. My tongue flicked in and out of her.

	Before long, her legs began to squeeze my head between them, her hands
pressed against the cloth of her miniskirt over my head. Her hips bucked  and
she let out a moan. Her body shuddered hard, her legs twisted, my head caught
between them. She cried out as I continued to lick her through the sensation.
Her body settled after a time.

	We lay together, she continued to fondle me, but half hearted, her small
body wrapped my own, the panties still on my head. She leaned up and kissed me
again, long. Her hand then took up a more spirited rythem. Befor long I moaned,
and a hot shot of cum arked out. she aimed it at my legs, and sure enough it
landed there. She continued to stroke me until my dick started going soft. I
never had it so good.

	She left to get a tissue, and returned to clean me up. Again she lay
against me, fondling. She seemed tired, and I felt tired. "I only ever got that
when I touched myself." she said to me quietly. "Touching myself was never that

	"Well, you finally met someone who did it right." I shifted my pained

	"Arrogance from a slave? I think I'll keep you." She laughed softly.
"Your mouth is wasted on cocks, Michelle." she yawned. Her head rested above
mine on the pillow, mere moments away. I was on my side contentedly wrapped in
her body. I felt her breath on my brow become slow and even. I leaned closer to
her enjoying the warmth of her comfort.

	Somehow, she'd used my most degrading and humiliating moment and given
me strength. The pain of my sister's nickname softened for a moment.
"Mistress..." I whispered as the warmth of Jessica's arms drew me below
conciousness where she'd gone before me.

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